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Augusta College "ti-tL^- C'^LL-ifc 

/lugMsfa, Georgia ^' ^ • 

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LYRASIS IVIembers, Sloan Foundation and the Augusta State University Foundation Inc. 1 1 97680augu 






Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week ■ Office of Public Information, Rains Hall - -i 

FOR WEEK OF: JANUARY 5 - JANUARY 11 Written Wednesday, Dec. 31, 1975 No. 71 

The beginning of the long winter quarter gets underway Monday. Classes will resume, 
the Babysitting Service and The Child Development Center will re-open, and a month- 
long exhibition of works by John Kehoe and Kenneth Kerslake will premiere in the PAT 
gallery. Kehoe, professor of art at the Univ. of Ga. will be exhibiting sculpture 
and 3-D design, and Kerslake, professor of art at the Univ. of Fla. will show prints. 
The Babysitting Service will lengthen its winter quarter hours of operation from 8 
a.m. to 8 p.m., according to Director Patti Childs, in order to accommodate parents 
who wish to attend evening classes. The Service is located on the Boykin Wright pro- 
perty. The Child Development Center, which serves 3, 4, and 5 year-old children, has 
a few openings this winter in each category. Call the Psychology Department for 
specifics . 

The newly-formed CSRA Interest and Study Group, a non-profit educational organization 
involved in transactional analysis studies, will meet Tuesday night in the offices of 
the Testing Bureau in Bellevue Hall. The group will sponsor a 101 Seminar in "T.A." 
Feb. 6-7 conducted by Charles Tuggle, clinical coordinator of psychiatry at the 
Memorial Medical Center in Savannah. The Seminar is considered the basic course for 
regular membership in the International Transactional Analysis Assn. 



COTTON CONCERT Gene Cotton will return to Monday, January 5 

AC 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 10 in the first 
concert of the quarter sponsored by Stud- 
ent Activities. Tickets for the PAT con- 
cert will be available the evening of the 
performance at the theatre box office. 

PARTICIPANT Dr. Roy E. Nicely has been 
appointed as a judge in the competitive 
papers selection process for the American 
Marketing Assn. Educators' Conference to 
be held in Memphis this summer. 

FACULTY SPEAKER "Industry and the Use of 
Transactional Analysis" was Julian 
Heyman's topic at a recent meeting of the 
CSRA chapter of the Industrial Management 
Club (IMC). He also spoke to members of 
the Personnel Assn. of the CSRA on the 
same subject. 

10:00 a.m. Winter Quarter Student 

Teachers, Lee. Rm. , Butler 
8:00 p.m. AC Presents-"Elks Aidmore 
Auxiliary',' Channel 5 

BOOK TRUCK COMING The College Marketing 
Group Truck will return to campus all-day 
January 21 beside the CAC to permit faculty 
members to view more than 3,000 books 
from over 200 publishers. The CMG truck 
is sponsored by the AC Bookstore. 

VIDEO TAPE PLANNED A 55 minute color 
video tape of Oedipus Rex is being planned 
by Dave Jones, who is also providing his 
original visuals for the program, accord- 
ing to the Intercollegiate Video Clearing 
House Newsletter in Miami. Jones' pres- 
entation was originally produced with color 
slides and a long playing record as a 
"slide-opera" in 1957. The production has 
been shown at colleges, universities, and 
art associations throughout the Eastern 
U.S. for the past 18 years. 

Tuesday, January 6 

7:30 p.m. Jags -AC vs. West Georgia 
College, AC 

Thursday, January 8 

Last Day For Late Regis- 
tration & Class Changes 
9:30 a.m. "Elks Aidmore Auxiliary, 
Channel 5 
12:00 p.m. Student Assn. of Educato©-- 

MR 2, CAC 
12:00 p.m. SGA-TR 3, CAC 
6:00 p.m. "Take The Money And Run," 

8:15 p.m. "Take The Money And Run," 

Friday, January 9 

12:00 p.m. Coffeehouse Committee-TR 
3, CAC 
7:30 p.m. Jags-AC vs. Valdosta State 
College, AC 

Saturday, January 10 

8:00 a.m. Graduate Record Exam-Rms. 

5,6,7,8, Butler Hall 
2:00 p.m. Metropolitan Opera Broad- 

cast-"Elektra" WACG-FM 
5:30 p.m. Lady Jags-AC vs. Paine 

College, AC 

Gene Cotton Concert -PAT 

8:30 p.m. 

Sunday, January 11 

10:00 a.m. "An Overview of Liberty," 
Channel 26 






^'^W I 2 1976 i 





Deadline folcopy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written January 7, 1976 

No. 72 

Following m the wake of the Student Government Association's reco^d-bronking turnout 
at the Octoberfest last quarter, SGA is gearing up for an International Food Festival 
Friday, January 16, in the College Activities Center. There will be no adn.ission 
charged at this event; however, everyone is expected to bring a foreign food of some 
type, said Tim Davis, SGA president. SGA will provide bread, fruit, wine and tea. 
The CAC will open at 6:30 and dinner will be served at 7. Folk guitarists will play 
during and after dinner. The event should end at 10 p.n. 

The Augusta College chapter of Phi Kappa Phi, national honor society, will meet 7:30 
p.m. Thursday, Jan 15, in the AC Towers, All department chairpersons are urged to 
attend as well as all interested students. 

The Babysitting Service, now serving children ranging in age from 1-5, is operating 
from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. this quarter on a trial basis in order to serve students who 
wish to attend evening classes. The Service will also be able to serve those who 
wish to attend the 6 p.m. movies in the AC film series. 50 cent3 an hour for the 
first child; 75c for two. The Service is located on the Boykin Wright property. 


Monday, January 12 

8:00 p.m. AC Presents -"An Overview of 

Liberty," Channel 5 
8:30 p.m. Dr. David Lowery Lecture 

Recital, PAT 

Tuesdny, January 13 

8:30 a.m. Career Guidance Institute, 

MR 1 & 2, CAC 
3:00 p.m. Aqua Jags vs. Univ. of the 

South, AC 
7:15 p.m. "The General" & "The Gold 

Rush," PAT 

Thursday, January 15 

9:30 a.m. "An Overview of Liberty," 
Channel 5 
12:00 p,m. SGA Advisory Cabinet, TR 3, 
7:30 p.m. Phi Kappa Phi, AC Towers 

Friday, January 16 

5:30 p.m. Lady Jags vs. Davidson 

College, AC 
6:30 p.m. Food Festival, CAC 

Saturday, January 17 

2:00 p.m. Metropolitan Opera Broad- 

cast-"L'Assidio Di Corinto" 

3:00 p.m. Lady Jags vs. Furman Univ., 

7:30 p.m. Jags vs. Columbus College, 

8:30 p.m. Augusta Symphony, PAT 

Sunday, January 18 

6:00 p.m. "Continental Can Co., Inc.," 
Channel 26 

has published an article, "Robert Graves 
and the Art of Revision," in ICarbS . 
Fall, 1975, He also has published an 
article on "Fenollosa's Theories of 
Poetic Language and Syntax" in Lost Gen- 
eration Journal and three poems in Blue 
Cloud Quarterly , 

Office of Education sponsored meeting of 
VCIP veterans program coordinators in 
Region IV, Wade Gassman read a paper on 
"Institutional Accountability to Veteran 
Students." More than 280 institutions 

ATLANTA SPEAKER Joseph Leopold of 
Zimmerman, Evans and Leopold Engineering 
Firm in Atlanta will address business 
adm. classes Thursday night and Friday 
morning on "The Banking System." 

RECITAL CANCELLED The Faculty Recital 
scheduled for the evening of Jan. 22 
has been cancelled. 

DOUBLE FEATURE "The General" and "The 
Gold Rush" will be shown beginning at' 
7:15 p.m. Tuesday, in the PAT. Only one 
showing of this AC film series presenta- 


The College Marketing Group (Book) Truck 
will be on campus all-day Jan. 21 beside 
the CAC. 

A 101 Transactional Analysis Seminar is 
scheduled for Feb. 6-7 on campus con- 
ducted by Charles Tuggle , clinical 
coordinator of psychiatry at the Memorial 
Medical Center, Savannah. Continuing 
Education Office is taking registration. 


Deadline for copy ■ Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

You are looking at Augusta College's new logotype--a symbol which will be seen quite 
extensively in the near future. Selected on the basis of a campus -wide vote, the 
entry was one of 70 submitted for judging. The simple, easily reproduced trademark 
will be seen on campus vehicles, signs, name plates, parking stickers, stationary, 
news releases --virtually every mode of College communications. The logo selected 
was the work of Jean Stewart, former secretary for the Dept. of Physical Education 
(1968-1973). The simple design will represent the college primarily through the 
recognition factor. The designer felt that the flowing lines represent smooth, 
continuous development with the vertical bar denoting the end of one phase, the 
Junior College; and the open end suggesting, not completeness, but opportunity for 
continued growth. The logotype makes its entry at an appropriate time--the celebra- 
tion of Augusta College's 50th anniversary. The Publications Committee is beginning 
work on a Graphics Manual for Augusta College which will serve as a guide to those 
involved in the conception and execution of printed communications for the College. 

who's who Eighteen campus leaders were 
ANNOUNCED approved for inclusion in 

the 1975-76 edition of Who's 
Who Among Students in American Univer- 
sities & Colleges . Selected were 
Patricia Y. Abasolo, scheduled to 
receive the B.A. and B.M. degrees in 
June; Soon Jung Chang, B.B.A., June; 
Timothy E. Davis, B.S., June; Mary 
Catherine Ealick, B.A'., 1977; Regina 
Garrett,. B.S. , 1977; Paul H. Greenway, 
B. A., June; Steven Robert Hull, B.S., 
1977; Wilbur Eugene Johnson, B.A., 
June; Kathryn Ann Kristensen, B.A., 
June; Mariann Ogilvie, B.3., 1977; 
John J. O'Shea, B .A . , June; Terri 
Prefer, B.S., June; Margaret L. 
Rhoden, M.B.A., June; Dell R. Rowland, 
B.S., 1977; Lisa Schafer, B.S., 1977; 
David Segars, B.S., 1977; Debran K. 
Taylor, B.S., 1977; Kathryn T. Thompson, 
M.S. , June . 

A FIDDLERY The Augusta Wesley Founda- 
PIANNED tion announces "A Fiddle ry" 

featuring Mike Balcom, 
recording artist, in concert 7:30-9 
p.m. Dec. 2 at the Asbury United Metho- 
dist Church Fellowship Hall, 1305 
Troupe St. Free. 

CHRISTMAS BALL AC's student organiza- 
BELLES tions have announced 

their candidates for 
Miss Christmas Belle Ball. Vying for 
the traditional title are Helen Adams, 
Student Assn. of Educators; Kathy Dysart, 
Navigators; Kathy Frazier, Pre-Dental 
Para-Dental Society; Regina Garrett, 
Alpha Delta Pi; Joane Haigwood, Pi Kappa 
Phi; Valerie Hall, Beta Beta Beta Bio- 
logical Honor Society; Becky Hardy, Stu- 
dent Nurses' Assn; Brenda Hens ley, ^'Jhite 
Columns; Donna Jean Lawlor, French Club; 
Terri Prefer, Euclidean Society; Rebecca 
Sharpe, Student Affiliates of the Ameri- 
can Chemical Society; Phyllis Trowell, 
Black Student Union; Joan Walters, Zeta 
Tau Alpha, 'The annual ball will be held 
Dec. 5 from 9-1 in the CAC featuring 

SERVICE The AC Babysitting Ser- 
MAY OPEN vice may open winter 
quarter during early 
evening classes (6-8:30), according to 
Director Patti Childs who asks interested 
parents to contact her. The newly-reno- 
vated facility is located beside Boykin 
Wright Hall. Ms. Childs may be contacted 
at the Service, 733-5837, or through the 



All Month: Faculty Art Show Exhibit, 
Pat Lobby 

Monday, November 24 

8:30 a.m. The Fundamentals of Manage- 
ment For The New Or Pros- 
pective Supervisor, MR 1 
& 2, CAC 
.m. Navigators, CAC 
.m. Drug Abuse Seminar-Speaker 
Jim J ur gens, B2 , Skinner 
8:00 p.m. What Did Liberty Mean In 
1776-Harry Jacobs, 
Channel 5 Cablevision 
9:00 p.m. AC Presents-"Trinity 

Television," Channel 5 

Tuesday, November 25 

Last Day of Classes 
12:00 p.m. Baptist Student Union, 
TR 2, CAC 
8:00 p.m. Discipline In The Schools- 
Speaker Dr. Delwin Cahoon, 
Lecture Room, Butler Hall 

Wednesday, November 26 

Thanksgiving Recess 
Nov. 26-30 

Thursday, November 27 

9:30 a.m. AC Presents-"Trinity 

Television," Channel 5 

Friday, November 28 

7:00 p.m. Basketball Tip-off 

Tournament-Florida Tech, 
Georgia Southwestern, 
Piedmont &. AC, Gym 

Saturday, November 29 

7:00 p.m. Basketball Tip-off 

Sunday, November 30 

10:00 a.m. AC Presents -"Augusta 

Council of Garden Clubs," 
Channel 26 

has joined AC's Dept. of Military Scienci 
as Operations Non-Commissioned Officer. 
Arriving from Ft. Bragg, N.C., Sgt . 
Savage attended Columbus College and 
North Carolina State and numerous mili- 
tary schools. He is a native of Mil- 
ford, Mass. His wife, Martha, and 
children Kerry, 13, and Stacie, 7, are 
now in the process of moving to Augusta, 

THERAPY SEMINAR- -Registrations are con- j 
tinuing to mount .for the third annual 
East Coast Training Seminar on Reality 
Therapy Dec. 10, 11. Psychiatrist and 
author William Glasser will conduct the 
seminar which attracts hundreds of per- I 
sons from several states each year. In ; 
1965, Dr. Glasser published Reality 
Therapy , a book which formed the basis 
for a broad movement among people help- 
ing people — teachers, parents, school 
administrators, correctional and pro- 
bation officers, mental health profes- 
sionals, clergy, housewives, physicians I 
married couples, etc. 

WORKSHOP HELD --Dr. C. Russell Holloman 
conducted a Marriage Enrichment Workshon 
the past two Sundays at Aldersgate 
Methodist Church. 

Development Center will be open through; 
Nov. 26, and following Thanksgiving j 
holidays, will remain open through the j 
week of Dec. 8-12 when it will adjourn i 
for Christmas holidays. Ms. Ramona 
Sullivent has replaced Ms. Bobbie Moyer^ 
as teacher of the four-year-olds. 

LIBRARY SCHEDULE --Thanks giving Recess 
hours at the library: Nov. 26, 8 a.m.- 
5 p.m; Nov. 27, closed; Nov. 28, 8 a.m.i 
5 p.m; Nov. 29, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p-m; 
Nov. 30, 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. All 
library materials for fall quarter due 
on or before Tuesday, Dec. 1-4, 7:45 
a.m. to 10:30 p.m; Dec. 5, 7:45 a.m. tc 
5 p .m. 

REICHEL PUBLISHES--Philip Reichel has 
published an article entitled "Classroc 
Uses Of The Criminal Activities Check- 
list" in Teaching Sociology . October 

ASSERTIVE WOMEN--Registrations are now 
being accepted for the three-day 
"Assertive Behavior for Women" workshof 
to be conducted Dec. 8, 9, and 15 by 
Dr. Jeanne A. Anderson and Dr. C. 
Russell Holloman, Contact the Office 
of Continuing Education, 828-3306. 

TIP OFF T0URNEY--The basketball season 
will be ushered in 7 p.m. Friday and 
Saturday nights with the annual Tip- 
Off Tournament. Teams will include 
Florida Tech, Georgia Southwestern, 
Piedmont and AC. 


Deadline for copy ■ Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written January 14, 1976 

No, 73 

I Augusta College s Cullum Bicentennial Program on American Culture has b2«. finalised 
;and is set to begin next quarter. The program stretches from Mo..h to May LTwIu 

bring to the Augusta College campus widely recognized speakers. Dr. Edward J Caohin 
.will open the program noon March 30 with the topic "The Pursuit of Happiness-" A " 
Theme for Our Culture " That evening, "The International Impact of American "ideals" 
will be discussed by W. Tapley Bennett Jr., U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Other : 

speakers and their subjects will include Paul Hume, Musi 
6; "The Paradox of Slavery," Carl Degler, April 14-15; " 

c Historian and Critic, April 
,, ^. , , „ , - - . 'The State of the Union," 

Russell Kirk and Frank Mankiewicz, April 16; "The Melting Pot" Reconsidered, Andrew 
Greeley, Director, National Opinion Research Center. Univ. oF r.hirAc^ a^>-,-i oo. .- 


„ , ^ ,. ^J^j Univ. of Chicago, April 20- in 

Role of Dissent," William Stringfellow, attorney, theologian, author; "The Pursuit o 
Happiness and American Literature," Irving Howe, Distinguished Professor of Enelisb- 

M^'^^^M^^'^'i^^ f ^•^•' ^^^ t' ^ ^^"^*^^^ ^" American Organ Music, John Schaeffer 
May 6; The Black Experience," Samuel D. Proctor, Martin Luther King Professor of 
Education, Rutgers Univ.; "The Pursuit of Happiness and the American Woman," Anne 
Firor Scott, Professor of History, Duke University. James MacGregor Burns, president 
of the American Political Science Assn. will also take part in an info 
Several films relating to the 1776-1976 theme will also be sho-.v-n 

)rmal seminar. 


Monday, January 19 

6:00 p.m. Drug Seminar, PAT 
8:00 p.m. AC Presents -'-'A Look At The 
1976 Economy," Channel 5 

Tuesday, January 20 

7:30 p.m. Faculty Wives, AC Towers 

Wednesday, January 21 

3:00 p.m. Faculty Meeting, Lecture 

Room, Butler Hall 
3:00 p.m. Aqua Jags vs. South Carolina 

State, AC 

Thursday, January 22 

9:30 a.m. "A Look At The 1976 
Economy, Channel 5 
12:00 p.m. SGA Student Council, TR 3, 

Friday, January 23 

12:00 p.m. Coffeehouse Committee, TR 3, 

12:00 p.m. Black Student Union, MR 2, 
6:00 p.m. "Cinderella Libiirty," PAT 
8:15 p.m. "Cinderella Liberty," PAT 

Saturday, January 24 

1:30 p.m. "Boris Godunov," WACG-FM 
2:00 p.m. Aqua Jags vs. College of 

Charleston, AC 
7:30 p.m. Jags vs. West Florida, AC 
8:30 p.m. Romanian Folk Ballet, PAT 

Sunday, January 25 

12:30 p.m. "ROTC at AC," Channel 26 
3:30 p.m. Augusta Music Club, PAT 

'he following new employees are being 
welcomed to campus: Gloria Williams, Chem- 
istry and Physics; Laurie Attaw.ay, Student 
lecords; Carlene Colclough, Counseling, 
Thomas Crenshaw and Howard Crenshaw, Plant 
)perations; and Paula Cody, Physical Educa- 

WHAT'S NEW? In order for the AC Spot- 
J-^Rht to be a more inclusive house organ, 
and to keep all segments of the campus 
population well-informed as to planned 
activities on campus, the Public Informa- 
tion Office requests all students and 
faculty to send club and campus activities 
to the Spotlight as much in advance as 
possible. News media representatives rely 
on the Spotlight to keep aware of AC acti- 
vities . 

LIBRARY As part of the AC Lib- • 
rary's annual inventory, all library 
materials due in 1975 must be returned by 
Feb. 9. "Please help us to clear our 
files by returning your books promptly," 
requests Virginia E. deTreville. 

BOOK TRUCK HERE The annual visit of the 
College Marketing Group Book Truck will 
take place Wednesday from 9-4 p.m. beside 
the CAC. The faculty will be able to 
view more than 3,000 books from over 200 
publishers. They can fill out request 
forms which are sent to the publishers 
who will send bark sample books for use in 
the classrooms. Prospective authors may 
also report on m«inuscripts they are writ- 

tion under the leadership of the Rev. C. 
Robert Allred, invites interested students 
who might benefit from the special work of 
a minister/counselor to contact the Rev. 
Mr. Allred. The Foundation is also inter- 
ested in providing ministry to anyone 
from out of town; or, anyone who is not 
active in the life of a church. The 
minister may be contacted at Asbury United 
Methodist Church, 1305 Troupe St., 733- 




Ai^w P:cb.x 





Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week ■ Office of 1 
FOR WEEK OF: JANUARY 26 - FEBRUARY 2, 1976 Written Janua 

Sblic InformatjoiiiyRjKps Hall 

SGA officials, delighted with the response from students .nd f^nv> 
International Food Festival, are now looking ahead to next cuart^ 
Border food extravaganza. A gala "Fiesta" L now being pannVdbv 
convinced that good food and lively entertainment are the necessary 
drawing a large AC crowd. Orchids to Tim Davis and his SGA'er^- for a 

And... speaking of good food (and drink) the Coffeehouse Committee invites all T«a . 
supporters to the Jaguar Flick Festival at the CAC follr^wina -iT ^"'"" ^^^ Jaguar 
50C a person, the Committee offers soft drinks ^unchies bl: Jf '"""'• '°" 
opportunity to get together and talk about the 'winn ng playsf'suih f hT ' '"^ '" 
Keaton's "Balloonatif ," Charlie Chaplin's "Dough and Dynamiti" 'nd "oL r' Tt'"'"'' 
.ith Laurel and Hardy are being show:.. The Jajs play A^os^Lgltate 7 .'r' m"' 
Wednesday. The next week-end game will be Feb? 28. ^ 

J.O.T.C's Leadership Laboratory session will hear ^h^ q ,,o^i, *: /-cw . . 

lall. The lab is held each Friday. ^ ^ ''"' *" ^"^"^ ^^^'^" ' ^^^ler 


londay, January 26 

7:00p.m. Dulcimer Familiarization 

Program, Lecture Room, 

Butler Hall 
7:00 p.m. WSI Retraining Course (Jan 

26-29), AC Pool 
8:00 p.m. AC Presents -"ROTC at AC " 

Channel 5 

uesday, January 27 

12:00 p.m. Chemistry Club, Pjn. 2, Scl. 

5:30 p.m. Lady Jags vs. USC-Spartan- 

burg, AC 
8:00 p.m. Augusta Opera Assn., PAT 

Bdnesday, January 28 

7:00 p.m. English Dept. Class Meeting, 

TR 3, CAC 
7:30 p.m. Jags v8 Arm^strong State, AC 

lursday, January 29 

9:00 a.m. CLU Exams (Jan. 29-'jO), TR 

2, CAC 
9:30 a.m. "ROTC at AC," Cbnnnel 5 
12:00 p.m. SGA Advisory Cal-aet TR 3 

CAC ' ' 

6:00 p.m. "Sundays and Cybele," PAT 
7:30 p.m. Sigma XI Society, Lee. Rm. 

Butler Hall 
7:30 p.m. Phi Delta Kappa, B2, Skinner 

8:15 p.m. "Sundays and Cybele," PAT 

■iday, January 30 
•12:00 p.m. Coffeehouse Committee, TR 3 

CAC ' 

12:00 p.m. Black Student Union, MR 2 
CAC * 

8:00 p.m. Rice Brothers, PAT 

PARKING WARNING The Dept. of Public 
Safety has been advised by the Augusta 
Police Dept. that those vehicles parked 
on the yellow curb around the campus peri- 
meter will receive city citations. 
"Should this persist beyond a reasonable 
time, they will be towed at the owner's 
expense," the spokesman said. 

DEADLINE ISSUED Siamour Magazine 's Top 
Ten College Women Contest will accept 
applications until Feb. 16. Information 
and application blanks are available at 
the Public Information Office, Rains Hall. 

PUBLISHES Dr. John W. Presley has 
published a bibliographical note, "Addenda 
to F. H. Higginson's Bibliography of thp 
Works of Robert Graves ," in The Papers of 
the Biblio graphical Soci ety of Amprira, 
Volume 69, Fourth Quarter, 1975. 

Rowland has announced a special library 
card for spouses and children of AC staff 
and faculty. The special card, which 
must be used by those persons, may be 
secured by contacting Virginia deTreville 
or Marguerite Fogleman. 

SIGMA XI MEETS The Society of Sigma Xi 
will meet 7:30 p.m. Thursday in the 
Lecture Room to hear a talk by Dr. David 
R. Cutroneo on "Glucocorticoids and 
Collagen Metabolism." 

"T." "A" SEMINAR The 101 Transactional 
Analysis Seminar is set for Feb. 6-7 with 
Charles Tuggle, clinical coordinator of 
psychiatry at the Memorial Medical Center 
in Savannah. 

turday, January 31 

2:00 p.m. WACG-FM "ll Barbiere Dl Siviglla" 
8:00 p.m. Rice Brothers, Chateau 

nday, February 1 

tba "Jaguars '76,:' Channel 26 

•■' (OVER) 

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spuaTJj sfq Xq p9AO-[ ' sa^eTOOssB siq Xq paoiaa^sa sbw oqw ubuj b jo aj7-[ sTq^ moa; 

SuTssed aq3 spaooaa s^i u-p a^ou Xqaaaq saop puB smBTXTPrt uoquag jaAoag jo q^Bap ^^^. 

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sasanoo oqq SujiiBq nj paqsaaonui asoqq 

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ladline for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: FEBRUAl|^^^-TEBRUARY 9^ /'^-7& Written Wednesday, Jan. 28,.n7.No. 75 

Black History Week will be observed Feb. 9-14 with a variety of planned activities 

The Descendants of Mike and Phoebe" will perform here Thursday night (Feb 5) as a 
prelude to the special week. Their concert repertoire spans the entire gamut o^ 
Black Music-from the spiritual to the blues-from Coleridge-Taylor to Ellington The 
entertarnment will start at 8:00 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre. At noon Feb 
y, W. Candley, assistant professor sociology at Paine College, will speak on "The ' 
African-American Experience in U.S. History" in the Lecture Room. On Feb. 10 a noon 
symposium entitled "The Outlook for Minority Business Participation in the CS^" wiU 
include speakers Soloman Walker, Charles Grant and Moderator Joseph Green. On Feb 
11 at noon Franklin Biggins, assistant attorney, Dept. of Law for the State of " 
Georgia, will speak in Butler Hall. Thursday at 7:30 p.m. the Lucy Laney High School 
'"ffor d^taUs "'"'''" '" ''' Performing Arts Theatre. Call Robert'cannon! Ex°t! 

ThP tt'^^'Tl^^^^' ""^^^ P'^'^"' ^'" ^^"*^ attraction of the new year Wednesday with 
!^ It. I Shakespeare Company's production of "Macbeth" at 2 : 30 and 8:30 p m In 
the PAT. Free with A.C. card; $1 for non-AC students attending the afte;noon'p;r 
formance. Other tickets, $2. '='-"uuu per 

PROFIT SEMINAR AC and the Kiwanis Club 
of Augusta are co-sponsoring a seminar 
entitled "Managing for Profit in a Period 
of Recovery" all.Jday Feb. 21 at the Execu- 
tice House Augusta. Speakers include Dr. 
Noah Langdale Jr., president of Georgia 
State University, and Dr. Michael H. 
Mescon, chairman, Dept. of Management and 
Regents Professor of Human Relations. 
Continuing Education is handling registra- 

TEACHING WORKSHOP Dr. Mike Land and Dr. 
Lyle Smith participated in a recent work- 
shop on "Models of Teaching" at West 
Georgia College in Carrollton. 

T, A. SEMINAR Charles Tuggle , clinical 
coordinator of psychiatry at the Savannah 
Memorial Medical Center, will conduct a 
two-day seminar on Transactional Analysis 
Friday and Saturday in the College Activi- 
ties Center. The seminar is considered 
the basic course for regular membership in 
the International Transactional Analysis 

LOCATING A JOB Phi Beta Lambda and the 
Business Administration Dept. are co-spon- 
scring a seminar on "How To Find and Apply 
for a Job." The four-week seminar is held 
each Thursday at noon in Room 7, Markert 
Hall. This Thursday's topic is "Evaluating 
the Job You Want . 

18 SERVICE YEARS Mrs. Martha Umstead, 
administrative assistant to Comptroller 
B. B. Thompson and a woman who has served 
in a number of responsible positions for 
the college, will be honored Feb. 13 at a 
noon luncheon scheduled for the Faculty 
Lounge. She retired Dec. 3Ist. 

Peden recently represented the U.S. at 
the World Congress of Philosophy meeting 
held in New Dehli. He presented a paper 
entitled "lllich's Omnicompetent 
Individual: A Process Perspective." 
He also attended the meeting of the 
International Assn. of Philosophy Jour.- 
nal Editors. He is editor of the Jour- 
nal of Social Philosophy . 

COMPUTER SEMINAR The Faculty Seminar 
on Computers and Their Use continues 
Thursday at 2 p.m. in Room 15 of Mar- 
kert Hall. This week's topic: Elementary 
Programming in BASIC. 

LEADERSHIP LAB This Friday's topic in 
the ROTC Leadership Laboratory will be 
"Army Life as Viewed by a Male Officer." 
The lab will be held at noon in Room 7, 
Butler Hall. 

ROCKY MT STRINGS The Coffee House Com- 
mittee is bringing to campus "The Rocky 
Mountain Strings" 8:30 p.m. Saturday in 
the PAT. 

SLOW AND STEADY This year's economy is 
"likely to be characterized by a con- 
tinued slow and steady economic growth, 
relatively high unemployment, moderate 
price inflation..." according to The 
Economic Outlook 1976 by Harry R. 
Kuniansky and Donald A. Markwalder just 
published by The Augusta College Press. 
The two also stated that economic acti- 
vity will be unduly influenced by the 
'political maneuverings that will 
characterize an election year." 

PANCAKE PRQEHECT The French Club was to celebrate "La Chandeleur" Monday 
from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the CAC Lobby. Flip a pancake to determine whether 
you 11 be prosperous or poor during 1976. 


a^B^S BfSaosa sa sSbt enby 'ui'd qC^T 
n^H J9T3na 

'8-s 'sraa 'divi-qaao •m-B oc^e 

IVd i.'ZZ M35BD,, -m-d 00=9 
0V3 'Z yw *JBU-pm3s „-v 'I,. 'to'd 00=9 
3V '9S3-i:-[03 

UOSPfABQ 'SA s3Bf BV.fay 'm'd 00" C 

•H*a *L 'tna ,/a3Df330 siew 
B Xq P9A3TA sv ajn ^m^v,, -m-d OO-'ZT 

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'Z HW 'uo-fun ^uapn^s ^^B^g 'm'd 00=31 

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ufpog UBSf ja5}B3dg 
IXBH 5a95iaBW ' L 'niH ./^ubm 

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DVD 'Z HW 'TT3unoo ^uapn^g 'ta-d 00= ZT 
•sao^Bonpa JO 'ussv ^uapntjs 'ui'd 00= ZI 
S X9"«Bqo „«9i, sJBnSBf,, -m'B oe=6 

5 XjBnaqaj 'XBpsanqx 

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•aXiT^sMsv-DNft sa saBnasr *ui*d oC^^ 
iva i.'M^aqoHW,, -ui-d oe=z 

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jaX^ng •$ 'uia •uiBaSoaj 

-uoj-jAug BxSjoaf) aq^ puB 
XouBAiasuoo BfSaoa^ aqx 'ui'd QZ'. L 
iva „*S3qSTT ^5TD„ 'tn-d 00=9 

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g xsuuBqD 
„*9£, sJBn3Br„-S5uasaaa OV •ta'doO=8 

XXBH J9X5"3 *'mH '^ai *(S 
"Z 'qaj) doqsiiaow aamxoxna 'ui'd 00= ^ 

Z XjBnaqa^ 'Xspuoj^ 

^vauaivD s.xaaw sihx 


Deadline for copy -'Hvr^'gfiffgT "— ^*«' preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 9 - FEBRUARY 16/ •"(^.. Written Wednesday, Feb, 6, '^''C- No. 76 

This week is Black History Week at Augusta College and the Black Student Union has 
planned a variety of activities. At noon Monday William Candley, sociology instruc- 
tor at Paine College, will speak in the Lecture Room on "The African-American 
Experience in U.S. History." Tuesday at noon, a symposium entitled "The Outlook for 
Minority Business Participation in the CSRA" will include the following Pilgrim 
Health and Life Insurance Co. executives: Soloman Walker, executive vice-president; 
Charles Grant, Data Processing Offices; and Joseph Green, agency director, who will 
serve as moderator. Green, an alumnus, is also a part-time faculty member. The 
seminar is scheduled for the Lecture Room. At noon Wednesday, Franklin Biggins, 
assistant attorney general, Dept. of Law for the State of Georgia, x^7ill speak on 
"Trends in Black Education" in the Lecture Room. Biggins, a graduate of the Univ. 
of S. Florida and Catholic University's Law School, has worked in HUD's southeast - 
offices in Atlanta, and in the offices of Congressman Andrew Young, He currently 
works in the area of tax litigation, Friday at 6 and 8:15 p.m. the AC film series 
will present "Sounder" in the PAT. The 106-minute feature stars Paul Winfield, 
Cicely Tyson and Kevin Hooks. "Sounder" is being shown in place of "Lady Sings the 

FEB. 17 CONCERT The A.C, Faculty Concert 
Series will present its first program of 
the new year 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 17 
in the PAT. Tenor David Pelton, accom- 
panied by Dr. John Schaeffer, will present 
a solo recital. They have chosen songs of 
Berlioz, Ravel, Warlock, Castelnuovo- 
Tedesco, Peri, Wolf and Prokofieff. The 
concert is free and open. 

CARTOONS AND LUNCH The Student Activities 
Office is sponsoring another Cartoon Festi- 
val 10:30 a.m. Valentine's Day (Saturday, 
Feb. 14th) at the Babysitting Service 
(next to Boykin Wright Hall). The two- 
hour film festival will include the "Little 
Rascals" and other favorites. A hot dog 
lunch will be served. AC children, 500 ; 
others, $1.00 


Monday, February 9 

Black History Week 
12:00 p.m. "The African -American 

Experience in U.S. His- 
tory," Lee, Rra. , B.H. 
7:30 p.m. Jags vs USC-Conway, AC 
8:00 p.m. "Columbia Nitrogen and 
Nipro, Inc.," Channel 5 

Tuesday, February 10 

8:30 a.m. Career Guidance Institute, 
MR 1 & 2, CAC 
12:00 p.m. "The Outlook for Mnority 
Business Participating in 
the CSRA," Lee. Rm. , B.H. 
12:00 p.m. Chemistry . Club , Rm. 2, 
Science Building 

COOPERATIVE PROGRAM Leading black poet 
Gwendolyn Brooks, poet laureate for the 
State of Illinois, will speak 8 p.m. Tues- 
day in Paine College's Gilbert -Lambuth 
Memorial Auditorium. AC students and 
faculty will be admitted free and Paine 
College personnel will be adm.ltted free to 
Black Poet Nikki Giovanni's talk at AC 
Feb. 20. The cooperative program was 
worked out by Dr. Charles Willig, Brooks, 
recognized as one of the most important 
poets in the U.S. and "probably the best 
black poet writing in America," won the 
Pulitzer Prize for her book Annie Allen . 
A book of poetry called The Bean Eaters 
was published in 1960, Selected Poems in 
1963, and a novel, Maud Martha in 1953. 

Wednesday, February 11 

12:00 p.m. "Trends in Black Educa- 
tion," Lee. Rm. , B.H. 
7:30 p.m. Jags vs. Southern Tech, AC 

Thursday, February 12 

9:30 a.m. "Columbia Nitrogen and 
Nipro, Inc.," Channel 5 
Advisory Cabinet, TR 3 ,CAC. 
"Resumes and Application 
Letters, Rm. 7, M.H. 
"More Programming in 
BASIC," Rm. 15, M.H. 
Faculty Wives, TR 3, CAC 
AC Jaycees, TR 3, CAC 
AC Band Winter Concert, 



p .m. 

p .m. 

30 p.m. 
00 p.m. 
30 p.m. 

NEW EMPLOYEES The following new employees Friday, February 13 

are being welcomed to campus: Briscoe 12:00 p.m. 

Merry and Kaye McNeil, English; Frank 

Tourslee, Public Safety; Michael Wilby, 

Plant Operations; Brenda Mason, continuing 12:00 p.m. 

Education (Temporary); and Darlene Carter 

Waters, Veterans Affairs. 12:00 p.m. 

Mrs. Martha Umstead, 

Retirement Luncheon, 

Faculty Lounge 

Coffeehouse Coram., TR 3, 


Blac^ Student Union, MR 

2, CAC 


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Tv...,<u...»>,^, ,^yj . Wa>4n»«rfB]f ^nn — * p ""C week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


FEBRUARY 16 - FEBRUARY 23 Written Wednesday, Feb. 11, 1976 No. 77 

Senior music major Patricia Abasolo brought regional honor to Augusta College last 
week^by winning the Southeastern Division Competition of tho Music Teachers National 
Assn 8 vocal auditions in Jackson, Miss. She now becomes eligible to compete in the 
national competition in March. She is the daughter of Mr. £. Mrs. John Abasolo. 

Ac's Student Activities Office and the office at the Univ. of S.C. -Aiken are co-spon- 
soring The Wright Brothers Overland Stage Concert 8:30 p.m. Wednesday in the PAT. 
Students from both institutions will be admitted with ID; others, $2. The breadth of 
the Wright Brothers music spans from ethnic down-home footstomping bluegrass to 
orchestrated ballads chartered for symphonies, with many varieties of gospel, country 
rock, and rock in-between. The group has shared billing with Count Basie olve 
Brubeck, The Ramsey Lewis Trio, Lilly Tomlin, Pete Fountain and others. 

Choir Director David Pelton, accompanied by Dr. John Schaeffer, will present a solo 
recital in the PAT 8:30 p.m. Tuesday as the first program of the Faculty Concert 
Series this year. The concert is free. 

EIGHT NAMED Eight new members have been 
named to the Board of Trustees of the AC 
Foundation. The new members include 
William P. Copenhaver, Frank S. Dennis 
Jr., Graeme M. Keith, William B. Kuhlke 
Jr., Maryann Larkin, Bryce H. Newman, J. 
Carlisle Overstreet and William H. Wiseman. 
rhe new members bring the total board mem- 
bership to 24 

fraternity associated with the National 
?flh Hellenic Council, has been chartered 
sn campus with Charles Martin serving as 
Its first president. There are 96 under- 
graduate chapters of the fraternity and 
107 graduate chapters. Faculty advisor 
Lb Roscoe Williams. 

31EMISTRY SERIES A 12 -week film series 
iponsored by numerous CSRA industrial 
Eirras will continue Thursday night at 
N30 in the Lecture Room. The Surface 
Chemistry film is entitled Spreadlng- 
Jurface Films of Insoluble Monolayers and 
^hemisorption -Adsorption from Solution. 

rOB VAOtPriES The Personnel Office has 
:he following job openings: Secretary 1, 
?4,675, open immediately; Secretary 1, 
?5,300, open Feb. 18. A list of 
racancies is posted each Tuesday at the 
?ersonnel Office, CAC, Payne Hall, Plant 
)perations Office, Libraxy, and Public 
Safety Office. Call 3127 for details. 

CANDIDATES SELECTED Ten attractive can- 
didates are vying for the title Home- 
coming Queen. The winner will be crowned 
Feb. 28 during the half-time ceremonies 
of the game between the Jaguars and UKC- 
Wilmington. The young women include 
Elizabeth Goad, French Club; Julie Boos, 
Pi Kappa Phi; Stephanie Ishii, Student 
Affiliates of the American Chemical 
Society; Debra Simmers, Student Nurses 
Association; Julie Perry, Jaycees; 
Debra Parrish, Alpha Delta Pi; Denise 
McCall, White Columns; Shirley Evans, 
Black Student Union; Gloria Dittus, 
Political Science Club; Kathy Barber, 
Zeta Tau Alpha. Elections will be. held 
all-day Wednesday, Feb. 25. 

CANDIDATES ELECTED The Honor Society of 
Phi Kappa Phi will meet Thursday night 
to select candidates for the March 4th 
initiation. Candidates will be recom- 
mended to the chapter by the Selection 
Committee chaired by Marya Dubose. The 
students nominated by the committee 
represent the upper 10 per cent of their 
class in academic standing--all will have 
at least an overall GPA of 3.7, a spokes- 
man said. In other action. Dr. Janice 
B. Turner has been elected president for 
the 1976-77 academic year and Julian 
Heyman was chosen as vice president. 

SIMS FILM "The Relationship of the 
Quality of Life to Higher Education" 
will be sho\«i 7:30 p.m. Monday in TR 2 
and in the Study Room. It will also be 
shown in MCG's small auditorium 7:30 p.m. 
Tuesday. "In the film, Maharlshi Mahesh 
Yogi explains how the Science of Creative 
Intelligence will bring fulfillment to 
education by providing those elements 
that have been missing from traditional 
education," said a spokesman of the 
Students' International Meditation 
Society (SIl-lS). 


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uoQ '^a ' S33poH ^UBJj -JQ '^b:io Bq30 '^0. 

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g x^uuBqs ,,*saxuBdmo3 Xjaaw,, 

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3V '383x103 ]uouipaxj SA s8Br 'uj'd q£: i 

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3Y ''Axun UOSID3X3 SA sSBfanby 'm-d 00=^^ 

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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 23 - MARCH 1 Written Wednesday, Feb. 18 No. 78 

This is Homecoming Week at Aqgusta College and students will select their choice for 
Homecoming Beauty on Wednesday with elections beipg held in the College Activities 
Center and the AC Library. The winner will be crowned during half-time ceremonies 
Saturday night at the game between AC and UNC -Wilmington. Candidates include Kathy 
Barber, junior sociology major sponsored by Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority; Julie Boos, 
freshman business administration major who is originally from the Panama Canal Zone, 
sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity; Gloria Ann Dittus, junior political science 
major sponsored by the Political Science Club; Shirley Evans, sophomore medical 
records administration major from Waynesboro, sponsored by the Black Student Union; 
Elizabeth Goad, sophomore French major from Aiken, sponsored by the French Club; 
Stephanie Ishii, junior chemistry major sponsored by the Student Affiliates of the 
American Chemical Society; Panela Denise McCall, freshman recreational therapy major 
sponsored by White Columns; Debra Ann Parrish, sophomore education major sponsored 
by Alpha Delta Pi Sorority; Julie Anne Perry, sophomore nursing major sponsored by 
the AC Jaycees, and Debra Simmers, sophomore nursing major from North Augusta spon- 
sored by the Student Nurses' Assn. Following the game, a student dance will be held 
in the CAC, and a complimentary get-together for all former students will be held at 
the Old Government House sponsored by the AC Alumni Assn. 

FILM DISCUSSIONS A free film-discussion 
series is being held on campus every Wed- 
nesday at 10 a.m. and Thursday at 7:30 
p.m. spoiinoied by the College, The Junior 
League and the Junior Woman's Club. Dr. 
W. Creighton Peden and Dr. Edward J. Cashin 
Jr. are lending the discussions. This 
week's topic is "The Merry God Round: (The 
Development of Personal Relationships and 
the issue of sex.) The series is held in 
Meeting Room Two of the CAC. 

ROTC SPEAKER President George A. 
Christenberry will address the ROTC Lead- 
ership Laboratory 3 p.m. Friday on his 
impressions of Red China. The lab is held 
weekly in Room Seven, Butler Hall. 
Christenberry has toured Red China as well 
as The People's Republic of China. 

ZTA WINS AGAIN The Etu Mu Chapter of Zeta 
Tau Alpha International Fraternity for 
Women won the outstanding chapter award 
for the State of Georgia during Zeta Day 
held recently in Gainesville. This is the 
second time the chapter won the trophy, 
becoming the only one in the state to win 
twice. President Bebe Crosby accepted the 
award . 

Jr. has been invited to address the 
annual meeting of the Georgia Credit Unicn 
convention April 16 on "Augusta and the 
American Revolution." The 7 a.m. address 
will kick-off the Founders Club Breakfast 
to be held at the Executive House Augusta. 

APPRECIATION NOTED The Augusta chapter of 
The American National Red Cross has 
issued a certificate of appreciation to 
the Office of College and Public Services 
"for outstanding service in telling the 
Red Cross story through 'Augusta College 
Presents' ." 

director of the Special Studies program, 
recently attended a seminar at the ETS 
regional office in Atlanta entitled "Cur- 
rent Topics in Educational Assessment: 

SAT Score Decline, Equating, and " 

The seminar was conducted by Dr. William 
H. Angoff, executive director of the 
CEEB Programs Division. Miller has 
almost two hours of taped presentations 
and comments from this seminar and would 
be "happy to share this information with 
anyone who is interested." 

CONCERTS PLANNED A concert by "Silent 
Partner" is scheduled for Thursday, March 

4 in the PAT and on March 7 Augustan Larry 
Jon Wilson will appear in concert in the 
PAT. Both functions are sponsored by the 
Student Activities Office. 

HOURS ANNOUNCED The Psychology Clinic oper- 
ated by the Psychology Dept. on Katherine 
Street has announced its hours of service. 
The clinic will accept clients from 9 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday and from 1- 

5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Per- 
sons may call for an appointment, 828-3015. 
The clinic is under the direction of Dr. 
Jeanne Anderson. 


SOCIETY MEETS The Euclidean Society (math 
club) has announced its next meeting for 
noon Thursday in Room 20, Markert Hall. 

RAINS HALL SELECTED The annual Tour of 
Homes sponsored by the Augusta Council of 
Garden Clubs will include historic Rains 
Hall this year. Rains Hall (and gardens) 
is the only non-home included in the 
April tour. 

SERIES CONTINUES The "Colloid and Surface 
Chemistry film series continues Thursday 
at 7:30 p.m. in the Lecture Room with 
"Adsorption from Solution (cont . )-Contact 
Angles. Surfact Potentials-Structure of 
the Electric Double Layer." 


aqq uo,, a^qBTTBAB aq in» s^uamqsaajaa 

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•s^aoosa aiaqi pUB X^inoBj aqi jo saaq 

-msm XTB 03 uado sf ^qSfu ^Bpan^ss 3UibS 

3q3 3u7wo-[Toj aaaaqg J'TBJTbi uo asnoH 

3U9uiua3A03 p\o aq^ 3b aaqqaSo^-^aS SjUO^^ 

-B700SSV TuuirilV DV ^Hl QaXIANI XliaOYi 

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saaq^oaq qS ueq^ aaom SBq ' auoa8iiOB"[g 

s^wai snuran-[B 05 SufpaoooB 'puB 996T "T 

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aqx -peoa aSaiTTW uo qi^TD s,UBmort 

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go ^aodaa ^uamxToaua aqi iHOdHH WHISAS 


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3V0 'Z HW 'uoTun 5uapn5s ^^exg "ui-d 00=31 
DVO 'C ^X ''mmoo asnoqaaggoo -ui'd 00=31 

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SjUaraort ssauxsng ubdx-isihv "m 

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'H'W 'L 'iDH 

„*qor x^Jfspsa b aa3 ox woh„ 

DVD 'C ^X 'aauxq^D AaosxApy 
DVD 'Z HX 'B^aqx BOiSxs B^x^a 

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S Xsuueqo ;,9£, xbx 9niooui„ 

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DVD '3 HW |X9S go 
anssx 9q3 pus sdxqsuox3BX9-i 
XBUOsjad go ^uaindoxaAap 
aqx :punoa pof) Ajjl^i^ aqx,, '^'9 00=01 
•ui-d oE:8-'ui'd 9 "S Xasaqxi 'lu'd 00= 3 
"9 DVD 'suoxaoaxa SuxinoDamoH- *oi'b 00=6 

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DVD '6 HX *qnXD Bqnog 'm'd 00=31 
DVD '3 "9 X HW 
'a^n^x^sui aouBpxng xssjl^o '^'b 0C=8 

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(83- £3 'qsj) ^33W SuxmooamoH 

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■ui-B oe:8 

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HvanaivD s.^aaM sihx 


Deadlink for c(:j^^!/^[^® nesdiy noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


MARCH 1 -\ MARCH 8.. 


Written Wednesday, Feb. 25, 1976 

So. 79 


Congratulations are beinfe-refSTvid by Shirley Evans, 20-ycar-old medical records 
administration major, on being elected Homecoming Queen 1976. Ms. Evans was 
crowned at half-time ceremonies Saturday night between AC and University of N.C, 
Wilmington. She was given a bouquet of roses by last year's winner, Janette 
Simmons, and a silver picture frame by the AC Alumni Assn. The Islack Student Union 
candidate is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans of Waynesboro, Ga. The 
Best Homecoming Display award was presented to the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. 

The 1976 AC Mathematics Contest for high school students will be held March 31 on 
campus conducted by the Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science. The second annual 
tournament will be a quick-answer contest to be held from noon to 6 p.m. sponsored by 
the department and Westside High School, last year's team champion. Contest coordi- 
nator Dr. Fred Maynard said Friday, March 5, is the deadline for receiving completed 
Entrance Forms which may be obtained from the department. Plaques will be awarded 
to the school of the team champion and to the individual champion. Last year 
approximately 100 top math students from nine CSRA schools competed in six matches 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority presented a 
plaque to Lyceum Poet Nikki Giovanni last 
Friday In the theatre. The plaque was 
given to Ms. Giovanni for her "outstanding 
achievements as a poet and as a Delta." 
President Audrey Frazier made the presenta- 

SCHOLARSHIP Applications are now being 
accepted for the Grover 3. Williams Mathe- 
matics Scholarship for the 1976-77 academic 
year. The scholarship, available to AC 
applicants or returning students, will be 
awarded on the basis of scholastic ability 
and academic record to those planning to 
major in mathematics. The scholarship is 
made possible through a fund established 
by Mrs. Carol Williams Hatfield and other 
contributors in memory of her father. 
Application forms may be obtained from 
Financial Aid or from the Math Department, 

CONTEST CLOSING The J.B. White Literary 
Competition will close March 1. Junior 
and senior high school students in the 
CSRA may enter contests in short story, 
essay and poetry writing. First prize 
winners in the junior contests v'ill be 
awarded volumes of literature j ii-st prize 
A/inners in the senior contests vill be 
awarded $200 scholarships. Entries should 
be mailed to Elizabeth Fanning, English 

Stullken, a member of the Biology Dept. 
since 1972, has completed all require- 
ments for the Ph.D. degree at Emory Uni- 
versity. The Pensacola, Fla. native 
received the Master of Science degree 
from Emory in 1969 and the baccalaureate 
degree from Depauw University in 1967. 
He is married to the former Elizabeth 
Lindsay of Covington, Va. 

