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Oxford University Press Warehouse 
Amen Corner, E.C. 




FROM A.D.^1150 ,TO_1580^ 








" These our Ancient Words here set down, I tmst will for this time satisfie 

the Reader.** — R. Verstegan, ResHtutim of Decayed Intelligence^ ch. vii (at the end) 

*' Authentic words be given, or none !*' 

Wordsworth, Lines on Macpherton*s Ossian 



/ 1 fl \ [ AH rights reserv*d\ 

■J <=. 



(By Professor Skeat.) 

The present work is intended to meet, in some measure, the require- 
ments of those who wish to make some study of Middle-English, and 
who find a diflSculty in obtaining such assistance as will enable them to 
find out the meanings and etymologies of the words most essential to 
their purpose. 

The best Middle-English Dictionary, that by Dr. Matzner of Berlin, 
has only reached the end of the letter H; and it is probable that 
it will not be completed for many years. The only Middle-English 
Dictionary that has been carried on to the end of the alphabet is that 
by the late Dr. Stratmann, of Krefeld. This is a valuable work, and is 
indispensable for the more advanced student. However, the present 
work will still supply a deficiency, as it diflfers from Stratmann's 
! Dictionary in many particulars. We have chosen as our Main Words, 
where possible, the most typical of the forms or spellings of the period 
of Chaucer and Piers Plowman ; in Stratmann, on the other hand, the 
form chosen as Main Word is generally the oldest form in which it appears, 
frequentiy one of the twelfth century. Moreover, with regard to autho- 
! rities, we refer in the case of the great majority of our forms to a few, 
cheap, easily accessible works, whereas Stratmann*s authorities are mainly 
the numerous and expensive publications of the Early English Text 
Society. Lastly, we have paid special attention to the French element 
in Middle-English, whereas Stratmann is somewhat deficient in respect of 
words of French origin \ The book which has generally been found of 
most assistance to the learner is probably Halliweirs Dictionary of 
Archaic and Provincial Words ; but this is not specially confined to the 
Middle-English period, and the plan of it differs in several respects 
from that of the present work. 

The scope of this volume will be best understood by an explanation of 

* A new and thoroughly revised edition of Stratmann's Dictionary is being prepared 
by Mr. Henry Bradley, for the Delegates of the Clarendon Press. 


the circumstances that gave rise to it. Some useful and comparatively 
inexpensive volumes illustrative of the Middle-English period have been 
issued by the Clarendon Press; all of which are furnished with glossaries, 
explaining all the important words, with exact references to the passages 
wherein the words occur. In particular, the three useful hand-books 
containing Specimens of English (from 1150 down to 1580) together 
supply no less than sixty-seven characteristic extracts from the most 
important literary monuments of this period ; and the three glossaries to 
these books together fill more than 370 pages of closely-printed type in 
double columns. The idea suggested itself that it would be highly 
desirable to bring the very useful information thus already collected 
under one alphabet, and this has now been effected. At the same time, a 
reference has in every case been carefully given to the particular Glossarial 
Index which registers each form here cited, so that it is perfectly easy 
for any one who consults our book to refer, not merely to the particular 
Index thus noted, but to the references given in that Index; and so, 
by means of such references, to find every passage referred to, with its 
proper context. Moreover the student only requires, for this purpose, a 
small array of the text-books in the Clarendon Press Series, instead of a 
more or less complete set of editions of Middle-English texts, the pos- 
session of which necessitates a considerable outlay of money. By this 
plan, so great a compression of information has been achieved, that a 
large number of the articles give a summary such as can be readily 
expanded to a considerable length, by the exercise of a very little 
trouble ; and thus the work is practically as full of material as if it had 
been three or four times its present size. A couple of examples will 
shew what this really means. 

At p. 26 is the following entry: — 

'Bi-heste, sb, promise, S, S2, C2, P; byheste, S2; beheste, S2; 
byhest, S2 ; bihese, S ; biheest, W ; bihese, pL, S. — AS. be-Ms* 

By referring to the respective indexes here cited, such as S (= Glossary 
to Specimens of English, Part I) and the like, we easily expand this 
article into the following : — 

'Bi-heste, sb, promise, S (9. 19); S2 (la, 184); C2 (B37, 41, 42, 
F 698); P {3. 126); byheste, S2 (18 3. 25); beheste, S2 {14 a. 3); 
byhest, S2 (12. 57, 18 3. 9, [where it may also be explained by ^ra«/]); 
bihese, S (where it is used as a plural); biheest, W (promise, com- 
mand, Lk. xxiv. 49, Rom. iv. 13; pi. biheestis^ Heb. xi. 13); bihese, S 
(pL behests, promises, 4 d, 55). — AS. behds! 

In order to exhibit the full meaning of this— which requires no furthei 


explanation to those who have in hand the books denoted by S, S2, &c. — 
it would be necessary to print the article at considerable length, as 
follows : — 

'Biheste, j^. promise; *'dusi biheste^' a foolish promise, (extract from) 
Ancren Riwle, 1. 19; "and wel lute wule hulde J)e hiheste jjat he nom," 
(extract from) Robert of Gloucester, 1. 184; "holdeth your hihestel' 
Chaucer, Introd. to Man of Law*s Prologue, 1. 37 ; " biheste is dette," 
same, 1. 41 ; " al my hihestel^ same, 1. 42 ; "or breken his hiheste" Chaucer, 
sequel to Squieres Tale, 1. 698 ; " ]>orw fals biheste^* Piers Plowman, 
Text B, Pass, iii, 1. 126 ; "to vol-vuUe (fulfil) )>at byheste** Trevisa (extract 
from), lib. vi. cap. 29, 1. 25; "the lond of promyssioun, or of beheste** 
Prol. to Mandeville's Travels, 1. 3 ; " wij) fair by-hest^* William and the 
Werwolf, 1. 57; "f>e byhest (promise, or grant) of o)>ere menne kyngdom," 
Trevisa, lib. vi. cap. 29, 1. 9 ; "y schal sende the btheest of my fadir in-to 
50U,'* Wyclif, Luke xxiv. 49 ; ** not bi the lawe is biheest to Abraham," 
Wycl. Rom. iv. 13 ; " whanne the biheestis weren not takun," Wycl. Heb. 
xi. 13 ; "longenge to godes bihese" Old Eng. Homilies, Dominica iv. post 
Pascha, 1. 55.' 

We thus obtain fifteen excellent examples of the use of this word, with 
the full context and an exact reference (easily verified) in every case. 
And, in the above instance, all the quotations lie within the compass of 
the eleven texts in the Clarendon Press Series denoted, respectively, by 
S, S2, S3, C, C2, C3, W, W2, P, H, and G. 

The original design was to make use of these text-books only ; but it 
was so easy to extend it by including examples to be obtained from other 
Glossaries and Dictionaries, that a considerable selection of interesting 
words was added from these, mainly for the sake of illustrating the 
words in the Clarendon text-books. These illustrative words can be 
fully or partially verified by those who happen to possess all or some of 
the works cited, or they can safely be taken on trust, as really occurring 
there, any mistake being due to such authority. 

A second example will make this clearer. * Brant, adj, steep, high, 
MD, HD ; brent, JD ; brentest, superl. S2. — AS. brant {bront) ; cp. 
Swed. brant, Icel. brattr' 

Omitting the etymology, the above information is given in two short 
lines. Those who possess the * Specimens of English ' will easily find 
the example of the superl. brentest. By consulting Matzner*s, Halliwell's, 
and Jamieson's Dictionaries, further information can be obtained, and 
the full article will appear as follows : — 

' Brant, adj. steep, high, MD [brant, brent, adj. ags. brand, arduus. 

viii PREFACE. 

altus, altn. hrattr^ altschw. hranier^ schw. hrant^ hrati^ dan. hrat, sch. hrent^ 
nordengl. Diall. brant \ cf. ^^ brant, steepe," Manipulus Vocabulorum, p. 25 : 
steil, hoch. — " Apon the bald Bucifelon brant up he sittes," King Alex- 
ander, ed. Stevenson, p. 124; "Thir mountaynes ware als brant uprit3e 
as thay had bene walks," MS. quoted in Halliwell's Diet., p. 206; " Hyje 
bonkkes & brent" Gawain and the Grene Knight, 1. 2165; "Bowed to 
^pt hy5 bonk f>er brentest hit wern," Alliterative Poems, ed. Morris, Poem B, 
1. 379]; HD [brant, steep, North: "Brant against Flodden Hill," ex- 
plained by Nares from Ascham, "up the steep side;" cf. Brit. Bibl. i. 
132, same as brandly} — "And thane thay com tille wonder heghe 
mountaynes, and it semed as the toppes had towched the firmament; 
and thir mountaynes were als brant upri^te as thay had bene walles, so 
that ther was na clymbyng upon thame," Life of Alexander, MS. Lincoln, 
fol. 38] ; JD [brent, adj, high, straight, upright ; " My bak, that sumt3nme 
brent hes bene. Now cruikis Jyk ane camok tre," Maitland Poems, p. 193 ; 
followed by a discussion extending to more than 160 lines of small print, 
which we forbear to quote]; brentest, superL S2. 13. 379 ["And bowed 
to ]?e hy5 bonk f>er brentest hit were (MS. wern),*' Allit. Poems, 1. 379 ; 
already cited in Matzner, above\! 

The work, in fact, contains a very large collection of words, in many 
variant forms, appearing in English literature and in Glossaries between 
A.D. 1 150 and A.D. 1580. The glossaries in S2, S3 (Specimens of Eng- 
lish, 1 298-1393, and 1 394-1 579) have furnished a considerable number 
of words belonging to the Scottish dialect, which most dictionaries 
(excepting of course that of Jamieson) omit. 

The words are so arranged that even the beginner will, in general, 
easily find what he wants. We have included in one article, together 
with the Main Word, all the variant spellings of the glossaries, as well as 
the etymological information. We have also given in alphabetical order 
numerous cross-references to facilitate the finding of most of the variant 
forms, and to connect them with the Main Word. In this way, the 
arrangement is at once etymological and alphabetical — adapted to the 
needs of the student of the language and of the student of the literature. 

The meanings of the words are given in modem English, directly after 
the Main Word. The variant forms, as given in their alphabetical position, 
are frequently also explained, thus saving (in such cases) the trouble of a 
cross-reference, if the meaning of the word is alone required. 

An attempt is made in most cases to give the etymology, so far at 
least as to shew the immediate source of the Middle-English word. 
Especial pains have been taken with the words of French origin, which 


fonn so large a portion of the vocabulary of the Middle-English period. 
In many cases the AF (Anglo-French) forms are cited, from my list of 
English Words found in Anglo-French, as published for the Philological 
Society in 1882. 

The student of English who wishes to trace back the history of a word 
still in use can, in general, find the Middle-English form in Skeat's 
Etymological Dictionary, and will then be able to consult the present 
work in order to obtain further instances of its early use. 

The relative share of the authors in the preparation of this work is 
easily explained. The whole of it in its present form (with the exception 
of the letter N) was compiled, prepared, and written out for press by 
Mr. Mayhew. The original plan was, however, my own ; and I began 
by writing out the letter N (since augmented) by way of experiment and 
model. It will thus be seen that Mr. Mayhew's share of the work has 
been incomparably the larger, involving all that is most laborious. On 
the other hand, I may claim that much of the labour was mine also, at a 
much earlier stage, as having originally compiled or revised the glossaries 
marked S2, S3, C2, C3, W, W2, P, and G, as well as the very full 
glossarial indexes cited as B, PP, and WA, and the dictionary cited as 
SkD. The important glossary marked S was, however, originally the 
work of Dr. Morris (since re-written by Mr. Mayhew), and may, in a 
sense, be said to be the back-bone of the whole, from its supplying a 
very large number of the most curious and important early forms. 

The material used has been carefully revised by both authors, so that 
they must be held to be jointly responsible for the final form in which 
the whole is now offered to the public. 

Note on the Phonology of Middle-English. 

One great difficulty in finding a Middle-English word in this, or any 
other. Dictionary is due to the frequent variation of the symbols denoting 
the vowel-sounds. Throughout the whole of the period to which the 
work relates the symbols /and^, in particular, are constantly interchanged, 
whether they stand alone, or form parts of diphthongs. Consequently, 
^ords which are spelt with one of these symbols in a given text must 
frequently be looked for as if spelt with the other; i.e. the pairs of symbols 
i and j/, ai and ay, ei and ey, oi and oy, ui and «y, must be looked upon 
as likely to be used indifferently, one for the other. For further informa- 
tion, the student should consult the remarks upon Phonology in the 
Specimens of English (11 50 to 1300), 2nd ed., p. xxv. For those who 


have not time or opportunity to do this, a few brief notes may perhaps 

The following symbols are frequently confused, or are employed as 
equivalent to each other because they result from the same sound in the 
Oldest English or in Anglo-French : — 

hyr-(ih oy\—^h ^y\—ot, oy\—ui, uy. 

a, ; — a, <s, e, ea ; — e^ eo, te ; — c?, u, ou ; — (all originally short). 

a, CB, ea, e, ee\ — e, ee, eo, te ; — o, oo, oa; — «, ou, ut; — (all long). 

These are the most usual interchanges of symbols, and will commonly 
suffice for practical purposes, in cases where the cross-references fail. 
If the word be not found after such substitutions have been allowed for, 
it may be taken for granted that the Dictionary does not contain it. As 
a fact, the Dictionary only contains a considerable number of such words 
as are most common, or (for some special reason) deserve notice ; and 
it is at once conceded that it is but a small hand-book, which does not 
pretend to exhibit in all its fulness the extraordinarily copious vocabu- 
lary of our language at an important period of its history. The student 
wishing for complete information will find (in course of time) that the 
New English Dictionary which is being brought out by the Clarendon 
Press will contain all words found in our literature since the year iioo. 

Of course variations in the vowel-sounds are also introduced, in the 
case of strong verbs, by the usual * gradation ' due to their method of 
conjugation. To meet this difficulty in some measure, numerous (but 
not exhaustive) cross-references have been introduced, as when, e.g. 
* Bar, bare ' is given, with a cross-reference to Beren. Further help in 
this respect is to be had from the table of 183 strong verbs given at 
pp. Ixix-lxxxi of the Preface to Part I of the Specimens of English 
(2nd edition) ; see, in particular, the alphabetical index to the same, at 
pp. Ixxxi, Ixxxii. The same Preface further contains some account of 
the three principal Middle-English dialects (p. xl), and Outlines of the 
Grammar (p. xlv). It also explains the meaning of the symbols p, 8 
(both used for /h), 5 (used for j/ initially, gh medially, and gh or z finally )j 
with other necessary information. 


The Clarendon Peess Glossaries. 

This work gives all the words and every form contained in the 
glossaries to eleven publications in the Clarendon Press Series, as 

below : — 

S.— Specimens of Early English, ed. Morris, Part I : from a.d. 1150 
to A. D. 1300. 

This book contains extracts from: — 1. Old English Homilies, ed. Morris, 
E. E. T.S. 1 867-8, pp. 230-241 ; a. The Saxon Chronicle, a. D. 1137, 1138, 1140, 
1154; 3. Old Eng. Homilies, ed. Morris, First Series, pp. 40-53 ; 4. The same, 
Second Series, pp. 89-109 ; 5. The Ormulum, ed. White, 11. 962-1719, pp. 31- 
57; 6. Layamon's Brut, ed. Madden, 11. ii*i%i-i\},%i\add\i1%^ to the number of 
the line in the reference'] ; 7. Sawles Warde, from Old Eng. Homilies, ed. Morris, 
First Series, pp. 245-249, 259-267 ; 8. St. Juliana, ed. Cockayne and Brock ; 
9; The Ancren Riwle, ed. Morton, pp. 208-216, 416-430; 10. The Wooing of 
our Lord, from Old Eng. Homilies, ed. Morris, First Series, pp. 277-283 ; 11. A 
Good Orison of our Lady, from the same, pp. 191-199 ; 12. A Bestiary, the Lion, 
Eagle, and Ant, from An Old Eng. Miscellany, ed. Morris ; 13. Old Kentish 
Sermons, from the same, pp. 26-36 ; 14. Proverbs of Alfred, from the same, pp. 
102-130; 15. Version of Genesis and Exodus, ed. Morris, 11. 1907-2536 ; 16. Owl 
and Nightingale, from An Old Eng. Miscellany, ed. Morris, 11. 1-94, 139-232, 
253-282, 303-353, 391-446, 549-555» 598-623, 659-750, 837-855, 905-930* 
1635-1682, 1699-1794 ; 17. A Moral Ode (two copies), from An Old Eng. Mis- 
cellany and Old Eng. Homilies, 2nd Series, ed. Morris; 18. Havelok the Dane, 
ed. Skeat, 11. 339-748 ; 19. Kmg Horn (in full). 

S2.— Specimens of English, Part II, ed. Morris and Skeat ; from 
A.D. 1298-1393. 

This book contains extracts from : — 1. Robert of Gloucester*s Chronicle (William 
the Conqueror and St. Dunstan) ; 2. Metrical Psalter, Psalms 8, 14 (15), 17(18), 
23 (24), 102 (103), 103 (104) ; 3. The Proverbs of Hendyng; 4. Specimens of 
Lyric Poetry, ed. Wright (Alysoun, Plea for Pity, Parable of the Labourers, 
Spring-time) ; 5. Robert Mannyng's Handlynge Synne, 11. 5575-5946 ; 6. William 
of Shoreham, De Baptismo; 7. Cursor Mundi, ed. Morris, 11. 11373-11791 {add 
1 137 3 to the number in the reference\\ 8. Eng. Metrical Homilies, ed. Small 
(Second Sunday in Advent, Third Sunday after the Octave of Epiphany) ; 9. The 
Ayenbite of Inwyt, ed. Morris, pp. 263-9, ^"^d p. 262 ; 10. Hampole's Prick of 
Conscience, 11. 432-9, 464-509, 528-555, 662-707, 728-829, 1211-1292, 1412- 
1473, 1818-29, 1836-51, 1884-1929, 2216-2233, 2300-11, 2334-55, 3364-73* 
7813-24; 11. Minot's Songs, Nos. 3, 4, 7 ; 12. William of Palerne, ed. Skeat, 
11* 3-381 ; 13. Alliterative Poems, ed. Morris, Poem B, 11. 235-544, 947-972, 
1009-105 1 ; 14. Mandeville's Travels, Prologue, part of Chap. 12, and Chap. 
26 ; IB. Piers the Plowman, A-text, Prologue, Passus i, part of Pass. 2, Pass. 3, 
Pass. 5, parts of Pass. 6 and 7; 16. Barbour's Bruce, ed. Skeat, Book VII. 11. i- 
330, 400-487 ; 17. Wyclif's translation of St. Mark's Gospel, Chapters 1-6 ; 


Hereford's version of the Psalms, Ps. 14(15), 23 (24), 102 (103) ; 18. Trevisa'i 
translation of Higden's Polychronicon, lib. i. c. 41, c. 59, lib. vi. c 39; 
19. Chaucer, Man of Law*s Tale ; 20. Gower's Confessio Amantis, part d 
Book V. 

S3.— Specimens of English, Part III, ed. Skeat ; from a.d. 1394-1579- 

This book contains extracts from : — 1. Pierce the Ploughman's Crede, IL 153- 
267, 339-565, 744-765, 785-823 ; a. Hoccleve*s De Regimine Principum, stanzas 
281-301, 598-628; 3. Lydgate, London Lickpenny, and the Storie of Thebes, 
bk. ii. 11. 1 064-141 9 ; 4. James I (of Scotland), the King's Quair, stanzas 15a- 
173 ; 5. Pecock's Repressor, pt. i. c. 19 ; pt. ii. c. 11 ; 6. Blind Harry's WalUce, 
bk. i. 11. 181-448 ; 7. Chevy Chase (earlier version) ; 8. Malory's Morte Darthurj 
bk. xxi. c. 3-7; 9. Caxton's History of Troy; 10. The Nut-brown Maids 
11. Dunbar, Thistle and Rose, and Poem on being desired to be a Friar 1 
la. Hawes, Pastime of Pleasure, c. 33 ; 13. G. Douglas, Prol. to i^eid, book xiij 
14. Skelton, Why Come Ye Nat to Courte, 11. 287-382, 396-756 ; Philip Sparrow^ 
11. 998-1260; 15. Lord Bemers, tr. of Froissart, c. 50, c. 130; 16. T)mdale, 
Obedience of a Christian Man ; 17. More, Dialogue Concerning Heresies, bk. iili 
c. 14-16 ; Confutation of Tyndale, bk. iii ; 18. Sir T. Elyot, The Governor, bk. L 
c. 17, i8 ; 19. Lord Surrey, tr. of ^neid, bk. ii. 11. 253-382, 570-736, and minot| 
poems ; ao. Sir T. Wiat, Three Satires, and minor poems ; ai. Latimer, Sermoii| 
on the Ploughers; aa. Sir D. Lyndesay, The Monarchy, bk. iii. 11. 4499-4612, 
4663-94, 4709-38 ; bk. iv. 11. 5450-5639 ; a3. N. Udall, Ralph Roister DoisterJ 
Act iii. sc. 3-5 ; a4. Lord Buckhurst, The Induction ; a6. Ascham, The School- 
master, bk. i; ae. Gascoigne, The Steel Glas, 11. 418-470, 628-638, 750-893, 
1010-1179; a7. Lyly, Euphues and his Ephcebus; a8. Spenser, Shepherd's 
Calendar, November, December. 

The remaining eight publications in the Clarendon Press Series which 
have also been indexed are those marked C, C2, C3, W, W2, P, H, and 
G; i.e. three books containing extracts from Chaucer, two books con- 
taining parts of Wyclif's Bible, part of Piers Plowman, Hampole's Psalter, 
and Gamelyn ; the full titles of which are given below. 

We also give all the important words occurring in CM (Chaucer, ed 
Morris) ; and in addition to this, and for the purpose of illustration, forms 
are given from various texts and Dictionaries, and from the Glossaries to 
B (Bruce), PP (Piers Plowman), and WA (Wars of Alexander). 

Walter W. Skeat. 




NoTE.-r-The abbreviations referring to the anthorities for the forms of English 
words (ad. 1 150-1580) are printed in italics. (CP»=Clarend<m Press.) 

1. Alph. : Alphita, a Medico-Botanical 

Glossary, ed. Mowat, 1887. CP. 

2. Anglo-Saxon Gospels^in AS. and North- 

umbrian Versions, ed. Skeat 

3. Apfelstedt : Lothringischer Psalter (des 

XIV Jahrhnnderts), 1881. 

4. B: Barbour's Bruce, ed. Skeat, 1870, 

EETS. (Extra Series xi). 

5. Bardsley : English Surnames, 1875. 

6. Bartsch : Chrestomathie de Tanden 

fran9ais (glossaire), 1880. 
6*. BH : Bartsch and Homing, Langue 
et litt^ture fran9aises, 1887. 

7. Bosworth: Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, 


8. Brachet: French Diet., 1882. CP. 

9. Brugmann : Gnmdriss, 1886. 

a BT. : Bosworth-Toller AS. Diet [A- 

SAR]. CP. 
I. C: Chaucer; Prol., Knight's Tale, 

Nun's Priest's Tale. CP. 
a. Ca: Chaucer; Prioress, Sir Thopas, 

Monk, Clerk, Squire. CP. 
J. C3: Chaucer; Man of Law, Pardoner, 

Second Nun, Canon's Yeoman. CP. 
f Cath.i Catholicon Anglicum (a.d. 

1483), ed. Herrtage, 1881. EETS 

;. Chron.: Two Saxon Chronicles, ed. 

Earle, 1865. CP. 
5. CM'. Chaucer, ed. Morris, 1880. 
f. Constans: Chrestomathie de I'ancien 

fran9ais (glossaire), 1884. 
I. Cotg. : CotgraTe, French and English 

Diet, 1611. 
y Cnrtius: Greek Etymology, ed. Wilkins 

and England, 1886. 

! aa C V : Icelandic Dictionary, Clcasby and 

Vigfusson, 1874. CP. 
a I. DG\ Davies^ Supplementary English 

Glossary, 1881. 
aa. Diez: Etymologisches Worterbuch, 

a 3. Douse : Introduction to the Gothic of 

Ulfilas, 1886. 
a4. Ducange: Glossarium, ed. Henschel, 

a4*. Ducange: Glossaire Fran9ais, ed. 

a5. EDS\ English Dialect Society. 
a6. EETS\ Early English Text Society, 
a 7. Fid:: Worterbuch der indogermanis- 

chen Sprachen, 1874. 
a8. Florio : lulian and English Diet, 161 1. 

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Sr.: Greek, see 9, 19, 37. 
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In the etymological part three stops are used as symbols in connexion with the cog- 
nate forms cited, namely the comma, the semi-colon, and the colon. The comma is 
used to connect various spellings of a word, as well as parallel forms cited from nearly 
connected languages ; for instance, s. v. AKongmr, the OF. forms are so connected. The 
semi-colon between two forms denotes that the two forms are phonetically equivalent, 
and that the preceding one is directly derived from, and is historically connected with 
the one following this symbol ; for instance, s.v. 1mgl«, the OF. ^^U is the phonetic 
equivalent of the Lat. buculum, and is immediately derived therefrom. The colon be- 
tween two forms denotes that the two forms are phonetically equivalent, and that the 
fonn following this symbol is an earlier, more primitive form than the one preceding, 
without an immediate interborrowing between the languages being asserted ; for in- 
stance, s. V. d«m«n, the Goth. dSmjan is an older form than the AS. ditnan^ but 
ditnan is not borrowed from the Gothic. The abbreviation * cp.* introduces other 
cognate forms, and has the same value as the S3rmbol + in Skeat's Dictionaries. 

The asterisk * at the beginning of a word denotes a theoretical form, assumed (upon 
scientific principles) to have formerly existed. The sign —is to be read *a translation 
of.' *(«) ' after Prompt., Oath, and other authorities refers to foot-notes or other notes 
citing the form in question. 


h^ prefix (i), adding intensity to the no- 
tion of the verb. — ^AS. d for ar-^ OHG ar-^ 
Goth, us— For the quantity of the d see 
Sievers, 121. Cf. Or. 

hi'i prefix (2), standing for A, prep.^ and 
for IceL d ; see On- (i). 

A-, prefix (3), standing for Of, prep, ; see 

iki'f prefix (4), standing for AS. and-y a- 
gainst, in return, toward. — AS. and-t ond-, 
tf»- (proclitic). Cf. On-(2.) 
I ^9 pf^tfix (5), standing for At, prep.^ and 
Icel. at, used with the infin. See At- 

A-, prefix (6), standing for AS. ge- ; see 

A-y prefix (7), standing for OF. a- and 

Ar, prefix (8), standing for OF. as and 
Ar, prefix (9), standing for AF. a, OF. ^, 
«- from Lat. ex'^ e-. 

JL^ prefix (10), standing for AF. an-, OF. 
en- from Lat. /»-. See Zn-. 
A-, prefix (11), standing for Gr. d- priva- 

A, interj, O ! Ah ! expressing surprise, 
pam, S, MD. 

h^prep, on, in, PP, S, S3,C3; see On. 
A-baCy ^z'- backwards, S, W2; abac, 
S; abak, C2, W; obak, S2.— AS. on-bcec, 
[A. 2.) 

Abassheiiy z^- to abash, S3 ; abassh^d, 
abashed, ashamed, alarmed, C3, PP; 
82 ; abMftliid, S3 ; atMMclied, 
alMdsslied, PP ; abalMhld, W ; a- 
t, S2 ; abaissed, PP ; abaist, S3; 
S2, C2.— OF. es^ahiss- stem of 
Ir. p. oif esbahir, to astonish ; Lat. ex + 
\hadire for badare^ to open the mouth. 

[AbatOy z^> to beat down, bring down, calm 


down, P, NED.— AF. abatre (pr. p. (Umt- 

ant) ; Late Lat. *adbatere. (A- 7.) 

Abaue, v, to put to confusion, to be con- 
founded, NED, HD, TD ; atoawtd,^. HD ; 

abauAd, HD.— OF. *abamr : esbahir (with 

V in place of lost A, see Brachet, s.v. glaive). 

(A- 9). See Abasaban. 

Abaye, sb. barkmg ; phr, at )>6 abai«, 
at abaj«, at bay, S2.— OF. abai^ barking, 
from abaier ; cp. F. aboi in phr. : Hre aux 

Abbay, sb. abbey, C2 ; abbels, pi., S2. — 
AF. abbeie {abeie) ; Church Lat. abbddia, 
abbdtia, from abbdtem. See Abbod. 

Abbesse, sb, abbess, PP.— OF. abbesse ; 
Church Lat. abbaiissa, 

Abbod, sb. abbot, MD, S2 ; abbot, S, 
PP ; abbodM,//. S2.— Church Lat. abbdtem 
(pronounced Mddem)y nom. abbas ; Gr. dfi- 
Ms ; Syriac, abba, father. 

Abbodesse, sb. abbess, PP. 

Abbot-rice* sb. abbacy, S. — AS. abbod- 
rice, the rule of an abbot 

A-B-C, the alphabet, P ; aboy, Cath. ; 
abo«, Cath. (».), PP ; abOM, Cotg. ; abMe, 
Cath. («.) ; apeoe, Prompt.— Cp. OF. abece, 
the crosse rowe (Cotg.). 

Abeab, Abeb ; see Abakan. 

Abeggen, Abeien; see Abgr«n. 

A-bemen, v- to bum ; abends, pr. s. 
S.— AS. d-beoman. (A- i.) 

AbllOinmacioiiny sb, abomination, 
NED, C2. 

Abbomynable, adj. abominable, S3, 
C3. — AF. abhominabte ; Lat. abominabilem. 

A^bideUf v. to abide, remain, await, en- 
dure, S, S2, W2 ; babide, S2 ; abyd*, C2; 
abid, imp., S, S2 ; abid, pr. x., S ; abit, S„ 
S2, C3 ; abod, pt. s,, S ; abood, W2 ; a- 
\ 82 ; abidlden, W2 ; abide,//.> 
G.— AS. d-bidau. (A-i.) 

A^biding, sb. expectation, Wa, 


Abiggen; seeAbren. 

Abil, adj. able, CM ; abU, C ; liabU, 
S3, MD.— OF. able, hable (mod. F. habile) ; 
Lat. habilem, 

Abilite, sb. ability, NED ; liablUtie, 
S3.— OF. habilitL 

Abil^eity pp, apparelled, S3.— OF. ha- 

Abil^ement, sb, clothing, S3.— OF. 

Abit, sb, dress, a monk's clothing, habit, 
PP, CM, HD ; abite, W.— AF. obit {habit) ; 
Lat. habitum (ace). 

A^biteUf V, to bite, S. — AS. d-bitan. 
(A. I). 

Abject,//, and adj. cast out, NED. 

Abjecte, v, to cast aside, S3. 

A-blawen, v. to blow, MD ; ableow, 
//. J., S.— AS. d'bldwan, (A- i.) 

A^blenden, v. to blind, MD ; ablent, 
pr. s., S ; //., S ; ablende,//. s., MD ; a- 
blend, //. MD.— AS. d-bUndan. (A- 1 .) 

A-bouten, adv. zxAprep. about, C2, P, 
MD ; abuten, S ; almnten, S ; abnton, S; 
abnte, S ; aboute, S, G ; obonte, MD ; 
obout, Sa. — AS. on-biitan {^on-be-iitan), 
(A- 2.) 

A^boueXiy adv. zxAprep. above, Ca, PP, 
MD ; aboue, PP ; abnfen, S ; abnnen, 
MD ; abowen, MD ; abone, S3, JD ; obo- 
▼en, MD ; obowen, MD ; obonn«, MD. 
Phr. : at here aboue, S2. — AS. on + bufan 
i^^be + ufan), (A- a.) 

Abregge, v. to abridge, shorten, C ; a- 
brecrgide, //., W ; breffgid, W.— OF. a- 
breger, abregier : Prov. abrevjar ; Lat. ab- 
breviare, (A- 8.) 

A^breiden, v. to start up, to draw 
(sword), to thiust out, to blame, S ; a- 
breyden, NED ; abraid,//. j., S; abreyde, 
Ca ; abrayde, C ; abroden, // , S ; abm- 
den, S.— AS. d + bregdan. (A- i .) 

A^brode, adv. abroad, PP ; abrood, Ca ; 
abrod, widely apart, PP. (A- a.) 

Abusioun, sb. deceit, Sa, C3.— OF. a- 
busion (Cotg.). 

Abute, Abuton, Abuten; see a- 


A^bu^en, v. to bow, MD ; aba«n, MD ; 
abouwen, MD ; abowe, NED; abeab, 
//. X., MD; abeh, S.— AS. d-bugan. (A- 

A^byen, Abye* v. to buy, to pay for, 
S3.Ca, C3, PP; abygfif«,PP; ablgfifen, 
PP ; abmvea, S, PP ; »b«gg«n, JID, G ; 


abeien, S ; able, PP ; abni]), pr. s., S ; 
abagdS, pr. pi, S ; aboubte, //. s.^S; a- 
boughte, G; abought, //. C3. — AS. d- 
bycgan. (A- 1.) 

Abyme, sb. abyss, S2, HD. — OF. abime, 
abisme\ Low Lat. *abyssimufn, superl. of 
Lat. abyssus; Gr. dfivaaos, bottomless. 
(A- II.) 

ACf conj. but, S, Sa, P ; aco, S ; al^ S, 1 
S2; ak, S2, PP; hac, S; acb, MD; aub, 
MD, S; auoh, MD; 00, S; oco, S.— AS. I 

ACC- ; see Ac-. 

Accident, sb. accident (a term of the 
schoolmen), C3. — Lat. accidentem. 

Accidie, sb. sloth, indolence, S, CM, 1 
PP.— AF. accidie (NED) ; Low Lat. acci- j 
diay acedia ; Gr. 6xi\liaf heedlessness, tor- 1 
por. (A- II.) 

A-cennen, v. to bring forth, to beget, i 
MD ; acenned, pp. MD ; acoenned, S ; 
ak«nned, MD ; akennet, S ; aoende (for ' 
aoend), S. — AS. dcennan. (A- i.) 

A-cennende, sb. begetting, birth, S. 

A-cenneng, sb. birth, S. 

A-chape, v. to escape, NED ; acliaped, 
//. J., S2. — OF. achaper ; cf. AF. cheaper. 
(A- 9.) Cf. Escbapen, Ascapi«. 

Achate, v. to purchase, NED. — OF. a- 
chcUer (F. acheter), acater ; Late Lat. accap- 

Acbate, sb. purchase, provisions pur- 
chased, NED, C; acbat, HD; aeate, 
NED; acates, //., HD.— OF. achate AF. 
acate. See above. 

Acliatoiir, sb. a purchaser of provisions, 
purveyor, C, NED, HD; acatoiix, NED. — 
AF. achatour, acatour\ Late Lat. accapta- 

Ache, sb. pain. Prompt.; eobe, MD ; 
hacbe, HD.— AS. ace iece). See Aken. 

Ache, sb. wild celery, parsley, NED, 
Voc. — OF. ache ; Lat. apium ; Gr. dvior. 

Achesonn, sb. occasion, motive, HD, 
MD, NED. - OF. achoison, ocoison ; Lat. 
occasionem. Cf. Ancbesomi, BncbMiaim, 
Cbesowi. i 

Achtande,^^. eighth, Sa, NED.— led. 
dttandi) cp. OUG. ahtande. Cf. Bifflxt« 
{ord.). 1 

A-COlien, v. to wax cold ; aoolede, pt. s, , 
S ; aooled, pp., S.— AS. d-c6lian. (A^ i .)^ 

Acombren, v. to encumber, PP ; aoiim- 
brid,//., Sa.— OF. encombrer, (A^ 10.) 

AcompleMhen, v. to accomplisb! 


NED; aooomi^lioe, C; Aooomplioed,/^., 

NED. — AF. acomplir {acomplicey pr. s. 
snbj.) ; Late Lat. accomplere ; see Brachet. 
(A- 7.) 

Acord, sb. accord, agreement, MD; ao- 
cord, S2 ; acorde, S.— AF. <uord. 

Acordannce, sb, agreement, PP. 

Acorden, v. to reconcile, to agree, MD, 
S2, P; aocordyncTt /r. /., S3; accorded, 
fp., S2; //. J., S3.— OF. acorder\ Late 
Lat accordare, from Lat. ad + cord-, stem 
of r<7r, heart. (A- 7.) 

Acorse; see Acrixsien. 

Acounter ^' ^^ count, 'to calculate, 
NED, C2, PP; aoompto, NED, PP; ac- 
compted , pp., S3.— AF. acounter , OF. a- 
mnter, aconter\ Late Lat. accomptare\ Lat 
fc/ + camputare, (A- 7. ) 
Aconntey sb. accomit, reckoning, PP; 
icompte, PP ; accompt, S3 ; accomptes, 
>/., S3. — AF. acounte, acunte. 
Acoupeiiy V. to accuse, NED, HD ; a- 
»npedo,//. s.y NED, PP ; acopede, NED; 

wonlped, NED; acouped,^., S2 OF. 

]couper, acolper, for encouper^ encolper\ 
-at inculpare. (A- 10.) 
Acoyen, v. to quiet, coax, tame, NED, 
*alsg. ; acoyed, pt. s., S2.— OF. acoyer, to 
aim ; Lat ad+ quietare, {A^ 7.) 
AcQinbrid ; see Acombren. 
Arcnrsien, v, to curse, NED ; acurBl, 
, NED; acoTM, PP; acortMd, //. MD. 
A- 1.) 

Acustnmauncey sb. customary use, 
lED, C2. — OF. acostumance. (A- 7.) 
Acwendien ; see Aqncncheii. 
Adamanty sb, adamant, very hard metal, 
fabulous rock or mineral, the diamond, 
le loadstone or magnet, NED ; precious 
one. Prompt ; ademannt, C ; ada- 
lonnde. Prompt («.); admont, NED; 
t lUHnan t, NED ; athamannte, C ; attc- 
ant, NED ; ajmont, NED.— AF. ada- 
ant {aimant's ; Lat. adamantem ; Gr. &hA- 
is {;<Lura\ lit. invincible, untamable, from 
+ dafidwf I tame. (A- 1 1.) 
Ldaunten, v. to subdue, NED; a- 
kuntede, //. s., S2.— OF. adanter, adon- 
' ; Lat. ad + domitare, to tame. (A- 7.) 
L-dawey out of life, NED, HD.— AS. of 
^um, from days. (A- 3.) 
L-da'Weily v. to rise from sleep, also, to 
)use, NED ; adawed,//. Ss.-Cp. MHG. 
tagen, to dawn. (A- 1.) 
Lpday, adv, at mom, by day, Sa, P ; 
»1,S. (A. a.) 


dArdili^en, v, to be lost, to perish, S ; 
adUl^eda, //. j., S ; adiliffde, S.— AS. d^ 
diligan, to destroy. (A- i.) 

A/-di^teUy V. to appoint, order, prepare, 
compose, clothe, treat, MD, S ; ad73t, pp,^ 
MD; adiffht, G; adyfflit, MD, HD. 

Adleiiy V. to earn, MD ; addle, Manip., 
MED ; addlcdd, pp., S.— Icel. otila, refl. 
odla-sk, to acquire for oneself property, 
from 6bal, property, patrimony, from *a]w/, 
race, see Fick, 7. 14; cp. OHG. uodilf 
* praedium * (Tatian). See AtlieL 

Admiraldy sb. a Saracen commander, S; 
see Ami rail. 

Admody adj. humble, gentle, S; «d- 
mod, MD; edmod, MD.— AS. ^admdd, 
iahmSd. See Sth. 

Admodedy pp* as adj, lowly; see Bad- 

Admodiey adj. pi. humble, MD; ed^ 
modi, MD. 

Admodlicliey adv. humbly, gently, 
MD ; MdmodUB, S.— AS. iadmddlice. 

Admodnessey sb. humility, gentleness, 
MD, S; edmodncmM, S; Mddmodiiessa, 
S. — AS. iadmddnes. 

ArdOy sb. fuss, trouble, difficulty, S3, 
Prompt., WW ; = to do, PP, WW ; ado«, 
ND, (A. 5.) 

Ardonn, adv. down, S, Sa, C2, C3, G ; 
adon, S ; adunc, S. — AS. of diine^ off the 
hilL (A- 3.) 

Apdrady //. frightened, put in dread, 
NED, Sa, G, C, PP; adred, S; adxed«, 
NED.~AS. ofdrad (A- 3). Cf. Of-drc- 

Ardraweiiy v. to draw out, S2 ; adroh, 
//. J., NED ; adron, NED ; adra^c, pp. 
NED. (A- I.) 

A-dredeily v. to fear greatly, S, NED ; 
adrade, reflex., S — OMerc. and-dr<kdan 
(Rushw.) ; see NED. (A- 4.) 

A-drencheny v. to drown, to be drowned, 
MD, S, PP; adr«7nt«n, pt. pi., PP; a- 
drcynt, //. drenched, PP ; adrclnt, MD ; 
adrent, S, PP ; adrcynched, PP.— AS. d- 
drencan. (A-i.) 

Adressen, v. to make straight, to di- 
rect, NED, H. — OF. adresster, adrecier 
Late Lat. addrictiare, from Lat. directum, 
straight. (A- 7.) 

A-drinkeiiy v. to be drowned, MD, S ; 
adronc, //. s., MD ; adronken, pi, MD ; 
adnmkcn, pp., MD. — AS. adrincan. 
(A. I.) 

4 A-DRYE. 

Ardrye, v. to endure, bear, HD ; adri- 
^n; S (19. 1047), MD. — AS. d'driogan, 
(A. I.) 

A-dun, cuh), down, S ; see Adoun. 

A-dnnien, v. to din ; adun^st, a /r. s., 
adenyd, pp. MD. (A- 1.) 

Adun-wardy adv, downward, NED; 
adonward, S2. 

Adversarie, sb. adversary, C3.— OF. 
adversarie ; Lat. aduersarius, 

Advertencey sb, mental attention, C3. 
—Late Lat. advertentia. 

Advocat, sb. advocate, intercessor, C3 ; 
yokate, PP ; TOkyte, cattsidicus, Voc. ; vo- 
k«ttu«, pi. PP.—OF. advocati Lat. adjio- 
catum (ace). 

21, sb. law, MD. — AS. <1bw (<k), law, divine 
law, the Mosaic law, marriage ; Goth, aiwsy 
an age, eternity; cp. OHG. /wd5, the law 
of God^ eternity (Otfrid). Cf: JB-nes, 
En-brnolie, Ecli«. 

JEdlXLOdf adj\ humble, gentle, MD; see 

JEdmodli^y adv, humbly, S; see Ad- 

2!dmodnisseyr^. Humility, MD; esdd- 
modnesse, S ; see Admodnesse. 

JEhtey »»^^- eight, MD ; see BighU. 

2llLtene, num. eighteen, S ; see Eigh- 

Aoure, pron. your, S ; see Boure. 

2lrd, sb. native land, home, ;9ee Erd. 

JErfeV-telley adj. difficult to count, S. 
See ArfelS. 

2lmde, sb. errand, MD ; see Erende. 

2lrnd-racey sb. messenger, S ; JBrnd- 
raclies,//., S.— AS. <krend-raca. 

jEmen, v. to run, S ; see S«nnen. 

2i-ue8y adj. pious, fast m the law, S.— 
AS. cR-fest. See 2i. 

Afaiten, v. to affect, to prepare, array, 
dress, to train, tame, subdue, NED, PP; 
aiBaten,P; fayten, S2, PP ; fatten, PP.— 
OF. of alter y afeiter; Lat. affectare, freq. of 
afficen ; ad -^ facer e. (A- 7.) 

A-fallen, v. to fall, MD; auaUen, 
MD; afeol,//.^., MD; afaUen,//., MD. 
—AS. dr-feallan. (A- 1 .) 

A-faUen^ v. to fell, NED; afial, imp., 
S; anal, S. 

A-felde, adv, a-field, to the field, PP. 

(A- 2). 

A-fellen, v. to fell, NED; aneUen, 
MD.—AS. d-fellan, d-fyllcm. (A^ i.) 


A-fer, adv. afar, W, W2 ; afeer, NED \ 
of feor,S(s.v./^^r). (A- 3.) Cf. A^ferreJ 

Aferer sb., affair, bustle, appearanceJ 
demeanour, S2, NED ; effere, S2 ; effeirJ 
S2, S3 ; effer, Sa ; afferes, //., PP.—OF 
afere = a +fere ; \jaX. facer e, to do. (A- 7.) 

A^f eren, v. to frighten, terrify, S, PP i 
afferen, MD ; affitare, 2 pr. s, subj., S i 
aftred,;^. afraid, S, C, P ; aferd, S, C,Pi 
W2 ; afeerd, W; aftrt, PP; aferde, S3, 
P, W; affMde, S3.— AS. d-fcsran. (A- 

A-ferrey adv, afar. Prompt. ; ofiszTiun, 
S2 ; onfermm, S2 ; onferre, NED ; oiXi 
ferr, NED. (A- 2). Cf. Afer. 

AfT-; see Af-. 

AfEjUuysit, //. famished, S3, NEdJ 
Cp. OF. afamer ; Late Lat. affamare, 

Affectuosly, adv, passionately, HD 
NED. ' 

AffectuouSBy adj. hearty, affectionate 
NED, H; affeotnse, NED.— Lat. affec- 

ASvaj, sb. terror, S3, C2, C3. Cf. Sf 

Af&ayen, z^. to frighten, C2 ; afiE^aye^ 
//. S2, C, C3, W ; see Afrayen. 

Afile, V. to file down, NED; aflyis, C 
—OF. afler. 

A-flemen, v. to drive away, MD ; a 
nlem, imp. s., S. — ^AS. dfiiman {d-flytnan 
(A- I.) 

Afolen, V. to befool; afoled, pp„ S 
afoild, NED, HD.— OF. afoUr (Bartsch) 
Low Lat. *adfolare, to make foolisl 
(A- 7.) ^ 

A-fon, V. to receive, S ; afeoli, iffip,, S 
avop, pr. pl.y S ; anencre, pt- pi-* Sa. — AS 
d-fSuy oft'fin (for ondf6n\ see Sievers, igi 
5.1. (A- 4.) Cf. Onfon. 

Aforce, v. to force, constrain, NED, H 
afforoe, H ; aforsed,//. pi, H. — OF. afo^ 
cer, ejforcer, esf order \ Late Lat. exforticm 
from \j3X.fortis, strong. (A- 9.) 

A-fore, adv., prep., before, PP, WW 
affore, PP; afor, PP; affor, PP; aTo] 
NED.— AS. on-foran. (A- 2.) 

ApfortlieXi, v. to further, promote, 
achieve, to manage to do, to manage 
give, to afford ; P, NED, SkD, HD ; 
forde, NED.— AS. ge +foriSian, (A^ 6.) 

Ar^ote, aiiv, on foot, PP; afoote, 
W ; anote, S2. (A- 2.) 

Afrayen, v. to disturb from peace 
.quiet, to frighten, NED; af&aye, C3 t 


455) ; afr^yd, pp, alarmed, afraid, NED ; 
•Amjed, W, S2, C, C3 ; afCrayd, S3 ; af^ 
frayt, S3 ; frayd, S3, fraid, S3.— AF. 
afrayer, effrayer^ OF. esfreer: Prov. es- 
fredar\ Low Lat ex-fridare, homfridum ; 
q). OS.^^TiJw, peace. (A- 9.) SepAiErajen. 

A-frigllty pp. terrified, C ; afri^t, NED, 
HD; afr^te, HD.— AS. d-fyrht, d-fyrht- 
id. (A^ I.) 

After, prep, and adv, after, according to, 
S,HD,S2, C3; •«Ur, S, S2; •ftlr, S3; 
eafter,MD ; afUr, Sa. — JEf-ter is a comp. 
form, see SkD. 

Afteisclap, sb. an evil consequence or 
result, HD; after-clappTS, //., MD. 

Afber-dely sb. disadvantage, MD ; af- 
ter-del«, HD. 

A^Airef <idv: on fire, Sa ; »iL«r«, Sa ; 
a£ere, Wa. (A- a.) 

A^rngred ; see AlumiTA'A. 

A-gasteu, v. to terrify, MD, PP ; atf«st- 
en, S; affaste, //. x., Ca, C; arwrt,//., 
PP, Sa, S3, Ca, C3, G; a^aaad, S3; a. 
(urte, //., Sa, W.— AS. d+g^tan, to 
frighten. (A- i.) 

A-geny /r^/. and o^. towards, back, 
again, S ; see A-^^ln. 

Agenes, /Ti?/. against, S ; seeA^eiiMS. 

Agenst, prep, against, NED; see A- 

Agenst-Christy sb. Antichrist, S3. 

A^essen, v. to reckon, calculate, S. 
(A- 1.) 

Aghey sb, awe, H; a^h, NED; see 

Aghe-foly adj* awful, H ; a^hfiil, H. 

A-gon, V. to obtain, PP.— AS. of-gangan^ 
to require. (A- 3.) 

ikr^QTL^pP' and cdv. gone away, ago, Sa, 
C3; affoon, Ca, C3; affona, S3; a^oo, 
PP; a^o, Ca.— AS. a-gdn^ ^^,oid'gdn^ to 
go forth. (A- I.) 

A-graytheil, v, to make ready, to 
dress, NED ; agreped, >>^., Sa ; affray)>ikl, 
NED. — From Icel. greiHa : Goth, ga-raid- 
ian. (A- I .) 

A-graythingef sb. apparel, Sa, NED. 

Agreabldf culj' pleasant, NED; a^- 
rreable, fSavourable, S3.— AF. agreable. 

[A- 7.) 

A-gref, in griet NED ; affriaf, C ; o- 
rrefe, NED. Fkr.\ takes not agxeve, takes 
tt not unkindly, NED. (A- a.) 

Agregg6n, v, to make heavy, to be 
beavy, to aggravate, HD ; m^grrngkiA, pp,, 
Wa. — OF. agregier; Prov. agreujar ; Late 


Lat aggrtuiare, from *greuis for Lat gra* 
uis. (A- 7.) 
Agreueiiy v. to bear heavily on, to 

frieve, oppress, HD ; agrened, //., Ca, 
P. — OF. agrever; Lat. aggrauare ; ad-k- 
grauare, from grants, (A- 7.) 

Agrimony^ sb, agrimony, Prompt; 
affremoine, Voc.; egrimonj, Prompt.; 
effre]B0in,C3; egreiiioiuideyNED; ogr*- 
moyne, Voc. — Lat ap^imcnia ; Gr. d7^- 
liifmi ; cp. F. aigremoine. 

A-griseiiy v. to be horrified, to terrify, 
to loathe, HD, MD, S ; agrjse, Sa, C3.— 
AS. d-grisan. (A- 1.) 

A-groundey on the ground, Sa, PP; 
on this earth, PP. (A- a.) 

Agta. sb, possession, S ; see Anhte. 

A-gulten, v. to sin, to offend, MD, PP^ 
S; agUten, MD; atfelteii,MD; i^nlten, 
S ; agnlte,//. s., PP ; agnlt,;^., S ; agllt^ 
HD, PP.— AS. 4-^//a«. (A-i.) 

Ah, conj, but, S, Sa ; see Ao. 

A-hongeyi^. hanged up, S. (A^ i.) 

Ahty adj. worthy, valiant, NED; see 

AhtOf sb, possession, Sa ; alihte, S ; see 

AhtUce, adv. valiantly, NED; oht- 
Uclie, NED. See Anht. 

A-hnngerd, pp. a-hungered, PP, S3 ; 
alLiinffred, NED; a^niffred, PP.— AS. ^ 
hyngred. (A- 3.) See Of-hmiffred. 

Aihtey sb, property, S; ayhte, S; see 

Air, sb, air, Sa ; aire, NED; see "Ert^, 

AirtiSy, quarters of the sky, S3 ; see 

Aisilley sb. vinegar, S; eisll, MD; 
elael, MD ; fiffuXLt, MD ; ea7lle. Prompt. ; 
aseUe, MD ; ejMU, Sh. ; aysel, H.— OF. 
aisil {eisil), also, aisi^ Ps. 68. ai (Metz) ; 
Late Lat. acitum (cp. OF. azety, Lat acetufil\ 
see Schuchardt, VokalismuSy i. 2^^ 

Aisliclief adv, timorously, S3 ; see Bis* 

Ak, conj. but, Sa, PP ; see Ac. 

A-keleily v. to m^ke cold, to grow 
cold, S, MD.— AS. d-cSlan, (A- 1.) 

Aken, v. to ake, to throb with pain, Ca, 
Sa, Prompt, NED; eken, MD; jaik, 
NED; oc,//.J., MD; ok,MD; oke,MD, 
NED; aklde, NED; oken, pt, pL, PP.— 
AS. acan^ pt. 6c, pp. cu:en ; cp. Icel. aka^ to 
drive, Lat ag^re. Cf. Ache. 
Aketonn, sb. a jacket of quilted ^js g^^ 





worn under the mail, a jacket of leather 
plated with mail, NED, Voc, Ca ; acke- 
tona, HD ; aeton, NED, HD, JD ; liaka- 
toiM, HD; lumneton, NED; liaketon, 
ND; liacqueton, ND. — OF. auqueton; 
Sp. alcoton ; Arab, al-qutrtj the cotton. 

A-kneoiiy on knees, S, NED ; akn«n, 
HD ; akn«wes, HD. (A- 2.) 

Al, adj\, sb., adv. all, MD, S, S2, C2, C3 ; 
aU, S, S3; hal, S2 ; aU«, dot., S ; t^Lto, 
//.,S; aUe,S2 ; ]iaU«, S; ealT«, gm,, S; 
allxe, S ; alra, S ; aire, S.—AS. eall, all, al. 

Aly adv. (with conjunctions); al i^ al- 
though, NED. 

Aly adv. (with subj. mood), although, 
NED, C, C3 ; Al be it, even though it be 
that C. 

Alabastre» sb, alabaster, W (Mt. 26. 
7) ; alabanstre, S3 ; alablaster. 3h.— OF. 
alabastre ; Lat. alabastrum (nom. -ter) ; Gr. 
iX&fiaarpoSf dkafiaaros. 

Aflang, adv, along, MD ; tklong, MD ; 
olonir* MD (A- 4). See Endlanff. 

AlangOy adj- tedious, strange, foreign. 
Prompt. ; alencre, HD ; see Slenir** 

Alargey v. to enlarge, to give largely, 
HD ; alargid, pf., W, W2.— OF. alargir. 
(A- 7.) 

A-lasty adv. at last, S2, NED. (A- 5.) 

Alann, sb. a large dog used for hunting; 
alaa, NED ; alant, NED ; alaimts,//., C ; 
allaimdes, NED. — OF. alan {allan in 
Cotg.); It. alano (Florio) ; Low Lat. alanus. 

Jda;y, sb. alloy, PP; alayea, //., C2.— 
AF. alqy. 

Alayen, v. to mix metals, to alloy, 
NED, PP; alayed, //., PP.— AF. alaygr^ 
aUyer{Y, aloyer); Lat. alligare, to bind. 
(A- 7.) 

Albe* sb. a vestment worn by priests, and 
by some kings ; NED. — Church Lat. alba, 
an alb ; Lat. alba {vestis), a white garment. 

Albificacionn, sb. the process of mak- 
ing white (in alchemy), C3. — Late Lat. al- 

Alblastrye* sb. the use of cross-bows, 
S3. See Arblaste. 

Aid, adj. old, S, S2 ; alder, comp., MD; 
aldreste, super I. y S ; see Old. 

Al-daj, adv, always, continually, C2, 

Alde-likef adv. with solemn, venerable 
mien, S. 

Alder, sb. elder, ancestor, also, prince, 
Mf * ,^^^ ^^^^ g. ,^14^^^ 

S ; eldeme, S2 ; ealdren, MD; ealdreiid| 
gen., S.— AS. ealdor {aldor). See Aid. ^ 

AldLer^gen^pl. of all, C2, H ; see Alre*^ 

Alder-best, adj. best of all, H ; soIj 
AL^ebest. « 

Alder-first, adj, first of all, C2 ; set 
Alrel^st. I 

Alder-mon, sb. a prince, also, the pri»J 
cipal officer in die shire, MD, Voc. ; elldex«»i 
nemanness, gen., S ; aldermen, pi., PP^ 
AS. ealdormann, 

Aldire-, g^n. pi. of all, H ; see Aire-. 

Aldire-mast, adj. most of all, H ; set 

Ale^ sb. ale, S2, C2 ; ale-house, S2 ; a»: 
ale-drmking, NED. Comb. : ale-stake, 1^ 
stake before an alehouse as a sign, C, C|^ 
NED.— AS. ealu, alu ; OTeut. stem *aluU^ 
Qi. Vale. 

A-leggen, v. to lay down, to lay asid^ 
to put do\m, confute, S, NED {allay ^).^ 
AS. d'lecgan. (A- r.) ; 

Alemaunde, sb. almond, NED, Wsi 
almanndes,//., NED ; almomides, NED; 
— OF. alemande, alemandre, alemandle (eft 
Sp. almendra) ; Late Lat. amendola (cp. i^* 
amendoa) ; Lat. amygdala ; Gr. dftiry&i/f 

Alemannde-tre, sb. almond- tree, ^^ 

Alembyk, sb. a retort (used in alchemy^ 
C3 ; alambic, NED ; limbeck, ND, Shi 
lymbecke, (Minsheu).— OF. alambic, S| 
alambiqtu (Minsheu) ; Arab, al-anbiq ; df 
ayi&iK-. stem of a/A/3t£, a cup. 

A-lemen, v. to illumine, S ; alimen, S 
aleomen, S. — AS. d + ISoman. (A- i .) 

A-lesednesse, sb. redemption, MD. 

A-lesen, v. to loose, deliver, S ; alesdi 
pt. s., S ; alesed, pp., S, HD.— AS. d-Usan 
dlysan. (A- 1.) 

A-leseXldnesse, sb. redemption, MD. 

A-lesnesse, sb. redemption, S, MD.- 
AS. d-Usnis. 

Al-gate, adv. every way, always, in an 
case, NED, S3, C, C2, C3; alienate, S 
alirates, S2. C2, C3; aliratiii, W; — C] 
Icel. alia gbtu, every way. 

Algorisme, sb. the Arabic or decimt 
system of numeration, arithmetic, NEE 
algrim, MD ; ausrrim, S. Phr. : oipl&«r i 
alfforinne, the figure o, a mere ciptic 
NED. — OF. algorisme {augorinie) ; I-.0 
Lat. algorismus (cp. Span, guarismo, a.ritl 
metic, Minsheu); from Arab. al-JChavh 
razmi, the surname of an Arab mathemat 
cian of the 9th cent 


yil-halowen, sb, pi. all saints, NED ; 
Shalowes, NED; halalwM, Sa. 
^-lialowen dav, sb. All Saints* Day, 
l£D. — AS. ealra hcUgena dag, 
Aliancey sb, alliance, NED ; aUiannee, 
^2. — AF. aliance, 

A-liche, adv. alike, PP, NED.— AS. 
f-Uce, (A- 6.) See ZUohe. 
Alie, sb. ally, relative, PP ; ally*, Ca. 
^1''ft1Tlj V. to combine, unite, ally, NED ; 
myed,^., Ca.— OF. alter-, Lat alHgare. 

A-liri, culv. across (said of the legs), P ; 
lilyry, PP. — AS. on + lira^ the fleshy part 
•ftheleg(Voc.). (A- a.) 
A-li^teily V. to alight, get lightly down 
from a horse, to descend, also, to lighten, 
UD; alyfflite, Ca ; alyghte, //. s., PP ; 
ilT^, PP; aUlite, MD; aU^te, S; a- 
IrlKte, Sa ; alijlj, pp., Sa.— AS. d-Uhtan. 
[A. I.) 

A-li^teily V. to enlighten, illuminate, to 
teht(afire),NED.— AS.^«-//yft/a«. (A- a.) 
'A-li^tneiiy v. to enlighten, NED; a- 
Itelityn, S3;al3rotiiyiifif,/r./.,S3. (A-i.) 
, \l-kalyy sb. alkali, C3.— Arab, al-qaliy, 
y cined a^es; from qaiay, to roast in a 

^Alkailiistre, sb. alchemist, C3, NED. 
DF. alkemiste. 

Al-kamye, sb. medieval chemistry, PP. 
^OF. alcamie, alquimie; Sp. alquimia', 
A.rab. al-ktmid\ Late Gr. xVf^^^t of doubtful 
^gin, prob. from xv^ic/a, pouring. 
Al-karon, sb. the Koran, S2.— OF. al- 
coran; Ar. al-qordn, the reading, from 
fora^a, to read aloud. 

Al-katrailt sb. the resin of fir trees, 
pitch, also, bitumen, NED, Sa. — OF. alke- 
iron ; Sp. alquitran ; Ar. al-qatran, from 
qatara, to drop. 

Al-kULy adj. of every kind, MED, PP ; 
alkyn, Sa, PP ; alkynnM, PP ; aUe ky- 
AM, Sa. — AS. alUs cynnes, gen. 

Al-kyndy adj. of every kind, S3. 

All-; seeAl.. 

Allunge, adv. altogether, S, MD ; al- 

ljnff«, MD; alli]ig«,MED ASt.eallungay 


Allurey sb. a place to walk in, a gallery* 
a walk by the parapets of a castle, a cloi- 
ster, S3; aliir«, Prompt, NED.— OF. 
alure (now allure), walk, going, a gallery, 
also, aleiire (^Low Lat. *alaiura), from 
^^t to go (F. oiler). 


Almain, adj. German, NED; Al- 
maines, pi. Germans, NED; AlmayffBMi, 
S3.— OF. aleman (F. allemand.) 

Almailly sb. a kind of dance, NED ; 
almond, NED. Comb.i almalw^l— n, 
ND ; almonA-laape, Cotg. (s. v. saut). 

Almainef sb. Germany, H ; Almaja*, 
NED; Alemaine, S; Alm«yiie, NED; 
Almen, NED ; Alamawie, S.— OF. Ale- 
maigne\ Lat. Allemannia, the country of 
the AlUmanni. 

Almes-dedey sb. deed of mercy, Sa. 

Almessey sb. alms, charity, S, PP, 
Prompt, Sa, C3; wHmmm, S; elmMMM, 
MD ; almM, S, Sa, W ; almoiui, Sa ; al- 
messis, //., W. — ^AS. almysse; Church 
Lat. *alimosina (cp. OF. almosne); elee- 
mosyna (Tertullian) ; Gr. I^kttffuxniyfj, alms, 
Lu. I a. fy; orig. pity. 

Al-mestf adv. almost, Sa, Ca, W, Wa; 
almeest, Wa ; almost, PP. 

Al-mi^t, adj. all-powerful, MD; al« 
mlffht, NED, G— AS. almiAl. 

Al-miztif adj. almighty, NED; al- 
mlchtl, S ; allmalOit^, S ; almy^tj, Sa ; 
almlliti, S. — AS. almeahtig, 

Al-mi;tiny adj. almighty, NED; al- 
militen, NED ; almthtin, S. 

Alne-way ; see Alw0j«. 

A-lofbe, adv. on high, aloft, PP ; aloft, 
PP; on-lofte, Sa, Ca ; o lofte, NED; o 
loft, NED.— Icel. d lopt (of motion), d 
lopti (of position) ; lopt^ air, sky, loft ; cp. 
AS. (mpd lyft, into the air. (A- a.) 

A-londe* on land, in the land, Sa, HD ; 
alond, Sa. 

Al-onef adj., adv. alone, MED. Phr. : 
hym allan«, Sa. See One. 

A-longen, v. to seem long to, to long, 
NED ; alonired, //. filled with longing, 
G, HD; aloniret, Sa. — AS. of-langtan. 
(A. 3.) 

A-long on, prep, on account o^ Sa, 
NED.— AS. ge-lang, along. (A- 6.) See 

Al-onlyy adv. merely, Sa ; alle only, Sa. 

A-loofef adv. aloof, more nearly to the 
wind, NED; alof«, S3; alnfft, HD. 
Probably from Du. loef, in te loef, to wind- 
ward. (A- a.) 

A-losen, v. to praise, PP; alOMd, pp. 
notorious, Sa, NED, HD. (A- 7.) 

Al-OUtf adv. entirely, NED : all out, 


A^louteiif V. to bow down, S3, N' 

alowUd, //. s., PP.— -A ' 

<>2, S3, 



A-loWy on the low ground, on earth, 

ED, PP ; alawe, S3 ; alow«, PP. (A- a.) 

Alowable, adj, praiseworthy, PP. 

Alowanncey sb. praise, PP. 

Alowen, v. to praise, conunend, to ap- 
prove of, sanction, to admit (intellectually), 
S3, PP ; aUowen, C2, G, PP.—OF. alouer; 
Late Lat *allaudare\ Lat. ad ■{■ laudare. 
(A- 7.) 

Alowen, v, to assign, bestow, to give an 
allowance to, NED, Palsg. ; aUow, Sh. — 
AF. alower, OF. alouer , a/oer; Lat alio- 
care, to place. (A- 7.) 

A-loyne, v. to remove far off, NED, HD. 
AF. aioyner, from loin ; Lat longe, (A- 7.) 

AlrOr ^^^* P^' of all, used as an intensify- 
ing prefix with a superlative, NED {all, see 
sect D. II, p. 227), MD (p. 56) ; aUer*, 
H ; aU«r, G, C ; ald«T, C2, H ; altlm, 
G, C, W2 ; aldlre-, H.— AS. ealra, 

Alre-besty best of all, S2 ; alderbest, 
H; alt]i«rbMt, NED, HD, C; altliw- 
lieste, S, HD. 

Alre-Qrrstr ^^ of all, NED ; altlier- 
first, NED, HD ; alderflrst, C2, C3. 

Alre-mest, most of all, S ; aldire- 
nuMt, H ; altlMrmoost, HD. 

AlSy adv, and conj, also, as, S, Sa, S3, 
Ca ; see Also. 

Als-as, conj. just as if, S3. 

Al-SOr*^v* a^d conj, (i) even so, like- 
wise, also, (2), as, MED, PP, S, S3, C3 ; 
aUswa, S ; alswo, MED ; alse, S ; al8S«, 
S ; ala, S, S2, S3, Ca ; alls, S ; Me, S, Sa; 
M, S, S2, S3, C2 ; es, PP; alsswa, S2 ; 
alma, S2 ; als-so, Sa ; alswa, S, Sa, 
MED.— AS. eaUswd, 

Al solne day, All Souls* Day, NED ; 
alle soQle day, Sa. — AS. ealra sawlena 

Als-tite, culv, as quick, immediately, 
MED, S2. 

Al-Snic, adj, all such, S. 

Al-swithe, adv, as fast, immediately, 
MED; alswythe, PP; als-snltli, S2 ; 
aswlthe, Sa ; asswythe, Sa. 

Alther-, gen, pi, of all, C, G, Wa, PP ; 
see Aire-. 

Alther-besty adj, best of all, S, C ; see 

Alther-feblest, adj, feeblest of all, 
S2, HD. 

Alther-first, adj, first of all, HD ; see 


Althev-mOOSt, adj. most of all, HD ; 
see Alxemest. 

Al-to, adv, entirely, S, NED (s.v. all, see 
C, sect. 15), W, Wa, H ; aU-to, H. 

Al-^giderOy cuiv, altogether, G ; alte- 
gSBdere, S. > 

Al-waty conj., adv. all the while, till, S, I 
MD (s.v. al, p. 57) ; alwet, MD; allLuet, 
NED (s.v. all whaf). See What. 

Al-weldandy culj. all-wielding, Sa ; al^ 
wealdent, S. — ^AS. cU-wecddend, 

Al-weye, adv. all along, at all tunes, 
perpetuaUy, at any rate, NED ; alne-way, 
Sa ; alwej, Ca, C3, PP ; alwals, Sa ; al- 
lewejes, NED. — AS. ealne weg, 

Alynen, v, to besmear; alyned, //., 
Sa.— Lat. allinere, (A- 7.) 

A-lyue, adv,, culj, as pred. alive, C2, S2, 
PP ; onlyue, Ca, G ; onUue, S.— AS. on 
life, (A- a.) 

Am, I pr. s, am, S, C3 ; snii, S, MD ; 
liaiu,S; ean&jMD; eom, MD.— O.North. 
am, O.Merc, earn (VP), AS. eom, 

AfinBJdi^ pp. as adj. distracted, mad, MD, 
S; amed, MD; amadde, //. MD.— AS. 
ge-mdid, pp. of ge-m<kdan, to madden ; cp. 
OHG. ga-meit, foolish. (A- 6.) 

Amaistrien, v. to master, teach, PP ; 
amaistrye, P, HD.— OF. amaistr{j)er \ 
Lat. ad-^ magistrare, (A- 7.) 

Amalgame, sb. a soft mass, mixture of 
metal witn mercury, NED ; inalgam, NED. 
— OF. amalgame ; Low Lat. amalgama. 

Aiwft.1gn.iniiig^ sb, the formation of an 
amalgam, C3. 

Amang; see Amoncr*. 

A^maiudeUf v, to curse, to exconmiuni- 
cate, MD ; amansi, MD ; amanwy, MD ; 
amonsi, HD ; amawns, HD ; amansed, 
pp., S. — Contracted from AS, d-mdnsumian, 
to put out of intimacy, from mdnsum, fami- 
liar, intimate ; pp. d-mdnsumod, also dmdn- 
5od\ see Schmid. (A- i.) 

A^masen, v. to amaze, stupefy, NED ; 
Mnaaed,//.,C3. (A- i.) 

Ambassadey sb. the function of ambas- 
sador, an ambassador and suite, NED ; 
eiu1>a8Bades, //., S3. — OF. ambcusacU,aM' 
baxade; OSp. ambaxada, from Low Lat 
ambaxia,ambacHa, office, employment, from 
ambactus, vassal, retainer, a Celtic word 
found in Caesar. 

Ambassadrie, sb, ambassadoTship, 
NED ; embawMdrle, Sa, C3.— F. ambas- 


Ambassag^ey sd, embassy, NED ; am- 
bassa^es, //., S3. 

AmblfiUy V. to move at an easy pace, 
NED. — OF. ambler 'i Lat. ambulare, to 

Amblerey sb, an ambling hoise or mule, 
C, NED. 

AmeUen, v. to enamel, MD ; anrnian, 
Palsg. ; ameUed, //., Palsg.; aiiMlyd, 
HD; amlled, HD; amelad, NED.— AF. 
aymelerf OF. esmailler\ OHG. smalzjany 
to smelt, liquefy ; cp. It. smaltare, to enamel 
(Florio). Cf. En-amelen, Mute. 

imieiXcLeily v. to amend, mend, MD, S, 
S2, C3, W ; amended, pp. S2 ; am en did , 
\V2. — OF. amender ; Lat e-mmdare^ from 
ix + tnendum, fault. (A- 9.) 

hjSLenAfOdj. pleasant, 83, NED; ameTH, 
S3. — OF. anune ; Lat. amoenum. 

Ameraaty sb. amaranth, a fadeless 
flower, S3. — OF. amarante ; Lat. amaran- 
iutn (ace) ; Gr. Afidpavros, (A- 11.) 
i Ajnercy, v. to amerce, fine, P, NED. — 
|AF. amercier; from OF. estre a tnerci 
came estre amercicy then amercier, 

Amete, sb, ant, emmet, NED ; amte, 
W2; emete, Voc.; emote, NED ; ematte, 
Voc. ; amtis, />/., W2 ; amptU, NED.— 
AS. ametey imete, Cp. OHG. dmeiza; 
from OHG. ^f, oS+meizafty to cut, as if 
'the cutter or biter off.' 

Ametist, sb. amethyst, NED ; ametis- 
tiia, W (Rev. 21. 20); amatjste, HD; 
uuaste, HD ; amaHlaed, MD.— OF. ame- 
tiste ; Lat. amethystum (^acc.) ; Gr. AfiiOva- 

TOS. (A^ II.) 

Ameuen, v. to be moved, NED ; amen- 
ed,/^. s., C2. — OY.esmeuv; accented stem 
of esmover ; Lat. exmouere, (A- 9.) 

Ameyn ; see Amene. 

A^midde, adv. and prep, amid, 82, C2, 
PP; amidden, 8; amydde, PP.— AS. on 
middauy on middum. (A- 2.) 

Amiraily sb. a Saracen ruler or com- 
mander, an emir, an admiral, MD ; amerel. 
Prompt. ; amyralle, MD ; amrajl, HD ; 
admixald, S. — OF. amiraily amiral\ cp. 
Arab. atnir-aUbahry commander of the sea, 
amir-al-muminmy commander of the faith- 

Ad-miSy adv. amiss, C2 ; amys, G ; on- 
mys, NED. (A- 2.) 

Ajnome, sb. an odoriferous plant, amo- 
mum, NED; amonye, W. HD. — OF. 
amoms\Cotg.) ; La* . amomum ; Gr. anwnoVy 
a name applied to several spice plants. 

AND. 9 

AjnoliOStdy V. to admonish, warn, HD. 
— OF. amonester'y Late Lat * adtnonitare, 
from Lat. admoni/us, pp. of admonere, see 
Constans. (A- 7.) 

Amonestement, sb. admonishment, S, 
HD. — OF. amonestemeni. 

Ajnonestyngy sb. admonishing, CM. 

Ad-monge, prep, and adv. among, in, at 
mtervalsTPP; amaage, NED; oma&ir* 
MD ;amaiig,S,S2; among, S, PP. Phr.'. 
eoxe amoniT) ever among, every now and 
then, S ; ever and among, NED. — AS. on- 
mangy on-gemang. (A- 2.) 

Ad-mongeSy prep, among, S2, S3, Ca, 
C3, G. PP. 

Ab-morowey on the morrow, S2, W ; 
amotwe, HD, PP, S2 ; amox^e, S ; 
amorce, S (16. 432).— AS. on morgen. 
(A. 2.) 

Ajnouiitaiicey sb. amount, NED ; 
monntonns, S2, HD. 

Ajnouiitaiiy v. to ascend, rise, amount, 
mean, S2, C2, PP; amnnten, S.— AF. 
amunter, from Lat ad-\- montem. (A- 7.) 

Ajnpole, sb. 2l vessel for holding con- 
secrated oil, or for other sacred uses. NED ; 
ampnlles, pi., P ; ampoUes, S2, PP ; 
hanypeles, PP.— OF. ampole\ Lat. am- 

AjnpTOy sb, a tumour, flaw, blemish; 
amper, HD ; ampres, //., S. — AS. ampre, 

Ajnte; seeAmete. 

A-murVriiiy v. to murder, S; amor- 
tliered, //., MD.— AS. d-myrtrian 

(Schmid). (A- i.) 

Ajnyable, adj. friendly, lovely, NED ; 

amyabiU, S3 ; amiable, WW.— OF. ami- 

able ; Lat. amicabilem. 

An, I pr. s. I grant, allow, S ; on,pr. s.y 

S. See Unnen. 

I, num. and inde/. art. one, an, S, S2, 

PP ; see Oon. 

An, prep, on, upon, in, PP, S, S2 ; see 

An, conj. and, if, PP, S, S2 ; see And. 

Anobosoiin, sb. occasion, MD ; an- 
cl&eltmn, MD; ancliaisan, HD.— AF. 
anchesoun. See Acliesonn. 

Ancr6, sb. an anchorite, recluse, hermit, 
a monk, a nun, NED, S, S2 ; annexe, S2 ; 
anker, S2 ; ancree,//., P.— AS.a«rra,m. 
(* ancrey f.) ; Church Lat. anachoreta ; Gr. 

And, conj. and, also, if, G, S, S2, S3, 


Ca ; aat, S, Sa ; an, S, Sa ; a, MD.~-/%r. : 
aaA If, MD. 

AnefiBld, sb. anvil, Wa ; aiL«felt, NED. 
—AS. onfilti (Voc). 

An-enty /^^[/. and adv, on a level with, 
among, opposite, towards, in respect of, 
NED ; anont, MD ; onont, S ; onond, S ; 
aaendA, MD; aiioiLd«, MD; onondA, 
MD ; anendAB, MD ; anentes, NED ; 
aiMHtis, W, Wa; anemptis, MD; aa- 
empst, NED; aaenoe, H; aaeiui, H; 
Tnentes, H. — AS. on efsn, on efn, on emn, 
on even ground with. 

Anentesch ; see AnlentlM. 

Aner-ly, adv. only, alone, Sa, NED, JD. 

Anete, sb. the herb dill, Voc., W, NED. 
—OF. anet; Lat. anethum (Vulg.); Gr. 
amjBov, dial, form of dviffov. See Anise. 

A-netheren. v. to lower, humiliate, 
NED; aaethered,/^., HD. (A- i.) See 

AneWy sb. ring, wreath; aaewls, //., 
S3 ; aaeus, links of a chain, NED.— OF. 
aniaus, pi. of an^/, ring ; Lat. anellus, dim. 
oidnuluSf dim. oi annus, a circuit, year. 

Anew, enough, S3. (A- 6.) See Ynow. 

Apliewe, adv, anew, NED. (A- 3.) See 

Angely sb. angel; onffel, S; anirlM, 
//., S ; mnglmB, S; aaglene, gen, S.— Lat. 
angelus. See EncreL 

An-gin, sb. beginning, MD ; angim, S, 

An-ginneily v. to begin ; on gon,pt. s., 
S. — AS. an- {on')ginnan. 

Angle, sb. a name given to the four as- 
trological * houses,* NED, Sa. — OF. angle ; 
Latin angulum (ace). 

Angles, sb. pi. the English, the people 
of * Angul,' a district of Holstein, S, NED ; 
EngUs, S.— AS. Angle, pi. 

Angre, sb. affliction, sorrow, wrath, pain, 
inflammation, NED, Sa, PP ; BXLgvxn, Sa. 
— Icel. angr, 

Angreu, v. to annoy, injure, make angry, 
NED ; angre, PP.— Icel. angra, 

AngwischyJ^. anguish, Wa; angnjmdi, 
PP; anffolM,S,MD; anffiiise,MD; an- 
miliMM, MD.— OF. angoisse,KY. anguisse\ 
Lat. angustia, tightness, from angere, to 

An^ei^, adv. on high, Sa, PP ; an hal, 
Sa ; an Hey, Sa ; an hi), W. 

An-heten, v, to heat, to become hot ; 
anlwt, pr.s, S; anli^^t, pp. S.— AS. on- 


Anphe^en, v. to exalt, NED ; aali^td, 

//., Sa. 

An-Mtten, v, to hit against, S, MD. 

An-hon, v. to hang (Jr.), MD ; anliflff,, S ; anlionge,//., MD. — AS. on-A6n, 

An-hftUgftHi V. tr. and intr. to hang, 
S, MD ; an]ionged,/A, MD ; anTianged, 

Aniente, v. to bring to nought, N£D ; 
anyente, PP. — OF. anienter, from a, to + 
nient ; Late Lat. *necentem =-nec-v enietn, 
(A- 7;) 

Anientisey v. to bring to nought, to 
destroy, NED ; anientioe, PP ; ainmttini, 
CM ; anenteaoh, PP ; anyntisolie, Wa ; 
nMntislLe, NED; ann«ntlMohed, pp, 
CM ; anyntisohld, Wa ; anmitysdlit, H ;j 
enantist, H. — OF. anientir (variant ol 
anienter), pr. p. anientissant. (A- 7.) 

Aniee, sb. anise, also dill, NED ; aaya, 
NED; aneyM, Voc— OF. ants\ Lat. 
anisum ; Gr. &v\,aov, Cf. Anete. 

ApniVerien, v. to lower, humiliate, 
MD ; andSered, pp, MD, HD.— AS. a + 
nitiertan, (A- i.) 

Anker, sb, anchor, S. — ^AS. ancor\ Lat 
ancora ; Gr. dyKvpa. 

Anlas, sb. a kind of dagger, anlace, 
MD,C ; anelaoe, HD ; anelas, MD. K£D. 
— Cp. Low Lat. anelacius (Ducange), 
OWelsh anglas. 

An-lethy v. face, countenance, MD, HD, 
NED; onndl8Bt,MD; onlete,MD. — Icel 
andlit (Swed. anlete) : AS. and-wllla. 

yllity pp. enamelled, S3 ; set 

Annuel, adj. yearly; sb, a mass said 
either daily for a year after, or yearly on the 
anniversary of a person's death, NED 
ann^U, S3.— AF. annuel ; Late Lat. €tnnu 
alem, for Lat. anndlem, from annus, year. 

Annueler, sb. a priest who sang ai 
annual, PP, C3. HD. 

An-on, adv. at once, instantly, soon, ix 
a short time, S, Sa, C3, PP; anaaa, S 
NED ; onan, Sa ; onon, S, S3 ; axuMm 
S3, Ca, G, W. — AS. on dn, into one ; o* 
dne, in one (moment). 

Anonder; seeAnnnd«r. 

Anon-ryght, adv. immediatelx, C^ 
G ; anonrULtes, S ; ananzUit, S. 

An-onen, adv. above, S, NED ; oiL«ii«a 
NED.— AS. w «/»«• 

A-nonghy adj. (as ^"tred,) enough, CM 
an«w, S3. C^6.) St^r 


AOy, sd. discomfort, vexation, trouble, 
MD, S3, PP ; aaoye, W2 ; aanl, MD ; 
ennye, S. — OF. anot : OSp. moyo : Olt. 
inoduff from the Lat. phrase est mihi in 
odio ; see Diez. Cf. Voye. 

Anoyen, v. to annoy, PP, Wa, Sa, C2, 
C3 ; ftnoiede, //. j., W ; noyedA, W ; a- 
jxxxf^,pp. W; annyed, PP ; aanid, MD ; 
aaud, S ; aavyBed, S2 ; ennnyed, P. — 
AF. ennuyer. Cf. Voyen. 

Aaswere, sb, answer, MD ; ondswero, 
S ; axunraxe, S ; onawexe, S., aadswaxa, 
S. — AS. and'swaru. 

Answ e reHy v. to give an answer, S, 
PP ; ondswexien, S ; aadswazade, //. s. 
S; andswerede, S ; oatawarede, S ; on- 
gwexeda, S ; onawexde, S ; anawaxeda, 
S ; aaswaxede, S. — AS. and-swarian. 

Ant, conj. and, also, if, S, Sa. See And. 

Antam, sb. anthem, Ca ; aatefiia, MD. 
—AS. aniefne ; Church Lat. antifona (cp. 
Prov. antifenay It. antifona) ; for older 
antiphona ; Gr. &vTi<fKuva, lit. things sound- 
ing in response. Cf. Antlpluma. 

Anticrist, sb. Antichrist, MD; anta- 
Giist, W (i John 4. 3) ; aaoxiat, MD ; 
uczyst, Voc. — Church Lat. aniichristus 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. avrixpiffros. 

Anti^ioney sb, antiphon, NED; 
Church Lat. antiphona ; see Antam. 

Antiphoneref sb. anthem-book, Ca ; 
aotjplionaxa, Voc. ; anfanaxe, Voc. ; am- 
ikaexe, Voc. — Church Lat. antiphonarius. 

Anuni, adv. at once, S. — AS. dnum, dat. 
of dn, one. [The MS. has anti, put for 
aff»( = anum)]. See Oon. 

An-lindery prep, under, S ; aaondax, S. 

AnrUppe, prep, and adv. upon, MD ; 
onappa, b. 

An-uppoiiy prep, upon, S, MD; an- 
uppan, S. 

A-nyghte, adv. by night, Ca ; an^t, 
S;oiiifft, S. (A- a.) 

A-nyghtes, adv. at night, nightly, S3. 

Apalled, pp- made pale, N£D ; ap- 
paUed, C, Ca.— OF. apa/ir, apa/iir; Lat. 
did+pai/ire for pailere. (A- 7.) 

AparaiL sb. apparel, PP ; appaxalUa, 


A^aarailen, v. to make ready, to fit up, 
iumish, to dress, attire, PP ; appaxayladan, 
^.pl, S2 ; apaxallad,//^. S : appaxalllad, 
y.— OF. apareiller\ Late Lat. *adpari€U- 
^e, to make equal or lit, from Lat par^ 
equaL (A^ 7.) 


AparaancOy sb. appearance, NED; 
appaxano e , Ca.— AF. apparence. (Af- 7.) 

Apart, adv. apart, aside, Ca; aparta, 
separately. PP, NED.— OF. a/arr. (A- 7.) 

Apart, v. to set aside, separate, NED ; 
aparta, S3 (24. 14). 

Apartie, adv. in part, partly, PP, NED. 
(A- a.) 

Apayen, v. to satisfy, please, to requite, 
HD, PP ; KO^sf^^PP' S3, Ca, C3 ; apayad, 
Ca, W; apalad, W. PP.— OF. apaier 
{apayer)', Vroy. apagar\ IjbX. ad •>t pacartf 
irompacem, peace. (A- 7.) 

Ape, sb. ape, MD, Ca, C3, P ; fool, HD. 
PAr,: pB olda apa, i.e. the devil, MD ; wyn 
of apa ( = OF. znn de singe), wine which 
makes the drinker pleasant, wanton, or 
boyish, Cotg., MD, HD.— AS. apa. 

Apece, sb. the alphabet, Prompt^; see 

Apenden, v. to belong, Sa, PP; ap- 
pandan, Sa, PP.— OF. ap{p)endre; Lat. 
ad+pendere. (A- 7.) 

Aperoeyne, v- to perceive, Ca, PP; 
apaxaayna, PP. — OF. aperfoiv-, accented 
stem of aperceveir ; Late Lat appercipere ; 
Lat. ad ^ percipere. (A- 7.) 

Aperceyninges, observations, 

Aparen, v. to appear, S, PP ; apaaxan, 
PP; apax, Sa ; appiaxa, P; appaxaad, 
pr.p. S3.— AF. aper-i stem of apert, pr. s. 
of aparoir\ Lat. apparere {ad-^p>arere), 

(A- 7.) 

Apert, adj\ clever, expert, NED; aa- 
paxt, S3.— OF. aspert, espert\ Lat. ex- 
pertus. (A- 9.) See Expaxt. 

Apert, adj. open, NED, H, HD; adv. 
Ca. Fhr.i in to apaxt ( = Lat. inpalam)^ 
Sa. — OF. apert ; Lat. apertusy pp. of 
aperirey a verb with d^ab^ prefix. (A- 8.) 

Aperteliche, adv. openly, Sa ; aparUy, 
P, H ; appaxtly, P. 

ApertenaiUlt,/r./. appertaining, Ca. 
— OF. apertenant. 

Apertene, v. to appertain, NED, C3. — 
0¥ . aperienir \ '\-pertinere. (Af- 7.) 

Apertinent,/^./. appertaining, Ca.— 
Late Lat. adpertinentem. 

Apesen, v. to appease, NED, S3 (3b. 
135a), Ca, C3 ; appeaae, S3 (19a. 395).— 
OF. apesery from a+pes; Lat. pacem, 
peace. (A- 7.) 

Apeyren, v. to harm, diminish, impair, 
PP, W ; apayxa, P, W ; appayxa, Sa, P ; 
apayxad, pp. Sa. —OF. ampeirer, empeirer-. 



Lat. in+petoraret to make worse, from 
pgiort worse. (A- lo.) 

Apeyxyng, sd, injuring. S2, W; ap- 

Appiken, v. to trim, adom, MD; 
apiked, //., C. See OF. pt^uer (Cotg.). 

AplieHy V. to apply, devote one's ener- 
gies to, NED; apply, S3. — OF. aplier] 
Lat. applicare. 

ApointOHy V. to come or bring matters 
to a point, to agree, arrange, to prepare, 
equip, NED. — OF. apointer, from a point. 

ApoiVLtment, sb. agreement, NED; 
poyntemente, S3.— OF. apointement, 

Aposen, v. to question, S2, PP, Prompt. ; 
apposen, C3, PP. Cp. Oppoaen. 

Apostel, sb. apostle, S ; appostel, NED ; 
appostU, NED ; apostle, W ; postUs, //. 
NED. — AS. apostol ; Church Lat. apostolus 
(Vulg.); Gr. d7r($<rroXos, one sent forth, 
messenger ; cp. AF. apostle (OF. apostre), 

ApOStil-lied, sb. office of apostle, W. 

Apotacariey sb. apothecary, C ; poto- 
kary, NED.— OF. apotecaire\ Late Lat. 
apothecarium (ace), from apotheca\ Gr. 
dtroB^Kr/f storehouse. 

Apoyson, v. to poison, PP ; apoysoned, 
pp., Pr. — OF. apoisoner, for empoisoner. 
(A- 10.) 

App-; seeAp-. 

Appairen, v. to injure ; appayze, S2, 
P ; see Apeyren. 

Appairingy sb. injuring, S3. 

Appel, sb. apple, PP ; eppel, MD ; ap- 
pUs,//. W2.— AS. (Bppel. 

Apple^amade, sb. pomegranate, S2 
{gamade). Of. Gamet-appllle. 

AprentiSy sb. apprentice, NED ; pren- 
tia, S2, PP; apxentys, pi. PP.— OF. 
aprentis (AF. aprentiz\ nom. of aprentif, 
from aprendre, to learn ; Lat. apprehendere 
^ad-vprehendere. (A- 7.) 

A-quenchen, v. to quench, PP; a- 
cwenohen, S ; aqueynte,//. s. S2 ; aquesmt, 
PP. — AS. d-cwencan, (A- i.) 

Aqueme, sb. squirrel, S, NED; ao- 
queme, S. — AS. dcwem (Voc.) ; cp. Icel. 
ikorni, G. eichhom, MDu. incoren. 

Aqueyntaimcey sb. acquaintance, S2, 
CM, MD. — Ol«. acointance, AF. aqtieyn- 
tance. (A- 7.) 

Aqueynten, v. to become known, MD ; 
aquointe,//. acquainted, NED; aquente, 
NED; aqnynt, S2.— OF. acointer {a- 
cuinter) ; Late Lat. adcognitare, from Lat. 
ad -^ cognitum, pp. oi cognoscere, (A- 7.) 


Ar, prep., conj. and adv. before, S, S2, G, 

H, P; see Br. 

Ar, are, S2, PP ; see Aren. 

Arace, v. to pull up by the roots, C2, 
CM; arache, NED.— AF. aracer, OF. 
esrachier ; Lat. e{x)radicare. (A- 9.) 

Aranye, sb, spider. Prompt.; arain, 
HD; aranee, HD; eranye, Prompt.; 
erayne, Prompt. ; erayn, H ; arane, H ; 
erane, Voc. ; yresrne, W2 ; aran, H ; 
irain, NED ; arrans, //., HD ; yxeyns, 
W2. — OF. araigne {iraigne) ; Lat. aranea. 

Arate, v. to correct, blame, rate, PP. 
Probably a variant of Aretten. Cf. OF. 
aratter — aretter (Godefroy) . 

Aray, sb. array, PP ; array, S2 (19. 393), 
C2, C. — OF. arei {arroi). 

Arayen, v, to array, NED, PP ; axayed, 
pp.V^ ; arrayed, C2, C3. — AF. arayer\ 
OF. areier, areer: It. arredare (Florio); 
from Lat. ad + Low Lat. *redo (OF. ret), 
preparation, of Teutonic origin, (A^ 7.) 

Axblaste, sb. a military engine for 
throwing missiles, MD, S2 ; alblast, S2. — 
OF. arbaleste ; Late Lat. arcuballista. 

Arblaster, sb. an arblast-man, S2. 

Aircll, sb. arch. Prompt.; arcliea, pi, 
court of Arches, P.^OF. arche (Cotg.). 

A2rcll-y prefix, chief; erohe-, Chmcli 
Lat. archi- ; Gr. dpx*-, ^X"* 

Arch-angel, sb. archangel, S, PP ; 
archangles, //. S. — Church Lat. archang-e- 
lus\ Gr. dpxoTy*^®^' 

Airclie-biscop, sb. archbishop, S ; 
ercheblsBop, S2. — AS. cerce-biscop (S); Lat. 
archi' + AS. biscop. 

Archer, sb. archer, S2 ; archeer, C2 ; 
harohere, Voc. — AF. archer. See Ark. 

Archi-deken, sb. archdeacon^ PP ; 
erohedekene, S2. 

Archi-flamyn, sb. high-priest, S2. — 
Church Lat. archifiamen, archbishop (I>a.- 
cange), from 'LsA.fiamen. 

Archi-triclin, sb. the ruler of tlie 
feast, S ; arcMtrlolyn, W. — Church Latn 
architriclinus (Vulg.) ; Gr. dipxirplKXiv€»s, 

Arch-wyfe, sb. a wife who rules j 
arche-wyues, //. C2, CM. 

Are, sb, honour, j;eyerence, also, gra^^e 
^ S, §2, Gi 


clemency, MD, NED, S; ore, 
HD; happy augury, MD, S. — AS. 
{dr) ; cp. OHG. ^ra, honour (Otfrid). 

Aprecchen, v. to explain, expound.^ \i 
speak, NED.— AS. d-reccan. (A- i.) ' 

A-rechen, v. to reach, to strike, to rea.c^ 
in thought, to imagine, to be suffici^^ 


NED, S, S (II. 47)> S3, W PP.-AS. d- 
racan. (A- 1.) 

A^redeily v. to declare, to interpret, 
NED. W ; areede, W.— AS. d-r^dan ; cp. 
G.errathen. (A^i.) 

jL-redy, adj\ ready, P, HD. NED ; 
5««dirMD. (A- 6.) 

Aze-fdlly adj» compassionate, MD, S. 
—AS. dr-full. 

▲re-les, adj. mercUess, MD; ozelMUi, 
S; orgies, S.— AS. dr-Uas, 

Areily ^. to show mercy to, S, MD. — ^AS, 

Areny pr. pl are, S, PP ; am, MD, C2, 
PP; axe, MD; ar, MD, S2, PP; ore, 
MD, Sa ; er, H.— ONorth. ar^w. 

Arende, J^. errand; HD, PP; see 

Arerage, sb. the state of being in arrear, 
indebtedness, NED, PP ; arreraffe, C, PP. 
—OF. arerage, AF. arrerage, 

Arere, adv. to the rear, in the rear, PP ; 
Arreze, PP.— AF. arere; Late Lat. tf^ 
retro, backward. (A- 7.) 

ArTeren, v. to raise, bnild, to arise, to 
rear. Sa, PP ; arwuren, S ; arerlde,//. J., 
W; azerde,S; ar6rd,S; arerdon,//., S ; 
Mfwred,//., Sa, W, Wa ; arerd, Sa.— AS. 
d-raran: Goth, ur-raisjan. Causal of 
Azisen. (A- 1.) 

A-rest, at rest, PP. (A- a.) 

Aresty sb. stop, Sa ; arzMtrt, custody, 
C. Fhr. : apere in ar«rt,in rest, C. — OF. 
areste, stoppage, AF. arest, act of arresting. 

(A. 7.) 

Aresten, v. int. and tr. to stop, cause 
to stop, NED, C— AF. arester ; Lat. ad^ 
restare. (A- 7-) 

AretteHy v. to reckon, count, accuse, 
NED, W, \^2 ; azetted, pp. C ; azettld, 
W, W2 ; zettid, W.— AF. aretter^ OF. a- 
reter\ a -Ureter-. OSp. reptar, to chal- 
lenge (Minsheu) ; Lat. reputare, to count ; 
cp. Late Lat r^// (Ducange). (A- 7.) 
Cf. Setten. 

A^reysen, v. to raise, to arouse, NED ; 
azQTsed, //. J., S3; azeisid, pp.y W. 

Aar^tiiy sb. cowardice ; aze^tlie, oat., S. 
See Axwe. 

ArfeV, adj. difficult, MD; azef€«, S; 
^Murf^, MD ; azu««, NED ; ezfe*, MD.— 
—AS. earfede\ cp. earfede, earfop^ labour, 
ioil : GotL arbaiths. 
X Argoile, J^. the tartar deposited from 



wines, C3, NED ; azgnjU, NED ; ««»», 
Cotg. (s.v. tartre\ ND.— AF. argoil. 

AxgQi&Jlf V' to prove, to reason, PP. — 
OF. argu€r\ Late Lat argutare, fix)m Lat 

Arguorey sb, reasoner, PP. 

Argnmont. sb. proof, clear proof, proof 
presumptive, NED; 9atfranMfDM,pl.,V^.— 
AF. argument ; Lat argumentum. 

Argumenten, v. to argue, C3, Sa. 

A-risen, v. to arise, MD ; azyae, PP ; 
azla, imp. s. S ; azya, PP ; azlat, pr. x., 
S, Sa, C3 ; wfoa,//. j., S, PP ; azoMi, PP ; 
axiMn, pp.t MD ; azlae, Sa.— AS. d^san, 
(A- I.) 

A-rist, J^- rising, resurrection, NED ; 
azifltM, gen., S ; azlaU, dot., S.— AS. 4- 
rist. (A- 1.) 

Arindy »• to arrive, to come to shore, 
S; azoue, //. s., NED; azliMda,//. Sa ; 
azyue,^., S ; azyvMi, NED.— AF. ari- 
ver; Late Lat arribare, arripare, adri- 
pare, from Lat. ad + ripa, shore. (Af- 7.) 

Ariue, sb. landing, arrival, C, NED. 

Aprixlie&y V. to rule; azlzlj«, S. 
(A. I.) 

A-ri^t, adv. in a right way, straightway, 
Sa; azygHt, Ca ; azljte, S; ozitft, S. 

(A- a.) 
Ark, sb. an ark, chest, MD; azzke, 

S ; azo, Sa.— Lat. area ; cp. OF. arche. 
Arkf sb. segment of a circle, Ca, MD. — 

OF. arc ; Lat. arcum (ace), a bow. 
Aries, sb. an earnest, NED, JD, HD.— 

Probably a plural in form from an OF. 

*erle, *ar/e ; Lat. *arrkula, dim. of arrka, 

for arrhabo ; Gr. dppa^ ; Heb. "irdbdn. 

Cp. OF. erres^ arres : Sp. arras (Minsheu) ; 

Lat. arrhasj pi. ace. of arrha. See Ezhm. 
Arly, adj. and adv. early, Sa, H; see 

Arm, sb. arm, MD ; eazmea, //., S, MD ; 

azmea, inter] . arms! an oath, by God's 

arms, S3, NED. Phr.: Ck>g'8 azma, S3.— 

AS. earm : Icel. armr : Goth. arms. 
Arm, adj. poor, wretched, MD ; mrm., 

MD ; ezme, dot. S ; azme, pi. S ; eazme, 

MV.— AS. earm: Icel. armr: Goth. arms. 
Armen, v. to arm, C3, PP ; l^azmed, 

pp., S.— AF. armer; Lat armare. 
Armes, j^- pi- weapons, coat-armour, 

MD, P.— AF. armes. 
Arm-heorted, adj. tender-hearted, S. 

— Cp. AS. earm-heort, 

Arm-liertnesBe, sb. compassion, S. 



Arminge, sb. the act of arming, patting 
on of armonr, C2. 

Aniiipotenty adj, mighty in arms, C. 
— Lat amiipotentem. 

Armony, sb. harmony, S3. — F. har- 
monie ; Lat . harmonia ; Gr. dpfiovia. 

Ammrey sb. armour, weapons, P, C2, 
C3, G ; armoure, C2 ; armuxiB, //., W, 
W2. — ^AF. armure {armoure\ armeure\ 
Lat. armatura. 

Am, sb. eagle, HD; axyn, H; see 

Amde, pt. s. ran, S ; see Bexman. 

A-rode, on the rood (the cross), NED, 
S, S2. (A- 3.) 

AproWBy adv. in a row, one after another, 
S ; axeawe, S ; arewe, NED. (A- 2.) 

Axr-; see At-. 

Azr, sb. scar, wound, NED, JD; ar, HD; 
see Srre. 

Arredy //. scarred, JD. 

Areeniky sb. arsenic, C3. — OF. arsenic ; 
Lat. arsenicum ; Gr. dpafviKSv, yellow or- 
piment, orig. the masculine, male, from 
dparfv, a male. 

Arelces,//. newts, S2 ; see Ask. 

ArSXnetikOi sb, arithmetic, NED ; ars- 
metxlke, C. — OF. arismetiqtie : Prov. arts- 
metica ; Lat. arithvietica ; Gr. Api$tn)ri.icii 
(rix^v)* the art of counting. 

Arst, adj, and adv» superl. first, G, P ; 
see Erst. 

Arty sb. a quarter of the heaven, point of 
the compass, NED, S3 ; airt, NED, JD ; 
alrth, NED ; airtis, // , S3.— Gael, ard ; 
Olr. aird, top, height, point. 

Azton, art thou, S2 ; artow, S2, C2, 
C3. See Brt. 

Arwe, sb. arrow, NED ; arewe, S2 ; 
arwes, //. S2, C2, P ; arewis, W2 ; aro- 
wls, W2. — AS. arwe for *arhwe ; cp. Goth. 
arhwazna, arrow, the thing belonging to 
the bow, from *aMtt/ = Lat. arcus. 

Arwe, adj. cowardly, timid, lazy, slug- 
gish, vile, base, Prompt. ; are5, S ; arh, 
Sf D ; ar^, NED ; erewe, S ; arewe, sb. 
betrayer, enemy, S, MD. — AS. earg {earh) ; 
Icel. argr\ cp. OHG. arg (Otfrid). 

Arwedy //. made cowardly, PP. 

Ar^en, v. to be timid, to frighten, NED. 

As, sb. unit, a single bit, a jot, ace, NED, 
C2 ; aoe, S3 ; ase, PP. Phr. : anibes as, 
double aces, C2. — OF. as\ Lat. as. 

Asaalen, v. to leap upon, assail, PP ; 
e, PP, S ; assaille, C2, PP ; 


pp,y PP; assal^eit, S2.— AF. assailiry \ 
OF. asalir ; Late Lat. adsalire, (A- 7.) 

A-saken, v. to deny, renounce ; asoke, 
//. J., S.— AS. of-sacan (Schmid). (Ap 3.) 
Cf. CK-saken. 

Asaut, sb. assault, S2 ; assaut, C, PP.— 
OF. asaut. (A- 7.) \ 

Ascapie, v, to escape, PP; adcapie, 1 
PP ; ascapen, PP.— OF. escaper (Picard). ' 
Cf. Aohape. 

AscaiUlcey conj. as though, C3, NED. 

Asche, sb. ash, cinis ; aisohe, W, W2 ; 
aske, H ; asken, //., S ; axen, S ; as- 
shexi, C2 ; asskess, S ; asshes, C3 ; as- 
oMs, W2; askes, S2, P; askls, H; 
askes, S2. — AS. asce {axe)i Icel. aska-. 
Goth. azgo. 

Ascrien, v. to cry out, NED ; esorian, 
MD. — OF. escrier\ Late Lat. ex-k^quiri- 
tare, see Diez. 

ABCrive, v. to ascribe, H. — OF. ascriv- 
stem of pr. p. of ascrire : It. astrivere ; 
Lat. adscribere. (A- 7.) 

AMCTJfSb. outcry, S2. 

Asegen, v. to besiege, C— OF. asegier : 
It. assediare (Florio). (A- 7.) 

Aselen, v. to seal up, to set one's seal 
to, NED ; aseele, W2 ; asselen, PP, S2. 
— OF. anseler, enseler\ Late Lat. insigil- 
lare, from sigillum, seal. (A- 10.) Cf. 

A-senchen, v. to cause to sink, S ; »- 
seynt, >>?)., MD. (A- 1.) 

Asenty sb. assent, S2, PP ; assent, C3, 
PP.— OF. as{s)ent. (A- 7.) 

Asethy sb. satisfaction, PP, HD ; 1^ 
seeth, W ; asethe, Cath., HD ; assjtli, 
JD ; assets, PP ; assetk, NED, HD.— 
OF. asetj asset ; from Late Lat. ad satis. For 
the final -/ in 0F.«)) in English, cp. OF. 
feit with yiE.feipj faith. Hence our assets. 
(A- 7.) 

ApSetnesse, sb. appointed order, S. — 
AS. d-seinis, institute (Schmid). 

A-setten, v. to set up, appoint, NED. 
—AS. d-settan. (A- i.) 

Asise. sb. decree, edict, judgment, Sa ; 
assise, C, G ; assises, //. assizes, PP. — 
OF. as{s)isey a sitting down, settlement of 
imposts, from as{s)is, pp. oias{syeir, to sit 
at, to settle ; Lat. assidere. (A- 7.) 

Asisour, sb. juror, PP ; aoisonze, PP ; 
sisonr, PP ; sysour, PP. 

Ask- ; see Aso-. 

Ask, sb. a newt or eft, a lizard, NED, 
HD, JD ; aske, NED; asker, HD, JD, 


DG; adds, pi., NED ; andcMi^ Sa.— AS. 
a!^exe: OS. egithassa\ cp. OHG. egidehsa 

AakBf sb. ash, H ; wAm, /^, S2, P ; 
asUs, H ; see Aaclie. 

Aske-baSre, j^. one who sits among 
the ashes, S ; askebathe, NED. 

Aske-fise, sh. one who blows the ashes. 
Prompt ; askfist, NED. Cp. Sw. askefis 
and G. aschenfister (Grimm). 

AaV«n, V. to ask, S, S2 ; mUml, MD ; 
asoliai, MD ; esdMn, MD ; mm, MD, 
S2; ocsiea,MD;ac8ie]L,MD,S3;aaii«n, 
MD, S2; azen, S, S2, S3, C2, C3, W, 
Ws; eacade,/^. s., S; eaakede, S; liax* 
ede, S; MMrte, S2.— AS. /lr«a»: ORG. 
eiscdn (Otfrid) ; cp. G. heischen. 

Apflllhken, v. to diminish, to become 
slack, C, NED. (A- i.) 

A-Blawe, //. slain, S2 ; aala^e, S; a- 
sla^en, S. — AiS. d-slagen, pp. oid-sUan^ see 
Sievers, 378. (A-i.) 
A-slepe, adv. asleep, S, PP.— AS. (m 
sl<kpe. (A- 2.) 

A-fllepid, //. gone to sleep, W2. 
I A-SOnder, adv, asunder, C, C3. — ^AS. 
I m sundran. (A- 2 . ) 
A-SQyleXLy v. to absolve, to answer (a 
question), PP, S2 ; assoUe, S3, C3, P, G; 
Moyly, NED ; asollede, //. j., S2 ; asoj- 
lede, S2 ; assoylld, pp., W.— OF. asoiler, 
as:oilgr; Late Lat. absoluere ( = Lat. absol- 
vere). (A- 8.) 

Aspaltoun, sb. asphalt, S2. — OF. *as- 
paUoun\ from Late Lat asphalton\ Gr. 

Al^pecty sb. a term in astrology ; the re- 
lative positions of the heavenly bodies as 
they appear at a given time, NED, SkD, 
Sh. ; a^peotijiy //., S3. — Lat aspectus. 
(A- 7.) 

Asperty cLdj. expert, clever, S3; see 

Aspie, sb. spy, W, W2; avpye, C3 ; 
■spy, S3. — OF. espie. 
Aspien, v. to look after, to watch, S2, 
53, W, W2.— OF. espier. See E^pye. 
Aspiere, sb. spy, W. 
JL-fiq^men, V. to destroy, kill, S. (A- 1.) 
Aspiyn^f, sb. ambush, W. 
Aspire, ddj. rough, cruel, fierce, NED. 
—OK- aspre ; Lat. asprum, rough, harsh. 
Asprely, ^v. roughly, fiercely, S3 ; aa- 

jftj ggTlifit, adv. obliquely, out at the 
pmer of the eyes, S. 



Assay, sb. trial, experiment, an attempt, 
attack, tested quality, NED, S2, S3, C2, 
C3 ; aaaia, W.— AF. assai {asat) : It as- 
saggio\ Lat exagium, a weighing, from 
ex-agere {exigere\y to weigh, prove, to drive 
out the tongue of the balance. 

Assayen, v. to examine, to attack, S2, 
S3, C2, P ; asaian, W2 ; aMijan, S3 ; aa- 
salad, //., W.— AF. assayer {asayer) : It. 

Assemble, sb, assembly, P.~OF. asem- 

Assemblen, v. to bring together, to 
come together, NED ; asaemblad, pp., C3. 
— OF. asembler ; Lat. assimulare. 

Assidnel, adj. continual, H ; asaadual, 
H.— OF. assiduel. 

Assiduelly, adv. continually, H. 

Assoilen, v. to loosen, absolve, explain, 
PP, S3, C3 ; see Aaoylen. 

Assoillyng, sb. absolution, acquittal, 

Astate, sb. state, estate, S3 ; see Bstat. 

A-sterten, v. to start up, to happen, to 
escape, NED, S2, S3, C3, C ; aatart, S3 ; 
aatertad, //. j., S2, C3. (A- i.) 

A-sti^en, V. to proceed, ascend, descend, 
MD ; a«titfli«,/r. j., S ; aatah, pt. s., S.— 
AS. d-sHgan, (A- 1.) 

Astonen, v. to stupefy, amaze, NED ; 
aatony, NED, C2 ; astonyed, //., W, PP ; 
aatoynda, S3. — OF. estoner; Late Lat 
*extmare, to stupefy as with a thunderbolt. 
(A- 9.) 

Astore, v. to repair, to provide, store, 
NED; aatorede, //. j., S2; artored,//., 
C; airtozld, W2.— AF. estorer, OF. es- 
taurer\ Lat instaurare. (A- 10.) Cf. 

A-straageled, pp. suffocated, S2. (a- 
6.) See StxanirolTi^- 

Astronomye, sb. astronomy, PP.— OF. 
astronomie\ Lat astronomia; Gr. iurrpo- 

Astronomyen, sb. astronomer, astrolo- 
ger, PP; astromyenes, pi. («Lat magi), 
W ; aatxymya&as, PP.— OF. astronomien. 

Asnre, sb. azure, NED, C2, C.— OF. 
asur, azur\ Low Lat. lazur {lazulus); 
Pers. lajward. 

Aswagen, v. to assuage, C2, PP. — AF. 
as{suager'. Pro v. assuaviar; from Lat 
suauts. (A- 7>) 

A-8welten, v. to die, S, NED. (A- 1.) 



Aswithey adv. as quickly as possible, 

S3, PP ; asswytlia, S2 ; see Alswlthe. 

ArSWOWney//. as adv. aswoon, C2 ; mi- 

Bowe, HD. — hS. ge-swdgeriy see NED (s.v. 

aswom) and SkD (s.v. swoon), (A- 6.) 

A-syde, adv. aside, C2. (A- 2.) 

h^^ prefix (i), at ; et- ; a-. — AS. tst-. 

At-y prefix (2), from, away; et-. — AS. 

cet- for c^- proclitic form of *iiti', away : 

Goth, unpa- ; cp, Du. ont-^ OHG. irU- (G. 

At, /r<7». rcf/. and conj. that, S2, S3, H, 
NED; see)>at. 

iA,prep. at, in, with, from, o^ amongst, 
PP, S, S2, C2 ; «t, S; 8Bt, S; ed, S; at, 
used with the infin. moody S2, NED (vi), 
H. Comb. :— atta, at the, PP, S, S2, C2 ; 
ate, S, S2 ; ette, S ; ater, S ; attan, S2, 
PP ; at-after, after, C2 ; att-alle, in every 
way, S2 ; at-foxen, before, MD ; at-foxen, 
S ; at-uora, S2 ; at-om, at home, S2, PP ; 
at-on, at one, in accord, NED, S ; at con, 
G (s.v. oon\ C2; at-onas, at once, to- 
gether, PP,C 2,03; attoni«,S3; attonys, 
S3 ; attones, S3. 

Atache, v. to arrest, indict, S2, PP; 
attao]ia,PP; attache, S3, NED; atachet, 
pp.y S2, PP.— AF. attacher] cp. It. attac- 
care. (A- 7.) 

Aptake, v. to overtake, catch, C3, HD, 
NED. Phr. : wel atake, well caught, NED. 
(A I.) 

Atamen, "o. to cut into, broach, open 
(a vessel), NED, PP, HD; attamen, HD, 
Prompt., C2. — OF. atameri Prov. {en)- 
tamenar ; Lat. attaminare, (A* 7.) 

Atazir, sb. influence (astrological term), 
S3, C3. Cp. Sp. atazir; Arab, at-tdthir^ 
^al-¥tdthtr, influence, see Steingass, Arcdf. 
Diet., p. 157, and Dozy's Glossary, s. v. 

At-beren, v. to bear away, NED ; at- 
bar, //. J., HD.— AS. oet-beran, (At- 2.) 

At-breken, v. to break away, escape, 
NED. (At- 2.) 

At-bresten. v. to burst away, escape, 
NED.— AS. (Et-bcerstan. (At- 2.) 

Ate, sb. eating, S. See Sten. 

Atel,fl^'. terrible; ateU, NED.— AS. 
atol\ cp. Icel. atcUl. 

Atelicb, adj. horrible, S ; eateUch, S. 
— AS. atelic. 

Atalicbey adv. horribly, S. — AS. ateliee, 

Atamprey //• as adj. temperate, H ; 
attempxa, C, HD.— OF. aiempri\ Lat. 
attemperatus, (A- 7.) 


Atemprelyy adv. temperately, H, HD. 

Aptanden, v. to set on Are, kindle, MD ; 

atend, pr. s., S. (A- 2.) Cf. OntaiiA«n. 

At-OWeHy V. to show, to appear ; ata- 
wada,//. X., NED ; atywade, S; atawed, 
//., MD. — AS. cet-iawan {cet-ywan) : Goth. 
at-augjan, from augo, the eye ; cp. OHG. 
ougen, to show (Ot£rid). Cf. Awnen. 
(At. I.) 

Ateynty PP- convicted, affected with 
sorrow, PP ; attaynt, S3 ; attajnt, S3. — 
OF. ateint, pp. of aidndre, to attain ; Lat. 
attingere. (A- 7.) 

At-fJEOlen, V. to fall away, NED. — ^AS. 
at-feallan, (At- 2.) 

At-fleon, V. to flee away, NED ; atflip, 
pr. J., S.— AS. cet-fiion. (At- 2.) 

At-fore, prep, before, NED; atnoxe, 
S2; etforen, S; afore, NED. — AS. at- 
foran. (At- 1.) Cf. Afore. 

At-tfangen, v. to go away, MD ; atffo, 
MD,NED. (At- 3.) 

Ath, sb. oath, S ; see Oth. 

Athamant; see Adamant. 

Atbely adj. and sb. of good birth, noble, 
a lord, NED, S, S3 ; liathel, NEO, 82 ; 
liathiU, NED ; liateU, NED.— AS. i^ele, 
eHele-. OS. etiili'. O. Teut. *apalis, of good 
family, from *apal, race, femily ; cp. OHG. 
adal (Otfrid). 

A]>eH]Igy sb, a member of a noble 
family, a noble, a prince of the blood 
royal, NED ; el>elyiig, S. 

A-bestrien, v. to darken, S. — ^AS. d- 
piosfrian, (A-i.) 

A-bet, conj. until that, S. See Otli.. 

At-bolden, v. to withhold, retain, S ; 
atlisalde, S; etlialden, S; atluOde, S; 
etholden, S ; ethalt, pr. s., S ; atl&eold, 
//. J., S ; atholde,//., S.— AS. od-healdan. 
(At- 3.) 

AtiffeHy V. to adorn, deck the person, S. 
^O^.atifferyQ^.dttiferiCotg.) (A^ 7.) 

Atiseiiy V. to stir up, urge, entice, NED 
attyae, HD; attioe, NED.— OF. cUzser^ to 
kindle (Bartsch) ; Late Lat. attitiare^ fix>in 
ad-vtitium (for titio) a brand (Voc.), see 
Ducange, s.v. atticinari. For Uie change 
of ti into soft s as well as into f see Bracbetj 
S.V. agencer. (A- 7.) 

Atlien^ v. to think, suppose, intend, td 
direct one s way, to go, MD ; attla, MD 1 
attele, S3 ; etUen, MD ; ettelad^n., pi 
pl.y S3.— Icel. cBtla {etla) ; related to OHG 
ahtdn^ to consider. 



AtUnge, sb. purpose, conjecture, MD ; 
•tlimire, S. 

Afe-reden, v, to ontdo in counsel, C, 
NED. (At- 2.) 

At-Vttmien, v. to nm away, to surpass 
in running, C, MD ; att-zaan, //. x., S ; 
at-<»ziid«, NED. (At- 2.) 

At-xineily v. to touch, to befall, NED ; 
att-arne, MD— AS. at-hrinan. (At- 1.) 

At-ronten, v. to rush away, escape, 
S2 ; at-amten, NED. From AS. hrdtan, 
(At- 2.) 

At-SClieoteii, v. to shoot away, MD ; 
atsdhet, //. s., S; atsohote, J>p. NED. 
(At. 2.) 

At-Stonden, v. to withstand, S; ed^ 
sfamdan, S, NED. (At- 2.) 

At-StOl&deii, v. to remain, to stop, 
NED, S2 ; etstonden, NED; atatoBAe, 
/^., S.- AS. at-standan, (At- i.) 

Ati- ; see At-. 

Attame, v. to broach, to cut into, HD, 
C2 ; see Atamen. 

Atteir; seeA^za. 

Atter, sb. poison, venom, esp. of rep- 
tiles, NED, S; hatter, NED.— AS. attor, 
for *6tor, dtr, (Voc.) ; cp. OllG. eUaVy 
eittar (Otfrid). 

Atter-coppe, sb. spider, NED, S ; 1 
Wzeop, HD.— AS. aitor-coppa, 

Attcor-lichy adf. venomous, bitter ; 1 
terladia, NED. 

Attez^liche, adv. bitterly, NED. 

Atter-lothe, sb. an antidote to poison, 
applied spec, to various plants, NED, Voa, 
HD. — AS. atior-ldSe. 

Attem, adj. venomous, cruel, HD, 
NED; liattema, NED.— AS. atUm^ 
attren. See Attar. 

Attiee, v. to stir up, NED ; see Atlaen. 
Attonr, sb. array, dress, head-dress, 
HD; atonr,NED; atom, S — OF. o/wr, 
atum, from atumer^ atorn€r\ Lat. ad^t 
tomarey to round off. 
Attri, adj. venomous, S, HD ; attri), 
NED; wattrl, S2.— AS. attrig. See 

A^tweyme, in twain, pp. (A. 2.) 
At-^iriten, v. to reproach, twit, S.— AS. 
4tt'7vitan. (At- 1.) 

At-^viten, v. to depart, NED ; atwot,. 
pt. s.y MD. (At- 2.) 

A^t^B^Oy in two, S2, C2, C3, PP ; ato. 
S2. (A.- 2.) 

A^tmrynne^ in two, apart, W, G, PP ; 

atwinne, C3 ; atwyimy, W; otwiaaa, 
S; otwyn, H. (A- 2.) 

Atyre, sb. equipment, dress, head-dress, 
PP, Cath.; atir, S2 ; attair, S3; atyr, 

Atyren, v. to attire, NED; 9,ijT9A, 
pp., PP; atirad, PP; tjrad, S2.— OF. 
aiirer. (A- 7.) 

AuclLtene, num. eighteen, S3; see 

Aucte, sb. property, S ; see Anhte. 

Auctoritee, sb. authority, C2, C3 ; aiu 
torlte, S3 ; aaotorlte, C— AF. autoriU, 
auctorite ; Lat. auctoritatem. 

Auctonr, sb. author, C, C2, HD ; anc- 
tor, S3 ; aiitoiir^S3, NED.— AF. autour\ 
Lat. auctorem, from augere, to make to 
grow, to originate^ 

AngrilUy sk, arithmetic, S; see Al^or- 

Anlly con;. but,.S ; see Ao. 

Ankty adj. worthy, valiant, doughty, 
NED (S.V. augkt) ; a5t,.S2,. MD ; oht, S ; 
aUt, NED ; wlit,. MD.— AS. dwiht {dht). 
Cf. Ought. 

AlUxte, sb^ possessions, NED; anht, 
Sa ; ante, Sa ; eahte, MD ; ahhta, S ; 
agta, S^ S (15. 2090) r eihte, MD, S; 
eohte,. S; ehte,. S; eyhte, S; alhte, S; 
ayhte, S ; auota,. S ; aght,. Sx— AS. <kht : 
Goth. eUhts. See Owen... 

Anly sb. an awl ; aula, NED ; <yw«l, S ; 
aiil«i,//., S.— AS. awe/ (Voc.) ; cp. OHG. 
a/a (G. aA/e). 

Allli; sb, elf, SkD; auph, SkD ;rawf, 
HD; Quplia,. Sh. ; oaf^ SkD.— Icel. d//r. 
Cf. Slf: 

Amnenory, sb, an alms-purse, a purse, 
NED, HD.— OiF. aumonure; Low Lat. 
* almosinaria {burscC), 

AnmoneCf sb. almoner, alms-giver, 
NED ; anmonare, S2, NED ; anmanara, 
HD ; amner, HD. — OF. aum(mer\ Church 
Lat *almosimiriuSf from *alimosina. See 

^T^'"^^f^^ sb. a kind of balance and 
weight, NED, S2, PP ; annoer, PP ; ann- 
Gere,.P, HD. — AF. auncelle for *launcelU ; 
Late Lat. lancella (cp. It. lancella), 'a 
kind of measure,' (Florio) ; dim. of Lat. lanx 
{kmcem), a. plate, a scale of a balance. 

AxuHCeaaOXUfm sb. ancestor, NED; aa- 
oeaaonr, NED, HD. — AF. ancessur; Lat. 

Aunoetary sb. predecessor, ancestor^ 



NED, S2, CM; aacestre, NED; aim- 
oestre, NED; annsetteni, //., NED, 
HD; annceteres, HD. — AF. auncestre, 
ancestre'y Lat. ante-cessor. 

Auncieily adj. old, whilom, ex- ; sb. an 
old man, an elder (title of dignity), a senior 
member of an Inn of Court, NED ; aun- 
dent, S3 (25. 136), HD. — AF. auncieuy 
OF. ancun; Late Lat. antianum (cp. It. 
anztano), for ante-anum, from Lat. ante, 

Auncrey sd. anchoress, nun, S2 ; see 

Aander, sd. afternoon, HT); see Undem. 

Aanders-nLeat, sd. aftemoon*s colla- 
tion, Cotg. (s. V. rednJ), HD. Cp. Goth, -un- 

Aangely sb. angel, messenger, W; 
annge, HD; annffeles, //., S2, C3; 
aTULirels, W2 (Ps. 90. 11). — AF. angek. 
Cf. Angel, Enffel. 

Aantoiir, ab, dhance, adventure, S2; 
annter, S3. Comb.i anannteir, for an 
auntex, in case, S2 ; see Auentare. 

Aantren, v. to adventure, S3, G, PP.— 
OF. aventurer. 

AimtrOllS, adj. adventurous, C2, PP. 

Auter, sb. altar, S, S2, C, C2, C3, P, W, 
W2 ; awtex, S3, HD.— OF. auter, alter \ 
Lat. altare. 

Autour; seeAuctox. 

An- (Av-) ; see Jk£^. 

Auailen, v. to avail, PP ; auaU^e, B ; 
auaUle, C2, PP, S2 ; anayle, PP, Prompt..; 
awayled, //. s., S2.— Cp. OF. vail\l)e, 
from valoir\ Lat. ualere. 

Aualen, v. to descend, to lower, MD, 
S2, S3, B; avalU,B; availed, j?^., S3.— OF. 
avaler^ from phr. h val.\ Lat. ad ualUm^ to 
the valley. (A- 7.) 

Anarons ; see Auerous. 

Auaance, v. to advance, NED, S3, C, 
C3, P ; awanoe, S3 ; avannset, pp.^ S2 ; 
anaaced, S2. — OF. avancer. 

AuaanceilLenty sb. advancement, G; 
anaacement, S2. 

Auavnt, adv.y and interj. forward, away, 
NED.— AF. avaunt^ OF. avant\ Late 
Lat. ab-atUe. 

AiraiUlt, sb. boast, vaunt, C, NED. 
See Anannten. 

Ananntage, sb. superiority, advantage, 
NED, S3, C ; anaataffe, S2, C3.— AF. 
avaniagey from avant, before. 

AiraiUlten, v. to speak proudly of, to 


commend, to boast, NED, W2. — OF. 
avanter\ Lat. o^+Late Lat. vanitarCy to 
boast. (A- 7.) 

Avaantour, sb. boaster, C ; anaanter, 
NED.— OF. avanteur. (A- 7.) 

Auentailley sb. the moveable front of 
a helmet, C2, HD.— AF. aventailU, OF. 
esventail\ Late Lat. ^exventaculum, air- 
hole. (A- 9.) 

Auente, v. to get air by opening the 
aventaille, HD, NED. 

Auenture. sb. chance, a chance occur- 
rence, jeopardy, S, S3, C, C3, G, PP; 
aaentnr, S2 ; aantoar, S2 ; aaater, S3, 
PP ; aatnr, MD ; eveatoux, HD. Comb. : 
aa aaentnxe, lest perchance, PP; on 
aaentnxe, in case, PP ; aaaantex, for an 
aantex, S2 ; in aaentnxe, PP. — AF. 
aventure ; Lat. aduentura, a thing about to 
happen. (A- 7.) 

Auer, sb. property, a beast of burden, 
HD. — AF. aver (pi. avers); OF. az/ett 
{avoir) ; Lat. habere^ to have. 

Auere ; see Afuxe. 

Auerons, adj. greedy, H, HD, CM; 
aaexoase, W, W2, PP ; anaxoas, Sa, PP, 
NED —OF. averus. See Aaex. 

Auerylle, sb. April, NED; aaerU, 
S2 ; aaexel, YY.—OY.avril\ Lat. aprilis, 
from aperire. See Apext. 

A-ulemy imp. s. drive away, S; see 

Auoide, v. to empty, to make of no 
effect, to make void, to remove, to move 
away, retire, to avoid, NED, W ; aaosnAe, 
W ; aaoyd, WW, Sh. ; aaoided,//., W, 
W2. — AF. avoider; OF. esvuidier; es^ 
out + Tniidier, to empty. (A- 9.) 

Avouter, sb. adulterer, W2; avowters. 
Prompt. — OF. avoutre,.adutre\ lAt. adti/- 
terum. For intercalated v see Brachet 
(^s. V. corvee). 

Avoutrer, sb. adulterer, HD ; aaoixt- 
xexli,//., W ; avowtxexis, W2. 

Avoutressey sb. adulteress, W.— OF. 

Avoutrie, sb. adultery, PP, CM, ^W, 
HD ; avoatxy, Cath. ; avowtxie, NED, 
W ; avowtexy, NED ; aaowtxies, //., W . 
— OF. avoutrie, aduteriey aHiterie; Lat, 

Auowe, sb. vow, S3, PP, Prompt.; 
aaow, S2, C, C3, G ; aaoa, PP ; aaowls. 
//., W, W2. 

Avowen, v. to bind with a vow, NED, 
W (Acts. 23. 14), P.— OF. avoer-, Late 


Lat. advotare, from Lat. uotum\ from 
uouere. ^A- 7.) 

A vow en , v, to call npon or own as de- 
fender, patron, or client, to avow, acknow- 
ledge, NED, S3, C3, PP.— AF. avower, 
OF. cevoutr^ avoer\ IjaX. ad-vocare. (A- 7.) 

Awi^ui r yy sh. patronage, a patron saint, 
NED ; voxie, NED.— AF. avouerie, from 
OF. avoeor ; Lat aduocatorem. 

A^CfYf interj. exclamation of surprise, 
fear, remonstrance, NED. C, HD.— OF. 

Anys, sb, opinion, advice, C3; avlM, 
PP.— OF. avis. 

Avyse. v. to observe, consider, give ad- 
vice, S2, C2, C3, H, PP ; anlsen, PP, Sa. 
— AF. (wiser ; Late Lat. advisare. (A- 7.) 

Avysely, adv. advisedly, H ; anlslli, W. 

Avyseineiity sb. consideration, C2 ; 
aoiaeiaeiit, S2. 

Anys^Olly sb, vision, S3; anisioii, C, 
S2. — OF. avision (Bartsch). 

A-'Wakeiieily v. intrans. to awake, S ; 
amkkenin, S ; awakenad, pp.^ S.— AS. 
ofp'Wacnan. (A- 2.) 

A-'Wakien, v. intrans. to awake, S ; 
•walk {for awakk ?), imp., S3 ; awoik, pt. 
s.y S3; awollk {for awoikk?), S3.— AS. 
awacian (for on-wacian). (A- 2,) 

Awarien ; see Awerlen. 

A-way, adv. on way, onward, along, 
away (from a place), NED; awai, PP; 
a.w^5, S; awei, S; ewei. Si; owal, S2; 
aweye, C3, PP ; away, interj, away, S2, 
NED.— AS. aweg, on weg, (A- 2.) 

Awayte. v. to await, watcb, S2, S3, 
PP; awaite, PP; awaltle, NED.— AF. 
awaitier ; OF. aguaitier. (A- 7.) 

Awayte, sb. a lying in wait, watching, 
NED, C.— AF. aw(iit\ OF. aguait. 

AWB^'WBX^ adv.y adj. turned away, 
•wayward, NED, PP ; awaywarde, passing 
SLway, H. 

Awe, sb. awe, C, C2 ; a)«, NED.— Icel. 
agi (O.Teut. *agon\ Cf. E)e. 

A-wecdienf ^' ^^ arouse out of sleep, 
NED, HD ; aweikte, //. J., NED ; a- 
weiffhtte, HD; awelrt, //., NED.--AS. 
ii-weccan ; cp. OHG. ar-wekkan (Tatian) : 
Ooth. usToakjan. (A- i.) 
A-weden, v. to become mad, S2, NED. 

AS. drw^dan. (A- i.) 

A-weiy interj. ah woe ! alas ! S. 

Arweldexiy v. to control, S, NED. — AS. 
^igwealdan, (A- 6.) 



A-wenden, v. to go away, NED. — ^AS. 
d'Wendan. (A- i.) 

A-wenden. v. to change to, NED ; a- 
w«nte, //. J.]s« — AS. on-wendan. (A^ 2.) 

A-werien, v. to curse, S; awaztote, 
//. s., S.— AS. d'wergian. (A- i.) 

A-we^en, v. to weigh out, NED; a- 
wHShst, 2 pr. s., S. — AS. d'Tvegan. (A- i.) 

A-winneiiy v. to win, NED ; awyniM, 
S. — AS. d-winnan. (A- i.) 

Awke, adj. turned the wrong way, 
sinister, perverse, NED, Prompt. — Icel. 

Awlce-ward,^z'.in the wrong direction, 
NED ; awkwart, S3. 

Awnen, v. to show, NED ; awwnMia, 
S.— Related to OHG. ougen, to show 
(Otfrid) ; from ougd, eye. See At-«wea. 

A-WOndrien, v. to be astonished, NED; 
awondAzed, //., S2.— AS. ofwundrian. 

(A- 3.) 

A-wreken, v, to take vengeance, to 
avenge, NED. S2, P ; awr«ke, //., S, G, 
PP; awrok«, P.— AS. d-wrecan. (A- i.) 

Azen, sb. ashes, S. Comb. : aace-waddU, 
an indolent stay-at-home, HD ; see Aaolw. 

Azeiiy v« to ask, S, S2, S3, C2, C3, W, 
W2 ; azlen, S2 ; see Asken. 

Azer, sb. asker, W. Phr. : maistlzftil 
az«r ( =Lat. exactor), W ; az«re, W2. 

Azillgei sb. askmg, C3 ; azyngis, //., 
W, W2. 

Ay, adv. ever, S, S2, S3, C2, H ; at, S, 
S2 ; i«3, S.— Icel. ei. Cf. O. 

Ay, sb. egg. G, HD ; ajzen, /., MD ; 
see "dj. 

Ayely sb, grandfather, forefather, C; 
ayeles,//., PP.— OF. a:iely aiol: Pr. aviol; 
Late Lat. aviolus, dimin. of Lat auus\ see 

Ayeiiy prep., adv. against, back, S ; see 

Ayen^wende, v. to return, S. 

Ay-where, adv. everywhere, S2, NED ; 
aywlMz*, H ; aywhore, S2 ; aiwaro, S ; 
aihware, S ; aibwev, SD.— AS. k-g-hwkr. 
Cf. O-wker. 

A-B^ei^ V* to give, give up, give back, 
MD,- S ; meiMn, MD ; a^iuen, MD ; 
meooA, S ; maf,//. s., S ; a-lauen,//., S. 
—AS.d-gifan, (A- i.) 

A-^einy prep., adv., conj., opposite to, 

towards, against, in return for, again, PP, 

S, S2, G ; ajeyn, PP, S2 ; i^en, PP, S, 

S2, G, W, W2 ; agayn, S2, S3, C2, PP; 

c a 

20 A-5EINES. 

agen^S; ay«n,S; »r«yii, S, S3, Ca, PP ; 
a^aln, S; ayeyiiyS, C2; a^mui, S; i^oii, 
MD; agon, S; a^ien, S; i^eo, S; a^e, 
S2 ; aye, S2 ; Iffain, S2 ; o^«ln, MD ; 
ogain, MD. — AS. ongian^ ongeagn, see 
Sievers, 214, 3. (A- 2.) 

Ap^eineSy /r^^. and cof^'. against, con- 
trary to, in return for, PP, S ; a^eynes, 
. PP ; i^anM, S, S2 ; agenes, S ; agiBnea, 
S; a^ens, S2, W, W2, PP; i^elna, PP; 
i^eyxui, PP ! ayeins, C2 ; ageyns, S3, 
C2 ; agayns, C2, C3, PP ; Igainea, S2 ; 
ojaines, S ; Offaaia, S2 ; ogainea, S2 ; 
ogaynea, S2 ; onn^naesa, S. (▲- 2.) 

Ad-^einst, prep, and conj. against, MD ; 
meynst, PP. 

ik^eHf V' to have, to be obliged, to owe, 
S ; see Owen. 

A^eXLy adj. own, S ; see Owen. 

A36XL9 prep., adv. against, back, S ; see 

A^en-bieAf v. to buy back, NED, W2 ; 


a^eenbletb, pr. x., S2 ; i^enboglit, //. s. 
S2 ; aBenbouBt, W, W2. 

A^en-biere, sb. redeemer, NED, W, 

A^en-biyng, sb. redemption, NED, W. 

Ajen-clepe, v. to recall, W, W2. 

A^en-fi^tinge, pr. p. fighting against, 

A^en-risyng, sb. resurrection, N£I>. 

Ajen-seyen, v. to say nay, to contra- 
drict, NED ; a^enaeie, W, W2. 

A^en-Stonden, v. to withstand, N£D, 
W ; aBenstood, //. j., W2. 

A^en-ward, adv. backward, in reply, 
over again, NED, W, S3 ; a^einwazd, Sa ; 
agaynwardy S2, C3. 

Ap^er, in the year, S2. (A- 2.) 

Ajte, num. eight, S2 ; ajt, S2 ; see 

A^tHranLy adj. eight in all, S2. 

Ba, adj. and canj. both, S. — ^AS. bd, both. 
Baar, pt. s. bare, carried, C, W; see 
Babelen, v. to babble, P. 

Babely^, sb, babbling, S3. 

Baber-lippedy adj. having thick lips, 
P, Prompt. 

Babisbe, adj, babyish, S3. 

Bacbeler, sb. a bachelor, an nnmarried 
man, C, C2 ; a novice in the church, or 
arms, young knight, P. — OF. bacheler. 

Bacbelerie, sb. state of bachelor, CM, 
MD ; bachelrye, company of young men, 
C2.— OF. bachelerie. 

Bacin, sb. basin, cymbal, a light helmet, 
MD ; baoyn, helmet, MD.—OF. bacin. 

Bacinet, sb. helmet, MD; baoenett, 
Prompt. ; basnetes, //., S3. — OF. bacinet. 

BaeonXL, sb. bacon, C, PP ; baoon, PP. 
—OF. bacon. 

Bad, pt. s. prayed, S ; see Bidden. 

Bad, pt. s. bade, C2 ; see Beoden. 

Badde, adj. bad, PP; badder, comp. 
worse, C2, 

Baddelicba,/^^. badly, PP, HD. 

Bade, pt. s. remained, S3 ; see Biden. 

Bagage,^^. dregs, refuse, S3; baggage, 
BuiSifpt.pL remained, S3; see Biden. 

Baie, in phr.-. to bale, at bay, 82 ; see 

Bailiy sb. stewardship, villicatio, W ; 
baiUye, power of a bailiff, G. — OF. bailie, 

Baili, sb. steward, milieus, W ; iMJUif, 
bailiff, C ; balUines, //., bailififs, P ; iMiyl- 
lynea, P.— OF. bailUf. 

Baill, sb. sorrow, S3 ; see Bale. 

Bair, adj. bare, S3 ; see Bare. 

Baimifl, sb. pi. baims, S3 ; see Bam. 

Baiten, v. to feed, €2; S3 ; bayta, Sa, 
C3. — Icel. beita. 

Bak, sb. back, PP, C ; cloth for the back, 
cloak, coarse mantle, C3 ; bac, S. — AS. bac. 

Bak-biten, v. to backbite, slander, P. 

Bak-bitere, sb. backbiter, S. 

Bak-bityuge, sb. backbiting, p. 

Baken, v. to bake, MD ; boke, pt, s.^ 
MD ; book, MD ; baken,//., P ; bakttiiiL, 
S ; bake, C, C2, P ; y-baken, P ; y-bmke, 
P. — AS. bacan. 

Bakere, sb. baker, MD ; bakers,//., PP. 

Bakestere, sb. baker, P; iMxter, 
NED, P. — AS. bcBcestre, woman-baker (also 
used of men). 

Bald; see Bold. 

Balde,//. s. encouraged, S ; see BolA«n. 

Bale, sb. sorrow, misfortune, deatliji S, 


^ C3 ; destruction, Sa ; ludll, S3 ; TmOwi,//., 
[ eidls, torments, H ; bftljs, S3.— AS. A^a/«. 

Bale^brinch, sb. a deadly drink, S. 

Bale-ftll, adj\ balefol, evil, MD.— AS. 

Bale-ftlUyy adv. miserably; iMilftilly, 
S3, MD. 

Balene, sb, whale, S2, Voc.— Lat bch 
^ laena. 

Bali, adj. grievous, S, NED.— AS. bealu, 
baleful : Goth, balws (in compounds). 

Balies, sb, pi. bellies, Sa, PP ; see Bely. 

Balke, sb. balk, beam, ridge, MD; 
bftlks, //. ridges, divisions of land, S3 ; 
iMlkes, P.— AS. balca. 

Balled, adj. bald, C, PP; iMllAAe, S2, 

Baly; see B^ly. 

Baa, sb. bone, S, S2 ; tenwm //., Sa ; 
see Bon. 

Band, pt. s. bound, S ; see BlxiA«]i. 

Baaie^ sb. destruction, death, bane, poi- 
son, PP, C ; bone, PP.— AS. bana^ bona. 

Baaere, sb. banner, S, PP, Prompt.; 
teaer, S2, C, PP.— OF. banitre. 

Baiier6, sb. banner-bearer, NE^. — OF. 
banere; Lx)W hat. bannator ; from bannum, 
bandum, standard. 

Baaenr, sb. banner-bearer, Sa; see 

Baaik, sb. a bank, tumulus, PP ; bonk, 
Sa ; lKmki«,//., S3 ; iKmkes, Sa. 

Baanen, v. to ban, curse, summon, Sa, 
S3, P; to forbid, prohibit severely, P; 
bonnan, MD ; l^lmnned, pp.y S. 

Baanyaif, sb. cursing, H. 

Baa-170rt, sb. bone-wort, S3, MD ; 
see Bon. 

Baayonr, sb. banner-bearer, MD, Sa ; 
banyowre. Prompt. ; iMuiyer, MD ; ban^ 
•nr, Sa, NED ; baneouxe, PP.— AF. ban- 
eour, OF. baneor; Low Lat * bannatorem. 
I Baptyni, sb. baptism, Sa, W; bap- 
timys, //. W.— OF. bapHsme. 

"BaXfPt- s. bare, S, Sa, Ca ; see Bezvn. 

Barajna, adj. barren, S3 ; see Baxtyn*. 

Barbarik, sb. barbarian, W. 

BarbanUI, sb. barbarian, W. 

Barberyas, sb. pi. heathen men, W. 

Barboiir, sb. barber, C, NED; bar- 
booxe. Prompt. — AF. barbour, OF. bar- 
bear ; Late Lat. barbatorem. 

Baorbre, adj. barbarous, Sa, C3. 
, sb. bier, S ; see "Bmwx^* 



Base, sb. a wave, billow. NED, Sa (8 b. 
38);bera8,//.,NED;bUrMi,MI^i l'^^^'*^ 
MD.— Icel. bdra. 

Base, sb. boar, Sa ; see Boor. 

Base, adj. bare, simple, single, sheer, S, 
C ; bair, bare, worn alone, S3. Comb. : 
bamot, barefoot, S. 

_ re, sb. the open country, S; naked 
skin, W. 

Barel, sb. barrel, Ca.— OF. barih 

Barea, v. to make bare, uncover, S, 
MD ; y-bared,^., S3.— AS. barian. 

Baret, sb. deceit, strife, NED ; banat, 
confusion, S3.— OF. borate fraud ; cp. Icel. 
bardtta, a contest 

Baveyae, adj. barren, C, Ca, PP ; ba- 
r«yn, Wa ; bar^m, S3.— OF. baraigne. 

Barej,'^^. ^ barrow-pig, S; see Ba^ 
rowe. \ 

Bargaae, sb. business, strife, combat, 
Sa ; bargayn, bargain, PP ; bargeynM, 
//.,PP.— OF bargaine. 

Barly, sb. barley, MD, PP ; baiUo, S. 

Barm, sb. bosom, S3, Ca ; b«xm, S. — 
AS. beartn. 

Bannkya, sb. rampart, S3 ; ba maW n , 
the outermost wall of a castle, HD ; barna- 

BarmkSTX^wall, sb. rampart-wall, S3. 

Bara, sb. baim, child, S, Sa, H, PP; 
bern,S; barna, S3, P; bwumwi, //., S ; 
baimla, S3. — AS. beam. 

Bamako, sb. childhood, Sa, MD. 

Baraaa, v. to bum, S, Sa ; see Bamam,. 


Barahiede, sb. childhood, H, PP. 

Barandte^ sb. sorrow felt for a child, 

Sa, NED. — Icel. bam-siit. 
Bara-teaa^ sb. offspring, a fiunily of 

children, MD; barntan^ Sa.— AS. beam- 

Baroaage, sb. the men, vassals of a 

feudal chief; S ; assembly of barons, Sa, C3 ; 

baznace, MD.— OF. bamagCy Low Lat 

Baxooa, sb. baron, lord, PP ; baroays, 

pi, PP.— OF. baron^ ace. of bers^ a man, a 

Bavowe, sb. barrow-pig, MD; ba«a3, 

S, NED.— AS. bearh. 
Barrat, sb. confusion, S3 ; see Bazai. 
Barre, sb. bar of a door, C ; bar of justice, 

G, PP ; barraa,//., ornament of a girdle, C, 

PP. — OF. barre. 



BarstOy //. s., burst, Sa, PP; see 

Baselarde, sd. dagger, MD, PF, 
Prompt.; Baslard, PP.~AF. haselarde. 
OF. oasalart (cp. Low Lat. bassilardus). 
Probably from Late Lat. badile, a bill- 
hook ; see NED. 

BasneteSy sh. pl^ helmets, S3 ; see 

Bataille, sb. battle, S, PP ; liataile, 
PP; batayla, Sa, C, PP; batayls, pi. 
battalions, S3.— OF. hataille, 

Bataillen, v. to embattle, fortify, MD ; 
iMtaUed, pt. s., PP \ bataylld,//. embat- 
tled, C— OF. bataillUr. 

Baten, v. to bate, abate, grow less, Sa, 
MD ; see Abaten. 

Bateren, v. to batter, beat, pat, PP.— 
OF. bat-y stem of bcUre^ with freq. suffix -er. 

Babe, adj. and conj, both, S, Sa ; see 

Babiere, sb. water-pot, S. 

Batte, sb. club, staff, bat, Prompt., 
Voc; battis,//., W.— OF. batte. 

Battill, adj. rich for pasture, S3, JD ; 
battle, HD. 

Baudeksrily sb. a gold-embroidered stuff 
named from Bagdad, MD; bawdaksm, 
Prompt.; baudUn, S3.-- OF. baudequin\ 
Low Lat. baldakinuSy from It Baldacco, 

Bauderye, sb. unchastity, foul conver- 
sation, MD ; pandering, CM ; bawdz7,S3. 

Bauderyk, sb. baldric, MD; baw- 
d«X7ke, Prompt. ; bawdzyk, C, Voc. 

Baudry, sb, baldric, NED.— OF. bau- 
dreiy baldrei. 

Bandy, adj. dirty, C3, P, Palsg. 

Bauld; see Bold. 

Banndoim, sb. discretion, freewill, 
power, Sa ; banndon, CM.— OF. bandon ; 
Low Lat. ^bandoneniy from bandum for 

annuniy public proclamation. 

Bausand, adj. marked with white, 
NED. — OF. bausant ; cp. Prov. bausan, It. 

Bauson, sb. badger, MD; bawMme, 
Prompt; bawvyn, Voc; bansenes, //. 
Sa ; bauoynes, MD. See above. 

Bawd, //. s. bade, commanded, S3 ; see 

Bawe-lyne, sb. bowline, HD, Sa ; see 
Baztere, sb. female baker, PP; see 


Bay, sb. noise made by the united songs 

of birds, S3 ; barking of dogs, MD, HD. 

Phr. : to bale, at bay, Sa.— Cp. OF. abaiery 
to bark. 

Bayard, sb, a bay horse, a horse, P, 
CM ; balaxdes,//., P. Phr.\ blynde l>a- ^ 
yardes, i.e. foolish people, lit blind horses, 

HD, S3,MD,ND.— Cp. Low Lat baiardus. 

Bayn, adj. ready, willing, obedient, 
fair, pleasant, easy, good, NED; bayiM, 
Manip. ; beyn, Prompt., S3. — Icel. beinn. 

Bayne, sb. bath, S3.— OF. bain, 

Bayske, adj. bitter, H. MD; baiA, 
MD, HD, JD; be55»c, MD.— Icel. beiskr. 

Be-, prefix. See in. many cases BL- 

Beade; see Bidden. 

Beamen; seeBemen. 

Bearsrng in liaiid, sb, cajolery, S3 ; 
see Beren. 

Be-bedden, v. to supply with a bed, S. 

Beche, sb. valley, S ; baoli, MD ; 
baobe, NED. 

Be-Chece, v. to choke, stifle, S, NED. 

Bedde, sb, bed, PP.— AS. bedd. 

Bedde-Strawe, sb, bed, couch, stratum y 
Voc; bedstre, Wa. 

Bede, sb. prayer, S, H, PP ; beode, S ; 
beyde, S3; bedes, //. Sa, S3, P; beads, 
C ; beades, S3.— AS. {ge)bed. 

Bedel, sb. messenger, herald, crier, 
beadle, H, P ; bedeles, //. S, H ; bedtflas, 
P.— OF. bedel'y cp. AS. bydel. Cf. Bnd^U. 

Bede-man, sb. beadsman, one "who 
prays for another, P; beodemoiiy S2, NED ; 

Beden, v. to command, to offer, S, Sa, 
S3, Ca ; beoda, Sa ; bedden, S ; blddMi, 
S ; beot, /r. J. S; byt, C ; bet, S ; bMA, 
//. s.y bed, S, Sa ; bawd, S3 ; bad, Ca, Sa ; 
boden, //. S; beden, S3; bode, Sa ; 
bede, pp. Sa ; bode, bodnn, invited, W ; 
bodyn, Sa ; bidde, C3.— AS. biodan. 

Note that many of the above forms arc 
confused with those of the verb Bidden^. 

Bede-sang, sb. the singing of the 
prayers, S, NED. 

Bedred, adj. lying in bed, bedridden, 
CM, PP; bedreden, Sa, P; bedxede, PP. 
— AS. bedreda and bedrida (Voc). 

Be-drenchen, v. to drench completely ; 
be-dreynt, //.//., S3 ; //. MD. 

Bed-roU, sb, catalogue, ND. See 

Bee, sb, bee, Voc; been,//. S3, Ca, 




Wa; Un S3 (13. 344); **«ii Ca.-AS. 

Beekl j^. beak, C2; bee, S; beeUs,//. 
PP.— OF. d£c, 

" Beeniy J^. beam, C, PP; beom, S ; bem, 
MD. — ^AS. d^am, tree, plank. 

Beere, sd. bier, W, CM, MD ; beer, C ; 
b»ie,S,MD; beare,S3; bere,HD,MD; 
IqreMW, //. S3.— AS. bckr; cp. OF. biere, 

Beest, sd. beast, C, PP ; bert, PP, C, S, 
Sa ; bestes, //. S, Sa ; beestes, Sa.— OF. 
bes^ ; Lat. bestia. 

Beestliy adj. animal, W. 

Beeten, v^ to beat, Wa, CM ; beten, S, 
C ; bet,/r. s. P ; bet, imp. s. Sa ; beot,//. s. 
P; beet, PP ; bet, S3, PP ; bette, P ; be- 
ten, //.S; beeten,Wa; beten, //.Ca,G; 
bete, Ca; betnn, Wa ; y-beten, Ca ; 
y-bete, C; y-bette, P; l^beaten, S; 
ibete,C. — AS. b^atan, pt. *M pp. i^aUn. 

Bege, sd. collar, S ; see Be^. 

BMgen, V. to beg, PP, Ca, Prompt, 
W (John 9. 8). 

Beggere, si. beggar, C, PP, W Qobn 

Beggesiere, sd. beggar, C, NED. 

B^-gxime, v. to smear, daub all over, S3. 

Beild; seeBelde. 

Be^, sd. a ring, collar, P; byje, PP; 
bege, collar, S ; bU, Wa ; \MAM,pl. circlets 
of metal, S; Wje*, P; bete*, PP.— AS. 
bM: Icel. baugr. 

Bek, sb. brook, H, Voc., Prompt, MD; 
bedkds, //. H.— Icel. bekkr. 

Bekken, v. to nod, C3 ; beken. Prompt. ; 
bdai,/r.j. S3. 

Bekneiiy v. to beckon, show, S ; Ukenen, 
Wa.— OMerc. b^cntan (VP). 

Bel, adj. beautiful, PP.— OF. bel. 

BelfUnp ; see Billmpen. 

Belde, sb. protection, shelter, MD, HD ; 

beld, Sa ; beild, S3, JD.— AS. byldo, bold- 
ness, from beald. See Bold. 

Belden, v. to build, S3 ; see Bilden. 

Beldinge, sb. building, S3. 

Belle, sb. bell, S, Ca, PP.— AS. belU, 

Bellyche, adv. beautifully, S3, MD. 


Belphegor, sb. Baal Peor, H (p. l*j6). 

—Lat Belphegor (Vulg.). 
Bely, sb. belly, bellows, MD, P ; baly, 

S3 ; -Mawjollis, Voc ; balles, pi. Sa, PP. 

—AS. balg. 

Bely-ioye, sb. belly-joy, appetite, PP. 

Bel^en, v. to swell, to be angry, MD ; 
bol^lienn,^^. MD; i-1>dl)e, S.— AS. bel- 
gan, pt. beaihy (pi. bulgon), pp. bolgen. 

Bemarey sb. trumpeter, S.— AS. binurt. 

Benie, sb. trumpet, MD, Voc.; bemen, 
//. S ; beemes, C ; beunons, S3.— OMerc. 
bhnt (VP). 

Bemen, v. to sound a trumpet, S,NED. 

Bemyxigy sb. humming of bees, S3, JD. 

Ben, V. to be, PP, S, Sa; been, C; 
Uen, bienn, S ; bnen, Sa ; beo, S, Sa ; W, 
S,Sa; bae,by, Sa; beonne, bienne, ^ifr. 
S; beo)>, /r. J. S ; be)>, bn«, bjU, WB, S ; 
bels, S3; bee, Sa ; beob, //. S; bUb, 
S; btfB, S,Sa; betb, Sa, S3,Ca; ben,W; 
ben, Sa \ \A,pr. s. subj. S ; bU, S (s.v. /Wf) ; 
beo, //. S ; betb, imp. pi Ca, Sa, S3 ; 
byeb, Sa ; ben,//. S; been, C; bne, Sa ; 
be, S3, C V y-l>«, S2 ; iben, S; lb^a» S ; 
ibeo, S, Sa ; ibe, S, Sa ; ibl, S.— AS. Uon. 

Bcnam ; see Binlmen. 

Benche, sb. bench, Prompt., PP.— AS. 

Benched, pp' furnished with benches, 
SD ' y-benohed, S3. 

Bend, sb. bond, MD ; bendee, //. S, G ; 
bende, dot. S> Sa^ G.— AS. bend\ Goth. 

Benden, v. to bend. Prompt., MD; 
bende, pt. s. MD ; bent, MD ; bend, //. 
Sa ; y-bent, //. S3 'r ye-bent, S3— AS. 

bendan, to fasten a band or string to a 

Bene, sb. a prayer, S, Sa, NED ; benee, 
//. Sa.— AS. bin-. OTeut bdni-z, see 

Sievers, a68. 

Bene, adj. pleasant, S, NED. 
Benefet, sb. benefit, PP, MD; bynCit, 

PP; benftit, P; Wenfete*, //. P.— OF. 

bienfet\ \a\.. benef actum. 
Bent, sb. coarse grass, small rushes, 

Manip., Voc., MD, HD.— Cp. OHG. Hnu% 

(G. binse). 
Bent, sb. a moor, an open grassy place, 

NED, S,S3,C. See above. 
Bennmde ; see Binlmen^ 
Beo, Beo]> ; see Ben. 
Beo-, prefix ; see Bl^ words. 
Beodele ; see Bndele. 
Berd, sb. beard, S, Sa, C ; berde, P, G ; 

berdee, //. S3.— AS. beard. 
Bere^ sb. beer. Prompt. ; ber, S, MD.— 

AS. bior. 

Bere, sb. noise, S,. Sa,^MD, HD; ber, 
I Sa.— AS. {ge)b^re\ see I-bere. 



Bere, sb. bear, C, MD, PP ; hwft, pi. 
Ca ; bMTM, PP.— AS. bera : OHG. bero, 

Bere, sb. bier, HD, MD. See Bmm. 

BerOy J^. barley, MD ; belr, S3 ; bezl», 
g€n.y S3.— AS. bere. 

Bere-lepe, x^. basket, H ; berlei^, H ; 
baxtop, basket for keeping barley in, 
HD. See^epe. 

Beren, v. to bear ; bere, S, W ; ber]), 
/r. J., S3 ; beor«l6, //., S ; bar, //. 5., S, 
S2,C2 ; bare, Si ; ber, S2, C3 ; baaar, W ; 
bare, S3; beore, //., S; boren, pp. 
born, S2 ; bonm, W2 ; iboren, 5 ; ibom, 
S; ibore, S, S2 ; y-boren, C2; 7-boni, 
C2; 7-bore, S2, C2. Hir. bereth on 
liand, persuades, makes (him) believe, 
assures, S3 ; bertb blr on bond, beareth 
false witness against hen, C3. — AS. beroH. 

Beren, v. to cry, make a noi«e, MD, 
HD; bere, to low as a cow, PP; see 

Bergh, sb. hill, PP,- ber^lie, PP; 
bemh, PP ; berwe, PP ; bersrbe, dot., P. 
— AS. beorg; cp. Olr. bri (Windisch). 

Beriall, adj. .blueish-green, beryl- 
coloured, S3. See Berll. 

Berie, sb. berry, C,^ bery. Prompt; 
berlea,//. grapes, S, PP,— AS. .^m;?^. 

Berien, v. to pierce, strike, MD4 bery, 
to thresh, Cath.— Icel. berja^ to strike^ 
cp. \jsX.ferire. 

Beril, sb. beryl, MD ; berel, MD.-^F. 
beril ; L^t. beryllus ; Gr. ^^/wAXos. 

Beringef sb. birth, behaviour, bearing, 
C2, S ; bersmsre, PP ; see Beren. 

Berken, v. to bark, S2, PP; berkyd, 
//. J., S2. — AS. beorcan. 

Berkere, sb. watch-dog, pp. 

Berkyng, sb. barking, c. 

Berme, sb. barm, Prompt., S; berm, 
C3. — AS. beorma. 

Bern, sb. a man, PP, HD ; beme, PP ; 
bum, S2; bnme, S2 ; beom, MD; 
bnmes,//., S2 ; bieme«, P.— AS. beam. 

Bern, sb. bam, C2, MD; beren, S 
(12. 263), MD; beme, S; dot., C^, W; 
bemes; //., W, W2, P.— AS. be^i O. 
North, berenty i.e. barley-house. 

Bern; see Bam. 

Bemacle, sb. a snafHe for a horse, W2 ; 
bamade, Voc, NED. 

Bemake, sb. an instrument set on the 
nose of unruly horses, Voc; bemak, 
Prompt.— OF. bemac. 

Bematof sb, bamacle, a fabulous kind 


of goose, S2, MD, NED.— OF. bemaque ; 

cp. Low Lat. bemaca. 

Bemen, v. to bum, MD, S, Sa ; bM*- 
nen, MD, S; beamen, S; beomen, S; 
bimen, S ; bamde, //. x., S2 ; barnA, 
pp., S2. — AS. beoman. Cf Brennen. 

Berstles, sb.pL bristles, C; see Brys- 

Berwe; seeBercrli. 

Berynes ; see Bnrlnlsse. 

Ber^eni v. to help, deliver, preserve, 
NED ; berwen, S ; berrsbenn, S ; bezeir^, 
pr. J., S; iborhen, //., S; iboreje. S; 
ibomwen, S. — AS. beorgan, 

Besannt, sb. a gold coin named from 
Byzantium, W, MD ; besanntes, //., S3 ; 
besanntis, W.— OF. besant. 

Besene, Besie ; see Bisen. 

Be-Slombred, pp. dirtied, bedaubed, 
S3 ; beslombered, NED. 

Besme, sb. besom, rod. Prompt.; "bog 
mes, //., S; bevjmui, W; besmen, dai.^ 
S. — AS. besnia. 

Best, adj. and adv. superL best, PP ; 
beast, S ; bezcrte, S. 

Beste, sb. advantage, S. 

Be-Bteriingey sb. bestirring, emotion, 

Be-8wapen,//. convicted, S.— AS. be- 
swdpetif pp. of be-swdpatiy to persuade. 

Bet, adv. comp. better, S, C, C2, 82, G ; 
bette, P. Phr.y go bet, go as fast as you 
can, C3; betere, adj. and adv. S, Sa : 
betre, S, S2 ; bettve, S. 

Beten, v. to amend, S, S2, P, S3 ; boete, 
to kindle, C ; beyt, S3 ; bet, pr. s., S ; 1>«t. 
ten, //. //., kindled, C3 ; bet, pp., S, Sa ; 
ibet, S.— AS. b^tan, pt. b^Ue, pp. b/^ed. See 

Beten, v. to beat, S, C, PP; see Beet«a. 

Be-thenchinffe, sb. thinking apon, 
meditation, S2. See Bi-penken. 

Bener, sb. beaver, S, Voc. ; benva^v 
S.— AS. be/er {beo/er) ; cp. OHG. btbar-. * 

Beyde-ronle, sb. bead-roll, prayer-roU, 
catalogue of persons for whom prayers are 
to be said, S3; beadxoU, bedroll, Nr> 
See Bede. 

Bejre, v. to buy, cm, C3 ; see :_ 

Beye, adj. both, S2 ; beien, S; 
S. — AS. begen. 

Beyer, adj. gen. of both, PP; 
PP, MD; beyre, MD.— AS. begra. 

Beyn, adj. pliant, flexible, pleasant, S^ 
Prompt. ; see Bayn. ^* 


! BSr, prtfixy also be-, by-, beo-, b-. 

BSrblady pp' covered with blood, C; 

l^fbUA, MD; b«bl«da, S2, S3. 

Bi-bnrien, v. to bury, MD ; be-byrle- 
den,//.//. S;b«bjri»A,>^.,S; b«b«r«d, 
S2. — AS. bi-byrgan, 

SSrCttCOlieiiy z^. to catch, ensnare, MD ; 
UMMbnbU,//. J., MD; bi-keiliU, S ; bL. 

BL-calleiiy z^- to accuse, summon, MD, 
S; beeaUMi, MD, HD. 

BipCansey conj. because, MD; by-oaiUM, 

Bicdie, sb. bitch, PP ; byoehe, PP. 

BigffhfWl^ PP' a word of doubtful mean- 
ing, applied to the basilisk, and to bones 
used for dice, NED, CM, C3 ; byohed, MD ; 
U^ede, NED. 

Bipehermeiiy v. to scream at, S. 

BMherreny v. to entice, mislead, be- 
tray, S ; bicbarre, S ; bioberd, pp., S.~ 
AS. be-cerran. 

Bipdappen, v. to lay hold of suddenly, 
C3 ; bMdappe, Palsg. 

Bip^^larten, v, to defile, make dirty, S, 

Bi-clepisiiy v. to accuse, S ; bioUopiMi, 
S; bieUoped,^., S.— AS. be-cUopian, 

Bir-dippeily v. to embrace, W, Wa ; 
U-elippe^ pt. s, wrapped (him) round, 
S3 ; by-dyinpeA, pp. surrounded, Sa ; bi- 
oUpviAy W.— AS. bi'Clippan. 

Bi-dlUMny V. to enclose, S. — AS. be- 

BMOlxnen, v. to blacken with soot, S, 
NED (p. 722 a), MD. See Onlm*. 

Bi-COmeny v. to come, go to, to befall, 
to become, befit, suit, PP, Sa, S ; byoome, 
PP, Sa ; bicom, //. j., S ; byoftm, PP ; 
MooBM, //., S2 ; byooiiM, S2 ; becouMn, 
S3 ; bionmeii, S. — AS. be-cuman, 

BiHSllJ&ttUclly adj, comely, becoming, 
MD ; bioiuiielicb*, adv. becomingly, S. 

Bi-dalFecL /^. befooled, Ca ; bedaffed, 

Bidden, v. to befr, pray, ask, S, Sa, PP ; 
bydAs, S2 ; beod*^ S ; bit, pr. s., S, P ; 
byd, Sa ; bad, pt, s., S, Sa, PP ; b«d«, 
stOy'., PP; beads, S; beden,/^. S; ibeden, 
S.— AS. btddau. 

Note that some of the above forms are 
due to a confusion with those of the verb 

Biddere, sb, asker, PP ; bidders, //. 
b^gars, Sa, P. 



BiddingO, sb, prayer, S; Uddyage, 
begging, P. 

BidWiy V. to bide, remain, PP ; bydea, 
Sa, PP ; bod, bode, //. x., Sa ; bade, S3 ; 
bald,//, abode, lived, S3.— AS. b^dan. 

lidone, adv. together, S ; at <mce, Sa ; 
bedeae, NED; bydene, Sa. 

Bidraneledy pp. slobbered, covered 
with grease, P. 

Bia, sb. collar, Wa ; see Be^. 

BienfiBt; seeBenefet. 

BiennaleSy sb. pi. biennials, biennial 
commemorations of the dead, P. 

Biame, sb. man, PP, HD ; see Bern. 

Bipfalleil, v. to befall, C ; blaalle, S ; 
blftil, //. s. befell, S; byiyi, Sa ; be^fl, 
Sa ; byfal, byfll, C ; blfll, blfel, Ca ; M^ 
fUde, Wa ; blfUle,^^. befallen, S, Sa, C ; 
blfelde, Wa ; Mnalle, S.— AS. be-feaUan, 

Bi-flen, v. to fly from, S.— AS. be-JUm, 

Bi-fletan, v. to flow round; biflette, 
//.J., S, NED (p. yaia). 

Bi-foraHy/r-i?/. before, S, Ca ; bivoreB, 
S ; bynoren, S ; befbren, S ; blfoxn, Sa, 
Ca, C3 ; bUbre, S ; blfor, S ; beflbr, Sa ; 
befome, S3. — AS. biforan. 

Big, adj, big, Ca; byir, PP; Ww, 
wealthy, Sa, MD ; byfifge,//., PP. 

Bigat; see Blseten. 

Biggen, v. to till, dwell, build, MD, 
PP, S (6. 161 0; byffr«n, PP; blnraad, 
pr. p,y H.— Icel. byggja ; cp. AS. biigian, 

Uggeilp V. to buy, S3, P ; bnwen, S, 
Sa, PF; bynre, PP ; berr«n, MD ; beye, 
C3; bJJ, Sa; bye, S2; by, C3; ble, Wa; 
baye)>, pr, s., PP ; bn)>, S ; blee, redeems, 
Sa ; bohte, //. s., S ; bonbte, S ; b<^te, 
Sa ; bohton, //., S ; bo^te, S; bofft, pp., 
S ; y-bou^t, P. — AS. bycgan. 
. BiggerOy sb. buyer, W ; bleze, Wa. 

Bi-gilan, v. to beguile, S, P; Uffyle, 
Ca, C3. 

Birginneiiy v. to begin, S, Sa ; blgaa, 
//. s., S, Ca ; Mffoa, S ; blffonne, a //. j., 
C3 ; blgvauLen, //. //., S ; begrouth, //. /., 
Sa, S3 ; blguimea, //., S ; beffoj&non, S. 
— AS. be-ginnan. 

BiFgon, pp. surrounded, provided, set 
round, MD ; be-ffon, filled, S2.— AS. be- 
gdn, pp. of begdn, to go round, surround. 

Bi-greden, v. to cry out at, to lament, 
S ; beffxedde, //. //., MD. 

Bipgripen, v. to seize, MD ; be-ffxls»> 
\pp,, ST— AS. be-gripan, to chide. 



Bi-growey//. overgrown, S ; 1>egrow«, 


Bi-gmcchen, v. to begrudge, murmar 
at, P; Iqrffmoclie, PP. 

Bi-nrdel, sb. a purse, PP.—AS. bi- 
^rdeJ (Msitt. lo. 9). 

Bi-gynandly, adv. at the beginning, 
H. See Blffinnan. 

Bi-haagen, v. to deck, clothe, MD; 
bi-henffen, //. //. hung about, S. — AS. 

Bi4ied6n, v, to behead, MD; M-l&e- 
dlde, //. J., W ; biheedid, ^., W.—AS. 

Bi-heste, sb. promise, S, S3, Ca, P; 
byheste, S2 ; beheste, S2 ;. byhest, S2 ; 
blbese, S ; blbeest, W ; bibeM,//., S.— 
AS. be-h<ks. 

Bi-heten, v. to promise, S, C3, W; 
blbote, S, S2, P ; byhote, C ; beohote, 
S2 ; bihat, pr. j., S \ blbet, pt. 5., S, S2 ; 
bilil^te, W ; behlfiThte, S2 ; bebibte, S2 ; 
biblfiTht, P; blbeyhte, S; biboten, pp., 
S ; byhoto. S2 ; bebote, S ; named, S3. — 
AS. be-hdian. See NED (s.v. behight). 

Bi-hene, adj. profitable, S, MD.— AS. 
bC'hife, necessary; from *^j*y%^, utility (in 
behSJlic). See Bihonely. 

Bi-hindey prep, behind, S ; adv, S2 ; 
bibsmde, backwards, W 2; = to come, 
future, C3. 

Bi-holdeny v. to hold, to behold, PP, 
C, MD; bi-bealde, S; bibalden, S2; 
bibalt, pr. j., S ^ biheold, //. 5., S ; beo- 
beold, S2 ; blbnld, S2 ; bibeolt, S ; bi- 
bolde,^., W2, C3; beboldinsre wrongly 
used for beholden, indebted, S3. — AS. be- 

Bihote; seeBlbeten. 

Bi-honey sb. dot. advantage, MD; 
biofpe, S2. Cf. Bibeue. 

Bi-llOnaly, adf. behovefiil, necessary, 
CM, MD; beboTiellcb,S3.— AS. be-hSflu. 

Bi4l01ie]>, pr. s. behoveth, needs, S, C2, 
P; bebone]), S2 ; byboue]), S2 ; bibones, 
S ; byhoues, pr. pi., are obliged to, S2 ;. 
beheued, //. s.^^'r blbofte, W.—AS. be- 

Bi-hndeny v. to hide, MD \ by-bnd, 
imp. s., S. — AS. be-kydan. 

Bi-iapen, v. to deceive, befool, MD; 

By S ; see Blase. 

Bikeihte ; see Bioaocben. 

Bikeneily v. to beckon, W2 ; seeBeknen. 


Birkenneddy pp. begotten, MD. 

Birkennen, v. to commit, commend, 
to signify, MD ; bikenned, //. /. recom- 
mended, S2 ; bekeimed, S2. 

Biker, sb. a fight,. MD, HD. 

Bikeren, v. to fight, PP, HD; be- 
kersrn. Prompt ; byokarte, //. //. skir- 
mished, S3. 

Bi-knOWeilyZ'.to acknowledge, know, P, 
C3 'r byknowe, C ^ beknowe, S2 ; biknew, 
//. s., C ; biknewe,//., Sf bikllowe]^>>^., 
favourably received, P. 

Bild, sb. building, S3. 

Bilden, v. to build, PP, W, CM, MD ; 
bulden, MD; belden, MD, S3; Iralde, 
//. s., C, MD ; bildide, W ; bildlden, //. 
//., W ', bilden, W2;.belt,//., S3; y-buld, 
S2, S3 ; y-beld, S3.— Probably from AS. 
^old, dwelling. 

Bile; seeBnle. 

Bi-leden, v. to use, treat, MD ; "biledet 
(Jor bilede))),/r.//., S.— AS. be-lcedan. 

Bi-lefEUL, adj. believing, S, MD. 

Bi-leggen, v- to lay (something) on, 
cover, to prove, explain, MD; bUelot, 2 
pr. s.y glozest, S, MD; bilsBde,^/. s., en- 
closed, S. — AS. bi'lergan, to cover. 

Bi-lene, sb. belief,, S, S2, PP, C3 ; be- 
leaue, S; byleue, PP ; belane, S; bi- 
leane, S; biliane, S; beoleeue, Sa, PP; 
bilefties,//., S.— Cp. AS. {ge^Uafa. 

Bilene; seeBUlne. 

Bi-leuen, v. to believe, PP, MD, S; 
belene, S ; bUefelS, pr. pi., S ; l>Uiiu(B, 
S; bUefden,//.//., S. 

Bi-lenen, v. to leave, forsake, renomice, 
HD, MD; bUef, imp. j., S, MD. — Cp. 
AS. Ikfan, to leave. 

Bi-lenen, v. to remain, be left, MD, 
CM, C2, S2, HD ; byleue, HD ; l>ll8Biia]L, 
S; bUeane, S; bUeftie, S,- blenen, S2 ; 
bl^, pr. s., S2 ? bUened, pp. left re- 
maining, G ; bylened, G. — AS. be^l<kfan. 

Bilfoder, sb. food, sustenance, Sa, MD ; 
bilfodnr, NED. 

Bi-liggen, v. to belong to, MD ; M- 
VLetD.,pr.pi., S.— AS. bi-licgan, to lie round. 

Bi-lilden, v. to make pleasing, MD ; 
bi-liked, pp. made pleasing, S. 

Bi-limpen, v. to happen, to belong to, 
S ; bellmpen, S; belamp, //. j., S-. — ^AS. 

Bi-linnen, v. to cease, to be silent, to 
make to cease, MD ; by-linne, G ; l»lin- 
nen, S, S2, C3 ; blyne, S3 ; blynne, Sa ; 
blin, S2 ; blaa, //. s., MD : blAim« S3.-- 


AS. blinnan {^b^ + linnan, to cease, to be 
deprived of), pt. i^lann (pi. blunnon), pp. 

Bi-liue, adv, quickly, S, S2 ; Ivyly^ie, 
S2 ; belyoe, S2, S3 ; bUue, S, S2 ; blyne, 
S3.— AS. be life, with life. 

Bi-liue, sb. food, sustenance, S (4b. loa), 
MD ; 1>7l7iie, PP ; bUeoue, MD ; blleue, 
S, SD.— AS. Hgleofa\ cp. OHG. HUH. 

Bi-linen, vXo live by, S.— AS. H'libban. 

BUle, sb, papal bull, petition, PP; see 

Bille, sb. bill, beak, S, C ; byUe, Voc.— 
AS. HU. 

Billan, v. to peck with the bill, S. 

Bi-loken, V. to look upon, regard, MD ; 
be-looest, 2 pr. j., S. 

Bi-lon£f on, prep, pertaining to, S. 

Bi-lvken, v. to enclose, lock up, im- 
prison, include, MD ; biloken, pp-, S ; be- 
loksn, S ; bUonked, S2, MD.— AS. be- 

Bi-lyen, v. to lie against, accuse falsely, 
MD ; belye, P ; bUowen, pp., S2, P, MD. 
—AS. be-liogan, pp. belogen. 

Bi-auaseil, v. to confuse, SkD (s. V. 

Bi-monen, v. to mean, to bemoan, MD, 
HD; bymenen, P; bemenen, S2, P ; 
biment, pp., S. — AS. bi-m^nan. 

Bi-meninif, sb. bemoaning, S. 

Bi-mon^f prep, among, S, MD. 

Bi-momen, v. to moum over, MD, 
W ; bimumeii, S. — AS. bi-muman. 

Bdrmowe, v. to mock, W2. 

Binden, ^- to bind, S ; band, //. j., S ; 
bond, S2, G, C2 ; bimdan, //., S; bnn- 
den,/^., S ; bimdyn, S2 ; bnnde, ibunde, 
S ; bounden, S, C2 ; y-boimde, S2, S3, 
C2; y-boond, S3; ibunde, S. — AS. 

Bi-nenULen, ^' to declare, stipulate; 
bj-nempt, pt.s. promised, S3. — AS. be- 

Bi-neVe, prep, and adv. beneath, Sa ; 
b3mepe> C ; binepen, S.— AS. be-neodan. 

Bi-nimen, v. to take from, MD ; by- 
nymen, S ; benymen, S2 ; bineonie,/r. s. 
subj. deprive, S ; blnam, //. J., P ; Wnom, 
S2 ; b«nain, S ; bynome,//., P ; boiiimde, 
S3. — AS. be-niman. 

Binne, sb. bin, chest, MD ; bynne, C, 
Voc. — AS. binn, manger. 

Binne, adv. 20[ilprep. within, S ; bynne, 
S2 ; bine, S.— AS. binnan (for be-innan). 



Bi-qneste, sb. bequest, P, MD.— A de- 
riv. oicTvedan. see NED. 
Bi-onetlien, v. to bequeath, MD, CM, 
PP; by«neth«^ C, G; bHliietli, //. J., 
S2 ; biqnftth, PP, G.— AS. bi-avetfan. 
K-aoide, sb. bequest, S2; beq n ld e , 
MD.— Cp. AS. cwide, a will 
Birafke ; see Btrenen. 
Bird, pf' s. impers. (it) behoved, Sa ; 
binde, S ; see Bnretb. 
Bird, sb. a young bird, MD ; see Brid. 
Birded, pi- pi- laid snares for birds, S3. 
Bire, sb. dot. force, impetus, W; see Snr. 
Bi-reden, v. reflex, to take counsel. 
MD; by-rad, pp. determined, resolved, 

Bi-reinen, v. to rain upon, bedew, MD ; 
be-nyna, berain, S3; Wrlnt, J«fy'. 
S; h^njnAiB, pi. pi. S3. 
Bi-reiuden, v. to lament, regret, MD, S; 
Mxeosed,/^. S. — AS. be-Ar/owsian, to feel 

Bireusnnge, sb. contrition, S. 
Biprenen, v. to bereave, C3, P ; Mzafte, 
//. s. C2 ; blrened, //., S ; byrened, G ; 
Ijjxaft, C. — AS. H-riafian, to deprive oC. 

Biprinnen, v. to run with moisture, 
MD ; bi-ninne,^. bedewed with tears, S. 
— AS. H-rinnariy to run as a liquid, bi- 
runnen, pp. 

Birle, sb. cup-bearer, MD, HD.— AS. 
byrU, byrele. 

Birlen, v. to pour out drink, to give to 
drink, MD, JD, H, HD ; biyllyn. Prompt. 
— AS. byrlian; cp. Icel. byrla. 

Birlynge, sb. a giving to drink, pouring 
out liquor, H. 

Bi-rolled,>^. rolled about, Sa. 

Birth, sb. birth, offspring, natural dispo- 
sition, nation, MD ; bur]?, MD ; blz]>Mi, 
pi. nations, S2, MD.— Icel. burHr ; cp. Goth. 
ga-baurthSf birth, native country. 

Birth-^nge; sb. native tongue ; biir}>- 
tonge, S2. 

Bisay; see BUen. 

Bi-S^ed, PP' besprinkled, W2. 

Bi-8Chetten, v. to shut up ; besMtte, 
S2 ; Waobetten, pt. pi., PP; bUOietten, 
P; blrtiette,//.,PP. 

Bi-SChinen, v. to shine upon, MD; 
byscbyne,//. shone upon, S2. 

Bishop, sb. bishop, S, PP ; Mssoopp, 
the Jewish high priest, S; bi»oliopi«, //. 
chief priests, W ; bi»sope», S2.— AS. Hscop ; 
Lat. episcopus. 



Bi-sohreweiiy v. to conupt, to curse, 
MD ; bsrsolirewed, pp. cursed, P. 

BirSChricheny v. to shriek at, S. 

Bipschimien, v. to shun, MD ; Usiui.- 
ton, S. 

Bise, sb, the north-wind, S.— OF. bise ; 
cp.OHG. ^/ja. 

BMechen, v. to beseech, S ; lilMte, 
C2 ; 1>M«k«]i, C, S ; beMcli, imp. s., S ; 
UsoliU, //. s. S ; bMoirlit, Sa ; Uso^, 
Sa ; Miion^teii, //.//., Sa. 

U-Segen, z^. to besiege, MD ; bi-Mgl- 
««n, //.//., Wa; \A'UteAy pp.y Ca. 

Bi-SOniOlly z'. to beseem, to appear, MD ; 
lA-Btimi&pj pr. s.f him biseme)), he appears, 
S ; Msemyde, pt. s.j beseemed, fitted, W ; 
IbMBMd, //. made seemly, plausible, S 
(i6. 84a). 

Bi-Sen, v. to look, to behold, consider, 
to arrange, appoint, to manage, MD, S ; 
baste, S ; Mmo, Sa ; blsA,/r. j.,S ; liise, 
imp., W ; byse, Sa ; liiseh,//. s., S ; lilmy, 
Sa ; h9neyn,pp. arranged ; beseyne, decked ; 
beseiM, equipped, S3 ; biaaye, as in pAr, 
ynel biseye, ill to look at, Ca, rlobely 
biseye, splendid in appearance, Ca. — AS. 
dis/on, to look about. 

Bisaneny v. to give an example, MD ; 
bteend, //. likened, signified, Sa. — AS. 
bysnian. See Bisne. 

