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OxFOKD Univbrsitv Fr£ss Warehouse 
AuBN Corner, E.G. 





FROM A.D. 1150 TO 1580 


REV. a: Lf'MAYHEW, M.A. 






*> •> ^ . J - J 

•* "■> 

« J J 

*^ * %.' J - "*, •'' J <> 

"These our Ancient Words here set down, I trast will for this time satisfie 
the Reader.'* — R. Vkrstegan, ResHtution of Decayed Intelligence^ ch. vii (at the end) 

"Authentic words be given, or none I" 

Wordsworth, Lines on Macpkerson*s Ossian 


[AH rights reserved "] 

• * • 

•• • • 

"• • • a • 

•• • 


» • • 

• •• • 

• • • 





(By Professor Skeat.) 

The present work is intended to meet, in some measure, the require- 
ments of those who wish to make some study of Middle-English, and 
who find a difficulty in obtaining such assistance as will enable them to 
find out the meanings and etymologies of the words most essential to 
their purpose. ^*^ A 

The best Middle-English Dictionary, that by Dr/t ^atzne p^f Berlin, 
has only reached the end of the letter H; and it is probable that 
it will not be completed for many years. The only Middle-English 
Dictionary thatjias-hfien carried on to the end of the alphabet is that 
by the late Di(^Stratm ann^ of Krefeld. This is a valuable work, and is 
indispensable foTTHe^more advanced student. However, the present 
work will still supply a deficiency, as it differs from Stratmann's 
Dictionary in many particulars. We have chosen as our Main Words, 
where possible, the ihost typical of the forms or spellings of the period 
of Chaucer and Piers Plowman ; in Stratmann, on the other hand, the 
form chosen as Main Word is generally the oldest form in which it appears, 
frequently one of the twelfth century. Moreover, with regard to autho- 
rities, we refer in the case of the great majority of our forms to a few, 
cheap, easily accessible works, whereas Stratmann's authorities are mainly 
the numerous and expensive publications of the Early English Text 
Society. Lastly, we have paid special attention to the French element 
in Middle-English, whereas Stratmann is somewhat deficient in respect of 
words of French origin ^. The book which has generally been found of 
most assistance to the learner is probably Halliwell's Dictionary of 
Archaic and Provincial Words ; but this is not specially confined to the 
Middle-English period, and the plan of it differs in several respects 
from that of the present work. 

The scope of this volume will be best understood by an explanation of 

* A new and thoroughly revised edition of Stratmann's Dictionary is being prepared 
by Mr. Henry Bradley, for the Delegates of the Clarendon Press. 



the circumstances that gave rise to it. Some useful and comparatively 
inexpensive volumes illustrative of the Middle-English period have been 
issued by the Clarendon Press; all of which are furnished with glossaries, 
explaining all the important words, with exact references to the passages 
wherein the words occur. In particular, the three useful hand-books 
containing Specimens of English (from 1150 down to 1580) together 
supply no less than sixty-seven characteristic extracts from the most 
important literary monuments of this period ; and the three glossaries to 
these books together fill more than 370 pages of closely-printed type in 
double columns. The idea suggested itself that it would be highly 
desirable to bring the very useful information thus already collected 
under one alphabet, and this has now been effected. At the same time, a 
reference has in every case been carefully given to i^q particular Glossarial 
Index which registers each form here cited, so that it is perfectly easy 
for any one who consults our book to refer, not merely to the particular 
Index thus noted, but to the references given in that Index; and so, 
by means of such references, to find every passage referred to, with its 
proper context. Moreover the student only requires, for this purpose, a 
small array of the text-books in the Clarendon Press Series, instead of a 
more or less complete set of editions of Middle-English texts, the pos- 
session of which necessitates a considerable outlay of money. By this 
plan, so great a compression of information has been achieved, that a 
large number of the articles give a summary such as can be readily 
expanded to a considerable length, by the exercise of a very little 
trouble ; and thus the work is practically as full of material as if it had 
been three or four times its present size. A couple of examples will 
shew what this really means. 

At p. 26 is the following entry: — 

'Bi-heste, sb, promise, S, S2, C2, P; byheste, S2; beheste, S2 ; 
byhest, S2 ; bihese, S ; biheest, W ; bihese, pL, S. — AS. be-hds! 

By referring to the respective indexes here cited, such as S (= Glossary 
to Specimens of English, Part I) and the like, we easily expand this 
article into the following : — 

'Bi-heste, sL promise, S (9. 19); S2 {la, 184); C2 (B37, 41, 42, 
F 698); P (3. 126); byheste, S2 (18 3. 25); beheste, S2 (14 a. 3); 
byhest, S2 (12. 57, 18^. 9, [where it may also be explained hy grani'^'y 
bihese, S (where it is used as a plural) ; biheest, W (promise, com- 
mand, Lk. xxiv. 49, Rom. iv. 13; pi. biheestis^ Heb. xi. 13); bihese, S 
{pi, behests, promises, 4 d, 55). — AS. behds! 

In order to exhibit the full meaning of this — which requires no further 


explanation to those who have in hand the books denoted by S, S2, &c. — 
it would be necessary to print the article at considerable length, as 
follows : — 

* Biheste, sd, promise; *'dusi hiheste^* a foolish promise, (extract from) 
Ancren Riwle, 1. 19; "and wel lute wule hulde }?e hihesk }>at he nom," 
(extract from) Robert of Gloucester, 1. 184; "holdeth your biheste** 
Chaucer, Introd. to Man of Law's Prologue, 1. 37 ; " btheste is dette," 
same, 1. 41 ; "al my btheste I* same, 1. 42 ; "or breken his biheste** Chaucer, 
sequel to Squieres Tale, 1. 698 ; " f)orw fals btheste** Piers Plowman, 
Text B, Pass, iii, 1. 126 ; "to vol-vulle (fulfil) }>at byheste** Trevisa (extract 
from), lib. vi. cap. 29, 1. 25; "the lond of promyssioun, or of beheste** 
Prol. to Mandeville's Travels, 1. 3 ; " wi)) fair by-hest** William and the 
Werwolf, 1. 57; "f>e byhest (promise, or grant) of o}?ere menne kyngdom," 
Trevisa, lib. vi. cap. 29, L 9; "y schal sende the biheest of my fadir in-to 
50U," Wyclif, Luke xxiv. 49; "not bi the lawe is biheest to Abraham," 
Wycl. Rom. iv. 13 ; " whanne the biheestis weren not takun," Wycl. Heb. 
xi. 1 3 ; " longenge to godes bihese** Old Eng. Homilies, Dominica iv. post 
Pascha, 1. 55.' 

We thus obtain fifteen excellent examples of the use of this word, with 
the full context and an exact reference (easily verified) in every case. 
And, in the above instance, all the quotations lie- within the compass of 
the eleven texts in the Clarendon Press Series denoted, respectively, by 
S, S2, S3, C, C2, C3, W, W2, P, H, and G. 

The original design was to make use of these text-books only ; but it 
was so easy to extend it by including examples to be obtained fi-om other 
Glossaries and Dictionaries, that a considerable selection of interesting 
words was added from these, mainly for the sake of illustrating the 
words in the Clarendon text-books. These illustrative words can be 
fully or partially verified by those who happen to possess all or some of 
the works cited, or they can safely be taken on trust, as really occurring 
there, any mistake being due to such authority. 

A second example will make this clearer. * Brant^ adj, steep, high, 
MD, HD ; brent, JD ; brentest, superl, S2. — AS. brant {bront) ; cp. 
Swed. brant, Icel. brattr* 

Omitting the etjonology, the above information is given in two short 
lines. Those who possess the * Specimens of English * will easily find 
the example of the superl. brentest. By consulting Matzner's, Halliwell's, 
and Jamieson's Dictionaries, further information can be obtained, and 
the full article will appear as follows : — 

' Brant, adj. steep, high, MD [brant, brent, adj. ags. brand, arduus. 

viii PREFACE. 

altus, altn. brattr^ altschw. hranter^ schw. hrant^ hratt^ dan. brat^ sch. hrmt^ 
nordengl. Diall. Irani \ cf. ^' brant, steepe," Manipulus Vocabulonim, p. 25 : 
steil, hoch. — " Apon the bald Bucifelon brant up he sittes/' King Alex- 
ander, ed. Stevenson, p. 124; "Thir mountaynes ware als brant uprit3e 
as thay had bene walks," MS. quoted in Halliweirs Diet., p. 206; " Hy^e 
bonkkes & brent I' Gawain and the Grene Knight, 1. 2165; "Bowed to 
]?e hy3 bonk }>er brentest hit wern," Alliterative Poems, ed. Morris, Poem B, 
1. 379]; HD [brant, steep, North', "Brant against Flodden Hill," ex- 
plained by Nares from Ascham, "up the steep side;" cf. Brit. Bibl. i. 
132, same as brandly} — "And thane thay com tille wonder heghe 
mountaynes, and it semed as the toppes had towched the firmament; 
and thir mountaynes were als brant upri^te as thay had bene walles, so 
that ther was na clymbyng upon thame," Life of Alexander, MS. Lincoln, 
fol. 38] ; JD [brent, adj, high, straight, upright ; " My bak', that sumtyme 
brent hes bene. Now cruikis lyk ane camok tre," Maitland Poems, p. 193 ; 
followed by a discttssion extending to more than 160 lines of small prints 
which we forbear to quote'] \ brentest, super L S2. 13. 379 ["And bowed 
to f>e hy5 bonk j^er brentest hit were (MS. wern)," Allit. Poems, 1. 379 ; 
already cited in Matzner, above\* 

The work, in fact, contains a very large collection of words, in many 
variant forms, appearing in English literature and in Glossaries between 
A.D. 1 1 50 and A.D. 1580. The glossaries in S2, S3 (Specimens of Eng- 
lish, 1 298-1393, and 1394-1579) have furnished a considerable number 
of words belonging to the Scottish dialect, which most dictionaries 
(excepting of course that of Jamieson) omit. 

The words are so arranged that even the beginner will, in general, 
easily find what he wants. We have included in one article, together 
with the Main Word, all the variant spellings of the glossaries, as well as 
the etymological information. We have also given in alphabetical order 
numerous cross-references to facilitate the finding of most of the variant 
forms, and to connect them with the Main Word. In this way, the 
arrangement is at once etymological and alphabetical — adapted to the 
needs of the student of the language and of the student of the literature. 

The meanings of the words are given in modern English, directly after 
the Main Word. The variant forms, as given in their alphabetical position, 
are frequently also explained, thus saving (in such cases) the trouble of a 
cross-reference, if the meaning of the. word is alone required. 

An attempt is made in most cases to give the etymology, so far at 
least as to shew the immediate source of the Middle-English word. 
Especial pains have been taken with the words of French origin, which 


form so large a portion of the vocabulary of the Middle-English period. 
In many cases the AF (Anglo-French) forms are cited, from my list of 
English Words found in Anglo-French, as published for the Philological 
Society in 1882. 

The student of English who wishes to trace back the history of a word 
still in use can, in general, find the Middle-English form in Skeat's 
Etymological Dictionary, and will then be able to consult the present 
work in order to obtain further instances of its early use. 

The relative share of the authors in the preparation of this work is 
easily explained. The whole of it in its present form (with the exception 
of the letter N) was compiled, prepared, and written out for press by 
Mr. Mayhew. The original plan was, however, my own ; and I began 
by writing out the letter N (since augmented) by way of experiment and 
model. It will thus be seen that Mr. Mayhew's share of the work has 
been incomparably the larger, involving all that is most laborious. On 
the other hand, I may claim that much of the labour was mine also, at a 
much earlier stage, as having originally compiled or revised the glossaries 
marked S2, S3, C2, C3, W, W2, P, and G, as well as the very full 
glossarial indexes cited as B, PP, and WA, and the dictionary cited as 
SkD. The important glossary marked S was, however, originally the 
work of Dr. Morris (since re- written by Mr. Mayhew), and may, in a 
sense, be said to be the back-bone of the whole, from its supplying a 
very large number of the most curious and important early forms. 

The material used has been carefully revised by both authors, so that 
they must be held to be jointly responsible for the final form in which 
the whole is now offered to the public. 

Note on the Phonology of Middle-English. 

One great difficulty in finding a Middle-English word in this, or any 
other. Dictionary is due to the frequent variation of the symbols denoting 
the vowel-sounds. Throughout the whole of the period to which the 
work relates the symbols / and^, in particular, are constantly interchanged, 
whether they stand alone, or form parts of diphthongs. Consequently, 
words which are spelt with one of these symbols in a given text must 
frequently be looked for as if spelt with the other; i.e. the pairs of symbols 
i and j/, ai and ay^ ei and ^, oi and oy^ ui and uy^ must be looked upon 
as likely to be used indifferently, one for the other. For further informa- 
tion, the student should consult the remarks upon Phonology in the 
Specimens of English (11 50 to 1300), and ed., p. xxv. For those who 


have not time or opportunity to do this, a few brief notes may perhaps 

The following S3anbols are frequently confused, or are employed as 
equivalent to each other because they result from the same sound in the 
Oldest English or in Anglo-French : — 

hy\—ah ay\—^h ^y\—oh oy;—ut\ uy. 

Uf ; — «, CB, ey ea ; — ^, eo^ ie ; — o, «, ou ; — (all originally short). 

a, CB, ea, e, ee; — e, ee, eo, ie ; — o, oo, oa; — «, ou^ ut; — (all long). 

These are the most usual interchanges of symbols, and will commonly 
suffice for practical purposes, in cases where the cross-references fail. 
If the word be not found after such substitutions have been allowed for, 
it may be taken for granted that the Dictionary does not contain it. As 
a fact, the Dictionary only contains a considerable number of such words 
as are most common, or (for some special reason) deserve notice ; and 
it is at once conceded that it is but a small hand-book, which does not 
pretend to exhibit in all its fulness the extraordinarily copious vocabu- 
lary of our language at an important period of its history. The student 
wishing for complete information will find (in course of time) that the 
New English Dictionary which is being brought out by the Clarendon 
Press will contain all words found in our literature since the year iioo. 

Of course variations in the vowel-sounds are also introduced, in the 
case of strong verbs, by the usual * gradation ' due to their method of 
conjugation. To meet this difficulty in some measure, numerous (but 
not exhaustive) cross-references have been introduced, as when, e.g. 
* Bar, bare ' is given, with a cross-reference to Beren. Further help in 
this respect is to be had from the table of 183 strong verbs given at 
pp. Ixix-lxxxi of the Preface to Part I of the Specimens of English 
(2nd edition) ; see, in particular, the alphabetical index to the same, at 
pp. Ixxxi, Ixxxii. The same Preface further contains some account of 
the three principal Middle-English dialects (p. xl), and Outlines of the 
Grammar (p. xlv). It also explains the meaning of the sjonbols )>, S 
(both used for fk), 5 (used for^ initially, gh medially, and gh or z finally), 
with other necessary information. 


The Clarendon Pbess Glossaries. 

This work gives all the words and every form contained in the 
glossaries to eleven publications in the Clarendon Press Series, as 
below : — 

S.—Specimens of Early English, ed. Morris, Part I: from a.d. 1150 
to A.D. 1300. 

This book contains extracts from: — 1. Old English Homilies, ed. Morris, 
E. E. T.S. 1867-8, pp. 230-241 ; 2. The Saxon Chronicle, a. d. 1137, 1138, 1140, 
1 1 54; 3. Old Eng. Homilies, ed. Morris, First Series, pp. 40-53 ; 4. The same, 
Second Series, pp. 89-109 ; 5. The Ormulum, ed. White, 11. 962-1719, pp. 31- 
57 ; 6. Layamon's Brut, ed. Madden, 11. 13785-14387 [o^/n/ 13784 to the number of 
the line in the reference'\ \ 7. Sawles Warde, from Old Eng. Homilies, ed. Morris, 
First Series, pp. 245-249, 259-267; 8. St. Juliana, ed. Cockayne and Brock; 
9. The Ancren Riwle, ed. Morton, pp. 208-216, 416-430 ; lO. The Wooing of 
our Lord, from Old Eng. Homilies, ed. Morris, First Series, pp. 277-283 ; 11. A 
Good Orison of our Lady, from the same, pp. 191-199 ; 12. A Bestiary, the Lion, 
Eagle, and Ant, from An Old Eng. Miscellany, ed. Morris ; 13. Old Kentish 
Sermons, from the same, pp. 26-36 ; 14. Proverbs of Alfred, from the same, pp. 
102-130; 16. Version of Genesis and Exodus, ed. Morris, 11. 1907-2536 ; 16. Owl -^ 
and Nightingale, from An Old Eng. Miscellany, ed. Morris, 11. 1-94, 139-232, 
253-282, 303-352, 391-446. 549-555» 598-633, 659-750, 837-855, 905-920, 
1635-1682, 1699-1794 ; 17. A Moral Ode (two copies), from An Old Eng. Mis- 
cellany and Old Eng. Homilies, 2nd Series, ed. Morris; 18. Hayelok the Dane, 
ed. Skeat, 11. 339-748 ; 19. King Horn (in full). 

82. — Specimens of English, Part II, ed. Morris and Skeat; from 
A.D. 1298-1393. 

This book contains extracts from : — 1. Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle (William 
the Conqueror and St. Dunstan) ; 2. Metrical Psalter, Psalms 8, 14 (15), 17 (18), 
23 (24), 102 (103), 103 (104) ; 3. The Proverbs of Hendyng; 4. Specimens of 
Lyric Poetry, ed. Wright (Alysoun, Plea for Pity, Parable of the Labourers, 
Spring-time) ; 5. Robert Mannyng's Handlynge Synne, 11. 5575-5946 ; 6. William 
of Shoreham, De Baptismo; 7. Cursor Mundi, ed. Morris, 11. 11 373-11 791 \add 
1 1 37 2 to the number in the reference"]) 8. Eng. Metrical Homilies, ed. Small 
(Second Sunday in Advent, Third Sunday after the Octave of Epiphany) ; 9. The 
Ayenbite of Inwyt, ed. Morris, pp. 263-9, ^"^^ P* ^62 ; lO. Hampole*s Prick of 
Conscience, 11. 432-9, 464-509, 528-555, 662-707, 728-829, 1211-1292, 1412- 
1473, 1818-29, 1836-51, 1884-1929, 2216-2233, 2300-11, 2334-55, 2364-73, 
7813-24 ; 11. Minot's Songs, Nos. 3, 4, 7 ; 12. William of Paleme, ed. Skeat, 
11. 3-381 ; 13. Alliterative Poems, ed. Morris, Poem B, 11. 235-544, 947-972, 
1009-105 1 ; 14. Mandeville's Travels, Prologue, part of Chap. 12, and Chap. 
26 ; 15. Piers the Plowman, A-text, Prologue, Passus i, part of Pass. 2, Pass. 3, 
Pass. 5, parts of Pass. 6 and 7; 16. Barbour's Bruce, ed. Skeat, Book VII. 11. i- 
230, 400-487; 17. Wyclif's translation of St. Mark's Gospel, Chapters 1-6; 


Hereford's version of the Psalms, Ps. 14(15), 23 (24), 102 (103) ; 18. Trevisa's 
translation of Higden's Polychronicon, lib. i. c. 41, c. 59, lib. vl. c. 29; 
19. Chaucer, Man of Law's Tale ; 20. Gower's Confessio Amantis, part of 
Book V. 

S3.— Specimens of English, Part III, ed. Skeat; from a. d. 1394-1579. 

This book contains extracts from : — 1. Pierce the Ploughman's Crede, 11. 153- 
267, 339-565, 744-765, 785-823 ; 2. Hoccleve's De Regimine Principum, stanzas 
281-301, 598-628; 3. Lydgate, London Lickpenny, and the Storie of Thebes, 
bk. ii. 11. 1064-1419 ; 4. James I (of Scotland), the King's Quair, stanzas 152- 
173 ; 5. Pecock's Repressor, pt. i. c. 19 ; pt. ii. c. 11 ; 6. Blind Harry's WalUce, 
bk. i. 11. 181-448 ; 7. Chevy Chase (earlier version) ; 8. Malory's Morte Darthur, 
bk. xxi. c. 3-7 ; 9. Caxton's History of Troy ; 10. The Nut-brown Maid ; 

11. Dunbar, Thistle and Rose, and Poem on being desired to be a Friar; 

12. Hawes, Pastime of Pleasure, c. 33 ; 13. G. Douglas, Prol. to ^Eneid, book xii ; 
14. Skelton, Why Come Ye Nat to Courte, 11. 287-382, 396-756 ; Philip Sparrow, 
11. 998-1260; 15. Lord Bemers, tr. of Froissart, c. 50, c. 130; 16. Tyndale, 
Obedience of a Christian Man ; 17. More, Dialogue Concerning Heresies, bk. iii. 
c. 14-16 ; Confutation of Tyndale, bk. iii ; 18. Sir T. Elyot, The Governor, bk. i. 
c. 17, 18 ; 19. Lord Surrey, tr. of ^Eneid, bk. ii. 11. 253-382, 570-736, and minor 
poems ; 20. Sir T. Wiat, Three Satires, and minor poems ; 21. Latimer, Sermon 
on the Ploughers; 22. Sir D. Lyndesay, The Monarchy, bk. iii. 11. 4499-4612, 
4663-94, 4709-38 ; bk. iv. 11. 5450-5639 ; 23. N. Udall, Ralph Roister Doister, 
Act iii. sc. 3-5 ; 24. Lord Buckhurst, The Induction ; 25. Ascham, The School- 
master, bk. i; 26. Gascoigne, The Steel Glas, 11. 418-470, 628-638, 750-893, 
1010-1179; 27. Lyly, Euphues and his Ephoebus; 28. Spenser, Shepherd's 
Calendar, November, December. 

The remaining eight publications in the Clarendon Press Series which 
have also been indexed are those marked C, C2, C3, W, W2, P, H, and 
G; i.e. three books containing extracts from Chaucer, two books con- 
taining parts of Wyclif 's Bible, part of Piers Plowman, Hampole's Psalter, 
and Gamelyn ; the full titles of which are given below. 

We also give all the important words occurring in CM (Chaucer, ed. 
Morris) ; and in addition to this, and for the purpose of illustration, forms 
are given from various texts and Dictionaries, and from the Glossaries to 
B (Bruce), PP (Piers Plowman), and WA (Wars of Alexander). 

Walter W. Skeat. 





Note. — The abbreviations referring to the authorities for the forms of English 
words (ad. 1 1 50-1 580) are printed in italics. (CP « Clarendon Press.) 

z. Alph.\ Alphita, a Medico-Botanical 
Glossary, ed. Mowat, 1887. CP. 

2. Anglo-Saxon Gospels, in AS. and North- 

nmbrian Versions, ed. Skeat. 

3. Apfelstedt : Lothringischer Psalter (des 

XIV Jahrhunderts), 1881. 

4. B\ Barbour's Bruce, ed. Skeat, 1870, 

EETS. (Extra Series xi). 

5. Bardsley : English Surnames, 1875. 

6. Bartsch: Chrestomathie de Tancien 

fran9ais (glossaire), 1880. 
6*. BH : Bartsch and Homing, Langue 
et Litt^rature fran9aises, 1887. 

7. Bosworth: Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, 


8. Brachet: French Diet., 1882. CP. 

9. Brugmann : Gmndriss, 1886. 

10. BT. : Bosworth-ToUer AS. Diet. [A- 

SAR]. CP. 

11. C: Chaucer; Prol., Knight's Tale, 

Nun's Priest's Tale. CP. 

12. Ci\ Chaucer; Prioress, Sir Thopas, 

Monk, Clerk, Squire. CP. 
13- C3: Chaucer; Man of Law, Pardoner, 
Second Nun, Canon's Yeoman. CP. 

14. Cath, : Catholicon Anglicum (a.d. 

1483), ed. Herrtage, 1881. EETS 


15. Chron.: Two Saxon Chronicles, ed. 

Earle, 1865. CP. 

16. CM\ Chaucer, ed. Morris, 1880. 

17. Constans: Chrestomathie de Tancien 

franfais (glossaire), 1884. 

18. Cotg. : Cotgrave, French and English 

Diet, 161 1. 

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In the etymological part three stops are used as symbols in connexion with the cog- 
nate forms cited, namely the comma, the semi-colon, and the colon. The comma is 
used to connect various spellings of a word, as well as parallel forms cited from nearly 
connected languages ; for instance, s. v. dajuigBX, the OF. forms are so connected. The 
semi-colon between two forms denotes that the two forms are phonetically equivalent, 
and that the preceding one is directly derived from, and is historically connected with 
the one following this symbol ; for instance, s.v. Iiairle, the OF. bu^Ie is the phonetic 
equivalent of the Lat. buculum, and is immediately derived therefrom. The colon be- 
tween two forms denotes that the two forms are phonetically equivalent, and that the 
form following this symbol is an earlier, more primitive form than the one preceding, 
without an immediate interborrowing between the languages being asserted ; for in- 
stance, s. v. demen, the Goth. dSmjan is an older form than the AS. deman, but 
diman is not borrowed from the Gothic. The abbreviation * cp.' introduces other 
cognate forms, and has the same value as the symbol + in Skeafs Dictionaries. 

The asterisk * at the beginning of a word denotes a theoretical form, assumed (upon 
scientific principles) to have formerly existed. The sign = is to be read *a translation 
of.* ' (») * after Prompt., Cath. and other authorities refers to foot-notes or other notes 
citing the form in question. 


« <4 

<> <• « • * * 

J ■» 

* U • > 



A-, prefix (i), adding intensity to the no- 
tion of tne verb. — AS. d for ar-, OHG ar-, 
Goth. «j-. For the quantity of the <i see 
Sievers, 121. Cf. Or. 

A-, prefix (2), standing for A, prep., and 
for IceL 2F ; see On- (i). 

A-, prefix (3), standing for Of, prep. ; see 

A-, prefix (4), standing for AS. <tnd-y a- 
gainst, in return, toward. — AS. and-y ond-, 
ofp- (proclitic). Cf. On- (2.) 

A-y prefix (5), standing for AX, prep., and 
IceL at, used with the infin^ See At- 

JL-, prefix (6), standing for AS. ge^ ; see 

A-y prefix (7), standing for OF. a- and 
Lat. ad'. 

JL-y prefix (8), standing for OF. a- and 
Lat. o^-. 

JL-, prefix (9), standing for AF. at, OF. ^-, 
eS' from Lat. ^jc-, ^-. 

JL-y /r^/ijc (10), standing for AF. an-, OF. 
^»- from Lat. in-. See In-. 

JL-y prefix (11), standing for Gr. d-* priva- 

Ay inter;. O! Ah! expressing surprise, 
pain, S, MD. 

A^prep. on, in, PP, S, S2,C2; see On. 

A-baCy adv. backwards-, S, W2; abec, 
S; abak, C2, W; obak, S2. — AS. on-hac^ 
(A- 2.) 

Abasshen, it. to abash, S3; abaSBhed, 
pp, abashed, ashamed, alarmed, C3, PP; 
abashed, S2 ; abassliid, S3 ; abasohed, 
PP ; abaisshed, PP ; abaischld, W ; a- 
balsoht, S2 ; abaissed, PP ; abaist, S3; 
aba^te, S2, C2. — OF. eshahiss- stem of 
pr. p. oif esbahir, to astonish ; Lat ex-¥ 
*hadire for badare^ to open l^e mouth. 

(A- 9.) 
AbatOy v« to beat down; bring down, calm 



down, P, NED. — AF. ahatre (pr. p, abat- 
ant) ; Late Lat. *adbatere. (A- 7.) 

Abaue, v. to put to confusion, to be con- 
founded, NED, HD, JD ; abawad,//. HD ; 
abaned, HD. — OF. *abamr : esbahir (with 
V in place of lost h, see Brachet, s.v. glaive), 
(A- 9). See Abasshen. 

Abaye, sb. barking ; phr. at ]>e abaie, 
at abaye, at bay. S2. — OF. abai, barking* 
from abaier ; cp. F. aboi in phr. : itre aux 

Abbay, sb. abbey, C2 ; abbeis, pi., S2. — 
AF. abbeie {abeie) ; Church Lat. abbddia, 
abbdtia, from adbdtem. See Abbod. 

Abbessey sb. abbess, PP.— OF. abbesse ; 
Church Lat. abbatissa. 

Abbody ib. abbot, MD, S2 ; abbot, S, 
PP ; abbodes,//. S2. — Church Lat. abbdtem 
(pronounced abbddem), nom. abbas \ Gr. djS- 
i8<lrs ; Syriac, abba, father. 

Abbodease, sb. abbess, PP. 

Abbot-rice, sb. abbacy, S. — AS. abbod^ 
rice, the rule of an abbot. 

A-B-C, the alphabet, P ; aboy, Cath. ; 
abce, Cath. (0.), PP ; aboee, Cotg. ; abeoe, 
Cath. («.) ; apeoe. Prompt.— Cp. OF. abece^ 
the crosse rowe (Cotg.). 

Abeah, Abeh; see Abn^en. 

Abeggen, Abeien ; see Abyen. 

A-bemeily 'O' to bum ; abemV, pr. s. 
S. — AS. d-beoman. (A- i.) 

Abhominacioui&y sb^ abomination, 
NED, C2. 

Abhomynabley adj- abominable, S3, 
C3. — AF. dbhominable ; Lat. abominabilem. 

A-bidon, v. to abide, remain, await, en- 
dure, S, S2, Wa ; bablde, S2 ; abyde, C2; 
abid, imp.y S, S2 ; abld, pr. s., S ; abit, S, 
S2, C3 ; abed, pt. s.,S; abood, W2 ; a- 
}}idB,pt.pLyS2 ; abidlden, W2 ; abide,//., 
G.—AS. d-bidan. (A-i.) 

A-bidingi sb. expectation, W2. 


• >• 

• « 

• • • • • • 

« • 

• • 

• • • 

Abiggen; seeAbren. 

Abily adj. able, CM ; able, C ; hAble, 
S3, MD.— OF. able.hable (mod. Y. habile)', 
Lat. habilem. 

Abilite, sb. abllitj, NED ; hablUUe, 
S3.— OF. habiliti, 

Abil^eit, //. apparelled, S3.— OF. ka- 

Abil^ement, sb, clothing, S3.— OF. 

Abity sb. dress, a monk's clothing, habit, 
PP, CM, HD ; ablte, W.— AF. abit {habit) ; 
Lat. habitum (ace). 

A-biteiiy V, to bite, S. — AS. d-bitan. 
(A- I). 

Abject, PP' and adj. cast out, NED. 

Abjecte, v. to cast aside, S3. 

A-blawen, v. to blow, MD ; ableow, 
pt. s., S. — AS. d'bldwan. (A- i.) 

A-blenden, v. to blind, MD ; abUnt, 
pr. s.,S; p/., S ; ablende,//. s., MD ; a- 
blend,^. MD. — AS. d-blendan. (A- i.) 

A-bonten, adv. zxAprep. about, C3, P, 
MD ; abuten, S ; abnuten, S ; abuton, S; 
abnte, S ; aboute, S, G ; oboute, MD ; 
obout, 53. — AS. on-biitan (^on^e-iUan), 
(A- 2.) 

A4>onen, adsf. ^xAprep. above, C3, PP, 
MD ; abone, PP ; abnfen, S ; abuuen, 
MD ; abowen, MD ; abone, S3, JD ; obo- 
▼en, MD; obowen, MD; oboune, MD. 
Phr. : at here aboue, S2. — AS. on + bufan 
{ — be + u/an), (A- 3.) 

Abregge, ^f. to abridge, shorten, C ; a- 
bre«flde,//., W; breffffld, W.— OF. a^ 
breger, abregier : Piov. abrexjar ; Lat. ab- 
breviare, (A- 8.) 

A-breiden, v. to start up, to draw 
(sword), to thrust out, to blame, S ; a- 
breyden, NED ; abraid,//. 5.,&\ abreyde, 
C2; abrayde, C; abroden, // , 6 ; abrn- 
den, S. — KS, d + bregdan. (A- i.) 

A-brode, adv. abroad, PP ; abzood,€3 ; 

abrod, widely apart, PP. (A- 2.) 

Abnsionn, sb. deceit, S3, C3. — OF.jt- 

busion (Cotg.). 

Abntey Abnton, Abuten^ see A- 


Aj-bn^en, v. to bow, MD ; abnen, MD ; 
abouwen, MD ; abowe, NED ; abeab, 
pt. S.J MD; abeli, S. — AS. drbugan, (A- 

A-byen, Abje, 'o. to buy, to pay for, 
S3, C3, C3, PP; abyirir«,PP; abi^riran, 
PP ; abugiren, S, PP ; abe^ffen, MD, G ; 


abelen, S ; able, PP ; abai>, pr. s., S ; 
abnir<lS, pr. pi, S ; abonbte, pt. x.« S ; »- 
bonffhte, G; abonffht, pp. C3.— AS. d- 
bycgan. (A- 1.) 

Abyme, sb, abyss, S3, HD.— OF. abime, 
abisme'. Low Lat. *abyssimum, superl. of 
Lat. abyssus; Gr. dfivcaroi, bottomless. 
(A. II.) 

Ac, conj. but, S, S2, P ; ace, S ; ah, S, 
S2; ak, S2, PP; hac, S; aoh, MD; aub, 
MD, S; anch, MD; 00, S; 00c, S.— AS. 

Aec-; see Ao-. 

Accident, sb. accident (a term of the 
schoolmen), C3. — Lat. accidentem. 

Accidie, sb. sloth, indolence, S, CM, 
PP.— AF. accidie (NED) ; Low Lat. acci- 
dia, acedia', Gr. iucuhia, heedlessness, tor- 
por. (A- II.) 

A-cennen, v. to bring forth, to beget, 
MD ; aoenued, //. MD ; aocenned, S ; 
akenned, MD ; akennet, S ; acende (for 
aoend), S. — AS. dcennan. (A- i.) 

A-cennende, sb. begetting, birth, S. 

A-cenneng, sb. birth, S. 

A-chape, v. to escape, NED ; achaped, 

//. s., S2. — OY.achaper', cf. KF.cucaper. 
(A- 9.) Cf. Ssdutpen, Asoapie. 

Achate, v. to purchase, NED. — OF. a- 
chater {F.acheter), acater ; Late Lat. accap- 

Acbate, sb. purchase, provisions pur- 
chased, NED, C; achat, HD; acate, 
NED^ acates, //., HD.— OF. achat, AF. 
acate. See above. 

AcbAtomr, .r^. a purchaser of provisi(ms, 
purveyor, C, NED, HD; acatour, NED. — 
AF. achaiciur, acatour i Late Lat. accapia- 

Acbe, sb. pain. Prompt.; eche, MD; 
hache, HD. — AS. ece {ece). See Aken. 

Ache, -w^. wild celery, parsley, NED, 
Voc. — OF. acher, Lat. opium', Gr. &mov, 

Achesoxm, *b. occasion, motive, HD, 
MD, NED. — OF. achoisom, acoison ; Lat. 
joccasionem. Cf. Anchesoiui, Snchesonn, 

Achtande,^^ eighth, S 2, NED. — IceL 
dHandi', ep. 01^£i. ahtemde. Cf. Siffhte 


A-COlien, ^. to wax cold ; acolede, //. s, , 

S ; acoled, //., S. — AS. d-cdlian. (A- i .) 

Acombren, v. to encumber, PP ; acnm- 
brld, //., S2. — OF. encombrer. (A- 10.) 

Acomplesshen, v. to accomplish 


NED; aooomplloe, C; aooomplio«d,>^., 
NED. — AF. acomplir {acomplice, pr. s. 
snbj.) ; Late Lat. accomplere : see Brachet. 

Acord, sb, accord, agreement, MD ; ao- 
eord, Sa ; aoorde, S. — AF. acord. 

Acordaxmcey sb. agreement, PP. 

Acorden, v. to reconcile, to agree, MD, 
S2, P; aooordyniTt /^- /•> S3; acoorded, 
//., S2; pt. s.f S3. — OF. (uorder\ Late 
Lat. accordarey from Lat. ad -k- cord' , stem 
of coTy heart. (A- 7.) 

Acorse ; see ▲cnnlen. 

Acoxuitey V. to count, to calculate, 
NED, C2, PP ; acompte, NED, PP ; ac- 
oompted,//., S3. — AF. acounter, OF. a- 
cunter^ aconUr ; Late Lat. accomptare ; Lat 
ad + computare, (A- 7.) 

Acountey sb, account, reckoning, PP ; 
aoompte, PP ; acoompt, S3 ; acoomptes, 
pl,, S3. — AF. acounte, acunte. 

Aconpen, v. to accuse, NED, HD ; a- 
oonpede,//. j., NED, PP ; aoopede, NED; 

aconlped, NED; acoiipad,^^., S2 OF. 

acouper, acolpevy for encoupery encolper; 
Lat. inculpare, (A- 10.) 

Acoyen, v. to quiet, coax, tame, NED, 
Palsg. ; acoyed, pt. j., S2.— OF. acoyer^ to 
calm ; Lat. ad -^ quietare. (A- 7.) 

AcQULbrid ; see Aoombren. 

A-cnrsieiiy v, to curse, NED ; aoursl, 
S, NED; acorM, PP; aoorsad, pp. MD. 
(A. I.) 

AcnstmilAUXLCey sb. customary use, 
NED, C2. — OF. acostumance. (A- 7.) 

Acwenchen ; see Aquenclien. 

Adamanty sb. adamant, very hard metal, 
a fabulous rock or mineral, the diamond, 
the loadstone or magnet, NED ; precious 
stone, Prompt. ; ademannt, C ; ada- 
monnde. Prompt. (».); admont, NED; 
athamant, NED ; athamannte, C ; atte- 
. maat, NED ; aymont, NED.— AF. ada- 
mant {aimant^ ; Lat. adamantem ; Gr. dM- 
fms {-avTa), lit. invincible, untamable, from 
d- + Sofcdw, I tame. (A- 1 1.) 

Adannten, v. to subdue, NED; a- 
danntede, pf. s., Si. — OF. adantery adon- 
ter ; Lat. ad + domiiarey to tame. (A* 7.) 

A-dawe, out of life, NED, HD.— AS. of 
daguMy from days. (A- 3.) 

A-dawen, v. to rise from sleep, also, to 
arouse, NED ; adawad,/^. S3.— Cp. MHG. 
er-tageny to dawn. (A- i.) 

A-day, adv, at mom, by day, Sj, P : 
adai, S. (A- 2.) . 


A-dil^eily V, to be lost, to perish, S ; 
adUljede, //. x., S; adiUgde, S.— AS. d- 

diligan, to destroy. (A- i.) 

A-di^taiiy V. to appoint, order, prepare, 
compose, clothe, treat, MD, S ; adjjt, pp.y 
MD; adiffht, G; adyfflit, MD, HD. 


Adieu, v. to earn, MD ; addte, Manip., 
MED; addl«dd, pp., S.— Icel. otilay refl. 
odla-sky to acquire for oneself property, 
from dhaly property, patrimony, from *a^y 
race, see Fick, 7. 14; cp. OHG. uodily 
* praedium ' (Tatian). See AtlieL 

Admiraldy sb, a Saracen commander, S ; 
see Amlrall. 

Admody adj, humble, gentle, S; sd- 
mod, MD; edmod, MD.— AS. iadmddy 
iahmSd. See Eth. 

Admodedy pp. as adj, lowly ; see Bad- 

Admodiey culj, pl, humble, MD; •&- 
modi, MD. 

Admodliche, cuh. humbly, gently, 
MD ; SBdmodU), S.— AS. iadrnddlke, 

Admodnessey sb. humility, gentleness, 
MD, S ; edmodnesse, S ; nddmod&esse, 

S. — AS. iadtnddnes, 

A-dOy sb, fuss, trouble, difficulty, S3, 
Prompt, WW ; == to do, PP, WW ; adoe, 
ND, (A- 5.) 

A-doun, adv. down, S, S2, C2, C3, G; 
adxm, S ; adnne, S. — AS. of diincy off the 
hill. (A- 3.) 

A-drady pp. frightened, put in dread, 
NED, Sa, G, C, PP; adrad, S; adrade, 
NED.— AS. ofdrad (A- 3). Cf. Of-dz^- 

A-drawen, v. to draw out, S2 ; adroli, 
//. s.y NED; adron, NED; adra^e,/^. 
NED. (A- I.) 

A-dreden, v. to fear greatly, S, NED ; 
adrade, refUx.y S. — OMerc. and-dr<kdan 
(Rushw.) ; see NED. (A- 4.) 

A-drencheily v. to drown, to be drowned, 
MD, S, PP; adreynten, //. //., PP; a- 
dreynt, pp. drenched, PP ; adreint, MD ; 
adrent, S, PP ; adreynclied, PP.— AS. d- 
drencan. (A- i.) 

Adressen, v- to make straight, to di- 
rect, NED, H. — OF. adressier, adrecier 
Late Lat. addrictiarey from Lat. directum, 
straight. (A- 7.) 

A-drinken, v. to be drowned, MD, S ; 
adrono, //. s.y MD ; adronlcen, //., MD ; 
admnken, //., MD. — AS. adrincan, 

(A- I.) 


4 A-DRYE. 

A-drye, v, to endure, bear, HD ; adri- 
5«ii, S (19. 1047), MD.— AS. d-driogan, 

(A- I.) 

A-dnily ado. down, S ; see Adonn. 

A-dauieily v. to din ; adxmest, 2 pr, x., 

adenjd, //. MD. (A- i.) 

Adnn-ward, adv, downwaid, NED; 
adonward, S2. 

Adversaries sb. adversary, C3.— OF. 
adversarie ; Lat. adttersarius . 

Advertence^ ^^v mental attention, C3. 
— Late Lat. advertentia, 

Advocaty sb. advocate, intercessor, C3 ; 
▼okate, PP; vokyte, causidicuSy\oc.\ vo- 
kettns, //. PP.— OF. advocat\ Lat. aduo- 
catum (ace.). 

JS, sb. law, MD.— AS. Sw (<k), law, divine 
law, the Mosaic law, marriage ; Goth, azws, 
an age, eternity; cp. OHG. iwa, the law 
of God, eternity (Otfrid). Cf. iB-nez, 
Sn-bruclie, Sohe. 

JBdmod, adj. humble," gentle, MD ; see 

JBdmodli^y adv. humbly, S'; see Ad- 

JBdmodnisse,^^. humility, MD; 8Bdd- 
moduesse, S ; see Admodnesse. 

JBhte, num. eight, MD ; see Si^rl^te. 

JBhtene, num. eighteen, S ; see Slgk- 

JBonrey pron. your, S ; see Boure. 

JBrdy sb. native land, home, S ; see Srd. 

JBrfeS-telle, adj. difficult to count, S. 
See ArfeiS. 

JBmdey sb. errand, MD ; see Srende. 
JBmd-race, sb. messenger, S ; iBrnd- 
raches, //., S. — AS. <krend-raca. 

JBmen, v. to run, S ; see &ennen. 

iE-neZy adj. pious, fast in the law, S.— 
AS. <k-fest. See iB. 

Afaiten, v. to affect, to prepare, array, 
dress, to train, tame, subdue, NED, PP; 
affaiten, P ; fiayten, S2, PP ; faiten, PP.— 
OF. af alter y afeiter\ Lat. affectare, freq. of 
afficere ; ad -^ facer e. (A- 7.) 

A-fallen, v. to fall, MD; auaUen, 
MD; irfeol,//.j., MD; afiOlen,//., MD. 
— AS. d-feallan. (A» i.) 

A-fallen, v. to fell, NED ; afal, imp., 
S ; anal, S. 

A-felde, adv. a-field, to the field, PP. 
(A- 2). 

A-fellen, v. to fell, NED; aueUen, 
MD.— AS. d'fellan, d-fyllan. (A- 1.) 


A-fer, adv. afar, W, W2 ; afeer, NED ; 

offaor,S(s.v./r^r). (A- 3.) Cf.A-farre. 
AferCy sb.y affair, bustle, appearance, 
demeanour, S2, NED ; effere, S2 ; effeir, 
S2, S3 ; offer, S2 ; afferes, //., PP.— OF. 
afere = a +fere ; IjdH. facer e, to do. (A- 7.) 

A-feren, v. to frighten, terrify, S, PP ; 
afferen, MD ; affeare, 2 pr. s. subj., S ; 
aferad,^. afraid, S, C, P ; aferd, S, C, P, 
W2; afeerd, W; afert, PP; aferde, S3, 
P, W; afferde, S3.— AS. df<kran, (A^ 

A-ferre* adv. afar. Prompt ; ofernuii, 
S2 ; onferriuu, S2 ; onferre, NED ; on- 
ferr, NED. (A- 2). Cf. Afer. 

Aff- ; see Af-. 

Affamysit, pp. famished, S3, NED. 
Cp. OF. afamer ; Late Lat. affamare. 

Affectnosly, adv. passionately, HD, 

Affectnousey adj. hearty, affectionate, 
NED, H; affectuse, NED.— Lat. affec- 

ASr9iy, sb. terror, S3, C2, C3. Cf. Bf- 

Affrayen, v, to frighten, C2 ; afbrayed, 
//. S2, C, C3, W ; see Afrayen. 

Afile, V. to file down, NED; aflyie, C. 
—OF. a^/er. 

A-flemen, v. to drive away, MD ; »- 
nlem, imp, s., S. — AS. dfliman {d-flyman). 


Afolen, V. to befool ; afoled, pp., S ; 
afolld, NED, HD.— OF. afoler (Bartsch) ; 
Low Lat. *adfolarey to make foolish, 
(A- 7.) 

A-fon, V. to receive, S ; afeoh, imp., S ; 
avop, pr. pi., S ; auensre, //. //., S2.- AS. 
d-fdn, on-fSn (for ond-f6n\ see Sievers, 198, 
5.1. (A- 4.) Cf. Onfon. 

Aforce, v. to force, constrain, NED, H ; 
afforce, H ; aforsed,//. //., H.— OF. afor- 
cer, efforcer, esf order ; Late Lat. exfortlare, 
from \jdX.fortlSy strong. (A- 9.) 

A-fore, adv.y prep., before, PP, WW ; 
affore, PP; afor, PP; affor, PP; afom, 
N^D.— AS. on-foran. (A- 2.) 

A-fortheUy v. to further, promote, to 
achieve, to manage to do, to manage to 
give, to afford ; P, NED, SkD, HD ; a- 
forde, NED.— AS. ge -^-fordlan. (A- 6.) 

A-fote, atlv. on foot, PP; afoote, S3, 

W ; anote, S2. (A- 2.) 

Afrayen, v. to disturb from peace and 
quiet, to frighten, NED; ajfoaye, C2 (E. 


455) ; afreyd, pp, alanned, afraid, NED ; 

' al&rayed, W, S2, C, C3; al&rayd, S3 ; «£. 

«rayt, S3 ; frayd, S3, ftrald, S3.— AF. 

afrayer, effrayer, OF. esfreer: Prov. ^j- 

fredar\ Low Lat. ex-fridarSy from frtdum; 

cp. OS.^^r«, peace. (A- 9.) See AfCniyen. 

A-firight, //. terrified, C ; afrljt, NED, 

HD ; afryste, HD.— AS. d-/yrAl, d-fyrht- 

ed, (A- I.) 

After^ prep, and a/9. after, according to, 
S, HD, S2, C3 ; after, S, S2 ; attlr, S3 ; 
eafter,MD ; aftir, ^2,—^f-ter is a comp. 
form, see SkD. 

Afber-clapy sb, an evil consequence or 
result, HD; after-clappys, //., MD. 

After-dely sb. disadvantage, MD ; af- 
ter-dele, HD. 

A-forOy adv, on fire, Sa ; anere, S2 ; 
afiere, W2. (A- 2.) 

A^yngred; see Almn^erd. 

A-gasten, v, to terrify, MD, PP ; affest- 
en, S; asraste, pt. s., C2, C; affast,//., 
PP, S2, S3, C2, C3, G; affaied, S3; a- 
ffaste, //., S2, W. — AS. d+gdstan, to 
frighten. (A- i.) 

A-geiiy prep, and adv. towards, back, 
again, S ; see A-^ein. 

Agenes, prep, against, S ; see Ajeines. 
Agenst, prep, against, NED; see A- 

Agenst-Christ, sb. Antichrist, S3. 

Aj-gessen, v. to reckon, calculate, S. 

(A- I.) 

Aghe, sb. awe, H; affh, NED; see 



Aghe-Ally adj. awful, H ; affhfal, H. 

A-gon, V. to obtain, PP. — AS. of-gangan, 
to require. (A- 3.) 

ArgOTLfPP' and adv. gone away, ago, S2, 
C3 ; affoon, C2, C3 ; affone, S3 ; affoo, 
PP ; a^, C2. — AS. a-gdftj pp. of d-gdn, to 
go forth. (A- I.) 

A-graythen, v. to make ready, to 
dress, NED ; agxe]>ed, pp., S2 ; agxajped, 
NED. — From Icel. greiHa : Goth, ga-raid- 
Jan. (A- I .) 

A-graythingef sb. apparel, S2, NED. 

A^reable, adj. pleasant, NED; aff- 
^eable, favourable, S3. — AF. agreable. 
(A- 7.) 

A-grefy in grief, NED ; agxief, C ; o- 
grefe, NED. Phr.-. takes not afifrere, takes 
it not unkindly, NED. (A- 2.) 

Agreggeily 'o* to make heavy, to be 
heavy, to aggravate, HD ; agxe^Tfi^^} //•> 
W2. — OF. agregieri Prov. agreujar ; Late 

Lat aggreuiare, from *greuis for Lat gra- 
uis. (A- 7.) 

Agreueily v. to bear heavily on, to 
grieve, oppress, HD; agreued, ^., C2, 
PP-— OF. agrever\ lAt. aggrauare ; ad+ 
grauare, from grouts. (A- 7.) 

Agrimony^ sb. agrimony. Prompt. ; 
affremoine, Voc; effrlmony, Prompt; 
egremoln, C3 ; eirr«moiinde, NED; o^re- 
moyne, Voc. — Lat. agrim{mta ; Gr. d7p€- 
A«^ ; cp. F. aigremoine. 

A-griseily v. to be horrified, to terrify, 

to loathe, HD, MD, S ; agryse, S2, C3.— 
AS. d-grisan. (A- i.) 

A-grounde, on the ground, S2, PP; 
on this earth, PP. (A- 2.) 

Agte, sb. possession, S ; see Anbte. 

A-golteily V. to sin, to offend, MD, PP, 
S; affUten, MD; agrelten, MD; a^nlten, 
S ; a^nlte,//. j., PP ; afifnlt,//., S ; agUt, 
HD, PP.— AS. d-gyltan. (A- i.) 

Ah, conj. but, S, S2 ; see Ac. 

A-honge,//. hanged up, S. (A- i.) 

Ahty adj. worthy, valiant, NED; see 

Ahte, sb. possession, S2 ; ahbte, S ; see 

Ahtlice, adv. valiantly, NED; oht- 
Uche, NED. See Anbt. 

A-hungerd, pp. a-hungered, PP, S3 ; 
ahanffred, NED; aJ^n^ed, PP.— AS. ^- 
hyngred. (A- 3.) See Of-hnngred. 

Aihte, sb, property, S; ayhte, S; see 

Air, sb. air, S2 ; aire, NED; see Eyre. 

AirtiSy quarters of the sky, S3 ; see 

Aisille, sb. vinegar, S; elflll, MD ; 
elsel, MD ; ejaeUe, MD; esyUe, Prompt ; 
aMUe, MD ; eyaeU, Sh. ; aysel, H.— OF. 

aisil (eisil), also, aisiy Ps. 68. 21 (Metz) ; 
Late Lat. acitum (cp. OF. azet)\ Lat. acetum; 
see Schuchardt, VokaiismuSy i. 294. 

Aislichef adv. timorously, S3 ; see BiJi- 

ATr^ cmj. but, S2, PP ; see Ac. 

A-kelen, v. to make cold, to grow 
cold, S, MD.— AS. d'cilan. (A- 1.) 

Aken, V. to ake, to throb with pain, C2, 
S2, Prompt, NED; eken, MD ; jalk, 
NED; oc,//.J., MD; ok,MD; oke,MD, 
NED ; aklde, NED ; oken, //. //., PP.— 
AS. acauy pt 6Cy pp. acen ; cp. Icel. aka, to 
drive, Lat. agere. Cf. Ache. 

Aketoun, sb. a jacket of quilted cotton 



worn under the mail, a jacket of leather 
plated with mail, NED, Voc, C2; acke- 
tonn, HD ; aeton, NED, HD, JD ; liaka- 
toiM, HD; lumiMtoii, NED; haketon, 
ND; hacqneton, ND. — OF. auqueton\ 
Sp. alcoton ; Arab. al-qutUf the cotton. 

A-kneon, on knees, S, NED ; aknen, 
HD ; ftknewes, HD. (A- 2.) 

Al, ad;,^ sb., adv. all, MD, S, S2, C2, C3 ; 
all, S, S3 ; lial, S2 ; aUe, dot., S ; »11«, 
//., S ; alle, S2 ; halle, S ; ealre, gen,, S ; 
allre, S ; alra, S ; aire, S. — AS. eallf all, al. 

Al, adv. (with conjunctions); al if, al- 
though, NED. 

Aly adv. (with subj. mood), although, 
NED, C, C3 ; Al be it, even though it be 
that, C. 

Alaba4E(tre» sb. alabaster, W (Mt. 26. 
7) ; alAlMiuitre, S3 ; alaUaster, Sh.— OF. 
aiabastre ; Lat alabastrum (nom. -ter) ; Gr. 
dXdfiaffTpos, dXdffaffTos. 

A-langy adv. along, MD ; alonir, MD ; 
oloniT) MD (A- 4). See Sndlaaff. 

Alaasfey adj. tedious, strange, foreign, 
Prompt. ; alen^re* HD ; see Eleniro* 

Alargdy ^> to enlarge, to give largely, 
HD ; alargid, />/., W, W2.— OF. alargir. 

(A- 7.) 
A-last, adv. at last, S2, NED. (A- 5.) 

Alanily sb, a large dog used for hunting ; 
alaa, NED ; alant, NED ; alaxmts,//., C ; 
aUaimdeB, NED. — OF. alan {allan in 
Cotg.); It. a/a«^ (Florio) ; LowLat. a/a««j. 

Alajy sb. alloy, PP ; alayes, //., C2. — 
AF. alay. 

Alayeily v. to mix metals, to alloy, 
NED, PP ; alayed, //., PP.— AF. alayer, 
aleyer{Y. aloyer)\ Lat. (dligarey to bind. 
(A- 7.) 

AlbOy sb. a vestment worn by priests, and 
by some kings ; NED. — Church Lat. alba, 
an alb ; Lat. alba {vestts), a white garment. 

AlbificaciouXLy sb. the process of mak- 
ing white (in alchemy), C3. — Late Lat. al- 

AlblaiStryef sb. the use of cross-bows, 
S3. See ArUaste. 

Aid, adj. old, S, S2 ; alder, comp.^ MD; 
aldreste, super I. ^ S ; see Old. 

Al-day, cuh. alwa3rs, continually, C2, 

A A • 

Aide-like, adv. with solemn, venerable 
mien, S. 

Alder, sb. elder, ancestor, also, prince, 
chief; MD, PP ; aldren, //.. S ; nlderen, 

S ; eldeme, S2 ; ealdren, MD; ealdreiM, 

gen.y S. — AS. ealdor {cUdor). See Aid. 

AldieXfgen,pl. of all, C2, H ; see Aire-. 

Alder-best, adj. best of all, H ; see 

Alder-first, adj. first of all, C2 ; see 

Alder-mon, sb. a prince, also, the prin- 
cipal officer in iJie shire, MD, Voc. ; ellder- 
nemaxmeSB, gen.^ S ; aldermen, //., PP. 
AS. ealdonnann, 

Aldire-, gen. pi. of all, H ; see Aire-. 
Aldire-mast, adj. most of all, H ; see 

Ale, sb. ale, S2, C2 ; ale-house, S2 ; an 
ale-drmking, NED. Comb. : ale-stake, a 
stake before an alehouse as a sign, C, C3, 
NED.— AS. ealu, alu ; OTeut. stem *a/«/-. 
Cf. Vale. 

A-legffen, v. to lay down, to lay aside, 
to put down, confute, S, NED {allay ^). — 
AS. d-lecgan. (A- i.) 

Alemaunde, sb. almond, NED, W2 ; 
almaundes,//., NED ; almonndes, NED. 
— OF. alemandgy alemandre, alemandle (cp. 
Sp. almendra) ; Late Lat. amendola (cp. Pg. 
amendoa) ; Lat. amygdala ; Gr. dfivySdXtj. 

Alemaunde-tre, sb. almond- tree, W2. 

Alembyk, sb. a retort (used in alchemy), 
C3 ; alambic, NED ; limbeck, ND, Sh. ; 
lymbeoke, (Minsheu). — OF. alambtc, Sp. 
alambique (Minsheu) ; Arab, al-anbiq ; Gr, 
&lxfilK: stem of dfifii^, a cup. 

A-lemen, v. to illumine, S ; allmen, S ; 
aleomen, S. — AS. d-k-Uoman. (A- i.) 

A-lesednesse, sb. redemption, MD. 

A-lesen, v. to loose, deliver, S ; alesde, 
//.j.,S; aleeed,^.,S, HD.— AS.<f-A(raf», 
dlysan. (A- 1.) 

A-lesendneSSe, sb. redemption, MD. 
A-lesnesse, sb. redemption, S, MD. — 
AS. d'Usnis. 

Al-gate, adv. every way, alwa3rs, in any 
case, NED, S3, C, C2, C3 ; alienate, S ; 
alfirates, S2, C2, C3; alcratis, W.— Cp. 
Icel. a2la gotu, evpry way. 

Algorisme, sb. the Arabic or decimal 
system of numeration, arithmetic, NED; 
algrim, MD ; angrim, S. Phr. : cipher in 
alerorlme, the figure o, a mere cipher, 
NED. — OF. algorisme {augorime) ; Low 
Lat. algorismus (cp. Span. guaristnOy arith- 
metic, Minsheu); from Arab. al-Khowa- 
razmiy the surname of an Arab mathemati- 
cian of the 9th cent 


Al-haloweily sb. pi. all saints, NED ; 
allialowes, NED ; lialalwes, S2. 

Al-halowen day, sb. All Saints* Day, 
NED. — AS. ealra hcugena dag. 

Aliancey sb. alliance, NED ; tfllannoe, 

Ca. — AF. aliance. 

A-liche, adv. alike, PP, NED.— AS. 
ge-lice. (A- 6.) See ZUche. 
Alie, sb. ally, relative, PP; allye, Ca. 

Alieily V. to combine, unite, ally, NED ; 
allyed,^., C2. — ^OF. dlier\ Lat. alligare. 
(A- 7.) 

A-liriy adv. across (said of the legs), P ; 
alarry, PP. — AS. on + Hra, the fleshy part 
of the leg (Voc.). (A- a.) 

A-ll^teily V. to alight, get lightly down 
from a horse, to descend, also, to lighten, 
MD; alyirlite, C2 ; alysflite, pt. j., PP ; 
aly^te, PP; alllite, MD; aUjte, S; a- 
lylite, S2 ; aU^t, pp., Sa.^AS. d-Uhtan. 
(A- I.) 

A-li^ten, v. to enlighten, illammate, to 
light (a fire), NED.— AS. on-Hhtan. (A- 2.) 

A-l^tnen, v. to enlighten, NED; a- 
Uclitsm, S3 ; alyctiiTiifir,/^./., S3. (A- I.) 

Al-kaly, sb. alkali, C3. — Arab, al-qaliy, 
calcined ashes ; from qaiay^ to roast in a 

Alkamistre, sb. alchenust, C3, NED. 
OF. alkemiste. 

Al-kamye, sb. medieval chemistry, PP. 
— OF. alcamiiy alquimie\ Sp. alquimia\ 
Arab. al-ktmid\ Late Gr. xVf*^f of doubtful 
origin, prob. from x^f^fia, pouring. 

Al-karoily sb. the Koran, S2.— OF. al- 
coran\ Ar. aUqordn^ the reading, from 
qara^a^ to read aloud. 

Al-katraily sb. the lesin of fir trees, 
pitch, also, bitumen, NED, S2. — OF. cUke- 
tran ; Sp. alquitran ; Ar. al-qatran, from 
qatara, to drop. 

Al-kin, adj. of every kind, MED, PP ; 
alkyn, S2, PP ; aJkynnes, PP ; aUe ky- 
2L6Z, S2. — AS. alUs cynnes, gen. 

Al-lcynd, adj. of every kind, S3. 

All-; seeAl-. 

Allungey adv. altogether, S, MD ; al- 
lynffe, MD; allinir«)MED — P&.eallunga, 

Allnref sb. a place to walk in, a gallery> 
a walk by the parapets of a castle, a cloi- 
ster, S3 ; alure, Prompt., NED.— OF. 
cdure (now cUlure\ walk, going, a gallery, 
also, aUure (sLow Lat. *aUUura\ from 
aUr^ to go (F. alUr). 


A1tiita.4iij adj, German, NED; Al^ 
maiaes, //. Germans, NED; AlmajgiMB, 
S3. — OF. aleman (F. alUmand.) 

Almain, sb. a kind of dance, NED ; 
almond, NED. Camb»i aTmaln^ltan, 
ND ; almond^leape, Cotg. (s. v^ saut). 

Almailiey sb. Germany, H ; AlmagnM, 
NED; Alemalae, S; Almttyne, NED; 
Almen, NED ; Alamanie, S.— OF. Ai€- 
maigfu\ Lat. Allemanniay the country of 
the AlUmanni. 

Almes-dedey sb. deed of mercy, S2. 

Almesse, sb. alms, charity, S, PP, 
Prompt, S2, C3; nlmes, S; •Imesae, 
MD ; almas, S> S2, W ; almona, S2 ; al- 
messlB, //., W. — AS. almysse; Church 
Lat. *alimosina (cp. OF. almosney, elee- 
mosyna (TertuUian) ; Gr* i\€fjfjioavvijy alms, 
Lu. 12. 33; orig. pity. 

Al-mest. adv. almost, S2, C2, W, W2 ; 
almeest, W2 ; almost, PP. 

Al-mi^t, adj\ all-powerful, MD; al- 
miffht, NED, G.— AS. almiAt. 

Al-mi|tiy a^'- almighty, NED; al- 
miolitl, S ; allmahht^, S ; almy^tj, S2 ; 
almihU, S.— AS. alnuahtig. 

Al-mi^tin, adj. almighty, NED; al- 
militen, NED ; almlhtin, S. 

Alne-way; see Always. 

A-lofte, adv. on high, aloft, PP ; aloft, 
PP; oxi-lofts, S2, C2; o lofts, NED; o 
loft, NED.— Icel. d lopt (of motion), d 
lopti {qI position) ; lopty air, sky, loft ; cp. 
AS. on pa fyft, into the air. (A- 2.) 

A-londe, on land, in the land, S2, HD ; 
alond, S2. 

Al-one, adj.f adv. alone, MED. Phr. : 
bjm allana, S2. See Oas. 

A-longen, v. to seem long to, to long, 
NED; alon^r^A, //. filled with longing, 
G, HD; along'st, S2. — AS. of-langian. 

(A- 3.) 

A-lonff on, prep, on account of, S2, 
NED. — AS. gC'langi along. (A- 6.) See 


Al-only, adv. merely, S2 ; alls only, S2. 

A-loofe, adv. aloof, more nearly to the 
wind, NED; alofe, S3; alnffs, HD. 
Probably from Du. loef^ in te loef, to wind- 
ward. (A- 2.) 

A-Iosen, v. to praise, PP ; alossd, pp. 
notorious, S2, NED, HD. (A- 7.) 

Al-OUt, adv. entirely, NED : all out, 

A-louteily V. to bow down, S3, NED ; 
I alowttd,//. J., PP.— AS. d'lUtan. (A- i.) 



A-loWy on the low ground, on earth, 
ED, PP ; alAwe, S3 ; alowe, PP. (A- 2.) 
Alowable, adj. praiseworthy, PP. 
Alcwaxmcey sb. praise, PP. 
Aloweily V. to praise, commend, to ap- 
prove of, sanction, to admit (ijitellectually), 
S3, PP ; aUowen, C2, G, PP.— OF. alauer; 
Late Lat. *dllaudare\ Lat. ad^laudare. 
(A. 7.) 
AloweUy V. to assign, bestow, to give an 
allowance to, NED, Palsg. ; allow, Sh. — 
AF. alower, OF. alouer^ a!oer\ Lat. alio- 
carey to place. (A- 7.) 

A-loyne, v- to remove far off, NED, HD. 
AF. alayner, from lain ; Lat. longe, (A- 7.) 

AlrOy ^^* pl' of all, used as an intensify- 
ing prefix with a superlative, NED {ally see 
sect. D. II, p. 227), MD (p. 56) ; aller0, 
H ; aller, G, C ; alder, C2, H ; alther, 
G, C, W2 ; aldire-, H.— AS. ealra, 

Alre-besty best of all, S2 ; alderbest, 
H; altherbest, NED, HD, C; alther. 
iMsto, S, HD. 

Alre-iyrst, first of all, NED ; altlier. 
first, NED, HD ; alderfirst, C2, C3. 

Alre-mesty most of all, S; aldire- 
nuurt, H ; althermoost, HD. 

AlSy adv, and conj. also, as, S, S2, S3, 
C2 ; see Also. 

Al8-as, conj. just as if, S3. 

Al-SO, adv. and conj. (i) even so, like- 
wise, also, (2), as, MED, PP, S, S3, C3 ; 
allswa, S ; alswo, MED ; alse, S ; alsse, 
S ; als, S, S2, S3, C2 ; alls, S ; ase, S, S2; 
as, S, S2, S3, C2 ; es, PP ; alsswa, S2 ; 
alsna, S2 ; alji-so, S2 ; alswa, S, S2, 
MED.— AS. eal-swd. 

Al SOlne day. All Souls' Day, NED ; 
alls souls day, S2. — AS. ecUra sawlena 

Als-tite, €ulv, as quick, immediately, 
MED, S2. 

Al-SniCy adj. all such, S. 

Al-Bwitlie, adv. as fast, immediately, 
MED; alswythe, PP; als-sultli, S2 ; 
aswltlie, S2 ; asswythe, S2. 

Alther-, gen. pi. of all, C, G, W2, PP ; 
see Aire-. 

Altlier-best, a^^'.best of all, S, C ; see 

Alther-feblest, adj. feeblest of all, 
S2, HD. 

Altlier^first, adj. first of all, HD ; see 


AltlieiMIIOOflty adj. most of all, HD ; 
see AlrsnMst. 

AlrtOy adv. entirely, S, NED (s.v. all, see 
C, sect. 15), W, W2, H ; alHio, H. 

Al-iM)gidere, adv. altogether, G ; alte- 
irnders, S. 

Al-waty conj., adv. all the while, till, S, 
MD (s.v. aly p. 57) ; alwet, MD; alliiist, 
NED (s.v. all what). See What. 

AlrWeldaad, adj. all-wielding, S2 ; al^ 
wsaldsnt, S. — ^AS. al-wecddend. 

Al-weye, adv. all along, at all times, 
perpetually, at any rate, NED; alns-way, 
§2 ; alwey, C2, C3, PP ; alwals, S2 ; al- 
leweyes, NED. — AS. ealne weg. 

Alyneily v. to besmear; alyned, pp., 
S2. — Lat. allinere. (A- 7.) 

A-lyaOy adv.y adj. as pred. alive, C2, S2, 
PP ; onlyne, C2, G ; onliue, S. — AS. on 
life, (A- 2.) 

Am, I pr. s. am, S, C3 ; sbul, S, MD ; 
liain, S ; earn, MD ; eom, MD. — O.North. 
aniy O.Merc, earn (VP), AS. eom, 

A-nadyi^. as adj. distracted, mad, MD, 
S ; anted, MD ; amadde, pi. MD. — AS. 

ge-m&dy pp. of ge-mSdan, to madden ; cp, 
OHG. ga-meity foolish. (A- 6.) 

Amaistrien, v. to master, teach, PP ; 

amaistrye, P, HD. — OF. amaistr{t)er \ 
Lat. ad-vmagistrare. (A- 7.) 

Amalffailiey sb. a soft mass, mixture of 
metal with mercury, NED ; malfiraiu, NED. 
— OF. amalgame ; Low Lat. amalgama. 

Amalgamiugy sb. the formation of an 
amalgam, C3. 

Amang; see Amoniro- 

A-maasieily v. to curse, to excommuni- 
cate, MD ; amansl, MD ; amansy, MD 
amonsl, HD ; amawns, HD ; amansed 

pp.y S. — Contracted from PiS.d-mdnsumian 
to put out of intimacy, from mdnsum, fami 
liar, intimate ; pp. d-mdnsumod, also dmdn- 
sod; see Schmid. (A- i.) 

A-masen, v. to amaze, stupefy, NED ; 
BmBamAypp.y C3. (A- i.) 

Ambassade, sb. the function of ambas- 
sador, an ambassador and suite, NED ; 
embassadss, //., S3. — OF. ambassadty ani' 
baxade ; OSp. ambaxada, from Low Lat. 
ambaxiayambcutiay office, employment, from 
ambactusy vassal, retainer, a Celtic word 
found in Caesar. 

Ambassadriey sb. ambassadorship, 
NED ; e mbassadrls, S2, C3. — F. ambas- 


Ambassagey sb, embassy, NED ; am- 
basoaireSy //., S3. 

Amblen, v. to move at an easy pace, 
NED. — OF. ambUr\ Lat. amimlare, to 

AmblerOy sb, an ambling horse or male, 
C, NED. 

Amelleily v. to enamel, MD ; amniell, 
Palsg. ; am#lled, //., Palsg. ; amelyd, 
HD; amllAd, HD; ameUd, NED.— AF. 
aymeler, OF. esmailler\ OHG. smalzjan, 
to smelt, liquefy ; cp. It. smaltarCf to enamel 
(Florio). Cf. Sn-ancMlMi, IKute. 

Amendeily v, to amend, mend, MD, S, 
S2, C2, W ; ammided, pp. S2 ; BHiandld, 
W2. — OF. amender \ Lat. e-mendariy from 
ex + mendumy fault. (A- 9.) 

AmeHLefOd/. pleasant, S3, NED; amoyn, 
S3. — OF. amene ; Lat. amoenum. 

Ameraaty sb. amaranth, a fadeless 
flower, S3. — OF. amaranU ; Lat. aniaran- 
turn (ace.) ; Or. dfi&payTos. (A- 11.) 

Amercy, v. to amerce, fine, P, NED. — 
AF. amercier'j from OF. estre a merci 
came estre amercie, then amercier, 

A]liet6y sb. ant, emmet, NED; amte, 
W2; emete, Voc; emote, NED ; ematte, 
Voc. ; amtlfl, pi., W2 ; amptls, NED.— 
AS. ^mete, imete, Cp. OHG. dmetza ; 
from OHG. ^, o^+meizan, to cut, as if 
* the cutter or biter off.* 

Ametist, sb. amethyst, NED ; ametls- 
tiui, W (Rev. 21. 20); amalyiite, HD; 
anuurte, HD ; amafflned, MD.— OF. ame- 
tiste ; Lat. amethystum (^acc.) ; Gr. dfU$vo- 

TOS. (A»II.) 

Amenen, v. to be moved, NED ; ameu- 
ed,//. s., C2. — OF. esmeuv', accented stem 
of esmaver ; Lat. exmouere, (A- 9.) 

Ameyxi ; see Amene. 

A-midde, cuiv. and prep, amid, S2, C2, 
FP; amidden, S; amydde, PP.— AS. on 
middany an middum. (A- 2.) 

Amiraily sb. a Saracen ruler or com- 
mander, an emir, an admiral, MD ; amerel, 
Prompt.; amyxalle, MJD ; amrayl, HD ; 
admlzald, S. — OF. amirail, amiral\ cp. 
Arab, amtr-al-bahr, commander of the sea, 
amir'al-muminin, commander of the faith- 

A-miSy adv. amiss, C2 ; amys, G ; on- 
xnys, NED. (A- 2.) 

Ajuoniey sb. an odoriferous plant, amo- 
mum, NED; amonye, W, HD. — OF. 
amome (Cotg.) ; Lat. amomum ; Gr. dfiotfiov, 
a name applied to several spice plants. 

AND. 9 

Amonesto, v. to admonish, warn, HD. 
— OF. amonesier; Late Lat. *admonitare, 
from Lat. admonitusy pp. of admonere^ see 
Constans. (A- 7*) 

Ajuoneflrtemeiity sb. admonishment, S, 
HD. — OF. amonestement. 

Amonestyilg^, sb. admonishing, CM. 

A-mongey prep, and adv, among, in, at 
intervals, PP; aman^e, NED; omaaff, 
MD ; amaaiT) S, S2 ; amonff, S, PP. Phr.\ 
enre among', ever among, every now and 
then, S ; ever and among, NED. — AS. tf»- 
mang, on-geniang. (A- 2.) 

A-mongeS, prep. among, S2, S3, C2, 
C3, G, PP. 

A-morewe, on the morrow, S2, W ; 
amorwe, HD, PP, S2 ; amore^e, S ; 
amoz9e, S (16. 432). — AS. on morgen. 

(A. 2.) 

AmountailCCy sb. amount, NED ; 
monntonns, S2, HD. 

Ajnounten, v. to ascend, rise, amount, 
mean, S2, C2, PP; amnnten, S. — AF. 
amunter, from Lat. a/+ montem. (A- 7.) 

Ampole, sb. a vessel for holding con- 
secrated oil, or for other sacred uses, NED ; 
ampnlles, pi., P; ampoUes, S2, PP ; 
lianypeleB, PP. — OF. ampole\ Lat. am- 

Amprey sb, a tumour, flaw, blemish; 
amper, HD; ampres, //., S. — K^.ampre^ 
* varix * (Voc). 

Amte ; see Amete. 

A-milxVriny v. to murder, S; amor- 
tlLered, pp., MD. — AS. d-myrtrian 
(Schmid). (A- i.) 

Amyable, adj. friendly, lovely, NED ; 
amyabiU, S3 ; amiable, WW.— OF. ami- 
able', Lat, amicabiUm. 

An, I pr. s. I grant, allow, S ; on, pr. j., 
S. See Unnen. 

All, num. and inde/. art. one, an, S, S2, 
PP ; see Oon. 

An, prep, on, upon, in, PP, S, S2 ; see 

An, conj. and, if, PP, S, S2 ; see And. 

Ancbesoiin, sb. occasion, MD ; an- 
clieisnn, MD ; anohaisnn, HD. — AF. 
anchesoun. See Adiesonn. 

Ancre, sb. an anchorite, recluse, hermit, 
a monk, a nun, NED, S, S2 ; annore, S2 ; 
anker, S2 ; ancres,//., P. — K^.ancra,xtL. 
(* ancre, f.) ; Church Lat. anachoreta ; Gr. 

And, conj. and, also, if, G, S, S2, S3, 



C2 ; a&t, S, S2 ; an, S, S2 ; a, MD.—PAr. : 
aiLd if, MD. 

An^ld, sd. anvil, W2 ; anefolt, NED. 
— AS. onfilti (Voc). 

AjL-enty prep, and adv, on a level with, 
among, opposite, towards, in respect of, 
NED ; anont, MD ; onont, S ; onond, S ; 
anende, MD; anonde, MD; ononde, 
MD ; anendes, MD ; anentes, NED ; 
anentls, W, W2; anemptts, MD; an- 
empst, NED; anenoe, H; anens, H; 
ynentes, H. — AS. on efen, on efn, on emn^ 
on even ground with. 

Anentesch; see Anlentlae. 

Aneislyy adv. only, alone, S2, NED, JD. 

Anete, sb. the herb dill, Voc, W, NED. 
— OF. anet'y Lat. anethum (Vulg.); Gr. 
AvrjOov, dial, form of dviaov. See Anise. 

A-netheren. v. to lower, humiliate, 
NED; anetliered,//., HD. (A- i.) See 

Anew, sd. ring, wreath; anewis, //., 
S3 ; anens, links of a chain, NED.— OF. 
aniaus, pi. of ane/, ring ; Lat. ane/ius, dim. 
of dnulus, dim. of annus, a circuit, year. 

Anew, enough, S3. (A- 6.) See Tnow. 

A-newe, adv. anew, NED. (A- 3.) See 

Angely sd. angel; onffel, S; tokgUn, 
pi., S ; SBn^rloB) S ; anglene, ^en. S.— Lat. 
angelus. See En^rel. 

AzL-gilly sb. beginning, MD ; angnn, S, 

AzL-ginneil, v. to begin ; on iron, //. s., 

S. — ^AS. an- {pn-)ginnan. 

Angle, sb. a name given to the four as- 
trological * houses,* NED, S2. — OF. angle ; 
Latin unguium (ace). 

Angles, sb. pi. the English, the people 
of * Angul,' a district of Hdstein, S, NED ; 
SnirU*» S. — AS. Angle, pi. 

Angre, sb. affliction, sorrow, wrath, pain, 
inflammation, NED, S2, PP ; angers, S2. 
— Icel. angr. 

JLagren, v. to annoy, injure, make angry, 
NED ; angre, PP. — Icel. angra, 

Angwisch,^^. anguish, W2; angnyssli, 
PP ; angoise, S, MD ; angrnlse, MD ; an- 
gnisse, MD. — OF. angoisse,K¥. anguisse; 
Lat. angustia, tightness, from angere, to 

An-hei), adv. on high, S2, PP ; an hei, 
S2 ; an hiji S2 ; an hi^, W. 

An-heten, v. to heat, to become hot ; 
anhet, pns, S ; anliMt, //. S.—AS. on- 


An-he^en, v. to exalt, NED ; anJi^ed, 

pp., Sa. 

An-hitten, v. to hit against, S, MD. 

An-hon, v. to hang (/r.), MD ; anhoV,, S ; anhongre, //., MD. — AS. on-hdn. 

An-liongen, v. tr. and intr. to hang, 
S, MD ; anhonged, //., MD ; anhanged, 

Aniente, v. to bring to nought, NED ; 
anyente, PP. — OF. anienter, from a, to + 
nient ; Late Lat. *necentem = nee + entem. 
(A- 7.) 

Anientise, v. to bring to nought, to 
destroy, NED ; anlentioe, PP ; anentiaen, 
CM ; anentescli, PP ; anyntisohe, W2 ; 
neentishe, NED; annentissched, //. 
CM ; anyntiscliid, W2 ; enentjsoht, H ; 
enentist, H. — OF. anientir (variant of 
anienter), pr. p. anientissant. (A- 7.) 

Anise, sb. anise, also dill, NED ; anpi, 
NED; aneyse, Voc— OF. anis\ Lat. 
anisum ; Gr. Sviffov, Cf. Anete. 

Aj-ni8erien, v. to lower, humiliate, 
MD ; anilSered, pp. MD, HD.— AS. d + 
nitierian, (A- i.) 

Anker, sb. anchor, S. — ^AS. ancor; Lat. 
ancora ; Gr. dyievpa. 

Aulas, sb. a kind of dagger, anlace, 
MD,C ; anelace, HD ; anelas, MD. NED. 
— Cp. Low Lat. anelacius (Ducange), 
OWelsh anglas. 

An-leth, v. face, countenance, MD, HD, 
NED ; onndlnt, MD ; onlete, MD.— Icel. 
andlit (Swed. anlete) : AS. and-wlita. 

Ann^; see An-. 

Annamyllit, pp> enamelled, S3 ; see 

Animel, adj. yearly; sb. a mass said 
either daily for a year after, or yearly on the 
anniversary of a person's death, NED; 
annell, S3. — AF. annuel ; Late Lat. annu- 
alem, for Lat. anndlem, from annus, year. 

Annneler, sb. a priest who sang an 
annual, PP, C3, HD. 

An-en, adv. at once, instantly, soon, in 
a short time, S, S2, C3, PP; anan, S, 
NED ; onan, S2 ; onon, S, S3 ; anoon, 
S3, C2, G, W. — AS. on dn, into one ; on 
dne, in one (moment). 

Anonder; seeAnnnder. 

Anon-ryght, adv. immediately, C3, 
G ; anonrihtes, S ; ananriht, S. 

An-onen, adv. above, S, NED ; onnnen, 
NED. — AS. on ufan. 

A-nongh, adj. {9& pred.^ enough, CM ; 
anew, S3. ^A- 6.) See Tnow. 


Anoyy sb. discomfort, vexation, trouble, 
MD, S2, PP ; aiioye, Wa ; annl, MD ; 
ennyte, S. — OF. and : OSp. enoyo : Olt. 
inodio, from the Lat. phrase est mihi in 
odio ; see Diez. Cf. Voye. 

AnojTdlL, V. to amioy, PP, Wa, Sa, Ca, 
C3 ; anoiede, pt. s., W ; noyedtt, W ; »- 
mnjedypp. W; annyed, PP ; annlA; MD ; 
a&nd, S; aAvy^ed, Sa; •nnnyed, P. — 
AF. ennuyer, Cf. Voyen. 

Answore, sb, answer, MD ; ondswsre, 
S ; answaxtt, S ; onswene, S., andawaxv, 
S. — AS. and'Swaru. 

Answereily v, to give an answer, S, 
PP ; ondswexien, S ; andswax^dfl, //. s. 
S ; aaidswezeda, S ; ontswezeda, S ; on- 
vwerede, S ; onswerde, S ; answazede, 
S ; aii8wez«da, S. — AS. and-swarian, 

Anty conj, and, also, if, S, Sa. See And. 

Antom, sb. anthem, Ca ; anteftie, MD. 

— AS. antefne ; Church Lat. antifona (cp. 
Prov. dntifenay It. antifona) ; for older 
antiphma ; Gr. dvTi<l>ojva, lit. things sound- 
ing in response. Cf. Antiplion«. 

Anticristy sb. Antichrist, MD; ante- 
ozlst, W (i John 4. 3) ; anorljrt, MD ; 
ancTTSt, Voc. — Church Lat. antichristus 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. iarrlxpioros, 

Antiplione, sb. antiphon, NED; 
Church Lat. antiphona ; see Antmn. 

Antdphoiiere, sb. anthem-book, Ca ; 
autjplionazv, Voc. ; anfenaze, Voc. ; am- 
fiuieze, Voc. — Church Lat. antiphonarius. 

Aniun, adv. at once, S. — AS. dnum, dat. 
of dn^ one. [The MS. has anii, put for 
anH ( = anum)]. See Oon. 

Anrlindor, prep, under, S ; anonder, S. 

Allr1ipp6y prep, and adv. upon, MD ; 
onnppe, b. 

ABrnppon, prep, upon, S, MD; an- 
nppen, S. 

A-nyghte, adv. by night, Ca ; an^t, 
S ; onigt, S. (A- a.) 

A-nyghtes, adv. at night, nightly, S3. 

Apallad, //. made pale, NED ; ap- 
palled, C, Ca.— OF. apalir, apallir\ Lat. 
ad+pallireioT pallere. (A- 7.) 

Amraily sb. apparel, PP ; appazaille, 

v<>a, iTir . 

Aparailen, v. to make ready, to fit up, 
furnish, to dress, attire, PP ; apparayleden, 
pt.pi. Sa ; aparaiisd,^. S ; apparalUed, 
P. — OF. apareiller\ Late Lat. *adparicu- 
lare^ to make equal or fit, from Lat. par, 
equal. (A- 7.) 



Aparauncdf sb. appearance, NED; 
apparenoe, Ca. — AF. apparence. (A- 7.) 

Aparty adv. apart, aside, Ca ; aparte, 
separately, PP, NED.— OF. apart, (A- 7.) 

Aparty V. to set aside, separate, NED ; 
aparte, S3 (a4. 14). 

Apartiey adv. in part, partly, PP, NED. 
(A- ».) 

ApayOBLy V. to satisfy, please, to requite, 
HD, PP ; K'ffti^^.pp. S3, Ca, C3 ; apaywl, 
Ca, W; apal«d, W. PP.— OF. apaier 
{apayer)\ Vxoy. apagar; haX. ad+pacare, 
{rom pacem, peace. (A- 7.) 

ApOy sb. ape, MD, Ca, C3, P ; fool, HD. 
FAr.: pe olde ape, i.e. the devil, MD ; wyn 
of ape ( = OF. tnn de singe), wine which 
makes the drinker pleasant, wanton, or 
boyish, Cotg., MD, HD.— AS. apa. 

Ap6C6y sb. the alphabet, Prompt.; see 

ApenddBLy v. to belong, Sa, PP; ap- 
penden, Sa, PP.— OF. ap{p)endre\ Lat. 
ad-¥pendere, (A- 7.) 

Aparceyney v. to perceive, Ca, PP; 
aperaeyne, PP. — OF. aper^oiv-, accented 
stem of aperceveir ; Late Lat. appercipere ; 
Lat. ad + percipere, (A- 7.) 

ApereeyningeSy observations, 


ApereHy v. to appear, S, PP ; apeSnen, 
PP ; aper, Sa ; appiere, P ; apperand, 

pr.p. S3. — AF. aper-, stem of apert, pr. s. 
of apdroir; Lat. apparere {ad-^parere), 

(A- 7.) 

Aperty adj. clever, expert, NED ; as- 
pert, S3. — OF. aspert, espert\ Lat. ex- 
perttis. (A- 9.) See Expert. 

Aperty adj\ open, NED, H, HD ; adv. 
Ca. Phr.: in to apert ( = Lat. inpalam), 
Sa. — OF. apert ; Lat. apertttSy pp. of 
aperirej a verb with d=ab^ prefix. (A- 8.) 

Aopertelicliey adv. openly, Sa ; aperUy, 
P, H ; appertly, P. 

Apertenaiinty/^./- appertaining, Ca. 
— OF. apertenant. 

Apertene, v. to appertain, NED, C3. — 
OY , apertenir \^pertinere. (A- 7.) 

Apertindnty/^'/* appertaining, Ca. — 
Late Lat. adpertinentem. 

Apeseily V. to appease, NED, S3 (3b. 
135a), Ca, C3 ; appease, S3 (19a. 395).- 
OF. apeser, from a+pes\ "LaX. pacem, 
peace. (A- 7.) 

Apeyreily v. to harm, diminish, impair, 
PP, W ; apeyre, P, W ; appayxe, Sa, P ; 
apeyxed, pp. Sa. —OF. ampeirer^ empeirer ; 



Lat. in+peioraret to make worse, from 
peiort worse. (A- lo.) 

Apeyryng, sb, injuring. S2, W; ap- 
palxtniT) S3. 

AppikdlLy V. to trim, adom, MD ; 
apllced, //., C. See OF. piqtur (Cotg.). 

Aplien, v. to apply, devote one's ener- 
gies to, NED; apply, S3. — OF. aplier\ 
Lat. applicare. 

ApointOBLy V. to come or bring matters 
to a point, to agree, arrange, to prepare, 
equip, NED. — OF. apointer^ from a point. 

Apointmenty sb, agreement, NED; 
poyntemente, S3. — OF. apointement, 

Aposen, v, to question, S2, PP, Prompt. ; 
apposen, C3, PP. Cp. Oppoaen. 

Apostel, sb. apostle, S ; appostel, NED ; 
appostil, NED ; apostle, W ; postlis, pL 
NED. — AS. apostol ; Church Lat. apostolus 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. dircSoToXos, one sent forth, 
messenger ; cp. AF. apostle (OF. apostre), 

Apostil-hedy sb. office of apostle, W. 

Apotecarie, sb. apothecary, C ; pote- 
kary, NED. — OF. apotecaire\ Late Lat. 
apothecarium (ace), from apotheca ; Gr. 
dvoO^KT}, storehouse. 

Apoyson, v. to poison, PP ; apoysoned, 
pp., pp. — OF. apotsoncTy for cmpoisoner. 
(A- 10.) 

App-; seeAp-. 

Appaireily v. to injure ; appayxe, S2, 
P ; see Apeyren. 

Appairingf, sb. injuring, S3. 

Appely sb. apple, PP ; eppel, MD ; ap- 
pUs,//. W2.— AS. ceppel. 

Apple-g^amade, sb. pomegranate, S2 
{gamade). Cf. Oamet-appUle. 

Aprentis, sb. apprentice, NED ; piren- 
tis, S2, PP; aprentys, //. PP.— OF. 
aprentis (AF. aprentiz)^ nom. of aprentif, 
from aprendre, to learn ; Lat. apprehendere 
^ad-^prehendere. (A- 7.) 

A-qnenchen, v. to quench, PP; a- 
owenolien, S ; aqneynte,/^. j. S2 ; aqneynt, 

PP. — AS. d'Cwencan. (A- i.) 

Aqneme, sb. squirrel, S, NED; ao- 
qneme, S. — AS. dcwem (Voc.) ; cp. Icel. 
ikomit G. eichhom, MDu. huoren. 

Aqneyntaiincey sb. acquaintance, S2, 
CM, MD. — OF. acointance, AF. aqtteyn- 
tance. (A- 7.) 

Aqneynten, v. to become known, MD ; 
aqnolnte, pp. acquainted, NED ; aqnente, 
NED ; aqnynt, S2. — OF. acointer {a- 
cuinter) ; Late Lat. adcognitare, from Lat. 
ad -^ cognitumj pp. oi cognoscere. (A- 7.) 


At, pf^^P'i conj, and adv. before, S, 82, G, 
H, P ; see Sr. 

Ar, are, S2, PP ; see Axen. 

AracOy v. to pull up by the roots, C2, 
CM; arache, NED.— AF. aracer, OF. 
esrachier ; Lat. e{x)r<idicare. (A- 9.) 

Aranye, sb. spider, Prompt.; arain, 
HD ; araaee, HD ; eranye, Prompt. ; 
exayne, Prompt. ; exayn, H ; araae, H ; 
erane, Voc. ; yreyne, W2 ; araa, H ; 
Ixaln, NED ; arrans, pi., HD ; yzeyns, 
W2. — OF. araigne {iraigne) ; Lat. aranea. 

AratOy V, to correct, blame, rate, PP. 
Probably a variant of Axetten. Cf. OF. 
aratter = aretter (Godefroy ) . 

AxBiJf sb. array, PP ; axxay, 82 (19. 393), 
C2, C. — OF. aret {arroi). 

Arayen, v, to array, NED, PP ; aarayed, 
pp. W ; arrayed, C2, C3. — AF. arayer ; 
OF. areier, areer: It. arredare (Florio); 
from Lat. a^+Low Lat. *redo (OF. ret), 
preparation, of Teutonic origin. (A- 7.) 

Axblaste, sb. a military engine for 
throwing missiles, MD, S2 ; alblast, 82. — 
OF. arbaleste ; Late Lat. arcuballista, 

Arblaster, sb. an arblast-man, 82. 

Arclly sb. arch, Prompt.; arclies, //. 
court of Arches, P. — OF. arche (Cotg.). 

Ardl-y prefix, chief; erohe-. Church 
Lat. archi' ; Gr. apx«-> ^tpX"* 

Ardl-angely sb. archangel, 8, PP; 
arohangles, pi. 8. — Church Lat. archange' 
lus\ Gr. d/)x»77€A.os. 

Arclie-'bisCOpf sb. archbishop, 8 ; 
erolie1>ls8op, 82. — AS. cerce-biscop (8) ; Lat. 
archi' + AS. biscop. 

Archery sb. archer, 82 ; arclieer, C2 ; 
liardiere, Voc. — AF. archer. See Ark. 

ArcM-deken, sb. archdeacon, PP ; 
erdiedttkeiie, 82. 

Arclii-flamyxi, sb. high-priest, 82. — 
Church Lat. archiflamen, archbishop (Du- 
cange), from \j.2.\,Jlamen. 

Arclli-triclin, sb. the ruler of the 
feast, S ; arohltriolyn, W. — Church Lat. 
architriclinus (Vulg.) ; Gr. dpxiTpi/e\ivoi, 

Arcll-wyfOy sb. a wife who rules ; 
arolie-wyiies, //. C2, CM. 

Are, sb, honour, reverence, also, grace, 
clemency, MD, NED, 8 ; ore, 8, 82, G, 
HD; happy augury, MD, S. — AS. ih^e 
{dr) ; cp. OHG. /rfl, honour (Otfrid). 

Apreccheily v. to explain, expound, to 
speak, NED. — AS. d-reccan. (A- i.) 

Apreclieil, v. to reach, to strike, to reach 
in thought, to imagine, to be sufficient^ 


NED, S, S (II. 47), S2, W, PP.— AS. d- 
r<kcan. (A-i.) 

A-ireden, v, to declare, to interpret, 
NED, W ; axeede, W.— AS. d-r/dan ; cp. 
G. errathen, (A- i.) 

A-redy, adj. ready, P, HD, NED ; 
)e-zedi, MD. (A- 6.) 

Are-fUl, adj. compassionate, MD, S. 
— AS, dr-full. 

Are-leSy adj, merciless, MD; ox^leas, 
S ; oreles, S. — AS. dr-Uas, 

Axeilf V. to show mercy to, S, MD. — AS, 

AreHtpr. pl are, S, PP ; am, MD, C2, 
PP; are, MD; ar, MD, S2, PP; ere, 
MD, S2 ; er, H. — ONorth. aron. 

Axendey sb, errand; HD, PP; see 

Axerage, sb. the state of being in arrear, 
indebtedness, NED, PP ; arrerage, C, PP. 
— OF. arerage, AF. arrerage, 

>, adv. to the rear, in the rear, PP ; 
», PP. — AF. arere\ Late Lat. ad 
retro, backward. (A- 7.) 

Apreren, v, to raise, build, to arise, to 
rear, S2, PP ; arearen, S ; arerlde,/^. x., 
W ; arerde, S ; arerd, S ; arerdon,//., S ; 
arered,//., S2, W, W2 ; arerd, S2. — AS. 
d-rkran\ Goth, ur-raisjan. Causal of 
Arisen. (A- 1.) 

Aprest, at rest, PP. (A- 2.) 

Aresty sb. stop, S2 ; arreest, custody, 
C. Phr. : spere In arest, in rest, C. — OF. 
areste, stoppage, AF. arest, act of arresting. 

(A- 70 

Areston, v. int. and tr. to stop, cause 
to stop, NED, C. — AF. arester ; Lat. ad-^ 
restare. (A- 7.) 

Aretten, v. to reckon, count, accuse, 
NED, W, V\^2 ; aretted,//. C; arettid, 
W, W2 ; rettld, W.— AF. aretter, OF. a- 
reter\ a -Ureter'. OSp. reptar, to chal- 
lenge (Minsheu) ; Lat. reputare, to count ; 
cp. Late Lat. reptare (Ducange). (A- 7.) 
Cf. Betten. 

A-reyseily v. to raise, to arouse, NED ; 
areysed, //. j., S3; areisid, pp., W. 
(A- I.) 

Are^tb., sb. cowardice ; are^tlie, dat.^ S. 
See Arwe. 

AxfeSy adj. difficult, MD; arefe1$, S; 
earfieAS, MD ; am^, NED ; erfelS, MD.— 
— AS. eaffeGe; cp. ea?fet5e, earfop, labour, 
toil : Goth, arbaiths. 

Al^oilOf sb, the tartar deposited from 



wines, C3, NED ; anrnyU, NED ; argaU, 
Cotg. (s.v. tartre), ND. — AF. argoil. 

Ax|f1161Lf V. to prove, to reason, PP. — 
OF. arguer\ Late Lat. argutare, from Lat. 

Al^pOBre, sb, reasoner, PP. 

Argpuuenty sb. proof, clear proof, proof 
presumptive, NED ; argamenB, pL, PP. — 
AF. argument ; Lat. argumentum. 

Argpamenteiif v. to argue, C3, S2. 

A-riseilf v. to arise, MD ; aryse, PP ; 
arts, imp. s. S ; arys, PP ; arlst, pr. s., 
S, S2, C3 ; BxoB J pt. s.y S, PP; aroos, PP ; 
azlaen,//.,MD ; azlae, S2. — ^AS. d-risan, 
(A. I.) 

A-risty sb. rising, resurrection, NED ; 
aristes, gen., S ; arlste, dat., S. — AS. i- 
rist. (A- 1.) 

Axindy V. to arrive, to come to shore, 
S ; arone, //. s., NED ; arlnede, pl. S2 ; 
aryue, pp., S ; aryven, NED. — AF. ari- 
ver\ Late Lat. arribare, arripare, adri- 
pare, from Lat. ad-k-ripa, shore. (A- 7.) 

Axine, sb. landing, arrival, C, NED. 

A-irixlien, v. to rule; arlzlye, S. 

(A- I.) 

A-ri^tf adv. in a right way, straightway, 
S2 ; aryglit, C2 ; ari^te, S ; origt, S. 

(A- 2.) 

Ark, sb. an ark, chest, MD; arrke, 
S ; arc, S2. — ^Lat. area ; cp. OF. arc he. 

Ark, sb. segment of a circle, C2, MD. — 
OF. arc ; Lat. arcum (ace), a bow. 

Aries, sb. an earnest, NED, JD, HD. — 
Probably a plural in form from an OF. 
*erle, *arle ; Lat. *arrkula, dim. of arrha, 
for arrhabo ; Gr. dppafidn^ ; Heb. ^irdbdn. 
Cp. OF. erres, arres : Sp. arrcu (Minsheu) ; 
Lat. arrkas, pl. ace. of arrha. See Smes. 

Arly, adj. and adv. early, S2, H ; see 

Arm, sb. arm, MD ; earmes,//., S, MD; 
amies, interj. arms! an oath, by God's 
arms, S3, NED. Phr. : Gog*B arms, S3. — 
AS. earm : Icel. armr : Goth. arms. 

Arm, adj. poor, wretched, MD ; esrm, 
MD ; erme, dat. S ; arme, pi. S ; earme, 
MD. — AS. earm : Icel. armr : Goth. arms. 

Armen, v. to arm, C3, PP ; Inarmed, 
pp., S. — AF. armer; Lat. armare. 

Armes, sb. pl. weapons, coat-armour, 
MD, P.— AF. armes. 

Arm-h.eorted, adj. tender-hearted, S. 
— Cp. AS. earm-heort, 

Arm-hertnesse, sb. compassion, S. 



_ >, sb, the act of arming, putting 
on of armonr, C2. 

Anuipotenty adj. mighty in arms, C. 
— Lat. armipotentem. 

Armony, sb. harmony, S3. — F. har- 
monU \ Lat . harmonia ; Gr. dpfxovia. 

Ammref sb. armour, weapons, P* C2, 
C3, G ; armoure, C2 ; armuriB, //., W, 
Wa. — AF. armure {armoure), armeure ; 
Lat. armatura. 

L, sb. eagle, HD; aryu, H; see 

Amde, pt. s. ran, S ; see Bexmeii. 

Aprode, on the rood (the cross), NED, 
S, S2. (A- 2.) 

Aprowdy adv. in a row, one after another, 
S ; areawe, S ; arewe, NED. (A- 2.) 

Arr-; seeAr-. 

Arr, sb. scar, wound, NED, JD; aar, HD; 
see Srre. 

Azred, pp, scarred, JD. 

AreenilE, sb. arsenic, C3. — OF. arsenic ; 
Lat. arsenicum\ Gr. dpatviKdv, yellow or- 
piment, orig. the masculine, male, from 
apoffv, a male. 

ArskeSy //. newts, S2 ; see Ask. 

Arsmetikey sb, arithmetic, NED ; am- 
metrike, C. — OF. arismetique : Prov. aris- 
metica ; Lat. arithmetica ; Gr. dpiOfitfrtic^ 
(r4x^v)> the art of counting. 

Arst, adj. and adv. superl. first, G, P ; 
see Srst. 

Arty sb. a quarter of the heaven, point of 
the compass, NED, S3 ; alrt, NED, JD ; 
airtli, NED ; alrtis, // , S3.— Gael, ard \ 
Olr. aird^ top, height, point. 

Arton, art thou, S2 ; artow, S2, C2, 
C3. See Srt. 

Ip sb. arrow, NED ; arewe, S2 ; 
I, //. S2, C2, P ; arewls, W2 ; aro- 
I, W2. — AS. arwe for *arkwe ; cp. Goth. 
arhwaznay arrow, the thing belonging to 
the bow, from *arh'w = Lat. arcus. 

ArW6y adj. cowardly, timid, lazy, slug- 
gish, vile, base, Prompt. ; are^, S ; ark, 
MD ; arj, NED ; erewe, S ; arewe, sb. 
betrayer, enemy, S, MD. — AS. earg {earh) ; 
Icel. argr\ cp. OHG. flr^(Otfrid). 

Arwed, pp. made cowardly, PP. 

Ar^eiLy V. to be timid, to frighten, NED. 

As, sb. unit, a single bit, a jot, ace, NED, 
C2 ; aoe, S3 ; ase, PP. Phr. : ambes as, 
double aces, C2. — OF. as\ Lat. as. 

Asailen, v. to leap upon, assail, PP ; 
»Mwll«, PP, S ; awMille, C2, PP ; asaillA, 


pp., PP; asaalaeit, S2.— AF. assailir, 
OF. asalir ; Late Lat. adsalire. (A- 7.) 

A-HftiTrftn, v. to deny, renounce ; asoke, 
//. J., S. — AS. of-sacan (Schmid). (A- 3.) 
Cf. 01&>8aken. 

Asant, sb. assault, S2 ; assant, C, PP. — 
OF. asaut. (A- 7.) 

Ascapie, v. to escape, PP; aakapie, 
PP ; aooapen, PP.— OF. escaper (Picard). 
Cf. Aohape. 

Ascaiincep conj. as though, C3, NED. 

Asdie, sb. ash, cinis ; alscke, W, W2 ; 
aske, H; asken, pi, S; axen, S; aa- 
8ken, C2 ; asskess, S ; assketf, C3 ; as- 
okifl, W2; askes, S2, P; askis, H; 
askes, S2. — AS. asce {axe) : Icel. aska : 
Goth. azgo. 

AscrieHf v. to cry out, NED ; eaozleii, 
MD. — OF. escrier\ Late Lat. ex squirt- 
tare, see Diez. 

AscriVBy V. to ascribe, H. — OF. ascriv- 
stem of pr. p. of ascrire : It. ascrivere ; 
Lat. adscribere. (A- 7.) 

ABCTJ,sb. outcry, S2. 

Asegen, v. to besiege, C. — OF. asegier : 
It. assediare (Florio). (A- 7.) 

Aselen, v. to seal up, to set one*s seal 
to, NED ; aMele, W2 ; aMelen, PP, S2. 
— OF. anseler, enseler'. Late Lat. insigil- 
lare, from sigillum^ seal. (A- 10.) Cf. 

A-SdncllOllp V. to cause to sink, S ; a- 
sejmt, pp., WD. ( A- i .) 

Asent, sb. assent, S2, PP ; ament, C3, 
PP.— OF. as{s)ent. (A- 7.) 

Aseth, sb. satisfaction, PP, HD ; a- 
seetk, W ; asetka, Cath., HD ; anortk, 
JD ; assets, PP ; assetk, NED, HD.— 
OF. asety asset ; from Late Lat. ad satis. For 
the final -/ in OF. = )) in English, cp. OF. 
feit with yiS^feip, faith. Hence our assets. 

(A- 7.) 

ArSetnessey sb. appointed order, S. — 
AS. d-setnis, institute (Schmid). 

ArSetten, v. to set up, appoint, NED. 
— AS. d-settan. (A- i.) 

Asise, sb. decree, edict, judgment, S2 ; 
assise, C, G ; assises, pi. assizes, PP. — 
OF. as{s)ise, a sitting down, settlement of 
imposts, from as{s)is, pp. oi as{s)eeir,\.o sit 
at, to settle ; Lat. assidere. (A- 7.) 

AsisOTir, sb. juror, PP ; aoisoiire, PP ; 
sisour, PP ; sysour, PP. 

Ask- ; see Aso-. 

Ask, sb. a newt or eft, a lizard, NED, 
HD, JD ; aske, NED ; asker, HD, JD, 


DG ; asUs, pi, NED ; antkes, Sa.— AS. 
dtfexe-. OS. egitha5sa\ cp. OHG. egideksa 
(G. eidechse), 

Aske, sb. ash, H ; askM, //., Sa, P ; 
askiB, H ; see Aaolie. 

Aske-baSie, sb, one who sits among 
the ashes, S ; askebatlie, NED. 

Aske-fise, sb, one who blows the ashes, 
Prompt. ; askflst, NED. Cp. Sw. €iskefis 
and G. aschenjister (Grimm). 

Asken, v. to ask, S, Sa ; esklen, MD ; 
asdien, MD; esoliML, MD; mmw, MD, 
Sa ; ooslen, MD ; aosleii, MD, Sa ; aximi, 
MD, Sa ; axen, S, Sa, S3, Ca, Cj, W, 
Wa ; escade, //. s., S ; easkede, S ; liaz- 
ede, S; esste, Sa. — AS. dscian: OHG. 
eiscdn (Otfrid) ; cp. G^AeiscAen, 

A-slaken, v. to diminish, to become 
slack, C, NED. (A- i.) 

A-Slawe, //. slain, Sa ; asla^e, S ; a- 

■la^en, S. — AS. d-slagen, pp. oid-sUoM^ see 
Sievers, 378. (A-i.) 

A-8lepe, adxf. asleep, S, PP. — AS. 4m 

slckpe. (A- a.) 

A-8lepid, //• gone to sleep, Wa. 

ArBOnder, adv, asnnder, C, C3.— AS. 
on sundran. (A- a.) 

A-80ylen, v, to absolve, to answer (a 
question), PP, Sa ; amoUe, S3, C3, P, G; 
asoyly, NED ; asoUede, //. s.y Sa ; aaoy- 
lede, Sa ; assoyUd, //., W.— OF. asoiler, 
assaiUr; Late Lat. absoluere (s=Lat. absol- 
vere), (A- 8.) 

AspaltoiUly sb. asphalt, Sa.— OF. ^as- 
pcUtoun; from Late Lat asphalton; Gr. 

Aspect, sb. a term in astrology ; the re- 
lative positions of the heavenly bodies as 
they appear at a given time, NED, SkD, 
Sh. ; aspectis, //., S3. — Lat. aspectus. 

(A- 7.) 

Asperty adj, expert, clever, S3; see 

Aspie, sb. spy, W, Wa; aspje, C3 ; 
•spy* S3. — OF. espie. 

Aspien, v. to look after^ to watch, Sa, 
S3, W, Wa.— OF. espter. See Bspye. 

Aspiere, sb. spy, w. 

A-Spillen, v. to destroy, kill, S. (A- 1.) 

Aspiyug, sb. ambush, W. 

Mksjpse, adj. rough, cruel, fierce, NED. 
— OF. aspre ; Lat. asprum, rough, harsh. 

Asprely, adv, roughly, fiercely, S3 ; aa- 

A-sqnint, adv. obliquely, out at the 
comer of the eyes, S. 




Assay, sb. trial, experiment, an attempt, 
attack, tested quality; NED, Sa, S3, Ca, 
C3 ; asaie, W.— AF. assai (asat) : It. as- 
saggio; Lat. exagium, a weighing, from 
ex-agere {exigere), to weigh, prove, to drive 
out the tongue of the balance. 

Assayexiy v. to examine, to attack, Sa, 
S3, Ca, P ; aaalan, Wa ; aaayen, S3 ; aa- 
saled, //., W.— AF. astayer {asayer) : It. 

Assemble, sb. assembly, P.^OF. asem- 

Assemblen, v- to bring together, to 
come together, NED ; aMembled, pp.^ C3. 
— OF. asembler-j Lat. assimulare. 

Assidnel, adj. continual, H ; aasednel, 

H. — OF. assidtul. 

Assidnelly, ^i^z[. continually, H. 

Assoilen, v. to loosen, absolve, explain, 
PP, S3, C3 ; see Asoylen. 

Assoillsnigf ^' absolution, acquittal, 

Astate, sh. state, estate, S3 ; see Bstat. 

ApSterten, v- to start up, to happen, to 
escape, NED, Sa, S3, C3, C ; airtart, S3 ; 
asterted, pt. s., Sa, C3. (A- i.) 

A-std^en, v. to proceed, ascend, descend, 
MD; acrtifirlit9,/r.j.,S; artah, //. j., S.— 
AS. d'Stigan, (A- 1.) 

Astonen, v. to stupefy, amaze, NED ; 
astony, NED, Ca; astonyed, pp., W, PP ; 
astoynde, S3.— OF. estoner; Late Lat. 
*extonarey to stupefy as with a thunderbolt. 
(A- 9.) 

Astore, v. to repair, to provide, store, 
NED; astorede, pt. s., Sa; aatored,//., 
C; astorld, Wa.— AF. es/orer, OF. es- 
tourer; Lat. instaurare. (A- 10.) Cf. 

A-strangeledy //. suffocated, Sa. (A- 
6.) See Stransrelyn. 

Astronomye, sb. astronomy, pp.— OF. 
<utronomie\ Lat. astronomia; Gr. do-r/w- 

AstronomyeiLy sb. astronomer, astrolo- 
ger, PP; astromyenes, //. (=Lat. magi), 
W ; astxymyanes^ PP.— OF. astranomien. 

Asnre, sb. azure, NED, Ca, C. — OF. 
asur, azur; I>ow Lat. /azur (Jazulus); 
Pers. lajward. 

Aswagen, v. to assuage, Ca, PP.— AF. 
as{s)uager'. Prov. assuaviar; from Lat. 
suauis. (A- 7.) 

A-swelten, v, to die, S, NED. (A- 1.) 




JLswithef adv. as quickly as possible, 
S3, PP ; amnrsrtbe, S2 ; see Alswltlie. 

ArBWQWn,e,PP' as adv, aswoon, C2 ; ■«- 
•owe, HD. — AS. g-e-sw(fgen, see NED (s.v. 
aswcon) and SkD (s.y. swoon), (A- 6.) 

ApSyde, adv. aside, C2. (A- 3.) 

At-,/^C^(i), at; «t-; a-. — AS. <?/■-. 

At-9 j>refix (2), from, away; «t-.— AS. 
at' for <??- proclitic form of *«/8f-, away : 
Goth, unpa- ; cp. Du. <?«/-, OHG. int- (G. 

At, pron, reL and r^. that, S2, S3, H, 
NED; see])at. 

At, prep, at, in, with, from, of, amongst, 
PP, S, S2, C3 ; 0t, S; 8Bt, S; ed, S; at, 
used with the infin. mood^ 82, NED (vi), 
H. Comb. :— atte, at the, PP, S, S2, C2 ; 
ate, S, S2; ette, S; eter, S; atten, S2, 
PP ; at-after, after, C2 ; att-alle, in every 
way, S2 ; at-foren, before, MD ; et-foren, 
S ; at-nore, S2 ; at-om, at home, S2, PP ; 
at-on, at one, in accord, NED, S ; at con, 
G (s.v. oon), C2; at-ones, at once, to- 
gether, PP,C 2, C3; atteiil8,S3; attonys, 
S3 ; attones, S3. 

Atache, v. to arrest, indict, S2, PP; 
attache, PP; attec]ie,S3,N£D; ataobet, 
//., S2, PP.— AF. attacher\ cp. It. attac- 
care, (A- 7.) 

Aptake, v. to overtake, catch, C3, HD, 
NED. Phr. : wel atake, well caught, NED. 
(A I.) 

Atameily v. to cut into, broach, open 
(a vessel), NED, PP, HD ; attamen, HD, 
Prompt., C2. — OF. atamerx Prov. (/»)- 
tamenar ; Lat. attaminare, (A- 7.) 

Atasir, sb. influence (astrological term), 
S2, C3. Cp. Sp. atazir't Arab. cU-tdthtr, 
"* al ■¥ tdthir, influence, see Steingass, Arab. 
Diet., p. 157, and Dozy's Glossary, s. v. 

At-beren, v. to bear away, NED ; at- 
bar, pt. s., H D. — AS. ost-beran. (At- 2. ) 

At-breken, v. to break away, escape, 
NED. (At- 2.) 

At-bresten. v, to burst away, escape, 
NED.— AS. at'barstan. (At. 3.) 
AtOy sb, eating, S. See Sten. 

Atel, a<^'. terrible; ateU, NED.— AS. 
atol\ cp. Icel. atoll. 

Atelich, adj. hoirible, S ; eatellch, S. 

— AS. atelic. 

Ateliche* adv. horribly, S. — ^AS. atelice, 
Atempre, pp. as adj. temperate^ H ; 

attempire, C, HD.— OF. atempri\ Lat. 

eUtemperatus. (A- 7.) 

Atemprely, adv. temperately, H, HD. 
Aptenden, v. to set on fire, kindle, MD ; 
atend,/r. j.,S. (A- 2.) Cf. Ontenden. 

At-eweiXy v. to show, to appear; ate- 
wede,//. s., NED ; atywede, S; atawed, 

pp.y MD. — AS. (Et-iawan {at-ywan) : Goth. 
at-augjan, from augo, the eye ; cp. OHG, 
ougen, to show (Otfrid). Cf. Awnen. 
(At. I.) 

Ateynty PP- convicted, affected with 
sorrow, PP ; atteynt, S3 ; attaynt, S3. — 
OF. ateint, pp. of ateindre, to attain ; Lat. 
attingere. (A- 7.) 

At-fekUen, v. to fall away, NED.— AS. 

at-feallan, (At. 2.) 

At-fleon, V. to flee away, NED ; atfli]?, 

pr. s., S.— AS. cet-flion. (At- 2.) 

At-fore, prep, before, NED; ataore, 
S2 ; etforen, S ; afore, NED.— AS. at- 
foran. (At- 1.) Cf. Afore. 

At-ffangen, v. to go away, MD ; atgo, 
MD, NED. (At- 2.) 
Ath, sb. oath, S ; see Oth. 
Athamant ; see Adamaat. 

Athel, adj. and sb. of good birth, noble, 
a lord, NED, S, S2 ; hathel, NED, S3 ; 
hathlU, NED ; hateU, NED.— AS. a^ele, 
eCele : OS. etiili : O. Teut. *apalisy of good 
family, from *apal, race, family ; cp. OHG. 
adal (Otfrid). 

A})eli21|f, sb. a member of a noble 
family, a noble, a prince of the blood 
royal,. NED ; epelyxLfT) S. 

A-bestrien, v. to darken, S. — AS. d- 

piosirian. (A. i.) 

Ap})ety conj. until that, S. See Oth. 

At-holden, v. to withhold, retain, S ; 
atlisdlde, S ; etiialden, S ; athalde, S ; 
etholden, S ; ethalt, pr. s., S ; atlieold, 
//. J., S ; atliolde, //., S. — AS. tffS-healdan. 

(At- 3.) 

AtifTen, v. to adom, deck the person, S. 
—OF. atiffer, cp. Utifer (Cotg.) (A- 7.) 

AtiseiLf V. to stir up, urge, entice, NED 
attyse, HD; attlce, NED.— OF. atiser, to 
kindle (Bartsch) ; Late Lat. attitiare, from 
ad + titium (for titio) a brand (Voc), see 
Ducange, s.v. atticinari. For the change 
of ti into soft s as well as into f see Brachet, 
s.v. agencer. (A- 7.) 

Atlien, v. to think, suppose, intend, to 
direct one's way, to go, MD ; attle, MD ; 
attele, S2 ; etllen, MD ; etteleden, //. 
//., S2.— Icel. atla {etla) ; related to OHG. 
ahtdfif to consider. 




Atlingef sb, purpose, conjecture, MD ; 
•Uunffe, S. 

At-redeily v. to outdo in counsel, C, 
NED. (At- a.) 

A't-rennen, v. to run away, to surpass 
in running, C, MD ; att-rann, //. j., S ; 
I, NED. (At- 2.) 

I, V, to touch, to befall, NED ; 
», MD.— AS. (Et'hrinan. (At- i.) 

A't-ronten, v. to rush away, escape, 
S2 ; at-raten, NED. From AS. hrtltan. 
(At- 2.) 

At-SClieoten, v. to shoot away, MD ; 
atscliet, //. J., S; atsoliote, pp, NED. 

(At- 2.) 

At-Stonden, v. to withstand, S; ed^ 
stonden, S, NED. (At- 2.) 

At-Crtondeny v. to remain, to stop, 
NED, S2 ; etstonden, NED ; atstonde, 

pp., S. — AS. (Bt-standan. (At- i.) 

Att- ; see At-. 

Attame, v. to broach, to cut into, HD, 
C2 ; see Atamen. 

Atteir ; see Atjze. 

Atter, sb. poison, venom, esp. of rep- 
tiles, NED, S ; Hatter, NED.— AS. attor, 
for ""dtor, dtr, (Voc.) ; cp. OHG. ettar, 
eittar (Otfrid). 

Atter-COppe,^^. spider, NED, S; at- 
teroop, HD.— AS. aitor-coppa, 

Atter-lich, adj. venomous, bitter ; at- 
terlnobe, NED. 

Atter-liche, adv. bitterly, NED. 

Atter-lotliey sb. an antidote to poison 
applied spec, to various plants, NED, Voc. 
HD.— AS. attor-ldHe. 

Atterxiy adj. venomous, cruel, HD 
NED; hatteme, NED.— AS. attem 
attren. See Atter. 

Attice, V. to stir up, NED ; see Atlsen 

Attoiir, sb. array, dress, head-dress 

HD; atoiir,NED; atnrn, S — OF. a/^«r 

atum, from aturner, atorner; Lat. ad-^- 

'tomare, to round off. 

Attriy adj. venomous, S, HD ; attrij, 
NED; wattri, Sa.- AS. tBtirig. See 

Atweyne, in twain, pp. (A^ 2.) 

At-witen, v. to reproach, twit, S.— AS. 
at-wltan. (At-i.) 

At-witen, v. to depart, NED ; atwot. 
//.5., MD. (At- 2.) 

AtwOy in two, S2, C2, C3, PP ; ato, 

33. (A- -2.) 

Atvyxme, in two, apart, W, G, PP ; 

atwinxie, C3 ; atwynny, W; otwlnne, 
S ; otwyn, H. (A- 2.) 

AtyrOy sb. equipment, dress, head-dress, 
PP, Cath. ; atir, S2 ; atteir, S3 ; atyr, 

Atyren, v, to attire, NED; atyred, 
pp., PP; atired, PP ; tyred, S2.— OF. 
atirer. (A- 7.) 

Anchteney num, eighteen, S3; see 

Ancte, sb. property, S ; see Anbte. 

Anctoritee, sb. authority, C2, C3 ; aiu 
torite, S3 ; auotorite, C. — AF. autortie, 
auctorite ; Lat. auctoritatem. 

Anctonr, sb. author, C, C2, HD; ano- 
tor, S3 ; antour, S3, NED. — AF. autour; 
Lat. auctorem, from augere, to make to 
grow, to originate. 

Angrim, sb. arithmetic, S ; see Aliror- 

Aull, conj. but, S ; see Ao. 

Allllty adj. worthy, valiant, doughty, 
NED (s. V. aught) ; a5t, S2, MD ; olit, S ; 
aht, NED ; soHt, MD.— AS. dwiht {dfU). 
Cf. QiiLght. 

Anhte, sb. possessions, NED; anbt, 
S2 ; ahte, S2 ; eahte, MD ; ahhte, S ; 
acrte, S, S (15. 2090); eilite, MD, S; 
eobte, S; elite, S; eylite, S; aihte, S; 
aybte, S ; anote, S ; affht, S2.— AS. <kht : 
Goth, aikts. See Owen.. 

Aul, sb. an awl ; anle, NED ; owel, S ; 

anles,//., S.— AS. awe/ {Woe.) ; cp. OHG. 
a/a (G. aA/e). 

Anlf, sb. elf, SkD; anph, SkD ; awf, 
HD ; oupHe, Sh. ; oaf, SkD.— Icel. d//r. 
Cf. Blf. 

AujOieiLOry sb. an alms-purse, a purse, 
NED, HD.— OF. aumontere; Low Lat. 
* a/mosznaria {bursa). 

AimiOliery sb. almoner, alms-giver, 
NED ; anxnonere, S2, NED ; anxnenere, 
HD ; amner, HD.— OF. aumoner; Church 
Lat. *a/mostnartuSf from *a/imosina. See 

Aqxl-; see An-. 

Avncel, sb. a kind of balance and 
weight, NED, S2, PP; anncer,PP; ann- 
cere, P, HD. — AF. aunce//e for */aunce//e ; 
Late Lat. /ance//a (cp. It. /ance//a), *a 
kind of measure,' (Florio) ; dim. of Lat. /anx 
(Jancem), a plate, a scale of a balance. 

Alincessoiir, sb. ancestor, NED ; an- 
oessour, NED, HD.—KY.ancessur; Lat. 

Aimoetory sb. predecessor, ancestor, 





NED, S2, CM; anoestre, NED; aim- 
oestre, NED; aimsetten, //., NED, 
HD; annoeteres, HD. — AF. auncestrCy 
ancestre\ Lat. ante-cessor. 

Aimcien, adj, old, whilom, ex- ; sb. an 
old man, an elder (title of dignity), a senior 
member of an Inn of Court, NED ; aun- 
oient, S3 (35. 136), HD. — AF. auncien, 
OF. ancien\ Late Lat. antianum (cp. It. 
anztano), for ante-anum, from Lat. anfe, 

Aunore, sb. anchoress, nun, S2; see 

Alinder, sb. afternoon, HD; see Undern. 

Aimders-Ilieaty sb, afternoon's colla- 
tion, Cotg. (s. V. recini)^ HD. Cp. Goth, un- 

Annifely sb. angel, messenger, W ; 
aunge, HD ; aimgeles, //., S2, C3 ; 
annffelB, W2 (Ps. 90. 11). — AF. angele. 
Cf. Angel, Sngel. 

AimtOTir, sb, chance, adventure, S2; 
annter, S3. Comb. : aaaniLteir, for an 
aimter, in case, S2 ; see Anantnre. 

Anntren, v. to adventure, S3, G, PP. — 
OF. aventurer. 

AvntrOTUi, adj. adventurous, C2, IT. 

Anter, sb. altar, S, S2, C, C2, C3, P, W, 
W2 ; awtei;, S3, HD.— OF. auter, alter) 
Lat. altare. 

Antonr ; see Anotor. 

An- ( Av-) ; see Af-. 

Auailen, v. to avail, PP ; anail^e, B ; 
aualUe, C2, PP, S2 ; auayle, PP, Prompt.; 
awayled, pt. j., S2. — Cp. OF. vail(J)ey 
from valoir; Lat. ucdere. 
' Aualen, v. to descend, to lower, MI), 
S2, S3, B; avalU,B; availed,;5/.,S3.-^OF. 
avalery from phr. d val.; Lat. ad uallem, to 
the valley. (A- 7.) 

AnaroTUi ; see Anerous. 

Anaunce, "v. to advance, NED, S3, C, 
C3, P ; awanoe, S3 ; avannaet, //., S2 ; 
anaaoedy S2.— ^OF. avancer. 

Auaiinceilieilty sb. advancement, G; 
ananoement, S2. 

Auannty adv., and interj. forward, away, 
NED.— AF. avaunt, OF. avant; Late 
Lat. ad'Onte. 

Avavnty sb. boast, vaunt, C, NED. 
See Auaimten. 

Auanntagey sb. superiority, advantage, 
NED, S3, C ; anaatage, S2, C3.— AF. 
avantagef from avant, before. 

Avaunten, v. to speak proudly of, to 

commend, to boast, NED, W2. — OF. 
avanter\ Lat. ad+Lkte Lat. vanitare, to 
boast. (A- 7.) 

Avanntoiiry sb. boaster, C ; auannter, 
NED.— OF. avanteur. (A- 7.) 

Anentaille, sb. the moveable front of 
a helmet, C2, HD.— AF. aventaille, OF. 
esventail] Late Lat. * exventaculum, air- 
hole. (A- 9.) 

AnentOy v. to get air by opening the 
aventaille, HD, NED. 

Anenture, sb. chance, a chance occur- 
rence, jeopardy, S, S3, C, C3, G, PP; 
anentur, S2 ; anntonr, S2 ; annter, S3, 
PP ; antnr, MD ; eventonr, HD. Comb. : 
an anenture, lest perchance, PP; on 
anentnre, in case, PP ; anannter, for an 
annter, S2 ; in anentnre, PP. — AF. 
aventure ; Lat. aduenturay a thing about to 
happen. (A- 7.) 

Aner, sb. property, a beast of burden, 
HD. — AF. aver (pi. avers); OF. aveir 
(cpvair) ; Lat. habere^ to have. 

Anere; see Afore. 

Anerous, adj. greedy, H, HD, CM; 
aneronse, W, W2^ PP ; anarons, S2, PP, 
NED. — OF. averus. See Aner. 

Anerylle, sb. April, NED; aneril, 
S2 ; anerel, PP. — OF. avril; Lat. aprilisj 
from aperire. See Apert. 

A-Qlenif ifnp. s. drive away, S ; see 

Anoide, v. to empty, to make of no 
effect, to make void, to remove, to move 
away, retire, to avoid, NED, W ; anoyde, 
W ; anoyd, WW, Sh. ; anoided, //., W, 
W2. — AF. avotder; OF. esvutdier; es, 
out + vutdur, to empty. (A- 9.) 

Avonter, sb. adulterer, W2 ; avowtere, 
Prompt. — OF. avoutre, aimtre ; Lat. adul- 
terum. For intercalated v see Brachet 
(^s. V. corvie). 

Avontrer, sb. adulterer, HD ; anont- 
rerls,//., W ; avowtrerls, W2. 

Avontresse, sb. adulteress, W.— OF. 

Avoutrie, sb. adultery, PP, CM, W, 
HD; avontry, Cath.; avowtrle, NED, 
W ; avowtery, NED ; anowtries,//., W. 
— OF. avautrie, aouterie, auUerie; Lat. 

Anowe* sb. vow, S3, PP, Prompt.; 
anow, S2, C, C3, G ; anon, PP ; anowii, 
//., W, W2. 

Avowen, v. to bind with a vow, NED, 
W (Acts. 23. 14), P.— OF. avoeri Late 


Lat. (idvotarty from Lat. uotuin\ from 
nature. (A- 7.) 

AtOWOH, V, to call upon or own as de- 
fender, patron, or client, to avow, acknow- 
ledge, NED, S3, C3, PP.— AF. avmver, 
OF. avouer^ avoer\ \j6X, ad-vocare, (A- 7.) 

A:V0'WrY, sb. patronage, a patron saint, 
NED ; voxie, NED. — AF. avouerUj from 
OF. avoeor ; Lat. aduocatorem. 

Avoy^ interj. exclamation of surprise, 
fear, remonstrance, NED, C, HD. — OF. 

AnySy sh, opinion, advice, C3; «▼!■•, 
PP.— OF. avis, 

Anyse, v. to observe, consider, give ad- 
vice7S2, C2, C3, H, PP ; anlMH, PP, S2. 
— AF. ceoiser ; Late Lat. ctdvisare, (A- 7.) 

Anysely, ae/z'. advisedly, H; aiiisili,W. 
Anysementy sb, consideration, C2 ; 
anisement, S2. 

Avysnron, sb, vision, S3; auision, C, 

S2. — OF. avision (Bartsch). 

A-walcOlLOlL, V, intrans. to awake, S ; 
awakenln, S ; awakened, //., S. — AS. 
on-wacnan, (A- 2.) 

ApWakidlLy v. intrans, to awake, S ; 
awalk {for awakk ?), imp., S3 ; awolk, //. 
J., S3; awoilk iifor awolkk?), S3.— AS. 
awacian (for on-wacian), (A- 2.) 

Awarien; seeAwerien. 

A-way, culv, on way, onward, along, 
away (from a place), NED; awal, PP; 
awe^^, S; awei, S; ewei, S2 ; owal, S2; 
aweye, C3, PP ; away, interj, away, S2, 
NED. — AS. awegj on weg. (A- 2.) 

Awayte, v. to await, watch, S2, S3, 
PP; awaite, PP; awaltie, NED.— AF. 
awaitier ; OF. aguaitier, (A- 7.) 

Awayte, sb. a lying in wait, watching, 
NED, C— AF. await ; OF, aguait, 

Away-wardy adv., adj, turned away, 
wayward, NED, PP awajwarde, passing 
away, H. 

Awe, sb, awe, C, C2 ; a^e, NED. — Icel. 
agi (O.Teut. *agon), Cf. E^e. 

A-wecclieily v. to arouse out of sleep, 
NED, HD ; aweibte, //. j., NED ; a- 
weiirlitte, HD ; awelit, //., NED.— AS. 
d'Weccan ; cp. OHG. ar-wekkan (Tatian) : 
Goth, uswakjan, (A- i.) 

A-weden, v. to become mad, S 2, NED. 
— AS. d-widan, (A- i.) 
A-weiy interj, ah woe I alas t S. 

A-welden, v, to control^ S, NED. — AS. 
geweatdam (A- 6.) 



A-wenden, v, to go away, NED.— AS. 
d-wendan, (A- i.) 

A-wenden, v, to change to, NED ; a- 
wexLte, //. s,f S. — AS. on-wendan, (A- 2.) 

A-werien, v, to curse, S; awaxlede, 

//. s,j S. — ^AS. d-wergian, (A- i.) 

A-W^en, V, to weigh out, NED; a- 
wiShst, 2 pr, s., S. — AS. d-wegan, (A- i.) 

A-winneny v, to win, NED ; awTune, 

S. — AS. d-winnan. (A- i.) 

Awke, adj, turned the wrong way, 
sinister, perverse, NED, Prompt — Icel. 

Awke-ward,<z^z'.in the wrong direction, 
NED ; awkwart, S3. 

AwneHf v, to show, NED ; awwnmm, 
S. — Related to OHG. ougen, to show 
(Otfrid) ; from ougdj eye. See At-ewen. 

A-WOndrieiLf v. to be astonished, NED; 
awondexed, //., S2. — AS. of-wundrian, 
(A- 3.) 

A-wreken, v. to take vengeance, to 
avenge, NED, S2, P ; awreke, //., S, G, 
PP; awroke, P. — AS. d-wrecan. (A- i.) 

Axon, sb, ashes, S. Comb. : 
an indolent stay-at-home, HD ; see 

Axen, V, to ask, S, S2, S3, C2, C3, W, 
W2 ; aaden, S2 ; see Asken. 

Axer, sb, asker, W. Phr, : malstirfka 
axer ( = Lat. exactor), W ; axere, W2. 

Aaingei sb. asking, C3 ; azyngls, //., 
W, W2. 

Ay» adv. ever, S, S2, S3, C2, H ; al, S, 
S2 ; a^^, S. — Icel. ei, Cf. O. 

Ay, sb, egg. G, HD ; ayxen, /., MD ; 
see By. 

Ayel, sb, grandfather, forefather, C; 
KjtilmBfPl.j PP. — OF. atel,aiot: Vi.aviol; 
Late Lat. aviolus, dimin. of Lat. auus ; see 

AyeUy prep.y adv. against, back, S ; see 

Ayen-wende, v. to return, S. 

Ay-wll6r6, cuiv, everywhere, S2, NED ; 
aywhere, H; ajwliore, S2; alwaxe, S; 
alliwaxe, S ; aihwer, SD. — AS. x-g-hwxr, 
Cf. O-wber. 

A-Befen, v, to give, give up, give back, 
MD, S ; aaanen, MD ; aBinen, MD ; 
a^eone, S ; a^af,//. s,, S ; a-iauen,//., S. 
— AS. d'gifan, (A- i.) 

Ap^ein, prep., adv., conj., opposite to, 
towards, against, in return for, again, PP, 
S, S2, G ; ajejrn, PP, S2 ; a^en, PP, S, 
S2, G, W, W2 ; agayn, S2, S3, C2, PP; 

C 2 



affen, S ; ayen, S ; tigeyn^ S, S3, Ca, PP ; 
a^ain, S; ayeyn^S, C2; a^ean, S; i^on, 
MD ; agon, S ; aBien, S ; a^eo, S ; a^e, 
S2 ; aye, S2 ; igain, S2 ; o^ein, MD ; 
ogaln, MD. — AS. ongJan, ongeapty see 
Sievers, 214, 3. (▲- 2.) 

Ap^eineSy prep, and conj. against, con- 
trary to, in return for, PP, S ; a^eynes, 
PP ; a^enes, S, S2 ; agenes, S ; agimes, 
S; a^ens, S2, W, W2, PP; ajeins, PP; 
a^eyxui, PP ; ayeins, C2 ; ageyns, S5, 
C2 ; affayns, C2, C3, PP ; igaines, S2 ; 
oaelnes, S ; ogaais, S2 ; ogalnes, S2 ; 
ogaynes, S2 ; onn^SBness, S. (A- 2.) 

Ap^eiXLSt, prep, and conJ. against, MD ; 
i^eyxurt, PP. 

A^eily V. to have, to be obliged, to owe, 
S ; see Owen. 

JL^eily adj' own, S ; see Owen. 

A^eUf prep.f adv, against, back, S ; see 

A^en-bieilj v. to buy back, NED, W2 ; 


a^eenbietli, /r. j., S2 ; a^enboglit, pt. s. 
S2 ; aBenbon^t, W, W2. 

A^en-biere, sd. redeemer, NED, W, 

A^eSk-hiyng, sb. redemption, NED, W. 

A^en-clepe, v. to recall, W, W2. 

A^en-fi^lixigey Pr. p. fighting against, 


A^en-risyng, sb. resurrection, NED. 

A^On-SOyen, v. to say nay, to contra- 
drict, NED ; a^enseie, W, W2. 

A^en-Btonden, v. to withstand, NED, 

W ; aBenstood, //. j., W2. 

A^enrWard, adv. backward, in reply, 
over again, NED, W, S3 ; aaeinwazd, S2 ; 
agaynward, S2, C3. 

Ap^er, in the year, S2. (A- 2.) 

A^te, num. eight, S2 ; ajt, Sa ; see 

A^t-SUmy adj. eight in all, 82. 


,, adj. and conj. both, S. — AS. bd^ both. 
, pt. s. bare, carried, C, W; see 

Babeleily v. to babble, P. 

Babelyng, sb, babbling, S3. 

Baber-lipped, adj. having thick lips, 
P, Prompt. 

Babishe, adj. babyish, S3. 

Bacbeler, sb. a bachelor, an unmarried 
man, C, C2 ; a novice in the church, or 
arms, young knight, P. — OF. bacheler. 

Bachelerie, sb. state of bachelor, CM, 
MD ; bacbelrye, company of young men, 
C2. — OF. bachelerie. 

Bacin, sb. basin, cymbal, a light helmet, 
MD ; bacyn, helmet, MD. — OF. bacin. 

Bacinet, sb. helmet, MD ; bacenett, 
Prompt. ; basnetee,//., S3. — OF. bacinet. 

Bacoim, sb. bacon, C, PP ; baoon, PP. 
— OF. bacon. 

Bad, pt. s. prayed, S ; see Bidden. 

Bad, pt. s. bade, C2 ; see Beoden. 

Badde, adj. bad, PP; badder, comp. 
worse, C2. 

Baddeliche, adv. badly, PP, HD. 
Bade, //. s. remained, S3 ; see Biden. 

Bagage, sb. dregs, refuse, S3 ; baggage, 

Baid, //. //. remained, S3 ; see Bldea. 

Baie, in phr, : to bale, at bay, S2 ; see 

Baili, sb. stewardship, villicatioy W ; 
balllye, power of a bailiff, G. — OF. bailie^ 

Baili, sb. steward, villicus^ W ; baillif, 
bailiff, C; ballUnes, //., bailiffs, P; bayl- 
lynes, P.— OF. baillif. 

Baili, sb. sorrow, S3 ; see 

Bair, cLdj. bare, S3 ; see 

Baimis, sb. pi. baims, S3 ; see 

Baiten, v. to feed, C2, S3 ; bayte, S2, 
C3. — Icel. beita. 

Bak, sb. back, PP, C ; cloth for the back, 
cloak, coarse mantle, C3 ; bac, S. — AS. bcec. 
i-biten, v. to backbite, slander, P. 
:-bitere, sb. backbiter, S. 
:-bitynge, sb. backbiting, p. 

Baken, v. to bake, MD ; boke,/^. /., 
MD ; book, MD ; baken,//., P ; bakenn, 
S ; bake, C, C2, P; y-baken, P; y-bake, 
P. — AS. bacan. 

Bakere, sb. baker, MD ; \iB!k»mfpl.y PP. 

Bakestere, sb. baker, P ; baxter, 
NED, P. — AS. bacestrcy woman- baker (also 
used of men). 

Bald; see Bold. 

Balde,/^. s. encouraged, S ; see Bolden. 

Bale, sb, sorrow, misfortune, death, S, 




C3 ; destruction, S2 ; Imlll, S3 ; TwaeB,//., 
evils, torments, H ; iM^lys, S3.— AS. bealu. 
Salo-drinclly sb. a deadly drink, S. 
Bale-fdl, adj. baleful, evil, MD.— AS. 

Sale-ftlllyf adv, miserably; balftilly, 
82, MD. 

Salene, sb* whale, S2, Voc. — Lat. ba- 

Bali, adj. grievous, S, NED.— AS. bealu, 

baleful : Goth, bahvs (in compounds). 

Balies, sb. pi bellies, S2, PP ; see Sely. 

Balkey sb. balk, beam, ridge, MD ; 

balks, //. ridges, divisions of land, S3 ; 

balkes, P. — AS. balca. 

Balled, adj. bald, C, PP ; ballede, S2, 
Baly ; see Bely. 

Baa, sb. bone, S, S2 ; banes, //., S2 ;^ rowe. 
see Bon. 
Band, pt. s. bound, S ; see Bindsn. 
Bane, sb. destruction, death, bane, poi- 
son, PP, C ; bone, PP.— AS. bana, bona. 

Baaere, sb. banner, S, PP, Prompt.; 
baner, S2, C, PP. — OF. baniere. 

Banerd, sb. banner-bearer, NED. — OF. 
banere; how hsX. bannaior ; from bannum, 
banduffty standard. 

Baneiir, sb. banner-bearer, S2; see 
Bank, sb. a bank, tumulus, PP ; bonk, 
S2 ; bonUs,//., S3 ; bonkei, S2. 

Baanexi, v. to ban, curse, summon, S2, 
S3, P; to forbid, prohibit severely, P; 
bonnen, MD ; l^^banned, pp.y S. 
Baunyngf, sb. cursing, H. 
Baa-wortf sb. bone-wort, S3, MD ; 
see Bon. 
Banyonr, sb. banner-bearer, MD, S2 ; 
banyowre, Prompt. ; banyer, MD ; ban- 
enr, S2, NED ; baneonre, PP.— AF. ban- 
eour, OF. baneor ; Low Lat. *bannatorem. 
Baptym, sb, baptism, S2, W; bap- 
timys,//. W. — OF. baptisme. 
TBBXfpt, s. bare, S, S2, C2 ; see Beren. 
Barayn, adj. barren, S3 ; see Bareyne. 
Barbarik, sb. barbarian, W. 
Barbaras, sb. barbarian, W. 
Barberyns, sb. pL heathen men, W. 
Barbonr, sb. barber, C, NED; bar- 
boure, Prompt. — AF. barbour^ OF. bar- 
beor ; Late Lat. barbatorem. 
Barbre, adj. barbarous, Sa, C3. 
I, sb. bier, S ; see 

_ _ _ , sb. a wave, billow, NED, Sa (8 b. 
38) ; h9reB,pl., NED ; bieres, MD ; baares, 
MD.— Icel. bdra. 

!, sb. boar, Sa ; see Boor. 

I, adj. bare, simple, single, sheer, S, 

C ; balx, bare, worn alone, S3. Comb. : 
bamot, barefoot, S. 

Bare, sb. the open country, S; naked 
skin, W. 

Barel, sb. barrel, Ca. — OF. baril. 

Baren, v. to make bare, uncover, S, 
MD ; y-bared,//., S3.— AS. barian. 

Baret, sb. deceit, strife, NED ; barrat, 
confusion, S3.— OF. barat, fraud ; cp. Icel. 
bardtta^ a contest. 

Bareyne, adj. barren, C, Ca, PP ; ba^ 
reyn, Wa ; barayn, S3.— OF. baraigne. 

Bare), sb. a barrow-pig, S; see 

^ ^ sb. business, strife, combat, 

Sa ; lMLrirayn> bargain, PP ; barffeynes, 
//.,PP.— OF bargaine. 

Barly, sb. barley, MD, PP ; barllo, S. 

Barm, sb. bosom, S3, C2 ; berm, S. — 
AS. bearm. 

Barmkyn, sb. rampart, S3 ; bameUn, 
the outermost wall of a castle, HD ; bam^ 
ksrncli, MD. 

BarmkynpWall, sb. rampart-wall, S3. 

Bam, sb. balm, child, S, S2, H, PP ; 
bem, S ; bame, S3, P ; beames, //., S ; 
balmis, S3. — AS. beam. 

I, sb. childhood, S2, MD. 
, V. to bum, S, S2 ; see Bemea, 

Bamhede, sb. childhood, H, PP. 

Bam-eite, sb. sorrow felt for a child, 
S2, NED.— Icel. barn-Slit. 

Bam-team, sb. offspring, a family of 
children, MD; bamtem, Sa. — AS. beam- 

Baronage, sb. the men, vassals of a 
feudal chief, S ; assembly of barons, Sa, C3 ; 
bamaffe, MD.— OF. bamage. Low Lat. 

Baronn, sb. baron, lord, PP ; baronys, 
pi. PP.— OF. baron, ace. of bers, a man, a 

Barowe, sb. barrow-pig, MD; bare), 
S, NED.— AS. bearh. 

Barrat, ^^. confusion, S3; see Baret. 

Barre, sb. bar of a door, C ; bar of justice, 
G, PP ; YMTT^Bfpl., ornament of a girdle, C, 
PP.— OF. barre. 



Barste, pt, s,, burst, S2, PP; see 

Baselarde, sd. dagger, MD, PP, 
Prompt. ; Baslard, PP. — AF. baselarde. 
OF. basdlart (cp. Low Lat. bassilardus). 
Probably from Late Lat. badile, a bill- 
hook ; see NED. 

Basnetes, sb. //., helmets, S3 ; see 

Bataille, sb, battle, S, PP; bataUe, 
PP; batayle, S3, C, PP; batayls, //. 

battalions, S3. — OF. bataille. 

Bataillen, v, to embattle, fortify, MD ; 
bataUed, pt.s ,W\ bataylld,//. embat- 
tled, C— OF. bataillUr. 

Bateily V. to bate, abate, grow less, S2, 
MD ; see Abaten. 

Bateren, v. to batter, beat, pat, PP. — 
OF. bat-f stem of batre^ with freq. sufl&x -er. 

Ba})e, adj. and conj, both, S, S2 ; see 

Babiere, sb, water-pot, S. 

Batte, sb. club, staff, bat, Prompt., 
Voc; battis,//., W.— OF. batte, 

Battill, adj. rich for pasture, S3, JD ; 
battle, HD. 

BandekyxL, sb. a gold-embroidered stuff 
named from Bagdad, MD; bawdeksrn, 
Prompt.; bandUn, S3.— OF. batidequin\ 
Low Lat. baldakinusy from It. Baldacco, 

Banderye, sb. unchastity, foul conver- 
sation, MD ; pandering, CM ; bawdx7,S3. 

Bauderyk, sb. baldric, MD; baw- 
dexyke, Prompt. ; bawdxyk, C, Voc. 

Baudry, sb. baldric, NED.— OF. bau- 
drei, baldrei. 

Bandy, adj. dirty, C3, P, Palsg. 

Bauld ; see Bold. 

BaiindoiUl, sb. discretion, freewill, 
power, S2 ; banndon, CM. — OF. bandon ; 
Low Lat. *bandonemy from bandum for 

annum ^ public proclamation. 

Bansand, adj. marked with white, 
NED. — OF. bausant ; cp. Prov. bausan. It. 

Bauson, sb, badger, MD; bawsone, 
Prompt; bawsyn, Voc; bausenei, //. 
S2 ; banoynes, MD. See above. 

Bawd, pt. s. bade, commanded, S3 ; see 

Bawe-lyne, sb, bowline, HD, S2 ; see 

I, sb. female baker, PP; see 


Bay, sb. noise made by the united song^ 
of birds, S3 ; barking of dogs, MD, HD. 
Phr. : to bale, at bay, S2. — Cp. OF. abater, 
to bark. 

Bayard, sb. a bay horse, a horse, P, 
CM ; balardes, pL, P. Phr. : blynde ba- 
yardes, i.e. foolish people, lit. blind horses, 
HD, S3, MD,ND. — Cp. Low Lat. baiardus. 

Bayn, adj. ready, willing, obedient, 
fair, pleasant, easy, good, NED; bayne, 
Manip.; beyn, Prompt., S3. — Icel. beinn. 

Bayne, sb. bath, S3. — OF. bain. 

Bayske, adj. bitter, H, MD; bask, 
MD, HD, JD ; beB^sc, MD. — Icel. beiskr. 

Be-, prefix. See in many cases Bi- 
Beade ; see Bidden. 
Beamen ; see Bemen. 

Bearyng in hand, sb. cajolery, S3 ; 
see Beren. 

Be-bedden, v. to supply with a bed, S. 

Beche, sb, valley, S ; bsBoli, MD ; 
bacbe, NED. 

Be-Chece, v. to choke, stifle, S, NED. 

Bedde, sb. bed, PP.— AS. bedd. 

Bedde-Strawe, sb. bed, couch, stratum ^ 
Voc. ; bedstre, W2. 

Bede, sb, prayer, S, H, PP ; beode, S ; 
beyde, S3 ; bedes, //. S2, S3, P; beads, 
C ; beades, S3.— AS. {ge)bed. 

Bedel, sb, messenger, herald, crier, 
beadle, H, P ; bedeles, //. S, H ; beddUes, 
P.— OF. bedel \ cp. AS. by del. Cf. Bndele. 

Bede-man, sb. beadsman, one who 
prays for another, P; beodemon, S2, NED; 

Beden, v. to command, to offer, S, S2, 
S3, C2; beode, S2; bedden, S; bidden, 
S ; beot, pr. s, S; byt, C ; bet, S ; bead, 
//. J., bed, S, S2 ; bawd, S3 ; bad, C2, S2 ; 
boden, //. S; beden, S3; bode, S2 ; 
bede, pp. S2 ; bode, bodnn, invited, W ; 
bodyn, S2 ; bidde, C3.— AS. biodan. 

Note that many of the above forms are 
confused with those of the verb Bidden. 

Bede-sanflf, sb, the singing of the 
prayers, S, NED. 

Bedred, adj, lying in bed, bedridden, 
CM, PP; bedxeden, S2, P; bedrede, PP. 

— AS. bedreda and bedrida (Voc). 

Be-drench.en, v, to drench completely ; 
be-dreynt, //.//., S3 ; //. MD. 

Bed-roU, sb, catalogue, ND. See 

, sb. bee, Voc. ; been, pi. S3, Ca, 


W2; beya, S3 (13. 244); 



I, C2.— AS. 

; see 

C, sb. beak, Ca ; beo, S ; beekis,//. 
PP.— OF. bee. 

SOdm, sb. beam, C, PP ; beoxn, S ; bem, 
MD. — AS. bianiy tree, plank. 

Beere, sb. bier, W, CM, MD ; bear, C ; 
bare, S, MD ; beare, S3 ; bare, HD, MD ; 
byean, //. S3. — AS. bkr ; cp. OF. biere. 

Beest, sb. beast, C, PP; best, PP, C, S, 
S2 ; bestes, //. S, S2 ; beenteB, Sa.— OF. 
beste ; Lat. bestia. 

Beestliy adj. animal, W. 

Beeten, v. to beat, Wa, CM ; beten, S, 
C ; bot,/r. s. P ; bet, imp. s. Sa ; beot,//. s. 
P; beet, PP; bet, S3, PP ; bette, P; be- 
ten,//.S; beeteii,Wa; beten,//. Ca,G; 
bete, Ca ; betnn, Wa ; y-beten, Ca ; 
y-bete, C; y-bette, P; l^beaten, S; 
lbete,C. — AS. bicUan, pt. b/ot, pp. biaten. 

Bege, sb. collar, S ; see Bei^ 

Beggen, v. to beg, PP, Ca, Prompt, 
W (John 9. 8). 

Beggere, sb. beggar, C, PP, W (John 

Beggestere, sb. beggar, C, NED. 

Be-grime, v. to smear, daub all over, S3. 

Beild ; see Belde. 

Bei), sb. a ring, collar, P ; byje, PP ; 
bege, collar, S ; Me, Wa ; beies,//. circlets 
of metal, S; Maes, P;-belLe8, PP.— AS. 
biah : Icel. baugr. 

Bek, sb. brook, H, Voc, Prompt., MD; 
be6ki«,//. H.— Icel. bekkr. 

BekkeiLf "v. to nod, C3 ; beken, Prompt. ; 
be]ai,/r. J. S3. 

Beknen, v, to beckon, show, S ; bikenen, 
Wa.— OMerc. bicnian (VP). 

Bel, adj. beautiful, PP.— OF. beU 

Belamp ; see BUimpen. 

Belde, sb. protection, shelter, MD, HD ; 
beld, Sa ; belld, S3, JD.— AS. byldo, bold- 
ness, from beald. See Bold. 

Belden, v. to build, S3 ; see Bilden. 

Beldiuge, sb. building, S3. 

Belle, sb. bell, S, Ca, PP.— AS. belle. 

Bellyche, adv, beautifully, S3, MD. 
See Bel. 

Belphegor, sb Baal Peor, H (p> 376). 
— Lat. Belphegor (Vulg.). 

Bely, sb. belly, bellows, MD, P ; baly, 
S3 ; yivHawJollis, Voc ; baUes, pi, Sa, PP. 
— AS. bcelg. 

Bely-ioye, sb. belly-joy, appetite, PP. 
Bel^en, v. to swell, to be angry, MD ; 
boUahenn,//. MD; i-bol^e, S.— AS. bel- 
gan, pt. beaih, (pi. bulgon), pp. bolgen, 

Bemore, sb. trumpeter, S. — AS. bimere. 

Beme, sb. trumpet, MD, Voc. ; bemen, 
pi. S ; beemes, C ; beamoiui, S3. — OMerc^ 
bime (VP). 

Bemen, v. to sound a trumpet, S, NED. 

Bemyxig, sb. humming of bees, S3, JD. 

Ben, V. to be, PP, S, Sa; been, C; 
Uen, bienn, S ;■ bnen, Sa ; beo, S, Sa ; M, 
S, Sa ; tme, by, Sa ;. beonne, Menne, ger, 
S ; beo]7, pr. s. S ; be]?, bi^, byV, btt, S ; 
bets, S3 'r bee, Sa ;. beob, //. S ; YOep, 
S; biiK, S,Sa; betb, Sa, S3,Ca; ben, W; 
bee, Sa ; bi,/r. s. subj. S ; Me, S (s.v. Ibie^ ; 
beo, //. S ; beth, imp. pi. Ca, Sa, S3 ; 
bye]7, Sa ; ben, pp. S ; been, C ; bne, Sa ; 
1^7 S3, C 'r 7-be, S2 ; iben, S ; ibeon, S ; 
Ibeo, S, Sa ; ibe, S, Sa ; IM, S.— AS. bion. 

Benam ; see Binlmen. 

Benclie, sb, bench. Prompt, PP. — AS. 

Benched, pp. furnished with benches, 
SD ; y-ben<^ed, S3. 

Bend, sb. bond, MD ;. bendes, pi. S, G ; 
bende, dot. S, Sa, G. — AS. bend\ Goth. 

Benden, v. to bend. Prompt., MD ; 
bende, pt. s. MD ; bent, MD ; bend, //. 
Sa ; y-bent, pp. S3 ^ ye-bent, S3 — AS. 
bendatij to fasten a band or string to a 

Bene, sb. a prayer, S, Sa, NED ; benes, 
pi. Sa. — AS. bin : OTeut. bSni-z^ see 
Sievers, a68. 

Bene, adj. pleasant, S, NED. 

Benefet, s-b. benefit, PP, MD ; bynfet, 
PP; benfidt, P; blenfetes, //. P.— OF. 
bienfet; Lat. benefactum. 

Bent, sb. coarse grass, small rushes^ 
Manip., Voc, MD, HD.— Cp. OHG. Hnuz 
(G. binse). 

Bent, sb. a moor, an open gsassy place, 
NED, S, S3, C. See above. 

Bennmde ; see Binlmen.. 

Beo, Beob ; see Ben. 

Beo-) prefix ; see Bl- words. 

Beodele ; see Budele. 

Berd, sb. beard, S, Sa, C \ berde, P, G ; 
berdes, //. S3. — AS. beard. 

Bere, sb. beer. Prompt. ; ber, S, MD. — 
AS. bior. 

Bere, sb. noise, S^ Sa,. MD,. HD ; ber, 
Sa. — AS. (^i!r)^ar^ ; see I-bere. 



>, sb. bear, C, MD, PP ; beres, //. 
C2 ; beores, PP.— AS. bera : OHG. bero, 
>, sb, bier, HD, MD. See Beere. 

), j*^. barley, MD ; beix, S3 ; bezls, 
gen.f S3. — AS. ^^r^. 

Bere-lepe, sb. basket, H ; berUpe, H ; 
barlep, basket for keeping barley in, 
HD. See l^epe. 

Beren, v, to bear ; beire, S, W ; berp, 
pr. J., S2 ; beorelS, pL, S ; bar, //. s., S, 
S2, C2 ; bare, S2 ; ber, S2, C3 ; baax, W ; 
bore, S3 ; beore, //., S ; boren, //. 
bom, S2 ; bonrn, W2 ; iboren, S ; ibom, 
S; ibore, S, S2; y-boxen, C2; y-bom, 
C2 ; y-bore, S2, C2. Phr. beretli on 
band, persuades, makes (him) believe, 
assures, S3 ; bertb hlr on bond, beareth 
false witness against her, C3. — AS. beran. 

Beren, v. to cry, make a noise, MD, 
HD ; bere, to low as a cow, PP ; see 

Bergh, sb. hill, PP; bertha, PP ; 
berab, PP ; berwe, PP ; berfflM, dot., P. 
— AS. beorg; cp. Olr. bri (Windisch). 

Beriall, adj. blueish-green, beryl-, 
coloured, S3. See Bexll. 

Beorie, sb. berry, C ; bery, Prompt. ; 
heTOBBypl. grapes, S, PP, — AS. bgrzge. 

Berien, v. to pierce, strike, MD ; bery, 
to thresh, Cath. — Icel. berja, to strike; 
cp. IjaX.ferire. 

Beril, sb, beryl, MD ; berel, MD.— OF. 
beril ; Lat. beryllus ; Gr. fi-/fpv\\os. 

Beringe, sb. birth, behaviour, bearing, 
C2, S ; berynge, PP ; see Beren. 

Berken, v. to bark, S2, PP; berkyd, 
pt. s.y S2. — AS. beorcan. 

Berkere, sb. watch-dog, PP. 

Berkyng, sb. barking, C. 

Berme, sb. barm, Prompt., S; berm, 
C3. — AS. beorma, 

Bern, sb. a man, PP, HD ; berne, PP ; 
bnm, S2; bnxne, S2 ; beom, MD ; 
bnmei,//., S2 ; biernes, P.— AS.^^^rw. 

Bern, sb. bam, C2, MD; beren, S 
(12. 263), MD; beme, S; dot., C3, W; 
bemes, //., W, W2, P.— AS. bem: O. 
North, berem, i.e. barley-house. 

Bern ; see Bam. 

Bemacle, sb. a snaffle for a horse, W2 ; 
barnacle, Voc, NED. 

Bemake, sb. an instmment set on the 
nose of unruly horses, Voc. ; bemak, 
Prompt.— OF. bemac. 

S sb. barnacle, a fabulous kind 


of goose, S2, MD, NED.— OF. bemaque ; 
cp. Low Lat. bemaca. 

Bemen, v. to bum, MD, S, Sa ; bar- 
nen, MD, S; beamen, S; beomen, S; 
bimen, S ; bamde, //. s., S2 ; bamd, 
pp.^ S2. — AS- beoman. Cf. Brennen* 

BerstleSy sb. pi. bristles, C ; see Bxys^ 

Berwe ; see Ber^b. 

Berynes ; see Bnrlnlsse. 

Ber^enr v. to help, deliver, preserve, 
NED ; berwen, S ; berrBbenn, S ; beregcfS, 
pr. s.y S ; iborben, //., S ; ibore^e, S ; 
ibomwen, S. — AS. beorgan, 

Besannty sb. a gold coin named from 
Byzantium, W, MD ; besaimteB, //., S3 ; 
besanntis, W. — OF. besant. 

Besene, Besie ; see Bisen. 

Be-Slombred, //. dirtied, bedaubed, 
S3 ; beslombered, NED. 

Besme, sb. besom, rod. Prompt. ; bes- 
mes, //., S; beaynui, W; besmen, dot., 
S. — AS. besma. 

Best, adj. and adv, superl. best, PP; 
lyeast, S ; beiste, S^ 

iBeste, sb. advantajge, S. 

Be-Steriinge, sb. bestirring, emotion,' 

Be-8wapen,//. con^c(£tl, $.w^S. be- 

swdpen, pp. of be-swdpan, topersuade. 

Bet, adv. comp. better, S, C, C2, S2, G ; 
bette, P. Phr.^ go bet, go as fast as you 
can, C3 ; betere, adj. and adv. S, 82 ; 
betre, S, S2 ; bettre, S. 

Beten, v. to amend, S, S2, P, S3 ; beete, 
to kindle, C ; beyt, S3 ; bet, pr. s., S ; bet- 
ten, pt. pi., kmdled, C3 ; bet, //., S, S2 ; 
Ibet, S.— AS. bitan, pt. bitte, pp. beted. See 

Beten, v. to beat, S, C, PP; see Beeten. 

Be-tkenchinge, sb. thinking upon, 
meditation, S2. See Bi-penken. 

Bener, sb. beaver, S, Voc. ; benveyr. 
S.— AS. befer {beofer) ; cp. OHG. bibar. 

Beyde-ronle, sb. bead-roll, prayer-roll, 
catalogue of persons for whom prayers are 
to be said, S3; beadroU, bedroU, ND. 
See Bede. 

Beye, v. to buy, CM, C3 ; see Blffgen. 
Beye, adj. both, S2 ; beien, S ; beyne, 

S. — AS. begen. 

Beyer, adj. gen. of both, PP; beire, 
PP, MD ; beyre, MD.— AS. begra, 

Beyn, adj, pliant, flexible, pleasant, S3, 
Prompt. ; see ~ 


Bi-y prefix J also be-, by-, beo-, b-. 

Si-blady pp' covered with blood, C; 
bybled, MD ; bebUdd, S2, S3. 

Si-bnrien, v. to bury, MD ; be-bsrrie- 
deiiy pt. pi. S ; bebyxied, //., S ; beberad, 
S2. — AS. bi'byrgan. 

Si'CacclieiLy v. to catch, ensnare, MD ; 
bi^oanbte,//. s., MD; bi-keibte, S; bi- 
Gougbt, pp., MD. 

Si-callen, v. to accuse, summon, MD, 
S ; becaUen, MD, HD. 

Si-cauSd, conj. because, MD; by-oause, 
Bicche, sb. bitch, pp ; byoche, PP. 

Bicclied, pp' a word of doubtful mean- 
ing, applied to the basilisk, and to bones 
used for dice, NED, CM, C3; bycbed, MD; 
blobede, NED. 

Bi-chermen, v. to scream at, S. 

Bi-cherrdn, v. to entice, mislead, be- 
tray, S ; bioharre, S ; bioberd, //., S. — 
AS. be-cerran. 

Bi-clappen, v. to lay hold of suddenly, 
C3 ; bedappe, Palsg. 

Bi-Clarten. v. to defile, make dirty, S, 

Bi-clepien, v. to accuse; S; bicleoplen, 

S ; bideoped, pp., S. — AS. be-deopian. 

Bi-clippen, v. to embrace, W, W2 ; 
bi-dUpped, //. 5. wrapped (him) round, 
S3 ; by-olypped, //. surrounded, S2 ; bi- 
oUppid, W.— AS. bi-clippan. 

Bi-Glusen, v. to enclose, S. — AS. be- 

Bi-COlmen, v. to blacken with soot, S, 
NED (p. 722 a), MD. See Cnlme. 

BirCOmdn, v. to come, go tOy to befall, 
to become, befit, suit, PP, S2, S ; bycome, 
PP, S2 ; bloom, //. j., S ; bycam, PP ; 
biooxna, pp., S2 ; bycome, S2 ; becomen, 
S3 ; bionmen,- S. — AS. be-cuman. 

Bi-CTUUelicll, adj. comely, becoming, 
MD ; bicnmellclie, adv. becomingly, S. 

Bi-da£E(Bdy //. befooled, C2 ; bedaffed, 


Bidden, v. to beg, pray, ask, S, S2, PP ; 
bydde, S2 ; beode, S ; bit, pr. s., S, P ; 
byd, S2 ; bad, //. s., S, S2, PP ; bede, 
subj., PP ; beade, S ; beden,^. S ; ibeden, 
S. — AS. biddan. 

Note that some of the above forms are 
due to a confusion with those of the verb 

Biddere, sb. asker, PP ; bidders, //. 

beggars, S2, P. 



Biddingfe, sb. prayer, S; biddynffe, 

Pegging, P. 

Biden, v. to bide, remain, PP ; byden, 
S2, PP ; bod, bode, //. s., S3 ; bade, S3 ; 

bald,//, abode, lived, S3.— AS. bidan. 

Bidene, adv. together, S ; at once, S2 ; 
bedene, NED ; bydene, S2. 

Bi-draneledy //. slobbered, covered 
vnth grease, P. 

Bie, sb. collar, W2 ; see Beij. 

Bienfet ; see Benefet. 

Biexmales, sb. pi. biennials, biennial 
commemorations of the dead, P. 

Bieme, sb. man, PP, HD ; see Bern. 

Bi-fallen, v. to befall, C ; binalle, S ; 
bifal, //. s. befell, S; byQrl, S2 ; be^l, 
S2 ; byfel, byfll, C ; blfll, bifel, C2 ; bl^ 
felde, W2 ; bifaUe,//. befallen, S, S2, C ; 
blfelde, W2 ; bluaUe, S.— AS. be-feaUan. 

Bi-flen, v. to fly from, S.— AS. be-fiion. 

Bi-fleten, v. to flow round; biilette, 
//. J., S, NED (p. 721a). 

Birforexi,//^/. before, S, Ca ; biuoxen, 
S ; byuoxen, S ; beforen, S ; blfom, S2, 
C2, C3 ; blfore, S ; bifor, S ; befor, S2 ; 
befome, S3. — AS. biforan. 

Big, adj. big, C2; bygr, PP; biggr, 

wealthy, S2, MD ; by^riTe,//., PP. 

Bi£^t ; see Biseten. 

Biggen, v. to till, dwell, build, MD, 
PP, S i5. 161 ; byiTireii, PP ; bigffand, 
pr. p., H. — Icel. byggja ; cp. AS. btigian. 

Biggen, v. to buy, S3, P ; biiffiren, S, 
S2, PP ; byirire, PP ; beiriren, MD ; beye, 
C3 ; blj, S2 ; bye, S2 ; by, C3 ; bie, W2 ; 
bnyep, pr. s., PP ; bup, S ; bies, redeems, 
S2 ; bobte, pt. s., S ; bonbte, S ; bo^te, 
S2 ; bobton, pi., S ; bo^te, S ; bojrt, //., 
S ; y-bon3t, P. — AS. bycgan. 

Biggere, sb. buyer, W ; biere, W2. 

Bi-gilen, v. to beguile, S, P; bigyle, 

C2, C3. 

Bi-ginnen, v. to begin, S, S2 ; biffan, 
//. s., S, C2 ; big'on, S ; big'onne, 2 pt. s., 
C3 ; bignnnen, //. //., S ; beffoutb, //. s., 
S2, S3 ; bifirnnnen, //., S ; begxuuioii, S. 
— AS. be-ginnan. 

Birtfon, pp' surrounded, provided, aibt 
round, MD ; be-sron, filled, S2. — AS. be- 
gan, pp. of begdn, to go round, surround. 

Bi-greden, v. to cry out at, to lament, 
S ; begredde, //. //., MD. 

Bi-gripen, v. to seize, MD ; be-ffripe, 
pp., S. — AS. be-grlpan, to chide. 



Bi-growOii^. overgrown, S ; begrowe, 

Bi-gmcdLen, v. to begrudge, murmur 
at, P ; bygracolie, PP. 

Bi-nrdel, sb. a purse, pp. — AS. bi- 

gyrdel (^2Xt. lo. 9). 

Bi-gynandly, adv. at the begiDning, 
H. See Blginnan. 

Bi-hangen, v. to deck, clothe,. MD; 
bi-lie]ig>e]i, pt, pL hung about, S. — ^AS. 

Bi-heden, v. to behead, MD^ bi-lie- 
dide, pt. s.y W ; biheedid, pp., W.— AS. 

Bipliestey sh. promise, S, S2, C2, P; 
byheste, S2 ; beheste, S2 ; byhest, S2 ; 
bihem, S ; bUieest, W ; bihese,//., S.— 

AS. be-h<ks, 

Bip]Leten» v. to promise, S, C3, W; 
biliote, S, S2, P ; byliote, C ; beohote, 
S2 ; biliat, pr. s., S ; biliet, //. j., S, S2 ; 
biU^te, W ; beMffhte, S2 ; behUite, S2 ; 
biUfflit, P ; biheylite, S ; bUioten, //., 
S ; byliote, S2 ; beliote, S ; named,. S3. — 
AS. be-hdtan. See NED (s.v. behighf). 

Bi-heue, adj, profitable, S, MD. — AS. 
be-hSfty necessary ; from *bth6f, utility (in 
i>MJlic). See Bihouely. 

Bi-hinde, prep, behind, S; adv. S2 ; 
bibynde, backwards, W 2; =3 to come, 
future, C3. 

Bi-holden, v. to hold, to behold, PP, 
C, MD; bi-healde, S; bibalden, S2; 
bihalt, pr. s., S ; bilieold, //. s.y S ; beo- 
lieold, S2; bilmld, S2; biheolt, S; bi- 
holde,^., W2, C3> beholdlnge wrongly 
used for beliolden, indebted, S3. — AS. be- 

Biliote ; see Biheten.. 
Bi-lLOue, sb. dat. advantage, MD ; 
biofpe, S2. Cf. BUieue. 

Bi-lLOuely, adj. behoveiul« necessary, 
CM, MD; beliouelioli,S2.— AS. be-hdflic. 

Bi-lL01ie]>y pr. s. behoveth, needs, S, C2, 
,P ; bebouep, S2 ; bylioue]), S2 ; bilumes, 
.S ; bylioues, pr. pL, are obliged to, S2 ; 
behoued, pt. j., S; biliofte, W.— AS. be- 


Bi-lLuden, v. to hide, MD; by-liiid, 

imp. s., S. — AS. be-hydan. 

Bi-iapen, v. to deceive, befool, MD; 
byiaped,//., C, C3, PP. 
Bl^S; see Bisse. 
Blkeihte ; see Bloaoolien. 
Bikenen, v. to beckon, W2; seeBeknen. 

Bi-kennedd, //. begotten, MD. • 

Bi-kennen, v. to commit, commend, 
to signify, MD ; bikenned, //. s, recom- 
mended, S2 ; bekenned, S2. 

Biker, sb. a fight, MD, HD. 

Bikeren, v. to fight, PP, HD; b«- 
kexyn. Prompt ; byokarte, ft. pi. skir- 
mished, S3. 

Bi-knowen, v. to acknowledge, know, P, 
C3 ^ byknowe, C ^ beknowe, S2 ; biknew, 
//. J., C ; biknewe, pi., S ; biknowen.,//., 
favourably received, P. 

Bildy sb. building, S3. 

Bilden, v. to build, PP, W, CM, MD ; 
bnlden, MD; belden, MD, S3; bnlde, 
//. s., C, MD ; blldide, W; bUdlden, pt. 
pi., W J bildmi, W2 ; -belt, pp., S3 ; y-bnld, 
S2, S3 ; 7-beld, S3. — Probably from AS. 
bold, dwelling. 

Bile; seeBiUe. 

Bi-leden, v. to use, treat, MD ; blledet 
(Jbr bilede))),/r.//^, S. — AS. be-l<kdan. 

BMeffol, adj. believing, S, MD. 

Bi-leggen, v. to lay (something) on, 
cover, to prove, explain, MD ; bileiat, 2 
pr. J., glozest, S, MD; bilnde,//. s., en- 
closed, S. — AS. bi-lecgan, to cover. 

Bi-leue, sb. belief, S, S2, PP, C3 ; be- 
l«aue, S ; byleue, PP ; belaue, S ; bi- 
leaue, S ; blliaue, S ; beoleeue, S2, PP ; 
bllafkies, //., S.— Cp. AS. {ge)Uafa. 

Bileue ; see Blliue. 

Bi-leuen, v. to believe, PP, MD, S ; 
beleue, S ; bUefdS, pr. pi., S ; blllucff, 
S; bUefden,//.//., S. 

Bx-leuexiy v. to leave, forsake, renounce, 
HD, MD; bUef, imp. s., S, MD.— Cp. 
AS. l&fan, to leave^ v 

Bi-leuen, v. to remain, be left, MD, 
CM, C2, S2, HD ; bylaue, HD ; bilSBnen, 
S ; bileaue, S ; blleftie, S ; bleuen, S2 ; 
blefp, pr. s., S2 ; bileued, pp. left re- 
maining, G ; byleued, G. — AS. be-lSfan. 

Bilfodefi sb. food, sustenance, S2, MD ; 
bUfodur, NED. 

Bi-liggen, v. to belong to, MD ; bi- 
VLen.,, S. — AS. bi-ltcganyto lie round. 

Bi-likien, v. to make pleasing, MD; 
bi-liked, pp. made pleasing, S. 

Bi-limpen, v. to happen, to belong tO) 
S ; belimpeiL, S ; belamp, //. s., S. — AS. 

Bi-linnen, v. to cease, to be silent, to 
make to cease, MD ; by-linne, G ; blin- 
nen, S, S2, C3 ; blyne, S3 ; blynne, S2 ; 
blin, S2 ; blaa, //. s., MD : blane, S3.— 


AS. blinnan {^kg + Unnaftf to cease, to be 
deprived of), pt. dlann (pi. d/unnon), pp. 

Birliue, a^v. quickly, 8,82; bylyue, 
S2 ; belyne, 82, S3 ; bllue, S, 82 ; blyue, 
83. — AS. d€ life, with life. 

Birliuey sb. food, sustenance, S (4b. 102), 
MD; bylyue,??; IxUeoue.MD; bllaue, 
8, SD.— AS. bigleofa ; cp. OHG. HHH, 

Bi-liueili vXo live by, 8. — AS. bi-libban, 

BiUe, sb. papal bull, petition, PP ; see 

Bille, sb. bill, beak, 8, C ; bylle, Voc.— 
AS. bile. 

Billen, v, to peck with the bill, 8. 

Bi-loken, v. to look upon, regard, MD ; 
be-looest, 2 pr. x., S. 

Bi-long on, prep, pertaining to, S. 

Birlnlcexiy v. to enclose, lock up, im- 
prison, include, MD; biloken,//., S; be- 
loken, 8; bUonked, S2, MD.— AS. be- 

Bi-lyen, v. to lie against, accuse falsely, 
MD; belye, P; bUowen,//., 82, P, MD. 
— AS. be-Uogan, pp. belogen, 

Bi-maseily v. to confuse, SkD (s. V. 

Bi-meneili v. to mean, to bemoan, MD, 
HD ; bymeiLen, P ; bemenen, 82, P ; 
blment, ^., 8. — AS. bi-mSnan, 

Bi-meningy sb. bemoaning, 8. 

Bi-mongy prep, among, 8, MD. 

BirllLOmexii v. to mourn over, MD, 
W ; bimnmeiL, 8. — AS. bi-muman. 

Bi-mowe, v. to mock, W2. 

Binden, v. to bind, 8 ; band, pt. s.y 8 ; 
bond, 82, G, C2 ; bunden, //., S ; bnn- 
den, pp.y 8 ; bnnc^, 82 ; bnnde, ibunde, 
8 ; bonnden, 8, C2 ; 7-bounde, 82, S3, 
C2 ; 7-bonnd, 83 ; ibunde, 8. — AS. 

Bi-nenmen, v. to declare, stipulate; 
by-nempt, pt.s. promised, 83. — AS. be- 

Bi-netSe, prep, and adv. beneath, 82 ; 
bynepe, C ; binepen, 8. — AS. be-ne<kan. 

Bipllimen, v. to take from, MD ; by- 
nymen, 8 ; benymen, 82 ; bineome,/r. s. 
subj. deprive, 8 ; blnam, //. x., P ; binom, 
82 ; benam, 8 ; bynome,/^., P ; benumde, 
S3. — AS. be-niman. 

Binne, sb. bin, chest, MD ; bynne, C, 
Voc. — AS. binn^ manger. 

Binney adv. sxilprep. within, 8 ; bynne, 
82 J bine, 8. — AS. binnan (for be-innati). 



Bi-questei sb. bequest, P, MD. — A de- 
riv. oTcwedan, see NED. 

Birquetlien, v. to bequeath, MD, CM, 
PP ; byquethen, C, G; bi^quetb, //. j., 
82 ; biqnatli, PP, G. — AS. bi-aveOan. 

Bi-qilidei sb. bequest, 82; beanldA, 
MD. — Cp. AS. cwidcy a will. 

Birafbe ; see Blrenen. 

Bird, //. s. impers, (it) behoved, 82 ; 
blrrde, 8 ; see Bnxetli. 

Bird, sb. a young bird, MD ; see Bzld. 

Bird6dy pt. pi. laid snares for birds, S3. 

Birdi sb. dot. force, impetus, W; see Bnr. 

Bi-rdden, v. reflex, to take counsel, 
MD; by-xad, pp. determined, resolved, 


Bi-reinen, v. to rain upon, bedew, MD ; 
be-rayne, pr. pi. berain, S3 ; bixlne, subj. 
S ; beraynde, //. //. 83. 

Bi-rensieUi v. to lament, regret, MD, 8 ; 
blrenaed, //. 8. — AS. be-hriowsiariy to feel 

Birensmige, sb. contrition, 8. 

Bi-reuen, v. to bereave, C3, P ; bizafte, 
//. s. C2 ; bixeued, //., S ; byrened, G ; 
byraft, C. — AS. bi-riiaflan, to deprive of. 

Bi-rinnen, v. to run with moisture, 
MD ; bi-runne,^. bedewed with tears, S. 
— AS. bt-rtnnan, to run as a liquid, bi- 
runnetty pp. 

Birle, sb. cup-bearer, MD, HD. — AS. 
byrUy byrele. 

Birlen, v. to pour out drink, to give to 
drink, MD, JD, H, HD ; bryllyn, Prompt. 
— AS. byrlian ; cp. Icel. byrla. 

Birlynge, sb. a giving to drinkj pouring 
out liquor, H. * 

Biprolled, //. rolled about, 82. 

Birtlly sb. birth, offspring, natural dispo- 
sition, nation, MD ; bnr]>, MD ; birpea, 
//. nations, 82, MD. — Icel. burHr ; cp. Goth. 
ga-baurthSy birth, native country. 

Birth-tonge, sb. native tongue ; bax]>- 
tonge, 82. 

Bisay; see Blsen. 

Bi-SClied, pp. besprinkled, W2. 

Bi-SClietteiXy v. to shut up ; beaaette, 
82 ; blaclietten, //. //., PP; blahetten, 
P; biahette,^., PP. 

Bi^SCllixieily v. to shine upon, MD ; 
byacliyne,^. shone upon, 82. 

Biscliopi sb. bishop, 8, PP ; blasoopp, 
the Jewish high priest, 8; biJMiliopla,//. 
chief priests, W ; blaaopea, 82. — AS. biscop ; 
Lat. episcopm. 




L, V. to corrupt, to curse, 
MD ; bysolirewed, //. cursed, P. 

Bi-scliriclLen, v. to shriek at, S. 

Bi-Bchnnien, v. to shun, MD ; Mmui- 
i«n, S. 

Bise, sd, the north-wind, S. — OF. dise ; 

Bi-Seclien, v. to beseech, S ; bisake, 
C3 ; beseken, C, S ; beaacli, imp. s., S ; 
Msolite, //. s, S ; besofflit, S3 ; bisoBte, 
S2 ; Msoujten, //.//., S2. 

Bi-segen, v. to besiege, MD ; M^aegi- 
den, //.//., W2,* bi-seffed, //., C2. 

Bi-senien, v, to beseem, to appear, MD ; 
bir-aemep, /r. s., him biseme)), he appears, 
S ; bisemarde, //. j., beseemed, fitted, W ; 
IbBemed, fp, made seemly, plausible, S 
(16. 842). 

Bi-sen, zf. to look, to behold, consider, 
to arrange, appoint, to manage, MD, S ; 
bMda, S ; blMO, S2 ; bi8l5, /r. s., S ; bise, 
ifftp.y W ; byse, S2 ; blseb,//. s,, S ; blsay, 
S2 ; beseyn,//. arranged ; beseyne, decked ; 
beaene, equipped, S3 ; biseye, as in pAr, 
jXLBl blseye, ill to look at, C2, rlobely 
biaeye, splendid in appearance, C2. — AS. 
bision, to look about. 

Bisenen, v. to give an example, MD ; 
bisend, pp. likened, signified, S2. — AS. 
bysnian. See Bisne. 