POEM PUBLISHED Dr. John W. Presley has 
published a poem, "Farm Winter," in 
Southern Humanities Review . Winter, 1976, 
page 28. 

DAVID & HAZEL The continuing film and 
discussion series sponsored by the Junior 
Woman's Club and the Junior League will 
meet Wednesday at 10 a.m. and Thursday 
at 7:30 p.m. in the CAC. This week's 
topic: "David and Hazel: The American 
Family and Communication Problems." Dr. 
Creighton Peden is serving as discussion 

MALAYSIAN ARMY Cpt . Khoo of Malaya will 
speak on "The Malaysian Army," 8 a.m. 
Friday in Room Seven, Butler Hall as 
part of ROTC's Leadership Laboratory. 

MARCH TEST The Graduate Management 
Admission Test will be offered here March 
27. Closing date for advance registra- 
tion is March 5. Registration forms 
are available in the Dept. of Business 
Administration . 

CHANGES? The Personnel Office requests all employees to help keep their emergency 
records up to date by notifying the office of any change of address, or telephone 
lumber, as well as any change of marital status or dependents. Call Ext. 3127. 


•iCqqox OvO 3M3 ui (x 'Jew) AepuoH s^Bg 

AepjJ.^ aDuep SufSTea-punj b P"[oq o^ 

SufuuBxd SI dnoao ^saaa^uj s,i^57Joaos 

B^aqi bihSts ©3130 AVQIHJ HONVQ 

3B sufSaq a-[npaqDS aBtnSaa '53 qoJBW 

;-ui-d oC-'8 03 *i"'B 8 'f3 ^^^^V^ '.'va'd g o^ 

*m"B 8 '£3-32 qoaew -13-03 q^-^BR pasoxo 

9q -[-[Tift AaBaqxi ay ^m SHnOH HD^VR 

'£3 qoaBW on paSuBqo uaaq seq 

U)s-[T/ii uof AaaBi Xq '^ qoJBW 'Aepung aoj 

painpsqos ^aaouoo aqx saONVHO X^aONOO 

•uuj ao^oK SJBAOX aqa :}b 

„^3ATAans 31 TTTM-^TTmBi[ aqi,, uo qn-[o 

aSuBqoxg B^sriSny 3q3 passaappB i^epsanqx 

•jf q^Tuas 'w u^o^ "-^a amo sassaaaav 

•paBTxiTH 3^3qoH '^Q 

puB suouiui03Dj>i asTno-x 'XQ ' Ajaaqua^STaqa 

^uapTsaaj ajaw 3^ uioagf XuouiaaaD aqn 

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'uosaad aad x$ 91 TIT'^ uoTSSTUipy ' punj 

dxqsJBXoqos Anx^tOBj: aqn aoj spunj asTBJ 

o:} pxaq Su^aq amB§ xiBq^a^lSBq 31 qoJBW 

•m*d Q£: l_ B ut: /^^x^^bj 3v ^M' J° saaqmam 

/Cq (2,) pa^san aq XIT^ sSbt iCpBi aqa jo 

S3uaxB3 uaAoad aqx SHVllOQ HOa .Nrama 

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Deadlinfe for copy - Wednesday 


"2W "^T" 

receding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

Written Wednesday, March 3, 1976 

No. 80 

he Augusta College Jaycees, along with the other 7th Revfion chapters, will sponsor 
a afternoon of foolery entitled "jaycee Madness" beginning 2 p.m. Sunday, March 14, 
a Butler Stadium on Lumpkin Road. The afternoon of relav and endurance contests 
til be patterned after the popular television show seen en Saturday nights. Ten 
embers of the AC faculty and staff (five men and five women) will represent 
in "The Stretcher Relay," according to JC President William Hodges. 


Bgional chapters participating include Augusta JC's, Martinez -Evans JC's, Thomson 
Z s. The Lincoln-County JC's, Washington-Wilkes JC's and Richmond County JC's. 
Lckets are available from any JC member. 

the AC 

ithleen M. (Kathy) Mobley, a senior biology major, has been nominated by the AC 
lapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi to the National Society to compete for 
ie of thirty $3,000 Fellowship Awards for graduate /professional studies. Ms. Mobley 
Lll now enter national competition with other outstanding Phi Kappa Phi members. 
le was initiated into the chapter last week along with Cynthia K. Taylor, Christine 
lith Tankersley, Kathryn A. Kristensen, Pamela Thomas Urown, Laura E. Bledsoe, 
Lmothy E. Davis, Nancy D. Jackson, Deborah H. Athon. Ms. Mobley has been accepted 
f the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine. 

MOLAR INVITED Dr. Kamla Patel has been 
ctended an invitation to visit the college 
I a Cullum Scholar by the Dept. of Educa- 
.on. She will be the featured speaker 
>r the supervisory teachers' dinner on 
>ril 15 and be available for consultation 
le afternoon before and the morning after. 

tEEMAN ELECTED Charles T. Freeman has 
:en elected to the post of vice-president 
: the Augusta Choral Society for the 
•76-77 season. 

IMPART SELECTED Dr. Bill Bompart has 
:en selected to join the faculty of the 
pernor's Honors Program this summer. 
le program lasts from June 12 through 
ily 31 and is held on the Wesleyan College 
mpus. He was on the interviewing team 
r the program's semi-finalists last 

BERTY BELL GIVEN The Louis L. Battey 
lerican Legion Post #4 will present 
igusta College with a replica of The 
berty Bell made by the same London firm 
lich cast the original Bell ?, . m, March 
t In the AC Library. Presidr ' 
iristenberry and Ray Rowland wi.'i accept 
iC Bell. Also in attendance wlJi be the 
ate commander of the American Legion. 
e Bell weighs approximately 70 pounds 
d is four cubic feet in size. 

lley Bicentennial South Caravan will 
rive on campus March 19 for a two -day 
hibition in the main parking lot spon- 
red by the Junior League of Augusta. 
:e touring caravan will include five 
:hlbit trailers to be grouped in a con- 
cted U-shaped configuration. Featured 
^11 be several hundred artifacts, ranging 
cm the oldest evidence of human occupa- 
on in the Southeast to an original "moon 
ck ' collected in the Apollo program. 

admission. Hours: March 19, 4-10 p.m.; 
rch 20, 10a.m. to U p.m. 

ART EXHIBIT The University of Tampa art 
exhibit sponsored by the AC Art Assn. 
will feature the following faculty: 
Lewis Harris, paintings/shaped canvas; 
Harold Nosti, relief sculptures; Joseph 
Tessta-Secca, drawings /paintings ; 
Gilbert DeMeza, drawings /clay sculptures. 

Romance: Issue of Idealism as Relates 
to Women in Marriage" is the film and 
discussion topic 10 a.m. Wednesday and 
7:30 p.m. Thursday in the CAC. The 
ongoing series, led by Dr. Creighton 
Peden, is co-sponsored by the Augusta 
Junior Woman's Club and The Junior 
League . 

Jones has been selected as one of four 
finalists to submit an original piece 
of sculpture to be placed in front of 
the Tampa -Hillsborough County (Fla.) 
Public Library. A six -member committee 
will select the sculptor to be commis- 
sioned from among the four. Jones 
will be visiting Tampa in the immediate 
future to study the location for the 
proposed sculpture which will be 
approximately 20 feet high. 

Council is sponsoring a summer trip 
to London Aug. 14-28 with a ticket 
price of $625, which includes round- 
trip air fare from Augusta, standard 
double -occupancy accommodations, 
continential breakfast each day, trips 
to Oxford, Stratford-on-Avon, four 
theatre tickets and a farewell 
dinner. AC personnel interested may 
contact Sheryle Eubanks , 3186, for 
further information!. (MCG personnel 
will be given first: priority.) 

93 'MO 

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(8T-ST '£1 M^JBW) sojBxa 

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IVd ./auaiuu-fB^aaaua s,3Bm„ -m-d 00=9 

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•H'9 'L 'uia ./sdjoQ 
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aouBixxy aq3 3b aa>iBads asanS 3uaaa 

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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 
FOR WEEK OF: MONDAY, MARCH 15 - MONDAY, MARCH 22 Written Wednesday, March 10 No. 81 

Dr. Emil K. Urban has been named chairman of the Dapt. of Biology following approval 
Wednesday by the Board of Regents. He succeeds the late Dr. David Markland Morris 
Jr. who died in February 1975. Dr. Urban, a native of Mllwaukef- , Ulsc, ea. ned the 
B.S. degree from the Univ. of WisconsLu, the M.A. from the Uaiv. of Kansas and the 
Ph.D. degree from the Univ. of Wiscotisin. Ke served a one-year appointment at the 
Univ. of Arkansas (1975-76) and was an Honorary Fellow, L'ept. of Wildlife Ecology, 
Univ. of Wisconsin, 1975. He served as head of the Dept. of Biology at the National 
University of Ethiopia (formerly Halle Seilassie I Universi>:y) 1969-70 and had 
tuaght there since 1964. 

The Dept. of Education will sponsor an innovative pre-school program this summer at 
Trinity On-The-Hill Methodist Church for children ranging in age from 3-5. The five- 
week program will begin June 21 and continue through July 23 from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 
a.m. Monday through Friday. Students enrolled in Ed 596 will conduct the program 
under the direction of Dr. Maty Anne Christenberry. Tuition will be $35. Persons 
interested in enrolling their children are asked to contact Mrs. Leland Ivey at 
Trinity, 738-7928. 

BOCR PLACES THIRD Bell Ringer Editor 
Steve Bock has placed third In a poetry 
contest sponsored by World of Poetry in 
San Fransisco. He received a $250 check 
for his poem "The Soldier" which is to 
be published this month. The publishers 
informed Bock he is the "youngest person 
ever to place..." in the competition. 

Planning Committee will hold an objective 
writing workshop for approximately 40 
persons at the Clark Hill Rec Area Tues- 
day. Consultant Ed Bell will conduct the 
workshop which begins at 9:30 and con- 
tinues through 4 p.m. 

DAY CAMP Student Activities will spon- 
sor its annual Summer Day Camp for child- 
ren ages 4-12 June 21 to August 13 on 
campus . Paul Greenway will again serve 
as director. AC children, $15 a week; 
community children, $17.50. The camp 
begins at 8 a.m. and continues through 
2 p.m. v/lth breakfast and lunch to be 

MATH CAREERS Dr. Jerry Sue TosMsend 
spoke to a group of 250 students at Tutt 
Junior High March 5 on "ApplicaLlous of 
Mathematics and Careers." She also 
addressed the Garden City Lions Club on 
the "Metric System" on March 8. 

CAC OPEN FOR STUDY The College Activities 
Center will be open late Exam Week for 
study. The building will be open from 
4 p.m. to 2 a.m. March 14-17. Free coffee, 
tea, and munchles , will be provided by 
the SGA. 

MAY WORKSHOP Dr. Mary Anne Christenberry 
and Dr. Linda M. Clary will present a 
workshop In Annahelm, Calif. May 13th 
entitled "Games Graffiti: Language Arts 
Games To Make For Yovtng Children" at the 
annual conference of the International 
Reading Assn. The title is the name of a 
book soon to be available giving detailed 
directions for making 64 Language Arts 
games for youngsters . All games use 
materials and Items found around the 
house or In the classroom. The book was 
written by Dr. Christenberry, Carol 
Eubanks and Crystal Leathers. 

American Legion Post #4 will present a 
replica of the original Liberty Bell to 
the College 9 a.m. Tuesday In the Library. 
President Christenberry and Ray Rowland 
will accept the 70-pound bell from Col. 
Roy Whltlock, post Commander. Also In 
attendance will be J. Dean Mahaffey, State 
Commander of the American Legion. The 
Liberty Bell replica was one of 2,000 
cast In commemoration of the Bicentennial 
at the White Chapel Foundry In London, 
the same firm which cast the original 
bell, according to Bill Marsh, Post 
Finance Officer. 

PRESS ASSOCIATION Dr. Charles Wllllg and 
Rick Davis were featured speakers at a 
recent Georgia Scholastic Press Assn. 
workshop In Wrens. Approximately 125 
high schools were represented. . .Davis 's 
101 Journalism Class wrote, produced, and 
directed a video tape called ACH! (Augusta 
College Humor) to be shown at a date to 
be announced on Channel 5 Cablevlslon. 


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Vreport y 

Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: March 22 - 29 Written Wednesday, March 17, 1976 

No. 82 

Larry Jon Wilson will appear in concert Saturday night ct 8 in the PAT sponsored by 
the Office of Student Activities. Free with college I.D. Others, $3.5o' at the 
door; $3 in advance. 

The Mu Xi Chanter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is offering a Tutoring Service for 
children in grades one through six beginning Spring Quarter. The service will be 
held 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and will be free, according to President Audrey 
Frazier. No more than five students will be accepted in a group. Tutoring areas 
will include reading, math, science and English. Persons interested may contact 
Sylvia Walton, 793-5348, or Loretta Thomas, 738-7985= The Sorority hopes to con- 
tinue the service on a year-round basis . 

Entertaining during SGA's April 3 "Fiesta" will be "Jericho Harp," a group special- 
izing in acoustical music. The "South of the Border" feast will be held in the 
College Activities Center. 

BROMBERG HERE Entertainer Dave Bromberg REASON TO STAY? The film and discussion 

will be on campus Wednesday, March 31, 
for an 8:30 p.m. concert in the PAT, 
The versatile guitar and banjo player 
has entertained at campuses across the 
country. Comedian Tom Parks, a favorite 
with AC students, will open for Bromberg 

DANCE FOR WOMEN Penelope Pelton will 
instruct the Continuing Education course 
"Modem nance for Women" beginning 
March 30 in the PAT. Interested women 
may contact the C.E. Office. 

MATH CONTEST SET The 1976 Mathematics 
Contest will begin noon Wednesday, 
March 31 in the Lecture Room and two 
Butler Hall classrooms. Seventeen 
schools in the CSRA have registered to 
compete in the quick-answer contest 
which X7ill determine individual and 
school champions. 

has been named a Cullum Visiting Scholar 
and will be the guest speaker for the 
annual dinner honoring supervising 
teachers. The April 14th dini.rr will 
be held in the CAC. Dr. Patel, a 
native of Calcutta, is currently with 
the Institute for Behavior Research, 
Graduate Studies Research Center, UGA. 
A special "Bicentennial" dinner is 
to be featured. . 

TEAMS VIED AND TIED The Lady Jags and 
the faculty basketball team (alias 
"the hustlers" and the "big wheels") 
tied 69-69 in the benefit game held 
March 12 for the Faculty Scholarship 
Fund. The proceeds have exceeded the 
$650 mark and a presentation is being 
planned for the near future. 

series co-sponsored by the Junior Woman's 
Club and The Junior League will consider 
the topic "No Reason To Stay: Lack of 
Relevant Education in our Schools" 10 a.m. 
Wednesday and 7:30 p.m. Thursday in MR 1 
and 2. Dr. Creighton Peden is leading 
the discussions. 

SPRING SCHEDULE Continuing Education's 
Spring Schedule: Beginning Bridge, 
Classical Guitar, Fruit and Vegetable 
Gardening, Interior Design, Modern Dance 
for Men (II), Modern Dance for Women, 
Photography, Recreational Painting, 
Sophisticated Charm for Today's World, 
Teen Charm, Bass Fishing, Conversational 
French, German, Spanish; CPS Study Program, 
Counseling Theory, Graphic Arts, Manual 
Communication, Securities & Investments 
for the 70' s, Shortharld, Typewriting, 
College Study Skills, English, and Math 
Review, Reading Improvement, Consumer 
Metrics, Prereading Activities for Pre- 
schoolers' Parents, Public Speaking, 
Sandhills Writers' Workshop, Cullum 
Bicentennial Program on American Culture. 

SILKSCREEN EXHIBIT A colorful exhibit of 
Silkscreen prints is now on display in 
the lobby of the Fine Arts Center. The 
prints are the work of Jack King's Art 
422 students. 

CURRICULUM WRITING Dr. Bill Bompart has 
been selected to be a member of the 
Georgia State Secondary School Mathematics 
Curriculum Guide Writing Team. He will 
attend writing sessions in Atlanta May 13- 

INVITED TO EXHIBIT Augusta College has 
been invited to exhibit in the national 
award winning Stay & See Ar|eT*e»- 

Georgia Week July 19-24 in|Leno£Efi^uatffi^ARY 
Atlanta. The eighth annual &-Mi.EiJCJitBrni j EGE 
the only in-state travel slow in the 
nation. I NOV 7 1977 


•H*a *i-S 'smH 'IVWO '"^'e oe:8 

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a^qeo jo penBg aqi,, 'ui'd sx^S 

axqBO 30 pBXiea aqi,, "ni-d 00=9 

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aa^usQ stuuax 
B^snSny 'qoai uaaq^nog 
•SA iDBai sxuuax s,u9w 'm-d 00=1 

•s^uapn^s aSenSuBi A^unoQ 

puornqoTH •log Xbq bSbhSubt "m-B 00-6 

92 qoaBW '^BpTaj 

(9Axq) s -qo 
,,'PIJ^oM 3q3 ux aawpa v„ '^'^ 00=8 
"H'a * 'IDH '391 
•sax^tas niTTi Xa^simaqo -m-d o£: £ 

T WI ,/^B5s 01 UOSB9H ON,, -ui-d q£: /_ 

a93U33 SXUU9I 

B3sn3nY 'aSaxx^O Japuei 

• SA mnax sxuuax s , uamo/^ 'md OO-T 


•Qia '0^1 'Sux^aaw saaqoBax 

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S -qo „'03ucsuow,, -x'b 0^:6 
ux3aa S9SSBX3 

S2 qoJBj^ '^Bpsanqx 

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HW „'^B3s OX uosBSH 0K„ -ui-b oo:OT 
uox3Baasx3ay "9 uox^Bauaiao 

172 qoJBW '^Bpsaupaw 

UOX3B5UBXJ uaqsoo '(Ct-33 
•JBH) x^uoT^B^X'^ui 3103 DV 

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aa:}uao sxuuax 
B^sngny *3anquB:;aBds 
-Jb'il 'SA msax SXUU91 s,U9W 'tu'd 00= I 

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ST J3XITW 'uiooy 9Jn:}D9'x aq^ ux osxb 

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aaXX^ea •tuooy ajn^oa^ aq3 ux aan^x^D 

UBOXJamv u° mBaSoaj x^Tuua^uaDXS mnxx^D 

s,a95aBr.b aq^ 330 3ux^ox^ 0€ qa^ew '^' <^ 8 

ssaappB a^ouXa^i aq5 aaAXxap XTT« J^IITW 

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uo doqsi^aow 8,qDanq3 rjsxpoq^aw 

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SJaaaBD ssauxsnq 30 Xaax-iBA 9pxw aq3 

puB ma^Si^s asx-idaa^ua 9aa3 'STI 3q3 

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'saaqoBa^ dxaq 03 pau3xsap sx asanoo 

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B3sn3nv aq:i puB '03 ub3 XB3uaux3U03 

'a3axxo3 aq^ Xq paaosuods Xx^uxoC 

3 9unr-i73 qDJBW sndmBO uo 3q3nB3 aq XIT*^ 

,,XajouoDa 'STl 3q3 ux ssauxsng 30 axog 

3qX,, paX3T3U9 asanoo ixP^'io anoq-aa^JBnb 

-99aqa aasnpBaS y SSSNISna .30 3103 3HX 



Deadline for copy ■ Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: MARCH 29 - APRIL 5 Written Thursday, March 25 

No. 83 

.he Cullum Bicentennial Program on American Culture begitis its qumter-long stmly noon 
Tuesday with Dr. Edward J. Cashin speaking in the Lecture Room on "The Pursuit of 
Happiness: A Theme for Our Culture." That evening, Lt. Gov. Sell Miller will deliver 
the keynote address--"The Second American Revolution"--st 8:15 in the Performing Arts 
Theatre. A reception will follow in Rains Hall and the adjoining quadrangle area. 
W. Tapley Bennett Jr., originally scheduled to speak at that time, has rescheduled 
his talk to May 6. The first film of the Bicentennial ?rogr3r,T-"1776"-- will be 
shown 8:15 p.m. Thursday (April 1) in the Performing Arts Theatre. Paul Hume, music 
editor of the Washington Post since 1946, will speak Tuesday (April 6) at 8:15 p.m. 
on "The Pursuit of Happiness Expressed in American Music." 

The Student Government Assn. will present its quarterly feast of good food and drink 
with a South of the Border "Fiesta" Saturday (April 3) from 6:30-12:30 in the College ' 
Activities Center. On the menu will be bean and beef tacos, tortillas, refritos, 
chili with beans, Spanish rice, tea and beer. Admission is $1 per person dressed in 
"some sort of Mexican attire" and $2 if not costumed in that manner. Live folk music 
will be featured with "Jericho Harp." The Babysitting Service will be open for 
children of students and faculty from 6:15 until midnight. $1 per person. Make 
reservations by calling 733-5837 during the day or 738-0858 during the evenings. 

TOUR THIS WEEK-END Rains Hall will be 
toured Saturday and Sunday by those partici- 
pating in the 1976 Tour of Homes and Gar- 
dens sponsored by The Augusta Council of 
Garden Clubs, Inc. Rains, The Augusta Gar- 
den Center, and eight homes will be toured. 
Proceeds will go toward restoration of the 
Old Medical College Building. Tickets $5 
prior to tour, $6 days of tour. Students 
and enlisted military personnel, $2. 

POETRY READING "A Night of Poetry Readings" 
will be held Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the 
PAT with Mari Roukowski , Lloyd P. Terell, 
Dr. Vivian U. Robinson and Keith Cowling. 

MMH CONTEST The second annual Mathematics 
Contest for CSRA high schools sponsored by 
the Dept. of Mathematics and Computer 
Science will get underway noon Wednesday 

11 the Lecture Room and adjoining class - 
lOoms in Butler Hall. Seventeen schools 
will send teams to compete in the quick- 
answer contest. The contest is co-spon- 

ored by Westside High School, last year's 
hool champion. An individual champion 

ill also be determined. The Muth Club 
will? meet noon Monday in Room 20, I-Iarkert 
Hall, to firm-up contest plans. 

r^iNNUAL MEET The Augusta College Alumni 
Assn. has set May 29th as the date for its 
inual meeting. Highlights of the meeting 
will be the awarding of the Distinguished 
Alumna /Alumnus Award. 


APRIL 2 DEADLINE Persons interested in 
submitting manuscripts for competition 
in the SandHills Writers' Workshop 
scheduled for April 22-24 are reminded 
that April 2 is the deadline. $500 
in prizes will be awarded in the areas 
of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. 
Continuing Education is accepting 
registrations . 

ficate of Academic Acheivement given by 
AC to top high school juniors will be 
awarded to 323 students representing 
35 high schools 7:30 p.m. April 12 in 
the PAT. The award is made to those 
juniors who represent the upper five per 
cent of their class. Winners of aC's 
J. B. White Literary Competition will 
also be honored during the evening. 

WORK EXPERIENCE Department heads 
interested in providing meaningful work 
experience to young persons through the 
Neighborhood Youth Corps Summer Program 
are encouraged to contact the Personnel 
Office at 3127. 

I«1ATH MEETING Dr. Ron King and Dr. 
Gerald Thompson attended the annual 
meeting of the Southeastern Section 
Mathematics Assn. of America March 26- 
27 in Charlotte. Dr. Thompson presented 
a paper "The j -order Radon index in 

graduating business administration major, 
was selected to attend a seminar at 
Irving-On-The Hudson, New York, March 
24-27 sponsored by the Foundation for' 
Economic Freedom. The all expense 
paid seminar was designed to explore the 
free enterprise system. 

93 'no n'PT^TJ Msng,, -ui-d oC:S 
Xva 'XuoqdoiAs B:»snSnY 'ui'd 00=^7 

ij "[TadY ' Xepung 

X^a 'Xuoi^dmXs B:i8n3nv -wd QE^S 

3V3 „'B3S37i„ -lu-d oC:9 

MJ-93VW „'^T5J353na buirpbm,, -ui'd 00=3 

£ XT^dy 'Xepan^Bs 

3V3 'Z yi '3Jtr»:»03T SWIS '^'^ 00=3 

3 TT^dv '^BpT^i 

iva ,/9LLl„ •ui"d gi:8 
g -1^3 1,'suOfaBN Suomy UO75BM v,, "UJ'd QO'S 

•H'9 ' "lUH 

OVD '3 «I • 3^033^1 SWIS •"J'd 0C:£ 

'3 HW ,,'saaJTao a^TMM ST^^Tl,, ""I'd OC: ^ 

,/iCl3Toos JC3DUB3 UBDTJauiv,, 'ui'd 00: E 
aa^uaQ siuuax B^snSny 
•ua>i-tv-3Sn *s^ "leax sfuuax s,U9w "ui'd qO^I 

I TT^dy «ABpsaniix 

XV5 '^aaouoo Saaqmoag sabq 'ui'd OE^S 

OVO 'T ^H 'aan^oa-i sWIS '"I'd OE: Z 

0V3 '3 ^1 '3:tn3DaT gWIS '^'^ 00=3 
"H'a *'tua "^si '5sa:juo3 

sD-jaeuiamBW 3v -[enuuv puooag 'ui-d 00=3T 


'3 HW ..'samao aaiq^ ai[33Ti,, 'ui-b 00 = 01 

l£ qojBW 'XEpsaupart 


,,'uo7:}n-[OAay utjo-taatuv puooag aqx,, 'ui'd qj: Q 

'•tug "oaT 'uTqsB3 "f paB/^pg "aa 
aai^eads ,/aan3-[n3 ano aoj aiuaqx 

V :ss3U-fddBH Jo ^-insjna aqi,, 'wd 00=31 

Oe qsJBH 'Aspsanx 

S 'MD „'^33T30S J93UB3 UBDTJ9tiiV„ '"J'^^ 00=8 
"H'W '03 ™ooa 'qn-to q^ew -ua'd 00=31 
saSuBqD ssbxd P"b 
uo^^Ra^sTSag a^Bi aoj Abq 38bi 

63 qoJBW 'Xbpuow 

avawaiVD S,>133M SIHl 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week ■ Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


No. 84 

Written Wednesday March 31, 1976 

A night of poetry will be held 7:30 p.m. Monday in the FAT featuring AC student Marl 

Roukoski and Paine student Lloyd Terrell. Keith Cowling and Dr. Vivian U. Robins 
will also participate. Theme of the evening will be "Comine Toeether " v^^c 



Music Critic Paul Chandler Hume will be the speaker noon and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday in 
The Cullum Bicentennial Program on American Culture scheduled for Butler Hall "The 
Pursuit of Happiness Expressed in American Music" will be his topic. Th- Chicago 
native has been music critic for The Washington Post since 1946 and a maai > oro^sfl*/.*. 
at Georgetown University since 1950. Hume is heard locally on WACG-FM during the 
Saturday admission broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera., He and his wife, the 
writer Ruth Fox, have co-authored the biographies The Lion of Poland (Paderewski) and 
ibe — King of Song (John McCormack). The evening sessions of the Bicentennial Program 
receive special funding by the Georgia Committee for the Humanities. 

Elizabeth Henneagy, 18, Jo Ann Killer, 17, 
and Kathleen Marie Moore, 19, are candid- 
ates forMlEB. Augusta. The contest will 
be held April 24 with a $1,000 scholarship 
to be awarded to the winner. 

meeting of the Delta Chi Fraternity will 
be held noon and 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in 
MR 2. The national fraternity was founded 
in 1890 at Cornell. 

CONSORTIUM ART SHOW A colorful two-room 
display of the traveling art show sponsored 
by the Georgia Consortium for the Liberal 
Arts can be viewed in Meeting Rooms One 
and Two until April 12. Works by students 
and faculty of numerous Consortium schools 
are on display. Several Ac students and 
faculty members have works on exhibit. 
Featured are oil paintings, etchings, 
weaving, lithograph, silkscreen, glass, 
clay, and bronze sculpture. 

PELTON ELECTED David Pelton has been 
elected first vice president of the 
Greater Augusta Arts Council to serve the 
1976-77 term. 

Christenberry has just received notice 
that her article, "Who Shall 'Keep' Our 
Children?'.' has been published in the 
Spring issue of the Delta Kappa Gamma 
Bulletin. It is based on her dissertation 
research which the Deltia Kappa Gamma 
Society helped to finance with one of 19 
international scholarships in 1973-74. 
The research investigated the relationship 
between empathetic understanding and 
teacher effectiveness of paraprofessiona; 
teachers of young children. . .day care 
workers. Head Start aides, etc. 

AU'^ysra «-«,-'; 

APR 05 1976 

AUttUSTA, GtwKulA 


CONSUMER AFFAIRS Dr. Tim Ryles of the 
Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs 
addressed members of the Ac Political 
Science Club Wednesday in Skinner Hall. 
Ryles was in Augusta to participate in a 
consumer conference on the Fair Business 
Practices Act. 

GIVES CONCERT Pianist Vola Jacobs was 
featured during a recent Spring Concert 
held at Armstrong State College. 

BOOK PUBLISHED A book by Dr. John W. 
Presley, The Robert Graves Manuscripts 
and Letters at Southern Illinoi s Uni- 
• terslty has just been published by the 
Whitson Publishing Co, of Troy, N.Y. 
The book is an inventory of one of the 
world's major manuscript collections, 
and its unique system of cataloging is 
expected to serve as a model for inven- 
tory construction, according to the 

COURSE IN SWEDEN A summertime course 
which will offer a comparative analysis 
of Sweden and America will be taught at 
the University of Stockholm July 29- 
Sept. 2. The course is to be taught by 
Dr. Barry N. Stein, associate professor 
of Social Science, Michigan State Uni- 
versity. The eight credit hour course 
will cover the two country's technology, 
health care, urban-rural life, environ- 
mental planning and policy, the educa- 
tional systems, the economic policy and 
international relations. Interested 
students are asked to contact Dr. Tanya 
Johnson, Sociology Dept . 

WRITERS WORKSHOP Registrations are con- 
tinuing to be accepted for the Sandhills 
Writers' Workshop and Writing Conference 
scheduled for April 22-24 on campus. 
$500 in cash awards will be given in the 
categories of novel, short story, poetry, 
non-fiction. Dr. Charles Willig is 
directing the conference. 

qSueapent) ' ^unn SSg aaasea •ui'd 00'2 
Aepung ui'[Bj 

11 ITJdv 'Xepung 

Wi-OOVM „'Bpuooo-;o ei„ -m-d oe:T 
•H'a '^-5 'sma 
'^sax uo-jssT:mpY -[ooqDg met 'tn-B 0£'8 

OT TT-idy 'AepanqBS 

iva „'3UB)i ua2T3T3„ -ui-d g^rg 
S 'MO 
..'XxTiDBj UBOTasiuv am,, 'm-d 00=8 

'satJag ^XJi Xa^sTuiaqo 'ui'd 0£' ^ 
XVd „'9UB>j uazT3T0„ 'ui-d 00=9 
e "MD ,/PTaTi Msng,, -ui-d oo:C 

*SJ03BDnpg JO 'ussv ^uapn^g •ui*d 00-31 
3VD '3 "9 I HW '(XjBpuoDas) 
'a5n:}T3Sui aDUBptng aaaaBQ 'm-B 0C*8 

g iTady 'Aepsantix 

iva „'PJ03Bmv„ -m-d g-[:g 

OVO *3 HI 'aanaoai sHIS '"I'd 0£: £ 

iva „'P-J03Biuv., '""'d 00=9 

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"H'S ' 'toa '331 

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UBOTJainy UT passaadxg 

ssaujddBH Jo 3T"sanj aqx,, 

DV3 '3 HI 'a-in:ioaT gWIS 

uaaq^nog "sa tDBax -["[BqasBg 

"H'a ' 'm "331 

'auinH inBj aa^^Bads ,,'DT:snj^ 

UBOTJaaiy uf passajdxg 

ssauTddBH Jo ^insanj aqx, 

•H'W '6 "uia 'PTodoai 

aof ii'ma^sAg SuTijuBg aqx,, 

'H'W '6 '""a 'Piodoai 

aor ,,'nia3sXs SuTi^uBg aqx,^ 

DVO *3 "9 T aw '(iCaBpuamaxa) 

aanai^sui aouBpfno aaaaBO 








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•m-B 00-' 6 
'uj-B oe:8 

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DVD *3 ai 'aan^oai SWIS 

*s3u-ppBaH itaiao^ jo 3q3-pN y 

'H'W '6 "uia 'PTodoai 

aof ii'ma^sXs 3u-f>iUBa aqx„ 

3V 'b3Ub-[3v 
-laoaaw 'SAtUBax HBq^SBg 

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'■tna -Da-i «jfBj[ tnTTJ OlOa 

aaqu93 Sfuuax BasnSriY 

'uo^seiaeqQ jo a8a-[xoo 

•sAuiBax siuuax s,uamo/.\ 


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•m-d oe:Z 

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paja^sTSaa s-j gz P"b g^ jo sa3B aq:j uaan^aq 

s3-[npB SunoX jo quao aad 1^7 ^^uo noqs 

saan3-tj x^^oT^en "03-81 ^^W sasnduiBO aq^ 

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'•bo jo -Afun aqj 'aSax^OD BTSaoag asa^ 

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•B3sn3nY ut p^aq ,,5si: [Bf aadg 

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laa puB ^iDBqpaag aua3uT3uoo-asuodsaa,, 

paX^T^ua suBaxao asm "T Su-paaam -ussv 

XBDTSoxoqoAsa uaa^sBaqanos aqj qs aaded b 

pBBJ Xx^uaoaa sqqoH aAarjg -JQ X33W VJS 

•i7X qoaew M^Bag t^ubtw 3B 

tjuamdox aAaa rai^xnojaanQ pus uoTsxAaadng 

aoj •USSY 3^3 ?o aouaaaguoo xb^uue aq^ ^b 

^aouBuiaojaa^ pazT^BUOsaaj aog 3u7JBdaaj_| uo 

uox4B3uasaad b babS 'ngO 'uospnH auTaao^^ 

•aa puB suounnoQDj^ •jq* ' '^^Ts^aA-tun a^B^s 

BT3joa3 as doqsijaort uia^sXg XBUOT^ona^sui 

aouaXog pazTXBnpTAfpui ub uf paqBd 

-fOT^aBd Xx^uaoaa ^x^waa-pag Xsajbh '^Q puB 

suooioiooow asTnoi -jq sXNVdlDIXavd dOHS>iaOM 

• :;uam/toxdma ub joj aofjjo 3uam 

-aoBXd aq3 ^ob^uoo • ^uamKoxduia a^qissod 

aog sjuapn^s ao-ruas Su-iMajAaa^ux 03 IT'^cly 

sndmpo uo aq XXT'^ uox^Bonpg jo pasog 

/C5uno3 puornqoTH aqx a3ina3H0S SMaiAHaXNI 

•qounx >10BS b ajn^Baj 

osxB XTT« 3U9Aa •m^B oC:OI 9MX 'DVD 

aq3 5B XBAfijsaa uoo4jbo XxJa^JtBnb aq^ 

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APR 1 3 1976 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written V7ednesday, April 7 

No. 85 

Cullutn Scholars, Bicentennial speakers, a workshop, a concert, a debate, a cartoon 
festival, an Easter Egg hunt, and an evening of awards will fill the campus calendar 
this week. The week will be kicked -off early Monday with the arrival of approxi- 
mately 100 high school yearbook editors here to attend the workshop sponsored by the 
Student Activities Office and the American Yearbook Co. The editors will be given 
the latest ideas in layout, photography and graphic design. The workshop is to be 
held from 9 to 3 in the Lecture Room. 

The colonial "Bill of Fare" has just been announced by the Geraldine W. Hargrove 
Chapter of the Student Assn. of Educators for the Bicentennial Dinner honoring the 
supervising teachers of this school year. The April 14 affair, which will feature 
Cullum Visiting Scholar Dr. Kamla Patel speaking on "Life and Education in India," 
will include: Roast game with wood herbs. Low Country Yellow Rice, Colonial Green 
Beans, Indian Maize, New Engl.-ind Peas, Southern Chilled Fruit Ring, Olde Orchard 
Mixed Fruit, Garden Vegetable Salad, Hot Oven Bread with fresh churned butter, 
Boston harbour tea, Charleston roasted coffee , and wild strawberry beaten cake. 
Dr. Patel will also speak 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Lecture Room on "Research and 
Development Activities in the Area of Giftedness in Asia (cross-cultural)" and at 
10 a.m. Thursday in BH Room 6 on "Perceptions of Political and Economic Situation in 
Asia with Special Reference to India." The Calcutta, India native is director of 
the Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search and holds a research associateship , 
Institute for Behavior Research, Graduate Studies Research Center, Univ. of Ga. 

University History Professor Carl Degler 
is the next speaker in the Cullum Bicen- 
tennial Program on American Culture. 
Degler will speak 8:15 p.m. Wednesday and 
noon Thursday in the Lecture Room on "The 
Paradox of Slavery." A debate between 
Russell Kirk and Frank Mankiewicz will 
follow 8:30 p.m. Friday in the PAT with 
the topic "State of the Union: Who's To 
Blame." The debate will bring to a close 
the 1975-76 Lyceum Series sponsored by 
Student Activities. Both events are open 
and free . 

are now being submitted for the Distin- 
guished Alumna /Alumnus Award to be 
presented during the May 29 annual meeting 
of the AC Alumni Assn.... Special recogni- 
tion will also be given to th^i following 
anniversary classes: 1926, IJjl, 1936 
1941, 1946, 1951, 1956, 1961, .1966, and 

J. B. White Literary Competition and high 
school juniors receiving the Certificate 
of Academic Achievement will be saluted 
7:30 p.m. Monday in the PAT. Academic 
Dean J . Gray . Dinwiddle will present 
certificates to 323 juniors from 35 high 
schools. The J. B. White Competition will 
honor 18 junior and senior high school 
winners . 

EGG-STRA FUN The quarterly Cartoon 
Festival sponsored by the Student ActivL^ 
ties Office will feature an East;er Egg 
Hunt as well as a variety of cartoons 
and a special sack lunch. The 10:30- 
1 p.m. event on April 17 WILL BE FREE IF 
each child brings four colored Easter 
Eggs. If not, $.50 for college children; 
$1.00 for non-college children. During 
the cartoons, popcorn, and soft drinks 
will be served. Lunch and a giant 
Easter Egg hunt will follow. Everyone's 

NEW FACES The following persons have 
joined the personnel roster: Varina 
Lanier, Education; Sara Louise Aranow, 
Fine Arts; Margarita Fernandez, Business 
Administration; Juanita Dennis, Testing; 
Joseph Hunter, Robert Shull, John Crane, 
George Jacobs, Willie Jackson, and 
Walter Hanson, Plant Operations. 

WRITING CONFERENCE The upcoming Sand^ « 
hills Writers' Workshop & Writing Con- 
ference April 22-24 will offer cash 
awards in the categories of novel, short 
story, poetry, non-fiction, children/ 
juvenile literature. The professional 
staff will judge entries. The staff . .. 
includes novelist Reynolds Price, Southern 
Poetry Review , Editor Guy Owen, M'Nelle 
Causey, free-lance writer, teacher, 
and speaker; Children's Novelist Doris 
Buchanan Smith, and Dr. Charles Willig, 
founder and director of the workshop. 
Register through Continuing Education. 


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Xep-iaj poog 

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-TAX30V 3uapn3s 9m l-a33N03 ONIKMOK HOIIHS 


Deadline for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday April 14, 1976 No. 86 

The director of the Center for the Study of American Pluralism, National Opinion 
Research Center at the University of Chicago, will speak noon and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday 
in The Cullum Bicentennial Program on American Culture. Andrew Greeley, who has 
served as director since 1971, will speak in the Lecture Room on "The Melting Pot 
Reconsidered." He has also served as Program Director in Higher Education and Senior 
Study Director for the Research Center. From 1963-72 he was a lecturer for the Dept. 
of Sociology at the University. Some of his publications include The Church and the 
Suburbs . Strangers in the House . The Denominational Society: A Sociological Approach 
to Religion in America , and That Most Distressful Nation . Thursday at 8:15 p.m. the 
film "The Grapes of Wrath" will be shown in the PAT. 

The MCG Chapter of the Society of Sigma Xi is sponsoring a research competition for ' 
students at Augusta's three colleges. Students may submit results of original 
research completed during the current academic year to the MCG School of Graduate 
Studies. Awards will be made at the chapter's annual banquet on May 14. Contact 
Amy Winn, Ext. 3278, for further information. 

WORKSHOP BEGINS The Sandhills Writers' 
Workshop and Writing Conference starts 
this week with the arrival of Reynolds 
Price, M'Nelle Causey, Guy Owen and Doris 
Buchanan Smith. More than 70 manuscripts 
have been entered and are being read by 
the professional staff. Cash awards 
totaling $500 will be awarded in the 
categories of Novel, Short Story, Poetry, 
Non-Fiction, and Children/juvenile 
Literature. The Thursday through Saturday 
workshop and conference will be held at 
Butler and Skinner Halls and the College 
Activities Center. Persons interested 
in registering are asked to contact the 
Office of Continuing Education. 

vities Office will be interviewing stu- 
dents interested in working in the Summer 
Day Camp Program (June 21 -Aug. 13) Tuesday 
from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Contact the Office 
for an appolntmeut between these hours. 

CO-OP SPONSORS The AC Co-op will sponsor 
the film "Lovejoy's Nuclear War" named by 
San Francisco's International Film Fes- 
tival as the "Best Political I'i.lm" of 
1975. (.oon Wednesday, MR 1 in ti-,e College 
Activities Center and 8:30 p.m. in the 
Lecture Room, Butler Hall). The film is 
an account of one man's struggle for 
self defense against the nuclear power 
menace facing us. 

ZETA'S ASSIST Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority 
members are assisting the Augusta Assn. 
for Retarded Citizens in sponsoring a 
marathon dance 9 a.m. to midnight Saturday 
in the CAC. 

TWO SELECTED Dr. Russ Holloman and Dr. 
Ralph Walker have been selected to par- 
ticipate in the Conference on Businesses' 
Role and Responsiblility in Modern Society 
to be held on the campus of The Catholic 
University of America June 6-17. This is 
the fourth year the University has con- 
ducted the conference which is made pos- 
sible by a grant from the General Electric 
Foundation. The conference aim is to 
enhance teaching and research in areas 
involving businesses' social responsi- 

CASHIN NAMED Dr. Edward J. Cashln, Jr. 
Wednesday became the new chairman of the 
Dept. of History, Political Science and 
Philosophy by approval of the Board of 
Regents. Cflshin has served as acting 
chairman since September 1975 and has 
been a member of the faculty since 1969. 

ELEVEN PROMOTED Eleven members of the 
faculty have been promoted to higher 
ranks effective with the next academic 
year. Promoted to professor were Dr. 
Frank H. Chou, Dr. Roy E. Nicely, and A. 
Ray Rowland. Promoted to associate pro- 
fessor were Dr. George P. Chen, Dr. 
Walter E. Evans, Dr. Stephen H. Hobbs , 
Dr. Norman C. Schaffer, and Dr. G. Gerald 
Thompson. Named assistant professor were 
Richard Davis, Jr., Richard D. Harrison, 
and Dr. Susan G. Strader- 

STEVE HULL CHOSEN Chemistry Senior 
Steven R. Hull is one of the ten college 
students to be selected as a Summer 
Intern at the Cancer Research Institute 
in Bethesda, Md. Steve will intern June 
14-Sept. 1. He was nominated by the 
Dept. of Chemistry and Physics. 

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Dea nine lliU(>il:ftfy\; W^i&uMM "ool of preceding week - Office of 


FOR WEEK OF : AP RtL CO It\¥ ' 9 

ritten Wednesday, April 21, 1976 No. 87 

Internationally known pocket billiard and trick-shot artist Jack White will return 
to campus by popular demand Wednesday in free exhibitions at noon and 7:30 p.m. in 
the College Activities Center. White has been featured in numerous magazines and on 
top television shows and has played throughout the U.S. and In foreign countries. 
He has played billiards with Jacqueline Kennedy Ona.ssis, Racquel Welch and other 
well +known personalities . 

Top Ac students who have distinguished themselves during the year in scholarship, 
service, and leadership positions will be honored Saturday night (May 1) during the 
annual Honors Convocation. Paine College President Dr. Julius S. Scott, Jr. will be 
keynote speaker. This year Scholastic Achievement, Departmental, Publications , and 
Senior Service Leadership awards will be given. Students named in "Who's Who Among.. 
Students in American Universities and Colleges" will also be honored. 

Pulitizer Prize Winner James R. Polk, investigative reporter for NBC News, will be 
the Political Science Club's keynote speaker during Law Day ceremonies to be held 
noon Friday (May 7) in the PAT. Polk won the prize in 1974 for national reporting 
for his Watergate coverage. He also received Sigma Delta .Chip's national 
reporting award the same year and the Clapper Award for Washington investigative 

A record-breaking 140 children attended Student Activities Cartoon Festival and 
Easter Egg Hunt April 17. 

KIT MISPLACED The sign-making kit belong- 
ing to the Student Activities Office has 
been misplaced. A speedy return would be 

WORKERS WANTED Persons interested in 
working for Ac's Day Camp program this 
summer may contact the Student Activities 
Office Monday between 2:30 and 4:30 p.m. 

NATIONAL MEETING Bart Smith will leave 
for Washintgon, D.C. this week to attend 
a meeting of the President's Committee on 
Employment of the Handicapped. Smith is 
chairman of Augusta's Architectural 
Barriers Committee. President Ford will 
oversee the session ou rtv^iientatlon of 
Awards including the naming of the Handi- 
capped American of the Year. 

NOMINATIONS INVITED AC has been invited 
to submit a candidate for th-r' 1976-77 Miss 
Stay 64 See America in Georgia Pageant to 
be held July 26 in Lenox Square. The 
pageant is sponsored by the Georgia Cham- 
ber of Commerce to find a young woman to 
represent the Chamber in its activities 
and promotions for a period of one year. 
Contestants are required to be unmarried, 
hold a College Queen or Sweetheart title 
and be willing to entertain before an 
audience. May 14 is the deadline. 
Applications are available at the Public 
Information Office, Rains Hall. 

GAMES GRAFFITI The AC Bookstore is now 
stocking Dr. Mary Anne Christenberry's 
book Games Graffiti: Language Arts 
Games To Make For Young C h ildren ." The 
games involve items found around the 
house or in the classroom. 

undergraduate research students pre- 
sented a paper at the Assn. of South"-' 
eastern Biologists' annual meeting last 
week in New Orleans. Gloria Polland 
and R.A. Pollard along with Dr. Harvey 
L. Stirewalt presented "Planktonic 
Responses to an Industrial Effluent." 
Dr. Stirewalt and R.S. Harvey of the 
Savannah River Laboratory presented a 
paper entitled "Some Effects of Elevated 
Temperatures on the Golden Shriner, 
Notemigonus crysoleucas ." 

Bowsher will present a paper this week 
in Budapest, Hungary, on I'Evolution of 
Ancient Metrological Units." The con- 
ference is being held during the 100th 
anniversary of the introduction of the 
Metric System into that country. 

THE ROLE OF DISSENT William Stringfellow, 
social critic, attorney and theologian, 
will speak at noon and 8:15 p.m. Tues- 
day in the Lecture Room as part of The 
Cullum Bicentennial Program on American 
Culture. Stringfellow is the author of 
A Public and Private Faith , Free in 
Obedience . Dissenter in a Great Society 
and Imposters of God . 

POEM PUBLISHED AC student Andrea 
Molinari has won an award of publication 
in The Ameilcan College Poets Anthology 
for her poem "Multiple Choice" for The 
Spring Concours 1976 . 

XVJ 'qriTO 37snw EqsnSnv 

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2 Abw 'Aepuns 

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a95U33 s"iuu9x B^snSriY 
'33BqS BU-t-[OJB3 qanog 
•SA mB3X sifuuax s,u3W 


•tu-d 00=8 

•m-d 00=1 
Xbw 'ABpan^BS 

•tn'd 00=6 
•in'd s-[:g 

•m-d 00:9 
•m*d 00=^7 

•m-d oC:T 
■[Tady '/CBPT^d 

g "MO 

'II ^JBd ,Jt^3 ®^ PuoiCag,, -m-d qC: 8 
XVJ ni^^MI 
3,uoa SBsaoH 4ooqs Xaqx,, 'm-d g-[:8 

S 'MO 
,,'3u-i3uo-[9a JO 9SU9S Vii '™'"^ 00-8 

"H'a * '^a '391 

'saTJ9S miTJ Aaas-fuigqo -m-d q£: ^ 

:j,uoa s9saoH 30oqs ^aqi,, *ui"d 00=9 
5 -qO ,/a95U90 in9q9-[M33a,, '^'^ 00= E 
a95U93 sTUuax B^snSny 
*9qB3s BU-F-[oaBO q^nog 
• SA raB9X st:uu9X s,U9mo/n 'm'd OO'I 

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QYO 'mooy 

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•H'a ' 'tua "391 'won 3? 

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„' quassia 30 3XOH 9qx„ 'ui-d gx:8 

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a93U93 STUU3X 
B3sn3nY * gasqg Suoa^s 
-may • sa uiBax S7UU9X s,u9;^ 'm'd 0C= I 
•H"a • "uia '^^T. 'ao-[-[3J 
-Su^a^s "JEfiXTM J3^B9ds 
„'3U9ss-ia ?o 9XOK aqi,, -m-d 00=31 

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uoou PT9q sq TIT" ^IT^o^os ^q^ly Bdde)! 

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uoou DTdo3 aqq 9q XIT" ,,sjaq5aT uo^q 

-BDTxddy puB samnsaa,, aaNiwvxa sawnsHH 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday, April 28, 1976 

No. 88 

AC Student MIGUEL CONESA, 23, won best of show for his painting "The Message" at the 
third annual Depot Arts Festival held April 24-25 in Thomson. MIGUEL'S painting, a 
$750 purchase award, will remain in Thomson for the future McDuffie County art 
collection. Other AC winners included JACK KING, whg^on first place in crafts 
($250) for a ceramic piece; and ANN BART0Ji,«-feh*ra^^ri2e\ in graphics (^75) for her 
silkscreen design. 

held at Bell Auditorium. She rece 
compete in the Miss Georgia Pageant 

pete in the 18th annual Richmond Cou 
in Augusta. 