Biseningy sb, example, S. — AS. bys- 

Bi-setten, v. to fill, occupy, to sur- 
round, beset, to set, place, to employ, MD, 
C, P ; bl«ettideii,//.//.,W.— AS. bi-settan. 

Bisl, adj. busy, S ; see Busy. 

Bisily, adv. busily, Ca; Msili, W; 
btsUlobe, S. 

Birsitten, v. to sit close to, to press 
hard, MD, P ; be-ssst, //. s. besieged, S ; 
be-s»tte, S.— AS. be-sittan, 

Bi-8labered, pp. beslobbered, P. 

Bi-Smeorawed,//. besmeared, S. 

Bi-Smer, sb. scorn, reproach, P; bi- 
s^mar, S ; busemara, Sa ; blsmsra, HD ; 
Vf-VJiUtta, CM ; blsmaras, //., PP ; bi- 
balioiiaa,PP* — AS. bi-smer, insult; cp. 
hdfian. " ** ridicule (Otfrid). 

BiFhnden, 9. v. to dirty, MD; bi- 
imp. J., S.— AS. bt^, S ; basmat, MD. 

Bi-iapen, v. to ^. spotted, smutted, C. 
byiaped,//., C, C3, Px^arable, S, MD.— 

B^S; see Bissa. rnabusns); from 

Bikeilite ; see Blosooht. 

Bikeneily v. to beckon, Wa '' 


blsokna, NED ; bi-sooiia, dot., MD ; bi.* 
soonaiL, S. 

BirSpeken, v. to speak to, to speak^ 
blame, to decide, resolve, MD ; byiq^aol^ 
//.j.,G; baspayka, S3; blspaka,/^. S.— 
AS. be-sprecan. 

Birmel, sb. parable, S.— AS. bigspell^ 
example, proverb, parable. 

Bi-speten, v. to spit upon, W; bi^ 
spattan, //. pi., W ; bispat, pp., W. 

Bi-sprengen, v. to besprinkle, MD; 
bl^spraynda, //. s. W ; btosprant, pp. be- 
dewed, S3 ; bysprant, S3 ; baspzint, S3 ; 
blspraynt, Wa. — AS. be-sprengan, 

BisMf sb. a stuff of fine texture, MD ; 
bis, MD ; bys, Sa ; btes, bijs, fine linen, 
W ; MJs { = byssiis^Yit\>. shish, fine linen, 
also Egyptian cotton), Wa. — OF. disse; 
Lat. byssus ; Gr. fii&ffcot ; Heb. biits, fine 
Egyptian cotton. 

Bissyn, sb. fine linen( = byssinum)^. — 
Lat. byssinum^ a garment made of byssns. 

Bi-Stad, //. placed, circumstanced, be- 
stead, hard bestead, sorely imperilled, over- 
come, MD,*Sa, C3 ; bystad, G ; blstadAa, 
CM; Usti^ad, MD; Msti^Sat, S; 1»l^ 
staa^Sat, S. Probably from Icel. stiUfr, 
place, see NED. 

Bi-standen, v. to surround, to be busy 
about, to attack, MD ; bi-stod, pt. x., S ; 
bistoda, Sa; bistondan, //., S.— AS. he- 

Bi-8teken, v. to shut out, MD ; ^., S. 

Bi-striden, v. to bestride, S; \Ar 
strood,//. s., Ca ; bystxood, G. 

Bi-snnien, v. to shun, S; see Si- 

BipBWiken, v. to betray, deceive, S, Sa ; 
baswlka, S ; basnikan, S. — AS. besTMHcoft. 

BirSwinken, v. to obtain by work, to 
earn by labour, MD ; blswynka, P. — AS. 

Bisy, adj. busy, Ca, P ; see Buaiy. 

Bisyhedy sb, busyhood, MD; b^agr- 
bada, Sa. 

BisynessOf sb. business, Wa ; aee 

Bi-takon, v. to commit, entrust, S, Ca, 
W,N£D; bataka,PP; baotaka,PP; l»y. 
taka, PP ; bitaak, W; bitak, imp, s^ S ; 
bitok, //. s., Sa ; Utook, C3 ; byt^Mktst, 
a //. s., W; batoka, i pt. s.,S; liltokisa, 
//., W; \dUiinm,pp. W; Utaka, Sa. 

Bi-techen, v. to entrust, assign, S ; !>». 
taoba, HD ; bytacba, PP; bltaaoh*, S ; 
bitaoba, imp. s., S; bltnbta, //. j. ; iii^ 


tabke; Utagte ; Mtaiicia, S ; MtengbU, 
G; Hyti^t, Sa ; WtsBht,/^. ; WtaUt ; HU 
teilit ; bi1»«t ; beteht, S. —AS. bt-tican, 
pt betathte, pp. ^/«A/. 

Bitel, fl^'. sharp, biting, MD. 

Bitel-teOWed, adj. with shaggy, pro- 
minent eye-brows, S2, P; Hyt«llnfow#d, 

Bi-telleily »• to clear, justify, to ex- 
press, show, to claim, to set free, to per- 
suade, deceive, MD, S ; Mtald, //., H, 
MD.— AS. ht-tellan, 

Biten, v.xo bite,PP; byte,PP; iwt, 
//. J., S2, PP; bote, P.— AS. hitan, pt. 
b6t (pL bUon\ pp. biten. 

Bi-teon, v. to draw over, to cover, to 
employ, NED; biten, MD; bitowen,/^., 
S ; Mto^en, NED ; bitosren, MD.— AS. be- 

'^'hmkeHf V. to think, bethink, S, W ; 
Ube&chen, S ; bi))obte,//. s., S ; bij)05te, 
planned, ^2 ; bijHmlite, S ; bejKmt, S2 ; 
bipolit, pp. repented, S ; bipoubt, S ; by- 
tlwmglit,^ called to mind, C. — AS. bi- 

Birtiden, v. to happen, betide, MD; 
bt^yde, C2, C3 ; beotyde, PP ; bittt,/r. j., 
PP ; bitld, S ; bltide,//. J., S2 ; betydde, 
PP ; bitid,//., S ; betltfht,//., S3 ; NED. 

Birtilden, v. to cover; bt-tUd, pp., S. 
^AS. be-teldan. See Ouer-tlld, 

Bi-time, adv. betimes, S, Sa ; bityiiM, 
PP; bltlmes, C3. 

BirtoklLeil, V. to betoken, C2 ; bitock- 
nen, S; bytoknen, PP ; betolmeii, S, PP ; 
betaken, S2 ; bltaonedd, //., S. 

Bi-trayen, v. to betray, PP, C2 ; w- 
txBide, pt. s., S. From OF. trair : It. tra- 
dire ; Lat. tradere. 

Bitter, adj. bitter, MD ; bittur, PP; 
Uttexe, adv. bitterly, P.— AS. bitor. 

Bitter, sb. bitterness, S2, P. 

Bittnr-teOWed, adj. having prominent 
brows, PP. See Bitel-browed. 

Bir-tumen, v. to turn ; bltuznde bom,, turned themselves about, S2. 

Bir-twenen, prep, between ; bitwine, 
bitwen, betwenen, betnene, S.— AS. be- 

Bir-twiz, prep, betwixt, Sa, Ca ; bU 
twlze, Ca ; bitwlxen, Ca ; betwyz, be- 
twnac, S; bitwex, S; bytbnixte, S2.— 
AS. be-tweox. 

Bi^'twi^e, prep, between, MD ; betwe, 
Sa ; liitubbe, S.— AS. be-twih, be-twuh, 

Bityl, sb, beetle, NED.— AS. bitula. 


Binien, v. to tremble, NED ; bliu«,/r. 
s., S— AS. bifian{beo/M)\ OHG. bibin, 
see NED. 

Bi-wailen, v. to bewail, lament, Ca ; 
biwidlle,MD; Wwelle, MD, W ; blwOI- 

Bi-W^den, v. refl. to wield oneself, i.e. 
to have full and free use of one's limbs, 
MD; bywelde, S3; bewelde, Palsg.; be- 
weld, to wield, HD. 

BipWenden, to turn, MD; blwente, 
pt. /., turned round, S. 

BirWepen, v. to beweep, S, W.— AS. 

BirWerian, v. to defend, S.— AS. be- 

Birwindan, v. to wmd about, S ; be- 
wlnden, to enwrap, cover, S ; bewnndMi, 
pp^^ S. — AS. be-windan, 

BirWimLeiLf v« ^^ obtain, MD ; bftwoa, 
//. J., S. 

Bi-witen, v. to guard, MD ; bywtte, 
S ; biwlste, pt. s., MD ; biwlsten, //., S. 

Bi-wlappe, v. to wrap round, Wa. 

BipWreyen, v. to accuse, to reveal, dis- 
close, Ca, C3 ; bywreye, C ; biwxele, S ; 

bewreye, C, Sa ; bewraye, NED. 

Bi;e«, collars, P; see Bel?. 

Bi-^ete, sb. profit, S, S2 ; offspring, P. 

Bir^etel, adj. profitable, S. 

Bir^eten, v. to obtain, possess, beget, 

S; b^iten,S; blgat,//. j. S; bigirt, S; 

begwt, S ; byr«t«ii, pp. Sa ; bM«teaa, WU 

yete, bi^te, b^ute, bigottea, bt^otea, S. 

— AS. bi-gitan {bigietan). 
BirSOnde, pjep. beyond, S, Sa, PP ; bi. 

^ende, W ; b^nnde, P; btyond, Sa ; be- 

londe, S ; b^endla, W. 
Blaberen, v. to blabber, to talk idly, 

HD, Prompt. ; blaberde,//. J., PP. 
Bladder, sb. bladder, MD; bladdre, 

C3; bledder, S3; bleder, Voc. — AS. 

bl<kdre, OMerc. bUdre (GET.) 
Blak, adj. pale, MD ; blake, wan, Palsg. 

Phr. ; blak and bio, pale and livid, MD, 

NED (s. V. black, 13) — AS. bide, ft 

Blak, adj. black, MD.— AS. blac. 
Blake, sb. smut, black, S; blackness, 

Sa. . . 

Blake-beryed, sb. blackberrymg. I.e., 

wandering hither and thither purposely, C3. 
Blaachet, sb. a white powder used as a 

cosmetic, S.— OF. blanchet. . ^ ^ ^ 
Blaac-mangere, sb. a kmd of cheese- 
cake, PP ; blammaiiifer, PP. 



Blank, adj. white, S3.— OF. hlanc. 

Blase, sb, blaze, flame, PP.— AS. blase. 

Blasen, v. to blaze, flare, PP ; blajile, 
pr. s. subj'., S; blesand,/r./., S3. 

Blasen, v, to blow (with trumpet), to 
proclaim, publish, NED, CM. Cp. OHG. 

Blasan, v. in heraldry to blaze arms, 
i. e. to describe them, MD, S3, Prompt., 
Palsg. ; blase, Cotg. (s. v. blasonner). 

Blasfame. adj. and sb, blasphemous, 
blasphemer, MD, W. — Lat. blasphemu5\ 
Gr. fi\da<f>rffios. 

Blaundissen, v. to flatter, H ; blauiu 
dljis,/r. s.y H ; bloiULdl8aiid,/r. /., H,— 
OF. blandir (pr. p. blandisant), 

Blawen ; see Blowen. 

Bledder ; see Bladder. 

Blee, sb. colour, complexion, MD, HD ; 
ble, MD, JD ; bleo, S, S2 ; blie, JD.— AS. 

BlefS ; see BUenen. 

Bleike, adj. pale, S, NED; bleyke. 
Prompt.; blayke, NED; bleyk, S3; 
bleke, wan, Palsg. Phr. : blaike and bio, 
pale and livid, NED (s. v. blacky 13). — Icel. 
bUikr. Cf. Blak. 

Blenchen, v. to flinch, turn aside, S, P ; 
bleynte, //. j., C ; bleinte, NED.— AS. 
blencattf to deceive. 

Blenden, v. to mix together, MD; 
blende,//., Sa.- Cp. Icel. blanda. 

Blenden, v. to blind, deceive, MD, 
PP ; blent, pr, s., C3; blente, pt. s., PP ; 
blent,//, blmded, C3, HD.— AS. ^^«</««. 

Blenk, sb. a gleam, blmk, glance, S3; 
blenUs,//., NED; blinkes, MD. 

Blenken, v. to glitter, to glance, NED ; 
blynke, to open the eyes, S2; blenkit, 
//. s.y looked, S2 ; blencheden, //., MD. 

Blere, adj. blear, dim, NED. 

Bleren, v. to make dim, to be blear- 
eyed, MD, S2, P; blered,//. dimmed, S2, 

Blesen, v. to blaze, S3 ; see Blasen. 

Blessen, v. to bless, PP, S; blessetb 
Mr, pr. s.y crosses herself; C3 ; blesced, 
//. S ; bletosBd, consecrated, S ; y-blessed, 
S3, C3, P; i-blessed, S; ibleiwede, S; 
iblesset, S2.— AS. bUtsian, blidsian\ 
ONorth. bUedsian (NED); from bUd, 

Blete, adj. bare, exposed, miserable, S, 
MD; blalt, JD ; blont, JD.— AS. bUaty 
wretched, miserable ; cp. Icel. blautr. Du. 

ben. j 

e, S, Sa, C3;sJ 


Bleten, v. to bleat, Prompt.; UjbIii 

S.— AS. bl(ktan. 

Blenen ; see BUenen. 

Blewe, adj. blue, livid, Ca, PP ; blad 
MD ; blew, MD.— OF. bleu. See Bio. 

Blewe, sb. blue, MD ; blnj, Sa. 

Bleynte ; see Blenohen. 

Blinnen, v. to cease, 

Blis, sb. bliss, S.— AS. bliss {^blM 
seeSievers, aoa(7). See Bli))e. J 

Blissien, v. to rejoice, be glad, to glai 
den, MD ; bUssln, S, Sa— AS. blissian (J 
blitisian). See above. ! 

Blibe, adj. blithe, cheerful, S, Sa; 
bly]?e, Sa, Ca.— AS. blite. 

BliSe-liche, adv. gladly, S ; bliitS^ 
licbe, S; bldSelicbe, S; bU}>«li3, S; 
ble))el7, S2.— AS. blldelice. 

Bline, adv^ quickly, S, Sa ; see 8i^ 

Blo, adj. livid, S2, PP; black, MD.- 
leel. bld{r). See Blewe. 

Blod, sb. blood, S, Sa, PP; blode, dat.^ 
Sa.- AS. blSd. 

Blode, sb. a blood-relation, a person, 
living being, MD, CM ; blod, MD. 

Blok, adj. pale, NED. Phr. blok aai 
blo, NED. See Blak. 

Blo-man, sb. negro, MD; WaTnoa, 
MD; blewe-men, //., MD.— Cp. Icel 
bld-maSr, negro. See Blo. 

Blome, sb. flower, S2, MD. — Icel. bl6m, 
flower, blossom. 

Blosme, sb. blossom, S, PP, Prompt, 
CM; blostme, S; blosmen, //., Sa; 
bloosmes, S3. — AS. bldstma. 

Blosmen, v. to blossom, Wa, Prompt ; 
blosmed, //. //., P.— AS. bUstmian. 

Bloundisen, v. to flatter, H; sec 

Blonndisynge, sb. blandishing, H. 

Blowen, v. to blow, PP ; blawe, S ; 
blon, imp. J., S ; bloaweS,/r. J., S ; lOeii, 
//. s.y S ; bleowen, //., S ; blawen, pp.y Sa 
blowe, C3. — AS. ildwan, pt. blioiVy pp. 

Blowen, v. to blow, to bloom, MD; 
i-blowe, //. S. — AS. blhuan, pt bUaw, pp. 

Blnbren, v. to bubble, MD; blnbcande, 
/r./., Sa, 

Blnstren, v. to rush about aimlessly 
NED ; blnstreden, //. //., P. 

Bin), sb. blue, Sa ; see Blewe. 


BlynJiede, sb. blindness, H. 

Blynke ; sie BlenVen. 

Bo-; see Bon-, Biu. 

Bobbe, sb. a Imock, jerk, jog, S3; 
Iwbbes,//., S3. 

Bobben, v. to knock, strike, MD. 

Bocche, sb, tumour, boil, PP ; "botolie, 
W3, Prompt. ; boohe, CM-, l>ooe, CM.— 
AF. bochey OF. boce, bump. 

Bocher, sb. butcher, Sa, S3, P, C— OF. 

Bocherie, sb. shambles, W, Prompt. — 
OF. boncherie. 

Bod, sb. abiding, waiting, delay, S2. 

Bode, sb. message, command, S, PP; 
Iwdei,//., S, S2.— AS. {^ge)bod, command. 

Boden; see Beden. 

Bode-WOrd, sb. command, S; 1>od- 
woide, message, S2. 

Bodien, v. to annonnce, S; 1>od»dML, 
//.//., S.— AS. bodian. 

Body, sb. body, person, PP; 1>odle, S ; 
bodi, S, PP ; bodlB, S. Phr. : my ioly 
body, my jolly self, C2.— AS. bodig. 

Body-half, sb. the front part (of a dress), 

Boile; seeBnl*. 

BoistolIB, adj. boisterous, noisy, S3 ; 
bonsticms, S3 ; Imstniui, Imstooiui, S3 ; 
boTstoiis, W. 

Boistonsly, adv. loudly^ Ca. 

Bok, sb. book, S, S2, PP ; Imk), S, S2 ; 
boke, P.— AS. b6c ; cp. OHG. btioh (Ta- 

Bokele, sb. buckle, MD ; IwM*, MD.— 
OF. bocU. 

Bokeler, sb. buckler, shield, C, G; 
boder, Palsg. —OF. bocler. 

Boket, sb. bucket, C ; bokett, Prompt. 

Bold, adj. fierce, bold, daring, PP, S; 
banld, bawld, S3 ; l>elde, big, blustering, 
S; Imia, 82; balder, comp., V.—PiS.beald\ 
OKG. bald {Otixi^). 

Boldeliche, adv. boldly, S; baUUy, 
S2; boldely, C2. 

Siolden, v. to make bold, encourage, 
MD ; bolded, //. s., P ; bald©, S.— AS. 

Bde, sb. a kind of clay, C3. Comb. : 
bole Binnoiiiak, Armenian clay, C3, NED 
(s.v. etmmontac). — Lat. bolus \ Gr. fiSjXot^ 

Bole, sb. bull, S, C, C3 ; bnle, S ; bn- 
le«,//., S2; bolls, W; boons, W.—Icel. 



Bolle, sb. bowl, S, S2, C3, P ; a rounded 
seed-vessel. NED (s. v. boll), HD ; boll, 
rounded top (of barley), S3. — AS. bolla. 
BoUen, v. to swell, S2, PP ; boiled, pp., 
S2, PP. 

BolleiL,^^. swollen, NED ; boUen, W; 
bolne, S3 ; bewlne, S3. . 

BoUyngt sb. swelling, P. ^ 

Bolxien, v. to swell, S2, P, H ; bolned, 
//. J., S2 ; bolnyde, W2; bolnyd, W. 
Bolnyng, sb. swelling, H, W. 
Bolt, sb. arrow, S; bolte, Prompt—AS. 
boU (Voc.). 
Bol^en, V. to puff up, MD ; bolnweV, 
pr. s.y S.— AS. belgan, pt. bealg- (pL bulgon), 
pp. bolgen. 

Bon, sb. bone, PP, S2 ; boon, W2 ; ben, 
S ; bMiee,//., S. S2 ; bon, S ; booiiye,W2 ; 
bennee, S2. Phr.-. to make bones, to 
hesitate, S3.— AS. bdn. 
Hon, pp. prepared, S2 ; see Bonn. 
Bonayre, ad/- kmd, gentle, MD ; bon- 
ere, MD;, bonalr, adv., MD; bonnze, 
S2. See fiiebonnalre. 
Bonayrelyche, adv. reverently, S2. 
Bonchen, v. to strike, bump, S2, P; 
see Bnnolien. 
Bond ; see Binden. 
Bonde, sb. a peasant serf, slave, NED, 
S2 ; pi., PP.— AS. bonday bunda, a house- 
holder; Icel. b(fndt, for btiandt, a tiller of 
the soil. 

Bonde-man, sb. tiller of the soil, NED ; 
bondnuoi, P ; bondemen, //., S2, P, G, PP. 

Bono, sb. pain, poison, PP ; see : 

Bone, sb. prayer, petition, S, S2, C3, G, 
PP; bon, S24 boone, C, G; bonen, //., 
S.— Icel. bdn. Cf. Bene. 

Bonon, adj. made of bone, S2. 

Bonet, sb. additional sail, PP, Cath.— 
OF. bon^f, bonnet. 

Bonk, sb. bank, shore, S2, S3; see 

Boo-; see Bo- 
Boor, sb. boar, C, W2 ; bare, S2 ; bore, 

S, PP ; bor, Sa, PP ; bores, //., P.— AS. 

Boot, sb. boat, S2, W, CM ; bot, PP.— 

AS. bdt. 
Boras, sb. borax, C, C3.^0F. boras: 

It. borace ; Arab. bora^. 
Bord, sb. board, table, S, S2, C, NED ; 

borde, S ; boord, W ; bordes, //., S.— AS. 

Aar</, plank. Cf. Bred. 



Borgonnen, v. to bud, Sa ; see Bnr- 
Borne ; see Bnm«. 
Bomeily V, to bumish, S3 ; see Siur- 

Borwe, sd. pledge, surety, Wa, C, Ca, 
G ; borsrh, H ; borflie, P ; bovewe, Sa ; 
borwes, //., sponsors, Sa ; pledges, P. — 
AS. dorA. 

Borwen, v. to deliver, to borrow, MD, 
PP, Ca, G ; borewe, Wa ; borowe, NED ; 
borwede,//.J., PP. — AS. borgian. 

Borwynffe, sb, borrowing, Prompt.; 
bojfttwj.iisf, 02. 

Boske; seeBusdi. 

Bosken ; see Bnsken. 

Bosty sb. boast, noise, MD, C3, PP ; 
boost, Ca ; boste, PP ; bostiui,//., H. 

Bosten, v. to boast, PP ; booste, NED. 

Bosom, sb. bosom, S, W (John 13. a3); 
bosom, MD. — AS. bSsm. 

BotOy prep, and conj. without, except, 
unless, but, S, Sa, PP ; bot, CM, Sa ; btite, 
S; butt, S; bouto, S, Sa; buten, S; 
bnton, S ; Comb. : bote-^ef, except that, 
unless, Sa, C— AS. be-ii^on {biiton\ 

BotOf sb. remedy, succour, amendment, 
S, Sa, Ca, G, P ; boote, S3, C, G. Phr. : 
to boto, to advantage, in addition, NED. — 
AS. A^/; cp. Goth. bota. 

BoteleeS, adj. without remedy, PP; 
bootolosso, useless, S3 ; botles, Sa. 

BotelerOy sb. butler, Voc ; botilor, C ; 
butler, S. 

Botelle, sb. bottle, MD ; botel, CM.— 
OF. boutelle, also botel. 

BoteracOy sb. buttress; botexas. 
Prompt.; bntteraoe, SkD (p. 789); bnt- 
texas, pi, SkD; buttraoe, SkD; bnt- 
teraees, SkD.— ME. boterace for OF. bou- 
terets, i.e. (pillars) bearing a thrust, //. of 

Boterace, v. to buttress; bnttozas, 
Palsg.; botoraoed,^., PP. 

Bothe, adj. both, PP, S ; ba)>o, S, Sa ; 
bodSe, S ; be«o, S; buoUo, Sa.— Icel. bd9i, 
both {neut.). 

Botme, sb. bottom, C, C3, Prompt.; 
bo]>02ii, a vale, Sa, NED ; bo]>e2ii, Sa. — AS. 

Botme-les, adj. bottomless, CM. 

Botnen, v. to heal, to recover, MD; 
botenod,//. bettered, P. See Bote. 

Botim, sb. button, bud, Prompt., Voc. ; 


botbom, MD, CM ; bnttonys, //., S3, 
OF. boutofty button, bud (Cotg.). 

Bonel, sb. bowel, MD ; bou^a, Ss. — 
OF. boel (and boele) ; Lat. bottllus. 

Bouffe, sb. a leathern bottle or wallet, 
uter, Wa (Ps. 77. 13); bowge, Wa, Prompt. 
— OF. bouge, budget, leather-case ; Low 
Lat. bulga, leathern vessel (Voc). Cf. 

Bonhte ; see "BH^tfsn., 

Bonk, sb. the belly, trunk, body, C, JD ; 
bno, S.— AS. biic\ Icel. bdkr. 

Bonn, //. prepared to go, ready to start, 
S3, CM, PP ; bon, ready, Sa ; Imn, Sa ; 
bown, P, H. — Icel. biiinn, prepared,^, of 
biia, to get ready, to till ; cp. AS. ge-biin, 
pp. of gebiian \ cp. E. bound (said of a 

Bonnen, v. to get ready, to go, also to 
make ready, NED ; bownetb, pr, J., 
NED ; bownd,//. s.y prepared himself, got 
ready, S3. 

Bonr, sb. bower, chamber, womens* 
chamber, C, G ; bnr, dot., S ; booxe, S, Sa, 
P ; bowxe, P ; bourez, //. sleeping-places, 
Sa. — AS. biir, a dwelling. 

Bonrde, j^. jest, PP, C3, G ; bouzA, Sa, 
S3 ; bord, NED.— OF. bourde. 

Bonrden, v. to jest, C3, PP ; bozde, 
NED.— OF. bourder. 

Bonrding, sb. jesting, S3. 

Bonrdon, sb. pilgrim's staff, CM, HD ; 
bordun, Sa , PP ; burdon, S, HD ; buzdonn, 
P, MD ; berdon, MD, PP ; bordonn, HD. 
—OF. bourdon (Cotg.); Low Lat. burdo- 
nem ; see Bnrdon. * 

Bonstions, adj. noisy, S3; see Sola- 

Bon;, sb. bough, PP ; boh, S ; l>o|rl^ 
Sa ; bowb, PP ; boje, dat., S ; bog^s,// 1 
S ; biifires, S ; bnsrhes, Sa ; bewls, S3 \ 
bewys, S3 ; bowes, PP, S3 ; bpowes, C ; 
boje, dat., S.— AS. bdg, bdh, Icel. b6gr\ 
shoulder, bow of a ship ; cp. Gr. rta.-xys. 

Bowe, sb. bow, Wa, PP ; bouwe, Wa 
bowes, //., PP ; boys, S3.— AS. bog^ct. 

Bowe-lyne, sb. bowline, MD ; "bawJ 
lyne, Sa. ] 

Bowen, v. to bow, bend, submit, t< 
direct one's course, turn away, PP, Sa, Ca 
W; bonwe, Wa, PP; bogrhen, Sa, H 
bnwen, S ; ba^en, S ; bnben, S ; \rai 
S ; beien, S ; bowande, pr. p. obed: 
Sa ; bnes, pr. s., Sa. — AS. btigan, 

Boydekyn, sb. poniard, bodkin, N 

Prompt; l>oaekyii. Prompt; bojdeklns, 

//., C2. 

Boyste, sb. box, PP, Prompt., Cath. ; 
boyrt, MD; boist, C3.— OF. boiste (F. 

Bo^te ; see Biff ir«n- 

BraCy sb. a crashing somid, fragor ; 
liraoo, outcry, S.— IceL brak\ cp. AS. 

Brace, sb. couple of hounds. Prompt. — 
OF. brace, the two arms, a grasp; Lat. 
hrachia, pi. 

Bracer, sb, a guard for the left arm m 
archery, C ; braser, Voc. See Ascham, 
Toxophilus, ed. Arber, p. 108. 
Brade, sb, roast flesh, S; bMde, S. — 
—AS. br<kde. 
Bradit ; see Brajden. 
Brak ; see Broken. 
Brandy sb. brand, firebrand, sword, MD ; 
Inrond, brand, S2, C ; brondes, //., S ; 
Inands, 1. e. fire-side, S2 ; brondl*, torches, 
W.~AS. brand {brand). 
Branty adj. steep, high, MD, HD; 
teent, JD; brentetrt, super I. , S2. — AS. 
brant {bronf) ; cp. Swed. brant, Icel. braitr. 
Bras, sb. brass, C2; bres, S; br«M, 
S.— AS. bras. 
Brasten ; see Bresten. 
Bratfdl ; see Br«tftil. 
BraSy sb. violence, MD ; bra]))>«, dot., 
S.—Cp. Icel. brdS. See Bro«. 
Branny sb. brawn, CM; boards flesh, 
W; brawnes, //., muscles, C2. — OF. 
braon, Prov. bradon {brazon); Low Lat. 
bradonem ; see Ducange. 
Brayd e, sb. a quick movement, a start, 
a white, moment, MD, CM ; braid, S3 ; 
bragrdAS, //. grimaces, S2 ; bx«id«8, cun- 
ning tricks, MD. Phr. : at a brayde, in a 
moment, S2. — Icel. bragff, quick movement. 
Brayden, v. to draw, pull, to draw away 
quickly, to twist, braid, to start, to move 
quickly, hasten (intr.), to wake up, MD, 
Prompt, S2, CM ; breyda, CM, C 2 ; br«id«, 
W2 ; breyde, //. x., PP, CM, C2, C3 ; 
bzayda, MD ; bradit, S3 ; brold«n, pp., 
MD ; bxoydyii, laqueatus, Prompt. ; bray- 
den, MD ; browden, MD, JD ; browded, 
C, HD; bnmded, C2; broyded, WW; 
bnyded, MD. — AS. bregdan, pt. bragd 
(pL brugdon), pp. brogden. 
Brea- ; see Bre-. 

Bred, sb. bread, S, PP; breed, C2, W2 ; 
bned, S; bread, S; brad, S; brede^ S2; 
fcr— ae, dai.^ S.— O.North. briad. 



Bred, sb. board, tablet, MD, S (s.v.«;^ ; 
brede. Prompt. — AS. bred. 

Bred-ale, sb. bride-feast, S ; see Bryd- 

Brede, sb. bride, PP ; see Bryde. 

Brede, sb. roast-flesh, S ; see Brade. 

Brede, sb. breadth, S, S2, S3, C2, H ; 
breede, C, W2. Phr.\ on breid, on 
breadth, abroad, S3 ; did on breid, did a- 
broad, unfolded, S3. — AS. br<kdu. 

Breden, v. to spread, S, Prompt — ^AS. 

Breden, v. to roast, MD ; bret, /r. s., 
S.— AS. br<kdan. 

Breden, v. to breed, to produce, to be 
produced. MD, PP ; bredden, //-//., PP; 
i-bred, pp., S. — AS. bridan, to nourish. 
See Brode. 

Bred-gnme ; see Brydeffome. 

Bredpwritfte, sb. bread-wright, baker, 
S. See Bred. 

Breech, sb. pi. breeches, drawers, C2, 
C3; breoh. S; breohe, PP; brek, Voc. 
— AS. brie, pi. of brdc ; cp. Icel. brakr, pL 
of brSk. /-» / ^ ■ * 

Breed ; see Bredi 

Breels, sb. pi. wretches, HD, MD (p. 

Breken, v. to break, S, Sa, PP ; breoken, 
S ; bre<^, pr. s., S ; brao, //. j., S ; brek, 
S; breo, S2; brak, S2, PP; broken,//., 
S; y-broke, ^., S2; ibroke, S2.— AS. 
brecan, pt brae (pi. br&con)^ pp. brocen. 

Brek-gnrdel, sb. a breedi-girdle, MD ; 
brekgyrdylle, lumbare, Voc. ; breob- 
gerdel,MD; brelglrdel, MD ; briglrdll, 
MD ; bzygyrdyll. Prompt ; breifferdlis, 
//., purses, PP. See Breeoh. 

Breme, sb. bream. Prompt. ; brem, C. 
—OF. bresme (F. brime) ; OHG. brahsema. 

Breme, adj. fierce, angry, S, S2, S3, H, 
PP ; brem, S2 ; breme, adv.^ S2 ; breeme, 
C— AS. brime^ famous, noble. 

Bremely,^^?'. fiercely, furiously, loudly, 
Sa ; bremly, S2. 

Bremstoon ; see Brynston. 

Bren, sb. bran, S2, C, P.— OF. bren (F. 

Brene ; see Bmne. 

Brenke ; see Brink. 

Brennen, v. to bum, S2, S3, C, C2, 
PP, W; bren, S2 ; brinnen, S, S2 ; 
brende,//. s., S, S2, C2 ; brent, S2 ; bren- 
don, pL, S; brenneden, W; brende, 
brenned, brend, S2 ; brende, C ; bren- 
ten, W2; brend, pp., S, S2, C;'bre]^t, 



Ca, S3, W; y-brwUl, C3; y-brent, C— 
Icel. drenna; cp. Goth, brinnan, Cf. 

Brenningly, adv. ardently, fiercely, C. 

Brenty adj. steep, high, S2, JD ; see 

Breo- ; see Bre-« 

Brerdy sb. brim, margin, surface, top, S3, 
MD; bmrd, MD; brerde, MD.— AS. 
brerd, brim, top of a vessel, shore ; cp. 
OHG. brorty also Icel. broddr^ the front. 

Brerd-fcil, adv. brimful, MD ; bmrd- 
fol, S2. Cf. Bretfta 

BrerOy sb. briar, S3, W2; br»r, S3; 
breres, //., S, S3, C ; brvzis, W.— AS. 
brir, also br&re, pi. (GET). 

Bres ; see Bras. 

BresU, adj. brittle, H ; see BrlseL 

Bresty sb. breast, C ; breost, MD; 
breast, voice, S3; brsste, PP; bryst, 
MD.— AS. briost. 

Bresten, v. to burst, S2, Ca, W, MD ; 
brasten, S3, MD ; bersten, S, C ; brast, 
pt.s., C3, PP; barste, P; braste, //., 
C3, S2 ; brest,S3 ; brasten, pp.^ damaged, 
hurt severely, S2, MD. — led. brgsta, pt. 
brast, pp. brostmn; cp. AS. berstan. 

BretfU, adj. brimful, S3, C, PP, HD ; 
bratfiol, S2, PP; bredfU, PP. Cp. Swed. 
brdddful. See BrerdAO. 

BreSy sb. breath, vapour, voice, word, 
MD, PP, CM ; br^8e, dot., S.— AS. br<kti. 

Brethe, sb. anger, wrath, H ; bretb, H. 
— Icel. braHi, anger, from brdUr, hasty. 
See BroV. 

Brethir; seeBroiSer. 

Brenety sb. brief, letter of indulgence, P ; 
breuettes, //., P. — Late Lat. brevetum. 

Brewen. v. to brew, MD ; brew,//, s. 
contrived, Ca, PP; brenb, S2, PP.— AS. 
brJowan, pt. briawy pp. browen. 

Brewestere, brewster, P; brensters, 
//. ale-wives, female-brewers, S2, PP. 

Breydan ; see Brayden. 

Brid. sb. a young bird, PP, Ca, C3, W ; 
bridd,S; bridde,PP; bred,PP; bredde, 
PP ; berd, MD ; bird, MD ; briddes, //., 
Sa, C ; bryddes, 6a ; briddis, W, H ; 
bizds, S3 (a6. 1150).— AS. bHdd. 

Brigge, sb. bridge, PP, S, CM ; bmrr«, 
PP; breffffe, MD; bryrre, PP; brig, 
Sa. — AS. brycg\ cp. Icel. bryggja, 

Briggen, v. to bridge, S. 

Bxiicey sb, calamity, Ca ; see Bryk. 

Bxingen, v. to bring, S ; brobte, //. x., 


S; broohte, S; brou^te, Sa ; broalite, 
S; bro5te,S,S2; broiflit, //., Sa ; broht, 
tp. Sa ; brofrht, Sa ; bron^t, Sa ; ibro^t, 
Sa ; y-bro)t, Sa ; y-brouffht, C ; Ibroht, 
S ; ibronbt, Sa ; ibroobt, S. 

Brink, sb. brink, margin, MD ; brmike, 
dot., W ; brynke, MD.— Cp. Swed. brinks 
Icel. brekka. 

Brinnen ; see Brennen. 

Brisel, adj. brittle, H; bresll, H; 
brlssal, JD. See below. 

Brisen, v. to crush, MD ; brlssa, MD ; 
bresen,MD; brisld,//., W. 

Brisolds, wild cabbage, H. 

Britel, adj. brittle, fragile, MD ; l»ritU, 
S2, W ; brutel, MD ; brutU, CM ; "brotel, 
MD. — From base of AS. brutauy pt. pi. of 
briotariy to break. 

Britnen, v. to break, break up, MD ; 
bruttenet, pp. destroyed, slain, Sa ; bre- 
tynyd, HD. — AS. brytnian, to distribute, 

Britoner, sb. a man of Brittany, a 
Frenchman, P ; Brytonere, P ; see Bni« 

Br^t, adj. bright, S, PP ; brldit, S ; 
briot, S ; bkbt, S ; brifft, S ; "bxylit, Sa 
bry^t, Sa ; brihtre, comp.y S ; bri^ter, 
S ; briotest, superL, S.— AS. beorht. 

Bri^te, adv. brightly, MD; "brTirltte 

Br^tnesse, sb. brightness,Wa; iszlolit- 
nesse, S ; bribtnesse, S ; bxictniesse, 
S. — AS. beorhtnes. 

Brocage, a treaty by an agent, PP 
brokaifes, //., P. — OF. brocage^ ' exprim< 
I'id^e de ruse et de perfidie * (Godefroy). 

Broche, sb. brooch, match, spear, spit 
MD ; bronob, Sa ; brocb, C ; Jurothm 
pl.y Ca, PP.— OF. broche. 

Broohen, v. to spur, pierce through 
put on the spit, broach a cask, MD ; lyzoeii 
ede, //. J., Sa, PP.— OF. brocket-^ Pro^ 

Brockat, sb. a stag in its second or tfaiv 
year, HD, MD, Cotg. ; brekefc, MD ; Ino^ 
kettis,//., S3.— Cp. OF. brocart CCotg.). 

BrOCOnr, sb. broker, P ; brokoxur, P.^ 
AF. abrocour ; Low Lat. abrocator-ent (Di 
cange), from abrocare, to broach, a call 
from broca. See Brooke. 

Brod, adj. broad, S, Sa, PP ; 1>xood, C 
braid, S3 ; brode, C, PP ; braO*, S, S 
H ; broddeste, superU. Wa.— AS. brdd. 

Brode, adv. broadly, wide awake, Q\ 
widely, PP; broode, broadly, plainly, ^ 



Brode, sb. brood, S, Prompt — Cp. 
OHG. hnoe (Weigand). 

Broiden ; see BxayAen. 

Broky sb. brock, badger, Prompt. ; bzoo, 
W ; Inrookes, //., P ; lirokkys, PP.— AS. 
hvc; Olr. drocc. 

Brdk, sb, brook, PP ; l>rol», P.— AS. 

Brol, sb, a brat, child, MD, S3, PP ; 
brolU, P ; lirawl, ND. — Cp. Low 
Lat brollus, 'misercnlus' (Prompt, p. 

Brond ; see Brand. 

BroS, adj. violent, MD ; 'bn^p, MD ; 
Inaith, JD.— Icel. brdtSr, CI Br«5. 

"BroheML adj. violent, MD ; braitliftil, 
JD. "^ 

Brothel, sb. a wretch, PP, MD, HD ; 
brotbeU, Palsg. 

Brol>^iclLe, adv. violently, MD; 
tao]>d&, hastily, quickly, S2; braitlil7, 

^' ^ 
BroSer, sb. brother, PP ; gen. x., Ca ; 

InraiSere, //., S ; brelSer*, S ; InretMr, S3 ; 

tedSre, S ; briSer*, S ; bxvtbexeiL, C2, 

PP.— AS. br^or. 

BroSer-liedy sb. brotherhood, MD; 
InwtliarlLeda, C ; brltlMrbed, W ; bxitlMX- 

BroSer-rede, sb. fratemity, MD (p. 
354). — ^AS. brdtiorrSden. 

Brondedy//. braided, C3 ; see Brajdmi. 

Brondster, sb. embroiderer, JD. 

Broudynff , sb. embroidery; browdync* 

Bronkeily v. to use, enjoy, eat, PP, C, 
G; bnUcen, S; broken, S; broote, to 
endmre, S3 ; bmo, imp. s. use, S ; ibrokan, 
pp., S. — AS. bnUan, pt br^ac (pi. brucon), 
pp. brocen. 

Bronn, adj. brown, C, PP; bnm, sb. 
hx>wn horn, S. — AS. bnin. 

Bm-; see Bry-, Brl-, Broils. 

Bmtfge; see Briirg^. 

BnuE, sb. locust (« brtuhus), Wa, H; 
bmyk, H. — Or. fipovxos, fipovKos. 

Bmney sb. burning, S, MD ; brmie, Sa. 
—AS, bryru. 

Bmniay sb. corslet, coat of mail, S ; 
brinia, MD ; brini, HD, MD; bnme, 
MD ; brynlflres, //., S ; brenyes, HD.— 
Icel. brynja-. Goth, brunjo ; cp. AS. byme, 

Bimrd ; see Br«rd. 

Bnurten ; see Bresten. 

Bruty sb, Briton ; Bzattes, //., S. 



Bratayne, sb. Brittany, Sa. 

Bratil; seeBrltel. 

Bmtinery sb. a man of Brittany, a 
Frenchman, a swaggerer, PP ; Brjton«r«, 
P ; BritonMT, P. 

Bratneny v. to hew in pieces, MD; 
bmttenet,^. slain, Sa ; see Brltnen. 

Bryohe* adj, reduced, poor, Sa. — AS. 
brycty firaiL 

Bryd-ale, sb. marriage-feast, MD ; brl- 
dale, P, W ; bredala, S ; bmydaU, P ; 
bnUUle, S. — AS. bryd-ealOf a bride-ale, 

Brjrda, sb. bride, domiducay Voc., PP ; 
br«dA, PP ; bmyd, CM ; bmd, MD, S ; 
brld, MD. — AS. bryd-. OS. bnid\ cp. 
OHG. bnit (Otfrid). 

Bryde-gome, sb. bridegroom, MD ; 
bredgnma, S; brud^nme, MD. — AS. 
brydguma {bridgumd) ; cp. OHG. bniti- 
gomo (Otfrid). 

Bryky sb. misery, calamity, MD ; brik«, 
Ca ; bmolM, injury, MD. — AS. bryce. 

Bryllyn ; see BlrUm. 

BrymmOy sb. margin, shore, S, MD. — 
AS. mw, Sim, the sea ; cp. Icel. brim. 

Bvyn-fftOlly sb. sulphur, Voc, PP, Sa ; 
brTmston, Wa ; bremstoon, C, PP ; 
brinurtoon, C3 ; bnuurtan, H. — Cp. Icel. 

BrystjUo, sb. bristle. Prompt, Voc. ; 
berJflwi,//., C— From AS. byrstx OHG. 

Bvyttlyilge, sb. breaking up, S3. See 

Bm-; see Boiu, Bo-. 

Bmdela, sb, beadle, officer, PP ; bndtf ••, 
//., S; b«od«lM, Sa.— AS. by del \ cp. 
OHG. butil. Cf. B«d^ 

Bue, BnC; see B«n« 

BuggeHy V. to buy, S, Sa, PP; see 

Bugle, sb. wild ox, Sa, Prompt ; bngill, 
S3; bowgU, S3; bngla, buffalo-hom, 
bugle, MD.— OF. bugle \ Lat buculum 

Builen, v. to boil, Sa ; bnjUth, pr, s., 
Wa ; bnylyniT) pr. /., PP ; bllylldM^//. 
//., Wa.— OF. buillir'; Lat. bullire. 

Bule, sb. boil, PP ; bill*, //., W ; hjUm, 
PP; boUns, PP.— AS. byle; cp. G. beuU 

Bole ; see BoU. 

Bulle. sb. bull, papal rescript, P ; bUU, 
PP ; petition, PP ; bylU, PP.— Lat. buUa, 
D 2 



boss, stud, hence Late Lat. buHa^ seal, 
document with seal ; see Ducange. 

Bnlteily V. to boult, sift, C, Prompt. ; 
V>nlt«, Palsg.; IraltaAd, pp., S.— OF. 
huletery bureter, to sift through coarse 
cloth, from bure, coarse cloth ; Late Lat. 
burra ; see Ducange (s.v. buratare), 

Snlt-pele, sb. a sifter, Voc. 

Bumbasey v, to quilt with bombast, 
i. e. cotton wadding, Florio (p. a34a) ; 
ImmlMurt, pr. pi., S3. — From Milanese 
bombds ; Low Lat. bombacem, cotton ; from 
Gr. fi6iifiv^. 

Bnnunen, v, to taste, take a draught, 
MD ; biunmede, //. s. tasted, S2, P. 

Bun, //. prepared, Sa, MD ; see Bonn. 

Bunchen, v. to strike, MD, Prompt.; 
boaohede, //. s., S2 ; bonolied, P. 

Bunden; seeBindeii. 

Bur, sb. wind, storm, force, impetus, 
MD; bir, MD ; birr, HD ; blre, dot., 
W, MD; blrre, W; byrre, HD.— Icel. 
byrr, wind, storm. 

Bur, sb. the broad ring of iron behind 
the place for the hand on a tilting-spear, 
S3 ; burr, HD. 

Burda, sb. maiden, virgin, lady, S, S2, 
PP ; blrde, P ; berde, PP ; buirde, PP ; 
bnyrde, Sa, PP ; see Bryd*. 

Burdon, sb. burden, Manip. ; see Bur- 

Burdenous, €uij. burdensome, S3. 

Burdon, sb. mule ; bnrdoiMs, //., MD ; 
burdowns, MD. — ^Lat. burdonem (Vulg.). 

Burdoun, sb. droning sound, bass, MD, 
C. — OF. bourdon, a drone, the humming 
of bees, the drone of a bag-pipe (Cotg.). 

Bureth, v. it behoves, MD ; birr)>, 

•. s., S ; bnrtli, MD ; blm, MD ; b«ni, 

D ; blrrde, //. J., S ; bird, S2, MD ; 
bnrd, MD.— AS. ge-byrian ; cp. OHG. 
gi'burren, to happen (Otfrid). 

Burgage, sb. an estate held of a lord of 
a borough ; bnr^affes, pi., P ; boriraires, 
PP. — Low Lat. burgagium ; OF. bourgage 

BurgeiS, sb. burgess, MD ; bnrffAys, 
C, CM ; bnrffeU; //., S2, P ; bnrffeyses, 
P. — OF. burgeis ; Low Lat. burgensis. 

Burgh, sb, borough, town, fortress, 
shelter, MD ; bnrfflM, PP, CM ; bor^ha, 
PP ; borw, PP ; boniirl&» PP ; borowe, 
PP ; borb, S ; b1lro]^ S ; burh, S ; bor^ 
MD, S; blrl, MD, S; berle, S; borw^, 
S2; borwes, //., PP, MD.— AS. burh; 



Buriel, sb. tomb, S2; buxTd, Ss; 
biria, W ; biryel, S2 ; burials, //. the 
Catacombs, C3 ; biriels, W2 ; Uri^Us, 
W.— AS. byrgels. 

Burien, v. to bury, MD, S, PP ; birlen, 
MD, W2 ; berian, C3 ; bwy, MD, C3 ; 
byrlen, S; i-bTirred,;^^., S2.— AS. byrigan. 

Burien, sb. grave, MD; berUn, S. — 
AS. byrgen. 

Burinisse, sb. burial-place, MD ; 
barynes, H. — AS. byrignes. 

Bunoun, sb. burgeon, bud, MD ; Inir- 
loynTu ; bnrgon, HD ; burirloi&yB, //., 
S3 ; bnriojiui, H. — OF. borjon, in Cotg. 

Buxjounen, v. to bud, MD ; bnxiowiM, 
W2 ; bnrglonys, pr. s., S3 ; borironn«), 
pr. pi., S2 ; burlone)), PP ; bnrlonand, 
pr. p., H ; bnriowxiyxifir*) W. 

Bum, sb. man, S2, HD ; buxiM, Sa ; 
see 8«m. 

Bume, sh. spring of water, MD, S; 
bourne, S2 ; borne, S2 ; bnm, stream, S2. 
— AS. buma. 

Bumen, v. to burnish^ MD ; banned, 
pp., C ; bomed, S3.— OF. brunir, to bur- 
nish, polish, to make brown (Cotg.). See 
SkD. p. 789. 

Burnet, adj. brown, S3.— OF. brunet, 
brownish (Cotg.). 

Burnet, sb. cloth of brown colour, CM, 
MD.— OF. brunette (Cotg.) ; cp. Low Lat. 

BurSene, sb. burden, MD ; 'birUiin, 
W ; blrthnn, W2 ; bnrden, Maiiip.-^AS. 

Busch, sb. bush, wood, W, Wa, MD ; 
bnyscli, W ; bnsk, the head or tnft of a 
stalk of wheat, S; bush, S2, MD ; 'boske, 
S2; boskes,//., S2. 

Buschement, sb. ambush, MD ; Iraa- 
■liement, S3. Cp. OF. en-buschement, an 
ambuscade NED, (s.v. ambushmenf). 

Busken, v. to prepare oneself, to get 
ready, to go, to hasten, to prepare, dress, 
MD, H, S2, P ; bnielien, S2 ; boaken, S2. 
Icel. biiask (reflex.), to get oneself ready. 

Busldnge, sb. equipment, dress, MD, 
S3 ; boskinar, MD. 

Busteous, adj. noisy, S3 ; Imyvtons, 
W ; see Boistoiui. 

Busy, adj. busy, MD ; bl«l, S, W2; 
bisie, S; Msy, C2, P; bM7> C. — ^AS. 

Busyen, v. to busy, occupare^ MD; 
bisien, C3, Sa, W. 


Bnsynessey sb. business, activity, care, 
industry, MD, C, C3; MsiiLeMe, C3 ; 
1»6«yiieBM, S3 ; besTiiMi, H; bisTiMMMS, 

//., W2. 

Bu]>; see Ben. 
Bll]> ; see Big ir«n. 

BuilBl&y prep, and adv. above, S ; bniM, 
S ; Ixme, MD ; Imfon, S.— AS. be-ufan, 

BnxnilL, €utj. obedient, ready, willing, 
conrteons, PP ; boznm, S2, PP ; InuEom, 
CM ; Im^snm, S. See Bowen. 



Bnxmuliohe, adv. obediently, PP; 
boxnmly, S2 ; Imzomly, Ca. 

BllZll]lllie086y sb. obedience, PP; 
IrazomnMi, P ; 1>oiiimn*s, Sa. 

By-, prefix. See Bi- words. 

By, 'Bit prep, by, at, according to, S, Sa, 
with regard to, PP, S, Sa, S3 ; We, S ; b« 
S,S3. Fkr.:\rfaiA\xj,adv.inimt6\sXt\y, 
S3 ; in order, separately, C, Prompt., MD. 

By, V. to dwell, build, Ca ; see Bigr^n. 

Byggyng, sb. building, Sa. 

By^e; seeBelj. 


C- ; see also under K. 

Caas, sb. case, circumstance, chance, C ; 
kas, Sa ; cms, S3; oas, Sa, Ca.— AF. cos ; 
Lat. casum (ace), a fill, from eadere, to 

CaaSy. sb. case, qniver, C ; see Oasse. 

Cabaa, sb. hut, small room, MD, PP ; 
oaMn, MD. — OF. cabane\ cp. Low Lat. 
cahanna, capanna ; see Brachet. 

Crabine, sb. a shed made of boughs, 
Cotg. (s. V. cabane) ; oaMn, small enclosed 
place, Sh. 

CMliliet, sb. small shed, arbour, S3. — 
OF. cabinet, an arbour in a garden, Cotg. ; 
cp. It. caHnetto (Florio). 

CacdiOliy ^* to catch, to chase, MD, 
C3, P; katohMi, MD; iMooli i i , MD; 
ehaocslie, Sa ; ohaoen, MD ; oliaoi, MD ; 
caucht, S3 ; oaooe8,/r. j., Sa ; cahte,//. 
/., MD ; ca^te, Sa ; oauffbte, Ca ; oan^t, 
MD ; couirlit, MD ; caght, MD ; cahten, 
pi., MD; kel3t, MD; caht, pp. MD ; 
kan^, Wa. — OF. cockier, cacier (also cha- 
cier, chasser) ; Late Lat. captiare, from Lat. 
captare, freq. ol caper e, to take, to hold; see 

Cacli6-poly sb. a tax-gatherer, constable, 
bailiflf, MD, PP; oaliolipoIU, Prompt.; 
catclMpoms,//., W.— AF. cacchepole, OF. 
chacepol, chassipole ; cp. Low Lat. cachepol- 
lus, cacepollus, chacepollus, chassipullus. 
The form ccuepollus is met with in the 

Leges Ethelredi, see Schmid and Ducange 
The word probably meant at first the 

officer who collected from the tenant the 

fowls {pullos) paid as rent 

Oaclierel, sb. an inferior officer of jus- 
tice, MD ; kaolierelas, //., Sa.— OF. ca- 

cherel', cp. Low Lat cacherellas. 

C»«e ; see OlUM. 

C»ste, sb, dot. chest, S ; see Cheat. 

Caf, sb. chaff, H ; see Chat 

Caitif, adj. and sb, captive, miserable 
wretch, MD, W, C3, H ; oaytlf, Ca ; oay- 
tine, P ; oaitifiMi, //., S3 ; caytliies, S3 ; 
kaytofiis, Sa.— AF. caitif: Prov. captiu; 
Lat. capHuum (ace.); see Brachet (8.v. 

Caitifbe, sb, wretchedness, Sa. W, Wa, 
H; caytefte, Sa. — OF. caitivete\ Lat 

Calabre, sb, Calabrian fur, P, Sa (p. 
aoo); NQ. (5. la. a3a); calabere, P («). 
Comb. : calaber an^se, a person wearing 
an amice trimmed with calabre, P (»). 

Cald ; see Cold. 

Calengen, v. to accuse, to charge, Wa ; 
see dialenaen. 

Calewe, adj» bald, without hair, MD, 
Sa. — AS. calwo-, -stem of calu ; cp. OHG. 
chalo (gen. chdlawes), and Lat. caluus. 

Calls, sb. chalice, S,MD, SkD; oUaliii, 
MD ; oliaJys, Voc. ; calloe, dot. S, SkD. 
—OF. caliz ; Lat. calix ; also OF. calice ; 
Lat. calicem, 

Calle, sb, a caul, net for the hair (worn 
by women), MD, CM, SkD (s. v. caul), 

Callen, v. to call, S, Ca ; kalle, MD, 
Sa.— AS. ceallian ; cp. Icel. kalla. 

Callonr, adj. cool, fresh, healthy, JD, 
S3 ; caller, JD; canler, JD. 

Calme, adj, calm, MD.— OF. calme 

(Cotg.), It. calma (Florio) ; Low Lat cau- 

ma, heat (Vulg.) ; Gr. Ko-viia. 

Calmen, v. to become calm, MD ; caw- 

VLTtypp., S3.— OF. calmer, to quiet 

Cal-stOCke, sb,, cabbage-stalk, S3 ; cal- 



stok, Voc; oalstote, Palsg.; owrtoek, 
JD; oustoo, JD. See Cole. 

CanLamollay sd. camomile, Voc. ; ca- 
HMxnllle, Voc; oamamyla, Prompt.; 
oammamyll, Palsg.; oamomylle, MD; 
oammamyld, Ss; oanuuny, Voc. — Late 
Lat. camaviilla ; Gr. xa/«»^A*'7^o»'. 

Camely sh, camel, MD; oamelle, 
Prompt. ; oamaille, C2 ; oliamelle, 
Prompt.; oluunajle, MD. — OF. camel \ 
Lat. camelum (ace.) ; Gr. K&fjtrj\os ; Heb. 

Cameline, sd, camlet, MD. — OF. came- 
line ; Low Lat. canulinum, 

Camelot, sb. camlet, SkD ; oluuiielot, 
S3 ; cliainlet, Cotg.— OF. camelot (Cotg.) ; 
cp. Low Lat. camelotum, 

Cammadiiylcly sb. camomile, S3; see 
Oftiiuuiiollo . 

Camp, sb, contest, MD; comp, S; 
kemp, J D ; kampe, dai., MD. — AS. camp 
{comp) ; cp. Icel. kapp. 

Campe, cuij\ See Sempe. 

Campen, v. to contend, contest, esp. at 
foot-baU, MD, Prompt. — AS. campian, 

Campynga, sb. pedipiludiumy game of 
foot-bail, Prompt. 

Can, pr. s. can, knows, S, S2. Phr. : 
can )>ano, S ; see Smmen. 

Canceler, sb. chancellor, S ; see OliaTui- 

Caadel, sb. candle, MD; kandel, S; 
candlen, //. S2. — AS. candel {condet) ; Lat. 
candela ; cp. Icel. kyndill, candle, torch. 

Candel-messe, sb. Candlemass, MD ; 
oaadeL-nuuMe, dat.^ S, S2. — Cp. Icel. kyn~ 
dill-messa, in Church Lat candelaria, the 
feast of the Purification. 

Caaelley sb. cinnamon, S2, Voc, Cath. 
(«); oanylU, Cath.; oaael,W, W2.— AF. 
canelle ; Late Lat canellay cinnamon, also, 
a reed (Ducange), from Lat. canna. See 

Caaevas, sb. canvas, C3 ; oanyas, Voc. ; 
canwas, Voc. — AF. canevasy canevace\ 
Late Lat. canabacius, hempen cloth ; from 
OF. canve (F. chanvre\ hemp ; Late Lat. 
canndbum^ Lat. cannabis \ Gr. tedwafits. 

Caag, adj. foolish, lustful. MD ; oangres, 
sb. gen., fool's, S ; ka]i|res> //•, MD. See 
PP; Notes, (p. 241). 

Caagen, v. to befool, MD. 

Caag-liclie, adv. foolishly, MD. 

Caag-schipey sb. foolishness, MD. 

Caaker, sb. cancer, a disease, MD, W ; 


oankyr, Voc. ; oaaikcre, Voc— Lat. cancer, 
crab, an eating tumour, also, in pi. cancri, 

Caakerd,//. corrupted, S3. 

Caaae, sb. cane, reed, MD ; oaiie,Voc. — 
Lat canna ; Gr. Kkvva^ Kiunn\^ cane, reed ; 
Heb. qdneh. 

Caaae, sb. can, MD. W; oana, Voc. 
Cp. Late Lat. canna, a measure for liquids ; 
see Weigand (s.v. Kanne). 

Caaoa, sb. a rule, MD, PP; caiumn, 
MD; canon-law, PP. — Lat. canon i Gr. 
tcavdjv, a rule, standard, from tc^yrj, /cdymj, a 
cane, reed. See Oanna. 

Caaoaisea, v. to admit into the can on 
of the Mass, to canonize, MD ; to conse- 
crate, admit to the dignity of the papacy, 
MD. — Late Lat. canonizare. 

Caaoaistres, sb. pi. men skilled in 
canon-law or ecclesiastical law, PP. — OF. 
canoniste ; Late Lat. canonista. 

Caaoua, sb. a canon of a chapter, MD ; 
kaaiin, S; olianoim, S, Voc, C3» G; 
ciLanon, C3. — OF. canone, canoine {cha- 
noine) ; Church Lat. canonicum (ace.) one 
on the church-roll or list {canon). 

Caat. adj. lively, brave, cheerful, MD, 
S2, JD. 

Caat, sb. a portion, S3; comer, SkD, 
ND. — OF. cant; cp. It. canto, comer (^Flo- 

Caatel, sb. edge, piece, bit, Mr>, C, 
Prompt., Palsg.; kaatel, MD ; oantLe, Sh.. 
ND.— OF. cantel (F. chanteau). 

Caper-cailye, sb. capercailyie, JD. — 
Ir. capull'Coille, lit, the horse of the forest. 
See CapnL 

Capitaia, sb. captain, Ca ; eaptte^^iitt, 
S3. — OF. capiiain; Late Lat capitatteunt 
(ace.) captain, from Lat. caput. — Cf. Cli«ii«- 

Capitle, sb. the sum, the chief point, W ; 
see Cliapltre. 

Cappe, sb. cap, MD ; keppen, //., S. 

Capret, sb. a wild goat, W2 ; oapzwtis, 
//., W2; — Late Lat capretus-, cp. F. chnf- 

Capal, sb. horse, nag, MD., Prompt., 
PP, HD ; oapU, MD ; oapel, C3 ; oitplo, 
MD, PP,HD.— IceLyia^a//; Lat cah€Ulus\ 
cp. Ir. capullj Wei. cejffyl. 

Caracter, sb. a mark, sign, character, 
W; oareeter, W; oaxraote, Pal^. ; 
careote, PP ; oareot, W ; oaxaotes, pi^ 
HD; oareotes, PP.— Latf^ror/^^; Gr. 


Xapojcrffpy an engraved mark; cp. Prov. 


CJarayney s6. carrion, Sa ; see Caxoigne. 
Crarbonclef sd. a precious stone, MD ; 

oarbokyl, Voc ; diarlMncl*, MD ; oliar- 

Iraele, MD; oharliodla, Ca.— OF. car- 

boncU {carboucle^ charboucU) ; Lat. carhun- 
• adum (ace.). 

Crarde, sb. teasel. Prompt. ;— OF. carde ; 

Late Lat. cardum (ace), from Lat. carduus^ 

Cardeiiy v. to card wool, MD, Prompt., 

S3.— OF. carder^ It. cardare (Florio). 
CardiACle, sb. pain about the heart, PP, 

Cath. («.), C3 ; oardyacde. Prompt. ; car- 

diakylle, Cath., Voc. ; oardlake, Cath.— 

OF. cardiaqtu^ a malady of the heart 

(Cotg.) ; Late Lat. cardiaca^ * cordis passio *; 

Gr. tcaf^icucoty from xapBia, the heart. For 

the intrusion of / see Cronique. 
Care, sb, grief, S, C3, G; cayr, S3; 

kare, S2. — AS. cearu : OS. Jdara ; cp. 

OHG. cAara. 

Care-fall, adj. full of grief, S3, C ; kar. 

tal, Sa ; oaxeftiUloli, adv. anxiously, P ; 


Caren, v, to be anxious, MD ; karien, 

S ; eared, //. j., G ; //., P. — AS. cearian. 

Carf,//. s. cut, Ca ; see Xemen. 

Caritedy sb. charity, S ; see Chaxitee. 

Cark, Carke ; see Charge. 

Carl, sb. a man, rusticusy colonusy mart- 
tusy MD, C3.— Icel. karl'y cp. OHG. karl 


Carl-man, sb. a man ; oarman, MD ; 
earemane, MD; earlmen, pU S. — Icel. 
karlmaOr {karma6r)y a man, male. 

Carmey sb, a Carmelite friar ; karmee, 
//., S3.— OF. Carme (Bartsch); from 
Church Lat. Cannelus\ Heb. Carw^/,* cul- 
tivated land.' 

Caroigne, sb. carrion, MD, PP, C; 
earoyne, MD, PP ; caroin, Sa ; oareyne, 
MD, PP ; oareyn, Wa ; oarajne, MD, 
Sa; carainff, MD; kazynn,!!; oarlon, 
MD ; caren, MD ; karyn, MD ; eareyne, 
//. W. — OF. caroigne (F. charogne) ; cp. It. 
carogna ; from Lat. carOy flesh. See Crone. 

Caaroley sb. a round dance, singing, MD ; 
karole, a chain, MD ; oarolee, //., C ; 
oaroUee, MD.— OF. caroU {carolU); It. 
carolay a dance, song (Florio); Low Lat. 
carola, karola, a dancing, also, a chain (of 
pearls), see Ducange ; Lat. corollay a wreath ; 
dimin. of corona, — ALM. For another 
account of this word see SkD. 



Carolen, v. to dance in a ring, to sing, 
MD, PP. 

Carolingey sb. carolling, C3. 

Carpexiy v, to talk, to speak, to say, 
MD, C, S3 ; to rebuke, S3 ; oarpede,//. j., 
Sa ; earped, Sa, P.— Icel. karpa, to boast. 

Carpyng, sb. talking, P. 

Carre, sb. car, cart. Prompt.; eharre, 
MD ; okare, Voc., S3, W ; sohare, car- 
pentunty Voc. ; okar, Sa, S3, C, Ca ; 
ohaar, MD ; ekarle,//., W, Wa. H.— OF. 
carrty also car {char) ; Lat. carrum (ace.). 
A Celtic word, cp. Olr. carr (Windisch). 

Carry. V. carro vehere, to carry, MD; 
oarlen, Ca ; to drive, ride, travel, Sa ; y- 
oarled, Ca. — AF. carier (OF. charier^ 
charroier) ; Late Lat. carricare {carrigare), 
see Ducange. See Okarffen. 

Carte, sb. chariot, cart, MD ; kart, H 
(Ps. 67. 18). 

Cary, sb. a rough material, S3; see 

Casse, sb. box, chest, cover, Prompt. ; 
kaee. Prompt. ; eaas, C— OF. casse (AF. 
chasse) ; Lat. capsa ; cp. Gr. /i«£^. 

Casty sb. a throw, plan, intention, plot, 
MD, C, G ; oaste, P ; kaitis, //., H.— 
Icel. kast. 

Castely sb. village, small town (^rax/^/- 
luin)y W; ea et e l e, //., camp {—castrd^y 
Wa ; kastele, H (Ps. 77. 3a).— Late Lat. 
ccutellum, village (Vulg.), Lat. castellum^ 

Castel, sb. castle, S.— OF. castel {chas- 
tel). See above. 

Castel-weorces, sb. pi. fortifications, 
S, MD. 

Caeteily v. to cast, throw, to consider, 
imagine, purpose, design, S, Sa, S3, C ; 
kasten, MD, H ; kesten, MD, Sa ; oaste, 
pt. s., MD, Sa, S3, Ca, C3, G ; kast. Sa ; 
ke«t, S3 ; oasten, //., P, W ; kesten, 
Sa, W ; oastdden, W ; oasten, //>., MD, 
Ca ; 1-east, S ; y-oairt;, C3 ; ike«t, Sa ; 
ke«t, Sa ; oast, C3. PAr, : oaste tomee, 
tried tricks, G. — Icel. kasfa. 

Castyng, sb. a vomiting, W. 

Cat, sb. cat, Voc., MD; oatt, Voc.; 
kat, S. 

Catapnce, sb. name of a purgative 
plant, euphorbia, C ; oatapus, CM.— OF. 
catapuce {petite), garden spurge (Cotg.) ; 
Low Lat. catapotium, * medicamentum quod 
non diluitur, pillula * (Ducange) ; Gr. Kara- 
•ndriov, that can be gulped down, a pill, 
from v6tos, drink. Cp. Low Lat. cathapucia^ 

semen spurgie,* SB. 



Cat-dnke, s6, trefoil, S3, JD ; osUiike, 
JD; ketelokMi,//., H (Ps. 36. a). 

Catel, si, capital, property, wealth, CM, 
MD, Sa, Ca, C3, W ; katayl, Sa ; oateUe, 
Sa; oaUto, Sa ; ohatel, MD; clMtel, 
MD.— OF. cate/y chmtel\ Late Lat captcUcy 
capitate, property, principal; from Lat. 
capitalist from caputs the head. 

Catonr, ^^.a buyer of provisions, caterer, 
Palsg., G ; oater, S3.— OF. acateur, buyer, 
from acater (F. acheter\achapter\ Late Lat. 

CaOdOXly sb. security, surety, account, 
MD; oandonn, W. — Lat cautionem, se- 
curity, bond, warranty, from cautusy pp. of 
caiure, to be on one's guard. 

Candron, sb. cauldron, Wa.— AF. caud- 
roHy OF. chaudron. See Cliaud. 

Canri-maiiryy sb. the name of a coarse 
rough material, PP ; oanrimanrl, Sa ; 
kanxymanxj, PP ; oawxymawzy, PP in.). 
Cf. Cary. 

Cantele, sK caution, deceit, MD, 
Prompt. ; oawtale, S3; oautel,ND, Sh.— 
OF. cautele {cautelU) ; Lat cautcla, 

CantelOUS, adj. sly, deceitful, MD, ND, 
Sh. ; oautelouM, Wa. — OF. cautelos ; 
Late Lat. cautelosum (Ducange). 

Cavell, V, to divide by lot, JD ; see 

Cawmyty pp. calmed, S3 ; see Oalmen. 

Ca^te ; see Caoolien. 

Cedre, sb. cedar, MD, Wa (Job 40. la) ; 
oedres, //., Sa.- AF. cedre; Lat cedrum 
(ace.) ; Gr. Kitpos. 

Cedyr-tre, sb. cedar-tree, Voc ; ffjdyxe- 
tre, Voc. 

Ceelen, v. to line the walls or roof of a 
room, Prompt., MD ; selyn, Prompt; 
■e«led, //., W^W (s. V. cieled). 

Ceinte, sb. girdle, MD; Mynt, C— 
OF. ceinte ; Lat cinctay pp. f. of cingere. 

Celer, sb. cxWzXypromptuariumy Prompt., 
W (Lu. I a. 34), MD; ceUer, MD; seUer, 
G ; seUeer, G ; oelere, dat. S, H ; oeleris, 
pl.y Wa; Mlers, Wa.— AF. celer, OF. 
celicr ; Lat. cellarium. 

Celerer, sb. cellarer, Ca. 

Celicall, adj. heavenly, S3. 

Celle, sb. cell, a religious house, C, Ca ; 
•eUe. C ; seUes, //., P.— OF. celU ; Lat 

Celnre, sb. canopy, ceiling ; see Selure. 

Cementing, sb. hermetically sealing, 
C3. See Syxiient. 

Cendal, sb. a fine stuff (linen or silk), S, 


MD; Mndal, PP, ND, C; oend^, MD, 
HD, Prompt; aandel, PP, H; «Lat 
sindon^ W, Voc. ; o«nd^ Palsg. ; send- 
all«, Cath.; sendjUe, sandcUium, sindoy 
Cath.— OF. and AF. cendal (cp. Low Lat. 
cendcUumy sendalum) ; perhaps an adapta- 
tion of Gr. oivZitif, orig. Indian muslin, 
from Skt SindhUy India. 

Crentaure, sb. centaury, name of a plant 
C; oentozye, Alph. — OF. centaure; Lat. 
centaureay centaureum\ Gr. K^vravp^iov, 
from xivravpoSy a centaur. 

Ceptre, sb. sceptre, Ca, MD, Palsg.; 
e^stjx. Prompt ; oeptize, H (Ps. 44. 8). 
— AF. ceptre; Lat sceptrum; Gr. dntn- 
Tpoy, staff. 

Cerchen, v. to search, MD; oergyn. 
Prompt; Mxohen, MD ; shexeli, S3; 
Minaad, pr. p., S3 ; sliexolMd, pt. pi., S3. 
— OF. cercher {sercker) ; Lat. circare, to go 
round, from circus, a circle. 

Cercle, sb. circle, MD, C; MzOla. 
Prompt., Wa.— OF. cercle ; Lat circulum 
(ace.), dimin. of circus. 

Cerclen, v. to circle, MD; sixoiillt, 
PP't S3.— OF. cercler; Lat. circulare. 

Circulaty adj. revolving, S3. 

Cere, v. to cover with wax, SkD, C3 ; 
oexttd, pp. shrouded in waxed cloth, SkD. 
— Lat cerare, to wax, from cera, wax. 

Cere-dothy sb. waxed linen (for dead 
bodies), Sh. ; aearolotli, SkD. 

Cerements, sb. pi. (see above), Sh. 

Cezvey sb. wax taper, MD ; serge, MD, 
JD, Cath. ; oerges, //., S.— OF. cerge, 
cierge; Late Lat. ceria, fem. from Lat. 
cereus, from cera, wax. 

Cerialy adj. sacred to Ceres, C— Lat. 
Cerialis, Cerecdis. 

Cerionslj, adv. minutely, with full 
details, Sa, C3 ; see SexyowiOy. 

Certes, adv. certainly, S, Ca. C3 ; ser- 
te«, Sa, PP ; oertls, S3, P.— OF. ceries, 
(Constans) : OSp. certas ; Lat. certas, pL f. 
of certusy certain. 

Cerase, sb. ceruse, white lead, with 
which women painted their faces, MD ; 
oemce, C— OF. ceruse (Cotg.); Lat 
cerussa ; cp. Gr. KijpwTdvy a cerate or salve 
used as a cosmetic, from icriposy bees-wax. 

Cessen, v. to cease, Ca, C3; oe— n, 
MD. — AF. cesser ; Lat. cessare. 

Cetewale, sb. zedoary, a root resembling 
ginger, MD, Ca, Prompt., SB; aetewale, 
MD, HD; setwale. Prompt; aetoale. 
Prompt. ; sedewale, MD ; sedwala, MDj 


Md0waae,AlpIi. — ^AF. cetewdU^ O^.citoual, 
dtouart; Lovr Jjgit zedoarium ; Anh.jad- 
tadr (from the Persian). 
CeSen, sd. pi, countries, S ; see OtiBtS*. 
Cha^ sb, chaff, straw, MD ; ohaff, MD ; 
ehaflfe, W, Prompt; cliaf; MD; oa^ H; 
oafb, H.— AS. teaf, 

ChafTara, sh, business, selling, mer- 
chandise, S2, Ca, C3; olialBur, C3 ; chaf- 
aie, S; cl&efEkxe, S; ohapfSure, MD; 
chaapfkxe, MD.— AS. dap +/aru, a jour- 
ney, business ; cp. Icel. kaupfor. 
ChaflFJFfcreii, v, to chaffer, S3, C3, P, W. 
CihaAet, sb. a small stage or platform, 
S3, HD.— A dimin. of OF. chafaut, chaf- 
faut, see Ducange (s.v. ^haaffallum)* See 

' Skaffirat. 

Ghaine, sb, chain; ohajne, MD; 
clieTne, Prompt, Ca ; oliyiie, MD.— AF. 
chaim {chdne) ; OF. chaaine, cadene ; Lat. 

Chaire, seat, chair, MD; ohaj'ere, 
MD ; dialer, Wa ; clUMxe, S, MD.— AF. 
chaiire^ chaygre^ seat, throne; Lat cathcdra\ 
Or. moBitpa, 

Chald, adj. cold, S ; see Cold. 
Chalenga, sb, false claim, accusation, 
daim, MD, Wa ; calen^e, MD; ohal- 
aung^, MD-— AF. chalenge, chcUange, OF. 
calenge ; Lat. calumnia. 
Chalengen, v. to accuse, charge, claim, 
MD, W, Sa, P; chalaage, H; oalan- 
gynire, pr, p., Wa ; chalangeda, pt. s., 
Sa; clialanged, pp. accused. P. — AF. 

chaUnger, chalangery * calumniare.' 
Clialencfere, sb, accuser, Wa. 
duunber, sb. chamber, MD; duunlbar, 

MD ; sduumbyr, Voc; duunbTe, Ca, C3, 

PP; cl&ombTe,MD; ohaumbre, MD, PP ; 

diainniMre, MD; diainer, Voc.; cluil- 

mer, S3. — AF. chambre ; Lat. camera, 
COuunberere, sb. handmaid, MD, Sa, 

Cz ; cluunbrere, MD ; cliomb«rier, MD. 

— OF. chamberUre, 
CHiaillberlinff , sb. chamberlain ; 

cfianmbTUng, MD ; chaiiib«rleln,MD; 

gclianibwlejue, Voc. ; duunberlajn, 

MD ; dtamerlane, Voc— OF. chambre- 

Ufu: (cp. It camerlengo in Florio) ; OHG. 

chamarlinc ; Lat. camera + OHG.-//«r. On 

the suffix see SkD. 
dLamelle; seeCamel. 
diamelot, sb, camlet, S3 ; see Oamelot. 
Champaine, cuij. and sb. level, leyel 

country, CM, S3. — AF. champaigne. 
diampartde, sb. share in land, part- 



nership in power, C ; ohaaparty, S3. — 
OF. champart, field-rent, see Cotg.; Lat. 

CSiailipion, sb. a fighter in the duel, a 
champion, MD ; obampioiui, C, G. — AF. 
champion ; Late Lat. campionem, 

Chaii-; see diaun-. 

Chamonn; see Oaaoim. 

diape, sb. the locket of a scabbard, 
Cotg., Cath.; aoliap*, Cath. (».).— OF. 
chappe (Cotg.). 

Chapele, sb, chapel, S, MD; cliap«ll«, 
MD ; aohap^lU, Voc. — AF. chapeU, OF. 
capeie; Church Lat capella. 

Cliapelein, sb, chaplam, MD ; chapa- 
lajiM, MD, C ; chapaUynSi //., Sa.— AF. 
chapelein ; Church Lat. capellanus. 

Crhapiter, sb, the capital of a column, 
SkD.— OF. chapitel; Lat capitellum, 
dimin. of captit. 

Cliapitrey sb, a chapter, division of a 
book, a meeting of clergy, MD. PP ; chap- 
iter, S3; chapltMra, PP; chapitla, PP ; 
ohapitala, PP; oapitla, smnmary, W. — 
OF. chapitret chapitk; Lat capiiulum^ 
dimin. of capntt, 

Chapitra-lioiis, sb. chapter-house, PP ; 
ohapltel-hoiui, PP. 

diapmaily sb, merchant, C, PP ; chap- 
men, Sa, PP ; chcpmon, S ; chapmen, 
//., S, Sa, C3, PP.— AS. ciapman. 

Cliapmanhodey sb, trade, Sa, C3. 

Cliapolory, sb, a kind of scarf, S3 ; see 

Char, Chare, sb. car, S3 ; see Cane. 

Charbocldy sb. carbuncle (stone), Ca ; 
see Carbonde. 

ChardXIf v. to turn, S ; see Ohenren. 

Charge, ib. a load, injunction, responsi- 
bility, MD, Sa, C3, C, W; charohe, MD ; 
carke, S3 ; karke, MD ; cark, MD, G.— 
AF. charge f also kark, 

Chargen, v, to put a load on, to enjoin, 
MD, Sa ; to care for, W, Wa ; charchyng*, 
P^' p'i S3 ; 7-charffed, pp.y Sa ; charged, 
Sa. — AF. charger ; OF. cargier ; Late Lat. 
carricare. See Carry. 

Chargeouse, adj, burdensome, W; 
charlonae, Wa. 

Charitee, sb, charity, Ca ; charyte, Sa ; 
charlte, MD, Sa, G ; carlted, S ; karite>, 
MD. — AF. charite, OF. caritetf Prov. 
caritat ; Lat. caritatem. Cf. Cherte. 

Chari^f adj. sad, S.— AS. cearig; cp. OS. 
karag. See Care. 




Chsanel, sb. chamel-house, P, SkD. — 
AF. chamelj camel ; Lat. carnalem. 

Chartre, sb. prison, S, MD. — OF. char- 
tre, Ps. 141. 7 ; Lat. carcerem, see Brachet. 
For tr from original rr, compare OF. 
veintre ; Lat. vincere. 

Chartre, sb. charter, S, PP.— AF. char- 
tre ; Lat. chartula, dimin. of charta. 

CHiaSOy sb. hunting, pursuit, also, hunt- 
ing-ground, MD ; chas, MD ; ohaj'S, S3. 
• — AF. chace, hunting-ground. 

Crhaser, sb. hunter (horse), chaser, MD ; 
ohasexiB, pi., S2. 

C]ia>stelet, sb. little castle, domain, P. 
—OF. chastelet (Cotg.). See CaxteL 

CliaiSteleyne, sb. castellan, MD. — ^AF. 

Cliastien, v. to chastise, MD, S; 
oluurte, S2, C2, P.— AF. chastiery OF. 
castier ; Lat. castigare. 

Chastisen, v. to chastise, MD ; ohas- 
tyse, Ca. 

CKastsrng, sb. chastisement, P. 

Cliand, adj. hot. S2, PP.— OF. chaud, 
chald ; Late Lat. caldum ; from Lat. calidus: 

Chaunce, sb. chance, S2, C2, C3; 
eheance, MD; dieaiuce, MD; elians, 
MD; cliaxLce, S3. — OF. cheance\ Late 
Lat. cadentia, a falling, from cadere. 

CSianiLCel, sb. chancel, Prompt. ; cbAnn* 
cell, Palsg. ; chawnsylle, Voc. — OF. 
chancel 'j Late Lat. cancellus, chancel, 
screen; cp. Lat. cancelli, pi., latticework, 
dimin. of cancriy lattice work, from cancer, 
a crab. See Canker. 

Chaanceler, sb. chancellor. Prompt.; 
eliaxLceler, MD ; canceler, S. — AF. chan- 
celer, OF. canceller ; Late \jaX. cancellarius. 

Cliaimcellerie, sb. chancery, MD; 
ohancelerie, MD.— AF. chauncelerie. 

Chauncerye, sb. chancery, MD.— AF. 

CSiaunge, sb. change, C2. 

Chaungen, v. to change, MD, S2 ; 
ohaiugl, S ; ohonireii^ S2; Uohaairet,//., 
S.— AF. changer, OF. changter, cangier-, 
Low Lat. cambiare, to barter. 

Chaunger, sb. money-changer, W. 

Chaungyng, sb. changing, W2. 

Cliaimterie, sb. chantry for singing 
masses for the dead, C— AF. chaunterie, 
OF. chanterie ; Late Lat. cantaria, from 
Lat. cantare, to sing. 

Cliavel, sb. the jaw, MD ; ohavyl, MD ; 
cliawle, MD ; olianl, MD; chonla, MD ; 


cliol, S3; ohoU, MD.— AS. ceafl. 
further in SkD (s.v. jowl). 

Chavyl-bone, sb. jaw-bone, Prompt.; 
oliaTylbon, MD. 

Che- ; see CM-. 

Cheap, sb. bargain, S ; see Cliepe. 

Cheap-ildy sb. a female trader, S. See 

Chearre* v. to turn, S ; see CherreiL. 

CheaSy pt. s. chose, S ; see diesen. 

Checker, sb. exchequer, S3; see Sa- 

Cheefy sb. and adj. head, upper part, 
chief, MD, PP; chief, MD ; clie«f, PP ; 
ckef, MD ; chyf,PP.— OF. chef{kY. chief), 
cheve ; Late Lat. capum (ace.) ; cp. It. capo, 
Sp. cabo. 

Cheef-mete, sb. chief meat, PP, S2. 

Chees ; see Ckesen. 

Cheest; seeCliest. 

Cheffare, sb. business, S; see CSliaf- 

ChekeleWy adj. suffocating, HD ; see 

Cheken, v. to choke, suffocate, MD, 
Prompt., SkD. See NED (s. v. achoke). 

Cheker, sb. exchequer, PP; see 

Cheldy adj. cold, S2 ; see Cold. 

Chelde, sb. cold, PP. 

Chelden, v. to grow cold, S; 
MD. — AS. cealdian. 

Chdle, sb. chill, S, S2 ; see Cliil. 

Chele, sb. throat, fur made up from the 
fur about the marten's throat, S ; clieole, 
MD ; ckelle, MD.— AS. ceole, the throat ; 
cp. OHO. chHa (G. kehle). See Meirtlies- 

Chelle, sb. bowl, incense-vessel, S. — AS. 
ciella {cylle), a vessel for drinking^ ; cp. 
OHG. chella. 

Chemys, sb. chief mansion, JD ; see 

Chene; seeCkyne. 

Cheosen; seeCkesen. 

Chepe, sb. bargain, business, MD ; 
ckeap, S. Phr. : good ckepe, cheap, MD ; 
gfret ckep, plenty, cheapness, MO ; to 
good ckeep, too cheaply, G. — AS. cMp, 
business, purchase, price, also, cattle ; Icel. 
kaup, bargain; cp. OHG. >&^«/(Otfrid), 

Chepe, sb. Cheapside, S3, P. 

Chepen, v. to transact business, l>uy or 
sell, MD, S; okepet, /i>., S.— AS. <:<fa^«a«, 
to bargain. 


Chepingy sb, market, W; ohapjiitfw, 

Sj, p. — AS. c6apung, trade, commerce. 
Chepmon ; see dtapman. 
Cher, adj. dear, PP ; ohMre, MD. /'-ftr. : 
cker oner, careftil of, PP.— OF. cher; Lat 

^ dLeanUfChyy j^. an assembly of holy 

rulers, a hierarchy, S3; yaanmhy, SkD 

(p. 810). — OF. hierarchie; Gk. Upapxia; 

cp. It gerarchia, a hierarchy of angels 


Chere, <r^. a time, S ; see ClMnr*. 

Cherey sb. face, friendly welcome, S, 

MD, S2. S3, C3, G, C2; chi«xe, S3; 

ohMxe, S3 ; d&eexe, G ; oher, Sa ; oheer, 

W; dieres, //., wry faces, S.— AF. cherCt 

countenance,OF.^A^r^, head (Roland); Low 

Lat cara, the face, head; Gr. Kkpa\ see 

Ducange. Cp. E. cheer, 

CQiereiiy z^. to make good cheer, to 
make glad, MD, Prompt, S. 

Chadclie, v. to cherish, PP ; oliazjoe, 
Ca.— OF. cherir (pr. p. cherissant). 

Cherissixig, sb. cherishmg, PP. 

Cherl, sb. peasant, S, Sa, Ca, C3; 
ctaozle. Prompt. ; oharle, Voc— AS. ceorl; 
cp. MHG. kerl. Cf. Carl. 

Cherliche, adv. dearly, fondly, PP; 
eh«rU, Sa. See Clier. 

Cherrey sb. a turn, space of time, busi- 
ness, afiair, job, MD; ohere, S; diar, 
MD; diore, SkD (p. 792).— AS. cerr 
{cirr, cyrr) ; cp. OHG. chir. 

dierreny v. to turn, MD ; cliearr*, S ; 
Bliiizzeii, S; cluuren, S; €ihitT6m, pt. pL, 
S.— AS. cerran Uirran) ; cp. OHG. kiren 

Cliextey sb. charity, MD ; friendship. S3. 
—OF. cherte-y Lat. caritatem. Cf. OliarltM. 
CSherabim, sb. pi. chembim ; dienu 
fcym, Wa (Ps. 17. la); chembin, Sa ; 
dMraliyA, H. — Church Lat cherubim 
Vulg-); ^eb.cherubim,i^\.oi cherub. Cp. 
3F. cherubins, Ps. 1 7. 10. 
Chervelle, sb. chervil, PP ; oher«fUle, 
Vlph. ; ohimylles, //., PP.— AS. carfille, 
Voc) ; Lat caerifolium ; Gr. xakpk<pvKKw ; 
p. OF. cerfueil (Cotg.). 
CS^hezy, sb. cherry, Voc. ; obera, Voc. — 
>F. cerise \ Late Lat. cerasea, adj. from 
erasum, cherry ; from Gr. Kipaffos, cherry- 
ree ; see Diez. Cf. Clilrles. 
GhiOBbolley sb. a small onion, poppy- 
ead, Voc; olieMbolle, HD; ohesse- 
oUe, HD ; diespoUe, Voc. 
diese. sb. cheese, MD, Voc., S (18. 



643); adMM, Voc; owm, S.— O. Merc 

c/se (OET), AS. C(he ; Lat. caseus. 

ChMen, V. to choose, S, Sa, Ca, C3, G ; 

6]LeoM]i,S,S3,MD; ohM, imp.s.,S2 ; th—m, 

C3; ohOTM, S3; ohMM,// s., S; ohM, MD, 

Sa; olMM, MD, Sa, Ca, C3; ohMdt 

{weak), S3 ; onr«&, //., MD ; oiumh, S ; 
loozMi, /^., S ; ydioM, PP ; oomui, S. — 
AS. c/osan, pt. c/as (pi. curon), pp. r^^rw. 

Chesible, J^- chasuble, P ; ohMdbjU*, 
Voc; okMQTbU, Palsg. ; ohMypyl, Voc ; 
olie^rP7ll«i Prompt.— OF. *chasibie, cp. 
Church Lat. casibuta, casubula (OF. chcuu- 
bie); from casula, a sacerdotal vestment, 
from Lat. ^oja, a cottage. 

CheSOIUiy sb. cause, account, MD ; o]i«- 
ran, Sa, H ; olMSon, H. See JLoli— <wit». 

Chest, sb. jangling, strife, MD, P; 
chcast, MD ; oliMUrt*, MD ; ohMto, G, 
S ; oheMtUi, pi., W.— AS. c/asl. 

Chewt, sb. chest, ark, coffin, PP, MD ; 
ohmit, MD ; omrU, dal., S. Cf. Xlst. 

ChewteUf sb. chestnut-tree, Manip.; 
ohestoTn, C, MD; olieston, Voc— AF. 
cheslaine, OF. chastaigne; Lat caslanea; 
from Gr. tcd^ravov. 

Cliesten-trey sb. chestnut-tree, MD; 
ohestantM, Voc. 

Cb.esim, sb. cause, occasion, account, 
Sa, H ; see Chesoun. 

Cliesiinalliley adj. open to an accu- 
sation, H. 

CheVeRf sb. pi. countries, S ; see OidSS*. 

Clieiiaimcey sb. gain, profit, MD. 

CSienen, v. to succeed, to attain one's 
end, MD. C3, P; oliMuen, Sa.— OF. 
chevir, from chef. See 01ie«f. 

Clieiiesaiicef sb. success, profit, agree- 
ment, MD, PP ; ebenisannoe, agreement, 
bargain, PP, C. — OF. chevisance. 

Chenesen, v. to procure, to get, MD ; 
clievliMn, MD ; clieTiMi, to achieve one's 
purpose, Sa ; cheuyce, to lend, S3. — OF. 
chevir (pr. p. chevissant). 

CSieuetayn, sb. captain, Sa; dli«iie- 
t«yii. MD; cli«veiit«yii, Sa, PP, C; 
dienentiiyii, MD, PP; cli^fetiiyii, MD; 
oliivetcyn, MD; ohlftalffiM, PP.— AF. 
chevetayn {cheventeyn) ; Late Lat. capi- 
taneum, from Lat. capit- stem oicaput, head. 
Cf. Oapttaln. 

CSiewexiy v. to chew, S, Sa ; o]ieow«]i, 
MD.— AS. ciowan, pt. daw (pi. cuwan), 
pp. cawen. 

Cheyne, sb. chain, Ca ; see Oliaine. 

ChiboUey sb. a small, kind of onion, 



MD, Sa, P; elielK>le, a young onion, 
Palsg. ; o]iilK>le, PP ; sdiybboll*, Voc. ; 
oliesbolle, Voc— OF. ciboule\ Late Lat. 
caepulla from Lat. caepa, onion. Cp. It. 
cipolla, cyboU (Florio) and G. zwiebel, 
onion (Weigand). 

Chiden, v. to chide, dispute, MD; 
chid, MD ; imp. j., S ; oMt, pr. s., MD, 
C3; dilddwi, pt, pi,, S, W.— AS. ddan, 
pt. ddde, 

Crhily sb. chill, coolness, MD, SkD; 
ohele, S, S3, P.— AS. ciele (Voc), cyle, 

Chilce, sb, childishness, S. Chile ; for 
AS. cild-\-s; see Sievers, 358. For the 
French spelling, cf. Milca. 

Child, sb, child, the child of a noble 
house, a title of honour, young knight, S ; 
did, S, MD ; ohildre, //., S, S3 ; ohilder, 
MD, S, S2 ; oyldren, S ; cheldren, S ; 
diUdrene, gen,, S.— AS. eildy pi. eild, also 
eildrut and in O. North. eildOy eildas, 

Childen, v, to bring forth children, Wa. 

Child-had, sb. childhood, S; olilid^ 
liede, dat., C2.— AS. eildhdd. 

Chimney, sb, furnace, oven, also, fire- 
place, Sh, PP («.) ; chyiniiey, W ; chym- 
neye, PP.— AF. ehimeneey OF. eheminee ; 
Late Lat. eaminataf a room with a stove ; 
from Lat. eaminusy a furnace ; Gr. Kd/jiivos. 

Chinche, eulj. and sb, niggardly, a nig- 
gard, MD, CM ; cMclie, MD ; diyncMs, 
//., H. — OF. ehichey miserable, niggardly 
(Cotg.) : Sp.M/f<?, small; Lat. «V^«w (ace), 
the core of a pomegranate, a mere trifle. 

Chinchen, v. to be niggardly. Prompt. 

Chincherie, sb. miserliness, Prompt. 

Chirche, sb. church, S, S3, W3, PP, 
CM; olmrclie, S, S3, PP; cherolie, S2, 
C3 ; klrke, S, S2, P ; kyrke, P, Voc, S3 ; 
klrc, S3 ; Circe, S, Voc. ; cyrce, S.— AS. 
eyree ; cp. OHG. kiriehd (Tatian). 

Chirche-^Ong^, sb. churching of women, 
S3, MD. — Cp. leel. kirkju-ganga, 

Chirche-haie, sb. cemetery, MD; 
ohTTolieliaye, Voc. 

Chirche-^eard, sb. church-yard, MD ; 
oliyrcliejarde, Prompt. ; li^ke^erde, 
Voc ; kyxirartli, Voc. ; cyxoe-iflBrd, S.— 
Icel. kirkju-garSr, 

Chirch-SOCne, sb, congregation, S.— 
AS. eiric'sdcn (Schmid) ; cp. Icel. kirkju- 

Chiries, sb, pi, cherries, S3, P. See 

ChiriFtyme, sb, cherry-time, P. 

'^hirken, v, to twitter, chirp, MD, CM. 


Chirkynff, sb. a grating, stridulent. 
hissing sound, C, CM; diyrkynire) sibil 
latuSy Prompt. 

Chirm, sb, noise of birds, MD ; charm, 
ND ; chlrme, dcU.y S.— AS. cirniy eyrm, ^ 

Chirmen, v, to chirp and twitter, MD: 
cherme, Palsg. ; chynnyB, /r. J., S3. See 
SkD (S.V. ehirp\ and Brugmann, § 430. 

Chisel, sb. chisel, MD ; ckysel, Prompt.i 
chTSseU, S3 ; cbesyU, MD ; Bclieselle, 
Voc ; scescUe, Voc— North F. chisel, OF. 
cisely It. cesellOy see SkD (p. 793). 

Chit, pr. s. disputes, C3 ; see Cliiden. ' 

Chiteren, v. to twitter, MD, CM ; to 
chatter, C3. 

Chitering, sb. twittering, MD; oliy- 
teryng, S3. 

Chivache, sb. riding, expedition, CM, 
MD, C3 ; chivacUe, C ; chciraclie, CM. 
— AF. chivauchcy ehevauchee, OF, cheval- 
chee, from chevalchier, to ride on horse- 
back, from chevaly horse; Lat. cctbtUlum[ 
(ace). See Capul. 

Chiualer, sb. chevalier, knight, PP; 
dieualere, MD. — AF. chevaler. 

Chivalrie, sb. the knights of Christen^ 
dom, S3 ; dievalrye, MD ; cliyvalrie^ 
knightly deeds, MD ; cMiuOrye, 03.— AF. 
chivalrie, chevalerie. ' 

Chiueren, v. to shiver, tremble. Prompt \ 
SkD (s. V. shiver) ; cheueren, PP ; sliee- 
uerlnff, pr. p., S3.— Cp. Du. huiveren, to 

Chiueringe, sb. shivering, trembling; 
diynerynire} Prompt, p. 75 ; diyuezynir, 
Palsg., Prompt. 

Chois, sb. and adj, choice, MD, C3: 
clioys, MD, C, C3.— OF. chois, cots, from 
choisir, coisir, to choose. Of Teutonic 
origin. See diescn. < 

Choisly, adv. choicely, MD; obyslji 

Choi; seeCliaTel. | 

Chold, adj. cold, S ; see Cold. 
Choppen, v, to chop, cut, mince, MD; 

Chorle ; see CherL 

Chrisolyte, sb. chrysolite, 3; cry^ 
solyt, SkD.— Lat. chrysolithus (Vulg.); 
Gr. x/>v<r($A.idos, * gold stone.' 

Chroniqne, sb. chronicle, C; sec 
Cronique. I 

Churren, v. to turn, S ; see Olierxen. 

Chymmys, sb, chief mansion^ S31 


elMiiiTS, JD.— OF. chef-^mes (Bartsch.). 
(hefmois, diief mauor house (Cotg.) ; Late 
Lat capmansum (ace.) ; see Dncange (s. v. 
caput manst). See Cb«efl 

Clljmney, sb. frunace, W; see Cliim- 

ChynchiSf sb, pL niggards, H; see 



\ dmiey sb, chink, fissure, Wa ; 

//., Sa, MD ; ohyimes, S3. — AS. cinu, 

Chjnnyngy sb. chink, S3. 

Chyp, V, to chip, S3. See OhoppMi. 

Chynneny v, to chirp, S3 ; see OUr- 

Cliyslyy adv. choicely, S2 ; see Olioitflj. 

Chyssell, sb. chisel, S3 ; see OhlseL 

CSildatlin, sb. a costly silk texture, S ; 
oidailoiin, MD, Ca ; siolatoiin, MD ; 
I olGlatiiiis, pi., S. — OF. ciclatun in Roland 
[q). loel. stklatun) ; cp. Arab, siqldt, a fine 

CipreSy sb. cypress, MD ; elpx«Mi, Ca ; 
ejvnm, Palsg. ; dprMwe, MD. — OF. 
^^€s; Lat. cupressus, cyparissusi Gr. 

Circe, <r^. church, S, Voa ; see OUzoIm. 
Circe-wican, sb, dot, church-dwelling, 

GSstemey sb. cistern, Joseph's pit, MD, 
Cath. ; sistezne, MD ; setrtem*, Prompt 
—Lat cistema, (Vulg.). 
dfltemessey sb. Joseph's pit, S. 
Citee, sb. city, MD, Ca, C3 ; ojt«, MD ; 
KTte, Prompt. ; soite, S ; dtM, MD, Ca, 
C3; die, S, Sa, Cath.— AF. citCy OF. 
Hut', Lat ciuitcUem, a community of citi- 

CSiteseiny sb. citizen, MD; oltMeTn, 
tV (Acts a 2. a6); oyteMyiM, Prompt. — 
A.F. ciieseyn, citezein: Prov. ctutadan, 
-iptadan ; Late Lat. *civitadanum. 
CSitinery j^. citizen, JD; oTtteiMz*, 

Citole, sb, cithern, C, MD,CM; ojteto, 
V^oc.— AF. citoU, OF. ry^Aj/Zir ( = Lat. cith- 
ira\ Ps. 56. 8 ; cp. Low Lat. citola, (Voc.) ; 
Lat cithara ; Gr. KiB&pa, also Hl0apis ; cp. 
^haldee qithdros, Dan. 3. 5. See CMteme. 
Citolerery sb, a player on the cithern ; 
Vt^l^reT} Voc. 

CStrinacioim, sb. the turning to the 
»lour of citron (in alchemy), C3, CM. 
Citriney adf. citron-coloured, MD. — 
>F. citrin ; Lat citrinus, 
CSitnTy sb, dtron-tree, MD. Comb,: 

ojtyr-tr*. Prompt ; eitiir tr««, MD. — 
OF, citre ; Lat. citrum (ace.). 

Clam, adj, sticky, H, MD. 

Clam, //. s, climbed, Sa ; danb, Ca ; 
see Olimbmi. 

Clanljchy adv. purely, Sa ; see Olmie. 

Clappen, v. to make a noise like the 
clapper of a mill, MD, Palsg ; to chatter, 
Ca, C3.— Icel. klappa. 

Clapping, sb, chatter, idle talk, Ca. 

Clapsan, v, to clasp, C, CM; see 

Claret, sb, a spiced wine, MD, Prompt. 
dUr«, MD ; oburz*, C, MD ; dUrzy, MD. 
—OF. claret {KY. clare); Late Lat cla- 
return and claratum. See 01«re. 

Clariflen, v, to glorify, MD, W, H 
(Ps. 19. i).—OF. clarifier; Lat clarificare 

Clarionn, sb. clarion, C, MD ; olM7- 
oae. Prompt — OF. clarion (F. clairon). 

Clarre, sb, a spiced wine, C, CM ; see 

Claspan, v, to clasp, Palsg. ; oUpMn, 
C, CM. 

Clauster, sb, cloister, MD; olo«t«r, 
MD ; olanctzMi, //., Sa.— Lat claustrum 
{clostrum), whence Icel. klaustr, AS. cliis- 
ter, Cf. Oloistor. 

Claver, sb, clover, trifolium, Voc., MD ; 
olsvyr, S3; elorez*, Voc. — AS. cldfre 
(OET.), also clafre, (Voc.); cp. Dan. 

Claw, sb. hoof, Voc. ; olan, Voc. ; olaw- 
WMNi, //., S ; olu^lfl, S3 ; olawes, claws 
of bird, Ca. — AS. cldwu, hoof; cp. Icel. 
klauf, see Weigand (s.y. klaue), 

Clawen, v, to scratch, stroke, MD ; 
dowe, to scratch, PP. Phr. : to olaw tli« 
back, to flatter, S3. Comb, : cUw-baok, 
sb, flatterer, sycophant, Cotg. {%,y,Jlateur), 

Cleche, sb. hook, MD ; olMk, HD. 

Clechen, v. to seize, MD, HD ; oUke, 
MD ; cUikls, pr, s., S3 ; olabte, pt, s., 
MD ; oUuolit, pp.y MD. 

Cled, //. s. clothed, S3 ; see 01otli«n. 

Clee, sb, hoof, Wa.— AS. cUo, See 

Clef, pi» s, split, Sa ; see OUnen. 

Clei. sb, clay, Wa, MD ; oUy, Prompt.; 
W (John 9. 6), Voc.— AS. cla^. 

Clemen, v, to plaster with clay, to 
daub, to smear, MD, Sa ; olemyd,//., glued, 
H. — AS. clSman, firom cldm, clay. 



Clenclien, v. to clench, seize, PP; to 
twang the harp, S ; olenten, //. //., em- 
brace, S ; deynt, pp.y fixed, MD. — Cp. 
OHG. kknken (in in-klenken), to fasten 

Clene, a^'. clean, MD, S; adv. entirely, 
penituSf MD, S, S2 ; olenner, comp.y W2. 
— AS. cl<kne ; cp. OHG. kleini, fine, tender, 
kUinOi * penitus ' (Otfrid). 
Clengen, v. to cling, Sa ,* see Clin^en. 
Clenlich, adj. cleanly, MD ; oUnllclie, 
adv, purely, S ; clanlycli, S2 ; dennUke, 
S ; denll, entirely, S. — AS. cl^nlic. 

ClenneSy sb. pnrity, S2; olennesse, 
Wa; olenesse, S. — AS. cl^nnis. 
Clensien, v. to cleanse, MD ; dansi. 
S; dennsenn, S; y-olense, S3. — AS. 
{ge) Mnsian,see Sievers, 185. 
Clensinge, sd. cleansing, S. 
Cleo ; see Clyffe. 

Clepen, v. to call, S2, Ca, W, W2 ; 
depien, S; deoplsn, S ; dupien, MD, S2 ; 
deopede,//.^., S; dupede, S; depide, S2. 
W; depte, S2 ; depud, S2 ; depet, S2 ; 
depit, S3 ; i-deopet, pp., S ; i-dep«d, S ; 
7-depiLd, S2 ; y-deped, C3 ; deped, S2, 
Ca ; dept, Sa ; 7-dept, C3 ; Idepet, Sa ; 
iduped, S2 ; Idyped, S3. — AS. cleopian. 
Clepyng, sb. a calling, W. 
ClerOy adj. clear, bright, glorious, Ca, 
W, Wa ; deer, MD ; der, MD ; dler, 
MD. — AF. cler ; Lat. clarum. 
Clerenesse, sb, brightness, W ; deer- 
iie«, C3. 
Clerete, sb, brightness, W. 
Clergeon, sb. a chorister, little priest, 
young scholar, MD, Ca. — AF. clergeon; 
cp. Sp. clerizon (Minsheu). 
Clergial, adj. learned, C3 ; der^ealy, 
adv. in clerkly wise, P. 
Clergie, sb. (i) the clergy, (a) the cleri- 
cal profession, (3) book-learning, MD ; 
dargy, H. — OF. clergic. Sp. clerecia, 
clergy; Late Lat. clericia, the clergy, 
learning ; see Constans. 
\ Clerk, sb, clergyman, scholar, secretary, 
Ca ; dexo, S, MD ; derkes, pi,, S, Ca, C3, 
P ; derekes, S ; derken, gen. pi, Sa. — 
OF. clerc (AF. clerk) ; Church Lat. cleri- 
cum (ace) ; Gr. KkrfpiKds, from nk^pos, a lot, 
in eccl. writers, the clergy. 
Cler-matin, sb. a kind of com for 
grindmg, MD, Sa, PP. 

Clene, sb dwelling, bedroom, bed, MD, 
S ; kleue, MD.— AS. cUo/a, a recess, den, 


bed, chamber ; cp. Icel. klefi, a closet, bed< 

Crleuen, v, to split asunder, MD, P 

deoue, MD ; denes, pr. s.^S; dlat, pt. s. 

MD ; def, MD, Sa ; deef, MD ; tilerede 

G ; douen,//., Sa ; dofenn,^., S ; done 

W.— AS. cUo/an, pt. cliafi^X. clufon), pp 

Clenen, v. to cleave, adhere, MD, W2, 
PP; dinyn, Prompt. ; dluen, S; dyueii, 
PP; cUned,//. s,, S; deuede, Wa.— AS 
clifian {cleqfian); OHG. klebht (Otfirid). 

Cleuering, pr. p. clinging, holding 01 
by claws, S3. See Clluer. 

Cleynt, pp. fixed, MD ; see Claiicliein. 

Clicclie ; see Clodien. 

Cliket, sb. a kind of lock or fastening 
PP, CM ; dyket, PP, Voc. ; dykyt, Voc 
— OF. cliquette (Bartsch), fi-om cltquer, ti 
click, snap ; cp. Low Lat. cliquetus. 

Cliketed, pp. fastened with a latch, PP 

Crlimben, v, to climb, MD ; dymbeB 
C2 ; dam, pt, s., S2, MD ; damb, Ca 
domb, MD ; domben, //., C ; donOM 
Ca. — AS. climban, pt. clamb (pL clumbon) 
pp. clumben, 

Clingen, v. to shrivel up, wither, t< 
cling, MD, S, ND. Sh; dengen, Sa 
dynffen, Sa ; dang, //. s., MD ; tUtm^ 
pi., MD ; duniren, pp., MD. — AS. clin^an 
pt. clang (pi. clungon), pp. clungcn, 

Clippe ; see Cluppen. 

Clippen, V, to clip, shear, S, Ca, MD.- 
Icel. klippa. 

Cniuey sb. cliff, S ; see ClyfTe. 

Cliuen, v, to deave, adhere, S; se 

Cliuer, cuij, eager, sharp, MD, Skl>. 

Cliuer, sb, claw, S ; cUvxmi, //., S.-^ 
AS. clifer, 

Clobbedf adj, like a club, rough, Ci 
dubbed, MD. See Olubbe. 

Cloche, sb, claw, PP; doke, m> 
duke, S3 (s. v. cat), JD ; deutfk, JTl 
dokls,//., H. 

Clochen, v, to clutch, PP; dv 
PP, HD, SkD; donohe, PP; 
PP; oUodie, PP. 

Clocken, v. to limp, hobble, PF 
dokke, PP.— OF. cloquer {clocher\ tolin^ 
(Cotg.), also eloper \ Prov. clopchar\ Lo^ 
Lat. *clopptcare, from cloppus; see IHJ 
(p. 550). I 

Clodde ; see Olot. 

Glofeim; see OleiMn. 


Cloister, sb, cloister, MD; tfloistM, 
C3 ; cloystre, C; doys^, Prompt — ^AF. 
cloister, OF. cloistre (F. cloitre), Cf. 

Cloisterer, sb. cloister-monk, Ca. 

Clom, sb. silence, Sa ; see Clum. 

Clomsen, v. to be benumbed, stnpified, 
PP, H. See Clnm. 

Clomstnes, sb. numbness, fixedness, H. 

CI0O8, adj\ close, C3 ; dos, MD.— AF. 
clos, closed, pp. of clore ; Lat. claudere. 

CI08, sh, an enclosure, a locked-up place, 
MD ; elooi, Prompt, 82 ; dojm, S3. 

Closen, V. to close, to enclose, MD. — 
From AF. clos, pp; Lat. clausum. See 



Closter« sb. cloister, MD ; see Olaiu 


dosnreSf sb. pi. enclosures, fiistenings, 


do^yngis, sb. pi. gates, Wa. 

Clot, sb. a clod, MD; olotto, Cath.; 

dodde, Prompt, Palsg., Manip. ; dottMi, 
//., lumps, Sa ; dottis, Wa. See Wei- 

gand (s. ▼. kloss). 

dote, sb. burdock, Voc., MD, Prompt, 

Alph.; doote, MD.— AS. cldte. 

Clote-lmr, sb. burr of the burdock, C3. 

Clote-leef, sb. leaf of the burdock, C3. 

Cloteren, v. to clot, coagulate, Prompt. ; 

«lod«r«n. Prompt. ; dotlurad, pp., C. 

Cloth, sb. cloth, clothing, S, Sa ; do]>«, 

S2; doSt, Sa; da», S; diOSM, pi., S; 
elotSes, S.— AS. cldS. 

Clothen, v. to clothe, S; dnilUii, S; 
dad, //. s., S3 ; ddSadMi, //., Sa ; y- 
dothad, >>?>., PP; y-dad,C3; dad, S3. 

donde, sb. a mass of rock, a hill, clod, 
Sa, MD; dnda, MD ; dowdys. //., MD 
(s. V. clof) ; dnddlB, masses of cloud, S3 ; 
daodls, H (Ps. 67. 37).— AS. cltld. 

dOVt, sb. clout, rag, W; dowt, C3; 
diitai^//.,S; d<mta«,Sa,S3,C3;dowta% 
Sa.— AS. Ml (OET.). 

douten, V. to patch, mend, S3 ; doi^- 
%»«, pr. p., Sa ; dontad, pp., provided 
^eith an iron plate, S3. 

Cloiie, pp' split, W ; see Olanan. 

dowe, V. to scratch, P ; see OUwan. 

Clowe, sb. a clove, pink, Prompt; 
^kFwaa, pl.y MD.— OF. clou, clo, a nail ; 
Lat clauum (ace.). 

dowe-gilofre, sb. a clove-gilly-fiower, 
Ca ; dowa-gylofiras, pi., Sa.— AF. (hue 
dc^Uqfrc. See 

Clubbe, sb. club, MD; dobba, MD. 
^Icel. klubba, klumba. 

Clubbed, adj. club-shaped, rough, MD, 
Prompt; dob1)ad, Ca. 

Clnoclie, z'. to clutch, PP ; seeCXadkan. 

Cluddis, sb. pi. massed of cloud, S3 ; 
see Clonda. 

Clnke; seeOiooiia. 

Clum, sb. stillness, silence, MD, CM ; 
Olom, Sa. 

Clumsen, v. to be benumbed, stupified, 
MD ; domaan, PP ; domsad,/^., set fitist, 
H ; diunst, H ; dumsyd, * enervatus,'Cath. 

Clumst-liede, sb. numbness, H. 

Clupien, v. to call, Sa ; see Ol^pan. 

Cluppen.z'. to embrace, S, MD; dyppa, 
Sa; dlppa Sa,MD; dappan,MD; dnyU, 
pt. s.y S.— AS. cfyppan, 

Cluster-loc, sb. enclosure, S. — AS. 
cliister-loc. See Olftiurtar. 

Clute; seeOlont. 

Cluvis, sb. pi. hoofs, S3 ; see Olaw. 

Clyffe. sb. cliff, MD; dyft, MD; 
diua, dot., S; daona, MD; dao, S; 
dluas, //., MD ; dauas, MD.— AS. clif 
(OET), pi. clcofu, cliofw, see Grein, Sieyers, 

Clymbare, sb. climber, S3. 

Clymbeu, v. to climb, Ca ; see OUm- 

Clyngen, v. to wither, to shrink, Sa ; see 

Cnawen, v. to know, S ; see Znowaa. 

Cnawle<^ien, v. to acknowledge, MD. 

Cnawlecliun£fe, sb. acknowledgments. 

Cnelinu^, sb. kneeling, S. 

Cneowe, sb. dot. knee, S ; see Zna. 

Cnibt, sb. knight S ; see Xni^. 

Cnotted,/^. knotted, S; liknattad, S ; 
see Znotta. 

Cnouwe, sb. ddt. knee, S ; see Sua. 

Cnowen, v, to know, S ; pp., Sa ; see 

Co-arten, v. to compel, constrain, HD ; 
ooartad, pp., S3. — ^Lat. co^arctare, to con- 
strain, compress. 

Cocatrice, sb. a serpent (»Lat basilis- 
cus = Heb. pethen, an adder or cobra), Wa ; 
aoaatryaa, basiliscus, cocodrUlus, Prompt ; 
kokatrioa, MD; aookatrlaa, WW.— OF. 
cocatrit, crocodile: Sp. cocadriM, basilisk, 
cocatrice (Minsheu). Cp. OokadxlU. 

Cocke, sb. in phr. : by aooka (a pro&ne 
oath), S3, ND; byaodk,Sh.; Oadc'apMh- 



sion, Sh. ; Cos mypamidon, Sh ; by cook 
and pio, Sh., ND, SkD (s. v. pie) ; for 
ookkea bonos, C3 ; for oocks body, * de 

par Dieu/ Palsg.— Cp. Grimm, p. 15 (».). 

Cocow; see CnJckow. 

Cod, sb. cod, pod, hnsk, MD; codde. 
Prompt, Palsg.; ooddls, //., W.— AS. 
codd, bag (Mark 6. 8). 

Cod, sb. pillow, Cath., MD; ooddls,//., 
HD. — Icel. koddiy pillow. 

Cof, adj, quick, MD ; kof, MD ; oono, 
MD ; oofe, adv.^ S ; oofer, comp.^ S. — AS. 
cdf\ cp. Icel. d-kafr, vehement. 

Coffes, sb, pi. cuffs, P ; see Cnffo. 

Cofin, sb. basket, MD; ooflyn, Wa; 
oofyne, paste, crast of a pie, MD ; ooflyns, 
//., baskets, S2 ; oofyns, W; oofynes, W. 
—OF. c^n ; Lat. cophinus (Vulg.) ; Gr. 
K6f^ivo9 (NT). 

Cofre, sb. box, coffer, MD, Ca, C3, P; 
oofer, S2; oofres, //., S2.— AF. cofre\ 
Lat. cophinum (ace.) ; see Brachet. 

Cofren, v. to put into a coffer, S3. 

Cog, sb. cog, tooth on the rim of a wheel, 
MD ; koir, Voc. ; oogge, dot., S. 

Cognisannce, sb. knowledge, MD; 
oognisaaoo, that by which something is 
known, Sh ; oonisantes, //., badges, S3. — 
AF. conisaunce^ knowledge, OF. eognois- 
sance, from cognoissant^ pr. p. of cognoistre ; 
Lat. cognoscere. 

Coife, sb. coif, cap, MD; ooyfe, S3, 
Prompt., Palsg.— OF. coiffe ; Low Lat. cofea. 
Cf. Cnffe. 

Coint, adj. knowing, prudent, skilful, 
sly, neat, fine, quaint, MD ; koynt, MD ; 
quoynte, MD ; queynto, MD, S3, Ca ; 
quaynte, MD ; queynt, MD ; quaynt, H. 
—OF. cointe^ prudent, trim, fiiendly; Lat. 

Cointoliche, adv. skilfully^ neatly, 
quaintly, MD ; quoynteUolie, MD ; 
qneynteUob, MD ; quesmteU, S3 ; queln- 
toliolLe, Sa ; qiLaintelye, Sa. 

Cointise, sb. art, skill, cunning, MD ; 
quolnttae, MD, Sa ; quaattae, H; queyn- 
tise, MD, S3 ; qiLaintls, H.— OF. coin- 

CoitOy sb. quoit ; ooyto, Prompt., Palsg., 
Manip. ; ooltls, //., S3. Cp. the v. coitj 
JD ; OF. coitieTf to push, press (Bartsch). 

Coiton, V, to play quoits, Prompt., 

Cok, J^. cook, Sa; ook«i,//., C3, PP; 
kokes, PP.— AS. c6c\ Lat. coquus, from 
^oquere, to cook. 


Cokedrill, sb. crocodile, HD, MD ; 00- 
oadryUe, Voc.; ookodzlUes, //., HD ; 
oooodrllly, Trev. i. 131, MD. — ^Low Lat 
cocodrillus; cp. It. cocodrillo, a crocodile 

(Florio), Sp. cocodrillOf a serpent, croco- 
dile (Minsheu); Lat. crocodilus\ Gr. Kpo- 
Mo9€l\os. Cf. Cooatrloe. 

Cokeneyy sb. cook's assistant, scallion, 
undercook, petted child, cockney, MD, PP, 
Sa; oooknale, MD; ooknay, Prompt., 
Cadi. ; ookenay, CM ; oooknaye, Palsg. 
(s. T. bring); oookney, Sh.; kokeney, 
PP; ooknaye«,//.,S3. 

Coker, sb. quiver, also a kind of half- 
boots or gaiters, MD ; koker, MD ; cocnx 
Prompt, (see n.) ; ookeres,//., PP ; cook- 
ers, HD, ND. — AS. cocgr, a quiver. 

Coket, sb. a seal with which bread sol^ 
in London was stamped by a public officer; 
Ducange; oooket, Cath.(«.); certificate, 83, 

Cokety sb. a kind of fine bread stamped, 
PP, Sa. Cp. Low Lat. panis de coket, se€ 
Ducange (s. v. coket). See above. 

Cokewoldy sb. cuckold, CM; lcoke« 
wolde, P; knkwald, Voc.; oookewtddl 
MD; knkeweld, MD ; ookolde, MD| 
SkD. — Cp. Prov. cugol\ Lat. cucuium\ 
cuckoo. See Cukkow. I 

Col-y prefix y expressing depreciation, con' 
tempt. Comb. : — ool-foz, a crafty fox, C- 
ool-knlf, a big knife, MD ; ool-proplLe^ 
false prophet, ND; oold^prophe^ ND| 
oole-prophet, ND ; oolle-trair^toiur, ia\si 
juggler, CM (5. 348. 187). 

Cold, adj. cold, PP ; oliald, S ; kald 
S; oald, Sa, MD ; kold, S ; okolA, Si 
okeld, Sa ; oold, evil, G. — AS. ceald^ cald\ 
Goth, kalds from OTeut. ^kalan^ to freeze 
cp. Icel. kala (pt. k6ly pp. kalinn). 

ColdOy V. to grow cold, C3, MD. — ^AS 

Cole, sb. cabbage, cale, kail, Voc., MD 
oool, MD; kale, MD, H.— AS. cole (OET) 
cp. Icel. kdl; Lat. caulis, stalk, cabbage 
see Weigand (s. v. kohl). 

Cole, sb. charcoal, coal, S, Sa ; eoole 
MD; ooyUe, MD; ooUs, //., Ca, C3 
ooolia, W ; kolos, Sa.— AS. col (OErT). 

Cole, adj. cool, somewhat cold. Prompt. 
MD.— AS. cti; cp. OHG. kuali (OtfHd). 

Colon. V. to cool, MD, Prompt., G, H 
—AS. cSlian ; cp. OHG. kuaUn (Otfirid). 

Color, sb. collar, MD ; ooll«r, torquei 
Prompt.; oolera, //., P.— OF. coUr {^ 
collier) ; Lat. collare, from coUum, neck, | 


Cdtere, sd. anger, C, MD.— OF. colere; 
Lat cholera ; Gr. xo^^pa, an affection of the 

Coleriky adj, choleric, passionate, Ca, 
MD; coleryke, Cath. — Lat. choUricus, 
jbarmg one's bile affected ; Gr. x'^^f^^^i 
from x**^> g^- 

Coles, sb. pi, (?); in/>4r. : Bwaariiiff 
jfrwAxmn ooles, S3. 

CoUadouxif sb. conference, CM. — OF. 
tollacion, discourse, harangue ; Lat. colla- 
Horum, a bringing together, conferring. 

Colleily V. to embrace, Wa, MD ; kol^ 
len, S2. Der. : oollyngii, sb. //., Wa.— 
Cp. OF. colUe, a neck-embracement (Cotg.). 

CoUeriey sb. eye-salve, W; oolixit, 
MD ; colozye, HD.— Lat. collyrium ; Gr. 

CrOUoppay sb. a slice of flesh, carbonella^ 

Prompt., MD, Palsg. ; coUop, Cath., Cotg. 

(S.V. ribUtte) ; colope, Voc. ; o<>lop, Cath. 

(«.); eoloppe, PP; coUioppe, PP, Voc; 

eonip, Manip. ; o€lovoMy/>l., PP, Sa. 

CSdUymTy sb. colour, pretext, S3, Ca ; 

oolnr, S, MD. — AF. colur; Lat. colorem. 

CdL-ploilteS, sb. pi. cabbages, PP, Sa ; 
IwHa-plfcut— ,PP; eale-plaiitMi, PP. See 


CSoltre ; see Oolter. 

CSoluill'bmey sb. columbine (flower), 
Alph., MD,Sh ; ooliun1)yiie,Voc., Prompt. ; 
eolumby, S3. — OF. columbine ; Late Lat. 

Colv3rr; seeCnluer. 

Cdwie, adj\ grimy, S. 

Colwydy PP' carbofMtus, Prompt See 

CrOmanndey v. to command, PP, C; 
wrmandfm, MD ; comanndet, pt. s., Sa ; 
wmanda, Sa, MD ; ewiuuLd, Sa.— OF. 
wnander, commander; Late Lat. commen- 
iarey to order. Cf. ConMnden. 
ConUMmdemexit, sb. commandment, 
Z, PP ; oomandemeiLt, Ca. 
ComAIUidoiiry sb. commander, C3, PP ; 
loniaa&aoiir, Sa.---OF. commandeor\ Late 
jsX. commendcUorem. 
ComlMy sb. comb for hair, comb of a 
ird. Prompt, Voc.; komb, MD.— AS. 

CrOBllireiiy V. to encumber, overwhelm, 
ID, S3 ; ooaMxen, S3 ; coinl>res,/r. j., 
i2 ; eiunzit, pt. s., Sa ; dunmezlt, S3 ; 
umlifrmAfPp.y Sa. — OF. combrer, to hinder, 
om combre^ a heap, see Ducange (s. v. 
^mbray ; LsL cumulum (ace.). 



Comtee-WOrldy sb. comberer of the 
world, S3. 

Combust, pp. burnt, MD, C3.— Lat 
combusluSf pp. of comburere, to bum. 

Come, sb. a coming, S, Sa, C3 ; kWBA, 
S ; kime, S ; ohhm, S ; oomMi, pi., S. — 
AS. cyme. 

Com6ljniff sb. ttranger, W, Wa; 
knmelliig, MD ; oomlintf , W ; oomljBg, 
Sa ; ooBMUngis,//., W ; oumlyngls, H. 

Com^lly V. to come, S ; oiuMii, S ; ko- 
umb, S; omn, Sa; com, Sa; oimiiBdt, 
pr. p., S ; oomyndt, Sa ; oomlnd*, Sa ; 
oomsto, comest thou, Sa ; oom]>,/r. j., Sa ; 
com, //.j.,S, S2,G; oam, S,G,P; kam, 
S ; oome, a //. s., S, G ; ooman,//. //., S ; 
ooonMn, Ca ; oomen, MD, S, G ; oohm, 
Sa ; l-cam«B,//., S ; l^komMi, S ; Uoomm, 
S ; l-oonMn, S ; l-com«, S, Sa ; cam&xk, Sa, 
S3, G ; com*, Sa.— AS. cuman; cp. Goth. 

Comonden, v. to commend, Ca, PP; 
conunendcd, //., PP. — Lat. commendare, 
Cf. Comannde. 

ComorSy sb. pi., strangers, visiton, 
passers-by, Sa, PP ; com«rM, PP. 

Commodiidey sb. advantage, profit, S3, 
ND, Sh.— OF. commoditi (Cotg.); Lat 

Compy sb. contest, S ; see Caanp. 

CompainoiIIly sb. companion, MD. — 
OF. compagnon ; Late Lat. companionem, 

Companable. adj- sociable, PP, C; 
compaaaliile, H. — OF. compaignable 

Companiey sb. company, MD, Ca ; 
compaynye, S ; compainia, Sa. ■— OF. 
companie, from compain, an associate at 
meah ; from Lat. cum + pants, bread. 

ConiparisoiIIlv sb. comparison, MD, 
Ca.— OT. comparison ; Late Lat. comparor 

Comparisouneny v. to compare, MD, 
W (Mark 4. 30), Sa. 

Compas, sb. circle, circuit, device, craft, 
MD, C3, G; compaas, C; compaMM, 
S3; oumpaji, Wa. — OF. compos \ Late 
Lat. compassum (ace). 

Compassen, v. to go round, to devise, 
contrive, MD ; oumpas, Wa ; oonpaMWd, 
pp., S3. — AF. compasser. 

Compassyilff y sb. craft, contrivance, C. 

Compeir, v. to appear, S3. — OF. com- 
per-, tonic stem of compareir\ Lat. com- 
I CrOmpeTf sb. compeer, comrade^ C, Sa ; 



oomp«xe, Prompt. ; oumpcni, //., MD. — 
Of OF. origin ; Lat. comparem, (ace.). 

Compile, sb. the last church-service of 
the day, compline, MD ; oumplle, S, MD. 
— OF. coTnplie\ Church Lat. completa 

Compline, sd. compline, MD; com- 
plyn, MD; oumplyne, completoriuniy 
Prompt. See above. 

Composicioxi, sb. arrangement, agree- 
ment, C, Ca. — ^AF. composicion; Lat com- 

pomptroUer ; see Controller. 

Comsen, v. to commence, S3, PP, MD ; 
omnMn, 82, PP. — OF. comencer; Lat. 
com + initiate. 

Comnne, adj. common, PP ; comTm, 
MD; comyn, MD; comen, S3. — AF. 
commun ; Lat communem (ace). 

Comnne, ^b. the commons, commonalty, 
PP ; oommTuie, C3 ; comunes, //., PP ; 
oomynfli, Sa, PP. 

Comimlyclly adv. commonly, Sa ; 
eomimllolie, PP ; conmnly, Ca. 

Comyn, sb. cummin, Ca, MD, Prompt. ; 
bummyii, W. — OF. comin ; Lat. cyminum 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. ic^fuvov, 

Comynalte, sb. community, W3. — AF. 
communalte; OF. communaulte; Late Lat. 
*communalitatem, from communalis. 

Comyne, v. to commune, W, W3 ; 
oommune, C3. — OF. communier\ Lat 

Comynere, sb. participator, W. 

Conmite, sb. conmiunity, Wa ; eomu- 
neteVPP. — Lat. communitatem. 

Con, pr. s. can, know, S. Phr. : oon- 
]>oiik, thanks, S ; see Xunnen. 

Conabill, adj. suitable, convenient, B. — 
OF. cffuenabkt corwenable ; Late Lat cen- 

Cenand, sb. covenant, B; Connaad, B; 
Cnniuuid, B. — OF. convenanty agreeing, 
befitting, also, a covenant, pr. p. of con- 
venir; Lat. convenire. See Couenaiint. 

Conandly, adv. befittingly, S3. 

Conceipt, sb. imagination, fancy, idea, 

MD, S3; conceit, C3; conoeits, pl.y 

fantastic patterns, S3. 

Conceiven, v. to comprise, to conceive, 

to imagine, MD; eonceyne, PP. — OF. 

concevoir; Lat. concipere. 
Conduit, .r^. guidance, a conduit, MD ; 

oondut, MD ; condlte, MD ; condnyte, 

S^ ; onndytli, Voc ; condeth, MD ; knn^ 


dltes, pi, S3.— OF. conduit (Bartsch); 
Lat. conductuMf from conducere. 

ConfeMOn, v. to confess, to receive a 
confession, MD. — A.Y . confesser ; from Lat 
confessusy pp. olconfiteor. 

Confessor, sb, a confessor of Christianity 
before the heathen, a hearer of confessions, 
MD, S ; cnnfeesnm,//., S.— AF. confessor \ 
Church Lat. confessorem. 

Confiture, sb. an apothecar/s mixture, 
C3.— OF. confiture (Cotg.); Late Lat 

Confort, sb, comfort, C3, C, PP.— AF. 

Conforten, v. to strengthen, comfort, 
MD, C, P; connforte, Sa, PP.— AF. con- 
forter; Late Lat, conforiare', Lat. con-^ 
fortisy strong. 

Confonnden, v. to bring to confusion, 
C3 ; confoundet, //., PP.— AF. confoun- 
dre ; Lat confundere. 

ConfiiS, pp. put to confrision, C3, C, 
PP. — AF. confusy pp. ; Lat. confusum. 

Congie, 'v. to bid farewell to, dismiss, 
get rid of, PP ; congeye, PP, MD ; cnnffe, 
PP. — OF. congier, to dismiss, from congUi 
cumgiet; Late Lat commiatum, Lat com- 
meatum, permission to go. 

Conisantes, sb. pi, badges, S3; sec 

Coajeeten, v. to guess, suppose, MD 
S3. — Lat. conjectare. 

Coniectere, sb. diviner, Wa. 

Coajoignen, v. to conjoin, MD; oon< 
Innit,^., S3. — From OF. conjoignant^ pr 
p. of conjoindre ; Lat. conjungere, I 

Con-ioyninge, sb. conjoining, C3. 

Conne, v. to know, to be able, Sa, S3 
see Xnnnen. 

Conne, v. to test, examine, con, Ca, P 
kun, H; cnnnlen, SkD. — AS. cunnian 
to tiy to know. 

Conning, sb. science, skill, Ca, C5 
konninff, Ca ; eoninye, Sa ; knnnynffyMl 

Conning, adj. skilful, Ca. 

Conningly, adv. skilfully, Ca. 

Conrey, sb. division of troops, also pre 
vision, MD ; conrai, Sa. — OF. cunr* 

{conroi), equipage, arrangement, a divisic 

of troops (Bartsch) ; It. corredo, equipagi 

paraphernalia (Florio); Low Lat. corredtu^ 

conredium, equipage, provision, entertai] 

ment (Ducange) ; con + redium, a word ] 

Teut. origin. 

, S, S3, Ca ; e<m^ 

[ Cokseil, sb. counsel, 


■ell, G, C; consaU, PP.— OF. comeil; 
Lat consilium. 

Conseili, v, to advise, Sa: ooniallle, 
PP.— OF. conseillur. 
CkmstablOy sb. constable, warden, 
officer, C3, PP; oonestaUe, MD; enn- 
staUe, PP; ennestable, S.— OF. cone- 
stable ; Late Lat. comes siabuli, see Brachet 
Ckmstablesse, sb, constable's wife, S3, 

Constance, sb. constancy, Ca, MD.~ 
OF. Constance (Cotg.) ; Lat. constantia. 
Constoriey sb. an ecclesiastical court, 
PP, Sa ; consistoxle, PP, CM.— Church 
Lat consisiorium, a place of assembly, 
from Lat. consisterCf to stand together. 
Contek, sb. strife, contention, C, G, H, 
MD, CM ; contumely, MD ; eontak, MD ; 
conteke, HD ; conteck, HD, ND ; oon- 
tftkt, HD.— AF. contek. 
Conteken, v. to strive, MD. 
Contekonr, sb. one who quarrels, HD. 
Contenance, sb. look, gesture, outward 
appearance, encouragement, favour, MD, 
Sa, Ca ; oontenaunoe, PP, C3 ; ounten- 
aunce, Sa ; oountenaiioa, S3 ; oontin- 
aniico, G.— OF. contenance\ Late Lat. 
continentia, mien. 
Contesse; see OoontesM. 
Contrarie, adj. contrary, Ca, C3.— 
AF. contrarie (OF. contraire); Lat. con- 

Contrarien, v. to oppose, Ca.-— OF. 
contrarier ; Late Lat. contrariare. 
Contree, sb. country, MD, Ca, C3; 
contTe, MD, C ; contreie, Sa ; contr^je, 
Sa ; eontre, Sa, MD, C ; oontxai, Sa, 
MD. — OF. cmtree (AF. cuntree), Prov. 
contrada\ Late Lat. contrata, from Lat. 
fontra, see SkD. 
Control, sb. restrictive authority, Sh.— 
Of. contre-rdle, contre-rolle, a duplicate 
roll, used for verification, see Brachet, Cotg. 
{%. ▼. controlle). 

Control, V. to restrain, check, Sh. 
Controller, sb. superintendent, over- 
seer of accounts, Sh ; comptroller, S3. 
Controven, v. to contrive, MD, PP; 
fiontroeven, MD, Sa; oontraven, PP ; 
iKMiitriTen, MD. — AF. controvert con-i- 
pF. trover, to find, compose poetry ; Low 
Lat. tropare, from troptis, b. song, lit. a trope, 
turn of speech ; Gr. rp&iros, a turn. 
Conventicillis, sb. pi. assemblies, Wa. 
CrOUTeyen, v. to accompany, also to 



bring, MD.— AF. cunveier-. Late Lat con- 
viarCy to accompany. 

Conyng, sb. cony, rabbit, MD, Sa. S3, 
P; konynff, S; onnin, S; conlff. MD, 
HD ; cony. Prompt., HD ; oonlwi,//., S3. 
— AF. conyngy conyn, conil (pi. conis) ; Lat. 
cuniculum (ace.). 

Conyngere, sb. rabbit-warren, MD, 
HD ; oonnyng^z*, Prompt 

Coosted, pt. pi. went past, S3; see 

Coostei, sb. pi. properties, qualities, Sa ; 
see Cost. 

Coote ; see Goto. 

Cop, sb. top, head, MD. Sa, C. W, Wa ; 
ooppe, dot., MD, Wa ; ooppls,//., Wa. 

Cope, sb. cape, cope, Voc.,Sa, C ; kop«, 
S ; ooop«. Prompt, MD ; oopls, //., P.— • 
Cp. Icel. kdpa ; Late Lat. cdpa^ cappa. 

Copen, V. to cover with a cope, provide 
with a cope, PP, Sa ; lH>op«t,^., Sa. 

Coi|en, V. to barter, to meet, to have to 
do with, to encounter, S3, Sh.— Cp. Du. 
koopen, to buy. 

Coper, sb. copper, C3, MD; oopyr, 
Voc., Prompt. ; copper, MD.— Du. koper; 
Late Lat. cuper, cuprum, for Lat. cyprium 
{aes); from Cyprus; Gr. liinrpot, 

Coppe, sb. cup, Sa, P ; see Onppc. 

Corage, sb. heart, spirit, MD, C, Ca.— 
AF. corage. 

Coragenil, cuij. courageous, Sa, MD; 
coraffooiui, Ca. — OF. corageus. 

Coral, J^. coral, MD ; coralle. Prompt. ; 
conOl, Palsg., Manip. ; cnrall, S3.— OF. 
coral ; Lat. corcUlum, corallium ; Gr. icop&k^ 

Corasine, sb. a corrosive, S3; see 

Coraye, v. to curry a horse, MD; see 

Corbel, sb. raven, MD; eorhywl, Sa; 
corby, S3.— OF. corbel (F. corbeau) ; Late 
Lat. corvellum (ace), from Lat. coruus. 

Cordewane, sb. Spanish leather, Ca; 
cordewaa, MD; cordewayne, Voc.; 
cordwane. Prompt. ; cordnane, Voc. ; 
cordcn, MD. — OF. cordouan, corduan, 
Prov. cordoan, Sp. cordovdn, cordovan 
leather (Minsheu), from Cordova, name of 
a town in Andalusia. 

Cordwaner, sb. a worker in leather. 
Prompt. ; cordwaincr, SkD. — AF. corde- 
waner. See above. 

Core, fb. the heart, central part of firnit. 
Prompt, "MD.— OF. f<?r ; Lat ^iv. . .; 
£ 2 



Corionr, s6. currier, W ; onzloiir, W. 
See Onriy. 
Com, sd. a grain, com, MD, S, C3; 
ooren, S ; oomys, ^«»., S3 ; corns, pi., 
S2 ; ooniM, S3, PP, Ca, W.—AS. corn, 
Goth, kaum ; cp. Lat. grdftum ; see Brug- 
mann, § 306. 
Comyy <»^. strong of the com or malt 
(applied to ale), C3. 

Corone, sd. crown, MD, C2, C3; 
eoroune, MD, C2 ; oorowne, C ; oomna, 
MD ; oroune, S ; the tonsure, G ; onme, 
S ; knme, S ; cnm, S ; orounls, //., S3. 
— AF. corone {eoroune) ; I^t. corona, 
Coronen, v. to crown, MD ; ooxounen, 
S2, C2 ; orounl, MD, S2 ; j-eoxouned, 
pp., S2 ; y-oxoimed, S3 ; j-eoxoned, PP ; 
l-kxnned, S; cnmed, S.— OF. coroner 

Corosif, adj' corrosive, C3 ; oowoBive, 
sd., a corrosive, a caustic, ND ; eorslTe, 
ND ; oorasiue, S3 ; oorsye, S3 ; oonle, 
ND.— OF. corrost/y biting away. 
Coronr, sd, runner, W3 ; see Ciurxoiix. 
Com, si. curse, S3, G ; see Curs. 
Cors, sd. a body, a dead body, MD, S, 
C3, C3, PP ; corps, S3, Ca ; coxpls, S3.-— 
AF. corsy corps ; Lat. corpus, 
CorSi sd, course, S2 ; see Conrs. 
Corsainty sd, the body of a saint, a 
relic, MD ; corseynt, S2 ; cozselnt, CM, 
PP. — AF. corsaint ; Lat. corpus sanctum. 
Corser, sb. horsedealer, MD, S3, HD ; 
see Courser. 
Corsing, sb, exchange, barter, S2; 
horse-dealing, HD. 
Corsye, sb. a corrosive, S2 ; see Corosif. 
Cort, sb. court, MD ; see Court. 
CorteiSy cdj. courteous, Sa ; corteys, 
Sa; curteis, S3, C— AF. curteis\ Late 
Lat. cortensem^ curtensem, 
Cortei8li(^e« adv. courteously, PP; 
curteisly, C2. 
Cortesye, sb. courtesy, PP ; ourteysy, 
S2 ; curteisie, Sa, Ca, C3.— AF. curteisie. 
CommpablOy o^j* corruptible, C. 
Commpexiy v. to corrupt, MD; cor^ 
mmpen, C.— OF. corrumpre ; Lat. cor- 
CompcionSy sb. pi, sores, illnesses, PP. 
Cknruen,//. carved, S3, C; seeXczocu. 
Cos, sb. kiss, S, W, Wa ; see Cus. 
Cosan,/^. chosen, S; see Clicsen. 
CoMet. sb. a lamb brought up without 
her dam, S3, ND. 


Cosslie, sb. a little house,Prompt , Pal^. 
Cost, sb. rib, side of a human body, 
shore, coast, MD, Sa ; coste, Ca ; oostes, 
pl.,S2, P.— AF. coste ; Lat. costa. 
Cost, sb. nature, property, condition, 
manner, MD ; costas, //., properties, Sa ; 
coostei, Sa. Cf. Oust. 
Costage, sb. expense, Ca, HD. — OF. 
costage. See Costcn. 
Costard, sb. a kind of apple, Prompt., 
ND; humorous expression for the head, 
Sh, ND ; costarde, S3 ; costard, a cap, 
ND. It probably means the 'ribbed, 
apple.'— OF. coste + ard, see SkD (p. 79^)- 
Costaard-jagger, sb. costermonger, ND. 
Costard-mOXLger, sb. seller of apples, 
costermonger, SkD ; costard-mon^a*, 
Palsg. : costerd-monger, SkD; 
monger, ND. 
Coste, sb. cost, P ; const, MD ; 
Ca.— AF. cust, coust. 
Costen, V. to cost, MD ; coste, pt. s., 
Ca; costed, P; costcd, pp., P.— OF. 
coster {couster) ; Lat. constare, 
Costey, V' to coast, also to come near, 
approach, MD ; coosted, pt. pi. went past* 
S3.— OF. costoier (F. cdtoyer). See Oost. 
Costlewe, adj. costly, CM, MD ; oosrt*- 
lewe, Prompt. See -lewe. 
Cosyn, sb. cousin, C, PP ; cosiii, S, Sa ; 
cusyng, S3 ; cosyns, pi. kinsm«i, W ; 
cousyns, W.— AF. cosin {cousyn) ; cp. Late 
Lat. cosinus (Brachet) ; Lat. consobrinus. 
Cosynage, sb. kindred, fellowship, H j 
cusynagrC) xi. 

Cote, sb. cottage, S, Voc, C, Ca ; ootes^ 
//. sheep-cotes, S3 ; ooates, S3. — AS. coi^ 
also cyte (Grein) ; cf. OHG. cutti, *grex' 

Cote, sb. garment, coat, Sa, PP, S3, Ca, 
C; coote, C,W.-AF. r^/<f, OF. ccfUe, Pa 
31. 18 ; MHG. kotte, kutte. 
Cote-anuiire, sb. coat-armour, line^ 
coat with armorial bearings worn ovci 
armour, body-armour, S3, Ca, C. 
Coten, V. to provide vdth coats, Sa 
cotyd,^. clothed, S3. 
Couclie, sb. chamber, W. 
Conclien, v. to lay, place tc^fetha*, t 
lie down, MD, Sa, Ca, C3 ; ocnroliyS 

Prompt. ; oowolien, C— AF. cucher^ 

OF. colcher ; Lat. collocare. 
Conde, pt. s. could, Sa. See 
Coimforte, v. to comfort, Sa, PP, 

O w i tor tcii. 


Coimtey sb, county, shire, P, MD; 
eonntee, MD, PP.— AF. counie ; Late Lat. 

CrOlintesse,^^. countess, C2; ooatMM, 
Sa ; eantesse, S. — AF. coniesse, from OF. 
€(mte, comte ; Late Lat. comitem^ a count (a 
court dignity), in Lat. a companion. 

Countredfete, v. to comiterfeit, C, Ca ; 
oontrefbto, MD ; ooimtezfirt«d, pp.^ C3. 
—From OF. contrefet, contrefeit, pp. of 
<oiUrefetre, contrefaire\ Lat. contra -^facere. 

Cou niro- taille, sb. correspondence (of 
sound) ; in phr. : at tlie countxwtaille, with 
corresponding sonnd,C3. — OF. contretaHle^ 
the one part of a tally, the counter-tenor 
part in music (Cotg.). 

CrOuntrynffy sb, countering in music, 
S3; the plain chant, S3 («).— See S3 (p. 

Coupable, adj. culpable, PP ; enpabll, 
H.— OF. coupabk. 

Coupe, sb. fault, PP ; enlpe, PP, ND.— 
OF. coupe, colpe ; Lat. culpa. 

Coupe, sb. cup, S3 ; oape, S. — AF. cupe ; 
Lat cupa. Cf. Onvp«. 

Courben, v. to bend, MD ; oonxbed, 
//. J., P. — OF. courber ; Lat. curuare, 

Courcbe, sb. kerchief, S3; seeConer- 
^ ehiefl 

CoUTSy sb, running, course, MD, C2, C3 ; 
eom, S2. — AF. cours ; Lat. cursum (ace). 

Courser, sb. a steed, MD, C2 ; oour- 
•our, MD ; oowrcer, Prompt. — OF. cour- 
ner\ Late Lat. cursarium (ace.). 

COfUrser, sb. horse-dealer, Palsg. ; cor- 
isr, MD, S3 (s. V. horse) ; aooxMr, ND. 

Court, sb. court, enclosure, yard, PP, 
MD; curt, S; knrt, S; oort, MD; 
oomrte, PP. — AF. curt ; Late Lat. cortem ; 
Lat. cohortem, an enclosure. 

Courteislich, adv. courteously, PP; 
see Oortelaliclie. 

Courte-py, sb. short coat or cloak, PP, 
S2, C ; cowrteb7, Voc. ; kourt^bj, P ; 
o(mrt«-pie8, //., PP ; oonrt-plMi, PP.— 
Cp. Du. korty short +/y>, rough coat ; cp. 
E- pea in pea-jacket. 

Couthe, V. to make known, PP; see 
i Zytli«n. 

Couthe, pt. s, could, knew, S, Sa, S3 ; 
, pp., Sa ; coutli, C2 ; see Xmmnea. 

Coutlie, sb, kith, PP ; see Syth. 

Conoe, sb, den, Sa.— ONorth. c6fa, * spe- 
I Innca ' (John 11. 38). 

Coveiteu, v, to covet, MD, PP; 00- 



iMitlAn, pt, pi,, Wa.— AF. eaoeiter, OF. 
cteoeiHer\ Late Lat ^cupiditare. See 

Coveitise, sb, greed, avarice, PP; 
ooiwltTse, C3 ; eoiMtlM, PP ; ooiMtTM* 
Sa, S3 ; ooiMitisls,//., W.— OF. coveitise, 

Coveitous, A^'. covetous, MD ; oonsj- 
toiis, Sa ; ooiMtoiui, Sa.— OF. coveitus, 
AF. cuveitus ; Late Lat *cupiditosum. 

Coueuable. adj, proper, fit, agreeing, 
W, MD, Sa, H; omioiiable, S; oonaUU, 
H ; oonalile. Prompt. ; ennabll, H. — AF. 
cuvenable ; Late Lat. convenabilem. 

Couenaunt, sb, a covenant, PP ; ooii»- 
BMit, PP ; oovMid, MD ; oonuit, MD.— 
AF. covenant, OF. convenant, pr. p. of 
convenir, to agree ; Lat. eonuenire, 

Couentj. •r^' an assembly, a convent, MD, 
PP, Ca, C3; oonaat, PP.— OF. covets, 
convent ; Church Lat. conventus, from Lat. 
eonuenire, to come together. 

Couerehief, sb, kerchief, MD ; k«ii«s 
dhtof, MD; ktxohef, C3; kTrolMfli, 
Prompt; oonzclMf, HD; eourolM, S3; 
kezolM, Prompt.— OF. couvre-chef, cover- 
ing for the head (Cotg.). 

Coueren, v, to cover, MD, Ca ; keiM- 
rwi, MD, S3, P, W; ki»Mx«n, MD ; ky- 
naxwi, MD, W. — AF. covrir; Lat. co- 

Coveren, v. to gain, to heal, to recover 
one's health, MD, Sa, W; kenezen, MD, 
CM, PP; kuueMii, MD, Sa; kenoxA, 
//. J., H. — OF. cozfrer, (in recovrer) coubrer, 
to seize (Bartsch) ; Lat. -cuperare (in re- 
cuperare) ; cp. Late Lat. cuperamentum, 
acquisition (Ducange). 

Couert, adj. and sb. covert, hidden, a 
covert, MD ; oowurt, S3. — OF. covert, pp. 
of covrir, 

Couertnre, sb, bed-clothes, horse- 
cover, covering, MD, S; kunertor, S. — 
OF. coverture, 

Couine, sb, conspiracy, craft, deceit, 
trickery, S3, MD,HD; oot71m,C; oovIb, 
MD, ND ; OOT911, ND.— AF. covine, from 
OF. covenir, convenir ; Lat. eonuenire. 

Cow, sb, cow, MD, Voc. ; ku, S, MD, 
Voc; o<m,MD; 'kJimm,gen.s.,S\ ^,pl'i 
MD,S3; kl«,MD; kye, H ; kyn, MD, 
Sa, C ; kyne, S3, P ; k^n, Sa ; kyMi, 
PP; kl«i,Wa; ktn, MD, Sa, PP.— AS. 
^i pl- ^ ^^' cdna). 

Coward, euij. and sb. cowardly, a coward, 

MD, Ca.— AF. coward, cuard, c^. the 

heraldic term lion couard, a lion with bis 



tail between his legs, and the name for the 
hare in the old terms of hunting ' la cowarde 
ou la court cowe,^ i. e. short-tail. — Formed 
with the suffix -ard from OF. coe^ tail ; 
Lat Cauda. Cp. It. codardo, from coda^ a 

Cowardie, ^^. cowardice, C; oowardy, 
MD.— OF. couardie. 

Cowarti sb. covert, S3 ; see Ctouert. 

Cowde, CowthOi pt. s, could, knew, 
G ; see Konxien. 

Cowsclieti sL cushat, wood-pigeon, S3 ; 
oowscott, Voc; cowsliot, SkD.—AS. 
cdsceote (Voc), ciiscute (OET.). 

Coy, adj, still, quiet, MD, C, C2 ; sober, 
modestusy Prompt. — ^AF. coy^ quiet, OF. coiy 
Ps. 77. 13, also coit\ Lat. quietum. 

Crabbe, sb. crab, S, Voc., Prompt; also 
(in building) an archf fornix, cancer ^ MD. 
— AS. crabba ; cp. AF. crabbe. 

Crabbed, adj. shrewish, cross, bitter, 
C2, Palsg., MD, PP; orabljjcl, *awke or 
wrawe, cancerinusj Prompt. 

Craccben, v- to scratch, MD, PP, C ; 
prechen, S ; cark, JD. 

Craft, sb. might, power, ability, art, 
craft, deceit, MD, S, S2, C2 ; oreft, MD ; 
oraAes, pL trades, P.— AS. crceft\ cp. 
OHG. kraft (Otfrid). 

CrafU, adj. skilful, sly, MD, S2 ; 
crafty, C,P; orefti, S. 

Crafti-man, sb. artificer, W. 

Crage, sb. the neck, throat, S3, JD; 
orawe, the craw of fowls. Prompt., MD. — 
Cp. Du. kraagy neck, collar. 

Crak, sb. a thunder-peal, MD, Pkr, : 
orakkis of wer, cannon, B. 

Craken, v. to crack (like thunder), to 
cry out, to chatter, to break with a noise, 
MD, PP ; crakede, pt. j., S.— AS. cracian. 

Crammassfll, sb. and culj. crimson, S3 ; 
see Cxixnosine. 

Crammen, v. to cram, stuff, MD; 
oromxuen, MD ; orexxunyn, Prompt. ; 
i-oroxninet,//., S2. — ^AS. crammian. 

Crampe, sb. the cramp, Voc, Prompt., 
PP ; craumpe, CM. — OF. crampe (Cotg.) ; 
ODu. krampe. 

Crane, sb. crane (bird), MD, Voc; 
kraaes, pi., MD ; crennls, S3 ; orones, 
MD.— AS. cran (Voc). 

Crasen, v. to break, MD; erased,//., 
S3, C3 ; exasld, PP. Cp. Swed. krasa, to 
break in pieces. 

Cratcbe, sb. manger, W, W2 ; oratoh, 
HD, Cotg. (s. y. creichc); craoohe, Voc, 


Prompt. ; oreeehe, MD. — OF. creche : 
Prov. crepcha, crepia ; OHG. crippea (Ta- 
tian). Cf. Crlbbe. 

Cranen, v. to crave, beg earnestly, S, 
MD., to prosecute, accuse, MD. — AS. cra- 
fian, * petere, postulare * ; cp. Low Lat. cra- 
vardy m judicium mittere (also written 
gravare)y see Schmid, Ducange. 

Crawand, pr. p. crowing, S3 ; see 

Creat, PP- created, MD.— Lat. creatus, 
pp. oicreare. 

Creatonr, sb. Creator, C3. — OF. crea^ 
tour; Lat. crecUorem. 

Creature, sb. creature, MD ; creatonr, 
MD; creator, S2. — OF. crecUure; Lat. 

Creaunce, sb. belief, MD, C3; cre- 
ance, S2, C3. — OF. creance, credence; 
Late Lat. credentia. 

Creauncen, v. to borrow, MD. 

Creaunt, pr. p. and adj. submitting as 
conquered, MD, PP ; in phr. : cry * ore- 
annt,' MD. — OF. crdant; Lat. credentem. 

Crecben, v. to scratch, S; see 

Crede, sb. the Creed, S, C3, PP ; credo, 
S, PP. — Lat. credo, I believe. 

Credens3nige,.j^. believing, S3. 

Crefbi, adj. crafty, S ; see Crafti. 

Creme, sb. the sacred oil used in anoint- 
ing, chrism, Voc, HD, MD ; cream, HD ; 
creame, Palsg. ; creyme, S2, Voc. ; Phr.-. 
hille of crexne, i.e. the Mount of Olives, 
MD. — OP. cresme ; Church Lat. chrisma ; 
Gr. xP^^f^^' Cf. Crisme. 

Cremelen, v. to anoint with oil or fat, 
MD ; y-crymyled, pp., PP ; kremelya, 
MD ; orymailed, PP.— OF. cresmeler, to 
anoint with holy oil. 

Crempe, v. to draw in, S. Cf. G. 
krdmpfen. See Crampe. 

Crennis, sb. pi. cranes, S3 ; see Crane. 

Crepen, v. to creep, S, C2 ; crope, 
MD ; oreap, pt. s., MD ; crep, MD ; 
orope, MD ; 2pt.s.,V; ompen, pl.,MD ; 
crepte, pt. s. {weak), MD ; cropen, >^., 
MD. — AS. criopan, pt. criap (pi. crupHm)y 
pp. cropen. 

Create, sb. crest (of bird, helmet), sum- 
mit, MD, Prompt. ; oreistis, //., S3. — 
OF. creste; Lat. crista. 

Cresten, adj. Christian, S2; see Cristeiu 

Creyme, sb, the sacred oil, S2 ; see 

Cribbef sb, crib, manger; oxib, MD» 


crybbe. Prompt. ; ozlbbe, S, MD. Cp. 
OHG. crippea (Tatian). 

CMke, sb, creek, MD; kxike, MD, S; 
ezjrke, C, Prompt — ^Icel. kriki. 

Crimosiney sb, and adj. crimson, S3; 
czimosin, SkD; cranunasyii, S3. — OF. 
cramaisin {cramoist) ; Low Lat. camusi- 
num ; from Pers. qirmisi, crimson ; from 
Skt. kifni, a worm, insect, (i. e. the cochi- 
neal insect). 

Crismey sb. consecrated oil for anoint- 
ing, MD ; oxTsme, oil, Prompt. — Church 
Lat. christna, sacred oil ; Gr. xp^aita, Cf. 

Crisme-cliildi sb. the child anointed at 
baptism, MD. 

Crisme-clo^y sb. the chrisom, the cloth 
tied round the head of the anomted child, 
S. Cp. Church Lat. chrismalis pannus. 

CSnBOiney sb. the chrisom-doth, cris- 
maUf Voc. ; erjmomm, Palsg. ; oriaom, 
Cotg. (s. V. cresmeau). 

Cristy adj. and sb. anointed, Christ, MD, 
82, W, W2.— Lat. Christus; Gr. XP^ar6%, 

Cristen, adj. and sb. Christian, S, C2, 
C3 ; cliristen, S, S2 ; or«sten, S2. — ^Lat. 

Cristendom, sb. Christianity, S, S2, C3; 
Gzystendoxn, S2. — A.S. cristendSm. 

Cristeiily» (^v. in a Christian manner, 

Cristes-messOy sb. Christmas, MD ; 
B, C2 



Cristientey sb. Christendom, MD; 
crijrtianto, S3; oriBtlaaytee, 82, C3.— 
OF. crestiente^ cristientet; Church Lat. 

Cristnieiiy v. to make Christian, to 
baptize, MD, 82 ; 1-Gxlstn«d, //., 82 ; y- 
cxistned, pp., 82; eristned, C3.— AS. 

CritomUly sb. pi. refuse of the frying- 
pan, W2.— OF. Cretans (Cotg.). 

Chrocliettey sb. a small hook, crotchet 
Cin music), MD ; crochettes, //. crockets, 
S3.— OF. crochet (Bartsch). 

Cxofty sb. field, enclosure, PP. 82, MD. — 
AS. croft ; cp. ODu. crocht, a field on the 
downs. • 

Crohy sb. a crock, waterpot, MD ; or668, 
>>/., 8. 

CroiSy sb. cross, PP, 8, 83 ; ozoys, PP, 
S2, C2, C3; orolK, MD; orolo«, MD, 
3 a.— OF, croiSy croiz; Lat. cr&cem, see 
Srachet Cf. Orouobe, Oros. 

Croky sb, a hook, curl, a crooked way, 
wile, deceit, MD, Voc ; orok«s, //., S ; 
crooks, HD. Phr. : w«Bt on oroko, went 
astray, H. — Icel. krdkr. 

Crokeny v. to bend, to curl hair, to turn 
aside, MD, W2 ; oroldd, pp. curved, W2 ; 
1-ozokod, 8. 

Crokety sb. curl, MD, HD. 

Crokke. sb. crock, pot, S2, PP ; orooke, 
S, Voc. — AS. crocca. 

Crom-boUdy sb. crumb-bowl, S3. 

Crommey sb. crumb, C3; onunmo, 
MD; onuno, MD; czomo, MD; ozowm, 
Voc — AS. cruma. 

Crommeny v. to cram, MD, S2 ; see 

.Croney sb. an old hag, 82, MD, C3; 
0Z01I7, SkD. Cp. ODu. kronie, karonity 
an old sheep ; Picard car one = F. charogncy 
see SkD (p. 797). See Oaroiffno. 

Cronidei sb. chronicle, MD. — OF. 
croniquc. For the intrusive / cp. manciple, 
participle, principle, syllcd>le, cantule, 
treacle, caraiacle. 

Croniqiiey sb. chronicle, 82 ; obron^ 
Iqne, C. — O.F. cronique ; Late liit. chron^ 
ica ; Gr. xpovink, annals, 

CrTOOSy water-pots, 8 ; see Ozob. 

Cropy sb. top, upper part of a tree, crop 
of com, Voc, PP, 82 ; oxoppo. Prompt., 
Palsg.; oxoppos, pi., young shoots, C; 
oxon^) S3. — ^AS. crop. 

Crop6y 3 //. s. didst creep, P ; oxopoa, 
-*/., MD ; see Cropon. 

Crop6y sb. crupper, HD ; oroupo, CM, 
SkD.— OF. crope (F. croupe). 

Cropary sb. crupper, the hinder part of 
a horse, C3. — OF. croupiere (Cotg.). 

CropierSy sb. pi. the housings on a 
horse's back, HD. 

Croponey sb. the buttock, HD. — AF. 

CroSy sb. cross, PP, MD; oxomm, P, 
MD. — ONorse, cros {cors)\ cp. Ir. cros, 
Prov. cros. Cf. Orois. 

CrOMialety sb. a small crucible, C3; 
oroslet, C3. See SkD (s.v. crucible). 

Cronohay sb. the cross of Christ, cruci- 
fix, sign or representation of the cross, MD, 
PP, HD ; omobe, PP ; crowob, 8.— Cp. 
OHG. crUci {krUzi) in Otfiid ; Lat. cruci- 
(stem of crux). Cf. Croia. 

CronoheUy v. to sign ynth the cross, 
MD ; omoben, MD ; orowobo, MD ; 
oroncbod, //. J., MD. 



Crondy CrondOf sb, a musical instni- 

mcnt (stringed), H, W ; see Crowds. 

Crouken, v. to croak, Sa; crowten, 
Prompt. ; croak, Sh. 

Crouken, v. to bend down, S3, MD ; 
see Oroken. 

CronnOy sb. crown, the tonswe, S, G; 
see €U>rone. 

Croimi ; see Ctoronen. 

Croimingy sb. crowning, Sa ; the ton- 
sure, P. See above. 

Crowehi sb. cross, S ; see Croncbe. 

Crowd, V. to coo as a dove, S5 ; croud, 

CrOWdOy sb, a musical instrument 
(stringed). Prompt., Cath., Voc. ; crouthe, 
MD; croud, H; croude {= chorus), Vf, 
H; crowd, ND; crouth, MD.—Wel. 
ctwthy a fiddle : Ir. cruit : Olr. crot ; cp. 
Low Lat. chrotta (Ducange). Cf. Bote. 

Crowde, sb, wheelbarrow. Prompt. 

Crowden, v. to push, HD, Sa, C3; 
orouden, MD, HD, C3 ; crude, to press 
forward, S ; crowdyn. Prompt. ; crud, 
//. J., MD, HD.— AS. *cnidan, to press, 
drive, pt. criad (pi. crudon), pp. croden; 
cp. Du. kruydetiy to push (Heidiam). See 
Sievers, 384, 385. 

Crowdyng, sb. pressure, Sa, C3. 

Crowen, v. to crow; orawaud, pr. /., 
S3 ; him crowetli,/r. s. reflex., C3. — ^AS. 
crdwan, pt. criow^ pp. crawen, 

Crownell, sb, corolla, small crown, S3. 
See Oorone. 

Craccheni v, to crouch, MD ; orodien, 

Crache ; see Croudie. 

Cmd, sb. curd, MD; curde. Prompt; 
emddM, //., Sa, PP; croddM, PP ; 
crouds, JD ; curddys, Voc 

Craddid, //. curded, Wa. 

Cmde, v. to press forward, S; see 

Cmely adj. cruel, MD; cmwd, MD ; 
orewell, MD. — OF. cruel \ Lat. erudelem. 

Cmelne8S6| sb. cmeltj, MD ; cruwd- 

Craeltee, sb. cmelty,C2.'-AF. crueite; 
Lat. crudelitatem. 

Cmlle, adj\ curly, C; kmlle, MD; 
croUe, MD. — Cp. G. krolle, curl; see 

Cnin6y sb. crown, S ; see Coronc. 

Cry, sb. cry, MD; crye, Prompt.; 
cxci, S. — ^AF. crif crie. \ 


Cryen, v, to cry, MD, PP ; crl*, PP ; 
cri^lnffe, pr. /., Sa ; crimed, //. j., Sa ; 
crleden, //., S ; crlode, Sa.— AF. crieTy 
cryer, for older cridar ; cp. It. gridare, 

Crymailedi //. anointed, PP; 7-eiy- 
mylcd, PP ; see Orcmeleu. 

Crystal, sb. ice, crystal, MD ; cristal, 
Wa. — AF. cristal \ Lat. crystalluntf ice 
(Vulg.), also, mountain-crystal; Gt^Kp&c- 
ToXAoy, ice. 

Cnbitf sb. elbow, a cubit (measure), 
MD ; cul>7te8, //., Ca ; oupjdes, Sa. — 
Lat. cubitum. 

Cncnrbitei sb. a gourd-shaped chemical 
vessel. — ^Lat. cucurbita, gourd. 

Cndde, pt. s. made known, S; see 
CilSen, l^hen. 

CndOf sb. cud, S, MD ; code, MD ; 
cudde, Prompt., Palsg. ; q:nlde, MD ; 
quede, MD; quid, HD, SkD. 

Cnen, sb. queen, S ; see Queue. 

Cnffe, sb. cuff, PP, Prompt., Palsg.; 
coffes, pi, PP.— Cp. MHG. kuffe, coif. 
Cf. Oolfe. 

Cnkkow, sb. cuckoo, MD, Prompt.; 
cocow, Voc; cocowe, Palsg.; oucko, 
Voc. ; ffukfiTo, S3.— OF. coucou ; Lat «*- 
culum (ace). 

Cnlley V. to strike, to kill, P; see 

Cnline, sb. soot. Prompt. 

Cnlonim, sb. end, conclusion, PP. — For 
Lat. seculorum in the phr. : in secula secu- 
lorum, for ever and ever, at the end of the 
Gloria Patri. 

Cnlpon, sb. slice, shred, MD, C ; enl- 
pown. Prompt. ; cnlpen, Manip.— AF. coi- 
poun ; Low Lat. colponem ; cp. F. coupon. 

Cnlter, sb. coulter, the fore-iron of a 
plough, PP, Voc, Prompt. ; knlter, PP ; 
coltre, PP.— Lat. culter. 

Cnlnery sb. dove, MD, W, Wa ; eullfire, 
S ; colvyr, Voc. ; culuere, Sa. — AS. 
cuifre (OET.). 

CnlneisbriddiSf young pigeons, 

Com-; see Com*. 

Cnmen, v. to come, S ; see Couwa. 

Cnmlyng, sb. stranger, H ; see Ooom- 

Cnmpliey sb. compline, S ; see Comslia. 

Cumrity pt. s. encumbered, Sa ; o«m. 
merit, S3 ; see Ck>mbren. 

Cnmseilf v. to commence, Sa, PP ; see 





ClIBLy V. to know how to, H ; see Xvn- 

Cvn, sb, kin, kind, nature, S; 
dot,, S ; see Xyn. 
Clin- ; see Ck>n-. 

Clindef sb. kind, nature, S ; see Kjnda. 
Cunde* adj. natoral, kind, MD; see 

€r1llidelicll6y €tdv. naturally, S; see 

CrUlies-lllony sb. kinsman, S; see 

Coxiiny sb. cony, rabbit, S ; see Ctonjmff. 

Chuuieil, V. to know, to be able, S, Sa ; 

see Knnneii. 

CnnreadneSf sb, pL kindreds, S ; see 


Cupabil, adj, culpable, H; see C<m- 

Cappe, sb. cup, S, C2, C ; knppe, S ; 
coppe, S2, P. — AS. cuppe\ \jbX. cupa. Cf. 

Cappe-mely adv. by cupfiils, Sa, PP ; 
in enpinel, P. 

ClipydeSy cubits, Sa ; seeOuMt. 

Chiracef sb. cuirass, S3, SkD ; curat, 
HD. — OF. cutrace; Late Lat. caracium, 
from Lat. coriumy leather. 

Clirally sb. coral, S3 ; see Ck>zaL 

Chiraty sb. curate, C. — Late Lat. curatus. 

Chiratoiir, sb. curate, priest who has 
cure of souls, PP, Sa. 

Chirey sb. a charge, cure of souls, PP, C3 ; 
*'"••> P^'i pursuits, Ca. — Church I-at. 

Olirioiury sb. currier, W ; see Ctoxionr. 

OnriouSy cuij. busy, zealous, eager to 
know, dainty, fine, MD, S3; careful, C. 

Ourlew, sb. curlew, coiumix. Prompt, 
Wa (Ps. 104. 40) ; onxlu, H ; korln, MD ; 
oorl0w, MD ; onrlongyr, Voc.— OF. cor- 
lieuy curlew (Cotg.). 

CfnTroHTy sb. runner, courier, Wa ; oor- 
cyiur, Wa; curronrs, //. light-armed 
troops, S3. 

Ovny, V. to prepare leather, to curry 
horses, to rub down, flatter, S3, MD ; cur- 
ra^TB, Prompt. ; ooxaye, MD. — OF. cou- 
rafr^ coureer (F. courroyer) ; It. corredare\ 
firom Low Lat conredium. See Ck>Br«j. 

O1IZ8, sb. curse, C, G ; oon, S3, G. 

Onzsedly, adv. wickedly, Ca. 

Onarsednas, sb. malice, wickedness, Ca ; 
emgcdnoMie, Ca ; ouxKidiieMM, misery. 

Cimeiiy V. to curse, MD ; ootm, Sa ; 
ouTMda, pt. s., S ; ooned, //., Sa.— AS. 

Curt, sb. court, S ; see Court. 

Curteis, adj courteous, S3, C ; see 

Curteisly, adv. courteously, Ca ; see 

Curteisyay sb. courtesy, PP ; see Oor^ 

C1I8. sb. kiss, Prompt ; ocas, W ; oca, 
S, W, Wa ; koaaaa,//., MD ; ooaaia, Wa. 
—AS. cos ; cp. OHG. cus (Tatian). 

Cnsen ; see Olieaeii. 

Cnssen, v. to kiss. S, MD ; knaaan, S ; 
kaaaa, S, Ca ; onate,//. s., S ; keata, Ca ; 
klata, S, Ca ; keat, Sa ; onaaaden,//., Sa. 
— AS. cyssan ; cp. OHG. cussan (Tatian). 

Custy sb. choice, moral excellence, cha- 
racter, MD; onate, da/., S.— AS. cyst; 
cp. OHG. Jkust (Otfrid). See OkaaaA. 

Cllfrt0]ll6y sb. custom, a public due, 
MD,S; onatnma, S ; ooatom, MD.— AF. 
cHstume, coustume\ Late Lat. ^consuetu- 
nimcm, *consuetunifiem ; Lat. consuetudi- 
nem ; see Constans, and SkD (p. 798). 

ClurtO]lie-ll01UI6» sb. custom>house, Sa. 

Cnt, sb, a cut twig, a lot, C, C3, H, 
Prompt., MD; knt, H, MD; outta, 
Palsg. ; knttia,//., H. Phr.i to drawouta, 
HD. See Knttan. 

Cathy sb. race, people, PP ; see IZytk. 

Cathy /^. known, S ; see 3 

OvSS^fP^' s. could, knew, S; see ] 

CaSeili V. to make known, S ; see X7- 

CuSmon, sb. acquaintance, kinsman, S. 
— AS. ciSOman. 

CuSreden, sb. familiarity, MD. 

CaSSe* sb. relationship, one's native 
land, S, MD ; see Kytk, Oa^h, Ok^Saa. 

Cat-purs, sb. cut-purse thief, PP ; kitta- 
pora, PP. See Kuttan. 

Cwakien, v. to quake, S ; see Qnakan. 

Cwalm, sb. death, pestilence, MD ; see 

Cwalm-hoSi sb. prison, place of tor- 
ment, MD. 

Cwalm-stOWy sb. place of execution, 
S, MD. — AS. cwealm-stSw (Schmid). 

Cwalt, pi' s. quoth, S ; see QneiSan. 

CweacUflChipe, sb. wickedness, S^ see 

Cwellen. v. to kill, S ; see QuaUan. 



Cweme, adj, pleasing, S ; see Qaeme. 
Cwexuen, v, to please, S ; see Quemen. 
Cwennkenn, v. to quench, S; see 

Cwe8en, v, to speak, S ; owe!S, pt. s., 
S ; see Que'Den. 

Gwic, adj. living, S ; see Q^ilk. 

Gwidden, v. to speak, announce, MD ; 
i-cwlddet,//., S.— AS. cwiddian. 


Gwide, sb. speech, bequest, S ; see Qnc- 
t$en. — AS. cwide, a saying. 

Cyll, ^^. a canopy, SkD (s. v. r«/).— OF. 
cieff canopy, inner roof, ceiling (Cotg.); 
Lat. caelum^ see Brachet, p. Iv. 

Cyne-rice, sb. kingdom, rule, S; see 

Cyrce-iSBrd, church-yard, S; see 


Dade, sb. deed, S ; see Dede. 

Dead, adj. dead, S ; see Deed. 

Daade, sb. pi. deeds, S ; see Dede. 

Daai, sb. day, S; dn^e,//., S; see Day. 

Daare, adj. dear, S ; see Dere. 

DaaS, sb. death, S ; see Deep. 

Daft, adj. apt, fit, SkD (p. 799) ; deft, 
fit, mild, gentle, innocent, foolish, MD; 
daffe, a fool, S2, PP ; deffe, obtusus, 
agrestis, Prompt. ; defte, da^., S.— AS. da/t. 

Dafbe-like, adv. fittingly; deftly, MD ; 
defly, MD ; dafftelllce, S. 

Dage, sb. pi. days, S ; see Day. 

Dagen, v. to become day, S; see 

Dagge, sb. a jag of cloth. Prompt., MD, 
HD, CM ; dafiffifes,//. jagged edges, PP. 

Daggen, v. to pierce, to notch, to jag, 
to cut at the edges, MD, PP, SkD (p. 150), 
CM, HD ; dagfgyn, fractillo, Prompt. ; 
daggyde, //., Prompt. — Cp. ODu. daggen, 
to stab. See Jafirere. 

Dagger, sb. dagger, pugio, CM ; dagf- 
gar, Voc. ; dasfgare. Prompt. 

Daghjnige, sb. dawning, H ; see Daw- 

Dagonn, sb. a jag of a blanket, CM ; 
dagon, HD. See Daggen. 

DaheS, sb. dawn; dabeSes, gen., S. 
See Dawen. 

Dai, sb. day, S, W ; see Day. 

Dai-gang, sb. day's journey, S2. 

Dai-liht, sb. daylight, MD ; dai-Uat, S. 

Dai-rawe, sb. day-break, MD. 

Dai-red, sb. the flush of morn, MD. 

Dai-rime, sb. the edge of dawn, MD ; 
daJUxixn, S. — AS. dceg-rima. 

Dai-Sterre, sb. day-star, S, W2 ; day- 
stexre, PP. — AS. dceg-steorra, morning- 

Dale, sb. dale, valley, S, PP ; dele, S ; 
dalen, dat., S ; dales, //., MD ; deales, 
MD. — ^AS. dcBl'. Goth. dal\ see Sievers, 49. 

Dalf, pt. s. dug, W ; see Deluen. 

Daliaunce, sb. talk, C, Ca, C3; dall- 
ance, MD, — AF. daliaunce ^ interference. 

Dalien, v. to talk. Prompt. ; dalye, to 
play and sport, Palsg., MD. — ^AF. dayler, 
to dally. 

Dal-neominde* pr. p, as sb. partaker, 
sharer, S. — O. Merc, doel-niomendy Ps. 118. 
63 (VP.). 

Dalte, pt. s. dealt, G ; see Deelen. 

Damage, sb. damage, loss. Prompt., 
MD ; doxnage, S3. — AF. damage (also OF. 
damage') \ Late Lat. *damnaticum, from I 
Lat. damnum. 

Dam.e, sb. dame, lady, dam, S, C3, MD ;| 
dam, MD. — AF. dame ; Lat. domina. 

Dam.esele, sb. damsel, S, Wa, MD; 
damoysele, C. — AF. damoysele ; Late Lat. 
domicella, for *dominicella ; see Constans. 

Dan, sb. a title of respect placed before 
personal names, MD, C2, CM ; dans, 
MD ; dann, MD, CM ; dene, S3.— OFJ 
danzy dans ; Lat. dominus ; in oblique casd 
OF. dam ; Lat. dominum, see Bartsch and 

Dang, pt. s. beat, S3 ; see Dyngen. 

Dar, I pr. 5. I dare, MD ; dear, MD \ 
der, MD ; darst, 2 pr. s., S, C3 ; dsnrst, 
MD ; derst, MD ; 6ax,pr. j., MD, C2, C3] 
P ; ^ dnrren, //., MD ; dnren, S ; dor«n, 
W ; dnrre, pr. subj. s., MD ; //., S ] 
dnrste, pt. subj. s., S; durst, MD, P| 
dnrste,//., S; dorste, S, S2, C2 ; dorst^ 
S2, P ; durren, v., MD. — AS. dear, I dare{ 
2 pr. s. dearst, pi. durron, subj, durre^ 
pt. s. dorste. 

Dare, adj. dark, S ; see Derk. 

Darked, pt. s. lay hid, S ; see Derlwa^ 


DarUyngy adv. in the dark, S3, Sh. 

Dasewen, v. to be dim, MD ; daswen, 
C3; daMwide,//. j., W2.— Cp. E. daze. 

Dann, sb. a title of respect, CM ; see 

Dannger, sb. absolute control, power, 
also difficulty, MD, PP, C ; dannffere, re- 
fiisal, denial, S3 ; power to harm, PP. — OF. 
dangieTy dongier^ power, lordship, refusal, 
danger, (Bartsch) ; Late Lat. ^dominiarium^ 
from Lat dominium^ see Brachet. 

Banngerons, adj. haughty, difficult to 
please, MD, C2, C. 

Bannten, v. to force, tame, MD, Sa, S3, 
P.— AF. danter, OF. donter (F. dompter); 
Lat domitare. 

Daw, sb. dew, S ; see Dew. 

Daweily V. to become day, C2, PP, 
Prompt., Palsg., MD, JD; dafirex^ S, 
Prompt ; di^ede,//. j., MD. — AS. dagian. 

Dawing, sb. dawning, S3 ; daffheynge, 
H ; dasfliynife, H. 

Dawnen, v. to dawn. Prompt. 

Dawning, sb. dawning, MD ; dawea- 


Day, sb. day, SkD ; d«i, S ; dal, S, W 
(iCor.4.3); da55,S; del,S; d«le»,^«.,S; 
ddes, S ; phr. : be dsBies, by day, S ; now a 
dajes, C2 ; dale, dat., S ; daw, S2 ; da^es, 
L^/.,S; da7es,S ; dawes, S, PP; daffe, S; 
daga, gen.y MD; da^a, MD ; da^eae, 
MD; dawene, MD; dahene, MD, S; 
das^en, dot., S ; dwje, S ; daise, S : Phr. 
to give day, to give trust, S3 ; briner of 
daw, to kill, S2. — AS. dceg, dages, dcege ; pi. 
dagos, daga (and dagena), dagum. 

Dayerie, sb. dairy, C; deyxy, Voc., 
Prompt. See Deye. 

Dayesie, sb. daisy, CM ; dayesye; CM ; 
dais-eie, Voc; dayea-ejes,//., S2.— AS. 
dages-iagCy i. e. day's eye (Voc). 

Daynen, v. to deign, S2 ; see Deynen. 

Dayntethis, dainties, H, MD.— 
OF. deintet; Prov. dentat, dintat; Lat. 
dignitatem. Cf. Deyntee. 

Dayre, sb. dairy-maid, androchia, Voc. 
See Deye. 

De, V. to die, S3 ; see Deyen. 

Do-; see Dis-. 

BeaS, pr. s. doeth, S ; see Don. 

Deawes, sb. pi. dews, S2 ; see Dew. 

Debat, sb. strife, discord, C2 ; debate, 
S3, P; debaat, C3.— AF. debai. 

De-baten, v. to contend, fight, MD, C2. 
—OF. debatre (pr. p. debatant). It. dibat- 
^ercy (Florio). 



Debonaire, adj. mild, gentle, MD, C ; 
debonere, S2 ; deboner, W2, H ; debo- 
neixe, MD ; dnbonnre, S2 ; debonayr, 

S3 ; debonnr, H.— OF. debonaire ; cp. Olt. 
di ban aire. Cf. Bonaire. 

DebonertO, sb. gentleness, MD, H. — 
OF. debonerete, debonnaireteit (Ps. 44. 4). 

De-breiden, v. to tear apart, W. — This 
is a hybrid form : fl?ir + ME. breiden. 

De-brekan, v. to break asunder, to tear, 
S2 ; debroken,//., MD. — A hybrid form. 

Debnisen, v. to bruise ; debxlse, MD ; 
debmaede, pt. s., MD; debrosed, Sa.— 
AF. debruser, OF. debriser. 

Deceit, sb. deceit, MD ; dlMeit, W2. 
— AF. deceit ; Late Lat decepta, 

Deciple, sb. disciple, S ; see DUwiple. 

Ded, sb. death, S2, PP.— Cp. Swed. and 
Dan. d'dd. death. See Dee)». 

Ded, adj. dead, S, PP ; see Deed. 

Dede, //. s. did, S, S2 ; deden, //. ; see 

Dede, sb. deed, S, S2, PP ; dade, S ; 
dede,//., S; dnde, S; dedea, S, S2 ; 
deadea, MD.— AS. did, {d<kd) ; cp. Goth. 
ga-dethsy see Brugmann, § 75. 

Dede, //. //. died, S3 ; see Deyen. 

Dede, sb. death, PP, S, S2, S3; see 
Ded, Dee)). 