Biseningy sb. example, S. — AS. bys- 

BlrSettOlIy V. to fill, occupy, to sur- 
round, beset, to set, place, to employ, MD, 
C, P ; bijwttideii,//.//.,W.— AS. bi-settan. 

Bisiy adj. busy, S ; see Busy. 

Bisily, adv. busily, C2 ; MidU, W; 
bisillolie, S. 

Bi-sitton, v. to sit close to, to press 
hard, MD, P ; be-s8Bt, //. s. besieged, S ; 
be-88rtte, S.--AS. be-siitan. 

Bi-slabered, pp. beslobbered, P. 

Bi-Smeomwed, pp. besmeared, S. 

Bi-smer, sb. scom, reproach, P; bi- 
semar, S ; bnsemare, S2 ; bimiaxe, HD ; 
bissemaze, CM ; blsmeres, //., PP ; bi- 
■maroB, PP. — AS. bi-smer, insult; cp. 
OHG. bismery ridicule (Otfi-id). 

Bi-smitten, v. to dirty, MD; bi- 
■mltted,^. dirtied, S ; besmet, MD. 

Bi-smoteredp//. spotted, smutted, C. 

Bisne, sb. example, parable, S, MD. — 
AS. bysn ; Goth, busns (in anabusns) ; from 
biudan ; see Douse, p. 60. 

Bi-SOken, sb. request, petition, MD; 

bimdcne, NED ; U^soone, dat.^ MD ; U- 
■ocnen,, S. 

Bi-speken, v. to speak to, to speak, 
blame, to decide, resolve, MD ; byspaok, 
//. s.y G ; bespayke, S3 ; bispeke, pp. S. — 
AS. be-sprecan. 

Bipspelf sb. parable, S. — ^AS. bigspell^ 
example, proverb, parable. 

Bi-speten, v. to spit upon, W; bi^ 
■patten, pt. pi, W ; blspat, //., W. 

Bi-sprengen, v. to besprinkle, MD; 
bl^spreynde, pt. s. W ; besprent, pp. be- 
dewed, S3 ; bysprent, S3 ; bespzlnt, S3 ; 
blspreynt, W3. — AS. be-sprengan. 

Bisse, sb, a stuff of fine texture, MD ; 
bis, MD ; bys, S2 ; bies, Mjs, fine linen, 
W ; bj^s ( = ^>'jj«j = Heb. shish, fine linen, 
also Egyptian cotton), W2. — OF. bisse\ 
Lat. bys5us\ Gr. fiv(f(ros; Heb. bti/s, fine 
Egyptian cotton. 

Bissyn, sb. fine linen( = byssinum)yj. — 
Lat. byssinum^ a garment made of byssus. 

Bi-firbad| pp. placed, circumstanced, be- 
stead, hard bestead, sorely imperilled, over- 
come, MD, S2, C3 ; bystad, G ; bistadde, 
CM; MstoiSed, MD; blsti^et, S; M- 
steaiSet, S. Probably from Icel. j/a9r, 
place, see NED. 

Bi-standen, v. to surround, to be busy 
about, to attack, MD ; blasted, pt. s.,S; 
bistode, S2 ; blstonden, pp., S. — AS. be- 

Bi-steken, v. to shut out, MD ; pp., S. 
Bi-striden, v. to bestride, S; M- 
strood,//. J., C2; bystrood, G. 

Bi^snxiieiiy v. to shun, S; see Bi^ 

Bi-swiken, v. to betray, deceive, S, S2 ; 
beswlke, S ; besuiken, S. — AS. be-sTvican. 

Bi-Swinkeily v. to obtain by work, to 
earn by labour, MD ; blswynke, P. — AS. 

Bisy, adj. busy, C2, P ; see Busy. 

Bisykedy sb. busyhood, MD; bysy- 
bede, S2. 

Bisynesse, sb. business, W2 ; see 

Bi-taken, v. to commit, entrust, S, C2, 
W,NED; betake, PP; beotake,PP; by. 
take, PP ; bitaak, W ; bitak, imp. j., S ; 
bitok, pt. s., S2 ; bitook, C3 ; bytokist, 
2 pt. s., W ; betoke, i //. s., S ; Mtoken, 
pi., W ; bitaknn,//. W ; bitake, S2. 

Bi-tecken, v. to entrust, assign, S ; be- 
teohe, HD ; bytecbe, PP ; biteaobe, S ; 
bltaobe, imp. s.,S', bltsshte, //. j. ; bk. 


talite ; bitagte ; bitanote, S ; UtauirlLte, 
G ; bytaBt, S3 ; bitsBlit, pp. ; bitaUt ; W- 
telht ; bitairt ; beteht, S. — AS. be-tican, 
pt. betdthUj pp. hetaht, 

Sitelf adj. sharp, biting, MD. 

Bitel-browed, adj, with shaggy, pro- 
minent eye-brows, S2, P; bytelbrowed, 


Bi-tellen, v. to clear, justify, to ex- 
press, show, to claim, to set free, to per- 
suade, deceive, MD, S ; bitaUL, //., H, 
MD.— AS. be-tellan, 

Biten, v. to bite, PP ; byte, PP ; bot, 
pt. J., S2, PP; bote. P.— AS. bitan, pt. 
bdt (pi. biton\ pp. biten. 

Bipteon, v. to draw over, to cover, to 
employ, NED ; biten, MD ; bitowen, //., 
S ; bitowen, NED ; bitoirenj MD.— AS. be- 

Bi-beBken, v. to think, bethink, S, W ; 
blpexLObeii, S ; bipobte,//. x., S ; btpo^te, 
planned, S2 ; bipoulite, S ; bepout, S2 ; 
blpolit, pp. repented, S ; bi^oulit, S ; by- 
tbonfflit, called to mind, C. — AS. bi- 

Bi-tiden, v. to happen, betide, MD ; 
bltyde, C2, C3 ; beotyde, PP ; bltlt,/r. j-., 
PP ; Wtid, S ; bitide, pt, j., S2 ; betydde, 
PP ; bitid,//., S ; betigbt,//., S3 ; NED. 

Bi-tildeny v. to cover ; bi^tUd, //., S. 
—AS. be-teldan. See Ouer-tUd. 

Bi-tixue, ad'O- betimes, S, S2 ; bltyme, 
PP ; bitimes, C3. 

Bi-toknen, v. to betoken, C2 ; bitoolc- 
nen, S ; bytoknen, PP ; betokxien, S, PP ; 
betaken, S2 ; bltacnedd,//., S. 

Bi-trayeUy v. to betray, PP, C2 ; bl- 
tralde, pt, j., S. From OF. trdir : It. tra- 
dire ; Lat. tradere. 

Bitter, adj. bitter, MD ; bittnr, PP ; 
bittere, adv. bitterly, P. — AS. bitor. 

Bitter, sb. bitterness, S2, P. 

Bittnr-browed, adj. having prominent 
brows, PP. See Bitel-browed. 

Bi-tomen, v. to turn ; bitumde bom,, turned themselves about, S2. 

Bi-twenen, prep, between ; bitwlne, 
bitwen, betwenen, betuene, S. — AS. be- 

Bi-twiz, prep, betwixt, S2, C2 ; bi- 
twise, C2 ; bitwlzen, C2 ; betwyx, be- 
twnz, S ; bitwex, S ; bytbnlzte, S3. — 
AS. be-tweox. 

Bi-twi^e, prep, between, MD ; betwe, 
S2 ; bitnlihe, S. — AS. be-twih, be-twuh, 

Bityl» sb. beetle, NED.— As. bitula. 



Binien, v. to tremble, NED ; blnij8,/r. 
J., S.— AS. bifianibeofian); OHG. biben, 
see NED. 

Bi-wailen, v. to bewail, lament, Ca ; 
biwaiUe, MD ; biweile, MD, W ; biwall*. 
led,//., C2. 

Bi-Welden, v. refi. to wield oneself, i.e. 
to have full and free use of one's limbs, 
MD ; bywelde, S3 ; bewelde, Palsg. ; be- 
weld, to wield, HD. 

Bi-wenden, to turn, MD; biwente, 
pt. s., turned round, S. 

Bi-wepen, v. to beweep, S, W. — AS. 

Bi-werien, v. to defend, S. — AS. be- 

Bi-winden, v. to wind about, S ; be- 
wlnden, to enwrap, cover, S ; bewnnden, 
pp.y S. — AS. be-windan. 

Bi-winnen, v. to obtain, MD ; Mwon, 
pt. s., S. 

Bi-witen, v. to guard, MD ; bywite, 
S ; biwiste, //. s., MD ; biwlsten, //., S. 

Bi-Wlappe, v. to wrap round, W2. 

Bi-wreyen, v. to accuse, to reveal, dis- 
close, C2, C3 ; bywreye, C ; biwreie, S ; 
bewreye, C, S2 ; bewraye, NED. 

Bi^eSy sb.pi. collars, P ; see Be^. 

Bi-^ete, sb. profit, S, S2 ; offspring, P. 

Bi-^etel, adj. pro6table, S. 

Bi-^eten, v. to obtain, possess, beget, 
S ; bi^iten, S ; bigrat, pt. s. S ; big»t, S ; 
beffest, S ; byffeten, //. S2 ; biBetenn, bl- 
yete, bi^ite, biBnte, biffotten, biaoten, S. 
— AS. bi'gitan {bigietan). 

Bi-^Onde, prep, beyond, S, S2, PP ; bl- 
^ende, W ; bi^ande, P ; blyond, S2 ; b^ 
ionde, S ; biaendis, W. 

Blaberen, v. to blabber, to talk idly, 
HD, Prompt. ; blaberde,//. x., PP. 

Bladder, sb. bladder, MD; bladdre, 
C3 ; bledder, S3 ; bleder, Voc. — AS. 
bkdre, OMerc. bledre (GET.) 

Blak, adj. pale, MD; blake, wan, Palsg. 
Phr. : blak and bio, pale and livid, MD, 
NED (s. V. b/acJk, i.:^) — AS. b/dc. Cf. 

Blak, adj. black, MD.— AS. blac. 

Blake, sb. smut, black, S; blackness, 


Blake-beryed, sb. blackbenying, i.e., 
wandering hither and thither purposely, C3. 

Bla no het, sb. a white powder used as a 
cosmetic, S. — OF. blanchet. 

Blanc-xuan^ere, sb. a kind of cheese- 
cake, PP ; blammanger, PP. 



BlaAlk, adj. white, S3.— OF. hlaru. 

Blase, sb, blaze, flame, PP. — AS. blase, 

Blasen, v. to blaze, flare, PP ; blasle, 
pr. s. sub/., S; blesaiid,/^./., S3. 

Blasen, v. to blow (with trumpet), to 
proclaim, publish, NED, CM. Cp. OHG. 

BlasOUy V. in heraldry to blaze arms, 
i.e. to describe them, MD, S3, Prompt., 
Palsg.; blase, Cotg. (s.y. b/asonner). 

BlasfemGy adj. and sb. blasphemous, 
blasphemer, MD, W. — ^Lat. blasphemus; 
Gr. fi\6,(T<prjiios. 

Blanndissen, v. to flatter, H ; blaniu 
dim, pr. s.y H ; blonndisand, pr. /., H. — 
OF. blandir (pr. p. blandisant). 

Blawen ; see Blowen. 

Bledder; see Bladder. 

Blee, sb. colour, complexion, MD, HD ; 
ble, MD, JD ; Meo, S, S2 ; bUe, JD.— AS. 

BlefV; see BUeneiL. 

Bleike, adj. pale, S, NED; bleyke. 
Prompt.; blayke, NED; bleyk, S3; 
bleke, wan, Palsg. Phr. : blaike and bio, 
pale and livid, NED (8.v. black, 13). — Icel. 
bleikr. Cf. Blak. 

Blenclien, v. to flinch, turn aside, S, P ; 
bleynte, //. s., C ; blelnte, NED.— AS. 
blencan, to deceive. 

Blendexii v. to mix together, MD; 
blende, pp., S2. — Cp. Icel. blanda. 

Blenden, v. to blind, deceive, MD, 
PP ; blent, pr. j., C3; blente, pt. s., PP ; 
blent,//, blinded, C3, HD.— AS. blendan. 

Blexik, sb. a gleam, blink, glance,' S3 ; 
blenUs,//., NED; bllnkes, MD. 

Blenken, v. to glitter, to glance, NED ; 
Uynke, to open the eyes, S2 ; blenUt, 
pt. 5., looked, S2 ; blenc^eden, //., MD. 

Blere, adj. blear, dim, NED. 
Blereily v. to make dim, to be blear- 
eyed, MD, S2, P ; blered,/^. dimmed, S2, 

Blesen, v. to blaze, S3 ; see Blasen. 

Blessen, v. to bless, PP, S ; blessetb 
bir, pr. s., crosses herself, C3; blesced, 
//. S ; bletcsBd, consecrated, S ; y-blessed, 
S3» C3, P; l.bles8ed, S; Iblescede, S; 
iblesset, S2. — AS. bUtsian, blidsian; 
ONorth. bUedsian (NED); from bUd, 

BletCf adj. bare, exposed, miserable, S, 
MD ; blalt, JD ; blont, JD.— AS. bliat, 
wretched, miserable; cp. Icel. blautr, Du. 
bloot^ G. bloss. 


Bleten, v. to bleat, Prompt; blaten, 
S.— AS. blMan. 

Bleuen ; see Bllenen. 

Blewe, adj. blue, livid, C2, PP ; black, 
MD ; blew, MD.— OF. bleu. See Bio. 

Blewe, sb. blue, MD ; bins, S2. 

Bleynte ; see Blencben. 

Blinnen, v. to cease, S, S2, C3; see 

Blis, sb. bliss, S.— AS. bliss {^blWs), 
see Sievers, 202(7). See Bllpe. 

Blissien, v. to rejoice, be glad, to glad- 
den, MD ; bllssln, S, S2— AS. blissian ( = 
blidsian). See above. 

Blibe, adj. blithe, cheerful, S, S2 ; 
biyl>e, S2, C2.— AS. blltSe. 

BliSe-liclie. adv. gladly, S; blid^e- 
liche, S; blo^ellobe, S; bllp^UB, S; 
blepely, S2. — AS. blldelice. 

Bliuey adv. quickly, S, S2 ; see Bi- 

Blo, adj livid, S2, PP; black, MD.— 
Icel. bld{r). See Blewe. 

Blod, sb. blood, S, S2, PP ; blode, dot., 
S2.— AS. bl6d. 

BlodOf sb. a blood-relation, a person, 
living being, MD, CM ; blod, MD. 

Blok, adj pale, NED. Phr. blok and 
bio, NED. See Blak. 

Blo-man, sb. negro, MD; blamon, 
MD ; blewe-men, //., MD. — Cp. Icel. 
bld-mdSr, negro. See Bio. 

Blome, sb. flower, S2, MD. — Icel. bl6m, 
flower, blossom. 

Blosme, sb. blossom, S, PP, Prompt., 
CM; bloBtme, S; blosmen, //., S2 ; 
bloosmes, S3. — AS. bldstma. 

Blosmen, v. to blossom, W2, Prompt. ; 
blosmed, //. pi., P. — AS. blSstmian. 

Blonndisen, v. to flatter, H ; see 

Blonndisynge, sb. blandishing, H. 

Blowen, v. to blow, PP; blawe, S ; 
blou, imp. s., S ; bloawel5,/r. J., S ; bleu, 
pt. s., S ; bleowen, pi, S ; blawen, //., S2 ; 
blowe, C3.— AS. bldwan, pt. bliow, pp. 

Blowen, v. to blow, to bloom, MD; 
1-blowe, pp. S.— AS. bldwan, pt. bUaw, pp. 

Blnbren, v. to bubble, MD ; blnbrande, 
pr. /., S2. 

Blustren, v. to rush about aimlessly, 
NED ; blnstxeden, //.//., P. 

Blu^y sb. blue, S2 ; see Blewe. 


Blyxipliedey sb. blindness, H. 

Blsrnke ; sie Blenkeii. 

So- ; see Bon-, Bu-. 

Bobbe, sb. a knock, jerk, jog, S3; 
'bo1>1>es, //., S3. 

Bobben, v, to knock, strike, MD. 

Boccliey sb. tumour, boil, PP ; botolie, 
W3, Prompt.; boolie, CM; booe, CM. — 
AF. bochef OF. boce, bump. 

BoclLer, sb. butcher, S2, S3, P, C. — OF. 

Bocherief sb. shambles, W, Prompt. — 
OF. boucherie. 

Bod, sb. abiding, waiting, delay, S2. 

BodOy sb. message, command, S, PP; 
bodes,//., S, S2. — AS. {ge)bod, command. 

Boden ; see Beden. 

Bode-WOrd, sb. command, S; bod- 
woxde, message, S2. 

Bodieili V. to announce, S; iMideden, 
pt. pl.y S. — AS. bodian. 

Body, sb. body, person, PP ; liodie, S ; 
bodl, S, PP; lK>dl3, S. Phr.\ my ioly 
body, my jolly self, Ca. — AS. bodig. 

Body-lialfy ^^.the front part (of a dress), 
- PP. 

Boile ; see Bnle. 

BoistonSy adj. boisterous, noisy, S3 ; 
boustioiui, S3 ; bustuiui, bnsteoiui, S3 ; 
bnystous, W. 

Boistonsly, adv. loudly, C2. 

Bok, sb. book, S, S2, PP ; boo, S, S2 ; 
boke, P.— AS. b6c ; cp. OHG. buoh (Ta- 

Bokele, sb. buckle, MD ; bokle, MD. — 
OF. bock. 

Bokeler, sb. buckler, shield, C, G^ 
boder, Palsg.— OF. bochr. 

Bokety sb. bucket, C ; bokett. Prompt. 
# Bold, adj. fierce, bold, dadng, PP, S^ 
banld, bawld, S3 ; belde, big, blustering, 
S ; bald, S2; balder, comp.^ P. — AS.beald\ 
OHG. bald (Otfrid). 

BoldeliclLey adv, boldly, S; baldly, 
Sa ; boldely, C2. 

Boldexi, V. to make bold, encourage, 
MD; bolded, /A J., P; balde, S.— AS. 

BolOy sb. a kind of clay, C3. Comb. : 
bole annonlak, Armenian clay, C3, NED 
(s. V. afftmoniac). — ^Lat. bolus ; Gr. fiSf\ot, 

Bole, sb. bull, S, C, C3 ; bule, S ; bu- 
le>, //., S2 ; bollB, W ; boolis, W.— Icel. 



BoUOy sb. bowl, S, S2, C3, P ; a rounded 
seed-vessel, NED (s. v. boll), HD ; boll, 
rounded top (of barley), S3. — AS. bolla. 

Bollen, V, to swell, S2, PP ; boUed, pp., 
S2, PP. 

Bollen,;^^. swollen, NED ; bollen, W; 
bolne, S3 ; bowlne, S3. 

BoUjrng, sb. swelling, P. 

Bolnen, v. to swell, S2, P, H ; bolned, 
//. s., S2 ; bolDyde, W2; bolayd, W. 

Bolnyng, sb. swelling, H, W. 

Bolt, sb. arrow, S ; bolte. Prompt. — AS. 
boll (Voc). 

Bol^en, V. to puff up, MD ; boluwet^, 
pr. s., S. — AS. bglgun, pt. ^^a^(pl. bulgon)^ 
pp. bolgen. 

Bon, sb. bone, PP, S2 ; boon, Wa ; ban, 
S ; banes,//., S, S2 ; bon, S ; boonys,W2 ; 
bannea, S2. Phr. : to make bones, to 
hesitate, S3. — AS. ban, 

'Son.jpp. prepared, S2 ; see Bonn. 

Bonayre, adj. kind, gentle, MD ; bon- 
ere, MD ; bonair, adv.^ MD ; bonnxe, 
Sa. See Debonnaire. 

BoxiayrelyclLe, adv. reverently, S2. 

Bonclien, v. to strike, bump, Sa, P; 
see Bnnclien. 

Bond ; see Binden. 

BondOy sb. a peasant serf, slave, NED, 
S2 ; pl.f PP. — AS. bondaf bunda, a house- 
holder.; Icel. bdndiy for hiandi, a tiller of 
the soil. 

Bonde'man, sb. tiller of the soil, NED ; 
bondman, P ; bondemen, //., Sa, P, G, PP. 

BonOy sb. pain, poison, PP ; see Bane. 

Bone, sb. prayer, petition, S, S2, C3, G, 
PP; bon, S2; boone, C, G; bonen, //., 
S. — Icel. bdn. Cf. Bene. 

Bonen, ^j- made of bone, S2. 

Bonety sb. additional sail, PP, Cath. — 
OF. bonety bonnet. 

Bonk, sb. bank, shore, S2, S3 ; see 

Boo- ; see Bo-. 

Boor, sb. boar, C, Wa ; bare, S2 ; bore, 
S, PP ; bor, Sa, PP ; bores, //., P.— AS. 

Boot, sb. boat, Sa, W, CM ; bot, PP.-, 
AS. bat. 

Boras, sb. borax, C, C3. — OF. boras'. 
It. borace ; Arab, boraq. 

Bord, sb. board, table, S, Sa, C, NED ; 
borde, S ; boord, W ; bordes, //., S. — AS. 
bordy plank. Cf. 



Borgonneiiy v, to bud, Sa ; see Bw 

Borne; seeBnm*. 

BomeiLy V. to bumish, S3 ; see Bar- 

Borwe, sb. pledge, surety, Wa, C, C2, 
G ; lK>rffli, H ; borglie, P ; lioxewe, S2 ; 
borwes, //., sponsors, Sa ; pledges, P. — 
AS. ^h. 

BOTWexi, V. to deliver, to borrow, MD, 
PP, Ca, G ; boxewe, Wa ; lK>rowe, NED ; 
borwede,//.^., PP. — AS. borgian. 

Borwyn^e, sb, borrowing. Prompt.; 
borvwyiiif, o2. 

Boske; seeBnsch. 

Boskexi ; see Busken. 

Bosty sb. boast, noise, MD, C3, PP; 
boost, Ca ; boste, PP ; bostus,//., H. 

Bocrten, v. to boast, PP ; booBte, NED. 

Bosiun, sb. bosom, S, W (John 13. a3); 
bosem, MD. — AS. bSsm. 

BotOy prep, and conj. without, except, 
unless, but, S, Sa, PP ; bot, CM, Sa ; bnte, 
S; butt, S; boute, S, Sa; buten, S; 
buton, S ; Comb. : bote-^ef, except that, 
unless, Sa, C. — AS. be-iiton {biiton). 

BotOy sb. remedy, succour, amendment, 
S, Sa, Ca, G, P ; boote, S3, C, G. Phr. : 
to bote, to advantage, in addition, NED. — 
AS. b6t ; cp. Goth, bota, 

BoteleeSy cuij. without remedy, PP; 
boctelesse, useless, S3 ; botles. Si. 

BotelerOy sb. butler, Voc. ; botUer, C ; 
butler, S. 

Botelle, sb. bottle, MD ; botel, CM.— 

OF. boutelUy also botel. 

Boterace, sb. buttress; boteras. 
Prompt.; butterace, SkD (p. 789); but- 
texas, pi., SkD ; buttrace, SkD ; but- 
tezaces, SkD. — ME. boterace for OF. bou- 
terets, i.e. (pillars) bearing a thrust, //. of 

Boterace, v. to buttress; butteras, 
Palsg. ; boteraced, pp., PP. 

Bothe, adj. both, PP, S ; bape, S, Sa ; 
bedSe, S ; betSe, S ; buo'Se, Sa. — Icel. bdtiiy 
both {neut.), 

Boteie, sb. bottom, C, C3, Prompt.; 
bo]>oin, a vale, Sa, NED ; bo})ein, Sa. — AS. 

Botme-leSy adj. bottomless, CM. 
Botnexiy v. to heal, to recover, MD; 
botened,//. bettered, P. See Bote. 

Botim, sb. button, bud, Prompt., Voc. ; 


botbom, MD, CM ; buttonsrs, //., S3.— 
OF. boutofty button, bud (Cotg.). 

Bouely sb. bowel, MD ; bouele, Sa. — 

OF. boel (and boele) ; Lat. botellus. 

BoUffe, sb. a leathern bottle or wallet, 
uter, Wa (Ps. 77. 13); bowffe, Wa, Prompt. 
— OF. bougey budget, leather-case ; Low 
Lat. bulgUy leathern vessel (Voc). Cf. 

Bonhte ; see Bi^ffeu. 

BonlCy sb. the belly, trunk, body, C, JD ; 
buo, S. — AS. biic : Icel. biikr. 

BoTLlIy //• prepared to go, ready to start, 
S3, CM, PP ; bon, ready, Sa ; bnn, Sa ; 
bown, P, H. — Icel. btllnn, prepared,^, of 
btiay to get ready, to till ; cp. AS. ge-bUfiy 
pp. of gebiian't cp. E. bound (said of a 

Bonnexiy v. to get ready, to go, also to 
make ready, NED ; bownetb, pr. j., 
NED ; bownd,//. s., prepared himself, got 
ready, S3. 

BoOTy sb. bower, chamber, womens' 
chamber, C, G ; bur, dat.y S ; boure, S, Sa, 
P ; bowre, P ; bouxei, //. sleeping-places, 
Sa. — AS. bury a dwelling. 

Boiirde, j^. jest, PP, C3, G ; bouzd, Sa, 
S3 ; bord, NED.— OF. bourde. 

BOTUrdexiy v. to jest, C3, PP ; borde, 
NED.— OF. bourder. 

Bonrdingy sb. jesting, S3. 

BOTUrdon, sb. pilgrim's staff, CM, HD ; 
bordun, Sa, PP ; burden, S, HD ; burdoun, 
P, MD ; bordon, MD, PP ; bordoun, HD. 

— OF. bourdon (Cotg.); Low Lat burdo- 
nem ; see Burden. 

BonstionSy adj. noisy, S3; see Boia- 


Bou^y sb. bough, PP ; bob, S ; boffb, 
Sa ; bowb, PP ; bo^e, dat.y S ; boffes,//., 
S ; buffes, S ; buffbes, Sa ; bewls, S3 ; 
bewys, S3 ; bowes, PP, S3 ; boowes, C ; 

b03e, dat.y S. — AS. bdgy bSh, Icel. bSgTy 
shoulder, bow of a ship ; cp. Gr. irdxys. 

BowOy sb. bow, Wa, PP ; bouwe, Wa ; 

bowes,//., PP; boys, S3. — AS. bogu. 

Bowe-lynOy sb. bowline, MD ; bawe- 
lyne, Sa. 

Bowexiy V. to bow, bend, submit, to 
direct one's course, turn away, PP, Sa, Ca, 
W ; bouwe, Wa, PP ; boffben, Sa, H ; 
buwen, S ; bu^en, S ; buben, S ; bugen, 
S ; beien, S ; bowande, pr. p. obedient, 
Sa ; bues,/r. J., Sa. — AS. biigan. 

BoydekyiLy sb. poniard, bodkin, NED, 


Prompt.; bodekyn. Prompt.; l>07deld]Ui, 
//., C2. 

BoystOy sb, box, PP, Prompt., Cath. ; 
boyst, MD; 1)oi8t, C3.— OF. boiste (F. 

Bo^te; see Biff ffen. 

BraCy •r^. a crashing somid, fragor ; 
brace, outcry, S.— Icel. 3ra^; cp. AS. 

Brace, •f^> conple of hounds, Prompt. — 
OF. brace, the two arms, a grasp; Lat. 
brachiay pi. 

Bracer, sb, a guard for the left arm in 
archery, C ; bxaser, Voc. See Ascham, 
Toxophilus, ed. Arber, p. 108. 

Brade, sb. roast flesh, S; brede, S. — 
— AS. br<kde. 
Bradit ; see Bzaydeii. 



; see 

Brand, sb. brand, firebrand, sword, MD ; 
brond, brand, S2, C ; brondes, //., S ; 
brands, i. e. fire-side, S3 ; brondlB, torches, 
W.—AS. brand {brond). 

Brant, adj. steep, high, MD, HD ; 
brent, JD; brentest, superl.y Sa. — AS. 
brant {bront) ; cp. Swed. brant, Icel. brattr. 

Bras, sb. brass, C2; bres, S; breaa, 
S. — AS. bras. 

Brasten; seeBresten. 

Bratfdl; seeBretfbl. 

Bra8, sb. violence, MD ;. brappe, dot., 
S. — Cp. Icel. brdjfi. See Brot$. 

Brann, sb. brawn, CM; boar's flesh, 
PP; brawnes, pi., muscles, Ca. — OF. 
bruon, Prov. bradon (drazon); Low Lat. 
bradonem ; see Ducange. 

Brayde, sb. a quick movement, a start, 
a while, moment, MD, CM ; braid, S3 ; 
braydes, //. grimaces, S2 ; brsides, cun- 
ning tricks, MD. Pkr. : at a brayde, in a 
moment, S2. — Icel. bragd, quick movement. 

Brayden, zf. to draw, pull, to draw away 
quickly, to twist, braid, to starts to move 
quickly, hasten (intr.), to wake up, MD, 
Prompt., S2, CM ; breyde, CM, C2 ; breide, 
W2 ; breyde, //. s., PP, CM, C2, C3 ; 
brayde, MD ; bradit, S3 ; broiden, pp., 
MD ; broydyn, lagueatus, Prompt. ; bray- 
den, MD ; browden, MD, JD ; browded, 
C, HD; branded, C2; broyded, WW; 
brayded, MD.— AS. bregdan, pt. bragd 
(pi. brugdon)y pp. brogden, 

Brea- ; see Bre-. 

Bred, sb. bread, S, PP ; breed, C2, W2 ; 
brsBd, S ; bread, S ; brad, S ; brede^ S2 ; 
breade, dot, S.— O.North. br^ad. 

, sb. board, tablet, MD, S (s.v.«/fljc) ; 
brede, Prompt. — AS. bred. 

Bred-ale, sb. bride-feast, S ; see Bryd* 

Brede, sb. bride, PP ; see Bryde. 

Brede, sb. roast-flesh, S ; see Brade. 

Brede, sb. breadth, S, S2, S3, C2, H ; 
breede, C, W2. Fhr.'. on breid, on 
breadth, abroad, S3 ; did on breid, did a- 
broad, unfolded, S3. — AS. brckdu. 

Breden, v. to spread, S, Prompt. — AS. 

Breden, v. to roast, MD ; bret, pr. ^., 

S. — AS. brikdan. 

Breden, v. to breed, to produce, to be 
produced. MD, PP; bredden, //.//., PP; 
i-bred, pp.y S. — AS. bridan, to nourish. 
See Brode. 

Bred-gnme ;: see Brydeirome. 

Bred-wrigte, sb. bread-wright, baker, 
S. See Bred. 

Breech, sb. pi. bieeches, drawers, C2, 
C3; breob, S; breclie, PP; brek, Voc; 
— AS. brie, pi. of brdc ; cp. Icel. Iraskr, pL 
of brdk. 

Breed \ see Bred. 

Breels, sb. pi. wretches, HD, MD (p, 

; 343)- 
Breken, v. to break, S, Sa , PP ; breoken, 
S ; bredS, pr. s., S ; brae, pt. s., S ; brek, 
S ; brec, Sa ; brak, S2, PP ; breken,//., 
S ; y-broke, pp., S2 \ ibroke» S2. — AS. 
brecan, pt. brcec (pi. brcBCon), pp. brocen. 

Brek-gXU^^^i ^^' ^ breech-girdle, MD ; 
brekgyrdylle, lumbare, Voc. ; breolir 
fferdel, MD ; breifirirdel, MD ; briglrdil^ 
MD ;. brygsrrdyll. Prompt. ; breigerdlis, 
//., purses, PP. See Breecb. 

Breme, sb. bream. Prompt. ; brem, C. 
— OF. brestne (F. br^me) ; OHG. brahsema. 

Breme, adj. toce, angry, S, S2, S3, H, 
PP ; brem, S2 ; breme, adv., S2 ;. breeme, 
C— AS. brSme, famous,, noble. 

BrenLely,a^/z;. fiercely, furiously, loudly, 
Sa ; bremly, Sa. 

Bremstoon; seeBrynston. 

Bren, sb. bran, S2, C, P.— OF. bren (F. 

see Brxme. 
; see Brink. 

,, V. to bum, S2, S3, C, Ca, 
PP, W; bren, Sa ; brinnen, S, S2; 
brende, pt. s., S, Sa, Ca ; brent, Sa ; bren- 
don, pi., S ; brenneden, W ; brende, 
brenned, brend, Sa ; brende, C ; bren- 
ten, Wa; brend, pp.^ S, Sa, C; brent, 




Cj, S3, W; y-lixenA, C3; y-1>r«nt, C— 
Icel. brenna\ cp. Goth, brinnan. Of. 

Brenxii21gly, cuiv. ardently, fiercely, C. 
Brenty adj- steep, high, S2, JD ; see 

Ly sb. brim, margin, surface, top, S3, 
MD; brnrd, MD; brerde, MD.— AS. 
brerd^ brim, top of a vessel, shore ; cp. 
OHG. brart, also Icel. broddr, the front. 

Brerdrflll, adv. brimful, MD ; broxd- 
ftal, S2. Cf. Bretfta 

Krere, sb. briar, S3, Wa; br«r, S3; 
brerM, //., S, S3, C ; bnzls, W.— AS. 
br^, also br<kre, pi. (GET). 

Bres ; see Bras. 

Bresil, adj. brittle, H ; see Brla^ 

Brest, sb. breast, C; bxeost, MD; 
bxMurt, voice, S3; breiite, PP; bzyst, 
MD.— AS. briost. 

Bresten, v. to burst, S2, C2, W, MD ; 
bzasten, S3, MD ; bemten, S, C ; brast, 
pt.s., C3, PP; barste, P; braste, //., 
C3, S2 ; brest, S3 ; bmsten, //., damaged, 
hurt severely, S2, MD. — Icel. bresta, pt. 
brastj pp. brostinn ; cp. AS. berstan, 

Bretfta, adj. brimful, S3, C, PP, HD ; 
bratfta, S2, PP ; bredftd, PP. Cp. Swed. 
brdddful. See BrexdftiL 

BreSy sb. breath, vapour, voice, word, 
MD, PP, CM ; brc«e, dat., S.— AS. br^. 

Brethe, sb. anger, wrath, H ; bretb, H. 
— ^Icel. brafii^ anger, from brdJUr^ hasty. 
See Bxot$. 

Brethir ; see BroiSer. 

Brenet, sb. brief, letter of indulgence, P ; 
bxeuettes, //., P. — Late Lat. brevetum. 

Brewen, v. to brew, MD ; brew,//, s. 
contrived, C2, PP; bxeub, S2, PP.— AS. 
briowan, pt. briaWy pp. browen. 

Brewestere, brewster, P ; brensten, 
//. ale-wives, female-brewers, S2, PP. 

Breyden ; see Brayden. 

Brid, sb. a young bird, PP, C2, C3, W ; 
bridd, S ; brldde, PP ; bred, PP ; bredde, 
PP ; bexd, MD ; bird, MD ; brlddes,//., 
S2, C; biyddes, S2 ; briddis, W, H; 
blxds, S3 (26. 1 1 50).— AS. bridd. 

Brigge, sb. bridge, PP, S, CM ; bmirffo, 
PP; breirffs, MD; bryirffe, PP; brig, 
82. — ^AS. brycg\ cp. Icel. bryggja. 

Briggen, v. to bridge, S. 

like, sb. calamity, C2 ; see Bzyk. 

L, V. to bring, S ; bxobte, //. x., 


S; brocbte, S; braa^, S2 ; bronlite, 
S ; broBte,S, S2 ; brogbt,//., S2 ; brobt, 
-tp. S2 ; brogbt, S2 ; brou^t, S2 ; ibro^, 
S2 ; y-broBt, S2 ; y-brouffbt, C ; ibrobt, 
S ; ibroubt, S2 ; ibrocbt, S. 

Brink, sb. brink, margin, MD ; brenlce, 
dat.y W ; brynke, MD. — Cp. Swed. brinks 
Icel. brekka. 

Brinnen ; see Brennen. 

Brisel, adj. brittle, H ; bresil, H ; 
brissal, JD. See below. 

Brisen, v. to crush, MD ; briMe, MD ; 
brese]i,MD; brisid,//., W. 

Brisolds, wild cabbage, H. 
Britel, adj. brittle, fragile, MD ; britil, 
S2, W ; brutel, MD ; brutU, CM ; broMl, 

MD. — From base of AS. bruton, pt. pi. of 
briotan, to break. 

Britnen, v. to break, break up, MD ; 
bruttenet, //. destroyed, slain, S2 ; bre- 
tynyd, HD. — AS. brytnian^ to distribute, 

Britoner, sb. a man of Brittany, a 
Frenchman, P ; BrsrtoiLere, P ; see Bra- 

Bri;t, adj. bright, S, PP ; briobt, S ; 
briot, S ; bribt, S ; brigt, S ; brybt, S2 ; 
bry^t, S2 ; bribtre, comp.^ S ; bri3ter, 
S ; briotest, superi.j S. — AS. beorht. 

Bri^te, adv. brightly, MD ; brjrglite, 

Bri^tnesse, sb. brightness, W2; briobt- 
nerae, S ; bribtnesse, S ; briotnesae, 

S. — AS. beorhtnes. 

Brocage, a treaty by an agent, PP; 
brokages, //., P. — OF. brocage, ' exprime 
I'id^e de ruse et de perfidie * (Godefroy). 

Broclie, sb. brooch, match, spear, spit, 
MD ; brouob, S2 ; brocb, C ; brocbea, 
//., C2, PP.— OF. brocAg. 

BrOClLexi, v. to spur, pierce through, 
put on the spit, broach a cask, MD ; broch- 
ede, //. J., S2, PP.— OF. broc/i£r, Prov. 

Brocket, sb. a stag in its second or third 
year, HD, MD, Cotg. ; broket, MD ; brok- 
kettia,//., S3.— Cp. OF. brocart (Cotg.). 

BrOCOnr, sb. broker, P ; brokonr, P. — 
AF. abrocour ; Low Lat. abrocatorem (Du- 
CAiigc)) f'om abrocarcy to broach a cask, 
from broca. See Broobe. 

Brod, adj. broad, S, S2, PP ; brood, C ; 
braid, S3 ; brode, C, PP ; brade, S, Sa, 
H ; broddeste, superl, W2.— AS. brdd. 

Brode, adv. broadly, wide awake, C3 ; 
widely, PP; broode, broadly, plainly, C. 


Brode, s6. brood, S, Prompt.— Cp. 
OHG. druot (Weigand). 

Broiden ; see Brayden. 

Broky sd. brock, badger, Prompt. ; Inroo, 
W ; liroekes, //., P ; bxokkys, PP.— AS. 
^rv£; Olr. drocc. 

'Bvok, sb. brook, PP ; Incoke, P.— AS. 

Brol, sd. a brat, child, MD, S3, PP; 
brolle, P ; brawl, ND. — Cp. Low 
Lat. brolluSf 'miserculos' (Prompt, p. 

Brond ; see Brand. 

Bro8, adj. violent, MD ; brap, MD ; 
braitb, JD.— Icel. brd^r. Cf. Bra«. 

Bro])eflll, adj. violent, MD ; braitbfU, 

Brothel, sb. a wretch, PP, MD, HD ; 
brotbeU, Palsg. 

BroJ^eliche, adv. violently, MD; 
bropely, hastily, quickly, S2 ; braitlily, 

BrotSer, sb. brother, PP; gen. s., Ca; 
bro^re, //., S ; breVere, S ; bretbir, S3 ; 
breS^re, S ; brij^ere, S ; brethren, Ca, 
PP.— AS. brS9or. 

BroSer-lied, sb. brotherhood, MD; 
bretherbede, C ; britberhed, W ; brltli«r- 
bod, W. 

BroSer-rede, sb. fraternity, MD (p. 
354). — AS. brddorrSden. 

Brouded,//. braided, C2 ; see BraydeiL. 
Broudster, sb. embroiderer, JD. 
Broudynsr. sb. embroidery; browdyng', 
C, CM. 

Bronlceily v. to use, enjoy, eat, PP, C, 
G ; broken, S ; breken, S ; brooke, to 
endu«, S3 ; bmc, imp. s. use, S ; ibroken, 
f^p., S. — AS. briican, pt. briac (pi. brucan), 
pp. brocen. 

Broun, adj. brown, C, PP; bnin, sb. 
brown horn, S. — AS. bnin. 

BrUr; see Bry-, Brl^, Broiu, 

Bmtf ge ; see Bridge. 

BrnjE, sb. locust (= bruchus\ Wa, H; 
bmyk, H. — Gr. fipovxoSf fipovKos, 

Bnme, sb. burning, S, MD ; brene, Sa. 
^-AS. bryne. 

BmniOy sb. corslet, coat of mail, S ; 
brinle, MD ; brlni, HD, MD ; bnme, 
MD ; bzynig'es, //., S ; brenyes, HD. — 
Icel. brynja : Goth, brunjo ; cp. AS. byme. 

Bmrd ; see Brerd. 

Bmsten ; see BrMt«n. 

Bmt, sb. Briton ; Brattei^ //., S. 



Bmtayne, sb. Brittany, Sa. 

Brutil ; see Britel. 

Bmtiner, sb. a man of Brittany, a 
Frenchman, a swaggerer, PP ; Bryton^re, 
P ; Britoner, P. 

Brutnen, v, to hew in pieces, MD; 
bmttenet, pp. slain, Sa ; see Brltn«n. 

Bryche, adj. reduced, poor, Sa. — AS. 
bryce, frail. 

Bryd-ale, sb. marriage-feast, MD ; bri- 
dale, P, W ; bredale, S ; bmydaJe, P ; 
bmdale, S. — AS. bryd-ealOf a bride-ale, 

Bryde, sb. bride, domiduca, Voc, PP ; 
brede, PP ; bruyd, CM ; bmd, MD, S ; 
brid, MD. — AS. brydx OS. bnid\ cp. 
OHG. bnlt (Otfrid). 

Bryde-gome, sb. bridegroom, MD ; 
bredflrume, S; bradgnme, MD. — AS. 

brydguma {Jfridgumd) ; cp. OHG. bniti- 
gomo (Otfrid). 

Bryk, sb. misery, calamity, MD ; brike, 
Ca ; bmobe, injury, MD. — AS. bryce. 

Bryllyn ; see Blrlen. 

Brymme, sb. margin, shore, S, MD. — 
AS. brim, surf, the sea ; cp. Icel. brim. 

Bryn-Ston, sb. sulphur, Voc, PP, Sa ; 
brymston, Wa ; bremstoon, C, PP ; 
bzimstoon, C3 ; bnmstan, H. — Cp. Icel. 

Bryslylle, sb. bristle, Prompt, Voc. ; 
bersUes,//., C— From AS. byrsti OHG. 

BryttlyxLge, sb. breaking up, S3. See 

Bu- ; see Boiu, 80-. 

BudJele, sb. beadle, officer, PP ; bndeles, 
//., S; beodeles, Sa: — AS. bydel', cp. 
OHG. butil. Cf. Bed^ 

Bue, B118; see Ben. 

Bnggen, v. to buy, S, Sa, PP; see 

Bugle, sb. wild ox, Sa, Prompt. ; bngUl, 
S3 ; bowi^, S3 ; bugle, buffalo-horn, 
bugle, MD. — OF. bugle \ Lat. buculum 

Bldlexiy V. to boil, Sa ; bnylltb, pr, j., 
Wa ; bnylynff, pr. p., PP ; bnyliden, //. 
//., Wa. — OF. buillir ; Lat. bullire. 

Bnle, sb. boil, PP ; bUis,//., W ; byles, 
PP ; boUna, PP.— AS. bjle ; cp. G. beuU 

Bole ; see Bole. 

Bvlle. sb. bull, papal rescript, P ; bille, 
PP; petition, PP ; bylle, PP.— Lat. ^//tf, 

D 2 



boss, stnd, hence Late Lat. bulla, seal, 
document with seal ; see Dncange. 

Bnlten, v. to boult, sift, C, Prompt. ; 
lK>iate, Palsg. ; Iraltedd, //., S.— OF. 
buletery bureter, to sift through coarse 
cloth, from bure, coarse cloth ; Late Lat. 
burra ; see Ducange (s.v. buratare), 

Bnlt-peley sb. a sifter, Voc. 

BnmbaiSey v, to quilt with bombast, 
i. e. cotton wadding, Florio (p. 234a) ; 
InuulMtst, pr. //., S3. — From Milanese 
hombds ; Low Lat. bombacem, cotton ; from 
Gr. 06fi0v(. 

Bmnmexiy v. to taste, take a draught, 
MD ; Immxiiede, pt. s. tasted, S2, P. 

Bun, pp. prepared, S2, MD ; see Boun. 

BnnclLexiy v. to strike, MD, Prompt.; 
bonohede, //. <f., S2 ; bonolied, P. 

Bnnden ; see Binden. 

Bur, sb. wind, storm, force, impetus, 
MD; Wr, MD ; birr, HD ; bire, dal., 
W, MD; birre, W; byrre, HD.— Icel. 
byrTy wind, storm. 

Bur, 'J^. the broad ring of iron behind 
the place for the hand on a tilting-spear, 
S3 ; burr, HD. 

Bnrde, sb. maiden, virgin, lady, S, S2, 
PP ; birde, P ; berde, PP ; bnlrde, PP ; 
bnyrde, S2, PP ; see Bryde. 

Bnrdexiy sb. burden, Manip. ; see Bnr- 

BurdeXLOnSy a^fy- burdensome, S3. 

Bnrdoxii sb. mule ; bnrdoneB, //., MD ; 
burdowns, MD. — Lat. burdonem (Vulg.). 

Bnrdoun, sb. droning sound, bass, MD, 
C. — OF. bourdon, a drone, the humming 
of bees, the drone of a bag-pipe (Cotg.). 

Bnretllf v. it behoves, MD ; birr]?, 
pr. J., S ; bnrtli, MD ; birs, MD ; bem, 
MD ; birrde, pt. j., S ; bird, S2, MD ; 
bard, MD. — AS. ge-byrian\ cp. OHG. 
gi-burretiy to happen (Otfrid). 

Burgage, sb. an estate held of a lord of 
a borough ; bnrffaffes, //., P ; borgrafires, 
PP. — Low Lat. burgagium ; OF. bourgage 

Bnrgeis, sb. burgess, MD ; bnr^eys, 
C, CM ; burffeis, /?., S2, P ; bnrgeyses, 
P.^— OF. burgeis ; Low Lat. burgensis. 

Burgh., sb, borough, town, fortress, 
shelter, MD ; barffbe, PP, CM ; borgbe, 
PP; borw, PP ; bomffli, PP; borowe, 
PP; borli,S; burch, S ; bnrli, S ; bnreli, 
MD, S; biri, MD, S; berie, S; borwj, 
S2 ; borwM, //., PP, MD.— AS. burh ; 


Buriel, sb. tomb, S2 ; bury^, S2 ; 
birlel, W ; blryel, S2 ; burlels, //. the^ 
Catacombs, C3 ; birlels, W2 ; blriells, 
W. — AS. byrgels. 

Burien, v. to bury, MD, S, PP ; blrien, 
MD, W2 ; berien, C3 ; bery, MD, C3 ; 
byrien, S; l-bnrred,^., S2. — AS. byrigan, 

Burien, sb. grave, MD; berien, S. — ; 
AS. byrgen. 

Bnrinisse, sb. burial-place, MD; 
bersmes, H. — AS. byrignes. 

BlUJOIin, sb. burgeon, bud, MD ; bor- 
ioyn, H ; bnrffon, HD ; bnrtrionyS) //., 
S3 ; bnrioyns, H. — OF. borjouy in Cotg. 

Bujonnen, v. to bud, MD ; bnriawne, 
W2 ; burgionys, pr. s., S3 ; boreronnes, 
pr. pi., S2 ; bnrionep, PP ; bnrionand, 
pr. p., H ; bnriownynere, W. 

Bum, sb. man, S2, HD ; bnme, S2 ; 
see Bern. 

Bnme, sb. spring of water, MD, S ; 
bonme, S2 ; borne, S2 ; bum, stream, S2. 
— AS. buma. 

Bnmen, v. to burnish, MD ; bnmed, 
//., C ; bomed, S3. — OF. brunir, to bur- 
nish, polish, to make brown (Cotg.). See 
SkD. p. 789. 

Bnmet, adj. brown, S3.— OF. brunet, 
brownish (Cotg.). 

Bnmet, sb. cloth of brown colour, CM, 
MD.— OF. brunette (Cotg.) ; cp. Low Lat. 

BnrVene, sb. burden, MD ; birtbln, 
W ; birthun, W2 ; bnrden, Manip. — AS. 

BnSClL, sb. bush, wood, W, W2, MD ; 
bnysdi, W ; bnsk, the head or tuft of a 
stalk of wheat, S ; bush, S2, MD ; boske, 

52 ; bo8ke>,//., S2. 
Bnsdiement, sb. ambush, MD ; bus- 

shement, S3. Cp. OF. en-buschement, an 
ambuscade NED, (s.v. ambtishment), 

Bnsken, v. to prepare oneself, to get 
ready, to go, to hasten, to prepare, dress, 
MD, H, S2, P ; bnsohen, S2 ; bosken, S2. 
Icel. biiask (reflex.), to get oneself ready. 

Bnskinge, sb. equipment, dress, MD, 

53 ; boskinsr, MD. 

Bnsteons, adj. noisy, S3 ; bnystons, 
W ; see Boistoiui. 

Bnsy, adj. busy. MD ; blsl, S, W2 ; 
blsie, S; bi«y, C2, P; be«y, C— AS; 

Bnsyen, v, to busy, occupare, MD ; 
biiien, G3, S2, W. 


SusyneSSOy sb. business, activity, care, 
industry, MD, C, C3; bisineBse, C3 ; 
besynesae, S3 ; besyxiM, H; bisynMaes, 
//., Wa. 

Bu]?; see Ben. 

Bu]) ; see Biffiron. 

Buuexiy prep, and adv. above, S ; bnne, 
S ; boue, MD ; bnfon, S. — AS. be-ufan, 

Buxcuily adj' obedient, ready, willing, 
courteous, PP ; bozam, S2, PP ; buxom, 
CM ; bnbSTun, S. See Bowen. 



BnxumliclLey adv, obediently, PP ; 
bozanilj', Sa ; boxomly, Ca. 

Buxnninessey sb, obedience, PP; 
bnxomiiMi, P ; boznsmes, Sa. 

By-, prefix. See Bl- words. 

By, Bi, prep, by, at, according to, S, Sa, 
with regard to, PP, S, Sa, S3 ; bie, S ; be 
S, Sa . Phr. : by and by, adv. immediately, 
S3 ; in order, separately, C, Prompt., MD. 

By, V. to dwell, build, Ca ; see Bigffen. 

Byggyng, sb. building, Sa. 

By;e; seeBel3« 


C- ; see also under K. 
Caas, sb. case, circumstance, chance, C ; 
kas, Sa ; cass, S3; cas, Sa, Ca.— AF. cas ; 
Lat. casum (ace), a fall, from cadere^ to 
Caas, sb. case, quiver, C ; see Casse. 
Caban, sb. hut, small room, MD, PP ; 
oabin, MD. — OF. cahane\ cp. Low Lat. 
cahanna, capanna ; see Brachet. 
Cabine, sb. a shed made of boughs, 
Cotg. (s. V. cabane) ; cabin, small enclosed 
place, Sh. 

Cabinet, sb. small shed, arbour, S3. — 
OF. cabinet, an arbour in a garden, Cotg. ; 
jcp. It. cabinetto (Florio). 

Cacchen, v. to catch, to chase, MD, 
C3, P; katoben, MD; keocben, MD; 
cbaccbe, Sa ; cbacen, MD ; obad, MD ; 
panobt, S3; cacce8,/r. j., Sa ; oabte,//. 
J., MD ; ci^te, Sa ; cauffbte, Ca ; oan^t, 
MD; GonffbtjMD; caffbt,MD; oabten, 
//., MD; ke^t, MD ; oabt, //. MD ; 
kau^t, Wa. — OF. cachiery cacier (also cha- 
cter, chasser) ; Late Lat. captiare, from Lat. 
captare, freq. oi caper e^ to take, to hold; see 

Cacbe-pol, sb. a tax-gatherer, constable, 
bailiff, MD, PP; oabcbpoUe, Prompt.; 
catcbepoUls,//., W.— AF. cacchepole, OF. 
chacepol, chassipole ; cp. Low Lat. cachepol- 
lus, cacepollusj chacepoll-uSy chassipullus. 
The form cacepollus is met with in the 
Leges Ethelredi, see Schmid and Ducange. 
The word probably meant at first the 
officer who collected from the tenant the 
fowls {pullos) paid as rent. 

Cacberel, sb. an inferior officer of jus- 
tice, MD ; kaobereles, //., Sa.— OF. co- 
ckerel ; cp. Low Lat. cacherellus. 

Case ; see Chese. 

Caste, sb. dot. chest, S ; see Cbest, 

Caf, sb, chaff, H ; see Gbaf. 

Caitif, odj. and sb. captive, miserable 
wretch, MD, W, C3, H ; oaytif, Ca ; oay- 
tiue, P ; caitlfes, pi., S3 ; caytines, S3 ; 
kaytefiBS, Sa.— AF. caitif: Prov. captiu; 
Lat. captiuum (ace); see Brachet (s.v. 

Caitifbe, sb. wretchedness, Sa, W, Wa, 
H; oaytefte, Sa. — OF. caitivete\ Lat. 

Calabre, sb. Calabrian fur, P, Sa (p. 
aoo); NQ. (5. la. 33a); oalabere, P (»). 
Comb. : calaber amyse, a person wearing 
an amice trinmied with calabre, P (»). 

Cald ; see Cold. 

Calengen, v. to accuse, to charge, Wa ; 
see Cbalengen. 

Calewe, adj, bald, without hair, MD, 
Sa. — ^AS. calw(h, -stem of calu ; cp. OHG. 
chalo (gen. chdlawes), and Lat. caluus. 

Calil, sb. chalice, S, MD, SkD ; ohalls, 
MD ; cbalys, Voc. ; callce, dat. S, SkD. 
—OF. caliz\ Lat. calix; also OF. calice\ 
Lat. calicem, 

Calle, sb. a caul, net for the hair (worn 
by women), MD, CM, SkD (s. v. cauT). 

Callen, v. to call, S, Ca ; kaJle, MD, 
Sa.— AS. ceallian-y cp. Icel. kalla. 

Callonr, adj- cool, fresh, healthy, JD, 
S3 ; oaUer, JD; canler, JD. 

Calme, adj, calm, MD.— OF. calme 

(Cotg.), It. calma (Florio) ; Low Lat. cau- 

ma, heat (Vulg.) ; Gr. /«xv/xa. 

Calmen, v. to become calm, MD ; oaw- 

myt, pp., S3.— OF. calmer, to quiet. 

Cal-Stocke, sb,y cabbage-stalk, S3 ; caU 




■tok, Voc; oalstoke, Palsg.; 0Mrto6k, 
JD ; cnstoc, JD. See Col«. 

Camamelle, sb. camomile, Voc. ; ca- 
memille, Voc. ; iwmamyle, Prompt. ; 
ounmamarU, Palsg.; oamomarlte, MD; 
oammamarld) S3; cam amy, Voc. — Late 
Lat. cainamilla\ Gr. \(x^uuya\\Qv, 

Cameli sb. camel, MD; oamelle. 
Prompt. ; oanudlle, C2 ; ohamelle, 
Prompt.; oliamayla, MD.— OF. camel \ 
L&t came/um (2LCC.) ; Gr. «d/ijj\osi Heb. 

Cameliney sb. camlet, MD.— OF. came- 
line ; Low Lat. camelinum, 

Camelot, sb. camlet, SkD ; olLamelot, 
S3 ; chamlet, Cotg.— OF. camelot (Cotg.) ; 
cp. Low Lat. camelotum, 

Canuuaxnyldy sb, camomile, S3; see 

Camp, sb. contest, MD; oomp, S; 
kemp, JD ; kampe, dot., MD.— AS. camp 
{cotnf) ; j:p. Icel. kapp. 

Campe, adj. See Kempe. 
Campen, v. to contend, contest,, esp. at 
foot-ball, MD, Prompt.— AS. campian. 

Campynge, sb. pedipiludiumy game of I 
foot-ball, Prompt. 

Can, pr. s. can, knows, S, S2. PAr. : 
can pane, S ; see Snnnen. 

Canceler, sb. chancellor, S ; see Chann- 

Caadely sb. candle, MD; kandel, S; 
oandlen, //. S3.— AS. candel {fondel) ; Lat. 
candela ; cp. Icel. kyndill, candle, torch. 

Candel-messe, sb. Candlemass, MD ; 
oandeLonasse, dat., S, S2.— Cp. Icel. kyn- 
dtll-messa, in Church Lat. canddaria, the 
feast of the Purification. 

Caaelle, sb. cinnamon, Sa, Voc, Cath. 
(«); oanylle, Cath.; oanel,W, Wa.— AF. 
canelle ; Late Lat. canella, cinnamon, also, 
a reed (Ducange), from Lat. canna. See 

Caiievas,j3. canvas, C3; canvas, Voc; 
canwas, Voc. — AF. canevas, canevace\ 
Late Lat. canabacius^ hempen cloth ; from 
OF. canve (F. chanvre\ hemp ; Late Lat. 
cannabum^ Lat. cannabis; Gr. /ca»va$i8. 

Caug, adj. foolish, lustftil, MD ; canoes, 
sb. gen., fool's, S ; kan^res, //., MD. See 
PP; Notes, (p. 341). 

Caugen, v. to befool, MD. 

Cang-liclie, adv. foolishly, MD. 

Cang-scliipe, sb. foolishness, MD. 

Chmker, sb. cancer, a disease, MD, W ; 

, ', Voc. ; cankexe, Voc— Lat. cancer, 
crab, an eating tumour, also, in pi. cancri, 

CanJcerd, pp. corrupted, S3. 

Canney sb. cane, reed, MD ; cane, Voc. — 
Lat. canna ; Gr. K&vva^ K6afvri^ cane, reed ; 
Heb. qdneh. 

Canne, sb. can, MD, W; cane, Voc. 

Cp. Late Lat. canna, a measure for liquids ; 
see Weigand (s.v. Kanne). 

Canon, sb. a rule, MD, PP; canonn, 

MD; canon-law, PP. — Lat. canon \ Gr. 
Kav^v, a rule, standard, from Kltv-q^ «dw^, a 
cane, reed. See Canne. 

Canonisen, v. to admit into the canon 
of the Mass, to canonize, MD ; to conse- 
crate, admit to the dignity of the papacy, 
MD. — ^Late Lat canonizare. 

Canonistres, sb. pi. men skilled in 
canon-law or ecclesiastical law, PP. — OF. 
canoniste ; Late Lat. canonista. 

Canoun, sb. a canon of a chapter, MD ; 
kannn, S; clianonn, S, Voc, C3, G; 
ckanon, C3. — OF. canone, canoine {cha- 
naine) ; Church Lat. canonicum (ace.) one 
on the church-roll or list {canon). 

Cant, adj. lively, brave, cheerful, MD, 
Sa, JD. 

Cantp sb. a portion, S3 ; comer, SkD, 
ND. — OF. cant; cp. It. canto, comer (Flo- 

Cantel, sb. edge, piece, bit, MD, C, 
Prompt., Palsg.; kantel, MD ; eantle, Sh., 
ND.— OF. canlel (F. chanteau). 

Caper-cailye, sb. capercailyie, JD.— 
Ir. capull-coille, lit., the horse of the forest. 
See Capnl. 

Capitain, sb. captain, Ca ; oapitayne, 
S3.— OF. cdpitain; Late Lat. capitaneum 
(ace.) captain, from Lat. caput.— Ci.Ch«Q»^ 

Capitle, sb. the sum, the chief point, W ; 
see Chapitre. 

Cappe, sb. cap, MD ; keppen,//., a 

Capret, sb. a wild goat, Wa ; oapretls, 

pi., Wa.— Late Lat capretus ; cp. F. chw" 


Capnl, sb. horse, nag, MD., Prompt, 
PP. HD; capil.MD; capel, C3 ; oaple, 
MD, PP, HD.— Icel. kapall\ Lat caballus; 
cp. Ir. capully Wei. ceffyl, 

Caracter, sb. a mark, sign, character, 
W; carecter, W; caxxacte, Palsg.; 
earecte, PP; oarect, W; caraotea, //., 
HD; oaxectes, PP.— Lat f^^ard^/^r; Gr» 


XaptucrffPf an engraved mark; cp. Prov. 

Caraynei sB, carrion, Sa ; see Csaoignm. 

CarbonclOy sd. a precious stone, MD ; 
oarbokyl, Voc. ; oharlioncle, MD ; ohar- 
Iniole, MD; eharlKxtle, C2. — OF. car- 
^mcle {carbotuUt charboucle) ; Lat. carbun- 
culum (ace.)* 

Carde, sb. teasel. Prompt. ; — OF. carde ; 
LAte Lat. cardum (ace), from Lat. carduus, 

CrardeUy v. to card wool, MD, Prompt., 
S3. — OF. carder, It. cardare (Florio). 

Cardiacley sb. pain about the heart, PP, 
Cath. (».), C3 ; cardyaole, Prompt. ; oax- 
diakylle, Cath., Voc. ; oardiake, Cath.— 
OF. cardiaquey a malady of the heart 
(Cotg.) ; Late Lat. cardiaca, * cordis passio *; 
Gr. Kapbiojcos, from napUa^ the heart. For 
the intrusion of / see Cronlque. 

Care, sb, grief, S, C3, G; cayr, S3; 
kare, S2. — AS. cearu: OS. kara; cp. 
OHG. ckara. 

Care-filll, adj. full of grief; S3, C ; kar- 
ftil, S2 ; oax«ftillloli, cuiv. anxiously, P ; 
oazfUl, S2. 

Caren, v, to be anxious, MD ; karlexL, 
S; etandyj^t, j., G ;//., P. — AS. cearian. 

Carfy//. s, cut, C2 ; see Keraen. 

Carited, sb. charity, S ; see Cliaxltee. 

Cark, Carke ; see ciuuve. 

Carly sb, a man, rusticuSy colonuSy mart- 
tusy MD, C3.— Icel. karl'y cp. OHG. karl 

Carl-man, sb, a man ; oarman, MD ; 
oaremane, MD; oarlmeiL, //., S. — Icel. 
iar/maSr {karmaSr)y a man, male. 

Carme, sb, a Carmelite friar ; karmes, 
pi., S3. — OF. Car me (Bartsch); from 
Church Lat. Carmelus ; Heb. Carmely 'cul- 
tivated land.* 

Caroigne, sb. carrion, MD, PP, C; 
earosrne, MD, PP ; oaroin, S2 ; careyne, 
MD, PP ; oaream, W2 ; oarayne, MD, 
S2 ; oaralnff, MD ; kaixiin, H ; caxloxL, 
MD ; caren, MD ; karyn, MD ; oareyns, 
pi. W. — OF. caroigne (F. charogne) ; cp. It. 
carogna ; from Lat. carOy flesh. See Crone. 

Carole, sb. a round dance, singing, MD ; 
karole, a chain, MD ; carolas, //., C ; 
cazoUes, MD. — OF. caroU {carolle) ; It. 
carola, a dance, song (Florio); Low Lat. 
caroloy karolay a dancing, also, a chain (of 
pearls), see Ducange ; Lat. corollay a wreath ; 
dimin. of corona, — ALM. For another 
account of this word see SkD. I 



Carolen, v, to dance in a ring, to sing, 
MD, PP. 

Carolinge, sb. carolling, C3. 

Carpen, v. to talk, to speak, to say, 
MD, C, S3 ; to rebuke, S3 ; carped*,//, j., 
S2 ; carped, S2, P. — Icel. karpa, to boast. 

Carp3rngf J*- talking, P. 

Carre, sb, car, cart, Prompt.; diarre, 
MD ; chare, Voc., S3, W ; ediare, car- 
pentuniy Voc. ; char, S2, S3, C, C2 ; 
chaar, MD ; charts, //., W, W2, H.— OF. 
carrCy also car {char) ; Lat. carrum (ace). 
A Celtic word, cp. Olr. carr (Windisch). 

Carry, v. carro vehere, to carry, MD ; 
carlen, C2 ; to drive, ride, travel, S2 ; y- 
caried, C2. — AF. carter (OF. charter, 
charroier) ; Late Lat. carricare {forrigare), 
see Ducange. See Ohaxgen. 

Carte, sb, chariot, cart, MD ; kart, H 
(Ps. 67. 18). 
Cary, sb. a rough material, S3; see 

Casse, sb. box, chest, cover, Prompt. ; 
kace, Prompt. ; caas, C. — OF. casse (AF. 
chcuse) ; Lat. capsa ; cp. Gr. K&ipa, 

Cast, sb. a throw, plan, intention, plot, 
MD, C, G ; caste, P ; kastis, //., H.-- 
Icel. kast. 

Castel, sb. village, small town {—castel- 
lum)y W; castels, //., camp { = castra\ 
W2 ; kastels, H (Ps. 77. 32).— Late Lat. 
castellum, viUage (Vulg.), Lat. castellumy 

Castel, sb. castle, S. — OF. castel (chas- 
lei). See above. 

CastelrWeorces, sb. pi. fortifications, 
S, MD. 

Casten, v. to cast, throw, to consider, 
imagine, purpose, design, S, S2, S3, C ; 
kairten, MD, H ; kesten, MD, S2 ; caste, 
pi, s.y MD, S2, S3, C2, C3, G ; kast, S2 ; 
kest, S3 ; casten, //., P, W ; kesten, 
S2, W ; casUden, W ; casten, pp.y MD, 
C2 ; 1-cast, S ; y-cast, C3 ; ikest, S2 ; 
kest, S2 ; cast, C3. Phr. : caste tomes, 
tried tricks, G. — Icel. kasla. 

Castyn^, sb. a vomiting, W. 

Cat, sb. cat, Voc, MD ; catt, Voc. ; 
kat, S. 

Catapnce, sb. name of a purgative 
plant, euphorbia, C ; catapns, CM. — OF. 
catapuce {petite), garden spurge (Cotg.) ; 
Low Lat. catapotiuniy * medicamentum quod 
non diluitur, pillula * (Ducange) ; Gr. /cara' 
v&rioy, that can be gulped down, a pill, 
from irSroi, drink. Cp. Low Lat. calhapucia, 
*■ semen spurgie/ SB. 



Cat-Clnke, s3. trefoil, S3, JD ; oatlnke, 
JD ; ketelokes, //., H (Ps. 36. 2). 

Catel, Ji. capital, property, wealth, CM, 
MD, S2, C2, C3, W ; kateyl, S2 ; oateUe, 
S2 ; oatela, S2 ; chatel, MD ; ohetel, 
MD.— OF. ca^g/, chatel \ Late Lat. captale, 
capitale, property, principal; from Lat. 
capitalist from caput, the head. 

Catour, sb. a buyer of provisions, caterer, 
Palsg., G ; cater, S3.— OF. acateur, buyer, 
from acater (F. acheter\ achapter; Late Lat. 

Cancion, j^. security, surety, account, 
MD ; oaucioim, W.— Lat. cautionem, se- 
curity, bond, warranty, from cautus^ pp. of 
cauercy to be on one's guard. 

Candron, sb. cauldron, W2. — AF. catid- 
roftf OF. chaudron. See Chaud. 

Canri-maiuy, sb. the name of a coarse 
rough material, PP ; oaurimaurl, S2 ; 
kaniymanry, PP ; oawrymawry, PP in.), 
Cf. Gary. 

Caatele, sb. caution, deceit, MD, 
Prompt. ; cawtele. S3 ; cantel, ND, Sh.— 
OF. cauteh {cautelk) ; Lat. cautela, 

Qautelons, adj. sly, deceitfril, MD, ND, 
Sh. ; cantelouse, W2. — OF. cautelos ; 
Late Lat. cautelosum (Ducange). 

Cavell, V. to divide by lot, JD : see 

Cawmyt, //. calmed, S3 ; see Calmen. 

Ca^te ; see Caocben. 

Cedre, sb. cedar, MD, W2 (Job 40. 12) ; 
oedxes, pi., S2.— AF. cedn:; Lat cedrum 
(ace.) ; Gr. Kihpos. 

Oedyistre, sb. cedar-tree, Voc ; sydyre- 
tre, Voc. 

Oeelen, v. to line the walls or roof of a 
room. Prompt., MD ; selyn. Prompt; 
seeled, pp., WW (s. v. deled). 

Ceinte, sb. girdle, MD ; seynt, C— 
Ul*. cetnte; Lat cincta^ pp. f. oi cingere. 

Celer, sb. QxMzx,promptuarium, Prompt., 
W (Lu. 12. 24), MD; ceUer, MD; seUer, 
G ; seUeer, G ; celere, dot. S, H ; oelerls, 
//., W2; selers, W2.— AF. ceUr, OF. 
celier ; Lat. cellarium. 

Celerer, sb. cellarer, C2. 

Celicall, adj. heavenly, S3. 

Celle, sb. cell, a religious house, C, C2 ; 
seUe, C ; seUes, //., P.-OF. celle ; Lat 

Celnre, sb. canopy, ceiling ; see Selnre. 
Cementixig, sb. hermetically sealing, 
C3. oee Syment. 

Cendal, sb. a fine stuff (linen or silk), S, 


MD ; M&dal, PP, ND, C ; oendel, MD, 
HD, Prompt; sendel, PP, H; «Lat. 
Hndon, W, Voc. ; oendeU, Palsg. ; send- 
aUe, Cath. ; sendyUe, sandalium, sindo, 
Cath. — OF. and AF. cendal (op. Low Lat, 
cendalum, sendcUum) ; perhaps an adapta- 
tion of Gr. aivd^y orig. Indian muslin, 
from Skt Sindhu, India. 

Contaure, sb, centaury, name of a plant. 
C; oentorye, Alph.— OF. centaury 'Lat. 
centaur ea, centaureum ', Gr. /c€jrravp€ioy, 
from x4vravpo5, a centaur. 

Ceptre, sb. sceptre, C2, MD, Palsg.; 
oeptyr, Prompt ; oeptlxe, H (Ps. 44. 8). 
— AF. ceptre; Lat sceptrum; Gr. ax^v- 
rpov, staff. 

Cerchen, v. to search, MD; oergyn. 
Prompt; serohen, MD; shercli, S3; 
seirsand, pr. p., S3 ; sherched, pt. pi., S3. 
—OF. cercher {sercher) ; Lat. circare, to go 
round, from circus, a circle. 

Cercle, sb. circle, MD, C; serole, 
Prompt., W2.— OF. cerclei Lat circulum 
(ace), dimin. of circus. 

Cerclen, v. to circle, MD; 81x01011, 
//•> S3.— OF. cercler; Lat. circulare, 

Circnlatf adj. revolving, S3. 

Cere, v. to cover with wax, SkD, C3 ; 
oered, //. shrouded in waxed cloth, SkD. 
— Lat cerare, to wax, from cera^ wax. 

Cere-cloth, sb. waxed linen (for dead 
bodies), Sh. ; searolotli, SkD. 

Cerements, (see above), Sh. 

Cerj^e, sb. wax taper, MD ; neTfg; MD, 
JD, Cath. ; oerffes, //., S.— OF. cerge, 
cierge; Late Lat. ceria, fem. from Lat. 
cereus, from cera, wax. 

Cexial, adj. sacred to Ceres, C— Lat. 
Cerialis, Cerealis. 

CerionsI^, adv. minutely, with full 
details, S2, C3 ; see Seryowsly. 

Certes, adv. certainly, S, C2, C3 ; ser- 
te», S2, PP ; oertls, S3, P.— OF. certes, 
(Constans) : OSp. certas-, Lat. certas, pi. f. 
of certus, certain. 

Ceruse, sb. ceruse, white lead, with 
which women painted their faces, MD ; 
cernce, C— OF. ceruse (Cotg.); Lat. 
cerussa ; cp. Gr. /cr^pwrSv, a cerate or salve 
used as a cosmetic, from fcrjpos, bees-wax. 

Cessen, v. to cease, C2, C3; oesen, 
^^'—A¥. cesser; L&tcessare, 

Cetewale, sb. zedoary, a root resembling 
ginger, MD, C2, Prompt, SB; setewale, 
MD, HD; setwale. Prompt; setuale, 
Prompt. ; sedewale, MD ; sedwale, MDj 


B6d«wale,Alph, — ^AF. cetewale, OY.citoual, 
citauart; hovf haX. zedoarium ; Aiah.jad- 
^dr (from the Persian). 

CeSen, sb. pi. countries, S ; see CdSSe. 

Chafy sb, chaff, straw, MD ; diaff, MD ; 
ohaffe, W, Prompt ; ohef, MD ; oaf, H ; 
cafe, H. — AS. ceaf. 

Cliaffarey sb. business, selling, mer- 
chandise, S2, C2, C3; ohafEkr, C3; ohaf- 
are, S; obeifoTe, S; chapfiure, MD; 
clieapflure, MD. — AS. cSap -^-faru, a jour- 
ney, business ; cp. Icel. kaupfor. 

Chaffareny v. to chaffer, 82, C3, P, W. 

diaflety sb. a small stage or platform, 
S3, HD. — A dimin. of OF. chafaut, chaf- 
faut, see Ducange (s.y. chaaffallutn). See 

Cfhainey sb. chain; chayne, MD; 
cheyne. Prompt., C2 ; olijne, MD. — AF. 
chaine {cheiru) \ OF. chadine, cadene ; Lat. 

Chaire, seat, chair, MD; cliayere, 
MD ; ohaier, W2 ; ohaere, S, MD.— AF. 
chaiifrey chayerCy seat, throne; Lat. cathedra; 
Gr. /eaOedpa, 

Chald, adj. cold, S ; see Cold. 

Clialengey sb. false claim, accusation, 
claim, MD, W2 ; oalenffe, MD; olMl- 
aunffo, MD. — AF. chalenge, chalange, OF. 
ccUenge ; Lat. calumnia. 

Chalengen, v. to accuse, charge, claim, 
MD, W, S2, P; ohalaaffe, H; oalen- 
gynffo, pr. /., W2 ; ohalang'ede, pt. s., 
S2; oludanged, pp. accused, P. — AF. 
chalenger, chalanger, ' calumniare.' 

CbAlengere, sb. accuser, W2. 

Chamber, sb. chamber, MD; ohamlmr, 
MD; acliamliyr, Voc. ; ohambre, C2, C3, 
PP; ohombre, MD ; ohaumbre, MD, PP ; 
ohawmore, MD; ohamer, Voc; olial- 
mer, S3. — AF. chambre ; Lat. camera. 

Ckamberere, sb. handmaid, MD, S2, 
C2 ; oliambxere, MD ; olLOxniborlor, MD. 
— OF. chamberiere. 

Chamberlingy sb, chamberlain ; 
ohaiLmborlixLir« MD ; obamborleln, MD ; 
■cliaiiiborloyne, Voc ; oluunborlayn, 
MD; chamerlane, Voc.— OF. chanibre- 
Unc (cp. It. camerlengo in Florio) ; OHG. 
chamarlinc ; Lat. camera + OHG.-A'«^. On 
the suffix see SkD. 

Ckamelle; seeCamoi. 

Chamelot, sb. camlet, S3 ; see Camelot. 
Champaine, ctdj. and sb. level, level 
country, CM, S3. — AF. champaigne, 

Ckampartiey sb. share in land, part- 



nership in power, C ; ohaiiparty, S3. — 
OF. champart, field-rent, see Cotg.; Lat. 
campi partem^ 

Championy sb. a fighter in the duel, a 
champion, MD ; ohampionn, C, G. — AF. 
champion ; Late Lat. campionem. 

Chail- ; see Chamu. 

Chanoim ; see Canonn. 

Cliape, sb. the locket of a scabbard, 
Cotg., Cath. ; schapo, Cath. (».). — OF. 
chappe (Cotg.). 

Chapele, sb. chapel, S, MD ; ohapeUo, 
MD ; achapoUe, Voc. — AF. chapele, OF. 
capeU ; Church Lat. capella, 

ChapeleiUy sb. chaplain, MD ; ohape- 
leyno, MD, C ; ohapoleyns, //., S2. — AF. 
chapelein ; Church Lat capellanus. 

Chapiter^ sb. the capital of a column, 
SkD. — OF. chapitel; Lat capitellum, 
dimin. of caput. 

Cliapitrey sb. a chapter, division of a 
book, a meeting of clergy, MD, PP j ohap- 
Iter, S3 ; ohapltere, PP ; ohaplUe, PP ; 
oliapltele, PP; oaplUe, summary, W. — 
OF. chapifre, chapitle\ Lat. capitulum^ 
dimin. of caput. 

Chapitre-hous, sb. chapter-house, PP ; 
ohapltol-lLoiui, PP. 

Cliapilian, sb. merchant, C, PP ; ohap^ 
mon, S2, PP ; chopmon, S ; ohapmen, 

//., S, S2, C3, PP. — ^AS. ciapman. 

Chapmanhode, sb. trade, S2, C3. 
Chapolory, sb. a kind of scarf, S3 ; see 

Char, Chare, sb. car, S3 ; see Carre. 

Charbode, sb, carbuncle (stone), C2 ; 
see Carbonolo. 

Charen, v. to turn, S ; see Chorren. 

Charge, sb. a load, injunction, responsi- 
bility, MD, S2, C3, C, W ; oharche, MD ; 
oarke, S3 ; karke, MD ; oark, MD, G. — 
AF. charge^ also kark. 

Chargen, v. to put a load on, to enjoin, 
MD, S2 ; to care for, W, W2 ; oharcliyiig', 
P^'P't S3; y-obariT^. //•> S2 ; obarffed, 
S2. — AF. charger \ OF. cargier \ YjsXt Lat. 
carricare. See Carry. 

Chargeouse, adj. burdensome, W; 
obarloase, W2. 

Charitee, sb. charity, C2 ; cbaryte, S2 ; 
obarlte, MD, S2, G ; oaritod, S ; karite>, 
MD. — AF. charitey OF. caritet, Prov. 
cartiat ; Lat. caritatem. Cf. Cherto. 

Charily adj. sad, S. — AS. cearig\ cp. OS. 
karag. See Care. 



ClllUnLel, sb. chamel-honse, P, SkD. — 
AF. chamely camel ; Lat. carnalem. 

Chartre, sh, prison, S, MD. — OF. char- 
ire, Ps. 141. 7 ; Lat. carcerem, see Brachet. 
For tr from original cr^ compare OF. 
veintre ; Lat. vtncere. 

CSiartre, sb. charter, S, PP. — AF. char- 
ire ; Lat. chartulay dimin. of charta, 

Cliasey sb, hunting, pursuit, also, hunt- 
ing-ground, MD ; chas, MD ; oliays, S3. 

— AF. chace, hunting-ground. 

Cliaser, sb. hunter (horse), chaser, MD ; 
ehasezls, //., S2. 

Chastelety sb. little castle, domain, P. 
—OF. chastelet (Cotg.). See Castel. 

Cliaflteleyiiey sb. castellan, MD. — AF. 

Cliastieny v. to chastise, MD, S; 
eluurte, S2, C2, P.— AF. chastier, OF. 
xastier ; Lat. cctsttgare. 

Chagtisen, v. to chastise, MD ; duui- 
tyse, C2. 

CllAStyilg, sb. chastisement, P. 

Chaud, adj- hot, S2, PP.— OF. chaud, 
chald ; Late Lat. caldum ; from Lat. calidus. 

Chaunce, sb. chance, S2, C2, C3; 
ehea n ce, MD; cheaniice, MD; cliaiis, 
MD ; olumoe, S3. — OF. eheance ; Late 
Lat. cadenttay a falling, from cadere. 

Cliaillicel, sb. chancel, Prompt. ; cliaiuu 
cell, Palsg. ; ohawnsylle, Voc. — OF. 
chancel \ Late Lat. cancellus, chancel, 
screen ; cp. Lat. cancelliy pi., latticework, 
dimin. of cancri, lattice work, from cancer, 
a crab. See Canlser. 

Cliaimceler, sb. chancellor, Prompt.; 
elianceler, MD ; canoeler, S. — AF. chan- 
celer^ OF. cancelier ; Late Lat. cancellarius. 

Channcelleriey sb. chancery, MD; 
ehanoelerle, MD. — AF. chauncelerie. 

diannceryey sb. chancery, MD.— AF. 

Clianngey sb. change, C2. 

dianngeil, v. to change, MD, S2 ; 
ohanngi, S ; eliojLgvn., S2 ; t-changet,//., 
S. — AF. changer, OF. changier, cangier\ 
Low Lat. cambiarCt to barter. 

Channger, sb. money-changer, W. 

Cliaxingyilgy sb. changing, W2. 

Cliailllteriey sb. chantry for singing 
masses for the dead, C. — AF. chaunteriCy 
OF. chanterie ; Late Lat. cantariay from 
Lat. cantarcy to sing. 

CliaTel, sb. the jaw, MD ; oliavjrl, MD ; 
ohawle, MD ; chaul, MD ; chonXe, MD ; 


oliol, S3; oholl, MD.— AS. ceafl. See 

further in SkD (s.v. jowl). 

Cliavyl-bone, sb. jaw-bone, Prompt.; 
cliav3rll>oii, MD. 

Che- ; see Chi-. 

Cheap, sb. bargain, S ; see Chepe. 

Cheap-ildy sb. a female trader, S. See 

Chearre, v. to turn, S ; see Cherren. 

Cheas, //. s. chose, S ; see Chesen. 

Checker, sb. exchequer, S3; see £■• 

Cheeff sb. and adj. head, upper part, 
chief, MD, PP; cliief, MD ; cheff, PP; 
chef, MD ; cliyf,PP.— OF. chef{KY. chief), 
cheve ; Late Lat. capum (ace.) ; cp. It. capo, 
Sp. cabo. 

Cheef-mete, sb. chief meat, PP, S2. 

Chees ; see Cliesen. 

Cheest ; see Chest. 

CheflElarey sb. business, S; see Cha^ 

Chekelew, adj. sufTocaling, HD; see 

Cheken, v. to choke, suffocate, MD, 
Prompt., SkD. See NED (s. v. achoke). 

Cheker, sb. exchequer, PP; see Bs- 
Cheldy adj. cold, S2 ; see CoUL 

Chelde, sb. cold, PP. 

Chelden, v. to grow cold, S; kelde, 
MD. — AS. cealdian. 

Chdle, sb. chill, S, S2 ; see Chil. 

Chdle, sb. throat, fur made up from the 
fur about the marten's throat, S ; dieole, 
MD ; chelle, MD.— AS. ceohy the throat ; 
cp. OHG. chila (G. kehle). See Xexthes- 

Chelle, sb. bowl, incense-vessel, S. — AS. 
ciella icylle), a vessel for drinking; cp. 
OHG. chella. 

ChemySy sb. chief mansion, JD; see 

Chene ; see Clijne. 

Cheosen ; see Chesen. 

Chepe, sb. bargain, business, MD; 
cheap, S. Phr. : food chepe, cheap, MD ; 
gret chep, plenty, cheapness, MD ; to 
g'ood cheep, too cheaply, G. — AS. cSap, 
business, purchase, price, also, cattle ; Icel. 
kaupy bargain; cp. OHG. kouf {OtfnA). 

Chepe, sb. Cheapside, S3, P. 

Chepen, v. to transact business, buy or 
sell, MD, S ; chepet, pp., S. — AS. ciapian, 
to bargain. 


Ckepingy sb. market, W; ohepjngs, 
S3, P. — AS. c^apung, trade, commerce. 

Chepmon ; see Chapman. 

Cher, ad;\ dear, PP ; ohere, MD. Phr. : 
oliar oner, careful of, PP.— OF. cher\ Lat. 

Ckerarcliyy sb. an assembly of holy 
rulers, a hierarchy, S3 ; yerarchy, SkD 
(p. 810). — OF. hierarckie\ Gk. Upapxta; 
cp« It gerarchia, a hierarchy of angels 

Clierey sb. a time, S ; see Chezzv. 

Ckeref sb. face, friendly welcome, S, 
MD, S3, S3, C3, G, C3; ohiere, S3; 
oheare, S3 ; cHeere, G ; oher, S3 ; cheer, 
W ; oherea, //., wry faces, S.— -AF. chere, 
countenance,OF.f>4^rtf, head (Roland); Low 
Lat. caray the face, head; Gr. K6Lpa\ see 
Ducange. Cp. E. cheer. 

Cheren, v. to make good cheer, to 
make glad, MD, Prompt, S. 

Clierichey v. to cherish, PP ; oliezToe, 
C3. — OF. cherir (pr. p. cherissanf). 

Ckerissing, sb. cherishing, PP. 

Ckerl, sb. peasant, S, S3, C3, C3; 
chorle. Prompt. ; ohurle, Voc. — AS. ceorl\ 
cp. MHG. kerl. Cf Carl. 

Cherliche, adv. dearly, fondly, PP; 
ehezU, S3. See Cher. 

€9i6rre, sb. a turn, space of time, busi- 
ness, afifair, job, MD; chere, S; ohar, 
MD; chore, SkD (p. 793).— AS. cerr 
{cirr, cyrr) ; cp. OHG. Mr. 

Cherren, v. to turn, MD ; chearre, S ; 
churren, S; charen, S; cherde, //. //., 
S. — AS. cerran (cirran) : cp. OHG. k^ren 

Cherte, sb. charity, MD : friendship, S3. 
— OF. €herte\ Lat. caritatem. Cf. Charitee. 

diembim, sb. pi. cherubim ; chenu 
toym, W3 (Ps. 17. 13); chembln, S3; 
cherabjn, H. — Church Lat cherubim 
(Vulg.); Yith.cherubim,^\.oi cherub. Cp. 
OF. cherubinSf Ps. 17. 10. 

Ckervelle, sb. chervil, PP ; oherefUle, 
Alph. ; chimyUes, //., PP.— AS. car/lU, 
(Voc.) ; Lat. caerifolium ; Gr. xaipk(^\Kw ; 
cp. OF. cerfueil (Cotg.). 

Cher^Tf sb. cherry, Voc. ; chere, Voc. — 
OF. cerise \ Late Lat. cerasea^ adj. from 
cerasumy cherry ; from Gr. /eepaaos, cherry- 
tree ; see Diez. Cf. Chlrlee. 

Cliesbolley sb. a small onion, poppy- 
head, Voc; cheeeboUe, HD; ohesse- 
hoUe, HD ; cheepoUe, Voc. 

Cliese, sb. cheese, MD, Voc., S (18. 



643); Bchese, Voc; o»m, S. — O. Merc. 
cJse (OET), AS. c^e ; Lat. caseus. 

C9liesen9 v. to choose, S, S3, C2, C3, G ; 
cheo8en,S,S3,MD; ohefl, imp.s.,S2 ; ohees, 
C3; ohoyM, S3; cheas,// s., S; ohei, MD, 
S2; ohees, MD, Ss, C3, C3 ; oheslt 
(weak), S3 ; onxen, //., MD ; eiuMn, S ; 
icoren, pp., S ; ychose, PP ; oooan, S. — 
AS. ciosatty pt. das (pi. curon), pp. coren. 

Chesibley sb. chasuble, P ; chesibyUe, 
Voc; chesjhle, Palsg. ; chesypyl, Voc. ; 
cheaypylle. Prompt. — OF. *chasible, cp. 
Church Lat. ccuibula, casubula (OF. chasu- 
ble); from casula, a sacerdotal vestment, 
from Lat. casa, a cottage. 

Chesoiin, sb. cause, account, MD ; ohe- 
min, S3, H ; cheaon, H. See Acheaonn. 

Cliesty sb. jangling, strife, MD, P ; 
cheast, MD ; cheaste, MD ; cheste, G, 
S ; cheestiJi, //., W.— AS. c/ast 

Chest, sb. chest, ark, cofHn, PP, MD ; 
chsBvt, MD ; o»vte, dat., S. Cf. Kiirt. 

Cliesteily sb. chestnut-tree, Manip. ; 
chevteyn, C, MD; cheston, Voc — AF. 
cheslaine, OF. chastaigne; Lat. castanea; 
from Gr. xdaravov. 

Chesten-tref sb. chestnut-tree, MD; 
cheatantre, Voc. 

ChesiUly sb. cause, occasion, accomit, 
S3, H ; see Cheaonn. 

Chesunabiley adj. open to an acca- 
saticn, H. 

ClieSen, sb. pi. countries, S ; see CnSSSe. 

ChenAlincev sb. gain, profit, MD. 

Cheuen, v. to succeed, to attain one*s 
end, MD, C3, P; cheenen, S3. — OF. 
chevir, from chef. See Cheef. 

C]ieiiesaiice> sb. success, profit, agree- 
ment, MD, PP ; chenliianiioe, agreement, 
bargain, PP, C. — OF. chevisance. 

Cheuesen, v. to procure, to get, MD ; 
chevieen, MD ; chevlsa, to achieve one's 
purpose, S3 ; cheuyce, to lend, S3. — OF. 
chevir (pr. p. chevissant). 

Ckeuetayn, sb. captain, S3; ohene- 
teyn, MD; oheventeyn, S3, PP, C; 
oheuentaya, MD, PP; chefbtayn, MD; 
chlTeteyn, MD; chlftalffne, PP.— AF. 
chevetayn {cheventeyn) \ Late Lat. capi- 
taneuniy from Lat. capit- stem oicaput, head. 
Cf. Capltain. 

Ckewen, v. to chew, S, S3 ; cheowen, 
MD. — AS. ciowan, pt. daw (pi. cuwotC), 
pp. cawen. 

Cheyney sb. chain, C3 ; see Chalne. 
GhiboUOy sb. a small kind of onion. 



MD, S3, P; che'bola, a yonng onion, 
Palsg.; oUbole, PP; schybbolle, Voc; 
o]ies1>oU«, Voc. — OF. cibaule; Late Lat. 
ccteptdla from Lat. caepa^ onion. Cp. It. 
cipolla, cyboll (Florio) and G. zwiebely 
onion (Weigand). 

Chidexiy v, to chide, dispute, MD ; 
chid, MD; imp.s., S; chit, pr, j., MD, 
C3 ; ohiddmi, //. //., S, W. — AS. cidan, 
pt. cidde, 

CHlil, sb, chill, coolness, MD, SkD; 
ehele, S, Sa, P. — AS. ciele (Voc.), cyle, 

CHlilCd, sb, childishness, S. Chile ; for 
AS. ctid+s; see Sievers, 258. For the 
French spelling, cf. Klloe. 

Child, sb, child, the child of a noble 
house, a title of honour, young knight, S ; 
elld, S, MD ; childze, //., S, S3 ; cUlder, 
MD, S, S3 ; oyldxen, S ; cheldxen, S ; 
childrene, ^en., S. — AS. ctld, pi. did, also 
<ildrUf and in O. North, cildoy cildas, 

Childen, v. to bring forth children, Wa. 

Child-had, sb. childhood, S; chilA- 
liede, dat., C2.— AS. cildhdd, 

Chimn^, sb. furnace, oven, also, fire- 
place, Sh, PP (;f .) ; cliyinney, W ; diyin- 
neye, PP. — AF. chimenecy OF. cheminee ; 
Late Lat. caminatay a room with a stove ; 
from Lat. caminuSy a furnace ; Gr. ndfiivos. 

Chinche, adj. and sb. niggardly, a nig- 
gard, MD, CM ; ohlche, MD ; olijnohls, 
//., H. — OF. chichcy miserable, niggardly 
(Cotg.) : Sp.rAzr^, small; Lat. ^;Vr»m (ace), 
the core of a pomegranate, a mere trifle. 

Chinchen, v. to be niggardly. Prompt. 

Chincherie, sb. miserliness, Prompt. 

Chirche, sb. church, S, S3, W3, PP, 
CM ; chnrohe, S, S3, PP ; oherche, S2, 
C3 ; kixke, S, S2, P ; kyxke, P, Voc, S3 ; 
kiro, S2 ; olroe, S, Voc. ; oyroe, S. — AS. 
cyrce ; cp. OHG. kirichd (Tatian). 

Chi2rche^0XI{f , sb. churching of women, 
Sa, MD. — Cp. Icel. kirkju-ganga, 

Chirche-haie, sb. cemetery, MD; 
ohyxolieliaye, Voc. 

Chircho-^eard, sb. church-yard, MD ; 
ohyxoheBarde, Prompt. ; kyxke^erde, 
Voc; ksrrgarUi, Voc; oyxoe-inrd, S. — 
Icel. kirkjU'garHr, 

Chirch-4IOCne, sb. congregation, S.— 
AS. ciric-sdcn (Schmid) ; cp. Icel. kirkju- 

Chiries, sb. pi. cherries, S2, P. See 

ChuiptjrillOf sb. cherry-time, P. 

Chirken, v. to twitter, chirp, MD, CM. 


Chirhyxiff, sb. a grating, stridulent, 
hissing sound, C, CM; cliTrkyiiire, sibi^ 
latusj Prompt. 

Chimiy sb. noise of birds, MD ; charm, 
ND ; ohirme, dat., S. — AS. cirm, cyrm. 

Chirmeil, v. to chirp and twitter, MD ; 
cherme, Palsg. ; chynnys, pr. s., S3. See 
SkD (s.v. cAirp\ and Brugmann, § 420. 

Chisel, sb. chisel, MD ; ohysel, Prompt.; 
ohywMU, S3 ; ohesyU, MD ; scheseUe, 
Voc ; 806MUe, Voc— North F. chisel, OF. 
ctsel, It. cesellOf see SkD (p. 793). 

Chit, pr. s. disputes, C3 ; see Ohlden. 

Chiteren, v. to twitter, MD, CM ; to 
chatter, C3. 

Chiteringy sb. twittering, MD; chy- 
texynff, S2. 

Chivache, sb. riding, expedition, CM, 
MD, C3 ; ohlTaohle, C ; oh«vache, CM. 

— AF. chivauche^ chevauchee, OF. cheval- 
cheCy from chevalchter, to ride on horse- 
back, from chevaU horse; Lat cabcUlum, 
(ace). See Capnl. 

Chinaler, sb. chevalier, knight, PP ; 
ohenalexe, MD. — AF. chevaler. 

Chivalrie, sb. the knights of Christen- 
dom, S2 ; ohevalrye, MD ; ohyvalria, 
knightly deeds, MD ; ohlnalxyOj C2.-^AF. 
chivalrie, chevalerie. 

Chiueren, v. to shiver, tremble. Prompt. , 
SkD (s. V. shiver) ; cheueren, PP ; shee- 
uerlnff, pr. /., S3. — Cp. Du. huiverm, to 

ChiueriXLge, sb. shivering, trembling; 
chyuexynffe. Prompt., p. 75 ; chynezyng, 
Palsg., Prompt. 

ChoiSy sb. and adj. choice, MD, C2 ; 
ohoyii, MD, C, C2.— OF. chois, cois, from 
choisir, coisir, to choose. Of Teutonic 
origin. See Chesen. 

Choisljy adv. choicely, MD; ohydy, 

Choi ; see Chavel. 

Chold, adj. cold, S ; see Cold. 

Choppeily V. to chop, cut, mince, MD ; 
fShMiffffs^y pp.-, MD. 

Chorle ; see Cherl. 

Chrisolyte, sb. chrysolite, 3; czy* 
solyt, SkD.— Lat. chrysolithus (Vulg.) ; 
Gr. xfna6\iOo%y * gold stone.' 

Chroiliq,tiey sb. chronicle, C ; see 

I Chnrroxiy v. to turn, S ; see Chexren. 
I ChyxnmySy sb, chief mansion, S3; 


elieinyB, JD. — OF. chef^-nus (Bartsch.), 
chefmois, diief manor house (Cotg.) ; Late 
Lat. capmansum (ace.) ; see DucaDge (s. v. 
caput manst). See Cheef. 

Chymneyy sb. famace, W ; see CUm- 

ChynchiBy sb, pL niggards, H; see 

Crhyney sb, chink, fissure, Wa ; dianes, 
//., S2, MD; ohyimes, S3. — ^AS. cinu, 

dhsrnnyng, sb, chink, S3. 
Ghyp, V, to chip, S3. See Choppen. 
Chyrmeily v, to chirp, S3 ; see Ohlr- 



Cliysly, cuh. choicely, S2 ; see Olioldy. 

Chyssell, sb. chisel, S3 ; see Chisel. 

dclatan, sb, a costly silk texture, S; 
diiflatonn, MD, C2 ; ■Iclatoun, MD ; 
ddatuui, //., S. — OF. ciclatun in Roland 
(cp. Icel. stklatun) \ cp. Arab, siqldi, a fine 

Cripres, sb, cypress, MD ; olpxees, Ca ; 
esrpres, Palsg. ; olpresse, MD. — OF. 
cypres; Lat. cupressus, cyparissus ', Gr. 

Circe, sb, church, S, Voc. ; see CUrohe. 

CrirCC-wicaJly sb, dat, church-dwelling, 

Cisteme, sb, cistern, Joseph's pit, MD, 
Cath. ; fldsteme, MD ; flevteme, Prompt. 
— Lat. cisterrta, (Vulg.). 

Cistemesse, sb. Josephs pit, S. 

Critee, sb. city, MD, Ca, C3 ; oyte, MD ; 
syte, Prompt. ; sdte, S ; oltee, MD, Ca, 
C3; olte, S, S2, Cath.— AF. cite, OF. 
citet ; Lat. ciuitatem, a community c^ citi- 

Citeseiny sb. citizen, MD; dtesesm, 
W (Acts 22. 26); cyteieyne. Prompt. — 
AF. ctteseyn, citezein\ Prov. ciutadan, 
ciptadan ; Late Lat. *civitcuianum. 

Citinery sb, citizen, JD; cyttenere, 

Citole, sb, cithern, C, MD, CM; eytole, 
Voc—AF.citole, OF. cytAoIte (=La.t. cith- 
ara), Ps. 56. 8 ; cp. Low Lat. cttola, (Voc.) ; 
Lat. cithara ; Gr. tciBdpa, also xlOapis ; cp. 
Chaldee qithdros^ Dan. 3. 5. See Olteme. 

Citolcrery sb, a player on the cithern ; 
cytolarer, Voc. 

Citrinacioimy sb. the turning to the 
colour of citron (in alchemy), C3, CM. 

Citrine^ adj, citron-coloured, MD. — 
OF. citrin ; Lat. citrinus, 

CitnTy sb, citron-tree, MD. Comb,: 

eytyr-tre. Prompt. ; dtar tree, MD. — 

OF. citre ; Lat. citrum (ace). 

Claniy etdj, sticky, H, MD. 

Clam, //. s, climbed, Sa ; olaml), Ca ; 
see Cllmben. 
Clasilychy cuiv, purely, Sa ; see Clene. 

Clappeily V, to make a noise like the 
clapper of a mill, MD, Palsg ; to chatter, 
Ca, C3. — Icel. klappa. 

Clapping, sb, chatter, idle talk, Ca. 

Clapsen, v. td clasp, C, CM; see 

Claret, sb. a spiced wine, MD, Prompt. 
dare, MD ; darre, C, MD ; darry, MD. 
—OF. claret (AF. clare) ; Late Lat. da- 
return and clarcUum, See Clere. 

Clarifien, v, to glorify. MD, W, H 

(Ps. 19. I). — OF. clarifier\ Lat clarificart 

Clarionn, sb. clarion, C, MD ; clary- 
one, Prompt. — OF. clarion (F. clairon). 
See Clere. 

Clarre, sb. a spiced wine, C, CM ; see 

Claspen. v. to clasp, Palsg. ; dapsen, 
C, CM. 

Clanster, sb, cloister, MD; doeter, 
MD ; dauvtres, //., Sa. — Lat. claustrum 
{clostrum\ whence Icel. klaustr, AS. cliis- 
ter. Cf. Cloieter. 

Claver. sb, clover, trifolium, Voc, MD ; 
davyr, S3; dovere, Voc. — AS. cldfre 
(OET.), also cloefre, (Voc.) ; cp. Dan. 

Claw, sb. hoof, Voc. ; dan, Voc. ; daw- 
wem, //., S ; duvis, S3 ; dawes, claws 
of bird, Ca. — AS. cldivuy hoof; cp. Icel. 
klauff see Weigand (s.v. klaue), 

Clawen, v. to scratch, stroke, MD ; 
dowe, to scratch, PP. Phr, : to daw the 
back, to flatter, S3. Comb. : daw-back, 
sb, flatterer, sycophant, Cotg. {^.Y,Jlateur), 

Cleche, sb. hook, MD ; oleek, HD. 

Clechen, v. to seize, MD, HD ; deke, 
MD ; olelkis, pr. s., S3 ; dahte, //. j., 
MD ; daaoht, //., MD. 

Cled, //. s, clothed, S3 ; see Clotben. 

Clee, sb. hoof, Wa. — AS. cUo, See 

Clef, pt. s. split, Sa ; see Cleuen. 

Clei, sb, clay, Wa, MD ; oley. Prompt.; 
W (John 9. 6), Voc. — AS. clag, 

Clemen, v. to plaster with clay, to 
daub, to smear, MD, Sa ; clemyd,//., glued, 
H. — AS. clSman, from cldm^ clay. 



Clenchen, v. to clench, seize, PP; to 
twang the harp, S ; <dmiten, //. //., em- 
braced, S ; cleynt, pp., fixed, MD; — Cp. 
OHG. klenken (in in-klcnken), to fasten 

Crlene, adj. clean, MD, S ; tulv. entirely, 
peniius, MD, S, Sa ; clexmer, comp., W2. 
— AS. clSne ; cp. OHG. kleiniy fine, tender, 
kleinoy * penitus * (Otfrid). 

Clexigen, v. to cling, S3 ; see CUniren. 

Clenliclly cuij< cleanly, MD ; clenHche, 
adv. purely, S ; clanlyoh, S2 ; olennllke, 
S ; (denll, entirely, S. — AS. clknlU. 

CrlexmeSy sb. purity, S2; cleimeMM, 
Wa ; Glenesse, S. — AS. cldennis. 

Clensien, v- to cleanse, MD ; olaiudl. 
S; clennflenn, S; y-olenBe, S3. — AS. 
(j^e) cl{knstan,see Sievers, 185. 

Clensingef sd. cleansing, S. 

Crleo ; see Clyffe. 

Crlepen, v. to call, S3, C2, W, W2 ; 
elepien, S ; cleoplen, S ; cluplen, MD, S2 ; 
oleopede,//. s., S; clupede, S; olepide, S2. 
W; clepte, S2 ; olepud, S2 ; olepet, S2 ; 
el^t, S3 ; l-deopet,//., S ; tHdeped., S ; 
y-clepnd, S2 ; y-cleped, C3 ; cleped, S2, 
C2 ; olept, S2 ; y-olept, C3 ; lolepet, S2 ; 
idnped, S2 ; Iclyped, S3. — AS. cleopian. 

Crlepyng, sb. a calling, W. 
ClorOy adj. clear, bright, glorious, C2, 
W, W2 ; oleer, MD ; cler, MD ; <flier, 

MD. — AF. cler ; Lat. clarum. 

Crlerenessey sb, brightness, W ; <fleer- 
nes, C3. 
Clerete, sb. brightness, W. 

Crlergeou, sb. a chorister, little priest, 
young scholar, MD, C2. — ^AF. clergeon\ 
cp. Sp. clerizon (Minsheu). 

Crlergial, adj. learned, C3 ; tilersrealy, 

adv. in clerkly wise, P. 

Clergie, j^. (i) the clergy, (2) the cleri- 
cal profession, (3) book-learning, MD ; 
oUrgy, H. — OF. clergie : Sp. clereciay 
clergy; Late Lat. clericia, the clergy, 
learning ; see Constans. 

* Crlerky sb, clergyman, scholar, secretary, 
C2 ; olexc, S, MD ; elerkes, //., S, C2, C3, 
P ; olerekes, S ; olerken, gen. pL, S2. — 
OF. clerc (AF. clerk) ; Church Lat. cleri- 
cum (ace.) ; Or. icKrjpiKSs, from ickrjpos, a lot, 
in eccl. writers, the clergy. 

Crler-matilL, sb. a kind of com for 
grinding, MD, S2, PP. 

Cleue, sb dwelling, bedroom, bed, MD, 
S ; Ueiie^ MD,— -AS. cUo/a, a recess^ den, 


bed, chamber ; cp. loel. kU/i, a closet, bed- 

Cleuen, v, to split asunder, MD, P; 
oleone, MD ; oleues, pr. j., S ; claf, pt. s.,. 
MD ; olef, MD, S2 ; cleef, MD ; olerede, 

G ; olouen,//., $2 ; clofexm,^., S ; clone, 
W. — ^AS. cleofan, pt. cliafi^. clufon\ pp. 

Cleueiiy V. to cleave, adhere, MD, Wa, 
PP ; olinyxi. Prompt. ; cliuen, S ; clyuen, 
PP; oUued,//. j., S; oleuede, W2.--AS. 
clifian {cleofian); OHG. klebhi (Otfiid). 

Cleuering, pr. p. clinging, holding on 
by claws, S3. See Clluer. 

Cleynt, pp. fixed, MD ; see d ench wi. 

Clicche ; see Cloohen. 

Cliket, sb. a kind of lock or fastening, 
PP, CM ; olyket, PP, Voc. ; olykyt, Voc. 
— OF. cliqtutte (Bartsch), from cliquer, to 
click, snap ; cp. Low Lat. cliquetus, 

Cliketed, //. fastened with a latch, PP. 

Climben, v. to climb, MD ; clymben, 
C2 ; olMiOf pi. s., S2, MD; clamb, C2 ; 
oloxiLb, MD ; clomben, pp., C ; clombe, 
C2. — AS. climban, pt. clamb (pi. clumbon); 
pp. clumben. 

Clixiffeily V. to shrivel up, wither, to 
cling, MD, S, ND, Sh; olenffen, S2 ; 
olyng'en, S2 ; olang*, //. s., MD ; oloniro, 
//., MD ; olung'eii, //., MD. —AS. clingan, 
pt. clang (pi. clungon), pp. clungen, 

Clippe ; see Clnppen. 

Cli9pen» V. to clip, shear, S, C2, MD. — 
Icel. Rlippa. 

Cliney sb. cliff, S ; see Clyffe. 

Cliueily V, to cleave, adhere, S; see 

Cliuery adj. eager, sharp, MD, SkD. 

Cliuer, sb. claw, S ; oUvres, //., S.^ 

AS. clifer. 

Clobbedf adj. like a dub, rough, Ca ; 
clubbed, MD. See Clubbe. 

Cloche, sb. claw, PP; cloke, HD; 
duke, S3 (s. v. cat\ JD ; denok, JD ; 
clokis,//., H. 

Clochen, v, to clutch, PP; dvcchen, 
PP, HD, SkD; douche, PP; dycoliea, 
PP; clicohe, PP. 

Crlocken, v. to limp, hobble, PP; 
dokke, PP. — OF. cloquer {clocher\ to limp 
(Cotg.), also eloper: Prov. clopchar; Low 
Lat. *cloppicaref from cloppus; see Die* 
(P- 650). 

Clodde; see dot. 

Clofbnn; seecneneau 


Cloister^ sb. cloister, MD; ololstxe, 
C3 ; oloyirtare, C; oloyslyr, Prompt. — ^AF. 
cloister, OF. cloistre (F. cloitre), Cf. 

Crloisterer, sb. cloister-monk, Ca. 

Cloniy sb. silence, S2 ; see Cliua. 

Cloxnseilf v. to be benumbed, stnpified, 
PP, H. See Clum. 

ClomstneSy sb. numbness, fixedness, H. 

CloOSy adj. close, C3 ; clos, MD. — AF. 
clos, closed, pp. of clore ; Lat. claudere. 

CloSy sh. an enclosure, a locked-up place, 
MD ; oloos, Prompt, S2 ; oloyss, S3. 

CloseHf V. to close, to enclose, MD. — 
From AF. closy pp; Lat. clausum. See 

Crloster, sb. cloister, MD ; see Claiu 



CloSUreSy sb. pi. enclosures, listenings, 

Closyngis, sb. pi. gates, W2. 

Clot, sb. a clod, MD; clotte, Cath. ; 
olodde. Prompt, Palsg., Manip. ; clottes, 
//., Imnps, S2 ; clottis, W2. See Wei- 
gand (s. V. kloss). 

Crlote, sb. burdock, Voc, MD, Prompt, 
Alph.; oloote, MD.— AS. cldte. 

Clote-bnr, sb. bun- of the burdock, C3. 

Clote-leef, sb. leaf of the burdock, C3. 

Crlotoren, v. to clot, coagulate. Prompt. ; 
<flodexen. Prompt ; olotlired, pp., C. 

Cloth, sb. cloth, clothing, S, S2 ; olo]>«, 
S2; olok, S2; olaS, S; fHaXmrn, pi., S; 
cloiSes, S.— AS. cldti. 

Clothen, v. to clothe, S; olaiSen, S; 
el«d, //. s., S3 ; olot$eden, //., S3 ; 7- 
olothed, pp., PP ; y-olad, C3 ; ded, S3. 

Cloude, sb. a mass of rock, a hill, clod, 
S2, MD ; elude, MD ; clowdys, //., MD 
(s. V. clot) ; olnddls, masses of cloud, S3 ; 
cloudlB, H (Ps. 67. 37).— AS. cltld. 

Clonty sb. clout, rag, W; clowt, C3; 
olutes, //. , S ; oloutes, S2 , S3, C3 ; olowtes, 
82.— AS. cltlt (OET.). 

Clonten, v. to patch, mend, S3 ; clot^- 
tand, pr. p., S2 ; clouted^ pp., provided 
with an iron plate, S3. 

Clone, //• split, W ; see Clenen. 

Clowe, V. to scratch, P ; see Gbiwon. 

Clowe, sb. a clove, pink. Prompt; 
olowM, //., MD.— OF. clou, do, a nail ; 
Lat. elauum (ace). 

Clowe-gilo&e, sb. a clove-gilly-flower, 
C2 ; tilowe-gylofres, //., S2.— AF* cloue 
degilofre. See Oexafloue. 

Clubbe, sb. club, MD; oloblM, MD. 
— Icel. klubba, klupiba. 

Clubbed, adj. club-shaped, rough, MD, 
Prompt; clolibed, C2. 

Clucclie, V. to clutch, PP ; see ClooliaiL. 

Cluddis, sb. pi. masses of cloud, S3 ; 
see Clonde. 

Cllike ; see Cloolie. 
Clum, sb. stillness, silence, MD, CM ; 
Clom, S2. 

Cluusen, v. to be benumbed, stupified^ 
MD ; olomsen, PP ; olomsed,//., set fast, 
H ; clTunst, H ; clumsyd, ' enervatus,'Cath. 

Clumst-liede, sb. numbness, H. 
Clupien, v. to call, S2 ; see Clepen. 
Cluppen,^'. to embrace, S, MD; olyppe, 
S2; olippe S2,MD; oleppe]i,MD; clupte, 

//. 5., S. — AS. clyppan, 

Cluster-loc, sb. enclosure, S. — AS. 
cliister-loc. See Clauster. 

Clute ; see Clout. 

Cluvis, sb. pi. hoofs, S3 ; see Claw. 

Clyffe, sb. cliff. MD; dyfe, MD; 
oliue, dat., S; oleoue, MD ; oleo, S; 
oUuea, //.. MD ; oleues, MD.— AS. clif 
(OET), pi. cleofu, cliofu; see Grein, Sievera, 

Clymbare, sb. climber, S3. 

Clymben, v. to climb, C2 ; see dim- 

Clyngen, v. to wither, to shrink, S2 ; see 

Cnawen, v. to know, S ; see Knoweu. 

Cuawlecben, v. to acknowledge, MD. 

Cnawlecbuuge, sb. acknowledgment,S. 

Cneliungf, sb. kneeling, S. 

Cneowe, sb. dat. knee, S ; see Kne.. 

Cnibt, sb. knight, S ; see Kni^t. 

Cnotted, //. knotted, S ; Umotted, S ; 
see Knotte. 

Cnouwe, sb. ddt. knee, S ; see Kne. 

Cnowen, v. to know, S ; pp., S2 ; see 

Co-arten, v. to compel, constrain, HD ; 
ooarted, //., S3. — ^Lat. co-arctare, to con- 
strain, compress. 

Cocatrice, sb. a serpent (=Lat basiliS' 
cus = Heb. peihen, an adder or cobra), W2 ; 
cooatryse, basiliscus^ cocodrillusy Prompt. ; 
kokatrloe, MD ; oockatzioe, WW.— OF. 
coccUriZt crocodile : Sp. cocadriz, basilisk, 
cocatrice (Minsbeu). Cp. Cokedzill. 

CockOf sb. in phr. : by cocke (a profane 
oath), S3, ND ; by 006k, Sh. ; Cock's pa»> 



sioii, Sh. ; Cos my passion, Sh ; by oook 
and pie, Sh., ND, SkD (s. v. pie^ ; for 
ookkea bones, C3 ; for oooks body, * de 
par Dieu,' Palsg. — Cp. Grimm, p. 15 («.)• 

CoCOW; see Onkkow. 

Cody sb, cod, pod, husk, MD ; oodde, 
Prompt., Palsg.; coddis, //., W.— AS. 
codd, bag (Mark 6. 8). 

Cod, sb, pillow, Cath., MD ; ooddis, //., 
HD. — Icel. koddi, pillow. 

Cofy adj. quick, MD ; kof, MD ; oone, 
MD ; oofe, adv.^ S ; oofer, comp.y S. — ^AS. 
cdf\ cp. Icel. d-kafr, vehement. 

Coflfes, sb. pi. cuffs, P ; see CnfRi. 

Cofin, sb. basket, MD; ooflyn, W2 ; 
ooiyne, paste, crust of a pie, MD ; ooflyns, 
//., baskets, S2 ; coQms, W; oof|pies, W. 
^— OF. cojin ; Lat. cophinus (Vulg.) ; Gr. 
k6<Pivo9 (NT). 

Co&e, sb. box, coffer, MD, Ca, C3, P ; 
oofer, S2; oofires, //., S2. — AF. cofre\ 
Lat. cophinum (ace.) ; see Brachet. 

Co&en, V. to put into a coffer, S5. 

Cog, sb. cog, tooth on the rim of a wheel, 
MD ; koir> Voc. ; ooirff^y dot., S. 

Cognisaimcey sb. knowledge, MD; 
oognlsance, that by which something is 
known, Sh ; oonlsantes, //., badges, S3. — 
AF. conisaunce, knowledge, OF. cognois- 
sance, from cognoissanty pr. p. of cognoistre ; 
Lat. cognoscere. 

Coife, sb. coif, cap, MD; ooyfe, S3, 
Prompt., Palsg. — OF. coiffe ; Low Lat. cofea. 
Cf. Cuffe. 

Cointy adj. knowing, prudent, skilful, 
sly, neat, fine, quaint, MD ; koynt, MD ; 
qnoynte, MD; qneynte, MD, S3, C2 ; 
qnaynte, MD ; qneynt, MD ; qnaynt, H. 
— OF. cointe, prudent, trim, friendly ; Lat. 

Cointeliche, adv. skilfully, neatly, 
quaintly, MD ; qnoyntellche, MD ; 
qneyntelicb, MD ; qneynteli, S3 ; qneln- 
tellche, S2 ; qnaintelye, S2. 

Cointise, sb. art, skill, cunning, MD ; 
qnointise, MD, S2 ; qnantise, H; qneyn- 
tise, MD, S3 ; qnalntis, H.— OF. com- 

Coite, sb. quoit ; oosrte. Prompt., Palsg., 
Manip. ; ooltis, //., S3. Cp. the v. coit, 
JD ; OF. cottier y to push, press (Bartsch). 

Coiten, v. to play quoits, Prompt., 

Cok, sb. cook, S2 ; cokes,//., C3, PP ; 
kokes, PP. — AS. c6c\ Lat. coguusy from 
coquir€f to cook. 


Cokedrilly sb. crocodile, HD, MD ; eO- 
cadrylle, Voc. ; ookodrllles, //., HD ; 
oooodrilly, Trev. i. 131, MD. — ^Low Lat-* 
cocodrillus; cp. It. cocodrilloy a crocodile 
(Florio), Sp. cocodrilloy a serpent, croco- 
dile (Minsheu); Lat. crocodiltis; Gr. Kpo- 
Kohiikos, Cf. Cocatrlce. 

Cokeney^ sb. cook's assistant, scullion, 
undercook, petted child, cockney, MD, PP, 
S2; cocknale, MD; coknay. Prompt., 
Cath. ; ookenay, CM ; cocknaye, Palsg. 
(s. y. bring) ; cockney, Sh. ; kokeney, 
PP; coknayes,//., S3. 

Coker, sb. quiver, also a kind of half- 
boots or gaiters, MD ; koker, MD ; coonr. 
Prompt, (see n.) ; ookeres, //., PP ; cock- 
ers, HD, ND. — AS. cocer, a quiver. 

Coket, sb. 2L, seal with which bread sold 
in London was stamped by a public officer, 
Ducange; oocket, Cath.(«.); certificate, S3, 

Cokety sb. a kind of fine bread stamped, 
PP, S2. Cp. Low hat. panis de coket, see 
Ducange (s. v. coket). See above. 

Cokewold, sb. cuckold, CM; koke- 
wolde, P; kukwald, Voc; oockewold, 
MD; knkeweld, MD ; ookolde, MD, 
SkD. — Cp. Prov. cugol; Lat. cuculum, 
cuckoo. See Cnkkow. 

Qol'fpreJiXi expressing depreciation, con- 
tempt. Comb. : — col-fox, a crafty fox, C. ; 
ooL-knif, a big knife, MD ; col^prophet, 
false prophet, ND; cold^prophet, ND; 
cole-prophet, ND ; colle-trairotonr, false 
juggler, CM (5. 248. 187). 

Cold, adj cold, PP ; chald, S ; kald, 
S ; cald, S2, MD ; kold, S ; chold, S ; 
cheld, S2 ; cold, evil, G. — AS. ceald, caldx 
Goth, kalds from OTeut. *kalan, to freeze, 
cp. Icel. kala (pt. k6ly pp. kalinn), 

Colde, V. to grow cold, C3, MD, — AS. 
cealdian, > 

Cole, sb. cabbage, cale, kail, Voc., MD ; 
cool, MD ; kale, MD, H.— AS. cole (OET) ; 
cp. Icel. kdl; Lat. caulis, stalk, cabbage; 
see Weigand (s. v. kohl). 

ColOy sb. charcoal, coal, S, S2 ; coole, 
MD ; coylle, MD ; coles, //., C2, C3 ; 
coolls, W ; koles, S2.— AS. col (OET). 

Cole, adj. cool, somewhat cold, Prompt., 
MD.— AS. cSl ; cp. OHG. kuali (Otfrid). 

Colen, V. to cool, MD, Prompt., G, H* 
—AS. cSlian ; cp. OHG. kualen (Otfrid). 

Color, sb. collar, MD ; coUer, torques^ 
Prompt.; colors, pi.. P.— OF. coler (F, 
collier) ; Lat. colle^rey from colluMy neek. • 


CrOlere, sb. anger, C, MD. — OF. colere; 
Lat. cholera ; Gr. xo^^pa, an affection of the 

Coldriky cuij. choleric, passionate, C2, 
MD; ooleryke, Cath. — Lat. choUricus, 
having one's bile affected ; Gr. xo^c/K«<is, 
from X'^^'hi &^' 

ColeSy sb, pL (?) ; xELphr, : «w«arlBff 
preoioiis ooles, S3. 

CoUadOTin, sb, conference, CM. — OF. 
collacion, discourse, harangue; Lat. colla- 
iionem, a bringing together, conferring. 

Colleily V. to embrace, W2, MD ; koU 
len, Sa. Der. : ooUynglJi, sb, pL, Wa. — 
Cp. OF. colUcy a neck-embracement (Cotg.). 
See Oder. 

Collerie, sb. eye-salve, W; oolixie, 
MD ; Qolozye, HD. — Lat. collyrium ; Gr. 

€rOllopp6y sb. a slice of flesh, carbonella. 
Prompt., MD, Palsg. ; ooUop, Cath.. Goto. 
(s.v. riblette) ; oolope, Voc. ; oolop, Cath. 
(».) ; coloi^, PP ; oollioppe, PP, Voc. ; 
oolllp, Manip. ; oolopiui,//., PP, Sa. 

CrOlonr, sb, colour, pretext, S3, C2 ; 
oolur, S,MD. — K¥.colur\ Lat. colorem. 

Col-plontes, sb. pi. cabbages, PP, S2 ; 
lBole-plaiLteB,PP; oale-plaiite8,PP. See 

Coltre; seeCnltor. 

CrOlimibmey sb. columbine (flower), 
Alph., MD,Sh; ooliim1i7B«,Voc., Prompt. ; 
oolnmbj, S3.— OF. columbtm ; Late Lat. 

Colvjrr f see Cnlner. 

Colwie, adj. grimy, S. 

Colwydy PP* carbonatus, Prompt. See 

Comaiindey v. to command, PP, C; 
oomaaden, MD ; oomanndet, pt. s., S2 ; 
oomande, S2, MD ; cnniaad, S2. — OF. 
comander, commander ; Late Lat. cammen- 
darcy to order. Cf. Oo men d e n. 

CrOmaimdementy sb. commandment, 
C, PP; ooma&dement, C2. 

ComaimdOTiry sb. commander, C3, PP ; 
eomandonr, S2.--OF. commandeor ; Late 
Lat. commendatorem. 

Combey sb. comb for hair, comb of a 
bird, Prompt., Voc.; komb, MD. — AS. 

Combren, v. to encumber, overwhelm, 
MD, S3 ; oomezen, S3 ; oom1)rei,/r. s.y 
82 ; onxnzlt, //. x., S2 ; oammezlt, S3 ; 
onmtoed,/^., S2. — OF. combrer^ to hinder, 
from comSrCy a heap, see Ducange (s.v. 
cumbrc^ ; Lat. cumulum (ace). 



Combre-WOrld, sb, cnmberer of the 
world, S3. 

Combust, pp. burnt, MD, C3. — Lat. 
combusius, pp. of camburerCy to bum. 

CrOme, sb. a coming, S, S2, C3 ; knme, 
S ; ktme, S ; onme, S; oomes, //., S. — 
AS. cyme. 

Comelyxuff sb. stranger, W, W2; 
kmnellng', MD ; oomUnir, W ; comlyng', 
S2 ; QomeHngta,//., W ; onmlyagls, H. 

Comeiiy V. to come, S ; enmen, S ; kiu 
men, S ; onm, S2 ; com, S2 ; onmlnde, 
pr. p.y S ; oomynde, S2 ; comlade, S2 ; 
ooBurte, comest thou, S2 ; ooiiip,/r. s., S2 ; 
oom, //. s.y S, S2, G ; cam, S, G, P ; kam, 
S ; oome, 2 pt. s., S, G; oomaa,//. //., S ; 
ooomen, C2 ; oomen, MD, S, G ; oome, 
S2 ; l-onmen,//., S ; iF-kmnen, S ; iF-ouiiie, 
S ; 1-oomen, S ; l-come, S, S2 ; comen, S2, 
S3, G ; oome, S2. — AS. cuman; cp. Goth. 

Comenden, v. to commend, C2, PP ; 
commended, //., PP. — ^Lat. commendare. 
Cf. Comannde. 

Comers, sb. //., strangers, visitors, 
passers-by, S2, PP ; oomezea, PP. 

Commoditiey sb. advantage, profit, S3, 
ND, Sh.— OF. commodity (Cotg.); Lat. 

Comp, sb. contest, S ; see Oamp. 

Compainoim, sb. companion, MD. — 
OF. compagnon ; Late Lat. companionem. 

Compaoiable, adj. sociable, PP, C; 
oompanaMle, H. — OF. compaignable 

CompaniOy sb. company, MD, C2 ; 
oompaynye, S ; oompalnie, S2. — OF. 
companUy from compaitty an associate at 
meals ; from Lat. cum + pants y bread. 

ConiparisoiUIy sb. comparison, MD, 
C2. — OT. comparison ; Late Lat. compara- 

Comparisoimen, v. to compare, MD, 

W (Mark 4. 30), S2. 

Compas, sb. circle, circuit, device, craft, 
MD, C3, G; oompaas, C; oompasse, 
S3; oumpas, W2. — OF. compas; Late 
Lat. compassum (ace). 

Compassen, v. to go round, to devise, 
contrive, MD ; onmpas, W2 ; oonpamed, 
pp.y S3. — AF. compctsser, 

Compassyng, sb. crafl, contrivance, C. 

Compeir, v. to appear, S3. — OF. com- 
per-y tonic stem of compareir\ Lat. com- 

Compor, sb. compeer, comrade, C, S2 ; 




compare, Prompt. ; onmpem, //., MD. — 
Of OF. origin ; Lat. comparem, (ace.). 

Compile^ sb. the last church-service of 
the day, compline, MD ; onmplle, S, MD. 
— OF. compile \ Chnrch Lat. completa 

ComplinOy sb. compline, MD; oohl- 
plyn, MD; onmplyBe, complctorium^ 
Prompt. See above. 

ComVOSicion, sb. arrangement, agree- 
ment, C, C2. — ^AF. composicion ; lit. com- 

C o mptroller ; see Controller. 

Comsen, v, to commence, 82, PP, MD ; 
onmsen, S2, PP. — OF. comencer\ Lat. 
com + initiare. 

ConmilO, adj. common, PP; ooxnim, 
MD; oomyn, MD; ooman, Sa. — AF. 
commun ; Lat. communem (ace). 

Comimef sb. the commons, commonalty, 
PP ; oommniie, C2 ; ooxniines, //., PP ; 
oomyns, S2, PP. 

Comnxilyclly adv. commonly, S2 ; 
eoxiLiuillolie, PP ; oomimly, C2. 

Comyn, sb. cummin, C2, MD, Prompt. ; 
euxiixnyn, W. — OF. comin ; Lat. cyminum 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. Kiytivov. 

Comynalte, sb. community, W2. — AF. 
communalte ; OF. communaulte ; Late Lat. 
*communalitatemy from communalis, 

ComynOy v. to commune, W, W2 ; 
oommime, C3. — OF. communier; Lat. 

Comynere, sb. participator, W. 

ConiTlltOy sb. community, W2 ; ooxnn* 
nete, rP. — Lat. communitatem. 

Con, pr. s. can, know, S. Pkr. : oon- 
]K>nk, thanks, S ; see Kuimen. 

Coaabill, adj. suitable, convenient, B. — 
OF. covenable, convenabU ; Late Lat. con- 

Conand, sb. covenant, B; Oonnand, B; 
Oannaiid, B. — OF. convenant^ agreeing, 
befitting, also, a covenant, pr. p. of con- 
vcnir; Lat. convenire. See Couenannt. 

Conandly, adv. befittingly, S3. 

Conceipty sb. imagination, fancy, idea, 
MD, S3; oonoeit, C3 ; oonoeltfl^ //., 
fantastic patterns, S3. 

ConceiTen, v. to comprise, to conceive, 
to imagine, MD; oonceyue, PP.-— OF. 
concevoir; Lat. concipere. 

Conduit, sb. guidance, a conduit, MD ; 
ocmdut, MD ; oondlte, MD ; oonduyte, 
S3; oondytli^Voc.; eond«t]i,MD; koiu 


dites, //., S3.— OF. conduit (Bartsch) ; 
Lat. conductum^ from conducere. 

Confessen, v. to confess, to receive a 
confession, MD. — ^AF. confesstr\ from Lat. 
confessusy pp. oiconfiieor. 

Confessor, J^. a confessor of Christianity 
before the heathen, a hearer of confessions, 
MD, S ; duifewram,//., S.^AF. confessor ; 
Church Lat. confessorem. 

Confiture, sb. an apothecary's mixture, 
C3. — OF. confiture (Cotg.); Late Lat. 

Confort, sb, comfort, C3, C, PP.— AF. 


Conforten, v. to strengthen, comfort, 
MD, C, P; oounforte, S2, PP.— AF. con- 
forter; Late Lat. confortare; Lat. con-^ 
fortis, strong. 

Confonnden, if- to bring to confusion, 
C3 ; confonndet, //., PP. — AF. confoun- 
dre ; Lat. confundere. 

ConftlS, pp. put to confasion, C3, C, 
PP. — AF. confus, pp. ; Lat. confusum. 

Congie, v. to bid farewell to, dismiss, 
get rid of, PP ; conffoye, PP, MD ; cnnsre, 
PP. — OF. congier^ to dismiss, from congii^ 
cumgteti LAte Lat. commiatumf Lat. com* 
meatum^ permission to go. 

Conisantes, sb. pi. badges, S3; see 

Co^jecten, v. to guess, suppose, MD, 
S3. — Lat. conjectare. 

Coniectere, sb. diviner, W2. 

Co^joignen, v. to conjoin, MD ; con- 
tfxnltfpp., S3. — From OF. conjoignant, pr. 
p. of conjoindre ; Lat. conjungere. 

Con-ioyninge, sb. conjoining, C3. 

Conne, v. to know, to be able, S2, S3 ; 
see Kuxmen. 

Conne, v. to test, examine, con, C2, P ; 
knu, H ; onnnlen, SkD. — AS. cunnian, 
to try to know. 

Conning, sb. science, skill, C2, C3; 
konning', C2 ; ooning'e, S2 ; lnin]i7ng',W. 

Conning, adj. skilful, C2. 

Conningly, cuiv. skilfully, C2. 

Conrey, sb. division of troops, also pro- 
vision, MD ; oonral, S2. — OF. cunrei 
{conrot), equipage, arrangement, a division 
of troops (Bartsch) ; It. corredoy equipage, 
paraphernalia (Florio); Low Lat. corredtum^ 
conrediumy equipage, provision, entertain- 
ment (Ducange) ; con + redium, a word of 
Teut. origin. 

il, sb. counsel, S, S2, C2 ; oomu 


■eil, G, C; oobmU, PP.— OF. consetl\ 
JLat. consilium, 

Conseili, v. to advise, S2; ooiuMllla, 

PP. — OF. conseillier. 

CrOnstable, sb. constable, warden, 
officer, C3, PP; oonestalile, MD; onn- 
■table, PP; onnestalOe, S.— OF. cow- 
stable ; Late Lat. comes siabuli, see Brachet. 

Constablesse, sb. constable's wife, S2, 

CrOnstance. sb. constancy, C2, MD.— 
OF. Constance (Cotg.) ; Lat. constantia. 

Constorie, sb. an ecclesiastical court, 
PP, S3 ; consivtorle, PP, CM.—Church 
Lat. consistorium, a place of assembly, 
from Lat. cottsistere, to stand together. 

CrOntek, sb. strife, contention, C, G, H, 
MD, CM ; contumely, MD ; oontak, MD ; 
conteke, HD; oonteok, HD, ND; con- 
takt, HD.— AF. contek. 

Conteken, v. to strive, MD. 

Contekonr, sb. one who quarrels, HD. 

Contenancey sb. look, gesture, outward 
appearance, encouragement, favour, MD, 
S2, C3 ; oontenannoe, PP, C3 ; ounten- 
annoa, S2 ; oonntexLance, S3 ; oontin- 
annoe, G. — OF. contenance; Late Lat. 
continentia^ mien. 

Contesse ; see Coniites«e. 

Contrarie, adj. contrary, C2, C3.— 
AF. contrarie (OF. contraire); Lat. con- 

Contrarien, v. to oppose, C2.— OF. 

€ontrarier\ Late Lat. contrariare. 
Contree, sb. country, MD, C2, C3; 
oontxe, MD, C ; oontreie, S2 ; oontxeye, 
S2 ; cnntxe, S2, MD, C ; central, S2, 
MD. — OF. contree (AF. cuntree), Prov. 
eontrada; Late Lat. contrata^ from Lat. 
contra^ see SkD. 

Controly sb. restrictive authority, Sh. — 
OF. contre-rdlCy contre-rollCy a duplicate 
roll, used for verification, see Brachet^ Cotg. 
(s. V. controlle). 

Control, V. to restrain, check, Sh. 

Controller, sb. superintendent, over- 
seer of accounts, Sh ; oomptroller, S3. 

Controven, v. to contrive, MD, PP; 
eontrocren, MD, S2 ; oontx«ven, PP ; 
oontrlTen, MD. — AF. controvert con-i- 
OF. trover^ to find, compose poetry ; Low 
Lat. tropare, from tropus, a song, lit. a trope, 
turn of speech ; Gr. rpdiro;, a turn. 

Conventicillis, sb. pi. assemblies, W2. 

Conveyen, v. to accompany, also to 



bring, MD. — AF. cunveier ; Late Lat. con- 
znare, to accompany. 

Conyng, sb. cony, rabbit, MD, S2, S3, 
P; YioiLyng, S; ormln, S; 001119, MD, 
HD; ooay, Prompt, HD ; conies,//., S3. 
— ^AF. conyng^ conyn^ conil (pi. conii) ; Lat. 
cunicuhtm (ace.). 

Conyngere, sb. rabbit-warren, MD, 
HD ; connyn^re. Prompt 

Coosted, //. //. went past, S3; see 

Coosteiy sb, pi, properties, qualities, S2 ; 
see Govt. 

Coote ; see Cote. 

Cop, sb. top, head, MD, S2, C, W, W2 ; 
coppe, dat.^ MD, W2 ; eajfj^pl.t W2. 

Cope, sb. cape, cope, Voc.,S2, C ; kope, 
S ; coope, Prompt., MD ; copls, //., P. — 
Cp. Icel. kdpa ; Late Lat. cdpa^ cappa. 

Copon, V. to cover with a cope, provide 
with a cope, PP, S2 ; 1-copet,^., S2. 

Copon, V. to barter, to meet, to have to 
do with, to encounter, S3, Sh. — Cp. Du. 
koopen, to buy. 

Coper, sb, copper, C3, MD; oopyr, 
Voc., Prompt. ; copper, MD. — Du. koper ; 
Late Lat. cuper, cuprum, for Lat. cyprium 
{aes) ; from Cyprus ; Gr. Khvpos, 

Coppe, sb. cup, S2, P; see Cuppe. 

Corage, sb. heart, spirit, MD, C, C2. — 
AF. corage. 

Coragens, adj. courageous, S2, MD; 
coraffeons, C2. — OF. corageus. 

COTBlfSb. coral, MD ; coralle, Prompt. ; 
oorall, Palsg., Manip. ; onrall, S3. — OF. 
coral ; Lat. corallum, corallium ; Gr. Kop&K" 

Corasine, sb. a corrosive, S3 ; see 

CorayOy v. to curry a horse, MD ; see 

Corbel, sb. raven, MD; corbjal, S2 ; 

corbj, S3. — OF. corbel (F. corbeau) ; Late 
Lat. corvellum (ace), from Lat. coruus. 
Cordewane, sb. Spanish leather, C2; 
cordewan, MD ; cordewayne, Voc. ; 
cordwane. Prompt. ; oordnane, Voc. ; 
cordon, MD. — OF. cordouan, corduan, 
Prov. cordoan, Sp. cordovdn, cordovan 
leather (Minsheu), from Cordova, name of 
a town in Andalusia. 

Cordwaner, sb. a worker in leather, 
Prompt. ; cordwalner, SkD. — AF. corcU- 
waner. See above. 

Core, sb. the heart, central part of fruity 
Prompt., MD. — OF. cor ; Lat. cor, 

£ 2 



Corionry sd. currier, W ; cnrionr, W. 
See Curry. 

Com, sd. a grain, com, MD, S, C3; 
Qoren, S ; oomys, giw., S3 ; oonui, //., 
S2; eomes, S2, PP, Ca, W.— AS. corn, 
Goth, kaum ; cp. Lat. grdnum ; see Brug- 
mann, § 306. 

Corxiy, adj. strong of the com or malt 
(applied to ale), C3. 

Corone, sb. crown, MD, C2, C3; 
Qoronne, MD, Ca ; oorowne, C ; oomne, 
MD ; oronne, S ; the tonsure, G ; orvne, 
S ; kmne, S ; emu, S ; crouuis, //., S3. 
— AF. corone {coroune) ; Lat. corona, 

CoroneHy v. to crown, MD ; oorouuen, 
S3, C2 ; crouui, MD, S2 ; y-oorouued, 
pp., S2 ; y-orouued, S3 ; y-coroued, PP ; 
1-kruued, S; cmued, S. — OF. coroner 

Corosi£, cuij. corrosive, C3 ; oorroslTe, 
sb., a corrosive, a caustic, ND ; corslTe, 
ND ; oorASlue, S3 ; oornye, S2 ; eonle, 
ND. — OF. corrosify biting away. 

Coronr, sb. runner, W2 ; see Currour. 

CrOrS, sb. curse, S3, G ; see Ours. 

CorSy sb. a body, a dead body, MD, S, 
C2, C3, PP ; corps, S3, C2 ; oorpls, S3.-- 
AF. cars, corps ; Lat. corpus. 

CorSy sb. course, S2 ; see Ooum. 

Corsainty sb. the body of a saint, a 
relic, MD ; oorseyut, S2 ; oorselut, CM, 
PP. — ^AF. corsaint ; Lat. corpus sanctum. 

CrOrser, sb. horsedealer, MD, S3, HD ; 
see Courser. 

CrOrsingy sb. exchange, barter, S2; 
horse-dealing, HD. 

Corsye, sb. a corrosive, S2 ; see Corosif. 

CrOrty sb. court, MD ; see Court. 

Corteis, adj. courteous, S2 ; corteys, 
S2; ourteis, S3, C. — AF. curteis; Late 
Lat cortensem, curtensem, 

Corteislichey adv. courteously, PP; 
ourteidy, C2. 

Cortesye, sb. courtesy, PP ; curteysy, 
S2 ; curteisie, S2, C2, C3. — ^AF. curteisie. 

Corompabley adj. corroptible, C. 

CrOrnmpeiiy v. to cormpt, MD; oor- 
rniupen, C. — OF. corrumprt\ Lat. cor- 

CompcioilSy sb. pi. sores, illnesses, PP. 

Comen,//. carved, S3, C ; seeSsruen. 

Cos, sb. kiss, S, W, W2 ; see Cus. 

Cosan,//. chosen, S; see Cheseu. 

CSossety sb. a lamb brought up without 
her dam, S3, ND. 


Cosshe, sb. a little house, Prompt, Palsg. 

Cost, sb. rib, side of a human body, 
shore, coast, MD, S2 ; costs, C2 ; costes, 
//., S2, P. — AF. coste; Lat costa. 

Cost, sb. nature, property, condition, 
manner, MD ; costes, //., properties, S2 ; 
coostei, S2. Cf. Cust. 

Costage, sb. expense, C2, HD. — OF. 
costage. See Costeu. 

Costard, sb. a kind of apple. Prompt., 
ND; humorous expression for the head, 
Sh, ND ; costards, S3 ; costard, a cap, 
ND. It probably means the 'ribbed, 
apple.* — OF. coste + ard, see SkD (p. 796). 

Costard-j agger, sb. costermonger, ND. 

Costard-monger, sb. seller of apples, 
costermonger, SkD ; costard-mougar, 
Palsg. ; costerd-mouffsr, SkD ; costar- 
mouffcr, ND. 

Coste, sb. cost, P; coust, MD; cost, 
C2. — AF. cu^t, coust. 

Costen, V. to cost, MD ; costs, pt. s., 
C2; costed, P; oosted, //., P.— OF. 
coster (couster) ; Lat. constare. 

Costey, zf. to coast, also to come near, 
approach, MD ; coosted, //. pi. went past, 
S3. — OF. costoter (F. cdtoyer). See Cost. 

Costlewe, adj. costly, CM, MD ; coste- 
lewe, Prompt. See -lewe. 

Cosyn, sb. cousin, C, PP ; cosln, S, S2 ; 
cusyuflT, S3 ; cosyus, //. kinsmen, W ;■ 
cousyus, W. — AF. cosin (cousyn) ; cp. Late 
Lat. cosinus (Brachet) ; Lat. consobrinus. 

Cosynage, sb. kindred, fellowship, H ; 
cusyns^e, fl . 
Cote, sb. cottage, S, Voc, C, C2 ; cotes, 

pi. sheep-cotes, S3 ; coates, S3. — AS. cot, 
also cyte (Grein) ; cf. OHG. cutti^ * grex ' 

Cote, sb. garment, coat, S2, PP, S3, C2, 
C; coote, C, W.— AF. cote, OF. cotte, Ps. 
21. 18; MHG. kotte, kutte. 

Cote-armiire, sb, coat-armour, linen 
coat with armorial bearings worn over 
armour, body-armour, S3, C2, C. 

Coten, V. to provide with coats, Sa ; 
cotyd,^. clothed, S3. 

Couche, sb. chamber, W. 

Couchen, v. to lay, place together, to 
lie down, MD, S2, C2, C3 ; cowcbyu. 
Prompt; cowclien,C. — KS.cucher^ cocker ^ 
OF. colcher ; Lat. collocare. 

Coude, pt. s. could, S2. See Kunuen. 

Connforte, v. to comfort, Sa, PP. See 


Covntef sb. conntj, shire, P, MD; 
oonntea, MD, PP.— AF. counte ; Late Lat 

CrOimtesse, ^^. coantess, Ca ; oonteMM, 
S3 ; cnntewM, S. — ^AF. contesse, from OF. 
contCf comte ; Late Lat. camitem, a count (a 
court dignity), in Lat. a companion. 

Coill itr c fet 8» V. to comiterfeit, C, C2 ; 
ooiitr«feto, MD ; ooiuLt«rf«tad, pp., C3. 
— From OF. cotUrefet, contrefeity pp. of 
contrefeire^ contrefaire\ Lat. contra -^facere, 

Conntre-tailley sb. correspondence (of 
sound) ; mphr. : at tlM oonntzcftalllA, with 
corresponding sound, C2. — OF. contretailie, 
the one part of a tally, the counter-tenor 
part in music (Cotg.). 

Conntryn^y sb, countering in music, 
S3 ; the plain chant, S3 (»). — See S3 (p. 


Coupable, adj, culpable, PP ; onpaMl, 
H.— <jF. coupable. 

Coupe, sb. fault, PP ; onlpe, PP, ND.— 
OF. coupe^ colpe ; Lat. culpa. 

Coupe, sb. cup, S2 ; eape, S. — AF. cupe ; 
Lat. cupa, Cf. Cuppe. 

Courben, v. to bend, MD ; oohxImA, 
//. J., P. — OF. courber ; Lat. curuare, 

Courche, sb. kerchief, S3 ; see Coner- 

CourSy sb. running, course, MD, Ca, C3 ; 
oors, Sa. — AF. caurs ; Lat. cursum (ace). 

Courser, sb, a steed, MD, Ca ; ooux^ 
■onx, MD ; cowroer. Prompt. — OF. caur- 
sur\ Late Lat. cursarium (ace). 

Courser, sb, horse-dealer, Palsg. ; ooi> 
«er, MD, S3 (s. v. horse) ; Monar, ND. 

Court, sb, court, enclosure, yard, PP, 
MD; curt, S; knrt, S; oort, MD; 
oonrte, PP. — AF. curt ; Late Lat. cortcm ; 
Lat. cohortem, an enclosure. 

Courteislicli, adv, courteously, ^P; 
see Oort c U il lohe. 

Courte-py, sb. short coat or cloak, PP, 
Sa, C; cowrtebj, Voc; koiutebj, P; 
oonrte-ples, //., PP ; oouxt-ples, PP. — 

Cp. Du. korty short Vpije^ rough coat ; cp. 
£. pea in pea-jacket, 

Coutlie, V, to make known, PP; see 

Couthe, //. s, could, knew, S, Sa, S3 ; 
pp., Sa ; oonth, Ca ; see Knnnen. 

Coutlie, sb. kith, PP ; see Xytli. 

Coue, sb, den, Sa. — ^ONorth. cdfa^ * spe- 
lunca' (John 11. 38). 

Coveiten, v. to covet, MD, PP; 00- 



niltyteB, pt, pi,, Wa.—AF. coveiter, OF. 
cuveitier; Late Lat. ^cupidiiare. See 

Coveitise, sb, greed, avarice, PP; 
eoiwitya*, C3 ; eoiMttae, PP ; oonetyae, 
Sa, S3 ; oouttitUds,//., W.— OF. coveitise, 

COTOitoUS, adj, covetous, MD ; 001107- 
toua, Sa; oon«toiui, Sa. — OF. coveiius, 
AF. cuveitus ; Late Lat *cupidttosum, 

Coueuable, adj, proper, fit, agreeing, 
W, MD, Sa, H; eaiMBaUa, S; oonaUU, 
H ; oonaUa, Prompt. ; onnaliil, H. — AF. 
cuvenable ; Late Lat. convenabilem. 

Couenaunt, sb, a covenant, PP ; cone- 
XLant, PP ; oovand, MD ; ooxiant, MD. — 
AF. covenant, OF. convenant, pr. p. of 
convenir, to agree ; Lat. conuenire, 

Couent, ^^- an assembly, a convent, MD, 
PP, Ca, C3; oooant, PP.— OF. cffuent, 
convent \ Church Lat. conventus, from Lat. 
conuenire, to come together. 

Couerdlief, sb, kerchief, MD ; kenez^ 
chief, MD; kezohef, C3; kyzoliefe, 
Prompt. ; ooiuolMf, HD ; eonzche, S3 ; 
kerohe. Prompt. — OF. couvre-cAe/, cover- 
ing for the head (Cotg.). 

Coueren, v. to cover, MD, Ca ; keue- 
ren, MD, S3, P, W ; knueren, MD ; ky- 
ueren, MD, W. — AF. covrtr; Lat. co- 

CovereUy v. to gain, to heal, to recover 
one's health, MD, Sa, W ; keuersn, MD, 
CM, PP; knueren, MD, Sa; kenord, 
//. s., H.--OF. covrer, (in recovrer) coubrer, 
to seize (Bartsch) ; Lat. -cuperare (in re- 
cuperare) ; cp. Late Lat. cuperamentum, 
acquisition (Ducange). 

Couert, adj. and sb, covert, hidden, a 
covert, MD ; oomurt, S3. — OF. covert, pp. 
of covrtr, 

Couerture, sb, bed-clothes, horse- 
cover, covering, MD, S; knnertnr, S. — 
OF. coverture, 

Couine, sb, conspiracy, craft, deceit, 
trickery, S3, MD, HD ; oov7ne,C; oorln, 
MD, ND ; ooven, ND. — AF. covine, from 
OF. covenir, convenir ; Lat. conuenire. 

Cow, sb, cow, MD, Voc. ; kn, S, MD, 
Voc; oon,MD; kne«, ^w. j., S ; Yy^pl,, 
MD,S3; kle, MD; kye, H; kyn, MD, 
Sa, C ; kyne, S3, P ; kyjn, Sa ; kyen, 
PP; kien, Wa; ken, MD, Sa, PP.— AS. 
cd, pi. cy (gen. aincC), 

Coward, adj, and sb. cowardly, a coward , 

MD, Ca. — AF. coward, cuard, cp. the 

I heraldic term lion couard, a lion with his 



tail between liis legs, and the name for the 
hare in the old terms of hunting ' la cowardc 
on la court cowe, i.e. short-tail. — Formed 
with the suffix -ard from OF. coe, tail; 
Lat Cauda. Cp. It codardo, from coday a 

Cowaardiey J^. cowardice, C; oowasdy, 
MD.— OF. couardie, 

Cowartf sb, covert, S3 ; see CooMrt. 

CowdOy Cowtlia, /^. s, could, knew, 
G; see Kuiman. 

Cawwchety sb, cushat, wood-pigeon, S3 ; 
oowaoott, Voc.; oowShot, SkD. — AS. 
cdsceoie (Voc.), ciiscute (OET.). 

C0J9 adj\ still, quiet, MD,C,C3 ; sober, 
modestuSf Prompt. — AF. coy, quiet, OF. coiy 
Ps* 77-13} also coit; Lat. quittum. 

Crabbe, sb. crab, S, Voc., Prompt ; also 
(in building) an 9xdii,famiXy cancer , MD. 
— AS. crabba ; cp. AF. crahbe. 

Crabbed, ctdj. shrewish, cross, bitter, 
C2, Palsg., MD, PP; crabbjd, *awke or 
wrawe, canceritmsy Prompt 

Craccbeiiy v. to scratch, MD, PP, C ; 
OTttolMn, S ; cark, JD. 

Crafty sb, might, power, ability, art, 
craft, deceit, MD, S, S3, C2 ; oreft, MD ; 
omAas, //. trades, P. — AS. craft \ cp. 
OHG. kraft (Otfrid). 

Crafti, adj. skilfril, sly, MD, S3 ; 
orafly, C, P ; orsfti, S. 

Crafti-mau, sb. artificer, W. 

Crage, sb. the neck, throat, S3, JD; 
cxawe, the craw of fowls, Prompt., MD. — 
Cp. Du. kraagy neck, collar. 

CrfJc, sb. a thunder-peal, MD. Phr. : 
orakkis of wer, cannon, B. 

Craken, v. to crack (like thunder), to 
cry out, to chatter, to break with a noise, 
MD, PP ; orakede, //. j., S.— AS. cracian. 

Craininafiyn, sb. and cuij, crimson, S3 ; 
see Czi2iioBlne. 

Crammen, v. to cram, stuff, MD; 
oromnMn, MD ; oremmyn, Prompt. ; 
l^OTomiiMt,//., S2. — AS. crammian. 

Crampey sb. the cramp, Voc., Prompt., 
PP; oraiimp«,CM.— OF.^ra»i/tf(Cotg.); 
ODu. krampe. 

Crane, sb. crane (bird), MD, Voc; 
kxaaas, //., MD ; orennls, S3 ; oxenea, 
MD.— AS. cran (Voc.). 

Crasen, v. to break, MD; onuMd,//., 
S3, C3 ; orasid, PP. Cp. Swed. krcuay to 
break in pieces. 

Cratcbei sb. manger, W, Wa ; cratoh, 
HD, Cotg. (s. v. creUhe) \ oraoohie, Voc., 


Prompt; exaoelM, MD. — OF. creche. 
Prov. crepchay crepia ; OHG. crippea (Ta- 
tian). Cf. CziblM. 

Cranen, v. to crave, b^ earnestly, S, 
MD., to prosecute, accuse, MD. — AS. cra- 
fiattj * petere, postulare * ; cp. Low Lat cra- 
varcy in judicium mittere (also written 
gravare)y see Schmid, Ducange. 

Crawand, pr. p. crowmg, S3; see 

Create pp- created, MD.— Lat. creatus^ 
pp. of creare. 

Creatour, sb. Creator, C3. — OF. crea- 
tour\ Lat. crecUorem. 

Creature, sb. creature, MD ; oreatonr, 
MD; creator, S3. — OF. creature; Lat. 

Creannce, sb. belief, MD, C3; ore- 
anoe, S3, C3. — OF. criancCy credence \ 
Late Lat. credcntia. 

Creanncen, v. to borrow, MD. 

Creannt, pr. p. and adj. submitting as 
conquered, MD, PP ; in phr. ; cry * cre- 
annt/ MD. — OF. criant\ Lat credentem. 

Crechen, v. to scratch, S; see 

Crede, sb. the Creed, S, C3, PP ; credo, 
S, PP. — Lat. crecby I believe. 

Credensynge, sb. believing, S3. 

Crefti, adj. crafty, S ; see Crafti. 

Creue, sb. the sacred oil used in anoint- 
ing, chrism, Voc., HD, MD ; cream, HD ; 
creame, Palsg. ; creyme, S3, Voc. ; Phr. : 
kllle of creme, i.e. the Mount of Olives, 
MD. — OF. cresme ; Church Lat. chrisma ; 
Gr. xpiaiJM. Cf. Crlsme. 

Cremelen, v. to anoint with oil or fat, 
MD ; y-crymyled, pp.y PP ; kremelyd, 
MD ; crymalled, PP. — OF. cresmeler, to 
anoint with holy oil. 

Crempe, v. to draw in, S. Cf. G. 
krdmpfen. See Crampe. 

Crennis, sb. pi. cranes, S3 ; see Orane. 

Crepen, v. to creep, S, C3 ; crope, 
MD; creap, //. s., MD; crep, MD; 
crope, MD ; ipt.s.yV ; cmpen, pLyMD ; 
crepte, //. s. (weak), MD ; cropen, pp., 
MD. — AS. criopan, pt. crSap (pi. crupoh)y 
pp. cropen. 

Create, sb. crest (of bird, helmet), sum- 
mit, MD, Prompt. ; crelstLi, //., S3. — 
OF. creste; Lat crista. 

Cresten, adj. Christian, S3; see Orlsten. 

Creyme, sb, the sacred oil, Sa ; see 

Cribbe^ sb. crib, manger; orib, MD; 


evyblM, Prompt. ; oribbe, S, MD. Cp. 
OHG. crippea (Tatian). 

Crike, sb. creek, MD ; krike, MD, S ; 
ozyke, C, Prompt. — Icel. kriki. 

Crimosiney sb, and adj. crimson, S3; 
orimosln, SkD; orammaffyn, S3. — OF. 
cramoisin {cramoist) ; Low Lat. carmesi- 
num ; from Pers. qirmisiy crimson ; from 
Skt. ktmi^ a worm, insect, (i. e. the cochi- 
neal insect). 

CrrismOy sb. consecrated oil for anoint- 
ing, MD ; czynne, oil. Prompt. — Church 
Lat. chrisma, sacred oil ; Gr. xp^afta. Cf. 

Crisme-childi sb, the child anointed at 
baptism, MD. 

Crrisme-dolSy sb. the chrisom, the cloth 
tied round the head of the anointed child, 
S. Cp. Church Lat. chrismalis pannus. 

Crisomey sb. the chrisom-cloth, cris 
maUy Voc. ; oryvome, Palsg. ; oriaom 
Cotg. (s. V. cresmeau). 

Crist, adj. and sb. anointed, Christ, MD 
S3, W, Wa. — ^Lat, Christus; Gr. xP^gtSs 

Cristeiiy adj. and sb. Christian, S, C2 
C3 ; ohrlsten, S, S3 ; cresten, S3. — Lat 

Cristendom, sb. Christianity, S, S3, C3 
oxsrstendom, S2. — A.S. cristenddm. « 

Cristenlyf adv. in a Christian manner 

Cristes-messe, sb. Christmas, MD 
CristenuuMo, C3. 

Cristientef sb. Christendom, MD 
oristiante, S3 ; crlstlaiiytee, Sa, C3. — 
OF. cresHentet cristientet\ Church Lat 

CristnieHy v. to make Christian, to 
baptize, MD, Sa ; i-oristned, //., Sa ; y- 
crlstned, pp., Sa; oxlstned, C3. — AS. 

Critoims, sb. pi. refrise of the frying- 
pan, Wa. — OF. cretons (Cotg.). 

Crochettey sb. a small hook, crotchet 
(in music), MD ; oroohettes, //. crockets, 
S3.— OF. crochet (Bartsch). 

Crofby sb. field, enclosure, PP, Sa, MD. — 
AS. croft ; cp. ODu. crochty a field on the 

Crohy sb. a crock, waterpot, MD ; cx66b, 
//., S. 

CroiSy sb. cross, PP, S, S3 ; oroys, PP, 
Sa, Ca, C3; oroii, MD; oxolce, MD, 
Sa. — OF. croisy crotz; Lat. crUcem, see 
Brachet Cf. Cxouolie, Cros. 



Crok, sb. a hook, curl, a crooked way, 
wile, deceit, MD, Voc. ; orokes, pl.y S ; 
orooks, HD. Phr. : went on croke, went 
astray, H. — Icel. krSkr. 

GrokeHy v. to bend, to curl hair, to turn 
aside, MD, Wa ; cxokid, pp. curved, Wa ; 
1-croked, S. 

Grokety sb. curl, MD, HD. 
Crokke, sb. crock, pot, Sa, PP ; oxooke, 
S, Voc. — AS. crocca. 

Grom-boUey sb. crumb-bowl, S3. 

Gromniey sb. crumb, C3; crunsM, 
MD ; croBM, MD ; cxoma, MD ; crowm, 
Voc — AS. cruma. 

Grommeny v. to cram, MD, Sa ; see 

CronOy sb. an old hag, Sa, MD, C3; 
crony, SkD. Cp. ODu. kronicy karonicy 
an old sheep ; Picard carom = F. ckarogne, 
see SkD (p. 797). See Caroiirne. 

Gronicley sb. chronicle, MD. — OF. 
cr<mique. For the intrusive / cp. manciple, 
participUy principUy syllabUy canticky 
treacle, cardiacle. 

Gronique, sb. chronicle, Sa ; chron- 
iqne, C. — O.F. cronique ; Late Lat. chron- 
ica ; Gr. xpovt/Kiif annals. 

CrooSi sb. pi. water-pots, S ; see Oroli. 

Crop, sb. top, upper part of a tree, crop 
of com, Voc, PP, Sa ; oxopp«. Prompt., 
Palsg.; cxoppes, //., young ^oots, C; 
oxoppls, S3. — AS. crop. 

Grope, a //. s. didst creep, P ; oxopen, 
'^p.y MD ; see Crepen. 

GropO, sb. crupper, HD ; cronpe, CM, 
SkD. — OF. crope (F. croupe). 

CrOJfeT, sb. crupper, the hinder part of 
a horse, C3. — OF. croupiere (Cotg.). 

Cropiers, sb. pi. the housings on a 
horse's back, HD. 

Cropone, sb. the buttock, HD. — AF. 

CrOS, sb. cross, PP, MD; crowM, P, 
MD. — ONorse, cros (cors); cp. Ir. cros, 
Prov. cros. Cf. Crols. 

GrOSSelet, sb. a small crucible, C3; 
oxofdet, C3. See SkD (s.v. crucible). 

Crouche, sb. the cross of Christ, cruci- 
fix, sign or representation of the cross, MD, 
PP, HD ; ornoke, PP ; crowoh, S.— Cp. 
OHG. cri^i (hrHzt) in Otfrid ; Lat. cruci^ 
(stem of crux). Cf. Orols. 

Grouchen, v. to sign with the cross, 
MD; omcken, MD; orowche, MD; 
oronched, //. s., MD. 



Croudy Croudey sb, a musical instru- 
ment (stringed), H, W ; see Crowds. 

Cronkeily v, to croak, S3; orowken, 

Prompt. ; oroak, Sh. 

Cronken, v. to bend down, S3, MD; 
see Croken. 

Croimey sb, crown, the tonsure, S, G; 
see Corone. 

Cronni; seeCoronen. 

Cromiingy sb, crowning, S2 ; the ton- 
sure, P. See above. 

Crowch, sb. cross, S ; see Cronolie. 

Crowdy V. to coo as a dove, S3 ; orond, 

Crowde* sb, a musical instrument 
(stringed), Prompt., Cath., Voc. ; oronthe, 
MD; orond, H; oronde {=chorus)yVf, 
H; orowd, ND; cronth, MD.— Wei. 
crwth, a fiddle : Ir. cruit : Olr. crot ; cp. 
Low Lat. chrotta (Ducange). Cf. Bote. 

Crowdey sb, wheelbarrow. Prompt. 

Crowden, v. to push, HD, S3, C3; 

cronden, MD, HD, C3 ; omde, to press 
forward, S; orowdyn. Prompt.; orod, 
//. J., MD, HD. — AS. *cnidany to press, 
drive, pt cr^ad (pi. crudon\ pp. croden\ 
cp. Du. kruyden, to push (Heidiam). See 
Sievers, 384, 385. 

Crowdyng, sb, pressure, S3, C3. 

Crowen, v. to crow ; orawa&d, pr, p., 
S3 ; lilm orow«f]i,/r. s, reflex,, C3.— AS. 
crdwan, pt. crioWy pp. crawen, 

Crownelly sb, corolla, small crown, S3. 
See Corone. 

Cmcchen, v, to crouch, MD ; omelMn, 

Cmche ; see Cronehe. 

Crridi sb, curd, MD; enrde. Prompt; 
omddes, //., S3, PP; orodd«8, PP ; 
oronds, JD ; cnrddys, Voc. 

Cmddid, pp. curded, W2. 

Cmde, V, to press forward, S; see 

Cmel, adj. cruel, MD; omwol, MD; 
orewell, MD. — OF. cruel; Lat. crudelem, 

Cmelnessey ^^. cruelty, MD ; omwel- 
nes, S3. 

Crueltee, sb. cxaelty,C2,^AF, cntelle; 
Lat. crudelitatem, 

Cmlle, adj, curly, C; kmUe, MD; 
crolle, MD. — Cp. G. krolle, curl; see 

Cnmey sb, crown, S ; see Corone. 
Cry, sb. cry, MD; orye, Prompt.; 
orei, S. — ^AF. m, crie. 


Cryeily v, to cry, MD, PP; crie, PP ; 
orl^inffe, pr, /., S3 ; orl^ed, pt, s,, S3 ; 
orleden, pi,, S ; orlede, S3.— AF. crUr, 
cryer, for older cridar ; cp. It. gridare, 

Crymailedy pp, anointed, PP; 7.«ry- 
myled, PP ; see Cremelen. 

Crystals sb. ice, crystal, MD ; orlstal, 
W2. — AF. cristal; Lat. ctystallum, ice 
(Vulg.), also, mountain-crystal ; Gr. irp«;<r- 
ToXXos, ice. 

Cnbity sb, elbow, a cubit (measure), 
MD ; cnbytee, //., €2 ; cnpydes, S3.— 
Lat. cubitum, 

Cucnrbitey sb. a gourd-shaped chemical 
vessel. — ^Lat. cucurbtta, gourd. 

Cndde, pt, s, made known, S; see 
CitSen, Zytlien. 

Cude, sb, cud, S, MD ; code, MD ; 
ondde, Prompt., Palsg. ; qnlde, MD : 
qnede, MD ; qnld, HD, SkD. 

Cneily sb, queen, S ; see Qnene. 

CnJOfey sb. cufF, PP, Prompt., Palsg.; 
coffee, //., PP.— Cp. MHG. kuffe, coif. 
Cf. Colfe. 

OuUcOWi sb. cuckoo, MD, Prompt.; 
cocow, Voc; cocowe, Palsg.; cncko, 
Voc. ; gnkffo, S3.— OF. coucou ; Lat. cu^ 
culum (ace). 

Cnlle, V. to strike, to kill, P; see 

Cnlme, sb, soot. Prompt. 

Cnlomm, sb. end, conclusion, PP. — For 
Lat. seculorum in the phr. : in secula secu- 
lorum, for ever and ever, at the end of the 
Gloria Patri. 

Cnlpon, sb, slice, shred, MD, C ; cnl- 
pown. Prompt. ; cnlpen, Manip.— AF. col- 
poun ; Low Lat. colponem ; cp. F. coupon. 

Colter, sb, coulter, the fore-iron of a 
plough, PP, Voc., Prompt; knlter, PP; 
coltre, PP.— Lat. culter, 

Cnlner, sb. dove, MD, W, W3 ; cnllfre, 
S; colvyr, Voc; cnlnere, S3. — AS. 
culfre (OET.). 

CnlneiNbriddis,, young pigeons, 


Cnu- ; see Com-. 

Cnmeily v, to come, S ; see Comen. 

Cnmlyngy sb, stranger, H ; see Come- 

Cnmpliey sb, compUne, S ; see Com,pUe. 
Cumrity pt, 5. encumbered, S3 ; cnn. 
merit, S3; see Combren. 

Cnmsen, v. to commence, S3, PP ; see 


OujOLf V. to know how to, H ; see Xim- 

ClUly sb. kin, kind, nature, S; ooium, 
dat.y S; see Zyn. 

CTiin- ; see Coa^. 

Cimdey sb. kind, nature, S ; see Xynd*. 

Cimdey adj. natural, kind, MD; see 



Cimdelichey adv. naturally, S; see 

Oimes-moiii sb. kinsman, S; see 

Cunin, sb. cony, rabbit, S ; see ConTUff. 
Cnnneily v. to know, to be able, S, S2 ; 
see Xnnimn 
ClinreadXieSy sb. pi. kindreds, S ; see 

Cupabily adj. culpable, H ; see Coil- 

Cuppe, sb. cup, S, C2, C ; kappe, S ; 
coppoy S2, P. — ^AS. cuppe ; Lat. cupa. Cf. 

Cuppe-mely adv. by cupfuls, S2, PP ; 
in onpmel, P. 

Cupydeiy cubits, S2 ; seeCnblt. 

Cnxace, sb. cuirass, S3, SkD ; curat, 
HD. — OF. cuirace; Late Lat. coracium^ 
from Lat. corium, leather. 

Cnrall, sb. coral, S3 ; see CorsL 

Curaty sb. curate, C. — ^Late Lat. curatus. 

Curatoiiry sb. curate, priest who has 
cure of souls, PP, S2. 

Coref sb. a charge, cure of souls, PP, C3 ; 
^i^Botn^^ pl.y pursuits, Ca. — Church Lat. 

Clirioiiry sb. currier, W ; see Coxlonr. 

CarioilSy adj. busy, zealous, eager to 
know, dainty, fine, MD, S3; careful, C. 

CorleWy sb. curlew, co/umix, Prompt, 
Wa (Ps. 104. 40) ; onrln, H ; karln, MD ; 
corlew, MD ; onrlowyr, Voc — OF. cor- 
lieu, curlew (Cotg.). 

CaxronTy sb. runner, courier, W2 ; o(n> 
our, W2; ourroum, pi. light-armed 
troops, S3. 

Cnzry, v. to prepare leather, to curry 
horses, to rub down, flatter, S3, MD ; our- 
ragryn. Prompt. ; oomje, MD. — OF. cou- 
ra^, coureer (F. courroyer) ; It. corredare\ 
from Low Lat conredium. See Conrej. 

Cnrs, sb. curse, C, G ; 00m, S3, G. 

Cnrsedlyy adv. wickedly, Ca. 

CnrsedneSv sb. malice, wickedness, Ca ; 
oursedneMM, Ca ; ounddnMM, misery, 

Curseny v. to curse, MD ; oono, Sa ; 
eurtMdtt, pt. J., S ; oorMd, pp.^ Sa. — ^AS. 

Curt, sb. court, S ; see Gourt. 

Clixt«i8y adj. courteous, S3, C ; see 

Cnrteisly, adv. courteously, Ca ; see 

Cvxteiayey sb. courtesy, PP ; see Cor- 

CnSy sb. kiss, Prompt ; oo«8, W ; oo«, 
S, W, Wa ; koflHMfl,//., MD ; ooMds, Wa. 
— AS. cos ; cp. OHG. cus (Tatian). 

Cusen ; see ClieMii. 

Cnsseily V. to kiss, S, MD ; kusMn, S ; 
ke«M, S, C2 ; oust*,//, s., S ; kevte, Ca ; 
klste, S, Ca ; k«st, Sa ; onwMden,//., Sa. 
— ^AS. cyssan ; cp. OHG. cussan (Tatian). 

Custy sb. choice, moral excellence, cha- 
racter, MD; ouste, dot., S. — AS. cyst\ 
cp. OHG. kust (Otfrid). See CliMMn. 

Ciurtoiliey sb. custom, a public due, 
MD,S; ouirtuiiM,S; oostom, MD.— AF. 
custume, coustunu\ Late Lat. *amsuetU' 
nimem, *consuetuntnem \ Lat. consuetudi- 
nem ; see Constans, and SkD (p. 798). 

durbome-llOlUldy sb. custom-house, Sa. 

Cut, sb, a cut twig, a lot, C, C3, H, 
Prompt, MD; kut, H, MD; outte, 
Palsg. ; kuttis,//., H. Phr.x to draw outs, 
HD. See XuttMi. 

Cuthy sb. race, people, PP ; see I^Ftli. 

Cathy PP' known, S ; see Xunn«n. 

Cli86y/^* S' could, knew, S; see XuBB«n. 

CuSen, V. to make known, S ; see Xy- 

CuthttOn, sb. acquaintance, kinsman, S. 
— AS. cii9man. 

CuSredeily sb. familiarity, MD. 

Cll88e, sb. relationship, one*s native 
land, S, MD ; see Kyth, CMSen, Cluffen. 

Cut^UTB, sb. cut-purse thief, PP ; Utte- 
pom, Y9. See Xutten. 

Cwakien, v. to quake, S ; see Quaken. 

Cwalniy sb. death, pestilence, MD ; see 

Cwalm-lmSy sb. prison, place of tor- 
ment, MD. 

Cwalm-stoWy sb. place of execution, 
S, MD. — AS. cwealm-sthu (Schmid). 

CwaS, pt' s. quoth, S ; see QucASen. 

Cwead-flchipey sb. wickedness, S ; see 

Cwelleili V. to kill, S ; see QuaUen. 



Cweue, adj, pleasing, S ; see QuMme. 
Cwemen, v. to please, S ; see QuMmon. 
Cwennkenn, v, to quench, S; see 

CwaSen, v. to speak, S ; ewilS, pL s., 
S ; see Qndoen. 

Cwic, adj. living, S ; see Qnik. 

Cwidden, v. to speak, announce, MD ; 
l^owiddet,/^., S. — AS. CTviddian. 


CwidOv sb. speech, bequest, S ; see Qne- 
tJen. — AS. cwidCy a sa)dng. 

CtU, sb. a canopy, SkD (s. v. ceH).—OY. 
del, canopy, inner roof, ceiling (Cotg.) ; 
Lat. caelum, see Brachet, p. Iv. 

Cyne-ricev J^. kingdom, rule, S ; see 

Csrrce-iSBrd, church-yard, S; see 


Dade, sb. deed, S ; see Dade. 

Dead, adj. dead, S ; see D«ed. 

DaBde, sb. pi. deeds, S ; see Dede. 

IHeiy J^. day, S ; dsBO) //•> S ; see Day. 

Dsarey o;^'. dear, S ; see Dexe. 

DaoSy sb. death, S ; see Deep. 

Daft, o^^'. apt, fit, SkD (p. 799) ; deft, 
fit, mild, gentle, innocent, foolish, MD; 
daffe, a fool, S2, PP ; deffe, obtusus, 
agresHs, Prompt. ; defte, dcU.,^. — AS. daft. 

Dafte-like, adv. fittingly; defUy, MD ; 
defly, MD ; dafltellke, S. 
Dage, sb. pi. days, S ; see Day. 

Dagen, v. to become day, S; see 

DagM, sb. a jag of cloth. Prompt, MD, 
HD, CM ; daiTflrea, pi. jagged edges, PP. 

Daggen, v. to pierce, to notch, to jag, 
to cut at the edges, MD, PP, SkD (p. 150), 
CM, HD ; dag'gyxL, fracHllo, Prompt. ; 
daffgyde, pp., Prompt. — Cp. ODu. daggen^ 
to stab. See JaiTff®- 

Dagtfer, sb. dagger, pugio, CM ; dag- 
gar, Voc. ; daggare. Prompt. 

Daghynge, sb. dawning, H ; see Daw- 

Dagoan, sb. a jag of a blanket, CM ; 
dagon, HD. See Daggen. 

DaheS, sb. dawn; dahcASes, gen., S. 
See Dawen. 

Dai, sb. day, S, W ; see Day. 

Dai-gang, sb. day's journey, Sa. 

Dai-liht, sb. daylight, MD ; dai-li^t, S. 

Dai-rawe, sb. day-break, MD. 

Dai-red, sb. the flush of mom, MD. 

Dai-rizne, sb. the edge of dawn, MD ; 
daUrlm, S. — AS. dceg-rima. 

Dai-Sterre, sb. day -star, S, W2 ; day- 
■terre, PP. — AS. dag-steorra, morning- 

Dale, sb. dale, valley, S, PP ; dele, S ; 
dalen, dot., S ; dales, pi., MD ; dealea, 
MD. — AS. dal : Goth. dal\ see Sievers, 49. 

Dalf , pt. s. dug, W ; see Deluen. 

Daliaunce, sb. talk, C, C2, C3; daii^ 

ance, MD. — AF. daliaunce, interference. 
Dalien, v. to talk. Prompt. ; dalye, to 
play and sport, Palsg., MD. — AF. dayler, 
to dally. 

Dal-neominde, pr. p. as sb. partaker, 
sharer, S. — O. Merc, dcel-niomend, Ps. 118. 
63 (VP.). 

Dalte,/A 5. dealt, G ; see Deelen. 

Damage, sb. damage, loss. Prompt., 
MD ; domage, S3. — AF. damage (also OF. 
damage); Late Lat. *damnaticum, firom 
Lat. damnum. 

Dame, sb. dame, lady, dam, S, C3, MD ; 
dam, MD. — AF. dame ; Lat. domina. 

Damesele, sb. damsel, S, Wa, MD; 
damoyiele, C. — AF. damoysele ; Late Lat. 
domicella, for *dominicella ; see Constans. 

Dan, sb, a title of respect placed before 
personal names, MD, Ca, CM ; dans, 
MD ; dann, MD, CM ; dene, S3.— OF. 
danz, dans ; Lat. dominus ; in oblique case 
OF. dam ; Lat. dominum, see Bartsch and 

Dang, pi* s. beat, S3 ; see Dyngen. 

Dar, I pr. s. I dare, MD ; dear, MD ; 
der, MD ; darst, a pr. s., S, C3 ; dsnt, 
MD; der8t,MD; dar,/r.x.,MD,Ca,C3, 
P ; ^ dnrren, //., MD ; dnren, S ; doxen, 
W ; dnrre, pr. subj. s., MD ; //., S ; 
dnnrte, pt. subj. j., S ; durst, MD, P ; 
dnnrte, //., S ; derate, S, Sa, Ca ; dont, 
Sa, P ; dnrren, v., MD. — AS. ^<?ar,I dare, 
a pr. s. dearst, pi. durron, subj. durre, 
pt. s. dorste. 

Dare, adj. dark, S ; see Derk. 

Darked, pt, s, lay hid, S ; see Derken. 


DarUsrngf adv, in the dark, S3, Sh. 
Pasewen, v. to be dim, MD ; daswen, 
C3 ; duMwlde,/^. J., Wa. — Cp. £. daze. 

jDanily sh. a title of respect, CM ; see 

jDaiinCfery sb, absolute control, power, 
also difficulty, MD, PP, C ; damiffexe, re- 
fusal, denial, S3 ; power to harm, PP. — OF. 
dangler y dongier, power, lordship, refusal, 
danger, (Bartsch) ; Late Lat. *dominiariumy 
from Lat. dominium^ see Brachet. 

DaimgerOlUly adj. haughty, difficult to 
please, MD, C2, C. 

Daunten, v, to force, tame, MD, Sa, S3, 
P.~AF. danter^ OF. dmter (F. dompUr)\ 
Lat. domitare. 

DaWf sh, dew, S ; see D«w. 

Dawen, v. to become day, Ca, PP, 
Prompt., Palsg., MD, JD; daffen, S, 
Prompt. ; dajede,/^ j., MD.— AS. dagian. 

Dawingy sb. dawning, S3 ; daflrheynflre, 
H ; dag'liynge, H. 

Dawneily v. to dawn. Prompt. 

Dawningy sb. dawning, MD ; dawen- 
yage, c. 

Day, sb. day, SkD ; dni, S ; dai, S, W 
(I Cor. 4. 3); da^3; S ; d«l, S ; dnie8,^r»., S ; 
del«8, S ; phr. : be dnies, by day, S ; now a 
dayes, Ca ; dale, dat, S ; daw, Sa ; da^ea, 
//.,S; dayeSyS ; dawea, S, PP; daffe, S; 
daffa, gen.y MD; da^, MD ; da^ene, 
MD; dawene, MD; dahene, MD, S; 
di^en, dat.y S ; ds^e, S ; daise, S : Phr. 
to give day, to give trust, S3 ; brinff of 
daw, to kill, Sa. — AS. dag, dages^ dage ; pi. 
dagos, daga (and dagena), dagum. 

Dayerie, sb. dairy, C; deyxsr, Voc., 
Prompt. See Deye. 

Dayesie, sb. daisy, CM ; dayeaye, CM ; 
dals-ele, Voc; dayea-ejea,//., Sa.— AS. 
dageS'iagEy i. e. day*s eye (Voc.). . 

Dayneily v. to deign, Sa ; see Deynen. 

Dayntethis, dainties, H, MD.— 
OF. deintet'y Prov. dentate dintat; Lat. 
dignitatem. Cf. Deyntee. 

Dayre, sb. dairy-maid, androchia, Voc. 
See Deje. 

De, t'. to die, S3 ; see Dejen. 

I>e-; see Dis-. 

DeaOy pr. s. doeth, S ; see Don. 

DeaweSy sb. pi. dews, Sa ; see Dew. 

Debaty sb. strife, discord, Ca ; debate, 
S3, P ; debaat, C3.— AF. dehat. 

De-bateily v. to contend, fight, MD, Ca. 
— OF. debatre (pr. p. debatant). It. dibat- 
iere, (Florio). 



Debonaire, adj\ mild, gentle, MD, C ; 
debonere, Sa ; d^boner, Wa, H ; debo- 
neire, MD ; dubonnxe, Sa ; debonayr, 
S3 ; debonur, H. — OF. dehonaire ; cp. Olt 
di bon aire. Cf. Bonaire. 

Debonerte, sb. gentleness, MD, H. — 
OF. debonerete, debonnaireteit (Ps. 44. 4). 

I>e-breideny v. to tear apart, W. — This 
is a hybrid form : de + ME. breiden, 

De-brekeily v. to break asunder, to tear, 
Sa ; debroken,//., MD. — ^A hybrid form. 