6 last week in ceremonies 
ip and the opportunity .to 

of 15 contestants to com- 
pageant held last week-end 

Poet JAMES DICKEY is the next speaker in the Culluia Bicentennial Program on American 
Culture. He will read from selected works Tuesday at •.. 8:15 p.m. in the 
PAT. DICKEY is v/riter-inresidence and professor of English at the University 
of S.C. 

investigative reporter for NBC News, will 
address the Political Science Club's Law 
Day program noon Friday in the PAT. Polk 
received the 1974 Pulitzer Prize for 
national reporting for his Watergate 
coverage. He is a pol. sci, graduate of 
Indiana University and has been a 
Washington reporter for ten years. His 
other awards include Sigma Delta Chi's 
national reporting award and the Clapper 
Award for Washington investigative report- 
ing. POLK IS the reporter responsible 
for the story on Former Secretary of the 
Army HO^RD (BO) CALLAWAY'S alleged per- 
sonal intervention in seeking federal 
approval for expansion of his Colorado 
ski resort. 

POLLARD presented a paper at the recent 
Assn. of Southeastern Biologists' in New 
Orleans. Last week's Spotlight listed 
her as GLORIA POLLAND. The Spotlight 
regrets the error. 

awarded a National Endowment for the 
Humanities Summer Seminar Grant. The 
seminar will be held at the Graduate Cen- 
ter, N.Y.U. under the direction of art 

sented a research paper "Aspects of 
Teacher Discourse and Student Learning of 
a Mathematical Concept" at the recent 
National Council of Teachers of Mathe- 
matics annual conference in Atlanta. 

addressed the Psychology, Health, and 
Science classes at Evans High School 
recently concerning problems related to 
courtship, marriage, and divorce ... .DR. 
RUSS HOLLOMAN spoke to the Augusta Area 
Mental Health Assn. recently on "Becom- 
ing A Congruent Person." 

AUDITION DATE The Dept . of Fine Arts has 
announced the final audition for the 
Robert J. and Annie V. Maxwell Music 
Scholarship to be held 7 p.m. May 10 in 
the Rehearsal Hall. Interested persons 
who plan to major in music may apply by 
contacting DR. ELOY FOMINAYA. 

served as a guest lecturer in the Arm- 
strong State College series "Human 
Rights from 1776 to 1976." His topic was 
"Race and Minority Problems." The pur- 
pose of the program was to provide an 
opportunity for Orientals to become aware 
of human rights and values in a demo- 
cratic society regardless of race and 
cultural differences. The lecture was 
translated in Korean as most participants 
were Korean wives of U.S. servicemen. 

been notified that he has been accepted 
as a member of the Community Disputes 
Services Panel by the National Center 
for Dispute Settlement, a division of 
the American Arbitration Assn (AAA). 
Since 1968, the National Center has been 
adapting and applying peaceful dispute 
resolution techniques to volatile con- 
flicts in areas such as public employment, 
communities, consumer affairs, landlord- 
tenant relations, prisons, and other 
emerging areas of conflict. 




00 ••8 


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'naivHos vsn 'aNviwoa "a naa 'NaaoHa 

•1 laavsavw 'aaaaaa snv laaai 'vaHs.o 

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NAaHiw 'NosNHor 'a anaiin 'imH laaaoa 

NaAais 'AvrtNaaaD 'h mvJ 'iiaaavs vNioaa 

'Tionva aNiaaHivD Aavw 'siAva 'a ahiowix 

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raaart saSaixoO pue saTa-tsaaAjun UBDiaamY 

•aoiAvi '^ viHiNAD puB Aaisaa>iNvx "s 
3NixsiaH3 'Aaiaow "n NaaiHiv)! 'N3SNaxsia>i 


AHXOwix 'NMoaa *x viaKva 'aosaaia "a vanvi 

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saaqmaui jm eddg)! Tqa * SIAVO '3 AHXOWIX 

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q^-tms paBuaeg ax^aisa ' NliaOD IIIDDW VQNn 
•pjBMv UBiuaaH asTno^ Xjbh aa^sig -AVWOnOH 

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ijBads XTT'^ ''N'fl 3M5 03 aopBSSBqmy 'S'H. 

'•ar 'xx3NNaa A3iavx 'm aaan aoavssvaHv 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday ^ May 5, 1976 

No. 89 

majors, presented papers at the annual meeting of The Georgia Academy of Science held 
on the campus of Georgia Southwestern. Diver's paper, "Differentiation of X and (Y 
Spermatozoa Using A Florescent Dye," was selected "Best Undergraduate Paper" in the 
Psychology and Medicine Section. A biology alunnus , DERRICK WILCHER, was given the 
award for the "Best Graduate Paper" in the same section. Alumni JAMES C. MCPHERSON 
III and DAVID HEWETT, both at MCG, also presented psepers at the Academy. Upon 
Diver's return from the annual meeting, he was notified of his acceptance at the 
Medical College of Georgia this fall. A star-studded \';eekl 

"The Black Experience" will be SAMUEL D. PROCTOR'S topic noon and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday 
as part of The Cullum Bicentennial Program on American Culture. Dr. Proctor is the 
Martin Luther King Professor of Education at Rutgers University. He has served as 
president of Virginia Union University and NorjCh 'Carolina A 6e T State University; 
and has held administrative position s in thj Ti iH iii '^"I'l't . the National Council of 
Churches , and the Office of Econompc^TftnijC^'J-^'fee il the author of T he Young 
Negro in America . 196 -80 . Both t^lks are^iSfitij^uled foq Butler Hall's Lecture Room. 


MONDAY HOLIDAY AC will observe Independr.y 
ence Day on Monday, July 5. I iv 

Development Center for 3, A, and 5-yF3r- 
old children is now accepting applications 
for the 1976-77 school year. The fee 
schedule for college personnel: income 
under $10,000: $14.50 week half day; 
$20.50 week full day. Income over 
$10,000: $16.50 week half day; $22.50 
week full day. Non-college personnel, 
$16.50 week half day; $22.50 week full 
day. Fall term begins Sept. 20. The Cen- 
ter will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 
p.m. with a Morning Enrichment Session 
being held between 9 a.m. and noon. For 
further information, contact the Dept. 
of Psychology. 

HONOR'S BANQUET The ?rench Club Honors 
Banquet will be held noon Wednesday in 
the AC Towers with a special dinner pre- 
pared by COLETTE AVRIL, faculty advisor. 
On the menu will be Boeuf Bourguignon, 
Riz , and Bananes Flambees. A.jards will 
be given for Academic Achiev c-.vf.nt , Ser- 
vice, and Performance. Reset .ations may 
be made by calling Modern Languages 
Department. $2.50 

l^iPW^s WC 


will celebrate "Cream Puff Day" Friday 
with hourly performances of a scene from 
Moliere's "Les Femmes Savantes" in the 
Chateau. Performances will be held every 
hour on the hour from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
Cream Puffs will be sold following 
each performance. Junior and senior high 
school students have been invited to 
attend. Free. 

one -day workshop for the 
. rfarp/eSjSAonalL staff at the Regional Young 

'nBV^lopment|Center last Friday. A .. 
rkshops will be conducted 

at YDC by members of the Psychology 

Department's Clinic. 

served as judges recently during the 
Tenth District Miss Georgia Teen-Agetx 
Pageant held at the Thunderbird Inn. 

PERSONAL MASTERY Counseling for Persona 
Mastery, a seminar sponsored by AC, the 
Augusta Central Drug Clinic and the 
Augusta Area Mental Health Center will 
be held in the PAT May 25 cnnducted by 
DR. WAYNE DYER, noted teacher, lecturer, 
author, and therapist. The seminar will 
touch on many themes including living 
effectively, personal mastery, counsel- 
ing that works, useful strategies, 
enrichment between self -systems , and 
community systems, and how health crisis 
promote growth. The Office of Continu- 
ing Education, 828-3306, is accepting 
registrations. Fee: $15, 

STUDENT ART The third annual Student 
Art Show, sponsored by the Student Art 
Assn., will be held May 20 through June 
2 in the PAT Lobby. Graphics, paintings 
ceramics, and glass will be included 
in the exhibit. A reception will be 
held 7 p.m. May 19. 

ROMEO AND JULIET The AC Theatre, under 
the direction of KEITH COWLING, will 
present "Romeo and Juliet" Tuesday, 
Wednesday, and l-tey 19 at 8:30 p.m. in 
the PAT. Free to AC personnel; others, 
$2. Romeo will be played by HENRY 
is the same age as Juliet--14); ELLEN 
■ADAMS will play the nurse; VICTOR MAYE, 
Friar Laurence, CLYDE SISK, Benvolio, 
and JOHN KEENAN , Mercutio. 


93 '^0 „'m3tH 

91 Xejq 'Xepung 

g-[ Xbw 'Aepan^BS 

neaaeqa 'Abi^ qouaaj -ui-b qO-'6 

XYJ _/aauuog JOfunf,, -m-d ^^rg 

Xva „*asuuog aofunf,, -ui-d 00=9 

ijl Xbw 'ABpTaj; 

g -qo „'s3uTs uo-t3BN v„ '^'<^ 0C-"8 

u'ssaDong JO uieaaa 3MI„ ■™*<^ 00" 8 

Xva ,,*S303T<! ^SBH 3ATi,, -m'd 00=9 

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OVO '3 HW 'BJnqoai SWIS '^'^ 0£- L 

DVD 'e HI 'sanaoai sKIS '^u'd OC^I 

OY *33nbuBg sJtouoH qauaj^ .'m* d OO^ZT 

'£ -ma 'u^poo usaf aai^Bads 

,/qof -[Baspsj V 3^3 ^I "0H„ 'in-d 00= 31 

3-[ iCew '/Cepsaupart 
(31 ^BH os-[B) 

XVd „'39TI"f pup osinoa,, -iii'd oC:8 

•H'9 ' 'CDH "391 

„'aDUd-tj[9dx3 JiOBxa sqi,, 'ui-d giiQ 
•HT9 ' "uia 'OBq, 
'ao^oojj 'Q -[aniDBS a9>iB9ds 

,,'30U3T.i9dxa ^iDBig aqx„ 'tn'd 00=31 

XI Xbw 'ABpsanx 

g -qD ..'-ussv Tumniv DV„ '""'^ 00 = 8 
aaiuso sTuuax BqsnSny 
(11-01 ^BW) 3U9mBuanox 

01 A^K *XBpuow 

HvaraivD s.Maan sihx 

•X^unoQ puomqoja Jo ^a-4S9Jo^ ssjn 

9^61 pauMoao A^^UBDaa sbai aiaiJDNIHIS 


qugpn^s Jo s^TJJO 9M3 3B a^qEXTBAB 

wou aJB diUBO XbQ aaiutang s,aBaX sfq^ 

joj sxB-taauBm uoTjBa^s-rSaa aj-jvD HaWWilS 

•U073BUIJOJU7 aaq^anj 

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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

Written Wednesday, May 12 

Mathematics major Rita Monsalvatge is the recipient of the CRC Fr' 

Achievement Award, the Dept. of Chemistry & Physics announces. S 

the chemistry faculty who judged her to be "the outstanding fresh 

dent at Augusta College." She is a Faculty Scholar and was tho valWicipjjjjfji, 

year at Wests ide High. 

The Zeta Tau Alpha International Fraternity for Women has annouiiced""lts new initiates: 
Linda Bryant, Cindy Cottle, Carol Greene, Ginger Long, and Sandra Plunkett, who was 
also given the best pledge award. 

All students who have taken French are invited to compete in the Modern Languages 
Department's French word contest, "Rimons sans Raison," ("Let's rhyme without 
reason") Friday at 10 a,m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. in Markert Hall Room 17. Prizes will 
be given, according to Mary-Kathleen Gernant, who can provide further details. 

Summer Day Camp for children from 4-12 begins June 21 with weekly sessions continu- 
ing through Aug. 13. AC children, $15 per week. Others, $20. 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
daily includes breakfast, lunch, swimming, games, field trips, arts and crafts. 
Registration forms are at the Office of Student Activities, 828-3806. 

Area will be the site for Field Day Sat- 
urday from noon to 6 p.m. A live band 
will entertain and various games involv- 
ing competition will be held. The spon- 
soring Student Activities Office asks 
students to bring their own coolers and 
beach towels. 

ELECTED Charles Freeman has been elected 
to the Board of Directors of the Greater 
Augusta Advertising Club. .. .William H. 
Rodimon has been elected to a second 
three-year tern on the Board of Directors 
of the Augusta Chapter, American Red ., 

FRENCH DINNER Students of Mary -Kathleen 
Gemant recently enjoyed a French dinner 
at her home. On the menu were hors-d' 
oeuvres , crepes jambon, salad, and vari- 
ous dessert crepes. 

JACOBS RECITAL Vola Jacob 'e vacent 
piano recital at the Ashevillo. (N.C.) 
Symphony's last concert of the season 
drew rave reviews in the Asheville 
Citizen . "From the moment of her first 
powerful entry in the Edward MacDowell 
Concerto No. 2 in D Minor for Piano and 
Orchestra, it was obvious that the per- 
formance would belong to Vola O'Connor 
Jacobs, the soloist ,. .Miss Jacobs gave 
a no-holds -barred abandon to the very 
romantic work and made the most of the 
lush, singing passages given to the 
soloist..." the reviewer wrote. 

JUDGES Dr. Sam Duncan, Dr. Robert 
Hilliard, and Keith Cowling served as 
judges recently for The Optimist District 
Oratorical Contest held in Augusta, Dr. 
Hilliard served on the Southern Assn. of 
Colleges and Schools Committee to evalu- 
ate T. W. Josey High School. 

LIBRARY HOURS The regular schedule will 
be observed through June 8. June 9-10, 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; June 11, Registration, 
7:45 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.; June 12-13, closed; 
June 14-18, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; June 19-20, 
closed; June 21, begin regular schedule 
for summer quarter at 7:45 a.m. 

WOMAN'S HAPPINESS "The Pursuit of Happi- 
ness and the American Woman" will be the 
topic noon and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday in the 
Lecture Room. Anne Firor Scott, who 
served on the President's Advisory Coun- 
cil on the Status of Women, 1964-69; and 
is now Duke University Professorof- History, 
will be the speaker. Her books include 
Jane Addams , Democracy and Social Ethics ; 
The Southern Lady , Women in American Life , 
The American Woman: Who Was She , and One 
Half the People . Ms. Scott's talk is part 
of the Cullum Bicentennial Program on 
American Culture. 

SCHAEFFER RECITAL Dr. John G. Schaeffer 
will present a recital--"Organ Music in 
20th Century America: A Consideration" 
Thursday at 8:15 p.m. in the Reid Memor- 
ial Presbyterian Church bringing to a 
close the Cullum Bicentennial Program. Dr. 
Schaeffer, assistant professor of fine 
arts, earned the bachelor's and master's 
degrees of music from the Univ. of 
Michigan and the Doctor of Musical Arts 
from the Univ. of Illinois. 


■Ba^saqoao ^uoqdujKg EasnSny 9155 jo saaqoiam 

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XBpsanx "lo'd OC^S aa33U03 Sux^dg b 3uas 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF : MA.Y 24 - MAY 30 

Written May 20, 1976 

No. 91 

Former students of the Junior College of Augusta and Augusta College will be return- 
ing to campus Saturday night for the annual meeting of the Augusta College Alumni 
Assn. Faculty are also invited to attend the meeting which will begin with a social 
hour at 7 p.m. in the College Activities Center. Dinner will follow at 8. A high- 
light of the evening will be the recognition of 1976 's Distinguished Alumna or 
Alumnus. Officers and new board members will also be named. Reservations ($5 per 
person) are now being accepted by the Office of College and Public Services, 

The Community Clothing Shop, 1854 Broad St., a non-profit store sponsored by local 
churches, supplies the poor with clothes and shoes at minimal prices. Augusta 
College has been asked to assist by contributing adult and children's clothes and 
shoes. A box will be placed in the CAC Lobby for collection. Shirts are sold for 
15c, dresses, 25^, etc. To purchase children's clothes, referral cards are neces- 
sary and are available in the Office of Student Activities. 

All Library materials are due by June 2. No exceptions. 

STUDENT ART The third annual Student Art 
Exhibition is underway in the PAT Lobby 
sponsored by the AC Art Assn. Graphics, 
paintings, and three-dimensional works 
will be on display through June 2. Stud- 
ent artists include KATHLEEN OGLE, ANNE 



NEW MEMBERS The Alpha Delta Pi Sorority 
has welcomed four new sisters and five 
pledges. The four initiated fall quarter 
five new pledges are TERI ANDERSON, 

SUMMER CAMP AC will begin its fifth 
annual Summer Day Camp program for Augusta 
children from 4-12 years of age on June 21. 
Eight weekly sessions will be held M-F 
from June 21 to August 13 on campus. Hours 
are from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Children may 
attend any or all of the sessions. Acti- 
vities include swimming, outdoor games, 
field trips, and arts and crafts. In 
addition, breakfast, and lunch will be 
served in the CAC. Ac children, $15 
per week; community children, $20. 

LIBRARY HOURS The regular schedule will be 
observed through June 8. June 9-10, 8 
a.m. -5 p.m.; June 11, Registration, 7:45 
a.m. -8:30 p.m.; June 12313, Closed; June 
14-18, 8 a.m. -5 p.m.; June 19-20, Closed; 
June 21, regular schedule, 7:45 a.m. 


Monday, May 24 

8:00 p.m. "Augusta Downtown Revit- 
alization," Ch. 5 

Tuesday, May 25 

8:00 a.m. Counseling for Personal 

Mastery Seminar, Lee. Hall 

3:00 p.m. Tri Beta Biological Honor 
Society Initiation Cere- 
mony , Rm . 7 , B .H . 

7:30 p.m. AC Choir, PAT 

Thursday, May 27 

3:00 p.m. "Augusta Downtown Revit- 

alization," Ch. 5 
8:00 p.m. "The Fruits of Wisdom," Ch.5 
8:30 p.m. "Prelude to Taps," Ch. 5 

Saturday, May 29 

7:00 p.m. Alumni Assn. Annual" Meeting, 



MAY 241976 

AU<iUSrA, 6k./iNiA 



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aoj 3U9UJEuano3 ^\o% e SuTuuBid sT a^TJJO 

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•agji •II^H aai^ng jo uiooa pan^oai aq^ 

u-f XbptJjI -lu'd oe:^ 'sautddTiTqcT ^qi "^o-^J 

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*nu9uijaBdaa qsuSua *J9T;nK 

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'puasuwox ang Xaaaf -jq uioaj 3173-430 

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pun /^DTx^^^^ P"^ mopaaaj xenpfAfpuT jo s^daouoo aqa paqsxaaqo 

sjaq3Bi[ Sutpunoi jno 'pxo jo Suno^ • saT^ua/^^ Jtsq^ ^T ^^bi\ aaaq^ 

puB sax^axq^ ^Tsq^ UT s^sn uaajx^s 'saauSis S3T JO puB 5 aaaq^ 

-A^JTq^ se« aouapuadapui jo uoT^BJBXoaa J'no jo Joq^nB aqx * aSe 

JO flaBa^C X3uaA\:i usqa ssax sbm uoxqBxndod ano jo jx^q o^b saca/C 

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puB sjaqqtJj SuTpuno^ ano jo msajp aq3 jo uox^Bzxxeaa SuTnuxauoD 

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•3uamxxTJT"J-3I3s aoj sax^Tun^aoddo 

Aau snsjnd 03 puB guoxuxdo anoX ssaadxa 03 'aoxoqo anoX jo 

saxpn3s aq3 ut aSB§ua 03 mopaajj aq3 pa3SB3 aABq no^ 'XoBgax 

3Baa§ sTq3 jo saTJBX^TJ^u^q ^^.^ uaaq aABq nox 'pauoxsxAua 

Xaq3 i^^axoos aq3 uo no38aq 03 3q3nos saaq3Bj guxpuno^ ano 

s§uxssaxq 3Baa§ aq3 jo auo ax aSpax^'^om} ansand 03 tnopaaaj aqx 

:saivriavao aoanoo 9^61 am 01 craoa iNaaisana wona HaiiaT Naao nv 


Deadline for CQjM(-».W«Hresday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday, May 26, 1976 

No. 92 

Field Day was "very successful" reports Student Activities officials, who attributed 
its success to Amy Chance, Pam McNorrill, and Ellen Prather for all their hard work. 
Winners of the "Damsel in Distress" game were Bruce Schofield, Murray Anderson, and 
Teresa Bailey. John Keenan won the watermelon eating contest and the Tug of War 
game was won by The Choir "and gang." 

The Dept. of Fine Arts has designated two incoming freshman music raajoia uo the 
Robert J. and Annie V. Maxwell Music Scholars for 1976. They are David Peters, 
clarinetist of Augusta; and Robert McNair, violinist, of Aiken. 

The Library's regular schedule will continue through June. 8. June 9-10 (8 a.m. -5 
p.m.); June 11, (Registration 7:4.5 a.m. -8:30 p.m.); June 12-13 (Closed); June 14-18 
('8 a.m. -5 p.m.); June 19-20 (Closed) and June 21 (Begin regular schedule for summer 
quarter at 7:45 a.m.). 

ALUMIU HONORED The following alumni have 
been accepted for inclusion in the 1976 
edition of Outstanding Young Mf^n nf 
America, a program sponsored by the U.S. 
Jaycees. Named were William A. Lovett, 
past president of the Alumni Association; 
Steven L. Mooney, and James R. Turner, 
all of Augusta; Dr. James M. Ford, 
North Augusta; Stephen C. Brown, Elkhart, 
Ind., Richard J. Carter, Lilbum, Ga.; 
and Kenneth Korach, Roslindale, Mass. 

BUSINESSWOMEN Dr. Russ Holloman spoke 
to the Augusta Group, National Assn. of 
Bank Women, on "Making Organizations 
Human: The Opportunities and Responsi- 
bilities of Women." 

CAMPUS SPEAKER Admissions Director Dr. 
Don Smith addressed the Breakfast 
Optimist Club last Wednesday on local 
and national enrollment trends and pro- 

NEW FACES The following new employees 
are being welcomed to campus : Kathy 
Whitaker, R.O.T.C.; Betty Patton, Bus. 
Adm.; Roxanne Padgett, Veterans Affairs; 
Debbie Carroll, Physical Education; Wally 
Hitchcock, Michael Crean, Joe Johnson, 
Richard Taylor, Richard Thomas, and Oasie 
RawlG, all of plant operations. Return- 
ing to campus are former employees Dell 
Hardy, who is returning to the Pro- 
curement Office where she worked from 
1970-73, and Linda Faircloth in 
Psychology, who worked in Business 
Administration from 1966-75. 

Pfadenhauer, a member of the Class of 
'67, was named Distinguished Alumna for 
1976 by the AC Alumni Assn. who honored 
her Saturday night at its annual meeting. 
The 74-year-old Augustan, a retired free- 
lance writer, historian, and lecturer, 
began her activie-. career in 1925 at the 
old Augusta Arsenal "which was my home 
for 29% years." She retired in 1963, 
entered AC, and graduated with honors in 
Ac's first baccalaureate class. In other 
action, John Trulock was elected new 
Association president along with Jan:es 
Walker, vice-president; Betty Blissit, 
secretary, and Earl.e Maddocks, treasurer. 

tinuing Education's instructor for Bass 
Fishing, has been spotlighted by the 
Savannah River Plant News in its most 
recent issue. The SRP employee has been 
teaching Bass Fishing at AC for the past 
several years. Griffin holds the title 
"Mr Bass" in the Clark Hill Bass Masters, 
the local branch of the Bas^ Anglers 
Sportsmans Society. 

PRE SCHOOL PROGRAM An innovative pre- 
school program for children from 3-6 will 
be held this summer at Trinity On -The - 
Hill Methodist Church sponsored by the 
AC Dept. of Education. The five-week 
program begins June 21 and will be held 
daily from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Tui- 
tion will be $35. Call Mrs, Ivey at 
Trinity, 738-7928 during the day, and 
733-6678 during evening hours. The pro- 
gram is under the direction of Dr. Mary 
Anne Chris tenberry. 


jno5 9q5 9uTpn-[DUT saaqmaui n i° pasoduioo sj pJBOg 3AT:jnoaxH oqi -Js^ni^M sauiBf puB 

'asuanx sauiBf «iloo-[n.ix uqof 'uemoxos J^xve^ 'aanequspeja XaBJOOw i^qny ' Xauoow SAaas 

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uqof ''ar 'sauaea uqor * soi^BUO^uv siaqo u-fof txT^ saaufmou uaAas aqi -aa^iB^Tq^ 

•g -g puB :>i30XToa -g "3 ' saa^w -y uqof ' sa/^BR • i\ "j a3B-[daj 0:1 917, jaSufuuBw 

sinoi -J pUB '89, SBUioqi lauimnH Biiaqs 'o^, I^aN '-a qdasof '89, ""^^a wibtxTTM 

T papnxouT saauTmou na^ ' L9 , ^aaJ^saaAQ 'o "f puB '/I9, aaqBgow eqa^BW sbw sb 

pqBUTUiouaj sbw '317, ^TSSTig ^333g 'uo-p^BTDOGSv 3q3 ?o 3uT:jaam xcnuuB s,XBpan^Bs 5b 

paounouuB ajaw -ussv TuamiV 3V ^M^ 3° P-^Bog aAx^noax^j aq^ aoj saauTuiou s,aBaX sTqi 

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suos aqa pa^uasaad sba suosaBj ^aaqaaR "daoo ^apsD pue taBaX aqu 3uTanp XouaioTJoad 
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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday, June 2, 1976 

No. 93 

President James G. Bond of California State University at Sacramento will be the 
Commencement speaker for AC's 10th Spring Commencement as a senior unit of the Univ- 
ersity System. Associate, baccalaureate and master's degrees are to be conferred 
including — for the first time--the Master of Science degree with a major in psy- 
chology. Approximately 365 seniors filed for graduation including 50 candidates for 
master's degrees. Commencement begins 3 p.m. Sunday (June 13) at Bell Auditorium. 
Harry Dolyniuk will serve as Faculty Marshall. 

Ac s Early Learning Program, sponsored by the Education Department, will be held at 
Trinity On-The-Hill Kindergarten June 21 to July 23. Approximately 35 more pre- 
schoolers will be accepted for the morning program. The program is open to all 
children between the ages of 3-6. Tuition is $35. Contact Mrs. Ivey at 733-6678 to 

The Summer Day Camp program is "filling-up" according to utudent Activities. The 
camp is for children from 4-12 and will be held daily from June 21 to August 13 on 
campus. Hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Children may attend any or all of the 
sessions. Breakfast, lunch, swimming, games, field trips, and arts and crafts are 
planned. AC children, $15 per week; community children, $20. Call the Office of 
Student Activities, 828-3806. 

RECITAL SET The Fine Arts Dept. will pre- 
sent Patricia Abasolo, soprano, in a 
Senior Recital 8:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 
PAT. Accompanying her will be Pianist 
Howard Simpers. The recital will include 
works by Purcell, Handel, Mozart, Schumann, 
von Weber, Faure, and Copland. She 
received a merit award from the Music 
Teachers National Assn. for being a 
national finalist in the Association's 
■fimual Collegiate Artist Competition, held 
recently in Texas. She was the winner of 
the MINA Southern Division competition 
held this year in Jackson, Miss. She also 
was recently awarded a New England Con- 
servatory of Music scholarship, given on 
the basis of a personal audition and 
academic record. The recital is free and 
open to the public. 

BUSINESSES' ROLE Dr. Ralph Walker and Dr. 
Russ Holloman were to have left Sunday to 
participate in the Conference on Businesses' 
Role and Responsibility in Modern Society 
to be held on the campus of The Catholic 
University of America June 6-17 in 
Washington, D.C. The aim of the Confer- 
ence is to enhance teaching and research 
involving businesses' social responsi- 
bility. The conference will explore some 
of the major issues involving businesses' 
role and responsibility in modern society, 
examine approaches to teaching these 
issues, and identify areas of needed 

PRINT SHOW A Print Show by Mary Lee 
Cooper of Lincolnton has been scheduled 
for display June 8-30 in the PAT Lobby. 

Chamber of Commerce of Greater Augusta, 
Graeme Keith, president, Georgia Rail- 
road Bank & Trust Co., and Mayor Lewis 
A. Newman were the final speakers last 
week in a graduate-level course 
entitled "The Role of Business in the 
U.S. Economy" attended by 30 local 
educators. The four-month long course, 
was co-sponsored by Continental Can Co. 
and the Augusta Center for Economic 
Education. A student opinion survey 
was taken to measure the teachers opin- 
ions of business and its role in the 
economy. Information concerning the 
course and its results may be obtained 
by contacting Dr. Frank Hodges, Director, 
Center for Economic Education at AC. 

SUMMER HOURS The Library's summer quar- 
ter hours: Sunday, 2 p.m. -10:30 p.m.; 
Monday through Thursday, 7:45 a.m. -10:30 
p.m.; Friday, 7:45 a.m. -5 p.m. Saturday, 
9:30 a.m. -5 p.m. Closed July 4-5... The 
Bookstore hours this week: June 8, 7:45 
a.m. -7 p.m.; June 9-18, 7:45 a.m. -4:15 
p .m. 

JULY DEADLINE Applications for a tui- 
tion scholarship for students enrolled 
in ROTC will be accepted through July 
1 for fall quarter, the Military Science 
Dept. announces. The scholarship will 
be awarded by the Ft. Gordon -Augusta 
Chapter of the Armed Forces Communica- 
tions Electronic Assn. to the most 
qualified male or female cadet based on 
academic ability and financial need. 
Contact the MS Department for details. 


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uf saSaxxoD idojj saaqmam /C^x"^^^? anoj 30 

HvaraiVO S,^33M SIHi 3U0 ST JamoD ejuaSna SONIlNlVd SXiaiHX3 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week ■ Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 



FOR WEEK OF: JUNE L4 - JUNE 20 Written Wednesday-, J^tmi 9, 1975 

No. 94 

The Book Exchange, located in the lobby of the College Activities Center, will be open 
June 21-25 for students to buy and sell used books. Students may pick up unsold book.- 
or money on June 28. From July 6-16 the Exchange will move to the Student Activities 

Ac's Early Learning Program, to be held at the Trinity On-The-Hill Church Kindergarten 
beginning June 21, is under the sponsorship of the Dept . of Education. Late registra- 
tions are now being accepted for the five -week morning program. Contact Mrs. Ivey 
at 733-6678 or Dr. Mary Anne Christenberry, program director, for specifics. 

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), formerly the Admission Test for Gradu- 
ate Study in Business, will be offered here July 10. The closing date for advance 
registration is June 18. Walk-ins must submit a completed GKAT registration form and ' 
pay the regular test fee of $12.50 plus an additional $10 service fee. GM^T registra- 
tion forms are available in the AC Department of Business Administration. 

SEEKS BOARD POST Dr. C. Russell Holloman 
has announced he will run for the Evans 
District Seat of the Columbia County Board 
of Education. Holloman, in accounting hie 
campaign, said the county's most immediate 
concern should be "modern, adequate school 
buildings that provide a conducive learn- 
ing environment." 

RecEB'ES degree Jane Terry (Mrs. Tom) 
Ramage was among graduates Sunday at Ac's 
tenth senior commencement. The wife of 
Dr. Ramage received the Master of Education 
degree in Reading. 

GOLF DEADLINE SET June 21 is the deadline 
for faculty members to sign up for the 
June 25th Bicentennial Golf Tournament to 
be held at the Persimmon Hills Golf Course 
in South Carolina. To date, reports 
Coordinator Roscoe Williams, seven teams 
have signed up. Defending their Spring 
championship will be Pete Galloway, Jerry 
Sue Townsend and Jim Blckert. The latest 
entry is Dr. George A. Christenberry. 

ON LEAVE Nopi Barnard, assistant to W. H. 
Rodlmon, director of College and Public 
Services, will take an extended leave of 
absence in order to assist her husbani"!, 
Doug, in his bid for the Tenth Congressional 
District seat. 

PRESIDENTS' WIVES The third of a four-part 
series on wives of U.S. Presidents may be 
seen 1 p.m. June 20 on Channel 26 on 
Augusta College Presents. This segment wiU 
feature the time from Frances Folsom, who 
was married to Grover Cleveland, and con- 
tinue through Bess Truman, 1945-53. Other 
showings are June 21 at 8 p.m. and June 24 
at 3 p.m. on Channel 5. 

ROTC "The Soldiers Heritage" may be seen 
8:30 p.m. Thursday on Ch. 5 sponsored by 
the AC ROTC. 


Monday, June 14 

8:00 p.m. "The Presidents' Ladies, 
Part II," Ch. 5 
Flag Day 

Augusta College Cafeteria 
will be closed June 14-17 

Tuesday, June 15 

1:30 p.m. SIMS, CAC (also 7:30 p.m.) 

Thursday, June 1? 

3:00 p.m. "The Presidents' Ladies, 

Part II," Ch. 5 
7:30 p.m. Augusta Deanery Euchartscic 
Celebration, PAT 

Saturday, June 19 

College Library will be 
closed June 19-20 

Sunday, June 20 

Father's Day 
1:00 p.m. "The Presidents' Ladies, 
Part III," eh; 5. 

REGENTS MEET Dr. Janice B. Turner was 
named last Wednesday to chair the Dept. of 
Chemistry and Physics by the Board of 
Regents at its regular meeting. In other 
news, the Board authorized the purchase 
of the U.S. Army Reserve Center on Walton 
Way for $662,000. The Board will request 
the Georgia State Financing and Investment 
Commission to insert a project in the 
Series 1976-D Commission Bond Issue for 
the purchase of the Center. Regents also 
approved the Statutes and Bylaws of the 
College, submitted by President 








Deadline for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hail 

Written Thursday, June 17, 1976 

No. 95 

Student Activities' Summer Day Camp got underway Monday morning with dozens of 
Augusta children ranging in age from 4-12 on campus to enjoy the 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
daily program. Children may attend any or all of the ssssiona. Planned are field 
trips, arts and crafts, outdoor games, and swimming. Breakfast and lunch are to be 
served each day in the CAC Cafeteria. Contact the Office of Student Activities, 
828-3806, in order to register. ($15 per week for AC children, $20 per week for com- 
munity children). Another program for children to be operated by Ac's Dept. of Edu- 
cation also got underway Monday. The Early Learning Program for pre-schoolers 3-6 is 
meeting daily at the Trinity On-The-Hill Kindergarten under the direction of ^ . 
Dr, Mary Anne Christenberry. The morning program will continue for the next five 
weeks . 

The Academic Dean's Office is preparing a handbook for use by department chair- 
persons and other departmental members. The purpose of the handbool^, according to 
Jack McNeal, is to provide information concerning the various types of forms that are 
used within the College as well as providing information concerning various proced- 
ures that may be of interest to the departments. 

POOL OPENS The AC swimming pool reopened 
Monday with the beginning of Summer Quar- 
ter. Pool hours are from 2 p.m. to 4:30 
p.m. Monday through Saturday. The pool 
will be open to AC faculty, staff, stud- 
ents, and their dependents, and MCG 
faculty only. 

LIBRARY HOURS The Library will resume its 
regular schedule for the Summer Quarter 
Monday at 7:45 a.m. An exception will 
be Friday when hours will be from 7:45 
a.m. to 10:30 p.m. 

BOOK STORE HOURS This week's Book Score 
hours: Monday and Tuesday, 7:45 a.m.- 
8:30 p.m. (book rush); Wednesday and 
Thursday, 7:45 a.m. -5:45 p.m.; Friday, 
7:45 a.m. -noon when it will be closed for 
inventory. Regular hours begin June 28. 
Monday -Thursday, 7:45 a.m. -5:45 p, 
Friday, 7:45 a.m. -3:15 p.m. 


GMAT IN JULY The Graduate Management 
Admission Test (GKAT), formerly the 
ATGSB, will be offered here July 10. 
Candidates who have not registered in 
advance may be tested by submitting a 
completed GMAT registration r.-.-c-. and pay 
the regular test fee plus an additional 
service fee. GMAT registration forms are 
available in the Dept. of Business Adrainis 
t rat ion. 

JOINS GP William A. Lovett , immediate 
past president of the Ac Alumni Assn., 
has joined the public relations staff of 
Georgia-Pacific's Southern division 
headquarters in Augusta. He formerly was 
assistant marketing officer for the First 
National Bank of Augusta. 


Monday, June 21 

Classes Begin 
Babysitting Service Begins 
Education Dept. Pre -School Pro- 
gram Begins 

2:00- pl.5fl.«4:30 p.m. AC Pool Open 

7:30 p.m. SIMS, TR 3, CAC 

8:00 p.m. "The Presidents ' Ladies, Part 
III," Ch. 5 

Tuesday, June 22 
7:30 p.m. SIMS, TR 3, CAC 

Wednesday, June 23 

Last Day For Late Registration 
6:00 p.m. "Hamlet," PAT 
8:15 p.m. "Hamlet," PAT 

Thursday, June 24 
3:00 p.m. "The Presidents' Ladies, Part 

III," Ch. 5 
8:30 p,m. "The Winds of Change," Ch. 5 

Friday, June 25 

Last Day To Buy Books From 

Book Exchange 
11:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m. Chess Club, Study 

Room, CAC 

Sunday, June 27 
1:00 p.m. "The Presidents' Ladies, Part 
IV, Mamie Doud Eisenhower, 
1961, to Betty Ford, 1976," 
Ch. 26 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday, June 23, 1976 

No. 96 

William A. Snyder, currently working toward a bachelor of science degree in history 
here, has announced his candidacy for the 89th District seat in the 
Representatives. Snyder is a teacher at Augusta Christian Academy. I Th^ '24-year-o 
will oppose Donald Cheeks in the Democratic primary in August. 

A number of non-credit short courses offered by the Office of Conti LuingJtiM(aQ.i976 
are underway this week. Interior Design begins Tuesday and continues through Aug. 3 
ilZ.l r^^:u'J°'' ^"'^ Tuesdays. Jewelle Fiske, A.I.D., is the inst ruciMM^UsW.ire- ., 
Formed Cloth Flower Making begins Wednesday and continues through A ,g. 18 fo^ a total 
ot eight Wednesdays. Celine Dexter is the instructor from 9-11 i m\ rilj„nrmrinr Fm 


oid^ 1 

The Formerly Married will begin Monday and continue for six Mondays through Aug. 2 
in Room C-7 Skinner Hall. Dr. Beverly Standahl is the instructor. Mysticism and 
^stroiogy will begin Tuesday and continue for eight Tuesdays through Aug. 17 in 
wnT hi: ^/T^^ Building. Dr. Fred Bowsher is the instructor for the course which 

lii oe held from 8-10 p.m. Simulation Games for Social Science Education begins 
Han ^^P^"? continues for six Tuesday nights through Aug. 3 in Room Nine, Butler 

t,' Wll Reichel is the instructor. Further information from the Continuing Edu- 
cation Office, 828-3306. 

BOOKSTORE HOURS Regular hours will resume 
Monday (June 28), Monday-Thursday, 7:45 
a.m. -5:45 p.m.; Friday, 7:45 a.m. -3:15 

SUMMER HOURS The Library's Summer Quarter 
hours: Sunday, 2-10:30 p.m.; Monday 
through Thursday, 7:45 a.m. -10:30 p.m.; 
Friday, 7:45 a.m. -5 p.m. except on the 
following Fridays: July 9, July 16, July 

7n on ^ ''^^^ ^°'^''^ ''^^^ ^e 7:45 a.m.- 
10:30 p.m. Saturday: 9:30 a.m. -5 p.m. 
The Library will be closed July 4-5. 
Summer school schedule ends Aug. 20. 

ID PICTURES For those students who 
registered late, Monday (June 28) will be 
the last day for ID pictures to be taken. 
Faculty and staff ID pictures will be 
made June 29-July 2. 

POETRY READING Keith Cowling's AC Theatre 
will present a program entitled "Patriotic 
Poetry-Reading and Music" Friday (July 2) 
in the PAT. "Everyone is welcome," 
Cowling said. 

COMPLETE SERIES The AC summer film series : 
June 28: Cyrano De Bergerac , June 30: 
Othello; July 7: The Magnificent Amber- 
sons; July 14: A Streetcar Named Desire; 
July 16: Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf; 
July 21: Love Story; July 26: Hours of 
Usher; July 28: The Loneliness of The 
Long Distance Runner; August 4: Shane; 
August 6: Magnum Force; August 12: 
Deliverance. (6 and 8:15 p.m. in the 
Performing Arts Theatre.) 


Monday, June 28 

6:00 p.m. "Cyrano De Bergerac," PAT 
8:00 p.m. "The Presidents' Ladies, 

Part IV," Ch. 5 
8:15 p.m. "Cyrano De Bergerac," PAT 

Wednesday, June 30 

6:00 p.m. "Othello," PAT 
8:15 p.m. "Othello," PAT 

Thursday, July 1 

3:00 p.m. "The Presidents' Ladies, 

Part IV," Ch. 5 
8:30 p.m. "The Faces of Evil," 

Ch. 5 

Friday, July 2 

11:00 a.m.- Chess Club, Study Room, 
4:00 p.m. CAC 

7:30 p.m. "Patriotic Poetry-Reading 
and Music," PAT 

Sunday, July 4 


Independence Day 

"Let Freedom RingI" Ch. 







Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - oSTTSnf^SlSsHar 


Written Wednesday, June 30, 1976 No. 97 

The first concert of the Southeastern Horiilsts Guild will be given at the PAT 3 p.m. 
Sunday (July 11). The program will consist of music from the Baroque, Ronantlc, and 
20th Century periods, including several arrangements of novelties for various com- 
binations of French Horns and Tuba. Members of the Augusta Symphony Orchestra, 
Columbia Philharmonic, Charleston Symphony, and students and faculty from AC, Univ. 
of S.C. and Miami University have rehearsed together to perform the concert here Sun- 
day, July 11, and at the Univ. of S.C. in Columbia on Monday. The public is invited. 

Three AC alumni were recently featured in the North Augusta Bicentennial Commission's 
production of "The Music Man." Deborah Severance played the female lead role of 
piano teacher Marian (The Librarian) Paroo; Matt Stovall played the part of Marcellus 
Washburn, and Jim Stovall, his father, played the part of Mayor Shinn. 

STUDENT FLAG A special hand-sewn flag FILM WEDNESDAY The AC Summer Film Series 

made by student Elizabeth Goad of Aiken, continues Wednesday night with two show- 

S.C., graced the AC flagpole Sunday, July ings of "The Magnificent Ambersons." The 

4th. The flag was made from a description 88-minute movie is directed by Orson 

of one flown off the coast of Savannah in Welles and stars Joseph Gotten, Agnes 

the early 1700's, Miss Goad said, and is Moorehead, Dolores Costello, and Tim Holt, 
believed to have been the earliest Georgia "Orson Welles' vivid imagination turns this 

flag. The description was found in the film into a classic of cinematic inven- 

State Archives, she said. The |lag was tlon; a story of the declining magnifl- 

made as a class project for Dr. Edward J. cence of the American dynasty, where the 

Cashln's Cullum Bicentennial Program on 
American Culture. 

FACULTY WINNERS The faculty team of 
Christenberry, Crenshaw, and Hobbs was 
first place winners (five under par) in 
the recent Bicentennial Golf Classic at 

individual was forced to change to meet 
the new socio-economic world head on... 
states the movie guide. 

STUDENT DELEGATE Political Science Major 
Gloria Dittus has been selected to serve 
as an alternate delegate for the upcoming 

Permission Hills. Second place (even par) Republlcnn National Convention. She is 
went to the team of Galloway, Maynard, one of f ur college Republican alternates 
and Bickert (by virtue of a technical and is the youngest Republican alternate 
ruling), and third place (even par) to the ever from Georgia. The 20-year old was 

team of Thomas, Moon, and Thles . 

KITTIES AVAILABLE Lively kittens free to 
good home. Also one grown spotted cat. 

nominated by Augustan Bob Beckham at the 
state GOP convention in Savannah when an 
appointed alternate dropped out. 

students at Augusta College — and one 
already enrolled — have been awarded 
scholarships by the Exchange Club of 
Augusta. Scholarships are awarded 
annually under the William M. Lester 
Scholarship Fund for which the Exchange 
Club allots $25,000. The AC scholarship 
recipients are Bruce Carlton Beggs , 
Lincoln County High School; Barbara 
Brownlee, Glenn Hills High; Lenaan 
Cassalino, Glenn Hills High; Dennis Alan 
Conrad, Richmond Academy ; Sophie Marie 
Dean, Aquinas High; Valera Lucile Hudson, 
Hephzibah High; Dawn Phillips, Weststde 
High; Leigh Ann Puryear, North Augusta 
High; and Nancy Diane Usry, who is enrolled. 
The new scholarships brings to 42 the 
number of scholars being subsidized by 
the Exchange Club. 

BOOKS ARRIVE "A History of Augusta 
College" by Dr. Edward J. Cashin, Jr. 
with Dr. Helen Callahan has arrived at the 
Office of College and Public Services and 
is being mailed to those who pre-ordered 
their copies several months ago. The 
15-chapter volume was printed for the 
Augusta College Press by the State Print- 
ing Co. in Columbia, S.C, 

JUL 06 1976 


9Z 'MO n*"°T5 
-niOA3H aqa 3u-pana B^snSnv,, -m-d qOH 

■[•[ Xinf 'i^Bpuns 

•H'a 'Z-C 
■saiH*mBX3 aouBJ^ua 339x-[03 "ni'd qO^Z 
•H'N 'i-S 'siDH 
'5831 ^uamaSBUBW 33BnpBJ0 '""'b OC'8 

OX Xxnr '/^BpanaBS 

•m'd OC^OT 

6 Xxnr *XBPTai 

,/uoziaoH 3M5 uo 83uib-[j„ -ni'd o£:8 

9 K-[nr '^Bpsanm 

i/suosaaqinv 5us313Tu3«W 9M1„ '""d 51=8 

,,'suosJaqmv ^uaoTJTuSew sm,, 'm-d 00=9 

i X^nf 'XBpsaupaft 

Xqaiddv * 5503s uqof *3a93uo3 'm-d qE". 8 
(•m*d Qz:z "9 'm'B OC^OT 
osxb) "H'W 'Su^^sai s:ju9S3a 'ui'b 00=6 

9 R\x\£ '^Bpsanx 

5 -qO „'3uT^ mopaaJi 39i„ 'm-d 00=8 
5 f.\Vi£ pasoxo aSaxxoO B^snSny 

5 ^inr 'XBpuow 

^vatiaivD s,>iaaw sihi 

(■' , y.>'3!>vy V'"aw8t«i!iejtam>i>' : 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains 


FOR WEEK OF: JULY 12 - JULY 18 Written Wednesday, July 7, 1976 

No. 98 

The Alpha Delta Pi Sorority at Augusta College has welcomed four new sisters into the 
Zeta Zeta Chapter. The new ADP's are Anita Vaught, Teri Anderson, Melissa Vern, and 
Lynda Napier. 

Representatives of Deering-Milliken will be on campus Tuesday (July 13) from 9 a.m. 
to 4:30 p.m. to talk to students interested in the field of textiles, production 
management, etc. Contact the Placement Office, 828-3801, to set up an appointment. 

New Employees on campus: Andrew Willard, Steve Daly, Don Curry, Ray Widener, Donald 
Stone, Rodger Sweeney, Plant Operations; Mary Heffington, Shirley Vernon, Blanche 
Garrard, Library Assistants ; Catherine Shawrer, Admissions Clerk. 

Henderson, a graduate of Glenn Hills High, 
has received a scholarship to Augusta 
College from the Home Federal Savings and 
Loan Association. She plans to major 
in business administration with an 
emphasis in accounting. Home Federal 
annually awards scholarships to freshmen 
entering Paine College and Augusta College. 

GAMES FOR CHILDREN "Augusta College 
Presents" will feature "Learning Games 
for Children" with Dr. Mary Anne 
Chris tenberry 4 p.m. Sunday on Channel 
26. The show is based on her new book 
which offers parents and teachers ways to 
make dozens of simple learning games for 
young children. The book, "Games 
Graffiti : Language Arts Games To Make 
For Young Children" is available at the 
AC Bookstore and in local book and 
department stores . 

CHAIRS FILLED Dr. Geraldine Woodward 
Hargrove will chair the Dept . of Education 
effective Sept. 1 by action last week of 
the Board of Regents. Dr. John W. 
Presley, assistant professor of English 
here since 1974, was approved as chairman 
of the Dept. of Special Studies effective 
Aug. 1. Mike Miller, Director of Special 
Studies, will return to full-time teach- 
ing duties. Dr. Hargrove has been assoc- 
iated with Ac since 1958. She succeeds 
Dr. James M. Dye who assumed the 
presidency of Waycross Junior College 
last January. 

EXHIBIT/SALE The Augusta College Fine 
Arts Department will sponsor an exhibit 
and sale of approximately 600 original 
prints from the famed Ferdinand Roten 
Galleries collection on Wednesday, July 14, 
in the Lobby of the Fine Arts Center. The 
exhibit takes place from 10 a.m. -2 p.m. 
and from 5 p.m. -7 p.m. 