Dede-Stonre, sb. death-struggle, S2. 

Dedesfne, v. to deign, S3. See Deynen. 

Dedly, adj. liable to death, H; see 

Dednit, sb. delight, pleasure, MD, HD ; 
dednyt,C; dedTit,MD; dnte,MD.— AF. 
deduit; cp. Late Lat. deductusy *animi 
oblectatio (Ducange) ; from OF. deduire, 
(refl.) to rejoice ; I^te Lat. dedtuere. 

Dee, sb. a die, MD ; die, Sh. ; dees, pi. 
dice, PP, C2, C3 ; dys, PP, C— OF. de 
(pi. dez) : It. dadoy Prov. dat ; Lat. datum. 

Deed, adj. dead, S2, C2 ; ded, S, PP ; 
d89d, S; dyad, S2 ; deade, //., S.— AS. 
dMd ; cp. Icel. daudr, Goth, daups. 

Deedll, adj. mortal, subject to death, 
deadly, W, W2 ; dedly, H, PP ; diadlloh, 
S ; dedlioh, MD, PP.— AS. diadlic. 

Deef, adj, deaf, MD, C; def, MD ; 
dene,//., C3.— AS. diaf: Goth, daubs. 

Deel, sb. deal, share, MD, G ; del, S, S3 ; 
deal, MD ; deyl, S2. Phr. : nener a deyl, 
not a bit, S2 ; enery deyl, S2.— AS. dSl\ 
cp. Goth, dails {daili-) ; see Douse, p. 94. 

Deelen, v. to deal, share, divide, MD ; 
delen, S2, G ; delte,//. J., C3 ; dalte, G ; 



ddM,/^,,G.— AS. ^i/^w: Goiih, dailjan, 
from daili- ; see Donse, p. 113. 

Deep, adj\ deep, C ; dep, S ; daop, S, 
MD ; dyep, MD ; dnp, MD ; d^pe, sb,, S2, 
C3; deopr«, comp., S; deop«, adv., S; 
deoppxe, comp. , S ; dipper, C3. — AS. tUop ; 
cp. Goth, diups^ Icel. <^'«//r. 

Deer, sb. wild animal, Ca ; d«r, S ; 
dlere, dot,, S ; deer, //., Ca.— AS. d/or\ 
cp. Goth. </mix, wild beast 

Deeb, sb. death, Ca ; dalS, S, MD ; di^, 
S; diatli,S; d7a)>,S2; dead,S; d«d, Sa, 
PP; dM«e,<3^., S; d^e, S, S2 ; dede, S, 
Sa, S3. — AS. d^ap; cp. Icel. daidSiy datdfri 
Goth, daupus. 

DefiEune, see DlfRsuiie. 

Deftetnte, sb. defect, fault, Sa, Ca, PP ; 
defiata, Sa ; de&ntls, //., S3, Wa.— AF. 
defatUe, defalte. 

Defenden, v. to protect, to forbid, Sa, 
MD, C3, H.— AF. defendre ; Lat. defenders 

Defansef sb. protection, prohibition, 
MD ; defence, Sa.— AF. defense, defence. 

DeflBt, /A defeated, MD.— AF. defet, 
aefait, pp. oidefaire. 

Defien, v. to digest, MD, PP, HD; 
deJye, Sa ; dejy, Cath. 

Defien, v. to mistrust, to defy, PP; 
dejye, despicere, Cath.— AF. defer, OF. 
desfier : It. disfidare, to defy, (Florio). 

Defignren, v. to disfigure ; de^^nxd, 
pp., Sa. — AF. desfgurer. 

Defiess, sb. pi., devils, S ; deflen, S ; 
see Deuel. 

Defbnlen, v. to tread down, MD, W, 
Wa, H, SkD (s. v. defile) ; defoilen, MD, 
SkD ; defoTOid, pp., Wa.— OF. defouUr, 
to trample on, rebuke (Cotg). ; cp. fouler 
(B&Ttsch),f oiler, Ps. 138. 11 ; It. follare, to 
press, to full clothes (Florio) ; Lat. *fullare, 
to full cloth ; cp. fullo, a fuller. 

De-fbnlen, v. to make foul, inquinare, 
MD; defowlyu. Prompt; detoTiUd, //., 
W.— A hybrid form, de + ME. fulen. See 

Befbe, adj. gentle, S; see Daft 

Deghe, v. to die, Sa ; see Deyes. 

Degoutit, pp. spotted, S3. Cp. OF. 
degoutter (Cotg.), and Lat. gutta, a drop, a 
spot, speck on an animal. 

Degyse, adj. fashionable, finical, H. — 
OF. desguisi, dissembled, sophisticated 
(Cotg.). See Disgysen. 

IMi, sb. dye, colour, SkD.— AS. diah. 

XMltren, sb, pi daughters, S; see 


Deif sb. day, S ; see Daj. 

Deide; seeDejen. 

Deih, pr. s. profits, S ; see Di^Mi. 

Peirhwainliohe, adv. every day, S.— 
AS. dceg'hwamlice. 

Deir, v. to harm, S3 ; see Dez«. 

Deken, sb. deacon, MD; dlakne, MD ; 
deakne, MD; dekene, W; deknes, //., 
Sa, C3. — ^AS. diacon; Church Lat diaconus\ 
Gr. Itijeovos (NT). 

Dely sb. deal, ^are, S, S3 ; see ]>eel. 

Dely sb. grief, Sa ; see Dole. 

Dele, sb. dale, S ; see Dale. 

Delen, v. to deal, Sa, G ; see Be^len. 

Delfilli sb. dolphin, Voc; dalQme, 
Prompt; delQr]i,SkD; delQr]Ui,//.,MD; 
delpbyiui, Sa. — ^Lat. delphinus-, Gr. ScX^v- 
(stem of 5€A.0/s). 

Belftll, adj. doleful, Sa ; see IKdttfiille. 

DelfUli, adv. dolefully, MD ; sec 

DeliceSy sb. pi. delights, H, C3, Wa ; 
delicis, W, H.— OF. delices; Lat. delicias 

Delit, sb. delight, MD ; deljrt, S3, Ca 
C3.— OF. delit, deUit. 

DeUtable, adj. delightful, PP, S3, Wa 
H ; delytable, Sa, Ca ; dUitalito, Sa.- 
AF. delitable ; Lat. delectabilem, 

Delite, v. to delight, Cath., PP, Wa 
*«ly**»fif> pr^ P'> Ca.— AF. deliter-, Lat 

Delitingis, delights, Wa. 

Deliver, adj. quick, active, MD ; d^lj' 
Here, C— OF. delivre, quick, UteialV 

Delineren, v. to set free,MD; daliHiwy 
Sa; delyuery, PP.— AF. deliverer \ Lat 
Lat. deliberare ; Lat. de + liberare. 

Delinerly, adv. quickly, nimbly, Sa 
delyuerly, Sa, C. 

Delnen, v. to delve, dig. S, Ca, P, W 
dalf,//. s., MD, W ; dalfb, W ; dolii«a,>/ 
MD, P ; delneden {weakpt), Wa ; dolw 
subj., Sa ; 1-dolnen, pp., S ; y-dalns , Sa 
doluea, buried, S, P ; i-dolnen, Sa. — AS 
delfan, pt. dealf{p\. dulfon), pp. doi/en, 

DelnerS, diggers, Sa; d e lTi a r — ,1 

Deme, sb. judge, S. — AS. dhna^ 

Demen, v. to give doom, to judge, di 
cree, S, Sa, S3, Ca ; deeme, Sa ; ~ 

//. s., S; i-demed,//., S; . 

7-demd, Sa ; l-demd, S ; demet, S ; i 
S.— AS. diman : OS. dSmian^ G<^h. dot^ 
Jan. See Doom. 
Demenen, v. to manage, to behv 


(>i5^.)» MD ; dmmi&nyng, pr. p. shewing, 
S3.— OF. demenery to carry on, moke; 
iemenerjoUt to rejoice, also demenerdol^ to 
grieve, Bartsch ; cp. Cotg., and the phrase 
demener dolor in Roland. 

Demereff^. judge, S; dMiiaz«,S. — AS. 

Dem^jn^e, sb. power, possessi(Hi, Ca ; 
dMiajn, MD ; dtBMiga*, MD.— OF. de- 
meiiUy property, that which belongs to a 
loid ; Lat domtnicumt from dominus ; see 

Dene, sb. a title of respect, S3 ; see Titian 

Dene, sb. din, noise, PP, MD ; see Dth. 

Deneis, sb.pL Danes, S2.— OF. Deneis ; 
Low Lat Detunsis, a Dane, see Brachet, 

Denie, z^. to din ; see BlniMn. 

Denne, sb. den, MD ; d«n, S ; dMUMS, 
//., 82, W, H ; d«najrs, H.— AS. denn. 

Denneily v. to dwell ; d«n]i«4«,//. J., S. 

Donoimoey v. to command, W ( » Lat. 
denunciare). — OF. denoncer^ to declare. 

Dent, sb. blow, S, Sa, PP, CM ; dynt, 
S3 ; dint, S, Sa ; dimt, S, Sa.— AS. dynt. 

Deofblly sb. devil, S ; see I>«im1. 

Deoly sb. grief, iT, Sa ; see Dol*. 

Deop, o^'. dee|5, S ; see ]>e«p. 

]>eoplicli6y du/z'. deeply, S. 

Deopnessef sb. deepness, S ; see Il«p« 



Deore, v. to last, Sa ; see Dnzmi. 
Deorey adj. dear, S ; see Der«. 
Duqi'O wurBe, ^'. precious, S; see 

Deorling, j^. darling, S ; see B«rllii|r* 

Deorae,^'. secret, dark, S; seeB^xn*. 

Deonele, sb. devil, S ; see I>«im1. 

]>ep, adj\ deep, S ; see D6«p. 

Beparten, v. to separate, divide, PP, 
S3, C3, W, Wa ; to become separated, Sa ; 
««P**t, pp., S3.— AF. departir; OF. d^s- 
Partir \ It. dispartire (Florio). 

Departere, j^. a divider, W. 

Ilepar^yiur, j^. division, W ; d«part- 

Depajrntf/^. painted, S3 ; d«p«7Bted, 
C ; dapaynt^d, S3 ; d«p«ynt, //.//., S3.— 
OF. depeindre (pp. depeint), 

Itopasrntar, ^^ painter, S3. 

Depe, J^. depth, Sa, C3.~AS. dype. 

D^en, 9. to dip, Sa. 

Beplike, adv. deeply, MD ; dsopUolM, 
&— AS. i^^iir^. 

Depaesse, sb, deepness, depth, MD; 
dtpiMS, Sa ; d«opiiMW«, S. — AS. iUopnes. 

Daprana, v. to slander, depreciate, Wa, 
PP.— Lat. deprauare, to distort. 

Depnren, v. to purify, S3, MD. — OF. 

depurer ; Late Lat. depurare. 

Dar, sb. wild animal, S ; see ]>««r. 

Darby \—phr. : fktli^r DerUMi baads, 
handcufis, S3 ; Darbiaa liaads, DG ; dar- 

Daray sb. harm, injury, MD ; darr, MD ; 
dMf, S3.— AS. daru. 

Dara, v. to harm, S, Sa, Ca ; dazian, 
S, MD; dair, S3; ^Mtm,, Sa.— AS. 
derian ; cp. OHO. derien {derren) in Otfrid. 

Dara, adj\ and adv. dear, S, PP ; dlaza, 
S; duera, Sa; d«za, S; dura, MD ; 
daoze, S ; dar, Sa ; dair, MD ; dana, 
coMp.f C ; derrast, superl., P. — AS. diorCy 
dyre: OS.' dtuH, costly, loved. 

Dereliche« adv. dearly, MD; daza- 
lych, Sa ; darU, Sa.— AS. d^orltce. 

Dara-wnrSa, adj. precious, S ; daza- 
wortli, W; dlazawnrth, S; dazwor]>a, 
Sa, P; daorawnztSa, S. — AS. d/orwurffe. 

DarawnrSlice, adv. respectfully, S. 

Dareynen, v. to answer to an accusa- 
tion, to maintain a right in a judicial con- 
test, CM, Sa ; darajnl, Sa ; dazrayiM, C ; 
dazrajna, C; derayn^d, pp., Sa. — AF. 
dereiner, OF. desresnier; Late Lat. dts- 
rationare (also derationare) ; see Ducange. 

Darfy adj. brave, powerful, difficult, hard, 
MD; dazfe, //., MD; darna, MD, S; 
dazfira, comp.y S; daznza, S.— Cp. OS. 

Darfy sb. affliction, hardship, S. — AS. 

Darfliche, adv. severely, cruelly, S. 

Dark, adj. dark, MD, Sa, PP; daozk, 
MD; dozo, S; dazo,S; dizk, MD ; duzk, 
MD ; dezka, dot., S.— AS. deorc. 

Darken, v. to make dark, to become 
dark, MD, S3 ; dizken, MD ; darkaa, Sa. 

DerkfU, adj dark, W. 

Darkhed, sb. darkness, MD. 

Derknessa, sb. darkness, MD, W. 

Darling, sb. darling, S, Wa ; dnzlyair, 
S, MD; daozllner, S; dazlynfis, //., 
chosen ones, W, Wa. — AS. dSorling. See 

Dema, adj. secret, dark, S, Sa, P, H ; 
deozne, S ; dsBzna, MD ; dnzna, MD ; 

Idezn, Sa. — AS. deme ; cp. OS. derni and 
MHG. tarn in tam-kappe^ the mantle of 
darkness, Grimm, p. 870. 



Demel, sb. a kind of weed, rye-grass, 
lollium. Prompt ; demell, Palsg. ; dar- 
nel, S3, MD. 

Derxing-doe, sb. daring enterprise, 
ND, S3. See Bar. 

Dert, sb. dirt, S3 ; see Drlt. 

Der8e, sb. dearth, S, P. See Der«. 

Dome, adj. bold, S; d«nire, comp. 
more severe, S ; see Derf. 

Demon, v. to afflict, S. See Derf, sb. 

Des- ; see Dis-. 

Desaly, DeSSelic, adv. foolishly, Sa ; 
see DnslUohe. 

Desarayen, v. reflex, to fall into dis- 
order, Sa.— OF. desarroyer. 

Desauanntaffe, sb. disadvantage, Sa ; 
dlsanaimtaffe, MD; OisadTaimtaffeB, 
pi., MD. — OF. desavantage. 

Descenden, v. to go down, SkD. — 
AF. descendre ; Lat. descendere. 

DescensoriOf sb. vessel used for ex- 
tracting QfCiper descensum, C3. 

Descrinen, v. to describe, MD; de- 
scxyne, S3 ; descxsrfe, Sa ; dlMryiie, Sa, 
S3,Ca; diacrene,Sa; dlsorlued,//., Sa ; 
diacryued, W. — OF. descrivre (pr. p. des- 
crivant) ; Lat. describere. 

Deserited; see Deslierlten. 

Desert, sb. merit, Ca.— AF. and OF. 
deserte, see Ducange (s. v. deservire). 

Deserven, v. to merit, MD; dis- 
Mm«d, pp.y well served, W. — ^AF. de- 
servir ; Late Lat. deservire. 

Desi, adj. foolish, MD ; see DnsL 

Despeir, sb. despair, MD.— AF. de- 

Despeiren, v. to despair, MD; de- 
■peired, //., C2. ^OF. desperer; LsLtde- 

Desperate, adj. outrageous, S3.— Lat 

Despisabil, adj. despicable, H; dl^ 
splMble, Wa. 

Despit, sb. contempt, injury, Sa, C3 ; 
de^pyt, Ca ; despite, WW ; dl«plt, W.— 
AF. despit \ I^t despectum (ace). 

De-spiteftlL adj. full of contempt, 

DespitonS, adj. ignominious, MD, 
C ; dispitoiui, contemptuous, S3 ; de- 
■pltiui, H. 

Despitonsly, adv. contemptuously, 
spitefully, S3,Ca, C3; dispitoiudj, C. 

Despoilen, v. to despoil^ tp strip^ 


MD ; dlm^oUen, Ca ; dlspojled,/^., S3.— 

OF. despoiller; JjsX. despoliare. 

Dest, a pr. s. doest, S ; see Don. 

Destrer, sb. a courser, war-horse, MD ; 

deztrer, Ca. — KY. destrer \ Late Lat. dex- 
trarium (from Lat. dexira, the right hand), 
the horse led by the squire on the right of 
his own horse. 

Destroyen, v. to destroy, MD; de- 
■tmlen, MD, C ; destme, Sa ; distraen, 
Sa ; destxle, MD, W, Wa ; dyMrtrye, 
Sa ; dlrtrnyede,//. s., W ; distxled, pp., 
W, Wa. — ^AF. destruire (pr. p. destruyant) ; 
Lat. destruere. 

Destroyere, sb. destroyer. Prompt., 
MD ; distxler, W. 

De8,/^. s. doeth, S, Sa ; see Don. 

DeSy sb. death, S ; see Dee)>. 

DeV-VUel, sb. death-evil, Sa. 

Dette, sb. debt, Ca ; dett, adj. dae, H. 
— AF. dette ; Lat. debita. 

Dene, deaf, C3 ; see DeeC 

Denh ; see Dew. 

Deuel, sb. devil, S, Sa, Wa; Oaofbl, 
MD ; deofeU, S ; diuei, S ; dyenal, S2 ; 
dewlll, S3; dewle, Prompt; divylle, 
MD ; deonele, S ; iliefLeu,gen., S ; dienle, 
dat., S ; deofles, pi., MD ; deflesa, S ; 
deonles, S; deoflen, S; dellen, S; deo& 
lene, gen. pi., S. — AS. diofol\ Lat. diabo- 
/i«(Vulg.); Gr. Std/SoXos; c£ OHG. diufcU 

Demn, sb. prophesying, divinity, theo- 
logy, MD ; dlnyn, Sa. 

Denine, sb. theologian, augur. Sooth- 
sayer, MD ; dynsmes, //., MD. — OF. d^- 
vin\ LaX. diuinum. 

Demnen, v. to foretell, guess, sospect, 
MD ; denyne, PP. 

Demnonr, sb. interpreter, explainer, 
theologian, MD, PP ; dynsmonr, PP. 

Devise, sb. tale, narrative, S3 ; dengrs, 
order, C. 

Deuisen, v. to divide, arrange, order, 
decide, tell, relate, MD, Sa; denyse, Ca, 
C3; denioe, MD, Sa ; diulM, Sa. — AT. 
deviser. It divisare', formed from. Lat. 
diuidere (pp. diuisus). 

Deuisynge, sb. narration, Sa. 

JHTLOiA.^ pp. as adj. destitute of, Skl>. 

Denoiden, v. to quit, leave, also to 
annihilate, exterminate, MD ; deuoy^Un, 
Sa. — OF. desvoidier, desvuidier, 

Deroir, sb. duty, knightly dnty, PP, 
Ca ; deuoyr, S3 ; devor, ND, PP ; O^^i&ttr^ 


PP, CM.--OF. devoir (sb. orig. v.); Lat. 

Oeaovreiif v. to devour, MD ; dcrolr, 
S3. — ^AF. dcvourer ; Lat. deuorare. 

Dew, sb, dew, PP ; d»w, MD ; daw, S ; 
deii,S; denHjPP; deawe»,//.,S3.— AS. 

Dewill, sb. devil, S3 ; see D«neL 

Dewite, sb. duty, S3 ; see DiMte. 

Bewle, sb. grief, S3 ; see Dole. 

Bextreri sb. a war-horse, Ca ; see D««- 

Deyd, sb. a female servant, esp. one who 
looks after the cows and dairy, androchia, 
Voc., Prompt., C; deye, a cow-boy, an- 
drochius, MD, Cath.— Icel. deigja, see CV ; 
cp. AF. deye. 

Deyen, v. to die, S2, PP ; de^en, MD, 
82; defflM, S2; deie,S; d«y, S3;dy©, 
PP; dl5e, PP; dyje, S2, PP ; d«, S3; 
deld«, pt. s.y S, S2 ; delved*, MD ; deyde, 
C2 ; d«id, S2 ; d«it, S3 ; d«de, //., S3 ; 
d^yed,/^., C2.— Icel. deyja i OS. d(fian. 

Deyen, ». to dye, MD ; dyyn, Prompt; 
dyad,//, s., Ca.— AS. d/agian, from d^aA. 

Deyere, j^. dyer, C. 

D^l, sb. deal, share, Sa ; see l^ttiL 

DeTXien, v. to deign, to appear good, 
to please, MD, CM, S2 ; delgnen, MD ; 
^M!inmA»,pt. X., S2 ; dssynad liim, i^rejl.) 
Ca. — AF. deigner; Lat. dignare. 

DejrnoiUlf ^* proud, disdainful, MD, 
CM, Cath. (p. 95, ».). 

I>ey]itee, sb. worth, pleasure, liking, 
82, C2, C3 ; daynta, S2 ; dainta, MD ; 
deyntees,//., S2, C2, C3.— OF. daintie, 
deintet, Prov. <//«- /«/; Lat. dignitatem. Cf. 

I>e3rntee« adj. dainty, C2, C3. 

]>e3rnteil01UI, adj. choice, dainty, C2. 

Deys, sb. dais, high table in hall, C, 
Ca, PP; deyes, PP; deifl, PP; daM, 
PP; daysa, PP; daas, MD; das, MD; 
day, canopy, JD.— OF. deis (AF. dois) ; 
l^t. discum (ace), see Brachet, p. Ixv. Cf. 

Defter, sb. pi. daughters, Sa; see 

IM- ; see Da-, Dls. 

IKa, x^. A term set before medicinal con- 
fections or electuaries that were devised by 
the Greeks, Cotg. ; dya, HD; dyaa, //. 
remedies, medicines, PP. — Gr. 5to. See 

SiacUich, adj. mortal, S ; see DaadlL 



IHainailt, sb. diamond, PP, Cath. ;'^^ 
dyamaad, MD ; dyamaunt, C. — OF. dia- ^ 
mantf a diamond, the loadstone (Cotg.). 
See ▲damant. 

ma-penidion, sb. a kind of sweet stuff 
like baney-sugar used to relieve coughs, PP ; 
dlapanydion, PP ; diopandlon, Sa.— OF. 
diapenidion^ It diapenidioy cp. diapiide^ ' a 
diapedon or confection made of Penids* 
(Florio). See Dia and Panld. 

Diaper, sb. a kind of figured cloth; 
dyapar, MD; dlapary> MD.— OF. diaspre, 
diaspey diapered cloth; Lat. iaspideniy 
jasper ; from Gr. XatnttSy probably of Semitic 
origin ; see Diez, p. 119. 

Diapar. v. to variegate, adorn with 
figures ana colours, ND; dlapxad, pp., 
ND; dyaprad, C. 

Diathi sb. death, S ; see "D—l^. 

Dioht,/^. prepared, Sa ; see Dihtan. 

DiciplaSf sb. pi. disciples, S ; see Dia- 

DiafleSf sb.gen. deviFs, S ; see DauaL 

Dier, sb. wild animal, beast ; dlara, dot., 
S; see Daar. 

lUMSOhin, sb. deer-kind, beasts, S. 

Diere, adj. dear, S ; see Dara. 

Diere-wnrS, adj. precious, S; see 

Diete, sb. diet, food, MD, C ; dyatis, 
//., PP.— OF. diete\ Late Lat dieta, Lat. 
diata ; Gr. lUura. 

Dieten. v. to diet; di3«ta, /r. subj., 
Sa, PP. 

"OilM^pr. s. doeth, S; see Don. 

Dieule, sb. dot. devil, S ; see DauaL 

DiAMan, v. to deface, MD; dafkoa, 
to obUterate, Ca ; dafasta, //., S3.— OF. 

Dif-fiUlen, v. to fade away, MD ; da- 
fiibda, to cause to fade, S3 ; daflUUda, pp., 

DifBEUne, sb. dishonour, disgrace, MD, 
S3, Ca ; da&ma, C3.— OF. diffame. 

DifBEUnan, v. to spread abroad a ru- 
mour, also to slander, MD, Sa ; d afi Mn a » 
C2 ; dUBunadan, pt. pi., W ; dafuaad, 
pp.i W, C3.— AF. diffamer, to slander; 
Lat diffamare, to spread abroad a report 

Signe, adj. worthy, proud, MD, C, Ca, 
C3, Sa, S3 ; dyffna, Sa. Phr. : dlgna aji 
dloluwatar, i. e. making people keep their 
distance, S3.— OF. digne ; Lat dignum. 

Dignelich, adv. worthily, P ; dyngna-t 
Udia, Sa. 



IMgnete, sb. worth, dignity, high office, 

MD; diffnitee, C2 ; dlngnetei,//., S2.— 

AF. dignete ; Lat dignitatem, Qi. Deyntee. 

Dihten, v. to order, rule, prepare, adorn, 

MD, S2; di3ten, MD; dljtti, Sa; dlht, 
pr, J., S; diffhtes,S2; dllita, //. j., S ; 
di3te, Sa ; dlht, //., Sa ; dljt, MD, Sa ; 
diffHt, MD, S3 ; ydijt, Sa, S3 ; dyjt, Sa ; 
dlcHt, Sa ; ydyjt, S3 ; dygrtH, H.— AS. 
dihtan ; Lat. dictare, 

BUatacionn, x^. extension, diffnseness, 
Sa, C3. — Lat. dilatationem, 

Bim, adj, dim, MD; dym,C; dammo, 
MD ; dimme,//., S.— AS. dim. 

Dunliche, adv. dimly, softly (of 
sound), MD ; dimlnk^r, comp., S. 

Dunnes, ib. dimness, Sa. 

Dinnen, v. to din, MD ; dnnien, MD ; 
denle, S; dlnede, //. j., MD; donyd, 
MD; dynnit, MD.— AS. dynian; cp. 
Icel. dynja. See Dyn. 

Dint, sb. blow, S, Sa ; see Dent. 

Dinten, v. to strike, S. 

Diopendion, sb. a kind of barley-sugar, 
Sa ; see Dia-penidion. 

Durige, sb. the name of an anthem in 
the office for the dead beginning with the 
words from Ps. 5. .8, * Dirige^ Dominus 
mens,' MD, S3 ; dyrefe, MD ; dorge, MD. 

Dis- ; see Des. 

Disburse, v. to pay out of a purse, 
Sh ; deburs, S3.— OF. desbourser. 

Dischargen, v. to unload, MD ; des- 
eliareren, MD ; dischargiden, //.//., W. 
— AF. descharger. 

Disclievele,//. with hair in disorder, 
MD,C. — OF. descheveU, pp. oidescheveler, 
to dischevel (Cotg.). 

Disclanndre, v. to slander, Sa, C3. 

Disciple, sb. disciple, W (John 20. a) ; 
dUwlpUa,//.. PP, W ; dieiples, S ; de- 
oiples, S; dedpeUs, Sa.— AF. disciple \ 
Lat. discipulum (ace.). 

Disciplesse, sb. a woman-disciple, W. 

Diecipline, sb. chastisement, MD; dis- 
oepUnes, //. flagellations, S.— OF. disci- 
pline (Cotg.); Church Lat. disciplina 

Disclanndre, sb. evil fame, Sa, PP ; 
dMMslAiidM, MD; dialander, ND. See 

Disclose, V. to disclose, S3; des- 
tioMn, Sa.— OF. desclore (subj. -close) \ 
Lat disclaudere. 

Discomfiten, v. to defeat, to put to 


the rout, MD; dysoowmQrtyn, Prompt.; 
dlsoonfet, pt. s., MD ; dlsconfite, MD ; 
//., MD; dlsooBiJ^st, S3 ; dysoonfited, 
S3.— OF. desconfire (pp* desconftf)\ Lat. 
dis + conficere. 

Discomfiture, sb. defeat, MD; di»- 
oonfitoze, C. — AF. descumjiture, descanfi- 

Disconfort, sb. discomfort, C ; OUi- 
oomfort, W. 

Disconforten, v. to trouble, discom- 
fort, C ; disconfort, S3 ; dlscoinforteii.y 
MD.— OF. desconforter. 

Disconereny v. to discover, micover, 
MD, C3 ; diskeuer, MD ; dlscnze, S3. — 
OF. descovrir^ descuvrir. 

Disdesrn, sb. disdain, Ca ; deada^m, 
CM ; desdeyu, C ; dedeyu, MD, W, H ; 
dedeyne, HD.— AF. dedeigne, OF. d^s- 

Disdeyne, v. to disdain, Ca ; ikmm- 
dainen, MD.— AF. desdeigner, It. discUg- 

Disese, sb. lack of ease, MD, Sa, Ca, 
C3, W ; desese, S3.— OF. desaise. 

DiseseftQ, adj. troublesome, W3. 

Disesid,^^. troubled, W. 

Disgysen, v. to disguise, MD; d«- 
giron, PP, MD ; desryset, pp., Sa ; dis- 
firolsed, S3.— AF. degiser, degyser, OF. 
desgiUser. ^ Cf. DegyM. 

Disheriten, v. to disinherit, Sa ; Aes- 
erltede, pt. j., Sa ; deMxlt«d, pp.^ Sa ; 
dlsliersrt, C.—AF. desheriter, OF. des- 

Disjoint, sb. perplexity, MD ; ^<ff - 
Joynt, C— OF. desjoinct, pp. oidesjaindre • 
Lat. disjungere. ' 

Dismayen, v. to dismay,G ; desmay«a, 
MD.— OF. *desmayer\ cp. Sp. desfnayar 
also (with different prefix), OF. esnoMier 
Prov. esmagar. It. smagare. ' 

Disonr, sb. professional story-teller 

minstrel, MD; disonres, //., P. OF* 

disour, diseor: Sp. dicedor. It. dicitor^ 
from Lat. dicere. * 

Disparage, sb. a want of parity or 
equality, especially in birth or station, dis- 
paragement, disgrace, Ca. See Pas»9«, 

Disparagen, v. to disparage, disgrace - 
dewwaired,//., UD.—AF . despar^^^^ * 

Disparplen, v. to become scattered. 
also to scatter, W ; despaxplan, MI>, Sa • 
dysparplyn. Prompt. ; sparplyn, Proxnm - 
dlsperpelde, pt. s., H ; deperpeyUl. fi^ ! 
«*"WMpoilld, pp., Sa ; diMsvtjflSo/ «l.J 


purpUt, W.— OF. deparfillier, Ps. ai. 14 
(cp. It sparpagliare, Florio) ; from OF. 
*parpilU^ butterfly ; Lat. papilio, see Bra- 
chet (s.v. Sparpiller)^ and Diez, p. 236. 

Bi8penC6y sb, expenditure, C, Ca, S3 ; 
dflflpenae, Ca, MD ; dlspenaeti,//., S3. — 
OF. despense, 

IMspend^l, v. to spend, S3, Ca, H ; 
de^penden, Ca, MD; dlspent,^., S3.— 
AF. despendre\ I-ate Lat. dispenderet to 
weigh out. 

BiiBpendonr, sb, steward, W; dla- 
pendere, W. 

Bispers, /^."dispersed, S3, MD.— Lat 

ULErplesancey sb, annoyance, C3, — 
OF. aesplaisance, 

Sisportf sb. pleasure, recreatiop, Sa, S3, 
Ca, C3 ; dMQ^rt, C3, MD.— AF. desport, 
mirth ; cp. OF. deport (Bartsch). 

Ksporten, v, to cheer, amuse, MD.— 
OF. se desporter, se deporter\ cp. It di 
portare (compounded with Lat. de'\ 

l^T^sedupp.; mpkr.: wel di^ppMd, 
in good health, C3. 

Dispnten, v. to dispute, MD ; dM- 
paten, MD.— AF. desputer\ Lat dispu- 

Bispnteson, sb. disputation, MD; 
dispatUioim, C ; despntlsoiin, MD.— OF. 
despuieson ; Lat. disputationem (for -eson — 
'tionem, see Ps. Introd. xxx). 

Bisseiti see Deceit, 

Disseneren, v. to separate, C3.— AF. 
deseverer ; Lat. dis + separare, 

Buishe, sb, dish, PP ; dloch, S ; dyMhe, 
disciiSy Voc; dysshe, discus. Prompt; 
dlsl&e, disc, quoit, MD ; disee, S ; djs- 
iihBB,pL, Sa.- AS. disc ; Lat discus; Gr. 
fiascos, quoit. Ct Deys. 

Bisslieres, sb, a female dish-seller, P. 

XKLflsillllllexii v. to pretend a thing is 
not so, MD, C3 ; dljMiTniUide, /^. s., Wa. 
— Lat. dissimulare, 

Dismmnlingei sb, dissembling, Ca, 


Bistaf, sb, distaff, Ca; dystaf, Voc; 
dyertafe, Voc 

Distingnen, v. to distinguish, MD; 
desfein^p, pr, pi., MD ; distyngls, imp, 
pi,, H ; distlnirwed,^., MD ; dlstjngld, 
H. — OF. distinguer, 

]listrier« sb, destroyer, W; see De- 



Bistranght,^. distracted, tormented, 
S3; dis^ranUte, MD; desteat, SkD.— 

OF. destrait (F. distrait) ; Lat distractum^ 
pp. of distraherg, 

BistreMia, sb. distress, misery, Sa ; de- 
■tresae, MD. — AF. destresse, dcstresce; 
Late Lat *districtitia from Lat districtus, 
pp. oidistringercy to pull asunder, to punish. 

Bistreyneiiy v. to vex, S3 ; destzeTne, 
C; dlstrajne, S3.— AF. destreindre (pr. 
p. destreignant) ; Lat distringere. 

BUrtnrban, v, to disturb ; destonrbe, 
C3 ; dlatouj^be, MD ; deatorbl, MD.— 
AF. desturber ; Lat disturbare. 

BUrtnrbleiif v, to disturb, trouble, 
MD, W, Wa ; dlatnxbUd, pp., Sa, W, Wa. 
Cp. OF. tourbler, torbler (F. troubler); 
Late Lat. *turbulare, from liit turbare. 

Burtnrblyng, sb, disturbance, W, Wa. 

Biteiif V. to indict for trespass, Prompt 
—OF. dieter ; Lat dictare, Cf. Dihten. 

Binely sb, devil, S ; see Deuel. 

Bineren, v, to tremble, S, MD. 

Bimilgate, pp> divulged; d7-wlffat» 
S3. — ^Lat. diuulgcUus, 

Binyn ; see Denin. 

BiyngiSi sb, pi, dyes, colours, Wa ; see 

IM^e« to die ; see Dejeii. 

Bijel, adj. secret, MD ; dl^ele, dot., S. 
—AS. digol, digol, diogol,diagol\ cp. OHG. 
taugali (Tatian), also with different suffix, 
dou^n (Otfrid). 

Bute,//, s. ordained, Sa ; dljt,^. pre- 
pared, Sa ; see Dihten. 

Boal6| sb, dole, portion, S3 ; see Dool. 

Bocken, v. to cut away the tail, decau- 
dare, MD ; to cut short, C; dokkyn, 
Prompt. See Dok. 

Bodden, v. to crop, lop branches, MD, 
Prompt; 1-dodded, pp., S; doddjd (as 
trees), Prompt 

Boddit, adj. without horns, JD ; doddy, 
JD ; doddle, sb. cow without horns, JD. 

Borne, sb. dog, MD, Sa, Voc. Prompt., 
Wa (Ps. ai. ai), PP, Ca.— AS. docga, 

Bokter, sb, daughter, S ; dorter, S, Sa ; 
douBter, P, Wa ; dowter, S ; douhtres, 
//., S ; douBtree, P ; dou^trls, Wa ; dou- 
txea,S; defter, Sa; do^en,Sa ; dongfh- 
tren, C ; dehtren, dc^., S.— AS. dohtor 
{dehier, dat s.); cp. Goth, dauhtar; see 
Sievers, 93. 

Bok, sb, a tail, MD, JD.— O. Norse 
dockr; see MD. 

Boke, sb, duck, Sa, Voc, PP, C; 
donke, PP ; doeke. Prompt. ; dvke, Voc ; 
diik,PP. \. 




Dole, 5^. grief, P, CM ; d«ol, S, MD, 
Sa; diMl,MD; do6l,P; 4iol,MD; dol» 
MD ; Oool, Sa, CM ; dul, MD ; Ml, MD, 
Sa ; a«wle, S3 ; dnle, S3.— OF. doel, duel, 
deoly dol, del\ Late Lat. *doltum, from dol-y 
stem of Lat dolere^ to grieve ; see Coastans, 
lupplement, p; a^ 

DolefUle, adj, doleM, MD; d^lftU, 
Sa, MD. 

Dolfil&y sb, dolphin, MD ; doolphjs, 
Palsg.— OF. daulphin (Palsg.), daulphin 
(Cotg.), ProT. d9i/ut\ Lat. delphinum. 
Cp. Dellln. 

Dolftlllj, adTi. ^olefdlly, G; dalAiUi, 

DolneUf //. pi 'di^, P ; pp^ buried, S, 
P ; see DelaeB. 

Dom, sh. judgment, S, Sa, W; dom*, Si, 
G ; see Doom. 

Domag6« sh, damage, loss, S3; see 

Demb, o^'. dumb, MD, C3; donmH, 
MD ; dum. Prompt. ; dom, MD ; dumb*, 
Manip. ; doiimb*, S„ Sa ; dom«, S3. — ^AS. 
dumb', cp. Goth, dufrtbs, OHGu dumb^ 
foolish (Otfrid). 

Dome* sb, doom, Sa ; dommi, pL, S2, G ; 
see Doom. 

Domes-day, ^^. dooms-day, P; domM- 
dAi, S ; domendal, S.— AS. ddmes-d^tg. 

Domes-man, sb. judge, S, W, Wa; 
domysmen,//. H. 

Domlen, v. to be dull ; ^Um£iaaA,pr,p. 
clouding over, Sa. 

Dom-place, sb, judgment-hall, W. 

Don, V. to do, put, make, cause, S ; do, 
S, Sa ; donna, ^r., S, Sa ; done, Sa, MD ; 
doAnd, pr.p., Sa ; domido, CM ; dolnir> 
S3 ; do*, tmp. pi. S ; dMrt, a pr. x., S ; 
d^, pr. s., S, Sa; dl€«, S; «si0, S; 
dc«, S, Sa ; deV, //., S, Sa ; dono, Sa ; 
/dude, //. s., Sa; dlde, S; dede, S, Sa; 
ded,Sa; dnden,//.,S; deden,S; dyden, 
S;diide,Sa; ydoon,^.,Ca; ld<m,S,Sa; 
idone, S; Ido, S, Sa ; ydim, Sa; ydo, 
Sa; don, Sa; doon, MD; do, Sa, MD.— 
AS. d(^, pt. s. dyde, pp. ge-dSn. 

Donet, sb. grammar, primer, elementary 
instruction, PP, Sa. — From DoncUus, the 
grammarian ; see Cotg. (s.y. danai), 

Dong, pt s. beat, MD ; don^en, pp., 
Sa, H ; see DyngieB. 

Doi^oun, sb, the highest tower of a 
castle, also the dungeon or xuoderground 
orison, MD; donffeon, P; dongoim, 
liD ; dQBinuii Sa.— AF. dongoun^ OF. 


, donjon \ Prov. dompnhon\ Late 
Lat. domnionem, a tower that dominates 
(Ducange)^ dominionem^ lordship, from 
Lat. dominium. 

Donk, adj. moist, S3, JD; daalce, BCD. — 
Cp. Icel. dokkr, ol»cure (stem ^dtmku), 

Donken, v. to moisten, MD, Sa. 

Don-ward, adv. downward, Sa ; see 

Doo, sb. doe, Voc., Palsg., Wa.; do, MD; 
da, MD ; dnys,//., S3.— AS. dd. 

Dool, sb. dole, share, portion, MD; date, 
MD; doale, S3.— AS. ^/(seeOET). 

Doom, sb. doom, judgment, sentence, W ; 
dom, S, W, Sa ; dome, Sa ; domes, //., 
Sa, G.— AS. dSm : Goth. domt. 

Doro, adj. dark, S ; see Desk. 

Dore, sb. door, MD, Sa, C3 ; dsr, MD, 
S3 ; dnre, S.— AS. duru ; cp. Gr. 06pa ; 
see Brugmann, § 51. 

Dore-tre, sb. bar of a door, P. 

Dore-ward, sb, porter, door-keeper, 
Sa ; dnrewart, S. 

Dorren, pr. pi. dare, MD ; dozen, "W ; 
doTste,//., S, Sa, Ca ; see Bar. 

Dortonr, sb. dormitory, MD, S3, CM ; 
dortnre, Voc. ; dorter, Voc. — OF. dortour^ 
dortoir; IubX. dortnitorium. 

Dose, adj. dusk, S ; deoeo, MD. 

Doseyn, num. dozen, C ; see l><i>e*n. 

Dotard, sb. dotard, MD, Sh. 

Dote, ib. fool, S, MD; detes^ adj. 
superl., very foolish, Sa. 

Dotel, sb. fool, MD ; dotUI, Mamp. 

Doten, V. to dote, to be foolish, rhil^Hipii 
MD, Sa. Ca. 

Denote,/^, s. had value, S ; see IH^Ma. 

Deug^htren, sb. pi. daughters, C ; see 

Doug^hty, adj. brave, Ca, G ; see Ita^ti. 

Donktres, sb. pi, daughters, S; see 

Donmbe, adj. dumb, S, Sa ; see 9iUMl>. 

Dona, sb, a down, hill, MD ; ftna, 
MD; donne, Sa ; dune, dot., MI> ; 
downes, //., MD ; donnes, Sa ; dma, 
adv., down, S ; don, Sa ; dorm, Sa, W. — 
AS. diin. 

Donn-right, adv. right down, Sa. 

Donn-ward, adv. downwaid, MI>; 
donward, Sa ; dunward, S. 

Denteu J^. fear, doubt, MD, Sa, Ca, G ; 
dnte, MD, S, Sa ; dont, Sa.— OF. dute^ 
doute, doubtt. 

Donte-lees, A^« donbtless^Sa, Ca. 


Dovten, v, to fear, to doubt, MD, 
S3; dmten, MD, S; ^towte, S3; dowt, 
imp. s., G ; dented*, //. x., S ; devtldeB, 
//., G.— AF. dia^, OF. d(naer; Lat 

Z^outha ; see mOufS; 

Dou^ter^ sb. dai^hter, P, Wa ; deatre*, 
//., S ; see Bobter. 

IKinenet sb. /. dove, Sa ; donne, S3 ; 
dewne, Sa. See Dewne. 

Dowaire, sb. dower, Ca ; dawtat, Ca. — 
AF. douayre (and dowere) ; Late Lit. fl5?- 

Dewvn^ «^. to endow, MD.— OF. datur^ 
doer ; Lat. dotare. 

Do^wen; seeDo^en. 

Dowe]>e9 <r^. army, host, S. Phr.\ 
dowepes lenezd, Lord of Hosts, S ; see 

Dowter, sb. daughter, S ; see Deltter. 

DaWae, sb. dove, MD, C3, W ; denve, 
MD ; dew, S3.— Icel. d^fa ; cp. OS. diiba^ 
Goth. dubo. Cf. ]>oiie»e. 

3>0^ter , x^. daughter, S, Sa ; see Bolitev. 

DOMULy adj. dozen, Sa ; doMyn, C. — 
AF. dozeine, from dou, twelve ; Lat. dfM^ 

Brad,/^. dreaded, Ca ; dndd^, 
S; see Dz^edea. 

IhraBia^ sb. joyM sonnd, S ; see Pi inn 

"DrBiS^pt. s. drove, Sa ; see DritLUk. 

Bral^ sb, draff, husks, dr^, MD, C3, 
PP, Cath. ; drair, JD; dndBi, PP; dnft, 
W3.--IceL draf. 

Dragen, v. to draw, S; dmli, imp. 
s., S, Sa ; dralion, pp., S ; see Drawen. 

Uragfi^e, ^^^ a comfit or digestive sweet- 
meat, dragetum^ Prompt, Toe. ; draffsres, 
//., C— AF. dragge, OF. </rfl^^ (Cotg.), 
Prov. drageay It. treggjfa, an adaptation of 
Late Gr. rpayff/iara, sweetmeats ; see Diez, 
p. 3a6, Dncange (s» v. tragetnat^, 

Urali, pi' s. suffered, S ; see Bz^en. 

l^rapen, pt. pL slew, S ; aee ]>zep«ii. 

Bnuirt, sb. dxegs,. Wa ; dzMrtyv, //. 
feces, Voc. ; dzmrtjm. Prompt. — O. Merc. 
dersU, Ps. 39, 3 (VP). 

]>rast79 A^'- trashy, worthless, MD, 
G2 ; dzmrtl. Prompt. ; dxesty, Palsg. 

I>raW6li9 9. to draw, S, Sa, CM; 
lara3eB, S, Sa ; dxatfen, S ; dxealen, S ; 
Ivelliem, S ; dzati, imp. s., S, Sa ; dzww- 
Uid, /r. /., Sa ; droh, pf. s., S ; dro), S, 
33 ; dzeu, S, Sa ; drew, Sa, Ca ; droiQ, 
>a ; dvoiUi, Sa ; daeenoh, Sa ; drou^,. 
Z2 ; dvo^Mi, pi,, S; dsowMi^ W; daroje, 



S ; dzewe, Sa ; drngMi, pp,, S ; 

S; Tdzaiwe, Ca.—AS. dragon, pt drdh 

(pi. drdgon), pp. dragen, 

Dre, t/. to suffer, Sa, S3 ; see Bxe^en. 

DreoeheB, e^. to vex, torment, also to 
tarry, MD, S, S3, C; dMohen, S, Sa; 
dzailite, pt. X., MD; dze^iede, MD; 
dzailit, pp., MD ; dMoohad, MD.-^AS. 
dreccan, pt drehte, pp. </r^A/. 

Brede, sb. dread, MD, S, Sa, Ca, Wa ; 
dzeld, S3 ; died, S. 

Xhredan, v. to dread, S, Sa,Ca;.d>ed- 
and, pr, p., Sa ; dzadde, pt. j., MD, Ca ; 
dzedde, MD, Ca, W ; dzedden, //., MD, 
W ; dzadde, S ; 6jnA,pp., Ca.—AS. {ony 
dfiidan, pt dreord, driddit, see Sievers, 
394, 395. 

DredfU, adj. dreadful,. MD ; timid, C ; 
dxedfUe, dot., S. 

Dvednas, sb. dxead, MD ; dzedaeOTt, 
S ; dzidnes, Sa. 

Dream, sb. a joyfiil sound, dream, MD ; 
dzeaan, S; dzwni, S; dzeme, dot., S; 
dzem, MD,. S.; dzemea, //., S.— AS. 
driamy joyful sound, Icel. draumr, dream ; 
cp. OS. dr6m, joy, also dream. 

Drehen, v, to suffer, S ; see Dz^eii. 

Dreidf sb. dread, S3 ; see Dzede. 

Dreihen, «^. to draw, S ; see Bzawen. 

DreilLy sb. dream, S ; see Bzeem. 

DremalSf sb. dream, PP. 

Drasoiaiiy v. to make a joyful sound, to 
dream, S ; dreauen, S ; dzempte, //. s., 
S ; dzemden, pi., S. — AS. drimatiy to re- 
joice : OS. dromian ; cp. IceL dreyma, to 

Drench, sb, drink, S, MD. 

Drenchen, v. to diown» S, Sa,. C3, 
W ; dzinohea, S ; dzein ql i en ,,^,; dzeynt, 
pp., W, C, Ca ; dzent, S3 ; dzenohtd, C3 ; 
dzenoUd, W. — AS. drencatk; cp. IceL 

Drenchyng, sb. drowning,. Sa. 

Drentf, sb. servant,, retainer, MD; 
dzinir, ^ ; dzenoliea, //., MD ; dztng- 
ohea, S. — iQel. drengr, brave man, also 
bachelor ; b^nce AS. dreng. 

I>VttPmk ^- to slay, S, Sa ; dzap, //. s,, 
MD ; dzapen, //., S ; dzape, MD.— AS. 
dnepamKV^. drop (pi. drSpon^, pp. drepen, 

Dvetef sb. grief, S3, ND. 

Dcexixnent, sb, sadness, ND ; dreezfr- 
ment, S3. 

Drery, adj. sad, dreary, Ca; dMzl), 
MD ; dmz7, MD.— AS. driorig, 
F 2 



Dreryhead, sb. aorrow, ND. 

Dresseiiy v. to make straight, direct, 
reach, prepare, dress, Sa, S3, C2, C3, W, 
Wa ; y-dressed, pp., C2.— OF. dresser, 
drescier; Late Lat.* dirictiare (It. diriz- 
zare) ; from Lat. directus^ pp. of dirigere. 
Cp. Late Lat. drictum (Ducange). 
Dressyngis, sb. pL directions (sLat. 
directiones), Wa. 

Drenen, v. to trouble, afflict, MD; 
dreued, //. s., Sa ; dz0f<idd, pp., MD; 
dreofedd, MD; l-dxeau^d, S.— AS. dri- 
fan : OS. drSbian ; cp. OHG. druaben (Ot- 
frid), /^^^^» (Tatian), G. /r«^^«. See 

Drewery, sb. darling, P ; see Dmexle. 

Dreye, adj. dry, C, Ca ; see Drye. 

Dre^, adj. continuous, great, powerful, 
MD; dxy5, patient, Sa. — Icel. drjiigr. 

Drenen, v. to endure, suffer, continue, 
MD; dreeren, S; dre^henn, S ; drehexL,S; 
dreye, S ; drye, CM ; dreerhe, H ; driven, 
S, MD ; dryjo, Sa ; drie, S, PP ; dree, 
JD; dre,S2,S3; draH,//. j., S; dreg, 
MD ; dxyaed, continued, Sa ; dmhen,//., 
MD ; droeren,^., MD.— AS. driogan, pt. 
driah (pi. drugon), pp. drogen* 

DreV-ly* adv. continuously, earnestly, 
Sa, MD ; dry^ly, patiently, Sa. 

toridnes, sb. dread, Sa ; see Drednes. 

Drihten, sb. Lord (only used for God, 
Christ),S ; drylitlii, S ; dryliten, S ; drifft- 
en, S; drifftin,S; dzlfirhtiii, Sa ; dxybte, 
S; drilite, S ; dry^te, PP; dr^te, S, PP ; 
dryBtjm, Sa.— AS,yry^/^« : OS. drohtin; 
cp. Icel. drSttinn and OHG. truhtin (Ta- 
tian). From AS, dryht, men, warriors, re- 
tainers : OS. drufit ; cp. OHG. truht and 
Icel. drStt. 

Driht-ftQ, adj. noble, S. 

Dring, sb. servant, S ; drlngclies, //., 
S ; see Drengf. 

Drinl:, sb. drink, MD; dxinch, S; 
drlnncli, S ; dxinc, Sa. 

Drinken, v. to drink, S ; dxincken, S ; 
dztner, imp. J., S ; drano, pt. s.,S; drone, 
S ; dronk, S ; dnmkexL,//.,S; dronken, 
Ca ; drongken, S ; drano, Sa ; 1-dnmke, 
pp., Si dronke, Ca. Fkr.i drinc-liaU, 
drink, hale ! S. — AS. drincan, pt dranc (pi. 
druncoti), pp. druncen. 

Drinkere. sb. drinker,MD; drinokaTres, 
pi. S. 

Drit, sb. dirt, MD, W, Wa ; dert, S3. 

Drit-cherl, sb, dirt-churl (term of 
abuse), S. 


]>rilieil, V. to drive, rush, pass, go, $ ; 
dryuen, S ; drlf, Sa ; draf, pt. s., MD, 
Sa; toof, S, Sa; droof, MD, W,W3; 
drofe, Sa ; drlnen, pi, S, MD ; dryuen, 
MD; drineden, Wa; drinen, ;>?>., MD; 
drine, Ca ; dryunn, W2.— AS. drifan, pt 
drdf{^\. drifon), pp. drifen. 

Driven, v. to suffer, S ; see Dr^en. 

Dri^te ; see Drlliten. 

Drof, //. s. drove, S, Sa ; droof, Wj 
Wa ; see Drlnen. 

Drof-lic, ^'. painful, MD. CflDrouy, 

Drogen ; see Drenen. 

Drogges, sb. pi drugs, PP ; droffglB, 
S3 ; see Drye. 

Droh, pt. s, drew, S ; see Drawen. 

Dronk, pt. s. drank, MD ; drono, S 
dronke,//., Ca ; see Drlnken. 

Dronkelewe, adj. given to drink, C3 
see Dmnkelew. 

Dronkenessev sb. jdmnkenness, C3. 

Droughit, sb. drought, MD, C (p. i); 
dronerhte, Ca ; dronlil>e, Sa ; druffte, S; 
drytlie, Sa.— AS. drugoOe. See Drye. 

Dronnen, v. to be drowned, to drown, 
MD ; dmne, MD ; dmnd, //.//., Sa. Ct 

Dronpen, v. to droop, vultum dejicere, 
MD, Palsg. ; drowpen, C— Icel. driipa. 

Dronpnen, v. to be cast down, MD ; 
dmpnln, S. 

Dronen, v. to trouble, MD; dmny, 
H ; drones, pr. pL, MD ; droned, pp., 
MD ; dronyd, H ; dmnyd, H. Cf. Drenen. 

Droni&gy sb. trouble, Sa, MD ; dmu- 
ynere, H. 

IhrOIiy, adj. turbid, troubled, CM, Sa ; 
droni, MD.— Cp. AS. drdf, OS. drdbi, 
OHG. trmbi, G. trube. 

Dro;, pt. s. drew, S, Sa ; dron, S, Sa; 
drow, Sa, Ca; dronj, Sa ; dronli, Sa; 
dronfifh, Ca ; see Drawen. 

Dmbild, adj. disturbed, H. 

Dmblen, v. to disturb water, to trouble; 
dmbblyn, Prompt.; drobyl, MD, Cf. 

Dmbly, adj. turbid, H; droUji 

DrablyneSSe, sb. turbulenda. Prompt 

Dmblynge, sb. disturbance, H. 
Dmerie, sb. love, affection, also th« 

object of Section, also a jewel, PP, MD 

Ca (s. V. love) ; dmrye, MD ; dmri^ 

Sa, PP; dmery, HD; dmirary, PP 

drewrye, MD ; drewery, P ; dzowxyii 
//., HD; druiMi, HD.— AF. drucrU 


Prov. drudariay from OHG. dnity dear, 
beloved (Otfrid). See NQ. (6. 4. 270). 

Bmc^^ar-beste, sb, the animal that 
has to pull forcibly, S3. 

Dmggen, v. to pall with force, 
CM, C— Cp. E. drudge, 

Dnind,//.//. drowned, Sa ; seeDxoim«n. 

Bnixik, 9h. draught, MD; dnmo, S; 
dnmdi, S. — Cp. Icel. drykkr, 

DnmkeleWy adj, given to drinking, 
W, Prompt; dro]ikel«w«, C3, PP; 
dronVftlenh, PP; droiik«iil«w«, PP; 
dnmkenUwa, MD. See -l«w«. 

Dnmken, sb, drinking, S, MD. 

Dnillke2ine886« sh, drunkenness, MD; 
dr onke n — e , C3, PP. 

Hmnknen, v, to be drowned, to cause 
to drown, MD ; dnmkMMS, pr» f., Sa ; 
dronkaiiMi, Sa. — AS. drufuntarif to be 
drowned, to be drunk. Cfl Drounwn. 

Umpnin, v, to be cast down, S; see 

nmrie ; see Dm«ri«. 

Bnmy, z^. to trouble, H ; see Drontn. 

Bmnynge, sb, trouble, H. 

Brye, adj. dry, MD, PP ; dmye, MD, 
Sa; Ame, MD; drn, S; dri^e, MD; 
drla, MD ; dreye, Ca, C. Phr, : dml fot, 
dry foot, S. — AS. d^ry.^ > cp. Du. </r(jw^. 

Drye, «». to dry, to be dry, MD, G; 
dmi^ost, a pr, s., Sa. — AS. drygan, 

Sl^e, V. to suffer, CM ; Dxy^^d, //. 5. 
continued, Sa ; see Dr^«a. 

Brythe; see Dron^lit. 

Biy^, adj\ patient, Sa. Cf. Dre^tn. 
. Hiy^lyt adv, patiently, Sa. 

Dry^, Brj^l^yn ; see DzlhtMi. 

Dubben, v, (i) to dress, arm for battle, 
(a) to dub a knight by the stroke with the 
flat of the sword, MD, S, PP ; dubbed, 
pp.y S, Sa, PP ; dobbed, PP ; doubed, PP. 
— AF. dubbery to dress ; cp. Icel. dubbay to 
arm, dress, also to dub, AS. dubbatty to 
dub a knight, in Chron. ann. 1085 ; cp. 
OF. adubery adoubery to arm (Roland). 

Dubbing, sb. decoration, adornment, S ; 
the conferring of knighthood, S. 

Dubonnre, adj. mild, gentle, Sa ; see 


Bodey//. s. did, Sa ; 6xLAmiyp/., S ; see 

Duelley Tf. to stay, S, Wa ; see DwelUn. 
Duerey adj. dear, Sa ; see Bere. 

Daete. sb. duty, MD; d«wtee, MD; 

dwvto, CM; AtrwiU, S3.— AF. duete, 



debt, obligation, from OF. dfu, ovred; Lat. 
debituMy pp. of debere. 
Dnhen, v. to get on well, S ; see I>ii3«i^ 

DnlieSey sb. body of retainers, people, 
might, worth, dignity, S; dow«))«, S; 
doujM, Sa.— AS. duguOf worth, help, body 
of men, host 

2>llk, sb. leader, prince, duke, MD ; duo, 
Sa ; dnyk, W, Wa ; douo, MD ; dnykis, 
pl.y Wa.— AF. due ; Lat. ducem. 

DillC6« adj, sweet, S3.— Lat. dulcem* 

]>lll6« sb, grief, S3 ; see DoU. 

Ihllly, adj. dull, S3, DG ; dolly, JD ; 
dowio, JD. 

Dnmalf sh. a stupid man, Manip. ; 
dumm/^ a dumb man, Manip. ; dninblo, 
HD. See Bomb. 

Ihm ; see Bonn. 

Don, I>ium6« adj. dun, dull brown, 
MD, Manip. ; donno, MD. — AS. dunn ; 
O. Ir. donriy dond (Windisch). 

Dun, sb. a dun horse ; Proverb : Dun is 
in the myre, C3. 

Donchen, v. to batter, S, Prompt ; 
dvnoh, to push, JD. — Cp. Dan. dunkty to 

Dune, sb. din ; see Byn. 

Dnngon, sb. dungeon, Sa ; see Boa- 

Dnn-waardy €uiv. downward, S; see 

Dnp, adj. deep, MD ; see BMP* 

Dnppen, v. to dip, Sa, MD ; dippon, 
MD. — AS. dyppan, for ^dup-ian, see SkD 
(p. 800), Sievers, 400. 

DliranC6« sb. endurance, S3 ; imprison- 
ment, Sh. 

Dlir6y adj. dear, MD ; see Boro. 

Dure, sb. door, S ; dnr, S3 ; see Boro. 

Dnrenf v. to last, Ca, Sa, S3, H ; 
dnry, MD ; dnyxo, MD; dooxo, Sa ; 
dnyrynif,/r./., Sa ; durode,//. J., Sa.— 
AF. durer ; Lat. durare, from durus, hard, 

Dnressa, sb. hardship, severity, MD, 
S3 ; diiTMOo, MD.— AF. duresse^ duresce ; 
lilt, duritiay from durus. 

Dnrlsnigf sb. darling, S ; see Borlinff. 

Dnrren, pr. pi. dare, MD ; dnrro, S ; 
dnron, S ; see Bar. 

Dnsi, adj. fooUsh, S, MD; dy«7, MD ; 
doid, MD.— AS. dyng. 

Bnsiliche, adv. fooUshly, MD; do- 
Mly, dizzily, Sa ; dowieUo, Sa. 

J>1Ul]E6n, V, to grow dark, C, 



IhlsteB, V, to throw, toss, S ; dnste, 
//. J., MD ; deste, fell headlong, MD. 

Ihltollkin, adj. German-like, S3. 

Dute* sb. doubt, fear, S, Sa ; see Donte. 

Dutten, V. to shut, close, MD; dit- 
tma, MD ; dntoiUU, pr. /., S2 ; dutt, 
/)^.,MD; dlt,MD.— AS.^«a«; sceOET 
(p. 573). 

Ihiyk, sb, leader, prince, W, Wa; see 

IH^eB, V, to get on well, to be fitting, 
to be woith, to avail, valere, MD; diUten, 
S ; daw«[», MD ; dtfOi, pr. s., MD ; ddli, 
MD;del]i, S; dn^en,//., MD ; d(«ete, 
//. J., S; douf^t, MD; dow«d, S2.— 
AS. diigany pret pres. diag{fliah, dJg)y pi, 
dugofiy pt. dohte ; cp. OHG. tugan, 

Du^eSe, sb, nobles, S, MD ; see Dub- 

Ihljti, adj. fit, excellent, brave, doughty, 
MD ; donfflitj, C2, G ; donBtlore, comp.y 
S2. — AS. dyhtig, strong. 

Dwal, adj. foolish, dull, erring, apostate, 
MD, SkD (p. 801) ; dwales, sb. pi. fools, 
S. — Cp. Goth. dwalSf foolish. 

Dwale, sb. error, MD ; duale, MD ; 
dwoU, MD,S (16. 1777.)— -ONorth. duala, 
error (Mt. 24. 24) ; cp. AS. dwola. 

Dwellen. v. (i) to err, wander, (2) to 
loiter, stay, dwell, MD, G ; duelle, S, Wa ; 
dw6llaiLd,/r. p., S2.— AS. dwelian, to err, 
also to make to err, to deceive; also 
dwellan, to deceive, to hinder, delay, also 
to remain, dwell ; cp. Icel. dvelja^ to tarry. 

Bweole, sb. error, MD ; dwelf, MD ; 
dweUe, MD.— AS. {ge)dweola. 

DweolnllSe, sb. error, foolishness, S. 

Bwergh, sb. dwarf, MD ; dwerk, MD ; 
dwarf, MD ; dwarfe, MD ; dwerb (for 
dwerj), S2. — AS. dweorh ; cp. Icel. dvergr. 

Dwilde, sb. error, S, MD.— AS. dwild. 

I>wi]ldle, V. to waste away, Sh. I 


]>wi]ien, V. to vanish away, to waste 
away, MD, HD ; dwynyn. Prompt. ; 
dwaniMi, S2 ; dwyaedA, pt. s. {weak), MD. 
— AS. dwinatiy pt dwdn (pi. dwinon)^ pp. 

Dwole; seeDwale. 

Dyad, adj. dead, S2 ; see P«^ 

Dy#d,//. s. coloured, C? ; see 'Dvwmn^ 

I^enelf sb. devil, S2 ; see Dau^ 

I^k, I^ke, sb. dike, ditch, S3 ; 4Uc^ 
S ; dtoh, MD ; diobe, MD ; //., S ; diolian, 
S.— AS. die. 

Dyken, 9. to make a ditch, to dig, S2 ; 

Dyker, sb. ditcher, S2, P ; dikMW, P. 

Dyn, sb. dm, H, MD ; dynne, H ; 
d«]L6, MD ; dyne, PP ; din*, MD ; dune^ 
MD. — AS. dyne, dyn. 

Dyngen, v. to beat, PP, H ; dang*, pt. s. , 
MD, S3 ; donif, MD ; dang«, //., S3 ; 
doiLiren, pp., S2 ; dongya, H ; HojLsfmkm, 

Byngis, blows, H. 

]>3rngyBg6, sb. beating, H. 

1^, sb. pi. dice, C, P ; see ]>••. 

Dys-playere, sb. dice-player, P. 

l^ttay, sb. indictment, S3.— AF. dite ; 
Lat. dictatum. 

Dyvers, adj. pi. divers, MD ; dlvarse, 
MD. — AF. divers (pi. diverses); Lat. di- 

Dynerseli, adv. in diverse directions^ 

DyverseHi v. to make difference, to diver- 
sify, also to be different, MD, Prompt. ; 
dam6r«itli,/r. s., W; dinersidf,//. s., W. 
— OF. diverser. 

Dyversitoev sb. divers colours, Wa. 

JiYfsmnBtse^ sb. a divine, C. — ^Late 
Lat. *aivmista. See Denlne. 

Dj^e, v. to die, S2 ; see Dtyen. 

Dy3t; seelMliten. 


S ; see S^e. 

E-,^i^;see^. Cf. 

Eadi^, adj. wealthy, precious, happy, 
blessed, MD; ^adi, S; wdle, S; edi«, S; 
•ddi, S; edy, S; edye, S.— AS. ^adig: 
Goth, audags. From AS. iad, a pos- 
session, happiness, also, rich, happy : Icel. 
aiar, wealthy ; cp. OS. 6d, property. 

Eadmodieni v. to humble, MD ; 
mode, //. s., MD ; admodad, pp. as cidj. 
lowly, S, MD. — AS. idjSmddian, from ^tUi-- 
mSd, humble. Cf. sSemodad, Bdmod. 

Ealde, adj. old, S ; see Old. 

Ealde, sb. an age, age, S ; see : 

Baldren, pi elders, chiefs ; see 

Ealre, gen. of all, S ; see Al. 


J I pr, s, am ; see Aai« 

Sazcting-Stowe, sd. dwelling-place, S ; 
see Brfli ngwtonwe. 

EarBL, sd. arm (of the body), S, MD ; 
see Azm. 

Earmey adj. pi, poor ; see Arm. 

Saaming, sb, a wretched bemg, S ; see 



Eantynge, sh, earning, S ; see 

Stttelich, adj, horrible, S ; see At«1iolL. 

Ea8, adj. easy, S ; see Bth. 

Ea8e, adv. easily, S ; see Sthe. 

Ebrayk, adj. Hebrew, Sa. 

Ebrisse, adj. Hel^ew, S. — AS. ehreisc. 

Sodanaste, sb. a preacher, C. — OF. 
eccUsiaste (Cotg.) ; Church Lat. ecclesiastes 
(Vnlg.); Or. iKKKtiava.ii'Ti^ (LXX), from 
cjciiAiytria, an assembly. 

Sche, adj. each, S, Sa, W; lAoli*, S, 
MD ; elo, MD, S; •loh, S ; •loh*, MD ; 
ale, MD, S; alolM, MD, S; «ilo, MD; 
Ho, MD, S; ilk, S (la. 97), Sa, H; 
llc^ S; lUo, MD; nleli, S; xaobe, MD ; 
«olie, MD; ache, S; eoli, MD, S, Sa; 
ieh, MD, S, S3 ; y«li, Sa ; ciro, MD ; 
eaeh, MD, S ; uob, S, Sa ; wdM, P, H ; 
Qieli, S ; nyoh, S. — Comb. : aolie dajMi, 
daily, on each day, Sa ; eolM 4«jl, every 
bit, entirely, Sa ; eoli ob, each one, Sa, S3, 
Ca ; eeli ooii, Ca, W ; eob on«, Sa ; loll 
on, S3; loll a, S3; uoh obo, Sa, P; Uk 
•a, Sa ; Ue kliMS, of every kind, MD ; 
llTrinag, S; loh wor, everywhere, S. — 
AS. <^, elcy ONorth. ale, OMerc. ylc. 
The form <klc ^ d -^ ge -^ lie ; cp. OHG. 
io-gi'Uh (Tatian), G. jegliek. See Sievers, 

Eche^ etdj. eternal, S ; oclUllobe, adv.^ 
S.— AS. ieCy keliee ; cp. OHG. hoie^ also 
<^;f(Otfnd). SeeiB. 

Sche, sb, increase, addition, Sa, MD. — 
AS. iaca. 

Eche, sb. pam, MD ; see AolM. 

Eehieilf v. to increase, add, HD, CM, 
MD ; eken, S, S3, H ; ajkod,/^. j., MD. 
—AS. icecM {iean) : OS. tfkian. 

Ech.te« sb. possessions, S ; see Anbte. 

Eclipse, sb. eclipse, PP; oolypM, 
Manip. ; enoUp*, PP ; ollp«, PP ; olypc, 
S3. — JLat. celipsis ; Gr. I«\ei^i(, failure. 

E<«/eMie, sb. eternity, MD ; ooonlmM, 
dal., S; eoooMM, S; oo h o ne— , MD; 
ooofcon — e, S. — AS. ^enis. See Boka. 

Ed-, prefix.^ AS. ed-, cp. Goth, id-, 
back, again, OHG. it-, ita- (Tatian, Ot- 

frid), as m it-Uu, retribution; tt-mdli, 
feast (Tatian). 

Ed-grow, sb. after-madi, regermen^ 
Prompt. ; odiprow, HD. 

Ed-len, sb. retribution, MD. — AS. td- 

Edmod, adj. humble, MD ; see Aimod. 

Edmodi, adj. humble, MD; see AA- 

EdmodneMia, sb. humility, S; see 

EdpWii, sb. reproach, Sa. — AS. ed-wit ; 
cp. OHG. it-uuizzi^ a twitting (Otfrid). 

Ed-wit0n, V. to blame, S, P; oad- 
wltMi, S; odwltod, pt. pi., PP.— AS. ed- 
witan; cp, Goth. id-wHtjatiy OHG. ito- 
uulzSn (Tatian). Cp. E. twit. 

Edy; seeSftdlj. 

Ee ; see B^o. 

Eek, eonj. also, Ca, C3 ; mo, S ; 00,$; 
•k,S,Sa,P; oik, S3;oko,S, Sa,S3,P; 
o^ko, G.— AS. iac : Goth. auJk. 

Eelde; seexido. 

Earn, sb. uncle, Prompt., CM ; ooaa, S ; 
mn, MD ; •m, MD; «mo, S3, Voc, HD ; 
ojmo, S3; oun, HD. — AS. 4am; cp. 
OHG. tfk^im. 

Ease; seeBse. 

Eeat, a^.and j^. east, W(Mt.8. ii),MD; 
Mt, S, Sa, Ca, C3, Prompt.; SMt, Prompt. 
—AS. 4asl: Icel. auslr; cp. OHG. ^fst 
(tfstana, Otfrid). 

Ef anil ; see Buon. 

Eifaota, sb. effect, MD ; afflisoto, H.— 
Lat. effectus. 

EfTar, Effair; see Afero. 

Eftay, sb. terror, S3; fleiqr, S3. Cf. 

Efhing; see Bnonjago. 

Eft, euh). again, afterwards, S, Sa, S3, 
Ca, W; nft, MD ; ofto, S3.— AS. eft. 

'ES^T^prep. after, S, Sa ; see AlUr. 

Eft-aona, aeh. again, soon after, S, Sa, 
C3 ; oftaoono, W ; «ftK>Bo, Sa.— AS. eft- 

Eft-SOnaa, eidv. soon after, S. 

Egal, adj. equal, CM ; effallo, S3, CM. 
— OF. egal ; Lat. aequalem. 

Egalita, sb. equality, CM.— OF. egalite ; 
Lat. aequalitatem. 

Egan; seeB^o. 

Egga, sb. edge, W; off, Voc., CM; 
atftfoB, //., MD; onroi, Sa.— AS. ecg\ 
OS. eggia, see Sievers, a 58 ; cp, Lat. acies. 



Sggeiuent, sb. instigation, C3. 

Eggen« V. to sharpen, to incite, pro- 
voke, MD, H, CM ; tf^, pt. j., Sa ; 
affffed, S3, P ; y-«irif«4,i^., MD ; i-«irffed, 
MD. — ^Icel. eggya, 

Eggyyng, sb. instigation, Sa, CM ; 
atfgyngl*,//., H. 

Sghe; seeB^e. 

Sgle, sb, eagle, Ca, PP.— AF. ^^i^, OF. 
atgle'j Lat. aquila, 

Egledie, adj, pi. war-like, S.— AS. 
agUca, agl&cea^ a warrior, vexator (Grein). 
See B^e. 

Ene, fl^*. eager, sharp, fierce, Ca, PP. 
— AF. egre, OF. at^e ; Lat. acrem. 

Egremoin, sb. agrimony, 0$ ; see 

Ehe ; see B)«. 

Ehta, sb. property, S; eolite, S; see 

Eie ; see B^e. 

Eighta, num. eight, C3 ; el)t«, MD ; 
eilite, PP ; eyhte, PP ; ajte, Sa ; i^t, Sa ; 
SBhte, MD.— AS. eahta {ahta) ; cp. OHG. 
aktOy Lat. ^r/^. 

Eighta, ord. eighth, G, PP.— AS. eah^ 
me. Cf. AohtaadA. 

Eightane, num. eighteen, MD ; sbIi- 
tene, S ; auo3it«xie, S3. — AS. eahtOrUne. 

Eightatetlie, ord. eighteenth, Ca.— 
AS. eahta-tma. 

Eihta, sb. property, S; vjTxXm, S; see 

Eild; see Bld«. 

Eire, sb. journey, circuit, SkD. Phr.x 
ana ayr, on circuit, S3. — AF. and OF. 
tire, eyre^ aire, oirrty from errer^ edrer^ to 
make one*s way, from Lat. iierf journey ; 
see Constans. 

Eiren, sb. pi. eggs, PP ; eimn, Wa ; 
see By. 

Eise; seeSse. 

Eisel, Eisil, sb. vinegar ; see AlslUe. 

Eisfill, adj. terrible, MD.— AS. egesjul. 

Eislich, adj. terrible, MD ; oImUoIm, 
S.— AS. egeslic: OS. egislik; from AS. 
egesa: OS. egiso, horror; cp. OHG. egiso 

Eisliche, adv. terribly, S ; AlSUohe, 
timorously, S3.— AS. egeslice. 

EiSer, adj. either, S, Sa ; wlSer, MD ; 
•yper,S2; alfMr,S; «y«Mr, S, Sa ; etlilr, 
"W ; ar, S. — ^AS. Jt-g-hwc^er ; Sievers, 347. 

Eken, v. to ake, MD; see AkMi. 

Eldi; seeBolit. 


Elde, sb. 9Xi age (of the world), age, 
time of a man's life, maturity, frill age, old 
age, length of time, PP, S, Sa, S3, G ; 
aelde, W; Made, S; liade, S; nlde, 
MD ; ^d, MD, Sa ; h^d, Sa ; «ild, Sa. 
—AS. eldu, yldu. See Old. 

Elde, V. to grow old, H ; ^Idad, pp., Sa ; 
^dld, H.— AS. ealdian. 

Elder, comp. older, S, Ca ; see Old. 

Eldeme, sb. pi. ancestors, Sa ; see 

Eldryn, adj. old, H. Comb. : ^dxyn- 
man, old man, elder, H. 

Ele, sb. oil, MD, S ; eoU, S ; eolie, S. 
Comb. : el^MSW, oil, S. — AS. ele ; Late 
Lat. olium (cp. It. olio) ; Lat. oleum ; Gr. 
€\mov, from i\aia, an olive-tree ; cp. OHG. 
olt (Tatian). 

Eleccionn, sb. election, choice, Sa. — 
OF. election ; Lat. electionem. 

Ele-lendisch, adj. foreign; elelendis, 
MD. — AS. ele-lendisCf of a foreign land, 

Elendisch, adj. foreign; helendig, 
MD.— From AS. ellende (Voc.). 

Eleng6, adj. protracted, tedious, we^- 
some, ^eary, lonely; also (by confusion 
with AS. ellende) strange, foreign, PP, 
HD ; elynffe, PP ; elyn^, PP ; alenire, 
NED, HD ; alanffe, NED, Prompt— AS. 
(k-lenge, lengthy, tedious; «, ever + lenge, 
long, from lang, 

Elengelick, adv. sadly, PP; elyn^- 
liobe, PP. 

Elf, sb. elf, genius, nympka, incubus, 
MD, C3, Sh.; alft, MD.— AS. al/. Cf. 

Elf-lock, sb. hair matted together as if 
by the elves, Sh. 

Elf-qneen, sb. &iry-queen, Ca. 

Eliche, adv. alike, S3 ; see ZllolM. 

Elixir, sb. elixir, C3, SkD.— OF. elixir 
(Cotg.), Sp. elixir; Arab, el iksir, the 
philosopher's stone ; Gr. (ripSv, dry. 

Elldememannes, sb. gen. alderman's, 
chief officer's, S ; see Aldexmon. 

EUefb, ord. eleventh, Sa.— AS. endleqfta, 

Elleme, sb. elder-tree, sambucus, Sa, 
PP ; ^llaern, Voc. ; eUame, Voc ; ^Umr, 
PP ; rtdlr, PP.— AS. ellam. 

EUes, adv. otherwise, else, S, Sa, Ca ; 
ellla, S3, W.— AS. elles; cp. OHG. alles, 
otherwise (Otfrid) : Goth, aljis. 

Elles-liware, <z<^* elsewhere, S ; «11mi- 
wlier, S, C3. — AS. elles-hwar. 

EUes-hwider, adv. else-whither, S. 

Ebuesse, sd, alms, MD, NED; see 



ElmaB-^eomf cu/J' charitable, S. 

Elvish, adj. elvish, foolish, Ca, C3. 
See BIT. 

Elvish-markedy /^* disfigured by the 
elves, Sh. 

Elynge; seeSlenir** 
Enibassade, sd. embassy, 83 ; see Am- 

Embassadoiir, sd. ambassador, C3. 

Enibassadxie. sd, ambassadorship, Sa, 

Embatel, sb. battlement, S3 (19a. 581). 

Embattail, v. to array for batUe, Sh. 

Embrave, v, to adorn, S3. 

Em-eristen, sd, fellow-christian, S, Sa. 
See Suen. 

Erne; see Bern. 

Emeraude, sd. emerald, Ca,CM.— OF. 
tmeraude, esmeraude {esmeralde) ; Lat sma- 
ragdum (ace.) ; Gr. a/jtdpaydos, 

Emete, Quota, sd. ant ; see Ameta. 

Em-forfch,/r<f/. according to, PP. See 

Empaled,/^, enclosed, S3. 

Emperere, s6. emperor, MD.—OF. 
emperere {empereres) ; I^t imperator, 

Emperice, sb. empress, S, CM ; em* 
peresse, PP. — ^AF. emperice ; Lat. impera- 

Emperonr, sb, emperor, PP, Sa (la. 
313), C3,C3.— AF. emperur, OF. emperior^ 
emptredor ; Lat. imperatorem, 

Emipoisoner, sK poisoner, C3. See 

Empoiaoning, sb, poisoning, C3. 

Emportnred, //. pourtrayed, S3. 

Emprise, sb, undertaking, Sa, Ca, C3 ; 
MipzijM, MD. — AF. emprise, enprise ; Late 
Lat in-prensaniy pp. of in-prendere, 

Emtien, v. to empty, MD; empto, 
C3. — AS. ametgian, to be at leisure, Ps. 45. 

Enity, adj. empty, MD, Prompt; 
•mpti, MD. — AS. emtig {(Bmtig\ empty, 

Emyspei^, sb, hemisphere, S3.— Late 
Xat emisperia (Voc.) ; Lat hemispherium ; 
Or. ^fua^Hxipiov, 

Enameleii, v, to enamel, MD ; •nam^ 
«Xled, p^, Sh.; annamylUt, S3. See 

Enbibing, sb, absorption, C3. 

EnbrOUdeaL v. to embroider, MD; 
wxhtouA, pp, S3 ; mibroiidin, S3 ; •&- 
liroiUUd, CM ; •mteowdsd, C— AF. en- 

broyder. See Brajd«n. 

Encemi, sb, incense, MD, Voc., C. — AF. 
encens ; Lat incensum, 

Encense, v, to offer incense, C3; to 
perfume with incoise, MD. — OF. encenser 

Enchaimtement, sb. enchantment, 
CM; 6noh>iinin»ni, //., Sa. — AF. en^ 

Enchesoim, sb. occasion, H, CM, JD ; 
en ohetaon, PP; enohMon, Ca, H.— AF. 
enchesoun. See AchMoim. 

Encombren, v, to hinder, encumber, 
MD, S3 (3 b. 1098) ; •noomtevd,//. tired, 
troubled, C, CM. — AF. encombrer, 

Encorporing, sb. incorporation, C3. 

Encondfe, adj. fattened, H.— From 
OF. efuorser, to get fat, to make flesh 

Encrees, sb, increase, Sa, C, C3, PP ; 
enores, Ftompt 

Encressan, v, to increase, Ca, C3 ; 
•noresMi, Ca. — AF. encresc-, stem of 
encresceraif fut of encrestre ; Lat increscere, 

Enda, sb, end, district, territory, end of 
Ufe, S, C3, PP; ende, PP; SBnde, S; 
liend«, S. Conib.x on ende, lastly, S. — ^AS. 
ende for endi^*andio (Sievers, 130) ; cp. 
OHG. enti (Tatian): Goth, andeis, con- 
nected with and, prep, towards, through, 
see SkD. 

Ende-dai, sb. day of death, MD ; •ad*- 
d«l, S.— AS. ende-dag. 

Endeles, adj, endless, C3; endAtoM, 
S.— AS. endelias, 

EndeB, v, to end, S. — AS. endtan, 

Endentaa, v, to write an indenture, 
PP. — AF. endenter, to indent, notch ; Late 
Lat. indentare. 

EndeBtnr, sb, notch, Sa. — AF. enden- 

Ender, <idj, comp, latter, last past, S3 ; 
see Bindlr. 

Enditen, v. to compose, write, indict, 
accuse, G, PP; endyte, Ca, C3.— AF. 
enditer\ Late Lat indictare, 

End-laag, adv. ^ndprep. along, Sa, S3 ; 
endeloniTj^Ca ; BlWLg; NED ; anions, 
MD; fcndrtong, MD. — AS. and-lang; cp. 
Icel. endlang. See A-lanif. 

Endurdli, v. to harden, endure, remain, 
survive, W, PP.— OF. endurer\ Lat indu- 
rare, to harden. 



Sae; seeB)«. 

Sue, adv, once, Sa. — AS. Jeru, 

Enentyscli, v. to bring to nonght, H ; 
•nentlBt, pp., H ; see AnientlM. 

Enerita, v, to inherit, W2 ; inlMrit, 
to take possession, Sh. — ^AF. enheriter, 

Snes, adv, once, S. See Ones. 

Enencll, enough, S3 ; see Ynow* 

EniiBCte, //. tainted, infected, C, HD. 
— OF. infect ; Lat. infectum, 

Enfermer, sb. superintendent of the in- 
firmary in a monastery, Sa, — OY .enferniier\ 
Church Lat infirmarium (Ducange). 

Enfermerere, sb. infirmary officer, 
Cath. (p. 127 «). Cf. F^mez^r. 

Enflanmen, v, to inflame, MD, W; 
•nflawnMd, pp., S2, W.— OF. en/lamer, 
enflammer ; Lat. inflammare. 

Enforce, v, to endeavour, strive, W; 
^nforse, W2. 

Enforme, v. to establish, teach, PP; 
•afonnaeth, /r. J., P.— AF. enfournur] 
Lat. informare. 

Engel, sb. angel, MD, S ; eB«»lM,//., 
S ; onngleM, S ; encrlene, gen., S ; en- 
irlen, dcU.y S. C^w^.: enngle ]xeod, the an- 
gelic host, S.— AS. ^^^/: OS.engil: Goth. 
aggilus'. Gr.dyy€\os. Ci. Aagel. 

Engel, adj\ English, S. See Ab^Im. 

Engle-land, sb. England, S ; anffelond, 
S2. — AS. Engla land. 

E2^'lene-lond, sb. the land of tiie 
English, England, S.— AS, Englena land. 

Engleymen, v. to bind together as with 
glue or viscous matter, MD, PP ; yn^ley- 
wyn. Prompt. ; •nirl'tTmed, //., MD ; 
enffUymede, H; englymedA, H. 

Engliscll, adj. English, Sa, PP ; Bn- 
ffUsB, S2 ; JBngUM, S ; BnglimM, ^o/., 
S; pi., S2.— AS. englisc. 

Engreynen, v. to dye in grain, pp. 

Engyn, sb. understanding, craft, device, 
engine, MD, €2,03; engyne, S3 ; engine, 
Sh. — AF. engin ; Lat. ingenium, 

Eng3rned,^. tortured, c. 

Snhached,//. marked, S3, HD. 

Enhastynjar, pr.p. hasting, S3; en- 
luurted,//., HI). 

Enhanneen, v. to raise, c, W, W2 ; 
anlian na e, NED ; enlutnsed, pp., PP. — 
AF. enhauncer, enhancer. 

Enhorten, v. to encourage, MD, C. — 
OF. enhorter ; Lat. inhortari, 

Enke, sb, ink, MD, W; ynke,Voc.; 


lake, Cath.— OF. mque (Bartsc^); Lat. 
encaustum ; Gr. I^y/eavarov. 

Enker, adj. special, particular. Fhr.: 
enker greme, wholly green, MD, HD. 

Enkerly, adv. particularly, entirely, B, 
MD,JD; enlraelF, B; ynWrfy, B; yn- 
kurly, S2, B. — IceL einkarliga, variant of 
einkanliga, especially, particularly; see 
einka- in CV. 

Enleuenei, num. eleven, PP, W ; enle- 
ven, W; enleue, PP; eUenene, PP ; 
elleue, PP ; eleuene, PP ; alenin, JD ; 
alewlB, S3 ; allevin, S3, NED.— AS. end- 
leofan, endlufan {ellefan) ; Goth. ain-H/i 
see Douse, p. 80. 

Enlniainen, v. to illumine, MD, Ca ; 
enlTunynyng, pr. p. , S3, — ^AF, enluminer. 

Enlnting, sb, daubing witii clay, C3. 
— Cp. Late Lat. lutare, from Lat. Jutum, 

Ennewen, v. to renew, MD ; enneved, 
M, S3. 

Enonmbre ; see Snumiiren. 

Ennnyed,//. annoyed, P; seeAaoyen. 

Enoynt, pp. anointed, NED, C, H; 
anoynt, C. — AF. enoint ; Lat inunctum, 
pp, oiinungere. 

Enpoisone. sb. poison ; Mipoysonej 

Enpoisonen, v. to poison, MD, Ca : 

vnjf<i(jM«n9A,,pp.,S2.—0¥.enpoisoncr. j 

Enqnere, v. to mquire,C2,C3, G,Wa 
en^uexl, S2. — OF. enquerir, enquire] 
Lat inquirere. 

Enqneringe, sb. enquiry, C3. | 

Ensamplarie, sb. pattern, PP. | 

Ensample, sb. example, S, Sa, PP,Ca, 
C3 ; ensaumple, S3, P. — AF. ensample, es^ 
sample, OF. example ; Lat exemplum, 1 

Ensanmplid,//. exemplified, S3. j 

Ensele, v. to seal, PP. Of. Aaelm. 

Enserohen, v. to search into, W, Wa. 

Enstore, v. to restore, W ; iMtorM, 
pp.t W. — Lat. instaurare. Cf. Jjrtox*. 

Entailen, v, to cut carve, MD : «»i 
tayUd,;;^., S3.— OF. enlaillier, entalUer^ 

Entencion, sb. intention, Ca ; eatea< 
doiui, C3. — AF. entenciun. 

Sntendement, sb. understanding, in 
telligence, S3.— OF. entendement. 

Entenden, v. to give attention to, MD 
Ca.— OF. entendre; Lat intendere. 

Entente, sb. heed, attention, purpose 
intention, Sa, PP, C2, C3 ; entent, Sa, S3 
PP.— OF, entente. 


Hntimtif, adj, attentive, Wa.-OF. en- 


Bnteren, v, to inter, bury, MD; •&- 
texyd, pt. J., S3.— OF. entcrrer\ It inter- 
'are ; from Lat. in terra, 

Bnterment, sb, interment, MD.— AF. 

Bntraille, sb. entrails, Ca ; enindl*, 
MD ; eutrajlys, //., Voc.— AF. entrailU ; 
cp. Prov. intraliasy pi. ; Sp. entraHas, from 
Lat tnierama, the inward parts. 

Enimibren, ». to enshadow, obscore, 
hide, MD; eiummlnre, Sa.— OF. enom- 
brer; Church Lat. in-umbrare, 

EnaenymaXL, v, to envenom, PP ; •&- 
^•"^■'•d*^'* Ca. — AF. envenitner, 

EnTenymes, sb. pi. poisons, P. 

Enirined, //. provided with wine, C— 
OF. ertvifU (Cotg.). 

En'viroun, adv, in a circuit, around, 
MD;«iiTiroa,S3;«nTyw)iui,S3. Comb.: 
In eniiTxown, Sa ; M eimjroiui, MD. — 
OF. environ. 

Enviroiinen, v. to surround, to move 
round, to go about, MD ; •nTyrone, Sa. 
— OF. environner, 

E&TOllLpen, V. to wrap up, C3. — AF. 

E&liye, sb. annoyance, S ; see Anoy. 

JSaij.adj. any, PP, S, Sa, G ; enl, S, PP; 

jMii, MD, S; ni, MD, S; ^Am, S; ei, 

MD, S; wOj, MD ; aai, MD, S, Sa ; oal, 
MD ; ony, Sa, C, W. Comb. : eanis wel«, 
in any way, any ways, S; •im^itis, S; 
«7wels, NED (s. v. anywise) ; any ways, 
NED; aai^e wise, in any wise, NED; 
Mdwii^, S.— AS. ^ig. 

Eode,//. J.,went,S; IfsAe.S; •oAmi, 
pi, Sa ; ieden, S.— AS, ^ode ; Goth, iddja ; 
pee Douse, pp. 185, 188, and Brugmann, 
I 61. Cf.)aode. 

Edli ; see Ble. 

Com, I /r. J., am, MD ; see Am. 

Som ; see Bam. 

EomoUy V. to mn, S, Sa ; see ^MUien. 

Boxm^ ^i5. anger, MD, S ; urre, S, MD ; 
Imre, S ; Irre, MD. — AS. irre, sngry, 
tnger : OS. irH, angry, OHG. irri, out of 
the right way (Otfrid) : Goth, airzeisy 
latray; cp. Lat. errare for *ersare. Cf. 

BorVe; seesx^. 

Boten ; see Zten. 
EouWOr, pron. your, S ; see )oiir«. 
Sppel, sb. apple, MD ; see Appel. 
ISx^ are, H ; ere, Sa ; see Aren. 



Sr, adv., cmj. axidprep. ere, before, S, Sa, 
Ca, PP; Mr, S, S3; ayr, S3 ; y^r, S3 ; 
hmr, S ; «r, S, Sa, G. H, P ; or, S, Sa, S3, 
C3; or«,Sa; uw, S, Sa, H,PP; hmf, 
S. Comb. : or ar*, before, WW, Sh. ; f 
•iwr, W W. ^Tva, comp. formerly, S ; •z#«t, 
superl. soonest, first, S, PP ; erst, S, Sa, S3, 
Ca,C3; •iMnrtJ,S; wrt, G,P; orwrt,S; 
»r»t, S ; nrMTt, S. — ^AS. ir, comp. &ror^ 
superl. ^rest. 

Eravn, j^. spider, H ; see Axaaye. 

Ercne4li0Sop« x^. archbishop; see 

Erche-d^ene, sb. archdeacon, Sa; 
see Aro]iid«k«n. 

Erd, sb. native land, home, S ; mrd, S ; 

??•' "^"1^1 l^rtw,//., S (IS. a4io).-- 
AS. eard\ OS.ard. 

Erden, v. to dweU, MD; Mrth^, S, 
MD; •ardMi, MD.— AS. eardian\ cp. 
OHG. ^i^^ (Tatian). 

Krdi]lg*«toawe« x*. dwelling-place, 
MD; •ardlniBtowe, S. 
Ere, sb. ear, S, Ca, PP ; ^r*, Wa ; «r«, 

S ; earwi,//., S, Sa ; •rw, S ; •mrto, Wa, 
PP. Comb. : Mr^rliiir* ear-ring, W a. —AS. 
iare\ Goth.tfiw; cp. Lat a»w. 

JSxB^, are, Sa ; er, H ; see AzMi. 

EMndftf sb. errand, message, business, 
PP, S; midt, Sa, PP; mmda, MD ; 
aMiid9,MD ; MTtnAm, MD ; hardAt, S.— 
AS. <^w«^<? ; cp. OS, drundi, Icel. eyHndi \ 
OHG. ifv»/i (Otfrid) ; connected with AS. 
ir, messenger. 

Erewe, adj. timid, S ; erffH, JD ; mt, 
eerie, JD ; see Arwe. 

Erfe, sb. cattle, MD; Arrft, Si •»!•, 
S.— O, Merc, ^z^/^, erbe, inheritance (OET. 
p. 539) : OS. erM, OHG. erH (Tatian, 
Otfrid) : Goth. arbi\ cp. Olr. orbe (Win- 
disch) ; see Orf. 

ErfeS, du^^'. difficult, MD ; see AxM, 

Erien, v. to plough, MD, PP; •rtn, 
PP, W, C; •«, WW; ^Tjn^^, pr. p., W; 
erlAw, //. //., Wa.— AS. ma»: Goth. 
arjan ; cp. Lat. arare ; see Douse, p. 1 14 {e), 

Eringe, sb. ploughing, Sa, PP ; aari»ir, 
S3.— AS. erung. 

Eritage, sb. heritage, Sa, PP.— AF. 

Erl, sb, a man of noble birth, earl, MD, 
S, Ca ; «M>rl, S ; erl©, S3 (15 a. i) ; y»rl9, 
S3; •orlw, //., S; )lerl0B, S; mrlan, 
dot,, S.— AS. eorl'. OS. erl\ cp. Icthjarl. 

Erl-dom, sb, earldom, PP ; erldom*, P. 

Erl79 adv. early, C, Ca ; erlyolw, Sa ; 



azly, H ; yerly, Ss ; arely, H; •rllolie, 

S2. — AS. Jsrlice, 

Erme, adj, dot. poor, S ; see Arm. 

Smie, «'. to feel sad, grieve, C3, CM. — 
AS. earmian ; see Ten Brink, Chaucer, 48, 
4. See Arm. 

Erming, o^'. wretched, S; sb, a wretched 
being, S; 6armyii|fe«,//.,S. — P&,earming, 

Ermita, sb, hermit, PP ; eremite, PP, 
Sa ; heremyte, Sa ; ermyte*,//., Sa, PP ; 
lieremitee, P ; liermltes, S. — AF. ermite 
(Jieremitey hermiie) ; Church Lat. eremita 
(Jieremita)\ Gr. ifnjfjtlrrjs, from kprjfjtla, a 

Em, sb. eagle, MD, JD, S ; erne, Sa ; 
axyn, H ; am, HD ; 9m, MD ; ernes, 
//.,CM; hemes, Sa.— AS.^am, ONorth. 
am ; from Goth, ara ; cp. OHG. dro, also 
am, pi. ^mi (Tatian). 

Emde ; see Brende. 

Emeily V. to earn, MD ; amen, MD. — 
AS. eamian : OHG. amSn, to reap a har- 
vest (Otfrid), from amo^ harvest: Goth. 

Emen, v, to ran, S ; see Bennen. 

Ernes, sb, a pledge, earnest, MD, W; 
emest, Sa ; emesse, dot., S.— OF. ernes, 
prob. for ^erles ; so in F. guigne the n is 
for an older /; see Brachet. Cf. Aries. 

Ernest, sb. eagerness, seriousness, ear- 
nest, C, MD ; eomest, MD. — AS. earnest, 
earnestness : OHG. ernust, sorrow (Tatian). 

EmestAll, adj. earnest, MD, Ca. 

Emestlji adv. eagerly, quickly, Sa, 

Emung, J"^. earning, desert, MD ; eam- 
ynire, S. See Bmen. 

Errannt, adj. vagabond, arrant, PP, 
MD. — OF. errant, wandering, vagabond 
(Cotg.). SeeBrren. 

Erre, sb. a scar, wound, Voc. (680. i) ; 
arre, NED ; ar, HD ; arr, JD ; erres, 
//., H, NED. Cp. Dan. ar, Icel. or, brr. 

Erren, v. to wander, W, MD ; erriden, 
//. //., W.— OF. errer; Lat. errare. Cf. 

Ert, a pr. s. art, S, Sa, H, PP ; erton, 
art thou, Sa. — AS. eart. 

Erthe, v. to dwell, S ; see Brden. 

Erthe, sb. earth, S, Ca, C ; eozVe, S ; 
yerthe, S3; ▼r])e, Sa ; erd, S3. Comb-. 
aner)>e, on earth, Sa. — AS. eorUe', OS. erifa ; 
cp. OHG. erda (Otfrid). 

Ertheli, adj. earthly, Sa ; ezVllobe, S ; 

eaiAUoli, S. —AS. eoHhlice. 

Erthe-monyng, sb. earthquake, W. 


Erthe-SChaJcyng, sb. earthquake, "W. 

Erthe-tiliere, sb. tiller of land, AV; 
ertlie-tllerls,//.,Wa.— Cp. AS. eorp-tilia. 

Erthe-tiliynge, sb. husbandry, W. 

Erne ; see "Ext^. 

Es, conj. as, PP ; see Also. 

E8,/r. s., is, S, Sa, H ; esse, Sa ; see Zs. 

Escape, sb. transgression, HD, ND, Sh. ; 
escapes,//., S3. 

Eschame, v. to be ashamed ; eschamyt, 
//., S3 ; see NED (s.v. ashanU). 

Eschapen^ v. to escape, Sa ; esoapen, 
MD ; asoapen, Wa,P; oliapyt,/^^., S3.— 
AF. eschaper, escaper. Cf. Acliape. 

Eschaping, sb. escape, Sa. 

Eschannge, sb, exchange, C, PP — AF. 

Escheker, sb. chess-board, treasury, ex- 
chequer, MD ; esscbeker, PP ; clieker, P ; 
olieoker, S3 ; oliekyr, PP ; chesqnier, PP. 
— AF. escheker, OF. eschequier, 

Eschen, v, to ask, MD ; see Ajtken. 

Eschetes, sb. pi, escheats, PP ; ee- 
oheytes, forfeitures, PP ; chetes, P. — AF. 
eschete (pi. eschaetes) ; es=ex + ckaet, pp. of 
chaoir', Lat. cadere\ see Bartsch, p. 511. 

Eschewen, v, to eschew, avoid, S3, PP 
eschnwen, PP ; eschne, C3, C, PP. — AF, 
eschtur, OF. eschever, eschiver; OHG. 
sciuhan, sciuhen, to be afraid of (Otfrid), 
See Boliey. 

Escrien, cry out, MD ; see A8orl«n 

Ese, sb. ease, Ca, C3, P; else, S, PP 
eyse, PP. — AF. eise, OF. aise, pleasure 
cp. It agio, ease, convenience (Florio). 

Ese, adj' easy, at leisure ; eese, Sa ; eiJM 
S.— OF. aise, glad. 

Eseliclie, adv. easily, Sa ; esUy, Ca, C 

Esement, sb. solace, S3. — AF. esemctU 

Esen, V. to entertain, MD, C ; eaed,/^. 
C. — OF. aiser, aisier. 

Esmayed,/^. dismayed, frightened, Sa 

HD. — OF. esmaier, to fri^ten ; Lat. ex h 

Low Lat. ^magare, from Teutonic source 

OHG. mag-, stem of mugan, to be able ; c^ 

It. sniagare, to vex out of his wits (Florioj 

Cf. Dismsyen. 

Esperance, sb. hope, S3 ; eqpiar»ao4 

S3 ; esperannoe, CM. — OF. esperance, 
Espye, V. to see, discover, C, C3. — OI 

espier. It. spiare ; OHG. spihan, see Di«: 

See Asplen. 
Est, adj. east, S, Sa, Ca, C3, Promp 

Comb. : est d^, the east, Sa ; 
i eastwardi Ca ; see : 


Estat, sb. state, C, MD ; eitMt^ C3 ; 
astate, S3, NED ; estate, PP ; Mrtates, 
pi., ranks, S3.— OF. estat; Lat. statum, 
Cf. Stat. 

Estatlich, adj, dignified^ C. 

Estdt sb. favour, grace, delicacy, dainty, 
S; eaten,//., S; ml^mnm, gen.,S,—AS>, 6st \ 
OS. anst, OHG. a»j/(Otfrid): Goth, ansts 
(stem ansti'), 

Este, adj\ pleasant, kind, S2, MD. — AS. 

Ester, ^3. Easter, S, S2 ; estren, ^o/., 
S. Comb, : estxene dai, Easter-day, S. — 
AS. 4astrOf sb. pi. the passover, easter-tide, 
eastrena (gen. pi.), from Easire, the AS. 
fomi of the name of a German goddess of 
light and spring sunshine; see Grimm, Teat. 
M., p. 289. 

Estre« sb, being, nature, quality, also, 
the place where one is, dwelling, quarters, 
chambers, or inner part of a house, HD, 
MD; estres, //., C, HD, CM; esters, 
CM. — OF. estrty a sb. from an infin. 
(Bartsch); Late Lat. essere, to be; see 
Brachet (s. v. itre). See also estre in Cotg. 

Estrin-laadf sb. Eastern land, S2. See 

Esjf adj. easy, gentle, MD, C, PP, 
Prompt. ; eosy, MD.— OF. aisie. See Bse. 

Et, prep, at, S. Comb, : et-foxen, be- 
fore, S.— AS. (Bt, 

Eten, V. to eat, S, C2, PP; wten, S; 
eoten, S ; eet, PP ; liete, S ; ett, pr. s., 
S; eet,PP; et,PP; et,//.j.,S; ete,S2; 
eet, C2, C3, PP ; wten, //., S ; eten, S, 
C2, PP; eoten, S; eeten, G; eten,//., 
S, PP ; i3eten, S, S2 ; ijete, S2 ; y-ete, 
Sa; eyt, S3.— AS. etan, pt. s. <kt (pi. <kton)y 
^p.eten, see Sievers, 391,3; Goth, itan, 
, see Douse, p. 44. 

Eteme, adj. eternal, C, HD.— OF. 
, eteme ; Lat aetemum, 

Etforen, Ethalden; see At-fore, 

Etll, ad;\ easy, H ; ea^, S, MD.— AS. 
\4(ae,€0e: OS. dlfft; cp, Goth, authis, desert, 
rwaste, see Weigand (s. v. ode). 

EtlL-9 prefix, easily. — Cp. AS. iap-^ ip-, 
yP' ; cp. Icel. aud-, 
^ B8e, adv. easily, S, HD ; ea^, S. 

E8e-lich, adj. slight, light, S. 

Ethelsmfff sb, a noble, S ; see Athel- 

SSeiU, sb. breath, S. — AS. <ktim, ^m ; 
'OHG. dtum (G. cUhem), see Sievers, 45. 6. 

ECe-modedi adj. gentle, well-disposed, 



S, MD.— Cp. AS. iddmSdian, to obey. See 

E8en, adv. hence ; see SiiSen. 

EtS-lete, adj. lightly esteemed, MD; 
«l5late, S. See Bth, Bth-. 

E8-8eB6« adj. easily seen, S; «(5oene, 
S; etsoene, S. 

EtllUlg6« sb, purpose, conjecture, S; 
see Atlln^. 

Ett6l6d6n./A//. directed their way^ 
went straight, S2 ; see Atlien. 

En, you, S ; see ^on. 

En-bruche, sb. adultery, MD, S ; ean- 
braohe,MD; wwbnBclie, Voc. — AS. <h(/- 
bryce. See iB. 

Euro, pron. your, S ; see Boure. 

Enangelie, sb. gospel, PP, W ; enan. 
gUe, S2 ; ewangelye, S2, PP ; enangyles, 
//., C3. — OF. evangile; Lat. evangelium 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. ^itafikkiov. 

Eliailg6luite«<r^. evangelist, PP; enan. 
ff^llst, C2 ; ewanitfellste, S.— OF. evan- 
geliste (AF. ewangelist)', Lat. evangelista 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. ^harf^iKiarii's. 

Euaugalisay v. to preach, W. 

Enel, adj. and adv, evil, S, W2, S2, PP ; 
see TueL 

Enel-les, adj. guiltless, S3. 

Enen, sb. even, S, P ; efinm, S ; ene, S, 
C2, C3, PP. Comb. : euene-sterre, even- 
ing star, W2 ; ene-sonir» even-song, S2 ; 
enyn-son^, S3 ; enensonge, P.— AS. 
ikfen {tfen)i OHG. dband (Otfrid), see 
Sievers, 45. 

Euen, adj. even, equal, fellow, MD, S2, 
W; enene, C2, PP; adv., PP ; e&e, S; 
wfiie, S ; ewln, S3. Comb. : efen-ald, of 
the same age, MD ; enen-crlstene, fellow- 
christian, S, PP, HD ; enuoxlsten, S, S2 ; 
enen-fortli, according to, to the extent of, 
PP ; em-fortli, C, PP ; enen-forth, di- 
rectly forward, S3 ; enen-forward, directly 
forward, HD ; enene-lonir» of proper 
height, S ; enene-wortli, of like value, W2. 
—AS. efenx OS. eban, OHG. eban (Ot- 

EueBeBf V. to make equal, to be equal, 
MD, S ; eAienn, S.— AS. efnan. 

Enenhed, sb. equality, equity, H (Ps, 
108. 2) ; enynhede. Prompt. 

Enealiy adv. evenly, W2 ; enenlielie, 
MD ; enelyobe, S.— AS. efenlice, 

Enennesse, sb. equity, W2. 

EuenyUffe, sb. an equal, S ; efhlnir, S« 
— Cp. lcit\.jafningi, 
Eaerich, adj every, S, S2, C2 ; avexelc. 



MD; tBivw^lch, MD; •▼•Mob, MD, S; 
evreoh, MD, S; afirlo, S; •fifM, MD ; 
evzec, MD ; •▼wllk, MD, S3 ; 9W9xae, 
MD, S; eiMrioli, S, Sa, C2; MTXlifli, 
MD ; muxlc, S ; wvxlo, MD ; eCricb, 
MD ; eiixioli, S, S2 ; wnsralolie, S ; Koe- 
xloli, S ; afiri, S ; aauexlolM, S ; •▼er- 
wkoh, S ; aauMreuoli, S. Cit?/;^^. : cim- 
xloli on, every one, S2, C2, C3 ; everycli 
one, S2 ; euerllk an, S2. — AS. <k/re + <klc; 
see Snre (ever) and Belie. 

Enesa, sb. border, brink, edge (of a roof, 
znoantain, forest), Prompt., MD ; benese, 
MD ; enoMB, //., PP.— AS. e/esa: OHG. 
tfitsa, opasa ; see Sievers, 93. Cp. E. eaves. 

Euesian, v, to clip round, to shear, 
MD ; enesed, pp., S3 ; i-evoMt, S.— AS. 

En.681l]ig6y sb. a clipping, what is clip- 
ped ofif, MD ; eaves, MD ; evesing*, 
Manip. ; aisinffs, //., PP (ii.). Cofnb. : 
lionBe-eiiyssmffe ( ^ domicilium\ H. — ^AS. 
efesung (Voc). 

Eneta, sb. eft, newt, W2 ; newte, Voc 
(642. 27) ; eneten, //., S; ewtes, MD.— 
AS. efeta (Voc). 

Euorye, sb. ivory, HD ; yvory, Prompt.; 
€fvvreiy, Voc. — Prov. evori {avori) ; Lat. 
eboreumy made of ivory ; cp. F. ivoire^ It 
avorio (Florio) ; see Diez. 

Snoiir, sb. ivory, S3, HD ; euov, H ; 
«vix, S3 ; Ivor, Prompt. ; yner, W, W2. 
— Of French origin, from Lat. ebur. 

Sure, adv. ever, S, Sa, PP; enexe, S, 
S2, PP ; efire, S, MD ; afire, S ; efltor, S, 
MD ; eaner, S, MD ; stfto, MD ; aner, 
S ; wnexe, S ; anexe, S ; 8B«eze, S ; abt, 
MD; er, MD. Comb.: euex amon^, 
continually, S3 ; ener elper, each, S3 ; 
efirenl, ever any, S; enermo, evermore, 
S, S2, C2, C3 ; SBfiremo, S ; euermor, S ; 
ssner te, ever as yet, S. — AS. se/ire, from 
dwa {d) ; see SkD, and Sievers, 192. 4. 

Ew, sb. yew, C, Voc ; ewe, Cath. — AS. 
/ze/ ; cp. OHG. /wa. 

Swage, sb. beryl, PP. — OF, ewa^ie, con- 
nected with water (Roquefort) ; Lat. a^ua- 
ticum. The green beryl is called by jewel- 
lers aqua marina. See below. 

Ewe ardavnt, sb. burning water, S2.— 
AF. ewe, eue, aigue; Lat. aquam, see 
Academy, No. 459, p. 139 ; cp. Goth. 

Ewen, V. to show. — AS. iwani Goth. 
augjan\ cp. OHG. ougen (Otfrid). See 
Atewen, B^e. 


Bwer, sb. a water-carrier, also, vessel for 
water, Palsg. ; enwere, MD ; 

ej^nftiriiKJ,, Prompt -^AF. ewer^ SkD (p. 
803) ; OF. euwier, aiguier, 

Ewilch, adj. every, MD (s.r. alc)\ 
ewUohe, MD ; IwUoli, MD ; uwUe, MD, , 
S ; nwUoli, MD, S ; ewi<die, S.— AS. <k'g-- 
hwilc: OHG. io-gi-welih (Tatian), eo-gi- 
hwelih ; see Sievers, 347. i. 

Ewilt ; see Snen. 

Ezerce, v. to exercise, S3.— OF. exer- 
cer ; Lat. exercere. 

Exhibition, sb. payment, S3, Sh.— 
AF. exhibicioun ; Late Lat. exhibitunum 

Expert, adj. experienced, C3. See A^eit. 

Expert, V. to experience, S3. 

El^vnen, v. to expound, PP, C2, C3 ; 
ezpowne, S2, S3; ezponnde, C2. — ^Lat 
exponere, \ 

Expownyng, sb. interpretation, W. 

3By» -f^- ^Z%> C, C3, Prompt ; eye, S3, 
W ; ay, G, HD ; esrren, pi., PP ; " 

PP; eimn, W2; a5nren,MD; effgea,PP, 
— AS. ceg (pi. agru) ; cp. Icel. egg, whence 

Eyle^ adj. loathsome, troublesome, NED ; 
AS. egk : OTeut. *agljo ; cp. Goth, aglus \ \ 
see Sievers, 303. 

Eylen, v, to trouble, afflict, NED ; 
eilln, S ; ellep, pr. s., Sa, PP ; ejletli, 
Ca,C3, C, PP,— AS. eglan\ Goth, agljan, 

l^rre, sb. air, C3, P ; eire, W ; eyr, C ; ! 
eir, Wa, PP ; aler, PP; ayer, S3 ; air, 
Sa (ao. 167); aize, NED.— OF. «>; Lat 

Eyre, sb. heir, Sa, PP; eixe, W, PPr 
ayre, HD; alze, Sa ; eir, S, Sa ; «yr, 
G ; eyer, Sa ; heir, S, Ca; heyr, C3.— 
OF. eir, heirs ; Lat. heres. 

Eyren, sh. pi. ; see By. 

Eyt ; see Bten. 

Eythes, sb. pi. harrows, PP. — ^AS. egede^ 
harrow : OHG. egida, 

E^e. sb. awe, MD ; eie, S ; eye, S, G ; ' 
^eie, S ; i^eie, S, NED ; aye, HD ; egr^,< 
G. — AS. ege : Goth, agis ; see Sievers, 263. ' 
4. Cf. Awe. 

E^e, sb. eye, S, Sa, PP ; alie, S;i 
efflie, S; elt, Sa ; y», Sa, Ca, C3, G;i 
Ije, S3, W, Wa ; yje, Wa ; e, Sa, S3 ; ee, 
S3; e^en, pi., S, Sa ; effen, S; eieA, S; 
eyen, S, S2, P ; eyn, S3 ; efflien, Sa, C ; 
ei^en, Sa, PP ; ei^yen, S2 ; eyne, Sh. ; 
ebne, S ; ene, S3 ; eye, S2 ; ^en, W, Wa, 
S3; y3«n, Sa; lyen, S3; yto, Ca, C3; 


^fflun, P; ^Ighitai; Ime, S2; •yyliM, 
PP; fljffbe, PP.— AS. /^: Goth. fl«5?«>; 
cp. OHG. otiga (Otfrid). 

E^e-lid, sb, eye-Ud, MD ; ehaUd^ S 

E^e-put, s6. the socket of the eye ; ^e- 
jutteB,//., MD. 

^0-)mrl« J^. window ; 6li]mzly MD. — 



idg'J>yr{; cp. Goth, auga-dawv, window 

E^MilLSev <r^. the sight of the eye, 
presence, MD ; ehsUiSSe, S ; ^«-si)t, S3. 

E)-861i| sb, presence; rfgl i o a cn g, ^a/., 
MD; nhaeone, MD; •omua, MD ; «x- 
sena,. MD. — Cp. Icel. aug-syn, OHG. Wff- 
J22^iff (Tatian). 


Fft, adj, few, H ; see F«we. 

Fft, Faa, sb. foe, S, S3 ; see Foo. 

Face* sb. face, PP ; a term in astrology, 
C2,— OF, face; LsLt,/actem. 

Tacioil, sb. &shion, S3 ; see Fasoun. 

Faconnd, sb, eloquence, fluency, CM ; 
bcuiUto, H, Prompt.^OF. faconde ; Lat. 

Faeonnd, adj. eloquent, CM. — OF. 
faconde 'y \a.\^ facundum, 

Fadet <sdj, weak, faint (of colour), MD ; 
fid, MD.— OF./^M&. 

Faden, v, to fade, lose colour, wither, 
to cause to wither, MD, Cath., Prompt. ; 
fid«, MD, Sh., HD. 

Fader, sb. father, S, Sa, C3 ; Feader, 
6; M«r, S ; Tador, S, Sa ; vedMr, S ; fl^ 
die, S2 ; fiULeres, ^<f». x., S ; fiUbres, C2 ; 
kdn, S2, Ca, C3 ; fiUlMres, //., Sa ; fl^ 
bM, Ca ; fikdrls, "^ .^ AS. fader, 
Fadme, sb, fathom, uhta, MD, Prompt, 
D; fibdoBM, CM ; fMbiM,t MD ; fiUbiMii, 

Fadmeil^ v- to embrace, MD, Prompt ; 
MhBMi, MD ; Ikdmeds,//. j., MD; &]>- 
iid,^., MD, S2.—AS,fcapuan. 
Fbbc, J^. space, interval, portion of time ; 

t% dat.^ S.— AS. foci cp. OHG. /&A 
HG. zurA), a wall, a compartment. 
^Sie, adj\pl. dead, S ; see Fey*. 
j^. army, S ; see Ferd. 
V, to fare, S ; see Faran. 
adj, few, S ; see F«w«^ 
'en, (idj. fain, S ; see Fayn. 
sb. faith, Sa ; fliy, G ; see TM. 
I, j-^. fsjf fairy, Sa ; see Fay. 
hil, ^^. greensward, JD ; fidU, S3; 
p, grassy clod cut from the sward, JD. — 
faei/^, wall, hedge, sod; Olx.fdl, wall, 
edge (Windisch). 

Pai]rdyke» -r^. dike built of sods, JD. 
Faalle« v. to fail,S,C3 ; fiiylaySa; fbil- 

ada,//. J., S,—AF,/at/lir; Late Lat /a/- 
/fr^ for LAt./a/lere. 

Faille, sb. fail, doubt, MD ; faala, S3. 

Fainen, v, to rejoice, Sa ; see Faynan. 

Faire, sb, fair, P ; see Fayxa. 

Fairye, sb, feiry power, fairy land, Ca ; 
see Fayarya. 

Fait, J^. deed, Sa,PP ; ftlta, PP ; see Fat. 

Faiten, v. to beg under false pretences, 
PP; toytan, PP. 

Faiterie, sb. deceit, PP; fiiytaxya, 
Prompt, HD. 

Faitonr, sb, pretender, impostor, vaga- 
bond, MD, PP; iSiytowra,/<r/^, Prompt; 
fibytouras, //., S3 ; ftltora, H.— OF.>«'- 
four, faiteor (Godefroy) ; Late Lat. *factu- 

Falding, ^^.'a kind of coarse cloth, C, 
HD ; faSA^^^famphibalus, birrttSy Cath., 

FaUace, sb. deceitfulness, W; fUlaa, 
W, HD. — OF. fallace\ Lat fallacia 

Fallen, v, to fall, S, Ca; naUan, S; 
faol,//. J., S; fal, S; fil, Ca ; fia,S; lyi, 
Sa ; i-ual, S; flUa, S3 ; via, Sa ; faoUa, 
subj.y S ;' fitUan, //., S ; falla, S ; lllla, 
Ca ; fsldan, Sa, W, Wa ; y-^fiaUan, pp., 
Ca ; MUla, S ; fkUa, Sa, Ca ; fUlynir 
{Scotch form)y S3 ; fald, W.— AS. {ge)fecU' 
lariy ^t.ffolly pp. ge-feallen. 

Fallow, sb, fellow, Sa, S3 ; see Falawa. 

Fallow, V, to be fellow to, S3 ; see Fa- 

Falljnge, sb. a falling; fUlyngis, //., 
ruins, Wa, H. 

Fallsrnge-ax, sb. felling-axe, Wa ; see 

Fallynge-enylle, sb, the falling-sick- 
ness, epilepsy, Sa. 

Fals, adj, false, MD, Ca ; ttSian^ MD, 
C2,—AF./als', L&t/alsum. 



Fals-hede, J^. falsehood, Sa, C3 ; fU^ 

FalsieBf v. to make false, MD ; fUiyiL, 
Prompt. ; iklMd, pp., Ca.— OF. falser 
{mod. fausser) ; Late IjsX.falsare. 

Falimessis, frauds, Wa. 

Falten, v. to fail, to be wanting in, to 
stammer; flat,/r.j.,S; flmt^n.//., PP.— 
OF. *falter (whence Y.faute) ; cp. It fcd- 
tare, freq. form oHjaX.fallere. 

Faltren, v. to totter, SkD, C3, CM ; to 
stammer, falter. Prompt. ; foltr«A,^., S3. 

Falwa^ adj' fallow, pale, yellow, MD. 
— AS.fealu {stem/ealwa). 

Falwen, v. to become yellow, pallid, to 
fade, MD ; fUnweiL, MD ; Tftluwen, S. — 
AS. fealuwian. 

Familier, adj, ^miliar, Manip. ; fibmu- 
Uar, C; fibmnler, MD.— AF. familier; 
Lat. familiarem, 

Faad, pt. s. fomid, S, Sa, S3 ; see Flnd- 

FaadieBf v- to try, seek, strive, to prove, 
MD, S ; fiuLde, S2, H ; fonde, S, Sa, S3, 
Ca ; uonden, S ; fiiynd, B ; l^fonded,//., 
S. — AS. fandian ; deriv. of PindAii. 

Faading, sb. tempting, temptation, Sa ; 
fiuLdjiiire, H ; fondimffe, S ; fondyiLir, 
Sa, G ; nondjnge, Sa. — P&.fandung. 

Fane, sb. banner, streamer, S3, MD: 
fiijii, weather-vane, S3 ; fiui, C3 ; vaae, 
Ca ; fitays, //., streamers, S3. — AS. fana, 
a standard, Goth.^«a, a bit of cloth ; cp. 
Lat. pannus {pdnus), see Curtius, 363. 

Fantasie, sb. fancy, PP ; fiULtasy, S3 ; 
fiuLtasleB,//., P ; fiuLtMyes, Sa, Ca.— OF. 
fantasies \a\.. phantasia\ GT.^Tcurla. 

Fantoma, sb. deceptive appearance, 
falsehood, apparition, MD, C3 ; fiuLtonin, 
MD ; fiuLtnm, Sa, W ; fiuLtom, H ; fan. 
tenoe, MD; fiuitem*, MD.— OF. /a»- 
tosme (Ps. 78. 4); Low Lat. *fantasuma 
(cp. Prov. fantauma) ; Lat. phantasma ; 
Gr. ^KivTa<r/ia. 

Fare, sb. jonmey, S ; doing, business, 
Sa, C3, C ; behaviour, G. 

Faren, v. to go, to fare, to behave, S, 
Sa, Ca ; uaren, S; ftsMii, S; fiEur, S3; 
▼are, S; fldr, S3; fiinrt, a pr. s., S; 
fiMurdS, pr. j., S ; tiau, Sa ; ▼arp, //., Sa ; 
for, pt. s., S, Sa ; i-fJEuren, pp., S ; furen, 
MD, Sa ; fure, S, Sa, Ca ; i-fure, S, Sa. 
Comb. : fax wel, farewell, Ca; //. fJEuretli 
wel, C3 ; fiurewel, it is all over!, C3. — 
AS./aran, pt./^, pp./aren. 


Farme, sb, a feast, meal, CM, MD ; see 

FaraeB, v, to stuff, HD ; fcmied,/^., C ; 
fitfiOd, K.— OF. farcir; Lsit./arcire. 

FaS01l]i« sb. fashion, make, shape, MD, 
CM ; fiuMowi, S3 ; fiuwioiL, S3 ; ft ioiong, 
//., S3. — OF. /ason, fasson, fa^on ; Lat. 

Fast, adj. firm, fixed, SkD; fbst, S; 
fkurte, adv. fast, firmly, quickly, soon, PP, 
S, Ca; securely, S; fimrte, S; fiurt, soon, 
PP; close, Sa;iLetrte,S;iuurte,S3. Phr.\ 
fiurt a1>out«, very eager, G. — AS. fcest^ 

Fasten, v. to make fast, also to fast,/>- 
junare, MD, W (Mt. 6. 16); fe«t, Sa ; 
teston, //. //., confirmed, S; fested, pp.^ 
Sa. — AS.fastan', cp. Goth, y^zx/an, 'j^d'*- 

Fasten, sb, fasting, S ; festen, S. 

Fasting, <f^. abstinence from food, MD ; 
fiuMtlxmir, S. 

Fast-lice, culv. continuously, S. 

Fastnesse, sb. stronghold, MD ; fiMit- 


Fast-rede, adj- finn in counsel, S. 

Fat, sb. vessel, S, Voc ; fat, MD ; net, 
MD ; feat, MD ; uaat, S ; fibten, //., S.— 
AS.yfe/: OS. fat', cp.OHG./aa (Tatian). 

Fat, adj. fat, MD ; fet, S ; fotta, pL, S. 
— AS./at; cp. Icel./eitr. 

Fa]>men, v. to embrace, Sa ; see Pad^ 

Fancon, sb. falcon, Ca ; Huicoaii, PP ; 
fibnkyn, PP ; fibucones, pi., F.—AF./au- 
con,falcun\ 'LsX.falconem. 

Fannt, sb. child, infant, MD ; fknnta, 
HD; flMuite«, //., P ; flwuitlji, P.— OF. 
fant, li.fante ; Lat. infantem. 

Fanntee, sb. childishness, PP. 

Fanntekyn, sb, little child, pp; 
fibwntkyne, HD ; fiuitekyne, HD. 

Fanntelet, sb, infancy, properly a littl<^ 
infant, PP. I 

Fanntelte, sb. childishness, PP. 

Faur, num, four, MD ; flMire, Sa ; se< 

Fanr-tend, ord, fourteenth, S2. c£ 
▼ourtejM. ~ 

Fante, sb. fault, MD ; fknt, Sa. — OF. 
faute,falte» See Faltam 

Fanel, sb. impersonification of Flattery, 
PP ; fibunel, Sa ; fibueU, flattery, S3.— 3 
OF.favele, talk ; Lat. fabella^ * senno barc^ 
lyis' (Ducange). 


^ Tawch, s6. fallow, S3; firaoh, JD; 
tKugh, HD ; flmf, HD. Cm^. : fibwoh- 
BaUow, fallow-yellow, S3. 
Fawe, a^j\ few, S ; see r«w«. 
Fawely, a^z^. few, S3. 
Fawn, sd. fawn, the young of an animal, 
MD; gnulus=AinnuIus, a young mule, 
Voc ; fibwna, hinulus^ Voc. ; fowne, hin- 
nilus, Voa [these Voc words occur close 
to names for deer] ; fibwne, hinnulus, 
Cath. ; fownys, //., S3.— OF. faon, fedn, 
foiin \ perhaps a derivative of I.9X. foetus, 
see Diez, p. 580. 

Fay, sb, itLj, fairy, a person endued with 
supernatural powers, HD ; fid«, S2 ; fidM, 
//., RD.— OF. fai (fee) ; Late Lat. fata, 
from Lat. fatum, a decree of destiny ; cp. 
It fata, Sp. hada, 
Fayepye, sb. magic, fairy world, a fairy, 
MD; fiiyreye, PP; Ujrj; fairy origin, 
Sa ; feyxie, S2, PP ; fidrye, C2 ; fldry, 
P.—OF. faerie, enchantment, also f eerie, 

Fayniy sb. foam, S3 ; see Foom. 
Fayn, sb. streamer, weather-vane, S3; 
see Fane. 

Fayn, adj. fain, glad, willing, S2, Ca, 
MD; &firen, S; fiOn, MD ; uwln, S; 
fein, MD ; nain, MD ; feyn, S2 : &wen, 
MD; &we, o^/z/., gladly, MD; fiOnest, 
J»/^/., CM.— AS. fa^en. 
Faynen, ^. to rejoice, PP; fldnen, S2 ; 
fii>u]ien, to fawn, PP ; fibwnyn, Prompt. — 

AS. fagenian,fcegnian. 
Fl^ynen, v, to feign, S3 ; see Feynenu 
Faynnes, sb. gladness, H (Ps. 67. 3) ; 

Ibynas, H. See Fayn. 
Fayntise, sb. pretence, S3; fiiyntlB, 

H ; see FeyntlM. 
Fayre, adj, fair, C2, PP ; tli^Berx, MD ; 

ftBljer, MD ; faXgvt, MD ; feller, MD ; 

«Bier, S; nalr, S2 ; felr, MD, S; nayr, 

' S2 ; fayr, S ; vaAre, S ; fidre, //., S ; 

&yxe, S, 82 ; veyrer, comp., S2 ; telrest, 

superL, S ; texeste, //., S ; fidresta, S.— 

Fayre, flwfe'. courteously, kindly, PP ; 

Itelre, S ; Ikjjre, S ; fkire, S, P ; fayre, 

S, Sa, CM ; felre, S, S2 ; naixe, S2. 
Fajrrehed, sb. beauty, fairness ; &lre- 

hed, S2 ; fidrliede, S ; nayxbede, S2. 
Faymes, sb. beauty, MD ; ftdrnesm, 

S, Ca. 

Fayten, v. to tame, mortify, PP, Sa ; 
'- .,PP. SeeAfhlten. 



Fa^e, pi spotted, S ; see Poll. 
Feale, sb. fail, failure, S3 ; see Faille. 
Fearen, v. to fare, S ; see Faxen. 
Feawe, adj. few, S ; see Ftwe. 
Fable, adj. feeble, S, S2, PP; fleble, 
Ca, P ; febloxe, comp., Sa ; febeloxe, PP ; 
llblex,PP.— OF./tf^ii?,/^^^; Jjntflebilem. 
Fable-like, adv. in sorry fashion, S. 
Feblen, v. to become weak, to make 
weak, PP ; feWl, Sa ; fobly, Sa ; feblld, 
pp„ MD. 

Fecchen, v. to fetch, S, Sa, Ca, P; 
▼eo^ie, S ; fecben, S ; fSMbe, S3.— From 
AS. fecce, pr. s. oi feccan {'^fetian). See 
Fecht, V. to fight, B ; see Fiffhten. 
Fechtaris, fighters, S3, B. 
Fechting-Sted, sb. battle-ground, B. 
Fede, J^. enmity, S3 ; folde, MD.— AS. 
fikhd. See Foo. 

Feden, v. to feed, S, PP ; ueden, S ; 
fet, pr. s., S ; fett, S ; vedde, //. s., Sa ; 
todde, PP; foded, Sa ; l-ued, ^., S; 
i-iUBdde, //., S.— AS. fidan : OS. fddian. 
Feder, sb. &ther, S ; see Fadex. 
Feder, sb. feather, MD ; see Fethex. 
Fedranmie, sb. plumage, S3 ; see FdS- 

Fee, sb. cattle, property, money, PP, Sa ; 
fto, MD ; fe, S, Sa, PP ; feh, MD.— AS. 
feohi OS. feAu; cp. lAtpecus. 

Feend, sb. enemy, fiend, Ca, C3 ; fend, 
S, Sa ; feende, PP; feont, S ; uecnd, S ; 
fond, MD ; «ynd, MD ; fende, Sa, S3 ; 
feondea, //., S; fendea, S, Sa ; llendea, 
S; vyendea, Sa ; feendla, W. — AS. 
f^ond, pr. p. oi fion, to hate; cp. Goth. 
fiands,fijands, enemy, pr. p. oifijan, to hate. 
Feendli, adj. fierce, devilish (=Lat. 
diabolica), W ; feondllohe, adv. fiercely, 
S ; feendly, Cz.—hS.fiondlicj4ondlice. 
Feer, sb. companion, S3 ; see Fexe. 
Fees, sb. pi, landed possessions, cities, 
Sa; feya, HD ; fens, Y^.—OY. feu, fiu, 
in pi. feus, fieus, fius, fiez^ all found in 
Roland; also OY. fie (Bartsch), Y.fief\ 
probably of Teutonic origin, cp. OHG. 
fihu, property; see Braune, in ZRP. x. a6a. 
See Fee. 
Feet, sb. deed, Ca, PP ; see Fet. 
Feffement, sb. possession, Manip., PP. 
Feffen, v. to put into possession, MD, 
PP; feffede, //. J., S2. — OY, fejfer-, cp. 
Low \jbX. feoffare. See Fees. 



Feht ; see ri^litaiu 

J?ei, sb, faith, S3 ; ISty, Ca, C3 ; see 

Feier, adj, fair, S ; see Fayre. 

Feierlec, sb. beauty, S. 

Feild, sb. field, MD. Comb.: ftlld- 
going', a walking oat of doors, S3. See 

Feir, sb. companion, S3 ; see Fere, 

Feir, adj. fair, S, PP ; see Fayre. 

Feire, adv. kindly, PP, S, S2. 

Feiren, v. to make fair, S. 

FeiC, sb. faith, S, PP ; fiiyth, PP ; U^, 
S3 ; fe^p, S2 ; fei, S2 ; fey, Ca, C3 ; &1, 
Sa ; Ihy, G, PP. Phr. : ye-feth, in faith, 
^l.—OY.feiyfeit,feid\ \jiX.fidem. 

FeiV-fta, adj. faithful, MD; fbltliflol, 
PP; fei^tfca, Sa. 

FeiSliche, adv, faithfully, MD ; fi!;- 
liohe, Sa ; fei^pely, Sa ; fepU, Sa ; ftltlu 


Fel, sb. a fell, mountain, Sa ; fell, MD ; 
fBUe, MD, S2,—lcel. Jjall, 

Fel, adj. base, cruel, treacherous, Sa, 
PP, Ca, G, W; feU, S3; feUe, Sa, S3, 
Wa ; //., PP, Ca.— AF./<r/, wicked, cruel. 

Felawe, sb. partuer, companion, fellow, 
S, Sa, C3, PP ; felaw, Sa,PP; felow, S3. 
PP; fela^e, S; fiOlow, Sa, S3; felans, 
//., Sa ; feolabea, S ; ueli^es, Sa.— Icel. 
y^^agiy partner in common property (/^. 
See Fee. 

Felawen. v. to associate, to be fellow 
to ; faUow, S3 ; uelajen, MD ; felagliid, 
/A, H. 

Felawrede, sb. fellowship, MD ; ue- 
lajxede, Sa. 

FelaWBChipe, sb. fellowship, society, 
crew, PP ; feli^soliipe, Sa ; ftolahsoipe, S. 

Felawsllip,^'. to associate, MD; felou- 
■oMpld,//., Wa. 

Fela^liche, adv. intimately; feololi- 
lukest, super/., S. 

Feld, sb. field, S, PP ; teeUL (heraldic), 
Ca ; ueld, Sa ; fild, MD; felde, dat., S, 
Sa ; u^de, S, Sa ; nalde, S ; fUdes, //„ 
S, S3.—AS./eld 

Feld-fisre, sb. field&re, lit. ' field-farer,' 
Sa ; campester, Voc. ; ruruscus, Voc. 

Feldi, adj, champain ( « Lat campestris), 
MD ; fbeldi, W. 

Feldi8ll6« adj. belonging to the country, 

Fele, adj many, S, Sa, S3, Ca, PP ; 

. FERi 

vrte, S, Sa; fbole, S, PP; uede, S; 
veale, S ; viOe, S, HD; «rtle, S3.— AS. 
fcla ; cp. Goth. j^/w. 

Felefaldea, v. to multiply, MD ; ftle- 
fUded,//. s.y Sa. 

Fele-folde, adj. manifold, S; many 
times, PP. 

Felen, v. to feel, S ; u^e, MD ; fel me, 
I pr. J., Sa ; f^de, //. j., S; feld, Sa ; 
felte, Ca; feelede, C^.— AS, /elan: OS. 
/(flian (in gi-fJiian), OHG. filjan ; cp. 
fualm (Otfiid). 

Fell, sb. skin, S3 ; fel, MD, Sa, G, P ; 
feUe, Sa; iiBllell^//.,S; nelles, S; fUlys, 
Sa.— AS./^//; cp. Goth.^//. 

Fellen, v. to feU, S, PP ; fiOle, Sa ; 
fUl€«, pr. pl.y S ; felde, //. s., G, PP.— 
AS. fe/lan, OHG. falUan ; OS. fe/lian, 
OnG.fellm (Otfrid). 

Falnassayf^* astuteness (« Lat. astutid)^ 

Felon, sb. villain, traitor, PP ; fUoon, 
PP; felloim, S3; felloune, S3.— AF. 
feloutty felon, ace. oifeL See Fel. 

Felonie, sb. base wickedness, MD ; 
felony, S ; felonye, Sa, S3, C3, Wa. 

Feloaliclia, adv. cruelly, PP ; felvn- 
lyohe, Sa ; felouneUoh, PP; felnnly,S2. 

Fan, sb. a section of Avicenna*s book on 
medicine called the Canon, C3, CM. — 
Arabic y&«, a branch, division, category; 
cp. Ducange {s.v./en). 

Fan, sb. mud, mire, marsh, dung, Sa, 
Sa, G, H ; fenne, Voc, Prompt.,W; nenme, 
S. — AS./enn : Goth./ani, mud, clay. 

Fenden, v. to defend, PP ; fend, imp. 
s., S3. — From OF. defendre ; Lat. defendere, 

Fanestra, sb. window, PP ; fbnystaxlSy 
pi. , S3.— OF. fenestre ; Lat. fenestra. 

Fang; seeFon, «>. 

Fenkel, sb. fennel, MD, PP ; fimeoel, 
Voc; fenkU, PP; fenkel, PP; Qmkyl» 
Voc. ; fBnel, PP ; fenyl, Sa. Comb. : UsnA 
■eed, PP. — Lat. feniculum^ foeniculum ; 
cp. AS./«w/(Voc). 

Faole; seeFele. 

Faond, sb. enemy, PP ; feont, S ; ftoad- 
•m,pl., S ; see Feend. 

Faord, sb. army, S ; see Ferd. , 

Faordan, pt pi., fared, S ; see F«r«n. 

Far, sb. fire, S; fiixe, dat., Sa; nev^ 
Sa ; nexee, S ; see Fur. 

Far, adj., adv. far, PP, S, Sa, Ca ; tn^^ 
S, Sa, PP; ner, Sa; feor, S; neor, S ; 
for, S ; ferre, comp.^ C ; ferrer, S3, C» 


PP ; ftRMit, superLy PP. Comb. : tor- 
fortli, far away, completely, S2, S3, C2, 
C3; flurfortli, S3; feoruorp, S.— AS. 
feorr : OS. fer ; cp. Goth, fairra, C£ 

Ferd, sb, an expedition, army, MD ; 
terd, S ; feoxd, S ; nerd, MD ; ferd«, 
MD ; ftixdtt, dat.y MD ; fBxda, //., S ; 
ftzdMi, MD; v«zdmi, d^s/., S; iMrdes, 
UT>.—AS,Jirdyfyrd,ferd, See VaxMi. 

F^rd, J^. fear, PP, G ; fiMxd, MD ; 
finda, dat,, MD, CM, S2. 

FerdfU, adj\ causing terror, timid, 
MD, W, W2 ; fMxdfal, W2. 

Ferdlayk, sb. fear, MD. 

Ferdnes, sb, fear, MD, S2. 

Fere, v. to frighten, terrify, PP, S2, W; 
fieaxe, S3 ; feexe, CM ; f(tred,//.,S2,C3; 
ftxd, S2 ; ferd«, S3 ; feared, S3.— AS. 
/(krafit to frighten. 

Fere, sb, companion, S, S2, S3, G; 
uexe, S; fear, S3; fblr, S3; feren, //., 
S ; fsxin, S ; felxen, S ; faxes, S, S2 ; 
feaxM, S2. See Zfbxe. 

Fere, adj. well, sound, MD, S2 ; fex, 
S, B; fair, B. Phr. : hoi and fex, MD, 
S; haill and falx, safe and sound, B. — 
lce\. /arr, able, strong (for travelling). 

Fere, sb. power, ability, S, MD. — IceL 
forty opportunity, ability. 

Fere, sb. fear, PP, S, C2, MD; faax, 
MD; ftr, MD, PP; faexa, PP; faxl*, 
//., MD ; fMxls, MD.— AS. /ir, sudden 
danger ; cp. IceL^r, harm. 

Fere-fUl, adj. fear-causing, also timid, 
MD ; faarftal, MD ; faxfU, MD ; fiBxfal- 
last, supgr/., CM. 

Feren, v. to fare, to go, to behave, 
MD ; fbirda, //. s., G, S, S2, C2 ; faxden, 
pi., S3 ; faoxdan, S ; uaxdan, S ; ftixda, 
MD; Ibxd, S2. — AS. /ifran, pt. /Me; 
deriv. of Vaxan. 

Fexien. v. to bring, MD ; taxfXjpr.pLy 
B. — AS. feriariy Icel. ferja : Goth, farjan, 
periv. of Varan. 

Ferlao, sb. fear, MD ; foarlao, S ; &r- 
,8. See Para. 

Ferlien, v. to wonder, PP ; farly, JD ; 
i,/r.//.,S3(i3.8o); fcxUada,//. j., 

[Ferly, adj. dangerous, dreadful, sudden, 
range, 82, PP, CM ; fbxUeli, MD, S ; 

11, S3 ; fbxlioha, adv., S ; fbxly, S2.— 

>. fikrlic, /Mice. 
f7erly, sb. a wonder, Sa, P ; fioly, MD ; 



farllkas, //., 82 ; ftolyaa, S2 ; faxlaiji, S3 ; 
faxUs, P. 
Ferlyly, adv. wondrously, S2 ; faxlUio, 

Fermacye, sb. pharmacy, medicine, C. 
— OF. farmacie ; Late Lat. pharmacia ; 
Gr. ifx^ifiaKfia, 
FeniiaiUl,^^. enclosure, S3; faxmaaoa, 
JD. — OY.fermancey from Jigrmdr, to shut; 
'LdX.Jirmarey to strengthen. 

Ferme, sb. food, an entertainment, feast, 
meal, MD ; fiurma ; MD, CM ; naoxma, 
MD. — AS.feorm; cp. Low Lat yfrwia, a 
feast (Ducange). 

Ferme, adj. firm, MD, C2. — KP. ferme ; 

Vtirm^f sb. rent, revenue, MD, 82, C ; 
farmaa, p/. £Eurms, S3. — AF. ferme ; Late 

Fermexiy v. to strengthen, PP. — OF. 
fermer, to strengthen, alio to shut; Lat. 

Fermen, v. to hold land at a fixed rent. 
Prompt See 7axina, sb. 

Ferm e rer, sb. infirmary officer, Cath. 
See Enfaxmaxaxa. 

Fermerj, sb. infirmary, S3, Voc. ; «iwp- 
moxla, PP ; faxmoxy, Cath. ; faxmaxya, 
Cath. (n.) ; faxmaxya. Prompt., Cath. (n.). 
— OF. enfermerUy infirmarUy infirmerie; 
Church Lit. infirmaria, a place wr the in- 
firm (Ducange). 

Fenuoiir, sb. farmer, steward, CM, 
MD ; faxmax, Cath. See 7axma, sb. 

Fern, sb. fem, C2 ; faxana, dat., 82. 
Phr. : aiSMhan of faxna, fem ashes, MD. 
Comb. : faxn-asslian, fem ashes, C2. — AS. 
feam (Voc.) : OKG. fam. 

FeriL, adj. and adv. old, long ago, C2, 
PP ; faxna, CM ; ftixn, MD. Comb. : fcxn- 
^axaa, past years ; fiixn jexm, formerly, PP. 
— AS. ^m (see Sievers) ; cp. OS. fum, 
fomyfenty Goi)i.faimis. 

Ferreden, sb. company, 8 ; vaxada, 8. 

Ferren, adj. and adv. far, distant, MD ; 
faxan, 8 ; vaxxanna, //., 8 ; faxna, C. — 
AS. feorran, from afar. See Pax. 

Ferret-siUce, sb. coarse silk, S3, Florio. 
— It. JioreUi, from Jufre, flower. Cf. 

Fers, oih'. fierce, brave. Prompt., C, PP ; 
llaxa, S2, C2, C3; llaxM, PP.— OF. ySrrj, 
fers (Roland) ; "LaX. ferns. 

Fersly, ac^. fiercely, PP, B. 



Fersnesse, sd, fierceness, W2, PP; 
feersnesse, W, Wa. 

Ferst, adj' And adv. superl. first, S, Sa, 
PP; ne^, Sa ; fkirst, S, Sa, P; fo«rt, 
S.— AS. ^J'rj/: OHG. /«m/^. Superl. of 

Perthe, ord, fourth, C3, PP; flertHe, 
PP. S; feorthe, PP,S; feurtHe, Sa ; 
fcrtli, 6a ; flertli, Sa ; neoi*, S.— Ab. 
fiorUa, See Poiire. 

Ferthyng, sh. farthing, Sa, PP; fer- 
thinff, PP. Comb, : ferjdnifes nok, a far- 
thing piece, Sa (p. 301) J 'erJ^y*^ »o*^«' 
Sa.— AS.//<c^««^. 

Fertre, J^. litter, bier, shrine, MD; 
feertyr, feretrum, Prompt.— OF. fertere, 
fertre-, Ijni. feretrum \ Gi. <piperpov, 

Fertren, »• to place in a shrine ; fer- 
tered, //. J., Sa. 

Fesannt, sd. pheasant. 83^ fesant, 
Voc; fesaTmte»,//.,PP; fesaniui,S3.— 
OF. fatsan ; Lat. jffhasianum (ace.) ; Gr. 

Fesien, v. to drive away, MD ; fesyn, 
Prompt., HD ; veiae, DG ; pbeeie, ND, 
Sh ; feaaed,//., ND.— AS. f^ian, ioxfys- 
ian, to drive away, see Sievers, 154. See 

Fest, <idj\ and v. ; see Past, Fasten. 

Fest, sb. fist, C3 ; see Fust. 

Feste, sb, feast, S. PP, Ca, C3 ; fest, 
S3 ; festes, pi., Si.^AF. feste ; U.t.festa. 

Festeien, v. to feast, to entertain, MD ; 

festeyinsre, /r./., C2.— OF. festeier, fes- 

toier; Lo.te hat, *festicare ; cp. Prov./fJ- 


Festen, sb. fasting, S ; see Fasten. 

Festlic^,^^'. festive, fond offcasts, Ca. 

See Feste. 
Fe&tnen, v. to fasten, S ; festnln, S ; 

ftostned,//., S; 1-uestned, S; festnyd, 

PP. — AS. fcestnian. 
Fet, sb. deed,PP; feet,€3,PP; fait, 

Sa; fWte, V2.—OY. fet /fait-, Ut. fac- 
Fet, adj. fat, S ; see Fat. 
Fet, sb. pi., feet, S ; see Foot. 
Fetel, sb. vessel, Sa ; vetles, MD ; 

«Btles, MD; pl.,^.—ASi.fatels, ^. fcetel- 

SOS (Voc.). See Fat. 
Feter, sb, fetter, MD; fetyr, compes. 

Prompt. ; feteres,//., G. — AS. fetor. 
Feteren, v. to fetter^ MD^ G ; fettren. 


P; y.fetered, pp., G; fettred, Ca; 
Uttered, G.— AS. {ge)feteHan, 

Feth, sb. faith, S3 : «B«3i, ^d^- ^th- 
fiiUy, Sa ; see Fe«, Fel»llclie. 

Fether, sb. feather, Ca; iy)>er, Sa ; 
fedyr. Prompt. ; felBres,//., S; fetHeris, 
wings, Wa ; fedres, MD.— AS./^^r. 

FeVeiNfoted, adj. four-footed, S.— Cp. 
Ps^. fiterfdte. With AS>. fitier cp. Goth. 
^wor. See Foure. 

FeVeiNllOine, sb. plumage, MD; fe- 
dramme, S3.— AS. feUer-hama ; cp. Ob. 
felSerhamo^ Icel. fjcHHrhamr^ see Grimm, 
Teut. M., p. 327- See FetHer. 

Fetis, adj. well-made, neat, handsome, 
MD, Sa; fetys, Sa, C3. C; fetyce. 
Prompt— OF./aiVw(f. -icey,'LzX.facttttum. 
See Fet (deed). 

Fetisliclie, adv. neatly, Sa, PP ; fetys- 
ly, c. 

Fetten, v. to fetch, MD, Sa^ S3 ; fete, 
MD, S ; fettetb, imp. pi., G ; fette,//. s., 
S,Ca,C3; iiette,MD; fette,MD; natte, 
MD ; fet, S3 ; fetten, //., Sa, P ; y-«Bt, 
pp., Ca ; fet, MD, Sa,Ca ;, MD. 
—AS.fetian (Grein). Qt FecoHen. 

Fettle, sb. order, condition. PAr. : in 
irood fettle, JD, HD. 

Fettle, sb. girdle, belt, horse-girth, JD. 
Cp. Icel. fetill, OHG. feziL 

Fettlen, v. to bind, fit, make ready^ set 
in order, MD ; fetUe, to tie up^ put in 
order, JD ; fetyl, JD ; fetUed, //., Sa. 

Fente, sb. track, scent, Sa, MD ; £Bwte, 
vestigium, Prompt. ; fate, odour. Prompt. ; 
fonte, Sa. Comb.i foote-sannte, scent, 

Feuer, sb. fever, PP ; feiiere,PP ; foure, 
PP ; f^eris,//., Vf.^AF.fevre ; Lat./^^ 

Feuerere, sb. February, HD ; fouerel^ 
HD; fenlrjer, S3; fenerjere, HD 
{s.y.jraiste).^0¥. fevrier; Late Lat. ^ 
brarium ; JjsX.februarium {mensem). 

Fewe, adj pi. few, S, PP; feaw, Sa ; 
veaw, Sa ; fewe, S ; feawe, S ; vewe, Sa 
ftmi, S ; fo, S ; fon, Sa ; fe, H (Ps. loi 

as); foner, comp., S2..^AS. f/awe ; cp 

Goth, faws 

Fewnyng,^^. thrusting, S3. SeeFoyneaj 

Fewta, sb. fealty, S3, Prompt^ HD I 
feuU,UD.^AF. feaute^f^alte; LaX.Jidel 

Fey ; see Feti$. 

Feydom, sb. the state of being neai 


death, or that conduct which is supposed 
to indiicate it, JD. See below. 

Feye, adj, dead, doomed to deaths 
feeble, S, S2, MD ; fey, JD, HD ; fliy, 
MD; teto,//. dead, S, MD ; fMje, MD. 
— AS.fxge ; cp. lcit\.feigr) see GV. 

Feyn, adj\ £a,in, S2 ; see Fajm. 

FeyneA, tc to feign, Ca, C3, PP; 
firfne. Prompt, MD ; fejnedmi, //.//., S2 ; 
fiiyneden, S3 ; y-feyned, //., C2.— AF. 
feindre (pr. -p./ngnant) ; \jbX. fingere, 

Feynl*, adj. feigned, false, also weak, 
faint, MD, Prompt. ; fUnt, MD ; feynte, 
. pi, PP. — OY. feint, pp. oi feindre, 

Feyilten, v. to be weak, MD, Prompt. 
, Feyntixtg, sb. fainting, failing, C2. 

Feyntiset sb, deceit, hypocrisy, also 
weakness, cowardice, MD, S2, P ; fkyntis, 
H ; fiiyntUie, S3. 

Feyre, sb, fair, PP; fldre, P; fliyr*, PP; 
fiByre8,//.,P. /'Ar. : this felre is l^oon, 
this ^r is done, everything is sold, there is 
no more business to be done, G. — 0¥,feire 
{mod. foire) ; Late haLferia, a feir; from 
ljai,feriae, holida3rs. 

Feyrie, sb. fairy origin, 82 ; see Fayerye. 

Fe^en* v, to join, MD; ▼eien^ MD; 
i-ueied, ^., S.— AS. f^gan; cp. OHG. 
fuagen (Otfrid). See P03. 

Ficdien, v, to fix, MD ; fltobld, //., 
W, W2 ; flchyt, ^,—OY,ficherC?^, 31. 4) ; 
Late Lat. *figicare, from YjaX-figere^ to fix, 
see Diez {s,\,ficcare), 

Fieble, adj\ feeble, C2, P; see FeUe. 

Field, sb, field, S2 ; see Feld. 

Field-wode, sb. name of a plant,. S2. 

Field-wort, sb, gentian^HD; fUdwort, 
?ierba luminariay Alph. 

Fiers, adj, fierce, S2, C2, C3 ; flerse, 
PP ; see Few. 

FierVe, ord, fourth, S, P ; see Fertile. 

Fife, num, five, S ; ijrf, PP, C2 ; Mr, B ; 
fllTe, B; nine, S; lyue, S2, PP; llf, PP. 
^-AS.f(fi Goih.fimf, see Sicvers, 185. 

Fifetende, ord, fifteenth, S2. 
\ Fif-fEdd, five-fold, MD ; llf-folde, S. 

Fiff-snm, adj, five in all, B. 

Fifte, ord, fifth, Sj llf3)e, S ; lytte, PP. 
. ^AS.flfta. 

Fifte-siSe, adv. fifthly, S. 

Fighten, v, to fight, PP; lljte, S; 

Ty5te,S2; lUiten, PP, S2 ; fejtaiide,/^./., 

S2 ; ftaht, j>t. s,y MD ; fidit, MD ; febt, 

^ MD ; fibulit, PP ; fknirlit, MD, C2 ; fkilit- 



en, //., S; ft^ten, S; fonliteii, PP; 
fou^ten, PP ; l^foiilite,^^., PP ; y-fbujte, 
PP; fonffbten, C; fou^ten, PP.— AS. 
feohtany pr. %^ fiht, \\., feakt (pi. fuhton), 
pp,foAteM; cp. OHG, JeAtan (Otfnd). 

Figure, sb, figure, MD, C2 ; flgaar, 
MD ; uiffonr, MD ; flffaxes (of speech), 
C2. — KS, figure \ 'LaX.figura, 

Figude, sb, figured work, S3. 

Fihten, v, to fight, S2,PP ; see Fiffhtea. 

Fiht-lac, sb, fighting, S,—AS,feoAt'idc, 

Fikel, adj. fickle, treacherous, MD; 
flldl, H (Ps. 39. 21); lykll, G; flcUe, 
fidgety, S3.— AS.^f#/, inconstant. 

Fiken, v, to be fidgety, to go about idly, 
MD, HD; to flatter, play the hypocrite, 
deceive, MD. — Cp. AS. beftcian^io deceive, 
to go rouid. 

Fil, //. s. fell, Ga, PP; lyi, Sa; see 

File, sb, concubine, P ; Ijrle, HD.— OF. 
fUle^filiey daughter, wench ; 'LzX.filia. 

FiUe, sb. wild thyme, Sa, MD ; serpil- 
lunty Voc. ; fill, resl-harrow, HD. Fhr. : 
not wortli a fllle, MD.— AS.///^. 

Filstnien, v, to help ; fllstnede, //./., 
S. See Foist. 

Filthe, sb, filth, fouhiess, MD ; fttSle, 
S.—AS.fylOu. See Foul. 

Filthehed, sd^. dirtiness, W. 

Filtl, sb. son, PP ; flti, PP ; Hi, PP.— 
AF.fz {ffz) ; OF. f/Zyf Is ; Lsit. fiius. 

Finden, v. to find, S ; ^nden, S ; vind^ 
en, S ; vynde, S ; lynt, pr. s., C3 ; lint, 
//., S ; fknd, //, s., S, S2, S3 ; flmt, S ; 
fond, S, Sa, G, Ca ; fonde, Sa ; font, Sa ; 
▼ond, Sa ; fdond, Ca, W ; ftinden,//., S ; 
ftinde, S ; fonden, S ; fknd, Sa ; fonde, 
Ca ; fonnden, Sa ; iiAinde^.,S ; Ifonnde, 
S ; lil>ftinde, S ; fonnde, Ca ; ftinden, Sa ; 
fnnding, S3. — AS. fndan, pt. fand (pL 
fundon), pp.funden, 

Find^, adj. heavy, firm, compact, 
weighty, S, MD ; llndy, JD ; ftindle, MD. 
— AS.fndig, heavy. 

Fine, sb, end, S3 ; tfn, Sa, S3, Ca, G. 
—OF.fn; L&t. fnem, 

Finen, v. to end, S, MD ; lynde, i pr, j., 
S3 ; fon,//. s., MD, Sa ; &n, MD; lyned, 
32.— OF, fner {01 fnir; LaX. fnire, 

Firmentiey sb, furmety, S3 ; see Fm- 

Fir sin, v. to put far away, S ; llrtMn, 
S ; fonden, MD ; ftiraen, MD.— AS.^r- 
sian* See Fer. 



Fir&t, sb, ; see Trest. 

Fisch, sb, fish, S, Wa ; flsi, S ; lUi, S ; 
ilBsef , //., S ; ^vses, S ; iUwcbes, S2 ; 
fises, S2 ; flscliUi, Wa. Comb. : — ^fls-^yim, 
fish-kind, S. — AS.^j^; cp. Lat./w«j; Olr. 

Fischen, v, to fish, W ; flssen, S. 

Fischere, sd, fisher, W ; flwMre, S. 

Fischinge, sb. fishing, MD ; flsslxiir) S. 

FisUce, sb, natural science, art of healing, 
MD ; pUidque, MD ; phislk, MD ; plu- 
«yk, MD; fl«yk, S2,— OF. ^stgue ; Lat. 
physica {ars) ; firom Gr. <l>v<riK6$, 

FiVele, sb. fiddle, MD, C, PP ; fldylla, 
vidula, vidella^ viella, Cath. ; f^thel*, vi- 
tula, Voc; l^dyll, wV/^?, Prompt. ; vy- 
tlmle, Voc. ; lydelys, //., MD.— Etym. 
doubtful, probably connected with Low 
Lat. vidula^ * a vythule' (Voc.) ; cp. OF. 
vielef a viol. 

FiVelen, v, to play on the fiddle, PP ; 
▼ydele, Voc. — Cp. Low Lat. vidulare 

Fitheler, sb. fiddler, PP ; TytliTilare, 
Voc. — Cp. Low Lat. vidularius (Voc.). 

Fiti, Fis ; see ruts. 

Flake, sb. thin slice, piece torn off. SkD; 
llackes, //., S3 (12. 2); flockas, S3.— Cp. 
"^orw. jflak, an ice-floe. 

Flan, sb. arrow, S, MD ; flon, MD ; 
flone, MD ; floxme, //., HD ; flone, HD ; 
flones, MD. — AS. fidn ; cp. IceL fleinn. 
Cf. Plo. 

Flanckring, adj. sparklmg, HD. 

Flanke, <r^- spark, MD ; seenaunke. 

Flanker, v. to sparkle, HD. 
Flmpe, sb. a blow, Prompt., Palsg. — Cp. 

TiVi.jfapy a blow. 
Flappen, v. to flap, slap, clap, MD ; 

Hapten, pt. pi., P.— Cp. Du. flappen, to 

Flat, V. to flatter, S3.— OF./fl;/^r. 
Flateren, v. to flatter, PP. 
Flatlyngis, adv. flat, B. 
Flatonr, sb. flatterer, C, MD ; nlat- 

onrs, //., MD.— OF. flateor ; Prov. flata- 

Flatten, v. to dash, cast quickly 

(water) ; llatta, pt. s., P ; llattide, PP.— 

OY.flatir, to dash, throw down. 
Flancllt, sb. flake, flash, S3 (s. v.fyre) ; 

flaghte, flake, piece of turf, Cath. Phr. : 

flaghte of mawe, flake of snow, Cath. ; 

Ikjghte of mawe, Cath. ; flanirl^t of 

Are, flash of lightning, JD. See Tlawe. 


Flanmbe, sb. flame, PP ; flambe, CM ; 
flamme, PP ; flawxne, Prompt ; flaunie, 
PP ; flambei, //., C2, C3.— AF. flambe, 
0¥. flamme ; laZ.t. flamma, 

Flaan, sb. a kind of custard, HD ; 
flawn, ND,SkD (p. 805); flaunea,//., S.— 
OY.flaon {mod., flan) : Low LAtfladon^m 
(flatonem) ; cp. OHG. flado; see Ducange 
Flannke, sb. spark of fire, S2 ; flonke, 
PP ; flanke, MD ; llauiikeB,//., S2.— Cp. 
O.jflunkem, to sparkle, TiVi. flonkeren. 

Flannt-arflaunt, adv. displayed in a 
showy manner, S3, SkD. 

Flawe, sb. flake ; mphr. : llawes of i^re, 
flakes of fire, SkD. — ^Icel. flaga, a slab of 
stone. Cf. riaucM. 

Flay, V. to put to flight, to scare, S2 ; 
see rieyen. 

Flayle, sb. flail, PP ; fie33l, S ; fiaill, 
B ; flaylei, pi., PP ; fleiles, PP.— OF. 
flasl\ 'Lz.t.flagellum ; hence OHG.flegi/. 

Fleck, sb. spot, blot, stain, RD. — Icel. 
flekkr ; cp. OHG. fleccAo. 

Flecked, adj. speckled, spotted, PP; 
flekked, C3, PP, Cath., MD. 

Flee, sb. flea, Prompt. ; fle, MD ; fle^n, 
//., C3 ; lien, MD ; fleei, MD.— AS. Oio 

Fleen, v. to fly, flee, C2, PP ; fteon, S ; 
fleo, S, S2 ; Hen, C ; He, S, S2, G ; via, 
S2; fllfirluuid,/^./., S2; fll5«t, 2/r.j.,S; 
1Leg^,pr.s.,S; lle«, S ; lIyp,S2; ll^t, 
S ; lleo«, //., S ; fleen, C2 ; flen, PP ; 
fleh, //. J., S ; fleffb, S2, PP ; HellL, Sa, 
PP; flaw, S3 ; fley, C2, G, W ; flei^, P, 
W ; fleiffh, C ; fluifen,//., S ; flowea, S2, 
C, P ; flowe, S2 ; flowen, pp., MD ; ftow«, 
G. Weak forms : fledde, //. s., C2, PP ; 
1M,,pp., UD.—AS.flJoian,flifon, ^.JUah 
{V^.flugon\ ^^.flogen. 

Flees, sb. fleece, Sa, PP ; flus, PP ; 
fleis, PP ; fleose, dat., MD ; fleyoe, S3. — 
AS>.flio5 iflys) ; cp. G. vlies, 

Fleick, v. to flatter, JD ; fleeliana, pr, 
p., B; fleeclilaff,B; fleioliit, //., S3. — 
OY.flechir, to bend, to move any one, 

Flem, sb. flight, MD; nlem, MD; 
fleam, Voc. ; fleme, dat., MD. — AS. 
fliam\ cp. lQ&\.flaumry9i flowing, OHG. 
floum (Otfrid). 

Fleme, sb. fugitive, S, S2.— AS.'y^Awa, 
zxAflyma (Voc.). 

Flemen, v. to put to flight, MD, Sa ; 
flemed,//. j., S3 ; flemden,//., S ; flamed, 
//., C3; flenat, ^l.-AS>.fliman,fliwtan, 


Flemer, sb. banisher, S2, C5. 

nen, V. to flay, S; He, S; flo, S ; 
flonlL,//. 5., S ; iQo^eii, //., MD ; flaam, 
pp,, MD ; flMa, HD.— AS.y^an, ^\.,ft6h, 

Flesch, f ^. flefOi, PP; Amo, S; Itols, 
S, Sa; fleys, PP ; Am, S; fl«lMh, W; 
fiayiA, S2 ; lUissli, S2 ; flMidi, S, PP ; 
flasoe, dat.j S ; iOmnm, Sa ; Amsm, S ; 
fleiacliiji, //., Wa.— AS. /^<^; q). OHG. 
/J^f (Otfrid). 

Flesche-flye, sb. flesh-fly, Prompt.; 
fl e i go l i.. fl l e , MD,W2 (Ps. 77. 45 and 104. 31). 

Fleschlich, adj. fleshly, S, PP; Am- 
lidie, culv. materially, S. 

Fleten, v. to float, swim, PP, B, S, S3, 
C, W; to flow,Wa; llelt, S3; ft«yt, S3; 
lletes, pr. s., Sa ; llMt, Sa, C3 ; tuM&L, 
C3 ; mot, PP ; llMt, pt. s., MD ; fliit«ii, 
//., MD ; floten, MD ; floto, Sa ; flott*, 
Sa ; metidMi, Wa.—AS. JUotan, pt. JUat 
{j^fluton\ '^^. floten. 

Flex, sb. flax, C, P, Voc. ; flax. Prompt., 
PP.— AS.^dWr. 

Flez-llioppef sb. Hnodium, Voc. 

Fleyen, v. to put to flight, to scare 
away, frighten ; lley, JD, S3 ; flalMi, MD ; 
flay, 82 ; lUy«d, pp., Sa ; lUylt, B.— Cp. 
lct\. fleygja, to cause to fly, throw. 

FUcht, sb. flight, PP, B ; fliht, MD ; 
flljt, S ; ilnlit, S.—AS.flyht: OMO. fluht 
(Tatian). See n««n. 

Flit, sb. strife, MD ; flyt, Sa. 

Fliten, v. to strive, contend, quarrel, PP, 
HD, H ; flytin. Prompt. ; flitti, pr. x., 
scolds, H ; flytand«,/r. /., Sa ; floto,//. 
J., MD ; fliten, pp., MD.— AS. ftitan, pt 
fliU {pLfliton), ^^.ftittn. 

Flitin^, sb, quarrelling, scolding, PP; 
flytynire, H. 

Flo, sb. arrow, CM, MD; lla, MD ; 
flon, //., MD, Sa ; floon, G ; flan, MD ; 
llo, MD.— AS./i (Voc). Cf. Flan. 

Floe, sb. a gathering of men, beasts, 
birds, MD ; flocke (of swine), W (Mt. 8. 
30) ; llockes,//., ^.—PsSi.flocc. 

Flocke, V. tr. and intr. to collect, 
gather, MD, S3. 

Floc-mele, adv. m crowds, MD ; flok- 
m^le, Ca. — hSi. flocnpklum. 

Flod, sb. flood, sea, S, Sa, PP ; flood, Ca, 
W ; flode, PP ; flodM, //., PP ; fludis, 


^ nor, sb. floor, MD, Sa ; flore, dot., S, 
PP.— AS./i^. 



Floret-silk, sb. coarse silk, Cotg. ; 
flurt-allk, figured silk, HD.— OF. fleuret 
(Cotg.); cp. G. flcrett. — Qt r«rr«t- 

Florin, sb. florin, originally the name of 
a coin stamped with the emblem of a lily, 
MD, C3; flor«ii&M, //., v.— OY. florin 

Floriscken, v. to flourish, also to 
cause to flourish, to make to prosper, to 
brandish, flourish a weapon, MD; flory- 
■ohyn, to make flourishes in illuminating 
books. Prompt ; flnrlohep, pr. s., adorns, 
decorates, S3. — OF. floriss- base of pr. p. 
of florir; LAtflorere; see Constans. 

Flot, sb. fat, scum, Sa, JD.— Iccl.^/. 

Flote, sb. a fleet, B ; flot, B.—lcc\.flott. 

Flote, sb. company, multitude, S, MD. 
^OF. flote {flotte in Cotg.); ljaX.fluctum. 

Flote, Floten ; see n^tM. 

Floteren, v. to fluctuate, flutter, pp.— 
OY.floter ( + suffix -^) ; 'LaX.fliutuare ; see 

Flotering, sb. restless motion, Wa. 

Flour, sb. flower, Ca, C3 ; flur, S ; 
flouTM, pl.y youthfiil powers, Sa. — AF. 
flur\ IJaX.florem. 

Flonr-danunee, sb. ladies* flower, per- 
haps Dame*8 violet or Dame-wort, Hes- 
peris matronalis (Britten's Plant-names); 
Mr. Small suggests ' damask rose,* S3. 

Flonre-de-lice, sb. fleur-de-lys, Sa; 
flour-d«-lyM, S3 ; floiir-d«-lyois,//., S3. 
—OF.flor de lis (Bartsch, 193. a). 

Flonren, v. to flower, flourish, PP, Ca, 
Wa.— OF./^y.— Cf. norlaohMi. 

Flowe, Flowen ; see ru«n. 

Fiowen, v. to flow, S, PP ; flowe, to 
abound, Wa ; 1Lcihp,pr. s., S ; flowed,//, s., 
Sa. — AS.flihvan, ^.fl/ow, pp.flJwen. 

Flowing, sb. flood, Wa. 

Flowte, sb. pipe, cambuctiSy Prompt. ; 
floyt«, MD.--0¥.flaute, It. flauto. 

Flowten, v. to blow on a wind in- 
strument, MD; flowtyn, calamiso, fio, 
Prompt.; floytynffe,/^./., C— OF.^'«- 
ter-. Late Lat. *flatuare from LaX. flatus; 
see Constans. 

Flowtonr, sb., fluter, piper, CM. 

Finm, sb. river, MD ; flow, flood, JD. 
Comb. : flum Jurdan, river Jordan, MD ; 
flum lurdon, S; flom Jordan, MD, W; 
flenM Jordon, MD. — OF. flum; Lat. 
flumen (cp. Vulg., Mk. i. 5). 



Flye, sd. fly, C3, PP ; flije, MD ; lleje, 
MD; He, S3.— AS. /^^^ {fyge\ See 

Flytten, v. tr, and f«/r. to remove, to 
depart, MD, S3, PP ; flnttan, MD ; flit- 
ten, MD, PP; flute, ifUp.s., S ; vlntten, 
to subsist, support oneself, S< — Iceh ^ytj'a, 
to carry, remove, support, J^(;tfj^ (reflex.), 
to remove oneself, to flit, also, to support 

f nasi, sd. breath, S. — AS. fnasf, 

Fna&teH, v, to breathe, to breathe hard, 
MD, S, HD.— Cp. OHG. fnast&n, *an- 

Fnesan, v. to breathe hard, to sneeze ; 
fiiesetlL, /r. j., puffs, snorts, C3. — AS. 

FnesyngOi sb, snorting, Voc. ; fiies- 
jnsre (=Lat. stemutatio)^ Wa (Job 41. 9). 
— AS. ffUosung (Voc). 

Po, adj, few, S ; see Fewe. 

Poa^e, adj. spotted, S ; see Poh. 

Podder, sb. food for cattle, MD ; fod- 
dre, dat., S.—KS.f6dor,foddor, 

Pode, sb. food, S, S3, MD ; node, S ; 
food, MD ; fade, l/iD.—AS.fdda. 

Pode, sb. child, lad, person, alumnus^ 
S, S2, PP, HD, MD. 

Poh, adj. spotted, S, Sa ; fou, S ; fit^e, 
//., S; fo^e, S.— AS. fdh^ cp. Goth. 
faihuSy Or. voikIXos. 

Poine, sb. beech-marten, Cotg. (s. v. 
fouinne) ; fojne, PP ; foyn^ee, S3 ; 
foojne, the fur of the marten, Prompt. ; 
fojns, //., fur, MD, HD.— OF. foine, 
/aim, faine, the beech-marten, also faine, 
the fruit of the beech tree; Late Lat. 
faginay 'mustela,* also 'glans fagi* (Du- 
cange) ; from lja.t.faginus, from fagus. 

Poison, sb. abundance, plenty, might, 
MD, Sh., HD ; foyson, S2, C3; foysyn, 
S2 ; foysonn, B ; fiisloime, B.— OF. /bi- 
son, fmson ; LsLt/ustonem. 

Pole, sb. folk, people, S, S2, W2, PP ; 
uolk, MD; folk, PP ; nolkes, gen.y S; 
folkene,, S ; folken, S2.— AS. folc. 

Pole-king, sb. the king of the people, 
MD ; folo-Wnife, dot., S. 

Polde, sb. earth, ground, the world, S2, 
MD, HD, v.— AS. folde, OS.folda, 

Polde, sb. a fold, plait, MD, PP. Fhr. : 
In monie Tolde, in manifold (ways), S. 

Polden, V. to fold, shut, embrace, PP ; 
flfclde, MD ; folde,//. s., S3 ; folden,^., 
S2, VV.^AS.fcaldan, ^i.fiold, Y^.fecUden. 


Pole, sb, foal, S, PP; folei, //., PP ; 
tfAuMi^. —AS. fola-. Goth. /«/ij; cp. Lat. 
pulius ; see Brugmann, § 208. 

Pole, adj. and sb. foolish, lustful, a fool, 
MD, S2 ; foole, S3 ; fonle, H ; fale, S2 ; 
fool, C2 ; fole»,//., S2, S3, P.— AF./<?/. 

Polgen ; see Folweit. 

Polie, sb. folly, S2, PP ; folye, S, Ca, 
PP; foUe»,//., S.— AY. folic. 

Polilj, adv. foolishly, C3 ; foliU, W. 

f oUieh, adj. foolish, MD ; foly, &3 ; 
folliclie, adv., S. 

Pol-marde, sb. polecat, S2 ; see Fia- 

Polte, odj, foolish. Prompt., Cath. ; 
folett. Prompt.— OF. folet (Bartsch). See 
Pole (fooUsh). 

Polten, V. to behave foolishly, MD, 
Prompt.; folted,//. crazed, S2. 

Poltheed, sb. folly, PP. 

Poltiselie, adj. foolish, W," foltisli, 

Poltren, v. to totter, S3 ; see Faltren. 

Poltrye, sb. foolishness. Prompt 

Polwen, V. to follow, C2, C3, PP; 
folken, MD, S ; folewe, S2, PP; folken, 
S; foUBhenn, S ; folhln, S ; fUlow, S2 ; 
fllfiTlie, S2 ; folnand, pr. /., S2 ; follLetS, 
pr. s., S ; follies, S ; foleweV, S ; felewelS, 
S ; falweti, S2 ; fol^ede, //. s., MD ; f61- 
wede, PP ; folgreden, pl.,S; foleoliedeii, 
S ; folnd, S2 ; ^e-fol^ed,//., S ; i^folew- 
ed, PP; y-folowed, PP. — AS. folgian 
(Jylgean) ; cp. OKG. folgSn (Otfrid). 

Pen, V, to seize, grasp, take, receive, S, 
S2 ; fo on, I pr. pi. subj. begin, S ; fens>, 
pt. s. began, MD ; feng on, S ; "veng, Sa ; 
feniT) p^-t S2. — ^AS. /<fn, 1 pr. s. /J, pt. 
feng, ^^.fongen. 

Pen, adj. few, S2; foner, camp, fewer, 
S2 ; see Fewe. 

Pond ; see Fonnen. 

Pongen, v. to take, receive, PP, S, 
S2, S3 ; fitn^en, PP ; faaag, S2 ; see Foil. 

Ponger, sb. receiver, S2. 

Po-man, sb. foeman, PP ; fomon, Sa ; 
fiunen,//., S, S2 ; vamen, S. See Foo. 

Ponne, adj. and sb. foolish, a fool, MD ; 
fone, HD ; ft>n, MD, H, HD.— Cp. SwecL 
fdne, a fool. 

Ponnen, v. to act foolishly, MD ; ft>n> 
ned, pp. as adj. foolish, fond, W, Wa, 1 
HD \ fond, S3, HD. See above, 1 


Font, sd. font, PP ; fbnnt, Sa, PP 
foun^t, S2. Ciwtb. : ftrnt-fitt, font-vessel. 
S ; fluit-stony font-stone, S ; fontstooiij 
C3; ftuL-Bton, HD. — Church LAt/ontem 

Poo, iuij. '^^ ^^'9 hostile, guilty, a foe, 
PP, C2 ; ft), PP, S2 ; no, Sa ; ftt, S ; flaa, 
S2 ; toon, //., S3, C2, G, PP ; ft>n, PP 
S2 ; fim, S ; nan, S ; ft>in, HD ; ft>jn 
MD; fo, S; ft>os, PP, C2 ; jDsum, S2 
fiMS, S2 ; fids, S2 ; fh7>,S3 ; fbjis, S2 
— AS. ydij pL fd ; cp. Goth, fihan, to hate 
see Brugmann, § 458. Cf. Feend. 

Foole, sk fool, S3 ; ft>ol, PP. Comb, 
fao\ sa^e, licensed jester, PP; ft>ole larir«: 
foolishly liberal, S3 ; ft>ole larir^ly, S3 
I see Pole. 

; Foom, sh, foam, C3, MD ; fiune, HD 
' ft)m, S2, MD; ft>nie, MD, C3; fliym, 
S3.— AS./iiw ; cp. MHG./^jVw. 

Foot, sb. foot, also, a measure, S2, C3, 
HD ; fot, S, S2 ; fnt, B; fixyte, PP ; ft>ta, 
PP; vote, dot,, S; fnte, B ; fct, //., S ; 
fett, S ; 'vtit, S. Comb. \ ft>otliot, instantly, 
S2, C3; fbte bote, HD; fntliate, fntliat, 
B.—AS./Jf: Goth, fotus, 

Foot-maa, sb. foot^soldier, MD, HD ; 
fotnuu&y MD ; ▼otmen,//., S2. 

Foot-Stappe. sb. footstep. Prompt. ; 
fetsteppes,/^, S. 

For*, prefix (i), having generally the 
sense of * loss ' or * destruction.' Often it is 
merely intensitive, though generally in a 
bad sense. — AS. for-, Icel. for-, fyrir-, 
OHG- for- (Tatian),/r- (Otfrid), G. ver-, 
Goth, fra-jfiiir-. 

For-, prefix (2), for, in the place of; 
see Per {prep.). 

Tor^ prefix (3), standing for AS. fore, 
before ; see Pore. 

For-, prefix (4), standing for OF. for- ; 
Lat fi>ris, outside ; cp. F. hors, from Lat. 

For, prep, for, by, for fear of, in spite of, 
in the place of, for the sake of, S, S2, PP ; 
ftwr, S ; ft>re, S, PP ; nor, S. 

For, conj. because, in order that, whether, 
S, S3, PP. Comb. : ft)r onten, without, 
besides, S2, B ; ft>r owtyn, JD ; ft>r ont, 
B ; for te, for to, in order to, S, PP ; vor 
te, S,S2 ; fbr to, PP ; vor to,S2 ; ft>r pan 
]>e, because that, S ; ft>r-})on, S ; vorpan, 
therefore, S ; for ]>at ]>•, because that, S ; 
ftwp pet, for that reason, S ; for J?l, for that 
cause, S, S2, PP ; noztSi, S ; for-pe, S ; 
16r-py, S2, PP ; forr-pl, because, S ; for 
tilly for to, S3 ; finr-wbl, wherefore, Sa, 



PP ; because, S3 ; ft>r-4n]i7, S3; ft>r-w]i7, 

For, adv^ far, S ; see Per. 

For, pt. s. fared, S, Sa ; see Paren. 

Forage, sb. forage, food, Ca.— OF.^- 
rage, from fi>rre ; Low \ji.\..fodrum, from a 
Teutonic source, cp. AS. fidor. See Pod^ 

Forager, sb. forager, messenger, PP. 
Cfr Porrayonr. 

For-amen, v^ to cause to run about, to 
ride about ; noramd, //. j., Sa. — Cp. AS. 
aman (v. tr.), pt. cemde, pp. arned. (Por- 1 .) 

For-bathde, //. //. bathed deep, S3. 
(Per- I.) 

For-bedeai, v. to forbid, S, Prompt,, 
S2, PP ; forbeode, PP ; forl>et, pr. s., S ; 
forbed, S ; forbadde, pt. j., PP ; forbad, 
MD ; norbed, S2 ; fforbode, pi, MD ; 
forbtide, subj., S ; ft>rboden, pp., H, S3, 
P ; forbode, S, PP ; forbednn, W.— AS. 
for-biodan, pt. -biadl^. -budon), -pp.-boden. 
(Por- I.) 

For-beren, v. to forbear, S, C, PP; 
norberen, S ; forbar, //. J. , PP ; forbare, 
P; forbaren, //., S; forbore,//., MD. 
— AS. for-beran, pt. -bar (pi. -bairon), pp. 
'boren, (Por- i.) 

FoiNbemeil, v. intr. to bum up, to be 
destroyed by m-e, S ; forbrenne, MD ; 
norbamde, //. s., MD ; forbrende, MD ; 
for'bemen, v. tr. to bum up, MD ; for- 
bflnmen, S ; forbeame, S ; forbrenne, 
PP ; forbrende, //. s., PP, MD ; vor- 
bamd, //., S2 ; norbemd, Sa, MD,— 
AS. for-byman (v. intr.), pt. -barn (pi. 
•bumon), pp. -bumen, sAso,jor'baman (v. 
tr,), pt. -bamde, pp. -bamed. (Por- i.) 

For-bisne, sb, example, S ; norbsrme, 
parable, Sa ; forbnsne, PP. — AS. f$re- 
bysn. (Por- 3.) 

For-blak, adj. very black, C. (Por- I.) 

For-bode, sb. forbidding, S, P ; forbod, 
S ; forbot, S. Phr. : Lordes forbode, it is 
the Lord's forbidding, PP; Ooddes for- 
bode, PP ; Oodjni forbode, S3.— AS. >r- 
bod. (Por- I.) 

Force, sb. force; foms, B; fom, B; 
fome, matter, consequence, PP. PAr. : 
no fome, it matters not, PP ; no fom, Sa, 
Ca ; no force, ND, HD, S3 (ao b. 87) ; 
to ari^e no force, not to care, HD, Palsg. ; 
make no fora^ C3. — AF. fierce : Late Lat. 
fortia. Cp. Cotg. (s.v.) : je ne fats point 
force de cela, I care not for, I force not of, 
that thing. 



ForCMre, J^. casket, strong-box, PP ; 
foro«r, HD ; fooer, HD ; fo»ar, HD.— 
OF. forsiers Low Lat. forsarium (ace), 
see Ducange. 