Debmsen, v. to bruise ; debxlae, MD; 
debmaede, pt. s., MD; debmaed, Sa. — 
AF. debruser, OF. debriser. 

Deceit, sb. deceit, MD ; diaaelt, Wa. 
— AF. deceit ; Late Lat. decepta. 

Deciple, sb. disciple, S ; see Dladple. 

Dedy sb. death, Sa, PP. — Cp. Swed. and 
Dan. diki. death. See Dee)>. 

Dedy €ulj. dead, S, PP ; see Deed. 

Dede,//. s. did, S, Sa ; 6ie<Lsn.,pl. ; see 

Dede, sb. deed, S, Sa, PP; dade, S; 
6jeA», pi., S; d»de, S; dedea, S, Sa ; 
deadea, MD.— AS. d/fd, (d(kd) ; cp. Goth. 
ga-deths, see Brugmann, § 75. 

Dede, pt. pi. died, S3 ; see Dejen. 

Dede, sb. death, PP, S, Sa, S3; see 
Ded, Dee]7. 

Dede-Stonrey sb. death-struggle, Sa. 

Dedeyne, v. to deign, S3. See Deynen. 

Dedly, adj. liable to death, H; see 

Deduiti sb. delight, pleasure, MD, HD ; 
dedii7t,C; dedut,MD; dute,MD.— AF. 
deduit; cp. Late Lat. deductus, 'animi 
oblectatio (Ducange) ; from OF. deduire, 
(refl.) to rejoice ; Late Lat. deducere. 

Dee, sb. a die, MD ; die, Sh. ; deea, //. 
dice, PP, Ca, C3; dya, PP, C— OF. de 
(pi. dez) : It. dado, Prov. dot ; Lat. datum. 

Deedy adj. dead, Sa, Ca ; ded, S, PP ; 
dsBd, S ; dyad, Sa ; deade, pi., S.— AS. 
d^ad ; cp. Icel. dauHr, Goth, daups. 

Deedlif adj. mortal, subject to death, 
deadly, W, Wa ; dedly, H, PP ; dladlioh, 
S ; dedlldi, MD, PP.— AS. d^adlic. 

Deef, adj. deaf, MD, C; def, MD; 
dene, pL, C3. — ^AS. d^afx Goth, daubs. 

Deelf sb. deal, share, MD, G ; del, S, S3 ; 
deal, MD ; deyl, Sa. Phr. : nener a deyl, 
not a bit, Sa ; euery deyl, Sa. — AS. dil\ 
cp. Goth, dails {daili-) ; see Douse, p. 94. 

Deeleiiy v. to deal, share, divide, MD ; 
delen, Sa, G ; delte,//. s., C3 ; dalte, G ; 



dA«d,>^.,G. — AS,d<klan: Goth, dailjan, 
from dai/i- ; see Douse, p. 113. 

Deep, adj. deep, C ; a«p, S ; deop, S, 
MD ; dyep, MD ; dnp, MD ; d«pe, sd., S2, 
C3; deopre, comp., S; deope, adv., S; 
deoppxe, comp,, S ; HL&pTfex, C3. — ^AS. dJop ; 
cp. Goth, diups, Icel. dj'dpr. 

Deer, sd, wild animal, C2 ; d«r, S ; 
dlere, daL, S ; deor, //., Ca. — AS. <//(E7r ; 
cp. Goth. diuSy wild beast. 

Deeby sd. death, Ca ; dsiAS, S, MD ; di0, 
S; diatli,S; d7a>,S2; dead,S; ded, S2, 
PP; de«Se,</a/., S; deffe, S, S2 ; d«de, S, 
S2, S3. — AS. d^qp; cp. Icel. dautfi, datUJr: 
Goth, daupus. 

Defiuuef see Diffame. 

Defante, sh, defect, fault, S2, Ca, PP 
defUte, S2 ; de&ntis, //., S3, W2.— AF 
defaute, defalU, 

Defendeily v. to protect, to forbid, S2 
MD, C3, H. — AF. defendre ; Lat. defendere 

Defense, sb, protection, prohibition 
MD ; dafenoe, S2. — AF. defense, defence, 

Dttfet, pp, defeated, MD.— AF. defet 
aefait, pp. oidefaire. 

Defien, v, to digest, MD, PP, HD 
deiye, S2 ; defy, Cath. 

Defien, v. to mistrust, to defy, PP 
deiye, despicere, Cath. — AF. defter, OF 
desfUr : It. disfidare, to defy, (Florio). 

Defig^Lren, v. to disfigure ; deiysriurd 

pp., S2. — AF. desfigurer. 

3>efiess, sb. pi., devils, S; deAen, S 
see Denel. 

Defonlen, v. to tread down, MD, W 
W2, H, SkD (s. V. defile^ ; defollen, MD 
SkD ; defouUd, pp., W2.— OF. defmler 
to trample on, rebuke (Cotg). ; cp. fouler 
(B&Tt5ch),f oiler, Ps. 138. 11 ; It follare, to 
press, to fill clothes (Florio) ; Lat. *fullare, 
to fall cloth ; cp. Julio, a fuller. 

De-fonlen, v. to make foul, inquinare, 
MD ; defowlyn. Prompt. ; defonlld, pp., 
W. — ^A hybrid form, de + ME. fukn. See 

Defbe, adj. gentle, S ; see Daft. 

Deghe, v. to die, S2 ; see Dejen. 

Degontit, pp, spotted, S3. Cp. OF. 
degoutter (Cotg.), and Lat. gtUta, a drop, a 
spot, speck on an animal. 

Degyse, adj. fashionable, finical, H. — 
OF. aesguis^, dissembled, sophisticated 
(Cotg.). See Disgysen. 

Deh, sb. dye, colour, SkD.— AS. d^ah, 

Dehtren, sb, pi, daughters, S; see 


Dei, sb, day, S ; see Day. 
Deide ; see Dejen. 

Deih, pr, s. profits, S ; see Dti^jbb. 

DeJ-hwamli ohe, adv, every day, S.— 
AS. dag'hwamlice. 

Deir, v, to harm, S3 ; see "Dvxb, 

Deken, sb. deacon, MD; diakne, MD ; 
deakne, MD ; dekene, W ; dAknea, //., 
S2, C3. — ^AS. diacon; Church Ij&tdiaconus; 
Gr. SidKowos (NT). 

Del, sb. deal, ^are, S, S3 ; see Deal. 

Del, sb. grief, S2 ; see Dole. 

Dele, sb, dale, S ; see Dale. 

Delen, v, to deal, S2, G ; see Deelen. 

Delfin, sb, dolphin, Voc. ; deUyne, 
Prompt.; deliyn,SkD; deU^rna,//., MD ; 
delpliyna, S2. — ^Lat. delphinus; Gr. deXipiv- 
(stem of 5<A.0/s). 

Delfkll, adj, doleful, S2 ; see Dolefulle. 

Delftllli, adv. dolefully, MD; see 

Delices, sb. pi, delights, H, C3, W2 ; 
delicia, W, H.— OF. delices ; Lat. delicias, 

Delit, sb. delight, MD ; delyt, S3, C2, 
C3. — OF. delit, deleit, 

Delitable, adj. delightful, PP, S3, W2, 

H; delytable, S2, C2; dUitable, S2.— 
AF. delitdble\ Lat. delectcMlem, 

Delite, v. to delight, Cath., PP, W2 ; 
delytinff, pr, p.^ C2.— AF. deliter\ Lat. 

Delitmgis, sb. pi, delights, W2. 

Deliuer, adj, quick, active, MD ; dely- 
nere, C. — OF. delivre, quick, literally 
' freed.' 

Delineren, v. to set free,MD; delluezy, 
S2 ; delynexy, PP. — AF. deliverer'. Late 
Lat. deliberare ; Lat. de + liberare, 

Delinerly, adv* quickly, nimbly, S2 
delynerly, b2, C. 
Deluen, v. to delve, dig, S, C2, P, W 

9aM,pt. s., MD, W ; dalfe, W ; doluen,//. 
MD,P; delneden(ze/^a/&//.), W2; dolue 
subj., S2 ; i-dolnen, //., S ; y-dolue, S2 
dolueiL, buried, S, P ; i-doluen, S2. — ^AS 
delfan, pt. dealf{p\, dulfon), pp. dolfen, 
Deluers,, diggers, S2; delTieze8,P 
Deme, sb, judge, S. — AS. dhna, 
Demen, v. to give doom, to judge, de 
cree, S, S2, S3, C2 ; deeme, S2 ; demde 
pt, J., S ; i-demed, pp., S\ y-demed,^ S 
7-demd, S2 ; i-demd, S ; demet, S ; dempt 
S. — ^AS. diman : OS. dSmian, Goth, dom- 
jan. See Doom. 
Denieneiiff v, to manage, to behave 


{refl>), MD ; demenynar, pr. p. shewing, 
S3,— OF. demener, to carry on, make; 
demenerjoie, to rejoice, also demenerdol, to 
grieve, Bartsch ; cp. Cotg., and the phrase 
demener dolor in Roland. 

DemerOy sh, judge, S ; denuuw, S. — ^AS. 

Demeyney sb. power, possession, Ca ; 
dMnayn, MD ; dAmeigne, MD.— OF. de- 
meine, property, that whidi belongs to a 
lord ; Lat. dominicum, from dominus ; see 

Dene* sb. a title of respect, S3 ; see Dan. 

Dene, sb. din, noise, PP, MD ; see Dyn. 

Deneis, Danes, S2.— OF. Deneis ; 
Low Lat. DenensiSy a Dane, see Brachet, 

Dexiie, v. to din ; see Dlnnen. 

Denne* sb. den, MD ; don, S ; dennes, 
//., S2, W, H ; dennyB, H.— AS. denn. 

Denneilf v. to dwell ; dennede,//. s., S. 

Denoimcey v. to command, W ( - Lat. 
denunciare).—0¥ . denoncery to declare. 

Bent, sb. blow, S, S3, PP, CM ; dynt, 
S3 ; dint, S, S2 ; dnnt, S, S2.— AS. dynt. 

Deofell, sb. devil, S ; see Deuel. 

Deol, sb. grief, S, S3 ; see Dole. 

Deop, adj. deep, S ; see Deep. 

Deopliohe, adv. deeply, S. 

Deopnesse, sb. deepness, S ; see Dep- 
nesse. ^ 

Deore, v. to last, S2 ; see Dnxen. 

Deore, adj. dear, S ; see Dere. 

Deore-wnrSe, adj. precions, S; see 

Deorling, sb. darling, S ; see Derling. 

Deome, adj. secret, dark, S ; see Deme. 

Deouele, sb, devil, S ; see Denel. 

3>ep, adj. deep, S ; see Deep. 

Departen, v. to separate, divide, PP, 

SSi C3, W, W2 ; to become separated, S2 ; 

depart, pp., S3. — AF. departir; OF. des- 
partir ; It. dispartire (Florio). 

Departere, sb. a divider, W. 

Separtyng, sb. division, W ; depart- 

ynffls,//., Wa. 

Depaynt,//. painted, S3 ; depesmted, 

C; depaynted, S3 ; depeynt, //.//., S3. — 

OF. depeindre (pp. depeini). 

Bepayntar, sb. painter, S3. 

Depe, sb. depth, S3, C3. — ^AS. dype, 

Depen, v. to dip, S2. 

Deplike, adv. deeply, MD ; deopliolie, 

S.— AS. dioplice. 



Depnesse, sb, deepness, depth, MD; 
depnea, S3 ; deopnease, S. — AS. diopnes. 

Deprane, v. to slander, depreciate, W2, 
PP. — Lat. deprauare, to distort. 

Depnren, v. to purify, S3, MD. — OF. 

depurer ; Late Lat. depurare. 

Der, sb. wild animal, S ; see Deer. 

DerW \—phr. : finitlier Derbiea liandB, 
handcuffs, S3 ; Darbiea iMuids, DG ; dar- 
liies, DG. 

Dere, sb. harm, injury, MD ; darr, MD ; 
der, S3.— AS. daru. 

Dere, v. to harm, S, S2, €2 ; derien, 
S, MD ; delr, S3 ; ^erm^ Sa.— AS. 
derian ; cp. OHG. derien {derreri) in Otfrid. 

Dere, adj. and adv. dear, S, PP ; diere, 
S ; dnere, S2 ; dsore, S ; dure, MD ; 
deore, S ; der, S2 ; delr, MD ; derre, 
comp.y C ; derreat, superl.y P. — AS. diorCy 
dyre : OS. diuriy costly, loved. 

Dereliche, adv. dearly, MD; dere- 
lyoli, S2 ; derli, S2.— AS. diorlice. 

Dere-wnrSe, adj. precious, S ; dere- 
wortli, W; dierewnrth, S; derwor]>e, 
S2, P; deorewuzVe, S. — AS. dSorwurHe. 

3)erewiir8lice, adv. respectfully, S. 

Dereynen, v. to answer to an accusa- 
tion, to maintain a right in a judicial con- 
test, CM, S2 ; deresmi, S3 ; derreyne, C ; 
darreyne, C; dereyned, //., S3. — AF. 
dereiner, OF. desresnieri Late Lat. dis- 
rationare (also derattonare) ; see Ducange. 

Derf, adj. brave, powerful, difficult, hard, 
MD ; derfe, pi., MD ; deme, MD, S ; 
derfire, comp.y S; demre, S. — Cp. OS. 

Derf, sb. affliction, hardship, S. — ^AS. 
Derfliclie, adv. severely, cruelly, S. 
Bevk.adj. dark, MD, S3, PP; deork, 
MD ; doro, S ; dare, S ; dirk, MD ; dnrk, 
MD; derke, dal.y S. — ^AS. deorc. 

Derken, v. to make dark, to become 
dark, MD, S3 ; dlrken, MD ; darken, S3. 
Derkfill, adj. dark, W. 
DerUied, sb. darkness, MD. 
Derknesse, sb. darkness, MD, W. 
Derlingv sb. darling, S, W3 ; dnrlyng*, 

S, MD; deorllnff, S; derlyncrls, pl.y 

chosen ones, W, W3. — AS. diorling. See 

Deme, adj. secret, dark, S, S3, P, H ; 

deome, S; dsome, MD; dnme, MD; 

dem, S3. — AS. deme ; cp. OS. derni and 

MHG. tarn in tam-kappe, the mantle of 

darkness, Grimm, p. 870. 




Demel, sb. a kind of weed, rye-grass, 
lolliumy Prompt. ; demell, Palsg. ; dar- 
nel, S3, MD. 

Derring;-doe, sb, daring enterprise, 
ND, S3. SeeDar. 

Bert, sb, dirt, S3 ; see Drlt. 

DerSe, sb. dearth, S, P. See Hvr; 

Deme, adj' bold, S ; damre, comp, 
more severe, S ; see Derf. 

Demen, v, to afflict, S. See Derf, sb, 

3>es- ; see Dls-. 

Desaly, Desselic, adv, foolishly, S2 ; 

see DiudUolie. 

Besarayen, v. reflex, to fall into dis- 
order, Sa. — OF. desarroyer, 

Desauaantaffe, sb. disadvantage, S3 ; 
dljMiiaimtaflre, MD; dlsadTanntages, 

pi., MD. — OF. desavantage. 

Descenden, v, to go down, SkD. — 

AF, descendre ; Lat. descendere, 

Descensorie, sb, vessel used for ex- 
tracting oiXper descensum, C3. 

Descrinen, v. to describe, MD; de- 
■crsme, S3 ; descrsrfe, S2 ; discrsme, S2, 
S3, C2 ; discreue, S2 ; dlsorlned,//., S2 ; 
dlflorsmed, W. — OF. descrivre (pr. p. des- 
crivanf) ;.Lat. describere, 

Deserited ; see Desherlten. 

Desert, sb. merit, C2.— AF. and OF. 
desertey see Ducange (s. v. desennre). 

Deserven, v. to merit, MD; dls- 
■emed, pp.y well served, W. — AF. de- 
servir ; Late Lat. deservire. 

Desi, adj, foolish, MD ; see l>iud. 

Despeir, sb, despair, MD. — AF. de- 

Despeiren, v, to despair, MD; de- 
■pelred, //., C2. — OF. desperer ; Lat. de- 

Desperate, adj. outrageous, S3. — ^Lat 

Despisalnl, adj. despicable, H; di^ 
spisa'Ue, W2. 

Despit, sb. contempt, injury, S2, C3; 
de«pyt, C2 ; despite, WW ; diapit, W.— 

AF. despit; Lat. despectum (ace). 

De-spitefU, adj. full of contempt, 

DespitouS, adj. ignominious, MD, 
C ; dlspitous, contemptuous, S3 ; de- 

BJ^tllfl, H. 

Despitonsly, adv. contemptuously, 
spitefully, S3,C2, C3; dlspltoufl:^, C. 

Despoilen, v, to despoil, to strip, 

MD ; dispollen, C2 ; dispoyled,^., S3. — 
0¥.despoiller\ 'LaX. despoliare, 
Dest, 2 pr. s. doest, S ; see Don. 

Destrer, sb. a courser, war-horse, MD ; 
deztrer, C2. — AF. destrer \ Late Lat. dex- 
trarium (from Lat. dextra, the right hand), 
the horse led by the squire on the right of 
his own horse. 

Destroyen, v. to destroy, MD; de» 
■tmlen, MD, C ; destrue, S2 ; dlstmen, 
S2 ; destrle, MD, W, W2 ; dysstrye, 
S2 ; dlstmyede, //. J., W ; dlstrled,>>^., 
W, W2. — AF. destruire (pr. p. destruyant) ; 
Lat. destruere. 

Destroyere, sb. destroyer, Prompt., 
MD ; difltrier, W. 

DeV, pt^' s. doeth, S, S2 ; see Don. 

De8y sb. death, S ; see Deep. 

DeS-vnel, sb. death-evil, S2. 

Dette, sb. debt, C2 ; dett, adj. due, H. 
— AF. dette ; Lat. debita. 

Deue, adj. pi. deaf, C3 ; see Deef. 

Denh ; see Dew. 

Denel, sb. devil, S, S2, W2; deofiBl, 
MD ; deofeU, S ; dinel, S ; dyenel, S2 ; 
dewlll, S3; dewle, Prompt; dwylle, 
MD ; deouele, S ; diefles, ^^»., S ; dienle, 
dat.f S ; deofles, pi., MD ; delleM, S ; 
deonles, S ; deollen, S ; dellen, S ; deof^ 
lene, gen. pi., S. — AS. diofol\ Lat. diabo- 
Ins (Vulg.) ; Gr. 8tdi3oXos ; cfc OHG. diufal 

Deuin, sb. prophesying, divinity, theo- 
logy, MD ; dinyn, S2. 

Dieuine, sb. theologian, augur, sooth- 
sayer, MD ; dynynes, //., MD. — OF. de- 
vin ; Lat. diuinum, 

Deuinen, v. to foretell, guess, suspect, 
MD ; denyne, PP. 

Deuinonr, sb. interpreter, explainer, 
theologian, MD, PP ; dynynonr, PP. 

Denise, sb. tale, narrative, S3 ; denys, 
order, C. 

Deniseil, v. to divide, arrange, order, 
decide, tell, relate, MD, S2; denyse, C2, 
C3 ; denioe, MD, S2 ; dinlse, S2.— AF. 
deviser y It. divisare ; formed from Lat. 
diuidere (pp. diuisus). 

Demsynge, sb. narration, S2. 

Denoid,//. as adj. destitute of, SkD. 

Deuoiden, v. to quit, leave, also to 
annihilate, exterminate, MD ; deuoyden, 
S2. — OF. desvoidier, desvuidier. 

Devoir, sb. duty, knightly duty, PP, 
C2 ; deuoyr, S3 ; deror, ND, PP ; dener^ 


PP, CM. — OF. devoir (sb. orig. v.) ; Lat 

Denonren, v, to devour, MD ; devoir, 
S3. — AF. devourer ; Lat. deuorare. 

Dew, sb. dew, PP ; d»w, MD ; daw, S ; 
den, S ; denli, PP ; deawes, //., S2.— AS. 

Dewill, sb. devil, S3 ; see DeueL 

Dewite, sb. duty, S3 ; see Duete. 

Dewle, sb. grief, S3 ; see Dole. 

Deztrer, sb. a war-horse, C2 ; see Des- 

Deye, sb. a female servant, esp. one who 
looks after the cows and dairy, androckia, 
Voc, Prompt., C ; deye, a cow-boy, an- 
drochius, MD, Cath. — Icel. deigja, see CV ; 
cp. AF. deye. 

Beyen, v. to die, S3, PP ; de^en, MD, 
S3 ; deirli«> S2 ; dele, S ; dey, S3 ; dye, 
PP; dl3e, PP; dyje, S3, PP ; de, S3; 
deide,//. j., S, S3 ; del^ede, MD ; deyde, 
C3 ; deld, S3 ; delt, S3 ; dede, //., S3 ; 
deyed,//., 0,2. — Icel. deyja : OS. ddian. 

Deyen, v. to dye, MD ; dyyn. Prompt.; 
dyed,//. J., C3. — AS. diagiaHf from diah. 
See Deh. 

Deyere, sb. dyer, C. 

Deylv sb. deal, share, S3 ; see DeeL 
Deyxien, v. to deign, to appear good, 
to please, MD, CM, §2 ; delgnen, MD ; 
daynede,//. j., S2 ; dflBsmed him, (r^.) 
C2. — AF. deigner\ Lat. dignare. 

Deynous, adj. proud, disdainful, MD, 
CM, Cath. (p. 95, «.). 

Deyutee, sb. worth, pleasure, liking, 
S2, C2, C3 ; deyate, S2 ; delnte, MD ; 
deynteee,//., S2, C2, C3. — OF. daintier 
deintet, Prov. din- tat\ Lat. dignitatem. Cf. 

Deyntee, adj. dainty, C2, C3. 

Deyntenons, adj. choice, dainty, C2. 

Deys, sb. dais, high table in hall, C, 
C2, FP; deyes, PP; dels, PP; dese, 
PP; deyse, PP; dees, MD; dee, MD; 
day, canopy, JD. — OF. deis (AF. dois) ; 
Lat. discum (ace), see Brachet, p. Ixv. Cf. 

Defter, sb. pi. daughters, S2; see 

Dip^; see De-, Die. 

Dia, sb. A term set before medicinal con- 
fections or electuaries that were devised by 
the Greeks, Cotg. ; dya, HD ; dyae, pi. 
remedies, medicines, PP. — Gr. 8td. See 

Diadlich, adj, mortal, S ; see DeedU. 



Diamaat, sb. diamond, PP, Cath.; 
dyamaad, MD ; dyamannt, C. — OF. diw- 
manty a diamond, the loadstone (Cotg.). 
See Adamant. 

Dia-pexiidion, sb. a kind of sweet stuff 
like baney-sugar used to relieve coughs, PP ; 
dlapemydion, PP ; diopendion, S2.— OF. 
diapenidion^ It. diapenidio, cp. diapiide^ * a 
diapedon or confection made of Penids* 
(Florio). See Dla and Fenld. 

Diap6r, sb. a kind of figured cloth; 
dyaper, MD; dlapexy, MD.— OF. diaspre, 
diaspe, diapered clotii; Lat. iaspideniy 
jasper ; from Gr. taairts, probably of Semitic 
origin ; see Diez, p. 1 19. 

Diap6r, v. to variegate, adorn with 
figures and colours, ND; dlapxed, pp., 
ND ; dyapxed, C. 

Diath, sb. death, S ; see Deep. 

Dicht,/^. prepared, S3 ; see Dlhten. 

DicipleS, sb. pi. disciples, S ; see Dis- 

Diefies, sb.gen. devil's, S ; see DeneL 

Dier, sb. wild animal, beast ; dleze, dot., 
S ; see Deer. 

DidT-cliili, sb. deer-kind, beasts, S. 

Dierei adj. dear, S ; see Dere. 

Diere-wnrS, adj. precious, S; see 

Diete, sb. diet, food, MD, C ; dyetls, 
//., PP.— OF. diete\ Late Lat. dieta, Lat. 
diata ; Gr. Uaira. 

Dieteilf v. to diet; dlsete, /r. subj., 
S3, PP, 

DieS, pr. s. doeth, S ; see Don. 

Dienle, sb. dat. devil, S ; see DeueL 

DiffoiCen, v. to deface, MD; defiuse, 
to obliterate, C3 ; defaste, //., S3.— OF. 

Dif.foden, v. to fade away, MD ; de- 
&de, to cause to fade, S3 ; defodlde, pp., 

DifGune, sb. dishonour, disgrace, MD, 
S3, C3 ; defame, C3.— OF. diffame, 

DifFaill61I, V. to spread abroad a ru- 
mour, also to slander, MD, S3 ; defome, 
C2 ; dlfliEuueden, //. //., W ; defiomed, 
pp., W, C3.— AF. diffamer, to slander; 
Lat diffamare, to spread abroad a report. 

Dine, adj. worthy, proud, MD, C, C3, 
C3, §2, S3 ; dygne, S2. Phr. : dlgne as 
diolL-water, i. e. making people keep their 
distance, S3.— OF. digne ; Lat. dignum. 

Dignelich, adv. worthily, P ; dynffne- 
Uche, Sa. 



Dignete, sb. worth, dignity, high office, 
MD; dlgnitee,C2 ; dinirn«te8,//., S2.— 
AF. dignete ; Lat dignitatem. Cf. Deyntee. 

Dihten, v. to order, rule, prepare, adorn, 
MD, S2 ; dl^ten, MD ; di^tti, Sa ; dilit, 
pr, s., S; dlffhtes, 82; dlhte, //. j., S ; 
dl^te, S2 ; dilLt, //., S2 ; dijt, MD, S2 ; 
dlffht, MD, S3 ; ydi5t, S2, S3 ; dyjt, S2 ; 
dioht, S2 ; ydyjt, S3 ; dyffth, H.— AS. 
dihtan ; Lat. dictare. 

Dilatacioim, sb. extension, diffuseness, 
Sa, C3. — Lat. dilatcUionem. 

Dim, adj. dim, MD; djm,C; djrmme, 
MD ; dlnuiM,//., S. — AS. dim. 

Dimliche, adv. dimly, softly (of 
sound), MD ; dimlnker, comp., S. 

Dinmes, sb. dimness, S2. 

Dinnen, v. to din, MD ; dnnlen, MD ; 
denie, S ; dinede, pt, s., MD ; donyd, 
MD; dynnlt, MD.— AS. dynian; cp. 
Icel. dynja. See Dyn. 

Dint, sb. blow, S, S2 ; see Dent. 

Dinten, v. to strike, S. 

Diopendion, sb. a kind of barley-sngar, 
S2 ; see Dia-penldion. 

Dirige, sb. the name of an anthem in 
the office for the dead beginning with the 
words from Ps. 5. 8, ^ Dirige, Dominus 
mens,* MD, S3 ; dyrge, MD ; dor^e, MD. 

Dis- ; see Des. 

Disburse, v. to pay out of a purse, 
Sh ; delmxfl, S3.— OF. desbourser. 

Dischargen, v. to unload, MD ; d«s- 
chargen, MD ; 6±uohaxgiAmD.j pt. pi., W. 
-^AF. descharger. 

Dischevele,//. with hair in disorder, 
MD,C. — OF. desckevelSj pp. oideschevelery 
to dischevel (Cotg.). 

Disclaundre, v. to slander, S2, C3. 

Disciple, sb. disciple, W (John ao. 2) ; 
dUoiplls, //., PP, W ; dicdplefl, S ; de- 
oiples, S; dedpells, S2. — AF. disciple \ 
Lat. discipulum (ace). 

Disciplesse, sb. a woman-disciple, W. 

Discipline, sb. chastisement, MD ; dis- 
o«]>llii«8, //. flagellations, S. — OF. disci- 
pline (Cotg.); Church Lat. disciplina 

Disclaundre, sb. evil fame, S2, PP ; 
desdl«adr«, MD; dldander, ND. See 

Disclose, V. to disclose, S3; das- 
(floMB, Sa.— OF. desclore (subj. -close)-, 
Lat. disclaudere. 

Disoomfiten, v. to defeat, to put to 


the rout, MD; dyMowmi^rtjn, Prompt; 
disoonfet, pt. s., MD ; disoonlLte, MD ; 
pp., MD ; dlMnmiQnrt, S3 ; dysoonllted, 
S3.— OF. desconfire (pp. desconfit); Lat. 
dis + conficere. 

Discomfitnre^ sb. defeat, MD; dis- 
confitiire, C. — AF. descumfiture, desconfi- 

Disconfbrt, sb. discomfort, C ; dis- 
oomfort, W. 

Disconforten, v. to trouble, discom- 
fort, C ; difloonfort, S3 ; difloomforten, 

MD. — OF. desconforter. 

Disconereny v. to discover, uncover, 
MD, C3 ; dlskeuer, MD ; disonze, S3.— 
OF. descovrir, descuvrir. 

Disdeyn, sb. disdain, C2 ; deadagm, 
CM ; deadeya, C ; dedeya, MD, W,',H ; 
dedeyne, HD.— AF. dedeigne, OF. des- 

Disdeyne, v. to disdain, C2; dea- 
dalnen, MD.— AF. desdeigner. It. disdeg- 

Disese, sb. lack of ease, MD, S2, C2, 
C3, W ; dAaeaa, S3.— OF. desaise. 

Disesefdly adj. troublesome, W2. 

Disesid, pp. troubled, W. 

Disgysen, v. to disguise, MD; de- 
glaan, PP, MD ; degyaet, //., S2 ; dia- 
ffolaed, S3.— AF. degiser, degyser, OF. 
desguiser. Cf. Degyae. 

Disheriten, v. to disinherit, S2 ; dea- 
exitede, pt. s., S2 ; deaexited, pp., S2 ; 
dlahexyt, C— AF. desheriter, OF. des- 

Disjoint, sb. perplexity, MD ; dia- 
Joynt, C. — OF. desjoinct, pp. of desjoindre ; 
Lat. disjungere. 

Dism^en, v. to dismay,G ; deamayen, 
MD.— OF. *desmayer\ cp. Sp. desmayar, 
also (with different prefix), OF. esmaier, 
Prov. esmagar. It. smagare, 

Disonr, sb. professional story-teller, 
minstrel, MD; diaonrea, pi., P.— OF. 
disour, diseori Sp. dicedor, It. dicitore, 
from Lat dicere. 

Disparage* sb. a want of parity or 
equality, especially in birth or station, dis- 
paragement, disgrace, C2. See Faraere. 

Disparagen, v. to disparage, disgrace ; 
dequuragad,//., l/iD.—A¥.desparager, 

Disparplen, v. to become scattered, 
also to scattfer, W ; deaparplen, MD, S2 ; 
dyapaxplyn. Prompt. ; apaxplyn, Prompt. ; 
diapexpelde, //. s., H ; depezpeyld, H ; 
diapazpoiUd, pp., S2 ; diaparpUd, dia- 


parpUt, W. — OF. deparpillUrt Ps. ai. 14 
(cp. It sparpagliare^ Florio) ; from OF. 
*parpille, butterfly ; Lat. papilto, see Bra- 
chet (s.v. iparpiller\ and Diez, p. 336. 

JMspenCdy sb. expenditure, C, Ca, S3 ; 
de^peiUM, C2, MD ; dispeiUMfl,//., S3. — 
OF. despense, 

Dispenden, v. to spend, S3, Ca, H ; 
despenden, Ca, MD; dispent,^., S3.— 
AF. despendre\ Late Lat. dispatdere^ to 
weigh out. 

Dispendoiir, sb, steward, W; dls- 
pendere, W. 

Dispers, pp* dispersed, S3, MD.— Lat. 

DiSjplesancef sb. annoyance, C3.— 
OF. desplaisance. 

IMsporty sb. pleasure, recreation, Sa, S3, 
Ca, C3 ; dMport, C3, MD. — AF. desport, 
mirth ; cp. OF. deport (Bartsch). 

lUsporteii) V, to cheer, amuse, MD. — 
OF. se desportery se deporter\ cp. It. di- 
portare (compounded with Lat. de-\ 

Disposed,//. ; in/^r. : wel disposed, 
in good health, C3. 

Dispnten, v, to dispute, MD; des- 
puten, MD. — AF. desputer; Lat. dispu- 

Disputeson, sb, disputation, MD ; 
disputisonn, C ; desputlsonn, MD. — OF. 
desputeson ; Lat. disptttationem (for -eson = 
'tumem, see Ps. Introd. xxx). 

Bisseit; see Deceit. 

Sisseneren, v, to separate, C3. — AF. 
deseverer ; Lat. dis + separare, 

Disshe, sb. dish, PP ; dlscli, S ; dysdie, 
discus y Voc; dysshe, discus. Prompt; 
dlshe, disc, quoit, MD ; dlsse, S ; dys- 
flhes,//., Sa. — AS. discy Lat discus; Gr. 
dlfftcos, quoit. Cf. Deys. 

DisshereSv sb. a female dish-seller, P. 

Dissimnleily v. to pretend a thing is 
not so, MD, C3 ; dlssTmilide, //. s., Wa. 
— Lat. dissimulare, 

DissuunlilLgey sb, dissembling, Ca, 

Distaf, sb. distaff, Ca ; dystaf, Voc. ; 
dysestafe, Voc. 

Distinguen, v. to distinguish, MD; 
destlnire)', pr. pi., MD ; dlstynglfli, imp. 
pl.y H ; distinffwed,//., MD ; dlstyngld, 
H. — OF. distinguer, 

SistrieTy sb. destroyer, W; see De- 

Distranifht, pp, distracted, tormented, 
S3 'y. dlstxanhte, MD ; destrat, SkD.— 



OF. desirait (F. distrait) ; Lat distractumy 
pp. oi distrahere. 

Distresse, sb. distress, misery, Sa ; de- 
stresse, MD. — AF. destressCy destresce\ 
Late Lat. *districtitia from Lat districtus, 
pp. oidistringerty to pull asunder, to punish. 

Distreynen, v. to vex, S3 ; destxeyne, 

C ; dlstxayne, S3. — AF. destreindre (pr. 
p. destreignant) ; Lat distringere. 

Distnrbeilv v. to disturb ; destoarlM, 
C3 ; dietonriM, MD ; destnrbl, MD.— 
AF. desturber ; Lat. disturbare. 

Distnrblen, v. to disturb, trouble, 
MD, W, Wa ; dlsturbUd, pp.y Sa, W, Wa. 
Cp. OF. tourblery torbler (F. troubler) ; 
Late Lat. *turbuiarey from Lat. turbare. 

Distnrblyng, sb. disturbance, W, Wa. 

Diteilf ^* to indict for trespass, Prompt 
— OF. dieter ; Lat. dictare. Cf. Dihten. 

Diuely sb. devil, S ; see Deuel. 

Dinereiiy v. to tremble, S, HD. 

Dinnlgate, pp- divulged; dy-wltfat, 
S3. — Lat diuulgatus. 

Dinyn ; see Denin. 

Diyngis, dyes, colours, Wa ; see 

Di^e, to die ; see Deyen. 

Di^el, adj. secret, MD ; dl^ele, dat., S; 
— AS. digoly digoly diogol, diagol ; cp. OHG. 
tougdli (Tatian), also with different suffix^ 
dougan (Otfrid). 

Dl^te*/^- s. ordained, Sa ; ^ty pp. pre^ 
pared, Sa ; see Dihtexi. 

Doaley sb. dole, portion, S3 ; see Dool. 

Docken, v. to cut away the tail, decau- 
darCy MD; to cut short, C; dokksrn, 
Prompt. See Dok. 

Doddeily V. to crop, lop branches, MD, 
Prompt. ; l^dodded, //., S ; doddyd (as 
trees), Prompt. 

Doddit, adj. without horns, JD ; doddy, 
JD ; doddle, sb. cow without horns, JD. 

Dogge, sb. dog, MD, Sa, Voc, Prompt., 
Wa (Ps. ai. ai), PP, Ca.— AS. docga. 

Do)lt6r, sb. daughter, S ; dorter, S, Sa ; 
don^ter, P, Wa ; dowter, S ; donlitxeB, 
//., S ; dou^txes, P ; donBtrls, Wa ; dou- 
tres, S ; defter, Sa ; d03tren, Sa ; douffli- 
tren, C; delitren, dat.y S. — AS. doktor 
{dehtery dat. s.); cp. Goth, dauhtar; see 
Sievers, 93. 

Dok, sb. a tail, MD, JD.— O. Norse 
dockr\ see MD. 

Doke, sb. duck, Sa, Voc, PP, C : 
donke, PP ; dooke, Prompt. ; duke, Voc. ; 
dnk, PP. 



Dole, sb. grief, P, CM ; deol, S, MD, 
S2 ; duel, MD ; doel, P ; dlol, MD ; dol, 
MD ; dool, Sa, CM ; dnl, MD ; del, MD, 
Sa ; dewle, S3 ; dnla, S3.— OF. doel, duel, 
deoly doly del; Late Lat. *dolium, from dol-, 
stem of Lat dolere, to grieve ; see Constans, 
supplement, p. 33. 

Dolefblle, adj, doleful, MD ; delAU, 
Sa, MD. 

Dolfin, sb, dolphin, MD ; donlphyn, 
Palsg.— OF. doulphin (Palsg.), daulphin 
(Cotg.), Prov. dalfin\ Lat. delphinum, 
Cp. Delfln. 

Dolfillly, ad'o, dolefully, G ; delfdlli, 

Dolnen, pL pi. dug, P ; //. buried, S, 
P ; see Deluen. 

Dom, sb, judgment, S, Sa, W; dome, Sa, 
G ; see Doom. 

Domagef sb, damage, loss, S3; see 

Domb, odj, dumb, MD, C3; donmb, 
MD ; dum. Prompt. ; dom, MD ; dnmlM, 
Manip. ; donm1>e, S, Sa ; dome, S3. — AS. 
dumb\ cp. Goth, dumbs, OHG. dumb, 
foolish (Otfrid). 

Dome, sb, doom, Sa ;, //., Sa, G ; 
see Doom. 

Domes-day, sb, dooms-day, P ; domes- 
dai, S ; domesdei, S.— AS. d6mes-dag. 

Domes-man, sb, judge, S, W, Wa ; 
domsrsmen, //. H. 

Domlen, v, to be dull ; domlaiid,/r./. 
clouding over, Sa. 

Dom-place, sb, judgment-hall, W. 

Don, V, to do, put, make, cause, S ; do, 
S, Sa ; doxme, ger., S, Sa ; done, Sa, MD 
doand, pr, p., Sa ; doa&de, CM ; dolnff 
S3 ; doi5, imp, pi. S ; dest, a pr. s., S 
de«, pr. J., S, Sa ; dle«, S ; dea», S 
dc«, S, Sa ; do«, pi., S, Sa ; done, Sa 
dude, pi. s,, Sa ; dide, S ; dede, S, Sa 
ded, Sa ; duden, pi., S ; deden, S ; dyden 
S ; dude, Sa ; jdoon,pp., Ca ; idon, S, Sa 
idone, S ; Ido, S, Sa ; ydon, Sa ; ydo, 
Sa; don, Sa; doon, MD; do, Sa, MD.— 
AS. d(fn, pt. s. dyde, pp. ge-ddn, 

Donet, sb. grammar, primer, elementary 
instruction, PP, Sa. — From Donaius, the 
grammarian ; see Cotg, (s.v. donaf), 

Dong, pt, s, beat, MD ; donffen, pp,, 
Sa, H ; see Dynffen. 

Doiljoun, sb, the highest tower of a 
castle, also the dungeon or underground 
prison, MD ; donireon, P ; dongoun, 
MD ; duaguii, Sa.— AF. dongoun, OF. 


dongon, donjon : Prov. domphhon ; ^ Late 
Lat. domnionem, a tower that dominates 
(Ducange), dominionem, lordship, from 
Lat. dominium, 

Donk, adj. moist, S3, JD; danke, MD. — 
Cp. Icel. dokkr, obscure (stem *danku), 

Donken, v, to moisten, MD, Sa. 

Don-ward, adv. downward, Sa ; see 

DOO, sb, doe, Voc, Palsg., Wa ; do, MD; 
da, MD ; days, pi., S3. — AS. dd. 

Dool, sb. dole, share, portion, MD; dole, 
MD; doale, S3.— AS. dif/ (see OET). 

Doom, sb, doom, judgment, sentence, W ; 
dom, S, W, Sa ; dome, Sa ; domes, //., 
Sa, G. — AS. dSmi Goth, doms, 

Dorc^ adj. dark, S ; see Derk. 

'Doif^b. door, MD, Sa, C3 ; dur, MD, 
S3 ; dfeee, S.— AS. duru ; cp. Gr. ^iJ/w ; 
see Brugmann, § 51. 

Dore-tre, sb, bar of a door, P. 

Dore-ward, sb, porter, door-keeper, 
Sa ; duxewart, S. 

Dorren, pr, pi. dare, MD ; dozen, W ; 
donte,//., S, Sa, Ca ; see Dar. 

Dortonr, sb, dormitory, MD, S3, CM ; 
dorture, Voc. ; dorter, Voc. — OF. dortour^ 
dortoir ; Lat. dormiiorium. 

Dose, adj, dusk, S ; deosc, MD. 

Doseyn, num. dozen, C ; see DoieliL. 

Dotard, sb, dotard, MD, Sh. 

Dote, ^b, fool, S, MD; dotest, adj. 
superl,, very foolish, Sa. 

Dotel, sb. fool, MD ; dottel, Manip. 

Doten, V, to dote, to be foolish, childish, 
MD, Sa, Ca. 

Denote, pt, s, had value, S ; see Du^eiL. 

Donghtren, sb. pi, daughters, C ; see 

Donghty, adj. brave, Ca, G ; see Du^ti. 

Douhtres, sb, pi, daughters, S ; see 

Donmbe, adj, dumb, S, Sa ; see Dum.b. 

Doun, sb. a down, hill, MD ; duu, 
MD; doune, Sa ; dune, dot., MD ; 
downea, //., MD ; dounes, Sa ; dus, 
adv., down, S ; don, Sa ; doun, Sa, W. — 
AS. diin. 

Donn-rigllt, adv. right down, Sa. 

Doun-ward, adv. downward, MD ; 
donward, Sa ; dunward, S. 

Donte, sb. fear, doubt, MD, Sa, Ca, G ; 
dute, MD, S, Sa ; dout, Sa.— OF. dute, 
doute, doubte, 

Doute-lees, adv, doubtless, Sa, Ca. 


Bonten, v, to fear, to doubt, MD, 
S3; duten, MD, S; dowte, S3; dowt, 
imp, s., G ; dontede, //. j., S ; doutiden, 
//., G. — AF. duter, OF. doiaer ; Lat 

. Donthe ; see DuhcASe. 

Doubter, j^. daughter, P, Wa; doutres, 
pi., S; see Doliter. 

Donene, sd, /, dove, Sa ; doune, Sa ; 
downe, Sa. See Downe. 

I>OWaire, sd. dower, Ca ; dow«r, Ca.— 

AF. douayre (and dowere) ; Late I^t. do- 

Bowen, v. to endow, MD.~OF. douer, 
doer ; Lat. dotare. 

Dow0il; see Dx^en. 

]>OWe]>e, sb. army, host, S. Phr.\ 
dowepes louexd, Lord of Hosts, S ; see 

Dowter, sh, daughter, S ; see Dohter. 

3>0wne, sb, dove, MD, C3, W ; douve, 
MD ; dow, S3.— Icel. dtifa ; cp. OS. diUn, 
Goth. dubo. Cf. Donene. 

Dorter, sb. daughter, S, Sa ; see Dohter. 

Doxein, adj. dozen, Sa ; doa^yn, C. — 
AF. dozeifUf from doze, twelve; Lat. duo- 

'DtbA^pp. dreaded, Ca ; dradde,, 
S; see "Dt^Omsl, 

Drtem, sb fjoyfal soundj S ; see Dz«eiii. 

Draf,//. s. drove, Sa ; see Drlnen. 

Draf, sb. draff, husks, dregs, MD, C3, 
PP, Cath. ; draff, JD; draffe, PP; draft, 
Wa. — Icel. draf. 

Brapgen, v. to draw, S; drab, imp. 
f., S, Sa ; dralien, pp,, S ; see Drawea. 

Dv^ge^ sb. a comfit or digestive sweet- 
nleat, dragetum, Prompt., Voc. ; draffares, 
pi., C— AF. dragge, OF. dragie (Cotg.), 
Prov. dragea. It. treggia, an adaptation of 
Late Gr. rpayfjimra, sweetmeats ; see Diez, 
p. 336, Ducange (s. v. tragemata). 

Drah, pt. s. suffered, S ; see Dre^en. 

Drapen,//. //. slew, S ; see Dr^en. 

Drast, sb. dregs, Wa ; drastys, pi. 
feces, Voc; dreslys. Prompt. — O. Merc. 
derste, Ps. 39, 3 (VP). 

Drasty, adj. trashy, worthless, MD, 
Ca ; dresti. Prompt. ; dresty, Palsg. 

Brawen, v. to draw, S, Sa, CM; 
drasen, S, Sa ; draffen, S ; dreaien, S ; 
drellien, S ; drab, imp. s., S, Sa ; draw- 
aad, pr. p., Sa ; droh, pt. s., S ; dro5, S, 
Sa ; dron, S, Sa ; drew, Sa, Ca ; dron^, 
Sa ; drenli, Sa ; dreacli, Sa ; droiifirli, 
Ca; dro^en; pi., S; drowen^ W; droae, 



S; drowe, Sa; dia^en, j>?>., S; dra]i«B, 
S ; ydrawe, Ca. — AS. dragan, pt. dr6h 
(pi. drdgon), pp. dragen. 

Dre, V. to suffer, Sa, S3 ; see Bremen. 

Drecchen, v. to vex, torment, also to 
tarty, MD, S, S3, C; dreclm, S, Sa; 
drailite, //. s., MD ; drecliedo, MD; 
*MU^t, pp., MD ; dTMohed, MD.—AS. 
dreccan, pt. drehte, pp. dreht. 

Brede, sb. dread, MD, S, Sa, Ca, Wa : 
dreld, S3 ; dred, S. 

Dreden, v. to dread, S, Sa, Ca ; dred- 
and, pr. p., Sa ; dradde, pt. s., MD, Ca ; 
dredd«, MD, Ca, W ; dredden, //., MD, 
W; dradde, S ; drad,//., Ca.— AS. (^)- 
dr<kdan, pt dreord, dnkdde, see Sievers, 
394, 395. 

Dredfal, adj. dreadful, MD ; timid, C : 
dredftile, dot., S. 

Drednes, sb. dread, MD; drednenM, 
S ; drldnes, Sa. 

Dreem, sb. a ^ joyful sou nd, dreamyMD ; 
dream, S ; drtSLTST^dreme, dot., S ; 
drem, MD, S; dremes, //., S.— AS. 
drSam, joyful sound, Icel. draumr, dream ; 
cp. OS. dr6m, joy, also dream. 

Drehen, v. to suffer, S ; see Bremen. 

Dreid, sb. dread, S3 ; see Drede. 

Dreiheil, v. to draw, S ; see Drawen. 

Drem, sb. dream, S ; see Dreem. 

Dremels, sb. dream, PP. 

Dremeily v. to make a joyful sound, to 
dream, S ; dreamen, S ; drempte, pt. s., 
S ; dremden, //., S.—AS. driman, to re- 
joice : OS. drdmian ; cp. Icel. dreyma, to 

Drenchy sb. drink, S, MD. 

Drenchen, v. to drown, S, Sa, C3, 
W ; drlnolien, S ; drelnolien, S ; dreyat, 
pp., W, C, Ca ; drent, S3 ; drenohed, C3 ; 
drenchld, W. — AS. drencan ; cp. IceL 

Dreiicliyngy sb. drowning, Sa. 

DrenS^f sb. servant, retainer, MD; 
drlnff, S ; drenohes, pi., MD ; drlnsr- 
olies, S. — Icel. drengr, brave man, also 
bachelor ; hence AS. dreng. ' 

Drepen, v. to slay, S, Sa ; drap, pt. s., 
MD ; drapen, pi, S ; drape, MD.—AS. 
drepan, pt. drap (pi. drSpon), pp. drepen. 

Dvere, sb. grief, S3, ND. 

Drerimenty sb. sadness, ND ; dreerl- 
ment, S3. 

Drery, adj. sad, dreary, Ca ; drerlj, 
MD ; dmry, MD.—AS. drJorig. 

F 2 



Dreryhead, sb. sorrow, ND. 

Dresseily v, to make straight, direct, 
reach, prepare, dress, S2, S3, Ca, C3, W, 
W3 ; 7-dresMd, pp., C2. — OF. dresser, 
drescier; Late Lat* dirictiare (It. diriz- 
zare) ; from Lat directus, pp. of dirigere. 
Cp. Late Lat. drictum (Ducange). 

DresS3m|ris, sh. pU directions (=Lat 
directiones), W 3. 

Drenen, v, to trouble, afflict, MD; 
dreued, /^. s., Sa ; drefbdd, pp., MD; 
4r«ol!Bdd, MD; l^dzeaued, S.— AS. dri- 
fan : OS. drSbian ; cp. OHG. druaben (Ot- 
frid), truoben (Tatian), G. triiben. See 

Drewery, sb, darling, P ; see Drnexlo. 

Dreye, adj. dry, C, C2 ; see Dxye. 

Dre^, adj. continuous, great, powerful, 
MD; ixTi, patient, S2.— Icel. drjtigr. 

Dre^eUy v. to endure, suffer, continue, 
MD; dregen, S; dxe^liexm, S ; dxelL6n,S; 
dreye, S ; drye, CM ; drefflLe, H ; dx^en, 
S, MD ; dryse, S2 ; dxle, S, PP ; droe, 
JD ; dxe, S2, S3 ; drah,//. s., S ; dreff, 
MD ; dzyBed, continued, S2 ; dmlien,//., 
MD ; droffen,//., MD. — AS. driogan, pt. 
driah (pi. drugon), pp. drogen, 

Dre^-ly, cutv. continuously, earnestly, 
S;2, MD ; dry^ly, patiently, S2. 

DridneSy sb. dread, S2 ; see Dxednes. 

Drihten, sb. Lord (only used for God, 
Christ),S ; dxyhtln, S ; dxyhten, S ; dziirt- 
•n, S; dxlsrtl2L,S; dxiglitln, S2 ; dxyhte, 
S; drllite, S ; drsf^te, PP; dr^te, S, PP ; 
dxy^tyn., S2. — AS. dryhten : OS. drohtin ; 
cp. Icel. drSttinn and OHG. truhtin (Ta- 
tian). From AS. dryht, men, warriors, re- 
tainers : OS. druht ; cp. OHG. truht and 
Icel. drStt, 

Briht-fol, adj. noble, S. 

Dring, sb. servant, S ; drlngolies, //., 
S ; see Drenff. 

DrinlEv sb. ddnk, MD; dzlnoli, S; 
dzlnnoli, S ; dxtno, S2. 

Drinkeily v, to drink, S ; dxtnoken, S ; 
drinff, imp. s., S ; dranQ, pt. s., S ; drono, 
S ; dronk, S ; dnmke]i,//.,S; dronken, 
C2 ; dxongken, S ; dranc, S2 ; i-dnmke, 
pp., S; dzonke, C2. Fhr.: dxtno-liail, 
drink, hale I S. — AS. drincan, pt. dranc (pi. 
druncon), pp. druncen. 

Drinkere, sb. drinker,MD; dxlsokares, 
pi., S. 

Drit, sb. dirt, MD, W, W2 ; dert, S3. 

!Drit-cherl| sb, dirt-churl (term of 
abuse), S. 


Drinen, v. to drive, rush, pass, go, S ; 
dxyuen, S ; dxlf, S2 ; dzaf, pt. s., MD, 
S2 ; drof, S, S2 ; droof, MD, W, Wa ; 
drofe, S2 ; dxiuen, pi., S, MD ; dryuen,. 
MD ; dxinadan, W2 ; drluen, pp., MD ; 
drlue, C2 ; dryuim, W2.— AS. drifan^ pt. 
drdfij^X. drifon), pp. drifen. 

Driven, v. to suffer, S ; see Dr^en. 

Dri^te ; see Dxihtan. 

Drof, pt. s. drove, S, S2 ; droof, W; 
W2 ; see Driuon. 

Drof-lic, adj. painful, MD. C£ Drony. 

Drogen ; see Dro^^n- 

Drogges, sb. pi drugs, PP ; droffgis, 
S3 ; see Drye. 

Droh, pt. s. drew, S ; see Drawen. 

Dronk, //. s. drank, MD ; drono, S ; 
dronke,^.,C2 ; see Drlnken. 

Dronkelewe, adj. given to drink, C3 ; 
see Dmnkelow. 

Dronkenesse, ^b. drunkenness, C3. 

Dronght, sb. drought, MD, C (p. i)? 
dronfirhte, C2 ; dronhpe, S2 ; dmffte, S ; 
dryU&e, S2. — AS. drugdOe. See Drye. 

Dronnen, v. to be drowned, to drown, 
MD ; dmne, MD ; 6xnikd,, S2. Cf. 

Dronpen, v. to droop, vultum dejicere^ 
MD, Palsg. ; drowpen, C. — Icel. drilpa. 

Droupnen, v. to be cast down, MD ; 
dmpnln, S. 

Dronen, v. to trouble, MD ; dmny, 
H ; drones, pr. pi., MD ; droned, pp.^ 
MD ; dronyd, H ; dmnyd, H. Cf. Drenen. 

Droning, sb. trouble, S2, MD ; dmn- 
ynge, H. 

Drony, adj. turbid, troubled, CM, S2 ; 
dronl, MD.— Cp. AS. drdf, OS. dr6bt, 
OHG. truobi, G. triibe, 

Dro^, //. s. drew, S, Sa ; dron, S, S2 ; 
drow, S2, C2 ; dronB, S2 ; dronh, S2 ; 
dronffli, C2 ; see Drawen. 

Dmbild, adj. disturbed, H. 

Dmblen, v. to disturb water, to trouble ; 
dmbblyn. Prompt.; dro1>yl, MD. Cf. 

Dmbly, adj. turbid, H; drobly. 

Dmblynesse, sb. turbulencia. Prompt. 

DmblyngOy sb. disturbance, H. 

Dmerio, sb. love, affection, also the 
object of affection, aJso a jewel^ PP, MD, 
C2 (s. V. love); dmrye, MD; dmrie, 
S2, PP; dmezy, HD; dmwery, PP ; 
drewrye, MD ; drewery, P ; drowryis, 
//., HD; dmzles, HD.— AF. drucriei 


Prov. drudaria, from OHG. drtit, dear, 
beloved (Otfrid). See NQ. (6. 4. 370). 

. Droggar-beste. sb, the animal that 
^as to pull forcibly, S3. 

Dmggen, v. to pnll with force, 
CM, C. — Cp. E. drudge, 
J)vuik3L^pt.pL drowiied,Sa ; seeDrowMn. 

Dnillk. sb, draught, MD ; dzimo, S ; 
dnuioli, S. — Cp. Icel. drykkr, 

Dmnkelew, adj. given to drinking, 
W, Prompt; dronkAUwe, C3, PP; 
4roBfcrt0Tih, PP; droiik«ia«we, PP; 
dmnkexilewe, MD. See -Iswe. 

Dnmken, sb, drinking, S, MD. 

Dnmkennesse. J^. drunkenness, MD; 
4roii]c«iie«M, C3, PP. 

DniXlkneil, v, to be drowned, to cause 
to drown, MD ; dnmkMLes, pr, s,, S2 ; 
dronksnes, Sa. — AS. druncnian, to be 
'drowned, to be drunk. Cf. DroniMn. 

Urapnin, v, to be cast down^ S; see 

nmrie ; see Dmerle. 

Urany, v, to trouble, H ; see Dtoiiml. 

Uraiiynge, sb, trouble, H. 

Brye, adj, dry, MD, PP ; drvye, MD, 
Sa; dxne, MD ; dm, S; dri^e, MD; 
dria, MD ; dreje, Ca, C. PAr, : drnlfot, 
dry foot, S. — AS. dry^v ; cp. Du. droog, 

DryOf V. to dry, to be dry, MD, G; 
dmi^est, 2 pr, s., Sa. — AS. drygan. 

Srye, v, to suffer, CM ; Dryjtd, pt, s, 
continued, Sa ; see Dre^en. 

Ihrythe ; see UxonglLt. 

Dry^, adj. patient, Sa. Cf. Bremen. 
. Dry^ly, adv. patiently, Sa. 

Ihy^te, Dry^'tyn ; see Dxi]it«&. 

Dubben, v. (i) to dress, arm for battle, 
(a) to dub a knight by the stroke with the 
flat of the sword, MD, S, PP ; dubbed, 
pp., S, Sa, PP ; dobbed, PP ; donbed, PP. 
— ^AF. dubber, to dress ; cp. Icel. dubba, to 
arm, dress, also to dub, AS. dubban, to 
dub a knight, in Chron. ann. 1085 ; cp. 
OF. aduberj adouber, to arm (Roland). 

Dubbing, sb. decoration, adornment, S ; 
the conferring of knighthood, S. 

Dubonnre, adj. mild, gentle, Sa ; see 

Dade, /A J. did, Sa ; dudMi,//., S ; see 

Duelle, V. to stay, S, Wa ; see Dwellen. 

Duere, adj. dear, Sa ; see Dere. 
* Duete, sb. duty, MD ; dewtee, MD ; 
dw«te, CM; dswlte, S3.— AF. duete^ 



debt, obligation, from OF. <^,owed; Lat. 

debitum, pp. oidebere. 
Dnhen, v. to get on well, S ; see I>ii3«bl 
DnlieSe, sb. body of retainers, people, 

might, worth, dignity, S; dow«pe, S; 

dou]>e, Sa. — AS. dugUUf worth, help, body 

of men,, host 
]>1lk, sb. leader, prince, duke, MD ; duo, 

Sa; duyk, W,^Wa ; douo, MD; duykia, 

//., Wa. — AF. due ; Lat. ducem, 

Dolce, adj. sweet, S3. — Lat. dulcem. 

Dnle, sb. grief, S3 ; see Doto. 

Dolly, adj, dull, S3, DG ; dolly, JD ; 
dowU, JD. 

Domely sb. a stupid man, Manip. ; 
dunun^ a dumb man, Manip. ; dumblo, 
HD. See Domb. 

Don ; see Doun. 

Don, Donne, adj, dun, dull brown, 
MD, Manip. ; donne, MD. — AS. dunn ; 
O. Ir. donriy dond (Windisch). 

Don, sb. a dun horse ; Proverb : Dun is 
in the myre, C3. 

Donohen, v. to batter, S, Prompt; 
dunob, to push, JD. — Cp. Dan. dunke, to 

Done, sb. din ; see Djn, 

Dongon, sb. dungeon, Sa ; see Don* 

Don-ward, adv. downward, S; see 

Dop, adj. deep, MD ; see Doop. 

Doppen, V. to dip, Sa, MD ; dipp«n, 
MD. — AS. dyppan, for *dup-ian, see SkD 
(p. 800), Sievers, 400. 

Dorance, sb. endurance, S3 ; imprison- 
ment, Sh. 

Dore, adj. dear, MD ; see Dore. 

Dore, sb. door, S ; dur, S3 ; see Doro. 

Doren, v. to last, Ca, Sa, S3, H ; 
dury, MD ; duyro, MD ; deoxe, Sa ; 
dujryngypr.p., Sa ; duxede,//. J., Sa. — 
AF. durer ; Lat. durare, from durus, hard, 

Doresse, sb. hardship, severity, MD, 
S3 ; duxMoe, MD. — AF. duresse, duresce ; 
Lat. durttia, from durus. 

Dorlyng, sb. darling, S ; see Dorlinff. 

Dorren, pr. pi. dare, MD ; duxxe, S ; 
duren, S ; see Dar. 

Dosi, adj foolish, S, MD ; dy«7, MD ; 
deal, MD. — AS. dystg. 

Dosiliclie, adv. foolishly, MD; do- 
mly, dizzily, Sa ; dosfleUo, Sa. 

Dosken, v, to grow dark, C» 



Dusten, v. to throw, toss, S ; duste, 
//. s., MD ; deste, fell headlong, MD. 

DutcUdn, adj. German-like, S3. 

Dute, sd. doubt, fear, S, Sa ; see Donte. 

Dutten, V. to shut, close, MD; dit- 
temi, MD ; dntaade, /r. /., S2 ; dntt, 
^., MD ; dlt, MD.— AS. (fyUan; see OET 

(P- 573). 
Diiyk, sd, leader, prince, W, Wa ; see 

Dl^en, V, to get on well, to be fitting, 
to be worth, to avail, valgre, MD; dnlien, 
S ; dowen, MD ; deah, pr, s., MD ; deb, 
MD ; delh, S ; dugwi,//., MD ; denote, 
//. s., S; douiflit, MD; dewed, S2. — 
AS. dtigatty pret. pres. d^ag{d^ah, dig), pi. 
dugofty pt. dohte ; cp. OHG. tugan, 

Dn^eSe, sb, nobles, S, MD ; see Bnh- 

DlL^ti, adj. fit, excellent, brave, doughty, 
MD ; doiLfirlity, C2, G ; don^tiore, comp.y 
S2. — AS. dyhtigy strong. 

]>wal, adj, foolish, dull, erring, apostate, 
MD, SkD (p. 801) ; dwales, sK pL fools, 
S. — Cp. Goth. dwcUs, foolish. 

]>wale, sb, error, MD ; dnale, MD ; 
dwole, MD, S (16. 1777.)— ONorth. duakt, 
error (Mt. 24. 24) ; cp. AS. dwola. 

Dwelleily V. (i) to err, wander, (2) to 
loiter, stay, dwell, MD, G ; dnelle, S, W2 ; 
dwelland,/r. /., S2. — AS. dweliatiy to err, 
also to make to err, to deceive; also 
dwellany to deceive, to hinder, delay, also 
to remain, dwell ; cp. Icel. dveljay to tarry. 

Dweole, sb, error, MD ; dwele, MD ; 
dweUe, MD. — AS. {ge)dweola, 

DweolnhSei sb. error, foolishness, S. 

Dwergh, sb. dwarf, MD ; dwerk, MD ; 
dwerf, MD ; dwarfe, MD ; dwer]) (for 
dwerj), S2. — AS. dweorh ; cp. Icel. dvergr. 

Swilde, sb. error, S, MD.— AS. dwtld. 
See Dwellen. 

Dwindlei v. to waste away, Sh. 


Dwinen, v. to vanish away, to waste 
away, MD, HD ; dwynyn, Prompt. ; 
dwynen, S2 ; dwynede,//. s. (weak), MD. 
— AS. dwinatty pt. dwdn (pi. dwinoTC\y pp. 

Dwole ; see Dwale. 

Dyad, adj. dead, S2 ; see Deed. 

l^ed, pt. s, coloured, C2 ; see Deyea. 

l^enel, sb, devil, S2 ; see DeaeL 

I^ky nfke, sb. dike, ditch, S3 ; dio, 
S ; dioh, MD ; dlohe, MD ; //., S ; dioben, 
S. — AS. die, 

Oyken, v. to make a ditch, to dig, S2 ; 
Idyket,//., S2. 

Byker, sb. ditcher, S2, P ; dlkere, P. 
I^n, sb. din, H, MD ; dyxme, H ; 
deoe, MD ; dyne, PP ; dine, MD ; dnne, 
. — ^AS. dytUy dyn, 

en, V. to beat, PP, H ; daaff, pt,s,^ 
S3; dong, MD; dan^, //., S3; 
doniruiy pp'i S2 ; dongyn, H ; dongene^ 

BjnigiSy sb,pl, blows, H. 

Djrngynge, sb. beating, H. 

lijU^ sb, pi. dice, C, P ; see ]>ee. 

I^'S-playere, sb. dice-player, P. 

I^ttay, sb, indictment, S3. — AF. dite ; 
Lat. dictatum, 

Dyvers, adj, pi. divers, MD ; diverse, 
MD. — AF, divers (pi. diverses); Lat. di- 

Dynerseli, adv. in diverse directions, 


DsTVersen, v, to make difference, to diver- 
sify, also to be different, MD, Prompt. ; 
dynendtli,/r. s., W; dinendde,//. s., W. 
— OF. diverser, 

Djrversitee, sb. divers colours, W2. 

Dyimiistre, sb. a divine, C. — ^Late 
Lat. *aivinista. See Denine. 

Dy^e, V, to die, S2 ; see Dejen. 

Dy^t ; see Dihten. 


S ; see B^e. 

S-, prefix ; see 3e-. Cf. BUohe. 

ZSadi^, adj, wealthy, precious, happy, 
blessed, MD; eadi, S; »die, S; edle, S; 
•**!, S; edy. S; edye, S.— AS. iadigi 
Goth, audags. From AS. Aw/, a pos- 
session, happiness, also, rich, happy : Icel. 
au9ry wealthy ; cp. OS. 6dy property. 

Sadmodien, v. to humble, MD ; ead- 
mode, //. s.y MD ; admoded, pp, as adj, 
lowly, S, MD. — AS. icdimddiany from /ojf- 
mSdy humble. Cf. BtSemoded, Bdmod. 

Ealde, adj, old, S ; see Old. 

Ealde, sb. an age, age, S ; see aside. 

Ealdren, pi. elders, chiefs ; see Alder. 

EalrOy gen, of all, S ; see AL 


L, I pr, J. am ; see Am. 
Earding'-stowa, ^h, dwelling-place, S ; 
see Srdlngvtouwe. 

Earm, sb. arm (of the body), % MD ; 
see Arm. 

U (^j'P^- poor; see Arm. 
ing, sb, a wretched being, S ; see 



_ >, sb, earning, S ; see 

Eateiich, adj, horrible, ^ see At^Uoli. 

EaS, adj, easy, S ; see Bth. 

Sa8e, adv, easily, S ; see Xtlie. 

Ebrayk, adj, Hebrew, Sa. 

Ebrisse, adj, Hebrew, S.— AS. ebreisc, 

Eccleidasrbe, sb. a preacher, C. — OF. 
eccUsiaste (Cotg.) ; Church Lat. eccUsiastes 
(Vnlg.); Or. kKKkqaixufrip (LXX), from 
iKtcXTjaia, an assembly. 

Eche, adj. each, S, Sa, W; sAolie, S, 
MD ; elo, MD, S; ti^cli, S ; elohe, MD ; 
ale, MD, S ; aloUe, MD, S ; eUo, MD ; 
Ho, MD, S; Uk, S (12. 97), Sa, H; 
Ueb, S ; nlc, MD ; nlcH, S ; nlolM, MD ; 
SBcHe, MD; aolM, S; ecli, MD, S, S2; 
loll, MD, S, S3; ycl^ Sa; «wo, MD ; 
•nch, MD, S ; uoh, S, Sa ; uoH*, P, H ; 
xdoh, S ; nycli, S. — Comb, : eohm dajM, 
daily, on each day, Sa ; eclie d«7l, every 
bit, entirely, Sa ; ech on, each one, Sa, S3, 
Ca ; ecu oon, Ca, W ; eoh one, Sa ; loH 
on, S3; IcH a, S3; uoH one, Sa, P; Uk 
an, Sa ; llo klnea, of every kind, MD ; 
lUdnM, S; Icli wer, everywhere, S. — 
AS. dICf elc, ONorth. ale, OMerc. jflc. 
The form <klc ^^ d + g^ + lie ; cp. OHG. 
io-gi'Uh (Tatian), G. jeglieh. See Sievers, 


Eche, adj, eternal, S ; oclieliclie, adv,, 
S. — AS. iee, ieelke ; cp. OHG. iwie, also 
hmg (Otfrid). See m, 

Eche, sb, increase, addition, Sa, MD.^ 
AS. iaca. 

Ecll6, sb, pain, MD ; see Aclie. 

Edieil, V, to increase, add, HD, CM, 
MD ; eken, S, S3, H ; ayked,/A j., MD. 
— ^AS. ieean {4ean) : OS. Siian, 

Echte, sb. possessions, S ; see Anlite. 

Eclipse^ sb, eclipse, PP; eolypse, 
Manip.; encUps, PP; olipa, PP; olyps, 
S3.— Lat. eelipsis ; Gr. eicKtiilfis, failure. 

EdLesse, sb. eternity, MD ; ecenlsae, 
dal,, S; eceneaae, S; edienease, MD; 
6Coli«nMia6, S. — AS. /enis. See ScIm. 

Edri prefix, — ^AS. ed-y cp. Goth, id-, 
back, again, OHG. iV-, ita- (Tatian, Ot- 

frid), as in it'Un^ retribution; it-mdll, 
feast (Tatian). 

Sd-grOW, sb, after-math, regermen. 
Prompt. ; edgrww, HD. 

Ed-len, sb. retribution, MD. — AS. ed- 

Edmod, adj, humble, MD ; see Admod^ 

Edmodif adj, hnmble, MD ; see Ad- 

Sdmodnesse, sb, humility, S; see 

Ed-wit, sb. reproach, Sa. — AS. ed-wit ; 
cp. OHG. it-uuizzif a twitting (Otfrid). 
See Ed-. 

Ed-witen, v. to blame, S, P; ead- 
wlt«i, S; edwlted, //. //., PP.— AS. <frf- 
wllan; cp. Goth, id-weitjan, OHG. ita- 
uuizSn (Tatian). Cp. E. twit, 

Edy; see Sadlj. 

Ee; see B^e. 

Sek, c<mj. also, Ca, C3 ; no, S ; ec, S ; 
ek, S, Sa, P ; elk, S3 ; rtte, S, Sa, S3, P ; 
eeke, G. — AS. Sac : Goth, auk, 

Eelde ; see Side. 

Eem, sb. uncle, Prompt., CM ; eom, S ; 
8Bm, MD ; em, MD ; eme, S3, Voc, HD ; 
eyme, S3; eam, HD. — AS. ^m', cp. 
OHG. dheim. 

Eese ; see Sae. 

Eest, a^'. and sb. east, W (Mt. 8. i i),MD ; 
est, S, Sa, Ca, C3, Prompt.; wat, Prompt. 
— AS. ieut'. Icel. austr; cp. OHG. (fst 
{Sstana, Otfrid). 

Ef enn ; see Snen. 

EfFecte, sb, effect, MD ; affliBOte, H.— 
Lat. effeetus. 

Effer, Effeir; see Afere. 

, sb, terror, S3; fray, S3. Cf. 

^■fttiwg • see Snenynge. 

Sfbf euiv. again, afterwards, S, Sa, S3, 
Ca, W; 8Bft, MD ; efte, S3.— AS. eft. 

Bfter,/r^/. after, S, Sa ; see After. 

Efb-BOnev adv, again, soon after, S, Sa, 
C3 ; eftsoone, W ; efteone, Sa.— AS. eft- 

Efb-SOneSi euiv, soon after, S. 

Egal, adj equal, CM ; effaUe, S3, CM. 
—OF. egal ; Lat. aequalem, 

Egalite, sb, equality, CM. — OF. egalite ; 
Lat. aequalitatem, 

Egen; seeSse. 

EggOi sb, edge, W; eff, Voc, CM; 
eiffifea, //., MD ; eirffei, Sa.— AS. ecg\ 
I OS. eggia^ see Sievers, 258 ; cp. Lat. a4:ies. 



Eggement, sb. instigation, C3. 

Eggen, V. to sharpen, to incite, pro- 
voke, MD, H, CM ; e^ffede, pt, s., S2 ; 
effffed, S3, P ; y-«tfg«d,//., MD ; l-«ffffed, 
MD. — Icel. egg/a. 

Eggyyng, sb, instigation, S2, CM ; 
^tntTT^S^t p^*t H. 

Eghe ;. see S^e. 

Egle, sb. eagle, C2, PP.— AF. egle, OF. 
ai^S; Lat. aquila. 

Eglechei adj^ pi. war-like, S. — AS. 

aglicay agl&ceay a warrior, vexator (Grein). 

»^e S^e. 
^IbgrOi fl^'. eager, sharp, fierce, C2, PP. 
\ — AF. egre^ OF. aigre \ Lat. acrem. 

Egremoin, sb, agrimony, C3 ; see 

Ehe ; see S^e. 

Ehte, sb, property, S; eohte, S; see 

Eie ; see S^e. 

Eighte, num, eight, C3 ; el^, MD ; 
eilite, PP ; eyUte, PP ; ajte, S2 ; a^t, S2 ; 
alite, MD.— AS. eahta (;ahta) \ cp. OHG. 
ahtOy Lat. octo, 

Eighte, ord. eighth, G, PP.— AS. eah^ 
to6e. Cf. AchtandA. 

Eightene* num. eighteen, MD ; 8Bh- 
tene, S ; auchtane, S3. — AS. eahta-Une, 

Eightetethe, ord, eighteenth, C2.— 
AS. €ahta-t4o6a, 

Eihte, sb, property, S; eyhte, S; see 

Eild; see Side. 

Eire, sb, journey, circuit, SkD. Phr. : 
ane ayr, on circuit, S3. — AF. and OF. 
eire, eyre, oire, oirre, from errer, edrer, to 
make one's way, from Lat. iter, journey ; 
see Constans. 

Eiren, sb, pi. eggs, PP ; einw, W2 ; 
see Sy. 

Eise ; see Sae. 

Eisel, Eicdl, sb. vinegar ; see AisiUe. 

Eisfhl, adj. terrible, MD.— AS. egesful. 

Eislich, adj. terrible, MD ; eiaeUche, 
S. — AS. egeslic : OS. egislik ; from AS. 
egesa', OS. egiso, horror; cp. OHG. egiso 

Eisliche, adv. terribly, S; aiaUohe, 
timorously, S3. — AS. egeslice, 

Ei8er, adj, either, S, S2 ; sBtiSer, MD ; 
ayper, S2 ; ai]>er, S ; eytSer, S, S2 ; etlilx, 
W ; er, S. — ^AS. tk-g-hwatier \ Sievers, 347. 

Eken, v, to ake, MD ; see Aken. 

Elch; seeEoha. 


Elde, sb. an age (of the world), ag<e, 
time of a man's life, maturity, frill age, old 
age, length of time, PP, S, S2, S3, G ; 
•elda, W; aalda, S; h^lde, S; nlda, 
MD ; «ld, MD, S2 ; IMld, S2 ; eild, S2. 
—AS. eldu,yldu. See Old. 

Elde, V, to grow old, H ; ti^ded, pp., 82 ; 
ti^did, H.— AS. ealdian. 

Elder, comp, older, S, C2 ; see Old. 

Eldeme, sb, pi. ancestors, S2 ; see 

Eldryn, adj. old, H. Comb. : tidzyn- 
man, old man, elder, H. 

Ele« sb. oil, MD, S ; eoll, S ; eolie, S. 
Comb.'. ti«-a»w, oil, S. — AS. eU\ Late 
Lat. olium (cp. It. olio) ; Lat. oleum ; Gr. 
tKcuov, from kkaia, an olive-tree ; cp. OHG. 
oli (Tatian). • 

Eleccioim, sb, election, choice, S2. — 
OF. election ; Lat. electionem. 

Ele-lendiflch, adj. foreign ; alelendla, 

MD. — ^AS. ele-letidisc, of a foreign land. 

ElendiflCh, adj, foreign; lialewdia, 
MD.— From AS. ellende (Voc). 

Elenge, adj. protracted, tedious, weari- 
some, dreary, lonely; also (by confusion 
with AS. ellende) strange, foreign, PP, 
HD ; elynge, PP ; elyng, PP ; alanire, 
NED, HD ; alanffe, NED, Prompt— AS. 
<k-lenge, lengthy, tedious; «, Qsex + lenge, 
long, from Sing, ' 

Elengelich, adv. sadly, PP; elyn^r- 
llche, PP. 

Elf, sb, elf, genius, nympha, incubus, 
MD, C3, Sh. ; alfe, MD.— AS. celf. Cf. 


Elf-lock, sb, hair matted together as if 
by the elves, Sh. 

Elf-^ueen, sb. fairy-queen, C2. 

Eliche, adv. alike, S3 ; see ZllolM. 

Elixir, sb, elixir, C3, SkD.— OF. elixir 
(Cotg.), Sp. elixir; Arab, el iksir, the 
philosopher's stone ; Gi. (rjpdv, dry . 

Elldememannes, sb. gen. alderman's, 
chief officer's, S ; see Aldermen. 

Ellefb,^^^. eleventh, S2. — AS. endleofta, 

Elleme, sb, elder-tree, sambucus, S2, 

PP ; eUaaxn, Voc. ; ellame, Voc. ; eUer, 

PP ; ti^dir, PP.— AS. ellam, 
Elles, adv, otherwise, else, S, S2, C2 ; 

•Ui«, S3, W.— AS. elles ', cp. OHG. alles, 

otherwise (Otfrid) : Goth, aljis, 

Elles-hware. adv, elsewhere, S; ellM- 
wlier, S, C3. — AS. elles-hwar, 

EUes-bwider, adv, else-whither, S. 

Xlmesse, sb, alms, MD, NED; see 



El]li6S-^60m9 cidj' charitable, S. 

Elvishy adj, elyish, foolish, C2, C3. 
See Elf. 

Elmsh-marked, i>^. disfigoKd by the 
elves, Sh. 

Elynge ; see Zlenge. 

Embassade, sb, embassy, S3 ; see Am- 

Embassadoury sb, ambassador, C3. 
Embassadriey sb. ambassadorship, S2, 


Embately sb, battlement, S3 (19a. 581). 
Embattail, v. to array for battle, Sh. 

Embrave, v. to adom, S3. 

EnL-crisrtieny sb, fellow-christian, S, S2. 
See Suen. 

Erne ; see Bern. 

EmerandOf sb. emerald. Car, CM. — OF. 
emeraude, esmeraude {esmeralde) ; Lat. sma- 
ragdum (ace.) ; Gr. <rfi&paydos^ 

Emete, E]liot0f sb. ant ; see Ameto. 

Em-forthi pre^, according to, PP. See 

Empaled, //. enclosed, S3. 

Empererei sb. emperor, MD. — OF. 
emperere {empereres) ; Lat imperator. 

E]Iip6riC6y ^b. empress, S, CM ; eniF* 
peresse, PP. — AF. emperke \ ljaX.impera- 

Emveroury sb, emperor, PP, S2 (12. 
212), C2,C3. — AF. emperur, OF. emper'ior, 
emperedor ; Lat. imperatorem, 

EmpoisoneTy sb, poisoner, C3. See 

Empoisonixi^y sb, poisoning, C3. 

Emportnred, pp- pourtrayed, S3. 

E]lipris6f sb. undertaking, S2, C2, C3 ; 
e]LpxiBe,MD. — KY. emprise ^ enprise; Late 
Lat in-prensamy pp. of in-prendere, 

Emtien, v. to empty, MD ; empte, 
C3. — AS. ametgian, to be at leisure, Ps. 45. 
II (VP). 

SnL'^y adj. empty, MD, Prompt. ; 
emptl, MD. — AS. emtig {amtig), empty, 

Emy s pory, sb. hemisphere, S3. — Late 
Lat emisperia (Voc.) ; Lat hemispherium ; 
Gr. i^iuapaipiov. 

Enanidldlly v. to enamel, MD ; enaiu^ 
^lled, //. Sh. ; aanamylllt, S3. See 

Enbibingi sb. absorption, C3. 

Enbrouden, v, to embroider, MD; 
enlirond, pp. S3 ; enbroudin, S3 ; en- 
lirondttd, CM ; embrowdAd, C. — AF. en- 

broyder. See Brayd«n. 

EnconSy sb, incense, MD, Voc, C. — AF. 
encens ; Lat incensum, 

Encense, v. to offer incense, C3; to 
perfume with incense, MD. — OF. encenser 

EnChaimteilieilty sh. enchantment, 
CM; enohwinmeiui, //., S2. — ^AF. en- 

EnchaSOUXiy sb. occasion, H, CM, JD ; 
enolieiBon, PP ; enclieson, Ci, H. — AF. 
enchesoun. See Aoliesoiui. 

Encombron, z^. to hinder, encumber, 
MD, S3 (3 b. 1098) ; enoombred,//. tired, 
troubled, C, CM.— AF. encombrer, 

EnCOrporinify sb. incorporation, C3. 

Encorsifey adj. fattened, H. — From 
OF. encorser, to get fat, to make flesh 

Encrees, sb, increase, S2, C, C3, PP; 
enores. Prompt 

Encressen, v. to increase, C2,. C3 ; 
encresen, C2. — AF. encresc-, stem of 
encrescerai, fut. of encrestre\ Lat. increscere, 

Ende, sb, end, district, territory, end of 
life, S, C3, PP; ende, PP;' »nde, S; 
hende, S. Comb.\ on ende, lastly, S.— AS. 
ende for endi=^*andio (Sievers, 130); ep* 
OHG. enti (Tatian): Goth, andeisy con- 
nected with andy prep, towards, through, 
see SkD. 

Ende-dai, sb. day of death, MD ; ende- 
dei, S. — AS. ende-dag. 

Endeles, adj. endless, C3; endelese, 
S. — AS. endelias, 
Enddlly ». to end, S. — AS. endian. 
Endenteily v. to write an indenture, 
PP. — AF. endenter, to indent, notch ; Late 

Lat. indentare, 
EndentOTy sb, notch, S2. — AF. enden- 

Ender, adj, comp, latter, last past, S3 ; 

see Kindir. 
EnditeiLy v. to compose, write, indict, 

accuse, G, PP ; endyte, C2, C3.— AF. 

enditer'y Late Lat indictare, 
End-laagy adv. zsAprep. along, S2, S3 ; 

endeloiiff, S, C2 ; alonere, NED ; anloncr, 

MD; andelonff, VLIl^.—K^. and-lang'y cp. 

Icel. endlong. See A-lang. 
Endnren, v, to harden, endure, remain, 

survive, W, PP.— OF. endurer\ Lat indu- 

rare, to harden. 



Ene ; see Sje. 

S]i6y adv. once, Sa. — AS. imt. 

Enentyschy z^. to bring to nought, H ; 
enentlst, pp,.^ H ; see AnientlJM. 

Enerite, v, to inherit, W2 ; Inlierit, 
to take possession, Sh. — AF. enheriter, 

Enes, adv. once, S. See Ones. 
Eneuchy enough, S3 ; see Ybow. 
Enfecte, pp. tainted, infected, C, HD. 
— OF. infect ; Lat. infectum. 

Enfermer, sb. superintendent of the in- 
firmary in a monastery, Sa. — 0¥.enfermier\ 
Church Lat. infirmarium (Ducange). 

Enfermerere, sb. infirmary officer, 
Cath. (p. 127/f). Cf. Fermerer. 

ExiflaimLen, v. to inflame, MD, W; 
enflawmed, //., S2, W.— OF. tnflamer, 
enflammer ; Lat. inflammare. 

Enforce, v, to endeayour, striye, W; 
enfoxBe, W2. 

Enforme, v. to establish, teach, PP ; 
ttnAmrmeth, /r. J., P.— AF. mfourmtr\ 
Lat. informare. 

Engel, sb. angel, MD, S ; eng^lM,//., 
S ; eimffless, S ; englene, gen.^ S ; en- 
glen, dat.y S. Comb.', enngle ]>eod, the an- 
gelic host, S.— AS. tf»^^/: O^.engilx Goth. 
aggilus : Gr, dyytXos. Cf. Angel. 

Engel, adj. English, S. See Angles. 

Engle-land, sb. England, S ; engelond, 

S2. — AS. Engla land. 

Englene-lond, sb. the land of the 
English, England, S.— AS. Englena land. 

Engleymen, v. to bind together as with 
glue or viscous matter, MD, PP ; yngley- 
myn. Prompt. ; engleymed, pp.^ MD ; 
engleTinede, H ; englymede, H. 

Englisch, adj. English, S2, PP ; Sn- 
glias, S2 ; SngUsc, S ; BngUaee, dat.^ 
S ; pi., S2. — AS. englisc. 

Engreynen, v. to dye in grain, PP. 

Eng3rnf ^b- understanding, craft, device, 
engine, MD, C2, C3 ; engyne, S3 ; engine, 
Sh. — AF. engin ; Lat. ingenium, 

Engyned, pp, tortured, C. 

Enhached,//. marked, S3, HD. 

Enhafltyng, pr.p. hasting, S3; en- 
"bBttt&diypp., HD. 

Enhannsen, v. to raise, C, W, W2 ; 

anliannM, NED ; enhansed, pp., PP.— 
AF. enhauncery enhancer. 

Enliorten, v. to encourage, MD, C. — 
OF. enhorter ; Lat. inhartari. 

>, sb. ink, MD, W 5 ynke, Voc. ; 


Inke, Cath.-— OF. enque (Bartsch); Lat. 
encaustum ; Gr. iyicavaroy. 

Enker, adj. special, particular. Phr. : 
enker grene, wholly green, MD, HD. 

Enkerly, adv. particularly, entirely, B, 
MD,JD; enkzely, B; ynUxly, B; yn- 
knrly, S2, B. — Icel. einkarliga, variant of 
einkanliga, especially, particularly; see 
einka- in CV. 

Enlenene, num. eleven, PP, W ; enle- 
▼en, W ; enleue, PP ; ellenene, PP ; 
elleue, PP ; elenene, PP ; alenln, JD ; 
alewln, S3 ; allevln, S3, NED.— AS. end- 
leofan, endlufan {ellefan) ; Goth, ain-lifi 
see Douse, p. 80. 

Enlnminen, v. to illumine, MD, Ca ; 
walTLmjiijngfpr.p., S3. — AF. enluminer. 

Enlnting, sb. daubing with clay, C3. 
— Cp. LateXat. lutare, from Lat. lutum, 

Ennewen, v, to renew, MD ; ennewed, 
pp., S3, 

Enonmbre ; see Bnumbren. 

Ennnyed, pp\ annoyed, P ; see Anoyen. 

Enoynt, pp. anointed, NED, C, H; 
anoynt, C. — AF. enoint ; Lat. inunctumg 
pp. of inungere. 

Enpoisone. sb, poison; enpoysone, 

Enpoisonen, v. to poison, MD, Ca ; 
enpoysened,//., S2. — ^OF. enpoisoner. 

Enqnere, v. to inquire, C2,C3, G,Wa ; 
enqneri, S2. — OF. enquerir, ettquerre; 
Lat inquirere. 

Enqneringe, sb. enquiry, C3. 
Ensamplurie, sb. pattern, PP. 

Ensample, sb. example, S, S2, PP,Ca, 
C3 ; ensaumple, S3, P. — AF. ensample, es- 
sample, OF. example ; Lat. exemplum. 

Ensanmplid, //. exemplified, S3. 

Ensele, v. to seal, PP. Cf. Aselen. 

Enserchen, v. to search into, W, Wa. 

Enstore, v. to restore, W ; instozid, 
//., W. — Lat. instaurare. Cf. Astore. 

Entailen, v. to cut, carve, MD; en* 
tayled, pp., S3. — OF. entaillier, entcdlier, 

Entencion, sb. intention, Ca ; enten-* 
olonn, C3. — AF. entenciun. 

Entendementf sb. understanding, in* 
telligence, S3. — OF. entendement. 

Entenden, v. to give attention to, MD, 
C2. — OF. entendre ; Lat. intendere. 

Entente, sb. heed, attention, purpose, 
intention, S2, PP, C2, C3 ; entent, Sa, S3, 
PP.— OF. entente. 


df; adj, attentive, Wa.— OF. m- 

XSnteren, v, to inter, bnry, MD; en- 
tered, pt, s., S3. — OF. enterrer; It inter- 
rare ; from Lat. in terra, 

Enterment, sb. interment, MD.— AF. 

Entraille, sb. entrails, Ca ; entralU, 
MD ; entraylya, //., Voc.— AF. entraille \ 
cp. Prov. i?ttralias, pi. ; Sp. entraHas, from 
Lat interaneay the inward parts. 

Sniunbreii, v, to enshadow, obscure, 
hide, MD; enonmlnr*, S2. — OF. enom- 
breri Church Lat. in-umbrare, 

Enuenymen, v. to envenom, PP ; en- 
▼mimed,//., C2. — AF. envenimer. 

Euveuymes, sb. pi, poisons, P. 

Envined, pp, provided with wine, C. — 
OF. envi?U (Cotg.). 

EnTiroiin, adv, in a circuit, around, 
MD ; environ, S3 ; envyxoun, S3. Comb.', 
in enigrrown, S2 ; lii ennyxonn, MD. — 

OF. environ, 

EnTirOlineni v, to surround, to move 
round, to go about, MD ; envyxone, S2. 
— OF. environner, 

EnTOlupen, v, to wrap up, C3.— AF. 

Eniiye, sb, annoyance, S ; see Anoy. 

Bny, adj\ any, PP, S, S2, G ; eni, S, PP ; 
eaai, MD, S ; mi, MD, S ; eie, S ; ei, 
MD, S ; ani3, MD ; ani, MD, S, S2 ; oni, 
MD ; ony, S2, C, W. Comb, : eanie weis, 
in any way, any ways, S; eieweis, S; 
eyweis, NED (s. v. anywise) ; eay ways, 
NED ; anl^e wise, in any wise, NED ; 
•aiwiJie, S. — AS. <knig, 

Eode, //. s., went, S ; iasde, S ; eoden, 
pi. J S2 ; ieden, S. — AS. ^ode ; Goth, iddja ; 
see Douse, pp. 185, 188, and Brugmann, 
§ 61. Cf. ^eode. 

Soli ; see Ble. 

Eoniy I pr. s., am, MD ; see Am. 

Eom ; see Sem. 

Eomen, v, to mn, S, S2 ; see Bennen. 

Eorre, sb. anger, MD, S ; nrre, S, MD ; 
oexre, S ; irre, MD. — AS. irre, angry, 
anger : OS. irri, angry, OHG. irri, out of 
the right way (OSrid): Goth, airzeis, 
astray; cp. Lat. errarc for *ersare, Cf. 



EorSe ; see SxISe. 

Eoten ; see Bten. 

Eouwer, pron. your, S ; see jonxe. 

Eppely sb. apple, MD ; see Appel. 

Er,/r.//. are, H ; ere, S2 ; see Aren. 

Itr.adv.j conj, and prep, ere, before, S, S2, 
C2, PP; ear, S, S3; ayr, S3 ; yer, S3 ; 
her, S ; ax, S, S2, G, H, P ; or, S, S2, S3, 
C3 ; ore, S2 ; are, S, S2, H, PP ; taexe, 
S. Comb. : or ere, before, WW, Sh. ; ere 
ener, W W. Smr, comp. formerly, S ; erest, 
superl. soonest, first, S, PP ; erst, S, S2, S3, 
C2, C3 ; eanrt, S; anrf:, G, P; crest, S ; 
«riit, S ; nrest, S. — ^AS. ikr, comp. drvr, 
superl. <krest, 

ErayXL, sb, spider, H ; see Aranye. 

Erche-biflSoPi sb, archbishop; see 

Erche-dekene, sb, archdeacon, S2 ; 
see ArohiAeken. 

Erd, sb. native land, home, S ; ssrd, S ; 
erOe, dat., P : Herdes, //., S (15. 2410).— 
AS. eard; OS, ard, 

Erden, v, to dwell, MD; erthe, S, 
MD; earden, MD. — ^AS. eardian; cp. 
OHG. art^ (Tatian). 

Erding-stouwe, sb, dwelling-place, 
MD ; eardinffstowe, S. 

Ere, sb. ear, S, C2, PP ; eere, W2 ; awe, 
S ; earen,//., S,S2 ; eren, S ; eerie, W2, 
PP. Comb. : eererinir, ear-ring, W2. — AS. 
6are : Goth, auso ; cp. Lat auris. 

^ve^, are, S2 ; er, H ; see Aren. 

Erende, sb. errand, message, business, 
PP, S; emde, S2, PP; eaxende, MD ; 
axende,MD ; Sxnde, MD ; hexdne, S.— 
AS. <krende ; cp. OS. drundi, Icel. eyrindi; 
OHG. dmnti (Otfrid) ; connected with AS. 
dr, messenger. 

Erewe, adj. timid, S ; exgh, JD ; 
eerie, JD ; see Axwe. 

Erfe, sb. cattle, MD; exxfe, S; 
S. — O. Merc, erfe, erbe, inheritance (OET. 
P- 539) : OS. erbi, OHG. erbi (Tatian, 
Otfrid) : Goth, arbi; cp. Olr. orbe (Win- 
disch) ; see Oxf. 

Erfe8, adj\ difficult, MD ; see AxfelV. 

Erien, v. to plough, MD, PP; exen, 
PP, W, C ; eax, WW ; exynffe,/r./., W; 
exiden, //. pi., W2.— AS. erian : Goth. 
arj'an ; cp. Lat. arare ; see Douse, p. 1 14 {e), 

Eringe, sb. ploughing, S2, PP ; eartnLiT} 
S3. — AS. erung. 

Eritage, sb, heritage, S2, PP.— AF. 

Erlf sb, a man of noble birth, earl, MD, 
S, C2 ; sBoxl, S ; exle, S3 (15 a. i) ; yexle, 
S3 ; eoxlee, pi., S ; Biexlee, S ; nxlen, 
dat.y S. — AS. eorl'. OS. erl\ cp. Iccl.jarl, 

Erl-donii sb. earldom, PP ; exldome, P. 

Erljy adv, early, C, C2 ; erlydie, Sa ; 



ally, H ; yezly, S3 ; arely, H; erllolM) 

S2. — AS. irlice. 

\^ adj\ dot. poor, S ; see ▲rm. 

», V. to- feel sad, grieve, €3^ CM. — 
AS. earmian ; see Ten Brink, Chaucer, 48, 
4. See Arm. 

Erminif, o^V wretched, S; sb. a wretched 
being, S ; eArmynereB,//., S. — KS.earming. 

Ermite, sb. hermit, PP ; eremite, PP, 
S2 ; heremsrte, S2 ; ermytes,//., S2, PP ; 
lieremltes, P ; liermites, S. — AF. ermite 
{Juremitey hermite) ; Church Lat. eremita 
{heremita) ; Gr. kpfjfjUnjs, from iprifua, a 

Em, sb. eagle, MD, JD, S ; erne, S2 ; 
azyn, H ; am, HD ; SBm, MD ; ernes, 
//., CM ; hemes, S2. — AS. earn, ONorth. 
am ; from Goth, ara ; cp. OHG. dro, also 
am, pi. emi (Tatian). 

Emde ; see Srende. 

Emeily V. to earn, MD ; amen, MD. — 
AS. eamian : OHG. amSn, to reap a har- 
vest (Otfrid), from arno^ harvest: Goth. 

Emen, v. to mn, S ; see Bennen. 

Ernes, sb, a pledge, earnest, MD, W; 
emest, S2 ; emease, dot., S. — OF. ernes, 
prob. for *erles ; so in F. guigne the n is 
for an older /; see Brachet. Cf. Arlea. 

Ernest, sb. eagerness, seriousness, ear- 
nest, C, MD ; eornest, MD. — AS. eornest, 
earnestness : OHG. ernust, sorrow (Tatian). 

Emestfal, adj. earnest, MD, C2. 
Emestly, adv. eagerly, quickly, S2, 

Emang, sb. earning, desert, MD ; eam- 
ynge, S. See Smen. 

ErraTmt, adj. vagabond, arrant, PP, 
MD. — OF. errant, wandering, vagabond 
(Cotg.). See Srren. 

Erre, sb. a scar, wound, Voc. (680. i) ; 
arre, NED ; ar, HD ; arr, JD ; errea, 
pi., H, NED. Cp. Dan. ar, Icel. or, orr. 

Erren, v. to wander, W, MD ; errlden, 
pt. pi., W. — OF. errer\ Lat. errare. Cf. 

Ert, 2 pr. s. art, S, S2, H, PP ; erton, 
art thou, §2. — ^AS. eart. 

Erthe, v. to dwell, S ; see Br den. 

Erthe, sb. earth, S, C2, C ; eozVe, S ; 
yertlie, S3 ; vrpe, S2 ; erd, S3. Comb : 
aner]>e, on earth, S2. — AS. eoHSc, OS. erSa ; 
cp. OHG. erda (Otfrid). 

Ertheli, adj. earthly, S2 ; ezlSllolie, S ; 
eaztSUoli, S. — AS. eorthlice. 

"Ertlie-monyngi sb, earthquake, W. 


Erthe-SChalyng', sb. earthquake, W. 
Erthe-tiliere, sb. tiller of land, W ; 
ertHe-tUerlfl, //., W2.— Cp. AS. eorp-tilia. 
Erthe-tiliynge, sb. husbandry, W. 

;. see "RtH. 

Es, conj. as, PP ; see 

Es, pr. s., is, S, S2, H ; ease, S2 ; see Za. 

Escape, sb. transgression, HD, ND, Sh. ; 
eaoapea,//., S3. 

Eschame, v. to be ashamed ; eaoliamyty 
PP'i S3 ; see NED (s.v. ashame)» 

Escliapen, v. to escape, S2 ; eaoapen, 
MD ; aacapen, W2,P; cliapyt,//., S3. — 
AF. esckaper, escaper, Cf. Ac^iape. 

Eschaping, sb. escape, S2. 

Escliaimsfe, sb. exchange, C, PP. — AF. 

EiBChelcer, sb. chess-board, treasury, ex- 
chequer, MD ; easoheker, PP ; clieker, P ; 
cliecker, S3 ; chekyr, PP ; cheaanler, PP. 
— AF. escheker, OF. eschequier. 

EsChen, v. to ask, MD ; see Asken. 

Eschetes, sb. pi. escheats, PP ; ea- 
cheytea, forfeitures, PP ; cHetea, P.— AF. 
eschete (pi. eschaetes) ; es^ex + ckaet, pp. of 
ckaoir; Lat. cadere; see Bartsch, p. 511. 

Esckewen, v. to eschew, avoid, S3, PP ; 
eaoHnwen, PP ; escline, C3, C, PP.— AF. 
eschuer, OF. eschever, eschiver', OHG. 
sciuhan, sciuhen, to be afraid of (Otfrid). 
See Sohey. 

Escrien, cry out, MD; see Aacrlen. 

Ese, sb. ease, C2, C3, P; eiae, S, PP; 
eyae, PP.— AF. eise, OF. aise, pleasure ; 
cp. It. agio, ease, convenience (Florio). 

Eise, adj. easy, at leisure ; eeae, S2 ; elae, 
S. — OF. aise, glad. 

Eseliche, adv. easily, S2 ; eaily, C2, C. 

Eseuenty. sb. solace, S3. — AF. esement, 

Esen, V. to entertain, MD, C ; w^,pp.i 
C. — OF. aiser, aisier. 
Esmayed,//. dismayed, frightened, S3, 

HD.— OF. esmaier, to frighten ; Lat. ex + 
Low Lat. *magare, from Teutonic source ; 

OHG. mag-, stem of mugan, to be able ; cp. 

It. smagare, to vex out of his wits (Florio). 

Cf. Dlamayen. 
Esperance, sb. hope, S3 ; eaplranoe, 

S3 ; eaperannoe, CM. — OF. esperance. 
Espye, V. to see, discover, C, C3. — OF. 

espier. It. spiare ; OHG. spihan, see Diez. 

See Aaplen. 
Est, adj. east, S, S2, C2, C3, Prompt. 

Comh.'. eat del, the east, S2; eatward, 

eastward, Ca ; see 


•.»«..*, sk state, C, MD; astMt, C3; 
airtate, S3, NED ; estate, PP ; Mitotes, 
pl.f ranks, S3. — OF. estat; Lat. statum. 
Cf. Stat. 

Estatlich, adj, dignified^ C. 

Estey sb, favour, grace, delicacy, dainty, 
S ; esten,//., S ; eatene, gen., S. — AS. 6st : 
OS. anst, OHG. a»jr/(Otfnd): Goth. ansU 
(stem ansti'), 

Este, adj' pleasant, kind, S2, MD. — ^AS. 

Ester, sb. Easter, S, S2 ; estren, dot., 
S. Comb. : estrene dai, Easter-day, S. — 
AS. iastrOy sb. pi. the passover, easter-tide, 
eastrena (gen. pi.), from Eastre, the AS. 
form of the name of a German goddess of 
light and spring sunshine; seeGrinmi, Teut. 
M., p. 289. 

Estre* sb. being, nature, quality, also, 
the place where one is, dwelling, quarters, 
chambers, or inner part of a house, HD, 
MD ; eirtres, //., C, HD, CM ; eirters, 
CM. — OF. estre, a sb. from an infin. 
(Bartsch); Late Lat essere, to be; see 
Brachet (s. v. itre). See also estre in Cotg. 

Estrin-landv sb. Eastern land, S2. See 



Esy, adj\ easy, gentle, MD, C, PP, 
Prompt. ; eesy, MD. — OF. aisie. See Sse. 

Et, prep, at, S. Comb. : et-fozen, be- 
fore, S. — AS. (St. 

Eten, V. to eat, S, C2, PP; «ten, S; 
eoten, S ; eet, PP ; hete, S ; ett, pr. s., 
S; eet, PP; et, PP; et,//.j.,S; ete,S2; 
eet, C2, C3, PP; asten, //., S;.eten, S, 
C2, PP; eoten, S ; eeten, G ; eten, pp., 
S, PP ; i3eten, S, S2 ; i^ete, S2 ; y-ete, 
Sa ; eyt, S3. — AS. etan, pt. s. <kt (pL <kton), 
pp. eten, see Sievers, 391, 3; Goth, itan, 
see Douse, p. 44. 

Eteme, adj. eternal, C, HD. — OF. 
eteme ; Lat. aetemum. 

Etforen, Ethalden ; see At-fore, 


Eth, adj. easy, H ; eaV, S, MD. — AS. 
ic^e, HJe : OS. 69t ; cp. Goth, authts, desert, 
waste, see Weigand (s. v. ode). 

Eth-, prefix, easily. — Cp. AS. 6ap-, 4p-, 
yP' ; cp. Icel. auH-. 

EVe, adv. easily, S, HD ; eaVe, S. 

EVe-lich, adj. slight, light, S. 

Ethelynifi sb. a noble, S ; see Atliel- 

ESeni, sb. breath, S. — AS. <kdm, {6m ; 
OHG. dtum (G. athem), see Sievers, 45. 6. 

ESo-moded, adj. gentle, well-disposed, 

S, MD. — Cp. AS. icdimSdian, to obey. See 

ESen, adv. hence ; see MclSen. 
E8-lete, adj. lightly esteemed, MD; 
cASlate, S. See BtH, Bth-. 

ES-sene, adj, easily seen, S; cASoene, 
S ; etaoene, S. 

Etlnnge, sb. purpose, conjecture, S; 
see Afllnffe. 

Etteleden, pt pi. directed their way, 
went straight, S2 ; see Atllen. 

Eu, you, S ; see ^ou. 

Eu-bmclie, sb. adultery, MD, S ; eau- 
bmclie, MD; 8iwbr»ohe, Voc — AS. o^ze^ 
bryce. See S. 

^nXBfPron. your, S; see ^onre. 

Enangelie, sb. gospel, PP, W ; eoaiu 
ffile, S2 ; ewangtiye, S2, PP ; enangylea, 

pl-t C3. — OF. evangile ; Lat. evangelium 
(Vulg.) ;' Gr. way^iMov, 

EliaiureUste,^^. evangelist, PP; enan. 
g«lljrt, C2 ; ewanlireU>te, S. — OF. evan- 
geliste (AF. ewangelist) ; Lat. evangelista 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. ^hax%iKiiSTi\i. 

EliangelU6| v. to preach, W. 

Euel, adj. and adv, evil, S, W2, S2, PP ; 
see 7iiel. 

Euel-leSj adj. guiltless, S3. 

Euen, sb. even, S, P ; efenn, S ; ene, S, 
C2, C3, PP. Com^b. : enene-atezre, even- 
ing star, W2 ; eue-song, even-song, S2 ; 
eayn-sonffe, S3; euensonge, P. — AS. 
&fen {6fen)', OHG. ^and (Otfrid), see 
Sievers, 45. 

EueUi adj. even, equal, fellow, MD, S2, 
W; euene, C2, PP; adv., PP ; eftae, S; 
nfiae, S ; ewln, S3. Comi. : efen-ald, of 
the same age, MD ; eoen-czistene, fellow- 
christian, S, PP^ HD ; enM>zlsten, S, S2 ; 
enen-fortb, according to, to the extent of, 
PP ; em-fortb, C, PP ; enen-fortH, di- 
rectly forward, S3 ; euen-forwaxd, directly 
forward, HD ; euene-long, of proper 
height, S ; eaene-worth, of like value, W2. 
—AS. efen\ OS. eban, OHG. eban (Ot- 

Euenen, v. to make equal, to be equal, 
MD, S ; efthenn, S. — AS. efnan. 

Euenlied, sb. equality, equity, H (Ps. 
108. 2) ; enynliede, Prompt. 

EueiUiv adv. evenly, W2 ; enenliohe, 
MD ; euelfFche, S. — AS. efenlice, 

Euennessef sb. equity, W2. 

Euenynge, sb. an equal, S ; efidng, S. 
— Cp. loth jafningi. 
Euerich, adj. tytrj, S, S2, C2 ; avexelOy 



MD; afver^leh, MD; evereeh, MD, S; 
evrech, MD^ S ; afirlo, S ; efireo, MD ; 
evreo, MD ; everllk, MD, S3 ; •▼exUo, 
MD, S; eoerloli, S, S2, C2; eaTrlcli, 
MD; sBnerlc, S; »vrio, MD; efdoh, 
MD ; enrioli, S, S2 ; emeralolie, S ; aue- 
zlch, S ; afiri, S ; eauerlolie, S ; ever- 
ench, S ; eauerencli, S. Comd. : efoe- 
xicli on, every one, S2, C2, C3 ; everych 
one, S2 ; enerllk an, S2. — AS. <k/re + <klc; 
see Mnxe (ever) and Bche. 

Euese, s6. border, brink, edge (of a roof, 
monntain, forest), Prompt.,. MD ; henese, 
MD ; enesea, //., PP.— AS. e/ese: OHG. 
c^sa, opcLsa ; see Sievers, 93. Cp. E. eaves, 

Euesien, v. to clip round, to shear, 
MD ; enesed, pp., S3 ; i^e▼Met, S.— AS. 

EueSIinge, sh, a clipping, what is clip- 
ped off, MD ; eaves, MD ; eveaing*, 
Manip. ; aialngs, //., PP («.)• Cotnb. : 
iLouae-enysynffe ( = domicilium\ H. — AS. 
efesung (Voc). 

Euete, sb, eft, newt, W2 ; newte, Voc. 
(642. 27) ; eneten, //., S; ewtea, MD. — 
AS. efeta (Voc.). 

Euorye, sb, ivory, HD; yvory, Prompt.; 
everey, Voc. — Prov. evori {avort) ; Lat. 
eboreuniy made of ivory ; cp. F. ivoire, It. 
avorio (Florio) ; see Diez. 

Euour, sb, ivory, S3, HD; enor, H; 
evlr, S3; Ivor, Prompt.; yner, W, W2. 
— Of French origin, from Lat. ebur, 

Enre, adv, ever, S, S2, PP; enere, S, 
S2, PP; «fte, S, MD; afire, S; efer, S, 
MD ; eaner, S, MD ; eefer, MD ; aner, 
S ; 8Bnexe, S ; anere, S ; wnere, S ; ssr, 
MD; er, MD. Comb,: ener amoncr, 
continually, S3 ; ener elper, each, S3 ; 
efireni, ever any, S ; enermo, evermore, 
S, S2, C2, C3 ; sBfiremo, S ; enermor, S ; 
8Bner te, ever as yet, S. — AS. afrCy from 
dwa {d) ; see SkD, and Sievers, 192. 4. 

Ew, sb. yew, C, Voc. ; ewe, Cath. — ^AS. 
/w ; cp. OHG. iwa, 

Ewagfe, sb. beryl, PP. — OF. ewage^ con- 
nected with water (Roquefort) ; Lat. aqtM" 
ticum. The green beryl is called by jewel- 
lers aqua marina. See below. 

Ewe ardannt, sb, burning water, S2. — 
AF. ewe^ ttie, aigue ; Lat. aquam, see 
Academy, No. 459, p. 139; cp. Goth. 

Ewen, V, to show. — AS. ywan : Goth. 
augjan\ cp. OHG. ougen (Otfrid). See 
Atewen, S^e. 


, sb, a water-carrier, also, vessel for 
water, Palsg. ; enwere, MD ; eware, 
aquariusy Prompt. — AF. ewer, SkD (p. 
803) ; OF. euwier, aiguier. 

Ewilch, adj, every, MD (s.v. ale); 
ewUche, MD ; iwUcH, MD ; nwllc, MD, 
S ; nwllcH, MD, S ; ewlche, S.— AS. cB-g- 
hwilc\ OHG. iO'gi'Welih (Tatian), eo-gi- 
hwelih ; see Sievers, 347. i. 

Ewin ; see Snen. 

Ezerce, ». to exercise, S3. — OF. exer^ 
cer\ Lat. exercere. 

Exhibition, sb, payment, S3, Sh. — 
AF. exhibicioun\ Late Lat. exhibitionetn 

Expert, o^'. experienced, C3. SeeApert. 

Expert, V. to experience, S3. 

Exponnen, v. to expound, PP, C2, C3 ; 
ezpowne, S2, S3; ezponnde, C2. — ^Lat. 

Expownyng, sb, interpretation, W. 

Ey, sb. Qgg, C, C3, Prompt. ; eye, S3, 
W ; ay, G, HD ; eyren, //., PP ; eiren, 
PP ; eimn, W2 ; ayren, MD ; effffea, PP, 

— AS. ag (pi. agru) ; cp. Icel. egg, whence 

Eyle, adj, loathsome, troublesome, NED ; 
AS. egle : OTeut. *agljo ; cp. Goth, aglus ; 
see Sievers, 303. 

Eylen, v, to trouble, afBict, NED ; 
eUin, S ; eUe]>, pr, s., S2, PP ; eyletb, 
C2,C3, C, PP.— AS. eglan : Goth, agljan. 

Eyre, sb, air, C3, P ; eire, W ; eyr, C ; 
eir, W2, PP ; aier, PP ; ayer, S3 ; air, 
S2 (20. 167); aire, NED.— OF. air; Lat. 

Eyre, sb, heir, S2, PP ; eire, W, PP ; 
ayre, HD ; aire, S2 ; eir, S, S2 ; eyr, 
G ; eyer, S2 ; heir, S, C2 ; lieyr, C3. — 
OF. eir, heirs ; Lat. heres, 

Eyren, sb. pi, ; see By. 

Eyt ; see Sten. 

Eythes, sb, pi, harrows, PP. — ^AS. egede, 
harrow : OHG. egida, 

E^e, sb, awe, MD ; eie, S ; eye, S, G ; 
Beie, S ; a^eie, S, NED ; aye, HD ; ey^e, 
G. — AS. ege : Goth, agis ; see Sievers, 263. 
4. Cf. Awe. 

E^e, sb, eye, S, S2, PP ; ehe, S ; 
eerhe, S; eie, S2 ; y§, S2, C2, C3, G; 
ije, S3, W, W2 ; yje, W2 ; e, S2, S3 ; ee, 
S3 ; e^en, //., S, S2 ; effen, S ; eien, S ; 
eyen, S, S2, P ; eyn, S3 ; effhen, S2, C ; 
ei^en, S2, PP ; ei^yen, S2 ; eyne, Sh. ; 
ehne, S ; ene, S3 ; eye, S2 ; i^en, W, W^, 
S3 » yjwi; S2 ; iyen, S3 ; ySn, C2, C3 ; 


mrfflimi, P; eighieai; tarn, Si; tyvliMi, 
PP ; ey^TM, PP.— AS. /<^ : Goth, ai^o ; 
cp. OHG. wga (Otfrid). 

E^e-lid, sb, eye-tid, MD ; elieUd, S 

E^e-pnt, sd. the socket of the eye ; ^e- 
pattes,//., MD. 

E^e-Jmrl, sd, window ; elilmrl, MD. — 



iag-^rl\ cp. Goth, auga-dauro, window 

S^ha-ffllLlle, sb. the sight of the eye, 
presence, MD ; eludUSe, S ; iae-sist, S3. 

E^-sen, sb, presence; eifirlLeBeiLe, dot., 
MD ; wlmeoiie, MD ; eoflene, MD ; ez- 
Mne, MD. — Cp. Icel. aug-sytty OHG. oug- 
stunt (Tatian). 


Fa, adj, few, H ; see F«w«. 

k, sb, foe, S, S2 ; see Foo. 
», sb. face, PP ; a term in astrology, 
C2. — OF. /ace; IjbX. faciem. 
Facion, sb. &shion, S3 ; see Fasonn. 
X'acoiind, sb. eloquence, fluency, CM ; 
fiBunmdA, H, Prompt. — OF. faconde ; Lat. 

Faconnd, adj, eloqnent, CM. — OF. 
faconde; Loii. facundum. 

' Fade, adj. weak, faint (of colour), MD ; 
vad, Uiy.—OY.fade, 

Faden, v. to fade, lose colour, wither, 
to cause to wither, MD, Cath., Prompt. ; 
vade, MD, Sh., HD. 

Fader, sb, father, S, S2, C3 ; Feader, 
S ; feder, S ; 'vader, S, S2 ; veder, S ; &- 
dxe, S2 ; &derMi, gen. s., S ; fiidxes, C2 ; 
ibder, S2, C2, C3 ; fibderM, pL, S2 ; &- 
dxes, C2 ; Ihdrls, W. — AS. fader. 

Fadme, sb. fathom, ulna, MD, Prompt., 
C ; fj&dome, CM ; fedue, MD ; ftedniMi, 
//., G.—AS.fcam. 

Fadmen, v. to embrace, MD, Prompt. ; 
fi^men, MD ; &diiMde,//. s., MD; fiip- 
jnmilLipp., MD, S2. — ASi. fa^mian. 

FSBC, sb. space, interval, portion of time ; 
liBoe, dcU.y S. — AS. fcec; cp. OHG. fah 
(MHG. vach\ a wall, a compartment. 

FSBie, adj. pi, dead, S ; see Feye. 
L, sb. army, S ; see Ferd. 
L, V. to fare, S ; see 
I, adj. few, S ; see 

Fagen, adj. fain, S ; see Fayn. 

Fai, sb. faith, S2 ; fiij, G ; see FelS. 

Faie, sb. fay, fairy, S2 ; see Fay. 

Fail, sb. greensward, JD ; fUll, S3 ; 
&il, grassy clod cut from the sward, JD. — 
G2L^.fdl, wall, hedge, sod; Oli.fdly wall, 
hedge (Windisch). 

Fail-dyke, sb. dike built of sods, JD. 

Faille, v, to fail, S, C2 ; feiyle, S2 ; &1I- 

•de.//. J., S.^A¥. failltr; Late L&t. fal- 
lire for IjbX. fallere. 

Faille, sb. fail, doubt, MD ; faale, S3. 
, V. to rejoice, S2 ; see Faynan. 
, sb. fair, P ; see Feyxe. 
Fairye, sb. fairy power, fairy land, C2 ; 
Fait, sb. deed, S2,PP ; fUte, PP ; see Fet. 

Faiten, v. to beg under false pretences, 
PP ; fsyten, PP. 

Faiterie, sb. deceit, PP; fiiyterye, 

Prompt, HD. 

Faitour, sb. pretender, impostor, vaga- 
bond, MD, PP; tKj±owTe,^tor, Prompt; 
fSftytonxes, pi., S3 ; ftltora, H.—OF./ai- 
tour, faitebr (Godefroy) ; Late Lat ^facti- 

Faldinfif, sb. a kind of coarse cloth, C, 
HD ; fkldyiiffe, amphibalusy birrus, Cath., 

FaUace, sb. deceitfulness, W ; fkllas, 
W, HD. — OF. fallace; Lat fallacia 

Fallen, v. to fall, S, C2; nallen, S; 
feol,//. s., S ; fel, S ; 111, C2 ; fnl, S ; fyi, 
S2 ; i-uel, S ; flUe, S3 ; vnl, S2 ; feoUe, 
subj., S ; feUen, pi., S ; feUe, S ; fllle, 
C2 ; felden, S2, W, W2 ; y-fUlen, pp., 
C2 ; i^.faUe, S ; &Ue, S2, C2 ; faUynff 
{Scotch form), S3 ; feld, W.— AS. {ge)feal' 
Ian, i^t.ftoll, pp. ge-feallen. 

Fallow, sb. fellow, S2, S3 ; see Felawe. 

Fallow, v, to be fellow to, S3 ; see Fe- 

FaUynge, sb. a falling; fiaUyngls,//., 

ruins, W2, H. 

Fallyxige-az, sb. felling-axe, W2 ; see 

Fallynge-enylle, sb. the falling-sick- 
ness, epilepsy, S2. 

FalS, adj. false, MD, C2 ; fiOse, MD, 

C2, — AF.fals', Latfalsum, 




Fals-hede, sb. falsehood, S5, C5 ; fia- 
■et, S3. 

Falsien, v. to make fake, MD; fiEklsyn, 
Prompt. ; fialfled, pp., C2. — OF. falser 
(jsiodi.fausser)'j 'LaXt'LaX.falsare. 

Falsnessis, sb. pi. frauds, W2. 

Falten, v. to fail, to be wanting in, to 
stammer; fklt,/r. j-., S ; fitnton,//., PP. — 
OF. *falter (whence Y.faute) ; cp. It. fal- 
tarCy freq. form oiVaX-fallere. 

Faltren, v. to totter, SkD, C3, CM ; to 
Stammer, falter. Prompt. ; foltred,^., S3. 

Falwe* adj. fallow, pale, yellow, MD. 
— AS.fealu {stem fealwa). 

Falwen, v. to become yellow, pallid, to 
fade, MD ; fiauwen, MD ; valuwen, S. — 

AS. fealuwian. 

Familier, adj. familiar, Manip. ; fiunu- 
lier, C ; fiunnler, MD. — AF. familier ; 
Lat. familiarem . 

TsJld^pl. s. found, -S, S2, S3 ; see Find- 

Fandien,^. to try, seek, strive, to prove 
MD, S ; fiwde, S2, H ; fonde, S, S3, S3 
C2 ; nonden, S ; fiftynd/B ; Irf ended,//. 
S. — AS. fandtan ; deriv. of Flnden. 

Fandinif, sb. tempting, temptation, 82 
fiuadynffe, H ; fondnnire, S ; fondyng 
S2, G; nondynere, S2. — AS./andun^. 

Fanei sb. banner, streamer, S3, MD 
fiiyn, weather-vane, S3 ; fJEUi, C3 ; vane 
C2 ; fhnys, pi., streamers, S3. — AS. /ana 
a standard, Goth.^»<z, a bit of cloth ; cp 
Lat. pannus {pdnus), see Curtius, 362. 

Fantasie, sb. fancy, PP ; fiuatasy, S3 
fiuatasles,//., P ; fiBuitasyes, S2, C2.— OF. 

fantasie; isX. phantasia; Gx. <pa»raaia. 

FailtQme« sb. deceptive appearance, 
falsehood, apparition, MD, C3 ; fiuatonm, 
MD ; fiuatum, S2, W ; fiBuitom, H ; fiin. 
tesme, MD ; fiuateme, MD.— OF. fan- 
tosme (Ps. 78. 4) ; Low Lat. *fantasuma 
(cp. Prov. fantauma) ; Lat. phantasma \ 
Gr. <p6;yTa<rfjui. 

Fare, sb. journey, S; doing, business, 
S2, C3, C ; behaviour, G. 

Faren, v. to go, to fare, to behave, S, 
S2, C2 ; naren, S; texen, S; iSsur, S3; 
vare, S; &ir, S3; fiirst, 2 pr. s., S; 
feareS, pr. s.,S; turn, S2 ; varp, pi-f S2 ; 
fbr, pi. s., S, S2 ; i-fiuren, pp., S ; iSuren, 
MD, S2 ; fiEure, S, S2, C2 ; l-fiure, S, S2. 
Comb.: iSsur wel, farewell, C2; pi. fiureth 
wel, C3 ; fiurewel, it is all over I, C3. — 
AS. faran, ]pt./(fr, \i^.faren. 

, sb^ a feast, meal, CM, MD ; see 

Farsen, v. to stuff, HD ; iSsursed,^., C ; 
fiursid, H. — OY.farcir\ 'LsX. farcire. 

Fasomii sb. fashion, make, shape, MD, 
CM ; fiEuieonn, S3 ; fiMsdon, S3 ; fboions, 
//., S3. — OF. fason, fasson, fa^on ; Lat. 

Fast, adj. firm, fixed, SkD ; feat, S ; 
fiurte, adv. fast, firmly, quickly, soon, PP, 
S, C2; securely, S; fevte, S; fiurt, soon, 
PP ; close, S2 ; nevte, S ; naste, S2. Phr. : 
fiurt abonte, very eager, G. — AS. /ast, 

Fasten, v. to make fast, also to fast,7>- 
junare, MD, W (Mt. 6. 16) ; fert, S2 ; 
fsBston,//. //., confirmed, S; fbsted, pp.^ 
S2. — AS./astan; cp. Goth.^&j/a», *jeju- 

Fasten, sb. fasting, S ; fevten, S. 

Fasting, sb. abstinence from food, MD ; 
fiiBStinnir, S. 

Fast-lice, adv. continuously, S. 

Fastnesse, sb. stronghold, MD ; fesU 
nes, S2. 

Fast-rede, adj. firm in counsel, S. 

Fat, sb. vessel, S, Voc ; fet, MD ; net, 
MD ; feat, MD ; neat, S ; fiiten,//., S.— 
AS./at: OS. /at; cp.OHG./a« (Tatian). 

Pat^ adj. fat, MD ; fet, S ; fette, //., S. 
— AS./at; cp. Icel./eitr. 

Fa]>men, v. to embrace, S2 ; see 7ad^ 

Faucon, sb. falcon, C2 ; fiinoonn, PP ; 
fiinkyn, PP ; fiinoones, //., T.—AF./au- 
con,/alcun; lAt. /alconem. 

Fannt, sb. child, infant, MD ; fiiunte, 
HD; fiinntes, //., P ; fiinntls, P.— OF. 
/ant, It. /ante ; Lat. in/antem. 

Fanntee, sb. childishness, PP. 

Fanntekyn, sb. little child, PP; 

fawntkyne, HD ; fiuatekyne, HD. 

Fanntelet, sb. infancy, properly a little 
infant, PP. 

Fanntelte, sb. childishness, pp. 

Fanr, num. four, MD ; fiinre, S2 ; see 

Fanr-tend, ord. fourteenth, S2. Cf. 

Fante, sb. fault, MD ; flint, S2.— OF. 
/aute,/alte. See 7alten. 

Fauel, sb. impersonification of Flattery, 
PP ; flinnel, S2 ; flineU, flattery, S3.— 
OY./avele, talk ; Lat. /abella, ' sermo bre- 
vis* (Ducange). 


Fawch, si. fallow, S5; flMioli, JD; 
ttOLg^, HD ; fiiiif, HD. Comd. : IkwoliP 
^allo-w, fallow-yellow, S3. 

Fttwe* ^J- few, S ; see 7«w«. 

Fa^wely, adv. few, S3. 

Fawn, sd. fawn, tlie yoting of an animal, 
MD ; enulus=hinnulus, a young mule, 
Voc. ; fiftwne, ktnulus, Voc. ; fowne, ^/»- 
niius fVoc. [these Voc. words occur close 
to names for deer] ; fiiwne, Ainnuius, 
Cath. ; fownju, //., S3. — OF. faan, /eon, 
foiin \ perhaps a derivative of \A!i.foetti5^ 
see Diez, p. 580. 

Fay, sb. fay, fairy, a person endued with 
supernatural powers, HD ; fide, S2 ; fiiiMi, 
//., RD.— OF. fcU {fee) ; Late Lat. fata, 
from Lat. fatum, a decree of destiny ; cp. 
It. fata, Sp. hada, 

Fayerye, sb. magic, fairy world, a fairy, 
MD ; fiiyzey*, PP ; U/jry; fairy origin, 
S2 ; feyzle, S2, PP ; fidrye, C2 ; falrj, 
P. — OF. faerie, enchantment, also feerie, 

L, sb. foam, S3 ; see Foom. 

L, sb. streamer, weather-vane, S3 ; 
see 7a&e. 

Fayn, adj. fain, glad, willing, S2, C2, 
MD ; fiiffttn, S ; fitln, MD ; usbIh, S ; 
fUn, MD ; uein, MD ; fbyn, S2 : fiiwen, 
MD; fiiwe, adv., gladly, MD; fldnast, 
superl., CM. — KS.fagen. 

Faynen, v. to rejoice, PP; fhlnen, S2 ; 
finuMn, to fawn, PP ; fitwnyn, Prompt. — 
AS. fagenian,f<Bgnian. 

Faynen, v. to feign, S3 ; see FeTxian. 

Faynnes, sb. gladness, H (Ps. 67. 3) ; 
fiiyxLes, H. See Fayn. 

Fayntise, sb. pretence, S3; fiiyntls, 
H ; see Feyntifie. 

Fayre, adj. fair, C2, PP ; fiiB^err, MD ; 
ftBlBer, MD ; fiderer, MD ; felBer, MD ; 
fiBier, S ; oalr, S2 ; felr, MD, S ; uayr, 
S2 ; fliyr, S ; vaire, S ; fidre, pi., S ; 
ftyre, S, S2 ; Teyxer, cotnp., S2 ; tolrest, 
superl., S ; ftn;»ste, pl.,S; fitlrevte, S. — 
AS. fager. 

Fayre, adv. courteously, kindly, PP ; 
ftBire, S ; fii^B'e, S ; fidr«, S, P ; feyre, 
S, S2, CM ; feire, S, S2 ; naire, S2. 

Fayrehed, sb. beauty, fairness ; fidx«- 
iMd, S2 ; fidrlMde, S ; nayrliede, S2. 

Faymes, sb. beauty, MD ; fidxnenM, 
S, C2. 

Fayten, v. to tame, mortify, PP, S2 ; 
fldtoB, PP. See Afldtexi. 



Fa^e, pi' spotted, S ; see Foh. 

Feale, sb. fail, failure, S3 ; see Faille. 

Fearen, v. to fare, S ; see Faren. 

Feawe, adf few, S ; see Fewe. 

Feble, adf feeble, S, S2, PP; lleble, 
C2, P ; feblore, comp., S2 ; febelore, PP ; 
n'bleT,TF.--OF.febleJiotble; L&t.f ebtlem. 

Feble-like, adv. in sorry fashion, S. 

Feblen, v. to become weak, to make 
weak, PP ; febU, S2 ; febly, S2 ; ftblid, 
//., MD, 

Fecchen, v. to fetch, S, S2, C2, P; 
veoche, S ; fechen, S ; fiuslie, S3. — From 
AS. fecce, pr. s. oi feccan {'=fettan). See 

Fecht, V. to fight, B ; see Fiirl^ten. 

Fechtaris, sb. pi. fighters, S3, B. 

Fechting-Bted, sb. battle-ground, B. 
Fede, J^. enmity, S3 ; felde, MD. — AS. 
fakb. See Foo. 

Feden, v. to feed, S, PP; neden, S 
fet, pr* J., S ; fbtt, S ; vedde, //. s., S2 
fedde, PP; foded, S2 ; i-ued, pp., S 
i-iUBdde, pi., S.— AS. fidan : OS. fSdian, 
See Fode. 

Feder, sb. father, S ; see Fader. 

Feder, sb. feather, MD ; see Fetber. 

Fedramme, sb. plumage, S3 ; see FdS- 

Fee, sb. cattle, property, money, PP, S2 ; 
fiBO, MD ; ft, S, S2, PP ; feh, MD.—AS. 
feoh\ OS. fehu; cp. "LaX. pecus. 

Feend, sb. enemy, fiend, C2, C3 ; fend, 
S, S2 ; feende, PP ; feont, S ; ueond, S ; 
fond, MD ; f^nd, MD ; fende, S2, S3 ; 
fbondea, pi., S; fbndes, S, S2 ; flendee, 
S; vyendes, S2 ; feendls, W. — AS. 
fiond, pr. p. of fion, to hate ; cp. Goth. 
fiands,fijands, enemy, pr. p. oifijan, to hate. 

Feendli, adj. fierce, devilish (=:Lat. 
diaboltca),V^ \ feondliche, adv. fiercely, 
S ; fbendly, C3. — AS. fiondlic,fiottdlice, 

Feer, sb. companion, S3 ; see Fere. 

Fees, sb. pi. landed possessions, cities, 
S2 ; feys, HD ; fena, PP.— OF. feu, fu, 
in pi. feus, feus, fitis, fiez^ all found in 
Roland ; also OF. fie (Bartsch), F. fief\ 
probably of Teutonic origin, cp. OHG. 
fihu, property; see Braune, in ZRP. x. 262. 
See Fee. 

Feet, sb. deed, C2, PP ; see Fet. 

Feffement, sb. possession, Manip., PP. 

Feffen, v. to put into possession, MD, 
PP; feffede, //. J., S2. -^OY. feffer\ cp. 
Low \jaX. feoffare. See Fees. 




Feht ; see Tighten. 

Pei, sd. faith, S2 ; f«jr, C2, C3 ; see 

Feier, adj. fair, S ; see Fayre. 

Feierlec, sd. beauty, S. 

Feild, sd. field, MD. Comd.: feild- 
IToiufir, a walking out of doors, S3. See 

F6ir, sb. companion, S3 ; see Pere, 

Feir, adj. fair, S, PP ; see Fayxe. 

Feirev adv. kindly, PP, S, S2. 

FeireUi v. to make fair, S. 

Fei8, sd. faith, S, PP ; feyth, PP ; fetH, 
S3 ; fel5]), S2 ; fei, S2 ; fey, C2, C3 ; fW, 
&2 ; fliy, G, PP. Pkr. : ye-feth, in faith, 
83.-^0 F. fei, feit, feid ; Lat. fidem, 

FeiS-fol, adj. faithful, MD ; fldthfol, 
PP; fel5tfal, S2. 

FeiSliche, adv. faithfully, MD ; fei5- 
Uche, S2 ; fel^pely, S2 ; fepU, S2 ; ftltli- 


Fei, sb. a fell, mountain, S2 ; fell, MD ; 
feUe, MD, S2.— Icel. j^/a//. 

Fei, adj. base, cruel, treacherous, S2, 
PP, C2, G, W ; feU, S3 ; feUe, S2, S3, 
W2 ; //., PP, C2. — A.Y.felf wicked, cruel. 

Felawe, sb. partner, companion, fellow, 
S, S2, C3, PP ; felaw, S2,PP ; felow, S3. 
PP; folate, S; fitllow, S2, S3; felans, 
//., S2 ; feolahes, S ; naiades, S2. — Icel. 
fdagiy partner in common property (/^. 
See Fee. 

Felawen, z'. to associate, to be fellow 
to ; fallow, S3 ; uelaaen, MD ; felagMd, 

//., H. 

Felawrede, sb. fellowship, MD; ue- 
la^xede, S2. 

Felawschipev sb. fellowship, society, 
crew, PP ; felaBScliipe, S2 ; feolalisclpe, S. 

Felawship, v. to associate, MD; felou- 
BcMpld //., W2. 

Fela^lichey adv. intimately ; feololi- 
lukest, super I. i S. 

Feld, sb. field, S, PP ; feeld (heraldic), 
C2 ; Held, S2 ; fild, MD ;, dot., S, 
S2 ; uelde, S, S2 ; ualde, S ; feldes, //., 
S, S3.— AS./^A/. 

Feld-£eure, sb. fieldfare, lit. ' field-farer,' 
S2 ; campester, Voc. ; rurtiscus, Voc. 

Feldi, adj. champain ( = Lat campestris)^ 
MD ; feeldi, W. 

Feldishe, adj. belonging to the country, 



vele, S, S2; feole, S, PP; neole, S.; 
veale, S ; vale, S, HD ; felle, S3.— AS, 
fela; cp. Goth.yf/w. 

Felefalden, v. to multiply, MD ; fble- 
fiaded,//. s., S2. 

Fele-folde, adj. manifold, S; many 
times, PP. 

Felen, v. to feel, S ; utHe, MD ; fei me, 

I pr. s., S2 ; felde, //. J., S; feld, S2 ; 

felte, C2; feelede, C^.— AS. /e/an: OS. 

fdltan (in gi-fdlian), OHG. fSlJan ; cp. 

fualen (Otfnd). 

Fell , sb. skin, S3 ; frt, MD, S2, G, P ; 
p^lej S2 ; felles, //., S ; uelles, S ; feUys, 
tef^AS./^//; cp. Goth.///. 

Fellen, v. to fell, S, PP ; fiiUe, S2 ; 
fiOlefS, pr. pL, S ; felde, pt. s., G, PP. — 
AS. fellan, OHG. fallian ; OS. fellian, 

Felnessei-f^. astuteness (=Lat. astutid), 


Felon, sb. villain, traitor, PP ; feloiuiy 
PP; fellonn, S3; felloime, S3.— AF. 
feloufty felon y ace. oifel. See Pel. 

Felonie, sb. base . wickedness, MD ; 
felony, S ; felonye, S2, S3, C3, W2. 

Felonliche, adv. cruelly, PP ; felim< 
lyche, S2 ; felonnellclL, PP ; felnnly, S2. 

Fen, sb. a section of Avicenna's book on 
medicine called the Canon, C3, CM. — 
Arabic fan^ a branch, division, category ; 
cp. Ducange {s.y.fen). 

Fen, sb. mud, mire, marsh, dung, S2, 
S2, G, H ; fenne, Voc, Prompt.,W; nenne, 
S. — AS./enn : Goth, fanif mud, clay. 

Fenden, v^ to defend, PP ; fend, imp. 
s.f S3. — From OF. deftndre ; Lat. defendere. 

Fenestre, sb. window, PP ; fenystarls, 
//., S3. — 0¥ . fenestre \ IjaX. fenestra. 

Feng; see Fon, v. 

Fenkel, sb. fennel, MD, PP ; fenec^, 
Voc; fenkU, PP; fenkel, PP ; fl^kyl, 
Voc. ; fenel, PP ; fenyl, S2. Comb. : fenrt 
seed, PP. — Lat. feniculum, foeniculum ; 
cp. AS. fenol (Voc). 

Feole ; see 7ele. 

Feond, sb. enemy, PP ; feont, S ; faond- 
es,//., S ; see Feend. 

Feord, sb. army, S ; see Ferd. 

Feorden, pt. pi., fared, S ; see Feren. 

Fer, sb. fire, S; fere, dat., S2; nere, 
S2 ; neree, S ; see Far. 

Fer, adj., adv. far, PP, S, S2, C2 ; ferr, 
S, S2, PP; uer, S2; feor, S; neor, S; 

FelOi adj. many, S, S2, S3, Ca, PP ; | for, S ; ferre, comp., C ; ferrer, S3, C, 


PP ; forrest, superL^ PP. Comh. : fer- 
jfortb, far away, completely, S2, S3, Ca, 
C3; fiurfortli, S3; feoraor]), S. — AS. 
feorr : OS. fer ; cp. Goth, fairra, Cfc 



Ferd, sb. an expedition, army, MD ; 
ftsrd, S; feord, S; nard, MD; ferde, 
MD ; fbrde, dot., MD ; ftrdo, //., S ; 
ferdes, MD ; verdon, dat.y S ; uerdos, 
MD. — ASf,fird,fyrdyferd, See 7u:«n. 

Ferd, J^ fear, PP, G ; feerd, MD ; 
ferde, dot,, MD, CM, S2. 

FerdfU, adj, causing terror, timid, 
MD, W, W2 ; feerdfal, W2. 

Ferdlayk, sb. fear, MD. 

Ferdnes, sb. fear, MD, S2. 

Fere, v. to frighten, terrify, PP, S2, W ; 
feare, S3 ; feexe, CM ; Usx96,,pp., S2, C3 ; 
ferd, S2; ferde, S3; ftared, S3. — AS. 
fSrarty to frighten. 

Fere, sb, companion, S, S2, S3, G ; 
tiere, S; fber, S3; felr, S3; feren, //., 
S ; ferin, S ; feiren, S ; feres, S, S2 ; 
feeres, S2. See Zfere. 

Fere, adj. well, sound, MD, S2 ; fer, 
S, B ; felr, B. Phr. : hoi and fer, MD, 
S; halll and felr, safe and sound, B. — 
Jed. /arr, able, strong (for travelling). 

Fere, sb. power, ability, S, MD. — Icel. 
farif opportunity, ability. 

Fere, sb. fear, PP, S, C2, MD; feer, 
MD; fer, MD, PP; feere, PP ; ferls, 
//., MD; feerls, MD.— AS./<^r, sudden 
danger ; cp. Icel. /dr, harm. 

Fere-fnll, adj. fear-causing, also timid, 
MD ; feerftU, MD ; forftU, MD ; ferftU- 
lest, super/., CM. 

Feren, v. to fare, to go, to behave, 
MD ; ferde, //. j*., G, S, S2, C2 ; ferden, 
//., S3 ; feorden, S ; uerden, S ; fbrde, 
MD; ferd, S2. — AS. f/ran, ^t, firde\ 
deriv. of Faren. 

Ferien, v. to bring, MD ; fax^y, 
S. — AS. ferian, IcsX.ferja : Goth, farjan. 
Deriv. of Faren. 

Ferlac, sb. fear, MD ; fearlac, S; fiur- 
lac, S. See Fere. 

' Ferlien, v. to wonder, PP ; ferly, JD ; 
f9it1di\M,, S3 (13. 80) ; ferliede, W. s., 

Ferly, adj. dangerous, dreadful, sudden, 
strange, S2, PP, CM ; ferUoH, MD, S ; 
ferll, S2 ; ferUohe, adv., S ; ftrly, S2. — 
AS. fierlic, farlice. 

Ferly, sb, a wonder, S2, P ; fiurly, MD ; 

ferlikes,//., S2 ; ferlyes, S2 ; ferlein, S3 ; 
ferlls, P. 

Ferlyly, adv, wondroosly, S2 ; ferlllio, 


Fermacye, sb, pharmacy, medicine, C. 
— OF. farmacie ; Late Lat. pharmacia ; 
Gr. (papfAOLKtla, 

Fermans, sb, enclosure, S3 ; fermanoe, 
JD. — OY.fermance, from femur, to shut ; 
'LzX.Jirmare, to strengthen. 

Ferme, sb. food,, an entertainment, feast, 
meal, MD ; flurme ; MD, CM ; neorme, 
MD. — AS. feorm ; cp. Low Lat firma, a 
feast (Ducange). 

Ferme, adj, fina, MD, C2, — hS^ ferme ; 

"EevULBf sb. rent, revenue, MD, S2, C ; 
ferxnes, //. &rms, S3. — ^AF. ferme ; Late 
\jiX.. firma. 

Fermen, v. to strengthen, PP. — OF. 
fermer, to strengthen, also to shut ; Lat. 

Fermen, v. to hold land at a fixed rent. 
Prompt. See Ferme, sb, 

Fermerer, sb, infirmary officer, Cath. 
See Snfennerere. 

Fermery, sb. infirmary, S3, Voc. ; fer- 
morle, PP ; fermory, Cath. ; fermarye, 
Cath. (n.) ; fermerye. Prompt., Cath. (n.). 
— OF. enfermerie, infirmarie, inftrmerie\ 
Church Lat. infirmaria, a place ior the in- 
firm (Ducange). 

Fermour, sb. farmer, steward, CM, 
MD ; fenner, Cath. See Ferme,. sb. 

Fern, sb. fem, C2 ; ferene, dat., S2. 
Phr. : alsaolien of feme, fern ashes, MD. 
Comb. : fem-asslien, fem ashes, C2. — AS. 
feam (Voc.) : OY{G,fam, 

Fern, adj, and adv. old, long ago, C2, 
PP ; feme, CM ; fdm, MD. Comb. : fem- 
^eres, past years ; fem yere, formerly, PP. 
— AS. fym (see Sievers) ; cp. OS. furn, 
fom^fem, Goth., fairnis, 

Ferreden, sb. company, S; uerade, S. 
See ^efered. 

Ferren, adj. and adv. far, distant, MD ; 
feren, S; verrenne, //., S; feme, C— ^ 
AS.feorran, from afar. See Fer. 

Ferret-siike, sb. coarse silk, S3, Florio. 
— It. fioretti^ from fidre, flower. Cf. 

I, a^'. fierce, brave. Prompt., C, PP ; 
Hers, S2, C2, C3; nerse, PP.— OF. fers^ 
fiers (Roland) ; Lat.y»r«j. 
Fersly, adv, fiercely, PP, B, 




Fersnesse, sb, fierceness, Wa, PP; 
feersnesse, W, W2. 

Ferst, adj' and adv. super I. first, S, S2, 
PP ; uerst, Sa ; forst, S, S2, P ; forrt, 
S.— AS. fyrst : OHG. furisto, Superl. of 

Ferthe, ord. fourth, C3, PP; flerthe, 
PP, S; feorthe, PP, S; feurtHe, S2 ; 
fertH, S2 ; flertH, S2 ; neoitJ, S.— AS. 
fiorfSa. See Ponre. 

Ferthyng, sb. farthing, S2, PP ; fer- 
tlilAff, PP. Comb. : ferj)inires nok, a far- 
thing piece, S2 (p. 301) ; ferjjyng noke, 

Fertre, sb, littet, bier, shrine, MD; 
feertyr, feretrum. Prompt. — OF. fertere, 
fiertre\ \j!iX.feretruin\ Gr. (piptrpov. 

Fertren, v. to place in a shrine ; fer- 
tered, //. j., S2. 

Fesannt, sb. pheasant, S3; fesaat, 
Voc; fesanntes,//., PP; feBanns, S2.— 
OF. faisan ; Lat. phasianum (ace.) ; Gr. 

Fesien, »• to drive away, MD ; fesyn, 
Prompt., HD ; veize, DG ; pHeese, ND, 

Sh; feaaed,//., ND.— AS. /^«a«, ioxfys- 
tan, to drive away, see Sievers, 154. See 

Feat, adj- and v. ; see Past, Pasten. 
Fest, sb. fist, C3 ; see Pust. 
Feste, sb. feast, S, PP, C2, C3 ; fest, 
S3; festes,//., S2.— AF./^J/:^ ; Lat./^j/a. 

Festeien, v. to feast, to entertain, MD ; 
festeylJifire, /r./., C2.—0¥.festeier,fes- 
toier; 'L?Xtl.dX, *festicare; cp. Prov. /rj- 

Festen, sb. fasting, S ; see Pasten. 

Festlic^i adj. festive, fond of feasts, C 2. 
See Peste. 

Festnen, 9. to fasten, S ; festnln, S ; 
fiBBstned,//., S; i-uestned, S; festnyd, 
PP. — AS. fcBstnian. 

Fet, sb. deed, PP ; feet, C2, PP; felt, 
S2; ftlte, VV.— OY. fet, fait \ IjaX. fac- 

Fet, adj. fat, S ; see Pat. 

Fet, sb. //., feet, S ; see Poot. 

Fetel, sb. vessel, S2 ; vetles, MD ; 
fttles, MD; //., S.— AS./?/^/f, ^\. fcetel- 
sas (Voc). See Pat. 

Feter, sb. fetter, MD ; fetyr, compes. 
Prompt. ; feteres,//., G. — KS. fetor. 

Feteren, v. to fetter, MD, G ; ft^ttren, 


P; y-fetered, //., G; fettred, C2 ; 
ifetered, G.— AS. {geYeterian. 

Feth, sb. faith, S3 : f€«ll, adv. faith- 
fully, S2 ; see PetiJ, PetiJUcHe. 

Fether, sb. feather, C2; fy)>er, S2 ; 
fedyr. Prompt. ; fetJres,//., S ; fethezls, 
wings, W2 ; fedres, MD.— AS./^«f<fr. 

FeVeisfoted, adj. four-footed, S. — Cp. 
AS. fider-fite. With AS. fider cp. Goth. 
^wor. See Ponre. 

FeVer-home, sb. plumage, MD; fe- 
dramiue, S3. — AS. fetSer-hama ; cp. OS. 
federhamoy Icel. fjaHrhamr, see Grimm, 
Teut. M., p. 327. See Petlier. 

Fetis, adj. well-made, neat, handsome, 
MD, S2; fetys, S2, C3, C; fetyoe. 
Prompt.— OF./fl?Vw(f. -ice) ; l.2X.factittum. 
See Pet (deed). 

Fetisliche, adv. neatly, S2, PP ; fetys- 

Fetten, v. to fetch, MD, S2, S3 ; fete, 
MD, S ; fetteth, imp. pL, G ; fette,//. j., 
S,C2,C3; nette,MD; flitte,MD; natte, 
MD ; fet, S3 ; fetten, //., S2, P ; y-fet, 
//., C2 ; fet, MD, S2,C2 ; fette,//., MD. 
—hS.fetian (Grein). Cf. Peochen. 

Fettle, sb. order, condition. Fhr. : in 
good fettle, JD, HD. 

Fettle, sb. girdle, belt, horse-girth, JD. 
Cp. Icel fetit/, OHG. fezil. 

Fettlen, v. to bind, fit, make ready, set 
in order, MD ; fettle, to tie up, put in 
order, JD ; fetyl, JD ; fettled,//., S2. 

Feute, sb. track, scent, S2, MD ; fewte, 
vestigium, Prompt. ; fdte, odour. Prompt. ; 
fonte, S2. Comb.: foote-sannte, scent, 


Feuer, sb. fever, PP ; fenere, PP ; fenre, 

PP; <yneris,//.,W.-~AF./^r^; Lat./<f- 


Feuerere, sb. February, HD ; fisnerel, 

HD; fenirser, S3; fenerjere, HD 

(s.v.fraiste).'—0¥. fevrier; Late Lat. *fe- 

brarium; Latfebruarium (mensem). 
Fewe, few, S, PP; feaw, S2 ; 

veaw, S2 ; fliwe, S ; feawe, S ; vewe, S2 ; 

fton, S ; fo, S ; fon, S2 ; fti, H (Ps. loi. 

25); foner, comp., S2. — AS.fJawe; cp. 

Goth. faws. 

Fewiiyilg,J^.thrusting,S3. SeePoynen, 
Fewte, sb. fealty, S3, Prompt., HD ; 

fente, MD.'^AF.feaute,feaUe ; LsLLfidel- 


Fey ; see PeiS. 
Feydom, sb. the state of being near 


death, or that conduct which is supposed 
to indicate it, JD. See below. 

Feyi6, adj' dead, doomed to death, 
feeble, S, S2, MD ; fey, JD, HD ; fiiy, 
MD; ftBie,//. dead, S, MD; teije, MP. 
— A.S.f<kge ; cp. lct\.feigr\ see CV. 

FOyn, adj, fain, S2 ; see Fayn. 

Feynen, v, to feign, C2, C3, PP; 
felne. Prompt, MD ; foyneden,/^.//., S2 ; 
fiiyneden, S3 ; y-feyned, pp., C2. — AF. 
feindre (pr. ^.feignant) ; \j3X. finger e. 

Feynt, adj. feigned, false, also weak, 
faint, MD, Prompt. ; fhlnt, MD ; feynte, 
//., PP. — OY. feint, pp. oi feindre. 

Feynten, v. to be weak, MD, Prompt. 

Feyntmg, sb. fainting, failing, C2. 

Feyntise, sh. deceit, hypocrisy, also 
weakness, cowardice, MD, S2, P ; fiiyntls, 
H ; fAyntlse, S3. 

Feyre, sb. fair, PP ; fidre, P ; fiiyre, PP ; 
feyres,//., P. Phr. : this felre is 1-doon, 
this fair is d6ne, everything is sold, there is 
no more business to be done, G. — OY.feire 
{mod.foire) ; Late hsitferia, a feiir ; from 
Loit. Jeriae, holidays. 

Fe3rrie,<r^. fairy origin, 82 ; seeFayerye. 

Fe^en, v. to join, MD; veien, MD; 
Iriieled, //., S.— AS. figan; cp. OHG. 
fuagen (Otfrid). See P03. 

Ficchen, v. to fix, MD ; fltdild, //., 
W, W2 ; llcliyt, B.— OF./^A^r (Ps. 31. 4) ; 
Late Lat. *figicare, from 'LdX.figere, to fix, 
see Diez {^.w.ficcare). 

Fieble, adj. feeble, C2, P; see Feble. 

Field, sb. field, S2 ; see Feld. 

Field-WOde, sb. name of a plant, S2. 

Field-wort, sb. gentian, HD; feldwort, 

herba luminaria, Alph. 

Fiers, adj. fierce, S2, C2, C3 ; flerse, 
PP ; see Fers. 

Fierce, ord. fourth, S, P ; see Fertile. 

Fife, num. five, S ; lyf, PP, C2 ; HIT, B ; 
Hire, B ; nine, S ; lime, S2, PP ; llf, PP. 
' — AS. f/f: Goth, fimfy see Sievers, 185. 

Fifetende, ord. fifteenth, S2. 

Fif-£Edd, five-fold, MD ; flf-folde, S. 

E-SUm, adj. five in all, B. 



Fifbe, ord. fifth, S ; flf])e, S ; l^fte, PP. 
—AS. fifia. 

Fifto-siSe, adv. fifthly, S. 

Fighten, v. to fight, PP; n^te, S; 
▼yBte,S2; filiten, PP, S2 ; fe^tande,//-./., 
Ss ; ftaht, pf. s., MD ; fitht, MD ; ftht, 
MD ; fibnlit, PP ; &nght, MD^ C2 ; fiilit- 

en, //., S; fb^ten, S; fonhten, PP; 
fon^ten, PP ; Irfonlite,^., PP ; y-fonBte, 
PP; fonffhten, C; fonBten, PP.— AS. 
feohtan, pr. s. fiht^ pt. feaht (pi. fuhton\ 
^^.fohten\ cp. 0)A.Q.fehtan (Otfrid). 

Fignre, sb. figure, MD, C2 ; flgonx, 
MD ; niirour, MD ; fl^nres (of speech), 
C2. — AY. figure \ ljdX.figura. 

Figurie, sb. figured work, S3. 

Fihten, v. to fight, S2,PP; see Fiirl^ten. 

Fiht-lac, sb. fighting, S. — AS. feoht-ldc. 

Fikel, adj. fickle, treacherous, MD; 
fikU, H (Ps. 39. 21); fyui, G; fioUe, 
fidgety, S3. — AS. ficoly inconstant. 

Fiken, v. to be fidgety, to go about idly, 
MD, HD; to flatter, play the hypocrite, 
deceive, MD. — Cp. AS. be-fician, to deceive, 
to go round. 

Fil, //. J. fell, Ca, PP; lyi, Sa; see 

File, sb. concubine, P ; Ijrle, HD. — OF. 
filleyfilie, daughter, wench ; 'Lait.filia. 

FiUe, sb. wild thyme, S2, MD ; serpil- 
lum, Voc. ; fill, rest-harrow, HD. Phr. : 
not wortli a fllle, MD.— AS. fille. 

Filstnien, v. to help ; fllstnede,//. j., 
S. See Fnlst. 

Filthe, sb. filth, foulness, MD ; fUSle, 
S.~AS. fyldu. See FonL 

Filthehed, sb. dirtiness, W. 

Filtz, sb. son, PP ; flti, PP ; lis, PP.— 
AY.fiz {fitz) ; OY.fih^fils ; \jdX.filius. 

Finden, v. to find, S ; lynden, S ; vind^ 
en, S ; vynde, S ; lynt, pr. s., C3 ; lint, 
//., S ; fimd, pt. f., S, S2, S3 ; &nt, S ; 
fond, S, S2, G, C2 ; fonde, S2 ; font, S2 ; 
vend, S2 ; foond, C2, W ; fkinden,//., S ; 
fonde, S ; fonden, S ; fiBuid, S2 ; fonde, 
C2 ; fonnden, S2 ; ^.ftinde,//., S ; Ifonnde, 
S ; hL-fkinde, S ; fonnde, C2 ; fkinden, S2 ; 
fondinff, S3. — AS. findan^ pt. fand (pL 
fundon)y ^^. funden. 

Findi^, adj. heavy, firm, compact, 
weighty, S, MD ; findy, JD ; fondle, MD. 
— AS. findig, heavy. 

Fine, sb. end, S3 ; <yn, S2, S3, C2, G. 
— OY.fin; LiSit.finem. 

Finen, v. to end, S, MD ; fynde, ipr. s., 
S3 ; fon,//. j.,MD, S2 ; fan, MD; f^ned, 
S2. — OY. finer for finir; LAt.finire. 

Firmentiey sb. furmety, S3 ; see Fxn- 

Firsin, v. to put far away, S ; finen, 
S ; fersUn, MD ; Aursen; MD.— AS.^- 
sian. See Fer. 



tm SO, I S66 

Tiscllf sd, fish, S, W2 ; Am, S ; fls, S ; 
flsses, //., S ; tymneM, S ; flssoliep, S2 ; 
Uses, S2 ; flschls, W2. Comi. : — fls-cynu, 
fish-kind, S. — AS.Jis^; cp. Lat./w«j; Olr. 

Fisclien, v. to fish, W ; ilMen, S. 

Tisdiere, sd. fisher, W ; fissere, S. 

Tischingev sd. fishing, MD ; fissing*, S. 

Fisikef sd. natural science, art of healing, 
MD ; pUsique, MD ; phisilc, MD ; phe- 
fliyk, MD ; fiayk, S2. — 0¥.fisique\ Lat. 
physica {firs) ; from Gr. <pv<nK69, 

FiSele, sb, fiddle, MD, C, PP ; fldyUe, 
vidula, vidella, vie/la, Cath. ; lythele, vt- 
tu/a, Voc. ; lydyll, viella. Prompt. ; vy- 
thnle, Voc. ; fydelys, //., MD.— Etym. 
doubtful, probably connected with Low 
Lat. vidulUf *a vythule' (Voc.); cp. OF. 
vieUy a viol. 

TiSelen, v. to play on the fiddle, PP ; 
▼ydele, Voc. — Cp. Low Lat. vidulare 

Fitheler, sb. fiddler, PP ; TSTtlmlare, 
Voc. — Cp. Low Lat. vidularius (Voc). 

Fits, Fis ; see FUti. 

FlakCf sb. thin slice, piece torn off. SkD; 
Aaokep, //., S3 (12. 2); flockes, S3. — Cp. 
Noi^. j^akf an ice-floe. 

Flan, sb. arrow, S, MD ; flon, MD ; 
ILone, MD ; flonne, //., HD ; floue, HD ; 
flonei, MD. — AS. fidn ; cp. Icel. Jleinn. 
Cf. Plo. 

Flanckring, adj. sparkling, HD. 

Flanke, sb. spark, MD ; see Tlaunke. 

Flanker, v. to sparkle, HD. 

Flappe, sb. a blow, Prompt., Palsg. — Cp. 
\)VL,flapy a blow. 

Flappen, v. to flap, slap, clap, MD ; 
flapten, pt. pl.^ P. — Cp. Du. flappen^ to 
Flat, V. to flatter, S^.— OF. /later, 

Flateren, v. to flatter, PP. 
Flatlyngis, adv. flat, 6. 

Flatonr, sb. flatterer, C, MD ; nlat- 
011x8, //., MD. — OF. JUUeor ; Prov. Jlata- 

Flatten, v. to dash, cast quickly 
(water) ; flatte, pt. s., P ; flattide, PP.— 
OY.Jlatir, to dash, throw down. 

Flandlt, sb. flake, flash, S3 {^.Y.fyre) ; 
flAghte, flake, piece of turf, Cath. Phr. : 
flaiTlite of snawe, flake of snow, Cath. ; 
flyiTl^te of snawe, Cath. ; flanirl^t of 
fire, flash of lightning, JD^ See Flawe. 


Flanmbe, sb. flame, PP ; flam'be,CM'; 
flamme, PP ; flawme. Prompt. ; flamne, 
PP ; ilambes, //., C2, C3.— AF. flambe, 
OY. flamme ; \j8X.flamma. 

Flann, sb. a kind of custard, HD ; 
flawn, ND,SkD (p. 805); flaunes,//., S.— 
OY.flaon {mod[. flan) : Low \aX. fladonem 
{flatonem) ; cp. OHG.flado; see Ducange 


Flaunke, sb. spark of fire, S^ ; flonke, 
PP ; flanke, MD ; flaunkes,//., S2.— Cp. 
G.flunkerftf to sparkle, "Dvi. flonkeren. 

Flannt-a-flaunt, adv, displayed in a 
showy manner, S3, SkD. 

Flawe, sb. flake ; 'mphr. : flawes of l^e, 
flakes of fire, SkD. — Icel. flaga, a slab of 
stone. Cf. Tlanolit. 

Flay, V. to put to flight, to scare, S2 ; 
see Fleyen. 

Flayle, sb. flail, PP ; fleB^, S ; flaiU, 
B; flayles, //., PP ; fieiles, PP.— OF. 
fla^l; l^t. flagellum ; hence OUG.flegil. 

Fleck, sb. spot, blot, stain, RD. — Icel. 
flekkr'f cp. OU.G.fleccho. 

Flecked, adj. speckled, spotted, PP; 
Jlekked, C3, PP, Cath., MD. . 

Flee, sb. flea. Prompt. ; fie, MD ; fieen, 
//., C3 ; flen, MD ; flees, MD.— AS. fl6o 

Fleen, v. to fly, flee, C2, PP ; fieon, S ; 
fieo, S, S2 ; fien, C ; fie, S, S2, G ; vie, 
S2 ; fHghaiid,/r./., S2 ; flljst, 2/r. j.,S; 
Heg^fpr. J., S ; fidS, S ; fly]), S2 ; fli^t, 
S ; fle^, //., S ; fleen, C2 ; flen, PP ; 
fleh, //. s., S ; fleffh, S2, PP ; flelh, S2, 
PP ; flaw, S3 ; fley, C2, G, W ; flelj, P, 
W ; flelgh, C ; flngen,//., S ; flowen, S2, 
C, P ; flowe, S2 ; flowen, pp.y MD ; flowe, 
G. Weak forms : fledde, //. j., C2, PP ; 
fled,^., UD.—AS.fl^o£an,fl^on, ^\..fliah 
{^\.flugon)y ^^.flogen. 

Flees, sb. fleece, S2, PP ; flns, PP ; 
fleis, PP ; fleose, dat.^ MD ; fleyoe, S3. — 
AS.fl^os (flys) ; cp. G. vltes. 

Fleicll, V. to flatter, JD ; flecliand,/r. 
/., B ; fleechiniT, B ; flelcUt, //., S3.— 
OF.flecAir, to bend, to move any one. 

Flem, sb. flight, MD ; nlem, MD ; 
fleam, Voc. ; fleme, dot., MD. — AS. 
fl^am ; cp. Icel. flaumr, a flowing, OHG. 

Fleme, sb. fugitive, S, Sa. — AS.* fi/ma, 
and flyma (Voc). 

Flemen, v. to put to flight, MD, S3 ; 

flemed,//. J., S3 ; flemden,//., S ; flemed, 
//., C3 ; flemit, Sz.^AS.fl6man, flyman. 


Flenier, sd. banisher, S2, C3. 

Flen, V. to flay, S ; fle, S ; flo, S ; 
flonb.,//. s.,S; nlo^en, //., MD ; flayn, 
fp., MD ; fiean, HD.— AS.^aw, pt./^A, 

Flesch, si. flesh, PP ; fiesc, S ; fleia, 
S, S3 ; fleys, PP ; fies, S ; AsImIl, W ; 
JtoyiOi, S2 ; fleiMOi, S2 ; UmbIi, S, PP ; 
flefloe, dat., S ; nlosse, S2 ; fies80«, S ; 
flelaclilB, //., W2.—AS.^(ksc ; cp. OHG. 
^isc (Otfrid). 

Flesclie-flye« -r^- flesh -fly, Prompt; 
flaUwlume, MD,W2(Ps. 77. 45 and 104. 31). 

FleScUicll, adj\ fleshly, S, PP; fies. 
Uohe, a/z'. materially, S. 

Fleten, v. to float, swim, PP, B, S, S3, 
C, W; to flow, W2 ; fielt, S3; fleyt, S3 ; 
fletes, /r. s.y S2 ; fleet, S2, C3 ; fletetli, 
C3 ; flet, PP ; fleet, //. j., MD ; flnteu, 
//., MD ; floten, MD ; flote, S2 ; flette, 
82 ; fletlden, W2.— AS. JUotan, pt.Jliat 
{p\,Jluton)y Yp. floten. 

Flex, sb. flax, C, P, Voc ; flax, Prompt., 
PP.— AS./<r^. 

Flex-hoppe, sh, Unodium, Voc. 

Fleyen, .v, to put to flight, to scare 
away, frighten ; fley, JD, S3 ; flaieu, MD ; 
flay, S2 ; flayed, //., S2 ; fleylt, 6.— Cp. 
IcKX.fleygja, to cause to fly, throw. 

Flicllt, sb. flight, PP, B ; flllit, MD ; 
fli5t, S; fluht, S.— AS.^A/; OHG.fluAi 
(Tatian). See Fleen. 

Plit, sb. strife, MD ; flyt, S2. 

Tliten, v. to strive, contend, qnarrel, PP, 

HD, H ; flytin. Prompt. ; flitia, /r. s., 

scolds, H ; flytande,/r. /., S2 ; flote,//. 

s., MD ; fliteu, //., MD.— AS. y?//a«, pt. 

fldt (pi. fliton), pp.fltten. 

Fliting, sb. quarrelling, scolding, PP; 
flytynire, H. 

PlO, sb. arrow, CM, MD; fla, MD ; 
flon, //., MD, S2 ; floon, G ; flan, MD ; 
flo, UD.—AS.fld (Voc). Cf. Flan. 

Floe, sb. a gathering of men, beasts, 
birds, MD ; flooke (of swine), W (Mt. 8. 
30); flooke*,//., S. — AS.flccc, 

Flocke, V. tr. and intr, to collect, 
gather, MD, S3. 

FlOC-mele, adv. in crowds, MD ; flok- 
inele, C2. — ^.flocm<klum. 

Flod, sb. flood, sea, S, S3, PP ; flood, C2, 
W; flode, PP; flodes, //., PP; fludla, 

Flor, sb. floor, MD, S2 ; flore, dot., S, 
PP.— A&/t^. 



Floret-siUc, sb. coarse silk, Cotg. ; 
flurt-allk, figured silk, HD.— OF. fleunt 
(Cotg.); cp. G. florett. — Ci. Ferret- 

Florin, sb. florin, originally the name of 
a coin stamped with the emblem of a lily, 
MD, C3; floreines, //., V.—OY. florin 

Floriselien, v. to flourish, also to 

cause to flourish, to make to prosper, to 
brandish, flourish a weapon, MD ; flory- 
Bcliyn, to make flourishes in illuminating 
books. Prompt. ; flurlolie]), pr. s., adorns, 
decorates, S3. — OF. floriss- base of pr. p. 
oiflorir; \jaX. fl4>rere \ see Constans. . 
Flot, sb. fat, scum, S2, JD. — IceLflot. 

Flote, sb. a fleet, B ; flot, ^.-^lct\.flotu. 
See rieten. 

Flote, sb. company, multitude, S, MD. 
—0¥. flote {flotte in Cotg.) ; l^t.fluctum. 
Flote, Floten ; see rieten. 
Floteren, v. to fluctuate, flutter, pp. — 

O¥.floter ( + suflix -er) ; \j8X.fluctuare ; see 

Floterin^^, sb. restless motion, W2. 

Flour, sb. flower, C2, C3 ; flur, S ; 
flonres, //., youthful powers, S2. — AF. 
flur\ 'LaX.florem. 

Flonr-danunes, sb. ladies* flower, per- 
haps Dame's violet or Dame-wort, Ifes- 
peris matronalis (Britten's Plant-names); 
Mr. Small suggests * damask rose,' S3. 

Flonre-de-lice, sb. fleur-de-lys, S3 ; 
flonr-de-lyas, S3 ; flonr-de-lyols,//., S3. 
— OY.florde lis (Bartsch, 193. 2). 

Flonren, v. to flower, flourish, PP, C3y 
Vi2.—OF.florir.^C{. norlrolien. 

Flowe, Flowen ; see Fleen. 

Flowen, v. to flow, S, PP;. flowe, to 
abound, W2 ; flolL]),/r. s., S ; flowed,//, s., 
S2. — AS.fl(kuan, pt.fl/ow, pp.flJwen. 

Flowing, sb. flood, W2. 

Flowte, sb. pipe, cambucuSf Prompt. ; 
flosrte, MD.— OF. flautey It. flauto. 

Flowten, v. to blow on a wind in- 
strument, MD; flowtyn, calamiso, flo, 
Prompt. ; floytyng'e, /r. /., C. — OF. fldu- 
ter\ Late Lat. *flatuare fi-om Lat. flatus; 
see Constans. 

Flowtonr, sb., fluter, piper, CM. 

Flum, sb. river, MD ; flow, flood, JD. 

Comb. : flum Jurdan, river Jordan, MD ; 

flum lurdon, S; flom Jordan, MD, W; 

fleme Jordon, MD. — OF. flum; Lat. 

\flumen (cp. Vulg., Mk. i. 5), 




Plye, sb. fly, C3, PP ; flije, MD ; ileje, 
MD ; lie, S3.— AS. /A?^ C/%?). See 

Flytten, v. tr. and intr, to remove, to 
depart, MD, S3, PP ; flntteu, MD ; flit- 
ten, MD, PP; flute, imp.s.y S ; Tlntteu, 
to subsist, support oneself, S. — 1cq\, Jlytja, 
to cany, remove, support,^//VM^ (reflex.), 
to remove oneself, to flit, also, to support 

. FnaJSit, sb, breath, S. — A^.fnast, 

Fuasten, v. to breathe, to breathe hard, 
MD, S, HD.— Cp. OHG. fnastdn, * an- 

Fnesen, v. to breathe hard, to sneeze ; 
fiiesejblL, pr» s., puffs, snorts, C3. — AS. 

Fnesyngey sb. snorting, Voc. ; fiies- 
ynire (=Lat. stemutatio), W2 (Job 41. 9). 
— AS. ffUosung (Voc). 

Fo, adj. few, S ; see Fewe. 
Foa^e, adj. spotted, S ; see Foil. 
Fodder, sb. food for cattle, MD ; fod- 
dre, dat.y S. — hS.fddoryfoddor, 

Fode, sb. food, S, S2, MD ; node, S ; 
fbod, MD ; fade, MD.—ASi.fSda:. 

Fode, sb. child, lad, person, alumnus^ 
S, S3, PP, HD, MD. 

Foil, adj. spotted, S, S2 ; fou, S ; fiiBe, 
//., S; foaje, S.— AS. fdh\ cp. Goth. 
faihus, Gr. iroixtXo;. 

Foine, sb. beech-marten, Cotg. (s. v. 

foutnne) ; foyne, PP ; foyn^ee, S3 ; 
fooyne/ the fur of the marten. Prompt. ; 
foyns, //., fur, MD, HD.— OF. foine, 

fainCi faine, the beech-marten, also faine, 
the fruit of the beech tree; Late Lat. 

fagina, *mustela,* also 'glans fagi* (Du- 
cange) ; from IjaX.fagittus, from fagus. 

Foison, sb. abundance, plenty, might, 
MD, Sh., HD ; foyson, S2, C3 ; foysyn, 
82 ; foysouu, B ; ftisioiuie, 6. — OF. foi- 
son, futson ; \^2X. fusionem. 

Folc, sb. folk, people, S, S2, W2, PP ; 
nolk, MD ; folk, PP ; nollces, gen., S ; 
folkeue,, S ; folken, S2. — ASt.folc. 

Folc-ldng, sb. the king of the people, 
MD ; folc-Unire, dot., S. 

Folde, sb. earth, ground, the world, S2, 
MD, HD, F.— AS. folde, OS. fo/da. 

Folde, sb. a fold, plait, MD, PP. Pkr. : 
in monie volde, in manifold (ways), S. 

Folden, v. to fold, shut, embrace, PP ; 
fiade, MD ; folde,//. s., S3 ; fdlden,;^., 
S3, FF.—AS.fealdan, pt.f6old, jpp.fea/den. 

Fole, sb. foal, S, PP ; foles, //., PP ; 
foliu, P. — KS.fola: Go^. fula\ cp. Lat. 
pullus ; see Brugmann, § 208. 

Fole, adj. and sb. foolish, Instfiil, a fool, 
MD, S3 ; foole, S3 ; foiUe, H ; fole, S2 ; 
fool, C3 ; folei,//., S3, S3, P.— AF.>/. 

Folgen ; see Folwen. 

Folie, sb. folly, S2, PP ; folye, S, C3, 

PP; foVLvB, pi., S.—KY. folie. 

Folily, adv. foolishly, C3 ; folill, W. 

FoUieli, adj. foolish, MD ; foly, S2 ; 
folllclLe, adv., S. 

FoL-marde, sb. polecat, S3 ; see Fvl- 

Folte, adj. foolish. Prompt., Cath. ; 
folett. Prompt.— OF. folet (Bartsch). See 
Fole (foolish). 

Folten, V. to behave foolishly, MD, 
Prompt; folted,//. crazed, S3. 

Foltheed, sb. folly, PP. 

Foltisdie, adj. foolish, W; foltisli, 

Foltren, v. to totter, S3 ; see Faltrea. 

Foltrye, sb. foolishness, Prbmpt. 

Folwen, v. to follow, C3, C3, PP; 
folaeu, MD, S ; folewe, S3, PP ; folgen, 
S ; foUalienn, S ; folMn, S ; fiiUow, S3 ; 
fllglie, S3 ; folnaad, pr. p., Ss ; foUieV, 
pr. s., S ; foUies, S ; foleweV, S ; felewelS, 
S ; folwes, Ss ; folgede, //. s., MD ; fol- 
wede, PP ; folgeden, //., S ; folecliedea, 
S ; folud, S3 ; ^e-tolged,pp., S ; 1-folew- 
ed, PP; y-folowed, PP. — AS. folgian 
ifjflgean) ; cp. OHG. folgin (Otfrid). 

Fon, V. to seize, grasp, take, receive, S, 
S3 ; fo on, I pr. pi. subj. begin, S ; fenir, 
//. s. began, MD ; feng" on, S ; veng*, S3 ; 
feniT) pi'i S3. — AS. fSn^ 1 pr. s. f6, pt. 
feng, ^^.fongen. 

Fon, adj. few, S3; foner, comp. fewer, 
S3 ; see Fewe. 

Fond ; see Fonnen. 

Fongen, v. to take, receive, PP, S, 
S2, S3 ; fiing'en, PP ; fJULg, S3 ; see Fon. 

Fonger, sb. receiver, S3. 

Fo-uan, sb. foeman, PP ; fomon, S3 ; 
fiunen,//., S, S3 ; vamen, S. See Foo. 

Fonne, adj. and sb. foolish, a fool, MD ; 
fone, HD ; fon, MD, H, HD.— Cp. Swed. 
f&ne, a fool. 

Fonnen, v. to act foolishly, MD ; fbn- 
ned, pp. as adj. foolish, fond, W, Wa, 
HDj fond, S3, HD. See above. 




Font, sb, font, PP; fount, Sa, PP ; 
fbmi^t, S2. Comb. : fnnt-fiit, font-yessel, 
S ; fimt-ston, font-stone, S ; fontstoon, 
C3; fan-ston, HD. — Church "LaX, fontem. 

F0O9 ^J' ^^^ ^^'f hostile, gnilty, a foe, 
PP, C3 ; fo, PP, S2 ; no, S2 ; fit, S ; fiu, 
S2 ; foon, //., S3, C2, G, PP ; fon, PP, 
S2 ; fiu, S ; nan, S ; foin, HD ; foyn, 
MD; fo, S; foos, PP, C2 ; ffeuui, S2; 
ftees, S2 ; &l8, S2 ; fiiTS, S3 ; fiijis, S2. 
— AS. /dA, pi. fd ; cp. Goth.Jiian, to hate ; 
see Brugmann, § 458. Cf. Feend. 

Foole, sb. fool, S3 ; fool, PP. Comb. : 
fool sage, licensed jester, PP; foole larffe, 
foolishly liberal, S3 ; fbole larg'oly, S3 ; 
see Pole. 

Foom, sb. foam, C3, MD ; fiune, HD ; 
fom, S2, MD ; fome, MD, C3; fityxn, 
S3. — AS. /dm; cp. MHG./gim. 

Footf sb. foot, also, a measure, S2, C3, 
HD ; fot, S, S2 ; ftit, B; footo, PP ; fote, 
PP ; vote, da/., S ; fate, B ; fet, //., S ; 
fett, S ; vet, S. Comb. : foothot, instantly, 
S2, C3; fote bote, HD; ftitliate, fatliat, 
'B.—A.S.fdt: Goth, fotus. 

Foot-man, sb. foot-soldier, MD, HD ; 
fotman, MD ; votmeu,//., S2. 

Foot-Stappe, sb. footstep. Prompt. ; 
fetsteppes, pl.y S. 

For-, prefix (t), having generally the 
sense of * loss ' or ' destruction.' Often it is 
merely intensitive, though generally in a 
bad sense. — AS. for-, Icel. for-, fyrir-, 
OHG. for- (Tatian),//-- (Otfrid), G. ver-, 
Goth. fra-,fair-. 

For-, prefix (2), for, in the place of; 
see For {J>rep.). 

For-, prefix (3), standing for AS. fore, 
before ; see Fore. 

For-, prefix (4), standing for OF. for- ; 
Lat. forts, outside ; cp. F. hors, from Lat. 

For, prep, for, by, for fear of, in spite of, 
in the place of, for the sake of, S, S2, PP ; 
forr, S ; fore, S, PP ; nor, S. 

For, conj. because, in order that, whether, 
S, S3, PP. Comb. : for onteu, without, 
besides, S2, B ; for owtys, JD ; for out, 
B ; for te, for to, in order to, S, PP ; vor 
te, S, S2 ; for to, PP ; vor to, S2 ; for pan 
pe, because that, S ; for-pon, S ; vorpan, 
therefore, S ; for pat pe, because that, S ; 
for pet, for that reason, S ; for pi, for that 
cause, S, S2, PP ; noxVl, S ; for-pe, S ; 
for-py, S2, PP ; forr-pi, because, S ; for 
till, for to, S3; fbr-wlii, wherefore, S2, 



PP ; because, S3 ; for-qnliy, S3; fbr-why, 
C3, PP. 

For, adv. for, S ; see Fer. 

For, pt. s. fared, S, S2 ; see Faren. 

Forage, sb. forage, food, C2. — OY.for- 
rage, iiomforre ; Low lj2A.fodrum, from a 
Teutonic source, cp. AS. fddor. See Fod- 

Forager, sb. forager, messenger, PP. 
Cf. Forrayonr. 

For-amen, v. to cause to run about, to 
ride about ; norarnd, pt. s., S2. — Cp. AS. 
aman{\. tr.), pt. amde,Y>p. cerned. (For- 1.) 

For-bathde, //. //. bathed deep, S3. 

(For- I.) 

For-beden, v. to forbid, S, Prompt., 
S2, PP ; forbeode, PP ; forbet, pr. s., S ; 
forbed, S ; forbadde, pt. j., PP ; forbad, 
MD ; norbed, S2 ; ffbrbode, pi., MD ; 
forbnde, subj., S ; forboden, //., H, S3, 
P ; forbode, S, PP ; forbednn, W.— AS. 
for-biodan, pt. -biad{^. -budon), pp,-boden. 
(For- I.) 

For-beren, v. to forbear, S, C, PP; 
norberen, S ; forbar, pt. s.,FP; forbare, 
P; forbaren, //., S; forbore,//., MD. 

— AS. for-beran, pt. -bar (pi. -b<krori), pp. 
-boren. (For- i.) 

For-bemen, v. intr. to bum up, to be 
destroyed by fire, S ; forbrenne, MD ; 
norbamde, pt. s., MD ; forbrende, MD ; 
for-bemen, v. tr. to burn up, MD ; for- 
bnrnen, S ; forbeame, S ; forbrenne, 
PP ; forbrende, //. j., PP, MD ; vor- 
barnd, //., S2 ; norbemd, S2, MD. — 
AS. for-byman (v. intr.), pt. -barn (pi. 
-bumon), pp. -bumen, also tfor-bceman (v. 
tr.), pt. -barnde, pp. -barned. (For- i.) 

For-bisne, sb. example, S ; norbysne, 

parable, S2 ; forbnsne, PP. — AS. fore- 
bysn. (For- 3.) 

For-blak, ouij. very black, C. (For- i.) 
For-bode, sb. forbidding, S, P ; forbod, 
S ; forbot, S. Phr. : hordes forbode, it is 
the Lord's forbidding, PP ; Ooddes for- 
bode, PP ; Oodys forbode, S3. — ^AS. for- 
bod. (For- I.) 

Force, sb. force; forss, B; fors, B; 
forse, matter, consequence, PP. Phr. : 
no forse, it matters not, PP ; no fors, S2, 
C2 ; no force, ND, HD, S3 (20 b. 87) ; 
to gfive no force, not to care, HD, Palsg. ; 
make no fors, C3. — A¥. force : Late Lat. 
fortia. Cp. Cotg. (s.v.) : je ne fats point 
force de cela, I care not for, I force not of, 
that thing. 



Forcere, sb. casket, strong-box, PP ; 
forcer, HD ; focer, HD ; fosar, HD.— 
OF. forsur; Low Lat. forsarium (ace), 
8ee Ducange. 