Monday, July 12 

8:00 p.m. "Augusta During The 
Revolution," Ch. 5 

Wednesday, July 14 

6:00 p.m. "A Streetcar Named Desire," 

8:15 p.m. " A Streetcar Named 

Desire," PAT 

Thursday, July 15 

3:00 p.m. "Augusta During the 

Revolution," Ch. 5 
8:30 p.m. "The Spreading Holocaust," 

Ch. 5 

Friday, July 16 


College Library Open Until 

10:30 p.m. 
6:00 p.m. "Who's Afraid of Virginia 

Wolf," PAT 
8:15 p.m. "l^Jho's Afraid of Virginia 

Wolf," PAT 

Saturday, July 17 

8:00 a.m. National Teacher Exam, 

Rms. 5-7, 8, 10, 14, B.H, 

Sunday, July 18 

4:00 p.m. "Learning Games for 
Children," Ch. 26 

FILMS THIS WEEK " A Streetcar Named 
Desire" will be shown Wednesday evening 
in the PAT followed on Friday with "Who's 
Afraid of Virginia Wolf." Viewing times: 
6 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. Students with AC 
ID and faculty, free; general public, 


JUL 12 1976 






Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: JULY 19 - JULY 25 Written Wednesday, July 14, 1976 

No. 99 

From coffee-mugs and ash-trays to a pre-school and teacher's comer, the Augusta Col- 
lege Bookstore may be the answer to sparking up your summertime gift -buying and 
reading activities. Attractive white coffee-mugs with Ac's new logo (99c) have just 
arrived and have been added to the many other personalized items such as keychains , 
letter openers, beer mugs, tie-tacs, charms, etc, A large shelf of "Special Buys" 
offers a number of outstanding books at sharply reduced prices. The Hunting Does of 
America , which sells for $9.95, is selling at $4,95; a two-volume set of Harry S 
Truman: Years of Trial and Hope, i s on sale for $8.95, The Other League , a book 
about the American Football League, was $12.95 and is now $8.95. The Teacher's Cor- 
ner provides public school teachers with instructor curriculum materials and resource 
handbooks. A special attraction is the Spice Series, available only at the Ac Book- 
store. A Pre-School section features the Home Activity Series with handbooks cover- 
ing spelling, counting, arithmetic, coloring, reading and cooking. Mother Goose 
coloring books are available as well as a number of picture books. A large Juvenile 
Section features a variety of books including the well-known Mother West Wind's Ser- 
ies. The Bookstore can attire tots to teachers in tennis shirts, jackets, sweat- 
suits, baseball shirts and Jaguar T-Shirts, Other items include art supplies, sta- 
tionary, notebooks, pennants, umbrellas, greeting cards, car decals, books by local 
authors, study aids, and attractive postcards featuring scenes of the AC campus. 
Bookstore Director Mary F. Bailey, Secretary June Pritchett, and the staff invite 
everyone to "drop by and browse at your leisure." 

urged by the Student Activities Office to 
donate any useable clothing and shoes to 
the Community Clothing Shop via a recep- 
tacle in the lobby of the CAC. The 
response has been good, reports Susan 
LentE, but more apparel is necessary-- 
particularly children's clothes. The 
Community Clothing Shop, operated by area 
churches, is located at 1854 Broad St. 
All clothes are sold to the needy at 
minimal prices (shirts, 15c, dresses, 25c 
etc.) Anyone may buy adult clothing but 
referral cards are necessary to purchase 
children's attire. Such cards are avail- 
able at the Student Activities Office. 

SUPER SUNDAY SET S.G.A. is planning a 
"Super Sunday" for July 25 at the AC Rec 
Area, Clark Hill.- Field day games will 
.be held and drinks provided. Activities 
will be held from 1-6 p.m. Everyone is 

FOUR MORE WEEKS AC's Summer Day Camp for 
children from 4-12 will have four more 
sessions. Children may sign up for any 
or all of the remaining weeks. Hours are 
from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Breakfast and 
lunch is included. AC children, $15 per 
week; community children, $20, Student 
Activities, 828-3806, has details. 

GREEK PARTY A Greek soft -drink party 
will be held following Friday's orienta- 
tion for new students in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. The party is planned for 
1:30-3 p.m. If weather permits, it will 
be held on the PAT veranda. 

LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY Lifeguards are on 
duty at the AC Clark Hill property each 
Saturday and Sunday from noon-6 p.m. 
Boating and camping areas , an air-con- 
ditioned lodge, a sanded beach, picnic 
facilities and barbecue grills are all 
available to AC personnel. 

BABYSITTING The AC Babysitting Service, 
located next to Boykin Wright Hall, is 
open from 8 a,m, to 8 p.m, for children 
of students, staff and faculty. Child- 
ren may stay for a maximum of four hours . 
50c an hour. 

DONORS NEEDED The Personnel Office would 
like to urge all employees to follow-up 
on their appointments to give blood in 
order to maintain Ac's quota. Employees 
have to apply for membership in the plan 
which provides blood for you and your 
dependents whenever necessary no matter 
where you are. "We are in dire need on 
blood donors now," said Personnel Assis- 
tant Sylvia Clark. 



Baay oaa HTH 
jjjBxo 'Xepung aadns s,vDS •°J"d 00=1 

,/xo3-[-Frt PUB :iioooqBa^, -tu'd 00=1 

JO asnoH 9m Jo ne^,, -m'd g-[:9 

JO asnoH aqi Jo tTbj,, -m-d 00=9 

uoT^B^usT^O 'tu'd 00=1 

£Z ^T^r '^Bp-taj 

S "MD „'sa>iB»v 
auBTO 3uTaaqmn-[s am,, -m'd q£:q 

DVD *C ^I 'SWIS '"I'd oe:Z. 
S 'MD ,/uaapiTqo 
aoj satDBO Su-iuaeai,, 'to'd 00=C 

22 X-[nr 'ABpsanqx 

Xvd ,/^J05s 3Aoi„ -m-d gxrg 

DVD '€ HI 'SWIS '^'^ 0£'L 

Xvd „'^^03S 3^oi„ '"i'd 00=9 

TZ ^I"r 'i^Bpsaupaw 

•inooy acQBO '^uamBuanox Tooj 

03 ^I^f 'ABpsanx 

g -qo ,/uajpT-iqo 
aoj satDBO Su^uaBai,, -ui-d 00=8 

61 ^xnf 'Xbpuom 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: JULY 26-AUG.l Written Wednesday, July 21, 1976 

No. 100 

Application are now being accepted for editors of the Bell Ringer and the White 
Colunins Yearbook. Students interested in the Yearbook editorship are asked to 
contact Rcs«oe Williams in the Dean of Students Office. Rick Davis in the English 
Department is accepting applications for editor of the Bell Ringer. 

Pianist Vola Jacobs will be presented in concert 8:30 p.m. Tuesday in the con- 
tinuing Evenings in the Appleby Gardens series. 

Dell R. Rowland has been selected for the A.C. Alumni Association's Cecilia Arthur 
Memorial Scholarship for 1976-77 by the Ddpt. of Chemistry and Physics. The 
scholarship is sponsored by the Associfltion which grants one academic department 
per year the privilege of selecting the recipient. The 1975-76 recipient was 
selected by the History Department and the 1977-78 recipient will be the choice 
of the Sociology Department. Dell is the daughter of Mr", and Mrs. Ray Rowland. 
The 20-year-old chemistry major is currently participating in an Undergraduate* 
Research Program sponsored by the National Science Foundation at the University 
of Georgia. She plans to attend graduate school following graduation. 

TENNIS CLINIC A Tennis Clinic will be 

held July 26 -Aug. 13 at the Regency Square 
Swim and Racquet Club instructed by Mary 
Ardiff and sponsored by Continuing Edu- 
cation. 828-3306 to register. 

Office has announced that August 13 is 
the last day for students to file appli- 
cations for new admissions to the fall 

Dept. is accepting applications for fall 
quarter enrollment at its Child Develop- 
ment Center and Kindergarten, 191 9 
Watkins Street. Half -day and full-day 
sessions are available for 3,4, and 5 -year 
old children. 

STAR PICKS AC James Richard Herman of 
Llncolnton has been named a 1976 STAR 
student by the Georgia Chamber of 
Commerce and has selected Augusta College 
as his college preference. 

FILM SERIES "The ILondiness of the Long 
Distance Runner" will be the next feature 
in the Ac Summer Film Series. Wednesday 
at 6 and 8:15 p.m. in the PevTv rming Arts 
Theatre . 


Monday, July 26 

6:00 p.m. "House of Usher, "PAT 
8:00 p.m. "Babcock and Wilcox," 

Tuesday, July 27 

8:30 p.m. Concert, Vola Jacobs, 
Appleby Gardens 

Wednesday, July 28 

6:00 p.m. "Loneliness of the Long 

Distance Runner," PAT 
8:15 p.m. "Loneliness of the Long 
Distance Runner," PAT 
Thursday, July 29 

3:00 p.m. "Babcock and Wilcox," 

Ch. 5 
7:30 p.m. Bridal Fashion Show PAT 
8:30 p.m. Gobal War, Ch. 5 

Sunday, August 1 

tba "Where the Books Are," 
Ch. 26. 

LIBRARY SCHEDULE The library will ob- 
serve a regular schedule through Aug. 
20. Monday -Thursday 7:45 a.m. -10:30 
p.m.; Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.; 
Sunday, 2 p.m. -10:30 p.m. From August 
21 until the beginning of the fall 
quarter, the library will be open 
Monday through: Friday only from 8a, m. 
to 5 p.m. 






Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public I nformation, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: AUGUST 2-AUGUST 8y 1976 Written Wednesday July 28 No. 101 

Colette Avril will be the piano-accompanist for oboists Franfck^ Avrll and 
Kurt Studier in a program of 18th Century chamber music Monday (August 2) at 8 p.m 
in the Parish Hall of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 605 Reynolds Street. Avril 
graduated from Yale with a B.A. degree and received a master's degree from the 
Eastman School of Music. Studier, a native of Guyton, GA., is also a Yale grad- 
uate and now pursuing a master's degree in music education at Eastman. The 
program will feature trio sonatas of Teleman, Loeillet, and Fuchs. 

June graduate Soon Jung Chung, a systems analyst with Babcock and Wilcox, has 
been named winner of the Wall Street Journal Award given by the Department of 
Business Administration. The award is given annually to the business administra- 
tion major who has the second highest overall grade point average. Her name will 
be added to the growing roster of "Journal" winners and she will receive an 
engraved paper weight and a year's subscription to the newspaper. 

representative of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company will be on campus 
dnesday (August 11) to interview prospective employees. The Placement Offi 



now accepting appointments. 

ice is 

TWO WEEKS LEFT The AC Summer Day Camp 
will be in session for two more weeks. 
Parents wishing to enroll their children 
for one or both weeks are asked to call 
the Office of Studeiit Activities, 
828-3806. Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
Breakfast and lunch are included. AC 
children, $15 per week ; community child- 
ren, $ 20 per weekr. Ages: 4-12. 

FILMS THIS WEEK "Shane" will be the 
feature 6 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. Wednesday 
followed Friday at the same times by 
"Magnum Force". Both in .the PAT. 

TUITION AND ACCESS The proportion CJf 
college-age youth going on to any college 
has declined precipti.ously in recent 
years because of rising tuition and 
otherr.student costs, says a new Low 
Tui tion Fa ct Book, Further, especially 
low percentages of high school graduates 
and Vietnam veterans go on to any col- 
lege in those states which charge high 
tuition. These are among the findings 
of a new research study just released 
by the iVmerioan Assn. of Streets Col- 
leges and Universities (AASCU) . This 
study, subtitled Eight Basic Facts 
about Tuition and Educational Opportun- 
ity brings together for the first time 
carefully documented evidence which 
shows that rising college costs are 
keeping many students from going to 
college at all. Copies are available 
from AASCU Publications, Suite 700, 
One Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C. 
20036 at 50<? per copy, orders of 100 or 
more 25c per copy. 

jjANIEI>i _ __:: .' Waste paper (blank • • 

on one side) and used enevelopes. Call 
Cookie Eubanks, Procurement Office, for 


Monday, August 2 

8 p.m. "Where the Books Are" 

Ch. 5 (AC Presents) 
J p.m. Oboists Franck Avril and 
Kurt Studier, St. Paul's 
Episcopal Church. 

Groijig^'j, , 
Topic Rooi 2 

Wednesday, August 4 
6 p.m. "Shane", 
8:15 p.m. "Shane", 




Thursday, August 5 '" 

3 p.m. "Where the Books Are", 

Ch. 5 
8:30 p.m. "The Tide Turns", 
Ch. 5 (ROTC Film) 

Friday, August 6 

6 p.m. "Magnum, Force", PAT 
8:15 p.m. "Magnum Force", PAT 

Sunday, August 8 

tba "August Opera" 

Ch. 5 (AC Presents).. 

terested and think you might qualify 
to edit the White Columns yearbook or 
the Bell Ringer student newspaper, con- 
tact the Office of Student Activities 
for details. 

WANTED: Used office desk. Reasonable. 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week • Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: AUGUST 9 - AUGUST 15 Written Wednesday, August 4, 1976 No. 102 

Examinations --August 14, 1976--Commencement , August 20, 8 p.m., PAT--Comiuencefflent 
speaker--Dr. Otha L. Gray, chairman of the Department of Business Administration, 
has been chosen speaker for Ac's Summer Commencement by members of the graduating 
class . 

Helen Hendee has joined the staff of College and Public Ser\'ices as Coordinator of 
Alumni Affairs, Her office will be located in the Alumni House, corner of McDowell 
and Katherine Streets. This is a homecoming for Helen. She served as assistant 
coordinator of Student Activities several years ago. 

The Committee for the Humanities in Georgia has approved funding for the following: 
English Department's project, "A Public Policy Workshop for Citizens of the Augusta.., 
Area"; Ralph Walker's program, "Affirmative Action Programs as an Aspect of Social ' 
Accountability"; and the program, "Meeting Human Needs Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow," 
submitted by Helen Hendee and Tom Riley. 

APPOINTMENT MADE Dr. J. Frank Hodges has 
been appointed as a member of the Insti- 
tute of Certifying Secretaries. Nomin- 
ated for this position by the Fairways 
Chapter of Augusts the announcement was 
made by the international board of 
directors at the annual convention held 
in Houston recently. He will serve for 
three years. 

SCHOLARSHIP Edwin G. Lord, rising 
junior at AC, is the first recipient of 
the College's two-year U.S. Army Scholar- 


Monday, August 9 

8:00 p.m. "Augusta Opera," Ch. 5 

Wednesday, August 11 

4:30 p.m. "White's Fashion Show, 

Thursday, August 12 

3:00 p.m. "Augusta Opera," Ch. 5 
6:00 p.m. "Deliverance," PAT 
8:15 p.m. "Deliverance," PAT 
8:30 p.m. "The Victory," Ch. 5 

NEW EMPLOYEE Mrs. Brenda Gunn has joined 
the staff as secretary in the Office of 
the Assistant Dean for Academic Adminis- 

NAME CHANGE The AC Babysitting Service 
will have a new name this fall, the Ac 
Hourly Child Care Service. The services, 
location, and operating hours will remain 
the same. 

FILM SERIES Forty-four films have been 
scheduled for the 1976-77 film series 
beginning September 23 with "Clockwork 
Orange" according to Dr. Ciiarlcs Willig, 
director of the AC Film Series. 

FACULTY HANDBOOK A new edition of the 
Faculty Handbook will be available by 
the end of the month according to Dean 
John L. McNeal. Copies will be dis- 
tributed at the first faculty meeting. 

SENIOR RECITAL Tom Ray, organist, will 
present his senior recital Thursday, 
(August 12) 8:30 p.m. at Reid Memorial 
Presbyterian Church. He will perform 
works from Bruhns, Bach, Hindemith, 
Sowerby, and Reger. 

Friday, August 13 

Last Day of Classes 
Last Day To File Appli- 
cations for New Admis^ 

Saturday, August 14 

Examinations Begin 

Sunday, August 15 


"Augusta Symphony," Ch.26 

NOTICE: All recipients of any type of 
financial aid who are pre-registered 
must bring their bills to the Financial 
Aid Office. Vouchers will be issued 
every day from August 18 to September 1. 


What's wrong with a teacher recognition 
program designed to reward outstanding 
work in the classroom? 

Spotlight welcomes your opinion. A pro- 
gram was studied last year and the 
Alumni Aeo^^iaM-p" ggvoQrl ^f1 fTnay^i;;!;^ \t. 
but the idea wasf drQl(i|i^TA COUJCE 







nuwaiH \.uu.i 


Eteadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: AUGUST 16 - AUGUST 22 Written Wednesday, August 11, 1976 No. 103 

Augusta College Radio, WACG-FM, is experimenting with a Saturday progium £Lom 10 a.m. 
to 1 p.m. featuring student oriented music. Reactions, suggestions and comments are 
solicited, according to Gary Duteau, Pete Splnks and Alison Stevens, student coordin- 
ators. The students are anxious to know what YOU would like to hear. Drop them a 
postcard at the station and tune-in on Saturday 's .. .90.7 on the FM dial. 

i'he AC Library's annual report chows a total of 182,120 bound volumes as of June 30. 
Added to the collection during 1975-76 were 16,726 volumes, according to Librarian 

. Ray Rowland. Other growth statistics: Reels of microfilm, 2,105; units of other 
lorms of microtext, 148,621; mi;«ber of current periodical subscriptions, 1,507; 
number of other serials being received, 1,890; number of non-current serial titles, 
2,824; volumes represented in microforms, 112,441; recordings, 329; documents, 
98,091; maps, 369; annual reports (business), 4,085; films, 1. In addition, the 
librarian pointed out, a stockpile of 50,000 volumes is "just sitting in storage" 
because shelf space is no longer available. Rowland indicated it would be "at least 
the latter part of September" before concrete plans can be made conc<:rning the move 
from the old library to the new facility. 

PRIVATE TUTORING A private tutor is offer- 
ing assistnuce in the following areas: 
study habits, reading. Social Studies, 
English, Speech (public speaking, drama, 
diction, etc.). Tutor has bachelor's degree 
and course work complete for master's, 
extensive teaching experience. Call 
736-8507 for information. 

tXAM HOURS Upcoming Book Store hours : 
August 16-'19, 7:45 a.m. -7 p.m.; August 20, 
7:45 a.m. -3:15 p.m.; August 23-Sept. 17 
(Monday-Thursday), 7:45 a.m. -4:15 p.m.; 
Friday (between quarters), 7:45 a.m. -3:15 
p.m.; Sept. 20-21, 7:45 a.m. -8:30 p.m. 
(book rush). Regular hours begin Sept. 22. 

Commencement will be held 8 p.m. Friday 
(August 20) in the PAT. A practice will 
be held at 10 a.m. in the theatre. The 
faculty has given tentative approval to 
131 candidates for graduation this summer 
including 28 candidates for master's 
degrees. Dr. Otha Gray, chairman of the 
Business Administration Department, has 
been chosen Commencement Speaker by vote 
of the graduating seniors. 

NEW EMPLOYEES Maxine Parks, Book Store; 
Jennifer Ferguson, Testing; Vickie Klein, 
Nursing; James Jackson, Plant Operations; 
Patsy Maynard, Business Administration. 

REGENTS EYE AUGUSTA The Board of Regents 
of the University System will held its 
October meeting on campus. 


Monday, August 16 

7:45 a.m. -7:00 p.m. Book Store Hours 
8:00 p.m. "Augusta Symphony," Ch . 5 

Thursday, August 19 

Last Day of Exams 
7:30 p.m. "Augusta Symphony," Ch . 5 
8:30 p.m. "The Years Between," Ch. 5 

Friday, August 20 

7:45 a.m. -3:15 p.m. Book Store Hours 
8:00 p.m. Summer Con.mencement -Speaker 
Dr. Otha Gray, PAT 

Sunday, August 22 

tba "American Art I, 

Ch. 26 

Alderman, Jr., president of Middle Georgia 
College and Rotary Governor of District 
692, will visit local Rotarians August 
22-27 and will have a conference with 
officers and committee chairmen of the 
Rotary Club of Augusta August 22 in the 
AC Towers. Dr. Alderman will meet with 
the Harlem Club Aug. 23-24, the West 
Augusta Club, Aug. 25-26, and the Martinez- 
Evans Club, Aug. 26-27. 

CASH FOR BOOKS A representative from a 
used book company will be in the Book 
Store Wednesday and Thursday to buy back 
any books you wish to sell. These books 
do not have to be books that are to be 
used on this campus or that were used 
this quarter. Hours: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

RECEIVES DEGREE Dorothy F. Antopolsky, 
a member of the Class of '68, has received 
the Master of Social Work degree from 
Atlanta University. 




Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: AUGUST 23 - AUGUST 29 Written Wednesday, August 18, 1976 No. 104 

The world -renowned Chicago Symphony Orchestra will be heard weekly on Augusta College 
radio WACG-FM beginning October 5. The 39-week series of concerts will be the first 
broadcasts under the Orchestra's music Director, Sir Georg Solti, and will be 
carried 8 p.m. each Tuesday. National syndication of the concerts from Chicago's 
Orchestra Hall and the Ravinia Festival is made possible by the Amoco Companies. 
The opening program will feature an international cast with the Chicago Symphony 
Orchestra and Chorus performing a concert version of Richard Wagner's "The Flying 
Dutchman." Other programs scheduled for the first ten weeks include works by 
Mendelssohn, Debussy, Schumann, Nielsen. Strauss, Bartok, and Beethoven. 

The Ellijay Lions Club is again sponsoring the Georgia Apple Festival, Sept. 4-11, 
and its associated beauty pageant. A $750 scholarship will be awarded to the winner 
and a $250 scholarship to the first runner-up. Young women interested in competing 
for the title and awards are invited to pick-up general information sheets and 
official entry forms at the Public Information Office in Rains Hall. Deadline is 
August 31. 

ORIENTATION PROGRAM An orientation pro- 
gram for entering freshmen and transfer 
students will be held 1 p.m. Sept. 14 in 
the PAT followed by departmental advising. 
Speakers include Roscoe Williams, 
Dr. George Christenberry, David Segars , 
Maj . Dave Gilbertson, and Dr. Donald 

FACULTY SPEAKER Dr. Roy E. Nicely sez-ved 
as discussant of four research papers 
presented in the Health Care Marketing 
Session of the 1976 A.M.A. Educators' 
Conference held in Memphis Aug. 8-11... 
He recently accepted an invitation to 
continue to serve on the Editorial Review 
Board of the A.M.A. 's Journal of Marketing . 
He has served continuously on the Board 
since January, 1971. 

NEW ITEMS The Book Store is now featuring 
the following new items: note bocks for 
the left-handed, light-weight jackets 
with new logo and back-pack, AC tote bags, 
and books by local authors. 

CAFE CLOSED The AC Cafeteria x>?ill be 
closed this week to allow ail employees 
to take annual leave. 


Monday, August 23 

8:00 p.m. "American Art I," Ch. 5 

Cafeteria Closed all Week 

Wednesday, August 25 

Deadline for September 
Calendar of Events 

Thursday, August 26 

7:30 p.m. "American Art I," Ch. 5 
8:30 p.m. "The Cobra Strikes," Ch. 5 

Friday, August 27 

8:00 p.m. Augusta Symphony String 
Competition, PAT 

Saturday, August 28 

9:00 a.m. Augusta Symphony String 
Competition, PAT 

Sunday, August 29 

tba "American Art II," Ch. 26 

LAND LEAVING Dr. Mike Land has left to 
accept a position as chairman of the 
Division of Education at Peru State Col- 
lege, Peru, Nebraska. He has been a 
member of the Education Department for 
the past four years. 

OUR HERITAGE Dr. Helen Callahan spoke 
on "American Heritage" at a meeting of 
the Georgia State Society of the National 
Society, Children of the American Revolu- 
tion (NSCAR) recently at the Executive 
House . 









Deadline for copy - Wednesday no on of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday, Aug, 25, 1976 No, 105 

The Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) is seeking the cooperation of all 
college campuses in its enormous effort this fall to immunize the nation against 
Influenza. Last February an influenza outbreak occurred among recruits at Fort Dix 
N, J. One young man died. Several hundred were infected. This virus is similar in 
some respects to the virus suspected to be the cause of the great 1913 epidemic. 
"There is no certainty that a pandemic will occur. And certainly there is no indica- 
tion that this virus will be as deadly as that of 1918," a HEW spokesman said. 
Nevertheless, the nation's scientific and medical authorities recommended to the 
President that an all-out program be mounted to immunize the entire U,S, population 
against the new influenza 3 train --known as swine flu. Congress quickly voted a 
supplemental appropriation of $135 million to underwrite the program which will make 
vaccine available to more than 200 million people in a few short months --a program 
unprecendented in public health history. Local health agencies and private providers 
of health care will be charged to get the vaccine into people's arms, HEW agks all 
students to keep informed, volunteer assistance to the local health department' to 
help inform the public. Those with medical or public health •experience can assist 
in actual administration of the vaccine when immunization begins in early fall. 

WALKER TAPPED James D. Walker, a member 
of the Class of '70 and vice-president of 
the Ac Alumni Assn., has been named 
general chairman of the 1976-77 Alumni 
Fund, according to John Trulock, president 
During the fund year 1975-76, gifts 
542 alumni totaled $8,965.11. The gifts 
ranged in size from $1 to $1,000 with 
the average being $16,54. Of the 
$8,965.11 donated, $7,643.50 was 
unrestricted and $1,321,61 was restricted 
as follows: library $668.50, scholarship 
$316.50, presidents' portraits $106.61, 
Jaguar Club $80, and miscellaneous pro- 
jects $150. 

SWIMMING ANYONE? The AC Swimming Pool 
will remain, open for recreational 
swimming through Saturday, Sept. 11. 
The hours will be from 3-5:30 p.m. Mon- 
day through Saturday. 


Monday, August 30 

8:00 p.m. "American Art II," Ch. 5 

Thursday, September 2 

9:00 a.m. Regional Seminar for Pro- 
curement Officers 6c Comp- 
tollers, Lee. Km., B.H. 
7:30 p.m. "American Art II," Ch. 5 
8:30 p.m. "The Pershing Story," Ch. 5 

Sunday, September 5 

tba "AC Mathematics Competition," 
Ch, 26 

Monday, September 6 

Labor Day 

Augusta College Closed 

C.E. OFFERINGS The Office of Continuing Education has announced its fall quarter 
schedule. The non-credit courses are open to the public at an average cost of $30. 
Courses include: Ascronciny, Beginning Bridge, Creative Pottery, Fruit and Vegetable 
Gardening, Interior Desig-.-,, Modern Dance, Needlepoint , .Parliamenta;ry Procedure, 
Personal Income Tax, Photoj~raphy (color), Recreational Painting, Sophisticated 
Charm for Today's World, 'L'c'.:i:i£ Clinic, Textiles, Bass Fishing, USPS Boating Course, 
Writing Poems and Stories, Alr,o : Conversational French and German, English as a 
Second Language, Myth ;'nd S.-.ligion, CPS Study Program, Commercial Art, Communicating 
With Young Children, Incona Tax for the Small Business, Kinde-rgarten Concept and 
Practice, Manual Communication, Securities and Investments for the 70' s. Shorthand, 
Typewriting, College Study Skills, English and Math Review, Reading Improvement 
(speed reading). Adjustment for the Formerly Married, Astrology and Oriental 
Philosophies & Religions, Dulcimer Workshop, Improving Everyday Conversation, and 
Public Speaking. Further information: 828-3306. 

SEMINAR Approximately 100 persons are expected here Thursday to attend the 
quarterly Regional Seminar for Procurement Officers and Comptrollers from 9 a.m. to 
5 p.m. in the Lecture Room, Representatives from all state agencies are expected 
along with personal property management coordinators. The Seminar is sponsored 
by the Dept. of Administrative Services--Purchasing and Supplies Division. 




Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week • Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

OR WFKK OV SF.rrKMRKR ]3 - SEPTEMBER 19 Written THURSDAY, Sept. 9, 1976 

No. 106 

he first faculty meeting of the new academic year will be held at 10 a .tn Monday 
Sept. 13) in the Lecture Room of Butler Hall. Ac's new Faculty Scholars will be 
ntroduced and receive a plaque at that time. At 2 p.m. the faculty will reconvene 
o hear a talk by Dr. Susan Wittig of the Dept . of English, University of Texas at 
...stm. A pre-workshop planning session will be held at 4 p.m. in the Lecture Room 

with Dr. Wittig and the 14 workshop facilitators. The workshop groups will meet. tn 
36 igned rooms at 9 a.m. Tuesday for a 2% hour look at assessment, "especially as 
n instrumentality of the learning process," said Dr. Harold Moon. At 1:30 p.m 
hat day, an orientation fot new students will be held. New faculty members will 
et together at 3 p.m. in the Towers for an orientation meeting. Registration will 

Lollow on Wednesday and departmental meetings will be held Thursday and Friday. An 

afternoon golf tournament will he hold on Ti^^-^^t 

The Maxwell Alumni House-2339 McDowt U Street-is now open and Alumni Coordinator 
o" "?"Jr ^''''^^^^ ^^^ ^^"'P"^ personnel to drop by and visit. The phone number 
s 828-4701. Her secretary is Pat Holmes, who formerly worked in the Office of 
i^ollege and Public Services. 

Application deadline for NEH Sum-^-r Stipends ($?,50C) for 1977 is October IS. Con- 
tact the Office of College and Public Services for additional information. 

ITEMS NEEDED Augusta College's new 
curriculum consultant from India vTill be 
arriving here this week. Jeanie Comer 
'3 asking campus personnel to help supply 
few items he will be needing right a^ay. 
If you can loan or give any of the follow- 
ing items, give her a call at 738-6729 or 
828-3211. Linens, towels, blankets, 
quilts, dishes, flatware, 80" draperies, 
rugs and a chest of drawers. 

SEMINAR PLANNED The third annual seminar 
for secretaries, managers, and othf-r 
office personnel will be held Sept. 25 at 
the Thunderbird Inn sponsored by the 
North Augusta Chapter of the National 
Secretaries Assn. Jean Godin is one of 
three speakers at the seminar. Seminar 
theme is "Play the Game of Greatness With 
Good Communications: Listening, Speaking, 
Reading, Writing, Body language." 

CHILDREN'S FILMS The children's film 
series, sponsored by the Intern and 
Residents Wives Clubs and .;;•« Medical 
Dames at MCG, will be held once a month 
on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noot: at 
Daniel Village. Tickets for Kix movies 
and cartoons are $3.50 and are now on 
sale by calling Tracey Boyd, 738-4710. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The Augusta VA Hospital 
is looking for volunteers who have as 
little as two hours a week to give. 
Assignments in such diverse fields as 
nursing service, medical administration, 
social work service and reabilitative 
medicine service are available. Further 
information: Sam Price, 733-4471, Ext. 
302 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

FILM SERIES The 1976-77 Film Series 
has been finalized. Coming up are 
"Clockwork Orange," Sept. 23, 
"Bananas," Sept. 30; "Nashville," 
Oct. 6; "Blazing Saddles," Oct, 19; 
and "King Kong," Oct. 28. 

DEGREE RECEIVED James G. Mills, Jr., 
Class of '68, has received the Master 
of Science degree in Environmental 
Health from East Tennessee State Univ. 
during its summer commencement. 

of Augusta College will welcome new 
faculty members and their spouses 
from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday (Sept. 
19) in the Performing Arts Theatre 

three of 29 scholarships awarded by 
Georgia Distilled Spirits Institute. 
The recipients are Cheryl Ann Davis, 
Berry M. Arrington and Philip T, 
Weinbrecht, all of Augusta. Davis & 
Arrington are juniors and Weinbrecht 
will be a sophomore. The scholarships 
are included within a $20,000 direct 
financial aid package contributed by 
the association's memorial foundation 
which was created in 1964 in memory 
of Gail and Jerry Kahn of Atlanta. 
12 institutions within the University 
System of Georgia will share in the 
program this year. 





Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week • OfficeofPuSSSS 

Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 20 - SEPTEMBER 27 Written Thursday, Sept. 16, 1976 No. 107 

Augusta College welcomes all new students, faculty aiembers, and staff personnel to 
campus. All signs point to an exciting, productive year! The Public Information 
Office, located in Rains Hall, would like to remind students and faculty of its 
Wednesday deadline for news or aniiouncements to be published in the following weeks 
Spotlight. The Spotlight is distributed throughout campus and is mailed to members 
of the news media in order to alert them to campus happenings. A monthly calendar 
of events is also compiled and all items are to be submitted by the 24th of each 
month for the following month. Please feel free to visit the office and discuss 
how the staff might be of assistance to you in announcing or promoting your special 
announcements or events. The new PIO secretary is Rosemary Pflieger. 

The Bookstore will be open Monday and Tuesday from 7:45 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Book 

The Child Develment Center, 1919 Watkins St., opens Monday for 3,4, and 5-year old 
children. A few vacancies still exist in each age group in both the half and full- 
time sessions. Also opening Monday is Ac's Hourly Child Care Service, formerly 
known as The Babysitting Service, located next to Boykin Wright Hall. 

FIRST MEET The first Fall meeting of 
the Executive Board of the AC Alumni 
Assn. will be held Tuesday at 6 p.m. at 
the Maxwell House, 2339 McDowell Street. 
The new telephone numbers are 828-4701 and 
4702. Agenda items include overall plans 
for the academic year, committee assign- 
ments, the alumni calendar of social 
events, the annual fund, the new active 
alumni status, the 1976-77 budget, etc. 


Monday, Sept 
8:00 p.m. 


AC presents - "The Granite- 

ville Company," Ch. 5 
10:00 a.m. -1 :00 p.m. Student Teaching 

Seminar, Lecture Room, 

Butler Hall 
AC Hourly Child Care Service opens 
Child Development Center opens 

FIRST CONCERT Writer-performer Tom 
Chapin, ABC recording artist and star of 
television's "Make A Wish," will be 
featured in Ac's first Fall concert 8p.m. 
Saturday in the P.A.T. Comedian Tom 
Parks will also entertain. AC students 
and faculty, free; others, $2. 

FIRST FILM "Death In Venice " will be 
shown at 6 and 8:15 p.m. Thursday in the 
P.A.T. kicking-off this year's 44-film 
series for 1976-77. Free to students, 
staff and faculty of AC t.nd MCG. 
Dependent tickets are availc'iMe at the 
Student Activities Office. •". reduced 
rate will be in effect for high school 
students at the 6 p.m. showing. Dis- 
count rates for all alumni. $1.50 for 
others . 

Tuesday, Sept. 
12:00 noon 


Baptist Student Union 

meeting. Topic Room 2 


Wednesday, Sept. 22 

College Bookstore begins regular hours 
Monday - Thursday 7:45 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
Friday -7:45 - 3:15 p.m. 

Thursday, Sept. 23 

Last day for late registration and 

class changes 

7:30 p.m. AC presents - "The Granite- 

ville Company," Ch. 5 
College Library begins regular hours 
Monday - Thursday 7:45 a.m. -10:30p.m 
Friday - 7:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Saturday, Sunday - 2:00 p ,m. -10:30p ,m. 

6:00 p.m. "Death. In Venice " , P.A.T. 
8:15 p.m. 

Saturday, Sept. 25 

8:00 p.m. Student Activities Concert 
Tom Chapin, P ,A.T. 



The State Legislature has been asked by the Chancellor of the University System 
of Georgia for a 15 percent pay increase to help stop an "alnrming" loss of faculty 
members and other employees . 

Chancellor George L. Simpson, in presenting the System's proposed budget for 
the fiscal year beginning next July, said, "We have come to the point in the 
University System at which one need overrides all others. This is the need for a 
substantial increase in wages and salaries for all who work in the Cystem; teachers, 
non-academic people of all sorts, researchers, and administrative persons. 

"There are a number of other serious needs in the University System. But the 
matter of pay increase, at this time has a direct' effect on the quality of all 
institutions, all programs, and all services provided by the System to the people 
of the State. Unless this need is attended to, improvement in other areas will be 
but poor economy, and poorer education." 

1. We are beginning to lose faculty members and others at an alarming rate. A 
new recuiting season is just beginning. Witl-.cut the prospect of some relief, our 
losses will be serious. There have been substanital raises in most of the southern 
states in recent years, as well as elsewhere. The relative gains made in Georgia 
just a few years ago have been lo£t. Georgia is at the bottom in faculty pay raises 
granted the last two years in 13 southern states. 

2. We have lost ground to ikher state employees in pay raises. In the non- 
academic area, an employee of the System who was making $6,000 in 1969, is now 
making $8,256; whereas an employee under the Merit System, who was 'eli^ibi-e for 
in-grade increases, would now be making $10,650, or one-fourth more than the 
System employee. In the academic area, a faculty member making $8,000 in 1969, is 
now making $10,623, while a school teacher eligible for step increases is making 
$14,254, or about one-third more than the faculty members, 

3. Pay raises for the System have been substantially below the rise in cost of 
living in recent years. Employees of the System have lost at least 15 per cent in 
real purchasing power during the last three years. The 15 per cent increase "will 
go far toward regaining the ground lost in recent years to the cost of living 
increase, and to restoring our competitive position to that of a few years ago," 

he said. 

The proposed budget asked that 2.5 per cent be given as an annual "built-in" 
increase, comparable to step and in=grade increases of the school teachers and other 
state employees . 

It was requested that half of the remaining 12.5 per cent be given as raises 
across the board to all System employees and the other half (6.25 per cent) be 
given on a performance basis. 

"In accordance with the desires of the General Assembly, a thorough study of 
the pay structure of the University System, for both academic and non-academic areas j 
is being conducted. An or.ts'ide consulting firm has been employed," he said. 

"The last dozen years h-aj-.=- been difficult, turbulent years in higher education, 
in Georgia and elsewhere. It. is easy not to see and keep in mind what has happened 
under this rough surface. During this tlrae the people pf Georgia have developed a 
good system of higher education, available to all people of the State who want to 
attend college. 

"Today, and for all foreseeable tomorrows, such a resource is absolutely 
essential in the life of the State. 

"The hard fact remains: the average Georgia high school graduate needs, and 
will continue to need, some form of education after high school to make his way in 
the world. Half or more of these graduates will want, even demand, access to good 
college education. This access is now available. But it must remain of good 
quality. In education, qua]ity lies in people." 




Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: SEPTEMBER 27-OCTOBER 3, 1976 Written Thursday, Sept. 23, 1976 No. 108 

The AC Wesley Foundation, a student Christian organization, will hold its first 
meeting of the new academic year noon Wednesday, Oct. 6, at the Fellowship Hall of 
Asbury Methodist Church, 1305 Troupe St. /> free lunch will be provifJed. "The 
purpose is to get organized and to make plans for the year. Come and have a good 
meal and a good time of fellowship," said Director Dr. Bob Allred. 

Augusta College has been invited to participate in Glamour Magazine's Top Ten 
College Women Contest for 1977. Young women from colleges c-nd universities through- 
out the country who are outstanding on the basis of their solid records of 
achievement in academic studies and in extracurricular activities on campus and in 
the community are being encouraged to apply. The appropriate materials must be 
submitted to Glamour by Feb. 15 for judging by a panel of editors. The ten winners 
appear in the August College issue. In addition, the winners receive a trip to 
New York in the spring and a cash prize of $300. Applicaticu blanks are available 
at the Public Information Office, Rains Hall, 

Food Service Director Nita Widener reminds students, staff, aud faculty that the 
cafeteria hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Breakfast and dinner are offered 
including pastries, juices, cereals, regular breakfast foods, coffee, doughnuts, 
vegetables, salads, sandwiches, snacks, desserts, ice cream, main dish entrees, 
hamburgers and hot dogs . 

PLEDGES NAMED Alpha Delta Pi and Zeta 
Tau Alpha, AC's National Panhelianic 
Council sororities, have announced their 
new pledges following Fall Rush. Zetia 
Tau Alpha pledges include Joy Adams, Mar- 
tinez; Dawn Cook, Sophie Dean, Shirlty 
Gough, Deborah Grijalva, Kathy Hardy, 
Maria Kalcos, Brenda Locke, Vonnice 
Padgett, Lisa Pendleton, Jan Ritcii and 
Cathy Casey. . .Alpha Delta Pi pledges 
include Rena Clark, Lisa Hensley, 
Martinez; Debra James, Barbara Johnson, 
Dale Lam, Donna -Jean Lawlor, Mary Sue 
Macke, Kim Pogue, Veronica Squayres , 
Joanne Whitaker, Evans; and Julia Miller. 

FACULTY SPEAKER Mike Miller spoke on 
recent dialect research in the CSRA to 
members of the Harlem and Thomson Rotary 
Clubs on Sept. 14 and Sept. 16 


Tuesday, Sept. 28 

Noon Baptist Student Union - TR 2 , 
CAC (every Tuesday) 

Distinguished Augustans Program: 
Henry H. Gumming - 8:00 p.m. 
Lecture Room, Butler Hall 

9:00 a.m. Delta Chi Jltg. - MR 2, CAC 

6 and 8.15 p.m. -Film Series -"Bananas ," 

Friday, Oct. 1 

AC Invitational Print Show, throughout 
the month of October, Gallery PAT 

Sunday, Oct. 3 

3:30 p.m. Augusta Music Club, Sunday 
Afternoon Series 

NEW WOMEN FETED AG's naw fa-ul ty women 
and wives of new faculty will be honored 
at a 10 a.m. coffee Wednesday at the 
home of Kay Moon, 1143 Arsenal Ave. 

4:30 p.m. AC Presents "Modem Dance," 
Ch. 26 

7:00 p.m. AC Presents "Modern Dance," 
Ch. 5 

OCTOBER SHOW The AC Invitational Print 
Show will be on exhibit throughout the 
month of October in the lobby of the 



•UOT3BUOP qnio o-jato ^saSaex 
9H4 *000'ei$ 3° ssaoxa ut st aSanoo erjsnSnv 05 ^^^^ sTq5 uot^bdoxxb ^btoubutj 

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-sa diqsaBioqas sSaHOD B3sn3nv 83 saT aouoq inw B:>sn3nv 30 qnio aSuaqoxg aqi 

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SuTiasunoo -[BaauaS }0 sanoq o£ J° 'sts 

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-aa^ui sTSTao aqi MOIXNaAHaiNI SISIHO 

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aeSuBH P^baoh aqi -2$ ' saaqao '^^Tn^BJ 

puB J3B3S 's^uapn^s Qv 03 aaaj 'IVJ 

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•1BUBD B3sn3nv aq3 30 aaq3B5 aqx,, 'SuTmuano paojaBR AauaR Jo Xpn3S asB3 b q3T« 

11BH aai^ng 30 moon aan33ai aq3 ui ABpsanqx -m-d 8 "T^aq UT" ..saa3q3nBp puB suos 

paqsTn3uT3STP s,B3sn3nv 3qSTa 3° saATi aq3 3uT3q3Tm3Tq tuBa3oad q3Uoui.aaaq3 aqj. 





Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR mEV. OF: OCTOBER 4-OCTOBER 10, 1976 Written Wednesday, Sept 29, 1976 No, 109 



a. Q- 

The founder of the Medical College of Georgia--Dr. Milton Anthony-will be the 
5«^''y?ocus of the next case study in the "Distinguished Augustans" series. Dr. Anthony 
is credited with being the moving spirt in linking Augusta and medical education. 
Speakers at the 8 p.m. Thursday meeting will be Dr. Russell Moores and Dr. Thocir.'S 
MacDonald,both of the Medical College. The series is being held weekly in the 
Lecture Room of Butler Hall. It is funded by the Georgia Committee for Public 
Programs in the Humanities and sponsored by AC and The City of Augusta. 

The AC Political Science Club and the AC Republicans have invited the candidates 
for the Richmond County Commission to speak noon Wed-pesday (Oct. 6) in the Lecture 
Room of Butler Hall. Last week, the two organizations hosted the candidates for 
sheriff and coroner. Appearing Wednesday v/ill be Barbara Mulherin Scott, John 
Anderson, Travis Barnes and Richard Clifford. On Oct. 13 the candidates for the 
State House of Representatives will be brought here by the two clubo. 

The second annual AC Invitational exhibition may be seen throughout the month cf 
October in the PAT Gallery. Featured are prints, sllkscreens and photographo. 
A reception last Friday by the AC Student Art Assn., opened the month-long show. 

GUITARIST HERE Juan Mercadal will 
return to campus 8:30 p.m. Friday 
(Oct. 8) as the first performer in the 
1976-77 Lyceum Series. Accompanying 
the noted classical guitarist will be 
Rene Gonzalez, professor at the Univer- 
•^ity of Miami and Florida International. 
Gonzalez is nearing completion on a 
doctorate of music in guitar performance 
He will accompany Mercadal during the 
second half of the program. Free with 
Augusta College ID; others, $2. 

renovned Chicago Symphony Orchestra may 
now be heard each Tuesday at 8 p.m. on 
Augusta College Radio WACG (90.7 FM) . 
"l.e opening program is Tuesday and vUl 
feature -in International cast with the 
Orchestra and Chorus performing a 
concert version, of Richard Wagner's 
"The Flying Dutchman." The concerts 
will continue for the next 39 weeks. 

PLTiLIC COURSES A few vacancies still 
exist in several fall cources being 
offered by the Office of Continuing 
Education. Call 828-3306 if interested 
ir. signing up for any of the following: 
Adjustment for the Formerly Married, 
Beginning Bridge, Income Tax, Securities 
and Investments for the 70's, Basic 
Shorthand and Typing, Sophisticated 
Charm for Today's World, The Art of 
Bass Fishing, Kindergarten Concept 
and Practice. and Textiles, 


Monday, Oct. 4 

8:00 p.m. AC Presents "Modem Dance," 
Ch. 5 

Tuesday, Oct. 5 

6:00 p.m. Zeta Tau Alpha chapter mtg., 
I;R 1, CAC 

Wednesday, Oct. 6 

5:30 and 8:15 p.m. Film Series - 

"Nashville," PAT 
Iloon Interclub council mtg. 

TR 3, CAC 

Tbv.rsday, Oct. 7 

9:00 a.m. Affirmative Action Seminar, 

sponsor: Georgia Dopt. of 
Labor and Chamber of Ccmtnerct 

of Greater Augusta, Lsc. Rm. 

Butler Hall 
8:00 p.m. "Distinguished Augustanr" 

Program. Case study: ^^r. 

Milton Anthony. Lee. Rm. 

Butler Hall 
7:30 p.m. AC Presents ''Modem Dnnce, ' 

Ch. 5 

Friday, Oct, 8 

8:30 p.m, Lyceum Series - Juan 
Mercadal - PAT 

Student Organization invites interested 
persons to attend an open discussion 
on meditation 8 p.m.. Thursday, in JR 2, 




•IE66-C98 nVO '005$ 'S^IVaaH HONIM 

saaaN 'iihm savij ••aa>iv3ds ansai hiiw nvdho qnowrvh ea laaow nacno iaivs Hoa 

•m-d g a35jB e9S2-e98 iivD 'aoiaao awoH Hoa xaNiavD ana anv ^saa aoiaao aasn :aaiNVM 

TE66-e98 nv3 "06$ 'laaow laia "aimo avoH-aao '06 vqnoh S96[ :aivs ^oa 

•tn-d g aajjB 86iit7-9Ei IIVD 'aiavNOSVaH "ONVia aOllDVHd XHDlH<m Qasn aoOD :a31NVM 

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'ivaH 'aiv ivaiNao "awoH aiiaoH uxva %i 'wooaaaa-e vssaitiOD itei :aivs aoa 

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DeadUne for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week ■ Office of Public Information. Rain« H.ii 

FOR WEEK OF: OCTOBER llrOCTOBER 17, 1976 Written Wednesday, October 6, 1976 No. 110 

The third and final session of the Public Affairs Forum being sponsored by the AC 
Political Science Club and the AC Republicans will feature the candidates for the 
State House of Representatives noon Wednesday (Oct. 13) in the Lecture Room of 
Butler Hall, Each candidate will be allowed five minutes for opening remarks, 
with a question and answer session to follow. 

Yearbook pictures will be taken Oct. 11-Oct. 22 in the TV Room of the College 
Activities Center. Monday-Thursday, 9:30 a.m. -2 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to S:30 p.m. 
and on Fridays, 9-3:30 p.m. Students are being offered a special incentive to 
have their photos taken through a drawing which will give the first place winner 
$40 in books, second place, $30 in books, third place, $20 in books, and fourth 
place, $10 in books. The new editor of the White Columns is Bill Anderson, who 
was appointed to the position by the Student Activities Committee on the recommenda- 
tion of an ad hoc Editorial Board committee. 

CLAY DAY, a project of the Student Art Acsn., will be held 11 a.m. -4 p.m. Wednesday 
at the Ceramics Lab. Drop by and view demonstrations and an exhibition. Various 
hand-crafted items will also be sold during those hours. 

announces a new addition to its super- 
visory staff. Cpt. Douglas Prior will 
be teaching Military Science I and II 
and advising the Rifle Team and Pershing 
Rifles. A native of Pelhan, N.Y., he 
graduated from the University of Penn- 
sylvania with a BA in Political Science. 
After his commission he attended the 
Infantry Officer Basic Course, Airborne 
School, and Ranger School. He was 
promoted to captain on Dec. 9, 1974. 

NEI'J EMPLOYEES Cherie Wright, English/ 
Special Studies; Vicki Spiney, Biology; 
Janette Kelly, Student Records; Sylvia 
Martin, Admissions; Terri Brassell, 
Business Administration; Betty Moore, 
Education; Charlye Hickman, Personnel; 
Rosemary Pflieger, Public Information; 
Doug Kuczenski, Thomas Quinn, Taylor 
Kelly, Allen Thomas, Rebecca Sailers, 
Marvin Thompkins , and Ricky Stone, all 
of Plant Operations. 

FREE LECTURE The public is invited to 
a free introductory lecture by a teacher 
of the Transcendental Meditation program 
of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Wednesday at 
noon and at 7:30 p.m. in TR 2. 

SPECIAL STUDIES The Special Studies 
Administrative office is now located in 
D-5 Skinner Hall, telephone 828-4660. 
The SS faculty members are in Suite D, 
Butler Hall. John Harps and Dr. Elizabeth 
House are in Office #7 ; Glenn Adam-5on 
and O'Gretta Everett are in Office #15. 
The telephone there is 828-3706. 


Monday, Oct. 11 

■• ".-...•. Columbus Day 
9:00 a.m. Student Art Workshop, TR 2 
8:00 p.m. AC Presents "People Helping 
People," Ch. 5 

Tuesday, Oct. 12 

2:00 p.m. Board Of Regents Monthly 

Meeting, CAC 
8:00 p.m. Friends of the Savannah 

River Public Meeting, PAT 
6:00 p.m. Zeta Tau Alpha, MR 1 

Wednesday, Oct. 13 

5:00 p.m. Judical Cabinet Mtg., KR 1, 

11 a.m. -4p.m. "Clay Day," Sponsored by 

the Student Art Assn., 

Ceramics Lab 
Noon Political Science Club & 

AC Republicans sponsor tha 

candidates for State House 

of Representatives. Lee. 

Rm. , B.H. 

Thursday, Oct. 14 

8:00 p.m. 
7 :30 p.m. 
8:00 p.m. 


Friday, Oct. 
6:00 p.m. 

Student Activities Concert 

AC Presents "People Helping 
People," Ch. 5 
"Distinguished Augustans" 
Program. Case Study: Lawton 
B. Evans. Lee. Rm., B.H. 
SGA Senate- MR 1, CAC 


Oktoberfest - CAC 


Augusta Symphony 
Cartoon Festival 


SaLuvday, Oct. 
8:30 p.m. 
10:30 a.m. 
Sunday, Oct 17 

4:00 p.m. Augusta Community Concert 
Band, PAT (veranda) free 



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Deadline for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: OCTOBER 18-OCTOBER 24, 1976 Written Wednesday, Oct. 13, 1976 No. Ill 

White Columns Editor Bill Anderson has issued one last appeal to all college 
personnel to have yearbook pictures made for the annual which he expects will be 
delivered in May. This week is the last week the photographer will be here to take 
student, faculty and staff photographs. He will be in the TV Room of the College 
Activities Center Monday through Thursday from 9:30 to 2 p.m. and from 5:30-8 p.m. 
and on Friday from 9-3:30 p.m. A drawing will be held Friday to determine the four 
winners of the cash-for-textbooks . Register when you have your photograph taken. 
$40 for the first place winner, $30 for the second, $20 and $10 for the third and 
fourth place winners . 