For-CUrSSBCl, //. utterly accursed, S. 
(Por- I.) 

For-cwiddare, sb. foreteller, S. (Po»^ 

Ford, sb. a ford, passage, course, MD ; 
forde, PP; fortli, PP, S2 ; vorj), S2 ; 
fartH, MD.—AS. ford (OET.). 

For-dede,J^. previous deed, S2. (Por-3.) 

FojMLeiueil, v, to condemn, MD ; fox- 
demde, pt. J., S ; fordemed, //., MD ; 
fordemet, S ; fordempte, //., MD. — AS. 
for-ditnan, (Por- i.) 

For-don, v. to destroy, S, MD, S2, C, 
P ; foxdoon, S2 ; foxdoi5, pr. s., S, PP ; 
noxdonne, ger., S; foxdude, //. j., PP ; 
foxdede, S ; foxdeden, pi., S3 ; foxdo, 
pp., PP; foxdon, S; foxdone, S3. — AS. 
for-d6n, pt. -dyde, pp. -dSn. (Pox- i.) 

For-dreden, v. to frighten, MD ; for- 
dxed,//.,S. (Pox- I.) 

For-drenche, v. to make dnmk, S. 

(Pox- I.) 

For-droilkeil, //• drunken, C3 ; uor- 
dnmken, S. 
For-dmje, v. to dry up, S ; fordxvye, 

pp., MD, CM ; foxdxye, C2. (Pox- i.) 

For-dynnaiid, pr. p., filling with loud 
din, S3 ; foxedlxmlncr, S3. (Pox- i.) 

Fore, prep, before, S ; fox, JD. Comb. : 
fox Toy, past, by, B, C2, C3 ; fox crane, 
opposite to, S3, B; fbx outh, before, in 
front of, B; foxowth, B; foxxouth, Sa, 
B ; foxxow, S2, B. — AS. for, fore, in the 
sight of, before, Goth.^«ra. 

Forest, sb. forest, MD ; forestes, pi, 
VY.—OY. forest. 

Forester, sb. forester, MD ; foxstex, 
C, PP, HD ; fbstex. HD. 

Foreyn, adj. strange, MD ; foxejnes, 
//. strangers, PP. — OF. forain ; Late Lat. 

For-faren, v. to perish, to fare ill, 
PP, S2, G ; foxfayx, B ; foxfcxn, pp. 
destroyed, S2. — KS.for-faran. (Pox- i.) 

For-fered, //. exceedingly afraid, C2, 
MD. (Pox- I.) 

Fox^feren, v. to perish, MD; forfexden, 
//.//., MD ; foxfexde, S2. ~ AS. for-f6ran. 

(Var. I.) 

^, sb. crime, forfeit, PP, MD.— 


OY.forfet, forfait'. Late Lat fori^actum, 
forefactum (Ducange). (Pox- 4.) 

Forfeten, v. to do wrong, to ftdl, to 
forfeit, MD, PP ; forfidten, PP. (Por- 4.) 

For-feynted, //. enfeebled, PP; for- 
fcyiit,S3. (Por- I.) 

For-fireten, v. to eat away, PP ; ft»r- 
flret,/r. J., pp. (Por- i.) 

Forgaf ; see Pox-Binen. 

For-g^ar, v. to lose ; fox^art, //. pi., 
S2.—Cp.Icel.75^V-^<7nx, to forfeit. (Por- i.) 

Forgen, v. to make, construct, forge 
(of smith's work), MD ; foxsreden, pt. //., 
W2 (Ps. 128. 3) ; foxffit, pp., S3 ; fbrcrid, 
V2.-'^¥.forger,forgier (Ps. 128. 3) ; Lat. 
fabricare (Vulg.). 

Fo]^-geten, v. to forget, MD, S,- S2 ; 
see Poraeten. 

Forgetil, adj, forgetful, H.— AS. for- 

Forgetilnes, sb. forgetfulness, H. — 

For-gilten, v. to forfeit, to make guilty, 
MD ; forgulten, MD ; to harm, PP ; ft>r- 
gUt, pt. s., MD; fbrffnlten, pi., MD ; 
forgnlt, pp., S, MD; forrgiUtedd, S. 
(Por- I.) 

F0]^-g0n, v. to forgo, S2, C3 ; ftnrffa, 
S2 ; foxgoon, C2 ; foxgo^, pr. s., S ; fox- 
gtm, pp., MD; foxgone, MD, S3. — AS. 
for-gan, (Pox- 1.) 

For-heden, v. to neglect, pay no heed 
to, S2.— From AS. hidan. (Por- i.) 

Fox^heed, sb. forehead, C ; foreliened, 
MD. (Por- 3.) 

For-helen, v. to conceal, HD ; fbr- 
bolen, pp., S, HD ; forhole, S, HD.— 
AS. for-helan, pt. -hal (pL -hcklon)^ pp. 
'holen. (Por- i.) 

Fox^hewed, pp» hewn about, S3. (7cr- 


For-hilen, v. to protect, MD. (Pox- i.) 

For-hiler, sb. protector, S2, HD. 

For-hiling, sb, protection, S2. 

For-hoght, sb. contempt, MD. (For-i.) 

For-ho^ien, v. to neglect, despise, S ; 
forholxien,MD.— AS.^-^<7^'a». (For- 1.) 

For-langen, v. to long for; forrlan- 
gedd,^.,S. (Por- I.) 

For-lesen, 7^. to lose wholly, MD, HD; 
forleoaen, MD ; forleost, a /r. j., S; 
▼orleost, pr. J., S ; forlesep, S ; forles, 
//. J., S ; forlesed, a pt, s., destroyedst, 
S2 ; forrlurenn, //., S ; forloren, pp,^ S ; 
forrlorexm, S ; ▼orloren, S ; forlome, 
S3;. forlorn, Sa; forlore, Sa, S3; iioz- 


lor«, S2. — AS. for-Uosan, pt I4as (pi. 
luron)y pp. loren, (Por- i.) 

Por-leten, v. to leave off, forsake, yield 
op, S, S2, C2 ; uorlete, to forgive, Sa ; 
forlet, //. J., S; forleten, //., S.— AS. 
for-Uktan, pt -/^, pp. -Usten. (Per- i.) 

For-leuen, v. to abandon, MD; fbr- 
Uaf, «>w/. J., S. (Por- i.) 

Forloren ; see Por-lesen. 

Forlojmen, v, to go far astray, MD, 
HD ; forlojned, //., Sa. — OY , forlonger^ 
to go far before (Cotg.). (Por- 4.) 

Formaylle, sb. the female hawk, MD, 
HD. — Cp. OF. forme, a kind of hawk 

Forme, adj, superL first, S, PP; 
forxine, S ; Aimie, MD. Comb. : form«- 
fiider, ancestor, S, Sa, S3, H, PP ; forme- 
fbster, progenitor, Sa ; forme-mete, first 
meat, morning-meal, S. — AS, forma, superl. 
oifore, before. 

Forme, sb. form, figure, shape, MD; 
scabellum, Voc ; Airme, MD ; fonrme, 
MD, W ; fbnrm, MD ; foorme, form of a 
hare. Prompt, (see F. forme, Cotg.). — ^AF. 
fonnei "LaX. forma, 

Formel egle, sb, female eagle, MD, 
CM. Cf. Pormaylle. 

Formen, v. to form. Prompt. — OF. 
former i IjaX, for mare, 

ToxmBr, sb, former, creator, MD, PP. 

Formere, adj. comp. former, MD. — 
Comd.i fofrmmre fkbder, ancestor, Sa. 

Formest, ad/, superl. first, S, PP ; for 
mest, Sa. — AS.fyrmest {formesi), 

Formour, sb, former, creator, MD, PP ; 
formeonr, PP ; fbrmyour, MD, Sa.— OF. 
formeor; IjdX. formatorem. 

Fom, prep, and adv, before, MD, HD ; 
tofrmn, S. Comb, : forn a^ens, over 
against, W. — AS. foran ; cp. OHG. fom, 
' olim * (Tatian). 

TCfm-CBMi, PP' forecast, C, CM. 

Forneys, sb, fnmace, C ; fomajs, 
MD ; ftimeifle, S ; fomes, Sa ; foumeys, 
Ca, C3; tommwa; li.T>,^OF. fomatse ; 
\jaX. fomacem. 

For-nimen, v. to take away, MD ; for- 
nnmeiL, //. , S. — ^AS. for-niman, (Por- 1 .) 

For-Old, adj. very old, C. (Por- i.) 

For-pmen, v, to torment, MD; f6r- 
plnade, pi. s., MD; forplaed, pp., HD ; 
fbvpyned, CM, P; famished, wretched, 
pp. (Par- 1.) 



For-priken, v. to spur violently; 
vor-pi&ed,//. s., Sa. (Por- i.) 

Forray, sb. foray, B. 

Forray, v, to forage, B. 

Forrayoor, sb. forayer, forager, B; 
foreyourf,//., PP; foreloures, PP. Cf. 

Forredi pp, furred, Sa, PP ; see Pnr- 

For-reden, v, to betray, hurt, wrong, 
S ; forreaden,S ; forradden,//.//., MD ; 
forrad, pp., MD; forred, S.— AS./^r- 
r<kdan. (Por- i.) 

For-saken, v. to forsake, to deny, re- 
fuse, PP, S, Sa ; uorsake, S ; forsoc, pL 
s., Sa ; foraok, PP ; norsoc, S ; forsake, 
a //. J. , S ; forsoken, //., PP ; forsake, pp., 
Wa, PP. — AS. for-sacan, to renounce, pt. 
'S6c, pp. -sacen. (Por- I.) 

For-seon, v, to despise, MD ; for-se, 
HD ; forseat, a pr, s., S ; forrae, sub/., 
S. — AS. for-seon. (Por- i.) 

For-slonthe, v. to lose through sloth, 
C; fortfleutlied, pp,, wasted idly, P. 
(Por- 1.) 

For-SOnlce,//. sunk deep, S3. (Por- 1.) 

For-spent, pp, exhausted, Sh. ; fore- 
spent, S3. (Por- I.) 

For-spreak, sb. an advocate, HD. 
(Por- a.) 

For-stallen, v. to forestall, obstruct, 
PP. See SkD (p. 805.) (Por- 3.) 

For-Standan, z'.to stand for, avail ; for- 
8tod,//.j.,S. — AS.for-standan. (Por- a.) 

For-sune^en, v. to be sinful, MD ; for- 
snneg'ede, pp. pi., sinful, MD ; forslae- 
ffede, S. — AS. for-syngian, pp. forsyngad. 
(Por- I.) 

For-8Welten, v. to die, S, MD ; v, tr., 
to kill, S, MD ; forswelte, //.. MD.— AS. 
for-sweltan, *mori, perire.* (Por- i.) 

For-swel^en, v. to swallow up, MD ; 
uor-swe^e, S2. (Por- i.) 

For-swerieil, v. to forswear, MD ; 
forsnore, pt, s., MD ; forsworen, pp., S, 
G, PP ; forswore, PP ; norsaore, Sa ; 
forsworene, pi., S.--AS. for-swerian, pt. 
sw6r, pp. 'Sworen, (Por- 1.) 

For-SWering, sb, perjury, C3. 

For-SWeten, v, to cover with sweat, 
MD ; forswat,/?^., Sa, HD, B. (Por- i.) 

Forth, adv. forth, henceforth, throughout, 
PP, S; nortli, S, Sa ; ftir«, S, Sa ; forth, 
prep., along, Sa ; ftirth, S3. Comb. : 
forth dales, far advanced in the day, W ; 



fore days, HD ; fartli of, forth from. S3 ; 
forS rilit, straightway, MD ; foxV rilites, 
S ; foxV to, until, S ; for to, S2 ; forte, S, 
S2 ; fort, S ; uort, S ; forthward, for- 
ward, S, S2, C3 ; foztSwytli, right before, 
S2 ; forthwit, S ; forwlt, S2. 

Fort$-clepien, v, to call forth, S. 

ForVen, adv. even, also, MD; forr- 
))eiin, S. — A&.foriSum {furtiumy 

PorSen, v. to promote, perform, S. — AS. 

Forther, adv. further, S2, PP ; ferther, 
C2 ; furder, S3 ; ftizlSer, MD. Comb. : 
fortbermore, furthermore, C2, C3; for- 
thermo, C3 ; forthirmar, S2 ; fortlier 
oner, more over, C3. — AS.furHor ( '^fore + 
suffix -^or). 

Forther, v. to further, aid, S2 ; for- 
thren, C ; ftul^ren, S ; firthren, S. — AS. 

TorV'fEoren,^ v. to go forth, S, S2; 
noztS-fiurlnde, pr. p. pi, S. 

ForS-fereilf v. to depart, die; foxIS- 
feorde,//. s., S.—AS. ford-firan. 

For-bresten, v. to destroy, MD ; for- 
)>rairt, pp,, S2. (Por- i.) 

ForV-teon, v. to draw forth, bring up, 
MD ; fox«teh, pt. s., S.— AS. foi^-tion. 

For-Jmnclieil, v. to repent, S; for- 
thynketlL, pr. 5. impers.y MD ; fortliexL- 
Idtli, W; forpynkes, S2 ; forthlnke, 
imp. pl.y S2; fortlLouate, //. j., W. 
(Por- I.) 

For-trauailled, >^., wearied with toU, 
MD ; fortravaUt, S2, B. (Por- i.) 

For-tnhtiug, sb. seduction, S; for- 
tllitiiig', S. — From ^.for-tyhtan, to lead 
astray. (For- i.) 

Fortune, sb. fortune, chance, MD, 
Prompt.; fortoim, B.— OF./?r/«/^; Lat. 

Fortnne, v. to make fortunate, to hap- 
pen, S3, HD, C. 

Fortnnons, adj. fortunate, HD. 

For-waked,//. tired out with watch- 
ing, S2, C3 ; forwake, S2. (Por- 1.) 

For-wandred, pp. wearied out with 
wandering, P. (Por- i.) 

For-wanyen, v, to spoil by indulgence, 
PP;forweiiy,PP;forweiie,PP. (Por-i.) 

For-ward, sb. agreement, PP, S, C, C2 ; 
foreward, S, S2, PP; voreward, S; 
forwapde, PP, S2 ; vorewarde, S2.— AS. 
foreweard, {;2o't* 3.) 

I ^ ^ 


For-waste, fp* utterly wasted, wasted 
with misery, S3. (Por- i.) 

Forwe, sb. furrow, PP ; see Pnr. 

Fov-werien, v. to wear out, MD ; for- 
ward, pp., S3. (Por- I.) 

For-werpen, v. to cast aside, renounce, 
MD ; forrwerrpenn, S ; forrwarrp,//. j., 
MD ; forrwurrpenn, //., S ; forrworr- 
penn, //., S. — AS.for-weorpan^ pt. -wearp 
(pL 'Wurpon)f pp. 'Worpen. (Por- i.) 

For-wetyng, sb, foreknowledge, C. 
(ror- 3.) 

For-wit, sb. forethought, foreknowledge, 
P. (Por. 3.) 

For-witen, v. to foreknow, MD ; Tor- 
wot, pr. s., C ; forwoot, MD. — AS. fore- 
witauy pt pr. -wdt. (Por- 3.) 

For-withered,i^. utterly withered, S3. 
(Por- I.) 

For-wonnded,//. desperately woraided, 
S3 ; norwonnded,//. j., S2. (Por- i.) 
For-wrapped, //. wrapped up, C3. 

(Por- I.) 

For-wreien, v. to accuse, S ; forwrey«, 
S ; forwreiaet,//., MD.—AS./or-zur^pan. 
(Por- I.) 

FoiSWnrSen, v. to perish, S; fhurwnr- 
t$en, S ; norwnxl^en, S ; forwortlies, 
pr. p/.f S2. — AS. /or-weorban, pt. -wearH 
(pi. -wurdon), pp. -worden. (Por- i.) 

For-;elden, v. to reward, S, MD, Sa ; 
for-yelde, C2 ; for-yhelde, to render, S2 ; 
for-yheld, //. j., S2. — AS. for-geldan. 
(Por- I.) 

For-;eldinffe, sb. retribution, S3 ; for- 
yheldlAffes, /Z, S2. (Por- I.) 

For-^emen, v. to neglect, MD; rorw 
yemen, S. — K^.for-giman, (Por- i.) 

For-;erd, sb. court, W. (Por- 3.) 

Foxr-^eten, v. to forget, S,PP ; fbr^uWn^ 
PP ; foxyeten, S ; foriroten, S, S2 ; vor- 
5ete, S ; for^etltli,, G ; foi^iet^ 
pr. J., S ; forjiet, S ; forget, S ; foryet, S j 
format, pt. J., S ; foi^ete, S2 ; format, G, 
PP; forjaten,//., W; forreten,//.,S,C3| 
foraleten, S ; foxyete, S ; for^eten, Sx 
PP ; forjete, P, W2 ; foriren, H.— ASl 
for-gitan, pt. -geat (pi. -giaton), pp. -giti 
(Por- I.) 

FoiN^etflll, adj. forgetful, W (Jas. i, 
25) ; foxyetfU, C2. 

For-^inen, v. to forgive, PP ; ft 
C3; forjenen, PP; fonieue, S; 
fenn, S ; fozyine, C2 ; uorjiuen, S , _ 
gifen^ S; for^ef, imp.s., S; forgaf,//. 


S ; fona^ G, W, PP ; tor^oaen, pp.. Si ; 
fox^enen^ PP; foj^ouuii, W; forjona, 

Vi2,—AS,forgifan, (Por- i.) 

For-^inenesse, sb, forgiveness, MD; 
J6n^lfenesse, S ; foxyeuenesse, S, PP ; 
for^euenesse, S. 

Foster, sb, nonrishment, MD, HD ; one 
nurtured, a child, MD; fostyr, nurturer, 
fosterer, S3. — AS, /(fs for {=/($d-stor), nou- 
rishment. See Fode. 

Fostren, v. to foster, support, cherish, 
PP ; fosstxexm, S ; fostxed, //. s., Ca, C3 ; 
y-ftMrtred, //., C2. — AS,/Mrian. 

Fotiiex, sb. a carriage-load, a load, MD, 
C; fotliyr, B; fodder, JD; fadyx, B; 
ndBere,//., MD.—AS,/(fOer; cp. O.H.G. 
fuodar {moA. fuder), whence Y.foudri^ 

F01I9 adj' spotted, S ; see Poll. 

Fovl, sb. fowl, bird, S2, C, PP ; fojel, 
S ; fowel, C, PP ; fosrHiU, H ; foliel, S ; 
fonll, S3; fti£reles, //., S; fa^eUs, S; 
fkifflills, H ; ftieles, S ; faweles, S ; foff- 
li^les,S2; fo^liles,S2.— AS./ftE^i?/. 

Foul, adj. foul, PP, MD ; hotU, MD, 
S2 ; ftil, S; ftile, adv., S ; foula, G ; ftO- 
lurte, superl., MD. Comb.i fol-ltowen, 
badly disciplined, wanton, MD; ful-ltohen, 
S ; fkilitolLe, S.— AS./«//, Goth./«/j. 

Fovley sb. fool, H ; see Pole. 

Foulen, v. to make foul, defile, revile, 
destroy, S2, PP; fowlen, S2 ; fulen, S; 
lllen, S2 ; flld, //., S2.— AS. fdlian, to 
become iov\,fylany * inquinare.* See Poul. 

Foulere, sb. a taker of birds, W2. See 

Fonl-hed, sb. folly, H. See Poule. 

Fonndement, sb. foundation, S3, W. 

Fannden, v. to found, PP ; ftindit, pp., 
S3; y-founde, S3; foundiin, W.— OF. 
fonder \ YsX. fundare. 

Fonndour, sb. founder, PP. — OY.fon- 
dtur\ l^zX. fundatorem. 

Fonndren, v, to founder, also to cause 
to sink, MD ; foundre, C ; foundered, 
pp., Si ; fowndryd (as horse), PP.— OF. 
fondrer, an extended form oi fonder, to fall 

(Bartsch) ; see also Diez, p. 144. 

Fonns, sb. bottom, S2; fonnoe, MD, 

WA OF. fons (Bartsch) ; Lat. fimdus ; 

cp. Vioy.founs, deep (Diez, p. 143). 
Foure, num. four, C3, PP ; fewer, S ; 

uonr, S ; fawer, MD ; fttur, MD ; figure, 

82 ; fiEbwre, S2 ; fowre, S2. — AS. fixmtr, 

OS. fiuwarx Goth. fidwor-\ cp. OWel. 

pctguar, Lat. quatuor. 



Foute, sb. scent, trace of a beast of 
chase, S2 ; see Peute. 

FownySf sb. pi. fawns, S3 ; see Pawn. 

Foyne. sb. a foin, thrust, S3; prick, 
punctus, Manip. ; folnes,//., ND. 

Foyna&f v. to thrust or lunge with a 
sword, MD, C ; feyne, MD ; foignen, 
MD ; foin, ND, Sh. ; foygnede, //. s., 
MD; fbyneden,//., MD; fwi^eit, B. 

F05, sb. mutual consent, y««^/«rfl5, MD; 
foje, dot., S.—AS.f6g,gef6g. 

Fra, Fra-; see Pro. 

Fraisten, ^v. to try, prove, MD, JD, 
HD ; fndsted, pp., MD, S2, HD.— Icel. 
freista; cp. Goth, fraisan, AS. frdstan. 

Frake, sb. a man, HD ; see Preke. 

FraUy, adv. keenly, greedily, hastily, 
S2, B, JD. See Prek. 

Frakne, sb. freckle, lentigo. Prompt. ; 
firakyn, lenttcula, \oc. ; freken, ntuus, 
Manip., HD; firecken, Palsg., Manip.; 
fraknes, //., HD, C ; freknei, MD.— 
lct\. frekna. 

TroikJiedB^pp. freckled, HD. 

Frakny, adj\ freckled. Prompt. 

Fram, prep, from, S, S2, PP ; vram, 
S2 ; nrom, S. Comb. : f^nun-ward, prep. 
away from, MD, HD ; fironunard, S ; 
nronunard, S. — AS. fram {front) and 
fromweard, * aversus.* Cp. Pro. 

Frame, sb, benefit, advantage, S, S2 ; 
freme, MD ; nreme, MD.— AS. fremu ; 
Icel. framt, advancement. Fremu is from 
AS. fram {from), excellent. 

Framien, v. to serve, benefit, refresh, 
accomplish, MD; fremmen, MD; freme, 
S, HD; ffcame, ]V>. ^ AS. fremian. 

Franke, adj. free, Manip. — KS.franc^ 
c^.franke homme, freeman. 

Frankeleyn, sb. freedman, Ubertinus, 
MD ; also a freeholder, C, HD, G ; franke- 
leyne. Prompt, PP ; f^rankelayn, Voc, 
PP; firankelln, C2 ; francoleyn, MD; 
frankeleyns,//., C (A. 216).— AF./ra««- 
kelayn,fraunclein ; Low 'LsX.franchilanus. 
The suffix -lanus is of Teutonic origin ; cp. 
AS. 'ling; see SkD. (s.t. chamberlain). 

Frailffllty //. freighted, laden with 
cargo, MD, C3 ; firansflited, S3. 

Z^ramLChise, sb. freedom, prerogative, 
liberality, MD, PP ; franncliyBe, C2; 
frannclils, H ; firanchiss, B.— AF. fran- 
chise {fraunchise); formed with suffix 
-itia\ see Apfelstedt, Introd. 67. See 

Fray, sb. terror, S3, B; see SfEray. 



Frayel, sd. basket, PP ; fr«y«l, PP ; 
ftrayle, Prompt; fraUe, HD.— OF./ray<r/, 
JtmI; whence Low Lat. fraellum (Dn- 

Fraynen, «?. to ask, Sa, S3, Ca, PP ; 
£raln«ii, PP ; fra^^exm, MD ; freia«de, 
pt. s., S ; frelnde, S ; fralnd, Sa ; freyned, 
//., C3. — lcel./regnay AS. frignan, 

Fre, ^'. free, free-bom, generous, S, Sa, 
C, Ca, PP ; firee, C3,PP ; fir, HD ; fr*o, 
PP, Sa.— AS. fr^o. 

Freden, v. to feel, experience, MD, 
HD ; fr«dde,//. J., MD.— AS. {ge)fridan, 
from AS. frddy wise, sensible, experienced, 
aged; cp. ORG. fruaii, experienced (Ot- 

Fredom, s^. freedom, liberality, S, 
Sa, Ca, C3 ; fredome, Sa, B.— AS. fr^o- 

FreitOlir, sh. refectory, hall for meals, 
S3, MD, PP; fratoor, HD; firaytoiur, 
S3 ; freltur, MD ; fraitur, S3 ; fratery, 
HD ; flroyter, HD (p. 379)._OF. refre- 
ioir ; Late Lat. refectorium. 

Frek, adj. eager, greedy, bold, Sa ; 
fcak, JD; frike, MD; firyke, HD.— AS. 
free ; cp. Goth, friks^ greedy (in faihu- 
friks)\ l(x\.frekr. 

Freke, sb. a bold man, a warrior, a man, 
MD, Sa, P; fireek, PP; frek, Sa, PP; 
freyke,S3; fi»lk,PP; ftrayk,PP; fMk« 
PP; frake,HD; fireelgni,//., S3; freUs, 
P. — KS.frecaf a bold man, warrior. 

Frekel, sb. freckle; fir«Uyg, //., S3; 
freckles, variolae^ Manip. See Fxaken. 

Frele, adj. frail, Sa, P; freyle, MD; 
freel, V^.-^OY. frele, fraile; IjsX.fragi- 

Freletee, sb. frailty, Ca ; ftrelete, P. 

Frely, adj. noble, gracious, Sa, Ca, B ; 
freolicli, S ; freyUche, Sa ; frellohe, adv. 
freely, PP, Sa.— AS. /r/^/j^, nA-v. frhlice. 
See Pre. 

Fre-man, sb. freeman, S.— AS. frio- 

Fremde, adj. and sb. strange, foreign, 
stranger, S, Ca, PP ; fremmde, S; flre- 
mede, S ; fremmed, PP.— AS. fremede, 
fremdey strange. 

Fremen, v, to accomplish, S, HD; 
see Framlen. 

Frend, sb. friend, S, C ; freonde, PP ; 
freondes, //., PP ; freond, S, Sa ; nre- 
ondea, S ; frendes, C3, PP ; ftrenden, dot., 
S. — AS.friond, 


Franden, v. reflex, to gain friends; 
oreonden, S. 

Frendesse, sb. female friend, Wa. 

Frendrede, sb. friendship, HD. — AS. 

Frendschipe, sb. friendship, S, C; 
freontflclxlpe, S. — KS friondscipe. 

Freoien, v. to free, MD ; vri, imp. s., 
Sa ; fireode, pt, j., MD; fcled, //., S.— 
AS. fr^gan (fnion), ftt/rMe, -pp. Jr^od. 

Freolsen, v. to free, to celebrate, MD ; 
frelsen, MD. — AS. fHolsian, 'diem festum 
celebrare ;' cp. lct\. frfdlsOf to free. From 
AS. fr6olSy freedom, festival : Goth, frei- 
halsy * collum liberum,* freedom. 

Frere, sb. brother, friar, MD, C, G, P ; 
flrelr, S3 ; frer, B ; freres, //., Ca, P. — 
OF. jfrere, fredre ; \jaX. fratrem, 

Frescli, adj. fresh, new, MD, C ; UxmcHky 
Sa ; firetMshe, Wa, PP ; freis, Sa ; fir^tMOii, 

Freschly, adv. freshly, B. 

Fresen, v. to freeze, PP ; fireost, pr, j., 
S ; firese, //. j., MD ; firoren, pp., MD. — 
AS. friosauy pt. frSas (pi. fruron), pp. 

Frest, sb. delay, MD, Sa, B; forst, 
MD; ilrrt, MD ; fowrt. S; vinrt. S. — 
Icel. fresty AS. flerst^ fyrst, first, an in- 

Fresten, v. to delay, to lend, MD, 

Freten, v. to devour. S, Sa, Ca, P; 
fireate, to fret, feel vexed, S3; tr§(t,pf. j., 
MD, Sa, PP ; fcreten, pp., S, Sa ; ftr«t«, 
Sa, C3.— AS. fretan, pt /r<kt (pi. fr&ton\ 
yp.freten, a componnd oietan, to eat ; cp. 
Goth.. fra'itan=^fra'¥itan, to eat. 

Fretten, v. to adom, frimish, MD, Sa ; 
flret, //., MD, S3; fretted. P. — AS. 
frcetwian, 'ornare;' cp. OS. fratahSn. 

Treuren, v. to comfort, S.— AS. ^n^ 
frian. See Frofrexi. 

Fri-dSdi, sb. Friday, the week-day 
sacred to Friga, the AS. name of a Teutonic 
goddess having attributes similar to those 
of the Roman Venus, S ; Mdai, MD. — 
AS. Frige-dceg. 

Trie, sb. the wife of Woden, MD.— AS. 
Friga ; see Grimm, Teut. M., p. a99. 

Frian, v. to fry, MD ; l-firl^et, pp., S2; 
fryed, PP ; yf ryed, PP.— OF. frire ; Lat. 



Tvigt, sd. fright, MD ; firljt, MD.— AS. 

Frifften, v. to fear, also to alarm, 
MD ; frielLt, pp.^ S5.— AS. forhHan, pp. 

Fri£^ adj. timid, S.—Comd,: fclgtl 
InxM, reverence, S. 

nrigtiliedy s^, alann, S. 

Fri^ftilikey adv, timidly, S. 

PritJ, s6. peace, security, deer-park, 
forest, wood, S, S3, PP, HD ; fcyth, S2, PP. 
—AS./rid ; cp. OllG./ridu (Otfrid). 

FriSien, v. to free, protect, spare, MD ; 
friSle, S; firithad, pp., enclosed, P.— 
AS. {gc)friJfiian, to protect. 
I Pro, prep, from, S, S3, C3, PP ; firoo, 
'PP; ftra, S, S2, S3. Gwf^. : frathine, 
from thence, S3, B ; firaward, away from, 
forward, S2, MD ; frawart, S3.— AS. 
fram, IceX.frd, Cf, Fram. 

Fr of r e , sb. comfort, MD; tt9W&r, S; 
froiize, S, lliD.—AS.fr6for. 

rr oi reiii z^* to comfort, S ; frwamn, S ; 
frwIMen, MD; firenxoiS, /r. x., S.— AS. 

Frc^ge, ^^. frog, S, Voc. ; firook, HD ; 
firoffireB, pL, S; firogffes, MD. — AS. 

Froit ; see Prat. 

Frokke, sb, frock, PP, MD; froff^e, 
PP ; Croffffis, //., B.— OF. froc (Cotg.) ; 
cp. Low Lat frocuSf Jlocus^ see Ducange. 
For interchange of^ and^ cf. SProwuM. 

Prosche, sb, frog, Voc ; ftosln, MD, 
H ; ftoskes, //., MD ; froskis, H ; firos- 
ses, MD. — AS,/rox; cp. Icel. froskr. 

Proten, v, to rub, MD, H ; trc/tjng; 
pr. p., W ; frotsruflr, grating, S2 ; 7firot«d, 
pp., S3.— OF. froter : It. frettare : Lat. 
frictuniy fiom/ricare ; see Constans. 

TroSe, J^. froth, foam, MD, Prompt ; 
fbxpe, S3. — Icel. froda, fraud ; cp. Dan. 
frcuide, Sw.fradga, 

nProthen, v, to froth, C, MD. • 

Trounce, sb. a fold, plait, ND; 
rroiuMes, //., PP ; floimee, SkD.— OF. 
froncey wrinkle (Bartsch). For interchange 
Qfjr andjl cf. 7rokke. 

Froimceny v. to knit the brow, wrinkle, 
fold, MD, ND, HD; frounMn, HD; 
^r<muieA, pp., S3; ftronst, HD.— OF. 
francer ; Late \jsX.frontiare. 

Fronnty sb. front, forehead, S3, MD, 
B. — k^.frountf frunt ; lj3X.frontem, 



TmdO, sb, frog, MD ; friid«n, //., S.— 
lQx\,fraUOr; cp. Dan./rb'. 

Frnme, j^. beginning, MD ; fronM, 
MD. — ASi.fruma; cp. Goth./fw»M. 

Frnmanteey sb, furmety, wheat boiled 
in milk, MD, HD ; ftnunanty, MD, HD ; 
fturmeiite, MD ; flrmMitU, S3. — OF. 
frumentee,fromenie^\ IjsXtLaX.frufmntaia ; 
from Lat. frumentum, com (OF. fromeut, 
forment, wheat, com). 

FrnmVe, sb. beginning, S; iunun8«, 
M.T>.—AS>.frymtia Qrum9). 

Fnuitiry adj. frustrated, useless, JD, 
S3.— Cp. OF.frustrer ; ljsX.frustrare. 

Frat, sb. fruit, S, S3 ; froit, S ; fniyt, 
C3 ; froit, MD; flro3rt, H (Ps. 135. 6) ; 
fryt, S3 ; firutii^//., B ; frojXHM, B.— OF. 
frut {fruit) ; I.2X. fructum. 

FmytOStereS, sb. pl.f, women fruit- 
sellers, C3. 

Fngel, Fnliel ; see roni. 

Fnl, adj. foul, S ; ftile, adv., S. Comb. : 
ful^itoliMi, S. See rouL 

Fnl,//. J., fell,S, PP. See Fallen. 

Fnl, adj. full, S. Comb. : fol iwis, full 
assuredly, S ; fd iwis, S ; fol out, com- 
pletely, W2 ; to fU, completely, S3. See 


Fnly sb. a goblet full of drink, a toast 
at a heathen feast; niO, S.— AS. /«/; 
cp. Icel. full\ see Grimm, Teut M., 
p. 60. 

Ful-bringan, v. to complete, MD ; 
ftOlbrohlit,//., MD. 

Fnlcning, sb. baptism, S ; fi>loniiig«, 
dot., S. See Fnllitneii. 

Fnl-doily V. to accomplish, S. 

Fnl-endili, v. to bring to an end, S; 
ftiUndy, S. 

Fnl-forVien, v. to perform, S. 

Fnl-firemieily v. to perfect, MD ; ftiU- 
firemedd, //., S. 

Fnl-ftlllen, v, to fulfil, perfect, to fill 
fidl, MD ; folveUet, imp. pi., S ; AUfeU]), 
pr. J., S ; uianelden, pt. pi, S ; folfolt, 
pp., S3 ; fUflld, S3. 

Ful-hed, sb. fulness, S3 ; folhed, MD. 

Fnlhtnen, v. to baptize, MD ; fulllit- 
nenn, S. See FnUulit. 

Fnll, adj. full, MD ; fol, S ; «61, S3 ; 
vol, S3; AUU, dot., S, PP; adv., S; 
follest, superl.y S2. 

FuUe, sb. fill, S; iyUe, Si.—KS.fyllo: 



Fallen, v, to fill, complete, S; fUIe, 
S ; falde,//. s., S; felde, S2 ; Tiilde, S2 ; 
lyiden,//., S ; i-ftiUat, //., S ; l^uiiUed, 
S; hi^ftilled, S; Ifiild, 82; flit, S; 
falde, //., S.— AS. fyllan : OS. fullian : 

Fnlliclie, adv. fully, 6; foUiclie, S; 
voUiche, S2. 

Fnllnlit, sb, baptism, S ; ftUlonlit, 
MD ; ftiUou5t, MD ; ftUlpBt, MD.— AS. 
fulwiht (OET.). See Pnll. 

Fnl-mardf sh. polecat, MD, Voc. ; 
ftilmarde, Palsg. ; ftOmerde, Voc. ; ftil- 
mare, Manip. ; ftalmere, Voc, Prompt, 
(p. 407) ; folmarde, S2. — AS./z//+ meard, 
marten. See Foul. 

Fnlnesse, sb, fulness, MD ; uolnesse, 

Fnlst, sb. help, S.— AS.;5^/j/ (/«/+ 
last) ; cp. O^.ful-lesti. See PnU. 

Fnlsten, v. to help, S.— AS. fylstan : 

Fnl-snm, adj, plenteous, S. See FnU. 
FnlsiUlllLed, sh, abundance, S. 
Fnlsiimnesse, sb. satiety, MD; ful^ 
fonmesse, C2, 

FnlVe, sb. fulness, MD. See PnU. 

Fnltum, sb. help, MD ; faltnme, dat.^ 
WD\pl., S.^AS. /uUum ( ^fuUtiam). 
See FnU. 

Fulwes ; see Folwen. 
Fnl^eis,, leaves, S3.— OF. fuilU, 
foilU\ I-.2X. folium. 

Fume, sb. fume, smoke, MD ; confusion 
in the brain produced by drunkenness, C. — 
OF./«/w; "LdX.fumum, 

Fnmetere, sb. the herb immtOTj,fumus 
ierrae, earth-smoke, Alph., Voc, C ; ftu 
mytere, Voc; fometer. Prompt.— OF. 
fumtterre ; Late 1.2X.fumus terrae (Alph.). 

Fnmosite, sb. Indigestibility, MD ; 
flimoBltee, the quality of getting into the 
head (of wines), C2, C3; fomositle, 
smoakiness, Manip. 

Fnmouse, adj. angry, Palsg. (p. 774). 

Fnnden, v. to hasten, go, to strive, S, 
MD ; fonde, S, S3 ; foonde, ^2 ; fonnde, 
S2, B. — AS. fundian, to hasten. See 

Funden, //. pi., found, S ; see Flnden. 

Fandiey adj. heavy, MD ; see Findlj. 


FondleSy sb, a finding, S; Amdless, 

Fundlinsf, sb. foundling, S. 

Fnndy. v, to become stiff with cold, 

Fundyuilfy sb. bennmbmentwith cold, B. 

Fnnt, sb. font, S ; ftinte, Voc Comb. : 
ftint-&t, font, S. See Font. 

Fur, sb. fire, S, S2, PP ; flr, S ; fer, S ; 
faer, S2 ; ftrr, PP, C2 ; fttyr, PP; fttir, 
S2, PP ; i^re, MD ; ftre, dat., S2 ; nere, 
S2.— AS.yJr: OHG./«#r (Otfnd). 

Fnr, sb. furrow, S3 ; fnxgh, MD ; fturdi, 
MD ; forwe, PP ; forwes,//., P. Comb. : 
fux-lnreld, furrow's breadth, S3 ; tuxlojLg^ 
furrow's length, C2, C3, PP ; ^onxloiL8>e, 
P ; foxlanff, PP.— AS./«r/4. 

Fnreur, sb. fury, Sz^^OF. fureuri 
IjsX. furorftn. 

Fnrial, adj. raging, C2. — 'LaX.furialzs^ 

Fnrre, sb. fur. Prompt, Palsg. ; fturzis, 
//., PP.— OF. fuerre, a sheath (Bartsch) ; 
cp. Sp. fSrro, lining : It. fSdero, lining, a 
furred garment, a sheath, scabbard : Goth. 
fodr^ sheath ; cp. Icel. j^r, lining, OHG. 
fuatar, see Kluge and Weigand {^.Y^f utter). 

Fnrreily v. to line with fur, MD ; 
forryn. Prompt.; ftirred,^.,MD; fiorred, 
S2, W.—0¥.forrer (Bartsch), sXsQfourrer 

FlU?st, sb. delay, S ; see Frest. 

FuSy adj. eager, prompt, MD ; tofUMt 
MD ; von», MD.— Icel. fdss : OHG. Juns 

Fusen, v. to hurry, MD ; fdsede, pt. j., 
U.D.—AS.fysan\ OS. fUsian. 

Fust, sb. fist, S2, PP ; tymte, Voc. 
flst, MD; fest, MD, C3; feste, dot. 
C3.— AS.^J/: OKG./iht (fi./aust)^ 

Fu^ten; see Fliflitsn. 

Fylyngy sb. defiling, S2. See Fonlezu 

TjHf sb. end, S2, S3, C2, G ; see nne. 

Fyr, sb. fire, PP, C2 ; trre, MD. Comb. 
tyit-tajLoht, lightning, S3; fyx^ie^^ 
red as fire, C. See Fur. 

Fyrth, sb. a passage, inlet of the sea 
S3 ; flrth, JB.— Icel. jffcHfr. 

Fyry, adj. fiery, C ; fery, S3. See Tor 

Fy;te, v. to fight, PP ; see Fi^htea. 

TjXte, sb. fight, PP ; fl3t«, S, S2 ; uUite 
S; feht, MD; fejt, S2 ; fteUt, ME) 
ftoWe, S.— AS./r^^/: OS.fehta. 





Ga, V. to go ; see 0«a. 

Gabben, v, to lie, mock, scoff, jest, 
prate, S, C, PP, Prompt., Cath., JD.— 
Icel. gabbay to mock. 

Gabbynge, J^. lying, <leceit,PP,Prompt, 

Gabbere, sb, liar, chatterer, CM, 
Prompt («). 

Gadelixig, sb. comrade, fellow, vaga- 
bond; ffadelynff, PP, G, CM ; gMlynff, 
HD; ffadelynffe, PP, HD ; gsdalyniTt 
S2. — AS. gacUling: OS, gaduling, a kins- 
man ; cp. Goth, gadiliggs, a sister's son. 

Gaderare, sb. gatherer, S. 
CGaderen, v. to gather, S, PP, C ; ffAA. 
ery, Sa ; gadlr, Sa ; z^MLf, Wa ; ff«d. 
eren, S ; sredre, Sa ; ffaddrilS, /r. x., S ; 
ffadexld,//. J., PP ; ffadred, Sa ; ff«der- 
id«, PP ; Be-gadexed, //., S ; 7-ffad«x*d, 
S3 ; ipedrld, Sa. — AS. gaderiatit gadrian. 

Ckideringy j^. gathering, S.— AS. ^a^- 

G»de, //. s. went, S.— AS. ^<f-^(w;f (GET. 
p. 6a a). Cf. Beoda. 

GSBT, sb. year, S ; see Jetr. 

QflBrsmiief J-//. treasures; see Ctoxsnm. 

Qsety J^. //• goats, S ; see Ck>ot. 

OagateSy sb. jet, Sa.— Lat. gagates, jet ; 
Or. 7a7dTi;s. See Zette. 

GaCTOy ^'^ to measure the contents of a 
vessel, to guage, S3, Sh. — AF. ganger (F. 
jauger); from OF. *gauge\ cp. LowLat. 
j'alagium, * jus mensurse ' (Ducange). 

Gaignage, sb. crop, fruit of tilled or 
planted ground, HD ; gaynage, S3. — OF. 
gaignage, produce, revenue, Cotg. ; from 
OF. guigmr, to get, win. 

ChungeSy sb. pi. goings, Sa. See 0«a. 

Gaar, sb. a gore ; see CK>xe. 

Gairdingy sb. garden, S3 ; see Churdin. 

Chdty sb. way, S3 ; see Chvte. 

Oaly adj' lascivious, S ; sfole, //., MD. — 
AS.^; cp. OHG.^«7. 

CMLamelley sb. a sweet and nourishing 

I Oala, sb. sore, S3 ; see Oalle. 
'Oale-gale, sb. a sing-song fellow, S. 

F^'^'^en, V. to sing, cry out, to caw (as 
or rooks), Prompt., S3, CM. — AS. 
Qt E. nightingale. 

GaleyOy sb. galley, ship. Prompt; 
gBl«i«, S ; gal«7, Voc. ; gaUj, Sa ; gaj- 

laij%m,pl., Sa. — AF. galeye, galie ; cp. Low 

Galianes. sb. pL drinks named after 
Galen (called Galien in ME.), C3. 

Galiardy adj. gay, sprighdy, HD ; ffal- 
jart, S3; galyazda, HD.— OF. gcdllard^ 
vigorous (Roland). 

Galingale, sb. a plant from the root of 
which a spice was prepared, Cath. (s.v. 
galynga\ ND, HD; ffaljnffato, Alph., C3, 
Prompt ; galawgaU. ND. — OF. galingal^ 
the root of the rush called C3rpress (cp. Low 
Lat. gallingar), from galangue; cp. Low 
Lat galanga (Alph.). 

Galiote, J^. laige galley, Sa. — ltgale6tta, 
a good handsome big galley (Florio). See 

Galle, sb. the gall, bitterness, anger, S, 
Prompt, Voc., Ca, C3, PP ; bitter drink, 
Sa.— AS.^a//a(Voc.). 

Galle, sb. sore in man or beast. Prompt. ; 
gate, S^.— OF. galle, scab, itch; cp. Low 
Lat. galla (Ducange). 

Galnessey sb. lascivionsness> MD ; ffol- 
neiMM, S ; gfOnes, S. See OaL 

Galocbe, sb. a kind of patten, Ca, 
Prompt; ifiaooliMi, //., PP; ffalag«, 
'sandalium,' Manip.; ffallag«>Manip. (»). 
— AF. galoche ; Low Lat. calopodia^ clogs ; 
Gr. KoKiomhlkOVy dimin. of taXb-KOv^^ ie. 
wood-foot, a last. 

Galoun, sb. gallon, W, C3, P; ffalun, 
S. — AF. galoun. 

Galpen, v. to yawn, PP, Voc, Ca.— OS. 
galpbn^ * clamare.' 

Galwe, J^. cross, gibbet ;ffalowe,Prompt.; 
iralwes, pi., gallows, Voc, Ca; ifiaiid^ 
S. — AS. gealgOy also galga (Voc.). 

Galwe-tre^ sb. gallows-tree, S, Prompt 
— AS. gealgtriow. 

Ga^art, adj. gay ; see ChOiard. 

Game-gobelyn, sb. a demon who play t 
with men, Voc. 

Gameily sb. play, sport, CM, S, Sa, G^ 
PP, H ; gammTn, Sa; ffomen, S; ffama, 
S, G, Prompt., Voc., Ca, C3; sfome, S.— 
AS. gamen. 

Gfttnyn, v. to be pleasant ; him ffaau> 
•d«, pt. s., it was pleasant to him, C. 



Gan, V, to go, S ; fifon, S, S2, Ca ; goon, 
Ca ; go, S ; sfa, S2 ; gonde,/r. /., S ; ga, 
imp. s., S ; gals, S2 ; e<X,pl., S, Sa, Ca ; 
gootb, Ca ; gest, a pr. j., S, Sa ; gaAS, 
Sa ; goo«t, Ca ; gap ,/r. j., S ; gel8, S, Sa ; 
gc«,S, Ca; gas, Sa; gof8,//., S; gon, 
Sa ; goon, Ca ; gan, pp., Sa ; goon, Ca ; 
goo, S3 ; ygon, Ca, C3 ; Igon, G ; Igoon, 
G ; ygo, Sa ; Igo, G.— AS. gdn. 
Gan,//. s, began, did ; see Oinnen. 
Gane, v. to fit, avail, JD; ganyde,//. 
//., S3 ; ganand, pr. p. as adj., suitable, 
becoming, S3 ; see Oe^nen. 
Gaagf sb. going, Sa. 
Gangen, v. to go, S, PP; gang, S3; 
gangande, pr. p., PP; gangand, Sa; 
gonge, a pr. s. subj., S. — AS. gangan. 

Ganien, v. to yawn, gape, SkD; gane, 
Manip.. Palsg., S3, C3 ; gone, Sa ; janln, 
Prompt. — AS. gdnian (Voc). 
Gar, v. to cause, make, S3 ; gare, H ; 
gart, //. J., Sa, PP ; see CJer. 

Gardin, sb. garden, SkD, Ca ; gaxdyn, 
PP; gardyne, PP ; gardayne, Manip.; 
gairding,S3.— AF.^r^m {Y.jardin). 
Garget, sb. throat, CM ; see Gorget. 
Garite, sb. a watch-tower, look-out on 
the roof of a house or castle-wall, S3 ; gar- 
ytte, ahigh * solere,' Prompt. ; garett, HD ; 
garret, Cotg. (s.v. tourdle)\ garettas, 
//., Prompt. («) ; garrottes, /r^/><r/fl, Ma- 
nip._OF. garite ; cp. Span, garita. 
Garlek, sb. garlick, PP; garleke, 
Alph. ; garleek, C ; garlekke, Prompt. ; 
garllke,P; garUk,PP.— AS.^^r//ai:(Voc.). 
Garnet, sb. a kind of precious stone ; 
gamettes, pi, SkD; granat, Cotg. (s.v. 
grenaf)\ granate-stone (Florio). Cp. It. 
grandta, pomegranate, garnet. See Grain. 
Gamet-appille, sb. pomegranate, HD. 
See Apple-gamade. 

Garth, sb. an enclosure, HD, S3, H; 
orchard, Manip.; gartbe, sepes, Cath.; 
gartMs, pL, H.—Icel. gartir. See Jerd. 
Gas, pf^' s. goes ; see Cton. 
Gast, sb. spirit, S, Sa ; see Oost. 
Gastlike, adj. spiritual, Sj see CK)st- 
Gat, sb. goat, S; gayte, 83;//., H; 
gate, S, S3; seeCJoot. 
Gate^ sb. way, path, street, PP, CM, 
Sa, Prompt, HD, S3, H; gat, Sa; gait, 
S3.— Icel. gata ; Goth, gatwo, street 
Gate, sb. gate, PP, Prompt. ; 5ate, Sa, 
G, H, Prompt ; yate, Ca, CM, S3, Prompt; 


gat, S; 5at, PP; yat, G; yatt, H; jett, 
S3; giate, dot., S; jeate, S.—A&.geaty 
Icel. gat. 

Gate-ward, sb. gate-keeper, S, PP; 
jateward, PP ; gatwarde, PP. 

Gatte,//. s. granted, S ; see B«ten. 

Gat-tothed, adj. lascivious, C, CM. 

Gande, sb. weld. Reseda luteola, dyer's 
greenweed, producing a green dye (distinct 
from woad, Florio being iiere wrong). 

Comb. : gande grene, a light green colour, 
C, HD; gawdy grene, *subvindis. 
Prompt.— OF. gaude (Cotg.) : Sp. gualda, 
a herb to dye yellow with (Minsheu) ; cp. 
It. gualdoy woad to dye blue with (Florio), 
Low Lat gucUda, gualdum, *glastum' 

Gande, sb. a toy, piece of finery, also a 
jest, trick, CM; gawde, a jape, ftuga. 
Prompt; gand, HD, ND; ornament, 
CM ; trick, C3.— Late Lat. gaudium^ a 
large bead ; Lat gaudium, joy. 

Gande, v. to sport, jest, keep festival, 
ND ; to scoff, Manip. 

Gandionse, adj. ieAsX^soUnms, Manip. 

Gandyin^p, sb. toying, S3 ; gaiUUng, 
scoffing, Manip. 

Ganren, v. to gaze, CM, Ca, C3; 
gawren, CM. 

Ganrisli, adj. garish, S3. 

Gayn, adj. convenient, Sa ; gaynliolw, 
adv. readily, Sa ; see Oeyn. 

Gaynage, sb. crop, S3 ; see Ctalgiiaffs. 

Gaynen, "o. to avail, CM, Sa; see 


Gayn-ras, sb. return (= Lat occursus), 

H ; gaynrase, dat. meeting, H ; see ^eyn. 

Gayn-stand, v. to withstand, S3. 

Gaytre-beryis, sb. //.berries of tti« 

gayter-tree, C (C. 145), CM, MD.— Cp. 

Scot, gait-berry, bramble-berry, JD; gaiUr- 

tree, 3ie bramble, JD. 
Ge-, prejix ; see 3e- 

Ge, ye, S ; see 3«- 

Cfreannt, sb. giant, S, Ca ; ginnat, Wa 

gyannt, PP ; leannt, PP ; gMbnntMi, pL 

PP; leanntes, Sa.— AF. geant\ Lat 

Gede, //• s. went, S.— AS. ge-iode. CI 

Ctedelynge, sb. vagabond, PP; ac 


Cfrederen, Gedre ; see Oad«z«L. 
I Ctees, sb. pi. geese ; see OO0. 


Geety sb. jet, C ; ffMte, Prompt. ; see 

Geety sb, pi. goats, Wa ; ffMto, Wa ; 

Geet-budldSy sb. pi. he-goats, Wa. 

Geinen, v. to avail, profit, S, Sa ; see 

Geld, //. 5. paid, reqnited, S; see 

Geldany v. to geld, castrarcy Prompt., 
Manip. ; ffeldld, pp., W (Mt. 19. la).— 
Icel. gelda. 

Geldingy sb. eunnch, W (Acts 8. 34) ; 
^eUiiiff^ W (Acts 8. a7) ; ffeldingls, pi., 

Gelty, adj. guilty ; see QfulXj. 

Gemma, sb. gem ; 9%mmmm, pi, PP, 
Ga ; Jemls, S3. — OF. gemme ; Lat gemma, 
gem, bud. See ^InnniMi. 

Gemmsrt, adj. covered with buds, S3. 

Qendre, sb. gender, kind, PP ; ffendxM, 
//., Sa. — OF. genre*, Lat. gmere, abl. of 

Gendre, v. to beget ; gwidztth, pr, s., 
Wa; gcndrid,;^., Wa. 

Gendrer, sb. progenitor,, pp. 
Gendmrey sb. engendering, Wa. 
Gendsynge, sb. begetting, PP. 

Genette, sb. a small Spanish horse, a 
jennet, SkD ; lennet, S3, Sh.— OF. genefte 
(Cotg.); Sp. gineie, a light horseman 
(Minshen): from Zendia^ the name of a 
tribe in Barbary, see Dozy. 

Genge, sb. a going, expedition, army, 
S ; //. nations, Sa, H. 

Gent, adj. noble, nobly-born, PP, Ca ; 
spruce, gay, SkD (p. 813), S3 ; rente, S.— 
OF. gent\ Lat genitum, bom, well-bom. 

Gentil, adj. worthy, excellent, gentle, 
compassionate, Ca ; noble, PP ; gentiUi, 
sb. pL, people weM bom, Ca, C3. — AF. 
gentil, noble, beautiful ; Lat gentilem. 

Gentillesse. sb. nobleness, graceful- 
ness, Ca, C3.— OF. gentillesse. 

Gentrise, sb. noble nature, PP ; gent- 
zioe, PP.— AF. genterise. 

Gentrye, sb. gentleness, PP. 

Oeponn, sb. a diort cassock, CM ; see 
■ Ctor, //. years,. S ; see Be*'- 

Oer, V. to cause,, make, Sa, JD ; fere, 
to make, H; far, JD, S3; gare,^ H; 
to prepaie, S; gftre, imp., H; 



gmrM,pr. s., H ; a/r. j., H ; f«rU, pi. s., 
PP ; ffert, Sa, PP, S3, H ; gwte, PP ; 
rart, Sa, PP ; ffarOe, pi., S3 ; rert, pp., 
PP, H.— Icel. gora (for gorva). See Jave. 

Oeraflonr ; see Oerraflonr. 

Gere,<f^. gear, apparel, property, material, 
business, CM, PP, C, Ca. C3, Sa ; ffeave, 
S3 ; gar, C, S3 ; geere«, //., habits, man- 
ners, C. — Cp. OS. garuivi, gear. 

Geisfowcon, sb. a kind of falcon, HD ; 
gerfkncnn, Prompt. ; gerfltwonae, Voc ; 
gerflbwkyn, Voc, Prompt. ; gerfkuknn, 
Wa ; gerflbwoniL, Wa. — Lat. gyrofalco- 

Ger-fdl, adj. changeable, C, CM. See 

Oerken, v. to prepare, S ; see ^azkeii. 

Gerlaad, sb. garland, C3, C; gere- 
lande, PP; garUnnde, PP.— AF. ger- 

Gerleg, children ; see Ourles. 

Gem, adv. eagerly, Sa ; see B<*ome. 

Gemer, sb. gameT,C,TP.—AF. gemer, 
OF. gemter, grenier; Late Lat grana- 

Gerraflonr, sb. gilly-flower, S3 ; gera- 
flonr, HD ; gylofre, MD, Sa (s.v. clowe) ; 
gyllofire, gariophilus, galiofolus. Prompt. ; 
gillofbr, ND, Palsg. ; gyllo^rr, clove, 
Prompt. ; glUjTor, Sh ; lelofer, S3 ; 
geloftr, ND, MD.— Cp. OF. girofle, the 
clove (Bartsch); Low Lat. gariophilus, 
(Alph.), zS&o caryophyllum\ Gr. icapv6<lnt\' 
\ov, lit. nut-leaf. 

Geras-pilis, sb. pi. blades of grass, S3. 
See Oras. 

Geraum, sb. treasure ; gersom,. HD ; 
gnnnune,//., S ; garisome, S ; gersonui, 
HD. — AS. garsum; cp. Icel. gersemi, a 
costly thing, jewel. 

Gert, pp. made, Sa ; see Oer. 

Oert, //. girt, Sa ; see Oirden. 

Gerte, pt. s, stmck, G ; see Olrdea. 

Gerth. sb. girth, SkD ; gerthi*, //., 
PP.— IceL^rff. 

Gery, adj. changeful, PP, C. See 

Gessen, v. to suppose, imagine, CM, 
Sa, Ca, C3, W, Wa ; gesslst, a pr. s., Sa ; 
geeiideii, //. //., Sa. — Cp. Bu.gissen. 

Gesserant, sb. a coat of miil, S3 ; 
geeeeroa, S3 ; see Zeeeerannt. 

Gesssrnge, sk guessmg (i. e. doubt), Sa. 

Gest, a pr. s. goest, S, Sa ; g€l5, pr. s., 
S, Sa ; see Oan. 


loo GEST. 

Gest, sb. guest, Prompt., Sa, Ca ; ff«ste, ' 
PP ; g»»t«i,//., S, PP, Sa, Ca ; ff«ste, S ; 
glstes, PP ; ffnstes, PP.— AS. gast : Goth. 
gasts ; cp. Lat kostis. 

Geste, sb. story, romance, PP, Ca ; 
rest, SB; Manip. ; J«st, fim, Sh ; testes, 
//., PP, Ca, C3; iMStes, PP; testis, 
deeds, Wa, H. — AF. geste^ an exploit, 
history of exploits, romance; Lat {res) 
gesta, a thing performed. 

Geste, V' to tell romances, Prompt., 
MD; J«st, to act in sport, Sh. 

Gesten,//. lodged (?), Sa. 

Gesting, sb. lodgings, Sa. 

Gestinge, sb. jesting, S3; gestynfftt, 
romancing, Prompt. See 0«8te. 

Gestnan, v. to feast, enter^in; ffest- 
•ned,//. J., HD; l|fistiied,//>., Sa. 

Gestninge, J^- feast, banqnet, S ; ff«st- 
•nlng', Sa ; ffistnixifire, S ; nrstnlnge, S. 

Gastonr, J*^* a reciter of tales, Ca ; 
ffevtowre. Prompt. ; ffesUonrs, pi., CM. 
See Oesto. 

Get, sb. feshion, behaviour, CM, C, C3, 
Prompt. ; see Zette. 

Gaten, v. to gain, get, beget, PP ; ff«t, 
pr. J., Sa, PP; gat, pt. j., S, PP ; geten, 
pi., PP ; geten, //., PP, G ; gete, PP.— 
AS. gitatiy pt. ^i?a/ (pi. gJaton), pp. giten, 

GeS, /r. J. goes ; see Ga. 

Getty sb. jet. Prompt. ; see Z«tte. 

Gett, pp. granted, Sa ; see B^ten. 

Gene-like, adj. equal. Phr. : o gene- 
like, on equal terms, S. — ^AS. ge-efenlic. 
See Suen. 

Geyn, adj. near, convenient, ready, 
direct, S3; gesme. Prompt; i^jr^ Sa ; 
gain, HD ; gane, JD ; gejrnest, superl., 
fairest, Sa. — Icel. ^<f^. 

Ge^nen, v. to meet, suit, avail; ge^B- 
nenn, S ; geinen, to avail, profit, S, Sa ; 
gayne, CM ; Bene, to reply, S ; gane, to 
fit, JD ; gayned, pt. s., Sa ; ganyde, //., 
S3 ; ganand. pr. /., becoming, suitable, S3. 
— Icel. gegna, to go against, to answer, to 
suit. See Jeyn. 

Giarldeny v. to prepare, S ; see 3ar. 

Giaimt, sb. giant, ~W a ; see Oeannt. 

Giety conj. yet, S ; see 3et. 

Gi£, Gief, if, Sa ; see Bil 

Gigelot, sb. a strumpet MD, H ; 979^- 
lot, wench, agagula. Prompt. ; giglot, ND, 
Sh ; gigglet, ND. 

Giggyng, j^. clattering, C. 


GigonTy sb. musician, S. — OF. gigueor 
(Low Lat. gigatorem), from OF. giguc 
(Low Lat. giga\ a musical instrument ; cp. 
G. geige, violin. 

Gildir, v. to deceive; gUdirs, pr. s., 
H; gildlrd, pp., H. — Icel. gildra, to 

Gildire, sb. deceit, snare, H ; gildirs, 
//., H. — Icel. gildra, a trap. 

Gile, sb. guile, deceit, fraud, PP, C. — 
AF. gile, OF. guile : AS. wile (Chron. ann. 

Gilen, v. to beguile, PP; gylen, S2; 

Gilery, sb. deceit, H; giliy*,//., H.— 
OF. gillerie. 

Gill, sb. a familiar term for a woman, 83, 
ND, Sh; jiU, Sh.— Short for Gillian^ a 
woman's name, Sh, ND ; \jsX. Juliana. 

Gill-bnmt-tayle, sb. the Ignis-fatuus, 
ND (s.v. gyl). 

Gille» sb. a gill (measure), PP; gyUa, PP, 
Prompt; iiUe, P.— OF. ^tf//^. 

Gill-flTUrk, sb. a flirt, ND. 

Gillofer, GiUyvor ; see GerralU>nr. 

Gilour, sb. deceiver, PP ; gylonxoy H. 
— AF. gilour. 

Gilt, sb. guilt, S, PP ; see Chat. 

Giltlese, adj. guilUess, S ; giltelM, C ; 
gilUeea, C3. 

Gin, sb. engine, contrivance, artifice, Ca, 
C3, S3 ; gyn, PP, Sa ; ginne, S, Sa ; 
gynne, PP. — OF. engin, engien, craft, de- 
ceit, contrivance. 

Ginfal, adj. guileful, deceitfiil, PP. 

Gingebreed, sb. gingerbread, Ca; 
gyngebred, gingiumy Voc. Cp. Low Lat 
gingibretum (Ducange), also OF. gigim- 
braii, a preparation of ginger, gingtnbret^ 
ginger (Bartsch). 

Ginginerey •^. ginger, SkD, Cath. (») ; 
ginginer, HD; gyngyxe, zinzibrum^ oq^\ 
ginger, zinziber, linzebmm, Cath. ; syn^ 
gere. Prompt. — OF. gingenbre, gengibre ; 
Lat. zingibrum, ace. of zingiber i Or. 

Gixmen, v. to begin, S ; gynne, S, PP,] 
S3; gan, /^. J., began, S, Sa ; gon, PP5 
gonne, //„ Sa ; gan, pt. s. (used as aa 
auxiliary), did, S, Sa, S3 ; gon, S, PP. Sa | 
gnn, Sa ; gnnnen,//., S ; gnnna, S, PF 
gonne, S, PP, Sa, Ca, G.— AS. 
pt. -gan (pi. -gunnon), pp. -gunnen. 

Gipe, sb. cassock, CM ; Jnb, Florio.^ 
OF. jujpe (CotgO, It giuppa, giudM 


(Florio'), Sp. al-juba (Minsheu) ; Arab. 
al-jubbah, a. woollen undergarment; cp. 
MHG. schube, G. schaube (Weigand). 

Gipoun, sb. a short cassock, CM ; 
gypoim, C; ffeponn, C; Jupon, HD ; 
Joupone, HD. — OF. gtppon, jupon 
(Cotg.), It. giubbone, a doublet (Florio.). 
See above. 

Gipser, sb. pouch, purse, C ; gypoM, 
Prompt.; gypsere, Prompt.; ff7P0j«r«, 
Prompt. — OF. gibbeciere (Cotg.), from 
gibier^ game. 

Girdel, sb, girdle, C, Ca ; gnxd^, S.— 
AS. gyrdel. 
I Girden, v. to gird, cingerey MD ; bur- 
den, MD ; girde, 2 pt. s., 82 ; gyrte, 
I //.J.,S; Mrnrd,//., 8,82; gird, C,W2; 
I gert, 82. — ^AS. gyrdan, 

Girden, v. to strike, CM, HD, C2, G; 
gnrdep,,, 82 ; girt, //. j., cast, PP ; 
gerte,G; gorde, //.//., rushed, 82 ; girt, 
//., 8kD (s. V. ^^), C. 8ee3«rd. 

Gisel, sb, hostage, MD ;, S ; 
aisles, MD ; jlalen, dot., MD.— AS. gisel; 
I cp. Icel. glsl. 

Gist, sb. guest ; see Cl«st. 
I Giste, sb. a beam, balk, joist, MD; 
' gyyste. Prompt.; gyiit, Palsg.; glstes, 
//., MD ; jojnUu, SkD.— OF. gisle, joist, 
something to lie on. See Joist. 

Gistninga, sb. banquet, 8 ; see CI«sU 

Giteme, sb, guitar, C3, PP, MD, CM ; 
gTteme, PP, Prompt; get«me, MD ; 
getTrne, Voc. — OF. guiteme\ cp. It 
chitarra ; Lat. cithara. See Cltol«. 

Giuenessaf sb. forgiveness, 8.— AS. 
gifnes, grace. 

Glad, pt. s. glided, MD; glade, 82; 
glaid, S3 ; see Ollden. 

Glad,- adj. glad, 8, 82 ; gUd, S; glaid, 
S3 ; gladnr, comp,^ 8 ; gladdore, 82. — 
AS. glad, 

Gladien, v. to make glad, make merry, 
S; gladen, 8, C2 ; glade, 83 ; glaid, S3; 
gleadien, 8 ; gledien, 8, 82 ; gladed, //. 
J., 82. — AS. gladian. 

Gladliclie, adv. gladly, PP ; gledUclie, 

Gladnessa, sb. gladness, MD; gled- 
ZLesse, 8. 

GladscMpa, sb. gladness, MD ; gled- 
aohlpe, S; gledsoipe, 8; gleadscliipes, 
//., S. 

Gladsoniy adj. pleasant, C2. 



Gladynga, sb. gladness, MD; glead- 
nnge, 8. 

Glam, sb, word, message, 82 ; loud 
talk, noise, MD. — Icel. glam^ a tinkling 

Glaran, v. to shine brightly, 8, SkD. 

Glas, sb, glass, 8, C2.— AS. glas. 

Glasan, adj. made of glass, PP. 

Glasan, v. to furnish with glass, PP. 

GlaS, adj. glad, MD; gli^, 8.— Icel. 

Glaxia, sb. sword, S3 ; see Oleyue. 

Glayra, sb. the white of an egg, Cath. ; 
see Oleyre. 

Gla, sb. joy, glee, music, singing, S, 82, 
PP; glee, C2; glle, 8; gleu, C2 («), 
MD ; glew, MD, S3 ; glu. Prompt. ; gleo, 
8 ; glewie, //., freiis, S3. — ^AS. glio^ stem 
gliwo-f see Sievers, 250. 

GleaWy adj. wise, 8; gUn, S.— AS. 

Glad, adj. glad ; see Glad. 

Glade, sb. a kite, milvus, H (Ps. 62. 8), 
ND, WW, Voc.— AS. glida, (Voc.). 

Glada, sb. glowing coal, 8, PP, 83, C2 ; 
gleede, C ; gleden, //., 8 ; gledess, 8.— 
KS.gUd: OS. gUd (stem gUdi); cp. OHG. 
gluot (dat. gluoti). See Olowen. 

Gladian, v, to make merry, 8, 82 ; see 

Gladlicha, adv. gladly, S. 

Gladnassa, sb. gladness, 8. 

Gladsohipa, sb. gladness, 8. 

Gla-maa, sb. ; see CKLeo-man. 

Glantan, v. to glance, to move swiftly, 
MD ; glente, pi. s., MD ; glent, 83, HD ; 
shone, SkD (p. 808).— Swed-^/^Wa, to glance 
aside (Rietz). 

Glao, sb. music, S ; see Gle. 

Gleo-baames, sb. pi. harps, 8. 

Gleo-draames, sb, pi. yoys of music, 8. 

Glao-maa, sb. minstrel, PP ; glewmaa, 
PP ; gleman, PP. 

Glaowian, v, to make music, to make 
merry, MD. 

Glaowinge, sb. music, 8. 

Glatte, sb. phlegm, slimy matter in the 
throat, viscositast filth, Cath. («), 82; 
glett, Cath.; glet, H, Cath. («).— OF. 
gleiie, * flegm, filth, which a hawk throws 
out at her beak after her castmg,' Cotg. ; 
cp. North. E. glit, tough phlegm, JD. 

Glau, adj. wise, 8 ; see Oleaw. 

102 GLEW. 

Glew, s6. joy, glee, S3 ; see Olo» 

Glew, sd, glue, MD ; see Oln. 

Qleyme, sb, slime, Hmus^ gluten, 
Prompt.; ffleym, subtlety, S3; glem«, 
viscus, Prompt, (n), 

QiLeymoWB, adj. slimy, viscoswfz^m^^.. ; 
glajxnons, HD. 

01eyre» sb, the white of an ^%gt C3, 
Prompt., Cath. (») ; fflayre, Cath. ; fflaxy^i 
Manip.— OF. ^/a^V^, the white of an ^gg 
(Cotg.) ; Low \jaX.glara (Voc.) ; Late Lat. 
clara avi (Ducange) ; cp. ^yMara de huevo, 
also It. ckidra (Florio). 

Oleyue, sb. sword, CM ; fflayue, SkD ; 
ffUT«, S3, ND; gleiue, SkD; gleave, 
Cotg., ND. — OF. glaive', Lat. gladium 
(ace.) — for the v in glaive, see Brachet (s.v. 

Oliden, v. to glide, S ; glyde, C2, C3 ; 
fflydande,//*. /., walking, S3 ; glit,/r. j., 
MD ; fflad,//. j., MD ; fflade, S2 ; glald, 
S3; glod, MD, S2; fflood, C3; fflode, 
MD ; ffllden,//., MD; ffUden,//., MD.— 
AS. glidan, pt. gldd {^lidon), pp. gliden, 

Olie, j3. music, S ; see Ole. 

OliABn, V. to glance, 5pectare\ gllffe, 
to look back, Manip. ; gllff, to be scared, 
JD; glyfte,//. J.,MD. 

GlifEhi, z'. to glance; gliffiiyt,//. x., S2. 

Glod,/^. J. glided, S2, MD ; glode, MD ; 
fflood, C2 ; see OUden. 

Olommeny v. to look glum, to frown, 
MD; glomben, MD; glowmbe, CM; 
glum, S3 ; gloom, ND ; gloume, Manip.; 
glommede, pt. j., HD. — Swed. glomma, 
to stare (Rietz). 

Glopen, V. to look askance, MD ; glop, 
to stare, HD ; gloppen, to be startled, 
HD. Cp. Du. gluipen^ to peep, sneak. 

Glopnen, v. to look downcast, MD; 
glopnid,//., frightened, S2. — Icel. gltipna. 

Glorie, sb. glory, PP; glore, S3.— AF. 
glorie'y hsX. gloria. 

Glose, sb. a gloss, comment, explanation, 
PP, Prompt., C2; gloslB, //., S3.— OF. 
glose ; Lat. glossa^ a gloss ; Gr. y\d;(raa. 

Glosen, v. to explain, flatter, deceive, 
PP, Prompt., S3, Ca, C3 ; glosed, pt. j., 
spoke smoothly, S2 ; y-glosed,//., C3. — 
OF. gloser, to gloss, expound ; Late Lat. 
glosare. See above. 

Glosynffey sb. an expounding, Prompt. ; 
flattering. Prompt. ; glosiiig, flattery, W. 

Glotonie, sb. gluttony, S2, Prompt.; 

-^-*'>iiye«,^/., C3.— OF. glotonie. 


Glotori, sb. gluttony, H; gMitliT, H ; 
glutrle, MD. 

Glotonn, sb. glutton, S, PP, W2 ; 
gluton, S.— AF. glutun ; Lat glutonem. 

Gloxnue, 'V. ; see Olommen. 

Glowen, v. to glow, PP, Prompt., C ; 
gloTiand,/r./., Sa; gloweimde, S.— Cp. 
OHG. gluojan. 

Gin, sb. glue. Prompt; gl«w, MD. — 
OF. glu; Lat. gluten. 

Given, V. to glue, MD ; y-glewed, pp., 

Glum, V. to look gloomy, S3; see 

Glutanaria, sb. gluttony, S.— AF. ^/«- 


Gluton, sb. glutton, S ; see Olototm. 

Glntrie, sb. gluttony, MD ; see Olotozl. 

Gnar, v. to snarl, S3; gnaxv; ND. 
Cp. gnarl, to snarl, Sh. 

Gnasten, v. to gnash the teeth, Prompt., 
Palsg., W2, H ; gnayste, H ; gnasbe, 
Manip.; gnartiden, pt. pi., W, Wa ; 
gnalstld, H.— Cp. Icel. gnastan, a gnash- 

Gnawan, v. to gnaw, PP; gnaglie, 
H ; gne^elK,, S; gnow, pt. s., Ca ; 
gnew, SkD; gnawHien, pt. pi., Wa ; 
k3iaw«ii, //., S3. — AS. gnagan, pt gmfA 
(pi. gnSgon), pp. gnagen. 

Chxiden, v. to rub, SD, Sa; gnyde, 
S; gniden, pt. pi, MD.— AS. grddan 

Gebalin, sb. goblin, demon ; gobeljm, 
W2, MD; goblin, Sh.— OF. gobelin; cp. 
Low Lat. gobelinum (ace). 

Gobat, sb. a small piece. Prompt., C, W ; 
gobbet, Manip. ; gobetls, pi, Sa, W. — 
Norm.F. gobet, see Diez, p. 599; cp. OF. 
gobeau, a bit, gobbet (Cotg.). 

God, adj' good, S, Sa. Phr. : to goder 
hele, to the good health of, Sa, MD; 
goderhele, MD ; godder-hel«, HD. See 

God, sb. God, S; godd, S; gode, dot., 
S; god«8, gen., S; pi, S; goden, S. — 
AS. God. 

God-child, sb. godchild, S. 

Godcnnd, adj. divine, godly, MD. 

Godcondkede, sb. piety, MD. 

GodcTindnesse, sb. divinity, S ; god- 
cnnnerae, S. 

Goddcnndlai^^e, sb. divinity, S. 

Goddot, God knows^ S ; goddotli, S. — 
AS. God wit. 


Qodhectey sd, deity, C. 
Godien, v- to endow; goded,//. s., S ; 
i-goded,//., benefited, S.— AS. j^dian. 
Qodlec, s6, goodness, S, MD. — Cp. Icel. 

Godles, adj, without good, needy, Sa, 
MD ; goAolMMM, S.— AS. ^dUas. 

Godly, adv. kindly, Sa ; godd^ll, Sa ; 
gndelar, S3. — AS. gddlice, 

Godnessa, sb, goodness, S ; godiiiss«, 
S, Sa ; godenesM, Sa. 

God-rael, sb, gospel, S ; god-q^«U, Sa ; 
gospel, MD. — AS. godspel, 

GodspelboC, sb. gospel-book, S. 

Gogelen, v, to goggle, MD. 

Gogil-i;ed,a^'. squint-eyed, W; gogyl- 
•Tld, Prompt.; goggl«-«jedy louche 

Gold, sb. gold, S; gol, S; gnld«, dot., 
S. — AS.go/d; cp. IctX. gull. 

Gold-beteXL, pp. adorned with beaten 
gold, S3. 

Golde, sb. marigold, soucif Palsg. ; 
goolde, solsequium, Prompt ; guldMi, //., 
C— Cp. OY.goude (Cotg.) 

Gold-spynk, sb. goldfinch, S3. 

Gola, sb. throat, SD, HD ; gollt, HD.— 
0¥.goUygouleyguU\ Ijat.gula. 

Golet, sb. gullet, C3, Prompt., HD.— 
OF. gmlel. 

Goliardeys, sb. buffoon, MD, PP; 
gfOyaxdeys, C. — OF. goliardeis {goliar- 
dais) ; Low Lat goliardensis. 

Golnesso, sb. lasciviousness, S ; see Oftl- 



Goma, sb. a man, PP, S, Sa ; goBMS, gen.f 
Sa ; gnjiMn, //., S. — AS. guma (stem 
guman-) ; cp. Lat. homo (stem homin-). 

Goma, sb. care, PP; gom, MD.— OS. 
g6ma, care ; cp. OHG. gouma^ provision, 
supper (Tatian). 

Goman, sb. play, S; gonM, S; see 

Gomilia, sb. gum, CM ; gnmme, Cath. ; 
tomjaautm,pl., P. — OY.gommc; Lat. gum- 
mi i Gr. icdjj^u. 

Gtm, V. to go, S, Sa, Ca ; gond«,/r./., 
S; goon, pp., Ca ; see ChuL 

Gona, V. to gape, Sa ; see OftaiML. 

Goaga, 2pr. s. subj. go, S ; see Oang^n. 

Gonna, sb. gun, PP, CM; gnniie, 
Cath., Prompt ; gon, S3.— Cp. Low Lat. 

Good, adj. good, MD; god, S, Sa; 

godd, Sa ; good, MD ; guod, MD ; gnd, 

MD.— AS.^<W. 

Good, sb. good, MD ; goud, Sa ; g«d, 
S3; god,S,Sa; god«l^//.,S,Sa;gllod^, 
Sa.— AS.^. 

Goodman, sb. master of the house, 

Goot, sb. goat, Prompt., C3 ; gajto* S3 ; 
gat, S ; g«t, />/., S; gate, S, S3 ; gMt, 
Wa ; gMt«, Wa ; g«ite, H ; gajtM, H ; 
guyte, H.— AS.^i^. 

Gorda, pt. pi. rushed, Sa ; see OirdMi. 

Gora, sb. a triangular piece of cloth in- 
serted, HD ; gremiale^ apron, Manip. ; 
gooze, Prompt. ; gair, JfD. Phr. : undar 
gore, under clothing, Sa, HD. — Cp. AS. 
gdrUy an angular point of land. 

Gora, sb. mire. Prompt, HD; filth, Sa.^* 
AS. gor (Voc.). 

Gcorga, sb, throat, Manip.. PP.— OF. 
gorge ; Lat. gurgitem (ace.) ; see Ducange. 

Gorgat, sb. throat, piece of armour to 
protect the throat, SkD ; * torques,* Manip. ; 
garget, C ; gargate, HD.— OF. gorgette, 
throat zXso gargaite^ (Roland, 1654). 

Gorsty sb. gorse, furze, Voc., MD; 
gorates,//., Sa ; goratja tre. Prompt — 
AS. gorst. 

Gos, sb. goose, S3 ; gooa, MD ; t—m^ 
pl.,S; gyaae,S3.— AS.^j. 

Gos-hawkay^^. goshawk. Prompt, Voc.; 
goa-hauk, Ca. — AS. gSs-hafuc (Voc.). 

Gasaa, sb. in phr. : 1>j goaae (a profane 
oath), S3. 

Goaaib, sb. sponsor, PP, CM ; godffjb, 
fiiend, PP.— AS. god-sibb. 

Goasomar, sb. gossamer. Prompt, Ca ; 
goaaummer, Voc. ; goaeaomere, Voc. 

Gost» sb. spirit, mind, soul, life, ghost, 
PP, S, Sa, C3; gooat, Ca, PP; gaat, S, 
Sa ; goatea, //., Sa ; goatna, PP ; gaatea, 
Sa.— AS.^Jj^. 

Goatlioha, adj. spiritual, S; goatly, 
S3, C3; gooatUohe, PP; gaatlike, S; 
gaateUoh, S; gaateU, adv., Sa. 

Qo^mSb. water-channel. Prompt., HD ; 
goote. Prompt. ; gotes, //., Sa. — Cp. Low 
G. gote, Du. goot. 

Gotara» sb. gutter, water - channel. 
Prompt. ; goterla,//., drops, stillicidia, rain 
falling drop by drop, Wa ; gotera, HD.— 
OF. goutiere, gutter, from gote, a drop ; 
Lat. gutta. 

Gonlan, v. to howl, cry, S, Sa ; gowl- 
aiid,/r. /., S3 ; see 3oiile&. 



GonleSy sb. pi. the heraldic name for 
red, gules, SkD ; ffowlls, HD ; ffowlys, 

S3» HD. — AF. goules; Late Lat. gulasj 

ace. pi. of guldf 'pellis rubricata (Du- 

Oouna, sb. gown, PP,C; gowne, PP; 
ITunes, //., MD. — AF. goune, OF. gone. 

OOTme-cloth, sb. cloth enough to make 
a gown, CM. 

Oonrda, sb. gourd, C3, H; goord, 
Prompt. ; ffowrdes, pi., Sa. — OF. gourde , 
gouhourde, cougourde ; Lat. cucurbiia. 

GOTiamaille, sb. management, Ca ; 
Ifouemalle, rudder, W ; ffouemails, //., 
Wa. — OF. gouvernaily rudder ; Lat. guber- 

OOTiemanca, sb. government, be- 
Jiaviour, PP, C2, C3 ; ffouemaunoe, C, 
C2, C3 ; ffouemauncls, pi, rules for 
conduct, customs, S3. 

€k>Tieme, v. to govern, PP, C2.— AF. 
govemer ; Lat. gubernare. 

Oouemonr, sb. governor, Ca ; steers- 
man, W, Wa. — OF. gouvemeur\ Lat. 
gubematorem (ace). 

Gradda, pt. j., S, Sa, PP ; see Oreden. 

Gradi, adj. greedy, S ; see Or^dy. 

Graffa, sb. a slip, young shoot, PP, 
Prompt.; ffraff,Cotg.— LateLat.^a//4/«»?, 
a stile (Gr. ypcupeiov) ; hence Low Lat. 
grajio/um, a graft, sucker ; cp. OF. grej^e. 

Graffen, v. to graft, PP ; gXBMd,pp.,W. 

Oraith, adj. exact, direct, Sa, PP ; see 

Graith, sb. preparation, PP. 

Graithen, v. to prepare, H ; gratMs, 
pr. J., dresses, S3. See OreXSen. 

Graithly, adv. readily, PP; gratheU, 
Sa ; see OreiSUohe. 

Gramcimd, adj. angry, S. 

Gran&e, sb. vexation, anger, S, HD, C3 ; 
grome, S ; gram, Sa ; greme, Sa.— AS. 
grama ; cp. Icel. gramr, wrath. 

Gramercy; seeOrannt. 

Gramien, v. to vex, to be angry, MD ; 
grame, PP, S; gromien, MD. — AS. 
gramian; cp.Goih..gramjan, SeeOremien. 

Granand, pr, /. groaning, Sa; see 

Granaty s. a garnet ; see Oamet. 

Graayt^pp. dyed in grain, S3 ; grained, 
Sh. See Oreyne. 

Grapa, v. to handle, palpare, H ; see 

Grapars, sb.jl, grappling-irons, S3. j 


Gras, sb. grass, S, PP, Ca ; gres, S, 
Prompt. ; gxeM«, Prompt., Sa ; grases, 
//., Sa; greses, Sa; gyrss, S3.— AS. 
gras: Goih.gras, 

Grathis,/r.j. dresses, S3 ; seeOraitliesu 

Graunt, adj. great, PP. Phr. : graunt- 
mercy, many thanks, Ca, C3, PP; gra- 
mercy, PP, Sh; gramerciee, pi., S3. — 
AF. granly OF. grand; Lat. grandem. 

Granntyat v. to grant, give, agree, 
allow, PP ; grawntyn. Prompt., Ca ; 
grannte, PP; grantl, S, Sa; grauntf, 
i/r. J., S ; grante, imp. j., S; y-grannted, 
pp., C3, P ; i-granted, Sa.— AF. grd- 
anter {graunter, granter) ; OF. crSanter ; 
Late Lat. credentare, from Lat. credentetn, 
pr. p, oi credere, 

Grauan, v. to bury, S, PP, Ca, H ; to 
engrave, PP ; grof, //. s., H ; granen, pp., 
buried, S, PP, G, H ; i-grauen, engraved, 
S; i-graue, S, G; graue, PP. — AS. 
grafan, to dig, pt. grSf, pp. ^afen. 

Grauynga, sb, engraving, Sa, P ; bury- 
ing, H. 

Gravys, //. groves, S3 ; see Oroue. 

Gray, adj. gray, PP, MD ; grey, PP ; 
greye, sb. gray clothing, PP; grai, gray 
fiir, S; grey, S ; badger, S3 ; gray, HD ; 
badger's skin, HD. — ^AS. grceg. 

Gre, sb. step, degree, S3, PP, MD ; worthi- 
ness, gradus, Prompt. ; gree, HD ; grees, 
pi., W, MD, HD; grels, H.— OF. gre ; 
Lat. gradum (ace). 

Graca, sb. stair, MD, Prompt, Cath., 
Palsg. ; greece, Manip. ; greee, MD,HD ; 
greeee, Cotg. (s.v. degrf), HD ; grlae, 
Sh. ; grecee,//., Wa ; grisee. Prompt. («). 
— From grees, steps, a flight of steps,//, of 
Ore (above). 

Graden, v. to cry aloud, S, PP, Sa ; 
gradde,//. s., S, PP, Sa; gredde, PP.— AS. 
gr<kdan, pt. gr<kdde, 

Gradinga, sb. crying, MD ; gredyn^es, 

pi., Sa. 

Gredy, adj. greedy, PP ; gradl, S; 
gredl, S. — AS. gr<kdtg ; cp. Icel. grdKiugr. 

Gree, sb. favour, Sa, Ca, C3 ; prize, PP, 
C. Phr. : take In gre, agree to, S3. — 
OF. gre, gred, gret, pleasure, recompense ; 
Lat. gratum, pleasing. 

Grae, z'. to agree, HD ; greelng, pr, p., 
S3. — OF. grier, to agree, to accept ; Late 
Lat. gratare (for Lat. gratari). 

Greasings, sb, pi, steps, HD. Se^ 


Gref, sb. grief, MD ; ffreeue, dat.^ G.— 
OF. grefy from Lat. graveniy heavy. 

GxB-hoimde; see Oreyliownd. 

Greit, sb. grit, S3 ; see Orsot. 

Greithy adj\ ready, PP ; mndth, exact, 
direct, PP, Sa; grayp, PP; gra7]>Mt, 
j«/^/., PP, S2 ; gxaitli, tf^., S3.— led. 
greitSry ready : Goth, ga-raids, exact. 

GreiSeily z'. to prepare, SD ; gxatUu, 
H, HD ; gratlils, ^. j., dresses, S3 ; 
gzaithed, //. j., Sa ; greTthede, S; 
gxeithide, S3 ; gxeltlied«,//., Sa ; ffrey- 
tlied, pp., S ; gre33)>«4d, S ; ffrep)>«4, 
S; gxaytlied, HD, Sa; l-gxelS«t, S; 
7-gMlSed, S3 ; graid, H. — Icel. greitfa. 

GT6i8licll6y adv. readily, PP ; gxiAtli- 
ly, PP, HD ; graytliely, Sa ; grathtli, Sa. 

Gremien, v. to vex, to be angry, MD, 
S ; gxeme, S ; B^-ffv^n^Ad, pp., S. — AS. 
gremian. See Chnunien. 

Grena, sb. snare ; see Grin. 

Grene, adj. and sb. green, S, PP, Sa, Ca, 
C3 ; greyne, B.— AS. ^yi^w : OS. grdni ; 
cp. OHG. gnioni (Tatian). 

Grenehade, sb. greenness, wantonness, 
Sa. C3. 

GrCKiineny v. to grin, show the teeth (as 
a dog), S, W; gxeniiTn, Prompt.— AS. 

Grannunga, sh, grinning, S; gx«]i- 
nynge, Prompt • 

Graot, sb. gravel, grit, PP;- greit, S3 ; 
greete, Manip. ; grith, PP.— AS. grhi. 

Grea, sb. grass, S, Prompt. See Oras. 

Grasy, adj. grassy, S3. 

Gret, adj. great, S, Sa, Ca, PP ; gr««t, 
Ca ; grete. Prompt., PP, Sa, Ca ; gr«tt«, 
PP ; greate, S ; grate, S ; grettnre, comp. 
S; grettoiire,PP; grettour, PP; gretter, 
Ca ; grettere, Wa ; grettest, superL, PP ; 
grete, adv.^ S3.— AS. griai, 

Gratan, v. to salute, S, PP, Sa ; gret, 
imp. X., S ; greteth,//., G ; grette,//. j., S, 
PP, Sa, Ca, C3,W ; grette.//., G; gretten, 
\V ; gret,/^., W. — AS-gritan^ to approach 
(also ge-gritan), pt. grSttey pp. grated: OS. 
grStian ; cp. OHG. gruazen (Otfrid). 

Gratan, v. to weep, S, PP, H ; greete, 
S3 ; gret, Sa ; groten, S ; gretande,/r./., 
HD; gretand, Sa, S3, H ; gret, /r. j., S ; 
gret, //. J., S, H ; grete, HD ; grete, //., 
HD, Sa. — AS.griian {grHan\ ^X.grtt (pi. 
griton), -p^.griteni IctX.grdia. 

Gratian, v. to magnify ; l-gret, pp.y S. 
— AS. griatian. 



Oratlicha, adv. greatly, S, PP ; gretly, 
Sa ; gretluker, comp., S. 

Gret-WOmbada, adj. big-bellied, S3. 
Qra^Tngf ^^' l&mentation, Sa ; gret- 
Tiige, H. 

Gratyngftll, adj, sorrowful, H. 
Grauauncaf sb. grievance, hurt, Ca ; 
grewaaoe, S3 ; greuaunoes, pi., PP.— 
OF. grevatue. 

Graue, sb. thicket, grove, MD ; greues, 
//., Sa, CM, HD ; greris, S3. 

Oraiian, v. to grieve, PP, S. Ca.— AF. 
grever, to burden ; Lat. gravare. 

OrauonSy adj. grievous, PP; gre- 
uonsere, comp., Wa. 

Grayca, adj. gray, S3. See Ory*- 

Gray-howndy sb. greyhound, leporarius, 
Voc. ; grayhnnd, Voc. ; grayhownd, Voc. ; 
grehnnde, Voc. : grehownde. Prompt. ; 
greahnnd, SkD ; grehoiindes, //., S3 ; 
greahondes, S3 ; greilioimdeiii SkD. — 
Icel. greyhundr, greyhound ; grey^ a dog. 

Grajrn, J^. handle, branch, MD ; grayn, 
MD; grayne, WA.— Icel. ^«». 

GrayBf sb. grain of com, a kind of spice, 
MD, PP, CM ; greyne. Prompt; greyn 
de Parya, CM. — AF. grein, grain \ Lat. 

Grejjie, sb. colour, dye, PP. MD; 
greyn, S3, Ca ; grayn, Ca.— AF. grains ; 
Late Lat ^tf;^, cochineal dye (Ducange). 

Qreyn-'homet sb. Greenhorn, the name 
of an ox in the Towneley Mysteries, HD. 

Griffoiin, sb. griffin, C, Sa ; grytfown, 
Prompt. — OF. gtiffbn, a gripe (Cotg.). 

Qril, adj. horrible, rough, fierce, MD ; 
gryl, Sa, Prompt. — Cp. MHG. grel, angry. 

Grillan, v. to vex, MD ; gmlde, //. s., 
twanged, S ; i-grold, pp., provoked, SD. 
— AS. grillan. 

Grim, adj. fierce, S ; grym, heavy, PP, 
Sa, C; grlnune, //., horrible, S. — AS. 

Grimlich, adj. horrible, S ; grlmlyoli, 
S; grlmUohe, adv. terribly, S, PP ; 
grymly, sharply, PP. 

Grin, sb. snare, noose, S, Voc. ; gryn, 
W ; grene, laqueus, MD, Voc. ; gmne, 
MD ; grone, MD ; grane, MD.— AS. grin. 

Gxindan, v. to grind, MD ; y-gronnde, 
//., Ca ; gmndyn. S3 ; gronnden, C3. — 
AS. grindan, pt. grand (pi. grundon), pp. 

Grindara, sb. grinder ; grynderla, //., 



Gripf sh. vulture, S; gx3rp«, Voc, 
Prompt. — Icel. gripr, 

Gripen, v, to grip, S, PP, H; grap, 
//. J., MD ; grop, MD ; ffxipen, //., MD ; 
grepen, MD ; gripen,//., MD ; gX7p«n, 
PP; griped, PP.— AS. gripan, pt. grdp 
(pi. gripon), pp. .^/^». 

GriSy •f^. a young pig, PP ; grlse, Cath.; 
gryse, Voc. : gryce, Prompt. ; grys, //., 
MD,S3, PP.— Icel.^/jj. 

Grisdlly V. to shudder, S2 ; gryse, to 
be frightened, HD ; liiia gros, //. s. reflex.y 
S. — AS. grisan^ pt. grSs (pi. grtson)^ pp. 

Grislidly adj. horrible, S, S2 ; grlslic, 
S ; gxysUohe, S, PP ; gxiBU,S2 ; grisly, 
C2, C3 ; gxiBUohe, adv., S ; griesUe, S3. 
— AS. grislic. 

Grist, J^. ground com, SkD. — AS. grist , 
from grindan ; for loss of n before s see 
Sievers, 185. 

Grist-batingey sb. grinding of the 
teeth, MD; gxlsbayting, MD ; grls- 
bittlng, S2. 

Grith, sb. peace, S; griSe, dat., S.— 
Icel. griti, domicile, place of safety, peace ; 
hence griti in the Chron. 

GriS-bxmche, sb. breach of the peace, S. 

GriSfol, adj. peaceful, MD. 

GriSfUnessa, sb. peacefiihiess, S. 

GrOCChen, v. to grudge, grumble, S2, 
S3. See Omoolien. 

Grof, //. s. dug, buried, H. See Chrauen. 

Grof, adv. flat on one's face^ CT (951); 
graf, MD, C2, C— Cp. Icel. liggja dgrdfu, 
to lie on one's face. 

Groflinges, adv. groveling, MD ; 
grouelings, S2; grouelyxige, supinus. 
Prompt. ; grafelynge, Cath. See above. 

Groin, sb. lad, servant, PP, grome, 
PP, S in) ; groxneB,//., S, PP.— Cp. ODu. 
grom, stripling. 

Grome, sb. vexation, anger, S. See 

Gronan, v. to groan, PP, CM, Prompt.; 
grony, S2 ; graninde, pr. /., S ; granaad, 
S2 ; gronte, //. s., C2.— AS. grdnian, 

Grop,//. J.; see Oripen. 

Gropien, v. to seize, handle, MD ; 
gxopsm. Prompt. ; grope, C, C3 ; grape, 
palpare, H, Manip.— AS. grdpian, from 
gripan. See Oripen. 

Gros, //. s. reflex, was afraid, S. See 

Grot, j3. weepmg, S, MD. See Oreten. 


Grot, sb. atom, MD ; gxotes, //., S. — • 
AS. groty particle. 

Grote, sb. groat, C3, PP; grotte, S3. — 
OLG. grote ^ a coin of Bremen; cp. Diu 
grooty great C£ G«et. 

Groten, v. to weep, S, MD ; see Oreten.. 

Ground, sb. ground, foundation, bottom 
(of water), MD; grnnd, S; gronnde, 
PP ; gronde, dat., S2 ; gronndes, pL 
foundations, S2. Phr. : to groonde com, 
came to the ground, i.e. was ruined, Sa. — 
AS. grund. 

Groundan, v. to found; grownOen, 
Prompt.; gronndes, 2/r.j.,Sa; grounded, 

//., S2. 

Groue, sb. a little wood, Prompt., MD ; 
UTBiTjMypl.y S3.— AS. grdf. 

Grouelings, adv. flat on one's face, 
S2 ; see Oroflinges. 

Groyn, sb. the snout of a pig, CM ; 
grosme, Prompt. ; groon, Manip. ; gnine, 
Cath. — OF. groingj groin. 

Groynen, v. to grunt, to murmur, W ; 
groignen, MD.— OF. groigner^ grogner. 

Qne^Y^^^T^* ^^' m^^u'ii^uring, discontentyC . 

Gmcclien, v. to grudge, grumble, PP, 
S2, C, C2 ; grocchlng,/r./., Sa ; ffxoo- 
ched, pt. s., S3 ; gmtolilden,^ W, 
W2. — OF. grotichery groucer, grocer. 

Gmcclling, sb. grumbling, S ; ipnio- 
chyng, G ; gmtohyng, W. 

Gmf, adv. flat on one's face, MD, C, 
C2. Phr. a gmf, MD ; on gronfle, MD ; 
one the groffe, MD. See GroC 

Gmlde, pt. s., twanged, S ; see OzUIml. 

Gmnd, sb. ground, bottom of a well, S ; 
see Oronnd. 

Gmndlike, adv. thoroughly, heartily^ 
MD, S. See above. 

Gmnten, v. to grunt, MD ; gzyntldmi. 
//. pi., MD. Cp. OHG. grunzen. 

Gmntyng, sb. grunting, gnashing, Wl 
gryntlng, W ; grentyng, W. 1 

Gmre, sb. horror, MD.— AS. SKT^^ 
OS. gruri. 

Gmre-fol, adj. horrible, S. \ 

Gmselian, v. to munch, S. 

Gmsen, v. to munch, MD; 
HD ; grvLMB, JD. 

Gl^, sb. a costly ftir, the fur of the 
squirrel, C, S2, PP, HD ; grey, cjl 
gryce, Prompt.; greys, PP; gr^yo^ S; 
— OF. gris, gray. 

Gn, you, S ; see Bow. 


Chierdon, x3. reward, S3, CM ; ffner. 
Oone, S3, CM. — AF. guerdon : It. guidar- 
done ; Low Lat. widerdonum (Ducange). 

Gnerdonen, v, to reward, CM.— OF. 
guerredoner (Bartsch). 

Guerdonlessa. adj, without reward, 

Gnerdonjrxig, sb. reward, CM. 

QenkigO, sb. cuckoo, S3 ; see Cnkkow. 

Gulche-cxippey sb. a toss-cup, S. 

Gulclieny v, to gulp, swallow greedily, 

Guide, sb. dot. gold, S ; see Geld. 

Guide, sb. marigold, C ; see Ck>ld«. 

Golden, adj. golden, S«.MD r glUton, 
S2,MD.--AS.^/^^». -^ 

Golt, sb. guilt, S, S2, C, PP; ifylt, 
C; gilt, S, PP; write, PP; gUte, PP; 
giat««,//. faults, S,PP; pHtiUijSa.— AS. 

Galten, v. to sin, S ; gUte, pt. s., S ; 
galte,//., PP ; l-milt,//., S.—AS.gyltan. 

QfVltj, adj. guilty, C, PP ; wrllgr, PP ; 
glllgr, PP ; irellgr, S.- AS. gyltig. 

GuHyf, adj guilty, G ; glltyf, G, HD. 

Gumen,//. men, S; see Ck>]iM. 

Gumine, sb. gum ; see Oenime. 

Gunge, adj. young, S ; gnnffest, superl., 
joongest, S ; ffonkeste, S ; see Bonff. 

Gnnnen, //.//. began, did ; see Olnnen. 

Gar, your, S ; see 3e. , 



Gurdel, sb. girdle, S ; see OizdeL 

Gurden, v. to strike, MD; gnxde)), 
imp. pi. f S2 ; see Glxdeii. ' 

ChirleS, sb. pi. children (of either sex), 
C,PP; irorlM^PP- Phr.x knave garljs, 
boys, HD. Cf. Oyrle. 

GnShede, sb. youth, S ; see Boutlie^. 

Gyde,^^. clothing, S3, MD ; glde, MD, 

Oyde, sb. guide, C3. 

Oydcn, v. to guide, Ca, C3, Palsg.— 
OF. guider. 

Gyen, v. to guide, direct, PP, Prompt. ; 
Wre, S3, Ca, C3 ; gle, PP; gyede, pt. s., 
PP, S2.— OF. gt4er, guider. 

Qjlofre, ^. gillyflower, S2 (s.v. clowe) ; 
see GerraflQar. 

Gylt, fdj. gilt, PP ; ffoite, PP ; gilte, 
PP, Ca) 

Gylt, ». to gild, S3. 

Qymp, adj. slim, (^cate, short, scanty, 
S3 ; gimp, JD ; neat, HD ; jimp, HD, 
DG ; gym, trim, spruce, S3 ; glm, DG ; 
jlm, DG ; Jemmy, DG. 

Gyrle, sb. a child, generally a girl, but 
also used of a boy, MD ; gerlee,//., MD ; 
glrles, MD. Cf. Chirles. 

GyrM, sb. grass; see Oxas. 

Gyse, sb. guise, manner, C, PP, Prompt. ; 
«*>»•» C, S3 ; gjwm, S3.— AF. guise. See 

Gysse, sb. pi. geese, S3 ; see Ck)». 


Ha, pron. he, S, S2. See He. 
Habben, Habe ; see Kauen. 
Haberdasber, sb. a seller of small 
wares, C, SkD (p. 809). 

Haberdashrie, J^. haberdashery, SkD. 

HaberiOTin, sb, habergeon, a piece of 
armour to defend the neck and breast, PP ; 
lUblmxioiuL, W, W2 ; hawbyrgon, Voc. ; 
^1nujo3L,S2; liabergeoiin,C2 ; haberion, 
i*P. — OF. Aauber/on, from hauberc. See 

Habilitie, sb. ability, S3. See AbUlte. 

Sable, adj. able, S3, MD. See Abil. 

Habonndanle, adv. abundantly, S3. 
See Kabundantly. 

Sabonnde, v, to abound, NED, Sz, 
C2 ; see Habnnde. 

Habnndance, sb. abundance, C2. 

Habnndant, adj. abundant, C2. 

Habnndantly, adv. abundantly, C3. 

Habnnde, v. to abound, NED.— OF. 
habonder, abunder ; Lat. abundare, 

Hac, conj. but, S ; see Ao. 

Hacche, sb. hatch, PP ; liaoli, hatch of 
a ship, S2.-— Cp. Dan. hakke. 

Had, sb. state, order, rank, person (of 
Christ), S ; pi. ranks (of angels), S.— AS. 
hdd; cp. OHG. ^«/. 

HsB- ; see under Ke-. 

Hfehst, highest ; see Kelghest. 

HfeleS, sb. warrior ; see HeleK. 

Hfene, adj. pi. poor, S. See Keyne. 

Hferre, sb. lord, S. See Kerre. 

io8 H.E3E. 

Hae^ey adv. highly, S ; see ReiglLe. 
Haf, Hafst, HafV; see Kauen. 

Hafedy sb. head, S. See Keued. 

Hafed-men, sb. pi. prelates, S. 

Hage-faderen ; see Keh-fi&der. 

Hagge, sb. a hag, P ; heffffe, MD. 

Hagt, ^*. (?), S. 

Hah, adj. high, S ; see Reigli. 

Hail, sb. hail, PP; heal, S3; lialUe, 
PP ; hayle, PP.— AS. hagol. 

Hail, adj. hale, whole, sound, S ; IlsbU, 
S ; heU, S. Cf. Kool. 

Haile, adv. wholly, S3 ; lialll, S3. 

Hailen, v. to greet, Cath., MD ; heUen, 
MD, S2. 

Hailsen, v. to greet, to say ' hail,' MD, 
Cath., P, S3 ; haylsen, S3 ; hailen, S2, 
S3. — Icel. heilsa ; cp. AS. kdlsian, to 
greet, see Sievers, 411. 

Hailsinge, sb. salutation, Cath. ; hal^ 
slnff, S2. 

Hailsum, adj. wholesome, S3. 

Hakeney, sb. horse, nag, C3, PP; 
equillus, Voc. ; mannus, Voc. — AF. hake- 
naU hakeney. 

Hakeney-man, sb. one who lets out' 
horses, P ; equiferus^ Voc. ; liakneyzuan, 

Hal, sb. a secret place, MD ; hale, dai.^ 

Halde, pt. s. inclined, S. See Keldexi. 

Halely, adv. wholly, S2 ; haly, S2. See 

Halen, v. to hale, drag, S, S2, S3, 
Prompt; haUe, PP. — OS. hal6n\ cp. 
OFris. halia; from Teutonic comes OF. 

Halende, sb. the Saviour, S ; see HeL- 

Halewen, v. to hallow, consecrate, S2, 
W2, PP ; haiwen. S2, S3, PP. C3 ; halijen, 
S; haljed, //. j., S2 ; y-haljed, S2.— AS. 
hdlgian. See Koli. 

Halewis, sb, pi. saints, W ; halechen, 
S ; see Kalwes. 

Half, sb. side, S, S2 ; half, S ; halue. 
dot., S; //., S; halues, G. Phr.i o 
4H>dess hallfe, on God's behalf, S.— AS. 

Halflingis, adv. half, S3. 

Halfjpeny, sb. ' halfpeny, MD ; hal- 
pens,;)/., W. 

Hali, adj. holy, S, S2. See Koli. 

Halidom, sb. a holy thing, holy relics, 


S, P ; halydom, S2 ; hallBdomeM,//., S.- 
AS. hdligdSm. 

Hali-write, sb. holy writ, S. 

Hali^en, v, to hallow, S; see Kale- 

Halke, sb. comer, recess, S, Prompt., 
MD ; halkes, //., C3 ; haUceB, S2. 

Halle, sb. hall, Cath., S, Ca ; hailen, 
dat., S.— AS. healL 
Halp, pt. s. ; see Relpen. 
Hals, sb. neck, S, S2, C2, C3.— AS. 
heals ; cp. Icel. hdls. 
Halsien, v. to embrace, MD ; halsen, 
Cath., Prompt.; hals, H.— AS. healsian\ 
cp. Icel. hdlsa. 
Halsien, v. to beseech, conjure, MD; 
halsen, S2, C2. 
Hals-man, sb. executioner, HD. 
Halsynge, sb. embrace, Cath. 
Halt, adj. lame, MD. 
Halten, v. to walk as lame, MD; 
halted, //. //., S2.— AS. healtian. 

Haluen-del, sb. the half, S, G ; hal^ 
nendele, PP. 
Halwes, sb. pi. saints, C3; halewis, 
W; halhes, S; haiechexi, S; halejes, 
dat, S ; hal3exL, S2 ; halhen, S ; halege, 
sb., saint, S ; halffh, S2. See KoU. 
Halted, /^. s. ; see Kalewen. 
Ham, them, S, S2 ; see Kem. 
Ham, sb. home, S. See Kooin. 
Hamer, sb. hammer, C, C3. — AS. 

Hamly, adv. familiarly, heartily, H. 
See Komliche. 
Hamlynes, sb. intimacy, H. See 

Hand, sb. hand, MD; hond, S, Sa, Ca^ 
hoond, W, W2 ; honde, dat, S, Sa, C3J 
hand, //., S; hend, S, Sa ; hende, S2J 
honde, S ; honden, S. Sa ; hanOes, S; 
hondea, S, S3, Ca, C3, P.— AS. hatd 

Hand-fal, sb. sheaf, S, MD. 
Handidandi, sb. forfeit, P; handiej 
dandle. HD. 
Handlen, v. to handle, S, Ca. 
Hangen, v. {strong), to hang ; (i) /r., 
MD ; heng, pt s.; Ca ; heng-en, //., S 
heenffen, Sa ; hongen, pp., MD; (2] 
intr. henff, //. s., C3, MD ; hyniT) ^^2 
MD ; hing, MD ; hong, S3, MD ; hjmgd 
C. — AS. hange, i pr. s., h6ng, pt. s., hang 
en, pp. 


Ha&gen, v, (weak) to hang; (i") inlr.y 
MD ; lien^ren, S, MD; hon^en, S, S2, S3 ; 
hoa^ien, MD ; liinir«n> Sa ; Un^, MD ; 
hynff, S2, S3, H ; hanged,//, s., MD, S ; 
honored,//., S3, G ; hanglden, W ; lienff- 
ed, pp.y S; (3) tr. hongede, //. j., S2; 
bongide, W ; liangede, MD ; luu^ed, 
pp.yV'y y-lionged, S2. — AS. hangian, 

Hanselle* sb» handsel, earnest-money 
on a purchase, a gift, PP, Cath. ; liansale, 
strena. Prompt. ; haunsal, MD ; haiUMl, 
P, HD. — Icel. handsal, the conhrming of a 
bargain by shaking hands. 

Eansallen, v. to handsel, to betroth, 
MD.,Cath., Palsg.; i-lioxidsald, /^., S.— 
IceL handsala. 

Hap, sb. chance, fortune, C2, C3, PP; 
liappe, 82, W; happes, pi, P.— Icel. 

Happen, v. to hap, chance, P, S2, C2, 
C3 ; hapte, //. J., MD. 

Eappilieha, adv. perchance, P ; hap- 
pily, P. 

Happy, adj, lucky, S3. 

Eapp3ni>9 ^- to wrap up, Prompt., MD ; 
hap, JD; happls, pr, s., S3; happid, 
//. J.. HD ; happid,//., H. 

Happynge, sd. wrapping, H. 

Earborowe, v, to harbour ; see S«r^ 

Harde, adj. hard, severe, disastrous, 
parsimonious, PP, C2 ; hard, S ; harde, 
hexdnre, adj. comp., S; harde, adv., se- 
verely, S, S2 ; hard, with difficulty, W. 
Comb. : harde oldSes, sackcloth, S. Phr. : 
of hard, with difficulty,W,W2.— AS. heard. 

Hardeliche, adv. bravely, S, S2 ; 
hardely, S3. 

Harden, v, to make hard; y-harded, 
pp., C2. 

Hardenen, v. to harden ; harrdenesst, 
2/r. J., S. 

Hardi, adj. hardy, S, W2 ; bold, daring, 
S2 ; hardy, C2, PP.— OF. hardi. 

Kardiliche, adv. boldly. P; hardi* 
like, S ; hardily, C2 ; hardiloker, comp.t 

Hardiment, sb. boldness, MD ; hardy- 
ment, S2. 

Eardinesse, sb. boldness, Ca ; hardy- 
nesse, W, PP. 

Harding, sb. a hardening, Ca. 

Sares, //. hairs, Sa ; haris, S3. See 

Sarloty sb, beggar, vagabond, ribald, 



buffoon, rascal, C, PP; herlot, acrobat, 
H; harlotto, MD ; harlotee, //., P; 
herlotis, H; adj. scoundrelly, S3.— OF. 
harlot, herlott arlot. 

Harlotrie, sb. tale-telling, jesting talk, 
ribaldry, buffoonery, P ; harlatrye, jesting 
=Lat. scurrilitas {jevrpavekia), W ; harlo- 
tries,//., C. 

Sarm, sb. harm, S ; hnrm, S ; hearm, 
S ; harem, S ; hsMrme, dat., S ; harme, 
S, Ca ; hermes,//., damages, S ; harmee, 
PP.— AS. hearm. 

Sarmen, v. to harm, S ; hearmelS, pr. 
J., S ; hermle, subj., S. — AS. hearmian. 

Hame-panne, sb. the cranium, skull, 
Cath.; hampanne, Voc. ; hampa]ie,Voc.; 
hemepanne, HD. 

Sames, sb. pL brains, Voc., Cath., 
HD; hsBmee, S; hemes, S2. — Icel. 
hjami, the brain ; cp. Goth, hwairnei. 

Hameys, sb, armour, C, PP, S3; 
hemeys, C, PP.— OF. hameis. 

MBXnejued, pp. equipped, C. 

SarO ! tnterj. a cry for assistance raised 
in Normandy by any one wronged, HD ; 
harow, PP; harrow, an exclamation of 
d^tress, C, C3, PP.— AF. harro/ OF. 
haro, harol, Cotg., Palsg., p. 501, Bartsch. 

Sarre, sb. hinge, C, CM. See Herre. 

Sarryng, sb. growling like a dog, S2. 

Sarwen, v. to harrow, harry, ravage, 
PP, MD, CM; herwen, MD ; herien, 
Sa ; harowen, PP, MD ; hflsraien, S ; her- 
5ien, MD. — AS. hergian. See Here. 

Sary, v. to drag violently, CM ; harry, 
to drag, to vex, HD ; haried,//., C— OF. 
harier, to harry, hurry, vex (Cotg.). 

Sas, sb. command, S ; see Seste. 

Sasard, sb. the game of hazard played 
with dice, C3, Voc. — OF. hasard, hasart. 

Sasardonr, sb. a dice-player, C3, 
Voc. ; haeerder, Voc. — AF. hasardour, OF. 

Sasardrye, sb. gaming, playing at 
hazard, C3. 

Sase, adj. hoarse, H. See Koos. 

Haske, sb. & wicker fish-basket, ND, 

Saspe, sb. a hasp, ^stening of a door, 
Manip. ; hespe. Prompt., Cath. — AS. 
hapse (Voc). 

Saspen, v. to hasp, obserare, Manip. ; 
hasped,//., Sa ; y-hasped, P ; i-haspet, 

Hasty sb, haste, PP.— Cp. OSwed. hast. 



Hasten, v, to haste ; luurt^tli, imp. //., 

Hastif, adj. hasty, Ca ; hmmtytt, S3 — 
OF. Aasttf, 

Hastilicha, adv. quickly, Sa; luuite- 
Uohe, S; hastily, Ca ; luurtly, Sa ! 
hestely, S3. 

Hat, adj\ hot, S ; hater*, comp., S. See 

Sate, sd. heat, S ; see Rote. 

Haten (i); v. to bid, promise, call ; 
hete, i/r. x., Sa, C3; hot«, Sa ; hlcht, 
Sa ; hlarht, S3 ; hat©«,/r. j., bids, S ; hat, 
S; hot, S; hoot, S; hat,//., Sa; hsBhte, 
//. J., called, S ; hehto, ordered, called, S ; 
hlhte, Sa ; hlht, Sa ; hl^t, Sa ; hot, or- 
dered, promised, S, Sa ; hflshteii, //., S ; 
hlffht, Sa ; hyffhte, Ca ; hototS, 
promise, S ; hoete, pr. s. sudj., C ; ffehat- 
eUypp.yS; i-haten, S; i-hate, S; LJiote, 
S; 7-oten, S; hoten, called, S, P; hot- 
eno, promised, S; hote, P; hetto, Sa; 
hlffht, Sa ; hyht, Sa ; hecht, S3 ; y-h^t, 
Sa ; y-hoton, PP ; y-hote, PP ; l^ote, Sa. 
— AS. hdtan^ pt. h^ht, pp. hdten. 

Haten (a), v. to be called; hoten, 2S, 
MD ; hoto, C ; hatte, MD ; hot, MD ; 
hiffht, MD ; hijt, i pr. j., Sa ; hyjt, pr. s., 
Sa ; hat, P; hattest, a pr. s., S; hatte, 
I pr. s.y am called, S ; pr. j., Sa ; hatte, 
//. s., was called, S, MD; hette, MD ; 
hete, MD ; hlffhte, Ca ; h»hte, S ; hehte, 
S; heoht, S3; hyghte, Sa; hlht, Sa; 
hyjt, Sa ; het, S, Sa ; hat, Sa.— AS. Adtan, 
pr. and pt. Mt^g ; cp. Goth. Aaitada, 1 am 
called, see Sievers, 367. The forms of AS. 
Hdtan (i) are often used by confusion in 
the place of the old passive forms. 

Hatere, sb. clothmg, HD, PP, Prompt.; 
hater, PP ; heater, S ; hatren,//., clothes, 
Sa. — AS. hateru, pi. garments, see Sievers, 

Haterynge, sb. dress, PP. 

Hathel, sb. noble one, Sa ; see AtheL 

Eatien, v. to become hot ; hatte,//. s., 
S ; yhat, pp.y Sa.— AS. hdtian. See Koot. 

Hatien, v. to hate. MD, S, Sa ; h»tede, 
//. J., Ca. — ^AS. hatian. 

Hatreden, sb. hatred, MD ; hatered^ 
yn, H ; hatredyn, H ; hatrede, dat.^ S. 

Hatterliche» adv. savagely, S; see 

Hauberk, sb. a coat of ringed mail, Sa, 
C, Z2.-.OY.hauberc\ OHG. haUberc, Ut 


Hank, sb. hawk, Ca, PP, Sa ; hanec, 
S ; havekes,^^., S ; //., Sa ; heanekes, S. 

Hanke, v. to hawk, Ca ; hawkyd,//. s., 

Hankynge, sb. hawking, P ; an lun&k- 
yng", ouhawking, a-hawking, Ca. 

Hannt, sb. abode, Ca ; skill from prac- 
tice, C ; use, custom, PP. 

Hannten, v. to frequent, practise, make 
use of. PP, C3, S3, Sa, W, H; hant, S3; 
HD.— OF. hanter, to frequent 

Hanteyn, adj. loud, MD,C3; havteyn, 
haughty, H; howtesme, H (»). — OF. 
hautaitiy high. 

Hanekes, gin. of Rank. 

Hanen, v. to have, S ; hahben, S, Sa ; 
abbe, Sa ; haben, S; habe,.S; han, Sa, 
Ca; hane, Ca. PP; haf, Sa; ane, \ pr. 
J., S ; ha, /r. s. subj., S3 ; hafirt, a p^^. s., 
S; hafesst, S; hsBftiest, S; hanest, Sa; 
best, S ; haf«,/r. s.,S; hafciS, S ; lubu^, 
S ; hanes, Sa'; hat), Sa ; hep, Sa ; l&es, 
S3 ; anc«, S ; ap, Sa ; habbet, 2 p/., S ; 
habbeK,//., S, Sa; abb«lS, Sa; hab^. S; 
habboB, Sa; han, Sa, S3; halO, i ^. s., 
Sa; haned, Sa; hanld, Sa; hafdeti, a 
//.j.,S; hafde,//. J., S ; hafrde,S; l&afde, 
S ; hefede, S ; hedde, S ; henede, S ; luidde, 
Sa, Ca ; adde, S, Sa ; hssfden,//., S ; hml- 
den, S ; halTdenn, S ; hefden, S ; hedAm, 
S ; hadden, S, Ca ; hadde, S ; hade, S ; 
henede, Sa ; hafd,/^., Sa; y-hadda, Sa ; 
halffelnff, /r. /., S3; haie = hae-i-ns, 
have us, S3. — AS. habban, pt s. hafde^ pp. 

Hanene, sb. haven, S, Sa, CM ; '■^Trntg, 
pl.t a. — AS. hcefene. 

Hanene, v. to take harbour ; hauany- 

Haner, sb. oats, P; hayyr, Cath.; ImsQrr, 
Voc. — Cp. Du. haver, G. hafer.. 

Haner-cake, sb. oat-cake, Cath. (ff); 
havyre-oake, HD. 

Haner-grasse, sb. wild oats, Cath. 

(«), HD. 

Havyng, sb. behaviour, Sa ; hairya^y 

HaWy adj. azure, S3, JD ; haw», grer. 
MD ; haa, MD.— Cp. AS. hiwen, sea-bine. 

Hawbart, sb. halberd, S3.— OF. hah' 

Hawe, sb. hedge, enclosure, C3, MD s 
haje, MD; hahe, MD; haffh,HD. — ^Aa 
haga, hedge (Voc.). 

Hawe, sb. hawthom-bcrry, MD, Ca. 
PP, Cath.— AS. haga (Voc.), ' 


Sawe-thoma, sh. hawthorn, PP, 
Prompt. ; lia^pom, MD.— ONorth. haga- 
\om (Mat. 7. 16). 

Haje, sb' a hedge, a kind of springe to 
catch rabbits, S3; liay, ND.— OF. hate 
{haye\ a hedge. 

Say-warda, sh, hedge-warden, PP; 
liaiwarde, PP; liaywai^ Voc. ; hei- 
ward, S.— From AS. hege^ hedge, and 

Ha^heli^y adv, becomingly, S ; lia^lM- 
UlM, S. — IceL hagliga, skilfully, suitably, 
from hagr. 

Ha^er, adj\ skilful, MD; lubwnr, 
MD; liaver, MD; lia^liemik*, o^z'., be- 
comingly, S. See above. 

JLb^pron, he, S; used indefinitely, = one 
of you, P; lieo, S; hi, S; lile, S; lia, S, 
Sa; a, Sa ; ^e, Sa; •, S; has ==h« + ]!•■, 
he them, S ; h«B » he + has, he her, S. 

Hea- ; see under He-. 

Seal, sb. hail, S3 ; see Kail. 

Sealden, v. to pour, S ; see Kelden. 

Healen, sb. pi, dot, heels, S; see 



Heaaeily v. to oppress, afflict, S; 
heande, pt. j., S ; heaned, //., afflicted, 
S. — Cp. AS. hynan, to humble, from hJan, 
despised. See KeTne. 

Eeas, sb, command ; heaae, dot., S. See 

Heascan, v. to insult, MD ; h ea a o ed e , 
pt. s., S. — Cp. AS. hyscan. 

Heater, sb. clothing, S ; see Katere. 

Heaned, sb. head, S ; see Keued. 

Heaued-Simney sb, capital sin, deadly 
sin, S. 

Heeht; see Katen. 

Hecseitias, //. a term in logic, S3. 

Hedda, Haddan, had ; see Saaen. 

Hede, sb. heed, care, Ca, PP. 

Heden, v. to heed, S;. hedde, pt. s., 
SkD ; hedd, MD.— AS. hidan : OS. hifdian, 
cp. OHG. huaten (Otfrid). 

Hee- ; see under Ke-. 

Hea* ^J' liigh ; see Relgh. 

Heed, sb, head, Ca, C3, G, W; see 

Heedlyngy adv. headlong, W. 

Heele, sb. heel, PP; hella, //., PP; 
helem, dot., S ; healea, S.— AS. A^la. 

Heep, si. heap, crowd, number, PP, 
Wa ; hep, PP; hepe, Cath., G, PP.— AS. 
h^p; cp. OHG. -^(Otfrid). 

Hear, sb. hair, S3, C3 ; heere, W, PP ; 
see Sere. 

Hear, adv. here, Ca, PP; her, S, Sa, 
C; h8Br, S; hier, Sa ; hire, G. Comb.: 
her-afterward, hereafter, C3; her-bluore, 
heretofore, Sa ; herbifom, C3 ; her-inae, 
herein, C3 ; her-onont, as regards this, S ; 
her-to, hereto, C3; for this cause, W; 
heer-vpon, hereupon, Ca. 

Haata ; see Baten (i). 

Eafdan; see Banen. 

Megge, sb. hedge, S, C, Wa ; hedges, 
//., P; heffgia, Wa.— AS. hegge (dat.) in 
Chron. ann. 547. 

Eaghy sb. haste, H ; see Mj: 

Hah, adj\ high, S, Sa, PP; see Heigh. 

Eah-daiy sb. high day, festival, MD; 
hn^e-dtBle, dat.j S. 

Haha, adv. highly, S ; see Belghe. 

Hah-angaly sb, archangel, S. — AS. 

Hah-fodar, sb. patriarch, SD; hag^ 
fihderen, //. dat.y S.— AS. hiahfader. 

Hahlichy adj. noble, proud, perfect, 
MD; hely, S3.— AS. hiahlic, 

Hahlioha, adv. highly, splendidly, 
loudly, MD; heihUche, Sa; he^lyohe; 
hsBhliohe, S; hehlioe, S; hegUoe, S.— 
AS. hiahlice. 

Haluia,a<^'. contemptible, S; seeKeyne. 

Halmassay sb. highness, MD; hej- 
neaae, S3 ; heghnea, Sa ; hi^neaae, W.— 
AS. hiahness. 

Hali-saotaly sb. high-seat, throne, S; 
hegsetUe, dot., S.— AS. hiahsetl. 

Haiy sb. hay, grass, Voc., W ; see Hmf, 

Hei, adj. high, S, S2 ; see Keigh. 

Haian, v. to extol, S ; see KiBen. 

Haiflfhy adj. high, chief, principal, noble, 
PP, CM, Ca, Sa ; hei3, PP, Sa ; heyj, S3 ; 
heih, S; heh, S, Sa, PP; hegh, Sa, S3; 
hey, PP, Ca, S, Sa; hel, S, Sa; heg, S; 
he^e, S, Sa; hlB,W, S; hy^, Sa; hihe, 
C; hi, PP; hy, Ca ; hash, S; hah, S; 
hee, Sa.— AS. hiah, hih. 

Haigha, adv. highly, PP ; hei^e, PP, 
Sa ; heye, S, Sa, PP ; hel^e, S ; hehe, S ; 
hele, S, Sa ; hye, Ca ; he, Sa ; has^e, S.— 
AS. hiage, hiah. 

Haigliar, adj. comp. higher, C, CM; 
heyer, Sa, C3 ; hyer, S3; herre, S, P.— 
AS. hSrra, 

Haigliast, adj. superl. highest, PP; 
heghest, Sa; heh^hemrt, S; hegesfe, S; 
heat, Sa ; hnhat, S.— AS. hihst. 



Heib., adj. high ; see Heigh. 

Heind, adj. ; see Kende. 

Heir, sb. heir, S, C2 ; see Sir. 

Hei-UOl, adj. haughty, S2. See Selffh. 

Hei-wardy sb. hedge-warden, hayward, 
S ; see Kay-warde. 

Hekele, sb. hatchel, mataxa, Prompt.; 
hechele, hatchel for flax, HD; hekylle, 
tnataxay Voc, Cath. ; heckle, comb, 
Manip. ; hekldll, heckle, cock's comb, S3 ; 
heckle, HD.— Cp. Du. hekel, hatchel. 

Helde, sb. age, S ; see Side. 

Eelde, sb. a slope, S ; heldes, //., MD. 

Helden, v. to tilt, to incline, S, Sa, W ; 
healden, to pour, S; helde, pt, s., W; 
halde, S ; helded, S2 ; heldld, H ; held, 
//., S2. — AS. heldan\ cp. Icel. halla, to 
incline ; E. heel {over). See Kell. 

Heldynge, sb. an inclining aside, H. 

Seldy sb. health, soimdness, S, Sa, S3, C ; 
hale, S ; heale, S, S3 ; hel, S2 ; heles, 
//., S2.— AS. hcslu. 

Helen, v. to cover, conceal, CM, P, S, S2 ; 
heolen, S ; halen,//., S ; heled, S2 ; hole, 
MD. — AS. helaUy pt. fuel, pp. hoUn\ cp. 
OHG. helan (Otfrid). 

Helen, v. to heal, PP, S2, C2 ; halyd, 
pp., H.— AS. h^lan\ cp. OHG. heilen 

Helende, sb. the Saviour, the Healer, 
S ; halende, S ; healent, S.— AS. hailend\ 
cp. OHG. heilant (Otfrid). 

Heleth, sb. armed man, warrior, MD ; 
hAleitS, MD; heletSes, //., S.— AS. hel^\ 
cp. G. held. 

Helfber, sb. noose, snare, S. — AS. half- 
tre (Voc.) ; see SkD. (s. v. halter), 

Heling, sb. salvation, S2. 

Hell, V. to pour out, H ; hel, 1 pr. s., 
H ; hell, imp. j., H ; heUe«,//., H ; heL- 
land, pr. p., H ; helt, pt. j., H ; //., H. 
— Icel. hella^ to pour. See Kelden. 

Helle, sb. hell, C2, MD, PP ; ^infer- 
num, W.— AS. hell: OHG. hellai Goth. 

Helle-fhr , sb. hell-fire, S.— AS. helle-fyr. 

Helle-hoond, sb. hell-hound, MD. 

Helle-muSy sb. mouth of hell, S. 

Helme, sb. a helm, covering for the 
head, PP, CM ; helm, MD.— AS. helm ; 
cp. Goth, hilms. 

Helmed, adj, provided with a helm, 
C2, CM. 

Help, sb, help, Ca, PP. 


Helpen, v. to help, S2 ; halp, //. j., C2, 
PP ; halpe, PP, S2 ; pi., P; holpyn, P ; 
hnlpen, P; holpen, pp., C, C2, PP ; 
holpe, P; hnlpe, P.— AS. helpan\ pt 
heaJp ; pp. holpen ; cp. Goth, hilpan. 

Helplees, adj. helpless, C3 ; helples, 

Helthe, sb. health, salvation, 82 ; 
heelthe, W.— AS. h<klti. 

Hem, pron. pi. dat. and ace. them, S, S2, 
S3, C2, W, PP ; hoxii, S, S2 ; ham, S, S2 ; 
him, C2 ; heom, S. — AS. him, heom, 
dat. pi. 

Hem-self, pron. themselves, S, C3, PP ; 
hemseluen, PP ; hemsllf, W, W2 ; hem- 
silue, PP. 

Hende, adv. at hand, S2. 

Hende, adj. near at hand, handy, conr- 
teous, S, S2, G, P ; heind, S2 ; hinde, S3 ; 
hendest, superl., S; hesndest, S. — A^. 

Hendeliehe, adv. courteously, S, S2, 
P ; hnndeliche, S ; hendely, S2 ; hend- 
liche, S3. 

Hendi, adj. gracious, courteous, S3 ; 
hendy, S2, MD. — AS. hendig (in com- 
pounds) : Goth, handugs, clever. 

Heng, pt. s. hung ; see Kanireii- 

Henge, sb. hinge, MD; hengiB, pi., 
W2. See Kaagien. 

Henne, adv. hence, S, C3, PP \ taeoiime, 
S ; hennen, S. — AS. heonan, 

Hennes, adv. hence, S, S2, P, W ; 
henniui, W ; heonnes, PP. 

Hennes-forth, adv. henceforth, C2. 

Henten, v. to seize. Prompt., S3, C3, 
P; hente, pt. s., PP, S2, C2, C3, HD; 
hynt, S3 ; hent, S2, PP, S3 ; pp., S3, Ca, 
C3 ; y-hent, C3. — AS. hentan, 

Henter, sb. a thief, HD. 

Heo- ; see under He-. 

Heo, pron. she, S, S2, P ; hi. S ; liye, 
S ; hie,MD; he,S,S2,P; hiie,S2 ; lub, S; 
ho, S2, S3 ; 5eo, S ; 5ho, S ; jhe, S2 ; 3©, S 
(s. V. ge) ; heo, ace., her, S. — AS. hio. 

Heo, pron. he, S ; see Se. 

Heom, pron, them, S ; see Rem. 

Heo-seolf, she herself, S. 

Hep, sb. heap ; see Keep. 

Hope, sb. hip, the fruit of the dogr-rose, 
SkD, MD; heepe, CM.— AS. heope. 

Hepe-tre, sb. comus, Voc., Cath. 

Heraud, sb. herald, S3, C ; iMza^Ules, 
//., C, PP.— OF. heraud, heratdt, herali. 

Ser^e, sb. herb, Voc. ; aorbe, Wa : 

eerbis, W2.— OF. A^rbe ; Lat. ^^riki. 

SearbOT^, sd. garden of herbs. S^ : 
her^, PP, CM; wi>«r, PP; erber.. 
/^., S3. 

S^^mmge, j^. lodging, S2, Ca, C3. 
— AI«. herbergage, from OF. fierberge, en- 
campment (Roland). 

Herbergeonr, j^. provider of lodging, 
Cg.^OF. herbergeur. 

Herbei^ari, sb. lodging, Sa.— OF. 


Herberwe, sb. lodging, shelter, har- 
boor, place of refuge, camp, S, PP ; her. 
boreire,W; liwDergli,C, PP; lierborj, 
PP; lierl>ore,W.—Icel.y4ifr^^rP7, lit. army- 
shelter. See Ber«. ^ 

Berberwe, v. to harbour, lodge, S3, 
PP; IterborowB, PP; harborowe, S3 
herlHnrwB, PP; lierborwed,//., S; li«r- 
horid, W. See above. '^^ ' ^' »« 

Berbore-les, adj. homeless, W. 

SerC6y sb. triangular form, S3 ; h«rtM 
a framework whereon lighted candles were 
placed at ftmerals, HD ; burden of a song, 
63— OF. herce, a harrow; Lat. hirpicem. 

Herd, adj. haired, C. 

Herde, adj. pi. hard, S ; see Rarde. 

Herde, sb. htr^^grex, pp.— AS. heord. 

H ; hUfd, S3, H ; hnrde, keeper, guardian 
S ; hlrdls,//., W, H.-AS. JUerdf^eord^i 
herdsman ; cp. OHG. hirti (Otfrid). 

^®J^6-mail,«f^. herdsman, S3; lieorde- 

aMmne,^^».//., S. 

Serdes, sb. pi the refuse of flax, MD ; 
hardas, Voc., Cath. ; lieordi., CM ; liyrd- 
ys. Prompt; heorden, dat., S.— AS. 

Herdes,//. lands, S ; see Srd. 

Sere, sb. hair, S, CM, S3 ; her, Sa ; 
?eer, S3, C3 ; lieere, W, PP; heare, S3 ; 
Jore, MD; hare., //., S2 ; hari., S3; 
*ere«, C2 ; heeri., W; heirl., W2.-AS. 
|A^; cp. OHG. hdr (Otfrid). 
_Sere, sb. hair-cloth, S, S2 ; haire, 
^th.; hayre, Voc.; heare, S; helre, 
W2, PP; heyre, C3, P, W; halgre, dot., 
S. — AS. k<kre. 

Here, sb. host, army, S, Sa.—AS. here : 
poth. harjts. 

^Here, p-m. of them, their, S, S2, C, 
PP; Her, S, S3,C2,C3, PP; hiorels! 
huer#, Sa; hore, S; hor^Sa; hare, S, 



theire, W, W2.— AS. hira {heora). 

Sere, /r<w. zsi^poss. prm. her, C3, PP ; 
see Kire. 

Xered-men, sb. pi. retaineis, S ; see 

Heren, v. to hear, S, C2 ; hiren, te 

2^^' ^\JIP^ ^^^"^^ M^J ^««~*» S; 
W«ffa,MD,S2; heir, S3 ; heor^, i/r. 
pi., S ; herde,//. j., S, S2, C2 ; herd, S2 ; 
Hnrde, S2 ; hard, S3; herden, //., G; 
H«*, PP'. S3 ; herd, C2 ; y-hyerd, Sa ; 
Umrd, S2.— AS. hiran : OS. hdrian. 

Here-to^e, sb. leader of an army, MD ; 

lieretoohe, S.—AS. heretoga\ cp. G. herzog, 

Here-word, sb. praise, S. 

Here-wnrSe, adj. worthy of praise, S. 

Herieldy adj. given as a heriot, S3.— 

Low Lat. heregeldum, see Ducange (s. v. 

heriotuni). See Serlet. 

Herien, v. to praise, S, C2, C3 ; herle, 
W ; herye, S3, S2 ; i-heret, M, S.—AS. 
herian : Goth, hazjan. 
Herieily v. to harry, S2 ; see Karwen. 
Eeriet, sb. a heriot, equipment felling 
to the lord of the manor on decease of a 
tenant, MD.— AS. heregeatu, military equip- 
ment. ^ See Here, Kerleld. 
Hering, sb. herring, MD ; heryng'e, 
Sa (8 b. 46) ; elrlnare, Sa (probably an 
error). ^ Cp. AF. harang. 
Eeriynge, sb. praise, W; herylnge, Sa. 
Eerlcan, v. to hark, MD; herk, Sa. 
Herknen, v. to hearken, S, Ca ; hero- 
neii, hereni, S.—AS. hearcnian. 
Eerknere, sb. listener, S3. 
Eerlot, sb. acrobat, H ; see Karlot. 
EermeSy harms, damages, S : see 

Eermyiie, J^. ermme, S; ermine, S.— 

OF. hermine. 

Mwne^ sb. a comer, S2, C3, P ; hime, 
S, PP, H, S3 ; hyme, H ; hnme, S, Sa ; 
hnimee,//., S2, PP.— AS. kyme. 

Heme, sb. heron, Prompt. ; see Seron. 

Eeme-panne, sb. scull, HD; see 


fiemes, sb. pi. brains, Sa ; see Karnes. 

Eemeys, sb. armour, C ; see Kameya. 

EemeZy sb. pi. eagles, Sa ; see Bm. 

Herony sb. heron, MD ; heironn, MD ; 
lieyrone, MD; heronn, MD; heme. 
Prompt; heem. Prompt; heryn. 
Prompt. — OF. hairon ; It. aghirone : 
OHG. heigero^ 




HeronsewOv sb. a heron, a young 
heron, C2, Cath. ; henmsew, HD ; hear- 
nesew, HD ; hemshaw, HD, SkD.— AF. 
herouncel (OF. heronceau), 

Herre, sb, a hinge, Prompt., MD; 
liarre, Cath., C ; har, JD, Voc. ; herrlB, 
//., W2 ; herrys, H. — AS. heorr ; cp. Icel. 

Herre, sb. lord, master, MD; hSBrre, 
S. — AS. hearra ; cp. OS. hirro, 

HersOf sb, burden of a song, S3 ; see 

Hert, sb. hart, S2, C, C2, W2 ; hertes, 
//., S2 ; hertls, W2, PP.— AS. heart, heo- 
rotf heorut ; see Brugmann, § 67. 5. 

Herte, sb. heart, S, PP, S2, C2 ; lialrt, 
S3 ; hurte, S2 ; huerte, S2 ; Merte, S ; 
heopte, S, PP ; hert, 82 ; hertes, //., S, 
C2,C3; hertis,P.— AS. ^f<7r/<f; cp. Goth. 

Herte-blood, sb. heart's blood, C3. 

Herteles, adj. without courage, C; 
luurUesse, S3 ; hertles, foolish, W2. 

Hertely, adj. hearty, MD ; hertly, C2 ; 
joyous, W2. 

Hertely, adv. heartily, S3, C2 ; herte- 
Uche, S. 

Herten, v. to cheer, HD, S3, S; 
liertid, pp., wise, W2. 

Herte-spon, sb. brisket-bone, C. 

Hertill£f, sb. cheering, S. 

Hemest, sb. harvest, S, 82, P.— AS. 

Hemest-trees, sb. pi. autumnal trees 
*=ar bores autumnales, W. 

Hes, he, her ; see Ke. 

Hesxuel, sb. collar (?), S. 

Hesn, sb. command, MD ; liesne, //., 
S. — Formed from AS. h<ks. See Keste. 

HespOf sb. hasp ; see Kaspe. 

Heste, sb. command, S, 82, C2, C3, 
PP; has, 8; heB, 8; best, 8; hease, 
dot., 8 ; head, //., 8 ; hestes, 8, 82, 83, 
C2 ; heestis, W ; hMtene, ^i;»., 8.— AS. 

Hete, sb. heat, 8, C3, PP ; lisBte, 8 ; 
lieat, 8 ; Mt, 8 ; hate, dat., 8.— AS. h<ktu. 

Hete, V. to heat, Cath., 82.— AS. h<ktan. 

Hete, sb. hate, 8.— AS. hete : OS. heti. 

Hetely adj. hateful, cruel, horrible, MD. 

Hetelifaste, adv. cruelly, 8. 

Heten, v. to promise, MD, 82, C3, H ; 
see Haten. 

Heter, adj. rough, MD. 


Heterly, adv. fiercely, violently, 83 ; 
hetterly, 82 ; heterUohe, MD ; hatter- 
Uohe, 8; heatterllche, 8. 

Heth, sb. heath, PP, CM ; heethe, dot., 
C— AS. h<kd\ cp. Icel. hear. 

Hethen, adj. heathen, 8, 82, C3, PP; 
hathene, S; healSene, 8; halSene, S. — 
AS. h^den. 

HeSen, adv. hence, 8, S2, S3, H ; dSen, 
8.— Icel. h^6an. 

Hethenesse, sb. heathendom, 8, C3, 
PP.— AS. hddennis. 

Hethenlich. adv. in heathen manner, 

HeSing, sb. scoffing, scom, 82, HD, 
CM ; hethyngls, pi., H. — Icel. having. 

Hette ; see Katen. 

Hetynff, sb. promising, H. See Hoten. 

Hened, sb. head, 8, 82, PP; heanad, 
8; heauet, 8; hafed, 8; hnfedd, 8; 
hSBued, 8 ; hefed, 8 ; heeued, 82 ; henet, 
8 ; heed, C2, C3, G, W ; heuede, dot., 82 ; 
hsBfden, pl.y 8 ; heuedes, C2 ; henlddes, 
82; hedes, C3; heedes, C2, G; heedis, 
W.— AS. h^afod. 

Hened-cloS, sb. head-cloth, S. 

Hened-SXinne, sb, a capital sin, deadly 
sin, 8 ; hefed-tmnxie, S ; heaued-Bnnna, S. 

HenegeSf pr. s. bears heavy on, S. — 
AS. hejigian. 

Henen, v. to heave, raise, 8, 82, C; 
hone,//. J., S, MD; houen,//., Sa, MD. 
— AS. hebban, pt. hdf, pp. hafen. 

Henene, sb. heaven, PP; heouene, S; 
heuen, C2 ; heoflheBB,^<f»., S; hewynnij^i 
S3 ; heofene, dat., 8 ; heouene, S ; heoAu^ 
S ; hefene, 8 ; heuene, S, C2 ; hefenen^ 
//., 8.— AS. heofm. 

Henenen, v. to raise, MD, Sa. Sei 

Henene-riche, sb. kingdom of heaven, 
8, 82, P ; heoueneriohe, 8 ; heouexiohifc 
8 ; heueriohe, 8 ; heofen erio h e , S. — h^ 

Henen-ldng, sb. King of Heaven, S. 

Henenliche, adj. heavenly, S, < 
heouenlloh, 8. 

Heuy, adj. heavy, mournful, PP ; tnolex 
tus^Vf; henie, S; hefi^ 8; heuy, adn 
W.— AS. hejig. ! 

Heuyed, pp. made heavy, W. 

Henynessef sb, heaviness, grief, P| 

Hew, sb. colour, 8, 82, 83; heorn, fl 
heii,S2:hii|,S2;hii,8a;hiii,S; 'hmoiA 


«&z/., S ; liewe, S2, Ca ; hitfwm,pl.y colours 
for painting, C. — AS. ktw. 

Eewe, s6. servant, P, MD ; h«wen,//., 
P, MD. — AS. kiwan, pi. domestics, from 
hiw, family. See Hyne, Sir«d. 

Eewedy adj. hued, S3, C ; liw«d, Sa. 

Seweiiy V, to hew, knock, C, PP ; hitwli, 
//. J., Sa. — AS. hiawan, 

Mej, adj, high ; see Kel|rl^ 

Hey, sh. hay, Sa, C2, C3, W ; hel, W ; 
liai, §2 ; Heye, W.— AS. hig (GET). 

Heyda, imerj. ho ! there, SkD ; liolffli- 
da^li, S3.— Cp. G. heida. 

Heynef adj. as sb. despised, worthless 
person, C3, CM, MD; helme, adj, dat.y 
contemptible, S ; heme, //., poor, S. — AS. 
h^an ; cp. Goth, hauns, 

Heyre, sb. hair-doth, C3, P, W; see 

E^ythe, sb. height, Prompt.; be^tlie, 
Sa; lieyt, Sa ; liyoht, S3. Phr.\ on 
hifflite, aloud, C— AS. fUhdu. See Keiffh. 

Ee^e, adj. high ; see Kelffh. 

Si-y prefix ; see under 3o-« 

Si, pron. noun and ace. they, S, S2 ; liy, 
S, Sa; 1, S; Me, S; hli, S, Sa ; lilJ,P; 
hei, S; heo, S, S2 ; ho, S; he, S, S3 ; ha, 
S ; hue, Sa ; a, S2.— AS. hi {hig\ hie, hio. 

Si, pron. he, S ; hie, S ; see Ke. 

Sid, sb. privity = absconditum^ H (p. 96). 

Sidel, sb. secrecy, secret, MD ; hidils, 
H, W, HD. Phr.\ in hiddlis - {jn 
occulto), W, Wa.— AS. h^dels. 

Siden, v. to hide, PP ; see Knden. 

Sider, adv. hither, S, Sa, Ca, G, PP; 
hyder, PP; hnder, PP; hidur, HD.— 
AS. hider, hiHer. 

Sider-tO, adv. hitherto, S. 

Sider-ward» adv. hitherward, S, Sa, 
Ca, P. 

SidonSy adj. hideous, C ; hydns, Sa ; 
hydowB, immanis, Prompt. — OF. hidus 
(F. hideux). 

Sidonsnerae, sb. horror, Wa. 

Sicnrte, sb. heart, S ; see Kerte. 

Sight, Siht; see Katen. 

Silie ; see Keiffh. 

Si-heren, v. to hear, S.— AS. gi-h&an. 
'See 5e. 

SUlt ; see Katen. 

Sillten ; see Kitten. 

Eil,j^. hill, S; seeKnL 

Silen, V. to cover, protect, S, Sa, W, H ; 
l^xUen, S, §3, PP; hiled, //., C, P, H; 



hilid, W, H; hild, H; j-hyled, S3.— 
Icel. hylja. 

Silere, sb. protector, H ; heyler, H. 

Silinff, sb. covering, Sa, W, Wa ; hil- 
yntfe, H. 

Sim, pron. dot. s. him, Ca. 

Sim-selnen, /r((w. himself, Ca, PP. 

Sindir, adj. comp. hinder, latter, S3; 
hinder, JD ; ender, S3. Phr. : this hyn- 
djr nyoht, this night last past, S3 ; this 
ender daie, S3. — IceL hindri, hinder, 

Sine, pron. ace. him, S ; hyne, S, Sa ; 
hin, S.— AS. him. 

Sine, sb. servant, MD ; used of the Vir- 
gin Mary, MD; //., S, Sa; hinen, S; see 

Sine-hede, sb. service, Sa. 

Sirde, sb. ^epherd, S, H ; see Herde. 

Sirdnesse, sb. flocks under a shepherd's 
care, S. See Kerde. 

Sire, pron. and poss. pron. her, S, Sa, 
C ; hnre, PP, S ; here, C3, PP ; hir, Ca, 
C3, PP; ire, Sa; hires, hers. Sa, C3; 
hire-selue, herself, Sa; hir-selue, Ca. — 
AS. hire {hyre). 

Sire, adv. here, G ; see Keer. 

Sired, sb. body of retainers, S, MD ; 
hird, household, company, courtiers, S, 
MD. — AS. hired, household «A/a/ + r^. 
See Kewe. 

Sired-men» retainers, S ; hered- 
men, S. 

Siren, v. to obey, S ; see Keren. 

Sime, sb. comer, S, S3, PP, H; see 

Sirten, v. to hurt, dash against, W, 
Wa ; see Knrten. 

Sirtyngf •^^- stumbling, W, Wa ; hort- 
yn^e, aat., hurting, H (p. 96). 

'B^M.pron.f. ace. her, MD (p. 446), S; 
hies, S; hes, S; 7S> MD; is, Sa ; hyse, 

Sis, pron. pi. ace. them, S, Sa ; hise* 
Sa ; hes, S; is, S, Sa : es, MD ; jm, MD. 

Sis, pron. poss. his, S, Sa ; hisse, Sa ; es, 
S ; is, S, Sa ; Use, //., S, W, PP; hyse, 

JLitf pron. it, S, Sa ; hyt, Sa ; it, S, Sa ; 
hi5t, Sa ; hit (used as gen.), Sa.— AS. hit. 

Sit, sb. heat, S ; see Kete. 

Sitten, V. to hit, Cath., PP, Sa ; hut- 
ten, MD ; hitte, pt. s., cast down hastily, 
P ; hntte, PP ; y-hyt,^., Sa.— Icel. hitta : 
Goth, hinthan, to catch. 

I 2 



Hi^, adj. high, W, S ; see Helffh. 

Hi^eily V. to heighten, extol, W ; lieien, 
S; Meth, pr, *., W; l«li«l«d, pp., S (p. 
123) ; l-hn^ed, S ; begliid, H. 

U^en, V. to hie, hasten, MD, W ; li73«n, 
Sa ; liyen, S3, PP ; liye, reflex,, S2, C3 ; 
bi^iede, pt. s., S, Sa, S3, PP ; h^ed, pp., 
W ; hied, PP.— AS. higan, higian, 

Hi^ingli, adv. hastily, W. 

Hi3t; seeKa«en. 

Hi^te, sb. delight, joy, S.— AS. hyht, 
joy ; cp. hihting, joy, exultation (Voc.). 

Hi^ten, v. to rejoice, be glad, S.— AS. 
hyhtan ; cp. ge-hihtan (Voc). 

Hi^ten, v. to adom, Trevisa, (1.41, a35 
and a. 363) ; liight, HD ; hUrtan,//.//., S. 

Hitter, sb. embellisher, Trevisa, (i. 7). 

Eoball, sb. an idiot, S3 ; hobbU, HD. 
— Cp. Du. hobbelen, to toss, stammer, 

Eo-besteZy she-beasts, Sa. See 

Eobie, sb. a kind of hawk, Manip.; 
hoby, Voc, Cath. ; hobby, HD ; hobtos, 
//., S3.— Cp. OF. hobreau (Cotg.). 

Hod, sb. hood, Sa, S3, PP; hode, Ca, 
P ; see Kood. 

HodcL^rpeke, sb. a hood-pick, HD; 
ftee Kuddy-pek«I 

HohfU, adj\ anxious, MD; hohftille, 
S. — AS. hohfuly from hogu, care. 

Hoise, V. to hoist, lift up, WW ; hoyse, 
S3 ; hyoe, Palsg. ; hyse, Palsg. ; holffhoed, 
pp.^ WW.— Cp. ODu. hyssen, G. hissen, 
Du. hijscheny also F. hisser, 

Hok, sb. hook, MD; hoc, Sa; hokes, 
//., P.— AS. Mc. 

Hoked, adj. provided with a hook, P ; 
i-hokM, hooked, S. 

Eoker, sb. mockery, scorn, MD; hok«re, 
dat., S; hokerwi,//., S.— AS. hdcor. 

Eoker-lahter, sb, the laughter of scorn, 

Eokerliche, adv. scornfully, S. 

Eokeronge, sb. scom, MD; hokerr- 
lnff«, dat.y S. 

Hokkerje ; see Knkkexye. 

Hold, sb. a stronghold, C3. 

Hold, adj. inclined to any one, gracious, 
friendly, S; hdUto, p^ Sa.— AS. hold: 
Goth, kulps. . 

Eoldelike, adv, graciously, Sa. 

Solden, v. to hold, observe, keep, con- 
sider, S, Sa, PP ; h•aldM^Si luad«B,S, 


Sa, PP; hnlden, S; helde, S; halst, a 

pr. s., S ; halt,/r. j., S, Sa, S3, Ca ; halite 
S ; hamld, //., S3 ; haldM, haUUs, imp, 
//.,S2; heold,//. J., S ; h6eld,C3; bield, 
S2 ; hnld, Sa ; heoldon, pl.j S; heolden, 
S ; heolde, S ; h«ld«, Ca, PP ; hielden, 
S ; hnlde, Sa ; 1-halden, pp., S ; halden, 
Sa ; i-holde, S, Sa ; holden, S,Ca ; hoIdiB, 
beholden, Sa ; kept, Ca ; y-holde, Sa, C3 ; 
y-holden, P ; IJilalde, S.— AS. healdan, 

ttole, PP' covered ; see Helen. 

Hole, adj. whole, C3; pi., entire, i.e. 
neatly mended up, P ; see Kool. 

Eole-foted, o^^'. whole-footed (i.e. web- 
footed), Sa. 

Hole-ly, adv. wholly, P ; hoUy, Sa, C ; 
hollyche, S3 ; hoUlohe, PP ; hollche, PP. 

Eoli, adj. holy, S, PP ; hoiy, PP ; hjOi, 
S,S2; heaU,S; aU,S;haU), S; hal^he, 
S ; haliohe, adv,, S.— AS. hdlig. 

Holi-Cherchey sb. Holy Church, P; 
hoUklrkp, P. 

Holi-dai, sb. holiday, PP; hallday, P. 

Eoli-gOSt, sb. Holy Ghost, PP ; hali^ 
gast, S. 

HoUe, sb. hull of a ship, SKD (p. 811), 
MD, Voc. Prompt.— AS. holh. Cf. Holwe. 

XoUy, sb. holly, MD; holie, S; holy. 
Prompt. See K<^yn. 

Holpen, //. ; see Kelpen. \ 

Holsnmliohe, adv, wholesomely, S. 
See Kool. 

Solt, sb. a wood, wooded hill, grove, 
MD ; holte, C, PP; holtes,//., S3. PP.— 
AS. holt (OET.). 

Holwe, adj. hollow, C3, PP ; howe, //., 
S3, JD.— Cp. AS. holh, a hollow. j 

Holyn, sb. holly, S (p. n6), Voc, MD, I 
Cath. ; hoUn, S (p. 116); hoUen, MD. — 
AS. holen, holegn. 

Holyn-berj, sb. holly-berry, Cath, 

Homage, sb. men, retainers, vassalage 
S.— OF. homage, 

Homicyde, sb. assassin, Ca. — AF. 
homicide ; Lat. honiicida (Vulg.). 

Eomicyde, sb. manslaughter, murder^ 
C3.— OF. homicide-, Lat homicidiun^ 

HomHckef adj. meek, domtsHcus, W ; 
homell, W; hamly, adv, £uniliarly| 
heartily, H. See Koom. 

Homlinerae, sb. domesticity, Ci 
hamlynes, intimacy, H. 

Hoxuward, adv. homeward, S, Ca. 

Son-; see also osder 


XOBd, sb. hand, S, S2, Ca. See BMid. 

Eond-£eU3t,//. fastened by the hands,G. 

Sonestf adj. honourable, worthy, C2, 
C3. PP; onest, W; oneste, W.— OF. 
hotuste ; Lat. homstum, 

Eonestetee, sb. honomableness, Ca. 

EoneSjUy, adv. honourably, C3. 

Eoil£^, //. s. hung ; see Van^en. 

Hongede, pt. s. hung ; see Kaairen (s)* 

Honour, sb. honour, MD ; honur, Sa. 
— OF. honur ; Lat. honorem, 

SonouiTQ^ V. to honour, PP, Ca ; onuri, 
S ; honur, Sa ; anuzi, S ; ononxynffe, 
pr.p.jVi; annret, imp. pL,S; anureda, 
//.//.. S; anured,//., S ; onoiizid, Wa.— 
OF. honorer {pnurer) ; Lat. honarare. 

Hony, sb. honey, PP, W. — AS. hunig. 

Xony-SOClo, sb. honeysuckle. Prompt ; 
locusta, ' Prompt. 

Hdny-SOnkOf sb. chervil, cerifoHum, 
Voc. ; serpillum, pellitory, Voc. ; locustaf 
Voc; iLonysouklB, //. {=^locustae), W. — 
AS. hunigsiige, privet, also hunisuce (Voc). 

Kood, sb. hood, PP, MD; hud, MD; 
hod, Sa, S3, PP; hode, Ca, MD, P; 
hoode, Ca ; hud«, Cath.— AS. hSd. 

Hool, adj. whole, Ca, W, PP; hoi, S, 
Sa, PP ; hoole, Sa, S3 ; holo, C3 ; hal,S. 
—AS. hdl\ cp. Icel. hHll. Cf. Kail. 

Soolsum, adj. wholesome, W; hol- 
soxne, S3 ; holsuan, S. — Cp. IceL heilsamr. 

EOOXU, sb. home, CM ; hom, S, Sa ; 
om, S ; ham., S ; hom, adv,., Sa, Ca ; 
hoom, Ca ; hajm, S3 ; heame, S3 ; 
whome, S3. — AS. hdnif nom. and dat. 
loc, see Sievers, 337. 

Xoor, adj. hoar, gray, C3; hoir, PP; 
hoze,//., S3, G, P.— AS. hdr.. 

Hoomesse, sb. hoariness^ Wa. 

EOOS, o^^'. hoarse, PP ; hos,PP; hooM, 
Wa ; hoM, PP ; homo, CM ; haM, H.— 
♦AS. hds ; cp. G. heiser. 

Hoot, adj. hot, C3 ; hat, S ; hato, S ; 
hot, PP ; hote, adv.^ Sa ; hatore, comp., 
S ; hattuve, S.— AS. hdt\ cp. G. heiss. 

Hope, sb. hope, MD; hoip, S3. — AS. 

Kopen, "o. to hope, MD; liope, to 
think, expect, H. 

KoppoVi sb. a seed-basket, HD ; hoper, 
P; hopyx, corn-basket, Voc; hoppyx, 
fdrricapsa molendini^ Cath. 

Hoppestores, sb. pi. dancers (viz. the 
ships), MD, C— AS. hoppestre. 

Kord, sb. hoard, Sa, C3 ; horde, S, PP. 



-—AS. hord\ Goth. huzd\ cp. Lat. custos^ 
see Brugmann, § 469. 

Hovte-howSy sb. treasury, HD. 

HordttVOy sb, treasurer, SD. — AS. hor. 
dere (Voc). 

HDorder-wioe, sb. the o^ce of trea- 
surer; hordorwyoaa, S. 

Kore, sb. whore, PP ; hoore, W, Wa ; 
horla,//., W ; hoorls, W.— Icel. h6ra. 

KoredoxUy sb. whoredom, PP ; hordom, 
S, Sa. — Icel. h&rdSmr. 

Jlorelingy sb. fornicator, MD; hor^ 
Unffes, S. 

Kori, adj. dirty, MD; hoory, MD. — 
AS. horig. 

Korlege, sb. time-teller, clock, Cath. 
See Qroloffe. 

Horlege-lokor, sb. a diviner, haruspex, 

Korowe, adj. foul, unclean, CM. — From 
AS. horh, filth (gen. horwes), 

Horw^d, pp. as adj. unclean, Sa. 

Hon, sb. horse, S; //., S, Ca, PP; 
horse, PP ; horsus, PP.— AS. hors. 

Horse-COrSOrf sb. horse-dealer, S3. 

Horsly, adj. horselike, Ca. 

Sorte, sb. hurt, S3. See Kurte. 

Horten, v. to hurt, MD ; see Kurten, 

HortyngO, sb. hurting, H (p. 96) ; sec 

K090ly sb. the Eucharist, MD ; see 


H€»SOli» V. to housel, Sa ; see Hualeu. 

Soaeiit sb. pi. stockings, S, Ca, G ; 
hoosis, W, — AS. hosatty pi. 

KoskinSy sb. pi. gaiters, S3; hok- 
■hyues, S3. 

HostOy sb. host, entertainer, MD ; see 

Hostel, sb. lodging, MD ; see Ostel. 

Hoatollevey sb. inn-keeper, P; see 

HostelriOv sb. inn, C ; see Ostelrle. 

Hostery, sb. inn, MD ; see 0«tery. 

Hoteiiy V. to bid, promise, MD; see 

Hon, adv. how, Sa, PP; hw, S; hwu, 
S ; wu, S, Sa ; hu, S, Sa ; whou, S3 ; 
whouB, S3 ; wou), S3. — AS. hii. Cf. Hwl. 

HottO)L-801I01I8f sb. pi. hock-sinews, 
S3 ; see Kou^-senue. 

Honge, adj. huge, WW ; see Kufire. 

Hound, sb. hound, dog, MD, Ca ; hund, 
S ; hunde, dat., S. — AS. hund. 


Hound-fle^B, sb, dog-fly, cinomia, MD ; 
hand-flefflie, H ; hundeflee, Cath. ; 
handfle, H.— AS. hundesflioge (Voc.). 

Honre, sb, hour, MD ; our, S2, S3 ; 
oware, S3 ; honzes, //., hours, devotions 
at certain hours (see Horae in Ducange), 

52, P ; cures, P; hourls, orisons, songs 
of praise, S3 ; vres, S.— AF. houre^ OF. 
hore {tare, ure) ; Lat. hora. 

HonSy sb, house, also a term in astro- 
logy, PP, S3, Ca ; hiui, S.— AS. hiis, 

Honsbondy sb. the master of a house, 
husband, C2, C3, G: housebond, PP; 
liosebonde, farmer, PP ; husband, S, Sa, 
S3 ; husbonde, S ; husebonde, S. — Icel. 

XonslHmderyef sb, economy, P; 
housbondzy, C ; hosboundzle, PP ; hus- 

Hous-COppiSy sb, pi. house-tops, Wa. 

Honsely sb. the Eucharist, CM; see 

Honseleny v, to housel, CM; see 

Honse-wify sb, hcuse-wife, PP ; hose- 
wyues,//., W. 

Konten, v. to hoot, PP; howten, 
Prompt. ; huten, MD ; y-howted, //., 
PP.— Cp. OSwed. huta, with which is re- 
lated OF. huter {huer), 

EoT^-senney sb, hock-sinew, MD; 
houohsenous, pL, S3. — ^AS. hoh-sinu ; cp. 
Icel. hd-sin, 

Eoner ^^- ^oo^> tingula, MD; hufe. 
Cath., MD ; houys, pi., MD ; hoeues, S3, 
-AS. hdf, 

Eone-dauncey sb. a court-dance, HD, 
MD, Caxton (Reynard, p. 54). Cp. ODu. 

Eonen, v. to wait about, remain, S, S2, 

53, P ; hufe, S3. 

Eowe, sb. high hill, tumulus ; how, H 
(p. 374\ JD; howls,//., H.— Icel. haugr. 

Eowfe, sb. hood, coif, tena^ Cath. ; 
howue, P, CM, C2 (p. 178) ; houue, PP; 
houues,//., Sa, P.— AS. hiife. 

EoxteryOf sb. retail-dealing, Sa, PP ; 
see Kuksterle. 

Enche, sb. hutch, clothes-box, a chest, 
the ark of Israel. Prompt., H, MD ; 
huoohe, P, HD ; hutohe, Prompt.— OF. 

End, sb. hood, MD ; see Kood. 

Snddy-pekey sb. a hood-pick, one who 
<->^ieves out of a man's hood, simpleton, S3 ; 


hudplk, S3 (p. 4a a) ; hoddypeke, S3 (p. . 
4ai), HD. I 

Ende, sb. hide, S; hide, MD; hiden, 
pl.y Sa.— AS. hyd\ OS. hiid\ cp. Lat. ' 
ctttis. ' 

Enden, v. to hide, S, PP; hlden, S, 
PP ; huyden, PP ; hyde, Ca ; huide, S ; 
hud, imp. J., S; hit, pr. j., Ca; hut, 
MD ; hudde, pt. s., PP ; hidde, Ca, PP ; | 
y-hid, pp., C3; i-hud, S; hidd, S; ^ 
hudde, S.— AS. hydan. 

Endings, sb. concealment, Sa. 

Ene, sb. a loud cry, SkD, Sh.— AF. hu. 
See Kouten. 

Eneirte, sb. heart, Sa ; see Kerte. 

Enfe, sb. hoof, Cath., MD ; see Koue. 

EnfOf V, to hover about, S3; see 
Kouen. . 

Exige, adj. huge, MD; hoire, MD; 1 
hugie, S3 ; houffe, WW ; hoffge, HD, 

Engely, adv.^ hugely, greatly, Cath. 

Euide, V, to hide, S ; see Huden. 

Ellimes, sb. pi. comers, Sa, PP ; see 

Enkken, v. to hawk, to retail, Voc. ; 
huoke, Palsg. — Cp. ODu. huken, to stoop 
down (Du. heuken^ to retail). 

Eukkert ^^' & hawker, retailer of small I 
articles, Voc. — Cp. Du. heuker, j 

Enkkerye, sb, retail dealing, PP; 
hokkezye, PP. 

Enkster, sb. huckster, Voc, MD, Cath. ;. 
hukkester, Voc. ; hokester, MD. 

Enksterie, J^. retail dealing ; huokns- 
trye, PP ; hoxterye, Sa, PP. 

EtQ, sb. hill, Sa, PP, Voc.; hil, S; 
hiUe, dat, S ; huUe, S ; //., S ; hulles, 
Sa, P ; hiUes, MD.— AS. hyll, 

Eulden, v. to flay, MD, Sa; hild, 
HD; helden, MD; hylt, pp., HD.— 
AS. {be)hyldan, to flay, skin; cp. Icel. 

Eul^f sb. a hull, husk, covering of grain 
or nuts, PP ; hole, Prompt. ; hoole. 
Prompt., SkD (p. 811). 
Eulpen ; see Kelpen. 

Enly, adj. slow, moderate, JD ; hoolie, 
JD. — Icel. hSgligTy adj. 

Elllyf adv. slowly, H ; holy, H. — ^Icel. 

Eulynes, sb. slowness, H ; huliaess. 

Eumble, adj, humble, MD ; humyU, 
S3. — OF. humble, humik\ Lat humiUm^ 


Hmiiblesse, sd. humility, S2, Ca, C3. 

Enmiliteef sd. humility, C2. 

Eundi sd. hound, S ; see Konnd. 

Eimdpfle, sb. dog-fly, H ; see Honnd* 

Eundred, num. hundred, S, P, Cath. ; 
lumdret, S ; Ii6n6xt^, P ; hondxed, Sa ; 
Ininderefli, S2 ; himdxvtli, WW.— Icel. 

Eundred-fealdf hundredfold, S. 

Eun^^erf sd. hunger, fomine, S ; hnngwr, 
S ; honger, S2 ; hnngre, dal., S. — AS. 

Evnger-lxittenf adj. &mished, WW. 

Evngren, v. to hunger, S ; liimffr«d«, 
pt. s.f was hungry, S. — AS. hyngran. 

Evngri, adj. hungry, S. — AS. hun- 

Euntef sb. hunter, S, C; honte, C. — 
AS. hunta (Voc). 

Eimten, v. to hunt, S, C2. — AS. 

Eunterestfef sb. huntress, C. 

EunteSy sb. a hunting, MD ; hontdS, 
S2, MD.— AS. hunted. 

Muntinff, J^.; aa hantinffe, on hunting, 
a-hunting, b, C2 ; on hontyng', C. 

Enpe, sb. hip, MD ; hepe, MD ; hupM, 
//., CM, MD ; li " — - 




liipe«, C ; Mpto, W.— AS. 

Enppen, v. to leap, dance, jump, MD ; 
hupte,//. J., S, S2.— Cp. G. hupfen, 

Mnrde, sb. keeper, S ; see Kexde. 

Snrde, pt. s. heard, S2 ; see Keren. 

Enre, adv. at least ; hure and hure, at 
intervals, S, MD ; hur and hur, fre- 
quently, S. — AS. huru^ at least. Cf. la, 

Sure, sb. hire, S, S2, G, PP; hnire, S, 
82, P; hnyre. P.— AS. hyr. 

Eliren, v. to hire, MD ; hnyre, ger.^ 
G ; byre, G ; knrede, //. s., S ; hyred, 

pp., Ca; hnyred, P; ll&nret, Sa.— AS. 

Enrkelen, v. to stoop down, crouch, 
rest, MD; hnrUe, HD; hnrUed,//. x., 


Enrleilf v. to rush, dash against, hurl, 
Sa, C3, W2 ; hnrUe, PP ; hnrliden, //. 
//., threw down, W. 

Enma, sb. comer, S, Sa ; see Kerne. 

Enrrok, sb. oar (?), Sa, MD. — Cp. 
orruck'hoUSf oar-drawing holes (?), in the 
Norfolk dialect, cited in MD. 

Elirte, sb. hurt, collisio, Cath.; hnrt, 
PP, C2 ; liortLi,//., S3. 

Enrteilf v. to dash against, push, in- 
jure, MD, Prompt, PP; horten, MD ; 
hlrten, W, Wa ; j-hnrt, pp., Sa, S3.— 
OF. kurter. 

Enrtleilf v. to dash against, rattle, dash 
down, C, W, Wa. 

Euscheiif V. to hush, MD; hnsaen, 
MD ; hnsiOit, pp., MD ; hotMht, MD ; 

Enself sb. the sacrifice of the Eucharist, 
S ; honsel, CM ; hoMl, MD.— AS. hdsel, 

Ensleny v. to administer the Eucharist, 
MD; hoseli, Sa ; hoslen, S; honselen, 
CM ; hnseled, pp., houseled, S ; healed, 
S ; y-hontfled, Sa. 

Eus-lewe, sb. house-shelter, S; see 

Enyre, sb, ; see Knre. 

Ey, adj\ high ; see Kelffh. 

Eye, sb. haste, Sa, S3, CM, C3; hie, 
MD ; heye, MD ; heffh, H. 

Eyeilf V. to hasten, S3, PP ; see Ki^en. 

EynOy ib. domestic, servant, hind, Sa, 
P, C3, W; hine (used of the Virgin 
Mary), MD; hind, Sh.; hine, pL, S, Sa ; 
hinen, S. — Cp. AS. hina man, a man of 
the domestics. Hina, also written hiwna, 
gen. pi. of A/wa», domestics. See Kewe. 

I (vowel). 
\For words in which initial I has the sound of ^y see under I (consonant) below]. 

1'^ prefix-, see^e-. 

Isade, //. s. went, S ; ieden, pi., S ; see 
Zode. . 

Z-bede, sb. prayer, S ; ibeden, //., S. — 
AS. gebed. See Bede. 

I-bere* sb. noise, S. — AS. geb<kre, ges- 
ture, cry : OS. gi-bdri. 

Z-beten, v. to amend, S. — AS. ge'bitan. 

Z-biden, v. to have to do with, S.— AS. 

Z-biten, v. to bite, eat, taste, S.— AS^ 

Z-blissien, v. reflex, to rejoice, S. — ^AS. 

120 I-BOD. 

Z-body sh, command, S. — AS. ge^hod. 

Z-bon, pp' prepared, adorned, S. — AS. 
^e-biin, pp. olge-biian. See Bonau 

Z-borhen, //. saved, S ; Ibom^e, S ; 
ibomwen, S ; see Bergen. 

Z-bmcen, ». to enjoy, S.— AS. ge- 

Z-bmsted,//. made bristly, S. 

Z^bnreS, pr. s. (it) behoveth, S.— AS. 

Z-bnre^en, v, to deliver, S.— AS. ge 
+ borgian. See Botwen. 

Zch, pron, I, S, S2, S3, C2 ; loo, S ; ik, 
F; Mo, S; liy, S2; to, S ; ill, S : ilio, S; 
y, S, W, W2. Comb. : ioluAl^e, I have, 
S2 ; ioham, I am, S2 ; ioluu&e, I have, S2 ; 
ioboUo, I will, S2 ; iohohoUe, S2 ; iohnlle, 
S2, S; iohlm, I + him, S; iohot, I wot, 
S2 ; yohabbo, I have, S2 ; yoham, I am, 
S2.— AS. ic ; cp. OHG. ih (Otfrid). 

Z-chaped; pp* furnished with a chape, 
C. See Chai^, 

Z-cnowen, v. to know, S. — AS. ge- 
cndwan. See Xnoweiik 

Z-eoren, pp. chosen, S ; see ChMamsL, 

Z-CTUldllVy adj. comp, more natural, S ; 
see 3»>oende. 

Z-CWedOi pp' spoken, S ; see Quezon. 

Z-CWexue, adj. pleasing, S.— AS. ge- 
cwime. ■ 

Z-CWexuen, v. to please, S; i-queme, 
S ; i-quezude, //. s., S. — AS. ge-cwiinan. 

Zdel, adj. idle, empty, useless, S ; ydol, 
S, C2, P; Idta, W. Phr.\ aii jdrt, in 
vain, P; on idol, S. — AS. idd\ cp. 
OHG. Ual (Tatian). 

Zdellicbe, adv. idly, SD ; T^deUai, C3. 

Zdelnesse, sb. idleness, S; idelnisse, 
S2. — AS. idelnis. 

Zdiote, sb. unlearned person, a man not 
holding public office, TO, PP ; ydiot, W ; 
ideot, Cotg. ; ydloto, PP.— OF. idiot, one 
that hath no charge in a commonwealth, 
an unprofitable person, a ninny, a natural 
fool (Cotg.); Lat. idiota (Vulg.) ; Gr. 
IbidjTTjs, ignorant (NT), lit. one occupied 
with TcL tdia his private affairs, from idios, 
6ne*s own. 

Z-dreaned,//. troubled, S ; see Barousr. 

Zp&ied, pp. hated, SD; L-uaid, S; 

l-Tr8Bid, SD. — AS. ge-fioged^ pp. of ge- 

fiogan, to hate. 

Z-fellen,z'. to fell, SD ; l-uwlp./r. pL, 

S; yfeldo,//. s., S; ifnlde, S.— AS. ge- 


Z-forOv, sb. a fellow-farer, companion, 
comes, S; ^e-fiizion, //., S; L-f^rmi^ S; 
i-ueren, S; y-fisre, S; 1-xmzo, S. — AS. 

Z-feren, adv. together, S; see Zn, 
Z-findeXL, v. to find, S; L-nindea, S; 
l-nynde, S; y-iyndo, C2. — AS. ^- 

Z-foxiy V. to tike ; l-uo, S ; UM,prspL, 
S. — AS. ge-fSn, See Pon. 

Z-folde,//. s. felled, S ; see X-fJaUea. 

Zgain,/r(f?^. and adv. against, again, Sz ; 
see ^etn. 

Zgain-sawey^^. contradiction, Sa. Cf. 

Z^ij^ifftnedy//. lodged, S2; seeOoateMi. 

Z-gOn, V. to go, S.— AS. ge-gdn. 

Z-gimtton, pL pi. saluted, S ; l«s^, 
//., S (7. 105).— AS. gegr^ton^ pt. pi. of 
gritan. See Oraton.. 

Z-gpr6dey sb. shouting, clamour, S. See 

l-healden, T'- to hold, keep, S; ilioUto, 
S.— AS. ge-healdan. See HoUlMi.. 

Z-liei&de, adv. near, S. — AS. ge^hende. ; 
see Kendo. 

Z-heorted, o^'.in/Ar.; heio ilitoztwA, 
proud-hearted, S. 

Z-heren^ v. to hear, S ; Uinzo, S, S2 ; 
lii-lieron, S ; yliyron, S2 ; Uunde, j^. f., 
S ; llioxdo, S.— AS. geJUran. 

Z-hold, sb. fortress, hold, S.— AS. ge- 
heald. See Hold. 

Z-holde ; see Z-koaldMk. 

Z-ll1ldek«t, //. hooded, S. See Btood. 

Z-hiEure; see X-bovon. 

Z-hwnlexiv v. to be at leisure, S. See 

Zk, pron. I, P. See loh. 

Z-latety adj. visaged, S. See Aote. 

-ild, suffix. As in beffgild, MD ; ohesp- 
ild, S ; fostrUd, MD. 

Zle, sb. isle, S, S2, C3 ; yle, C2, PP, S3. 
— OF. He, isle ; Lat. insula. 

Z-leaded, pp. fitted with lead, S. 

Z-leane, sb. leave, S2. — AS. ge-liaf. 

Z-leden#, sb. pi. of one's people, com- 
patriots, S. — AS. ge-Uod, See bood^ 

Z-leoten, v. to fall to one's lot, SD; 
iloten,//., befallen, S.— AS. ge-hUotan, to 
share, get ; pp. ge-hloten. See X^t. 

JlBB'^%m^ hedgehogs, S ; UJivilM, 
S («). Properly * the quills o€ the hedge- 


hog'; AS; //, igel, hedgehog (OET) +///, a 
dart (Grein) ; Lat. pilum, 

I-I0W, sb, face, demeanour, S. Cp. ODn. 
ge-ldt. See Xieten. 

Z-lethered, adj\ made of leather, S. 

Z-lene, sb. belief; l-l«<b, SD ; l-Uave, 
SD; i.l«««n, //., S.— AS. ge-liafa\ q). 
OHG. ^"^^ (Otfnd). 

Z-lenen, v. to believe, S, S2 ; ilef, imp, 
s., S. — AS. ge-Ufan^ ge-liefan : Goth, ga- 
laubjan ; cp. OHG. gi-louben (Otfrid). Cf. 

lUeh, adj, like, S ; iUolie, S; ylyolie, 
82 ; ylike, S3 ; ilik, S ; lUkest, superl, 

niche^ adv. alike, S ; Uj<^m, S ; yUolM, 
C2; ylyke, C2 ; eUolM, S3; elyk, S3; 
aeUoe, S.— AS. g^-Ucg. Cf. AlloHe. 

IMclie, J^. an eqnal, likeness, S ; iaike, S. 

Hke^ adj. the same, S, G, C3, S2, S3, 
C2, H ; ilk, H ; Uoe, S; nlk«, S; yolie, 
S2. — AS. ilea {ylcd) = i-lic ; with i- cp. 
Goth, eij Lat. i" in i-dem^ see Grimm, 
German Grammar, 3. 50, Kick, 3. 728. 

Hie, o^^'., sb. bad, ill, S ; yUe, S2 ; ]>• 
ill©, the evil one, i. e. the devil, S. Comb.: 
il toTn«d, perverse, S2.— Icel. illr {illr). 

nie, adv. badly, S, HD. 

Hie, V. to make wicked ; illid, pt. pl.y 
H. — ^^Icel. illay to harm. 

niuster, adj. illustrious, JD; illMteM, 
S3. — OF. illustre'f Lat. illustrem, 

Z-lokien, v. to observe, S; iloksn, S.— 
AS. ge-l6cian. 

Z-leote^ adv. frequently, S, S2 ; ylonu, 
S2. — AB. ge-l6m€. Cf. Kome. 

Z-lomp,//. s. happened, S ; see BeUaiy^n. 

Z-leng, adv. S, NED (p. 250) ; lo^se, 
S2. Phr. : al ilong: of, entirely belonging 
to, dependent on, owing to, S; l<mff on, 
C3, S2 ; all long ot, long of, Sh.— AS. 
getang, belonging, depending, gelang on, 
gelang csty because of, owing to. Cf. 
A-lonff. (A- 6.) 

Z-loten, pp. befallen, S. — AS. ge-hloten^ 
pp. oi ge-hliotan^ to share. See Z-leoten. 

Z-melen, v. to speak, S. — 

Z-membred, //. parti-coloured, S. — 
Cp. OF. membre (Cotg.), and see Ducange 
(s.v. membrare). See lleubr*. 

Z-me&ey adj. common, S. — ASv ge-m&ne. 

Z-mid, in the midst, S2 ; l-mlddMih S. 

I-mOlllf « prep, among, S, SD ; imaa^, 
82. — AS. ge-mang ; see NED (s. v. ajnong). 

Im.'SajBAAi^adj. implacable, H. (la- 3.) 



ZttpiMf sb. hymn. Prompt. ; 
Prompt. ; Tinpne, W, CM ; TinpiiMh pL, 
W2 ; yaipnys, HD.— OF. ymm (Ps. 64. 
i) ; Lat. hytnnus (Vulg.) ; Gr. v^ivos. 

Zniportable,a^3>'. intolerable, C2.— Lat. 
importabilis. (In- 3.) 

Za-, prejix (i), representing the Eng. 
prep. in. See Zn. 

Zn-y prefix (2), standing for the Latin 
prefix in-y which is the prep, in in com- 

Zapy prtfix (3), the negative Latin prefix 
/«-, equivalent to Eng. ««-. See IFa-. 

Zn, sb. dwelling, lodging, abode, S, S3, 
C2, C3 ; hia, S ; 71m*, S3 ; iame, dat., S. 
— AS. inn. 