For-C1irS8Bd, //. utterly accursed, S. 
(For- I.) 

For-cwiddare, sb, foreteller, S. (For^ 


Ford, sb, a ford, passage, course, MD ; 
forde, PP ; forth, PP, S2 ; vorj), S2 ; 
farth, MD.— AS.>r</(OET.). 

For-dede,J^. previous deed, S2. (For- 3.) 

For-demen, v. to condemn, MD ; for- 
demde, pt. s., S ; fordemed, //., MD ; 
fordemet, S ; fordempte, //., MD. — AS. 
for-diman, (For- i.) 

For-don, v. to destroy, S, MD, S2, C, 
P ; fordoou, S2 ; forddS, pr. s., S, PP ; 
nordouue, ger., S ; fordude, //. s., PP ; 
fordede, S ; fordedeu, //., S3 ; fordo, 
//., PP ; fordou, S ; fordone, S3.— AS. 
for-dSn^ pt. -dyde, pp. -dSn. (For- i.) 

For-dreden, v, to frighten, MD ; for- 
dred,//., S. (For- i.) 

For-drencliey v* to make drunk, S. 
(For- I.) 

For-dronken, pp. drunken, C3 ; nor- 
drnnken, S. 

For-dm^e, v. to dry up, S ; fordmye, 
pp., MD, CM ; fordrye, C2. (For- i.) 

For-dynna2id,/r. /., filling with loud 
din, S3 ; foredlnninir, S3. (For- i.) 

Fore,/^<^. before, S ; for, JD. Comb,\ 
ffxt by, past, by, B, C2, C3 ; for ffane, 
opposite to, S3, B ; for onth, before, in 
front of, B ; forowth, B ; forronth, S2, 
B ; forrow, S2, B, — AS. for, fore, in the 
sight of, before, Qo^^faura, 

Forest, sb, forest, MD; forestes, //. 
Y?,—Q>Y. forest. 

Forester, sb. forester, MD ; forster 
C, PP, HD ; foster. HD. 

Foresrn, adj, strange, MD ; foreynes 
//. strangers, PP. — OF. forain ; Late Lat 

For-faren, v. to perish, to fare ill 
PP, S2, G; forfayr, B; for&rn, pp 
destroyed, S2. — KS. for-faran, (For- i.) 

For-fered, //. exceedingly afraid, C2 
MD. (For- I.) 

For-feren, v. to perish, MD; forferden 
pt.pL, MD ; forferde, S2. — AS.for-firan 
(For- I.) 

Forfeti sb. crime, forfeit, PP, MD. — 


OV.forfet, f Off ait \ Late Lat. forisfactum^ 
forefactum (Ducange). (For- 4.) 

Forfeten, v. to do wrong, to fail, to 
forfeit, MD, PP ; forfaiten, PP. (For- 4.) 

For-feynted, //. enfeebled, PP ; for- 
ffehynt, S3. (For- i.) 

For-fireten, v. to eat away, PP ; fbr- 
fret, pr. J., PP. (For- i .) 

Forgaf ; see For-jinen. 

For-gar, v. to lose ; fbr^art, //. //.» 
S2.—Cp.Icel.^r>y-^^ya, to forfeit. (For- 1.) 

Forgen, v. to make, construct, forge 

(of smith's work), MD ; forffeden, //. //., 

W2 (Ps. 128. 3) ; forgit, //., S3 ; forgfid, 

VV.—^0¥. forger, forgier (Ps.128. 3); Lat. 

fabricare (Vulg.). 

For-geten, v. to forget, MD, S, 82 ; 
see Forseten. 

Forgetil, adj, forgetful, H.— AS. for- 

Forgetilnes, sb. forgetfulness, H.^ 
A^, forgitolnes, 

For-gilten, v. to forfeit, to make guilty, 
MD ; forfifnlten, MD ; to harm, PP ; for- 
irllt, //. S.J MD; forffnlten, //., MD ; 
forffnlt, //., S, MD; forrarlUtedd, S. 
(For- I.) 

For-gon, v. to forgo, S3, C3 ; for^a, 
S3 ; foriroon, C2 ; fot^iX, pr. s., S ; for- 
g>an, pp., MD ; for^rone, MD, S3. — AS. 
for-gdn. (For- i.) 

For-heden, v. to neglect, pay no heed 
to, S2.— From AS. hidan. (For- i.) 

For-heed, sb. forehead, C ; forehened, 
MD. (For- 3.) 

For-helen, v. to conceal, HD ; for- 
holen, //., S, HD ; forliole, S, HD. — 
AS. for-helan, pt. -hal (pi. -hklon), pp. 
-holen. (For- i.) 

For-hewed, //. hewn about, S3. (For- 

For-liilen, v. to protect, MD. (For- 1.) 

For-hiler, sb, protector, S2, HD. 

For-hiliXLg, sb, protection, S2. 

For-hoght, sb. contempt, MD. (For-i.) 

For-ho^ien, v. to neglect, despise, S ; 
forholiien, MD.— AS.>r-^^^'««. (For- 1 .) 

For-langen, v. to long for ; forrlaa- 
iredd,//., S. (For- i.) 

For-lesen, z'. to lose wholly, MD, HD; 
forleosen, MD ; forleost, 2 pr. s., S ; 
▼orleoBt, pr. J., S ; toxleuep, S ; forles, 
pt. s., S ; forlesed, 2 pt. s., destroyedst, 
S2 ; forrlnrenn,//., S ; forloren,/^., S; 
forrlorenn, S ; vorloren, S ; forlome, 
S3 ; forlorn, S2 ; forlore, S3, S3 ; uoi- 


lore, S2. — AS. for-Uosan, pt Has (pi. 
lurori)^ pp. lor en, (For^ i.) 

For-leten, v. to leave off, forsake, yield 
up, S, S2, C2 ; TLorlete, to forgive, S2 ; 
forlet, pt, s.f S; forleteu, //., S. — AS. 
Jbr-Ia/an, pt. -Ut, pp. -l&ten. (Por- i.) 

For-leuen, v. to abandon, MD; for- 
leaf, imp, s., S. (For- i.) 

Forloren ; see For-lesen. 

Forl03rnen, v, to go far astray, MD, 
HD ; forloyiLed, //., S2. — OF. /or/on^er, 
to go far before (Cotg.). (For- 4.) 

Formaylle, sd. the female hawk, MD, 
HD. — Cp. OF. forme, a kind of hawk 

Forme, adj, superl, first, S, PP; 
fomne, S ; fturme, MD. Comb. : forme- 
£ftder, ancestor, S, S2, S3, H, PP ; forme- 
foflrter, progenitor, S2 ; forme-mete, first 
meat, morning-meal, S. — KS. forma, superl. 
of fore, before. 

Forme, sb, form, figure, shape, MD; 
scabellum, Voc. ; forme, MD ; fonrme, 
MD, W ; fourm, MD ; foorme, form of a 
hare, Prompt, (see F. forme, Cotg.). — ^AF. 
forme \ LAt, forma, 

Formel egle« sb. female eagle, MD, 
CM. Cf. FormayUe. 

Formen, v. to form, Prompt. — OF. 
former \ \jaX. for mare. 

Former, sb. former, creator, MD, PP. 

Formere, adj. comp, former, MD. — 
Comb.', formere fiULer, ancestor, S2. 

Formest, adj. superl. first, S, PP ; fiir- 
meet, S2. — AS.fyrmest {formest). 

Formour, sb. former, creator, MD, PP ; 
formeonr, PP ; formyonr, MD, S2. — OF. 
formebr; \jbX. formatorem. 

Fom, prep, and adv. before, MD, HD ; 
foreu, S. Comb. : foru a^ens, over 
against, W. — AS. foran ; cp. QD^Q.fom, 
* olim ' (Tatian). 

Fom-cast« pp^ forecast, C, CM. 

Forneys, sb, furnace, C ; fornays, 
MD ; fkurneise, S ; fomes, S2 ; fonmeys, 
C2, C3 ; fomesse, HD. — 0¥, fomaise\ 

For-nimen, v. to take away, MD ; for- 
nnmen, pp. , S. — AS. for-niman. (For- 1 .) 

For-Old, adj. very old, C. (For- i.) 

For-pinen, v. to torment, MD; for- 
plnede, //. s., MD ; forpined, pp., HD ; 
forpyned, CM, Pj famished, wretched, 
PP. (For- I.) 



For-priken, v, to spur violently; 
▼or-prlked, pt, j., S2. (For- i.) 

Forray, sb, foray, B. 

Forray, v. to forage, B. 

Forrayonr, sb. forayer, forager, B; 
foreyonrs, //., PP; foreioures, PP. Cf. 

Forred, //. furred, S2, PP ; see Fnr- 

For-reden, v, to betray, hurt, wrong, 
S; forreadeu,S; forraddeu, />/.//., MD; 
forrad, //., MD ; forred, S. — AS. for^ 
rSdan, (For- i.) 

For-Saken, v, to forsake, to deny, re- 
fuse, PP, S, Si ; uoreake, S ; forsoc, pt. 
s., S2 ; forsok, PP ; uorsoc, S ; forsake, 
2 //. J. , S ; forsokeu, pi., PP ; forsake, //., 
Wa, PP. — AS. for-sacan, to renounce, pt. 
's6c, pp. -sacen, (For- i.) 

For-seon, v. to despise, MD ; for-se, 
HD ; forsest, 2 pr. s., S ; forrse, subj., 
S. — AS. for-seon, (For- i.) 

For-slotlthe, v. to lose through sloth, 
C ; forslentlied, //., wasted idly, P. 
(For- I.) 

For-SOXlke,//.sunkdeep,S3. (For- 1.) 

For- spent, //. exhausted, Sh. ; fore- 
spent, S3. (For- I.) 

For-spreak, sb. an advocate, HD. 
(For- 2.) 

For-Stallen, v. to forestall, obstructi 
PP. See SkD (p. 805.) (For- 3.) 

For-standen, t'.to stand for, avail ; for- 
stod,//.j.,S. — AS.fbr-standan, (For- 2.) 

For-snne^en, v. to be sinful, MD ; for- 
soneffede, pp. pi., sinful, MD ; forsine- 
g'ede, S. — AS. for-syngian, pp. forsyngad, 
(For^ I.) 

For-swelten, v. to die, S, MD ; V. tr., 
to kill, S, MD ; forswelte, //., MD.— AS. 
for-sweltan, *mori, perire.' (For- i.) 

For-sweljen, v, to swallow up, MD ; 

uor-swel^e, S2. (For- i.) 

For-SWerieil« v* to forswear, MD ; 
forsnore, //. s., MD ; forsworen, pp., S, 
G, PP ; forswore, PP ; uorsnore, S2 ; 
forsworeue, //., S. — AS. for-swerian, pt. 
sw6r, pp. -sworen. (For- i.) 

For-8Wering, sb. perjury, C3. 

For-BWeten, v. to cover with sweat, 
MD ; forswat,//., S2, HD, B. (For- i.) 

Fortb.9 adv, forth, henceforth, throughout, 
PP, S; north, S, S2 ; ftir«, S, S2 ; forth, 
prep., along, S2 ; fkirth, S3. Comb. : 
forth dides, far advanced in the day, W ; 



fore days, HD ; ftirtli of, forth from. S3 ; 
forS Tihty straightway, MD ; for* rihteB, 
S ; foi:* to, until, S ; for to, S2 ; forte, S, 

52 ; fort, S ; uort, S ; forthward, for- 
ward, S, S2, C3 ; for^wytli, right before, 

53 ; forthwit, S ; forwit, Sa. 

ForS-depien, v. to call forth, S. 

ForSen, adv. even, also, MD ; forr- 
jTonn, S. — AS. foHfum (JurSum). 

ForSeilf v. to promote, perform, S. — AS. 

Forther, adv. further, S2, PP ; ferther, 
C2 ; farder, S3 ; ftu^er, MD. Comd. : 
forthermore, furthermore, C2, C3; for- 
tliermo, C3 ; fortUrmar, S2 ; forther 
oner, more over, C3. — AS. fuHfor ( '==/ore + 
suffix -dor). 

Forther, v. to farther, aid, Sa; for- 
tliren, C ; far^ren, S ; firthren, S. — AS. 

ForS-faren, v. to go forth, S, S2; 

uozV-fEiriude, pr. p. pi., S. 

ForS-feren, v. to depart, die; for^- 
feorde,/^. j., S. — AS. forti-fSran. 

For-bresten, v. to destroy, MD ; for- 
prast, pp. yS2. (Por- i.) 

ForS-teon, v. to draw forth, bring up, 
MD ; foxISteta., pi. s., S. — AS. foHi-tion. 

For-bxmclieiif v. to repent, S; for- 
thsmketta., pr. s. impers., MD ; fortheu- 
kith, W; for])7nkez, S2 ; fortliinke, 
imp. pl.y S2; forthonBte, pt. s., W. 
(For- I.) 

For-tranailled, //., wearied with toil, 
MD ; fortravaUt, S2, B. (For- i.) 

For-tnlltillg, sb. seduction, S ; for- 
tihtiug', S. — From A^. for-tyhtan, to lead 
astray. (For- i.) 

Fortune, sb. fortune, chance, MD, 
Prompt.; fortonn, B. — OY, fortune, Lat. 

Fortune, v. to make fortunate, to hap- 
pen, S3, HD, C. 
Fortunons, adj. fortunate, HD. 

For-waked, pp. tired out with watch- 
ing, S2, C3 ; forwake, S2. (For- i.) 

For-wandred, //. wearied out with 
wandering, P. (For- i.) 

For-wanyen, v- to spoil by indulgence, 
PP;forweny,PP;forweiie,PP. (For-i.) 

, For-ward, sb. agreement, PP, S, C, C2 ; 

foreward, S, S2, PP; voreward, S; 

forwarde, PP, S2 ; Torewarde^ S2. — AS. 
foreweard. (For- 3.) 


For-waste, pp* utterly wasted, wasted 
with misery, S3. (For- i.) 

Forwe, sb. furrow, PP ; see Fnr. 

For-werien, v. to wear out, MD ; for- 
ward,//., S3. (For- I.) 

For-werpen, v. to cast aside, renounce, 
MD ; forrwerrpenn, S ; forrwarrp,//. j., 
MD ; forrwnrrpenn, //., S ; forrworr- 
penn, //., S. — AS, for-weorpan^ pt. -wearp 
(pi. -wurpon), pp. 'Worpen. (For- i .) 

For-wetyng, sb, foreknowledge, C. 
(For- 3.) 

For-wit, sb. forethought, foreknowledge, 
P. (For- 3.) 

For-witen, v. to foreknow, MD ; for- 
wot, pr, J"., C ; forwoot, MD. — AS. fore- 
witan, pt. pr. -wdt. (For- 3.) 

F02^'witllered,//. utterly withered, S3. 

(For- I.) 

For-WOnnded,//. desperately wounded, 
S3; uorwoimded, //. J., S2. (For- i.) 

For-wrapped, //. wrapped up, C3. 

(For- I.) 

For-wreien, v. to accuse, S ; forwreye, 
S ; forwrel5et,//.,MD. — AS.for-wrigan, 

(For- I.) 

For-wnrSen, v. to perish, S ; flarwnr- 
i^eu, S ; TLorwuzVeu, S ; forworthes, 
pr. pl.y S2. — AS. for-weordauy pt. -wearit 
(pi. -wurdon), pp. -worden. (For- i.) 

For-^elden, v. to reward, S, MD, S2 ; 
for-yelde, C2 ; for-yhelde, to render, S2 ; 
for-ybeld, //. j., S2. — AS. for-geldan, 
(For- 1.) 

For-^eldingOf sb. retribution, S2 ; for- 
yheldlnireB,//., S2. (For- i.) 

For-^emen, v. to neglect, MD; for- 
yemeu, S. — AS. for-g6man, (For- i.) 

For-^erd, sb. court, W. (For- 3.) 

For-^eten, v. to forget, S,PP ; for^ntea, 
PP ; foryeten, S ; forg'eten, S, S2 ; vor- 
^ete, S ; forg'etitli,, G ; for^letclS, 
pr. J., S ; for^let, S ; forset, S ; foryet, S ; 
foriTftt, pt. s.,S\ for^ete, S2 ; format, G, 
PP ; forBaten,//., W; forireten,//., S, C2 ; 
for^leten, S ; foryete, S ; foraeteu, S2, 
PP ; foryete, P, W2 ; foriren, H.— AS. 
for-gitan, pt. -geat (pi. -g6aton), pp. -giten. 
(For- I.) 

For-^etfdl, adj. forgetful, W (Jas. i. 
25) ; foryetfal, C2. 

For-^inen, v. to forgive, PP ; foryeue, 
C3; for^enea, PP; for^iene, S; forr^l- 
fisnii, S ; foryine, C2 ; uor^ineu, S; for^ 
glfen^ S; for^ef^ imp.s,^ S\ forfSPliPt. s., 


S ; fox^af, G, W, PP ; forjouen,//., S2 ; 
for^enen, PP ; for^ouiin, W ; for^oiWj 

Vf 2.— AS. /or^/an. (Por- i.) 

For-^iuenesse, sd. forgiveness, MD; 
fon^ifeuesBe, S ; foxyeuenesse, S, PP ; 
for^ieneuesse, S. 

Foster, sd. nourishment, MD, HD ; on 
nurtured, a child, MD ; foBtyT, nurturer, 
fosterer, S3. — KS,f6stor {—f6d-stor\ nou-| 
rishment. See Fode. 

Fostren, v. to foster, support, cherish, 
PP ; fosstrenn, S ; fostred, //. j., C2, C3 ; 
7-fo8tred, //., C2. — KS.fdstrian., sb. a carriage-load, a load, MD, 
C; fothyr, B; ftidder, JD; ftidyr, 6; 

ndSere,//., MD.— AS./^^r; cp. O.H.G. 
fuodar {mo^. fuder)y whence Y,foudre. 

FOU, cidj. spotted, S ; see Foil. 

Foul, sb. fowl, bird, S3, C, PP ; fojel, 
S ; fowel, C, PP ; foirUU, H ; fahel, S ; 
fonU, S3 ; ftig>eleB, //., S ; ft^eles, S ; 
fbffhlls, H ; faeles, S ; ftiweUs, S ; I6ff- 
beleB, S3 ; foifhleB, S3. — AS.fugol. 

Foul, adj. foul, PP, MD ; nonl, MD, 
S3 ; fta, S ; fUe, adv., S ; fonla, G ; ftiL. 
uste, superl.y MD. Comb.', fta-ltowen, 
badly disciplined, wanton, MD; fal-ltolLen, 
S ; fulitolie, S.—AS.fUly Goih./uls. 

Fonle, sb. fool, H ; see Fole. 

Fonlen, v. to make foul, defile, revile, 
destroy, S2, PP ; fowlen, S2 ; falen, S; 
fileu, S2 ; llld, //., S2.— AS. /d/tan, to 
become foul,^/fl«, * inquinare.* See Foul. 

Fonlere, sb. a taker of birds, W2. See 

Fonl-lied, sb. folly, H. See FoiUe. 
Foundement, sb. foundation, S3, W. 
Fonnden, v. to found, PP ; fundlt, f>p.y 
S3; y-founde, S3; foundim, W.— OF. 

fonder \ "LeX. fundare. 

Foundour, sb. founder, PP.— OF./w- 
deur\ "LvX. fundatorem. 

Foundren, v. to founder, also to cause 

to sink, MD ; foundre, C ; foundered, 

/^., S2 ; fowndzyd (as horse), PP.— OF. 

fondrery an extended form oi fonder, to fall 

(Bartsch) ; see also Diez, p. 144. 

Founs, sb. bottom, S2; fonnce, MD, 
WA.— OF. fons (Bartsch) ; Lat. fundus ; 
cp. Viov.founsy deep (Diez, p. 143). 

Fonre, num. four, C3, PP ; fower, S ; 
nonx, S ; fawer, MD ; fanr, MD ; fanre, 
82 ; fawre, S2 ; fowre, S2. — AS. fUnvery 
OS. fuwar'. Goth. fidwor\ cp. OWel. 
petguar^ Lat. quatuor. 



Foute, sb. scent, trace of a beast of 
chase, S2 ; see Fente. 
Fownys, sb. pi. fawns, S3 ; see Fawn. 
Foyxie, sb. a foin, thrust, S3 ; prick, 
punctusy Manip. ; foines,//., ND. 

I, V. to thrust or lunge with a 
, MD, C ; feyne, MD ; folfirnen, 
MD ; foin, ND, Sh. ; foygnede, //. s., 
MD; foyneden,//., MD; fwrn^elt, B. 

b. mutual consenty Junciura, MD ; 
fo^^ydat.y S.'-AS.fSgygefdg. 
TrSL, Fra-; see Fro. 
Fraisten, v. to try, prove, MD, JD, 
HD ; fraiirtied, pp.y MD, S2, HD.— Icel. 
freista'y cp. Goth. /ra/ja«, AS.frdsian. 
, sb. a man, HD ; see 

rrakly, adv. keenly, greedily, hastily, 

»,B,ji5. - 

S2, B, TD. See 

, sb. freckle, lentigOy Prompt. ; 
, lenticulay Voc. ; fireken, neuus, 
Manip., HD; fireoken, Palsg., Manip. ; 
firakneB, //., HD, C ; freknes, MD.— 
\cf\. frekmi. 

Fraknede, //. freckled, HD. 
, adj. freckled, Prompt. 
, prep, from, S, S2, PP ; vram, 
S2 ; nrom, S. Comb. : firam-ward, prep, 
away from, MD, HD ; firommard, S ; 
urommard, S. — AS. fram {from) and 
fromweardy * aversus.' Cp. Fro. 

Frame, sb. benefit, advantage, S, S2 ; 
fireme, MD ; nreme, MD. — AS. fremu ; 
Icel. framty advancement. Fremu is from 
AS. fram {from)y excellent. 

Framien, v. to serve, benefit, refresh, 
accomplish, MD ; firenunen, MD ; fireme, 
S, HD ; frame, JD. — AS.fremian. 

Franke, adj. free, Manip. — AS.franc^ 
cp.franke hommey freeman. 

FrankeleyXL, sb. freedman, libertinusy 
MD ; also a freeholder, C, HD, G ; firanke- 
leyne. Prompt, PP ; firankelayn, Voc, 
PP ; firankelln, C2 ; firancoleyn, MD ; 
firankeleyns, //., C (A. 216). — AY.fraun- 
kelaynyfraunclein ; Low \jaX.franchilanus. 
The suffix 'lanus is of Teutonic origin ; cp. 
AS. 'Hng'y see SkD. (s.v. chamberlain). 

Franffllt, //. freighted, laden with 
cargo, MD, C3 ; firang'lLted, S3. 

]^raxi21(^lise, sb. freedom, prerogative, 
liberality, MD, PP ; firannoliyse, C2 ; 
firaunohlB, H ; francbisB, B. — AF. fran- 
chise {Jraunchise)\ formed with suffix 
-iiia\ see Apfelstedt, Introd. 67. See 

Fray, sb. terror, S3, B ; see 



Frayel, sb. basket, PP ; freyel, PP ; 
frayle, Prompt. ; fralle, HT>.— OF. /raysl, 
frael\ whence Low Lat. fraellum (Du- 

Fraynen, v. to ask, S2, S3, C2, PP ; 

firaiueu, PP ; fra55neiiii, MD ; freluede, 
//. s.y S ; freiude, S ; fraind, S3 ; freyned, 
//., C3. — IcQl.fregna, AS^frignan, 

Are, adj. free, free-born, generous, S, S2, 
C, C2, PP ; free, C2, PP ; ftry, HD ; ftreo, 
PP, S2.— AS. frh. 

Freden, v. to feel, experience, MD, 
HD ; fredde,/^. J., MD.— AS. {ge)fridan, 
from A.S.frdd, wise, sensible, experienced, 
aged; cp. OHG. /rua ft, experienced (Ot- 

Fredom, sb. freedom, liberality, S, 

52, C2, C3 ; fredome, S2, B.— AS. /r^- 

Freitonr, sb. refectory, hall for meals, 

53, MD, PP; fratour, HD ; fraytour, 
S3 ; freltnr, MD ; fraitnr, S3 ; fratery, 
HD ; froyter, HD (p. 379)._OF. refre- 
toir ; Late Lat. refectorium, 

Tvekf adj, eager, greedy, bold, S2 ; 
ftrak, JD; frike, MD; fryke, HD.— AS. 
frec\ cp. Goth, friks^ greedy (in faihu- 
friks); lci&\.frekr. 

Z^elce, sb. a bold man, a warrior, a man, 
MD, S2, P; fireek, PP; frek, S2, PP; 
fteyke, S3 ; fralk, PP ; frayk, PP ; frelk, 
PP ; frake, HD ; ftreckys,//., S3 ; frekls, 
p. — ASi.frecaf a bold man, warrior. 

Frekel, sb. freckle; freklyi, //., S3; 
fireckles, variolae, Manip. See Frakeu. 

Frele, adj. frail. S2, P ; freyle, MD ; 
fceel, PP.— OF. /r^/^, fraile\ IaI, fragi- 

Freletee, sb. frailty, C2 ; frelete, P. 

Frely, adj. noble, gracious, S2, C2, B ; 
£FeoliclL, S ; freyllcbe, S2 ; frellolie, adv. 
freely, PP, S2.— AS. friolic, adv. friolice. 
See rre. 

Fre-man, sb, freeman, S.— AS. fr^o- 

Fremdef adj. and sb. strange, foreign, 
stranger, S, C2, PP ; frexninde, S; fre- 
mede, S ; fremmed, PP.— AS. fremede, 
frerndty strange. 

Fremen, v. to accomplish, S, HD; 
see Framleu. 

Freud, sb. friend, S, C ; fireoude, PP ; 
fireoudes, pi., PP ; freoud, S, S2 ; ure- 
ondes, S ; frendes, C3, PP ; firenden, dat., 
S. — AS. friond. 


Frenden, v, reflex, to gain friends; 
nreoudeu, S. 

Frendesse, sb. female friend, W2. 

Frendrede, sb. friendship, HD.— AS. 


Frendschipe, sb. friendship, S, C; 
freoutsolLipe, ^.—ASfrhndscipe. 

I^eoien, v, to free, MD ; vrl, imp. s., 
S2 ; freode, //. s,, MD; fWed, pp., S.— 
h.^.friogan{frion\ ^t.frMe, ^^. friod. 
See Pre. 

Freolsen, v. to free, to celebrate, MD ; 
frelseu, l^D.—^oisian, ' diem festum 
celebrare ;' cp. lct\. frjdlsa, to free. From 
AS. friolsy freedom, festival : Goth, fret- 
hals, *collum liberum,' freedom. 

Frere, sb. brother, friar, MD, C, G, P ; 
frelr, S3 ; frer, B ; freres, //., C2, P.— 
OF. frere, fredre ; "LsX. fratrem, 

Fresdl, adj. fresh, new, MD, C ; fersch, 
S2 ; firesclie, W2, PP ; firels, S2 ; frelssli, 

S2. — AS.fersc, 

Freschly, adv. freshly, B. 

Fresen, v. to freeze, PP ; freest, pr. s., 
S ; firese, pt. s., MD ; froreu, //., MD. — 
AS. friosan, pt. frSas (pi. fruron), pp. 

Frest, sb, delay, MD, S2, B; ferst, 
MD; llrrt, MD ; forst. S; vlrst. S.— - 
Icel. frest, AS. fierst, fyrst, first, an in- 

Fresten, v, to delay, to lend, MD, 

Freten, v. to devour. S, S2, C2, P; 
freate, to fret, feel vexed, S3; fret,//, j., 
MD, S2, PP ; freten, pp., S, S2 ; frete, 
S2, C3.— AS. fretan, pt. frc^t (pi. fr^ton), 
Y^.freten, a compound oietan, to eat; cp. 
Goth., fra-ttan^fra + iian, to eat. 

Fretten, v. to adorn, furnish, MD, S2 ; 
fret, pp., MD, S3; fretted. P. — AS. 
frestwian, *omare;' cp. OS.fratahdn. 

Frenren, v. to comfort, S.— AS. fr^- 

frian. See Fxofreu. 

Fri-dadi, sb, Friday, the week-day 
sacred to Friga, the AS. name of a Teutonic 
goddess having attributes similar to those 
of the Roman Venus, S; ftidai, MD. — 
AS. Frige-dag, 

Trie, sb. the wife of Woden, MD.— AS. 
Friga ; see Grimm, Teut. M., p. 399. 

Frien, v. to fry, MD ; l-fci3et, pp., S2 ; 
fryed, PP ; yfryed, PP.— OF. frire ; Lat* 


Trigt, sd. fright, MD ; frljt, MD.— AS. 

Frigten, v, to fear, also to alarm, 
MD ; ftiolLt, //., S3.— AS. forhtian, pp. 

Prigti, adj. timid, S.— C^w^.: frlfifU 
Inne, reverence, S. 

Frigtilied, sb. alarm, S. 

Frigtilike, cdv, timidly, S. 

PritJ, sb. peace, security, deer-park, 
forest, wood, S, S3, PP, HD ; frytli, S2, PP. 
^KS. frits ; cp. OHG./ridu (Otfrid). 

FriSien, v. to free, protect, spare, MD; 
friSle, S; firlthed, //., enclosed, P. — 
AS. {geyfritiian, to protect. 

Pro, prep, from, S, S3, C3, PP ; froo, 
PP ; fra, S, S3, S3. Comb. : frathlne, 
from thence, S3, B ; firaward, away from, 
forward, S3, MD ; firawart, S3. — AS. 
framy Icel. frd. Cf. Pram. 

Frofire, sb. comfort, MD; frouer, S; 
Croure, S, MD.— AS./r^r. 

ZVofren, V. to comfort, S ; fronren, S ; 
frefirieu, MD; frenrelS, pr. s., S. — AS. 
frSfrian, frifrian. 

Frogge, sb. frog, S, Voc. ; frock, HD ; 
£roirffeii« pl'i S; froffffes, MD. — AS. 

IVoit ; see Frat. 

Frokke, sb. frock, PP, MD; firoirffe, 
PP ; froffiflB, //., B.— OF. froc (Cotg.) ; 
cp. Low Lat. frocusy flocus^ see Ducange. 
For interchange of/r andyf cf. Frounoe. 

FrOSdie, sb. frog, Voc. ; froske, MD, 
H ; froskeB, //., MD ; frosklB, H ; fros- 
S6B, MD. — AS. frox; cp. Icel. froskr. 

Froten, v. to rub, MD, H ; trotjiigB, 
pr.p.yVf; frotyniT} grating, S3 ; yfroted, 
pp.y S3.— OF. froter : It. frettare : Lat. 
frtctunty hoimfricare ; see Constans. 

I^oSe, sb. froth, foam, MD, Prompt. ; 
forpe, S3. — Icel. frdday frautS ; cp. Dan. 
fraade, Sw.fradga, 

Frothen, v. to froth, C, MD. 

ZVonncey sb. a fold, plait, ND; 
CroTuioes, //., PP; flounce, SkD. — OF. 
fronccy wrinkle (Bartsch). For interchange 
oifr QXi^Jl cf. Frokke. 

Fronncen, v. to knit the brow, wrinkle, 
fold, MD, ND, HD; frotuiseii, HD; 
frounced, pp.y S3; fronst, HD. — OF. 
froncer ; Late \jdX.frontiare. 

Froxmt, sb. front, forehead, S3, MD, 
B. — A.¥.frouniffrunt't 'L&X.frontem. 



Fmde, sb. frog, MD ; finiden, //., S. — 
lQit\.frautir; cp. T>2iii. fro. 

Finuney sb. beginning, MD ; firome, 
MD. — AS.frutna; cp. Goth, frums. 

Finunenteef sb. furmety, wheat boiled 
in milk, MD, HD ; frumenty, MD, HD ; 
ftirmente, MD ; flrmentle, S3. — OF. 
frufnenteeyfroinentee\ "LaXtl^sX.frumentata ; 
from Lat. frumentumy com (OF. froment, 
formenty wheat, com). 

FnunSey sb. beginning, S; urundSe, 
MD. — KS.frymda Qrumd). 

Fmstir, adj. fmstrated, useless, JD, 
S3.— Cp. 0¥.frustrer'y \jaX.frustrare. 

Pmt, sb. frait, S, S3 ; ftrult, S ; fruyt, 
C3; frolt, MD; froyt, H (Ps. 135. 6> ; 
fryt, S3 ; frutlB,//., B ; froytls, B.— OF. 
frut {fruit); l.2X.frtictwn. 

Fmytesteres, sb. pl.f, women fruit- 
sellers, C3. 

Fugel, Fnhel ; see Foul. 

Pol, adj. foul, S ; ftile, adv., S. Comb. : 
fiiL>itolLen, S. See Foul. 

Fnl, pt' s.y fell, S, PP. See PaUen. 

Fnl, adj. ftill, S. Comb. : ftU Iwls, frill 
assuredly, S ; fol IvirlB, S ; ftil out, com- 
pletely, W3 ; to fol, completely, S3. See 

Faly sb. a goblet full of drink, a toast 
at a heathen feast; uul, S. — AS. /«/; 
cp. Icel. full*, see Grimm, Teut. M., 
p. 60. 

Fal-bringen, v. to complete, MD ; 
fWlbroWit,//., MD. 

Fnlcning, sb. baptism, S ; foicninge, 
dat.y S. See Fulbtnen. 

Fnl-don, v. to accomplish, S. 

Fnl-endin, v. to bring to an end, S ; 
ftilendy, S. 

Fnl-forSien, v. to perform, S. 

Fnl-fremieily v. to perfect, MD ; ftill-^ 
fremedd, //., S. 

Fnl-fillleii, v. to fulfil, perfect, to fill 
fiiU, MD ; folveUet, imp. pi., S ; falfellp, 
pr. s.y S ; uuluelden, pt. ply S ; folfalt, 
//., S3 ; fulfild, S3. 

Ful-lLed, sb. fiilness, S3 ; follied, MD. 

FuUltnen, v. to baptize, MD ; fnlllit- 
nenn, S. See Fullulit. 

Full, adj. full, MD ; fol, S ; fol, S3 ; 
vol, S3 ; ftille, dat.^ S, PP ; adv.^ S ; 
foUeBt, superl.y S3. 

Fulle, sb. fill, S; l^rUe, Ss.— AS.^//tf : 
ORG. fulli. 



Z^illen, V. to fill, complete, S; felle, 
S ; fulde, //. s., S ; felde, S2 ; valde, S2 ; 
lyideu,//., S ; i-ftiUet, //., S ; L-imUed, 
S ; M-fUled, S ; iftQd, S2 ; flit, S ; 
falde, //., S.— AS. fyllan : OS. fullian : 
Qo'Css.. fulljan, 

Fnlliclie, adv. fhlly, S; folliobe, S; 
volliclie, S2. 

Fullllht, sK baptism, S ; ftaionlLt, 
MD ; ftiUoTi5t, MD ; fallout, MD.— AS. 
fulwiht (OET.). See Pull. 

Ful-mardy sb. polecat, MD, Voc. ; 
ftilinarde, Palsg. ; ftilmerde, Voc. ; fal^ 
mare, Manip. ; fnlmere, Voc, Prompt, 
(p. 407) ; folmarde, S2. — AS>.fdl+mearti, 
marten. See roul. 

Fnlnesse, sb. fulness, MD ; uolnesse, 


Fnlst, sb. help, S.—A.S.fylsi (JuU 
last) ; cp. OS.ful-Usti. See PuU. 

Fnlsten, v. to help, S.— AS. fylstan : 
OS. ful-lestian. 

Fnl-SUm, adj. plenteous, S. See Full. 

Fnlsumlied, sb. abundance, S. 

Fnlsumnesse, sb. satiety, MD; fuL- 
somuesBe, C2, 

FnlSe, sb. fulness, MD. See FuU. 

Fnltum, sb. help, MD ; fultame, dat.^ 
MD ; //., S.—A^.fultum ( ^ful^-tiam). 
See FiUl. 

Fulwes ; see Folwen. 
Fnl^eis, sb. pi., leaves, S3.— OF. fuilky 
foille\ L.sX. folium. 

Fnnie, sb. fiime, smoke, MD ; confusion 
in the brain produced by drunkenness, C. — 
OF.fum; \j^\., fumum. 

Fnmetere, sb. the herb fumitory, y^^«j 
terrae, earth-smoke, Alph., Voc, C; ftu. 
mytere, Voc; ftuneter. Prompt. — OF. 
fumcterre ; Late \jaX.fumus terrae (Alph.). 

Fnmosite, sb. indigestibility, MD ; 
ftimoBitee, the quality of getting into the 
head (of wines), C2, C3; ftuaoBlUe, 
smoakiness, Manip. 

Fnmonse, adj. angry, Palsg. (p. 774). 

Funden, v. to hasten, go, to strive, S, 
MD ; foude, S, S3 ; fooude, S2 ; founde, 
S2, B. — AS. fundiattj to hasten. See 

Funden,//.//., found, S ; see Flndea. 

Fnndie, adj. heavy, MD ; see Findia. 


Fni^dles, sb. a finding, S; fondlMs, 

Fnndling, sb. foundlmg, S. 

Fundy, v, to become stiff with cold, 

Fnndyingy sb. bennmbmentwith cold, B. 
Font, sb. font, S ; ftmte, Voc. Comb. 2 
ftmt-^Ebt, font, S. See Font. 

Fnr, sb. fire, S, S2, PP ; fir, S ; fer, S ; 
feer, S2 ; 1^, PP, C2 ; fayr, PP; ftair, 
S2, PP ; fyre, MD ; fere, dat.y S2 ; mere, 
S2.— AS.^r: OHG./«r (Otfrid). 

Fur, sb. furrow, S3 ; faxfSTa.y MD ; ftircli, 
MD ; forwe, PP ; forwea,//., P. Comb. : 
fbr-breid, furrow's breadth, S3 ; fiirlouir» 
furrow's length, Ci, C3, PP ; fonrlong'e, 
P ; forlanff, PP.— AS./«r-*. 

Fnrenr, sb. fury, S3.— OF. fureur\ 
\j9X. furorem. 

Furial, adj. raging, C2. — 'Lai.furialis. 

Fnrre, sb. fur, Prompt., Palsg. ; ftirrls, 

//., PP.— OF. fuerrey a sheath (Bartsch) ; 

cp. Sp. fSrro, lining : It. fSderOy lining, a 

furred garment, a sheath, scabbard: Goth. 

fodr, sheath ; cp. Icel. fiSr, lining, OHG. 

fuatary see Kluge and Weigand {s.y.f utter), 

Fnrren, v. to line with fur, MD ; 
ftirryTi, Prompt; furred,//., MD; forred, 
S2, PP. — OY.forrer (Bartsch), sXsofourrer 

Z!9rst, sb. delay, S ; see Frest. 

Fas, adj. eager, prompt, MD; foas, 
MD; vou»,MD.— Icel.///jj: OYLG. funs 

Fnsen, v. to hurry, MD ; ftisede, //. j., 
M.T>.—A.^.fysan\ OS.ftlsian. 

Fust, sb. fist, S2, PP ; ^8te, Voc. ; 
flst, MD; fe«t, MD, C3; feste, dot., 
C3.— AS.^j/: OKG.fUst{G.faust), 

Fasten ; see Flffhteu. 

Fylyng, sb. defiling, S2. See Fonlen. 

Tyn, sb. end, S2, S3, C2, G ; see Fine. 

Pyp, sb. fire, PP, C2 ; tyre, MD. Comb. : 
fyre-flancht, lightning, S3; Qrr-reed, 
red as fire, C. See Fur. 

Fyrtll, sb. a passage, inlet of the sea, 
S3 ; firth, JD. — lcel,f/dr9r. 

Fypy, adj. fiery, C ; fery, S3. See Fnr. 

^"^te, V. to fight, PP ; see Flirl^ten. 

I^te, sb. fight, PP ; fl5te. S, S2 ; nihte, 
S ; tehty MD ; fe^t, S2 ; ftebt, MD ; 
MhUyS.— AS. feoM: OS.fehta. 





Ga, V, to go ; see Chui. 

Gabben, v, to lie, mock, scoff, jest, 
prate, S, C, PP, Prompt., Cath., JD. — 
Icel. gabba, to mock. 

Gabb7ILflre,<r^. lying, deceit,PP, Prompt., 

Gabbere, sb. liar, chatterer,— CM, 
Prompt. (»). 

Gadeling, sb. comrade, fellow, vaga- 
bond ; iradelyniTy PP» G, CM ; gadlyniT} 
HD; ffedelyn^e, PP, HD ; g^OMlijnUy 
S2. — K^. gadeling: OS. gadultng, a kins- 
man ; cp. Goth. gadiliggSy a sister's son. 

Gaderare, sb. gatherer, S. 

Gaderen, v. to gather, S, PP, C ; ffad- 
ery, 82 ; .ffadir, S2 ; iradlze, W2 ; ired- 
eren, S ; ir^dre, S2 ; gtiddrciV, /r. j., S ; 
gaderld,//. j., PP ; iraAred, S2 ; ir^®'- 
Ide, PP ; ^e-gadered, //., S ; y-gadered, 
S3; ^dxid, S2. — AB. gaderian, gadrian. 

Gadering, sb. gathering, S.— AS. gad- 

Gadde, //. s. went, S.— AS. ge-4ode (GET. 
p. 622). Cf. 3eode. 

Gter, sb. year, S ; see Be6'* 

GsEfrSumev s.pL treasures; see Oennun. 

GsBtf -r^- //• goats, S ; see Ch>ot. 

Gagates, sb. jet, S2.— Lat. gagates, jet ; 
Gr. yxydrris. See Zette. 

GagOf V. to measure the contents of a 
vessel, to guage, S3, Sh. — AF. ganger (F. 
jauger) ; from OF. *gauge ; cp. Low Lat. 
jaJagium, *jus mensm^' (Ducange). 

Gaignage, sb. crop, fmit of tilled or 
planted ground, HD ; gaynaffe, S3. — OF. 
gaignage, produce, revenue, Cotg. ; from 
OF. gaigner, to get, win. 

Cramges, sb. pi. goings, S2. See Oan. 

Gair, sb. a gore ; see Ck>r6. 

Gairding, sb. garden, S3 ; see OardUi. 

Gait, sb. way, S3 ; see Gate. 

Gal, cuLj. lascivious, S ; ffole, //., MD. — 
hSi.gdl\ cp.OHG. get/. 

GfULamellef sb. a sweet and nourishing 
drink, S2. 

Gale, sb. sore, S3 ; see Oalle. 

Galo-galOf sb. a sing-song fellow, S. 

Galen, v. to sing, cry out, to caw (as 
crows or rooks). Prompt, S3, CM. — AS. 
galan, Ct E. nigkiinga/e. 

GaleyOf sb. galley, ship. Prompt.; 
galeie, S ; ffaley, Voc. ; galay, S2 ; gay- 

layes,//., S2. — AF. galeye, galie ; cp. Low 
Lat. galea. 

Galianes, sb. pi. drinks named after 
Galen (called Galien in ME.), C3. 

GaUard, adj. gay, sprightly, HD ; gal*- 
3art, S3; galyarde, HD.— OF. gaillardy 
vigorous (Roland). 

Galingale, sb. a plant from the root of 
which a spice was prepared, Cath. (s. v. 
gafynga),NDt HD; galyngale, Alph., C3, 
Prompt. ; galangale, ND. — OF. galtngal, 
the root of the rush called C3rpress (cp. Low 
Lat. galltngar), from galangue; cp. Low 
Lat. galanga (Alph.). 

Galiote,>r^. large galley, Sa. — Itgale^lta, 
a good handsome big galley (Florio). See 

Gall0, sb. the gall, bitterness, anger, S, 
Prompt., Voc, C2, C3, PP; bitter drink, 
S2.— AS. gealla (Voc). 

Galle, sb. sore in man or beast. Prompt. ; 
gale, S3.— OF. galle, scab, itch ; cp. Low 
Lat. galla (Ducange). 

Galnesse, sb. lasciviousness, MD ; irol- 
nease, S ; galhieu, S. See OaL 

Galocbe, sb. a kind of patten, C2, 
Prompt; ffaloches, //., PP; ir^la^, 
' sandalium,' Manip. ; galla^e, Manip. {n). 
— AF. galoche ; Low Lat. calopodia, clogs ; 
Gr. KoKmtlihioVy dimin. of koX&vovs^ i. e. 
wood-foot, a last 

Galoun, sb. gallon, W, C3, P; ffalun, 

S. — AF. galoun. 

Galpen, v. to yawn, PP, Voc, C2, — OS. 
galpdny * clamare.' 

Galwa, J^.cross, gibbet ; ffalowe,Prompt.; 
galwes, //., gallows, Voc, C2; galues, 
S. — AS. gealga, also galga (Voc). 

GalW8-tre, sb. gallows-tree, S, Prompt. 
— AS. gealg'triow. 

Gal^art, adj. gay; see ChOiard. 

Game-gobelyn, sb. a demon who plays 
with men, Voc. 

Gamen, sb. play, sport, CM, S, S2, G, 
PP, H ; ganunyn, S2 ; iromea, S ; game, 
S, G, Prompt., Voc, C2, C3 ; gome, S. — 
AS. gamen, 

Gamen, v. to be pleasant; Um gam- 
9dB,pt. s., it was pleasant to him, C. 



Gan, V. to go, S ; gony S, S2, C2 ; iroon, 
Cj ; gOf S ; gs., S2 ; g'oude, /r. /., S ; ffa 
imp. s,, S ; gadm, S2 ; |f6S,//., S, S2, C2 
g'ooth, C2 ; g'est, 2 /r. j., S, S2 ; gaaSj 
S2 ; gooat, C2 ; gtkpypr. s., S ; ir^> S, S2 
g&S, S, C2 ; iras, S2 ; go^, //., S ; g'on. 
S2 ; goon, C2 ; gtai, pp., S2 ; ffooa, C2 
ffoo, S3 ; yffon, C2, C3 ; Iffon. G ; igoou, 
G ; yg"©, S2 ; l|fo, G. — AS. ^i». 

Gan,//. s, began, did ; see Oinnen. 

Gane, v. to fit, avail, JD ; eranyde, //. 
//., S3 ; gtuiaiid, pr, p. as ctdj., suitable, 
becoming, S3 ; see OeBuen. 

Gang, sb. going, S2. 

Oangen, v. to go, S, PP ; gan;, S3 ; 
irangwide, pr, p., PP; ffauirand, S2; 

gang's, 2 /r. J. j«^'., S. — AS. gangan, 

Ganien, v. to yawn, gape, SkD ; gKn», 
Manip., Palsg., S3, C3 ; g'one, S2 ; ^auln, 
Prompt. — AS. gdnian (Voc). 

Gar, V. to cause, make, S3 ; ffare^ H ; 
gBXt, pt. s., S2, PP ; see Oer. 

Gardin, sd. garden, SkD, C2 ; gaxdjn, 
PP ; gardyne, PP ; ffardayne, Manip. ; 
ifai'dliiif, S3. — AF.gurdin {Y.jardm). 

Gargety sb. throat, CM ; see Ck>rget. 

GaritOf sd, a watch-tower, look-out on 
the roof of a house or castle-wall, S3 ; gaiv 
ytte, ahlgh ' solere/ Prompt. ; ffarett, HD ; 
garret, Cotg. (s. v. tourelle) ; garettes, 
//., Prompt. («) ; g9XT9it^»a, projecta, Ma- 
nip. — OF. garite ; cp. Span, garita. 

Garlek, sb. garlick, PP; garleke, 
Alph. ; ffarleek, C ; garlekke, Prompt. ; 
warlike, P; garUk, PP.— AS.^^ri^a^ (Voc). 

Gamety sb. a kind of precious stone ; 
iramettes, //., SkD ; granat, Cotg. (s.v. 
grenaf)\ granate-stone (Florio). Cp. It. 
grandta^ pomegranate, garnet. See Oraln. 

Gamet-appilley sb, pomegranate, HD. 
See Apple-gamade. 

Garth, sb. an enclosure, HD, S3, H; 
orchard, Manip. ; ffartlie, sepes^ Cath. ; 
irarthlB, pl.y H. — Icel. garbr. See 3«zd. 

Gas, pr. s. goes ; see Oan. 
Gast, sb. spirit, S, S2 ; see CkMit. 
Gastlike, adj. spiritual, S ; see Ck>st- 

Gat, sb. goat, S ; gayte, S3 ; //., H ; 
gate, S, S3 ; see Ch>ot. 

Gate, sb. way, path, street, PP, CM, 
S2, Prompt, HD, S3, H; gat, S2; gait, 
S3. — Icel. gata ; Goth, gatwo^ street. 

Gate, sb. gate, PP, Prompt. ; )ate, S2, 
G, H, Prompt.; yate^ C2, CM, S3, Prompt; 


gat, S ; 5at, PP ; yat, G ; yatt, H ; jett, 
S3 ; glate, dat., S ; B^ate, S. — AS. geaty 
Icel. gai. 

Gate-ward, sb. gate-keeper, S, PP; 
^ateward, PP ; gatwarde, PP. 

Gatte, pt. s. granted, S ; see 3«tea. 

Gat-toth.ed, adj. lascivious, C, CM. 

Gande, sb. weld, Reseda luteolat dyer^s 
greenweed, producing a green dye (distinct 
from woad, Florio being here wrong). 
Comb. : gaude grene, a light green colour, 
C, HD ; gawdy grene, * subviridis,' 
Prompt. — OF. gaude (Cotg.) : Sp. gualda, 
a herb to dye yellow with (Minsheu) ; cp. 
It gualdo, woad to dye blue with (Florio), 
Low Lat. gualda, gualdum, ' glastum ' 

Gande, sb. a toy, piece of finery, also a 
jest, trick, CM; gawde, a jape, nugUy 
Prompt ; gaud, HD, ND ; ornament, 
CM ; trick, C3. — Late Lat. gaudium^ a, 
large bead ; Lat. gaudtum, joy. 

Gaude, v. to sport, jest, keep festival, 
ND ; to scoff, Manip. 

Gandiouse, adj' festal, solenniSf Manip. 

Gaudyixi^, sb. toying, S3; ganding, 

scoffing, Manip. 

Gauren, v. to gaze, CM, C2, C3; 
gawren, CM. 

Ganrish, adj. garish, S3. 

Ga3rn, adj. convenient, S2 ; gaynliohe, 

adv. readily, S2 ; see Oeyn. 

Gaynage, sb. crop, S3 ; see Oalgnage. 

Gaynen, v. to avail, CM, S2 ; see 

Gasrn-ras, sb. return (— Lat occur 5US), 
H ; gaynrase, dcU. meeting, H ; see ^eyn. 

Ga3rn-8tand, v. to withstand, S3. 

Gasrtre-beryifl, sb. pi. berries of the 
gayter-tree, C (C. 145), CM, MD. — Cp. 
Scot, gait-berry y bramble-berry, JD; gaiter- 
tree, the bramble, JD. 

Ge-, prefix ; see ^e. 

Ge, ye, S ; see 5©- 

Geaunt, sb. giant, S, C2 ; giannt, W2 ; 
gyannt, PP ; ieaunt, PP ; geanntes, //., 
PP; leanxLteB, S2. — AF. geant\ Lat 

Gede, pt. s. went, S. — AS. ge-iode^ Cf. 

Gedelynge, sb. vagabond, PP; see 

Gederen, Gedre ; see Ctoderen. 

GeeS| sb, pi. geese ; see Ck>s. 


Geet, sb. jet, C ; ffeete. Prompt. ; see 

Geet, sb. pi. goats, W2 ; ireete, W2 ; 
see Ctoot. 

Geet-bnckis, sb. pi. he-goats, W3. 

Geinen, v. to avail, profit, S, S2 ; see 

Geld, pt. s. paid, requited, S; see 

Golden, v. to geld, castrare^ Prompt., 
Manip. ; geldid, //., W (Mt. 19. 12). — 
Icel. gelda. 

Gelding, sb. eunuch, W (Acts 8. 34) ; 
^eldlnir, W (Acts 8. 27) ; ffeldlngis, //., 

Gelty, ac^. guilty ; see CKQty. 

Genune, sb. gem; g^emmeB, //., PP, 
G2 ; jemis, S3. — OY.gemme ; Lat. gemma, 
gem, bud. See gimmes. 

Gemmyt, culj. covered with buds, S3. 

Gendre, sb. gender, kind, PP ; ^enAxe^f 

pi., S2. — OF. genre 'y Lat. genere, abl. of 

Gendre, v. to beget ; irendxitli, pr. s., 
W2 ; gendrid, pp., W2. 

Gendrer, sb. progenitor, pp. 

Gendmref sb. engendering, W2, 

Gendrynge, sb. begetting, PP. 

Genette, sb. a small Spanish horse, a 
jennet, SkD ; lexmet, S3, Sh.— OF. genette 
(Cotg.); Sp. ginete, a light horseman 
(Minsheu) : from Zendta, the name of a 
tribe in Barbary, see Dozy. 

Genge, sb. a going, expedition, army, 
S ; //. nations, S2, H. 

Gent, adj. noble, nobly-bom, PP, C2 ; 
spruce, gay, SkD (p. 813), S3 ; g'eute, S.— 
OF. gent ; Lat. genitum, born, well-bom. 

Gentil, adj. worthy, excellent, gentle, 
compassionate, C2 ; noble, PP ; g'eutlls, 
sb. pi., people well bom, C2, C3. — AF. 
gentil, noble, beautiful ; Lat. gentilem. 

Gentillessey sb. nobleness, graceful- 
ness, C2, C3. — OF. gentillesse. 

Gentrise, sb. noble nature, PP ; g>ent- 
rioe, PP. — AF. genterise. 

Gentrye, sb. gentleness, PP. 

Geponn, sb, a short cassock, CM ; see 

Ger, //. years, S ; see 5eer. 

Ger, V. to cause, make, S2, JD ; irere, 
to make, H ; grar, JD, S3; irare, H; 
geren, to. prepare, S; ifare, imp., H ;* 



irem, pr. s.,Yi\ 2 /r. j., H ; gvr^, pt. s., 
PP; ffert, S2, PP, S3, H; ffarte, PP ; 
ffart, S2, PP ; ffaxde, //., S3 ; ffert, pp., 
PP, H. — Icel. gora (for gorva). See B^''®* 
Geraflonr ; see OerraAour. 

Gerey-r^* gear, apparel, property, material, 
business, CM, PP, C, C2, C3, S2 ; g'eare, 
S3 ; ffer, C, S3 ; g'eeres, //., habits, man- 
ners, C. — Cp. OS. garuwi, gear. 

Ger-&WCOn, sb. a kind of falcon, HD ; 
irerfanciui. Prompt. ; irer&woiiue, Voc. ; 
ffer&wkyn, Voc, Prompt. ; ger&TLkrm, 
W2 ; g'er&woun, W2. — Lat. gyrofalco- 

Ger-fal, adj. changeable, C, CM. See 

Gerken, v. to prepare, S ; see darken. 

Gerland, sb. garland, C3, C; gere- 
lajide, PP; ffarlaunde, PP.— AF. ger- 

Gerles, sb. pi. children ; see Ourles. 

Gexm, adv. eagerly, S2 ; see Beome. 

Gemer, sb. gamer, C, PP. — AF. gemer, 
OF. gemier, grenier; Late Lat. grana- 

Gerraflonr, sb. gilly-flower, S3 ; g>era- 
flonr, HD ; gylofire, MD, S2 (s.v. clowe) ; 
gyllofire, gariophiltis, galiofolus. Prompt. ; 
gillofer, ND, Palsg. ; ffyllofyr, clove. 
Prompt. ; giUyvor, Sh ; ielofer, S3 ; 
gelofer, ND, MD.— Cp. OF. girofle, the 
clove (Bartsch); Low Lat. gariophilus, 
( Alph.), also caryophyllum ; Gr. Kapv6<l>v\- 
\ov, lit. nut-leaf. 

Gerss-pilis, sb. pi. blades of grass, S3. 
See Oras. 

Gersnm, sb. treasure ; gemom, HD ; 
gmvmujaie, pi., S ; garlBome, S ; gerBomB, 

HD. — AS. gcersum ; cp. Icel. gersemi, a 
costly thing, jewel. 

Gert,//. made, S2; see a«r. 

Gert, PP' girt, S2 ; see Girden. 

Gerte, pt. s. struck, G ; see Girden. 

Gerth, sb. girth, SkD ; gerthlB, //., 
PP.— Icel. geiii. 

Gery, adj. changeful, PP, C. See 

Gessen, v. to suppose, imagine, CM, 
S2, C2, C3, W, W2 ; ffessist, 2 pr. s., S2 ; 
genwHAffn, pt. pi., S2. — Cp. Du.gissen. 

Gesserant, sb. a coat of mail, S3 ; 
gesserou, S3 ; see Zesseraimt. 

Gessynge, sb. guessing (i. e. doubt), S2. 

Gest, 2 pr. s. goest, S, S2 ; get, pr. s., 
S, S2; see Chui. 






Oest, sb, guest, Prompt., Sa, C2 ; ffetrte, 
PP ; ffsBtes,//., S, PP, S2, Ca ; ffeirte, S ; 
ffistM, PP ; ffnsteB, PP.— AS. gasti Goth. 
^at/j ; cp. Lat hostts, 

Geste, sb, story, romance, PP, Ca ; 
irest, S3, Manip. ; Jest, fim, Sh ; ffMrtos, 
//., PP, Ca, C3; leMteB, PP; testis, 
deeds, Wa, H. — AF. geste, an exploit, 
history of exploits, romance ; Lat {^res) 
gestOy a thing performed. 

06St6, V, to tell romances, Prompt., 
MD ; Jest, to act in sport, Sh. 

Oesten,;^. lodged (?), Sa. 

Gesting, sb. lodgings, Sa. 

Gestinge, sb. jesting, S3; ffestjuge, 
romancing, Prompt. See Geste. 

Gestnen, v. to feast, entertain; gest- 
eued,//. J., HD; iglstiLed,/^., Sa. 

GdStninge, sb. feast, banquet, S ; g'est- 
ening', Sa ; glst]ilnire> S ; ffystnlnffe, S. 

Gestoiir, sb. a reciter of tales, Ca ; 
ireBtowre, Prompt. ; getrtloim, //., CM. 
See Geste. 

Get, sb. fashion, behaviour, CM, C, C3, 
Prompt. ; see Zette. 

Geten, v. to gain, get, beget, PP ; get, 
pr. J., Sa, PP ; gat, pt. s., S, PP ; ffeten, 
//., PP; ifeten, //., PP, G ; gete, PP.— 
AS. gitauy pt. geat (pi. g/aton), pp. giten. 

GeS, j^r. s. goes ; see Ga. 

Getty sb. jet. Prompt. ; see Zette* 

Gett, //. granted, Sa ; see ^ten. 

Gene-like, ^'* eqnal. Phr. : o geue- 
llke, on equal terms, S. — ^AS. ge-efenlic. 
See Enea.. 

GeSTUf ^j* ^tsXy convenient, ready, 
direct, S3; geyne, Prompt; gayn, Sa ; 
galai, HD ; gaae, JD ; gejnest, superl.y 
fairest, Sa. — Icel.^<?^. 

Ge^neilf v. to meet, suit, avail; ge^)- 
nenn, S ; geinen, to avail, profit, S, Sa ; 
gayne, CM ; )ene, to reply, S ; gane, to 
fit, JD ; gayned, /^. j., Sa ; ganyde, //., 
S3 ; gaaand, pr. /., (becoming, suitable, S3. 
— Icel. gegna, to go against, to answer, to 
snit. See ^eyn. 

GiarJdlen, v. to prepare, S; see Jar- 

Giaxint, sb. giant, Wa ; see Geannt. 

Giet, conj. yet, S ; see B^t. 

Gif, Gief, if, Sa ; see Blf. 

Gigelot, sb. a stiumpet, MD, H ; gyge- 
lot, wench, agagula. Prompt ; giglot, ND, 
Sh ; gigglet. ND. 

Qiggyngp sb. clattering, C, 

GigOlir, sb. musician, S. — OF. giguior 
(Low Lat gigatorem), from OF. gigue 
(Low Lat gige^y a musical instrument ; cp. 
G. geige^ violin. 

Gildir, v. to deceive; glldirs, pr. s., 
H; glldixd, //., H. — Icel. giiora, to 

Gildare, sb. deceit, snare, H ; . gildlxs, 
//., H. — Icel. gildra, a trap. 

Gile, sb. guile, deceit, fraud, PP, C. — 
AF. gile, OF. gui/e : AS. wile (Chron. ann. 

Gilen, v. to beguile, PP ; gylen, Sa ; 

gUed,//., S. 

Gilery, sb. deceit, H ; gllrya,//., H. — 
OF. gillerte. 

Gill, sb. a familiar term for a woman, S3, 
ND, Sh; jiU, Sh.— Short for Gillian, a 
woman's name, Sh, ND ; "LzX. Juliana. 

Gill-bnnit-tayle, sb. the ignis-fatuus, 
ND (s.v. gyl), 

Gille, sb. a gill (measure), PP; gylle, PP, 
Prompt. ; llUe, P.— OF. gelle, 

Gill-flurt, sb. a flirt, ND. 

Gillofer, Gillyvor ; see Genaflonx. 

Gilour, sb. deceiver, PP ; gylonre, H. 
— AF. gilour. 

Gilt, sb. guilt. Si PP ; see Gnlt. 

Giltlese, adj, guilUess, S ; gUteles, C ; 
glltlees, C3. 

Gin, sb\ engine, contrivance, artifice, Ca, 
C3, S3 ; gyn, PP, Sa ; ginne, S, Sa ; 
gynne, PP. — OF. engin, engien, craft, de- 
ceit, contrivance. 

Ginftll, adj. guileful, deceitful, PP. 

Gingebreed, sb. gingerbread, Ca ; 
gyngebred, gingium, Voc. Cp. Low Lat 
gingibretum (Ducange), also OF. gigim- 
brait, a preparation of ginger, gingenbrety 
ginger (Bartsch). 

Gingiuere, sb. gmger, SkD, Cath. («) ; 
glngiuer, HD; ^jiigjr%,zinzibrumfWoc\ 
ginger, zinziber, ziniebnim, Cath. ; gyn^ 
gere, Prompt. — OF. gingenbre, gengibre ; 
Lat. zingibrum^ ace. of zingiber', Gr. 

Ginnen, v. to begin, S ; gynne, S, PP, 
S3 ; gan, pt. s., began, S, Sa ; gon, PP ; 
gonne, //„ Sa ; gan, //. s. (used as an 
auxiliary), did, S, Sa, S3 ; gon, S, PP, Sa ; 
gun, Sa ; gnnnen,//., S ; gnnne, S, PP ; 
gonne, S, PP, Sa, Ca, G. — AS. -ginnan, 
pt. 'gan (pi. -gunnon), pp. -gunnen. 

Gipe, sb. cassock, CM ; Jnb, Florio. — 
OF. juppt (Cotg.), It giuppa, giubba 


(Florio), Sp. al-juha (Minshen) ; Arab. 
al'jubbah, a woollen undergarment; cp. 
MHG. sckube, G. schauhe (Weigand). 

Gipoun, sh. a short cassock, CM ; 
gyponn, C ; ffepoxin, C ; Jnpon, HD ; 
JoTipone, HD. — OF. gippon^ jupon 
(Cotg.), It. giubbone, a doublet (Florio.). 
See above. 

Gipser, sb. pouch, purse, C ; gypcer, 
Prompt. ; sfypsere, Prompt. ; STTPoyere, 
Prompt. — OF. gibbeciere (Cotg.), from 
gibier, game. 

Girdel, sb. girdle, C, Ca ; gnrdel, S. — 

AS. gyrdel. 

Girdeily v. to gird, cingere, MD ; gtir- 
den, MD ; girde, 2 pt s., S2 ; gyrte, 
pi. s.y S ; i-gnrd, //., S, S2 ; gird, C, W2 ; 
gert, S2. — AS. gyrdan. 

Girden, v. to strike, CM, HD, C2, G; 
gnrde]},, S2 ; girt, pt. s., cast, PP ; 
gerte, G; gorde, //.//., rushed, S2 ; girt, 
//., SkD (s. V. gride), C. See '^vrH. 

Gisel, sb. hostage, MD ; gyslea,//., S ; 
^Isles, MD ; Bl>^n, dot., MD. — AS. gisel; 
cp. Icel. gisl. 

Gisty sb. guest ; see Oest. 

Giste, sb. a beam, balk, joist, MD ; 
gyyste. Prompt.; gyst, Palsg. ; glstea, 
pl.y MD ; Joystea, SkD. — OF. giste, joist, 
something to lie on. See Joist. 

Gistnillge, sb. banquet, S ; see Oest- 

Giteme, sb. guitar, C3, PP, MD, CM ; 
gyteme, PP, Prompt; geteme, MD; 
getyrne, Voc. — OF. guiteme\ cp. It. 
chitarra ; Lat. cithara. See Cltole. 

Giuenessei sb, foigiveness, S. — AS. 
gifnes, grace. 

Glad, pt. s. glided, MD ; glade, S2 ; 
glald, S3 ; see Ollden. 

Glad, adj. glad, S, S2 ; gled, S; glaid, 
S3 ; gladnr, comp., S ; gladdore, S2. — 
AS. glced. 

Gladien, v. to make glad, make merry, 
S ; gladen, S, C2 ; glade, S3 ; glaid, S3 ; 
gleadien, S ; gledlen, S, S2 ; gladed, //. 
s., S2. — AS. gladian. 

Gladliche, adv. gladly, PP ; gledllohe, 

Gladnesse, sb. gladness, MD; gled^ 
nesae, S. 

Gladscllip6, sb. gladness, MD ; gled- 
soUpe, S; gledBcipe, S; gleadsohlpeB, 
//., S. 

Gladsom, adj. pleasant, Ca. 



Gladynge, sb. gladness, MD; glead- _ 
imge, S. 

Glam, sb, word, message, S2 ; loud 
talk, noise, MD. — Icel. glam, a tinkling 

Glaren, v. to shine brightly, S, SkD. 

Glas, sb. glass, S, C2. — A'^.glas. 

Glasen, adj. made of glass, PP. 

Glasen, v. to furnish with glass, PP. 

GlaSy adj. glad, MD; gla^Se, S. — Icel. 

Glaue, sb, sword, S3 ; see Oleyne. 

Glayre, sb. the white of an egg, Cath. ; 
see Oleyre. 

Gle, sb, joy, glee, music, singing, S, S2, 
PP ; glee, C2 ; glie, S ; glen, C2 («), 
MD ; glew, MD, S3 ; gin. Prompt. ; gleo, 
S ; glewlB, //., freaks, S3. — AS. gUo, stem 
gliwo-, see Sievers, 250. 

Gleaw, adj. wise, S; glen, S.— AS. 

Gled, adj, glad ; see Olad. 

Glede, sb. a kite, milvus, H (Ps. 62. 8), 
ND, WW, Voc— AS. glida (Voc). 

Glede, sb. glowing coal, S, PP, S3, C2 ; 
gleede, C ; gleden, pi., S ; gledess, S.— 
AS. gled: OS. gUd (stem gUdi); cp. OHG. 
gluot (dat. gluott). See Olowen. 

Gledlen, v. to make merry, S, S2 ; see 

Gledliche, adv. gladly, S. 
Glednesse, sb. gladness, S. 
Gledscllipe, sb. gladness, S. 
Gle-xuan, sb. ; see Gleo-man. 

Glenten, v. to glance, to move swiftly, 
MD ; glente, //. s., MD ; glent, S3, HD ; 
shone, SkD (p. 808). — Swed.^/z«/fl, to glance 
aside (Rietz). 

Gleo, sb. music, S ; see Ole. 

Gleo-beames, sb. pi. harps, S. 
Gleo-dreames, joys of music, S. 

Gleo-man, sb. minstrel, PP ; glewman, 
PP ; gleman, PP. 

Gleowien, v. to make music, to make 
merry, MD. 

Gleowinge, sb. music, S. 

Glette, sb. phlegm, slimy matter in the 
throat, viscositast filth, Cath. («), S2 ; 
glett, Cath.; glet, H, Cath. («).— OF. 
glette, * ilegm, filth, which a hawk throws 
out at her beak after her casting,* Cotg. ; 
cp. North. E. glit, tough phlegm, JD. 

Glen, adj. wise, S ; see Oleaw. 

• I • 

Glew, sb. joy, glee, S3 ; see Ole. 

Glew, sb, glue, MD ; see OItl. 

Gle3^1ILe, sb. slimet Hmus, gluten^ 
Prompt.; irleym, subtlety, S3; flrleme, 
viscusj Prompt. («). 

Gle3^0WSy adj. slimy, viscosus tViomi^i.', 
g'laymoTLS, HD. 

Gleyre, sb. the white of an egg, C3, 
Prompt., Cath. {n) ; sflayre, Cath. ; sflaxye, 
Manip. — OF. glaire, the white of an egg 
(Cotg.) ; Low la3X.glara (Voc.) ; Late Lat. 
clara ovi (Ducange) ; cp. Sj^.clara de huevo, 
also It. chidra (Florio). 

Gleyne, sb. sword, CM ; irlayne, SkD ; 
fflave, S3, ND ; sfleine, SkD ; sfleave, 
Cotg., ND. — OF. glaive \ Lat. gladium 
(ace.) — for the v in glaive, see Brachet (s.v. 

Gliden, v. to glide, S ; srlyde, C2, C3 ; 
Sflydande, /r. /., walking, S2 ; 8rlit,/r. j., 
MD ; glBA,pt. s., MD ; srlade, S2 ; fiflald, 
S3; flTlod, MD, S2; fiflood, C2 ; fiflode, 
MD ; flrUdexL,//., MD ; flrUden,//., MD.— 
AS. glldan, pt. glad {glidoti), pp. gliden, 

Glie, si. music, S ; see Ole. 

GlifFen, v, to glance, spectare; ifllffe 
to look back, Manip. ; srliff, to be scared 
JD; fiflyfte,//. j.,MD. 

GlifGoi, V. to glance; fSllftDjt^pt. s., S2 
Glod,//. s. glided, S2, MD ; fflode, MD 
fflood, C2 ; see Ollden. 

Glommen, v. to look glum, to frown 
MD; fiTlomben, MD; fflowmbe, CM 
fflum, S3 ; ffloom, ND ; srlonme, Manip. 
fflommede, pt. s., HD. — Swed. glomma 
to stare (Rietz). 

Glopen, V. to look askance, MD ; flflop 
to stare, HD ; srloppen, to be startled 
HD. Cp. Du. gluipetiy to peep, sneak. 

Glopnen, v. to look downcast, MD 
flTlopnid,//., frightened, S2.— Icel. gliipna 

Glorie, sb. gloiy, PP ; irlore, S3.--AF 
glorie\ \ja.\. gloria. 

Glose, sb. a gloss, comment, explanation 
PP, Prompt., C2; fiflosls, //., S3.— OF 
glose ; Lat. glossa, a gloss ; Gr. 'yXj&jaaa. 

Glosen, v. to explain, flatter, deceive 
PP, Prompt., S3, C2, C3 ; ffloaed, pt. s., 
spoke smoothly, S2 ; y-fifloBed,//., C3.— 
OF. gloser, to gloss, expound ; Late Lat 
glosare. See above. 

Glosynjref sb. an expounding. Prompt, 
flattering, Prompt. ; firlosiiifir, flattery, W. 

Glotonie, sb. gluttony, S2, Prompt. 
irlotonyes,//.^ Ql.—^^.glotonie, 


Glotori, sb. gluttony, H ; glntiry, H ; 
fiTlntrle, MD. 

Glotoun, sb. glutton, S, PP, W2; 
fiTlnton, S. — AF. glutun ; Lat. glutonem. 

GlounvS, v. ; see Olonuueii. 

Glowen, v. to glow, PP, Prompt., C ; 
fiTlouandy/r./., S2; irlowennde, S. — Cp. 
OHG. gluojan. 

Glu, sb. glue, Prompt.; glew, MD. — 
OF.glu; L,2it. gluten. 

Gluexiy V. to glue, MD ; 7-glewed, fp., 

Glmily V. to look gloomy, S3; see 

Glutenerie, sb. gluttony, S.— AF. glu- 


Gluton, sb. glutton, S ; see OlotoTin. 

GlutriOy sb. gluttony, MD ; see Glotorl. 

Guar, V. to snarl, S3; gnarre, ND. 
Cp. gnarly to snarl, Sh. 

Gnasten, v. to gnash the teeth, Prompt., 
Palsg., W2, H; gnayste, H; gnashe, 
Manip. ; gnastiden, pt. pi., W, W2 ; 
gnalstld, H. — Cp. Icel. gnastan, a gnash- 

Gnaweny v. to gnaw, PP; gnaghe, 
H; gne^e^,, S; gnow, pt. s., C2 ; 
gnew, SkD ; gnawiden, pt. pi., W2 ; 
knawen, pp., S3. — AS. gnagan, pt. gndh 
(pi. gnSgof^, pp. gnagen. 

Gnidexiy v. to rub, SD, S2; gnyde, 

S; gnlden, //. //., MD. — AS. gnldan 


Gobelin, sb. goblin, demon ; gobelsm^ 
W2, MD; gobUn, Sh.— OF. gobelin; cp. 
Low Lat. gobelinum (ace). 

Gobet, sb. a small piece, Prompt., C, W ; 
gobbet, Manip. ; gobetis, //., S2, W. — 
Norm.F. gobet, see Diez, p. 599; cp. OF. 
gobeauy a bit, gobbet (Cotg.).. 

God, adj. good, S, S2. Fhr. : to goder 
hele, to the good health of, S2, MD; 
goderhele, MD ; godder-liele, HD. See 

God, sb. God, S; godd, S; gode, dot., 
S; godes, gen., S; pi., S; goden, S.-* 
AS. God. 

God-cMld, sb. godchild, S. 

Godcnnd, adj. divine, godly, MD. 

Godciind]iede,-r^. piety, MD. 

Godcundnesse, sb. divinity, S ; god- 
onnnesse, S. 

Goddcundle^^C, sb. divinity, S. 
Goddot, God knows^ S ; goddotli, S.— 

AS. Godwdt, 


Godhede, sb. deity, C. 

Godien, v. to endow ; ffoded, pt. s., S ; 
1-goded,//., benefited, S.—ASt. gSdian. 

GodleCf sb. goodness, S, MD. — Cp. Icel. 

Godles, adj. without good, needy, S2, 
MD ; fifodelease, S.— AS. gddlias. 

Godly, adv. kindly, S2 ; goddell, Sa ; 
erndely, S3. — ^AS. gddlice. 

Godnesse, sb. goodness, S ; ffodnisBe, 
S, S2 ; irodeneBBe, S2. 

God-spel, sb. gospel, S ; god-speU, S3 ; 
gospel, MD. — AS. godspel, 

Godspelboc, sb. gospel-book, S. 

Gogelen, v. to goggle, MD. 

GogU-i^edfO^'. squint-eyed, W; ffogyl- 
eyld, Prompt.; goffffle-eyed, louche 

Gold, sb. gold, S; gol, S; guide, dat., 
S.— AS. gold; cp. Icel. gull. 

Gold-T>eten, pp» adomed with beaten 
gold, S3. 

Golde, sb. marigold, souct, Palsg. ; 
goolde, solsequtum, Prompt. ; guides, //., 
C— Cp. OF. gcmde (Cotg.) 

Gold-Spynk, sb. goldfinch, S3. 

Gole, sb. throat, SD, HD ; goUe, HD.— 
OF. goUi goule, gule ; Lat. gula. 

Golet, sb. gullet, C3, Prompt., HD.— 
OF. goulet. 

Goliardeys, sb. buffoon, MD, PP; 

golyardeys, C— OF. goliardeis {goliar- 
dots) ; Low Lat. goliardensis. 

Goluesse, sb. lasciviousness, S ; see Gel- 

Gome, sb. a man, PP, S, S2 ; gomes, gen., 
S2 ; gomen, //., S. — AS. guma (stem 
gutnan-) ; cp. Lat. homo (stem homin-). 

Gome, sb. care, PP; gom, MD. — OS. 
g6ma, care ; cp. OHG. gouma^ provision, 
supper (Tatian). 

Gomen, sb. play, S; gome, S; see 

Gomme, sb. gum, CM ; gomme, Cath. ; 
gommes,//., P. — OF. gomme; Lat. gum- 
mi; Gr. Kdfifxi. 

Gon, V. to go, S, S2, C2 ; go]ide,/r./., 
S; goon, pp., C2 ; see Oan. 

Gone, V. to gape, S2 ; see Chmien. 

Gonge, 2/r. s. subj. go, S ; see Oangen. 

Gonne, sb. gun, PP, CM; gnnne, 
Cath., Prompt. ; gon, S3.— Cp. Low Lat. 

Good, adj. good, MD; god, S, Sa; 



godd, S2 ; goTLd, MD ; guod, MD ; ernd, 
MD.— AS. gdd. 

Ck>0d, sb. good, MD ; goud, S2 ; jfud, 
S3 ; god, S, S2 ; godes,//., S, S2 ; epaodes, 
S2.— AS. gSd. 

Goodman, sb. master of the house, 


Goot, sb. goat, Prompt., C3 ; gayte, S3 ; 
gat, S; gSBt, //., S;-gate, S, S3; geet, 
W2 ; geete, W2 ; galte, H ; gaytes, H ; 
gayte, H. — AS. gdt. 

Gorde,/^- //. rushed, S2 ; see Oizden. 

Gore, sb. a triangular piece of cloth in- 
serted, HD ; gremiale, apron, Manip. ; 
goore, Prompt. ; galr, JD. Phr, : nnder 
gore, under clothing, S2, HD. — Cp. AS. 
gdra, an angular point of land. 

Gore, sb. mire. Prompt., HD; filth, S2.— 
AS. gor (Voc). 

Gorge, sb. throat, Manip., PP. — OF. 
gorge ; Lat. gurgitem (ace.) ; see Ducange. 

Gorget, sb. throat, piece of armour to 
protect the throat, SkD ; * torques,* Manip. ; 
garget, C; gargate, HD.— OF. gorgette, 
throat, sXso gargaite^ (Roland, 1654). 

Gorst, sb. gorse, furze, Voc, MD; 
gorstes,//., S2 ; gorstys tre, Prompt. — 
AS. gorsL 

Gos, sb. goose, S3 ; goes, MD ; gees, 
//., S ; gysse, S3.— AS. g6s. 

Gos-liawkef <f^- goshawk. Prompt., Voc; 
gos-liaTLk, C2.— AS. gSs-hafuc (Voc). 

Gosse, sb. in phr. : by gosse (a profane 

oath), S3. 

Gossib, sb. sponsor, PP, CM ; godsyb, 

friend, PP.— AS. god-sibb. 

Gossomer. sb. gossamer. Prompt, Ca ; 

gossommer, Voc ; gosesomere, Voc 

Gosty sb. spirit, mind, soul, life, ghost, 

PP, S, S2, C3 ; goost, C2, PP ; gast, S, 

S2; gostes,//.,S2; gostns, PP; gastes, 

S2.— AS. gdst. 
Gostliclie, adj. spiritual, S; gostly, 

S3, C3; goostllehe, PP; gastUke, S; 

gastelicli, S ; gasteli, adv., S2. 
Gote, sb. water-channel. Prompt., HD ; 

goote. Prompt. ; gotes, //., S2. — Cp. Low 

G. gote, Du. goot 
Gotere, sb. gutter, water - channel. 

Prompt. ; goterls,//., drops, stillicidia, rain 

falling drop by drop, W2 ; goters, HD.— 

OF. goutierey gutter, from gote, a drop ; 

Lat. gutta. 
Gonlen, v. to howl, cry, S, Sa ; gowl« 

and, pr. p., S3 ; see Boulen. 



GonleSy sb. pi. the heraldic name for 
red, gules, SkD; itowUb, HD; ffowlys, 
S3, HD. — ^AF. goules; Late Lat. gulaSy 
ace. pi. of gula, 'pellis rubricata (Du- 

Govne, sh. gown, PP, C ; irowne, PP; 
^nes, //., MD.— AF. goune, OF. gme. 

Gonne-dothy sb. cloth enough to make 
a gown, CM. 

Gonrdey sb, gourd, C3, H; iroord. 
Prompt. ; firowrdea, //., S2.— OF. gourde , 
gouhourde, cougourde ; Lat. cucurbita. 

Gouemaille, sb. management, C2 ; 
ffOTLemalle, rudder, W ; ironemalls, //., 
W3. — OF. gouvemailf rudder ; Lat. guber- 

Gouemance, sb, government, be- 
haviour, PP, C2, C3 ; iroTiemaTuioe, C, 
C3, C3 ; ffoaemannols, //., rules for 
conduct, customs, S3. 

Goueme, v, to govern, PP, C2.— AF. 
gavemer ; Lat. gubernare, 

Gouemonr, sb, governor, C2 ; steers- 
man, W, W2. — OF. gouvemeur\ Lat. 
gubernatorem (ace). 

Gradde, pt. j., S, S2, PP ; see areden. 

Gradi, adj, greedy, S ; see Gredy. 

Graffe, sb. a slip, young shoot, PP, 
Proinpt.; ffraff,Cotg.— LateLat.^a/^*«»j, 
a stile (Gr. ypa<i>€iov) ; hence Low Lat. 
graffiolum, a graft, sucker ; cp. OF. greffe, 

Graffen, v, to graft, PP ; ipnM€i,pp.,Vf, 

Graith, adj. exact, direct, S2, PP; see 

Graith, sb, preparation, PP. 

Graithen, v. to prepare, H ; ffrathls, 

pr, J., dresses, S3. See GreitSen. 

Graithly, adv. readily, PP; graUieli, 
S2 ; see OrelSliclie. 

Gramcund, adj, angry, S. 

Grame, sb, vexation, anger, S, HD, C3 ; 
ffrome, S ; gram, S2 ; ffreme, S2.— AS. 
grama ; cp. Icel. gramr, wrath. 

Gramercy ; see Orannt. 

Gramien, v, to vex, to be angry, MD ; 
grame, PP, S; firromlen, MD.— AS. 
gramian; cp,Goth.gramjan. SeeOremlen. 

Graaand, pr. p. groaning, S2; see 

Granat, s. a garnet ; see Oamet. 

Granyt,//. dyed in grain, S3 ; grained, 
Sh. See Qreyne. 

Grape* v, to han^e, palpare, H; see 

Grapers, sb,p/. grappling-irons, S3. j 


Gras, sb. grass, S, PP, C2 ; gres, S, 
Prompt.; gresBe, Prompt., S2 ; grases, 
//., S2; greaea, S2; gyrsa, S3.— AS. 
gras: Goth. gras, 

GrathiSy/r.j. dresses, S3 ; seeChraithen. 

Grannt, adj. great, PP. PAr, : grannt- 
meroy, many thanks, C2, C3, PP; gra- 
mercy, PP, Sh; grameroies, //., S3.— 
AF. granny OF. grand; Lat. grandem, 

Granntyei v, to grant, give, agree, 
allow, PP ; grawntyn. Prompt., C2 ; 
grannte, PP; granti, S, S2; grannti, 
i/r. J., S ; grante, imp, j., S; y-grannted, 
PP"> C3, P ; l-granted, S2.— AF. grd- 
anter (^graunter, granter) ; OF. creanter ; 
Late Lat. credentare, from Lat. credentem, 
pr. p. oi credere, 

Grauen, v. to bury, S, PP, C2, H ; to 
engrave, PP ; ^xot^pt, s., H ; granen, //., 
buried, S, PP, G, H ; i-graxien, engraved, 
S; l-grane, S, G; grane, PP. — AS. 
gra/auy to dig, pt. grdlf, pp. gra/en, 

Grauynge, sb, engraving, S2, P ; bury- 
ing, H. 

Gravys, //. groves, S3 ; see Oroue. 

Gray, adj. gray, PP, MD ; grey, PP ; 
greye, sb, gray clothing, PP; grai, gray 
fur, S; grey, S ; badger, S3 ; gray, HD ; 
badger's skin, HD. — AS. grag, 

Qre^sb. step, degree, S3, PP, MD ; worthi- 
ness, gradusj Prompt. ; gree, HD ; grees, 
//., W, MD, HD ; greis, H.— OF. gre ; 
Lat. gradum (ace). 

Grece, sb, stair, MD, Prompt., Cath., 
Palsg. ; greece, Manip. ; grese, MD, HD : 
greeae, Cotg. (s.v. degri), HD ; grlse, 
Sh. ; greces,//., W2 ; grlaea. Prompt. («). 
— From grees, steps, a flight of steps,//, of 
Chre (above). 

Greden, v. to cry aloud, S, PP, S2 ; 
gradde,//. j., S, PP, S2; gredde, PP.— AS. 
grcBdatty pt. gr&dde, 

Gredinge, sb. crying, MD ; gredyngea, 

//., S2. 

Gred^, adj, greedy, PP ; gradi, S; 

gredl, 5. — AS. gr<kdig ; cp. Icel. grdSugr, 

Gree, sb. favour, S2, C2, C3 ; prize, PP, 
C. Phr, : take in gre, agree to, S3. — 
OF. grey gredy grety pleasure, recompense ; 
Lat. gratumy pleasing. 

Gree, v, to agree, HD ; greeing, pr, /., 
S3. — OF. gHery to agree, to accept ; Late 
Lat. gratare (for Lat. gratari), 

Greesings, sb. pi. steps, HD. See 


Gref, sb. grief, MD ; gse«iie, dat.f G. — 
OF. gref, from Lat. gravem, heavy. 

Gre-liOiiiLde ; see Chreyhownd. 

Greit, sb. grit, S3 ; see Chreot. 

Greith, adj. ready, FP ; ^pnAfh., exact, 
direct, PP, Ss ; ffraj]}, PP ; ffray]}est, 
superl.y PP, S2 ; ^pnAXix, ddv,, S3. — led. 
greiJdry ready : Goth, ga-raids, exact. 

GreiSexiy z^. to prepare, SD ; ffraithe, 
H, HD; ^oXh^My J>r. s., dresses, S3; 
gralthed, pt, s., S2 ; greythede, S ; 
grelthlde, S2 ; greithede, //., S2 ; ffrey- 
tlMd, pp., S; gre3B]>edd, S; ffre]>]>ed, 
S; ffraytbed, HD, S2; t-gretSet, S; 
7-ffrefSed, S3 ; ffraid, H. — Icel. greiCa. 

GreiSliclie, adv. readily, PP ; irraltli- 
I7, PP, HD ; gxaarthely, S2 ; ffratliell, S2. 

Gremien, v. to vex, to be angry, MD. 
S ; greme, S ; 'i^'grwacut^^ pp., S. — AS. 
gremian. See Oxamlen. 

Greney sb. snare ; see Oxln. 

Grene* adj. and sb. green, S, PP, S2, C2, 
C3 ; ffreyne, B.— AS. grine : OS. grdni ; 
cp. OHG. gruoni (Tatian). 

GrenehedOy sb. greenness, wantonness, 
S2. C3. 

Grennen, v. to grin, show the teeth (as 
a dog), S, W; grennyn, Prompt. — AS. 

GrenniiiLgey sh, grinning, S; greii- 
nyiifire, Prompt. 

Greot, sb. gravel, grit, PP ; ffreit, S3 ; 
greete, Manip. ; gxlth, PP.— AS. griot. 

Gres, sb. grass, S, Prompt. See Gras. 

Gresy, adj. grassy, S3. 

Grety adj. great, S, S2, C2, PP ; greet, 
C2 ; grete. Prompt., PP, S2, C2 ; grette, 
FP ; greate, S ; grate, S ; grettnre, comp. 
S; grettonre, FP; grettonr, FP; gretter, 
C2 ; grettere, W2 ; grettest, superl., FP ; 
grete, adv.^ S3. — AS. griat, 

Gireten, v. to salute, S, PP, S2 ; gret, 
imp. J., S ; greteth,//., G ; grette,//. j., S, 
PP, S2, C2, C3,W ; grette,//., G; gretten, 
W ; gret,//., W. — kSi.gritan, to approach 
(also ge-grHan), pt. gritte, pp. grited\ OS. 
grdtian ; cp. OHG. gruazen (Otfrid). 

Greten, v. to weep, S, PP, H ; greete, 
S3 ; gret, S2 ; groten, S ; gretande,/r./., 
HD ; gretaad, S2, S3, H ; gret, pr. s., S ; 
gret,//. s., S, H ; grete, HD ; grete, //., 
HD, S2. — A^.gritan {gr^tan), pt.^r^/(pl. 
griton), up. groten: Ictl.grdia. 

Gretien, v. to magnify ; i-gret, //., S. 
— AS. griatian. 



, adv. greatly, S, PP ; gretly, 
S2 ; gretluker, cotnp.t S. 

Gret-WOmbede, adj. big-bellied, S3. 

Gretyng, sb. lamentation, S2 ; gret- 
ynge, H. 

Gretyngfill, adj, sorrowful, H. 

Gireuauncey sb, grievance, hurt, C2 ; 
grewaace, S3 ; greuannoes, //., PP. — 
OF. grevance. 

GreuSf sb. thicket, grove, MD ; greues, 
//., S2, CM, HD ; grevlB, S3. 

Greuen, v. to grieve, FP, S, Ca. — AF. 
greyer, to burden ; Lat. gravare. 

GireuouSy adj. grievous, FP; gre- 
TLOTLsere, comp., W2. 

Greyce, adj. gray, S3. See Oryfl* 

Grey-liOWILd, sb. greyhound, leporarius^ 
Voc. ; grayhund, Voc. ; grayliownd, Voc. ; 
grehTLnde, Voc. : grehownde. Prompt. ; 
greabund, SkD ; ffrehoiuideB, //., S3 ; 
grealLondes, S3 ; greilioTuides, SkD. — 
Icel. greyhundr^ greyhound ; grey, a dog. 

Greyn, sb. handle, branch, MD ; grayn, 
MD; grayne, WA. — Icel. grein. 

GroyXLf sb. grain of com, a kind of spice, 
MD, rP, CM ; greyne. Prompt; greyn 
de Parys, CM. — AF. grein, grain', Lat. 

Gireyne, sb. colour, dye, PP, MD; 
greyn, S3, C2 ; grayn, C2.— AF. graine ; 
Late lit. grana, cochineal dye (Ducange). 

Greyn-homey sb. Greenhorn, the name 
of an ox in the Towneley Mysteries, HD. 

Griifoiin, sb. griffin, C, S2 ; gryffown. 
Prompt. — OF. griffon^ a gripe (Cotg.). 

Grilf adj. horrible, rough, fierce, MD ; 
IP7I, S2, Prompt. — Cp. MHG.^^/, angry. 

Grillexiy v. to vex, MD ; gmlde, //. s., 
twanged, S ; i-gnUd, //., provoked, SD. 
— AS. grillan. 

Grim, adj. fierce, S ; grym, heavy, PP, 
S2, C; fpAauaub^ pi., horrible, S. — AS. 

Grimlicll, adj. horrible, S ; grlmlycH, 
S ; grlmllclie, adv. terribly, S, PP ; 
grymly, sharply, FP. 

Grin, sb. snare, noose, S, Voc. ; gryn, 
W ; grene, laqueus, MD, Voc. ; gmne, 
MD ; grone, MD ; grane, MD. — AS. grin. 

Gxinden, v. to grind, MD ; y-gronnde, 
//., C2 ; gmndyn, S3 ; grounden, C3.— 
AS. grindan, pt. grand (pi. grundon), pp. 

Grindere, sb. grinder ; grynderls, //., 




Grip, sb. vulture, S; gxype, Voc, 
Prompt. — Icel. gripr. 

Gripen, v. to grip, S, PP, H ; grap, 
//. s., MD ; ffrop, MD ; m^pen, //., MD ; 
grepen, MD ; irripen,//., MD ; gxypen, 
PP; griped, PP.— AS. gripan, pt. grdp 
(pi. gripon)y pp. gripen. 

Gris, sb. a young pig, PP; irrise, Cath.; 
gryse, Voc. : gryce. Prompt. ; grys, //., 
MD, S2, PP.— Icel. griss, 

Grisen, v. to shudder, S2 ; gryse, to 
be frightened, HD ; him ffroB, //. s. reflex, y 
S. — AS. grisan, pt. grSs (pi. grison), pp. 

Grislich., a^'. horrible, S, S2 ; gfrlalio, 
S ; grysUche, S, PP ; grrlsU, S2 ; grisly, 
C2, C3 ; grisllche, adv.f S ; grieslie, S3. 
— AS. grislic. 

Grist, J^. ground com, SkD. — AS. grist f 
from grindan ; for loss of n before s see 
Silvers, 185. 

Grist-batinge, sb. grindmg of the 
teeth, MD ; gxljibaytlng, MD ; gris- 
bitting, S2. 

Grith., sb. peace, S; grille, dat, S. — 
Icel. gridy domicile, place of safety, peace ; 
hence grid in the Chron. 

GriS-bmclie, sb. breach of the peace, S. 
GriSfol, adj, peaceful, MD. 
GriSfolnesse, sb. peacefulness, S. 

Grocchen, v. to grudge, grumble, S2, 
S3. See Omcchen. 

Grof| pt. s. dug, buried, H. See Oxanen. 

Grof, adv. flat on one's face, CT (951); 
gmf, MD, C2, C. — Cp. Icel. liggja dgrtifu, 
to lie on one's face. 

Groflinges, adv. groveling, MD; 
gronelingB, S2 ; gronelynge, supinus. 
Prompt. ; grofelyiige, Cath. See above. 

GrOXU., sb, lad, servant, PP, gxome, 
PP, S(«); grome8,//.,S, PP.— Cp.ODu. 
groniy stripling. 

Groxue, sb. vexation, anger, S. See 

Gronen, v. to groan, PP, CM, Prompt. ; 
grony, S2 ; graninde, pr. p., S ; granand, 
S2 ; gronte,//. j., C2.— AS. grdnian. 

Grop, pt. s. ; see Oripen. 

Gropien, v. to seize, handle, MD; 
gropyn. Prompt. ; grope, C, C3 ; grape, 
palpare, H, Manip.— AS. grdpian, from 
gripan. See Oripen. 

Gros, //. s. reflex, was afraid, S. See 

Grot, sb. weeping, S^ MD. See Chreten. 


Grot, sb. atom, MD ; grotes, //., S.— 
AS. grot, particle. 

Grote, sb. groat, C3, PP; grotte, S3.— 
OLG. grote y a coin of Bremen; cp. Du. 
grooty great. Cf. Oret. 

Groten, v. to weep, S, MD ; see Chreten. 

Gronnd, sb. ground, foundation, bottom 
(of water), MD ; gmnd, S ; gronnde, 
PP ; gronde, dat., S2 ; gronndea, //. 
foundations, S2. Phr. : to gronnde com, 
came to the ground, i.e. was ruined, S2. — 
AS. grund. 

Gronndeny v. to found; grownden. 
Prompt.; gronndes, 2pr.s.,S2\ grounded, 
pp., S2. 

Grouey sb. a little wood. Prompt., MD ; 
gravys,//., S3.— AS. grdf. 

GrouelingSy adv. flat on one's face, 
S2 ; see Orofllnges. 

Groyn, sb. the snout of a pig, CM ; 
groyne. Prompt. ; groon, Manip. ; gmne, 
Cath. — OF. groing, groin. 

Groynen, v. to grunt, to murmur, W ; 
groignen, MD. — OF. groigner^ grogner. 

Groynyng, sb. murmuring, discontent,C . 

Grucchen, v. to grudge, grumble, PP, 
S2, C, C2 ; grocching, pr. /., S2 ; groc- 
clied, pt. J., S3 ; gmtoliiden,, W, 
W2. — OF. groucher, groucer, grocer. 

Grucching, sb. grumbling, S; grno- 
cliyng, G ; gmtoliyng, W. 

Girnf, adv. flat on one's face, MD, C, 
C2. Phr. a grnf, MD ; on gronfe, MD ; 
one the groffe, MD. See Orof. 

Gmlde, pt. s., twanged, S ; see Orlllen. 
Gmnd, sb. ground,' bottom of a well, S ; 
see Oronnd. 

Gmndlikey adv. thoroughly, heartily, 
MD, S. See above. 

Gxnnten, v. to grunt, MD ; gryntiden, 

pt. pi., MD. Cp. OHG. grunzen. 

Gxnntyng, sb. grunting, gnashmg, W ; 
grynting, W ; grentsmg, W. 

Gimre, sb. horror, MD. — AS. gryre\ 
OS. gruri. 
Chmre-foly adj. horrible, S. 

Gmselien, v. to munch, S. 

Gmsen, v. to munch, MD; gryxe, 
HD ; gmse, JD. 

GryS, sb. a costly fur, the fur of the grey 
squirrel, C, S2, PP, HD ; grey, C3 ; 
gryce. Prompt. ; greys, PP ; greyoe, 83^ 
—OF. gris, gray. 

Gtl| you, S ; see Sow. 


Guerdon, sb, reward, S3, CM ; gner- 
done, S3, CM. — AF. guerdon : It. guidar- 
done ; Low Lat. widerdonum (Ducange). 

Gnerdonen, v, to reward, CM. — OF. 
guerredoner (Bartsch). 

Gnerdonlesse. adj, without reward, 

Gnerdonyng, sb, reward, CM. 
GukgfO, sb. cuckoo, S3 ; see Cakkow. 
Gulche-CUppef sb. a toss-cup, S. 
Gnlcliexi, v, to gulp, swallow greedily, 

Guide, sh. dat. gold, S ; see Ch>ld. 

Guide, sb. marigold, C ; see Oolde. 

Gulden, adj. golden, S, MD ; gllden, 
82, MD.— AS.^/<i?«. 

Gnlt, sb. guilt, S, 82, C, PP; gylt, 
C; gut, S, PP; gylte, PP; afUte, PP; 
gulteg,//. faults, S,PP; gnltxiB, 82.— AS. 

Galten, v. to sin, S ; gilte, pt. s., S ; 

gulte,//., PP ; 1-gnlt,//., S.— AS. gylian. 

Gulty, adj. guilty, C, PP ; gylty, PP; 
gllty, PP ; gelty, 8.— AS. gyl^ig. 

Gultyf, adj. guilty, G ; gUtyf, G, HD. 
Gnmen, //• men, S ; see Gome. 
Gxunme, sb. gum ; see Oomme. 
Gnnge, adj. young, 8 ; gnngest, superl., 
youngest, S ; gnnkeste, 8 ; see Bong. 
Gnnnen, //.//. began, did; see Oinnen. 
Gar, your, S ; see B©. 



Gnrdel, sb. girdle, 8 ; see Olzdel. 

Gnrden, v. to strike, MD; gurde]), 
imp. pi. f S2 ; see Gixden. - 

GorleS, sb. pi. children (of either sex), 
C,PP; gerleB,PP. Phr.\ knave gerlya, 
boys, HD. Cf. Oyrle. 

ChlVhede, sb. youth, 8 ; see BonUiede. 

Gyde, sb, clothing, S3, MD ; gide, MD, 

Gyde, sb. guide, C3. 

Gyden, v. to guide, C2, C3, Palsg.— 
OF. guider. 

Gyen, v. to guide, direct, PP, Prompt. ; 
gye, 83, C2, C3 ; gle, PP; gy©de, //. j., 
PP, 82. — OF. gutery guider. 

Gylo&e, sb. gillyflower, 82 (s.v. clowe) ; 
see OerrafloTir. 

Gylt, adj. gilt, PP 5 gnlte, PP ; gUte, 
PP, C2. 

Gylt, V. to gild, 83. 

Gymp, adj. slim, delicate, short, scanty, 
S3 ; gimp, JD ; neat, HD ; jimp, HD, 
DG ; gym, trim, spruce, S3 ; glm, DG ; 
jlm, DG ; Jemmy, DG. 

Gyrle, sb. a child, generally a girl, but 
also used of a boy, MD ; gerles,//., MD ; 
glrles, MD. Cf. Ourlea. 

Gyrss, sb. grass; see Oras. 

Gyse, sb. guise, manner, C, PP, Prompt. ; 
glse, C, S3 ; gy88, S3. — AF. guise. See 

Gysse, sb. pi. geese, S3 ; see Ck>8. 


k, pron. he, S, 82. See 

Eabben, Eabe ; see Hanen. 

Haberdasher, sb. a seller of small 
wares, C, SkD (p. 809). 

Eaberdaslirie, sb. haberdashery, SkD. 

Haberionn, sb. habergeon, a piece of 
armour to defend the neck and breast, PP ; 
baburloun, W, W2 ; liawliyrgon, Voc. ; 
]iaburJon,S2; lLabergeoiin,C2 ; liaberlon, 
PP. — OF. kauberjon, from hauberc. See 

Eabilitie, sb. ability, 83. See AblUte. 

Eable, adj. able, 83, MD. See Abll. 

Eaboundanle, adv. abundantly, S3. 
See Kabnndantly. 

Eabounde, v. to abound, NED, S3, 
C2 ; see Kabunde. 

Sabnndance, sb. abundance, C2. 

Habnndant, adj. abundant, C2. 

Eabnndantly, adv. abundantly, C3. 

Eabunde, v. to abound, NED.— OF. 

habonder, abunder; Lat. abundare. 

Sac, conj. but, 8 ; see Ac. 

Haccbe, sb. hatch, PP ; hqicli, hatch of 
a ship, S2. — Cp. Dan. hakke. 

Sad, sb. state, order, rank, person (of 
Christ), S ; //. ranks (ojf angels), S. — ^AS. 
hdd; cp. OHG. A«V. 

SSB- ; see under He-. 
HsBllst, highest ; see Helghest. 
HsBleS, sb. warrior ; see HeletS. 
I, adj. pi. poor, 8. See 
s, sb. lord, 8. See 



EsB^e, cidv. highly, S ; see Helffhe. 
Haf, Eafst, EafS; see Hanen. 
Safed, sd. head, S. See Keued. 
Eafed-men, sd, pi. prelates, S. 
Eage-faderen ; see Keh-foder. 
Eagge, sb. a hag, P ; liegge, MD. 

Eagt, J^.(?),S. 

Eah, adj. high, S ; see Helgli. 

Eail, sb, hail, FP ; heal, S3 ; halUe, 
PP ; liayle, PP.— AS. hagoL 

Eail, adj, hale, whole, sound, S ; linil, 
S ; heU, S. Cf. Kool. 

Eaile, adv. wholly, S3 ; baill, S3. 

Eaileili "O. to greet, Cath.y MD ; bellen, 
MD, S3. 

Eailsen, v. to greet, to say ' hail,' MD, 
Cath., P, S3 ; hajlsen, S3 ; halsen, S2, 
S3. — Icel. heilsa ; cp. AS. hdlsian^ to 
greet, see Sievers, 411. 

Eailsinge, sb. salutation, Cath. ; lukU 
fldnfiT, S2. 

Eailsnxn, adj. wholesome, S3. 

Eakeney, sb. horse, nag, C3, PP; 
equillus, Voc. ; mannus, Voc. — AF. hake- 
nai, hakeney, 

Eakeney-man, sb. one who lets out 

horses, P ; equifenis^ Voc. ; hakneymaii, 

Ealy sh a secret place, MD ; liale, dai.y 

Ealde* pt. s. inclined, S. See Helden. 

Ealely, adv. wholly, S2 ; haly, S2. See 

Ealen, v. to hale, drag, S, S2, S3, 
Prompt.; liaUe, PP. — OS. /ial(ht; cp. 
OFris. halia; from Teutonic comes OF. 

Ealendey sb. the Saviour, S ; see Kel^ 

Ealewen, v. to hallow, consecrate, S2, 
W2, PP ; halwen, S3, S3, PP, C3 ; halsen, 
S ; liaised, //. j., S3 ; y-hal^ed, S3.— AS. 
hdlgian. See Koll. 

Ealewis, sb, pi. saints, W ; lialeolien, 
S ; see Kalwes. 

Ealf, sb. side, S, S3 ; hsslf, S ; lialxie, 
dat.y S ; //., S ; haluea, G. Fhr. : o 
€K>de8S hallfe, on God's behalf, S.— AS. 

EalflingiSy adv. half, S3. 

Ealf^eny, sb. halfpeny, MD; hal- 
peas,//., W. 

Eali, adj. holy, S, S3. See HoU. 

Halidom, sb. a holy thing, holy relics, 


S, P ; halydom, S3 ; hall^domeBB,//., S. — 

AS. hdligdSm. 

Eali-write, sb. holy writ, S. 

Eali^en, v. to hallow, S; see Sale- 

EalkSf sb. comer, recess, S, Prompt., 
MD ; halkes, //., C3 ; halkeB, S3. 

Ealle, sb. hall, Cath., S, C3 ; liallen, 
dat.^ S. — AS. healL 

Ealpv pt' s. ; see Helpen. 

Eals, sb. neck, S, S3, C3, C3. — AS. 
heals ; cp. Icel. hdls. 

Ealsien, v. to embrace, MD ; halaen, 
Cath., Prompt. ; halB, H. — AS. healsian ; 
cp. Icel. hdlsa. 

Ealsien, v. to beseech, conjure, MD ; 
halsen, S3, Cs. 

Eals-man, sb. executioner, HD. 

Ealsyngey sb. embrace, Cath. 

Ealt, adj. lame, MD. 

Ealten, v. to walk as lame, MD ; 
halted, pt. pl.t S3. — AS. healtian. 

Ealuen-del, sb. the half, S, G; lukU 
nendele, PP. 

Ealwes, sb. pi. saints, C3 ; halewis, 
W ; halhea, S ; halechen, S ; hale^en, 
dat., S ; halsen, S3 ; halhen, S ; halege, 
sb.y saint, S ; halgh, S3. See Holi. 

Eal^ed, pt. s. ; see Balewen. 

Earn, them, S, S3 ; see Hem. 

Eaxil, sb. home, S. See Boom. 

Earner I sb. hammer, C, C3. — AS. 

Eamly, adv. familiarly, heartily, H. 
See Komliche. 

EaxnlyneS, sb. intimacy, H. See 

Eand, sb. hand, MD ; hond, S, S3, Cs ; 
hoond, W, W3 ; honde, dat., S, S3, C3; 
hand, //., S ; hend, S, S3 ; hende, S3 ; 
honde, S ; honden, S, S3 ; handes, S ; 
hondea, S, S3, C3, C3, P.— AS. hand 

Eand-fal, sb. sheaf, S, MD. 
Eandidandi, sb. forfeit, P; handle- 
dandle, HD. 

Eandlen, v, to handle, S, C3. 

Eangen, z>. {strong), to hang; {i) tr., 
MD ; heng, pt. s.\ C3 ; hengen, //., S ; 
heenir«&) S3; hongen, pp., MD; (3) 
tntr. henff, //. j., C3, MD ; hyng, S3, 
MD ; hing, MD ; hongr, S3, MD ; hynffe, 
C. — AS. hange^ i pr. s., hing, pt. s., hang- 
en, pp. 


Eangen, v, {weak) to hang; (i> inir., 
MD ; hensren, S, MD; honsren, S, 82,83; 
libnglen, MD ; liinfiren, 82 ; iLinff, MD ; 
liyiisr, 82, S3, H ; lienged,//. s., MD, 8 ; 
honied,//., 83, G ; hangiden, W ; beng- 
^y PP'f S; (2) tr, liongede, //. s.y 82; 
bonglde, W; hanffede, MD; lumsred, 
/^., P; 7-lionged, 82. — AS. hangian. 

Sansellei sb, handsel, earnest-money 
on a purchase, a gift, PF, Cath. ; h a n aal e , 
strenay Prompt. ; liaiuiBel, MD ; hansel, 
P, HD. — Icel. handsale the confirming of a 
bargain by shaking hands. 

Hansellen, v. to handsel, to betroth, 
MD.,Cath,, Palsg.; Wiondsald, //., 8.— 
Icel. handsala. 

Eapy sb. chance, fortune, C2, C3, PP; 
liappe, 82, W; happes, //., P. — Icel. 

Happen, v. to hap, chance, P, 82, C2, 
C3 ; bapte, pt. s., MD. 

Eapidlicliey cuiv. perchance, P ; hap- 
pily, P. 

Happy, adj. lucky, 83. 

Happyn, ^« to wrap up, Prompt., MD ; 
hap, JD; happis, pr. s., 83; happld, 
pt. s.t HD ; happld, pp., H. 

Eappynge, sb. wrapping, H. 

Earborowei v, to harbour ; see Her- 

Earde, adj. hard, severe, disastrous, 
parsimonious, PP, C2 ; hard, 8 ; harde, 
herdnxe, adj. comp., 8; harde, adv., se- 
verely, 8, S2 ; hard, with difficulty. W. 
Comb. : harde cloiSeB, sackcloth, 8. Phr. : 
ofhard, with difficulty, W,W2.~A8. heard. 

Eardeliclie, adv. bravely, 8, 82 ; 
bardely, S3. 

Earden, v, to make hard; 7-harded, 
pp., C2. 

Eardeneiiy v« to harden ; harrdenesst, 
2 pr. s., 8. 

Eardi, adj. hardy, S, W2 ; bold, daring, 
82 ; hardy, C2, PP.-^OF. kardi. 

Eardiliche, adv. boldly, P; hardl- 
Uke, 8 ; hardily, C2 ; hardUoker, comp., 

Sardixnent, sb. boldness, MD ; haxdy- 
ment, 82. 

Eardinesse, sb. boldness, C2 ; hardy- 
nesse, W, PP. 

Earding, sb. a hardening, C2. 

Eares, //. hairs, 8a ; haxlB, S3. See 



Harlot, sb, beggar, vagabondi ribald, 

buffoon, rascal, C, PP; herlot, acrobat, 
H; harlotte, MD ; harlotea, p/., P; 
herlotls, H; ad/, scoundrelly, S3. — OF. 
harlot, herlotj arlot. 

Earlotrie, sb. tale-telling, jesting talk, 
ribaldry, buffoonery, P ; harlatrye, jesting 
=:Lat scurrilitas {jivrpaveXia), W ; harlo- 
tries,^/., C. 

Earm, sb. harm, 8 ; h»nii, 8 ; hearm, 
8 ; harem, 8 ; hSBrme, dat., 8 ; harme, 
8, C2 ; hermes,//., damages, 8 ; harmes, 
PP. — AS. hearm. 

Earmen, v. to harm, 8; hearmelS, /r. 
J., 8 ; hermle, subj., 8. — AS. hearmian. 

Eamo-panne, sb, the cranium, skull, 
Cath.; hampanne, Voc. ; hampane, Voc. ; 
hemepaiine, HD. 

Eames, sb. pi. brains, Voc, Cath., 
HD ; hsBrneB, S ; hemes, 82. — Icel. 
hjami, the brain ; cp. Goth, hwairnei. 

EameyS, sb. armour, C, PP, 83; 
hemeys, C, PP. — OF. hameis, 

Eameysed, pp. equipped, C. 

Haro ! interj. a cry for assistance raised 
in Normandy by any one wronged, HD ; 
harow, PP; harrow, an exclamation of 
distress, C, C3, PP.— AF. harro! OF. 
haro, harol, Cotg., Palsg., p. 501, Bartsch. 
, sb. hinge, C, CM. See Kerre. 
, sb. growling like a dog, 82. 
Earwexif v. to harrow, harry, ravage, 
PP, MD, CM; herwen, MD ; herlen, 
82 ; harowen, PP, MD ; hsor^len, 8 ; her- 
len, MD. — AS. hergian. See Here. 

Eary, v. to drag violently, CM ; harry, 
to drag, to vex, HD ; harled,//., C— OF. 
harier, to harry, hurry, vex (Cotg.). 
, sb. command, 8 ; see Keste. 

, sb. the game of hazard played 
with dice, C3, Voc. — OF. hasard, hasart. 

EasardOTir, sb. a dice-player, C3, 
Voc ; haserder, Voc. — AF. hasardour^ OF. 

Easardrye, sb. gaming, playing at 
hazard, C3. 

, adj. hoarse,* H. See K008. 
, sb. a wicker fish-basket, ND, 


Easpdi sb. a hasp, fastening of a door, 
Manip. ; hespe, Prompt, Cath. — AS. 
hapse (Voc). 

Easpexif v. to hasp, obserare, Manip. ; 
hasped, pp.f Sa ; y-lutsped, P ; l-haspet, 

Easti sb. haste, PP.~Cp. OSwed. hast. 



Hasten, v. to haste ; hastotli, imp. pi., 

Eastif, adj. hasty, C2 ; liastsrfe, S3. — 
OF. hastif, 

Eastiliclie, adv. quickly, S2; haste- 
Uche, S; hastily, C2 ; hastly, S2 ; 
besteOy, S3. 

Eaty adj. hot, S ; hatere, comp.y S. See 

Eate, sh. heat, S ; see Hete. 

Eaten (i), v. to bid, promise, call; 
bete, ipr. s., S2, C3; bote, S2 ; hlcht, 
S2 ; hiffht, S3 ; htkU^ypr. s., bids, S ; bat, 
S ; hot, S ; hoot, S ; hat, pL, S2 ; hsBhte, 
pt. s.y called, S ; hehte, ordered, called, S ; 
hihte, S2 ; hiht, S2 ; hl^t, S2 ; het, or- 
dered, promised, S» S2 ; hsBhten, //., S ; 
hlfifht, 82; hyghte, C2 ; hoteV,, 
promise, S ; heete, pr. s. sudj., C ; gehat- 
en, pp., S ; 1-haten, S ; 1-hate, S ; iJiote, 
S; y-oten, S; hoten, called, S, P; hot- 
ene, promised, S; hote, P; hette, S2; 
hifiTht, S2 ; hyht, S2 ; heoht, S3 ; y-hy^t, 
S2 ; y-hoten, PP ; y-hote, PP ; L-hote, S2. 
— AS. kdtan^ pt. hiht, pp. hdten. 

Eaten (2), v. to be called; hoten, S, 
MD ; hote, C ; hatte, MD ; het, MD 
hifiTht, MD ; hijt, \pr. s., S2 ; hy5t,/r. s. 
S2 ; hat, P ; hattest, 2 pr. s., S ; hatte 
I pr. s., am called, S ; pr. s., S2 ; hatte 
//. J., was called, S, MD; hette, MD 
hete, MD ; hififhte, C2 ; hsBhte, S ; hehte 
S; heoht, S3; hyghte, S2; hiht, S2 
h3^t, S2 ; het, S, S2 ; hat, S2.— AS. hdlan 
pr. and pt. hdUe ; cp. Goth, haitada, 1 am 
called, see Sievers, 367. The forms of AS. 
HdUan (i) are often used by confusion in 
the place of the old passive forms. 

Eatere, sb. clothing, HD, PP, Prompt.; 
hater, PP ; heater, S ; hatren,//., clothes, 
S2. — AS. hcBteru, pi. garments, see Sievers, 

Eaterynge, sb. dress, PP. 

Eathely sb. noble one, S2 ; see Athel. 
Eatien, v. to become hot ; hatte,//. s., 
S ; yhat, pp., S2, — ^AS. hdtian. See Koot. 

Eatien, v. to hate, MD, S, S2 ; hatede, 

//. J., C2. — AS. hatian. 

Eatreden, sb. hatred, MD; hatered^ 
yn, H ; hatredyn, H ; hatrede, dat., S. 

Eatterlichey adv. savagely, S; see 

Eauberk, sb. a coat of ringed mail, S2, 
C, C2.—OY. hauberc; OHG. halsberc, lit 
neck -defence. 


;, sb. hawk, C2, PP, S2 ; haueo, 
S ; havekes,^^., S ;//., S2 ; heauekes, S. 

Eanke, v. to hawk, C2 ; hawkyd,//. s., 

Eavikvnffef sb. hawking, P ; an hank- 
ynfif, on hawking, a-hawking, Ca. 

Eaunt, sb. abode, C2 ; skill from prac- 
tice, C ; use, custom, PP. 

Eannten, v. to frequent, practise, make 
use of, PP, C3, S3, S2, W, H ; hant, S3 ; 
HD. — OF. hanter, to frequent. 

Eauteyn, adj. loud, MD,C3; haTteyn, 
haughty, H; howteyne, H («). — OF. 
hautain, high. 

Eauekes, g^n. of Kank. 

Eauen, v. to have, S ; habben, S, S2 ; 
abbe, S2; haben, S; babe, S; ban, S2, 
C2; bane, C2, PP; haf, S2; ane, 1 pr. 
s., S ; ha, /r. s. subj., S3 ; haArt, 2 pr. s., 
S; bafesst, S; bssftiest, S; banest, S2 ; 
best, S ; baf«,/r. s., S ; hafelS, S ; han^, 
S ; banes, S2 ; bat^, S2 ; he]>, S2 ; bes, 
S3 ; andS, S ; a]?, S2 ; babbet, 2 //., S ; 
babbeU,//., S, S2 ; abbdS, S2 ; bab^, S ; 
babbe^, S2 ; ban, S2, S3; hafd, i //. s., 
S2; baned, S2; banid, S2; bafdes, 2 
//. s,, S ; hafde,//. s., S ; baffde, S ; hefde, 
S ; befede, S ; bedde, S ; henede, S ; hadde, 
S2, C2 ; adde, S, S2 ; bsBfden,//., S ; haf- 
den, S ; bafldenn, S ; befden, S ; hedden, 
S ; hadden, S, C2 ; hadde, S ; hade, S ; 
henede, S2 ; hafd, pp., S2 ; y-hadde, S2 ; 
baliTeinfir, pr. p., S3 ; ban = hae + n», 
have us, S3. — AS. habban, pt. s. hafde, pp. 

Eauene, sb. haven, S, S2, CM ; bannes, 

//., 2. — AS. hafene. 

Eauene, v. to take harbour ; baneny- 

Eauer, sb. oats, P; bayyr, Cath.; ba^, 
Voc. — Cp. Du. haver, G. hafer. 

Eauer-cake, sb. oat-cake, Cath. {fC)\ 
havyre-oake, HD. 

Eauer-grasse. sb. wild oats, Cath. 

(«), HD. 

Eavyngy sb. behaviour, S2; bawyniTy 


EaWy adj. azure, S3, JD ; bawe, grey, 
MD ; baa, MD.— Cp. AS. hSwen, sea-blue. 

Eawbarty sb. halberd, S3.— OF. hale- 

Eawey sb. hedge, enclosure, C3, MD; 
base, MD ; babe, MD ; hajrb, HD.— AS. 

haga, hedge (Voc). 

Eawe, sb. hawthorn-berry, MD, C2, 
PP, Cath.— AS. haga (Voc). 




Eawe-thome, j^« .i hawthorn, PP, 

Prompt. ; ha^J^om, MD. — ONorth. haga- 
\om (Mat. 7. 16). 

Eaye, ^b. a hedge, a kind of springe to 
catch rabbits, S3 ; liay, ND. — OF. haie 
{haye), a hedge. - • 

Eay-waorde, sb. ht^ge-warden, FP; 
halwarde, PF; haarwa)^^) Voc. ; bei- 
ward, S. — From AS. hege,. hedge, and 
weard, •/ 

Ea^heli^y <idv, becomingi'vS; lia^lie- 
like, S. — Icel. hagliga, skilfiuiy, suitably, 
from hagr. 

'Bfii^lk^ adj, skilful, MD ; liawnr, 
MD ; havfjp, MD ; ha^lierrllke, adv., be- 
comingly, jS. See above. 

He,/r^« he, S ; used indefinitely, = one 
of you, P ; ; W, S ; 111, S ; hie, S ; ha, S, 
S2 ; a, S2 I ^e, S2 ; e, S ; has = lie +"3168, 
he them, S ' lies » lie + lies, he her, S. 

; see under 
Heal, sb. hail, S3 ; see Kail. 
Eealdexiy v. to pour, S ; see Kelden. 
Edaleily sb, pL dot, heels, S; see 

Eeaneiiy v, to oppress, afflict, S; 
lieaude, pt. s., S ; heaned, //., afflicted, 
S. — Cp. AS. hynan, to humble, from h^an, 
despised. See Keyne. 

Seas, sb, command ; liease, dat., S. See 

Eeascen, v. to insult, MD ; lieascede, 

pt. J., S. — Cp. AS. hyscan. 

Heater, sb. clothing, S ; see Katere. 

Eeaued, sb. head, S ; see Keued. 

Heaued-sunney sb, capital sin, deadly 
sin, S. 

Hecbt ; see Haten. 

Eecseities, //. a term in logic, S3. 

Eedde, Eedden, had ; see Kaxien. 

Eede, sb. heed, care, Cs, PP. 

Eeden, v. to heed, S ; hedde, pt. s., 
SkD ; hedd, MD.— AS. AJdan: OS. k(fdtan, 
cp. OHG. kuaten (Otfrid). 
; see under Ke-. 
t, adj. high ; see Keiirl^* 

Heed, sb, head, C2, C3, G, W; see 

Eeedlyng, adv, headlong, W. 

Eeele, sb. heel, PP ; hells, //., PP ; 
helen, dat., S ; healen, S. — AS. A^la. 

Eeepy sb, heap, crowd, number, PP, 
W2 ; hep, PP ; hepe, Cath., G, PP.— AS. 
h^ap; cp. OHG. ^w/ (Otfrid). 

, sb, hair, S3, C3 ; heere, W, PP ; 


, adv. here, C2, PP ; her, S, S2, 
C ; h»r, S ; hler, S2 ; hire, G. Comb. : 
her-afterward, hereafter, C3; hex-biuore, 
heretofore, S2 ; herbiforn, C3 ; her-lxine, 
herein, C3 ; her'K>nont, as regards this, S ; 
her-to, hereto, C3; for this cause, W; 
heer-ypon, hereupon, C2. 

Eeete ; see Katen (i). 

Eefden ; see Kauen. 

Eegge, sb, hedge, S, C, W2 ; heggms, 
//., P; hesrgis, W2. — AS. kegge (dat.) in 
Chron. ann. 547. 

Heghy sb. haste, H ; see Hye. 

Heh, adj. high, S, S2, PP; see Kelffh. 

Seli-daiy sb. high day, festival, MD; 
h8B^e-d»ie, dat., S. 

Eehe, adv. highly, S ; see Helghe. 

Eeh-engely sb. archangel, S. — A.S. 

Eeh-fEbder, sb. patriarch, SD; hagre- 
fbderen, //. dot., S. — AS. Mahfader, 

Hehliclly adj. noble, proud, perfect, 
MD ; hely, S3.— AS. kiahlic. 

Eehliclie, adv. highly, splendidly, 
loudly, MD ; helhllche, S2 ; he^lyche ; 
hnhllohe, S; hehllce, S; heglloe, S.— 
AS. fUahlice, 

Selme, adj'. contemptible, S ; see Keyne. 

Eelinesse, sb. highness, MD; hey- 
nesse, S3 ; hesrhnes, S2 ; hl^nesse, W. — 
AS. hiahness, 

Eeli-seotelf sb. high-seat, throne, S; 
hegvettle, dot., S. — AS. hiahsetl. 

i, sb. hay, grass, Voc., W ; see Hey. 
i, adj. high, S, S2 ; see Kelfifh. 

Seien, v. to extol, S ; see Kl^en. 

Heigh, adj. high, chief, principal, noble, 
PP, CM, C2, S2 ; hel3, PP, S2 ; hey5, S3 ; 
helh, S ; heh, S, S2, PP ; hegh, S2, S3 ; 
hey, PP, C2, S, S2; hei, S, S2; hegr, S; 
he^e, S, S2; hlB,W, S; hy^e, S2 ; hihe, 
C; hi, PP; hy, C2 ; h»h, S; hah, S; 
hee, S2. — AS. Mah, hih. 

Heighe, adv, highly, PP ; hel^e, PP, 
S2 ; heye, S, S2, PP ; heh^e, S ; hehe, S ; 
hele, S, S2 ; hye, C2 ; he, S2 ; hnje, S. — 
AS. hiage, hiah. 

Heigher, adj. comp. higher, C, CM; 
heyer, S2, C3 ; hyer, S3; herxe, S, P.— 

AS. hjrra. 

Heighest, adj, superl, highest, PP; 
heghest, S2 ; heh^henrt, S ; heir^st, S ; 
hest, S2 ; hnhst, S.— AS. hihst. 



Eeih, adj. high ; see Helgli. 
Eeind, adj, ; see Kende. 
Heir, sb. heir, S, C2 ; see Sir. 
Eei-uol, adj. haughty, S2. See Helgb. 

Hei-waord, sb. hedge-warden, hayward, 
S ; see Hay-warde. 

Eekele, sb. hatchel, mataxa. Prompt.; 
bechele, hatchel for flax, HD; hekylle, 
mataxa^ Voc, Cath. ; lieoklA, comb, 
Manip. ; helrlrni, heckle, cock's comb, S3 ; 
lieokle, HD.— Cp. Du. hekel^ hatchel. 

Helde, sb. age, S ; see Side. 

Eelde, sb. a slope, S ; lieldes, //., MD. 

Eeldexiy v. to tilt, to incline, S, Sa, W ; 
healden, to pour, S; helde, //. s.^ W; 
lialde, S ; helded, S2 ; heldld, H ; held, 

pp.^ S2. — AS. heldan\ cp. Icel. halla, to 
incline ; £. heel {crver). See Hell. 

Seldyngfe, sb. an inclining aside, H. 

Hele, sb. health, soundness, S, S2, S3, C ; 
liale, S; lieale, S, S3; liel, S2 ; lieleB, 
//., S2.^AS. h<klu. 

Helen, v. to cover, conceal, CM, P, S, S2 ; 
heolen, S ; halen,^., S ; heled, S2 ; hole, 

MD. — AS. helaftf pt. hal, pp. holen ; cp. 
OHG. helan (Otfrid). 

Helen, v. to heal, PP, S2, C2 ; halyd, 

//., H. — AS. halan\ cp. OHG. heikn 

Helende, sb. the Saviour, the Healer, 
S; halende, S ; healent, S.— AS. h<klend\ 
cp. OHG. heilant (Otfrid). 

Heleth., sb. armed man, warrior, MD ; 
hnleiS, MD ; heUtSes, //., S. — AS. hel^ ; 
cp. G. held. 

Helfber, sb. noose, snare, S. — AS. half- 
ire (Voc.) ; see SkD. (s. v. halter), 

Heling, sb. salvation, S2. 

Hell, V. to pour out, H ; hel, i pr. s., 
H ; hell, imp. .r., H ; helles,//., H ; hel- 
laad, pr. p., H ; helt, pt. s., H ; pp., H. 
— Icel. hella, to pour. See Kelden. 

Helle, sb. hell, C2, MD, PP ; ^in/er- 
num, W.— AS. hell: OHG. hella: Goth. 

Helle-fnr, sb. hell-fire, S. — AS. helle-fyr. 

Helle-liO'lind, sb. hell-hound, MD. 

Helle-muS, sb. mouth of hell, S. 

Helme, sb. a helm, covering for the 
head, PP, CM ; helm, MD.— AS. helm ; 
cp. Goth, hilms. 

Helmed, adj. provided with a helm, 
C2, CM. 

Help, sb. help, C2, PP. 


Helpen, v. tcrt^plp, S2 ; halp, pt.s., Ca, 
PP ; halpe, VV% S2 ; //., P; holpyn, P ; 
hiUpen, P; holpen, //., C, C2, PP ; 
holpe, P; hxape, P. — AS. helpan\ pt. 
healp ; pp. holpen ; cp. Goth, hilpan. 

Helplees, adj. helpless, C3 ; helpleiBi, 
PP. / 

Helthe, sbShszSn^^ salvation, S2 ; 
heelthe, W.— yVS. ha>lti. 

Hem, pronipl. dot. and ace. them, S, S2, 
S3, C2, W, p ; horn, S, S2 ; ham, S, S2 ; 
him, C2 ; ^heom, S. — AS. him, heom, 
dat. pi. 

Hem-self, pron. themselves S, C3, PP ; 
hemseluen, PP ; hemsilf, W,YV2 ; hem- 
sUue, pp. ^ 

Hende, adv. at hand, Sa. | 

H^de, adj. near at hand, ^jwdy, cour- 
teous, S, S2, G, P ; helnd, S2 ; jhlnde, S3 ; 
hendest, superl., S; h8Bnde.||t, S. — AS. 


Hendeliche, adv. courteously, S, S2, 
P ; hsendeliohe, S ; hendely, S2 ; hend- 
llohe, S3. 

Hendi, adj. gracious, courteous, S2 ; 
hendy, S2, MD. — AS. hendig (in com- 
pounds) : Goth, handugs, clever. 

Heng, pt. s. hung ; see Kansren. 

Henge, sb. hinge, MD ; hengls, //., 
W2. See Kangien. 

Henne, adv. hence, S, C3, PP ; heonne, 
S ; hennen, S. — AS. heonan. 

Hennes, adv. hence, S, S2, P, W; 
heiuLiui, W ; hoonnes, PP. 

Hennes-forth, adv. henceforth, C2. 

Henten, v. to seize. Prompt., S3, C3, 
P ; hente, pt. j., PP, Sa, Ca, C3, HD ; 
hynt, S3 ; hent, Sa, PP, S3 ; pp., S3, Ca, 
C3 ; 7-hent, C3. — AS. hentan. 

Henter, sb. a thief, HD. 

Heo- ; see under Ke-. 

HeO, pron. she, S, Sa, P ; hi, S ; hye, 
S ; hie, MD ; he, S, Sa, P ; hue, Sa ; ha, S ; 
ho, Sa, S3 ; Beo, S ; ^l^o, S ; Bhe, Sa ; )e, S 
(s. V. ge) ; heo, tuc., her, S. — AS. h6o, 

llAOfJ>ron. he, S ; see He. 

Heom, pran. them, S ; see Hem. 

Heo-Seolf , she herself, S. 

Hep, sb, heap ; see Heep. 

Hepe, sb. hip, the fruit, of the dog-rose, 
SkD, MD; heepe, CM.— AS. heope. 

Hepe-tre, sb. comus, Voc., Cath. 

Heraud, sb. herald, S3, C ; heraudea, 
//., C, PP.— OF. heraud, herault, heralt. 


Eerbdy sb. herb, Voc. ; 6«r1>e, Wa ; 
liairbiB, //., S3 ; lierbea, C2 ; erbei, Sa ; 
eerblB, Wa. — OF. herbe ; Lat. herba. 

Serbere, sb. garden of herbs. S3; 
herber, PP, CM; erber, PP; erberes, 
//., S3. 

Eerberffage, sb. lodging, Sa, Ca, C3. 

— AF. herSergage, from OF. herberge^ en- 
campment (Roland). 

EerbergeOTir, sb. provider of lodging, 
C3. — OF. herbergeur. 

Eerbergeri, sb, lodging, Sa.— OF. 


Eerberwe, sb. lodging, shelter, har- 
bour, place of refuge, camp, S, PP ; her- 
boxewe, W ; berberfifb, C, PP ; herbor^, 
PP ; herbore,W. — Icel. herbergi, lit. army- 
shelter. See Here. 

Eerberwe, v. to harbour, lodge, S3, 
PP ; berborowe, PP ; barborowe, S3 ; 
berborwe, PP; berborwed,//., S; ber- 
borld, W. See above. 

Eerbore-les, adj. homeless, W. 

Eerce, sb. triangular form, S3 ; bene, 
a framework whereon lighted candles were 
placed at funerals, HD ; burden of a song, 
S3.— OF. herce^ a harrow ; Lat. hirpicem. 

Eerd, adj. haired, C. 

Eerde, adj. pi. hard, S ; see Karde. 

Eerde, sb. herd, grex^ PP.— AS. heord. 

Eerde, sb. shepherd, CM; birde, S, 
H ; bird, S3, H ; burde, keeper, guardian, 
S ; birdls,//., W, H.— AS. hierde (Juorde), 
herdsman ; cp. OHG. hirti (Otfrid). 

Eerde-maiL,^^. herdsman, S3; beorde- 
monne, gen. pi., S. 

EerdeSy sb. pi. the refuse of flax, MD ; 
bardM, Voc, Cath. ; beerdis, CM ; byrd- 
ys. Prompt.; beorden, dot., S. — AS. 

Eerdes,//. lands, S ; see Exd. 

Eere, sb. hair, S, CM, S3; ber, Sa; 
beer, S3, C3 ; beere, W, PP ; beare, S3 ; 
bore, MD ; bares, //., Sa ; baris, S3 ; 
beres, Ca ; beerla, W ; beirls, Wa.— AS. 
hikr ; cp. OHG. hdr (Otfrid). 

EerOy sb. hair-cloth, S, Sa ; baire, 
Cath. ; bayre, Voc. ; beare, S ; beire, 
Wa, PP; beyre, C3, P, W; balgre, dot., 
S. — AS. h<kre. 

Eer6, sb. host, army, S, Sa. — AS. here : 
Goth, harjis. 

Eere, pron. of them, their, S, Sa, C, 
PP; ber, S, S3, Ca, C3, PP; beore, S ; 
buere, Sa ; hoze, S ; hor, Sa ; bare, S, 



Sa ; bir, Ca ; bire, S ; bem, beme, gen. 
theirs, W, Wa. — AS. hira {heora). 

EerSi pron. and poss. pron. her, C3, PP ; 
see Klre. 

Eered-men, sb. pi. retainers, S ; see 

Eereily v. to hear, S, Ca ; blren, to 
obey, S, MD ; buren, MD ; bsnren, S ; 
bleren, MD, Sa ; belr, S3 ; beore'S, i pr. 
pi., S ; berde,//. j., S, Sa, Ca ; berd, Sa ; 
burde, Sa ; bard, S3 ; berden, pi., G ; 
bard, //., S3 ; berd, Ca ; y-byerd, Sa ; 
Iburd, Sa. — AS. hiran : OS. hSrian. 

Eere-to^ey sb. leader of an army, MD ; 
beretocbe, S. — AS. heretoga; cp. G. herzog. 

Eere-WOrd, sb. praise, S. 

Eere-WUrSey adj. worthy of praise, S. 

Eerieldy adj. given as a heriot, S3. — 
Low^ Lat. heregeldum, see Ducange (s. v. 
heriotum). See Kerlet. 

Eerieily v. to praise, S, Ca, C3 ; berle, 

W ; berye, S3, Sa ; 1-beret,//., S AS. 

herian : Goth, hazjan. 

Eerieily v. to harry, Sa ; see Harwen. 

Eeriety sb. a heriot, equipment fidling 
to the lord of the manor on decease of a 
tenant, MD. — AS. heregeatu, military equip- 
ment. See Here, Kerleld. 

Eering, sb. herring, MD ; bersriiffe, 
Sa (8 b. 46) ; eXrln^e, Sa (probably an 
error). Cp. AF. harang. 

Eeriynge, sb. praise, W; berylnsre, Sa. 

Eerkeily v. to hark, MD ; berk, Sa. 

Eerknen, v. to hearken, S, Ca ; bero- 
nen, bercni, S. — AS. hearcnian. 

Eerknere, sb. listener, S3. 

Eerlot, sb. acrobat, H ; see Harlot. 

y sb. pi. harms, damages, S ; see 

I, sb, ermine, S ; ermine, S. — 
OF. hermine. 

Eeme, sb. a comer, Sa, C3, P ; blme, 
S, PP, H, S3 ; byrne, H ; bume, S, Sa ; 
bnlmes,//., Sa, PP. — AS. kyme. 

Eeimey sb. heron, Prompt. ; see Heron. 

Eeme-panney sb. scull, HD ; see 


Eemes, sb. pi. brains, Sa ; see Hames. 

EemeySy sb. armour, C ; see Hameys. 

EemeZy sb, pi, eagles, Sa ; see Em. 

Eeroily sb. heron, MD ; belroun, MD ; 
beyrone, MD; beronn, MD; beme» 
Prompt. ; beem, Prompt. ; beryn^ 
Prompt. — OF. hairon : It. aghirone : 
OHG. heigerc 




Eeronsewe, sd, a heron, a young 
heron, C2, Cath. ; lieransew, HD ; liear- 
nesew, HD ; hemsliaw, HD, SkD. — AF. 
herouncel (OF. heronceau). 

Herre, sb, a hinge, Prompt., MD; 
barre, Cath., C ; bar, JD, Voc. ; lierriB, 
//.,W3 ; lierzyB, H. — AS.heorr; cp. Icel. 

Herre, sb. lord, master, MD; Imrre, 
S. — AS. hearra ; cp. OS. hirro, 

Hersey sb, burden of a song, S3 ; see 

Eert, sb. hart, Sa, C, Ca, Wa ; liertoB, 
//., Sa ; hertis, Wa, PP.— AS. heort, heo- 
ret, heorut ; see Brugmann, § 67. 5. 

Eerte, sb. heart, S, PP, Sa, Ca ; halrt, 
S3 ; linrte, Sa ; hnerte, Sa ; Uerte, S ; 
lieorte, S, PP ; bert, Sa ; Hertes. //., S, 
Ca, C3 ; liertlB, P. — ^AS. heorte; cp. Goth. 

Eerte-blood, sb, heart's blood, C3. 
Eerteles, adj, without courage, C; 
liartlesse, S3; liertleB, foolish, Wa. 

Eertely, adj, hearty, MD ; liertly, Ca ; 
joyous, Wa. 

Eertely, adv, heartily, S3, Ca ; berte- 
liche, S. 

Eerteiiy v. to cheer, HD, S3, S ; 
bertld, //., wise, Wa. 

Eerte-Spon, sb. brisket-bone, C. 

EertilL£f9 sb, cheering, S. 

Eemest, sb. harvest, S, Sa, P. — AS. 

Eemest-trees, sb. pi, autunmal trees 
^ar bores autumnaleSy W. 

EeSy he, her ; see He. 

Eesmel, sb, collar (?), S. 

Eesn, sb, command, MD ; liesne, //., 
S. — Formed from AS. h&s. See Heste. 

Eespe, sb, hasp ; see Haspe. 

Eestet sb, command, S, Sa, Ca, C3, 
PP ; lias, S ; lies, S ; liest, S ; bease, 
dat.^ S ; keae, //., S ; bestes, S, Sa, S3, 
Ca ; lieestia, W ; bestene, gen,^ S. — AS. 

Eete, sb, heat, S, C3, PP ; luote, S ; 
heat, S ; hit, S ; hate, dot., S.— AS. hiitu, 

Eete, 'o, to heat, Cath., Sa. — AS. h<ktan, 

Eete, sb. hate, S. — AS. hete : OS. heti, 

Eetely adj. hateful, cruel, horrible, MD. 

Eetelifaste, cidv, cruelly, S. 

Eeten, v. to promise, MD, Sa, C3, H ; 
see Katen. 

Eeter, (idj, rough, MD. 


Eeterly, adv, fiercely, violently, Sa ; 
hetterly, Sa ; heterliche, MD ; hatter- 
Uche, S ; heatterllohe, S. 

Eeth, sb. heath, PP, CM ; heethe, dot., 
C. — AS. hati ; cp. Icel. heiGr, 

Eethen, adj. heathen, S, Sa, C3, PP; 
hathene, S; heaiSene, S; hselSeiie, S. — 
AS. hSden, 

EeSen, adv, hence, S, Sa, S3, H ; e^n, 

S. — Icel. h^dan. 

Eethenesse, sb. heathendom, S, C3, 
PP. — AS. Aadennis, 

Eetlienliclly adv, in heathen manner, 

EeSingf, sb. scoffing, scom, Sa, HD, 
CM ; hetli^gis, //., H. — Icel. hading, 
Eette ; see Haten. 
Eetyng, sb. promising, H. See Heten. 

Eeued, sb. head, S, Sa, PP; heaned, 
S; heauet, S; hafed, S; hssfedd, S; 
hwned, S ; hefed, S ; heeued, Sa ; heuet, 
S ; heed, Ca, C3, G, W^ ; henede, dat.y Sa ; 
hsBfden, //., S ; hexLedes, Ca ; henlddes, 
Sa ; hedes, C3 ; heedea, Ca, G ; heedia, 
W.— AS. hJafod, 

Eeued-cloS, sb, head-cloth, S. 

Eeued-sunne, sb. a capital sin, deadly 
sin, S ; hefed-ffanne, S ; heaued-siiniie, S. 

EeuegfeSy pr, s. bears heavy on, S. — 
AS. hefigian, 

Eeuen, v. to heave, raise, S, Sa, C ; 
houe,//. s., S, MD; houen,//., Sa, MD. 
— AS. kebban, pt. hSf, pp. hafen, 

Eeuene, sb. heaven, PP ; heoxiene, S ; 
heuexL, Ca ; heoflhe8s,^(?»., S ; hewynnia, 
S3 ; heofene, dat.^ S ; heouene, S ; heoflhe, 
S ; hefene, S ; heuene, S, Ca ; hefenen, 
//., S. — AS. keofon, 

Eeuenen, v, to raise, MD, Sa. See 

Eeuene-ricliey sb. kingdom of heaven, 
S, Sa, P ; heouenerlche, S ; heouexiche, 
S ; heuerlche, S ; heofeneriche, S. — AS. 

Eeuen-Mngy sb. King of Heaven, S. 

Eeuenlichey adj, heavenly, S, C; 
heouenlich, S. 

Eenyf adj. heavy, mournful, PP ; moUs- 
tuSfVf; heTiie, S; hefi), S; heny, adv., 
W.— AS. hefig^. 

Eenyed, //. made heavy, W, 
Eeuynessey sb, heaviness, grief, PP, 

IEeWy sb, colour, S, Sa, S3; heoxi, S; 
heu, Sa : huj, Sa ; hn, Sa ; hln, S ; heowe^ 


iat.^ S ; bewe, S2, C2 ; lieweBi//., colours 
for painting, C. — AS. hiw. 

Hewe, sb. servant, P, MD ; "hvwen,, pi., 
P, MD. — AS. hiwatty pi. domestics, from 
hiwy family. See Hyne, Hired. 

Hewed, adj, hued, S3, C ; hwed, S2. 

Eewen, v. to hew, knock, C, PP ; Uewbi 
//. J"., S2. — AS. heawan. 

Hey, adj. high ; see Kelsrh. 

Hey, sb. hay, S2, C2, C3, W; liel, W; 
hal, S2 ; heye, W.— AS. k^g (OET). 

Heyda, interj. ho ! there, SkD ; bolgh- 
dagli, S3. — Cp. G. heida. 

Heyne, odj. as sb. despised, worthless 
person, C5, CM, MD; hehne, adj. dat., 
contemptible, S ; hssne, //., poor, S. — AS. 
hean ; cp. Goth, hauns, 

>, sb. hair-cloth, C3, P, W; see 



Heytlie, sb. height, Prompt.; be^tbe, 
S2 ; heyt, S2 ; hyclit, S3. Phr. : on 
Mffhte, aloud, C— AS. >^/^9i/. SeeKelffh. 

He^e, adj. high ; see Keigli. 

Hi-, prefix ; see under 5«-. 

Hi, prcn. noun and ace. they, S, S2 ; liy, 
S, S2 ; 1, S ; hie, S ; hii, S, S2 ; lUj, P ; 
hei, S ; heo, S, S2 ; ho, S ; he, S, S3 ; ha, 
S ; hue, S2 ; a, S2. — AS. hi {hig\ hie^ hio. 

Hi, pron. he, S ; hie, S ; see He. 

Hid, sb. privity =» absconditum, H (p. 96). 

Hidel, sb. secrecy, secret, MD ; hidlls, 
H, W, HD. Phr.\ In hiddUs = {jn 
occulid), W, W2.— AS. hydels. 

Hiden, v. to hide, PP ; see Knden. 

Hider, adv. hither, S, S2, C2, G, PP ; 
hyder, PP ; hnder, PP ; hidnr, HD.— 
AS. hider, hiSer. 

Hider-tO, adv. hitherto, S. 

Hider-ward» adv» hitherward, S, S2, 


HidouSy adj. hideous, C ; hydiui, S2 ; 
hydows, immanis, Prompt. — OF. hidus 
(F. hideux). 

Hidousnesse, sb. horror, W2. 
Hierte, sb. heart, S ; see Kerte. 
Hight, BUht ; see Haten. 
Hihe ; see Heigh. 

Hi-heren, v. to hear, S.— AS. gi'hiran. 
See ^e. 

Hiht ; see Haten. ^ 
BEihten; seeHi^ten. 
Hil, sb. hill, S ; see Hnl. 
Hilen, v. to cover, protect, S, S2, W, H ; 
hnlen, S, Sa, PP ; hiled, //., C, P, H ; 

hiUd, W, H ; hild, H ; y-hyled, S3.— 
I eel. hylja. 

Hilere, sb. protector, H ; heyler, H. 
Hiling, sb. covering, S2, W, W2 ; hll- 
yngre, H. 

VDOL^pron. dat. s. him, C2. 

im-seluen, pron. himself, C2, PP. 
Hindir, adj. comp. hinder, latter, S3; 
hinder, JD ; ender, S3. Phr. : this hyn- 
dyr nycht, this night last past, S3 ; this 
ender daie, S3. — Icel. hindri, hinder, 

Hiue, pren. ace. him, S ; hyne, S, S2 ; 
hin, S. — AS. hine. 

Hine, sb. servant, MD ; used of the Vir- 
gin Mary, MD ; pi., S, S2 ; hinen, S ; see 

Hine-hede, sb, service, S2. 

Hirde, sb. shepherd, S, H ; see Herde. 
Hirdnesse, sb. flocks under a shepherd's 
care, S. See Kerde. 

Hire, pron. and poss. pron. her, S, S2, 
C ; hnre, PP, S ; here, C3, PP ; hir, C2, 
C3, PP; Ire, S2; hires, hers, S2, C3; 
hire-selue, herself, S2 ; hir-selne, C2. — 
AS. hire {hyre). 

Hire, adv. here, G ; see Heer. 

Hired, sb. body of retainers, S, MD ; 
hird, household, company, courtiers, S, 
MD. — AS. hired, household = ^/w + r^. 
See Hewe. 

Hired-men» retainers, S ; hered- 
men, o. 

, V. to obey, S ; see Heren. 
, sb. comer, S, S3, PP, H ; see 

Hirten, v. to hurt, dash against, W, 
W2 ; see Hnrten. 

Hirtyng, sb. stumbling, W, W2 ; hort- 
ynsre, dat., hurting, H (p. 96). 

His, pron. f. ace. her, MD (p. 446), S ; 
hies, S ; hes, S ; ys, MD ; is, S2 ; hyse, 

His, pron. pi. ace, them, S, S2 ; hise* 
S2 ; hes, S ; is, S, S2 : es, MD ; ys, MD. 

His, pron. poss. his, S, S2 ; hisse, S2 ; es, 
S ; is, S, S2 ; hlse, //., S, W, PP ; hyse, 

Hit, pron. it, S, S2 ; hyt, S2 ; it, S, S2 ; 
hi5t, S2 ; hit (used as^^«.), S2.— AS. hit. 

Hit, sb. heat, S ; see Hete. 

Hitten, v. to hit, Cath., PP, S2 ; hnt- 
ten, MD; hitte,//. s., cast down hastily, 
P ; hntte, PP ; j'Txjt^pp, S2.— Icel. hiita; 
Goth, hifithany to catch. 

I 2 



Hi^, adj. high, W, S ; see Helffli. 

Hi^en, v. to heighten, extol, W ; helen, 
S ; liletli, pr. s., W ; i^heled, pp., S (p. 
123) ; i-bsB^ed, S ; hecrlildf H. 

Hl^en, z'.to hie, hasten, MD, W ; Ivy^en, 
S2 ; Ivyen, S3, PP ; hye, reflex^^ S2, C3 ; 
h^ede, //. J., S, S2, S3, PP ; hijed, //., 
W ; hied, PP. — AS. higan, higian. 

Hi^ingli, adv. hastily, W. 
H!i3t ; see Katen. 

Hi^tei sb. delight, joy, S. — AS. hyht, 
joy ; op. hihtingf joy, exultation (Voc). 

Hi^ten, v. to rejoice, be glad, S. — AS. 
hyhtan ; cp. ge-hihtan (Voc). 

Hi^texii z'. to adorn, Trevisa, (1.41, 235 
and 2. 363) ; lo^TaX^ HD ; liiliteii, //.//., S. 

Hitter, sb. embellisher, Trevisa, (i. 7). 

Hoball, sb. an idiot, S3 ; liobbil, HD. 

— Cp. Du. kobbelen, to toss, stammer, 

Ho-bestez, sb. pi. she-beasts, S2. See 

Hobie, sb. a kind of hawk, Manip. ; 
lioby, Voc, Cath. ; bobby, HD ; bobies, 

//., S3. — Cp. OF. hobreau (Cotg.). 

Hod, sb. hood, S2, S3, PP; bode, C2, 
P ; see Hood. 

Hodd^rpeke, sb. a hood-pick, HD; 
see Hnddy-pekel 

Hokfali adj. anxious, MD; bobfkille, 

S. — AS. hohful, from kogu, care. 

Hoise, V. to hoist, lift up, WW ; boyse, 
S3 ; byce, Palsg. ; byBe,Palsg. ; bolirbced, 
//., AyW. — Cp. ODu. hyssen, G. hissen, 
Du. hijschettf also F. kisser. 

Hok| sb. hook, MD; boo, S2 ; bokes, 
//., P.— AS. h6c. 

Hokedi adj. provided with a hook, P ; 
1-boked, hooked, S. 

Hoker, sb. mockery, scorn, MD; bokere, 
dat.^ S; bokeres,//., S. — AS. hScor. 

Hoker-lallter, sb. the laughter of scorn, 

Hokerliche, adv. scornfully, S. 
Hokernnge, sb. scorn, MD; bokerr- 
iAIpe, dot., S. 

Hokkerye; seeHnkkexye. 

Hold, sb. a stronghold, C3. 

Holdi adj. inclined to any one, gracious, 
friendly, S; bolde, //., S2.— AS. hold: 
Goth, kulps. 

Holdelike, adv. graciously, S2. 
Soldeili V, to hold, observe, keep, con- 
sider, S, S2, PP; bealden, S; balden^ S^ 


52, PP; baolden, S; belde, S; balst, 9 
pr. J., S ; balt./r. j., S, S2, S3, C2 ; ballt, 
S ; banld, //., S3 ; baldes, baldls, imp. 
//., S2; beold,//. J., S ; beeld, C2; bleld, 
S2 ; bnld, S2 ; beoldon, //., S ; beolden, 
S; beolde, S; belde, C2, PP ; blelden, 
S; bnlde, S2 ; 1-baIden, //., S; balden, 
S2 ; 1-bolde, S, S2 ; bolden, S,C2 ; bolde, 
beholden, S2 ; kept, C2 ; y-bolde, S2, C3 ; 
y-bolden, P ; i-bialde, S. — AS. healdan. 

Holei //. covered ; see Helen. 
Hol^i adj. whole, C3 ; //., entire, i.e. 
neatly mended up, P ; see Hool. 

Hole-foted, a^*. whole-footed (i.e. web- 
footed), S2. 

Hole-ly, adv. wholly, P ; belly, S2, C ; 
bollycbe, S3 ; boUicbe, PP ; boUcbe, PP. 

Holi, adj. holy, S, PP ; boly, PP ; ball, 
S, S2 ; beaU, S ; aU, S ; baU^, S ; ball^be, 
S ; baUcbe, adv., S.— AS. hdlig. 

Holi-cherche, sb. Holy Church, P; 
boUUrke, P. | 

Holi-dai, sb. holiday, PP ; baUday, P. 

Holi-gOSt, sb. Holy Ghost, PP ; bali^ 

crast, S. 

Holle, sb. hull of a ship, SKD (p. 811), 
MD, Voc, Prompt.— AS. holh. Cf. Holwe. 

Holly, sb. holly, MD; belie, S; boly. 
Prompt. See Holyn. 

Holpen, //. ; see Helpen. 

HolSTimliche, adv. wholesomely, S. 
See Hool. 

Holt, sb. a wood, wooded hill, grove, 
MD ; bolte, C, PP ; boltes, //., S3, PP.— 
AS. holt (OET.). 

Holwe, adj. hollow, C3, PP ; bowe, //., 

53, JD. — Cp. AS. holh, a hollow. 
Holyn, J/^. holly, S (p. 116), Voc, MD, 

Cath. ; bolin, S (p. 116); bollen, MD.— 

AS. holen, holegn. 

Holyn-bery, sb. holly-berry, Cath. 

Homage, sb. men, retainers, vassalage, 
S. — OF. homage. 

Homicyde, sb. assassin, C2. — AF. 
homicide ; Lat. homicida (Vulg.). 

Homi^de, sb. manslaughter, murder, 
C3. — OF. homicide ; Lat. homicidium 


Homliclie, adj. meek, domesticus, W ; 
bomell, W; bamly, adv. familiarly, 
heartily, H. See Hoom. 

Homlinesse, sb. domesticity, C3 ; 
bamlynes, intimacy, H. 

Homward, adv. homeward, S, Ca. 
Hon-; see also under Kiup, 


Hond, sb. hand, S, S2, C2. See Hand. 

Hond-^EbSt,//- fastened by the hands, G. 

Honest, adj. honourable, worthy, C2, 

C3, PP; onest, W; oneste, W.— OF. 

honeste ; Lat. honestum, 

Sonestetee, sb. honourableness, C2. 

Sonestly, adv. honourably, C3. 

Hong, pt. s. hung ; see Hanipen. 

Hongede, //. s. hung ; see Hanireii (2). 

Honour, sb. honour, MD ; honnr, S2. 
— OF. honur ; Lat. honorem. 

Honoure, v. to honour, PP, C2 ; onnri, 
S ; lionnr, S2 ; annri, S ; QnonxsrnfiTe, 
pr. /., W ; annret, imp. pi., S ; annrede,,^\ anured,^., S; ononrld, W2. — 
Ol* . honorer {onurer) ; Lat. honarare. 

Hony, sb. honey, PP, W. — AS. hunig. 

Hony-SOClOi sb. honeysuckle. Prompt. ; 
locusia, Prompt. 

Hony-SOUlEe, sb. chervil, cerifolium, 
Voc. ; serpillumy pellitory, Voc. ; locusta, 
Voc. ; lionysoiikis, //. { = loaistae), W. — 
AS. hunigstige, privet, also hunisuce (Voc). 

Hood, sb. hood, PP, MD ; hud, MD ; 
hod, S2, S3, PP; bode, C2, MD, P; 
lioode, C2 ; linde, Cath. — AS. hSd, 

Hool, adj. whole, C2, W, PP ; hoi, S, 
S2, PP ; hoole, S2, S3 ; hole, C3 ; hal, S. 
— AS. hdl\ cp. Icel. heill. Cf.'Hall. 

Hoolsnm, adj. wholesome, W ; hol- 
Bome, S3 ; holsnm, S. — Cp. Icel. heilsamr. 

Hoom, sb. home, CM ; hom, S, S2 ; 
om, S ; ham, S ; hom, adv., S2, C2 ; 
hoom, C2 ; haym, S3 ; heame, S3 ; 
whome, S3. — AS. ham, nom. and dat. 
loc, see Sievers, 237. 

Hoor, adj. hoar, gray, C3 ; hor, PP; 
ToLorelpL, S3, G, P. — AS. kdr. 

Hoomesse, sb. hoariness, W2. 

HOOS, ^'- hoarse, PP ; hos, PP; hoose, 
W2 ; hom, PP ; horse, CM ; hase, H. — 
AS. hds ; cp. G. heiser. 

Hoot, adj. hot, C3 ; hat, S ; hate, S ; 
hot, PP; hote, adv., S2 ; hatere, comp., 
S ; hatture, S. — AS. hdt ; cp. G. heiss. 

Hope, sb. hope, MD; holp, S3. — AS. 

Hopen, V. to hope, MD; hope, to 
think, expect, H. q 

Hopper, sb. a seed-basket, HD ; hoper, 
P ; hopyr, corn-basket, Voc. ; hoppyr, 
farricapsa molendini, Cath. 

Hoppesteres,- sb. pi. dancers (viz. the 
ships), MD, C. — AS. hoppestre, 
Hord, sh. hoard, S2, C3 ; horde, S, PP. 



—AS. hord'. Goth, kuzd; cp. Lat. custos, 
see Brugmann, § 469. 

Horde-hows, sb. treasury, HD. 

Hordere, sb. treasurer, iSD. — AS. hor^ 
dere (Voc). 

Horder-wice, sb. the office of trea- 
surer; horderwycan, S. 

Here, sb. whore, PP; hoore, W, W2; 
horls,//., W ; hoorls, W. — Icel. hSra. 

Horedom, sb. whoredom, PP ; hordom, 
S, S2. — Icel. hdrddmr. 

Horeling, sb. fornicator, MD ; hor- 
lincres, S. 

Hori, adj. dirty, MD ; hoory, MD. — 

AS. horig. 

Horlege, sb. time-teller, clock, Cath. 
See Orolofice. 

Horlege-loker, sb. a diviner, haruspex, 

Horowe, adj. foul, unclean, CM. — From \,^ 

AS. horh, filth (gen. horwes). 

Horwed, //• as adj. unclean, S2. 

Hors, sb. horse, S; //., S, C2, PP ; 
horse, PP ; horsns, PP. — AS. hors. 

Horse-COrser, sb. horse-dealer, S3. 

Hor sly, adj. horselike, C2. 

Horte, sb. hurt, S3. See Hurte. 

Horten, v. to hurt, MD ; see Hnrten. 

Hortynge, sb. hurting, H (p. 96) ; sec 
Klrtsmg'. y^ 

Hosel, sb. the Eucharist, MD>; sec 
Knsel. ^ / 

Hoseli, V. to housel, S2 ; seeJEnslen. 

Hosen, sb. pi. stockings, S, C2, G ; 
hoosis, W. — AS. hosan, pi. 

Hoskins, sb. pi. gaiters, S3; hok- 
shynes, S3. 

Hoste, sb. host, entertainer, MD ; see 

Hostel, sb. lodging, MD ; see Ostel. 

Hostellere, sb. inn-keeper, P ; sec 

Hostelrie, sb. inn, C ; see Ostelrle. 

Hostery, sb. inn, MD ; see Ostery. 

Hoten, V. to bid, promise, MD ; see 

Hon, adv. how, S2, PP; hw, S; hwn, 
S ; wn, S, S2 ; hn, S, S2 ; whon, S3 ; 
whon^, S3 ; won^, S3. — AS. hii. Cf. Hwi. 

Honch-senons, sb. pi. hock-sinews, 
S3 ; see Hon^-senne. 

Honge, adj. huge, WW ; see Kng'e. 

Hound, sb. hound, dog, MD. C2 ; hnnd, 
S ; hnnde, dat., S. — AS. hund. 


Honnd-fle^e, sb. dog-fly, cittomia, MD ; 
hnnd^ecrlie, H; himdeflee, Cath. ; 
hnndfle, H.— AS. hundesJUoge (Voc.). 

Eoure, sb. hour, MD ; our, S2, S3 ; 
oware, S3 ; honres, //., hours, devotions 
at certain hours (see Horae in Ducange), 
S3, P; onxes, P; lioiixla, orisons, songs 
of praise, S3 ; vres, S.— AF. houre, OF. 
hore {eure, ure) ; Lat. hora. 

Sons, sb. house, also a term in astro- 
logy, PP, S2, C2 ; Irns, S.— AS. ktls. 

Sousbond, sb. the master of a house, 
husband, C3, C3, G; housebond, PP; 
hosebonde, farmer, PP ; hTLsband, S, S3, 
S3 ; bnsbonde, S ; hTLsebonde, S.— Icel. 

Sousbonderyey sb. economy, P; 
iLOUBbondzy, C ; lioBboimdrle, PP \ huB- 
baxtdry, Sh. 

Hons-coppis, sb. pi. house-tops, W2. 

Honsel, sb. the Eucharist, CM; see 

Honselen, v. to housel, CM; see 

Honse-Wif, sb. house-wife, PP ; bose- 
wyues,//., W. 

Honten, v. to hoot, PP; bowten, 
Prompt.; buten, MD ; y-bowted, //., 
PP.—Cp. OSwed. huta, with which is re- 
lated OF. huter (Jiuer). 

Hon^-sennei sb. hock-sinew, MD; 
boiiob8enoii8,//.,S3.— AS. hoh-sinu; cp. 
Icel. hd-sin. 

Hone, ib. hoof, ungula, MD ; bufe. 
Cath., MD ; bonys, //., MD ; boenes, S3, 

—K^.hSf. ' "*' 

Hone-daunce, sb. a court-dance, HD, 
MD, Caxton (Reynard, p. 54). Cp. ODu. 

Houen, v. to wait about, remain. S, S3, 
S3,P; bufe, S3. 

Howe, sb. high hill, tumulus ; bow, H 
(P- 374\ JD; bowis,//., H.— Icel. haugr. 

Howfe, sb. hood, coif, tena^ Cath. ; 
bowne, P, CM, C3 (p. 178) ; bonne, PP; 
bonnes,//., S3, P.~AS. htife. 

Hozterye, sb. retail-dealing, S3, PP ; 
see Hnkstexle. 

Huche, sb. hutch, clothes-box, a chest, 
the ark of Israel, Prompt., H, MD ; 
bnccbe, P, HD ; bntcbe, Prompt.— OF. 

Hud, sb. hood, MD ; see Hood. 
Huddy-pekOi sb. a hood-pick, one who 
thieves cut of a man's hood, simpleton, S3 ; 


bndpik, S3 (p. 432) ; boddypeke, S3 (p. 

431), HD. 

Hade, sb. hide, S; bide, MD; blden, 

pi.., S3. — ^AS. hyd'. OS. hild\ cp. Lat, 

Hnden, v. to hide, S, PP; blden, S, 
PP; bnyden, PP; byde, C2 ; bnide, S ; 
bnd, imp. J., S; bit, pr. j., C2; bnt, 
MD ; bndde, //. j., PP ; bidde, C2, PP ; 
y-bid, pp., C3 ; 1-bnd, S ; bidd, S ; 
bndde, S. — AS. hydan. 

Hndinge, sb. concealment, S3. 
Hue, sb. a loud cry, SkD, Sh.— AF. hu. 
See Honten. 

Huerte, sb. heart, S2 ; see Kerte. 
Hnfe, sb. hoof, Cath., MD ; see Hone. 

Hnfe, V. to hover about, S3 ; see 

Huge, adj. huge, MD; bo^, MD; 
bnffie, S3; bon^e, WW; boffge, HD, 


Hugely, adv., hugely, greatly, Cath. 
Hnide, v. to hide, S ; see Hnden. 

, sb. pi. comers, S2, PP ; see 

., V. to hawk, to retail, Voc. ; 
bncke, Palsg.— Cp. ODu. huken, to sti)op 
down (Du. heuken, to retail). 

Hnkker, sb. a hawker, retailer of small 
articles, Voc— Cp. Du. heuker. 

Hnkkerye, sb. retail dealing, PP ; 
bokkexye, PP. 

Hlikster, sb. huckster, Voa, MD, Cath.; 
bnUcester, Voc. ; bokester, MD. 

Hnksterie, sb. retail dealing ; bnokns- 
trye, PP ; boarterye, S2, PP. 

Htll, sb. hill, S2, PP, Voc ; bil, S ; 
blue, dat., S ; bnUe, S ; //., S ; bnUes, 
S2, P ; biUes, MD.— AS. hyll. 

Hidden, v. to flay, MD, S2; bild, 
HD; belden, MD; bylt, //., HD.— 
AS. {be)hyldan, to flay, skin; cp. Icel. 

Hole, sb. a hull, husk, covering of grain 
or nuts, PP; bole, Prompt.; boole, 
Prompt., SkD (p. 811). 

Hnlpen ; see Helpen. 

Holy, adj. slow, moderate, JD ; boolie, 
JD.— Icel. hSgligr, adj. 

Holy, adv. slowly, H ; boly, H.— Icel. 


Hlllynes, sb. slowness, H ; bnllness, 

Humble, adj. humble, MD ; bnmyll, 
S3.— OF. humble^ humile; Lat. humilem. 


Hnmblesse, sb. humility, S2, C2, C3. 
Humilitee, sb. humility, C2. 
Hnnd, sb. hound, S ; see Kound. 
Hnnd-fle, sb. dog-fly, H ; see Honnd- 

Hnndred, num. hundred, S, P, Cath. ; 
hundret, S ; liondreV, P ; liondred, S2 ; 
hnxideretli, S2 ; liimdxetli, WW.—Icel. 

Hundred-feald, hundredfold, S. 

Snng^er, sb. hunger, famine, S ; hniigVBr, 
S ; lionirer, S2 ; hniigxe, dat.y S. — AS. 

Hunger-bitten, adj. fi^mished, WW. 

Hnngren, v. to hunger, S ; Imngxede, 
pt. J., was hungry, S. — AS. hyngran. 

Hnngri, adj. hungry, S. — AS. hun- 

Hnnte, sb. hunter, S, C; honte, C. — 

AS. hunta (Voc.). 

Honten, v. to hunt, S, C2. — AS. 


Hnnteresse, sb. huiitress, C. 

HnnteSy sb. a hunting, MD ; liontdV, 
S2, MD.— AS. hunm. 

Hnntinfff'T^.; an hirn tinge, on hunting, 
a-hunting, S, C2 ; on hontyng', C. 

Hnpe, sb. hip, MD ; hepe, MD ; Impes, 
//., CM, MD ; liipes, C ; lUpls, W.— AS. 

Hnppen, v. to leap, dance, jump, MD ; 
linpte, pt. s., S, S2. — Cp. G. hiipfen, 

Hnxde, sb. keeper, S ; see Kerde. 

Hnrde, pt. s. heard, S2 ; see Heren. 

Hnre, adv. at least ; linre and hnre, at 
intervals, S, MD ; linr and hnr, fre- 
quently, S. — AS. hum, at least, Cf. &a 

Hnre, sb. hire, S, S2, G, PP ; hnlre, S, 
S2, P; husrre. P.— AS. hyr. 

Hnren, v. to hire, MD ; liusrre, ger.^ 
G ; liTze, G ; hnrede, //. J., S ; liyred, 



pp., C2\ iLiiyxed, P; lliiixet, 82.— AS. 


Hnrkelen, v. to stoop down, crouch, 
rest, MD; hnrkle, HD; hnrkled, //. s., 


Hnrlen, v. to rush, dash against, hurl, 
S2, C3, W2 ; hnrUe, PP ; hnrlidAn, //. 
//., threw down, W, 

Hume, sb. comer, S, S2 ; see Heme. 

Hnrrok, sb. oar (?), S2, MD. — Cp. 
orruck- holes, oar-drawing holes (?), in the 
Norfolk dialect, cited in MD. 

Hnrte, sb. hurt, colHsio, Cath.; hart, 
PP, C2 ; hortta,//.. S3. 

Hnrten, v. to dash against, push, in- 
jure, MD, Prompt, PP; horten, MD ; 
hirten, W, W2 ; y-hnrt, //., S2, S3.— 
OF. hurter. 

Hnrtlen, v. to dash against, rattle, dash 
down, C, W, W2. 

Hnschen, v. to hush, MD; hussen, 
MD ; linBsht, pp., MD ; hosolit, MD ; 

llTlSt,^^., C. 

Hnsel, sb. the sacrifice of the Eucharist> 
S ; iLousel, CM ; hoMl, MD.— AS. htisel. 

Hnslen, v. to administer the Eucharist, 
MD ; lioseli, S2 ; lioslen, S ; honselen, 
CM ; liwieled, //., houseled, S ; healed, 
S ; 7-lLonSled, S2. 

Hns-lewe, sb, house-shelter, S; see 
Hnyre, sb. ; see Hare. 
Hy^ adj. high ; see Helgli. 

Hye, sb. haste, S2, S3, CM, C3; hie, 
MD ; heye) MD ; hecrli, H. 

Hyen, v. to hasten, S3, PP ; see Hl^en. 

Hyne, sb. domestic, servant, hind, S2, 
P, C3, W; lilne (used of the Virgin 
Mary), MD; hind, Sh.; hlne, //., S, S2 ; 
hlnen, S. — Cp. AS. hina man, a man of 
the domestics. . Hina, also written kiwna, 
gen. pi. of A/z&aif, domestics. See 

I (vowel). 

[For words in which initial I has the sound ofJ^ see under I (consonant) below]. 

I-, prefix ; see Je-. 

ladde, //. s. went, S ; leden, //., S ; see 

I-bede, sb. prayer, S ; Ibeden, //., S. — 
AS. gebed. See Bede. 

I-bere, sb. noise, S. — AS. gebdire, ges- 
ture, cry : OS. gi-bdri. 

I-beten, v. to amend, S. — AS. ge-bitan. 
I-biden, v. to have to do with, S.— AS. 

I-biten, v. to bite, eat, taste, S.~AS« 

I-blissien, v. reflex, to rejoice, S. — ^AS. 




I-bod, sb, command, S. — AS. ge-bod, 
I-bon, PP- prepared, adorned, S. — AS. 
^e-btin, pp. oige-bdan. See Bonn. 

I-borhen, //. saved, S ; iboreje, S ; 
Ibomwen, S ; see Bergen. 

I-bmcen, v, to enjoy, S. — AS. ge- 

I-bmsted, pp. made bristly, S. 

X-bureS, pr. s. (it) behoveth, S. — ^AS. 

X-blire^6]I, V. to deliver, S. — AS. ge 
4- borgian. See Borwen. 

Icb, pron. I, S, S2, S3, C3 ; ioo, S ; Ik, 
P ; hlc, S ; hy, S2 ; Ic, S ; Ui, S : lie, S ; 
y, S, W, W2. Comb. : Icliabbe, I have, 
S2 ; Iduun, I am, S2 ; loliaiie, I have, S2 ; 
icliolle, I will, S2 ; lohcholle, S2 ; Idinlle, 
S2, S; Icliijn, I + him, S; lohot, I wot, 
S2 ; yoliabbo, I have, S2 ; yoliani, I am, 
S2.— AS. ic ; cp. OHG. ih (Otfrid). 

1-ch.aped, pp^ furnished with a chape, 
C. See Cliape. 

I-cnowen, v. to know, S. — AS. ge- 
cndwan. See Znowen. 

I-COren, pp. chosen, S ; see CbMen. 

I-Cimdlir, adj. camp, more natural, S ; 
see 3e-o«i^de. 

I-CWede, //. spoken, S ; see QndSen. 

I-CWemey ctdj, pleasing, S. — AS. ge- 

I-CWemen, v. to please, S; l-qneme, 
S ; l-qnemde, //. j., S. — AS. ge-cwiman. 

Idel, odj. idle, empty, useless, S ; ydel, 
S, C2, P; Idul, W. Phr.\ an ydel, in 
vain, P ; on idel, S. — AS. idel\ cp. 
OHG. ital (Tatian). 

Idellicbe, adv, idly, SD ; ydelly, C3. 
Idelnesse, sb. idleness, S; idelnlsM, 

82. — AS. idelnis. 

Idiote, sb. unlearned person, a man not 
holding public office, TO, PP ; ydlot, W ; 
ideot, Cotg. ; ydlote, PP.— OF. idiot, one 
that hath no charge in a commonwealth, 
an unprofitable person, a ninny, a natural 
fool (Cotg.); tat. idiota (Vulg.) ; Gr. 
Ihdrrr)^, ignorant (NT), lit. one occupied 
with rcL iSia his private affairs, from Ukotf 
one's own. 

I-dreaued, pp. troubled, S ; see Dzony. 

I-feaied, //• hated, SD; i-naid, S; 
■ l-v8Bld, SD. — AS. ge-fioged^ pp. of ge- 
fSogan^ to hate. 

I-fellen, v. to fell, SD ; i-nssijju pr. pi., 
S; jUAA^^pt. J., S; tfnlde, S.— AS. ge- 

X-ferOy sb. a fellow-farer, companion, 
comes, S; ^e-fbxmi, //., S; 1-feren, S; 
1-neren, S; y-fisre, S; i-nere, S.— AS. 

I-feren, adv. together, S; see In, 

I-finden, v. to find, S; i-ninden, S; 
1-nynde, S ; y-^nde, Ca. — AS. ge- 


I-fon, V. to tike; i-no, S; ifQlS,/r.//., 
S. — AS. ge-fSn. See Fon. 
I-fdlde,//. s. felled, S ; see X-fellen. 

ILg^axif prep, and culv, against, again, S2 ; 
see A^ein. 

Igain-sawe, sb. contradiction, Sa. Cf. 

I-gistned, pp. lodged, Sa ; see Oestnen. 

I-^On, V. to go, S. — AS. ge-gdn. 

I-grSBtten, //. //. saluted, S ; iffret, 
PP"i S (7. 105). — AS. gegritton, pt. pi. of 
gritan. See Oxeten. 

X-grede, sb. shouting, clamour, S. See 

I-bealden, v. to hold, keep, S ; lliolde, 
S. — AS. ge-healdan. See Kolden. 

I-hende, adv. near, S. — AS. ge-kende ; 
see Kende. 

I-beorted, adj.'mphr.; hale iheortad, 
proud-hearted, S. 

I-beren, v. to hear, S ; Uinxe, S, Sa ; 
hl-heren, S ; ylisrxen, Sa ; Uuerde,//. s., 
S ; iliorde, S. — l^. ge hiran. 

1-h.oldy sb. fortress, hold, S. — AS. ge- 
keald. See Hold. 

1-h.olde ; see X-healden. 

I-budeket, //. hooded, S. See Hood. 

I-llIire ; see X-heren. 

I-bwilleiXv V. to be at leisure, S. See 

Ik, pron. I, P. See Xcli. 
I-latety adj. visaged, S. See Ibate. 
-ild, suffix. As in beirgild, MD ; oheap- 
Ud, S ; fostrUd, MD. 

He, sb. isle, S, Sa, C3 ; yle, Ca, PP, S3. 
— OF. He, isle ; Lat. insula, 

I-leaded, //. fitted with lead, S. 

I-leaue, sb. leave, Sa. — AS. ge-liaf. 

I-ledene, sb. pi. of one's people, com- 
patriots, S. — AS. ge-liod. See Keode. 

I-leoten, v. to fall to oneV lot, SD ; 
lloten,//., befallen, S. — AS. ge-hliotan, to 
share, get ; pp. ge-hloten. See &ot. 

Iles-mles, hedgehogs, S ; ilq^ilefi, 
S (»). Troperly * the quills of the hedge- 




hog'; AS. //, igel hedgehog (OET) +///, a 
dart (Grein) ; Lat. pilum. 

X-letCy sb, face, demeanour, S. Cp. ODu. 
ge-ldt. See Keten. 

X-letlieredy adj. made of leather, S. 

I-lene, sb. belief; l-lssfe, SD ; 1-leave, 
SD; l-leuen, //., S. — AS. ge-Uafa\ cp. 
OHG. giloubo (Otfrid). 

I-lenen, v. to believe, S, S2 ; lief, imp. 
s.f S. — AS. ge-Ufan, ge-Uefdn : Goth, ga- 
laubjan ; cp. OHG. gi-louben (Otfrid). Cf. 

nich, adj. like, S ; lllclie, S ; ylyolie, 
82 ; yUke, S3 ; 111k, S ; illkest, superl.y 
S. ^-AS. ge-Uc. 

niche, adv. alike, S ; llyolie, S ; yliclie, 
C2 ; ylyke, C2 ; ellolie, S3 ; elyk, S3 ; 
Bellce, S.— AS. ge-/ice. Cf. AUche. 

Iliche, sb. an equal, likeness, S ; Hike, S. 

like, adj. the same, S, G, C3, S2, S3, 
02, H ; Ilk, H ; lice, S; nlke, S; yohe, 
S2. — AS. ilea {ylca) = i-lic; with i- cp. 
Goth, ei, Lat. i- in i-dem^ see Grimm, 
German Grammar, 3. 50, Fick, 3. 728. 

nie, adj., sb. bad, ill, S ; ylle, S2 ; pe 
ille, the evil one, i. e. the devil, S. Comb.'. 
U tomed, perverse, S2. — Icel. illr ijllr). 

nie, adv. badly, S, HD. 

nie, V. to make wicked; lllld, //. //., 
H. — Icel. illa^ to harm. 

ninster, adj. illustrious, JD; lllnstare, 

S3. — OF. illustre; Lat. illustrem. 

I-loMen, V, to observe, S ; Uoken, S. — 
AS. ge-l6cian. 

I-loxue, adv. frequently, S, S2 ; ylome, 
S2. — AS. ge-l6me. Cf. Aome. 

I-loX^^^^^rTThappened, S ; see ^ellmpen. 

I-long, adv. S, NED (p. 250) ; loncre, 
S2. Phr. : al Uonfir of, entirely belonging 
to, dependent on, owing to, S; loner on, 
C3, S2 ; iOl lonfif of, long of, Sh.— AS. 
gelang, belonging, depending, gelang on, 
gelang at, because of, owing to. Cf. 
A-lonfir. (A- 6.) 

X-loten, pp' befallen, S. — x\S. ge-hloten, 
pp. oi ge-hliotan, to share. See I-leoten. 

I-XUelen, v. to speak, S. — AS. ge-m<hlan. 

I-membred, pp- parti-coloured, S.^ — 
Cp. OF. membre (Cotg.), and see Ducange 
(s.v. membrare). See Membre. 

I-mene, adj. common, S. — AS. ge-m&ne. 

I-mid, in the midst, S2 ; l^mlddes, S. 

I-mong^, prep, among, S, SD ; Imangre, 
S2. — AS. ge-mang ; see NED (s. v. amongX 

Zmpayable, adj. implacable, H. (In- 3.) 

Impnev ^^' h3rmn, Prompt. ; Imne, 
Prompt. ; ympne, W, CM ; ympnes, //., 
W2 ; ympnys, HD. — OF. ymne (Ps. 64. 
i) ; Lat. hymnus (Vulg.) ; Gr. u/tvos. 