The Howard Hanger Trio's Joyful Jazz Theatre will be the next Lyceum Series pre- 
sentation 8:30 p.m. Friday in the Performing Arts Theatre. General admission 
tickets, $2. The trio includes Howard Hanger, Beth Youngblood and David (A.D.) 
Anderson. Music ranging from jaza to Bach will be played and readings will be 
featured from a variety of playwrights --mostly from the Theatre of the Absurd. 
The musical instrumentation includes piano, bass, violin, drums and guitar. 

The new officers of the Intra Club Council include Douglas Collins, president, 
representing the Black Student Union; Melvin Bell, vice-president, representing 
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; and Debra Nobles, secretary, representing Delta Sigma 
Theta Sorority. 

educator Emily Tubman will ba the next 
case study in the continuing "Distinguish- 
ed Augustans" program 8 p.m. Thursday in 
the Lecture Room, Butler Hall. Speaker 
will be Jemes Giffcrd of the University 
of G?'orgia and Dr. Charles Saggus of AG's 
Histcjy Department. Free and open to 
the public. 

VISTIKG LECTURER Dr. Robert Silver from 
North Carolina State University will be 
on campus Monday for lectures at noon and 
2 p.m. sponsored by The Euclidean Society. 
All interested persons are invited. The 
noon talk will be "The Miscellany of 
Kithetnatical Magic" in Skinner Hall B-6 
and the 2 p.m. talk will be "The Game of 
Niru" in Markert Hall, Room 15. 

SYMPOSIUM SET The Medical and Education- 
al Aspects of Specific Learning Dis-' 
abilities will be the topic of a Dec. 
10-11 symposium sponsored by the Parents 
Guild of Augusta Reading Foundation. 
Speakers announced include Dr. Mary 
Maurice Bett Allen, Ph.D., director of 
the Allen Metabolic and Genetic Institute, 
Richmond, Va.; and Dr. Melvin David 
Levine, M.D., associate professor of 
pediatrics at Howard Medical School ,and 
director of the Medical Outpatient Dept. 
at Childrens Hospital Medical Center, 

SOCIOLOGY CLUB The next meeting of the 
AC Sociology Club will be noon Tuesday 
at the home of Dr. Dexter Burley, 2230 
Pickens Road. 

LAST DAY Monday is the l«st day for 
faculty and admtnistrntive staff to 
Submit their nominations for Who's Who , 
Amont^ Students at Americ an Universities 
and Colleges . Nbminatlons to be sent to 
the Office of Student Activities. 

OFFICERS ELECTED Joyce Lifsey has been 
elected president of the AC Student Art 
Assn. Other officers include Phyllis 
Barnard, vice-president and secretary; 
and Susan Johnston, publicity. 

WELFARE SERIES Dr. Helen Callahan will 
kich-off the "Meeting Human Needs" work- 
shop co-sponsored by AC and the Richmond 
Co. Dept. of Family and Children Services 
8 p.m. Monday in the Lecture Room, 
Butler Hall. "An Historical Overview of 
Indigent Care" will be her topic. 
Questions to be considered are, "Before 
Public Welfare Who Cared For The Poor?" 
and "What Factors Have Transitionally 
Affected Care Of The Poor" and"Current 
Approaches To Care For The Poor." The 
Oct. 25 session will meet at the American 
Red Cross Office on 12th Street and will 
feature Dr. Dexter Burley of the Soci- 
ology Department. His topic: "Values 
and Attitudes Positively and Negatively 
Affecting the Delivery of Goods and 
Services in the Public Welfare System." 

POOL HOURS The AC Swimming Pool will 
be open for recreational swimming 3:30 
to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and on 
Saturday from 1-3 p.m. and on Tuesday, 
Thursday, and Friday from noon to 12:50 
p .m. 

MANNEQUIN GIVEN The display manager 
for Belk of Augusta has presented the 
Fine Arts Dept. with a mannequir, to be 
used in the art studio. Ralph Idom 
donated the model for students to sketch 
in class. 

ERRONEOUS ZONES Dr. Wayne Dyer, author 
of Your Erroneous Zones . (currently 
number two on NY Times Best Seller List) 
will conduct a seminar, on "Counseling 
For Personal Mastery" Oct 29-30. Call 
Continuing Education to register. 

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ao „ss90oaa xeao^ooxa 

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•B9 Joj X^a-roog 

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Deadline for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week • Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

Written Wednesday, Oct. 20, 1976 No. 112 


MS'dQ /--*'-— *^ 

\A busy week at Augusta Collegel On the agenda is the /annu^t]^P*^®^h-^3ir, lectures 

5/by a Cullum Visiting Scholar, the continuing workshop/on/^Jift {^ab4i%^.t^i^X^are ^system, 

a seminar on Personal Mastery by best-selling author Wayne uy^r f £irJjm%y^^ / / 

"distinguished Augustan," a concert, entertainment an the coffeehouse, and 

concert by a trio of well-known performing musicians/ Thejfj^t^i^hU, has thfe Retails 

below. / •^^ly/O , 

"A resounding success" was the consensus of those wMoattend^gtne**econd fennual 
Oktoberfest held last we ; I: -end at the College A c t i v iTi^ y^Geat ar . Tlo r e thari 1,200 
students, staff and faculty attended the SGA food fest which feaLuiiU »-«ide 
assortment of German foods. Members of the AC Band — tagged the Oomphas — entertained 
with German musical selections. SGA Prexy Dave Segars extends a word of thanks 
to all who helped put it together. 

The annual Exchange Club Fair will be in Augusta this week. Augusta College is 
a major recipient of fair profits, according to Financial Aid Director Jim Stallings, 
who said 36 AC students are now on Exchange Club scholarships making the Exchange 
Club the largest contributor among civic clubs to Augusta College. . .Don' t miss 
Augusta College's booth in the Educational Exhibits Building at the fair. 

FRENCH FAIR The French Club's annual 
French Fair will open 9 a.m. Monday for 
a five-hour bonanza around the College 
Activities Center. Featured will be 
food, arts and crafts, French films, 
paintings, and a photogtaplilc exhibit in 
the library of French author Albert 
Camus. The films will be shown on the 
second floor of the College Activities 

Milligan, a professor of philosophy of 
religion at the Iliff School of Theology 
in Denver, will be here Monday and Tuesday. 
He will be speaking to students 11 a.m. 
Monday in Butler Hall B-6 on "Religion 
In A Changing Society" and at 10 a.m. 
Tuesday in Meeting Rooms 1 & 2. An open 
lecture on "Theological Education" will 
be given noon Tuesday in Meeting Rooms 
1 & 2. The public is invited. Dr. 
Milligan serves as editor of The Iliff 
Review and is an ordained minister of 
the United Church of Christ. 

WELFARE SYSTEM The second session of 
the "Meeting Human Needs" workshop will 
be held in the Lecture Room of Butler 
Hall on Monday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. 
Speaker will be Dr. Dexter Burley of the 
Sociology Dept. His topic, "Values and 
Attitudes Positively arid Negatively 
Affecting the Delivery of Goods and 
Services in The Public Welfare System." 
Because of the overflow crowd on Oct. 18, 
officials have decided to retain the 
Lecture Room as the site for the next five 
sessions rather than the American Red 
Cross office. 

DYER HERE The second Seminar on 
Counseling For Personal Mastery by Dr. 
Wayne Dyer, author of Your Erroneous 
Zones , will be held Friday and Saturday 
on campus. Continuing Education is 
accepting late registrations. 


FUTURE TRENDS The Tri-Beta Biological 
Society will sponsor a film series on 
future trends in the biological sciences 
Oct. 26 and Oct. 29 at 8 p.m. in the 
Lecture Room of Butler Hall. The six 
films will be shox>m in three-film 
segments. Chris Murphy (Sociology) and 
Dr. Steve Hobbs (Psychology) will discuss 
the series on both nights. 

SGA CONCERT "Jericho Harp" will perform 
in concert 8 p.m. Saturday in the Per- 
forming Arts Theatre. Free with AC 
identification . 

editor and Democratic Party Boss, will 
be remembered in the next case study 
of tha "Distinguished Augustans" series 
8 p.m. Thursday in the Lecture Room of 
Butler Hall. Dr. Helen Callahan (History) the speaker. Panelist will be 
Dr. Thomas Ramage (History). 

COFFEEHOUSE "Smith and Jones" will 
entertain Friday night at the Coffee- 
house, located in The Chateau. 50<: 
for AC student and one guest. 

TRIO PERFORMS The Karlas-Kim-Eicher 
Trio, a chamber group from the University' 
of Georgia, will perform at the PAT 
3:30 p.m. Sunday. The concert is 
the second series offering of The Augusta 
Music Club. AC students and faculty, 
free with I.D. Adult tickets, $2; 
students, $1. 

Assn. will sponsor a barbecue Friday, 
Nov. 5 from 5-8 p.m. at the Julian Smith 
BBQ Pit. 

■[■[Bq^a^lsBq aqa Jog sBXoqifBUi aTaqq 

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IBuosaad aoj SuTiasunoo -m-B 00=8 

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B3aa T^l :aosuods 'siui-rj -ui'd 00=8 

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HVQNaivo s.aaaw sihi 

SMaN Axmovi 


Deadline for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

I t 

FOR WEEK OF: NOVEMBER 1-NOVEMBER 7, 1976 Written Wednesday, Oct. 27, 1976 No. 113 

aa Augusta College's booth at the Exchange Club Fair bested all other educational 

booths and was awarded a blue ribbon in its division. The booth, produced by the 
^ Office of College and Public Services, featured a pictorial display of academic 
' and social opportunities available at Augusta College. A 30-minute slide show 
on Augusta College was also designed for the booth. William H. Rodimon extends a 
word of thanks to everyone who contributed their time and talentsl 

Pianist Allison Capers will be presented in her senior recital 8:30 p.m. Tuesday 
in the Performing Arts Theatre. 

Dr. Lawrence C. Hartlage, associate professor of Pediatrics & Neurology at the 
Medical College of Georgia, will speak 4:30 p.m. Tuesday (Nov. 9) in Room Six, 
Butler Hall. His topic will be "Neurologically Impaired Learning Disabilities." 
Margerie Peterson of the Dept. of Education is sponsoring his visit. 

Members of the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority recently sponsored a Halloween Party for 
the residents of the Gracewood State School and Hospital. Attired in Halloween 
costumes, the young women made cupcakes, cookies, ice cream and punch. The 
sorority's adopted resident, Jeanie, was invited to attend "and seemed to enjoy 
it greatly." After the party, several Zetas visited with the residents they had 
worked with as pals this past summer. 

BOOK AVAILABLE Yesterday's Augusta, a 
pictorial history of the City of Augiism 
by Librarian A. Ray Rowland and Dr. 
Helen Callahan of the AC History Depart- 
ment, is now available at the Bookstore 
on campus. "This lavishly produced 
book portrays the history of its people-- 
their spirit and beauty; joys and sorrows - 
from Augusta's founding in 1735 through 
the 1950's in over 230 authentic photo- 
graphs, engravings and maps," the 
published stated. 

Conference, co-sponsored by the Dept. 
of Sociology and Younger and Older United 
of Augusta, gets underway Wednesday at 
the Bon Air Retirement Hotel and con- 
tinues through Friday at several lo- 
cations in Augusta. Planned are speakers, 
films, dramatic presentations, musical 
entertainment, a fashion show, and 
numerous discussion groups focusing on 
the problems of youth and age Dr. Tanya 
Johnson has details, 828-3001. 

GRANDSON FEATURED The grandson of 
fomer Junior College of Augusta President 
J. Lister Skinner was invited to 
exhibit several of his art works during 
the second annual Invitational Art 
Show sponsored by the AC Student Art 
Assn. Arthur Skinner submitted two 
etchings with a "train theme" and one 
entitled "Knives." The son of President 
Skinner, James L. Skinner Jr., an 
Atlanta architect, wrote, "I know my 
Dad would have been pleased that one of 
his grandsons was asked to exhibit in 
Augusta College's show." Skinner was 
the second president of the Junior 
College of Augusta. 

a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, 
has been named president of the Pan- 
hellenic Council. Vice-president is 
Sondra Plunkett of Zeta Tau Alpha 
Sorority. Katheline McLain, a ZTA, was 
named secretary-tresurer. 

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION The third location 
of Augusta College's Affirmative Action 
Seminar will be Meeting Room 1 of the 
College Activities Center. The seminar 
will begin at 8 p.m. Thursday with talks 
by Dr. Ralph H. Walker, Thomas M. Riley, 
Jeanne Jensen and Dr. Robert Cannon, 
all of AC, Charles Walker of the Human 
Relations Council, and local attorney 
Landrum Harrison. Free and open to the 

WALKER STUDIED Charles Walker, champion 
of the cause of Black Augustans and a 
pioneer in promoting education for Black 
people, will be studied 8 p.m. Thursday 
in the "Distinguished Augustans" series 
in the Lecture Room, Butler Hall. Free 
and open to the public. 

WELFARE SYSTEM Dr. Ralph Walker and 
Pete What ley will be the speakers 
Monday night in the continuing workshop 
on "Meeting Human Needs, "8 p.m. in the 
Lecture Room, Butler Hall. Topic will 
be "The Effects of Politics and Economics 
on the Delivery of Goods and Services 
in the Public Welfare System." Speakers 
for the Nov. 8 session will include 

Dr. Marcus Clayton of Paine Collegeran<i"~ 

local attorney John B. Long. AUGUSTA COLLEGE 


OCT 29 1976 


q -qD „'B3sn§nv 

s,i?Bpaa3saA„ squasaa^ ov 

Xvd 'woMs 3ua-[Bl 

aaaeaqi TUTw B3sn3nv 

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3DU3J3JU03 aioAo ajn -m-d 00*<7 

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S3uapn3s xooq^s qSiq apiAoad 03 pauSisap 

'j-tBi aqoaa x^"""^ ^41 39033 SISOH DV 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week • Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR VJEEK OF: NOVEMBER 8-NOVEMBER 14, 1976 Written Wednesday, Nov. 3, 1976 No. 114 

If youVe an education major or minor and plan to do your student teaching during the 
Spring or Fall of 1977 or the Winter or Spring of 1978, Dr. Frank Tubbs , coordinator 
of field experiences, requests that you file your application for admission to 
teacher education and application for student teaching with him immediately. "As 
you plan for student teaching, remember to put the September experience on your 
schedule," he advises. Changes have been made in the course requirements for 
education majors and minors and a check with your advisor is strongly recommended, 
he said. 

Thanksgiving holidays will be observed on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 25 and 26. 
Christmas holidays are scheduled from Monday, Dec. 20 through Friday, Dec. 24. The 
Personnel Office reminds employees the official holidays are not deducted from 
leave time .. .Personnel Director Alex Mura also reminds all non-academic employees 
that a list of non-academic job vacancies is posted weekly at the Personnel Office, 
College Activities Center, Payne Hall, Plant Operations, Library and Public Safety 
Office. "This is to encourage all non-academic employees to qualify for better 
job opportunities on campus," he said. 

FAT 'N JOLLY? Though these two 
credentials would help, they are not 
absolutely vital in applying for a job 
as Santa Claus at the Daniel Village 
Shopping Center. The Daniel Village 
Merchants Assn. need a Santa to start 
work Nov. 26 and continue Monday-Thursday 
from 1-5 p.m. and on Fridays from 1-9 p-m- 
and on Snfuva«y's from 1-6 p.m. through 
r>ec<»inher 24. Pay will appioKimat-e $2.70 
per hour for a total of 116 hours. Santa 
is to arrive via fire truck on Nov. 26. 
Pitties include giving away ballons and 
candy to children, having photographs 
taken with children, and being "jolly 
and happy," according to Martha Menger, 
who can be contacted at 733-0042 from 
9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday -Thursday . The 
Placement Office at Augusta College 
828^3801, also has details." ' 

POET HERE WEDNESDAY Rising young poet 
Daniel Mark Epstein, a recipent of the 
1969 Robert Frost Award, and the 1972 
Stephen Vincent Benet Award, will read 
from his works 8 p.m. Wednesday in the 
Lecture Room, Butler Hall. Epstein, 28, 
has published two books including 
Appearances in 1969 and No Vacanc ies in 
Hell in 1973. His works have been 
published in such magazines as The New 
Yorker, The Nation, The American Scholar, 
The Kenyon Review, The New Republic and 
many more. The public is invited. 

Exhibit featuring the work of Nathan 
Bindler, Eugenia Comer, Jack King and 
Richard Frank will officially open at 
an 8 p.m. reception Saturday in the 
lobby of the Performing Arts Theatre. 
The exhibit will remain on display from 
Nov. 13-30. The Faculty String Ensemble 
and the Student Brass Ensemble will 
provide the music. Members of the AC 
Student Art Assn. will prepare and serve 
refreshments . 

Hartlage, associate professor of - 
Pediatrics and Neurology at the Medical 
College, will speak 4:30 p.m. Tuesday 
in Room Six, Butler Hall, on "Neurolog- 
ically Impaired Learning Disahillties •' 

COM'KF.ltonSF, OPEN Musical entertainer 
The Rev. Pearly Brown will be cheardi 
8 p.m. Friday at the Coffeehouse, located 
in the AC Chateau. 50c with college I.D. 

MOVIES THIS WEEK "Night Moves" and 
"M*A*S*H" are slated this week in the 
AC Film Series. "Night Moves" is set for 
6 and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday with "M*A*S*H" 
following at the same times on Thursday. 
Free with college I.D.; others, $1.50. 

AC RADIO WACG-FM is now broadcasting 
programs by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra 
8 p.m. each Tuesday. The New York 
Philharmonic Orchestra may be heard each 
Thursday at 8 p.m. (90.7 FM) . 

FUNDS AVAILABLE The faculty is reminded 
that the AC Foundation has again made 
funds available for modest research 
projects. The deadline for submitting 
proposals to Dean J. Gray Dinwiddle is 
Friday. Total funds may not exceed 

of the faculty attended the first Georgia 
Consortium workshop on "New Directions 
In Teaching and Learning" held last week 
in Macon. Representing the fields of 
math, biology ,._chemis try and physics were 
Dr. Gerald G. tThompson , Dr. Ronald S\. 
King, Dr. Harily FA'JBlowsher , Dr. Ronald L. 
Jarjice B. Turner, Dr. John W. 

1 Undergraduate Educatjion 
Reform Project^ of tl^6^ Southern Regional 
Education Boarjd (SREB).^ 

Ezell, Dr. 
Pearce, Harry 
Stu liken and 
workshop was 


J.. .i.,,, i; ('lojeij 3Y -tn-d 00=^ 

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iVd '^qqoT '3-tq-tqxg 

•adsQ -pa • s/:qa 3v 

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•A3a aqx) asnoH aajJ03 -m-d 00=8 

•H'W 'smiTj qn-[0 qouaaj uoon 


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•H"9 * "nia "oai 'ssa^Xoi 
mox :s3q3TX3ods uiBJSoaj 
„sUB3snSnv paqsinSuT^sTQ,, 'm-d 00*8 

•AJiBaqTT qDUBJg bobxxb/^ 
•mpaSoaj uo-j^Dy BATqBUiJTjgv •tn-d 00=8 

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s,XBpaa3saA„ S3uas3J<i 3v 'ui'd 0£:^ 

•H*a *e ma *doqs5iJOfi 
uo-yaisoduioo '^daa qsTfSug -ni'd 0€=9 


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DVD 'e HI 
■35W uo-;3Bpunoi X9xs9m 3v uoo{J 

DVD '3 9 I HW 
•35W uoiun 3U9pn3s ilOBXa UOON 


* -ma 'Dai 'sai^aToos aouoH 

■[BUO-J3BN JO 'USSV "BO 'ui-B OC^Tl 

6 -AON 'Xepsanx 

"H'a * •ina "ogi 

i.'spasN UBUinH 3ui599w,, -m-d 00=8 

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s,/CBpa93S9A„ sauBsaaj ov 'm-d 00=8 

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paAaas XfsnofAaad /CBOinj^ ' L9 , JO SS8"[3 
'Aboihh 'a paBAiOH snuran^B sj b^ub^^v "T 

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ao^BaqsTUTmpB rt9U aqx QSWVN snNWmv 

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XqunoQ puomq3-ta-B3sn3nY aq5 jo qousaa 

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auiBj JO uo3^B"[D snojew "JQ saa^iBads 

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/^wpiio^j 'm'd g sanu"p3uoo doqss^jton spaaN 

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■[apow B3sn3n\^ aq^ 3u-[UfBxdxa uo^ssas 

doqs^jaort B pa^uasaad pJiBTTiTH 3J9qoa 'zq 

*aDuaaaguo3 aqi SuTanQ -(^9-9961) 5U9PT 

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paaouoq sbm aH 'btv '3TTqow ui (axVHS) 

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iDoag uoTaBtnaoguT aaow "suug^ -[0^7*^4^95 

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puB spaau XsTaBS o:^ ^Tpaao go asn quag 

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go • qdaa aqx 'qof 3uTainsuoD-aaiT3 

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SutSbubcq yC-[aA-i3oaggg A3N0W QNV flOA 

3*4; .J-.^. ■ .i-fi! 






Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains 


FOR WEEK OF: NOVEMBER 15-NOVEMBER 21, 1976 Written Wednesday, Nov. 10, 1976 No. 115 

Sociology Club members are asking all members of the Ac Community to skip one meal 
on Friday, Nov. 19, and donate the cost of that meal to their special Thanksgiving 
project called "Fast Friday." Booths will be set up at the College Activities 
Center, Fine Arts, and Skinner Hall from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on November 19 to accept 
donations. Club members hope to raise enough money to provide Thanksgiving dinner 
for three needy Augusta families selected by the Dept . of Family and Children 
Services. In return for your donation, a hot beverage will be provided "to hold 
you to your next meal" and a button signifying your participation in the project. 
In addition to providing a holiday dinner to the families , a secondary goal is to 
"encourage a feeling of community experience by pulling together with the entire 
campus in order to reach out to other persons in need," said coordinators Ernestine 
Thompson and Dexter Burley of the Sociology Dept. 

The Dept. of Nursing will sponsor two films on uterine and breast cancer noon 
Thursday (Nov. 18) in Meeting Rooms 1 & 2 of the College Activities Center. All 
women on campus are urged to view the "life-saving" films. 

The college community has been invited to hear Dr. Morris Abram, past president of 
Brandeis University, speak on "Value of Jewish Survival" 8 p.m. Nov. 17 at the 
Augusta Museum. 

TOP TEN SOUGHT Augusta College women 
students are invited to participate in 
Glamour Magazine's 1977 Tcp Ten College 
Women Contest. A panel of Glamour 
editors will select the winners on the 
basis of their solid records of achieve- 
ment in academic studies and/or in 
extracurriculai- activities on campus or 
in the community. The women will be 
featured in the magazines 's August issue 
and will receive a trip to New York and 
a $500 cash prize. Applications are now 
available in the Public Information 
Office, Rains Hall. Deadline for sub- 
mitting the completed information is 
February 15. 

of Augusta College will host their annual 
International Night Thanksgiving Dinner 
for Ac's foreign students Friday, Nov. 19 
in the College Activities Center. Dead- 

booth produced by the Office of College 
and Public Services at the Exchange Club 
Fair was accomplished through the efforts 
of many persons. Special thanks go to 
Dr. John Smith, Dr. John Black, and David 
Duncan of the faculty; to students Alison 
Fortgang, Alison Stephens, Bill Anderson 
and those in Dave Jones' summer art class; 
to alumna Loretta Leonard Healy who de- 
signed and developed the booth; to former 
student Jim Haney; to the Military 
Science Dept., Office of Veterans Affairs, 
Admissions Office, Office of Student 
Activities and the Physical Plant. 
Appreciation is also extended to the Rev. 
Mr. Dan Mus grave of Trinity Television 
and to WBBQ Radio. 

Extravaganza entitled "A Felicity of Cards 
and Carols'' will be presented by the AC 

line for reservations is Tues day, Nov. 16. Theatre Dec. 3-4 at 8 p.m. in the Per- 

A traditional American Thanksgiving 
dinner "with all the trimmings" will be 
served to the students. , Special guests 
will include the family of Dr. Belagodu 
ShiekAli, Ac's visiting curriculum 
consultant in Indian Studies. Students 
to be honored include Fatma A. Al- 
Shubaiky, Kuwait; Lea M. Dexter, England; 
Anthony 0. Ita, Nigeria; Eddy Y. Mens, 
Belgium; Boon Chong Na , Singapore; 
Shahida Sheik Ali, India; Visit Supanich, 
Thailand; Hans Vander linden, Netherlands; 
and Javier R. Villegas, Bolivia. 
Reservations may be made through Mary 
Alice Moore, 736-4762 or through Felton 
Moore in the Business Administration 
Department . 

forming Arts Theatre. This is the first 
Christmas presentation ever offered by 
Ac Theatre, according to Director Keith 
Cowling. Details will be forthcoming. 
Both performances are free and open to 
the public, 

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Library hours during 
the upcoming holiday season are as follows 
Nov. 24, 7:45 a.m. -5 p.m.; Nov. 25, 
closed; Nov. 26-27, 9:30 a.m. -5 p.m.; 
Nov. 28, 2 p.m. -10:30 p.m.; Nov. 29- 
Dec. 10, regular schedule; Dec. 11-12, 
closed; Dec. 13-17, 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Dec. 
18-26, closed; Dec. 27-30, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.: 
Dec. 3l-Jan. 2, closed; Jan. 3, 7:45 a.m.- 
8:30 p.m.; Jan. 4 begin regular schedule 
at 7:45 a.m. 

SIX NOMINATED Christmas Belle Contestants 
for 1976 include Nancy Carter, Joyce 
Evans, Kim Frederick, Eva Jewell, Jennifer 
Hammond and Denise Tutt , Photographs of 
the women are now on display in the 
library and the CAC. Voting will be Nov. 22. 

HELP NEEDED If your interested in earn- 
ing extra money for Christmas, part-time 
help is needed selling a specific p^roduct, 
Call 863-5434 for details. 


5 -MD ..-ussv 
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■m-d 00= L 
■Aoji 'Aepung 

•H*9 'OI-S 'sm^ 
♦scDBxa ia IBUO-cqn^iasui 

•H"9 'OT-e "suia 
'smexa anO xeuo-t^na-i^sui 

•in-d 00=3 

•lu-B 00= 6 
03 ' Ao^ 'ABpan:}BS 

OVO 's^uapn^s 

-[BUOT^BUJs^ui aoj 

aauuTQ saAf/.i ^^-[noBj Dv 

•qn-[3 ASoxoTOOs Dv ^q 

psaosuods i/bptjj ^sbj,, 

•aooxj qqx-ts 'SuTpifng 



'•ina • oaT '3uT;ma-[d Aa:i3g 

:saqSTl3ods meaSoaj 

„suB3snSnv paqsinSuT^sTa,, 

JO aaqiDBMO,, sriuasaaj ov 

UB9W„ saiaag ^lli 


*Z'9T aw *sui-[T5 J93UB3 

DVD '2 HI 

•3w :t3y«Baa visai^ia 


•aaaq a3a-[-[oo bt3-^03D 

XiBqaa^lSBg SjUsmoM 

OVD 'uiooy SuTUTQ A^xnasi 

'jBUfmas auauj^inao 

-ay saiBjgv s,UBaa3aA 



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••35H uoTUfl luapn^s sjOBxg 

•lu-d 0C:9 

•m* d g- •ui" B 9 
61 -AON 'i^^BPT^i 

•m-d 00=8 

•ui-d 00=8 
•in-d Q£: i 
•m-d g-[:9 ^ 9 


•AON '^Bpsanqx 


d OC:S 


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•m-d 00-"e 
•AON '^Bpsaupart 



•AON '^epsanx 

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30 jaquiBMO,, s:juasaaj ov 

'H'9 *'iUH "391 -anqBUoa 

BfxouSBW :aa>lBads 

,,'spaaN UBUinH SuT^aaj^,! 


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5B 91 "AON 'ABpsanx pJBog aA-tanoaxg 

aq3 JO §uf:iaam "["[^i puooas s3t p^oq iXTa 

NoiiviDossv iNHfnv 3DanoD visnonv f m 


aaujumg-SuTads '-[euanof uoT^Baauao 3SOi 

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ijPBOaqv pusT^i Vn * suiaod owa paqsTxqnd 

SBq (sa-ipn^s XBT^sds) A31Saaa 'M NHOf 'HQ 

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puooas B 'asuodsaa 8ufuixaq»aaAo 05 ana 

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aaq ut paqtaosap sauiB3 aq^ Xq paaTdsuT 

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squaJBd pawoqs doqs>iaow ,,aaioq XaaBO puB 

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JO squaJBd joj doqs^iaort b paqonpuoo 

(uoT3Bonpg) AHHaaNaiSIHHD 3MNV AHVi'I 'HQ 

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aq3 UT qauom aqq 30 pua aqq qSnoaqq 

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puB sSuTMBap 'sSuT^UTBd xTO ' SDTUJBaaO 

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paaosuods uoiqdaoaa b q^T^^ AbP-ih^bs pauado 

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'H3W0D viNaona 'naiaNia nvhivn 3° y\zon 

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•ASoxoqoAs^ XB3T30T0TsAq,j 

ut ,,suoT3Bxqv qi^a ajo^objxo 

q3T/.\ S5BH ui uoTquaqan ssauXqsqTBg,, 
pax3T3ua axoT3JtB ub paqsixqnd Xxauaoaa 

aABq sNi>na Hd[ivH pue saaoH aAaiS'SHQ 

•a3B38 aqq utc saosiAiadns SuTpsaa aqq 

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paquasaad sbm ^saqD Bq^JBR •JQ 'Sux^aam 

XuiBTW aq3 Suxana „'SBaav 3uaquo3 aqq uj 

sxXT^S sSboSubt puB SutpBaH 3ux3Ba3ja:»ui„ 

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(uoT3Bonpg) xasHD VHIHVW puB IHVa * SHQ 

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XTDuno3 BiSaoag aq^ jo aouaaajuoo xbhuub 

aqa 3B ,,soxaBUiaq3BW 03 paxxddy XSa^BJ^s 

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B aAH3 (uo73Bonp3) .,HIIWS-a aiAl '30 

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snaN AxinDvi 


DeadUne for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information. Rains Hall 

FOU WEEK OF: NOVEMBER 22-N0VEM3ER 2S, 1976 Written Wecr.esday, Nov. 17, 1976 No. IH 

Voting will take place Monday, Nov. 22 to choose Miss Christmas Belle for 1976, a 
tradition which was begun during Junior College days. Booths will be located in the 
College Activities Center and in the Library. The winner will be announced at the 
annual dance on December 10. Contestants this year are liAuCY CARTER, JOYCE EVANS, 
women are now on display in the Library and the College Activities Center. 

The women's basketball team will meet Georgia Southern 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the 
AC Gym. This is the first time the Lady Jag^jars will be cce^seting in the Georgia 
Assn. of Intercollegiate Athletics for VTonien and the National Assn. of Intercollegiate 
Athletics for Women. New coach this year is ESTZLLE (COOKIE) JOKNSON. 

The Tip-Off Tournament will officially cosn the season f-r the Jaguars 7 p.m. Friday 
and Saturday nights at the AC Gym, when Ac will host Piedmont, Georgia Southwestern, 
and Berry College. This year students, faculty and staff will be admitted to all 
games with current ID. Dependent season tickets are now available for $10. Following 
Friday night's games, an OPEN HOUSE will be held at the M*.XWELL ALUMNI HOUSE for all 
alumni, faculty and staff. Alumni Coordinator HELEN HENDEE urges everyone to stop by. 

FALL CONCERT The Fall Concert of the 
AC Choir will be held 8:30 p.m. Tuesday 
in the PAT under the direction of DAVID 
PELTON. The varied program will include 
music from the Renaissance, Baroque and 
Romantic periods and contemporary 
selections by American composers. The 
concert is free. 

STUDENTS HONORED Students of three AC 
fine arts faculty members received honors 
at the finals of the Georgia Music 
Teachers Assn. auditions held at Clayton 
Junior College. DAVID PETERS, AC fresh- 
man who studies clarinet under DENNIS 
ZEISLER, was chosen alternate winner in 
the College Woodwinds Division. . .LAURIE 
BENNETT, lOth grade student at Wests ide, 
won first place in the Pre-College Piano 
Audition and will represent the state in 
the Southern Divisional Auditions to 
be held in Winston Salem, N.C. in 
February. She studies piano with 
student at Wests ide, and a student of 
VOLA JACOBS, was chosen first place on, 
winner in the Piano Cohcerto^Competition. 

NEED TO UPDATE? Faculty and staff 
members are reminded to keep their 
emergency records up to date. Please 
report any change of address , dependents , 
name, or telephone number to the Personnel 
Office for insertion into your confident- 
ial records. 

STUDENT TEACHING If you're an education 
major or minor and plan to do your 
student teaching during the Spring or 
Fall of 1977 or the Winter and Spring of 
1978, please file your application for 
admission to teacher education and 
student teaching with DR. FPANK TU33S, 
coordinator of field experiences. "As 
you plan for student teaching, remember 
to put the September experience on your 
schedule," he urges. 

DR. mRTHA CHEEK (Education) was in 
Tuscaloosa, Ala, recently to assist the 
school system in initiating procedures to 
develop a comprehensive plan for reading. 
An article, co-authored by DR. JOHN 
Univ. ox Ga. was published in the 
November issue of Phi Delta Kappan. The 
article was entitled "CBTE Graduates 
Show Superiority in 'Personal Develop- 
ment'". ...DR. ANNE CHRISTENBERRY present- 
ed a paper, "Individualizing Course 
Content in Undergraduate Education: A 
Contract Plan" at the International 
Congress for Individualized Instruction 
in Boston on Nov. 19. 

MICHAEL I. MinZR read a paper, "Remedial 
Prograj... i.i the University System of 
Georgia'- at the recent South Atlantic 
Modem Language Assn. convention in 


ARTEMISIA THEVAOS (Fine Arts) and her duo- 
piano partner LYEiA POPvRO appeared as 
guest artists in a concert presented 
Nov. 5 at Converse College during the 
first annual ccavention of the South- 
eastern Federation of Greek Orthodox 

some 250 state college and university 
presidents meeting in New Orleans Nov. 
10-13 at the 16th annual meeting of the 
American Assn. of State Colleges and 
Universities . 

WHO'S WHO SELECTED Fourteen AC students 
have been approved by the national office 
of Who's Who A nior. g^ S tudents In American 
Universities a ad College' and v;ill be 
announced fo''.lcwL.g r.riilication . 

Best wishes to S"SAN LEUTZ and JOHN P. 
KEENAN who w^-„- u-arrieJ Nov. 12 by the 
Pi:V. KARRY THOIIPSOn at the Good Shepherd 
Episcopal Church. 

ii'sa^isaH SBunsTTHj,, sjudaeTj dv 

'BJado asauiqo jo uoiaeauasaaa 

■: ' 'ussv 3U9|OAau3g asauiqQ 

■■■. 'm^D 3V 

'^uatUBUjnoi JJO-^TX saenSBf 

•tu-d 00= Z 
83 'AON '^Bpnng 

•to-d 00=8 

•lu-i-l uo-C "? Z 
^^ -AON 'Xbi>:iii4«s 

• asnoH Tumn-[v naMxew 3B J5B3S 
•X3-[n3Bj '-tuuin-iv aoj asnoH uadQ 

'^uatUBtunox 3J0-dTI saenSef 

•ui-d 00 = 6 =9 Z 
92 'AON •AbPT^.J 

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•ovo 'Z ^X 


•XVd -^^isauoD JTOMO DV 

•myCg oy -oiaq^nos 

BTSJoa3---[-[Bq3a>lsBg s,uamort oy 

''S3W uoTun ^uapn^s ^^eig 

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•ui-d Q£:q 

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Xvd ,/u-taasua5iuBai„ saiaas ui^jj 

•DV3 P"^ XaBJqTT 

•aixag SBtn^siaqo Joj Sut^oa 

•iD-d 00=8 
•rn-d g-[: 9 '9 9 

22 -AON 'XbPuow 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


FOR WEEK OF: NOVEMBER 29-DECEMBER 5, 1976 VJritten Wednesday, Nov. 24, 1976 


COLETTE AVRIL'S French classes will give a dramatic performance 7 p.m. Monday, 
Nov 29 in the Performing Arts Theatre. The performance is free and open to the 
public. The program will include scenes from Shakespeare's "Henry V" when the Queen 
of England played by SOPHIE DEAN, is learning English from Alice, played by KAY 
ECKARD. A scene from Racine's "Andromaque" will feature ELIZABETH GOAD, who plays 
the part of Hermione and PHILIPPE HOWE who plays the part of Oreste . Cocteau s 
•'La Voix Humaine" (the human voice) will be presented by DONNA JEAN UWLER. Three 
fables of "La Fontaine" will be performed as short skits by DENNIS HEAUME , ALISON 
KITCHEN TERRI MEREDITH and RANDY WALL. The program will end with the famous sonnet 
scene f;om "Les Femmes Savantes" featuring RANDY WALL as Trissetin, SHERRY NEHRBAS 
as Armande, DONNA JEAN UWLER AS Belise, TERRI MEREDITH as Henriette , and ELIZABETH 
GOAD as Philminte. 

The Christmas Belle Dance, featuring the crowning of Miss Christmas Belle, will be 
held the evening of Dec. 10 at the College Activities Center. Entertainment will 
be provided by The Don Downing Show featuring Al Downing and the Rich and Famous 
Band Voting was held last Monday to determine who will be the next Christmas 

BAND IN CONCERT The AC Band, under the 
direction of DENNIS J. ZEISLER, will 
present its first concert of the new 
academic year 3:30 p.m. Sunday, (Dec. 5) 
in the Performing Arts Theatre. Featured 
will be the AC Wind Ensemble and the AC 
Stage Band, a new addition to the Band 
program. Featured soloist with the Wind 
Ensemble will be KATHLEEN ZEISLER, 
flutist, who will play "Concertino for 
Flute" by Cecil Chaminade . Prior to 
joining AC this past fall, DENNIS ZEISLER 
was assistant band director for the New 
York University Band. The concert is 
free . 

WORKSHOP ENDS The six -week workshop 
on the public welfare system will end 
Monday night (Nov. 29) at 8 p.m. in the 
Lecture Room of Butler Hall. The program, 
"Meeting Human Needs Yesterday .. .Today .. . 
And Tomorrow..." was presented by AC and 
the Richmond County Dept . of Family and 
Children Services. Monday night's pro- 
gram will be "A Summary, An Evaluation, 
and Projections in Meeting Human Needs." 
Speakers will be TOM RILEY and DR. ROBERT 

PREMIERE SHOWING The members of the 
Committee for the Humanities in Georgia 
and the Communications Division of the 
University of Georgia Center for Contin- 
uing Education will present the premiere 
showing of the documentary film entitled 
"Humanists and Citizens' Interaction: 
Public Issues Dialogue in a Representative 
City," at 8 p.m. Thursday , (Dec . 2) at the 
Performing Arts Theatre. The members and 
staff of the Georgia Committee for the 
Humanities, the film's producers, and 
humanists from Augusta College and Paine 
College, along with many of the Augusta 
citizens who participated in the making 
of the movie, will be present to discuss 
the signifiance of the movie with all 
interested persons during an informal 
reception following the film's showing. 

Monday, Nov. 29 

7:00 p.m. French Club PAT 
8:00 p.m. "Meeting Human Needs," 

Lee. Rm. , B.H. 
8:00 p.m. AC Presents "Christmas 
Kettles," Ch.5 

Tuesday, Nov. 30 

Noon Black Student Union Mtg. 

MR 1 & 2, CAC 
6 & 8:15 p.m. Film Series "McCabe 6t 

Mrs. Miller," PAT 
Wednesday, Dec. 1 

3 p.m. Faculty Mtg., Lee. Rm. 
4:30 & 7:30 p.m. Holiday Hippodrome Circu. 
8:00 p.m. AC Men's Basketball - 

Georgia Southern, States 
boro, Ga. 
Thursday, Dec. 2 

8:00 p.m. NEH Premiere Showing of 
the documentary film on 
Augusta. PAT 

Friday, Dec. 3 

8:00 p.m. AC Theatre "Felicity of 
Cards and Carols ," PAT 

Saturday, Dec. 4 

7:30 p.m. AC Men's Basketball - 
St. Paul's College, AC 
8:00 p.m. AC Theatre "Felicity of 
Cards and Carols," PAT 

Sunday, Dec. 5 

3:30 p.m. Band Concert, PAT 

7:00 p.m. AC Presents "The Augusta 

College Christmas Classi 

Ch. 5 

AC THEATRE A Christmas Extravaganza 
entitled "A Felicity of Cards and Carols" 
will be presfcTUfed by AC Theatre in the 
Performing Art.-- Theatre 8 p.m. Friday and 
Saturday, Dec. 3-4. 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 
FOR WEEK OF: DECEMBER 6-DECEMBER 13, 1976 Written Wednesday, Dec. 1, 1976 No. 118 

MARGE PETERSON (Education) has received funding through the Dept . of Human Resources 
and the Education Dept. for a one-year day care training project. The project 
which will train 70 day-care teachers and aides in the Augusta area is divided into 
three segments: visitations to other day care centers in the area, formal classroom 
instruction on methods of teaching pre-school children, and clsssroom interaction 
analysis through the use of video taping. In addition, this proposal is being used 
to develop a teaching model to be used for other day care staffs in the state. 
Project offices are temporarily located in D-2 Skinner Hall until space becomes 
available in the old library. 

An orientation program for entering freshmen and transfer students will be held 
Jan. 3 at 1 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre. Materials will be distributed by 
ROSCOE WILLIAMS and welcoming remarks will be made by Dr. GEORGE A. CHRISTENBERRY. / 
Other speakers include SGA President DAVID SEGARS; Admissions Director Dr. DON SMITH; 
and Associate Academic Dean Dr. HAROLD MOON. 

The Paine College Alumni Assn. will sponsor a benefit fund raising program featuring 
Congresswoman SHIRLEY CHISHOLM 8 p.m. December 10 in the Gilbert Lambuth Chapel 
at Paine College. A buffet will follow her talk at the Campus Center. Augusta 
College personnel will be admitted for ^'5; general public, $10. Tickets are 
available at the AC Public Information Office, Rains Hall. 

$$$ FOR BOOKS! A representative from a 
ueed-book company will be in the AC 
Bookstore Dec. 8-9 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
and will pay cash for books you no longer 
need . 

the Medirai and Educational Aspects of 
Specific Learning Disablities will be held 
Dec. 10-11 sponsored by the Parents Guild 
of the Augusta Reading Foundation, Inc. 
The symposium will be held in MCG's 
Educational Building Auditorium with 
Virginia Huckabee , president of the Guild, 
serving as mistress of ceremonies. 
Speakers include Mary Maurice Belt Allen, 
Ph.D; Lynn W. Aurich, Ph.D; Beverly Belk, 
M.D.; Judy Hawthorne, John L. Hughes, M.D,; 
Melvin David Levine , M.D.; William C. 
O'Leary, Ph.D; and Margaret Shedd. 
863-1738 for futher information. 

TEACHER SEMINARS Summer Seminars for 
College Teachers will be offered in 24 
disciplines covering broad areas of 
humanities studies including history, 
literature, language, political science, 
philosophy, sociology, fine arts (music 
drama, art history). Futher information 
from Office of College and Public Services, 
Rains Hall. 

retreat of Faculty Christians will be 
held Jan. 14-16 at Hickory Knob State 
Park near McCormick, S.C. Rev. Joseph 
O'Brien at the Medical College of Georgia 
would like to invite all interested AC 
faculty members to join the group. 
Rirpose of the consultation is to help 
faculty Christians in Augusta "reflect on 
the signif iciance of their faith for 
their academic lives and to plan ways to 
support each other..." Futher information 
and applications for the retreat are 
available on this campus through Charles 

politan Opera Broadcasts for December 
on Augusta College Radio WAGG are as 
follows: Dec. 11, "Esclarmonde" at 2 p.m., 
Dec. 18, "Die Meistersinger Von Nurnherg" 
at 1 p.m., and Dec. 25, "Aida" at 2 p.m. 
The station is located at 90.7 FM. 

BOOKSTORE HOURS Dec. 6-9, 7:45 a.m.- 
7 p.m.; Dec. 10, 7:45 a.m. -3:15 p.m.; 
Dec. 13-14, closed for inventory; Dec. 
15-17, 7:45 a.m. -4:15 p.m.; Dec. 20-24 
holidays; Dec. 27-31, 7:45 a.m. -4:15 p.m. 
Jan. 3, 7:45 a.m. -4:15 p.m.; Jan. 4-5, 
7:45 a.m. -8 p.m. (book rush). Regular 
hours begin Jan. 6. 

LIBRARY HOURS The regular schedule 
will be observed through Dec. 10. Dec. 
11-12, closed; Dec. 13-17, 8 a.m. -5 p.m.; 
Dec. 18-26, Christmas Holidays; Dec. 27- 
30, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Dec. 31-Jan. 2, 
closed; J'^n 3 7:45 a.m. -8:30 p.m. 
(registration); Jan. 4 begin regular 
schedule at 7:45 a.m. 

Go To College," a two-day seminar for 
junior and senior high school students 
and parents will be held Jan. 12 and 
Jan. 19 from 7-9 p.m. at the College 
Activities Center sponsored by the Office 
of Continuing Education. Speakers 
include Dr. BARBARA SPEERSTRA (personal 
counseling) JACK I4CNEAL (academic re- 
quirements and motivation). Dr. DON 
SMITH (admission procedures), JOHN 
GROVES (student activities), CHERYL . . '•. 
WILKES (financial aid), Julian Heyman 
(testiiig) and J W Galloway (remarks to 
parents). Apply to Continuing Education 
by Jan. 5. 

DEC. 10 DFAOLIN:'! Friday (Dec. 10) is 
the last day to file applications for 
new admisciovis to the Winter Quarter. 

' x-eq a9Jj-s3aAn3o,a sjoh 

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paq^AUT aJB a3a-[-[03 BqsnSnY jo saaqoiam 


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aqgnpeao ' nBaang Suiqsax 

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puB ssoao pay UBOTaaniY 

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aqq 30 3uapTsaad aoTA paqoaia uaaq 

SBq (X3OXOT0OS) -yr HXIWS "H NHOf "30 

SM3N aHi Ni Axmova 


1. i^Vi'? 

AUGUSTA -0! I cgp 

Ai^io^STA, GA 

FOR WEEK OF: DECEMBER 13-DECEMBER 19, 1976 Written Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1976 No. 119 

The Ac Library is now closed for moving and will reopen on or about January 6, 
according to Librarian A. Ray Rowland. No library service will be avalL^ble dmJng 
this period. Volunteers are needed on Dec. 13, 14, 15, 16, 27, 28, 29 and 30 from 
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. All faculty, staff, students or other interested persons are 
asked to donate their time between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. on those days to help move 
part of the book collection, chairs, and other small pieces of furniture. Register 
at the Circulation Desk... The new $2.5 million Reese Library is named for the late 
Dr. and Mrs. John Thomas Reese of Edgefield, S.C, parents of Mary Katherine Reese 
Pamplin, an AC alumna. The Reese Library will house 450,000 volumes and have room 
for 1,100 readers. The library was authorized in 1972 by the University System 
Board of Regents . 

The College will observe Christmas holidays from Monday, Dec. 20 through Friday, 
Dec. 24. The New Year's holiday will be observed on Friday, Dec. 31. 

The Bookstore will be closed for inventory Dec. 13 and 14. Hours from Dec. 15-17 
are from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Holidays will be observed from Dec. 20-24. 

THANKS EXTENDED Officials at the Com- 
munity Clothing Shop have sent a letter 
to the Student Activities Office thanking 
all students and faculty for their 
donations of used clothing. "You are 
doing us and many unfortunate people a 
great service," said Anne Stork. Barrels 
are located in the lobby of the College 
Activities Center for good used clothing. 
The shop, operated by area churches, is 
located at 1854 Broad Street. 


Monday, Dec. 13 

8:00 p.m. 

AC Presents "Early 

American Christmas 

Ch. 5 

Thursday, Dec. 


7:30 p.m. 

AC Presents "Early 

American Christmas , 
Ch. 5 

secretary in the Veterans' Affairs office, 
was named "Secretary of the Week" 
recently by radio station WAUG. She was 
nominated for this distinction by the 
Veterans' Affairs staff "in recognition 
of her superlative contribution to the 
V .A . program at Augusta College since 

GROUP FORMED A new religious group 
for those of Indian extraction known as 
Vedanata has been formed in the Augusta 
area. Those interested in joining should 
call Mark Anderson at 278-1835. 

HOLIDAY PARTY The AC Alumni Association's 
annual Holiday Party will be held 8 p.m. 
Saturday, Dec. 18, at the Maxwell Alumni 
House on McDowell Street. All staff and 
faculty are invited along with all former 
students. Hors D'Oeuvres-f ree bar 
compliments of the Association. 

NEW E1>1PL0YEES We are happy to welcome 
the following new employees at Augusta 
College: Leroy Thompson, Christopher 
Wiley, Thomas Wright, Robert Tillman, 
Kathy Young, Frank Kirschenheiter ,all of 
Plant Operations; Nancy Vamer, Alumni 
Affairs; Bill Dotson, Education. 

Saturday, Dec. 
8:00 p.m. 


Sunday, Dec. 
7:00 p.m. 


AC Alumni Assn. Annual 
Christmas Party, 
Maxwell Alumni House. 

Ac Presents "An Augusta 
College Christmas Card," 
Ch. 5 


Wade Gassman (Veterans' Affairs) co- 
chaired a session on "V.A. Standards of 
Progress and School Liability: Approaches 
and Strategies" at the annual U.S. Office 
of Education Region IV V.C.I. P. program 
directors' conference sponsored recently 
in Atlanta by H.E.W. He also presided 
over its annual meeting held concurrent 
with the V.C.I. P. conference. 