Zn^ prep, in, into, on, S, S2, PP ; Ua, 
S ; 1, S, SD. Comb. : ia-fere, together, 
MD (p. 104), C3, 82, S3 ; yfew, 82, S3,Ca ; 
ia feere, G ; i«er«, 8 ; itema, S ; i^whito, 
while, H ; jwliUs, H ; ewhils, H ; ia- 
like, in like manner, H; ia-Uoli, inly, 
SD ; i-mld, in the midst, 82 ; imiade% S ; 
ymydis, H ; ia-moaipes, among, 82 ; i- 
twiz, betwixt, meanwhile, H ; ia-wltk, 
within, S,C2, B. 

Znche, sb. inch. Prompt., Cath. ; eadies, 
//., S3.— AS. ynce (SkD); Lat uncia, 
ounce, inch. Cf. Chiaoe. 

ZnCOntinent, adj. incontinent; adv. 
immediately, S3, Sh. (Ia- 3.) 

Znflnence, sb. influence of the planets, 
SkD.— OF. influence (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. 
influentia. (Za- 2.) 

Zafluent, adj. possessing influence (as- 
trology), S3. — Lat. infltientemy pr. p. of 
inflturey to flow into. (Xa- 2.) 

Znforoe, v. reJUx. to strive, S3. (Sa- 2.) 

Zafortnmat, adj. unlucky, 82, C3. 
(la- 3.) 

ZnfoirtlUiey sb. misfortune, C2. (Za- 3.) 

ZngOty sb* mould for pouring metals 
into, C3, SkD. (Za- i.) 

Zn-hineilf sb. pi. indoor-members of a. 
household, 8. See Hiae. 

Zn-lilcey in like manner, H. 

Znne, prep., adv. into, in, 8, 82, PP, C2 ; 
ia«, 8, 82; jaa«, 82; iar«, adj. comp., 
inner, 8; iaerere, pi., H; laareMt, 
superl., S ; iaaeoMst, SkD ; yaaeste, W2. 
— AS. inne, comp. innera, superL innemest^ 
see Sievers, 314. 

Znne, dat. of Za, sb. 

TwtMtttj prep, within, into, SD, S. — ^AS. 



Znneily v. to lodge, C ; ynnen, C. — AS. 

InnoSy sb. womb, S. — AS. tnnd9. 

InobedienOOf sb. disobedience, S, W. 
— Late Lat. inobedientia (Vulg.). (In- 3.) 

Inobedienty adj. disobedient, S2. — 
Late Lat. inobedientetn (Vulg.). (In- 3.) 

Inoh, enough, S ; innoh, S ; inow, S ; 
inonli, S ; inou, S2 ; ino^e, S ; ino^h, S ; 
inonirli. C ; inno^he, 82 ; inonwe, //., 
Sa ; see Ynow. 

Inpassyble, odj. incapable of suffering, 
H. cm- 3.) 

Inpossible, adj. impossible, S2, PP. — 
Late Lat. impossibilis {in-). (In- 3.) 

In-ras, sb. inroad, H. (In- i.) 

Inunctment, sb. ointment, S3. — From 
Lat. inunciust pp. of in-ungere^ to anoint. 
(In. 2.) 

In-With, within, S, C2, B. 

In-wyt, sb. conscience, consciousness, 
S2 ; inwlt, PP ; ynwltt, PP.— AS. inwit, 
craft. (In- i.) 

I-Ome,//. run, S ; see Bennen. 

Ipotaynes, sb. pi. hippopotamuses, S2. 

Z-qnexue, v. to please, S; see I- 

Xrchon, sb. hedghog, S2; nrohon. 
Prompt. ; urohone, Palsg. ; nroliln, Sh. ; 
vrohnns, //., H; irolionnB, W2. — OF. 
irefOHy ere f on ; Late Lat. ^ericionem^ from 
Lat. ericiusy from her ; cp. Gr. yjipy hedg- 
hog, see SkD {s.v. forfnidable). 

Iren, sb. iron, S, Cath. ; yren, C3, PP ; 
iron, W2 ; yxnn, W, W2 ; yre, S2 ; 
yrens, //., P ; ymes, P. — OMerc. iren 
(OET): WS. isern: OHG. isarn; cp. 
Olr. tarn : Gaulish isarnos. 

Iren, adj. iron, ferreuSj SD, Cath. ; 
imene, //., S. — OMerc. iren : WS. isern, 
see OET. 

I-reste, sb. rest, S.— AS. ge-resU 

Irisse, adj. Irish, S ; Yrlso, S ; Irish, 
S ; Brsohe, S3.— AS. irisc, 

I«, pr. s. is, S ; liia, S, S2 ; es, S, S2, 
H ; esse, S2.— AS. is. 

Ische, V. to issue, cause to issue, JD ; 
isch, B; Ischlt,//. j., S3, B.— OF. issir ; 
Lat. ex-ire. 

I-seCgau, V. to confess; iseog1$,/r. s., 
S. — AS. ge-secgan, 

I-sechen, v. to seek; imo^u,, S. 
— AS. ge-sican. 

I-Sel8e, sb. happiness, S. — AS. ge-s^W. 
i 8eZ8e. 


I-sene, adj. evident, seen, S; j-sene, 
S3, C— AS. gesyne. Cf. Bene. 

Z-seon, V. to see, S ; i-seo, S2 ; i-sien, 
S ; y-M, S2 ; i-si, S ; y-si, S2 ; l-se, S2 ; 
y-«y, S2 ; l-seonne, ^er., S ; 1-seo, i pr. 
s., S ; i-seoiS, pr. s., S ; l-se3«, S ; l-»ili«, 
S ; 1-«I8, S ; l-si«t, 2/r. j., S ; i^snlL, //. 
s,j S; i-seli, S; i-seih, S; l-seyh, S; 
i^sey, S2 ; i-se), S ; i-sei, S2 ; y-sey, S2 ; 
l-«e3, I pt. s., S2 ; i-se^e pe, 2 //. j., S2 ; 
i-Mien,//., S; i-seyen, S; i-se^e, S, S2 ; 
i-saye, S2 ; y-ie^en, S2 ; i-sehen, pp., . 
S ; i-seien, S ; y-seye, S2.; y-so^e, IS2 ; 
y-so3e, S2. — AS. ge-s4on. 

I-set,//. said, S (3a. 93) ; see Seffffen. 

I-sihSe, sb. sight, S ; ^esetiSe, S.— AS. 

Isle, sb. glowing ashes, favillat HD ; 
isyl, Prompt. ; iselle, Cath. ; eaiOa, HD ; 
yselB, //., HD; us^Us, Trevisa, 4. 431 ; 
nseUes, S2 ; iselen, dot., SD, Cath. («).— 
Icel. usli ; cp. MHG. iisele (G. iissel). The 
same stem us- is found in Lat. us-ere 
{urere)y to bum. 

I-SOXue, adj. agreed, peaceable, S. — AS. 

I-SO^te, pt. s.f sought ; see I-sechen. 

Isturbed, pp, disturbed, S. — OF. es' 
torber ; Lat. ex- + turbare. 

l-swink, sb. toil, S. — AS. ge-swinc. 

I-bank, sb. thought, intention, S. 

I-penchen, v. to think, S ; l.]H>hten^ 
pt. pi., S. — AS. ge-pencan. 

I-be^, pt. s. thrived, S2 ; see Theen. 

I-poHen, V. to endure, S. — AS. ge- 

I-]>oncked, adj. minded, S. 

I-tiden, v. to betide, S ; Itit, pr. s., S ; 
Ityt, S.— AS. ge-tidan. 

I-timieily v. to happen, S. — AS. ge* 
timian ; cp. Icel. titna. 

I-twix, meanwhile, H. 

I-uaidy //. hated, S ; see I-fsoled. 

I-neiedy //. joined, S ; see Fe^en. 

I-nei})edy pp. treated with enmity, S. 
See Fade. 

Inel, adj., evil, S, W2, S2. See ITueL 

I-nelen, v. to feel, S.— AS. ge-filan. 

Inen, sb. ivy, Cath. ; yven, Cath. (») ; 
ivln, HD, EDS (C. vi).— AS. ifegn (Voc.). 

I-nere, sb. companion, S ; see Z-ftee. 

Ini, sb. ivy, S ; Ive, S3.— AS. ifig. 

I-no, v. to take, S ; see I-fen. 

I-nreden, v. to hurt, injure, S. — MK 


i-uredtn =* i-wreden = i-werden ; AS. ge- 
werdatif ge-wyrdan (BT). See Werd. 

I-waJTy a<^'. aware, wary, S, PP ; ywar, 
PP.— AS. ^if-w^. See War. 

Z-whilCy adj. every, S.— AS. ge-hwilc, 

I-whilSy o^/z^. while, H. 

I-wil, sb. will, S.— AS. ge-will. 

I-wis, adv. truly, certainly, S, PP, S2 ; 
iwiM, S ; lwy«, G; ywls, S, S2, Ca ; 
ywys, S2, PP ; ywlso, PP; iwlMe, S3. 
Comb. : wel ywlsse, S ; mid iwisse, S.— 
AS. ge-wiss, certain, formed from wisse, pt. 
of witan, see Sievers, 232 d. 



Z-Witen, v. to know, S, S2 ; 1-W7ten, 
S ; y-witen, S2 ; i-wiste, //. J., S.— AS. 

Z-witen, v. to protect, S. See Wlten. 

Z-WOned, pp. accustomed, S, S2 ; y- 
wonM, S2 ; i-wuned, S ; woned, S, S3 ; 
wont, S3 ; wnnt, S2 ; woonted, S3. — AS. 
ge-7vunody pp. of ge-wunian^ to dwell, to 
be accustomed. See Wonen. 

Z-W1in#, sb. custom, S. —, 
Cf. Wone. 

Z-WUrSea,, v. to become, to happen, S ; 
i-woz^e, S; y-wox^, P, S2 ; 1-wox^, 
pp., S. — AS. ge-weortian* 

I (consonant). 
[For words in which initial I is a vowel, see under I (vowel) abovel. 

Zacynte, sb. jacmth, SkD; laoynot, 
SkD ; jadnt, Cotg. ; iadnetiui, W (Rev. 
21. 30) ; Jaffonnoe, HD ; laoynetis, //., 
W3 (= Heb. tarshish). — OF. jacinthe 
(Cotg.); Lat. hyacinthus (Vulg.); Gr. 
mUik^o; (NT) ; cp. OF. jagonce. 

Zatfge, V. to jag, notch. Prompt, Palsg. ; 
j»tf,laD; Ja^ffede, //. x.,HD; Jaffffde, 
A>.//.,S3; j»tfffede,HD. 

Zaifge, sb. a jag of cloth, Prompt. 

Zalous, adj. jealous, C2, C3.— OF. 
jalous ; Late Lat. zelosum, from Lat. zeltis ; 
Gr. ff Acs, zeal. 

Zalousye, sb. jealousy, PP, C2, C3; 
ielMiye, VV.— OY. jalousie. 

Zambenx, armour for the legs, 
C2, HD ; glambenz, ND.— Cp.OF.>/w- 
bi€re, armour for a leg (Cotg.), iiomjambe, 
leg : It. gamba (Florio). 

Zane, sb. a small coin of Genoa, ND, 
C2, HD. — See Ducange {s.v. januini). 

Zangle, v. to jangle, chatter, murmur, 
argue, quarrel, S2, PP, Sh, S3, C2, C3 ; 
ffaairle* SkD; iaaglaiid, pr.p., S2, H.— 
OY.jangler, to jest, mock (Bartsch). 

Zaaiflere, sb, brawler, wrangler, W2 ; 
prater, chatterer, H ; ianffeler, story-teller, 
S2, PP ; iaaffelere. Prompt. 

Zape, J^. joke, jest, mockery, PP, S3, C2, 
C3, Prompt ; iap«»,//., S2. 

Zapen, v. to jest, mock, play tricks, act 
the buffoon, PP, C2, C3 ; lapede, pt. s., S2. 
— OY.japper, to yapp (of dogs), Cotg. 

Zaper, sb. jester, buffoon, PP, Prompt. ; 
iapers,//., S2. 

Zargoun, sb. jargon, S2 ; Jerffon, SkD. 
— OY . jargon. 

Zaunys, sb. the yellow disease, jaundice, 
S2, SkD, HD ; iawues, Cath., HD, Voc. ; 
Jaundys, Cath. (») ; Jandis, Voc— OF. 
jaunissey from jaune, gaunty yellow ; Lat. 
galbinum, from galbus. 

Zeaunty sb. giant, PP, S2 ; see Oeaunt. 

Zelesye, sb. jealousy, PP ; see Zalosye. 

Zelofer, sb. gillyflower, S3 ; see Oerra' 

Zemis, sb. pi. gems, S3 ; see Oemme. 

Zennet, sb. a small Spanish horse, S3 ; 
see Oenette. 

Zent-man, sb. gentleman, S3. See 

Zeoperdie, sb. jeopardy, S3; see 

Zerldn, sb. jerkin, jacket, S3. — Cp. Du. 
jurk, a frock. 

Z#SS#raiUlt, sb. a coat or cuirass of fine 
mail, HD ; g'esserant, S3 ; ffesseron, S3. 
— OF. jazerant (Ducange), jazeran, iase- 
ran (Cotg.), jazerenc (Roland) ; cp. It. 
ghiazzerino (Florio). 

Zette, sb. jet, SkD ; Jet, SkD ; gaet, C ; 
g>eete. Prompt. ; ffett, Prompt. — OF. jet, 
jaet ; Lat. gagatem. See Oa^ates. 

Z^tte, sb. fashion, custom, PP, Palsg. ; 
ffette, Palsg. ; iutte, rude slight, S3 ; Jei 



a device, HD ; get, Prompt., SkD (jet), 

letten, v. to throw out, to fling about 
the body, to strut about, SkD, Prompt., 
Palsg. ; ffetten. Prompt. ; letting, /r. /., 
S3.— OF. jetter {getter), jecter {gecter)\ 
Lat. taciare, freq. of iac^re, to throw. 

lewe, sb. Jew, PP; lew«», //., PP; 
CtouB, S; OiuB, S; Gsms, S.— AF. Geu, 
OY . Jueu, Judeu'y Lat. ludaum. 

lewise, sb. ; see Zuwise. 

Zogelen, v. to juggle, play false, PP, 
Prompt. ; iusrlen, S3, SkD. 

logelour, sb. buffoon, juggler, CM, Ca, 
PP ; iognlonre. Prompt. , iogiilor, de- 
ceiver, H ; iugriler, Cath. ; iufflur, S. — 
AY.jugleor; Lat. ioculatorem. 

loie, sb, joy, S, C2 ; joye, S, S2, C2, PP. 
— AF. joie, OF. goie\ Lat. gaudick, pi. of 
gaudium, rejoicing. 

loieB, V. to rejoice, W2, PP. 

Zoist, V. to put out cattle to graze at a 
fixed rate, to agist cattle, HD, EDS (C. vi) ; 
Jyrt, EDS (C. xxvi) ; loyrt,//., lodged (of 
cattle), S2. — OY.gister, to lodge, iiomgiste, 
a place to lie in, a pp. form of gesir ; Lat. 
iacere, to lie ; see NED (s. v. agist). 

lolif, adj. gay, merry, C, H, PP; lolef, 
82; loU, W2, PP; joJy, C2.— AF. >/)^, 
jolif. _ 

XoUftef sb. amusement, enjoyment, jovi- 
ality, H ; ioUtee, C2, Ci.—OY.jolivete. 

lolily, adv. merrily, G. 

lolynesse, sb. festivity, C, C2. 

lome, sb. journey, S2 ; Jozmoj, S2 ; see 

lauisaimce^ sb. enjoyment, S3.— OF. 
jouissance (Cotg.), from 0¥, jotr: Prov. 
gaudir\ Lsit. gaudere. 

Zonme, sb. a day's work or travel, PP ; 
iomay, S2 ; Jumeie, SkD ; ioumey, S3, 
C2 ; iomes, // , S2 ; ioumes, H (Ps. 22. 
9). — OF. jornee, journiey a day, a day's 
journey, a fixed day (cp. A.¥.jomeie, day 
on which a court is held) ; Low LsLt.Jomata, 
*dtumata, from Lat. diurnus. 

Zonsten, v. to approach, encounter, to 
joust, tilt, PP, CM; iusten, C3.— OF. 
jouster {joster\ juster ; Late \a2X.juxtare, 
to approach, from Lat. iuxta. 

louster, sb. champion, PP. 


XoiUiteSf tournaments, GM. — AF. . 
joustes. I 

XonteiSy sb. pi. a food made from h^bs, \ 
broth, P, HD, Prompt. (») ; iowtePb ^ 1 
pates, Cath., Prompt, {n) ; iowtj^ pot^, 
Prompt. ; jutes, Voc. ; eowtus, Prompt («). 
—OF. ioute, 'olera' (Ps. 36. 2) ; Low Lat. 
jutd, *awilled meolc' (Voc); jutta (Du- 
cange); prob. of Celtic origin, cp. Breton 
tot, porridge, Wei. uwd, Olr. ith, see , 
Rhys, Lectures on Welsh Philology, p. 7. 

Zoynen, v. to join, PP, C3 ; Joynemmt, , 
/r./., joining, S3. — OF. joindre (pr. p. joig- 
nant) ; Lat. iungere. 

Zoynturis, sb. pi. joinings, W ; loyn- 
tours, W. — OF. jointure; Lat, iunctura 

Znge^ J^. judge, S2,Voc., C2, C3 ; JiLirire, 
C ; jiiffges,//., P; juges, ^^.^A¥.juge\ 
Lat. iudicem. 

Ingement, sb. judgment, S2, G2, C3 ; 
jTLgrffement, C. — KF.jugement. 

Zngen, v. to judge, decide, PP ; lu^e, 
PP, CM.— OF.y«^i?r; Lat. iudUare. 

lagge-aiadi, sb. judge. G. 

Inglen, v. to juggle, S3 ; see Zoipeleii. 

ZuglUery sb, buffoon, Cath. ; see X.Q^e- 

ZiLgiilynge,. sb. juggling, S3. 

IXLXUpred, sb. mourning, S2. — AS. gio- 
mer + rSden. See ^emer. 

ZxLngle9g9S, sb. pi., disciples^ S ; sec 

Znpartie, sb. jeopardy, CM, C3 ; Zeo- 
percde, S3; jeobertle, HD.— OF. jeu 
parti, a divided game, a poetical discussion 
(Bartsch) ; I^te Lat. jocus partiius (Du- 

ZXLS, sb. juice, S2, HD.— OF. jus; Lat. 
ius, broth. 

Znsten, v. to joust, C3 ; see Zous^en. 

Zustlen, V. to jostle, push, S3. 

ZXLt.e8« broth ; see louteSp 

Xntte, sb. a piece of scornful b^iaviour, 
S3 ; see Zetke. 

Znnente, sb. youth, S2, pp.— ojc. jc. 
vente (Bartsch) ; Lat. iuvenia. 

Zvwise, sb. judgment, PP ; inwTW, 
CM, C ; iewlse, HD ; iewla, PP ; Injse, 
C3; inise, HD.— AF. juisc\ Li^t. i«*- 





K- ; see also under C-. 

Xaclierely sd. bailiff, S2 ; see Caohez«L 

Kaarfy //. s. cut, carved, S ; see Keni«n. 

Xaire^y v, to go, P ; see 'Kayreii. 

Xaiser, sd, Caesar, emperor; omyser, 
)^ ; caynere, MD ; oais^r*, MD ; kay- 
■eze, S ; kayser, S2 ; keiser, S; keyMX, 
S3. — Cp. Goth, kaisar; Lat. Caesar. 

Jbde, sb. cabbage, cale, H ; see Goto. 

JCarfy pt. s. cut, S ; see KJeraen. 

Xateyly sd. property, S2 ; see CateL 

Kayren, v. to go, move oneself, S2, MD ; 
kai^en, P; calr, to drive backward and 
forwards, JD.— Icel. ke^^ra, to impel, drive. 

KechyiLy sb. kitchen, S2 ; see ICuohene. 

^ddde, //. s. made known, S ; see Zythen. 

Kele, V. to cool,W, S2, H, PP.— AS. c^lan. 

Keling, sb. a large kind of cod, MD, 
HD, S2 (s.v. /obbg) ; kelynffe, MD; ke«l- 
ing, JT). — Cp. Icel. kei/ay *gadus.* 

Kemben, v. to comb, S, C2, PP ; keBU 
yn, Prompt. ; kempt, //., MD. — AS. 
cemban. See Combe. 

Kemelyiiy sb. tub, CM. 

KampOi sb. warrior, S, MD, Cath. — AS. 
cefnpay Icel. kempa : OHG. chemphiOy also 
kempho (Tatian) ; Late Lat. campioy from 
Lat. campus. See Camp. 

Kempe, adj. shaggy, rough, C, CM; 
««aipe, C (p. 155), EETS (I). 

KeHi pg tTy sb. f. flax-comber, Palsg. ; 
kieiMrter, Voc. See Zemben. 

Ken, sb. pi, cows, S2 ; see Cotv. 

Kcmdey adj. natural, kind, 82; see 

Ke&de, sb. race, kind, S2 ; see icynde. 

XexidiBiliioliey o4v. naturally, S2; see 

Kendlen, v. ; see Ztbdlen. 

KenOy adj. bold, keen, sharp. Prompt., 
S, C2 ; keyn, MD ; kenre, comp.y MD ; 
kensest, superl., MD. — AS. cine', OTeut. 
*k0m; cp. OHG. kuani (Otfrid), chuoni, 

KennOy sb. dat. kin, S, S2 ; see Kyn. 

KdnXten, v. to beget, engender, to bring 
forth, to be bom, MD, PP; y^end,//., 
S3 ; kenned, MD.— AS. cennauy to beget, 
conceive, bring forth ; OS. kenniariy to 

beget, causal from OTeut. root kan, to 

generate, see Kluge (s. v. kino). 

JC^UMdiy V, to show, declare, teach, Si, 

PP, SkD (s. V. ken)y Prompt., H ; kende, 
pt. s.y S2. — AS. cennan, to make to know : 
Goih.. kannjan — ^kanniariy causal of OTeut. 
KANN, base of *konnan, to know. 

Kennen, v. to know, SkD. (s. v. ken^ ; 
ken, S3, JD ; kend, pt. ply S3 ; kend, //., 
S3. — Icel. kenna, to know. See above. 

Keomen, ^- to carve, S ; see Xemen. 

Kepe, sb. heed, S2, S3, C2 ; kep, S3. 

K#peil, V. to keep, mark, observe, re- 
gard, S, S2, S3, C2; keped, pt.s.y S2 ; 
Idpte, S2. — AS. cipatty later form of cypan 
{ = c6apian)y see Sievers, 97. 

Keppeilf sb. pi. caps, S ; see Cappe. 

Kernel, sb. a loophole in a fortress, a 
battlement, PP ; oreneUe, HD ; kymellis, 
//., S3 ; klrnelis, PP.— OF. crenely from 
cren {cran)y a notch ; Lat. crena. 

Kemieled, adj. furnished with battle- 
ments, P. 

Keztel, sb. ; see Klrtel. 

Kemen, v. to carve, MD, Prompt., S, 
C2 ; keomen, MD, S ; owrf, //. j., MD ; 
kterf, S; kerf, MD; karf, MD, S; cavf, 
C2 ; enmen, //., MD; oomen, pp,y MD, 
S3, C ; loomen, S3 ; y-comen, S3, C3 ; 
yeomen, C2 ; i-konien, S ; kerned, S3. 
— AS. ceorfan, pt cearf (pi. curfon)y pp. 

Kesse, v. to kiss, S, C2 ; see Cnssen. 

Keste, V. to cast, S2 ; see Casten. 

Kete, <idj, bold, lively, gay, powerful, 
MD, S2, PP ; ket, irascible, J D.—Cp. Icel. 
kdtry merry, Dan. kaad. 

Kete-lelcee, sb. pi trefoil, H; see 

Keuely sb. a bit for a horse, a gag, a 
small piece of wood used in casting lots, 
MD, H, S; kevyl, Prompt.; oavel, JD; 
kevelles, //., MD; caflls, MD, JD.— 
Icel. kefli. 

KenereUy v. to recover one's health, 
MD, PP ; kenord,//. J., H ; see Coveren. 

Keneringe, sb. recovery, S2. 

Ke3re> ^^- key; kay, MD; cays, ply 
MD; kei», S; kei^es, S2.--AS. cag. 

Kidde, pt. s. made known, S, P ; pp.y S ; 
kid, S ; see Kythen. 

B^dnerey sb. kidney, SkD; kydney, 
Voc. — Icel. kv^r^ belly + »yr<i, kidney. 
See Here. 



Eien, cows, W2 ; see Cow. 

Kiken, v. to kick, MD, W; Iqroke, 
Palsg. — Cp. kiken^ kiksen in G. dialects. 

Killl#y sh, coming, S. — AS. cyme. See 

Kindle, sb. offspring, brood, MD ; knn- 
del, MD; kTUdlis, //., MD. 

Bllldlen, v. to bear young, S; kamd^ 
lyn. Prompt. ; kendlen, MD ; kundlen, 
MD ; l-Wndled, //., S. See Xynde. 

Kindlen, v. to set fire to, MD ; kgrnd^ 
len, C ; Uxaen, MD. 

Kine- (used in compounds), royal ; see 
below. — AS. cyne. 

Kine-boren, adj. of royal birth, MD ; 
klnebome, S. — AS. cyne-boren. 

Kilie-doxu, sb. kingdom, MD, S, S2. — 
AS. cyne-d6m. 

Kine-helin, sb. royal helmet, crown, 
MD.— AS. cyne-helm. 

Kine-lond, sb. kingdom, S, MD. 

Kine-xuerk, sb. royal mark; kyne- 
xnerk, S. 

Kine-richef sb. kingdom, rule, MD; 
cynerloe, S. — AS. cyne-rice. 

Kine-SCnid, sb. royal robes, S. 

Xine-Stoly sb. throne, S. — AS. cynestSl, 

B!ilie-]}eody sb. subjects of a king, MD. 

Elilie-WTirSey adj. royal, S, MD. 

Kilie-^erde, sb. sceptre, MD. — AS. 
cyne-gerd (Voc). 

Blng, sb. king, MD, S ; kynff, S ; kynff- 
ene, //. gen.y §2, PP. — AS. cyningx OS. 

Kingdoxu, sb. kingdom, MD. 

Kinghed, sb. Kingship, PP. 

Sixig-riche, sb. kingdom, S, MD; 
kinffrike, S2 ; kamgrike, H ; kynffrlohe, 

Kipte, pt. s. receiyed, S2 ; see Kepen. 

Kirke, sb. church, S, S2, P ; see Cbirohe. 

Ximel, sb. loop-hole, PP ; see Zemel. 

Kirtely sb. kirtle, a short gown or petti- 
coat, tunic, S.^, P, CM ; knrtel, S ; oortel, 
MD; klrrteU, MD; kirtU, H; kyrtyl, 
S2; kertel, MD; Urtel, S3, P; onrtol, 

Blist. sb. chest, coffin, MD ; cyst, Voc. ; 
kyst, S2; kiste, S2 ; kyste, S2, PP; 
oyste, munificentia, Voc. ; oklst, MD. — 
AS. ci5t\ Lat. cista ; Gr. Kiarr\. — Cf. Chest. 

Kith, sb. one's country, PP ; see Kyth. 

Kithett, V, to make known^ S^ S2 ; see 


Kithing, sb. telling, S2. 

Kitlen, v. to tickle; kittle, HD, JD; 
kytly8,/r. J., S3. See below. 

Kitlynge, sb. tickling, H ; kiteUyngtt, 
MD, HD.— AS. kitelung, 'titillatio * (Voc.). 

KitOUn, sb. kitten, P ; kyton, PP. 

Kitte, pt. s. cut, S2, C2, C3; kittide, 
W ; see Kutten. 

Kitte-pors, sb. thief, PP; see Cut- 

Kittingis, sb. pi. cuttmgs, W. 

Kle]>illg, sb. clothing, S2. See Clotli. 

Knack, sb. a snap, crack, a jester's 
trick, a trifle, toy, SkD, MD; knakkes, 
pi., CM; knaokes, S3. 

Knaing, sb. knowing, acquaintance, S2 ; 
see Knowen. 

Knap, V. to snap, break with a noise, 
SkD ; imp. j., strike (the bell), Ss.—Cp. G. 
knappen, to crack. 

Knappes, sb. pi. knobs, S2, P; see 

Knarre, sb. a knot in wood, SkD 
(s. V. gnarled), C, CM. — Cp. MDu. cnorre, 
Du. knot', a knurl. 

Knarry, adj. full of knots, C. 

KnaXL8, sb. a boy-baby, boy, servant, 
knave, S, S2, C2; onafe, MD; onaiia, 
MD.— AS. cnafa\ cp. OHG. chnabe (G. 

Knane-child, sb. a male child, W. 

Knawe, v. to know, S2 ; see XnoweiL. 

Knawen,^. gnawed, S3 ; seeChiawea. 

Kne, sb. knee, S, S2 ; cneowe, dot., S ; 
onouwe, S; knes, pi., S; kneon, S; 
knowes, C2, P. — AS. ctUow {cnio), 

Kneden, v. to knead, Voc., Palsg.; 
oneden, S, MD ; knodyn, pp., MD ; kno- 
don, Prompt. ; kned, CM ; knodden, HD. 
— AS. cnedan^ pp. cnoden {cneden\ sec 

Knelen, v. to kneel, S ; knely, Ss ; 
kneolen, PP; knewlen, /r. //., PP.— Cp. 
Low G. knelen. 

Knelyng, sb. kneeling, PP ; ousUniiff, 
S ; knewelynff, S. 

Kneon, sb. pi. knees, S ; see Kne. 

BInippen, v. to nip, break off the edge ; 
nippen, SkD; nyppen, PP; knyp, /^., 
S3. — Cp. Du. knippen, to crack, snap. 

Kni^t, sb. knight, soldier, armed re- 
tainer, S, S2 ; knlot, S ; knyht, S ; knyirlit, 
C3 ; onilLtes,//., S ; kniotes, S ; knyhtwi, 
S;kxi7^tis,W,W2;kiiiBtes,S; onilittB, 


S.— AS. cniht; q). OHG. kneht, *puer' 

(Tatian), * miles, discipulus * (Otfiid), 
B^n^ten, v. to knight, S. 
B^n^thod. sb. knighthood, S; kny^ht- 

liode, dat.y C2 ; knlffhthede, C ; knyit- 

hod, army, warfare, W, Wa, 
Xnoppe, sb. knob, buckle, bud, MD, 

Prompt., Cath., Palsg., S3; knobbe, C; 

knappea,//, S2, P; knoppes, CM, PP. 

— Cp. Dan. knop, 

Xnopped, adj. full of knobs, S3. 
Xnottey sb. knot, Ca, PP, Prompt, S3. 
— AS. cnotia. 

Xnowen, v. to know, MD; knawe, 

S2; onawen, S; knaa, HD; onowcfS, 
pr. s., S; kneu^, //. s., S2 ; kn«weii,//., 
S; l-cnawea, /p., S; ^e-cnowe, S; j- 
onowen, S3 ; y-knowe, S2 ; knownn, W ; 
cnowen, S2 ; knawen, S2 ; knawln, S3. — 
— AS. cndwan, pt. cniow, pp. cndwen. 

KnoweSy sb. pi. knees, C2, P ; see Km. 

Xnowleche, sb. knowledge, MD; 
knonledLe, acquaintance ( ■= Lat. notos\Vf ; 
knawladM, MD ; knawlage, MD ; know* 
I70I1, S2. See -le^Bo. 

Xnowlechen, v. to acknowledge, S2« 
\V2, P; cnawleohen, MD; knonlaolie, 
W ; knonleoliide, pt. s., W ; knowUohl^ 

Xnowlecldngy sb. the acknowledging, 
C3; onawUchnnire, S; knamleohyiLffe, 
S2 ; knowleohlnff, C3; kiLonl6olijxifir,W2. 

Xnncche, sb. small bundle, MD, Cath. 
(«) ; knyohe, Cath. ; knltoh, JD ; kajt- 
cblB,//., W.— Cp. G. knocke (Kluge). 

Xnytten, v. to knit, bind. Prompt., S2, 
C3,PP: kiiiitte,//.J.,MD; kn«tte,MD; 
knltte, C3; knyt, pp., MD; knit, C2.— 
AS. cnyttan. See Znette. 

KO9 pt. s. quoth, S3 ; see Zoth. 

Kokewolde, sb. cuckold, P; see Goke- 

Kole-plantes, cabbages, P; see 

KoUen, v. to embrace, S2 ; see GoU^n. 

Koilf pt. pr. can, S ; see KnniLen. 

Konningy sb. skill, C2 ; see Gonninff. 

Konyngf sb. cony, rabbit, S; see Co- 

Xoth, //. s. quoth, S3 ; oothe, MD ; see 

Konde, pt. s. knew, W2 ; see Kumen. 

Konren, v. to cower, S2 ; oouren, MD. 
— Icel. Mra, to sit quiet ; cp. G. katum, 
see Weigand. 



Konrte-byy sb. short coat, P; see 
Konthe, //. s. could, S; pp. Sa; see 

KraghJUl. sb. burnt gnss—cremium, 
dry fire-wood, H; oxakaa, Cath. — Cp. 
North. K cracky to make a noise (JD). 

Bjrake, sb. crow, H; orake, Cath.; 
krakis,//., H.— Icel. krdkr. 

Kremeleny v. to anoint with oil or fat ; 
kremelyd,//., MD; see Creiiiel«n. 

Krike, sb. creek, S ; see Cxlke. 

Kmne, sb. crown, S ; see GoroiM. 

Klly sb. cow, S ; see €k>w. 

Kuchene, sb. kitchen, S; kyoliene, 
MD ; k«olijii, S2 ; kydieiui,//., S3.— AS. 

Knd, pp. made known, S2; i-koA, S; 
see KnniLen. 

Kndde, pt. s. made known, S2 ; knd*, 
//., S ; see Kunnen. 

Knd9, could, S; see KuniMn. 

Kneade, adj. dot. bad, S2 ; see goad. 

Knlle, V. to strike, to kill, P, MD ; kyUe, 
Cath. ; kyllTB) Prompt. ; oolen, MD ; 
cull*, P. — The word means properly to 
knock on the head ; cp. Norweg. kylla, to 
poll, to cut the shoots ofif trees, from koll, 
the top, head ; Icel. kollr, head, crown. 

Kumen, v. to come, S ; see Gomen. 

Kuily V. to get to know, to learn, H; 
see GoniM. 

Kun, sb. kin, S2 ; kiumes, gen., S2 ; 
knnne, dat., S, S2 ; see ILjn, 

Kunde, adj. natural, kind, S2; see 

Kunde, sb. kind, race, nature, S2; see 

Kundel, sb. offspring, MD. 

Knndite, sb. a conduit, S3 ; see Conduit. 

Knnes-xuen, sb. pi. kinsmen, S, S2 ; 
see Kynea-maa. 

Kxinnen, v. to know, to know how, to 
be able, S, S3, W2, CM ; ennnen, S, S2 ; 
conne, S, S3, P ; onn, H ; con, pt. pr., S ; 
kon, S ; can, S, S2 ; kan, S, S2 ; con, can, 
used as auxil., S2 ; canstn, 2 pr. s., with 
pron.y S ; canstow, S2 ; on1$e, //. s., S ; 
knt^e, S; oonthe, S, S2, S3; oowthe, G; 
con^iSe, S2; cnth, S2; coude, S2; oowde, 
G ; konde, W2 ; oon^de, S2 ; koutben,//., 
S ; knd«, S; oidJ,//., S (17 b. i6i) ; ku«, 
S; oonth, C2 ; ootitSc, S2 ; kontha, S2. — 
AS. curman, pt. cU^e, pp. aiH (used as adj.). 



KlUL-redey sb. kindred, S; see Kyn- 

Knppe, sb. cup, S ; see dtppe. 

Knssen, v. to kiss, S ; see Curaen. 

Kitty sb, lot, a cut twig, H ; see Cot. 

Snth, sb. kith, friends, PP. 

KnSOy pt. s.y could, knew, S ; see Kun- 

Kntthe, country, PP ; see Xyth. 

Bln]>})eSy manners, Sa, HD, Ml) ; 
see l^tli. 

Kntten, v. to cut, MD, CM ; Wtt, MD ; 
Init,//. J., MD ; kitte, S2, C2,C3 ; Wttld©, 
W,MD; ketteii,//.,P; kyt,//., W; kit, 

Knnereily v. to recover one*s health, 
S2 ; see Coveren. 

Knyndey (tdj\ natural, S2, PP; see 

Kweste, sb. queen, S ; see ^usfne. 

Ky, sb. pi, cows, S3 ; see Ck>w. 

Ky(^0n, sb. kitchen, S3 ; see gnchene. 

Kyn, sb. pi. cows, S2, C ; see Cow. 

B^riLy sb, kin, kind, generation,-S, W, MD ; 
kun, S2 ; Wn, S, Sa, Ca ; oun, MD, S ; 
kuxmes, gen., S2 ; cunne, dot., S ; kmine, 
S, S2; kemte, S, S2; kynne. P.— -AS. 
cynn : OS. kunm, OHG. kunm (Otfrid) : 
Goth, kuni : from Teut. base *konya, from 
root KAN. 

Kynde, adj. natural, kind, S2, S3, P; 
konde, Sa, MD ; cimd«, MD ; Unde, S ; 
kende, Sa, PP; knynde, Sa, PP.— AS. 

Kynde, sb. kind, nature, race, children, 
natural disposition, PP, S2, S3, C2, C3, W ; 


ktULde, S2; omide, S; Unda, S. Sa ; , 
kende, S2 ; kytid, S3.— AS. {ge)cynd, j 

Kyndely, adj- natural, kindly, MD ; I 
k^dU, W; ksmdly, Cath. ; kiudeUclie, ] 
MD.— AS. cyfuUlic, ' 

Kyndely, adv. naturally, kindly, Sa; 
l^^ttdli, W ; kindely, S2 ; kindelike, S ; 1 
kendeliohe, Sa ; knyndeliolie, Sa, PP ; 
ottndeliolie, S. — AS. cyndelice. 

Kyndlyn, v. to bear youn^, Prompt. ; 
see Kindlen. 

Kyndlyngis, sb, pi, brood, litter of , 
beasts, W. 

KyndS^inaiL, sb. kinsman, MD ; onnes- 
uon, S ; knttesmen, //., S, Sa. 

Kyxirede, sb. kindred, S3, Wa, C ; knn- 
rede, S ; ksrnredjrn, H ; kinredls,//., W ; 
onnreadnes, //., S. — AS. cynn -^ r<Bden, 

KySse, sb. kiss, Palsg. — From AS. cys- 
san. See Cussen. 

Kythy sb. one's country, native land, 
relatives, kith, friends, PP, Sa ; kith, PP ; 
koth, PP ; oath, PP ; kntthe, PP ; kitthe, 
PP; omSVe, S, PP; oouthe, PP; kythes, 
//., Sa ; oiJKen, S ; ohdSen, S ; knpp^s, 
manners, Sa. — AS. cyfSfiu (cyd) : OHG. 
cundida, race, kinship ; see Sievers, 255. 

Kytll6B,, V. to make known, MD, C2, 
C3, PP, S3; kiSeii, S, Sa; ottSea, S; 
couthe, MD, PP ; coiith,/r. j.,P; kydde, 
pi. s,, PP; kldde, PP, S; kndde, Sa ; 
oudde, S ; kedde, S, MD ; ksrd, Sa ; kid, 
MD; k7dst, a //. j., S3; i-kad, pp,, S; 
knd, Sa; kyd, Sa; kid, S; kidde (as 
adj.), S. — AS. (g£)cy9an: OS. ktitiian\ 
OHG. kundjan, also kunden (Otfrid). 


La, interj. lo !, S ; lo, Wa (Ps. 67. 34). 
—AS. Id. Comb, : la hwure, at least, S. 

3, sb. snare, C, C3 ; see 

Labbe, sb. he that can keep no counsel. 
Prompt., CM; lab, a blab, tittle-tattle, 

Labben, v. to blab, babble, PP ; lab- 
Wnff, pr. p., Ca. — Cp. Du. labben, to blab. 

Labbyng, adj. blabbing, CM. 

Laochen, v. to catch, seize, snatch, PP ; 
lauhte, //. .r. seized, practised, PP ; laujte, 
PP, Sa ; la^te, S ; laiiote, S ; laoohide, 
pL, PP ; lanht, pp., PP ; lajft, S ; lat- 
ohyd. Prompt.— AS. laccan^ ge-laccan. 

Laccllixig, sb, takmg, Sa. 

Iiacerty sb. b, fleshy muscle, C, CM. — 
OF. lacerle (Cotg.) ; Lat. lacertum (ace.), a 
muscle, strength, usually, the muscular part 
of the arm. 

Lad, Ladde ; see Ziedeh. 

Ladel, sb, ladle, PP, C3; i^djite, 
coclear. Prompt, ; hausorium, Voc. 

Laden, v. to burden, to charge with 
burdens. Prompt., WW; to draw water, 
to lade. Prompt. ; laden, pp, oneratus. 
Prompt., SkD.— AS. hladan (pt. hl6d, pp. 
hidden) \ Icel. hlaffa^ Goth, hlaihan \^ 


JoBfdif sb. lady, S ; see &«iiedj. 

ItmSe, Lafe, sb. belief, S : see £«1M. 

£8Bn, sb, a grant, loan, S. — AS. /<Im 
(OET). ^ 

Laf, ^^. loaf, S ; see iMof, 

Kage, Lahe, sb. law, S ; see ILawe. 

Lah, o^'. low, S ; see l^nli. 

Lahfdlnesse, sb. lawfulness, S. 

Lahhen, v. to laugh, S ; lanhen, PP ; 
lauffbe, PP, C2 ; laii3«iL, PP, S3 ; lau^we, 
S3; lau^when, PP; lawglie, PP, C; 
Itti^en, W ; lanhwen, S, PP, S2 ; laliynde, 
pr. /., S2 ; la^lnge, S2 ; lonli, //. j., PP : 
louffli, C2, C3; lowli, PP; low3, PP; 
loll, S2 ; lewoh, S3 ; lo^n, //., S2 ; lougli, 
S3; louje, subj.y S. — AS. hlehhan (pt. 
hlSh^ : Goth, hlahjan. 

Lahter, sb. laughter, S ; l«ijtir, Wa ; 
leilitre, dot., S.—AS. hleahtor. 

£aif, sb. the remainder, B, S3 ; lalff, B ; 
layif, B, S2, S3; lafs, B; lave, B, JD, 
HD.— AS. /4^, what is left, heritage (Voc), 
from -lifan ^Grein), only found in com- 
pounds, e. g. be-lifan, to remain ; cp. OHG. 
bi-Ubatty to remain (^Tatian^, G. bUiben, 

^airOy sb. clay, mud, mire, WA, H, HD ; 
lajre, H ; lare, H ; quagmire, HD. — 
Icel. leir, clay, mire. 

lAiry , adj. miry, H ; lajxj, H ; Iftyxl, 
H ; layery, HD. 

Laiten, v. to seek, SD, HD, S2, WA ; 
le^ten, SD. — Icel. leita : Goth, wlatton, to 
look about. 

Xaitll, adj. loathsome, H ; see l^tli. 

Xaitis, sb. pi. gestures, S3 ; see lAtm. 

IrfJce, sb. a kind of fine linen, C2, HD, 
CM.— Cp. Du. laken, cloth, a sheet, OHC 
lahhatty also lachan (Otfrid). 
IrfJca, sb. standing-water, Prompt. ; 
rivulus, Voc.; lla!k,pl.y S2. Comb. : lake- 
ryftes, chines worn by water, S2. — AF. 
lakty OF. lac ; Lat. locum. 
IrfJca* sb. dot. a gift, offering, S ; see XK>k. 
IrfJcen, V to offer to God, S. — AS. {ge)- 
Idciattj to give. 
I^alcka, sb. defect, a failing, C2 ; lak. 
Prompt., C ; lao, SkD ; lake, blame. WA, 
S3 ; lakke, Ca ; lakkes, //. faults, PP.— 
Cp. Du. laky blemish. 
LaUcen, v. to lack, PP, C ; hlmlakked, 
pt. s. there lacked to him, Ca, 
XAUcen, V, to blame, G, PP, Prompt. ; 
]ak,JD; lakee, /r. j., Sa ; laokand, /r. /., 
H ; 7.JaUEed, pp., P.-Cp. Du. laJ^n^ to 

LAR-pAWES. 129 

I6y sb. Lammas, the first of 
August, PP, S2 ; Tiaimneeee, Prompt. — 
AS. hlammasse, hldf masse, loaf-mass, 
named from the Blessing of Bread. The 
Feast is called in the Sarum Manual 
BenedicHo novorum fructuum. 

Lampe, sb. lamp, Cath., PP ; lanmpe, 
S2, PP; lawmpe, Voc., Prompt. ; lampes, 
//., C3. — AF. lampe ; Lat. lampadem. 

Lampe, sb. a thin plate, C3; lamm, 
HD, ND.— OF. lame\ Lat. lamina. 

leaner, sb. a kind of hawk, basterdus, 
Voc; lanner, Cotg. ; lannard, HD. — 
OF. lanier (Cotg.); Lat. laniarium, that 
which tears, from laniarey to tear. 

Ifanere, sb, a thong. Prompt. ; see 

Lang, adj. long, tall, S; long, S, PP; 
lengxe, comp.y S; lender, S2, Ca, PP; 
lengore, S2 ; lang'e, adv. long, S ; longo, 
S, S2 ; lang, S2 ; leng, cotnp.y S ; lender, 
S3 ; lengere, S, Sa ; laagar, S3 ; lengest, 
superl.y S, Sa.— AS. lang. 

Langage, sb, language, C, Ca, PP.-. 
AF. langage. 

LangeSy/n//. belong, Sa ; see^enffen. 

lAng-fridaiy sb. Long- Friday, i. e. 
Good-Friday, S; lange-firldai, S.— Icel. 

Langmode, A^'..long-8uffermg, Sa.-* 
AS. Iang-m6d. 

IiaiigOIiry sb, languishment, slow star- 
vation, Ca, PP ; langonre, //. sicknesses, 
W. — AF. langour, illness ; Lat. languorem. 

Jpangnor, sb. disease, sickness, W; 
lAaffnores,//., W. — Lat. languor (Vulg.). 

lian^er, sb. a thong, Cath. ; see ^ajnere. 

lAppe, sb. lap, bosom, PP, Ca, C3 ; a 
l»PP«t, skirt, PP, S ; the lobe of the ear, 
Cath.— AS. lappa (OET). 

ZAp-pen, V. to wrap, W, H, Cath., 
SkD, HD : see Wlappen. 

Lare, sb. lore, S, Sa, H; see iMt^. 

Lare, sb. clay ; see Ibaire. 

Lare-fibdir, sb. teacher, doctor, H; 
larfodlr, H ; lare&ther, HD ; lorefiAdyr, 

Large, adj. liberal, generous, S, G, PP, 
C ; plentiful, Sa ; sb. size, Sa. — AF. large, 

Largeliche, adv. bountifully, PP, Sa ; 
largely, G. 

Largesse, sb. largess, bounty, PP, S3. 
— AF. largesce, 

Lar-))awes, sb, pi. teachers, S; see 




Las, sd. snare, lace, HD, SkD, C ; lai, 
S ; IMM, C3, C ; lasa, Voc—OF. las, laqs ; 
Lat. laqueus ; cp. AF. laz. 

Lase, V. to fasten, C ; lasynire, /r. /., 
C; Uo«d«,//. J., S; i-lac«d, >>^., S.— OF. 

Laser, sb. leisure, Sa, S3 ; see Keyser. 
Lasneiiy v, to lessen ; lamed, //. x ., 


Mno9Vy ^. and o^z'. comp. less, S, S2, 
S3, C3, PP ; lame, S. Phr. : lawM and 

more, smaller and greater, i. e. all, C2 ; on 
les tliat, on a less supposition than that, 
unless, SkD; onlesse tliat, Palsg. ; on- 
lerae, SkD ; Jd les )>e, lest, SD ; leste, 
S, PP ; les when, lest at some time, H. — 
AS. lassa, adj, ; and 1(bs, adv. ; py las pe, 

Last, sb. weight, burden, ship^s cargo, 
C2. — AS. hlast; see Sievers, 232. See 

Last, sb. fault, SD; lest, SD; laste, 
dat., S. — Icel. lostr (stem lasta) ; cp. OHG, 
lastar, abuse, blame (Otfrid). 

Lasrten, v. to find fault, blame, SD. 

Lasten, v. to follow out, last, endure, 
S, PP ; lesten, S, S2 ; last, pr. s., S, C2 ; 
lest, S ; laste, //. s., S, C2 ; lastede, S ; 
lestyt, //., S3. — AS. l<kstan, to perform, to 
last : Goth, laistjan, from laists (AS. hist), 
a foot-track. 

Lastingly, adv. constantly, W. 

Lat, pr. s. leads, S ; see Keden. 

Lat, Late, Laten ; see £eten. 

Late, sb. behaviour, look, gesture, S, S2 ; 
lete, S ; lote, S ; lates,//., S ; laitis, S3 ; 
loten, S.— Icel. Idl. See Zieten. 

Late, adj. and adv. slow, late, S, PP ; 
later, comp., S, PP; latere, adv., S2 ; 
latst, superl., S.— AS. lal: Goth, lals, 

Latefol, adj. late, W. 

LaS, adj. hateful, loath, S, S2 ; see ZK>tli. 

La8, sb. hatred, S.— AS. IdS. 

LaSe, sb. barn, horreum, granarium, 

Cath., Voc, HD; laXeu,pl., S.—lcel. AlaOa. 
LaSful, adj, hateful, S. 

LaSien, v. to invite, summon to a feast, 

SD.— AS. ladtan ; cp. OHG. lad(fn (Otfrid). 
LaSiere, sb. inviter, S. 
Latimer, sb. interpreter, S; latymer, 

HD ; latiueres, //., SD, HD.— AF. laty- 

mer\ OF. latinier, interpreter, lit. one 

knowing Latin; Late I-at. latinarium 



Latis, sb. lattice ; latijs, W2 ; latUds, 
//., W2.— Cp. F. lattis. 

Latly, adv. late, scarcely, H; latlier, 
comp./^. — AS. UBtlicc, cp. Icel. IcUliga. 

Laton, sb, auricalcum. Prompt., Ca ; 
latoun, C3, C, W, WA ; latten, Sh., ND, 
HD.— OF. laton. 

Latrede, adj. tardy, CM. — AS. latrade. 
See lAte. 

Latsma, adj. backward, SD. — AS. 

Latsunmes, sb, backwardness, H. 

Laude, sb. praise, C2. — Lat. laudem. 

Lauhen, v. to laugh, PP ; langHe, PP, 
C2 ; see Kahlien. 

Lauhte, //. s. seized, PP ; lai^te, PP, 
S2 ; lanote, S ; la^te, S ; see ^acchen. 

Laumpe, sb. lamp, S2 ; see bunpe. 

Lannce, sb. lance, PP, WA; lanoe, 
Cath. — AF. launce, lan^e ; Lat. lancea. 

Lanncegay, sb. a kind of spear, C2 ; 
lanoegaye, ND ; lawnceffaj, Prompt. — 
AF. launcegay (Godefroy). 

Lanncen, v. to hurl, fling, dart, to 
leap, hurry, to spring up, S3, PP ; lanse, 
S2 ; lannolien, to skip over a dike with a 
long pole ; lawnohgrn. Prompt. — OF. 
lancer, lancier, lanchier. 

Lannde, sb. a wild, untilled, shrubby, 
bushy plain, PP, CM*, C, HD ; lannd, Sh., 
ND, Cotg. ; lawnd, saltus, Voc. ; land, 
Cotg. ; lawnde, Cath. — AF. launde, forest, 
plain, OF. lande (Cotg.). 

Laiirer, sb. laurel, C ; loryjer, Prompt. ; 
loryel, lorel. Prompt. — OF. laurier, 
lorier\ Late Lat. *laurarium; from Lat. 

Lauren, v. to laugh, S3, PP; lanffbie, 
C2, PP ; lanlLwen, S, S2, PP ; see LaliJiii. 

Lane, sb. the remainder, B, JD, HD; 
see £alf. 

Lauen, v. to lave, wash, PP ; lanaade, 
pr.p., S2. — OF. lover \ Lat. lavare. 

Lauerd, sb. lord, S, S2 ; see Ikraerd. 

Lauerding, sb. nobleman, Sa. C£. 

Lauerdscldpe, sb. lordship, Sa ; lozd- 

scUpe, Wa. 
Laueroc, sb. lark, alauda, SD; lauezok, 

SD, JD ; lanerokke, CM ; lanerook, Sa ; 

larke, PP, Prompt., Voc.— AS. Idwerce 

Lauour, sb. laver, cistern, S3, CM, 

WW; laver, WW. 


XaW, adj. low, S3 ; see Xiouli. 

Lawe, sb, law, S, PP ; li^e, S ; Uffhe, 
S, H; lalM, S; Uffe, S; laffM, //., S; 
lahen, S; lawes, S; li^e, S; li^en, S; 
li^hMM, S. Phr. : ot the bMte law«, in 
the best order, G. — Icel. log (stem Az^), 
statute, decree. 

Laweftlly o^'. lawful, SD; lAwftill*, 

Lawelese, adj. lawless, S; li^elaaM, S. 

Lawelyche, adj, lawiul, S; laff«Uo«, 
a^z'., S. 

Z^y, sb. law, CM; religion, fidelity, 
Sa ; creed, C2, C3 ; laie«, //., PP.— OF. 
lai, ley^ lei; Lat. legem. 

Iiayes, sb, pi. leas, meadows, S3 ; see 

lAjke, ^^. game, sport, trial of strength, 
PP, Sa ; lalke, WA ; laik, PP.— Icel. leikr, 
Cf. Aok. 

Layten, t'. to play, sport, Sa, PP, 
Prompt., Manip. ; lalke, PP, WA ; Ujke, S. 
— Icel. leika ; cp. AS. Idcan, to spring, leap 
for joy, dance, contend : Goth, laikan, to 
leap for joy. 

lAyking, sb. play-thing; lajkyn'. 
Prompt.; lakan, Prompt (n); leiUn, a 
sweet-heart. Prompt. (»). 

Laynere, sb. a thong, C, CM ; layner, 
SkD (p. 814); lander, Cath.; lanyer, 
Palsg. ; lAnyr, Voc. ; lanere, Prompt. — 
OF. laniere (Cotg.), lasniere (Palsg.), 
lasnier (Bartsdi); Late Lat. *laniarta 
{linea)j the thong for a lanner. See bmer. 

XA^e, sb. law, S ; see X^awe. 

Ll^te, //• s. took, S ; see Lacohen. 

Xiasar, sb. leper, PP ; laier, C ; laiars, 
//., PP, C. — Church Lat. lazari, lepers 
(Ehicange), from Lazarus; Gr. h&(apos 
(Lu. 16. 30); Kth. Eleazary God helpeth. 

Lealltor, sb. vice ; lealitram, //. dot., 
S. — AS. leahtor, from leahan {lian), to 
blame : OS. lahan. 

Ideally sK reward, S. — AS. lianx Icel. 
laun, OHG. Un (Tatian). 

f, sb, falsehood, WW; see 



I^bardy sb. leopard, Sa ; see &«opart. 

^eecherye.x^. lewdness, PP; Uohole, 
S, Sa, PP.— AF. lecherie. 

Leche, sb. physician, S, Sa, S3, C3, H ; 
lMcli«, W ; laobe, S ; leobes, //., S3 ; 
iMbis, W.— AS. lacex Goth, lekeis. 

Ledie-craftt sb, knowledge of medi- 
cine, Sa, C, PP. 

Lechen, v to heil, Sa, HD, PP. 

Lechnien, v, to heal, SD.— AS. Idc^ 

Iieclilllinge, sb. healing, S.— AS. l&c- 

Lachonr, sb. a dissolute person,. PP; 
Utohour, W ; leoliiir, S ; leolLonrs, //., 
PP ; leohonris, W ; letchonrs, W.— AF. 
lecheuTy glutton, from OF. lecher^ to lick ; 
cp. OHG. gi-Uchm (Otfrid). See XdokMi. 

Lede, sb. man, PP ; Udes, pl.^ tenements, 
PP; see&eod. 

Iieden, v. to lead, carry, S, Sa, Prompt. ; 
lad«n, S; leaden, S; leide, S3; lat, pr. 
J., S, PP ; l96jm,, S3 ; ledde,//. x., 
S ; ladde, S. Sa, S3 ; liid, S ; lad, Sa, 
Indden, //., S ; ladde, Ca, PP ; 1-led, 
pp., S; 1-lad, S, G; lad, Sa, S3; lede, 

Sa ; ladde, PP AS. l^Bdan, to lead, carry, 

lift (pt. l(kdde, pp. iSded), from Idd, a way. 

Leden, adj. leaden, C3. See Leed. 

Leden, sb. language, Sa ; leoden, SD ; 
lede, WA; Indene, voice, PP; ledene, dot., 
Ca («.) ; PP; ledenes,//., S.— AS. fyden, 
language, also leden, Latin {on leden ge- 
reorde, Latina lingua, Voc); Lat. latinus; 
cp. OF. latin, speech (the warbling of birds), 
Bartsch, 385. ap. It. latino, language. 

]Le6- ; see also under lie-, ]beo-. 

£eed, sb. lead. Sa, S3, C3, Voc., 
Prompt; led, PP; lede, S3, P.— AS. 
had (OET) ; cp. OLG. I6d\ see Weigand 
(s.v. Ud). 

Ijaed, sb. a kitchen copper, CM (a. 7) ; 
leede, dot., C— Cp. ^a^(in dialects), HD, 
EDS. a I (Tusser). 

Leef, sb. leaf, a piece, PP, C ; lef, PP ; 
lyf, Sa, PP; leiie«, //., PP ; levl«, S3; 
leyvls, S3.— AS. Uaf\ Goth, laufs, laubs. 

Leef, adj. dear, S3, C ; see Leof. 

Leal, adj. leal, S3 ; see Ziel. 

Zieandis, sb. pi. loins, Sa ; see Lende. 

Zieap, sb. basket, W ; see X^epe. 

Iiaes, sb. leash, snare, C3, CM, Prompt. ; 
leese, CM ; see Kese. 

Lees, adj. and sb. false, a lie, Sa, PP ; 
lea, S ; less, Sa, S3 ; lease, S ; lese, S ; 
lessere, comp., S. — AS. lias; cp. Icel. 
laus, loose, dissolute. 

Leesiiure. sb. ficdsehood, S3 ; leasnnirt 
lesing, S, Sa, C3, Wa ; leasing, WW; 
leesing, W.— AS. liasung, 

Lefdi, sb. lady, S, Sa ; see Zienedy. 

Lef-fU, adj. believing, S. See bene. 

132 LEFSUM. 

Lefsimiy adj, allowable, PP ; see telf- 

Lege, adj. liege, S3 ; see Idge. 

Ijeggen, z'. to lay, S, Sa, W; leyn, 
S, S3 ; leie to, to add, W2 ; leirt, 2 pr. /., 
S ; leBBesst, S ; leiU, /r. x., S ; ley«, S ; 
leg^, //., S ; leide, pt. s., S, S2 ; leyde, 
S; le35de, S; lalde, S; Iseiden, //., S; 
leyden, S2 ; leid, //., S; leyd, S, S2 ; 
i-leid, S ; i-leyd, S; y-leid, S3 ; y-leyd, 
C2.--AS. lecgan : Goth, lagian. 

Xegistre, sb. a legist, man skilled in 
the law ; leffister. Prompt. ; lairistres, 
//., P.— AF. legistre ; Late Lat. legista, 

Leif, sb. leave, licence, B ; see Zieue. 

Leifsumy adj. allowable, S3 ; lafinim, 

Leir, sb. a couch, bed ; lelre, dat.^ S- — 
AS. leger^ lying, illness. 

Leiren, v. to lay low, stemere ; leirede, 
//., SD ; laid on a sick bed, S.— AS. Uger- 
ian (Leo). 

!Leir-stowe, sb. sepmlchre, SD. 

Leit, sb. lightning, S, W, W2 ; leyt, W2 ', 
leitla,//.^ W, W2.— AS. ISget, liget, Mt. 24. 
27, lieget ; see Sievers, 247. 

Leiten, v to flame, SD ; to lighten, W2^ 
leitlnde, pr. p. , S. See above . 

Leityng^S, lightnings, W. 

Leiden, v. to laugh, W ; see Lalilieii. 

Lei^tir, sb. laughter, W2 ; see l^aliter. 

Lei^yng, sb. laughing, W. 

Lei, adj. leal, loyal, trae, S2, S3; Uel, 
PP, S3; lele, S2.—AF. /<?«/, OF. Uiali 
Lat. legalem, 

Lelliche, adv. truly, S2, S3, PP ; lelly, 
S2, S3, PP^ leelly, S2, PP; lelye, S2; 
lely, H; lelest, superl., PP. 

Lame, jsb. gleam, light, S, S2, PP, CM ; 
leom, PP; leome, S; lemes, //., CM; 
leemes; C ; leamea, S3 ; lemya, S3 ; leom- 
ene, pi. gen,, S ; lemene, S. — AS. lioma. 

Lemen, v. to shine, SD ; leomen, SD ; 
lexnand, pr. p., S3, WA ; leomede, pt. j., 
SD; lemede, SD; Umed, PP. — AS. 

Lemxnan, sb. sweetheart, lover (of both 
sexes), mistress, concubine, S, C2, C3, PP; 
Ummans, //., WA ; see Leofinon. 

Lende, sb. loin, lumbus, Voc, S2; 
lendes,//., HD, G; leendis, S2, W, W2 ; 
Undls, H ; lendys, PP.— AS. lendenu, pi. 

(Voc); cp. OHG. lendi (G. Unde), lenttn 

Lende, v, to land, arrive, to remain, 


dwell, to cause to land, S, PP ; lend, //. //., 
S2 ; lended, //., S2 ; ylent, S2.— Icel. 
lenda, to land; cp. AS. {ge)landian, to 
cause to land. See £ond. 

Lane, adj. lean, S, PP, C3, Prompt-, 
Cath.— AS. hl^Rtte. 

Lenen, v. to lean, PP ; len, H ; lenede, 
pt. 5., PP ; leonede, PP, S2 ; lent, pp., S3. 
—AS. hlionian ; cp. Lat. clinare (in incli- 

ILenen, v. to lend, grant, S, PP, 82, S3, 
C3 ; leenen, W ; lennen, Cath. ; leendyn. 
Prompt. ; len, imp. x., S2 ; lenys, pr. s., 
H; lennys, H; len«, S (i. 51); l»nte«, 
2 pt. s., S2 ; i-lenet, //., S ; y-lent, C3; 
i-leaned, S; land, S2 ; lend, S2; lent, 
S2.— AS. Icman. See &»n, XK>ne. 

Ijener, sb, lender, usurer, W; leyner, 

Leng, Lenger, Lengre ; see iMn^, 

Lenge, v. to linger, remain, dwell, PP, 
S2 ; lenged,//. J., PP.— AS. lengan, ^ee 

LengSe, sb, length, S, PP ; len«e, Sa. 
—AS. lengH, 

Lennen, v. to lend, Cath. ; see Xien^n. 

Lennynge, sb. a lending, H ; lend- 
srnge. Prompt. 

Lenten, sb. spring, lent, S2, PP; lente, 
PP, C2.— AS. lengten, 

Leo- ; see also under Le-. 

Leod, sb. a man, also, a tenement, pos- 
session, PP, S2 ; leode, PP ; lede, PP, WA ; 
Ind, S2; leode«, //., PP; leodia, PP; 
ledes, S2, PP ; ledls, PP, WA ; leedes, PP, 
G ; Indes, S2.— AS. Hod, a prince (Grain). 

Leode^x^. country-men, people, S; leede, 
G ; leoden, dot,, S; lede, HD, S2, WA; 
leode, S2. Phr. : land and lede, HD. — 
AS. Uod, sb. f. a people, pi. liode^ men 
(Grein); cp.OHG. Hut (Otfrid). 

Leof, adj. dear, beloved, glad, S, PP, Sa ; 
Uef, S, S3, C2, PP; lef, S, S3, HD ; leef, 
S3, C, PP ; Uf, S ; lefe, S2 ; lene, PP, S, 
S2, S3, C2 ; Uene, S ; Inef, S2 ; Inf, S2 ; 
leone, S ; leofde, S ; lener, comp., S3, C2 ; 
leof, adv. PP ; Inf, PP ; lenere, comp., S, 
S2; leonere, S; lener, H; leonest, 
superl, S, S2 ; lonest, S ; leneste, Sa.— 
AS. Uof. 

Leofliche, adj. dear, precious, S ; adv.^ 
S ; lenelike, S ; leoflnlcest, adj. superL, 
S.— AS. kq/lic, adj. ; Uoflice, adv. 

Leef-mon, sb. dear oxie, beloved one, 
lover (used of both sexes), S; lefinon, S, 


HD ; lemmaa, S, PP, Ca,C3 ; laouemon, 
S ; toirnnaneg, //. sweethearts, PP ; lam- 
mons, concubines, PP. 

Jaeofanan^ adj, precious, S; lefimm, 

Iieofben, v, to flatter, caress ; Uoftad«, 
//. s., S. 

Iieome, sb, limb, Sa ; see Um. 

Iieome, Iiecmen ; seeZieniej&emen. 

Iieon, sh. lion, S2, C2, WA; lann, S; 
leonn, S, S2, Ca ; lyonn, Sa ; linns,//., S; 
Uuns, S. — AF. //«», OF. leon ; Lat. leoncm, 

Leonyil, adj lion-like, C a.— OF. leonin ; 
Lat. leoninum. 

Iieoparty sb. leopard, PP; leparde, 
Voc. ; Upart, C ; lebard, Voc ; lel>erde, 
Voc. ; lylMrde, Cath. ; Ubard, B ; lab- 
barde. Prompt. ; lebt>ard. Prompt. ; leo- 
perdes, //., PP ; lapardes, Ca ; lebardes, 
Sa; Ubardes, Sa; Uberdes, S3.~AF. 
leopard, leopart, lepart^ pi. Uoparz. 

Leor, sb. cheek, face, S, PP, Sa ; lere, 
PP, Sa, S3, WA ; lire, PP ; lure, SD.— 
AS. kUor, the cheek, face, look. 

Xeomen, v, to leam, S, Sa ; see lAx- 

Leoming-cnilit, sb. disciple, SD, S. 

XeoSre, adj. bad, S ; see LidSer. 

£epe, sb. basket, Voc, HD, H (s.v. ber), 
Palsg.; Imp, W, Wa, Prompt.; leap, 
Cotg. (s.v. nasse) ; lepis, //., W ; lepes, S 
(s.v. bread). — ^AS. liap ; cp. Icel. laupr, 

J^epen, v. to leap, run, PP, G; lope, 
Cath., HD; leop,//. j., PP, Sa ; lep, PP; 
leep, PP ; lap, Sa, S3 ; lepe, PP ; loupe, 
P ; lope, Sa, PP; lep,//., Sa ; lopen, P ; 
lope, P ; lopen, pp., PP, Sa, HD ; lepte, 
//. s. (weak), Sa ; Upplde, W; lepten,//., 
PP.— AS. hliapan, pt. hl6op (pi. hliopon), 
pp. hliapen\ Goth. hlaupan\ cp. Icel. 

Iieper, sb. leaper, Cath. ; loper, Cath.; 
leperes, //. runners, wanderers, PP. 

Lepe-^ere, sb. leap-year, Voc, Cath. 

liapre, sb. leprosy, Sa ; leprye, Manip. 
— AF. lepre ; Lat. lepra (Vulg.); Gr. X^ir/)a. 

Zierey sb. flesh, muscle, Ca ; see Ziyre. 

Iiarey sb. cheek, face, Sa, S3 ; see Leor. 

Lered, //. used as adj. ; IsBredd, the 
learned, clergy, S ; lemd, instructed, W, 
Wa.— AS. iSred. 

^ered-meily sb. pi. the learned, the 
clergy, S. 

I«ren, v. (i) to teach, S, Sa, S3, H ; 
leaxen, S; leoren, S; ler, imp. s,, S; 



lerede, //. x,, S ; leorde, S ; lerde, Sa ; 
y-lered,//., Sa. (a) iBereHyV. to leam, S, 
Sa, S3, Ca, H. — AS. laran : Goth, latsjan, 
to msdce to find out, to teach. 

Lemed, adj. learned, Ca, PP. 

Lemeily v. to leam, teach, S, Sa, S3, 
PP, Wa ; Inrnen, Sa ; leomen, S, Sa ; 
leomin, S.— AS. leomian. 

LeSy Lese, adj. false, S ; see ILees. 

Lese, sb. a leash, laxa, Cath., PP ; lees. 
Prompt., C3 ; leeoe. Prompt. ; lease, Cotg. 
(s.v. laisse) ; lesshe, Palsg. ; leessbe, HD ; 
leTSche, Sa. — OF. laisse \ Lat. laxa^ a 
loose rope. 

Lesen, v. to lose, Sa, S3, Ca, PP, W 
Uese, S ; leese, PP, S3 ; to destroy, W 
leosen, S, Sa, PP ; leest, a pr. s., PP 
lest, pr. s., Sa ; lees, //. x., PP ; les, PP 
lese, PP ; loren, //., PP ; lorn, //., PPj 
Sa ; lome, S3 ; lore, PP, G, Sa ; Uore, 
G ; 7-lore, Sa ; loste, pi. s. (weak), W 
losten, //., PP, C3, C, Wa ; loste, //., PP 
lost, PP; 7-lost, C3.— AS. l^asan, pt. l^as 
(pi. luron), pp. loren. 

Lesen, v. to set free, redeem, S. HD, 
H; les, imp. s., Sa ; lese, G; lesde, 
pi. s., S; Used, pp., S; i-lesed, S.— AS. 
IJsan : OS. ISsian. 

Leser, sb. releaser, SD, HD, Sa. 

Ijesewe, sb. pasture, Wa ; leesewe, 
Wa; lese, SD, Sa; lewse, dat., S; 
lesewls, pi., W; lyssonris, S3.— AS. 
lesu, Icesu. 

LesewilljZ'.to feed; leu9W7ngB,pr.p., 
W, Sa ; lesewld,//., Wa.— AS. laswian. 

Lesing, sb. a lie, S, Sa, C3, W; lesyng, 
PP ; see DLeeslnge. 

Lesing-monger, sb. liar, W. 

Iiesnessey sb, remission, Sa. See 

Lesse, adj. comp. less, S. 

Lessilly V. to diminish, Prompt. ; lessi, 

Ijessinge, sb. diminution, Sa. 

Lest, sb. desire, Ca ; see Lnst. 

Lesty sb. fault, SD ; see Last. 

Lest, pr. s. it pleases, PP; //. s., PP; 
see Lnsten. 

Lest, pr. s. loses, Sa ; see Ziesen. 

Leste, adj. super I. least, Sa, Ca, G, 
PP ; lest, S, PP ; last, S.— AS. last. 

Leste, imp. s. listen, S ; see Lnsten. 

Lesten, v. to last, S, Sa ; see Lasten. 

LOStinde, ad/, lasting, S ; leastinde, S. 



ILesty, adj. cunning, skilful, S3. See 

Zies-when, conj. lest at some time, H. 
See ^asM. 

Lesynge,^^. loss, PP ; lesyng, S3,C2, 
PP ; loiTiiff, S2. See Kesen. 

Leten, v, (i) to let, cause, permit, (a) 
to let go, (3) to leave, forsake, neglect, 
desist, (4) to behave, pretend, C5) to esteem, 
S, S2, C3, H ; lAten, S; leoten, S; Isote, 
S ; lAte, imp. s., Sa ; lat, Ca ; lest, a/r. s., 
S ; letip, pr. s., Sa ; lates, Sa ; lattis, H ; 
l»t, //. J., S ; let, Sa, S3 ; leet, Sa, Ca ; 
1-leten, //., S ; latnn, W ; laten, H— 
AS. l<kanj litan, pt. ///, Uotf pp. laten\ cp. 
Icel. lata. 

Leten, v. to delay, S ; Uten, S.— AS. 
laiian. Cf. X^etten. 

Xietlierien, v. to be in a lather, SkD ; 
ll8eri,/r. s. subj., S.— ONorth. ktirian, to 
anoint (John 11. 2), from AS. liajdor, lather 
(Voc.) ; cp. Icel. lauHr^ froth. 

Lette, sb, delay, S, S3, Ca ; let, S2. 

Letten, v. to hinder, to make late, PP, 
S2, S3, C2; let,/r. J., S, PP; lette,//. s., 
S, C2; letted, S3; lettld, H.— AS. 
lettan : Icel. letja : Goth, latjan, to be late. 

Lettere, sb. hinderer, S2, PP. 

Lettre, sb. writing, C2, PP; lettres, 
//., C3, PP.— AF. lettre\ Lat. littera. 

Iiettmre,^^. writing, scripture, learning, 
PP, W2 ; lettemre, C2, PP, C3 ; letty- 
reure, H. — AF. leiirure, OF. Utreure\ 
Lat. litteratura, 

Letuariey sb. electuary, C3 ; lettwazy, 
Cath. ; letnarles, //., Cath. («), C— OF. 
laituaire, leiture^ Utuaire, eUctuaire ; Lat. 
electuariuMy a medicine dissolving in the 
mouth (Ducange). 

ILeude, adj. ignorant, H ; see Aewed. 

Lenn, sb. lion, S ; see Keon. 

Leute, sb. loyalty, PP ; see l^ewte. 

Zieue, sb. permission. Prompt., S2, Ca, 
PP ; leane, S ; leif, B. Phr. : nom Iteue, 
took leave, took permission to go, S ; nam 
leAie, S; tok his lene, S, C2; tnk his 
leyff, S3 ; be 3oure leue, by your leave, 
WA.— AS. I^a/. 

Leue, sb. belief, S; leene, S3; Issfe, S; 
lafe, S.— AS. {ge)liafa. 

Leue, adj. dear, S. S2, S3, C2 ; see lieof. 

Leue, V. to live, S2, S3 ; see Uulen. 

Iieued, adj. covered with leaves, PP, S2. 

Leuec^, sb. lady, S2, H ; leuedi, S2, 
S; leMye, S2; lefdi, S, S2; lealdl, S; 


lauedl, S; Imiedl, S; latfdi, S.— AS. 


Leuefnl, adj. allowable, PP ; leeueftil, 
S2, C3, W; leeflul, S2 ; leeftil, S2, S3.— 
AS. UaffuL 

Leuen, v. to permit, S, S2, S3, Ca, PP ; 
lef, imp. s., S. — AS. ly/an, to allow. 

Leuen, v. to believe, S, S2, S3, Ca, PP; 
leanen, S; leenen, S2; lejme, PP; 
lefenn, S; lyiie, PP ; lef, imp. s., S, PP; 
leef, PP, S2 ; lenes, pi., S2 ; leueden, //. 
//., W ; leeued, pp., S3.— AS. {ge)lyfan : 
Goth. {ga)laubjan, 

Leuen, v. to leave, to dismiss, to re- 
main, relinquerey relinqui, PP, S, S2, S3 ; 
leanen, S ; lef, Sa ; leaf, imp. s., S ; lef, S ; 
leene, Sa ; lenes, /r. //., Sa ; lefde,//. J., 
S; leafde, S ; lefte, Sa, S3; lenede,//., Sa ; 
lafte, Ca ; laft, pp., Sa, Ca ; lewyt, S3 ; 
7-left, Sa. — AS. l^/an, to leave, from /d/, 
remains, heritage. See laJf. 

Leuene, sb. lightning, Cath. (n\ 
Prompt. ; levin, JD, SD, ND ; levyn. 
Prompt. — Cp. Goth, lauhmuni, also Dan. 
lyn ; see Douse, p. 103. 

Leuenen, v. to smite with lightning, 
to shine ; levyn, Cath. ; lenenand,/r./., 
Cath. {n\ H. 

Leuenynge, sb. lightning, Cath., H ; 
lenening, Sa ; leyfiisniff) Voc. ; lenan- 
jngis,pl., H. 

Leuere, adj. comp. dearer, preferable, 
PP, S, Sa ; adv. more dearly, sooner, 
rather, PP, Sa j lener, PP, Sa, S3 ; see 

Levy, sb. a raising, esp. of money, SkD 
(p. 815).— OF. levie, a levy (Cotg.). 

Levy, V. to raise (money), SkD ; leneyed, 
//., S3.— OF. lever \ Lat. letiare, 

Lewch, //. s. laughed, S3 ; see Trftlihen 

Lewde, adj. ignorant, S3 ; see Ibewed. 

-lewe, suffix. Cf. Chekelew, OostLewe, 
Dmnkenlewe, 8iklewe,]mrstlew. — IceL 
suffix -ligr, passing into -liWy and then into 
-lew, by influence of w on »; cp. Icel. 
kosiligr, ME. costlewe, costly (W.W. S.). 

Lewe, sb. shelter, S; lew, HD.— AS. 
hleowy hlio. 

Lewe, adj. warm, tepid, S ; lew, HD,W. 

Lewed, adj. unlearned, ignorant, worth- 
less, Sa, C, Ca, PP, H; Isewedd, S; 
lewde, S3, Prompt; lewld, W; lawd, 
H; lawde, H; lende, H; lewedeste, 
superl, PP.— AS. I6nved, lay, *laicus' 
(Voc), {ge)lhued, pp. of l^nvan, to weaken. 

Lewedly, adv, ignorantly, Ca, C3. 


Lewednesse, sb, ignorance, PP, Sa, 
Ca; lewdnesse, PP; lewdMS, S3; 
lewdeneime, Prompt 

Xewke, adj. tepid, Cath. ; Inke, Cath. («). 

Iia'WSey sb. pasture, S ; see Keiewe. 

£ewte, sb. loyalty, fidelity, G, Prompt., 
PP; lente. PP.— AF. Ualte, OF. Ualted\ 
Lat. legalitatem, 

Xewth, sb, shelter, HD.— AS. hleovAi, 

^eye, sb, flame, PP, S; l«ie, S; 1«1, 
SD.— AS. /e;^ : Icel. logi, Cf. lK)we. 

^eye, J^. untllled land, PP; l«j. 
Prompt. ; laye, dot, , S3 ; laye, adj., G ; 
layes, //. meadows, S3 ; leys, S3 ; leyes, 
PP; leyjes, PP; leam S3 (^p. aaS).— AS. 

Xey^lond, J^. lea-land, PP ; lajlaade, 
* terre nouvellement labour^e,' Palsg. 

Leyen, //. //. lay, S, S3; leyn, pp., 
lain, S3 ; see U^gen. 

Leyn, z'. to lay, S, S3 ; leyde, //. s., 
S ; leyd,//., S, S2 ; see Keggen. 

Leyser, x^. leisure, C, Ca ; laser, Sa, 
S3 : layimre, Manip. — AF. leisir ; Lat 

-le^^C, suffix^ used in forming abstract 
nouns, found in Ormulum, S.— Icel. -leikr, 
or -Uiki. Cf. -la«. 

UL- ; see also under Ly-. 

Ubben, v. to live, S, Sa, S3; see 

Lich, sb. body, form, S, PP, SkD ; Uolie, 
S, PP, W A ; like, WA ; lyoUe, dead body, 
Prompt. Comb.', licliewake, the watch 
held over the body of the dead, C, SD ; 
lyke-waik, JD, Prompt. (»).— AS. lie, the 
body, generally the living body ; cp. Goth. 
leik, the body, also a corpse. Cf. Uclie. 

ULc-hame, sb. body, S ; lioham, S ; 
lykliame, PP ; Uoame, S, PP ; Uoam, PP, 
Sa ; Ukame, PP ; likam, PP, Sa ; lykam, 
PP; lykame, Sa ; lyoome, S; Uham, 
PP ; Ucliames, gen., S ; Uoames, PP.— 
AS. He-hama, a body, properly * body- 
covering '; cp. Icel. Hkami. 

Uchaililiclie, eidj. bodily, carnal, S; 
Uohomliolie, S.— AS. Uehamlic, 

Uche, adj. like, resembling, PP, S3; 
lyoli©, PP, Sa ; lioh, Sa ; lijk, Wa ; lylk, 
Wa ; lykkest, superl, Sa.— AS. He, found 
usually In the form ge-Ue. Cf. Xdoli, Zlioli. 

-liche, suffix, found in adjectives and 
adverbs. — AS. -/?V, adj. sufi&x, -lice^ adv. 



Xicht, adj, light, not heavy, easy, Sa, 
B ; see Zdlit. 

licht, pr. s. lights, S ; see XdBten. 

lichtlines, sb. levity, jesting ; lyokt- 
lynes, S3. 

Licken, v. to lick, SkD ; llokiden, //. 
//., W (Lu. 16. ai). Comb. : lyok-peny, 
a name for London from its licking up the 
penny, swallowing money, S.^^ ; lick-penny, 
^3 (»).— AS. liceian ; cp. OHG. lechSn in 
gi'Uehdn (Otfiid) ; see Brugmann, § a 14. 
Cf. Zieolioiir. 

licour, sb. liquor, juice, Sa, C3 ; 
lyoonr, PP; liqnonre, Manip.; licnr, 
SkD. — OF. Heur ; Lat liquorem, 

lic-wnrSe, adj. pleasing, S. 

Idd, sb. a cover, lid, SD ; lydde, Cath. ; 
book-cover, HD ; Udes, pi,, lids of the 
eyes, S.— AS. hitd. 

Liden, v. to cover, SD.— AS. hlldan, to 
cover (in be-hlidan), pp. hliden, 

Lieftenant, sb. lieutenant, deputy, S3 ; 
Uoftenants,//., S3.— AF. lieutenant ; Lat. 

liese, V. to lose, S ; see £esen. 

Lifes, pr. s. lives, Sa ; see Unien. 

Lift, adj. left, S, Sa, PP; see Iiyft. 

Lige, adj. liege, free, PP, Ca, C3 ; lyge, 
PP; Uege, PP; lege, S3, PP, SkD; 
leeffe, PP ; lyohe, Prompt. ; llge, sb. pL, 
liege servants, PP, Ca ; lyges, PP ; lieges, 
Sa, C3; liegis, PP; leges, PP.— OF. 
lige (Bartsch), lige seignur, liege lord 
(Roland, a4ai) ; cp. AF. seignour lige, 
and homes liges ; cp. Low Lat. ligius. 

Ligeaunce, sb. allegiance, C3.— OF. 
ligeance, see NED (s. v. allegiance), 

Idgen, V. to tell a lie, S ; see LyBsn. 

Idggen, V. to lie, S, Sa, H, Ca, W; 
llgen, H ; li^en, Sa ; lien, S ; le^e, S ; 
list, a/r. j.,S; 118, /n ^., S, Sa ; ly«, S ; 
ligc^,//., S ; llgges, continue, Sa ; lygge, 
pr. pi. subj., Sa; lai, //. j., S; lay to, 
suited, Sa ; leigen, pL, S ; leyen, S, S3 ; 
y-leye,//., P; i-leie, S; leie, W; leyn, 
S3 ; y-li^ne, S3 ; i-lei^en, Sa. — AS. licgan, 
pt. Iceg, pi. lagan {Idgon^, pp. gelegen, 

Idggyxig, sb. lying down, W. 

Idgh.t6, V. to make less heavy, to re- 
lieve a horse of his burden by descending, 
to alight, CM ; lygkte, S3, C3, Cath. 
ligkt, Sa, S3 ; Ujten, S, Sa ; llgten, S 
listen, S ; lyjt, Sa ; lijte, pt. s., PP , 
la^te, PP ; lyjt, Sa ; lyoktyt,//., S3 ; liHt, 
[pp., Sa; ligt, S.— AS. lihtan. See Idlit. 



Ijihan, v. to deceive, S ; see I^^wl, 

Ijihty adj. light, not heavy, easy, S ; 
l7lLt,S; lio]Lt,Sa; li)t,W2; U^te, active, 
S ; adv.j S2 ; U^tere, comp , Sa, W.— AS. 
leohii OHG. lihti\ cp. Goth. leihts\ see 
Sievers, 83. 

Lihtlich, adj, easy, light, S ; lUitUolie, 
adv., S ; U5tUolie, S, S2.— AS. /ffi?>4//«V, 

Lihtschipey j^. swiftness, S. 

Liken, v. to please, SkD, PP, WW, 
S3; llki, S; lykyen, S; like, to rejoice, 
S2 ; llkeU, pr. s. tmpers., PP, S2 ; lyke'S, 
PP, S2, C2 ; lykede, pt. x., S2.— AS. lician 
(also Ucan\ to please, literally, to be like 
or suitable for. See Uche. 

UkeroUS, adj. dainty, lecherons, S2, 
I^P, C3 ; lykerons, PP ; lyoorouM, 
dainty-mouthed, Palsg. ; liooroiis, Cotg. 
(s.v. lecheresse). See ^eolLour. 

Likfoly adj. pleasing, SD. 

Ukinge, sb. pleasure, S, W; lUdnff, 
PP, Wa ; lykynfiT. Sa, Ca. 

Idkinge, adj\ favourable ; lykynfire, Sa. 

LiUi, adj. likely, SD. 

Lildihedy sb. likelihood, SkD; lyUi- 
liede, Ca. 

LiUinessey sb. probability; lykll- 
nesse, Ca. 

Idkneily v. to liken, to compare, PP ; 
lykne, PP; Uokne, PP; lykned,//., Ca; 
Uoned, W ; iliknet, Sa. 

Liknessey sb. likeness, appearance, PP, 
W ; Uooness, S ; liknes, Sa ; lyknes, S3. 
— AS. gelicnes. 

Xdlbnme, sb. a heavy stupid fellow, S3. 

Xilie, sb. lily, argentea, S, Sa. Comb. : 
lyUe-wliyt, lily-white, Sa. — AS. lilie 
(Voc.); LtLtItliajpl.o{liltum; cp.OHG. 
it/ta (Otfrid). 

Idm, sb. limb, S ; lym, Sa ; lyme, PP ; 
leome, PP, Sa ; limen, //., S ; lemes, 
PP ; limes, S; lymes, limbs, W3,S2, PP, 
Ca ; creatures, PP ; lyms, S3 ; lixnmes, 
C2. PAr. : feondes lymes, limbs of the 
fiend, PP (cp. Icel. /imir Fjdndans) ; tbe 
denyl and his lynunes, H (Ps. 108. 30>. 
Comb. : lim-mele, limb-meal, SD ; limel, 
S. — AS. Urn, lim-miklum, * membratim.* 

Umpen, v. to happen, to belong to, S ; 
lomp, pt. s.y SD ; lymppede {weak), HD ; 
iTunpen, pp., S2. — AS. limpan, pt. lamp 
(pi. lumpon), pp. gelumpen. 

-ling, suffix. See SkD (s.v. darkling). 

Xdxinen, v. to cease^ S ; lynne, S ; lin, 


HD ; lam, S3 ; Ian, //. s., SD. — AS. 
linnan, pt. lann (pi. lunnon), pp. lunnen ; 
cp. Icel. linna, 

Idnniingay sb. ceasing, S. 

Upnen, v. to trust ; lippin, JD. 

Idpning, sb. trust ; lypnynir* B. 

Liref sb. cheek, face, PP ; see Aeor. 

Lispen, v. to lisp, SkD ; lyspe, Cath. ; 
lipsede, pt. s., C. — ^AS. wlispian. 

Usse, sb. ease, rest, joy, happiness, S, 
PP; lywM, S, PP.— AS. liss (for liti-s) ; 
see Sievers, 258. See ZdSe. 

Lissdeily v. to ease, SD; lime, HD; 
lyss, S3. — AS. lissian^ 

List, pr. s. impers. it pleases him, S2, 
S3, Ca ; see Lnsten. 

Xiste, V. to desire, PP ; see Austen. 

Liste, sb. list or edge of cloth, PP, 
Manip. ; lyrte, PP, S2, Palsg., Cath.; 
lyyste. Prompt. ; lyyst, Prompt. Comb. : 
lyste of the ear, mol de Voraylle, Palsg. — 
OF. liste ; Icel. lista. 

Liste, sb. craft, astuteness, S, S2.— AS. 
list\ cp. Icel. list, OHG. list, from Teut. 
base LIS. Cf. Lore. 

Listely, adv. slily, S2.— AS. listlice. 

Listes, sb. pi. the lists, the ground 
enclosed for a tournament, C2 ; lystes, C. 
— AF. listes, pi. ; OF. lisse, (also lice), a tilt- 
yard ; see Ducange (s. v. licia). 

Listre, sb. a lector, preaching friar, PP ; 
listyr. Prompt. ; reader, Trevisa, 6. 257 ; 
listres, //., PP. — OF. listre for litre \ 
Church Lat. lector (Ducange). 

Lit, adj. little, S ; see liyte. 

Lit, sb. stain, dye, colour, S, SD ; littis, 
//., WA. — Icel. litr, colour, complexion, 
countenance, dye. See Wliten. 

Litarge, sb. litharge, protoxyde of lead, 
C, C3. — OF. litharge \ Lat lithargyrus \ 
Gr. \i$6.pyvpoi. 

Liteled, //. s. 2 p. didst esteem lower, 
S2 ; see Lntlin. 

Llth, sb. joint, limb, member, PP, S, S2, 
C ; lytli, HD; lythe. Prompt— AS. liH; 
cp. Icel. liHr, (joth. lithus. 

LiSe, V. to go, pass through, S ; UBea, 
S.— AS. man ; cp. Icel. litia, OHG. IWan, 
to go through, suffer (Otfrid), Goth, leithan. 

LiSe, culj. gentle, mild, soft, calm, 
sweet, S ; lytlie. Prompt. ; lytl&e, adv., 
HD.— AS. lide (for linth-j-a) ; cp. OHG. 
lindi, lind, Icel. linr. Cf. Unnen. 

LiSeliche, adv. gently, S.— AS. Htielice. 

LiSer, adj. bad, S2 ; see Au'Ser. 


IdVien, V. to relax, S, SD ; USe, PP, 
WA ; Utile, to alleviate, S3 ; to grow 
calm, Sa.— AS. Udian. 

USnien, v. to ease ; VXiBliBi, pp.y PP. 

Utte, V. to dye, H, Cath., HD ; litMi, 
Prompt. — Icel. lita, to dye. See Ut. 

Uttester, 5^. dyer, tinctor^ tinctrix, 
Cath.; lytster, tinctor^ Voc. ; lyster, 
Cath.; lyirtare, Prompt; Utirtan, //., 
HD. See Xdt. 

Una, Uues ; see Lji 

Uuelod, sb, sustenance, S3 ; see l^/U 



LiuenoSey sb, sustenance, S. — Icel. 

Hfnadry conduct of life. 

Linien, v. to live, S ; Uue, S ; leiffe, 

S3 ; lAflen, S ; Uue, S2, S3 ; Ueuen, S3 ; 

Ubben, S, S2, S3 ; lybl>e, S2, S3 ; Unlende, 
/r. /., S ; Ubblnde, S ; leiuuid, S3 ; leo- 
wi]iAe,S : ly&nd, S2 ; Uifiuid, Sa ; liiiMi, 

ly«iwi, pr. pLy Sa ; llfd, //. s., Sa ; t-leued, 
//., S ; i-luued, S ; leyfl^t, S3.— AS. lifiarty 

libbatty to remain, to be left, to live ; cp. 

AS Ufatty to leave, and OHG. be-libafty to 
remain (Tatian). 

Uninify sb. means of livelihood, S3. 

Xdzty 2 pr, s. liest, G ; see Lj^en. 

^t, sb. light, S ; lybt, S, Sa ; Uoht, 
S; Uot, S; Ubt, S, PP; lyjt, Sa ; lobt, 
S ; ll5t,//., Sa.— AS. leoht : Goth. liuAatA ; 
cp. OHG. iw/a (Otfrid). 

^t, adj, light, bright. WA; lybt. 
Sa.— AS. i6ohf ; cp. OHG. ItoA/ (Otfrid). 

Listen, v. to light, enlighten, to become 
bright, S ; libten, S ; Hot, tmp.y S ; licbt, 
pr. s., S ; libtede, //. s,y S ; i-Ujt, //., Sa ; 
Uht, S ; lybt, Sa.— AS. /yA^atty lihian. 

U^ten, V, to alight, S, Sa ; see U^bte. 

Li^tiy adj. bright, shining, W. 

Li^tinge, sb. lightning, Sa. 

Id^tne, V. to enlighten, shine, dawn, W, 
Wa ; U^tnede,//. j., W. 

U^tnere, sb. enlightener, Wa. 

U^tnyng, sb. illumination, W, Wa. 

lK>b, sb. a clown, a clumsy fellow, HD ; 
a lout, lubber, Sh. 

lK>bbe-keling, sb. a large cod, Sa. 

lK>b-COCke, sb. lubber, S3, Cotg. (s. v. 
baltgaut)y HD. See lK)b. 

^Obres, lubbers, PP, Sa. 

^Oby, sb. looby, PP ; lobyea,//., PP. 

lK>de, sb, a way, path, SD ; loode, some- 
thing carried, a load, vecturUy Prompt.; 
lade, SD. — AS. {ge)l(id, a way, path, from 
liHan, to go. See U0e. | 

Lode-menage, sb. pilotage, C. 

Ledesman, sb. pilot, Palsg. ; lodes- 
mon, Sa ; lodyrauuine, ' vector, vehicul- 
arius,' Prompt. 

Lode-star, sb. load-star, S3; lode- 

Lode-stone, sb. loadstone, SkD. 

Lof, sb. praise, S, Sa ; lofe, S, WA ; loft, 
S. — AS. lof\ Icel. lofy praise, permission, 
OS. lof'y cp. OHG. lob vOtfrid). 

Lof, sb. loaf, S ; see ILoofl 

Lofen, V. to praise, S, Sa ; lone, SD, 
Sa, S3, H ; lorand, pr. /., HD, Si, H.— 
AS. lofiatty to praise; cp. Icel. lofHy to 
praise, to permit. 

Lof-80ngy sb. song of praise, S ; loft- 
momg, S; loftsonffes, //., S. — AS. lof- 

Lofty sb. an upper room, height, PP, G, 
SkD. Phr. : on lofte, aloft, literally, in the 
air, PP, Sa, C3 ; on pie lofte, S.— Icel. lopty 
air, sky, an upper room, balcony; d lopt^ 
aloft, in the air. Cf. IVyft. 

LoggOy sb. a lodge, hut, small cottage, 
B, CM ; logo, WA; lodffe, WW; Inge, 
HD.— AF. loge. 

Loggen, V. to lodge, dwell, PP ; lodge, 
WW ; logeth, pr. j., PP ; logged, //. s., 
S3, CM ; Ingede, pp.y HD ; Inglt, S3.— 
AF. loger. 

Loggyug, sb. lodging, CM; Inglng, 
S3; logyng, B. 

LoghOy sb. water, sea, Sa ; I03, Sa ; 
loje, Sa, WA ; lowls, //., S3. Cp. AS. 
lagU'flod^ * obscura unda ' (Voc.) ; also 
Icel. logr (gen. lagar). 

Loh, pt. s. laughed, Sa ; see ^ablien. 

Loht, s. light, S ; see Xd^t. 

Lok, sb. an offering, gift, S ; loc, S ; lao, 
S ; loke, sport, PP ; lake, dat.y S ; Uc,//., 
S ; lakes, S. — AS. Idc, a leaping for joy, 
sport, contest, also, a sacrifice, gift : Goth. 
laiks, sport, dance. Cf. lAyken, Itoken. 

Lok, sb. lock, fastening, Sa, PP ; lokkes, 
//., PP. See XK>nken. 

Loken, v. to look, observe, S, Sa, PP ; 
lokln, S ; loUen, S ; loU, to protect, S ; 
loky, to guard, Sa ; Inke, S3 ; looan on, 
to observe, S ; loo, imp., S ; lokede,//. s.y 
S. — AS. Idcian. 

Loken, //. locked, S ; see l^nken. 

Loking, sb. looking, PP ; lokyng, cus- 
tody, S ; appearance, W ; lokinge, deci- 
sion, Sa ; lokTnge, PP; protection, Sa; 
loknnge, S. 



Lokken, v. to lock, SkD ; lok, Cath. ; 
ylokked, //., S2. See XK>k. 

LokraJld, pr. p, as adj, curling S3; 
lokkerand, Cath. (»). 

Xrf>]C3n73ltf69 sb, curliness, crispitudo, 

LoUen, V. to loll, limp abont, lounge, 
rest, also, to flap, wag, PP ; lollede,//. j., 
S3 ; Inllede, S2. 

LoUere, sb. loUer, idle vagabond, PP ; 
loller, C2, CM. 

Lomb, sb. lamb, C3, W2, PP ; lomlM, 
Voc, PP, W ; lambren,//., PP, W, W2 ; 
lambre, W2; lomlte, S2.— AS. lamby 

Lome, sb. tool, instrument, S2, WA; 
a vessel (the ark in the deluge), S2 ; lomes, 
//., S2, PP; lomen, S2.— AS. gel6ma, 
*utensile' ^Voc.). 

Lome, adv. frequently, S. PP ; phr. : oft 
and lome, HD ; 1-lome, S, S2 ; ylome, 
S2 ; lomer, cotftp., PP ; lonunere, PP.— 
— AS. gelSme, 

Lomp, //. 5. happened ; see Umpen. 

Lend, sb. land, S, S2, PP ; lont, S ; Ion, 
S; londe, dTo/., S2 ; londea, //., S.— AS. 

Londe, v. to land, S. 

Lond-folk, sb. countryfolk, S. 

Londisse, adj. native, S. 

Lone, sb. lane, PP ; lonM, //., S2, PP. 
— AS. lonu, see Sievers, 279. 

Lone, sb. loan, S, S2, PP, Prompt— AS. 
Idn ; cp. Icel. Idn. 

Longe, sb. lung; longen, //., PP; 
lunges, SkD, Cath. ; lonires> C, PP.— AS. 
lunge, pi. lungan. 

Longe, adv. See Zlong. 

Longen, v. to become long, to long for, 
to belong to, S, S2, S3. C2, PP, SkD; 
Unireii, S2, H.— AS. langian. See Imh^. 

Longinge, sb. longing, S2 ; longynge, 
PP ; longenire, S. 

Loof, sb. loaf, W2, PP ; lof, S, PP; laf, 
S; lofe, Cath.; lones, //., C3; loonys, 
S2 ; loones, W2.— AS. hldf. 

Loof, sb. 2L kind of rudder or apparatus 
for steering, SkD ; lones, //., SkD.— Cp. 
OF. lo/, the windward side of a vessel 

Loop, V. to melt and run together in a 
mass, HD. — Icel. Alaupa, to curdle; cp. 
bl(fd-Alaup, curdled blood. Cf. Lepen. 

Loos, J^. loss, PP;lo«,PP,C2.— ONorth. 

'-" (Matt 7. 13). See Ziesen. 


Loos, sb. fame, report, Prompt., PP, 
CM, C3 ; lo«e, H (67. 33).— AF. loos, OF. 
los ; Lat. laus or laudeSy see Constans. 

Lopen, //. run away, S2 ; see L«p«iL. 

Lopir, V, to curdle, clot, coagulate; 
lopper, JD ; lopixd, pp., H, HD ; lap- 
p«Ted, JD ; lopyxds (as milk), Cath. See 


Lopirynge, sb. curdling, H. 

Lord, sb. husband, S ; see l^nord. 

Lorde, v. to idle about, S3. See Ibonrde. 

Lordinges, sb. pi. sirs, masters, S, S2, 
G ; see Lonerdinffes. 

Lordscldpe, sb. lordship, Wa ; see 

Lordscluping, sb. domination, W. 

Lordsldpen, v. to rule over, S2. 

Lore, sb. learning, lore, S, S2, S3, C3, 
PP; lare, S, S2, H; lores, //., S2.— AS. 
Idr (for *laisa), from OTeut base LIS, to 
find out. 

Lorel, sb. an abandoned fellow, perdi- 
tissimus, P,CM, PP, S3 ; los«l, ND ; losel, 
PP, Prompt. ; lorels,//., S3 ; loMUs, S3 ; 
loseles, P. See ^esen. 

Lorel, sb. laurel. Prompt; loz7)«r. 
Prompt. ; see X^aurer. 

Lorn, //. lost, S2 ; see Aesen. 

Lor-^eaw, sb. a teacher, S; lazeaw, 
SD ; lorpeawe, dat., S ; lor]>eswes, //., 
S ; lar))»we«, S; larewes, SD.— AS. Idr- 
piow {Idriow). See ZK>re. 

Lose, V. to set free, G ; Ioium, imp. s., 
G ; loside, pi. s., W2. Cf. ^eseii. 

Lose, sb. praise, H ; see Koos. 

Losel ; see ZK>r«l. 

Losen, v, to praise, PP ; losed, pp., 

Losenge, sb. a kind of quadrilateral 
figure; loayngea, //., CM. — OF. losenge, 
praise, flattery, encomium, then grave-stone, 
square slab, lozenge in heraldry. 

Losengere, sb. flatterer, deceiver, 
WA ; losanger, sluggard, S3 ; loseng'oiur, 
C ; IomuJoux, HD.— OF. losengier (,Cotg.), 
also (with different sufi&x) losengeor, losen- 
getour, flatterer. 

Losengerye, sb. flattery, lying, PP. 

Lossom, adj. loveable, pleasant, Sa ; 
see Lnfsuin. 

Lot, sb. lot, S; loten, //., S; lotas, S. 
—AS. hlot ; cp. Goth, hlauts, 

Loteby, sb. concubine, HD, PP (») ; 
lndby, HD; lntby, H; lot«l»y«i, //., PP. 


— Literally, ' a secret lier with,' cp. Lyerhy, 
HD. See ^otyen. 

l^tll, adj. hostile, hateful, grievous, un- 
pleasant, unwilling, S, Sa, PP, C; lootli, 
Ca ; la«, S, Sa ; laytli, Sa ; laitli, H, PP; 
Iflffere, comp., S ; lotlier, PP ; latliexe, 
adv., H; loASest, superl., S.— AS /iff; cp. 
Icel. UiHr, 

Lothe, V. to loathe, PP ; lalSin, S.— AS. 

Lothelich, adj. hateful, P ; Ic^mch, S ; 
lo(SU, Sa ; lodlicH, S, Sa ; ladllc, S.— AS. 

£o8l6sn68869 sb. innocence, S; lodleih 
nesse, S. 

Lotyen, v. to lurk ; lotyeth, pr. pL, 
PP ; lotinge, pr. /., C3.— AS. /«//«» 

Loud, adj. loud; lowd, PP; Ind, S; 
lude, fl</z;. S; lowde, PP, C ; loud*, PP. 
— AS. hldd ; cp. Gr. kkyrisy renowned. 

Longhy //. s, laughed, Ca, C3 ; lonli, 
PP; see XAhlieiL. 

Louli, adj. low, S, Sa, PP; law, S3; 
loge, S ; lowe, S; lafflie, H ; lah, S ; lahe, 
adv.,S ; loje, S ; lowe, PP; lonwe, S; law, 
S3 ; laner, comp.j Sa. — Icel. Idgr, 

lK>nlmeS8e, sb. lowliness, PP. 

Lonken, v. to close, H, PP ; Inlceii, S ; 
lowke, PP, H ; lowkande, pr. /., Sa ; 
leac, //. s., SD; leo, SD ; I90, SD; 
Inken, //., SD ; loken, //., S, SD ; lok- 
«im, S; lowkyt {weak), S3.— AS. liican, 
pt. Hoc (pi. lucon)y pp. locen\ cp. Icel. 

Lonrde, adj. lazy, sluggish, HD ; loord, 
sb, ND.— OF. lourd\ Lat. luridum, dirty, 
lazy, heavy ; see Diez. 

ZiOnrdeine, sb. a lazy rascal, PP ; lor- 
dti», PP; Inrdeyn, PP; Inrden, HD ; 
lourdelnes, //. vagabonds, PP. — OF. laur- 
dein. See above. 

Loure, v. to lower, Sa, S3 ; see Kuxen. 

lK>'aten, v. to stoop, bow down, worship, 
H, PP, Sa, Ca ; to treat as a lout, S3 ; Int- 
end©, pr.p., S ; lontade, //. j., PP, Sa ; 
luted,//., Sa; lutten, //., S.— Cp. AS. 
Idtan, to bow down, also liitian, to hide 

lK>'liabily adj. worthy to be praised, H. 
See £of. 

lK>lie, sb. love ; see ^ufe. 

lK>iie, V. to praise, Sa, S3, H ; see 

lK>'a6ly, adj. worthy to be praised, H. 



Looen, V. to praise, Sa, S3, H; see 

Louerd, sb. lord, S, Sa, S3, PP ; laford, 
S ; lafsrrd, S ; lanerd, S, Sa ; lowerd, 
S ; lord, husband, S ; lanezK, S.— AS. 

LouerdiugeSy sb. pi. sirs, masters, S ; 
lordinires, S, Sa, G ; lordynffes, PP. Cf. 

Louyen, v. to love, PP; Inuen, S; 
InQien, S ; lufenn, S ; luf, H ; louien, 
S ; lone, Sa ; lofnieS, pr. pl.yS; Inuede, 
pt. J., S ; lonede, S.— AS. lufian. 

Lovyere, sb. lover, C ; luiforis,//., S3. 

Lowable, adj. praiseworthy, PP. 

Lowe, V. to approve of, praise, S3. — OF. 
Iifuer, loir, loder, laudar', Lat. laudare. 
Cf. XAnde. 

Lowe, sb, flame. Prompt, Cath., PP, 
'^K.—lcjtl.log. Cf. teye. 

Lowe, adj. low, lowly, humble, S, PP ; 
see Louli. 

Lowe, V. refl. to humble oneself, PP, W ; 
lowed,//. J. stooped, PP. 

Lowe, a //. s. toldest lies, PP ; lowen 
▼pon, //. lied against, PP ; see Lj^en. 

Lowen, v. to low, bellow, Wa (Job 6. 
5) ; loowes,/r. s., S3.— AS. hldwan. 

Lowne, adj. serene, calm, S3. JD; 
sheltered, HD; lonn, JD.— Icel. logn, a, 

Lownyt,//. sheltered, B. 

Lo^, sb. sea, lake, Sa ; see iMffitt. 

Luce, sb. a fish, a pike, C, CM, Voc, 
Prompt., ND.— OF. luz (Bartsch). 

Lud, adj. loud, S ; Inde, adv. S ; see 

Lud, sb. sound, voice, Sa ; lude, dat,, 
SD; lnden,//., SD.— AS. hlyd, ge-hlyd-, 
cp. OHG. Ititi (afrid). 

Lud, sb. person, Sa ; ludes, //., tene- 
ments, Sa ; see Zieod. 

LudenOy sb. voice, PP ; see £eden, sh 

Luf, adj. dear, Sa ; see Keof. 

Lufe, sb. love, S, WA ; luf, H ; lnne, S, 
lone, PP. Comb. : lone-day, a day for the 
settlement of disputes by arbitration, Sa ; 
PP ; loue-dmxy, affection, Ca ; Inue-eie, 
reverence, S ; lone-lonirinffe, desire, fond 
affection, Ca, Sa ; luf-reden, good-will, 
Sa ; Infredyn, H (AS. lufr<kden)\ luue- 
wiutSe, loveworthy, S. — AS. lufu. 

Lufli, adj. lovely, H ; Innelicli, loving, 
lovely, S ; louelokest, superl., Sa ; Inue- 
liche, adv., S. — AS. lujlic, adv. lujlice. 



Lnfiram, adj. loveable, pleasant, S, 
SD ; lOMom, S2. — AS. lufsum. 

Lnfinunliche, adv, pleasantly, S.— 
AS. lufsumlice, 

Lvfb, adj. left. S, Sa, PP ; see lorft. 

Loft, sb. a weak creature, worthless fel- 
low, PP ; lift, HD. See above. 

Lngen, v. to drift about (on the waves), 

52 ; lufifgld,//., pulled about, PP. 
Lngit, pp. lodged, S3 ; see l^ggen. 
Luke, v. to look, S3 ; see i:K>ken. 
Lumpen,//, befallen, Sa ; see Umpen. 
Lnnarie, sb. moon-wort, C3 ; lunazy, 

HD. — OF. lunaire \ Late Lat. lunaria. 

Lore, sb. a bait, enticement, C3, HD. — 
OF. loerre, (now leurre) ; M.H.G. luoder, 
a bait (now luder). 

Lure, sb. loss, S ; l«re, SD ; lire, SD.— 
AS. lyre. See Lesen. 

Lure, sb. face, SD ; see Leor. 

Lliren, v.. to lower, to look sullen, S ; 
loure, Sa, S3, PP; lowren, PP. 

Lurinif, sb. a looking sullen, S. 

Lurken, v. to lurk, PP; lorken, PP; 
lurkand, /r./., Sa ; lorked,//. j., Sa. 

Lnrkiug, sb. hiding-place, Sa. 

Lust, sb. desire, inclination, pleasure, 
PP, S, Sa, S3, H ; lest, Ca ; hleste, S ; 
lo»te«,//., Sa ; Instis, W.— AS. lust. 

Lost, sb. the sense of hearing, S.— AS. 
hlyst : Icel. klusl, the ear. 

Lnsten, v. to give ear, to list, S, PP ; 
listen, S; hlesten, S ; ULesten, Sa ; letsen, 
Sa, S. — AS. hlystan ; cp. Icel. hlusta. 

Lnsten, v. to desire, S,S3 ; lyst, ipr.s., 

53 ; lust, pr. s. impers., it pleases him, S, 
PP; ll«t,Sa,S3, C2,PP; le«t,PP; Uste, 
pr. s. subj., it may please, S ; leste, S, S3, 
Ca, PP ; Inrte,//. s. impers., S, Sa ; llste, 
Sa, S3, Ca ; leste, Ca.— AS. lystan. 

Lnstilieed, sb. pleasure, Ca. 

Lnstinesse, sb. pleasantness, S3. 

Lustnen, v. to listen, S ; lestenen, G ; 
Ustnede,//. x., S; lestned, Sa. 

Lusty, adj. pleasant, S3, Ca, C3, PP; 
lnstl, joyful, S. 

Lutby, sb. paramour, H ; see l^teby. 

Lute, adj. little, S ; see I^a. 

Lutel, adj. little, S, Sa ; see liyteL 

Luteu, V. to stoop ; see Lonten. 

LutSer, adj. bad, false, treacherous, S, 
PP, Sa; ly«er, PP, H; IJUer, PP, Sa ; 
"ere, S, H ; leoSre, S.— AS. lytire. 


LuVerliche, adv, vilely, S. 

Lutlin, V. to diminish, S; lutlen, S; 
Uteled,//.j.,Sa.-AS.^//ta«. SeeXiytel. 

Luue, sb. love ; see Millie. 

LjCOrys, sb. liquorice, Ca ; Ijooresae, 
Catn. — AF. lycorys ; Late Lat. liquiHtia^ 
glycyrrhiza; Gr. 7Xu«v/5^fa, lit. * sweet 

Lyf, sb. life, S, Sa ; Uftie, S ; lines, gen. 
as adv., alive, S ; lynes, S, Ca ; line, dot., 
S, Sa ; lyne, S. Phr. : brlnff o Une, to 
kill, Sa (7. 198) ; on lyne, alive, S, Ca ; 
his lyf, during his life, Ca.— AS. 11/. 

Lyf, sb. a living person, a man, PP ; llf , 
Sa ; lyfe, WA. 

Lyf-day, sb. life-time, PP; iif-di^, 
daf., S; lyfe-days,//., WA.— AS. lif-dag. 

Lsrflode, sb. way of life, mode of life, 
Sa, PP ; liilode, S, W ; means of living, 
PP ; lljflode, Wa ; lynelade, victus, Cath. ; 
Unelod, S3 ; lynelode, W.— AS. ///+ Idd, 
a course, provisions. 

Xyfly, adv. in a lively manner, S3. 

Lyft, adj. left, PP, Si ; Inft, S, PP, Sa ; 
lift, S, PP, Sa; left, SkD. Comb.'. 
lift-half, left side, Wa ; Inft-hond, left 
hand, PP.— AS. lyft,, weak ; cp. ODu. luft, 
* laevus.* 

Lyfb, sb. air, sky, PP, S3; lift, HD, 
Sa, H; lyfte. Sa; Infte, dot., S; lifie, 
Sa; lyfte, Sa.— AS. lyft\ cp. OS. luft, 
OHG. luft, Goth, luftus. Cf. lK*ft. 

Lyfben, v. to lift, shift, raise, PP ; Ijrft- 
ande, pr. p., Sa ; lyft, //. s., PP.— Icel. 
lypta. See £oft. 

Lyik, adj. like, Wa ; see Uche. 

Lyke-waik; see xdoh. 

Lykhame, sb, body, PP; see Uo- 

Lym, sb. lime, calx, Sa, C3 ; lyme, Voc. 
Comb, : lym-rod, a limed rod, Ca ; lym* 
^erde, a limed twig, S3. — AS. Hm. 

Lymaille, sb. file-dust, C3; lynudl, 
C3. — OF. limaille, from timer, to file ; Lat. 

Lymit, sb. limit, WA.— OF. limite\ 
Lat. limitem (ace). 

Lymytour, sb. a friar licensed to ask 
alms within a certain limit, PP, C, CM ; 
limitator, Cath.; llmltonr, PP.— OF. limi- 
teur (Cotg.); Church Lat limitatorem 

Lynaffe, sb. lineage, descent, parentage, 
PP, S3, Ca, W ; linage, Ca, C3 ; lynagwi, 
//., tribes, Sa ; lynaffls, Wa.- AF. linage. 


^ynde, sb. linden-tree, HD, Voc, C2, 
C ; llnde, S.— AS. lind, * tilia ' (Voc.). 

I^ne, sb. cord, net, PP, S; line, S; 
lynes, //., snares for birds, PP; Unas, 
PP.— AF. Hne\ Lat. linea. 

^ynt-qnMte, sb. linnet, S3, JD ; Unt- 
wUte, lark, HD. — Cp. AS. Unet-wige, 
* carduelis * (Voc.), 'fronulus ' (Voc), linet- 
uiglcy * fronolas ' (Voc.). 

^ipy sb. lip, Voc ; lyppe, Voc., Cath. ; 
lippe, //., S ; Uppes, PP. Comb. : lyp- 
lalKmr, lip-labour, recitation of prayers, 
S3.— OFris. lippa { = lip-j-a); cp. Lat. la- 
bium ; see Bragmann, § 337. 

Lype, sb. leap, S3.— AS. hlyp (Voc.). 
See Ibepim. 

Tdjm^ sb. rennet, runnet, Voc. (666. 17); 
lope, Voc. (703. 44); lab, Voc. (591. 15). 
See XK>op. 

£yref sb. the muscle of the thigh, Cath. ; 
lore, Ca ; la«r, the flank, HD.— AS. lira, 
*pulpa, viscum, caro* (Voc); cp. Icel. 

Insure, sb. list, edge of cloth. Prompt. ; 
lisare, PP; lysour, PP; lyier, PP.— 
OF. lisiere (^for listiere). See Uste. 

^yte, adj. little, PP, S2, S3; lute, S; 
lite, Sa, Ca; lut, S; lyt, C3; Ut, S; 
Inyte, Sa ; lyte, adv., PP, Ca, C3; Ute, 
PP; lute, Sa.— AS. lyt\ OS. lut. 

^ytel, «<if*. Httle, PP; Intel, S, Sa ; 
Utel, S2, Ca; lultel, PP; luytel, PP; 
Intel, adv., S, Sa; Utel, S; Utl, S.— 



AS. lytel\ cp. OS. luttil, OHG. hizil (fit- 

Lyth, sb. property; lythe, dat., HD. 
Fhr. : lend and Uth, PP; Notes (p. 3a6) ; 
lend ne Uth, HD.— Cp. Icel. lydr, the 
common people; lyti-skylda, the homage 
of a liegeman to his lord. Cf. Leod. 

LySen, v. to listen, S, PP, HD ; Utben, 
PP ; UBe, S ; 1*^, imp. pi., S, G ; lytheth, 
G. — Icel. hlyda, from hlj6ii, hearing, what 
is heard, a sound. See Lowd. 

LyVer, adj. bad, H, PP; U«er, Sa, PP; 
see LuCSer. 

Xiyver^f sb. something delivered to a 
dependent, livery, C ; lyverey (of cloth or 
other gifts), liberata. Prompt., G ; lyve- 
ray, corrodium, Cath.; levere, B. — AF. 
liveree, delivery, livery ; Late Lat. liberata 

Ly^en, v. to lie, tell lies, S?, PP ; li^en, 
S; lilien, to deceive, S; lye, S; lyte, 
PP ; liiren, S ; Hart, a/r. s., PP, G ; Uxte, 
PP ; le3lie)))?,/r. s., S ; Uh*, PP, Sa ; Uth, 
PP ; ly3e«, S2 ; lowe, a//, s., PP ; ly^ede, 
//. s. {weak), PP ; llflrlied, //. {weak), S2 ; 
In^en, pi., S ; lowen, //., concealed by 
lying, S; lowen vpon, lied against, PP; 
l-lo^e, lied, S.— AS. Uogan, pt. Uag (pi, 
lugon), pp. logen. 

Ly^ere, sb. liar, Sa, PP; leffbere, H; 
Ij^ere, PP, S ; lyjers,//., Sa.— AS. Uogere. 

Ly^te, //. s. alighted, PP ; ly5t, //., 
Sa ; see Uffbte. 


Xy the first letter of master or master- 
ship, S3. 
ICa, V. to make, Sa ; see Make. 
Ma, adv. more, S, Sa ; see Mo. 
MacOy sb. mace, club, PP, Cath., Voc; 
sceptrum, ND, Manip.; mas, //., B; 
nuuds, B; maoyas, B.— AF. mace (F. 
masse); cp. Low Lat massa (Ducange); 
It. mazza ; Late Lat. matia ; Lat. *matea 
(found in mateola) ; see Diez. 

ICaceTy sb. mace-bearer (in court of 
justice) ; macexes, //., PP. 
ICacnlly sb. stain, S3. Lat. macula. 

J adj. mad, foolish, PP ; nuhad, SD ; 
e, Cath. ; mad, sb., a mad person, Sa ; 
, //. made, S, C, G ; see 

Madden, v, to be mad, PP ; madditb, 
pr. s., W ; maddlBt, a pr. s., W ; maddld, 
//. s., maddened, PP ; //. W. 

Masiy sb. kinsman, S ; mal, S ; mey, S ; 
may, a person, Sa. — AS. m<kg (pi. mdgas) : 
Goth, megs ; see Sievers, 17. Cf. May. 

M8Bi, pr. s. may, can, S ; mal, S ; may, 
Sa ; maiir) S; mal^, S; mel, S; mey, 
Sa ; ma^ie, ma^^, S ; maht, 2 pr. s., S ; 
maUit, S ; mi^t, S ; milit, S, Sa ; mililit, 
S ; mylLt, S, Sa ; ma^en, //., S ; mahen, 
S ; malie, S ; mawe, S ; mowen, S ; 
mo, S; mowe, S, S3, C; mnge, S; 
mnhe, S ; mnee, S ; mwne, S ; mnwen, 
S; mn^en, S; mn^lienn, S; mn^e, S; 
monn, S, W ; monwen, S ; mown, Sa ; 
mo3e, Sa ; mow, P ; y<*may, S3. Comb. : 
.malstow, mayest thou, S3. — AS. mag, I 



can, 2 pr. s., meaht, miht, pi. magifn, opt. 
magCy mage, muge, pi. mahattf mugon, . See 
Sievers, 424. 

M8B88e-d8Bi, sb, mass-day, S; see 

Mahonn, sb. Mahomet, S2 ; lEalioimde, 
HD. — OF. Mahom, Mahoms, also Mahum, 
Mahumet (Roland); Arab. Muhammed, 
< the praised.' Cf. Maamet. 

Maht ; see MeL 

Mahte, //. s. might, S; mihte, S; 
miolLte, S ; mlgte, S ; micte, S ; mylite, 
S; mouote, S; mnlite, S; miBte, S2; 
mnfflLt, S2, H ; myste, S2 ; moufflit, S3, 
H; moclLt,//., S2; moglLt, S2. Comb.i 
mlliti (for mihte hi), might they, S ; mlliti 
(for miht I), might I, S2 ; xnallitoii, 
mightest thou, PP. — AS. meahiey mihte y 
pt. s. of mag, I can. See Mesi. 

Maille, sb. mail-armour, C2 ; majlle, 
Cath. ; male, S3, Cath.; majles, //., 
SkD. — OF. maille\ Lat. macula. See 

Make, sb. mate, spouse, S, S2, S3, C, 
C2, P, Prompt. ; makes, //., S2 ; makes, 
S2 ; makys, S3. — AS. {ge)maca, 

ICakeiiy v. to make, cause, build, com- 
pose, write, PP, S; makleii, S; maden, 
S; makye, S2 ; mak, S2; ma, S2, B; 
mais,/r.j-.,B, S2; mas, S2: mais,//., B; 
makede, pt. s., S ; maobede, S ; makked, 
//., S2 ; maden, S, PP; maked, //., PP, 
S, C; maad, C, PP; mad, S, C, G; y- 
maked, S2, C2 ; y-maad, S2, C2 ; y-mad, 
S2 ; i-maked, S ; i-maket, S2 ; i-made, 
P ; i-mad, G ; hl-makede, S.— AS. mac- 
ian ; cp. OHG. machdn (Otfrid). 

Maker, sb. maker, writer, author, SkD, 
Cath., ND ; makyere, S2. 

lCal6y sb. bag, portmanteau, mail, C, 
C3, Prompt., Cath.; males, //., P.— OF. 
male (Cotg.); cp. Low "LsX, mula (Du- 

Malencolye, sb. melancholy, PP ; ma- 
lenoolie, C, Prompt. ; mallooly, WA. — 
OF. melancolie. 

Malencolyky adj, melancholy, C — 
OF. melancohque. 

Malenginey sb. wicked artifice, HD; 
malengyne, malice, evil disposition, S3. — 
AF. malengin, fraud, ill-meaning; engin, 
deceit, treadiery (Bartsch). 

Malese, sb. sickness, PP; male ese, 
W ; male ess, B.— OF. malaise (Cotg.). 

Malice, sb, evil,W,— AF. malice \ Lat. 


Mflllffnn, sb. malediction, S, H, ND ; 
maUsoun, C3. — OF. malison, maleiceon, 
maldeceon, maldisson (Ps. 108. 17); Lat. 

Malliable, adj. malleable, C3.— OF. 
malleable, pliant to the hammer, hammer- 
able (Cotg.). 

Mamelek, sb. a mamelnke, S3. — Arab. 
mamliik, a slave, a possession, from malaka^ 
he possessed ; cp. It. mamaliicco (Florio). 

Mamely, v, to mumble, P; see 

Man, i/r. s. I must, SD; 2pr.pi., 82, 
B ; see Hon. 

Man, sb. man, any one, S ; husband, W 
mann, S ; men, S2 ; mon, S, S2 ; inaTniej 
dat., S ; me, S, S2, S3, W; maen, //., S 
msBnn, S ; mannen, gen., S ; manne, 82 
mannen, manne, dat., S; menne, 8. 
Comb. : manlied(e), manhood, S2, C 
manlieid, S2 ; mankin, mankind, S ; mon- 
kin, S ; mononn, S ; man^^en, S ; man- 
knnne, S ; mon-konne, S ; man- 
qnalm, pestilence, H ; majuqnellere, mur- 
derer, executioner, S2, S3, W, W2; mon- 
qnellere, S; man.-red(e), homage, 8; 
man-scipe, homage, honour, S; mon- 
sla^e, naan-slayer, S; man-slecht, man- 
slaughter, S ; man-sleilit, S ; man-sleore, 
murderer, W2 ; mon-pewes, the morality 
of a grown up man, S. — AS. man. 

Manace, sb. threat, C, SkD; manan, 
S2, WA, SkD ; manance, B ; Tna.Tiastris, 
manaasis, //., W. — OF. manace; Lat. 
minacia ; see Constans. 

Manacen, v. to threaten, C2, PP ; 
manasside, //. s., S2, W; manaasside, 
W2 ; manansyt, B. — OF. menacer. 

Manasyng, sb. threatening, C, B. 

Man-aO> sb. perjury, SD; manaSSas, 
pi., S. — AS. mdn-dS; cp. Icel. mein-eiSr. 
AS. mdn, wicked, wickedness; cp. IceL 
meinn, base, mein, harm. 

Manciple, sb. purveyor, S ; see Mava- 

Manden, v. to send forth, to command, 
S2. — OF. mander; Lat. mandare. 

Mandragora, sb. mandrake, ND; 
mandrogorls, //., W2. — OF. mandragore 
(Cotg.) ; Lat. mandragora (Vulg.). 

Mandrak, sb. mandrake, Voc ; mam^ 
dxaffge, Prompt. ; mandxaffe, Cath. 

Mane, sb. complaint, 82 ; see Hon*. 

Maner, sb. manor, PP; manere, P, 
Voc. ; manoir, PP ; maners, //., fJEums, 
possessions, W; maneres, P.— AF. manere, 


matter y manoir; Late Lat. manerium (Du- 
' cange). 

ICanOTOy sh. a kind, sort, also manner, 
custom, S, S2, C, P ; maaeir, S2 ; maner, 
S3, C, P ; measure, moderation, W ; nuui- 
em,//., S2. Fhr. : of maaere, in his be- 
haviour, C2 ; maaer doctrine, kind of 
doctrine, C2 ; maaer thlaff, nuuier Mr- 
gaaat, maaer wyse, maaer wyglit, C2. 
— AF. mantre ; Late Lat. mancria^ a kind, 
species (Ducange). 

Mangen, Mangerie; see Xawu 
ffea, Manaflrerye. 

Kaaicley sb. manacle, Cotg. ; maayole, 
Prompt.; maaakelle, Cath. ; maayklls, 
//., H. — AF. manicle\ Lat. manicula, 
dimin. of manica, glove, handcuff. 

ICanipldy sb. a scarf-like ornament worn 
about the left wrist of a sacrificing priest 
(Cotg.). — OF. manople (Cotg.). 

MaiLke, sb. mancus, a piece of money, 
S ; Low Lat. mancus (Ducange). 

Manliche, adj. humane, P; maaly, 
adv.<i boldly, S2, G ; monlnker, comp., S. 

KaiUiedy pp. excommunicated, cursed, 
P; moasede, PP. — For amansed\ AS. 
amdnsed. See ▲maasiea. 

Kaiiflioii, sb, mansion (a term in astro- 
logy), C2. — AF. mansion ; Late Lat. man- 

Mantel, sb. mantle, S ; meatil, W2. — 
AF. mantel. 

Xaatelet, sb. a little mantle, C— OF. 
Tnantelet (Cotg.). 

Mantled, pp- covered, adorned with 
flowers, S3 ; i-maaUet, mantled, S. 

Maaye, adj. many, PP; maaiire» S; 
maai^e, S ; maale, maai, S ; moai, S, 
S2 ; moay, S. Comb. : manlfeald, mani- 
fold, S; manifald, S; maaiiTefold, S; 
monlfiOd, moaiaold, S; niaalftwIdHoe, 
manifold, S ; moajrolde, S2 ; moaimoa, 
S2 ; moaioa, S2 ; numi^whatt, many a 
subject, S ; maaywhat, S2. — AS. manig. 

Marcliannfliee, sb. merchandise, traf- 
fic, PP; marchaaadye, S2.— AF. mar- 

Marcliaiinty sb. merchant, PP; mar- 
oliaati, //., S2; maroliaaB, PP.— -AF. 
marchant, merchaunt^ OF. marchHanty mar- 
aant (Bartsch); Late Lat. mercatantem, 
see Brachet. 

Marohe, sb. the month of March, 
Prompt. ; mershe, 82. — Late Lat. marcius 
(Prompt); Lat martius^ the month of 



BEardiey sb. a border of a territory, dis- 
trict, province, PP, Cath. Comb.', aiaroh- 
parti, border-country, S3. — AF. marche. 

Marchen, v. to border, SD ; aiaroheth 
to, borders on, S2. 

Marchen, v. to march, go, PP.— OF. 
marcher (Cotg.). 

Mare, adj. comp. greater. S ; see More. 

Mare we, sb. morning, S2 ; see Morwe. 

Margarite, sb. pearl, Cath., W, W2 ; 
aiargrite, WA ; aiargery, Prompt. ; 
aiargarltis,//., W. Comb.-, aiarifery(e)- 
perlee, pearls, S2, PP, Palsg.— Lat. mar- 
garita (Vulg.) ; Gr. fiapyapiTrjs. 

Marie, v. to give in marriage, PP; 
amriedea, //. //., were marriSi, PP; 
aiarled,PP; y-aiarled,PP.— OF. man'er; 
Lat. mariiare. 

Marie, inter/, marry ! i. e. by S. Mary ! 
C3; aiarl, PP. 

Mark, sb. a com, Prompt, C3, PP; 
Buurke, PP; aiark,//., C3; auuro, S3.— 
AF. marc; cp. Low Lat marca (Ducange). 

Markis, sb. marquis, C2. — AF. marcAis; 
Low Lat. marckensiSf the governor of the 
marches or frontiers. See Marclie. 

Markisesse, sb. marchioness, C2. 

Marie, sb. marl, creta, Cath., Voc.; 
aiarle, marga^ Manip.; aiarl, chalk. 
Prompt. — OF. marie (mod. mame); Late 
Lat margila ; dimin. of marga (Pliny). 

Marl-pytte, sb. chalk-pit, Prompt 

Marlyd, adj. cretcUus, Prompt; y- 
Buurled, S2. 

Marschal, sb. marshal, steward, C, 
PP; marohal,PP; aiarrchaU, B; auurs- 
chaUe, Cath. ; auuresolial, PP. — AF. 
mareschal {marchal)\ Low Lat maris- 
calcus ; OHG. marcLSchalh, a horse- 
servant ; OHG. marah + OHG. schalh : 
Goth, skalks. See Mere. 

Martre, sb. marten, a kind of weasel. 
SkD.— OF. martre. Cf. MexK. 

Martrik, sb. marten, S3 ; aiertrlk, JD. 

Martryn, sb. marten's fur, HD ; aiar- 
teras, pi., HD ; aiarteroas, HD ; aia- 
troas, HD. 

Mar^r, sb. martyr, Cath.— AF. martir ; 
Church Lat. martyr (Vulg.) ; Gr. nA^rrvp. 

Martjrr, v. to torment, Cath.; aiar- 
tyre, C. — AF. martirer. 

Martjrrdome, sb. torment, martyrdom, 
Cath. ; Biartirdam, C. 

Mary, sb. marrow, C, C3, Prompt., 
Cath. {^n) ; marghe, Cath. \ aiergh, H ; 



merfflie, Cath. (n), H ; mar^, Cath. (n) ; 
merowj, W2; merowis, //., W2.— AS. 

Maschen, v. to mash, beat into a 
confused mass; majK^liyn (in brewing), 
Prompt. ; mefllie, S.— Cp. MHG. meisch ; 
see Kluge. 

Mase, sb. maze, confusion, a wild fancy, 
confused throng, P, S2, C. 

Mased, //. confused, bewildered, WA, 
PP, S3, C3. 

Masednesse, sh. amaze, C2. 

Maseliche, adv. confusedly, SkD (s.y. 

BCaselixiy sb. a kind of drinking-cup, 
sometimes made oimasliny HD ; xnaselyn, 
C2. See Mestllnff. 

Massage, sb. message, S3 ; see Messaife. 

Mass 69 sb. mass, P ; see 

Mast» most, S2 ; see Most. 

Mastil^OXly sb. mixtilio, a mixture of 
wheat and rye, Cath.; mastlyone, HD 
(s.y. maslin) ; mastline, ND ; mestl^one, 
mixtilio, Prompt. — Late Lat. mestillionemy 
mistilionemf mestilonem, see Ducange (s.v. 
mixtum), also mixtilionem (Voc); cp. 
OF. mesteil {meteil in Cotg.). Cp.Mestling. 

Mat, pt. s. measured, W ; see Meten. 

Mate, adj. defeated utterly, confounded, 
exhausted, dispirited, B, SkD ; xnat, C3 ; 
nuubt, C, S3. — OF. mat ; Arab, mdt, dead 
(used in chess). 

Mate, sb. checkmate, S3. 

Matexiy V. to checkmate, defeat, con- 
found, S3, HD; xnatyn, Prompt.— OF. 

Matere, sb. material, stuff, matter, sub- 
ject, S2, C, C2, C3, PP ; mater, PP ; ma- 
teere, C, PP ; matiere, S2 ; materle, S2. 
— OF. mat ere', Lat. materia. 

MatSelen, v. to talk, S.— AS. md^eliatty 
to harangue, from meed el, council, meeting ; 
cp. Goth, mathljan, to speak, from mathl, 
a meeting-place, market, also Icel. mcela, 
from mdl ; herewith is connected Low Lat. 
mallum, parliament. 

MatSem, sb. treasure, SD ; xnadineB,//., 
S. — AS. matium {mddm). 

Matximoyney sb. matrimony, C ; ma- 
tennoyiL, H. — AF. matrimonie ; Lat. ma- 

Maugre, prep, in spite of, S2, S3, C, 
C2 ; mangree, S2 ; mawgre, C ; maw- 
greitli, PP.— OF. maugre (F. malgri)\ 
Lat. malum ■\- gratum. 


Maugre, sb. iUwill, PP; mawgre, Sa, 
P ; xnawgrj) Cath. ; mafirger, S3. Fhr. : 
in tlie maerffer of, in spite of, S3; addylle 
xnawgry, demeritare, Cath. 

Maumety sb. idol, puppet, doll, ND, S2, 
PP; xiiaw]uet,W, H; mawment, Prompt., 
Cath. ; xnawmei, xnawmex, //., S ; xnaiL* 
mettlB, W ; xnauinetyB, mawmetis, //., 
H ; xnammetB, Sh. — OF. mahumet^ idol, 
also Muhammed. See Mahoun. 

Maumettriey sb. idolatry, Mahomet- 
anism, S2 ; mauinettxye, C3 ; xnawnMtxy, 
H ; mawmetzye, PP ; mawaientxye. 
Prompt. ; mauineiitry, WA. 

Mannciple, sb. purveyor, C, C3 ; man- 
ciple, S. — OF. mancipe; Olt. mancipio, 
slave, vassal, bailiff, manciple; Lat. man- 
cipium, slave, properly possession, property. 
For the intrusive /, see Cronide. 

Maundee, sb. maundy, the washing of 
the disciples' feet, PP. — OF. mandi\ Church 
Lat. mandatum, the foot-washing (Du- 
cange) ; Lat. mandatum, something com- 
manded. See Manden. 

Manndement, sb. commandment, W, 
PP; manndemens, //., S2. — OF. mande* 
ment (Cotg.). 

MaxULgexiy v. to eat, PP; maunsred, 
//., P; i-manniret, S2 ; manned, PP. — 
OF, mangier; Lat. mandiuare. 

Manngerye, sb. a feast, PP; man- 
fferie, PP; mangezye, G. — AF. mtxn- 

Mavis, sb. the thrush, Cotg. ; mavioe, 
Prompt. ; mavys, Palsg. ; mavyss, S3. — 
OF. mauvis (Cotg.); cp. It. malutccto 

Mawe, sb. maw, stomach, C2, C3, Wa, 
PP; maw, PP; maglie {^^ vulva), H. — 
AS. maga (Voc). 

Mawe, Mayct ; see MsBi. 

May, sb. the month of May, PP ; mey^ 
S2. — OF. mai\ Lat. maius. 

May, sb. a virgin, S2. S3, C3, PP, JD.— 
AS. mag, * (cognata) femina, virgo ; * see 
Grein. Cf. M»i. 

May, pr. s. may, can, S2 ; see MsbL 

May, adj. comp. pi. more in number, B ; 
see Mo. 

Mayde, sb. maid, PP, SkD; maide, 
PP, S ; meide, S ; mede, S. 

Mayden, sb. maiden, PP; maydsna, 
PP ; meiden, S, SkD ; mssiden, S ; may- 
denes, //., bachelors and spinsters, PP; 
maidenes, S ; maydnes, S. — AS. matUn 
(Voc.), mcegden (Grein). 


MaydenhodCe), sb. virginity, PP, C ; 
maydenliede, C3 ; melrtimhikl, SkD. 

Majniy sb. strength, S3, G, PP, B; 
main, S : mane, B. — AS. magen ; cp. Icel. 

Kajrne* sb. a company, Sa ; majiij, 
S2 ; see Meyne. 

Kajrnfllly adj. powerful, SD; mein- 
ftUe, S. 

Mayre, sb. mayor, PP; nudre, PP; 

nieyr. Prompt. ; maixes, //., P ; bmIxmi, 

S2, PP; meyrls, chief justices, W.— AF. 

meyrey mcire, meir, maire ; Lat. maiorem, 

^ greater. 

Mayster, sb. master, S, C, S2 ; inajs- 
tyr, Prompt; maister, S, C, Ca, Sa ; 
maijrtre, P ; meistor, S ; maistres, //., 
Sa, G, P; maUrtrUi, Wa.— OF. maistre\ 
Lat magistrum. 

MayBter, adj. chief; maister, C, Ca ; 
mcijrter, S. — OF. maistre. 

Kaysterfnl, adj. powerful; maisttr- 

MajBtreSSa, sb. mistress, Prompt^ 
maistresae, Sa, Ca. — OF. maistresse 
^ (Cotg.). 

Maystxya, sb. mastery. Prompt, PP, 
Sa ; mai8txi(e), Sa, Wa ; maiatry, S3 ; 
maistre, C ; meystry, Sa ; mastry, B. — 
OF. maistrie. 

Me, conj. but, S, SD.— Cp. OLG. men. 

He, pron. indef. a man, one, people, PP, 
S, Sa, S3, W; see Men. 

Mearren, v. to mar, S ; see Merren. 

Mebles, moveable property, PP; 
, see Mobyle. 

Mede, sb. mead (the drink), Ca, Prompt. ; 
methe, SkD; metb, CM. — AS. meodu 
(see Sievers, 106) ; cp. Gr. yJkBv. 

Made, sb. mead, meadow, S, C, PP; 
medewe, Prompt Comb.: medwe-grene, 
green as a meadow, Sa. — AS. mid (pi. 
midwa) ; see Sievers, a 59. 

Mede, sb. reward, bribery, S, Sa, S3, 
^ Wa, P ; meede, Sa, G ; meed, S3 ; meede, 
C, W. Comb. : med-^ieme, yearning for 
reward, S; medyome, S. — AS. m^d: 
OMerc. meord (OET) : Goth, mizdo ; see 
Sievers, 181. 

Medexiy v. to reward, PP, Prompt. 

Mediae, adj. mixed in colour, C; 
medle. Prompt. — OF. medle, mesle. Cf. 
^ KeUe. 

Medlen, v. to mix, Prompt., C3, Wa, 
W ; meU, S3 ; melland,/r./., B ; meUes, 



pr. s., H; mellede, //. x., Sa; mellid, 
PP; maXlltypp.y S3; y-melled, Sa; y. 
medled, S3. — OF. mtdUr, mesler\ Late 
Lat misculare, from miscere. 

Medlyntfe, sb. mixture, joining ; medd- 
lyn^, W, Wa ; meUyng, mingling, fight- 
ing, Sa. 

Medwe-grene, adj. green as a meadow, 
Sa ; see Mede. 

Meel, sb. a stated time, meal, C, C3 ; 
mel, S; mele,//., meal-times, S; meeles, 
Sa,PP; meles,PP.— AS.w<^: Goth.w^/; 
see Sievers, 1 7. 

Meideiiy sb. maiden, S ; see Mayden. 

Meined, pp, mixed, Sa ; meint, S3 ; 
see Menken. 

Meinftlle, adj. powerful, S ; see Mayn- 

Meire* sb. mayor, Sa ; see Mayre. 

Meister, adj. chief, S ; see Mayster. 

Meister, sb. master, S ; see Mayster. 

Meistre, sb. mistress, S. 

Meistren, v. to be master of, S. 

MeiS-hady sb. virginity; metShades, 
gen.^ S. — AS. magiShdS, from magd, virgin, 
woman : Goth, magaths ; see Sievers, 49. 

Meke, adj. meek, C, Ca, Prompt; meoe, 
S. — Icel. mjiikr, soft. 

Mekely, adv. meekly. Prompt. ; meUy, 
Sa ; meodi?, S. 

Meken, v. to render meek, to humble, 
Sa, S3, W, Wa, P, Prompt 

Mekenesse, sb. softness, clemency, 
Prompt. ; meknes, Sa ; meoonesse, S. 

Mekil, adj. much, S3 ; see Mochel. 

Mel, sb. a meal, S ; see MeeL 

Melden, v. to show, SD ; meld, to ac- 
cuse, Sa. — AS. meldian (Voc.); cp. OHG. 
meld6n (Otfrid). 

Mele, sb. meal, ground com, S, PP. — 
AS. meolu (Sievers, 349); cp. OHG. melo 

Melen, v. to speak, to converse, PP, 
Sa, WA; meUetli, ^r. s., P; meUud, 
pt. s., P. — AS. {ge)m(Elan. 

Mell, V. to mix, mingle, meddle, fight 
with, B, S3, H, WA ; see Medlen. 

Mell^, sb. an affray, contest, medley, 
B.— OF. mellee, meslee. Cf. Medlee. 

Mellere, sb. miller, C ; see Mylnere. 

Mel-stan, sb. mill-stone, S ; see Mylle. 

Melten, v. to melt, PP; molte,//. J., 
S3. — AS. melian, pt s. mealt {mdlt\ pi. 
multon, pp. molten. 




Membref sk member, limb, PP. — AF. 
membre\ Lat. numbrum, 

Uexiy pron. indef. a man, one, people, 
PP, Sa ; me, S. See Ma&. 

Manii, adj. common, poor, mean, PP, 
S3 ; meane, S. — AS. {ge)m<kne, common. 

Mene, adj. mean, middle, S2, C3 ; 
meyne, Cath. Comb.: menewhlle, mean- 
while, S2; menewhlleB, Sa. — AF. mene-, 
OF. meiain (F. moyen) ; Lat. medianum. 

Mene, sb. a mean, mediator, PP, HD ; 
meane, S3 ; mexieB,//., means, Sa, C3, P. 
See above. 

Meitexiy V. to mean, signify, to intend, 
PP,S, CM,S2,WA. 

Menen, v. to remember, H, HD; 
meyne, B. 

MeneHy v. to complain, lament, be- 
moan, Sa, PP, WA ; meyne, B ; menys, 
pr. J., S3 ; menyt, //. j., Sa ; ment, Sa. — 
AS. mSnattf to make moan, complain. See 

Mengen, v. to commemorate, mention, 
remember, PP, WA ; mnnffe, PP ; 
mlneffen, S; mengen liere, v. refl. to 
remember herself, reflect, PP. — AS. {^e)- 
mynegian, to remember, remind. 

Maxigan, v. to mix, PP, H, Sa ; mlng'- 
en, S3 ; mynffen, W ; myngide, pt. s., 
W ; meynde, S ; nuoinff de, S ; 1-menffd, 
//., S; meynd, S, Sa,W; meined, Sa; 
meint, S3 ; meynt, S3 ; ment, S3 ; y- 
menffd, Sa ; y-meynd,C ; i-meind, S.^ 
AS. {ge)mengan. 

Mennesse, sb. commnnion, fellowship, 
Sa. See Kene. 

MennisCy adj^ humanus, SD; man- 
nish, man-like, C3. — ^AS. mennisc, man- 
nish, human ; cp. Icel. mennskr. 

Mennisscle^^C, sb. humanity, S. 

Mennisscnessey sb. humanity, S. 

BCenske, sb. honour, dignity among 
men, S, Sa, HD; mensk, S2, B; mensc, 
favour, Sa. — Icel. mennska, humanity. 

Menskelye, adv. worthily, reverently, 
Sa ; menskly, B. 

Mensken, v. to honour, S, HD, Sa, P. 

MenskftQ, adj. worshipful, noble, Sa. 

ICenskflllly, adv. honourably, B. 

Meastralcye, sb. minstrelsy, C; see 

Ment ; see Menen (3) and Menken. 

ICentil, sb. mantle, Wa ; see Kantel. 

ICenusen, v. to minish, make less, SkD, 
WW, CM ; mlnyshe, S3.— AF. mmuscr. 


OF. menuisier ; Late Lat. minutiare, firom 
minutus, lessened. 

MenyXLffey sb. meaning, signification, 
intention, Pr. 

MenyngCe), sb. remembrance, mention, 

MenyngCa), sb. complaining, pp. 

Mei^e, a company, Sa ; men^lie, S2 ; 
see Meyne. 

Meoblas, sb. pL, moveable property, 
PP ; see Mobyle. 

MeoCy adj. meek, S ; see M^ce. 

Meoclej^C, sb. meekness, S. — IceL 
mjtikleikr, nimbleness. 

Meocnasse, sb. meekness, S ; see 

BCercy, sb. mercy. Prompt. ; merel, S ; 
mercy, (your) pardon, P. — AF. nierci, OF. 
mercid\ Late Lat. tnercedem^ a gratuity, 
pity, mercy ; in Lat. pay, reward. 

Mercyable, adj. merciful, Ca, PP. 

Mercyexiy v. to thank, PP, Sa ; mcr- 
cien, to amerce, fine, PP. — OF. mercicr^ 
to thank. 

Mercyiuexit, sb. amercement, fine, P, 
Prompt., Cath. — Late Lat. merciamentum. 

Mere, adj. famous, S; mare, S. — AS. 
m<kre {jnire)\ Goth. mer5\ see Fick (7. 
a 33), and Sievers, 17. 

Mere, sb. a mare, Sa, C, Cath. ; meere. 
Prompt. — AS. merei f. of mearh^ horse ; cp. 
Olr. marc, 

MerOf sb. limit, boundary, Sa ; meer. 
Prompt. Comb. : mere-stane, boandary 
stone, Cath.— AS. {ge)m<kre. 

Mere, sb. sea, a mere. Prompt., WA. 
Comb. : mere-mayd, mermaid, siren, CM 
mermayde, C ; mere-swin, porpoise, SD 
mertnilne, //., Sa. — AS. merCy sea, lake 
OHG. mari't cp. Goth, marei, 

Merels, sb. pi. merelles, or nine moi's 
morris, S3. — OF. merelles (Cotg.) ; merel 
(Ducange) ; cp. Low Lat. merellusy meral- 
luSf a counter, token, a piece in draughts 
(Ducange) ; see Brachet. 

Merghe, sb, marrow, H, Cath. (n) ; see 

Merghid, pp. fiill of marrow, H. 

Meridional^ adj. southern, Ca. — OF. 
meridional (Co^.). From Lat meridies, 

Merke, adj. dark, mirk, murky, PP, 
CM, Sa, H ; mirke, S, Sa, H ; myrk, Sa, 
H; merk, PP; meerk, PP.— AS. myrce^ 
mirce, mure ; cp. Icel. myrkr^ Dan. mork. 


Merke, sd. darkness, PP. 

Kerkenesse, sd. darkness, PP ; mlzk- 
enes, S2, H ; myrkiMS, S2, H. 

Merle, sd. blackbird, S3, ND.-^OF. 
pt^r/e (Cotg.) ; Lat. merula. 

Kerling, sb. the whiting, S2, Manip., 
Cotg.; merlynffe, Prompt. — OF. merlan 
(Cotg.), from Lat. merula (cp. Late Lat. 
merula in Voc. 643. 13), 

Kerlion, sb, merlin, a small hawk, CM ; 
merlyone. Prompt. ; martin, Cotg. — OF. 
esmerillon (Cotg.), dimin. of *esmerU\ 
cp. It. smerlo (Florio), G. schmerl. 

Menuaydey sb. mermaid, C; see 
Mere, sb. (3). 

Merren, v. to mar, S; mearren, S; 
marre, PP ; merrlS, pr. //., S. — AS. nur- 
ran (in compounds) : OS. mernan, to hin- 
der : OHG. marrjan : Goth, marzjan. 

Mersche, sb. marsh, SkD; m er a he , 
dat., S. — AS. mersc. 

Merslie, sb. March, S2 ; see Marohe. 

Kersnine, sb. pi. porpoises, S2 ; see 
Mere, sb. (3). 

Merthey sb. mirth, PP ; see Mnrtlie. 

Memeile, sb. marvel, wonder, PP; 
meraeyle, S2 ; memaille, C2 ; merraylle, 
C. — OF. merveille ; Lat. mirabilia (n. pi.). 

Menieilloil8(e)y adj. marvellous, C2, 
PP.— OF. merveillos. 

Mery, adj. merry, cheerful, pleasant, 
PP; merle, S, C, C2 ; merye, W2 ; mlrl, 
S; xnirye, CM; myry. Prompt.; myrie, 
W2 ; miiri(e), S, C ; merle, adv., S2, C2 ; 
m-uryer, comp.y P; myrlest, superl., S2. 
Comb. I m«rlmake, menymaking, S3; 
m.erle men, followers, C2 ; myrytottyr, a 
merry totter, swing, Prompt.; myry weder, 
pleasant weather. Prompt.; mery weder, 
Prompt. («), Bardsley (p. 473). — AS. merg 

Kes-v prefix ; mis- ; mys-. — OF. mes- ; 
Lat. minus, see Constans. 

ICesaaentury sb. misadventure, S; 
mesanntnre, S2 ; mlaanenture, C2, C3. 

Meschainice, sb. mischance, S2, C, 
C2, P; mysoliannce, S2. 

ICesclieiien, v. to come to mischief, 
SD ; mlseheefe, destruere, Manip. 

ICeSChiefy sb. ill-fortune, C ; myaoMef, 
S2, P ; VBdMchlvt^fflagitium^ Manip. 

Keseise, sb. discomfort, PP, S2 ; mls- 
elM, PP ; myselM, PP, S2, W ; myseeee, 
W; myseyse, adj., uneasy, P; 
sb., S. 



Meseiste, sb. poverty ; myaelste, W2. 

Mesel, sb. leper, CM, PP, W.— AF. 
mesel; Late Lat. misellus, leper (Ducange), 
dimin. of Lat. miser, wretched. 

Meselrye, sb. leprosy, Cath. (») ; me- 
■ylery, Voc. — OF. meseUerie, leprosy (Du- 
cange). Sec above. 

Meson-deu, sb. hospitol, PP ; malson. 
dewe, Cath. {n\ HD ; maeyndewe, Cath. ; 
meamidlenx, //., P. — OF. maison Dieu, 
hospital (Cotg.). 

Messai^e, sb. mission, message, mes- 
senger, S2, C3 ; ma— age, S3. — AF. mes- 
sage ; Late Lat. missaticum (Brachet). 

Messatfer, sb. messenger, S2, C, C2, 
C3, G, PP; masager, PP; meatinger, 
PP.— AF. messager. 

Messe, sb. mass, S, P; meM, S3; 
masM, P ; mmmtmypl., P. Comb. : meiie 
bok, mass-book, S ; meMe««OB, mass-kiss, 
S; mwM flari, mass-day, S ; mesae-ffere, 
mass-gear, S; masae-peny, mass-fee, S3; 
nuMMepaas, //., P. — AS. masse ; Church 
Lat. missa. 

Meste, adj. superl. greatest, chief, S, 
S2 ; meste, C2 ; see Most. 

Mester, sb. art, trade, occupation, PP, 
C, CM; meatier, PP, HD; melster, S; 
meoster, S; msrster, PP, B ; mister, B ; 
mlstelr, B. Phr. : mester men, sort of 
men, C— OF. and AF. mester, mestier, 
occupation, business, need; Lat. minis- 
terium, see Brachet (s.v. metier). 

Mester, sb. need, want; mister, S2, 
B, HD, Cath. ; mysUr, C, B; mystelr, 
S2 ; mystnr, HD ; mystlr, B ; mystere, 
HD, H. The same word as above, see 
NQ (6. 4. 161). 

BCestling^y sb. a kind of mixed metal, 
Cath. (/. 230, n. 3) ; masalyne, Cath. — 
AS. mastling{mastlinc, *auricalcos,' Voc.). 
Cf. Maselln. 

Mestlingy sb. mixed com, Cath. (/. 
33o> n. 3) ; mastlyn, HD ; massUn, Cotg. 
(s. V. melail); masUn, HD; meslln. 
Prompt. (/. 335 «), Cotg. (s. v. tramois) ; 
messUnff, Cotg. Cf. MastU^on. 

Mesnrable, adj. moderate, C, C2, C3, 
P ; mesnrabnl, S2. 

Mesnre, sb. measure, moderation, S2, 
C2, PP; mesnr, S2, B; meosure, S. — 
AF. mesure ; Lat. mensura, 

BCety sb. measure, moderation, S ; mete, 
dot., S; meete, S2.— AS. {ge)met. Qi. 

Mete, adj. meet, fitting, close-fitting, S2, 
L 2 



S3, Prompt.— AS. mMcy tight-fitting; cp. 
{ge)metj meet, fit, see SkD. 

Mete, sb. food, a meal, feast, S, S2, C, 
W2, PP; meten, //., S; meetis, W2. 
Comb.', mete-ffraoes, graces at meat, S; 
mete-nlSing-es, meat-niggards, S. — AS. 
mete (OET) : Goth, mats, firom matjan, 
to eat ; see Sievers, 263. 

MetelS, sb. dream, vision, FF ; meteles, 
PP. See below. 

Meten, v. to dream, CM, PP, S ; meet- 
en, S2, PP; mette, //. j., C2, P; met, 
//., C— AS. mStan. 

Meten, v. to paint, design, SD ; metedd, 
pp., S. 

Metexiy V. to meet, PP ; mette, //. x., 
S.— AS. m^tan: OS. mdtian. From AS. 
mdt. See Moot. 

Meten, v. to mete, measure, S2 ; meete, 
W2 ; mete, P ; met, S2 ; meten, pr. pi., 
W ; mat, //. J., W. — AS. {ge)metan ; cp. 
Goth, mitafty see Sievers, 19. 

Mete-wand, .r^. a measuring stick, WW. 

Mete-yairdey sb. measuring-rod, S3, 

Meth. adj. mild, courteous, HD; metlie, 

Meth, sb. moderation, mildness, S, S2, 
WA; mea», S; mej)e, S2.— AS. wiU, 

Methes-cheley sb. marten's skin, S. — 
AS. meard (Voc). 

MeS-fdl, adj. moderate, S, 

MeS-les, adj. immoderate; me]>eles, 

Metrete, sb. measure, W. — ^Lat. metreta 

MetyxigCe), sb. dreaming, PP; met- 
ing-e, S. — AS. inciting (Grein). 

Metynge, sb. measuring, measure ; met- 
ing-e, S2. 

Meuen, v. to move, suggest, PP; 
mened, //., S3 ; see Monen. 

Mewe, sb. a coop for fowls, C, C2, 
Manip. ; mne, SD. — OF. mue, a coop for 
fowls, the moulting of feathers (Cotg.). 
See below. 

Mewen, v. to mew, moult, SkD, Cotg. 
— OF. muer (Cotg.); Lat. mutare, to 
change. Cf. Montln. 

Mey, sb. May, S2 ; see Kay. 

Meyn, sb. intent, S3; metn, JD. See 

Meyn, v. to remember, be mindful of, 
B ; meyne, B ; see Menen. 

Meyne, v. to moan, lament, B; see 

BCeyn^y sb. household, retinue, train, 
company, S2, S3, C, W, PP; meynee, C2, 
W2 ; meyny, S2 ; mayne, S2 ; mayxiy, 
S2, S3 ; meine, S2 ; men^e, S2, H, Cath. ; 
men^he, S2 ; meany, S3 ; meny, -Prompt. ; 
meynes, //., W ; meynees, W2; menses, 
mentis, H. — OF. meisnee, maisnee; Low 
Lat. maisnada, *mansionata, from Lat. 

Meyneal, adj. homely, W; of one's 
household, W2 ; menyall, SkD ; mey- 
neals,, they of the household, W2. 
See above. 

Meynpemonr, sb. a taker by the hand, 
bail, surety, P. — AF. meynpemour. 

Meynprise, sb. a taking by the hand, 
bail, security, P; maynpris, G. — AF. 

Meynprise, v. to be surety for, PP. 

BCeyntene, v. to support, abet (in an 
action at law), P, S2 ; mayntene, to main- 
tain, C, P. — AF. meyntener. 

Meyntenonr, sb. supporter, PP. — AF. 


Micliey Adj. much, S2 ; see Moohe. 

Mid(i),/r^/. witii, S, S2; myd, S, 82, 
P ; mit, S ; mide, S, S2 ; myde, S2. Comb. : 
mitte (mit ]7e), with the, S2 ; mitte (mit 
]7e), with thee, S ; mid-al, withal, S ; mid- 
alle, altogether, S ; mid^iwlBBe, certainly, 
S ; mid-ywisBe, S ; myd-iwiSBe, S. — ^AS. 

Mid (2) adj. mid, SD. Comb. : mid- 
morwen, mid-morning, S; mid-morwe- 
tide, SD; mid^nemon, middle of the 
afternoon; hei mldonemon, fully the 
middle of the afternoon, S2 ; midewlnter, 
Christmas, S2 ; midwinterdSBi, sb. dat.y 
Christmas-day, S ; midwinter-day, 82 ; 
mid-ward, middle, S2. — AS. mid-. 

Middel, adj. and sb. middle, waist, SkD, 
S, S2, C ; myddel, PP ; myddll, W ; myd- 
deleste, super!., G. Comb. : middel-ni^te, 
midnight, S. — AS. middel, sb. 

Middel-erd, sb. the middle abode, the 
world, S ; middeleard, S ; myddelerd, S, 
PP; midelerd, S; mydlerd, 82, PP; 
mydelerd, PP; medlert, JD.— Cp. OS. 
middilgard, OHG. mittila gart (Tatian). 
Cf. Kiddeneard. 

Midden-eajrd, sb. the middle abode, 
the abode of men, S; middenserd, S; 
middenard, S ; midenarde, dot., S. — AS. 
middan-eard for middan-geard, 'middle 


enclosnre' (OET),the earth situated between 
heaven and hell, see Sweet, and Sievers, 
214, n. 5; cp. Goth, midjungardsj Icel. 
mtCgardr. See CV., and Grimm, Tent 
M, p. 794. 

KiddeSy only in phr. : in middes, in 
the midst, PP; In J>e myddes, PP, S2 ; 
in (firo) ))e myddis, PP, S3, W, W2 ; in 
tlie mydiB, W2. — From mid^ adj. The 
-^j gives the phrase an adverbial force. The 
older forms (in Layamon) are a midde, a 
midden ; AS. on middan. 

Kidwify sb. midwife, SD, SkD ; myd^ 
wyf, SkD ; mydwyfe. Prompt. ; mydewyf, 
SkD ; medwyfe, Cath. ; madewlfo, SkD ; 
medewynes,//., S2. See Kid (i). 
( Mightand, pr. /., as adj. having might, 

Mihel, sb. Michael, SD ; KyBliele, HD ; 
miiU, ND.— Church Lat Michael (Vulg.), 
from the Heb. 

Mihel-masse, sb. Michaelmas, SD; 
MilLelnuui,ND; Myhelnuume, PP ; Mis- 
selmasse, S2. 

Mihty 2 pr. s. mayest, S ; see M»L 

Mihte, pi' s. might, S; miot«, S; 
mlelite, S ; miffte, S ; see Mahte. 

micely adj. and adv. great, much, S, 
S2 ; see Mnohel. 

Milce, sb. mercy, S, S2, HD; mylee, 
S; mlldie, S. — AS. mills, from milde, 
mild, gentle ; see Sievers, 198, 4. 

Uilcien, v. to show mercy, S ; miloenn, 
S ; milsien, S. — AS. milsian, miltsian. 

Kilde, adj. mild, S, S2 ; myld, S. 
' Comb.', mild-heorte, merciful in heart, 
SD ; mild-heorted, S ; mllde-herted, S2 ; 
mild^herrtleB^o, mildheartedness, compas- 
sion, S; mild-heortnesse, clemency, S; 
mlldhertnesse, S. — AS. milde. 

Miles, sb. pi, animals, S2.— Cf. W. 
mil, an animal, beast; miled, a wild 
animal (W.W.S.). 

Uin, pron. poss. my, S, Sa ; myn, S, 
C2, PP ; mi, S, S2 ; mlne8,^^»., S ; mine, 
dal., S; toixe,gen. and dat.f., S; mynen, 
//., W2. Phr. : myn one, by myself, 
alone, PP. — ^AS. min. 

Uin, sb. memory, S2 ; see Mynne. 

Uines, 2 pr. s. rememberest, S2; see 

, Kinioxiy sb. a favourite, a lover, Sh. 

TG, ND ; bellulus, Manip. ; mlnyons, //., 

S3. — OF. mignon (Cotg.) ; cp. It. mignone 




Minioxiy adj. small, pretty; mynyon, 
ND ; mynionly, <idv. delicately, ND. 

Mint, //. s. purposed, S ; see Mnnten. 

•minty suffix. — AS. mynl, -mynd: Goth. 
-mundipa, see Sievers, 255, 3. Cf. Wortli- 

Minute, sb. a mite, moment of time, 
HD; mynnte. Prompt; mynntis, //., 
small pieces of money, W. Comb. : myn- 
ntwhile, PP; myntwhile, PP; mynte- 
while, PP.— Lat. minutum (Vulg.). Cf. 

Minyshe, v. to minish, S3 ; see Men- 

Mire, sb. ant, S; mowre, Cath. — Cp. 
Dan. myre, Icel. maurr. 

Mire, my, gen. and dat.f. of Kin. 

Mirli^, adj. dark, H. See Kerke. 

Mirre, sb. myrrh, S, PP ; mir, S2 ; 
mnrre, PP; myrre, PP. — AS. myrre\ 
Lat. myrrha (Vulg.) ; Gr. juv/J^. 

Mirye, adj. merry, CM ; see Kery. 

Mis, adv. amiss, S, C3; mys, PP; 
mysse, S2. ^^ "*'" '' 

Mis-, prejix', my»-, PP; mysae-, PP. 
— AS. mis- ; Goth, missa-. Comb. : mls- 
bilene, suspicion, C3 ; misboden, injured, 
C, CM; misdede, misdeed, S, PP; mls- 
departen, to divide amiss, C2 ; mlsdo, to 
do amiss, PP, S, S2, C2 ; miafiEuren, to be- 
have amiss, S ; mysfiure, to miscarry, PP ; 
mlsffonemannoe, misconduct, C2; mls- 
iryed, misguided, C2; mys-happen, to 
meet with misfortune, PP; myshopand, 
despairing, H ; misleaen, to believe wrong- 
ly, S ; miflliken, to displease, to be dis- 
pleased, S, S2 ; misUkinff, displeasure, S2 ; 
myspay, to displease, H ; mlsxede, to ad- 
vise ill, S ; misrempe, to go wide of the 
mark, S ; myarenle, to misgovern, S3, PP ; 
mysMyde, abused, rebuked, slandered, PP ; 
misseid, S2; misaemand, misemand, 
unseemly, H ; mistedSlen, to mistithe 
(mls-itedSeffet, S); mistriste, to mis- 
trust, C3 ; mystnme, to pervert, W, W2. 

Mis-, prefix {of F. origin) ; see Kes-. 

Mislich, adj. various, S ; misUohe, adv., 
S ; mistlioe, S. — AS. mislic {misllic), va- 
rious, adv. mislice {misllice, Grein). For 
insertion of/ see Sievers, 196, i. 

Misliche, adv. badly, miserably, S; 
mlBsely, wrongly, S2. 

Misse, sb. want, lack, fault, S ; mysse, 

Missen, v. to miss, SD ; mis, S2 ; 
my8se]>,/r. s., is without, PP. 



Mister ; see Mavtor. 

Mistilokery adj. comp, more mystic, 
PP; myatUoker, PP. 

Misty, adj. mystic, mysterious ; mystsr, 
misticus, Prompt. ; mistier, comp.y PP. 

Misty, adj. misty, tubulosus, Cath., 

Mite, sb. a mite, small coin, thing of no 
value, C3, Cotg. (s. v. minute) ; myte, PP ; 
minutuniy Cath., Prompt, WW. Comb. : 
mytewhile, a little while, PP. Cf. Minnte. 

Miteyn, sb. mitten, glove, C3; see 

Mithen, v. to conceal, S, SD.— AS. 
m/dan; cp. OHG. {bi)midan (Tatian, 
P- 493). 

Mix, sb. dung, S ; a vile wretch, S2. — 
AS. mixy meoxy meohx, Goth. maihstus\ 
cp. OHG. mist (^Tatian). 

Mizzle, V. to rain slightly, S3, HD ; 
miseUe, m^wjYLb, pluuitarey Cath. 

Mo, adj. and adv. more, besides, others, 
S, 82, S3, C ; moo, S3 ; ma, S, 82 ; may,//., 
S3. — AS. md. {Mo properly means more in 
number ; more means greater in magnitude. 

Mobyle, adj. moveable, S3 ; moebles, 
sb. pl.y moveables, property, PP, C3 ; meo- 
bles, PP ; meblea, PP.— OF. mobU, also 
meuble (Cotg.) ; Lat. mobilem. 

Moclie, adj. and adv, great, much, S, 
S2, C2 ; see Knelie. 

Mochel ; see MnoheL 

Mod ; see Mood. 

Modder, sb. a young girl, Manip. ; 
moder, Prompt. 

Moder, sb. mother, S, S2, C, C3, PP; 
moderr, S; modir, W; modux, PP ; 
mooder, S2, C2, C3 ; mnddlr, S3 ; moder, 
gen., S2, PP; modres, C3, PP. Comb.-. 
moder-bnrh, metropoJis, SD; moder- 
oWld, mother's child, S ; modlrles, 
motherless, W2.— AS. m6dor\ Lat. mater \ 
see Douse, p. 51. 

Modi^le^^C, sb. pride, S. 

Modi^nesse, sb. pride, S. 

Mody, adj. spirited, animosus, proud, 
PP, S2. 

Moened, //. s. moved, disturbed, C3 ; 
see Monen. 

Moght, pt. s. might, S2 ; see Mahte. 

Moich., adj. close, muggy, S3, JD. 

Moile, V. to toil, to drudge, to defile, 
pollute, daub with dirt, SkD ; moillen, to 

et, SkD ; moylynge, pr. /., S3.— AF, 


mailer y moillery to wet ; Late Lat. *molli' 
are, from mollis, soft. 

Moillere, sb. woman, wife, PP ; mvU- 
ere, PP ; moylere. P.— OF. moillier, mu- 
iller; Lat. mulieremi cp. AF. mulier, 

Mok, sb. muck, filthy lucre, PP ; mnk, 
PP ; mnkke, Prompt. 

Moky, adj. misty, HD. Cf. Moioli. 

Molde, sb. crumbling ground, earth, 
mould, S, S2, P, G ; moolde, PP ; mnlde, 
WA; moldei, //., dry pieces of mould, 
S2. Phr. : on molde, on the earth, in the 
world, S2, PP. Comb. : molde-ale, a fh- 
neral ale or banquet. Prompt. ; mnlde- 
mete, a funeral banquet, JD ; moldwerp, 
mole, mouldcaster, SkD ; moldwarp, Sh. ; 
moldewarpe, Cath.— AS. molde. Cf. MnU. 

Mole, sb. the moldwarp, talpa, Sh. ; 
mowle, S3; moUe, Prompt. — This word 
is short for molde-warp. See above. 

Molte {for molt), //. s. melted, S3 ; 
see Melten. 

Mom, sb, the least sound that can be 
made with closed lips, PP, S2 ; mnm, S3. 

Momelen, 'o. to mumble, PP; mam- 

Mon, I pr. s. I must, B ; pr. s., B ; 2pr. s., 
S3 ; mdne, mayest, S2 ; pr. s., shall, S2 ; 
man, i pr. s., SD ; 2 pr. pi., S2, B ; mnn, 
pr. s., S2, H. — Icel. munu, * debere,' pr. s. 
man (pi. munu). 

Mon, sb. man, S ; see Kan. 

Monchen, v, to munch, Cath. (»), 
Palsg., SkD ; monnch, Sh ; mnnclie, CM 
(4. 145) ; mannehe, Palsg. (s. v. br^ault) ; 
manehe, Palsg. ; monnoliynffe,/r. p., S3. 
Comb. : monnch-present, HD ; mannolie» 
present, Palsg., HD (s. v. munch) ; mawn. 
che-presande, sycophant, Cath. ; mancli- 
"SirenvxLtfdorophagus, Cath. («). — Probably 
a variety of ME. maungen ; OF. manger. 
For che^ge cp. ME. charche ; OF. charche 
= charge (see MD), also F. revancher —0¥ . 
revenger (SkD). 

Mone, sb. share, companion, S. — ^AS. 
{ge)mdna, * societas * (Voc). See Tmone. 

Mone, sb. moan, complaint, PP, S, S2 ; 
moone, PP, C ; moon, S2 ; mayn, B ; 
mayne, B, S3 ; mane, S2. 

Mone, sb. moon, S, S2, S3, P ; a Imia- 
tion, P; moyne, Cath., B; mosrn, B. 
Comb. : mone-desi, dies lunae, Monday, S ; 
moneday, S ; mone-lidit, moonlight, S. — 
AS. mSna. 

Mon^, sb. money, S2 ; see Moneye. 


Konek, sb, monk, Sa ; see Monk. 
Konestan, v. to teach, admomsh, W, 
Wa, CM; monoiflben, Catb. {n)\ men- 
Tsclie, Cath. ; monest, j>t. pi., B. See 

Konestyng, sb. an admonition, W. 
W2, B ; niOByaohjnge, Cath. 

' IConethy sb. month, S3, C, PP, B, WW, 
ND, Cath. ; moonep, Sa, PP ; mouTtlie, 
Prompt ; monyth, Sa ; moaetlie, W ; 
monitlLe, PP ; monthe,//., Ca ; monethls, 
W. Comb. : moneth-mliLde, a service in 
memory of the dead a month after decease, 
ND ; month-mlxLd, HD ; montl&B mindtt, 

^ ND ; montlui mind, a strong inclination, 
ND, Sh. — AS. mSnadt from mSna, moon. 

\ Moneje, sb. money, C3, PP; moad, 
Sa, PP. — AF. moneie, money e, monee \ Lat. 
Moneyeles, adj. moneyless, PP ; mone- 

1M8, PP. 

MoXLCf-COm(e)y sb. mixed com, S3, 
Prompt. ; moneome, HD. See Menyea. 

IConiy culj. many, S, Sa ; moaj, S; see 

Monk, sb. monk, PP ; monok, Sa ; 
mnnec, S ; mnneceB, //., S ; iiiiiiLak«s, 
S ; iiionekeB, S, Sa ; monkes, S. — AS. 
munec\ Lat. monachtis) Gr. novax^s, 

Monby^y sb. monkery, the race of 
monks, S3. 

Monsede,//* cursed, PP ; seeMaBMd. 

Moo- ; see also under Mo-. 

Mood, sb. anger, pride, mind, C ; mod, 
S, Sa ; mode, daf., S, Sa.— AS. m(fd; cp. 
OHG. muoi (Tatian). 

Moode, sb. mud, S3 ; see Mnd. 

Mool-bery, sb. mulberry, SkD ; mnl^ 
b#ry, Cath.— Cp. MHG. mii/ber (G. maul- 
beere) ; OHG. murberi, morberi (the / in 
the later forms being due to dissimilation) ; 
see Kluge; AS. m6r\ OHG. mdr\ Lat. 
morus. See More. 

Moot, sb. assembly, G, PP ; mot, PP. 
Comb. : moot-balle, hall of assembly, 
court, P, G, W; mote-balle, G, PP.— 
AS. mSt. Cf. Mot6. 

MoraliteOv sb. morality, i. e. a moral 
tele, C3.— OF. moralite (Cotg.). 

Mordre, sb. murder, C ; see Morther. 

More, sb. mulberry- tree; monrs, //., 
H. Comb. : more-tre, mulberry-tree, W ; 
moore-treea, //., Wa ; mur-berien, //. 
mulberries, Voc. — Lat. morus, mulberry- 



tree (Vulg.) ; cp. Gr. yMpov, mulberry. Cf. 

More, sb. moor, Prompt., H, PP ; mor, 
Sa ; mwr, B ; mwre, Sa, B. — AS. m6r. 

More, adj. and adv. comp. more, greater, 
elder, S, Sa, W, Wa, PP, WW ; mor, S, 
PP ; moare, S ; mayr, S3, B ; mair, B ; 
manre, S ; mare, S, Sa ; mar, S, B; mi^ 
rere, H. — AS. mdra. See Mo. 

More, sb. root, Sa, PP, HD ; moore, 
CM.— AS. mora (Voc. 135. 38, 39, 3a); 
cp. MHG. mord, more, see Weigand (s. v. 

Moreyne, sb. murrain, PP; moreyn, 
Sa, Prompt.; morreln, WW; moryn, 
H ; mnrrlns, //., WW. — AF. morine ; 
cp. Low Lat. morina, a, pestilence among 
animals (Ducange). 

Morkin, sb. a beast that dies by disease 
or accident, RD, HD, ND.— Cp. Late Lat. 
morticinium (Ducange), whence Ir. muirt- 
chenn, Wei. burgyn. 

Morknen, v. to rot, SD; mourkne, 
Sa. — Icel. morkna. 

Monual, sb. cancer or gangrene, CM, 
C, Prompt., RD, SD, ND, HD ; mormall, 
Palsg. ; mortmal, ND ; morimal, RD ; 
marmole, RD. — Cp. Late Lat. malum 
mortuum, a disease of the feet and shins 

Morris, adj. Moorish, sb. morris-dance, 
Sh, ND ; morisco, SkD ; a morris- dancer, 
SkD. Comb. : morrla-danQe, Moorish 
dance, Sh. ; morrya-dannoe, HD; mor- 
res-dauneera, morris-dancers, HD ; mor- 
rloe-bells, bells for a morris-dance, S3 ; 
morrlB-plke, a large pike (weapon), HD, 
Sh. — Late Lat. mx>riscus, Moorish. 

Morsel, sb. morsel, PP, B; moasel, 
SkD; mussel, W, Wa, PP; mnaaeUe, 
Voc. — AF morsel ; Lat. morsellum, a little 
bit ; dimin. of morsus. Cf. Mosel. 

Morther, sb. murder ; morthlr, PP ; 
morthre, C ; morder, PP ; mordre, C. — 
AS. mordor; cp. Low Lat. murdrum. 

Morther, v. to murder, PP, Sa ; mor- 
thre, C ; mordre, C, Ca ; mnrther, C. 

Mortherer, sb. murderer, PP ; mor- 
drer, C, Ca. 

Mortifie, »• to mortify, to produce 
change by chemical action, C3. — OF. mor- 
tifier ; Lat. mortificare. 

Mortreuz, sb. messes of pounded 
meat, C; mortrewes, CM, PP; mor- 
trw7«. Prompt. ; mortrws, Cath. ; mor- 
tesse^ Palsg. ; mortrela, PP ; mortretins. 



(mortrews), PP, Prompt. (»), Voc ; mor- 
tros, Voc. — OF. mortreuxy see Ducange 
(s.v. mortea\ connected with Lat. mor- 
tarium, a, morter. 

Morwa, s^. morrow, the morning, PP, 
Sa, C2, C3; marewe, S2 ; morow, S3. 
PAr. : to morwe, eras, Voc. Comb. : 
mor^e-iiMte, morning meal, S ; mor«wtid, 
morrow, W ; morowtid, W ; a&oratld, 
Wa ; mor^ene, dos nuptialis, SD ; mo- 
ryve. Prompt. 

UorwOIlf sb. mom, morrow, S, PP; 
morjen, SD. Phr. : to morweii, S. — AS. 
morgetty Goth, maurgins, 

Morwenynga, sb. mommg, PP, Ca ; 
morwnynfft, Sa ; moreBeninff, S. 

Mos^y sb. titmouse, S. — AS. mdse, see 
SkD. (8. V. titmouse), 

Uosel, sb. muzzle, nose of an animal, 
C, CM.— OF, musel {novf museau) : Prov. 
mursel: OF. *morsel. See Morsel, and 
cf. Miuien. 

Moselly V, to muzzle, SkD; moosel, 

Moskles, sb. pi. mussels (shell fish), 
Sa ; see MnskyUe. 

Most, adj. superl. greatest, chief, PP, 
Sa ; moste, S, PP ; mooste, Wa ; mast, 
Sa ; maste, Sa ; maist, B ; mayst, B ; 
niMTt, S, Sa ; meste, Ca ; meast, S. 
Comb. : meste del, the greatest part, Sa. — 
AS. m&st. 

Mot, I pr. s. may, must, S, Ca, C3, PP ; 
mote, S, PP ; most, a pr. s., must, S, Sa ; 
mot, a pr. s. sub/., S3 ; mot, pr. s., can, 
must, S, Sa, S3 ; moot, Sa, C ; mo^t, Sa ; 
moten, //., S, PP; mote, Sa, PP; moste, 
pt. s., was obliged, S, Sa, C3, PP ; //., S, 
Sa ; most, Sa, PP ; moist, //. s., S3.— AS. 
m(ft, a pr. s., mdst, pi. mSton, pt. s. mSste. 

Mote, sb. moat, agger, fossa, P ; a pond, 
Manip. ; castle, palace, WA ; moote. 
Prompt.; mot, PP.— OF. mote, embank- 
ment, also motte (Cotg.). 

Mote, V. to summon before a mot Ccourt^ 
to plead, dispute, discuss a law case, PP, 
Sa ; mootyn, Prompt. ; motion, S. — AS. 
mStian (Leo). See Moot. 

Mote, sb. note on the huntsman's horn, 
CM ; moot, HD ; mot. S3 (7. 16).— OF. 
mot, * the note winded by an huntsman on 
his horn * (Cotg.). 

Motl^, sb. motley, a dress of many 
colours, Prompt. ; motley, Sh., ND ; mot- 
♦-'--•i. C ; mottelay, Cath.— OF. mattete, 
-iurdled (Cotg.). 


Motomi, sb. a gold coin called a ' mut- 
ton ' or sheep, P ; mutoim, Sa, PP ; m,oton, 
PP. — OF. mouton; Late Lat multonem 

Motyf, sb. motive, incitement, Sa, C3 ; 
motif, motion, argument, question, subject, 
PP.— OF. /w^/(^(Cotg.); LateLat. motivum 

Moucte,//. 5. might, S; moufflit, S3 ; 
see Mahte. 

Monn, I pr. pi. may, S ; see Mai. 