Importable, a^'. intolerable, C2. — Lat. 
importabilis. (In- 3.) 

In-, prefix (i), representing the Eng. 
prep. in. See In. 

In-, prefix (2), standing for the Latin 
prefix in-, which is the prep, in in com- 

In-, prejix (3), the negative Latin prefix 
in-, equivalent to Eng. ««-. See Vn-. 

In, sb. dwelling, lodging, abode, S, S3, 
C2, C3 ; hln, S ; ynne, S3 ; Inne, dat., S. 
— AS. inn. 

In, prep, in, into, on, S, S2, PP ; hln, 
S ; I, S, SD. Comb. : In-fere, together, 
MD (p. 104), C3, S2. S3 ; yfere,JS2, S3, C2 ; 
In feere, G ; Inere, S ; Iferen, S ; l-whUs, 
while, H ; jrwlills, H ; ewlills, H ; In- 
llke, in like manner, H; In-licli, inly, 
SD ; 1-mld, in the midst, S2 ; Imlddes, S ; 
ymydls, H ; In-monirez, among, S2 ; 1- 
twlx, betwixt, meanwhile, H ; in-wltb., 
within, S, C2, B. 

Inche, sb. inch. Prompt., Cath.; enolies, 
//., S3. — AS. ynce (SkD); Lat. uncia, 
ounce, inch. Cf. Ounce. 

Incontinent, adj. incontinent; adv. 
immediately, S3, Sh. (In- 3.) 

Influence, sb. influence of the planets, 
SkD.— OF. influence (Cotg.); Late Lat. 
influentia. (In- 2.) 

Influent, adj. possessing influence (as- 
trology), S3. — Lat. influentem, pr, p. of 
influere, to flow into. (In- 2.) 

Inforce, v. reflex, to strive, S3. (In- 2 ) 

Infortnnat, adj. unlucky, S2, C3. 

(In- 3.) 

Infortune, sb. misfortune, C2. (In- 3.) 

Ingot, sb. mould for pouring metals 
into, C3, SkD. (In- i.) 

In-hinen, sb. pi. indoor-members of a 
household, S. See Klne. 

In-like, in like manner, H. 

Inne, prep,., adv. into, in, S, S2, PP, C2 ; 
Ine, S, S2 ; ynne, S2 ; Inre, adj. comp., 
inner, S; Inerere, //., H; Innresst, 
superl.y S ; Innemest, SkD ; jmneste, W2. 
— AS. inne, comp. innera, superl. innemest, 
see Sievers, 314. 

Inne, dat. of in, sb. 

Innen, prep, within, into, SD, S. — AS. 




Innen, v. to lodge, C ; ynnaii, C. — AS. 

InnoS, sb. womb, S. — AS. inntHS, 
Inobedience, sb, disobedience, S, W. 

— Late Lat. inobedientta (Vulg.). (In- 3.) 

Inobedienty adj, disobedient, S3. — 
Late Lat. inobedtentem (Vulg.). (In- 3.) 

Inoh., enough, S ; innoli, S ; inow, S ; 
inouh, S ; inoa, S2 ; ino^e, S ; InoBli, S ; 
Inouffh. C ; innoirhe, S2 ; inouwe, //., 
S2 ; see Ynow. 

Inpassyble, adj\ incapable of suffering, 
H. Cltt-3.) 

Inpossible, adj. impossible, Sa, PP. — 
Late Lat. impossibilis {in-). (Jjl- 3.) 

In-ras, sb. inroad, H. (In- i.) 

Innnctment, sb. ointment, S3.— From 
Lat. inunctuSf pp. of in-ungere, to anoint. 
(In- 2.) 

In-with., within, S, C2, B. 

In-wyt, sb. conscience, consciousness, 
82; inwit, PP; ynwltt, PP.— AS. inwit, 
craft. (In- i.) 

I-ome, //. run, S ; see Rennen. 

Ipotaynes, sb. pi. hippopotamuses, S2. 

I-quemei v, to please, S; see X- 

Irchon, sb. hedghog, S2; nrclion. 
Prompt. ; urclione, Palsg. ; urdiixi, Sh. ; 
vrcliims, //., H; Irolioims, W2. — OF. 
ireforif erefon ; Late Lat. ^ericionem, from 
Lat. eHciuSy from her ; cp. Gr. x4/>, hedg- 
hog, see SkD {^.y. formidable). 

Iren, sb. iron, S, Cath. ; T^en, C3, PP ; 
Inm, Wa ; yrnn, W, W2 ; yre, S2 ; 
Trens, //., P ; ymes, P.— OMerc. iren 
(OET): WS. {sern\ OHG. isarn\ cp. 
Olr. iarn : Gaulish isarnos. 

Iren, adj. iron, ferreus, SD, Cath.; 
ixnene, //., S. — OMerc. iren : WS. isern, 
see OET. 

I-reste, sb. rest, S. — AS. ge-rest, 

Irisse, adj. Irish, S ; Yrisse, S ; Zrisli, 
S ; Zrsclie, S3. — AS. irisc. 

Is, pr. s. is, S ; his, S, Sa ; es, S, S2, 
H ; esse, S2. — AS. is. 

Ische, V. to issue, cause to issue, JD ; 
iaoli, B ; iBchit,^. j., S3, B.— OF. issir ; 
Lat. ex-ire. 

I-Secgaa, v. to confess ; IsaoglS, pr. s. , 

S. — AS. ge-secgan, 

I-sechen, v. to seek ; Iso^te, //. //., S. 
— AS. ge-secan. 

I-selSe, sb. happiness, S. — AS. ge-sSlS. 
See SeXSe. 

I-sene, adj. evident, seen, S; y-sane, 
S3, C. — AS. gesyne. Cf. SeiM. 

I-seoUf V. to see, S ; i-aeo, Sa ; l-aieii, 
S ; 7-S6, S2 ; i-si, S ; y-il, S2 ; 1-se, Sa ; 
7-sy, Sa ; l-aeonne, ger.y S ; 1-seo, i pr, 
J., S ; l-MdS, pr. x., S ; i-sa^, S ; l-ailiSB, 
S ; 1-BlS, S ; 1-sist, a pr. s., S ; l^sali, pt. 
S.J S; l-seh, S; l-seili, S; i-seyh, S; 
Uuej, Sa ; l-seB, S ; l-s«i, Sa ; j^mtsj, Sa ; 
1-se), I //. s.y Sa ; i^sa^e ]>e, 2 //. s., S2 ; 
l-seiexi,//., S; i^seyen, S; 1-seBe, S, S2 ; 
1-saye, S2 ; y-se^en, S2 ; l-selien, //., 
S ; i-selen, S ; y-saye, Sa ; y-so^e, ISa ; 
y-so3e, Sa. — AS. ge-sion. 

I-set,^. said, S (3a. 93) ; see Seff^n. 

I-sihSe, sb. sight, S ; ^eBetiSe^ S. — AS. 

Isle, sb. glowing ashes, favilla, HD 
isyl. Prompt. ; iselle, Cath. ; easle, HD 
ysels, //., HD ; nseles, Trevisa, 4. 431 
uaeUez, S2 ; isalen, dat.^ SD, Cath. {n). — 
Icel. usli ; cp. MHG. iisele (G. iissel). The 
same stem us- is found in Lat. us-erc 
{urere), to bum. 

I-SOme, adj, agreed, peaceable, S. — AS. 

I-SO^te, pt. s.f sought ; see X-seohen. 

Istnrbed, pp. disturbed, S. — OF. «- 
torber ; Lat. ex- + iurbare. 

I-Swink, sb. toil, S. — AS. ge-swinc, 

I-baxik, sb. thought, intention, S. 

I-penchen, v. to think, S ; i-]K>lLte]i, 
pt. pi., S. — AS. ge-pencan. 

I-be^y pt. s. thrived, S2 ; see Tlieen. 

I-polien, V. to endure, S. — AS. ge- 

l-]>0]icked, adj. minded, S. 

I-tiden, v. to betide, S; Itit, pr. J., S ; 
Ityt, S. — AS. ge-tidan. 

I-tiniien, v. to happen, S. — AS. ge* 
timian ; cp. Icel. tima. 

Z-twiz, meanwhile, H. 

I-uaidy //• hated, S ; see X-fsBled. 

I-ueied, //. joined, S ; see Fe^en. 

I-ueiJied, pp. treated with enmity, S. 
See Fede. 

luel, adj. evil, S, W2, S2. See Vael. 

I-nelen, v. to feel, S.~AS. ge-filan. 

luen, sb. ivy, Cath. ; yven, Cath. («) ; 
ivin, HD, EDS (C. vi).— AS. ifegn (Voc). 

I-uere, sb. companion, S ; see Z-fiBre. 

Ini, sb. ivy, S; Ive, S3.— AS. ifig, 
I I-UO, V. to take, S ; see X-fon. 
1 I-ureden, v. to hurt, injure, S. — ME. 


i-ureden =* i-wreden = i-werdtn ; AS. ge- 
werdan, ge-wyrdan (BT). See Werd. 

I-war, adj. aware, wary, S, PP ; ywar, 
PP. — AS. ge-war. See War. 

X-whilCy adj. every, S. — AS. ge-hwilc, 

I-whilSy adv. while, H. 

X-wili sb. will, S. — AS. ge-will. 

I-wis, adv. truly, certainly, S, PP, S2 ; 
Iwiss, S ; Iwys, G; ywis, S, S2, C3 ; 
ywyii, S2, PP ; ywlsse, PP ; Iwlsse, S3. 
Comb. : wel ywlsse, S ; mid Iwisse, S. — 

AS. ge-wisSf certain, formed from Tvisse, pt. 
of witan, see Sievers, 232 d. 



I-witeily V. to know, S, S2 ; i-wyten, 
S ; y-witen, S2 ; 1-wiste, pt. s., S. — AS. 

I-witen, V. to protect, S. See Witen. 

I-WOned, pp. accustomed, S, S2 ; 7- 
woned, S2 ; l-wnned, S ; wo]i9d, S, S3 ; 
wont, S3 ; wnnt, S2 ; woonted, S3. — AS. 

ge-wunodf pp. of ge-wunian, to dwell, to 
be accustomed. See Wonen. 

I-wnne, sb. custom, S. — AS. ge-wuna, 
Cf. Wone. 

I-WILrS6]I, V. to become, to happen, S ; 
l-woxISe, S ; y-woit$e, P, S2 ; 1-woxVe, 
pp.f S. — AS. ge-weorOan. 

I (consonant). 
[For words in which initial I is a vowely see under I (vowel) <xbove\. 

lacyxxtev sb. jacinth, SkD; laoynot, 
SkD ; Jadnt, Cotg. ; iaoinotns, W (Rev. 
21. 20) ; Jaffounoe, HD ; iacynctis, pi., 
W2 (=Heb. tarshish). — OF. yaa«M^ 
(Cotg.); Lat. hyacinihus (Vulg.); Gr. 
voKivBoi (NT) ; cp. OF. jagonce. 

Xa^fffe, V. to jag, notch, Prompt., Palsg. ; 
Jag, HD ; Jaffffede, //. j., HD ; Jaggde, 
PP'pl', S3 ; Jaffffede, HD. 

lagfg^e, sb. a jag of cloth, Prompt. 

lalons, adj. jealous, C2, C3. — OF. 
jalous ; Late Lat. zelosum, from Lat. zelus ; 
Gr. f^Xos, zeal. 

lalousye, sb. jealousy, PP, C2, C3; 
ielesye, V^ .— OY . jalousie. 

lambeiUC, armour for the legs, 
C3, HD ; giambenz, ND.— Cp. OF. >»*- 
biere, armour for a leg (Cotg.), from jambe, 
leg : It. gamba (Florio). 

lane, sb. a small coin of Genoa, ND, 
C2, HD. — See Ducange {^.y.januint). 

langle, v, to jangle, chatter, murmur, 
argue, quarrel, S2, PP, Sh, S3, C2, C3 ; 
gangle, SkD; lancrland, pr.p.^ S2, H. — 
OY.jangler, to jest, mock (Bartsch). 

langlere, sb, brawler, wrangler, W2 ; 
prater, chatterer, H ; langisler, story-teller, 
S2, PP ; langelere. Prompt. 

lape, J^. joke, jest, mockery, PP, S3, C2, 
C3, Prompt. ; iapes,//., S2. 

lapen, v. to jest, mock, play tricks, act 
the buffoon, PP, C2, C3 ; lapede, pt. j., S2. 
— OF. japper^ to yapp (of dogs), Cotg. 

Taper, sb. jester, buffoon, PP, Prompt. ; 
lapers,//., S2. 

lai^Olin, sb. jargon, S2 ; Jergon, SkD. 

— 0¥ . jargon. 

XannySy sb. the yellow disease, jaundice, 
S2, SkD, HD ; lawnes, Cath., HD, Voc. ; 
Janndys, Cath. (») ; Jandls, Voc— OF. 
jaunissey from jaune, gaum, yellow ; Lat. 
galbinum, from galbus. 

leannt, sb. giant, PP, S2 ; see Oeannt. 

lelesye, sb. jealousy, PP ; see lalosye. 

lelofer, sb. gillyflower, S3 ; see Oerra- 

lemiSy sb. pi. gems, S3 ; see Oenune. 

lenxiet, sb. a small Spanish horse, S3 ; 
see Oenette. 

lent-man, sb. gentleman, S3. See 

leoperdie, sb, jeopardy, S3 ; see 

lerkin, sb. jerkin, jacket, S3. — Cp. Du. 
jurk^ a frock. 

lesserannt, sb. a coat or cuirass of fine 
mail, HD ; cresserant, S3 ; cresseron, S3. 
— OF. jazerant (Ducange), jauran, iase- 
ran (Cotg.), jazerenc (Roland) ; cp. It. 
ghiazzerino (Florio). 

lette, sb. jet, SkD ; Jet, SkD ; geet, C ; 
geete. Prompt. ; gett. Prompt. — OF. jet^ 
jaet ; Lat. gagatem. See Oagtbtes. 

Iett6f sb. fashion, custom, PP, Palsg. ; 
gette, Palsg. ; Intte, rude slight, S3 ; Jet, 



a device, HD ; ^et, Prompt., SkD (Jet), 
C, C3. 

letten, v. to throw out, to fling about 
the body, to strut about, SkD, Prompt., 
Palsg. ; cretten, Prompt.; lettln jf, /r. /., 
S3.— OF. j'etter {getter)^ jecter {gecter)\ 
Lat. iactare, freq. of iac^re^ to throw. 

lewe, sb. Jew, PP; lewes, //., PP; 
Oeiis, S ; CHus, S ; Oyns, S.— AF. Geu, 
OY./tieu.Judeu; Lat. ludcsum. 

Xewise, sb. \ see Xnwise. 

logelen, v. to juggle, play false, PP, 
Prompt. ; iuglen, S3, SkD. 

logelonr, sb. buffoon, juggler, CM, C2, 
PP; losrnlonre. Prompt., logiUor, de- 
ceiver, H ; lufirnler, Cath. ; lufflur, S.— 
KY.jugle'6r\ Lat. ioculatorem. 

loie, sb. joy, S, C2 ; Joye, S, S2, C2, PP. 
— AF. jote, OF. goie\ Lat. gaudia, pi. of 
gaudium^ rejoicing. 

loien, V. to rejoice, W2, PP. 

loist, V. to put out cattle to graze at a 
fixed rate, to agist cattle, HD, EDS (C. vi) ; 
Jyst, EDS (C. xxvi) ; loyst,//., lodged (of 
cattle), ^2.~-OY. gister, to lodge, from^j/<r, 
a place to lie in, a pp. form of gesir ; Lat 
iacere, to lie ; see NED (s. v. agist). 

lolif, adj. gay, merry. C, H, PP ; lolef, 
S2 ; loll, W2, PP; joly, C2.-AF. jolyf, 

lolifbe, sb. amusement, enjoyment, jovi- 
ality, H ; loUtee, C2, Cz.—O¥.jolivete. 
lolily, adv. merrily, G. 
lolynesse, sb. festivity, C, C2. 

lome, sb. journey, S2 ; Jomay, S2 ; see 

lonisaunce, sb. enjoyment, S3.— OF. 
jouissance (Cotg.), from OY.jairx Prov. 
gaudtr\ \jaX. gaudere. 

lonrne, sb. a day's work or travel, PP ; 
lomay, S2 ; Jurnele, SkD ; lonmey, S3, 
C2 ; lomeB, // , S2 ; loumes, H (Ps. 22. 
9).— OF. jomee^ journie, a day, a day's 
journey, a fixed day (cp. KY.jomeie, day 
on which a court is held) ; Low LaX.jomata, 
*diumata, from Lat. diurnus. 

lousten, V. to approach, encounter, to 
joust, tilt, PP, CM; lusten, C3.— OF. 
jouster (Joster),juster ; Late l^i.juxtare, 
to approach, from Lat. iuxia. 

lOUSter, sb. champion, PP. 


loustes, tournaments, CM. — ^AF. 

louteSy sb. pi. a food made from herbs, 
broth, P, HD, Prompt. («) ; lowtes, lap- 
pates, Cath., Prompt. \n)\ lowtys, potage. 
Prompt. ; Jiites,Voc. ; eowtns. Prompt. («). 
—OF. ioute, 'olera' (Ps. 36. 2); Low Lat. 
jutd, *awilled meolc* (Voc); jutta (Du- 
cange); prob. of Celtic origin, cp. Breton 
tot, porridge, Wei. uwd, Olr. ith, see 
Rhys, Lectures on Welsh Philology, p. 7. 

loynen, v. to join, PP, C3 ; Joyneatuit, 
pr.p., joining, S3.— OF. joindre (pr. p. joig- 
nant) ; Lat. iungere. 

loynturis, joinings, W; loyn- 
tonrs, W. — OF. jointure-, Lat. iunctura 


Inge, sb. judge, S2,Voc., C2, C3 ; Juyge, 
C ; Jufifffes,//., P; Jufifes, S3.— AF. /W; 
L-at. tudtcem. 

Ingement, sb. judgment, S2, C2, C3 ; 
Jafirfirement, C. — A.¥.jugement. 

Ingen, v. to judge, decide, PP ; lnfirire» 
PP, CM.— OF.>^^r; Lat. iudicare. 

lugge-maa, sb. judge. G. 

Inglen, v. to juggle, S3 ; see Xoirelen. 

lagaler, sb, buffoon, Cath.; see Xoire- 

lugnlynge, sb. juggling, S3. 

Inmpred, sb. mourning, S2. — AS. gio- 
mer + redden. See Bemer. 

Innglenges,, disciples, S; see 

lupartie, sb. jeopardy, CM, C3 ; Xeo- 
perctle, S3; jeobertle, HD.— OF. jet^ 
parti, a divided game, a poetical discussion 
(Bartsch) ; Late Lat. jocus partitus (Du- 

Ins, sb. juice, S2, HD.— OF. y«j; Lat. 

ius, broth. 

Insten, v. to joust, C3 ; see Xoiurten. 
Instlen, v. to jostle, push, S3. 
Intes, broth ; see lontes. 

Ill1rt6| sb. a piece of scornful behaviour, 
S3 ; see lette. 

Zuuente, sb. youth, S2, PP.— OF. jo- 

vente (Bartsch) ; Lat. iuventa. 

Inwise, sb. judgment, PP ; Inwyse, 
CM, C ; lewlse, HD ; lewis, PP ; Inyse, 
C3 ; Inlse, HD.— AF. juise ; Lat. iudi- 





K- ; see also under C-. 

Eaclierelf sb, baillfT, S2 ; see Caclierel. 
f, //. s. cut, carved, S ; see Zemen. 
L, v.-Xo go, P ; see Xayren. 
•, sb. Caesar, emperor; cayser, 
MD ; caysere, MD ; oalsere, MD ; kay- 
■•re, S ; kayser, S2 ; kelser, S ; keysar, 
S3. — Cp. Goth. kaisar\ Lat. Caesar. 

Kale, sb. cabbage, cale, H ; see Cole. 

Earf y pt. s. cut, S ; see Kemen. 

Eateyly sb. property, S2 ; see Catel. 

Eayren, v. to go, move oneself, S3, MD ; 
kairen, P; calx, to drive backward and 
forwards, JD. — Icel. keyra, to impel, drive. 

Eechyn, sb. kitchen, S2 ; see Knoliene. 

Eeddey/^.<f. made known, S; seeKytlien. 

Eele, V. tocool,W, S2, H, PP.— AS. c^lan. 

Eeling^y sb. a large kind of cod, MD, 
HD, S2 (^s.v. lobbe) ; kelyngre, MD ; keel- 
ing*, JD. — Cp. Icel. keila^ 'gadus.* 

Eemben, v. to comb, S, C2, PP; kenu 
yn. Prompt. ; kempt, //., MD. — AS. 
cemban. See Combe. 

Eemelyn, sb. tub, CM. 

Eempe, sb. warrior, S, MD, Catb. — AS. 
cempay Icel. kempa : OHG. chemphio, also 
kempho (Tatian) ; Late Lat. campiOy from 
Lat. campus. See Camp. 

Eempe, adj. shaggy, rough, C, CM; 
campe, C (p. 155), EETS (i). 

Eempster, sb. f. flax-comber, Palsg. ; 
kenufter, Voc. See Kemben. 

Eexii sb. pi. cows, S2 ; see Cow. 

Eende, adj. natural, kind, S2 ; see 

Eendey sb. race, kind, S2 ; see Zynde. 

Eendeliche, cidv. naturally, S2 ; see 

Eendlen, v. ; see Xlndlen. 

Eene, adj. bold, keen, sharp. Prompt., 
S, C2 ; keyn, MD ; kenre, comp., MD ; 
kennest, superl., MD. — AS. c4ne\ OTeut. 
*kom; cp. OHG. ktiani (Otfrid), chuoni. 

Eennei sb. dat. kin, S, S2 ; see Zyn. 

Eennen, v. to beget, engender, to bring 
forth, to be bom, MD, PP; y-kend,//., 
82 ; kenned, MD. — AS. cennan^ to beget, 
conceive, bring forth ; OS. kennian, to 
beget, causal from OTeut. root kan, to 
generate, see Kluge (s. v. kind). 

EenZLeil, 7. to show, declare, teach, S2, 

PP, SkD (s. v. ken\ Prompt., H ; kende, 
//. J-., S2. — AS. cennariy to make to know : 
Qo\)ci.kannjan = *kanniany causal of OTeut. 
KANN, base of *konnan, to know. 

Eennen, v. to know, SkD. (s. v. ken) ; 
ken, S3, JD ; kend,//. pi., S3 ; kend,//., 
S3. — Icel. kenna, to know. See above. 

Eeomen, v. to carve, S ; see iJCemen. 

EepOy sb. heed, S2, S3, C2 ; kep, S3. 

Eopen, V. to keep, mark, observe, re- 
gard, S, S2, S3, C2 ; keped, pt. s.y S2 ; 
Upte, S2. — AS. cipan, later form of cypan 
{ = c6aptan), see Sic vers, 97. 

Eeppen, sb. pi. caps, S ; see Cappe. 

Kernel, sb. a loophole in a fortress, a 
battlement, PP ; orenelle, HD ; kyrnelUs, 
//., S3; kirnelis, PP.— OF. crenel, from 
cren {cran), a notch ; Lat. crena. 

Eemeled, adj. furnished with battle- 
ments, P. 

Eertel, sb. ; see Zlrtel. 

Eemen, v. to carve, MD, Prottipt., S, 
C2 ; keomen, MD, S ; csorf, pt. s., MD ; 
ksBrf, S ; kerf, MD ; karf, MD, S ; carf, 
C2 ; cnrnen, pi., MD; cornen, //., MD, 
S3, C ; loomen, S3 ; y-comen, S3, C3 ; 
y-komen, C2 ; 1-kornen, S ; kerned, S3. 
— AS. ceorfan, pt. ceatf (pi, cur/on), pp. 

Eesse, v. to kiss, S, C2 ; see Cnssen. 

Eeste, V. to cast, S2 ; see Casten. 

Eete, adj. bold, lively, gay, powerful, 
MD, S2, PP ; ket, irascible, JD.—Cp. Icel. 
kdtr, merry, Dan. kaad. 

Eete-lokes, sb. pi. trefoil, H; see 

Eeuel, sb. a bit for a horse, a gag, a 
small piece of wood used in casting lots, 
MD, H, S ; kevyl, Prompt. ; cavel, JD ; 
kevelles, //., MD; cafils, MD, JD.— 

Icel. kejli. 

Eeueren, v. to recover one's health, 
MD, PP ; kenord,//. J., H ; see Coveren. 

Eeneringe, sb. recovery, S2. 

Eeye, sb. key; kay, MD; cays, //., 
MD ; kela, S ; kel^es, S2. — AS. cceg. 

Slidde, pt' s. made known, S, P ; //., S ; 
kid, S ; see Kytben. 

Eidnere, sb. kidney, SkD ; kydney, 
Voc. — Icel. kvitSr, belly + «yrtf, kidney. 
See Vere. 



L, sb. pi. cows, W2 ; see Cow. 

L, V. to kick, MD, W; kyoke, 
Palsg. — Cp. ktken, kiksen in G. dialects. 

Kime, sb. coming, S. — AS. cyme. See 

Kindle, sb. offspring, brood, MD ; kun- 
del, MD; kyndlis, //., MD. 

Sindlen, v. to bear young, S; ksmd- 
lyn, Prompt. ; kendlen, MD ; knndlen, 
MD ; l-kindled, //., S. See ZTiide. 

Sindlen, v. to set Hre to, MD ; kynd- 
len, C ; Unlen, MD. 

Sine- (used in compounds), royal ; see 
below. — AS. cyne. 

Sine-bbren, adj. of royal birth, MD ; 
klnebome, S. — AS. cyne-boren. 

Sine-dom, sb. kingdom, MD, S, S2. — 
AS. cyne-dSm. 

Sine-helm, sb. royal helmet, crown, 
MD.— AS. cyne-helm. 

Eine-lond, sb. kingdom, S, MD. 
Sine-merk, sb, royal mark; kyne- 
mierk, S. 

Sine-riclie, sb. kingdom, rule, MD ; 
cynerice, S. — AS. cyne-rice. 

L, sb. royal robes, S. 
ft-Stol, sb. throne, S. — AS. cynestdl, 
Eine-]7eody sb. subjects of a king, MD. 
Kine-wnrSe, adj. royal, S, MD. 

Sine-^erde, sb, sceptre, MD. — AS. 
cyne-gerd (Voc). 

King, sb. king, MD, S ; kynip, S ; kynir- 
ene, //. gen., §2, PP. — AS. cyning : OS. 

Kingdom, sb. kingdom, MD. 
Kinghed, sb. Kingship, PP. 
King-riche, sb. kingdom, S, MD; 
kingxike, S2 ; kyngxike, H ; kyngxlolie, 
Kipte, pt. s. received, S2 ; see Xepen. 
\^ sb. church, S, S2, P ; see Chirclie. 
L, sb. loop-hole, PP ; see Kernel. 

Kirtel, sb. kirtle, a short gown or petti- 
coat, tunic, S.^, P, CM ; knrtel, S ; cortel, 
MD ; klrrtell, MD ; kirtU, H ; kyrtyl, 
82; kertel, MD ; kirtel, S3, P; onrtel, 

Kist, sb. chest, coffin, MD ; oyst, Voc. ; 
kyst, S2; klste, S2 ; kyste, S2, PP; 
cyste, munificeniia, Voc. ; chist, MD. — 
AS. cist ; Lat. cista ; Gr. KiaTrj.-r-Ci. Chest. 

Kith., sb. one's country, PP ; see Kyth. 

Kithen, v, to make known, S, S2 ; see 


Kithing, ^<^. telling, S2. 

Kitlen, v. to tickle ; kittle, HD, JD ; 
kytlys,/r. s.f S3. See below. 

Kitlynge, sb. tickling, H ; kitellynffe, 
MD, HD.- AS. kitelung, *titillatio ' (Voc). 
Kitonn, sb. kitten, P ; kyton, PP. 

Kitte, pt. s. cut, S2, C2, C3; Uttide, 
W ; see Kntten. 

Kitte-pors, sb. thief, PP; see Cut- 

Kittingis, sb. pi. cuttings, W. 

Klejjing, sb. clothing, S2. See doth. 

Knack, sb, a snap, crack, a jester's 
trick, a trifle, toy, SkD, MD; knakkes, 
//., CM ; knackes, S3. 

Knaing, sb. knowing, acquaintance, S2 ; 
see KnowexL. 

Knap, V. to snap, break with a noise, 
SkD ; imp. j., strike (the bell), S3. — Cp. G. 
knappen, to crack. 

Aiappes, sb. pi. knobs, S2, P; see 

Knarre, sb. a knot in wood, SkD 
(s. V. gnarled), C, CM. — Cp. MDu. cnorre, 
Du. knor, a knurl. 

Knarry, adj. full of knots, C. 

Knane, sb. a boy-baby, boy, servant, 
knave, S, S2, C2 ; cnafe, MD ; cnane, 
MD. — AS. cnafa\ cp. OHG. chnabe (G. 

Knane-child, sb, a male child, W. 

Knawe, v. to know, S2 ; see Xnowen. 

Knawen,//. gnawed, S3 ; see Onawen, 

Kne, sb. knee, S, S2 ; cneowe, dcU., S ; 
cnonwe, S; knes, //., S; kneon, S; 
knowes, C2, P. — AS. cniow {cnid), 

Kneden, v. to knead, Voc, Palsg. ; 
cneden, S, MD ; knodyn, pp., MD ; kno- 
don, Prompt. ; kned, CM ; knodden, HD. 

— AS. cnedan, pp. cnoden {cneden), see 

Knelen, v. to kneel, S ; knely, S2 ; 
kneolen, PP; knewlen, /r. //., PP.— Cp. 
Low G. knJlen. 

Knelyng, sb. kneeling, PP ; onellimg, 
S ; knewelynfic, S. 

Kneon, sb. pi. knees, S ; see Zne. 

Knippen, v. to nip, break ofl* the edge ; 
nippen, SkD ; nyppen, PP ; knsrp, pp.y 
S3. — Cp. Du. knippen, to crack, snap. 

Kni^t, sb. knight, soldier, armed re- 
tainer, S, S2 ; knlct, S ; knyht, S ; knyiplLt, 
C3 ; onilites,//., S ; knlotes, S ; knyliteB, 
3 ; Xxiy^ti^, W, W2 ; knlotes, S ; onllitexi. 


S. — AS. cniht\ cp. OHG. kneht, *puer' 
(Tatian), * miles, discipulus * (Otfrid). 

Eni^ten, v. to knight, S. 

Kni^thod, sb. knighthood, S; ksyfflit- 
hode, dot., C2 ; knlglitliede, C; kny^t- 
liod, army, warfare, W, W2. 

ExLOppei sb. knob, buckle, bnd, MD, 
Prompt., Cath., Palsg., S3; knobbe, C; 
knappes, //, S2, P; knoppes, CM, PP. 
— Cp. Dan. kftop. 

ExLOppedi adj. full of knobs, S3. 

Enotte, sb. knot, C2, PP, Prompt, S3. 
— AS. cnotta. 

Enoweili v. to know, MD; knawe, 
S2 ; cnawen, S ; knaa, HD ; onoweV, 
pr. s., S ; knen^, //. s.y S2 ; knewen,//., 
S ; i^onawen, //., S ; ^e-cnowe, S ; 7- 
onowen, S3 ; y-knowe, S2 ; knowun, W ; 
cnowen, S2 ; knawen, S2 ; knawln, S3. — 
— AS. cndwan, pt. cniowy pp. cn&wen. 

EnOweSy sb. pi. knees, C2, P ; see Zne. 

SjiOwleche, sb. knowledge, MD ; 
knonleolie, acquaintance ( » Lat. notos)^^ ; 
knawlache, MD ; knawlaffe, MD ; know- 
lycli, S2. See -le^^c. 

Enowlecheili v. to acknowledge, S2^ 
W2, P; onawleclien, MD; knonleolie, 
W ; knonlecUde, //. s., W ; knowleclii^ 
den, //., W. 

SjiOWleclling, sb. the acknowledging, 
C3; onawledmnfice, S; knanleotaynffe, 
S2; knowleohlniT, C3; knonlec]i7ng',W2. 

Ennccliei sb. small bundle, MD, Cath. 
{n) ; knyolie, Cath. ; knlteli, JD ; knyt- 
chiSfp/., "W. — Cp. G. knocke (Kluge). 

Knytten, v. to knit, bind. Prompt., S2, 
CsiPP: knntte,/Aj.,MD; knette,MD; 
knitte, C3 ; knyt, //., MD; knit, C2.— 
AS. cnyttan. See Znette. 

EOy pt. s. quoth, S3 ; see Zotli. 

Eokewolde, sb. cuckold, P; see Coke- 

Eole-plantes, sb.pL cabbages, P; see 

Eollen, 'o. to embrace, S2 ; see Collen. 

Eon, pt. pr. can, S ; see Xnnnen. 

Eolmingy sb. skill, C2 ; see Connlnip. 

Eonyngy sb. cony, rabbit, S; see Co- 

Eoth, //. s. quoth, S3 ; ootlie, MD ; see 

Eoude, pt. s. knew, \V2 ; see Xnnnen. 

Eonren, v. to cower, S2 ; oonren, MD. 
— Icel. kiira, to sit quiet ; cp. G. kauem, 
see Weigand. 



Eonrte-by, sb. short coat, P; see 
Eouthe, pt. s. could, S ; //. Sa ; see 

_ an, sb. burnt grass =rr^f«z«»f, 
dry fire- wood, H ; orakan, Cath. — Cp. 
North. E. crack, to make a noise (JD). 

, sb. crow, H ; crake, Cath. ; 

,//., H. — Icel. krdkr. 

EirenLelen, v. to anoint with oil or fat ; 
kremelyd, pp.^ MD ; see Cremelen. 

, sb. creek, S ; see Crlke. 

y sb. crown, S ; see Corone. 

Elly sb. cow, S ; see Cow. 

Enclioney sb. kitchen, S; kyobene, 
MD; keckyn, S2; kychens,//., S3.— AS. 

End, pp. made known, S2; l^^knd, S; 
see Znnnen. 

Endde, pt. s. made known, S2 ; knde, 
pt.fS; see Knnnen. 

Ende, pt. pi. could, S ; see Znnnen. 

Eneade, adj. dot. bad, S2 ; see Quad. 

Exille, V. to strike, to kill, P, MD ; kylle, 
Cath. ; kyllyn. Prompt. ; colen, MD ; 
cnlle, P. — The word means properly to 
knock on the head ; cp. Norweg. kylla^ to 
poll, to cut the shoots off trees, from koll^ 
the top, head ; Icel. kollr, head, crown. 

Enmen, v. to come, S ; see Comen. 

Enn, V. to get to know, to learn, H ; 
see Conne. 

Enn, sb. kin, S2 ; knnnes, gen.^ S2 ; 
knnne, dat., S, S2 ; see Xyn. 

EnndOy adj. natural, kind, S2; see 

Ennde, sb. kind, race, nature, S2; see 

Eundel, sb. offspring, MD. 
Enndite, sb. a conduit, S3; see Condnit. 
Ennes-men, sb. pi. kinsmen, S, S2 ; 
see Synes-man. 

Eunnen, v. to know, to know how, to 
be able, S, S3, W2, CM ; cnnnen, S, S2 ; 
oonne, S, S3, P ; cnn, H ; con, //. pr., S ; 
kon, S ; can, S, S2 ; kan, S, S2 ; con, can, 
used as auxil.y S2 ; canstn, 2 pr. s., with 
pron., S; canstow, S2; crrtSe, //. s., S; 
kntSe, S ; contlie, S, S2, S3 ; cowthe, G ; 
coi^Ke, S2 ; cnth, S2 ; conde, S2 ; cowde, 
G ; konde, W2 ; con^de, S2 ; konthen,//., 
S ; knde, S ; ci«, //., S (17 b. 161) ; ktfK, 
S ; conth, C2 ; coidSe, S2 ; konthe, S2. — 
AS. cunnan, pt, citte, pp. ctiti (used as adj.). 




Eun-redey sb. kindred, S; see Zsm- 
Euppe, sb. cup, S ; see Cuppe. 
Enssen, v. to kiss, S ; see Cussen. 
Euty sb. lot, a cut twig, H ; see Cat. 
Entll, sb. kith, friends, PP. 

EuSe, pt. s.f could, knew^ S ; see Knn- 

Entthe, country, PP ; see Zytli. 

E'obbes, manners, S2, HD, MD; 
see ^rtli. 

Entten, v. to cut, MD, CM ; kitt, MD ; 
knt,//. s., MD ; kitte, S2, C2,C3 ; kittlde, 
W, MD ; ketten,//., P ; kyt,//., W ; kit, 

Euuereili v. to recover one's health, 
S2 ; see Coveren. 

Enynde, ad/, natural, S2, PP; see 

Ewene, sb. queen, S ; see Qnene. 

Ey, sb. pi. cows, S3 ; see Cow. 

Eyclien, sb. kitchen, S3 ; see Xnoliene. 

Eyili sb. pi. cows, Si2, C ; see Cow. 

Eyn, sb. kin, kind, generation, S, W, MD ; 
kun, S2 ; kin, S, S2, C2 ; onn, MD, S ; 
knnnes, gen.., S2 ; onnne, dot., S ; kanne, 
S, S2; kenne, S, S2; kynne, P. — AS. 
cynn : OS. kunni, OHG. kunni (Otfrid) : 
Goth, kuni : from Teut. base *konya, from 
root KAN. 

Eynde, adj. natural, kind, S2, S3, P; 
kande, S2, MD ; ounde, MD ; kinde, S ; 
kende, S2, PP; knsmde, S2, PP.— AS. 

Eynde, sb. kind, nature, race, children, 
natural disposition, PP, S2, S3, C2, C3, W ; 

knnde, 82 ; onnde, S ; Unde, S. S2 ; 
kende, S2 ; kynd, S3. — AS. {ge)cynd. 

Eyndely, adj. natural, kindly, MD ; 
kyndU, W ; kyndly, Cath. ; kimdeliolie, 
MD. — AS. cyndelic. 

Eyndely, adv. naturally, kindly, S2 ; 
kyndli, W ; Undely, S2 ; kindfiUk^, S ; 
kendeliche, S2 ; knyndelTclie,. S2, PP ; 
onndeliolie, S. — AS. cyndelice. 

EyndlyUy v. to bear young, Prompt. ; 
see Xindlen. 

Eyndlyngis, sb. pi, brood, litter of 
beasts, W. 

Eynes-maa, sb. kinsman, MD ; onnes- 
mon, S ; kanesmen, pl.fS, S2. 

Eynredei sb. kindred, S3, W2, C ; kun- 
rede, S ; kynredyn, H ; kinredis,//., W ; 
ciiiirea42xes, //., S. — AS. cynn + rdden, 

Eyssei sb. kiss, Palsg. — From AS. cys- 
san. See Cnssen. 

Eytlly sb. one's country, native land, 
relatives, kith, friends, PP, S2 ; kith, PP ; 
knth, PP ; cutli, PP ; katthe, PP ; kitthe, 
PP; cntnSe, S, PP; oontlie, PP; kythez, 
//., S2 ; oc^en, S ; clieiSen, S ; ka]>pe8, 
manners, S2. — AS. cyGdu {cy9): OHG. 
cundidUt race, kinship ; see Sievers, 255. 

Eythen, v. to make known, MD, C2, 
C3, PP, S3 ; kitJen, S, S2 ; cut$en, S ; 
conthe, MD, PP ; contli,/r. j., P; kydde, 
pt. s., PP; kidde, PP, S; kndde, S2 ; 
oudde, S ; kedde, S, MD ; kyd, S2 ; kid, 
MD; kydst, 2 pt. s., S3; i-knd, pp., S; 
knd, S2; kyd, S2; Ud, S; kidde (as 
adj.), S. — AS. {ge)cytiani OS. ktidtan; 
OHG. kundjatty also kunden (Otfrid). 


La, tnterj. lo !, S ; lo, W2 (Ps. 67. 34). 
— AS. Id. Comb. : la hwuTe, at least, S. 

LaaSi sb. snare, C, C3 ; see &as. 

Labbe, sb. he that can keep no counsel. 
Prompt., CM; lab, a blab, tittle-tattle, 

Labben, v. to blab, babble, PP ; lab- 
binjf, pr. p., C2. — Cp. Du. labben, to blab. 

Labbyng, adj. blabbing, CM. 

IrfU^cben, v. to catch, seize, snatch, PP ; 
lauhte,//. s. seized, practised, PP ; lan^te, 
PP, S2 ; laBte, S ; laucte, S ; laoohide, 
//., PP ; lanbt, //., PP ; lagt, S ; lat- 
ohyd. Prompt. — AS. laccan, ge-laccan. 

Lacclliug, sb. taking, S2. 

IrfU^ert, sb. a. fleshy muscle, C, CM. — 
OF. lacerte (Cotg.) ; Lat. lacertum (ace), a' 
muscle, strength, usually, the muscular part 
of the arm. 

Lad, Ladde ; see Leden. 

Ladel, sb. ladle, PP, C3 ; ladylle, 
coclear, Prompt. ; hausorium, Voc. 

Laden, v. to burden, to charge with 
burdens, • Prompt., WW ; to draw water, 
to lade, Prompt. ; laden, pp. oneratus^ 
Prompt., SkD. — AS. hladan (pt. hlSd, pp. 
hladm)\ Icel. hlcdia^ Goth, hlathan ^ia 


Lnfdi, sb. lady, S ; see Leuady. 

LsBfe, Lafe, sb. belief, S : see Lene. 

Jjmiy sb, a grant, loan, S. — AS. l<kn 

Iiaf, sb. loaf, S ; see £oof. 

La£fe, £alie, sb. law, S ; see Lawe. 

IrfUbl, o^'. low, S ; see ^oulu 

^ahfolnesse, sb. lawfulness, S. 

Ijahhen, v. to laugh, S ; lauhen, PP ; 
lauffhe, PP, C2 ; lan^eii, PP, S3 ; lai^we, 
S3; lau^wlien, PP; lawghe, PP, C; 
lei^en, W ; lanliwen, S, PP, S2 ; laliynde, 
pr. /., S3 ; li^inire, S3 ; louh, //. s., PP ; 
lou^'h, C3, C3; lowli, PP; low5, PP; 
loll, S2 ; lewch, S3 ; lOBen, //., S3 ; lougli, 
S3; 101136, subj.y S. — AS. hUhhan (pt. 
hl6h) : Goth, hlahjan, 

Laliter, sb. laughter, S ; let^tlz, W2 ; 
lellitre, dat.^ S. — AS. hleahtor. 

Zdif, sb. the remainder, B, S3 ; lalff, B ; 
layff, B, S3, S3 ; lafe, B; lave, B, JD, 
HD.— AS. /4^, what is left, heritage (Voc), 
from -lifan (.Grein), only found in com- 
pounds, e. g. be-Hfan, to remain ; cp. OHG. 
bi-libatty to remain (Tatian^, G. bleiben. 

£aare, sb. clay, mud, mire, WA, H, HD ; 
layre, H ; lare, H ; quagmire, HD. — 
Icel. leir^ clay, mire. 

Lairy, adj. miry, H ; layxy, H ; layxl, 
H ; layexy, HD. 

Laiten, v. to seek, SD, HD, S2, WA ; 
le^ten, SD. — Icel. leita ; Goth, wlaiton, to 
look about. 

Trivitr^ J, adj. loathsome, H ; see Lotli. 

£aitis, sb. pi. gestures, S3 ; see Late. 

^ake, sb. a kind of fine linen, C3, HD, 
CM. — Cp. Du. laken, cloth, a sheet, OHG. 
iahhan, also lachan (Otfrid). 

]Lake, sb. standing-water, Prompt. ; 
rivulusy Voc. ; Uak, //., S2. Comb. : lake- 
ryftes, chines worn by water, S2. — AF. 
lakcy OF. lac ; Lat. locum. 

^ sb. dot. a gift, offering, S ; see Xk>]e. 
L, V. to offer to God, S. — AS. {ge)- 
Idciatty to give. 

£aUe, sb. defect, a failing, C3 ; laK, 
Prompt., C ; lac, SkD ; lake, blame, WA, 
S3 ; lakke, C3 ; lakkes, ph faults, PP.— 
Cp. Du. /a^, blemish. 

^aUen. v. to lack, PP, C ; liimlakked, 
pt. s. there ladced to him, C2. 

^aUcen, v, to blame, G, PP, Prompt. ; 
lak, JD ; lakes, pr. s., Ss ; lackand, pr. /., 
H ; 7-lakked, pp., P.— Cp. Du. Meftf to 



, sb. Lammas, the 6rst of 
August, PP, S3 ; Lammesse, Prompt. — 
AS. hlammcBsse, hldfmcssse, loaf-mass, 
named from the Blessing of Bread. The 
Feast is called in the Sarum Manual 
Benedictio novorum fructuum. 

Lampe, sb. lamp, Cath., PP ; launpe, 
S2, PP; lawmpe, Voc, Prompt. ; lampes, 
//., C3. — K¥.lamp€\ Lat. lampctdem. 

^ampei sb. a thin plate, C3; lamm, 
HD, ND. — OF. lame ; Lat. lamina, 

^anori sb. a kind of hawk, basterdus, 
Voc; lanner, Cotg. ; lannard, HD. — 
OF. lanier (Cotg.) ; Lat, laniarium, that 
which tears, from laniare^ to tear. 

, sb, a thong. Prompt. ; see 

Lang, adj. long, tall, S ; lonir, S, PP ; 
lengxe, comp., S; leniper, S2, C2, PP; 
lenfiTore, Ss ; lanire, adv. long, S ; lonipe, 
S, S3 ; lanir, S3 ; leng*, comp.^ S ; leniper, 
S3 ; lenirere, S, S2 ; langar, S3 ; len^est, 
superl.f S, S2. — AS. lang. 

Laagage, sb, language, C, C2, PP. — 
AF. langage. belong, S2 ; see Lonireii. 

iMng'tvidai, sb. Long- Friday, i.e. 
Good-Friday, S; lan^e-frldai, S.— Icel. 

Langmodef adj. long-suffering, Sa. — 
AS. lang-mSd. 

l^angOUr, sb. languishment, slow star- 
vation, C2, PP; lanipoimi, //. sicknesses 
W. — AF. langour, illness ; Lat. languorem 

l^angnor, sb, disease, sickness, W 
lanirnores,//., W. — Lat. languor (Vulg.) 

Lander, sb. a thong, Cath. ; see Laynere 
Lappe, sb. lap, bosom, PP, C2, C3 ; a 

lappet, skirt, PP, S ; the lobe of the ear, 

Cath.— AS. lappa (OET). 

Lappen, v. to wrap, W, H, Cath., 
SkD, HD : see Wlappen. 

, sb. lore, S, S2, H ; see Imt^^ 

\f sb. clay ; see Kalre. 

i-fieiidir, sb. teacher, doctor, H ; 
larfodlr, H ; lare&ther, HD ; lorefibdyr, 

Large, adj. liberal, generous, S, G, PP, 
C ; plentiful, S2 ; sb. size, S2. — AF. large, 

Largeliche, adv. bountifully, PP, S2 ; 
larirely, G. 

Largesse, sb. largess, bounty, PP, S3. 
— AF. largesce, 

Ipar^]>aweSy sb, pi, teachers, S; see 




I, sb. snare, lace, HD, SkD, C ; la>, I 
S ; laaa, C3, C ; las«, Voc. — OF. las, laqs ; 
Lat. laqueus ; cp. AF. laz, 

Lase, V. to fasten, C ; laaynire, pr. /., 
C ; laoede,//. j., S; l-laeed,//., S.— OF. 

Laser, sb. leisure, S2, S3 ; see Jbejser. 

Lasnen, v. to lessen ; lamed, pt. s., 


TaBSBBf adj. and adv. comp. less, S, Sa, 
S3, C3, PP ; lesM, S. Phr. : lasM and 
more, smaller and greater, i. e. all, C2 ; on 
lee tliat, on a less supposition than that, 
unless, SkD ; onlesse tliat, Palsg. ; on- 
lesse, SkD ; )>1 les }>e, lest, SD ; leste, 
S, PP ; lee when, lest at some time, H. — 
AS. IcMsa, adj. ; and Ices, adv. ; pi las pe, 

Lastf sb. weight, burden, ship's cargo, 
C2. — AS. hlast; see Sievers, 232. See 

\, sb. fault, SD ; leirt, SD ; lairte, 
dot., S. — Icel. lostr (stem lasta) ; cp. OHG. 
lastar, abuse, blame (Otfrid). 

Lasten, v. to find fault, blame, SD. 

Lasten, v. to follow out, last, endure, 
S, PP ; leirten, S, S2 ; last, pr. j., S, C2 ; 
lest, S ; laste, //. s., S, C2 ; lastede, S ; 
lestyt, pp., S3. — AS. Ictstan, to perform, to 
last : Goth, laistjan, from laisis (AS. Idsi), 
a foot- track. 

Lastingly, adv. constantly, W. 
Lat, pr. s. leads, S ; see Keden. 

Lat, Late, Laten ; see Aeten, 

Late, sb. behaviour, look, gesture, S, S2 ; 
lete, S; lote, S; lates,//., S; laitls, S3; 
loten, S. — Icel. /i/. See Aeten. 

Late, adj. and adv. slow, late, S, PP ; 
later, comp., S, PP; latere, adv,, S2; 
latst, superl., S.— AS. lali Goth, lals, 

Lateftd, adj. late, W. 

LaS, adj. hateful, loath, S, S2 ; see Loth. 

LaS, sb. hatred, S. — ^AS. Idd. 

LaSe, sb. bam, horreum, granarium, 
Cath., Voc., HD; la»es,//., S.— -Icel. A/offa. 

LaSfdl, adj. hateful, S. 

LaSien, v. to invite, summon to a feast, 
SD.— AS. laSian ; cp. OHG. laddn (Otfrid). 

LaSiere, sb. inviter, S. 

Latimer, sb. interpreter, S; latgrmer, 
HD; latineres, //., SD, HD.— AF. laty- 
mer; OF. latinier^ interpreter, lit. one 
knowing Latin; Late Lat. laHnarium 


Latis, sb. lattice ; latljs, W2 ; latisis, 
//., W2.— Cp. F. lateis. 

Latly, adv. late, scarcely, H ; latlier, 
comp.^li. — AS. latlice; cp. Icel. latliga. 
See Ibate. 

Laton, sb. auricalcum, Prompt., Ca ; 
latonn, C3, C, W, WA ; latten, Sh., ND, 
HD.— OF. laton. 

Latrede, adj. tardy, CM. — AS. IcBtrade. 
See Late. 

Latsum, adj. backward, SD. — AS. 

Latsimilies, sb. backwardness, H. 

Lande, sb. praise, C2. — Lat. laudem. 

Lauhen, v. to laugh, PP ; lan^lie, PP, 
C2 ; see Lalilien. 

Lanhte, pt. s. seized, PP ; lan^, PP, 
S2 ; laucte, S ; la^, S ; see Laoolien. 

Laumpe, sb. lamp, S2 ; see Ibampe. 

Lannce, sb. lance, PP, WA; lance, 
Cath. — AF. launcgy lance ; Lat. lancea. 

Lanncegay, sb. a kind of spear, C2 ; 
lanoeffaye, ISD ; lawnoegay. Prompt. — 
AF. launcegay (Godefroy). 

Laxmcen, v. to hurl, fling, dart, to 
leap, hurry, to spring up, S3, PP ; lanse, 
S2 ; launclien, to skip over a dike with a 
long pole ; lawnclism. Prompt. — OF. 
lancer, lancier, lanchier. 

Lannde, sb. a wild, untilled, shrubby, 
bushy plain, PP, CM, C, HD ; laund, Sh., 
ND, Cotg. ; lawnd, saltus, Voc. ; land, 
Cotg. ; lawnde, Cath. — AF. launde, forest, 
plain, OF. lande (Cotg.). 

Lauzer, sb. laurel, C ; lory^er. Prompt. ; 
loryel, lorel, Prompt. — OF. laurier^ 
lorier ; Late Lat. *laurarium ; from Lat. 

Lauren, v. to laugh, S3, PP; lan^be, 
C2, PP ; laabwen, S, S2, PP ; see lAl&lien. 

Lane, sb. the remainder, B, JD, HD; 
see Laif. 

Lauen, v. to lave, wash, PP ; lanande, 
pr.p., S2. — OF. lover ^ Lat. lavare. 

Lauerd, sb. lord, S, S2 ; see Ibonerd. 

Lauerding, sb. nobleman, S2. Cf. 

Lauerdsckipe, sb. lordship, S2 ; lord^ 
sohlpe, W2. 

Laueroc, sb. lark, alauda, SD; lanerok, 
SD, JD ; lanerokke, CM ; lanerock, S2 ; 
larke, PP, Prompt., Voc. — AS. Idwerce 

Lauonr, sb. laver, cistem, S3, CM, 
WW ; laver, WW. 


% €tdj. lowy S3 ; see Konli. 
I, sb. law, S, PP ; la^e, S ; Uerbe, 
S, H; lab«, S; laffe, S; laffM, pi, S; 
lahen, S ; lawes, S ; la^e, S ; la^en, S ; 
la^lMM, S. Phr, : of tlie beste lawe, in 
the best order, G. — Icel. Wg (stem lagu)y 
statute, decree. 

Lawefkd, adj. lawful, SD; lawftiUe, 


Lawelese, adj\ lawless, S; la^eleaM, S. 

Lawelyclie, adj, lawful, S; laffeliM, 

adv.y S. 

^ay, J^. law, CM; religion, fidelity, 
S2 ; creed, Ca, C3 ; laie«, //., PP.— OF. 
laiy ley, lei ; Lat. legem 

Iiayes, sb. pi. leas, meadows, S3 ; see 

JtoykOi •r^. game, sport, trial of strength, 
PP, S2 ; laike, WA ; lallc, PP.— Icel. leikr. 

Layken, v. to play, sport, S2, PP, 

Prompt., Manip. ; lallce, PP, WA ; l^ke, S. 
— Icel. leika ; cp. AS. Idcan, to spring, leap 
for joy, dance, contend : Goth, lai&in, to 
leap for joy. 

lAykingy sb. play-thing; laykyn*. 
Prompt.; lakan. Prompt. (»); lelkln, a 
sweet-heart. Prompt. («). 

Laynere, sb. a thong, C, CM ; layner, 
SkD (p. 814); lander, Cath.; lanyer, 
Palsg. ; laayr, Voc. ; lanere. Prompt. — 
OF. laniere (Cotg.), lasniere (Palsg.), 
ktsnier (Bartsch); Late Lat. *laniarta 
(Jined), the thong for a lanner. See 

]tl^e, sb. law, S ; see Ziawe. 

]tl^t6, pt- s. took, S ; see Laoohen. 

lASar, sb. leper, PP ; laier, C ; 
//., PP, C. — Church Lat. lazari, lepers 
(Ducange), from Lazarus ; Gr. h&.iapos 
(Lu. 16. ao) ; Heb. Eleazar, God helpeth. 

Lealxtor, sb. vice ; lealitnun, pi. dat., 
S. — AS. leahtor, from leahan {lean), to 
blame : OS. lahan. 

Lean, sb. reward, S. — AS. Uan\ Icel. 
laun, OUG. Idn (Tatian). 

Leasing, sb. falsehood, WW; see 

Lebard, sb. leopard, Sa ; see Ibeopart. 

LeCCherye,^^. lewdness, PP; leohAzle, 
S, Sa, PP.— AF. lecherie. 

Leclie) sb. physician, S, Sa, S3, C3, H ; 
iMohe, W ; laohe, S ; leolies, fL, S3 ; 
lechis, W. — AS. l^ct : Goth, lekets. 

Leche-crafbi sb, knowledge of medi- 
cine, Sa, C, PP. 



Leehen, v to heU, Sa, HD, pp. 

Leclinien, v. to heal, SD. — AS. Idc- 

Ledmnnge, sb. healing, S. — AS. Idc' 

Lechonr, sb. a dissolute person, PP; 
letohonx, W ; leohxir, S ; leohours, //., 
PP; leohoiurla, W ; letolioiin, W.— AF. 

lecheur, glutton, from OF. lecher, to lick ; 
cp. OHG. gi-lechon (Otfrid). See Zdoken. 

Lede, sb. man, PP ; lades, pi., tenements, 
PP ; see £eod. 

Leden, v. to lead, carry, S, Sa, Prompt. ; 
laden, S ; leaden, S ; lelde, S3 ; lat, pr. 
s., S, PP ; ImiLju,, S3 ; ledde,//. j., 
S ; ladde, S. Sa, S3 ; Ised, S ; lad, Sa, 
IsBdden, pi., S ; ladde, Ca, PP ; 1-led, 
pp., S; l^lad, S, G; lad, Sa, S3; lede, 
Sa ; ladde, PP.~ AS. l<kdan, to lead, carry, 
lift (pt. Icsdde, pp. l<kded), from Idd, a way. 
See ZK>de. 

Leden, adj\ leaden, C3. See &eed. 

Iieden, sb. language, Sa ; leodea, SD ; 
lede,WA; lodene, voice, PP; ledene, dot., 
Ca («.) ; PP; ledenes,//., S.— AS. fyden, 
language, also leden, Latin {on leden ge- 
reorde, Latina lingua, Voc); Lat. lalinus; 
cp. OF. latin, speech (the warbling of birds), 
Bartsch, 385. 39, It. latino, language. 

Iiee- ; see also under l^e-, l^eo-. 

Leed, sb. lead. Sa, S3, C3, Voc, 
Prompt.; led, PP; lede, S3, P.— AS. 
kad (OET) ; cp. OLG. ISd-, see Weigand 
(s.v. I6d). 

Leed, sb. a kitchen copper, CM (a. 7) ; 
leede, dat.^ C — Cp. lead-in. dialects), HD, 
EDS. 31 (Tusser). 

Leef, sb. leaf, a piece, PP, C ; lef, PP ; 
lyf, Sa, PP ; lenes, //., PP ; levls, S3 ; 
leyrlfl, S3. — AS. I6af: Goth, laufs, laubs. 

Leef, adj. dear, S3, C ; see ILeof. 

Leel, adj\ leal, S3 ; see Ibel. 

Leendis, sb. pi. loins, Sa ; see l^ende. 

Leep, sb. basket, W ; see Ziepe. 

Lees, sb* leash, snare, C3, CM, Prompt. ; 
leese, CM ; see Ztese. 

Lees, adj\ and sb. false, a lie, Sa, PP ; 
les, S ; leas, Sa, S3 ; lease, S ; lese, S ; 
lessere, comp., S. — AS. Uas\ cp. Icel. 
laus, loose, dissolute. 

Leesinge, sb. falsehood, S3 ; leasnniT* 
leslnff, S, S3, C3, Wa ; leasing, WW ; 
leeslng*, W. — AS. Uasung, 

Lefdi, sb. lady, S, Ss ; see Zieiiedj. 

Lef-flll, adj, believing, S. See Lene. 





Lef sillily adj. allowable, PP ; see ^if- [ dwell, to cause to land, S, PP; \vnA.ypt,pl.^ 

S2 ; leaded, //., S2 ; ylent, S2. — Icel. 
lenda^ to land; cp. AS. {ge)lcBndian, to 
cause to land. See Itond. 

Lege, adj. liege, S3 ; see Uge. 

Leggen, v. to lay, S, Sa, W; leyn, 
S, S3 ; lele to, to add, W2 ; leist, 2 pr. *., 
S ; le^^esst, S ; lelS, pr. j., S ; leyS, S ; 
leffeV, pi., S ; lelde, //. j., S, S2 ; leyde, 
S; leBBde, S; Isside, S; Isoiden, //., S; 
leyden, S2 ; leld, pp., S; leyd, S, S2 ; 
i^leld, S ; l-leyd, S; y-leld, S3 ; y-leyd, 
C2. — AS. lecgan : Goth, lagiatu 

Legistre, sb. a legist, man skilled in 
the law ; legister. Prompt. ; legistres, 
pi., P.— AF. legistre ; Late Lat. legista, 

Leify sb. leave, licence, B ; see l^etie. 

Ijeifsnniy adj. allowable, S3 ; lefiram, 

Leir, sb. a <:ouch, bed ; leire, dat., S. — 
AS. leger, lying, illness. 

Leiren, v. to lay low, stemere ; leixede, 
//., SD ; laid on a sick bed, S. — AS. leger- 
ian (Leo). 

Leir-Stowe, sb. sepulchre, SD. 

Leit, sb. lightning, S, W, W2 ; leyt, W2 ; 
leitis,//., W, W2.— AS. liget, liget, Mt. 24. 
37, Ueget\ see Sievers, 247. 

Leiten, v to flame, SD ; to lighten, W2 ; 
leltinde,^^./., S. See above. 

Leityngis, sb. pi. lightnings, W. 

Leiden, v. to laugh, W ; see ^ahlien. 

Lei^tir, sb. laughter, W2 ; see Ibahter. 

Lei^yng, sb. laughing, W. 

Iiel, adj. leal, loyal, true, S2, S3 ; leel, 
PP, S3 ; lele, S2.— AF. leal, OF. leial; 
Lat. legalem^ 

Lelliclie, adv. truly, S2, S3, PP ; lelly, 
S2, S3, PP; leeUy, S2, PP; lelye, S2; 
lely, H ; lelest, superl., PP. 

Leme, sb. gleam, light, S, S2, PP, CM ; 
leom, PP; leome, S; lemes, pi., CM; 
leemes, C ; leames, S3 ; lemys, S3 ; leom- 
ene,//. gen,, S; lemene, S. — AS. lioma. 

Lemeily v. to shine, SD ; leomen, SD ; 
lemand, pr. p., S3, WA ; leomede, //. s., 
SD; lemede, SD; lemed, PP. — AS. 

Lenunan, sb. sweetheart, lover (of both 
sexes), mistress, concubine, S, C2, C3, PP; 
lenunans, //., WA ; see Zieofinon. 

Lende, sb. loin, lumbus, Voc, S2; 
lendes,//., HD, G; leendis, S2,W,W2; 
lendis, H ; lendys, PP. — AS. lendenu, pi. 
(Voc.) ; cp. OHG. lendi (G. lende), lenttn 

laendef v, to land, anive, to remain, 

Lene, adj. lean, S, PP, Ca^ Prompt., 
Cath.— AS. hlcene. 

Lenen, v. to lean, PP ; len, H ; lenede, 
pt. s., PP ; leonede, PP, S2 ; lent, //.,S3. 
— AS. hlionian ; cp. Lat. dinar e (in inclt- 

Lenen, v. to lend, grant, S, PP, Sa, S3, 
C3 ; leenen, W ; lexinen, Cath. ; leendyn, 
Prompt. ; len, imp, x., S2 ; lenys, pr. s., 
H; lennys, H; lendE^, S (i. 51); lantez, 
2 //. J., S2 ; 1-lenet, pp., S ; y-lent, C3 ; 
1-leaned, S; land, S2 ; lend, S2; lent, 
S2. — AS. l<knan. See l^esn, Ibone. 

Lener, sb. lender, usurer, W; leyner, 

Leng, Lenger, Lengppe ; see i^ang*. 

Lenge, v. to linger, remain, dwell, PP, 
S2 ; lenffed,//. s., PP. — AS. lengan. See 

LengtSe, sb. lengdi, S, PP; lentSe, Sa. 

— AS. lengti, 

Lennen, v. to lend, Cath. ; see ILenen. 

Lexmynge, sb. a lending, H; lend- 
ynffe. Prompt. 

Lenten, sb. spring, lent, S2, PP ; lente, 
PP, C2.— AS. kngten. 

Iieo- ; see also under Zie-. 

Leod, sb. a man, also, a tenement, pos- 
session, PP, S2 ; leode, PP ; lede, PP, WA ; 
Ind, S2; leodes, pi, PP; leodis, PP ; 
ledes,S2,PP; ledls,PP,WA; leedes, PP, 
G ; Indes, S2. — AS. Hod, a prince (Grein). 

Leode, <r^. country-men, people, S; leede, 
G ; leoden, dat., S; lede, HD, S2, WA ; 
leode, S2. Phr. : land and lede, HD. — - 
AS. Uod, sb. f. a people, pi. liode, men 
(Grein); cp.OHG. Out ^Otfrid). 

^eof, adj. dear, beloved, glad, S, PP, S2 ; 
lief, S, S3, C2, PP; lef, S, S3, HD ; leef, 
S3, C, PP ; lif, S ; lefe, S2 ; lene, PP, S, 
S2, S3, C2 ; Uene, S; Inef, S2 ; Inf, S2 ; 
leone, S ; leofbe, S ; lener, comp., S3, C2 ; 
leof, adv. PP ; Inf, PP ; lenere, comp., S, 
S2 ; leonere, S ; lener, H ; leonest, 
superl, S, S2 ; loneat, S ; leneste, Sa. — 
AS. liof. 

Iieofliclie, adj. dear, precious, S; adv.^ 
S; lenelike, S; leoflnkest, adj. superl ^ 
S. — AS. Uojlic, adj. ; Uojlice, adv. 

Leof-mon. sb. dear one, beloved one, 
.lover (used of both sexes), S; lefinon, S, 


HD ; lemman, S, PP, €2,03 ; leouemon, 
S ; lenunaneS; //. sweethearts, PP ; lem- 
jnons, concubines, PP. 

laeofSTUll, adj, precious, S; lefiram, 

Leoften, v, to flatter, caress ; leoftede, 

Pt. S,y S. 

Jaeoine, sb. limb, Sa ; see Um. 

Leomei Iieomeu ; see ^exoe, J^emen. 

ILeon, sb. lion, Sa, C2, WA ; lenn, S; 
leonn, S, Sa, Ca ; lyonn, Sa ; linns, pL, S; 
lenns, S. — AF. liun^ OF. leon ; Lat. leonem. 

ILeonyn, adj. lion-like, Ca.— OF. /eonin; 
Lat. leoninum. 

l^eoparty sb. leopard, PP ; leparde, 
Voc. ; lepart, C ; lebard, Voc ; leberde, 
Voc. ; lylMrde, Cath. ; Ubard, B ; lab- 
barde. Prompt. ; lebbard. Prompt. ; leo- 
perdes, //., PP ; lepardes, Ca ; lebardes, 
Sa ; Ubardes, Sa \ Ubsrdes, S3. — AF. 
leopard, leoparty lepart, pi. leoparz. 

Leor, sb, cheek, face, S, PP, Sa ; lere, 
PP, Sa, S3, WA ; Ure, PP ; Inre, SD.— 
AS. hleor, the cheek, face, look. 

Yeomen, v, to learn, S, Sa ; see l^er- 

j^eoming-cniliti sb. disciple, SD, S. 

ILeoSre, adj. bad, S ; see ZiitSer. 

Lepe, sb. basket, Voc, HD, H (s.v. ber)y 
Palsg.; leep, W, Wa, Prompt.; leap, 
Cotg. (s.v. nasse) ; lepls,//., W; lepes, S 
(s.v. bread). — AS. Map ; cp. Icel. laupr. 

Lepen, v. to leap, run, PP, G; lope, 
Cath., HD; leop,//. j., PP, Sa ; lep, PP; 
leep, PP ; lap, Sa, S3 ; lepe, PP ; lonpe, 
P ; lope, Sa, PP ; lep, //., Sa ; lopen, P ; 
lope, P ; lopen, pp., PP, Sa, HD ; lepte, 
pt. s. (weak), Sa ; lippide, W ; lepten,//., 
PP. — AS. hliapan, pt. hliop (pi. hUopon), 
pp. hliapen : Goth, hlaupan ; cp. Icel. 

Leper, sb. leaper, Cath.; loper, Cath.; 
leperes, //. runners, wanderers, PP. 

Lepe-^ere, sb. leap-year, Voc, Cath. 

Lepre, sb. leprosy, Sa ; lepxye, Manip. 
♦ — AF. lepre ; Lat. lepra (Vulg.); Gr. \iirpa. 

Lere, sb. flesh, muscle, Ca ; see Lyre. 

Lere, sb. cheek, face, Sa, S3 ; see Zieor. 

Lered, pp» used as ad/. ; Inredd, the 
learned, clergy, S ; lemd, instructed, W, 
Wa.-AS. lared. 

Lered-men, sb. pi. the learned, the 
clergy, S. 

Leren, v. (i) to teach, S, Sa, S3, H; 
learen, S; leorea^ S; ler^ imp. s,, S; 



lerede, pt, s,j S ; leorde, S ; lerde, Sa ; 

7-lered,//., Sa. (a) 1bearen,z/. to learn, S, 
Sa, S3, Ca, H. — AS. Ickran : Goth, latsjan, 
to msdce to find out, to teach. 

Lemed, adj. learned, Ca, PP. 

Lernen, v. to leam, teach, S, Sa, S3, 
PP, Wa ; Inmen, Sa ; leomen, S, Sa ; 
leomln, S. — AS. leomian^ 

lies, Iiese, adj. false, S ; see l^ees. 

laese, sb. a leash, laxa, Cath., PP ; leefl. 
Prompt., C3 ; leeoe. Prompt. ; lease, Cotg. 
(s.v. laisse) ; lesshe, Palsg. ; leessbe, HD ; 
leyscbe, Sa. — OF. laisse', Lat. laxa, a 
loose rope. 

Lesren, v. to lose, Sa, S3, Ca, PP, W; 
liese, S ; leese, PP, S3 ; to destroy, W ; 
leosen, S, Sa, PP ; leest, a pr. s., PP ; 
lest, pr. J., Sa ; lees, pt. s., PP ; les, PP ; 
lese, PP ; loren, //., PP ; lorn, pp., PP, 
Sa ; lorne, S3 ; lore, PP, G, Sa ; llore, 
G ; 7-lore, Sa ; loste, pt. s. {weak), W ; 
losten, //., PP, C3, C, Wa ; loste, pp., PP; 
lost, PP ; 7-lost, C3. — AS. liosan, pt. Has 
(pi. luron), pp. loren. 

Iiesen, v. to set free, redeem, S, HD, 
H; les, imp. s., Sa ; lese, G; lesde, 
pt. 51, S ; lesed, pp., S ; 1-lesed, S. — AS. 
lisan : OS. ISsian. 

Leser, sb. releaser, SD, HD, Sa. 

Lesewe, sb. pasture, Wa ; leesewe, 
Wa; lese, SD, Sa; lewse, dat., S; 
lesewls, //., W; lyssonrls, S3. — AS. 
lesu, lasu. 

Lesewin, z'. to feed; lesew3rnffe,/r./., 
W, Sa ; lesewld,//., Wa. — AS. laswian. 

Lesing, sb. a lie, S, Sa, C3, W; lesyner, 
PP ; see Zieeslng'e. 

Lesing-mouger, sb. liar, W. 

Lesnesse, sb, remission, Sa. See 

Lesse, adj. comp. less, S. 

Lessin, v. to diminish. Prompt. ; lessl, 

Lessinge, sb. diminution, Sa. 

Lest, sb. desire, Ca ; see Zinst. 

Lest, sb. fault, SD ; see ZASt. 

Lest, pr, s, it pleases, PP; //. J., PP; 
see Ibnsten. 

Lest, pr. s. loses, Sa ; see Itesen. 

Leste, adj. super I, least, Sa, Ca, G, 
PP ; lest, S, PP ; last, S.— AS. last. 

Leste, imp. s. listen, S ; see l^nsten. 

Lesteu, v. to last, S, Sa ; see listen. 

Lestinde, adj. lasting, S ; leastinde, S. 



Jaevty, adj. cunning, skilful, S3. See 

Iies-wheii, conj. lest at some time, H. 
See Ibasse. 

Lesynge, J^^. loss, PP ; lesyn^, S3,C2, 
PP ; losyufir, 82. See X^mh. 

Leten, v. (i) to let, cause, permit, (2) 
to let go, (3) to leave, forsake, neglect, 
desist, (4) to behave, pretend, C5) to esteem, 
S, 82, C3, H ; laten, 8; leoten, S; laste, 
S ; late, imp. j., 82 ; lat, C2 ; lest, 2pr. j., 
8 ; lotip, pr. j., 82 ; lates, 82 ; lattls, H ; 
lest, pt. s.y 8 ; let, 82, 83 ; leet, 82, C2 ; 
1-leten, pp., 8 ; latun, W ; laten, H.— 
AS. iafan, litan, pt. ///, Hot, pp. laten\ cp. 
Icel. lata. 

Leten, v. to delay, 8 ; laten, 8.— AS. 
latian. Cf. Ibetten. 

Letherien, v. to be in a lather, SkD ; 
Ut$erl,/r. s. subj., 8.— ONorth. letirian, to 
anoint (John 11. 2), from AS. UaKfor, lather 
(Voc.) ; cp. Icel. laudr, froth. 

Lette, sb. delay, 8, S3, C2 ; let, S2. 

Letten, v. to hinder, to make late, PP, 
82, 83, C2; let,/r. J., 8, PP; lette,//. j., 
8, C2; letted, S3; lettid, H.— AS. 
lettan : Icel. letja : Goth, lafjan, to be late. 

Lettere, sb. hinderer, 82, PP. 

Lettre, sb. writing, C2, PP; lettres, 
//., C3, PP.—AF. /eUre; Lat. ItUera. 

Lettmre, -r^. writing, scripture, learning:, 
PP, W2 ; lettemre, C2, PP, C3 ; letty- 
reure, H.— AF. lettrure, OF. ktreure\ 
Lat. litteratura, 

Letnarie, sb. electuary, C3 ; Uttwaxy, 
Cath. ; letnarles, pi, Cath. («), C— OF. 
laituairey leiture, ktuaire, ekctuaire ; Lat. 
ekctuarium, a medicine dissolving in the 
mouth (Ducange). 

Lende, adj. ignorant, H ; see ILewed. 

Lenn, sb. lion, 8 ; see Ibeon. 

Lente, sb. loyalty, PP ; see Ibewte. 

Leiie, sb. permission. Prompt., 82, C2, 
PP ; leaue, 8 ; lelf, B. Phr. : nom leene, 
took leave, took permission to go, 8 ; nam 
lefae, 8; tok his leae, S, C2; tuk his 
leyfl; 83 ; be ^onre leue, by your leave, 
WA.— AS. kaf. 

Lene, sb. belief, 8 ; leeue, S3 ; laafe, 8; 

lafe, 8.— AS. {ge)kafa, 

Lene, adj, dear, 8, 82, S3, C2 ; see Leof. 
Lene, v. to live, 82, 83 ; see Uulen. 
Lened, adj, covered with leaves, PP, 82. 
Lenedy, sb, lady, 82, H ; lenedi, 82, 
S; lefdye, 82; lefdl, 8, S2; leafOl, 8; 


Unedl, S; Israedi, S; Uifdl, S.— AS. 


lienefal, adj. allowable, PP ; leenefhl, 
82, C3, W; leeffm, 82 ; leefU, 82. 83.— 
AS. kaffuL 

Lenen, v. to permit, S, 82, S3, C2, PP ; 
lef, imp. s.y 8.— AS. ly/an, to allow. 

Lenen, v. to believe, 8, 82, S3, C2, PP; 
leaneiL, 8; leenen, 82; leyue, PP; 
lefenn, S; lyne, PP ; lef, imp. j., 8, PP ; 
leef, PP, 82 ; lenes, p/., 82 ; leaeden, pf. 
//., W ; leeued, pp., S3.— AS. {gt)lyfan : 
Goth. {ga)laubjan, 

Lenen, v. to leave, to dismiss, to re- 
main, relinquere, relinqui, PP, 8, S2, S3 ; 
leauen, 8; lef,82; leaf, m/. j., 8 ; lef,S; 
leene, 82 ; lenes, /r. //., 82 ; lefde,//. j., 
S; leafile, 8; lefte, 82, 83; lenede,//., S2 ; 
lafte, C2 ; laft, //., 82, C2 ; lewyt, S3 ; 
7-left, 82. — AS. l^fan, to leave, from Idf, 
remains, heritage. See I^aif. 

Lenenei sb. lightning, Cath. (»), 
Prompt; levin, JD, SD, ND ; levyn. 
Prompt. — Cp. Goth, lauhmuni, also Dan. 
lyn ; see Douse, p. 103. 

Lenenen, v. to smite with lightning, 
to shine ; levyn, Cath. ; lenenand,/r. p.. 
Cath. («),H. >r r. 

Lenenynge, sb. lightning, Cath., H ; 
leneninir* S2 ; leyfiiyniri Voc. ; lenen^ 

TUgiUyp/., H. 

Lenere, adj. comp. dearer, preferable, 
PP, 8, 82 ; adv. more dearly, sooner, 
rather, PP, 82 j lener, PP, 82, S3 ; see 

Levy, sb. a raising, esp. of money, SkD 
(p. 8i5).--OF. levie, a levy (Cotg.). 

Levy, V. to raise (money), SkD ; leneyed, 
PP-y S3.— OF. kver\ Lat. kuare. 

Lewcll, //. s, laughed, S3 ; see Lahhen. 

Lewde, adj. ignorant, S3 ; see Kewed. 

-lewe, suffix. Cf. Chekelew, Oostlewe, 
Dmnkenlewe, 8i]clewe,]>nxsUew.— IceL 
suffix -ligTy passing into -liw, and then into 
-lew, by influence of ze; on *; cp. Icel, 
kostligr, ME. costlewe, costly (W.W. 8.). 

Lewe, sb. shelter, 8; lew, HD.— AS. 
hkow, hlio. 

Lewe, adj. warm, tepid, 8 ; lew, HD,W. 

Lewed, adj. unlearned, ignorant, worth- 
less. 82, C, C2, PP, H; IsBwedd, 8 ; 
lewde, 83, Prompt; lewid, W; lawd, 
H ; lawde, H ; lende, H ; lewedeste, 
superl., PP.— AS. l^ewed, lay, Maicus ' 
(Voc), {ge^Uwed, pp. of /iwaw, to weaken. 

Lewedly, adv, ignorantly, C2, C3. 


Lewednesse, sb, ignorance, PP, S2, 
C2; lewdnesM, PP; lewdnes, S3; 
lewdenesse, Prompt. 

Lewke, adj. tepid, Cath. ; liike, Cath. (»). 

Dtewse, sb. pasture, S ; see Ziesewe. 

Lewte, sb. loyalty, fidelity, G, Prompt., 
PP; leute, PP.— AF. lealiet OF. lealted-, 
Lat. legalitatem. 

^ewtll, sb, shelter, HD.— AS. hleov^y 

Leye, sb, flame, PP, S; leie, S; lei, 
SD.— AS. kg : Icel. logi. Cf. XK>we. 

^76, sb. untilled land, PP ; lay, 
Prompt.; laye, dat., S3; laye, adj., G; 
layes, //. meadows, S3 ; leys, S3 ; leyes, 
PP; ley^es, PP; leas, S3 (,p. 228).— AS. 

^eye-lond, sb. lea-land, PP ; laylanda, 
* terre nouvellement labour^e,' Palsg. 

lieyen, //. //. lay, S, S3 ; leyn, pp.y 
lain, S3 ; see JAg^vn,, 

Leyn, v. to lay, S, S3 ; leyde, //. J., 
S ; leyd,//., S, S2 ; see £eg-ffen. 

Leyser, sb. leisure, C, C2 ; laser, S2, 
S3 : laysure^ Manip. — AF. leisir ; Lat 

-le^^C, suffix^ used in forming abstract 
nouns, found in Ormulum, S. — Icel. -Icikr, 
or -leiki. Cf. -lao. 

lii- ; see also under £y-. 

Libbeu, v, to live, S, S2, S3; see 

Licll, sb. body, form, S, PP, SkD ; Uohe, 
S, PP, W A ; like, WA ; lyohe, dead body, 
Prompt. Comb.'. Uohewake, the watch 
held over the body of the dead, C, SD ; 
lyke-waik, JD, Prompt. («).— AS. lie, the 
body, generally the living body ; cp. Goth. 
leiky the body, also a corpse. Cf. Uolie. 

LiC-liame, sb. body, S ; liohaxn, S ; 
lykhame. PP ; Ucame, S, PP ; lloam, PP, 
S2 ; likame, PP ; Ukam, PP, S2 ; lykam, 
PP; lykame, S2 ; lycome, S; lihaxn, 
PP ; Uohames, gen., S ; Uoames, PP.— 
AS. Ke-hamay a body, properly * body- 
covering '; cp. Icel. likanii. 

Ucliamliclie, adj. bodily, carnal, S; 
lichomllolie, S. — AS. Uehamlic, 

Liche, adj. like, resembling, PP, S3; 
lyolie, PP, S2 ; lloh, S2 ; UJk, W2 ; lylk, 
W2 ; lykkest, superl, S2.— AS. He, found 
usually in the form ge-Ue. Cf. Uoh, lUoh. 

-liche, suffixy found in adjectives and 
adverbs. — AS. -AV, adj. suffix, -lice^ adv. 



Uoht, adj, light, not heavy, easy, S2, 
B ; see Xdkt. 
Uchty pr. fi. lights, S ; see Xi^ten. 
Liclltlines, sb, levity, jesting ; lyoht* 
lynes, S3. 

Ucken, v. to lick, SkD ; lioUden, //. 
//., W (Lu. 16. 21). Comb. : lyok-peny, 
a name for London from its licking up the 
penny, swallowing money, Si\ ; llok-pexuiy , 
S3 (»). — AS. lieeian ; cp. OHG. lechdn in 
gi-lechSn (Otfrid); see Brugmann, § 214. 
Cf. ^echonr. 
Ucour, sb, liquor, juice, S2, C3 ; 
lyooux, PP ; liquonre, Manip. ; Uonr, 
SkD. — OF. licur\ Lat liquorem, 
Lic-wnrSe, adj. pleasing, S. 
liid, sb. a cover, lid, SD ; lydde, Cath. ; 
book-cover, HD ; lides, pl,y lids of the 
eyes, S. — AS. hlid. 

Uden, V. to cover, SD. — AS. hlldaiiy to 
cover (in be-hlidan), pp. hliden. 

Uefbeuant, sb. lieutenant, deputy, S3 ; 
lieftenants,//., S3. — AF. lieutenant ; Lat 
liiese, v. to lose, S ; see ZieseiL. 
UfeSy pr. s, lives, S2 ; see Zlulen. 
Lift, adj, left, S, S2, PP ; see tyft. 
Lige, adj. liege, free, PP, C2, C3 ; lyire, 
PP; Uere, PP; le^e, S3, PP, SkD; 
leeffe, PP ; lyolie. Prompt. ; lig-e, sb. ply 
liege servants, PP, C2 ; lyffes, PP ; Ue^es, 
S2, C3; liegis, PP; le^es, PP.— OF. 
lige (Bartsch), lige seignur, liege lord 
(Roland, 2421) ; cp. AF. seignour lige, 
and homes liges ; cp. Low Lat. ligius. 

T.j g ftii.Tiiieft, sb. allegiance, C3. — OF. 
ligeancey see NED (s. v. allegiance), 
Ligeii.^ ^* to tell a lie, S ; see LyBen. 
Liggen, v. to lie, S, S2, H, C2, W; 
licren, H ; l^en, S2 ; lien, S ; le^e, S ; 
list, 2 pr. s.y S ; 1J35, pr. j., S, S2 ; ly«, S ; 
Uff««, //., S ; UcTffes, continue, S2 ; lyflfffe, 
pr. pi. subj.y S2 ; lai, //. s., S ; lay to, 
suited, S2 ; leiffen, //., S ; leyen, S, S3 ; 
y-leye,//., P; i-leie, S; leie, W; leyn, 
S3 ; y-layne, S3 ; i-lei^en, S2.— AS. licgan, 
pt. IcBg, pi. Ugon {ldgon)y pp. gelegen, 
Liggyng, sb. lying down, W. 
Lilpllte, V. to make less heavy, to re- 
lieve a horse of his burden by descending, 
to alight, CM ; lyffhte, S3, C3, Cath. 
Uffht, S2, S3 ; Ujten, S, S2 ; listen, S 
imten, S ; lyjt, S2 ; Ujte, pt. j., PP , 
lyjte, PP ; lyjt, S2 ; lychtyt,//., S3 ; Ulit, 
//., S2; lifft, S.— AS. lihtan. See IiUit. 



Ulieii, V. to deceive, S ; see Xij^en. 

Xillt, adj. light, not heavy, easy, S ; 
lyht, S; Uoht,S2; l^t,W2; Ujte, active, 
S ; adv.y S2 ; ll^tere, comp , S2, W. — AS. 
leoht: OHG. lihtii cp. Goth. leihts\ see 
Sievers, 83. 

Lihtlicll, adj. easy, light, S ; UhtllolM, 
€idv., S ; li^tliohe^ S, 82. — AS. leohtlicy 

Uhtschipef sb, swiftness, S. 

liikeu, V, to please, SkD, PP, WW, 
S3; llkl, S; lykyen, S; like, to rejoice, 
S2 ; lllcet$, pr. s. impers.y PP, S2 ; lyke^, 
PP, S2, C2 ; lykede, pt. j., S2.~AS. Hcian 
(also Heart), to please, literally, to be like 
or suitable for. See Uolie. 

Xikerons, adj. dainty, lecherous, S2, 
PP, C3 ; lyksrous, PP ; lycoronM, 
dainty-mouthed, Palsg. ; Uoorous, Cotg. 
(s.v. lecheresse). See Zieohour. 

Zikfol, adj. pleasing, SD. 

Idkillge, sb. pleasure, S, W; liking, 
PP, W2 ; lykjmir* S2, C2. 

IdkilLge, adj. favourable ; lykjmg'e, S2. 

Likli, adj. likely, SD. 

I^iklilied, sb. likelihood, SkD ; lykli- 
liede, C2. 

Uklinessey sb. probability; lykU- 
nesse, C2. 

Ukneu, v. to liken, to compare, PP ; 
lykxM, PP ; Uokne, PP; lykned,//., C2 ; 
Uoned, W ; iliknet, S2. 

Uknesse, sb. likeness, appearance, PP, 
W ; llooness, S ; liknes, S2 ; lyk&es, S3. 

- — AS. gelicnes, 

Ulblime, sb. a heavy stupid fellow, S3. 

ILilief sb. lily, argentea, S, S2. Comb. : 
lyUe-whyt, lily-white, S2. — AS. Hlie 
(Voc); Lat. Itliay pi. of lilium ; cp. OHG. 
lilia (afrid). 

T.iiMj sb. limb, S ; lym, S2 ; lyme, PP ; 
leome, PP, S2 ; llmeii, //., S ; lemes, 
PP ; limes, S; lymes, limbs, W2,S2, PP, 
Ci ; creatures, PP ; lyxns, S3 ; linunes, 
C2. Phr. : feondes lymes, limbs of the 
fiend, PP (cp. Icel. limir Fjdndans) ; tlie 
deuyl and his lymmes, H (Ps. 108. 30). 
Comb. : lim-mele, limb-meal, SD ; limel, 
S. — AS. lim^ Hm-miklum, * membratim.' 

Umpen, v. to happen, to belong to, S ; 
lomp, //. S.J SD ; lymppede {weak)y HD ; 
lumpen, //., S2. — AS. limpan, pt. lamp 
(pi. lumpon)y pp. gelumpen, 

-ling, suffix. See SkD (s.v. darkling). 

UnneUf v. to cease, S ; lynne, S ; lin, 


HD ; lyn, S3 ; Ian, //. J., SD. — AS. 
linnafty pt. lann (pi. lunnon), pp. lunnen ; 
cp. Icel. linna. 

Linimnge, sb. ceasing, S. 

Upneily V. to trust ; lippin, JD. 

Upning, sb. trust ; lypnyng-, B. 

Ure* sb. cheek, face, PP ; see Xieor. 

IdspeUy V. to lisp, SkD ; lyspe, Cath. ; 
lipsede, //. J., C. — ^AS. wlispian. 

IdssOy sb. ease, rest, joy, happiness, S, 
PP; lysse, S, PP.— AS. liss (for 11(5-5)% 
see Sievers, 258. See Xd8e. 

UssieUy V. to ease, SD; lisse, HD; 
lyss, S3. — AS. lissian, 

Usty pr. s. impers. it pleases him, S2» 
S3, C2 ; see Ibnsten. 

Lista, V. to desire, PP ; see Ziusten. 

Id8t6| sb. list or edge of cloth, PP, 
Manip. ; lyste, PP, S2, Palsg., Cath. ; 
lyyste. Prompt. ; lyyst, Prompt. Comb. : 
lyste of the ear, mol de VoraylUy Palsg. — 
OF. liste ; Icel. lista. 

IdSto, sb. craft, astuteness, S, S2. — AS. 
list ; cp. Icel. listy OHG. listy from Teut. 
base LIS. Cf. I^ore. 

liistely, adv. slily, S2. — AS. list lice. 

Ustes. sb. pi. the lists, the ground 
enclosed for a tournament, C2 ; lystes, C. 
— AP. listesy pi. ; OF. lissey (also lice)y a tilt- 
yard ; see Ducange (s. v. licia). 

IdStre, sb. a lector, preaching friar, PP ; 
listyr. Prompt. ; reader, Trevisa, 6. 257 ; 
listres, //., PP. — OF. listre for litre-. 
Church Lat. lector (Ducange). 

Lit, adj. little, S ; see Xyte. 

Lit, sb. stain, dye, colour, S, SD ; littis, 
pl.y WA. — Icel. litry colour, complexion, 
countenance, dye. See Wliten. 

Litarge, J^. litharge, protoxyde of lead, 
C, C3. — OF. litharge \ Lat lithargyrus \ 
Gr. \i66,pyvpos, 

liitaledy pt. s. 2 /. didst esteem lower, 
S2 ; see IbntUn. 

liith, sb. joint, limb, member, PP, S, S2, 
C ; Ijrth, HD; Ijrthe, Prompt.— AS. Ii6 ; 
cp. Icel. liOry Goth, liihus. 

LiSe, V. to go, pass through, S ; USen, 
S. — AS. liCan ; cp. Icel. //ffa, OHG. IWan, 
to go through, suffer (Otfrid), Goth, leithan. 

liiSe, adj. gentle, mild, soft, calm, 
sweet, S ; lythe. Prompt. ; Ijrthe, culv.y 
HD.— AS. me (for linthj-a) ; cp. OHG. 
lindiy lindy Icel. linr. Cf. Unnen. 

IdSeliclie, adv. gently, S.— AS. liHelice. 
IdSer, adj. bad, S2 ; see LnVer. 


I, V. to relax, S, SD'; U»e, PP, 
"WA ; lethe, to alleviate, S2 ; to grow 
calm, Sa. — AS. UHian. 

LiSmen, v. to ease ; u9niA, pp,-^ PP. 

Utte, V. to dye, H, Cath., HD ; Uten, 
Prompt. — Icel. lita, to dye. See tit. 

!Littest6r, sb. dyer, Hnctor, tinctriXy 
Cath. ; lytster, tinctor, Voc. ; lyster, 
Cath. ; lystare, Prompt. ; Utsters, //., 
HD. See Ut. 

Une, Lines ; see i^srf. 
iLilielody sb, sustenance, S3 ; see Xiyf- 

UneuoSe, sb, sustenance, S. — Icel. 
Hfnadry conduct of life. 

iLinien, v. to live, S ; line, S ; lelffe, 
S3 ; leflen, S ; lene, S2, S3 ; leeuen, S3 ; 
Ubben, S, S2, S3 ; lybbe, S2, S3 ; Uulende, 
pr. /., S ; libblnde, S ; leaand, S3 ; leo- 
winde, S : lyfiuid, S2 ; Uffitnd, S2 ; Ufes, 
lyfes,/r. //., S2 ; llfd, //. j, S2 ; l-leued, 
pp., S ; i-luued, S ; leyfliirt, S3. — AS. lifian, 
Itbban, to remain, to be left, to live ; cp. 
AS Hfatty to leave, and OHG. bt-liban, to 
remain (Tatian). 

Lining, sb, means of livelihood, S3. 

Lixty 2 pr. s. liest, G ; see Ly^oii. 

Li^t, sb. light, S ; lyM, S, S2 ; Uoht, 
S ; Uct, S ; nut, S, PP ; lyjt, S2 ; loht, 
S ; U3t,//., S2.— AS. leoht : Goth. ituAath ; 
cp. OHG. /Mt (Otfrid). 

Li5t, adj, light, bright, WA; lyht. 
82.— AS. l6oAt ; cp. OHG. /wkf (Otfrid). 

Listen, v. to light, enlighten, to become 
bright, S ; Uhten, S ; Uct, imp., S ; Ucht, 
pr. s., S ; llbtede, pf. j., S ; l-Ujt, pp., S2 ; 
Uht, S ; lyht, S2.— AS. lyAtan, lihtan. 

Listen, v. to alight, S, S2 ; see Uffhte. 

Li^tiy adj. bright, shining, W. 

Li^tinge, sb. lightning, S2. 

Li^tne, v. to enlighten, shine, dawn, W, 
■W2 ; U^tnede,//. j., W. 

Li^tnere, sb. enlightener, W2. 

Li^tnjrng, sb. illummation, W, W2. 

Lob, sb. a clown, a clumsy fellow, HD ; 
a lout, lubber, Sh. 

Lobbe-keling, sb, a large cod, S2. 
Lob-COCke, sb. lubber, S3, Cotg. (s. v. 
baligaut), HD. See tob. 

Lobres, lubbers, PP, S2. 

Loby, sb. looby, PP ; lohyea, pi., PP. 

Lode, sb, a way, path, SD ; loode, some- 
thing carried, a load, vectura. Prompt.; 
lade, SD. — AS. {ge)ldd, a way, path, from 
lidattf to go. See UJ5e. J 



Lode-menage, sb. pilotage, C. 

Lodesman, sb. pilot, Palsg. ; lodei- 
mon, S2 ; lodysmaniLe, ' vector, vehicul- 
arius,' Prompt. 

Lode-star, sb, load-star, S3; lode- 
Bterre, CM. 

Lod^stone, sb. loadstone, SkD. 

Lof, sb. praise, S, S2 ; lofe, S, WA ; loft, 
S. — AS. lof\ Icel. lof, praise, permission, 
OS. lof\ cp. OHG. lob (^Otfrid). 

Lof, sb. loaf, S ; see "Loot. 

Lof en, V. to praise, S, S2 ; loue, SD, 

52, S3, H ; lovand, pr. p., HD, S2, H.— 
AS. lofian, to praise; cp. Icel. lofa^ to 
praise, to permit. 

Lof-SOng, sb. song of praise, S ; loft- 
soxLff, S; loftson^es, //., S. — AS. lof- 

Lofb, sb. an upper room, height, PP, G, 
SkD. Phr. : on lofte, aloft, literally, in the 
air, PP, S2, C3 ; on pe lofte, S. — Icel. lopt, 
air, sky, an upper room, balcony; d lopt, 
aloft, in the air. Cf. I^srft. 

Logge, sb. a lodge, hut, small cottage, 
B, CM; loire, WA; lodffe, WW; luge, 
HD.— AF. loge. 

Loggen, V. to lodge, dwell, PP ; lodir®, 
WW ; loffeth, pr. j., PP ; logged, pt. s., 

53, CM ; luffede, //., HD ; luglt, S3.— 
AF. loger. 

Loggyng, sb, lodging, CM; luffing, 
S3; logyng, B. 

Logbe, sb. water, sea, S2 ; lo^, S2 ; 
1050, S2, WA ; lowis, //., S3. Cp. AS. 
lagu-Jlod, * obscura unda ' (Voc.) ; also 
Icel. logr (gen. lagar). 

Lob, pt. s, laughed, S2 ; see J^abhen. 

Lobt, s. light, S ; see UL^t. 

Lok, sb. an offering, gift, S ; loc, S ; lac, 
S ; loke, sport, PP ; lake, dat., S ; Ism, pi. , 
S ; lakes, S. — AS. Idc, a. leaping for joy, 
sport, contest, also, a sacrifice, gift : Goth. 
latks, sport, dance. Cf. lAyken, Ziaken. 

Lok, sb. lock, fastening, S2, PP ; lokkes, 
pi., PP. See Ibonken. 

Loken, v. to look, observe, S, S2, PP ; 
lokln, S ; loUen, S ; lokl, to protect, S ; 
loky, to guard, S2 ; Inke, S3 ; locan on, 
to observe, S ; loo, imp., S ; lokede, pi. s., 
S. — AS. IScian. 

Loken, //. locked, S ; see ZK>iiken. 

Loking, sb. looking, PP ; lokgmg, cus- 
tody, S ; appearance, W ; loUnge, deci- 
sion, S2 ; lokjmge, PP; protection, S2; 
lokunge, S. 



Lokken, v. to lock, SkD; lok, Cath. ; 
ylokked, pp,, S2. See l^k. 

l^krand, pr. p, as adj, curling S3; 
lokkerand, Cath. {n), 

lK)kyryilge, sb. cnrliness, crispitudo, 

TtOlleXLf V. to loll, limp abont, lounge, 
rest, also, to flap, wag, PP ; loUede,//. s., 
S3 ; Inllede, S2. 

Lollere, sb, loller, idle vagabond, PP ; 
loUer, C2, CM. 

Lomb, sk lamb, C3, W2, PP ; lombe, 
Voc, PP, W ; lambren,//., PP, W, W2 ; 
lambre, W2 ; lombe, S2.— AS. lamb, 

Lome, sb. tool, instrument, S2, WA; 
a vessel (the ark in the deluge), S2 ; lomes, 
//., S2, PP; lomen, S2.— AS. geUma, 
*utensile' (Voc). 

Lome, adv, frequently, S, PP ; phr, : oft 
uid lome, HD ; l-lome, S, S2 ; ylome, 
S2 ; lomer, comp., PP ; lommere, PP. — 

— AS. geUme, 

l^mp, //. s. happened ; see Umpen. 
Lond, sb. land, S, S2, PP ; lent, S ; Ion, 

S; londe, ^a/., S2 ; londes, //., S.—AS. 

Londe, v. to land, S. 

Lond-folk, sb. countryfolk, S. 

]^]ldisS6y adj. native, S. 

Lone, sb. lane, PP ; lones, pi, S2, PP. 

— AS. lonu, see Sievers, 279. 

Lone, sb. loan, S, S2, PP, Prompt— AS. 
Idn ; cp. Icel. Idn, 

Longe, sb. lung; lonffen, //., PP; 
Inn^es, SkD, Cath. ; longres, C, PP.— AS. 
lunge, pi. lungan, 

Longe, adv. See nong. 

Longen, v. to become long, to long for, 
to belong to, S, S2, S3, C2, PP, SkD; 
lan^en, S2, H.— AS. langian. See ^aiiff. 

Longinge, sb. longing, S2 ; longynge, 
PP ; lon^eng'e, S. 

Loof, sb. loaf, W2, PP ; lof, S, PP; lirf, 
S; lofe, Cath.; loues, //., C3; I001178, 
S2 ; loouM, W2.--AS. hldf, 

Loof, sb, a kind of rudder or apparatus 
for steering, SkD ; loueB, //., SkD.— Cp. 
OF. hf^ the windward side of a vessel 

IjOOp, V, to melt and run together in a 
mass, HD. — Icel. hlaupa, to curdle; cp. 
bl6d-hlaup, curdled blood. Cf. £epen. 

Loos, sb, loss, PP ; loB, PP,C2.— ONorth. 
los (Matt 7. 13). See ZiMen. 


Loos, sb. fame, report, Prompt., PP, 
CM, C3 ; lose, H (67. 33).— AF. loos, OF. 
los ; Lat. laiis or latides, see Constans. 

IjOpeu, //. run away, Sa ; see &ep«xi. 

Lopir, V, to curdle, clot, coagulate; 
lopper, JD; loplrd, pp., H, HD; lap- 
pered, JD ; lopyrde (as milk), Cath. See 


Lopirjrnge, sb, curdling, H. 

Lord, sb. husband, S ; see Ibouerd. 

Lorde, v. to idle about, S3. See I^urde. 

Loxrdinges, sb. pi, sirs, mastera, S, 82, 
G ; see Zioiierdln^es. 

LordseMpe, sb, lordship, Wa; see 

Lordschiping, sb. domination, W. 

Lordshipen, v, to rule over, S2. 

Lore, sb, learning, lore, S, S2, S3, C3, 
PP; lare, S, S2, H ; lores, //., S2.— AS. 
Idr (for *laisa), from OTeut base LIS, to 
find out. 

Lorel, sb. an abandoned fellow, perdi- 
tissimiis, P, CM, PP, S3 ; loael, ND ; losel, 
PP, Prompt. ; lorels,//., S3 ; loseUs, S3 ; 
loseles, P. See £esen. 

Loral, sb, laurel. Prompt; loxy^er, 
Prompt ; see ^anrer. 

Lorn, //. lost, S2 ; see lesen. 

Lor-]7eaw, sb. a teacher, S; laxeaw, 
SD; lor]>eawe, dat., S; lorpeawes, //., 
S ; larpawes, S; larewes, SD. — AS. Idr- 
piow {IdHow). See £ore. 

Lose, V, to set free, G; louse, imp. s., 

G ; loslde, pt, j., W2. Cf. Ibesen. 

Lose, sb, praise, H ; see Iboos. 

Losel ; see ^orel. 

Losen, v, to praise, PP; losed, pp,. 

Losenge, sb. a kind of quadrilateral 
figure; lossm^es, //., CM.— OF. losenge, 
praise, flattery, encomium, then grave-stone, 
square slab, lozenge in heraldry. 

Losengere, sb. flatterer, deceiver, 
WA ; losan^er, sluggard, S3 ; loseniroiir, 
C ; losenjour, HD.~OF. losengier (Cotg.), 
also (with different suffix) losengeor, losen- 
getour, flatterer. 

Losengerye, sb. flattery, lying, PP. 

Lossom, adj, loveable, pleasant, S2 ; 
see Ibuf snin. 

Lot, sb, lot, S; loten, //., S; lotes, S. 
— AS. hlot ; cp. Goth, hlauts, 

Loteby, sb, concubine, HD, PP («); 
ludby, HD; lutby, H; lotebyes, //,, PP. 


— Literally, ' a secret lier with,' cp. Lyerhyy 
HD. See Kotjen. 

£oth, adj, hostile, hatefal, grievoas, un- 
pleasant, unwilling, S, S2, PP, C ; loot)i, 
C2; laS,S,S2; lajt]i,S2; lait]i,H,PP; 
loVere, comp., S ; lothar, PP ; latlMre, 
adv.^ H; Iciest, superl.y S. — AS IdS; cp. 
Icel. Uidr, 

Lothe, V. to loathe, PP ; laSln, S.— AS. 

Lothelich, adj. hateful, P ; IdSlloli, S ; 
lo«U, Sa ; lodUeh, S, S2 ; ladHc,S.— AS. 

LoSlesnesse, sb. innocence, S; lodles- 
nesse, S. 

XK>tyen, v, to lurk ; lotjeth, pr. pl.y 
PP; lotinffe, pr, p., C3.— AS. lutian 


Lond, adj, loud ; lowd, PP ; lud, S ; 
lude. adv. S; lowde, PP, C ; loude, PP. 

— AS. hltid ; cp. Gr. «Awtos, renowned. 

Lougll, //. s, laughed, C2, C3 ; Umli, 
PP ; see I^AhlMn. 

Lonh, adj. low, S, S2, PP; law, S3; 
loire, S ; lowe, S; laffhe, H ; Uh, S ; lahe, 
adv.y S ; lo)e, S ; lowe, PP ; louwe, S; law, 
S3 ; lauer, comp., Sa. — Icel. Idgr. 

Lonlmesse, sb. lowliness, PP. 

Lonken, v. to close, H, PP ; Inken, S ; 
lowke, PP, H ; lowkande, pr, p., S2 ; 
leac, //. s., SD; leo, SD ; Ubo, SD; 
luken, pi., SD ; loken, //., S, SD ; lok- 
•nn, S; lowkyt {weak), S3.— AS. liican, 
pt. Hoc (pi. lucon), pp. locen ; cp. Icel. 

l^urde, adj. lazy, sluggish, HD ; loord, 
sb., ND.-OF. lourd\ Lat. luridum, dirty, 
lazy, heavy ; see Diez. 

l^nrdeine, sb. a lazy rascal, PP ; loiv 
d8ln, PP; lurdeyn, PP; Inrden, HD ; 
lourdcines, pi, vagabonds, PP. — OF. lour- 
dein. See above. 

Loure, v. to lower, Sa, S3 ; see Jbnxmi. 

Ronton, V. to stoop, bow down, worship, 
H, PP, Sa, C2 ; to treat as a lout, S3 ; Int- 
rude, pr.p., S ; loutede, pt. j., PP, S2 ; 
luted,//., Sa; lutten, //,, S.— Cp. AS. 
Ititan, to bow down, also liitian, to hide 

Lonabil, adj, worthy to be praised, H. 
See Ibof. 

IjOne, sb. love ; see l^ufe. 

Lona, V, to praise, Sa, S3, H ; see 


Louelyy adj, worthy to be praised, H. 



IU>aeil, V. to praise, Sa, S3, H; see 

Lonerd, sb. lord, S, Sa, S3, PP ; lalbrd, 
S ; laferrd, S ; lanerd, S, Sa ; lowerd, 
S ; lord, husband, S ; lauertS, S. — AS. 

l^nerdingeSy sb. pi. sirs, masters, S ; 
lordinffes, S, Sa, G ; lordyxiffes, PP. Cf. 

Lonyexiy v. to love, PP; lauen, S; 
Irniien, S ; lufenn, S ; luf, H ; loulen, 
S ; lone, Sa ; lofiiieV,/r. //., S ; luiiede, 
pt. J., S ; loaede, S. — AS. lufian, 

Lovyere, sb. lover, C ; luffarls,//., S3. 

^OWable, adj. praiseworthy, PP. 

lK)We, V. to approve of, praise, S3. — OF. 
louer, loHr, loder^ laudar\ Lat. laudare. 
Cf. Ziaude. 

Lowe, sb, flame. Prompt, Cath., PP, 
WA.— Icel. log. CL Zi07«. 

Lowe, adj, low, lowly, humble, S, PP ; 
see Ibouli. 

Lowe, V. rejl. to humble oneself, PP, W ; 
lowed, pt, s, stooped, PP. 

Lowe, 2 pt, s. toldest lies, PP ; lowen 
▼pen, //. lied against, PP ; see Ly^^n. 

Lowen, v. to low, bellow, Wa (Job 6. 
5); loowes,/r. s., S3.— AS. hlSwan. 

Lowne, adj, serene, calm, S3, JD; 
sheltered, HD; lonn, JD.— Icel. logiiy aj 

Lownyt, pp» sheltered, B. 
Lo^, sb. sea, lake, Sa ; see Ibog'lie. 
Luce, sb. a fish, a pike, C, CM, Voc.^ 
Prompt., ND.— OF. luz (Bartsch). 

Lnd, adj. loud, S ; lade, adv, S ; see 

Lad, sb, sound, voice, Sa ; Inde, dat*, 
SD; laden,//., SD.— AS. klyd, ge-hlyd; 
cp. OHG. Ititi (afrid). 

Lnd, sb. person, Sa ; lades, //., tene- 
ments, Sa ; see Zieod. 

Lndene, sb. voice, PP ; see Z^den, sb, 

Lnfy adj. dear, S2 ; see Ibeofl 

Lnfe, sb, love, S, WA ; laf, H ; laae, S, 
loae, PP. Comb. : loae-daj, a day for the 
settlement of disputes by arbitration, Sa ; 
PP ; looe-drary, affection, C2 ; laoe-eie, 
reverence, S ; loae-longiniro, desire, fond 
affection, Ca, Sa ; laf-reden, good-will, 
Sa ; lafredyn, H (AS. lufr<kden)\ laae- 
wojtSe, loveworthy, S. — AS. lufu, 

Lnfli, adj, lovely, H ; laaeliota., loving, 
lovely, S ; looelokest, superl., Sa ; laae- 
liclie, adv,^ S. — AS. luflic, adv. luflice. 



Lufsmil, adj, loveable, pleasant, S, 
SD ; lossom, S2. — AS. lufsum. 

^nfsnmlicliei adv, pleasantly, S. — 
AS. lufsumlice. 

Loft, adj, left. S, S2, PP ; see Iiytt. 

l^llfti sb. a weak creature, worthless fel- 
low, PP ; Hit, HD. See above. 

£ll|peil, V. to drift about (on the waves), 

52 ; lug-gld,//., pulled about, PP. 

Lngit, pp. lodged, S3 ; see Itoffffen. 

Lxikey V. to look, S3 ; see l^ken. 

Lxunpen,^. befallen, S2 ; see Umpea. 

Lunariei sb. moon-wort, C3 ; lunary, 
HD. — OF. lunaire \ Late Lat. lunaria. 

l^nrei sb. a bait, enticement, C3, HD. — 
OF. loerre, (now leurre) ; M.H.G. luodery 
a bait (now luder). 

Lure, sb. loss, S ; lere, SD ; lire, SD. — 

AS. lyre. See Jbeseii. 

Lure, sb. face, SD ; see &eor. 

Lureily V. to lower, to look sullen, S ; 
lonre, S2, S3, PP ; lowren, PP. 

Lnrinif, sb. a looking sullen, S. 
Lurkeu, v. to lurk, PP; lorken, PP; 
Inrkand, /r./., S2 ; lorkeA,//. x., S2. 

Lurking, sb. hiding-place, S2. 

Lust, sb. desire, inclination, pleasure, 
PP, S, S2, S3, H ; lest, C2 ; hleste, S ; 
loBtes,//., S2 ; lustls, W.~AS. lust. 

Lust, sb. the sense of hearing, S. — ^AS. 
hlyst ; Icel. hlusty the ear. 

Lusten, v. to give ear, to list, S, PP ; 
listen, S; hlesten, S ; Uiesten, S2 ; letsen, 
S2, S. — AS. hlystan ; cp. Icel. hlusta. 

Lusten, v. to desire, S,S3 ; lyst, ipr. s., 

53 ; lust, pr. s. impers.f it pleases him, S, 
PP ; Ust, S2, S3, C2, PP ; lest, PP ; llste, 
pr. s. subj., it may please, S ; leste, S, S3, 
C2, PP ; liiste, //. s. impers., S, S2 ; llste, 
S2, S3, C2 ; leste, C2. — AS. lystan, 

Lustiheed, sb. pleasure, C2. 
Lustinesse, sb. pleasantness, S3. 
Lnstneu, v. to listen, S ; lestenen, G ; 
listnede, //. s., S; lestned, S2. 

Lusty, adj. pleasant, S3, C2, C3, PP; 
lusti, joyful, S. 

Lntby, sb. paramour, H ; see Iboteby. 

Lute, adj. little, S ; see Lyte. 

Lntel, adj\ little, S, S2 ; see J^ytel. 

Lnteu, V. to stoop ; see I^outen. 

LnSer, adj. bad, false, treacherous, S, 
PP, S2 ; U«er, PP, H ; ll8er, PP, S2 ; 
USexe, S, H ; leotSre, S.— AS. lySre, 

LnSerliche, adv, vilely, S. 

Lntlin, v. to diminish, S; lutlen, S; 
Uteled,/^.^.,S2.— AS.^^//a». SeeXiyteL 

Lnne, sb. love ; see Ziufe. 

Lycorys, sb. liquorice, C2 ; lyooressa, 
Cath. — AF. lycorys ; Late Lat. liquiritta^ 
glycyrrhiza ; Gr. 7A.v«v/5/5tfa, lit * sweet 

Lyf, sb. life, S, S2 ; Ufbe, S ; lines, gen. 
as adv.y alive, S ; lynes, S, C2 ; line, dat., 
S, S2 ; lyne, S. Phr. : bring' o line, to 
kill, S2 (7. 198); on lyne, alive, S, C2 ; 
liis lyf, during his life, C2.— AS. llf. 

Lyf, sb. a living person, a man, PP ; lif , 
S2 ; lyfe, WA. 

Lyf-day, sb. life-time, PP; llf-daje. 
dat., S ; lyfe-days, //., WA.— AS. Uf-dag. 

Lyflode, sb. way of life, mode of life, 
S2, PP ; liflode, S, W ; means of living, 
PP ; lijfiode, W2 ; lynelade, victus, Cath. ; 
Unelod, S3 ; lyuelode, W.— AS. ///+ Idd, 
2l course, provisions. 

Lyfly, adv. in a lively manner, S3. 

Lyft, adj. left, PP, Sz ; Inft, S, PP, 82 ; 
lift, S, PP, S2; left, SkD. Comb.'. 
lift-lialf, left side, W2 ; Inft-hond, left 
hand, PP.— AS. lyft, weak ; cp. ODu. /«/"/, 
* laevus.* 

Lyft, sb. air, sky, PP. S3; lift, HD, 
S2, H; lyfte, S2; Infte, dot., S; lifte, 
S2; lyfte, S2.— AS. lyft\ cp. OS. luft, 
OHG. luft, Goth, luftus. Cf. iKrft. 

Lyften, v. to lift, shift, raise, PP ; lyft- 
ande, pr. p., S2 ; lyft, pt, s., PP. — Icel. 
lypta. See I^oft. 

Lyik, ad/, like, W2 ; see Uohe. 

Lyke-waik ; see Uch. 

Xykhame, sb. body, PP; see Uo- 

Lym, sb. lime, calx, S2, C3 ; lyme, Voc. 
Comb, : lym-rod, a limed rod, C2 ; lynu 
Berde, a limed twig, S3. — AS. Urn. 

Lyxnaille, sb. file-dust, C3; lymail, 
C3. — OF. limaille, from timer , to file ; Lat. 

Lyittit, sb. limit, WA.— OF. limite\ 
Lat. limitem (ace). 

Lymytour, sb. a friar licensed to ask 
alms within a certain limit, PP, C, CM ; 
limitator, Cath.; limitonx, PP. — OF. limi- 
teur (Cotg.) ; Church Lat. limitatorem 

Iiyuaffe, sb. lineage, descent, parentage, 
PP, S3, C2, W ; linage, C2, C3 ; lynaffes, 
//., tribes, S2 ; lymtgis, Wa. — AF. linage. 


liiTlldey sd. linden-tree, HD, Voc, C2, 
C ; linde, S.~AS. iind, ' tilia ' (Voc). 

TMyilBf sb, cord, net, PP, S; line, S; 
lynes, pi., snares for birds, PP; lines, 
PP. — AF. line ; Lat. linea. 

Iiyut-qilhite, sb. linnet, S3, JD ; llnt- 
wblte, lark, HD. — Cp. AS. linet-wige, 
'carduelis* (Voc), 'fronulus' (Voc), linet- 
uigUy * fronnlus ' (Voc). 

Xyp, sb. lip, Voc ; lyppe, Voc, Cath. ; 
lippe, //., S ; lippes, PP. Comb. : lyp- 
laboar, lip-labour, recitation of prayers, 
S3. — OFris. lippa ( = lip-j-a) ; cp. Lat la- 
bium ; see Bmgmann, § 337. 
'^ype, sb. leap, S2. — AJS. hlyp (Voc). 
See £epen. 

^yPPf ^^' ^^^^^^i runnet, Voc. (666» 17) ; 
lepe, Voc (703. 44); leb, Voc (591. 15). 
See Zrf>op. 

I^yre, sb. the mnsde of the thigh, Cath. ; 
lere, C2 ; leer, the flank, HD. — AS. lira, 
*pulpa, viscum, caro' (Voc); cp. Icel. 

J^snrOf sb. list, edge of cloth. Prompt. ; 
llsure, PP; lysour, PP; lyser, PP.— 
OF. lisiere [for listiere). See Uste. 

lyte, adj. little, PP, S2, S3 ; lute, S ; 
Ute, S3, C2; lut, S; lyt, C3; Ut, S; 
Inyte, S2; lyte, adv., PP, C2, C3; Ute, 
PP; lute, S2.-^AS. lyt\ OS. lut, 

Lytel, adj. little, PP; Intel, S, S2 ; 
Utel, S2, C2; lultel, PP; luytel, PP; 
Intel, adv., S, S2; Utel, S; UU, S.— 



AS. lytel \ cp. OS. lutHl, ORG. luzil {Ot^ 


Xiyth, sb, property; lythe, dot., HD. 
Phr. : lend anA Utli, PP. Notes (p. 326) ; 
lend ne Uth, HD.— Cp. Icel. lydr, the 
common people ; lyti-skylda, the homage 
of a liegeman to his lord. Cf. ILeod. 

LySeu, v. to listen, S, PP, HD ; Uthen, 
PP ; llBe, S ; UKe«, imp. pi., S, G ; lytlietli, 
G. — Icel. hlytia, from hljdtt, hearing, what 
is heard, a sound. See £owd. 

Ly8er, adj. bad, H, PP; llKer, S2, PP ; 
see ^ffSer. 

Jajvev^f sb. something delivered to a 
dependent, livery, C ; lyrerey (of cloth or 
other gifts), liberata. Prompt., G ; lyve-^ 
ray, corrodium^ Cath.; levere, B. — AF. 
liveree, delivery, livery ; Late Lat. liberata 

Ly^en, v. to lie, tell lies, S2, PP ; ll)en, 
S; Uhen, to deceive, S; lye, S; lyte, 
PP ; ligen, S ; lixt, 2/r. s., PP, G ; Urte, 
PP; le3lie))p,/r.j.,S; Uli«,PP,S2; Uth, 
PP ; lyjetJ, S2 ; lowe, 2pt. s., PP ; ly^ede, 
pt. s. {weak), PP ; liffhed, //. [weak), S2 ; 
In^en, pi., S ; lowen, pp., concealed by 
lying, S; lowen vpon, lied against, PP; 
l-lo^e, lied, S.— AS. kogan, pt. kag (pi. 
lugon), pp. logen. 

Ly^ere, sb. liar, S2, PP ; leirlMre, H ; 
l^ere, PP, S ; lyjers,//., S2.— AS. l^ogere, 

Ly^te, pt. s. alighted, PP ; ly5t, pp.^ 
S2 ; see Xdirl&te. 


C, the first letter of master or master- 
ship, S3. 

Ka, V. to make, S2 ; see Make. 

Ka, adv. more, S, S2 ; see Xo. 

Kacef sb. mace, club, PP, Cath., Voc; 
sceptrum, ND, Manip. ; nuui, //., B; 
masis, B; macyss, B. — AF. mace (F. 
masse) ; cp. Low Lat. massa (Ducange) ; 
It. mazza ; Late Lat. matia ; Lat. *maiea 
(found in mateold) ; see Diez. 

Kacor, sb. mace-bearer (in court of 
justice) ; maoeres, pi., PP. 

Kacnll, sb. stain, S3. Lat. macula. 

Kad, adj. mad, foolish, PP ; maad, SD ; 
made, Cath. ; mad, sb., a mad person, S2 ; 

Kad, //. made, S, C, G ; see Xaken. 

Kadden, v, to be mad, PP ; madditli, 
pr. s., W ; maddist, 2 pr. s., W ; maddid, 

pt. s., maddened, PP ; pp. W. 

ICadii sb. kinsman, S ; mai, S ; mey, S ; 
may, a person, S2. — AS. m^g{^. mdgas) : 
Goth, megs ; see Sievers, 17. Cf. Xay. 

Km, pr. s. may, can, S ; mai, S ; may, 
S2 ; maiflT, S; mai^, S; met, S; mey, 
S2 ; ma^le, maBB, S ; maht, 2 pr. .r., S ; 
mahht, S ; ml^t, S ; miht, S, S2 ; mililit, 
S ; mybt, S, S2 ; ma^en, //., S ; malien, 
S ; mahe, S ; mawe, S ; mowen, S ; 
mo, S; mowe, S, S3, C; mnge, S; 
mnhe, S ; mnee, S ; mwne, S ; mnwen, 
S ; mn^en, S ; mn^henn, S ; mnje, S ; 
monn, S, W; monwen, S; mown, S2; 
mo3e, S2 ; mow, P ; y^may, S3. Comb. : 
maistow, mayest thou, S3. — AS. tnag, I 



can, 3 pr. s., meaht, miht, pi. magoUy opt 
mcege, mage, mugCy pi. mahan, mugon. See 

d, sb, mass-day, S; see 

Kahoun, sb. Mahomet, S2 ; MahoTinde, 

HD. — OF. Mahom, Mahoms, also Mahum, 
Mahumet (Roland); Arab. Muhammedy 
* the praised.' Cf. Xauinet. 

Kaht; seeX«L 

Kahte, //. s. might, S; mUite, S; 
miohte, S ; migte, S ; miote, S ; mylite, 
S ; mouote, S ; mnlite, S ; mljte, S2 ; 
Biuglit, S2, H ; ]n73te, S2 ; mouglit, S3, 
H; mocht,//., S2; mo^ht, Sa. Comb.: 
BiUiti (for mzAte At), might they, S ; militi 
(for miAt /), might I, S2 ; mailitoii, 
mightest thou, PP. — AS. meaAte, mi Ate, 
pt. s. of mag, I can. See Xni. 

Kaille, sb. mail-armonr, C2 ; uaylle, 
Cath. ; male, S3, Cath. ; maylMi, //., 
SkD. — OF, maille\ Lat. macula. See 

Kakei sb. mate, sponse^ S, S2, S3, C, 
C2, P, Prompt. ; makes, //., S2 ; makes, 
S2 ; makys, S3. — AS. {ge)maca. 

KakeUy v. to make, canse, build, com- 
pose, write, PP, S; xnakien, S; macien, 
S; makye, S2 ; mak, S2; ma, S2, B; 
JosAn, pr. s., B, S2 ; mas, S2 : mals,//., B ; 
m.akede, //. J., S; machede, S; makked, 
//., S2 ; maden, S, PP; maked, //., PP, 
S, C; maad, C, PP; mad, S, C, G; 7- 
maked, S2, C2 ; y-maad, S2, C2 ; y-mad, 
S2 ; 1-maked, S ; 1-maket, S2 ; 1-made, 
P ; 1-mad, G ; hi-makede, S. — AS. mac- 
ian ; cp. OHGr. macAdn (Otfrid). 

KalDer, sb. maker, writer, author, SkD, 
Cath., ND ; makyere, S2. 

Kale, sb. bag, portmanteau, mail, C, 
C3, Prompt, Cath.; males, //., P.— OF. 
male (Cotg.) ; cp. Low Lat. mala (Du- 

Kl^encolyei sb, melancholy, PP ; ma- 
lencolle, C, Prompt. ; malicoly, WA. — 
OF. melancolie. 

Kalencolyk, adj. melancholy, C — 
OF. melancolique. 

Kalenginei sb. wicked artifice, HD ; 
tnalengyne, malice, evil disposition, S3. — 
AF. malengin, fraud, ill-meaning; engin, 
deceit, treadiery (Bartsch). 

Kalese, sb. sickness, PP; male ese, 
"W ; male ess, B. — OF. malaise (Cotg.). 

KalicOf sb. evil, W. — AF. malice ; Lat. 


Kalunm, sb. malediction, S, H, ND ; 
malisoun, C3. — OF. malison, maleiceon, 
maldeceon, maldisson (Ps. 108. 17); Lat. 

Kalliable, adj\ malleable, C3.— OF. 
malleable, pliant to the hammer, hammer- 
able (Co^.)- 

Mftltlftl^Tr, sb, a mameluke, S3. — Arab. 
mamlUk, a slave, a possession, from wuUaka^ 
he possessed ; cp. It. matnaliicco (Florio). 

Kamely, v, to mumble, P ; see 

Kan, \pr, s. I must, SD; 2 pr. pi, S2, 
B ; see Xon. 

Kan, sb. man, any one, S ; husband, W ; 
mAnn, S ; men, S2 ; mon, S, S2 ; m*^«w^ 
dat., S; me, S, S2, S3, W; msBii, //., S; 

msBnn, S ; maanen, gen., S ; maane, S2 ; 
mannen, manne, dat., S; mesne, S. 
Comb. : maaked(e), manhood, S2, C ; 
maalieid, S2 ; maaidn, mankind, S ; mon- 
kin, S ; menenn, S ; masUken, S ; maa- 
kunne, S ; mon-knnne, S ; maa- 
qnalm, pestilence, H ; nuui-q:aellere, mur- 
derer, executioner, S2, S3, W, W2; mon- 
qnellere, S; man-red(e), homage, S; 
nuuuscipe, homage, honour, S; moa- 
slaBe, man-slayer, S; man-slecht, man- 
slaughter, S ; man-sleiht, S ; maiusleere, 
murderer, W2; mon-pewes, the morality 
of a grown up man, S. — AS. man, 

Kanace, sb. threat, C, SkD; manas, 
S2, WA, SkD ; manance, B ; maaassls, 
manaasls, //., W. — OF. manace\ Lat. 
minacia ; see Constans. 

Kanacen, v. to threaten, C2, PP ; 
manasslde, pt. s., S2, W; manaasslde, 
W2 ; mananssrt, B. — OF. menacer. 

Kanasyng, sb. threatening, C, B. 

Kan-aO; sb. perjury, SD; maaa3$as, 
//., S. — AS. mdn-dd; cp. Icel. mein-eiSr. 
AS. mdn, wicked, wickedness; cp. Icel. 
meinn, base, mein, harm. 

Kanciple, sb. purveyor, S ; see Xana- 

Kanden, v. to send forth, to command, 
S2. — OF. mander; Lat ptandare, 

Kandragora, sb. mandrake, ND ; 
maadrofforis, pi., W2. — OF. mandragore 
(Cotg.) ; Lat. mandragora (Vulg.). 

Kandrak, sb. mandrake, Voc. ; nuuu 
draff^e. Prompt. ; maadxaere, Cal^. 

Kane, sb. complaint, S2 ; see Xoae. 

Kaner, sb. manor, PP; maaere, P, 
Voc. ; aiaaoir, PP ; aiaaers, //., farms, 
possessions, W; maaexes, P. — AF. manere. 


matter, manoir \ Late Lat. manerium (Da- 

ManerOy sb. a kind, sort, also manner, 
custom, S, S2, C, F ; manelr, S2 ; mauer, 
S3, C, P ; measure, moderation, W ; mail- 
ers,//., S2. Phr, : of mauere, in his be- 
haviour, C2 ; maner doctrine, kind of 
doctrine, C2 ; maner thlnfT) maner eer^ 
tfeant, maner wyee, maner wyir^t, C2. 
— AF. manere ; Late Lat. maneria, a kind, 
species (Ducange). 

Kaagen, Kangerie; see xann^ 

tfen, Xannirerye. 

Kanidey ^b. manacle, Cotg. ; manjole. 
Prompt; manakelle, Cath. ; manjkils, 
//., H. — AF. manicle\ Lat. maniculay 
dimin. of manica, glove, handcuff. 

Kaniplef sb. a scarf-like ornament worn 
about the left wrist of a sacrificing priest 
(Cotg.). — OF. manople (Cotg.). 

KankOf sb. mancus, a piece of money, 
S ; Low Lat. mancus (Ducange). 

Kanliclie. adj. humane, P; manly, 
adv., boldly, 82, G ; monlnker, comp.y S. 

Kaasod, pp. excommunicated, cursed, 
P; moneede, PP. — For aman5ed\ AS. 
amdnsed. See Amansien. 

KEaasion, sb. mansion (a term in astro- 
logy), C2. — AF. mansion ; Late Lat. man- 

Kaately sb. mantle, S ; mentU, W2. — 
AF. mantel. 

Kantelet, sb. a little mantle, C. — OF. 
mantelet (Cotg.). 

Kantled, //• covered, adorned with 
flowers, S3 ; 1-mantlet, mantled, S. 

Kanye, adj. many, PP; manl^re, S; 
mani^e, S; manle, manl, S; moni, S, 
S2 ; mony, S. Comb. : manlfeald, mani- 
fold, S; manlfald, S; manl^refold, S; 
monlfEJd, moninold, S; manlfteldlice, 
manifold, S ; monyrolde, S2 ; monimon, 
S2 ; monion, 82 ; manlB-whatt, many a 
subject, S ; manywhat, S2. — AS. manig. 

ICarcliaimdise, sb. merchandise, traf- 
fic, PP; marchanndye, S2. — AF. mar- 

Karchannt, sb. merchant, PP; mar- 
cliants, //., S2; marchans, PP. — AF. 
merchant, merchaunt, OF. marchiant, mar- 
ceant (Bartsch); Late JLat. mercatantem, 
see Brachet. 

ISarchey sb» the month of March, 
Prompt. ; mendie, 82. — Late Lat. marcius 
(Prompt); Lat. martius^ the month of 



Karcliei sb. a border of a territory, dis- 
trict, province, PP, Cath. Comb. : maroh- 
parti, border-country, S3. — AF. marche. 

Karclien, v. to border, SD ; marohetb 
to, borders on, 82. 

Karehen, v. to march, go, PP.~OF. 
marcher (Cotg.). 

, adj. comp. greater, S ; see More. 

, sb. morning, 82 ; see Xorwe. 

Kargarite, sb. pearl, Cath., W, W2 ; 
marffrite, WA ; margery. Prompt. ; 
margaritie,//., W. Comb.\ iuaTg9ry{(By 
perlee, pearls, S2, PP, Palsg. — Lat. mar- 
garita (Vulg.) ; Gr. fiapyaphrfs. 

Karie, v. to give in marriage, PP; 
marleden, pi. pi., were married, PP; 
marled, PP ; y-marled, PP.— OF. marier\ 
Lat. maritare. 

Karie, interj. marry ! i. e. by 8. Maiy ! 
C3 ; marl, PP. 

Kark, sb. a coin. Prompt., C3, PP; 
marke, PP ; mark, //., C3 ; marc, S3. — 
AF. marc; cp. Low Lat marca (Ducange). 

KarkiSy sb. marquis, C2. — AF. marchis; 
Low Lat marchensis, the governor of the 
marches or frontiers. See Xarohe. 

Karkisesse, sb. marchioness, C2. 

Karle, sb. marl, creta, Cath., Voc; 
marie, marga, Manip.; marl, chalk, 
Prompt — OF. marie (mod. mame); Late 
Lat. margila ; dimin. of marga (Pliny). 

Karl-pytte, sb. chalk-pit. Prompt 
Karlyd, cuij. cretatus, Prompt.; y- 
marled, 82. 

Marschaly sb. marshal, steward, C, 
PP; marohal,PP; martMhall, 6 ; mars- 
challe, Cath. ; maresclial, PP. — AF. 

mareschcU {marckal)\ Low Lat. maris- 
calcus ; OHG. ' maraschalh, a horse- 
servant; OHG. marah + OHG. schalh\ 
Goth, skalks. See Xere. 

Kartrey sb. marten, a kind of weasel. 
SkD.— OF. martre, Cf. XertS. 

ik» sb. marten, 83 ; mertrlk, JD. 
arlryji, sb, marten's fur, HD ; mar- 
terns, pL, HD ; marterona, HD ; ma- 
trons, HD. 

Karl^ry sb. mart3rr, Cath. — ^AF. martir\ 
Church Lat martyr (Vulg.) ; Gr. fxAfyrvp, 

ISartyTy v. to torment, Cath.; mar- 
tsrre, C. — AF. marttrer. 

SCartyrdonidy sb. torment, martyrdom, 
Cath. ; martlrdam, C. 

Kaxyf sb. marrow, C, C3, Prompt., 
Cath. {n) ; marfflie^ (^ath. ; mergb, H ; 



merghe, Cath. (n\ H ; mar;, Cath. (n) ; 
merow^y W2; merowls, //., Wa. — AS. 

Mascheily v, to mash, beat into a 
confused mass; masohyn (in brewing), 
Prompt. ; meslie, S. — Cp. MHG. meisch ; 
see Kluge. 

Kase, sb, maze, confiision, a wild fancy, 
confused throng, P, S2, C. 

Mased, pp. confused, bewildered, WA, 
PP, S2, C3. 

Masednesse, sb, amaze, C2. 

Kaselichey adv. confusedly, SkD (s.y. 

KaseliUy sb. a kind of drinking-cup, 
sometimes made of maslinj HD ; xnaselyn, 
C2. See Xestling'. 

Massage, sb. message, S3 ; see Xewutcre. 

Kassef sb. mass, P ; see Xeme. 

Mast, most, S2 ; see Xost. 

ISastiljOII, sb. mixtilioy a mixture of 
wheat and rye, Cath.; xnastlyone, HD 
{s.y. mas/in); mastline, ND; mestlyoxLe, 
mixtilio, Prompt. — Late Lat. mestillionem, 
mistilianem, mestilonem^ see Ducange (s.v. 
mixtum)y also mixtilionem (Voc.) ; cp. 
OF. mesteil {meteU'm Coig.). Cp.Xesttln^. 

Mat, pt. s. measured, W ; see Xeten. 

Mate, adj. defeated utterly, confounded, 
exhausted, dispirited, B, SkD ; mat, C3 ; 
maat, C, S3. — OF. mat ; Arab, mdt, dead 
(used in chess). 

Mate, sb. checkmate, S3. 

Maten, v. to checkmate, defeat, con- 
found, S3, HD; matyxL, Prompt. — OF. 

Matere, sb. material, stuff, matter, sub- 
ject, S2, C, C2, C3, PP; mater, PP ; ma- 
teere, C, PP ; matlere, S2 ; materia, S2. 
— OF. matere ; Lat. materia. 

MaSelen, v. to talk, S. — AS. matieltan, 
to harangue, from mc^el, council, meeting ; 
cp. Goth. mathljaUy to speak, from mathl, 
a meeting-place, market, also Icel. mcela, 
from mdl't herewith is connected Low Lat. 
mallum^ parliament. 

MaSem, sb. treasure, SD ; jnaAai»n,pl., 
S. — AS. mdCum {rnddm). 

Matrixnoyne, sb. matrimony, C ; ma- 
termoyn, H. — AF. matrimonie ; Lat. ma- 

Mangpre, prep. in spite of, S2, S3, C, 
C2 ; mauffree, S2 ; mawirre, C ; maw- 
ffrelth, PP.~OF. maugre (F. malgri)\ 
hex, malum + gratum. 


Maugre, sb. illwill, PP ; mawffre, S2» 
P ; mawffry, Cath. ; mag'^er, S3. Phr. : 
in the mx^^vr of, in spite of, S3; addylle 
mawffry, demeritare, Cath. 

Maximet, sb. idol, puppet, doll, ND, S2,. 
PP; mawmet,W, H; maimient, Prompt., 
Cath. ; mawmei, mawmez, //., S ; maiu 
mettls, W ; maiimetjs, mawmetts, //., 
H ; mammets, Sh. — OF. mahumet, idol, 
also Muhammed. See Xahoim. 

MaHJUettriey sb. idolatry, Mahomet* 
anism, S2 ; manmettrye, C3 ; mainiLetry, 
H ; mawmetrye, PP ; mawmentrye, 
Prompt. ; manmentry, WA. 

Manncipley sb. purveyor, C, C3 ; man- 
ciple, S. — OF. mancipe\ Olt. mancipiOy 
slave, vassal, bailiff, manciple; Lat. man- 
cipium, slave, properly possession, property. 
For the intrusive /, see Cronlole. 

Maundee. sb. maundy, the washing of 
the disciples' feet, PP.— -OF. mandi\ Church 
Lat. mandatum, the foot-washing (Du- 
cange) ; Lat. mandatum, something com- 
manded. See Xanden. 

Maundementy sb. commandment, W, 
PP; manndemeiui, //., S2. — OF. mande- 
ment (Cotg.). 

Maungen, v. to eat, PP; mannir^d, 
pp., P ; l-maunget, S2 ; manged, PP. — 

OF. mangier; Lat. mundu^are. 

Manngerye, sb. a feast, PP; man- 
gerie, PP; mangerye, G. — AF. man- 

Mavis, sb. the thrush, Cotg. ; mavlee. 
Prompt. ; mavys, Palsg. ; m.avym, S3. — 
OF. mauvis (Cotg.); cp. It. maltUccio 

Mawe, sb. maw, stomach, C2, C3, W2, 
PP; maw, PP; maglie {^Tmlva), H. — 
AS. mxiga (Voc). 

Mawe, Mayct ; see Xnl. 

May, sb. the month of May, PP ; mey, 
S2. — OF. mat; Lat. maius. 

May, sb. a virgin, S2, S3, C3, PP, JD.— 
AS. magy ' (cognata) femina, virgo ; ' see 
Grein. Cf. XsbI. 

May, p>r, s. may, can, S2 ; see XsiL 

May, adj. comp. pi. more in number, B ; 
see Xo. 

Mayde, sb. maid, PP, SkD; maide, 
PP, S ; meide, S ; mede, S. 

Mayden, sb. maiden, PP; maydene^ 
PP ; meiden, S, SkD ; msBiden, S ; may- 
denes, pl.y bachelors and spinsters, PP; 
maidenes, S; maydnes, S. — AS. maden 
(Voa), magden (Grein). 


MaydenhodCe), sb. virginity, PP, C; 
maydenliede, C3 ; meldenliad, SkD. 

MajrUy J^- strength, S3, G, PP, B; 
main, S : mane, B. — AS. magen ; cp. Icel. 

Mayne, sb, a company, S2 ; mayny, 
S2 ; see Xeyne. 

Kaynflll, adj, powerful, SD; mein- 
ftOe, S. 

Kajrre, sb. mayor, PP; maize, PP; 
meyr, Prompt.; maires, //., P; meires, 
S2, PP; moTrls, chief justices, W.— AF. 
meyre, metre, meir, maire ; Lat. maioremy 

Kayster, sb. master, S, C, S3 ; mays- 
tyr. Prompt.; maister, S, C, C2, S2 ; 
maistre, P ; melster, S ; maistres, //., 
S2, G. P; maiBtrls, W2.— OF. maistre-, 
Lat. magistrum. 

Kayster, adj. chief; maister, C, C2 ; 
meister, S. — OF. maistre, 

Kaysterfdl, adj. powerful; malstir- 


Kaystressey sb. mistress, Prompt.; 
maistresse, S2, C2. — OF. maistresse 

Maystrye, sb. mastery. Prompt, PP, 
S2 ; mai8tzi(e), S2, W2 ; maistzy, S3 ; 
maistre, C ; meystry, S2 ; mastry, B. — 
OF. maistHe, 

Ke, conj. but, S, SD. — Cp. OLG. men. 

Ke, pron. indef. a man, one, people, PP, 
S, S2, S3, W ; see Xen. 

Mearren, v. to mar, S ; see Xerren. 

ISebles, sb. pi. moveable property, PP ; 
see Xobyle. 

KedOy sb. mead (the drink), C2, Prompt. ; 
methe, SkD ; meth, CM. — AS. meodu 
(see Sievers, 106) ; cp. Gr. itJkBv. 

Kede, sb. mead, meadow, S, C, PP; 
medewe. Prompt. Comb, : medwe-irrene, 
green as a meadow, S2. — AS. mcid (pi. 
mcidwd) ; see Sievers, 259. 

Kedei sb. reward, bribery, S, S2, S3, 
W2, P ; meede, S2, G ; meed, S3 ; meede, 
C, W. Comb. : med-^ieme, yearning for 
reward, S; medyome, S. — AS. m^d: 
OMerc. meord (OET) : Goth, mizdo ; see 
Sievers, 181. 

Keden, v. to reward, PP, Prompt. 

Kedleei adj. mixed in colour, C ; 
medle, Prompt. — OF. medle^ mesle. Cf. 

Kedlen, v. to mix. Prompt., C3, W2, 
W ; mell, S3 ; melland,/r./., B ; melles. 



pr. .r., H ; mellede, //. s., S2 ; meUid, 
PP; meUit, //., S3; y-melled, S2; y. 
medled, S3. — OF. medler, mesler; Late 
Lat. misculare, from miscere, 

Medlynffey sb. mixture, joining ; medd- 
lynffe, W, W2 ; mellyng*, mingling, fight- 
ing, S2. 

Bledwe-greiie, adj. green as a meadow, 
S2 ; see Xede. 

Meel, sb. a stated time, meal, C, C3 ; 
mel, S; mele,//., meal- times, S; meeles, 
S2, PP ; meles, PP.— AS. mc&l : Goth, mel ; 
see Sievers, 17. 

Meideu, sb. maiden, S ; see Xayden. 

Meined, pp* mixed, S2 ; meint, S3 ; 
see Xeng'en. 

Meinfale, adj. powerful, S ; see Xayn- 


Keire, sb. mayor, S2 ; see Xayre. 

Keister, adj. chief, S ; see Xayster. 

ISeister, sb. master, S ; see Xayster* 

ISeistrey sb. mistress, S. 

ISeistreUy v. to be master of, S. 

ISeiS-hadi sb. virginity; meiVliades, 
gen., S. — AS. magtihdSy from m^gd^ virgin, 
woman : Goth, magaths ; see Sievers, 49. 

ISeke, adj. meek, C, C2, Prompt.; meoo, 
S. — Icel. mjiikr, soft. 

ISekely, adv. meekly. Prompt. ; mekly, 
S2 ; meocli^, S. 

ISekBU, V. to render meek, to humble, 
S2, S3, W, W2, P, Prompt. 

Kekenesse, sb. softness, clemency, 
Prompt. ; meknes, S2 ; meocnesse, S. 

ISekil, adj. much, S3 ; see Xochel. 

ISel, sb. a meal, S ; see Xeel. 

ISeldeily V. to show, SD ; meld, to ac- 
cuse, S2. — AS. meldian (Voc); cp. OHG. 
melddn (Otfrid). 

Kdle, sb. meal, ground com, S, PP. — 
AS. meolu (Sievers, 249); cp. OHG. melo 

ISeleily V. to speak, to converse, PP, 
S2, WA; melleth, pr. s.j P; mellnd, 

pi. s., P. — AS. (ge)m<hlan, 

ISdllv V' to mix, mingle, meddle, fight 
with, B, S3, H, WA ; see Xedlen. 

ISell^, sb. an affray, contest, medley, 
B. — OF. mellee, meslee. Cf. Xedlee. 

ISellere, sb. miller, C ; see Xylnere. 

ISel-stan, sb. millstone, S ; see Xylle. 

Melten, v. to melt, PP ; molte, //. s,, 
S3. — AS. mellan, pt. s. mealt {tndlt\ pi. 
multon, pp. molten, 




Kembre, sb, member, limb, PP. — AF. 
membre\ Lat. membrum, 

Slexiy pron. indef, a man, one, people, 
PP, S2 ; me, S. See Kan. 

Slexidy adj. common, poor, mean, PP, 
S3 ; meane, S. — AS. {ge)m<2nei common. 

Mene, adj. mean, middle, S2, C3 ; 
meyne, Cath. Comb.: menewMle, mean- 
while, S2 ; menewlilles, S2. — AF. mene ; 
OF. meiain (F. moyen) ; Lat. medianum. 

Mene, sb. a mean, mediator, PP, HD; 
meane, S3 ; menes,//., means, S2, C3, P. 
See above. 

Menen, v. to mean, signify, to intend, 
PP, S, CM, S2, WA. 

Menen, v, to remember, H, HD; 
moyne, B< 

Uenen, v. to complain, lament, be- 
moan, S2, PP, WA ; meyne, B ; menys, 
pr. s., S3 ; menyt,/^. j., S2 ; ment, S2. — 
AS. m<knan, to make moan, complain. See 

Uen^fen, v. to commemorate, mention, 
remember, PP, WA ; mung-e, PP ; 
mlneiren, S; meniren liere, v. refl. to 
remember herself, reflect, PP. — AS. {^ge)- 
fnynegian, to remember, remind. 

Kengen, v. to mix, PP, H, S2 ; minir- 
en, S3 ; myng-en, W ; msrnglde, pt. s., 
W ; meynde, S ; maslng-de, S ; l-mengd, 
pp.y S; meynd, S, S2, W; meined, S2; 
meint, S3 ; meynt^ S3 ; ment, S3 ; y- 
menfifd, S2 ; y-meynd, C ; 1-melnd, S. — 
AS. {ge)mengan. 

Kennesse, sb. commnnion, fellowship, 
S2. See Mene. 

KennisCy adj. humanus^ SD; man- 
nlsli, man-like, C3. — AS. mennisc, man- 
nish, human ; cp. Icel. mennskr. 

MenilisSCle;;c, sb. humanity, S. 

Mennisscnesse, sb. hnmanity, S. 

Kenske, sb. honour, dignity among 
men, S, S2, HD; mensk, S2, B; mensc, 
favour, S2. — Icel. mennskat humanity. 

Menskelye, adv. worthily, reverently, 
S2 ; menskly, B. 

Mensken, v. to honour, S, HD, S2, P. 

Kenskfal, adj. worshipful, noble, S2. 

Menskfally, adv. honourably, B. 

Kenstralcye, sb. minstrelsy, C ; see 

Kent ; see Kenen (3) and Mengen. 

Mentil, sb. mantle, W2 ; see Kantel. 

BEenoseny v. to minish, make less, SkD, 
WW, CM ; minyalie, S3.— AF. mmuser, 


OF. menuisier ; Late Lat, minutiare, from 
minutus, lessened. 

Slenyngey sb. meaning, signification, 
intention, PP. 

Menynsf (e). sb. remembrance, mention, 

Menyng(e), sb. complaining, PP. 

Men^e, a company, S2 ; men^be, S2 ; 
see Keyne. 

Meobles, sb. pi., moveable property, 
PP ; see Mobyle. 

MeoCy adj. meek, S ; see Keke. 

Meocle^^Cy sb. meekness, S. — Icel. 
mjiikleikr^ nimbleness. 

Meocnessey sb. meekness, S ; see 

Slercyy sb. mercy. Prompt. ; meroi, S ; 
meroy, (your) pardon, P. — AF. merci, OF. 
mercid; Late Lat. mercedem, a gratuity, 
pity, mercy ; in Lat. pay, reward. 

Mercyable, adj. merciful, C2, PP. 

Mercy en, v. to thank, PP, S2 ; mer- 
oien, to amerce, fine, PP. — OF. fnercier, 
to thank. 

Mercyuenty sb. amercement, fine, P, 
Prompt., Cath. — Late Lat. merciamentum. 

Uerey adj. famous, S; mare, S. — AS. 
m<kre {m6re) : Goth, mers ; see Fick (7. 
233), and Sievers, 17. 

Slerey sb. a mare, S2, C, Cath. ; meere. 
Prompt. — AS. nierCj f. of mearhyhox^ ; cp. 
Olr. marc. 

Mere, sb. limit, boundary, S2 ; meer. 
Prompt. Comb. : mere-stane, boundary 
stone, Cath.— AS. {ge)mkre. 

Mere, sb. sea, a mere, Prompt., WA. 
Comb. : mexe-mayd, mermaid, siren, CM ; 
mermayde, C ; mere-swin, porpoise, SD ; 
mersnine, //., S2. — AS. m^re, sea, lake : 
OHG. m/iri'y cp. Goth, marei. 

Merels, sb. pi. merelles, or nine men's 
morris, S3. — OF. merelles (Cotg.) ; merel 
(Ducange) ; cp. Low Lat. merellus, meral- 
lus, a counter, token, a piece in draughts 
(Ducange) ; see Brachet. 

Merghe, sb. marrow, H, Cath. («) ; see 

MergMd, pp» full of marrow, H. 

Meridional, adj. southern, C2. — OF. 
meridional (Cotg.). From Lat meridies, 

Merke, adj. dark, mirk, murky, PP, 
CM, S2, H ; mlrke, S, S2, H ; mypk, S2, 
H; merk, PP; meerk, PP. — AS. myrce, 
mircC) mure, cp. Icel. myrkr, Dan. mork. 




Kerke, sb. darkness, PP. 

Merkenesse, sb. darkness, PP ; mixk- 
enes, 82, H ; mjxkneu, S2, H. 

Merle, sb. blackbird, S3, ND.— OF. 
mgr/g (Cotg.) ; Lat. merula. 

Kerling, sb. the whiting, S2, Maiiip., 
Cotg. ; merlyxifife, Prompt. — OF. merlan 
(Cotg.), from Lat. merula (cp. Late Lat. 
merula in Voc. 642. 13). 

Uerlioili sh. merlin, a small hawk, CM ; 
luerlyone, Prompt. ; marlln, Cotg. — OF. 
esmerillon (Cotg.), dimin. of *esmerle; 
cp. It. smerlo (Florio), G. schmerl. 

Kermayde, sb, mermaid, C; see 
Mere, sb. (^3). 

Merren, v. to mar, S ; mearren, S ; 
marre, PP ; merrtiS, pr. pl.^ S. — AS. mer- 
ran (in compounds) : OS. merrian, to hin- 
der : OHG. marrjan : Goth, marzjan. 

Mersche, sb, marsh, SkD; merslie, 
dat.^ S. — AS. mersc, 

Mershe, sb, March, S2 ; see Karolie. 

MersniXLey sb, pi, porpoises, S2 ; see 
Mere, sb, (3). 

Merthe, sb. mirth, PP ; see Kurtlie. 

Memeile, sb, marvel, wonder, PP; 
meraeyle, S2 ; meraalUe, C2 ; mervaylle, 
C. — OF. merveille ; Lat. mirabilia (n. pi.). 

Meraeill01is(e)y adj, marvellous, C2, 
PP. — OF. merveillos. 

Mery, adj. merry, cheerful, pleasant, 
PP ; merle, S, C, C2 ; merye, W2 ; xnlxl, 
S; xnlrye, CM; myxy. Prompt.; myxie, 
W2 ; murl(e), S, C ; merle, adv.., S2, C2 ; 
muryer, comp,, P; myrlest, superl.y S2. 
Comb. : merlmake, merrymaking, S3 ; 
merle men, followers, C2 ; myrytottyr, a 
merry totter, swing, Prompt. ; myry weder, 
pleasant weather. Prompt.; mery weder, 
Prompt. («), Bardsley (p. 473). — AS. merg 

Kes-y prefix ; mis- ; mys-. — OF. mes- ; 
Lat. minusy see Constans. 

BEesanentury sb. misadventure, S; 
mefUbuiitiire, S2 ; mlsaue]itiire,'C2, C3. 

BEeSCliaTlXLCey sb, mischance, S2, C, 
C2,P; mysoliaiuice, S2. 

Keschetiexi, v. to come to mischief, 
SD ; mlscbeefe, destruere, Manip. 

Mesckiefi sb. ill-fortune, C ; mysohief, 
S2, P ; io!LBcld»te,fiagitium^ Manip. 

Meseise, sb. discomfort, PP, S2 ; mis- 
elae, PP ; myselse, PP, S2, W ; myseese, 
W ; myseyse, adj., uneasy, P ; mesalse, 
sb.f S. 



Meseiste, sb, poverty; myselste, W2. 

Mesel, sb. leper, CM, PP, W.— AF. 
mesel\ Late Lat. misellus, leper (Ducange), 
dimin. of Lat. miser, wretched. 

Keselrye, sb. leprosy, Cath. {ft) ; me- 
sylery, Voc. — OF. m^sellerie, leprosy (Du- 
cange). See above. 

Meson-den, sb. hospital, PP ; malson- 
dewe, Cath. {n\ HD ; masyndewe, Cath. ; 
mesondleux, //., P. — OF. maison Dieu, 
hospital (Cotg.). 

Message, sb. mission, message, mes- 
senger, S2, C3 ; massairey S3. — AF. mes- 
sage ; Late Lat. missaticum (Brachet). 

Messatfer, sb, messenger, S2, C, C2, 
^3) ^i PP; masafifer, PP; measang-er, 
PP.^-AF. messager, 

Messe, sb. mass, S, P ; mess, S3 ; 
masse, P ; messes,//., P. Comb. : messe- 
"bok, mass-book, S ; messe-oos, mass-kiss, 
S; msBsse-ftnl, niass-day, S ; messe-g-ere, 
mass-gear, S ; masse-peny, mass-fee, S3 ; 
massepans, //., P. — ^AS. masse ; Church 
Lat. missa. 

Meste, adj. superl. greatest, chief, S, 
S2 ; meste, C2 ; see Most. 

Mester, sb. art, trade, occupation, PP, 
C, CM ; mestler, PP, HD ; meister, S ; 
meoster, S ; myster, PP, B ; mister, B ; 
mistelr, B. Phr. : mester men, sort of 
men, C. — OF. and AF. mester, mestier, 
occupation, business, need; Lat. minis- 
terium, see Brachet (s.v. metier). 

Mester, sb, need, want; mister, S2, 
B, HD, Cath. ; myster, C, B ; mystelr, 
S2 ; mystnr, HD ; mystir, B ; mystere, 
HD, H. The same word as above, see 
NQ (6. 4. 161). 

Mestling, sb. a kind of mixed metal, 
Cath. (/. 230, n. 3) ; masalyne, Cath. — 
AS. mastling{mastlinCf * auricalcos,* Voc). 
Cf. Kaselln. 

Mestling, sb. mixed com, Cath. (/. 
33o» n. 3) ; mastlyn, HD ; massUn, Cotg. 
(s. V. melail); maslin, HD; meslin, 
Prompt. (/. 335 n), Cotg. (s. y. Iramois); 
messUxLfif, Cotg. Cf. KastllBon. 

Meanrable, adj. moderate, C, C2, C3, 
P; mesnrabnl, S2. 

Mesnre, sb. measure, moderation, S2, 
C2, PP; mesur, S2, B; meosure, S. — 
AF. mesure ; Lat. mensura. 

Met, sb. measure, moderation, S ; mete, 
dal., S; meete, S2. — AS. {ge)met. Cf. 

Mete, adj. meet, fitting, close-fitting, S2, 

L 2 



S3, Prompt.— AS. m^tey tight-fitting; cp. 
{ge)mety meet, fit, see SkD. 

Mete* sb. food, a meal, feast, S, S2, C, 
W2, PP; meten, //., S; meetLs, W2. 
Comb.i iiiet«-gxao08, graces at meat, S; 
mete-niSiiiires, meat-niggards, S. — AS. 
mete (OET) : Goth, mats, firom matjan, 
to eat ; see Sievers, 263. 

Ketels, sb. dream, vision, PP ; xn^teles, 
PP. See below. 

Meten, v. to dream, CM, PP, S ; meet- 
en, S2, PP; xuette, pt, s., C2, P; xnet, 
pp.f C. — AS. m<ktan. 

Meten, v. to paint, design, SD ; metedd, 
PP-t s. 

Meten, v. to meet, PP ; mette, //. j., 
S. — AS. mitan : OS. mdtian. From AS. 
mdt. See Moot. 

Meten, v, to mete, measure, S2 ; meete, 
y^2 ; mete, P ; met, S2 ; meten, pr. pi., 
W ; mat, pt. s., W. — AS. {ge)metan ; cp. 
Goth, mitan, see Sievers, 19. 

Mete-wand, J^. a measuring stick, WW. 

Mete-yarde, sb, measuring-rod^ S3, 

Meth, adj. mild, courteous, HD; methe, 

Meth, sb. moderation, mildness, S, S2, 
WA; mea^, S; mepe, S2. — AS. mats, 

If ethes-chele, sb. marten's skin, S. — 
AS* meard (Voc). 

MeS-fdl, adj, moderate, S. 

Me8-les, adj. immoderate; me]>eles, 

Metrete, sb. measure, W. — Lat. metreta 

Metyn^fCe), sb. dreaming, PP; met- 
Inire, S. — AS. mating (Grein). 

Metyn^fe, sb. measuring, measure ; met- 
ing-e, S2. 

Menen, v. to move, suggest, PP; 
meued, //., S3 ; see Kouen. 

Mewe, sb. a coop for fowls, C, C2, 
Manip. ; mne, SD. — OF. mue^ a coop for 
fowls, the moulting of feathers (Cotg.). 
See below. 

Mewen, v. to mew, moult, SkD, Cotg. 
— OF. muer (Cotg.); Lat. mutare, to 
change. Cf. Koutln. 

Mey, sb. May, S2 ; see Kay. 

Mejrn, sb. intent, S3; meln, JD. See 

Meyn, v. to remember, be mindful of, 
B ; meyne, B ; see Menen. 


Meyne, v. to moan, lament, B; see 


LKeynd, sb. household, retinue, train, 
company, S2, S3, C, W, PP; meynee, C2, 
W2 ; mearny, S2 ; mayne, S2 ; mayny, 
S2, S3 ; metne, S2 ; men^e, S2, H, Cath. ; 
men^lie, S2 ; meany, S3 ; meny. Prompt. ; 
meynes, //., W ; meyneee, W2 ; menBea, 
mentis, H. — OF. meisnee, maisnee\ Low 
Lat. maisnada, *mansionata, from Lat. 

Meyneal, adj. homely, W; of one's 
household, W2 ; menyall, SkD ; niey- 
neals, sb. pi., they of the household, W2. 
See above. 

Meynpemour, sb. a taker by the hand, 
bail, surety, P. — AF. meynpemour. 

Meynprise, sb, a taking by the hand, 
bail, security, P; maynprls, G. — AF. 

Meynprise, v. to be surety for, PP. 

Meyntene, v. to support, abet (in an 
action at law), P, S2 ; mayntene, to main- 
tain, C, P. — AF. meyntener. 

Meyntenonr, sb. supporter, PP.— AF. 


Miche, adj. much, S2 ; see Moche. 

Mid (i\prep. with, S, S2 ; myd, S, S2, 
P ; mlt, S ; mlde, S, S2 ; myde^ S2. Comb. : 
mltte (mlt pe), with the, S2 ; mltte (mit 
pe), with thee, S ; mld-al, withal, S ; mid- 
alle, altogether, S ; mid-iwisae, certainly, 
S ; mld-ywisse, S ; myd-iwisae, S. — AS. 

Mid (2) adj. mid, SD. Comb. : mld- 
morwen, mid-morning, S; mld^morwe- 
tide, SD; mldM>nemon, middle of the 
afternoon; liel mldonemon, fully the 
middle of the afternoon, S2 ; mldewlnter, 
Christmas, S2 ; mldwlnterdesl, sb. dat.^ 
Christmas-day, S ; mldwlnter-day, S2 ; 
mid-ward, middle, S2. — AS. mid-. 

Middel, adj. and sb. middle, waist, SkD, 
S, S2, C ; myddel, PP ; myddll, W ; myd- 
deleste, superl., G. Comb. : mlddel-nl^te, 
midnight, S. — AS. middel, sb. » 

Middel-erd, sb. the middle abode, the 
world, S ; mlddeleard, S ; myddelerd, S, 
PP; mldelerd, S; mydlerd, S2, PP; 
mydelerd, PP; medlert, JD.— Cp. OS. 
middilgard, OHG. mittila gart (Tatian). 
Cf. Mlddeneard. 

Midden-eard, sb. the middle abode, 
the abode of men, S; mlddenssrd, S; 
mlddenard, S ; mldenarde, dat., S. — AS. 
middan-eard for middan-geard, 'middle 


enclosure' (OET),the earth situated between 
heaven and hell, see Sweet, and Sievers, 
214, n. 5; cp. Goth. midjungardSy Icel. 
mtCgardr. See CV., and Grimm, Teut. 
M, p. 794. 

KiddeSy only in phr. : In mlddes, in 
the midst, PP; In }>e myddes, PP, S2 ; 
in (fro) ))0 myddis, PP, S3, W, W2 ; in 
tlie mydls, W2. — From mid, adj. The 
-es gives the phrase an adverbial force. The 
older forms (in Layamon) are a midde, a 
midden ; AS. on middan, 

Midwif , sb. midwife, SD, SkD ; myd* 
wyf, SkD ; mydwyfia. Prompt. ; mydewyf, 
SkD ; medwyfe, Cath. ; medafwife, SkD ; 

medewynes, //., S2. See Mld(i). 

Miflrhtaxid,/r. /., as adj, having might, 

Mihel, sb. Michael, SD ; Ky^bele, HD ; 
KUiU, ND.— Church Lat. Michael (Vulg.), 
from the Heb. 

Kiliel-massey sb. Michaelmas, SD; 
Kllielnuui,ND; KyhelmaMe, PP ; Kl8- 
■^InuuMe, S2. 

Millt, 2 pr. s. mayest, S ; see MsbL 

MilLt6| pt. s. might, S; mlote, S; 
mlolite, S ; migte, S ; see Kahte. 

Slikdly adj. and adv. great, much, S, 
S2 ; see Kuoliel. 

Milce, sb. mercy, S, S2, HD; mylce, 
S; milolie, S. — AS. mills, from milde, 
mild, gentle ; see Sievers, 198, 4. 

Kilcien, v. to show mercy, S ; mlloenn, 
S ; milslen, S. — AS. milsian, miltsian. 

Milde, adj. mild, S, S2 ; myld, S. 
Comb. : mlld^heorte, merciful in heart, 
SD ; mild-beorted, S ; mllde-liexted, S2 ; 
mild^lierrtle^Bo, mildheaitedness, compas- 
sion, S ; mild-lieortnesse, clemency, S ; 
mildliertnesse, S. — AS. milde. 

Miles, sb. pi., animals, S2. — Cf. W. 
mil, an animal, beast; miled, a wild 
animal (W.W. S.). 

Min, pron. poss. my, S, S2 ; myn, S, 
C2, PP ; ml, S, S2 ; mines, ^^»., S ; mine, 
dat., S ; mire, gen. and dot./., S ; mynen, 
pi., W2. Phr. : myn one, by myself, 
alone, PP. — AS. min. 

Uin, sb. memory, S2 ; see Kynne. 

Kines, 2 pr. s. rememberest, S2; see 

Minion, sb. a favourite, a lover, Sh. 
TG, ND ; bellulus, Manip. ; minyons, //., 
S3. — OF. mignon (Cotg.) ; cp. It. mignone 



Minion, adj. small, pretty; mynyon, 
ND ; mynionly, cuiv. delicately, ND. 

Mint, pt. s. purposed, S ; see Kunten. 

-mint, suffix. — AS. mynt, -mynd: Goth. 
-mundipa, see Sievers, 255, 3. Cf. Wurtli- 

Minute, sb. a mite, moment of time, 
HD; msrnute, Prompt.; msrnutis, //., 
small pieces of money, W. Comb. : msrn- 
utwhile, PP; myntwhile, PP; mynte- 
wliile, PP. — Lat. minutum (Vulg.). Cf. 

MinjrsllOi V. to minish, S3 ; see Ken- 

Mire, sb. ant, S; mowre, Cath. — Cp. 
Dan. myre, Icel. maurr. 

Mire, my, ^». and dat.f. of Kin. 

Mirli^, adj. dark, H. See Kerke. 

Mirre, sb. myrrh, S, PP ; mir, S2 ; 
mnxre, PP; myrre, PP. — AS. myrre\ 
Lat. myrrha (Vulg.) ; Gr. /xu/i^a. 

Mirye, adj. merry, CM ; see Kery. 

Mis, adv. amiss, S, C3; mys, PP; 
mysse, S2. 

Mis-, prefix ; mys-, PP ; mysse-, PP. 
— AS. mis- ; Goth, missa-. Comb. : mis- 
bileue, suspicion, C3 ; misboden, injured, 
C, CM; misdede, misdeed, S, PP; mis- 
depaxten, to divide amiss, C2 ; misdo, to 
do amiss, PP, S, S2, C2 ; niisfl ixen, to be- 
have amiss, S ; mysfiure. To miscarry, PP ; 
misgouemaunoe, misconduct, C2; mis- 
gyed, misguided, C2; mys-liappen, to 
meet with misfortune, PP; mysliopand, 
despairing, H ; mislenen, to believe wrong- 
ly, S ; miiiliken, to displease, to be dis- 
pleased, S, S2 ; mislikinfir, displeasure, S2 ; 
myspoy, to displease, H ; misrede, to ad- 
vise ill, S ; misrempe, to go wide of the 
mark, S ; mysrenle, to misgovern, S3, PP ; 
myssayde, abused, rebuked, slandered, PP ; 
misseid, S2; misMmand, misemand, 
unseemly, H ; misteolSien, to mistithe 
(mis-ltedSefiret, S); mistxiBte, to mis- 
trust, C3 ; mystnme, to pervert, W, W2. 

Mis-, prefix {of F. origin) ; see Kes-. 

Mislich., adj. various, S ; mialiolie, adv., 
S ; mistlioe, S. — AS. mislic {mistlic), va- 
rious, adv. mislice {mistlice, Grein). For 
insertion of t see Sievers, 196, i. 

Misliche, adv. badly, miserably, S; 
missely, wrongly, S2. 

Misse, sb. want, lack, fault, S ; mysse, 

ISissen, v. to miss, SD ; mis, S2 ; 
myssep,/r. s., is without, PP. 



Mister ; see Kester. 

Kistilokery adj. comp, more mystic, 
PP ; mystiloker, PP. 

Slistyy adj, mystic, mysterious ; xnysty, 
misticusy Prompt. ; mistier, comp., PP. 

Uisty, adj. misty, nebulostis, Cath., 

ICit6, sb. a mite, small coin, thing of no 
value, C3, Cotg. (s. v. minute) ; myte, PP ; 
minutuniy Cath., Prompt., WW. Comb. : 
mytewliile, a little while, PP. Cf Minute. 

Miteyn, sb, mitten, glove, C3; see 

Mithen, v. to conceal, S, SD. — AS 
mWan ; cp. OHG. {bi)m{dan (^Tatian 
P- 493). 

Mix, sb. dung, S ; a vile wretch, S2. — 
AS. mixy meoxy meokx, Goth, maihstus 
cp. OHG. mist (Tatian). 

Mizzle, V. to rain slightly, S3, tiD 
miselle, mysylle, phiuitarcy Cath. 

MO9 adj. and adv. more, besides, others 
S, S2, S3, C ; moo, S3 ; ma, S, S2 ; may,//. 
S3. — AS. md. (-^ properly means more in 
number ; more means greater in magnitude 

Mobyle, adj. moveable, S3 ; moebles moveables, property, PP, C3 ; meo- 
bles, PP ; mebles, PP.— OF. mobUy also 
meuble (Cotg.) ; Lat. mobilem. 

Moche, adj. and adv, great, much, S, 
S2, C2 ; see Kuohe. 

Mochel ; see Vuoliel. 

Mod ; see Mood. 

Modder, sb. a young girl, Manip. ; 
moder. Prompt. 

Moder, sb. mother, S, S2, C, C3, PP; 
moderr, S; modir, W; modur, PP ; 
mooder, S2, C2, C3 ; muddir, S3 ; moder, 
gen.y S2, PP; modres, C3, PP. Comb.-. 
moder-bnrli, metropolis, SD; moder- 
cliild, mother's child, S ; modirles, 
motherless, W2. — AS. mSdor: Lat. mater \ 
see Douse, p. 51. 

Modi;le^^C, sb. pride, S. 

Modi^nesse, sb. pride, S. 

Mody, adj. spirited, animosusy proud, 

Jl X, o2. 

Moaned, pt. s. moved, disturbed, C3 ; 
see Kouen. 

Moght, //. s. might, S2 ; see Kabte. 

Moich, adj. close, muggy, S3, JD. 

Moile, V. to toil, to drudge, to defile, 
pollute, daub with dirt, SkD ; moillen, to 
wet, SkD ; moylynsre, pr, p., S3.— AF. 


moilery moillery to wet ; Late Lat. *molli' 
arey from mollisy soft. 

Moillere, sb. woman, wife, PP ; mull- 
ere, PP ; moylere, P. — OF. moilliery mu- 
iller\ Lat. mulierem; cp. AF. mulier, 

Mok, sb. muck, filthy lucre, PP ; mnk, 
PP ; mukke. Prompt. 

Moky, adj. misty, HD. Cf. Koioli. 

Molde, sb. crumbling ground, earth, 
mould, S, S2, P, G ; moolde, PP ; mnlde, 
WA ; moldez, //., dry pieces of mould, 
S2. Phr. : on molde, on the earth, in the 
world, S2, PP. Comb. : molde-ale, a fu- 
neral ale or banquet. Prompt. ; nmlde- 
mete, a funeral banquet, JD ; xuoldwerp, 
mole, mouldcaster, SkD ; moldwarp, Sh. ; 
moldewarpe, Cath. — AS. molde. Cf. Mull. 

Mole, sb, the moldwarp, talpay Sh. ; 
xuowle, S3 ; moUe, Prompt. — This word 
is short for molde-warp. See above. 

Molte {for molt), pt, s. melted, S3 ; 
see MeltexL. 

Mom, sb. the least sound that can be 
made with closed lips, PP, S2 ; mum, S3. 

Momelen, v. to mumble, PP; mam- 
ely, P. 

Mon, ipr. s. I must, B ; pr. s., B ; 2pr. s., 
S3 ; mone, mayest, S2 ; pr. j., shall, S2 ; 
man, i pr. j., SD ; 2 pr. //., S2, B ; mun, 
pr. s.y S2, H. — Icel. munuy * debere,' pr. s. 
man (pi. munu). 

Mon, sb. man, S ; see Man. 

Monchen, v. to munch, Cath. (»), 
Palsg., SkD ; mounoli, Sh ; munclie, CM 
(4. 145) ; maunolie, Palsg. (s. v. briffault) ; 
manobe, Palsg. ; mounoliynfire,/r./., S3. 
Comb. : mouncli-present, HD ; maundie- 
present, Palsg., HD (s. y. munch) ; mawn- 
die-presande, sycophant, Cath. ; manoli- 
SreBvaXydorophaguSy Cath. («). — Probably 
a variety of ME. maungen ; OF. manger. 
For che—ge cp. ME. charche ; OF. charche 
— charge (see MD), also F. revancher = OF. 
revenger (SkD). 

Mone, sb. share, companion, S. — AS. 
(ge)mdnay * societas ' (Voc). See Ymone. 

Mone, sb. moan, complaint, PP, S, S2 ; 
moone, PP, C ; moon, S2 ; mayn, B ; 
mayne, B, S3 ; mane, S2. 

Mone, sb. moon, S, S2, S3, P; a luna- 
tion, P; moyne, Cath., B; moyn, B. 
Comb. : mone-da^, dies lunae^ Monday, S ; 
moneday, S ; mone-Udit, moonlight, S. — 
AS. fndna, 

Mon^i sb, money, S2 ; see Moneye. 


Monek, sb, monk, S2 ; see Monk. 

Monesten, v, to teach, admonish, W, 
Wa, CM ; monelfllLexi, Cath. {n) ; moii^ 
ysche, Cath. ; xuonest, pt, pi., B. See 

Konestsrngv ^b. an admonition, W. 
Wa, B ; monyacliTnire, Cath. 

Monethy sb. month, S3, C, PP, B, WW, 
ND, Cath. ; moone]?, S2, PP ; monythe, 
Prompt. ; monjtli, S2 ; monetlM, W ; 
monthe, PP ; montlie,//., C2 ; monetliis, 
W. Comb, : moneth-minde, a service in 
memory of the dead a month after decease, 
ND ; xuonth-mlnd, HD ; montlui mlnde, 
ND ; montlui mind, a strong inclination, 
ND, Sh. — AS. mdnatif from mdna, moon. 

Moneye, sb, money, C3, PP; mo^, 
S2, PP. — AF. moneie, moneye ^ monee \ Lat. 

Moneyeles, adj. moneyless, PP ; nion«> 
lees, PP. 

3fll0IIg-C0m(e\ sb, mixed com, S3, 
Prompt. ; monoome, HD. See Kenifen. 

BEonl, adj. many, S, S2 ; mony, S; see 



3fl!02lk, sK monk, PP ; monek, S2 ; 
monec, S ; muneces, pi,, S ; monekes, 
S ; monekes, S, S2 ; monkes, S. — AS. 
munec\ Lat. monachus\ Gr. /tovax^S) 

Konkryei sb^ monkery, the race of 
monks, S3. 

Monsede,//. cursed, PP ; see Kansed. 
Uoo- ; see also under Ko-. 

Mood, sb, anger, pride, mind, C ; mod, 
S, S2 ; mode, dat.^ S, S2. — AS. m6d\ cp. 
OHG. muot (Tatian). 

Koode, sb, mud, S3 ; see Mud. 

Mool-bery, sb, mulberry, SkD ; mnl^ 
bery, Cath. — Cp. MHG. mulber (G. maul- 
beere) ; OHG. murberi, morberi (the / in 
the later forms being due to dissimilation) ; 
see Kluge ; AS. m6r \ OHG. mor ; Lat. 
morus. See More. 

Koot, sb. assembly, G, PP ; mot, PP. 
Comb. : moot-kalle, hall of assembly, 
court, P, G, W ; mote-kalle, G, PP.— 
AS. m6t. Cf. Mote. 

Koraliteey sb, morality, i. e. a moral 
tale, C3.— OF. moralite (Cotg.). 

Kordre, sb, murder, C ; see Korther. 

BEore, sb. mulberry- tree; moun, //., 
H. Comb. : more-tre, mulberry-tree, W ; 
moore-trees, //., W2 ; mur-berlen, //. 
mulberries, Voc. — Lat, morus, mulberry-. 

tree (Vulg.) ; cp. Gr. yMpw, mulberry. Cf. 

Mor6y sb. moor. Prompt., H, PP ; mor, 
S2 ; mwr, B ; mwre, S2, B. — AS. mSr. 

3fl[or6y adj. and adv. comp. more, greater, 
elder, S, S2, W, W2, PP, WW ; mor, S, 
PP ; moare, S ; mayr, S3, B ; mair, B ; 
msBre, S ; mare, S, S2 ; mar, S, B ; ma- 
rvt^, H. — AS. mdra. See Ko. 

More, sb. root, S2, PP, HD ; moore, 
CM. — AS. mora (Voc. 135. 28, 29, 32); 
cp. MHG. mord, more, see Weigand (s. v. 

Moreyne, sb. murrain, PP; moresm, 
S2, Prompt. ; morrein, WW ; moryn, 
H ; murrins, pi., WW. — AF. tnorine ; 
cp. Low Lat. morina, a pestilence among 
animals (Ducange). 

Morkm, sb. a beast that dies by disease 
or accident, RD, HD, ND. — Cp. Late Lat, 
morticinium (Ducange), whence Ir. muirt- 
chenn, Wei. burgyn. 

Morknen, v, to rot, SD; monrkne, 
S2. — Icel. morkna. 

Morxual, sb, cancer or gangrene, CM, 
C, Prompt, RD, SD, ND,HD ; mormall, 
Palsg. ; mortmal, ND ; morimal, RD ; 
marmole, RD. — Cp. Late Lat. malum 
mortuum, a disease of the feet and shins 

Morris, adj, Moorish, sb, morris-dance, 
Sh, ND ; morlsco, SkD ; a morris- dancer, 
SkD. Comb, : morrls-dance, Moorish 
dance, Sh. ; morrys-daunce, HD ; mor- 
res-dannoers, morris-dancers, HD ; mor- 
rlce-bells, bells for a morris-dance, S3 ; 
morris-pike, a large pike (weapon), HD, 
Sh. — Late Lat. moriscus, Moorish. 

Morsel, sb. morsel, PP, B; mossel, 
SkD; mussel, W, W2, PP; mnsselle, 
Voc.^— AF morsel ; Lat. morsellum, a little 
bit ; dimin. of morsus, Cf. Kosel. 

Mortlier, sb, murder ; mortbir, PP ; 
mortlire, C ; morder, PP ; mordre, C. — 
AS. morbor\ cp. Low Lat. murdrum, 

Morther, v, to murder, PP, S2 ; mor- 
thre, C ; mordre, C, C2 ; mnrther, C. 

Mortherer, sb. murderer, PP; mor- 
drer, C, C2. 

Mortifie, v. to mortify, to produce 
change by chemical action, C3. — OF. mor- 
tifier ; Lat. mortificare, 

Mortrenz, sb, messes of pounded 
meat, C; mortrewes, CM, PP; mor- 
trwys, Ptompt. ; mortrws, Cath. ; mor- 
tesse, Palsg. ; mortrels, PP ; mortrenns, 



(mortrews), PP, Prompt. (n\ Voc. ; mor- 
tms, Voc. — OF. mortreuXf see Ducange 
(s. V. morted), connected with Lat, mor- 
tariuniy a morter. 

Morwe, sb, morrow, the morning, PP, 
S2, C2, C3; marewe, S2 ; morow, S3. 
Phr, : to morwe, eras, Voc. Comb. : 
mor^e-mMe, morning meal, S ; morewtid, 
morrow, W ; morowtld, W ; moratid, 
W2 ; mor^eue, dos nuptialis, SD ; mo- 
zyre. Prompt. 

Korweili sb. mom, morrow, S, PP; 
moreen, SD. Phr. : to morwen, S. — AS. 
piorgeUy Goth, maurgins. 

Morwenynge, sb. morning, PP, C2 ; 
morwnynffe, S2 ; more^enliifir, S. 

Kose, sb. titmouse, S. — AS. mdse^ see 
SkD. (s. V. titmouse). 

BEoSdl, sb. muzzle, nose of an animal, 
C, CM.— OF. muse/ {now museau) : Prov. 
mursel: OF. *morsel. See Morsel, and 
of. Mnsen. 

Kosell, V. to muzzle, SkD; moosel, 

MosUeSy sb. pi, mnssels (shell fish), 
S2 ; see Muskylle. 

Mos^y adj. superl. greatest, chief, PP, 
S2 ; moste, S, PP ; mooste, W2 ; nuurt, 
S2 ; maste, S2 ; malst, B ; majst, B ; 
meat, S, S2 ; meste, C2 ; meast, S. 
Comb. : meste del, the greatest part, S2. — 
AS. m&st. 