Richard J. Frank (fine arts) haa had a 
drawing of his cited for merit by The 
Norton Museum of West Palm Beach. His 
drawing was entitled "Not Bad." 

Dr. John M. Smith Jr. (Sociology) has 
been listed in the 1976-77 edition of 
Who's Who in th e South and Southwest . 
He was also recently elected to the board 
of directors of The Exchange Club of 


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^ Published for the faculty, students and staff of augusta college 

Dea3nheT6r copy- -Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: JANUARY 3-JANUARY 10, 1970 Written Wednesday, Dec. 28, 1976 No. 120 

Entering freshmen and transfer students will participate in an orientation program 
1 p.m. Jan. 3 in the Performing Arts Theatre. Speakers will include President 
George A. Christenberry, SGA President Dave Segars , Admissions Director Dr. Don 
Smith, aiid Associate Academic Dean Dr. Harold Moon. 

The deadline to register for the two-day seminar "So You Want To Go To College" is 
Jan. 5, according to the Office of Continuing Education. The seminar, scheduled 
for Jan. 12 and Jan. 19 from 7-9 p.m. at the College Activities Center, is designed 
for junior and senior high school students and their parents. Speakers will include 
Dr. Barbara Speerstra, John L. McNeal, Dr. Don Smith, John Groves, J W Galloway, 
Julian Heyman, all of Augusta College; and Cheryl Wilkes, Medical College of Georgia. 
Register through the Continuing Education Office. 

A three day "Consultation of Faculty Christians" will be held Jan. 14-16 at Hickory 
Knob State Park near McCormick, S.C. Invited are faculty from Augusta College, the 
Medical College, and Paine College. Bible study will be directed by the Rev. Mr. 
David Peacock of Our Saviour Church, Martinez. He is a former faculty member at 
Furman University. The Rev. Mr. Warren Scott of Atlanta will talk on spiritual life 
amid today's pressures. Cost of the weekend is $17.50 per person, or $35 per couple. 
Further information through the Rev. Mr. Joseph O'Brien, 828-3574, or on campus 
through Dr. John Black, W.H. Rodimon, or Dr. Charles Saggus . 

UTILITY ECONOMICS Georgia Power Company 
officials are interested in showing a 25- 
minute film on utility economics to any 
interested class or campus organization. 
Representatives from the company will be 
on hand to answer questions. Topics 
include electrical rates, types of 
energies , construction financing, company 
history, progress, etc. The film is 
available now through Feb. 15 by calling 
Jim Bright, 724-0892. 

JANUARY DEADLINE The closing date for 
advance registration for the Graduate 
Management Admission Test (GI^T), is 
Jan. 7. The test will be given on campus 
Jan. 29. GMAT registration forms are 
available in the Dept . of Business 

OPEN HOUSE The Maxwell Alumni House will 
again open its doors to all former 
students and AC staff and faculty Tuesday, 
Jan. 11, following the game between AC 
and Armstrong State. Drop by for 
refreshments and a tour of the new 
Alumni House. 

REESE LIBRARY The library is continuing 
to move into the new Reese Library. 
Tentatively, the library will open Jan. 6, 
at 7:45 a.m. Additional announcements 
will be made later. 

TAX SEMINAR A Seminar on the 1976 Tax 
Reform Act will be sponsored by Ac at 
8 a.m. Friday, Jan. 7, at the Thunderbird 
Inn. Speakers will include attorneys 
J. Larry Broyles , Francis J. Blanchfield, 
Jr., Charles W. Rowell IV, John 
Thompson, J. Charleton Vaughn, Jr., 
Robert W. Wright, Jr.; accountants Roger 
Denning, S. Stetson Fleming, Abram J. 
Serotta; and Dr. Otha Gray, chairman of 
the Dept. of Business Administration. 
Sponsors include the Office of Continuing 
Education, Augusta Chamber of Commerce, 
and the Dept. of Business Administration. 

Original American Version Oberammergau 
Passion Play will be presented at Bell 
Auditorium Jan. 20, 21, and 22, at 8 p.m. 
Advance Sale Discount Exchange Tickets 
are on sale in the Dean of Students 
Office. Prices are $3.50, $4.50, and 

Harry W. Thompson recently addressed 
CSRA Head Start personnel on the subject 
"Facilitating Interpersonal Relationships" 
at the Bell Terrace Presbyterian Church. 
The purpose of the meeting was for 
supervisor/teacher training. 



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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


FOR WEEK OF: JANUARY lO-jANUARY 16, 1977 Written Wednesday, Jan. 5, 1977 No. 121 

The Student Rovernraent Association will sponsor its annual "intevnational Food 
Festival" for students, staff, faculty and members of the community on Jan. 21. 
Price of admission: one covered (hopefully foreign) dish. The food fest will be 
held 6 p.m. in the College Activities Center. SGA will provide cheese, bread, wine, 
coffee, and tea. Entertainment will be provided by pianist Howard Simpers. SGA 
officials ask those planning to attend to "bring enough for you and your guests." 
While the focus is on foreign foods, any type of covered dish will be acceptable, 
they said. A special invitation has also 'been extended to AC alumni. 

The Ac Student Art Association is now sponsoring an exhibition of weaving, fiber 
art, silkscreens and silver prints in the lobby of the Performing Arts Theatre. 
The works are those of Richard Ross of the University of Florida and Marguerite 
Hickernell, now of Augusta, formerly of Syracuse, N .Y . The exhibition will remain 
on display through Jan. 31. 

Librarian A. Ray Rowland may now be contacted at extension 4566. Other new Reese 
Library numbers are: Acquistions , 4801; Associate Librarian, 4566; Cataloging, 4801; 
Circulation, 4066; Documents, 4066; Reference, 4810; Serials, 4066; and Technical 
Services, 4801. The Reese Library officially opened its doors for business last 

Literary Competition conducted by Augusta 
College is now accepting entries from all 
junior and senior high school stiidents 
in the CSRA. This is the fourth annual 
competition, according to Director Dr. 
Walter Evans, who said it is open to 
students in all junior and senior high 
schools that are members of the Georgia 
High School Assn. or thfe S.C: High 
School Leagije. Deadline 
for submitting entries is March 1. 
Further information and a brochure is 
available by contacting Dr. Evans, 

Continuing Education will sponsor a 
two -day seminar on "So You Want To Go To 
College" Jan. 12 & 19 from 7-9 p.m. in 
the College Activities Center. Speakers 
will include those in the fields of 
financial aid, testing, admissions, 
counseling, student activities and 
academic requirements. 

"THE NEW SOUTH" A six-week seminar 
series on "The New South" vrill bring to 
campus six scholars from various dis- 
ciplines who will meet with classes and 
give a general lecture at noon each 
Tuesday. The series, a part of the 
Lyceum program, will start with Alvin 
Boskoff, professor of sociology at 
Emory Univeristy, here Tuesday and 
Wednesday. His Tuesday lecture will be 
held in the Lecture Room, Butler Hall. 
Wednesday at 12:15 the scholar will 
lunch with the faculty and "share insights 
related to his discipline and experiences 
which he feels of special importance to 
faculty in other disciplines." 

FALL SCHOLARS The fall quarter Dean's 
List shows a total of 232 students 
qualified for the honor. 


A SUCCESS! The Christmas Party for 
^lumni and AC Personnel sponsored by the 
Ac Alumni Association drew more than 300 
persons to the Maxwell Alumni House 
making the event "the most successful 
Christmas party the Association has had 
to date." Alumni Coordinator Helen 
Hendee said response was overwhelming 
from all years. The Maxwell Alumni House 
will open its doors again January 11 
following the game between the AC Jaguars 
and Armstrong State. Drop by and enjoy 
the refreshments, compliments of the 

of Faculty Christians, to be held Jan. 14- 
16 at Hickory Knob State Park, will 
include faculty at AC, Medical College of 
Georgia, and Paine College. Information 
on registration may be obtained by con- 
tacting Dr, John Black, Dr. Charles 
Saggus or W.H. Rodimon. 

PROJECT FUNDED The Committee for the 
Humanities in Georgia has notified Dr. 
Edward J. Cashin that his project, 
"Augusta And The Humanities" has been 
funded in the amount of $1,100. Details 
will be forthcoming. 

DEADLINE SET The deadline for entering 
Glamour Magazine's 1977 Top Ten College 
Women Contest is Feb. 15. Interested 
women may pick up an application at the 
Public Information Office, Rains Hall. 
A panel of editors will select the 
winners on the basis of their solid 
records of achievement in academic studies 
and/or in extracurricular activities on 
campus or in the community. 

FILM AVAILABLE A 25 -minute profession- 
ally produced fi^m on utility economics 
is now available for v.lewing in the 
Augusta area through Feb. 15. The Georgia 
Power Co. is the sponsor. Call GP ' s 
Jim Bright at 724-0892. 

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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: JANUARY 17-JANUARY 23, 1977 Written Wednesday, Jan. 12, 1977 No. 122 

The 1977 Lyceum Seminar Series will continue Tuesday and Wednesday with visiting 
scholar Stuart R. Purser, professor of art at the University of Florida. He will 
address classes on Tuesday, give an open lecture noon Tuesday in the Lecture Room 
and lunch with faculty members on Wednesday. The six-week program got underway la^t 
week with a visit from Alvin Boskoff of Emory University. Purser, the author of 
The Drawing Jiandbgok, studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, Ohio State University 
and Louisiana College. He has taught drawing and painting at colleges throughout 
the U.b. and has had some 30 one-man exhibitions. 

Bring your favorite international food dish Friday night to the College Activities 
Center and enjoy the second annual International Food Festival beginning at 6 p.m. 
The Student Government Association, sponsor of the fest, will provide cheeses 
breads, wine and tea. Pianist Howard Simpers will entertain. The Student Activities 
Office requests you bring enough to feed you and your guests. Please include a 
serving spoon with your covered dish, they ask. 

Homecoming activities will be held the week of February 1 with voting for the Home- 
coming Queen scheduled for that day. The basketball teams will play Saturday, Feb. 5 
followed by a homecoming dance in the CAC featuring the "Funny Bone Express."' 
Alumni will gather in the Maxwell Alumni House for a party following the game. Staff 
and faculty are also invited, compliments of the AC Alumni Association. 

RECITAL SET A faculty recital by Dennis 
J. Zeisler will be held 3:30 p.m. Sunday, 
Jan. 23 in the PAT. The clarinetist will 
he accompanied by pianist Artemisia 
Ihevaos and Nathan Btndler, viola. In- 
:luded in the program will be Sonatina 
liy Malcolm Arnold, Senate by C. Saint- 
Saaens, Five Pieces for Clarinet, Gordon 
lacob. Trio for Viola, Clarinet, Piano 
'pus 83 by Max Bruch and Variations sur 
in Air Du Pays D'OC by Louis Cahuzac . 
'he public is invited. 

HAPPINESS FOR 16 Instead of exchanging 
gifts at Christmas the personnel of 
Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs helped 
to provide Christmas for a family of 16. 

OREIGN ACCENT Dr. Roy Nicely 's 
graduate course "Organization Design and 
Analysis" apparently has international 
appeal. Enrolled in the class are Anne 
Marie Pelckmans, Belgium; Kay Chang, 
Taiwan; and Farzan Yaghmai, Iran. 

SEEKING AWARD Numerous student organ- 
izations have signed up to decorate the 
gym during home games. The Spirit-On- 
I he -Hill Award will be presented Feb. 21 
Jt the last home game of the season. The 
award will go to the organization that 
has contributed most to boost school 
spirit during the basketball season. 
Past winners have been the Jaycees in 
1976, and Alpha Delta Pi in 1975. Organ- 
izations which have signed up this month 
are Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority, Jan. 17; 
Delta Chi Fraternity, Jan. 18; Alpha 
Delta Pi Sorority, Jan. 19; Black Student 
Union, Jan. 22; and Tri Beta Biological 
Society, Jan. 29. 


BASKETBALL THIS WEEK Jan. 17: 5:30 p.m. 
Lady Jags vs Tift College; 7:30 p.m. 
Jaguars vs Piedmont. Jan. 18: 7:30 p.m. 
Jaguars vs State Univ. of N.Y. Jan. 19: 
7:30 p.m. Jaguars vs Southern Tech. Jan. 22 
7:30 p.m. Jaguars vs UNC Asheville. 

TICKETS AVAILABLE The Dean of Students 
Office has advance sale discount exchange 
tickets available for Val Balfour's 
Original American Version Oberammergau 
Passion Play to be performed Jan. 20, 21, 
and 22 at 8 p.m., Bell Auditorium. ($3.50, 
$4.50, $5.50.) 

TOBACCO ROAD The Augusta College Theatre 
has begun work on its March production of 
"Tobacco Road." The play by Jack Kirkland 
from the novel by Erskine Caldwell, calls 
for a cast of six men (16-60) and five 
women (17-70). The play will be directed 
by Keith Cowling. 

MOSCOW ANYONE? The AC Alumni Assn. is 
now planning its first alumni tour--to 
Russia. Plans call for departing Atlanta 
on May 12 and returning on May 20. The 
$829 all inclusive tour is open to all 
former students, staff and faculty of 
Augusta College. Call the, Maxwell Alumni 
House, 828-4701. 

RING FOUND An engagement and wedding 
ring has been found in a rest room of the 
College Activities Center and turned in 
to the Student Activities Office. The 
owner" is asked to come by the office and 
identify the set. 

SEMINAR WEDNESDAY The second segment of 
the Continuing Education Seminar "So You 
Want To Go To College" will be held 7-9 
p.m. Wednesday in the College Activities 


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6>:aart sihi ONiNSdJVH s.ivhm 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: JANUARY 24-jANUARY 31, 1977 Written Wednesday, Jan. 19, 1977 No. 123 

The National Players of Washington, D.C. will present Shakespeare's "Much Ado About 
Nothing" in the AC Performing Arts Theatre 2:30 and 8 p.m. Wednesday, February 2 as 
part of the 1976-77 Lyceum Series. The renowned National Players Touring Company 
is now in its 28th consecutive tour with this classic comedy brought back by popular 
demand. Tickets for the 2:30 p.m. performance will be $1; and the evening performance 
will cost $2. Tickets may be purchased during performance times. (AC personnel 
with I.D., free) 

The six-week Lyceum Seminar Series at Augusta College will continue its focus on 
"The New South" Tuesday and Wednesday (Jan. 25-26) with visiting scholar Eugene P. 
Odum, director of the Institute of Ecology at the University of Georgia. He will 
give an open lecture noon Tuesday in the Lecture Room of Butler Hall. 

The faculty and staff are invited to attend the Homecoming Party following the Home- 
coming games (Feb. 5) at the Maxwell Alumni House, compliments of the Augusta College 
Alumni Association. 

students have recently received U.S. been selected for special recognition by 
Army scholarships to continue their the Council Committee on Chemical Educat- 
education at Augusta College. Cadet Julie ion of the American Chemical Society. Out 

Rabun, a freshman from Thomson, was the 
recipient of a one -year award and Cadet 
Johnny Murray, a sophomore received a 
three-year scholarship. 

QUEST David Segars , president of the 
Student Government Assn. attended a 
meeting of the Student Advisory Council 
to the Board of Regents in Atlanta last 
week. A lobbying workshop for students 
representing the 32 University System 
institutions was held and those attending 
walked to the State Capital to register 
as lobbyists for QUEST (Quality Univer- 
sity Education for Students Today). Its 
purpose was to push the proposed 15 % 
salary increase for University System 
employees . 

PHI KAPPA PHI The AC chapter of Phi 
Kappa Phi will meet Monday, Jan. 24 
at 8 p.m. in the home of Dr. and Mrs. 
Harold Moon, 1143 Arsenal Avenue. All 

of a total of 652 chapters, 86 were given 
commendable citations for the 1975-76 
academic year. 

Foundation of Rotary International offers 
five educational awards to both men and 
women that permit overseas study under the 
sponsorship of the Rotary Foundation. The 
awards cover the cost of round-trip 
transportation between the awardee's home 
and place of study, registration, tuition, 
laboratory and other school fees , room 
and board, living costs, limited travel 
and other '-"n-fj- j' '^i i "-^ -^ "' f 1 nn i 1 1 
information and afcplicfiCKfi 
Dr. J. Earl Willi ims A'l'^^n^^IOL 
Community Dentistry, Medical College 
Georgia, 828-28l4 JAN 2 4 197 

6i»a afljJij-Qna 1 

EfiSe l£l8R)W?t>nta(jt 

lical College of 

Martinez has beer awaro^^'tfeJ'^lii^man 
Drawdy Scholarshi p at Augi^^)^olleg e . Che 
members of Phi Kappa Phi in the community scholarship is awarded to a sclld{!Bll Tn the 
are invited to attend. college's Master of Business Administration 

program on the basis of academic merit 
SO SORRY Employees of Augusta College and the need for financial assistance, 
wish Baxter Vinson, Building and Grounds 

Superintendent , a speedy recovery from his COMPUTER WORKSHOP A workshop on Computer 
accident .Vinson fell from a tree while Assisted Instruction (CAI) will be offered 
sawing wood for a pep rally bonfire. He by Dr. James Eisele and staff from The 

suffered ankle and back injuries, 
you're feeling better. 

Hope University of Georgia during the after- 
noons of February 16-18 at the Medical 
College of Georgia, The total of ten 
hours of instruction will provide an 
introduction to CAI and the use of the 
Multitutor language in developing computer 
based lesson material. Augusta College 
faculty, staff and students who wish to 
participate should contact Randall Thursby, 
3116 or Dr. Margaret Dexter, 3426 for 
further information. 

FINAL REMINDER The deadline for 
entering Glamour's 1977 Top Ten College 
Women Contest is February 15. Interested 
women may pick up an application at the 
Public Information Office in Rains Hall. 
In addition to appearing in the August 
College issue, the winner will receive 
a trip to New York and a cash priae of 



U -MO 

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srtaN AxmovJ 




Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding weeli - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: JANUARY 31-FEBRUARY 6, 1977 Written Wednesday, Jan. 26, 1977 No. 124 

A blazing bonfire with cheers by the "AC Fools" will be held from 7-8 p.m. Friday 
(Feb. 4) behind the baseball field, sponsored by the Office of Student Activities 
as a preliminary warm-up for Saturday night's Homecoming Game on February 5. Soft 
drinks and beer will be provided. Special guests will include the men's and women'?, 
basketball teams, the swimming team, the alumni and faculty basketball teams, and 
R.O.T.C. members, and all members of the atheletic department. The "AC Fools," with 
more to be added to the list soon, include Pete Galloway, John Groves, Wade Gassman, 
Marvin Vanover, Lenny Carlson, Susan Keenan, Helen Hendee^ Marian Cheek, Cookie 
Johnson, David Segars, and Phyllis Trowell. Theme of the bonfire -rally will be 
"Capture the Cougar." (Columbus College). Plan to attend and enjoy the fun! 

The National Players of Washington, D.C. will be featured in two performances of 
Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing" on Wednesday, Feb. 2. The 2:30 p.m. 
performance will cost $1 and the 8 p.m. performance will ba $2. (Ac personnel 
admitted free with ID). 

Five students interested in film-making accompanied Dr. Charles Willig last weekend 
to Film South 77, a three-day workshop at Converse College. The students included 
Greg Nicoli, Recil Thrash, Julie Kearns, Raymond Tanner, and Carol Fuchs . 

TUESDAY LECTURE Jack Blic^silver, pro- 
fessor of economic history at Georgia 
State University, will lecture noon 
Tuesday (Feb. 1) in Butler Hall's Lecture 
Room as part of the second half of the 
six-week Lyceum Lecture Series. Next 
Tuesday (Feb. 8) the scholar will be 

Dr. James B. Meriwether, director of the 

Department of Southern Studies, University Pre-School Assn. at their Jan 

of S.C. The focus of the seminar is 

"The New South." 

FACULTY NEWS Dr. Martha Cheek (Education 
attended a meeting of the Georgia Right 
to Read State Advisory Council Jan. 21 in 
Atlanta. Dr. Cheek was appointed to the 
Council by State School Supt. Jack Nix. 
Dr. Anne Christenberry presented a work- 
shop on meaningful learning games to make 
and use with young children for the CSRA 

25 meeting. 

DEADLINE FRIDAY The deadline for making 
reservations for the Faculty Wives 

CARTOON FESTIVAL The Quarterly Cartoon 
Festival sponsored by Student Activities 
will be held 10:30-12:30 Feb. 12 in the 
College Activities Center. Popcorn, 

Valentine Dinner is Friday, Feb. 4 through soft drinks, and other snacks will be 

Dr. Don Markwalder (with checks payable 
to the Faculty Wives of Augusta College), 
The dinner will be Feb. 12 in the Garden 
Room of the Thunderbird Inn. Cost is 
$5.50 per person. Cash bar cocktails at 
6:30 p.m. followed by dinner at 7:30, 

STRING QUARTET The String Quartet of 
the University of Georgia (The American 
Pro-Art Quartet) will perform here 8:30 
Feb. 11 as a part of the Lyceum Series. 
The program will include a piano quintet 
by Dvorak featuring pianist Vola Jacobs 
of the AC faculty. The Quartet includes 

provided. AC children, 50<;:; others, $1. 

mation Office is in need of all cultural 
activities scheduled on campus from March- 
June for inclusion in the calendar 
issued by the Greater Augusta Arts Council 
Please call the Office with events not 
previously submitted to the Public Infor- 
mation Office, Rains Hall, 3917. 

CULLUM SCHOLARS The English and 
Psycholog y D epartments are both sponsoring 
upcoming jCullv^/" 

Feb. 17-18, /;^gu^ _- 

hosting Br. Paifr 5alz',^a^p^ife3sor in the 
Department of Psychology and Neurology at 
the Univ|Brsit3JAW3l-i4^a. Hit 4 p.m. 
Feb. 17 rcalk in the Lecture Rolm will be: 
The Augusta OIC (Augusta "Some Divelop|lvyi$l§iT>^n<^redictive Pre- 
cursors lof Specijgo^^adi'ng Disabilities : 

A Till I I 1 fill ^^tnr ^nllf" "P " His 2 p. I 

Feb. 18 talk in Skinner Hall B-6 will be 

Won-Mo Kim, violin; Thomas Weaver, violin; Feb. 17-18, /;^gjj^^ph^^§^Dep4rtment is 

Delmar Stewart, viola, and Eugene Eicher, '--"*■'-- ^^ v^^ff^^^.^r^'-U.M^f^ 

cello. Admission: $2. AC personnel with 
ID, free. 


Opportunities Industrialization Center, 
Inc.) is sponsoring its Annual Sweetheart 
Ball, Friday, February 18 from 9-2 p.m. 
at the Executive House Convention Center. 
Entertainment will be provided by the 
Montenegro Band of Atlanta. Donation is 
$6 per person and tickets may be obtained 
at the Augusta OIC, 430 Eighth Street and 
the record shop at 209 Ninth Street and 
also at the hometown newspaper store on 
Broad Street. 



"Chronic Marijuana Use: Some Recent Find- 
ings. "...On Feb. 17, the English Depart- 
ment will sponsor Dr. Robert Herlman, a 
Shakespearean scholar, noon and 8 p.m. in 
the Lecture Room. His noon topic :"Farce 
in Shakespeare" and at 8 p.m. "Robestierre 
and Santa Claus ; A Morality Drawn From 
Various Plays." 


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•iOTaa^uT ao-iu ' Xpoq poof) • uoTssTuisueaa 
puB aotioui 3"[Ti^qsH "I ^^".i 0Z.6T SIVS "HOi 

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■ 'TumniB aog ) Aaana SuTiuooamoH 

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q^aoN - TIBq39>lSBa s.uauion 


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DVD 'e HI 'SUT333W sduiBl 

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•ui-d 0C:C 

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•Qi-d 00= L 
i7 -qa^ 'XBp-tJiE 

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,,'daa-[s StS ^MI,, saiasg uixij DV 

DVO '£ HI 'aa^aTtuuio^q^S V3S 

•m-d oe: L 

•m-d g-[:8 =9 9 
£ -qaj 'ABpsanqi 

Xva „ 'SuTq^ON inoqv 

opv q^oH,, saT^as um^^^l 

DVD '2 =5 T HW 

'gu-taaaH q"T3 q^us^d 

•m-d 00=8 "9 oe: z 

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m^O DV *a3axTOD 
BiSaoao - iiBq^a^lsBg s, uaw 


,/aBsaBD 3T33T1,, safaas ui-[tJ DV 

•H-g *'nia '^si 

«-Aiua e^b'^s BTSaoaD (/ao:jSTH oTmouo^a 

JO aossojoja) aaA-[TS->lOTTg ^i^^r 

- sa^aag aan^oaT mnao/Ci 

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•m-d gi;:8 =9 9 


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iiiaan sihi DNiNaaavH s.ivhw 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 6-FEBRUARY 13 » 1977 Written Wednesday, Feb. 2, 1977 No. 

The Cullum Third World Cultures Program will begin a three -month-long look at India 
beginning Spring Quarter on campus. The program will feature experts on various 
aspects of India as Cullum Visiting Scholars, a seven-part documentary film series 
on the country, an address by the ambassador from India to the U.S., an Indian 
classical dance performance and workshop, a month-long art exhibit, and a visit from 
a University of Calcutta poet. Those wishing to participate in the program for 
credit may sign-up during pre -registration Feb. 14-25. The program is being offered 
this year in collaboration with Valdosta State College. Ac's chairman is Eugenia 
Comer of the Fine Arts Department. Community members are welcome to attend any of 
the lectures, films, or related activities. 

The American Pro-Art Quartet, the string quartet of the University of Georgia, will 
perform at Augusta College 8:30 p.m. Friday (Feb. 11) in the Performing Arts Theatre 
as part of the 1976-77 Lyceum Series. The program will include a Haydn and Beethoven 
Quartet and a piano quintet by Ovorak featuring pianist Vola Jacobs of the Ac 
faculty. Admission will be $2 per person. AC personnel free with ID. 

The Augusta College Department of Fine Arts will present organist Joan Harvey in a 

Senior Recital, Tuesday (Feb. 8), at 8:30 p.m. at Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church. 

The program will include works by Mozart, Bach, Ives, and Widor. The public is 

NEW SOUTH Dr. James B. Meriwether, pro- 
fessor of English and director of the 
Department of Southern Studies at the 
University of South Carolina will discuss 
Southern Literature Noon Feb. 8, in the 
I'.fcture Room of Butler Hall as a contin- 
uation of the Lyceum Series "The New 
South". Dr. Meriwether received the B .A . 
degree from the University of South . 
Carolina and the M.A. and Ph.d degrees 
from Princeton. He is the author of "The 
Literary Career of William Faulkner." 

BAND FESTIVAL More than 400 junior and 
Senior high school students from through- 
out the 10th District will converge on 
campus Thursday through Saturday for the 
annual district Band Festival, chaired 
this year by Dennis Zeisler, director of 
the AC Band. Auditions will get underway 
Thursday with rehearsals following on 
Friday and Saturday. A concert, free and 
open to the public, will be held 7:30 p.m. 
Saturday in the Performing Arts Theatre. 
Co-chairing the festival is George 
Westafer, director of the ARC band. Only 
outstanding band students in the district 
have been invited to participate, Zeisler 

The Comptroller's Office has issued 
another reminder to the 65 degree temp- 
:erature for all buildings. It is again 
requested that electric heaters not be 
used. "Please dress warmly," Comptroller 
Billy B. Thompson asks. 

-PRESS SECRETARY Arthur J. (Art) Wacaster 
a 1975 graduate of Augusta College has 
been appointed as press secretary to 
T-Vutenant Governor Zell Miller. 

caster previously served as assistant 
director of the Georgia Senate Research 
Office and was a writer with the GecLi^in 
Senate Information Office . 


HEART MONTH The Office of Continuing 
Education will sponsor a two-night course 
on "Heart Attacks -Who Needs them?" Feb. 
15 & 22 from 7-9 p.m. in the College 
Activities Center. The course, taught by 
Dr. William Strong, will discuss how to 
prevent a heart attack. Nurses and 
technicians will be present to take blood 
pressures and draw blood for a cholesterol 
level if you wish. The course is co- 
sponsored by the Medical College of Georgia 

one of the world's most distinguished 
critics of Shakespeare, will give three 
lectures on Feb. 17 in the Lecture Room 
of Butler Hall. Noon,: "Farce in Shakes- 
peare;" 3 p.m.: "The Teaching of Shakes- 
peare;" and at 8 p.m.: "Robespierre and 
Santa Glaus : 'A Morality Drawn from Various 
Plays.'" The English Department is 
sponsoring the Cullum Visiting Scholar. 

STUDENT ART ASSN. The Augusta College 
Student Art Association is sponsoring a 
month-long exhibition of drawings and 
collage by F. Clark Stewart and ceramics 
by David Stuart in the Performing Arts 
Theatre Gallery. The exhibit opened 
Tuesday, Feb. 1, and will be on display 
through Feb. 2B. /IJh^ public is:\4pvi ted 
to tour the Gallery throughout the month. 

SCHOLARSHIP the Dep^FtSe^rW Fine JArts 
announces audi^ons for the Robert j| and 
Annie V. Maxwell ScMWlWrshfp ^ he h#ld 
in the Fine Ar|:s Center3W94 p.m. Tuesday 
March 1. All i n r aryttLyfl ptJismis - wiiu plan 
to major in music at Augusta College may 
obtain information and apply by contacting 
the Department of Fine Arts for application 
forms. These scholarships are awarded 
on the basis of musical achievement and 
are renewable each year, providing a 
aniJent maintains the necessary academic 
re c o rd . 

/Cjoasiq 3q:i uo tuBaSoad a ^uasaad m" si3 

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Vreport y 

Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 14-FEBRUARY 20, 1977 Written Wednesday, Feb. 9, 1977 No. 1^5 

The man who wrote the first documented history of the black actor in the American 
cinema will speak 8 p.m. Monday (Feb. 14) sponsored by the AC Black Student Union 
as a part of Black History Week. Donald Bogles author of the book, "Toms, Coons, 
Mulattoes, Mammies and Bucks" will lecture in the Performing Arts Theatre, He is a 
graduate of Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, where he served as literary editor 
of the college newspaper, editor of the yearbook and chairman of the University 
Players. He started learning about the movies when he worked for film producer Otto 
Preminger. Later, he joined the staff of Ebony magazine. In his book, he takes a 
close look at the "'stereotypes black actors have been forced to portray, "and examines 
films such as "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Birth of a Nation," "Our Gang" "Gone with the 
Wind," "Shaft" and others. He also examines the roles played by numerous old-time 
black performers as well as more contemporary actors. Bogle's talk will bring to a 
close the various activities sponsored on campus during Black History Week. Free 
with AC ID, others, $1. 

Pre-registration for the Spring Quarter will be held between Feb. 21-25. Classes 
will begin March 23. 

NEW INITIATES Zeta Tau Alpha Internation- INDIAN DANCER Yamini Krishnamurti , a 

al Fraternity for Women announces the virtuoso of the dance of South India, will 

initiation of Joy Adams, Dawn Cook, Sophie perform here 8:30 p.m. Feb. 26 as part of 

Dean, Kathy Hardy, Susan Harwood , Brenda 
Locks, Sissy Mitchell, Lisa Pendleton, 
Jan Ritch, and Jane Rooks. Following a 
week of activities, the initiates were 
entertained with a banquet held at the 
new sorority house, 1148 Monte Sano Ave. 

ENERGY SYMPOSIUM The Lyceum Series will 
present an "Energy Symposium" 7:30 p.m. 

the AC Lyceum Series. Her performance 
is also considered to be a prelude to the 
spring quarter Cullum Third World Cultures 
Program on India. This is her first tour 
on the U.S. AC ID, free; others, $2. 

CULLUM SCHOLAR HERE Dr. Robert Heilman, 
a distinguished critic of Shakespeare, 
will give three lectures on campus Feb. 17 

March 8 in the PAT. Speakers will include Noon: "Farce in Shakespeare," Lecture 
Dr. Charles E, Melton, chairman, Dept . of Room; 3 jpTm-^-^The Teaching oX Shakespeare, 
Chemistry, Univ. of Ga., Dr. Stanley B-6, Skinner ^^S£; UBpASV^ "Robespierre 
Bailie, School of Aerospace Engineering, and Santia 0^\9 tS''*A (MSttatggy Drawn From 
Ga. Tech; Dr. Eugene P. Odum, Calloway Various jp lays , '" Lecture Room. Dr. 
Professor of Ecology, Univ. of Ga . ; and Dr. Heilmanlis bejig^sJjMisgred by the English 

Departm ;nt 

president of the 

SCHOl^'El^^yA ^1 Satz , a former 
rncernational Neuro- 

Norman Baumann, Research Associate, 
Reactor Physics Divistion, Savannah River 
Laboratory. Free. 

BEST FILM Top awards were picked up by 
Ac students accompanying Dr. Charles 
Willig to Film South 77, a three-day 
workshop and competition held at Converse 
College. The 16 mm film on the Savannah 
River produced by 14 AC students, in 
cooperation with Jimmy Thomas and Frank 
Christian of Cine -Southern Film Product- 
ions, won the highest award in the "Doc- 
umentary Film" category. The film, 
"Renaissance of a River" was funded by a 
grant from the Georgia Ports Authority. 
Recil Thrash, one of the students attending 

the workshop, won an honorable mention for FREE DINNER The AC Wesley Foundation 
his Super 8 film, "Whatever happened to is sponsoring a free dinner meeting 7 p.m. 
Tom Snopes?" "This indicates film should Monday (Feb. 21) at the Asbury Methodist 
be an important part of our currirulum," Church, 1305 Troupe Street, No 
said Dr. Willig, adding "even our bt!ginri£tfg reservation needed, informal, 
films --particularly the Super 8 films- 

psychology Society, and now' professor at 
the University of Florida, has been named 
a Cullum Visiting Scholar and will lecture 
on campus Feb. 17-18. His 4 p.m. Feb. 17 
talk in the Lecture Room: "Some Develop- 
mental and Predictive Precursors of 
Specific Reading Disabilities : A Three 
and Six Year Follow Up." At 2 p.m. Feb. 
18 in Skinner Hall B-6 his topic will be 
"Chronic Marijuana Use: Some Recent Find- 
ings." Dr. Satz is being sponsored by 
the Psychology Department. 

are competitive throughout the South." 

"NEW SOUTH" SPEAKER Dr. Delmer D, Dunn, 
director of the institute of Government at 
the Univ. of Ga. will discuss Southern 
politics Tuesday noon in the Lecture Room 
as part of the six-week Lyceum Lecture 
Series on "The New South." 

ROTC VISTOR Brig. Gen. F, Cochran III, 
ROTC First Region Commander, visited the 
AC Military Science Department last 
Wednesday. Gen. Cochran is from Ft. Bragg. 

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BcadHne for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

For WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 21-FEBRUARY 27, 1977 Written Wednesday, Feb. 16, 1977 No. 127 

Dr. James B. Meriwether, director of the Department of Southern Studies at the 
University of South Carolina, will be the last guest speaker in the six-week "New 
South" Lyceum Lecture Series at Augusta College. Dr. Meriwether will speak at noon 
Tuesday (Feb, 22) in the Lecture Room of Butler Hail on the general subject of 
southern literature. 

The Department of Business Administration, Small Business Administration and the 
Office of Continuing Education will sponsor a one-day workshop for any woman inter- 
ested in starting her own business. The workshop, entitled "Women--Do Your Own 
Thing," will be held March 4 in the Lecture Room of Butler Hall. The workshop, 
designed for new and prospective business owners, will answer such questions as: How 
do I secure venture capital? How do I finance a new business? How do I maintain a 
good cash flow? How can I market my product? and many more. For more information. 
Contact the Office of Continuing Education, 3306. 

Pre-registration for the Spring Quarter at Augusta College will be held this week. 
Spring Quarter classes begin March 23. 

PERSONAL FINANCE The Department of 
Business Administration will offer a new 
course especially designed with the non- 
business major in mind The course will 
identify problems involved in what may be 
thought of as the family financial cycle. 
This cycle includes earning income, the 
need for borrowing, making many different 
types of expenditures, making plans for 
rp-tireraent, and planning an estate. 
Personal Finance, ECN 314, will be offered 
In the Spring Quarter. It is non- 
technical, has no prerequisites, and will 
be taught in "down to earth" language. 
More information at 3566. 

GRADUATE The magazine "Graduate" will be 
distributed to seniors again this year, 
compliments of the Alumni Association. 
"Graduate" is a handbook for leaving 
college. Details at Maxwell Alumni House. 

RECITAL SET A faculty recital by David 
Pelton will be held Sunday (Feb. 27) at 
3:30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre. 
The tenor will be accompanied by pianist 
Edith Sweatman. Included in the program 
will be works of Purcell, Beethoven, 
DeFoIla and Walton. The public is invited 

AUDITIONS The Department of Fine Arts 
announces auditions for the Craig-Rockholt 
scholarship to be held In the Fine Arts 
Center oh Tuesday (March 1) at 7:30 p.m. 
This scholarship is awarded on the basis 
of musical achievement and is awarded to 
an incoming freshman. It is a one -year 
terminating scholarship. The Craig- 
Rockholt Scholarship is sponsored by the 
Augusta Music Club in memory of two 
prominent music educators, Martha Craig 
and Preston Rockholt. 

UNCLE SAM WANTS YOUl 1 1 The Military 
Science Department is inviting all staff 
and faculty to enjoy a buffet style lunch 
on Wednesday (Feb. 23) from 11 a.m. to 
1:30 p.m. An open house will be held in 
the Old Library Building. 

WELCOME We are happy to welcome the 
following new employees to Augusta College. 
Louis Davis, Melvin Dunn, Plant Operations, 
Janet Moore, Military Science; Romona 
Braxton, English; Nancy Learnard, Testing; 
and Gloria Peluso, Education. 

SCHOLARSHIP Auditions for the Robert J. 
and Annie V. Maxwell scholarship will be 
held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 1 in the 
Fine Arts Center. All interested persons 
who plan to major in music at Augusta 
College may apply by contacting the Fine 
Arts Department . 

PRINCESS AUGUSTA Augusta College has 
received an oil painting of Princess 
Augusta from the estate of the late Judge 
Gordon Chambers , 

ALUMNI The annual meeting of Augusta 
.College Alumni Association is scheduled 
for Saturday, May 28 at 7 p.m. in the 
College Activities Center, according to 
John Trulock '65, President of the 


Dr. Floyd O'Neal (Chemistry) was elected 
Secretary of the Georgia Academy of 
Science on February 8. His election to 
the three-year term was the action of the 
Executive Committee of the Georgia 
Academy of Sciences . 

REESE LIBRARY The official dedication 
of Reese Library will be held April 28. 
Details will be forthcoming. 

Dr. Nick DeFilippis will present a paper 
entitled "Cross- Gender Identity Problems 
in Childhood" at a conference, "Toward 
the Competent Parent," February 22 at 
Georgia State University. 


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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 




FOR WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 28-mRCH 6, 1977 Written Wednesday, Feb. 23, 1977 No. 128 

The 1977 recipient of the Spirit -On -The -Hi 11 Award is Alpha Delta Pi Sorority the 
campus organization "that has contributed most to boost school spirit during the 
basketball season." The winner was announced at the last home game of the season 
Feb. 21. The Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority and the Black Student Union tied for runner-up. 
Engraved plaques were given each organization by ICC President Doug Collins. Past 
winners have been the Jaycees in 1976, and Alpha Delta Pi in 1975. Criteria used 
for judging were attendance, 10%, participation in cheering, 25%, gym decorations, 
25/o, and participation in homecoming activities, 30%. 

The Student Activities Committee has approved charter applications for two new 
campus organizations, the Yerby Forum and the Pre-Veterinary Association . The 
purpose of the Yerby Forum will be dedicated to "reading and analyses of Black 
literature in the U.S. and Africa. The Forum will attempt to acquaint members of 
the AC and the community of Augusta with some of the different facets of Black 
literature. A secondary function but of similar importance will be the attendance 
at cultural events which pertain to Black life," the charter states. The purpose 
of the Pre-Vet Association is " help pre-veterinary students better understand 
the facets of veterinary medicine through projects, speakers, etc." The organization 
also hopes to provide information concerning procedures for admission to veterinary 
schools, tours of schools, and other such services. 

TOUR TO D.C. Members of the AC Choir 
will leave for Williamsburg, Va . and 
Washington, D.C. March 18 for a week-long 
Spring tour which will be highlighted by 
a March 20 performance at President 
Carter's new church, the First Baptist 
Church of Washington, D.C. Dr. Christen- 
berry has notified President Carter of 
the choir's invitation to sing at the 
11 a.m. worship service. "Our choir 
would be greatly honored to have the 
privilege of participating in the worship 
service with you and your family," he 
wrote. The choir also plans to visit 
Winthrop College in Rock Hill, S.C. and 
Richmond , Va . 

meeting noon Monday (Feb. 28) in E-3 
Skinner Hall for those interested in 
studying abroad this summer. Two courses 
will be offered by Michigan State in the 
Social Sciences, one in Mass Communication 
and the other in Comparative Societies. 
(The first will be held in London and 
the second in Stockholm). Both will 
carry eight hours credit. Participants 
must be in good academic standing and 
must be recommended by a member of their 
department. Dr. Tanya Johnson, Sociology, 
for details. 

SUPPORT TO AC Voluntary financial aid 
to Ac during the academic year 1975-76 
amounted to $164,284. Of this amount, 
$97,197 was for scholarships, $8,009 for 
the library; and $4,019 for the radio 
station. Alumni support amounted to 
$10,500, foundations gave $45,096 and 
corporations -businesses gave $27,674. 

workshops planned by the Office of 
Continuing Education include "Developing 
Human Skills in Management," March 11-12; 
"We Never Talk Anymore: A Communication 
Workshop for Couples," March 5; Manage- 
ment Orientation for Executives 

Secretaries," March 25-26; "Singles 
Encounter Marathon," April 16; "Becoming 
An O.K. Person," April 30; "Becoming 
More Assertive," May 13-14; "Personnel 
and Guidance Counseling for Supervisors," 
May 27-28. 

DEADLINE MONDAY The deadline for enter- 
ing the third annual AC Mathematics 
Contest for Georgia and South Carolina 
high school students is Monday, Feb. 28. 
The all-day tournament on March 28 will 
include a written exam in the morning 
and a quick-answer contest in the after- 
noon, according to Dr. Fred Maynard, 
contest coordinator. The tournament is 
co-sponsored by the Dept . of Mathematics 
and Computer Science and Richmond 
Academy, last year's team winner. Last 
year 90 top math students from 17 schools 
competed for titles. Entrance forms may 
be obtained from the Dept. of Mathematics 
and Computer Science or from high school 
principals . 

TUESDAY DEADLINE Junior and senior 
high school students wishing to compete 
in the J.B. White Literary Competition 
conducted by AC have until Tuesday to 
submit their entries in the poetry, 
short story or essay categories. Dr. 
Walter Evans, competition director, and 
a member of the English Department, has 

former chairman of the Dept. of Education 
and new president of Waycross Junior 
College, will present a slide-lecture 
of his 1973 trip to Russia 7:30 p.m. 
March 15 in the Lecture Room. Purpose 
of his visit is to give a preview to 
those interested in the Alumni Associa^ 
tion's upcoming !:our of Russia May 12-20. 
The tour is open to all staff, faculty, 
alumni and friends of the college. 
(Cost: $82? all inclusive). 

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ATJBg,, sauasa^a ov 

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•m-d 8 aa^saqi DV ^M' Xq pamaojaad aq -[-[tm 

pBoy ODDBqox,, )ia3M SIHI QVO^ ODDVaOX 




Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF : MA.RCH 7-13, 1977 

Written Wednesday, March 2, 1977 No. 129 

marchl^ fnr'r J^^*^"^'^S four top scientists will be held 7:30 p.m. Tuesday 
(March 8) in the Performmg Arts Theatre. The Symposium is being sponsored by the 

It Jm bp'r '"''/" P""'' ^y '^^ ^^^^"1 C°^l-g- °f Georgia Chfpter of Sigma Xi 
tL n V /rt °^^'" '° '^^ P"^^'^- Speakers include Dr. Charles Melton of 

the Dept. of Chemistry at the University of Georgia, Dr. Stanley Bailie, associate 
professor of aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech and designer of President 
car er s solarheated Inaugural Facility; Dr. Eugene Odum,, founder and direc o. 
IL . ^'^^^"^^'^y °f Georgia's Institute of Ecology; and Dr. Norman Baumann, a 

Tnll ArTu°'''^T 'm '^' 0^^^='°^ ""^^"''^ Division of the Savannah River Labora- 
tory. AC Chemistry Major Steve Hull will emcee the panel presentations and the 
audience participation segment. The Symposium will climax the 1976-77 Lyceum 
beries . -' 

The Political Science Club will host Charles D. (Pug) Ravenel noon Thursday (March 

10) in the Lecture Room of Butler Hall. Ravenel successfully ran in the 1974 South 

Carolina gubernatorial race and was later disqualified due to a residency re 

He is now president of his own brokerage firm in Gha*ia&tQn,_S . C 

his undergraduate and graduate degrees from HarvaJd Un^E^fcyi 

answer session will follow his talk. I Ai irnc-rx 


quirement , 
Rav enel received 
ruescjLon and 


ORIENTAL EXHIBIT A special exhibition 
and sale of original oriental art will be 
presented on Monday (March 7) in the 
Lobby of the Fine Arts Center from 11 a 
to 7 p.m. The collection totals 
approximately 500 pieces from Japan, 
China, India, Nepal, and Thailand. The 
oldest prints date back to the 18th 
Century. A representative from Marson 
Ltd. of Baltimore will be present to 
answer questions. 

SCULPTURE /PHOTOS A month-long exhibition 
of sculpture and photography will be on 
display in the PAT gallery beginning 
Monday. Artists include sculptor Ted 
Metz of the University of Montevallo (Ala) 
and Dr. Ray A. Menzc of Western Carolina 
University. The exhibit is being sponsored 
by the Ac Student Art Assn. It may be 
viewed from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 
3 to 8 p.m. Monday-Friday and from 1-5 p.m. 
on Sundays . 

FORMALS NEEDED Susan Keenan, assistant 
coordinator of student activities, is 
requesting donations of short Or long 
formal dresses to be used by patients at 
Gracewood State Hospital at a formal 
dance on March 16. The girls are in 
desperate need of any useable formal. 

WELCOME TO AC Dee (Mrs. Rick) Davis is 
being welcomed as the new assistant to 
the director of College and Public 
Services. A December graduate of Augusta 
College, she served as news editor and 
business manager of the Be 11 -Ringer. She 
graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree 
in English. 

Presents," the TV program produced by the 
Office of College and Public Services, 
has been discontinued following a 2% 
year run. A total of 127 shows were 
carried over Cableyision and Channel 26 
three or four times per week. 

CONCEiT SCffiEDm,ED The AC Wfend and Jazz 
EnsenBles JlllP fU?fiSS7in a Linter 
quarter concert 3:30 p.m. sJnday (March 
13) i|i the-^tfofriin^gAArts Theatre, 
accor ping to Conductor Dennis J. Zeisler. 
A special attraction of_tiie- free after- 
noon concert will be a French Horn solo 
by Harry M. Jacobs. 

HARLEM HEYDAY The Delta Sigma Theta 
Sorority at Augusta College will present 
Voices, Inc., a Black musical theatre 
in an off-Broadway production called 
"Harlem Heyday" 8 p.m. Thursday (March 
10). "Harlem Heyday" is a vaudeville 
show featuring many old songs and dances. 
Tickets may be purchased from any 
sorority member or at the door. 

UPCOMING EVENTS The Student Union has 
planned a jam-up spring quarter featuring 
concerts, an art show, Clark Hill 
Recreation Area activities, Field Day, 
Honors Night, and myriad other events. 
Larry Jon Wilson, an Augusta singer now 
gaining national prominence, will appear 
in concert 8 p.m. April 1. Plans are 
also underway for a "Big Band Era" dance 
in April reminiscent of the 30 's and 
40' s; a two-day art fair and auction 
tentatively scheduled for May 6-7; Field 
Day at Clark Hill has been planned for 
May 21, and numerous concerts are now in 
the planning stages. The College's 
recreation area at Clark Hill has now 
re -opened for Tuesday through Sunday 
guests. A new lodge patio has been 
poured and the campsites have been im- 
proved, though no water or electrical 
hook-ups are available yet. 

BASEBALL /TENNIS The Men's Tennis Team 
will face Mercer University I p.m. 
Friday, March 11, AC Courts. AC Base- 
ball continues Saturday, March 12 at 
3 p.m. when AC neets MercyhurBt College. 