Mountance, sb. amount, space, dura- 
tion, C3, CM ; monntoims, Sa, HD.— AF. 
mountance, OF. montance', see Ducange 
(s. V. montare), 

Moiinte, sb. mount, PP; mont, Sa; 
mnnt, S; mimte, dat., S. — AS. munt; 
Lat. montem ; cp. AF. munt, mont, mount, 

Monntein, sb. mountain, PP; mon- 
taine, Sa ; montain, Sa ; montaigne, Ca ; 
momLtaigne, PP.— AF. mountaygne ; Late 
Lat. montanea, * locus montanus' (Du- 

Monnten, v. to mount, PP. — OF. mon- 
ter; Late Lat. montare. 

Mountenannce, sb. amount ; mown- 
tenawnoe. Prompt; monntenaiioe, S3, 
ND. See Monntanoe. 

Monr, sb. mulberry-tree, H ; see More. 

Moiinieil,^'. to mourn, Sa, PP; 
en, PP, S; mumen, S; morenen, pr. 
pi., Wa ; morenyden, pt. pi., Wa.— AS. 

Monmyng, pr. p. and adf. mourning, 
PP ; mooming, C, C3 ; momyng, Sa. 

Mous, sb. mouse, C, PP; m.iui, S; 
muse, dat., S ; mju, pi., P ; mees, PP ; 
Comb.: mowsfUle, mousetrap. Prompt; 
mnse-stoeh, mousetrap, S. — AS. mtis. 

Mouth, sb. mouth, face, PP, Wa ; mxX, 
S; mndh, S. Comb.: mvS-fkreo, mouth- 
free, S. — AS. mtlO: Goth, munths; cp. 
OHG. mund (Otfrid) ; see Sievers, 30. 

Mouthen, v. to talk about, P ; mouth- 
ed,//, j., P. 

MoTltin, V. to mew, moult, cast feathers. 
Prompt. ; mowtyn. Prompt., HD ; monlt, 
Sh. ; montes, pr. s., Sa, SkD. — Lat. mu- 
tare. Cf. Mewen. 

MOT^t, sb. moth, W ; mon^tOjWa, SkD ; 
moghte, Cath. — ONorth. and AS. mo/iOe 
(Mt 6. ao). 

Moaen, v. to move, suggest, S; moeue, 
PP; menen, PP; meiies, pr. s., Sa; 
moeued, //. s., C3 ; moeuyng, pr, /., Sa, 


C3 ; mened, pp.^ S3.— AF. numer, OF. 
tnuveir, movoir^ moveir', Lat. mottire. 

ICoWy V. to be able, H ; mown, Prompt. ; 
muifeii, S. — AS. *mugan (not found), see 
Sievers, 434. See Mesi. 

ICowe, sb. kinswoman, S ; mow, sister- 
in-law, Prompt.; mo36, S; ma^e, SD. — 
AS. mdge. 

ICowe, sb. a grimace, CM, Prompt.; 
moe, Cotg., WW (p. 407) ; mow, WW.— 
OF. moug (Cotg.). 

Mowen, v. to make a grimace, Cath. ; 
mowyn. Prompt. Der.-. mowing, gri- 
macing, S3 ; mowynff, Wa ; cachinnatus^ 
Cath. ; monwyng*, Wa. 

ICowen, V, to mow, reap, S, PP.— AS. 

ICowtardy sb, moulting bird, Prompt. 
See Montin. 

Mowtynga, sb. moulting-season, PP, 

Moyste, adj. fresh, new, Ca, C3, SkD ; 
moTVt, humidus, Prompt. ; moste, moist, 
Cath. — OF. moiste, damp, moist ; Late Lat 
*musitus, *musteu5 (see BH, § 74, also 
Roland, p. 430) ; from Lat. mustum. See 

ICoystixi, V. to make moist, W, Prompt. ; 
moyste, Voc. ; moy»ted,//., Sa, Cath. («). 

ICoystness^y sb. moistness, humor, 

ICoystnre, sb. moisture, Prompt.; mos- 
toor, maditas, Cath. 

ICo^e, sb. kinswoman, S ; see Mowe. 

Kndie, adj. and adv. great, much, S, 
Sa, PP; moche, S, Sa, Ca, PP; miohe, 
Sa ; myohe, S, W, Wa. Comb. : mnoho- 
del, a great pait, Sa ; myohofold, mani- 
fold, W. 

ICnchelf adj. and adv. great, much, 
numerous, S, Ca, PP; mochel, Sa, Ca, 
C3, PP; moclLOle, S; mlohol, S; mioel, 
S; mikel, S, Sa; myoel, S; mykel, Sa, 
P ; mnkel, S, Sa ; mncelo, S ; miklo, Sa ; 
meldll, S3. Der. : mncbeUiedo, great- 
ness, SD ; mykoUied*, Sa ; myehllnoBBe, 
greatness, Wa.. — ^AS. micel {rnycel) : Goth. 

ICuchelin, v. to magnify, S ; mnollon, 
S; mnoU, S ; mikeland, /r. /., Sa ; mik- 
•led, pp., Sa. — AS. myclian : Goth, mik- 

Mudy sb. mud, Prompt. ; moodo, S3 ; 
mndde, Sa (13. 407), Cath., Manip. — Cp. 
OLG. tnudde, see SkD. 



Mudly, adj. muddy, H. 

Mngen, v. to be able, S ; see M»L 

Mnght, //. s. might, Sa, H ; mnhte, S ; 
see Mahte. 

Mnk, sb. muck, filthy lucre, PP; see 

Mnkel, adj. great, S, Sa ; see Mnohel. 

Mull, sb. mould, rubbish, Sa, Cath. («) ; 
molle, Cath. ; mol, Cath. {n) ; mnl, Cath. 
(«).— Cp. Du. mul. See Molda. 

Mnllok, sb. rubbish, C3; mollocko, 
Cath. (w). 

Multiplicacioim, sb. multiplying, i.e. 
the art of alchemy, C3. 

Multiplye, v. to make gold and silver 
by the arts of alchemy, C3 ; mnltepllo, to 
increase, PP. — OF. multiplier*, Lat. mul- 

Mum ; see Mom. 

Mnily/r. s. must, Sa, H ; see Mon. 

Mnnec, sb. monk, S ; see Konk. 

Mnnen, v. to remind, to be mindful, 
S ; see Kynno. 

Mnnejing, sb. commemoration, S. 

Mnngen, v. to remember, PP; see 

Mnngtinga, sb. remembrance, remind- 
ing, S ; mnnosTungo, S ; mnne^ing, S. — 
AS. mynegung. 

Mxuine, v. to relate, mention, remind, 
S : see Mynne. 

Mnnstral, sb. minstrel, Sa ; see Myn- 

Mnntf sb. mount, S ; see Monnte. 

Mnnteily v. to think, to purpose, Sa ; 
m7nti«,^r. 5. points, WA; mnnto,//. s., 
S3; mint, S; 1-mnnt, //., S ; Umlnt, 
S ; 1-mont, S. — AS. {ge)myntan. See 

Mnrcnen, V. to murmur ; mnrrcneflNrt, 
a pr. s.y S. — AS. murcnian (Leo). 

Mnme, adj. sad, S, HD.— Cp. AS. 
murnan, to mourn. 

Mnmexiy v. to mourn, S, WA; see 

Mumyily sb. mourning, B. 

Murrin, sb. murrain, WW; see Mor- 

Mlirtha, sb. mirth, joy, PP, S ; mnrtk., 
PP; mnrluSe, S; mnr^]^, S; myrtlie, 
PP ; mlrtlie, C ; merthe, PP ; mnirtli, 
PP; mnrplioB,//., merrymakings, amuse- 
ments, PP, Sa ; merthes, G. — AS. myrif, 
mirkU, from merg. See M«xy. 



Miuy(e), adj. merry, S, C ; see M«X7. 

M'OI^eii, V. to make merry, SD ; muz^ 
gep,/r.//., S2. 

Mus, sb. mouse, S ; see Mens. 

Musard, sb, a dreamy fellow, HD, 
Bardsley ; miuiarde, CM. — OF. musart. 

Muse, sb. dreaming vacancy, Spenser. 

Musen, v. to ponder, wonder, PP, 
C3, WA, ND.— OF. muser, to mnse, 
stndy, linger abont a matter, to sniff as 
a hound, from ^muse^ a muzzle, nose of an 
animal (whence F. museau) ; Lat. morsus. 
For F. -«- from an orig. Lat. -or- cp. OF. 
jus from Late Lat. jusum, Lat. deorsuniy 
and F. sus from Lat. susum, seorsumt see 
Apfelstedt, § 43, and Constans (glossary). 
Cf. Kosel. 

Muskylle, sb. mussel, a shell-fish, 
Cath. ; mnscleB,//., PP; moakles, Sa. — 
AF. muskeles, pi., OF. muscle ; Lat. mus- 
culum (ace), dimin. of mus, mouse ; cp. 
AS. muse Ian seel (Voc). 

Mussel, sb. morsel, W, W2 \ see 

Must, sb. new wine, W, W2. — Lat. 
mustum (Vulg.). Cf. Moiste. 

MustOUr, sb. dial, clock, WA.— Cp. F. 
montre (Brachet). 

Mute, V. to dung (used of birds), SkD, 
WW, ND; meuted, //., WW.— OF. 
mutir (Cotg.), esmeutir (Cotg.), esmeltir, 
(Littr^) ; of Teutonic origin, cp. ODu. 
smelten, to smelt, liquefy; cp. It. smal- 
tare, to mute as a hawk (Florio). Cf. 

Mutoun ; see KotoTm. 

Muwen, pr. pi. may, S ; mnB6n, S ; 
see MsBi. 

Mwre, sb. moor, S2 ; see More. 

Mydge, sb. midge, H (Ps. 104. 29) ; 
midge, Manip. ; myffe, gnat, eulex, Voc, 
Cath. ; myfflie, S3. — AS. my eg (Voc). 

Myghte, pt. s. could, PP; myjte, Sa ; 
see Ka.lLte. 

Myghte, sb. might, power, PP ; miat, 
PP, S; miht, S, Sa, PP; myjt, S2 ; 
myhte, S ; miate, S ; mightes,//., powers, 
virtues, S2 ; myhte, S. — AS. miht. 

Myghtful, adj. powerful, PP ; mllit- 
fal, PP; mlstfol, PP; myjtfol, PP; 
my^tuolle, S2. 

Myghtfulnes, sb. strength, S2. 

Myghty, adj. mighty, SD ; masty, S2 ; 
msBliti, S; maifti, S; mihtt, S ; mlcliti, 


S ; m^thl, Sa ; myglitely, adv,y CM.— 
AS. meahtig. 

Myht, 3/^. s. mayest; see Mnl. 

Myke, sb, the crutches of a boat, which 
sustain the main-boom or mast when low- 
ered, Sa. — Cp. Swed. mick^ a crutch (sea- 

Mylle, sb. mill. Prompt. Comb. : mylle- 
stone, mill-stone, Prompt.; mjl-stoa, 
Voc; melstan, S; myln-vtoon, W; 
mnUe-itoiies,//., PP.— AS. myln (Voc.) ; 
Lat. molina. 

Mylnere, sb. miller, PP ; mylner, PP ; 
mnlnere, PP; melner, PP ; mellere, 

Mynde, sb, memory, remembrance, 
mention, PP, Sa, S3, W, Wa, CM, C2, 
Cath. ; meade. Prompt. ; mind, memory, 
mind, Sh. — AS. {ge)mynd\ cp. OHG. gi- 
muntf memory (Tatian). See Kjniae. 

Mynen, v, to mine, S2, W, W2.— OF. 
miner ; cp. Late Lat. minare (Ducange). 

Myne-ye-ple, sb. (?), S3 (7. 63, note), 

Myxine, sb. memory, SD : mln, S2. — 
Icel. minni, memory ; cp. AS. myne, mind. 
Cf. Kynde. 

Myxme, v. to remember, mention, PP, 
S2, HD ; mnniie, S ; numyen, S ; muneB, 
S ; myiuuid, pr. /., H ; mines, a pr. s., 
S2 ; Bdned, pp., S2. — AS. (ge)mynnan 
(gemynian), to remember; also {ge)mU' 

Mynnyng-day, sb. the day of memory 

ofthedead, HD. 

Mynour, sb. miner, C, SkD, PP ; 
mlnonr, PP.— AF. minour\ Late Lat. 
minatorem (Ducange). See Myneni. 

Mynstral, sb. minstrel, PP, Prompt. ; 
mlnstral, PP ; mnnstral, PP, Sa ; mln- 
strales,//., Ca ; menestrales, PP.— AF. 
menestral\ Late Lat. ministralem, a ser- 
vant (Brachet). 

Mynstralcie, sb. music, minstrelsy, 
PP, C; minstraloye, C2 ; menstnOoye; 
C; mynstraoie, PP; mlnstxaole, PP. 
mynstrasye, Prompt., Sa.— AF. mynstral- 

Mjrnstre, sb. minster, monastery, S, 
PP ; minstre, S ; ministre, Sa ; minn- 
stre, the Jewish temple, S. — AS. mynster ; 
Church Lat. mxmasterium\ Gr. /wwnrnfipiov, 

Myrie, adj. pleasant, Wa ; see Mery. 

Myrk, adj. dark, Sa, H ; see M«xke. 

Myrk, v. to darken, H. 


ICys-, prefix ; see both Mis- and M«»-. 

ICjrsteiry v, to be necessary, B ; niTfl- 
t«m, /r. J. is needful, W A. 

Mystor, ^^. trade, occupation, FP ; see 

ICyster, sb. need, want, C, WA, B; 
see Mester. 

Uystiry adj, lacking, needful, B. 



Mystjrrit, //. injured by loss (of 
blood), S3. 

Myteyne, sb, cuff, glove, Prompt, S3 ; 
mlteyn, C3 ; mytane, Cath. ; niTttan, 
Voc. — OF. mitaifte (Cotg.) ; cp. Low Lat. 
mitana (Ducange). 

My^t, sb. power, S2 ; see Myfflit. 

My^te, //. s, might, Sa ; see Mahte. 


Na, cuiv. not, S ; see Vo. 

Na, cuij, no, S ; see Van. 

Nabben, v. not to have ; nane, i pr, s., 
PP ; nanest, 2 pr. s,^ S ; nanestn, thou 
hast not, S ; nastu, S ; nanep, pr. s., S ; 
na*, S, PP, S2 ; nep, Sa ; nabbep, //., Sa ; 
naue, Sa ; nadde, pf. j., S ; nad, PP ; 
nedde, PP, Sa ; nanedes, a //. j., S ; 
nsBueden, pi., S. — AS. nabban {=^ne hab- 

IBTabod, for Ve abod, abode not, S. 
See AMden. 

XTacioim, sb. nation, C ; naoion, Cath., 
WA. — AF. nacioun, naciun; Lat. naiio- 

ITaddren, pi. adders, S ; nadres, S ; 
see Vedder. 

Nadrinke,>r Ve adrlnke, let (it) not 
drown, S. 

Naht, sb. night, SD ; see Vyglit. 

IBTaht, adv. not, S ; see Vonffht. 

Nahte, //. s. had not, S ; see Owen. 

IBTaked, adj. naked, bare, undefended by 
body-armour, PP, C3; naket, PP, S; 
nakid, Sa ; naklt, Sa. Phr. : in naked 
bedde, au lict couchi tout nud, Palsg., 
HD, ND.— AS. nacod\ cp. OHG. nakot 
(Otfrid), Icel. naktr. 

Naken, v. to lay bare, SkD (s. v. naked). 
— ONorth. {ge)nacian (Mk. a. 4). 

ITaker, sb. ketUe-drum, Sa, C, HD.— 
OF. nacre, also nagaire, nacaire, naquaire, 
anacaire (cp. Byzantine Gr. dudieapov) ; a 
word borrowed from the Turks ; cp. Kurdish 
nakdra, see Ducange, Diez. 

Naknen, v. to strip ; naones,/r. x., S ; 
nakned,//., HD. 

Nale ; in phr. Atte nale for At ten ale 
(at l>en ale), at the ale, P. See Ale. 

Nam, I pr. s. am not, S, Sa, P, C ; nssm, 
S ; nart, 2 pr. s., S, Sa ; jilM,pr. s., is not. 

S, C, Ca ; nys, S; nas,//. s., S, Sa, HD, 
PP; nes, S, Sa; nere, //., S, Sa, C; 
neoxen, S ; nare, S.— ONorth. nam {=^ne 

Nam,//, s. took, S ; see Vimen. 

Namelicbe, adv. especially, Sa, C; 
see VomeUohe. 

Nan, adj. none, no, S ; see Von. 

Nap, sb. cup, S ; neppe, dat., S. — AS. 
hnap (Voc.) ; cp. OHG. hnapf, OF. hanap 
(Bartsch), Low Lat. nappus (Ducange). 

Nappen, v. to nap, slumber, nod, 
PP, C3, W. Der.x napping, slumber, 
Wa ; nappy, sleep-inducing, S3, ND. — 
AS. hnappian. 

Naproxiy s. apron, SkD; naprnn. 
Prompt. — OF. naperon, from nape, a cloth ; 
Low Lat. napa ; Lat. mappa (Punic word). 

Narde, sb. nard, an unguent, W.— Lat. 
nardus (Vulg.) ; Gr. vapto^ (Persian word). 

Narwe, adj. narrow, C ; narewe, S ; 
naren, S ; narw^ W ; nearowe, S ; ner- 
nwe, S ; narwe, adv., closely, PP.— AS. 
nearu, adv. nearwe. 

1X9,3^ pt. s. was not, S, Sa ; see Vam. 

JXtkt^ for Ve at, nor at, Sa. 

Nats, pr. s. has not, S, PP, Sa ; see 

Natinita, sb. nativity, Sa, Ca.— OF. 
nativiti (Cotg.) ; Lat. natiuitatem. 

Natte, sb. 'mat, scorium, buda^ Voc, 
Cath. ; natt, HD, Voc. ; nat, Palsg.— 
OF. natte (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. natta ; Lat. 
matta (probably a variant of mappa). See 

Naue, Nanest; see Vajbben. 

Nailjty, adj. having nothing, very poor, 
P. See Nouffht. 

Nauele, sb. navel, PP; nawle, Wa ; 
nanle, PP ; navyle, Voc. ; nawelle, Voc. ; 
nawylle, Voc— AS. nafela. 



Nay, adv. nay, PP, S3. WA ; nal, S, Sa. 
Phr. : nay whan, nay when ? i. e. not so, 
when (will you do it), S3 ; wltlionte nay, 
without denial, G ; it is no nay, there 
is no denying it, G, Ca. — Cp. Icel. net. 

Nayl,^3. nail, finger-nail, S, C2 ; nayle, 
Voc. ; n6U, S ; nayles, //., PP.— AS. 
nagel; op. Icel. nagl. 

Naylen, v. to nail, Cath. ; najlen, S ; 
naU6n, PP, Ca. 

Nayten, v. employ, use, Sa, WA.— 
Icel. neyta) cp. AS. notian\ weak verb, 
from Icel. nj6ia\ cp. AS. niotan. Cf. 

Naytly, adv, neatly, fit for use, Sa. — 
From Icel. neytrt fit for use. 

Naytyn, v. to deny, Prompt., SD, HD. 
—Icel. neita. Cf. Viten. 

Ne, adv. and conj. not, nor, S, Sa, S3. — 
AS. ne^ not, nor. 

Neb, sb, face, S, HD. Der.\ nel>- 
88eft, face, appearance, presence, Sa ; n«1>- 
Bcheft, SD.— AS. nebb, beak, face (GET). 

Nece, sb. niece, PP ; neipo«, grand- 
daughter, S3 ; n6eoe, WW (p. 417).— AF. 
nece^ niece ; Late Lat. neptia ; in the place 
of Lat. neptis, a granddaughter, a niece ; see 
BH, § 3a. 

Nedde, //. s. had not, S ; see Vabben. 

Nedder, sb, adder, snake, H ; neddyr, 
Cath., Prompt. ; nedd6r6, Cath. \n) ; ned. 
dre, S ; nedyr, Voc. ; n«dyr6, Voc. ; 
naddren, //., S ; nadxes, S ; nedxls, HD ; 
neddren, S. Comb. : nedyxcopp, spider, 
Voc— AS. nadre : Goth, nadrs ; cp. OHG. 
na/rd (Tatian). 

Nede, sb, need, peril, business, also as 
pred. adj. necessary, needful, Ca, W, PP ; 
neode, PP, S ; nlede, S ; need, S, Sa, PP ; 
ned, S ; need, Ca ; neid, B ; nedes, //., 
Sa, PP; nede, adv.^ necessarily, S, Ca, 
PP; nedes, needs, of necessity, Sa, C, 
PP ; nedls, W ; neodes, Sa, PP ; needely, 
C; nedeUoh, W. Der.\ nedfUL, needy, 
necessary, S ; nedfol, Sa, PP ; needful, S, 
PP; needles, needlessly, Ca; neidwais, 
of necessity, Sa, B.— OMerc tUd (VP), 
AS. nyd: Goth, nauths ; cp. OS. ndd, OHG. 
n6t (Tatian). 

Neden, v. to force, compel, to need, S ; 

neid, B; nede]>,/r. x., there is need, it is 
necessary, PP, C ; neodep, S, PP.— AS. 

nidan (GET). 
Nedle, sb. needle, C3, P ; nedele, PP ; 

nedel, PP ; nelde, PP ; neelde, PP.— 

Der.\ ned^lexe, needle-seller, PP; nel- 


dere, PP.— AS. n6tdl\ OHG. nddela, also 
ndldd (Tatian). 

Neer, adj. camp, nearer, Ca ; see Verre. 

N«et, sb. ox, cattle, PP, S, Sa, C ; net, 
S; nlatt, S; nowt, S ; nete, H, PP. 
Comb. : neet-Urde, sb. neat-herd. Prompt. 
— AS. n^atf ox, cattle: Icel. naut\ cp. 
OHG. nSz^ * jumentum * (Tatian). 

Nefen, v. to name, Sa ; see Venenen. 

Ne-for-thi, adv. nevertheless, Sa. — 
AS. nefor Cy. 

NegheHy num. nine, Sa ; see Vyne. 

Nehlechen, v. to approach, S ; neo- 
lechln, S. — ^AS. n^al<kcan, from n^ah. See 

Neib., adv. nigh, nearly, almost, PP, S ; 
neyh, G ; neli, S, Sa ; ney, PP, S ; nej, 
S ; neffh, PP ; ny, PP, Prompt. ; nij, W ; 
ny5, W, Wa; neigh, Sa ; neije, P; 
neighe, PP ; nyje, PP. Comb. : neyhe- 
bonr, neighbour, G ; neiglLebor, Ca ; 
neighburgh, Sa ; nehgebnr, S ; neilu 
hond, close at hand, S. — ^AS. niah ; cp, 
OHG. ndk (Tatian). 

Neiben, v. to be nigh to, to approach, 
PP ; neighen, PP ; neghen, PP, H, Sa ; 
ne^en, PP, W ; ne^en, Sa ; ne^h, Sa ; 
neyBhen, Sa. — AS. n6hwan : Goth, nehw- 
jan^ from nehwa, nigh. See STeili. 

Neipce, sb. granddaughter, S3 ; see 

Neitber, neg. pron. and conj. neither, 
SD ; ney]>er, S ; noitlier, P ; neitliyr. 
Prompt.; nethlr, not, W. — AS. «tf + 
(kghwceder. See EtiSer. 

Nei;, in phr, no ne^ for non e^, i. e. 
no tgg, Sa. See By. 

Nekke, sb. neck, S, C, PP. Comb. : 
nekke-boon, neck-bone, Sa, Ca ; nekke- 
bon, PP.— AS. hnecca (GET.). 

Nelle, I and 3 pr. s. will not, PP, S ; 
nell, S ; nel, S ; nele, S ; nnlle, S, PP ; 
nnle, S ; nnl, PP, Sa ; nlle, S, PP ; nil, 
PP, Ca ; nnlllch, I will not, S ; nnlidi, 
S ; nnly, Sa ; nnlt, a pr. s., wilt not, S ; 
neltn, thou wilt not, S ; neltow, P ; 
nnltn, S ; neUe(S, pL, S ; nolle)>, Sa ; 
noUen, PP ; nnllep, S ; nnlen, S ; n^lde, 
//. J., would not, S, PP ; nalde, S.— AS. 
nyllan. See WlUe. 

Nenmen, v. to name, mention, call, S, 
Sa, S3 ; nempnen, PP, Sa. — AS. nemnan : 
Goth, namnjan, Cf. STenenen. 

Neod, Neodes ; see Vede. 

Neode]>, pr. s. is needful, S; see 


VeOJXLWif V. to take, receive, S; see 

ITeoilLeiiy^f sb, feast of the new moon, 
W. — ^Lat. neomenia (Vulg.) ; Gr. voufxrpfia, 

Neowcin, sd. harm, injury, S. — Icel. 
naudsyn, need, impediment, see SkD (s. v. 
es^iu, p. 802). 

Neowe, acO'. ^^^t S ; see Vnre. 

Neowel, adj. deep ; nlwel, SD ; nnel, 
SD. JDer. : neowelnMUM, the deep, abyss, 
S. — AS. moTvoIj nio/j niwol, prone, deep 
(OET, Grem). 

XTeoje, num, nine, Sa ; see Vyne. 

IBTeppe, sb. tnmip, rapay Voc. ; nepe, 
Alph. — AS. n^p\ liat ndpus, 

ITerCOtyk, sb, narcotic, C— Late Lat. 
narcoticum [medtcamen]^ (SB) ; Gr. vapKoj- 
TucSs, benumbing. 

XTere, sb. kidney, Voc. ; nsere, Prompt. ; 
neres, //., reins, H ; nexys, ren, Voc. 
Comb. : kldnere, kidiney, SkD ; kjdntj', 
Voc. — Icel. nyra, pi. nyru : OIIG. niero ; 
cp. Gr. vt<i>p6s, see Curtius, ii. 93. 

IBTere, //. //. were not, S, S2, C ; sec 

ITerre, adj, and adv. comp. nearer, H, 
PP; narre, H ; nere, PP; ner, PP, C2, 
C ; niar, S ; neer, W, C2. Comb. : ner- 
hand, nearly, H. — AS. rUarra {n4ara), 
adj. ; fUar, adv. 

USTemwe, adj. narrow, S ; see Varwe. 

XTeSy pt s, was not, S, S2 ; see Vam. 

IBTesolie, adj. tender, soft, S ; namOie, 
S ; neshe, Voc. ; n«sli, ND ; nasoli6, 
S2 ; neisoh6, W2 ; nesM, HD. Der. : 
nesahede, tenderness, S2. — AS. hnesce. 

ITasclien, v. to soften, SD ; n688hen, 
S ; neasen, H ; nayMon, H. — AS. ^»^jr- 

IBTesa, j^. nose, S, S2, Prompt., PP, Voc. ; 
neoM, PP ; nose, Voc. ; noose, W A. 
Comb. : nosebleed, the plant yarrow, 
Alph. ; noseblede, millifolium^ Alph. ; 
nese-liende, purulus, Voc. ; nese-tlilrl, 
nostril, H ; nes-thyxyUe, Voc. ; nose- 
tlilrl, W2 ; nose-flLnrl, C ; noyss- 
thyrlys, //., S3.— AS. nosu ; cp. OHG. 
nasa ; see Kluge, and Sievers, 274. 

Nesen, v. to sneeze ; nesyn, Prompt. ; 
neeae, WW.-Cp. Icel. hnJSsa. 

'SeutmadJ. and adv. superl. next, nearest, 
PP, S, S2 ; neist, S2 ; nixte, S ; nexte, 
C, PP ; nezat, S, S2. Comb. : nest&ld, 
nearest, S. — AS. niehsta, adj. ; nihstf adv. 

Nest, sb. nest, PP; nestes, pi., PP. 



Der.: nestUngis, nestlings, PP.— AS. 
nest ; cp. Lat. nidus (for nisdus), Olr. net ; 
see Brugmann, § 590. 

Nasten, //. //. knew not, S ; see Not. 

Nestlen, v. to build nests, S2. 

ITeK pr. s. has not, S2 ; see Vabben. 

NeVen, adv. from below, S. — AS. neoS- 
an, beneath. 

NeSer, adj. comp. nether, S ; see VlSer. 

Nette* sb. net, Cath., Manip. ; nett. 
Prompt, Voc., W (p. 234) ; net, W (p. 
123); nettes, //., C2.— AS. netti Goth. 
natty see Sievers, 247. 

Nene, sb. nephew, S. — AS. nefa, 

Neuenen, v. to name, S2, C3, H,HD ; 
nefen, S2. Der. : neneninff, naming, 
S. — Icel. nefna, (from nafn, name) : Goth. 
namnjan, from namn- stem oinamoy name. 
Cf. Vemnen. 

Neuera, adv. never, PP, S ; nenre, S, 
PP ; nsraere, S ; n»are, S ; neaner, S ; 
nanere, S ; nefire, S ; nefer, S ; nafire, 
S ; neare, S3 ; nere, W ; ner, HD, S2. 
Comb. : nener a del, not a bit, C3 ; nenre- 
more, nevermore, S ; nener tlie neer, 
none the nearer, C3 ; nener tlie latter, 
nevertheless, H. — AS. n<kfre. 

Neueu, sb. nephew, S2 ; nerew, C2 ; 
nevo, B. — AF. nevu, nephew, grandson; 
Lat. nepotem. 

ITewe, adj. new, PP, C2 ; neowe, S ; 
nywe, S ; niwe, S2 ; newe, adv., newly, 
anew, PP, C ; newly, newly, again, PP ; 
nnly, S3. Comb. : newefiangel, catching 
at novelty, C2; newefengelnes, fondness 
for novelty, C2, S3. — AS. neowe y niwe. 

ITewen, v. renew, S, S2, PP. — AS, 

ITewte, sb. newt. Prompt.; ewte, 
Prompt. See Enete. 

Ney, adv. nigh, nearly, S ; ne3, S ; see 

Neyndy ord. ninth, S2 ; see Vyne. 

Ne^en, v. to neigh, SkD. Der. : nel- 
yng", sb. a neighing, W2. — AS. hnigan; 
cp. Icel. hneggja. 

ITiatt, sb. pi. cattle, S ; see Veet. 

Nicll, -adv. no, S. — AS. ne-vic^ I; see 
Sievers, 332. 

ll'ie)>e, ord. ninth, S ; see Vyne. 

Nif,y^ HTe Hy if not, except ; nyf, S2. 

ITifle, sb. trifle, HD, ND ; nyfles, //., 
CM, Palsg. ; nlfles, Cotg. (s. v. nigeries). 
—OF. nijlesy trifles (Palsg.). Cf Vinelen. 

ITigard, sb. a niggard, a miser, PP ; 



iijffard,C,CM,PP; nyffarda, PP, Palsg. ; 
ny^art, CM. Cf. Vygim. 

Nigardie, sb, stinginess, SkD, HD; 
nllTA'dye) CM ; ny^ardye, CM. 

Night, Nigt, Niht; see Vygnt. 

Nigromancye, sb, magic, sorcery, 
PP ; nigramanTioy, Sa ; nigrainaiiiy, B ; 
nlgromance, Cath. — OF. nigromafue 
(Bartsch) ; cp. Low Lat nigromantia (Du- 
cange); Late Lat. necromantiay necro- 
mancy; Gr. v€KpofJuxvr€ia, divination by 
communion with the dead. 

ITiker, sb. water-sprite, SD; nykyr, 
siren. Prompt ; iiyck«r«,//., SPD ; nyk- 
exen, SPD (p. 255). — AS. nuor, a water- 
demon (Grein); cp. Icel. nykr, hippo- 
potamus: OHG. nichusy * crocodilus/ see 
Grimm, Teut. M. p. 488. 

Nilf/^- s. will not, C2 ; see Velle. 

Nimen, v. to take, S, S2 ; nymen, PP ; 
nexnen, PP ; neomen, S ; nam, pt 5., 
PP, G, S ; nom, S, S2 ; nem, S2 ; nome, 
2 //. s., S, PP ; nomen, />/., S, PP ; neme, 
S ; niunon,//., seized, gone, S ; munmnxL, 
S2 ; nome, S2. Der. : nlminge, a taking, 
capture, S. — AS. nimatiy pt nam (pi. 
ndmon), pp. numen. 

TXisx^ for Vt in, nor in, C2. 

Nis,/^. s. is not, S, C, C2 ; see Vam. 

Niseien, pi. pi for Ve Iseimi, saw not, 

Niste, pt. s, knew not, S ; see Vot. 

Niswicst, 3 pr, s. for Ve Iswiost, 
ceasest not, S. 

Niten, v, to refuse, S2, JD ; nyte, JD ; 
nite, //., WA.— Icel. «//a, to deny. Cf. 

Niten, pr. pi, know not, S ; see Hot. 

Ni8, sb. envy, malice, S. Der, : nJU- 
fal, envious, S ; nypftil, S. — AS. niti\ cp. 
Goth, neith, 

NiSen, v, to envy, SD.— Icel. nitiay to 

NiCer,a^z'. below, S; adj, comp.yXovfei, 
S; ne'Ser, S; nethlr, B; netSement, 
superl.y lowest, SD. Der.\ neVerward, 
downwards, SD. — AS. nitier^ nioSory down- 
ward, nec^era, lower, nether, SkD. 

NiSer-wenden, v, to go down, S. 

NiSing, sb, a coward, a niggard, S ; 
nytlUniT) PP- — AS. nidingy a coward, out- 
law ; cp. Icel. nitSingr, 

Niuelen, v. to snivel, S ; nyuelen, PP. 
Cp. OF. nifler (Cotg.). See Vlfle. 
Hwe, adj. new, Sa ; see Vewe. 


Ni^en, num, nine, S ; see Vyne. 

No, adv. and conj\ not, nor, no, S, S2, 
SkD, B, HD ; na, S, S2, B. Comb, : no 
but, except, unless, S2, W ; no ))e lea, not 
the less, nevertheless, S ; na pe lea, S, Sa ; 
n«o)>«le8, S ; ne tlie lea, W ; na ]>e mo, 
none the more, S2 ; na war, were it not 
for, but for, S2, B.— AS. nd{ = ne + d). ^ 

Noble, adj, noble, W A ; nol^lle, Cath. ; 
nobUehe, adv.y nobly, S2 ; nobllly, Cath. — 
AF. noble ; Lat. nobiUtn. 

Noble, sb. noble, a coin so called worth 
6s. Sd.y S3, C3, P, WA.— Cp. Late Lat. 
nobile (Ducange). 

Noblen, v, to ennoble, C3. 

Noblesse, sb. nobility, worthy be- 
haviour, S2, C3; magnificence, honour, 
Ca.— F. noblesse ; OF. nobUsce ; Late Lat. 

Noblete, sb. nobleness, richness, S2. — 
OF. noblete (Bartsch) ; Lat. nobilitatem. 

NobleT) sb, splendour, grandeur, dig- 
nity, nobility, assembly of nobles, C3, HD 
nobleye, S2, C2 ; noUay, H, B, WA 
nobelay, HD ; nolilllay, B.— AF. noblei 
Late Lat. nobletum ; cp. OF. noblet 

Nodle, sb, noddle, head, Prompt. ; nodyl. 
Prompt. ; noddle, Sh. 

Noff,y^ BTe off, nor of, S. 

Nok, sb, nook, comer, piece, SD ; nnk, 
B ; nwk, B ; noke, WA, HD. Comb. : 
fer]7ynff noke, a piece of a farthing, Sa ; 
nook-shotten, spawned in a corner, Sh. 

Noke, in phr. : atte noke » atten oke, 
at the oak, S2. See Ook. 

Nokke, sb. nock, notch, Prompt. Comb. : 
nocke of a bow, oche de VarCy Palsg. 

Nol, sb. the head, the neck, W, Wa ; 
noU, WA ; nolle, PP.— AS. hnolly the top 
of the head. 

Nolde,//. s. would not, S ; see Velle. 

Nolle]), I pr. pi. we desire not, Sa ; 
see Velle. 

Nombre, sb. number, C ; nowmber, 
Cath. ; nnmmer,S3. — AF. numbre, noum- 
bre ; Lat. numerum (ace). 

Nombren, v, to number, PP ; noom- 
bren, W2; y-nonmbred, //., S3. — AF. 
numbrer, naumbrer\ Lat. numerare. 

Nome, sb. pledge, hostage, S.— AS. ndmy 
pledge seized (Schmid). See Vymen. 

Nome, sb. name, PP, S, S2 ; nam, Sa ; 
name, Voc. — AS. nama {noma): Goth. 


Sroilielicll.69 adv. especially, S ; 
liehe, S2, C ; nanielloli, P, S3 ; namely, 

iron, adj, no one, none, no, PP, S, S2 ; 
noon, C2 ; nan, S, S3 ; no, PP, S ; na, S, 
82, 6 ; nane, B ; nenne, acc.^ S. Comb, : 
na kyn, of no kind, B ; naUn, B ; na kyn 
thing-, in no degree, B, Sa ; na Iqrn wiss, 
no way, B ; nan more, no more, S ; na 
more, S, S2 ; na mare, S2 ; na mo, P ; 
nammo, S2 ; no mo, C ; na ping, nothing, 
not at all, S ; no ]7lnff, S2 ; no whar, no- 
where, S ; no war, S ; no hwer, S ; nonr, 
82 ; moa l&wlder, no whither, S ; no 
hwider, S ; no wider wardes, in no di- 
rection, 8 ; nones konnes, of no kind, S ; 
nones weis, in no way, S ; nanes weis, 
S.— AS. ndn, 
ITone, sb, the hour of 'none,' 1. e the 
ninth hour, 3 p.m., also noon, mid-day, S, 
PP; nowne, S3; noyne, B; non, S, 82, 
PP ; noon, PP ; nones, pi, the noon-tide 
meal, PP. Comb, : nvn-mete, a noon 
meal, Prompt. ; none-obenohe, a noon- 
drinking, nnnchion, SkD; noone-steede, 
place of noon, meridian, S3 ; non-tid, 
noon-tide, S. — AS. n6n ; Lat ndna {hord), 
n'ones, inphr. for pe nones (for for pen 
ones), i. e. for the once, for the nonce, for 
the occasion, S2, S3, C2 ; with the nones^ 
on the condition, G. See Oones. 
n'onne, sb. nnn, 82, C, C2, P ; nnnne, 
PP. — OF. nonne; Late Lat. n<mna\ cp. 
AS. nunne, in the Laws (Schmid). 
n'onneriet sb. nunnery, 82. — OF. non- 

Vooty I and 3 pr, s. know not, knows 
not, C ; see Vot. 
Nopp6f sb. nap (of cloth), Prompt., 

Noppe* V. to take the nap off, Cath. — 
AS. Anoppian, see Voc. 
Norice, sb. nurse, C, C2, SkD; nnrice, 
SkD; nnrsche, W.—AF. nortce; Lat. 
Norischen, v. to nourish, PP ; norls- 
ohi, 82 ; norlshen, C2 ; nnrischen, W, 
W2; nnrschen, PP; norsshen, PP.— 
OF. noriss-i stem of norissant^ pp. oinorir ; 
Lat nutrire, 

Nortnre. sb. good breeding, nurture, 

SkD, G. — AF. norturct noriture; Late 

I Lat. nuiritura (Ducange). 

i Noselen, v. to thrust the nose in, to 

nuzzle ; nosyll, Palsg. ; nousle, Sh. See 




IToselen, v. to cause children to put 
their noses in, to nurse, to rear up, to 
fondle closely ; nosell, S3 ; nonsle, Sh. ; 
nnsled, pp.^ HD (s. v. nousle). 

Hose-thirl, sb. nostril, W2 ; see Vese. 

Hot, I and 3 pr. s. know not, knows not, 
PP, S, 82 ; noot, PP, C ; note, S3 ; niten, 
//., S ; nnten, 8 ; nnste, //. j., 8, 82, PP ; 
nyste, 82 ; nlste, C2 ; neste, PP; nyst, 
//., PP; nesten, S. — AS. nytan (««^ 
witan). See Wlten. 

HotablOy adj' well-known, conspicuous, 
notorious, dazzling, WW. — OF. notable*, 
Lat. notabilem. 

Hota, sb. nut, 8, S2, Voc. ; nnte, SkD. 
Comb. : not-heed, a head like a nut, C ; 
note-mnge, nutmeg, 82, C2 ; note-micrff** 
Prompt.; nnt-shale, nutshell, 83. — AS. 

ITota, sb. business, attempt, employment, 
labour, 8, 82, WA; not, B.— AS. notu, 
use, emplojrment. 

Hotafol, adj. useful, serviceable, H. 

If Otan, V. to enjoy, 8 ; notye, PP.— 
AS. notian^ to enjoy ; cp. Icel. neyta. Cf. 

Hother, neg. pron. and conj. neither, 
nor, PP, 8, 82, SkD ; nothir, B ; nontSer, 
S, 82 ; nonpnr, PP ; nowlSer, S ; naw- 
per, 82 ; nfl»er, 8 ; nor, SkD. — AS. nd- 
hwasder {ndwpery ndper). See Other. 

HOU, adv. now, PP, 8, S2 ; nn, S, 82. 
Comb. : non a dayes, now-a-days, PP ; 
now and now, occasionally, C2. — AS. 

Houdief sb. clasp, buckle, jewel, CM, 
WA ; nowohe, C2, Prompt, SkD ; onehe, 
WW ; owohe, SkD; onohes,//., broaches, 
monilles, Cotg., WW; owchis, WW.— 
OF. nouchey nosche, also nusche (Roland) ; 
OHG. nuscha. 

Houi^ht, neg. pron. and adv. nothing, 
not, C ; nouht, 8, PP ; nonet, S ; non^t, 
PP ; noht, 8 ; nooht, 8 ; nojt, S, 82 ; 
noffht, 82 ; nont, S, 82 ; newt, S ; nowljt, 
8; nowlht, S; naoht, 8; naht, 8; 
nawlht, 8 ; nawt, 8 ; nant, 8 ; na)t, 
82 ; naffht, 82 ; nanjt, PP, 82 ; nanffht, 
C2 ; nat, PP, S2, C ; not, W ; noffth, H 
(Ps. 108. 25) ; nonth, S (18. 442) ; nonthe, 
HD. Comb. : nooht forthl, notwithstand- 
ing, nevertheless, S2 ; nogrht forthl, H ; 
nat for thy, 82. — AS. ndwiht {^ne + 
dwiht). See Ought. 

Hought, adj\ worthless, bad, naught, 
naughty, WW ; naught, S3 ; nauht, PP. 



Der. : nauffhty, bad, WW, Sh. ; nau^ty, 

having nothing, PP. 

n'OTUnbles, sb. pi, entrails of a deer or 
beast, Palsg. ; nombles, burbilia, Cath. 
{n\ HD, Voc. ; nownMlB, Cath. ; now- 
mylllB, Cath. Fhr.\ numbles of a 
■taiTf notnbles cTun cerf, Cotg. — OF. 
nombleSf pi. ; cp. Late Lat. numbulus for 
Lat. lumbuluSy dimin. of lumbusj loin. 

Honmbren, v. to number, W2 ; see 

n'011inpere« sb, umpire, arbitrator, 
SkD, P ; nowmpere, Prompt. ; nompeyr, 
PP ; nounp^re, PP ; owmpere. Prompt. ; 
umpere, SkD.— OF. non pcr^ odd, not 
even ; Lat. non parem. 

n'outhe, adv, now, C, P ; now pe, S2 ; 
nnlSe, S. — AS. ntl ffd, now then. 

n'ouelrie, sb. novelty, C2 ; noueUerle, 
S2. — OF. novelerief from novel, novel, 

n'onys, sb. novice, C2, Voc. ; nonyoe, 
WW. — OF. novice (Cotg.) ; Lat. nouicium. 

n'owel, sb. Christmas, CM ; nowelle, 
HD. — OF. nod ; Lat. natalem. 

If OWt, sb. cattle, S. See Veet. 

N'oye, sb. suffering, annoyance, PP ; nny, 
PP, S2 ; nwy, S2. See A1107. 

N'oyen, v. to annoy, to grieve, to harm, 
S2, W, P, H ; nnyen, S2 ; nwyen, S2. 
See Anoyen. 

n'oyfnl, adj. hurtful ; noifU, W2. 

n'oynement ; a nojmemexit (for an 
ojnenient), an ointment, S2. See Oyne- 

n'oyons, adj. hurtful, annoying, W, 
WW (p. 421). 

Nul, n'lile, n'lille ; see VeUe. 
n'llltu, wilt not, S ; see VeUe. 
Nunen, //. taken, seized, S; see 

n'lUUllier, sb. number, S3 ; see Vombre. 
NmiXie, sb. nun, PP ; see Vonne. 
XTurhS, sb. murmuring, S. 
Numen, v. to murmur, SD. — AS. 
gnomiany to mourn. 


n'nrsche, sb. nurse, W ; see Vorloe. 

n'ursch.en, v. to nourish, PP ; see Vo- 

n'nstef /^« s. knew not, S, S2, PP ; see 

Vny* sb. annoyance, S2 ; see Voye. 

N'yce, adj, foolish, C2, C3, PP ; nice, 
PP, C2 ; nlM, PP; nyse, S2 ; nyss, S3. 
— OF. nice (Bartsch) ; Lat nescium, ig- 
norant, see Brachet, § 60. 

If yceta, sb. folly, B, PP ; nycetae, C3 ; 
nysete, PP; nysste, B. — AF. nicete, 
timidity, also in OF. sloth, simplicity 

Ifyght, sb. night, Voc., PP; nijt, 82, 
PP ; nicht, S ; nyht, S2 ; nlht, S, PP ; 
naht, SD ; ni^t, S2 ; nytli, PP ; niiflit, 
//., C ; nlgt, S ; niht, adv., at night, by 
night, S; nlhtes, S2 ; ni^tes, PP ; nyffbtas, 
PP ; nyites, PP. Adv. phr. : a nysrlites, 
PP; binlhtes, S; biniht«,S; axii^t.S; 
o xiigt, S. Comb.i nyhtegale, nightin- 
gale, S2 ; ni^teffale, S ; nyffhtingale, 
C3 ; niBtingale, S ; nycht-byrd, guardian 
of the night, S3 ; nlht-old, a night old, 
stale, not freshly gathered, S2 ; ny^t-old, 
PP; nifirhtertale, the night-time, C; 
nyBtertale, WA ; naffhtertale, S2.— AS. 
niht, nehty neaht: Goth, nahts; cp. Lat. 
nociem. With the deriv. nightertale cp. 
Icel. ndttartal, a number of nights. 

If ygun, sb, niggard, miser, S2 ; nyif- 
ffonn, G, CM. Cf. Vlgard. 

n'ykken, v. in phr. -, nykken witli 
nay, to deny, refuse, HD. 

n'yniylv adj. quick at seizing, nimble, 
active, Prompt. — AS. numol (in com- 
pounds). See Vlmen. 

n'ynev num. nine, PP ; ni^en, S; ne^lien, 
S2 ; neo^e, S2 ; nihe, S. Der, : nynt, 
ninth, S3 ; neynd, S2 ; niepe, S. — AS. 
nig^on (WS. tieogon) : Goth, niun ; cp. Lat 
nouem; see Brugmann, § 152. 

Wyrvyl, sb. a little man, Prompt. ; 
nuroyll, a dwarf, Prompt. — Cp. Icel. 
nyrjilly a miser. 

V'S^^ adv, nigh, nearly, W, Wa ; see 




O, num. one, a, S ; see Oon. 

O, adv. ever, aye, always, S; oo, S3, 
NED ; a, S ; aa, S. Comb. : a Imten, 
ever without, S, SkD (s.v. aye) ; a bute, S ; 
for a^ and oo, for ever and ever, NED. — 
AS. d (for dwa) ; cp. Goth, aiw^ ever. Cf. 

O^^ prefix-, see On- (i). 

Obediencer, sb. an officer in a monas- 
tery, PP. — Church Lat obedientiarius 

Obeisant, adj. obedient, C2 ; obey- 
■aad, B. — OF. obeissant, pr. p. of obeir. 

Obeisaonce, sb. obedience, C, C2 ; 
obeiaancea,//., submissive acts, C3.— AF. 

Obeiss, V. to obey, B ; obeiacben, S2, 
W ; obeachynsre, pr. p., W.— From OF. 
obetsS' stem of obtissant, pr. p. of obeir. 

Obeley, sb. oblation, oblatayVoc, see 
Oble. -> 

Obeye, v. to obey, W, Ca ; obaiede, 
//. s.y W.— OF. obeier, for obeir; Lat. 

Oble, sb. oblation ; obles,//., oblationes, 
H. — OF. oble, Lat. oblatum; cp. OF. oblee 
(now oublie) ; Church Lat. oblata (Ducaneev. 
C£ Onelete. ^ 

Obliscben, v. to bind, W2 ; oblyae, 
JD ; oblyste, pp., S3 ; oblyaohed, HD ; 
obliacbed, HD; oblysbed, HD.— AF. 
obliger ; Lat. obligare. 

Obout, adv. about, S2 ; see Abonton. 

Obout-ga, V. to go about, S2. 

O-brode, adv. abroad, P; see Abroda. 

Obseruance, sb. homage, C, S3 ; ob- 
aeraances, //., attentions, C2.— OF. ob- 
servance (Cotg.). 

Obserue, v. to fevour, Ca.— OF. ob- 
server ; Lat. obseruare. 

Obambrat, //. overshadowed, S3. — 
Lat. obumbratus. 

Oc, conj. but, S, HD ; 000, S ; see Ac. 

Occean, sb. ocean, S2 ; ooolan, SD, 
W2 ; occyan, WA, HD.— AF. occyane ; 
Late Lat. occeanus\ Lat. oceanus\ Gr. 

Occident, j*. West, S2, S3, C3.— AF. 
Occident ; Lat. occidentem, pr. p. of occidere, 
to set (of the sun). 

Occupy, V. to make use of, employ,, 

possess, S3. C2, PP, B.— OF. occuper\ Lat. 

occupare, see SkD. 
Odde, adj. odd, single, S2. SD.— Cp. Icel. 

oddi, pomt of land, odd number. See Ord. 
Oerre, sb. anger, S. See Sorre. 
Of, prep, and adv. of, out of, from, by. 

off, S, S2, C2, C3, WW ; o, S, S2, H ; off, 

SkD; a, S2, PP, S3.— AS. of-. Goth, of: 

OHG. aba (Tatian) : Gr. ^"^6 ; see Sievers, 

51, 130. 
Of, though, H (Ps. 125. I), WA.— For 

'M.E./>of. See})03. 
Of-dreden, v. to frighten; refiex. to 

dread greatly, S ; o£.drade, S ; of-dradde, 
//. J., S; of-drad, //., S; of-dred, S; 

of-dret, S2.— AS. of-dradan. Cf. A-dzad 

(A. 3). 
O-fermm, adv. afar, S2; oferrom, 

WA ; see Aferre. 

Offensioun, sb, offence, damage, C ; 

offenoioiuL, W. — Lat. offensionem. 

Of-feren, v. to terrify, SD; offearen, 

S ; offerd,//., S ; oferd, S. 

Offertoire, sb. offertory, anthem sung 
before the oblation, C. — OF. offertoire 
(Cotg.) ; Church Lat. offertorium. 

Office, sb. office, C2 ; oiBs, S ; oi&oea, 
//., church services, PP.— AF. office {pffyz)\ 
Lat. officium. 

OfCrende, sb. offering, S ; offend, H ; 
offeranda,//., S2.— OF. offrande (Bartsch); 
Lat. offerenda ; see Constans. 

OfCri, V. to offer, S ; ofl^n, S, PP ; 
ofllraiid, pr.p., Sa ; l^ofl!red, //., S.— AS. 
offrian\ cp. OF. offerre (Bartsch); Lat. 

Of&ixige, sb. offering, S ; ofl^lnke, S ; 
ofljfyn^, C. 

Of-frnbt, pp. terrified, S ; oftrl^, S ; 
of-fnmte, pi, S.— Cp. AS. of-fyrhtan, to 

Of-hungred, //. an-hungred, PP ; of- 
hongrat, PP ; of^oncrrad, PP ; offlnirred, 
SD ; aflnirred, SD ; aflnirret, NED, HD ; 
aiynifred, NED, P, HD.—AS. of-hyngrod. 
Cf. A-hnniferd. 

Ofhe, sb. dat. oven, S ; see Onen. 

Of-newe, adv. anew, S3, C2, C3. Cf. 

Of-rechen, v. to obtain, overtake, at- 
tain, reach, S, PP {n) ; ofran^ta,//. pi., PP. 

Ofrigt, pp. terrified, S ; see Of-fmht. ' 

1 62 


Of-saken, v. to deny, SD.— AS. of- 
sacan. Cp. A-saken. (A- 3.) 

Of-BOapie, v. to escape, S2. See 

Of-86n, V. to perceive ; oftaw,//. J., Sa ; 
ofiMie, S2. — AS. of'Sion, 

Of -Benden, z^. to send for, S2 ; of-Mnte, 
//. J., S2, PP ; of-Mnt, P. 

Of-semen, v, to merit, deserve, SD, S. 

Of-Slen, V. to slay ; of-iloh,//. j., SD; 
o£-8lo)6n, //., S; of-sli^mi, //. , S; of- 
■UBBen* S ; of-ola^e, S. — AS. of-slian, 

Of-mpTUlgt sb. offspring, S ; ofkpz«ng>, 
S ; ofiipnuig', S ; owsixjr^, HD ; oz- 
■pzlng', S2. — AS. of-spring. 

Of-taken,//. taken away, C2. 

Ofbe, adv, often, S, C2 ; oft, PP, WW ; 
oftere, comp.y S; ofter, S, C2t Comb.i 
oftesiSen, oftentimes, SD ; ofto stiSe, SD ; 
ofte sithes, C, S3 (s.v. eft) ; oft bIm, S2, B; 
ofte-tliiie, ofttimes, SD ; oft tjme, PP. — 
AS. oft: OHG. ofto (Otfrid^: Goth. ufta\ 
cp. Gk. ^varoSf snperl. of inrip ; see Sievers, 

Often, adj, frequent, WW. 

Of-teonen, v, to vex, irritate; of- 
teoned,//., S. 

Of-]milcll6n, V, to be sorry for, to 
repent, S; of-pinohe, S; of-)>l2ike, S; 
of-^ulit«,//. J., S. — AS. of-pyncan, 

Of-burst,//. athirst, S ; of-]>erirt, PP ; 
afyrat, PP; afimit, PP ; aiinist, PP.— 
AS. of-pyrsted (Grein). 

Of-wnndred,i^. amazed; of-uundxed, 

Og, pr, s. possesses, S ; see Owen. 

Ogain, prep., adv. against, again, NED ; 
see A^ein. 

Ogaines, prep, against, S2 ; ogayaes, 
S2 ; see ABeines. 

Ogain-saghe, sK contradicticm, S2. Cf. 

Ogain-tome, v. to turn again, S2. 

Ogen, adj. own, S ; see Owen. 

Ogremoyne, sb. agrimony, Voc. ; see 

Oht, sb. aught, anything, S2 ; see Onffht. 

Oht, adj, valiant, doughty, S ; see Anlit. 

Ohtliche, adv. valiantly, NED; see 

Oise, sb. use, H ; oy»e, H ; oy«, JD, 
HD ; oys«, B.— AF. us ; Lat. usum, 

Oise, V. to use, H; oyse, H, HD ; 

TM*»»i^* HD; oyiit, B.— OF. user. 


Oisty sb, an army, B ; cyst, B ; see Oost. 

Ok, Oke, //. s, aked, MD ; see Aken. 

Oken, adj. oaken, G. See Ook. 

Oker, sb. usury, SD ; oUr, S2 ; okyr, 
Cath. ; oknr, SD ; ooker, H ; okez«, H. — 
Icel. 6kr'. AS. wScor^ increase, growth, 
fruit ; cp. OHG. wuachar, gain (Otfrid). 

Okerer, sb. usurer, S2, H, Cath. ; oke- 
xere, S2 ; okyrere, H. 

Okeringy sb. usury, S2 ; okerlnffe, H. 

Old, adj. old, Voc. ; eald, MD ; aid, 
MD, S, S2 ; cold, MD ; hold, S, MD ; 
«ld, MD, W2 ; eeld, W2 ; anld, S3 ; olt, 
S2 ; ealde. S, MD ; aide. MD, S2 ; olde, 
Voc ; elde, S, W ; yealde, MD ; anlde, 
MD; alder, comp., MD; nlder, MD ; 
eldre, S, W; elder, S, C2; eldnre, S; 
eidore, S2 ; heoldre, S ; elper, S2 ; al- 
deste, superl., S ; heldeste, MD ; eidoirte, 
S2.— AS. eald, aid; cp. OHG. alt (Otfrid). 

Oldli, adj. old, W2. 

Oliuere, sb. olive-yard, C2. — ^Late Lat. 
olivarium (Ducange). 

Olnlinen, v. to flatter, S. 

Oluhnung, sb. blandishment, flattery; 
olhnTing'e, M., S. 

Olyfitunta, sb. elephant, Cath., Voc. ; 
olefftwnt, Voc. ; ollphant, S3 ; ollflait, 
WA ; oUivant, HD ; oly&nnoe,//., HD. 
— OF. olifant, elephant, ivory, ivory horn, 
also elefant ; Lat. elephantem ; Gr. k\i<pat 

Onimprep. on, at, in, among, of, S, S2, S3, 
C2, WW; one,S; onne,S; a, S, S2, C2, 
PP ; o, S, S2, H ; an, S, S2, PP.— AS. an, 

On, num. one, S, S2 ; see Oon. 

On-, prejix (i), standing for On, prep. 

On-, prefix (2), standing for AS. and-, 
against, in return, toward. — AS. on-, ond-, 
and', Goth, and-, anda-; cp. OHG. ani- 

On-, prefix (3), with negative force ; see 
Un- I. 

On-, prefix (4), before verbs ; see Un- 3. 

Onan, adv. at once, S2 ; onon, S, S3 ; 
see An-on. 

On-bydraw, v. to withdraw; on-by- 
drew,//. J.. S3. (On- 4.) 

On-come, sb. attack, JD; onp^omyi, 
//., H. (On- I.) 

Onde, sb. breath, emotion, hatred, envy, 
S, S2, HD, CM ; aande, WA ; ande, MD, 
H, WA, Cath. ; aynd, JD, B ; hand, S2.— 
AS. anda : OS. ando ; cp. Icel. andi, breath, 
the spirit (in theology). 


OndfU, adj. envious, MD ; ontftil, S. 

OndpSWerOf sb. answer, S; see An- 

Ondswerien, v. to answer, S; see 

Ondyn, v. to breathe, Prompt. ; ande, 

OndsrniTf ^^' smelling, PP ; ayndinff, B. 

Ones, adv. once, Sa, S3, C3, G, P ; see 

One-Strata, sb, inspiration, Sa. 

On-femun, adv. afar, Sa ; see Aferre. 
(On. I.) 

On-fon, V. to receive, endure ; onnfoV, 
pr. J., S ; onfiuiffed,//. j., Sa. — AS. on-fSn 
for md'fdny see Sievers, 198, 5. i. Cf. 
Afbn. (On* a.) 

Ongel, sb. angel, S ; see An^eL 

On-halsien, v. to adjure, eptreat, S. 
(On- 1.) 

Onhede, sb. unity, Voc. ; see Oonhed. 

Oni^t, adv. by night, S ; see A-nyglite. 

On imete, adj. immeasurable, S ; see 
Unlm«t. (On- 3.) 

On-lappyt,[^//. s. unfolded, S3 ; see 

Onrlepif adj. only, S, Sa ; see Oonlepy. 

OnlepUiche, adv. only, singly, S, 

Onrlesnm, adj. not allowable, S3:; 
see UnUnesum. (On- 3.) 

Onlich, adj. only, S ; see Oonli. 

On-lofte, adv. aloft, Sa, Ca ; see Alofte, 
(On. I.) 

On-losti, adj. idle, Sa ; see UnlnstL 
Onrfyne, adv. alive, Ca, G; onliiM, 
S.— AS. on life. Cf. Alyne. (On- i.) 
Onoh, enough, S ; see Y&ow. 
On-roimde« adv. around, Sa. (On- i.) 
On-saffe, sb. affirmation, charge; on- 
sa^en, pi. dat.y S. — AS. on-sagu^ affirma- 
tion (Schmid), for ond-sagu, see Sievers, 
198, 5. I. (On- a.) 

On-sene, sb. face, 3D ; onsene, dat., 
S.— AS. on-s^on, on-syn, an-syn (Mt. a 8. 3). 
(On- 1.) 

On-side, adv. aside, NED. (On. i.) 
On-sides, adv. aside, NED. 
On-sidis-hond, adv. aside, Sa. 
On-sihSe, sb. appearance, S. (On- 1.) 
On-Slepe, adv. asleep, Sa. (On- 1.) 
On-spekinde, pr. p, unspeaking, nn- 
speakable, Sa,. (^On- 3.) ^ 



On-SWere, sb. answer, S ; see Answere. 

On-swerde, //. s. answered, S; see 

On-tenden^ v. to set on fire ; ontent, 
pr. s.y S ; ontende,//., S.— AS. on-iendan. 
CfAtenden. (On-i.) 

OntftQy adj. envious, S ; see OndAil. 

On-polyinde^ pr. p. not enduring, in- 
tolerable, Sa. (On. 3.) 

OUi-^il^prep. until, to, B ; see UntlL 

On-todelinde, pr. /., adj. undividing, 
indivisible, Sa. — AS. un-tod<klende. (On- 3.) 

On-appe» prep, above, S ; see AUi^ 

Onrvale, v. to unveil, S3. (On- 4.) 

On-uast, prep, fast by, S. 

On-waJd, sb. power ; anwalde, diit., S \ 
anwolde, S ; onwalde, S ; onwolde, S. — 
AS. anwald. (On- 1.) 

On-WItrM^ adj. unworAy, Prompt. ; 
see Unmu^l. 

On-S7|^de» pr. p. unseeing, used in 
sense of * mvisible,* Sa. (On- 3.) 

Ook, sb. oak, Ca, C3 ; ak, Voc; ; ok, Sa ; 
ake, Voc. ; oke, Voc., Cath., G ; akls, 
//., S3.— AS. dc\ cp. OHG. eich {eih). 
Cf. Voke. 

Oon, num. and indef. art. one, Sa, S3, 
Ca, C3, G ; an, one, an, S, S?, H ; ane, 
MD, S3, H; a, MD, Sa, H; on, S, Sa, 
S3, Ca, G; one, MD, S, Sa; o, S, Sa, S3, 
C3, G ; 00, S3, C3 ; »n, S ; ann, S ; nnne^ 
S ; enne, S, Sa ; en«,,S ; ann, S ; ane, S ; 
onne, S ; ore, dat. /., S. Phr. : by him 
one, by himself, MD ; be it ane, by itself, 
H (Ps. loi. 7); all himm ane, cJl by 
himself, S ; hire ane, by herself, S ; ower 
ones, of you alone, S. — AS. dn. 

Oone-fold, adj. onefold, single, simple, 
MD ; an&ld, S, HD.— AS. dn-feald. 

Oones, adv. once, G; ones, MD, Sa, 
S3» C3, G, P ; oni«, P ; onys, Wa ; enes, 
S, Sa ; smeM, S. Phr. : at anes, at 
once, MD ; et enes, S ; at ones, MD, Sa, 
C3 ; at an«, Sa ; at oonee, G.— AS. dnesy 
gen. m. of dtty used in ME. adverbially^ 
AS. <kne is used to express ' once, at once/ 
Cf. Vone«. 

Oonhed, sb. unity, HD (p. 588) ; one- 
heede, HD ; onhede, Voc. ; anhed, H ; 
anhede, H. 

Oonlepy, adj.^ adv. only, sole, MD; 
onlepi, S, Sa ; olepi, S, Sa ; anlepi, S, 
H.— AS. dn-lepig, 

Oonli, adj, only, sole, MD ; onlioh, MD> 



S ; anli, aiil7> H. Comb. : abIj sUde, 
solitude, H. — AS. dn-lic, ikn-lic. 

Oonli, adv, only, W; onUobe, PP; 
onlyoh, Sa ; oneUolie, PP ; uiU, MD ; 
anly, S2 ; onU, MD ; oneU, W (John 
5- 18). 

Oor, sb. ore, unrefined metal, Sa ; ore, 
Voc. ; oore, Manip.— AS. 6r (SkD). 

Oost, sb. an army, B, S3, W, Wa ; oist, 
B ; oyst, B ; ost, B, Sa ; oostU, //., W, 
W^. — AF. osty host\ Lat. hosiem^ enemy,' 

Ooste, sb. host, inn-keeper, MD ; ost, 
CM, MD ; bout, MD ; boost, C ; boste, 
dat.y MD.— OF. ostCy hoste ; Lat. hospitem. 

Open, a<^j. open, Sa, SD ; ope, S ; upon, 
Sa ; opyn. W ; opone, //., S. — AS. open \ 
cp. Icel. opinfty and OHG. offan (Otfrid), 

Open-heaned, adj. bare-headed, S. 

Openin, v. to open, explain, S ; on^en- 
93L<\,ypr.p.y Sa. — AS. {ge')openian. 

Open-lie, adj. open, Sa ; openliolie, 
adv.y S; opeliolie, S. — AS. openlicy adv. 

Oppesen, «. to question, SkD ; oposyn, 
Prompt.; opposed,//. J., PP.— OF. op- 
poser \ Lat. ob -k-pausare. Cf. Aposen. 

Opye, sb. opium, C, CM.— OF. opie\ 
Lat. opium \ Gr. 6moy, poppy-juice, from 
^ir<5y, sap. 

Or, pron. your, Sa ; ore, Sa ; see ^oure. 

Qv^prep.f conj.y adv. before. C^mb. : or 
ever, WW. See Sr. 

Or, conj. or, S ; see OSer. 

Or-, prefix, out, without, excessive. — 
AS. or- : OHG. ur- (Tatian) : Goth. us-. 
Cf. A- I. 

Oratorjre, sb. sl place for prayer, C. — 
OF. oratotre ; Lat. oratorium (Vulg.). 

Ordie^ard, sb. orchard, S3 ; orelLflBrd, 
SD ; orcliard, Voc— AS. orcerd (Voc), 
qrt'geard^ (BT) : Goth, aurtigards \ see 
Fick, 7. 35. 

Ord, sb. point, beginning, S, HD, Ca; 
orde, dat.y S.— AS. ord (Voc.) ; cp. OHG. 
orty a point, limit, district, Icel. oddr, * cus- 
pis;' seeKkige. 

Ordal, sb. ordeal, a severe test before 
judge, CM, SkD.— AS. or-dUy OS. ur-dili\ 
cp. OHG. ur-deilif 'judicium* (Otfrid). 

Ordeynen, v. to ordain, appoint, Sa, 
PP ; ordayay, Sa ; ordand, //. s.y S3 ; 
ordelgned, P; ordaynt, pp.y Sa ; i^ 
ordeyned, Sa.— AF. ordeinery OF. orde- 

'*^r; Lat. ordinare. 


Ordeynonr, sb. arranger, S2. 

Ordinance, sb. provision, array, Sa. — 
AF. ordinance \ordenance). 

Ordinatly, adv. in good order, S3. 

Ordre, sb. order, PP, C3 ; ordres, //., 
orders (of friars), PP ; holy orders, PP. — 
AF. ordre ; OF. ordene, ordine ; Lat. or- 

Ordren, v. to arrange, rank, SD ; i^ 
ordret,/^., S. 

Ore, sb. oar, S: are, MD; ayr, B; 
ores,//., S. — AS. dr. 

Ore, num. dat.fem. one, S ; see Oon. 

Ore, sb. honour, grace, favour, clemency, 
happy augury, S, Sa, G, CM ; see Are. 

Ore, sb. ore, Voc. ; see Oor. 

Ore-les, adj. merciless, Sa ; oreleas, 
S ; see Arelea. 

Orest, adj. and adv. superL first, S; 
see Sr. 

Orf, sb. an inheritance, hence, cattle, S, 
Sa.— Icel. arfr. See Srfb. 

Origan, sb. organ, PP ; orirans, //., or- 
ganum, Voc. ; orgnnji, harps {=^organa)y 
Wa ; orsroyiui, H. — Lat organum ; Gr. 

Orgeilns, adj. proud, S, SD ; orgU- 
lona, Sh.— OF. orgueilleus (Bartsdi). 

Orgel, sb. pride, SD; orliel, S; or- 
fgjOy SD.— AS. orgel; cp. OF. orguH 
(Bartsch). Probably pf Teut origin ; cp. 
OHG. ur-gilOy excessively, oppressively 
(Otfrid). (Or-.) 

Orient, sb. the East, S3, Ca.— AF. ori- 
ent ; Lat. orientemy the rising (sun). 

Orientales, ^. pl- sapphires, P. | 

Orisonn, sb. prayer, orison, C, Sa; 
iireijran, S; orelaonns, //., Sa ; orisons, ' 
C3. — AF. oreisony {ur-), oraisun ; Church 
Lat. orationem, prayer, from orare, to pray. 

Orlege, sb. time-teller, JD ; see Oro- 

Orleger, sb. clock, dial, S3 ; orUger, 
JD. See above. 

Or-mete, adj. immense, S. — AS. or- 

Orologe, sb. time-teller, dial, dock, 
S3 ; orloge, Cath. (») ; orloirffe, C, CM ; 
boroloffe, Voc; orleffe, JD; horlegt, 
Cath., Prompt, (p. lao) ; orlaffe, Voc— 
Lat. horologium ; Gr. &po\6ytov ; cp. F. 
horlogey Sp. relox (Minsheu). 

Orped adj. valiant, Sa, HD, SD; 
orpud, Prompt.; orpid, HD; orpit, 
proud, also fretful^ habitually chiding, JD j 


Iiozpid, SD; liorpyd, HD ; oTp«de,HD ; 

used as a descriptive personal name, Bards- 
ley ; l&orpede, Bardsley. 

Orpedlicbie, adv, boldly, SD ; ozp^A- 
lich, HD ; orpedU, SD. 

Qrpedschipe, sb, bravery, SD. 

Orpillient, sb. orpiment, Ca. — AF. or- 
pimentj Late Lat. auripignuntum \ Lat. 
auruntf gold + pigmentum, colouring ma- 

Orpine^ sh. a kind of stone-crop, Cath., 
SkD ; yellow arsenic, HD ; ozpyne, Voc ; 
ozpin, tetepinum^ Manip. ; orpyn, eras- 
sula major y Prompt — OF. orpin, orpin ; 
also orpine, orpiment, or arsenic (Cotg.). 

Orrible, adj. horrible, MD.— OF. or- 
rible ; Lat. horribilem, 

Qrroixr, sb, horror, dread, Wl. — OF. 
orreur (Barlsch) ; Lat. horrorem. 

Orts, sb, pi, remnants, Sh. ; ortns. 
Prompt. ; or«jrs, Cath.— AS. *or-^t, * reli- 
qniae pabuli*; cp. ODu. tf<v-^/^,what is left 
after eating. (Or-.) 

Osse, sh. omen, prophecy, ND. 

Osse, V. to prophesy, HD ; owi«i,/r. j., 
WA ; ossed, //., WA.— OF. oser, to ven- 
ture, to dare ; Late Lat ausare (It ausare), 
from Lat audere (pp. aus-us), 

Ossing, sb. attempt, WA. See above. 

Ostage, sb. hostage, Sa; hostage,. B. — 
AF. ostage {hostage) ; Late Lat *odsidati- 
cum (cp. It. siaiico)y from Lat obsidenty 
hostage, one who remains behind, from 
cbsid-, stem of obsiderc. 

Oste, sb. host, MD ; est, CM, MD ; see 

Ostelf sb. hostel, Prompt., MD ; hostel, 
MD; osteyl, HD; ostayU, HD.— OF. 
ostely hostel \ Lat. hospitaUy relating to a 
gnest. See Ooate. 

Ostelere^ sb. inn-keeper. Prompt. ; o«t- 
iler, W ; liostiler, C ; hostallere, P. 

Ostelrie, sb. hostelry, MD, CM ; bofi- 
telade, C. 

Ostery, ^b. inn, HD, MD ; ostrto, W ; 
liostery, MD. 

Ostryche, sb. ostrich, Voc. ; ostrldffe, 
Cotg. ; estrldffe, HD ; OBtrlgis,//., W2. 
— OF. ostruce (Cotg.), austruce (Brachet) : 
Sp. avestruz ; Late Lat avis-strucio ; strucio 
for 5truthio\ Gr. arpovBiMf, an ostrich, 
from arpovBos, a bird. 

Otes, sb. pi. oats, C2, P ; ot7«, Voc. — 
AS. dt€ (OET). 

Oter, sb. otter, S ; otyr, Voc. ; otyre, 
HD.— AS. otor (Voc.). 



Oth, prgp. and cohj. up to, mitil ; oV, S ; 
a, S, NED (p. 3 c). Comb. : t^pet, until 
that, S.— AS. dd: OS. and Goth. und. Cf. 
Ua- 3. 

Oth, sb. oath, MD ; oy, S, Sa, C ; ot, S ; 
tkthmurpl., S; o]>mi, S, Ca, C3.— AS. dtt: 
Goth. ailAs ; cp. OHG. eid (Tatian). 

08er, conj. either ... or, S, Sa, S3, C3 ; 
oidSer, Sa, H, G ; or, S ; adv. even, Sa ; 
BXLp&r, HD. — AS. d-hwa6er {6hwit6er, 
divOer, 6%tAer, du9gr, dder, dOor). See 
Sievers, 346. 

Other, adj, second, relating to one of 
two, other, S, Sa, G. Fhr,: day and 
otlMr, continually, G. — AS. ^er: OS. 
tfdar, andar; cp. OHG. ander (Otfrid), 
Goth, anthar, Skt antara. For the suf^x 
'thar c£ FortlMr. 

Other-I^tis, adv. otherwise, H. 

OSer-lnkery adv. comp. otherwise, S. — 
AS. ^erlicor. 

08er-weie8, adv. in another way, other- 
wise, S ; otharweyas, Ca. 

Oper-whilev^ adv. occasionally, Sa, P. 

OtherwySOf adv. on any other con-* 
dition, Ca. 

O-twinne, apart, in two, S; otwyn, 
H. Cf. Atwynna. (0-.) 

On, prou.. ^QPOiy S, Sa, PP ; see 5011. 

Ought, sb. aught, anything, Sa, Ca.; 
awiht, eawiht, MD ; oht, MD, Sa ; olUit, 
S ; ou^t, W ; cat, S ; ouet, S ; out, S ; 
allot, S ; alite, S.— AS. d-wiht. Cf. Auht. 

Onh, pr. x» possesses, S ; oulita, //. x., 
S ; oTLghtan, //. //., Ca ; see Owen. 

Onle, sb. owl, Sa ; linla, S ; onlaa, //., 
Ca.— AS. lilg (Voc.). 

OnlBy V. to howl, ululare, Manip. 

Ounce, sb. ounce, Ca ; onna, Voc. ; 
nnoe, C, Cath. — AF. uncc\ Lat. uncia. 
See Zncbe. 

Onphe, sb. elf, Sh. ; see Anlf. 

Onr, pron. your, S ; onre, Sa, PP ; see 

Onr-, prefix. Look for words as if spelt 
Oner-. See Oner- ( « Ovei>) below. 

Onre, pron. poss. our, W ; nre, S, Sa ; 
nr, S, Sa ; hnre, S ; bnr, S ; onre, ours, 
W ; onmn, W ; nrea, //., Sa. — AS. ilre^ 
liser, of us, our : Goth, unsara. 

Onmement, sb. ornament, Wa. — OF. 

Onmen, v. to adorn, Wa ; onmede, 
//. s.y Wa ; onmed, pp., W, Wa.— OF. 
orner; LAt.vmare, 



Ournyng, sb, an adorning, W. 

Ous, pron. dat. and ace. us, S2, PP ; ows, 
PP ; vu», S2 ; us, C2. Comb. : us self, 
ourselves, S, C2 ; us seine, P ; na sllf, 
W.— AS. ?/j; Goth. ««j. 

Out, ^f . out, WA ; ut, S ; owt, B ; 
onte, WA ; out, interj^ SLW&y I S2 ; 
tittere, adj. comp,^ outer, S ; uttex, C3; ut- 
tereate, st^erl., extreme, C2 ; ontemest, 
SD. Comb. : utmer, outer, W ; utter- 
mere, Wa ; utnuiiie, exceptionally^ S ; 
out taken, exc^t, 82, C3 ; out taknn, 
W, W2 ; onttane, S3 ; outane, B ; ow- 
tane, £ ; utward, outward, S ; ute wit, 
outside, S2 ; outwith, WA. 

Out, sb, aught, S ; see Onerlnt. 

Ont-beren, v, to bear out, S2. 

Ont-blasten, v. to blow out:; out- 
blaste,//. J., S2. 

Ont-bray, v. to bray out, S3. 

Out-breiden, v. to awake; oute- 
breyde, pt. s., S2. 

Out-bresten, v. to burst out; owt- 
brastynfiT) pr. p., S3 ; ute-brast, //. x., S2.; 
ont-brast, S3. 

Outen, adj. strange, foreign, S2. 

Onten, v. to utter, Ca, C3, SkD (s.v. 
utter). — AS. Man, 

Outerly, a^z'. .utterly, C2, C3 ; uterly, 
S3 (s. V. a/).; ntrely, Sj. 

Oathees, sb. the hue and cry, C, HD; 
ntlieste, S. — .Low Lat. «/i4^j/«»^(Schmid), 
for hutesium {huesium)^ from OF. huter 
{huer), see Ducange (s. v. haesium). See 

OuVer, conj. either, or, SD, Sa, H ; see 

Out-ioiyng, sb, extreme joy, W2. 

Out-lawe, sb. outlaw, PP, Manip. ; ut- 
la^e, S.— AS. iitlaga (Schmid) ; Icel. litla-^ 
gay outlawed, Magi^ outlaw. 

Out-leden, v, to produce, educere; 
onte-leden, S2. 

Out-let, sb, outlet; utlete, dat., S.— 
Cp. Icel. dt'ldt. 

Outrage, sb, outrage, excessive insult, 
SD, H, B, luxus, Manip. ; owteraire, ex- 
cessus, Prompt. — OF. outrage, oltrage ; cp. 
It. oltraggio (Florio), Low Lat. ultragium ; 
from Of . oltre ; Lat. ultra. 

Outrage, adj, outrageous^ S3 ; wtrage, 
S3 ; owtraere, S3. 

Outrage, v. to outrage, destroy, to lose 
temper, C2 ; ontrayed, pt, s,, S3.— OF. 
^rer (Cotg.). 


Outragely, adv. superfluously, H, 

Outrageous, adj. excessive, C3, B. 

Outrageusly, adv. excessively, H. 

Outrance, sb. excess, extremity, S3, 
JD.— OF. oultrance (Cotg.). 

Outrayed, //. s. destroyed, S3; see 
Outrage, v. 

Outren, v. to utter, to put out and cir- 
culate, SkD. 

Out-ryde, ^' to ride out» PP ; to out- 
ride, overtake in riding, S. 

Out-senden, v. to send out, S2. 

Out-take, ^- to take out, except, de- 
liver, S2 ; out toke, pt. s., S2 ; out taken, 
pp., S2, C3; out takun, W, Wa ; out 
tane, Sa ; outaknn, W2. See Out. 

Ou;t, sb. aught, W ; see Ouffht. 

Ou^te, //. s, possessed, W ; see Owen. 

Ouelete, sb. the oblation in the Eucha- 
rist, S.— AS. ojl^e XLco), ojlate (OET); 
•Church Lat. oblata (Ducange). Cf. OMe. 

Ouexi, sb, oven, S ; oftie, dcU., S. — AS. 
of en, QHG. ofan (Tatian) : Goth, auhns : 
OTeut. stem *uhwna-, see Douse, p. 80. 

Oner, prep., adv, over, above, beyond, S, 
C2, W ; uferr, S ; onr, S2, S3, B ; onre, 
S3; oner, adj., upper, C, SkD; ouerer, 
eoT^p., Wa, H ; onereste, superl., C, Sa. 
Comb.', oneral, all over, everywhere, S, 
S2, C, C2, C3 ; onnr al, S2 ; onlr UtU, 
too little. Prompt. ; or-lltel, Sa ; oner my- 
kel, over much, Sa ; oner Jm^ert, across, 
perverse, Sa, W; oner thwart, across, 
crossways, C; onr-thwort, S3, B. — AS. 
ofer', Goth, ufar (see Sievers, 25. i) ; cp. 
OHG. ubar (Otfrid). 

Ouer^ prefix, over- ; onr-, B; or-, Sa. 

Ouer-GUmen, v. to overcome, S ; oner- 
oome, S, Sa, W2; ofercom, //. s,, S; 
onercom, S2 ; onerenxnen, //., S ; oner- 
oome, S2. — AS. ofer-cuman. 

Oner-dede, sb. excess, S. 

Ouer-fare, v, to pass over, Sa. — AS. 

Our-fret,//. s, fretted over, S3. 

Oner-gan, v, to go over, superare, SD, 
Sa ; onerg-on, S, W ; onrga, B ; onergon, 
//., Sa.--AS. ofer-gdn : OHG. ubar-gdn 

Our-hailingf/r. p, overhauling, con- 
sidering, S3. 

Our-heldand, pr. p. covering over, S3. 

Oner-howen, v. to disregard, despise ; 
ofer-howei8,/r. s., S ; ofiBr-lio^ien, SD. 

Ouer-lede« v. to. domineer over, P. 


I Ouer-laiyiig, sb. pressure, W. 

Oner-lig^en, v, to lie upon, S. — AS. 

Oner-lippe, sb, upper lip, Sa, C. 

Ouer-loPf sb, omission, S2. 

Onerlyng, sb. a superior, H, HD. 

Oner-maiirtrien, v, to overmaster, P. 

OuermasteSy sb. pi. summits, Sa. 

Oner-non, sb, afternoon, S2 (i a. 164). 

Olier-8611, V. to observe, survey, look 
down upon, to despise, overlook, P ; oiMr- 
wXk^y pr. s.y S ; onmew^, pt. j., S (16. 30) ; 
ohmt-smm,//., WW, S3 ; ouev-saye (m«), 
pp.f forgotten myself, P. — AS. ofer-sion, 
\ Ouer-Sloppe, sb. upper garment, C3. 

Onr-Straughtf pp- stretched across, 

Oner-take* v. to overtake, SD ; oimt^ 
tKBLypp., Sa ; <mrten«, B. 

Olier-]>Ogt, adj. anxious, S. 

Over-tlwywe, v. to fall down, G; 
oy»rt]ix«w, //. s.f G. 

Oner-tildy pp. covered over, S. — AS. 
ofer-teldatiy to cover over. 

Onertlye, adv. openljr, Sa. — From AF. 
ffverty pp. of ovrir, OB. aovrir^ auvrir, 
Prov. adubrir ; Lat. ad-^de-^ operirc, 

Oner-trowynge, pr.p^ anxious, over- 
conscious, W. 

Ouer-walten, v. to overflow, Sa. 

Ouer-wente, pt, s, overcame, S. .See 

Onet, sb. fruit, Sa.— AS. ofet ; cp. OHG. 
obaz (G. ob5t)y Du. 00ft \ see Kluge. 

Ow, interj, alas I G. 

Ow, pron. you, S, Sa ; see Jon. 

Qwai, adv. away, Sa. Phr. : owtd do 
pam, do away with them, destroy them, 
Sa. See Awaj. 

Owel, sb, awl, S, Voc. ; see AuL 

Owen, V. to have, possess, to have to do, 
to be obliged, to owe. MD, S, C3, PP ; 
o^en, S ; a^en, S ; a^li^iin, MD ; affile, 
H ; awen, MD ; affen, S ; alien, S ; owe, 
pr.s.,V; Off, S; oiili,S; ■^li,Sa; ali,S; 
an, Sa ; ouUte, //. j., PP, S ; 01^te, PP, 
W; aulite, S; auote,S; alite,S; affhte, 
H ; affte, S; ajte, Sa ; anjt, W ; affbt, 



Sa ; anoht, //., Sa ; ooffbten, Ca.— AS. 
d^aUf I and 3 pr. s. dk (pi. 4gon), pt. dhif, 
pp. dgen, 

Owen, adj, own, S, Sa, S3, Ca, C3,PP; 
oBen, S, Sa ; offen, S ; a^en, S ; affen, S ; 
a^lienn, S ; alien, S ; awln, S3 ; awyn, 
S3 ; awn, S3 ; owe, S, Sa ; offlie, S ; offe, 
S ; onne, S, Sa, PP ; o^ene, Sa ; offline, 
Sa. — AS. dg-^n, own, possessed, pp. of d^an, 
to possess. 

Ower, prim, your, S ; see Bonre. 

O-wher, adv. somewhere, anywhere, C, 
C3, SD (s.v. dwA^, p. 1 2) ; owhar, SD, Sa 
(7- 417) I ^^'i*' (for onner ?), S. — AS. d- 
hwir. See O (adv.). 

O-whider, adv. anywbither, SD (p. 
I a) ; o-bwlder, S.— AS. d-hwider. See 
O {adv.) 

O-whilfly conj, on whiles, during the 
time that, H. 

Oze« sb, ox, S ; ezen, //., HD ; ozi«, 
W.— AS. oxa : OHG. ohso (Tatian) : Goth. 
auhsa ; cp. Skt. ukshan. The AS. pi. forms 
are oxan^ ctxen^ exen, 

Oze-fftalle. sb, ox-sull, Ca. 

Ozspring, sb. offspring, Sa ; see Of- 

Oyle, sb. oil, C3, MD; oyUe, Sa ; 
oyele, Sa ; oU, MD ; olUes, //., flattery, 
PP. Phr. : l>ez« np oUe, to flatter, PP 
(m) ; hllde Tp ]>e kynffes 07I, Trevisa, 3. 
447, seeNQ (6. i. 75).— AF. oiUy olie ; Late 
Lat. olium ; Lat. oleum. Cf. Sle. 

Oynement, sb, ointment, W, C ; ojne- 
mentis, pi., S3, W. — AF. oignenunt^ 
from ongier, to anoint; Lat. ungere, Cf. 

O yntyn ge, sb, anointing, H. 

C^nonn. sb. onion, CM ; oynon, Voc. ; 
oinffnnm, Voc. ; ojnonns, //., C ; oyne- 
Bones, HD. — AF. oynoun (F. oignon) ; 
Lat. unionem, 

O^ein, prep, against, MD ; see A^eln. 

O^eineSy prep, in comparison with, S ; 
see A^eines. 

O^en, V. to owe, S ; see Owen, v. 

O^en, adj. own, S ; see Owen, adj, 

O^t, sb, aught, S ; see Onffht. 





Face, sd. ; see Fai. 

Pace, V. ; see Passen. 

Padde, J^.toad,SkD;pade«.//., S; pad- 
di«, SkD. Comd. : pad-stoolOi toad-stool, 
Manip. — Icel. padda, 

Faddok, sb. toad. Prompt. ; frog, W2 ; 
paddoke, rana, Voc (/f); padookes, pLy 
grenouillesy Palsg. Comb.x paddok-stole, 
fungtiSy toad-stool, Cath. 

Paene, adj- pagan, S ; see Payen. 

Pagenty sb. a pageant, pagina^ Prompt.; 
paereant, scena, theatrum, Manip. 

Pagent, sb, a page, writing; see below. 

Pagyne, sb. page writing, HD; paffine, 
SkD ; parent, SkD (s.v. pagi). Phr. : p«r- 
feooioiuL of dsroyne pagyne, H (p. 4). — 
Lat. pagina^ a written page, that which is 
written, a paragraph or book. 

Pais, sb. peace, S ; see Pees. 

Pak, sb. a small bundle, PP ; pakke, 
sarcinay Prompt 

Pakken, v, to pack, PP, Prompt 

Pak-nelde, sb. packing-needle, PP ; pak- 
neelde, S2 ; paknedle, PP. 

Pakok, sb. a peacock, PP ; see Pecok. 

Palesye, sb. paralysis, palsy, PP, S2 ; per- 
1687, HD ; palesye, PP, S2 ; palesle, S2 ; 
palasie, S2 ; palacye, PP ; pale87,W; pal- 
aye. P, Prompt; parlesy, Cath., SkD.— 
OF. parafysie; Lat. paralysin ; from Gr. 

Paleys, sh. palace, C, C2, PP ; paleis, 
PP; palals, S; pal78,PP; paleyses, //., 
PP ; paleis, PP.— AF. paleis, OF. pcUais ; 
Lat. palatium. 

Palfrey, sb. palfrey, saddle-horse, S2, C, 
PP; palfray, PP; palefirei, ^.—KF.paU- 
frei, OF. paltfreid (Roland) ; Low Lat. pa- 

Palle, sb. the archbishop^s pallium, 
funeral pall, a costly kind of texture, a 
canopy. Prompt, HD, Voc; pall, HD, 
WA ; pal, S ; pelle, Prompt., S ; pell, S2 ; 
pellea, //., S. Comb. : paUen webis, 
fabrics of pall or fine cloth, WA. — Late 
Lat. pallium and palla^ see Ducange ; cp. 
OF. paky a kind of cloth (Ducange), and 
AS. pall, a rich texture (Voc). 

Pallen, v. to pall, to become vapid, 
Prompt., Palsg., SkD ; palled, pp. enfee- 
bled, C3. — OF. pallir, to grow pale ; see 

Palme, sb. palm (tree), palm of victory, 
WA ; palm, palm-branch, C3. — KY.palme\ 
Lat. palma, 

P8dmere,-r^. palmer, S, PP; palmera,//., 
S2. — KY. palmer \ Church ladX. palmarium 
(ace). See above. 

Palmestrye, sb. palmistry, S3. See 

Paltok, sb. jacket, PP. Prompt ; pal- 
tocke, HD. Palsg.; paltoke, Voc— OF. 
paletocque (Prompt., n). For cognates, see 

Pament, sb. pavement, S3 ; see Fane- 

Pane, sb. a part or division of a thing, a 
skirt, Prompt., HD, SkD.— OF./d!«, a piece 
(Bartsch) ; IjaX.pannum (ace). Cf. Feny. 

Panel, sb. a division, compartment, jury- 
list, piece of cloth on horse s back, Cath. 
{n\ PP, Sh.; panell. PP; paaelle, sub- 
sellium. Cath.; pannell, HD, Palsg.— 
AF. panel. See above. 

Paneter, sb. butler, PP ; paiLteTe,Voc; 
paater, PP.— AF. panmter\ Late Lat. 
panetarium (ace). &e Fajn. 

Panne, sb. pan, brain-pan, skull, PP, 
C3, Voc, Prompt ; poxme, PP ; pan, C. 
— AS. panne (Voc.) ; cp. Low Lat. panna 
(Ducange), and G. pfanne. 

Pans* sb. pi. pence, W ; see Feny. 

Panter, sb. painter, pictor, Voc See 

Panter, sb, a net, snare, CM, HD, 
Voc. ; pantere, Prompt. ; pantber, Palsg., 
HD.— OF. pantiere ; Late Lat. panthera ; 
Gr. wavBiffpa ; see Ducange. 

Pantere, j^. panther, S3,Voc.— OF./a«- 
tere ; Lat. panthera ; from Gr. vavBrjp. 

Panyer, sb. pannier, bread-basket, PP ; 
payneres,//., PP. — AF. panyer. SeeFayn. 

Papejay,J^. parrot, popinjay, C2 ; pope- 
lay, PP; papinjay, Voc; popinjay, 
Voc; popyneray, S3, HD; papyii|ra7» 
HD ; paplnsraia,//., S3 ; popynffayes, S3. 
— AF. papejaye, parrot (mod. papegat) ; cp. 
OF. papegauxj pi.; Low Lat pappagallus\ 
by popular etymology from the Low Gr. 
vava^asy see Ducange. 

Pappe, sb. breast, S, Voc ; pappes, //., 
S(«),WW; pappya, HD. 

l^ViXfprep. by, with. Comb. : par amonr, 
by love, with love, C ; for paramour, for 


love, C 2 ; paramour, a lover (of either sex) , 
! C, W A ; paramonr*, Manip ; par anen- 
tare, peradventure, S2, Ca, C3, PP ; 
peranntere, H ; parauntre, S2 ; p«ra- 
nentnre, W; par cas, by chance, C3; 
par de (/ar Dieu\ C, C3 ; pard«e, C2 ; 
par fiiy, by my faith, C2, C3. 

Paar- ; see also under Per-. 
- Parage, j^. kindred, family; hence, birth, 
descent, HD, JD, CM ; equality. DG.— 
AF. parage \ Late Lat. *paraticumy an 
equality, from Lat par^ equal. Cf. BU- 

Parcel, sb, part, share, little bit, PP ; 
paroele, WA.— AF./arf^/<f, part; Late Lat. 
^ particella ; cp. It. particella, 

Parcel-mele, adv. separately, bit by 
bit, PP; percel-mel, S2, PP. 

Parce2iel, sb. partner, H. 

Parcenelynge, sb. partnership, H. 

Parcener, sb. sharer, HD, W2 ; par- 
tener, W ; partynere, S3 ; parocneris,//., 
W, W2 ; parteneri8,\V ; partyneriSjW.— 
AF. parcener e,parsenere, pi. parceners y per- 
ceners ; Late ijaX. partionarium (ace). 

Parchementer, j3. preparer of parch- 
ment, Cath. ; parmenter, Voc. 

Parchemyn, sb. parchment, W, PP ; 
perdLemynTPP ; perchemen, WA. — AF. 
parcheminy Gr. wfpyaftrjvrff from TLipyaftos 
(cp. Lat. pergamena). 

Parchment ; see Passain«ii. 

Parclos, sb. an enclosure, partition, 
screen, S3, Palsg ; paroloos, Prompt. ; per- 
clos, H D ; perdose, KD.— OF. parclos, pp., 
closed completely; Lat. per + ciausum. 

Pardon, sb. pardon, PP. — AF. pardun. 

Pardoner, sb. a seller of pardons, C,PP; 
pardonere. Prompt 

Parement, sb. an adorning, C2, CM ; 
paramentz, //., C. Phr. : ohambre of 
parementz, the presence-chamber, C2. — 
OF. parement ; also chambre de parement, 
the Chamber of Presence (Cotg.). 

Parfit, adj. perfect, S2, PP, C3, W; 
parQrt, PP; periyt, C; parflffht, C; 
perllt, C3, W ; pwllfflit, C— ^OF. parfity 
parfeit\ \jsX. perfectum, 

Parfitliche, adv. perfectly, PP ; p«r- 
fitliclie, PP; parlltly, C2, CM ; parlltU, 
W ; perfSrtlie«t, superl, H. 

Parfonmen, v. to perform, PP, C2, 

CM, SPD (p. 280) ; parforme, PP ; per- 

[ fonme, PP ; perfonnen, PP. — AF. par- 

fumiry parfouniiry to perform, to furnish. 

Cf. Fumisli. 



Parische, sb. parish, PP; parlMb, 
PP ; parMohe, PP ; parsolM, PP.— OF. 
paroisse ; Churdi Lat. paroeda (also paro* 
chia) ; Gr. napoiKla, 

Parisdien, sb, parishioner, Cath., C ; 
parlMMsliMui, //., PP, S2 ; panOieiui, PP. 
— OF. paroissien. See above. 

Paritorie, sb. pcUitory, C3, SkD; 
p«ritorl«, the wall-plant bartram, Manip.; 
paratory, colitropiumy Voc. ; parletary, 
HB.— OF. parttoire, pellitory (Cotg.> and 
paritarie (Alph.); Late Lat paritaria 
(Alph.) ; Lat. parietaria, from paries^ wall. 

Parlement, sb. parliament, conference, 
PP, S2.— AF./ar/tfw^«/,from OF. parler, 
to talk ; Low Lat. parabolare (Bracnet). 

Parlesy ; see Patosy. 

ParlonrCi sb. the conversation room in 
nunneries, PP ; parlowr, * colloquotorium,' 
Cath. ; parlnr, S.— OF. parloir\ Church 
Lat. parlatorium (Ducange). 

ParocMen, sb. parishioner, PP ; per- 
roohioiuL, S3; parosolileiieB, //., PP. — 
OF. parochien ; Church \jaX. parochianum ; 
irom. parochia. See Parisolie. 

Partief sb. part, portion, PP; partsra, 
party (in a law suit), PP ; partj, side, S2 ; 
parties, //., parts, S2. Phr. : a party, 
partially, S2. — KF.partie {partye)^ person ; 
Lat. partitay divided. 

Partly, adv. briskly ; see Perk. 

Partriche, sb. partridge, S3, PP ; par- 
trlob, C ; pertryclie, Prompt. — AF. per' 
drice, perdriz ; Lat. perdicem. 

Parvis, sb. the open space in front of 
St. Paul's cathedral, HD ; parvys, C, CM ; 
parvyse, HD ; parvyce, Prompt. — OF. 
parvisy the porch of a church, the outer 
court of a palace (hence Low Lat. parvi- 
sum)y parevisy pareiSy par at s ; Late Lat 
paradisum (ace.), the portico of St Peter's, 
Rome (Ducange), also paradise (Vulg.); 
Gr. napdStiaos. For the intercalation of v 
in OF. parviSy see Brachet (s.v. corvie). 

Pas, sb. a step, pace, pass, passage, 
canto, narrow path, C2, C3, PP, S2 ; paas, 
C3 ; pa»», S2 ; pace, Prompt ; pas, //., 
S2 ; pases, Sa. — AF. pas ; Lat. pcusum 

Paschen, v. to dash, to strike ; pasb, 
HD ; pasohte, //. J., PP; passhed, //., 
passohet,//., S2. 

Paske, sb. passover, W, PP, HD ; pask« 
W.— AF. pask ; Church Lat. pascJia ; Gr. 
•w&axa ; Heb. pesaky a passing-over. 

Passamen, sb. a kind of lace, SPD (p. 



272), HD; paMements, //., SPD, DG. 
Comb, : pasMuntn laoe, NQ (5. 9. 231) ; 
parcluii«]Lt IftM, SPD. — OF. passement^ a 
lace (Cotg.): It, passamdno (Florio); cp. 
Sp. passamdnOy G. posament (Weigand). 
Cf. Perdunentler. 

Fassen, v, to pass, surpass, PP, C2, 
C3; paoe, S2, C2, C3; to die, C2 ; y- 
pamed, pp., PP; paMU&d, pr, /., S3.— 
AF. passer. 

Passyng, pr. p. as adv. surpassing, 
i. e. very, S3 ; adj.^ C3. 

Fassyngly, adv. in a surpassing de- 
gree, S3. 

Fas-tans, sb. pastime, S3 ; pavtanoe, 
S3; pastaimoe, HD. — OF. passe-tans , 
passe-tens y passe-temps. 

Fatter, v. to repeat prayers, to say 
repeatedly, S3 ; patred,//. j, S3 («),HD. 
— From Church Lat. pater , the first word 
in the pater-noster (* Our Father '). 

Faue, V. to pave ; y-pau«d, pp., S3.— 

Fauement, sb. pavement, C2; paul^ 
mant, SkD ; pament, S3, Voc., €ath. («), 
H ; pawment. Prompt. — AF. pavement ; 
Lat. pauimentum. 

Faune, sb. palm of the hand, PP; 
pawme, PP, W, Prompt; pame, Voc. 
Comb. : palme-play, game of ball played 
with the hand, S3. — OF. paume, palm of 
the hand ; \jsX.palma ; cp. Y.jeu depaume, 

Fautener, sb. a vagabond, a libertine, 
HD ; adj., rascally, ribald, B.— OF. pau- 
tonier, paltunier, a rascal (fiartsch) ; cp. 
Low Lat. paltonarius (Ducange). For 
cognates see SkD (s. s. paltry). 

Fanilon, J^. pavilion, tent, PP; pavll^ 
yoime, S2 ; paniloim, lawyer's coif, PP ; 
panyloun, coif, PP ; panylona, pi, tents, 
S2. — AF. pavilion, tent ; Lat. papilionem, 
a tent, a butterfly. 

Pavyce, sb. a shield, defence. Prompt. ; 
pauice, SkD ; panys. Prompt. («), SkD., 
Voc, HD ; pavlase, HD ; pauisli. 
Prompt. («), HD ; paluoisa, Florio (s. v. 
testudine) ; paluaiae, Florio KS.y.pauese). — 
AF. pamse; Low Lat. pavisium (ace.), 
also pavesium ; cp. OF. pavois (Cotg.) ; 
Low Lat. pavensem (Ducange). 

Favyser, sb. a soldier armed with a 
pavise, HD. 

Fax-brede, sb. a tablet with a crucifix 
which received from the worshippers the 
* osculum pacis,* Voc, HD. See Bred (2). 


Faye, sb. satisfaction, HD, S2, PP ; paia, 
S2 ; pay, S2. — AF. pate. 

Fayen, v. to please, satisfy, pay, PP, 82, 
H ; payed, pp., satisfied, PP ; paiad, W; 
payd, S2 ; paid, S2 ; y-payed, C— OF. 
pater, to satisfy, pay: Prov. pagar; Lat 

Fayen, adj. and sb. pagan, heathen, C ; 
as a personal name, Bardsley ; payn, S ; 
paane, S; payns, pi., S; paynes, S; 
palna, S ; paans, S ; payans, S2, C3, CM. 
— AF. paten ; Late \j8X. paganum, heathen. 

Fayn, sb. bread, PP ; payne, PP. Comb. : 
payn-damayn, bread made of the finest 
flour, C2 ; paytixnayn, Voc ; paynemayn, 
C2 («) ; payman, Voc, HD— OF. pain 
demaine, demeine\ Church Lat. panem 
dominicum, bread of our Lord. 

Fayne, sb. penalty, S2 ; see Payne. 

Faynyme, sb. heathendom, S ; pai- 
nlme, S ; paynym, a pagan, Saracen (an 
incorrect use), PP, H ; payneme, S2 ; pay- 
nymea,//., PP ; painenui, HD {s.v.payen). 
— AF. paenime, heathen lands, paganism ; 
OF. paienisme; Late Lat. paganismum 
(ace). See Payen. 

Faynymery, sb. paganism, Cath. 

Feak, v. to pry about narrowly, to peep, 
ND. Comb.', peak-gooae, a peaking 
goose, ND ; peek-irooa, S3 ; pea-ffoose, 
* a simple, doltish fellow, a noddy peak, a 
ninny-hammer, a coxe,* Cotg. (s. v. benet). 

FeaJdsh, adj. looking sneakingly, ND. 

Feas, sb. peace, S3 ; see Pees. 

Fease, v. to become peaceable ; peasie, 
pt. s., S3. 

Fece, sb. a bit, portion, a cup, S2, PP, 
Prompt., Cath., Falsg., HD ; peyoe, S3. — 
AF. pece, piece ; cp. Low 'LAt.pecia, a piece 
(Voc), a cup (Ducange). 

Fecok, sb. peacock, PP ; pecoke, Voc. ; 
pekok, PP ; paooke, Cath. ; pacok, Voc. ; 
pakok, PP ; poook, PP, C ; pokok, PP ; 
poookk, Voc. ; pokoo, Voc. ; paookkia, 
//., S3.— AS. p6a {pdwo) ; Lat. paito\ see 
Sievers, 37. 2. Cf. Ponn. 

Feekgoose, sb. a silly fellow, S3 ; see 

Feel, sb. skin, rind of firuit, Cotg. (s. v. 
coupeau). — OF. pel ; Lat. pellem. 

Fees, sb. peace, silence, S2, C2, W, 
PP; pea, S, S2 ; peaa, S3; pays, PP; 
pais, S.— AF. pees, pes, OF. pais ; LaU 

Feesid,//. appeased, W2, 


Feirement, sb. damage, detriment, W. 

Feiren, v, to injure, PP, CM ; p^yrtn, 
PP; peired, pp., S2. — OF. peirter\ 
Late Lat. peiorarc\ cp. OF. empeirier, 
to become worse, to make worse, impair 

Feiryng, sb. damage, destruction, W. 

Pels, sb, weight, PP; peyi, 82, PP; 
pe70«. Prompt. ; peiM, S3, Prompt. ; 
poys, S3.— OF./w ipois) ; ljaX.pgnsum. 

Feisen, v. to weigh, W2; pcya^d*, 
pi. J., S2 ; peiMd, PP; poiMd, PP.— AF. 
peiser {poiser) ; Lat. pensare. 

Feitrel, sb. breast-plate of a horse in 
armour, HD ; peytrel, C3, Prompt. ; 
pewtrel, Manip. ; peytreUe, CM; paj- 
tr^lle, HD, Voc. ; p«ttZ7ll«» Voc.— AF. 
peitrel\ laX. pectoraU. 

Felet, sb. pellet, stone-ball, Sa, PP, 
Cath., CM, Prompt. ; p«lot, Prompt. ; 
pylotes, pi., Cath. (»).— AF. peloie, ball, 
cp. It. pilldtta (Florio) \ dimin. of Lat. 

Felle, sb. a pall. Prompt. ; see PalU. 

Pel ri in age, sb. pilgrimage, S; see 

Felte,//. s. pushed, S ; see Pvlten. 

Pelnre. sb. fur-work, PP ; peUnre, S2, 
Prompt., PP. — AF. pelure, OF. peUure 
(from OF. pet) ; Lale Lat. pellatura, from 
Lat. peilem, skin. 

Fen, sb. a pen, enclosure, <aib, Sh., SkD ; 
penne, caula, Manip. ; p«n«i,//.,S2. See 

Penaonce, sb. suffering, punishment, 
penance, penitence, W, C, PP.— OF. pen- 
ance, penednce ; Lat. poenitentia. 

Penanncer, sb. one who imposes a 
penance, PP. 

Penannt, sb. one undergoing penance, 
C2, PP ; penawnte. Prompt— OF. /^»tf«/, 
penednt ; Lat. poenitentem. 

Pencell, J^. a little banner, pennon, S2 ; 
pMisel, PP, CM ; penieU, Palsg., Cath. 
(p. 2%o n).—OY.penoncely pennoncel, dimia. 
of pennon, a flag, streamer. See Penoun. 

Penible, cuif. careful to please, C2 ; see 

Penid, sb. a pennet, little wreath of 
sugar taken in a cold, sugar-candy, Florio 
(s.v. diapi^e)', penet, Florio; pennet, 
ND, Cotg., PP, Notes (p. no) ; penyde», 
pi., Alph.— OF. penide (Cotg.) ; Late Gr. 
' vtfviSiov, a little twist of thread, from Gr. 
viivij, thread, Cf. IMa-penidlon. 



Peniie, sb. quill of a feather, Voc. ; 
a pen, Cath. ; pennes, pi., S2, W2.— AF. 
penne ; Lat penna, 

Fenoim, sb. a pennon, small banner, 
SkD ; psmonn, C ; penonnes, pi, S3. — 
AF. penon, feather of a cross-bow bolt, 
OF. pennon, feather of an arrow, flag, 
streamer ; cp. It penndne (Florio). 

Feny, sb. penny, S2 ; penye, S ; peny, 
S2 ; pent, S ; pens, //., W, S2, S3, C3; 
pons, S2 ; pans, W. Comb. : penny- 
breld, penny's breadth, S3.— AS. pening 
(Mk. 12. 15), penning (Schmid), pending, 
a little pledge or token (SkD) ; cp. OHG. 
phending (Tatian), dimin. of phand ; Lat. 
pannus, a piece of cloth ; Late Lat. pan- 
num, pledge, something pledged or pavmed 
(Ducange). Cf. Pane. 

Feosen, peas, S2 ; see Pese. 

Per- ; see also under Par-. 

Ferauntere, peradventure, H ; see 

Fereelmel, adv. bit by bit, S2; see 

Fercen, v. to pierce, S2, PP, C2 ; 
persen, W, PP; perohe, Cath., HD ; 
pershannt, pr. p., PP ; persand, S3 ; 
pearst, pp., S3; persid, W2. — AF. 
percer; Ob\percher; Late Lat *pariieare, 
to part For suffix -icare, cp. Late Lat. 
*coacticare (whence F. cocker); see BH, 
§ 97. Cp. also OF. person=pariitionem, 
Ps. 15. 6 (Apfelstedt). 

Perchllientiery sb. dealer in ' parch- 
ment lace,' S3. — Cp. It. passamentiere 
(Florio). See Passamen. 

Fercyl, sb. parsley, S2; peroU, PP; 
peroyll, Prompt ; paroelle, Cath. ; per- 
sylle, Voc. ; peroeUe, Cath. ; persUe, 
Alph. — OY.persil; Late Lat. petrocillum 
(Voc.) ; from Gr. vrrpookXivov. For the 
effect of the Greek accent see firachet, and 
cp. F. encre (Bnk»). 

Fere* adj. and sb. equal, a peer, PP, C2 ; 
per, SkD; peer, PP, C2 ; peare, S3; 
peres,//., PP ; pieres, S3.— AF. per (pi. 
pers, peres) ; Lat parent. 

Fere« sb. pear, Voc, Cath.; peere, 
Prompt ; perys,//., CM. Comb. : peere 
apple, Prompt.; pere-ionette, an early 
ripe pear, PP ; pezjonette, CM.— AS./^tf, 
peru ; Lat. pirum. Cf. Pereye. 

Peregrin, adj. foreign ; peregryn, C2. 

— OF. peregrin-, XaX. peregrinum. Cf. 



Peregrilif sb. a kind of falcon, HD. — 
Cp. Late Lat. peregrina falco (Ducange). 

Feren, v, to appear, P. — OF. parcir 
(Jfarotr) ; Lat. parerey to appear. 

Fereye, sb. perry, S2, Voc; perre. 
Prompt. ; pirrey, Cath. ; pirre, Cath. 
Comb, : piri-whit, white perry, S3, PP.— 
OF. perey^ per6y peiH (mod. poiri), from 
peire (mod. poire\ pear; cp. Late Lat. 
piretum (Voc.), from pirum. 

Ferfet, ad;\ perfect, C3, W; see Parflt. 

Ferk, adj. proud, pert, elated, HD; 
perke, ND; pert, SkD; pajrUy, adv.y 
briskly, S3. 

Ferken, v. to smarten, to trim, SkD 
(s.v. pert) ; pyrUs, pr. j., S3. 

Femelf sb. Pemel, or Pamel, a common 
female name, S2, Bardsley; pxmiele, a 
concubine, PP.— OF. PeronetU \ Late Lat. 
Fetronillay name of a saint. 

Ferreye, sb. jewelry, precious stones, 
PP ; perreie, S2 ; perrye, C, PP, HD ; 
pexrey, Sa ; perree, C2. — AF. perrye ; 
OF. pierrerie, precious stones ; from OF. 
piere, pere ; Lat. petra^ stone. 

Fers, adj. dark rich blue, sky-coloured, 
bluish grey, CM, C ; pens, S3.— OF. 
pers (Bartsch) ; cp. It. persoy Low Lat, 
persusy perseus (Ducange). 

Ferte, adj. manifest, obvious, S2, PP; 
adv. openly, PP. See Apert. 

Fertelyche, adv. plainly, evidently, 
S2 ; perteUoh, PP ; pertly, truly, Sa ; 
openly, P ; pertely, completely, Sa. 

Fes, sb. peace, S, Sa ; see Fees. 

Fese, sb. a pea, PP ; peoM, PP ; peese, 
PP ; pesen, //., PP ; peosen, Sa ; peses, 
PP. Comb. : pese-ooddes, pea-pods, S2, P ; 
pes-oodes, S3 ; pese-lof, loaf made with 
peas, P. — AS. piase {pyse, pise)^ pease ; 
Lat. ptsay pi. oiptsum. 
Fesibilte, sb. a calm, W. See Pees. 
Fecdble, adj. peaceftd, V^ 2. — OF. patsi- 
ble ; Late iJat. pacibilem. 

Fesiblenesse, sb. calm, S2, w ; pe- 

sibilneBse, W. 

Fettail, sb. rabble, B ; see Pitalle. 

Fettes, sb. pi. pits, Sa ; see Pyt. 

Fejriie, sb. pain, penalty, Ca, W, PP ; 
peine, Sa ; payne, Sa. — AF.payne/paine, 
OF. peine ; Late Lat. pena ; Lat. poena. 
Cf. Pyne. 

Feyneble, adj. pains-takmg, Sa ; pe- 
ayble, HD ; penible, Ca.— OF. penible, 
* -'rious. 


Feynen, v. reflex, to take pains, PP, 
Sa, Ca ; -pejikMtiypp.y punished, W, 

Feyntan, v. to paint, CM, PP ; peynt, 
//., S3, CM ; peynted, Ca ; y-peynt, S3. 
— From OF. peinty pp. of peindre ; Lat. 
pingere, see Brachet. 

Feyntnre, sb. picture, CM. — OY.pein- 
ture (AF. painture). 

FhaBtasie, sb, fancy, S3.— Gr. ipav- 

Fhilautia, sb. explained * philosophy,*^ 
S3 ; pbllanUe, self-love, ND.— Gr. <piXav' 
Tio, self-love. 

Fhilosophre, sb. philosopher, Ca, C3 ; 
phUosoplireB, //., C3; phUosopliers, 
PP.— OF. philosophe\ Lat. philosophum 
<^acc.) ; Gr. <l>i\6ao<f>oi, a lover of wisdom. 
For the r added in the English word, cp. 
chorister for F. choriste. 

Ficchen, v. to pitch,, to fix,, to pick, di- 
vide with a sharp point, P ; pitchlntre, pr. 
p-y W ; pi5te, //. J., SD ; pighte lilm, 
pitched, fell, SkD; piiten,//., W; piUt. 
//., PP ; pi5t, WA ; pight, S3, PP, ND ; 
py5te, PP. Cf. Pyken. 

Fich, sb. pitch, S ; see Plkke. 

^8f8f®i ^^' P*S» porcellusy Manip. ; 
pyerere, Prompt Comb. : piffnile, * pig's 
eye,' a term of endearment, ND ; piggeB' 
nvyglie, CM ; pigmy, ND, S3. 

Fike, V. to pitch, S ; pykke, Cath. 

Fikke, sb. pitch, Cath. ; pyk. Prompt. ; 
pyche. Prompt; pych, S; j^oli, S. — 
AS. pic (Voc.) ; Lat picem. 

Filer, sb. pillar, S, PP, Ca, C ; pyler, 
PP ; pUere, W ; pylere. Prompt.— AF. 
pi/er ; Low Lat. pi/are (Ducange). 

FiUage, sb, plunder; pyllage, SkD; 
pUftfire, WA. 

Fillen, v. to peel. Prompt. ; pUle, Cath. ; 
pill, Cotg., WW ; pille, PP ; pilled, pp., 
bald,W W,Prompt.; piled, C ; pilde, peeled, 
bare, S3. PAr. ; pUle ffarleke, vel/icare, 
Cath. — OF. peler (Cotg.), also pii/er 
(Palsg.) ; Lat. pilare, to deprive of hair, 
from pi/us y hair. 

Fillen, v. to plunder, CM, ND ; pylle, 
S3; pllen, PP; pil, H; pylen, PP; 
pylled, pt. ply S3.— OF. pilUr (Cotg.) ; 
Late Lat. pilare (Ducange). 

Fillery, sb. rapine, ND. 

Filling, sb. robbery, S3. 

Fillonr, sb. plunderer, PP; pUovre, 
PP; pyllars,//.,S3. 

Filwe, sb, pillow, CM; pilew«, Sa; 


pilomi, //., CM.— AS. pyle {^*pulwt)\ 
\a\.. pulvinus ; cp. OHG./A«//zw (Tatian). 

Pilwe-beer, sb, pillow-case, C ; plU 
lowe-bere, Cath. ; pyllo-bezys, //., HD. 

Pinclien, v. to find fault, C3 ; pynobe, 
C; l-pynclied, //., plaited, C. Fhrr. 
X pynche oourtaysye, je fays le nyce^ 
Palsg. — OF. pincer ; It picciare^ to pinch 
with a beak (Florio) ; from piccio, a beak, 
bill (Florio). 

Piriei sb. pear-tree, Sa, P. — AS. pirige 
(Voc). See Fere. 

Piri-whit, sb. white perry, Sa; see 

Pirxies, sb. pi. storms of wind, S3 ; see 

Piscence, sb, might, S3; see Puis- 



Fistle, sh. epistle, PP. W, S3 ; pystjrl, 
Prompt. ; pistil, PP, Ca ; pirtiU, WA ; 
pi«tli«,//.,W.— OF. epistle (eptstre,Cotg.) ; 
Lat. epistola ; Gr. imaroKii^ message. 

PitailOi sb. footsoldiers, infantry, Sa ; 
pettaiU, rabble, B; pitaiU, B; pitaU, 
l^.—KY . pitaille, foot-soldiers, OY.pUta- 
ille, a troop of footmen (Cotg.); from OF. 
piet; 'LaX.pedem. 

Pitaunce, sb. provision, share, portion, 
dole, PP, C, CM ; pytaimce, PP ; pyt- 
awnce. Prompt.— OF. pitance (Bartsch) ; 
Low Lat. pictancia (Ducange). 

Plage, sb. plague (=Lat. plagc^, W; 
plaipM, Sh. ; plaifis, //., W. — Lat. plaga 
(Vulg.) ; Gr. itAitt^, a blow, stroke, plague 
(LXX) ; cp. OF. plaie. 

Plage, sb. a region, Cath. ; plage*,//., 
Sa, C3, HD.— OF. plagey a region, land, 
sea-coast (Cotg.) ; Lat. pldga (Vulg.). 

Plaid, sb. plea, dispute in a law-court, 
S ; plait, S ; plee, Prompt ; placitum^ 
Voc. ; pie, SkD, W ; play, SkD ; place, 
//.. pleas, SZ.—A.Y. plait, play, OY. plaid, 
plait f plat, proceedings in a law-court, a 
trial, law-court ; Late Lat. placitum, liter- 
ally, what is pleasing, hence a decision, 
law-court, pleading. 

Plaidi, V. to plead, bring a complaint, 
aigue, S ; plede, PP ; placitare, Voc. ; 
plete, PP, S3, Prompt.— AF.//fljV/^r, OF. 

Plaiding, sb. pleading, S; pledyng*, 
PP ; pletynire, S3, Prompt. 

Plat, adj. flat, level. Prompt. ; adv. 
completely, fully, JD, Q2.—0¥.plat, 

Platly, adv. flatly, fully, S3, HD, 

Plate, sb. plate-armour, Sa, Ca ; plates, 
//., PP.— AF. plate, a plate of metal, bul- 
lion, silver-plate,/ oiplat, flat. 

Platte, pt. s, reflex, threw himself flat, 
PP, Sa. 

Playn, adv. plainly, clearly, Ca, C3 ; 
see Pleyn. 

Playne, v. to complain, S2, PP ; plasm, 
S3 ; pleyne, PP, Ca ; pleyn, S3 ; plane, 
S3; pleiffnen,, Sa; pleynand, pr. 
p., Sa ; plenand, H.^OF. plaign-, stem of 
plaignant, pr. p. of plaindre {pleindre) ; 
Lat. plangere. 

Playnte, sb, complaint, lament, PP; 
pleinte, Ca ; pleyntei, //., C3.— OF. 
pleinte ; Late Lat. plancta, from Lat. plan- 

Playnyng, sb. complaint, S3. 

Playte, sb. a fold, plica. Prompt; 
pleytes, pi, plaits of a cord, HD.— OF. 
pleit, a fold ; Lat. plicitum, folded. Cf. 

Playten, v. to fold. Prompt. ; plet* 
tand, pr. p., S3 ; pletede, pt. s., Sa. 

Pie, sb. plea, W ; see Plaid. 

Pleinte^ sb. complaint, Ca; see 

Plenere, adj. full, PP; adv. in full 
numbers, PP ; plener, PP, HD. — OF. 
plenier ; Late Lat. plenarium, 

Plenerliche, adv. folly, HD; ple- 
nerly, Sa. 

Plenissen, v. to fill ; pieny«t, //., S3. 
— From OF. pleniss-, stem oi plenissant^ 
pr. p. oiplenir, from Lat. plenum. 

Plentee, sb. plenty, Ca; plente. 
Prompt. — OF. plenty ; Lat. plenitatem. 

PlenteuoUB, adj, plenteous, abundant, 
C, PP; plenteuouM, W; plentinona, 
SkD ; plentefouB, H ; plentuos, Sa ; 
plenteuB, SkD.— OF. plentivous. 

Plenteuonslier, adv. comp. more 
pknteously, W. 

Plenteuonsnesse, sb. plenteousness, 


PleHtnuste, sb. plentifulness, H. 

Plesannce, sb. pleasure, kindness, PP ; 
plesance, B, Sa, Cath., Ca.— OF. plai- 

Plete, V. to plead, S3, PP, HD, Prompt. ; 

see Plaidi. 

Pletede, pt. s, plaited, folded up, Sa ; 

see Playten. 

Pley, sb. play, Ca ; pleie, S. — AS. 
plega, brisk motion, fight, play (OET). 



Fleyen, v. to play, amuse oneself, 
PP, Ca ; pleien, S, PP ; plelden, pt. pi. 
refl.y S2. — AS. plegian^ to play on an in- 
strument (OET), to play, * ludere,* to move 
briskly (Grein), //<^<a!« (Sievers, 391) : OS. 
plegauy to wager, to answer for ; cp. OHG. 
pUgan (Otfrid). 

PlejrBy ^J' even, level, plain, clear. 
Prompt, C, C3 ; playn, B ; adv, plainly, 
clearly, C3 ; playn, C3. — AF. plain ; 
Lat. planum. 

PlejnCLy ^- ^^ complain, S3 ; see Playne. 

Flejrn, adj. full, C, C3, FF.— OF. plein ; 
Lat. plenum. 

Flejrnly, adv. fully, C. 

Pliht, sb. danger, Sa ; pUjt, WA.— AS. 

Flihten, v. to pledge, plight, PP, Sa ; 
plyffhte, PP, Prompt. ; pU)te,S ; plyfflite, 
pt. s., PP; plyBlLten, pi, PP ; plllit, pp., 
PP, Sa ; plyht, Sa ; pUjt, PP ; plyjt. S3 ; 
pUrM, PP; plyrM, C3; t-plulit, S; 
F-pU3te, PP ; l-pli3t, Sa.— AS. piihtan, 
to imperil, to venture (Schmid), 

Plihtfaly adj. dangerous, Sa. 

Plite, sb. state, condition, manner, SkD 
(p. Saa), CM, WA; see Plyte. 

Flonh, sb. plough, PP ; plow. Prompt. ; 
plewoh, B ; plon^, PP; ploh, Sa ; plewys, 
//., S3. Comb. : plouli-fot, plough-foot, 
PP ; plow-lond, a measure of land, carru- 
cata, Sa ; plowelond, Voc. ; plowlond, 
Prompt. ; plo^lie of lande, Cath. ; plowes 
of loxid, G; plow-nuui, ploughman, Ca, 
PP ; plon^man, PP ; plnch-ox, plough- 
ox, S3 ; plowstert, plough-tail or handle. 
Prompt.— Icel.//^?^, plough ; cp. AS./M, 
ploughland (SkD), OHG. pluag, plough 

Flnkken, v. to pluck, PP, Prompt. ; 
plokken, PP ; ply^lite, pt, s., CM, Ca, 
PP ; piyriit, //., Ca (p. 390). — AS. 


Flmiie, sb. feather ; plumes, //., PP ; 
plomys, S3. — OF. plume ; Lat. pluma. 

Flye, V. to bend, Ca.— AF. plier\ Lat. 
plicarey to fold. 

Flygllt, pp. plighted, pledged, C3; see 

Flyghte,//. s. plucked, pulled, Ca ; see 

Flyte, sb. state, condition. Prompt., C3, 
WA ; pUte, CM, WA ; pUt, S2.— OF. pltte, 
SkD (p. S22\ pltste'; Late Lat. *pltdta, 
from Lat. plicare, to fold. Cf. Playte, 


Foer, sb. power, Sa ; poelr, Sa ; power. 
Prompt. ; powere, army, WA ; pouwer, 
PP.— OF. poer, poeir\ Late IjaX.potere, to 
be able. 

Foised, pt. s. weighed, PP ; see Peisen. 

Foke, sb. a bag, Cath., PP, S; pooke. 
Prompt.; poc, Sa ; powke, PP; ponli^, 
PP.— Cp.ODu./^y&<f. 

Fokety sb, pockety Prompt.; pokets, 

Fokke, sb. pustule, Prompt. ; poke, 
Voc. ; pokkeB,//., C3, Voc, PP. 

Fokok, sb. a peacock, PP ; see Peeok. 

Folcat, sb. polecat, C3 ; pulkat. 
Prompt., Voc. ; polcatte, SkD ; powlkat, 
SkD.— ME. /^/. ; OF. pole, polle ; Lat. 
pulla. Cf. Pnlte. 

Foletes, pullets, Sa ; see Pnlte. 

Folische, v. to polish, PP ; pnliBclie, 
Cath.; pnllche, Cath.; polsche, PP ; 
pulsclie, PP ; pnldLed, pp., S3. — From 
OF. poliss', stem of polissant, pr. p. of 
polir; 'LaX.polire. 

Foil, sb. poll, head, WW ; head, person, 
WA; pol, PP; polles, pl„ PP. Comb.\ 
poll-ax, pole-axe, C ; polaz, CM. 

Foil, V. to cut off the hair, WW, Manip.; 
powled,/^//., WW ; poUid, //., W, Wa ; 
powled, WW. Comb.', polled lien, C 
(p. ia5); pulled hen, bald, moulting 
hen, C. 

Folle, V. to get money unfairly, by ex- 
tortion, Palsg. ; poll, spoliare, Manip., S3, 
ND, Sh. — The same word as above. 

Foller, sb. an extortioner, ND. 

FollilI£fy sb. unfair exaction, S3. 

Folyue, sb. pulley, Ca, CM; polyff, 
ONE Ki. 108). 

Fomade, sb. cider, PP. 

Fomage, sb. cider, HD. 

Fome, sb. pomade, S3. Comb. : pome- 
water, a kind of apple, HD ; pom-water, 
the apple of the eye, HD. — OF. pome, 
apple ; Lat. fomum. 

Pomely sb. a knob, a boss, C, Wa ; 
-gomxiiMypl., S3; pomelles, HD. 

Fomelyy adj. spotted like an apple, C, 
C3 ; pomelee, HD. Comb. : po^iely ^ria 
( =gris pommelS), dapple grey, Cotg. — OF. 

Fonne, sb. pan, PP ; see Panne. 

Fons, sb. pi. pence, Sa ; see Peny. 

Fope, sb. the pope, PP ; pape, S. Der. r 
popetrie, popery, S3. — AS.pdpa; Church 


Fopet, sb. puppet, Ca, SkD, CM.— OF. 

TapyngBJ, sb. parrot, popinjay, S3; 
see Papejaj. 

Porailley sb, poor people, C ; see 

Forchas, sb. gain, winnings, Sa; sec 

Fore, adj. poor, Sa ; see PoiMr. 

Foret, sb. a kind of leek, PP, Prompt. ; 
porette*,//., Sa, Y.~OY.porrette (Cotg.). 

Fors, sb. purse, Sa ; see Puxm. 

Fortatsrf, adj. porUble, light. P.— OF. 
portatify lively of body (Cotg.). 

Forte, sb. gate, WW; port, Sh. ; 
porti«,//., ^l.—KY. parte ; IjbX. porta. 

Fortrey, v. to pourtray, PP ; pnztrcjre, 
PP ; pnrtraje, PP ; piirtr«i«d, pp., S3 ; 
portred, S3 ; porturftt, S3. — 0¥. portray-, 
stem o^ portray ant, pr. p. oiportraire ; Late 
Lat. protrahere. 

Foraeid,//. provided, Sa ; see PnriM- 

Fose, sb. cold in the head, Sa, Prompt, 
Cath., Palsg., Voc., C3.— Wei. pas, a 
cough ; for cognates see SkD (s. v. wheeze), 
and Bmgmann, § 441. 

Fossen, v. to pnsh, S, PP, CM, 
Prompt. ; posshen, PP. — OF. pousser, 
potdser ; Lat. pulsare, frequent oipellere. 

Fot, sb. a vessel for cooking or drinking 
from, SkD. Comb. : pot-p»rlam«mt, a 
talk over one's cups, S3 ; pot-slierd, pot- 
sherd, S3 ; pot-stjk, pot-stick, motarium, 
Voc. ; pot-stjkke, motorium, Voc. ; pot- 
stick, S3. 

Fotte, //. s. put, Sa ; see FuttMi. 

Fouderen, v. to powder, SkD ; poQ]^ 
deren, S3 ; pnlderit, //., Sz.—0¥.poud- 
rer, poldrer ', IjaX. puluerare. 

Foudre, sb. powder, C3, W ; ponder, 
PP ; pondir, W ; ponlder, HD ; pnlder, 
S3. Comb. : poudr« marclLaimt, flavouring 
powder, C — AF. poudre, puldre, OF. 
*pulre ; Lat. puluerem, dust. 

Fovn, sb. peacock, Sz.—OY.poun,paoni 
Lat pauonem; see BH (Introd., 37). Cf 

Found, sb. pound, PP; pnnde, dat., S; 
pownd, //., Sa. Comb. : ponnd-mele, by 
pounds at a time. PP, Sa ; poimd-m«l, P. 
— AS. pund ; Lat pondus^ a weight. 

Found, sb. an enclosure, pound, pond, 
Sa ; pond, SkD ; ponde. Prompt. ; poonde, 
Cath. Comb, : pondfolde, a pound, pin- 



fold, PP; ponndfiJde, PP; poutblde, 

PP. — KS.pund, an enclosure (Schmid). 

Fonren, v. to pore, gaze steadily, 03"; 
pore, CM ; powre, C ; pnre, S ; pMth, 
pr. s., PP. 

FonSy sb. pulse, PP, CM ; ponoe, Sa ; 

Knroe, Prompt — OF. pouls, polz ; Lat 
pulsum (ace.). 

Fonst^, sb. power, P, B, HD, H (77. 
65) ; poste, HD ; potestat, W ; ponstees, 
//., violent attacks, PP ; poteirtatis, 
^wtny^.^A.Y.pouste,poeste, OY.podeste; 
Lat potestatem. 

Font, V. to poke, to stir with a long 
instrument, JD. Comb. : pont-staif, a net 
fastened to two poles, used for poking the 
banks of rivers, JD, S3. 

Foneraill (Foveraill), sb. the poor 
people, B ; pnrraile, PP ; poraiUe, PP, 
C ; porails, pL, Wa.— AF. poveraiL 

Fonert^ ^ Fovert^), sb. poverty, mean- 
ness, shabbiness, PP, Ca, WA; powerte, 
B ; ponert, WA, PP, Sa, S3, C3, W, Wa. 
— OF. poverty ; Late Lat. paupertam ; see 
Constans (Supplement, p. 3a). 

Fonre (FoTre\ adj. poor, s, PP, Sa, 

Ca ; ponere, PP, Sa ; poner, Sa ; pore, 
S, Sa ; pnre, Sa, S3 ; ponerore, comp., 
Sa ; ponrest, superl., Ca ; ponre, adv., 
Ca. — OF. pffvre ; Lat pauperem. 

Fonreliohe (Fovreliche), adv. 

poorly, Ca ; ponr^, C. 

Foynt, sb. point, a small portion, a bit, 
Sa ; pojnte, Prompt. Phr. : at the 
pojnt, conveniently placed, Sa ; in point, 
at the point, about to, Sa. — OF. point; Lat. 
pufutum. Comb. : point-denys, at point- 
denys, with the greatest exactness, in 
detail, minutely, CM. Ca ; point-derioe, 
HD.— OF. point ; Lat. punctum. 

Foyntil, sb. a style to write with, W, 
Wa ; poyntyle, Woc—OV. poinHlle. 

Foys, sb. weight, S3 ; see Pei». 

Frane, sb. prawn, Prompt., Manip., 
Palsg., ND ; pranne, SkD ; pranys, //., 
S3. — OF. *pame, *perne; Lat pema^ a 
ham ; cp. It perna, a nakre fish (Florio). 
For the changes in meaning, cp. It. gam- 
barelli, prawns (Florio), from gamba, a leg. 

Franglen, v. to press ; pran^led, S. — 
Cp Du. prangen ; Goth, praggan^ to press. 

Frank, adj. full of sensational tricks ; 
pranker, comp., ND. 

Franken, v. to arrange the folds of a 
dress, SkD, Prompt., Palsg., HD ; prancke, 
KD ; pranke, to frisk about, Manip. 



Franker, sb, 


one who dresses gaily, 

PranUe, adj\ fine, gorgeous, S3. 

Praty, adj. pretty, elegatUulus^ Prompt. ; 
prestansy Cath. ; pretie, scitus, facetus, 
Manip. ; prataly, adv., CM. — Cp. Late 
Lat. practicuSy * peritus * (Ducange). 

Prayabill, adj. to be entreated, H. 

Prayen, v. to pray, PP ; see Preyen. 

Frechen, v. to preach, C2. — OF. 
precher {prescher) ; Lat. praedicare, 

Frechour, sb. preachers, PP; preclu 
onres, //., PP, S3.— OF. prechedr\ Lat 

Fredicament, sb. in logic, one of the 
most general classes into which things can 
be distributed ; predlcamentes, pi., S3. — 
Schol. Lat. praedtcamentum. 

Frees, sb. ; see Presse. 

Freie, sb. prey, S ; pray. Prompt., PP ; 
prayes, //., spoils, Sa.— OF. prete (mod. 
proie) ; Late Lat. preda ; Lat. praeda) ; cp. 
AF. prate. 

Frente, sb. print, impression, SjcD; 
prent, S3 ; preynt. Prompt. ; prynte, 
PP, W.~OF./m«/, pp. ofpretndreiLsLt. 
Premere, to press. 

Frenten, v. to print, impress, CM; 
preentyn. Prompt. 

Frentis, sb. apprentice, Sa, P; pren- 
tyoe, Prompt. ; prentys, PP ; //., PP ; 
prentLses, PP. See Aprentls. 

Frentishode, sb. apprenticeship, PP. 

Fresse, sb. a press, throng, SkD, PP ; 
pres, CM, Ca ; prees, CM, Sa, Ca, C3 ; 
prease, Cotg., S3; preace, S3. — AF. 
presscy a throng. 

FreSSOUr, sb. press for cloth, Sa, PP ; 
winepress, W; pressonre, pressorium, 
Cath. ; presonr, W; pressonxs, //., Wa. 
— OF.pressoir ; Lat. pressorium. 

Frest, adj. ready, quick, G, Sa, S3; 
adv.^ PP, S3; preBteBte, superl., Sa ; 
presteBt, P; prestliohe, adv., readily, 
PP ; prestly. PP ; prestely, Sa.— AF. 
prest ; Late Lat. praestum (Ducange). 

Frest, sb. priest, S, PP, Sa, Ca ; preest, 
PP ; preeBte, Prompt.; preostes, //., Sa ; 
preBtes, Sa ; prnstes, Sa.— AS. preost ; 
Church Lat. presbyter (Vulg.) ; Gr. irpfafiv' 
T€/)os, elder (LXX). 

Freste, adj. super/, (for pret-sU), proud- 
est, highest, Sa ; see Prond. 

Fresthod, sb. presthood, PP ; preest- 
hood^ Prompt. 


Freuen, v. to prove, try, test, abide a 
test, Ca, C3 ; see Pronmi. 

Frevy, adj. privy, secret, S3 ; see Pxyne. 

Freyen, z'. to pray, Ca, PP, Prompt. ; 
preien, PP, S, S2 ; preith, pr. s., Sa ; 
preljede, //. j., PP ; preide, S, PP; 
preyd, Sa ; y-prayed, //., Sa, Ca.— AF. 
preier {prater) ; Late Lat. precare (Lat. 

Freyere, sb. prayer, Prompt., Sa, Ca ; 
preiere, PP.— AF. preiere : It pregaria ; 
Church Lat. precaria. 

Fricasour, J^. a hard rider, C, CM. 

Frice, sb. high esteem, Sa ; see Pxys, 

Fricket, sb. a buck ; see Pryket. 

Frimate, sb. the first place, H.— Lat. 
primatus (Vulg.). 

Frimordyall, sb. origin, S3. —OF. 

primordial \ Church Lat primordiaUm 

Frim-se^nen, v. to give the prima 
signaiio, to sign with the cross, an act pre- 
liminary to christening ; prixnm-Besjiiesst, 
a pr. J., S ; y-primisined, pp., Sa.— OF. 
primseigner (Ducange) ; cp.lccl. primsigna, 

FrilLCipatTlS, powers, dominions, 
rulers, W. — Lat. prituipatus (Vulg.). 

FriSTlXl, sb. prison, S. — AF. prisun ; 
Lat. prensionem, prehensionem, a taking, a 
capture. C£ Pryson. 

FriSTlXl, sb. a prisoner ; prisnnes, //., 
S ; prysonns, PP ; prysnns, H ; prisons, 
Sa ; prlsonnes, P ; presons, WA. — ^AF. 
prisoun, OF. prison ; see Constans. 

Frisimer, sb. gaoler, keeper of a prison, 

Froces, sb. narrative, history, Ca, HD, 
WA. — OF. prochs ; Lat. processum, 

Froche, v. to approach; prochinire, 
pr. p , S3.— OF. procher (in approcher) 
Laie Lat. propiare. 

Frocnratour, sb. proctor, agent, PP , 
procuratoure, steward, W ; proketowre, 
Prompt. — KF . procuratour ; Lat procura- 
torem (Vulg.). 

FroQrte, sb. profit. Prompt. ; proplutts, 
V^.—K.V. profit', IjsX. profectum. 

FroQrten, v. to profit, Prompt. ; pro* 
fltide, //. s., grew, W ; propliitlde,//., Sa. 

Frobeme, ^^. a proem, prologue, Ca. — 
OF.proeme ; L.2X. proemium ; Gr vpooifuov. 

Froinen, v. to prune, preen, trim, 
adorn, SkD, HD, ND ; proiirne, HD ; 
pmne, CM, SkD ; proynd,;^., S3.— OF. 
prvgner, also provigner, to propagate bj 


taking cuttings (Cotg.),; from OF. pratfin, 
a sucker (Cotg.), also provain ; Lat pro- 
' paginem, 

Proiner, sb, pnmer, ND. 

Pirollen, v, to search about, prowl, C5, 
Prompt., Palsg. ; pronle, Manip. 

PromissiOTlXl, sb, promise. Phr, : tlM 

loud of promyssioiui (or of 1>6]i«ste), the 

^ Holy Land, S2. — Lat. promissionem ; cp. 

terra repromissionis (Heb. 11. 9, Vulg.). 
. Promyt, v, to promise, S3, JD.— Lat. 
promittere\ cp. O¥,prometre, 

Flropre, adj. separate, distinct, PP, Ca ; 
line, iroodly, PP, C3 ; proper, Sa.— AF. 
proprCy fit ; Lat. proprium. 

Propreliche, adv, properly, suitably, 
*" Plroprete, sb. property, peculiarity, 
SkD ; propirte, PP ; propurtes, //., Sa, 
' WA ; propnrtes, PP.— OF. propriety, a 
property (Cotg.) ; Lat. proprietatem. 
Prospectynes, sb. pi. perspective 
glasses, Ca. Comb. : prospeotlve fflass, 
telescope, Ca (»).— OF. prospective, *the 
prospective, perspective or Optick art* 

Proud, adj. proud, PP, WA ; prowd, 

, PP ; pront, PP, Sa ; prud, S ; prut, S ; 

\ pmte, //., S ; prude, S ; preste (pret- 

«te), superl, Sa. — AS. pnit\ cp. Icel. 


Prone, sb. proof, S5 ; preue, CM, Ca ; 

preef, C3 ; prief, S3.— OF. preuve ; Late 

Lat. proba ; from Lat. probare. 

Pronen. v. to prove, try, test, PP, S ; 

preouen, Sa, PP ; preuen, PP, Ca, C3 ; 

I pruf, imp,pl., I, Sa ; preuede,//. ^., Sa ; 

' proued, pL, Sa ; preued, pp.^ S3.— OF. 

provcr {prouver) ; Lat. probare, 

Prouende, sb. food, Manip.; prou- 
endre, food, PP ; a prebend, ecclesiastical 
benefice, PP. CM. — OF. provende {proven- 
dre) ; Church Lat. praebenda, a ration, al- 
lowance, see BH (Introd. § 40). 
i Pronendre, sb, a prebendary, SkD. — 
0¥ . provendier, 

Prouendren, «. to provide with pre- 
'f bends, P. 

Pronendreres, sb. pi. men who hold 
prebends, Sa, PP. 

Pronisonrs, sb. pi. men named by the 
pope to a living not vacant, Sa, PP. — 
Church Lat. provisores (Ducange). 

VvfX^^ sb. profit, advantage, C, C3, G, 




H, PP, HD; prou, H.— OF. prou, pru, 
advantage (Bartsch). 

ProW088e, sb. prowess, Sa ; pruesse, 
S. — AF. pnusse, OF. proece. 

Pnuites, sb, pi. priests, Sa ; see Frest. 

Prut, adj. proud, S ; see Proud. 

Pryde, sb, pride, PP ; prute, Sa ; 
prude, PP, S, Sa ; pmyde, P ; pruide, 
PP, Sa ; pride, Sa (p. 74).— AS. pryte. 
See Proud. 

Prydeles, adj. void of pride, Ca. 

Pryen, v. to pry, PP, C3 ; prlen, PP ; 
pry, Cath. ; prle, i pr. s,, Palsg. 

Pryk, sb. a sting. Prompt. ; prik, point, 

Pryket, sb. a young buck, capriolus^ 
Prompt.; prloket, a buck in his second 
year (named from his pricking horns), S3, 
HD, Cotg. (s.v. dagard). 

Prykie, v. to prick, goad, spur, ride 
&st, PP ; prlkkeu, Ca, Prompt. ; pry^lite, 
//. J., Ca. 

Prykiere, sb. rider, horseman, PP. 

Prykke, sb. a broach. Prompt. ; prlkke, 
puncture, sting, C,\^a. 

Tvy^jng^pr.p. urging, S3. 

Pryme, sb. the period from six o'clock 
to 9 a.m., also 9 a.m.. Prompt, S, PP, Ca, 
C3 ; prime, S, S3,WA. PAr. : he^ prime, 
high prime, 9 a.m., PP. Comb. : prime- 
tide, prime, S. — Church Lat. prima. 

Trymer, sb. primer, Ca. 

Pxyns, sb. prince, PP ; prynce. Prompt. 
— AF. prince; \jdX, principem. 

Prynshode, sb. princely dignity, W ; 
prlnsliod, W. 

Prjnitey sb. print, W ; see Prente. 

Prys, sb, price, prize, value, excellence, 
high esteem, C, Ca, PP ; prle, S, Sa, PP ; 
prloe,WA, Sa ; pryoe. Prompt — AF.pris; 
IjaX. priftium, see BH, % 33. 

Pxys, adj. prize, chief, PP; prie, Sa ; 
prljB, S3. 

Pry s ail , z^. to set a price. Prompt. ; 
pries, to prize, Sa. 

Pryson, v. to put in prison. Prompt. ; 
7-prl«oned, //., G. See Prleun. 

Prysonere, sb. prisoner, captive. 
Prompt. ; prleonere, PP. — OF. prisonier^ 
AF. prisuner. 

Pryne, culj, secret, intimate, PP, Sa ; 
prluee, Ca, C3 ; prluel, Sa ; prery, S3 ; 
prluee, adv., Ca ; prluee, sb. pi., secret 
friends, P ; prlueliolie, adv,^ secretly, Sa, 



PP; prlnely, Ca ; pry^^ly, Ca.— AF. 
prive\ IjaX. priuatum, 

Frynen, v. to deprive, Prompt. ; prife, 
H ; prynyd, //. s.y H.— OF. priver\ Lat. 

Frynete, sb. privity, secret counsel, 
PP ; prinitee, Sa, Ca, C3 ; prynyte, Sa. 
— AF. privete. 

Fsalme, sh. psalm, H, PP ; see Salm. 

Fsautere, sb, psalter, H (p. 3) ; see 

Fublisshen, v. to make public, PP, 
Ca ; pnplisolLe, W (Mt. i. 19) ; pup- 
pliBohe, Sa ; pnbllce, imp, j., PP. — A 
form due to analogy from OY.publier ; Lat. 

Fucelle, sb. a girl, maiden; pnoell, 
S3.— OF. pucelU, pulcelU; dimin. from 
Lat. pullus, the young of any animal ; cp. 
OF. polle, maiden (Bartsch). Cp. Pnlte, 

Fukken, v. to poke, push, incite, P; 
pnkked,//. J., P. 

Fulched, //. polished, S3; see Pol- 

Fnlte, sb. pullet, Prompt ; poletes, 
//., Sa, PP.— OF. poleie ; dim. of pole, 
polle ; Lat. pulla, Cf. Puoelle, Polcat. 
Fnlten, v. to push, beat, strike, put, 

PP, Sa ; pelte, PP; pUt«, PP, SkD (s.v. 
pelt) ; pnlte, pt, j., PP ; pnlt, PP, Sa ; 

pelte, S ; pelt, PP ; i-pUt,//., G; pUt, 

S, SkD. 
Falter, sb, poulterer, Cath. — AF. pole- 

ier, pulleter. 
Fnltrie, sb. poultry, S3, C, Prompt. ; 

pnltery, name of a London street, the 

Poultry, S3. — KY , pultHe, poletrie. 
Fande, sb. dat. pound ; see Pound (i). 
Faple, sb. people, PP, Prompt., Wa ; 

pnpel, Sa ; poeple, PP ; pnplls,//., Wa. 

—OF. peuple, poeple (AF. people) ; Lat. po- 
Fur, adj. pure, thorough, complete, Sa, 

PP ; pnre, PP, S3, C ; pnlr, PP ; pnlre, 

PP ; pnr, adv., completely, Sa ; pnre, 

merely, very, S3 ; pnr^che, adv., purely, 

completely, S3. — OF. pur ; Lat. purum. 
Farcliacexi, v, to acquire, purchase, 

PP ; pnrclLaaen, C3.— AF. purchacer, to 

pursue, to acquire ; OF. porchacier, 
Fnrclias, sb. gain, winnings, C, G; 

porchas, Sa. — AF. purchas. 
Fnrchasour, sb, prosecutor, C— AF. 



FurcliaSjrnfir* ^^' prosecution,, C. ^^j 

Fnrfil, sb. the furred trimming of a dress, I 
P ; pnrfjrle, P ; pnrfle, a hem, Manip. 1 

Fnrfilen, v. to embroider on an edge, 
to puri, C, P ; pnrfle, Cotg.— OF. pour- 
filer, from filer, to twist threads, from fil, 
thread; \jdX.filuin, 

Furpre, sb. purple garments, S, PP ; 
pnrpire, H (44. 11) ; pnrponr, adj., S3 \-^ 
pnrpnr, W ; pnrpres, pi, purple cover- 
ings, S. — KY . purpre \ \jsX. purpura, ^ 

Forpurat, adj. of a purple colour, S3. 
— hsX, purpuratus, clad in purple. 

Furpuresse, sb. a seller of purple ( = 
purpuraria), W. 

Farse, sb. purse, bag, PP, S, C3 ; pnrs, 
PP, Ca, C; porro, PP; pom, Sa.— AS. ^ 
purs (Engl. Studien, xi. 65, 1. 36); Late Lat 
bursa ; Gr. fivpffrj, a skin. 

Fnrtenaiince, sb. appurtenance, be- 
longings, PP; pnrtenance, the intestines 
of an animal, WW ; portenannoe, Palsg. ; 
pnrtenands, pi., S3.— OF. appartenance 

Furtreiedy //• pourtrayed, S3; see 

Furveour, sb. purveyor, PP, SkD. — 
AF. purveour. i 

Fiunreyaiuice, sb. providence, pro- 
vision, plan, means of getting, equipment, 
W ; pnrreiance, Sa, C3 ; pnmeaiioe, Sa. 
— AF. purveaunce, OF. porvednce ; Lat. 

Fameyen, v. to provide, Wa, Ca, PP ; 
pnmay, Sa, H ; pomayen, H ; por- 
neynde pr, p., Sa; pnmeid, pp., S3; 
ponrveid, Sa ; pomeid, Sa. — ^AF. pur- 
veier,purv'ier,iQT OY . porveoir ; IjbX. pro- 

FuVeren, v, to poke about, S (9. 96). 

Fatten, v, to put, push, PP, W; 
pnten, S ; pniten, PP ; pnttide, //. s., 
Sa ; potte, Sa ; pot, //., Sa ; pntten to, 
added, assented, W ; pnt, pp., H ; y-p«t, 
C3 ; l-put, G. 

Futtynge, J^. pushing, insti^tion, H. 

Fnyssanty adj. powerful, SkD % pmis- 
sant, S3. — OF. puissant, poissant ; Late 
Lat. *pocsentem, *possentem (cp. IX pes- 
sente), from Lat posse, to be abfle; sec 
Constans (Notes, p. 23). j 

Fuyssaunce, sb. might, powef,HD; 
pnysannce, S3 ; piscence, S3. {— OF. 
ifuissance, toissance, % 


Pykare, sd. a little thief, Prompt ; pyk- 

Pyke, sd, a pike, pointed pole, staff fur- 
nished with a spike. Prompt. ; pyk, Sa ; 
pyUs, //., thorns, prickles, S3. Comb, : 
pyk-staf, pike-staff. PP. 

Pyken, v. to pick, to steal, PP, Prompt. ; 
piolM, WW ; pykkand, /r. /., S3 ; pUdd, 
//. J. , PP. C^m3. : p7ke-lienL«is, plunderers 
of armour, PP ; pyke-lMniois, PP ; P7k«- 
porse, one who steals a purse, PP ; pioke- 
purse, S3 ; piok-piunM, a name for Paris, 
^3 (P- 374) ; pike-pun, C. Cf. FioolMn. 

PykoySy sd. a mattock, tool for digging,- 
prompt ; pykoys, P ; p y o ow, Voc. — OF. 
^ots (Ducange). 

Pylche, sd. a furred garment Voc., HD, 
Prompt. ; pUohe, S3, HD, ND. Comb. : 
pllcbei.clnt, a pilch-clout, rag of a pilch, 
S. — AS. ^Ice ; Lat. pellicia, made of fur 

Pylgrim, sb. pilgrim, PP; pltoffrjm, 
S ; pelegrlm, SkD ; pylffrymM, //., PP. 
— Prov. pellegrins\ Lat peregrinus\ cp. 
OF. pelerin. See P«r«ffxin. 

Pylgriiuage, sb. pilgrimage, PP ; pM- 
ximaffe* S.— AF. pilrymage ; OF. pele- 

^jmentv sb. spiced wine and honey, 
ClkfjVoc.; plment, «^f/tfr,Voc.,HD; py- 
meate. Prompt. — OF. pimento pigment 
(Bartsch) ; Late Lat. /«^m^»/»/» (Ducange). 

Pynden, v. to shut in the poxmd, Cath.; 
pu&t, pr. J., S. — AS. pyndan (in for-pyn- 
dan) ; cp. lotX.pynda. See Pound. 

Pynder, sb, a pindar, pinner, one who 



impounds stray cattle, Cath., Bardsley; 
PTndare, Prompt. ; pinder, ND ; pjnner, 
Manip., Bardsley; pinner, Bardsley. 

Pyne, sb. anguish, torment, S, S3, C2, 
C3 ; pjn, Sa ; plnwi, //., S, Sa ; pjnM, 
Sa ; pine, S ; pinen, S ; pjnen, Sa. — AS. 
pin ; Late Lat /^wo, sec Sievers, 69. Cf. 

Pyn#n, v. to torment, Sa ; pinen, S ; 
pyne, pr, s., Sa ; pinede, //. s., suffered, 
PP ; pynede, Sa ; pined, pp., S ; tormented, 
Sa ; y-pjned, Sa ; i-pined, S. — AS.pinian 

Pj^ning, j^. torture ; pininir^S. Comb.: 
PTnTnir-vtolee, stools of punishment, cuck- 
ing-stools, PP, Sa. — AS. pinung. 

Pynno, sb. pin, peg, bolt, bar, PP ; pyn, 
G.—AS.pinn, pin, peg (BT). 

Tynnon, v. to shut up, enclose, pen, 
PP; pinnen,PP,Sa; pennen, SkD.— AS. 
pennan (in on-pennan). 

Pynonn, sb, a pennon, C ; see Penonn. 

Prony, sb. peony. Prompt.; pjon, 
Cath.; pyanj, Prompt ; pionee, //., seeds 
of the peony. P ; pyonies, PP. — OF. pione, 
pion (Cotg.) ; Lat. p{a)eonia ; Gr. vaiatyia, 
the peony. 

Pyry. sb. storm of wind, gust. Prompt ; 
VjrU, S3 (p. 437) ; pirie, HD, Prompt. 
(») ; PJrrry, Palsg., ND : pirrle, S3, ND ; 
perxie. Prompt (»), ND ; 1>errie, Cotg. 
(S.V. iourbillon) ; berxj, Florio (s. v. crhcia 
d'dcque)y HD. 

Pyt, sb. pit, pool. Prompt. ; put, S, PP ; 
pit, S ; pirtte. Prompt. ; pntte, S, PP, Sa ; 
pette, S2.—AS, pytt ', Late Lat *puiius; 
Lat. puieus. 


Qiiadv adj. and sb. evil, bad, the Evil 
One, MD, Ca ; ^ned, MD.PP; owed, MD; 
anet, MD ; kueade, dot., Sa ; ^neade, Sa ; 
qnede, Sa. — AS. cwead\ cf. Du. kwaad. 

Qnady pt' s. quoth, S ; see QoilSen. 

Qaaile, v. to wither, to die, S3 (a8a. 91), 
Sla), ND, Sh. ; to overpower, intimidate, 
ND, SkD, Sh. 

Quain, sb. trouble, mourning, Sa. — ^AS. 
*hwdn (see below). 

Qaainexiy v. to lament, MD (s. V. 
hwenen) ; 'Whmnm, MD. — AS. hwdnan (in 
I d'hwdman, BT). 

Qoair, sb. quire, book, S3 ; qnajre, 
Manip., CM ; qnayer, Voc. — OF. quayer 
(F. cahier), Prov. cazem for cadem-. It. 
quaderno ; Lat. quatemum ; cp. Late Lat. 
quatemio, a sheet folded in four (Voc). 
See Quartern. 

Qnakeiiy v. to quake, tremble, Sa ; 
owaUen, S ; qnakede, pt. s., PP, MD ; 
qnok {strong form\ PP ; •qnook, Ca, SkD; 
qnoke, Sa, H. — AS. cwacian. 

Quaksmge, sb. trembling, Prompt, 
MD ; qnakyniTy W. — AS. cwacung. 

Quail sb, whale, MD, Cath. {n) ; qwal, 
N 2 



Prompt. ; qwaylle,Cath.; qnalo, Ss ; wbal, 
Wa ; liwel, MD ; aiuOl*, //., Sa, Cath. 
(«) ; aiihalls, S3, Cath. («).— AS. hwal, 

Qaalm. sb, death, pestilence, Sa, H; 
cwalm, MD ; qualme, dat.^ C. — AS. 
cwealtn. See Qnden. 

Quarely ^r^. a square-headed cross-bow 
bolt, quarrel. WA, SkD; auarttUe, Sa; 
qiuurrel, WA, ND. — AF. quarel^ cross-bow 
bolt; Late Lat quadrellum (ace.), a 
quarrel, a square tile, dimin. of Lat. ^uad- 
ruSf square. 

Quarere, sb. quarry, Prompt.; qiuureres, 
pL, Sa.— OF. quarriere (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. 
quadraria, quarry, deriv. from quadrus. 
See above. 

Qnartem, ^^. prison ; owartenie,^^/., 
MD; auartaxne, S, MD.— AS. cwear- 
tern, prison, perhaps for AS. quatem, 
*quatemio* (OET). Cp. ^t. caserne (Sp. 
casema\ barracks ; Lat. quatema (see Bra- 
chet) ; an etym. illustrated by the Fr. sea- 
term casemet, log-book, a deriv. of Lat. 
quatemum, see Diez, p. 755 (s. v. cahier). — 
See Qnair. 

Qaarteroan, sb. a quarter, P, HD; 
qnartmn, PP. 

Qnat, QnaV,/^. s, quoth, S ; see QnelS- 

Qnatrillials, sb. pi. the quadrivials, the 
quadrivium, the four higher sciences : astro- 
logy, geometry, arithmetic, music, S3 (14. 
511). — From Late Lat. quadrivium, the 
four mathematical sciences ; in Lat a place 
where four ways meet. 

Quave-mire, sb, quagmire, HD ; qna- 
mier, DG. 

Qnauexi, v. to shake, Sa, PP, Prompt. ; 
quave, HD, JD, DG. 

Qixail3ri^0, sb. shaking, MD. 

Quayle, v. to curdle, to coagulate, 
PSsg., Prompt, Manip. — OF. coailler\ 
Lat. coagulare. 

Qaajrnty adj, prudent, wise, H ; qnajnte, 
quaint, curious, WA ; see Coint. 

Qnayiitis, sb, wisdom, prudence, H ; 
see Colntlse. 

Qliasrre) ^^^ quire, book, CM see Quair. 

Queade, sb. evil, iniquity, Sa ; see 

Queale, sb. a blister, pimple, puptUa, 
Manip.; seeWhele. 

Qaecdien, v. to shake, MD; 4T70- 
oliya. Prompt. ; qnytohe, Palsg. ; qnitch, 
Cotg. (s.v. oeit)\ owelite, //. x., MD; 

uelit«, MD.— AS. cweccan. 


Qaedf^'.bad, Sa,PP; see Quad. 

Qaed8Cllipe« sb. wickedness, MD; 
aneadscliipe, S ; owaadscliipe, S. 

Qaeere,-r^. quire, choir. Prompt.; queer, 
\^ ; anere, Wa ; qneir, S3.— OF. choeur 
(Co^.) ; Lat. chorum (ace.) ; Gr. x^V^^^- 

Quek, adj. living, Sa ; see Qnik. 

Qaelen, v. to die, MD ; owelen, MD. — 
AS. cwelan, pt. cwcel (pi. cw<klon)y pp. 
cwolen. Cp. OHG. quelan, * crucian' 

Quellexiy v. to kill, S, Sa, C3, C; 
anelde, pt. j., S ; ewelled, pp., S. — AS, 
cwellan ; cp. OHG. quelen, * cruciare '^Ta- 
tian), quellen (Otfrid). 

Qnellere, sb. executioner, MD. — AS. 

Qneme, adj. pleasing, S, MD ; qweme, 
convenient, WA; eweme, S; wlieme, MD. 
— AS. {ge)cwSfne, from c{w)dm, pt. of cu- 
man ; cp.OHG. (jn)queman, to come,to, to 
suit, fit (Otfrid) ; see Kluge (s. v. bequem). 
See Comen. 

Qaemefal, adj. placable, Wa. 

Quemen, v. to please, S, H, PP ; ewem- 
en, S ; owemde, pt. s., S ; i-qucaUl, pp., 
S ; i-cwemet, S. — ^AS. cwiman. 

Qaenchen, v. to quench, S, Prompt, 
S3, SkD ; owennkenn, S ; queynte, //. j., 
MD, Sa ; qiLeyiLt,;^^., MD, C ; 7-kiieiiet, 
Sa ; qnenohid, Wa. — AS. cwencan. 

Qaene, sb. queen, wife, woman, quean, 
S, Ca, C3, WA ; qnen, S, C ; cuen, S ; 
kuen, MD ; kwene, S; ewene, MD.— AS. 
cwin ; cp. OHG. quena, wife (Otfrid) ; for 
root see Brugmann, § 467, 3. 

Qnerel, sb. a complaint, dispute, quarrel, 
Sa, Wa; qnerele, SkD.— AF. quereU; 
Late Lat *querella, for Lat. querela. 

Queme, sb, hand-mill, Ca, Prompt., 
Palsg., MD ; qneexne, W. — AS. cweom ; 
cp. Goth, kwaimus ; see Brugmann, % 443. 

Querrour, sb. quarry-man, CM. See 

Quest, sb. an inquiry, jury, verdict, G. — 
OF. queste, a quest TCotg.). Quest is used 
for the proper legal term enquest; OF. 

Queste, sb. will, bequest, G ; qxdste, S. 
A corrupt form of Qnide (qv.), infloenoed 
by the above word. 

QaeSen, v. to speak, MD ; owiiSen, S, 
MD; cwaS, //. x., S; owetS, S ; quilS, S; 
qua^S, S, Sa ; qnolS, S ; qnat, S ; quad, S ; 
quod, S, Sa, Ca; kotb, S3; oouth, MD; 


potho.MD; hwat, MD; wat.S; ko, S3; 
i'ewde,/>p., S. — AS. cwedan, pt. cwais (pi. 
cwddon), pp. ge-cweden. 

Qneynt, adj. prudent/ fine, quaint, MD ; 
qn«7nte, S3, C2, MD ; see Coint. 

Qaeyntey //. s, was extinguished, Sa ; 
see ^Ineiiclien. 

Qneyntelicll, adv, skilfully, neatly, 
Mi> ; aueynteli, S3 ; see Oolnteliclie. 

Qaeyntise, sb. skill, S3 ; see CointLse. 

Uaide^ sb. speech, bequest, MD ; owlde, 
S, l^D. — AS. cwide ; cp. OHG. quiti, * tes- 
timonium ' (Tatian). See QiulSeii. 

Qllidities,^^.//., S3.— From Late Lat. 
quiditasy a term of the Schoolmen ; that 
which relates to the essence of a thing, 
having reference to the question quid est, 
what is it ? Cp. OF. quidditatif, *quiddita- 
tive, doubtful, full of quirks, contentions, 
wrangling' (Cotg.). 

Qaik, adj. and adv. living, quick, flowing 
(of water), S, S2, W ; qnlo, S, S2 ; qnek, 
S2 ; quyk, S3, W, W2 ; cwlo, S ; owlke. 
S ; cwnoe, S ; qnioke, S ; qnlke, //., S, 
S2 ; anyke, S, C ; qiiyoke, S3.«— AS. cwic 
{cuc)\ cp. OHG. quek (Otfrid). 

Qnilde, v. to cause to revive, also, to be 
kmdled, PP ; qnike, C3 ; quyke, C ; cwlk- 
ien, MD. — AS. cwician. 

toilrllche, adv. quickly, PP; qnlo- 
Udie, S2. 

Qniknen, v. to give life, to receive life, 
SkD ; quykene, W, W2. 

Quiste, sb. will, bequest, S ; see Queste. 



Qniteil, v. to repay, PP; see QQjton. 

Quitter, sb. filth that runs from a wound, 
HD: qnjtnr, rottenness, HD; quji^re, 
W2 ; qnittiiM, DG. 

Quod,//, s. quoth, S, S2, C2 ; see 5|ail6eB. 

Quok, pt.s. quaked, C2 ; see Quaken. 

Quoyiite, adj, skilful, MD, HD ; see 

QuoyiiteliclLe, cub. skilfully, MD 
see Coint«liclie. 

Qaoyntysey sb. quaintness of dress, PP 
qnointise, stratagem, S2 ; see Colntise. 

Quylc, adj. living, moving, S3, W, W2 
see Qulk. 

Quyk-myre, sb. quagmire. S3. 

Quyknar, sb. giver of life, S3. 

Quyr-boilly, sb. boiled leather, used 
for making defensive armour, C2. — OF. 
cuir bouilli (Cotg.). 

Qli3rrry, sb. the quarry, the dog's share 
in the slaughtered game, S3 ; qnyrre, SkD 
(s.v. quarry y p. 824) ; qnerre, SkD. — OF. 
cuiree ; Late Lat. coriata, from Lat. corium, 
hide, skin (OF. cuir). 

Qayten, v. to requite, repay, settle, sa- 
tislfy, S2, C2, C3, PP, W, H ; qnlten, S2, 
PP; qnitte,//. j.,'G; qwlt,H; qnyt,//., 
PP; 7-qnit, C2.— OF. quiter\ Late Lat. 

Qnytlj, adj. quite, H ; whitely, H. 

Qnytter, v. to twitter, S3. 

Quytnr, sb, rottenness, HD (p. 660) ; 
see QnitUr. 


Sa, sb. roe, deer, CM ; see Boo. 

Babete, sb. a war-horse ; rabett, HD ; 
raliyrlite, HD ; rabetls, //., WA.— Icel. 
rdbitr, an Arabian steed ; cp. Icel. rdbiiar, 
Arabs, see CV ; cp. OF. arrabi (BH). 

RaCv sb. driven vapour, S2 ; see Wrak. 

Bachenteges, //. chains, S; see Bak- 

Backe, v. to stretch rent to its full value, 
S3. Cp. ODu. racketty to rack, reckeriy to 
stretch, reach out. 

Bad, adj. afraid, S2, SD, H, JD, B; 
redd, WA; rade, S2, H; radde, S2.— 
Icel. hraddr. 

Bad, j>t, s. rode, S2 ; see Blden. 

Bady adj. quick, S ; rade, ready, S ; see 

Badde,/^ s. advised, S2 ; see Beden. 

Baddour, sb. violence, WA ; see Bed- 

Bade, sb. road, S2 ; see Bode. 

Badnesse, sb. terror, SD ; radnes, B. 

BadyOUS, adj. radiant^ shining, S3 ; 
radious, S3 ; radius, S3. — Lat. rculiosus ; 
cp. F. radieux. See Baj. 

Bssd, sb. advice, counsel, S ; see Bede. 

Basil, adj. fierce, cruel, SD, S ; reh, SD. 
—AS. hrioh. 

BaBueden, //. //. spoiled, S; see 

BaBUereS, sb. pi. robbers, S; see 

Baffce, pt. s. reft, robbed, C2 ; see 



Sage, sb, madness, S2. — AF. rage ; Lat. 

Sage, V. to toy wantonly, C ; xagid, 
pp,y been wanton, WA. 

Sagerie, sb. wantonness, CM. 

Saght,^. reached, Sa ; see Be^haa. 

Ragman, sb. a craven, the devil ; xaff«- 
nuui, PP ; raffffenuui, PP. — Icel. ragr (for 
argr)y craven, cowardly. 

Ilagman-roll, sb. the craven's roll, a 
term S Scottish history, JD, ND ; a game, 
HD ; rairnuui'B r«w*, a long jest, DG ; 
ragmanrew, seriesy Manip. Hence raff- 
man, a deed sealed, a papal bull, PP; 
ragemon, S3 ; raffemaa, a list, S3 ; raff- 
man, a tedious story, JD ; xaffment, JD. 
— Cp. E. rigmarole. 

Sair, V. to roar, S3 ; see Boren. 

Baiss,//. s. rose, S3 ; see B7BMI. 

Bake, J^. only in compounds, as in er«nd- 
rake, messenger, SD. — AS. ^rend-raca ; cp. 
Icel. eyrend-reki, so land-reki^ a king, see 
CV (s. v. reki). See JBmd-raoe. 

Bake, v. to run, wander, go, S, S3, HD, 
PP, JD, B ; rayke, H, Sa ; ralk, WA, JD ; 
reyke, JD; reke, HD; rajkande, /r. /., 
Sa. — Icel. reika, to wander, cp. Swed. raka^ 
to run hastily (Rietz). 

Bake, sb. course, way, WA; raUce, 

Bakel, adj. hasty, rash, CM, SkD (s. v. 
rake) ; raUe, CM ; raole, CM ; raekel, 
JD ; rakyl, Manip. ; rakeheU, a bad fel- 
low, Manip., ND. — Icel. reikully wandering, 
unsettled. See above. 

Baken, v. to scrape, diminish, to rake, 
S, Prompt. ; raked,//., C3.— Icel. raka, to 
scrape, to rake away. 

Baken-teie, sb. chain ; rak«teie, S ; 
raketeye, S ; raohenteffes, //., S ; raken- 
tels, HD.— AS. racentiah (Voc.) ; racente, 
a chain + tiah, a tye. With racentey cp. 
Icel. rekendry OHG. rahhinza. See Bek- 

Bam, sb. a ram. Prompt — AS. ram 

Bamage, adj. wild, CM. HD.— OF. ra- 
mage, wild (of a hawk), living in the 
branches (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. ^ramaticumy 
from ramus, a branch. 

Bammisll, adj. strong-scented, C3, CM. 

Banine. sb. bramble, W3 ; ramyn, H ; 
rammyn, H.— Lat. rhamnus (Vulg.) : Gr. 


Bampe, sb. an ill-conditioned woman, 
Ca c«), IID. 

Bampen, v. to ramp, to seize or scratch 
with the paws, to rage, Ca ; ranmp*, Sa ; 
rawmpide, //. s.y HD.— AF. raumper, OF. 
rampery to clamber. 

Bande, sb. a strip or slice of meat, S3, 
HD ; rand, Cotg. (s. v. giste\ ND.— AS. 
rand, a rim, edge ; cp. Swed. randy a strip, 
stripe, Icel. rondi^X. randir). 

BandOTlxl, sb. force, impetuosity, SkD. 
Phr. : in a randonn, in a furious course^ 
B ; at randon, left to one's own force, 
SkD. — OF. randon, * the swiftness and force 
of a strong and violent stream* (Cotg.); 
from OTeut *randay a rim ; cp. AS. rand. 
See above. 

Banke, adj. strong, luxuriant, rebellions, 
W A, Prompt. ; rank, S3 ; ronk, S3 ; raair» 
HD. — AS. ranc ; cp. Icel. rakkr (for 
rankr)y straight, upright, bold. 

Bansaken, v. to search, S, PP, C, H. — 
Icel. rannsaka, to search a house; IceL 
rann : Goth, razn ; cp. AS. rasny a plank, 
a beam, see Sievers, 1 79. 

Bap, sb. rope, S ; see Bope. 

Bap, //. 5. reaped, W ; see B«pen. 

Bape, sb. haste, S, PP, Prompt. ; rap, 
S3. — icel. hrapy a falling down. 

Bape, adj. hasty, G; rapest, superL^ 

Bapelicke, adv. hastily, PP; rap^ly, 
G ; rapelike, S ; rapli, Ss, G ; rapelier, 
comp.y PP. 

Bapen, v. to hasten, S, PP, Prompt ; 
rappe, PP; rappe adonne, to hurry 
along, PP. Phr. : rape and renne, to seize 
and plunder, C3; rapen and rinen, C3 
{fi) ; rap and rend, HD ; rap or rende, 
Palsg. ; rap and run, HD ; rap and ran, 
C3 (») ; rap and reeve, C3 {n) ; rap and 
ree, C3 (»). — Icel. hrapa, to fall, rush 
headlong, hurry. 

Bascall, sb. scrapings, refuse ; rascalle, 
PP ; rascayle, an animal not a beast of the 
chase, a hart not six years old, Prompt. 
(»); the common people. Prompt.; raa- 
kaille, the common herd, SkD ; rasoaU, 
refuse beast, Palsg., ND. ; raacalles, //., 
common sort of men, low fellows, vilbuns, 
S3. — AF. rascaille {raskaylUy raskayU)y a 
rabble ; cp. F. racaille \ from OF. rasquer^ 
to scrape (Ducange) ; cp. Olt. rascart 

Bascall, adj. conmion, low, HD ; 


Comb.', zaaoall wine, tortivum vtnum. 
Prompt. («). 

SaAOf V' to run, to race, SD, Sa ; mm, 
S2 ; Tvy^ipp' ridden, C— AS. r^an. 

Rase, sb. a race, rush, SkD ; xmi. SkD, 
S2 ; xe»e, Sa ; res, SD, G (») ; ree«, at- 
tack, fit of passion, G. — AS. ras. 

Sasen, v. to scrape, Prompt — OF. 
raser\ I^te Lat. rasare, freq. of Lat 

Sasour, sb, razor, Ca, C, Wa ; nuraxe, 
H (Ps. 51. a). — OF. rasoir; Late Lat. ra- 

Saspen, v. to rasp, scrape, SkD ; xoap- 
•n, S. — OF. rasper; OHG. raspSn, see. 

RasiMy sb. a raised mound or eminence, 
a calm of stones, Sa ; raise, HD. See 

Saty pr. s. reads, PP ; see Beden. 

Bab, sb. advice, S, SD.— Icel. rdd. 

Sathe, V. to advise, HD. See above. 

RaSe, adj. quick, swift, SD ; rad, quick, 
S; xade, //., S; raddere, comp. pi., S. — 
AS. Aratfy Ared, also Arad, kred, quick, also 
rad. Cp. Chron. ann. 755 (Parker) with 
the Laud MS. 

Sathe, adv. early, PP, Sa, S3 ; quickly, 
S, Sa ; realSe, S ; rath, B ; ni»ep, comp., 
sooner, rather, PP, S, Sa, Ca ; redper, S ; 
safest, superl.y PP ; w«e«te, S. 

Sathly, adv. quickly, Sa ; reaXSllclie, 
S ; zeadllolie, S ; radeUche, HD; xade- 
ly, Sa ; xedllohe, S. — AS. hra^lice. 

Saton, sb. rat, PP, Cath. ; ratonn, PP; 
ratones, //., PP. 

Satoner, sb. rat-catcher, PP, Voc. ; rat- 
onere, PP. 

Satte, J^. rat, PP; rette, Voc. ; rattle, 
//., PP.— AS. rat (Voc.). 

Batten, v. to tear, SD.— Cp. MHG. 
ratztn, see Weigand (s. v. ratscke). 

Battes, sb. pi. rags, S ; rats, pieces, 
shreds, HD. 

Bau^htey pt* s, reached, Ca ; see 

BaimSOlly v. to ransom, redeem, PP. 

Baunsonn, sb. ransom, Sa, C ; rann- 
son, Sa ; rauunm, Sa ; rannoeoim, PP ; 
ransonne, B. — AF. raunsotty ranson, OF. 

rainson, rednfon ; Lat. redemptionem. 

Baneyn, sb. rapme, prey, W, PP; 

xaTyne. S3 ; ravyn, Cath. ; raneyns,//., 

Wa. — AF. ravine X Lat. rapina^ see BH, § 




Baneynonr, sb. robber; xaueinour, 
W; ranynour, Wa. 

Bavin, adj. ravenous, S3, Sh. 

Bavin, v. to seize and devour greedily, 
Sh., WW. 

Bavined, adj. ravenous, Sh. 

Banisdien, v. to seize with violence, 
PP ; ravlsli, WW ; raneisohe, imp. pi., 
Wa; ranysoUden, pt. pi., Wa. — AF. 
ravir (pr. p. ravissant) ; Late Lat. *raptre \ 
Lat. rapere. 

Bawe, sb. row, Cath. ; raw, B, JD, SkD. 
S3, Sa; rowe, SkD; rewe, C, G, W; 
rewls,//., S3.— AS. rdwe, r<kwe. 

Bay, J^. striped cloth, rella,pannus^oc.\ 
stragulum, Voc., Cath., HD; raye, S3; 
rayes, pi., Sa, PP. Comb. : ray-olotb, 
striped cloth, Wa, Prompt. — AF. drap de 
raye, cloth of ray, pi. reies, OF. rai, raid', 
Lat. radium (ace). 

Bayeres, sb. pi. sellers of ray, PP. 

Bajrid, adj. striped. Prompt. 

Baykes, pr. s. roams, Sa ; raykaade, 
pr. pt., advancing, Sa. See Bake. 

Bayly sb. rail. Prompt. ; raylle, Cath. — 
Cp. Low G. regel, G. riegel, a bolt; see 

Bayle, v. to rail, arrange in a row, Sa ; 
railed,;^., Sa. 

Bayle, sb. a kerchief, Palsg.; see 

Baylle, v. to flow, S3; ralle, ND; 
reUen, SD. 

Baymen, v. to roam about, Sa ; see 

Baynes,-^^- fine linen of Rheims, WA. — 
So named from Rheims ; see SkD (p. 815); 
cp. It. renso, fine flax (Diez, p. 393). 

Bead, sb. advice, S ; see Bede. 

Beade, adj. red, S ; see Beed. 

Beaden, v. to advise, care for, S ; see 

Beadi, adj. ready, S ; see Bedl. 

Beal, adj. real, a term in medieval phi- 
losophy; reaU, S3.— OF. real', Schol. Lat. 
realem, from res. 

Beal, adj royal, CM; rlall, S3, PP, 
CM ; ryaU, S3, CM ; ryell, S3 ; roial, 
CM ; roialler, comp., Sa, C3.— OF. real, 
AF. roial, reial\ Lat. regalem. 

Bealte, sb. royalty, royal state, PP; 
reanlte, PP ; reante, PP ; rolaltee, C3.— 
AF. realte ; Late Lat. regalitatem. 

Bealyclie, adv. royally, Sa ; realy, Sa ; 

1 84 


Seame, sb. kingdom, S2 ; see 

Searde, sb. voice, cry, Sa ; see B«rd. 

SeaSe, adv. quickly, S ; see Bftthe. 

SeaSlidie, adv. quickly, S; see 

Seaume, sb. realm, kingdom, Ca, Sa ; 
see Bewme. 

Bebekke, sb. a kind of fiddle, SkD ; 
see B7l>7l>«- 

Sebonnden, v. to re-echo ; rebownd- 
cn, to sound again, reboare^ Prompt. ; re- 
bonnde, pU s., Sa. — AF. rebundir^ to re- 
echo, cp. OF. bundir, to resound (Roland, 
31 19); inchoative verb, from Late Lat. 

Aaceyt, sb. receipt, recipe, retreat. 
Prompt, Manip. ; reoeit, C3,W W, Manip., 
S5 ; reoeite, WW ; resat, place of refuge, 
B.— AF. receite\ Late Lat recepta (Du- 

Seche, sb. smoke, S3 ; see Beke. 

Becheles, adj. careless, S, PP ; reo- 
dieles, PP ; retclMles, S3 ; rekkeles, S3 ; 
^ooliel««B, Sa, Ca ; recblasse, S3. — AS. 
riceUas^ also recceUas. 

Reclielesnessey sb. carelessness, PP ; 
reodielesiieB, PP. 

Seclien, v. to care, reck, S, HD ; reke, 
H ; recohe, S, HD, Sa, Ca ; pekke, HD, 
Ca ; rekp, pr. s., S ; reolies, Sa ; ro^te, 
pt. s.fS; roufiThte, Ca ; ro^ht, H ; roliten, 
//., S ; xoneli%pt. s., subj., Sa. — ^AS. r^an : 
OS. rSkian ; also, AS. *reccan. 

Aachen, v. to explain, S ; rsBoclieiL, to 
relate, S ; reohede, //. j., S.— AS. reccan : 
OS. rekkian: OHG. rachjan, in Otfrid 

Bechen, v. to reach, attain, SkD, PP ; 
raulite,//.j., PP, Sa ; raiiBte, PP ; raffhte, 
PP ; xanrbte, Ca ; ran^ht, S3; raffht, pp., 
Sa. — AS. r<Bcan{BT)fB,\sor<kcean,to get into 
one's power, pt. s. ri/tfe, see Sievers, 407. 