Mot, I pr. s. may, must, S, C2, C3, PP ; 
mote, S, PP ; most, 2 pr. s., must, S, S2 ; 
m.ot, 2 pr. s. subj'.f S3 ; mot, pr. J., can, 
must, S, S2, S3 ; moot, S2, C ; mo^t, S2 ; 
moten, //., S, PP; mote, S2, PP; moste, 
pt. s., was obliged, S, S2, C3, PP ; //., S, 
S2 ; most, S2, PP ; moist, //. j., S3.— AS. 
m^t, 2 pr. s., m^stf pi. mSton^ pt. s. mdste. 

Kote, sb. moat, agger ^fossa^ P; a pond, 
Manip. ; castle, palace, WA ; moote, 
Prompt; mot, PP. — OF. mote, embank- 
ment, also m^tte (Cotg.). 

BEotef V. to summon before a mot Ccourt), 
to plead, dispyte, discuss a law case, PP, 
S2 ; mootyn. Prompt. ; motlen, S. — AS. 
mdtian (Leo). See Moot. 

Vote, sb. note on the huntsman's horn, 
CM ; moot, HD ; mot, S3 (7. 16).— OF. 
mot, * the note winded by an huntsman on 
his horn * (Cotg.). 

Motli, sb. motley, a dress of many 
colours, Prompt. ; motley, Sh., ND ; mot- 
t^eye, C ; mottelay, Cath.— -OF. mattele^ 
clotted, curdled (Cotg.). 


Motomiy sb. a gold coin called a ' mut- 
ton ' or sheep, P ; mntonn, S2, PP ; moton, 
PP. — OF. mouton; Late Lat. mulionem 

Moty£, sb. motive, incitement, S2, C3 ; 
motif, motion, argument, question, subject, 
PP. — OF. w^/?/(Cotg.); Late Lat. motivum 

Moucte,//. s, might, S; mouffbt, S3 ; 
see Mahte. 

MoTin, I pr. pi. may, S ; see Kssi. 

Moimtaxice, sb. amount, space, dura- 
tion, C3, CM ; mountouiLS, S2, HD. — AF. 
mountarue, OF. montance ; see Ducange 
(s. V. montare), 

KoTUlte, sb. mount, PP; mont, S3; 
mnnt, S; mante, dat., S. — AS. munt; 
Lat. montem ; cp. AF. munt, mont, mount. 

KOTULtein, sb. mountain, PP; m«iu 
talne, S2 ; montain, S2 ; montaigne, C2 ; 
monntaigxie, PP. — AF. mountaygne ; Late 
Lat. montanea, * locus montanus* (Du- 

KOTinten, v. to mount, PP. — OF. mon- 
ter\ Late Lat. montare. 

MoTULtenaiince, sb. amount ; morwiL- 
tenawnoe. Prompt. ; moimteiianoe, S3, 
ND. See Kountanoe. 

Mour, sb. mulberry-tree, H ; see More. 

Moumen, v. to moum, S2, PP ; mom- 
en, PP, S; mumen, S; morenen, pr. 
pi., W2; morenyden, //. //., W2. — AS. 

Moumyng, pr. p. and adj. mourning, 
PP ; moomlng-, C, C3 ; momyng-, Sa. 

SSOUS, sb. mouse, C, PP ; mas, S ; 
muse, dot., S; mjn, pi., P; mees, PP; 
Comb.', mowsfUle, mousetrap. Prompt.; 
mnse«stocli, mousetrap, S. — AS. mtis. 

Mouth, sb, mouth, face, PP, W2 ; xajlX, 
S; mndli, S. Comb.x mvlS-Areo, mouth- 
free, S. — AS. miiti' Goth, munths; cp. 
OHG. mund (Otfrid) ; see Sievers, 30. 

Monthexif v. to talk about, P ; montli- 
ed, //. s., P. 

Moutill, V. to mew, moult, cast feathers. 
Prompt.; mowtyn, Prompt, HD.; m.oiilt, 
Sh. ; moutes, pr, s., S2, SkD. — ^LAt. mu- 
tare, Cf. Kewen. 

Mon^t, sb. moth, W ; moii3te,W2, SkD ; 
moirlite, Cath. — ONorth. and AS. mohtie 
(Mt. 6. 20). 

Mouen, v. to move, suggest, S; moeue, 
PP ; meuen, PP ; meues, pr, s., S2 ; 
moened, //. x., C3 ; moenyiiff, pr.p^ S2, 


C3; mened, //., S3. — AF. mover, OF. 
muveir, movoir, moveir\ Lat. mouere. 

How, V. to be able, H ; mown, Prompt. ; 
mug'eii, S. — AS. *mugan (not found), see 
Sievers, 424. See KadL 

Sl0W6y sb, kinswoman, S ; mow, sister- 
in-law, Prompt. ; moBe, S j maje, SD. — 
AS. mdge, 

Kowe, sb. a grimace, CM, Prompt.; 
moe, Cotg., WW (p. 407) ; mow, WW. — 
OF. moug (Cotg.). 

Mowexii V. to make a grimace, Cath. ; 
mowyn. Prompt. Der.: mowlnir> gri- 
macing, S3 ; mowynir, W2 ; cachinnatus, 
Cath. ; mouwynfif, W2. 

Mowen, v, to mow, reap, S, PP. — AS. 

Kowtardy sb. moulting bird, Prompt. 
See Moutln. 

Kowtynge, sb, moulting-season, PP, 

Moyste, adj. fresh, new, C2, C3, SkD ; 
moyst, humidusy Prompt. ; mosto, moist, 
Cath. — OF. moistey damp, moist ; Late Lat. 
*mustius, ^musteus (see BH, § 74, also 
Roland, p. 420) ; from Lat. mustum. See 


Moystuiy V. to make moist, W, Prompt. ; 
moyste, Voc. ; moy«tod,//., S2, Cath. («). 

Sloystnessd, sb, moistness, humor, 

Moysture, sb. moisture, Prompt.; mos- 
tonr, maditasy Cath. 

Mo^e, sb. kinswoman, S ; see Kowo. 

Much.e, adj. and adv. great, much, S, 
S2, PP; moche, S, S2, C2, PP; mlclio, 
S2 ; myclie, S, W, W2. Comb. : mucbe- 
del, a great part, S2 ; myoliofold, mani- 
fold, W. 

Knchely adj. and adv. great, much, 
numerous, S, C2, PP; moobel, S2, C2, 
C3, PP ; moobele, S ; mlchel, S ; mloel, 
S; mikel, S» S2; myoel, S; mykel, S2, 
P ; mnkel, S, S2 ; muoolo, S ; miUe, S2 ; 
mekUl, S3. Der. : muoliellMde, great- 
ness, SD ; mykeUiede, S2 ; mycliiliiMse, 
greatness, W2. — AS. micel {my eel) : /Goth. 

Knchelinr v. to magnify, S ; mucllen, 
S ; muoll, S ; mikelaAd, pr. p., S2 ; mik- 
eliBd, pp.y S2. — AS. myclian : Goth, mik- 

Mud, sb, mud. Prompt. ; moode, S3 ; 
mudde, S2 (13. 407), Cath., Manip. — Cp. 
OLG. mudde^ see SkD. 



Mndly, adj. muddy, H. 

Mngen, v. to be able, S ; see KsbL 

Mnghti pt. s. might, S2, H ; muhte, S ; 
see Kahte. 

Muk, sb. muck, filthy lucre, PP; see 

Mnkel, adj. great, S, S2 ; see Kucliel. 

MqII, sb. mould, rubbish, S2, Cath. (») ; 
moUe, Cath. ; mol^ Cath. (») ; mnl, Cath. 
(«). — Cp. Du. mul. See Kolde. 

Mnlloky sb, rubbish, C3; mollocke, 

Cath. («). 

MnltiplicacioTin, sb. multiplying, i.e. 
the art of alchemy, C3. 

Mnltiplye, v. to make gold and silver 
by the arts of alchemy, C3 ; miilteplle, to 
increase, PP. — OF. multiplier \ Lat. muU 

Mma ; see Kom. 
MtuLi pr. s. must, S2, H ; see Von. 
MtiiL6C, sb. monk, S ; see Konk. 
MtiiL6II, v. to remind, to be mindful, 
S ; see MTiine. 

MlULe^illg, sb. commemoration, S. 

Mnngexiy v. to remember, PP; see 

MTULgnnge, sb. remembrance, remind- 
ing, S ; mimegunire, S ; mnneBinfir, S. — 
AS. mynegung. 

Muxui6, V. to relate, mention, remind, 
S : see KTime. 

Mimstral, sb. minstrel, S2 ; see Ktii- 
Mimtf sb. mount, S ; see Kounte. 

MlllLtexiy V. to think, to purpose, S2 ; 
mjntis, /r. 5. points, WA; mnnte,//. s., 
S3; mint, S; ipimunt, //., S; i-mlnt, 
S ; i-miont, S. — AS. {ge)myntan. See 

Murcnen, v. to murmur ; murrciiesst, 

2 pr. S.J S. — AS. murcnian (Leo). 

Mume, adj. sad, S, HD. — Cp. AS. 
murnan, to mourn. 

Mumeily V, to mourn, S, WA; see 

MnmyXL, sb. mourning, B. 

Murrin, sb. murrain, WW; see Kor« 

Mnrthei sb. mirth, joy, PP, S ; murth, 
PP; murlilSe, S; mur^pe, S; myrtlio, 
PP; mlrtlio, C; mertlio, PP; mnirtli, 
PP; mar]>lie8,//., merrymakings, amuse- 
ments, PP, S2 ; mertlies, G. — AS. myHty 
mirhdy from merg. See Moxy. 



Mliry(e)| adj, merry, S, C ; see Mery. 

3fl!lir^6XI, V. to make merry, SD ; mnr- 
lfe)>, pr. pl.j wS2. 

MuSy sb. mouse, S ; see Kous. 

Mnsard, sb. a dreamy fellow, HD, 
Bardsley ; musarde, CM. — OF. musart, 

Knse, sb. dreaming vacancy, Spenser. 

Kasen, v. to ponder, wonder, PP, 
C3, WA, ND. — OF. musery to muse, 
study, linger about a matter, to sniff as 
a hound, from *muse, a muzzle, nose of an 
animal (whence F. miiseau) ; Lat. morsus. 
For F. -«- from an orig. Lat. -or- cp. OF. 
jus from Late Lat. jusum, Lat. deorsum, 
and F. sus from Lat. susum^ seorsum, see 
Apfelstedt, § 43, and Constans (glossary). 
Cf. Kosel. 

Knskylle, sb. mussel, a shell-fish, 
Cath. ; muscles,//., PP ; moskles, S2. — 

AF. maskeles, pi., OF. muscle \ Lat. mus- 
culum (ace), dimin. of mus, mouse; cp. 
AS. musdan seel (Voc). 

Musseli sb. morsel, W, W2 ; see 

Klistj sb. new wine, W, W2. — Lat. 
mtisium (Vulg.). /Zi. Koist«. 

Mnstour, sb. dial, clock, WA. — Cp. F. 
montre (Brachet). 

Mute, V. to dung (used of birds), SkD, 
WW, ND; meuted, //., WW.— OF. 
mutir (Cotg.), esnteutir (Cotg.), esmeliirf 
(Littr^) ; of Teutonic origin, cp. ODu. 
smeltetiy to smelt, liquefy; cp. It. smal- 
tare, to mute as a hawk (Florio). Cf. 

MntOTUL^ see Kotonn. 

Muwen, pr. pi. may, S ; mn^exi, S ; 
see MsBi. 

Mwre, sb. moor, S2 ; see More. 

Mydffe, sb. midge, H (Ps. 104. 29); 
midfife, Manip. ; 111790, gnat, culex, Voc, 
Cath. ; myfiflie, S3. — AS. my eg (Voc). 

Myghte, //. s. could, PP ; my^te, S2 ; 
see Mabte. 

Kyghte, sb. might, power, PP ; ml^t, 
PP, S\ mint, S, S2, PP; myjt, S2 ; 
mylite, S ; mi^te, S ; mlirlites,//., powers, 
virtues, S2 ; mybte, S. — AS. miht. 

Myghtftd, adj. powerful, PP ; mlbt- 
ful, PP; miBtfol, PP; my5tfta, PP ; 
myBtuolIe, S2. 

Myghtfolnes, sb. strength, S2. 

Myghty, adj. mighty, SD ; ma^ty, S2 ; 
maslitL, S ; ma^, S ; mibtl, S ; mlcliti, 


S ; ml^thl, S2 ; mysflitely, adv,y CM. — 
AS. meahtig, 

Myht, 2 pr. s. mayest ; see Kadi. 

Myke, sb. the crutches of a boat, which 
sustain the main-boom or mast when low- 
ered, S2. — Cp, Swed. mick, a crutch (sea- 

Mylle, sb. mill. Prompt. Comb. : mylle- 
stons, mill-stone, Prompt; myl-ston, 
Voc ; melstan, S ; myln-stoon, W ; 
muUe-stones,//., PP. — AS. myln (Voc.) ; 
Lat. molina. 

Mylnere, sb. njiller, PP ; mylner, PP ; 
mulnere, PP ; melner, PP ; mellere, 
PP, C. 

Mynde, sb. memory, remembrance, 
mention, PP, S2, S3, W, W2, CM, C2, 
Cath. ; xuende. Prompt. ; mind, memory, 
mind, Sh. — AS. {ge)mynd\ cp. OHG. gi- 
munt, memory (Tatian). See Kynne. 

Mynen, v. to mine, S2, W, W2. — OF. 
miner \ cp. Late Lat. minare (Ducange). 

Myne-ye-ple, sb. (?), S3 (7. 62, note\ 

Mynne, sb. memory, SD : min, S2. — 
Icel. minni, memory ; cp. AS. myne, mind. 
Cf. Kynde. 

Myn2l6, v. to remember, mention, PP, 
S2, HD ; mnnne, S ; munyen, S ; munen, 
S ; mynaad, pr. /., H ; mines, 2 pr. s., 
S2 ; mined, pp., S2. — AS. (ge)mynnan 
igemynian), to remember; also {ge)mu- 

Mynnyng-day, sb. the day of memory 
of the dead, HD. 

MyXLOUr, sb. mmer, C, SkD, PP ; 
minour, PP. — AF. minour\ Late Lat. 
minatorem (Ducange). See Myneii. 

Mynstral, sb. minstrel, PP, Prompt. ; 
mlnstral, PP ; munstral, PP, S2 ; min- 
strales,//., C2 ; menestrales, PP. — ^AF. 
menestral'y Late Lat. ministralem, a ser- 
vant (Brachet). 

KyXLStralcie, sb. music, minstrelsy, 
PP, C ; minstraloye, C2 ; menstraloye, 
C ; msmstraoie, PP ; minstraoie, PP ; 
mynstrasye, Prompt., S2.— AF. mynstral- 

MyXLStre, sb. minster, monastery, S, 
PP ; minstre, S ; mlnistre, S2 ; minn- 
stre, the Jewish temple, S. — AS. mynster ; 
Church Lat. monasterium ; Gr. ixovao'Hjpiov, 

Myrie, adj. pleasant, W2 ; see Mery. 

Myrk, adj. dark, S2, H ; see Kerke. 

Kyrk, v. to darken, H. 


SEyS-, prefix ; see both Vis- and 
Uysteir, v, to be necessary, B ; mys- 
ters, pr, s. is needful, WA. 

Slystdr, sd, trade, occnpatiou, PP ; see 

Kyster, sd. need, want, C, WA, B; 
see Mester. 

Mystir, cu//. lacking, needful, B. 



Mystyrit, pp, injured by loss (of 
blood), S3. 

MytByne, ^b. cuff, glove, Prompt, S3 ; 
xnlteyn, C3 ; mytane, Cath. ; xnyttan, 
Voc. — OF. miiaine (Cotg.) ; cp. Low Lat 
mitana (Ducange). 

My^t, sb. power, S2 ; see Kyfflit. 

My^te, pt. s. might, S2 ; see Kahte. 


KTa, adv. not, S ; see Vo. 

KTa, adj. no, S ; see VaA. 

KTabbeil, v. not to have ; nane, i pr. s., 
PP ; nauest, 2 pr. s., S; nauestu, thou 
hast not, S ; nastn, S ; naue]), pr. s.y S 
na», S, PP, S2 ; nep, S2 ; 2iabbe}>,//.,S2 
naue, S2 ; nadde, pt. j., S ; nad, PP 
nedde, PP, S2 ; nauedes, 2 pt. s., S 
nssneden, pi., S. — AS. nabban { = n€ kab- 

Nabod, for ire abod, abode not, S. 
See Ablden. 

UTatiioiin, sb. nation, C ; naolon, Cath., 
WA. — AF. nacioufty naciun; Lat. natio- 

KTaddrexiy pi. adders, S ; nadres, S ; 
see ITedder. 

lirad]rinke,y^r Ve adrinke, let (it) not 
drown, S. 

Ifaht, sb. night, SD ; see "SjgTit. 

KTahti adv. not, S ; see Vouirlit. 

Ifahte,/^. s. had not, S ; see Owen. 

Ifaked, a^'. naked, bare, undefended by 
body-armour, PP, C3; naket, PP, S; 
nakld, S2 ; naklt, S2. Fhr. : in naked 
bedde, au lict coucM tout nud, Palsg., 
HD, ND.— AS. ftacod; cp. OHG. nakot 
(Otfrid), Icel. naktr. 

Ifaken, v. to lay bare, SkD (s.y. naked), 
— ONorth. {ge)nacian (Mk. 2. 4). 

Naker, sb. kettle-dmm, S2, C, HD.— 
OF. nacre y also nagaire, nacaire, naquaire, 
anacaire (cp. Byzantine Gr. aviMapov) ; a 
word borrowed from the Turks ; cp. Kurdish 
nakdray see Ducange, Diez. 

Naknen, v. to strip ; nacnes, pr. J. , S ; 
nakned,//., HD. 

Ifale ; in phr, Atte nale for At ten ale 
(at ]>en ale), at the ale, P. See Ale. 

Ifam, I pr. s. am not, S, S2, P, C ; nsBm, 
S ; nart, 2 pr. s., S, S2 ; nl8,/r. s,, is not. 

S, C, Ca ; nys, S; naMypt. j., S, S2, HD, 
PP; nes, S, S2; nere, //., S, S2, C; 
neoren, S; nare, S. — ONorth. nam (^ = ne 

KTaiU,//. s. took, S ; see Vimen. 

Nameliche, adv. especially, S2, C ; 
see ITomeliolie. 

KTan, adj. none, no, S ; see Von. 

KTap, sb. cup, S ; neppe, dat.y S. — AS. 
Anap (Voc.) ; cp. OHG. knap/y OF. hanap 
(Bartsch), Low Lat. nappus (Ducange). 

KTappen. v. to nap, slumber, nod, 
PP, C3, W. Der.\ napping, slumber, 
W2 ; nappy, sleep- inducing, S3, ND. — 
AS. hnappian. 

Ifapron, s, apron, SkD; napmn, 
Prompt. — OF. naperony from napCy a cloth ; 
Low Lat. napa ; Lat. mappa (Punic word). 

Ifarde, sb. nard, an unguent, W. — Lat. 
nardus (Vulg.) ; Gr. vapU% (Persian word). 

Ifarwe, adj. narrow, C ; narewe, S ; 
nareu, S ; naxw^, W ; nearowe, S ; ner- 
uwe, S ; narwe, adv., closely, PP. — AS. 
nearUy adv. nearwe. 

Ifas, pt. s. was not, S, S2 ; see ITam. 

TXBX^for ITe at, nor at, S2. 

IfaS, pr, s. has not, S, PP, S2 ; see 

KTatiuite, sb. nativity, S2, C2. — OF. 
nativiti (Cotg.) ; Lat. natiuitatem. 

Ifatte, sb. Imat, scoriumy buday Voc, 
Cath. ; natt, HD, Voc. ; nat, Palsg.— 
OF. natte (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. natta ; Lat. 
matta (probably a variant of mappa). See 

Ifane, Ifauest ; see Vabben. 

ITan^ty, adj. having nothing, very poor, 
P. See Nonffbt. 

Ifanele, sb. navel, PP ; nawle, W2 ; 
nanle, PP ; navyle, Voc. ; nawelle, Voc. ; 
nawylle, Voc. — AS. nafela. 



M"ay, adv. nay, PP, S3, WA ; nal, S, S2. 
Phr.\ nay wbaa, nay when? i.e. not so, 
when (will you do it), S3 ; witlioate nay, 
without denial, G ; it is no nay, there 
is no denying it, G, C3. — Cp. Icel. net. 

KTayl, j3. nail, finger-nail, S, €2 ; nayle, 
Voc. ; neil, S ; nayles, //., PP. — AS. 
nagel; cp. Icel. nagl. 

Ifaylen, v, to nail, Cath. ; nation, S ; 
nallen, PP, C2. 

Ifayten, v. employ, use, S2, WA. — 
Icel. neyta ; cp. AS. notian ; weak verb, 
from Icel. nj6ta ; cp. AS. nSotan. Cf. 

Ifaytly, adv. neatly, fit for use, S2. — 
From Icel. neytry fit for use. 

Naytyn, v. to deny, Prompt., SD, HD. 
— Icel. neita. Cf. Niten. 

We, adv. and conj. not, nor, S, Si, S3. — 
AS. ne, not, nor. 

Web, sb. face, S, HD. Der. : nel>- 
sseft, face, appearance, presence, S2 ; ne1>- 
solieft, SD.— AS. nebb, beak, face (GET). 

Wece, sb. niece, PP ; neipoe, grand- 
daughter, S3 ; neeoe, WW (p. 417).— AF. 
necCy niece ; Late Lat. neptia ; in the place 
of Lat. neptiSy a granddaughter, a niece ; see 
BH, § 32. 

Wedde,/^. s. had not, S ; see ITabben. 

Wedder, sb, adder, snake, H ; neddyr, 
Cath., Prompt. ; neddere, Cath. {n) ; ned* 
dre, S ; nedyr, Voc. ; nedyre, Voc. ; 
naddren, pi.,S; nadres, S ; nedris, HD ; 
neddren, S. Comb. : nedyroopp, spider, 
Voc. — AS. nadre : Goth, nadrs ; cp. OHG. 
natrd (Tatian). 

Wede, sb, need, peril, business, also as 
pred. adj. necessary, needful, C2, W, PP ; 
neode, PP, S ; nlede, S ; neod, S, S2, PP ; 
ned, S ; need, C2 ; neid, B ; nedes, //., 
S2, PP; nede, adv., necessarily, S, C2, 
PP ; nedes, needs, of necessity, S2, C, 
PP ; nedls, W ; neodes, S2, PP ; needely, 
C ; nedelicli, W. Der. : nedfta, needy, 
necessary, S ; nedfol, S2, PP ; neodfol, S, 
PP; needles, needlessly, C2 ; neidwais, 
of necessity, S3, B. — OMerc. nid (VP), 
AS. nyd'. Goth, nauths ; cp. OS. ndd^ OHG. 
ndt (Tatian). 

Weden, v. to force, compel, to need, S ; 

neid, B ; nede]>, pr. s., there is need, it is 

necessary, PP, C ; neodep, S, PP.— AS. 

nidan (GET). 

Wedle, sb. needle, C3, P ; nedele, PP ; 

nedel, PP ; nelde, PP ; neelde, PP.— 

J?er. : nedelere, needle-seller, PP ; nel- 


dere, PP.— AS. n(kdi: OHG. nddela, also 
ndidd (Tatian). 

Weer, adj. comp. nearer, C2 ; seelTerre. 

Weeti sb. ox, cattle, PP, S, S2, C ; net, 
S ; niatt, S ; newt, S ; nete, H, PP. 
Comb. : neet-liirde, sb. neat-herd. Prompt. 
— AS. tUaty ox, cattle: Icel. naut\ cp. 
OHG. nSzy * jumentum * (Tatian). 

Wefen, v. to name, S2 ; see Veuenen. 

We-for-tlli, adv. nevertheless, S2. — 
AS. nefor Sy. 

Weghexi, num. nine, S2 ; see ITyne. 

Wehlechen, v. to approach, S ; neo- 
lechln, S. — AS. nealScany from nJah, See 

Weill, adv. nigh, nearly, almost, PP, S ; 
neyb, G ; neb, S, S2 ; ney, PP, S ; ne), 
S ; negrli, PP ; ny, PP, Prompt. ; nij, W ; 
3^7B> W, W2 ; neiflTli) S2 ; nei^e, P ; 
neififhe, PP ; ny^e, PP. Comb. : neyhe- 
bonr, neighbour, G ; neiirlielK>r, C2 ; 
neiflTlili'a'g'liy S2 ; nehg-ebnr, S ; neih- 
liond, close at hand, S. — AS. niah ; cp. 
OHG. ndh (Tatian). 

Weiliexi, v. to be nigh to, to approach, 
PP ; neiflTlien, PP ; neffhen, PP, H, S2 ; 
nei^en, PP, W ; ne^en, S2 ; ne^li, S2 ; 
ney^lien, S2. — AS. nihwan : Goth, nehw^ 
jany from nehwa, nigh. See XTeih. 

Weipce, sb, granddaughter, S3 ; see 

Weither, neg. pron. and conj. neither, 
SD ; neyper, S ; neither, P ; neitliyr, 
Prompt.; nethir, not, W. — AS. ne-k- 
(kghwader. See Ei3$er. 

Wei^, in phr. no nel^ for non eij, i. e. 
110 ^Z%-> S2. See By. 

Wekke, sb. neck, S, C, PP. Comb. : 
nekke-boon, neck-bone, S2, C2 ; nekke- 
bon, PP.— AS. hnecca (GET.). 

Welle, I and 3 pr. s. will not, PP, S 
neU, S ; nel, S ; nele, S ; nnlle, S, PP 
nule, S ; nul, PP, S2 ; nile, S, PP ; nU 
PP, C2 ; nullicli, I will not, S ; nnlloli 
S ; nnly, S2 ; nnlt, 2 pr. s., wilt not, S 
neltn, thou wilt not, S ; neltow, P 
nnltn, S ; nellcAS, pi., S ; nolle)), S2 
nollen, PP ; nnlle]), S ; nnlen, S ; nolde 
//. s., would not, S, PP ; nalde, S. — AS 
nyllan. See Wille. 

Wexunexi, v. to name, mention, call, S, 
S2, S3 ; nempnen, PP, S2. — AS. nemnan : 
Goth, namnjan. Cf. Venenen. 

Weed, Weodes ; see Vede. 

Weode}>, pr, s, is needful, S; see 


Hreomeili v, to take, receive, S ; see 

Ifeomenye, sb. feast of the new moon, 
"W. — Lat. neomenia (Vulg.) ; Gr. vovfirjviay 

Ifeowcin, sb. harm, injury, S. — Icel. 
naudsyn, need, impediment, see SkD (s. v. 
essoin^ p. 802). 

Ifeowe, adj. new, S ; see ITewe. 

Ifeowel, adj. deep ; nlwel, SD ; nuel, 
SD. Z>^n: nttowelnesse, the deep, abyss, 
S. — AS. neowoly tUolj niwol, prone, deep 
(OET, Grein). 

1^60^6, num. nine, S2 ; see XTyne. 

ITeppe, sb. tomip, rapa, Voc. ; xiep«, 
Alph. — AS. n<2p\ Lat. ndpus. 

l^ercotykv sb. narcotic, C. — Late Lat. 
narcoticum \inedicamen\i (SB^ ; Gr. vapKia- 
tikSs, benumbing. 

ITere, •r^- kidney, Voc. ; neere. Prompt. ; 
neres, pi., reins, H ; nerys, ren, Voc. 
Comb. : kldnere, kidiiey, SkD ; kydney, 
Voc. — Icel. nyra, pi. nyru : OUG. niero ; 
cp. Gr. v€<l>p6s, see Curtius, ii. 93. 

Spare, pi- //. were not, S, 82, C ; see 

ITerre, adj. and adv. comp. nearer, H, 
PP; narre, H ; nere, PP; ner, PP, C2, 
C ; nier, S ; neer, W, C2. Comb. : ner- 
hajid, nearly, H. — AS. tUarta {rUard), 
adj. ; rUar, adv. 

KTerawe, adj. narrow, S ; see ITaxwe. 

Ifes, pt. s. was not, S, S2 ; see Nam. 

Ifesclie, adj. tender, soft, S ; nesshe, 
S ; neslie, Voc. ; nesli, ND ; nasohe, 
S2 ; neiBclie, W2 ; nesse, HD. Der. : 
nessliede, tenderness, S2. — AS. hnesce, 

Ifeschen, v. to soften, SD ; nesslieii, 
S ; nessen, H ; neTSsen, H. — AS. hnesc- 

ITese, sb. nose, S, S2, Prompt, PP, Voc. ; 
neose, PP ; nose, Voc. ; noose, WA. 
Comb. : nosebleed, the plant yarrow, 
Alph. ; noseblede, millifolium, Alph. ; 
nese-bende, purulus, Voc. ; nese-thirl, 
nostril, H ; nes-tlijTxylle, Voc. ; nose- 
tbirl) W2 ; nose»tliarl, C ; noyss- 
tliyrlyB, //., S3. — AS. nosu ; cp. OHG. 
nasd\ see Kluge, and Sievers, 274. 

Ifesexi, V. to sneeze ; nesyn, Prompt. ; 
neese, WW.— Cp. Icel. hnjSsa. 

ITest, adj. and adv. superl. next, nearest, 
PP, S, S2 ; neist, S2 ; nixte, S ; nezte, 
C, PP ; nexst, S, S2. Comb. : nestfUd, 
nearest, S. — AS. niehsta, adj. ; nihst, adv. 

Nest, sb. nest, PP ; nestes, //., PP. 



Der. : nestlingls, nestlings, PP. — AS. 
nest ; cp. Lat. nidus (for nisdus), Olr. net ; 
see Brugmann, § 590. 

Ifesten, //. //. knew not, S ; see ITot. 

Ifestlen, v. to build nests, S2. 
• Ifeb,/^' s. has not, S2 ; see Vabben. 

IfeDexi, adv. from below, S. — AS. neo^' 
any beneath. 

ITeSer, adj. comp. nether, S ; see VlSer. 

Ifette, sb. net, Cath., Manip. ; nett. 
Prompt, Voc, W (p. 234) ; net, W (p. 
123); nettes, //., C2. — ^AS. nett\ Goth. 
natiy see Sievers, 247. 

Ifetie, sb. nephew, S. — ^AS. nefa. 

Ifeuenen, v. to name, S2, C3, H,HD ; 
nefen, S2. Der. : nenenlnir, naming, 
S. — Icel. nefna, (from nafn^ name) : Goth. 
namnjan, from namn- stem of namo, name. 
Cf. Vemnen. 

Ifenere, adv. never, PP, S ; nenre, S, 
PP ; nssnere, S ; nssnre, S ; neauer, S ; 
nauere, S ; nefire, S ; nefer, S ; nafre, 
S ; neare, S3 ; nere, W ; ner, HD, S2. 
Comb. : nener a del, not a bit, C3 ; neure- 
more, nevermore, S ; neuer tbe neer, 
none the nearer, C3 ; neaer tbe latter, 
nevertheless, H. — AS. na/re. 

Ifenen, sb. nephew, S2 ; nevew, C2 ; 
nevo, B. — AF. nevu, nephew, grandson; 
Lat. nepotem, 

Ifewe, adj. new, PP, C2 ; neowe, S ; 
narwe, S ; nlwe, S2 ; newe, adv.^ newly, 
anew, PP, C ; newly, newly, again, PP ; 
nnly, S3. Comb. : newefonfifel, catching 
at novelty, C2; newe&ng'elnes, fondness 
for novelty, C2, S3. — AS. neowe, niwe. 

Ifewen, v, renew, S, S2, PP. — AS. 

Ifewte, sb. newt. Prompt.; ewte, 
Prompt. See Euete. 

Ifeyy adv. nigh, nearly, S ; ne?, S ; see 

Ifeynd, ord. ninth, S2 ; see ITyne. 

Ife^exi, V. to neigh, SkD. Der. : nei- 
ynfif, sb. a neighing, W2. — AS. hwkgan; 
cp. Icel. hneggja. 

Ifiatt, sb. pL cattle, S ; see Neet. 

IficlL, adv. no, S. — AS. ne-\-ic, I; see 
wSievers, 332. 

Ifiebe, ord. ninth, S ; see Nyne. 

TX^tfor Ne if, if not, except ; nyf, S2. 

Nifle, sb. trifle, HD, ND ; nylles, //., 
CM, Palsg. ; nlfles, Cotg. (s. v. nigeries). 
—OF. nifles, trifles (Palsg.). Cf. Viuelen. 
, sb. a niggard, a miser, PP ; 



nyifard,C,CM,PP; ny^arde, PP, Palsg. ; 
nyirart, CM. Cf. Vygtui. 

Ifigardie, sb, stinginess, SkD, HD; 
nig-ardye, CM ; nygurdye, CM. 

ITight, Nigt, ITiht ; see xryfirbt. 

Ifigromancye, sb. magic, sorcery, 
PP ; nifframaunoy, S2 ; nigramansy, B ; 
nigromance, Cath. — OF. nigromance 
(Bartsch) ; cp. Low Lat. nigramantia (Du- 
cange); Late Lat. necromantia, necro- 
mancy ; Gr. vtKpoiWLVTuaf divination by 
communion with the dead. 

Ifiker, sb, water-sprite, SD ; nykyr, 
siren, Prompt.; nyckers,//., SPD ; nyk- 
eren, SPI) (p. 255). — AS. nicer , a water- 
demon (Grein); cp. Icel. nykr, hippo- 
potamus: OHG. nichusj ' crocodilus,* see 
Grimm, Teut. M. p. 488. 

TXH^Pr. s. will not, C2 ; see XTelle. 

Ifimeily V. to take, 8, S2 ; nymen, PP ; 
nexnen, PP ; neomen, S ; nam, //. s., 
PP, G, S ; nom, S, S2 ; nem, S2 ; noxne, 
2 //. s.f S, PP ; nomen, ^/., S, PP ; nexue, 
S ; nnrnen,//., seized, gone, S ; numinan, 
S2 ; nome, S2. Dgr. : nixninfire, a taking, 
capture, S. — AS. nimanj pt nam (pi. 
ndmon), pp. numen. 

TXiUf/or Ve In, nor in, C2. 

TXiSipr. s, is not, S, C, C2 ; see Vam. 

Ifiseiexi, pL pi. for ire Iselen, saw not, 

ITistev pt' s. knew not, S ; see ITot. 

Niswicst, 2 pr, s. for Ve iiwiost, 
ceasest not, S. 

Niten, v. to refuse, S2, JD ; nyte, JD ; 
nite, pp., WA.— Icel. nlta, to deny. Cf. 

Ifiten, pr. pi. know not, S ; see Wot. 

IfiS, sb. envy, malice, S. Der. : nlK- 
fol, envious, S ; nypftil, S. — AS. niti\ cp. 
Goth, neith. 

IfiSen, V. to envy, SD. — Icel. nitia, to 

UTiBer, d^z'. below, S ; adj, comp.^ lower, 
S ; neVer, S ; nethir, B ; netSement, 
superl., lowest, SD. Der. : neVerward, 
downwards, SD. — AS. niOer, nidHor, down- 
ward, nec^era^ lower, nether, SkD. 

NiSez^wenden, v. to go down, S. 

IfiSing, sb, a coward, a niggard, S ; 
nythlng-, PP. — AS. niSing, a coward, out- 
law ; cp. Icel. nidingr. 

Ifinelen, v. to snivel, S ; nynelen, PP. 
— Cp. OF. nifler (Cotg.). See Nifle. 
Ifiwe, adj. new, S2 ; see ITewe. 


KTi^en, num. nine, S ; see ITyne. 

Ifo, adv. and conj. not, nor, no, S, S2, 
SkD, B, HD ; na, S, S2. B. Comb. : no 
bnt, except, unless, S2, W ; no ]>e les, not 
the less, nevertheless, S ; na ]>e les, S, S2 ; 
neo]>eles, S ; ne the les, W ; na ])e mo, 
none the more, S2 ; na war, were it not 
for, but for, S2, B. — AS. nd { = ne + d). 

TXoble^ adj. noble, WA; nobylle, Cath. ; 
nobliclie, adv., nobly, S2 ; nobllly, Cath. — 
AF. noble ; Lat. nobilem. 

Ifoble, sb. noble, a coin so called worth 
6j. 8^., S3, C3, P, WA.— Cp. Late Lat. 
nobile (Ducange). 

Ifoblen, V. to ennoble, C3. 

Noblesse, sb. nobility, worthy be- 
haviour, S2, C3 ; magnificence, honour, 
C2. — F. noblesse', OF. noblesce\ Late Lat. 

'XToblete, sb. nobleness, richness, S2. — 
OF. noblete (Bartsch) ; Lat. nobilitatem. 

KTobleyj sb. splendour, grandeur, dig- 
nity, nobility, assembly of nobles, C3, HD 
nobleye, S2, C2 ; noblay, H, B, WA 
nobelay, HD ; nobillay, B. — AF. noblei 
Late Lat. nobletum ; cp. OF. noble t 

Ifodle, sb. noddle, head, Prompt. ; nodyl, 
Prompt. ; noddle, Sh. 

TXofE^ for ire off, nor of, S. 

Ifok, sb. nook, comer, piece, SD ; nuk, 
B ; nwk, B ; noke, WA, HD. Comb. : 
fer]7yng- noke, a piece of a farthing, S2 ; 
nook-shotten, spawned in a corner, Sh. 

KToke, in phr. : atte noke = atten oke, 
at the oak, S2. See Ook. 

KTokke, sb. nock, notch. Prompt. Comb. : 
nooke of a bow, oche de Pare, Palsg. 

Ifol, sb. the head, the neck, W, W2 ; 
noU, WA ; noUe, PP.— AS. knoll, the top 
of the head. 

Ifolde, pi. s. would not, S ; see ITelle. 

Ifolle}), I pr. pi. we desire not, S2 ; 
see Nolle. 

Ifombrev sb. number, C ; nowmber, 
Cath. ; nununer,S3. — AF. numbre, noum- 
bre ; Lat. numerum (ace). 

Ifombreil, v. to number, PP ; noum- 
bren, W2; y-noumbred, pp., S3. — AF. 
numbrer, noumbrer\ Lat. numerare. 

Ifome, sb. pledge, hostage, S.— AS. ndm, 
pledge seized (Schmid). See Nymen. 

Ifome, sb. name, PP, S, S2 ; nam, S2 ; 
name, Voc. — AS. nama {noma) : Goth. 


liro]lielich.e« adv, especially, S ; name- 
Ucbe, S2, C ; namelieli, P, S3 ; namely, 

XTon, adj. no one, none, no, PP, S, S2 ; 
noon, C2 ; nan, S, S2 ; no, PP, S ; na, S, 
S2, B; nane, B; nenne, ^^^., S. Comb,\ 
na kyn, of no kind, B ; naUn, B ; na kyn 
thlnfif, in no degree, B, S2 ; na l^rn wiss, 
no way, B ; nan more, no more, S ; na 
more, S, S2 ; na mare, S2 ; na mo, P ; 
nammo, S2 ; no mo, C ; na plnir, nothing, 
not at all, S ; no ]>ing-, S2 ; no whar, no- 
where, S ; no war, S ; no bwer, S ; nour, 
S2 ; nou hwider, no whither, S ; no 
bwlder, S ; no wider wardes, in no di- 
rection, S ; nones knnnes, of no kind, S ; 
nones wels, in no way, S ; nanes weis, 
S. — AS. ndn. 

IToxie, sb. the hour of 'none,' i. e the 
ninth hour, 3 p.m., also noon, mid-day, S, 
PP; nowne, S3; noyne, B; non, S, S2, 
PP ; noon, PP ; nones, pLy the noon-tide 
meal, PP. Comb. : nnn-mete, a noon 
meal, Prompt. ; none-olienolie, a noon- 
drinking, nunchion, ^^D ; noone-steede, 
place of noon, meridian, S3 ; non-tld, 
noon- tide, S. — AS. ndn ; Lat. nona (Jiora). 

KTones, in pkr. for ])e nones (for for pen 
ones), i. e. for the once, for the nonce, for 
the occasion, S2, S3, C2 ; witli the nones, 
on the condition, G. See Oones. 

Ifoniie, sb. nnn, S2, C, C2, P ; nnnne, 
PP. — OF. nonne ; Late Lat. nonna ; cp. 
AS. nunney in the Laws (Schmid). 

lironnerie« sb. mmnery, S2. — OF. non- 

KToot, I and 3 pr. s. know not, knows 
not, C ; see ITot. 

Ifoppe, sb. nap (of cloth), Prompt., 

Ifoppe, V. to take the nap off, Cath. — 
AS. hnoppian, see Voc. 

Iforice, sb. nurse, C, C2, SkD ; nnrlce, 
SkD ; nnrsclie, W. — AF. norice ; Lat. 

IforisclLen, v. to nourish, PP ; norls- 
cM, S2 ; norlslien, C2 ; nurlsclien, W, 
W2 ; nursclien, PP ; norssben, PP. — 

OF. noriss'y stem of norissant, pp. oinorir; 
Lat. nutrire. 

Iforture, sb. good breeding, nurture, 
SkD, G. — AF. norture, noriiure; Late 
Lat. nutritura (Ducange). 

Ifoselexi, V. to thrust the nose in, to 
nuzzle ; nosyll, Palsg. ; nonsle, Sh. See 



Ifoselen, v. to cause children to put 
their noses in, to nurse, to rear up, to 
fondle closely ; nosell, S3 ; nonsle, Sh. ; 
nusled, pp.y HD (s. v. nousle). 

Ifose-tldrl, sb. nostril, W2 ; seelTese. 

Ifoty I and 3 pr. s. know not, knows not, 
PP, S, S2 ; noot, PP, C ; note, S3 ; nlten, 
//., S ; nuten, S ; nuste, pL s., S, S2, PP ; 
nyste, .S2 ; niste, C2 ; neste, PP; nyst, 
//., PP; nesten, S. — AS. nyian ( = «^ 
witan). See Witen. 

IfotablOy adj. well-known, conspicuous, 
notorious, dazzling, WW. — OF. notable; 
Lat. notabilem. 

Ifote, sb. nut, S, S2, Voc. ; nnte, SkD. 
Comb. : not-beed, a head like a nut, C ; 
note-mnfife, nutmeg, S2, C2 ; note-mi|rfirOf 
Prompt.; nut-shale, nutshell, S3. — AS. 

lirote« sb. business, attempt, employment, 
labour, S, S2, WA ; not, B. — AS. notu^ 
use, employment. 

XTotefdl, adj. useful, serviceable, H. 

IToten, V. to enjoy, S; notye, PP. — 
AS. notian, to enjoy ; cp. Icel. neyta. Cf. 

Xfother) neg. pron. and conj. neither, 
nor, PP, S, S2, SkD ; notMr, B; nonj^er, 
S, S2 ; nonpar, PP ; now1$er, S ; naw- 
per, S2 ; naoer, S ; nor, SkD. — AS. nd- 
hivcsder {ndwpery ndper). See Other. 

Ifou, adv. now, PP, S, S2 ; nu, S, S2. 
Comb. : nou a dayes, now-a-days, PP ; 
now and now, occasionally, C2. — AS. 

IfouclLey sb. clasp, buckle, jewel, CM, 
WA ; nowche, C2, Prompt., SkD ; ouohe, 
WW ; owohe, SkD; ouohes,//., broaches, 
monilles, Cotg., WW; owchis, WW.— 
OF. nouchcy nose he ^ also nusche (Roland) ; 
OHG. nuscha. 

Xfon^fht, neg. pron. and adv. nothing, 
not, C ; nouht, S, PP ; nonet, S ; nou^t, 
PP ; noht, S ; nocht, S ; nojt, S, S2 ; 
noifht, S2 ; nout, S, S2 ; nowt, S ; nowi^t, 
S; nowiht, S; nacht, S; naht, S; 
nawiht, S; nawt, S; naut, S; na^t, 
S2 ; nairht, S2 ; nau^t, PP, S2 ; naufifht, 
C2 ; nat, PP, S2, C ; not, W ; nogth, H 
(Ps. 108. 25) ; nouth, S (18. 442) ; nouthe, 
HD. Comb. : nooht forthl, notwithstand- 
ing, nevertheless, S2 ; noght forthl, H ; 
nat for thy, S2. — AS. ndwiht {^ne + 
dwihf). See Ouirht. 

Ifotlght, adj, worthless, bad, naught, 
naughty, WW ; naught, S3 ; nauht, PP. 



Der. : nauirl^tj-, bad, WW, Sh. ; nan^ty, 
having nothing, PP. 

IToiUllbles, sb. pL entrails of a deer or 
beast, Palsg. ; nombles, burbilia, Cath. 
{n\ HD, Voc. ; nownbUs, Cath. ; now- 
snyllis, Cath. Phr.i nninbles of a 
■tag*, nofnbles cTun cerff Cotg. — OF. 
ncmbles, pi. ; cp. Late Lat. numbulus for 
Lat. lumbuluSf dimin. of lumbus, loin. 

IfoiUllbreili v. to number, W2; see 

Xfoniiiperey sb. umpire, arbitrator, 
SkD, P ; nowmpere, Prompt. ; nompeyr, 
PP ; nonnpere, PP ; owmpere. Prompt. ; 
ninpere, SkD. — OF. von per, odd, not 
even ; Lat. non parent. 

Uronthe, adv. now, C, P ; now pe, S2 ; 
nntSe, S. — AS. nii 94, now then. 

KTouelriev sb. novelty, C2 ; nouellexle, 

S2. — OF. nove/erie, from novel, novel, 

IfoiiySy sb. novice, C2, Voc. ; noujoo, 
WW. — OF. novice (,Cotg.) ; Lat. nouicium. 

Ifowely sb. Christmas, CM ; nowelle, 
HD. — OF. noel ; Lat. natalem. 

Ifowt, sb. cattle, S. See ITeot. 

Ifoydy sb. suffering, annoyance, PP ; any, 
PP, S2 ; nwy, S2. See Anoy. 

KToyeXiy v. to annoy, to grieve, to harm, 
S2, W, P, H ; nnyen, S2 ; nwyon, S2. 
See Anoyen. 

Ifoyfal, adj. hurtful ; nolfta, W2. 

Ifoyneinent ; a noynoment (for an 
oynement), an ointment, S2. See Oyne- 

IfoyOllS, adj. hurtful, amioying, W, 
WW (p. 421). 

Nnl, Ifnle, Niille ; see Velle. 

Nnltn, wilt not. S ; see XTelle. 

UTimxen, //. taken, seized, S; see 

IfimiXILer y sb. number, S3 ; see XTombre. 
ITimnev sb. nun, PP ; see Vonne. 
XrurllS, sb. murmuring, S. 
Urnmen, v. to murmur, SD. — AS. 
piomian, to mourn. 


HTnrSChey sb. nurse, W ; see ITorloe. 

Ifurschen, v. to nourish, PP ; see ITo- 

TXxLSte^pt s. knew not, S, S2, PP ; see 

KTliy, sb. annoyance, S2 ; see Voyo. 

Ifyce, adj. foolish, C2, C3, PP ; nice, 
PP, C2 ; nlae, PP; nyM, S2 ; nyas, S3. 
— OF. nice (Bartsch) ; Lat. nescium, ig- 
norant, see Brachet, § 60. 

Ifycete, sb. folly, B, PP ; nycetee, C3 ; 
nysete, PP ; nysste, B. — AF. nicete, 
timidity, also in OF. sloth, simplicity 

ITyght, sb. night, Voc, PP; nijt, S2, 
PP; nioht, S; nyM, S2 ; niht, S, PP ; 
naht, SD ; ni^t, S2 ; nyth, PP ; nlifl^t, 
pl.fC; nlgt, S ; niht, adv., at night, by 
night, S; nllites, S2 ; nl^tes, PP ; nyghten, 
PP ; ny^tes, PP. Adv. phr. : a nyfiflites, 
PP; binilites, S; binilLte,S; anlBt,S; 
o nigt, S. Comb. : nyhtoifale, nightin- 
gale, S2 ; nijtegale, S ; nyglitinira^) 
C3 ; ni^tinifale, S ; nyobt-hyrd, guardian 
of the night, S3 ; niht-old, a night old, 
stale, not freshly gathered, S2 ; ny3t-old, 
PP ; nififlitertale, the night-time, C ; 
ny^tertale, WA ; naffbtertale, S2. — AS. 
niht, nehty neaht: Goth, nahts; cp. Lat. 
noctem. With the deriv. nightertak cp. 
Icel. ndttartaly a number of nights. 

ITygim, sb, niggard, miser, S2 ; nytf- 
ffonn, G, CM. Cf. Nlgrard. 

Ifykken, v. in phr. : nykken with 
nay, to deny, refuse, HD. 

Ifymyl, adj. quick at seizing, nimble, 
active, Prompt. — AS. numol (in com- 
pounds). See XTimen. 

Ifyne, num. nine, PP ; ni^en, S; ii»i^iiy 
S2 ; neo^e, S2 ; nilie, S. Der. : nynt, 
ninth, S3 ; nesrnd, S2 ; nie])e, S. — AS. 
nigon (WS. neogon) : Goth, niun ; cp. Lat. 
nouemi see Brugmann, § 152. 

ITyTVyl, sb. a little man. Prompt. ; 
nurnyll, a dwarf, Prompt. — Cp. Icel. 
nyrjill, a miser. 

Ify^, adv. nigh, nearly, W, W2 ; see 





O, num, one, a, S ; see Oon. 

O, adv. ever, aye, always, S ; oo, Sa, 
NED ; a, S ; aa, S. Comb. : a buten, 
ever without, S, SkD (s.v. aye) ; a bnte, S ; 
for uj and oo, for ever and ever, NED. — 
AS. d (for dwa) ; cp. Goth, atw, ever. Cf. 

O-f prefix; see Oxu (i). 

Obediencer, sb. an officer in a monas- 
tery, PP. — Church Lat. obedientiarius 

Obeisant, adj. obedient, C2 ; obey- 
■and, B. — OF. obe'tssant, pr. p. oiobetr. 

Obeisaunce, sb. obedience, C, C2 ; 
obeljuuioes,//., submissive acts, C2. — AF. 

Obeiss, V. to obey, B ; obelsclien, S2, 
W ; obeschynsre, pr. /., W.— From OF. 
obeiss' stem of obeissant, pr. p. of obe'ir. 

Obeley, sb. oblation, oblata,\oc.\ see 

Obeye, v. to obey, W, C2 ; obelede, 

//. J"., W. — OF. obeUr^ for obe'ir; Lat. 

Oble, sb. oblation ; obles,//., oblationes^ 
H. — OF. oble, Lat. obkUum ; cp. OF. oblee 
(now oublte) ; Church Lat. oblaia (Ducange). 
Cf. Ouelete. 

Oblisclien, v. to bind, W2 ; oblyse, 
JD; oblyste, ;^., S3; oblysobed, HD ; 
oblisolied, HD; oblyshed, HD.— AF. 
obliger ; Lat. obligare. 

Obout, adv. about, S2 ; see Abouten. 

Obout-ga, V. to go about, S2. 

O-brode, adv. abroad, P ; see Abrode. 

Obseruance, sb. homage, C, S3 ; ob- 
seraanceB, //., attentions, C2. — OF. ob- 
servance (Cotg.). 

Obseme, v. to favour, C2.--OF. ob- 
server ; Lat. obseruare. 

Obnxubrat, //. overshadowed, S3. — 
Lat. obumbratus. 

Oc, conj. but, S, HD ; ooc, S ; see Ao. 

Occean, sb. ocean, S2 ; ooolan, SD, 
W2 ; oocyan, WA, HD.— AF. occyane ; 
Late Lat. occednus; Lat. oceanus; Gr. 

Occident, sb. West, S2, S3, C3.— AF. 
Occident; L^X. occidentem, pr. p. oloccidere, 
to set (of the sun). 

Occupy, V. to wake use of, enjploy,. 

possess, S3, C2, PP, B.— OF. occuper; Lat. 
occupare^ see SkD. 

Odde, adj. odd, single, S2, SD.— Cp. Icel. 
oddi, point of land, odd number. See Ord. 

Oerre, sb. anger, S. See Eorre. 

Of, prep, and culv. of, out of, from, by, 
off, S, S2, C2, C3, WW ; o, S, S2, H ; off, 
SkD; a, S2, PP, S3.— AS. of-. Goth. af-. 
OHG. aba (Tatian) : Gr. dir<5 ; see Sievers, 
5i> 130. 

Of, though, H (Ps. 125. I), WA.— For 
UK.pof. See]>o3. 

Of-dreden, v. to frighten; reflex, to 
dread greatly, S ; of^^lrade, S ; of-dradde, 
//. J., S; of-drad, //., S; of-dxed, S; 
of-dret, S2.— AS. of-drcedan. Cf. A-drad 
(A- 3). 

O-femmiy adv. afar, S2; oferrom, 
WA ; see Aferr«. 

Offensdoiin, sb. offence, damage, C ; 
offendionn, W. — Lat. offensionem. 

i}Meren^ v. to terrify, SD; offearen, 
S ; offexd,//., S ; oferd, S. 

Offertoire, sb. offertory, anthem sung 
before the oblation, C. — OF. offertoire 
(Cotg.) ; Church Lat. offertorium. 

Office, sb. office, C2 ; offiz, S ; oi&oes, 
//., church services, PP. — AF. office (offyz); 
Lat. officium. 

Offrende, sb. offering, S ; ofllrand, H ; 
offexands,//., S2.— OF. offrande (Bartsch); 
Lat. offerenda ; see Constans. 

Of&i, V. to offer, S ; ofllren, S, PP ; 
ofllrand, pr.p., S2 ; i-ofl!red, pp., S.— AS. 
offrian ; cp. OF. offerre (Bartsch) ; Lat. 

Offiringe, sb. offering, S; ofl!rinke, S; 
offxyuflT, C. 

Of-frnht, //. terrified, S ; ofWfft, S ; 
of-firulite, //., S.— Cp. AS. of-fyrhtan, to 

Of-huugred, //. an-hungred, PP ; of- 
bongret, PP ; o£Jionfirr«d, PP ; oflLng'red, 
SD; afin£fred,SD; aflnjfret, NED, HD; 
a^njfred, NED, P, HD.— AS. of-hyngrod. 
Cf. A-bunflfexd. 

Ofhe, sb. dat. oven, S ; see Onen. 

Of-newe, adv. anew, S3, C2, C3. Cf. 

Of-recben, v. to obtain, overtake, at- 
tain, reach, S, PP («) ; ofrau^te,//. ply PP. 

Ofrigt, pp. terrified, S ; see^Of-fmbt.. ^ 




V, to deny, SD. — ^AS. of- 
tacan. Cp. I — fran (A- 3.) 
M-weaisiBt v. to escape, Ss. See 

iH-mm^v, to percexve ; ^(tmiWfPt, s,, Sa ; 
oISmI*, S3. — AS. o/'Sicn, 

Of IClldgn, t'. to send for, Sa ; o^^ente, 
//. /., Sa, PP ; ofHMAt, P. 

Of-tMrnen, v. to merit, deserve, SD, S. 

Of-ffl0a.9 1'. to slaj ; of-tfoh,//. /., SD; 
oC^O^en, //., S; of-tfi^«&, >^., S; of- 
tf«)Mi, S ; of^li^«, S.^AS. of'sUan, 

O^spmiff, '^' offspxiDg^, S ; dSspzcBiTy 
S; oflvnuv, S; cmjBirjmg, HD; ok- 
•yxia^, Ss, — AS. of-spring, 

OfAiSk/tnOL^pp' taken awaj, Ca. 

Ofte, A/zf. often, S, Ca ; oik, PP, WW ; 
oCtor*, ^^/v/., S; oftor, S, Ca. Comb.-, 
offe«0l0«B, oftentimes, SD ; ofto bIB*, SD ; 
ofto sltliM, C, S3 (s.T. ^/) ; on wHam, Sa, B ; 
ofU-tiiiM, ofttimes, SD ; oft tjmm, PP.~ 
AS. oft\ OHG. ^/£? (Otfrid^: Goth. ufta\ 
cp. Gk. 0varof, snperl. of Mp ; see Sievers, 

Often, adj. freqnent, WW. 

Of-taonen, v, to yex, irritate; of- 
tooncA,//., S. 

Of-]>1UlcllMI, z'. to be sorry for, to 
repent, S; of-ptnelM, S; of-j^nke, S; 
of^hilite,//. /., S. — AS. of-pyncan. 

Of'bvrst, >^. athiist, S ; of-)Mrst, PP ; 
aiyrvt, PP; oAirst, PP ; aAnurt, PP.— 
AS. of'Pyrsted (Grcin). 

Of-W1I]ldred,>>^. amazed; of-unndred, 

Og, /r. /. possesses, S ; see Owon. 

Ogain, prep.y adv. against, again, NED ; 
see Ajein. 

Ogaines, prep, against, Sa ; oir«7n««, 
Sa ; see A)«in«8. 

Ogain-saghei sh, contradiction, Sa. Cf. 

Ogain^tomei v. to tnm again, Sa. 
Ogen, adj. own, S; see Owen. 
Ogramoynei sb. agrimony, Voc. ; see 
Oht, sb, aught, anything, Sa ; see Ouerlit. 
Ohtf adj. valiant, doughty, S ; see Aiiht. 

OhtUohey adv, valiantly, NED; see 

Oise, sb. nse, H ; 07M, H ; oyi, JD, 
HD ; 07M, B.— AF. us ; Lat. usum, 

Oise, V, to use, H; 07M, H, HD ; 
03rMd«,//.| HD; ojidt, B.— OF. user^ 


Oist, '^. ananny,B; eyst,B; seeOost. 

Ok, Oke, p. s. akcd. MD ; see Ak«&. 

Okra, adj. oaken, G. See Ook. 

Okar, *h, usury, SD; <ddr, Sa ; ^d^r, 
Cath.; oknr,SD; oeki«r,H; olnn.H.— 
IceL Skri AS. wScor, increase, growth, 
fruit ; cp. OHG. wuachar, gain (Otftid). 

Okerer, sb. nsorer, Sa, H, Cath. ; dke- 
zww, Sa ; okyzww, H. 

Okeringf sb. nsniy, Sa ; <ftk«ziiig«i, H. 

Old, adj. old, Voc; MlA, MD; aid, 
MD, S, Sa ; cold, MD ; hold, S. MD ; 
eld, MD, Wa ; o^ld, Wa ; avid, S3 ; olt, 
Sa ; aalda. S, MD ; aide, MD, Sa ; olda, 
Voc.; tHAm, S,W; jmIAs, MD; aulde, 
MD; aldor, comp., MD; iSlder, MD; 
«ldre, S, W; aldar, S, Ca; aULuze, S; 
^Idoze, Sa ; haoldxa, S; AJwr, Sa ; al- 
d«rte, superl.j S ; li^ldMita, MD ; aldoate, 
Sa.— AS. eald, old; cp. OHG. alt (Otfrid). 

Oldli, adj. old, Wa. 

Oliuore, sb. olive-yaid, Ca. — ^Late Lat. 
olivarium (Dncange). 

Ollllineii, V. to flatter, S. 

OlllliniUlg, sb. blandishment, flattery; 
olhUTiiige, iiat.y S. 

Oly&imta, sb. elephant, Cath., Voc. ; 
ole&wnt, Voc. ; olipliaat, S3 ; oUfiuit, 
WA; oUlTant, HD ; olj&ii]ioe,//.,HD. 
— OF. olifanty elephant, ivory, ivory horn, 
also elefant ; Lat. eUphanttm ; Gr. kKk^'s 

On^prep. on, at, in, among, of, S, Sa, S3, 
Ca, WW; ono,S; o]iBa,S; a, S, Sa, Ca, 
PP ; o, S, Sa, H ; an, S, Sa, PP.— AS. an, 

On, num. one, S, Sa ; see Oon.^ 

Ql[kf^ prefix (i), standing for On,/nr/. 

Our, prefix (a), standing for AS. and-, 
against, in return, toward. — AS. on-, ond-, 
and-, Goth, and-, anda-; cp. OHG. ani- 

On-, prefix (3), with negative force ; see 
Un- I. 

Ofkr^ prefix (4), before verbs ; see Un- a. 

Onan, adv. at once, Sa ; onon, S, S3 ; 
see An-on. 

Onpbycbraw, v. to withdraw; on-by- 
dxaw,//. J., S3. (Oiu 4.) 

On-oome, sb. attack, JD; on^-comjs, 
//., H. (On- I.) 

Onde, sb. breath, emotion, hatred, envy, 
S, Sa, HD, CM ; aande, WA ; ande, MD, 
H, W A, Cath. ; ajnd, JD, B ; liaad, Sa.— 
AS. anda : OS. ando ; cp. Icel. andi^ breath, 
the spirit (in theology). 


Ondflll, adj. envious, MD ; ontfdl, S. 

Ond-awere, sb. answer, S; see An* 
Ondswerien, v. to answer, S; see 



Ondyn, v, to breathe, Prompt. ; uide, 

Ondyng, sb, smelling, PP; ayndlner, B. 

Ones, adv. once, S2, S3, C3, G, P ; see 

One-Spmte, sb. inspiration, S2. 

On-ferram, adv. afar, S2 ; see Aferre. 
(On- I.) 

On-fon, V. to receive, endure ; oniifo'S, 
pr. s.f S ; onlknflred, //. s., Sa. — AS. on-fdn 
for ond-fdn, see Sievers, 198, 5. i. Cf. 
Afon. (On* 3.) 

Ongel, sb. angel, S ; see AnsfeL 

On-halsien. v. to adjure, entreat, S. 
(On- 1.) 

Onhede, sb, unity, Voc. ; see Oonhed. 
- On^t, adv. by night, S ; see A-nyerlite. 
On-imete, adj. immeasurable, S; see 
Vnlmet. (On- 3.) 

On-lappyt, pt. s. unfolded, S3 ; see 

On-lepiy adj. only, S, S2 ; see Oonlepy. 

Onlepiliclie, adv. -only, singly, S>. 

On-lesiun, adj. not allowable, S3; 
see Vnlenesum. (On- 3.) 

Onlich, adj. only, S ; see Oonli. 

On-lofte, adv. aloft, S2, C2 ; see Alofte, 
(On- I.) 

On-losti, adj. idle, S2 : see UnlnstL 
On-lyne, adv. alive, C2, G; online, 

S.— AS. im life. Cf. Alyne. (On- i.) 
Onoh, enough, S ; see Tnow. 
On-rounde, adv. around, S2. (On- i.) 
On-saM, sb. affirmation, charge; on- 
safifen, pi. dat., S. — AS. on-sagu, affirma- 
tion (Schmid), for ond-sagu, see Sievers, 
198, 5. I. (On- 2.) 

On-sene, sb. face, SD ; onsene, dat., 
S. — AS. on-siorty on-syn^ an-syn (Mt. 28. 3). 

On-side, adv. aside, NED. (On- 1.) 

On-sides, adv. aside, NED. 

On-sidis-hond, adv. asid^^ S2. 

On-sihSe, sb. appearance, S. (On* i.) 

On-Slepe, adv. asleep, S2. (On- 1.) 

On-speUnde, pr. /. unspeaking, un- 
speakable, S2» (^On- 3.) 

On-SWere, sb. answer, S ; see Answere. 

On*SWerde, //. s, answered, S; see 

On-tenden, v, to set on 6 re ; ontent, 
pr, J., S ; ontende,//., S. — PiS. on-iendan. 
Cf. Atenden. (On-i.) 

Ontftll^ adj. envious, S ; see Ondfnl. 

On-J^Olyinde*. pr. p. not enduring, in- 
tolerable, S2. (On- 3.) 

QUriaXL^ prep, until, to, B ; see Vntil. 

On-todelinde, pr. /., adj. undividing, 
indivisible, S2. — AS. un-tod&lende. (On- 3.) 

On-lippe, prep, above^ S.; see An^ 

On-vale, v. to unveil, S3.. (On- 4.) 
On-uast, prep, fast by, & 
On-wald, sb. power ; anwalde, dat., S \ 
anwolde, S ; onwalde, S; onwolde, S. — 

AS. anwald. (On- 1.) 

On-wnrM, adj. unwor&y. Prompt.; 
see irnwn]%i. 

On-syginde. pr- p. unseeing, used in 
sense of * invisible,^ S2. (On- 3.) 

Ook, sb. oak, C2, C3 : ak, Voc. ; ok, S2 ; 
ake, Voc. ; oke, Voc, Cath., G ; akis, 
//., S3. — AS. dc\ cp. OHG. eich {eih). 
Cf. IToke. 

Don, num. and indef. . art. one, S2; S3, 
C2, C3, G ; an,, one, an, S, S2, H ; ane, 
MD, S3, H;. a, MD, S2, H; on,.S,.S2, 
S3, C2, G; one, MD, S, S2; o, S, S2, S3, 
C3, G ; 00, S3, C3 ; 8on, S ; ann,^S ; sonne, 
S ; enne, S, S2 ; ene,.S ; ann, S-; ane,.S ; 
onne, S ; ore, dat. f., S. Phr^: : by lilm 
one, by himself, MD ; be it ane, .by itself, 
H (Ps. loi. 7); all hinun ane,. all by 
himself, S ; hire ane, by herself, S^; ower 
ones, of you alone, S. — AS. dn. 

Cone-fold, adj. onefold, single, simple, 
MD ; an&ld, S, HD.— AS. dn-feald. 

Cones, adv. once, G; ones, MD, S2, 
S3, C3, G, P ; onis, P ;. onys, W2 ; enes, 
S, S2 ; 8ones8, S. Phr. : at anes, at 
once, MD ; et enes, S ; at ones, MD, S2, 
C3 ; at ans, S2 ; at oones, G. — AS. dneSy 
gen. m. of dn^ used in ME. adverbially. 
AS. &ne is used to express * once, at once.* 
Cf. ITones. 

Conhed, sb. unity, HD (p. 588) ; one- 
beede, HD ; onhede, Voc. ; anbed, H ; 
anbede, H. ^'^ 

Conlepy, adj., adv. only, sole, MD; 
onlepi, S, S2 ; olepi, S, S2 ; anlepi, S, 
H. — AS. dti'lepig. 

i, adj, only, sole, MD ; onlicb, MD, 



S ; anil, aaly, H. Comb. : anly stede, 

solitude, H. — AS. dn-lu, <kn-lic, 

Oonli, adv, only, W; onliolie, PP;i 
onlyoli, S2 ; oneUolie, PP; aaU, MD;j 
anly, S2 ; onU, MD ; oneli, W (John 
5. 18). 

Oor, sb, ore, unrefined metal, Sa ; ore, 
Voc. ; oore, Manip. — AS. 6r (SkD). 

Oost, sb. an army, B, S3, W, W2 ; oist, 
B ; oyst, B ; est, B, S2 ; oostis, //., W, 
W2. — AF. vsty host\ Lat. hostem, enemy,; 

Ooste, sb, host, inn-keeper, MD ; ost, 
-CM, MD ; boat, MD ; boost, C ; lioste, 
dat.f MD. — OF. oste^ hoste ; Lat. hospitem, 

Open, adj. open, S2, SD ; ope, S ; upon, 
S2 ; opyn. W ; opene, //., S. — AS. open ; 
cp. Icel. opintty and OHG. offan (Otfrid), 

Open-heaued, adj. bare-headed, S. 

Openin, v, to open, explain, S ; oppen- 
and,/r./., S2. — AS. {ge-)openian. 

Open-lie, adj. open, S2 ; openliclie, 
adv.y S; opeliclie, iS. — AS. ^penlicy adv. 

Opposexif.'Z'. to question, SkD ; oposyn, 

Prompt. ; opposed, ^t. s^ PP. — OF. op- 
poser; .L&t.iob +pausare. Cf. Aposen. 

Opye, sb. opium, C, CM. — OF. opie; 
Lat. opium ; Gr. omov, poppy-juice, from 
6ir6s, sap. 

i}T^pron. your, S2 ; ore, S2 ; see ^oure. 

Ov^prep., conj., adv. before* Comb. : or 
.eirer, WW. See Br. 

^^^.cottj. or, S ; see 08er. 

Or^, prefix t out, without, excessive. — 
AS. or- : OHG. ur- (Tatian) : Goth. us-. 
Cf. A- I. 

Ovatorye, sb. a place for prayer, C. — 
OF. oratoire ; Lat. oratorium (Vulg.). 

Qrehe^ard, sb. orchard, S3 ; orclinrd, 

SD ; orcliard, Voc. — AS. orcerd (Voc), 
ort-geard^ (BT) : Goth, aurtigards ; see 
J^ick, 7. 35. 

Ord, sb. point, beginning, S, HD, C2; 
orde, dat., iL^AS.. ord (Voc.) ; cp. OHG. 
orty a point, limit, district, Icel. oddr, * cus- 
pis;' seeKluge. 

Ordal, sb. ordeal, a -severe test before 
judge, CM, SkD.— AS. or-d^/, OS. ur-d^/i; 
cp. OHG. ur-deUi, 'judicium* (Otfrid). 

Ordeynen, v. to ordain, appoint, S2, 
PP ; ordayny, S2 ; ordand, pt. j., S3 ; 
^rdeigned, P; ordaynt, pp., S2 ; i^ 
ordeyned, S2. — AF. ordeiner^ OF. orde- 
/ifr ; ^ Lat. ordinare. 


Ordeynovr, sb. arranger, S2. 

Ordinaneey sb. provision, array, Sa. — 
AF. ordinance \,ordenance), 

Ordinatly, adv. in good order, S3. 

Ordre, sb. order, PP, C3 ; ordres, //., 
orders (of friars), PP ; holy orders, PP. — 
AF. ordre ; OF. ordene, ordine ; Lat. or- 

Ordxren, v. to arrange, rank, SD ; t- 
ordret,//., S. 

Ore, sb. oar, S; are, MD; ayr, B; 
ores,//., S. — AS. dr. 

Ore, num. dot. fern, one, S ; see Oon. 

Ore, sb. honour, grace, favour, clemency, 
happy augury, S, S2, G, CM ; see Are. 

Ore, sb, ore, Voc. ; see Oor. 

Ore-les, adj. merciless, S2 ; oreleas, 
S ; see Areles. 

Orest, adj, and adv. superl. first, S ; 
see Er. 

Orfl sb. an inheritance, hence, cattle, S, 
S2. — Icel. arfr. See Srfe. 

Organ, sb. organ, PP ; organs, pl.^ or- 
ganum^ Voc. ; orgnns, harps ( =^organayy 
W2 ; orflfoyns, H. — Lat. organum ; Gr. 

Orgeilus, adj. proud, S, SD ; orglL- 
lous, Sh.— OF. orgueilleus (Bartsch). 

Orgely sb. pride, SD; orbel, S; or- 
gta, SD. — AS. orgel'y cp. OF. orguel 
(Bartsch). Probably of Teut origin ; cp. 
OHG. ur-giloy excessively, oppressively 
(Otfrid). (Or-,) 

Orient, sb. the East, S3, Ca.— AF. ori- 
ent ; Lat. orientem, the rising (sun). 

Orientales, sb. pi. sapphires, p. 

Orisonn, sb. prayer, orison, C, 82 ; 
nreisnn, S ; oreisonns, //., 82 ; orisons, 
C3. — AF. oreison^ C^'*-)? oraisuu ; Church 
Lat. orationem, prayer, from orare, to pray. 

Orlege, sK time-teller, JD ; see Oro-> 

Orleger, sb. clock, dial, S3 ; orlager, 
JD. See above. 

Or-mete^ adj. immense, 8. — AS. or- 

Orologe, sb. time-teller, dial, clock, 
S3 ; orloflfe, Cath. («) ; orlogrflTe} C, CM ; 
borologe, Voc; orleflfe, JD; horleffe, 

Cath., Prompt, (p. 120); orlagre, Voc. — 
Lat. horologium ; Gr. wpo\6ytov ; cp. F. 
horlogey Sp. r,elox (Minsheu). 

Orped adj, valiant, 82, HD, SD ; 
orpud, Prompt. ; orpid, HD ; orpit, 

proud; also fretful^ habitually chiding, JD ^ 


boTplA, SD ; liorpyd, HD ; orpede, HD ; 

used as a descriptive pevsonal name, Bards- 
ley ; horpede, Bardsley. 

Orpedliche, adv^ boldly, SD ; orped- 
liob, HD ; orpedli, SD. 

Oz^edschipe, sb. bravery, SD. 

Orpiment, sb. orpiment, Ca. — AF. oif- 
piment\ Late Lat. cturipignuntum't Lat. 
auruntf gold + pigmentum^ colouring ma- 

Orpi]169 sb. a kind of stone-crop, Cath., 
SkD ; yellow arsenic, HD ; orpyne, Voc. ; 
orpin, tetepinum^ Manip. ; oxpyn, eras- 
sula tnajor^ Prompt. — OF. orptfiy orpin ; 
also orpine, orpiment, or arsenic (Cotg.). 

Orrible, adj. horrible, MD.— OF. or- 
rible ; Lat. horribilem. 

Orronr, sb. horror, dread, Wa. — OF. 
crreur (Bartsch) ; Lat horrorem. 

Oris, sb. pi. remnants, Sh. ; ortns. 
Prompt. ; ortys, Cath. — AS. *or'<kty * reli- 
quiae pabuli *; cp. ODu. oar-eft, what is left 
after eating. (Or-.) 

OssOf sb. omen, prophecy, ND. 

Osse, V. to prophesy, HD ; osses, pr. s.y 
WA ; CMNied, //., WA. — OF ^oier, to ven- 
ture, to dare ; Late Lat. ausare (It. ausare), 
from Lat. audere (pp. aus-us), 

Ossing, sb. attempt, WA. See above. 

Ostage« sb. hostage, S2; li08taflre,B. — 
AF. ostagg {hostage) ; Late Lat. *obsidati- 
cum (cp. It. statico), from Lat. absidem^ 
hostage, one who remains behind, from 
obsid'^ stem of obsidere. 

Oste, sb. host, MD ; o8t,.CM^MD ; see 

Ostel, sb, hostel. Prompt., MD ; bostel, 
MD; ostajl, HD ; ostayle, HD.— OF. 
ostely hostel \ Lat hospitaler relating to a 
guest. See Ooste. 

Osiielere, sb. inn-keeper. Prompt. ; ost- 
Uer, W ; liostller, C ; hostaUere, P. 

Ostelrie, sb. hostelry, MD, CM ; boti- 
telzie, C. 

Ostery, sb. inn, HD^ MD ; ostrie, W ; 
liofltery, MD. 

Ostl^clie, sb. ostrich, Voc. ; ostxldflre, 
Cotg. ; estrldffe, HD ; ostxigls,//., W2. 
— OF. ostruce (Cotg.), austruce (Brachet) : 
Sp. avestruz ; Late Lat. avis-strucio ; strucio 
for struthio; Gr. urpovB'uuv, an ostrich, 
from cTpovOos, a bird. 

Otes, sb. pi. oats, C2, P ; otyn, Voc. — 
AS. dte (OET). 

Oter, sb. otter, S ; otyr, Voc. ; otyre, 
HD.— AS. otor (Voc). 



Oth, prep, and conj. up to, xmtil ; o"K, S ; 
a, S, NED (p. 3 c). Comb. : a-]>et, until 
ithat, S.— AS,^; OS. and Goth. tt«^. Cf, 
Un- 3. 

Oth, sb. oath, MD ; o>, S, S2, C ; ot, S ? 
athea,.//., S; opes, S, C2^C3.— AS. dOi 
Goth, atths ; cp. OHG. etd (Tatian). > 

OSer, eonji either ... or, S, S2, S3, C3 ; 
oidSer, S2, H,. G ; or, S ; adv. even, S2 ; 
aii]ier, HD. — AS. d-hwader {dhzvcetfery 
dzt^er, Swder, duller y d(fer, dCor). See 
Sievers, 346. 

Other, adj. second, relating to one of 
two, other, S, S2, G. Phr. : day and 
otber, continually, G. — AS. dder: OS- 
S9ar, andar\ cp. OHG. ander (Otfrid), 
; Goth, anthar, Skt antara. For the suffix 
-thar cf. Fortber. 

Other-gatis, adv. otherwise, H. 

OSer-lnkeri adv. comp. otherwise, S. — 
AS. dderlicor. 

OVer-wei'es, adv. in another way, other- 
wise, S ; otherweyes, C2. 

O^er-wliileyWi'. occasionally, S2, P. 

Otherwyse, adv. on any other con^ 
dition, C2. 

O-twixme, apart, in two, S; otwyn, 
H. Cf. Atwynne. (0-.) 

On, /r(£7«.. you, S, S2, PP; see 50U. 

Ought, sb. aught, anything, S2, C2; 
awiHt, eawilit, MD ; oht, MD, S2 ; olilit, 
S ; oust, W ; o^t, S ; ouct, S ; out, S ; 
allot, S ; alite, S.— AS. d-wiht. Cf. Auht. 

Ollll,t pf^' s^ possesses, S ; oubte, //. s^, 
S ; ovLghteiLf f C2 ; see Owen. 

Ouldy sb. owl, S2 ; bule, S; oules, //., 
C2.— AS. lile (Voc). 

Oolef V. to howl, ululare, Manip» 

Oance, sb. ounce, C2 ; ouns, Voc. ; 
unoe, C, Cath. — AF. unce; Lat. uncia* 
See Inobe. 

Ouphe, sb, elf, Sh.. ; $ee Anlf. 

Our, pron. your, S ; ouxe, S2, PP ; see 

Our-, prefix. Look for words as if spel£ 
Ouer-. See Ouer- («Over-) below. 

Oure, pron. poss. our, W ; ure, S, S2 ; 
ur, S, S2 ; hure, S ; hur, S ; oure, ours,^ 
W ; ourun, W ; ures, //., S2. — AS. iire^ 
liser, of us, our : Goth, unsara. 

Oumement, sb. ornament, W2. — OF. 

Oumen, v. to adorn, W2 ; oumede, 
//. J-., W2; oumed, //., W, W2.— of: 
I orner ; Lat. omare* 



Onmyng, s^. an adorning, W. 

OxLS, pron. dat. and ticc. us, S2, PP ; ows, 
PP ; VU8, S2 ; TLB, C2. Comb. : us mmVt, 
ourselves, S, C2 ; us seine, P ; ns silf, 
W. — AS. «/j : Goth. uns. 

Out, a^z'. out, WA; nt, S; owt, B.; 
oute, WA; out, interj'., awayt S2; 
uttere, adj. cotnp,^ outer, S ; utter, C3 ; ut- 
tereste, super I. ^ extreme, C2 ; outemest, 
SD. Comb. : utmer, outer, W ; utter- 
mere, W2 ; utnume, exceptionally, S ; 
out ta.ken, except, S2, C3 ; out takun, 
W, W2 ; outtane, S2 ; outane, B ; ow- 
taue, B ; utward, outward, S ; ute wit, 
outside, S2 ; outwltli, WA. 

Out, sb. aught, S ; see Ougrlit. 

Ont-iberen, ^» to bear out, S2. 

Out-blaitfcen, ^v. to blow out^ out- 
blaste,//. J., S2. 

Out-bray, v. to bray out, S3. 

Out-breiden, v. to awake; oute- 
breyde, pt. j., S2. 

Out-bresten, v. to burst out ; owt- 

brastyner, pr. /., S3 ; ute-brast, pt. s., S2.; 
out-brast, S3. 

Outen, adj' strange, foreign, S2. 

Outen, V. to utter, C2, C3, SkD (s. v. 
utter). — AS. iStrnn. 

Outerly, adv. -utterly, C2, C3 ; uterly, 
S3 (s. V. a/y, utrely, S2. 

Oathees, sb. the hue and cry,^C, HD; 
utlieste, S. — Low Lat. utAesium (Schmid), 
for hutesium {huesium), from OF. kuter 
{Auer), see Ducange (s. v. huesium). See 

OuSer, conj. either, or, SD, S2, H ; see 

Out-ioiyng, sb. extreme joy, W2. 

Ont-lawe, sb. outlaw, PP, Manip. ; ut- 
laje, S.— AS. litlaga (Schmid) ; Icel. iltJu^ 
ga, outlawed, liilagiy outlaw. 

Out-ledeXlf v, to produce, educere\ 
oute-leden, S2. 

Oat-let, sb. outlet; uUete, dat., S.— 
Cp. Icel. lit-ldt. 

Outrage, sb. outrage, excessive insult, 
SD, H, B, luxus^ Manip. ; owteraire» ex- 
cessusy Prompt.— OF. outrage, oltrage ; cp. 
It oltraggio (Florio), Low Lat. ultragium ; 
from Oi" . oUre ; Lat. ultra. 

Outrage, adj. outrageous, S3 ; wtraffe, 
S3 ; owtraere, S3. 

Outrage, v. to outrage, destroy, to lose 
temper, C:2 ; outraged, //. j., S3.— OF. 
Dultrager (Cotg.). 


Outragely, adv. superfluously, H. 
Outrageous, adj. excessive, C3, B. 
Outrageusly, adv. excessively, H. 
Outranoe, sb. excess, extremity, S5, 
JD.— OF. oultrance (Cotg.). 

Outrayed, //. s, destroyed, S3; see 
Outrage, v. 

Outren, 'O, to utter, to put out and cir- 
culate, SkD. 

Out-ryde,^. to ride out, PP; to out-* 
ride, overtake in riding, S. 

Out-senden, v. to send out, S2. 

Out-take, v. to take out, except, de- 
liver, S2 ; out toke, pt. s., S2 ; out taken, 
pp., S2, C3; out takun, W, W2; out 
tane, S2 ; outakun, W2. See Ovtt, 

Ou^t, sb. aught, W ; see Ought. 

Ou^te, pt. s. possessed, W ; see Owen. 

Ouelete, sb. the oblation in the Eucha- 
rist, S.— AS. o^dte (Leo), o/ate (OET) ; 
Church Lat. ob/ata (Ducange). Cf. Oble. 

OueXL, sb. oven, S ; ofiie, dat., S.— AS. 
o/en, OHG. o/an (Tatian) : Goth, auhns : 
OTeut. stem ^uhwrta-, see Douse, p. 80. 

On&l^ prep., adv. over, above, beyond, S, 
Ca, W ; uferr, S ; our, S2, S3, B ; oure, 
S3 ; ouer, adj., upper, C, SkD ; ouerer^ 
cof^p., W2, H ; ouereste, superl., C, S2. 
Comb.; oueral, all over, everywhere, S, 
S2, C, C2, C3 ; ouur al, S2 ; oulr litil, 
too little. Prompt. ; or-litel, S2 ; ouer my- 
kel, over nvuch, S2 ; ouer ]7wert, across, 
perverse, S2, W; ouer tbwart, across, 
crossways, C; ouivtliwort, S3, B. — AS. 
ofsrx Goth, ufar (see Sievers, 25. i); cp. 
OHG. ubar (Otfrid). 

Ouer-i, prefix, over- ; our-, B ; or-, S2. 

Ouer-CUmen, v. to overcome, S ; ouer- 
oome, S, S2, W2; ofercom, pt. s., S; 
oueroom, S2 ; ouercumen, p>p., S ; ouer- 
oome, S2. — AS. ofer-cuman. 

Ouer-dede, sb. excess, S. 

Ouer-fare, v. to pass over, S2. — AS. 

Our-firet,//. s. fretted over, S3. 

Ouer-gan, v. to go over, super are, SD, 
S2 ; ouerflfon, S, W ; ourira> B ; ouergon, 
//., S2. — AS. ofer-gdn-. OHG. ubar-gdn 

Our-hailing,/r. /. overhauling, con- 
sidering, S3. 

Our-lieldaild,/^/. covering over, S3. 
Ouer-howen, v. to disregard, despise ; 
ofer-howdS, /r. s., S ; ofor-ho^ien, SD. 

Ouer-lede, v. to domineer over, P. 


Ouer-leiyng, sb. pressure) W. 

Oner-liggen, v, to lie upon, S. — AS. 

Oner-lippe, sb, upper lip, Sa, C. 

Ouer-lopy sb. omission, Sa. 

Onerlyng, sb, a superior, H, HD. 

Oner-maistrien, v. to overmaster, P. 

OuormaiSteSf summits, Sa. 

Oner-non, sb. afternoon, Sa (i a. 164). 

Ouer-sen, v. to observe, survey, look 
down upon, to despise, overlook, P ; ouer- 
■U^, pr, J., S ; oxLKtw^ypt. s., S (16. 30) ; 
onar-iwie,//., WW, S3 ; ouer-Mye {mm), 
pp., forgotten myself, P.— AS. ofer-sim. 

Ouer-sloppe, sb. upper garment, C3. 

CHir-Strauglltf pp- stretched across, 


OneiStake, v. to overtake, SD ; oner- 
tan,//., Sa ; ourtane, B. 

Oner-bogt, odj. anxious, S. 

Over-urowe, v. to fall down, G; 

overtlixew, //. J., G. 

Onexvtild, pp- covered over, S. — AS. 
ofer-teldan, to cover over. 

Ouertlye, adv. openly, Sa. — From AF. 
avert, pp. of ovrir, OF. aovrir, aiivrir, 
Prov. adubrir ; Lat. ad-k-de-k- operire. 

Oner-trowynge, pr. /. anxious, over- 
conscious, W. 

Oner-walteiif 'o- to overflow, Sa. 

Ouer-wente, pt» s. overcame, S. See 

Onet, sb. fruit, Sa.— AS. ofet ; cp. OHG. 
obaz (G. obst\ Du. 00ft ', see Kluge. 

Ow, inter] . alas I G. 

Or^^pron. you, S, Sa ; see 5oti. 

Owai, adv. away, Sa. Phr. : owai do 
pam, do away with them, destroy them, 
Sa. See Away. 

Owel, sb. awl, S, Voc. ; see AnL 

Owen, V. to have, possess, to have to do, 
to be obliged, to owe, MD, S, C3, PP ; 
OBen, S ; ajen, S ; a^benn, MD ; aafhe, 
H ; awen, MD ; aeren, S ; alien, S ; owe, 
pr, s., P ; oar, S ; onli,S; a5li,Sa ; ali,S; 
an, Sa ; onUte, //. s., PP, S ; onjte, PP, 
W; anbte, S; ancte,S; a]Lte,S; t^hte, 
H ; agte, S; a5te, Sa ; an^t, W ; atflit, 



Sa ; aneht, //., Sa ; onirl^ten, Ca. — ^AS. 
dg^an, I and 3 pr. s. dh (pi. d^n), pt. dhte, 
pp. dgen. 
Owen, adj\ own. S, Sa, S3, Ca, C3,PP; 
o^en, S, Sa ; ogen, S ; a^en, S ; agen, S ; 
a^benn, S ; ahen, S ; awln, S3 ; awyn, 
S3 ; awn, S3 ; owe, S, Sa ; oflrlie, S ; oire, 
S ; onne, S, Sa, PP ; o^ene, Sa ; oerline, 
Sa. — ^AS. dg-en, own, possessed, pp. of dgun, 
to possess. 

Ower, pron. your, S ; see Bonre. 
O-wher, adv. somewhere, anywhere, C, 
C3, SD (s.v. dwher, p. i a) ; owliar, SD, Sa 
(7. ±1 7) ; oner (for onner ?), S. — AS. d- 
hwir. See O (adv.). 

O-wMder, adv. anywhither, SD (p. 
I a) ; o-bwider, S. — AS. d-hwider. See 
O (adv^ 

O-wliils, conj. on whiles, during the 
time that, H. 

Oxe, sb. ox, S ; ezen, //., HD ; ozi8, 
W.—AS. oxa : OHG. ohso (Tatian) : Goth. 
auhsa ; cp. Skt. ukshan. The AS. pi. forms 
are oxan^ cexen, exen, 

Oxe-fftallei <f^* ox-stall, Ca. 

Ozspringy sb. offspring, Sa ; see Of* 

Oyle, sb. oil, C3, MD; oyUe, Sa ; 
oy^e, Sa ; oU, MD ; oUles, //., flattery, 
PP. Phr. : bere np olle, to flatter, PP 
(») ; bilde vp >e kynges oyl, Trevisa, 3. 
447, seeNQ (6. i. 75).— AF. ot/e, olte ; Late 
Lat. olium ; Lat oleum. Cf. Ele. 

Oyneuent, sb, ointment, W, C ; oyne* 
mentis, //., S3, W. — AF. oignement^ 
from ongier, to anoint; Lat. ungere, Cf. 

Oyntynge, sb, anointing, H. 

C^nonn, sb. onion, CM ; oynon, Voc. ; 
olngnnm, Voc. ; oynonns, //., C ; oyne- 
aones, HD.— AF. oynoun (F. oignon) \ 
Lat. unionem. 

O^ein, prep, against, MD ; see A^eln. 

O^eines, prep, in comparison with, S ; 
see ABeines. 

O^en, V. to owe, S ; see Owen, v. 

O^en, adj. own, S ; see Owen, adj, 

O^t, sb, aught, S ; see Ontfbt. 





Face, sb, ; see Pas. 

Pace, V. ; see Passen. 

Fadde, sb. toad, SkD ; pades,//., S; pad- 
dis, SkD. Comb. : pad-stoole, toad- stool, 
Manip. — Icel. padda. 

Faddok, sb. toad, Prompt. ; frog, W2 ; 
paddoke, rana^ Voc. {n)\ padookes, //., 
grenouilles^ Palsg. Comb.: paddok-stole, 
fungus, toad-stool, Cath. 

Faene, adj. pagan, S ; see Payen. 

Fagent, sb. a pageant, pagina, Prompt. ; 
pafifeaat, scena, theatrum, Manip. 

Fagent, sb. a page, writing; see below. 

Fagyne, sb. page, writing, HD; pagrlne, 
SkD ; parent, SkD (s.v. pagi). Phr. : per- 
feocioun of dynyne pagyne, H (p. 4). — 
Lat. pagina, a written page, that which is 
written, a paragraph or book. 

Fais, sb. peace, S ; see Pees. 
Fak, sb. a small bundle, PP; pakke, 
sarcina, Prompt 
Fakken, v, to pack, PP, Prompt. 

Fak-nelde, <f^- packing-needle, PP ; pak- 
neelde, S2 ; paknedle, PP. 
Fakok, sb. a peacock, PP ; see Pecok. 

Falecnre,^^. paralysis, palsy, PP,S 2 ; per- 
lesy, HD ; palesye, PP, S2 ; palesie, S2 ; 
palasie, S2 ; palacye, PP; pale8y,W; pal- 
sye. P, Prompt.; parlesy, Cath., SkD. — 
OF. paralysie't Lat. paralysin ; from Gr. 

Faleys, sb. palace, C, C2, PP ; palels, 
PP; palaiB, S; palys,PP; paleyses, //., 
PP ; paleis, PP.— AF. paleis, OF. palais ; 
Lat. palatium. 

Falfrey, sb. palfrey, saddle-horse, S2, C, 
PP; palfray, PP; palefirei, S.—AF. pale- 
fret, OY.palefreid (Roland) ; Low Lat./a- 

Falle, sb. the archbishop's pallinm, 
funeral pall, a costly kind of texture, a 
canopy, Prompt, HD, Voc; paU, HD, 
WA ; pal, S ; peUe, Prompt., S ; pell, S2 ; 
pelles, //., S. Comb. : pallen webis, 
fabrics of pall or fine cloth, WA.— Late 
Lat. pallium and palla, see Ducange ; cp. 
OF. pale, a kind of cloth (Ducange), and 
AS. pall, a rich texture (Voc). 

Fallen, v. to pall, to become vapid, 
Prompt., Palsg., SkD ; palled, pp. enfee- 
bled, C3. — OF. pallir, to grow pale ; see 

Falme, sb. palm (tree), palm of victory, 
WA ; palm, palm-branch, C3.— AF. palme ; 
Lat. palma, 

Falinere,J^. palmer, S,PP; palmers,//., 
^2.— AY. palmer \ Church \jaX. palmarium 
(ace). See above. 

Falmestrye, sb. palmistry, S3. See 

Faltok, sb. jacket, PP. Prompt ; pal* 
tooke, HD, Palsg.; paltoke, Voc— OF. 
paletocque (Prompt, «). For cognates, see 
SkD (s.v. paltry), 

Fament, sb. pavement, S3 ; see Paue- 

Fane, sb. a part or division of a thing, a 
skirt. Prompt, HD, SkD.— OF./a«, a piece 
(BartscK) ; \jsX.pannum (ace). Cf. Peny. 

Fanely sb. a division, compartment, jury- 
list, piece of cloth on horse s back, Cath. 
(«), PP, Sh.; panell, PP; panelle, sub- 
sellium. Cath.; pannell, HD. Palsg.— 
AF. panel. See above. 

Faneter, J^. butler, PP ; paatere,Voc; 
panter, PP.— AF. panneier\ Late Lat. 
panetarium (ace). See Payn. 

Fanne, sb. pan, brain-pan, skull, PP, 
C3, Voc. Prompt; ponne, PP; pan, C. 
— AS. panne (Voc) ; cp. Low Lat. panna 
(Ducange), and G. pfanne. 

Fans, sb. pi. pence, W ; see Peny. 

Fanter, sb. painter, pictor, Voc. See 

Fanter, sb, a net, snare, CM, HD, 
Voc. ; pantere. Prompt. ; panther, Pahg., 
HD.— OF. pantiere ; Late Lat. panthera ; 
Gr. vavBiipa ; see Ducange. 

Fantere, sb. panther, S3, Voc— OF./d;«- 
tere ; Lat. panthera ; from Gr. vavBrjp. 

Fanyer, sb. pannier, bread-basket, PP ; 
payneres,//., PP.— AF./a«y^r. See Payn. 

Fapejay, sb. parrot, popinjay, C2 ; pope- 
lay, PP; paptnjay, Voc; popinjay, 
Voc; popyneray, S3, HD; papynsray, 
HD; papinflral8,//.,S3; popynflrayes, S3. 
— AF. papejaye, parrot (mod. papegai) ; cp. 
OF. papegaux, pi.; Low Lat: pappagallus; 
by popular etymology from the Low Gr. 
iroira7ay, see Ducange. 

Fappe, sb. breast, S, Voc ; pappes,//., 
S(«), WW; pappys, HD. 

^2iXfprep. by, with. Comb. : par amour, 
by love, with love, C ; for paramonr, for 


love, C2 ; paramour, a lover (of either sex), 
C, WA ; paraxuoure, Manip ; par anen- 
tnre, peradventure, S2, Ca, C3, PP ; 
perauntere, H ; paranntre, S2 ; pera- 
uentnre, W ; par oas, by chance, C3 ; 
par de {par Dieu)y C, C3 ; pardee, C2 ; 
par fhy, by my faith, C2, C3. 

Par- ; see also under Per-. 

Paras^ey sb. kindred, family ; hence, birth, 
descent, HD, JD, CM ; equality. DC— 
AF. parage', I-Ate Lat. ^paraiicum^ an 
equality, from Lat. par, equal. Cf. Dis- 

Parcel, sb, part, share, little bit, PP ; 
paroale, WA. — KF,parcele, part; Late Lat. 
particella ; cp. It. particella, 

Parcel-meley adv. separately, bit by 
bit, PP ; percel-mel, S2, PP. 

Parcenely sb. partner, H. 

Parcenelyngey sb. partnership, H. 

Parcener, sb. sharer, HD, W2 ; par- 
tener, W ; partynere, S3 ; paroeneris,//., 
W, W2 ; partenerl8,\V ; party2Lerl8,W. — 
AF. parcener e,parsenere, pi. parceners, per- 
ceners ; Late L&t, partianarium (ace). 

Parchementer, J^. preparer of parch- 
ment, Cath. ; parmenter, Voc. 

Parchemyny sb. parchment, W, PP ; 
perobemyn, PP ; percliemen, WA. — AF. 
parchemin^ Gr. irff)yafirjirqj from Tlipyafios 
(cp. Lat. pergamencC), 

ParcbJiieiit ; see Fasmunen. 
.ParcloSy sb. an enclosure, partition, 
screen, S3, Palsg ; paroloos, Prompt. ; per- 
0I08, HD ; perolose, HD. — OY.parclos, pp., 
closed completely ; Lat. per -^ clausum. 

Pardon, sb. pardon, PP. — KY.pardun. 

Pardoner, sb. a seller of pardons, C,PP; 
pardonere, Prompt. 

Parement, sb. an adorning, C2, CM ; 
paraments, //., C. Phr. : oluunbre of 
parementz, the presence-chamber, C2. — 
OF. parement ; also chambre de parement ^ 
the Chamber of Presence (Cotg.). 

Parfit, adj. perfect, S2, PP, C3, W; 
parfyt, PP; periyt, C; parflirlit, C; 
perfit, C3, W ; perfiflrlit, C— OF. parfit, 
parfeit\ \JaX. perfectum. 

Parfitliche, adv. perfectly, PP ; per- 
fitllolie, PP ; parfltly, C2, CM ; parfltU, 
W ; porQrtUest, superl., H. 

Parfonmen, v. to perform, PP, Ca, 

CM, SPD (p. 280) ; parforme, PP ; per- 

fonmo, PP ; performen, PP. — AF. par- 

fumir, parfourtiiry to perform, to furnish. 

Cf. rumisli. 



Parische, sb, parish, PP; parlBcli, 
PP ; paresohe, PP ; parrcbe, PP.— OF. 
paroisse ; Churcli Lat. paroecia (also paro* 
chid) ; Gr. vapoima, 

Parischen, sb. parishioner, Cath., C ; 
parisschens, pt., PP, S2 ; parshens, PP. 
— OF. paroissien. See above. 

Paritorie, sb. pellitory, C3, SkD; 
peritorle, the wall-plant bartram, Manip.; 
paratory, colitropium, Voc ; parietary, 
HD. — OF", paritoire, pellitory (Cotg.) and 
paritarie (Alph.); I^te Lat. paritaria 
( Alph.) ; Lat. parietaria^ from paries, wall. 

Parleuent, sb. parliament, conference, 
PP, S2. — AF. parlementy from 0¥,parler, 
to talk ; Low Lat. parabolare (Bracnet). 

Parlesy; seePalesy. 

Parlonre, sb. the conversation room in 
nunneries, PP ; parlowr, * colloquotorium,' 
Cath. ; parlur, S. — OF. par loir ; Church 
'LsX. parlaiorium (Ducange). 

Parodlien, sb. parishioner, PP ; per- 
rochlonn, S3 ; parosoliienefl, //., PP. — 
OF. parochien ; Church \jaX. parochianum ; 
from parochia. See Parlsohe. 

Partie, sb. part, portion, PP ; partye, 
party (in a law suit), PP ; party, side, S2 ; 
parties, //., parts, S2. Phr. : a party, 
partially, S2. — KY.partie {partye), person ; 
Lat. partita, divided. 

Pa^ly, adv. briskly ; see Perk. 

Partriche, sb. partridge, S3, PP ; par- 
trlob, C ; pertryobe, Prompt. — AF. per^ 
drice, perdriz ; Lat. perdicem, 

Parvis, sb, the open space in front of 
St. Paul's cathedral, HD ; parrys, C, CM ; 
parvyse, HD ; parvyce. Prompt. — OF. 
parvis, the porch of a church, the outer 
court of a palace (hence Low Lat. parvi- 
sum), parevis, parets, para'is ; Late Lat. 
paradisum (ace), the portico of St. Peter's, 
Rome (Ducange), also paradise (Vulg.); 
Gr. vapaJbtKroi. For the intercalation of v 
in OF. parvis, see Brachet (s.v. corvie). 

Pas, sb. a step, pace, pass, passage, 
canto, narrow path, C2, C3, PP, S2 ; paaa, 
C3 ; paw, S2 ; pace, Prompt. ; pas, //., 
S2 ; pases, S2, — AF. pas ; Lat. passum 

Paschen, v, to dash, to strike ; pash, 
HD ; pasolite, pt. s., PP; passhed, pp., 
-p^MmcOk^t, pp,, S2. 

Paske, sb, passover, W, PP, HD ; pask, 
W. — AF. pask ; Church Lat. pascha ; Gr. 
irAffxa ; Heb. pescLk, a passing-over. 

Passameni sb, a kind of Uce, SPD (p. 



272), HD; pasMxnenta, //., SPD, DG. 
Comb. : passaxiien laoe, NQ (5. 9. 231) ; 
parohment laoe, SPD. — OF. passement, a 
lace (Cotg.): It. passamdno (Florio); cp. 
Sp. passamdnoy G. posament (Weigand). 
Cf. FexclmientleT. 

Passen, v. to pass, surpass, PP, C2, 
C3; paoe, S2, Ca, C3; to die, C2 ; j- 
pamed, //., PP ; paaand, pr, p., S3. — 
AF. passer, 

Passyng, pr. p. as adv. surpassing, 
i. e. very, S3 ; adj.y C3. 

Passyngfly, adv. in a surpassing de- 
gree, S3. 

PaSotans, sb. pastime, S3 ; pastaaoe, 
S3; pastannoe, HD. — OF. passe-tans y 
passe-tens J passe-temps. 

Patter, v. to repeat prayers, to say 
repeatedly, S3 ; patxed,//. s , S3 («), HD. 
— From Church Lat. pater ^ the first word 
in the pater-noster (* Our Father '). 

Pane, v. to pave ; y-paued, pp., S3.— 
OF. pauer. 

Panement, sb. pavement, Ca ; panJU 
ment, SkD ; pament, S3, Voc, Cath. (»), 
H ; pawment. Prompt. — ^AF. pavement ; 
Lat. pauimentum. 

Panxue, sb. palm of the hand, PP ; 
pawme, PP, W, Prompt; pams, Voc. 
Comb. : palme-play, game of ball played 
with the hand, S3. — OF. paume^ palm of 
the hand ; \.2X.palma ; cp. Y.jeu de paume, 

Pautenerf sb. a vagabond, a libertine, 
HD ; adj.y rascally, ribald, B. — OF. pau- 
tonier, paltunier, a rascal (fiartsch) ; cp. 
Low Lat. paltonarius (Ducange). For 
cognates see SkD (s. v. paltry). 

Paililon,x^. pavilion, tent, PP; panil- 
yonne, S2 ; pauiloiin, lawyer's coif, PP ; 
panylonn, coif, PP ; panylons, pi., tents, 
S2. — AF. pavilion, tent ; Lat. papilioneni, 
a tent, a butterfly. 

Pavyce, sb. a shield, defence. Prompt. ; 
panioe, SkD ; panys. Prompt. («), SkD., 
Voc, HD ; pavlsse, HD ; pauisli. 
Prompt. (»), HD ; palnoiaa, Florio (s. v. 
testudtne) ; paluelfl«, Florio (s.y.pauese). — 
AF. pavise; Low Lat. pavisium (ace), 
also pavesium ; cp. OF. pavots (Cotg.) ; 
Low Lat. pavensem (Ducange). 

Pavyser, sb. a soldier armed with a 
pavise, HD. 

Pax-brede, sb. a. tablet with a crucifix 
which received from the worshippers the 
* osculum pacis,' Voc, HD. See Bred (3). 


Paye, sb. satisfaction, HD, Sa, PP ; pale^ 
S2 ; pay, S2. — AF. pate. 

Payen, v. to please, satisfy, pay, PP, S2, 
H ; payed, pp., satisfied, PP ; paled, W; 
payd, S2 ; paid, S2 ; y-payed, C. — OF. 
paier, to satisfy, pay: Prov. pagar\ Lat* 

Payen, adj. and sb. pagan, heathen, C ; 
as a personal name, Bardsley ; payn, S ; 
paene, S; payns, //., S; paynes, S; 
pains, S ; paens, S ; payens, S2, C3, CM. 
— AF. paten ; Late l^t. paganum, heathen. 

Payn, sb. bread, PP ; payne, PP. Comb. : 
payn-demayn, bread made of the finest 
flour, C2 ; paynmayn, Voc ; payneznayn, 
C2 («) ; paymaa, Voc, HD. — OF. pain 
demaine, demeine ; Church Lat. panem 
dominicum^ bread of our Lord. 

Payne, sb. penalty, S2 ; see Feyne. 

Paynyme, sb. heathendom, S ; pai- 
nime, S ; paynym, a pagan, Saracen (an 
incorrect use), PP, H ; payneme, S2 ; pay* 
nymes,//., PP ; painenui, HD {^v. payen). 
— AF. paenime, heathen lands, paganism ; 
OF. paienisme ; Late Lat. paganismum 
(ace). See Payen. 

Paynymery, sb. paganism, Cath. 

Peak, V. to pry about narrowly, to peep> 
ND. Comb. : peak-flroo8«> a- peaking 
goose, ND ; peek-flfoos, S3 ; pea-gtMse, 
^ a simple, doltish fellow, a noddy peak, a 
ninny-hammer, a coxe,* Cotg. (s. v. benet). 

Peakisll, adj. looking sneakingly, ND. 

Peas, sb. peace, S3 ; see Fees. 

Pease, v. to become peaceable ; peaste, 
//. s., S3. 

Pece, sb. a bit, portion, a cup, S2, PP, 
Prompt., Cath., Palsg., HD ; peyoe, S3. — 
AF. pece, piece ; cp. Low "LaX.pecia, a piece 
(Voc), a cup (Ducange). 

Peook, sb. peacock, PP ; peooke, Voc. ; 
pekok, PP ; pacoke, Cath. ; pacok, Voc. ; 
pakok, PP ; pocok, PP, C ; pokok, PP ; 
pocokk, Voc. ; pokoo, Voc ; paookUs, 
//., S3.— AS. p6a {pdwo) ; Lat. pauo\ see 
Sievers, 37. 2. Cf. Fonn. 

OOSe, sb. a silly fellow, S3 ; see 

Peel, sb. skin, rind of fruit, Cotg. (s. v. 
coupeau). — OF. pel ; Lat. pellem. 

Pees, sb. peace, silence, S2, C2, W, 
PP ; pes, S, S2 ; peas, S3 ; pays, PP ; 
pais, S. — AF. pees, pes, OF. pais \ Lat, 

Peesid, //. appeased, W2. 


Veireineiit, sb. damage, detriment, W. 

Peireiif v. to injure, PP, CM ; peyxen, 
PP; peixed, //., S2. — OF. peirier\ 
Late'Lat. peiorar€\ cp. OF. entpeirier, 
to become worse, to make woise, impair 

Peiryng, sb, damage, destruction, W. 

Feis, sb, weight, PP ; peys, S2, PP; 
peyoe, Prompt. ; peise, S3, Prompt ; 
poys, S3. — OF. peis {pois) ; Lat. pensum, 

Peisen, v, to weigh, W2; peysede, 
//. J., S3 ; pelsed, PP; poiiwd, PP.—AF. 
peiser {poiser) ; Lat. pcnsare, 

Feitrel, sb, breast-plate of a horse in 
armour, HD ; peytrel, C3, Prompt. ; 
pewtrel, Manip. ; peytrelle, CM ; pay- 
trelle, HD, Voc. ; pettzyUe, Voc— AF. 
peitrel ; Lat. pectorale, 

Pelet, sb, pellet, stone-ball, S2, PP, 
Cath., CM, Prompt. ; pelot. Prompt. ; 
pylotes, //., Cath. («).— AF. pelote, ball, 
cp. It. pilldtta (Florio) ; dimin. of Lat. 

Pelle« sb, a pall. Prompt. ; see Falle. 

Pelrimage, sb, pilgrimage, S; see 

Pelte, pt. s. pushed, S ; see Pnlten. 

Pelnre* sb, fur-work, PP ; pellure, S2, 
Prompt., PP. — AF. pelure, OF. pe/eure 
(from OF. /<?/) ; Late Lat. pAlatura, from 
Lat. pellem, skin. 

Pen, sb. a pen, enclosure, crib, Sh., Sk"D ; 
penne, caula^ Manip.; penes, //.,S2. See 



Penaunce, sb, suffering, punishment, 
penance, penitence, W, C, PP. — OF. pen- 
ancCy penednce ; Lat. poenitentia, 

Penauncer, sb, one who imposes a 
penance, PP. 

.Penannt, sb, one undergoing penance, 
C2, PP ; penawnte, Prompt. — O^ , penant, 
penednt ; Lat. poenitentem, 

Pencell, sb. a little banner, pennon, S2 ; 
peneel, PP, CM ; pensell, Palsg., Cath. 
(p. 2 Sow). — OY,p^snoncel, pennoncel, dimin, 
of pennon f a flag, streamer. See Fenonn. 

Penible, ^'* careful to please, C2 ; see 

Penid, sb, a pennet, little wreath of 
sugar taken in a cold, sugar-candy, Florio 
(s. V. diapiide) ; penet, Florio ; pennet, 
ND, Cotg., PP, Notes (p. 110); penydes, 
//., Alph.— OF. /><rwwr^ (Cotg.); Late Gr. 
wifvihiovy a little twist of thread, from Gr. 
fli^Ki;, thread. Cf. Dia^penldlon. 

Pennev sb, quill of a feather, Voc; 
a pen, Cath. ; pennes, //., S2, W2.— AF. 
penne ; Lat penna. 

Penonily sb, a pennon, small banner, 
SkD ; pynonn, C ; penonnes, //., S3. — 
AF. penonj feather of a cross-bow bolt, 
OF. pennon, feather of an arrow, flag, 
streamer ; cp. It. penndne (Florio). 

Peny, sb, penny, S2 ; penye, S ; peny, 
S2 ; penl, S ; pena, //., W, S2, S3, C3; 
pons, S2 ; pans, W. Comb. : penny- 
breld, penny's breadth, S3.— AS. pening 
(Mk. 12. 15), penning (Schmid), pending, 
a little pledge or token (SkD) ; cp. OHG. 
phending (Tatian), dimin. of phand ; Lat. 
pannusy a piece of cloth ; Late Lat. pan- 
nunty pledge, something pledged or pawned 
(Ducange). Cf. Pane. 

Peoseilf sb. pi. peas, S2 ; see Pese. 

Per- ; see also under Par-. 

Perannterey peradventure, H ; see 

Percelmel, adv, bit by bit, S2; see 

Percen, v, to pi£rcfi^_,^S2, PP, C2 ; 

persen, W, PP ;" ypeTolie J Cath., HD ; 
pershannt, pr, p., I'Jf ; persand, S3 ; 
pearst, //., S3; persid, W2. — AF. 
percer; 0)^,percher\ L&te Lat. *pariicarey 
to part. For suffix -icare, cp. Late Lat. 
*coacticare (whence F. cocker) \ see BH, 
§ 97- Cp. also OF. person ^partitionem, 
Ps. 15. 6 (Apfelstedt). 

Perolmientier, sb, dealer in ' parch- 
ment lace,' S3.--Cp. It. passamentiere 
(Florio). See Passamen. 

Percyl, sb. parsley, S2; pexoU, PP; 
peroyll. Prompt. ; paroelle, Cath. ; per- 
syUe, Voc. ; peroeUe, Cath. ; persile, 
Alph.— OF./<fr«7; Late Lat. petrocillum 
(Voc.) ; from Gr. jt^rpoakXivov, For the 
effect of the Greek accent see Brachet, and 
cp. F. encre (Bnlie). 

Pere, adj. and sb. equal, a peer, PP, C2 ; 
per, SkD ; peer, PP, C2 ; peare, S3 ; 
peres,//., PP ; pieres, S3.— AF. per (pi. 
perSy peres) ; Lat. parent. 

Pere, sb, pear, Voc, Cath. ; peere. 
Prompt. ; perys, pl.y CM. Comb, : peere 
apple. Prompt; pefe-lonette, an early 
ripe pear, PP; peijonette, CM.—AS./^r^, 
peru ; Lat. pirum, Cf. Pereye. 

Pere^prin, adj, foreign ; pereffryn, C2. 
—OF. peregrin \ Lat peregrinum, Cf. 



_ in, sB. a kind of falcon, HD. — 
Cp. Late Lat. peregrina falco (Ducange). 

Feren, v. to appear, P. — OF. pareir 
{paroir) ; Lat. parere, to appear. 

FerejrB, sh. perry, S3, Voc. ; perre. 
Prompt. ; pirrey, Cath. ; pirre^ Cath. 
Comb, : plri^whlt, white perry, S3, PP. — 
OF. pereyy peri, peir6 (mod. poiri)^ from 
peire (mod. poire), pear; cp. Late Lat. 
piretum (Voc), from pirum, 

Perfet, ad/\ perfect, C3, W; see Parflt. 

Perk, adj. proud, pert, elated, HD ; 
perke, ND; pert, SkD; partly, adv-,, 
briskly, S3. 

Perken, v. to smarten, to trim, SkD 
(s.v. pert) ; pyrkis, pr, s., S3. 

Pemel, s^. Pemel, or Pamel, a common 
female name, S3» Bardsley; pnmele, a 
concubine, PP. — OF. Peronetle ; Late Lat. 
Petronilla, name of a saint. 

Perreye, sb. jewelry, precious stones, 
PP ; perrele, Sa ; perrye, C, PP, HD ; 
perrey, S3 ; perree, Cs. — AF. perrye ; 
OF. pierrerie, precious stones ; from OF. 
piere, pere ; L^t. petra, stone. 

Pers, adj. dark rich blue, sky-coloured, 
bluish grey, CM, C; perm, S3.— OF. 
pers (Bartsch) ; cp. It. persa^ Low Lat. 
persusy perseus (Ducange). 

Perte, adj. manifest, obvious, S3,^PP; 
^v. openly, PP. See Apert. 

Pertelyche, adv. plainly, evidently, 
S3 ; perteUob, PP ; pertly, truly, S3 ; 
openly, P ; pertely, completely,^ S3. 

Pes, sb. peace, S, Sa ; see Pees. 

Pese, sb. a pea, PP ; peose, PP ; peeM, 
PP ; pesen, //., PP ; peosen, S2 ; peses, 
PP. Comb. : pese-ooddeB, pea-pods, S3, P ; 
pes-oodes, S3 ; pese-lof, loaf made with 
peas, P. — AS. piose {pysCy pise\ pease ; 
Lat. pisay pi. oipisum. 

Pesibilte, sb. a calm, W. See Pees. 
Pesdble, adj. peaceful, W 2.— OF. patsd- 
ble ; Late Lat. pacibilem. 

Pesiblenesse, sb. calm, S3, w ; pe- 

■ilillnewM, W. 

Pettail, sb. rabble, B ; see Pitalle. 

Pettes, sb. pL pits, S3 ; see Pyt. 

Pesrne, sb. pain, penalty, C3, W, PP ; 
peine, S3 ; payne, S2.—kF.payne,pain€y 
OF. peifte ; Late Lat. pena ; Lat. poena. 
Cf. Pyne. 

Peyneble, adj. pains-taking, S3 ; pe- 
aylOe, HD ; penlble, C3.— OF. penible, 


Peynen, v. reflex, to take pains, PP, 
S3, C3 ; peyned,//., punished, W. 

Peynten, v. to paint, CM, PP ; peynt, 
//., S3, CM ; peynted,. C3 ; y-peynt, S3. 
— From OF. pet ft y pp. oi peindre\ Lat. 
pingerej see Brachet. 

Peynture, sb. picture, CM. — OF.pein- 
ture (AF. painture). 

Phantasie, sb. fancy, S3.— Gr. ipav- 

Philautia, sb. explained ^philosophy,' 
S3 ;. pbUautie, self-love, ND. — Gr. <f>i\av^ 
T«a, self-love. 

PhilOSOpkre, sb. philosopher, C3, C3 ; 
plLiloflophres, //., C3 ; philosophers, 
PP. — OF. philosophe ; Lat. philosophum 
^acc.) ; Gr. ^tAcScro^f, a lover of wisdom. 
For the r added in the English, word, cp. 
chorister for F. choriste. 

PicclieXl, V. to pitch, to fix, to pick, di-. 
vide with a sharp point, P ; pitchinflre, pr. 
P'> W; pi^te, //. s^y SD; pi^rhte liim, 
pitched, fell, SkD; pi^ten,//., W; piht. 
pp., PP ; pijt^ WA ; pitfht, S3, PP, ND ; 
pyjte, PP. Cf Pyken. 

Pick, sb. pitch, S ; see Plkke. 

Pigge, sb. pig, porcellus, Manip. ; 
pyffffo, Prompt. Comb. : piffsnle, * pig's 
eye,' a term of endearment, ND ; pig'sfes- 
neyffhe, CM ; piffsny, ND, S3. 

V. to pitch, S ; pykke, Cath. 

!e, sb. pitch, Cath, ; pyk. Prompt. ; 
pyche. Prompt.; pych, S; pich, S. — 
AS. pic (Voc.) ; Lat. picem. 

Piler, sb. pillar, S, PP, C3, C ; pyler, 
PP ; pilere, W ; pylere, Prompt.—AF. 
piler ; Low Lat. pilare (Ducange). 

Pillage, sb, plunder; pyllaffe, SkD; 
pilaere, WA. 

Pillen, V. to peel, Prompt. ; pille, Cath. ; 
pill, Cotg.,.WW; pilie, PP; pilled, pp., 
bald, WW,Prompt.; piled, C ; pilde, peeled, 
bare, S3. Phr. : pille f£9X\iik!t, vellicare, 
Cath. — OF. peler (Cotg.), also piller 
(Palsg.) ; Lat. pilare, to deprive of hair, 
iiom pilus, hair. 

Pillen, V. to plunder, CM, ND ; pylle, 
S3; pUen, PP; pil, H; pylen, PP ; 
pylled, pt. pL, S3.— OF. piller (Cotg.); 
Late Lat. pilare (Ducange). 

Pillery, sb. rapine, ND. 

Pilling, sb. robbery, S3. 

Pillonr, sb. plunderer, PP ; pilonre, 
PP ; pyllars, pi., S3. 

Pilwe, sb. pillow, CM; pllewe, Ss; 


pUoiM, //., CM.— AS. pyle {=-*pulwt)\ 
IjsX. pulvtnus ; cp. OHG./^«/»W(Tatiaii). 

Filwe-beer, sb, pillow-case, C ; plU 
lowe-bere, Cath. ; pyUo-berys, //., HD. 

Pinchen, v. to find fault, C3 ; pynolie, 
C; i-pynolied, //., plaited, C. Phr.\ 
I pynolie couztayBye, je fays U nyce, 
Palsg. — OF, pincer ; It pUciare, to pinch 
with a beak (Florio) ; from piccio, a beak, 
bill (Florio). 

Pirie, «^. pear-tree, S2, P. — ^AS. pirige 
(Voc). See Fere. 

Piri-whit, sb, white perry, S2; see 

I, sb, pi, storms of wind, S3 ; see 



Piscence, sb, might, S3; see Pnis- 

Pistle, sb. epistle, PP, W, S3 ; P7s1i7l> 
Prompt. ; pistU, PP, C2 ; plstlU, WA ; 
pi«Ul»,//.,W.— OF. epistle {epistreyCotg.) ; 
Lat. epistola ; Gr. iirttrroA^, message. 

Pitaile, sb. footsoldiers, infantry, S2 ; 
pettaiU, rabble, ^\ pltaiU, "&', pitaU, 
B. — AF. pitailUy foot-soldiers, OF. pieta- 
ille, a troop of footmen (Cotg.) ; from OF. 
ptet\ LAt. pedem. 

Pitanncet -^^* provision, share, portion, 
dole, PP, C, CM ; pytannce, PP ; pyt- 
awnce. Prompt.— OF. pitance (Bartsch) ; 
Low Lat. pictancia (Ducange). 

Plage, sb. plague ( = Lat. plaga)y W; 
plaffue, Sh. ; plagis, //., W. — Lat. pldga 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. vXTjy^y a blow, stroke, plague 
(Lxx) ; cp. OF. plate. 

Plage, sb. a region, Cath. ; plasres,//., 
82, C3, HD.— OF. plage, a region, land, 
sea-coast (Cotg.) ; Lat. pldga (Vulg.). 

Plaid, sb. plea, dispute in a law-court, 
S ; plait, S ; plee, Prompt. ; placituniy 
Voc. ; pie, SkD, W ; play, SkD ; place, 
//., pleas, S3. — AF. plait, play, OF. plaid, 
plait, plat, proceedings in a law-court, a 
trial, law-court ; Late Lat. placitum, liter- 
ally, what is pleasing, hence a decision, 
law-court, pleading. 

Plaidi, V. to plead, bring a complaint, 
argue, S ; plede, PP ; placitare, Voc. ; 
plete, PP, S3, Viom^t.—A.Y, J>laider, OF. 

Plaiding, sb. pleading, S; pledyner, 
PP ; pletynflfe, S3, Prompt. 

Plat, adj, flat, level. Prompt. ; adv. 
completely, fully, JD, C2.— OF.//fl/. 

Platly, adv. flatly, fully, S3, HD, 

Plate, '^. plate-armour, S2, C2 ; plates, 
//., PP. — AF. plate, a plate of metal, bul- 
lion, silver-plate,/ oiplat, flat. 

Platte, //. s, reflex, threw himself flat, 
PP, S2. 

Playn, adv. plainly, clearly, C2, C3 ; 
see Fleyn. 

Playne, v. to complain, S2, PP ; playn, 
S3 ; pleyne, PP, C2 ; pleyn, S3 ; plane, 
S3; plelgnen,, S2; pleynand, pr. 
p., S2 ; plenand, H. — OY.plaign-, stem of 
plaignant, pr. p. of plaindre {pleindre) ; 
Lat. plangere, 

Playnte, sb, complaint, lament, PP; 
pleinte, C2 ; pleyntes, //., C3.— OF. 
pleinte ; Late Lat. plancta, from Lat. plan- 

Playnyngy sb. complaint, S3. 

Playte, sb, a fold, plica, Prompt.; 
plejrtes, pi, plaits of a cord, HD. — OF. 
pleit, a fold ; Lat. plicitum^ folded. Cf. 

Playteiif v. to fold. Prompt. ; plet* 
tand, pr. p., S3 ; pletede, pt. s., S2. 

Pie, sb. plea, W ; see Plaid. 

Pleinte^ sb. complaint, C2; see 

Plenere, adj. full, PP; adv. in full 
numbers, PP ; plener, PP, HD. — OF. 
plenier ; Late Lat. plenarium, 

Plenerliche, adv. fully, HD; ple- 
ner ly, S2. 

Plenissen, v. to fill ; pienyst, //., S3. 

— From OF. pleniss-, stem oi plenissanty 
pr. p. oiplenir, from "LsX, plenum. 

Plentee, sb. plenty, C2 ; plente. 
Prompt. — OF. plenty ; Lat. plenitatem. 

PlenteuOUS, adj, plenteous, abundant, 
C, PP ; plenteuouse, W ; plentiuous, 
SkD ; plentefoufl, H ; plentuos, S2 ; 
plenteus, SkD. — OF. plentivous, 

PlenteuOTlslier, adv, comp. more 
plenteously, W. 

PlenteuOUSnesse, sb. plenteousness, 

Plentuuste, sb. plentifulness, H. 

Plesannce, sb. pleasure, ki/idness, PP ; 
plesance, B, S2, Cath., C2. — OF. plai^ 

Plete, V, to plead, S3, PP, HD, Prompt, j 
see Plaidl. 

Pletede, //• s. plaited, folded up, S2 ; 
see Playten. 

Pley, sb. play, C2 ; . .plele, S. — AS, 
^ plega, brisk motion, fight, play (OET), 



Pley61if V. to play, amnse oneself, 
PP, Ca ; pleien, S, PP ; pl«id«n, pt. pi. 
rejl.j S2. — AS. plegiatty to play on an in- 
strument (OET), to play, * Indere,* to move 
briskly (Grein), plegan (Sievers, 391 ) : OS. 
plegany to wager, to answer for ; cp. OHG. 
plegan (Otfrid). 

Pleyil, adj, even, level, plain, clear, 
Prompt, C, C3 ; playn, B ; adv. plainly, 
clearly, C3 ; playn, C3. — AF, plain ; 
X^t. planum, 

Pleyn, v. to complain, S3 ; see Flayne. 
Pleyn, adj. full, C, C3, PP.~OF.//<fj« ; 
Lat. plenum. 

Fleynly, adv. fully, C. 

Pliht, sb. danger, S2 ; pli^, WA. — AS. 
pliht (OET.). 

Plihten, v. to pledge, plight, PP. Sa ; 
plyflflite, PP, Prompt. ; pliBte,S ; plyflflitey 
//. J., PP ; plyshtan, //., PP ; pliHt, //., 
PP, S3 ; pUrht, S3 ; plijt, PP ; plyst. S3 ; 
pUffHt, PP; plyafM, C3; t-plnUt, S; 
y-pU5te, PP ; t-plijt, S3.— AS. plihtan, 
to imperil, to venture (Schmid). 

Plihtfol, adj» dangerous, S3. 

Plita, sb. state, condition, manner, SkD 
(p. 822), CM, WA; see Plyte. 

PlonJl, sb. plough, PP ; plow. Prompt. ; 
plewoli, B ; plouB, PP; ploh, S3 ; plewys, 
//., S3. Comb, : plonli-fot, plough-foot, 
PP ; plow-lond, a measure of land, carru- 
cata, S3; plowelond, Voc. ; plowlond. 
Prompt. ; ploflflie of lande, Cath. ; plowes 
of loud, G; plow-man, ploughman, C2, 
PP ; plon^mui, PP ; plucb-oz, plough- 
ox, S3 ; plowstert, plough-tail or handle. 
Prompt.— Icel.//(^^r, plough ; cp. AS./M, 
ploughland (SkD), OHG. pluag, plough 

Plnkken, v. to pluck, PP, Prompt; 
plokken, PP ; plyaflite, pu s., CM, C2, 

PP ; , piyffW, //., C3 (p. 390). — AS. 


Plmiiey sb, feather ; plumes, //., PP ; 
plomys, S3. — OF, plume; Lsit.pluma. 

Plye, V. to bend, C3.— AF. plier; Lat. 
plicare, to fold. 

Plyght,//. plighted, pledged, C3; see 

Plyghte,//. s. plucked, pulled, C3 ; see 

Plyte, sb, state, condition. Prompt., C3, 
WA ; pUte, CM, WA ; pUt, S2.— OF. plile, 
SkD (p. 833), pltste ; Late I^t *plicita, 
from Lat. plicare^ to fold. Cf. Flajte, 


Poer, sb. power, S3 ; poeir, S3 ; power. 
Prompt. ; powere, army, WA ; pouwer, 
PP.— OF. poir, poeir\ Late l^i, potere, to 
be able. 

Poised, //. s, weighed, PP ; see Felsen. 

Poke, sb. a bag, Cath., PP, S ; pooke. 
Prompt. ; poo, S3 ; powke, PP ; pou]i3, 
PP.— Cp.ODu./<7/&^. 

Pokety sb, pockety Prompt. ; pokets, 
//., C3. . 

Pokke, sb, pustule. Prompt. ; poke, 
Voc. ; pokkes,//., C3, Voc, PP. 

Pokok, sb. a peacock, PP ; see Pecok. 

Polcat, sb, polecat, C3 ; pnlkat, 
Prompt., Voc. ; pnlcatte, SkD ; powlkat, 
SkD.— ME. pol- ; OF. pole, polle ; Lat 
pulla. Cf. Pnlte. 

Poletes, pullets, S3 ; see Pnlte. 

Polisolie, V. to polish, PP ; pnllBclie, 
Cath. ; pnliohe, Cath. ; polsche, PP ; 
pnlsche, PP ; pnlched, //., S3. — From 
OF. poltss-, stem of polissant, pr. p. of 
polir\ 'LeX.polire. 

Poll, J^. poll, head, WW; head, person, 
W A ; pol, PP ; polles, //., PP. Comb. : 
polL-az, pole-axe, C ; polaz, CM. 

Poll, V. to cut off the hair, WW, Manip.; 
powled, //.//., WW ; pollid, //., W, W2 ; 
powled, WW. Comb.: polled ken, C 
(p. 1 35) ; pnlled ken, bald, moulting 
hen, C. 

Polle, V, to get money unfairly, by ex- 
tortion, Palsg. ; poll, spoliarey Manip., S3, 
ND, Sh. — The same word as above. 

Poller, sb. an extortioner, ND. 

Polling, sb, unfair exaction, S3. 

Polyne, sb. pulley, C3, CM; polyif, 
ONE \\, 108). 

Pomade, sb. cider, pp. 

Pomage, sb, cider, HD. 

Pome, sb. pomade, S3. Comb, : pome- 
water, a kind of apple, HD ; pom-water, 
the apple of the eye, HD. — OF. pome^ 
apple; YjsX. pomum. 

Pomel, sb, a knob, a boss, C, W3 ; 
pomels,//., S3; pomelles, HD. 

Pomely, adj. spotted like an apple, C, 
C3 ; pomelee, HD. Comb. : pomely ffris 
( —gris pommeli)^ dapple grey, Cotg. — OF. 

Ponne, sb. pan, PP ; see Panne. 

Pons, sb. pi. pence, S3 ; see Peny. 

PQpe, sb. the pope, PP; pape, S. Der. : 
popetrle, popery, S3.— AS. /<^<z; Church 


l^Opet, sb. puppet, C2, SkD, CM. — OF. 

Popyngay, sb, parrot, popinjay, S3; 
see Fapejay. 

Poraillef sb, poor people, C ; see 

Poixhajl, sb, gain, winnings, S2; see 

Pore, adj. poor, Sa ; see Pouer. 

Poret, sb. a kind of leek, PP, Prompt. ; 
porettes,//., S2, P. — OY.porrette^Qoig.), 

Pors, sb. purse, Sa ; see Purse. 

Portatyf, adj. portable, light, P. — OF. 
portatif, lively of body (Cotg.). 

Porte, sb. gate, WW ; port, Sh. ; 
portUi,//., S3. — AY. parte; "LbX. porta. 

Portrey, v. to pourtray, PP ; purtreye, 
PP ; purtraye, PP ; purtreied, //., S3 ; 
portred, S3 ; portnrat, S3. — OY. portray-, 
stem Q^portrayantf pr. p. oiportraire ; Late 
Lat. protrahere. 

Pomeid,//. provided, Sa ; see Pome- 

Pose, sb. cold in the head, Sa, Prompt, 
Cath., Palsg., Voc, C3. — Wei. pas, a 
congh ; for cognates see SkD (s. v. wheeze), 
and Brn^ann, § 441. 

Possen, V. to push, S, PP, CM, 
Prompt. ; pomlien, PP. — OF. pousser, 
poulser ; Lat. pulsar e^ frequent, oipellere. 

Pot, sb. a vessel for cooking or drinking 
from, SkD. Comb, : pot-parlameat, a 
talk over one's cups, S3 ; pot-sberd, pot- 
sherd, S3 ; pot-8tyk, pot-stick, motarium, 
Voc. ; pot-8tykke, motorium^ Voc. ; pot- 
fftiok, S3. 

Potte, //. s. put, Sa ; see Putten. 

Pouderen, v. to powder, SkD ; ponU 
deren, S3 ; pnlderlt, //., S3. — OY.poud- 
rer^ poldrer ; IjsX, puluerare, 

Poudre, sb. powder, C3, W ; ponder, 
PP ; poudir, W ; ponlder, HD ; piUder, 
S3. C^f^^.: poudre marcliaiuit, flavouring 
powder, C. — AF. poudre, puldre, OF. 
*pulre ; Lat. puluerem, dust. 

^^IfTiL^ sb. peacock, S3. — OY.poun,paon\ 
Lat. pauonem\ see BH (Introd., a 7). Cf 

Pound, sb. pound, PP ; punde, dat., S ; 
-pownAfpl., S2. Comb.', pouud-mele, by 
pounds at a time, PP, Sa ; pound-mel, P. 
— AS. pund ; Lat. pondus, a weight. 

Pound, sb. an enclosure, pound, pond, 
S2 ; pond, SkD ; ponde. Prompt. ; poonde, 
Cath. Comb, : pondfoldei a pound, pin- 



fold, PP; pound&lde, PP; ponfolde, 

PP. — AS. pund, an enclosure (Schmid). 

Ponren, v. to pore, gaze steadily, C3J; 
pore, CM ; powre, C ; pure, S ; piritli, 
pr, J., PP. 

Pons, sb. pulse, PP, CM ; pouce, Sa ; 
powoe, Prompt. — OF. pouls, polz ; Lat. 
pulsum (ace). 

Ponst^, sb. power, P, B, HD, H (77. 
65) ; poste, HD ; potestat, W ; poustees, 
//., violent attacks, PP ; potestatls, 
powers, W. — KY,pouste,poSste, OY.podeste ; 
Lat. potestatem, 

Pont, V, to poke, to stir with a long 
instrument, JD. Comb. : pout-staff, a net 
fastened to two poles, used for poking the 
banks of rivers, JD, S3. 

Poneraill (Poveraill), sb. the poor 

people, B ; purraile, PP ; porallle, PP, 
C ; poralls, pi,, Wa. — AF. poverail. 

Ponert^ K Poverti), sb. poverty, mean- 
ness, shabbiness, PP, Ca, WA; powerte, 
B ; pouert, WA, PP, Sa, S3, C3. W, Wa. 
— OF. poverty ; Late Lat. paupertam ; see 
Constans (Supplement, p. 3a). 

Ponre (Povre), adj, poor, S, PP, Sa, 
Ca ; pouere, PP, Sa ; pouer, Sa ; pore, 
S, Sa ; pure, Sa, S3 ; pouerore, comp,, 
Sa ; pourest, superL, Ca ; poure, adv,, 
Ca. — OY. povre; hsX. pauperem, 

Ponreliche (Povreliche), adv. 

poorly, Ca ; pourely, C. 

Poynt, sb. point, a small portion, a bit, 
Sa ; poynte. Prompt. Fkr. : at tbe 
poynt, conveniently placed, Sa ; In point, 
at the point, about to,Sa. — OY. point; Lat. 
punctum. Comb. : polnt-deuys, at point- 
deuys, with the greatest exactness, in 
detail, minutely, CM. Ca ; point-device, 
HD. — OF. point ; Lat. punctum, 

Poyntil, sb, a style to vn-ite with, W, 
Wa ; poyntyle, Voc. — OF. pointille, 

Poys, sb. weight, S3 ; see Peis. 

Praue, sb, prawn, Prompt., Manip., 
Palsg., ND ; praune, SkD ; pranys, //., 
S3. — OF. *pame, *perne; Lat. pema, a 
ham ; cp. It. perna, a nakre fish (Florio). 
For the changes in meaning, cp. It. gam- 
barelli, prawns (Florio), from gamba, a leg. 

Pranglen, v. to press ; pranirl^d, S. — 
Cp Du. prangen ; Goth, praggan, to press. 

Prank, adj. full of sensational tricks ; 
pr anker, comp., ND. 

Pranlcen, v. to arrange the folds of a 
dress,- SkD, Prompt., Palsg., HD; prancke, 
ND \ pranke^ to frisk about, Manip. 



, sb. one who dresses gaily, 

le, adj\ fine, gorgeous, S3. 
Praty, adj. pretty, eleg-antulus, "PTompt. ; 
prestansy Cath. ; pretle, scituSy faceiuSy 
Manip. ; prately, adv,y CM. — Cp. Late 
IjaX. practicusy 'peritus' (Ducange). 

Frayabill, adj\ to be entreated, H. 

Prayen, v, to pray, PP ; see Prttyen. 

Precheil, v, to preach, Ca. — OF. 
precher {prescher) ; "LsX, praedicare, 

PrecllOUr, sb. preachers, PP; prech^ 
ourM, //., PP, S3. — OF. preche'6r\ Lat. 

Predicamexit, sb. in logic, one of the 
most general classes into which things can 
be distributed ; predioamentMi, //., S3. — 
Schol. Lat. praedicanuntum, 

Prees, sb. ; see PreMe. 

Freiev sb. prey, S ; pray. Prompt., PP ; 
prayes, //., spoils, S2. — OF. preie (mod. 
proie) ; Late Lat. preda ; Lat. praeda) ; cp. 
A¥. prate. 

Prente, sb. print, impression, SkD; 
prent, S3 ; preynt, Prompt. ; prynte, 
PP, W.— OF. preinty pp. oipreindre ; Lat. 
premerCy to press. 

Prenten, v. to print, impress, CM ; 
preentyn, Prompt. 

Prentis, 'J^. apprentice, S2, P; pren- 
tjroe. Prompt. ; prentys, PP ; //., PP ; 
prentlBes, PP. See Aprentis. 

Prentishodef sb. apprenticeship, PP. 

Presse, sb, a press, throng, SkD, PP ; 
pres, CM, C2 ; prees, CM, S2, C2, C3 ; 
prease, Cotg., S3; preaoe, S3. — AF. 
pressCy a throng. 

Pressour, sb. press for cloth, S2, PP ; 
winepress, W; pressonre, pressoriuniy 
Cath. ; presour, W; pressonn, //., W2. 
— OF. pressoir ; Lat. pressorium. 

Prest, adj, ready, quick, G, S2, S3; 
adv.y PP, S3 ; presteste, superl.y S2 ; 
prestest, P; prestliolie, adv.y readily, 
PP; presUy. PP ; prestely, S2.— AF. 
presi ; Late Lat. praestum (Ducange). 

Prest, sb. priest, S, PP, S2, C2 ; preest, 
PP ; preeste, Prompt.; preostes,//., S2 ; 
prestes, S2 ; prustes, S2. — AS. prtost ; 
Church Lat. presbyter (Vulg.) ; Gr. vptafiv' 
T€poSy elder (LXX). 

Preste, adj. super/. {ioTpret-ste), proud- 
est, highest, 82 ; see Frond. 

Presthod, sb. presthood, PP ; preest- 
liood, Prompt 


, V. to prove, try, test, abide a 
test, C2, C3 ; see Pronen. 

, adj. privy, secret, S3 ; see Pryae. 

n, V. to pray, C2, PP, Prompt. ; 
preien, PP, S, 82 ; preitli, pr. s., S2 ; 
preiBede, //. s., PP ; prelde, S, PP; 
preyd, S2 ; y-prayed, //., S2, C2. — AF. 
preier {praier) ; Late Lat. precare (Lat. 

Prey ere* sb. prayer, Prompt., S2, C2 ; 
preiere, PP. — AF. preiere : It. pregaria \ 
Church Lat. precaria. 

Pricasour, sb. a hard rider, C, CM. 

Pricef sb. high esteem, S2 ; see Prys, 

Pricket, sb. a buck ; see Pryket. 

Primate, sb. the first place, H. — Lat. 
primatus (Vulg.). 

Primordyally sb. origin, S3. —OF. 

primordial \ Church Lat. primordialem 

Prim-se^nen, v. to give the prima 
signaiiOy to sign with the cross, an act pre- 
liminary to christening ; primm-seB^nesst, 
2 pr. J., S ; y-primisixLed, //., S2.— OF. 
primseig?ter (Ducange); cp.lcel. primsigna;. 

Principatns, powers, dominions, 
rulers, W. — Lat. principatns (Vulg.). 

Prisnn, sb. prison, S. — AF. prisun ; 
\jaX. prensionemy prehensionemy a taking, a 
capture. Cf. Pryson. 

Prisun^ sb. a prisoner; prlsnnes, //., 
S ; prysonns, PP ; prysnns, H ; prisons, 
S2 ; prlsonnes, P ; presons, WA. — AF. 
prisouHy OF. prison ; see Constans. 

PriSTUXer, sb. gaoler, keeper of a prison, 

Proces, sb. narrative, history, C2, HD, 
WA. — OF. prods ; Lat. processum, 

Prodie, V. to approach; proohlnge, 
pr. py S3. — OF. procher (in approcher)\ 
Laie Lat. propiare. 

Procnratour, sb. proctor, agent, PP ; 
proooratonre, steward, W; proketowre. 
Prompt. — KY . procuratour \ Lat. procurdr 
torem (Vulg.). 

Profyte, sb. pro6t. Prompt. ; propliete, 

PP. — AF. profit ; Lat. profectum. 

Pro^rten, v. to profit, Prompt. ; pro- 
fiUde, pt. s.y grew, W ; prophlUde, //., S2. 

Prohenie, sb. a proem, prologue, C2. — 
OY.proeme ; L&tproemium ; Gr. vpooifuov. 

Proinen, v. to prune, preen, trim, 
adorn, SkD, HD, ND; proline, HD ; 
prune, CM, SkD ; proynd,//., S3.— OF. 

progner, also, provigner, to propagate by 


taking cuttings (Cotg.). ; from OF. provitty 
a sucker (Cotg.)» also provain \ Lat pro- 

Froilier« sb, pnmer, ND. 

ProUen, v, to search about, prowl, C3, 
Prompt, Palsg. ; pronle, Manip. 

Fromissioim, sb. promise. Phr. : the 
lond of promyflsiouaL (or of belieste), the 
Holy Land, S3. — Lat. promissionem ; cp. 
terra repromissionis (Heb. u. 9, Vulg.). 

Promyt, v. to promise, S3, JD. — Lat. 
promitUre ; cp. OF. prometre. 

Fropre, adj. separate, distinct, PP, C2 ; 
fine, ffoo^, PP, C3 ; proper, S2. — AF. 

proprCf fit ; Lat. proprium, 

Proprdliolief adv* properly, suitably* 

Plroprete, sb, property, peculiarity, 
SkD ; propirte, PP ; propwrtes, //., b*2, 
WA ; propnxtes, PP.— OF. propriety, a 
property (Cotg.) ; Lat. proprietatem, 

PlrOSpectyueSy sb. pi. perspective 
glasses, C2. Comb. : prospective fflajie, 
telescope, C2 («).— OF. prospective, * the 
prospective, perspective or Optick art' 

Frond, adj. proud, PP, WA ; prowd, 
PP ; prout, PP, S2 ; prud, S ; pmt, S ; 
prate, //., S ; prude, S ; preste (pret- 
■te), super I., S2. — AS. pnit\ cp. Icel. 

Prone, sb. proof, S3 ; prene, CM, C2 ; 
preef, C3 ; prlef, S3. — OF. preuve ; Late 
Lat. proba ; from Lat. probare. 

Fronen, v. to prove, try, test, PP, S ; 
preonen, S2, PP ; preuen, PP, C2, C3 ; 
pmf, imp. pl.y I, S2 ; prenede,//. j., S2 ; 
proned, //., S2 ; premed, pp.^ S3. — OF. 
prover {prouver) ; Lat probare., sb. food, Manip.; pron- 
endre, food, PP ; a prebend, ecclesiastical 
benefice, PP, CM. — OF. provende (^proven- 
dre) ; Church Lat. praebenda^ a ration, al- 
lowance, see BH (Introd. § 40). 

Fronendre, sb. a prebendary, SkD. — 
OF. provendier. 

Fronendren, v. to provide with pre- 
bends, P. 

Fronendreres, sb. pi. men who hold 
prebends, S2, PP. 

Fronisonrs, sb. pi. men named by the 
pope to a living not vacant, S2, PP. — 
Church Lat. provisores (Ducange). 

r, sb. profit, advantage, C, C3, G, 



H, PP, HD; prou, H.— OF. prou, pru, 
advantage (Bartsch). 
Frowesae, sb. prowess, S2 ; pmeMW, 
S. — AF. pruesse, OF. proece. 

Fmstes, sb. pi. priests, S2 ; see Prest. 

Fmt, adj. proud, S ; see Proud. 

Fxyde, sb. pride, PP ; pmte, S2 ; 
prnde, PP, S, S2 ; pmyde, P ; pmide, 
PP, S2 ; pride, S2 (p. 74).— AS. pryte. 
See Proud. 

Fxydeles, adj. void of pride, C2. 

Fryen, v. to pry, PP, C3 ; prlen, PP ; 
pry, Cath. ; prie, i pr. j., Palsg. 

Fxyk, sb. a sting. Prompt. ; prlk, point, 

Fxyket, sb. a young buck, capriolus. 
Prompt.; prioket, a buck in his second 
year (named from his pricking horns), S3, 
HD, Cotg. (s. V. dagard). 

Frykie, v. to prick, goad, spur, ride 
fast, PP ; prikken, C2, Prompt. ; prarffhte, 
//. s.y C2. 

, sb. rider, horseman, PP. 

, sb. a broach. Prompt ; prlkke, 
puncture, sting, C, C2. 

TvykLyng^pr.p. urging, S3. 

Fryme, sb. the period from six o'clock 
to 9 a.m., also 9 a.m.. Prompt, S, PP, C2, 
C3 ; prime, S, S3,WA. PAr. : liei) prime, 
high prime, 9 am., PP. Comb. : prime- 
tide, prime, S. — Church Lat. prima. 

>, sb. primer, Cx. 

Fryns, sb. prince, PP ; prynoe. Prompt. 
— AF. prince; Lzt. principem. 

FrynsliOde, sb. princely dignity, W ; 
prinskod, W. 

Frynte, s&. print, W ; see Prente. 

Frys, sb. price, prize, value, excellence, 
high esteem, C, C2, PP ; pria, S, S2, PP ; 
price, W A, S2 ; pryoe, Prompt — KF.pris ; 
Lat prUtium, see BH, § 32. 

Frys, adj. prize, chief, PP; prU, S2 ; 
prije, S3. 

Fzysea, v. to set a price, Prompt ; 
priM, to prize, S2. 

Fryson, v. to put in prison. Prompt. ; 
7-prifloned, //., G. See Prisun. 

Frysonere, sb. prisoner, captive. 
Prompt ; prieonere, PP. — OF. prisonier, 
AF. prisuntr. 

Fryns, adj. 'secret, intimate, PP, S2 ; 
priuee, C2, C3 ; priuei, S2 ; prevy, S3 ; 
priuee, adv., C2; priues, sb. pi., secret 
friends, P ; priuelielie, adv.^ secretly, S2, 




PP; prinely, C2 ; pxyuely, Ca.^AF. 
prive ; Lat. priuatum, 

Prynexiy v, to deprive, Prompt. ; pxlfiB, 
• H ; pxynyd, //. j., H. — OF. priver ; Lat. 

Pryuete, sh. privity, secret counsel, 
PP ; pxlQitee, S2, C2, C3 ; pzynyte, S2. 
— AF. privete, 

Psalme, sh, psalm, H, PP ; see Balm. 

Fsantere, sb, psalter, H (p. 3); see 

Pnblisshen, v. to make public, PP, 
C2 ; pupliaolie, W (Mt. i. 19) ; pup- 
pllsolie, S2 ; publioe, imp, s., PP. — A 
form due to analogy from OY.publier ; Lat. 

FucellOf sh. a girl, maiden; puoell, 
S3. — OF. pucelle, pulcelle\ dimin. from 
Lat. pulluSf the young of any animal ; cp. 
OF. polle, maiden (Bartsch). Cp. Pnlte, 

Pnlckexi, v, to poke, push, incite, P; 
pukked,//. s.y P. 

Fnlchedy pp. polished, S3 ; see Pol- 

Pnlte* sb. pullet. Prompt ; poletes, 
//., 82, PP.— OF. polete ; dim. of pole, 
polle ; Lat. pulla. Cf. Fnoelle, Poloat. 

PnlteXLf V. to push, beat, strike, put, 
PP, Sa ; pelte, PP ; pUte, PP, SkD (s. v. 
pelt) ; pnlte, //. j., PP ; pnlt, PP, S2 ; 
pelte, S ; pelt, PP ; i-pUt, pp,, G ; pUt, 
S, SkD. 

Pnlter, sh, poulterer, Cath.— -AF. pole- 
ier, pulleter, 

Fultrie, sh, poultry; S3, C, Prompt. ; 
pnltery, name of a London street, the 
Poultry, S3. — AF. pultrie, poletHe. 

Fnnde, sb, dat. pound ; see Pound (i). 

Fnple, sb, people, PP, Prompt., W2 ; 
pnpel, S2 ; poeple, PP ; pnpUs,//., W2. 
—OF. peuple, poeple (AF. people) ; Lat. po- 

Pnr, adj, pure, thorough, complete, S2, 
PP ; pnre, PP, S3, C ; pnlr, PP ; pnire, 
PP ; pnr, adv., completely, S2 ; pnre, 
merely, very, S3 ; pnrlyclie, adv,, purely, 
completely, S3.— OF./«r; ljaX,purum, 

Pnrcliacexi, v, to acquire, purchase, 
PP ; pnrcbasen, C3.— AF. purchacer, to 
pursue, to acquire ; OY , porchacier, 

Pnrchas, sb, gain, winnings, C, G; 
porcluui, S2. — AF. purchas, 

FnrdiaSOIir, sb, prosecutor, C— AF. 


Purchasyxigt sh. prosecution, C. 

Pnrfili sb, the furred trimming of a dress, 
P ; pnrQrle, P ; pnrfie, a hem, Manip. 

Pnrfilen, v. to embroider on an edge, 
to purl, C, P ; pnrfle, Cotg. — OF. pour- 
filer, from filery to twist threads, from fil, 
thread; 'LaX,filum, 

Purpre, sb. purple garments, S, PP; 
pnrplre, H (44. 11) ; pnrponr, adj., S3 ; 
pnrpnr, W ; pnrpres, //., purple cover- 
ings, S. — AF. purpre ; Lat. purpura. 

Purpnrat, adj, of a purple colour, S3. 
— Lat. purpuratus, clad in purple. 

Pnrpuresse, sb, a seller of purple ( = 
purpuraricC), W. 

Purse, sb. purse, bag, PP, S, C3 ; pnr», 
PP, C2, C; porM, PP; pom, S2.— AS. 
purs (Engl. Studien, xi. 65, 1. 36); Late Lat, 
bursa ; Gr. fivpffrf, a skin. 

Purtenannce, sb. appurtenance, be- 
longings, PP; pnrtenance, the intestines 
of an animal, WW ; portenannoe, Palsg. ; 
pnrtenands, //., S3. — OF. appartenanct 

Portreiedy pp. pourtrayed, S3; see 

PnrveoUTy sh. purveyor, PP, SkD. — 

Pnrveyaimcev sb. providence, pro- 
vision, plan, means of getting, eqiiipnient, 
W^ ; pnrvelance, S2, C3 ; pnmeanoe, S2. 
— AF. purveaunce, OF. porvednce ; Lat, 

Pumeyen, v, to provide, W2, C2, PP ; 
pnmay, S2, H ; pomajen, H ; por- 
neynde pr. p,, S2 ; pnmeid, pp., S3 ; 
ponrreid, S2 ; pomeid, S2. — ^AF. pur- 
veier,purveer,ioi OF. porvifoir; LAtpro- 

PuVeren^ v, to poke about, S (9. 96). 

PutteXLy V, to put, push, PP, W; 
pnten, S ; pniten, PP ; pnttide, //. s., 
S2 ; potte, S2 ; pot, //., S2 ; pntten to, 
added, assented, W ; pnt, //., H ; y-piit, 
C3 ; i-pnt, G. 

P l i iiyi ige, sb, pushing, instigation, H. 

Pnyssant, adj. powerful, SkD ; pnlji- 
sant, S3. — OF. puissant, poissant ; Late 
Lat. *pocsentem, *possentem (cp. It pos- 
sente), from Lat. posse, to be able; see 
Constans (Notes, p. 23). 

Puyssannce, sh, might, power, HD ; 
pnyaannoe, S3 ; pisoenoei S3. — OF. 
imissance, toissance. 


t,x^. a little thief, Prompt.; pyk- 
i;//., PP. 

Pyke, sb, a pike, pointed pole, staff fur- 
nished with a spike. Prompt. ; pjk, S2 ; 
pykls, //., thorns, prickles, S3. Comb. : 
pyk-staf, pike-staff, PP. 

Pyken, v. to pick, to steal, PP, Prompt. ; 
Pioke, WW ; pykkand, /r. /., S3 ; pikld, 
pt. s. , PP. Comb, : pyke-lMrnels, plunderers 
of armour, PP ; pjke-hemols, PP ; pjke- 
porse, one who steals a purse, PP ; picke- 
piir8«, S3 ; pick-piunM, a name for Paris, 
^3 (P- 374) 'y plke-pnni, C. Cf. Fiochen. 

PykeyS, sb. a mattock, tool for digging. 
Prompt. ; pykoys, P ; pjoows, Voc. — OF. 
picois (Ducange). 

PylchOf sb. a furred garment, Voc., HD, 
Prompt. ; pUolie, S3, HD, ND. Comb. : 
pUolie-olnt, a pilch-clout, rag of a pilch, 
S. — AS. pylce ; Lat. jbelliciay made of fur 

Fylgrim, sb. pilgrim, PP; pilegxjm, 
S : peleffrim, SkD ; pjlgxymes, //., PP. 
— Prov. ptllegrins\ Lat. peregr%nus\ cp. 
OF. pelerin. See Pereirriii. 

Pylgrimage, sK pilgrimage, PP ; ptf - 
xlsiJig^, S. — AF. pilrymctge'y OF. pele- 

Fyment, sb. spiced wine and honey, 
CM, Voc.; pinMnt, ff«r/ar,Voc., HD; pj- 
mente. Prompt. — OF. pimento pigment 
(Bartsdi) ; Late Lat./i]^f»^M/»/« (Ducange). 

Pynden, v. to shut in the pound, Cath.; 
pniit, pr. s.f S. — ^AS. pyndan (in for-pyn- 
dan) ; cp. Icel. pynda. See Ponnd. 

Pyndor, sb. a piiidar, pinner, one who 



impounds stray cattle, Cath., Bardsley; 
pyndare, Prompt. ; pinder, ND ; pyniMr, 
Manip., Bardsley ; pinner, Bardsley. 

PynOf sb. anguish, torment, S, S3, C2, 
C3 ; pya, S3 ; pines, //., S, Sa ; ptbmi, 
S2 ; pine, S ; pinen, S ; pynen, S2. — AS. 
pin ; Late Lat. penUf see Sievers, 69. Cf. 

, V. to torment, S2 ; pinen, S ; 
pyns, pr. s., S2 ; pinede, //. j., suffered, 
PP ; pynede, S2 ; pi^d,^., S ; tormented, 
S2 ; y-pyned, S2 ; 1-pined, S.^AS.pinian 

Fyningy x^. torture ; pining, S. Comb.: 
pynyniT-Btoles, stools of punishment, cuck- 
ing-stools, PP, S2. — AS. pinung. 

Fynne, sb. pin, peg, bolt, bar, PP ; pyn, 
G. — AS. pinn, pin, peg (BT). 

Pynnen, v. to shut up, enclose, pen, 
PP; pinnen,PP,S2; pennen, SkD.— AS. 
pennan (in on-pennan). 

PyXLOnn, sb. a pennon, C ; see Penonn. 

PTOny, sb. peony. Prompt. ; pjon, 
Cath.; pyany, Prompt. ; piones, //., seeds 
of the peony, P ; pyonies, PP. — OF. piofUy 
pion (Cotg.) ; Lat. p{a)eonia ; Gr. vatw^ia, 
the peony. 

Pyry, sb. storm of wind, gust. Prompt. ; 
Knf*«» S3 (p. 437) ; pirie, HD, Prompt. 
in) ; pyrry, Palsg., ND ; pirrie, S3, ND ; 
perzie. Prompt. («), ND ; lierrie, Cotg. 
(s.v. tourbillon) ; lierzy, Florio (s. v. crSscia 
(Tdcque), HD. 

Pyt, sb. pit, pool. Prompt. ; put, S, PP ; 
pit, S ; pytte, Prompt. ; putte, S, Pi», S2 ; 
pette, S2.— AS. ^//; Late Lat. *puHm\ 
Lat. ptiteus., 


Qliadv adj. and sb. evil, bad, the Evil 
One, MD, C2 ; qned, MD. PP; owed, MD; 
4net, MD ; fcaeade, dot., S2 ; qneade, S2 ; 
qnede, S2. — AS. cwead; cf. Du. kwaad. 

Qliady pt^ s. quoth, S ; see ^|iulKen. 

Qnailey v. to wither, to die, S3 (28a. 91), 
SkD, ND, Sh. ; to overpower, intimidate, 
ND, SkD, Sh. 

Quain, sb. trouble, mourning, S2. — AS. 
*kwdn (see below). 

QuaixiAlly V. to lament, MD (s.v. 
hwenen) ; wkene, MD. — AS. hwdnan (in 
d-hwSnan, BT). 

Qnair, J^. quire, book, S3; qnayre, 
M!anip., CM ; qnayer, Voc. — OF. quayer 
(F. cahier)f Prov. caaem for cademx It. 
quademo ; Lat. quatemum ; cp. Late Lat. 
queUemio, a sheet folded in four (Voc.). 
See Qnartezn. 

Quakexiy v. to quake, tremble, S2 ; 
owakien, S ; qnakede, //. x., PP, MD ; 
4nok {strong form\ PP; qnook, C2, SkD; 
qnoke, S2, H. — AS. cwacian. 

QliakyXL£^e, sb. trembling. Prompt, 
Vib ; qnakyng*, W. — AS. cwacung. 
Qaal, sb. whale, MD, Cath. (») ; 4wal> 

N 2 



Prompt ; qwajlleyCatli.; qnal*, Sa ; whal, 
Wa ; liwel, MD ; quail*, //., Sa, Cath. 
(») ; qnludls, S3, Cath. (m).— AS. hwaL 

Qualm, sb, death, pestilence, Sa, H ; 
ewalm, MD ; qnalme, dat.^ C. — AS. 
cwealm. See Qnelen. 

Quarelf sb. a square-headed cross-bow 
bolt, quarrel, WA, SkD; qnarelle, Sa; 
qiuurxel, WA, ND. — AF. quarel^ cross-bow 
bolt; Late Lat. quadrellum (acc.)» a 
quarrel, a square tile, diuiin. of Lat. quad- 
rus, square. 

QllAV6rey sb. quarry, Prompt; qnareres, 
pr,S2. — OF. quarriere (Cotg.); Late Lat 
quadraria, quarry, deriv. from quadrus. 
oee above. 

Quartern, J^. prison ; owKrt«xne,^d^., 
Ml); quarteme, S, MD. — AS. cwtar^ 
terUf prison, perhaps for AS. qtuUentf 
*quateniio* (OET). Cp. ¥t. caserne (Sp. 
caserna)t barracks ; Lat. quatema (see Bra- 
chet) ; an etym. illustrated by the Fr. sea- 
term casemety log-book, a deriv. of Lat. 
quatemum, see Diez, p. 755 (s. v. cahier). — 
See Qnair. 

Quarteroun, sb, a quarter, P, HD; 
qnartrmi, PP. 

Qnat, QuaV, pt s. quoth, S ; see QndS- 

Qnatriuials, sb. pi the quadrivials, the 
quadrivium, the four higher sciences : astro- 
logy, geometry, arithmetic, music, S3 (14. 
511). — From Late Lat. quadriviumt the 
four mathematical sciences ; in Lat. a place 
Where four ways meet. 

QuaTe-mire, sb. quagmire, HD ; qna- 
mier, DG. 

Qnauen, v. to shake, Sa, PP, Prompt; 
qnave, HD, JD, DG. 

Quauynge, sb. shaking, MD. 

Quayle« v. to curdle, to coagulate, 
PSsg., Prompt, Manip. — OF. coailUr; 
Lat. coagulare. 

Quajrut, adj, prudent, wise, H ; qvaymte, 
quamt, curious, WA ; see Ooint. 

QuajTutis, sb. wisdom, prudence, H ; 
see Colntise. 

Quayre, sb. quire, book, CM ;"see Quair. 

Queade, sb. evil, iniquity, Sa ; see 

Queal6f sb. a blister, pimple, puptda^ 
Manip.; seeWliele. * 

Quecchen, v. to shake, MD; qvyo- 
oharn. Prompt. ; qnjtohe, Palsg. ; qoitoh, 
Cotg. (s. V. oeir)\ owelite, pt. s., MD; 
fuelLte, MD. — AS. cweccan. 


Qued, o^'. bad, Sa, PP ; see gnad. 

Quedschipe, sb. wickedness, MD; 
queadaeUpe, S ; owaadaeblpa, S. 

QuearefJ^- quire, choir. Prompt.; queer, 
Wa ; quere, Wa ; quelr, S3. — OF. choeur 
(Cotg.) ; Lat. chorum (ace.) ; Gr. xop^is. 

Quelc, adj. living, Sa ; see Qnlk. 

Quelen, v. to die, MD ; owelen, MD. — 

AS. cwelan, pt. cwal (pi. cwcRlon)^ pp. 
cwolen. Cp. OHG. qtulan, *cruciari' 

Quellen, v. to kill, S, Sa, C3, C; 
qnelde, //. x., S ; owelled, //., S. — AS. 
cwellan ; cp. OHG. quelen, * cruciare ' (Ta- 
tian), quellen (Otfrid). 

QuellerOy sb. executioner, MD. — AS. 

Queme, adj. pleasing, S, MD ; qweme, 
convenient, W A ; oweme, S ; wlieme, MD. 

— AS. {ge^cwime^ from c{w)6m, pt. of cu- 
man ; cp.OHG. ibt)queman, to come. to, to 
suit, fit (Otfrid) ; see Kluge (s. v. beqtiem). 
See Comen. 

Quemeful, ctdj. placable, Wa. 

Quemen, v. to please, S, H, PP ; owem- 
en, S ; cwemde, //. j., S ; l-qiuw&d, pp., 
S ; l-ewemet, S. — AS. cwitnan. 

Quendien, v. to quench, S, Prompt, 
S3, SkD ; owennkenn, S ; qnejnte,//. /., 
MD, Sa ; qnejnt,^., MD, C ; y-kneaet, 
Sa ; quenohld, Wa. — AS. cwencan. 

QuenOf sb. queen, wife, woman, quean, 
S, Ca, C3, WA ; quea, S, C ; cuen, S ; 
fcaen, MD ; kwene, S; owene, MD. — AS. 
cwin ; cp. OHG. quena, wife (Otfrid) ; for 
root see Brugmann, § 467, 3. 

Queroly sb. a complaint, dispute, quarrel, 
Sa, Wa; qnexele, SkD. — AF. quere/e ; 
Late Lat. *querelia, for Lat. querela. 

Queme, sb. hand-mill, Ca, Prompt, 
Palsg., MD ; qneerne, W. — AS. cweorn ; 
cp. Goth, kwairnus ; see Brugmann, § 44a. 

Querrour, sb. quarry-man, CM. See 

Quest, sb. an inquiry, jury, verdict, G.— 
OF. queste, a quest (Cotg.). Quest is used 
for the proper legal term enquest; OF. 

Queste, sb. will, bequest, G ; qnlate, S. 
A corrupt form of Qnide (qv.), influenced 
by the above word. 

QueSen. v. to speak, MD ; cw«lSeii, S, 
MD ; owM, //. J., S ; owet$, S ; qvitt, S ; 
qualK, S, Sa ; quoiS, S ; qnat, S ; quad, S 
quod, S, Sa, Ca ; kotb, S3 ; oonth, MD 


oofhe,MD; liwat, MD; wat.S; ko, S3; 
i-owede,//., S. — AS. cweOan, pt. cwaS (pi. 
cwckdon), pp. ge-cweden. 

Qlie3ril>t9 cuij. prudent, fine, quaint, MD ; 
qusynte, S3, C2, MD ; see Coint. 

Qlie3ril>tey /a j. was extinguished, S2 ; 
see Qnenclien. 

QaejrilteliolL, adv. skilfully, neatly, 
li^ ; qn«jnteli, S3 ; see Oointeliolie. 
lejTlI'tise, sb. skill* S3 ; see CointiBe. 
lidOf sb. speech, bequest, MD ; owlAe, 
S,'MD. — AS. cwide ; cp. OHG. quitif ' tes- 
timonium ' (T&tian). See ^elSen. 

Qnidities, sb. //., S3. — From Late Lat. 
guiditaSy a term of the Schoolmen ; that 
which relates to the essence of a thing, 
having reference to the question qftid est, 
what is it ? Cp. OF. quidditatif, 'quiddita- 
tive, doubtful, full of quirks, contentions, 
wrangling' (Cotg.). 

Qnik, adj. and adv. living, quick, flowing 
(of water), S, S2, W ; qnic, S, Sa ; qnek, 
S3 ; qnyk, S3, W, W2 ; cwlc, S ; cwike. 
S ; owiLce, S ; qnloke, S ; qnike, //., S, 
S2 ; qnyke, S, C ; qnyoke, S3. — AS. cwic 
{cue) ; cp. OHG. quek (Otfrid). 

Qnikiey v. to cause to revive, also, to be 
kindled, PP ; qnlke, C3 ; qnyke, C ; cwlk- 
i«n, MD. — AS. cwician. 

QnilliclLe, adv, quickly, PP; 411I0- 
littlM, S2. 

Qniknen, v. to give life, to receive life, 
SkD ; qnykene, W, W2. 

Quiste^ sb. will, bequest, S ; see Qneste. 



Qniten, v. to repay, PP; see Qnartea. 

Quitter, J^- filth that runs from a wonncl, 
HD : quytor, rottenness, HD ; quytm*, 
W2 ; qnittnxe, DG. 

Quod,//, s. quoth, S, S2, C2 ; see ^|iulK«a. 

Quok,//. J. quaked, C2 ; see QiuOctft. 

Q[a03rilte, adj. skilful, MD, HD ; see 

Qnojrnteliclie, adv, skilfully, MD; 
see Cointellclie. 

Qnoyntysey sb. quaintness of dress, PP; 
quointlse, stratagem, S2 ; see Gointise^ 

Quyk, €uij. living, moving, S3, W, W2 ; 
see ^(nik. 

Qvylc-myre, sb. quagmire, S3. 

Qnyknar, sb. giver of life, S3. 

Quyr-boilly, sb. boiled leather, used 
for making defensive armour, C2. — OF. 
cuir bouilH (Cotg.). 

Qnyrryv^^. the quarry, the dog's sbsre 
in the slaughtered game, S3 ; qnjnrrtt, SkD 
(s.v. quarry, p. 824) ; qiierre, SkD. — OF. 
cuiree ; Late Lat. coricUa^ from Lat. corium, 
hide, skin (OF. cuir). 

Qayten^ v. to requite, repay, settle, sa- 
tisfy, S2, C2, C3, PP, W, H ; qnltoa, Si, 
PP; qnltte,//. j.,»G; «wtt,H; qiiyt,/^., 
PP; y-quit, C2.— OF. gutter \ Late Lat. 

Qnytly, adj. quite, H ; wUtely, H. 
Qnytter, v. to twitter, S3. 

Quytnry sb, rottenness, HD (p. 660) ; 
see Quitter. 


B^y sb. roe, deer, CM ; see Boo. 

B»abetey sb. a war-horse ; rabett, HD ; 
rabyfflit«, HD ; rabetis, //., WA.— Icel. 
rdbitr^ an Arabian steed ; cp. Icel. rdbitar, 
Arabs, see CV ; cp. OF. arrabi (BH). 

Kac, sb. driven vapour, S2 ; see Wrak. 

BabChentegeSy //. chains, S; see Sak- 

Sacke,^'. to stretch rent to its full value, 
S3. Cp. ODu. rcuken, to rack, recken, to 
stretch, reach out. 

Bad, adj. afraid, Sa, SD, H, JD, B ; 
x«dd, WA; xade, S2, H; zadde, S2.-- 
Icel. hrcBddr. 

Bady //. s, rode, Sa ; see IHden. 
Bady adj. quick^ S ; rade, ready, S ; see 

Badde, pt' s. advised, Sa ; see Seden. 

Baddour, sb. violence, WA ; see Bed> 

Bade, sb. road, S2 ; see Bode. 

Badnesse, sb. terror, SD ; zadnes, B. 

Badyons, culj. radiant, shining, S3; 
radioiui, S3 ; radius, S3. — Lat. radiosus ; 
cp. F. radieux. See Bay. 

Bsdd, sb. advice, counsel, S ; see Bede. 

Bash, adj. fierce, cruel, SD, S ; reb, SD. 
—AS. hrioh. 

Bsdnedexiy pt. pi spoiled, S; see 

Basaeres, sb. pi. robbers, S; see 

Bafbe, pt, s, reft, robbed, Ca; see 




_ >, s6. madness, Sa, — ^AF. re^ ; Lat 

Sage, V. to toy wantonly, C ; zaffid, 
fptf been wanton, WA. 

Sagerie, sd, wantonness, CM. 
Saghtv//. reached, S2 ; see Beolieii, 

Satfman, sd. a craven, the devil ; raffe- 
man, TP ; xmggemmxi, PP. — Icel. ragr (for 
argr), craven, cowardly. 

Sa^fmaii-roll, sd. the craven's roll, a 
term m Scottish history, JD, ND ; a game, 
HD ; ragnuui's vewe, a long jest, DG ; 
zaffmaazew, serus, Manip. Hence raff- 
man, a deed sealed, a papal bull, PP ; 
ragemon, S2 ; ragreman, a list, S3 ; rag*- 
num, a tedious story, JD ; ragment, JD. 
— Cp. E. rigmarole. 

Sair, V, to roar, S3 ; see Boren. 

I, //. s. rose, S2 ; see Bysen. 

\^sb. only in compounds, as in erend- 
>, messenger, SD. — AS. Srend-raca ; cp. 
Icel. eyrend-reki^ so land-reki, a king, see 
CV (s. V. reki\ See JBrnd-raoe. 

Sake, V. to run, wander, go, S, S3, HD, 
PP, JD, B ; rayke, H, S2 ; raik, WA, JD ; 
r«7ke, JD ; zeke, HD ; raylcaiLde,/r. /., 
S2. — Icel. reika, to wander, cp. Swed. rcSza^ 
to run hastily (Rietz). 

Sake. sb. coarse, way, WA: zakke, 

Sakel, adj, hasty, rash, CM, SkD (s. v. 
rake)\ xuXLe, CM; raole, CM; raokel, 
JD ; rakyl, Manip. ; zakeliell, a bad fel- 
low, Manip., ND. — Icel. reikully wandering, 
unsettled. See above. 

Sakeily V, to scrape, diminish, to rake, 
S, Prompt. ; zaked,//., C2. — IceL raka, to 
scrape, to rake away. 

Saken-teie, sb, chain ; raketele, S ; 
raketeye, S ; raohenteges, //., S ; raken- 
tels, HD. — AS. racentiah (Voc.) ; racente, 
a chain +/^A, a tye. With racente, cp. 
Icel. rekendr, OHG. rahhinza. See Bek- 

Bkam, sb, a ram, Prompt. — AS. ram 


Bamage, adJ, wild, CM. HD.— OF. ra- 
mage, wild (of a hawk), living in the 
branches (Cotg.) ; Late Lat *ramaticumy 
from ramus, a branch. 

Kaniinilih, adj. strong-scented, C3, CM. 

Samne. sb. bramble, W2 ; xamjn, H ; 
ramxnyn, H. — Lat. rhamnus (Vulg.) : Gr. 
^iilJivoi (LXX). 

ampe, sb, an ill-conditioned woman, 
C3 («), HD. 

BAmpen, v, to ramp, to seize or scratch 
with the paws, to rage, C2 ; ranmpe, S2 ; 
xawxnplde, //. j., HD. — AF. raumper^ OF, 
ramper^ to clamber. 

Sande, sb, a strip or slice of meat, S3, 
HD ; Zand, Cotg. (s. v. giste), ND.— AS. 
randy a rim, edge ; cp. Swed. randy a strip, 
stripe, Icel. r^W (pi. randir), 

Sandoim, sb, force, impetuosity, SkD. 
Phr, : in a randonn, in a furious course, 
B ; at zandon, left to one's own force, 
SkD. — OF. randoHf * the swiftness and force 
of a strong and violent stream' (Cotg.); 
from OTeut *randa, a rim ; cp. AS. rand. 
See above. 

Sankef cuij. strong, luxuriant, rebellious, 
W A, Prompt. ; rank, S3 ; ronk, S2 ; raniTy 
HD. — AS. ranc ; cp. Icel. rakkr (for 
rankr), straight, upright, bold. 

Sansaken, v. to search, S, PP, C, H. — 
Icel. rannsakay to search a house ; Icel. 
rann : Goth, razn ; cp. AS. rasn, a plank, 
a beam, see Sievers, 1 79. 

B»ap, sb. rope, S ; see Bope. 

B»ap, //. s, reaped, W ; see Bepen. 

Bvape* sb, haste, S, PP, Prompt. ; zap, 
S2. — Icel. hrap, a falling down. 

Sape, adj, hasty, G; zapest, supcrl.^ 

Sapelichey adv. hastily, PP; zapaly, 
G ; zapellke, S ; zapli, S2, G ; zapaliez, 

comp.y PP. 

B»apeil, V. to hasten, S, PP, Prompt. ; 
zappe, PP; zappe adonne, to hurry 
along, PP. Phr. : zape and zenne, to seize 
and plunder, C3; zapen and zlnen, C3 
(m) ; zap and zend, HD ; zap oz zendie, 
Palsg. ; zap and znn, HD ; zap and zan, 
C3 (») ; zap and zeeve, C3 (») ; zap and 
zee, C3 (»). — Icel. hrapa^ to fall, rush 
headlong, hurry. 

Sascall, J^. scrapings, refuse ; zaaoalle, 
PP ; zasoajle, an animal not a beast of the 
chase, a hart not six years old. Prompt 
{n) ; the common people. Prompt. ; zaa- 
kadlle, the common herd, SkD ; zaaoall, 
refuse beast, Palsg., ND. ; zawoall— , //., 
conmion sort of men, low fellows, villains, 
S3. — AF. rascaille {raskaylU, raskayU), a 
rabble ; cp. F. racaille ; from OF. rasquer^ 
to scrape (Ducange) ; cp. Olt. reucarc 

Sascalli adj, common, low, HD^ 


Comb. : raeoftH wine, tortivum vinum, 
Prompt. («). 

Sase, V. to ran, to race, SD, S2 ; rese, 
S2 ; reysed,//. ridden, C. — AS. rSsan. 

SaSOf sb. a race, msh, SkD ; xas, SkD, 
S2 ; rese, S2 ; res, SD, G (») ; rees, at- 
tack, fit of passion, G. — AS. ris, 

Sasen, v. to scrape, Prompt. — OF. 
raser; Late Lat. rasare^ freq. of Lat. 

Rasour, sb. razor, C2, C, W2 ; xasnre, 
H (Ps. 51. 2). — OF. rasoir; Late Lat. ra- 

Saspen, v. to rasp, scrape, SkD ; rosp- 
en, S. — OF. rasper ; OHG. raspdttf see 

Sasse* sb. a raised mound or eminence, 
a cairn of stones, S2 ; raise, HD. See 



Sat, pr. s. reads, PP ; see Beden. 

Sab, sb. advice, S, SD. — Icel. rdH. 

SawOf V. to advise, HD. See above. 

SaKe, adj. quick, swift, SD ; rad, quick, 
S ; rade, //., S ; raddere, comp. pl.^ S. — 
AS. hra^f hreH, also hrady hred, quick, also 
rad. Cp. Chron. ann. 755 (Parker) with 
the Laud MS. 

Sathe, adv. early, PP, S2, S3 ; quickly, 
S, S2 ; reaiSe, S ; rath, B ; ralSer, comp., 
sooner, rather, PP, S, S2, C2 ; redper, S ; 
ralSest, superl.y PP ; ralSeste, S. 

Satfhiy, adv. quickly, S2 ; T%vS6ilolim, 
S ; readlicbe, S ; radeUcHe, HD ; rade- 
ly, S2 ; redllolie, S. — AS. hra^lice. 

Saton, sb. rat, PP, Cath. ; ratonn, PP; 
ratones, //., PP. 

Satoner, sb. rat-catcher, PP, Voc. ; vat- 
onere, PP. 

Satte, J^. rat, PP; rotte, Voc. ; rattis, 
//., PP.— AS. rcBt (Voc.). 

Satten, v. to tear, SD. — Cp. MHG. 
raizen, see Weigand (s. v. ratsche). 

Satbes, sb. pi. rags, S; rats, pieces, 
shreds, HD. 

Saughte, pt, s. reached, C2; see 

BvaimSOlI, v. to ransom, redeem, PP. 

SaunsOTUif sb. ransom, S2, C ; rann- 
son, S2 ; rannsim, S2 ; rannceonii, PP ; 
ransonne, B. — AF. raunson, ranson, OF. 
ragnsofty redngon ; Lat. redemptionem. 

Sanejrilf J^- rapine, prey, W, PP; 
ravyne, S3 ; ravyn, Cath. ; raueyns,//., 
W2. — AF. ravine I Lat. rapina, see BH, § 


Sanesrnour, sb, robber; raueinour, 
W; ranynoiir, W2. 

in, adj. ravenous, S3, Sh. 

Savin, v. to seize and devour greedily, 
Sh., WW. 

B^vined, adj. ravenous, Sh. 

Sftnigchen, v. to seize with violence, 
PP ; ravlsli, WW ; raneisclie, imp. pL, 
W2; ranysohlden, //. //., W2. — AF. 
rainr (pr. p. ravissant) ; Late Lat. *rapire ; 
Lat. rapere. 

Sawe, sb. row, Cath. ; raw, B, JD, SkD, 
S3, S2 ; rowe, SkD J rewe, C, G, W ; 
rewls,//., S3. — AS. rdwe, rSwe. 

Say, J^. striped cloth, rella,pannus^oz.\ 
stragulum, Voc., Cath., HD ; raye, S3 ; 
rayes, //., S2, PP. Comb. : ray-clotli, 
striped cloth, W2, Prompt. — AF. drap de 
raye J cloth of ray, pi. reies, OF. rai, raid; 
Lat. radium (ace). 

Sayeres, sb. pi. sellers of ray^ PP. 

Sayid, adj. striped, Prompt. 

SaykeSy pr. s. roams, S2 ; raykaade, advancing, S2. See Bake. 