-raaojja^ '^aaouoo aanJen^ 
aaquTM pueg 333-[-[03 easngnY -m-d. 00=8 

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Ajbh 'san aoequoo ' pappB ^-^-ii p-xnon 

noA qoTqW' TBTJa^em aABq no/C jx "■[T-idY 

JO q^uoa aq^ Suianp suoi4B0-t [qud i^^t'^^BJ 

30 XBldsTp B Su-tuuBld ST iCjBJqfT aqx 

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Z\ qoJBW 'XBpan^BS 

s:ianoo Qy 'b^ubt^v '^T^n 

jtaoaaw - siuuax s,uaw 'tn-d OO^T 

-[-[ qoaBH 'Xbptjj: 

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aoj OBaSoad -[BUOT^Bonpa a^qB^ins e aoj 

qojBas aq3 saq-taosap ^.x^oq^S "T Bu-tuaBaq 

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ijOBf '^dng sxooqog BiSaoag 0:1 paauasaad 
aq wit\ suoT^Bpuamaooaa aqx •sxooqos 
bt3jo30 ut: ^uataaAoadni SuTpsaa aoj 
suoT^Bpuaanooaj SufdoxaAap st XT^uno^ aqx 
■BquBX^v "T 53--'73 'q^i uo SuT^aaa xT^unoQ 
'•ray -oa-x '-S^W X3xr>3Bj[ ov '^'^ OO-f XjosTApv pBaH-o^-^qSiH aqB^g e ux 

6 qoasw 'i^Bpsaupaw pa^BdTDtqjBd (uoTaBanpg) 3|aaqo Bq^^BW '-la 

'aa^Baqx s^ay SuTrnjojaaa 
•X^TJOJog B^aqx BaSTg 
B^XSQ ,,'^BpXaH maXJiBH,, 'iu'd 00=8 

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X3aaua rsaxaag ranaoXq oy 

DVD ' ""^H "SW. 
(•BO JO 'Atun) 'DBaSojj 
^uamdoxaAaa XjosTAjadng 

8 qoJBH ' 

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•oai '-S^w saT^xxTqBSxa 

SuTiUBaq uoT^Bonpg jo • 3daQ 

93^3 'XTBH 

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ua„ cixTJ qnxD qouaJt^ 

JO a3B5S A3R eZ'Z 9q5 tnoaj suoa^na^ asw 

•d Qz: i z'^\ JO guTaanaBDs OT^SBaxaui aqj ut 

AqxxTqBqoaj d^xj-uTdg,, pax^T^ua soisXqj 

JBaxonfj XBuanof aq^ jo anssi ^uaoaa b ut 

aadBd b paqsTxqnd (soTsXqa) XT^zg uoy 'JQ 

•pua35B 05 pa^xAUT 

aas X^Tunanoo Qy aq^ jo saaqmam pa^saaa^uT 

XXV '^is^uaD 3uapn3s 33^ aq^ 38 (6 qo^BW) 

'd 00=8 /^BpsaupaM •□•d g qoh jo qnxo UTsag aq^ jo 

saaqaam 03 'a^BTOossB qoaeaaaj g Xx^uaoaa 

SBM aq aaaqA 'btubzubx '^-^b^ xsuot^bn 

uooN QBaa^g aqaog jo saazuBcJotqa aq^ jo sapxxs 

i qoasw 'XBpuojq sxq /Aoqs XIT^ (XSoxoqoXsj) UBnpxog Xaasi 

ixsaw siHX ONiwaddvH s.i^wi 

saaina smsn Annovi 


f \ MAR n 19/ 


Deadline for copy - WedBe«d«y noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF : MARCH 1'4-M(VRCH 20, 1977 

Written Wednesday, March 9, 1977 No, 


The Ac Alumni Association will sponsor "An Evening of Russian Adventure" featuring a 
slide-lecture by Dr. James M. Dye, former chairman of the Dept . of Education here 
and now president of Waycross Junior College, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday (March 15) in the 
Lecture Room of Butler Hall. Dr. Dye visited the U.S.S.R. in 1973 and will offer his 
impressions of the country, its people, customs, and problems . .The Association is 
sponsoring a tour of Russia May 12-20 for $829 all inclusive. Former students, 
faculty, staff, and friends of the college are invited to sign-up for the tour and 
are urged to attend Dr. Dye's slide -lecture Tuesday night. 

The AC Child Development Center for 3,4, and 5 year old children is now accepting 
a few more applications in each age category for both half -day and full -day sessions. 
Further information may be obtained by contacting Dr. Jane Cross. in the Dept. of 
Psychology, 828-3013. 

All faculty, staff, and spouses are invited to an estate-planning program sponsored 
by the Faculty Wives of Augusta College 8 p.m. March 17 in the AC Towers. A panel 
will answer questions relating to estates, wills, tax benefits, the University 
System Retirement Plan and survivor benefits. Speakers include attorney D. Landrum 
Harrison, Carlton S. Faulk, vice-president and trust officer of the C&S Bank; and 
Medical College of Georgia Personnel Director John Evers. 

FILM PREMIERE The film premiere for "The FACULTY NEWS 

Savannah: Renaissance Of A River" produced 

by 14 Ac students in cooperation with Room 208 in the Reese Library is now 

Frank Christian and Jimmy Thomas of Cine- available for use as a Faculty Study. It 

Southern Film Productions, will be held is equipped with 60 book and materials- 

8 p.m. Tuesday (March 15) at the Perforaingtype lockers and 15 study carrells. 

Arts Theatre. The 16 mm film recently 
won the highest award in the "Documentary 
Film" category at a workshop and compet- 
ition held at Converse College. 

ZETA'S NEW HOUSE The Zeta Tau Alpha 
Fraternity for Women now has a new 
sorority house at 1148 Monte Sano Avenue. 
Prior to moving into the three -story 
facility, the Zeta's had been meeting at 
the Maxwell Alumni House. 

regular schedule will be observed through 
March 18. March 19-20, closed; March 21, 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; March 22, 7:45 a.m. to 
8:30 p.m. for registration; March 23 
begin regular schedule at 7:45 a.m. The 
Library will be closed Easter Sunday 
April 10. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Men and women are 
needed to volunteer as "brothers" and 
"sisters" to youngsters in need of such a 
relationship. AID of Augusta said there 
ire many families in which a young boy or 
girl desperately needs a "father/older 
brother" or "mother/older sister" figure. 
Call 722-0466 for details. 

TRENCH CLUB FILM The French Club will 
sponsor a showing of the film "Petite 
Suite Pour Jardin" noon Monday (March 21) 
in the College Activities Center, second 

Because of the limited number of carrells, 
it will not be possible to make individual 
carrell assignments; their use must remain 
on a first come, first serve basis. All 
library materials placed in lockers must 
be charged out at the Circulation Desk. 

Shari Covitz (Cont . Ed.) was a featured 
speaker at the Georgia Association of 
Accounting Instructors in Macon. She 
discussed what is available today in the 
field of continuing education. 

Jack King (Fine Arts) had two of his 
ceramic works selected for the fourth 
Biennial International Craft Exhibit at 
Tweed Museum of Art, University of 
Minnesota, Duluth. The exhibit will be 
held April 3-May 8. 

Dr. John Schaeffer and Dr. Eloy Fomlnaya 
(Fine Arts) will be among the musicians 
judging national auditions at the Music 
Teachers National Association convention 
in Atlanta March 28-31. 

CONGRATULATIONS! 1 The following new 
arrivals made their debut recently: A son, 
Elliott to Larry and Helen Goldman; a 
son, Nathaniel William to Kathleen and 
Dennis Zeisler; a daughter, Laura Eliza- 
beth to Judy and James Duffy; and a son, 
James William, to Linda and Walter Evans. 

BOARD MEETS The AC Alumni Association 
Executive Board will meet at 6 p.m. 
March 16 at the Maxwell Alumni House. 

SWIMMING FOOL Recreational swimming 
hours at the AC pool are as follows : 
Monday -Friday , 3:30-5 p.m. and Saturday, 
1-3 p.m. (OVER) 


•gZS9-€et *^BM uo^^BM OVZ.T 'J33U30 mn-[no-ijan3 

'uopuooiBxa 'sw 3UTT1B0 Aq psu-feqqo sq Xem uoi^vmao^u-i aaq^an^ ' BATJa ^sajo^ ai^ei 

uo asquao saofAaag -[BUOt^Dna^sui aq^ 3b mooa aouaaajuoo Sutpe^^ sq^ uf 91 qoaew 

•m-d oe:t7 ^^a^" o^ P^^sb sjb ps^saJaauT suosaaa •s:iU3pn:is ^iqe X-n^oiraapeDB aoj 

S7 „£Z XasAOosTQ,, -souaTJadxa puB uoT:aB3T?T3J33 uoi^Bonpa jo • ^dag • eg uo paseq aq 

■[■[■iM sa-rJBTBS '■^TTbP sassBto anoq ^i om q^T" *n>-d OE:ZT oq -m-B 517:3 moaj g-t ami5 

SuTqDBSI ,,-3S9a3qu-t JO PISTJ ao Xqqoq 'quaiBa oigicoads b qrjTM auo/ItiB,, ao 'sa3q3Ba3 

'S3uapn:is aSanot) 'saaqmam /^aT^^Bj aSaiibo aoj guiijooi bt uopiioaiBi[d T^q.TS Jo^BU-jpaoOQ 

uiBJSoaa "MStH "Jf o3as 36 I ^inf-ET aunf tUBagoad am-tiaammns ^aaw-aaaqq b 

' ^^li XaaAOosTQ,, aoj saaqoBa^ 30 paau ut st uoT^BDnpg jo pjBog i^^unoo puornqoi-a sqi 


ouBTd P^og 9i5i s/uoqdm/Is eisnany. aqa 

30 iauu-t« azTJd puooas aq^ sb« uba • sh 

•I89€-9€/L TTB0-3J:»Baqi saay Su-iraaojaaj 33a-[-[03 e^snSnv aq5 

OOO'';!^ '^MSTs sdaais ♦sa-t^TTTOBJ ut ^3 -[Tady aog aouBaaojaad aay painpaqDs 

3an03 aaa^daoD 'aawoqs 'pauoT^Tpuoo-JTB -aJ SBq ' i3 q^JBW uo sarj^s uoouaa:)^^ 

'ao3BaauaS ' pJBoq^no-pjBoqu-t gn 'Js^snp ^Bpung s,qn-[3 oisnw Basi>3uv aq^ ux 

-JB3S '*3J ZV 'ILSI 31VS H05 ivOflasnOH maojaad 03 pa^npaqos 'uba ^^T^iqs 4ai"> 

«a3B3S UBTqoBTBddy • HBqasBg Dy 

•a- d -J 
03 M3JBW '^Bpung 

,,'araaqog bi„ (^-06) otpBH W5-0DVM 

BJado UBT^TTodoa^^ 

•3p-[g saav aufj 

••ussv saaqosai oisnw B^snSny 

IVd *as9W XjtBJa^Tl WV*7 uoTgan 

Xvd ..'saaTSTTV "T T^TD 
UBTXB3I,, '-ussv BJado B^snSny 

*/C37SJaATUfi sTMai - XT^qasBg oy 

s^Jnoo 3y 
'SanquB^JBds OSn - STUuax s,uaw 

Xyd „'saaTSTV "T T^TO 
UBTlBai,, •■u»8yBaado B^snSny 

PI^Ti 3V 
'Xq-fsaaAfun sxAai - n^l^SBg Dy 

s3Jno3 oy 

'aaB3S DS - STUuax s,uaw 
AbQ s, j^D-ia^Ba "as 

aouBSSfBuay : qBUUBABS aqi,, aaaTraaa^ aTTi 

' •mg -Dai * (aanqoai-aptts) a^a 

samBr '-la i/aanquaApy UBTSsny jo 

SufuaAg uy,, 'ussy Tumnty oy 

•m-d z 

•m-B OT 
•ni'B 0€:9 
61 qoaBW '^BpanqBg 









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•ID" d •[ 
^1 qojBW '^Bpsanqx 

•m-d g 

•m-d o£: i 
g-[ qoJBW 'XBpsanx 



Deadline tor copy - Wednesday noon of preceding weelt - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


FOR WEEK OF: mRCH 21-MARCH 27, 1977 

Written Wednesday, March 16, 1977 No. 131 

A circus will be held noon Wednesday (March 23) in front of the College Activities 
Center. "The Circus Kingdom," a group of 15 college-age students from Orlando, 
Florida will be performing for 1^ hours. Featured will be wire -walking, aerial 
ring demonstrations, trapeze acts, acrobatics, fire-eaters, trampolinists , clowns, 
unicyclists, jugglers, balancers and a circus band. This year's edition of the 
Circus Kingdom is being presented in 25 states, Canada and the Bahamas. Free and 
open to all. 

This week marks the opening of the three-month-long Cullum Third World Cultures 
Program on India. The program will feature experts on various aspects of India. 
The film "Father Panchali" will kick-off the program at 8:15 p.m. March 24 in the 
Performing Arts Theatre. The first session on March 29 will feature Dr. William 
Gabard, professor of history and director of international studies at Valdosta State 
College. His 8:15 p.m. talk in the Lecture Room of Butler Hall will be "India: 
An Overview." The public is invited. 

The third annual Augusta College Mathematics Contest, co-sponsored this year by 
Richmond Academy (last year's winner), will be heJd March 28. Area high school 
students will compete on team and individual levels in the all-day tournament, 
according to contest coordinator Dr. Fred Maynard. The morning exam will last from 
9:30 to 11 a.m. and the quick-answer contest will start at 12:30 and continue 
through 4:30 p.m. Thirty teams from 19 Georgia and South Carolina Schools will 
compete . 

LANGUAGE FESTIVAL The second annual RUNl RUNl RUNi The Military Science 
Richmond County Language Festival will be Department is sponsoring an individual 
held 9-1 Friday (March 25) at the College self-paced conditioning program entitled 
Activities Center and Performing Arts "Run For Your Life." Participation in 
Theatre. Approximately 1,000 senior the program is free with no obligation, 
high school students will participate in To join, and to receive a booklet explain- 
French, Spanish, German and Latin ing the program, contact Cpt . Douglas 
competitions. A talent show and a variety Prior (ext . 3496). Certificates of 
of films will be held in the Performing' achievement and patchs are awarded upon 
Arts Theatre with the competitions being 
held in the College Activities Center. 
First place winners will be selected 
in the categories of diction, pronoun- 
cation and translation in each of the 
four languages. A workshop is also being 
planned. Colette Avril is coordinating 
the Festival along with a Richmond 
County schools coordinator. 

sucessful completion of 50, 100, 200, 
up through 10,000 miles. 

ORIENTATION The spring quarter 
orientation program will be held noon 
Tuesday (March 22) in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. 

SAND HILLS The deadline for entries to 

Sand Hills, Augusta College's student 

literary magazine, has been extended to 

Monday (March 28). Poems and stories 

may be turned in to the English Department FACULTY NEWS 

secretary or to Dr. Walter Evans. All 

ubmissions should include the author's 

ime, address, and telephone number; 

aterials will not be returned unless 

ccompanied by a stamped, self -addressed 

nvelope. Art work (paintings, prints, 

en and ink drawings, etc.) is being 

ccepted through April 1. VJork may be 

eft with Dr. Evans in the English Depart 

ent or with the secretary in the Fine 

rts Department. 

CONCERT The Augusta College Student 
Union will sponsor a concert Friday 
(March 25). The "Silent Partner" Band 
will be featured at 8 p.m. in the 
Performing Arts Theatre. 

Richard Frank, Eugenia Comer, Nathan 
Bindler and Jack King (Fine Arts) will 
have their art work exhibited at Rep. 
Doug Barnard's new Augusta office located 
in the Federal Building. 

Dr. Mark Lloyd (English) has been named 
to lead a membership drive for the 
Augusta Association for Retarded Citizens 
(ARC). The drive will be assisted by 
the Zeta Tan Alpha Sorority and local 
ARC memhevs. 

>YMPATHY The employees of Augusta 
ollege extend their sympathy to Mrs. 
nanita Widener on the death of her 
usband on March 15. Funeral services for 
ackson K. Widener were conducted March 17 
at Westover Cemetery. 


(Hi L'06) OTPBH DD Vrt- P-'' ^^^0 UB^TTodoa^sH 

•aa^Bsm s^av Sujuuogfaaj pueg 

„asu3JBa 5USTTSn 3J33UOd uofun luapn^s 

•s^anoQ 3Y '33035 Suoaqsnuy-sTuusx s,u9w 

3YD ' aa^BSMI s^ay guTmaoj 

•m-d z 

•ui-B 6 
9Z qa^BW '^Bpan^BS 

•m* d 8 
•c'd -[ 

•oi'B 00=6 
S3 M3JBW '/Cbptjj 

..'TTlBqauBa asq^UBj,, saiaag mu^ oy 

•m-d g-[:8 "9 9 
+72 qoaBW 'i^Bpsanqx 

•U9iiTV DSn-neqasBg oy 

• S3ano3 

3y 'uooBW 'Afun Jsojaw-STUuex s,U3j^ 

3y3 «raopSu-i>i snojfo aqx 

•m-d 2 

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t^/ UA.) 



Written Wednesday, March 23, 1977 No. 132 

The first speaker in the Culluir. Third World Culture Program on India will be on 
campus 8:15 p.m. Tuesday to give a talk on "India; An Overview" in the Lecture Room 
of Butler Hall. Dr. William Gabard, professor of history and director of internat- 
ional studies at Valdosta Stane College, will kick-off the three -month -long program. 
The films "India: Land of the People," "The Delhi Way" and "Phantom India: The 
Impossible Camera" will be shown 8:15 p.m. Thursday in the Performing Arts Theatre. 
All Cullum Third World actj-vities are free and open to the public. 

The third annual AC Mathematics Contest will be held Monday on campus with the area's 
top high school mathematics students competing on team and individual levels in the 
Lecture Room of Butler Hall. The all-day tournament will include a written exam in 
the morning (9:30-11) and the afternoon session- (12:30-4:30) will be a quick-answer 
contest. The morning exam will determine winners in the individual competition and 
the afternoon contest will determine team winners, according to Dr. Fred Maynard, 
contest coordinator. Representatives from 19 Georgia and South Carolina schools will 
be in attendance. 

A reorganization meeting for The Newman Club (Catholic students) will be held noon 
Wednesday (March 30) in Topic Room 3, CAC. Further information from Dr. Mark Lloyd, 
English Department , 

FAMILY THERAPY "The Relational Approach JOB INTERVIEWS The Placement Office has 
To Family Therapy," the ninth annual anno'ur.ced' a number of upcoming recruiters 

Social Work Institute sponsored by AC and 
Augusta Area National Assn. of Social 
Workers, will be held on campus March 31 
and April 1 in the Performing Arts Theatre. 
It will be conducted by Dr. Donald R. 
(Ray) Bardill, director of education and 
training, Social Work Service at Walter 
Reed Army Medical Center in Washington. 
He coauthored Family Group Casework and 
Thank God I'm A Teenager , and contributed 
to Casework Treatment of the Family Unit 
and T rends in Field Work Instruction . 
Further information from Office of 
Continuing Education, 828-3306. 

TELETHON A SUCCESS Tne Augusta College 
Alumni Fund campaign gained more than 
$1,755 as a result of a two-night telethon 
held March 16-17 at Payne Hall. More 
than 30 former students and ROTC unit 
members had a list of 796 former students 
from the classes of 1967-73 who had never 
given to the Fund. Of that figure, 452 
were not contacted due to being out of 
town, wrong numbers, etc. A total 126 
alumni pledged $1,755 with 80 more 
pledging but not designating the amount. 
"We considered it to be a highly 
successful telethon," commented William 
H. Rodimon, director, College and Public 
Services. "To date," he said, "the 
1976-77 alumni fund has received a total 
of $9,045.85 in gifts--a record for the 
six years the fund has been in existence-- 
and we still have three months to go. 
Last year the total figure was $8,965." 

scheduled to visit the campus. If 
interested in an appointment, apply in 
person at the Placement Office, third 
floor, CAC. April 6: Burroughs Corp, 
open to accounting, marketing, math and 
computer science 77 graduates. Positions' 
marketing-management trainees. April 14: 
Columbia County School District, open to 
all education majors graduating in 77. 
April 18: Georgia Power Co., accounting 
and management majors only, graduating in 
March and June. April 20: Aiken County 
School District, open to all education 
majors graduating in 77, and Internal 
Revenue Service, business administration 
and accounting majors only, open to last 
quarter juniors and all seniors. 

EMPLOYMENT SEMINAR An employment ^ ' .-: 
seminar for all students is being planned 
by the Dept. of Business Administration 
and the Office of Career Planning and 
Placement. The four-week seminar will be 
held at noon in Markert Hall Room 7 on 
April 12 (Evaluating the Job), Apr:-' 1 19 
(Your Resume), April 26 (The Interview), 
and May 3 (What The Employer Looks For- 
guest speakers from local industries) 
Bring your lunch. 

NICKIAUS HERE Jack Nicklaus will speak 
at a barbecue 7:30 p.m. Wednesday 
(March 30) at the National Guard Armory. 
Tickets ($15 adults, $10 children under 
15) are available at all Pro shops and 
at the Office of College and Public 
Services. All proceeds will go to the 
AC Jaguar Fund for golf scholarships. 

ART EXHIBIT The Art Exhibit for the 

billiards expert Jack White will be given 
noon and 7 p.m. Monday (April 4) in the 
Game Room of the College Activities Center, month of April will be a part of the 
The trick shot artist has performed for Cullum Third World Culture Program on 
celebrities around the world and has taught India. Articts ;■ Joseph Pember, Kathleen 
billiards to Jackie Onassis, Raquel Welch Shukair, Claud SsLnger, Eugenia Comer, 
and numerous other headliners. Free. Performing Arts Gallery. 

-Bug-isaJ aqa 3urM<>[-[oj s.tibjjb go a^Bijs 

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po-taad B guT/>\o-[i[05 HDNIS HOQVSSvaWV 

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asnoqaajjoo oy -m-d q£: 2 

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'BTpui uo aaaaTiuiuo^ 

S3jn3in3 piaort paiqi 

iva -aBUTmas 

saa^^aow -[BT^og jo 


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•tu-d g 

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SuTuado uiBJt3oad[ saan3in3 

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(X xT^dy) ABPT^a m-d 8 pax^psq^s sj uosxTW 

uof xajBi ■^q 3J30U00 y aaan not ah^vi 



Written Wednesday, March 30, 1977 No. 133 

Billiards trick-shot artist Jack WViite will again visit the Augusta College campus 
for two awe-inspiring exhibitions of his pool cue wizardry Monday at noon and 7 p.m. 
in the Game Room of the College Activities Center. White has performed around the 
world and has taught billiards to such notables as Joey Heatherton, Racquel Welch 
and Jackie Onassis. He has also given performances at The White House. Both 
exhibitions are free and open to the public. 

Accounting, marketing, math and computer science 77 graduates will be interviewed 
by Burroughs Corp. recruiters Wednesday in the Placement Office, College Activities 
Center. Burroughs is interested in recruiting marketing -management trainees. To 
schedule an appointment, apply in person at the Placement Office. All interview 
times are released on a first-come basis. 

Dr. Belagodu Sheik Ali, professor and head. Department of History, University of 
Mysore (India) and Ac's Third World curriculum consultant, will be the second 
speaker in the Third World series noon and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday (April 5) in the 
Lecture Room of Butler Hall, Films scheduled for Thursday at 2 and 8:15 p.m. in 
the PAT include "India: Introduction to its History," "The Great Moghul" and 
"Phantom India: A Look at the Castes." 

interviewing for a full-time general 
assignment reporter. Call 270-6610 for 

of Newscasters (GAN) is now accepting 
applications for a scholarship to be 
awarded to a person interested in 
entering a School of Journalism. Inter- 
ested persons are asked to contact Hans 
Krause, Channel 6 Television in Augusta. 

winner of the third annual AC Mathematics 
ConLeBC V7as Daniel Pound of Aiken High 
School. Second place winner was Gregory 
White of Harlem High. Team winner was 
Aiken High School followed in second 
place by Richmond Academy. A total of 
150 Georgia and South Carolina students 
were on campus last week participating 
in the written and quick-answer compet- 
ition conducted by the Dept . of 
Mathematics and Computer Science. 

TOURNEY FILMS.. Continuous shCwlftge of 
profesiaional films of the Masters 
lounaament from 1966-74 will be shown 
Monday through Wednesday (April 4-6) 
in the College Activities Center Cafeteria 
The nine films are 55 minutes each in 

length , 

MANUSCRIPTS DUE Manuscripts to be 
submitted to the annual Sandhills 
Writers' Workshop & Writing Conference 
are due by Tuesday (April 5). Participants 
submitting samples of their work should 
mail to the following address: Sandhills 
Writing Conference, Dr. Charles L. Willig, 
Director, c/o Dept. of English, Augusta 
College. This year sessions will be held 
on poetry, short fiction, the novel, 
screen writing, juvenile and children's 
fiction, and non-fiction writing. 




Meabers of the English Department are 
currently judging entries in the fourth 
annual J.B. White Literary Competition 
Judging the essay contests are Mike 
Miller, William Johnson, and Jim Smith. 
Poetry judges are Senior High: Charles 
Willig, Charles Freeman, and Heidi Atkins; 
Junior High: Nancy Sutherland, Betty 
House, and Ron Johnson. Short Story 
Senior High. Judges :^ Briscoe Merry, Mark 
Lloyd, and Walter Evans,; Junior High: 
BethjFanpiilg,' Marya Dubose,^ Rosemary 
DePaqlo . ^_ I 

Drs . Robert'^'Hilliard and Louise McCommons 
directed a two-day action laboratory 
workslK)p in''ilb"u/3t^n 4 recently^ as part of 
the Associa tion £Q j^flutJUff!7T?ion and 
CurricutHSriDevelopment annual conference. 
The presentation included a comprehensive 
manual Communication Skills : A Common 
Denominator in Career Education which 
is being developed into a text for use 
by classroom teachers and students. 

Librarian A. Ray Rowland has edited a 
new volume on reference service. The 
vo 1 ume - - The Librarian and Reference 
■ Service — is part of the Contribution to 
Library Literature Series published by 
the Shoe String Press, Hamden, Conn. 
Rowland is president of the Georgia 
Library Assn. 

Dr. Mary Ann Christenberry participated 
in a panel discussion concerning abuse 
of children and presented a learning 
games workshop at the Tennessee Assn. on 
Young Child ten conference, held in 
Knoxvl 1 le . 


Xcpung a93SB3 

01 IT^dy 'ABpurig 

Ti„ '(^"06) m-oom 

OTPBH DV '^SBopeoag 

•m-d 3 
6 iTJdy 'Aepan^BS 

aan3-[n3 piaoM paTqi -la-d g-[:8 =9 Z 

i -[ladv 'Xepsanqx 

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•83H ifDunoo qn-[o-a33Ui 

'aoTjjO 3U9raaoBiJ 'saa 

-51"J39a 'daoo sqSnoaang 

•a33U33 s9T3T^T33V 

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'gu-iAioqs snonujauoo 

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npo3B-[9g 'aa '^Bioqos 

aanaxno PTJOM patqi 
•[■[BH ^aaJjaew 

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P3snSnv *93b3s Suoa^suay 

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B-tJa^ageo aq^ ut ^ou aa3ua3 satrj-iA-t^oy 

a3a-[I03 aq^ go Jooxj puooas aq^ uo 'm-d 5 

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saapBax ssauTsnq aaq^o uaa^anoj "suof^Bz 

-TUB8ao axaqa uo saqStsuT -[BToads aajjo 

Win. owq aqx 'XxaAT^oadsaa 'm-d g puB 

•m-B \\ 3B XbPuoj^ '03 xoo-[-iM puB ijoooqEg jo 

z^un^s 'd'H PUB -dao^ uaSoaq-iN BTqmn-[03 jo 

aapuBTog -g ptabq saa^iBads qsan3 moaj jBaq 

Win. UBrao-[xoH ssn^ -jq ^q 5q3nB3 Sufaq 

•m-d si: 8 =9 uoon asanoa ,joa3U03 =9 XoT^oa uoT5Bz-tUB3ao„ aqx 

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■[TJdY 'ABpsaupa/ii 


g -[fady 'XBpsanx 


•aa^Baqx s^ay SuTuuogaaj 

aq3 UT -m-d q\-% "9 9 3b gi TT^dy aoj 

pa-[npaqosaa uaaq SBq Z\ TT^^y aoj pa-[npaqos 

i/^uaaajj-tQ Xxa3a-[dmo3 SuTq^amog aoj 

AON puy„ saT^as ^IM Dy 39NyHD aiAOW 

•suo-t^BJado ^UBTd 'uosbh ^^aqiv 

'3qS-tart pjoj 'naapTI aAaas 'aaijaBD /^JJbi 

•m-d L. "9 uoo{j Saao^siioog 'uaa^ aoTUBT iJa^ua^ ja5ndaio3 

H; iT^dy 'Abpuow 'qoBO-[aa a^^aiooTN iX^ajBg ^Tiq^a 

*3TOW TTBD : saayCo-[daia nau 3uTftoXTOj 

^:a3aM sihi oNiNsaavH s,ivhm 

aqa amooxaw 03 Xddsq aae ■dt\ 3W0D13W 




Written Wednesday, April 6, 1977 No. 134 

A model of a Solar Steam Generator being built by Babcock & Wilcox and Honeywell 
will be on exhibit in the main lobby of the Reese Library around the time of the 
library's dedication on April 28. The model is an accurate 3.5 high replica of the 
actual steam generator enclosed in transparent and white plexiglass housing. The 
containment structure represents the upper most portion of the central receiver 
system's 450 foot tower and is lighted to indicate the reflected sunlight entering 
the receiver. Hone3well, B&W and Black and Veatch are the principal team members 
on the ERDA -sponsored project. 

"The Mysterious Novak," known the world over for his hypnotism will appear on campus 
8 p.m. Tuesday in the Performing Arts Theatre sponsored by the Student Union. 
John Novak, hypnotist, magician and escape artist, believes that one's brain can 
be programmed to do things which seem injpcssible, and that correct programming 
of the "computer" can bring each person to total awareness. He shows students how 
to program their "computers" to work for better grades end study habits and how to 
cope with school -related problems. Novak is said to have taught hundreds of 
physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists techniques which he developed over a 
period of 30 years. He also works with law enforcement agencies using hypnosis 
to help solve crimes and apprehend criminals. Free with AC identification, 
$2 for others. 

RUSH CONCERT Tom Rush, a singer and 
guitar player who surfaced in the early 
60 8, will appear in concert 8 p.m. 
April 16 in the PAT. (Free with AC ID 
card, others, $4.) 

I'titlAGF.liENT DEVELOPi-lENT "Managing The 
Organizatioii--r:ont-einporary Problems and 
«l«lJortunities," a one -day program 
spoi.soted by The Kiwanis Club of Augusta 
and AC, wJlI be held all -day Tuesday 
(April 19) at the Thunderbird Inn. 
Speakers include Dr. Stell Kefalas, 
Dr. James L. Green and Dr. Howard R. ' 
Smith, all of the University of Georgia. 
Managers with policy-making and/or 
supervisory responsibilities and others 
who are expected to assume such respon- 
sibilities ar^ encouraged to attend. 
Call Office of Continuing Education at 
828-3306 for further information. 

HEALTH PROFESSlomLS A two-day seminar. 

Special— The Orthopedic Nurse" will be 
held April 26-27 sponsored by the Dept . 
of Orthopedic Nursing and the Dept. of 
Hospital Education, University Hospital. 
The seminar is designed to familiarize 
nursing personnel with special orthopedic 
procedures and identify nursing needs of 
patients with these procedures. April 19 
is the deadline for registration. 

lAW & HEALTH Careers available in law 
and health will be discussed Tuesday and 
Thursday respectively in Meeting Rooms 
I & 2 of the College Activities Center. 
Representatives from Miles College 
School of Law will present a general 
program on their law shcool noon Tuesday. 
Individual interviews will be held after 
the meeting. On Thursday, representafives 
from the State Scholarship Commission 
will be on campus to discuss financial 
'id and placement service for health 
careers. (9:30-11:30) No need for pre- 

EMPLOYMENT SEMINAR The first of four 
sessions of an employment seminar will 
get underway noon Tuesday (April 12) in 
Room 7 of Markert Hall with the topic 
to be "Evaluating the Job." The seminar 
will continue for the next three consec- 
utive Tuesdays sponsored by the Business 
Administration Department and the Office 
of Career Planning and Placement. 

CULLUM SCHOLAR Dr. Joseph Elder, 
professor of sociology and South Asian 
studies at the University of Wisconsin^ 
will speak noon Tuesday on "Caste in 
India, Race in America" and 8:15 p.m. 
that evening on "Some Cross -Cultural 
Comparisons," "Contemporary India: Some 
Shattered Stereotypes." Both Talks are 
scheduled for the Lecture Room, Butler 
Hall. Dr. Elder is the third speaker 
in the Cullum Third World Culture Program 
on India. Films at 8:15 p.m. Thursday 
in the PAT include "North Indian Village" 
and "Phantom India: On The Fringes of 
Indian Society." The initially- 
scheduled April 13 address by the 
Honorable Kewal Singh has been re- 
scheduled for May 23. 

students from 31 Georgia and South 
Carolina schools will be honored by AC 
7:30 p.m. April 11 in the PAT during 
the annual Certificate of Academic 
Achievement Program. CSRA juniors who 
are in the upper five per cent of their 
class will be in attendance. The AC 
Band will perform and dramatic character- 
izations by Keith Cowling will be given. 

J.B. WHITE WINNERS Award winners for 
the annual J.B. White Literary Competition 
will be honored during the above program 
on Monday night. The fourth annual 
competition, directed by Dr. Walter Evans, 
will honor v/inners in the poetry, essay 
and short story categories . 


jBaa 'qo^Tq isTTB^^ 'saJT^ ^ous 19 pnm 

jnoj :3pn-[DUX sna^xg oTpea rj-kv 

j99UOTa 'sqnq Sutuuoi aoaj uapA 'aA-yap 

-■[aaqrt anoj 'paads aaaq^ q^T^ aapuTt^D 

XTs '89^75 aPT'i Jadns puB sxaaq*^ 

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puB doqs^iaort .saa^T^M snTqP^BS Ibhuub 

gqq 05 sadTJDsnuBin ^TUJq^s oq saa^Taw 

aoj auTipBap aqi aaoNaixa aNiiavsQ 

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OTPBH OV '3SB3pBoag 
eaado UB^TTodoaaaw -ui-d 3 

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snqiunxo3 - "[-[eqaSBg -ui-d ■[ 

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AVON puv„ safJag ""iTi Ov 

PiaTJ -lenSer 'a3aiT03 

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SX TT^dv 'XsPT^d 

■ui'd 5x:8 '9 9 

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X^ddy • ;^u^^Il^u-^oddB ub a^npaqos o:j pa^-jAUT 

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-3uasaadaj puas XXT*^ uo-t^Bonpg jo paBOg 

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•ui'e 0E:6 ^b 17OC mooy '/lasaqxT asaag 

aM5 ux 6Z XT^dy 'AspTaj -ussv iCaeaqxi 

BT^aoaf) aq^ jo Sux^aam pjBoq aAx^noaxa 



aqq ux ^aafoad PBa^-ox-3q3xn aq:} q^xw 

uox^onfuoo ux auop aaa« sax^TAX^OB aqx 

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' I APR 151977 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday tlbon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday, April 13, 1977 Nori:34 

Thirteen faculty members have been promoted to higher; ranks by action last week of 
the University System Board of Regents. Promoted from associate professor to 
professor were Dr. Billy E. Bompart of the Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science 
who is completing his tenth year here, and Dr. Janice B. Turner, chairman, Dept. of 
Chemistry and Physics, who is completing her 18th year here. Promoted from assistant 
professor to associate professor were Dr. Helen Callahan, History; Dr. Mary Anne 
Christenberry, Education; Dr. Ronnie L. Ezell, Physics; Dr. Clara E. Fanning, Engltdi 
Dr. John G. Schaeffer, Fine Arts, Martha K. Farmer, Business Administration; Dr. 
Rhonda E. Johnson, English; Dr. Lyle R. Smith, Education; and William L. Whatley, 
Business Administration. Promoted from instructor to assistant professor were Dr. 
Dexter L. Burley, Sociology; and Mary K. Gemant, Moderti Languages. The promotions 
are effective with the 1977-78 year. 

A Spring Arts Festival being planned by the Student Government Assn., the Art Dept. 
and the Student Art Assn. is to be held on the grounds surrounding the Performing 
Arts Theatre May 6-7 (Friday and Saturday) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Students and 
faculty, staff or organizations are invited to participate. Planned are displays 
of art works, films, demonstrations and participation events, as well as the annual 
juried Student Art Show. Musical events will be performed on a regular schedule on 
the PAT steps. The Art Department is offering to help or advise in any way. For 
a^s£i£tance_j_ £ontac_t Ri£h£rd^ Frank in_the_Dep£rtment^. 

YOUR RESUME The topic noon Tuesday in the 
fpur*wep.k E9iplQ3?m§Df:^Sem£nSr being co-i-L 
sponsored by the Dept. of Business Admin- 
istration and the Office of Career Plan- 
ning and Placement will be "Your Resume". 
The seminar, to continue April 26 and 
May 3, is being held in Room 7, Markert 
Hall. "Bring your lunch and participate 
in this seminar planned for all Ac 
students," a spokesman said. 

KiLCRIliTERS HERE April 18; Georgia Power 
Co. to interview accounting and manage- 
ment majors graduating in March and June. 
April 20: Aiken County School District, 
open to all education majors graduating 
in '77. April 21 : J . B. White & Co. 
open to all majors, March and June 
graduates . 

CULLUM SCHOLAR Dr. David M. Knipe, 
associate professor of South Asian 
Religions at the University of Wisconsin, 
will speak noon and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday in 
the Lecture Room of Butler Hall as part 
of the Cullum Third World Culture Program 
on India. His noon topic will be "Lovers 
in Bliss and Anguish: Mystical Themes 
in Indian Poetry." and the evening talk 
will concern "Life-^ycle Rites in Hind- 
uism." A slide presentation noon Thurs- 
day will be given by Dr. Tom Ramage, 
History Department, in the Lecture Room. 
Films at 2 and 8:15 p.m. Thursday in the 
PAT will be "Pilgrimage to a Hindu Temple" 
and "Phantom India: the Indians and the 

APPLE FESTIVAL The Georgia Apple Festival 
Beauty Pageant is now open to young women 
between the ages of 17-23. The Festival 
will be held in Ellijay, Ga . Aug. 27- 
Sept. 3 A $1,000 scholarship will be 
awarded to the Georgia Apple Queen, $300 
scholarship to the first runner-up, and 
a $200 scholarship to the second ruime.i->ip 
Application blanks and details are availah 

ROTC J^ECpiTg^yT^j .^ C . Dave- GiO-beft; son, 
-Capt .^ A^len Amgtt^agd-^Cadet I^.^A^j^e 
Jackson visited Thomson High School last 
week to talk to students about what ROTC 
at Augusta College can offer them. 

WRITING CONFERENCE The annual Sandhills 
Writers' Workshop & Writing Conference is 
continuing to accept registrations through 
the Office on Continuing Education. Part- 
icipants will include those who have sub- 
mitted manuscripts and those who are "just 
interested in writing" said Program Dir- 
ector Dr. Charles L. Willig. Topics to be 
covered include children's literature, 
poetry, non-fiction, screen-writing, and 
fiction. The conference is scheduled 
for April 21--23. 

LITERARY WINNERS Lucille Anne Clark of 
Westside, Steve Powell of Butler and Fred 
Armentrout of Glenn Hills took first prize 
awards on the senior high school level in 
the annual J. B. White Literary Compet- 
ition. Junior high first place winners 
were Felicia Wiggins, Carolina Baxter and 
Bruce Willig, all of Tutt. All prize 
winners received certificates and each 
of the three first prize winners in the 
senior high school contests received a 
$200 scholarship to the college of her 
or his choice . 

INTERNSHIP OFFERED The Dept. of Educaticn 
announces a once-a-year oppovtum'ty for 
Summer Quarter ^ an Internship in Early 
Childhood Education (EDU 596) taught by 
Dr. Mary Anne Christenberry. The course 
will offer 15 quarter hours credit 
(applicable to either undergraduate or 
graduate programs) which meet part of 
the requirements of the State Dept. of 
Education certification .for K-3. Time 
commitment is June 13-17, 8:30-12:30 and 
June 20-July 15, 8-4 p.m. The course 
includes classroom involvement with child- 
jren ages 3-5 years. Enrollment is limited. 

•uo7:iBOi>P3 3u"jnuTauoo jo aoigjo 9M3 

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-avil-uo X^TUTJx 32 (9T n^idy) XepaniiBS 

pafaaBUi aaan oi^w ua-[iY '0 ™^HTTK "saw 

puB -aw 03 suo-raBin:}Ba3uoo sa3MX.TrtaH 

•(as-tuB-pd) UBA A^IaT^S 

BafjaS uoouaa^JV ^^punS '^'^ OC^C 

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ovo '3 =9 1 'suia -Saw 

„'anbTq5O0 aTP^^^TJn 

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Su-piT-irt =9 doqsiiaort 

,Bja3Tatt BiiTqpuBS 

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aan^xno piaoM pafm 

•R'a ' ""^ 'asTuoTaB^ 

-uasaaj ap?is ?l^°^ P^fMI 

DVO '30TJJO ^uamaDBXd 

*Baa3T"i33H aiTMW 'a'f 

1^ ITJdv 'j^Bpsanqx 

•m-d sijg "9 3 


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xuTXiaj,, 'sa-iaas ^Ui OV 

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•oai 'Suj^aaR ii^xnoBi 

DVO '30TJ30 

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aofAaas anuaAa^ 

■[Buaa^ui "9 ^oTaisia 

Xooiios A^unoo ua^ifV 


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^uaradoiaAaa Xaoe^Aaadns 

•W PTABQ 'JQ 'JBXoqos 
nmxino iCq sajruoai 

ajn^inO PI^om paTMX 

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aXqXqxa ub paquasajd Qy^i jo noxB^ puomiyf 

•aa puB an 'ToiBTW UT 9T-ZI IT^dy pxaq 

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BasnSnv 'uox3B3npa jo • 3daa 'Aaaaquaasxjqo 

auuv "JQ q3noaqq ja:»sT3aa-aaa 'z 03 

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AuBduioo aawoi BiSaoag 

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SB XI^*^ SB „8Ba doqsiiao/i s,aaxBinaoa „ pue 

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-onpg JO '^dsQ aq^ Aq paaosuods' axspuoqaBO 

gX XTidv 'iCBpuow 3B BTOUXXTI 3° XajsJaATun aqa 30 Saaqpuxi 

aaXBUUOQ -aa Aq paaanpuoo aq XTTw uaapxTM^ 

Sunn^ JO uoxqcanpo oq^ uo doqeijaOA v 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF : ^K)Nm, MAY 2-CUNDAY, KAY « Written Wednesday, April 27, 1977 

A two-day Spring Arts Festival hosted by the Student Government Assn., the Art 
Department and the Student Art Assn. will be held Friday and Saturday ( May 6-7) 
T^Tt '^J^ J^jf°™i^g A-t« Theatre. The free festival, open to community members, 
will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Featured will be displays of art 
works, contmous showings of art films, art and pottery demonstrations by 
students, music by the Howard Simpers Quartet and the AC Stage Band free ice 
cream on Friday donated by the Student Government Aasn. and sales of various art 
items. A special highlight on Saturday will be a display of all of the art work 
submitted to the Childrens Arts Festival sponsored by the Greater Augusta Arts 
Council. The Festival, scheduled earlier this month, had to be cancelled due 
to rainy weather, and GAAC officals have asked to exhibit the children's work 
at the AC Arts Festival. More than 200 pieces will be on display. All interesed 
persons or groups are invited to attend and participate. Call Richard Frank, Fine 
i^rts Dept., for further information or assistance. 

The Senior Art Show of Susan Johnston, Leigh McNab and Sue Mitchell is on 
exhibit through May 13 in the Performing Arts Theatre. The show will feature 
paintings, drawings and ceramics. Johnston and Mitchell will be the first to 
receive the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. McNab will receive a Bachelor of 
Arts degree. 

GOLF TOURNEY A Faculty Golf Tournament 
will be held May 13 at the Persimmon 
Hills Golf Course near Saluda, S. C. 
All interested persons should respond 
to the Dean of Students Office by May 
6. Fee is $2. 

RECRUITER HERE Thomas Jefferson Academy 
in Louisville will have a representative 
here Wednesday to interview for the 
following positions: math and science 
teacher, 6-8th; math teacher, 9-12th; 
science teacher, 9-12th; and business 
teacher, 9-12th. ' ir interested, see 
James C. Stephens at the Placement 
Office, second floor. College Activities 
Center . 

STUDENT PAPERS Three of Dr. John B. 
Black s students will present papers 
at the annual meeting of the Georgia 
Academy of Science, April 24 and 30 at 
Emory University, The students are 
Bliss W. Clark, John C. Peduto and 
William L. Toler. Dr. Black will also 
present a paper at the meeting 


Monday, May 2 

p .m. 

Tuesday, May 3 

Women's Tennis -Young 

Harris, Augusta Tennis 


Red Cross Swimming 

Skills Class (May 2-12) 

AC Pool. 

Employment Seminar- 
"What the Employer 
Looks For". Room 7, 
Markert Hall. 
Noon & 8:15 p.m. Third World Cultures 
Program, Dr. Carlo 
Coppola, Lee. Rm, 
Butler Hall. 
1 p.m. Women's Tennis -Breanu 

College, Augusta Tennis 

Wednesday, May 4 

6 & 8:15 p.m. 



SEMINAR ENDS The final session of the 

four-week Ac Employment Seminar will be Thursday Mav 5 
held noon Tuesday in Room 7, Markert Thursday, May 5 
Han. Industry representatives will be 
in attendance to offer students advise 
on What The Employer Looks For " The 
seminar was Sponsored jointly b^ the 
Business Administration Dept; and the 
Office of career Planning and Placement. 

CARTOON DAY The quarterly Kiddie Cartoon ' "^ '^'' P'""" 
Festival sponsored by the Office of 
:>tudent Activities will be helH in a ™ 
Saturday Mav 7 ah i-ul r ,. ""• Friday, May 6 

uuiudy, nay / at the College Activities t ni c 

Ji» K* • ' t'^P^^'^^^^d, soft, drinks ^ 

will Be 'served. AC children, 50<- : oLh^-.r 

Ji. Following the cartoons, enjoy the 

i>pring Arts Festival on the grounds of g-lS 

the Performing Arts TUeatre-- until 5p.m. 


Thomas Jefferson Acad, 
Recruiter, Topic Rm.2 
AC Film Series-"Clock- 
work Orange", PAT. 

French Club Film- 
"Les Heures De Lyon", 
Mtg. Rm. 1&2, CAC. 
•.-Third World Cultures 
Program > Dr. Virenda B 
Mahesh J^pr .. Sm 
Hall, r H(-:E';1 LIdF.AR'i' 


ird VJo 

1' , ni . 

NOV 7 1977 

Spring ivts Festival, . 




p .m. 

of pX^;3-.-.-^.. 

.... Assoc, j j-'^'^ 

Rd uca t o rS'TtSTtft 

Third World Cultures 

Program'j'Man j us ri" 

Presents Classical Dances 
of India, PAT. 

3^ \J k i^CO 

tMB 8uTdX3 q3TM ^issp leq^iu usajS 'jTBip 
pu0 qonoo XjeJoduiaauoo : nas 01 SINVM 

uuv laaai 'aajeips 'a vTUTSufA *I lbg uuy 

-[13A10H o3 u?>A-[3 sjgf^ spJB^^v ausmaAs-tqoy 

olijsBToqos • sauamaAa-jqoB . 33eTSa|-[oo JTsq^ 

aoj nqSiu .^BPTJj P333J s3U3pn3s Xubui 

_aqa_02 suoTiein^B^Suoo _siNaanxs QaHONOH 

•sfiB^ap aoj 3U3ui3TB"a3a 

uoT^Bonpa 3q:> ut /^aaaquar^sfaqQ auuy -jq 

53B3UOD -saoT^t^sip -[ooqos A^unoo B-tqumioo 

puB puou.qD-tH aoj ^Tpejo sotAaasluT puB 

doqsiiaow aq3 aoj oy /iq U3ai3 aq |i-t« ^33 

3[Hq auo • ..Seg doqs^aoM s ^^b^^^joq puB 

..>iOoa ABpqqa-fa TBTuua^ua-o-ig s.^g^Bmon 

aaB suoT^Bonqnd snoaamuu aaq Sunom^ 

■snduiBO uo £ Xbw 'XBpan^Bs uaap^-cqo SunoX 

go uoT^BDnps aq^ uo doqs^ao^ i^Bp-HB ub 

53npuo3 UT« STOUTHI Jo /^qisaaAtun aq^ 30 

SaaqpuTT aap^:ioa_-a,a__ aaaH__D^a9aNn -m 

,,'s:iugaBci aATsnqy^uT 

-lasunoo,, uo p3an-4D3[ 'aoiasunoD Aiiiubj 

puB aSBTaapm b 'uBmonoH • asnqB p^iuo 

30 noafqns oq, q^in ^^^ep 's^^p^^s peo 

-UBApv :io3 D-4naT:»sxii opBaoioQ 'uadsw aq^ 

aa^jB pauaa^^Bd 'a^n^i^sui ^qx • pua^aan 

3SBT Piaq saTpn^s PBouxiApy aoj aqn^i^suT 

ganquTl^BD '^^u aq^ jo SuT^aaui ^ht^tut 

aqq 53^38 03 subio prngp^og gg^t^^-^ ^^ ^^^ 

_sBM_uBmoTTOH ssna__-aa amxiisNi saavis 

•pun^ qoaeasaa mnaioared "iq", TcCp^^osnl^l 
'qoaX BT3aoo3 5b ..qD^Basan puB uoi^^onpa 
ngpnpBaSjapun puB a^BnpRjrj jq SuTosjaa^uT 
aouajajuoo,, ^uaoaa b' papula, g 

TBSN.O 'S P^o-[j 


•STSaoaD jo X^isaaA-pun aqq 4^ p-j^,^ 

•P4B.VYV PT^J^H - aiOTUO^MD ' SBinoqx 
•y '^uoX 03 uaAT§ aaart SOHVMV NOIXVOHand 

ouiy aqq JO 
ja^dcqD BT§Joa3 aq^ 30 XjB^aJtias paaD^-^g 
uaaq SBq tt-iav 3333103 Qaxoaia IIHAV 

•JO3B0T-[dxg aqj] u-j K^^joqs 
aeaddB TITa ./pug spaswoH ag^gaoj 
•^Bssa jaq^ouy "iiooanxan = <^r5-=r- — ^ 

^ ooq^xa^ B -aopWif 

■iTnaTn5~JixnaoJ"iqX uf nou 8u-tJE^dd« 
acj-13 puooas aq^ aog paziSo^oq^uB ua^g 
SBq ,/aoaqx iBnxag y: sa-tAow aa4suo^.| 


joTuas'rtoq^a r bpubm fpJBAV a^uaTog AaBJDow 
nnu •■» uaAS4S 'PJ'J'^V X3oxoqDAs<i 'Xaneg 'X 

Ip.bIv Ja^^uaaAOO poo3 X^unoD puomq.TH ^^''^ .^"^^3 ^^^^^^ '^^ aaHSlWd AVSSH 
-B3sn3nw 'Maiiea auTJaqaeO ^-^^W 5(spaB«B 
SuTLnu)plB4 M T^S P-^uaBS STia^sa 'pooiq 'ussv TBOTSoioTOOsj^BOT^jau^^^a^ 

/CjbW JsasTs 'aiiUBaqos 'S STUUcg fsDT^Bmaq^BW 

ui paBrtv AqaTOOs JBaionN UBOTJau'V ^M^ J° 

uo-iaDas aaATH qsuuBABS 'aajsqos '3 BTUTgaiA 

puB iiag auuv na«oH iXaonsTH "T P^Bfty 

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q3TW Xbq v„ -'Pa ?o '^daa me 0€:8 

I Abw 'XBpan3BS 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: i-toy 9- May 15 

Written Wednesday, May 4, 1977 #137 

Delta Chi Fraternity is sponsoring a Superteams Competition to be held on campus 
Saturday May 21 and Sunday May 22. The e nt will be based on the format used 
by the ABC television network program "Superstars" and is open to the public. 
The first 50 temas to submit a registration fee of $25.00 will be allowed to 
participate. The teams must be made up of at least 15 members and not more than 
20. Each team will be required to compete in 8 out of a possible 20 events two 
of which must be basketball and volleyball. They may choose the remaining 6 from 
swimming, archery, ping pong, baseball throw, weight lifting, tennis, relay race 
100-yard dash, bicycle race, obstacle course, and tug-of-war. A uniform point ' 
system will be used for all events -- 10 points for first place, 6 points for 
second, 4 points for third, and 2 points for fourth. The 3 teams with the 
highest point total after Saturday will return on Sunday for the finals. To 
register, call Greg Brooks at 863-4176. 