Reclayme, v. to bring a hawk to the 
wrist by a call, C3 ; recleymyn, to make 
tame, Prompt. ; recleymyd, //. redomitus 
(used of hawks). Prompt. — OF. reclaimer, 
recleimery reclamer ; cp. AF. reclame^ pp., 
reclaimed (as a falcon). 

Secies, sb. incense, S ; see Bakels. 

Secluse, sb. a female anchorite, SkD ; 
* ankyr, anachorita* Prompt — AF. reclus ; 
recluse f a f. pp. from OF. reclure, to shut 
up ; Late Lat. recluderc. 

Secluse, sb. convent, monastery, S3. — 
OF. recluse 


Seclnsed, pp. shut up, withdrawn from 
the world, PP. 

Recognisaiicey sb. an obligation bind- 
ing one over to do some particular act, S3, 
SkD. — ^AF. reconisance, OF. recoignisance. 

Aecomaady v. to commend, Sa, C3 ; 
reoomanndip, PP. — OF. recommander^ rt- 

Seconfortey v. to comfort, C ; xeoon- 
forted, //., P.— OF. reconforter; cp. AF. 

Seconsyley v. to recover, regain the 
possession of; reoonsylcd, //., Sa ; re- 
counseUd, W. — AF. reconciler ; Lat. recon- 
ciliare^ to reconcile, re-establish, restore. 

Record, x^. witness, S3, WW; reoorde, 
PP. — AF. record, OF. recort, mention 

Recorde, v. to call to mind, C, PP ; 
recorded, //. pi. declared, PP.— OF. re- 
corder ; Late Lat. recordare ; Lat recordari. 

Reconre, v. to recover, PP; reo<mr, 
HD ; reonre, HD ; reoured, pp., S3. — 
AF. recoverer\ OF. recourer, recotivrer\ 
Lat. recuperare. 

Secours, sb. recourse, Ca.— AF. re-- 
cours, soleill recours, sxmset 

Secouerer, sb. restorer, saviour, Sa. 

Becrayed, pp. defeated, PP. See 

Secreannt, adj. recreant, defeated, 
CM, PP; recreant, PP.— AF. recreaunt, 
OF. recreant, giving up the contest ; Late 
Lat. recredentem. 

Secueil, sb. a collection, compilation, 
DO; recnjeU, S3; reoole, HD.— OF. 
recueil (Cotg.). 

Secille, V. to recoil, S3, Palsg., SkD, 
ND.— OF. reculer. 

Becnlyng, sb. recoiling, S3. 

Secure, sb. recovery, S3. 

Secure, v. to recover, HD; see B«- 

Seddour, sb. violence, rigour, HD, Tre- 
visa (3. 313) ; raddonr, WA. — OF. radar, 
later roideur (Cotg.) ; from rcuie, roide ; 
Lat. rigidum. 

Bede, adj. red, Ca ; see Beed. 

Sede,^'. ready, WA; redeliclie, cuiv., 
PP; redeU, Sa.— AS. {ge)r<kde\ Goth- 

Bede, sb. advice, S, Sa, S3, B ; read, 
S: red, S, Sa, B; reed, Ca ; reid, B; 
rsBde, S ; reade, S ; rade, S ; reades, //. 
S.— AS. r<kd. 


Bedels, sb. riddle, SkD ; redelM, PP ; 
rydels, Cath. ; rydel. Prompt. ; riddle, 

Keden, v. to give advice, to take 
counsel, S, S2, S3, Ca, B; r ead en , S; 
xadan, to sncconr, S ; zmddest, a //. j., S ; 
xaddA, //. s., HD, Sa, P ; reddoi, //., S ; 
rad, /p., Sa. — ^AS. {ge)r<kdan, pt r<lii^, 
pp. ^r<^. 

Seden, v, to read, S, Ca, C3 ; radmi, 
S; rat, /r. j., PP; reed, //. s., PP ; 
radden, //., W; redden, W; radde, Sa ; 
»d, /^., S, S3, C3 ; red, S3, W. Der,i 
redonife, passage read, S. — AS. {ge)r<kdan. 

-reden, suffix (used to form abstracts). 
—AS. -r<kden. See liat-reden, SkD ; ooiu 
reden, kindred, SkD ; finvreden, S ; je- 
fered, S ; nela^-rede, Sa. 

Aed^OWnd, sb. a sickness of yoong chil- 
dren, scrophulus. Prompt. ; reed iroiinde, 
Palsg. ; radeffonndeB,//., sores, PP. — ME. 
red€^ red + gowndCy a sore ; AS. gund. Cp. 
E red-gum, 

Bedi, adj, ready, S, W, PP ; redy, Ca ; 
reddy, B; readl, S; rndl), SD; redl^ 
liolie, adv., PP, Sa ; redlly, C3. 

Bedliche, ^z'. quickly, S ; seeBathlj. 

Sedoutable, adj, to be feared, re- 
doubtable, SkD. 

Kedouten, v, to fear; redoulit, Cotg. 
— AF. reduter, OF. redouter\ Lat r^ + 
\ dubttare. 

Kedoutyng, sb. reverence, C. 

BedncefZ'. to bring back, S3,ND.— Lat. 

Bedyinjrte,/^. wreathed, crowned, S3. 
— Lat. redtmituSf pp. of redimire. 

Beed, sb. advice, Ca ; see Bede. 

Beed, sb. reed, PP, Prompt.; reed, 
PP; relied, W, Wa ; reheed, Wa ; 
reodes, //., PP ; redee, PP. Comb. : red* 
^erde, a reed-sceptre, S. — AS. hriod. 

Beed, adj. red, Ca. C3, Sa, Wa, PP ; 
rede, Ca, C3, Sa, PP, B ; reld, S3 ; reade, 
S.— AS. riad. 

Beednesse, sb. redness, C3. 
I Bees, sb. fit of passion, G ; see Base. 

Beest, adj. rancid (as flesh). Prompt. ; 
reste, Cath. 

Beestyn, v. to be rancid, Prompt. 

Beeuell, sb. joy, revelry, PP ; reuel, C, 
Ca ; rule, SPD ; reueles, //., revels, Ca. 
— OF. revel i joy (Bartsch). 

Befen, v. to roof m, S.— AS. {^e)hrifan. 
See Boot 



BeflAC, sb. robbery, S ; see 3 

Befreissche, v. to refresh, C; re- 
fireechjn. Prompt. — AF. refreschir. 

Befreyne, sb. the burden of a song, 
literally, a repetition, CM ; refiraine, SkD. 
— OF. refrain, from refraindre, to repeat, 
to sing a song (see Constans) ; Lat re •(• 

Befreynen, v. to bridle, refrenarey W, 
Prompt.; refirayne, Manip.; refirain, WW. 
— OF. refrener, to bridle ; Lat. refrenare 

Befdte, sb. refrige. Prompt., Wa; reftait, 
Wa ; reftiyt, CM, HD, Wa ; reftit, Sa, 
C3 ; reftitt, Wa.— AF. refute ; OF. refuite, 
re-¥fuite\ 'LaX.fugita, pp. f. oifugere. 

Beifal. adj. as sb. kingly (power), Sa. — 
AF. regal \ Lat. regalem. Cf. Beal. 

Begne, sb. rule, a kingdom, Sa, Ca, C3 ; 
rengne, S ; ryngls, //., S3.— AF. regne ; 
Lat. regnum, ' 

Begnen, v. to reign, Ca, PP ; rinir, 
S3 ; ryiigla,/r. //., S3 ; reygned,;^., Sa ; 
rengned, Sa. — ^AF. regner ; Lat. regnare. 

Begrate, 'o. to retail wares, HD.— OF. 
regrater, to mend, scour, trick up an old 
thing for sale (F. regratter, to bargain) : It. 
rigattdre, to strive for the victory, to re- 
grate, to sell by retail (Florio) ; Sp. regatedr, 
*to huck in buying or selling* (Minsheu). 
Cp. E. regatta ; It. rigdita, a struggling for 
the mastery (Florio). 

Begratere, sb. retail dealer, PP.— OF. 
regratier j cp. Low Lat. regratarium (Du- 

Begratorie, sb. sellmg by retail, PP, 
Sa ; regraterye, PP. — OF. regraterie. 

Begratonr, sb. retail dealer, Sa, PP. — 
AF. regratour, 

Begnerdon, sb. reward, ND ; regner- 
donn, Sa. — Cp. OF. reguerdonner, to 
guerdon abundantly (Cotg.). 

Beguerdomuent, sb. requital, DG. 

Belied, sby reed, W, Wa ; see Beed. 

BehersaUle, sb. rehearsal, C3. 

Behersen, v. to rehearse, enumerate, 
Ca, S3,PP; relierceii,PP,C3; rehearM, 
WW, Sh.— AF. reherser, rehercer. See 

Bebersyng, sb. rehearsal, C. 

Beheten, v. to refresh, to cheer, H, 
CM, WA, HD, JD ; reheyit, H ; rehetid, 
^.,H.— OF. rehaitier (Bartsch), cp. OF. 
haitier, to make joyful, see BH, Diez, p. 

1 86 


Sehetynge, sb. comfort, refreshing, H. 

Seioysen, v, to rejoice, PP, Ca ; r«- 
lolBBliea, PP ; pelo«3nir,/^./.,S3.— OF. 
resjoiss- f%ttm oiresjotssanty pr. p. oiresjdir^ 
from re->fesj(nr\ Lat. ex-^gaudere (Late 
Lat. *gaudire)\ see Constans, glossaire 
(prefix res'\ 

Soke, sb. vapour, smoke, Sa, H (Ps. 
67. 3), Cath. ; reyk, B; relk, B; reche, 
Sa. — AS. ric\ cp. Icel. r^ry^r: OTeut. 
*rauki' ; see Kluge (s. v. ranch), 

Sekels, sb. incense, Cath.; redes, S, 
Sa. Comb.', reclei^t, incense- vessel, censer, 
S, SD.— AS. rkels. 

Seken, v. to smdce, Cath. — AS. rican. 

Sekenen, v. to reckon up, to give 
account, Ca, W, PP; rekne, Sa, PP; 
rikenen, S, PP ; rlkynyd, pp., Wa ; y- 
rekened, Ca. Cp. Du. rekemn. 

Sekeninge, sb. reckoning, C3. 

SekentMs, sb. pi. chains, WA; re- 
kanthes, W A. — AS. racente \ cp. Icel. re- 
kendr. Cf. Bakenteie. 

Sekkeles, adj\ careless, S5 ; see Be- 

Sekken, v. to reck, care, Ca ; see Be- 

Belenten, v. to melt, C3, Palsg., 

Prompt, SkD.— OF. ralentir (Cotg.). 

Reles, sb. relaxation, forgiveness, also 
taste, odour, Prompt. ; relees. Prompt. (») ; 
relece. Prompt. Phr.-. ont of relees, 
without ceasing, C3. — AF. reles, releesy 
relais. See below, 

Seleschen, v. to relax, release; re- 
lecen. Prompt. ; release, C3 ; relescliaad, 
pr. /., S3 ; relessed, pt. j., forgave, Ca ; 
relesed, pp., forgiven, PP ; relessed, PP. 
— ^AF. relascher, reUsser, releisser; Lat. 

Aelenen, v. to raise up again, to rise, 
PP, C3 ; relyue, S3 ; relieve, imp., take 
up again, S3. — AF. relever ; Lat. releuarc. 

Aaliff sb. what remains, a fragment taken 
up from the table ; releef , Prompt. ; relefe, 
Cath., SkD.; reUefe, Cath. («) ; rellfti, //., 
W, Wa ; rellfes, W ; relifls, Wa ; reljnies, 
Sa. — OF. relief, remainder (Bartsch), firom 
relieV', accented stem of relever, to raise 
up ; Lat. releudre. 

SeUkeS, sb. pi. remains, H ; relikls, 
Wa. — AF. relikes'f Lat. reliquias. 

Seljen, v. to rally, call back, re- 
assemble, to take courage again, PP ; rely, 
B ; releyt,/^. s., B, Sa ; relelt,//., Sa, B. 


— AF. relier, to rally (OF. ralUr^ in 
Bartsch) ; Lat. re + ligare, to bind. 

Selyue, v. to rise, S3 ; relyned, //. x., 
raised, S3 ; see Beleven. 

Sem, sb. a kingdom, Sa ; rente, C ; see 

Sem, sb. a cry, S ; reames,//., S. — AS. 
kr^aniy OS. hrdm, Icel. rdmr. 

Seme, v. to cry, roar, S, PP ; ranm, 
HD; romy, H; romland, pr. /., Sa ; 
romyand, H ; romyd,//. x., H ; r ea i d en, 
pi., S. — AS. hritnan : OS. hrdmian. 

Semedie, sb. remedy, Ca ; remede, S3. 
— OF. remede, AF. remedU', Lat. reme- 

Bemen, v. to give place, to quit, S, 
SD; ronme, PP; mmen, SD; rimmi, 
SD.— AS. ryman : OS. nimian ; cp. OFris. 
rima, G. rdumen, see Weigand. See Bowm. 

Semenanty sb. remnant, Ca, C3, S3 ; 
remenannt, C, Prompt. ; remanaad, B ; 
remelawnt, Prompt. ; remlawnt, HD ; 
remlin. Prompt. («). — AF. remenant, OF. 
remanant, pr. p. of remanoir (Bartsch) ; 
Lat. remanere, 

Semlet, sb. remnant, HD, Prompt (m). 
See above. 

IKemoiiyii, v. to remove. Prompt. ; r«- 
menen, S3, C3, Palsg., SkD.— AF. remoe- 
ver (with diange of conjugation) from OF. 
removoir ; Lat. re + mouere. 

Remuen, v. to remove, CM, ND, SkD ; 
remown. Prompt. ; remwe, to depart, S3 ; 
remewed, pp., Ca,— OF. remuir; Lat. 
re + mutare. 

Benable, adj. eloquent, PP ; see 

Renably, adv. reasonably, CM; 
nably, HD. See above. 

Rend, v. to make to run into a shape, to 
cast metal, melt, H ; rind, rynde, to melt, 
as lard, &c., JD. — Icel. renna, to make to 
run, to pour (of a melted substance), causal 
of renna {rinna), to run. See Bennen. 

Senden, v. to tear, PP ; reendyn. 
Prompt.; rente, //. J., S; rended, ^., 
Sa ; y-rent,C3. — ONorth. rendan, to cut or 
tear down (BT). 

Benegat, sb. renegade, C3 ; runagate, 
WW. — OF. renegat'. Late Lat. renegatum. 

Senewlen, v. to renew, W ; rennle, 
Wa ; renewUd, //., W ; rennUd, Wa.— 
AF. renoveler ; Late Lat renovellare. 

Aeneye, v- to deny, reject, abandon, 
Sa, PP, Ca, CM.— OF. render; Late Lat 


J, s^. rank, SD ; reA^es, //., C ; 
rentrisT HD.— OF. ren^, renc\ cp. AF. 
renCf ring of people, rencs, ranks ; OHG. 
hringf ring. See Blnff. 

Senk, sb. a man, PP; Mnke, PP; 
r«akes, pL, men, creatures, PP, HD ; 
xeiBlckes, S2 ; xvynkM, PP. — Icel. rekkr 
(for renkr\ a man, used in poetry, also in 
law. Cp. AS. rincy a warrior, a man 
(Grain). See Sanke. 
TtcrHTin, v. See under Bapen. 
Rennen, v, to run, SD, S, S2, S3, Ca, 
W, PP; rln, S3; rynae, S3; ryn, S2 ; 
ooznen, S, Sa ; eznen, S ; nmen, S ; 
^ezne, S ; SBmelS, pr. pi,, S ; zyxutys, 
S3 ; ron,//. j., Sa, PP ; unen, //., S ; 
eozn, S; iome, pp., S; ronnen, PP ; 
ronne, PP, Ca ; y-ronne, Ca ; 7-roimea, 
C ; aarnde, pt. s. (weak), S, SD ; ernde, 
SD; «mde]i,//.,SD. — AS. rinnan, pt. s. 
rfl«, pp. gerunnen, also irnan, yman, pt. 
s. ar«, pi. umon, pp. urnen. 

Sennyng, ^^. running, S3 ; rcimynffis, 
//., currents, streams, Wa. 

Xtenomev •r^. renown, WW, S3; re- 
novme, WW; roiowin*, WW. See 
Renomeev <r^. renown, WW ; ronom- 
m^, B. — OF. renanue ; Late Lat. *renomi' 

Senonmed, adj, renowned, WW ; r«- 
nowmed, WW, — Cp. OF. renomnU ; see 

Senoim, sb, renown, SkD; renowne, 
B. — AF. renoutty renun, OF. renon, renom ; 
Lat. re + nomen ; cp. Sp. renombre, renown 

Aente, sb. revenue, pay, reward, S, Ca ; 
r«at. Prompt. ; rMites, //., S, PP, Sa ; 
rentis, PP.— AF. rente ; Late Lat. *r<?»- 
dita ; Lat. reddita ; from OF. rendre ; Lat. 

SenteU) v* to endow, PP. 
Senule, v, to renew, Wa ; see Benew- 

Aeodf sb, a reed, PP ; see Beed. 
Beonsien, v. to grieve, SD.— AS. 
hriowsiafty see Sievers, 41 1. See Bewen. 
Heowen* v, to grieve, vex, S; see 



Heowsnnge, sb, repentance, SD. — AS. 

BeOwSe, sb. ruth, pity, S ; see B«W8«. 

Sepaar, sb. a place of resort, ND ; 
xepclr, return, S3.— OF. repaire. 

Bepairen, v. to go to, Ca, C3; re- 

pttiring-, pr, /., Ca ; raparyt, //.//., S3 ; 
r«p»rit, pp,y Sa.— AF. repeirer, OF. re- 
pairier\ Lat. repatriare, to return to one's 

Beparailen, v. to repair; z«paralld, 
//., H.— OF. repareiller-y cp. opareilliery 
to prepare ; from pareil, like ; Late Lat. 
pariculum (Ducange). 

Beparayljrnge, j^. restoration, H. 

Bepe, sb. ^eaf, manipulusy Voc, SD ; 
rMpe, SD ; xtn^ypl., H. 

Bepen, «'. to cut grain, PP, W, Wa ; 
zlpen, S ; rap, //. s,, W ; repeal, //., S ; 
ropen, PP ; ropnn, W; rope, Wa. — 
OMerc. repan {rypan, ripan) : Goth, raup- 
Jan, to pluck ; see Sievers, 159. 

Bepples, sb. pi, staves, cudgels (?), S. 

Beprenable, adj. reprehensible, C3, W. 

Bepreue, v. to reprove, PP, Prompt., 
C3 ; reprened, pp., Sa.— OF. repruever, 
reprover ; Lat. reprdbare, 

Bepreue,^^. reproof, C3 ; repreef, W. 

Beprensrnges, reproofs, Sa. 

Bepromyssionn, sb, promise, W.— 
Lat. repromissionem (Vulg.). 

Bapugnen, v. to fight against, Wa ; 
to deny^P.— Lat. repugnare, 

Bepylle-Stok, sb. an implement for 
cleanmg flax, Voc. See Bipple. 

Berage, sb, arrears, PP, HD ; rerair**, 
//., PP. Cf. Areraffe. 

Berd, sb, voice, sound, SD ; rerid, WA ; 
reorde, S ; rorde, SD : rearde, Sa ; mrd, 
Sa ; rerde, dot,, SD, HD.— AS. reord for 
reard, cp. OHG. rarta : Goth, razda ; cp. 
Icel. rodd (gen. raddar). 

Berden, v. to speak, to sound ; reord- 
ien, SD ; rerdlt, //. //., S3.— AS. reord- 

Beren, v. to make to rise, to rear, Sa, 
B ; rerde, pt. s., S, Sa ; rerld, pp., Sa ; 
rered, Sa. — ^AS. rirani Goth, raisjan. 
See Bysen. 

B6Salgar« sb. realgar, red orpiment, 
C3, HD. — Sp. rejalgar, arsenic (Minsheu). 

Bascouen, v. to rescue, SkD; res- 
oowe, CM ; reskew, B.— OF. rescou-, stem 
of rescouant, rescoant, pr. p. of rescorre. 
See below. 

BeSC01UI« sb. rescue, S3, C, SkD, CM. 
— OF. rescous {rescos), pp. of rescorre, to 
help, repair a damage, also resqueure (BH); 
Lat. re + excutere, to shake off. 

BesOy s. and v. ; see Base. 



Sesen, v. to shake, C; see BuIab. 

Seset, sb, place of refuge, B ; scie B«« 

Sesownen, v. to resound ; resowne, 

G ; resonned, pt. s,, Ca OF. resoner ; 

Lat resonare. 

Aaspyt, sb, respite, delay, leisure, C3, 
C ; respyte. Prompt., Cath. ; re»plt,B.— 
AF. respite Late Lat. respectum (ace), 
respite, prorogation (Ducange) ; a technical 
fcense of Lat. respectus, consideration. 

Aast, sb. rest ; reste, S. — AS. rest ; cp. 
OHG. resti (Tatian). 

Aesten, v. to rest, S. — AS. restan ; cp. 
OHG. resten (Tatian). 

Sesil]l,<r^. reason, talk, S2, PP, Prompt.; 
resonn, C2, S2, PP ; reson, C2, PP, HD ; 
reison, PP. — AF. resoun {retson, reasoun), 
also raisoun, reason, language; Lat. ra- 

Sesimable, adj. reasonable, talkative, 
eloquent. Prompt.; resonable, PP; res- 
nabyl, HD ; reliable, PP ; numable, PP. 
Notes (p. 23). — AF. resonable^ OF. res- 
nahley raisndble ; Lat. rationabilem. 

Seteuaimcey sb. retinue, company, 
PP, HD.— AF. retenaunce ; Late Lat. re- 
tinentia (Ducange). 

Setenue, sb. retinue, suite, C2. — OF. 
retenue, a retinue (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. re- 
tenuta (Ducange). In F. retenue means 
* reserve, modesty,* and has become obsolete 
in the English sense of a * suite/ a body of 

Sethor, sb. orator, C, C2, Manip. — 
Late Lat. rhethor ; Lat. rhetor ; Gr. ^rop. 

Sethoryke, sb. rhetoric, C2; retoryke, 
PP; retoryk, PP.— Lat. rhetorica. 

Setten, v. to account, impute, C, H, 
Prompt, W; reotyn, Prompt. — KF.retter^ 
reter, to accuse (pp. retie, rete) ; Lat. 
reputare see BH, § 153 ; by popular ety- 
mology Low Lat. rectare, * in jus vocare,* 
rectatusy accused (Schmid). Cf. A-retten. 

ReTlfol, adj. compassionate, S2 ; see 

Beide, sb. rule, PP, C ; rewle, PP, S3 ; 
riwle, S ; renel, 82 ; renl, S2 ; rinlen, 
//., S.— AF. reule\ Lat. regula; also OF. 
riuUy rigle ; Late Lat. rigula (for regula). 

Senlen, v. to rule, PP, C ; rewled,//. j., 
S2. — AF. reuler\ Lat. regular e. 

Renlichey adv, ruefully, S2 ; see Bew- 


AeXillief sb. kingdom ; see ] 

SeuOy sb. reeve, prefect, minister of state, 
steward, S, PP, Prompt.; reeve, C ; renen, 
ply S. Comb. : ref-schipe, reeveship, 
prefecture, S. — AS. {g^rifa. 

Sene, sb. clothing, spoil, plnnder, SD ; 
rsBf, SD. Comb. : re&lac, robbery, S, SD. 
— AS. riafy clothing, spoil ; cp. Icel. raufy 
spoil. Cf. Bobe. 

Reuely sb. revel, C ; see Beenel. 

Aeuen, v. to rob, plunder, S, S2, S3 ; 
reane, S2 ; rlene, S3 ; refiEbnd, pr, ^., H ; 
renede, pt. s.y S ; rafte, C2 ; rseueden, 
ply S : y-raft, //., C— AS. riafian, to 

Beuere, sb. robber, SD; rener, S3; 
rBBneres,//., S. — AS. riafere. 

Selling, sb. robbery, S ; raning", S. 

Bewe, s, row, C ; rewis, //., S3 ; see 

Sewel (?). Comb. : rewel boon, C2 ; 
rowel boon, CM : reuylle bone, C2 (») ; 
melle bones, pi, HD, C3 (») ; rewle 
■tone, HD (p. 698). 

Bewen, v. to me, grieve, S, PP, S3, S3, 
C2 ; reowen, S; rnwyn. Prompt.; rewtng*, 
pr. p.y S3 ; reon1$, pr. s., S ; rwes, 82 ; 
rewede, //. J., S.— AS. hreowan ; cp. OS. 

Sewere, sb. one who pities ; reewere, 

Bewftll, adj. piteous, S, S2, C3; ren- 
fU, S2 ; reowfule,//., S. 

Biewle, sb. rule, S2 ; see Benle. 

Sewlichey adj. pitiable, PP; rewli, 
piteous, S; reweli, S; riUy, HD. — AS. 

Sewliche, adv. piteously, S; reow- 
liche, S ; renliohe, S2 ; rewli, S ; rwly, 
S2. — AS. hriowlice. 

Bewljrngis, rough shoes, S3 ; see 

Sewme, sb. kingdom, S2, W, H, PP ; 
realme, CM ; reanme, C2, S2 ; renme, 
PP, S2 ; reame. S2, PP ; reme, C, PP, 
Cath. ; rem, S2 ; reum, H. — OF. reaumty 
AF. realms ; Late Lat *regalimen. 

BewVe, sb. ruth, pity, S, C2, C3, G ; 
reowVe, S; ront$e, S2, G; reo'Se, S; 
ronth, S3 ; ru))e, S, S3 ; rawVe, S2 ; 
rew}>eB,//., S2. See Bewen. 

RewSelese, adj. ruthless, C3 ; rewV- 
les, PP. 
Beyn, sb. rain, W2, PP, C2 ; rien, S ; 


Ycdn, S ; reyne, PP ; reaae, S3 ; ran, S3. 
— AS. regn {rJn). 

Heynen, v. to rain, PP ; reinen, S ; 
raayt, //. j., B.— AS. regnian (also rig- 
nan, r{nan)y see Sievers, 92. 

B«3r«ed,^. ridden, C ; see Base. 

Seysen, v. to raise, G, CM ; reisen, 
W2, S; reas, S3.— Icel. reisa; cp. Goth. 
raisjan. See Bisen, Beren. 

Se^ely sh. a garment, rail, SkD; rail, 
JD ; ralle, HD ; rayle, a kerchief, Palsg., 
Voc. ; rayles, //., ND.— AS. hragl (Voc). 
Cf. T-rayUd. 

Biall, adj, royal, CM, S3, PP; see Beal. 

Bially, adv, royally, CM; see BeaL- 

Bibandy sh. villain, worthless creature, 
ribald, PP ; xybaud, PP ; ribaude, the 
Evil One, PP; ribalde, PP; ribaut, S3; 
xibaudes, pi, sinners, PP ; xibans, S. — 
AF. ribald (^1. ribaus, ribaldes), OF. 

Bil)aildie,-r^-sin,S2,PP; ribald jesting, 
C3.— OF. ribaudie. 

Bibandonr, sb. profligate fellow, PP ; 
xyliaudoiir, PP. 

Bibandrie, sb. ribaldry, PP ; xybaud- 
rte, PP, S3. 

Biche, adj. powerful, rich, S ; ryclie, 
PP ; ryke, PP ; rice, S.— OF. riche. 

Biche, sb. kingdom, S, S2 ; ryobe, PP ; 
rioe, S ; rlke, H, S2.— AS. rice. 

Bicbelikey adv. richly, S; xiclie- 
lldie, S2. 

Bichen, v. to grow rich, PP ; reclic^, 

Bichesse, sb. wealth, PP, S2, S3, C2 ; 
ritolM88e,W; xicliel8e,S; riches, WW; 
rlcliesses,//., costly articles, S2 ; rlcclies- 
sis, WW; rljtoliessis, W.— OF. richese, 
AF. richesce. 

Bict, adj. right, S ; see Byffht. 

Biden, v. to ride, S, S2 ; ridend,/r./., 
S ; rydlii8re> C3 ; ryd, imp., S ; rlt, pr. s., 
PP, C3; ritt, PP; ryt,PP,C; rad,//.j., 
S2, B ; rod, S, S2 ; rood, C2 ; rlden, o.\, 
S, C3, C ; rade, S2 ; raid, B ; riden, pp., 
C2 ; rad, B. Comb. : redyniT-kynff, a kind 
of feudal retainer, PP; redyn^-kyn^es, 
pi, PP. — AS. rldan, pt. s. rdd, pi. T^on. 

Bidere, sb. rider, S ; rideres, pl^ S ; 
rlderen, S. 

Bidily sb. a sieve, Prompt.; rydelle, 
Cath.; rydd^^ ruddle, Cath. (»). Cf. 


J 89 

Bidilen, v. to sift; rydelyn, Prompt. ; 
rldile, W ; rldlande, pr. p., S2. Fhr. : 
riddUde watrls = Lat. cribrans aquas 

Bif, V, to rive, S2 ; see Byuen. 

Bifb, sb. veil, curtain ; rifEt, S. — AS, 
rift ; cp. Icel. ript, ripti. 

Biften, v. emctare, H (Ps. 18. 2); rift, 
to belch, Manip. — Icel. rypta. 

Billty adj. and sb. right, S ; see Byffht. 

Blllteiiy V. to direct, correct, S; rigten, 
to set straight, S ; rijti, S2 ; riffhtid, //. j., 
S2. — AS. rihtan. 

Bllltleceiif ^- to direct, set right, S ; 
rl^tleolie, S2, HD ; ry^tlokede, //., S3.— 
AS. rihtlikcan. 

Billtwis, adj. righteous, S ; see Byffht. 

Bike, sb. kingdom, S2 ; see Bicke. 

Bikenare* sb. reckoner, S. 

Bikeneiiy v. to reckon, S, PP ; see 

Bin, V. to run, S3 ; see Bennen. 

Bingy V. to reign, S3 ; see Begnen. 

Biot, V. to revel, live dissolutely, glut- 
tonously, WW; ryot, B; riotte, to be 
dissolute, luxuriare, Manip. 

Biote* sb. uproar, SkD ; riot, dissolute, 
luxurious living, WW ; riotte, Manip. ; 
ryot, depredation, B. — AF. riote {ryot)y 
confusion, OF. r'ioie, quarrelling (Bartsch), 
also feasting (Ducange) ; cp. ODu. revot^ 
* caterva nebulonum, luxuria * ; see SkD. 

Biotonr, sb. rioter; rioter, glutton, 
WW ; ryotoures, pi, C3. — AF. riotour, 
OF. riotheir{^s. 36. i). 

Biotous, adj. luxurious, dissolute, 
WW. — Cp. Low Lat. riotosus (Ducange). 

Bipe, adj^ fit for reaping, mature, S; 
rype, C2. 

Bipen, v. to become ripe, Prompt. ; 
ripede,//. s., S. — AS. ripian. 

Bipen, v. to divide by tearing open, to 
rip, to search diligently, examine, HD, JD, 
SkD (s. V. rip^ ; rype, Palsg. ; riped, //. j., 
S2. — Cp. Swed. repa, to scratch. 

Bipple, sb. an instrument for ripping 
ofif the flax-seeds, JD. Comb. : repylle<« 
stok, an implement for cleaning flax, Voc. 

Bipplen, v. to ripple flax, JD ; rypel* 
en, SkD, Prompt. 

Bishe, sb. rush, S3 ; see Busche. 

Bist, pr. s. riseth, rises, C3 ; see Byseiu 

Bit, pK. s. rides, C3 ; see Biden. 

BiueliCy adv. frequently, Sa. See 



Siveling, sd. sl kind of shoe, SD, HD ; 
rullion, JD ; rewlyngis, //., S3 ; row- 
Isrngls, JD.— AS. rifeltngas, * obstrigelli * 
(Voc.) ; cp. AF. rivelingesj rivelins, 
Sizan, v. to reign, S.— AS. rlcsian 
{Hxian) ; cp. OHG. rthhisdn (Tatian), see 
Sievers, 411. See Biche. 
Sbdien, v. to reign, S. See above. 
B^t, sb. right, justice, S2 ; see By^ht. 
Ro, sb, quiet, S2 ; see Boo. 
Sobben, v. to plunder, spoil, rob, SkD, 
PP; robby, S2.— AF. robber \ cp. It. 
robbare, to rob (Florio). 
Robbeour, sb, robber, PP ; robboux, 
PP. — AF. robeour, OF. robeor; Low Lat. 
robatorem; cp. It. robbatore, robber 

Robe, sb. robe, PP ; robes, //., clothes, 
PP ; robis, PP.— AF. robe ; cp. It. rMa, 
gown, robe, goods (Florio). 
Roberie, sb. robbery, S. — AF. roberie. 
Roche, sb. rock, S, S3, C2, H; roocb, 
S2, W2. Comb. : rocbe-wall, rock- wall, 
S.— AF. roche. 
Rod, pt, s. rode, S, S2 ; see Biden. 
Rode, sb. a road, a riding, SkD, WW, 
Sh.; xade, S2, JD ; roada, WW; zoode, 
place where vessels ride at anchor, bitalas- 
suntf Prompt. — AS. rdd. 

Rode, sb, red complexion, C2, S2 ; see 
Rody, adj, ruddy, S2, C2, PP ; rodl, W. 
Roggen, V, to shake, PP, HD, S2, 
Prompt. ; rug, JD.— Icel. rugga, to rock a 
Rohten, //.//. recked, S ; see Beolien. 
Roial, adj. royal, CM ; see Beal. 
Roialtee, sb. royalty, C3 ; see Bealte. 
Rokke, sb, a distaff, Prompt., Cath., 
HD ; rok, S3 ; roobe, Manip. ; rocks, pi., 
S3, HD.— Icel. rokkr. 

Rokken, v. to rock. Prompt. ; y-rokked, 
pp., S2. 

Romblen, v, to ramble; romb]yng>e, 

Romen, v. to rove about, to ramble, 
wander, roam, C2, C3, PP, SkD; rame, 
HD; raymen, PP, S2; rowme, PP; 
rombe,PP. Cp.OS.r($m<fn,OHG.rdm^, 
to strive after (Otfnd). 

Romere, sb. roamer, wanderer, PP ; 
rowmer, PP; romares, //., PP; rom- 
berls, PP. 

Rome-rexmeres, sb, pi, agents at the 
court of Rome, PP. 


Ron, //. 5. ran, S2 ; see Bennea. 
Rong,//. s. rang, C3 ; see Bynffen. 

ROO, sb. roe, deer, S2, Prompt. ; ro, 82 ; 
», JD ; rays, pi, S3.— AS. rdh (Voc.), 
also rdha (Voc), see Sievers, 117. 

Roo, sb. rest, quiet, S2, HD; ro, HD. 
S2.— Icel. r6 : AS. r6w : OHG. rtiowa (G. 

Rood, //. s. rode, C2 ; see Biden. 

Roode, sb. the rood, cross, gallows, PP, 
G, Prompt. ; rode, PP, S, S2, S3 ; nids, 
B ; roid, B ; rod, a rod, SkD. Phr. : mle 
the rod, to bear sway, NQ (6. 3. 169). 
Comb. : rode-tre, the cross, S2 ; mde 
evyn, eve of the Rood (Sept. 13), B. — AS. 
r(fd: OS. rtfda ; cp. OHG. ruoda (G. rute). 

Roof, sb. roof, W, Prompt. ; rbof, SkD ; 
roff, PP; roue, S3; rofe, PP; roonys, 
//., W2.— AS. Ar^f. 

Roomth, sb. room, space, ND. See 

Roomthie, ad/, spadous, Cotg. (s. V. 

Roomthsome, adj. spacious, DG. 
Rop, sb. a rope, PP ; rapes, pi., S. — ^AS. 

rdp ; cp. Icel. reip. 

"BiO]^,, reaped, W2 ; see Bapen. 
Ropere, sb. rope-maker or rope-seller, 

Roploch, adj. coarse, applied to woollen 

stuffs, JD ; sb. coarse woollen cloth, S3 

raplacb, raplock, replooh, JD. 

Roren, v. to roar, C, PP; roozia. 
Prompt; rarin, H (Ps. 76. 1); rar, B; 
ralr,S3, B. — AS. rdrian, to lament loudly, 
to bellow. 

Ros, pt. s. rose, S, C2 ; see ByseiL 

Rose, sb. rose, Prompt. ; roose, W2 ; 
rois, S3; ross, S3 (11 a. 6); rosea,//., 
SkD ; roosis, W2. Comb. : rose-reed, red 
as a rose, C3. — OProv. rose ; Lat. rosa ; cp. 
AS. rdse. 

Rosen, v. to praise, rejlex. to boast, H ; 
roose, JD ; ruse, JD ; roysen, H ; reese, 
JD. — Icel. hrdsa, to praise, rejlex. to boast, 
from hrdtir, praise, fame. 

Rospen, v. to scrape, S ; see Raspen. 

Rost, sb. roast (meat), PP ; roste, PP. 
Phr. : rules the rost, takes the lead, domi- 
neers, S3, ND. NQ (6. 3. 170), HD (s. v. 
rule-stone), SPD (s. v. roast). — ^AF. rost, 

Roste, z'. to roast, C; y-rosted, /^., 
S3.— OF. rosttr. 

Rote, sb. root, W2, PP, S2, Ca ; rot, Sa; 


I Toote, a term in astrology, S2, C3 ; foot, 
[ C2; ruti«,//., S3 ; rotes, PP.— Icel. r6t\ 
the same word as AS. wrSt, snout, * brun- 
cus ; * see Voc. (cp. wrStaity to grub up). 

Rotey sb, a musical instrument, C, HD, 
ND, SkD ; roote, HD.— AF. rote ; OHG. 
hrota ; cp. Low Lat. chrotta, Oil. crot 
(Windisch). Cf. Crowde. 

Rote, V, to rot, H (Ps. 15. 10). Der, : 
( rotjng>, rotting, S2. — AS. rotian. 

Rote, in phr. by rote ; see Route. 
\ Roten, adj, rotten, C3; rotyn, HD; 
rotnn, Wa ; rottjn, B. — Cp. IceL rotinn, 
perhaps a//, form. 

RoSer, ^^.a paddle for rowing, used also 
as a rudder, S, S2 ; xotliyr, Prompt. ; rodyr, 
I Voc., Prompt; rudyr, oar, Cath. ; xitlier, 
. rudder, DG. See Bowen. 

RoSer, sb, an ox, SD, HD ; nA^er, SD ; 
rec^r, SD ; rec^eren, //., SD ; rdSexen, 
SD ; roiSeren, S3 ; rcySeron, S2 ; xlSeren, 
SD; ndSeren, SD. Phr,\ mletlie xother, 
ND. Comb, : rot]Leri4M>7l, manure, HD, 
ND ; xet]ieme-toiuig>e, the herb bugloss, 
HD.— AS. hredHer : hriHer, OFris. kriHer : 
OHG. Artnd (pi. hrindir) ; cp. G. rind, 

Ro]mUy sb. a driving storm, S2. — Cp. 
Icel. rStiiy the wind, tempest. 

Ronkeiiy v. to lie close, cower down, 
> CM, C, HD, JD. 

Ronncle, v, to wrinkle, S2 ; see Bun- 

Ronncy, sb. a horse, C, CM ; roimsy, 
HD; rown^r, HD.— AF. runcin (Ro- 
land) ; cp. 0P\ roucin (F. roussin), Sp. ro- 
cifif whence rocinante^ see Diez, p. 277. 

Rounde, adj, round, PP. — AF. rounder 
OF. reonty roont ; Lat. rotundum (ace.). 

Ronndely sb, a kind of ballad, C. — OF. 

Rounay sb, a secret, a mystery, S2 ; 
nu&e, a secret, S ; ronn, song, S2 ; mnen, 
//., secret discourses, S ; runes, S ; rounes, 
S2.— AS. riinx OS. and Goth, riina, a 
secret, counsel. 

Roimaiiv V- to talk secretly, whisper, 

V PP, C2 ; nmlen, S ; rownen, H, PP, 

f Cath., S3, C2, C3; ronnden, PP, ND, 

Sh. , SPD. —AS. rdnian, to whisper. 

Rouning', sb, secret conference, S ; 
rowii^iir» ^; ranln^e, S; rounlnires, 
^l.,S; ronenen, whisperings, S. 

Ronssat, sb. russet, S3 ; see Bnsset. 

Route, sb. SL rout, overthrow, troop, 
throng, company, S2, PP, S3, C2, C3 ; 
rout, S2 ; rowtes,//.^ S2 ; rotei^ a route, 



rut, way, path, SkD. PAr. : by rote, C2, 
C3, SkD ; by roote, C— AF. route, rute, a 
band of men, a way, OF. rote ; Late Lat. 
ruptay a broken mass of flying men, a 
defeat, a company in broken ranks, a dis- 
orderly array, a way broken through a 

Ronte^ V. to put to flight, Manip. ; to 
assemble m a company, S2, C3. 

Rou}>e, sb. pity, S ; see BewSe. 

Rou^te,//. s, recked, C2 ; see Beehen. 

Roue, sb. roof, S3 ; see Bool 

Row, adj. rough, C3, SkD ; rogli, SkD; 
roje, S2 ; rouoh, S3, JD ; ruh, SD.— AS. 
nih (gen. nlwes) ; cp. G. rauh, 

Rowen, v. to row, S, PP.— AS. rhuan. 

Rowle, V. to roll, S3 ; rele, S3 ; rol- 
lyn. Prompt; rueled, //. j., S2.— AF. 
rouler, roUr; Late Lat. rotulare. Cf. 

Rowm, sb. space, Prompt., B ; rowme, 
cell, room. Prompt, S3, SkD ; rome, S3. 
— AS. rdm, space, Goth, rufns, 

Rowme, adj, spacious, roomy, H ; 
rouine, S2. 

Rowste, sb. voice, W A.— Icel. raust, 

Rowty sb, a stunning blow, S2, B; 
rout, B. 

Rowta, sb. noise, snoring, CM. 

Rowton, V, to make a great noise, to 
bellow, to snore, H, S2, S3, Prompt ; 
routen, B, CM, JD, SD ; rowtaiide,/r./>., 
r(»aring, noisy, S2 ; routte, //. j., PP ; 
mtte, PP; routlt, S2.— AS. hrtitan, to 

Royle, V. to rove about, Manip. ; rolle, 
HD, PP; roule, PP. Notes (p. 94), CM. 
— OF. roiller, roller (Ducange), AF. rouler; 
Late Lat. rotulare. See Bowie. 

Royle, sb. a stumbling horse, S3, PP. 
Notes (p. 94) ; oblongula mulier, Manip. 

Royn, sb. scurf; as adj., rough, scurfy, S3. 
— 01< . roigne (Cotg.) ; Lat. robiginenif rust, 

Roynisll, adj, scabby, ND, Sh. ; roln- 
Ish, HD. 

Royster, sb. a btdly, swaggerer, saucy 
fellow, S3 ; roister, ND. Comb, : rois- 
ter-doister, S3 (p. 262). — OF. rustre, 
royster, swaggerer (^Cotg.), also roiste (Du- 
cange), ruiste (BH), ruste; Lat. rusticum, 
a countryman. 

Ro^e, adj. rough, S2 ; see Bow. 

Ro^te* pt' S' cared, S ; see Beohen. 

Rnddocke, sb. the robin redbreast^ 
Manip. ; ruddok, CM. 



Sude, sd. redness, S ; niddes,//., S3. — 
AS. rudu (Voc). 

Sude, adj. rotigh, undressed (of cloth) 
( = Lat. rudis = dyvd<f>os), S2 ; myd, B; 
rold, B. — OF. rude ; Lat. rudtm. 

Budelyche, adv. rudely, C; rnjdly, 
B ; roydly, B ; radly, B. 

SllfB.e, V, to bluster, to be noisy and tur- 
bulent, S3, Sh., ND; mfTelynge, /r./., 
S3. — ODu. roffelen^ to pander., sb. a cheating bully, ND, HD. 

Sug, sb. back, S ; rugg'e, S, S2 ; see 

Suggry, adj. rough, C, CM. — Cp. Swed. 
r^ggigi rough, hairy. See Bow. 

Snke, sb. a heap, S ; rack, JD ; mken, 
//., S. Cp. OSwed. nika, * acervus.' 

Snkelen, v. to heap up, SD, S. 

SuUJIieis, V. to. bellow, S3 ; mmines, 
JD; rowmyss, JD; relmls, JD.— See 
SkD (s. V. rumble). The word rummets is no 
doubt of Romance origin, an inchoative in 
-SCO from Lat. ^rumare^ found in ad-rumare^ 
to make a lowing noise ; cp. OF. roumanty 
a murmur (Ducange). 

Summiss, sb. a loud, rattling, or rumb- 
ling noise, JD; relxnis, JD; reemlsli, 
JD ; nunmag'e, an obstreperous din, JD. 

Slinagate, sb, renegade, WW; see 

Sline, sb. a secret, S ; mnen, pi. secret 
discourses, S ; see Boxine. 

Sunieii, v. to discourse, S ; see Bonn- 

Snngey rang ; see Byn^en. 

Slllikylle* sb. a wrinkle, Cath. ; ran- 
IdU, JD.— Cp. Dan. rynke. 

Snnkylle, z^. to wrinkle, Cath. ; nmUe, 
JD ; roTincle, S2 ; roimoled,//., Cath (w) ; 
xouoled, HD. — Cp. Swed. rynka. 

Surd, sb. cry, noise, S2 ; see Berd. 

BnSChe, sb. rush, PP; xisohe, PP ; 
xerahe, PP ; risbe, S3 ; rlsh, Manip. ; 
Tjfih%Hypl.y S3. — AS. risce, resce (Voc.). 

Busien, v. to shake, SD, C (») ; rese, 
C ; resye, C (»); rased, //. j., PP.— AS. 
hrysiafty Goth, hrisjan. 

Susset, adj. russet, PP, Prompt; rous- 
■at, S3 ; rasBets, clothes of a russet 
colour, ND. — AF. russet, OF. rousset ; cp. 
Low Lat. roussetum (Ducange). 

Bussetting, sb. coarse cloth of russet 
colour, HD ; a Icmd of apple, ND. 

Sll]>e, sb. ruth, pity, S ; see Bewtlie. 

Sutis, sb.pL roots, S3 ; see Bote. 


Rwly, adv. ruefully, S2 ; see Bewliolie. 

Sybybe* sb. a kind of fiddle, uetella, 
viiula, Voc., Prompt.; [xiUbe, an old 
woman, CM, ND] ; rel^eke, Manip. ; re* 
bekke, rebeck, SkD ; reliecke, ND. — It. 
ribebba (also ribecca); Arab, rabdba, a 
fiddle with one or two strings, Steingass, p. 

Sybybonr, sb. a player on the rtldbe, 
PP. See above. 

Sydder, sb. a sieve, cribruMy Voc. — AS- 
hrider (Voc). Cf. BidU. 

Sydel, sb. riddle, Prompt. ; see Bedels. 

Syfe, adj. abundant, numerous, frequent, 
openly known, S3 ; ryyf. Prompt. ; ryfT, 
PP ; rsrae, G. — Icel. rifr, munificent. 

Syfelen, v. to rob, plunder. Prompt. 
y-rilled,//., PP.— OF. rijler (Cotg.). 

Syflowre,<r^. robber, plunderer, Prompt. 

Byflynge, sb. plunder, PP. 

Syffe, sb. stormy rain, S2 ; rl^, HD. — 
Icel. hreggy storm and rain. 

3ttygge, sb. back, ridge, HD, PP ; ryy, 
B,PP; ra^^e,S,PP,S2; rafir,S; raffles, 
//., HD; rljf^e, S, HD, G; riff, 82. 
Comb. : ry^ge-bon, spondihy Voc. ; ry^- 
bone, spintty Voc, PP; xygboon, HD; 
riffffebon, PP, G.— AS. hrycg\ cp. OHO. 
ruggi (Otfrid). 

Byght, adv. exactly, very, PP; rilit, 
right, close, S, S2 ; nhht, S ; rllite, S ; 
rict, S ; rigt, S ; rijt, S, S2. Phr, : ryjt 
now late, only lately, S2. 

Syght, adj. right, Prompt ; rylit, 82 ; 
rijt, S2, W ; rihte, S ; rlffte, S ; rijte. 
S; rict, S. Comb. : xi^t-tal, straight ( = 
Lat. rectus)y S2, W ; xy^tfol, S2 ; ryjt- 
uoUe, S2 ; ri^tfnlnesse, righteousness, W ; 
riht-Half, right side, S; rl^tlialf, W2 ; 
ri3tne88e, justice, S2 ; riht-wis, righteous, 
S; riclLtwlfle,S; ryBtwy8,S2; rifflitwis, 
V. to justify, H ; rULtwlsnesse, righteous- 
ness, S ; ryBttwisnerae, S2 ; rl^twisnease, 
W ; rifflitwlsenes, S2 ; xy^htwisnesse, 
C3.— AS. rtht. 

Ryghte, sb. right, law, equity, Cath. ; 
rljt, S2 ; rl5te, S, S2 ; ri^tes, //., 82 ; 
ry^tes, gen. as adv., rightly, immediately, 
S2; rlBttes, S2. PAr,: to ]7e rl^ttes, 
exactly, S2 ; at alle ri^lites, C; mid 
rihte, rightly, S ; mid rlliten, S ; wl]>]> 
nhhte, S. 

TiyjOie^ sb. hoar-frost, H, Prompt. 
Comb. : ryme-frost, hoar-frost, HD. — AS. 
I Symej sb, rime, verse, poetry, Prompt., 


S, PP ; rym, C2. C3 ; rime, S ; xymes, 

f pl.y rimes, ballads, PP, C2. Mr. : on him 
zime, in his turn, S.— OF. rifrif, rym ; 
OHG. rim, number ; cp. AS. rim, 

Rymen, v. to rime. Prompt., S3, C2, 
C3. — AF. rimer (rymer). 
RymiXL^f, sb. the art of riming, C2. 

' Rymtlie, sb. room, leisure, Prompt. 
See Sowm. 

; Rynen, v. to touch, H. Der. : rlner, 
the quoit that touches the mark, HD.— AS. 

\ hrlnan, OS. hrinan\ cp. OHG. rtnan 

RynSfe, sb, a circle, annulusj Prompt. ; 
Tynires, //., PP ; rinses, C3. Comb. : 
: rltLg'-\MttA»T^praesuitor, Manip. ; the person 
who opens a ball, HD, NQ (5. i. 146); 
zyn^-flMuigls, songs adapted for circular 
dances, S3. — AS. hring, Icel. hringr. 

Syn^en* ^- to ring. Prompt. ; rinses, 
pr. //., S ; ron^, //. j., C3 ; mn^e, //., S 
^19. 1273) ; i-nm|fe,//.,S.— AS. ringatty 
pt. s. rang (pi. rungon), pp. rungen. 

Syngls, sb. pi. reigns, S3 ; see Begne. 

Syngis,/r.//. reigns, S3 ; see Begnen. 

Sys, J^. twig, branch, branches, S2, G 

(s. V. ze/^<?dfe), CM ; ris, S, CM ; ryss, S3 ; 



xyiM, Cath., S3. Comb.i rlBe-biisli«8, 
sticks cut for burning, DG. — AS. hrls ; cp. 
Icel. hrlsy G. rets, 

Bysen, v. to rise, PP, C2 ; rlM, B ; 
rl»and,/n/., S2 ; rlseand. S2 ; rls, imp.^ 
S; rirt, /r. x., C3; ros, //. j., S, C2 ; 
T008, C2, W; raiss, S2, B; rasa, B; ri- 
sen,//., W; rysen, W; rise, C2 ; rysed, 
pt. s. {weak)y S2. — AS. rlsattf pt. s. rds (pi. 
rison), pp. risen. 

Syshe, j^. rush, S3 ; see Basohe. 

Sysp, sb. coarse grass, S3; risp, JD.i 
Cp. G. rispe, see Weigand. 

Syne, sb, shore, S. — OF. rive; Lat. 

Syne, adj. abundant, G ; see Byfe. 

Synel, sb. a wrinkle, SD. 

Synelen, v. to wrinkle, HD, PP ; ryn*. 
leden, //.//., PP; riueld, //., S3.— Cp. 
AS. rifelede (Lat. rugosus), Eng. Studien, 
xi. 66 ; and Du. ruifelen. 

Syneliug, J^. a wrinkling, W ; rynel- 
yngea,pl.y wrinkles, W2. 

Syiien, v. to tear, rive, S2, C2, C3 ; 
rif, S2 ; ryfe, H. — Icel. rl/a. 

Syuer, j^. river, PP ; i^nere, Prompt., 
CM ; xinere, S.— AF. rivere ; Late Lat. 
riparia, seashore, bank, river. See Byne. 


Sa, so, as, S, S2 ; see Swa. 

Saaf, adj, healed, S2 ; see Sanf. 

Sabat, sb. sabbath, W ; sabot, W ; s%- 
bote, S2 ; sabothis,//., S2. — Lat. sabbatum 
(Vulg.); Gr. <ra/3/3aTov; Heb. shabb&th, 
rest, sabbath. 

Sabeline, sb. the sable, also the fur of 
the sable, S; sablyne, S. — OF. sabeline, 
from sable ; Russ. sobok ; cp. G. zobel. 

Sac, sb. crime, S2 ; see 8ak. 

Saccles, adj. guiltless, S2 ; see Sakles. 

Sachel, sb. wallet, satchel, W, H (p. 
144). — OF. sachel\ Lat. saccellum (ace), 
) dimin. of saccus. See 8ak. 

Sacren, v. to consecrate, hallow, S, 
Prompt. ; y-sacred, pp.^ S3. — OF. sacrer ; 
Lat. sacrare. 

Sacristane, sb. sacristan, Cath. ; sec- 
zistonn, Voc. ; seztesrne. Prompt. ; sez- 
teyn, C2. — AF. secrestein, OF. sacristain, 
sexton (Cotg.) ; from Church Lat. sacrista 

Sadf <ulj' sated, over full, weary, satisfied, 
serious, firm, sober, discreet; grave, PP, S2, 
S3, C, C2, C3, W ; sead, S ; sssd, S ; sadde, 
adv., S3 ; sadder, comp., more soundly (of 
sleep), PP.— AS. seed-. OS. sad, sated; cp. 
OHG. JO/ (Tatian) : Goth. jajMj; cp. Lat. 
satis ; see Brugmann, § 109. 

Sadel, sh. saddle, C3 ; sadyl, Prompt. 
Comb. : sadel-bowe, saddle-bow, S. — AS. 

Sadelien, v. to saddle ; sadelede, pt. 
J., S; sadeled,^/., G. — AS. sadelian. 

Sadly, adi). seriously, S3, C, C2, C3 ; 
sadlier, comp.y more heavily, PP; sad- 
loker, more soundly, S2, PP. 

Sadnes, sb. stedfastness, soberness, dis- 
creetness, S3, WA ; sadnesse, C2, P, W, 

SfB, sb. sea, S ; see See. 

SfBClian, v. to sicken ; snolede, //. s.y 
S. See Sek. 

Sted, adj. sated, S ; see Sad. , 



SSBht, 88Bhte ; see Saht, Sahte. 
Snhtleden, //. //. reconciled, S ; see 
Steres, pi. shears, S ; see Sohere. 
Steri, adj, sorry, S ; see Story. 
SsBtte, //. s. set, S ; see Batten. 
Stew, sb, juice, S ; see Sewe. 
Safferes, Safirisi see SapUr. 

Sa£E]!01i, V. to tinge with saffron, C3. 

SaffirOlin, sb, saffron, Ca ; safnin, 
Prompt. ; safllran, SkD ; saffome, S3. — 
AF. saffron. 

Safte, sb. pL creatures, S ; see Soliaftw 

Sag, Sagh, saw; see Seen. 

Saghe, sb. saw, saying, H ; see Saw*. 

Saghtel, I /. pr. pi. become reconciled, 
S2 ; see Salitlien. 

Saht, adj. at peace, reconciled ; ssBht) 
S; selLte,S; saut, HD; 8alLlite,//.,S.~ 
— AS. s(Bht \ cp. Icel. sdttr. 

Sahte, sb. peace, reconciliation, S; 
ssBhte, concord, S; sauglite, HD. — Cp. 
Icel. sdtt, concord. 

Sahtlieu, v. to reconcile, to be recon- 
ciled, S, SkD (S.V. settle) ; n^tlen, SkD ; 
■au^tlen, SkD; saglitel, S2 ; ssslitUexi, 
S; sa^tlU, WA; saffhetyUe, HD.— AS. 

Sahtling, sb. reconciliation ; ■a^tlyiig', 
82 ; sau^telynff, HD ; sauglit^yiiffe, 
HD. See above. 

Sahtneu, v. to reconcile, to be recon- 
ciled, S ; sanhtne, PP ; sau^tne, P. 

Sahtnessei sb. peace, reconciliation) 
S; selitnesse, S; Beihtuesse, S.— AS. 

Sai^, saw ; see Seen. 

Sak, sb. sack, sackcloth, PP, W2 ; seic, 
S2 ; seek, S ; seckes,//., S ; sakkes, PP. 
— AS. sacc ; Lat. saccus (Vulg.) ; Gr. ffixKos 
(LXX); Heb. sag, probably of Egyptian 

Sak, sb. guilt, crime, cause, sake, S2, B ; 
sake> S ; sac, S2 ; sakess,//., crimes, S2. 
— Icelv sok (stem saka-), a cause, charge, 
t^ilt, crime: Goth, sakjo { = fjuixv)'f cp. 
AS. sacUy OHG. sakha, * causa * (Tatian). 

Sake8,/r. s. shakes, S ; see Sehaken. 

Sakles, adj. guiltless, S2 ; siOcless, B{ 
saoeles, S2; sacelesli) -Adv., guiltlessly, 
S2. — AS. saclias\ cp. Icel. saklauss. 

Sal, sb, salt. Comb. I sal-armonlak, 
sal ammoniac, C3 ; sal-pet«r, saltpetre, 
C3; saL-preparai prepared salt, C3; 
sal-tartre, salt of tartar, C3.— Lat. saL j 


Salad, sb. helmet, CM; sallet, ND, 
Sh.; salettes,//.,RD(p.i663).--OF. J^J/a^/4f 
(Cotg.); cp. Low Lat. salada (Ducange;, 
Sp. celada (Minsheu). 

Said, pt. s. sold, S2 ; see Sellen. 

Sale, sb. hall, WA, S, HD.— Icel. sair', 
cp. AS. seel (gen. sales). 

Sale, sb. basket of willow-twigs for 
catching eels, etc., S3. See Salwe. 

Salewis, sb. pi. willows, W2; see 

Salm, sb. psalm, S2) W2 ; psalme, H ; 
psalmes, pi., PP; salmes, S2. — Church 
Lat. psalmus (Vulg.) ; Gr. tf/aXfiSs (lxx). 

Salme, v. to sing psalms, S2. 

Salt, sb. salt, Voc, S; sealte, daf., S2. 
Comb. : salt-cote, a salt-pit, salina, Voc. ; 
salte-cote, Cath., Voc— AS. sealt. 

Salt, adj. salted, salt, salsusy SD ; sealte, 
S2; salte,//., C2. 

Salue, V. to salute, C2, C3.— OF. saJtter ; 
Lat. salutare. 

Saluyng, sb. salutation, C. 

Salue, sb. salve, ointment, C2, PP; 
sallfe, H (p. 184).— AS. seaif\ cp. G. 

Salwe, sb. a kind of willow, a sallow, 
SkD, Voc. ; salwhe, Prompt. ; salsrlie, HD ; 
salewis, //., W2.— AS. sealh (Voc.): 
OHG. salahd; cp. Lat. salic-em^ Ir. sail, 
Gr. lAt/ifiy, W. helyg. 

Sam .... sam, conj. whether .... or, 

Same, adj. same, SkD ; samyn, S3, B; 
sammyn, dat., S2, B.— Icel. samt. 

Same, sb. shame, S ; see Schanie. 

Samed, adt), together, SD; somed, S; 
somet, S. — AS. samod. 

Samen, adv. together, PP, S, S2, H ; 
saxuenxL, S ; samyxi, H, B ; sammyn, B. 
—Icel. saman ; cp. OHG. saman (Tatian). 

Samet, sb. a rich silk stuff, CM; 
samsrte, SkD ; samite, ND.— OF. samit ; 
Late Lat. examiium\ Late Gr. k^^^uTw, 
cp. G. samt, velvet, It. sciamito (Florio). 

Samie, v. to be ashamed, S; see 

Samm-tale, adj. pi. in harmony, S. 

Samuieu, v. to unite; somnen, S; 
sammnesst, 2 pr. j., S ; i-somned, pp., 
S ; samned, S2 ; samened, S2 ; samyad, 
H. — AS. samnian. 

Samon, sb. salmon, S2 ; see Sanxnon. 

Sand, sb. sand, PP ; see Send. 

Sandy sb. a gift, S2 ; see Send. 


SandarboddSy ib. //. messengers, S ; 
see Soader. 

Saagy sb. song, S, S3 ; see Sonir** 

Saagy sb. blood. Comb. : mmk ro7«ll, 
blood royal, S3 (14. 490). — OF. sanc^ 
sang', Lat. sanguinem. 

SaiUTWine, <m5^*. blood-red, S3 ; saaiff- 
wlii, C ; san^ane, blood colour (in he- 
raldry), S3. — AF. sanguine] Lat. sangui- 

Saas, prep, without, C3 ; sans, S2, PP ; 
sann, HD. Contb. : saim fall, without 
fail, HD. — OF. sansy senz ; Lat. sine, see 
BH. § 50. 

Sant, adj. and sb. holy, saint, S2 ; 8aait«, 
S; sanot, B.— Lat. sanctus. Cf. Saint. 

Sanyty pt, s. crossed himself, S3 ; see 

S&pe, sb. soap, S ; see Soope. 

SapMr, sb. sapphire ; saitria, W (Apoc 
31. 19) ; aaphirea,//., C2, PP; aalDires, 
P. — AF. safir, sapkire; Lat. sapphirum 
(ace.) ; Gr. (rd'w<p€ipos ; Heb. sappir. 

Sapience* •r^^ Wisdom, 1. e. the book so 
called, C2, P; wisdom, C3; sapienoea, 
//., kinds of intelligence, C3.— -OF. sapience ; 
Lat. sapientia. 

Sar, 8are, Sair; see Sore. 

Sarce, sb. sieve, Cath., Palsg. ; 
Cotg. (s.v. tamis^ ; sanM, Cath. (») ; 
Cath. («).— OF. sasy a scarce (Cotg.), saasx 
Sp. «^i2^ (Minsheu) ; Lat. seiaceum, from 
setaj hair on an animal. See Say. 

Sarce, z^. to sift, Palsg. ; searse, Cath. 
(«). — OK. sasser, 

Sariy adj. sorry, S ; see Soxy. 

Sarky sb. shirt, S3 ; see Serk. 

Samunuty sb. sermon, P; see Sexntonn. 

Satem, sb. Satumus, SD. Comb.: 
Sateves-dal, Saturday, S; Saterdei, S; 
■etorday, PP ; 8»tterd«l, S ; aatarday, 
PP ; aatnrday, PP. 

Sattely V. to subside, S2, S3 ; see Setlen. 

Sailfy adj. safe, healed, made whole, S2, 

C3, P ; aanir, S2 ; aaf, S2 ; saaf, S2, W ; 

. mtkTdf prep.y save, except, C ; saue, C2, C3 ; 

* aavlfe, S3; lAbiilUolie, adv., safely, S2; 

saully, C, C2, PP; sanely, H. Comb.-. 

' sanlfe-iTarde, safe-keeping, S3 ; salfflrard, 

S3. — AF. saufy OF. salf\ Lat. saluum. 

Sanifh, saw; see Seen. 

Saughtey 'v. to be reconciled, G. See 

Sanle, sb. soul, S ; eawl, S ; aanll, S3 ; 
I aanlen, //., S ; see Sonle. 



Sanmon, sb. salmon, Voc. ; aalmond, 
B ; samon, S2 ; samowne. Prompt. — OF. 
saumun, salmon ; Lat. salmonem, 

Sanmplarie, sb, example, instructor, 

Sanmple, sb. example, PP, W2, HD. 

Sanmpler, sb. exemplar, pattern, W. 

Sanndyuer, sb. the fatty substance 
floating on glass when it is red-hot in the 
furnace, S2 ; aawndevere, HD ; saadiver, 
Cotg. — OF. suin de verre, the sweating of 
glass (Cotg.) ; suin or suinty from suinter, 
to sweat, as stones in moist weather ; na- 
salised from OTeut. base SWIT, whence G. 
schwitzen, to sweat. 

Sausefleue, sb. the scab, salsumflegnia, 
C (p. 1 4 o) . Der. : sanaeflemed, adj. , having 
pimples on the face, HD ; aawoeflem, pim- 
pled, C, CM. — Late Lat. salsum flegma. 

Saut, sb. assault, H, PP ; aante, H; 
■awt, B.— OF. sauty a leap ; Lat. solium. 

Saute, V, to leap, PP.— OF. sauier, 
saulter ; Lat. saltare. 

Sauter, sb. a musical instrument, psalter, 
psalms, S2 ; sawter, Voc. ; aawtre, Voc. ; 
sautre, W2 ; paanter, PP ; paantere, H 
(p. 3). Comb. : aawtere-boke, Voc.~OF. 
sautier (Bartsch), psaultier ; Church Lat. 
psalterium ; Gr. xf/akrliptov, 

Sauvacioim, sb. salvation, S2, S3, C3, 
P. — AF. salvacioun ; Lat. salvationem. 

Sau^tne, v. become reconciled, P ; see 

Sane, prep, save, C2 ; see Sanf. 

Saueine, sb. savin, sabine, SkD ; aew- 
ane, S3. — AS. safine ; Lat. sabina ; cp. OF. 
sabine, savinier^ the savine-tree (Cotg.). 

Sauet^, sb, safety, PP ; aanyte, S2 ; 
aafte. P.— AF. sauvete ; Late Lat. salvita- 

Save, sb. the herb sage, C ; see Saw^e. 

SaVOnifv sb. savour, smell, pleasantness, 
pleasure, P, C2, C3, WW.— OF. saveur\ 
Lat. saporem. 

Savouren, v. to have a pleasant taste, 
to give an appetite to, S2, P ; sauere ( = 
Lat. sapere), to have a taste, perception, W; 
•auer, S2, WW, CM.— AF. savourer. 

Sawe, sb. a saw, saying, S2, C, C3 ; 
■affile, H ; aafiflies, //., H ; aafflis, S2 ; 
aawes, S2, P. — AS. sagu. 

Sawe, V. to sow, S ; see Sowen. 

Sawge, sb. the herb sage. Prompt. ; 
■alffe, Cath. ; lave, C, HD.— OF. sauge ; 
Lat. saluia ; cp. Low Lat. salgia (Cath.). 

196 SAY. 

Say, pt. s. saw ; see Seon. 

Say, sb. silk, WA.— OF. seie\ Sp; seda\ 
Lat. seta, bristle. Cf. Saroe. 

Sayne, sb. a net, WA.— OF. seine \ 
Lat. sagena ; Gr. aayfivrj ; cp. Olr. sJn. 

SayntuaiT-es, sb, pL relics, S3 ; see 

Sa^, pt. s. saw ; see Seon. 

Sa^tled, pt, s. settled, S2 ; see Setlen. 

Sa^tlyxig, sb, reconciliation, S2 ; see 

Sc-. For many words beginning with sc-, 
see Sell-. 

ScfB, she, S ; see Slieo. 

ScfBrp, adj. sharp, S ; see Scliarp. 

Scandlic, odj. disgraceful, S. See 

Scaplorye, sb. a kind of scarf, Prompt. ; 
seaplory, scapelory, Cath., S ; seaplorey, 
Voc. ; seapelary, Prompt. ; eliapolory, 
S3; seaplery, Cath. («) ; seapularye, 
Cath. («) ; seopelarie, Cath. («).— Church 
Lat. scapulare, from scapula, shoulder 

Scarl, sb. scare-crow, bugbear, HD ; 
scarle, Cath. 

Scarren, v. to scare, SD ; see Skerren. 

Scars, adj. scarce, SD ; searee. Prompt.; 
searsUelie, adv.y scarcely, SD; seartOycli, 
sparingly, S2 ; searsly, parsimoniously, 
C, Prompt.; searseU, W.— AF. escars\ 
Late Lat. excarpsum. 

Scarset^, sb. scarcity, C3 ; searste, S2. 
— OF. scharset6 (Ducange). 

ScarsneSSe, sb, scarceness,' Prompt. 

Scarth, sb. sherd. H ; skarth, JD.— 
Icel. skarC. Cf. Sclierde. 

Scat, sb. treasure, S. — AS. sceatx OS. 
skat\ cp. OHG. s£az (Tatian). 

ScaSe, sb. harm, S, C2 ; scliatlie, S2 ; 
skaitli, S3 ; skatlie, C, G ; scath, WA ; 
skatb, H.— Icel. skM; cp. OHG. scado 


Scean, //. s. shone, S ; see Sehynen. 

Sceappend, sb. creator, S ; see Seliep- 
Seel, shall, S ; see Selial. 
Sceolde, should, S ; see Seliolde. 
Scewie, i^np. pi. let us see, S; see 

Schade,^^. shade, shadow, WA ; seliad- 

owe, Prompt.; scliadewe, S; sliadwe, 

C2, C3. Phr. : in ssede, darkly, S2.— 

AS. sceadu (stem sceadwa) : OS. skado ; cp. 

OHG. scaio (Tatian). 


Scliaft, sb. shape, make, form, creature, 
S, S2 ; scliafte, PP ; shafte, PP ; 8cep]>e, 
S2 ; soliafte, //., S ; safte, S ; ■seppei, 
S2.— AS. {ge)sceaft. 

Schakaris, drops of dew hanging 
down, S3. 

Sclll&eu, V. to shake. Prompt. ; ssaJce, 
S2 ; saketJj/r. s., S; soliok, pt. s., S, S2 ; 
sclutke, //., C— AS. sceacan, pt. scdc, pp. 

Sclial, I, Ipt'pr- s. shall, S ; sceal, S ; 
seal, S ; sceol, S ; seel, S ; schel, S2 ; 
■Bel, S2 ; slial, S, S2, C2, C3 ; «al, S, S2 ; 
■aU, H; sale, S2 ; «alt, 2 pr. s., S2 ; 
ssalt, S2 ; soliTilen, pi, S; sclmUen, S, 
S2 ; sclmUe, S ; sclmUep, S ; sclrale, S ; 
soulen, S ; sclinlii, C ; scnllen, S ; scale, 
S; slmlen, S; slmUen, C3; sbulle, S; 
slinl, S2, C3 ; slinle, S2 ; snlen, S ; sule, 
S; snlleii, S; snlle, S; scliolle, S2; 
sholen, S; sbole, S; ssolle, S2 ; solle, 
S; saUe, S2 ; scluatow, salton, shalt 
thou, S2. Cf. Seliolde. 

Sdialk, sb. servant, man, WA ; sdialke, 
S2.— AS. scealc (Grein) : Goth. skalks\ cp. 
OHG. scale (Tatian). 

Schame, sb. shame, S, PP ; scliome, S ; 
slioxiie, S2 ; sdieoxne, S ; scome, S ; 
ssaxue, S2 ; same, S.— AS. sceamu, 

Scliainefast, adj. modest, C. 

Schamefastnesse, sb. modesty, C, W. 
Sdiamelicli, adj. shameful ; sohome- 
lioh, S, S2 ; sluuneUclLe, adv., S ; sliaiii- 
He, S2. 

Schaxaieii, ^* to shame, to be ashamed, 
S, W ; shame. S2 ; ssame, S2 ; sarnie, S. 
Schamylle, sb. stool, Cath.; sliamel 
( = Lat. scabellum\ H ; schamel, Cath. («) ; 
scliam.b7lle, macellum, Cath.; sliambles, 
pi., Sh.— AS. scamel (Mt. 5. 35% scamol, 
sceamul (Voc.) ; Lat. scamellum ; cp. OF. 
scamel (Ps. 109. i), also Lat. scabellum, 
from stem scam- in scamnum. See NQ (5. 
5. 261). 
Schap, sb, shape, PP, C, W2 ; shap, S, 
C2 ; schapp, S2 ; scliappe, PP; scheape, 
S; sliappe, PP.— AS. {ge)sceap. 
Schapeu, v. to form, create, ordain, 
refl. to dispose oneself, endeavour, S, C, 
PP, S3 ; shape, PP ; schop, pt. s., S, S2 ; 
shop, S ; shoop, C2 ; soop, S ; sop, S ; 
schope, S2 ; shope, S2, H ; schapen, pp., 
C ; shapexL, S, S2, C2 ; shape, C2 ; y- 
schape, S2 ; yshapen, C2 ; yshape, C3. 
—AS. sceapan, pt. sc6p {sciop\ pp. sceapen, 
Schapien, v, to create, form ; schepien, 


S ; Bcliapide, //. s., W ; shaped, //., S. 
Cf. Soheppon. 

Schaply, adj. fit, C. 

Schaplynesse, sd. beauty, W2. 

Scharp, adj. sharp; soharpe, S; 
sclierpe, S ; scsBrp, S ; soliarpe, adv., S ; 
sliarpe, C2. — AS. scearp. 

Scharpin, v. to make sharp ; sohezpit, 
//. s., S3. 

Schaveiiy v. to shave, scrape, PP; 
schauyde, pt. s., W2 ; shauen, //., S ; 
scliave, C ; y-soliaiie, Sa ; y-shaue, C2 ; 
isohaven, S. Der. : shanlng, a thin 
slice, C3. — AS. scea/an, pt. sciff, pp. scafen. 

SchAWe, sb. a shaw, wood, grove, S2, 
G, S3, HD, Cath.; schaw, WA, B; 
schowe, HD; shawes, //., PP. — AS. 
scaga ; cp. Icel. skdgr. 

Schawen, v. to shew, S, S2, S3 ; see 

Schawere, sb. a vei', S; scawere, 
mirror, S; s8eawere,S2; m}lLewere,WA. 

ScliawloSy sb. scare-crow, an appear- 
ance, S; scliewelles, ND; sewell, HD. 
— From the same root as G. scheuche. See 

Sche, she, C ; see Slieo. 

Scheawen, v. to appear, S2; see 
* Scliewen. 

CTcliedey sb. the parting of a man's hair, 
Cath. ; see Sohode. 

Sdieden, v. to separate, to part the 
hair, to shed, pour, S, PP, W2 ; slitedenn, 
S; sheden, PP; shode, HD; soliedde, 
//. J., PP; sliedde, C2; sliadde, C2 ; 
ssedde, Sa ; i.Mlied, pp., S ; shad, S.^ 
AS. sciadan, pt. sciod, pp. sciaden\ cp. 
OHG. skeidan (Tatian), G. scheiten. 

Scheef, sb. sheaf. Prompt. ; shef, C ; 
scliof. Prompt. ; scheffe, Prompt. ; shnf- 
mmsy pi, S.— AS. sciaf. 

Scheepy sb, sheep. Prompt.; shep, S; 

■ohepe, Cath. ; //., Sa ; sliep, S ; sep, S. 

—AS. sceap. 

< Scheepv sb. shepherd, S2, PP; sliepe, 

) P ; shep, PP ; chep, PP, Notes (p. 458.)— 

AS. *sceapa {scepa). 

Scheld, sb. shield, S, C, Wa ; ■lield.S; 
sseld, Sa ; soheeld, C ; shel, S ; scheelde. 
Prompt. — AS. scield, scyld. 

Schaldeny v. to shield, PP ; Mhilden, 
S, G ; sMlden, Ca ; sUden, S. 

Schelder, sb. shielder, Sa. 
; Bchaltromiy sb, shelter, defence, a 


strong shield, also a body of troops, bat- 
talion, PP ; solieltxon. Prompt. ; sohel- 
trone, acies, Voc. ; sclieltrom, PP, Sa ; 
solieltnui, Wa ; slraltxom, PP ; schil- 
trnxn, £ ; childroxne, £ ; Jeltron, shield, 
shelter, SkD (s.v. shelter). — AS. scild- 
iruma, a shield-troop (Leo) ; cp. AF. chil- 

Schench, sb. draught of beer or wine, 
SD ; senclie, S ; solienclie, dat., S. — Icel. 
skenkr, the serving of drink. 

Scheuchen, v. to pour out beer or 
wine, to offer a good thing, S, CM ; sheii- 
clien, Sa ; sclienlcyii. Prompt. — AS. 
scencan, to pour out drink (Grein); cp. 
OHG. scenken (Otfrid), Icel. skenkja ; 
from AS. sceanc, shank, a hollow bone used 
for drawing off liquor. See SkD (s. v. 

Scheudeii, v. to harm, ruin, disgrace, 
PP, S, Sa, Wa, S3 ; slienden, PP, Ca, H ; 
■cenden, S ; siende, Sa ; sende, S ; 
shende, pt. s., S ; sohente, S ; solient, 
//., S, Sa, C, Wa, G ; slient, PP, Ca.— 
AS. scendan. See Sclionde. 

Schendfol, adj. disgraceful, SD; 
schendAiUlolie, adv., PP ; sliendfiilllclie, 

SchendlaC, sb. disgrace, S. 

Schendscllip, sb. disgrace, hurt, ruin ; 
■olieiLscliip, W , Wa ; Bchensliip, H ; 
sohenslLepe, PP. 

Schene, adj. bright, S, Sa, S3, C; 
■oene, Sa ; sclieyii, S3 ; sliene, Ca, S3 ; 
sheene, Sa, S3, C3 ; solieiLre, comp., S. — 
AS. scSnex OS. sk<hti ; cp. OHG. sc(}m 

Scheome, sb. shame, S ; see Schame. 

Scheot, pr. s. shoots, S ; see Sobeten. 

SchepieS, imp. pi, shape, S ; see 

SclLepne, sb. shed, stall, stable, C; 
■oliepyn, bostar, Voc; sMppen, HD; 
scbyppnne, Voc. ; shepnes, //., CM. — 
AS. scypen, * bovile ' (Voc). Cf. Sclioppe. 

Scheppon, v, to create, foim, SD; 
scliupte, //. s., S. — AS. sceppan, scyppan. 

Sdieppendey sb. creator; sceppende, 
S ; ^ceppend, S ; sceappend, S ; sliep- 
-pemdieu, pi., S. 

Scheppere, sb. creator; sohiippere, 
S; sliepper, PP.— Cp. OHG. sceppheri 
(Otfnd), G. schopfer, 

Scherald, adj, cut \^ the plough-share, 



Sclierde, sb, sherd, Prompt. 
Schere, sb, shears, C ; sbeze, C2, PP ; 

■SBres,//., S. 

Schere, v. to shear, S3, S2 ; ■chsBren, 
S ; sheren, to reap, cut, S, C2 ; scorn, 
//., S2 ; soren, S j y-schore, S2. — AS. 
sceran {scieran), pt. scear (pi. sciaron), pp. 

Sclierey adj. pure, bright, clear, SD ; 
skere, adv.^ SD; sker, clean, entirely, S. 
Comb.'. Shere pursdai, the Thursday in 
Holy "Week, S. — Icel. skcerr; cp. skiri- 
pdrsdagr^ skir-dagr, names for Maundy 
Thursday. See Sohyre. 

Scherpit, pt. s. sharpened, S3; see 

Sclierreiiey sb. sheriff, G; see under 

Scherte, sb. shirt, C, C2, PP, Voc; 
sherte, PP ; slinrte, SkD ; scliyrt, Voc. ; 
sUrte, SkD. — Icel. skyrta. 

Schete, sb. sheet. Prompt., P; sliete, 
C3. — AS. scite, for scyte^ see SkD. 

Scheten, V- to shoot, rush, S, W2, 
Prompt^; scheete, G; ssete, S2 ; sohnt, 
S2 ; schute, £ ; scheot, pr. j., S; scliot, 
pt. s.y S2, B ; 88cet, S2 ; sbote, //., S2 ; 
ishote, S; iscote, S; issote, S2. — AS. 
scioian, pt. sdat (pi. scuton)^ pp. scoten. 

Scheter, sb. shooter, SD; sclietare. 
Prompt. ; ssetar, S2. 

Schethe, sb. sheath, W (Jo. 15. 11), 
Cath. ; sbetlie, C2.— AS.j^/^; cp.OHG. 
skeidA (Tatian). 

Schetten, v. to shut, C3, Prompt.; 
scMtte, G, W2; scMtte, //. J., W; 
sliette, G, P; pi, C2, C3; schet,//., C, 
W; shet, C3; schlt, W; iscliet, G; 
7-scliette, S2, C3. — AS. scyttan. 

Scheweu, v. to show, appear, S, PP, 
S3 ; scheawexi, S2 ; solieauwen, S ; 
scliewi, S, S2 ; schaw, S2, S3, S ; scea- 
wen, S ; soeu, S2 ; scawen, S ; shewe, 
PP ; shsBwexui, S ; sseawy, S2 ; seawen, 
S. — AS. sciawian, to see, also to make to 
see, shew : OS. skdwon, to look, see. 

Schey, adj. timid, shy. Prompt.; sceonli, 
SkD.—AS.scM. Cf.EsGlLewexi,8ohawle8. 

ScMde, sb. a splinter, WA. — AS. sc/de ; 
cp. G. scheity see Kluge. 

Schifb, sb. shift, change; shift, Sh. 
Phr.'. at a sohift, on a sudden, in a 
moment, S2. 

Schifbeu, v. to change, shift, to part 
asunder, to divide, to discern, SkD ; sdiyf- 


tyn. Prompt ; slilft«, C3 ; scyft, pr. s., 
S ; shifte bim,//. s., removed himself, PP. 
— AS. sciftan {scyftan\ to divide. 

Scllildeiiy V. to shield, S ; see Scbal- 

Scllip, sb. ship, S ; soliup, S ; sclpen, 
dat.^ S; sobupe, S; sipe, S; sdiupes, 
gen., S; sohipes, //., S; schlppes, S; 
soipen, S ; idpes, S ; ssipes, S2. Comb. : 
sobip-bord ; p/ir. : on scbipbord, on 
board a ship, S2 ; sMp-breclie, shipwreck, 
W; sehlp-man, shipman, C; shlpman, 
C2; soipenmonnen, //. ^a/., S ; ssip-nol, 
shipful, S2 ; sclmpeward, shipward, S ; 
sMp-wzacke, shipwreck, S3. — AS. sctp. 

ScMrclien, v. to shriek, S ; see Sohzy- 

Scliirmeii, v. to skirmish, fence, S; 
skirmen, S ; skyrmei, pr. s., glides 
swiftly on flapping wings, S2. — Cp. Du. 
schermen, to fence, from scherm, screen, 
protection, OHG. scirm^ protection (Otfrid). 

Sdiitte, V. to shut, G ; see Sebetten. 

Bcho, sb. shoe, W2 ; scboo, C, Prompt. ; 
sobon, //., S2, S3 ; scbone, S, W; seboan, 
S2, W, G; sboon, C2, W ; sbon, PP.— 
AS. sc^ohy pi. sc^os, gen. pi. sciona. 

Scho, she, S3 ; see Sbeo. 

Schod, //. shod, W, Prompt. ; sbodde, 

Bchode, sb. the parting of a man's hair, 
the temple or top of the head, C ; sobood, 
CM.— AS. scdde, * vertex capilli ' (Grein) ; 
cp. G. scheitel. See Sobeden. 

ScliO£f£fyil, V. to shake, toss. Prompt. ; 
sobofifs, pr. s.y WA ; scboffffid, pp., W. 

Scholde, pt. s. should, S, S2 ; scolde, 
S ; sceolde, S ; sbolde, S, C2, C3 ; scnlde, 
S ; scbnlde, S ; sbnlde, S, C2, C3 ; snide, 
S ; snld, S2 ; sbnld, S2 ; solde, S ; sobolte, 
S; son}, H ; sonle, H ; sobolden,//., S; 
scolden, S ; ssolde, S2 ; snld, S2. — AS. 
scolde. See SobaL 

Scholle, shall, S2 ; see ^pbal. 

ScllOmey sb. shame, S ; see Scbame. 

Schomelich, adj. shameful, S; see 

Schon, pt. of Sobo, q.y. 

Schon, pt. s. shone, C, G ; see Sobynen. 

ScllOXldey sb. disgrace, S; sbonde, C2. 
— AS. scand {sceand), scond (GET). 

Schonye, v. shun, P ; see Scbnnien. 

Schop, pt. s. created, S ; see Scbapen. 

Schoppe, sb. shop, S2, Prompt, SkD. 
Cf. Scbepne. 


Schore, sb, a notch or line cut, a nmn- 
ber, score, twenty, S2, PP; Mor«, G, 
Prompt., PP.— AS. scor ; cp. Icel. skor^ an 
incision. See Scberen. 

Schort, adj. short, Prompt.; sohorte, 
S3 ; EooTt, S, S2.— AS. sceort; cp. OHG. 

Schorteliche, adv. briefly, C. 

Schorten, v, to make short, C, Prompt. 
^ Schot, pt. s. rushed, S2 ; see Solieten. 
t Schouel, sb. shovel, Prompt. ; sbowtU, 
S3.— AS. scojl (Voc). 

ScllOWpe, sb. a hip, cornunit Cath. 
Comb. : sohowpe-tre, the briar, Cath. ; 
scope-tre, Cath. («). 

ScllOWre, sb. shower, Prompt. ; sclmr, 
SD; slioures, //., PP, C2 ; sores, S.— 
AS. sctir : Goth, skura. 

Schowwyjiy V. to shove. Prompt. ; 
BdLowned, //., S2. — AS. scofian. 

Schowynge, sb. pushmg. Prompt.; 
shawuing-, C3. 

Schraf,//. s. shrove, S3 ; see Sohxinen. 

Schrapen, v. to scrape, PP. —Icel. 

Sc^ireden, v, to clothe, S ; see Seliroii- 

ScliredeiiyZ'. to cut, Prompt; shredde, 
' pt. J., C2. — AS. scriadian> 

Scliredynge, sb. a cutting of herbs, 
Prompt. ; scliridyxLff, W2. 

Schrencheii, v. to make to fall, to 
deceive, S ; sorenolie, S ; sorennkenii, S. 
— AS. {ge)screncan, * supplantare,' Ps. 17. 
40 (VP) ; cp. OHG. screnken (Otfrid). 

Sclirewey adj. and sb. wicked, bad, a 
wicked one, sinner, peevish woman, the 
devil, G, W2, S2, P, S, CM ; slirewe, C2, 
P ; slirew, S3, H, S2, C3 ; screwe, PP. 
Cp. AS. scrSawa^ a shrew-mouse (Voc). 

Sdirewen, v. to curse, CM, C. 

Schrewid, adj. cursed, bad, W, W2. 

Schrewidnesse, sb. wickedness, W2 ; 
slirewednesse, P. 

Scbrifb, sb. shrift, confession, S3 ; 
\ scrift, S ; sclixlfte, dat.^ S2 ; slLxlfte, S.— 
AS. scHft. 

Sclirifbe, sb. confessor, S ; slirlfte, S ; 
fMnrifte, S. 

Sclirippe, sb. scrip, bag, S2, PP ; 
s]irippe,PP; 8crippe,S,S2,W; scxyppo, 

Schrilieii, v. to prescribe penance, to 

confess, S ; sclixsnie, S2 ; shriue, S ; 

I slirife, S2 ; sclixaf, pt. x., S2 ; sclirof, 



PP ; ssrine, //., S2 ; ■hrinen, //., S ; 
sliXTiien, P ; soxiiisn, S2 ; y-shrsrne, PP. 
— AS. scrifan, to prescribe penance, to 
receive confessions ; Lat. scribere. 

BcllVOlld, sb. dress, garment, PP; sorud, 
S ; slimd, S ; smd, S ; soliroude, WA, 
S3 ; sliroudes, //., rough outer clothes, P. 
—AS. scnid (Voc). 

Sclirouden, v. to clothe ; scradsn, S ; 
scbmden, S ; scliredeii, S : 8]imt,/r. s.y 
S; scred, S ; schrowdis, S3 ; soliredde, 
//. s., S, CM ; srid, S ; solired, 2 pt. s., 

52 ; schrndde,//., S ; y-sclirowdsrt, //., 

53 ; ischnid, S ; isorad, S. — AS. scrydan, 
also 5cr6dan. 

Scliryclieii, v. to shriek, screech. 
Prompt. ; schrlken, SkD ; sorUcen, SkD ; 
shrlken, SkD ; schlrolieii, S ; shryfirlite, 
//. s.y C2 ; sclixlfirlite, C ; sliryglit, S3 ; 
■hryelied, //., S3 ; sohxykede, C. — Cp. 
Swed. skrika. 

Bcliulde, should; see Scholde. 

Schnldere, sb. shoulder, Voc, W, S, 
C ; slmlder, Voc. ; ssoldren, //., S2. — 
AS. sculder, 

Schulen, shall ; see SchaL 

Sclmlen, v. to squint, S; Skoul, SkD 
(s.v. scowl). — Cp. Dan. skule^ to scowl. 

Bclllllle, adv. shrilly, S ; see Scliylle. 

SclllUlCAeny v. to cause to shun, to 
frighten, S. 

Sohunien, v. to shun, S ; solionye, S ; 
slioiiys, P ; sniien, S. — AS. sciinian. 

SclmPv sb. ship, S ; see Schip. 

Sohuppere, sb. creator, S ; see Schep^ 

Scllllpte,/^<r- created, S; seeScheppen. 

Schmr, sb. shower ; see Sdiowre. 

Schnrge, sb. scourge, S ; see Scorge. 

Schnrten, v. reflex, to amuse (one- 
self), S. 

Bchut, V. to shoot, Sa ; see Scbeten. 

Schylle, adj. sonorous, shrill, Prompt., 
Cath. ; sclilUe, S, S2 ; MlilU, S3 ; sdiiUe, 
adv., S, S2 ; sclmUe, S ; slinlle, PP. 

Schylly, adv. sharply. Prompt. 

Schyllynget sb. shilling. Prompt.; 
solilllinff, pi.y S2; soHduSy Cath. — AS. 

Schyne, sb. shin, C; soliTiuie, Prompt. 
Comb. : scliyn-bone, Voc. — AS. scina 

Scliyxieii, V. to shine, Prompt. ; sinen, 
S ; sotalnen, S ; ssynen, S2 ; soeaa, //. s.y 
S ; solion, C, G ; sboon, Cs scliane, //., 



S3. H; sinen, //., S.— AS. scinan, pt. 
scdn (pi. scinofi), pp. scinen, 

Schynyxig, sb, lightning, W2. 

Schjnyngli, a^z'. splendidly, W. 

Schyre, sb, a shire, PP ; ssire, S2. 
Comb. : sohir-reue, shire-reeve, sheriff, S, 
C ; scherreiie, G ; sdiTreue, P ; syrreue, 
S ; scUrreiies,//., S2, PP; slurines, S5; 
shireues, P. — AS. sdr, 

Schyre, adj, bright, clear, Prompt. ; 
schlre, S2 ; shire, H ; shir, S ; sliyrest, 
super I., H. Der. : shymeS) clearness, 
purity, H. — AS. scir ; cp. Goth, skeirs, Cf. 

Schytely sb, shuttle, used for shooting 
the thread of the woof between the threads 
of the warp, SkD; scliutyUe, Cath. ; 
sclietyl, Prompt, (p. 470). Comb. : shyttel- 
cocke, shuttle-cock, S3. See Scbeten. 

Scliyney sb. a slice, small piece. Prompt ; 
sMve, Sh., ND ; slieeve, ND, JD ; soliyfeB, 
bits of tow, Cath. — Cp. Icel. ski/a. 

Schynere, sb. a shiver, piece of wood, 
slice. Prompt. ; shiuer, SkD ; sciftren, 
pi., SkD ; sduren, SkD. See above. 

Scliyaerexi, 'v. to break into shivers, 
splinters, C. 

Scipen,//. ships, S; see Sohlp. 

Scite, sb. city, S ; see Citee. 

Sclate, sb. slate, Prompt; sklat, Prompt.; 
sclattis, //., tegulacy W.— OF. esclat, a 
shiver, splinter, something broken off with 
violence (Cotg.), F. klat. 

Sclaiindre, sb. scandal, slander, C2, 
PP ; sclannder, Prompt. ; sklanndre, 
PP ; slaunder. Prompt — AF. esclaundre, 
OF-, escandle; Lat. scandalum (Vulg); 
Gir. OKoyhaXov, 

Sclaiindre, v. to scandalize, to slander, 
W, C3 ; slaunderyd,//.. Prompt 

Sclauyne, sb. pilgrim's cloak, S, Cath. 
(«) ; slaveyne, a garment, Prompt, HD ; 
slavyn, Cath. ; sklavsm, HD; sdauasrn, 
Voc. ; sclavene, Voc; slauesrn, PP. — 
Low Lat. sciavina, a long garment like that 
worn in Slavonic countries (Ducange) ; cp. 
AF. esclavine; from the people called 
SlaVy a name said to be connected with 
Russ. slovo, a word, and to mean ' the speak- 
ing, the intelligible.' See SkD (p. 828). 

Scleuder, adj. slender, C, SkD ; sUen- 
dre, C, C2 ; slendyr. Prompt. — OF. es- 
clendrt (Palsg.); of Teutonic origin; cp. 
ODu. slinder ; see BH, § 50. 
]cleyre, sb. veil, PP; see SUayre. 


See, she, S ; see Sheo. 

Scolden, should ; see Scbolde. 

Scole, sb. the bowl of a balance, a bowl, 
Prompt. ; scoale, S ; scale, Cath. — Icel. 
skdl, a bowl. 

Scole, sb. school, S, C, C2, Prompt. 
Comb. : scol-xueistre, schoolmistress, S 
{meistre ; OF. meisi^e ; Lat. magistray see 
BH). — Lat. schola ; Gr. o-xoA^, leisure. 

Scoler, sb. scholar, C. 

Scoleye, v. to attend school, to study, C. 

Scop, pt. s. made, S ; see Scliapea. 

ScorClen, v. to scorch, SkD (p. 826) ; 
8corkel3rn, Prompt. ; scorUyd, ^., 

Scorcnen, v. to scorch, S. 

Scorge, sb. scourge. Prompt. ; soonrg'e, 
W (Jo. 2. 15) ; schurffe, S.— AF. escorge^ 
OF. escurge ; cp. It. scoreggia (Florio) ; Lat. 
ex + corrigiuy a thong, rein, girdle (Ducange), 
see Diez, p. 109. Derived from this Lat. 
corrigia is AF. escurgie, OF. escourgee 
(Cotg.): W.scoreggidta {^\ono)\ Late Lat 
excorrigiata, see Diez, p. 289, and Brachet 

Scorn, PP* shorn, S2 ; see Scliexe. 

Scoute, sb. scout, spy, SkD. — OF. 
escoute (Cotg.). 

Scouten, v. to scout, pry; skowtes, 
pr. s., S2. — AF. escouter, to listen; OF. 
ascouter, escolter ; Lat. auscultare. 

Scowkyng, sb. sculking, ambush, 82, 
B. — Cp. Dan. skulke, to slink. 

Scred,/r. s. clothes, S ; see Scliroiiden. 

Scrippe, sb. scrip, bag, S, S2, W; sec 

Scriptonr, sb. pencase, S3.— OF. es- 
criptoirey a penner (Cotg.); Late Lat. 
scriptorium y pencase (Ducange). 

Scrit, sb. writing, document, S2 ; scrip, 
Sh. ; script, SkD.— OF. escrity escript\ 
Lat. scriptum. 

Scmd, sb. dress, S ; see Schrond. 

Scrndeu,?' to clothe, S; see Sdiroiiden. 

Sculde, should ; see Scbolde. 

Sculptilis, sb. pi. idols, W2. — Lat 
sculptiky a carved image (Vulg.). 

Se, pron. dem. m. and def. art. tn, that, 
the, S. Comb. : se J?e, that man that, he 
who, S ; se pet, he that, S.— AS. se. Cf. 

Se, so, as, S ; see Swa. 

Se, sb. sea ; see See. 

Se, sb. see ; see See. 

Sead, adj. satiated, S ; see I 


\ Sealte, sd, dot, salt, Sa ; see Sftlt. 

Sealte, adj. salt, S3 ; see Salt. 

Searce, Searse ; see Suroe, sb, and V, 

Seare, adj. sere, S3 ; see Seere. 

Seaivede,//. s. showed, S ; see SolMwen. 

Sechen, v. to seek, S, S2, C, PP; 
■ekyn. Prompt.; seke, PP, S, Sa ; scheolieii, 
S ; sohte,//. s., S, S2 ; so^te, S ; sojt, S2 ; 
■o^lit,//., S2 ; soolit, S3 ; y-solit,//., S2. 
Phr. : to seke, at a loss, S3. — AS. sican 
^ (pt. sShte, pp. gesSht) : OS. sdkian. 

Seek, s. sack, S ; see Sak. 

Seere, adj. secret, S2, C, C3 ; secree, 
C2. Comb. : Seere of Secrees, Secreta 
Secretorum (name of a book), C3.— OF. 
seere \ Lat. secreium. 

Secrely, adv. secretly, Ca. 

Seerenesse, sb. secrecy, C3. 

Secte, sb. a suite, following, sect, religion, 
suit, apparel, PP, C2.— OF. secie (Cotg.) ; 
Late Lat. sec/a^ a set of people, a following, 
a suit of clothes, a suit in law ; Lat. secta^ 
a faction, from sec- base of sequi^ to follow. 

Sectour, sb. executor of a will, PP, S3, 
Cath. ; secatour, HD; seeture, HD ; 
■eketowre, Prompt. ; Becntour, PP. — AF. 
executour \ Lat. executorem^ executor of a 
I SecU sb. seed, PP, S, S2 ; seed, PP ; 
seed, PP ; sdS, S. Comb. : eeed-leep, seed- 
basket, PP.— AS. s<kd: Goth, se/s; cp. 
OHG. sd/ (Tatian) ; see Brugmann, § 75. 

Sede, /^. s. said ; see Se^^en. 

See, sb. see, seat, S3, Ca, PP ; se, S3, PP. 
— OF. se, sed ; Lat. sedem. 

See. sb. sea, Prompt, S, Ca ; se, S, Sa ; 
se7> S3 ; s», S ; sa, S ; sees, //., S2. 
Comb. : se-bare, sea-wave, surge, S2 ; se- 
oalnes, sea-calves, seals, S2 ; se-halues, 
sea-coasts, Sa. — AS. j<£ : Goth, saiws. 

Seek) adj^ sick, C ; see Sek. 

Seel, sb. seal, C3, P, Prompt. ; sehel, 
PP.— OF. j^^/; Lat. sigillum. 

Seeled, //. cieled, WW (s.v. cieled:)\ 
see Ceelen^ 
\ Seelen, v, to seal, PP ; selen, P ; seled, 
//., C3. 

Seeling) sb. a sealing, W2. 

Seere, adj. sere, dry, withered, SkD, 
Prompt. ; seare, S3. — AS. *siar\ cp. Low 
G. soor, dry. 

Seerjrilv ^- to become dry, Prompt — 
AS. siarian. Cf. Soyr. 

Seet,//. s. sat, C, G ; see Sitten. 

Seet, sb, seat, G ; see Sets. 



Seetll,//. s. boiled, Ca ; see Sethen. 
Seff, sb. a man, lad, nuncius, vir, S2, 
PP; seffir»> P,WA, HD; se^e, HD.— 

KS.secg: OTeut *sagjoZy see Sievers, 130. 

Sege, sb, seat, siege, S3, W, C, Ca, 

Prompt ; segys, //., H.— AF. sege ; Late 

Lat *sedicum, from Lat sedes; see BH, 
§ 133. See See. 

Segen on, v. to make to sink, to cast 
down, S. — AS. on-s<kgan, *prostemere' 

Segge, sb. sedge, S, Prompt., Voc. — AS. 
secg, sedge, also sword, see Sievers, a 5 8. 

Seggen, v, to say, S, Sa, S3, P ; se^en, 
S ; ssBfifen, S ; seigen, S ; stiffen, S, Sa ; 
■yfffife, Sa, S3 ; sayn, Sa, C ; slgfife, Sa ; 
seien, S ; seie, S3, C ; sei, P; ssBin, S ; 
seyen, S ; seyn, Sa, Ca ; se^en, S ; seiB, 
Sa ; saj, Sa ; sob's, pr. s., S ; seip, Sa ; 
se7p, Sa ; sajp, Sa ; selstow, sayest thou, 
C3 ; seien, pr. //., Sa ; ssBde, //. s., S ; 
sade, S ; sede, S, Sa ; s»lde, S ; sayde, 
Ca ; seyde, Ca ; seide, Sa, C ; seidestow, 
saidst thou, Sa ; magge, a /r. s. subj., S ; 
Be-sed,//., S; i-sald, S ; i-segd, S; 1-seid, 
S ; ised. S, Sa ; seyd, Ca ; ysed, Sa ; iset, 
S ; iseit, S (3 b. 14) ; seyne, gerund. ^ 
Ca. — AS. secgan, pt. S(kdey pp. gesced. 

Sellte* adj. reconciled, S ; see Saht. 

Selltnesse, s. peace, reconciliation, S ; 
see Sahtnesse. 

Sei, Seik, saw ; see Soon. 

Seily, adj. simple, humble, S3; see 

Sein,//. seen; see Soon. 

Seint, adj. and sb. holy, saint, S, Sa, 
Ca ; seynt, PP ; sein, S, Sa ; selntes,//.. 
Ca ; seyntis, Wa. — OF. seint, saint \ Lat. 
sanctum. Cf. Sant. 

Seintnarie, sb. sanctuary, SD ; seynte- 
warle, PP ; sayntuaryes, //., holy things, 
relics of saints, S3.— AF. saintuarie, also 
seintuaryCy holy relics ; Lat. sanctuarium. 

Seir, adj. separate, S3 ; see Ser. 

Seirse, ^. to search ; seirsaad, pr. p., 
S3. See Cerolien. 

Seise, v. to seize, possess, SkD ; sese, 
PP, B ; seised, pp., possessed of, Sa.— 
OF. seisir, sesir, sazir, to put in possession ; 
Low Lat. sacire (Ducange) ; OHG. sazjan, 
to set, sezzan (Tatian); see Brachet (s.v. 

Seisine, sb. possession, Sa ; seysyne, 
SkD. — AF. seisine. 

Sek, s. sack, Sa ; see Sak. 

202 SEK. 

Sek, adj. sick, S, S2 ; seek, PP, C ; sik, 
% G ; syk, G; sic, S ; seke, S ; sike, S, 
C ; ayke, S2 ; sijke, W; sikly, adv,^ with 
ill-will, C2.— AS. sioc : Goth, sinks, 

Seke, V, to seek, S, S2 ; see Seolion. 

Sekir, adj. sure, WA. ; see Biker. 

Seknesse, sd. sickness, S2, C; 060- 
nesBe, S ; idknesse, C2 ; sykenesse, P ; 
sekenesM, S2. — AS. s^ocnes. 

Self sb. happiness, occasion, time, S ; 
seel, Prompt. ; sele, S2. — AS. S(kl. 

Sel, adj. timely, good, S.— AS. s^l 
(Grein) : Goth. sels. 

Selde, adj. pi. few, C2 ; adv., seldom, S, 
S2, C, C2, G, PP; selden, S2, P; sel- 
dene, S2 ; seldnm, S. Comb. : seld- 
liwoiuie, seldom, S ; seld-sene, rarely 
seen, SD ; seld-speche, taciturnity, SD. — 
AS. seld\ see Sweet. 

Self, pron. self, ij>se, S; leolf, S; silf, 
W ; selue, S ; sulf, S, S2 ; sulve, S, S2 ; 
selue, S2 : 'seolue, acc.y S ; seoluen, pi., 
S ; rtelfe, S) snlf, S.— AS. self. 

Selke, sb. silk, P ; idlke, P; seolke, S. 
— AS. seolc (Voc.) ; Russ. sholk ; Lat, seri- 
cum\ cp. Icel. silki\ see SkD(p. 828). 

Selkonth, adj. and sb. wonderful, a 
wonder, S2, H, PP; seloaiitli, S2, S3, 
PP ; selcuth, S, S2,WA ; selkow. Prompt. 
— AS. seld'cdd. 

Selkouth, V. to make wonderful, H. 

Selle, sb. cell, C, P ; see Celle. 

Selleu, V. to give, sell. Prompt., C; 
sullen, S, S2 ; sylle, S2 ; selde, //. s.^ 
W ; seelde, W ; said, S2 ; seeld, //., W, 
W2; seld, W; said, S2.— AS. sellan 
{syllan) : OS. sellian : Goth, saljan. 

Seller, sb. seller, dealer, PP; snller, 
S2 ; siller, W2. 

Seller, sb. cellar, G ; seler, W2 ; see 

Sellich, adj. wonderful, illustrious, S; 
sellic, S ; seoUicli, S ; suUiclie, adv., S ; 
selli, S2.— AS. sellic. OS. seldlik\ cp. 
Goth, sildaleiks. 

SelSe, sb. happiness, advantage, HD; 
seUiVe, S.-— AS. {ge)s<£l6. See Sel. 

Selnre, sb. canopy, ceiling, S3; seloure, 
HD; selour, EETS (78); oelure, EETS 
(78) ; sUour, EETS (78) ; sylure, celatura. 
Prompt. ; silloure, WA ; syllure, MD.— 
OF. *celeure\ Late Lat. caelatura (Du- 

Seiner, sb. silver, S, S2 ; see Siluer. 


SelyfOdj. happy, blessed, simple, hinnble,' 
S2, S3, C, C2, C3 ; seely, S3 ; seilya, S3 ; 
seU, S.— AS. salts : OHG. sdlig (Tatian). 

Selyn, v. to line the inner roof of a 
room. Prompt. See Ceelen. 

Semblable, adj. like, S3, PP.— OF. 


Semblably, adv. similarly, S3. 

Semblance, sb. appearance, S2. — AF. 

Sembland, adj. like, PP. 

Semblant, sb. appearance, countenance, 
S, S2, C2; semblaunt, S, W, PP; sem- 
bland, S2. — AF. semblant. 

Senible, v. to seem ; sembeles, pr. s., 
S2.— OF. sembler\ Lat. simulare. 

Semble, v. to assemble, PP ; sexnbled, 
pt. J., S2 ; semblyt, S3 ; semblyde, //., 
S3. — OF. asembler ; Late Lat assimulare. 

Semble, sb. assembly, S2, PP; semblee, 
S2. — AF. assemble, assemblee. 

Seme, sb. load, S, P ; seem, Prompyt., P. 
— AS. s^am : Low Lat. sauma {salma), 
sagma\ Gr. adyfia, a pack- saddle ; see 
ZKP (2. 537), cp. Kluge (s.v. saum). 

Semen, v. to load, to be a weight, S. — 
AS. s^man, from s^am ; see above. 

Semen, v. to make two parties the 
same, to conciliate, hence to suit, to appear 
suitable or seemly, later, to seem, S ; ses&e, 
S2 ; seme, to reconcile, S ; semet, pr. s., 
seems fitting, S. J^/tr. : to my seminife, 
as it appears to me, C2. — AS. siman^ gc- 
siman. See Some. 

Semi-, adj. half. Comb. : semy-<cope, a 
short cope, C. 

Semliche, adj. seemly, Sa ; semelibhe, 
PP; semely, C, C2 ,WA; semlike, S; sem- 
ly, S2 ; semeli, W2 ; semlokest, superL, 
S2. — AS. *s^melic ; cp. Icel. samiligr. 

Sen, afterwards, since, H, S2, S3, WA ; 
see B^'Ven. 

Sen, seven, H ; see Senen. 

Sen, pp. seen ; see Boon, 

Sence, sb, incense ; see Sens. 

Senche, sb. draught, S ; see BclM&cli. 

Sencben, v. to cause to sink ; seneb* 
test, 2 //. s., S. — AS. sefuan, causal of 
sincan. See Binken. 

Sendal, sb. a fine stuff, C ; sendel, H ; 
see Cendal. 

Senden, v. to send, S; sende, Sa; 
send, pr. s., S ; sent, S, S2, C2 ; sent, S2 ; 
sondes, S ; sent, imp. s.,S2; sende, //. j., 
S, S2 ; send, S3 ; //., S2 ; senten, Sa ; 


««id. pp., S; y-«Mit, S2, C3; i4Mat, S; 
i-Mnd, S ; i-sende, S.— AS. sendan : OS. 
\ sendian : Goth, sandjan, 

Sendan, are; see Sinden. 

Senden, v. to reproach, S ; see BoIimi- 

Sane, adj. evident, S, S2, C2.— AS. 

Beme^pp. provided. Phr, : w«U Mne, 
^ well fiimished, S3, HD. See Been. 
^ Senenayy sb, mustard, W ; MBeneye, 
W; seneuei, W.— OF. senev^, mustard 
(Cotg.); an adjectival form from senve', 
Lat. sinapi (Vulg.) ; Gr. oivaiti \ see Bra- 
chet (8.V. satwe), 

Sene^an, v. to sin ; see Simeffeii. 

Sengin, v. to singe, bum on the surface; 
I Meniryn, Prompt; Beynd, //., C ; seynkt, 
Prompt. ; senfft, Prompt. — AS. sengan (in 
be'Sengan\ causal of singan, to sing. 

Senna, sb, sin, S ; see 8ium«. 

Sens, since, S3 ; see 8i95«iL 

Sens, sb. incense, S3; seno*, Prompt., 
Cath. ; sense, PP.— AF. tmens, encens ; 
Lat. imcnsum, lit. what is burned (Vulg.). 

Sensing, sb. use of incense, S3 ; seiu 
cynire» Prompt. 
I Sentence, sb. sense, meaning, opinion, 
' matter of a story, verdict, C, C2, C3 ; sen* 

tens, PP. — AF. sentence ; Lat. sententia. 
' Seofe, seven, S ; see Benen. 

Seolf, self, S ; see Self. 

Seolke, sb, silk, S; see Belke. 

Seollicll, ^'.wonderful, S ; see SeUiolL 

Seolner, sb. silver, S ; see BUner. 

Seon, V. to see, S, PP; seo, S, S2 ; 
seen, S ; sen, S ; se, S2, W2 ; imp, j., S : 
//., W ; see, may (God) see, S2 ; sest, 2 
pr, J., S ; sist, S, S2 ; sixt, S2 ; scTS, pr, s,, 
S ; seop. //., S2 ; sdS, S2, P ; sei, 2 //. j., 
S2 ; ssBlL, //. J., S ; seh, S, S2 ; sUi, S2 ; 
si3, S2, W; sy3, S2 ; s^e, S3; sy, C3; 
sej, S, S2 ; sey, S2, C2, G ; sei^, S2, S3 ; 
selirl^ C; seih, G; seyli, G; sa^, S; 
saffb, S2 ; sanffli, S3, C, G ; saj, S; san^, 
\ S ; sawh, S2 ; say, S2, S3,C, W, G; sayB, 
82 ; saye, W ; sale, W ; sai^, W ; saw3, 
W ; sUien,//., S2 ; sy^en, S2 ; seien, W; 
sel5en,W; seen,W; si3en,W; rten,W; 
, 8yen,W; saien,W; sa3rn,W; saye,W; 
seye, S2 ; seand, pr, p., S3 ; seyn^e, W2 ; 
■eyn, //., S2, C, W ; se^en, S2 ; seln, S2 ; 
■en, S ; seie, S2 ; sien, W2 ; ^5, W ; 
■ay, W ; y-seijen, PP ; y-sein, PP ; seen, 
gtr,, S3 ; syenne, S2.— AS. sion, pt. seah 



(pi. sdwon, sJegon), pp. sewen {sawen), also 
ge-segen. AS. shn (for *sehwon) : Goth. 
saihwan ; cp. Lat. sequ-or, I follow ; see 
Brugmann, § 419. 

SeoS, are, S ; see Binden. 

Seonen, seven, S ; see Beuen. 

Seowen, v. to sew, S ; see Bewea. 

Sep, //• sheep, S ; see Sclieep. 

Septemtrionn, sb. the North, C2. — 
OF. septentrion\ Late Lat. septentrionem 
(Voc.) ; from Lat. septemtrionesy a name for 
the constellation of the Great Bear. 

Sepulture, sb, tomb, S3, C3 ; sepnl- 
tnres, //., burials, S3. — AF. sepulture; 
Lat. sepultura. 

Ser, adj. separate, several, different, 
various,S2,B; sere,S2,H,WA; seir,S3,B. 
Der, : semes, variety, H ; semessls,//., 
H ; semesis, H ; serelepy, separate, W A; 
serelepes, separately, PP. — Cp. usages of 
Icel. sir, to himself, used in many com- 
pounds, as sir-liga, apart, particularly. 

Sercle, sb. circle, W2 ; see Cerole. 

Serewe, sb. sorrow, S ; see Borwe. 

Serge, sb. a taper, Cath. ; see Cerge. 

Sergeant, sb. servant, Serjeant, C, C2, 
C3 ; sexiaimt, P ; serffan^, //., S ; serl- 
anntes, S2 ; sexlannts, P; sexiaims, 82, 
PP.— AF. serjant; Lat. seruientem; see 
BH, § 162. 

Serk, sb, sark, shirt, PP, S, S3, G ; sark, 
S3 ; serke, P. — Icel. serkr. 

Sermone, v. to preach, speak, C3. 

Sermonyng, sb. preaching, C. 

Sermonn, sb, sermon, writing, C2 ; sar- 
moTin, P. — AF. sermoun; Lat. sermonem. 

Sertes, adv. certainly, S2 ; see Oertes. 

Semage, sb, servitude, thraldrom, S2, 
C, C2, C3, W, Prompt.— OF. servage. 

Semin, v. to serve, to deserve, S, S2 ; 
sarul, S; serae, H, PP; serwis, 2 pr.s.y 
S3 ; serwlt, pt. J., S3 ; y-served, //., C, 
P ; i-semed, S.— AF. servir ; Lat. seruire, 

Seniisable, adj. serviceable, C3. 

Semise, sb. service, S; semyse, C2.— 
OF. servtse; Lat. serutttum; see BH, 
§ 129. 

Semitnte, sb. servitude, C2. — OF. ser- 
vitute ; Lat. seruitutem ; see Constans, 

Serwe, sb, sorrow, S ; see Etorwe. 
Serwish, adj. imperiosus, Manip. 
Serye, sb. series, C, CM. — ^Lat. seriem. 
SeryOWS, adj. *■ sad and feythefulle,' 
Prompt. ; sexionse, seriosus, Manip. ; 



■exyoiUM) earnest, Palsg. — Late Lat. seri- 
csus ; from Lat. serins ^ grave, earnest. 

Seryowsly, adv. seriously ; ceriousOy, 
minutely, witn full details, §2, C3. — Late 
Lat. seriosCf * fuse, minutatim ' (Ducange). 

Sese, V' to seize ; see Seise. 

SesOTin, sd. season, C3 ; oesonn, W2. — 
AF. seson, OF. saison; Lat. sationem^ a 

Set,//, s, sat, S ; see Sitten. 

Sete, sb. seat, Cath., S, C2, PP ; «eet, 
G.— AS. setOy seotu (OET). 

Sete, adj' suitable, H (p. xxv).— Icel. 
satt, endurable, from sitja, to sit. 

Setel, sb. seat, SD; seotel, S; settle, 
S. Comb.: setel-ffaiiff, sunset, S2. — AS. 
set I; cp. Goth, sit Is, 

Seterday, Saturday, P ; see Satem. 

SeS, sb. seed, S ; see Bed. 

Sethen, v. to seethe, Prompt. ; seeth, 
pt. s.y seethed, boiled, C2 ; y-sode,//., S2. 
— AS. s^oQatif pt. s., sM, pp. soden, Cf. 

SetVen, afterwards, since, S, S2, G; 
■e(8en, S, S2 ; seppe, S2 ; see SlSSen. 

Setlen, v. to cause to rest, also to sink 
to rest, subside, settle, SkD ; Battel, S2, S3, 
SkD ; satelyn, Prompt. ; sa^tled, pt. s., 
S2 [see SkD s.v. settle\. — AS. setlan, to fix, 
settle (Grein). 

Setnesse, sb. an appointed order, in- 
stitute, SD. — AS. {ge)setnis. Cf. Asetnesse. 

Sette, sb. a young plant, a shoot ; set- 


Setten, v. to set, place, appoint, S; 
sett, to set, watch game, S2 ; 8eti8,/r. j., 
S ; settes, 2 /r. j., S2 ; sette,//. s., S, S2, 
S3 ; lette, S2 ; ssatte, S ; set, 2 //. s., 
S2 ; settide,//. j., W ; setUden, //., W ; 
■ette, G ; settand, pr. p., S2 ; set, //., S; 
i-set, S, S2 ; i-sett, S ; i-sette, S ; y-set, 
S2, S3, C2, C3. — AS. settan : Goth, satjatty 
to cause to sit; see Douse, p. 113. See 

Senrte, sb. surety, C ; see Surety. 

Seuen, num. seven, PP ; seue, PP, S ; 
■eouen, S ; seove, S ; seofe, S ; seuene, 
PP ; seouene, S ; sen, H ; aeue, S2 ; 
■eofen, S. — AS. seofon ; cp. Goth, sibun^ 
Lat. septem, Gr. krrra. For the Goth, ter- 
mination -un, see Brugmann, §§ 223, 224. 

Seuend, num. ord. seventh, S2. 

Seue-xuht, sb. sennight, week, S ; soue- 
nyht, S. 



Seuen-teney num. seventeen. Prompt. \ 
sewintlne, S3. 

Seiie])e, num. ord. seventh, S2, 
■eoudSe, S ; soiie|>e, S ; seofepe, S. 

Sew, pt. s. sowed, H ; see Sowen. 

Sewane, sb. savin (a herb), S^. 

Sewe, sb. juice, broth, gravy, delicacy, C 2 , 
Cath., HD; sew, HD; nmw, S.—AS. seaw. 

Sewen, v. to sew, suere, W2 ; seowen, 
S; sewlde, //. s., W2; y-sewed,//., S3. 
— AS. siwian : Goth, siujan ; see Brug- 
mann, § 120. 

Sewen, v. to follow, PP,. C, Sa. Der. : 
sewynffly, in order, S2. See Suen. 

Sewen, v. Phr. : to sewe at y*" mete, 
deponercy apponere, to set upon the table, 
Cath., Prompt. See below. 

Sewer, sb. bearer of dishes, dapifer, S2, 
Voc. ; seware, Prompt. ; asseonr, NED ; 
assewer, NED. — AF. assHour^ he who sets 
the table (Ducange) ; from OF. assioiry to 
set, to place ; Late Lat. adsedere, 

Sewintene, seventeen, S3 ; see Senen- 

Seze, six, S ; see Size. 

Sexte, sixth ; see Slzte. 

Sexteyn, sb. sacristan, sexton, C2 ; see 

Seych, sb. sigh, S3 ; see Syke. 

Seyed, pp. passed, lit. swayed, 82 ; sec 

Seyen, v. to say ; see Seffffen. 

Seyly sb. sail, Prompt., S, C ; sell, S ; 
seiies, pi., S2 ; seales, S3. — AS. segl. 

Seylen, v. to sail. Prompt.; sayle, C2 ; 
saland, pr. /., S3. — AS. {ge)seglian. 

Beyn^Pp. seen; see Seon. 

SeyneiLy v. to make a sign, esp. the 
sign of the cross, PP ; saine, to bless, HD; 
seyned, pt. x., P ; sansrt, S2. — OF. seigncr 
(Bartsch) ; Lat. signare, 

Seynd, //. smged, C ; see Senffln. 

Seynt, sb. girdle, C ; see Ceinte. 

Se^en, v. to say, S ; see Seggen. 

Sb-. For many words beginning with 
these letters, see Soh-. 

Shadde, pt. s. shed, poured, C2 ; see 

Shad, sb. discretion, S. — AS. {ge)scdad. 
See Sobeden. 

Shfefess,//. sheaves, S; see Solieefl 

Shfewen, v. to shew, S ; see Sd&ewen. 


Blieeuering, /r. p. shivering, S3 ; see 

WsLWi^pron, dem., def. art.ypron. pers.f.y 
ilia, that, the, she, PP ; sclieo, SD ; sclio, 
S3, PP; 8ho, S, H; sco, 82; mo, S; 
Bdie, C, PP ; Che, S2 ; si, S ; sosb, S. 
Conib. '. si ])et, she that, SD (s.v. se), — AS. 
teo ; cp. OHG. siu (Tatian). 

Sliercll, V. to search, S3 ; see Oerelien. 

SllO, she, S ; see Slieo. 

Sliode ; see under Sd&eden. 

Sluriues, pi. sheriffs, S2; see under 

Si, she, S; see Slieo. 

Si, let there be, S ; see Slnden. 

Sibbe, sb. and adj, peace, relationship, 
mffinis, related, SD, S, P ; sybiM, Prompt.; 
sib, S ; syb, P. Comb. : sib-man, * affinis,' 
HD ; sib-nesse, affinity, SD ; sib-reden, 
relationship, SD ; sibrede, HD ; sybreda, 
banns of matrimony. Prompt. ; oybreda. 
Prompt ; sib-snin, peaceable, SD ; sib- 
■tuniiesse, friendship, SD. — AS. sib(b^, 
peace, relationship : Goth, sibja ; cp. OHG. 
.nbba, peace (Tatian), relationship (Otfrid). 
jee Sievers, 2,:; 7. 

Sic, adj' sick, S ; see 8ak. 

Sicer, sb. strong drink, C2 ; siser, C2 
(«) ; ciser, C2 («), MD. — ^Low Lat. sicera 
(Vulg.); Gr. aUfpa (LXX); Heb. shekar 
(Dent. 29. 6). Cf. Sidir. 

Siclie, adj, such, W ; see Swycba. 

Sicht,//. s. sighed, S3; see Syken. 

Siclatoun, sb. a costly silk texture, 
CM ; sioladonn, CM ; see Giolatnn. 

Sidir, sb. strong drink, cider, S3, W, 
MD; sidur, W2: aider, MD ; sydyr. 
Prompt. ; sedyr. Prompt. ; oyder, C2 (;?) ; 
oedyr. Prompt. ; syther, Cath., S2 ; 
sythir, C2 («). — OF. sidre {ctdre)y sisdre ; 
Low Lat. sicera (Voc.) ; Gr. aiKipa (Luke 
I. 15); cp. Sp. sidra (Deut. 29.6). See 

Sigaldren, sb, pL sorceries, S. — Iccl. 
' seitt'galdr, enchantment by spells. See 
Grimm, Teut. M. pp. 1035- 1043. 

Sigaldrie, sb, enchantment, SD; si- 
Valdry, HD. 

Siffaldrien, V. to bewitch ; sy^aldryd, 
, pt. s., HD. 
i Siggen, V. to say; see Seggan. 

Sighte, sb, sight, providence, appear- 
i ance, PP, C ; sUiVa, S ; syhte, S ; syjt, 

S2; siffpe, S2; syBpe, S2 ; silite, S; 

si)ta, S.— AS. {ge)sihti {^gesiht). 



Signe, sb. sign, portent, PP ; see Syng. 

Signefiance, sb. meaning, S.— OF. sig- 

Signefien, v. to signify, mean, S. — AF. 

Sihen, //. //. saw, S2 ; see Seen. 

Sik, adj. sick, S ; see Sek. 

Sike, adj. such, S3 ; see Swyclie. 

Siker, adj. secure, sure, trusty, S, S2, 
C3, P ; slklr, W ; sekir, 6 ; sykere, S2 ; 
sikere, S2 ; syker, S3, P ; adv., truly, S3 ; 
sikerer, comp.y S3, C ; sikerere, P ; sik- 
arast, superl., S2. Comb. : sikerhede, 
security, SD ; sikerlao, surety, pledge, 
SD ; sikerliclie, surely, certainly, S ; sy- 
kerlych, S2 ; sikerlike, S ; sikerly, S3, 
C, C2, P; sykerly, H; sekirly. B; 
sikemesse, security, S, S2, C2, C3 ; sicer- 
nesse, S ; sykemas, S2 ; sikimesse, W ; 
syklmes, H; sekimes, B. — OS. sikor; 
Late Lat. skurus (with accent on the first 
syllable); cp. OHG. sichor (Otfrid). Cf. 

Siknesse, sb. sickness, C2; see 8ek- 

Siknl, sb. sickle, P ; sykel, PP ; sykyl. 
Prompt.— AS. sicel (Voc.) ; Lat. secula, 

Silc, adj. such, S2 ; see Swyclie. 

Silden, v. to shield, S ; see Sclielden. 

Silke, sb. silk, P ; see Selka. 

Silonr ; see Selnre. 

Siluer, sb. silver, S, C3 ; seoluar, S; 
snluer, S2 ; seiner, S, S2 ; silnere, dat.^ 
S ; selnra, S.— OMerc. sylfur, AS. silfor 
{seolfor) : OS. silubar^ Goth. silubr\ see 
Sievers, 107. 

Simle, adv. ever, for ever, S. — AS. sinile 
{symle) for simble: OS. simbla; cp. OHG. 
simbulum (Tatian). 

Sinden, pr. pi. are ; sinndenn, S ; 
sanden, S ; seo1$, S ; si, pr. s. subj., let 
(there) be, S ; seon, subj. pi., may be, S. — 
AS. syndun, pr. pi., si, pr. s. subj., sien, 
pi., see Sievers, 427. 

Sinegen, v. to sin, S ; see Snnegen. 

Sinen, pp. shone, S ; see Soliynan. 

SinnOf sb. sin, S ; see Snnna. 

SiOTinS, branches, W2 ; see Syon. 

Sipes, pi ships, S ; see Seliip. 

Si-quar ; see under SiS. 

Sire, sb. a prince, king, lord, father, 
master, a term used in addressing knights, 
kings, S, S2, P, G; syr, Prompt— AF. 
sire (for *seHor) ; Lat. senior, older ; so F. 
pire ; Lat. peior, worse. 



Sis, six, Ca ; see 8iz«. 

Siser, sd. strong drink ; see Bic&t, 

Sisonre, sd. a person deputed to hold 
assizes, juryman, P, 82, G; sisoiuf, PP ; 
sysonr, PP. — Low Lat. assisorem (Du- 
cange), from OFr. a(s)sise, a sitting down, 
also a settlement, pp. fem. of asedr; Lat. 
assiderCf to sit at. 

Sist, seest ; see Seen. 

Siste, sixth, S ; see Sizte. 

Sistren, //. sisters, C ; see Suirter. 

Site, sb. grief. 82 ; syt*, WA, HD.— 
Icel. stit ; A8. suht\ cp. OHG. suht (Otfrid), 
Goth, sauhts, sickness. 

Siten, V. to grieve, 82. See above. 

Si8, sb. time, SD ; 8l8«, dat.y S ; sitli,//., 
H ; sytli, H ; ■iBe, C, 82, PP ; aytHe, H, 
C2, C3 ; sytlies, 82, PP ; sithls, W, 83 ; 
sitlies, PP; lype, 82; sipe, 82 (9. 72). 
Comb. : oft-sitli ( = Lat. sape), H ; si-qnax 
(for s^quar), time when, 82. — AS. j/J, 
journey, turn, time : Goth, sint/is ; cp. OHG. 
sindj *via* (Otfrid), Icel. stnn. 

SiSSen, adv. and conj. afterwards, since, 
8, C, G ; 8i]>J)«, 82, 83 ; ■iKen, 8, 83, C ; 
8i«e, 8, S3; sitli, Si, S3, G; leotWaa, 8; 
seot^en, 8 ; ■eo'SSe, 8 ; serStSen, 8, 82, G; 
seVen, 8, 82; selSe, 8; tiytli, 83, C; 
Beppe, 82 ; snppe, 8, 82 ; sy>|>en, 82 ; 
aytlien, 82, 83 ; sen, H, 82, 83 ; Byn, 82, 
S3 ; syne, S2, 83 ; sens, 83. — AS. si98an. 

Sitten, V. to sit, cost, befit, 8, P; 
■ytte, PP, S3; litte, 82 ; sit, pr. s., C, 
82, G, PP; sitt, PP; 8it«,83; ■et,//.j., 
8; seat, C, G; saot, 8; setten, //., 8; 
■ete, 8, G; seten, C2, W ; seeten, C; 
■aten, G ; seten, //., 8, C ; Bsrttyn, 82. 
— AS. sittattf pt. j<?/ (pi. sSton)j pp. j^/^w. 

Size, num. six, 8, PP ; seze, 8 ; sax, 
83 ; sis, C2 ; sys, C2. — AS. six, 

Sizt, seest ; see Seen. 

Sizte, ord. sixth, 8 ; syzts, PP ; sezte, 
8, 82 ; ssezte, 8 ; siste, 8.— AS. sixta. 

Si^e, ^^. victory, SD; si, SD; sy, S.— AS. 
sige : Goth, sigis ; cp. OHG. sig (Tatian). 

Si^e-Craft, sb. magic art, SD. See 

Si^ede, //. s. sighed, 83 ; see Syksn. 

Si^en, //. //. saw ; see Seon. 

SkafFant, sb. an engine of war used by 
besiegers, CM ; scaAJds, procestrium, 
Cath.; scafold, stage. Prompt, SkD; 
soaffonld, theatrum, scena, Manip. ; scliaf- 
fiOde, stage, Cath. («) ; skaffold, Cath. 1 
' •).— OF. escafaut {eschafaut)] cp. OF. | 


chafaut (chaffaut), Low Lat. chaafallum^ 
chaufaudus, a wooden tower used ag^ainst 
besiegers ; cp. also It. catafalco. The origin 
of this word of various forms is absolutely 

Skaitll, sb, harm, 83 ; see SoaVe. 

Skalk,^^. scalp, H; tfklOka, H; Bkalkys, 
//., H. 

Skalle. sb. scabbiness on the head, scall, 

Skalled, adj. scabby, C. 

Skalp, sb. scalp, H (Ps. 7. 17) ; scalp, 

Skarrit, i //. s, was scared, S3 ; see 

Skathe, sb, harm, C, G ; skath, H ; see 

Skeet, adj, swift; adv, soon, quickly, 
G; skete, HD; sket, 8, HD. — Icel. 
skjdtr, swift; adv. skjdtt, 

Skele, sb, reason, 82 ; see Skyl. 

SkeHten, v. to amuse, SD. — Icel. sk^mta, 
to amuse, to shorten, from skamr, short. 

Skentinge, sb. amusement, S, SD. 

Sker, adv, clean, entirely, 8 ; see 8oliere.a 

Skerren, v. to scare, frighten, to be 
frightened, 8D ; skeren, Prompt.; soarren, 
SD ; skarrit, i pt. s.y S3 ; skerrlt, SD. — 
Icel. skirra, to prevent, reflex, to shrink 

Skewe, sb. sky, 82 ; see Skys. 

Skey, adj. shy (as a horse). Prompt. ; 
see Scliey. 

Skeymowse, adj, disdainful, scorn- 
ful, abhominativus. Prompt. ; qneynLOwv, 
Prompt.; sweymows. Prompt.; sqiuigr- 
mous, CM; squeamous, CM; ■quay-' 
mose, verecundusy Cath.; skoymiis, dis- 
dainful, Cath. {n) ; squeamish, coy, pre- 
cise (of a young girl), Cotg. (s.v. sucrie) ; 
fastidious, Baret. 

Skil, sb. reason, H ; see Skyl. 

Skilwise, adj. reasonable, discreet, H ; 
soUwis, H ; skilwisly, adv., H. 

Skinden, v. to hasten, 8. — Icel. skynday 
skunda ; cp. AS. scyndan. 

SUayre, sb. a veil, P; soleyre, PP; 
skleire, PP ; skleir, PP.— Cp. G. schUUry 
Du. sluijer, 

Sklither, adj. slippery ( « Lat. lubricus^, 
H ,' cf. SUdsr. 

Sklythirynge, sb, liability to fell, H. 

Skowtes, pr, s, pries, looks, S2 ; see 

Skye, x^. cloud, sky, Prompt; wikmw, 


S2 ; iOcwe, Sa ; soImw, WA; «ky«S) /^, 

PP. — Icel. sky, cloud. 

Skyly sb' discerament, reason, skill, 
Prompt. ; aldl, H ; sWU, S ; «kyl«> Sa ; 
sidle, S, Ca, W; sldlle, Sa ; tfc«l«, Sa ; 
sidles, pi., reasons, Ca, H ; SldUes, Sa, H. 
— Icel. skil, distinction, discernment. 

Skylfnllef adj* reasonable, discerning, 
Prompt. ; sldlfal, Wa, C3. 

Skylly, perhaps dispersing (?), Sa. 

Skynalde, perhaps scramble (?), Sa. 

Sla, V, to slay, Sa ; see Sleen. 

Slade, sb. a valley, Manip., ND. — AS. 

Slagen, pp. slain, S ; see Sleen. 

Slaht, sb. slaughter, SD; sls^t, Sa. — 
AS. sleaht. 

Slaine, Slawen; see meen. 

Slak, sb. ravine, a hollow, depression, 
gap or pass between two hills, S3, B; 
slack, the low ground, HD ; a common 
^in Yorkshire), NQ (i. 10. 400). 

Slak, adj. slack. Prompt.; also, Sa ; 
slake, dat., C— AS. sleac'. OS. slak, 

Slalden, v. to be slack, to make loose, 
S, W ; slake, to become less grievous, Sa ; 
to slacken, cease, Ca ; iliikepj/r. s., bums 
low, Sa ; assuages, Ca. — AS. slacian, 

81ape, sb. sleep, S ; see Slepe. 

Slatten, c^. to throw down, to slap; 
slat, HD; 8leaMS,/r.//., S. 

Sliaunder ; see Sclanndre. 

Slaueren, 9. to slaver, to let the saliva 
fall from the mouth, Sa. 

Slawe, adj. slow, S3 ; see Blowe. 

Sla^t, sb. slaughter, Sa ; see Slaht. 

Sle, adj. sly, cunning, S3 ; see Sly. 

Sleen, v. to slay, PP, Ca ; lOee, PP, S3, 
W, G ; sle, S, S3, PP ; slen, PP; lOean, 
S ; sOsbh, S ; slon, S ; ilo, S ; sla, Sa ; 
sleitf , pr. s., S ; aletli, S3 ; lOeetli, C ; 
8lea», pL, S ; sla^trS, S; slage, S; tfloli, 
//. J., S ; sloB, S ; tflon, S, Sa ; slow, Sa, 
S3 ; slowe, W ; tflonli, Sa ; slou^, Sa ; 
slougli, S3, C ; sloglien, pi., S ; sloven, 
S ; slowe, Sa ; slowen, W ; slo^e, S ; 
sloffli, Sa ; gloughe, S3 ; slo, pr. sub;'., a 
/., Sa ; slen, //., S ; slagen,//., S ; slaine, 
S ; slawen, Ca ; slajn, Ca ; sleie, Sa ; 
tflawe, S3, C ; slean, S3 ; y-slayn, C3 ; 
i-slawe, Sa ; y-elawe, C3 ; i-sleiene, pi., 
S. — AS. sUan (for slahan), pt. sl6h (pi. 
I sldgon), pp. slagen^ also slegen. 

Sleet, sb. sleet, Prompt. ; Aet, SD.— 
j Cp. G. schlosse. 



Slegh, adj. cunning, Sa; slek, S; see 

Sleght, sb. cunning, Sa ; sleht, S ; see 

Slendyr ; see Solender. 

Slepe, sb. sleep, S, Sa, Prompt. ; ilape, 
S; lOep, S.— AS. sl&p\ OS. sldp\ cp. 
OFris. slip, 

Slepen, v. to sleep, S ; slep, //. j., S, 
S3 ; slepte {weak form), Ca, PP ; Slepen, 
//., PP.— AS. sliipan, pt slip\ a redupli- 
cating verb, see Douse, p. 48, 

Slepyng, sb. sleep, Sa. 

SleSrende, pr. p. falling like snow, S. 

Sleuth, sb, track, trail, slot, Sa, B; 
slntli, B; lOewtli, B; sloiS, S, SkD. 
Comb. : laentli^liiindv a sleuth-hound, Sa. 
—Icel. sm. 

Sleil}>e,^. sloth, Sa,P; 8lent]i,H; see 

Sleue, sb, sleeve, C3, Prompt. — AS. 

Sleueles, adj. sleeveless, useless, HD. 

Sley, adj. sly, Sa ; see Sly. 

Sleythe, sb, cunning, skill, falsehood, 
trick, Prompt., PP ; sleitlie, PP ; sJejpe, 
Sa ; gUhpB, SD, PP ; sUthe, PP ; slyjje, 
PP ; tfleifflite, PP, C, Ca, C3 ; sleM, S ; 
sleglit, Sa. — Icel. slag9 (for skegff). See 

Sliden, v, to slide, PP ; sUt, pr. s., C3 ; 
«lod,//. s., Sa ; tflode,//., PP; sUde,//., 
Wa. — AS. slldan, pt. sldd, pp. sliden. 

Slider, adj. slippery, C; slidir, Wa ; 
sdydyr. Prompt. See Sklitlier. 

Slidemesse, sb. slipperyness ; Slydir- 
nesse, Wa ; sOydymesse, Prompt. 

Slili, adj, cunning, experienced, Sa ; see 

Slilce, adj. such, H.— Icel. sllkr. 

SlUden, v. to smoothe, to polish, SD ; 
sOyken, P ; slioke, S3 ; IsUked, S. 

Sliper, adj. slippery, SD ; sUpper, S3, 
Sh.— AS. sltpor (Leo). 

Slitten, V. to slit, pierce, SD ; slytyn, 
Prompt. ; slsrttyng, pr. p., piercing (of 
language), Sa ; Islit,//., S. — AS. sHtan. 

Slo, vb. to slay, S ; slon, S ; mloTi, pt, s., 
S ; see Sleen. 

Sled,//, s. slid, Sa ; see Sliden. 

Slogaj*dye, sb. sloth, C3; see Slnsr- 

Sloh, sb, slough, PP; Honffli, Ca, C3, 
—AS. sldh. 



Sloksrn, V. to slake, quench, H, Cath. ;. 
■loUn, S3 ; tflokke, PP ; slokynd, //., H ; 
■lekynd, H.— Cp. Icel. slokva, Cf. Slak- 

Slomeren, v, to slumber, Cath., 
Prompt. ; slumtren, SD ; ilombrsd, //. 
J., P. 

Slomering, sb. slumbering, S3. 

Slong, PP' cast away, S3 ; see Slyngen. 

Sloppar, adj\ slippery, S3. 

Sloterilli v. maculare^ SD; laoterd, 
pp.y bespattered, S2. 

SI08, sb, track, trail, S ; see SUutlu 

Slough ; see Sioii. 

Slouthe, sb. sloth, S2, C3, PP ; slonUSe, 
S; ileuBpe, S2, PP; lOeiLbe, S3, P; 
slewtHe, C3, PP ; rteuth, H, PP.~AS. 
slawd. See below. 

Slow, Slo^e ; see Sleen. 

Slowe, adj\ and sb. slow, sluggish, a 
lazy man, PP, S; slow, W2 ; Honli, S; 
■lawe, S3 ; slaw, S2. — AS. sldw. 

Slnggardy, sb. sloth, S3 ; Slogardy*, 
C3 ; Bloggardye, C. 

Slngge, adj. slothful, Prompt. 

Slnggen, v. to slug, to be inactive, SkD. 

Slnggy, adj. slothful. Prompt. 

Sly, adj. sly, cunning, skilful, Prompt. ; 
■Ub, W ; sllli, S2 ; iley, S2 ; slegh, S2 ; 
■leli, S ; sle), S2 ; lOe, S3. — Icel. slcBgr 
(for slcegr). 

Slyly, adv. cunningly. Prompt ; ilelflrlu 
ly, prudently, C. 

Slynge, sb. sling, PP. 

Slyngen, v. to sling, hurl, throw away, 
PP, Prompt ; slonge, pt. pi., S2 ; laong, 
//., S3; slnngln, S3. — AS. slingan, pi. 
slangs pp. slungen. 

SlXLikfSb. taste, flavour. Prompt.; smaco, 
S ; smaoli, S3. — AS. smac^ taste, flavour 

Smakdll, to have a savour, scent, S, 
Prompt.; axnacky, to imagine, perceive, 
taste, relish, understand, S2 ; unaoliaiide, 
pr. p. yS2; amaulite,//. s., PP ; unauBte, 
//., PP. — AS. smactan, see Grein (s. v. 

Smalle, adj. small, narrow, Prompt. ; 
sxnal, S, S3 ; amaiU, S3. — AS. sma/, 
narrow : Goth, smals. 

Smart, adj. bitter, S2 ; see Smerte. 

Smatte, p^- s. smote, S ; see 8mit«n. 

Smec, sb. smoke, S ; ameoli, S ; ameke, 
Prompt. — AS. sm^c. 

'^mecliiiiLge, sb. taste, S. 


Smell, sb. stnell, S; amnl, S. 

Smellen, v. to smell, S, PP ; smylle, ^ 
PP ; amolte,//. j., S2.~Cp. Low G. smel^, 
to smoulder. 

Smeorten, v. to smart, S ; see Smarten. 

Smerien, v. to smear, anoint ; amexeii, 
S ; amurietS, pr. //., S ; amered, pp., S. — 
AS. smerian, smyrian, from smerUy fat, 
smero (Voc). 

Smerl, sb. ointment, S2. 

Smerld,//. anointed, S3. 

Smerte, adj. and adv. painful, sharp, 
sharply, quick, quickly, C, S, PP ; amert, 
S2 ; amart. Si, C3 ; axnertely, adv., G. — 
AS. smeart. 

Smerte, sb. smart, pain, €2 ; amiarte, 
S ; amert, C3. 

Smerten, v, to smart, to be pained, 
PP, S, S3, C2 ; ameorten, S ; amerte, 
//. J., C; amerted, S3. — AS. smeortan 
(EETS. 79, p. 36). 

Smiten, v. to smite; amyten, PP; 
amlt, pr. s., C3, PP ; amot, pt. s., S, S2, 
PP ; amette, S3 ; amatte, S ; amiten,//., 
S ; amyten, W ; amiten, //., PP.— AS. ^ 
smitan^ pt. smdt (pi. smtton\ pp. smiten. 

Smok, sb. smock, C2, PP, Prompt, 

Smok-les, adj. without a smock, C2. 

Smolder, sb. smoke from smouldering 
wood, PP. 

Smolderen, v. to smbulder; smoU 
derande, pr. /., S2. 

SmorSer, sb, suffocating smoke, S; 
amorpre, PP. 

SmorSren, v. to smother, suffocate, SD. 

Smot, pt. s. of amiten, q. v. 

Snral, sb. smell, S ; see Smell. smear, S ; see S m e r i en . 

SmyVien, v. to forge; amythye, P; 
amytlietli, pr. s., P. — AS. smiSian. 

Smy])])e, sb. smithy, forge, S2 ; smytliy. 
Prompt. — AS. smidOe (Voc). 

Snapere, v. to trip, to stumble, W2, 

SD ; anapper, HD ; anapira, pr. s., WA. 

Sna9, pt. s. cut, S ; see SniSen. 

Snaw, sb. snow, S ; see Snow. 

Snelle, adj. quick, sharp, S, S2 ; snail, 
S3; anel, S.— AS. snell: OHG. sful 

Snepe, adj. foolish, S. 

SBOSien, v. to strike, S. — AS. snSsim 
(in d'SnSsan, BT), to put on a spit ; from 
sndsy a spit (Voc.) ; cp. Icpl. sneisa from 


SniSen, v. to cut ; mnsX,pt, s,y S.— AS. 
snidarif pt. sndO (pi. snidon) ; cp. OHG. 
snidan (Tatian). 

Sniwen, v. to snow; S2i«w«n, SD; 
sniu]), pr. s., S ; snlwep, SD ; waimw, pt. 
J., SD ; 8]i«wdd«, C. — AS. sniwan. 

Snorkil, sb, wrinkle, H.— Cp. North. 
E. snurkUy to run into knots, JD, snurl^ to 
^wrinkle, JD ; cp. OHG. snuor^ string, see 
Tick, 7. 351. 

Snow, sh, snow, Prompt, PP; snon^, 
PP ; mon, S ; maw, S. — AS. sndw : 
Goth, snaiws, 

Snowte, sb. snout, Prompt. ; mute, S. 
— .Cp. G. schnauze. 

Snybbyn, v, to rebuke. Prompt., C ; 
snulM, U ; mybld, //. //., H ; mylMUid, 
j>r. p., H ; mibDed,//., C2. 

Snybbynge, sb. rebuke, Prompt.; 
snyl^ge, H ; mlbl>ing, S2 ; mybjngls, 
i>L, H. 

Snyl^yn, v. to clear the nose, Prompt ; 
•nytte,//. j., S3; y-wiyt,^., Sa. 

Sobre, adj. sober, sedate, Ca ; solmr, 
Prompt. — OF. sobre ; Lat. sobrium. 

Sobreliclie, adj. and adv. sedate, 
soberly, CM ; soburly, CM ; soberly, C. 

Sobnmesse, sb. soberness, Prompt, 

Soclie, adj. such, S ; see Swyclie. 

Socllt, pt. pi. sought, went, S3; see 



SOGOHr, sb. succour, Cs, C3 ; sooowxe, 
Prompt. — AF. sucur, soccour, OF. socors ; 
Late Lat. succursus (Ducange), 

Sodeyn, adj. sudden, Ca, C3 ; sodeTnly) 
adv. suddenly, S3, Ca ; ■odeynliclie, Sa. 
— AF. sodeyne ; Late Lat. subiianum^ see 
BH, §122. 

Sofbe, adj. soft, warm, mild, gentle, S, 
82,03; adv. gently, luxuriously, S2, S, C3 ; 
softeliclie, gently, S ; softely, C3. Comb. : 
Boft-hede, sb. softness, S2. — AS. s6fte. 

Sohte, //. 5. sought, S, S2 ; see Seolien. 

Soke, sb. the exercise of judicial power, 
PP, SkD. Der.i soken, the territory or 
precinct in which public privileges were 
exercised, SkD; sokne, PP; (Botlaad)- 
vokene, (Rutland)shire^ P. — AS. s6cy the 
exercise of judicial power ; sdatf sdcen, an 
enquiry ; see Schmid. 

SokelyXLgei sb. suckling. Prompt. 

Sokelynge, sb. a herb, locustay Prompt. 

Sokyl-blome, sb. locusta, Voc. — From 
a form *sokelf that which sucks. Cp. Hony- 

SolaSf sb. rest, solace, pleasure, merri- 
ment, G, Ca, PP, SkD.— AF. solas, OF. 
solaz, Lat. solatium ; see BH, § 143. 

Soldef should ; see Scliolde. 

Solempne, adj. solenm, grand, festive, 
magnificent, C 2 , C3 , Prompt. ; solempnely, 
adv. with pomp, S2, C2, C3 ; solenliohe, 
PP. — AF. solempne ; Lat. soUmnem. 

Solempnite, sb. festivity, C, Prompt. 
— AF. soTlempnitee ; Lat. solemnitatem. 

Solere, sb. an upper room, loft. Prompt.^ 
Voc, HD ; throne, H ; soler, W, Voc., 
HD; seller, Palsg. ; stage of a house, 
ND; soUar, HD, Palsg.— AF. soler, solair, 
OF. solier ; Late Lat. solarium (Voc) ; 
cp. AS. solere (Grein), OS. soleri, OHG. 
soUri (Tatian), soldri, the praetorium of 
Pilate, also a guest-chamber (Otfrid), Du. 

Soleyne, adj. solitary, hatmg company, 
sullen, PP, Prompt ; seleyn, PP, W2 ; 
selleiii, S3.— OF. solain, solitary, per- 
taining tp one alone : Late Lat. *solanum, 
from LaA. solus. 

Somdel; see under sum. 

Some, sb. concord, S. — AS. s6me^ 

Somed, adv. together, S; semet, S; 
see Sained. 

Somer, sb. summer, C ; mmer, S ; 
someres, gen. s., C2, C3. Comb. : somer- 
game, summer-game, P. — AS. sumor : OS. 
sumar ; cp. OHG. sumar (Tatian). 

Somme, sb. sum, S3, C3 ; some, S3 ; 
mmme, Prompt — AF. summc {sume) ; 
Lat. summa. 

Soxunen, v. to join, S ; see Sanmen. 

Sompne, v. to summon, PP, CM; 
■omeny, PP; somony, S2; somonl, S; 
somownjn. Prompt.; somondle, pr. s., 
H ; sTuniindia, H ; somened, pp., W. — 
AF. somoundre (pr. p. somonant), OF. 
semondre ; Late Lat suhmonHre ; Lat sub ^ 

SomvXLOIir, sb. summoner, one who 
cites before an ecclesiastical court, C, PP ; 
sumpnonr, S2 ; somnonr, PP ; eomner, 
PP; somenonr, PP ; munnowre, Prompt 
— AF. sumenour. 

Somwat ; see under Sum. 

Sond, sb. sand, S, S2, C, PP; sand, 
PP ; sonde, dat., S.— AS. sand. 

Send, sb. a dish or mess of food ; sand, 
gift, S2 ; sonde, dat., S ; sonden, //., S ; 
sandon, S. — AS. sand, * ferculum ' (Voc). 

Sonde, sb. a sending, message, gift sent, 
also missioui embassy, messenger, S, S2^ 



C3, P, G, H (p. 497); •<md«n, //., S; 
vond«s, S. Comb. : sondMnnon, mes- 
senger, Sa ; «>iid— man, SD ; gawflis- 
meii*,//., HD. 

Sender. Comb. : sondex«in«B, mes- 
sengers, S ; sand«rlK>d6S, messengers, S. — 
AS. Sander in sandermen (Chron. ann. 
1 1 23). 

Sondry, separate, Ca ; see 8imd«r. 

Sone, sb. son, S, S2, C2, G ; son*, S ; 
ion«, S2 ; ran, S2. Comb. : son* In law«, 
son-in-law, C2. — AS. sunu : Goth, sunus. 

Sone, adv. forthwith, quickly, soon, S, 
G, S2, C2, PP; Sonne, S3; son, S2 ; 
soyn, S2 ; sonost, superl., C2 ; sonnost, 
P. — AS. s6na, see Sievers, 317. 

Song, //. s. sang, Ca ; see Syn^en. 

Songe, sb. song. Prompt.; sang, S, S3 ; 
sang, S 2 ; aongos,//., S.—AS. sang. 

Songe-warie, sb. the obsei-vation of 
dreams, P. — OF. songe\ Lat. somnium, 

Sonne, sb. sun, S, S2, Ca, P ; snnno, S, 
Sa, Prompt. Comb. : snnne-1)em, sunbeam, 
S ; Snnnen-dsBi, Sunday, S; snnne-dei, S ; 
■nnodal, S; sonedei, S; sone-dnl, S; 
sonoday, S, G ; sonondayes, //., S2 ; 
snnno-rlslndde, sun-rising, S. — ^AS. sunne : 
OS. sunna. 


fik>Ope, sb. soap. Prompt.; iMpo, S. — 
AS. sape ; Lat. sdpo. 

Soot, Soote, adj. sweet, S3 ; see Swete. 

Sooth, SootUy ; see Both. 

Sop,//, s. created, S; see Sohapen. 


Soper, sb. supper, C, C2, G ; see Sonpor. 

Sophyme, sb. a sophism, C2 ; sophimos, 
//., subtleties, C2.— OF. sophisme (Cotg.) ; 
Gr. <r6<lHfffia. 

Soppe, sb. a sop, Cath., PP; sop, C; 
soppis,//., S3. 

Sopnn,/^. ^8np. 

Sore, V. to soar, mount aloft, Ca, CM. 
^OF. essorgr (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. *exaurare, 
to expose to the air (Lat. aura). 

Sore, adj. and adv. sore, painful, S, Ca, 
G ; sare, Sa, S ; sar, S, S3, Sa ; soore, 
Prompt. ; sair, B.— AS. sdr. 

Sore, sb. sore, misery, Ca ; aor, S ; sar, 
S; sooro, Prompt— AS. j^r. 

Soren, pp. shorn, S ; see Scliero. 

Sort, sb, destiny, chance, lot, C, W; 
sorts, turn (=Lat vice), W.— AF. sort; 
' -"t. sortem. 


Sorwe, sb. sorrow, S, Sa, CM, C2 ; 
sorjs, S ; sorjs, Sa ; sortie, S ; serene, S ; 
sarejs, S ; sorsglis, Sa ; soore-we, S ; 
ssrswe, S ; soomws, S ; serws, S2 ; soim, 
S2 ; sorha, S ; sorswe, S, S2. — AS. sofh : 
OS. sorga. 

Sorwe-fU, adj. sorrowful, C ; sorftil, 
S ; sorwsftilly, adv. sorrowMly, Ca. 

Sorwen, v. to sorrow, CM ; serr^liepp, 
pr. J., S. — AS. sorgian, 

Sorwynge,^^. sorrowing, CM; aore-w- 
yngl»,//., W. 

Sory, adj. sorry, wretched, painful, 
grievous, Prompt., S2, C, C2, PP, G ; soriy 
S, S2, PP ; sari, S ; ssari, S ; sarlUclie, 
cidv.y S ; soryly. Prompt. Comb. : flK>Z7-- 
mod, sad in mind, S. — AS. sdrig. 

Sorynesse, sb. sadness^ Prompt. ; soxl- 
nesse, S. — AS. sdrignes, 

Soster, sb, sister, S2 ; see Snster. 

Sote, adj. sweet, C2, C3 ; see Swete. 

Soth., adj. and sb. true, truth, sooth, 
soothsaying, S, S2, C3, P, H ; sooth, C2 ; 
snth, S2 ; sotiie, W, S2, S3, P ; sootlie, 
S3 ; sope, S2 ; sothely, adv., verily, PP,W ; 
soothly, C2. Comb. : so^fost, true, S, S3, i 
H ; sothefihst, W ; sooth&stnesse, trnth, 
C2, C3, H; sotlmes, truth, S2, H ; soth^ 
nesss, S2, P; sotlirilit, truly, S. — ^AS. 
s6^ (for ^soriSy *sand); cp. Icel. sannr (for 
*sanOr) ; cp. Dan. sand. 

Sothe, adj. south, S3 ; see Sowthe. 

Sothien, v. to verify, SD, SkD (s.v. 
soofAe) ; l^soiSet, pp., S.—AS. ge-sSCian, 

Sothroun, adj. southern, S3 ; see Ckyw- 

Sotte, sb. fool, S, Prompt, PP; sot, S, \ 
S2 ; sottes, gen., S. S2. Der, : aotlloe, 
foolishly, S ; sotsohipe, folly, S ; sotted, 
besotted, C3.— OF. sof. 

Settle, adj. subtle, fine-wrought, crafty, 
ingenious. Prompt. ; sotyl. PP ; sotil, PP, 
C; sotel, PP; sntelle, Cath.; sntaille, 
S3; sotel7, adv., PP; snteU, W.— AF. | 
sotil, sutil; Lat. subttlem. *\ 

Sotyle, V. to reason subtly, to make use \ 
of cunning, PP ; sotilsn, PP ; sntUs, pr,s.^ 
makes subtle, H. I 

Sotylte, sb. skill. Prompt. ; sotUte, C3. 
— AF. sotiltee; Lat. subtilitatem.. 

Sonchen, v. to suspect, SD, HD; 

sonolies, pr, s., S2.--OF. suscher ; Late 

Lat. *suspicare, for Lat. suspicari^ see 

Diez, p. 081, and BH, § 153. 

Sonden, v. to pay, PP. See Sowde. 

Sondly, adj, dirty, S3.— Cp. Northern 


E. suddill, to dirty (JD), also G. sudeln, to 
do dirty work. 

Sonerty, sb. surety, S3; see Siir«tj. 

Sonfre, sb. sulphur, Sa ; sonlfre, CM. 
— OF. soufre, soulfre (Cotg.) ; Late Lat. 

Sonken, v, to suck, Ca, Sa, Wa ; sowk- 
en, S3. Combr, soiikjnffe-f«r«, foster- 
brother, W. — AS. siicatty pt. s^act pp. socen. 

Sonle, sb. soul, PP, S, Sa ; sowto, S, C; 
same, S, Sa, H; sawle, S; mhU, S3; 
sonlen, //., S, Sa ; sanlMi, S ; iMwlaM, 
S ; mawl; S; saiilen, Sa. Comb, : ■ovl* 
liele, soul's salvation, PP ; fMw«l hA, Sa. 
— AS. sdwoly sdwU : Goth, saiwala, 
^ Sonn, sb. sound, Sa, S3, Ca, Wa, H : 
sown, H, W, Wa ; sowna, Sa ; son, Sa ; 
Bownde, Prompt.— AF. soun^ OF. ion\ 
Lat. sonum, 

Sound, sb. a swoon, S3 ; see 8wown«. 

Sonnen, v. to sound, Ca, PP ; aownen, 
Ca, Sa, Wa, PP; sowndyn, Prompt.; 
snnen, S. — AF. suner, soner ; Lat sonare. 

Sonnyngy sb. sounding, Sa. 
. Sonpeily V. to sup, drink gradually> to 
' eat supper, P, W, Ca ; sowp«n, S3.— OF. 
souper. Of Teutonic origin. Cp. Sup. 

Souper, sb. supper, C ; aop^r, C, Ca, 
G. — OF. souper, AF. soper. 

Soiiple, adj. supple, pliant, C, Ca.— 
OF. soupU, beaten, defeated (Bartsch); 
Lat. supplicem, submissive. 

Sonre, adj. sour, acid, PP; siir, S; 

sonrs, adv. sourly, Ca, P. Comb. : ■oni?- 

don^, leaven, W; sonrdow, W ; sonzdow^, 

1 W. — AS. siir ; cp. Icel. siirr and siirdegi 

(Matt. 13. 33). 

Sonren, v. to sour ; sowzld, //., made 
sour, W. 

Sours, sb. source, origin, Ca ; soaring, 
CM. — OF. sourse, a spring of water ; Late 
Lat. sursa, a late pp. f^ form from Lat 
surgere (OF. sordre, pp. sors, sours). 

Souse, V. to strike, dash, RD, SkD; 
f 80Tic«, Spenser i. See below. 

Souse, sb. the downward plunge of a 
bird of prey, RD. (Originally the same as 
Sonrs, used of a hawk's flight— W. W.S.) 

Soutere, sb. cobbler, S3 ; sonter, PP ; 
j sowtar, Cath., ND.— AS. siitere (Voc.) ; 
\ lAt sutor. 

Souteresse, sb. a woman shoe-seller, P. 

i Souenaimce, sb. remembrance, S3. — 

OF. sovenancty also souvenance (Cotg.), 

from sovenir\ Lat subuenirc* 1 


Souerentiy sb, sovereignty, Prompt; 
■cnerayntee, Ca. — AF, sovcrainte. 

Souereyn, adj. and sb. supreme, sove- 
reign, C, Ca, C3 ; soiMz«7]iMi, //., supe- 
riors, P, W ; sntayns, H ; soiMMjiMste, 
superl., Wa ; BouOTmignly, adv.^ C— AF. 
soverein ; Late Lat *superanum. 

Sowdaa, sb. sultan, Sa, C3. — OF. 
soudan, souidan ; Arab, sultdn. 

Sowdaaesse, sb. sultaness, Sa, C3. 

Sowde, V. to strengthen ; sowdld, pp. 
( » Lat consolidatae), W.— OF. souder 
(Cotg.) : It. soldare \ Lat. solidare^ sec SkD 
(s. V. solder). 

Sowde^ sb. stipend, pay, W; aowd, 
Prompt ; sowdls, //., W.— OF. soude ; 
Lat. soldum, a sum of money, from solidus. 

Bowd^OWre, sb. one that fights for 
pay, soldier. Prompt. ; soudlonr, S3. — 
Cp. OF. soudour (Ducange). 

Sowen, V, to sow, S, PP; fMw«, S 
■ouwtn, PP ; sew«, //. j., W; aew, H 
■•wen, //., S ; mow«, //. s. subj.y S 
■ownn, //., W ; «ow«, G; 3«-«awen, S.— 
AS. sdwan, 

Sewse, V. to immerse in brine, to plunge 
in water, to drench with rain, Palsg., S3 ; 
■ooMd,//., pickled, Sh. ; aoiurt, drenched, 
Spenser i. — From OF. sause^ sauce; Lat. 
salsay salted. 

Sowse, sb. a dish of pickled food, sue- 
cidium, voc. 

Sowthe, adj. south. Prompt. ; sotlM, 
S3; waS^y S. Comb.'. Sonp-hamtessire, 
Hampshire, Sa ; Sul!S-s»z«, Sussex, SD. — 
AS. s4d : OHG. sund-ana, from the south 

Sowtheme, adj. southern. Prompt.; 
moWpwcon, Sa ; sontliren, C3 ; sotliroim, 
S3 ; snthronn, S3. 

Soyr, adj. brown (as of withered leaves), 
S3.— OF. sor (Roland) ; cp. F. saure. Of 
Teutonic origin. See 8e«r«. 

SpSEfC, pt. s. of Speken, q. y. 

Spasclie, sb. speech, S ; see 8p«o]i«. 

Spalc, adj. wise, prudent, quiet, gentle, 
SD ; spake, HD ; spakUclie, adv., SD ; 
vpalEll, Sa. — Icel. spakr, quiet, gentle, wise. 

Spale, sb. a chip of wood, splinter, S, 
SD ; spalle, Prompt. ; spoUe, Prompt ; 
■pole, Voc. — Icel. spolr {spala, gen. pi.). 

SpaXL^, sb. a metal fastening, brooch, 
clasp, buckle ; spanffs,//., S3.— AS. jr/tf«^^ 

Spangelei sb. a small plate of shining 



metal used to ornament a bridle, lorale^ 

Spanyn, v. to wean, Prompt. ; spaae, 
HD ; spaned, H, Cath.— Cp. G. spdnen, 
OHG. {bt)spenjan, Du. jr/tf«^«,seeWeigand; 
cp. also AS. spana, * ubera * (Voc.). 

SpaXLyngef sb. a weaning, ablactacio, 
Cath., ifi-ompt. 

Sparkle, sb. spark, Prompt. Comb. : 
deed-sparoltt {^\JaX. fauilla\ Wa. 

Sparlire, sb. the calf of the leg, HD ; 
•paxlyuer, sura^ Trevisa (5. 355) ; spsrly- 
ner, musculusyoc. — AS. spear-Hra, * sura ' 
(Dent. 28. 35), speoru-Hra (GET.). 

Spanre, sb. a beam, bar, spar, C, S3, 
Prompt., Cath, — AS. speoru (Voc); cp. 
Icel. sparri. 

Sparthe, sb. axe, battle-axe, Prompt., 
Cath. ; sparth, C, WA Icel. spatHa. 

Sparwe, sb. sparrow, C, S2 ; sparowe, 
Prompt. Comb.', spar-liaiilc, sparrow- 
hawk, C2 ; sperhauke, P. — AS. spearwa. 

Spatel, sb. spittle, S ; see Spotil. 

Spateling, sb. spitting, S. 

Spealie, v- to tell, S ; see Spellien. 

Spec, pt. s. of Speken, -q. v. 

Spece, sb. species, kind, S, Prompt. — 
Lat. speciem. Cf. Spioe. 

Speche, sb. speech, S, S2, PP ; spsBclis, S ; 
■pek, S2.— AS. jr/if (Voc). See Speken. 

Sped, sb. success, speed, S; speed, 
Prompt. — AS. spid. 

Spede-All, adj. profitable, W ; speed- 
ftil, C3; spedfuUest, super/., S^. 

Spedexi^ v. to succeed, prosper, speed, S, 
Sa, S3 ; spet, pr. s., speeds, goes on, G ; 
speditli, profits, S3, W2 ; spedde, //. x., 
S, C2 ; sped,/;>., S3.— AS. sp^an. 

Speir, sb. sphere, S3 ; see Spere. 

Speken, v. to speak, S, S2 ; spseken, S ; 
spece, I pr. s., S ; spec^, pr. j., S ; spsBc, 
pt. s.y S ; spao, S, S2 ; spak, S, S2 ; spec, 
S ; spek, S ; spake, 2 pt. j., S, G ; speke, 
S ; spsBkenn, p/., S ; speken, S ; speke, 
S2 ; speeke, S2 ; spekene, ger., S ; spec 
keiLe,S ; l-spekea,;>^., S ; Ispeke, S.— AS. 
specan (for sprecan\ pt. spac, pp. specen. 

Spell, sb. a discourse, story, S ; spelle, 
dat., S, S2, C2.--AS. ^di 

Spellien, v. to relate, speak ; spellen, 
S, PP; speaUe, S; spiUen, S. — AS. 

Spellinge, sb. recital, Prompt., Sa. 

Spence, sb. provision-room, larder, G, 
"^rompt.; vpense, Voc.^ expense, G,W.— 


OF. despense (Constans) ; Late Lat. dis- 
pensa (Voc). 

Spencer, sb, officer haying charge of 
the provisions, G ; spenser, G ; sponcexe. 
Prompt. — OF. despensier; Late Lat. dis- 
pensarium (ace). 

Spenden, v. to use, spend, Prompt, 
PP ; spene, S, PP ; spende, pt. pi., §2 ; 
1-spend, pp., S ; spendid, W ; sponded, 
G. Comb.: spendlng-siluer, money to 
spend, C3. — AS. spendan (in compounds) ; 
Lat. dispendere. 

Spennen, v. to stretch, embrace, grasp, 
SD ; spendyd,//. .t., grasped, S3 ; spend, 
//., SD. — Icel. spenna ; cp. AS. spannan, 
to bind, OHG. {gi)spannan (Otfrid) ; see 

Spercled, //. scattered, flung abroad, 
S3 (24. 67). 

Sperd,//. s. of Splren, q.v. 

Spere, sb. sphere. Prompt., CM ; speir, 
S3. — OF. espere ; Late Lat. spera, sphera \ 
Gr. <r<patpa. 

Spere, sb. spear, S, C, Prompt — AS. 
spere ; cp. OHG. sper (Tatian). 

Speren, v. to fasten with a spar, to 
close, S, Cath. ; sperre, Cath. ; spexlde, 
pt. J., Sa ; sperd, pp., S, H ; sperzid, H. 
—AS. sparrian. See Sparxe. 

Sperhanke, sb. sparrow-hawk, P ; see 
under Sparwe. 

Sperling^, sb. a small fish, S2 ; q^r- 
lynge, Cath., Voc. ; sparlynge, Cath. («^ ; 
spnrlinff, Cath. (»).— OF. esperlan, smelt 

Spet, pr. s. of Speden, q. v. 

Speten, v. to spit, S, Wa, Voc, CM ; 
spette, pt. s., W, SD ; spete, W ; speten, 
//., W ; speUde, //. s., W.— AS. spcktan, 
pt. spcktte. 

Spewen, v. to vomit, Cath. ; spne^Wa. 
— AS. spiwan, pt. spdwy pp. spiwen. 

Spice, sb. species, kind, spice, W; spjoe, 
Voc. ; spioes, //., S, P. Comb. : sploe- 
like, with spices, S ; spioes ware, spicery, 
S. — OF. espice ; Late Lat. *spkia (for Lat. 
sp&iem), see BH, § 3a. See Speoe. 

Spicer, sb. dealer in spices, P, Sa ; spj- 
seres,//., Sa. 

Spicerye, sb, spicery, Sa, Ca, C3.— 
AF. spicerie. 

Spie, sb. spy, PP ; see Aspie. 

Spien, V. to spy, to look after, to watch, 
S ; see Bspye. 

Spilen, V. to play, S ; spUede,//. j.,S. 
—Icel. spila ;. cp. G. spiclat, ^ 


iSpilieiL, V, to speak, S ; see 8pelll«n; 

SpilleSLy V, to perish, also to destroy, S, 

S2, C2, C3, P; spyUen, S2 ; splU, S3; 

wsXLt,pp., killed, C3 ; y-«pUte, PP.— AS. 
, spillan, to destroy (Grein). 

Spire^ sb. shoot, scion, blade, tall grass, 
i reed, PP, S, G. CM ; spyre. Prompt., PP, 
Palsg. ; spior, W2. 

SpireSLv ^' ^o enquire, speer, PP ; sperwi, 
PP; speoren, PP ; spuz*]!, PP; splrs, 
imp. pl.y S2 ; spird, //. //., S2 ; sp«rd, pL 
J., S3. — AS. spyriany to make a track, from 
spor^ track, see SkD (s.v. spur), 

Splene, sb, the spleen. Prompt. ; splen, 
SkD. Phr. : on tli* spton*, suddenly, 
) S3 ; fro Xhm splen«, with sudden fervour, 
rapidly, S3.— Lat. splen, 

Spoile, sb. booty, SkD ; spnylls, //., 
Wz. See below. 

Spoilen, v. to plunder, W (Mk. 3. 27) ; 
spnyle, W; spnyUd, pp., W2. — OF. 
spolier (Cotg.) ; Lat. spoliare ; see BH, § 64. 

Spone, .r^. a chip, splinter of wood, spoon, 

C3, Prompt.; spoon, C2. Comb.: span- 

1^ new«, span new, SkD ; spon-neowe, SkD. 

— AS. spdn ; cp. Icel. spdnn^ also spdnn ; 

cp. G. spannen (Weigand). 

Spore, sb, spur, PP, Prompt., C, G.— 
AS. spora, 

Spotil, sb. spittle, W ; spoteU, W2 ; 
spatel, S.--AS. spdtl, 

Spousaille, sb. wedding, C2 ; sponsall, 
C2 ; sposailU,//., W.— OF. espousailles. 

Spouse, sb. spouse, bridegroom, bride, 
W ; spnse, S ; spowM, Prompt. Comb. : 
sponsbrecli*, adulterer, SD ; Bposbmcli*, 
adultery, SD; sponsebrekere, adulterer, 
W ; sponshod, marriage, S2. — AF. espouse 
{espuse) ; Lat. sponsam ; also OF. espos, 
spouse Lat. sponsum ; see BH, § 169. 

Sponsen, v. to espouse, W, S2, C2 ; 
spoiud, S2 ; i4q^iis«d,^., S2 ; y-spenMd, 
S2; i^spnMd, S.— OF. espouser\ Lat. 

Sprangis,, diffused rays of various 
colourq^ S3. 

Spraulin, v. to sprawl, SD ; spraw«l, 
S2 ; spranldden, pt. pi., S.— AS. spriaw- 
Han (cited by Zupitza from Bouloneser 
Glossen,see Studium derneuerenSpracheny 
July, 1886). 

Sprayngls, sb. pi. sprinklings, S3. See 

Spreden, v. to spread, PP, S, S2 ; 
■pnbdd*, pt. s.y C2 ; spredd, M, S ; 
spxad, C ; y-spxad, C2. — AS. spridan. 



Spreit, sb, spirit, S3 ; smnrte, Prompt. 
— Liat. spiritus. 

Sprengen» v, to sprinkle, W, G; 
sprente, pt. s., S3 ; spreynten, //., W2 ; 
■preynd, pp., S2, C2, C3, W; sprslnd, 
W; spreynt, W; y-spz«ynd, C— AS. 
sprengan^ causal of springan. 

Sprengen, v. to spring, to be diffused ; 
■prent, //. j., S3.— ASu sprengan, to spring 

Sprenkelin, v. to sprinkle, to dart. 
Prompt. ; spxynUand, pr. p., darting in 
various directions (of fish in the water), S3. 

Spring, sb, a rod, sprig, PP ; spzynff*! 
P; sprenges, //., \V2. 

Springen, z'. to spring, to arise, to 
dawn, PP^ S, C2 ; spxyng*, PP ; spreng*, 
pr, s. subj., W ; spnuig, //. s., S ; sprong*, 
S ; spmngen, pp., S2 ; sprang*, S ; 
sprong«n, S3; sprong*, C; i-spmng«, 
S. Der. : spxlnging, beginning, source, 
C2. — AS. springan, pt. sprang i;^. sprung- 
on), pp. sprungen, 

Springen, v, to make to spring, rouse ; 
■prang*, pt. pi, S3. See below. 

Springen, v, to sprinkle, C2 ; y. 
■pronge, pp., S2. Der. : iprlngyng, 
sprinkling, W. See 8pr«ngen. 

Spmtlyt, pp. speckled, S3. See SkD 
(s. V. sprout), 

Sprynkland ; see 8pr«nk«iin. 

Spurn, sb, a kick, S3. 

Spnmen, v. to kick, Prompt., C2, SkD ; 
■pnrnd*, pt. s., S2. — AS. speoman. 

Spnyle, v, to plunder, W ; see Spoilen. 

Spnylis,//. spoils, W; see Spoile. 

Sp3rnke, sb. finch, rostellus,W oc. ; epink, 
Cotg., JD, HD ; epynk, S3 { Cp. 
Gr. aviyyoi, and OY.pinfon (BH), Y.pinson, 

Spynnare, sb. spinner, spider. Prompt.; 
spinner, Sh., HD. 

Spynnen, v. to spin, Prompt. 

Spynstare, sb. a woman who spins. 
Prompt. ; spynneeter, PP ; spinster, S2, 
PP, Sh. 

SpSTraUe, sb. the breath of life, S2. — 
Lat. spiraculum uitae. Gen. 7. 22 (Vulg.). 

Sqnames, sb, pi, scales, C3. — Lat. 

Sq,iiaymoii8, adj, loth, fastidious, 
CM ; see Skeymowse. 

Sqnier, sb. squire, S, C2 ; squyer, C2, 
S2. — OF. esquier, escuier; Late Lat. scu- 
tarium, from Lat scutum, shield ; cp. It. 



Sqnyler, sb. dish-washer, Sa ; sqiwjl- 
lare, Prompt., SkD (s.v. scullery); swyV 
ler«, Voc. — OF. sculier (Ducange) ; Late 
Lat. scutelarium, one in charge of the 
dishes (Ducange) ; from Lat. scutella. (It 
seems to have been confused with swiller ; 
see SkD, s.v. scullgry,^W.W.S.) 

Sqnylerey, sd, room for washing dishes 
in, a scullery, SkD. — Cp. OF. esculter; 
Late Lat. scutellariuniy * locus ubi reponun- 
tur scutellae ' (Ducange). See above. 

Sq,ware, adj, square, Prompt. ; sware, 
S2. — OF. esquarrei Lat. ex -¥ quadram \ 
cp. It. squadra. 

Srid, //. s. clothed, S ; see Sohrouden. 

Smd, sb. dress, S ; see Soliroud. 

Ss-; see Sclu. 

Sseawere, sb, a mirror, Sa ; see 

Sseawy, v. to show, S2 ; see Soliewen. 

Ssedde ; see under Sclieden. 

Ssede ; see under Schade. 

Ssolde, should ; see Scliolde. 

Ssoldren, pi. shoulders, S2 ; see Bclml- 

Stable, adj, constant, firm, fixed, C2, W, 
PP; 8tabU, adv,, W,— AF. estable\ Lat. 

Stable, V. to establish, confirm, to cause 
to rest, S3, W, P, C ; y-staWed, S3.— OF. 

Stablischen, 'v, to establish, W ; 8ta1>- 
liMe, PP.— OF. establiss'y stem of estab- 
lissantj pp. of establir. 

Stac, pt. s. closed up, Sa ; see Bteken. 

Stad, //■ bestead, circumstanced, beset, 
WA, Sa. — Icel. sladdr, circumstanced, 
Swed. sladd. 

Staf, sb. a staff, stick, a letter of the 
alphabet, PP, SD ; vtaff*. Prompt. ; stauM, 
//., Sa, PP. Comb. : 8t«f-cr«ft, the art of 
grammar, S ; staf-sllngre, staff-sling, Ca ; 
Ktaif-slyiLge, HD ; staff-slyngere, staff- 
slinger, HD.— AS. slaf, staff, stick, twig, 
letter written on a twig, see Weigand (s. v. 
buchstab) ; cp. Icel. stafr, OHG. stahy bmh- 
stab (Tatian). 

Staire, adj, steep, WA; stajrre, 
WA (w). 

Staire. sb. stair, ladder, WA. — AS. 
stckger. See Stien. 

Stal, Stall, pt. s. of Stelen. 

Stale, sb. stealing, S.— AS. statu, 

Stalken, v. to step slowly, C, G; 
^kyn, Prompt. ; staUced him,//, s, rejl., 


Ca. — AS. stealdan\ see Sweet, Anglo* 
Saxon Pritnerf 83. 37. 

Stalle, sb, place, state, station, prison, 
stall, booth, PP, Prompt. ; stMl, S; stal, 
Prompt.; stale, S3.— AS. steal: OHG. 
stal (Otfiid). 

Stallit,/?^. placed, S3. 

Stallyn, v. to enthrone prelates. Prompt. 1 

StalworSe, adj, stout, strong, sturdy, I 
Sa, G; Btalwortti, PP, H (pp. a6, 87); 
Btalword, Sa ; Btalwortliy, S3, Prompt. ; 
■talworpest, superl.y Sa ; stalwoxtty, adv. 
sturdily, Sa. Comb. : stalwortli-liede, stal- 
wartness, Sa. — AS. stalwurO (Chron. ann. 

Stamyn, sb. stamine, linsey-woolsey j 
cloth, a garment made of that material, 1 
Prompt., Cath. (n) ; stamln, S; ■tamine, 
HD.— OF. estamine, tamine, also a strainer 

StamyXLy sb, the stem, bows of a vessel, 
Sa; stamyne,' Cath. («). — Icel. stafoiy 
stamn, a post, prow-post, also stem- post ; 
cp. It. staminey the upright ribs or pieces of I 
timber of the inside of a ship, of our ship- J 
Wrights called foot-stocks (Florio). 

Standen, v. to stand, to cost, be valid, 
S ; stonden, S, Sa, Ca, W ; stant, pr. j., 
S, Sa, S3 ; stent, S ; stand, Sa ; stonte, 
Sa ; stode,//. j.. Sa ; //., Sa ; stoden, Sa, 
Ca ; stude, S3 ; i-stond*, pp.y S.— AS. 
standaUy pt. stSdy pp. ge-standen. 

Stane, sb. dot, stone, S ; see Stoon. 

Stanflf, sb. stagnant pool ; stanc, Sa ; 
stank, HD ; stangls, //., H ; staagsB) 
Sa; staunkis, H. — OF. estang, estan 
{estanc) ; Lat. stagnum, 

Stangen, v. to prick, to throb, HD, H. 
Der. : stangynge, torment, H. 

Stannyzis, sb. pi. the small stones and 
gravel at the side of a river, S3. See Stoon. 

Staple, sb. a loop of iron in a wall used 
for jfastening chains, S3 (p. 472). — AS. \ 
stapul (Voc). 

Starf,//. s, died, Sa, Ca; see Stemen. 

Starin, v, to stare, also to shine, glitter, 
SD ; stare, Ca, S3, PP ; starindo, pr. /., 
S ; stareand, Sa. — AS. starian. 