Sayl) sb. rail, Prompt. ; raylle, Cath. — 
Cp. Low G. regelf G. riegely a bolt; see 

Sayle, v. to rail, arrange in a row, S2 ; 
railed,^., Sa. 

Sayle, sb. a kerchief, Palsg.; see 

Saylle, v. to flow, S3; raUe, ND; 
reilen, SD. 

Saymen, v. to roam about, S2 ; see 

Sa3ril>6S, J^. fine linen of Rheims, WA. — 
So named firom Rheims ; see SkD (p. 815)^ 
cp. It. renso^ fine flax (Diez, p. 393). 

Sead, sb. advice, S ; see Bede. 

Seade, adj. red, S ; see Beed. 

Seaden, v, to advise, care for, S ; see 

Seadi, adj. ready, S ; see Bedl. 

Seal, adj. real, a term in medieval phi- 
losophy; reall, S3. — OF. real\ Schol. Lat. 
realem, from res. 

Seal, adj. royal, CM; rlaU, S3, PP, 
CM ; ryaU, S3, CM ; ryell, S3 ; rolal, 
CM; roialler, comp.^ S2, C3. — OF. real^ 
AF. roialf reial; Lat. regalem. 

Sealte, sb. royalty, royal state, PP; 
reaiate, PP ; reaute, PP ; roialtee, C3. — 
AF. realte ; Late Lat. regalitatem. 

Sealyche, adv, royally, S2 ; realy, S3 ; 

1 84 


(, sb, kingdom, S2 ; see 
Rearde, sb, voice, cry, S2 ; see Serd. 
ReaSe, adv. quickly, S ; see RatlM. 
H6a8liclL6, adv, qnickly, S; see 

Seaunidf sb, realm, kingdom, C2, Sa ; 
see Bewme. 

Bebekke, sb, a ki&d of fiddle, SkD ; 
see Byliybe. 

iReboiinden, v. to re-echo ; rebownd- 
en, to sound again, reboare, Prompt. ; r«- 
bonnde, //. s., S2. — AF. rebundir^ to re- 
echo, cp. OF. bundiry to resound (Roland, 
3119) ; inchoative verb, from Late Lat. 

Seceyt. sb, receipt, recipe, retreat. 
Prompt., Manip. ; reoeit, C3,WW, Manip., 
S3 ; receite, WW ; reset, place of refuge, 
B. — AF. receite\ Late Lat recepta (Du- 

Seclief sb. smoke, S3 ; see Beke. 

Secheles, adj, careless, S, PP ; reo- 
clieles, PP ; retclieles, S3 ; rekkeles, S3 ; 
xecohelees, S2, C2 ; reclileMe, S3. — AS. 

ricel&asy also reccelias, 

Sechelesnessey sb, carelessness, PP ; 
reoohelesnes, PP. 

Tlipoh^Tl r to care, reck, S, HD ; reke, 
H ;(reoobe)S, HD, S2, C2 ; rekke, HD, 
C2 \xSfPf;pr. s., S ; reobes, S2 ; ro^te, 
//. s.,S; ronffbte, C2 ; rogbt, H ; robten, 
//., S ; roucbt,//. j., sub;,, S2. — ^AS. r^an : 
OS. rSkian ; also, AS. *reccan, 

Hechen, v. to explain, S ; nsooben, to 
relate, S ; recbede, pt, s., S. — AS. reccan : 
OS. rekkiani OHG. rachjan, in Otfrid 

Sedien, v. to reach, attain, SkD, PP ; 
ranbte,//.j., PP, S2 ; iranate, PP ; raffbte, 
PP ; ranffbte, C2 ; rauffbt, S3; raffbt, pp., 
S2. — AS. r^an (BT), alsordicean, to get into 
one*s power, pt. s. rikie, see Sievers, 407. 

Seclaymey v. to bring a hawk to the 
wrist by a call, C3 ; recleymyn, to make 
tame, Prompt. ; recleymyd, pp. redomitus 
(used of hawks), Prompt.— OF. reclaimer, 
recleimer, reclamer; cp. AF. reclame, pp., 
reclaimed (as a falcon). 

Recles, sb, incense, S ; see Bekels. 

Secluse, sb. a female anchorite, SkD ; 
' ankyr, amuhorita. Prompt— AF. reclus ; 
recluse, a f. pp. from OF. reclure, to shut 
np ; Late Lat. recludere, 

. Rednsev sb, convent, monastety, S3. — 
OF. recluse 


HeclnBedy //. shut up, withdrawn from 
the world, PP. 

Secognisaneay sb. an obligation bind- 
ing one over to do some particular act, S3, 
SkD. — ^AF. reconisance, OF. recoignisance. 

Hecomandy v, to commend, S2, C3 ; 
recomanudip, PP. — OF. recommander, re- 

ReoonfbrtOy v. to comfort, C ; xeooo^ 
forted, //., P. — OF. reconforter; cp. AF. 

SeC0llsyle« v. to recover, regain the 
possession of; reconsyled, pp., S2 ; re- 
coanselid, W. — AF. reconciler', Lat recon- 
ciliare, to reconcile, re-establish, restore. 

Hecordy sb. witness, S3, WW ; zeeozde, 
PP. — AF. record, OF. recort, mention 

Recorde, v. to call to mind, C, PP ; 
recorded, //. //. declared, PP.— OF. re- 
corder ; Late Lit. recordare \ Lat recordari, 

H6C01ire« v, to recover, PP; veoonr, 
HD; reoure, HD; reonred, //., S3. — 
AF. recoverer; OF. recourer, recouvrer; 
Lat. recuperare, 

ReCOUrS, sb, recourse, Ca.— AF. rt- 
cours, soleill recours, sunset. 

BieCOnerer, sb, restorer, saviour, Sa. 

Beorayed, pp. defeated, pp. See 

Recreannt, adj. recreant, defeated, 
CM, PP; reoreamt, PP.— AF. recreaunt, 
OF. recreant, giving up tiie contest ; Late 
Lat. recredentem. 

Brecneil, sb. a collection, compilation, 
DG; recnyeU, S3; reonle, HD.— OF. 

recueil (Cotg.). 

Recole, v. to recoil, S3, Palsg., SkD, 
ND.— OF. reculer, 

Recnlyng, sb. recoiling, S3. 

Hecnre, sb, recovery, S3. 

Recnre, v, to recover, HD; see Be- 

Reddonr, sb. violence, rigour, HD, Tre- 
visa (3. 313) ; raddonr, WA.— OF. rador, 
later roideur (Cotg.) ; from rade, roide ; 
Lat. rigidum, 

Rede, adj. red, Ca ; see Beed. 

Hede, adj. ready, WA; redellobe, adv,, 
PP; redeU, Sa.— AS. {ge)r<kdei Goth, 

Bede, sb. advice, S, Sa, S3, B ; VMd, 
S: red, S, S2, B; reed, C2 ; reld, B; 
resde, S; reede, S; rade, S; reader,//. 
,S. — AS. rifc/. 



lie, SkD ; redeles, PP ; 
ydal, Prompt. ; riddle, 

» give advice, to take 
S3, C2, B; read«n, S; 
, S ; raddest, 2 //. j., S ; 
), S2, P ; redden, //., S ; 
S. {geyJidan, pt rJidde^ 

read, S, C2, C3 ; raden, 

PP; reed, //. j., PP • 

redden, W ; radde, S2 ; 

C3; red, S3, W. Der.i 

e read, S. — AS. (^ge)r(kdan, 

' (used to form abstracts). 

)ee hat-reden, SkD ; omu 

, SkD; fer-reden, S; 36- 

)-rede, S2. 

, sd. a sickness of young chil- 
li Prompt. ; reed goonde, 
undea,//., sores, PP. — ME. 
ide, a sore ; AS. gumi, Cp. 

;ady, S, W, PP ; redy, C2 ; 
adi, S; rssdi), SD; redi^ 
», S2 ; redUy, C3. 
a^v. quickly, S ; seeSathlj. 

Le, adj\ to be feared, re- 
doubtable, SkD. 

Sedonten, v. to fear; redoubt, Cotg. 
— AF. reduter, OF. redouter; Lat. re-^ 

Sedontyng, sb. reverence, C. 

Reduce, z'. to bring back, S3,ND.— Lat. 


SedyuxSTte, Pp- wreathed, crowned, S3. 
— Lat. redimituSf pp. of redimire. 

Heed, sb. advice, C2 ; see Bede. 

Reed, sb. reed, PP, Prompt. ; reod, 
PP; relied, W, W2 ; reHeed, W2 ; 
reodes, //., PP ; redes, PP. Comb. : red- 
^erde, a reed-sceptre, S.— AS. hreod. 

Beed, adj. red, C2, C3, S2, W2, PP ; 
rede, C2, C3, S2, PP, B ; reid, S3 ; reade, 
S.— AS. r6ad. 

Reednesse, sb. redness, C3. 

Sees, sb. fit of passion, G ; see Base. 

Reest, adj\ rancid (as flesh), Prompt. ; 
reste, Cath. 

Reestyn, v. to be rancid, Prompt. 

Reenell, sb. joy, revelry, PP ; renel, C, 
C2 ; riae, SPD ; renelee, //., revel's, C2. 
— OF. revel f joy (Bartsch). 

Refen, v. to roof in, S.— AS. {ge)hrif(m. 
See Boo£ 


Reflac, sb. robbery, S ; see Benen. 

Refreissdie, v. to refresh, C; 
firesohyn. Prompt. — AF. refreschir. 

Refreyne, sb. the burden of a song, 
literally, a repetition, CM ; refiralne, SkD. 
— OF. refrain^ from refraindre, to repeat, 
to sing a song (see Constans) ; Lat re -i- 

Refreynen, v. to bridle, refrenare^ W, 
Prompt.; refrayne, Manip.; refrain, WW. 
— OF. refrenery to bridle ; Lat refrenare 

Refute, sb. refuge. Prompt., W2; reftait, 
W2; refuyt, CM, HD, W2 ; reftit, S2, 
C3 ; reftitt, W2.— AF. refute ; OF. refuUi, 
re+fuite ; 'LzX.fugita, pp. f. oifugere. 

Regal, adj. as sb. kingly (power), S2. — 
AF. regal ; Lat. regalem. Cf. Beal. 

Regne, sb. rule, a kingdom, S2, C2, C3 ; 
rengne, S ; ryngis, //., S3. — AF. regru ; 
Lat. regnum. 

Regnen, v. to reign, C2, PP; ring, 
S3; rynglB,/r.//.,S3; reyffned,^.,S2; 
rengned, S2. — AF. regner ; Lat. regnare. 

Regrate, v. to retail wares, HD.— OF. 
regrater, to mend, scour, trick up an old 
thing for sale (F. regratter, to bargain) : It. 
rigatidre, to strive for the victory, to re- 
grate, to sell by retail (Florio) ; Sp. regatedr, 
*to huck in buying or selling* (Minsheu). 
Cp. E. regatta ; It. rigdttay a struggling for 
the mastery (Florio). 

Regratere, sb. retail dealer, PP.— OF. 
regratier ; cp. Low Lat. regratarium (Du- 

Regratorie, sb. selling by retail, PP, 
S2 ; resrraterye, PP. — OF. regraterie. 

Regratonr, sb, retail dealer, S2, PP. — 
AF. regratour, 

Reguerdon, sb. reward, ND ; reffner- 
donn, S2. — Cp. OF. reguerdannery to 
guerdon abundantly (Cotg.). 

Regnerdoxunent, sb. requital, DO. 

Rehed, sbj reed, W, W2 ; see Beed. 
Rehersaille, sb. rehearsal, C3. 
Reliersen, v. to rehearse, enumerate, 
C2, S2,PP ; reliercen, PP, C2 ; reliearM, 

WW, Sh. — AF. rehersery rehercer. See 

Rehersjrngf ^^^ rehearsal, C. 

Reheten, v. to refresh, to cheer, H, 
CM, WA, HD, JD ; reliesrlt, H ; rehetld, 
;>^.,H.-OF. rehaitUr (Bartsch), cp. OF. 
haitier, to make joyful, see BH, Diea, p. 



Rehetynge, sb, comfort^ refreshing, H. 

Reioysen, v. to rejoice, PP, C2 ; re- 
lolMHen, PP; reio»yiiff,/r./.,S3.— OF. 
resjo'tss'f stem of resjoissant, pr. p. oiresjoir, 
from re + esjoir\ Lat. ex+gattdere (Late 
Lat. *gaudtre)\ see Constans, glossaire 
(prefix res-\ 

Reke, sb. vapour, smoke, S2, H (Ps. 
67. 2), Cath. ; reyk, B; relk, B; recHe, 

S2. — AS. ric\ cp. Icel. reykrx OTeut. 
*rauki- ; see Kluge (s. v. ranch), 

Rekels, sb. incense, Cath.; reoles, S, 
S2. Comb.', recle-fat, incense-vessel, censer, 
S, SD. — AS. ricels. 

Reken, v. to smoke, Cath.— AS. rican. 

Rekenen, v, to reckon up, to give 
account, C2, W, PP; rekne, S2, PP; 
rikenen, S, PP ; rlkynyd, pp., W2 ; y- 
rekened, C2. Cp. Du. rekenen, 

Rekeninge, sb. reckoning, C3. 

Rekenthis, sb. pi. chains, WA ; r«- 
kantlies, WA. — AS. racente ; cp. Icel. re- 
kendr. Cf. Bakentele. 

Rekkeles, adj. careless, S3 ; see Be- 

Rekken, v. to reck, care, C2 ; see Be- 

Relenten, v. to melt, C3, Palsg., 

Prompt., SkD.— OF. ralentir (Cotg.). 

Reles, sb. relaxation, forgiveness, also 
taste, odour. Prompt. ; relees. Prompt. («) ; 
relece. Prompt. Phr.\ out of relees, 
without ceasmg, C3.— AF. reles, relees, 
relais. See below. 

Releschen, v. to relax, release; re- 
leoen, Prompt.; relesM, C3; relesoliaad, 
pr. /., S3 ; relesMd, //. j., forgave, C2 ; 
relesed, pp., forgiven, PP; relessed, PP. 

— AF. relascher, relesser, releisser; Lat. 

Relenen, v. to raise up agam, to rise, 
PP, C3 ; relyne, S3 ; reUeve, imp., take 
up again, S3.— AF. relever\ Lat. releuare. 

Relify sb. what remains, a fragment taken 
up from the table; rel6«f. Prompt.; relefe, 
Cath., SkD.; reUefe, Cath. («) ; relifii, //., 
W,W2 ; relifM, W ; relifis,W2 ; relynes, 
S2. — OF. relief y remainder (Bartsch), from 
reliev-y accented stem of relever, to raise 
up ; Lat. releuare, 

Relikes, sb. pi. remains, H ; relUds, 
W2. — AF. relikes; Lat. reliquias. 

Relyen, v. to rally, call back, re- 
assemble, to take courage again, PP ; rely, 
B ; releyt, //. j., B, S2 ; releit, //., S2, B. 


— AF. relier, to rally (OF. ralier, in 
Bartsch) ; Lat. re + ligare, to bmd. 

Relyne, v. to rise, S3 ; relyued, //. j., 
raised, S3 ; see Beleuen. 

Rem, sb. a kingdom, S2 ; reme, C ; see 

, sb. a cry, S ; reamea, //., S.— AS. 
hr4amy OS. hrdm, Icel. rdmr. 

Rente, v, to cry, roar, S, PP ; irauni, 
HD; romj, H; romiaad, pr, J.y S2 ; 
tomyand, H ; romyd,//. J., H ; remden, 
//., S. — AS. hreman : OS. hrdmian. 

Remedie, sb. remedy, C2 ; remede, S3. 
— OF, remede, AF. remedie \ Lat. reme- 

Remen, v. to give place, to quit, S, 
SD; roume, PP; rumen, SD; rlmen 
SD. — AS. ryman : OS. rtimian ; cp. OFris 
rim^, G. rdumen, see Weigand. See Bowin 

Remenanty sb. remnant, C2, C3, S3 
remenaunt, C, Prompt. ; reman and, B 
remelawnt, Prompt. ; remlawnt, HD 
remlln. Prompt. («). — AF. remenant, OF 
remanant, pr. p. of remanoir (Bartsch) 
Lat. remanere, 

Remlet, sb, remnant, HD, Prompt. (»). 
See above. 

Remoiiyny v. to remove. Prompt. ; re- 
meuen, S3, C3, Palsg., SkD.— AF. remoe- 
ver (with change of conjugation) from OF. 
removoir ; Lat. re + mouere, 

Remnen, v, to remove, CM, ND, SkD ; 
remown. Prompt. ; remwe, to depart, S3 ; 
remewed, pp,, C2.— OF. remtUr\ Lat. 
re + mutare, 

Renable, adj, eloquent, PP ; see Bes- 

Renably, adv. reasonably, CM; rua- 
xiably, HD. See above. 

Rend, v. to make to run into a shape, to 
cast metal, melt, H ; rlud, rynde, to melt, 
as lard, &c., JD. — Icel. renna, to make to 
run, to pour (of a melted substance), causal 
of renna {rinna), to run. See Bennen. 

Renden, v, to tear, PP; reeudyu. 
Prompt. ; rente, //. J., S ; rended, //., 
S2 ; y-rent, C3. — ONorth. rendan, to cut or 
tear down (BT). 

Renegat, sb. renegade, C3 ; mnaffate, 
WW. — OF. renegat ; Late Lat. renegatum, 

Renewlen, v. to renew, W ; renule, 
W2 ; renewlld, pp.,W; renuUd, W2.— 
AF. renoveler ; Late Lat. renavellare, 

Reneye, v. to deny, reject, abandon, 
S2, PP, C2, CM.— OF. reneier; Late Lat. 


J, sb. rank, SD ; renflres, //., C ; 
rengis, HD. — OF. rengy renc\ cp. AF. 
renCf ring of people, rencs, ranks ; OHG. 
hring, ring. See Binff. 

Renk, sb. a man, PP; renke, PP ; 
renkes, //:, men, creatures, PP, HD ; 
renkkes, S2 ; reynkes, PP. — Icel. rekkr 
(for renkr)f a man, used in poetry, also in 
law. Cp. AS. rinCf a warrior, a man 
(Grein). See Baiike. 

IReniie, v. See under Bapen. 

Rennen, v. to run, SD, S, S2, S3, C2, 

W, PP; rin, S3; rynne, S3; ryn, S2 ; 
eornen, S, S2 ; ernen, S ; umen, S ; 
^eme, S ; BBme®, pr. //., S ; ryniiys, 
S3 ; ron, //. j., S2, PP ; nmen, pi., S ; 
eom, S ; iome, //., S ; ronnen, PP ; 
ronne, PP, C2 ; y-ronne, C2 ; y-ronnen, 
C ; amde, pt. s. (weak), S, SD ; ernde, 
SD; 8Bmden,//.,SD. — AS. rinnan, pt. s. 
ran, pp. gerunnen^ also irnan, ymatiy pt. 
s. am, pi. umofij pp. urnen. 

Reuajrngf ^^' running, S3 ; rennynfflfl, 
//., currents, streams, W2. 

Renome, sb. renown, WW, S3; re- 
noume, WW; renowma, WW. See 

Renomee, sb. renown, WW ; xenom^ 
md, B. — OF. renomee ; Late Lat. *renomi- 

Renoumed, adj. renowned, WW ; re- 
nowmed, WW. — Cp. OF. renomnU ; see 

RenOTlXL, sb. renown, SkD; renowne, 
B. — AF. renouHy renun, OF. renon, renom ; 
Lat. re + nomen ; cp. Sp. renombre, renown 

Rente^ sb. revenue, pay, reward, S, C2 ; 
rent. Prompt. ; rentes, pL, S, PP, S2 ; 
rentls, PP. — AF. rente ; Late Lat. *ren- 
dita ; Lat. reddita ; from OJ^. rendre ; Lat. 

Renten, v. to endow, PP. 

Renulei v. to renew, W2 ; see Benew- 

Reod, sb. a reed, PP ; see Beed. 

Reonsien, v. to grieve, SD. — AS. 

hriowsiaHf see Sievers, 41 1. See Bewen. 
Reowexi) v* to grieve, vex^ S; see 



Re0WSimge« sb. repentance, SD. — AS. 
ReowVe, sb. mth, pity, S ; see Bei»1$e. 

Repair, sb. a place of resort, ND ; 
repelr, return, S3. — OF. repaire^ 

Repairen, v. to go to, C2, C3; re- 

peirlnff, pr. p., C2 ; raparyt, //.//., S3 ; 
reparlt, pp., S2. — AF. repeirer, OF. re- 
pairier\ Lat. repatriare, to return to one's 

Reparailen, v. to repair ; reparaUd, 
pp., H. — OF. repareiller\ cp. apareillier, 
to prepare ; from pareil^ like ; Late Lat, 
pariculum (Ducange). 

Reparaylynge, sb. restoration, H. 

Repe* sb. ^eaf, manipulusy Voc, SD ; 
reepe, SD ; xvgiM,pl., H. 

Repen, v. to cut grain, PP, W, W2 ; 
ripen, S ; rap, //. s., W ; repen, pi., S ; 
ropen, PP ; ropun, W; rope, W2. — 
OMerc. ripan {rypan, ripan) : Goth, raup- 
jan, to pluck ; see Sievers, 159. 

Ropples, staves, cudgels (?), S. 

Reprenable, adj. reprehensible, C3, W. 

Repreue, v. to reprove, PP, Prompt., 
C3 ; reprened, pp., S2. — OF. repnuver, 
reprover ; Lat. reprdbare. 

Repreue, sb. reproof, C3 ; repreef, W. 

Reprevynges, reproofs, S2. 
Repromyssionn, sb. promise, W.— 

Lat. repromtssionem (Vulg.). 

Repugnen, v. to fight against, W2 ; 
to deny/PP. — Lat. repugnare. 

Repyllo-stok| sb. an implement for 
cleanmg flax, Voc. See Bipple. 

Rerage* sb. arrears, PP, HD ; rerages, 
//., PP. Cf. Areraffe. 

Rerd, sb. voice, sound, SD ; rerld, WA ; 
reorde, S ; rorde, SD : rearde, S2 ; mrd, 
S2 ; rerde, dot., SD, HD.— AS. reord for 
reard, cp. OHG. rarta : Goth, razda ; cp, 
Icel. rodd (gen. raddar). 

Rerden, v. to speak, to sound ; reord- 
ien, SD ; rerdit, //. //., S3.— AS. reord- 

Reren, v. to make to rise, to rear, S2, 
B ; rerde, //. s., S, S2 ; rerld, pp., S2 ; 
rered, S2. — ^AS. rceran-. Goth, raisjan. 
See Bysen. 

Resalgar, sb. realgar, red orpiment, 
C3, HD.— Sp. rejalgar, arsenic (Minsheu). 

Rescouen, v- to rescue, SkD; res- 
cowe, CM ; reskew, B.— OF. rescou-, stem 
of rescouant, rescoant, pr. p. of rescorre^ 
See below. 

RescOUS, sb. rescue, S3, C, SkD, CM. 
— OF. rescous {rescos), pp. of rescorre, to 
help, repair a damage, also resqueure (BH); 
Lat. re + excutere, to shake off. 

ResOy s. and v. ; see Base. 



Seseilf V, to shake, C; see Biud«B. 

Seset, sb. place of refuge, B ; see Be- 

Resownen, v. to resound ; rMowne, 
C ; resomied, //. s., Ca. — OF. resoner ; 
Lat resonare. 

Hespyt, sb. respite, delay, leisure, C3, 
C ; respyte, Prompt., Cath. ; resplt, B. — 
AF. respit ; Late Lat. respectum (ace), 
respite, prorogation (Ducange) ; a technical 
sense of Lat. respectusy consideration. 

Sest, sb. rest ; rMrte, S. — AS. rest ; cp. 
OHG. resti (Tatian). 

Sesten, v. to rest, S. — AS. r€st(m ; cp. 
OHG. resten (Tatian). 

Sesnn, J^. reason, talk, Sa, PP, Prompt; 
rMoun, Ca, Sa, PP ; reson, Ca, PP, HD ; 
rslson, PP. — AF. resoun {reison, reasoun)^ 
also raisoufty reason, language ; Lat. ra- 

Hesnnabley adj. reasonable, talkative, 
eloquent, Prompt.; resoxiable, PP; res- 
iia1>3rl, HD ; rmable, PP ; nmnable, PP. 
Notes (p. 33). — AF. resonabUf OF. res- 
noble , raisnable ; Lat. rationabiUm. 

Bretenanncey sb. retinue, company, 
PP, HD. — AF. retenaunce ; Late Lat. re- 
tinentia (Ducange). 

Hetenne, sb. retinue, suite, Ca. — OF. 
retenu^y a retinue (Cotg.) ; Late Lat re- 
tenuta (Ducange). In F. retentu means 
' reserve, modesty,' and has become obsolete 
in the English sense of a ' suite,' a body of 

Sethor, sb. orator, C, Ca, Manip.-> 
Late Lat. rhethor ; Lat. rhetor ; Gr. fiffrwp. 

B^thoryke, sb. rhetoric, Ca ; xetoryke, 
PP; retoryk, PP.—Lat rhetoHca. 

BpOtteily ^. to account, impute, C, H, 
Prompt., W ; reotsm. Prompt.— AF. retter^ 
reter, to accuse (pp. rette, rete) ; Lat. 
reputare see BH, § 153 ; by popular ety- 
mology Low Lat rectare, * in jus vocare,' 
rectatus, accused (Schmid). Cf. A-retten. 

Heufalf ad/, compassionate, Sa ; see 

Benle, sb. rule, PP, C ; r«wle, PP, S3 ; 
riwle, S ; renel, Sa ; renl, Sa ; rixilen, 
//., S. — AF. reuU ; Lat. regti/a ; also OF. 
riuJe, rigle ; Late Lat. rigula (for regula). 

Renleilft'. to rule, PP,C ; xewled,//. j., 
Sa. — AF. reuler ; Lat. regulare. 

Henlichef adv, ruefully, Sa ; see Bew- 



Semiiei sb. kingdom ; see Bewme. 

I&eiiey sb. reeve, prefect, minister of state, 
steward, S, PP, Prompt. ; reeve, C ; renen, 
//., S. Comb. : ref-BcUpe, leeveship, 
prefecture, S. — AS. {g^rifa. 

Seney sb. clothing, spoil, plunder, SD ; 
»f, SD. Comb. : ze£>lao, robbery, S, SD. 
— AS. riafy clothing, spoil ; cp. Icel. rauf^ 
spoil. Cf. Bobe. 

Reuelf sb. revel, C ; see BeeueL 

Sdneily V. to rob, plunder, S, Sa, S3 ; 
reane, Sa ; rlene, S3 ; refiaad, pr. /., H ; 
reuede, //. j., S ; rafte, Ca ; nraeden, 
//., S : j'TBlt, pp., C.-— AS. riafian, to 

, sb. robber, SD; retier, S3; 
,//., S. — AS. riafere. 
Beuingy sb. robbery, S ; railing, S. 

, /. row, C ; rewls, //., S3 ; see 

Rewel (?). Comb. : rewel boon, Ca ; 
xowel boon, CM : renylle bone, Ca (m) ; 
nelle bones, ^/., HD, Ca (»); xewle 
■tone, HD (p. 698). 

Sewen, v. to me, grieve, S, PP, Sa, S3, 
Ca ; reowen, S; mwyn, Prompt.; rewlnff, 
pr. p., S3 ; reon'S, pr. s., S ; rwea, Sa ; 
rewede, pt, j., S. — AS. hritnuan ; cp. OS. 

Sewere, sb. one who pities ; 

Rewftlly adj. piteous, S, Sa, C3 ; 
fka, Sa ; zeowfnle, //., S. 
Biewle« sb. rule, Sa ; see Benle. 

Bewliche, adj\ pitiable, PP ; xewU, 
piteous, S; reweli, S; mly, HD. — ^AS. 

Hewliclie, adv. piteously, S; reow- 
Uche, S ; xenliolie, Sa ; rewli, S ; rwly, 

Sa. — AS. hriowlice. 

BewlyngiSy rough shoes, S3 ; see 

Bewme, sb. kingdom, Sa, W, H, PP; 
realme, CM ; reanme, Ca, Sa ; renme, 
PP, Sa ; reame. Sa, PP ; reme, C, PP, 
Cath. ; rem, Sa ; renm, H. — OF. reaume, 
AF. realme ; Late Lat *regalimen. 

BewVe, sb. mth| pity, S, Ca, C3, G; 
reowlSe, S; ront$e, Sa, G; reoiSe, S;. 
rontb, S3; n)>e, S, S3; rawVe, Sa; 
rewpes,//., Sa. See Bewen. 

BewVelesey adj\ ruthless, C3 ; rewV- 
lee, PP. 

Beyn, sb. rain, Wa, PP, Ca ; rtom, S ; 


rein, S ; reyne, PP ; r«»ne, S3 ; ran, S3. 
— AS. regn {rSn), 
Beynen, v. to rain, PP ; relnen, S ; 
ranyt, //. s , B.— AS. regnian (also rig- 
nan, rinan), see Sievers, 92. 

Reysed,//- ridden, C ; see Base. 

Seysen, v. to raise, G, CM ; releen, 
W2,S; reaa, S3.— Icel. reisa\ cp. Goth. 
raisjan. See Bieen, Beren. 

Redely sh. a garment, rail, SkD; rail, 
JD ; ralle, HD ; rayle, a kerchief, Palsg., 
Voc. ; raylee, //., ND.— AS. hrcsgl (Voc). 
Cf. T-rayled. 

Biall, adj, royal, CM, S3, PP; see Beal. 

Bially, adv, royally, CM; see Beal^ 

Riband, sb. villain, worthless creature, 
ribald, PP ; zyband, PP ; ribande, the 
Evil One, PP ; ribalde, PP ; ribant, S3 ; 
rlbandee, //., sinners, PP ; ribam, S. — 
AF. ribald (pi. ribaus^ ribaldes), OF. 

Ribandie, sb. sin, S3, PP; ribald jestmg, 
C3. — OF. ribaudie, 

Ribandour, sb. profligate fellow, PP; 
rybandonx, PP. 

RLbandriey sb, ribaldry, PP ; ryband- 
rle, PP, S3. 

Richey adj. powerful, rich, S ; rydie, 
PP ; lyke, PP ; rice, S.— OF. riche. 

Rlcbe, sb. kingdom, S, S2 ; ryolie, PP ; 
rice, S ; rike, H, S3.— AS. rice. 

Rlobelike, adv, richly, S; rlohe- 
Uche, S2. 

Ricben, v. to grow rich, PP ; reobciS, 
/r.//., PP. 

Ricbesse, sb. wealth, PP, S2, S3, C3 ; 
rito]ieese,W; riclieise,S; rloliee,WW; 
rlobeesee,//., costly articles, S2 ; rlcobes- 
■18, WW ; rl^tcheesie, W.— OF. richese, 
AF. richesce. 

Rict, adj. right, S ; see Byffbt. 

Riden, v. to ride, S, S2 ; rldend,/r./., 
S ; rydlnge, C^ ; ryd, imp., S ; rit,/r. j., 
PP, C3 ; ritt, PP ; ryt, PP, C ; rad, //. j., 
S2, B ; rod, S, S2 ; rood, C3 ; rlden, p:., 
S, C3, C ; rade, Sa ; radd, B ; rlden, /^., 
C3 ; rad, B. Comb. : redynff-ksTng*, a kind 
of feudal retainer, PP; redynff-kynffes, 
•//, PP. — AS. ridan, pt. s. rdd, pi. ridon. 

Ridere, sb. rider, S ; rlderea, //., S ; 
rlderen, S. 

Ridily sb. a sieve. Prompt.; rydelle, 
Cath.; ryddel, ruddle, Cath. («). Cf. 




Ridilen, v. to sift; rydelyn, Prompt. ; 
rldile, W ; rldlande, pr. /., Sa. Fhr. : 
rlddllde watrU = Lat. cribrans aquas 
(Vulg.), Cath. («). 

Rif, V, to rive, Sa ; see Byiien. 

Rifb, sb. veil, curtain; rlfPb, S. — AS. 
rift ; cp. Icel. ript, ripti. 

Rjfben, V. eructare, H (Ps. 18. a); rift, 
to belch, Manip.— Icel. rypta. 

Ribt, adj. and sb. right, S ; see Byght. 

Ribten, v. to direct, correct, S ; rlfften, 
to set straight, S ; rlBtt, S2 ; rlgbtld, //. J., 
Sa. — AS. rihtan. 

Ribtlecen, v. to direct, set right, S ; 
rZBUecbe, Sa, HD ; ryBtlokede, //., S3.— 
AS. rihtlikcan. 

, adj. righteous, S ; see Bygbt. 
>, sb. kingdom, Sa ; see Blobe. 
, sb. reckoner, S. 

Rikeneily v, to reckon, S, PP ; see 

Rin, V. to run, S3 ; see Bennen. 

Riugy V. to reign, S3 ; see Begneii. 

Riot, V. to revel, live dissolutely, glut- 
tonously, WW; ryot, B; rlotte, to be 
dissolute, luxuriare, Manip. 

Riote* sb. uproar, SkD ; riot, dissolute, 
luxurious living, WW ; rlotte, Manip. ; 
ryot, depredation, B. — AF. riote {ryot), 
confusion, OF. riote, quarrelling (Bartsch), 
also feasting (Ducange) ; cp. ODu. revof, 
' caterva nebulonum, luxiuria * ; see SkD. 

Riotonr, sb. rioter; rioter, glutton, 
WW ; ryotonres, //., C3.— AF. riotour, 
OF. riotheir (Ps. 36. i). 

RiotoUSy adj. luxurious, dissolute, 
WW. — Cp. Low Lat. riotosus (Ducange). 

Ripe, adj, fit for reaping, mature, S; 
rype, Ca. 

Ripen, v. to become ripe, Prompt. ; 
rlpede,//. s., S. — AS. ripian. 

Ripen, v. to divide by tearing open, to 
rip, to search diligently, examine, HD, JD, 
SkD (s. v. rip) ; rype, Palsg. ; rlped, //. s., 
Sa. — Cp. Swed. repa, to scratch. 

Ripple, sb. an instrument for ripping 
off the flax-seeds, JD. Comb. : repyUe- 
■tok, an implement for cleaning flax, Voc. 

Ripplen, v, to ripple flax, JD ; rypeU 
en, SkD, Prompt. 

Risbe, sb, rush, S3 ; see Buache. 

Riflt, pr. s, riseth, rises, C3 ; see Bysen. 

Rit, pr. s. rides, C3 ; see Blden. 

Rinelic, adv, frequently, Sa. See 



SiTelinfi^f sb. a kind of shoe, SD, HD ; 
xnllion, JD ; rewlyneris, //., S3 ; row- 
lyxLgis, JD. — AS. rifelingas, 'obstrigelli' 
(Voc.) ; cp. AF. rivelinges, rivelins, 

Bizan, v. to reign, S. — AS. r lesion 
{rixian) ; cp. OHG. rihhisdn (Tatian), see 
Sievers, 411. See Biolie. 

RizUen, v. to reign, S. See above. 
Si^ty sb. right, justice, S2 ; see Byglit. 
SO9 sb, quiet, S2 ; see Boo. 

Sobben, v. to plunder, spoil, rob, SkD, 
PP; robby, S2.— AF. robber \ cp. It. 
robbarcy to rob (Florio). 

Sobbeour, sb, robber, PP ; robbonr, 
PP. — AF. robeour, OF. robeor; Low Lat. 
robcUorem\ cp. It. robbatorey robber 

Sobe, sb, robe, PP ; robes, //., clothes, 
PP ; robis, PP.— AF. robe ; cp. It. rSbba, 
gown, robe, goods (Florio). 

Soberie* sb. robbery, S. — AF. roberie, 

Soche, sb. rock, S, S3, C2, H ; rooch, 

52, W2. Comb, : roohe-wall, rock-wall, 
S. — AF. roe he, 

Sod, pt. s, rode, S, S2 ; see Blden. 

IRede, sb. a road, a riding, SkD, WW, 
Sh.; rade, S2, JD; roade, WW; roode, 
place where vessels ride at anchor, bitalas- 
sum. Prompt. — AS. rdd, 

Sode, sb, red complexion, C2, S2 ; see 

Body, adj, ruddy, S2, C2, PP ; rodi, W. 

Boggen, V, to shake, PP, HD, S2, 
Prompt. ; mg", JD. — Icel. rugga, to rock a 

Bohten, //.//. recked, S ; see Becli«ii. 

Boial, cidj, royal, CM ; see Beal. 

Boialtee, sb, royalty, C3 ; see Bealte. 

Bokke, sb, a distaff, Prompt., Cath., 
HD ; rok, S3 ; roobe, Manip. ; xooks, //., 

53, HD. — Icel. rokkr, - 

Bokken, v, to rock, Prompt. ; y-rokked, 
pp,y S2. 

Bomblen, v, to ramble; romblynge, 
^./., PP. 

BomOXI, V, to rove about, to ramble, 
wander, roam, C2, C3, PP, SkD ; rame, 
HD; raymexL, PP, S2; rowme, PP; 
xombe, PP. Cp. OS. rdmSn, OHG. rdm^, 
to strive after (Otfrid). 

Bomere* sb, roamer, wanderer, PP ; 
rowxner, PP; romares, //., PP; zom- 

. Bome-renneres, sb, pi. agents at the 

court of Rome, PP. 


Bon, pt. s. ran, S2 ; see Bexmen. 

Beng,//. s. rang, C3 ; see Bynffen* 

Boo, sb. roe, deer, S2, Prompt. ; ro, S2 ; 
ra, JD ; rays, //., S3.— AS. rdh (Voc.), 
also rdAa (Voc.), see Sievers, 117. 

Boo, sb. rest, quiet, S2, HD; ro, HD. 
S2. — Icel. r<f ; AS. nkv : OHG. ruowa (G. 

Bood, pi. s. rode, C2 ; see Biden. 

Boode, sb. the rood, cross, gallows, PP, 
G, Prompt. ; rode, PP, S, S2, S3 ; mde, 
B ; rold, B ; rod, a rod, SkD. Phr, : mle 
thm rod, to bear sway, NQ (6. 3. 169). 
Comb, : rode-tre, the cross, S2 ; mde 
evyn, eve of the Rood (Sept. 13), B. — AS. 
rdd: OS. r<fda ; cp. OHG. rtwda (G. ruie). 

Boof, sb. roof, W, Prompt. ; rhof, SkD ; 
roff, PP; roue, S3; rofe, PP; rooiiys, 
//., W2.— AS. Ardf. 

Boomtb, sb, room, space, ND. See 

Boomthie, adJ, spadous, Cotg. (s. v. 

" Bocmtlisome, adj. spadous, DG. 

Bop, sb. a rope, PP ; rapes, //., S. — AS. 
rdp ; cp. Icel. reip, 

Bope, P^' pi' reaped, W2 ; see Bepexu 

Bopore, sb, rope-maker or rope-seller, 

Boplocb, adj. coarse, applied to woollen 
stuffs, JD ; sb. coarse woollen cloth, S3 
raplacb, raplock, replocb, JD. 

Boren, v. to roar, C, PP; roorin, 
Prompt; razln, H (Ps. 76. i); rar, B; 
ralr, S3, B. — AS. rdrtan, to lament loudly, 
to bellow. 

Bos, /A s. rose, S, C2 ; see Bysea. 

Bose, sb. rose. Prompt. ; rooee, W2 ; 
rols, S3 ; roM, S3 (11 a. 6) ; rosen,//., 
SkD ; roosls, W2. Comb. : rose-reed, red 
as a rose, C3. — OProv. rose ; Lat. rosa ; cp. 
AS. rdse. 

Boson, V. to praise, rejlex. to boast, H ; 
roose, JD ; ruse, JD ; roysen, H ; reeee, 
JD. — Icel. kr^sa, to praise, rejlex, to boast, 
from krdOr, praise, fame. 

Bospen, v. to scrape, S ; see Raspen. 

Bost, sb, roast (meat), PP ; roste, PP. 
PAr, : rules tbe rost, takes the lead, domi*< 
neers, S3, ND, NQ (6. 3. 170), HD (s.v. 
rule'Stone\ SPD (s. v. roast), — ^AF. rost, 

Boste, V. to roast, C; y-rosted, >^., 
S3.— OF. rosttr. 

Bote, sb. root, W2, PP, S2, C2 ; rot, S2 ; 


zooto, a term in astrology, S2, C3 ; foot, 
C2; rutiB,//., S3 ; rotes, PP.— Icel. rdt\ 
the same word as AS. wrdt^ snout, ' bnm- 
cus ; ' see Voc. (cp. wrStatty to grub up). 

Sote, sb, a musical instrument, C, HD, 
ND, SkD ; roote, HD.— AF. rote ; OHG. 
hrota ; cp. Low Lat. chrotta^ Olr. crot 
(Windisch). Cf. Orowde. 

Sote, V. to rot, H (Ps. 15. 10). Der, : 
xotTncr, rotting, S2. — AS. rotian, 

Sote, in phr. by rote ; see Boute. 

Soten, adj. rotten, C3; rotyn, HD; 
zotnn, W2 ; rottgm, B. — Cp. Icel. rotinn^ 
perhaps a//, form. 

Sotler, sb,^ paddle for rowing, used also 
OS a rudder, S, S2 ; zothsrr. Prompt. ; rodyr, 
Voc, Prompt.; rudyr, oar, Cath. ; zither, 
rudder, DG. See Bowen. 

SoVer, sb, an ox, SD, HD ; nlSer, SD ; 
redSer, SD ; redSeren, //., SD ; r^eren, 
SD ; roiSeren, S3 ; rdSeron, S2 ; rfBeren, 
SD ; ndSeren, SD. Phr. : role the rother, 
ND. Comb. : rother-soyl, manure, HD, 
ND ; retheme-toimffe, the herb bugloss, 
HD. — AS. hreoCer : hritier, OFris. hriHer : 
OHG. hrind (pi. hrindir) ; cp. G. rind. 

Sobmiy sb. a driving storm, S2. — Cp. 
Icel. r6(iif the vrind, tempest. 

Sovkeily V. to lie close, cower down, 
CM, C, HD,JD. - 

Soundey v. to wrinkle, S2 ; see Bnn- 

Sonncyy sb. a horse, C, CM ; rounsy, 
HD; Townmj^ HD. — AF. runcin. (Ro- 
land) ; cp. OF. roucin (F. roussin), Sp. ro- 
ctn, whence rocinante, see Diez, p. 277. 

B^nndey adj. round, PP. — AF. rounde^ 
OF. reonty roont ; Lat. rotundum (ace.). 

Soundely sb. a kind of ballad, C, — OF. 

Souney sb. a secret, a mystery, S2 ; 
mne, a secret, S ; rovn, song, S2 ; mnen, 
//., secret discourses, S ; mnes, S ; rovnes, 
S2. — AS. nin\ OS. and Goth. r'Ana^ a 
secret, counsel. 

Souneilv V. to talk secntly, whisper, 
PP, C2 ; ranlen, S ; rownen, H, PP, 
Cath., S3, C2, C3; ronndeii, PP, ND, 
Sh., SPD.~AS. rtiftian, to whisper. 

SOQninflff sb. secret conference, S ; 
rowninff, *& ; nmJjifire, S; ronnlnges, 
//., S ; ronenen, whisperings, S. 

Soussat, sb. russet, S3 ; see Buiset. 

Soute* sb. a rout, overthrow, troop, 
throng, company, S2, PP, S3, C2, C3 ; 
rout, S2 ; rowtes, //., S2 ; rate, a route, 



rut, way, path, SkD. Phr. : l>y rote, C2, 
C3, SkD ; l>y roote, C. — AF. route^ rute, a 
band of men, a way, OF. rote ; Late Lat. 
rupta^ a broken mass of fl3ring men, a 
defeat, a company in broken ranks, a dis* 
orderly array, a way broken through a 

Soate^ v. to put to flight, Manip. ; to 
assemble in a company, S2, C3. 

&01L]>e, sb. pity, S ; see BewSe. 

Sou^te, //. s. recked, C2 ; see Beohea. 

Soue* sb. roof, S3 ; see Bool 

Sow, adj. rough, C3, SkD ; roifli, SkD; 
roje, S2 ; rouoh, S3, JD ; ruh, SD. — AS. 
nih (gen. niwes) ; cp. G. rauh. 

Sowen, V. to row, S, PP. — AS. rSwan. 

Sowle, V. to roll, S3 ; rele, S3 ; rol- 
lyn. Prompt.; rneled, //. j., S2. — AF. 
rouler, roler; Late Lat. rotulare, Cf. 

SowiUy sb. space. Prompt., B; rowme, 
pell, room. Prompt, S3, SkD ; rome, S3. 
— AS. riiniy space, Goth, rums, 

Sowmei adj, spacious, roomy, H ; 
roume, S2. 

&0WSt6y sb. voice, WA. — Icel. raust, 

Sowti sb. a stunning blow, S2, B; 
rout, B. 

Sowte, sb. noise, snoring, CM. 

Sowten, V. to make a great noise, to 
bellow, to snore, H, S2, S3, Prompt. ; 
routen, B, CM, JD, SD ; rowtaAde,/r./., 
roaring, noisy, S2 ; routte, //. j., PP ; 
rutte, PP; routit, S2.— AS. knitan^ to 

Soyle, V. to rove about, Manip. ; roile, 
HD, PP; roiQe, PP. Notes (p. 94), CM. 
— OF. roiller^ roller (Ducange), AF. rouler\ 
Late Lat rotulare. See Bowie. 

Soyle, sb. a stumbling horse, S3, PP. 
Notes (p. 94) ; oblongula mulier^ Manip. 

Soyxi, sb. scurf; as adj.y rough, scurfy, S3. 
— OY. roigne (Cotg.) ; Lat robiginem^ rust, 

Soynislly adj. scabby, ND, Sh. ; roln- 
iiOi, HD. 

Soyster, sb. a bully, swaggerer, saucy 
fellow, S3; roister, ND. Comb.i rola- 
ter-dolBter, S3 (p. 262). — OF. rustre^ 
royster, swaggerer (Cotg.), also roiste (Du- 
cange), ruiste (BH), ruste ; Lat rustieum, 
a countryman. 

BrO^e* adj. rough, S2 ; see Bow. 

So^te, pt. s. cared, S ; see Bechen. 

Suddoekei sb. the robin redbreast, 
Manip. ; niddok, CM. 



Sude, sb. redness, S ; raddM,//., S3. — 
AS. rudu (Voc.). 

Sude, adj. rough, undressed (of cloth) 
( « Lat. rudis = dL'yv&tpos), S2 ; xnyd, B ; 
rold, B. — OF. rude ; Lat. rudem. 

Bndelyche, adv, rudely, C; xnydly, 
B ; royd^, B ; rudly, B. 

Snffley V. to bluster, to be noisy and tur- 
bulent, S3, Sh., ND; mjBiBlyxiga, /r./., 
S3. — ODu. roffelen, to pander. 

Snffler, sb. a cheating bully, ND, HD. 

Sugy sb. back, S ; nifirg«, S, Sa ; see 

Suggy, (»dj. rough, C, CM. — Cp. Swed. 
ruggigf rough, hairy. See Bow. 

Soke, <r^. a heap, S ; ruok, JD ; raken, 
//., S. Cp. OSwed. nika, * acervus.* 

Siikelen, v. to heap up, SD, S. 

SlLinxiieui, V. to bellow, S3 ; nunmes, 
JD; rowniyss, JD; reimis, JD. — See 
SkD (s. V. rumble). The word rummeis is no 
doubt of Romance origin, an inchoative in 
-SCO from Lat. *rumaref found in ad-rumare, 
to make a lowing noise ; cp. 0¥. raumani, 
a murmur (Ducange). 

SununifMly sb. a loud, rattling, or rumb- 
ling noise, JD; xeimls, JD; xeMiilsli, 
JD ; nunniftge, an obstreperous din, JD. 

Sunagatei sb. renegade, WW; see 

Sune, sb. a secret, S ; xnnen, //. secret 
discourses, S ; see Bonne. 

Simieili V. to discourse, S ; see Bonn- 

Snngey /a//, rang ; see Byncren. 

Sunkylle, sb. a wrinkle, Cath. ; mn- 
kill, JD. — Cp. Dan. rynke. 

Sunkylley z^. to wrinkle, Cath. ; rnnkle, 
JD ; ronnde, S2 ; ronncled,//., Cath («) ; 
ronoled, HD. — Cp. Swed. rynka, 

Surdy sb. cry, noise, Sa ; see Berd. 

SlLSChei sb. rush, PP ; riBOhe, PP; 
resslie, PP ; rislie, S3 ; zisli, Manip. ; 
TjwOBL»n,pl., S3. — AS. risce, resce (Voc.). 

SlLSien, v. to shake, SD, C (») ; rose, 
C ; resye, C («) ; msed, //. j., PP.—AS. 
hrysiafty Goth, hrisjan. 

Sussety adj. russet, PP, Prompt; zoni^ 
■at, S3 ; nuHMts,, clothes of a russet 
colour, ND. — AF. russet, OF. rousset ; cp. 
Low Lat. roussetum (Ducange). 

Sussetting, sb. coarse cloth of russet 
colour, HD ; a kind of apple, ND. 

Aube, sb. ruth, pity, S ; see Bewtlie. 

SlLxis, roots, S3 ; see Bote. 


Awly, adv. ruefully, Sa ; see BewUohe: 

Sybybe, sb. a kmd of fiddle, uetella, 
vitulay Voc, Prompt.; [riWbe, an old 
woman, CM, ND] ; rebeke, Manip. ; re- 
bekke, rebeek, SkD ; rebecke, ND.— It. 
ribebba (also ribeccd)\ Arab, rab&ba, a 
fiddle with one or two strings, Steingass, p. 


Biybyboar, sb. a player on the ribibe, 
PP. See above. 

Sydder, sb. a sieve, cribrum^ Voc. — AS. 
hrider (Voc.). Cf. Bidll. 

Sydel, sb. riddle, Prompt ; see Bedels. 

Syfe, adj. abundant, numerous, frequent, 
openly known, S3 ; ryT/tf Prompt. ; xyff, 
PP ; ryne, G. — Icel. rifr, munificent. 

Syfeloiiy V. to rob, plunder. Prompt, 
y-rliled,//., PP.— OF. rifler (Cotg.). 

Syflowre,^^. robber, plunderer. Prompt. 
Sjrflynge, sb. plunder, PP. 
Syge, sb. stormy rain, Sa ; rljr, HD. — 
Icel. nreggy storm and rain. 

*yOT®f ^^- ^ack, ridge, HD, PP ; ryjr, 
B,PP; mg8re,S,PP,S2; rnir,S; mjfgee, 
//., HD; xiirflre> S, HD, G; rijr, Sa. 
Comb. : zjgge-bon, spondile, Voc. ; zjg- 
bone, spina, Voc, PP; zjcfboon, HD; 
rigcrebon, PP, G.—AS. hrycg\ cp. OHG. 
r^ggi (Otfrid). 

Byghty cuhj. exactly, very, PP; xilit, 
right, close, S, Sa ; xUilit, S ; rlkte, S ; 
riot, S ; rigt, S ; rljt, S, Sa. Phr. : ryjt 
now late, only lately, Sa. 

Syght, adj. right, Prompt. ; zjbt, Sa ; 
rl^t, Sa, W ; ribte, S ; rlffte, S ; rl^te, 
S ; xiot, S. Comb. : zl^t-fkil, straight ( » 
Lat. rectus), Sa, W ; ryjtfol, Sa ; zj^t- 
noUe, Sa ; zijtfnlnemie, righteousness, W ; 
rlbt-balf, right side, S; rl^tbalf, Wa ; 
rlstneese, justice, Sa ; zUit-wle, righteous, 
S; ziobtwlfle, S; zj^twys, Sa; zightwlB, 
V. to justify, H ; rllLtwisneeee, righteous- 
ness, S ; zj^ttwlsneese, Sa ; r^twijmeMie, 
W ; rightwisenee, Sa ; zjgktwisnee8e« 
C3.— AS. Hht. 

ByghtOy s6. right, law, equity, Cath. ; 
rl^t, Sa ; z^te, S, Sa ; ri^tes, //., Sa ; 
ryjtei, gen. as culv., rightly, immediately, 
Sa; ri^ttee, Sa. Phrr. to ]>e x^ttee, 
exactly, Sa ; at aUe rigbtes, C; mid 
zibte, rightly, S; mid rlbten, S ; wlp}> 
zibbte, S. 

Syme, sb. hoar-frost, H, Prompt. 
Cdmb. : xyme-fiKMit, hoar-frost, HD. — AS. 

Syme, sb. rime, verse, poetry, Prompt., 


S, PP ; xym, C2, C3 ; rime, S ; xyines, 
pl.y rimes, ballads, PP, C2. Phr. : on Ms 
rime, in his turn, S. — OF. rime, rym\ 
OHG. rim, number ; cp. AS. rim. 

Symen, v. to rime, Prompt., S3, C2, 
C3. — AF. rimer {rymer). 

Syxuing^, sb. the art of riming, C2. 

Bpymthe, sb. room, leisure. Prompt. 
See Bowm. 

Syuen, v. to touch, H. Der. : riner, 
the quoit that touches the mark, HD. — AS. 
hrinan, OS. hr{nan\ cp. OHG. rtnan 


Bpyug^e, sb, a circle, annulus, Prompt. ; 
xyusres, pi., PP ; rlnsres, C3. Comb, : 
xing-leBAeT^praesul/ory Manip. ; the person 
who opens a ball, HD, NQ (5. i. 146) ; 
rsmgr-sangls, songs adapted for circular 
dances, S3. — AS. hring, Icel. hringr. 

Syugen, v. to ring. Prompt. ; rinsres, 
pr. //., S ; rongf,//. f., C3 ; mnsre, pL, S 
(19. 1273) ; 1-rauge, //., S. — AS. ringan, 
pt. s. rang (pi. rungon), pp. rungen, 

Syugis, sb. pi. reigns, S3 ; see Befifne. 

Syugis,/^-//- reigns, S3 ; see Begnen. 

Sys, sb. twig, branch, branches, S2, G 
(s. V. woode), CM ; ris, S, CM ; ryss, S3 ; 



xyse, Cath., S3. Comb.i rlse-bnslies, 

sticks cut for burning, DG. — AS. hris ; cp. 
Icel. hris, G. reis, 

Rysen, v- to rise, PP, C2 ; rlss, B ; 
tUmoA., pr. p., S2 ; xiseaud, S2 ; rls, imp., 
S; rist, pr. s., C3; ros, //. j., S, C2 ; 
roos, C2, W; raiss, S2, B; rass, B; ri- 
sen, pl.fW; xysen, W ; rise, C2 ; xysed, 
pt. s. {wcak)j S2. — AS. risan, pt. s. rds (pi. 
rison), pp. risen. 

Syshe, sb. rush, S3 ; see Bnsche. 

Sysp, J^. coarse grass, S3 ; rlsp, JD. 

Cp. G. rispe, see Weigand. 

Syne, sb, shore, S. — OF, rive; Lat. 

Bpyne, adj- abundant, G ; see Byfe. 
jRyuol, sb. a wrinkle, SD. 

Syneleu, v. to wrinkle, HD, PP ; xyne- 

\tAwi.,pt. pL, PP; riueld, //., S3.— Cp. 
AS. rifelede (Lat. rugostts), Eng. Studien, 
xi. 66 ; and Du. ruifelen. 

Syneling, sb. a wrinklings W ; xynel- 
jngeB,pl., wrinkles, W2. 

Syneu, v. to tear, rive, S2, C2^ C3; 
rif, S2 ; ryfe, H. — Icel. ri/a. 

Syner, sb. river, PP j xynere, Prompt., 
CM ; rinexe^ S. — AF. rivere ; Late Lat. 
riparia, seashore, bank, river. See ByiiA. 


Sa, so, as, S, S2 ; see Swa. 
Saaf, adj, healed, S2 ; see Sanf. 

Sabaty sb, sabbath, W ; sabot, W ; sa- 
bote, 82 ; sabotliis, //., S2. — Lat. sabbatum 
(Vulg.); Gr. ffd^j^arov ; Heb. shabb&th, 
rest, sabbath. 

Sabeliney sb. the sable, also the fur of 
the sable, S; sablyne, S. — OF. sabeline, 
from sable ; Russ. sobole ; cp. G. zobel. 

Sac, sb. crime, S2 ; see Sak. 

SaCCleSy adj. guiltless, S2 ; see SaUes. 

Sachely sb. wallet, satchel, W, H (p. 
144). — OF. sachel; Lat. saccellum (ace), 
dimin. oi saccus. See Sak. 

Sacrexiy v. to consecrate, hallow, S, 
Prompt. ; y-sacred, pp., S3. — OF. sacrer ; 
Lat. sacrare. 

Sacristaue, sb. sacristan, Cath. ; sec- 
rlstonn, Voc. ; serteyne, Prompt. ; sez- 
teyn, C2. — AF. secre stein, OF. sacristain, 
sexton (Cotg.) ; from Church Lat. sacrista 

Sad, adj. sated, over full, weary, satisfied, 
serious, firm, sober, discreet, grave, PP, S2, 
S3, C, C2, C3, W; sead, S ; sesd, S ; sadde, 
adv., S3 ; sadder, comp., more soundly (of 
sleep), PP. — AS. seed : OS. sad, sated ; cp. 
OHG. sat (Tatian) : Goth, saths ; cp. Lat. 
satis; see Brugmann, § 109. 

Sadel, sb. saddle, C3 ; sadyl. Prompt. 
Comb. : sadel-bowe, saddle-bow, S. — AS. 

Sadelieily v- to saddle ; sadelede, //. 
J., S; sadeled,//., G. — AS. sadelian. 

Sadly, adv. seriously, S3, C, C2, C3 ; 
sadller, camp., more heavily, PP; sad- 
loker, more soundly, S2, PP. 

SadneSy sb. stedfastness, soberness, dis- 
creetness, S3, WA ; sadnesse, C2, P, W, 


SSB, sb. sea, S ; see See. 
SaBCliaUy v. to sicken ; sesolede, pt. s,y 
S. See Sek. 
Sad, adj\ sated, S ; see Sad. 




8»ht, saohte; see Salit, Salite. 
SaBhtledeili pt. pL reconciled, S ; see 

SsBreSy pl. shears, S ; see Scliere. 
Snri, adj, sorry, S ; see Boxy. 
SsBtte, pt. s. set, S ; see Setten, 
SsBWy sd. juice, S ; see Sewe. 

Safferes, Safiris; see SapUr. 

Saffiroily V. to tinge with saffron, C3. 
Saffiroim, sd. saffron, C2 ; safnin, 
Prompt. ; safften, SkD ; Baffome, S3. — 

AF. saffran. 

Safte, sb. pL creatures, S ; see Scliaft. 

Sag, Sagh, saw ; see Seon. 

SaghOy sb. saw, saying, H ; see Sawe. 

Saghtel, I /. pr. pi. become reconciled, 
S2 ; see Salitlien. 

SisJity adj. at peace, reconciled; ssBlit, 
S ; sehte, S ; saut, HD; sahhte, //., S. — 
— AS. saM ; cp. Icel. sditr. 

SalltOy sb. peace, reconciliation, S; 
ssBlite, concord, S; sansrhte, HD. — Cp. 
Joel, sdtty concord. 

' Sallilion, v. to reconcile, to be recon- 
ciled, S, SkD (s.v. settle) ; sa^tlen, SkD ; 
■an^Uen, SkD ; sasfhtel, S2 ; seslitlleii, 
S ; sa^tlU, WA ; saghetyUe, HD.— AS. 

Sahtling, J^. reconciliation ; M^tlyncr, 
82 ; sanBtelsmsr) HD ; saughtelynge, 
HD. See above. 

Sahtnen, v. to reconcile, to be recon^ 
ciled, S ; sauhtne, PP ; san^tne, P. 

Salltuessey sb. peace, reconciliation) 
S; sehtuesse, S; selhtnesse, S. — AS. 

Sai^, saw.; see Seon. 

Saikf sb. sack, sackcloth, PP, W2 ; seic, 
S2 ; seek, S ; seckes, pl-)S; sakkes, PP. 
— AS. sacc ; Lat. saccus (Vulg.) ; Gr. a&KKos 
(LXX); Heb. saq^ probably of Egyptian 

Sak| sb. guilt, crime, cause, sake, Ss, B ; 
sake, S ; sao, S2 ; sakess,//., crimes, S2. 
— Icel. sok (stem saka-), a cause, charge, 
guilt, 'Crime : Goth, sakjo ( = Mx'7)» cp« 
AS. s{u:u,'OH.G. sak/ux, * causa* (Tatian). 

SakeSf pr. s. shakes, S ; see Seliaken. 

Sakled, adj. guiltless, S2 ; sakless, B ; 
sacoles, S2-; sacclesli, -adv., guiltlessly, 
S2. — AS. scLclias ; cp. Icel. saklauss. 

Sal, sb. salt. Comb. : sal-armoniak, 
sal ammoniac, C3; sal-peter, saltpetre, 
C3; saL-preparat, prepared salt, C3; 
sal^taxtre, salt of tartar, C3.— Lat. sal. 


Salad, sb. helmet, CM; saUet, ND, 

Sh.; salettes,//.,RD(p.i663).— OF. jfl/^if 
(Cotg.); cp. Low Lat. salada (Ducange), 
Sp. celada (Minsheu). 

Said, pt. s. sold, S2 ; see Sellen. 

Sale, sb. hall, WA, S, HD.— Icel. salr\ 
cp. AS. seel (gen. sales). 

Sale, sb. basket of willow-twigs for 
catching eels, etc., S3. See Salwe. 

Salewis, sb. pi, willows, W2; see 

Salm, sb. psalm, S2, W2 ; psalme, H ; 
psalmes, //., PP ; zalmes, S2. — Church 
Lat. psalmus (Vulg.) ; Gr. \j/aXfx6s (LXX), 

Salme, v. to sing psalms, S2. 

Salt, sb. salt, Voc, S; sealte, dot., S2. 
Comb. : salt-cote, a salt-pit, Salinas Voc. ; 
salte-cote, Cath., Voc— AS. sealt. 

Salt, culj. salted, salt, salsttSy SD ; sealte, 
S2; salte,//., C2. 

Salue, V. to salute, C2, C3. — OF. saluer ; 
Lat. salutare. 

Saluyug, sb. salutation, C. 

Salue, sb. salve, ointment, C2, PP ; 
sallfe, H (p. 184).— AS. sealf\ cp. G. 

Salwe, sb. a kind of willow, a sallow, 
SkD, Voc. ; salwhe. Prompt. ; sal^rliO) HD ; 
salewis, //., W2.— AS. sealh (Voc.): 
OHG. salahd't cp. Lat. salic-emy Ir. sail, 
Gr. iKiHii, W. helyg. 

Sam .... sam, conj. whether .... or. 

Same, adj. same, SkD ; samyn, S3, B ; 
sam]nyn,Va/., S2, R — Icel. samr. 

Same, sb. shame, S ; see Schame. 

Samed, adv. together, SD ; somed, S ; 
somet, S. — AS. sa?nod. 

Samen, adv. together, PP, S, S2, H ; 
samenn, S ; samyn, H« B ; sammyu, B. 
— Icel. saman ; cp. OHG. saman (Tatian). 

Samet, sb. a rich silk stuff, CM ; 
samyte, SkD ; samite,. ND. — OF. samit ; 
Late Lat. examitum\ Late Gr. \^a\ixTov\ 
cp. G. samt, velvet, It. sciamito (Florio). 

Samie, v. to be ashamed, S; see 

Samm-tale, adj. pi. in harmony, S. 

Samnien, v. to unite ; somnen, S ; 
sammnesst, 2 pr. s., S; i-somned, //., 
S ; samned, S2 ; samened, S2 ; samynd, 
H. — AS. samnian. 

Samon, sb. salmon, S2 ; see Sanmon. 
Sand, sb. sand, PP ; see Sond. 
Sand, sb. a gift, S2 ; see Sond. 



SanderbodeSy sb, //. messengers, S ; 
see Bonder. 
Sang, sb. song, S, S3 ; see Song«. 
Sang, sb, blood. Comb. : sank royaU, 

blood royal, S3 (14. 490). — OF. sancj 
sang; Lat. sanguinem. 

Sangwine, adj. blood-red, S3 ; sang- 
wln, C ; sangrnrane, blood colour (in he- 
raldry), S3. — AF. sanguine; Lat. sangui- 

Sans, prep, without, C3 ; sanz, S2, FP ; 
sann, HD. Comb. : sann fall, without 
fail, HD. — OF. sans^ senz ; Lat. sine^ see 
BH, § 50. 

Sant, adj. and sb. holy, saint, S2 ; sante, 
S ; sanct, B. — ^Lat. sanctus. Cf. Seint. 

Sanyt, //• s. crossed himself, S2 ; see 

Sape, sb. soap, S ; see Soope. 
Sapbir, sb. sapphire ; safirls, W (Apoc. 
21. 19) ; sapMres, //., C2, PP; safferes, 

P. — AF. safirj saphire ; Lat. sapphirum 
(ace.) ; Gr. <y6.7r<p€ipos ; Heb. sappir. 

Sapience, sb. Wisdom, i. e. the book so 
called, C2, P; wisdom, C3; sapiences, 

//., kinds of intelligence, C3. — OY. sapience; 
Lat. sapientia. 

Sar, Sare, Sair; see Sore. 

Sarce, sb. sieve, Cath., Palsg. ; searoe, 
Cotg. (s.v. tamis) ; sarse, Cath. in) ; sars, 
Cath. («). — OF. saSf a scarce (Cotg.), saasi 
Sp. ceddzo (Minsheu) ; Lat. setaceum, from 
setaj hair on an animal. See Say. 

Sarce, v. to sift, Palsg. ; searse, Cath. 
(«"). — OF. sasser. 

Saxi, adj. yytrf^ S ; see Sory. 

Sark, sb. shirt, S3 ; see Serk. 

Sarmonn, sb. sermon, P; see Sermonn. 

Satem, sb. Saturnus, SD. Comb. : 
Sateres-dal, Saturday, S; Saterdel, S; 
seterday, PP; ssstterdesl, S; saterday, 
PP ; setnrday, PP. 

Sattel, V. to subside, S2, S3 ; see Setlen. 

Sanf, adj. safe, healed, made whole, S2, 
C3, P ; saaff, S2 ; saf, S2 ; saaf, S2, W ; 
UAJiffprep.f save, except, C ; sane, C2, C3 ; 
sanlfe, S3 ; sanfllclie, adv.^ safely, S2 ; 
sanfly, C, C2, PP; sanely, H. Comb.: 
sanlfe-garde, safe-keeping, S3 ; salfsfard, 
S3. — AF. saufy OF. salf; Lat. saluum. 

Saugh, saw ; see Seen. 

Saughte, v, to be reconciled, G. See 

Saide, sb. soul, S ; sawl, S; sanll, S3 ; 
sanlen, //., S ; see Sonle. 



Saumon, sb, salmon, Voc. ; salmond, 
B ; samon, S2 ; samowne. Prompt. — OF. 
saumunj salmon ; Lat. salmonem. 

Sanmplarie, sb, example, instructor, 

Sanmple, sb. example, PP, W2, HD. 

Sanmpler, sb. exemplar, pattern, W. 

Saundyner, sb. the fatty substance- 
floating on glass when it is red-hot in the 
fiimace, S2 ; sawndevere, HD ; sandlver, 
Cotg. — OF. suin de verre, the sweating of 
glass (Cotg.) ; suin or suinty from suinter^ 
to sweat, as stones in moist weather ; na- 
salised from OTeut. base SWIT, whence G. 
schwitzen^ to sweat. 

Sausefleme, sb. the scab, salsumflegma^ 
C (p. I ^ o) . Der. : sanseflemed, adj. , having 
pimples on the face, HD ; sawceflem, pim- 
pled, C, CM. — Late Lat. salsumflegma. 

Sant I sb. assault, H, PP ; sante, H; 
sawt, B. — OF. saut^ a leap ; Lat. saltum. 

Saute, V. to leap, PP. — OF. sauter^ 
saulter ; Lat. saltare. 

Santer, sb. a musical instrument, psalter, 
psalms, S2 ; sawter, Voc. ; sawtre, Voc. ; 
santre, W2 ; psanter, PP ; psantere, H 
(p. 3). Comb. : sawtere-boke, Voc. — OF. 
sautier (Bartsch), psaultier; C..urch Lat. 
psalterium ; Gr. xpoKTfipiov, 

Sanvacionn, sb. salvation, S2, S3, C3, 

p. — AF. salvacioun ; Lat. salvationem, 

San^tne, v. become reconciled, P ; see 

Sane, prep, save, C2 ; see Sanf. 

Saneine, sb. savin, sabine, SkD ; sew- 
ane, S3. — AS. sajine ; Lat. sdbina ; cp. OF. 
sabine^ savinier^ the savine-tree (Cotg.). 

Sauet^, sb, safety, PP ; sanyte, S2 ; 
safte, P. — AF. sauvete ; Late Lat. salvita- 

Save, sb, the herb sage, C ; see Sawcre. 

Savonr, sb. savour, smell, pleasantness, 
pleasure, P, C2, C3, WW.— OF. saveur; 
Lat. saporem. 

Savonren, v. to have a pleasant taste, 
to give an appetite to, S2, P ; sanere ( = 
Lat. sapere)j to have a taste, perception, W; 
saner, S2, WW, CM. — AF, savourer, 

Sawe, sb. a saw, saying, S2, C, C3 ; 
sasrlie, H ; saghes, //., H ; safflis, S2 ; 
sawes, S2, P. — AS. sagu. 

Sawe, V. to sow, S ; see Sowen. 

Sawge, sb. the herb sage. Prompt. ; 
salsre, Cath.; save, C, HD. — OF. sauge; 
Lat. saluia ; dp. Low Lat. salgia (Cath.). 





Say, //. <r. saw ; see Seon. 

Say, sb. silk, WA. — OF. seie \ Sp. seda ; 
Lat. seta^ bristle. Cf. Saxce. 

Sayuey sb. a net, WA. — OF. seine \ 
Lat. sagena ; Gr. <sarfi]vy\ ; cp. Olr. sin. 

Sayutuaryes, sb. //. relics, S3 ; see 

Sa^y pt. s. saw ; see Seon. 

Sa^tled, //. s. settled, S2 ; see Setlen. 

Sa^tlyng, sb. reconciliation, S2 ; see 

Sc-. For many words banning with jf-, 
see Sch-. 

SC8By she, S ; see Slieo. 
Sc8Brp, adj. sharp, S ; see Scliarp. 

ScandliCi ad/, disgraceful, S. See 

Scaplorye, sb. a kind of scarf, Prompt. ; 
scaplory, scapelory, Cath., S ; scaplorey, 
Voc. ; Boapelary, Prompt. ; chapoloxy, 
S3 ; scaplexy, Cath. (n) ; scapularye, 
Cath. («); scopelarie, Cath. («). — Church 
Lat. scapulare, from scapula^ shoulder 

Scarl, sb. scare-crow, bugbear, HD ; 
scarle, Cath. 
"-^carren, v. to scare, SD ; see Skerren. 

OCarSy adj. scarce, SD ; scarce. Prompt.; 
scaiuiliclie, adv.^ scarcely, SD; scarslych, 
sparingly, S2 ; scarsly, parsimoniously, 
C, Prompt. ; scaxseli, W. — AF. escars \ 
Late Lat. excarpsum, 

Scarset^p sb. scarcity, C3 ; scarste, S2. 
— OF. scharseU (Ducange). 

Scarsnesse, sb. scarceness. Prompt. 

Scarth, sb. sherd, H ; skartli, JD. — 
Icel. skard. Cf. Scherde. 

Scat, sb. treasure, S. — AS. sceati OS. 
skat ; cp. OHG. scaz (Tatian). 

ScaSe, sb. harm, S, C2 ; scliatlie, S2 ; 
Bkaith, S3 ; skathe, C, G ; scath. WA ; 
skath, H. — Icel. skaSi; cp. OHG. scado 

Scean, pt. s. shone, S ; see Schynen. 
Sceappend, sb. creator, S ; see Schep- 

Seel, shall, S ; see Schal. 
Sceolde, should, S ; see Scliolde. 
Scewie, imp. pi. let us see, S; see 

Schade, J^. shade, shadow, WA ; sohad- 
owe. Prompt. ; schadewe, S ; sliadwe, 
C2, C3. Phr. : in ssede, darkly, S2. — 
AS. sceadu (stem sceadwd) : OS. skado ; cp. 
OHG. scato (Tatian). 


Schaft, sb. shape, make, form, creature, 
S, S2 ; sohafte, PP ; shafte, PP ; soeppe, 
S2 ; Bohafte, pi., S ; saffee, S ; Bseppes, 
S2. — AS. {ge)sceaft. 

Schakaris, drops of dew hanging 
down, S3. 

Schaken, v. to shake. Prompt. ; ssake, 
S2 ; tULktXfpr. s., S; aoliok, pt. s., S, S2 
sohake, //., C. — AS. sceacan^ pt. scSc, pp 

Schal, I) ZP^'P^' s- shall, S ; sceal, S 
seal, S ; sceol, S ; seel, S ; sohel, S2 
ssel, S2 ; shal, S, S2, C2, C3 ; sal, S, S2 
■all, H ; sale, S2 ; salt, 2 pr. s., S2 
SBalt, S2 ; sohnlen, pi., S; schnllen, S 
S2 ; Mlinlle, S ; schnllep, S ; schnle, S 
sonlen, S ; sohnln, C ; scnllen, S ; scale 
S; slinlen, S; shnllen, C3; shnlle, S 
shnl, S2, C3 ; shnle, S2 ; snlen, S ; siQe 
S; snllen, S; snlle, S; scholle, S2 
sholen, S ; shole, S ; ssolle, S2 ; solle, 
S ; salle, S2 ; sclialtow, salton, shalt 
thou, S2. Cf. Scliolde. 

Schalk, sb. servant, man, W^A ; schalke, 
S2. — AS. scealc (Grein) : Goth, skalks; cp. 
OHG. scale (Tatian). 

Schame, sb. shame, S, PP ; sohome, S ; 
shome, S2 ; scheome, S ; scome, S ; 
ssame, S2 ; same, S. — AS. sceamu. 

Schamefast, adj. modest, C. 

Schamefastnesse, sb. modesty, C, W. 

Schamelich., adj. shameful ; sdiome- 
Uch, S, S2 ; sliameliclie, adv., S ; sham- 
lie, S2. 

Schamien, v. to shame, to be ashamed, 
S, W ; shame, S2 ; ssame, S2 ; sarnie, S. 

Schamylle, sb. stool, Cath. ; shamel 
( = Lat. scabellum), H ; sohamel, Cath. {n) ; 
sohambylle, macellum, Cath. ; shambles, 

pL, Sh. — AS. scamel (Mt. 5. 35), scamoiy 
sceamul (Voc.) ; Lat. scamellum ; cp. OF. 
scamel (Ps. 109. i), also Lat. scabellum, 
from stem scam- in scamnum. See NQ (5. 
5. 261). 

Schap, sb. shape, PP, C, W2 ; shap, S, 
C2 ; schapp, S2 ; sohappe, PP; scheape, 
S ; shappe, PP. — AS. {ge)sceap. 

Schapeu, v. to form, create, ordain, 
refl. to dispose oneself, endeavour, S, C, 
PP, S3 ; shape, PP ; schop, pt. s., S, S2 ; 
shop, S ; shoop, C2 ; scop, S ; sop, S ; 
schope, S2 ; shops, S2, H ; sohapen, pp.^ 
C ; shapen, S, S2, C2 ; shape, C2 ; y- 
schape, S2 ; yshapen, C2 ; yshape, C3. 
— AS. sceapan, pt. scSp {sciop), pp. sceapen. 

Schapien, v. to create, form ; schepien, 


S ; soliaplde, pt, s., W ; shaped, //., S. 
Cf. Solieppen. 

Schaply, adj. fit, C. 
Schaplynesse, sd. beauty, Wa. 

Scharpi aci/\ sharp ; soharpe, S ; 
Bcliexpe, S ; soanrp, S ; soharpe, adv., S ; 
sharpe, C2. — AS. scearp. 

Scharpin, v, to make sharp ; scherplt, 
pt. s., S3. 

Schaveily v. to shave, scrape, PF ; 
schanyde, //. s., W2 ; shauen, pp., S ; 
Bohave, C ; y-schaue, S2 ; y-shane, C2 ; 
isohaven, S. Z>£r, : shanlng', a thin 
slice, C3. — AS. scea/an, pt. sc^/, pp. scafen. 

Schawe, sb. a shaw, wood, grove, S2, 
G, S3, HD, Cath.; sohaw, WA, B; 
schowe, HD; shawes, //., PP. — AS. 
scaga ; cp. Icel. skdgr. 

Schaweili v. to shew, S, S2, S3; see 

Scltawere, sb. a veil, S; soawere, 
mirror, S ; sseawere, S2 ; sohewere, WA. 

SchawlOSy sb. scare-crow, an appear- 
ance, S; schewelles, ND; sewell, HD. 
— From the same root as G. scheucke. See 

Sche, she, C ; see Sheo. 

Scheawen, v. to appear, S2; see 

Schedey sb. the parting of a man's hair, 
Cath. ; see Sohode. 

SchedeHy v. to separate, to part the 
hair, to shed, poor, S, PP, W2 ; shsBdenn, 
S; sheden, PP; shode, HD; sohedde, 
pt. s., PP; shedde, C2; shadde, C2 ; 
ssedde, S2 ; l^sched, pp., S ; shad, S. — 
AS. sciadan, pt. sciod, pp. sciaden; cp. 
OHG. skeidan (Tatian), G. scheiten. 

Scheefy sb. sheaf. Prompt.; shef, C; 
sohof, Prompt. ; scheffe, Prompt. ; shsaf- 
ess, //., S. — AS. sctaf. 

Scheepy sb. sheep. Prompt.; shep, S; 
schepe, Cath. ; pi., S2 ; shep, S ; sep, S. 

— AS. sciap. 

Scheepy sb. shepherd, S2, PP; shepe, 
P ; shep, PP ; chep, PP, Notes (p. 458.)— 
AS. *sciapa {scipa). 

Scheld, sb. shield, S, C, W2 ; sheld,S; 
sseld, S2 ; soheeld, C ; shel, S ; scheelde. 
Prompt. — AS. scUld, scyld. 

ScheldeUy v. to shield, PP ; sohilden, 
S, G ; shllden, C2 ; sUden, S. 

Schelder, sb. shielder, S2. 

Scheltroniiy sb. shelter, defence, a 



strong shield, also a body of troops, bat- 
talion, PP ; soheltron. Prompt. ; sohel^ 
trone, acies, Voc. ; soheltrom, PP, S2 ; 
soheltmn, W2 ; shnltrom, PP ; schil- 
tnim, B ; childrome, B ; Jeltron, shield, 
shelter, SkD (s.v. shelter). — AS. scild- 
truma, a shield-troop (Leo) ; cp. AF. chil- 

Schench, sb. draught of beer or wine, 
SD ; senohe, S ; sohenche, dat., S. — Icel. 
skenkr, the serving of drink. 

Schencheu, v. to pour out beer or 
wine, to offer a good thing, S, CM ; shen- 
cheu, S2 ; schenkyn. Prompt. — AS. 
scencan, to pour out drink (Grein); cp. 
OHG. scenken (Otfrid), Icel. skenkja ; 
from AS. sceanc, shank, a hollow bone used 
for drawing off liquor. See SkD (s.v. 

Scheudeu, v. to harm, ruin, disgrace, 
PP, S, S2, W2, S3 ; shenden, PP, C2, H ; 
scenden, S ; ssende, S2 ; sende, S ; 
shende, pt. s., S ; schente, S ; schent, 
//., S, S2, C, W2, G; shent, PP, C2.— 
AS. scendan. See Schonde. 

Scheudful, adj. disgraceful, SD; 
sohendfttUlche, adv., PP ; shendfalllche, 

Scheudlac, sb. disgrace, S. 

ScheudscMp, sb. disgrace, hurt, ruin ; 
schensohip, W , W2 ; sohenship, H ; 
schexLshepe, PP. 

Schene, adj. bright, S, S2, S3, C; 
scene, S2 ; scheyn, S3 ; shene, C2, S3 ; 
sheene, S2, S3, C3 ; schenre, comp., S. — 
AS. seine \ OS. sk6ni\ cp. OHG. scSni 

Scheomey sb. shame, S ; see Schame. 

Scheot, pr. s. shoots, S ; see Scheten. 

SchepieSf imp. pi. shape, S; see 

Schepney sb. shed, stall, stable, C; 
schepyn, bostar, Voc. ; shippen, HD ; 
schyppnne, Voc. ; shepnes, pL, CM. — 

AS. scypen^ * bovile * (Voc). Cf. Schoppe. 

Scheppeu, v. to create, form, SD; 
schupte,//. s., S. — AS. sceppan, scyppan, 

Scheppeudey sb. creator; sceppende, 
S ; soeppend, S ; sceappend, S ; shep- 
pendes,//., S. 

Scheppere, sb. creator; sohuppere, 
S; shepper, PP. — Cp. OHG. sceppheri 
(Otfrid), G. schopfer, 

Scheraldy adj. cut by the plough-share, 






Scherde, sb, sherd, Prompt. 
Schere, sb. shears, C ; shexe, C2, PP ; 

Schere, v. to shear, S3, S2 ; twliSBr*]!, 
S ; sheren, to reap, cut, S, Ca ; scorn, 
pp,, S2 ; Boren, S; y-schore, S2. — AS. 
sceran {scieran), pt. scear (pi. sciaron), pp. 

cor en. 

SclLerOy adj. pure, bright, clear, SD ; 
Bkere, adv.y SD; sker, clean, entirely, S. 
Comb.: Shere Jnmdal, the Thursday in 
Holy Week, S. — Icel. skarr; cp. skirt' 
pSrsdagr^ skir-dagr^ names for Maundy 
Thursday. See Scliyre. 

Scherpit, //. s. sharpened, S3; see 

Scherreney sb. sheriflf, G; see under 

Scherte, sb. shirt, C, C2, PP, Voc. ; 
■herte, PP ; shurte, SkD ; sohyrt, Voc. ; 
shlrte, SkD. — Icel. skyrta. 

Schete, sb. sheet, Prompt., P; shete, 
C3. — AS. scite, for scytCy see SkD. 

Scheten, v. to shoot, rush, S, W2, 
Prompt. ; aolieete, G ; ssete, S2 ; solmt, 
S2 ; schnte, B ; scheot, pr. j., S ; soliot, 
pt. s., S2, B; sscet, S2 ; shote, //., S2 ; 
ishote, S; iscote, S; Issote, S2. — AS. 
sciotan^ pt. sciat (pi. scuton), pp. scoten, 

Schetery sb. shooter, SD; schetare, 
Prompt. ; ssetar, S2. 

Schethe, sb. sheath, W (Jo. 15. 11), 
Cath. ; shetlie, C2. — A,^.sc^aS\ cp. OHG. 
skeidd (Tatian). 

Schetteu, v. to shut, C3, Prompt.; 
sohltte, G, W2; schitte, //. j., W; 
sliette, G, P ; //., C2, C3 ; scliet, //., C, 
W; sliet, C3; Bchlt, W; Isohet, G; 
y-schette, S2, C3.— AS. scyttan. 

Schewen, v. to show, appear, S, PP, 
S3 ; sclieawen, S2 ; scheanwen, S ; 
schewl, S, S2 ; sohaw, S2, S3, S ; scea- 
wen, S ; seen, S2 ; soawen, S ; sliewe, 
PP ; shsBwenn, S ; sseawy, S2 ; seawen, 
S. — AS. sciawian^ to see, also to make to 
see, shew : OS. skdwon, to look, see. 

Schey, adj. timid, shy. Prompt.; soeonh, 
SkD. — AS.scM. Cf.Bscliewen, Bohawles. 

Schide, sb. a splinter, WA. — AS. sdde ; 
cp. G. scheit, see Kluge. 

Scllifty sb. shift, change; shift, Sh. 
Phr. : at a scliift, on a sudden, in a 
moment, S2. 

Schifben, v. to change, shift, to part 
asunder, to divide, to discern, SkD ; sohyf- 


tyn. Prompt. ; slilfte, C3 ; soyft, pr. s., 
S ; shifte him,//, s., removed himself, PP. 
— AS. sciftan {scyfian\ to divide. 

Schildeny v. to shield, S ; see Bchel- 

Scbipi sb. ship, S ; sohup, S ; sdpen, 
dat.y S; schupe, S; slpe, S; schnpes, 
gen.f S; schipes, //., S; sohippes, S; 
scipen, S ; slpes, S ; sslpes, S2. Comb. : 
sohlp-bord ; phr. : on schipbord, on 
board a ship, S2 ; ship-breohe, shipwreck, 
W ; schip-man, shipman, C ; shipman, 
C2; soipennionnen, //. ^o/., S ; sslp-uol, 
shipful, S2; schnpeward, shipward, S; 
ship-wxacke, shipwreck, S3. — AS. scip. 

Schirchen, v. to shriek, S ; see Schzy- 

Schirmen, v. to skirmish, fence, S; 
■kirmen, S ; skyrmes, pr. s., glides 
swiftly on flapping wings, S2. — Cp. Du. 
schermefiy to fence, from scherm, screen, 
protection, OHG. scirm, protection (Otfrid;. 

Schittey V. to shut, G ; see Schetten. 

Scho, sb. shoe, W2 ; sohoo, C, Prompt. ; 
BOhon, //., S2, S3 ; schone, S, W; sohoon, 
S2, W, G ; shoon, C2, W ; shon, PP.— 
AS. scSohf pi. scJoSy gen. pi. sciona. 

Scho, she, S3 ; see Sheo. 

Schody //. shod, W, Prompt. ; shodde, 

Schode, sb. the parting of a man's hair, 
the temple or top of the head, C ; schood, 
CM. — AS. scdde^ ' vertex capilli ' (Grein) ; 
cp. G. scheitel. ^ee Scheden. 

Schoggyn, v. to shake, toss. Prompt. ; 
Bchosrs, pr. s.y WA ; schosrerid, pp., w. 

Scholde, pt. s. should, S, S2 ; scolde, 
S ; Bceolde, S ; sholde, S, C2, C3 ; scnlde, 
S ; sohnlde, S ; shnlde, S, C2, C3 ; STQde, 
S ; snld, S2 ; shnld, S2 ; solde, S ; scholte, 
S; soul, H ; sonle, H ; scholden,//., S; 
scolden, S ; ssolde, S2 ; STdd, S2. — AS. 
scplde. See Schal. 

SchoUe, shall, S2 ; see Schal. 

Schoiuef sb. shame, S ; see 8chani«. 

Schomelicll, adj. shameful, S; see 

Schou, pi. of Soho, q.v. 

Schon, pt. s. shone, C, G ; see Sohynen. 

Schondey sb. disgrace, S ; shonde, C2. 
— AS. scand {sceand), scond (OET). 

Sdionyey v. shun, P ; see Sohnnien. 

Schopy //. s. created, S ; see Schapen. 

Schoppe, sb. shop, S2, Prompt, SkD. 
Cf. Schepne. 


Schore, sb, a notch or line cut, a num- 
ber, score, twenty, S2, PP; score, G, 
Prompt., PP. — AS. scar ; cp. Icel. skor, an 
incision. See Schexexi. 

Scliort, adj. short, Prompt.; sohorte, 
S2 ; scort, S, S2.-— AS. sceart ; cp. OHG. 


Schorteliche, adv, briefly, C. 
Schorten, v, to make short, C, Prompt. 
Schot, //. s. rushed, S2 ; see Sclietaii. 
Schouel, sb. shovel. Prompt. ; showell, 
S3.— AS. scofl (Voc). 

SdlOWpe^ sb. a hip, cornum, Cath. 
Comb. : sohowpe-tre^ the briar, Cath. ; 
■cope-tre, Cath. («). 

Scliowre, sb^ ^ower, Prompt. ; sclmr, 
SD ; shonres, //., PP, C2 ; sores, S. — 

AS. sciir : Goth, skura. 

Schowwyny v. to shove, Prompt; 
schowned,//., S2. — AS. scofian, 

Schowyngei sb. pushing. Prompt. ; 
shownlusr, C3. 

Scliraf,//. s. shrove, S3 ; see Schxiuen. 

Sclirapeu, v. to scrape, PP. — Icel. 

Schreden, z». to clothe, S ; see Schzon- 

ScliredenyZ^. to cut. Prompt.; sliredde, 
//. J., C2. — AS. scriadian. 

Sdiredyuge, sb. a cutting of herbs, 
Prompt. ; sduridynsr, W2. 

SclirenclLeu, v. to make to fall, to 
deceive, S ; sorenche, S ; scrennkenn, S. 
— AS. {ge)5crencan^ * supplantare,' Ps. 17. 
40 (VP) ; cp. OHG. screnken (Otfrid). 

Sclirowey adj. and sb. wicked, bad, a 
wicked one, sinner, peevish woman, the 
devil, G, W2, S2, P, S, CM ; slirewe, C2, 
P ; shrew, S3, H, S2, C3 ; sorewe, PP. 
Cp. AS. scriawa^ a shrew-mouse (Voc). 

Sclireweu, v. to curse, CM, C. 

Sclirewid, adj. cursed, bad, W, W2. 

Sclirewidnesse, sb. wickedness, Wa ; 
slireweduesse, P. 

Sclirifb, sb. shrift, confession, S2 ; 
scrlft, S ; sclirlfte, dat.y S2 ; shrlfte, S. — 
AS. scrift. 

SchriftOt sb. confessor, S ; slirifte, S ; 
scrifte, S. 

Sdirippe, sb. scrip, bag, S2, PP; 
8lirippe,rP; scrippe, S,S2,W; scrsrppe, 


Schriuen, v. to prescribe penance, to 
confess, S ; scliryae, S2 ; shrine, S ; 
shzife, 82 ; schraf, //. x., S2 ; sohrof, 



PP; ssrine, //., S2; shrinen, //., S; 
shryoen, P ; scrinen, S2 ; y-shryiie, PP. 
— AS. scfifan, to prescribe penance, to 
receive confessions ; Lat. scribere. 
Schroud, sb. dress, garment, PP; somd, 
S ; shrud, S ; smd, S ; schronde, WA, 
S2 ; shrondes,//., rough outer clothes^ P. 
— AS. scrtid (Voc). 

Schroudeu, v. to clothe ; scmden, S ; 
schraden, S ; schreden, S ; shmt, pr, s., 
S; sored, SL; schrowdis, S3; schredde, 
//. J^ S, CM ; srid, S ; schred, 2 pt. s., 
S2 ; schrudde,//., S ; y-schrowdyt, //., 
S3 ; Ischmd, S ; iscmd, S. — AS. scrydattf 
also scredan. 

ScliryclLC(Xl« V* to shiiiek, soreecb, 
Prompt; schriken, SkD ; scriken, SkD; 
shrikeu, SkD ; schlrchen, $ ; shrysrhte, 
//, s., C2; sohricfhte, C; shryght,, $3.; 
shryched, //., S3 ; schrykede, C. — Cp. 
Swed. skrika. 

Schuldei should ; see Scholde. 

Schnldere, sb. shoulder, Voc, W„ S, 
C ; shnlder, Voc. ; ssoldren, //., S2. — 
AS. sculdor, 

Schnleii, shall ; see SchaL 
Sclmleu, V. to squint, S ; skonl, SkD 

(s.v. scowl). — Cp. Dan. shile^ to scowl. 

Schnlle. adv^. shrilly, S ; see Sohylle. 

Scllimcheily v. to cause to shun, to 
frighten, S. 

Schimien, v. to shun, S ; schonye, S; 
shonye, P ; snnen, S. — AS. sciinian. 
Schup, sb. ship, S ; see Schlp. 

SchupperOi sb. creator, S ; see Sohep- 

Schupte,/^. s> created^ S ; see Scheppen. 

Sclllir, sb. shower ; see Schowre. 

Schlirgey sb. scourge, S ; see Scorsre. 

ScliartQU, V. reflex^ to amuse (one* 
self), S. 

Scliat, v. to shoot, S2 ; see Scheten. 

Sdiylle, adj. sonorous, shrill, Prompt, 
Cath. ; schlUe, S, S2 ; schiU, S3 ; sohille, 
adv., S, S2 ; schnlle, S ; shnlle, PP. 

Scliylly, adv. sharply, Prompt. 

Schyllynffe, sb. shilling. Prompt; 
schlllincr, pl.y S2 ; solidusj Cath. — AS. 

SchynOy sb. shin, C ; schynne, Prompt. 
Comb. ; schyn-bone, Voc. — AS. scina 

Scliyxien, v. to shine. Prompt. ; slnen, 
S ; schinen, S ; ssynen, S2 ; scean, pt. s., 
S ; sohon, C, G ; shoon, C2 schane, p/., 



S3, H; Binen, //., S. — AS. scinan, pt. 
scdn (pi. scinon)t pp. scinen. 

Schyuyug, sb. lightning, W2. 

Schyuyugli, adv. splendidly, W. 

Schyre, sb. a shire, PP ; sslre, S2. 
Comb. : schir-reiie, shire-reeve, sheriff, S, 
C ; Bolierreiie, G ; sohyreue, P ; syrrene, 
S ; scUrreues, //., S2, PP ; 811x11168, S3 ; 
slilreiies, P. — AS. sdr. 

Schyre, adj. bright, clear, Prompt. ; 
sohlre, S2 ; sliire, H ; shir, S ; shyrest) 
superl.^ H. Der. : ■hymes^ clearness, 
purity, H. — AS. sdr ; cp. Goth, skeirs. Cf. 

Scliytely sb. shuttle) used for shooting 
the thread of the woof between the threads 
of the warp, SkD ; sclintylle, Cath. ; 
sclietyl, Prompt, (p. 470). Comb, : sliytteU 
oooke, shuttle-cock, S3. See Scheten. 

Schyne, sb. a slice, small piece. Prompt. ; 
sMve, Sh., ND ; slieeve, ND, JD ; scliyfes, 
bits of tow, CatJi. — Cp. Icel. sklfa. 

Schynere, sb. a shiver, piece of wood, 
slice. Prompt. ; shiner, SkD ; scifiren, 
//., SkD ; soinren, SkD. See above. 

SchynereUi v, to break into shivers, 
splinters, C. 

Scipeilv pi' ships, S ; see Schip. 

ScitOf sb. city, S ; see Citee. 

Sclate, sb. slate, Prompt; sklat. Prompt.; 
■clattis, //., tegulae, W. — OF. €sdat^ a 
shiver, splinter, something broken off with 
violence (Cotg.), F. klat. 

Sclaimdre, sb. scandal, slander, C2) 
PP ; solannder, Prompt. ; sklanndre, 
PP ; slannder. Prompt. — AF. esdaundre, 
OF. escandle ; Lat. scandalum (Vulg.) ; 
Gr. (TKavhaXov, 

Sclanndre, v. to scandalize, to slander^ 
W, C3 ; slannderyd,//.. Prompt. 

Sclanyne, sb. pilgrim's cloak, S, Cath. 
(«) ; slaveyne, a garment, Prompt, HD ; 
■lavyn, Cath. ; sklavyn, HD ; sdanayn, 
Voc. ; sclavene, Voc. ; slanesrn, PP. — 
Low Lat. sdamna, a long garment like that 
worn in Slavonic coimtries (Ducange) ; cp. 
AF. esdavine; from the people called 
Slav, a name said to be connected with 
Russ. slovo, a word, and to mean * the speak- 
ing, the intelligible.' See SkD (p. 828). 

Sclender, adj. slender, C, SkD ; sklen- 
dre, C, C2 ; sleudyr. Prompt. — OF. es- 
dendre (Palsg.) ; of Teutonic origin ; cp. 
ODu. sUnder; see BH, § 50. 

Sdeyre, sb. veil, PP; see Sklayra. 


Sco, she, S ; see Sheo. 
Scolden, should ; see Bcholde. 

Scolo, sb. the bowl of a balance, a bowl. 
Prompt. ; scoale, S ; scale, Cath. — Icel. 
skdly a bowl. 

Scole* sb. school, S, C, C2, Prompt. 
Comb. : scol-meistre, schoolmistress, S 
{meistre; OF. mdstre\ Lat. magistra^ see 
BH). — Lat. schola ; Gr. cxoAiJ, leisure. 

ScoleTi sb. scholar, C. 

Scoleye, v. to attend school, to study, C. 

Scop, pt. s. made, S ; see Schapen. 

Scorcleily v. to scorch, SkD (p. 826) ; 
soorkelyn. Prompt. ; scorklyd, pp.. 

Scorcuen, v. to scorch, S. 

Scorge, sb. scourge, Prompt. ; sconrg'e, 
W (Jo. 2. 15); schnrsre, S. — AF. escorge, 
OF. escurge ; cp. It. scoreggia (Florio) ; Lat. 
ex + corrigia, a thong, rein, girdle (Ducange), 
see Diez, p. 109. Derived from this Lat. 
corrigia is AF. escurgie^ OF. escourgee 
(Cotg.) : It. scoreggidta (Florio) ; Late Lat. 
excorrigiata, see Diez, p. 289, and Brachet 

Scorn, //. shorn, S2 ; see Schere. 

Scoute, sb. scout, spy, SkD. — OF. 
escoutt (Cotg.). 

Scouten, v. to scout, pry; skowtes, 
pr. s., S2. — AF. escouter, to listen; OF. 
ascouter, escolter ; Lat. auscultare. 

Scowkyngfy sb. sculking, ambush, S2, 
B. — Cp. Dan. skulke, to slink. 

Scredy/^. s. clothes, S ; see Schronden. 

Scrippe, sb. scrip, bag, S, S2, W; see 

Scriptour, sb. pencase, S3. — OF. es- 
criptoirCy a penner (Cotg.); Late Lat. 
scriptorium, pencase (Ducange). 

Scrit, sb. writing, document, S2 ; scrip, 
Sh. ; script, SkD. — OF. escrit^ escript ; 
Lat. scriptum. 

Scmdy sb. dress, S ; see Schroud. 

ScmdeUyZ' to clothe, S; see Schronden. 

Sculde, should ; see Scholde. 

ScnlptiliSy sb. pi. idols, W2. — Lat. 
sculptile, a carved image (Vulg.). 

Se, pron. dem. m. and def. art. m, that, 
the, S. Comb. : se pe, that man that, he 
who, S ; se pet, he that, S. — AS. se. Cf. 

SOy SO, as, S ; see Swa. 

Se, sb. sea ; see See. 

Se, sb. see ; see See. 

Sead, adj. satiated, S ; see Sad. 



Sealte, sd, dat, salt, S2 ; see Salt. 
Sealte, adj. salt, S2 ; see Salt. 
Searce, Seairse ; see Saxce, sb. and V, 
Seare, (^dj. sere, S3 ; see Seere. 
Seawede,/A s, showed, S ; see Sdiewen. 

Secheu, v. to seek, S, S2, C, PP; 
■ekyn, Prompt.; seke, PP, S, S2 ; soheclieu, 
S ; sohte,//. J*., S, S2 j so^te, S ; so^t, S2 ; 
soght,//., S2 ; socht, S3 ; y-soht,//., S2. 
Phr. : to seke, at a loss, S3. — AS. sican 
(pt. s6hte^ pp. gesSht) : OS. sdkian^ 

Seek, s. sack, S ; see Sale. 

Secre, adj. secret, S2, C, C3 ; secree, 
C2. Comb. : Secre of Secrees, Secreta 
Secretorum (name of a book), C3. — OF. 
secre ; Lat. secretum. 

Secrely, adv. secretly, C2. 

Secrenesse, sb. secrecy, C3. 

Sdcte, sb. a suite, following, sect, religion, 
suit, apparel, PP, C2.— OF. secie (Cotg.) ; 
Late Lat. secta, a set of people, a following, 
a suit of clothes, a suit in law ; Lat. secta, 
a faction, from sec- base of sequi, to follow. 

Sectour, sb, executor of a will, PP, S3, 
Cath. ; secatour, HD; sectiire, HD ; 
seketowre, Prompt. ; secntour, PP. — AF. 
exectitcur ; Lat. executore?n, executor of a 

Sed, sb. seed, PP, S, S2 ; seed, PP ; 
seed, PP ; sdS, S. Comb. : seed-leep, seed- 
basket, PP. — AS. S(kd: Goth. se/>s; cp. 
OHG. sdt (Tatian) ; see Brugmann, § 75. 

Sede, pt. s. said ; see Secrsren. 

See, sb. see, seat, S3, C2, PP ; se, S3, PP. 
— OF. se, sed ; Lat. sedem. 

See, sb. sea. Prompt., S, C2 ; se, S, S2 ; 
B«7) S3 ; S8B, S ; sa, S ; sees, //., S2. 
Cofjib. : se-bare, sea-wave, surge, S2 ; se- 
calnes, sea-calves, seals, S2 ; se-halues, 
sea-coasts, S2. — AS. j<c : Goth, saiws. 

Seek, adj. sick, C ; see Sek. 

Seel, sb. seal, C3, P, Prompt. ; seliel, 
PP. — OY.seel\ sigillum. 

Seeled, //. cieled, WW (s.v. cieUd)\ 
see Ceelen. 

Seelen, v'.\q seal, PP ; selen, P ; seled, 
//., C3. 
Seeling, sb. a sealing, W2. 

Seere, adj. sere, dry, withered, SkD, 
Prompt. ; seare, S3. — AS. *siar\ cp. Low 
G. soor^ dry. 

Seersrn, v. to become dry, Prompt. — 
AS. siarian. Cf. Soyr. 
Seet, pt. s. sat, C, G ; see Sltten. 
Seet, sb. seat, G ; see Sete. 



Seeth,//. s. boiled, C2 ; see Setben. 

Seg, sb. a man, lad, nuncius, vir^ S2, 
PP ; sesrsre, P, WA, HD ; seffe, HD.— 
AS.secgi OTeut. *sagjoz,see Sievers, 130. 

Sege, sb. seat, siege, S3, W, C, C2, 
Prompt.; segfys, //., H. — AF. sege; Late 
Lat. *sedicum, from Lat. sedes; see BH, 
§ 133* See See. 

Segeu on, v. to make to sink, to cast 
down, S. — AS. on-s<Bgan, *■ prostemere ' 

Segge^ sb. sedge, S, Prompt., Voc. — AS. 
secg, sedge, also sword, see Sievers, 258. 

Seggen, v. to say, S, S2, S3, P; seflren, 
S ; ssBsreu, S ; seig'en, S ; sig'geu, S, S2 ; 
sysrffe, S2, S3 ; sayn, S2, C ; zifffire> S2 ; 
seieu, S ; seie, S3, C ; sei, P ; sssin, S ; 
seyeu, S ; seyn, S2, C2 ; seBen, S ; sei^, 
S2 ; say, S2 ; seliS, pr. s., S ; seip, S2 ; 
seyp, S2 ; sayp, S2 ; seistow, sayest thou, 
C3 ; selen, pr. pi., S2 ; ssBde, //. s.; S ; 
sade, S ; sede, S, S2 ; ssBlde, S ; sayde, 
C2 ; seyde, C2 ; selde, S2, C ; seidestow, 
saidst thou, S2 ; snsrsre, 2 pr. s. subj., S ; 
^e-sed,//., S; i-said, S ; l-secrd, S; i-seid, 
S ; ised, S, S2 ; seyd, C2 ; ysed, S2 ; iset, 
S ; iseit, S (3 b. 14) ; seyne, gerund., 
C2. — AS. secgan, pt. side^ pp. gesid. 

Sehte, adj. reconciled, S ; see Salit. 

Selltnessei s. peace, reconciliation, S ; 
see Salitnesse. 

Sei, Seill, saw ; see Seen. 
Seily, adj. simple, humble, S3; see 

Seiu, pp. seen ; see Seen. 

Seint, adj. and sb. holy, saint, S, S2, 
C2 ; seyut, PP; sein, S, S2; seintes,//., 
C2 ; seyntis, W2. — OF. seint, saint ; Lat. 
sanctum. Cf. Sant. 

Seintuarie, sb. sanctuary, SD ; seynte- 
warie, PP ; sayntnaryes, //., holy things, 
relics of saints, S3. — AF. saintuarie, also 
seintuarye, holy relics ; Lat. sanctuarium. 

Seir, adj. separate, S3 ; see Ser. 

Seirse, "v. to search ; selrsand, pr. p., 
S3. See Cerchen. 

Seise, v. to seize, possess, SkD ; sese, 
PP, B ; seised, pp., possessed of, S2. — 
OF. seisir, sesir, sazir, to put in possession ; 
Low Lat. scLcire (Ducange) ; OHG. sazjan,, 
to set, sezzan (Tatian); see Brachet (s. v. 

Seisine, sb. possession, S2 ; seysyne, 
SkD. — AF. seisine. 

, s. sack, S2 ; see Sak. 



8ek, adj. sick, S, S2 ; seek, PF, C ; sik, 
S, G ; syk, G; sic, S ; seke, S ; sike, S, 
C ; S7ke, S2 ; sijke, W ; sildy, .adv.y with 
ill-will, C2. — AS. she : Goth, sinks, 

Seke* V, to seek, S, S2 ; see Sechen. 

Seldr, adj. sure, WA. ; see Biker. 

Seknesse, sb. sickness, S2, C; seo- 
nesse, S ; slknesse, C2 ; sykeneiMe, P ; 
sekenesse, S2. — AS. siocnes. 

Sel, sb. happiness, occasion, time, S ; 
■eel, Prompt. ; sele, S2. — AS. s&l. 

Self adj. timely, good, S. — AS. sil 
(Grein) : Goth. sets. 

SeldOy adj. pi. few, C2 ; adv.^ seldom, S, 
S2, C, C2, G, PP; selden, S2, P; sel- 
dene, S2 ; seldnm, S. Comb. : seld- 
hwonne, seldom, S; seld-sene, rarely 
seen, SD ; Beld^speclie, taciturnity, SD. — 
AS. seld\ see Sweet. 

Self, pron. self, ipse^ S; seolf, S; silf, 
W ; seine, S ; imlf, S, S2 ; snlve, S, S2 ; 
zelue, S2 ; seolne, acc.y S ; seolueu, //., 
S ; slelfe, S; milf, S.— AS. self. 

Selke, sb. silk, P ; Bilke, P ; seolke, S. 

— AS. seolc (Voc.) ; Russ. sholk ; Lat. seri- 
cum\ cp. Icel. silki\ see SkD (p. 828). 

Selkouth, adj. and sb. wonderful, a 
wonder, S2, H, PP ; selconth, S2, S3, 
PP ; selcnth, S, S2,WA ; selkow. Prompt. 
— AS. seld-ciia. 

Selkouthy V. to make wonderful, H. 

Selle, sb. cell, C, P ; see GeUe. 

Selleu, V, to give, sell. Prompt., C; 
■ulleu, S, S2 ; sylle, S2 ; selde, //. j* , 
W ; seelde, W ; said, S2 ; seeld, //., W, 
W2; seld, W; said, S2. — AS. j<r//tf« 
{syllari) : OS. sellian : Goth, saljan. 

Seller, sb. seller, dealer, PP; suller, 
S2 ; siller, W2. 

Seller, sb. cellar, G ; seler, W2 ; see 

Sellich, adj. wonderful, illustrious, S; 
sellic, S ; seoUicli, S ; snlliche, adv.^ S ; 
seUi, S2.— AS. sellic. OS. seldlik\ cp. 
Goth, sildaleiks. 

SelSe, sb. happiness, advantage, HD; 
■elUSe, S.— AS. {ge)sM. See Bel. 

Selure, sb. canopy, ceiling, S3; seloure, 
HD; selour, EETS (78); celure, EETS 
(78) ; sUonr, EETS (78) ; sylure, celatura, 
Prompt. ; silloure, WA ; syllnre, MD. — 

OF. *celeUre\ Late Lat. caelatura (Du- 

Seiner, sb. silver, S, S2 ; see SUuer. 


Sely, adj. happy, blessed, simple, humble, 
S2, S3, C, C2, C3 ; seely, S3 ; sellye, S3; 
■eU, S.— AS. Siklig : OHG. sdlig (Tatian). 

Selyn, v. to line the inner roof of a 
room, Prompt. See Ceeien. 

Semblable, adj, like, S3, PP.— OF. 


Semblably, adv. similarly, S3. 

Semblance^ sb. appearance, S2. — AF. 

Sembland, adj. like, PP. 

Semblanty sb. appearance, countenance, 
S, S2, C2 ; semblaunt, S, W, PP; sexu- 
blaad, S2. — AF. semblant. 

Semble, v. to seem ; sembeles, pr. s., 
S2. — OF. sembler; hat. simulare. 

Semble, v. to assemble, PP ; sembled, 
//. s.y S2 ; semblyt, S3 ; semblyde, //., 
S3. — OF. asembler ; Late Lat. assimulare. 

Semble, sb. assembly, S2, PP; semblee, 

S2. — AF. ensemble, assemblee. 

Seme, sb. load, S, P ; seem, Prompt., P. 
— AS. shm : Low Lat. sauma {salma)^ 
sagma ; Gr. chr^yai, a pack- saddle ; see 
ZRP (2. 537), cp. Kluge (s.v. saum). 

Semen, v. to load, to be a weight, S. — 
AS. siman^ from sSam \ see above. 

Sexnen, v. to make two parties the 
same, to conciliate, hence to suit, to appear 
suitable or seemly, later, to seem, S ; sexae, 
S2 ; seme, to reconcile, S ;, pr. s., 
seems fitting, S. P/tr. : to my semlng^e, 
as it appears to me, C2. — AS. s^man, ge- 
siman. See Bome. 

Semi-, adj. half. Comb. : semy-cope, a 
short cope, C. 

Semlicbe, adj. seemly, S2 ; semeliclie, 
PP; semely, C, C2 ,WA ; semllke, S; sem.- 
ly, S2 ; semeli, W2 ; semlokest, super I. ^ 
S2. — AS. ^simelic ; cp. Icel. samiligr. 

Sen, afterwards, since, H, S2, S3, WA ; 
see SibVen. 

Sen, seven, H ; see Senen. 

Sen, //. seen ; see Been. 

Sence, sb. incense ; see Sens. 

Senche, sb. draught, S ; see Btbencli. 

Sencben, v. to cause to sink ; sencb- 
test, 2 //. s.y S. — AS. sencan, causal of 
sincan. See Slnken. 

Sendal, sb. a fine stuff, C ; sendel, H ; 
see Gendal. 

Senden, v. to send, S; sende, S2; 
send, pr. s.y S ; sent, S, S2, C2 ; sent, S2 ; 
sendes, S ; sent, imp. j., S2 ; sende, //. x., 
S, S2 ; send, S3 ; //., S2 ; senten, S2 ; 


send, pp,^ S; y-sent, S2, C3 ; i-sent, S ; 
l-aend, S ; l-sende, S.-^AS. sendan : OS. 
sendian : Goth, sandjan. 

Senden, are; see Slnden. 
Sendeili v. to reproach, S ; see Soben- 

Bene, adj. evident, S, S2, C2. — AS. 


Sene,//. provided. Phr. : well sane, 
well furnished, S3, HD. See Seen. 

Seneuey, sh. mustard, W ; seneueye, 
W; senenei, W. — OF. senevi, mustard 
(Cotg.) ; an adjectival form from senve ; 
Lat. sittapi (Vulg.); Gr. fflvam; see Bra- 
chet (s.v. satwe), 

Sene^eu, v. to sin ; see Snnegan. 

Sengin, v. to singe, bum on the surface ; 
seengyn, Prompt; wejnd, pp., C; aeynkt, 
Prompt. ; sengt, Prompt. — AS. sengan (in 
be-sengan), causal of singan, to sing. 

Seuue, sb. sin, S ; see Snnne. 

Sens, since, S3 ; see 8l8t$en. 

SenSi sb. incense, S3 ; senoe. Prompt., 
Cath. ; sense, PP. — AF. ensenSy encens ; 
Lat. in^ensurtiy lit. what is burned (Vulg.). 

Sensing, sb. use of incense, S3 ; sen- 
cynsre. Prompt. 

Sentence, sb. sense, meaning, opinion, 
matter of a story, verdict, C, C3, C3; sen- 
tens, PP. — AF. sentence ; Lat. sententia. 

Seofe, seven, S ; see Senen. 
Seolf, self, S ; see Self. 
Seolke, <r3. silk, S; see Selke. 
Seollich, ^'.wonderful, S ; see Sellioh. 
Seoluer, sb. silver, S ; see Silner. 

Seen, v. to see, S, PP ; seo, S, S2 ; 
seen, S ; sen, S ; se, S2, W2 ; imp. s., S ; 
//., W ; see, may (God) see, S2 ; sest, 2 
Pr. s.yS; slst, S, S2 ; slxt, S2 ; selS, pr. s., 
S ; seop, //., S2 ; sdS, S2, P ; set, 2 //. s. 
S2 ; ssBh, pt. s., S ; seh, S, S2 ; sih, S2 
slB, S2, W; sy5, S2 ; sye, S3; sy, C3 
seB, S, S2 ; sey, S2, C2, G ; sei^, S2, S3 
selffh, C; selli, G; seyh, G; sa^, S 
saffh, S2 ; sausrli, S3, C, G ; sa^, S; san^ 
S ; sawh, S2 ; say, S2, S3, C, W, G ; saya 
S2 ; saye, W ; sale, W ; salB, W ; saw^ 
W ; slhen,//., S2 ; sy^en, S2 ; selen, W 
selBen,W; seen, W; slsen, W; sien, W 
syen,W; 8aien,W; sayn,W; saye, W 
seye, S2 ; seand, pr. /., S3 ; seyngre, W2 
seyn, //., S2, C, W ; se^en, S2 ; sein, S2 
sen, S ; sele, S2 ; slen, W2 ; slj, W 
say, W ; y-sel^en, PP ; y-sein, PP ; seen, 
ger., S3 ; syenne, S2. — AS. s^on, pt. seah | 



(pi. sdwon, scegon)y pp. sewen {sawen), also 
ge-segen. AS. shn (for *sehwon) : Goth. 
saihwan \ cp. Lat. sequ-or^ I follow ; see 
Brugmann, § 419. 

SeoV, are, S ; see Slnden. 
Seouen, seven, S ; see Senen. 
Seowen, v. to^ew, S ; see Sewen. 
Sep, //• sheep, S ; see Scheep. 

Septemtrionn, sb. the North, C2. — 

OF. sepientrion\ Late Lat. septentrionem 
(Voc.) ; from Lat. septemtrioneSy a name for 
the constellation of the Great Bear. 

Sepulture, sb. tomb, S3, C3 ; sepul- 
tures, //., burials, S3. — AF. sepulture \ 
Lat. sepuliura. 

Ser, adj. separate, several, different, 
various,S2,B; sere,S2,H,WA; selr,S3,B. 
Der. : semes, variety, H ; semessis, //., 
H ; semesls, H ; serelepy, separate, WA; 
serelepes, separately, PP. — Cp. usages of 
Icel. sir, to himself, used in many com- 
pounds, as sir-liga, apart, particularly. 

Sercle, sb. circle, W2 ; see Cerde. 
Serewe, sb. sorrow, S ; see Sorwe. 
Serge, sb. a taper, Cath. ; see Gerg'e. 

Sergeant, sb. servant, seijeant, C, C2, 
C3 ; seriaunt, P ; sergan^, //., S ; seri- 
anntes, S2 ; seriannts, P ; serianns, S2, 
PP. — AF. serjant ; Lat. seruientem \ see 
BH, § 162. 

Serk, sb. sark, shirt, PP, S, S3, G ; sark, 
S3 ; serke, P. — Icel. serkr. 

Sermone, v. to preach, speak, C3. 
Sermonyng, sb. preaching, C. 
Sermonn, sb. sermon, writing, C2 ; sar- 
monn, P. — AF. sermoun ; Lat. sermonem. 

Sertes, adv. certainly, S2 ; see Gertes. 
Semage, sb. servitude, thraldrom, S2, 
C, C2, C3, W, Prompt. — OF. servage. 

Semin, v. to serve, to deserve, S, S2 ; 
saml, S ; seme, H, PP ; serwls, 2 pr. s., 
S3 ; serwlt, //. J., S3 ; y-served, //., C, 
P ; 1-semed, S.— AF. servir ; Lat. seruire. 

Semisable, adj. serviceable, C3. 

Semise, J^. service, S; semyse, C2. — 
OF. servise\ Lat. seruitium\ see BH, 
} 129. 

Semitute, sb. servitude, C2. — OF. ser- 
vitute ; Lat seruitutem ; see Constans. 

Serwe, sb. sorrow, S ; see Sorwe. 
SerwisL, adj. imperiosusy Manip. 
Serye, sb. series, C, CM. — Lat. seriem. 
Seryows, adj. * sad and feythefulle,' 
Prompt. ; serionse, seriosusy Manip. ; 



■exyonae, earnest, Palsg. — Late Lat, seri- 
osus ; from Lat. seriuSy grave, earnest. 

Seryowsly, adv. seriously ; cerionsly, 

minutely, witn full details, S2, C3. — Late 
Lat. seriose^ * fuse, minutatim * (Ducange). 

Sese, V' to seize ; see Seise. 

Sesonily sb. season, C3 ; oesonn, W2. — 

AF. seson, OF. saison \ Lat. sationem^ a 

Set, //. 5, sat, S ; see Bitten. 

Sete, sb. seat, Cath., S, C2, PP ; seet, 

G.— AS. seto, seotu (OET). 

SetOy adj. suitable, H (p. xxv). — Icel. 
scBtt, endurable, from sitja^ to sit. 

Setely sb. seat, SD ; seotel, S ; settle, 
S. Comb.'. setel^anfiT, sunset, S2. — AS. 
setl\ cp. Goth, sit Is. 

Seterday, Saturday, P ; see Satem. 

SeS, sb. seed, S ; see Bed. 

Setheu, v. to seethe, Prompt. ; seeth, 
pt. s., seethed, boiled, C2 ; y-sode,//., S2. 
— AS. s^odan, pt. s., sM, pp. soden, Cf. 

SeSSeu, afterwards, since, S, S2, G; 
setSen, S, S2 ; 8ep]>e, S2 ; see SiSSen. 

Sotlou, V. to cause to rest, also to sink 
to rest, subside, settle, SkD ; sattel, S2, S3, 
SkD ; satelyn. Prompt. ; Battled, pt, s., 
S2 [see SkD s.v. settle], — AS. setlauy to fix, 
settle (Grein). 

Setnesse, fb. an appointed order, in- 
stitute, SD. — AS. {ge)setnts. Cf. Asetnesse. 

Sette, sb. 3L young plant, a shoot ; set- 
tyK, //., S3. 

Setteu, V. to set, place, appoint, S; 
sett, to set, watch game, S2 ; setis,/r. j., 
S ; settes, 2 pr. j., S2 ; sette,//. j., S, S2, 
S3 ; sette, S2 ; S8itte, S ; set, 2 //. ^., 
S2 ; settide,//. j., W ; settiden, //., W ; 
sette, G ; settaiid,/r. /., S2 ; set,//., S; 
i-set, S, S2 ; i-sett, S ; i-sette, S ; y-set, 
S2, S3, C2, C3. — AS. settan : Goth, satjan, 
to cause to sit; see Douse, p. 113. See 

Searte, sb. surety, C ; see Bnrety. 

Seueu, num. seven, PP ; sene, PP, S ; 
seonen, S ; seove, S ; seofe, S ; senene, 
PP ; seonene, S ; sen, H ; sene, S2 ; 

seofen, S. — AS. seofon ; cp. Goth, sibun, 
Lat. septem, Gr. Iirra. For the Goth, ter- 
mination -««, see Brugmann, §§ 223, 224. 

Seuend, num. ord. seventh, S2. 

Seue-Xliht, sb. sennight, week, S ; soue- 
nyht, S. 


Seuen-tenOi num. seventeen, Prompt. ; 
sewintine, S3. 

Seae]>e, num. ord. seventh, 82, PP; 
seou^e, S ; sone|>e, S ; seofepe, S. 

Sew, pt. s. sowed, H ; see Bowen. 

Sewane, sb. savin (a herb), S3. See 

Sewe, j3. juice, broth, gravy, delicacy, C 2 , 
Cath., HD; sew, HD; s8bw, S. — AS. seaw. 

Seweu, V. to sew, suere, W2 ; seowen, 
S; sewide, //. j., W2; y-sewed,/^., S3. 
— AS. siwian : Goth, siujan ; see Brug- 
mann, § 120. 

Sewen, v. to follow, PP, C, S2. Der. : 
sewyngrly, in order, S2. See Suen. 

Seweu, V. Phr. : to sewe at y^ mete, 

deponere, apponere, to set upon the table, 
Cath., Prompt. See below. 

Sewer, sb. bearer of dishes, dapifer, S2, 
Voc. ; seware, Prompt. ; asseonr, NED ; 
assewer, NED. — AF. ass'iour^ he who sets 
the table (Ducange) ; from OF. asseoir^ to 
set, to place ; Late Lat. adsedere, 

Sewintene, seventeen, S3 ; see 8en«n- 

Sexe, six, S ; see Size. 
Sezte, sixth ; see BliEte. 
Sezteyu, sb. sacristan, sexton, C2 ; see 
Seych, sb. sigh, S3 ; see Byke. 

Seyed, pp. passed, lit. swayed, S2 ; see 

Seyeu, v. to say ; see Besrffen* 
Seyly sb. sail, Prompt., S, C ; seil, S ; 
seiies, //., S2 ; seales, S3. — AS. segl. 

Seylen, v. to sail. Prompt.; sayle, C2 ; 
saland, pr. /., S3. — AS. {ge)seglian. 

Seyu, //. seen ; see Seen. 

Seyueu, v. to make a sign, esp. the 
sign of the cross, PP 5 saine, to bless, HD ; 
sesrned, pt. s., P ; sanyt, S2. — OF. seigncr 
(Bartsch) ; Lat. signare. 

Seyud,//. singed, C ; see Sengin. 

Seyut, sb. girdle, C ; see Geinte. 

Se^en, v. to say, S ; see Segsren. 

SIl-. For many words beginning with 
these letters, see Sell-. 

Shadde, /^' s. shed, poured, C2; see 

SlL8Bd, sb. discretion, S. — AS. {ge)sc^ad. 
See Scbeden. 

SlL8BfeSS, pi' sheaves, S ; see Sclieef. 

SlL8BWexi, V. to shew, S ; see Schewen. 


Sheeueringy pr, p. shivering, S3 ; see 

WOkBO^ pron. dem., def, art.,pron. pers.f., 
ilia, that, the, she, PP ; scheo, SD ; sclio, 
S3, PP; sho, S, H; sco, S2 ; seo, S; 
sohe, C, PP ; che, S2 ; si, S ; sees, S. 
Comb. : zi )?et, she that, SD (s.v. se). — AS. 
sh ; cp. OHG. siu (Tatian). 

Shercll, v. to search, S3 ; see Cerchen. 
Sho, she, S ; see Slieo.. 
Shodo ; see nnder Solieden. 
Shrines, //. sheriffs, S2; see nnder 

Si, she, S ; see Sheo. 

Si, let there be, S ; see Sinden. 

Sibbo, sb. and cuij. peace, relationship, 
affinisy related, SD, S, P ; sybbe. Prompt.; 
sib, S ; syb, P. Comb. : sib-man, *■ aihnis,' 
HD ; sib-nesse, affinity, SD ; sib-reden, 
relationship, SD ; sibrede, HD ; sybrede, 
banns of matrimony. Prompt. ; cybrede. 
Prompt. ; sib-snxn, peaceable, SD ; sib- 
smnnesse, friendship, SD. — AS. stb(b), 
peace, relationship : Goth, stbj'a ; cp. OHG. 
sibbdy peace (Tatian), relationship (Otfrid). 
See Sievers, 257. 

Sic, adj. sick, S ; see Sek. 

Sicor, sb. strong drink, C2 ; siser, C2 
(«) ; ciser, C2 («), MD. — Low Lat. szcera 
(Vulg.); Gr. ffixepa (LXX); Heb. shekar 
(Dent. 29. 6). Cf. Sidir. 

Siche, adj. such, W ; see Swycbe. 
Sicht, pt. s. sighed, S3 ; see Syken. 
SiclatOTUly sb. a costly silk texture, 
CM ; sicladonu, CM ; see Ciclatnn. 

Sidir, sb. strong drink, cider, S3, W, 
MD ; sidur, W2 ; sider, MD ; sydyr, 
Prompt. ; sedyr. Prompt. ; cyder, C2 («) ; 
cedyr. Prompt. ; sytber, Cath., S2 ; 
sythir, C2 («). — OF. stdre (a'dre), sisdre ; 
Low Lat. sicera (Voc.) ; Gr. aiKfpa (Luke 
I. 15); cp. Sp. sidra (Deut. 29.6). See 

Sigaldren, sb. pi. sorceries, S.— Icel. 
seid-galdTj enchantment by spells. See 
Grimm, Teut. M. pp. 1035- 1043. 

Sigaldrie, sb. enchantment, SD; si- 
iraldry, HD. 

Sigaldrieu, v. to bewitch ; sysraldryd, 

//. J., HD. 

Siggeu, V. to say ; see Seggen. 

Sigbte, sb. sight, providence, appear- 
ance, PP, C ; sib'Se, S ; sybte, S ; syjt, 
S2 ; sigpe, S2 ; syBpe, S2 ; sihte, S ; 
sijte, S.— AS. {ge)sih9 {^gesiht). 



Signe, sb. sign, portent, PP ; see Synsr. 

SignefianCOy sb. meaning, S. — OF. sig- 

Signefieu, v. to signify, mean, S. — AF. 

SibeUy pt. pi. saw, S2 ; see Seon. 
Sik, adj. sick, S ; see Sek. 
Sike, adj. such, S3 ; see Swyobe. 

"Siker, adj. secure, sure, trusty, S, S2, 
C3, P ; sikir, W ; sekir, B ; sykere, S2 ; 
zikere, S2 ; syker, S3, P ; adv.^ truly, S3 ; 
sikerer, comp.^ S3, C ; sikerere, P ; sik- 
•rest, superl.j S2. Comb. : sikerbede, 
security, SD ; sikerlec, surety, pledge, 
SD ; sikerlicbe, surely, certainly, S ; sy- 
kerlycb, S2 ; sikerlike, S ; sikerly, S3, 
C, C2, P ; sykerly, H ; sekirly, B ; 
sikernesse, security, S, S2, C2, C3 ; sicer- 
nesse, S ; sykemes, Sa ; sikiniesse, W ; 
syklmes, H ; sekimes, B. — OS. sikor ; 
Late Lat. skurus (with accent on the first 
syllable) ; cp. OHG. sichor (Otfrid). Cf. 

Siknesse, sb. sickness, C2; see Sek- 

Siknl, sb. sickle, P ; sykel, PP; sykyl. 
Prompt.— AS. sicel (Voc.) ; Lat. secula. 

Silc, adj. such, S2 ; see Swycbe. 

Sildeili V. to shield, S ; see Scbelden. 

Silke, sb. silk, P; see Selke. 

Silour ; see Selure. 

Siluer, sb. silver, S, C3 ; seolner, S ; 
snlner, S2 ; seiner, S, S2 ; silnere, dat., 
S ; selure, S. — OMerc. sylfur, AS. silfor 
{seolfor) : OS. silubar, Goth, silubr; 'see 
Sievers, 107. 

Simle, adv. ever, for ever, S. — AS. st'mle 
{symle) ior simble: OS. stmbla; cp. OHG. 
simbulum (Tatian). 

Sindeu, pr. pi. are ; slnudenn, S ; 
senden, S ; 8eo1>, S ; si, pr. s. subj., let 
(there) be, S ; seon, subj. pi., may be, S. — 
AS. syndufty pr. pi., si, pr, s. subj., sien, 
pi., see Sievers, 427. 

Sinegeily v. to sin, S ; see Snnesren. 

SineUy pp. shone, S ; see Schynen. 

Sixme, sb. sin, S ; see Snnne. 

Sioxms, branches, W2 ; see Syon. 

SipeS, //• ships, S ; see ScMp. 

Si-quar ; see under BS6. 

Sire, sb. a prince, king, lord, father, 
master, a term used in addressing knights, 
kings, S, S2, P, G; syr. Prompt. — ^AF. 
sire (for *se*ior) ; Lat. senior, older; so F. 
pire ; Lat. peior, worse. 



SiSy six, C2 ; see Size. 

8i86ry sb, strong driok ; see Sioer. 

Sisourdy ^b, a person deputed to hold 
assizes, juryman, P, S2, G; siaour, PP ; 
■ysour, PP. — Low Lat. assisorem (Du- 
cange), from OFr. a(s)sisgy a sitting down, 
also a settlement, pp. fern, of aseeir ; Lat. 
asstdergf to sit at. 

Sist, seest ; see Seon. 

Siste, sixth, S ; see Slxie. 

SistrBIL, pi' sisters, C ; see Sustar. 

Site, sb. grief, S2 ; syte, WA, HD. — 
Icel. Slit ; AS. suht ; cp. OHG. mht (Otfrid), 
Goth. sauhtSy sickness. 

Siten, V. to grieve, 82. See above. 

8i8, sb. time, SD ; siSe, dot., S ; sltli,//., 
H ; sytli, H ; sitSe, C, S2, PP ; Bytlie, H, 
C2, C3 ; Bytlie*, 82, PP ; sltliis, W, S3 ; 
slthes, PP ; sype, S2 ; lipe, Ss (9. 72). 
Comb. : oft-sltli ( >= Lat. sape)^ H ; si-quajr 
(for fldS-qLuar), time when, 82. — AS. j/ff, 
journey, turn, time : Goth, sinths ; cp. OHG. 
sindy * via* (Otfrid), Icel. sinn. 

SiSSeilf adv. and conj. afterwards, since, 
8, C, G ; rtppe, 82, S3 ; ■l«en, 8, 83, C ; 
silSe, 8, S3; slth, 82, S3, G; seo^SVan, 8; 
seo'SSen, S ; seo^e, 8 ; selWen, 8, 82, G; 
setSen, 8, 82; sdSe, 8; syth, 83, C; 
seppe, 82 ; sup]7e, 8, 82 ; ay^pen, 82 ; 
■ythen, 82, S3 ; sen, H, 82, 83^ syn, 82, 
S3 ; eyne, 82, S3 ; sens, S3. — AS.siOOan. 

8itten« v. to sit, cost, befit, 8, P; 
sytte, PP, S3; »itte, 82 ; sit, pr. j., C, 
82, G, PP; sltt, PP; sits, 83; set,//.j., 
S; seet, C, G; ssBt, S; setten, //., S; 
sete, 8, G; seten, C2, W ; seeten, C; 
saten, G ; seten, //., S, C ; syttsm, 82. 
— AS. sittan^ pt. sai (pi. sckton), pp. seten. 

Size, num. six, 8, PP ; sexe, 8 ; sbjc, 
83 ; sis, C2 ; sys, C2. — AS. six, 

Sizt, seest ; see Seon. 

Sizte, ord. sixth, 8 ; syzte, PP ; sezte, 
8, 82 ; ssBzte, 8 ; siste, 8. — AS. stxta. 

Si^Bf sb. victory, SD; si, SD; sy, 8. — AS. 
szg^e : Goth, sz^is ; cp. OHG. si^ (Tatian). 

Si;e-orafty sb, magic art, SD, See 

Si^ede, p^- s. sighed, S3 ; see Syken« 
Si^en, pt. pi. saw ; see Seen. 

SkafEEtut, sb. an engine of war used by 
besiegers, CM ; scaliEblde, procestrium, 
Cath. ; scafold, stage, Prompt, SkD; 
scaffonld, theatrumy scena, Manip.; sohaf- 
fUde, stage, Cath. {n) ; skaiTold, Cath. 
(«). — OF. escafaut {eschafaut) ; cp. OF. 


chafaut {chaffaiif), Low Lat. chaafallumy 
chaufaudusy a wooden tower used against 
besiegers ; cp. also It. catafalco. The origin 
of this word of various forms is absolutely 

Skaithy sb, harm, S3 ; see SoaSSe. 

SkalkfJ^. scalp, H; skalke, H; skalkys, 
//., H. 

Skalle. ^b, scabbiness on the head, scall, 

Skalled, adj. scabby, C. 
Skalp, sb. scalp, H (Ps. 7. 17) ; scalp, 

Skarrit, i //. s, was scared, S3 ; see 

Skathe, sb. harm, C, G ; skatb, H ; see 

Skeet, adj. swift; adv, soon, quickly, 
G; skete, HD; sket, 8, HD.— Icel. 
skjdtr, swift; adv. skjdtt, 

Skdldy sb. reason, 82 ; see Skyl. 

Sk61lteily V. to amuse, SD. — \cx\.skemtay 
to amuse, to shorten, from skamr^ short. 

Skdntingfdy sb. amusement, S, SD. 

Sker, adv. clean, entirely, 8 ; see Scliere. 

Skerren, v. to scare, frighten, to be 
frightened, SD; skeren. Prompt.; scarren, 
SD ; skarrit, i //. f., S3 ; skerrit, SD.— 
Icel. skirray to prevent, reflex, to shrink 

Skewe, sb. sky, S2 ; see Skye. 

Skey, adj. shy (as a horse). Prompt. ; 
see Scliey. 

Skeymowse, adj. disdainful, scorn- 
ful, aohotninativuSy Prompt. ; queymowv. 
Prompt. ; sweymows. Prompt. ; sqnay- 
mous, CM; squeamous, CM; sqnay- 
mose, verecundusy Cath.; skoymus, dis- 
dainful, Cath. (;») ; squeamisli, coy, pre- 
cise (of a young girl), Cotg. (s.v. sucr^e) ; 
fastidious, Baret. 

Skil, sb. reason, H ; see SkyL ■ 

Skilwise, adj. reasonable, discreet, H ; 
scilwis, H ; skilwisly, adv.y H. 

Skindeily v. to hasten, 8. — Icel. skynda, 
skunda ; cp. AS. scyndan. 

Sklayre, sb. a veil, P; soleyre, PP; 
skleire, PP ; skleir, PP.— Cp. G. schleier, 
Du. sluijer. 

SkUther, adj. slippery ( = Lat. Iubricu5)y 
H ; cf. SUder. 

Sklythirynge, sb. liability to fall, H. 
SkowteSf pr, s. pries, looks, 82 ; see 

I Skye, sb» cloud, sky, Prompt ; ikewe^ 


Sa ; skwe, S2 ; Bobew, WA; ■kyes, //., 
PP.— Icel. skyy cloud. 

Skyly sb. discernment, reason, skill, 
Prompt; skll, H; skiU, S; skyle, S2 ; 
sklle, S, C2, W; sklUe, S2 ; skele, S2 ; 
sidles, //., reasons, C2, H ; skiUes, S2, H. 
— Icel. skil^ distinction, discernment. 

Skylftlllef <^dj' reasonable, discerning. 
Prompt. ; skilfol, W2, C3. 

Skylly, perhaps dispersing (?), S2. 

Skyualde, perhaps scramble (?), S2. 

81a, V. to slay, S2 ; see Sleen. 

SladOf sb. a valley, Manip., ND. — AS. 

Slagexiy //. slain, S ; see Sleexi. 

Slaht, sb. slaughter, SD ; ilajt, S2. — 
AS. sleaht. 

Slaine, Slawen ; see Sleen. 

Slak, sb. ravine, a hollow, depression, 
gap or pass between two hills, S3, B ; 
■lack, the low ground, HD ; a common 

(in Yorkshire), NQ (i. 10. 400). 

Slaky 'Odj. slack. Prompt.; alao, S2 ; 
slake, dat.f C. —AS. sleac : OS. slak. 

Slakiexi, "V. to be slack, to make loose, 
S, W ; slake, to become less grievous, S2 ; 
to slacken, cease, C2 ; «lake]7,/r. j., bums 
low, S2 ; assuages, C2. — AS. slacian, 

Slape, sb. sleep, S ; see Slepe. 

Slatteily V. to throw down, to slap; 
«lat, HD ; «leate1$,/r. //., S. 

Slannder ; see Sclanndre. 

Slauerexiy ^. to slaver, to let the saliva 
fall from the mouth, S2. 

Slaw6f adj. slow, S3 ; see Blowe. 

Sla;t, sb. slaughter, S2 ; see Blalit. 

Sl6, adj. sly, cunning, S3 ; see Sly. 

Sleen, v. to slay, PP, C2 ; slee, PP, S3, 
W, G ; Ae, S, S3, PP; slen, PP; slean, 
S ; sIflBn, S ; Aon, S ; slo, S ; sla, S2 ; 
slea^S, pr. s.y S ; Aetli, S3 ; Aeetk, C ; 
sleatS, //., S ; sla^elS, -S ; sla^e, S ; sloh, 
//. s.,S ; slo^, S ; slou, S, S2 ; Aow, S2, 
S3 ; slowe, W ; slouh, S2 ; slou), S2 ; 
Aouffli, S3, C ; sloffken, //., S ; Aojen, 
S ; Aowe, S2 ; slowen, W ; slo^e, S ; 
sloffh, S2 ; slouffhe, S3^ slo, pr. sub/., 2 
p.f S2 ; slen, //., S ; slawen,//., S ; slaine, 
S; slawen, C2 ; slayn, C2 ; Aleie, S2 ; 
slawe, S3, C ; Aean, S3 ; j-HLuyn, C3 ; 
i-slawe, S2 ; y^-slawe, C3 ; i-sleiene, pi., 
S. — AS. sUan (for s/ahan), pt. sUh (pi. 
slSgon), pp. slagen, also slegen. 

Sleety sb. sleet, Prompt.; slet, SD. — 
Cp. G. schlosse. 



Slegh, adj. cunning, S2; sleh, S; see 

Sleght, sb. cunning, S2 ; Alelit, S ; see 

Slendyr ; see Bclender. 

Slepe, sb. sleep, S, S2, Prompt. ; dape, 
S; Aep, S. — AS. slc&p-, OS. sldp\ cp. 
PFris. slip. 

Slepexi, V. to sleep, S ; Aep, pt. s., S, 
S3 ; Aepte {weak form), C2, PP ; slepen, 
//., TV.— AS., slapan, pt. si/p; a redupli- 
cating verb, see Douse, p. 48. 

Slepyng, sb. sleep, S2. 

SleSrexide, j^r. p. falling like snow, S. 

Sleuth, sb. track, trail, slot, S2, B ; 
slutk, B; Aewth, B; sloiS, S, SkD. 
Comb. : Aentb-liiuid, a sleuth-hound, S2. 
— Icel. s/^. 

SiexLpe^ sb. sloth, S2, P ;. slenth, H ; see 

Sleue, sb. sleeve, C3, Prompt. — AS. 
SleueleSy adj. sleeveless, useless, HD. 
Sley, adj. sly, S2 ; see Bly. 

Sleythe, sb. cunning, skill, falsehood, 
trick, Prompt., PP ; sleitlie, PP ; sJespe, 
S2 ; Alehpe, SD, PP ; sUtke, PP ; sly]7e, 
PP ; Aeiffkte, PP, C, C2, C3 ; sleht, S ; 
Aeffbt, S2. — Icel. s/a^d (for slcegS). See 

Sliden, v. to slide, PP ; slit, pr. f., C3 ; 
slod,//. S.J S2 ; Aode,//., PP; slide,//., 
W2. — AS. sUdan, pt. sldd, pp. sliden. 

Slider, adj. slippery, C ; sUdlr, W2 ; 
slydyr. Prompt. See SkUther. 

Slidemessef sb. slipperyness ; slydlx- 
nesse, W2 ; slydyrnesse, Prompt. 

Slilly adj. cunning, experienced, S2 ; see 
Slike, adj. such, H. — Icel. sllkr. 

Slikieily V. to smoothe, to polish, SD ; 
flOyken, P ; sllcke, S3 ; Isliked, S. 

Sliper, adj. slippery, SD ; slipper, S3, 

Sh.-r-AS. slipor (Leo). 

Slittexiy V. to slit, pierce, SD ; slytyn. 
Prompt. ; slsrttsmff, pr. p., piercing (of 
language), S2 ; Isllt,/^., S. — AS. slltan. 

Slo, 'ob. to slay, S ; Aon, S ; mlolitpt. s., 
S ; see Bleen. 

Slodi //• s. slid, S2 ; see Bliden. 

Slogardye, sb. sloth, C3; see Binff- 

Sloh, .r3. slough, PP; ritouflrli, C2, C3, 

I —AS. sidh. 



Slokyii, V. to slake, quench, H, Cath. ; 
Aokln, S3 ; Aokke. PP ; Aokynd, pp., H ; 
Blekynd, H.—Cp. Icel. slokva. Cf. Blak- 

Slomeren, v. to slumber, Cath., 
Prompt.; slumeren, SD; Slombred, pt, 

s., P. ^ 

Slomering, sb. slumbering, S3. 

Slong,//. cast away, S3 ; see Slyuffen. 

Sloppar, adj. slippery, S3. 

Sloterin, v. maculare^ SD; Aoterd, 
/>/., bespattered, S2. 

SI08, sb. track, trail, S ; see Blentli, 

Slough; seeSloh. 

Slouthe, sb. sloth, S2, C3, PP ; AouUSe, 
S; ■leu3)>e, S2, P?; sleube, S2, P; 
rtewthe, C3, PP ; Aenth, H, PP.— AS. 
slcBwd. See below. 

Slow, Slo;e ; see 81een« 

SlowOy adj. and sb. slow, sluggish, a 
lazy man, PP, S ; slow, W2 ; slouli, S ; 
slawe, S3 ; slaw, S2.— AS. sldw. 

Sluggardy, sb. sloth, S3 ; Aoffardye, 
C3 ; sloffffardye, C, 

Slugge, adj. slothful, Prompt. 

Sluggen, V. to slug, to be inactive, SkD. 

Slnggfy, adj. slothful, Prompt. 

Sly, adj. sly, cunning, skilful. Prompt. ; 
sU5, W ; slUi, S2 ; sley, S2 ; sleffh, S2 ; 
sleh, S; sl8B, S2 ; sle, S3.— Icel. slcsgr 
(for slcsgr). 

Slyly, adv. cunningly, Prompt. ; sleifflu 
ly, prudently, C. 

Slsmge, sb. sling, PP. 

Slyngen, v. to sling, hurl, throw away, 
PP, Prompt ; slou^e, pt. pi., S2 ; slonff, 
//•> S3; slunsrin, S3.— AS. slingan, pi. 
slangs pp. slungen. 

Smak,^^. taste, flavour. Prompt.; sxuaoo, 
S ; sxnach, S2. — AS. smcsc, taste, flavour 


Smaken, to have a savour, scent, S, 
Prompt. ; sxnacky, to imagine, perceive, 
taste, relish, understand, S2 ; sxnachuide, 
pr. /., S2 ; smanhte, //. J., PP ; smanste, 
//., Pip. — AS. smcBcian, see Grein (s. v. 

SmallOi adj. small, narrow, Prompt.; 
smal, S, S2 ; sxnalU, S3. — AS. stnal, 
narrow : Goth, smals. 

Smart, adj. bitter, S2 ; see Bmerte. 
Smatte, pi- s. smote, S ; see Smiten., 
Sxnec, sb. smoke, S ; smech, S ; smeke, 

Prompt. — AS. sm^c. 

Snieclximge^ sb. taste, S. See Bmak. I 


Smell, sb. smell, S ; smnl, S. 

Smellen, v. to smell, S. PP ; smylle, 
PP ; mmolUypl. j., S2.— Cp. Low G. sm^len, 
to smoulder. 

Smoorten, z^. to smart, S; see Bmerten. 

Smerien, v. to smear, anoint ; smeren, 
S; 8murie«,/r.//., S; smered,//., S.— 
AS. smerian, smyrian, from smeru, fat, 
smero (Voc). 

Smerl, sb. ointment, S2. 

Smerld, pp. anointed, S2. 

Smerte, adj. and adv. painful, sharp, 
sharply, quick, quickly, C, S, PP ; smert, 
S2 ; smart, S2, C3 ; sxnertely, adv., G. — 
AS. smeart. 

Smerte, sb. smart, pain, C2 ; smierte. 
S ; smert, C3. 

Smerten, v. to smart, to be pained, 
PP, S, S2, C2 ; smeorten, S ; sm.erte, 
pt. J., C; smerted, S3. — AS, smeortan 
(EETS. 79, p. 36). 

Smiten, v. to smite ; smsrten, PP ; 
smlt, pr. J., C2, PP ; smot, pt. s.y. S,. 82, 
PP ; smette, S3 ; smatte, S ; smiten,//., 
S; smyten, W; smiten,//., PP.— AS. 
smitatty pt. smdt (pi. stniton), pp. smiten. 

Smok, sb. smock, C2, PP, Prompt. 

Smok-les, adj. without a smock, C2. 

Smolder, sb. smoke from smouldering 
wood, PP. 

Smolderen, v. to smoulder; smol- 
derande, pr. /., S2. 

SmorSer, sb. suffocating smoke, S; 
smorpre, PP. 

SmorSren, v. to smother, suffocate, SD. 

Smot, pt. s. of smiten, q. v. 

Smul, sb. smell, S ; see Smell. 

SmTirie8,/r.//. smear, S ; see Smerien. 

SmySien, v. to forge; smsrtliye, P; 
smsrtheth, /r. j., P. — AS. smiOian. 

Smy]>])e, sb. smithy, forge, S2 ; smytliy. 

Prompt. — AS. smiUde (Voc). 

Snapere, v. to trip, to stumble, W2, 
SD ; snapper, HD ; snapirs,/r. j., WA. 

Snal5, pt. s. cut, S ; see Sni^en. 

Snaw, sb. snow, S ; see Snow. 

Snelle, adj. quick, sharp, S, S2 ; snell, 
S3; snel, S.— AS. snelli OHG. sncl 

Snepe, adj. foolish, S. 

Snesien, v. to strike, S.— AS. sn^an 
(in d-sncBsan, BT), to put on a spit ; from 
snds, a spit (Voc.) ; cp. Icel. sneisa from 


SniSdn, v. to cnt ; wraXypt. s., S. — AS. 
sniOatty pt. sndO (pi. snidon) ; cp. OHG. 
snidan (Tatian). 

Sniwen, v. to snow; mewen, SD; 
sniup, pr. s., S ; wnlwep, SD ; anew, //. 
s., SD ; snewede, C. — AS. snlwan. 

Snorldl, sb. wrinkle, H. — Cp. North. 
E. snurkle, to ran into knots, JD, snurly to 
wrinkle, JD ; cp. OHG. snuoTy string, see 
Fick, 7. 351. 

Snow, sb. snow, Prompt., PP; snou), 
PP ; snou, S ; maw, S. — AS. sndw : 
Goth, snaiws. 

Snowte, sb. snout, Prompt. ; mute, S. 
— Cp. G. schnauze. 

Snybbyn, v, to rebuke. Prompt., C ; 
snube, H ; snybld, pt. pL, H ; snylMUid, 
pr.p.yH ; mlt>1>ed,//.i C2. 

Snybbsmge, sb. rebuke. Prompt.; 
myliyAffe, H ; mlbbinff, S2 ; snyliyiigis, 

//., H. 

SnSTtyUf V- to clear the nose. Prompt. ; 
mytte,//. s., S2 ; y-myt,/;^., S2. 

Sobre, adj. sober, sedate, C2 ; sobur, 
Prompt. — OF. sobre ; Lat. sobrium, 

Sobrelichef adj, and adv. sedate, 
soberly, CM ; sobnxly, CM ; soberly, C. 

Sobnmessey sb. soberness, Prompt. 
Socbe, adj. such, S ; see Swyobe. 
Socbt, pt. pi, sought, went, S3; see 

Soconr, sb. succour, C2, C3 ; sooowre, 

Prompt. — AF. stuur, .soccour^ OF. socors ; 
Late Lat succursus (Ducange). 

Sodeyxif adj. sudden, C2, C3 ; sodeyxdy, 
adv. suddenly, S3, C2 ; sodeynliol&e, S2. 
— AF. sodeyne ; Late Lat subitanumy see 
BH, §122. 

Sofbe, adj. soft, warm, mild, gentle, S, 
S2, C3 ; adv. gently, luxuriously, §2, S, C3 ; 
softeliolie, gently, S ; softely, C3. Comb. : 
ioft-]&«de, sb. softness, S2. — AS. s6fte. 

Solxtey pt. s. sought, S, S2 ; see Beoben. 

Sok6f sb. the exercise of judicial power, 
PP, SkD. Z>er.: soken, the territory or 
preciilct in which public privileges were 
exercised, SkD; sokne, PP; (Botland)- 
sokMW, (Rutland)shire, P. — AS. s(fc, the 
exercise of judicial power ; s^cn, sSceUy an 
enquiry ; see Schmid. 

Sokelynge, sb. suckling, Prompt 
Sokelyngef sb. a herb, locustay Prompt. 
Sokyl-blome, sb. locmta,\oc. — From 
a form *sokel^ that which sucks. Cp. Bony- 




SolaSf sb. rest, solace, pleasure, merri- 
ment, G, C2, PP, SkD.— AF. solasy OF, 
solazy Lat. solatium ; see BH, § 143. 

Solde* should ; see Bobolde. 

Solempnd, adj. solenm, grand, festive, 
magnificent, C 2 , C 3 , Prompt. ; solempnely , 
adv. with pomp, S2, C2, C3 ; solenliobe, 
PP. — AF. solempne ; Lat. solemnem. 

Solempnite, sb. festivity, C, Prompt. 
— AF. soJlempnitee ; Lat. solemnitatem. . 

Solere, sb. an upper room, loft, Prompt., 
Voc, HD ; throne, H ; soler, W, Voc., 
HD ; seller, Palsg. ; stage of a house, 
ND; sellar, HD, Palsg. — AF. solery solairy 
OF. solier ; Late Lat. solarium (Voc.) ; 
cp. AS. solere (Grein), OS. soleri^ OHG. 
soleri (Tatian), soldriy the prsetorium of 
Pilate, also a guest-chamber (Otfrid), Du. 

Sol6yn6, adj, solitary, hatmg company, 
sullen, PP, Prompt; seleyn, PP, W2; 
sellein, S3.— OF. solain, solitary, per- 
taining to one alone : Late Lat *solanumy 
from Lat. solus. 

Somdel ; see under Bun. 

S0]I16, sb. concord, S. — AS. sSme, 

Somedy adv, together, S; semet, S; 
see Suned. 

Somer, sb. summer, C; snnier, S ; 
semeres, gen. j., C2, C3. Comb. : seiner^ 
gmne, summer-game, P. — AS. sumor : OS. 
sumar ; cp. OUG.sumar (Tatian). 

Somme, sb. sum, S3, C3 ; seme, S3 ; 
sninme, Prompt. — AF. summe {sume) \ 
Lat. summa. 

Somneni v. to join, S ; see Samnen. 

Soupne, V. to summon, PP, CM; 
someny, PP ; sexnony, S2 ; sexnoni, S ; 
semownyxL, Prompt. ; somoxidls, pr. s.y 
H ; STunuudis, H ; sexnened, pp., W. — 
AF. somoundre (pr. p. somonant), OF. 
semondre ; Late Lat. submonire ; Lat. sub ^ 

Soiupxionry sb. summoner, one who 
cites before an ecclesiastical court, C, PP ; 
STunpnour, S2 ; semneur, PP ; senmer, 
PP; sexnenonr, PP ; sanmowre, Prompt 
— AF. sumenour, 

Somwat ; see under Bun. 

Bond, sb. sand, S, S2, C, PP; sand, 
PP ; sends, dat.y S. — AS. sand. 

Sondy sb. a dish or mess of food ; sand, 
gift, S2 ; sonde, dat.y S ; senden, //., S ; 
sandon, S. — AS. sandy * ferculum ' (Voc). 

Sond6f sb. a sending, message, gift sent, 
also mission^ embassy, messenger, S, S2, 




C3, P, G, H (p. 497) ; sonden, //., S ; 
sondes, S. Conib. : sondeimon, mes- 
senger, S2 ; sandesman, SD ; sandis- 
xueue,//., HD. 

Sonder. Comb. : sonderemen, mes- 
sengers, S ; sandert>odes, messengers, S. — 
AS. Sander in sandermen (Chron. ann. 

Sondry, separate, C2; see Bunder. 
Sone, sb. son, S, S2, C2, G ; sane, S ; 
zone, S2 ; sun, S2. Comb. : sone in lawe, 

son-in-law, C2. — AS. swtu : Goth, sunus. 
801X69 odv, forthwith, quickly, soon, S, 
G, 82, C2, PP; Sonne, S3; son, S2 ; 
soyn, S2 ; sonest, superl.y C2 ; sonnest, 
P. — AS. s(ffM, set Sievers, 317. 

Song, /^. s. sang, C2 ; see Synifen. 
Songe, sb. song, Prompt. ; sanir^ S, S3 ; 
sang, S 2 ; sondes,//., S. — AS. sang. 

Songe-wariei sb. the observation of 
dreams, P. — OF. songe\ Lat. somniumy 

Sonne, sb. snn, S, S2, C2, P; snnne, S, 
S2, Prompt. C^^^. : sunne-t>eni, sunbeam, 
S ; Snnnen-dsBi, Sunday, S; snnne-del, S ; 
snnedal, S ; snnedei, S ; sone-desl, S ; 
soneday, S, G ; sonendayes, //., S2 ; 
sunne-rislndde, sun- rising, S. — A^,sunne : 
OS. sunna. 

Soop,//. /. ^Snp. 

Soope, sb. soap, Prompt.; sape, S. — 
AS. sdpe ; Lat. sdpo. 

Soot, Soote, adj. sweet, S3 ; see Bwete. 
Sootk, Sootixly ; see Both. 

Sop, pt. s. created, S ; see Bcliapen. 
Sope,//. ^/Bup. 

Soper, sb. supper, C, C 2, G ; see Bonper. 
Soplxyme, sb. a sophism, C2 ; sophlmes, 

//., subtleties, C2. — OF. sophisvie (Cotg.) ; 
Gr. ff6<f>i<TfJLa. 

Soppe, sb. a sop, Cath., PP ; sop, C ; 
soppis, //., S3. 

Sopun,//. ^Bnp. 

Sore, V. to soar, mount aloft, C2, CM. 
—OF. essorer (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. *exaurare, 
to expose to the air (Lat. aura). 

Sore, adj. and adv. sore, painful, S, C2, 
G ; sare, S2, S ; sar, S, S3, S2 ; soore. 
Prompt. ; sair, B. — AS. sdr. 

Sore, sb. sore, misery, Ca ; sor, S; sar, 
S ; soore, Prompt. — AS. sdr. 

Soren, pp. shorn, S ; see Bchere. 

Sort, sb. destiny, chance, lot, C, W; 
sorte, turn ( = Lat. vice\ W.— AF. sort\ 
Lat. sortem. 

Sorwe, sb. sorrow, S, S2, CM, C3 ; 
sor^e, S ; sor^e, S2 ; serine, S ; soreae, S ; 
sare^e, S ; soreffhe, S2 ; seorewe, S ; 
serewe, S ; seomwe, S ; serwe, S2 ; soro, 

52 ; sorhe, S ; sorewe, S, S2. — AS. sorh : 
OS. sorga. 

Sorwe-flll, adj. sorrowful, C ; sorfdl, 
S ; sorwefUly, adv. sorrowfully, C2. 
Sorwen, v. to sorrow, CM ; serr^liepp, 

pr. s.y S. — AS. sorgian. 

Sorwynge, sb. sorrowing, CM; sorewe 
yneris, ^/., W. 

Sory, adj. sorry, wretched, painful, 
grievous, Prompt., S2, C, C2, PP, G ; sori, 
S, S2, PP ; sari, S ; sasri, S ; sariliclie, 
adv.y S ; soryly. Prompt. Comb. : sory- 
mod, sad in mind, S. — AS. sdrig. 

Sorynesse, sb. sadness. Prompt. ; sort, 
nesse, S. — AS. sdrignes. 

Soster, sb. sister, S2 ; see Bnster. 

Sote, adj. sweet, C2, C3 ; see Bwete. 

Soth., adj. and sb. true, truth, sooth, 
soothsaying, S, S2, C3, P, H ; sooth, C2 ; 
snth, S2 ; sothe, W, S2, S3, P^ soothe, 

53 ; «o)?e, S2 ; sothely, adv.^ verily, PP,W ; 
soothly, C2. Comb. : solSfast, true, S, S3, 
H ; sothefast, W ; soothfkstnesse, truth, 
C2, C3, H; sothnes, truth, S2, H ; soth- 
nesse, S2, P; sothriht, truly, S. — AS. 
sSa (for *jt7«ff, *sanii ) ; cp. Icel. sannr (for 
*sanffr) ; cp. Dan. sand. 

Sotlxe, adj. south, S3 ; see Bowthe. 
SotMen, v. to verify," SD, SkD (s. v. 
soothe) ; i-sot$et, pp.^ S. — AS. ge-sStian. 

Sothronn, adj. southern, S3 ; see Bow- 

Sotte, sb. fool, S, Prompt., PP; sot, S, 
S2 ; sottes, gen., S, S2. Der. : sotlioe, 
foolishly, S ; sotschipe, folly, S ; sotted, 
besotted, C3.— OF. sot. 

Sotyle, adj. subtle,' fine-wrought, crafty, 
ingenious, Prompt. ; sotyl, PP ; sotU, PP, 
C; sotel, PP; sntelle, Cath.; sntaille, 
S3; sotely, adv., PP; suteli, W.— AF. 

sotil, sutil ; Lat. mhttlem. 

Sotyle, V. to reason subtly, to make use 
of cunning, PP ; sotUen, PP ; sutils,/r. J., 

makes subtle, H. 

Sotylte, sb. skill, Prompt. ; sotllte, C3. 
— AF. soiiltee\ Lat. subtilitatem. 

Sonchen, v. to suspect, SD, HD; 

sonches, pr^ s., S2. — OF. suscAer; Late 

Lat. *susptcare, for Lat. suspicariy see 

Diez, p. 081, and BH, § 152. 

I Sonden, v. to pay, PP. See Bowde. 

I Sondly, adj. dirty, S3.--Cp. NQrthem 


E. suddill, to dirty (JD), also G. mdelrty to 
do dirty work. 

Souerty, sh. surety, S3; see Snrety. 

Soufre, sb. sulphur, S2 ; sonlfre, CM. 

— OF. soufre, soulfre (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. 

Sonken, v. to suck, C2, S2, W2 ; sowk- 
en, S3. Comb,\ sonkyng'e-fere, foster- 
brother, W.— AS. siican^ pt. siac, pp. socen. 

Soule, sb. soul, PP, S, S2 ; sowle, S, C; 
sanle, S, S2, H ; sawle, S ; sanU, S3 ; 
Bonlen, //., S, S2 ; sanlen, S ; sawlera, 
S ; sowle, S; sanlen, S2. Comb. ; sonle 
liele, soul's salvation, PP; sawel hel, &2. 
— AS. sdwol^ sdwle : Goth, saiwala. 

Sonn, sb. sound, S2, S3, C2, W2, H : 
aown, H, W, W2 ; sowne, S2 ; son, S2 ; 
sownde. Prompt. — AF. soun, OF. 5on\ 
Lat. sonum. 

Sound, sb. a swoon, S3 ; see Swowne. 

Sonnen, v. to sound, C2, PP ; sownen, 
C2, S2, W2, PP; sowndyn, Prompt.; 
snnen, S. — AF. suner, soner ; Lat. sonare. 

Soiin3ril(f, sb. sounding, S2.. 

Sonpen, v. to sup, drink gradually, to 
eat supper, P, W, C2 ; sowpen,. S3.— OF. 
souper. Of Teutonic origin. Cp. Bnp. 

Sonper, sb. supper, C; soper, C, C2, 

G. — OF. souper, AF. soper. 

Souple, adj. supple, pliant, C, C2. — 
OF. souple, beaten, defeated (Bartsch) ; 
Lat. supplicem, submissive. 

Sonre, adj. sour, acid, PP ;. but, S; 
sonre, adv. sourly, C2, P. Cojnb. : nova- 
dona, leaven, W; sonrdow, W ; sonrdowB, 
W. — AS. stir ; cp. Icel. siirr and siirdegi 
(Matt. 13. 33). 

Sonrexiy v. to sour ; sowxld, pp., made 
sour, W. 

SoQrs,^^. source, origin, C2; soaring, 
CM. — OF. sourse, a spring of water ; Late 
Lat. sursa, a late pp. f. form from Lat. 
surgere (OF. sordre, pp. sors, sours). 

Souse, V. to strike, dash, RD, SkD; 
sonoe, Spenser i. See below. 

SousOf sb. the downward plunge of a 
bird of prey, RD. (Originally the same as 
Sonrs, used of a hawk's flight— W. W. S.) 

Soutere,^^. cobbler, S3; sonter, PP; 
sowter, Cath., ND.— AS. siiter& (Voc.) ; 
Lat. sutor. 

Souteresse, sb. a woman shoe<seller, P. 

Souenauncef sb. remembrance, S3. — 
OF. sovenance, also souvenance (Cotg.), 
from sovenir: JjaX, subuenirt, . 



Souerente, sb. sovereignty, Prompt.; 
sonerayntee, C2.— AF. soverainte. 

Souef eyn, adj. and sb. supreme, sove- 
reign, C, C2, C3 ; sonereynes, //., supe- 
riors, P, W ; snfrayns, H ; sonereyneste, 
superl.y W2 ; soneraisfnly, adv., C— AF. 
soverein ; Late Lat. *superanum. 

Sowdan, slf. sultan, S2, C3. — OF. 
sondan, souldan ; A:ab. sultdn. 

Sowdanesse, sb. sultaness, S2, C3. 

SowdOy V. to strengthen ; sowdid, //. 
(=Lat. consolidatae), W. — OF. souder 
(Cotg.) : It. soldare ; Lat. solidare, see SkD 
(s. V. solder). 

Sowde, sb. stipend, pay, W; sowd, 
Prompt. ; sowdis, pL, W.— OF. soude ; 
Lat. soldum, a sum of money, from solidus. 

Sowdyowre, sb. one that fights for 
pay, soldier. Prompt. ; sondionx, S3. — 
Cp. OF. soudoier (Ducange). 

Sowen, V. to sow, S, PP ; sawe, S ; 
sonwen, PP ; sewe, pt. s., W; sew, H ; 
sewen, //., S ; seowe, pt. s. subj., S ; 
sownn,//.,W; sowe, G; 3e-8awen, S. — 

AS. sdwan, 

Sowse, V. to immerse in brine, to plunge 
in water, to drench with rain, Palsg., S3 ; 
sensed,//., pickled, Sh. ; sonst, drenched, 
Spenser I. — From OF. sause, sauce; Lat. 
salsa, salted. 

Sowse, sb. a dish of pickled food, sue- 
cidium, Voc. 

Sowthe, adj. south. Prompt. ; sothe, 
S3; snlS, S. Comb.i Son]7-lianitessire» 
Hampshire, S2 ; Sn1$-S8Bxe, Sussex^ SD. — 
AS. stiS : OHG. sund-ana, from the south. 


Sowtheme, adj. southern,, Prompt. ; 
sonperon, S2 ; sontlixen, C3 ; sothronn, 
S3 ; snthronn, S3. 

Soyr, adj. brown (as of withered leaves), 
S3.— OF. sor (Roland) ; cp. F. saure. Of 
Teutonic origin. See Seere. 

Spa^C, pt. s, of Speken, q. v. 

Spseclie, sb. speech, S ; see Bpedie. 

SpaJfar, adj. wise, prudent, quiet, gentle, 
SD ; spake,. HD ; spakUche, adv., SD ; 
spakli, S2. — Icel. spakr, quiet, gentle, wise. 

Spale, sb. a chip of wood, splinter, S, 
SD ; spalle, Prompt. ; spolle, Prompt. ; 
spole, Voc.— Icel. spolr {spala, gen. pi.). 

Spang, sb. a metal fastening, brooch, 
clasp, buckle ; spangs,//., S3.— AS. jr/a»^<f 

Spaagele, sb, a small plate of shining 




metal used to ornament a bridle, lorale, 

I^anyn, v. to wean, Prompt. ; spane, 
HD; spaned, H, Cath. — Cp. G. spdnen^ 
OHG. {bi)spenjan^ Du. ji^«^«,seeWeigand; 
cp. also AS. spana, * ubera * (Voc). 

Spanyngdy sb. a weaning, ablactacio, 
Cam., Prompt. 

SparUe, sb. spark, Prompt. Comb, : 
deed-sparda {^Loit. fauilld)^ W2. 

Sparlire, sb. the calf of the leg, HD ; 
sparlyner, sura^ Trevisa (5. 355) ; sperly- 
uer, musculusy oc. — AS. spear-Ura^ * sura ' 
(Dent. 28. 35), speoru-Hra (GET.). 

Sparre* sb. a beam, bar, spar, C, S3, 
Prompt., Cath. — AS. speoru (Voc); jcp. 
Icel. sparri. 

Spflbrtliey sb. axe, battle-axe. Prompt., 
Cath. ; spartli, C, WA. — Icel. sparHa. 

Sparwe, sb, sparrow, C, S2 ; sparowe. 
Prompt. Comb.', spar-liaiik, sparrow- 
hawk, C2 ; spexhanke, P. — AS. spearwa. 

Spatel, sb. spittle, S ; see BpotU. 

Spateling, sb. spitting, S. 

Spealie, v. to tell, S ; see SpelUan. 

Spec, pt\ s. of Bpeken, q. v. 

Spece, J^. species, kind, S, Prompt. — 
Lat. spectem. Cf. Spice. 

Speche, sb. speech, S, S2 , PP ; spsBclie, S ; 
spek, S2.^AS. spike iyoc). See Speken. 

Spedy sb. success, speed, . S ; speed, 
Prompt. — AS. sped. 

Spede-flQ, adj. profitable, W ; speed- 
ftil, C3 ; spedfullest, super I. y S3. 

Speden, v. to succeed, prosper, speed, S, 
S2, S3 ; spet, pr. s., speeds, goes on, G ; 
speditk, profits, S3, W2 ; spedde, pf. s., 
S, C2 ; sped,//., S3. — AS. sp6dan. 

Speir, sb. sphere, S3 ; see Bpere. 

Speken, v. to speak, S, S2 ; spsBken, S ; 
spece, I pr. j., S ; spedS, pr. j., S ; spssc, 
pt. J., S ; spao, S, S2 ; spak, S, S2 ; spec, 
S ; spek, S ; spake, 2 pt. s., S, G ; speke, 
S ; spsBkenn, //., S ; speken, S ; speke, 
S2 ; speeke, S2 ; spekene, ger.^ S ; speo- 
kene, S ; 1-speken,//., S ; ispeke, S.— AS. 
specan (for sprecan\ pt. spac, pp. specen. 

Spellf sb, a discourse, story, S ; spelle, 
dot., S, S2, C2.— AS. spell. 

Spellien, v, to relate, speak ; spellen, 
S, PP; speaUe, S; spUlen, S. — AS. 

Spellinge, sb. recital. Prompt., S2. 
Spence, sb. provision-room, larder, G, 
Prompt. ; spense, Voc. ; expense, G,W.-- 


OF. despense (Constans) ; Late Lat. dis* 
pensa (Voc). 

Spencer, sb, officer haying charge of 
the provisions, G ; spenser, G ; sponcexe. 
Prompt. — OF. despensier; Late Lat. dis- 
pensarium (ace). 

Spenden, v, to use, spend. Prompt, 
PP ; spene, S, PP ; spende, pt. pi, S2 ; 
1-spend, pp.y S ; spexidid, W ; sponded, 
G. Comb.', spendinff-siluer, money to 
spend, C3. — AS. spendan (in compounds) ; 
Lat. dispendere. 

Spennen, v. to stretch, embrace, grasp, 
SD ; spendyd,//. s., grasped, S3 ; spend, 
//., SD. — Icel. spenna ; cp. AS. spannan^ 
to bind, OHG. (^gi)spannan (Otfrid) ; see 

Sperded, pp. scattered, flung abroad, 
S3 (24. 67). 

Sperd,//. s, of Spiren, q.v. 

Spere, sb. sphere, Prompt., CM ; speir, 
S3. — OF. espere ; Late Lat. spera, sphera ; 
Gr. <T<f>atpa, 

Spere, sb. spear, S, C, Prompt. — AS. 
spere ; cp. OHG. sper (Tatian). 

Speren, v. to fasten with a spar, to 
close, S, Cath. ; sperre, Cath. ; speride, 
pt. J., S2 ; sperd, pp., S, H ; sperrid, H. 
— AS. sparrian. See Bparre. 

SperhankCy 3b. sparrow-hawk, P ; see 
under Sparwe. 

Sperling, sb. a small fish, S2 ; sper- 
lynffe, Cath., Voc. ; sparlynffe, Cath. (»") ; 
spnrUnsr, Cath. («).— OF. esperlan, smelt 


Spet, pr. s. of Speden, q. v. 

Speten, v. to spit, S, W2, Voc, CM ; 
spette, pt. s., W, SD ; spete, W ; speten, 
pi., W ; spetide, //. s., W.— AS. sp^tan, 
pt. spiktte. 

Spewen, v. to vomit, Cath. ; spiie,W2. 
— AS. spiwan, pt. spdw, pp. spiwen. 

Spice, sb. species, kind, spice, W; spyee, 
Voc. ; spices, //., S, P. Comb. : spioe- 
like, with spices, S ; spioes ware, spicery, 
S. — OF. espice ; Late Lat. *speda (for Lat. 
spkiem), see BH, § 32. See Bpece. 

Spicer, sb, dealer in spices, P, S2 ; VBf^ 
B%xwL,pl., S2. 

Spicerye, sb. spicery, S2, C2, C3.— - 

AF. spicerU, 

Spie, sb, spy, PP ; see A«pie. 

Spien, V. to spy, to lode after, to watch, 
S ; see Espye. 

I^ilen, V, to play, S ; spilede,//. j.,S. 
— Icel. spila ; cp. G. spielen. 


L, V. to speak, S ; see Spelllen. 

Spilleilf V, to perish, also to destroy, S, 
S2, C2, C3, P ; spyllen, S2 ; spiU, S3 ; 
•pUt,^., killed, C3 ; y-spUte, PP.— AS. 
spillariy to destroy (Grein). 

SpirOy sb. shoot, scion, blade, tall grass, 
reed, PP, S, G, CM ; Bpyxe, Prompt., PP, 
Palsg. ; spitr, Wa. 

Spiren, v. to enquire, speer, PP ; BpexMi, 
PP; speoren, PP; spuren, PP ; splrs, 

imp. pi., 82 ; spird, pt. pi., 82 ; sperd, pt. 
J., 83. — A8. spyrtan, to make a track, from 
spoTy track, see SkD (s.v. spur). 

Splene, sb. the spleen, Prompt. ; splen, 
SkD. Phr. : on the splene, suddenly, 
S3 ; firo the splene, with sudden fervour, 
rapidly, S3. — Lat. splen. 

Spoile, sb. booty, SkD ; spnylls, //., 
'W2. See below. 

Spoilen, v. to plunder, W (Mk. 3. 27) ; 
spnyle, W ; spnyUd, pp., W2. — OF. 
spolier (Cotg.) ; Lat. spoliare ; see BH, § 64. 

Spone, J^. a chip, splinter of wood^.spoon, 
C3, Prompt; spoon, C2. Comb. : span- 
newe, span new, SkD ; spon-neowe, SkD. 
— AS. spSn ; cp. Icel. spSnn, also spdnn ; 
op. G. spannen (Weigand). 

Spore, sb. spur, PP, Prompt., C, G.— 
AS. spora. 

Spotil, sbi spittle, W ; spotele, W2 ; 
spatel, 8.— AS. spdtl. 

Sponsaille,^ sb. wedding, C2 ; spousall, 
C2; sposailis,//., W.— OF. espousailles. 

Sponsey sb. spouse, brid^room, bride, 
W ; spuse, S ; spowse, Prompt. Comb. : 
Sponst>reche, adulterer, SD ; spust>rache, 
adultery, SD; sponsebrekere, adulterer, 
W ; spoushod, marriage, 82. — AF. espouse 
{espuse) ; Lat. sponsam ; also OF. espos, 
spous; Lat. sponsum\ see BH, § 169. 

Spousen, v. to espouse, W, 82, C2 ; 
Sponsl, 82 ; l^spoused,//., 82 ; y-sponsed, 
S2; 1-spnsed, 8.— OF. espouser\ Lat 

Sprani^, diffused rays of various 
colours, S3. 

Spranlin, v. to sprawl, SD ; sprawel, 
S2 ; spranleden, //. pi, S.— AS. spriaw- 
lian (cited by Zupitza from Bouloneser 
Glossen,see Studium derneuerenSprachen, 
July, 1886). 

SprasrngiSy sb. pi. sprinklings, S3. See 

Spreden, v. to spread, PP, S, 82 ; 
spradde, pt. s., C2 ; spredd, pp., 8; 
sprad, C ; 7-sprad, C2.— AS. spridan. 



Spreity sb. spirit, S3 ; ^PTvyte, Prompt. 
— Lat. spiritus. 

Sprengen, v. to sprinkle, W, G; 
sprente, //. s., S3 ; spreynten, //., W2 ; 
spreynd, //., 82, C2, C3, W; sprelnd, 
W; spreynt, W; y-Apreynd, C. — AS. 
sprengan, causal of springan. 

Sprengen, v. to spring, to be diffused ; 
sprent, //. s., 83. — AS. sprengan, to spring 

SprenlEelin, v. to sprinkle, to dart. 
Prompt. ; spxynklaad, pr. p., darting in 
various directions (of fish in the water), 83. 

Springy sb. a rod, sprig, PP ; mj^Tjmge, 
P; sprenireS)/^*} W2. 

Springen, v: to spring, to arise, to 
dawn, PP^ 8, C2 ; spxyn^e, PP ; sprente, 
pr. s. subj,, W ; sprang, pt. s., 8 ; spronif, 
S; spmn^ren,. //., 82; spmn^e, 8; 
spronir^n* S3; spron^e, C; i-spnmffe, 
8. Der. : spxlnglnir, beginning, source, 
C2. — AS. springan, pt. sprang {^. sprung^ 
on), pp. sprungen, 

Sprmgen, v* to make to spring, rouse ; 
mpTtaige,pt.pi., S3. See below. 

Springeily v. to sprinkle, C2 ; 7. 
spzonffe, pp., 82. Z>er. : spxingyng*, 
sprinkling, W. See Spxeniron. 

Spmtlyt, pp. speckled, S3. See SkD 
(s. v. sprout). 

SprynUand ; see Bprenkelln. 
Spnm, sb. a kick, S3. 
Spnrhen, v. to kick, Prompt, C2, SkD; 
spum&e, //. s., 82. — AS. speoman. 

Spnyle, v. to plunder, W ; see Spoilen. 

Spuylis,//- spoils, W ; see Spoile. 

Spynke* sb. finch, rostellus,Woc. ; spink, 
Cotg,, JD, HD ; spynk, S3 ( Cp. 
Gr. (Tvlyyos, and OF. pinfon (BH), F.pinson. 

Spynnare, sb. spinner, spider, Prompt.; 
spinner, Sh., HD. 
Spynneily v. to spin. Prompt. 

SpynstarOf sb. a woman who spins. 
Prompt. ; spynnester, PP ; spinster, 82, 
PP, Sh. 

SpyraUef sb. the breath of life, 82. — 
Lat. spiraculum uitae. Gen. 7. 22 (Vulg.). 

Squames, sb. pi. scales, C3. — Lat 

Squaymous, adj. loth, fastidious, 
CM ; see Skeymowse. 

Sqnier, sb. squire, S, C2 ; sqnyer, C2, 
82. — OF. esquier, escuier\ Late Lat scu- 
tarium, from Lat scutum, shield ; cp. It. 



Sq,1iyl6r, sb, dish-washer, S2 ; sqwyl- 
laxe, Prompt., SkD (s.v. scullery) ; swyU 
lere, Voc. — OF. scuiur (Ducange) ; Late 
Lat. scutelariuniy one in charge of the 
dishes (Ducange) ; from Lat. scutella. (It 
seems to have been confused with swiller ; 
see SkD, s.v. scullery. — W. W. S.) 

Sq,liylereyf sb. room for washing dishes 
in, a scullery, SkD. — Cp. OF. esculier\ 
Late Lat. scutellariunty * locus ubi reponun- 
tur scutellae * (Ducange). See above. 

S^ware, adj. square, Prompt. ; sware, 
S2. — OF. esquarre\ Lat. ex -^ quadrant ; 
cp. It. squadra. 

Srid, //. s. clothed, S ; see Soliroiiden. 

Smdi sb. dress, S ; see Sohroud. 

8s-; see SolL-. 

Sseawere, sb. a mirror, 82 ; see 

Sseawy, v. to show, S2 ; see Sobewen. 

Ssedde ; see under SoliedeiL. 

Ssede ; see under Boliade. 

Saolde, should ; see Scholde. 

Ssoldren, pi. shoulders, S2 ; see Bohul- 

Stable, adj. constant, firm, fixed, C2, W, 
PP; staDU, adv., W.— AF. estable\ Lat. 

Stable, V. to establish, confirm, to cause 
to rest, S3, W, P, C ; y-stabled, S3.-— OF. 

Stablisclxen, v. to establish, W; 8tal>- 
llsse, PP. — OF. establiss', stem of estab- 
lissanty pp. oi establir. 

Stac,/^. s. closed up, S2; see Bteken. 

Stad, pp. bestead, circumstanced, beset, 
WA, S2. — Icel. staddry circumstanced, 
Swed. stadd. 

Staf, sb. a staff, stick, a letter of the 
alphabet, PP, SD ; staffe. Prompt. ; staues, 
//., S2, PP. Comb. : stef-creft, the art of 
grammar, S ; staf-slingre, staff-sling, C2 ; 
staff-slyiLffe, HD; staff-Aynirore, staff- 
slinger, HD. — AS. stcefy staff, stick, twig, 
letter written on a twig, see Weigand (s. v. 
buchstab) ; cp. Icel. j/a/r, OHG. stab, buoh- 
stab (Tatian). 

Staire. adj. steep, WA; stayre, 
"WA («). 

Staire, sb. stair, ladder, WA. — AS. 
stikger. See Stlen. 

Stal, Stall, //. s. of Stelen. 

Stale, sb. stealing, S. — AS. stalu. 
Stalken, v. to step slowly, C, G; 
fltaUtyn, Prompt. ; Stalked him,//, s. refl., 


C2. — AS. stealcian; see Sweet, Anglo- 
Saxon Primer, 83. 37. 

Stalle, sb, place, state, station, prison, 
stall, booth, PP, Prompt. ; steal, S ; stal, 
Prompt. ; stale, S3. — AS. steal : OHG. 
stal (Otfrid). 

Stallit, //. placed, S3. 

Stallyn, v. to enthrone prelates. Prompt. 

StalwOTKe, adj. stout, strong, sturdy, 
S2, G ; stalwortli, PP, H (pp. 26, 87) ; 
stalword, S2 ; stalwortliy, S3, Prompt. ; 
stalworpest, superl., S2 ; stalwortly, adv. 
sturdily, S2. Comb. : stalworth-liede, stal- 
wartness, S2. — AS. stalwurd (Chron. ann. 

Stamyn, sb. .stamine, linsey-woolsey 
cloth, a garment made of that material. 
Prompt., Cath. (») ; stamln, S ; staxnlne, 
HD. — OF. estamine, tamine, also a strainer 

Stamyn, sb. the stem, bows of a vessel, 
S2 ; stamyne, Cath. (»). — Icel. stafn^ 
stamriy a post, prow-post, also stem-post ; 
cp. It. stamine y the upright ribs or pieces of 
timber of the inside of a ship, of our ship- 
wrights called foot-stocks (Florio). 

Standen, v. to stand, to cost, be valid, 
S ; stouden, S, S2, C2, W ; stant, pr. s., 
S, S2, S3 ; stent, S ; stand, S2 ; stonte, 
S2 ; stode,//. s.y S2 ; //., S2 ; stoden, 82, 
C2 ; stude, S3 ; l>stonde, pp., S. — AS. 
standan, pt. stSd, pp. ge-standen. 

Staxie« sb. dat. stone, S ; see Stoon. 

Stang, sb. stagnant pool ; stanc, S2 ; 
stank, HD ; stangis, //., H ; stang-e^, 
S2 ; staunkis, H. — OF. estang, estan 
{estanc) ; Lat. stagnum. 

Stangen, v. to prick, to throb, HD, H. 
Der. : stangrynire, torment, H. 

Stannyris, sb. pi. the small stones and 
gravel at the side of a river, S3. See Stoon. 

Staple, sb. a loop of iron in a wall used 
for fastening chains, S3 (p. 472). — AS, 
stapul (Voc). 

Starf, pt. s. died, S2, C2; see Stexnen. 

Starin, v. to stare, also to shine, glitter, 
SD ; stare, C2, S3, PP; starinde, pr. /., 
S ; stareand, S2. — AS. starian. 

Stark, ad/, strong, firm, severe, S, S3 ; 
starrc, S ; starke, //., C2. — AS. stearc : 
OS. stare. 

Stamys, //. stars, S3 ; see Sterne. 

Stat, sb. state, condition, S2 ; staat, 
existence ( = Lat. status), W. Cf. Estat. 

Sta])eliexi, to establish ; Be-stapeled, 
pp., S. — AS. ge-stoQelod. 



Stabelnesse, sd. stability, SD; stapeL- 
nes, S2. — AS. statSohtes. 

Statut, sb. statute, PP ; statute. PP ; 
statutes, pi., S2, PP. Comb. : statute- 
staple, the staple to which a prisoner is by 
law attached, S3. — AF. sUUtU {estatut)\ 
Lat. staiutum, 

Stanez, pr. s. stows away, Sa ; stawed, 
/p.f S2 ; see Stowyn. 

Steal, sb. place, state, S ; see Stalle. 

Steapre ; see stepe. 

Stea^, p^. s. of Stien, q. v. 

Stede, sb. steed, horse, S, C2, PP, WA. 
Comb. : 8tede-t>ac, horseback, PP. — AS. 
stida^ from stSd, a collection of horses, a stud. 

Stede, sb. place, PP, S, S2, S3 ; stude, 
S ; stide, W, W2 ; stud, S2 ; sted, S3. 
Comb. : stedebst, steadfast, S \ stedelbst- 
Udie, steadfastly, S; stedfiistiy, C2; 
stedefastuesse, firmness, C2. — AS. stede : 
OS. stedi : Goth, stadi- (stem oistaths). 

Stee, sb. a ladder, WA, HD ; sties,//., 
HD. See Stien. 

Steef, Stef ; see styf. 

Steer, sb. a young ox, C, PP. — AS, 
steor ; cp. Lat. taurus, see Curtius,No, 232. 

Stef-Crefbf sb. the art of grammar, S ; 
see Staf. 

Ste£ae, sb. voice, S ; see Steuene. 

Steglxe, V. to ascend, H ; see Stien. 

Steghere, sif. rider, H. 

Steir, V. to stir, S3 ; see Stiren. 

Steken, v. to fasten, SD, WA ; stekye, 

v., to be fastened up, P; stekes, imp. pi. ^ 
S2 ; stao, //. j-., S2 ; stak, SkD (s.v. 
stick) ; stoken, //., S2 ; y-steke, G ; 
i-steke, G. — Cp. OHG. stechan^ to fix, 
pierce, pt. stdh (pi. stdchun), pp. gi-stochan, 
see Otfrid. 

Stelen, v. to steal, to go stealthily, PP ; 
st8Bl, //. J., S; stal, C2, W; staU, S3; 
stalen, pi., S ; stelen, S ; stole, //., C. 
Comb. : stsBl ut, stole out, S ; stal ut, S. 
— AS. stelan, pt. st(zl (pi. stailon), pp. stolen. 

StelSe, sb. stealth, PP ; stalthe, SkD. 
Cf. Stouth. 

Stem, sb. vapour, ray of light, flame, S ; 
steem, Prompt. — AS. stiam. 

Stemin, v. to steam, shine, gleam, C, 
S3, CM.— AS. stiman (SkD). 

Stene, sb. a stone jar, SD, Trevisa 4. 1 1^ ; 
steenes,//., S2. See below. 

Stexxen, adj, made of stone, S. — AS. 
sthun (Voc). See Stoon. 



Stent, x^. stopping-place, S3. 

Stenten* v, to cease, pause, CM ; see 

Steoren, v. to perfume with incense, S. 
— Cp. AS. stiran (Leo). See Stor. 

Steoren, v. lead, direct, S ; see Steren. 

Steorren, //. stars, S ; see Stexre. 

Step-bam, sb. orphan, H. — Cp. AS. 
step-ctld, orphan, Ps. 67. 6 (VP) ; AS. 
stiopy orphaned ; cp. OHG. stiuf. 

Stepe, adj. steep, WA. SkD.— AS. stiap, 

Stepe, adj. bright, shining (of eyes), CM, 
C, S3, HD ; steapre, comp., S3 (p. 426). 

Stere, adj. strong, stout, firm, S, HD. 
See Store. 

Stere, sb. tiller, helm, rudder, steering- 
gear, the stern of a ship, C3, S ; steere, 
W2 ; stiere, PP. Comb, : sterelees, with- 
out a rudder, S2, C3 ; sterman, steersman. 
Voc. — Icel. styri, rudder, 

Stere, sb. helmsman, C3, S2. 

Steren, v. to lead, direct, steer, S, S3, 
PP; steir, B; steoren, S. — AS. stiorauy 

Steren, v. to stir, to move, S2,WA, PP ; 
see Stiren. 

Sterlinge, sb. coin, penny of standard 
currency, Cs, PP» SkD.— Cp. Low Lat. 
sterlingus (Ducange). 

Sterne, sb. star, WA, H, S2 ; stem, S2, 
B ; stamsrs, //., S3. — Icel. stjama. Cf. 

Sterne, adj, stem, Prompt. ; stume, 
S, S2 ; steryn,WA; sterin, HD; steryne, 
HD ; stiame,//., S ; adv., S ; steme, PP ; 
stomeUclL, CM, PP. Der. : stumliede, 
sternness, S2. — AS. styme. 

Sterre, sb. star, S, S2, S3, C2, C3, W, 

PP ; storre, S ; steorren, //., S ; steores, 
S ; sterris, W, PP ; sterren, S, S2. Comb. : 
sterre-lilit, starlight, S2. Der. : i-stirret, 
starred, S; stirrede, SD.— AS. steorra: 
OS. sterro ; cp. OHG. sterro (Tatian). 

Stert,^^. tail, plough-handle, S, Prompt., 
Palsg., HD ; the stalk of fruit, HD, Palsg. ; 
sterte, Voc. Comb.-, steort-naket, quite 
naked, S. — AS. steort ; cp. Icel. sterlr. 

Stert, sb. a start, quidc movement, C. 

Sterten, v. to start, S2, C, B, PP; 
stirt, imp. s., S ; stirte, //. x., S ; stirt, 
S ; sUrte, C, G ; stert, S2 ; stert, //., 
C2 ; y-stert, C« 

St^raeJI, V. to die, S2, S3, C2 ; sterfef , ' 
pr. J., S; starf, pt. s., S2, C2 ; stumen, 
//., S ; sturfe, S ; stomen, C3 ; stome, 



//. subj. J., S ; l4rtonM, pp., S ; 7-«tonM, 
C ; staraen, S3. — AS. steorfan, pf. stSrf 
(pi. sturfan), pp. storfen, 

Steming, sb. dying, S2. 

Steuene* j^. voice, command, note, C2, 
S ; Bteuen, S2 ; time of performing any 
action, CM ; vtafhe, S ; stcvynnTS, j^?., S3. 
— AS. stefnx Goth. stibna\ cp. OHG. 
stemna (Tatian), G. stimme. 

Stew, .r^. vapour, mist, B ; stovys, //., 
S3. — Cp. Dan. st'&Ot Du. stof, dust, stof- 
regetiy drizzling rain, G. staub, dust, whence 
Staubbachy * spray-beck.' 

Steward ; see under Sty. 

Stewe, sb. fish-pond, vivarium^ C, HD, 
SD, CM, Prompt. ; stwe, Prompt. 

Stewe, .r^. bath, Cath.;- stue, Cath. (»); 
stwe, Prompt. ; stewes, //. brothels, PP ; 
stywes, CM ; stues, P. 

Stiame, adj. pi, stem, S ; see Sterna. 

Sticclxeiii V. to prick, stitch, SD ; 
■tlBte,//. J., SD ; sU^t,//., SD ; l4rfd]id, 
S; 1-stlcclied, S (p. 119). 

Stien, V. to ascend, HD, PP, S2, W, 
W2 ; tftjBen, S2 ; stlBen, W, S2 ; ste^en, 
S2 ; vteirl&e, H, S2 ; vtaa^, pt. s., S2 ; 
stoiB, S3 ; Bteffh, S2, H ; styh, S2.— AS. 
stigan, pt. stdh (pi. stigon\ pp. stig^n. 

Sties, //. paths, S2 ; Btiffhes, H ; see 

Stikien, v. to stick, to pierce, stab, S, 
S2, C2, C3; styken, S2 ; steek, S3; 
stekit, //. J., B; stekgrt, S3; y-slyked, 
//., S2. — AS. stician. See Steken. 

Stikke, sb. stick, C3 ; tftykke, Prompt. 

Stillatorie, sb. vessel used in distilla- 
tion, C3, CM ; Btillatoxy, a place where 
distillations are performed, ND. — Late Lat. 
stillatoriumy from Lat. {di)stillare. 

Stingen, v. to sting; itonffe,//.//., S; 
stonffen, //., C, H ; y-ston^en, S3 ; 
y-stonire, C3 ; stniiiren, H. — AS. stingan, 
pt. stang (pi. stungon), pp. stungen. 

Stirexiy v. to stir, to move, to instigate, 
PP, C3, Wa, S, S2; stere, PP, S2, G; 
sturen, S, W ; ityren, S ; «tolr, S3, B.— 
AS. sty Han. 

Stiring, sb. stirring, commotion, W,W2. 
Stirte, pt. s. of Sterten, q.v. 
Stith, sb. anvil, C, CM, Sh. ; stytke. 
Prompt. — Icel. stedi. 

Stiward ; see under Sty. 

Stobil, sb. stubble, W 2 ; stolml, Prompt. 
— AF. stub/e (Ps. 82. 12, Oxford Psalter) : 
Prov. estobla; OTeut, *stuppula ; cp. OF. 


estatUle (Ps. 82. 13), F. ^teuU ; see Kluge 
(s. V. stoppet)f and BH, § 153. 

Stoky sb. stock, stem, trap, the stocks, 
PP, W2; stoo, S; stokke, PP; stooke, 
S3; stoke, S2; ■tokkes,//.,PP; vtooUji, 
S2 ; stokess, S; — AS. stocc. 

Stoken, v. to stab, SkD, C— OF. es- 
toquer (Ducange). 

Stole, sb. stool, P ; stool, PP, Prompt. ; 
■tonle, PP.— AS. stol. 

Stole, sb. a robe, W, Prompt. ; stoole 
( = Lat. stola), W; stolis, //., W.— Lat. 

Stonden ; see standee. 

Stonge, pt. pi. stung, S ; see Stinffen. 

Stonien, Z'. to stun, to make a loud din, 
to amaze with a blow, SD ; stoxiay, H ; 
stmuiyd,. //., H; stoynde, S3. See 

Stoniynffe, sb. astonishment, W ; 
■tonylnff, W ; ■toneyinire, S2 ; stoy- 
nynife. Prompt. 

Stent, /r. J. of Standen 

Stony, adj. rocky, Prompt. Comb. : 
stony see, Adria, the Adriatic Sea, W. 
— Cp. Ducange * Wna, petra ; adriaticus, 
petrosus, lapidosus portus.' 

Stoon, sb. stone, PP, W2 ; ston, PP, 
S, S3; staiie,- d^a/., S; staaes, //., S. 
Comb. : stoon-stille, still as a stone, G. — 
AS. stdn : Goth, stains. 

Stoor, sb. store, stock, provision, Prompt., 
C, C2, C3, G; store, PP. Phr. : telle no 
store, set no store by, set no value upon, 
C— OF. estore (Bartsch). 

Stope, //. advanced, C ; stopen, CM, 
SkD (s. V. stef). — AS. stapen^ pp. of stapan 
(pt. stdp). 

Stor, sb. incense, S ; store, dat., S. — AS. 
stdr^ incense, storax ; Lat. storacem^ ace. oi 
storax (Vulg.), also styrax ; Gr. arvpa^, 

Stordy, adj. rash, reckless, S; see 

Store, adj. strong, powerfid, large, HD, 
Prompt. ; stoor, Prompt. — Icel. stJrr. 

Storonr, sb. restorer, S3. 

Stomen,//. //• died, C3 ; see Stemen. 

Stot, sb. stallion, bullock, stoat, SkD, SD ; 
caballusy Prompt., C ; stott, buculus, WA, 
Voc. ; stot, stoat, CM ; stotte, bullock, 
Cath., Palsg. ; stottis, pi., PP.— Cp. Icel. 
fttitry bull. 

Stonnde, sb. time, occasion, instant, 
period, S, S2, S3, C, C2, C3, G, PP ; sttind, 
S, S2 ; stunt, H ; stundum, dot, pi, as 


adv.y at times, H. Comb, : stonnd-mele, 
at times, S3.— AS. stund-. OS. stunda ; cp. 
OHG. stuntay * tempus, hora * (Tatian). 

Stomidexi, v, to be for a time ; crtonnd- 
ed,//. J., SD ; 8l;imd«n,/A ( = stnndedeu), 

Stoupen, V, to stoop, "W (John 20. 5), 
C3 ; stowpen, CM, HD.— AS. sttipian. 

StOQr, sb, conflict, commotion, agitation, 
S2, B, JD; Btowxe, S3; stonre, HD; 
stoures,//.,C2 ; stowres, S2.— OF.^j/<7«r, 
estor, <rj/«r (Roland) ; cp. Icel. styrr^ a stir, 
tumult, battle. 

Stonr, V. to move quickly,. JD ; stow- 
rand,/r./., S3. 

Stouth, sb. stealth,. S3.— Icel. stuldr.— 
Cf. Stelthe. 

Stovys, sb. pL vapours, S3 ; see Stew. 

Stowyn, V. to stow, bring together. 
Prompt. ; BtaTi8«,/r. j.,.S2 ; rtouwet,//., 
PP ; stawed, S2 ; staued,. S2 ; stewed, 
PP.— AS. sthvigan (OET). 

Stra, sb. straw, S ; see Btrawe. 

Straight (for Btralt},.^^*. close-fitting, 
tight, S3 ; see Streyt. 

Strain, v. to distrain, S3.— AF. des^- 
treindre ^pr. p. destreignanf). See Strey- 

Strand, sb. stream, torrent,. S2, S3, H ; 
■txonde, W2 ; stxynd, JD. 

Strande^ sb. bank, shore, "WA. 

Strang, adj. strong, S ; see Btronirtf- 

StrangelTn, v. to suffocate, Prompt. ; 
estrauirle, NED ; astrangle, NED, MD; 
astrajifireled, //., S2.— AF. estrangler\ 
Lat. strangulare^ of Gr. origin ; cp. arftay- 
ya\rj* halter. 

StrapeleSi fastenings of breeches, 
S; strapuls, Voc. ; strapUs, Cath.— AS. 
strapulas (Voc). 

Strate, sb. way, street, S ; see Strete. 

Stratly, adv. closely, S2 ; see Streyt. 

Strannge, adj. strange, foreign, C, 
Prompt. ; strange, C. — AF. estrange \ Lat. 

Strannge, v, to become strange ; 
strange)}, pr. s., S2 ; stranngid, //., HD. 

Strawe, sb. straw, Prompt. ; stra, S, 
Cath. ; stree, C, Prompt. Comb. : stran- 
beri, strawberry, SD ; strabery, Cath.; 
Strawbery-wy8e,strawberry plant,Prompt. ; 
straberi-wythe, Cath. — AS. striaWyStr^a; 
cp. Icel. strdf see Sievers, 250. 

Strayny, pr, s. subj. restrain, S2 ; see 



Stra3rn6S, sb. pi. escheats, goods of 
strangers dead without English-bom issue, 
and of bastards dead intestate, PP ; strey- 
ues, P. — Cp. OF. estrahUre (Godefroy), also 
estrayere (see Cotg.), Low Lat. estraeria : 
Late Lat. extrateria\ cp. extrates (Du- 
cange). For the v intrusive see Farvls. 

Strecchen, v. to stretch,. PP; streke, 
H ; strecohe on, to exert (one self), S2 ; 
streUs, pr. s., H ; strau^te, //. J., W ; 
streljte, W ; streljt, S2 ; streiBten, //., 
W ; strekid, H ; strekand,/r. /., Si, H ; 
8trel[yiiff,.S3 ; strekid, //.,.H ; strahte, 
//., S; strauiTbte, C— AS. streccan, pt. 
strehte, pp. streht. 

Stree, sb. straw, C ; see Btrawe. 

Strem, sb. stream, ray, beam, S, S2, C2, 
Voc; streem, C— AS. stream \ Icel. 
straumr-y see Douse, p. 61. 

Stren, sb. race, progeny, HD ; streen, 
C2 ; streones, pL, S. — AS* str^on, a get- 
ting, possession (Leo). 

Strend, sb. generation, S2 ; strinds,//., 
sons, children, WA.— AS. strynd, stock, race. 

Strenen, v. to get, beget, HD ; ae- 
strent^, pr. j., S ; i-streoned, pp., S ; 1- 
striened, S.: — AS. striofian, ge-strionan ; 
cp. OHG. {gi)strtuneny to gain (Tatian). 

Strenge, sb. string, S3, H (p. 367) ; 
Strynffe, Prompt. — AS. streng. 

Strengen, v. to strengthen, SD ; 
streuff, imp. s., S.^AS. strangian. See 

StrengSe, sb. strength, violence, S, S2 ; 
strenGlSe,S; strenlSe, S, S2 ; strengfthes, 
//., sources of strength, C2; strenthis, 
strong places, S3.— AS. strengHu. 

StrengSen, v. to strengthen, SD ; 
streng1$^ him, pr. s. reflex., S ; stren^rl^ 
}fed,pf. s.y S2 ; pp., S2 ; l-strengped, S. 

Strengtliy, adj. strong; strentUe, 
JD ; strenifhtM, H. 

Stxrenlcen, v. to sprinkle, S. 

Strenldl, v. to sprinkle about, H ; 
strenkelyn, Prompt. ; strenkle, S2 ; 
strinkle, HD ; strenkUd, pp., H. 

Strenkyl, sb. a sprinkling, a holy-water 
stick. Prompt. ; strenkle, HD ; strinkle, 
HD ; strenuoless,//., S. 

Streones, sb. pi. progeny, S; see Btren. 

Strepen, v. to strip, C2, CM ; streepe, 
C; strapen, S. — ^AS. strypan (in be- 

Strete, sb. way, street, PP, S ; strate, S ; 
stret, S.— AS. strJst: OS. strdta; Lat. 
strata {uia) ; see Sievers, 17. 



Streynen, v, to draw tight, C2, W, 

Wj, PF ; Btrayny, pr. s. sudj., S2. — AF. 
streign- base of streignant^ pr. p. of strein- 
dre {straindre) ; Lat. stringer e. 

Streyt, //• and a^^'. pressed tightly, 
narrow, strict, S2, C ; utreite, S3, C ; 
stradfiTlit, S3 ; strayte, //., S2 ; streyte, 
adv. closely, S2, C ; streitllolLe, S2 ; 
■tratly, S2 ; streatly, S3. — AF. estreit 
{estrait) ; Lat. sirictum. 

Strif, sb, strife, S; stryf, C— AF. 
estrif', of Teutonic origin ; see below. 

Strifen, v. to strive, S2 ; strsrvyn, 
Prompt. ; strof, pt. s., C. — OF. estriveri 
Prov. estribar ; OHG. stribhan ; cp. G. 
streben\ see Kluge (s. v.), and Mackel, 
Germ. Elemente. 

Strike, sb. hank of flax, C, HD. 

StrikeUy v. to strike, to rub, to let 
down, to advance, to move quickly, to 
flow, S2, SkD ; stryke, PP, Palsg. ; strok, 
pt. s., PP ; stroke, P, WW ; strake, S3, 
WW ; strook, Sh. ; strek, SkD ; strike, 
//., S ; strake, S2 ; strooke, S3 ; striked, 
pp., PP, WW ; striken, WW ; stricken, 
WW ; strooke, Sh. — AS. strican, pt. 
strdc (pi. stricon\ pp. stricen, 

Strogelen, v. to struggle, C3, SkD. 
Strogelynge, sb. struggling, Prompt. 
Stronde, sb. shore, strand. Prompt., S, 
C, C3, HD.— AS. strand. Cf. Strande. 

Stronde, sb. stream, torrent, W2 ; see 

Stronge, adj. strong, hard, severe. 
Prompt., S2 ; strong, S ; Strang-, S, S2 ; 
stronire, adv., S, G ; strengre, comp., S ; 
strengere, S, S2, W2 ; strenger, C2 ; 
strengeste, superL, S; strongest, G. — 
A.^, Strang, comp. strengor, superl. strengest. 

Strook, sb. stroke, C2. See Striken. 

Stroyen, v. to destroy, PP, G, S3; 
stmyen, P ; stroy, S2, Sh. ; stmen, pr. 
pi., PP ; stryede,//. j., S2. — AF. destruy- 
base of destruyant, pr. p. of destruire\ 
Late Lat. *destriigere\ formed on Lat. 
destructus, pp. oi desti'uere . 

Stmpen, v. to strip, S ; see Strepen. 

Stuard, sb. steward, S ; see Sty. 

Stubbe, sb, stump, tnmk, C ; stub, 

Stuccliey sb. piece, S ; steche, S. — AS. 
stycce : OHG. stuki (Tatian). 

Stnde, sb. place, S ; see Stede. 
StueSy sb. pi. stews, baths, brothels, P ; 
see Stewe. 


Stnud, sb. time, occasion, period, in- 
stant, S ; see Stonnde. 

Stunt, adj. blunt, not sharp, obtuse, 
foolish, SD, HD, SkD; stnntllo, adv., 
foolishly, SD. Der. : stuntnesse, foolish- 
ness, SD. — Cp. OS wed. stunt, cut short. 

Sturdy, adj. obstinate, stem, cruel, 
rash. Prompt, C2 ; stordy, CM, S ; stonrdy, 
SD. — OF. estourdi, amazed, rash (Cotg.), 
estordi, pp. of estordir\ from Lat. turduSy 
a thrush ; see Forster, ZRP, x. 84. 

Stnrdynesse, sb. sternness, disobe- 
dience. Prompt., C2. 

Sturioxm, sb. sturgeon, S2, HD. — AF. 
sturioun \ Low Lat. stuHonem\ from OHG. 

Stume, Stnm-liede ; see steme. 

Stnmen, pt. pi. died, S ; see Steraen. 

Sty, sb. path, S2, Prompt. ; stiiflie, 
dot., H ; stlghes, //., H ; stlhes, S2 ; 
sties, S2 ; styes, H ; steghes, H. — AS. 
stig. See Stlen. 

Sty, sb. sty, porcarium, Prompt Comb. : 
sty-ward, steward, senescallus. Prompt., 
C2, C3 ; stlward, S, C ; steward, PP ; 
stnward, P ; stnard, S. — AS. stigu^ a sty, 
whence stigweard. 

Styf, adj. stiff, strong, violent, PP, 82 ; 
stlf, S, S2, PP; steef, W2 ; stef, PP. 
Der. : stef-hede, sturdiness, S2. — AS. stlf\ 
see SkD. 

Styk, pt. s. mounted, S2 ; see Stlen. 
• Sl^rnten, v. to stint, cease, pause, PP, 
S2, H; stlnten, C2, C3, S2, S ; stnnten, 
PP ; stente, C2, S3 ; pt. s., C2 ; stint, 82 ; 
stynted, pi., S3 ; Stent, //., C. — AS. 
styntan, to make short. See Stunt. 

Sty-rop, stirrup. Prompt., G; stirop, 
S, C2 ; stlroppe, S3. — AS. stig-rdp (Voc). 
See Stlen. 

Su- ; see also Sw-.. 

Sua, so, as, 8,82; see Swa. 

Sual, sb. swell (as of the sea), H. See 

Soank, pt. pi. toiled, 82 ; see Swlnken. 

Sublymatorie, sb. vessels for subli- 
mation, C3. — Late Lat. sublimatorium. 

Snblymeily v. to sublimate, C3. — Lat. 

Sublyming, sb. sublimation, C3. 

SucciniSf sb, amber, 82. — From Lat. 
succinum (^Voc). 

Sudarief sb. napkin, W ; sndary, HD. 
— Lat. sudarium (Vulg.). 

Sudekenei sb. sub-deacon, HD. 



Sudene, sb. sub-dean, PP ; snddene^PP. 
Snein, sb, servant, S2 ; see Sweyn. 

Suen, V. to follow, attend on, persecute, 
PP. W, W2, S3, S3; suwen. S2, W, PP; 
sewen, PP, S2, C ; swe, S3, W. — OF. siw-y 
pr. p. base of sivre : Late Lat. s^quere (for 
Lat. sequt) ; see BH, § 32. 

Suencten, pt. pi, afflicted, S; see 

Suere, sb. follower, W. 
SnfELsance, sb. sufficiency, Ca. — AF. 

Suffisant, adj, sufficient, S2, C2, C3.— 
AF. suffisant. 

Snf&agfane, sb, assistant, deputy, prop- 
erly of a bishop, S3. — Late 'L^X.-sufff-aganeus. 

SufEraunce, sb. endurance, patience, 
C2 ; sofl^Tuioe, PP ; suffrauce, P. — AF. 


SnfEren, v. to suffer, Ca, PP; snfEU, 
S ; soffren, PP.— OF. stiffrir. 

Sufrayn ; see Souereyu. 

Suget, sb. subject, H (p. 361).— AF. 
5uget\ L,2it. subiectum. 

Sugetin, v. to subject ; suffetlde, //. s., 
W ; snffet, //., W, W2. 

Sagge, 2 pr. s. subj. say, S ; see Segsren. 

STLggestionHy sb, criminal charge, 
reason, P, C2. — AF. suggestioun ; Lat. 

Snhien, v. to sough, sound harsh ; sn- 
hiende, pr. p. pi., S (9. 336) ; sninde, S.— 
From AS. swSgan. See Swoweu. 

Suik, sb. deceit, S2 ; see Swike. 

Suld, should ; see Scholde. 

Snlf, self. S ; see Self. 

Snlien, v. to bemire, to sully, SkD, SD ; 
y-STOled, pp., S3.— AS. sylian: OHG. 
sultan (in bi-sulian), see Grein, p. 95 ; cp. 
AS. sol, mire (Voc). 

Sullen, V, to sell, S, S2 ; see SeUen. 
Suller, sb. seller, S2 ; see Seller. 
SuUiche, adv. strangely, S ; see Sellloh. 
Suluer, sb. silver, S2 ; see Silner. 

Sul^art, adj. (perhaps) bright, shining, 
S3. — (Cf. Gael, soilleir, bright, shining, 
O.Irish sollus, bright.— W.W.S.) 

Snl^e, sb. soil, earth, S3 ; soyle. Prompt. 
Comb.', snle erthe, soil, Prompt. — AF. 
soyl ; Late Lat. solea used for Lat. solum, 
ground, see Ducange. 

Smn, adj. and pron. some, a certain one, 
S ; som, S2 ; snmere, dot., S ; stixne, pL, 
S. Comb. : smne we, some of us, S ; aUe | 



and some, one and all, S2 ; snxii .... sum, 
one .... one, S ; suxu-cliere, some time, S ; 
sumdel, something, S, S2 ; somdel, S2, 
C2 ; sumdeale, S3 ; sumdelll, S3 ; snm- 
deel, W2 ; some dele, P ; snmhwet, 
somewhat, S ; somwat, S2 ; snmme- 
hwile, for some time, S ; snmewile, some- 
times, S ; sumwUe. formerly, S ; somtym, 
sometimes, C3; snmmes-weis, in some 
wise, S. 

Suxn, conj. as. Comb. : swa snmm, so as, S. 

Smuer, sb. summer, S ; see Somer. 

SunilUldis, pr. s. summonses, H ; see 

Sund, adj. sound, S ; sound, PP. — AS. 
{ge)sund; cp. O^O. gi-sunt (Otfrid). 

Sunder, adv. apart; sonder,S2. Comb.: 
suxider-t>leo, diverse colour, SD ; sunder- 
hal^e, Pharisee, SD ; snnder-llclie, sepa- 
rately, S ; snndlrly, severally, H ; snn- 
der-lipes, severally, SD; snnder-lepes, S ; 
sunder-llniT* separately, SD. Der. : snn- 
dren, to separate, S; i-snndred, ^., S; 
sundri, separate, S ; sondry, C2. 

Snnegen, v. to sin, S; slne^en, S; 
sungi^, pi., S ; suneg-eden, //. //., S ; 
slnegeden, S ; sene^den, S ; seneaeden, 
S ; sinewed, pp., S ; i-suneffed, S. — AS. 
syngiati'j cp. Icel. syndga. 

Snnen, v. to sound, 1^ ; see Sonnen. 

Sungen, //. pi. sang, S ; see Syngen. 

Snnne, sb. sun, S, S2 ; see Sonne. 

Snnne, sb. sin, S, S2, PP; senne, S; 
sinne, S ; synne, PP ; aenne, S2 ; snnnen, 
pi., S ; sennenn, S ; sinne, S ; aennen, 
S2. Comb.', sun-bend, sin- bond, S; 
slnne-bendes, //., S : snn-bote, penance, 
S ; sinbote, S ; snnfnl, sinful, S ; sen- 
fulle, S ; sinfhle, S. — AS. synn : OS. 
sundea ; cp. OHG. sunia (Tatian). 

Suor, pt. t. of Sweren, q. v. 

Sup, V. to sup, drink gradually, eat 
supper, S3 ; soop, pt. j., W ; sopnu, //., 
W; sope, W. — AS. supan, pt. seap ^pl. 
supon)^ pp. sopen. Cf. Sonpen. 

Superflne, odj. superfluous, HD ; 
superfluli, adv., W2. — OF. superflu 
(Cotg.); Lat superfluum, 

Supplexnenty sb. new piece, patch, Sa. 
— Lat. supplementum. 

Supposinge, sb. supposition, Ca. 

SnppOSSy conj. supposing, although, S3. 

Snpprioure, sb. sub-prior, p. 

Snr, sb. shower; sures, pL, S; see 




Snr, adj. sour, S ; see Sour. 

Sure, adj, sure, PP. — AF. seur\ Lat. 

Snren, v. to give security to, PP, S3. 

Surety, sb, surety; seurtee, C3, S2 ; 
seurte, C; souerte, S3. — AF. seurte\ 
Lat. securiiatem. 

Surfidt, sb, surfeit, excess, P ; suxfet, 
PP. — AF. surfaiif surfetf outrage, annoy- 

Snrplys, sb. surplice, Cz.— OF. surpiis ; 
Late Lat. super pelliceum. 

Surquidry, sb. pride, arrogance, WA ; 
surquedxy, ND, Spenser 2 ; surqnidrle, 
CM ; suocudxy, B. — OF. surcuideriey from 
surcuider ; Lat. super + cogitare^ to think. 

Surryey sb. Syria, S2. 

Surryen, adj. Syrian, S2. 

Sll8pe€t, sb. suspicion, C2,.HD. — Late 
Lat. suspectuSf suspicion (Ducange). 

Suspect, adj. open to suspicion, C2. — 
Lat. suspectusy pp. of suspicere, to suspect. 

Sustene, v. to sustain, C2 ; susteene, 
C3 ; snsteyne, PP ; snstened, pp., C2 ; 
i-8U8teined, S2 ; i-sousteiued, S2. — AF. 

sustener, OF. sostenir ; Lat. sustinere. 

Suster, sb. sister, S, C2, C3, PP; sostar, 
S2 ; snstre, P ; sustren, //., S, P ; sos- 
tren, S2 ; sostren, S2 ; slstren, C ; 
siBtris, W. — AS. swustery sweostor\ cp. 
Goth, swistar (Icel. systir), cognate with 
Lat. soror (for *sosor), Skt. svasr. On the 
Teutonic intrusive t see Douse, p. 61. 

Sute, sb. suit of clothes, clothing of 
human flesh, also train, suite, PP, Cath., 
Prompt. — AF. suyte ; from suivre, sivre, to 
follow. See Suen. 

Sutely adj. manifest, SD; sntellolie, 

adv. plainly, S. — AS. sweotol {swutol), see 
OET; from sweot, an assembly; cp. Icel. 

Suteli, adv. subtly, W ; see Botyle. 

Sntelin, v. to be manifest, S. — AS. 
( ge^sweotulian. 

SuS, adj. south, S ; see Bowtl&e. 

Sll])e, adv. very, S ; see Bwitlie. 

Sa]>])ey afterwards, since, S, S2; see 

Suthroun, adj. southern, S3; see Bowth- 

Sunxiy sb. a swoon, S2 ; see Bwowne. 
Suwed,^. followed, S2 ; see Buen. 
Swa, adv. and conj. so, as, S, S2 ; swo, 
S ; Ba, S, S2 ; so, S, S2 ; se, S ; sua, S, S2 ; 

Buo, S2. Comb. : se-fozK, so far, S ; so- 
ffat, in such a way, S2. — AS. swd. 
Swai^e, V, to assuage, diminish, W, Wa, 
H. S3. See Aswairen. 

Swaliden, //. //. dried up, W ; see 

Swamisll, adj. timorous, inaudaculusy 
Manip. See Bwaem. 

Swappe, sb. a stroke, HD. 

Swappeily V. to strike, slash, to fall 
suddenly, Ci ; swap, imp. s., C3 ; swapte, 
pf. s.y C2 ; //., S3. 

Swarde, sb. covering, skin, turfy surface, 
sward, Prompt; swarth, Cath. («. p. 373); 
swaxthe, HD ; swart, HD ; sweard, HD. 
Der. : swardit, pp., grass-covered, S3. — 
AS, sweard, skin (Voc) ; cp. Icel. svortfr 
(base svarSa-), skin of the head, also the 
sward, surface of the earth. 

Sware, adj. square, S2 ; see Bqware. 

Swart, adj. black, S, HD ; swarte, S. 
— AS. swear t\ OS. swart; cp. OHG. 
suarz (Tatian). 

Swarve, v. to swerve, S3 ; see Bwemen. 

Swat ; see Bwot. 

Swatte, Swat ; see Bweten. 

Swe, V. to folio <v, S3 ; see Buexu 

Sweande ; see Bweyen. 

Sweeu, sb, a swoon, trance, grief. 
Prompt., SkD (s.v. squeamish) ; sweam, 
' subita aegrotatio,* SkD ; swaiu, Prompt. 
(») ; swem, S ; swexne, SkD, HD ; snine, 
S2. — Icel. sveimr, a bustle, stir. 

Sweigllf sb. sway, motion, S2, C3. See 

Swele, V. to wa^, S2 ; see Bwilien. 

Swelen, v. to sweal, 'to waste away 
under the action of fire, SkD,Trevisa, 3. 325 ; 
swale, HD ; swaliden, pt. pi., dried up, 
W. — AS. swilan ; from swSl^ heat (OET). 

Swellen, v. to swell ; swal, //. s., S, 
S2, C2, PP; swoUen, pp., C2.— AS. 
swellan, pt. sweall, pp. swollen. 

Swelten, v. to faint, to die, PP; swalt, 
//. s., SD ; swulten,//., SD ; swelte, pt. 
s. {weak), C, HD. — AS. sweltan, to die, pt. 
swealt (pi. swulton) ; cp. Icel. svelta. 

Sweltexiy V. to destroy, to cause to 
perish, S2 ; swelt,//., SD. — Icel. svelta,\o 
put to death (causal of the above). 

Swelth, sb. offscouring, filth, S3, HD, 
ND. See Bwllian. 

Swelwen, v, to swallow, C2; see 

SweUy sb. a grief, S ; see Bweem. 




Swencliexi, v, to distress, afflict, S ; 
■uencten, //.//., S; i-sweclite, //., S. — 
AS. swencan (causal of swincan)^ See 

Sweore, sb, neck, S ; see Bwere. 

Sweote, adj sweet, S ; see Bwete. 

Swep, sh. drift, meaning, S. See Bwopen. 

Swepe, sb. whip, SD ; swepen, //., S ; 
Bwupen, S ; swepes, S. 

Swepen, v. to sweep, SkD ; y-sweped, 
pp,^ C3. See Swopen. 

Swerde» sb. sword, Prompt., PP; swerd, 
PP, S, C2 ; Bweord, S ; suerd, S, S2 ; 
znord, S2. — AS. sweord\ OS. swerd \ cp. 
OHG. swert (Tatian). 

Swere, sb, neck, S; sweere, G; see 

Sweren, v. to swear, S, Sa, Ca ; swe- 
rien, S ; sueren, S ; swor, //. j-., S : suor, 
S, Sa ; Bwaxe, Sa ; sweren, //., S ; 
Bworen, S, Ca ; suoren, S ; suore, Sa ; 
sworen,//., S; swore, Ca, G; y-swore, 
Sa, Ca ; i-suoxe, Sa. — AS. sweriaity pt. 
swSry pp. sworen. 

Swering, sb. swearing, C3. 

Swemen, v. to swerve, SkD ; swarve, 
S3 ; Biianiing, pr. /., S3 ; swaraed, ^., 
S3. — AS. sweorfan^ to rub, pt. swearfy pp. 

Swete, adj. sweet, S, C ; sweote, S 
Buete, S, Sa ; suote, Sa ; sote, Ca, C3 
Bwete, adv., S ; swote, S, C ; soote, S3 
soot, S3; Bwettere, comp.y Wa ; Bwete- 
llclie, adv.^ sweetly, S ; swetllke, S ; swet- 
terly, comp. more sweetly, H. Der. : 
Bwetnesse, sweetness, S ; swotneBse, S. — 
AS. swete: OS. swoti; cp. OHG. suozi 

Sweten, v. to make sweet, S. — AS. 

Sweten, v. to sweat, S, P ; Bwatte, pt. 
s.y S, Ca, C3, Wa ; swatteB, a //. j., S ; 
mwtktypl., S3. — AS. swikktHy pt. svxktte. See 

Sweuen, sb. dream, S, Ca; sweuene, 
S, Sa, P, W ; BwefixeB, //., S. — AS. swefen : 
OS. sweban. 

Sweuenen, v. to dream, SD. 

Sweuening, sb. dreaming, S, Sa. 

Sweuien, v, to send to sleep ; BweudS, 
pr. s.y S. — Icel. SDefjay to lull to sleep. 

Sweyen, v. to sway, to go, walk, pass, 
SkD, HD ; swel^en, SD ; Sweden, SkD ; 
Bweande, pr. p., Sa ; awe, pr, pl.y Sa ; 
Myedy pp., Sa. — Cp. Swed. sviga, to bend. 

Sweyen, v. to sound, PP ; swelen, S. 
— AS. sw^gan (causal of swdgan). See 

Sweyne, sb. servant, armigery Prompt., 
S ; swayn, Ca, G ; Bweln, S ; sueyu, S ; 
Bueln, Sa. — Icel. sveinUy a boy, lad, ser- 
vant ; cp. AS. swan. 

Swi-y prefix y silent. Comb. : Bwl-dages, 
still days, days of silence, S ; swl-meBBe, 
the Canon of the Mass, the silent Mass, 
S; Bwl-wlke, the still week, SD.— AS. 
swigey silence. 

Swien, v. to be silent ; fSTriig^y pr. s., 
S ; Bwlede, //. j., S. — AS. swiany swigian ; 
cp. OHG. suiigin (Tatian). 

Swiere, sb. neck, S ; see Swire. 

Swi^e, sb. traitor, deceiver, S ; Bolkes, 
//., S. — AS. swica. 

Swike, sb. mouse-trap, S ; swyke, Voc. ; 
snik, deceit, Sa. — AS. swicey * scandalum* 

Swike, adj. deceitful, SD. Comb. : 
swikedoxa, treachery, S, Sa ; Bnikedom, 
Sa ; Bwloftil, treacherous, S ; swlkfall, 
H. — AS. swice. 

Swikel, adj. treacherous, S, H ; sikU, 
H ; Bwikilly, adv.y H. Comb. : swikel- 
dom, treachery, S; swikeldome, Sa ; 
Bwlkelliede, treachery, S ; Bwlkelede, S ; 
Bulkelliede, Sa. — AS. swicol. 

Swiken, v. to cease, fail, deceive, S ; 
Bwyken, H; Bnyken, pt. pl.y S.— AS. 
sxvicafiy pt. swdc (pi. swicon), pp. swicen. 

Swilien, v. to wash, SkD ; Bwele, Sa. 
— AS. swilian. 

Swilk, adj. such, H, S ; see Swyche. 
Swin, sb. pig, porcus, SD ; Bwyne, Voc; 
//., S. — AS. swin. 

Swinden, v. to perish, dwindle away, S; 
Bwynde, S. — AS. swindan, pt. swand (pi. 
swundon)y pp. swunden. 

Swing, sb. bias, inclination, sway, HD ; 
free course of behaviour, S3; Bwlnge, 
sway, S3. 

Swingen, v. to swing, beat, whip, 
scourge ; swyniren, H ; swnngen, pp.y S ; 
Bwongen, H ; swongyn, H. — AS. swtngany 
pt. swang (^pl. swt4ngon)y pp. swungen. 

Swink, sb. toil, S, C3; Bwynk, Sa; 
Bwlnc, S ; Bnino, S ; swlncli, S; swnnolie, 
S. — AS. {ge)swinc. 

Swinken, v. to toil, S, C3,ND; swynke, 

Sa, C ; Bwlnoke, S3 ; Bwauo, //. j.. S ; 

Bwono, S; Bwnnken, pl.y S; Bwonken, 

Sa; Buank, Sa. — ^AS. swindan, pt. swanc 

, (pi. swunc(m)y pp. swuncen. 




Swinkere, sb. labourer, C. 
Swippen, v. to move violently ; swlpte, 
pt. s.y tossed, S. — AS. swipian. 

Swire, sb. neck, CM ; swyre, S2, HD ; 
sweore, S ; swere, S ; sweere, G; swiere 
S ; Bwyer, HD. — AS. sweora. 

Swirk, V. to dart swiftly away, S3. 

Swirk, sb. a jerk, a blow, HD. 

Switke, adv. very, greatly, much, quick- 
ly, S, S2, P, W, G ; Bwytlie, S, S2, C3 ; 
swu'Se, S ; suiSe, S, S2 ; snySe, S, S2 ; 
BUpe, S ; Bwltli, S2 ; BwtiSeliclie, exceed- 
ingly, S. — AS. switie, adv. from swlSy 
strong : Goth, swinths. 

SwiVen, v. to scorch^ bum, SD; BwldcA^, 
pr. S.J S. — Icel. sv^da. 

Swo, so, as, S ; see Swa. 

SwoSfli, sb. a swoon ; see SwouiTli- 

Swolowe, sb. gulf, W2. 

Swolowen, v. to swallow, W2 ; Bwol- 
wen, C3 ; swelwen, C2, Prompt. ; swol- 
g-en, //., S ; l-Bwol^e, S ; Bwolewid, //. s. 
weak, W2. — From AS. swelgan^ pt. swealh 
(pi. swulgon\ pp. swolgen. 

Swougeiltpp. beaten, H ; see Swingen. 

Swonken, //. //. toiled (to get), S2 j 
see Swinken. 

Swopen, V. to sweep, cleanse, S2, PP, 
HD, SkD (s.v. swoop). — AS. swdpan, pt. 
swiop, pp. swdpen. 

Swor, pt. t. of Sweren, q. v. 

Swot, sb, sweat, PP, W; swat, S; 
swote, dat.j C3. — AS. swdt. 

Swote, odj. sweet, S, C ; see Swete. 

Swoucb., V. to make a rustling sound, 
S3. — AS. swdgan. See Swowen. 

Swougli, sb. the sound of the wind, a 
sighing, swoon, C, C2, CM, HD ; Bwoffh, 
S3, HD ; Bwowe, S2, HD. See above. 

Swowe, sb. swoon, S2 ; see Swouffh. 

Swowen, v. to faint, swoon, PP ; 1- 
swoae, pp.j S ; y-Bwo^e, S. — AS. swdgan, 
to make a noise like the wind, to sough, 
sigh. Cf. Swoucli, Swouffli, Buhien. 

Swowne, sb. swoon ; Bowne, S3 ; Bunn, 
S2 ; Bwownde, HD ; Bonnd, S3. 

Swownen, v. to swoon, C, C2, C3, 

Prompt., Cath. ; Bwoune, PP. 

Swrmche, sb. toil, S ; see Swink. 

Swimgen, pp. beaten, scourged, S; 
see Swingren. 

Swunken, pL pL worked, toiled, S ; 
see Swinken. 

Swnpen, //. whips, scourges, S; see 

SwnSe, adv. Yery, quickly, S; see 

Swydie, adj. such, PP, S2 ; Bwiche, S, 
C2, PP ; swncli, S ; Bnioh, S2 ; soolie, S ; 
znyclie, S2 ; slolie, W ; Bwice, S ; 
Bwnlche, S ; swllcli, S ; Bwnlc, S ; swilo, 
S ; Bwllk, H, S ; suUc, S ; suilk, S, S2 ; 
Bile, S2; Bike, S3. — AS. swt/c (=swd + 

Swymbel, sb. a giddy motion, C— Cp. 
Dan. svimmelf giddiness. 

Swyme, sb. dizziness, vertigo, HD 
(s. V. swime), SkD (s. v. swim, 2) ; swym, 
SkD. — AS. sw ma ; see SkD (s.v. squeam- 

Sy, sb. victory, S ; see Slje. 

Syde, adj, and adv. wide, long, far, 
Cath. ; Bide, S, PP, S2, Cotg. (s.v. robon) ; 
syd, Prompt, {n) ; Byyd, Prompt. ; cyyd, 
Prompt. ; Bydder, comp., P. — AS. sid^ 
wide, sidcy far. 

Syen, pt. pi. saw ; see Seen. 

Syke, sb. sigh, C ; syk, C2 ; Beyeh, S3. 

Syken, v. to sigh, C, C3, PP ; Biken, S, 
S2, PP; syfifhte, //. j., C3 ; sloM, S3; 
Bykede, PP ; Byked, C2 ; si^ede, S3. — AS. 

Syxnent, sb. cement, MD; cyment, 
MD. — OF. ciment\ Lat. caementum\ see 
BH, § 39. 

Ssrniented, ;^. cemented, S2. 
SsmiTllacris, sb. pi. images, idols, W ; 
Bimylacris, W ; BymelacriB, W. — ^Lat. 

simulacrum (Vulg.). 

Syn, since, S2, S3 ; see Bti^Sen. 

Synewe, sb. sinew, Prompt. ; Bynow, 
Voc. ; Bynoffhe, S2.— AS. sinu (gen. 
sinwe)y see Sievers, 259. 

Syng, sb. sign, S3 ; Bingne, W ; sysme, 
PP ; sififne, PP. — AF. signe ; Lat. signum, 

Syn^abil, adj. pi. things to sing (= Lat. 
cantabtles), H. 

Syngen, v. to sing, PP ; sinffen, S ; 
Bongf, pt. J., S, S3, C2 ; //., S3 ; Bonge, 
S3 ; Bungen,//., S ; Bunge,//., S; Bonge, 
C2. — AS. singan. 

Syxignler, adj. sole, alone, excelling 
all, PP ; Binguler, S2, C3, W2 ; relating 
to one person, S3 ; sinfirnlare, individual, S3 ; 
Bynfirnlerli, only, W2. — Lat. singularis. 

Synnamome, sb. cinnamon, S3 ; oyna- 
mome, MD ; Bynamome, MD : Bynamon, 

MD. — OF. cinamomey Lat. cinnamomum^ 
(VuJg. ; Gr. Kivpi^mnov ; Heb. qinndmon. 


Synopyr, sb. a pigment of reddish and 
greenish colour, Prompt. ; synopar, S3 ; 
cynoper, MD ; oinoper, ND ; cyuope, 

green, in heraldry, SkD (s.v. sinople). — Cp. 
OF. sinople^ green colour in blazon (Cotg.), 
also sinope ; Late Lat. sinopidem, red ochre ; 
from Gr. aivomis, b. red earth ; from ^ivwTrrjy 
Sinope, a port on the Black Sea. 

Syon, sb. scion, a cutting for grafting, a 
young shoot, S3, Palsg. ; oyun. Prompt. ; 
don, SkD ; sionn, SCT; sionxis, //., 
branches { = L.?ii. palmites), W2. — OF. cion. 



Sympe, sb. syrup, Cath. ; sirop, SkD ; 
Boryp, Prompt. ; seroppes, //. syrups, S3. 
— OF. syrop (Cotg.) ; Arab, shurdb, syrup, 
a beverage. 

Sytlie, sb. scythe, PP, Voc, Prompt.; 
BitHe, P.— AS. sWe (Voc), sigdi (OET) ; 
cp. Icel. sigtir. 

S3ni>®f ^^' sieve, C3, Prompt. — AS. sifc 
(Voc), sibi (OET), see Sievers, 262. 

Sy^en, pt. pi. saw ; see Seon. 

Sy^t, sb. sight, S2 ; see Sighte. 

Ta-, Te-. 

Ta, v. to take, S2, S3 ; see Take. 
Taa. Comb. : the taa, the one, HD. 
Taa* sb. toe, S2 ; see Too. 

Tabard, sb. a short coat or mantle, 
usually sleeveless, formerly worn by plough- 
men, noblemen, and heralds, now by heralds 
only, HD, SkD, C ; taDart, S2, PP ; taD- 
ar de, PP, Vcc; tahbard, collobium ,Prompt. ; 
tahexd, Voc. ; taherde, Voc. ; tahare, 
Voc— OF. tabard^ tabart, also tabarre 
(Cotg.) ; cp. It. tabarro. 

Tabarder, sb. a name for scholars at 
Queen's College, Oxford, ND. 

Tabernacle, sb. a place in which some 
holy thing is deposited, WA; tabernacles, 
//., niches of a lofty cross, S3 ; ornamental 
niches, HD ; shrines, S3 (i. 181). — Lat. 
tabernacu/um {Yulg.) ; cp. OF. tabernacle 

Table, sb. in palmistry, a space between 
certain lines on the hand, HD ; tables, //., 
a game, now called backgammon, CM. See 

Tabour, sb. a small drum, SkD ; tabur, 
WA ; taber, Voc. — OF. tabor, thabour. 

Tabnme, sb. a drum, tympanum^ WA, 
Voc, Cath. ; tabum, H. 

Tabnmer, sb. a player on the tabor, 
timpanista, Cath.; tB^eruetytimpanizator^ 

TabnmyErtir, sb. female tabor player 
(^ = tympanistrta), H. 

Tacb.e, sb. a mark, sign, quality, stain, 
blemish, fault, HD ; tacche, HD ; tacclies, 
pl.y PP ; tacoUs, HD ; tecbes, S2. Der. : 
tacbed,//., tainted, stained ; tacbyd, PP. 
• — OF. tacAe, tecke, and OF. tocher, to spot, 
to stain. 

Tacb.e, sb. a clasp, brooch ,yf3///(2, Cath. 
(«), Voc. Cf. Takke. 

Tachen, v. to fasten, Cath. (»). Cf. 

Tacne, sb. token, S ; see Tokne. 
Tacnen, v. to betoken, S ; takened,//., 
S2 — AS. {ge)tdcnian. 

Tade, sb. toad, bufo, Voc, Cath., S2 ; 
tadde, S. Comb. : tadde-cbese, tubcra, 
Voc. ; tadde-pol, bfucus^ Voc ; tadpolle, 
lumbricusy Voc. ; tade-stole, boletus , fun- 
gusy Cath. — Cp. AS. tddige (Jddie). 

Taffata, sb. a thin glossy silk stuff, C, 
WA, Cotg. ; tafata, Palsg. ; taffaty, HD. 
— Low Lat. taffata (Ducange); cp. OF. 
taffetas (Cotg.). 

Tabte, Tagte, pt. s. of Tecben. 

Tai, they, S ; see pel. 

Taille, sb. a tally, an account scored on 
a piece of wood, C, P ; taile, CM, P ; 
tayle, Cath., Prompt. ; taiy. Prompt. — OF. 
taille y a cut, a notch, a tally (Cotg.), from 
taillery to cut. 

Taillour, J^. tailor, S2, PP ; taylesour, 
Voc ; tayl^or, Voc. ; taylours, PP. — AF. 
taillour. See above. 

Takel, sb. implement, tackle, arrow, C, 
SkD ; tacle. Prompt. ; takll, B. Der, : 
takild, pp.y caught, seized, H. — Cp. Du. 

Taken, v. to take, to deliver, yield up, 
hand over, to hit, reflex, y to betake oneself, 
S, S2, S3, G, PP, W ; tsBcen, S ; ta, S2, 
S3, B ; too, pt. s.y S ; tok, S, S2 ; tnk, S3 ; 
toke, 2 //. s.y S ; token, //., S, W2 ; taken, 
//., S3 ; take, S2, C, C2 ; y-take, S2, C2 ; 
1-take^ S ; tane, S2, S3 ; tan, S2. Phr.i 
taken witb, to endure^ accept^ S ; t^Jcesi 



to, to take to, S (s, v. tok) ; taken kep«, to 
take heed, C2 ; taken tome, to vacate, H. 
— Icel. taka. 

Taken, sb, token, S2 ; see Tokne. 
Taking, sb. snare ; takyng-, W2. 

Takke, <r^. button, clasp, Prompt Cf. 

Takken, v. to fasten, to sew together. 
Prompt. Cf. Taolien. 

Takning, sb. signification, Sa; see 

Tal, adj. seemly, Prompt. 

Talde, //. s. of TeUen. 

Tale, sb. account, reckoning, tale, narra- 
tive, talk, the gospel narrative, S, S2, C2, 
PP. Comb. : tale-tellonr, tale-bearer, PP; 
tale-wys, slanderous, PP ; tal-wls, PP. — 

AS. /a/«, * numerus, narratio'; cp. OHG. 
zala 'numerus' (Tatian). 

Talen, v. to speak, C, S2.— AS. talian, 
to reckon (Grein). 

Talent, sb. desire, inclination, appetite, 
B, Prompt., C3, HD.— OF. talent, desire 
(BH) ; Late Lat. taUntum (Ducange). 

Talvace, sb. a kind of buckler or shield, 
HD; talvas, HD.— OF. ialevas, talvas 
(Ducange), also tallevas (Cotg.j ; cp. Low 
Lat. talavacitis (Ducange). 

Talyage, sb. a taxing. Prompt, (s. v. 
taske) ; tallagre, flavour, S3 ; talagre, HD. 
— Low Lat. talliagium, a taxing, testing 
public weights and measures (Ducange). 

Tan,//, taken, S2 ; see Take. 

Tancrit, adj. transcribed; taucrete, S3. 
— OF. tancrit \ Lat. transcriptum (Du- 

Tang, sb. sea-weed, SkD, JD. Comb. : 
tang-fish, the seal, JD.— Icel./fl«^. 

Tangle, sb. sea-weed, HD, JD.— Icel. 


Tangle, v. to twist confusedly ; tangeU, 
Palsg. ; tanglld,//., ensnared, H (p. 149). 

Tapecer, sb. a maker of tapestry. 
Prompt. ; tapicer, C ; tapesere. Prompt. 
— OF. tapissier, from tapis, tapiz ; Late Gr. 
Taviriov, for rair^Tiov. Cf. Tapet. 

Tapecerye, sb. tapestry, HD.— OF. 

Tapet, sb. cloth, hangings, tapestry. 
Prompt., ND ; tappet, HD ; taplte, S3 ; 
tapyt, Voc. ; tapett, Cath. ; tapetis, //. 
(=Lat. tapetgs), W2 ; tapltes, HD; ta- 
pets, S3. Der.: taplter, a maker of 
tapestry, HD.— Lat. tapete, from Gr. rair^- 
Ttov. Cf. Tapeoer. 


Tapinage, sb. secret sculking, HD. — 
OF. tapinage (Ducange) ; cp. tapir, to hide 

TapisS3rnge, sb. hangings, H. 

Tappe, sb. a tap, dipsidra. Prompt. ; 
teppe, SD. Comb.: tap-tre, dipsidra^ 
HD.Cath. ^ 

Tappestere, sb. a female tapster, C ; 
tapstare, propinaria. Prompt. 

Tarette, sb. ship of heavy burden, S2. 
— ^Low Lat. tareta, also tarida (Ducange) ; 
cp. OF. taride. 

Targe, sb. a charter, Prompt. 

Targe, sb. a small shield, C, S2, Voc. — 
OF. targe (BH) ; cp. targue (Cotg.). 

Target, sb. a small targe, Prompt. ; 
targfett, Voc; ter^ate, S3; targattes, 
//., SkD.— Low Lat. targeta ; cp. It. tar- 
ghetta (Florio). . 

Tarien, v. to delay, to hinder, Ca ; to 
tarry, W2, S3 ; see Terlen. 

Tame, sb. a girl, HD.— Icel. pema ; cp. 
OHG. thiama (Otfrid) ; see Kluge (s. v. 
dime). See peme. 

Tame, sb. a tam ; see Teme. 

Tas, sb. heap, C; taas, C; tasse, 
Prompt., HD.— OF. tas, stack, heap ^H) ; 
cp. Du. tas. Low Lat. tassis (Voc), tasstis 

Taske, sb. a taxmg, Prompt. ; a task, 
HD, Palsg.— Cp. Late Lat. tasca for taxa, 
a tax. See Tazen. 

Tasker, sb. a thrasher, Voc, HD ; 
taskar, B; tasknr, Bardsley. 

Tassel, sb. male hawk ; see TerceL 
Tast, sb. taste, S3, PP ; taast. Prompt. 
Tasten, v. to feel, touch, kiss, taste, 
C3, PP ; taasten. Prompt. ; tast, //. j., 
probed, HD. — OF. taster, to feel by touch, 
to taste (F. t&ter) ; Late Lat. *taxitarey 
frequent, of Lat. taxare, to handle. 

Tatter, a shred, loose-hanging rag, a 
ragged person, ND, SkD; totters, //., 
rags, Sh. Der. : tatered, adj., jagged, S3. 
—Icel. totturr (for tolturr), toturr. 

Tanny, adj. tawny, P ; tanny, Prompt. 
— AF. taune, OF. tanne, tawny, tanned, pp. 
of taner, to tan (BH). 

Tavel, sb. the game of * tables,' back- 
gammon, SD. Comb, : tssrel-bred, back- 
gammon-board, SD.— AS. tcefdy *alea' 
(Voc.) ; Lat. tabula. See TaUe. 

Tavelen, v. to play at * tables,' S. 

Taveme, sb. an inn, Prompt, Voc. — 
AF. tavemc ; Lat. tabema. 


Tavemer, sb. inn-keeper, C2, HD, P, 
Voc. ; tavemexe, Prompt. — AF. tcpvemer; 
Liate Lat. tabemarium, 

Tawen, v, to prepare leather, SkD ; 
te'wen, Prompt. ; taw, to dress hemp, 
HD; tawed, pp., hardened with labonr, 
S3 ; 1-tauwed, S. — AS. tawian, to pre- 
pare, dress leather, to scourge. 

Tawer, sb. a tanner, SD, SkD. 

Tawnen, v. to shew, S ; tannede,//. j., 
SD. — Cp. ODu. toonen and MHG. zounen 
for zougenen, from OHG. zougjan for az- 
ougjan (see Lexer) ; cp. AS. cet-ywan. See 

Taxen,?'. to tax, SkD, PP.— AF./ar^r; 
Lat. taxare. 

Taxonre, sb. a taxer, P. 

Tayl, sb. tail, a retinue, train of follow- 
ers, S2, Ca, PP; talle, S2, PP; tayle, 
Cath. — AS. t(Bgl : Goth, tagl, hair. 

Tayt, adj. glad, cheerful, brisk, S3; 
X^i:rteypl., HD. — Icel. teitr. 

Te-9 prefix ; same as To- (a). 

Teald, //. of Tellen. 

Teares, //. tears, S ; see Tere. 

Techen, v. to teach, S, C2, S2 ; teacben, 
S ; taohe, S; tahte, pt. s., S; tailite, S; 
ta^BTte, S ; tahteB, 2pf. s./S; teliten, pi., 
S ; taxLclLtypp.f S3 ; y-ta^t, S2 ; y-ttkUgJxt, 
C2. — AS. tican, pt. tckhte, pp. tiht. 

Teches, sb. pi. marks, signs, S2 ; see 

Teer, sb. tear, C2 ; see Tere. 

Teise, sb. a fathom, HD.— AF. teise 
(OF. toise) ; Late Lat. tensa. Cf. Teyse. 

Tei^en, v. to tie, bind, S2 ; see Tljen. 

Teld, sb. a covering, tent, SkD (s.v. tilt) ; 
telde, S2, HD; telte. Prompt; tilde, 
PP (p. 779).— AS. {ge)teld, a tent; cp. Icel. 

Telden, v. to pitch a tent, to erect a 
building, to dwell, PP ; tilden, S3 ; tilde, 
pt.s.y PP; tulde, PP; telt, HD; teldlt, 
pp., PP ; tyld, S3. 

Tele, sb. sorcery, magic, HD. 

Telen, v. to reprove, to scoff at, S ; ts^en, 
S. — ONorth. ielan (Luke 7. 30), AS. tcklatty 
to blame, from tdlu, * calumnia ' (Grein). 

Telle, V. to till, cultivate, PP; see 

Telinge, sb. husbandry, culture, study, 
practice of magic ; telynge, HD ; tnly- 
inffe, PP ; teolnnges, //., S. — ^AS. teolung, 
iilungy tilling, culture, study. 

Tellen, v. to tell, count, esteem, S. Sa ; 



telst, 2/r. J., S ; t^,/r. s., S, S2 ; teUus, 
//., S2 ; talde, //. j., S ; tolde, Sa, PP ; 
telld, Sa ; tolden, //., S ; talden to, ac- 
counted, S; telden, W; teald, //., S; 
talde, Sa ; ytold, C2, Sa ; L-told, S ; told, 
Sa, — AS. tellan, pt. tealde, pp. ge-teald. See 

Teme, sb. theme, subject, text, PP ; 
teeme, S2, PP. — OF. theme \ Lat. thema; 
Gr. $€ijui. 

Teme, v. to tame, H ; temyd, pp., H. — 
AS. temian (Voc.) : Goth. {gd)tamjan. 

Temen, v. to bring forward as witness, 
S. — AS. t6man, tytnan (Schmid), from 
tianiy a summoning for warranty (Schmid). 

Temen, v. to make empty, to pour out, 
HD, Prompt., Cath., H ; tame, JD ; teym, 
JD. — Icel. tcemay to empty ; from tdmr, 
empty. See Tome. . 

Temp, V. to tempt, H ; tent, to probe, 
Sh.; temped,//., HD.— OF. tempter {J. 
tenter) ; Lat. tentare. 

Temporal, ctdj. lasting but for a short 
time, Sa. — OF. temper el \ Lat. temporalem 

Temporalite, sb. temporal power, PP ; 
temperaltes, temporalities, PP. — AF. tem- 

Tempre, 'o. to temper, moderate, re- 
strain, PP, C2 ; temperid,//.,directed,W2 ; 
tempred, fitted, attuned, Sa, PP.— OF. 
temprer (F. tremper) ; Lat. temperare. 

Tempre, adj. tempered, modified, tem- 
perate, H. — OF. tempre. 

Ten, V. to draw, pull, train, also to go, 
mount, reflex, to conduct oneself, S ; teon, 
S ; tuen, HD ; te, HD ; t^, pr. j., S ; 
talLen,//.//.,S; i*-to3en,//., S; i-tohen, 
S. Comb. : fal-itohe, badly trained, S. — 
AS. tion, pt. tiak (pi. tugon), pp. togen : 
Goth, tiuhan ; cp. Lat. ducere ; see Brug- 
mann, § 65. 

Tend, adj. ord. tenth, S2, B; tende, HD. 
Tende, sb, a tenth, HD ; teind, tithe, 
S3; tendis,//., H. — Icel. tiund, a tenth. 
Tende, v. to tithe, Cath. 

Tenden, v. to kindle, set fire to, S2,W; 
teenden, W ; tind, HD ; tendeden, //.//., 
PP ; tenden, PP ; tendyn, PP ; tende, S2 ; 
7-tend,/^., S2. — AS. tendan (in on-tendan)'. 
Goth, tandjatiy causal of ^tindan, to bum. 

Tene, sb. grief, vexation, injury, S, S2 , 
S3, PP, B ; teene, PP ; teone, S, S2, PP ; 
teyne, B ; tyene, S2. — ^AS. t^ona. 

Tenen, v. to vex, trouble, injure, PP ; 
teene, PP ; teonen, PP.— AS. tynan. 




Tenhes, sb. tennis, S3 ; see TraarM. 

Tenserie, sb. an extraordinary impost^ 
robbery, S (a. 42).— OF. tettserie\ Late 
Lat. tensaria, 

Tente, sb. a tent, C2, PP.—OF. tente 
(Bartsch) ; Late Lat. tenia, cloth stretched. 

Tente, sb. intention, purpose, PP ; tent, 
attention, care, heed, Sa, JD, W, Wa, H. — 
OF. atente (BH). 

Tentyf, adj. attentive, CM; tentifly, 

(uiv., attentively, Ca.— OF. attentif. 

Tenyse, sb. tennis, Palsg. ; tencys, 
tenisia. Prompt. ; tennes, S3, SkD. 

Teolnngy sb. magical practice, S; see 

Teon, V. to draw, S ; see Ten. 

Teone, sb. grief, S ; see Tene. 

Terce, adj. a third, SkD ; tiezoe, the 

third hour (canonical), SkD ; tyexse, SkD. 
— AF. terce^ tierce, OF. terc, tiers, tierce ; 
Lat. tertia. 

Tercel, sb. the male of any kind of 
hawk, CM, Prompt., Sh. ; teroelle, Voc. ; 
terseUe, Cath. ; tassel, Sh. ; tajwell, 
Cotg. — AF. tercel, from OF. terce. 

Tercelet, sb. a small hawk, Ca. — AF. 
tercelet, OF. tiercelet (Cotg.). 

Tere, sb. tear, S, Ca ; teer, Ca ; teares, 

//., S. — AS. tiar, also teagor, OHG. zahar 
(Tatian) ; cp. Gr. ddw/w ; see Douse, p. 94. 

Teren, v. to tear, S. — AS. teran\ cp. 
Goth. {ga)tairan. 

Teren, v. to tar, S. See Terre. 

Tergate, sb. a small shield, S3; see 

Terien, v. to vex, irritate, to make 
weary, to delay, hinder, irritare, fatigare ; 
taxyyn, Prompt. ; terwln. Prompt. ; terre, 
W, Wa ; tarlen, Ca ; y-taryed, pp., Sa. 
— AS. tergan, to vex. 

Terien, v. to tarry, to delay ; teryyn. 
Prompt. ; taryen, CM ; tarlen, Wa, S3. 
— The same word as above ; for change of 
sense cp. AS. dreccan, to vex, with the 
equivalent ME. drecchen, to tarry (q. v.). 

Terme,<f^. term, period, S, Ca ; termes, 

pi., expressions, examples, PP, Ca ; limits, 
ends, W, Wa. — AF. terme ; Lat. terminum. 

Terminen, v. to determine, limit, W ; 
Itermynet, pp., Sa ; y-termyned, PP. — 
AF. terminer, to determine. 


Teme, sb. a tam, small lake, Sa ; tame, 
Manip. — Icel. tj'&m {tjam-). 

Terre, sb. tar. Prompt. ; tarre, PP ; 
teer, HD ; ter, B.— AS. teoru (Voc.). 

Terre, v. to provoke, W, Wa ; see 

Terryng, sb. a provoking, Wa. 

Temagant, sb. one of the seven gods 
of Hengest, S ; Termagant, a supposed 
god of the Saracens, ND ; one of the 
characters in the old moralities, ND, Sh., 
TG; Trlvlgant,ND.— OF.7>rz;a^aw/,also 
Tervagan, one of the three gods of the 
Saracens (Roland) ; cp. It. Trivigante 

Teste, sb. 2l pot in which metals are 
tried, HD. SkD, C3 ; teest, HD. Phr. : 
to bring to the test, lit. to bring to the 
refiner's vessel, Sh. — OF. teste, a refiner's 
vessel ; Lat. testa, a vessel used in alchemy, 
orig. a piece of baked earthenware, also 
shell of fish, skull, head. Cp. OF. test 
(F. /^Z), a test in chemistry, orig. a 
potsherd, see Bartsch. 

Testere, sb. a head-piece, helmet, tester 
for a bed, SkD. HD ; teester. Prompt. ; 
tester, C ; testar, Palsg. — OF. testiere, 
head-piece (Cotg.). 

Testify adj. headstrong, testy, CM; 
testle, S3.— OF. /^j/?/ (Palsg.). 

Te-tealte, adj. quite unstable, in 
jeopardy, Sa. (To- a.) 

Te8,/^. s.\ tei8 np, mounts, S ; see Ten. 

Tewelle, sb. the pipe of a chimney, 
HD ; tnel, a pipe, HD.— OF. tuel, tuyel 
(F. tuyau) : Sp. tudel', of Teutonic origin; 
see Kluge (s.v. dUte\ and Weigand (s.v. 

Teste, sb. text, scripture, SkD; text, 
Cath., Ca; tlxte, PP, Sa ; tlxt, PP; 
tyxte, PP; tyxt, PP.— OF. texte\ Lat. 

Teztoel, adj. literal, C3. 

Teye, sb. a coffer, Prompt. — OF. teie 
{toie) ; Lat. theca ; cp. F. taie. 

Teyne, sb. a thin plate of metal, C3. 

Teyrre, of them, S ; see pel. 

Teyse, v. to poise for shooting, HD; 
taslt, //. 5., B ; talaand, pr.p., HD.— OF. 
toiser, to measure (Cotg.). See Telse. 

Teyte, cheerful, HD ; see Tayt. 





Th, an abbreviation of the article the, 
ND. Comb. : thair^ S2 ; thanffttl, C2 ; 
tharmes, C ; tlMurray^ Sa^ Ca ; thMi- 
semMee, Sa, C3 ; tiiavys, the advice, C ; 
theffeot, Ca; theffuslon, S3; theffle, 
Ca ; them'batel^ 83 ; themperioe, S ; 
tlLemperonr, Sa, C3 ;. tlienoens, C ; 
thenohauntement, C ; theacres, C ; 
tliende, S, Sa, S3 ; thentenoloun, C3 ; 
tlierle, S3 ; tliestat^ C ; t]iiii&aire> Ca ; 
thingot, C3 ; thold^ S3 ; thorlent, Ca ; 
thorisoiin, C ; thotlire, S, S3. 

pa, art. def. fern, the^ S ; dot. masc, S ; 
//., S ; pron,pl.j who, S ; see pe. 

paUL, art. dot. s. and //. the, S ; see pe. 
And see pel. 

pan, art. dot. and ace. the, S ; see pe.. 
pan, adv. then ; see panne, 
pane, art. ace. tneue. the, S ; see pe. 
paaOf adv. then, S ; see panne, 
pane, sb. thane, Sa ; see peyn. 
panen, ctdv. thence, S ; ]mnene, Sa. — 

pank, sb. a thought, a thank, gratitude, 
grace ; pane, S ; pone, S ; ponk, S, PP ; 
panoe, dat., S ; ponke, S, Sa ; pajikes, 
//., PP; thonkes, PP, Sa. Phr.i can 
pane, eon ponk, is thankful, S ; here 
pankes, gen. as cuiv., of their own thought, 
spontaneously, S, C. — AS. J>anc ; cp. OHG. 
thane (Otfrid). 

panlcen, v. to thank, PP, S ; ponken, 

PP, S, Sa. — AS./anctan, 

panne, adv. then, when, S, PP, Sa, C ; 
pann, S ; pane, S ; pan, S, Sa, Ca ; penne, 
S, PP, Sa ; pene, S, PP ; pen, S ; peonne, 
S. — AS.pcenne. 

panne, conj. than, S ; pane, S ; pan, Sa ; 
penne, S ; penn, S ; pene, S ; pen, S, PP. 
— AS.J>cBnne. 

panne, adv. thence, Sa ; see penne. 

"pZX^pt.'pr. s. impers. it needs, opus est, B, 
H ; thare, H ; paxf, S ; tharst, a pt.-pr. 
s.f PP ; thart, pt.-pr. s., HD. Comb. : 
tliardestow, thou wouldst need, PP; see 

par-, prefix ; see per-. 

pare, art. dat.f. to the, S ; see pe. 

parmes, sb. pi. entrails, HD. — AS 
pearm ( Voc.) ; for cognates see Kluge (s.v. 

pame, v. to lack, want, HD, H ; tbarn, 
H ; tliamys, pr. s., H ; thamyd, pt. s., H. 
— lce\. pamask {ioi parfnask\ to lack. 

pas, pron. dem. pi. those, S, Sa ; see pes. 

pat, pron. dem., pron. rel. and eon;, that, 
S, Sa ; pet, S, Sa ; at, Sa, S3, H, NED.— 
AS. pat. See pe. 

panien, v. to permit, SD ; peauien, S ; 
thave, HD. — AS. pafian, 

pe, pron. dem. and def. art. m. that man, 
the, S ; p8B, S ; te, S ; to, S ; pat, «., S, 
Sa ; pet, S, Sa ; tat, S ; tatt, S ; pes, 
gen. m.yS\ pes pe, so much the (more), S ; 
pas, S ; pane, ace. m., S, Sa ; pan S, Sa ; 
pene, S ; penne, S ; pen, S, Sa ; pam, 
dat. m.,S; pan, S ; pen, S, Sa ; pon, S ; 
po, S ; pa, S ; peo, nom./., S ; psBxe, dat, 
f. and gen.f. ; pare, S ; pere, S ; par, S ; 
per, S ; pa, acc.f., S ; po, S ; peo, S ; pie, 
S ; pe, inst. as in pe bet, the better, PP. 
Comb.: the self, itself, H.— ONorth. H^, 
see Sievers, 337. 

pe, pron. rel. who, which, S. — AS. tie 
(the indeclinable relative pronoun). See 

pe, conj. than, S — AS. dCy * quam.' 

peaw, sb. habit, virtue, S ; see pew. 

pedam, sb. prosperity. Prompt, HD. 
See peen. 

pede, sb. pi. nations, Sa (3. ap); see 

peden, adv. thence, S ; see pepen. 

peder, adv. thither, Sa ; see plder. 

peef, sb. thief, Ca ; see peof. 

peen, v. to thrive, vigere. Prompt. ; thee, 
S3, Ca, C3, Spenser (a), HD ; the, C, HD ; 
the,i/r. s. subj., PP ; theeoh (thee + ioh), 
may I thrive, C3 ; thelch, PP ; peagrh, 
//. s.y SD ; l-pe5, Sa.— AS. {ge)p6on'. *p{' 
han ; cp. Goth, theihan ; see Sievers, 383, 
Douse, p. 40. 

pefe, sb. leafy bianch^ twig; theve. 
Prompt. Comb. : thefethorn, buckthorn, 
Alph. (». p. 1 56), Voc. ; thefthome, H ; 
thewethomys, pi., m»rus^ Voc. ; the« 
thorne, rctmnus.y Prompt. ; the thomtre, 
Voc. — AS. pyfe {pefe),pSfe-pom, 'ramnus ' 
(Voc), deofe^om (Voc.) ; cf. AS. piifian^ 
* frutescere ' (Voc). 

pei, pron. pi. they, S, PP, C ; pe^j, S ; 
te53, S ; pal, S, PP, Sa ; tai, S ; the, S3 ; 
peBB^®* g^f^'i S ; teBBre, S ; thair, Sa ; 





thajr, PP; "bwr, S3, S3 ; pe^jm, dot, ace, 
S ; tlialm, S2 ; thayin, PP ; tham, 82. 
Comb. : pam-Mlue, themselves, 82. — Icel. 
/«>, they (Dan. de\ gssi, />eirra, ^t.J>eim ; 
cp. A8. ddy those. §tt pe. 

pein, sb. thane, S ; see peyn. 

pellychey pron. such, 82 ; see pnlll. 

penclieily v. to think, to intend, 8, 82 ; 
penken, PP, 8 ; pohte, /^. j., 8, 82 ; 
po^te, 8 ; ]K>g]it, 82 ; thoncte, 8 ; ]>oiilLt- 
en, //., S ; pojfht, /;>., 82 ; ponlit, PP ; 
thouot, 8. — A8. pencany pt. pdhte, pp. 
{ge)p6ht. See pynken. 

pene, a^^. ^^. m^^. the, S ; pen, 8 ; 
see pe. 

penien, v, to serve ; penlS, /r. //., 8. 
Der. : peninge, services, 8. — AS. penian, 
pegnian, hompegn. See peyn. 

peune, than ; also then ; see panne. 

peune, adv. thence, 8 ; panne, 82 ; 
ponne, S ; peonne, 82, PP. See panen. 

peunes, adv. thence, PP, 82, C2, C3; 
thennuB, W. Comb.i thennes-fortli, 
thenceforth, C2. 

peode, sb. people, nation, 8 ; piode, 8 ; 
peode, pl.y orders (of angels), 8 ; nations, 
82 ; pede, 82 ; peden, dat., 8. — AS. p^od; 
cp.. Goth, tkiuda, OHG. t^tota (Tatian). 

peof, sb. thief, S, PP; tHef, PP; pyef, 
82 ; theef, C2, Prompt. ; peue, dot., 8 ; 
pleue, 8 ; peofes, pl.,S; peones, S, PP ; 
theues, W2 ; tlieueli, in a thief-like 
manner, ■W2 ; peofte, theft, 8 ; pefte, PP, 
Prompt. — AS. p^of: Goth, thiubs ; cp. 
OHG. thiob (Tatian). 

peorrf, adj. unleavened, 8 ; see perf. 

"p^QBfprcm. dem.f. this, 8 ; see pes. 

peoster, sb. darkness, 8. — AS. piostru : 
OS. thiustri. 

peostre, adj. dark, 8 ; see pester. 

peow, sb. servant ; peoww, 8. Der. : 
peon-dom, bondage; peoudome, dot., 8. 
— AS.picw : Goth, thitis ; cp. OHG. thiu, 
'ancilla' (Otfrid). 

peowten, v. to serve ; peowwtenn, 8. 
— From AS. piowet^ service. 

per, pron. dem. pi. these, 82, HD ; 
there, H ; pir, 82, H. S3, JD ; those, B.— 
Icel./«V, they. See pel. 

per-, prefix, SkD (s. v. there-). Comb. : 
perfore, for it, for that cause, PP, 8, C2 ; 
perfor, 8, 82 ; peraore, 82 ; pereuore, 
8 ; parfore, 8, S2 ; paraore, 8 ; pare- 
uore, 8 ; pcerfore, 8 ; perlnne, therein, 8, 
S2, Ca ; pnrlnne, 8 ; parlnne, 8 ; prlnne, 


S, Sa ; thrynne, G ; parln, 8, Sa ; perln, 
S ; perwiS, therewith, 8, Ca ; parwlS, S, 
82 ; perwl^t, Sa ; pnrwtSV, S ; permide, 
therewith, S ; peremyde, P ; parmld, S ; 
peroi; thereof, 8, Ca ; p«>f, S. — AS. tfikrey 
pron. dem. dat. f. ; see pe. 

pere, adv. there, where, 8, 8 2, S3; 
pare, 8 ; pore, 8, Sa ; per, S, Sa, S3 ; 
par, 8, Sa ; por, 8 ; pear, 8 ; piar, S ; 
p8Br, 8 ; tsr, S (in Ormulum). Comb. : 
per a1)oute, thereabouts, 82 ; pare amanff, 
at various times, 8 a ; per an under, there 
beneath, 8 a ; pere as, where that, S3 ; per 
Mnore, before then, Sa ; per before, S ; 
per efter, thereafter, S ; ther on, thereon, 
Ca ; pron, 8 ; pmte, thereout, 8 ; l^r 
o^elnes, in comparison therewith, S ; pare 
offayne, Sa ; porquiles, meanwhile, S ; 
pere wblles, P ; pertU, thereto, 8 ; portil, 
8; perto, thereto, 8, Sa, Ca, 63; parte, 
S2 ; per towart, against it, 8 ; per nppe, 
besides, 8 ; pmppe, thereupon, 8. — ^AS. 
par : Goth. thar. 

pere* art. gen. and dai.f. of the, to the, 
8 ; see pe. 

perf, adj, unleavened, W, 82, PP; 
peorrf, 8. Comb. : tberf loones, un- 
leavened bread, W ; therf Inreed, HD. — 
AS.peorf; cp. 1q€1. pjaffr. 

perflinff, adj. unleavened ; perrfllnng', 


peme, sb. a girl, SD (Havelok, 298) ; 
see Tame. 

pes, pron. dem, m. this, 8 ; pis, 8 ; pis, 
n., 8 ; peos, /., 8 ; teos, 8 ; pesses, gen. 
m.yS\ pisse, gen. f.y 8; plssen, dat. m., 
8 ; plsse, dat. /., o; plsser, 8 ; pesser, 
S ; peser, 8 ; pas, ace. /., 8 ; pas, //., 8, 
82 ; pos, 8 ; peos, 8 ; pes, C, W2 ; tliese, 
W2 ; pnes, 82 ; pis, 82 ; pies, 83 ; plsse, 8 ; pise, S2, C2 ; pyse, 82 ; pesen, 
8. — AS. pesy see Sievers, 338, and SkD 
(s.v. this). 

pester, adj. dark, HD ; pyester, Sa ; 
peostre, S ; pnster, 8. — AS. piostre : OS. 

pestemesse, sb. darkness, 8, PP; 
pyestemesse, Sa ; piestemesse, S ; 
peostemesse, 8. — AS. p^osternis. 

pestrien, v, to become dark, 8. — AS. 
pet, pron. that ; see pat, pe. 

pelyen, adv. thence ; pepenn, 8 ; peden, 
8 ; inetliyn, H. — lciA.peianyPaj6an (Dan. 

peueSy, thieves, Wa ; see peol 


pew, sb, habit, practice, virtue, S2 ; 
]>eaw, S ; paawes, //., manners, virtues, S ; 
J>8Bwe88, S; ]>ewe8, PP, 82, Ca, C3; 
tliewls, W; tliewys, H. Comb,: peau- 
tol, moral, virtuous ; ]>eaaftile, //., S. — 
hSt.piaw^ habit. 

pewed, adj. mannered; thewde, S3. 
Phr. : wel ]>ewed, S. 

peyn, sb. service (?), Sa. 

peyxiy sb. thane, warrior, attendant at a 
king's court, S ; ]^ln, SkD, S ; thane, S2, 
Sh. — AS. pegn {pin\ Icel. pegn\ OS. 
thegan, a youth, disciple, knight, warrior ; 
cp. OHG. thegan (Otfrid). 

J)i, pron. poss, thy, S ; see pou. 

picke, cu/j. thick, S; plkke, S2, C2 ; 
tliykke. Prompt; thioke, adv., S ; plkke, 
S, PP ; plooe, S. — AS. piece, adj. and adv.: 
OS. mkki. 

picke, sb. thicket, S3. 

pider, adv. thither, S, PP, S2. C3; 
Jmder, S, PP ; pedex, S2 ; pedyr, Sa, PP. 
Comb.: ^der-ward, thitherward, S, Sa ; 
puder-ward, Sa. — AS. pider, 

pie, art./, the, S ; see pe. 

pies, >r^7». ^m. //. these, S3 ; see pes. 

piestemesse, sb. darkness, S; see 

pild, sb. patience, S.— AS. ige)pyld: 
OS. gi-thuld. See pollen. 

pildili^, adv. patiently, S. 

pilk, adj. that, that very, that sort of, 
such, W; thylke, S3 ; thllke, Ca, C3, W2, 
S; pnlke,//.,S3,PP.— AS.^/r; cp.Icel. 
Jmilikr, such. 

pin, pron. poss. thy, thine, S ; see pou. 

ping, sb. thing, affair, property, S; pi., 
S, C3 ; pynjf, PP ; pingfe, S, PP ; pynjfe, 
S2 ; pinffes, S, C2 ; pinkes, S ; penges, 
S ; pyxLffes, VF.— AS. ping. 

piode, sb. people, S ; see peode. 

pip, pron. dem. pi. those, these, S2, H, 
S3, JD, B ; see per. 

pire, pron. poss. dat.f. thy, S ; see pou. 

pirlen, v. to pierce, C, S2, H; see 

pis, pise, pisse, &c ; see pes. 

pistel, sb. thistle, Voc. ; thystell, Voc. ; 

tliystjUe, Voc, Prompt. ; tiirissil, S3. 

Comb. : thistle-flTioh, linnet, HD. — AS. 

pistel (Voc.) : OHG. thistila (Tatian) ; cp. 


"pi^^ put for pe it, who it, S ; see pe. 

pO, pron, dem. and def. art, pi, those, 
they, them, the, S, Sa, C, PP, Wa ; poo, Sa, 

pou. 229 

S3, Wa, PP ; pa, S, S2, H ; paa, Sa ; peo, 
S ; pe, S ; pam, dot., S ; pan, S, Sa ; pa, S. 
— AS. pd, dat. p&m {pdm). See pe. 

pO, adv. then, when, S, Sa, S3, C, Ca, 
C3, PP ; poo, PP ; pa, S.— AS. U. 

pO, art, accf. the, S ; see pe. 

pOght, sb. thought, anxiety, Sa, Ca 
poUit, S; pofft, S; pouht, S, PP 
tlioiiglit, C2 ; po^te, dot., S ; pu^te, S 
pontes, //., S; pontes, S2. Der. 
poghtful, thoughtful ; poffhtfalest, superl., 
S2, — AS. {ge)p6ht. See penchen. 

pohte, pt. s, of penchen. 

polemode, adj, patient, H, HD; 
tholexnodely, euiv., H. 

polemodnes, sb. patience, H, HD, Sa. 

polien, V. to suffer, S, Sa ; polyen, S, 
Sa ; polen, S, Sa, H, PP, HD ; poland, 
pr.p.y B ; polede, //. j., S, Sa, S3 ; paldS, 
pr. s.f S. — AS. polian ; cp. OHG. thoUn 

pombe, sb. thumb, PP, C, Ca ; thome, 
HD. — AS. piima (Voc.) ; cp. G. daumen ; 
see Kluge. 
pone, sb. thought, mind, S ; see pank. 
pondringe, sb. thundering, Sa. 
poner, sb. thunder, the god Thunor, Sa, 
S ; tkonur, H ; punre, S ; tbonder, C, 
Ca ; ptmder, Sa. Comi. : punres dni, 
the day of Thunor, Thursday, S ; pnnder- 
prast, stroke of thunder, Sa. — AS. punor, 
thunder, also Thunor, the thunder-god; 
cp. OHG. thonar (Tatian). Cf. porr. 

poneren, v. to thunder, Sa ; tbonord, 
H (Ps. 17. 15). — AS. punrian, 

ponken, v. to thank, S, Sa ; seepanken. 

ponwanges, the temples, HD. — 
lct\. punn-vangiy the thin cheek (CV.). 

pong, sb. a slip of leather, S ; see pwong". 

pom, sb. thorn, SD ; thome, Prompt. 
Comb.: thome-gartMs, hedges ( = Lat. 
sepes), H (Ps. 88. 39).— AS./^r«. 

porp, sb. a village, hamlet, farm, SkD ; 
prop, S, Ca; tliropes,^^^., C3 ; tlirope, 
dat.y Ca ; porpes, //., PP ; propes, PP ; 
proupes, PP.— AS. porp, Icel. porp ; cp. 
OHG. thorph (Tatian). 

porr, sb. the god Thor, the god of 
thunder. Comb. : pors-day, Thor's day, 
Thursday, PP ; porisdal, S.— Icel. p6rr, 

IpovVL^prep. through, S ; porw, S ; porj, 
Sa ; see pnrgh. 

pOS, pron, dem. pi. these, S ; see pes. 

pen, pron, thou, SD ; pn, S, PP ; tu, S ; 



pBf dot. andacc.y S, Sa, C2 ; pel, S2 ; te, S ; 
^in, gen, and poss.^ S, S2 ; >1, S ; tin, S ; 
ti, S ; ]7lre,/^j^f. dot./., S ; plna, S ; tlna, 
//. dat.^ S. Comb.'. Jmt («lm + it), S; 
)>e8elf, thyself, S; ]>e8ellf,S; ^e-Mlue^S; 
]>e-Bnluen, S ; pe-seoliien, S. — AS. pii. 

Thona, v, to say ' thou '; thowl«, a/r. 
J., S3« 

ponht, sb. thought, S ; see pogbt. 

Thowe, J^. thaw, Prompt. 

Thowen, jy. to thaw, CM, Prompt— 
hS>. pdwan. 

P05, ^^. though, nevertheless, PP 
powj, PP; ]N>wg]i, PP; ]7<m^e, PP 
boh, SD ; ]K>h]i, S ; thooht, S3 ; tli<moht 
S3; thofe, HD; po^ Sa, WA; of. WA 
panJi, S, PP ; pah, S, Sa ; pa?, Sa ; pajt 
Sa ; poh, S ; peih, S ; po^, PP ; po73, Sa 
peigh, PP ; peije, PP ; p«5, S ; pel, Sa 
pey, Sa, G. C^mh. : pah-hwdSer, never 
theless, S ; p«ih-hwepere, S ; popwnthere 
S ; pof^ueper, Sa ; paries, nevertheless 
Sa ; pahles yef, unless, Sa. — AS. p^h 
{piK)'. GoXh. thauh, 

pO^te, sb. dot. thought, S ; see poght. 

pO^te, pt* X. of pmoheiL. See also pjn- 

pra^ adj. eager, B ; see pro. 

pral, sb. servant, slave, thrall, S, Ca, 
C3 ; thrall, S3 ; praUe, dat, S ; threUis, 
//., B; pralles, S, PP. Comb.\ eozlSo- 
prelloB, slaves upon earth, S; pral-dom, 
slavery, S, PP, C3 ; thrlldome, B ; pral. 
hod, slavery, S; praUshipe, slavery, S; 
pral-Blpe, S ; prel-weorkes, thrall-works, 
S.— ONorth./ri/; Ictl.prall, 

prallen, v. to put into bondage ; thral- 
led,//. J., Sa. 

prasten, v. to oppress, afflict, S AS. 

{ffe)prastan, to twist, hurt, torment. 

praw, sb. space of time, Sa ; see prowe. 

preaten, v. to threaten, S ; see preten. 

pred, ord, third, Sa ; see pridde. 

Thrcied, sb. thread, C, SkD ; pred, S ; 
pmd,S; threde. Prompt. Comb.i pred^ 
hare, threadbare, C, PP, SkD.— AS./r<a/, 
a dental derivative from prdwan, to twist ; 
cp. OHG. drdt (G. draht)y from drdjan ; 
see Kluge (s. v.), and Douse, p. loi. See 

prelles, sb, pi. thralls, slaves, S ; see 

prengen, v. to press, SD ; prengde,//. 
J., S. Causal of prlngen. 

preo, num. three, S, Sa, PP; pre, S, 
PP ; pree, PP ; prl, S ; prie, S. Comb, : 


rreohad. Trinity, S ; preottene, thirteen, 
; pretteae, Sa, PP; prettyne, PP; 
thretend, thirteenth, Sa ; thrittelnd, Sa ; 
pretti, thirty, PP ; prette, Sa ; prittj, 
PP; prltU, Sa; prlnes. Trinity; pnm- 
nesse, S ; thresum, with three at a time, 
B.— AS./r^^. 

prep, sb. controversy, contradiction, Sa ; 
threpe, JD. 

prepeXL, v. to maintain a point obsti- 
nately in contradiction to another, tj as- 
sert, C3, CM, JD; threape, HD.— AS. 

preschen, v. to thresh, beat, PP ; 
thresahe, S, C ; protndienB, ^., S ; y- 
pomse, Sa. — AS. / rscan ; see Douse, p. 

prescwolderr^. threshold, PP; thresoh- 
wolde. Prompt. ; thresshewolde, P ; 
threshfold, Ca ; threshfod, HD.— AS. 
prescoldf Icel. preskoldr\ cp. OHG. dris- 
cufli\ see Douse, p. no. 

prestelCOC, sb. throstle, Sa ; seepnut^l. 

pretOf'f^. threat, S. — AS.priat, pressure. 

preteXL, v. to menace, Sa, Prompt., 
HD ; preaten, S. — AS. prioHan^ to re- 

Thretinff, sb, menace, C3 ; thretynffes, 

//., W. 

Thretnen, v, to threaten, Wa ; thret- 
enede,//. j., W. 

prette, num, thirsty, Sa ; see preo. 

prettene, num, thirteen, Sa ; see pveo. 

pridde, ord. third, S, Sa, PP ; prydde, 
Sa, PP; pryd, Sa; thrid, S3; pred, Sa. 
— AS.pridda. 

priS, num. three, S ; see preo. 

prie, adv. three times, S; prion, S. — 
AS. pHwa. 

pridS, adv, thrice, S, Sa ; pri^eae, S ; 
thryes, Ca. The form is due to analogy ; 
cp. AS. dnesy £. once. 

prift, sb. prosperity, success in life, C3, 
PP ; proft, PP ; pnrft, fertilising power, 
Sa. — Icel, pHft. See priuen. 

Thrifty, adj, serviceable, cheap, Sa, 
Ca, C3. 

Thrill, V. to pierce, H ; see purlen. 

Thrillage, sb. thraldom, B ; see pral. 

prim-setel, sb. throne, SD. See pmm. 

pringen, v. to press, S, HD ; dringan, 
S ; pmngen, //. //., PP ; proniren, Sa, 
PP ; l^pmng'e, //., S ; thmngun, W ; 
y-thmngin, S3. — AS. pringan^ ipt. prang 
i^X, prungon), i^^.prungen^ 



prinnOy (idv, three at a time, S. — Cp. 
Icel. prinnr. 

prinnef adv. therein, S, Sa ; see per-, 

priat,J^. thirst, S, Si, PP; Jni«rt,S,Ca, 
PP. Comb, : Jmnrtlew, thirsty, HD. — 
K^.pyrst {/>irsf)y purst. 

prist, //. //. thnist, S ; see pnurten. 
priste, adj, bold, S. — AS. prlste : OS. 
thristi ; cp. G. dreist. 

pristeXL, v, to thirst, W, S ; threstexi, 
S2 ; punrten, SD ; thnrBted him, //. s. 
impers,^ C2. — AS,pyrstan : OHG. thursten 

priuen, v, to thrive, S, PP; "prpiB, 
PP ; ]>roff, pt. J., PP; pixluen,/^., grown 
up, PP; pryuen, well grown, Sa. — Icel. 
prifay to ^u&yprifask, to thrive. 

prOf (idj. eager, earnest, vehement, HD ; 
)»ra, B; praa, HD; )>roo, sharp, HD; 
throw, adv.y S3 ; ]>rollo]ie, adv.^ vehe- 
mently, Sa ; ]7rol7, quickly, resolutely, Sa, 
HD, PP. — Icel. prd'Tf stubborn, also fre- 

prof, adv. thereof, S ; see ptr-. 

prob., sb. coffin ; see pmh. 

prop, sb. a village, S, Ca ; see porp. 

prosshen, pp. threshed, S ; see prM- 

prote, sb. throat, S., PP. — AS. /w/te 
(Voc.) ; cp. OHG. drozza (whence G. 
drossel); related to Du. stroot; cp. It. 
strozza (Diez). See Kluge (s.v. drosset), 

prowe, sb. a little while, course, time, 
moment, Prompt, PP, Sa, Ca, C3, HD; 
throw, HD; ]nro)e, S; thrawe, Sa; 
thraw, Sa, B.— AS./r^f. 

prowe, sb. suffering, aerumna, SD, 


prowen, v. to throw, S ; )»ren,//. x., S ; 
prewe, threw himself, P ; a //* j., S ; 



}>rom, SD. Comb. : ])zliiip>set6l, thronusy 
SD; prlmsattles, //., S. — AS. prymm^ 

pnuinesse, sb. Trinity, S ; see preo. 

pmppe, adv. thereupon, S ; see per-. 

pmsclie, sb. a thrush, S. — A^.prysce. 

pmstel, sb. the song-thrush, S ; prostle, 
S. Comb. : pnuit«l-oook, thrustlecock, Ca ; 
prestelooo, Sa. — AS. prostle (Voc.). 

prasten, v. to thrust, SD ; threste, C ; 
thrlirten, W ; thnute, //. s., W ; pzlst, 
S; prlste,^., S. — Icel. prysia. 

pU, pron. thou, S ; see pou. 

pnes, pron. dem. pi. these, Sa ; see pes. 

pnfben, sb. handmaid, S ; Jmhten, S. — 
A fem. deriv. of AS. {ge)pofia, a comrade, 
properly one who sits on the same rowing- 
bench ; from pofta * transtra ' (Voc.) ; cp. 
Icel. popta, 

pulke, adj' that, those, Sa ; see pllke. 

pBlli, adj. such, S, SD ; pellioh, SD ; 
]>eUyohe,S2. — AS.pullic,pyllic,9\sopusliCf 
Pyslicy from pus ; see Sievers, 349. See 


punclieV, pTincS ; see pynken. 

punre, sb. thunder, S ; see poner. 

pnrfen, v. to need ; ^tafypt.-pr. j., need, 
ei opus esty S ; thare, H ; thar, H ; tharst, 
a pt.'pr. s.y PP ; ]mrt, //. s., needed, Sa, H, 
B. Comb. : thardestow, thou wouldst need, 
PP. — AS. pur fatty pt.-pr. pearf\ pt. potfte 
{purfte), Icel. purfay pt.-pr. parf; pt. 
purfum ; cp. OHG. thuifany to need (Ta- 

plirgll, prep, through, Sa, Ca ; J)tir5, 
Sa, Wa; )>iire),S; fmrh, S; purch, S; 
pnmh, S ; Jjorj, Sa ; )K>ni3, Sa, Wa ; 
)>orw, S ; poru, S, Sa ; thorou, W ; 
thnrght, H ; l)ux«, S, Sa ; Jmrf, Sa, HD ; 
}>orTi)Uke, adv.y thoroughly, S. Comb.i 
thnrghfiure, thoroughfare, C ; )mrhfiuren. 

• > 

prowe, PP ; prawen,'//.; Sa fprowen; ^o pass Arough; thurirh&re, Sa ; thnr,rh. 
§a; y-throwe,Ca.-AS:/;iwa«, to twist, «*^> P^^-'^^-^ t\iroiig\iy C; thurohhurt. 

to whirl, ^^0WyipTp.prdwen. 

prowen, v. to suffer, S ; prowede, //. s.y 

S. — AS.prowian ; cp. OHG. thruoen (Ta- 

prownXLge, sb. suffering, passion; 
prowennge, dat.y S ; prowenge, S ; 
prowelnge, S. — AS. prowung. 

pmblen,^ v. to press, crowd ; pruh- 
laakA^y pr. p.y Sa. 

pmJl, sb. coffin, S; throh, HD.—- AS. 

thoroughly hurt, S3 ; pnrh-lefien, to live 
through ; purhlefede,//. s.y S ; purh-seon, 
to perceive ; purhsUro, pr. x., S ; puruh- 
at, wholly, S ; thurghout, Ca ; pnrnht- 
ut, throughout, S ; pora-out, Sa. — AS. 
purh ; cp. OHG. thuruh (Tatian). 

purl, sb. an aperture for admitting light, 
a hole, S ; thurles, ply HD.~AS. pyrely 
hole, from /«rA, through ; so (with different 
suffix) Goth. thairkOy hole, the eye of a 
needle, from thairky through ; see Kluge 
(s. V. durcK). See pnrh. 

prnm, sb. strength, a crowd, glory, SD ; i pnrlen, v, to pierce, S, Sa, PP ; pirlm. 



C, Sa, PP, H; tbrUl, H,— AS, /yrlian 

pnrst, sb, thirst, S, Ca ; see prist. 

pus, adv. thus, S ; tns, S (in Ormnlnm). 
Comb, : Imsgute, in this way, PP ; Jnui- 
irates, HD, PP.— AS./«j, OS. thus, 

pnster, adj, dark, S ; see pester. 

put, for pu it, S ; see pou. 

puvele, sb. pi. twigs, S. — AS. J>ifel, ' fru- 
tex ' (Voc). See pefe. 

pwang, sb. thong, S ; see pwonff . 

pwert, adv. thwart, SD. Comb.: — 
pwert-ut, throughout, S. — Icel./vert, neu- 
ter of pverry transverse ; cp. AS. pweorhy 
Goth, thwairhs, angry, cross. 

pWOng, sb. strip of leather, thong, S, 
S2, W ; }>wa]ig, S ; pong, S. — KS.pwang. 

pwytelf sb. a knife, whittle ; thwltel, 
SkD ; thewtUl, S3. See below. 


pwyten, v, to cut, to whittle, Voc., 
Prompt., Palsg. Der, : thwyty&ffdy cut- 
ting, whittling, VV,^A.S./>w{tan. 

py, sb, thigh. Prompt. ; >e, SkD, HD ; 
pee, HD ; py5, Sa ; plh, SkD ; peij, SkD. 
— AS./A?,/^A. 

pyester, adj, dark, Sa ; see pester. 

I^estamesse, sb, darkness, Sa; see 

pyHt, adj. close, compact, tight, Prompt. ; 
thite, HD ; tl^t, SkD.— Cp. G. dicht, Icel. 
pittr ; see Kluge (s.v.). 

pyhtyn, v, to make tight, Prompt. ; jr- 

pynikeil, v. to seem; pynkep, /r. s. 
itnpers,y PP ; pnnc(S, S ; punch'o, S ; 
plnohclS, S ; pinktf. S ; ]7ln^, S2 ; penket(, 
PP ; pnhte,//. j., S ; pu)te, S ; pojte, Sa ; 
tlumglite, C3; pout, Sa. — AS>. pyncan, 
^t.J>dhte, pp. (ge)ptlht. See penchen. 

Ti— Ty. 

Ti, pron. poss. thy, S ; see pen. 

Tidy sb. time, season, hour, hora canonica^ 
S, Sa, S3 ; tide, Sa ; tyde, Sa, C3, PP. 
Comb,', tideftil, seasonable (=Lat. oppor- 
ttinus^, H ; tydfulnes, needfulness, H. — 
AS. tid, time, hour; cp. Icel. tid, time, 
* hora canonica.' 

Tid, adv. quickly, PP ; tyd, PP. See Tit. 

Tiden, v. to happen, S ; tyden, Sa, C3 ; 
tld, pr. J., PP ; tit, PP ; tydde, pt. s,, PP ; 
tidde, Sa.- AS. tidan. 

Tidi, adj. seasonable, honest, respectable, 
S ; tidy, PP ; tydy, PP, Prompt. 

Tidif, sb. the name of some very small 
bird, Ca ; tydy, a sort of singing bird, ND. 

Tiding, sb. an event, tidings, S ; tyding, 
Ca, C3; tidlnge, //., Sa ; tydinge, S; 
tydinges, Ca. See TlSlng. 

TifElen, v. to trick out, trim, adorn, SkD. 
— OF. tiffeTy to trim, adorn. 

TifitULg, sb, adornment, finery, S. 

Til, prep, and conj. to, till, S, PP, Sa, 
C3 ; tyl, S, PP ; tm, S, S3.— Icel. til, 

Tilden, v. to set a trap, S ; tildep, 2pr. 
pi., set up, S3 ; see Telden. 

Tilien, v. to till, cultivate, earn, gain, 
PP; tUen, S, PP ; tyUe, PP; tnUen, 
PP; teUe, PP; toUe, S ; tylle, Sa.- AS. 
tiliatty to aim at, to till land; cp. OHG. 
ziUn, to attempt (Tatian). 

Tilier, sb, tiller, husbandman^ W. 

Tillen, v, to draw, entice, S, H, PP ; 
see ToUen. 

TilVe. sb. labour, toil, tilth, S ; tnltlie, 
PP ; telCe, PP.— AS. tm. See Tllien. 

Timen, v, to prosper, S. — Icel. tlma 
(reflex.), to happen. 
Tin, pron, poss, thy, thine, S ; see pen. 

Tinsel, sb. a stuff made partly of silk 
and partly of silver, S3, TG, SkD.— OF. 
estincelU, a spark, a flash (BH). 

Tintre^e, sb. torment ; tintreow, S ; 
tlntreohe, S ; tlntreolien, //., S. — AS. 
tintreg (Grein). 

Tizunnye, sb, tyranny, Ca, C3 ; tiran* 
dye, HD. 

Tirannt, sb. tyrant, Ca, PP ; tyrannt, 
PP, W ; tirant, Sa ; tyranns, //., op- 
pressors, PP. — AF. and OF. tirant, tiranz ; 
Lat. tyrannus ; see Constans, Supplement, 
p. 57, and BH, $ 72. 

Tbranntrie, sb, tyranny, Wa; ty- 
ranntrye, HD. 

Tis-dadi, sb. Tuesday, S ; Tisdei, S. — 

AS. TiweS'dag, the day of TVw, the Eng- 
lish name of a Teutonic deity ; cp. OHG. 
Zio, Icel. Tyr'i see Grimm, Teut, M.y cap. 
ix, and Kluge (s.v. dienstag). 

Tit, adv. quickly, PP ; tyt, Sa ; tyte, 
PP, Sa, H; tlte, PP, Sa, H; Ujt, S2 ; 
ti^tly, Sa ; titere, comp., H ; titter, Sa.— 
Icel. titt^ neut. of tltir. See Tid. 


TiVende, sd. pi. tidings, news, customs, 
S ; tlSenden, S ; tlSaud, S2 ; tlSaiideB, 
S2. — Icel. HHindi, pi., tidings, news ; from 
Hda^ to happen ; cp. ttSska, a custom, //tfr, 
customary, frequent. 

TiSingy sd. tidings, news, S, Sa ; ty- 
Vyuff, S, S2 ; tiSinge, //., S ; ttSinges, 
Sa.— Cf. Tiding. 

Titill, sd. an epistle, WA. 

Titmosei sd, titmouse, S3, Manip. ; 
tytemose. Prompt. ; tytmase, Voc. — AS. 
mdse, a word forming the second element 
of the names of many kinds of small birds, 
see SkD. 

Titte, sd. a quick pull, Sa. 

Titte, V. to pull tightly, HD ; tytted, 

Tixti sd. text, PP ; see Tezte. 

Ti^en, v. to tie, PP, Sa ; tei^en, Sa ; 
tey, B ; te, B ; telen, /r. //., SkD ; teyd, 
//., Ca ; y-teyd, C— AS. ^/gan {*tigan), 

Ti^t, adv, quickly, Sa ; see Tit. 

To, prep, to, at, in, upon, for, with re- 
ference to, by, against, after, as, until, PP, 
S, Sa ; te, S, Sa. Comb, : taUde, to abide, 
S ; tacord, C3 ; talEraye, Ca ; taUeffe, C ; 
tsOyfiThte, Ca ; tamenden, Sa, Ca ; ta- 
noyen, Sa ; tapese, S3 ; tariue, S ; tar- 
raye, Ca ; tassaile, Ca ; tassaya, Ca ; 
taswagro, S3 ; texabrace, Ca ; tenoombre, 
S3 ; tendure, S3 ; tenforme, S3 ; ten- 
xaffe, S3 ; te8p3re, Ca ; texpounden, Ca. 

To, adv, too, S, PP ; te, S. 

To, num, two, S, Sa ; see Tuo. 

To-, prefix (i). The prep, to in com- 

To-, prefix '{2)y in twain, asunder, to 
pieces. — AS. t6- ; cp. OHG. zi- (Tatian), 
Lat. dis-, 

To-belunpen, v. to belong to, S. (To- 

To-bellen, v, to swell extremely ; to- 
boUe,;>/., PP. (To- a.) 

To-beren, v. to part ; tobar, //. J., S. 
(To- a.) 

To-beten, v. to beat in pieces, C3. 

(To- a.) 

To-breden, v. to spread out ; tobred- 
dest, a pt, s., Sa. (To- a.) 

To-breiden, v. to tear asunder, dis- 
torquere ; tobreidgmge, pr, p,, W ; de- 
breidynge, W; tobraidtde, //. s.^ W. 
(To- a.) 

To-breken, v, to break in pieces, S, 
C3, W ; to-brac, pt, j., PP ; to-brak, G \ 



to-brake, //. s. subj.y S; to-broken,/^., 
PP, G ; to-broke, PP, Sa, W. (To- a.) 

To-bresten, v. to burst asunder, C; 
to-berstet$, /r. J., S: to-barst,//. s., Sa, 
G; to-brast, W; to-brosten, pp.y C. 

(To- a.) 

To-brisen, v. to break to pieces; to- 
bri«id,//., W. (To- 2.) 

To-Clene, v. to cleave asunder, to fall 
to pieces, PP ; to-cleef, //. j., PP ; to- 
cUef, PP. (To. a.) 

To-COmen, v, to come together; to- 
oomen,//.//., PP. TTo- i.) 

To-COmyng, adj, future, Wa. (To- i.) 
To-CWeme, adv. agreeably, S. (To- i.) 
To-Cyme, sb, advent, S. (To- i.) 
Tod, sb. a fox, JD, ND, HD, SkD ; 
toddlB, //. , S3. Comb. : Todxaan, Bards- 
ley. — The word is common in Mid York- 
shire and Cumberland, see EDS (Ser. C). 

Tod, sb. a bush, generally of ivy, HD ; 
todde, SkD. 

To-dasbt, pt. s, dashed (herself) in 
pieces, S3. (To- a.) 

To-delen, v. to divide, S, Sa ; to- 
dsBlen, S ; to-dealen, S. (To- 2.) 

To-drawen, v, to draw asunder, Sa, 
W ; to-dra^en, S ; to-drowe, pt, pi., PP ; 
to-dro^e, S; to-drawnn, pp., W; to- 
drahen, S. (To- a.) 

To-dreuen, v, to trouble ; to-dreued, 
pp., Sa. (To- a.) 

To-driuen, v, to drive asunder; to- 
dryue, PP ; to-dxif, imp, s., S. (To- 2.) 

To-dnnet, pp, struck with a sounding 
blow, S. (To- a.) 

To-fallen, v, to fall in pieces, SDj 
(To- a.) 
To-fligbt, sb. refuge, Sa. (To- i.) 
To-foren, prep, and adv. before, SD 
tofom, PP, S3 ; tofore, S, PP, Sa ; to- 
uore, S, Sa ; tofor, S, PP, Sa, W. (To- i.) 
To-forrow, adv. previously, S3. (To- 1.) 
Toft, sb. hillock, eminence, a slightly 
elevated and exposed site, PP, Sa ; campus,, 
Prompt. — Cp. OSwed. tomt, a cleared 
space (Dan. tomt, a toft) ; from Icel. tdmr, 
empty. See Tome. 
To-gadere, adv, together, S, S2 ; te- 
gsBdere, S; togedere, S, PP; togedre, 
PP ; togeddre, S ; togldere, PP ; toglder, 
S, Ca; togederes, PP, S; toglderes,^ 
PP; togldres, PP, C3; togederis, PP 
togeders^ PP; togedders, Sa. (To- i.) 



To-gan, V. to go asunder, SD ; togtX, 

pr,pLyS. (To- 3.) 

To-genes, prep, towards, S ; togaiiiMi, 
S ; to^eine*, S ; to^ones, S. (To- i.) 

Toggen, V. to draw, allure, sport, S, 

To-grinden, v. to grind in pieces ; to- 
grynt, pr. j., PP. (To- 2.) 

To-hewen, v. to hew in pieces, S, Sa, 
C3. (To- 2.) 
To-hope, sd. hope, S. (To- i.) 
To-hnrren, e'. to hurry apart, S. (To- 2.) 

Tokker, sd. fnller, one who thickens 
cloth, S2, PP ; towker, PP ; toucher, 
PP; tucker, HD; touker, Bardsley; 
tuker, Bardsley. See Tukeu. 

Tolme, sd. token, PP ; tooue, S ; taone, 
S ; taken, PP, S2 ; takun, W ; takens, 
//., S2.— AS. ^dcn : Goth, taikns ; cp. OHG. 
zeichan (Tatian). 

Toknynge, si. signification, PP ; toc- 
ninge, S; toknsmg, PP; takning, S2 ; 
takeninge, S2 ; tokening, C3. — AS. tdc- 

Tolie, V, to till, S ; see Tllien. 

To-liggen, v, to pertain to; toliS,/r. 

S.y S. i^To- I.) 

Tolke, sb. a man, S2 ; see Tulk. 

Tolle, sb. toll, custom, Voc. ; tol, PP, 
Prompt. Comb. : toL-lJothe, toll-booth 
(«Lat. telonium), S2, W, Voc— AS. toll: 
OFris. tolen, tolne\ Lat. telonium (Vulg.) ; 
Gr. r€\6wiov. Note that the n of the stem 
appears in AS. tolnere^ * teloniarius,' Voc ; 
see Weigand (8.v. goll). 

Tollen, V. to take toll, C. Der, : tollere, 
taxgatherer, usurer, S2, PP; toller, Voc. 

ToUen, v. to draw, allure, entice, Prompt., 
PP, ND, SkD ; tole, ND ; tullen, CM, 
SD ; tillen, S, H, PP.— AS. lyllan (in 

To-loggen, v. to drag hither and thither, 
S3, PP; to^ugged, //., PP. 

Tolter, adv. unsteadily, totteringly, S3, 
SkD (s.v. totter). 

To-luken, v, to rend asunder, S; to- 
loken,//., S. (To- 2.) 

Toly, sb. scarlet colour, WA; tuly. 
Prompt., HD; tuely, SkD (s.v. trap, 2).— 
Heb. tdld% crimson (Isaiah i. 18), properly 
a worm. 

Tombesterey sb. female dancer, C3; 
see Tumbestere. 

Tome, adj. empty, void, unoccupied, H, 


HD; toou. Prompt.; tume, JD. — Icel. 
tSmr, vacant, empty. Cf. Toft. 

Tome, sb. leisure, S2, PP, H (p. 169^ ; 
toym, B ; tume, B ; Icel. tSm^ leisure. See 

To-morwen, adv. to-morrow, S ; to. 
morwe, PP; tomore^e, 3; tomom, C. 

(To- I.) 

To-name, sb. cognomen, PP ; towname, 
PP. (To- 1.) 

Tonge, sb. tongue, S2, C2, C3, PP; 
tunge, S, C, PP, W2 ; tounge, PP ; toug, 
S3; tung, S2. Der.'. tongede, tongued, 
talkative, PP. — AS. tunge. 

Tonge, sb. pair of ion^y forceps, S, Sa, 
Prompt. ; tange, Voc — AS. tange (Voc). 

Tonne, sb. tun, PP, S3, C2, G ; tunne, 

S, PP. Comb. : tonne-greet, as large round 
as a tun, C. — AS. tunne. 

Too, sb. toe, C : taa, S2, HD ; toon, //., 
C ; ton, C ; taa, S2 ; taes, S2.— AS. td (pi. 

Tool, sb. tool, weapon, C, Prompt. ; 
tolea,//., PP; tooles, PP.— AS. tdl. 

Toom, adj. empty; see Tome. 

Toord, sb. stercusy W2, Prompt. 

Topase, sb. topaz, Cotg. ; topaoe, S3 ; 
tupaoe, SkD; topaoius, W (Apoc. 21. 
20); thopas, Ca (p. 151). — OF. topase; 
Lat. topazh m (ace) ; Gr. T^wofos. 

Toppe, sb. tuft of hair, P, S ; top, top 
of the head. Prompt. 

To-qiUUiSen, v. to shake asunder, PP ; 
to-quashte, //. s.y PP. (To- 2.) 

To-qna^te, pt. s. quaked, PP. (To- 2.) 

To-raoen, v. to scrape to pieces, C2. 
(To- 2.) 

To-renden, v. to rend in pieces, PP ; 
torente, //. J., C2, W ; to-rent, //., S, 
C2, W. (To- 2.) 

Toret, sb. ring on a dog*s collar, through 
which the leash was passed, CM ; toretts, 
pL, C ; turrets, DG. — OF. touret, the chain 
which is at the end of the check of a bit, 
also the little ring whereby a hawk's lune 
is fastened to the jesses i^Cotg.). 

Toret, sb. turret, G, C, Prompt; touret, 
SkD.~OF. tourette (Cotg.). 

To-reuen, v. to completely take away, 
PP. (To- 2.) : 

Torf, sb. turf, S2 ; turf, Voc. ; turues, 
//., S2.— AS. turfQJoc.). 

Torfore, sb. hardship, misery, peril, 
WA. — Icel. torfcera. 




_ ly adv, to rights, aright, G. 
(To- I.) 

To-riven, v, to rend in twain ; to-rof 
{intrans.), pt, J., was riven in twain, S2. 

Torment, sb, a tempest, torment, snffer- 
ing, SkD, C3, Prompt. ; touniMnt, SkD. 
— AF. torment, a tempest, turment (Ro- 
land), OF. torment, tourment^ a tempest, 
torture (Bartsch), tormente, a tempest 

Tormenten, v. to torment, SkD.— OF. 

Tormentonr, sb, executioner, C3, 
WW ; tormentoureB, pL, C3. — AF. tor- 
menter, executioner. 

Tormentynge, sb. torture, C2. 
Tormentysey sb, torture, C2. 

Tome, sb, a turn, trick, wile, G. 
Tomen, v, to turn, PP ; see Tooxnen. 
To-rof , pt. s. of To-rlTen. 
Tortuous, adj, oblique (term in astro- 
logy), C3. — Lat. tortuosus, crooked. 

To-Samen, adv, together, S. (To- i.) 

To-SchakeBy v, to shake asunder, S. 
(To- 2.) 

To-SCheden, v, to part asunder; to- 
sclied,//., S2. (To- 2.) 

To-sclielleil, v, to shell, peel; to- 
shnUen,;^., PP. (To- 2.) 

To-schreden, v, to cut to pieces, C. 

(To- 2.) 

To-spreden, v, to scatter; to-sprad, 
//., S2. (To- 2.) 

To-Swellen, v, to swell greatly; to- 
BwoU«,//., S, PP. (To- 2.) 

To-swinkeily v, to labour greatly, C3. 
(To- 2.) 

To-tasen, v. to pull to pieces ; to-to«e, 
S. (To- 2.) 

Toten, V. to peep, look about, PP, S3 ; 
tntand, pr, p., projecting, pushing out, S3 ; 
totede, //. J. , S3 ; 7-toted, pp., S3. Comh. : 
tote-bylle, specula, Prompt. — AS. tdtian ; 
see SkD (s. v. tout'). 

To-teren, v. to tear to pieces, C3 ; to- 
taoren, S ; toteoze, S; totome,^., PP ; 
totom, S ; totore, C3. (To- 2.) 

To-tum, sb. refuge, SD. (To- i.) 

To-twicclieily V. to pull apart; to- 
twicliet,/r.//., S. (To- 2.) 

TouUi sb. an enclosure, farm-stead, town, 
S2, C, W ; tonne, PP ; tnn, S, S2 ; tonne, 
dot., S2, C2. Comb, : tonne-men, men of 
the town, not rustics, PP ; tnn-aoipe, the | 

people of the farm-stead, S. Der. : town- 
Ish, belonging to the town, S3. — AS. ttin, 
enclosure, farm, town; cp. OHG. ziin, 
hedge (Tatian). 

Tour, sb. tower, S, S2, C2, PP, W2 ; 
tnr, S; toxres, //., S2.— OF. tur, tor, 
tour; Lat. turrem, 

Toumen, v, to turn, PP ; tnmen, S, 
S2, PP ; tomen, S2, PP ; teomen, S2 ; 
timen, S ; y-tomd, pp., S2 ; i-tnmd, S, 
S2. — AF. turner', Lat. tornare, from tornus, 
a lathe. 

Toumeyment, sb. tournament, C2.^ 
OF. tomoiement. 

Towaille, sb. towel, C2 ; towayle, 
Prompt., Voc. ; twaly. Prompt. ; towelle, 
Voc. ; towylle, Voc. — AF. towaille {tua- 
ille), OF. touaile (Bartsch) ; Low Lat. 
toacula\ of Teutonic origin, cp. OHG. 
dudhila, washing-cloth ; from duahan, also 
thuahan^ to wash (Tatian). See SkD, also 
Kluge (s.v. zwehle). 

To-walten, v. to roll with yiolence; 
pt. pi,, overflowed, S2. (To- 2.) 

To-ward, prep, towards, against, S, PP; 
tonwBJrd, S ; towart, S. (To- I.) 

To-warde, adj. present, as a guard or 
protection, PP. (To- i.) 

To-wawe, v, to move about near, S2. 

(To- I.) 

Towker, sb, a fuller ; see Tokker. 

To-wringen, v, to distort ; towroniTy 
pt. s., S. (To- 2.) 

To-wrye, v, to cause to go on one side, 
S3 (4. 164). (To- 2.) 

To^eines, prep, towards, S; see To- 


To-^ere, adv. this year, Cath. (To- i.) 
To-^eSCeoden,2^. to separate, S. (To- 2.) 
Trace, sb. track of a way over a field, 

trace, Prompt, C, SkD ; tras, PP; trass, S2. 

Traceu, v. to trace, to draw a picture, 
to trace one's way, to conduct oneself, 
Prompt., CM, S3 ; trasen, S3. — OF. tracer 
{trcLsser) ; Late Lat. *tractiare, from Lat. 
tract-, base of pp. oitrahere', see BH, § 131. 

Trade, sb. a trodden path, S3, TG, 
SkD, HD. See Treden. 

Tradicion, sb, surrender, S3. — Lat. 
traditionem. Cf. Treson 1. 

Traitorye, sb, treachery, C3, CM. 
Traitour, sb, traitor, S ; trajtonr, S ; 
treitnr, S. — AF. traitur; Lat. traditorem. 
Tram, sb, engine, machine, WA ; tram- 



Trappey sb, the trappings of a horse, 
SkD; trappTB,//., SkD. 

Trapped, adj. adorned with trappings, 
C, Prompt. 

Trappings^ sb. pi. ornaments, Sh. 

Trappiir6y sb. trappings of a horse, 
Prompt. ; trappures, pi., C. 

Tranaili sb. work, labour, toil, trouble, 
S2, PP; tranalUe, C2 ; trawajle, S2 ; 
traueU, S2 ; trauel, W, W2, H (Ps. 108. 
10). — AF. travail, travaillg; Late Lat. 
*trabaculum ; from Lat. trabem, a beam ; 
cp. It. travdglio, a frame for confining mi- 
mly horses. See Trave. 

Trauaille, v. to work, toil, travel, 
trouble, vex, torment, PP ; tranelleii, W, 
S2; trauele, W, W2.— AF. travai{l)ler^ 
to work, to vex. See above. 

TrauailoilSy adj. laborious, Wa. 

Txav69 ^b. a frame in which farriers 
confine unruly horses, CM. See Tranall. 

Trawed, pt. pi. trowed, expected, S2 ; 
see TTowen. 

Tray, sb. vexation ; see Tre^e. 

TraySy sb, pi, traces, horse-harness, C ; 
trayce. Prompt.; traytie, Cath. — OF. 
traysy horse-harness (Palsg.) for traits, pi., 
of traicty a trace for horses (Cotg.) ; Lat. 
tractum, pp. of trahere. 

Trayste, v. to trust, S2 ; traste, PP, 
S2. — Icel. treysta, from' traust. See Txist. 

Trayertly, adv. confidently, H. 

Traystnes, sb. confidence, H. 

Traystynge, sb. confidence, H. 

Traytyse, sb. treaty, truce, S3; see 

Tre, sb. tree, wood, lignum, Prompt., S2, 
PP, W, W2 ; tree, S, PP ; treowe, dat., 
S ; treuwe, pl.,S; tren, S2 ; traen, S3 ; 
treon, S ; trewes, S ; txcwes, PP. Comb. : 
tre tyniTUi (^= lignum thyinum), W. — AS. 
tr^ow (tr^), dat. triowe, pi. triowu (trh), 
see Sievers, 250 ; cp. Goth, triu. 

Treatise* sb. a passage (lit. a treatise), 
S3 ; see Tretis. 

Treatyce, sb. treaty, truce, S3; see 

Trecheryi sb, treachery, trickery, S ; 
see Trioherie. 

Trechonrev sb. a cheat, HD. — OF. 
tricheor (Bartsch) ; Late Lat. tricolor em, 

Trechnrlyi adv. treacherously, S3. 
Tredy sb. a foot-mark, SkD (s.v. trade). 
Treden, v, to tread, C, Prompt., PP;, W, PP; tr«t,/r. J., CM; troden, 


PP ; trade, H (Ps. 55. 2) ; troden,//., C3 ; 
trodnn, W2 ; treddede,//. s. {weak), S3. — 
AS. tredan, pt. treed (pi. tnkdon), pp. treiien, 

Treget, sb. guile, trickery, CM. 

Tregetrie, sb. a piece of trickery, CM. 

Tregettowre, sb. a juggler, joculator. 
Prompt.; treffetonr, Prompt. (»), CM, HD. 

Tregettyn, v. to juggle. Prompt. — OF. 
tresgeter (Ducange) ; Lat. trans + iactare. 

Treien, v, to betray, P ; trajet, pp., 
HD.— OF. trair\ Late Lat. *tradtre for 
Lat. tradere, 

Treil^iSy sb. trellis, S3 ; trelys, cancel- 
lus. Prompt. — OF. treillis, from treille, a 
vine, arbour (Bartsch) ; Late Lat. *tricla ; 
Lat. trichila ; see BH, § 98. 

Tremlen, v. to tremble, stagger, PP ; 
tremelyn. Prompt. ; trimlen, HD ; trym^ 
len, S3; tremblen, W, PP; trlmble, 
Manip. — Picard F. tremler (AF. trembler) ; 
Late Lat. tremulare, 

Tremlynge, sb, trembling ; 
lynffe. Prompt.; trimlynff, §3; 
llnffe, HD. 

Trental, sb. a set of thirty masses for 
the dead, SkD, ND, PP ; trentaU, money 
paid for a trental, S3 ; a month's mind, 
ND.— OF. trental, trentel) Church Lat. 
trigintalem (Ducange). 

Treo, sb, tree, S ; treoii) pi., S ; see Txe. 

Treowe* adj. true, S ; see Trewo. 

Trepeget, sb. a military engine, HD, 
CM; trebffet. Prompt; trebffot, an in- 
strument for catching birds. Prompt. 

Tresor, sb. treasure, S, S2, C3 ; treaour, 
PP, S2, S3, C2 ; treoaor, S ; tresores, 
pi., PP; treanrea, S. — AF. tresor\ Lat. 

Tresorere, sb, treasurer, PP; treae- 
rour, PP. — AF. tresorer, 

Tresorie, sb. treasury, S 2 ; tresorj, W A . 
— AF. tresorye, 

TresomL, sb, treason, craft, C, PP ; 
treaan, Prompt, S ; treaon, WA, C2, H ; 
treison, PP ; trajaon, S. — AF. treson, 
traison ; Lat. traditionem. 

Trespas, sb, trespass, PP; treapaca, 
PP, C. 

Trespassen, v. to trespass, PP, WW ; 
treapace, C2 ; treapaaslde, pt, s„ W 
(Acts I. 25). — AF. trespasser, to cross over, 
to disobey. 

Tretee, .r^. treaty, C2, C3; trete, C. — 
OF. traite ; Late Lat. tracta. See Tretla. 

TretiSy adj, well made^ pretty ; trat7S> 


CM, C ; troilys, CM.— OF. tretis, treitis, 
traitisy nicely made (Bartsch) ; from 
traitier\ Lat. tractare, 

TretiSy sb. treatise, short poem, PP, C2, 
WA ; -treatise, S3. See below. 

TretiSy sb. treaty, B, CM ; tretys, S2, 
C2,C3; treatyce, S3; traytyae, S3.— AF. 
tretiz ; Late Lat. *tracttctum, 

Trewage, sb, tribute, S, JD ; trnaffe, 
Voc, S2, WA; trouagre, WA. — OF. 

treiiage {truage)y toll, tax, from treu, treud, 
tribute; \j^t, tributum\ see Constans (s.v.). 

Trewe, adj. true, S, PP, S2, C2 ; treowe, 
S ; trywe, PP ; trlwe, S2 ; trew, S2, C2 ; 

tm, S2. — AS. ir4cwe : OS. triuwi, 

Trewe, sb. fidelity, trust, agreement, 
truce, PP ; treowe, SkD ; treowes, //., 
truce, SkD; trewes, PP ; trewis, B; 
treuwes, PP; triwes, SkD; tmwys. 
Prompt. ; trewytiae, Cath. 

Trewehede, sb. truth, uprightness, S2. 

Treweliche, adv. truly, PP, C2; 

trewely, C2. 

Trewen, v. \a think to be true, to trow, 
believe, S. — AS. triowan. See Trowen. 

Trewes,//. trees, S; see Tre. 

Trewes, sb. pi. truce ; see Trewe. 

TrewSe, sb. truth, troth, S, C2, PP; 
treiriSe, S, S2, PP; tronthe, S2, C3 ; 
trouth, H; tryntSe, PP; trowwt$e, S; 
traw1$e, S2 ; treothes, //., S; tmthes, 
pledges, S2. — AS. trion^u. 

Trey, sb. a throw at dice, viz. three, 
SkD ; treye, C3. Comb. : trey-ace, the 
throw of three and one ; a quick exclama- 
tion, S3. — OF. treiy treis ; Lat. tres, 

Tre^e, sb. affliction, grief, SD; trei^e, 
S ; treie, S ; treye, S2 ; tray, vexation, B. 
— AS. trega ; cp. Icel. tregi, Goth, trigo, 

Tre^en, v. to afflict, SD. 

Triacle, sb. a remedy, healing medicine, 
S2, PP, C3, NQ (6. 1. 308) ; tryaole, Voc, 
PP, NQ ; treacle, TG, Prompt. ; tryakiU, 
S3. — OF. tr'tacle (Bartsch); Lat. theriaca, 
lit. an antidote against the bite of serpents; 
cp. Gr. Orjpicucd, fpdpiMKa. For examples of 
the intrusive / see Cronide. 

Triblen, v. to trouble, H ; see Trnblen. 

Tricherie, sb. treachery, trickery, S, 
PP, S2 ; trecherle, PP ; trechery, S ; 
treccherie, C. — AF. tricherie ; from OF. 
trickery trecher^ to cheat ; Late Lat. tricare 
for Lat. tricari. 

Trick, adj. neat, elegant, ND; trig, 
JD. — For the voicing of the guttural in 



North.E. cp. prigmedainty (JD), with 
prickmedainty or priekmedenty (HD) ; see 
SkD (s.w. prigy trigger). 

Trien, v. to try, PP ; tri^ede, pp.y S2, 
PP ; i-triaed, S2 ; itrl^et, S2 ; y-trled, 
PP ; y-tryed, PP ; tried,//, as adj.y choice, 
PP; trye, PP, C2; trledest, superl., S2, 
PP ; trieste, PP ; tryest, PP ; trledlicbe, 
adv.y excellently, PP; tritely, PP, S2 ; 
trlellch, P. — AF. trier \ Late hsit. tritare, 
to thresh com. 

TriennelS, sb. pi. masses said for three 
years, PP ; trieunales, P. — OF. triennal\ 
Church Lat. triennale. 

Trillen, v. to turn round and round, 
to trickle, CM, Prompt., C2, S3, Sh., SkD ; 
tryll, Palsg. ; tril, Manip. — Cp. Swed. 
tT^lay to roll. 

Trinal, adj. threefold, RD; trlxiaU, 
Spenser, i. Comb. : trinal trlplidtiea, 
SkD. — Late Lat. trinalis. 

Trine, adj. taken three at a time, ND. 
Comb. : trine aspect (in astrology), SkD, 
ND ; trsrne conipas,the round world con- 
tainuig earth, sea, and heaven, C3. — OF. 
trine ; Lat. trinum. 

Trinite, J^. Trinity, S2, PP ; Trlnitee, 
PP. — AF. Trinite, Trinitet\ Church Lat. 

Trisen, v. to hoist up, to trice, to pull 
off, SkD ; tryce, C2 ; trice, CM. Der. : 
tryyvte, tryys, windlass. Prompt. — Cp. 
Dan. tridsey to haul up, to trice, Swed. 
trissa, a pulley. The final -se is tiie same 
as in £. clean-se, 

Trist, sb. trust, a tryst, meeting- place, B, 
W, W2, PP, S2 ; station in hunting, HD ; 
trust, PP.— Icel. tratist. For E. / = Icel. 
a«, cp. ME. mire = Icel. mdurr ; see SkD 
{^.y. pismire). 

Tristen, v. to trust, S2, C3, W, W2, 

PP ; trysten, S2, PP; tmste, S2 ; trosten, 
S3, S2, PP ; tmste, //. J., S, S2. Der. : 
trlstynff, a trust, W. See above. 
Tristili, adv. confidently, W, W2. 

Tristnen, v. to trust, W. Der. : 
trlstenyng, a trust, W. 

Trinials, sb. pi. studies connected with 
the trivium, the initiatory course taught in 
the schools, comprising grammar, rhetoric, 
and dialectic, S3 ; trivial, adj., initiatory, 
ND. — Schol. Lat. trivialem. 

Troblen, v. to trouble, W; trouUld,//., 
WA ; see Tmblen. 

Trod, sb. a trodden path, SkD (s.v. trade\ 
HD. See Treden. 



Troden,/A of Trad^n. 

Trofle, sb, a trifle, S3 ; see Trufle. 

Trompdi sb. a tramp, trampet, C3; 
tmmpe, C. — AF. trompe. 

Trompe, v. to play the trumpet, PP ; 
tmmpe, W, Prompt. — AF. trumper. 

TroncliOTlXl, sb. a truncheon, broken 
piece of a spear-shaft, C ; tnuLchone, 
Prompt. — OF. tronchon^ trongon, 

Tronef sb. throne, S, PP, S3, C2, C3, 
W ; trones, //., S ; one of the nine orders 
of angels, WA ; tronen, S2. — OF. trone ; 
lAt. thronum ; from Gr. 6p6vos. 

Troneiiy z'.to enthrone, PP. — OF. troner. 

Trost, subj, pr. s. trust, S2 ; see Trlsten. 

Trotdvale, sb, a trifling thing, HD. 

Troubley adj' troubled, S2, C2, — AF. 
trubUf pp. of trubler ; see Trablen. 

Tront]i6f sb, truth, Sly C3 ; see 

Trowabile, adj. credible, H. 

Troweilf v. to believe, S, S2, S.^, C2, 
C3, H, PP; tm, S2 ; trawed, pt.pi., ex- 
pected, S2. — Icel. trtia; Swed. tro. See 

Trowyng, sb. belief, S2. 

Tmagei sb. tribute, S2 ; see Trewago. 

Tmblen, z*. to trouble, W ; troblen, 
W ; triblen, H.— AF. trubler \ Late Lat. 

Tmfley sb. nonsense, absurd tale, trifle, 
PP, SkD ; trofle, S3, SkD ; trefele, PP ; 
trifkil, PP ; trifle, PP.— AF. trufle, trofle, 
mockery, OF. truffe, a jest, a flout, also a 
truffle (Cotg.) ; Lat. tubera, truffles ; see 
SkD (s.v. truffle^ For the intrusive / cf. 

Tmflext, V. to beguile, SkD; trofle, 
SkD ; trlfelyn, Prompt. ; treoflTng'e,/^./., 
S2. — OF. truffler, truffer, to mock (Cotg.). 

TnLkenen, v. to fail, S. 

Tmlddily V, to fail, S. — AS. truciatty to 
fail, deceive. 

Tmsse, sb. a bundle, Manip., CM. 

Tmsseili "v. to pack, to padc off, C, S2, 
PP, Manip; turss, B. — OF. trusser, tros- 
ser, torser ; Late Lat. *tortiare. 

Tmste, pt. s. trusted, S ; see Trlsten. 

TryCdy V. to trice, to hoist up, C2 ; see 

Tryg, adj, trusty, secure, S3. — Icel. 


Trymlyti pt. pi. trembled, S3; see 
^I^st, adj, sady S3. Der, : trlstes, 


sadness, S3. — OF. trist ; Lat. tristem ; and 
OF. tristesse ; Lat. tristitia, 

Tua, num. two, S2 ; see Tuo. 

Tnhen, //.//. of Ten. 

Tnllty sb. discipline, S. — AS. tyht\ cp. 
OHG. zuht (Otfrid). See Ten. 

Tllllteii,^'. to draw, persuade, discipline, 
S ; tihte, pt, s., S. — AS. tyhtan, 

Tnin, num, two, S2 ; see Twlnne. 

Tnken, v. to pluck, vex, S ; tnke up, 
succingerey Cath. ; tnkksrn up. Prompt. ; 
7-tonked. // , tucked, fulled, PP.— AS. 
tucian {twiccan) ; cp. OHG. zukken (Ot- 

Tnker, sb, a fuller ; see Tokker. 
Tnlke, sb, a man, soldier, knight, WA, 
EETS (56); tolke, S2; tnlk, WA, SkD 

(s.v. talk). — Icel. tiilkr, interpreter; Lith- 
uan. tulkaSf interpreter ; cp. Dan. tolk, 

Tullen, V, to draw, entice, CM, SD 
see ToUen. 

TTLmbeny v. to leap, tumble, dance 
tombede, pt. s., SD. — AS. tumbian (Mk 
6. 22) ; cp. OF. tumber, to fall. 

Tnmbestere, sb. a female dancer, HD 
tombester, SD ; tumbesterls, //., SD 
C3 (p. 151) ; tombesteres, C3. 

Tnmblexty v. to leap, dance, SD, SkD 
to tumble, PP; tombly, PP; tumlyn, 
volutarCf Prompt. 

Tumbler, sb, a tumbler, a female 
dancer, Voc. ; tumlare, volutatoTy Prompt. 

Truly sb. enclosure, farm-stead, town, S, 
S2 ; see Tonn. 

Tunen, v. to enclose, S ; see Tynen. 

Tunge, sb. tongue, S, C, W2 ; see Tonga. 

Tuane, sb. tun, S ; see Tonne. 

TlLO, num. two, S2, C, PP ; tua, S2 ; 
two, S ; twa, S, S2 ; to, S, S2 ; towe, S3. 
— AS. twd (neut.). 

Tor, sb. tower, S ; see Tour. 

Tumext, v. to turn, S ; see Toumen. 

TnrSS, v^. to pack ; see Trussen. 

Tnmes, sb, pi. pieces of turf, S2 ; see 

TtlS, for tkufl, S ; see Jms. 
Tntand, pr. p, projecting, pushing out, 
S2 ; see Toten. 

Tute, sb, a horn, comu^ os, SD. — For 
Teutonic cognates see Weigand (s.v. zotte). 
See Tewelle. 

Tntey V. 'to tute in a home,* Manip. 
— Cf. Swed. tutay to blow a horn. 

Tutel, sb, beak, mouth (?), S. 


Tntelen, v. to whisper, S. 
Tnteler, sd, tittler, tattler, PP. 
TntlSTngf-r^'noiseofaliom, B. See Tate. 
TutonTy sd. guardian, warden, keeper, 
P, WW, TG.-OF. tuteur; Lat. tutorem. 
Twa, num. two, S, S2 ; see Tno. 

Tweame&f v* to separate, S. — AS. 

Tweirei ^M^' S^n. of twain, S. — AS. 
twegra (gen.). 

Twelf, num. twelve, S, C2 ; tuelf, S2 ; 
tuelne, S2. Comb. : twelfinoneth, twelve- 
month, PP ; taelmonth, S2. — AS. twelfx 
Goth, tivalif. 

Twenfi^en, 'v. to press tightly, tweak, S ; 
tuensfde, //. j., S2. — Cf. Twinsren. 

Twestis, //. twigs, S3 ; see Twyste. 

Tweye, num. twain, PP, C, C2 ; tweie, 
S; tueie, S; twey, S3, PP; twel, PP. 
Comb. : twey-fold, twofold, C3. — AS. 
twega (gen,). See Tno. 

Tweye, adv. twice, PP; twye, HD; 
twie, S. — AS. twiwa. 

Tweyne, num. twain, G, PP ; tueyne, 
S2 ; twene, S ; tweien, S; twe^Bexin, S. 
— AS. twegen. 

Twi- {^prefix). Comb. : twl^1>ll, an axe, 
bipenniSj Voc., Prompt., H ; twi-feald,' 
twofold, SD ; twye-lysrhte, twilight, 
Prompt. ; twi-rsod, of diverse opinion, SD. 

Twie, adv, twice, S ; see Tweye. 

Twikken, v. to twitch, snatch, pull 
slightly but quickly. Prompt. ; twycliyii, 
Prompt. ; twygrbte, //. s., CM ; twight, 
//., CM. 

Twine, sb. doubled thread ; twines, 
gen.y S. — AS. twin. 

Twinen, v, to twist, S; twined,//., S; 
twyned, PP. 

Twingen, v. to pain, afflict, SkD; 
twanfiren, pp., SkD. — Cp. G. zwingen. 

Twingins^y sb. affliction, S2. 

Twixikeil, v. to wink, Prompt, G. 

Twinklen, v. to twinkle. Prompt. 

Twinne, num. two apiece, two at a 
time, S; twynne, S2; tain, S2. — Icel. 

Twinnen, v. to separate, C2 ; twyn- 
nen, S2, S3, H ; twyne, S3 ; twyn, S2, 
H ; tayn, H ; twynned, /A //., PP, S3. 

Twyes, adv. twice, S2, C2, C3, PP.— 
Formed with suffix -es on AS. twiwa. See 

Twystei sb, bough, Cath., S3 ; twirt, 



B, S2, C2, CM ; twest, S3.— Cp. ODu. 

Twyste, v, to strip the boughs, de- 
frondare, Cath. 

Twyster (of trees), sb. a stripper of 
boughs, defrondator^ Cath. 

Tycement, sb. enticement, HD. 

Tycen, v. to entice, instigate, provoke. 
Prompt, Manip., S; tlsen, PP; tyse, 
HD (s.v. tise). See Atiaen. 

Tykely adj. unsteady, uncertain, CM. 

Tyle, sb. tile. Prompt. ; tyll. Prompt. ; 
tyyl, S2. Comb. : tyle-Btone, tile, brick. 
Prompt. ; tlyL-stoon (=sLat. testd)^ W2. — 
AS. tigele ; Lat. tegula. 

Tymber, sb. timber, wood for building, 
Voc, PP ; tymbre, PP.— AS. timber. 

Tymbre, v. to frame, build, PP ; tlm- 
brln, S, S2. — AS. timbrian : Goth, timr- 
Jan ; cp. OHG. zimbrSn (Tatian). 

Tyxnbrey sb. the crest of a helmet, also 
a helmet, WA ; timber, Cotg. ; tymbrys, 
//., B. — OF. timbre (Cotg.); Lat tympa- 
num ; Gr. rvfinavov; cp. SkD (s.v. timbrel), 

Tyme, sb. time, due season, S, C2, C3, 
PP ; tyme, //., C2 ; tymes, C2. Comb. : 
tymefai, seasonable, early, W ; timllclie, 
quickly, S. — AS. tima ; cp. Icel. timi. 

Tymen, v. to betide, S2. — AS. {ge)- 

Tynd, sb. the tine or prong of a deer*s 
horn, the spike of a harrow, JD, SkD ; 
tyndls, S3. — AS. tind (Voc); cp. Icel. 

TjnAf adj. tiny, WA. 

l^me, sb. prickle. Prompt. 

Tjrne, V. to lose, S2, PP, H ; tine, S2. 
H ; tynt, //., S2, PP, H. Der. : tynsll, 
loss, ruin, H ; tlnslU, H. — Icel. tyna, to 
lose, to destroy, tynask, to perish, from 
tjSn^ loss, damage. 

Tjrneil, V. to enclose, S2 ; tlnen, S ; 
tanen, S. — AS. tynan, from ttin. See 

Tynken, v. to ring, tinkle, W. 

Tynkere, sb. tinker, PP. 

Tyusale, sb. loss, harm, B. See Tyne. 

!l^sane, sb. a drink. Prompt. — OF. 
tisane, barley-water; Lat. ptisana^ pearl- 
barley, also barley-water ; Gr. vnadm]. 

Tysyk, sb. consumption, S2, Prompt. ; 
tyslke, Cath. — OF. tisique (Bartsch) ; Lat. 
phthisicay consumptive disease; from Gr. 
i(7ts, decay ; cp. It. tisica. 

Tyyl, sb. tile, S2 ; see Tyle. 




U, V (vowel). 

XTggen, V. to dread, to shudder at, HD ; 
«fif, H ; hoire, H ; uffffUi, pr. s., H ; 
Uffgld, pt. J., H. — Icel. ug^a. 

Uggynge, slf. shuddering, horror, H. 

Ugly, (u/v. dreadful, horrible, H, SkD ; 
ngfllke, SkD.— Icel. ugg^^tgr. 

ngSOm, adj. frightful, SkD (s.v. ugfy), 

XThte, sd. the part of the night before 
daybreak ; uBten, dat.y S, SD.— AS. M^e : 
OS. uAta : Goth. uA^a ; cp. OHG. uohta, 
Icel. (fUUf see Weigand {s.v. ucht), and 
Fick, 7. 9. 

Xniten-tid, sb. early morning-time, SD. 
Xlllt-SOllg, sb. morning-chant, matins, 
SD. — AS. uht-sang, 

Ulke, adj. the same, S ; see like. 

XTmbe, prep, about, around, WA, S ; 
nmmbenn, S; eiiibe,S.— AS.^/w^^ (tf»z3^): 
OHG. umH (Otfrid), OS. uniH. 

Vmbe-cast, v. to cast about, consider, 
ponder, B; umbekestes, /r. j., S2. 

XJmbe-groiLen,//.grow^n all round, S2. 

XTmbelappe, v. to surround, WA. See 

Vmbe-set, v. to beset, B; umbeset, 
//. J., B ; vniset, S2 ; unbeMt, //., B ; 
Tunsett, H, HD ; vmset, S2.— AS. ymb- 

Vmbe-stoilllt,d^2'. sometimes, B; nm- 
stunt, H. — AS. ymbe + stund. 

nilibe-}>en]ceil, v. to bethink, meditate, 
S ; nnLthink, H ; vmbethlnkis 30W, imp. 
pi. refl., B; iixnbitliofirhte, pt. j., HD; 
vmbethouclit, B. — AS. ymb-pencan. 

XTmbe- weronnd, pp. environed, B. 

Uiube-wbile, adv. sometime, at times, 
S ; TunwMle, H, HD ; nmwUe, S ; vm^ 
quhile, B; nrnqnlle, WA. 

XJm-ga, V. to go about, H. 

Um-gang, sb. circuit, S2, H.— AS. 

XTni-s^eil, v. to surround, H ; vnuraf, 
//. //., S2, H. 

XXm-gripen, v. to surround; vm- 
griped,//.//., S2. 

Uni-liileii, V. to cover up; umMld, 
pt. J., H. 

Um-lap, V. to wrap around, compre- 
hendere, to embrace, WA, S2 ; umlappe, 
H, HD ; vmlapped, //., S2. See Um- 

XTm-loiikef v. to lock in, H. 

Um-sege, v. to besiege, H. 

XXm-set, pp. beset all round, 82 ; see 

XTni-shAdoWi v. to shadow round, pro- 
tect, H. 

XXm-stridey v. to bestride, 82 ; urn- 
strode,//. J., HD. 

XJm-writhen, v. to wind round, H; 
umwritliyii,//., H. 

XTm-^ede, //. s. went about, H. 

U&-y prefix (i), has a negative force and 
is used before substantives, adjectives, and 
past participles ; on-, B. — Goth, un- ; cp. 
Gr. dy-. 

TSU'^ prefix (2), expresses the reversal of 
an action, and is used before verbs; oxu, 
S3. — Goth. and'\ cp. Gr. dvTi-. 

Un-, prefix (3), until.— OS. und-, CI 

XTn-aneomned,^. unnamed, innumer- 
able, S. Cf. A-nenmen. 

XTn-aTianced, //. unpromoted, 82. 

XJn-berxuedyi^. unleavened; nnberr- 
medd, S. 

XTn-bicxunlicliy adj. unbecoming, S; 
unbicomelich, S. 

XTn-bilieTie, adj. unprofitable; mibi- 
hefre, comp.y S. 

XTn-bileae, sb. unbelief, W. 

XTn-bilenefllly adj. unbelieving, W; 
TinbUefta, S. 

XTn-binden, v. to unbind, S2 ; unbind, 
pr. f., S ; nnbint, S ; nnbond, pt. j., S ; 
nnbounden, //., S ; pp., C2.— Cp. OHG. 
in-bintan (Otfrid). (Un- 2.) 

Un-biscbopedy //. unconfirmed ; un- 
bisbped, S. 

XTn-bisor^eliclie, adv. piteously, S. 

nn-bliSe, adj. joyless ; nnblype, S2. 

XTn-boht,//. unatoned for,S; nnbonbt, 


nn-bokelen, v, to unbuckle, C2, C3. 

(Un- 2.) 

nn-brosten, //. unburst, S2. 

nil-blJiSlim, adj. disobedient, S ; vn- 
bozome, P. 

XTn-biizsiiiiines,^^. disobedience, H. 
nnce, sb. ounce, SkD, C ; onnoes, //., 
C2. — OF. unce\ Lat. uncia, Cf. Znche. 


XTn-cliargicL, pp. unladen, W. (Un- 2 .) 

XXn-COfre, v. to take out of a coffer, S3. 
(Un- 2.) 

XJn-COIiabily adj. unsuitable; unkon- 
nabll, H ; vncunable, H. — Cp. OF. co- 
venable (BH. 153. 43). 

Uxt-COnabilly, adv. unsuitably, H. 

Un-COnabilneSy sb. misbehaviour, H. 

Un-COnabilteSy incongruities, H. 

Vn-COnand, adj. ignorant, HD, H ; 
▼nkiinand, H. 

Vn-CO&andly, adv. ignorantly, H. 

Un-COmLpcionil, sb. incorruption, W. 

UncnCy adj. strange, unknown, S2 ; see 

XTlI-CWeme, adj. displeasing, SD : unn- 
cweme, S. See Un-yqueme. 

XTndampiied, //• uncondemned, W. 

XTlI-deedli, adj. immortal, W ; vnded^ 

XTlI-deedlsrnesse, sb. immortality, W; 
undedlynes, WA. 

XTn-defOTllid, pp. undefiled (= impoU 
lufusj immaculatus), W, WA. 

XJn-dePf adj. not deep, S. 

XTnder, prep., adv. during, between, 
under, underneath, S ; onder, SD ; undax, 
W ; undlr, B. Phr. : vnder pan, during 
these things, interea, meanwhile, S. — AS. 
under: Goth. undar\ cp. OHG. untar. 

Under, sb. afternoon, CM ; see Undexn. 

Under, v. to subject, S2. 
Under-crien, v. to cry cut; undur- 
crieden, pt. pi. ( = succlamabanf), W. 

Under-fkngen, v. to receive, S ; nn- 
derfonsre, S ; ondemonsre, S2 ; under- 
uonsren, S ; onderfiuLg', imp. ;., S; iindur- 
fonsT, //. J., S2 ; under uengr, S2 ; under- 
fang'en, pp., S ; nndemonge, S ; under- 
fonsren, P ; Tmdnrfongnn, W. 

Under-fon, v. to receive, S ; nnderfo, 
S ; nnder-non, S ; underfon, pp., S. — 
AS. under-fSn. 

Under^giten, v. to perceive, under- 
stand ; under^iten, SD ; nndef^eite, S ; 
nndersreeton, pt. pi., S. — AS. under-gitan. 

Under^legffen, v. to subject ; nnder- 
laide, 2 pt. J., S2. 

Under-ling, J^. a subject, inferior, S,PP. 
Under-lont, adj. subject, H. 
Under-master, sb. usher; nndnr- 
maistir ( = paedagogus), W. 

Under^mel, sb. the afternoon-meal, 
SD, CM. See Undern. 



Undem, sb. the time between, the time 
between sunrise and noon, between noon 
and sunset, a mealtime, S2, C, C2, CM, 
Voc. ; undome, WA ; vndxen, S, HD, 
SD ; nnder, S2 ; undnr, HD ; annder, 
HD. — AS. undent, OS. undorn, Icel. un- 
dorn ; cp. OHG. untorn (G. untem). 

Undem-time, J^- SD ; imdxentime,S ; 
undlrtime, SD. 

Under-nymen, v. to receive, perceive, 
reprove, PP ; nndlmyme, W2 ; nndeml- 
men, S ; nndememe, reprehendo. Prompt. ; 
undemom, pt. s., C3 ; undernnmen,^., 
S; nndimommen, W; nndexnome, PP. 

Under-picchen, v. to fix underneath ; 
undexpysrhte, pt. s., C3. 

Under-preost, sb. under-priest ; unn- 
derr-preo8t, S. 

Under-sette, v, to place beneath, sup- 
port, prop up ; nndnxsette, W2. 

Under-standen, v. to understand, S ; 
onderstanden, S2 ; nnderstonden, S, S2 ; 
undyrstonde, S2 ; nnderstant, pr. s.yS; 
nnderstont, S ; nndyrstode, pt. s., S2 
nnderstoden, pt. pi., S ; undnrstoden, 
stood under, W2 ; nnderstande, //., S ; 
nnderstonde, S2 ; onderstonde, S2. 

Under-stonding^esse, J^. faculty of 

understanding, S. 

Under-take, v. to undertake, agree, 
SD ; nndertoc, pt. j., S2 ; uitdertok, S. 

Under-}>eod, sb. subject, S ; under- 
peoden, //., S ; underpiede, S. — AS. 

Under-non, v. to receive, S ; see Un- 

Under-^eite, v. to leam, discover, S ; 
see Under-glten. 

Un-dig^e, adj. unworthy, C2. — OF, 

Un-discreety adj. undisceming, C2. — • 
OF. undiscret. 

Un-don, v. to undo, open, disclose, SD, 
W ; undo, WA ; undede, //. s., S2 ; un< 
dude, S, PP ; undone, pp., S. — AS. ««- 
dSn. (Un- 2.) 

Undon, v. to undo, destroy, PP. 

Undoubtabili, adv. without doubt, S3. 

Un-dreb, adj. impatient, out of patience, 

Un-dnhti^, adj. unworthy ; undubtl, S. 

Un-eaC, adj. uneasy ; uneaiSe, S. 

Un-eaSe, adv. scarcely, S ; unnerSe, S, 
S2, C2, C3, W ; onneape, S2 ; onepe, S3 ; 
uneth^ S3, P, WA; unneth, S3. 



XJn-eVeSi adv. scarcely, WA, S; nn- 
netbes, S2, C2, W, H; Tniietlui, H; 
▼nees, PP. 

XJn-flE^eii, adj' displeased ; imfeTn, S2. 

XJn-festy adj. unstable, S2. 

XJli-fsstlicli, adj. unfestive, C2. 

XTn-fetey^'- ill-made, bad, S2. (Un* i.) 

XJn-filabily adj. insatiable, H. (Un- 1.) 

XJn-filed,//. undefiled, S2. 

nn-flicliandf//- unflinching,!! .(Un- 1 .) 

Un-for^olden, pp. unrequited, S ; un- 
▼oririilde, S. 

nil-freili6| sb. disadvantage, S. — AS. 

XTn-fniytOIUie, adj. unfruitful, W. 

Un-gert, pp. ungin, G. 

XTn-glad, adj. unhappy, S2. 
nn-liapp6v sb. ill-luck, WA. 
XTn-happy, adj. unlucky, S2. 

Utt-liardyy adj. not bold, pp. 

XXn-heley sb. sickness, S; misfortune, 

XTlI-lieledy //• uncovered, WA, PP. — 
AS. helian : Oi!G. haljan. (Un- 2). 

Un-lielSe, sb, sickness, S ; nnlialSe, S. 

XXn-hersmnxiesse, J^' disobedience, S. 
— AS. unhyrsumnis, 

Utt-llilleil, V. to disclose, S ; nnhilen, 
82, W; onhUlin, Prompt.; unhnlien, 
SD, MD ; unliiled, //., CM, G, SD, PP ; 
nnhnUd, S2.— Cp. Goth, huljan, OHG. 
huljatiy hullan, (Un- 2.) 

Uh-IloIv adj. sick, S. — AS. un-hdl, 

XJn-llold, adj. ungracious, S. 

XJn-ifo^, adj. innumerable ; nnnifo^e, 
//., S. — AS. un-gefSg. 

XJn-inieaSi sb. want of moderation, S 
(8 b. 12). 

Utt-imet, adj. immense, immeasurable, 
S ; onimete, S. — AS. un-gemet. 

Un-imetef adv. immensely, S. — AS. 

XXn-imeteliche) adv. infinitely, S. — 
AS. ungemetlice, 

nn-iredlice, adv. sharply, roughly, S ; 
nnridell, S. — AS. un-gerydelice. 

XXtt-isalSe, sb, unhappiness, S. — AS. 

Un-iseliy adj. unhappy, S. — AS. un- 

XXtt-itald, pp. unnumbered, S. — AS. un- 

XJniversitei sb. universe, world, W. — 
OY.universite) Lat. universiiaUm (Vulg.) 


XTn-iwaSSe, pp. unwashen, S. 

nnk, pron. dual, us both, S ; nnkcr, of 
us both, S. — AS. uncy dat. and ace, uncer, 
gen. : Goth, ugk, ace, ugkisy dat., ugkara, 

Un-keilipty pp. uncombed, rough, S3. 

XTn-kenelen, v. to ungag, S. (Un- 2.) 

XXn-koutliy adj. unknown, strange, PP ; 
nnknlS, S ; uncira, S2 ; unooutlie, //., 82, 
C2 ; nnctdSe, 8 ; nnccA$e, S. — AS. un-ctiS. 

Vn-kunnyng, sb, ignorance, W; vn^ 
knnnynglB, //., W^2. 

Vll-kiumyxige,a^'. unskilful, ignorant, 
82, W, W2; nnkonnyncr, C; vnkon- 
nynsre, PP. 

nil-klULnyilgenesse,^^. ignorance, W. 

Utt-kynde, adj. unnatural, unkind, C2, 
PP ; nncunde, SD. 

XTn-kyndenessei sb, unkindness, C3, 


XTn-kyth, v. to hide, 82. (Un- 2). 

XTli-lacef v. to unbind, W. (Un- 2.) 

XTlI-laupey v. to unfold ; onlappyt, pt. 
J., S3. (Un- 2.) 

Uxt-ledd, adj. miserable, wretched, 8, 
8D. — AS. un-l<kd: Goth. un-Uds, 

XTn-leaeflll, adj. not permissible, W; 
onleefEtil, illicitusy Prompt. 

XTxt-leuesiUlli adj. not permissible ; on- 
lesnm, 83. 

XJ]i-lic]i6f adj. unlike, 8. 
XTn-lonkeil, v. to unlock, PP ; vnloke, 
pp.y G. (Un- 2.) 

Ull-l'IISt,<f^. lack of pleasure, displeasure, 

XJlI-llLStii adj. unlusty, idle, SD; on- 
losU, 82. 

XTn-lylmigey adj, unfit, improper, scan- 
dalous, Pr. 

XTn-maytef adj. unmeet, H. Phr, : 
in nnmayte, unfittingly, !!. 

XXn-meoC, sb. want of moderation^ S ; 
unniflrS, 8 (8 a. 10). See Meth. 

XXn-meilAbley adj. immovable, W. 

Un-nioebles, sb. pi. immovable pro- 
perty, PP.— Cp. OF. muebles (BH) ; pi. of 
mueble ; Late I^t. mdbiUm, 

XTn-mylde, adj, cruel, W ; nnmyld, H. 

Utt-nait, adj. useless, 82, !!. 

Unnen, v. to grant, 8 ; hnnne, 8 ; aA, 
I pr. J., 8 ; on, pr. s., 8 ; i-nnne, //., 8. — 
AS. unnan, i and 3 pr. s. antiy opt. unne, 
pt. tidtj pp. ge-unnen. Cp. Icel. unnay OS. 
gi-unnaHf OHG. gi-unnanj pt onda (Ot- 
frid), G. gonnen. 


XTnneSey adv. scarcely, S, S2, C2, C3, 
W ; unnetli, S3 ; see Un-ea^Se. 

XTniiethes, adv. scarcely, S2, C3, W, 
H ; vnnetlis, H ; see Un-c^es. 

Un-nit, adj. useless, S ; nxinet, S ; nn- 
nut, S. — AS. un-nytt. 

Un-noble, adj. ignoble, Wa. 
Un-noblei, sb. ignobleness, W. 
Un-noyandnes, sb. hannlessness, H. 
Un-obedience, sb. disobedience, W. 
XJn-O&dSt* adj. dishonourable, W. 
Ull-omey adj. old, worn out, S ; nnorn, 
S ;. imoiime, HD. — AS. un-ome (Grein). 

Un-perfit, adj, imperfect, Wa ; un- 
parfit, PP. 

Un-pesible, adj. unquiet, W. 

Un-pined, //. untouched by pain, S. 

Un-pit^, sb. want of feeling, W, Wa. 

Un-proflt, sb, unprofitableness, W. 

XTlI-qnaynt, adj. imprudent, unwise, H. 

Un-rede, sb. bad counsel, folly, mis- 
chief, S. — AS. un-rced, 

Un-redi, adj, not prepared, W ; nnredy, 
improvident, PP. 

Un-reprenable, adj, not to be re- 
proved, W. 

Un-rest, sb, restlessness, S3 ; vnreste, 
dat,, Ca. 

Un-resty, adj. restless, H ; unxlsly, H. 

Un-ride, adj. harsh, cruel, WA, HD, 
SD. — AS. un'{ge)ryde (Luke, 3. 5). 

XTn-rideli, adv. sharply, vehemently, 
roughly, S ; unxldly, fiercely, WA ; see 

Un-ri^t, adj. sb, injustice, wrong, Sa ; 
unryht, S ; vnrliflit, PP, Sa ; ianrllit, S. 
— As. un-riht, 

XTn-ri^tfiilnessey sb. unrighteousness, 
unlawfulness, Wa ; unrihtfalnesse, S. 

XJn-ri^twisnesse, sb, unrighteousness, 

XTn-sad, adj. unsteady, Ca. 

Un-sadnesse, sb. instability, W. 

XXn-sahty adj. unreconciled, discon- 
tented, Sa. 

Un-SCllApe, //. unshapen, outlandish, 

nn-SChntten, v. to open, SD; un- 
scliette,//. J., SD; onscliet, S3; vnslMtte, 
//.,S3. (Un-a.) 

XTn-SCilwUli adj. unwise, H. 

XTn-SCilwisly, adv, unwisely, H. 

XTn-selieliclly adj. invisible, S. 



XTn-seill, sb. misfortune, B. — AS. uns<kL 
XTn-sele, adj. unhappy, S, Sa. 

Un-selS, sb. unhappiness ; unMlSe, S ; 
unnseUSe, S; uimseolS^e, S. — AS. un- 

Un-sely, adj. unhappy, Ca ; Tiioell, W. 

Un-sete, sb. unsettledness, Sa. 

XTn-skaJ^eflll, adj. harmless; unn- 
skapefnll, S. 

Un-skabi^nesse, sb. harmlessness, S. 

Un-Skilflll, adj. unreasonable, out- 
rageous, unprofitable, PP ; unMhilfta, Sa. 

XTn-sleUced,//. unslacked, C3. 

Ull-SOOtey adj. unsweet, bitter, S3. 

Un-SOnnded, pp. unhealed, S3. 

Un-SOnerable; adj. insufferable, S3. 

Un-SOWeily v. to slit open what has 
been sewn, PP ; ansoiiwen, PP. (Un- a.) 

Ull-spedfaly adj. unsuccessful, H ; on- 
schet, S3. 

XTn-sperren, v. to unfasten, unbar, PP. 

(Un- a.) 

nn-spnme, v. to kick open, S. (Un- 2.) 

Un-StaCelliesty adj. without a firm 
foundation, S. 

Un-Stedefasty ad;', not firm in 'one^s 
place, unsteady, S, PP ; unstudeueste, S. 
— AS. unsiedefcest, 

Un-stirabil, adj. immovable, H. 

Un-strong, adj. feeble, S.— AS. un- 

XTn-STlget, //. not subject, W. 

Un-telleildlic, adj, indescribable, S. 

Un-banCy sb. dislike ; Tin]>onkes, gen.^ 
S. Fhr.\ hares unpances, against their 
will, S. — AS. un-panc. 

Un-thende, small, out of season, PP, 
HD. Cf. Theen. 

Un-tbewe, sb. immorality, S ; iui-J>eu, 
S; nnpewe, dat.^ S; unpewes,//., Sa. — 
AS. un-piaw. 

XTn-tbolemodnes, sb. impatience, H. 

nil-})rifty sb, unprofitableness; wu 
prsrfttt, Sa. 

Un-tbryftyly, adv. unprofitably, im- 
properly, Sa, C3. 

Un-liffed, PP' unadorned, S. 
XTntil, conj., prep, until, unto, Sa, PP, 
SkD ; ontUl, B. (Un- 3.) 

Un-tiled,;!!^. untilled, PP; TintTaed,Sa. 

Un-tO, prep, unto, SkD. — OS. untS for 
undt-\-6\ cp. OS. untey until, Goth, unte, 
for, OHG. urn (Tatian). (Un- 3.) 




XTlL-todealety//. undivided, S. (Un-i.) 
Uxt-tolielicliey cuh, nnrestrainedly, S. 
XJn-tolieily pp' undisciplined, S ; nn- 

townn, SkD (p. 695), untolM, S.— Cf. 

AS. tSon. See Ten. 

XTlL-trewey adj- untrne, not straight, S, 
PP, C3. — AS. un-triowe, 

XTn-trewnesse, sb, untruth, S. 

Un-trewthe, sb, untruth, C3. 

Un-triBt, sh. disbelief, W. 

Un-vysible, adj. invisible, W, 

XTn-war, adj. unexpected, unexpecting, 

SD, S2, C2, C3. 

Utt-ware, adv. unwarily, S2. 

Un-warly, adv. at unawares, S3. 

Un-way, sb. wrong path, H. 

XTn-weawed, //. unveiled, S.—Cp. AS. 
w<kfelSf a covering, veil. 

XTn-welde, adj. impotent, weak^ SD, S ; 
▼nweldy, S3, C3. 

Un-wemmedy//. unstained, unspotted, 
S, S3, C3, W2 ; unweminyd, W, H ; nn- 
wemmet, S; unweominet, S. — AS. un- 


Ull-wer^ed,//. unwearied ; unwerg'et, 

S. — AS. un{ge)wMged. 
Un-willt, sb. monster, an uncanny crea- 
ture, evil spirit, S; anwl^t, S; adj.f S; 
unwi^tes, pl.y S. 

XTn-willey sb. unwillingness, displeasure, 
S. Fhr. : hire unwilles, against her will, 
S. — AS. un-willa. 

XTn-willicli, adj. unwilling, S. 

lTll-win6y sb. enemy, S; unwines,//., S. 

XTn-wis, adj. unwise, S2. — AS. un-ivls. 

XTn-wisdom, sb. folly, W. 

XTn-WUlt, PP' unknown, C. 

XTn-wit, sb. want of wit, C3, H. 

Un-witti, adj. unwise, W. 

XTn-wityng, pr. p. unknowing, C3. 

Un-wityng, sb. ignorance, W. 

nil-wi3t| adj. uncanny, S. See Un- 

Un-WOrSChip, v. to dishonour, W. 

Un-wrappeil, v. to disclose, C 2 . (Un- 2.) 

XTn-wrast, adj. infirm, weak, base, bad, 
S, PP ; unwreast, S ; unwraste) //., S ; 
unwxeste, dot. s., S. — AS. un-'u/rast. 

Uxt-wrenCf-r^' evil design; unwrenclie, 
dat.f S. — AS. unwrenc, 

Un-wr^on, v. to discover, to reveal, 
SD ; nnwxeo, S ; unwxoaen, S ; unwro^e, 
S. — AS. un-wr^on* (Un- 2.) 


XTn-wrien, v. to uncover, SD ; /^.,S.-- 
From AS. wrlhan, (Un- 2.) 

nn-wuniLe, sb, sadness, S, SD ; un* 
winne, S ; nnwenne, S. 

XXn-wnrSf adj. unworthy, S ; nnwnxVe, 
pl.y S; nnwnfoere, comp.y S; unwnztS- 
este, superL, S. — AS. un-wurti. 

UlL-WlirSi, adj. unworthy, S, SD ; on- 
wnrpi, Pjompt. 

XXn-wnrSlicli, adj. unworthy, base; 
nnworpelych, S2 ; nnwnzVUclie, adv., 
S. — AS. un-wurdlict -lice. 

XTn-yliclie, adj. unlike, S ; nnllieli, S. 

— AS. un-gellc. 

nn-yqneme, adj. displeasmg, S. See 
Un-cweme, Zeweme. 

Up, adv. and prep, up, S2, S3, G; op, 
S, S2. Phr. : up so doun, upside down, 
C, C3, W, PP; up ae doun, W, W3 ; up 
soo doune, S3.— AS. up, upp\ cp. OHG. 

Up-braiding, sb. reproach, S2. 
Up-breiden, v. to reproach, S, W. 
Up-breyd, sb. reproach, S2. 
Up-C1Ull6n, V. to ascend; uppcumenn, S. 

Up-henen, v. to raise, S2 ; uphaf,//. j., 
C ; uphouen,//., S2 ; upe-houen, S2. 

Up-holdere, sb. seller of second-hand 
things, P. 

Up-londiscll, cutj. rustic, countrified, 
S2 ; oplondysch, S2. 

Vppe, adv. up, PP, S ; upe, S, S2 ; opo, 


Vppon, prep, upon, PP; uppen, S; 
apon, S2. Phr. : vpon lofte, above, S2. 

Up-right, adv. on one's back, C, C2 ; 
upryirhte, C2. 

XTp-risen, v. to rise up ; up-rlst, pr, j. 

, sb. resurrection, S2. 

1st, sb. rising, SD, S3; upzlste, 

dat.y S, C. 

Up-set,//, set up, S2. 

Up-sterten, v. to start up; upsterte, 

pt. J., S2, C. 

Up-sti^e, sb. ascension, S. 

Up-Sti^en, v. to ascend, SD; up. 
stejflies,/r.//., S2 ; upsteffh, //. j., S2. 

Up-stOWr, V. to be stirred up, S3. 

Up-take, V. to take up, receive ; uptoke, 
pt. J., S2. 

Up-ward, adv. upward ; uppard, S. 
Up-warp, V, to throw up, S3. 


ITp-wauen, v. to move upward with an 
undulating motion ; np-wafte, //. //., S2. 

Up-^elden, v. to deliver up, S2. 

VrchTlXl, sd. hedghog, H ; see Zrdion. 

XJvBf sb. practice, work, operation, ND, 
Manip., SkD. — OF. eurCf uevre; Lat. 

Tire, sb, fate, luck, good luck, B, CM. — 
OF. eury eiir: Prov. agur\ Late Lat. 
*agurium for Lat. augurium\ see BH, 
% 27. 

XTmen, v, to run, S ; see Bennen. 

ITrrei sb. anger, S ; see Eorre. 

Usage, sb, custom, C2, C3. — AF. usage. 

Usaimce, sb, custom, HD, CM. — OP. 
usance (Cotg.). 

Use, sb. use, usury, HD; us, S2, SD; 
▼ce, S3 ; oyss, B. — AF. «j ; Lat. usum, 

Usen, V. to use, to be accustomed, PP, 
S3, C2 ; usede, ft, j., SD, PP; UBiden,//., 
dealt with, W ; srvsed, pp,^ S2 ; uset, 



customary, PP; used, C3; vayt, S3; 
oyslt, B ; wsart, S3. — ^AF. user. 
UssheVf sb. usher, door-keeper, C2, 
SkD ; uscliere. Prompt. ; ussliere, PP.-7 
AF. ussheTy usser^ OF. ussier \ Lat. osti- 
ariuniy door-keeper, from ostium , door. 

Usnre, sb. usury, C2, P ; vsuxis, //., W. 
— AF. usure ; Lat. usura, 

Utas, sb, the octave of a festival, HD, 
ND, SkD, Palsg.— AF. utaves; Lat. oc^ 
tavas. For the s = v^s cp. in Old French 
vis = vivus (BH). 

Ute, adv, out, S. — AS. lite, 

Uten, prep. 2.Yr2iy from, S. — AS. titan ; 
cp. Goth, utana, 

Uthe, sb. wave, S ; 7]7es, //., S2, HD. — 
AS. yd : Lat. unda. 

Ut-la^e, sb. outlaw, S. — Icel. litlaga, 
outlawed, titlagi, an outlaw. See Ont-lawe. 

Uttring, sb. circulating, S3. See Ont- 

U3te]i9 sb. early morning, S ; see Uhte. 

V U (consonant). 

For some words of Teutonic origin beginning with V, see P ; see also in 

some cases W. 

Vacheryey sb. a dairy. Prompt. — OF. 
vacherie, a cow-house (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. 
vaccaria^ from Lat. uac^a, a cow. 

Vader, sb. father, S, S2 ; see Fader. 
Ussin, adj. fain, S ; see Fayn. 
Uair, adj. £Eiir, S2 ; see Fayr. 
Uale, adj. many, S ; see Fele. 
Vale, sb, vale, PP.— AF. val\ Lat. 

Vald, sb. valley, S2, B ; valele, S2 ; 
valeye, PP ; valayis, //., B.— OF. valee ; 
cp. It. vallata. 

Vale, V. to descend, S3.— Cp. OF. avaler^ 
to descend. Cf. Analen. 

Valuwen, v. to become yellow, S ; see 

Vampies, Vampett ; see vaumpe. 

Vane, sb. a vane, C2 ; see Faae. 

Vanisheil, v. to vanish, C2 ; vanslie, 
Voc. ; vausliede,//. x., PP ; vanyschiden, 
//., became vain, W ; vanysslit, //., S2. — 
Cp. OF. esvanutss-y base of pr. p. of 
esvanu'ir ; Lat. ex + uanescere, from uanus. 

Vant, V, to vaunt, WA.