Stark, adj. strong, firm, severe, S, S3 ; 
starro, S ; starke, //., Ca. — AS. stearc : 
OS. stare. \ 

BtajmjU^pl. stars, S3 ; see Stszns. 

Stat, sb. state, condition, Sa; staat, { 
existence ( == Lat status), W. Cf. Bstat. 

8ta])elien, to establish; 3e-sta]>el«d, 
//., S. — AS. g-e-staSelod. 


Sta]>elnesse, sb. stability, SD; ste])«U 
HOB, S2. — AS. stadolnes. 

Statut, sb. statute, PP; statute, PP; 
statutes, //., Sa, PP. Comb. : statute- 
staple, the staple to which a prisoner is by 
law attached, S3.— AF. statut {estatut); 
Lat. statutum. 

Stauez, pr. s. stows away, S2 ; stawed, 
fp., S2 ; see Stowyn. 

Steal, sb. place, state, S; see Stalle. 

Steapre ; see Stepe. 

Stea5, //. s. of Stien, q. v. 

Stede, sb. steed, horse, S, C2, PP, WA. 
Comb.'. stede-lMU), horseback, PP.—AS. 
stida^ from stdd^ a collection of horses, a stud. 

Stede, sb. place, PP, S. Sa, S3 ; stude, 
S; stide, W, Wa ; stud, Sa; sted, S3. 
Comb. : stedefiurt, steadfast, S ; stedefkst- 
lidie, steadfastly, S; stedfkstly, Ca; 
stedelkstnesse, firmness, Ca. — AS. stede : 
OS. stedi : Goth, stadi- (stem oistaths). 

Stee, sb. a ladder, WA, HD ; sties, //., 
HD. See Stien. 

Steef, Stef ; see styf. 

Steer, sb. a young ox, C, PP.—AS. 
steor ; cp. Lat. taurus, see Curtius,No. a33. 

Stef-crefb, sb. the art of grammar, S ; 
see Staf. 

Slefue, sb. voice, S ; see Btenene. 

Steglie, V. to ascend, H ; see Stien. 

Steghere, sb. rider, H. 

Steir, V. to stir, S3 ; see Stiren. 

Stekeily V. to fasten, SD, WA ; stekye, 
»., to be fastened up, P ; stekes, imp. pL, 
Sa ; stao, //. /., Sa ; stak, SkD (s.v. 
stick) ; stoken, //., Sa ; y-steke, G ; 
1-steke, G.— Cp. OHG. steckatty to fix, 
pierce, pt. stdh (pi. stdchun\ 1^1^. gi-stochofty 
see Ot^d. 

Stelen, v. to steal, to go stealthily, PP ; 
st8Bl, //. s., S; stal, Ca, W; staU, S3; 
stalen, pi., S; stelen, S; stole, pp., C. 
Comb. : wUbI ut, ^tole out, S ; stal ut, S. 
— AS. stelan, pt. steel (pi. stklon\ pp. stolen. 

StelSe, sb. stealth, PP ; stalthe, SkD. 
Cf. Stoutli. 

Stem, sb. vapour, ray of light, flame, S ; 
steem. Prompt. — ^AS. stiam. 

Stemin, v. to steam, shine, gleam, C, 
S3, CM.— AS. stiman (SkD). 

Stene, sb. a stone jar, SD, Trevisa 4. 115 ; 
steenes, //., Sa. See below. 

Stenen, adj. made of stone, S.— AS. 
stanen (Voc). See Stoon. 



Stent, sb. stopping-place, S3. 

Stenten» v, to cease, pause, CM; see 

Steoren, v. to perfume with incense, S. 
— Cp. AS. stiran (Leo). See Btor. 

Steoxen, v. lead, direct, S ; see Bteren. 

Steorren, pi* stars, S ; see Bterre. 

Step-baarn, sb. orphan, H. — Cp. AS. 
step-ctld, orphan, Ps, 67. 6 (VP) ; AS. 
stiop^ orphaned ; cp. OHG. stiuf. 

Stepe, adj. steep, WA. SkD.— AS. stiap. 

Stepe, adj. bright, shining (of eyes), CM, 
C, S3, HD ; steapre, comp., S3 (p. 436). 

Stere^ adj. strong, stout, firm, S, HD. 
See Store. 

Stere, sb. tiller, helm, rudder, steering- 
gear, the stem of a ship, C3, S ; steere, 
Wa ; stiere, PP. Comb. : stereiees, with- 
out a rudder, Sa, C3 ; sterman, steersman. 
Voc — IceL styri, rudder. 

Stere, sb. helmsman, C3, Sa. 

Steren, v. to lead, direct, steer, S, S3, 
PP; steir, B; steoren, S.— AS. siioran, 

Steren, v. to stir, to move, Sa,WA, PP ; 
see Stiren. 

Sterlinge, sb. coin, penny of standard 
currency, C3, PP, SkD.— Cp. Low Lat 
sterlingtis (Ducange). 

Sterne, sb. star, WA, H, Sa ; stem, Sa, 
B ; stamys, //., S3. — Icel. stjama. Cf. 

Sterne, adj. stem. Prompt; stnme, 
S, Sa ; steryn,WA; sterin, HD; steryne, 
HD ; stiame,//., S ; adv., S ; steme, PP ; 
stemeUcli, CM, PP. Der. : stomhede, 
sternness, Sa. — AS. styme. 

Sterre, sb. star, S, Sa, S3, Ca. C3, W, 
PP ; sterre, S ; steorren, pi, S ; steores, 
S ; sterris, W, PP ; sterren, S, Sa. Comb. : 
sterre-libt, starlight, Sa. Der. : i-sUrret, 
starred, S; stirrede, SD.— AS. steorra: 
OS. sterro; cp. OHG. sterro (Tatian). 

Stert, J^. tail, plough-handle, S, Prompt., 
Palsg., HD ; the stalk of fruit, HD, Palsg. ; 
sterte, Voc. Comb. : steort-naket, quite 
naked, S. — AS. steort ; cp. Icel. stertr. 

Stert, sb. a start, quick movement, C. 

Sterten, v. to start Sa, C, B, PP; 
stirt, imp. s., S ; stirte, pt. x., S ; stirt, 
S ; sterte, C, G ; stert, Sa ; stert, //., 
Ca ; y-stert, C. 

Stemen, v. to die, Sa, S3, Ca ; sterf«^, 
pr. s., S ; starf, pt. j.. Sa, Ca ; stnmen, 
pl.,S; stnrfe, S ; stomen, C3 ; stome, 




//. suhj. J., S ; i-«tora«, pp., S ; y-storud, 
C; «tara«n, S3. — AS. steorfatif pt. st<krf 
(pi. sturfon), pp. storfen. 

Steming, ^^. dying, Sa. 

Stauaney <f^. voice, command, note, Ca, 
S ; steiMn, Sa ; time of performing any 
action, CM ; steflb*, S ; ■terynnys,//., S5. 
—AS. ste/ni Goth. x//^«<ij cp. OHG. 
stemna (Tatian), G. stimme, 

SteW| sb. vapour, mist, 6 ; storys, pi,, 
S3. — Cp. Dan. stov, Du. stof, dust, stof- 
regen, drizzling rain, G. staub^ dust, whence 
Staubbachy * spray-beck.* 

Steward ; see under Sty. 

Stewe, sb, fish-pond, vivarium, C, HD, 
SD, CM, Prompt. ; stwe, Prompt. 

Stewe, sb. bath, Cath.; stue, Cath. {n)\ 
stwe, Prompt. ; stewes, //. brothels, PP ; 
stywes, CM ; stues, P. 

Stiame, adj. pi, stem, S ; see Stem*. 

Sticcheny v. to prick, stitch, SD; 
■tijte,//. s., SD ; ■U5t,;>^., SD ; i^tllid, 
S; i-8ticclied, S (p. 119). 

Stien, V. to ascend, HD, PP, Sa, W, 
Wa ; rtyjen, Sa ; stiBen, W, Sa ; ste^en, 
Sa; stefflie, H, Sa ; stea^, //. s,, Sa ; 
■tei5, S3 ; stegli, Sa, H ; styli, Sa.— AS. 
sHgan, pt. stdh (pi. stigon), pp. stigen. 

Sties, pi. paths, Sa ; stlglies, H ; see 

Stikien, v. to stick, to pierce, stab, S, 
Sa, Ca, C3; gtyken, Sa ; steek, S3; 
■teklt, //. J., B; stekyt, S3; y-«tyked, 
//., Sa. — AS. siician. See Steken. 

Stikke, sb, stick, C3 ; rtykke, Prompt. 

Stillatorie, sb. vessel used in distilla- 
tion, C3, CM ; stiUatoxy, a place where 
distillations are performed, ND. — ^Late Lat. 
stillatorium, from Lat. {di)stillare, 

Stingen, v, to sting ; stonge, //. pi,, S ; 
■tonffen, pp., C, H; y-stoniren, S3; 
y-stonge, C3 ; stungen, H. — AS. stingan, 
pt. stang (pi. stungon), pp. stungen. 

Stiren, v, to stir, to move, to instigate, 
!PP, C3, Wa, S, Sa; stere, PP, Sa, G; 
Btnren, S, W ; atyren, S ; Bteir, S3, B.— 
AS. styrian, 

Stiring, sb, stirring, commotion, W,Wa. 

Stirte,/^ s, of Sterten, q.v. 

Stith, sb, anvil, C, CM, Sh. ; rtythe. 
Prompt. — Icel. ste^i, 

Stiward ; see under Sty. 

Stobil, sb. stubble, Wa ; stobnl. Prompt. 
— AF. stuble (Ps. 8a. la, Oxford Psalter) : 
■P^'^-- estobla\ OTtM!i,*stuppula\ cp. OF. 

estoulle (Ps. 8a. 13), F. Steule-, see Kluge K 
(s. V. stoppet), and BH, § 153. 

Stok, sb. stock, stem, trap, the stocks, 
PP, Wa ; rtoo, S ; Jrtokk*, PP ; stocke, 
S3; stoke, Sa; stokkes,//.,PP; stookis, 
Sa ; stokeM, S.— AS. stocc, 

Stoken, v, to stab, SkD, C— OF. es- 
toquer (Ducange). 

Stole, sb, stool, P; stool, PP, Prompt.; 
stonl«, PP.— AS. stol. 

Stole, sb, a robe, W, Prompt. ; stoole 
( = Lat. stold), W; stolls, //., W.— Lat. 

Stonden ; see Standen. 

Stonge, pt. pi. stung, S ; see Sting«n. 

Stonien, v. to stun, to make a loud din, 
to amaze with a blow, SD ; stnnay, H ; 
stnnayd, //., H; stoynde, S3. See 

St01liyxige« sb. astonishment, W ; 
stonying, W ; stoneyinge, Sa ; stoy- 
nyng*, Prompt. 

Stent, pr. s, of standen 

Stony, adj. rocky. Prompt Comb. : 
stony see, Adria, the Adriatic Sea, W. 
— Cp. Ducange ' adria, petra ; adriaticus, 
petrosus, lapidosus portus.' 

StOOn, sb. stone, PP, Wa ; ston, PP, 
S, S3; stane, dot., S; stanes, //., S. 
Comb. : stoon-stllle, still as a stone, G. — 
AS. stdn : Goth, stains. 

Stoor, sb. store, stock, provision,Prompt., 
C, Ca, C3, G; store, PP. Phr. : telle no 
store, set no store by, set no value upon, 
C— OF. estore (Bartsch). 

Stope, pp. advanced, C ; stopen, CM, 
SkD (s. V. step). — AS. stapen, pp. of stapan 
(pt. st6p). 

Stor, sb. incense, S ; store, dat., S. — AS. 
stdr, incense, storax ; Lat. storacem, ace. ot 
storax (Vulg.), also styrax ; Gr. arvpa^, 

Stordy, adj. rash, reckless, S; see 

Store, adj. strong, powerful, large, HD, 
Prompt. ; stoor. Prompt. — Icel. sidrr. 

Storour, sb. restorer, S3. 

Stomen, //. //. died, C3 ; see Stemen. 

Stot,^^. stallion, bullock, stoat, SkD,SD; 
caballus. Prompt., C ; stott, buculus, W^A, 
Voc. ; stot, stoat, CM ; stotte, bullock, 
Cath., Palsg. ; stottls, //., PP.— Cp. Icel. 
stiitr, bull. 

Stonnde, sb. time, occasion, Instant, 
period, S, Sa, S3, C, Ca, C3, G. PP ; stnnd, 
S, Sa ; stunt, H ; stnndom, dat, pi. as 


€uiv., at times, H. Comb, : stonnd-mele, 
at times, S3. — AS. stund: OS. stunda ; cp. 
OHG. stunta, * tempus, hora ' (Tatian). 

Stonnden, v, to be for a time ; stonnd- 
ed,/^. s.y SD ; stonden,//. ( = stondeden), 

Stoupen, V, to stoop, W Qohn ao. 5), 
C3 ; Btowpen, CM, HD.— AS. stiipian. 

StoUTy sb, conflict, commotion, agitation, 
S2, B, JD; Btowrs, S3; stonxe, HD ; 
■toures, //., C2 ; stowres, S2. —OF.estour, 
estor^ estur (Roland) ; cp. Icel. styrr^ a stir, 
tumult, battle. 

Stonr, V. to move quickly, JD ; stow- 
TBOiAypr.p., S3. 

Stoutll, sb, stealth, S3.— Icel. stuldr,— 
Qt Steltli*. 

Stovys, sb. pL vapours, S3 ; see Stew. 

Stowyn, V. to stow, bring together. 
Prompt. ; stanes,/r. j., S2 ; stouwet,//., 
PP; stawed, S2 ; staued, S2 ; stewad, 
PP.— AS. stSwigan (OET). 

Stra, sb, straw, S ; see Straw*. 

Straight (for strait), adj. close-fitting, 
tight, S3 ; see Streyt. 

Strain, v. to distrain, S3.— AF. des- 
treindre (pr. p. destreignanf). See Strey- 



Strand, sb, stream, torrent, S2, S3, H ; 
Btronde, W2 ; strynd, JD. 

Stranda, sb. bank, shore, WA. 

Strang, adj. strong, S ; see Stronir*- 

StrangelTn, v, to suffocate, Prompt. ; 
estrangle, N ED ; astrangl©, NED, MD ; 
astrang'eled, pp.^ S2. — AF. estrangler\ 
\jaX, strangularcy of Gr. origin ; cp. arpay- 
yd\tj, halter. 

StrapeleSy, fastenings of breeches, 
S ; strapiOs, Voc. ; atrapUi, Cath.— AS. 
strapulas (Voc). 

StratOf sb. w^Ly, street, S ; see Strete. 

Stratly, adv, closely, 82 ; see Streyt. 

Strannge, adj. strange, foreign, C, 
Prompt ; strange, C— AF. estrange ; Lat. 

Strannge, ^* to become strange ; 
strange]), pr. s., S2 ; strauugld, //., HD. 

Strawe, sb. straw. Prompt ; stra, S, 
Cath. ; stree, C, Prompt. Comb. : stratu 
berl, strawberry, SD ; strabery, Cath. ; 
strawl)ery-wyse,strawberry plant,Prompt. ; 
stra1>eri*>wytlie, Cath. — AS. sir4aw, stria\ 
cp. Icel. strdy see Sievers, 250. 

Strayny, pr. s, subj, restrain, S2 ; see 

Stray l i es, sb. pi. escheats, goods of 
strangers dead without English-bom issue, 
and of bastards dead intestate, PP ; strey- 
nes, P. — Cp. OF. estrahiere (Godefiroy), also 
estrayere (see Cotg.), Low Lat. estraeria : 
Late Lat. extrateria\ cp. extrates (Du- 
cange). For the v intrusive see Parrls. 

Strecchen, v, to stretch, PP ; streke, 
H ; streoolie on, to exert (one self), S2 ; 
streUs, pr. s., H ; stran^te, //. f., W ; 
streiBte, W ; strel^t, S2 ; strei^ten, >/., 
W; strekld, H; strekand,/r./.,S2, H; 
strekyng, S3 ; strekid,//., H ; strabte, 
//., S; stranglite, C— AS. streccan, pt. 
strehte, pp. streht, 

Stree, sb, straw, C ; see Strawe. 

Strem, sb, stream, ray, beam, S, 82, C2, 
Voc. ; streem, C. — AS. striam : Icel. 
straumr; see Douse, p. 61. 

Stren, sb, race, progeny, HD ; streen, 
C2 ; streones, //., S. — ^AS. str^on, a get- 
ting, possession (Leo). 

Strend, sb, generation, S2 : strinds,//., 
sons, children, WA. — AS. strynd, stock, race. 

Strenen, v. to get, beget, HD ; 56- 
stren1$, pr. s., S ; i^^rtreoned, pp.y S ; 1- 
striened, S. — AS. strionan, ge-strionan \ 
cp. OHG. (^gi)striunen, to gain (Tatian). 

Strenge, sb. string, S3, H (p. 367) ; 
strynge. Prompt. — AS. streng. 

Strengen, v, to strengthen, SD v 
streng, imp, s,, S. — AS. strangian. See 

StrengSe, sb, strength, violence, S, S2 ; 
strendSe, S ; strenVe, S, S2 ; strengthes, 
//., sources of strength, C2; strenthls, 
strong places, S3. — AS. strengdu, 

StrengjBen, v, to strengthen, SD ; 
strengtS^ him, pr, s. reflex. ^ S ; strengli- 
'p%^,pt, s., S2 ; pp.y S2 ; i-strengped, S. 

Strengtliy, adj, strong; strentUe, 
JD ; strenghthi, H. 

Strenken, v. to sprinkle, S. 

Strenkil, v. to sprinkle about, H ; 
strenkelyn, Prompt. ; strenUe, S2 ; 
strinkle, HD ; strenkUd, //., H. 

Strenkyly sb. a sprinkling, a holy- water 
stick, Prompt. ; strenUe, HD ; strinkle, 
HD ; strennoless,//., S. 

StreoneSy sb. pi, progeny, S ; see Stren. 

Strepen, v, to strip, C2, CM ; streepe, 
C ; ^ stmpen, S. — AS. strypan (in be- 

Strete, sb, way, street, PP, S ; strate, S ; 
stret, S.— AS. strSt: OS. strdia\ Lat. 
strata (uza); see Sievers, 17. 



Streynen, v, to draw tight, Ca, W, 
W2, PP ; Btrayny, /;-. s. subj., S2.— AF. 
streign- base of streignant, pr. p. of strein- 
dre {straindre) ; Lat. stringere. 

Streyt, //. and adj. pressed tightly, 
narrow, strict, Sa, C ; streite, S3, C ; 
Btraifflit, S3 ; stzfiyte, //., Sa ; streyte, 
adv. closely, Sa, C ; >treitlioli«, Sa ; 
■tratly, Sa ; atraatly, S3.— AF. estreit 
{estrait) ; Lat. strictum. 
Strif, sb. strife, S; rtryf, C— AF. 
estrif; of Teutonic origin ; see below. 

Strifen, v. to strive, Sa ; atryvyn. 
Prompt. ; strof, //. s., C. — OF. estriveri 
Prov. estribar ; OHG. strtbhan ; cp. G. 
streben\ see Kluge (s. v.), and Mackel, 
Germ. ElemenU. 

Strike, sb. hank of flax, C, HD. 
Striken, v. to strike, to rub, to let 
down, to advance, to move quickly, to 
flow, Sa, SkD ; stxyke, PP, Palsg. ; strok, 
pt. X., PP ; stroke, P, WW ; strake, S3, 
WW ; strook, Sh. ; atrek, SkD ; atrike, 
//.,S; strak«,Sa; 8trocke,S3; striked, 
pp., PP, WW ; striken, WW ; stricken, 
WW; strooke, Sh.— AS. strican, pt. 
strdc (pi. stricon\ pp. stricen. 
Strogelen, v. to struggle, C3, SkD. 
Strogelynge, sb. struggling. Prompt. 
Stronde, sb. shore, strand. Prompt., S, 
C, C3, HD.— AS. strand. Cf. Strande. 
Stronde, sb. stream, torrent, Wa; see 

Stronge, adj. strong, hard, severe. 
Prompt., Sa ; strong, S ; Strang*, S, S2 ; 
stronge, adv., S, G ; strengre, comp.y S ; 
strengere, S, Sa, Wa ; stronger, Ca ; 
strengeste, super!., S; strongest, G. — 
K^, Strang, comp. strengor, superl. strengest. 
Strook, sb. stroke, Ca. See Striken. 
Stroyen, v. to destroy, PP, G, S3; 
stmyen, P ; stroy, Sa, Sh. ; stmen, pr. 
pi., PP ; stryede,//. s., Sa.— Af . destruy- 
base of destruyant, pr. p. of destrmre\ 
Late Lat. *destrilgere\ formed on Lat. 
destructusy pp. oidestruere. 
Stmpen, v. to strip, S ; see Strepen. 
Stuardy sb. steward, S ; see Sty. 
Stnbbe, sb. stump, trunk, C ; stub, 
Stncclie, sb. piece, S ; steclie, S. — AS. 
stycce : OHG. stuki (Tatian). 
Stnde, sb. place, S ; see Stede. 
Stnes, sb. pi. stews, baths, brothels, P ; 
see Stewe. 


Stnnd, sb. time, occasion, period, in- *\ 
stant, S ; see Stonnde. 

Stont, adj. blunt, not sharp, obtuse, 
foolish, SD, HD, SkD; stnntlio, adv., 
foolishly, SD. Der. : stnntnesse, foolish- 
ness, SD. — Cp. OSwed. stunt, cut short. 

Sturdy, adj. obstinate, stem, cruel, 
rash, Prompt., Ca ; stordy, CM, S ; stonrdy, 
SD. — OF. estourdi, amazed, rash (Cotg.), 
estordi, pp. of estordir\ from Lat. turdus, 
a thrush ; see Forster, ZRP, x. 84. 

Stnrdynesse, sb. sternness, disobe- 
dience, Prompt., Ca. 

Starioim, sb. sturgeon, Sa, HD. — AF. 
sturioun \ Low Lat. sturionem ; from OHG. 

Stnme, Stnm-hede ; see steme. 

Stnraen, pt* pi- died, S ; see Stemen. 

Sty, sb. path, Sa, Prompt.; stighe, 
dot., H ; stighes, //., H ; stipes, Sa ; 
sUes, Sa ; styes, H ; steghes, H. — AS. 
stlg. See Stien. 

Sty, sb. sty, porcarium, Prompt Comb, : 
sty-ward, steward, senescallus. Prompt, j 
Ca, C3 ; stiward, S, C ; steward, PP ; ^ 
stuward, P ; stnard, S.— AS. stigu^ a sty, 
whence sttgweard. 

Styf, adj' stiff, strong, violent, PP, Sa ; 
stif, S, Sa, PP ; steef, Wa ; stef, PP. 
Der. : stef-hede, sturdiness, Sa. — AS. stif\ 
see SkD. 

Btjhjpt. s. mounted, Sa ; see Stien. 

Stynten, v. to stint, cease, pause, PP, 
Sa, H ; stinten, Ca, C3, Sa, S ; stnnten, 
PP ; stente, Ca, S3 ; pt. s., Ca ; stint, Sa ; 
stynted, //., S3; stent, //., C— AS. 
styntan, to make short. See Stunt. 

Sty-rop, stirrup. Prompt., G; stirop, 
S, Ca ; stiroppe, S3.— AS. stig-rdp (Voc). 
See Stien. 

Sn- ; see also Sw-. 

Sua, so, as, S, Sa ; see Swa. 

Snal, sb. swell (as of the sea), H. See 

Snank, pt. pi. toiled, Sa ; see Swinken. 

Snblymatorie, sb. vessels for subli- 
mation, C3. — Late Lat. sublimatorium. 

Snblymen, v. to sublimate, C3. — Lat. 

Snblyming, sb, sublimation, C3. 

Snccinis, sb, amber, Sa. — From Lat. 
succinum (Voc). 

Sudarie* sb. napkin, W ; sndary, HD. 
— Lat. sudarium (Vulg.). 

Sudekene, sb. sub-deacon, HD. 


Sudene, sb, sub-dean, PP; raddene^PP. 

Suein, sb. servant, S2 ; see Bweyn. 

Suexiy V. to follow, attend on, persecute, 
PP. W, Wa, S2, S3; «iwen. S2, W, PP; 
swren, PP, S2, C ; swe, S3, W.— OF. siw-, 
pr. p. base of sivre : Late Lat. s^quere (for 
Lat. sequt) ; see BH, § 32. 

Suencten, //. //. afflicted, S; see 

Snere, sb. follower, W. 

SnlHwance, sb. sufficiency, C2.— AF. 

Sufflgant, adj. sufficient, S2, C2, C3.— 
AF. suffisant. 

Sxiffiraffane, sb, assistant, deputy, prop- 
erly of a bishop, S3.— Late Lat. suffraganeus. 

Slli&aimC6, sb. endurance, patience, 
C2 ; sofRraunoe, PP ; suffxance, P.— AF. 

S-offren, v. to suffer, Ca, PP; mifM, 
S ; soifren, PP.— OF. suffrir. 

SufirayiL ; see Soucreyn. 

Suget, sb. subject, H (p. 361).— AF. 
suget ; Lat. subiectum. 

Sngetin, v. to subject ; sngretide, //. s.y 
W; su^et,//., W, W2. 

Sugge, 2 pr. s. subj. say, S ; see 8effff«n. 

Suggestioim, sb. criminal charge, 
reason, P, C2. — AF. 5uggestioun\ Lat. 

Sllllien^ V. to sough, sound harsh ; sn- 
]iiend0, pif. p. pi, S (9. 336) ; snlnde, S.— 
From.AS. sw6gan. See Bwowen. 

Sniky sb. deceit, S2 ; see Bwike. 

Snld, should ; see Bcliolde. 

Salf, self, S ; see Self: 

Sullen, v. to bemire, to sully, SkD, SD ; 
y-snled, pp., S3.— AS. sylian-. OHG. 
sultan (in bi-suliati), see Grein, p. 95 ; cp. 
AS. sol, mire (Voc). 

Sullen, v. to sell, S, S2 ; see SeUen. 

Snller, sb. seller, S2 ; see Seller. 

Snlliche, adv. strangely, S ; see Sellioli. 

Snlner, sb. silver, S2 ; see Siluer. 

Snl^art, adj. (perhaps) bright, shining, 
S3. — (Cf. Gael, soilleir, bright, shining, 
O.Irish sollus, bright.— W.W.S.) 

Sul^e, sb. soil, earth, S3 ; Boyle, Prompt. 
Comb. : snle ertbe, soil, Prompt. — AF. 
soyl ; Late Lat. solea used for Lat solum, 
ground, see Ducange. 

Siun, adj. and pron. some, a certain one, 
S ; som, S2 ; mimere, dat.^ S ; mime, pL, 
S. Comb. : siime we, some of us, S ; alle 



and some, one and all, S2 ; sum .... sum, 
one .... one, S ; snm-ohere, some time, S ; 
snmdel, something, S, S2 ; somdel, S2, 
C2 ; snmdeale, S3 ; snmdelll, S3 ; snm- 
de^ W2 ; some dele, P ; samhwet, 
somewhat, S ; somwat, S2 ; snmme- 
liwile, for some time, S ; snmewile, some- 
times, S ; snmwile, formerly, S ; somtym, 
sometimes, C3; summes-weis, in some 
wise, S. 

Siun, conj. as. Comb. : swa samm, so as, S. 

Siuner, sb. summer, S ; see Somer. 

Snmundis, pr. s. summonses, H ; see 

Snnd, adj. sound, S ; sound, PP. — AS. 
{ge)sund; cp. OHG. ^*-j««/ (Otfrid). 

Sunder, adv. apart; sender, S2. Comb.: 
snnder-bleo, diverse colour, SD ; sunder- 
lial^e, Pharisee, SD ; sunder-Uclie, sepa- 
rately, S ; snndirly, severally, H ; sun- 
der-Upes, severally, SD ; snnder-lepes, S ; 
snnder-ling, separately, SD. JDer. : snn- 
dren, to separate, S; i-snndred, ^., S; 
snndri, separate, S ; sondry, C2. 

Snnegen, v. to sin, S ; slne^en, S ; 
snnirlS, pi, S ; soneg^eden, pt pi, S ; 
sinegeden, S ; sene^den, S ; sene^eden, 
S ; sinewed, pp.y S; i-snneffed, S.— AS. 
syngian; cp. Icel. syndga. 

Snnen, v. to sound, S ; see Sounen. 

Snngen, //. //. sang, S ; see Syniren. 

Sonne, sb. sun, S, S2 ; see Sonne. 

Sunne^ sb. sin, S, S2, PP; senne, S; 
slnne, S ; synne, PP ; senne, S2 ; snnnen, 
pi., S; sennenn, S; sinne, S; sennen, 
S2. Comb. : son-bend, sin-bond, S ; 
sinne-bendes, //., S : snn-bote, penance, 
S ; sinbote, S ; sunftil, sinful, S ; sen- 
ftOle, S; sinfUe, S.— AS. synni OS. 
sundea ; cp. OHG. sunia (Tatian). 

Snor, pt. t. of Sweren, q. v. 

Snp, v. to sup, drink gradually, eat 
supper, S3 ; soop, //. s., W ; sopuu, //., 
W; sope, W. — AS. sdpan, pt. s^ap ^.pl. 
supon\ pp. sopen. Cf. Soupen. 

Snperflne, adj. superfluous, HD ; 
snperflnli, adv., W2. — OF. superflu 
(Cotg.); Lat superfluum. 

Supplement, sb. new piece, patch, S2. 
— Lat. supplementum. 

Snpposinge, sb. supposition, C2. 

SnppOSS, conj. supposing, although, S3. 

Supprionre, sb. sub-prior, P. 
Snr, sb. shower; snres, //., S; see 



Snr, adj. sour, S ; see Sour. 

Sure, adj, sure, PP. — AF. seur\ Lat. 

Snren, v. to give security to, PP, S3. 

Surety, sb, surety; seurte*, C3, Sa ; 
■eurte, C; souerte, S3.— AF. seurte\ 
Lat. securitatem, 

SnrfiEUt, sb. surfeit, excess, P ; snrfet, 
PP. — AF. surfyit, surfet, outrage, annoy- 

Surplys, sb. surplice, C3.— OF. surpHs ; 
Late Lat. super pelliceum. 

Snrquid]^, sb. pride, arrogance, W A ; 
■urquedry, ND, Spenser 2 ; snrquidrle, 
CM ; snccudry, B. — OF. surcuideriey from 
surcuider ; Lat. super + cogitare, to think. 

Surrye, sb. Syria, S2. 

Surryen, adj. Syrian, Sa. 

Snspect, sb. suspicion, Ca, HD.— Late 
Lat. suspectus, suspicion (Ducange). 

Suspect, adj. open to suspicion, C2. — 
Lat. suspectuSf pp. of suspicere, to suspect. 

Sustene, v. to sustain, C2 ; sust^cne, 
C3 ; snsteyn*, PP ; sustencd, pp., C2 ; 
i-8U8teined, S2 ; i-sousteined, S2.— AF. 
sustener, OF. sostenir \ Lat. sustinere. 

Slister, sb. sister, S, C2, C3, PP; soster, 
82 ; sustro, P ; sustren, //., S, P ; sos- 
tren, S2 ; sostren, S2 ; slstren, C ; 
■ijsitris, W. — AS. swuster, sweostor\ cp. 
Goth, swistar (Icel. systir), cognate with 
Lat. soror (for *sosor), Skt. svasr. On the 
Teutonic intrusive t see Douse, p. 61. 

Sate, sb. suit of clothes, clothing of 
human flesh, also train, suite, PP, Cath., 
Prompt. — AF. suyte ; from suivre, sivre, to 
follow. See 8uen. 

Satel, adj. manifest. SD; suteUclie, 
adv. plainly, S. — AS. sweotol {swutol), see 
OET; from sweot^ an assembly; cp. Icel. 

Sateli, adv. subtly, W ; see Sotyle. 

Sutelin, v. to be manifest, S.— AS. 
( ge)sweotulian. 

S118, adj. south, S ; see Sowthe. 

Sa})e, adv. very, S ; see Swlthe. 

Sn}>})e, afterwards, since, S, S2 ; see 

Slltliroim,^^'. southern, S3; seeSowth- 

Smm, sb. a swoon, S2 ; see Bwowne. 

Sawed,//, followed, S2 ; see Buen. 

Swa, adv. and conj. so, as, S, S2 ; swo, 
S; Ba,S,S2;io,S,S2;»«,S;«ua,S,S2; 

. SWEM. 

luo, Sa. Comb. : se-fozt^, so far, S; so-' 
g'at, in such a way, Sa. — AS. swd. 

Swage, V. to assuage, diminish, W, W2, 
H. S3. See Aswaireii. 

Swaliden, //. //. dried up, W ; see 

Swamish, adj. timorous, inaudaculus, 
Manip. See Sweem. 

Swappe, sb. a stroke, HD. 

Swappen, v. to strike, slash, to fall 
suddenly, Ca ; sw&p, imp. s., C3 ; swapte, 
//.J., C2;//., S3. 

Swarde, sb. covering, skin, turfy surface, 
sward. Prompt.; swartli, Cath. {n. p. 373); 
swartlie, HD ; swart, HD ; sweard, HD. 
Der. : swardit, pp., grass-covered, S3. — 
AS. sweard, skin (Voc.) ; cp. Icel. svorOr 
(base svarSa-)y skin of the head, also the 
sward, surface of the earth. 

Sware, adj. square, S2 ; see Sqware. 

Swart, adj. black, S, HD ; swarte, S. 
— AS. sweart: OS. swart; cp. OHG. 
suarz (Tatian). 

Swarve, v. to swerve, S3 ; see Swemen. i 

Swat ; see Swot. ^ 

Swatte, Swat; see Sweteu. 

Swe, V. to follow, S3 ; see 8uen, 

Sweande ; see Bwjem 

Sweem, sb. a swoon, trance, 
Prompt., SkD (s.v. squeamish) ; m 
* subita aegrotatio,* SkD ; swaim. Prompt. 
{n) ; swem, S ; sweme, SkD, HD ; snine, 
S2. — Icel. sveimr, a bustle, stir. 

Sweigh, sb. sway, motion, S2, C3. See 

Swele, V. to wash, S2 ; see 8wili«n. 

Swelen, v. to sweal, to waste away 
under the action of fire, SkD,Trevisa, 3: 325 ; 
swale, HD ; swallden, pt. pi., dried up, 
W.— AS. swJlan ; from sw6l, heat (OET). 

Swellen, v. to swell ; swal, //. .r., S, 
Sa, Ca, PP; swoUen, //., Ca.— Aa 
swellan, pt. sweall, pp. swollen. 

Swelten, v. to faint, to die, PP ; swalt, 
//. s., SD ; swnlten,//., SD ; swelte, //. 
s. {weak), C, HD. — AS. sweltan, to die, pt. 
swealt (pi. swulton) ; cp. Icel. svelta. 

Swelten, v. to destroy, to cause to 
perish, Sa ; swelt,//., SD. — Icel. svelia,io 
put to death (causal of the above). 

Swelth, sb. offscouring, filth, S3, HD, 
ND. See SwUian. 

Swelwen, v, to swallow, Ca; see 

Swem, sb. a grief, S ; see Sweem. 



Swenclien, v. to distress, afflict, S; 
Buenoten,^ S ; i-sweclite, /^., S. — 
AS. swencan (causal of swincan). See 

Sweore, sk neck, S ; see Swere. 

Sweote, adj sweet, S ; see Bwete. 

Suvep, sb. drift, meaning, S. See Bwopen. 

S^vepe, sb. whip, SD ; swepen, pi., S ; 
Bwapen., S ; swepes, S. 

Swepen, v. to sweep, SkD ; y-sweped, 
pp. J C3. See Swopen. 

Suverde* sb. sword, Prompt., PP; swerd, 
PP, S, C2 ; sw«ord, S ; suerd, S, S2 ; 
snord, S2. — AS. sweord'. OS. swerd\ cp. 
OHG. swert (Tatian). 
\ Suvere, <r^. neck, S; sweere, G; see 

Sweren, z'. to swear, S, Sa, C2 ; swe- 
rLen, S ; sueren, S ; swor, pt. j., S : Baor, 
S, S2 ; sware, S2 ; sweren, //., S ; 
sworexL, S, C2 ; snoren, S ; suore, S2 ; 
sworen,//., S ; swore, 62, G ; y-Bwore, 
S2, C2 ; i-iniore, S2. — AS. swerian, pt. 
sw6r, pp. sworen. 
^ Sneering, sb. swearing, C3. 

Swemen, v. to swerve, SkD ; awaxve, 
S3 ; Bnanilnir) pr> /., S3 ; swarued, //., 
S3. — AS. sweorfan, to rub, pt. swearf, pp. 

Swete, adj. sweet, S, C ; sweote, S ; 
snete, S, S2 ; snote, S2 ; sote, C2, C3 ; 
Bwete, adv., S ; swote, S, C ; soote, S3 ; 
■oot, S3; swettere, comp.^ W2 ; swete- 
' liclie, adv., sweetly, S ; swetlike, S ; swet- 
terly, conip. more sweetly, H. Der. : 
swetnesse, sweetness, S ; swotnesse, S. — 
' AS. swetei OS. swuti) cp. OHG. suozi 

Sweteily V. to make sweet, S. — AS. 

Sweten« v. to sweat, S, P ; swatte, //. 
/., S, C2, C3, W2 ; swattea, 2 //. j., S ; 
Bwat,//., S3. — AS. swStan, pt. swStte. See 

Sweuen, sb. dream. S, C2; sweuene, 
S, S2, P, W ; swefiiea, pi., S.— AS. swefen : 
OS. sweban. 

Swenenen, v. to dream, SD. 

Sweuening, sb. dreaming, S, S2. 

Sweuieily v. to send to sleep ; sweue^, 
pr. J., S. — Icel. svefja, to lull to sleep. 

Sweyen, v. to sway, to go, walk, pass, 

, SkD, HD ; aweljen, SD ; aweaen, SkD ; 

sweande, pr. p., S2 ; swe, pr. pi., S2 ; 

Myed, pp., S2. — Cp. Swed. svi^a, to bend. 



Sweyen, v. to sound, PP ; swelen, S. 
— AS. swigan (causal of swSgan), See 

Sweyne, sh servant, armiger, Prompt., 
S ; swayn, C2, G ; swein, S ; aueyn, S ; 
Buein, S2. — Icel. sveinn, a boy, lad, ser- 
vant ; cp. AS. swdn. 

Swi-, prefix, silent. Comb. : awt-daffea, 
still days, days of silence, S ; awl-mease, 
the Canon of the Mass, the silent Mass, 
S; awi-wike, the still week, SD.— -AS. 
swige, silence. 

Swien, v. to be silent ; awigrelS, pr. s,, 
S ; awlede, pL s., S. — AS. swian, swigian ; 
cp. OHG. suUgin (Tatian). 

Swiere, sb. neck, S ; see Swire. 

Swike, sb. traitor, deceiver, S ; anlkea, 
//., S. — AS. swica. 

Swike, sb. mouse-trap, S ; awyke, Voc. ; 
auik, deceit, S2. — AS. swice, *scandalum* 

Swike, adj. deceitful, SD. Comb.i 
awikedom, treachery, S, S2 ; axilkedomy 
S2 ; awlcftil, treacherous, S ; awikfall, 
H. — AS. swice. 

Swikel, adj. treacherous, S, H ; aikU, 
H ; awlkiUy, adv., H. Comb. : awikel- 
dom, treachery, S; swikeldome, S2 ; 
swikelliede, treachery, S ; swikelede, S ; 
snlkeUiede, S2. — AS. swicol. 

Swiken, v. to cease, fail, deceive, S ; 
swyken, H; suyken, //. //., S.— AS. 
swlcan^ pt. swdc (pi. swicon), pp. swicen. 

Swilien, v. to wash, SkD ; swele, S2. 
— AS. swilian. 

Swilk, adj. such, H, S ; see Swyohe. 

Swixi, sb. pig, porcus, SD ; swyne, Voc; 
//., S.— AS. swin. 

Swinden, v. to perish, dwindle away,S ; 
swynde, S. — AS. swindan, pt. swand (pi. 
swundon), pp. swunden. 

Swing, sb. bias, inclination, sway, HD ; 
free course of behaviour, S3; swing-e, 
sway, S3. 

Swingen* v. to swing, beat, whip, 
scourge ; swyngen, H ; swongen, //., S ; 
swongen, H ; swongsm, H. — AS.swingan, 
pt. swang (pi. swungon), pp. rivungen. 

Swink, sb. toil, S, C3; swynk, S2; 
swlno, S ; snlnc, S ; swlncli, S; swonohe, 
S. — AS. {ge)swinc. 

Swinken, v. to toil, S, C3,ND; swynke« 
S2, C ; swlncke, S3 ; swanc, pt. j., S ; 
swonc, S; swanken, pi., S; swonken, 
S2 ; snank, S2. — AS. swincan, pt. swanc 
(pi. swuncon), pp. swuncen. 


Swinlcere, sb. labourer, C. 

Swippen, v. to move violently; swlpta, 
p. s.y tossed, S.— AS. swipian, 

Swire, J^. neck, CM ; swyre, S2, HD ; 
■w«ore, S ; swere, S ; 8W«ere, G; swlere 
S ; swyer, HD.— AS. sweora. 

Swirk, V. to dart swiftly away, S3. 

Swirk, sb. a jerk, a blow, HD. 

Swithe, adv. very, greatly, much, quick- 
ly, S, S2, P, W, G ; swytHe, S, 82, C3 ; 
■wu^e, S ; stiflSe, S, S2 ; siiTVe, S, S2 ; 
■upe, S ; Bwitli, S2 ; •wlSellclLe, exceed* 
ingly^ S.— AS. swWcy adv. from swld, 
strong : Goth, swinths. 

SwiOeily V. to scorch, bum, SD; swide^, 
/r. s., S.— Icel. svitia. 

SwO, so, as, S ; see Swa. 

Swogh, sb. a swoon ; see BwonglL. 

Swolowe, sb. gulf, W2. 

Swolowen, v. to swallow, W2 ; swol- 
wen, C3 ; swrtwen, C2, Prompt. ; swol- 
jeii,//.,S; l^Bwolje, S; •wolewld, //. j. 
weak, W2. — From AS. swelgan, pt. swealh 
(pi. swulgon), pp. swolgen. 

Swongen,^. beaten, H ; see Bwiniren. 

Swonken, pt. pi. toiled (to get), S2 ; 
see Swinken. 

Swopen, "v. to sweep, cleanse, S2, PP, 
HD, SkD (s.v. swoop).— AS. swdpan^ pt. 
swiopy pp. swdpen. 

BwOT^pt' t. of Bweren, q. v. 

Swot, sb. sweat, PP, W; swat, S; 
swote, dat.y C3.— AS. swdt. 

Swote, adj. sweet, S, C ; see Bwete. 

Swoach, V. to make a rustling sound, 
S3. — AS. swSgan. See 8wow«il. 

SwOUgb., sb. the sound of the wind, a 
sighing, swoon, C, C2, CM, HD ; •wog'li, 
S3, HD ; swowe, S2, HD. See above. 

Swowey sb. swoon, S2 ; see Bwougli. 

Swowen, v. to faint, swoon, PP ; i- 
swoBe, //., S ; y-«wo5e, S. — AS. swSgan, 
to make a noise like the wind, to sough, 
sigh. Cf. Bwoucli, Bwouffli, Snliien. 

Swowne, sb. swoon ; 80wn«, S3 ; suiin, 
S2 ; swownde, HD ; sound, S3. 

Swownen, v. to swoon, C, C2, C3, 
Prompt, Cath. ; swoune, PP. 

Swnnclie, sb. toil, S ; see Bwlnk. 

Swnngen, pp» beaten, scourged, S; 
see Swing-en. 

Swimkeily //. //. worked, toiled, S ; 
see Swinken. 


Swnpen, //. whips, scourges, S; see 

SwuOOy adv, very, quickly, S; see 

Swyche, adj. such, PP, S2 ; swielM, S, 
C2, PP ; Bwucli, S ; •uicli, S2 ; sodie, S ; 
snyolie, S2 ; siche, W ; owice, S ; 
■wnlclie, S ; swlloli, S ; swnlc, S ; swilc, 
S ; swilk, H, S ; snilc, S ; ■uilk, S, 82 ; 
silc, S2; sike, S3.— AS. swilc {=swd + 

Swymbel, sb. a giddy motion, C. — Cp. 
Dan. sz/immelj giddiness. 

Swyxiie, sb. dizziness, vertigo, HD 
(s. V. swtme), SkD (s. v. swim, 2) ; swym, 
SkD.— AS. swltna ; see SkD (s.v. squeam- 

Sy, sb. victory, S ; see Sije. 

Syde, adj. and adv. wide, long, for, 
Cath. ; Bide, S, PP, S2, Cotg. (s.v. robon) ; 
syd, Prompt. («) ; syyd. Prompt. ; cyyd. 
Prompt. ; sydder, comp.. P.— AS. sid, 
wide, side, far. 

Syeily pt' pi. saw ; see Seen. 

Syke, sb. sigh, C ; syk, C2 ; ■eycli,S3. 

Syken, v. to sigh, C, C3, PP ; siken, S, 
S2, PP; mjgbXB^pt s., C3 ; sicHt, S3; 
•ykede, PP ; syked, C2 ; si^^de, S3.— AS. 

Syment, sb. cement, MD; oyxnent, 
MD. — OF. ciment; Lat. caementum; see 
BH, § 39. 

Symented, i^- cemented, S2. 

Symillacris, sb. pi. images, idols, W ; 
simylacrls, W ; symelacris, W.— Lat. 
simulacrum (Vulg.). 

Syn, since, S2, S3 ; see SfX^n. 

Synewe, sb. sinew, Prompt. ; synow, 
Voc. ; synoglie, S2. — AS. sinu (gen. 
sinwe), see Sievers, 259. 

Syng, sb. sign, S3 ; aingne, W ; syffne, 
PP; siffne, PP.— AF. J2;§7^ ; L&t. signum. 

Syn^abil, things to sing(=Lat 
cantabiles), H. 

Syngen, v. to sing, PP ; singen, S ; 
uongypt. s., S, S3, C2; //., S3; Bonffe, 
S3 ; suniren, //., S ; •nnge,//., S ; sonffe, 
C2. — AS. singan. 

Syngnler, adj. sole, alone, excelling 
all, PP; «inguler, S2, C3. W2; relating 
to one person, S3 ; siniriilare, individual, S3; 
■yngulerli, only, W2. — Lat. singularis. 

Synnamoilldy sb. cinnamon, S3 ; cyna- 
mome, MD ; synamome, MD : synamon, 
MD. — OF. cinamomc't Lat. cinnamomum 
(Vulg. ; Gr, HivdjAOjjjLov ; Heb. qinndmdn. 


Synopyr, sb. a pigment of reddish and 
greenish colour, Prompt ; synopar, S3 ; 
cynoper, MD ; oinoper, ND ; OTnope, 

green, in heraldry, SkD (s.v. sinople). — Cp. 
OF. sinople y green colour in blazon (Cotg.), 
also sinope ; Late Lat. sinopidem, red ochre ; 
from Gr. aivanris, a red earth ; from Xiv^jvrj, 
Sinope, a port on the Black Sea. 

Syon, sd. scion, a cutting for grafting, a 
young shoot, S3, Palsg. ; oyun, Prompt. ; 
oion, SkD; •ionn, SD; bIotuib, //., 
branches ( = Lat./a//w//«), W2. — OF. don. 



Ssrrupe, sd, syrup, Cath. ; sixop, SkD ; 
soxyp, Prompt. ; ««ropp«s, pi, syrups, S3* 
— OF. syrop (Cotg.) ; Arab, shurdd, syrup, 
a beverage. 

Sythe, sb. scythe, PP, Voc., Prompt.; 
8ith«, P.— AS. s/de (Voc), st^t (OET) ; 
cp. Icel. st^dr, 

Bjue, sb. sieve, C3, Prompt. — AS. sifo 
(Voc), sibi (OET), see Sievers, 263. 
Sy^eily //. //. saw ; see Been. 
By^t, sb, sight, S2 ; see Slghte. 

Ta-, Te-. 

Ta, V. to take, S2, S3 ; see Take. 

Taa. Comb, : the taa, the one, HD. 

Taa, sb. toe, S2 ; see Too. 

Tabard, sb. a short coat or mantle, 
usually sleeveless, formerly worn by plough- 
men, noblemen, and heralds, now by heralds 
only, HD, SkD, C ; tabart, S2, PP ; taV 
ta1>erd, Voc; taberde, Voc; tabare, 
Voc — OF. tabardy tabart^ also tabarre 
(Cotg.) ; cp. It. tabarro, 

Tabarder, sb, a name for scholars at 
Queen's College, Oxford, ND. 

Tabernacle, sb. a place in which some 
holy thing is deposited, WA; tabemaolea, 
//., niches of a lofty cross, S3 ; ornamental 
nidies, HD; shrines, S3 (i. 181). — Lat. 
tabcmaculum (Vulg.) ; cp. OF, tabernacle 

Table, sb. in palmistry, a space between 
certain lines on the hand, HD ; tables, //., 
a game, now called backgammon, CM. See 


Tabour, sb. a small drum, SkD ; tabur, 
WA ; taber, Voc— OF. tabor, thabour, 

Tabnme, sb, a drum, tympanum^ WA, 

Voc, Cath. ; tabum, H. 

Tabnmer, sb, a player on the tabor, 

timpanista, Cath.; Xa^vKVMtytimpanizatory 


Tabn riiysti r, sb, female tabor player 

(^=ztympamstria)y H. 
Tache, sb, a mark, sign, quality, stain, 

blemish, £iult, HD ; taoobe, HD ; taoohes, 

pl,y PP ; taoohUi, HD ; tMbM, S2. Der. : 

tacli«d, pp., tainted, stained ; taohyd, PP. 

— OF. tacAe, teche^ and OF. tocher, to spot, 

to stain. 

Tache, sb. a clasp, hxoo^, fibula^ Cath. 
(«), Voc. Cf. Takke. 

Tachen, v, to fasten, Cath. {ji\ Cf. 

Tacne, sb, token, S ; see Tokne. 

Tacnen, v. to betoken, S ; takened,//., 
S2. — AS. {ge)tdcnian. 

Tade, sb. toad, bufo, Voc, Cath., S2 ; 
tadde, S. Comb, : tadde-obetM, tubera, 
Voc. ; tadde-pol, brucusy Voc ; tadpoll«, 
lumbricusy Voc. ; tade-stole, boletus y fun- 
gus y Cath.— Cp. AS. tddige (Jddie), 

Taffata, sb. a thin glossy silk stuff, C, 
W A, Cotg. ; tafkta, Palsg. ; taflkty, HD. 
— Low lat. taffata (Ducange); cp. OF. 
taffetas (Cotg.). 

Tahte, Tagte, pt. s. of TeolMn. 

Tai, they, S ; see pel. 

Taille, sb. a tally, an account scored on 
a piece of wood, C, P ; tail*, CM, P ; 
tayl*, Cath., Prompt. ; taly. Prompt— OF. 
taille, a cut, a notch, a tally (Cotg.), from 
taillery to cut. 

Taillour,^^. tailor, S2, PP ; tayleBonr, 
Voc; tayl5or,Voc; taylouw, PP.— AF. 
taillour. See above. 

Takel, sb. implement, tackle, arrow, C, 
SkD ; taole, Prompt. ; takU, B. Der, : 
takUd, pp.y caught, seized, H.— Cp. Du. 

Taken, v, to take, to deliver, yield up, 
hand over, to hit, reflex,, to betake oneself, 
S, S2, S3, G, PP, W ; tsBcexL, S ; ta, S2, 
S3, B; too,//.j., S; tok, S, S2 ; ink, S3; 
toke, 2 pt. s.y S ; tok«n, //., S, W2 ; taken, 
//., S3 ; take, S2,C, Ca ; y-take, S2, C2 ; 
1-take, S ; tane, S2, S3 ; tan, S2. Phr,-, 
taken with, to endure, accept, S ; take^i. 



to, to take to, S (s. v. tok) ; taken kep«, to 
take heed, C2 ; taken tome, to vacate, H. 
— Icel. taka. 

Taken, sb. token, S2 ; see Tokne. 

Takmg, sb, snare ; takyng, W2. 

Takke, sb. button, clasp, Prompt. Cfl 

Takken, v. to fasten, to sew together, 
Prompt. Cf. Tachen. 

Takxiingy sb. signification, S2; see 

Tal, adj. seemly. Prompt 

Talde,//..y. ofTellen. 

Tale, sb. account, reckoning, tale, narra- 
tive, talk, the gospel narrative, S, S2, C2, 
PP. Comb. : tale-teUour, tale-bearer, PP; 
tale-wya, slanderous, PP ; tal-wls, PP. — 
AS. /a/«, * numerus, narratio'; cp. OHG. 
zala * numerus ' (Tatian). 

Talen, v. to speak, C, S2. — AS. taliany 
to reckon (Grein). 

Talent, sb. desire, inclination, appetite, 
B, Prompt., C3, HD.— OF. talent, desire 
(BH) ; Late Lat. talentum (Ducange). 

Talvace, sb, a kind of buckler or shield, 
II D; talvas, HD.— OF. talevas, talvas 
(Ducange), also tallevas (Cotg.) ; cp. Low 
Lat. talavacius (Ducange). 

Talyage, sb. a taxing. Prompt, (s. v. 
taske) ; tallage, flavour, S3 ; talage, HD. 
— ^Low Lat. talliagium, a taxing, testing 
public weights and measures (Ducange). 

Tan, PP- taken, S2 ; see Take. 

Tancrit, adj. transcribed; tancrete, S3. 
' — OF. tancrit ; Lat. transcriptum (Du- 

Tang, sb. sea-weed, SkD, JD. Comb, : 
tanir-fisli, the seal, JD.— Icel./a«^. 

Tangle, sb, sea-weed, HD, JD. — Icel. 

Tangle, v. to twist confusedly ; tang>ell, 
Palsg. ; tangild,^., ensnared, H (p. 149). 

Tapecer, sb. a maker of tapestry, 
Prompt. ; tapicer, C ; tapesere. Prompt. 
— OF. tapissievy from tapis y tapiz ; Late Gr. 
raviTiov, for rairqTiov. Cf. Tapet. 

Tapecerye, sb. tapestry, HD.— OF. 

Tapet, sb. cloth, hangings, tapestry. 
Prompt., ND ; tappet, HD ; taplte, S3 ; 
tapyt, Voc. ; tapett, Cath. ; tapetis, pi. 

(=Lat. tapetes)y W2 ; tapites, HD; ta- 

pete, S3. Der.i tapiter, a maker of 
tapestry, HD. — Lat. tapete, from Gr, ratrfi- 

rioy. Cf. Tapeoer. 


Tapinage, sb. secret sculking, HD. — 
OF. tapinage (Ducange) ; cp. tapir y to hide 

Tapissynge, sb. hangings, H. 

Tappe, sb. a tap, clipsidra. Prompt ; 
teppe, SD. Comb.\ tap-tre, clipsidra, 
HD, Cath. 

Tappestere, sb. a female tapster, C; 
tKpBtaxey propinariay Prompt 

Tarette, sb, ship of heavy burden, 82. 
— ^Low Lat. tareta, also tarida (Ducange); 
cp. OF. taride. 

Targe, sb. a charter. Prompt 

Targe, sb. a small shield, C, S2, Voc. — 
OF. targe (BH) ; cp. targue (Cotg.). 

Target, sb. a small targe, Prompt; 
targett, Voc. ; tersrate, S3 ; tar^rattes, 
pl.y SkD.— Low Lat targeta ; cp. It. tar- 
ghetta (Florio). 

Tarien, "o. to delay, to hinder, C2 ; to 
tarry, W2, S3 ; see Terien. 

Tame, sb. a girl, HD.— Icel-^^rfw ; cp. 
OHG. thiama (Otfrid) ; see Kluge (s. v. 
dime). See peme. 

Tame, sb. a tam ; see Teme. 

Tas, sb. heap, C; taas, C; tasse. 
Prompt, HD.— OF. tas, stack, heap (BH) ; 
cp. Du. tasy Low Lat tassis (Voc.), tassus 

Taske, sb. a taxing. Prompt. ; a task, 
HD, Palsg. — Cp. Late Lat. tasca for taxa, 
a tax. See Tazen. 

Tasker, sb, a thrasher, Voc., HD ; 
taskar, B ; tasknr, Bardsley. 

Tassel, sb, male hawk ; see TerceL 

Tast, sb, taste, S3, PP ; taast. Prompt. 

Tasten, v, to feel, touch, kiss, taste, 
C3, PP ; taasten. Prompt. ; tart, //. j., 
probed, HD. — OF. taster, to feel by touch, 
to taste (F. tdter) ; Late Lat. ^taxitare, 
frequent of Lat taxarey to handle. 

Tatter, a shred, loose-hanging rag, a 
ragged person, ND, SkD; totters, //.. 
rags, Sh. Der. : tatered, adj.y jagged, S3. 
— Icel. totturr (for tolturr), toturr. 

Tanny, adj. tawny, P ; tanny. Prompt 
— AF. taune, OF. tanne, tawny, tanned, pp. 
of taner, to tan (BH). 

Tavel, sb. the game of * tables,' back- 
gammon, SD. Comb. : tserel-bred, back- 
gammon-board, SD.— AS. taftly *alea' 
(Voc.) ; Lat. tabula. See Table. 

Tavelen, v. to play at * tables,' S. 

Taveme, sb, an inn. Prompt., Voc. — 
, AF, taverne ; Lat. tabema. 


Tavemer, sb. inn-keeper, Ca, HD, P, 
Voc. ; tavemere, Prompt. — AF. tavemcr\ 
JjaX^ Lat. tabemarium, 

Ta'WBXly V. to prepare leather, SkD ; 
tewen, Prompt. ; taw, to dress hemp, 
HD; tawed, pp,, hardened with labour, 
S3 ; i-tanwcd, S. — AS. tawian^ to pre- 
pare, dress leather, to scourge. 

Tauver, sb. a tanner, SD, SkD. 

Taivnen, v, to shew, S ; taiin«de,//. j., 
SD. — Cp. ODu. toonen and MHG. zounen 
for zougeneriy from OHG. zougjan for az- 
ougjan (see Lexer) ; cp. AS. at-ywan. See 



Taxen,?'. to tax, SkD, PP.— AF. taxer; 
Lat. taxare. 

Tazourei sb. a taxer, P. 

Tayl, sb. tail, a retinne, train of follow- 
ers, S2, Ca, PP ; taU«, S2. PP ; tayle, 
Cath. — AS. tagl : Goth, tagl, hair. 

Tayt, adj. glad, cheerful, brisk, S3; 
teyte,//., HD.— Icel. teitr. 

Te-, prefix ; same as To- (2). 

Teald, //. of TeUen. 

Teares,//. tears, S ; see Tare. 

Techen, v. to teach, S, C2, S2 ; t^aolMn, 
S ; taolM, S : tahte, pt. s., S ; talhte, S ; 
taffte, S ; tahtes, 2 pt. s., S ; teliten, pi, 
S ; tauoM,//., S3 ; y-ti^t, S2 ; y-tanght, 
C2. — AS. toican^ pt. t&hte^ pp. Mt. 

Teches, sb. pi. marks, signs, S2 ; see 

Teer, sb. tear, C2 ; see Tero. 

Teise, sb. a fathom, HD.— AF. teise 
(OF. toise) ; Late Lat. tensa. Cf. Teyse. 

Te^eily V. to tie, bind, S2 ; see T^en. 

Teld, sb. a covering, tent, SkD (s.v. tili) ; 
telde, S2, HD; telte, Prompt.; tlld«, 
PP (p. 779).— AS. {ge)teld, a tent ; cp. Icel. 

Telden, v. to pitch a tent, to erect a 
building, to dwell, PP ; tUdm, S3 ; tlld«, 
pt.s., PP; tnUto, PP; trtt, HD; teldlt, 
^/A,PP; tyld,S3. 

Tele, sb. sorcery, magic, HD. 

Telen, z'.to reprove, to scoff at, S ; tttlen, 
S.— ONorth. telan (Luke 7. 30), AS. tcalan, 
to blame, from tdlUy * caliminia ' (Grein). 

Telle, V. to till, cultivate, PP; see 

Telinge, sb. husbandry, culture, study, 
practice of magic ; telynge, HD ; tnly- 
Inge, PP ; teolnnges, //., S.— AS. teolung, 
iilungy tilling, culture, study. 

Tellen, v. to tell, count, esteem, S, S2 ; 

telst, 2pr. J., S ; U!SS,pr. s., S, Sa ; t^uti, 
//., Sa ; talde, pt. j., S ; toUU, Sa, PP ; 
t^lld, Sa ; toldon, //., S ; talden to, ac- 
counted, S; t«ld«i, W; teald, pp., S; 
talde, Sa ; ytold, Ca, Sa ; l-told, S ; told, 
Sa. — AS. tellariy pt. tealde, pp. ge-teald. See 

Teme, sb. theme, subject, text, PP ; 
tMme, Sa, PP.— OF. theme \ Lat. thema ; 
Gr. ekita. 

Teme, v. to tame, H ; texnyd, pp., H.— 
AS. temian (Voc.) : Goth. {gd)tamjan. 

Temen, v. to bring forward as witness, 
S. — AS. timan, tyman (Schmid), from 
tiam, a summoning for warranty (Schmid). 

Temen, v. to make empty, to pour out, 
HD, Prompt, Cath., H ; tome, JD ; teym, 
JD. — Icel. toema, to empty; from tdmr, 
empty. See Tome. 

Temp, V. to tempt, H ; tent, to probe, 
Sh.; temped,//., HD.— OF. tempter {^. 
tenter) ; Lat. tentare. 

Temporal, adj. lasting but for a short 
time, S2. — OF. temporel\ Lat. temporalem 

Temporalite, sb. temporal power, PP ; 
temperaltee, temporalities, PP. — AF. tern- 

Tempre« v. to temper, moderate, re- 
strain, PP, Ca ; temperid,//.,directed,Wa ; 
tempxed, fitted, attuned, Sa, PP.— OF. 
temprer (F. tremper) ; Lat. temperare. 
. Tempre, adj. tempered, modified, tem- 
perate, H.— OF. tempre. 

Ten, V. to draw, pull, train, also to go, 
mount, reflex, to conduct oneself, S ; teon, 
S; tnen, HD; te, HD; U% pr. j., S; 
tulien, //. //., S ; t-tojea,/^., S ; i-toben, 
S. Comb. : fuL-itohe, badly trained, S.— 
AS. t6on, pt. t^ah (pi. tugon), pp. togen: 
Goth, tiuhan ; cp. Lat. ducere ; see Brug- 
mann, § 65. 

Twik^adJ. ord. tenth, S2, B; tende, HD. 

Tende, sb. a tenth, HD ; telnd, tithe, 
S3 ; tendlB,//., H.— Icel. tiund, a tenth. 

Tende, ^« to tithe, Cath. 

Tenden, v. to kindle, set fire to, S2,W ;, 
teenden, W ; tlnd, HD ; tendeden,, 
PP ; tenden, PP ; tendyn, PP ; tende, Sa ; 
jmtvnA^pp., S2. — AS. tendan (in on-tendan)x 
Goth. tandjaUy causal of *tindany to bum. 

Tene, sb. grief, vexation, injury, S, Sa, 
S3, PP, B ; tecne, PP ; teone, S, Sa, PP ; 
teyne, B ; tyene, Sa. — AS. thna. 

Tenen, v. to vex, trouble, injure, PP ; 
teene, PP ; teonen, PP.— AS. tynan. 



TenneSy sb, tennis, S3 ; see T^nyiM. 

Tenserie, sb. an extraordinary impost, 
robbery, S (2. 42) .—OF. tenserie\ Late 
Lat. tensaria, 

Tente, sb. a tent. C2, PP.— OF. tente 
(Bartsch) ; Late Lat. tenia, cloth stretched. 

Tente, sb, intention, purpose, PP ; tent, 
attention, care, heed, S2, JD, W, W2, H.— 
OF. atente (BH). 

Tentyf, adj. attentive, CM; tentilly, 
adv,, attentively, C2.— OF. attentif. 

Tenyse, sb. tennis, Palsg, ; teneys, 
tenisiay Prompt. ; tennes, S3, SkD. 

Teollingy sb. magical practice, S; see 

Teon, V. to draw, S ; see Ten. 

Teoney sb. grief, S ; see Tene. 

Terce, adj. a third, SkD ; tieroe, the 
third hour (canonical), SkD ; tyerse, SkD. 
— AF. terce^ tierce, OF. terc, tiers , tierce ; 
Lat. tertia. 

Tercel, sb. the male of any kind of 
hawk, CM, Prompt, Sh. ; teroelle, Voc. ; 
terseUe, Cath. ; tassel, Sh. ; tasseU, 
Cotg.— AF. tercel, from OF. terce. 

Tercelet, sb. a small hawk, Ca. — AF. 
tercelet, OF. tiercelet (Cotg.). 

Tere, sb. tear, S, C2 ; teer, C2 ; teares, 

//., S. — AS. ttar, also teagor, OHG. zahar 
(Tatian) ; cp. Gr. loMfn ; see Douse, p. 94. 
Teren, v. to tear, S.— AS. teran\ cp. 
Goth. {ga)tairan. 

Teren, v. to tar, S. See Terre. 
Terg^te, sb. a small shield, S3; see 

Terien, v. to vex, irritate, to make 
weary, to delay, hinder, irritare, fatigare ; 
terysrn. Prompt. ; terwin, Prompt. ; terre, 
W, W2 ; tarien, C2 ; y-taryed, pp., S2. 
— AS. tergan, to vex. 

Terien, v. to tarry, to delay ; teryyn. 
Prompt.; taryen, CM; tarien, W2, S3. 
— The same word as above ; for change of 
sense cp. AS. dreccan, to vex, with the 
equivalent ME. drecchen, to tarry (q. v.). 

Terme,.^^. term, period, S, C2 ; termea, 
//., expressions, examples, PP, C2 ; limits, 
ends, W, W2. — AF. terme ; Lat. terminum. 

Terminen, v. to determine, limit, W ; 
itermynet, pp., S2 ; y-termyned, PP. — 
AF. terminer, to determine. 


Teme, sb. a tam, small lake, S2 ; tame, 
Manip. — Icel. tjorn {tjam-). 

Terre, sb. tar, Prompt. ; tarre, PP ; 
teer, HD ; ter, B.— AS. teoru (Voc). 

Terre, v. to provoke, W, Wa ; see 

Terryn£^y sb. a provoking, Wa. 

Temagaat, sb. one of the seven gods 
of Hengest, S; Termagant, a supposed 
god of the Saracens, ND ; one of the 
characters in the old moralities, ND, Sh., 
TG; Trivifirant,ND.— OF.?>rz;fl^a«/,also 
Tervagan, one of the three gods of the 
Saracens (Roland) ; cp. It. Trivigante 

Teste, sb, a pot in which metals are 
tried, HD, SkD, C3 ; teest, HD. Phr. : 
to bring to the teat, lit. to bring to the 
refiner's vessel, Sh. — OF. teste, a refiner's 
vessel ; Lat. testa, a vessel used in alchemy, 
orig. a piece of baked earthenware, also 
shell of fish, skull, head. Cp. OF. test 
(F. t^), a test in chemistry, orig. a 
potsherd, see Bartsch. 

Testere* sb. a head-piece, helmet, tester ' 
for a bed, SkD, HD ; teester, Prompt. ; 
tester, C; testar, Palsg.— OF. testiere, 
head-piece (Cotg.). 

Testify adj. headstrong, testy, CM; 
testie, S3.— OF. testi/ {?alsg.). 

Te-tealte, adj. quite unstable, in 
jeopardy, S2. (To- 2.) 
VeV^pr. s.; teW up, mounts, S ; see Ten. 

Tewelle, sb, the pipe of a chimney, 
HD ; tnel, a pipe, HD.— OF. tuel, tuyel 
(F. tuyau)'. Sp. tiidel', of Teutonic origin; 
see IGuge (s.v. diite), and Weigand (s.v. 

Teste, sb. text, scripture, SkD; text, 
Cath., C2; tixte, PP, S2 ; tixt, PP; 
tyxte, PP; tyxt, PP.— OF. texte; Lat. 
textum. I 

Teztnel, adj, literal, C3. 

Teye, sb. a coffer. Prompt. — OF. teie \ 
(Joie) ; Lat. theca ; cp. F. taie. | 

Teyne, sb. a thin plate of metal, C3. 

Teyrre, of them, S ; see pei. 

Teyse, v. to poise for footing, HD; 
tasit, //. s., B ; talsand, pr. p., HD.— OF. 
toiser, to measure (Cotg.). See Teise. 

Teyte, cheerful, HD; seeTsyt 





Th, an abbreviation of the article the^ 
ND. Comb. : thtdx, S2 ; tlianff«l, C2 ; 
tharmes, C; tluurray, S2, Ca; tluui- 

• semblee, S2, C3 ; thavys, the advice, C ; 
theffect, C2; thefE^uHon^ S3; theglt^ 
Ca; themtoatel, S3; tliempexioe, S; 
tliexiipexonr, S2, C3 ; thanoens, C ; 
tlienolianxLtemeiLt, C ; thvncT^u, C ; 
ttiwide, S, S2, S3; tbcntenolQRui, C3 • 
tliorle, S3 ; thestat, C ; thlmare, C2 ; 
thiairot, C3; thold, S3; tHorient, C2; 
tlLorlBonxL, C ; thothre, S, S3. 

* pa, ar^. def.fem, the, S ; dai, masc, S; 
//., S; pron.pL, who, S ; see pe. 

paniy art. dot. s. and //. the, S ; see pe. 
And see pel. 

pan, art. dot. and ace. the, S ; see pe. 

paa, adv. then ; see panne. 

pane, art. ace. mase. the, S ; see pe. 

pane, adv. then, S ; see panne. 

pane, sb. thane, S2 ; see peyn. 

panen, adv. thence, S ; panene, S2.— 
AS. panon. 

panky sb. a thought, a thank, gratitude, 
grace; J>ano, S; pono, S; ponk, S, PP; 
]>ance, dat., S; Jwnke, S, S2 ; ]HuikeB, 
//., PP; thonkes, PP, S2. Phr.x can 
pane, oon ponk, is thankful, S; here 
pankes, gen. as adv.y of their own thought, 
spontaneously, S,C.— AS. i>a«^; cp.OHG. 
thane (Otfrid). 

p?*?^®"*'^- *^,^^^^^' PP' S; lH>nken, 
rr, b, b2. — A.h. panetan, 

panne, adv. then, when, S, PP, S2, C ; 
Jann, S ; pane, S ; pan, S, S2, C2 ; penne, 
S, PP, S2 ; pene, S, PP ; pen, S ; peonne, 
S. — AS.pcenne. 

panne, conj. than, S ; pane, S ; pan, S2 ; 
penne, S; penn, S; pene, S; pen, S,PP. 
— KS.pcenne. 

panne, adv. thence, S2 ; see penne. 

'pZX^pt.-pr. s. impers. it needs, opus esiy B, 
H ; tliare, H ; parf, S ; tharst, 2 pt.-pr. 
s., PP; thart, pt.-pr. s., HD. Comb.: 
tluurdestow, thou wouldst need, PP; see 

par-, prejix ; see per-. 

pare, art. dat.f. to the, S ; see pe. 

parmes, sb. pi. entrails, HD. — AS. 
Pearm ( Voc.) ; for cognates see Kluge (s,v. 

pame, v. to lack, want, HD, H ; tham, 

H ; tlumi3ni,/r. J., H ; thamyd,//. s., H. 

—\^.pamask {foi patfnask), to lack. 
pas, pron. dem. pi. those, S, S2 ; see pes. 
Pat,/r,wi. dem., pron. rel and r<w/.that, 

S, S2; pet, S, S2; at, S2,S3, H,NED.— 

AS./^/. Seepe. 
panien, v. to permit, SD ; peanlen, S : 

tliave, HD.— AS.;>a/fl«. 
pe, pron. dem. and def. art. m. that man, 

tile, S; p», S; te, S; to, S; pat, «., S, 

S2 ; pet, S, S2 ; tat, S ; tatt, S ; pe«, 

gen. m.yS; pes pe, so much the (more), S ; 

pa», S ; pane, ace. m., S, S2 ; pan S, S2 ; 

pene, S; penne, S; pen, S, S2 ; pam, 

dat. m., S ; ban, S ; pen, S, S2 ; pon, S ; 

po, S ; pa, S ; peo, nom./., S ; pasre, dat. 
f. and P3?«./ ; pare, S ; pere, S ; par, S ; 

per, S ; pa, ace./., S ; po, S ; peo, S ; pie, 

S ; pe, tnst. as in be bet, the better, PP. 

Comb.', the self, itself, H.— ONorth. Hi, 
see Sievers, 337. 
pe, pron. rel. who, which, S.— AS. tie 

(the indeclmable relative pronoun). See 

pe, conj. than, S— AS. tie^ 'quam.* 

peaw, sb. habit, virtue, S ; see pew. 

Pedam, sb. prosperity. Prompt, HD. 
See peen. 

pede, sb. pi. nations, S2 (3. 29); see 

peden, adv. thence, S ; see pepen. 

peder, adv. thither, S2 ; see plder. 

peef, sb. thief, C2 ; see peof. 

peen, v. to thrive, vigere, Prompt.; thee, 
S3, C2, C3, Spenser (2), HD ; the, C, HD ; 
the,i/r. s. subj., PP ; theeoh (thee + loh), 
may I thrive, C3 ; thelch, PP ; pea^h, 
pt. s.y SD; l-pe5, S2.— AS. {ge)pion'. */^- 
han ; cp. Goth, tkeihan) see Sievers, 383, 
Douse, p. 4a 

pefb, sb. leafy branch, twig; theve, 
Prompt. Comb. : thefethorn, buckthorn, 
Alph. {n. p. 156). Voc; thefthorne, H; 
thewethomys, //., morus, Voc.; the- 
thorne, ramntis. Prompt. ; the thomtre, 
Voc— AS./X/9 {pife\pife-pom, *ramnus * 
(Voc), deofedom (Voc.) ; cf. AS. p^fian, 
* frutescere ' (Voc). 

pei, pron. pi. they, S, PP, C ; pe53, S ; 
tesj, S; pal, S, PP, S2 ; tal, S ; the, S3 ; 
pe35r«. gen., S ; tejjre, S ; thalr, S2 ; 

02 A 

228 pEIN. 

thayr, PP ; fax, S2, S3 ; peB^ni, daf. ace, 
S ; thaim, S2 ; tliaym, PP ; tham, S2. 
Comb. : pam-selue, themselves, S2. — Icol. 
peir, they (Dan. de), gtn. />eirra, A2X.J>eim ; 
cp. AS. dd, those. See pe. 

pein, sb. thane, S ; see peyn. 

pellychey pron. such, S2 ; see pnlll. 

penchen, v. to think, to intend, S, S2 ; 
penken, PP, S ; pobte, //. j., S, S2 ; 
po^te, S ; ]>og]it, S2 ; thouote, S ; poulit- 
en, //., S ; poffht, pp., S2 ; pouht, PP ; 
thouot, S. — AS. pencan, pt. /^A/^, pp. 
{ge)p6ht. See pynk^n. 

pene, a^^. o^^. /«^r. the, S ; pen, S ; 
see pe. 

penieily z'. to serve ; peniS, /r. ^/., S. 
Der. : ]>«nlng>e, services, S. — AS. penian, 
pegnian, ixorapegn. See peyn. 

penne, than ; also then ; see panne. 

penne, adv. thence, S ; ]>anne, S2 ; 
]^nne, S ; peonne, S2, PP. See panen. 

pennes, adv. thence, PP, S2, C2, C3; 
tlienniis, W. Cemb.i thennes-fortli, 
thenceforth, C2, 

peode, sb. people, nation, S ; ])iode, S ; 
peode, //., orders (of angels), S ; nations, 

S2 ; pede, S2 ; peden, dat., S.— AS. p^od; 

cp. Goth. tMuda, OHG. t/itofa (Tatian). 

Peof, sb. thief, S, PP; thef, PP; pyef, 

S2 ; theef, C2, Prompt.; peue, dal., S; 

piene, S ; peofes, //., S ; peones, S, PP ; 
tlieues, W2 ; theneli, in a thief-like 

manner, W2 ; peofte, theft, S ; pefte, PP, 

Prompt — AS. p^qf: Goth, thiubs; cp. 

OHG. thiob (Tatian). 

peorrf, adj, unleavened, S t see perf. 

p^OBfpron. dem.f. this, S ; see pes. 

peOSter, sb. darkness, S. — AS. picstru : 

OS. thiustri. 

peostre, adj. dark, S ; see pester, 
peow, sb. servant ; peoww, S. Der. : 

peou-dom, bondage; peoudome, dot., S. 

— ASi.piow : Goth, thius ; cp. OHG. thiu, 

'ancilla' (Otfrid). 
peowten, v. to serve ; peowwtenn, S. 

— From AS. pioivet^ service. 
per, pron. dem, pi. these, S2, HD ; 

there, H ; plr, S2, H. S3, JD ; those, B.— 

Icel. petr, they. See pel. 
per-, prefix, SkD (s. v. there-). Comb. : 

perfore, for it, for that cause, PP, S, C2 ; 

perfor, S, Si ; pemore, S2 ; perenore, 

8 ; parftore, S, S2 ; paraore, S ; pare- 

nore, S ; pasrfore, S ; perinne, therein, S, 

S2, Ci ; paorinne, S ; parlnne, S ; prinne, 


S, S2 ; thrynne, G ; parln, S, S2 ; pezln, 
S ; perwlK,. therewith, S, C2 ; paxwiV, S, 
S2 ; perwlBt, S2 ; paorwlStS, S ; permlde, 
therewith, S; peremyde, P; parmld, S; 
perof, thereof, S, C2 ; pix>f, S. — AS. tfdre, 
pron. dem. dat. f. ; see pe. 

pere, adv. there, where, S, 82, S3 ; 
pare, 8 ; pore, S, 82 ; per, 8, 82, S3 ; 
par, S, 82 ; por, S ; pear, 8 ; piar, 8 ; 
peer, 8; t»r, 8 (in Ormulum). Comb.: 
per aboute, thereabouts, 82 ; }>Bxe amang, 
at various times, 82 ; per an under, there 
beneath, 82 ; pere as, where that, 83 ; per 
biuore, before then, 82 ; per before, 8 ; 
per efter, thereafter, 8 ; ther on, thereon, 
C2 ; pron, 8 ; pmte, thereout, 8 ; per 
o^elnes, in comparison therewith, 8 ; pare 
ogayne, 82 ; porqniles, meanwhile, 8 ; 
pere whiles, P ; pertU, thereto, 8 ; portil, 
8; perto, thereto, 8, 82, C2, C3; parte, 
82 ; per towart, against it, 8 ; per nppe, 
besides, 8 ; pmppe, thereupon, 8. — ^AS. 
/far : Goth, l/tar. 

pere, art. gen. and dot./, of the, to the, 
8 ; see pe. 

perf, adj. unleavened, W, S2, PP; 
peorrf, 8. Comb. : therf loones, un- 
leavened bread, W ; therf breed, HD.— 
ASi.peorf; cp. lct\.pjarfr. 

perfling, adj. unleavened ; perrfllnng, 


peme, sb, a girl, SD (Havelok, 298) ; 

see Tame. 

pes, pron. dem, m. this, 8 ; pis, 8 ; pis, 

n., 8 ; peos, /, 8 ; teos, 8 ; pesses, gen. 

m.,S; pisse, gen. f., 8; pissen, dot. m.^ 

8 ; pisse, dat. f., 8 ; pisser, 8 ; pesser, 

S ; peser, 8 ; pas, a^c. f., 8 ; pas, //., S, 

82 ; pos, S ; peos, 8 ; pes, C, W2 ; these, 

W2 ; pnes, 82 ; pis, 82 ; pies, S3 ; pisse,, 8 ; pise, 82, C2 ; pyse, 82 ; pesen, 

S.— AS. pes, see Sievers, 338, and SkD 

(s.v. this), 
pester, adj. dark, HD ; pyester, S2 ; 

peostre, 8 ; pnster, 8.— AS. phstre : OS. 

pestemesse, sb. darkness, S, PP; 

pyestemesse, 82 ; piestemesse, S ; 

peostemesse, 8. — AS. phstemis, 
pestrien, v, to become dark, 8. — ^AS. 

pet, pron. that ; see pat, pe. 
pelien, adv. thence ; pepenn, 8 ; peden, 

8 ; tnetlqrn, H. — Icel. peian,paOan (Dan. 

penes, sb. pi. thieves, W2 ; see peol 


}>6W, sb. habit, practice, virtue, Sa ; 
peaw, S ; peawes, pi., manners, virtues, S ; 
Jwwew, S; ]>«we8, PP, Sa, Ca, C3; 
thewls, W ; tliewTS, H. Comb. : J)©au- 
fW, moral, virtuous ; )>eanftile, //., S.— 
AS. //aw, habit. 

Pewed, o^i^'. mannered; tbewde, S3. 
PAr, ; w«l pawed, S. 

peyn, j/J. service (?), S2. 

pBYU, sb. thane, warrior, attendant at a 
king^s court, S ; peln, SkD, S ; tbane, S2, 
Sh.— AS. /egn {pin\ Icel. pegnx OS. 
thegan, a youth, disciple, knight, warrior; 
cp. OHG. thegan (Otfrid). 

pi, /nw. poss. thy, S ; see pou. 

picke, a^". thick, S; ]Hkke, S2, C2 ; 
tlVkke, Prompt. ; tliioke, adv., S ; plkke, 
S, PP ; piece, ^.—hS>. piece, adj. and adv.: 
OS. />4z^>^*. 

picke, sb. thicket, S3. 

pider, adv. thither, S, PP, Sa, C3; 
Jmder, S, PP ; J)eder, Sa ; pedyp, S2, PP. 
Comb. : l»ider-ward, thitherward, S, Sa ; 
jmder-ward, S2. ^ AS. pider. 

pie, art./, the, S ; see pe. 

pies, pron. dem. pi. these, S3 ; see pe«. 

piestemesse, sb. darkness, S; see 

pild, sb. patience, S.— AS. {ge)pyld: 
OS. gi-thuld. See poUen. 

pildili^, adv. patiently, S. 

piUc, adj. that, that very, that sort of, 
such, W; tliylke, S3 ; tliilke, Ca, C3, Wa, 
S; )>mke,//.,S2,PP.— AS./;//^; cp.Icel. 
pvilikr, such. 

p^^ pron. poss. thy, thine, S; see pou. 

ping, sb. thing, affair, property, S ; //., 
S, C3 ; pynff, PP ; pinje, S, PP ; pyn^e, 
Sa ; J)iiiffe«, S, Ca ; plnkes, S ; penges, 
S ; J>ynire«, PP.— AS./«V. 

piodOf •r^. people, S ; see peode. 

pir, pron. dem. pi. those, these, Sa, H, 
S3, JD,B; see per. 

pire, pron. poss. dat.f. thy, S ; see pou. 

pirlen, v. to pierce, C, Sa, H; see 

pis, pise, pisse, &c. ; see pes. 

pistel, sb. thisde, Voc; tliy»teU, Voc. ; 
tiHystylle, Voc, Prompt. ; thrlMll, S3. 
Comb. : thlstle-flnoli, linnet, HD.— AS. 
pistel (Voc.) : OHG. thistila (Tatian) ; cp. 
Icel. pistill. 

pit^ put for pe It, who it, S ; see pe. 

pO, J>ron. dem. and def. art. pi. those, 
they, them, the,S,S2, C, PP, W2 ; poo, Sa, 

pou. 229 

S3, Wa, PP; pa, S, Sa, H ; paa, Sa ; peo, 
S; pe,S; pam, ^a/., S ; pan,S, S:» ; pa, S. 
—AS.pd, dsit.p<km (pdm). See pe. 

pO, adv. then, when, S, Sa, S3, C, Ca, 
C3, PP ; poo, PP ; pa, S.— AS. 9d. . 

pO, art. aec.f. the, S ; see pe. 

pOght, sb. thought, anxiety, Sa, Ca 
pohUt, S; poift, S; pouht, S, PP 
thonffM, Ca ; Jwjte, dot., S ; pujte, S 
politea, pi., S; pojtea, Sa. Der. 
poifhtfta, thoughtful ; poffhtftaest, superl. 
Sa.— AS. {ge)p6ht. See penchen. 

pohte, pt. s. of penchen. 

polemode, adj. patient, H, HD ; 
tlioleniodely, adv., H. 

polemodnes, sb. patience, H, HD, Sa. 

polien, V. to suffer, S, Sa ; polyen, S, 
Sa ; polen, S, Sa, H, PP, HD ; poland, 
pr. p., B ; polede, pt. s., S, Sa, S3 ; paU«, 
pr. s., S.—AS.poliani cp. OHG. thoUn 

pombe, sb. thumb, PP, C, Ca ; thome, 

HD. — AS. pdma (Voc.) ; cp. G. daumen ; 
see Kluge. 

pone, sb. thought, mind, S ; see pank. 

pondringe, sb. thundering, Sa. 

poner, sb. thunder, the god Thunor, Sa, 
S; thonnr, H; ponre, S; tbonder, C, 
Ca ; pander, Sa. Comb. : pnnrea dsBl, 
the day of Thunor, Thursday, S ; pnnder- 
pra«t, stroke of thunder, Sa.— AS. punor, 
thunder, also Thunor, the thunder-god; 
cp. OHG. thonar (Tatian). Cf. porr. 

poneren, v. to thunder, Sa ; thonord, 
H (Ps. 17. 15). — hSt.punrian, 

ponken, v. to thank, S, Sa ; seepanken. 

ponwanges, the temples, HD. — 
lct\. punn-vangi, the thin cheek (CV.). 

pong, sb. a slip of leather, S ; see pwong*. 

pom, sb. thorn, SD ; thome, Prompt. 
Comb. : thome-garthia, hedges ( = Lat. 
sepes), H (Ps. 88. z^).— AS. porn. 

porp, sb. a village, hamlet, farm, SkD ; 
prop, S, Ca ; thropea, gen., C3 ; thrope, 
dat., Ca; porpea, //., PP ; propes, PP; 
pronpea, PP. — AS. porp, Icel. porp ; cp. 
OHG. thorph (Tatian). 

porr, sb. the god Thor, the god of 
thunder. Comb. : pora-day, Thor's day, 
Thursday, PP; porisdai, S.— Icel. p6rr, 

pom, prep, through, S ; porw, S ; por5, 
Sa ; see pnrgh. 

pes, pron. dem. pi. these, S ; see pea. 

pon, pron. thou, SD ; pn, S, PP ; tn, S ; 



pe, dat. and ace, S, Sa. C2 ; J)»i, S2 ; te, S ; 
pin, gen, and poss., S, Sa ; pi, S ; tin, S ; 
tt S ; pire,/^w. ^o/./, S ; pin», S ; tine, 
//. dot., S. G7»;*.: put (=)m + it), S; 
peself , thyself, S ; peMUf, S ; pe-selue, S ; 
]>e-snluen, S ; )>e-Beoluen, S. — AS./ti. 

Thone, v, to say ' thou ' ; thowis, 2 pr. 
J., S3. 

ponllt, J^. thought, S ; see poght. 

Thowe^ sL thaw, Prompt 

Thowexiy c. to thaw, CM, Prompt — 
AS. pdwan. 

P03, ^^*. though, nevertheless, PP ; 
l>ow3, PP ; powtfli, PP ; pon5e, PP ; 
boll, SD ; ]>ohli, S ; thocht, S3 ; thouclit, 
S3; thofe, HD; Jjof; Sa, WA; of. WA; 
Jjanh, S, PP ; J)ah. S, Sa ; )>a^, Sa ; J>a5t, 
Sa ; J)eh, S ; pain, S ; pei^, PP; pey3, Sa ; 
peiffh, PP ; peije, PP ; pe5, S ; pei, Sa ; 
pey, Sa, G. Cotnh. : palu]iw<(9er, never- 
theless, S ; peilulLwepere, S ; popwsBthere, 
S ; po£-queper, Sa ; paries, nevertheless, 
Sa ; paliles yef, unless, Sa.— AS. p^h 
{pih) : Goth, tkauk. 

pO^te, sb. dat, thought, S ; see poght. 

pO^te, //. s, of penohen. See also pyn- 

pra, adj. eager, B ; see pro. 

pral, sb. servant, slave, thrall, S, Ca, 
C3 ; tliraU, S3 ; praUe, dat, S ; thrcUis, 
//., B ; pralle*, S, PP. Comb. : eoiUe- 
prelles, slaves upon earth, S ; praL-dom, 
slavery, S, PP, C3 ; thxildome, B ; pral- 
liod, slavery, S; pral-shipe, slavery, S; 
pral-sipe, S ; prel-weork«s, thrall- works, 
S.— ONorth./ri/; Ictl.pralL 

prallexiy v, to put into bondage ; thral- 
led,//, j., Sa. 

prasten, v. to oppress, afflict, S AS. 

{ge)prcestan, to twist, hurt, torment. 

praw, sb. space of time, Sa ; see prowe. 

Preaten, v. to threaten, S ; see preten. 

pred, ord, third, Sa ; see pridde. 

Threed, sb. thread, C, SkD ; pred, S ; 
pr8Bd,S; threde. Prompt Comb.\ pred- 
bare, threadbare, C, PP, SkD.— AS./r<E^, 
a dental derivative fxomprdwan^ to twist ; 
cp. OHG. drdt (G. draht), from drdjan ; 
see Kluge (s. v.), and Douse, p. loi. See 

prelles, sb, pi. thralb, slaves, S ; see 

prengen, v, to press, SD ; prengde,//. 
s.y S. Causal of pring-en. 

preo, num. three, S, Sa, PP; pre, S, 
PP ; pree, PP ; pri, S ; prU, S. Comb, : 


preohad, Trmity, S ; preottene, thirteen, 
S; prettene, Sa, PP; prettyne, PP; 
tliretend, thirteenth, Sa ; tlirittelnd. Sa ; 
pretti, thirty. PP; prefete, Sa; pritty, 
PP; pritti, Sa; prine», Trinity; pmn- 
nesae, S ; thretnun, with three at a time, 
B.— AS./r/<>. 

prepf sb, controversy, contradiction, Sa ; 
tlirepe, JD. 

prepen* v. to maintain a point obsti- 
nately in contradiction to another, to as- 
sert. C3, CM, JD; tlirea^e, HD.— AS. 

preschen, v. to thresh, beat, PP ; 
thresslie, S, C ; proaiOienn, pp., S ; y- 
porase, Sa.— AS. / rscan ; see Douse, p. 

pre8CW0ld6,<r^. threshold, PP; thresoli- 
wolde, Prompt. ; tlireashewolde, P ; 
threahfold, Ca ; tlirealifbd, HD.— AS. 
prescold, Icel. preskoldr ; cp. OHG. dris- 
cufii; see Douse, p. no. 

prestelcoc, sb. throstle, Sa ; see pmaML 

prete, sb. threat, S. — AS. pr6at, pressure. 

preten, v. to menace, Sa, Prompt, 
HD ; preaten^ S.— AS. prMtian, to re- 

Thretinsr, sb, menace, C3 ; thretynges, 
//., W. 

Thretnen, v. to threaten, Wa ; tliret- 
enede,/if. J., W. 

prette, num. thirsty, Sa ; see preo. 

prettene, num, thirteen, Sa ; see ]3z«e. 

pridde, ord. third, S, Sa, PP ; pzydde, 
Sa, PP ; pryd, Sa ; thrid, S3 ; pred, Sa. 

prid, num, three, S ; see preo. 

prid, ^v- three times, S; prion, S. — 

pridS, adv, thrice, S, Sa ; pri^eas, S ; 
thryea, Ca. The form is due to analogy; 
cp. AS. dnes, E. once. 

prift, sb. prosperity, success in life, C3, 
PP; pmft, PP; pryft, fertilising power, 
Sa. — Icel.pri/t, See priuen. 

Thrifty, adj* serviceable, cheap, Sa, 
Ca, C3. 

Thrilly V, to pierce, H ; see pnrlea. 

Thrillagey sb. thraldom, B ; see praL 

prim-setel, sb. throne, SD. See prnm. 

pringen, v. to press, S, HD ; drin^aa, 
S ; pmngen, //. //., PP ; pronir^n* Sa, 
PP ; i^pmnge, //., S ; tlumng^n, W ; 
y-thmngin, S3. — AS. pringan, ^t. prang 
(^\*Prungon)f y^.prungen. 


prume, adv, three at a time, S. — Cp. 

Icel. prinnr. 

priniiey adv. therein, S, Sa ; see per-, 

prist, sb, thirst, S, S2, PP ; Jmrst, S, Ca, 
PP. Comb. : ]mrstlew, thirsty, HD. — 
AS./iyrst {J>irsf), /ntrst. 

prist,//.//, thnist, S ; see pnurten. 

priste, adj. bold, S.— AS. priste : OS. 
thristi ; cp. G. dreisU 

pristen, v. to thirst, W, S ; thresten, 
S2 ; ]>iur8ten, SD ; thurtrted him, //. s. 
impers.y C2. — AS.j>yrsian : OHG. thursten 

priuen, v. to thrive, S, PP; JnriM, 
PP ; ]>roir, //. J., PP; pixlu«n,/p., grown 
up, PP; ]>r7neB, well grown, S2. — Icel. 
Jyrifa^ to seSzQ, /frifaskf to thrive. 

pro, adj. eager, earnest, vehement, HD ; 
pra, B; praa, HD; ]>roo, sharp, HD; 
tlurow, ^ji'z/., S3; JnroUclie, fl^e^., vehe- 
mently, S2 ; ]>rol7, quickly, resolutely, S2, 
HD, PP. — Icel. Jfrd-r, stubborn, also fre- 

prof, adv. thereof, S ; see per- 

proh, sb. cofHn ; see pmh. 

prop, sb. a village, S, Ca ; see pox]^. 

prosshen, //. threshed, S ; see prM- 

prote, sb. throat, S., TV. — AS. /rotu 
(Voc.) ; cp. OHG. drozza (whence G. 
drossel); related to Du. stroot; cp. It 
strozza (Diez). See Kluge (s.v^ drosset), 

prowe, sb. a little while, course, time, 
moment, Prompt., PP, S2, C2, C3, HD; 
tlirow, HD; )m>^«, S; thxawe, S2 ; 
tliraw, S2, B.— AS./^4f. 

prowe, sb. suffering, aerumna, SD, 

prowen, v. to throw, S ; pren,//. s., S ; 
]>xewe, threw himself, P; 2 //. j., S; 
prowe, PP ; prawen, //., Sa ; prowen, 
Sa ; 7-throwe, C2.~ AS. prdwan, to twist, 
to whirl, pt./r/<[?a/, ^^./>rdwen. 

prowen, v. to suffer, S ; prowede, pt. s., 
S.—AS.J>rowtan ; cp. OHG. thruoSn (Ta- 

prownnge, sb. suffering, passion; 
proweimsre, dat.y S ; prowenge, S ; 
proweinge, S. — AS. prowung. 

pniblen,*z'. to press, crowd; pmb- 
lande,/r./., S2. 

prnli, sb. coffin, S; throli, HD.— AS. 

pmm, sb. strength, a crowd, glory, SD ; 



prom, SD. Comb. : prim-setei, thronus^ 
SD ; priniMttlee, //., S.— AS. prymm, 

pmnnesse, sb. Trinity, S ; see preo. 

pmppe, adv. thereupon, S ; see per- 

prnsche, sb. a thrush, S. — ASt.prysce. 

pmstel, sb. the song-thrush, S ; prostle, 
S. Comb.', pmstel-oock, thrustlecock, C2 ; 
pretrtelooo, S2.— AS. prostle (Voc.). 

pmsten, v. to thrust, SD ; threste, C ; 
tlirlsten, W ; thnurte, //. s., W ; prist, 
S; prijrte,//.,S.— Icel. /ryj/a. 

pn, pron. thou, S ; see pou. 

paes, pron. dem. pi. these, S2 ; see pes. 

puften, sb. handmaid, S ; puliten, S. — 
A fem. deriv. of AS. {ge)pofta, a comrade, 
properly one who sits on the same rowing- 
bench ; from pofia * transtra * (Voc.) ; cp. 
Icel. popta. 

pnlke, adj. that, those, S2 ; see pUke. 

polli, adj. such, S, SD ; pellioli, SD ; 
pellyclie, S2 . — AS.pullicyPyllic, alsopuslic, 
PysliCy from pus ; see Sievers, 349. See 


pimclieV, pimcV ; see pTaken. 

punre, sb. thunder, S ; see poner. 

pnrfen, v. to need ; ^9Xtypt.-pr. s., need, 
ei opus esty S ; tliare, H ; thar, H ; thaxst, 
2 pt.'pr. s.y PP ; pnrt, //. j., needed, S2, H, 
B. Comb. : thardestow, thou wouldst need , 
PP. — AS. purfatiy pt.-pr. pearf\ pt. porfte 
{puffte), Icel. puffay pt.-pr. parf'y pt. 
purfum ; cp. OHG. thurfarty to need (Ta- 

pnrgh, prep, through, S2, C2 ; pur 5, 
S2, W2 ; pnre3, S ; purli, S ; pnrcli, S ; 
pnmli, S ; poig, S2 ; poraj, S2, W2 ; 
porw, S ; pom, S, S2 ; thorou, W ; 
tlmrght, H ; 1)tii«, S, S2 ; pnrf, S2, HD ; 
pora^llke, adv.y thoroughly, S. Comb.: 
thurglifiure, thoroughfare, C ; pnrlifiuren, 
to pass through; tliurirbfiure, S2 ; thurg*]!- 
glrt, pierced through, C ; thuroliliurt, 
thoroughly hurt, S3 ; purli-leflen, to live 
through ; pnrhlefede,//. s., S ; purh-seon, 
to perceive ; purhstUD, pr. J., S ; pumli- 
ut, wholly, S ; thnrgliout, C2 ; purnlit- 
ut, throughout, S ; poru-out, S2. — AS. 
purh ; cp. OHG. thuruh (Tatian). 

purl, sb. an aperture for admitting light, 
a hole, S; thnrle*, //., HD.— AS. pyrely 
hole, irompurhy through ; so (with different 
suffix) Goth, thairkoy hole, the eye of a 
needle, from thairhy through ; see Kluge 
(s. V. durcK). See purh. 

pnrlen, v. to pierce, S, S2, PP ; plrlen. 

232 pURST. 

C, Sa, PP, H ; thrlU, H.— AS. pyrlian 

pnrst, sh, thirst, S, Ca ; see prist. 

JJTIS, adv, thus, S ; tna, S (in Ormulum). 
Comb, : jjusgate, in this way, PP ; J>iui- 
irates, HD, PP.— AS./«j, OS. M«j. 

pXUiter, adj, dark, S ; see pester. 

put, for pu It, S ; see pou. 

pnvele, sb. pi. twigs, S.— AS. pyfel, * fru- 
tex ' (Voc). See pefe. 

pwang, sb, thong, S ; see pwong*. 

pwert, adv. thwart, SD. Comb.i — 
pwert-ut, throughout, S. — IctX.pvert^ neu- 
ter of pverr^ transverse ; cp. AS. pweorh, 
Goth, tkwairhs, angry, cross. 

pWOng, sb. strip of leather, thong, S, 
S2, W ; J)wanj, S ; pong, S. — KS.pwang. 

pwytel, sb. a. knife, whittle ; thwitel, 
SkD ; thewtiU, S3. See below. 


pwyten, v. to cut, to whittle, Voc, 
Prompt., Palsg. Der. : thwytynge, cut- 
ting, whittling, VV.—KS.pwitan. 

py, sb. thigh. Prompt. ; j>e, SkD, HD ; 
J>ee, HD ; pyj, Sa ; ]?ili, SkD ; peij, SkD. 
—AS>. p^o/p6oh. 

Pyester, adj, dark, Sa ; see pester. 

Pyestemesse, sb. darkness, Sa; see 

pyht, adj. close, compact, tight, Prompt ; 
thite, HD ; tijt, SkD.— Cp. G. dicht, Icel. 
p^ttr; see Kluge (s.v.). 

pyhtyn, v. to make tight. Prompt. ; y- 

pynken, v. to seem; ]>yiike]>, pr. s. 
impers.^ PP ; ponclS, S ; pnnolro, S ; 
pinche'S, S ; plnlfS, S ; pingTS, S2 ; penkeiS, 
PP ; puhte,//. J., S ; pujte, S ; pojte, Sa ; 
tlioug'lite, C3; pent, Sa. — AS. pyncan, 
^i.piihte, pp. (ge)piihU See penoliexi. 

Ti— Ty. 

Ti, pron.poss. thy, S ; see pou. 

Tidy ^b' time, season, hour, hora canonica, 
S, Sa, S3 ; tide, Sa ; tyde, Sa, C3, PP. 
Comb,: tideftil, seasonable (' = Lat. oppor- 
tunus^y H ; tydfalnes, needfulness, H. — 
AS. tidf time, hour; cp. Icel. tiH, time, 
* hora canonica.' 

Tid,flw!z'. quickly, PP; tyd,PP. See Tit, 

Tiden, v. to happen, S ; tyden, Sa, C3 ; 
tld, pr. J., PP ; tit, PP ; tydde, pt. s., PP ; 
tidde, S2.— AS. tidan. 

Tidi, adj. seasonable, honest, respectable, 
S ; tidy, PP ; tydy, PP, Prompt. 

Tidif, sb. the name of some very small 
bird, Ca ; tydy, a sort of singing bird, ND. 

Tiding, sb, an event, tidings, S ; tydlnir^ 
Ca, C3; tidinge, //., Sa ; tydlnge, S; 
tydinges, Ca. See Tiding. 

Tiffen, v. to trick out, trim, adorn, SkD. 
— OF. tiffer, to trim, adorn. 

TifEtuig, sb, adornment, finery, S. 

Til, prep, and conj. to, till, S, PP, Sa, 
C3 ; tyl, S, PP ; tiU, S, S3.— Icel. til. 

Tilden, v. to set a trap, S ; tildep, 2pr. 
pi., set up, S3 ; see Telden. 

Tilien, v. to till, cultivate, earn, gain, 
PP; tilen, S, PP ; tyUe, PP; tuUen, 
PP ; teUe, PP ; toUe, S ; tylle, Sa.— AS. 
tilian, to aim at, to till land; cp. OHG. 
zil6n, to attempt (Tatian). 

■■"iliev, sb, tiller, husbandman, W. 

Tilien, v. to draw, entice, S, H, PP ; 
see Tollen. 

TilSe, sb. labour, toil, tilth, S ; tiQtlie, 
PP ; tel«e, PP.— AS. HW. See Tllien. 

Timen, v. to prosper, S. — Icel. iima 
(reflex.), to happen. 

Tin, pron. poss. thy, thine, S ; see pen. 

Tinsel, sb. a stuflf made partly of silk 
and partly of silver, S3, TG, SkD.— OF. 
estincelUy a spark, a flash (BH). 

Tintre^e, sb. torment; tintreow, S; 
tintreohe, S ; tintreohen, //., S. — AS. 
tintreg (Grein). 

Tirannyey sb. tyranny, Ca, C3 ; tiran- 
dye, HD. 

Tirannt, sb. tyrant, Ca, PP ; tyraunt, 
PP, W; tirant, Sa ; tyranns, pi., op- 
pressors, PP. — AF. and OF. tirant, tiranz ; 
Lat. tyrannus ; see Constans, Supplement, 
p. 57, and BH, § 72. 

Tiranntrie, sb, tyranny, Wa; ty- 
ranntrye, HD. 

Tis-d8Bi, sb. Tuesday, S ; Tisdei, S.— 
AS. Tiwes'dceg, the day of TVw, the Eng- 
lish name of a Teutonic deity ; cp. OHG. 
Zio, Icel. Tyr\ see Grimm, Teut, M,y cap, 
ix, and Kluge (s.v. dienstag). 

Tit, adv. quickly, PP ; tyt, Sa ; tjrte, 
PP, Sa, H; tite, PP, Sa, H; tijt, S2; 
tijtly, Sa ; titere, comp., H ; titter, Sa.-^ 
Icel. ////, neut. of titir. See Tid. 


'Tioende, sb. pi. tidings, news, customs, 
S; tdSenden, S ; tiSand, S2 ; tiSandM, 
S2.— Icel. titiindi, pi., tidings, news ; from 
titiay to happen ; cp. ti^ska, a custom, titir^ 

customary, frequent. 
TiSing, sb. tidings, news, S, S2 ; ty- 

«yntf, S, S2 ; tiUinjre, pi, S ; tainjes, 

S2.— Cf. Tiding. 
Titill, sb. an epistle, WA. 
Titmose, sb. titmouse, S3, Manip. ; 

tytemose, Prompt. ; tytnuwe, Voc— AS. 

ntdscy a word forming the second element 

of the names of many kinds of small birds, 

see SkD. 

Titte, sb. a quick pull, S2. 

Titte, V. to pull tightly, HD ; tytted, 

Tixt, sb. text, PP ; see Texte. 

Ti;en, v. to tie, PP, S2 ; taijen, S2 ; 
tey, B ; te, B ; teien, pr. pi., SkD ; teyd, 
pp., C2 ; y-teyd, C— AS. Hgan i^t^gan). 

Tijt, adv, quickly, S2 ; see Tit. 

To, prep, to, at, in, upon, for, with re- 
ference to, by, against, after, as, until, PP, 
S, S2 ; te, S, S2. Comb. : tabide, to abide, 
S;tacord, C3 ; tafCraye,C2; taUetf«,C; 
talyirlLte, C2 ; tamendMi, S2, C2 ; ta- 
noyen, S2 ; tapese, S3 ; tariue, S ; tar- 
raye, C2 ; tassaile, C2 ; tassaye, C2 ; 
taswttffe, S3 ; tembrace, C2 ; tenoombre, 
S3; tendure, S3; tenforme, S3; ten- 
raife, S3 ; tespye, C2 ; tezponnden, C2. 

To, adv. too, S, PP ; te, S. 

To, num. two, S, S2 ; see Tuo. 

To-, prefix (i). The prep, to in com- 

To-, prefix (2), in twain, asunder, to 
pieces.— AS. id- ; cp. OHG. zi- (Tatian), 
JLat. dis-. 

To-belimpen, v. to belong to, S. (to- 


To-bellen, v. to swell extremely ; to- 
boUe,//., PP. (To- 2.) 

To-beren, v. to part ; tobar, pt. J., S. 

(To- 2.) 

To-beten, v. to beat in pieces, C3. 

(To- 2.) 

To-breden, v. to spread out ; tobred- 
dest, 2 pt. s., S2. (To- 2.) 

To-breiden, v. to tear asunder, dis- 
torqture ; tobreidynge, pr. p., W ; de- 
breidyn^e, W; tobraidide, //. j., W. 
(To- 2.) 

To-breken, v, to break in pieces, S, 
C3, W ; to-brac, pt. s., PP ; to-brak, G ; 



to-brake,//. s. subj., S; to-broken,//., 
PP, G ; to-broke, PP, S2, W. (To- 2.) 

To-bresten, v. to burst asunder, C ; 
to-berste«,/r. j., S; to-bar«t,//. j., S2, 
G; to-brast, W; to-brosten, //., C. 
(To- 2.) 

To-brisen, v. to break to pieces; to- 
bri«id,/^.,W. (To- 2.) 

To-Clene, v. to cleave asunder, to fall 
to pieces, PP; to-deef, //. j., PP; to^ 
oUef,PP. (To- 2.) 

To-COmen, v. to come together; to- 
oomen, //. //., PP. (To- i.) 

To-comynsf, ^j- fiiture, W2. (To- I.) 
To-CWeme, o^v. agreeably, S. (To- i.) 
To-Cyme, sb, advent, S. (To- i.) 
Tod, sb. a fox, JD, ND, HD, SkD ; 
*<>**^. pl' y S3. Cofftb. : Todman, Bards- 
ley. — The word is common in Mid York- 
shire and Cumberland, see EDS (Ser. C). 

Tod, sb. a bush, generally of ivy, HD ; 
todde, SkD. 

To-da4lht, //. s. dashed (herself) in 
pieces, S3. (To- 2.) 

To-delen, v. to divide, S, S2; to- 
dSBlen, S ; to-dealen, S. (To- 2.) 

To-drawon, v. to draw asunder, S2, 
W ; to-dxa^en, S; to-drowe, pt. pi, PP; 
to-dro3e, S ; to-drawun, pp., W ; to- 
drahen, S. (To- 2.) 

To-dreueii, v. to trouble ; to-dreued, 

//., S2. (To- 2.) 

To-drinen, v. to drive asunder; to- 
dryne, PP ; to-dxlf, imp. s., S. (To- 2.) 

To-dunet, //. struck with a sounding 
blow, S. (To- 2.) 

To-fallen, v. to fall in pieces, SD.> 
(To- 2.) 

To-flight, sb. refuge, 82. (To- i.) 

To-foren, prep, and adv. before. SD 

toforn, PP, S3 ; tofore, S, PP, S2 ; to- 

uore, S, S2 ; tofor, S, PP, S2, W. (To- i.) 

To-forrow, adv. previously, S3. (To- 1.) 

Tofb, sb. hillock, eminence, a slightly 

elevated and exposed site, PP, S2 ; ca?npus. 

Prompt. — Cp. OSwed. tomt, a cleared 

space (Dan. tomt, a toft) ; from Icel. t6mr^ 

empty. See Tome. 

To-sradere, adv, together, S, S2 ; te- 
ir»dere, S; togedere, S, PP; toir«^e> 
PP ; toffeddre, S ; toyidere, PP ; toffider, 
S, C2; toffederes, PP, S; toerlderes, 
PP; toffidres, PP, C3; toffederis, PP 
togeders^ PP; togedders^ S2. (To- i.) 



To-gan, V. to go asunder, SD ; toffaS,,^. (To- 2.) 
To-genes, prep, towards, S ; toffeines, 
S ; toBeines, S ; to^enes, S. (To- i.) 

Toggen, V, to draw, allure, sport, S, 

To-grinden, ». to grind in pieces ; to- 
grynt,/r. s., PP. (To- 2.) 
To-hewen, v. to hew in pieces, S, S2, 
C3. (To- 2.) 
To-hope, sb, hope, S. (To- i.) 
To-hnrren, v. to hurry apart, S. (To- 2.) 
Tokker, sb. fuller, one who thickens 
cloth, S2, PP; towker, PP ; touclier, 
PP; tncker, HD; touker, Bardsley ; 
tuker, Bardsley. See Tuken. 
Toloie, sb. token, PP ; tocne, S ; taone, 
S ; taken, PP, S2 ; takiin, W ; takens, 
pl,^ S2.— AS. tdcn : Goth, tatkns; cp. OHG. 
zeichan (Tatian). 
Toknynge, sb. signification, PP ; toc- 
nlnge, S; toknyng, PP; taknlng, S2 ; 
takenlnge, S2 ; tokening, C3.— AS. tdc- 

Tolie, V, to tm, S ; see Tllien. 
To-liggen, v, to pertain to ; toU^, pr. 
s., S. i^To- I.) 
Tolke, sb. a man, S2 ; see Tnlk. 
Tolle, sb. toll, custom, Voc. ; tol, PP, 
Prompt. Comb. : toL-botlie, toll-booth 
(=Lat. telonium), S2, W, Voc— AS. toll'. 
OFris. tolen, tolne\ Lat. telonium (Vulg.) ; 
Gr. TcAtwi'tov. Note that the n of the stem 
appears in AS. tolnere, * teloniarius,' Voc. ; 
see Weigand (s.v. zoll). 

ToUen, v. to take toll, C. Z>er, : toUere, 
taxgatherer, usurer, S2, PP; toller, Voc. 

Tollen, V. to draw, allure, entice, Prompt., 
PP, ND, SkD ; tole, ND ; tnllen, CM, 
SD; tUlen, S, H, PP.— AS. tjfllan (in 
To-loggen, v. to drag hither and thither, 
82, PP; to-lugged,//., PP. 
Tolter, adv. unsteadily, totteringly, S3, 
SkD (s.v. totter), 

To-lnken, v. to rend asunder, S; to- 
loken,//., S. (To- 2.) 
Tolyy sb. scarlet colour, WA; toly. 
Prompt., HD ; tuely, SkD (s.v. trap, 2).— 
Heb. tdld\ crimson (Isaiah i. 18), properly 
a worm. 
Tomb«8tere, sb. female dancer, C3; 
see Tnmbestere. 
Tom«, adj. empty, void, unoccupied, H, 


HD; toom. Prompt; tnme, JD. — IceL 
tdmr, vacant, empty. Cf. Toft 

Tome, sb. leisure, S2, PP, H (p. 169^ ; 
toym, B ; tome, B ; Icel. tdm, leisure. See 

To-morwen, adv. to-morrow, S ; to- 
morwe, PP; tomoreBe, S; tomom, C. 
(To- I.) 

To-namey sb. cognomen, PP ; towname, 
PP. (To-i.) 

ToxigOf J^. tongue, S2, C2, C3, PP; 
tnnge, S, C, PP, W2 ; tounge, PP ; tong, 
S3 ; tnng, S2. Der. : tongede, tongued, 
talkative, PP.— AS. tunge, 

ToxigOy sb. pair of ion§^y forceps, S, S2, 
Prompt.; tange, Voc— AS. tange (Voc.). 

Tonne, sb. tun, PP, S3, C2, G ; tunae, 
S, PP. Comb, : tonne-greet, as large round 
as a tun, C— AS. tunne. 

Too, sb. toe, C ; taa, S2, HD ; toon, //., 
C ; ton, C ; tas, S2 ; taes, S2.— AS. td (pi. 

Tool, sb. tool, weapon, C, Prompt. ; 
toles,//., PP; toolea, PP.— AS. tdl. 

Toom, adj, empty; see Tome. 

Toord, sb, stercus, W2, Prompt. 

TopadSie, sb. topaz, Cotg. ; topace, S3 ; 
tnpace, SkD; topacius, W (Apoc. 21. 
20); tliopas, C2 (p. 151).— OF. topase-, 
Lat. topazum (ace.) ; Gr. T<5irafos. 

Toppe, sb, tuft of hah-, P, S ; top, top 
of the head. Prompt. 

To-q,nassen, v. to shake asunder, PP ; 
to-qnaalite, //. s., PP. (To- 2.) 

T0-qua3t6,/^. s, quaked, PP. (To- 2.) 

To-racen, v. to scrape to pieces, C2. 
(To- 2.) 

To-renden, v. to rend in pieces, PP ; 
torente, pt, j., C2, W ; to-rent, pp,, S, 

C2, W. (To- 2.) 

Toret, sb. ring on a dog's collar, through 

which the leash was passed, CM ; toretts, 
//., C ; turrets, DG.— OF. touret, the chain 

which is at the end of the check of a bit, 

also the little ring whereby a hawk's lune 

is fastened to the jesses (Cotg.). 

Toret, sb. turret, G, C, Prompt; toiiz«t, 

SkD.— OF. tourette (Cotg.). 

To-renen, v. to completely take away, 

PP. (To- 2.) : 

Torf, sb. turf, S2 ; tnrf, Voc. ; times, 
//., S2.— AS. turf {Yoc), 

Tor&re, sb, hardship, misery, peril, 

WA— Icel. torfcera. 


To-righteSy adv. to rights, aright, G. 
(To. I.) 

To-riven, v, to rend in twain ; to-rof 
(jntrans,), pt, j., was riven in twain, S2. 

Tormenty sb. a tempest, torment, snfTer- 
ing, SkD, C3, Prompt ; tonrniMit, SkD. 
— AF. tormenty a tempest, turtnent (Ro- 
land), OF. torment, tourment^ a tempest, 
torture (Bartsch), tormented a tempest 

Tormenteiiy v, to torment, SkD.— OF. 

Tormentonry sb, executioner, C3, 
WW ; tormentoures, //., C3.— AF. tor- 
menter, executioner. 

Tormentynge, sb, torture, Ca. 

Tormentysey sb, torture, C2. 

Tome, sb. a tum» trick, wile, G. 

Tornen, v, to turn, PP ; see TonniMi. 

To-rof, pt. s. of To-riT«i. 

Tortuous, adj. oblique (term in astro- 
logy), C3. — Lat. toriuosusy crooked. 

To-Samen, adv. together, S. (To- i.) 

To-scliakeil, v. to shake asunder, S. 
(To- 2.) 

To-SCheden, v. to part asunder; to- 
•clied,/^., S2. (To- 2.) 

To-schellen, v. to shell, peel; to- 
shullMi, //., PP. (To- 2.) 

To-schreden, v. to cut to pieces, C. 

(To. 2.) 

To-spreden, v. to scatter; to-sprad, 

//., S2. (To- 2.) 

To-8wellen, v. to swell greatly; to- 
•woUa, //., S, PP. (To- 2.) 

To-Bwinken, v. to labour greatly, C3. 

(To- 2.) 

To-tasen, v. to pull to pieces ; to-toM, 
S. (To- 2.) 

Toten, V. to peep, look about, PP, S3 ; 
tatand, pr. p., projecting, pushing out, S3 ; 
totede,//.j.,S3;y-toted,>>^.,S3. Comb.-. 
tote-hylle, specula^ Prompt. — AS. tStian ; 
see SkD (s.v. tout). 

To-teren, v. to tear to pieces, C3 ; to- 
teoren, S ; toteore, S; totom*,^., PP ; 
totom, S ; totore, C3. (To- 2.) 

To-tnm, sb. refuge, SD. (To- i.) 

To-twicclien. v. to pull apart; to- 
twiclMt, pr. pi, S. (To- 2.) 

Toun, sb. an enclosure, ferm-stead, town, 
S2, C, W ; toiue, PP ; tmi, S, S2 ; tonne, 
dot., S2, C2. Comb. : tonne-men, men of 
the town, not rustics, PP; tnn-scipe, the | 



people of the farm-stead, S. Der. : town- 
Isb, belonging to the town, S3. — AS. /f/», 
enclosure, farm, town; cp. OHG. %iin, 
hedge (Tatian). 

Tour, sb. tower, S, S2, C2, PP, W2; 
tnr, S; tones, //., S2.— OF. tur, tor, 
tour I Lat. turrem. 

Toumen, v. to turn, PP ; tumen, S, 
S2, PP; tornen, S2, PP; teomen, S2 ; 
tlmen, S ; 7-tomd, //., S2 ; i-tnmd, S, 
S2. — AF. turner', Lat. tomare, {lomtomus, 
a lathe. 

Toumeymenty sb. tournament, C2.— 
OF. tomoiement. 

TowaillOy sb. towel, C2; towayle. 
Prompt., Voc. ; twaly. Prompt. ; towelle, 
Voc. ; towylle, Voc. — AF. towaille {tua- 
ille), OF. touaiU (Bartsch); Low Lat. 
toacula\ of Teutonic origin, cp. OHG. 
dudhila, washing-cloth ; from duahan, also 
thuahan, to wa3i (Tatian). See SkD, also 
Kluge (s.v. zwehle). 

To-walten, v. to roll with yiolence;, overflowed, S2. (To- 2.) 

To-wardy prep, towards, against, S, PP; 
tonward, S ; towart, S. (To- i.) 

To-wardOy adj. present, as a guard or 
protection, PP. (To- i.) 

To-wawOy V, to move about near, S2. 
(To- I.) 

Towkor, sb. a fuller ; see Tokker. 

To-wringeiiy v. to distort; towron^, 
//. s., S. (To- 2.) 

To-wrye, v, to cause to go on one side, 
S3 (4. 164). (To- 2.) 

To^eineSy prep, towards, S ; see To- 

To-^erOy adv. this year, Cath. (To- i.) 

To-^eseeodeilyZ'. to separate, S. (To- 2.) 

TracOy sb. track of a way over a field, 
trace. Prompt., C, SkD ; tras, PP; trass, S2. 

Traoaily v. to trace, to draw a picture, 
to trace one's way, to conduct oneself, 
Prompt., CM, S3 ; trasen, S3.— OF. tracer 
{trasser) ; Late Lat. *tractiare, from Lat. 
tract; base of pp. of troAerei see BH, § 131. 

Trade, sb. a trodden path, S3, TG, 
SkD, HD. See Treden. 

Tradicioily sb, surrender, S3. — Lat. 
traditionem. Cf. Tresonn. 

TraitoryOy sb. treachery, C3, CM. 

Traitour, sb. traitor, S ; traytonr, S ; 
treltnr, S. — AF. traitur; Lat. traditorem. 
Tram, sb, engine, machine, WA ; txam- 
mys,//., B. 



Trappe, sb. the trappings of a horse, 
SkD; trappyi,//., SkD. 

Trapped, adj. adorned with trappings, 
C, Prompt. 

Trappings, sb. pi. ornaments, Sh. 

Trappure, sb. trappings of a horse, 
Prompt. ; trappures, //., C. 

Trauail, J^.*work, labour, toil, trouble, 
S2, PP; trauaUle, C2 ; trawayle, S2 ; 
traueU, S2 ; trauel, W, W2, H (Ps. 108. 
10). — AF. travail^ travaille\ Late Lat. 
*trabaculum ; from Lat. trabem, a beam ; 
cp. It. travdglio, a frame for confining un- 
mly horses. See Trave. 

Trauaille, v, to work, toil, travel, 
trouble, vex, torment, PP ; traueilen, W, 
S2; trauele, W, W2.-— AF. travai{l)hr, 
to work, to vex. See above. 

TrauailouSy adj, laborious, W2. 

Tzave, sb. a frame in which farriers 
confine unruly horses, CM. See Trauail. 

Trawed, //. //. trowed, expected, Sa ; 
see Trowen. 

Tray, sb. vexation ; see Tre^e. 

Trays, sb. pi. traces, horse-harness, C ; 
trayce, Prompt.; trayse, Cath. — OF. 
trays, horse-harness (Palsg.) for traits, pi., 
of traict, sl trace for horses (Cotg.) ; Lat. 
tractum, pp. of trahere. 

Trayste, v. to trust, S2 ; traste, PP, 

S2. — Icel. trey stay from tramt. See Trist. 

Traystly, adv. confidently, H. 

Traystnes, sb. confidence, H. 

Traystynge, sb. confidence, H. 

Traytyse, sb. treaty, truce, S3; see 


Tre, sb. tree, wood, lignum, Prompt., S2, 

PP, W, W2 ; tree, S, PP ; treowe, dat., 

S ; treuwe, //., S ; tren, S2 ; treen, S3 ; 

treon, S ; trewes, S ; trowes, PP. Comb. : 

tre tyxnus (^= lignum tAyinum), W. — AS. 

tr^ow {trio), dat. treowe, pi. triowu {trio), 

see Sievers, 250 ; cp. Goth. triu. 
Treatise, sb. a passage (lit. a treatise), 

S3 ; see Tretis. 
Treatyce, sb. treaty, truce, S3; see 

Trechery, sb. treachery, trickery, S ; 

see Triclierie. 
Trechoore, sb. a cheat, HD. — OF. 

trichior (Bartsch) ; Late Lat. tricatorem, 
Trechnrly, adv. treacherously, S3. 
Tredy sb. a foot-mark, SkD (s.v. trade). 
Treden, v. to tread, C, Prompt., PP; 

//.//., W, PP; tret,/r. s., CM; troden, 


PP ; trade, H (Ps. 55. 2) ; troden,//., C3; 
trodun, W2 ; treddede,//. s. {weak), S3. — 
AS. tredan, pt. treed (pi. tr<kdon), pp. treden. 

Treget, sb. guile, trickery, CM. 

Tregetrie, sb. a piece of trickery, CM. 

Tregettowre, sb. a juggler, joculator. 
Prompt.; tregetotir. Prompt. (»), CM, HD. 

Tregettsrn, v. to juggle. Prompt.— OF. 
tresgeter (Ducange) ; Lat. trans + iactare. 

Treien, v. to betray, P ; trayet, pp., 
HD.— OF. tra:ir\ Late Lat. *tradire for 
Lat. tradere, 

Treil^iSy sb. trellis, S3 ; trelys, cancel- 
lus. Prompt. — OF. treillis, from treilU, a 
vine, arbour (Bartsch) ; Late X-at *tricla ; 
Lat. trichila ; see BH, § 98. 

Tremlen, v. to tremble, stagger, PP ; 
tremelyn. Prompt. ; trimlen, HD ; trynu 
lea, S3; tremblen, W, PP; trimble, 
Manip. — Picard F. tremler (AF. trembler) ; 
Late Lat. tremulare. 

Tremlynge, sb. trembling; treme- 
lynfiTe, Prompt.; trlnUynff, S3; trym- 
Unffe, HD. 

Trental, sb. a set of thirty masses for 
the dead, SkD, ND, PP ; treatall, money 
paid for a trental, S3; a month's mind, 
ND.— OF. trental, trentel; Church Lat 
trigintalem (Ducange). 

Tree, sb. tree, S ; treon, //., S ; see Tre. 

Treowe, adj. true, S ; see Trewe. 

Trepeget, sb. a military engine, HD, 
CM; trebget, Prompt; trebgot, an in- 
strument for catching birds. Prompt. 

Tresor, sb. treasure, S, S2, C3 ; tresour, 

PP, S2, S3, C2 ; treosor, S ; tresores, 
//., PP; tresnres, S.— AF. tresor\ Lat 

Tresorere, sb. treasurer, PP; trese- 

rour, PP. — AF. tresorer. 
Tresoriey sb. treasury, S2 ; tresory, WA . 

— AF. tresorye. 
TreSOTUly sb. treason, craft, C, PP; 

tresun. Prompt, S ; treson, WA, C2, H ; 

treison, PP ; trasrson, S.— AF. treson, 

trdison ; Lat. traditionem, 
Trespas, sb. trespass, PP; trespaoe, 

PP, C. 
Trespassen, v. to trespass, PP, WW ; 

trespaoe, C2 ; trespasside, //. J., W 

(Acts I. 25). — AF. trespasser, to cross over, 

to disobey. 
Tretee, sb. treaty, C2, C3; trete, C— 

OF. traite ; Late Lat. tracta. See Tretis. 
Tretis, adj. well made; pretty ; tze^fs, 


CM, C ; tr«il7s, CM.— OF. tretis, ireiiis, 
traitisy nicely made (Bartsch) ; from 
traitier ; Lat. tractare, 

Tretis, sb. treatise, short poem, PP, Ca, 
WA ; txeatlM, S3. See below. 

Tretis, sb. treaty, B, CM ; trelTS, Sa, 
C2,C3; treatyoe,S3; tmytyiw, S3.— AF. 
tretiz ; Late Lat. *tracticium, 

Trewage, sb, tribute, S, JD ; tniar«, 
Voc, S2, WA; tronage, WA — OF. 
treiiage (Jruage), toll, tax, from treii, treiid, 
tribute; \jaX.tributum\ see Constans (s.v.). 

Trewe, adj, true, S, PP, Sa, Ca ; trM>we, 
S ; trywe, PP ; trlwe, Sa ; trew, Sa, Ca ; 
tell, Sa. — AS. triowe : OS. triuwi, 

TrewOy sb. fidelity, trust, agreement, 
truce, PP ; treowe, SkD ; treowes, //., 
truce, SkD; teew6«, PP; trewla, B; 
teeuwes, PP; triwes, SkD; teuwys, 
Prompt. ; trewysM, Cath. 

Trewehedey sb. truth, uprightness, Sa. 

Treweliche, adv. truly, PP, Ca; 
teewely, Ca. 

Trewen, v. to think to be true, to trow, 
believe, S. — AS. triowan. See Trowen, 

Trew©*,//. trees, S ; see Tr«, 

Trewes, sb. pi. truce ; see Tr^we. 

TrewVe, sb. truth, troth, S, Ca, PP; 

treii«e. S, Sa, PP; troutbe, Sa, C3 ; 

tro^tl^H; tTTutJe, PP; teoww«e, S; 

traw1$e, Sa ; teeotliM, //., S ; toutlies, 

pledges, Sa. — AS. trioivOu, 
Trey, sb. a throw at dice, viz. three, 

SkD ; tr«7e, C3. Comb. : trvy-aoe, the 

throw of three and one ; a quick exclama- 
tion, S3. — OF. tret, treis ; Lat. tres. 
Tre^e, sb, affliction, grief, SD; trei^e, 

S ; teeie, S ; teeye, Sa ; tn^, vexation, B. 

— AS. trega ; cp. Icel. tregi, Goth, trigo. 
Tre^en, v. to afflict, SD. 
Triacle, sb. a remedy, healing medicine, 

Sa, PP, C3, NQ (6. 1. 308) ; tryaole, Voc, 

PP,NQ; teea^le, TG, Prompt. ; tryakiU, 

S3.— OF. tr'iacU (Bartsch) ; Lat theriaca, 

lit. an antidote against the bite of serpents ; 

cp. Gr. OrjpioKd. ifipfjuiKa. For examples of 

the intrusive / see Cxoniole. 
Triblen,^^. to trouble, H ; see Trublen. 
Tricherie, sb. treachery, trickery, S, 

PP, Sa ; treohexto, PP ; teecliezy, S ; 

treoolierie, C. — AF. trtcherie ; from OF. 

trickery trecher, to cheat ; Late Lat. tricare 

for Lat. tricari. 
Tricky adj. neat, elegant, ND; teig", 

JD. — For the voicing of the guttural in 



North.E. cp. prigmedainty (JD), with 
prickmedainty or prickmedenty (HD) ; see 
SkD {s.\\.prigi trigger), 

Trien, v. to try, PP ; tei^ede, pp., Sa, 
PP ; l-tei^ed, Sa ; itrl^et, Sa ; y-tried, 
PP ; y-txyed, PP ; teled,//. as adj., choice, 
PP; teye, PP, Ca; teiedest, superL, Sa, 
PP; txieste, PP ; tryMt, PP ; teiedliolie, 
adv., excellently, PP; trljely, PP, Sa ; 
teielioli. P.— AF. trier; Late L&i. tritare, 
to thresh com. 

Triexinels, sb. pi. mosses said for three 
years, PP ; trlennalM, P.— OF. triennal\ 
Church Lat. triennale, 

Trillen, v. to turn round and round, 
to trickle, CM, Prompt., Ca, S3, Sh., SkD ; 
txyll, Palsg. ; trll, Manip. — Cp. Swed. 
trilla, to roll. 

Trlnal, adj. threefold, RD; teinaU, 
Spenser, i. Comb. : trinal teiplioities, 
SkD. — Late Lat. trinalis. 

Trine, adj. taken three at a time, ND. 

Comb. : trine aspect (in astrology), SkD, 

ND; tryne oompMi,the round world con- 
taining earth, sea, and heaven, C3. — OF, 

trine ; Lat. trinum. 
Trinite, j<5. Trinity, Sa, PP ; Txlnitee, 

PP.— AF. Trinite, Trinitet-, Church Lat. 

Trisen, v. to hoist up, to trice, to pull 

off, SkD ; txyoe, Ca ; trice, CM. Der. : 

tryyste, tryys, windlass. Prompt. — Cp. 

Dan. tridse, to haul up, to trice, Swed. 

trissa, a pulley. The final -se is the same 

as in E. cleanse, 
Trist, sb. trust, a tryst, meeting- place, B, 

W, Wa. PP, Sa ; station in hunting, HD ; 

trust, PP.— Icel. traust. For E. i" -= Icel. 

au, cp. ME. mire = Icel. maurr ; see SkD 

{s.Y. pismire). 
Tristen, v. to trust, Sa, C3, W, Wa, 

PP ; trysten, Sa, PP; truste, Sa ; teosten, 

S3, Sa, PP ; truste, //. j., S, Sa. Der. : 

trlstyng, a trust, W. See above. 
Tristili, adv. confidently, W, Wa. 
Tristnen, v, to trust, W. Der, : 

tristenyng, a trust, W. 
Trinials, sb. fl. studies connected with 

the trivium, the initiatory course taught in 

the schools, comprising grammar, rhetoric, 

and dialectic, S3 ; trivial, adj., initiatory, 

ND. — Schol. Lat. trivialem. 
Troblen, v. to trouble, W; troubild,//., 

WA; seeTmblen. 
Trod, sb. a trodden path, SkD (s.v. trade), 

HD. See Treden. 



Troden,^. of Tr«den. 

Trofle, sb. a trifle, S3 ; see Tnifle. 

Trompey sb. a tromp, trumpet, C3; 
tnunpe, C. — AF. trompe. 

Tromp«, V. to play the trampet, PP ; 
trampe, W, Prompt. — AF. trumper. 

TronchOTUl, sb. a truncheon, broken 
piece of a spear-shaft, C ; tmnolione, 
Prompt. — OF. tronchoftf tron^on, 

Trone, sb. throne, S, PP, S3, C2, C3, 
W ; trones,//., S; one of the nine orders 
of angels, WA ; tronen, S2. — OF. trone ; 
Lat. thronum ; from Gr. $p6vos. 

Tronen, z'.to enthrone, PP. — OF. troner. 

TrOSt, subj, pr. s. trust, S2 ; see Tristen. 

Trotevale, sb. a trifling thing, HD. 

Trouble, adj. troubled, S2, C2. — AF. 
truble, pp. of trubler ; see Trablen. 

Trouthe, sb. truth, S2, C3; see 

Trowabile, adj. credible, H. 

Trowen, v. to believe, S, S2, S3, C2, 
C3, H, PP; tru, S2 ; trawed, //.//., ex- 
pected, S2. — Icel. triia\ Swed. tro. See 

Trowyng, sb. belief, S2. 

Tmage, sb. tribute, S2 ; see Trewag*. 

Tmblen, v. to trouble, W; troblen, 
W ; txiblen, H.— AF. trubler \ Late Lat. 

Tmfley sb. nonsense, absurd tale, trifle, 
PP, SkD ; trofle, S3, SkD ; txefel*, PP ; 
trifta, PP ; trlil», PP.— AF. trufle, trofle, 
mockery, OF. truffe, a jest, a flout, also a 
truffle (Cotg.) ; Lat. tubera, truffles ; see 
SkD (s.v. truffle). For' the intrusive / cf. 

Truflen, v. to beguile, SkD; trofle, 
SkD ; trifelyn, Prompt. ; treoflyiige,/r./., 
S2.— OF. truffler, truffer, to mock (Cotg.). 

Trnkenen, v. to fail, S. 

Tmkien, v. to fail, S. — AS. trucian, to 
fail, deceive. 

Tmsse, sb. a bundle, Manip., CM. 

TmSSen, v. to pack, to pack off, C, S2, 
PP, Manip; turss, B. — OF. trusser, tros- 
sery torser ; Late Lat. *tortiare. 

Tmste, pt. s. trusted, S ; see Tristen. 

Tryce, v. to trice, to hoist up, C2 ; see 

Tryg, adj. trusty, secure, S3. — Icel. 

Trymlsrt, //. //. trembled, S3; see 

Tryst, adj. sad, S3. Der.\ trlstes, 


[ sadness, S3.~OF. trist \ Lat. tristem ', and 
OF. tristesse ; Lat. tristitia. 

Tua, num. two, S2 ; see Tno. 

Tnhen, pt. pi. of Ten. 

Tnht, sb. discipline, S. — AS. tyht; tp. 
OHG. zuht (Otfrid). See Ten. 

Tnhten,?'. to draw, persuade, discipline, 
S ; tllite,//. s.y S.— AS. tyhtan. 

Tain, num. two, S2 ; see Twtnne. 

Taken, v. to pluck, vex, S ; take up, 
succingere, Cath. ; tnUcyn up, Prompt ; 
7-toiiked, PP, tucked, fulled, PP.— AS. 
tucian {twiccan) ; cp. OHG. zukken (Ot- 

Taker, sb. a fuller ; see Tokker. 

Tulke, sb. a man, soldier, knight, "WA, 
EETS (56) ; tolke, S2 ; tulk, WA, SkD 
(s.v. talk). — Icel. tjilkr, interpreter ; Lith- 
uan. tulkas, interpreter ; cp. Dan. tolk. 

Tullen, V. to draw, entice, CM, SD; 
see Tollen. 

Tamben, v. to leap, tumble, dance; 
tombede, //. j., SD. — AS. tumbian (Mk. 
6. 22) ; cp. OF. lumber, to fall. 

Tumbestere, sb. a female dancer, HD ; 
tombester, SD ; tnmbesteris, pL, SD, 
C3 (p. 151) ; tombeateres, C3. 

Tumblen, v. to leap, dance, SD, SkD ; 
to tumble, PP; tombly, PP; tninlyn, 
volutare, Prompt. 

Tumbler, sb. a tumbler, a female 
dancer, Voc. ; tnmlare, volutator. Prompt. 

Tun, sb. enclosure, farm-stead, town, S, 
S2 ; see Tonn. 

Tunen, v. to enclose, S ; see Tynen. 

Tunge, sb. tongue, S, C, W2 ; seeTonffe. 

Tunne, sb. tun, S ; see Tonne. 

Tug, num. two, S2, C, PP ; tna, S2 ; 
two, S ; twa, S, S2 ; to, S, S2 ; towe, S3. 
—AS. twd (neut.). 

Tur, sb. tower, S ; see Tonr. 

Turnen, v. to turn, S ; see Tonmen. 

Turss, V. to pack ; see Tmssen. 

Turues, sb, pi. pieces of turf, S2 ; see 

Tus, for thus, S ; see ]nui. 

Tutand, pr. p. projecting, pushing out, 
S2 ; see Toten. 

Tute, sb. a horn, comu, os, SD. — For 
Teutonic cognates see Weigand (s.v. zotte). 
See Tewelle. 

Tute, V. 'to tute in a home,' Manip. 
— Cf. Swed. tuta, to blow a horn. 

Tutely sb. beak, mouth (?), S. 


Tutelen, v. to whisper, S. 

Tnteler, sb. tittler, tattler, PP. 

Tntlyng, sb, noise of ahom, B. See Tnte. 

Tntour, sb. guardian, warden, keeper, 
P, WW, TG.-OF. tuteur\ Lat. tutorem, 

Twa, num. two, S, S2 ; see Too. 

Tweamexif v. to separate, S. — AS. 

Tweire, num. gen. of twain, S. — AS. 
twegra (gen.). 

T^Brelf, num. twelve, S, Ca ; tnalf, S2 ; 
tQalue, 82. Comb. : twelfinoneth, twelve- 
month, PP ; tuelmoiLtli, S2.— AS. twelfi 
Goth, ttvalif. 

Tw^engen, v. to press tightly, tweak, S ; 
tiMiiffde, //. s.^ S2. — Cf. Twinir*n* 

Tw e ali s, //. twigs, S3 ; see Twysto. 

Twaye, num. twain, PP, C, Ca ; twei«, 
S; tuaie, S; twey, S3, PP; twei. PP. 
Comb.: tw«7-A>lA, twofold, C3. — AS. 
twega (gen.). See Tno. 

Tweye, adv. twice, PP; twye, HD; 
twie, S. — AS. twiwa. 

Tweyxie, num. twain, G, PP ; tneyne, 
Sa ; twene, S ; twelen, S ; twe^jenn, S. 
— AS. twegen. 

Twi- {prefix). Comb. : twl^liU, an axe, 
bipenniSy Voc., Prompt., H ; twl-feald, 
twofold, SD ; twye-lyfflite, twilight. 
Prompt. ; twinned, of diverse opinion, SD. 

Twie, cLdv. twice, S ; see Tweye. 

TwiUen, v. to twitch, snatch, pull 
slightly but quickly. Prompt. ; twyoli^, 
Prompt. ; twyglite, //. J., CM ; twight, 
pp., CM. 

Twine, sb. doubled thread; twines, 
gen., S. — AS. twin. 

Twinen, v. to twist, S ; twined, //., S ; 
twyned, PP. 

Twingen, v, to pain, afHict, SkD; 
twnnffen, pp., SkD. — Cp. G. zwingen. 

Twingingy sb. affliction, S2. 

Twinken, v. to wink. Prompt., G. 

TwinUen, v. to twinkle. Prompt. 

Twinne, num. two apiece, two at a 
time, S; twynne, S2; tnln, S2. — Icel. 

Twinnen, v. to separate, C2 ; twyn- 

nen, S2, S3, H ; twyne, S3 ; twyn, S2, 

H ; tnyn, H ; twynned, //. 3^/., PP, S3. 

Twyes, adv. twice, S2, C2, C3, PP.— 

Formed with suffix -es on AS. iwiwa. See 


Twycrte, sb. bough, Cath., S3 ; twist, 



B, S2, C2, CM ; twest, S3.— Cp. ODu. 

Twyste, v. to strip the boughs, de- 
frondare, Cath. 

Twyster (of trees), sb. a stripper of 
boughs, dcfrondator^ Cath. 

Tycement, sb. enticement, HD. 

TyC6n, V. to entice, instigate, provoke. 
Prompt, Manip., S; tisen, PP; tyse, 
HD (S.V. Use). See AtiMn. 

Tykely adj. unsteady, uncertain, CM. 

Tyle, sb. tile. Prompt. ; tyU, Prompt. ; 
tyyl, S2. Comb. : tyle-stone, tile, brick. 
Prompt. ; tlyUstoon (=Lat. testa), W2.— 
AS. tigele ; Lat tegula. 

Tyml'iMr, sb. timber, wood for building, 
Voc, PP ; tymbre, PP.— AS. timber. 

T7m^ve» ^* to frame, build, PP ; tim- 
brin, S, S2. — AS. timbrian : Goth, timr- 
Jan ; cp. OHG. zimbrdn (Tatian). 

Tyml'ivey sb. the crest of a helmet, also 
a helmet, WA ; timber, Cotg. ; tymbrys, 
//., B.— OF. timbre (Cotg.); Lat tympa- 
num ; Gr. rvfiiravov; cp. SkD (s.v. timbre/). 

l^yxue, sb. time, due season, S, C2, C3. 
PP ; tsrme, //., C2 ; tymes, C2. Comb. : 
tymeftil, seasonable, early, W ; timliolie, 
quickly. S. — AS. tima ; cp. Icel. timi. 

Tymen, v. to betide, S2.— AS. {ge)' 

Tyndy sb. the tine or prong of a deer's 
horn, the spike of a harrow, JD, SkD; 
tyndis, S3.— AS. tind (Voc); cp. Icel. 

Tyne, adj. tiny, WA. 

Tyne, sb. prickle. Prompt. 

^I^e, V. to lose, S2, PP, H ; tine, S2, 
H ; tynt, //., S2, PP, H. Der. : tynsil. 
loss, ruin, H ; tinsill, H. — Icel. tyna, to 
lose, to destroy, tynask, to perish, from 
tjSn, loss, damage. 

Tynen, v. to enclose, S2 ; tinen, S ; 
tnnen, S. — ^AS. tynan, from tun. See 

Tynken, v. to ring, tinkle, W. 

Tynkere, sb. tinker, PP. 

TyiUialei sb. loss, harm, B. See Tyne. 

Tysaae* sb. a drink. Prompt. — OF. 
tisane, barley-water; Lat. ptisana, pearl- 
barley, also barley-water ; Gr. irnaavrj. 

Tysyky sb. consumption, S2, Prompt. ; 
tysike, Cath.— OF. tisique (Bartsch) ; Lat. 
phthisica, consumptive disease ; from Gr. 
<f>6iai5, decay ; cp. It. tisica. 

Tyyl, sb. tile, S2 ; see Tyle. 




U, V (vowel). 

JJggeiLf V. to dread, to shudder at, HD ; 
ujf, H ; liuge, H ; ncrsTiS) P^- ^m H ; 
ufferid, pt. s., H. — Icel. »,§^«a. 

XXggyngey sd. shuddering, horror, H. 

XTgJy, adv. dreadful, horrible, H, SkD ; 
uglike, SkD.— Icel. uggligr. 

XTgSOm, adj. frightful, SkD (s.v. ugly), 

Uhte, sb. the part of the night before 
daybreak ; u^ten, dat,, S, SD.— AS. lihte : 
OS. uAfa : Goth, u/itwo ; cp- OHG. uohiay 
Icel. (ftia, see Weigand (s.v. ucA^), and 
Fick, 7. 9. 

Xniten-tid, sd. early morning-time, SD. 

Xrht-song, sd. morning-chant, matins, 
SD. — AS. uht-sang. 

XXIkey adj. the same, S ; see like. 

XTmbe, prep, about, around, WA, S ; 
ununbenn, S; exiibe,S. — AS.ymbe {embe)i 
OHG. umbi (Otfrid), OS. umbi. 

Vmbe-cast, v. to cast about, consider, 
ponder, B; umbekestes, ^. s., S2. 

XTmbe-gronen,//. grown all round, S2. 

XTmbelappey v. to surround, WA. See 

Vxnbe-Set, v, to beset, B; umbeset, 
pt. ^., B ; vmset, S2 ; nxnbeset, pp., B ; 
Tunsett, H, HD ; vmset, S2.— AS. ymb- 

Vxnbe-Stount, a^z'. sometimes, B; um- 
stnnt, H. — AS. ymbe + stund. 

XTmbe-]>eilkeiI, v. to bethink, meditate, 
S ; umthink, H ; vmbethinkis 30W, imp. 
pi. refl., B; umbithoghte, //. J., HD; 
vmbetlioiioht, B. — AS. ymb-pencan. 

XTxnbe-weround, pp. environed, B. 

XTnLbe-while, adv. sometime, at times, 
S ; umwlille, H, HD ; umwile, S ; vxn- 
qnMle, B ; mnqnlle, WA. 

XTm^ga, V. to go about, H. 
Um-gang, sb, circuit, S2, H.~AS. 

XXxn-gifen, v. to surround, H ; vnigaf,, S2, H. 
XXm-gripen, v. to surround; vm- 

fSA-^^Qi, pt. pi, S2. 

XTxn-hileil, v. to cover up; nniliild, 
//. J., H. 
XTm-lap, V. to wrap around, compre- 

hendere, to embrace, WA, S2 ; nxnlappe, 

H, HD ; vmlapped, pp,, S2. See ITxn- 


XTin-loiikey v. to lock in, H. 

XXm-sege, v. to besiege, H. 

XTm-set, pp- beset all round, S2 ; see 

XTm-shadoW, v. to shadow round, pro- 
tect, H. 

XTm-stridey v. to bestride, S2 ; um- 
strode,//. J., HD. 

XXm-writbeiiy v, to wind round, H ; 
nmwritliyii,//., H. 

XTm-^edey pt- s, went about, H. 

XTn-, prefix (i), has a negative force and 
is used before substantives, adjectives, and 
past participles ; on-, B. — Goth, un- ; cp. 
Gr. di/-. 

TSUr^ prefix (2), expresses the reversal of 
an action, and is used before verbs; on-, 
S3. — Goth. and-\ cp. Gr. ovti-, 

XTn-, prefix (3), until. — OS. und-. Cf. 

XTlI-aneoinxiedyi!^^- unnamed, innumer- 
able, S. Cf. A-nenmen. 

XTn-auaxiCBdy //. unpromoted, S2. 

XTn-bemied, pp- unleavened ; nnlierr- 
medd, S. 

XTn-bicniulichy adj. unbecoming, S; 
unbioomelioli, S. 

XTn-bilLeiie, adj, unprofitable; nnbi- 
liefre, comp., S. 

XTn-bileuey sb, unbelief, W. 

XTn-bileueftlly adj. unbelieving, W; 
nnbUefU, S. 

XTn-binden, v. to unbind, S2 ; unbind, 
pr. s.y S ; nnblnt, S ; unbend, pt. s., S; 
unbounden, //., S ; //., C2.— Cp. OHG. 
in-bintan (Ottrid). (Tin- 2.) 

XTn-bischoped, //. unconfirmed ; un- 
bisbped, S. 

XTn-bisor^eliclie, adv. piteously, S. 

XTn-bliSe, adj, joyless ; nnblype, 82. 

XTn-boht,//. unatoned for, S; iinbaalit, 

XTn-bokelen, v, to unbuckle, C2, C3. 

(Tin- 2.) 

XTn-brosten,//. unburst, 82. 

XTn-biUisiuii, adj, disobedient, 8 ; t&- 
boxome, P. 

XTn-biixsiliiliies, sb, disobedience, H. 

XTnce, sb, ounce, SkD, C ; onnces, //., 
C2. — OY,unce\\jBX.uncia, Cf. r 


TTn-diaa^d,//. unladen, W. (Un-2.) 
TTn-cofrey v. to take out of a coffer, S3. 
(ITn- 2.) 

TTn-conabil, adj, unsuitable; unkon- 
nal>il, H ; vnonnable, H.— Cp. OF. co- 
venahle (BH. 153. 43). 

ITn-COnabiily, adv, unsuitably, H. 

Un-conabilnes, sb. misbehaviour, H. 

ITn-COnabiltes, incongruities, H. 

Vn-COnandy adj, ignorant, HD, H; 
▼xUninand, H. 

Vn-COnandly, adv, ignorantly, H. 

Un-COrmpcioim, sb. incomiption, W. 

TTncilS, adj. strange, unknown, Sa ; see 

TTn-CWeme, adj. displeasing, SD : nnn- 
cweme, S. See TTn-yqiieme. 

Undainpiied,//. uncondemned, W. 

ITn-deedli, adj. immortal, W ; vnded^ 
ly, H. 

ITxi-deedlynessey sb. immortality, W; 
Qndedlyiies, WA. 

nn-defOQlid, pp, undefiled (= impol- 
lutus, imma£ulatus\ W, WA. 

ITn-dep, adj. not deep, S. 

Under, prep., adv. during, between, 
under, underneath, S ; onder, SD ; nndnr, 
W ; imdlr, B. Phr. : Tndar ))aii, during 
these things, interea, meanwhile, S. — AS. 
under: Goth. undar\ cp. OHG. untar. 

Under, sb. afternoon, CM ; see ITndem. 

Under, v. to subject, S2. 

Under-crien, v. to cry out; undox^ 
orieden, pt. pi. ( = succlamabanf), W. 

Under-fEUIgen, v. to receive, S ; nn- 
derfong-e, S ; onderaoniT*, S2 ; undar- 
uonffen, S ; onderfkng, imp. ;., S ; nndur- 
fonir, pt. .r., S2 ; undamenff, S2 ; under- 
fBSk^vn,, pp., S; underaonga, S ; undar- 
fongen, P ; undnxfongnn, W. 

Under-fon, v. to receive, S ; underfo, 
S ; under-uon, S ; underfon, pp., S. — 
AS. under-fdn. 

Under-giten, v. to perceive, under- 
stand; undeiglten, SD; nnderjelte, S; 
undergSBton, pt. pi., S.— AS. under-gitan. 
Under-leggen, v. to subject ; under- 
laide, 2pt.s.,^2. 

Undev4ing, sb. a subject, inferior, S, PP. 

Under^lout, adj. subject, H. 

Under-master, sb. usher; nndnr- 
maistir ( = paedagogzis), W. 

Under-mel, sb. the aftemoon-meal, 
SD, CM. See Undarn. 



Undem, sb. the time between, the time 
between sunrise and noon, between noon 
and sunset, a mealtime, S2, C, C2, CM, 
Voc; undome, WA; viidran, S, HD, 
SD ; undar, S2 ; nndur, HD ; anndar, 
HD. — AS. undem, OS. undorn, Icel. un- 
dom ; cp. OHG. untom (G. untem). 

Undem-timeyJ^.SD; undrantlmajS; 
nndlrtime, SD. 

Under-nymen, v. to receive, perceive, 
reprove, PP ; undlxnTxiie, W2 ; nndaml- 
man, S ; xai^mem»,reprehendo, Prompt. ; 
undamom, //. s., C3 ; nndemnman, //., 
S; nndixnommen, W; undemome, PP. 

Under-picchen, v. to fix underneath ; 
undazpyghta,//. s., C3. 

Undcor-preost, sb. under-priest ; mm- 
derr-pxaost, S. 

Under-sette, v. to place beneath, sup- 
port, prop up ; nndursatta, W2. 

Under^standen, v. to understand, S ; 
ondantanden, S2 ; undanitoiLden, S, S2 ; 
undyrstonda, S2 ; nndarstant, pr.s.,S; 
nndentont, S ; nndyrstode, pt. s., S2 
undaxstoden, pt. pi., S ; undurstoden, 
stood under, W2 ; undarstanda, //., S ; 
undexstonde, S2 ; ondexstonde, S2. 

Under-stondingnesse,^^. faculty of 
understanding, S. 

Under-take, v* to undertake, agree, 
SD ; nndextoo, //. s.^ S2 ; uadextok, S. 

Under-beod, sb. subject, S; undex- 
paoden, //., S; nndexpiada, S. — AS. 

Under-non, v. to receive, S ; see ITn- 

Under-^eite, v. to leam, discover, S ; 
see TTndax-gitan. 

Un-digne, adj. unworthy, C2.— -OF, 

Un-discreet, adj. undisceming, C2. — 
OF. undiscret. 

Un-don, v. to undo, open, disclose, SD, 
W ; undo, WA ; undeda, pt. s., S2 ; un- 
duda, S, PP; undona, //., S.— AS. ««- 
dSn. (ITn- 2.) 

Undon, v. to undo, destroy, PP. 

Undonbtabili, adv. without doubt, S3. 

Un-dreh, cuij. impatient, out of patience^ 

Un-dnhti^, adj. unworthy ; nndnhti, S. 

Un-ea8, <idj. uneasy ; nnealSe, S. 

Un-ea8e, adv. scarcely, S ; nnnelSa, S, 
S2, C2, C3, W ; onnaapa, S2 ; onapa, S3 ; 
uaetH, S3, P, WA ; nnneth, S3. 



XTn-eVes, adv. scarcely, WA, S; nn- 
netlies, S2, C2, W, H; vnn^tlui, H; 
▼nees, PP. 

XTn-fft^en, adj. displeased ; unfeyii, S2. 

XXn-f^Sty adj. unstable, S2. 

XTn-festlicll, adj. unfestive, C2. 

XTlI-f«te,<z^'. ill-made, bad, S2. (Vn- 1.) 

XTn-filabil, adj. insatiable, H. (ITa- 1.) 

XTn-filed,//. undefiled, S2. 

XXn-flichandy//. unflinching,!! .(Un^ i .) 

XTn-for^Olden, pp. unrequited, S ; nn- 
▼oriTiaA^t S. 

XTn-fremey sb. disadvantage, S. — AS. 

XTn-finiytonse, adj. unfruitful, W. 

Un-gert, pp. ungirt, G. 

XTn-glad, adj. unhappy, S2. 

XTn-happe, sb. ill-luck, WA. 

XTn-happyy adj. unlucky, S2. 

Un-hardy, adj. not bold, PP. 

XXn-helOy sb. sickness, S; misfortune, 

XTn-heled, //. uncovered, WA, PP.^- 
AS. helian : OHG. haljan. (ITn- 2). 

XXn-lielSe, sb. sickness, S ; unlia^, S. 

Un-hersiuniiesse, J^> disobedience, S. 
— AS. unhyrsumnis, 

XTn-llillen, v. to disclose, S ; TmUlen, 
82, W; onMUin, Prompt; nnhTOien, 
SD, MD ; unhUed, pp., CM, G, SD, PP ; 
unlinled, S2.— Cp. Goth, huljan, OHG. 
huljan, hullan. (Ua- 2.) 

XXn-llol, adj. sick, S. — AS. un-hdL 

XTn-llold, adj. ungracious. S. 

XTn-ifo^, adj. innumerable ; annifoB*, 
//., S. — AS. tin-gefSg. 

XTn-imeaS, sb. want of moderation, S 
(8 b. 12). 

XXn-imet, adj. immense, immeasurable, 
S ; oaimete, S. — AS. un-gemet. 

XTn-imetey adv. immensely, S. — AS. 

XXn-imeteliche, adv. infinitely, S. — 
AS. ungemetlice, 

XTn-iredlice, adv. sharply, roughly, S ; 
aaridell, S. — AS. un-gerydelice. 

XTn-isalVe, sb. unhappiness, S. — AS. 

XTn-iseli, adj. tmhappy, S.— AS. un- 

XTn-itald,//. unnumbered, S. — AS. un- 

XTniversitey sb. universe, world, W. — 
OY.universite) Lat. umversitaUm (yv\g.) 


XTn-iwaSSe,//. unwashen, S. 

XTnk, pron. dual, us both, S ; anker, of 
us both, S. — AS. uncy dat. and ace, uncer, 
gen. : Goth, ugk, ace, ugkis, dat, ugkara^ 

XTn-keinpt, Pp- uncombed, rough, S3. 

XTlI-k«U«len, v. to ungag, S. (Un- 2.) 

Un-konth, ddj. unknown, strange, PP ; 
aakidS, S ; aaoatS, S2 ; aacoatlie, //., S2, 
C2 ; aaoaVe, S ; aaoc^e, S. — AS. un-cu6. 

Vn-kauiiyng, sb. ignorance, W ; va- 
kaaasragls, //., W2. 

Vn-kllU&yiLgey adj. unskilful, ignorant, 
S2, W, W2; aakoaayag', C; vnkoa- 
ayag*, PP. 

XTn-kimiiyiigenesse,^^. ignorance,W. 

XTn-kyndey adj. unnatural, unkind, C2, 
PP ; aaoaade, SD. 

XTn-kyndenesse, sb. unkindness, C3, 

XTn-kjrth, V. to hide, S2. (TTa- 2). 

XTn-lacey v. to unbind, W. (Un- 2.) 

XTn-lappey v. to unfold ; oalappyt, //. 
J., S3. (TTa. 2.) 

XXn-ledOy adj. miserable, wretched, S, 
SD.— AS. un-lid: Goth. un-Uds, 

XTn-leuefaly adj. not permissible, W^; 
oaleeflVil, illicituSf Prompt. 

XTn-leuesiUII, adj. not permissible ; oa- 
lesam, S3. 

XTn-liche, adj. unlike, S. 

XTn-lollkeny v. to unlock, PP ,* valoke, 
pp., G. (TTa- 2.) 

XTn-lust, sb. lack of pleasure, displeasure, 

XTn-lustiy adj. unlusty, idle, SD; oa^ 
lostl, S2. 

XTn-lykyngOf adj, unfit, improper, scan- 
dalous, PP. 

XXn-maytey adj. unmeet, H. Phr.'. 
la aaaiayte, unfittingly, H. 

XTn-meoSy sb. want of moderation, S ; 
aam^, S (8 a. 10). See Xetb. 

XTn-meuabley adj. immovable, W. 

XTn-moebleS, sb. pi. immovable pro- 
perty, PP.— Cp. OF. vtuebles (BH) ; pi. of 
mueble ; Late Lat. rndbilem. 

XTn-myldey adj. cruel, W ; aaaiyld, H. 

XTn-nait, adj. useless, S2, H. 

XTxineil, v. to grant, S ; haaae, S ; aa, 
I pr. s., S ; <m,pr. j., S ; i-aaae,>>^., S.— 
AS. unnan, 1 and 3 pr. s. ann, opt. «»«^, i 
pt. liCe, pp. ge-unrun. Cp. Icel. unna, OS. 
gi-unnan, OHG. gt-unnan, pt cnda (Ot- 
. frid), G. gonnen. 


XTnneSe, adv. scarcely, S, Sa, C2, C3, 
W ; uxtnetli, S3 ; see Tr2uea;5e. 

XTnnethes, adv. scarcely, S2, Ca, W, 
H ; -vnnetlis, H ; see TTn-fllles. 

XTn-nit, adj. useless, S ; nirnvt, S ; un- 
nut, S. — AS. un-nytt. 

Vn-noble, adj. ignoble, Wa. 

Vn-noblei, sb. ignobleness, W. 

XTn-noyandneSy sb. harmlessness, H. 

Vn-obediencey sb. disobedience, W. 

Un-onest* adj. dishonourable, W. 

Vn-omey adj. old, worn out, S ; unorn, 
S ; Tmonxne, HD. — AS. un-ome (Grein). 

Un-perfit, adj. imperfect, Wa ; un- 
parfit, PP. 

Un-pesible, adj. unquiet, W. 

Un-pinedy //. untouched by pain, S. 

XTn-pit^, sb. want of feeling, W, Wa. 

Un-proflt, sb, unprofitableness, W. 

XTn-quaynty adj. imprudent, unwise, H. 

Un-rede, sb. bad counsel, folly, mis- 
chief, S. — AS. un-r^d, 

Un-redi, adj, not prepared, W; unredy, 
improvident, PP. 

Xtn-repreiiabley adj. not to be re*^ 
proved, W. 

XTn-rest, sb. restlessness, S3 ; vnrvste, 
dat., Ca. 

Un-resty, adj. restless, H ; nnxlsty, H. 

XTn-ride, adj. harsh, cruel, WA, HD, 
SD.— AS. un-{ge)ryiU (Luke, 3. 5). 

Un-rideliy adv. sharply, vehemently, 
roughly, S ; unrldly, fiercely, WA ; see 

Vn-ri^t, adj. sb, injustice, wrong, Sa ; 
unrylit, S ; Tnright, PP, Sa ; unrilit, S. 
— AS. un-riht, 

XTn-ri^tf^llneSSe, sb. unrighteousness, 
unlawfulness, Wa ; luirilitfalnesse, S. 

Un-ri^twisnessey sb, unrighteousness, 

Un-sad, adj. unsteady, Ca. 

Un-sadnessey sb. instability, W. 

XTn-sahty adj, unreconciled, discon- 
tented, Sa. 

Un-SChape, pp* unshapen, outlandish, 

Un-SChutten, v. to open, SD* on- 
sdiette,//. J., SD; oxLBohet, S3; vnsliette, 
^., S3. (Un-a.) 

Vn-SCilwis, adj. unwise, H. 

Vn-scilwislyy adv. unwisely, H. 

Vn-sebAlich, adj, invisible, S. 



XTn-seill, sb. misfortune, B. — AS. unsid. 
Un-sele, adj. unhappy, S, Sa. 
XTn-selSy sb. unhappiness ; iiiiMU$«, S ; 
nmuMllSe, S; nniiMolffe, S. — AS. un- 


XTn-sely, adj. unhappy, Ca ; vnoell, W. 

XTn-Setey sb. unsettledness, Sa. 

XTn-skabefdly adj. harmless; wm- 
BkapefnU, S. 

Un-slcabi^nesse, sb. harmlessness, S. 

XTn-skilftlly adj. unreasonable, out- 
rageous, unprofitable, PP ; muMhllftil, Sa. 

Un-sleUed,//. unslacked, C3. 

Un-SOOtOy adj. unsweet, bitter, S3. 

XTn-SOJlllded, pp. unhealed, S3. 

XTn-SOUerabley adj. insufferable, S3. 

Un-SOWeu, v. to slit open what has 
been sewn, PP ; muMuwoi, PP. (TTa- a.) 

Un-flrpedfOl, adj. unsuccessful, H ; on- 
■ohet, S3. 

XTnrSperren, v. to unfasten, unbar, PP. 
(Un- a.y 

XTn.-8piime, v. to kick open, S. (Un- a.) 

XTn-staSelliesty adj. without a firm 
foundation, S. 

Un-Stedefast, adj. not firm in one's 
place, unsteady, S, PP ; nnstudeueste, S. 
— AS. unstedejcest, 

XTXL-Stirabil, adj. immovable, H. 

XTn-strong, adj. feeble, S.— AS. un- 

XTn-Silget, pp. not subject, W. 

XTn-tellendliCy adj, indescribable, S. 

XTn-banc, sb. dislike ; iui]>oiike8, gen., 
S. Phr. : hares unpances, against their 
will, S. — AS. unpanc. 

Un-tbende, small, out of season, PP, 
HD. Cf. Theen. 

Un-tbewe, sb. immorality, S ; un-]7eu, 
S; Ti]i)>ewe, dat.^ S; unpewes,//., Sa. — 
AS. un-piaw. 

Un-tbolemodnes, sb. impatience, H. 

Ull-])rift, sb, unprofitableness; un- 
prsrfttt, Sa. 

Un-tbryfbyly, adv. unprofitably, im- 
properly, Sa, C3. 

XTn-tiffed, pp. unadorned, S. 

Until, conj., prep, until, unto, Sa, PP, 
SkD ; ontiU, B. (Tin- 3.) 

Un-tiled,//. untilled, PP; iintuled,Sa. 

Un-tOy prep, unto, SkD.-— OS. unt6 for 
undt-v6\ cp. OS. unte^ until, Goth, unte^ 
for, OHG. unz (Tatian). (TTn- 3.) 


Un-todealet,//. undivided, S. (ITn-i.) 

Un-toheliche, adv. unrestrainedly, S. 

XXn-toheily pp- undisciplined, S; un- 
townn, SkD (p. 695), untohe, S.— Cf. 
AS. tion. See Tea. 

XTn-trewey adj, untrue, not straight, S, 
PP, C2. — AS. un-tri(ywe. 

XTn-trewnesse, sb, untruth, S. 

XTn-trewthey sb, untruth, C3. 

Un-trist, sh. disbelief, W. 

XTn-vysible, adj. invisible, W, 

Un-war, adj. unexpected, unexpecting, 
SD, S2, C2, C3. 

XTn-warey adv. unwarily, S2. 

XTn-warlyy adv. at unawares, S3. 

XTn-way, sb, wrong path, H. 

Un-weawed, pp. unveiled, S.— Cp. AS. 
wSfels, a covering, veil. 

Un-welde, adj. impotent, weak, SD, S ; 
vxLweldy, S3, C3. 

XTn-wenilliedf i^* unstained, unspotted, 
S, S2, C3, W2 ; unwemxiiyd, W, H ; un- 
wemxnet, S; unweommet, S. — AS. un- 

XJn-wer^ed,//. unwearied ; unwerget, 
S.— AS. un{ge)w^riged. 

XXn-willt, sb. monster, an uncanny crea- 
ture, evil spirit, S; iinwl5t, S; adj., S; 
unwlBtes, //., S. 

Un-willey sb. unwillingness, displeasure, 
S. Fhr. : liire unwilles, against her will, 
S.— AS. un-willa. 

XTn-willich, adj. unwilling, S. 

Un-winOy sb. enemy, S; unwixies,//., S. 

XTn-wiSy adj. unwise, S2. — AS. un-wis. 

Un-wisdom, sb. folly, W. 

Un-wist, //. unknown, C. 

Un-wit, sb. want of wit, C3, H. 

XTn-wittiy adj. unwise, W, 

Un-wityilgi/r./. unknowmg, C3. 

Un-wityngy sb. ignorance, W. 

Un-wi^t, adj. uncanny, S. See ITa- 

Un-WOrSCbipy v. to dishonour, W. 

XTn-wrappen, v. to disclose, C 2 . (Un- 2 .) 

XTn-wrast, adj. infirm, weak, base, bad, 
S, PP; unwreast, S; unwraste, //., S; 
tmwreste, dot. s., S.— AS. un-wr<kst, 

Un-wrenc, J^. evil design ; unwreiLohe, 
dat.y S.— AS. unwrenc. 

Un-wr^on, v. to discover, to reveal, 
SP ; unwreo, S ; mLwroBen, S ; imwroje, 
S. — AS. un-wrion, (TTii- 2.) 


XTn-W3?ien, v. to uncover, SD ; pp. 9^' — 
From AS. wrihan. (TTn- 2.) 

XTn-WUimOy sb. sadness, S, SD ; mi- 
wlnxLe, S ; unwenne, S. 

XTn-wnxCy adu unworthy, S ; Tm-wmrtJe, 
pi., S; unwuiroere, comp., S; nnwuxtJ- 
este, superl.y S.— AS. un-wurti. 

Un-wnrSiy adj. unworthy, S, SD ; on- 
wurpi, Piompt. 

XTn-wnrSlichy adj. unworthy, base; 
unworpelyoh, S2 ; unwnriJliolie, flwfe/., 
S. — AS. un-wurtiHc, -lice. 

Un-ylidiey adj. unlike, S ; unill c Ti, S. 
— AS. un-gellc. 

XTn-yqnemey adj. displeasing, S. See 
TTn-cweme, loweme. 

Up, adv. and prep, up, S2, S3, G; op, 
S, S2. Phr. : up so doun, upside down, 
C, C3, W, PP ; up se doun, W, W2 ; up 
SCO doune, S3.— AS. up, upp\ cp. OHG. 

XTp-braiding, sb. reproach, S2. 

Up-br^iden, v. to reproach, S, W. 

Up-breydy sb. reproach, S2. 

Up-CUXIIOlIy V. to ascend; uppcuxnenn, S. 

Up-beueilv z'. to raise, S2 ; xLs!haS,pt. J"., 
C ; upliouen,//., S2 ; upe-houen, S2. 

trp-holdere, sb. seller of second-hand 
things, P. 

Up-londiscby adj. rustic, countrified, 
S2 ; oplondysoh, S2. 

Vppe, adv. up, PP, S ; upe, S, S2 ; ope, 


Vppon, prep, upon, PP; uppen, S; 
apon, S2. Fhr. : vpon lofte, above, S2. 

Up-right, adv. on one's back, C, C2 ; 
upzyglite, C2. 

Up-risen, v. to rise up ; up-rlst, pr, s. 


Up-risinge, sb. resurrection, 82. 

Up-rist, sb. rising, SD, S3; upxiste, 
dat., S, C. 

Up-set,//, set up, S2. 

Up-sterten, v. to start up ; upsterte, 
pt. s., S2, C. 

Up-Sti^e, sb. ascension, S. 

Up-sti^en, v. to ascend, SD; up- 
steghes, pr. pi., S2 ; upstegh, pt. s., Si, 

Up-stOWr, V. to be stirred up, S3. 

Up-take, V. to take up, receive ; uptoke, 
//. J., S2. 

Up-ward, adv. upward ; uppard, S. 

Up-w^brp, V. to throw up, S3, 


TTp-'^Tanexiy v. to move upward with an 
undulating motion; up- wafte, //.//., Sa. 

ITp-^elden, v. to deliver up, Sa. 

Vyclm'n, sb. hedghog, H ; see Zrolioii. 

TJrey sb, practice, work, operation, ND, 
Manip., SkD. — OF. eure, uevrei Lat 

ITre, sb. fate, luck, good luck, B, CM.— 
OF. euTy eiiri Prov. agur; Late Lat. 
*agurium for Lat. augurium-, see BH, 
§ 27. 

TTzTLen, z^. to run, S ; see B^nnen. 
TTiriTef ^^. anger, S ; see Sorre. 
ITss^fe, sb. custom, Ca, C3.— AF. usage. 
Usaunce, sb. custom, HD, CM.— OF. 
usance (Cotg.). 

Use, sb. use, usury, HD; ni, Sa, SD; 
vce, S3 ; oyM, B. — AF. us ; Lat. usum. 

TTsen« v. to use, to be accustomed, PP, 
S3, Ca; naede,//. j.,SD,PP; luddan,/!/., 
dealt with, W; yriMd, ^., Sa ; nset, 

UAUMPE. 245 

customary, PP; uMd, C3; 'TWjt, S3; 
ojrsit, B ; wsyt, S3. — AF. user. 

XTssher, sb. usher, door-keeper, Ca, 
SkD ; usohere, Prompt ; ussliere, PP. — • 
AF. ussher, usser, OF. ussier; Lat. os^t- 
artum, door-keeper, from ostium, door. 

XTsnre, sb. usury, Ca, P ; ▼snzlJi, //., W. 
— AF. usure ; Lat. usura. 

Utas, sb, the octave of a festival, HD, 
ND, SkD, Palsg.— AF. utaves\ Lat. oc» 
tavas. For the s «» v^s cp. in Old French 
vis as viinis (BH). 

Ute, adv. out, S.— AS. lite. 

Uten, prep, away from, S. — AS. litan ; 
cp. Goth, utana. 

XTthe, sb. wave, S ; ypei, pi., Sa, HD. — 
AS. i^ : Lat. unda, 

XTt-la;e, sb. outlaw, S. — Icel. litlaga, 
outlawed, utlagi, an outlaw. See Out-lawe. 

Uttring, sb. circulatmg, S3. See Out- 

XT^ten, sb, early morning, S ; see Ulite. 

V n (consonant). 

For some words of Teutonic origin beginning with V, see F ; see also in 
some cases W. 

Vacherye, sb. a dairy. Prompt.— OF. 
vacherie, a cow-house (Cotg.); Late Lat. 
vaccaria^ from Lat. uaua, a cow. 

Vader, sb. father, S, Sa ; see Fader. 

Ufein, adj. fain, S ; see Fayn. 

XTair, adj. fair, Sa ; see Fayr. 

XTaley adj. many, S ; see Fele. 

Vale, sb. vale, PP.— AF. val\ Lat. 

Val^, sb. valley, Sa, B; valele, Sa ; 
valeye, PP ; valayls, //., B.— OF. valee ; 
cp. It. vallata. 

Vale, V. to descend, S3.— Cp. OF. avaler, 
to descend. Cf. Aualen. 

Valuwen, v. to become yellow, S ; see 

Vampies, Vampett ; see Vaumpe. 
Vane, sb. a vane, Ca ; see Fane. 
Vanishen, v. to vanish, Ca ; Tanshe, 
Voc. ; Tanshede,//. j., PP ; ▼anysclildeiL, 

//., became vain, W ; vanysslit, pp., Sa. — 
Cp. OF. esvanu'iss', base of pr. p. of 
esvanuir; Lat ex + uanescere, from uanus. 

Vaat, V, to vaunt, WA. —OF. vanter ; 
Late Lat. vanitare, from Lat. uanus. 

Vantwarde, sb. vanguard, Sa; see 

XTaren, v. to fare, S ; see Faren. 

Variaunt, adj. changing, fickle, Ca. 

Varien, v. to vary. Prompt. ; warlande, 
pr.p., Sa ; vazland, Sa, S3 ; variant, S3. 
— AF. varier ; Lat uariare. 

Variety sb. a young vassal, servant, 
sciuire, SkD, Sh. ; vema, Manip. ; verlet, 
S3. — OF. varlet, vaslet, dimin. of vassal. 
See below. 

Vassal, sb. a servant subject. — AF. 
vassal'. Low Lat. vassallum (ace.), from 
vassus, a man, a subject (of Celtic origin) ; 
cp. Wei. gwas, a youth, servant. 

Vassalage, sb. good service, prowess in 
arms, courage, B ; vasselaffe, C, CM. — 
AF. vasselage (Roland). 

Vath., sb. danger, B.— Icel. vdSi. 

Vath, interj. fie I (« vah), W. 

XTaiUIipe, sb. the fore part of the foot, 
the vamp, Prompt, S; Tampies, ND; 



ymim-j^, pedana, pediuniy ante pedale, Voc; 
wainpay,/^^<a!«^?, Voc; vanntpe, Palsg.; 
▼ampett, Cath. — OF. uantpie (Palsg.)» 
avant-piedf the fore part of the foot (Cotg.). 

Vaunte, sb, a boast, WA. See Vant. 

Vannten, v. to vault, S3; vant, S3 
(s.v. vaut). Probably for TMUut, vaut, 

Vauntwarde^J^. vanguard, PP; vant- 
waxde, S2 ; vaward, B, WA. — KY.avaunt- 
garde f OF. avantwarde, avantgarde, 

Vauntynge, sb. vaulting, S3. 

Vavasomr, sb. a sub-vassal, C, HD, — 
AF. vavasour;' OF. vavassor^ a gen. pi. 
form, see Bartsch, p. 500 ; Low Lat. vassus 
vassorunty vassal of vassals (Diez, p. 338). 

Vaylen, v. to avail ; vaille, PP ; vay- 
leth,/n J., S3 ; vayls, H. See Auailen. 

Vayn, sb. vein, S3 ; see Veyne. 

XTeale, adj. many, S ; see TTele. 

XTeat, sb. vessel, S ; see Fat. 

Veaw, adj. few, S2 ; sec Fewe. 

Veder, sb. father, S ; see Fader. 

Veely sb. veal, SkD ; veale, calf, Manip. ; 
veal, Manip. ; vellys,//., calves, S3.— OF. 
veel{?s. 28. 6) : Prov. vedel] Lat. uiUllum 

Veer-tyme, sb, spring-time, Wa. See 

Veille, sb. watcher, P ; veil, PP.— OF. 
veile ; Lat. uigiiia, a vigil, a watch. 

XTeir, adj. fair, MD ; see Fayre. 

Ueir, sb. beauty, S. See above. 

Vekke, sb. an old woman, CM. 

Xrela^-rede» sb. fellowship, Sa ; see 

Uele, adj. many, S, S2 ; ueole, S ; ueale, 
S ; see Fele. 

Uelen, v. to feel, MD ; see Felen. 

Veluet, sb. velvet, sericum villosum^ 
Manip., Prompt. ; velwet, Prompt. ; velo- 
nette, C 2 ; veUet, HD.— It. veluto (Florio) ; 
Late Lat. *viilutum ; from Lat. uillusy 
shaggy hair ; cf. OF. veluy shaggy (Cotg.). 

Vendage, sb. vintage, PP.— OF. ven- 
dange\ Lat. utndemia\ see BH, § 167. 

Venerie, sb. hunting, C ; venezy, game, 
DG. — OF. venerie (Cotg.), from vener, to 
hunt ; Lat. uenari. 

Venesonn, sb. venison, P, Voc. ; veny- 
soun, PP. — AF. venesoun, venysoun, OF. 
venison ; Lat uenationemy hunting, see 
Apfelstedt (Introd. xxx), BH, § 28. 

Venge, v. to avenge, PP, ND, W; 
wenge, S2 ; vengide, pt. j., W.— OF. 

venger^ vengier\ Lat. uindicare. 


Vexigeable, adj. foil of vengeance, S3, 

Vexigeaunce, sb. vengeance, PP ; ven- 
ganoe, WA; veniaunoe, PP, W, W2 ; 
vengeans, B ; venlannois, //., W. — OF. 
venjance (BH). 

Uexue, sb. supplication for pardon on 
one's knees, S. — Church Lat. venia (Du- 

VexiMsen, v. to vanquish, PP ; vencnss, 
B ; venkqnyst, //. s.^ S2 ; venqnysslied, 
//., S2, C3 ; venkised, PP ; vencxurt, B.— 
AF. venquiss-f base of pr. p. of venquir^ 
an inchoative form of ()F. veincre ; Lat. 

Uenne, sb. dat. mud, S ; see Fen. 

VentOSOy sb. cupping-glass. — OF. ven- 
tose {ventouse), cupping-glass (Cotg.) ; Late 
Lat. uentosa. 

Ventonse, v. to cup, HD.— OF. ven- 
touser (BH). 

Ventusynge, sb. cupping, C. 

Venusty adj. beautifol, S3. — Lat. uenus- 

Venym, sb. poison, PP, C ; venim, C2, 
C3, PP, Manip.— OF. venin (Ps. 139. 3). 
Lat. uenenum ; see BH, § 44. 

Venym-makere, sb. poisoner, W2, H. 

Venymous, adj. venomous, CM. — AF. 
veny mouse, OF