The Alumni Association will hold its annual meeting on Saturday May 28, in the 
College Activity Center. Social hour starts at 7 p.m. and dinner at s'p.m. 
($6.50 per person). Reunions are planned for Classes of '27, '32, '37, '42 '47 
52, 57, '62, '67, '72. The Distinguished Alumnus /Alumna Award will be present- 
ed on the basis of personal achievement, community involvement, and service to 
Augusta College. For reservations, call 828-4701. 

FIELD DAY PLANNED Students, faculty, 
and staff are invited by the Student 
Union to spend all day at Clark Hill 
Saturday, May 14. A bluegrass band 
will perform, in addition to trad- 
itional bluegrass Clogging and Square 
dance music. Plan to come and enjoy 
beer, games, and sun. 

CADET ON TV On May 10, Alice Jackson, 
a cadet in ROTC, will be the guest of 
June Stewart on WRDW's "Carousel." 
The ROTC program and scholarships will 
be discussed. 

MORE ON ROTC Advanced Course members 
of ROTC are attending a Field Training 
Exercise class in Athens May 7 and 
May 8. Theu are joining ROTC members 
from the University of Georgia there. 

Whatley of Business Administration will 
conduct an Economic Education Workshop 
during summer quarter. Open to all 
Georgia teachers and administrators, 
the workshop will meet from 10 a.m. 
to 12 noon Monday through Friday 
through July 20. Scholarships are 

12 the films " A Future for Ram" and 
"Phantom India : Bombay-the Future India" 
will be shown in the PAT at 8:15 p.m. 

Sand Hills have announced that all 
students whose work will appear in the 
magazine have been notified. Others may 
pick up their entries in the English Dept. 

mcAZINE AVAILABLE The Alumni Association 
will give each graduating senior at AC 
a copy of The Graduate , a handbook for 
leaving school which gives hints on job 
opportunities, career plannning and 
other pertinent information. Copies can 
be obtained at graduation practice or 
at the Alumni Affairs Office. 

RECRUITER HERE Vidalia City School Sys-r 
tem will have a representative on campus 
Wednesday May 11. Located midway between 
Macon and Savannah, Vidalia, a growing 
community of 11,000 is seeking candiates - 
for the following Fall positions :Kinder- 
garten, 4th grade. Elementary Remedial 
Reading Specialist, Jr. High P.E. (Ladies) 
Secondary English, Secondary Science, 7th 
Grade Science. To schedule an appointment 

available to cover tuition and materials .and pick up an application, stop by the 

Contact Mr. Whatley in the Business 
Administration Dept. for details. 

Professor of Political Science and 
South Asian Studies at the University 
of Washington, will speak at noon and 
8:15 p.m. Tuesday i-lay 10 in the Lecture 
Room of Butler Hall as part of the 
Cullum Third World Culture Program on 
India. His noon talk will concern 
"Language, Religion, and Politics in 
India" and his evening topic will be 
"Democracy or Dictatirship? Indian 
Politics before and after the Declara- 
tion of Emergency." On Thursday, Jtey 

Placement Office, 2nd floor, CAC. 

FACULTY NEWS Dr. Louise McCommons of 
the Education Dept. was a member of the 
Visiting Committee, Southern Association 
of Colleges and Schools, which recently 
evaluated the elementary schools of Macon- 
Bibb County School System. She served 
as chairvoman of a committee which dealt 
with a cluster of seven elementary schools. 

Dr. Harvey L, Stirewalt, Biology Dept., 
recently participated in the Career Day 
Programs for Evans Jr. High and Evans 
High Schools. Slides, specimens, and 
demonstration materials were used in 


discussing career opportunities In marine 
science . 

Marguerite Fogleman, Associate Lib- 
rarian, conducted a Serials Control 
Workshop as part of the spring 
meeting of the Georgia Health 
Sciences Library Association last week. 

An exhibit of Faculty Research and 
Publications will be on display in the 
Reese Library on the 2nd floor during 
the month of May, 

sode film series "How Should We Then 
Live?", sponsored by the Christian 
^fedical Society, will be shown in 
the large auditorium in the educat- 
ional wing of Talmadge Memorial Hos- 
pital May 12, 13 and 14. Tickets 
are on sale in the AC Student 
Activities Office. For further 
information, call Doug Vinson at 

Applications are now being accepted 
for the summer program for pre- 
schoolers, part of the Internship 
in Early Childhood Education spon- 
sored by the Dept. of Education. 
Children ages three to five years 
are eligible for the four week 
program which runs Monday throu- 
gh Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon 
June 20 - July 15. C$35.00 fee). 
For further information call 
Mrs. Ivey, 738-7928 a.m. and 
733-6678 p.m. 

HOUSE FOR SALE Beautifully land- 
scaped home on a comer lot feat- 
ures 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 
woodbuming fireplace in family 
room, formal dining room, and 
foyei". The house is in immacu- 
late condition and is only 3 years 
old. House plus adjoining lot 
(almost one acre)-- $51,000. 
House with only one lot - $44,900. 
3860 Boulder Creek Rd . , Columbia 
County. Phone 863-3034. 


Monday, May 9 

Tuesday, May 10 
9 a.m. 

8:30 a.m 

Pre-registratlon Begins 

Career Guidance 
Institute, -teeting 
Room 1&2, CAC 
Senior Recital, 
Harvey C. Boyd.Jr. 

Wednesday , 'toy II 

Noon&8 :15p.m, 

6 &8:l5p.r 

School System, Place- 
ment Office, Topic 
Rm. 2, CAC. 
Third World Cultures 
Program By Cullum 
Scholar Prof .Lewis 
Coser , Lee . Rm. , B.H , 
AC Film Series- 
"The Go -Between." 

Thursday, May 12 
2 & 8:15p.m. Third World Films, 

Friday, May 13 
9 a.m. 

7 p.m. 

Junior Jaguar Swim 
Meet, AC pool. May 

Weekend Workshop- 
"Becoming More Asser- 
tive," Meeting Rm.2 

Saturday, Ntey 14 
9 a.m. 

Weekend Workshop - 
"Becoming More Asser- 
tive f-teeting Rm. 2 

Field Day at Clark Hill 
Blue Grass Band. 








Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public I nformation, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: MAY 16- May 22, 1977 Written Wednesday, May 11, 1977 No. 138 

Junior Biology Major Bliss W. Clark was given the award for the bes>. under- 
graduate paper in the Psychology and Medicine section at the Georgia Academy 
of Science's annual meeting held at Emory University. Bliss's research 
was supervised by Dr. John Black. 

The Department of Fine Arts announces the Powell Memorial Scholarship in 
Art to be given to an incoming freshman desiring to major in art. Final 
date for applications, references, and work samples for fall enrollment is 
Friday, May 20, The winner will be notified during the first week of June. 
The grant is in the amount of $150. Selection of the recipient will be made 
by the art faculty based on an interview and samples of the applicant's work. 
Further information may be obtained by contacting Nathan Bindler, Fine Arts, 

WRDW-TV (Channel 12) is now accepting applications for an anchor person for 
the news department. Prior broadcasting experience with knowledge of TV is 
required, along with writing ability and "good news sense." Individual is 
needed to do production of news telecast. Call Chris Clackum at 278-1212. 
Opening is available immediately. 

MILLER TO SPEAK Georgia Lt. Gov. Zell 
Miller will be the guest of the Polit- 
ical Science Club \ p.m. Thursday, May 
2o in rocn C-6, Skipner H/ill. 

iller will give four talks in Augusta 
on May 26 and 27. At 6:30 p.m. May 26 
he will addtc-js fh« Ceiotgia chapter of 
the Scieutific Research Society of 
North America. On May 27, he will 
speak at a 7:30 a.m. breakfast followed 
at noon by a talk at the Lynndale 
School and Training Center. The 
lieutenant governor has not formally 
announced his intention to seek a sec- 
ond terra in 1978. 

SCHAEFKR CONCERT Dr. John G.Schaeffer 
will be featured in an organ recital 
B:3U p.m. Friday (May 20) at St. Paul's 
ohurch sponsored by the AC Fine Arts 
Recital Series. The recital will 
include music of Bach and Dupre. 

STUDENT ART The annual Student Art 
bhow IS now on display in the Perform- 
ing Arts Theatre through June 6. A 
reception will be held 8 p.m. May 20 
m the PAT to kick-off the show. The 
public is invited. 

dp. BACK ELECTED The new SGA president 
IS John deBack, a junior chemistry 
major. Serving with him will be Jamie 
Casey, vice-president; Marie Kuhlke, 
fte^^refciiTyPebra Moorehead , treasurer. 
At-large reps are Teri Anderson, Jeanie 
Clark, Warida Chesnut , and Bobby Davis. 
Senators include Alice de Saavedra 
Janie Collins, Biology; p. Ann Johnson, 
Michael Bennett, Bus. Administration; 
Paul Hague, Stephen L. Green, Chemistry 
and Physics; Jay Hancock, Herb Aton 
History, Political Science, Philosphy; 
John L. Adams, Bryan S. Crandall, Math- 
ematics; David Lewis, James L. Huggins 
Jr., Military Science; Joni Negron, 
John B. Wood, Nursing; Kenny Brown, 
Sociology; Andrew Jackson, Special' 

Studies; Val Webb, English. A run-off was 
to determine who will fill the remaining 
slot in English. 

ROTC ACTIVITIES ROTC cadets attended a 
survival clss at Ft. Gordon last week where 
they learned emergency first-aid and 
survival techniques. The cadets also 
sponsored a series of displays May 13 
from the Ft. Gordon Signal School behind 
the Performing Arts Theatre for Armed 
Forces Day. 

WITSMAN RETURNS Dr. Tim Witsman, a 
former faculty member here and now director 
of Management Services for the City of 
Savannah, was a Cullum Visiting Scholar 
last Friday on Tr.Mnpua. 

Ford-MaKwell Professor of South Asisn 
History at Syracuse University, will speak 
at noon and 8:15 p.m. in the Lecture Room 
of Butler Hall on Tuesday (May 17). Films 
on Thursday will be shown at 2 and 8:l5p.m. 
in the PAT. On Friday, May 20, P. Lai, 
honorary professor of English at the Univ- 
ersity of Calcutta, will give an open 
poetry reading at 8:15 p.m. in the Lecture 
Room. The final event in the three -month 
long Cullum Third World Culture Program 
will be an address by the The Honorable 
Kewal Singh, Ambassador from India to the 
U. S., at 8:15 p.m. May 23 in the Perfornr-- 
ing Arts Theatre. "India Today" will be 
his topic. All Third World events are 
free and open to the public. 


MAY 13 1977 



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OZ i^BH '/^Bp-jjj 

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• tjino piaoM pJTMl 

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61 ^BW '/^epsanm 

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•m-d 5^:8 •? 9 

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'H*9 'saan^oaq s9Jn 

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Zl ^BW 'Xepsani 

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•paads 1^ 'oauia paoj 1/.6T = aiVS WJ 

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aioiqaB aqx „"§"TUTb:ii iBUOTssajoa^-aaj 

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-uiSag 3u-tjnsBaw,, p3T313U9 aioiqaB ub 

p9Joq:jnB-oo SBq (uoT^BOnpj) saaA\o-[j[ uqof 

swaN Axinovi 



Deadline for copy ■ Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday, May 18, 1977 No. 139 

The Honorable Kewal Singh, Ambassador to the U.S. from India, will speak on 
campus Monday (May 23) as the Cullum Third World Culture Program on India 
comes to a close. His major address is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. in the 
Performing Arts Theatre. An academic procession will be part of the cere- 
monies. The Ambassador will speak on "India Today." Other activities on 
Monday will indued a 11:15 a.m. news conference at the Thunderbird Inn 
followed by a talk to the Rotary Club of Augusta at 12:15 p.m. A reception, 
sponsored by President and Mrs. George Christenberry , will be held at their 
home between 4:30-5:30. 

The Augusta College Band will be presented in concert 8 p.m. Thursday (May 26) 
in the Performing Arts Theatre under the direction of Dennis J. Zeisler. C. 
Miller Sigmon, a saxophonist from North Carolina, will be a special guest 
sponsored here by the H. Selmer Corp. Sigmon, a graduate of the University 
of Michigan, is a former saxophone solist for the U.S. Marine Band in 
Washington, D.C. The concert is free and open to the public. 

ROTC cadets will attend an all-day Communications Class at Ft. Gordon May 27 

as part of their preparation for summer camp to be held at Ft. Bragg this sunrier. 

ALUMNI RETURN The annual meeting of 
the AC Alumni Association will open 
7 p.m. Saturday (May 28) at the College 
Activities Center with a social hour 
followed by dinner at 8. Faculty, 
staff, and all former students of the 
Junior College of Augusta and Augusta 
College have been invited to attend. 
Reunion classes to be honored include 
the Class of '27, the 50th Anniversary; 
Class of '32, '37, '42, '47, '52, '57, 
'62, '67 and '72. The Distinguished 
Alumnus Award will be presented to 
Augusta insurance executive T. Richard 
(Dick) Daniel, a member of the Class of 

two summertime programs for children. 
A four-week pre-school program for 3, 
4, and 5 year old children will be held 
at Trinity On-The-Hill Methodist Church 
from June 20-July 15 daily from 9 a.m. 
to noon. The program, under the dir- 
ection of Dr. May Anne Christenberry, 
is an Internship in Early Childhood 
Education for AC students. Interested 
parents may contact Mrs. Ivey at 
Trinity Church... The annual Summer Day 
Camp program will begin June 20 and 
continue through August 12 on campus 
from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. daily. 
Children from 4-12 years of age are 
eligible for the camp which includes 
breakfast, lunch, recreational act- 
ivities, swimming, arts and crafts, etc. 
Kathy Thompson, an AC alumna, will 
direct the program. Interested par- 
ents are asked to call the Office of 
Student Activities, 828-3806. Both 
programs are open to the public. 

STUDENT ART The annual Student Art 
Show will be on display in the Per- 
forming Arts Theatre through June 6. 


KITTIES AVAILABLE Five adorable furry 
kitties bom on Easter mornign are now 
up for adoption. Mother is Calico persian. 
Colors are yellow, gray and white, black, 
calico, and champagne. Can bring to 
campus for easy delivery. 828-3917 or 
863-2563 after 5 p.m. 

FACULTY NEWS Dr. Ron Ezell, (Chemistry 
& Physics) lectured to the Richmond 
Academy Science Club recently on "Stellar 

Dr. Geraldine W. Hargrove (Education) 
was elected chairman-elect of the Regents' 
Academic Advisory Committee on Teacher 
Education at its recent Spring meeting. 

An article by Dr. Lyle Smith (Education) 
"Aspects of Teacher Discourse and Student 
Achievement in tiathematics ," was published 
in the May issue of the Journal for Res - 
earch in Mathematics Education . 

Drs. Susan Strader, Beverly Dean and 
Lyle Smith (Education) gave a present- 
ation at the annual International Reading 
Association convention in Miami entitled 
"Teaching Content Area Reading As An 
Inquiry Process ," 

Bart Smith (Business Administration) has 
been elected president of the Georgia- 
Carolina chapter of Paralyzed Veterans 
of America . 

ADDRESSES CLASSES Joe Leopold of the 
engineering frim Zimmerman, Evans and 
Leopold, will address business adrain- 
st rat ion classes Monday and Tuesday in 
Markert Hall. 

STUuai B3 8n3nv ''qaai 
•OS - sTuuax 8,uaw qv ''"•d i 

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-3D3q •3U1333W X3inDBi DV **"*<* C 

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3SBi„ - B37a3s luiTi ov ''"'d Si:8 "9 9 
2 uiooH 
3UT339H -BddB)i B313a JHd 'lu'd ^ 

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•siBdiouiaa looq^s P"8 sa3 
-q3B3i SufsiAJBdns Joj 3ut 
-333^ -uo-i38onpg JO • 3d3a 'u»'d OE*^ 

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q3uis 1819)1 JopBSSBqmy 

:uiBJ3oad Pl^Ort P-^Tqi ''"'d Si: 8 

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*S-L 3unf '9 aunf q3nojq3 paAaseqo sq 

IITA 3inp3q3B a»in93a 3qx s^nOH Ayvaail 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: Monday, May 30-Sunday, June 5 Written Wednesday, May 25, 1977 No. 140 

Elizabeth Goad, an AC student from Aiken, will spend the sunnner In France as a 
participant in the University System of Georgia Study Abroad Program. Mis, Goad 
will earn 15 hours of credit at the University of Dijon taking three French courses-- 
culture, language and civilization. Classes start July 9, she said, and will 
continue through late August. Upon her return, she will enter the master's 
degree nrogram in French at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. The 
studies aboard program will cost her approximately $1,400 which will cover 
tuition, room, board, books, etc. Studying in France has been her goal for the 
past three years, she said, and it has taken that long to save that amount of 
money. She plans on leaving the first week in June in order to tour Ireland 
and the British Isles before joining other international students in Paris. 

A seminar for women Involved in business or homemaklng will be held Wednesday, 
June 1, at the Executive House on Ellis Street sponsored by First Federal Savings. 
Speakers will include Karen Clark, lecturer and instructor, who will present 
new ideas on "unleashing your potential" and making the most of your relation- 
ships; Financial Specialist Lee W. Curley, Donald T. Cameron Jr. of First 
Federal, and CPA Roger W. Wahl, who will offer advice on retirement accounts, 
tax tips. Investments and money management for women. Tickets are $10 per person 
and are available from any branch of First Federal Savings. 

workshops in Early Childhood Education 
will be offered by the AC Dept. of 
Education and the Office of Continuing 
Education in cooperation with several 
other sponsors. Workshop I, "Moving 
and Learning," will be held June 21, 
23, 28, 30 at the University of S.C. - 
Aiken; Workshop II, "An Effective Pro- 
gram For Young Children," July 7, 8, at 
Augusta College; Workshop III, "Effec- 
tive Discipline and Guidance of Young 
Children," July 12, 14, 19, 21, at 
USC-Columbla; and Workshop IV, "The 
Speech of Adults -The Language of 
Children," August 4-5, Augusta College. 
$15 per workshop or $25 for two work- 
shops. Call Continuing Education, 

PARTY FOR SENIORS The Augusta College 
Office of Alumni Affairs in cooperation 
with Student Activities will sponsor 
a "Taste of The Good Life" party 
around noon June 10 following practice 
exercises for commencement. Shrimp 
and beer will be served. The Alumni 
Association will also give graduating 
seniors their miniature diplomas and 
a copy of the magazine "The Graduate" 
at the practice exercises. All graduates 
are urged to attend both the practice 
and the party afterwards. 

by school systems for selection and 
Identification of leadership qualifies, 
and by colleges as part of their 
graduation requirements. Bulletins 
describing registration procedures and 
containing registration forms may be 
obtained from The Testing Bureau, 
Bellevue Hall, 





p.m . 
:15 p.m. 
:15 p.m, 
5:45 p.m. 


June 1 & 2 7:45 a.m. 

3 7:45 a.m. 

6 7:45 a.m. 

7-17 7:45 a.m, 

20-21 7:45 a,m, 

22-23 7:45 a,m. 

24 7:45 a.m. 
Regular Hours bfgln June 27, Monday - 
Thursday: 7:45 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.; and 
Fridays: 7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 
CASH FOR BOOKS: A Representative from 
a Used Book Company will be in the Book- 
store on June 3 and 6 from 9 a.m. until 
3 p.m. 


Jessie B. Stewart (Education) was a 
member of the Special Education Needs 
Assessment Committee of the State Dept, 
of Education, which recently evaluated 
special education services among 12 East 
Georgia counties. 

TEST GIVEN The National Teacher 
Examinations will be given here on 
July 16. Scores from the exams are used 
by states for certification of teachers. 

Mary-Kathleen Gemant (Modem Language) 
participated in a workshop recently on 
Career Education at Evans High School. 





•£ aunf'AepTJj pue 0£ ^^\ 'Xepuo,.; 
uo pasox^ 9q W^n doqs 3UTa<j aqx 

•3T.aiI-jXBq 3B pa^daoDB squspn^s ^:^Tt^ 

'aeuiujas aad £5 •Suipiing siay aufj 

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'eaunf uo -uj-d oe:^-! PUB -lu-b OCm-OT 

uioag aae suoissas •uoi^Bonpg Suin 

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aJB suosaad pa^saaa^uj • uoi^TaadiuoQ 

ouB"i<j pAog XB^UUB aq3 qairt uofaounfuoD 

UT sndiUB3 uo i^-£ aunf sas"iUB"tj 

joj doqs:>iJOf'i Abp-oa] b qonpuoo 


aqq jo lUBaqv sanboBf <IOHS>J«OM ONVId 

•paBUJBg SBiSnoQ -q •da>i ^Buot 

-ssaa2ujj qDia^sTQ q^Ql aq \\^m aa^iBadg 

•ujnTJ037pny nag 3b 31 aunf 'Xspuns 

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uoT^BnpeaS aoj saaBpipuso 06C 'uot^ob 

-laq^o ui •3uTaaaiu Ajxnosg U8in3aa 

s,5iaaA 3SB1 aB 2L-IL61 ^°3 neqsJBp 

A^inoBj pa^oaia A-[snoiu-tuBun utb^b 

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•XuoqdiuXg B^snSny aq^ q^iw aauB 

-JBaddB qsanS b puB pJBMB qsBO aoBid 

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anoj q^TM aj^Baqi sqay SuTrnjogaad aqq 

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ouBij p/iog 's liiBTlIlM s,Ba3saqoJ0 

XuoqdujAs B3sn3nv aqj, 135 NOIlIISdl OJ 

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AaBJa37"[ quapnqs s,a3ax"[03 eqsnSny 
'silTH pues 30 saidoD aaaj sniH QNVS 


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aqq paqiaosap qoiqw ,,*ij3Bqqv 3JBaii 

s,UBK auQ - STSTJO A.ibuojoj aqx„ 

sen qoafqns s"iH •uoTqBonpg auisani^ 

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saiSoionqoax otSoiotpb^i jo quaaqasdaQ 

s,03K 03 a>lods (.saipnqg xbT^^^S P"b 

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■>iaaM 6 aoj jaq ^^wopBHs,, quapnqs 

looqos q3Tq b Suiabu jo aouaiaadxa 

aaq aqBn-[BAa oq pa>|S8 set\ aqg 

•quoo - SW3N AlinDVi 





Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF:Monday, June 6-Sunday, June 13 Written Wednesday, June 1,1977 Nol41 

Commencement Exercises for Ac's graduating class of 1977 will take place at 
3 p.m. on Sunday, June 12, at Bell Auditorium, with 10th District Congress- 
ional Representative D. Douglas Barnard scheduled to address the graduates. 
There are a total of 393 June candidates for graduation. Of these, 64 
will receive their Masters degrees, 112 Bachelor of Arts, 40 Bachelor of 
Science, 118 Bachelor of Business Administration, 7 Bachelor of Music, and 
2 Bachelor of Fine Arts. In addition, 74 Associate degrees will be awarded . 
The graduation procession will be led by Faculty Marshal Harry Dolyniuk. 

A breakfast for graduating nurses is planned for Wednesday, June 8, at 
8:30 a.m. in the Faculty Dining Room of the C pimgb! ALLLvLty OuntavL The 
breakfast is given annually by the Freshman n irsin|Ei5^(i^gE^F|M hon )r 
of graduating student nurses, who will receiv ; tlf^'*'M^f<i^ 'ffife a; this 
time . 

JUN 1 3 1977 

Dr. I ouise McCommons , (Education) recent- 
ly cc nplet^4;(^j^p^i;;i^of in-service 
sessions with 3l(^^^ers at K orris Middlg, 
SchoJl in Thnmrnn Five sessions with 
science teachers dealt with the teaching 
of reading on science. Two with tnath and 
science teachers dealt with the teaching 
of metrics in grades 4-8. 

FORUMS PLANNED The Social Security 
Administration is initiating a series 
of community forums" in order to 
find out what the public expects and 
needs of its programs. The first of 
these forums will be held on Tuesday, 
June 9, at 2 p.m. at the Civic Room 
of the 1st National Bank downtown. 
The public is invited. 

Library INFORMATION The current campus 
FLAG PRESENTED During the ROTC awards telephone book lists only the Librarian|s 
ceremony held on May 31, Cadet Captain number, 4566. The following should also 
Tim Bufford presented an American 
flag to the ROTC department. The 
flag was given in memory of his 
grandfather, the late John H. Bufford, 
a World War II veteran who died in 
August 1976 and whose coffin was 
draped with the flag. 

have been listed :Acquisitions--4801 , 
Circulation- -4066, Reference --48 10. 

Course students will leave on June 17 
to attend summer camp at Fort Bragg, 
N.C. The 3 women and 20 men will 
return in the fall to complete their 
final courses before being commission- 

Dr. Charles L. Willig (English) will 
attend a three-week workshop on 
filmmaking beginning June 19. The 
workshop, part of the Summer 
Institute held on the campus of Hamp- 
shire College in Amherst, Mass., will 
concentrate on technique and under- 
standing of the filmmaking process. 

POOL CLOSED The AC pool will be 
closed until June 13, when it will 

June 7,8, &. 9 
June 10 
June 11 & 12 
June 13 

8 a ,m. to 
7:45 a.m. 
8 a .m. to 

5 p.m. 
to 8:30 

5 p .m. 

PRACTICE AND PARTY Practice for grad- 
uation will be held at 10 a.m. in the 
Performing Arts Theatre cu Friday, June 
10. Graduates are invited by the Stu. 
Gov. Assoc, and the Alumni Assoc, to 
"A Taste of the Good Life" party after 
practice at the Maxwell Alumni House. 
Beer and Shrimp will be served. 

Mary K. Bailey, Director of AC's book- 
store recently received an Advanced 
Seminar Certificate for the special 
training • she received at a graduate 
level, limited enrollment course conduct- 
ed by the National Association of College 
Stores, Inc. 

Dr. William J. Johnson (English) will 

re-open for recreational swimming Mon. present a paper entitled "Including the 
through Fri. from 2p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Entire Faculty in Departmental Govem- 
and Sat. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ance" on June 9 at the Association of 

ance on June 

Depts. of English Summer Seminar in 



Hens ley, a Sociology major, recently 

completed his required 100 hours of 

volunteer work at AID (Assistance, 

Information, and Direction) as an 

intern student through the Sociology 

Dept . 

ages 3 to 5, 9 a.m. to 12 noon, June 20- 
July 15. Phone 733-7928. 
AC SUMMER CAMP Children 4-12, weekly 
sessions start June 20. Call 828-3806. 



UT seoBid aaii:io pue 'o-[nBa 0135 

'oia 05 s>iaaw o«:i ^iqj i^Aea:, uavi, pue 

11-4 uom auo jogf ajT^ag ut ODnqmeuaga jo 

A^TsaaATun 9M3 3b Abijs -[-[tm y^aqj^ .^^g^ 

Aq papung pus uim^aosuo-j tjiSaoaa aqq 

i^q paaosuods st ijtsta aq^ • 172^9 03 

3-tsTA iiaan 9 b aoj a^e^s aq^ ssojob 

sa3o-[ioD uioaj saaqoga^ saaq^o ^3 q^ tw 

gi aunf ^Jsdap -[-["tw (sa^v sut^) aamo-j 

BTuaSng ■ sw puB (ssauisng) uu/^ij 

•pa '^a '(qsTiSua) su-i^iuv -iptai^ .j^ 

saaqiuam /^^inoB^ laAWI OX ArinDvd 

•BO 'suaqay 

UT snqoa^ Ja^xen ^q auop Suiaq aa^ 

s^TBJ^aod -[TO aqi • uot^btoossv Tumn-[Y 

aq3 Xq pado^aAap aq njn. ^oafoad aqj, 

•Aaeaq-ri asaay aqi Jo Aqqo^ u-teiu aq^ 

ut; Aj.b-[\^2 11310363 B UT paXB-[dsTp 

aq 03 aga-[-[O0 B^snSny pue BiisnSnY 

go a§aT[03 aoiunr aqa jo s^uap-jsaaj 

aqq jo s^TBarjJod aq^ aoj Aewaapun 

aJB suBId SINaaiSSHd dO AHailVO 

•spuaiiaaw t7V93-9CZ. TIbq -ijeo 
Btueui B puB pxo s:>irt £ :sNaiXDJ 331 J 

•98Z.e-8Z8 -JO 90£L-9£L * ^nq ^3Tnba 

:io sa-iaatq^-pTW ' pa^Binsui naw 

'DTJ5Dai[a -[-[B 'mooa A-[-tuiBg-uaqo3T:>| 

.pa^auBd 'mooa X^i^T^" '^aodagD ' jltg 

IT324U3D 'sq:}Bq 2 -X^unoo BTqmn|03 ut 

asnoq mooapaq ly a3NnO AS 31VS H03 

•dTJ^ B 

qons pajonpuoD ssq ^lewaaTas ' ^d ^eq^ 

aea/^ aATanoasuoo q^/.^ aq^ st sfqi 

•uinTJBnbe eas s,'3daQ XSo-[OTg aqa jloj 

s^uaiuuojTAua UBaoo jo sadAij iB^aAas 

uiOJj suauiToads ^o^q ^qSnoaq puB 

■■•O^S '^JOjriBag 03 dTa^ PiaTj e 

uo 3iB/naaT3s AaAJBH ' ^Q. paTUBduioooB 

sauapn^s lOZ ^3o][OTa jo suoTqoas 

owa '13 puB 03 ^BK uo dIHI QlSia 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: Monday ,June 13 -Sunday , June 19 Written Wednesday June 9,1977 Nol42 

If you're interested in combining a vacation and a valuable learning exper- 
ience, the Office of Continuing Education is offering a perfect opportunity 
in its "Tour of the Historical South," Under the direction of Dr. Ed Cashin, 
the historical vacation excursion is planned for August 15-19 and will 
encompass St. Augustine, Amelia Island, St. Simon's, Savannah and Charleston, 
Background reading will be suggested and two introductory lectures will be 
given before the departure date. Time will be allowed on the trip for 
swimming and shopping. Registration must be made by July 8. Other inter- 
esting courses offered this summer include: "Tracing Your Family Heritage," 
"Elementary Italian," "indroduction to Birdwatching," "Beginning Tennis 
for Women," "Furniture Ref inishing," "Fundamentals of Drawing," "Creative 
Art for Children," and "Babysitting Basics," For further information call 

The AC Depts. of Education and Continuing Education along with USC at 
Aikcn are sponsoring a series of four Summer Workshops en Early Childhood 
Education. Workshop I, on Moving and Learning , will be held on the USC 
campus at Aiken on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9:30 p.m., June 21, 23, 
28, and 30. Preregistration is required and can be done through the Office 
of Continuing Education. 

DR. EARL CHEEK (Education) presented 
a session on "Coordinating the Develop- 
ment of Learning Skills in Content 
Reading" at the International Reading 
Assn. Convention, DR. MARTHA CHEEK 
(Education) presented a paper at the 
preconvention institute on "Respond- 
ing to Changing Needs for Training of 
Reading Professionals," She has been 
asked to serve on the International 
Reading Assn. Migrant Education Com- 
mittee , 

wetk of June 13-17 so that employes 
may take their vacations, according 
to Nita Widener, Service Director. 

passed its goal of $12,000 in campaign 
funds for the 1976-77 year. This is 
an increase of $3,035 over the 1975- 
76 total. $12,135.88 has been received 
from 690 donors so far this year and 
the campaign ends June 30. 

Evenings in the Appleby Garden will 
begin on Tuesday, June 14, and will 
feature in concert AC faculty members 
DENNIS ZEISLER on clarinet and 
Thevaos will appear again on June 28. 
The evening concert of July 5 will 
feature COLETTE AVRIL , piano? her son 

Franck Avril,oboe; and Stephen Garrett, 
oboe , 

■ given on the AC campus on July 16 and 
prospective teachers who plan to take 
it must have their registrations mailed 
in time to reach the Educational Testing 
Service no later than June 23, Forms 
and instructions may be obtained from the 
National Teacher Examinations, ETS, 
Box 911, Princeton, N.J,, 08540, On-the- 
spot registration will not be permitted. 

Julie Bonds, Business Administration; 
Richard Robblns , Safety; Cathy Thibault , 
Registrar's Office; Debra Clayton, Histor 
John O'Shea, Library; Elijah Parker, James. 
Goodwin, Gerald Tuthill, Allen Brinson, 
and William Peel, Plant Operations, 

MERIT FINALIST have been selected AC 
Faculty Scholars for 1977-78. The special 
scholarship was approved by the faculty 
to attract academically talented students 
to the AC campus. The scholars selected 
were Jane Elizabeth Mooneyham, valedict- 
orian at Butler High School; Lyle Kevin 
Neff, Westside High School .valedictorian; 
and Teru Kay Lapaquette, a National Merit 
Scholar Finalist at Hepzibah High. 

THE WHITE COLUMNS needs an editor for 
the coming year. All interested students 
should contact the Assistant Dean of 
Students at 828-3821, 

Georgia Hi^storic_al Quarterly, is an 
article by Dr. Edward J. Cashin 
entitled "Nathaniel Greene's Ca„ipoign 
for Georgia in 1781." 

1 1^1 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week ■ Office of Public Information. Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF;Monday, June 20-Sunday, June 26 Written Wednesday June 15, 1977 

All students, faculty and staff are invited to use the Augusta College 
recreation area, located on the Georgia side of the Clark Hill Lake 
approximately 35 miles north of tha campus. The site is being developed 
for the recreational enjoyment of members of the AC community and 
students of the Medical College of Georgia. Facilities available include 
a lodge, picnic area, boat launching ramp and dock, camping area, beach 
and swim float. The lodge is furnished and equipped with tables and 
chairs, kitchen supplies, dressing rooms, a juke box, and both indoor 
and outdoor sports equipment. A full time caretaker lives on the property 
and a lifeguard is on duty on weekends during the summer. The Office 
ot Student Activities has announced that several new regulations will 
be in effect this summer at the site: On weekday evenings (Sunday through 
Thursday) the main gate will be locked at 10 p.m. and reopened at 7 a.m. 
the following day. Friday and Saturday nights the gates will not be 
locked. All campers must check in with the caretaker before 9 p.m. 
The facility will be open seven days a week but the lodge will be 
closed on Mondays. Due to escalating electricity costs, air conditioning 
m the lodge will be turned on only for groups with prior reservations. 

The Hourly Child Care Service, located behind, Boykin Wright Hall on 

ickens Road, will be open this quarter Monday through Thursday from 
a am. to 8 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It accomaodfltes 
children of AC students, faculty, and staff. Children aged one to 
ive years may stay for up to four hours a day at a casX. ^£ $ =^n ner 

hour with the second child in a family at half price.: The C. ] 

provides snacks in the morning and afternoon and reqiiests that children 
-taymg during the lunch hour bring a sack lunch. ] 

college newspaper, the Bell Rineer .are 
- -d to contact Dr. MaTi^ Lloyd in 
Y'^ Englisn Dept. or call Student Pub- 
iicoMoiis at 828-3A14. 

THF AC SUl.iER FILM SERIES is: June 23: 
W T f^^^^"""t; June 30: Women in 
Love, July 12: The IMpn Who Loved Cat 

Husb^' :^' ^^'- L^ Samourai; July 28: 
Husbands; August 2: The Front Page- 

August d • Tl , .-. , . wni. JTogi., 

AuLs HP ''"^*'"" ^ee of Co.„edy; 
the pLf • ^'^''^- ^^ ^"d 8:15 p.m. in 

ir In 1 ^- ^'^°y Fomlnaya, 

ard'r'cLfr''"'^' Freddy ..ayn'a^d, 

a Playoff u '''""""^"- ''^^ ^^^^ "on 

a playoff on the I8th hole after tyina 
with the team of Mr. Marvin Vanover ' 

andir'n''?'"''"^^"^-"- ^^^o-y. 
and Dr. Charles Willig. 


rhanoir,^ <,. WACG-FM is considering 

changing its program hours and is 

conducting a noli •- j 

response A l°" '".''"""l"'^ Ustaner 

to sf„„ „f. P'»^<'=•l has been made 

ers are J..Tl::.T,Z''Zlr''"''- 
Opinions on thf-<5H ar,A ^».u 
sf.nH,-r,o o ° ^*^^'^^ changes by 

sending suggestions to WACG in care of 
Augusta College. 

literary publication, are still ,..oi I - 
•Tble in the English Dept . 

THE LOST AND FOUND DEPT. is located in 
the College Activity Center. All 
department$ and d^fieeS da campus are 
requested to turn in any lost articles 
promptly to~ StudTent AcClvlties s«''\ 
Anne Coleman on the 2nd floor. 

retire on June 30. Mr. Harris worked 
in Plant Operations from April of 1967 
to July of '72 when he transferred to 
the mailrooni. He will be replaced by 
Lloyd Hurst, who formerly worked in 
Public Safety. 

THE AC POOL IS OPEN for recreational 
swimming Monday through Friday from 
2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday 1 p.m. 
to 3 p.m. The pool will be available 
to AC active alumni, faculty, staff, 
students and their dependents, and 
MCG faculty only. 

MR, BART SMITH (Business Administration 
will bring his teaching career to a 
close at AC this month, ending 17 years 
of service to the college. Lt.Col. 
(Ret) Smith is president of the Georgia 
Carolina chapter of the Paralyzed 
Veterans Assn., Judge Advocate for the 
Disabled American Veterans, and is on 
the board of directors for the Able- 
Disabled. He is a member of the Augusta 
Lions Club & the Ti.Mistmast<iLS Club. His 
iuiiiiediate lot i i finciit plans call for a 
♦ lip l-noU Inline to Green Bay, Wise. 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

)R WEEK OF: June 27 - July 3, 1977 

Written Wednesday June 22, l'>77 No. 144 

"Super Sunday" is on the July agenda for families of students, staff and faculty 
lonsored by the Office of Student Activities. Food and refreshments will be 
irved. The all-day party will be held at the AC Clark Hill RecrGstion Area. A 
ite is to be announced . 

le Office of Continuing Education will sponsor a course for the Heaf this fall as a 
.lot program to help those with hearing impairments become involved in continuing 
lucation. The needlepoint course will be taught by Frances 1/ood who has been 
■ained in deaf communication. If the course generates sufficient rasponse, other 
lurses for the deaf will be offered. 

te Early Childhood Education Series Summer Workshops will continue July 7-8 with 
(rkshop II entitled "An Effective Program for Young Children." Speakers will be 
■. Mary Anne Christenberry of AC and Dr. Paul Wirtz of the University of South 
irolina -Aiken . Elements of appropriate programs for day care and kindergarten 
,11 be discussed, observed, and evaluated. The workshop is designed to aid parents 
1 choosing and teachers in planning experiences for their children. Times are 
ily 7 from 1-5 p.m. and July 8 from 9 a.m. -noon and 1-4 p.m. in Room C-3, Fine 
■ts Center. 

INCHEON PLANNED A Retirement Luncheon for 
irt Smith (Business Administration) will be 
lid Tuesday at 12:30 in the AC Towers. 

;BRARIAN a. ray Rowland announces that the 
.brary will be closed July 4. 

;'S SUMMER DAY CAMP Is booked solid for 
le summer, reports Student Activities, 
irsons interested in sending their children 
t the camp may have their names added to 
le waiting list and will be contacted in 
le event of cancellations. The eight -week 
imp for children 4-12 will continue through 
igust 12. 

t. FRED BOWSHER ( Chemistry & Physics) 
:tended a conference entitled "The River 
illey as a Focus of Interdisciplinary 
ssearch" last week at Oulu University in 
»lu, Finland. Bowsher delivered a paper 
I "Cultural Influences on the Evolution 
: Ancient Weights and Measures." 

)LLEGE FEATURED Augusta College will be 
matured in a television series entitled 
'ollege Life in Georgia," sponsored by 
»e State Department of Education. The 
sries will be telcast over the Georgia 
IV network at a date to be announced. 

IE OFFICE OF Continuing Education is 
^fering a number of new courses this 
iramer. Included on the schedule are: 
ibysitting Basics, Beginning Tennis For 
>men. Creative Art For Children (7-11), 
Jndamentals of Drawing, Furniture Refin- 
Jhing, Introduction to Bird Watching, 
lementary Italian, Tracing Your Family 
sritage and Tour of The Historical South. 

SENIOR CITIZENS will be permitted to enroll 
at Augusta College at no charge beginning 
fall quarter, provi'-'ing certain regulations 
are met. Constitutional Amendment #23 
permits those G2 years of age or older to 
enroll as regular or auditing students 
in courses offered for resident credit 
on a "space availablf?" basts. They must 
meet all system and institution under- 
graduate or graduate admission require- 
ments to include high school graduation, 
SAT scores, and Special Studies, if 
enrolling for credit. Persons must be 
residents of Georgia and must present 
a birth certificate to determine eligi- 

completed parachute school and is now 
at ranger school in Ft. Benning, Ga . 
along with cadets PATRICK BEER and 
also at Benning, where he is enrolled 
in jump school. 

FOR SALE: Felt -top octagonal poker 
table - $10; stuffed chair-blue floral 
fitted cover - $10; Large dining table 
with carved legs - $20; wood office 
chair with black cushion plus ottoman - 
$15; 13" white wall tire & rim ( never 
used) - $15; kitchen table with 5 wood 
chairs - $20, and fold out baby dressing 
table - $3. Call 860-1566 after 5 p.m. 

HARRY THOMPSON (Psychology and Counseling) 
will speak on heart attack from a patient's 
viewpoint Thursday at the annual awards 
meeting of the Richmond County Unit of 
the Geor gia Hear t Assn. 

f" 1 1 III! nm,in|] i|u I j^ 







Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


- JuLy 10, L--77 

Written Wednesday Juae 2'':, l-.// No. 145 

Four Augusta College students unde.. ... direction of Dr. Charles L, Willig 
(English) a:.e producing a 16 m.m. film for recruitment pu noses . The film, 
shot both on campus and at coLLe2e functions off campus, will be aanxted 
from the students' point of view. It V7ill be ready for viewing fall quarter. 

The \uiiusta College Department of Fine \rl... '; 11 soonsor an exhibit and 
sale of approxiMiaCely 6U0 original prints from the famed Feiii_iiand Koten 
Galleries collection on vv'ednesday, July 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 
fron 3 n.m. to 7 p.m. The collection will be on -'isnlay in the lobby of 
the Fine ^rts Center and will -eature works by great masters as well as 
those of new artiste. 

The \C FIOTC Drill Team will participate in a color parade down Broad 
Street to tlie .iaclcay House as part of a July am^ ,< -^ -. — ^^ Ah...a. 
Dr. Edward J. Cashin, Jr. (History) will spea 
Arts) will deliver a patriotic reading. 

INTUITING a pilot program this fall 
ai led at helping the d.iaf become involved 
in continuing education. Needlepoint 
will be the first course. 

PLACEMENT has placed three Augusta 
College students in summer intern- 
ship programs, it has been announced 
by Placement Counselor Rita Rutschn. 
Richard Athey is a summer intern at 
the TrW plant in Evans and Howell Anne 
Bell and Jim Hollingsworth are serving 
as management analysts for the City 
of Savannah under the direction of 
Tim Witsman, a former AC faculty 
member. The students are the first 
placed in summer internship programs 
by the Career Planning Office. 

DR. CREIGHTON PEDEN ( Philosophy) has 
published a book entitled "Wieman's 
Empirical Process Philosophy" by the 
University Press of America. Henry 
Nelson Wieman, who died in 1975 at 
the age of 90, was a leading voice in 
the noted "Chicago School" in American 
thought. He and Dr. Peden collaborated 
on several works and an appendix to the 
book includes a dialogue between the 

BARTHOLO:>IEW P. (BART) SMITH was honored 
by colleagues and friends last week at 
a luncheon held at the AC Towers. 
William L. (Pete) Whatley reminisced 
about Smith's long time association 
with the Bus. Admin. Dept. and recalled 
several amusing incidents that had 
occured over the years. Smith retired 
June 30. 

p .m. 

<: andRg^5B:lLIB§tv*J^i:, (ifine 
AUGUSTA r'->' ^ ^'^c 



I ^ffTiFTTF ^"""^ , ^f^rm^h ) will 

be the featured pianist at the 
next Appleby Gardens Concert, Tuesday, 
July 5th, at 8:30 p.m. The program 
will consist of sonatas and trio 
sonatas with oboists Stephen Garrett 
and Franck Avril. 

PAM COSTELLO, former secretary at 
the Ft. Gordon Resident Center, is 
now employed by the Office of Career 
Planning and Placement. 

JESSIE B. STEW\RT (jiducation) recently 
served as a consultant to L.S.U. 
School of Social Welfare, Project 
for the Aged. She conducted a work- 
shop entitled "The Aged Handicapped 
in Today's Society." 

THE AC THEATRE will have tryouts 
Tuesday, July 5, from 7-9 p.m. 
for the Victorian melodrama "East 
Lynne." The play has ni -e roles 
and production is scheduled for early 
Augus t . 

CLAIRE SWANN, CandiJi • e for a Ph. D. 
in Higher Education at the University 
of Georgia, is an intern on campus 
this quarter. As part of her degree 
requirements, she will work full time 
in administration. Swann is also the 
Assistant Director of Admissions in 
Athens . 

Old but functional gas dryer - $30. 
Call 860-1566. 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR THE WEEK: July 11 - July 17, 1977 

Written Wednesday , July 6, 1977 

Authorization from the Board of Regents to improve the Augusta College tennis courts 
will hopefully be received this month, according to Comptroller Billy B. Thompson. 
Board member and Vice Chancellor for Construction Frank Dunham plans to recommend 
at the July meeting that funds be allocated for the project, which will provide 
resurfaced courts, expanded playing areas, new fences and nets, and lights for 
night playing. Bids for the improvements will go out as soon as final approval 
is given. 

A Pre-Fall Orientation-Registration Program for entering freshmen and transfer 
students will take place in the Performing Arts Theatre and the Fine Arts Cenfi^r 
on Friday, July 22. Orientation will begin at 12:45 p.m., followed by departmental 
advising according to majors. Special registration will last from 2:30 p.m. to 
4:30 p.m. in the lobby of the PAT. 

AC radio station WACG-FM has a new schedule as the result of a list ener oj, 
poll conducted last month. Broadcast time on Saturi\\\ju nill bii lu a^^. tc 

AUGUSTA^ fO^^ ^^^^ 

Sign off time is 12 p.m. on Fridays and 11 p.m. on 

SUPER SUNDAY will take place at the Clark 
Hill Recreation Area on July 31. Families 
of AC students , staff, and faculty are 
invited and may obtain maps to the area 
from the Office of Student Activities. 

DR. EP.KL CHEEK (Education) recently 
participated in a seminar on "Current 
Trends in Learning Disabilities" at the 
Johns Hopkins University. 

Loved Cat Dancing " on Tuesday, July 12 
in the Performing Arts Theatre at 6 and 
8:15 p.m. Admission is free with AC I .D. 
and $1.50 for others. 

turned in to the Lost and Found Dept. in 
the Office of Student Activities . They 
can be reclaimed from secretary Ann Coleman, 
2 nd floor. College Activity Center. 

THE SECOND OF A SERIES of Early Childhood 
Education workshops for parents and teachers 
of young children will be held July 12, 14, 
19, and 21 from 7-9 p.m. at the University of 
South Carolina at Aiken. Entitled "Effective 
Discipline and Guidance of Young Children," 
the workshop will be conducted by Dr. Leroy 
Baruth of the College of Education, USC 
Columbia. It will involve practical 
suggestions for the development of personal 
techniques in guiding children toward 
appropriate behavior through environmental 
planning and careful observation. Pre- 
registration is required through the AC 
Office of Continuing Education. 

JUL 8 1977 

AUGUSlX 19 IS TH^cf^DLINE fo}r filing 
applic^ticu- for nrn infill l" f n~ for fall 

DR. WAYNE DYER, author of the best seller, 
"Your Erroneous Zones," will conduct a 
one-day seminar entitled "Take Charge 
of Your Life" Monday, July 25 in the 
University Hospital Auditoruim. Registratioi 
will begin at 8 a.m. and the seminar will 
conclude at 4:30 p.m. 

DR. DEXTER BURLEY (Sociology) has been 
selected to participate in the annual 
Summer Seminar for College Teachers 
program as part of a grant from the 
National Endowment for the Humanities . 
He will spend the summer at New York 
University to study "African Systems 
of Thought" under the direction of Thomas 
O. Beidelman. 


Tuesday, July 12 
6 S 8:15 p.m. 

Film Series:" The Man 
Who Loved Cat Dancing," 
Performing Arts Theatre. 

Wednesday, July 13 
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Art Exhibit-Ferdinand 
5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Roten Galleries , Fine 
Arts Center. 

Saturday, July 16 
7:45 a.m. 

National Teacher Exam, 
Butler Hall, Rooms 5-10. 


Deadline for copy - Wedne^ay no<fffiik]p^^^Sl^f^<^k ■ O f|ce of Public Information, Rains Hall 


FOR WEEK OF: July 18 - July 24, 




Wednesday July, 13, 1977 

Augusta College will admit perse is 62j^»a[<gWSTAf'&i^e antj older free beginning in 
September with the fall quarter is a resUJ89<WF the parage of Constitutional 
Amendment #23. The Amendment "^f"^ -^-k^.^^.— a. i in >'^^„4-^ over 62 may enroll 
as regular or auditing students in courses offered for resident credit on a 
"space available" basis without payment of fees. Persons interested must, in 
general, meet all system and institution undergraduate or graduate requirements 
to include high school graduation, SAT scores, and Special Studies, if enrolling 
for credit. To find out more about the new policy, contact Dr. Don Smith, 
Director of Admissions , at 828-3301 . 

Veterans who took the summer off but intend to register for fall quarter classes 
at Augusta College have until the first week of August to make their intentions 
known or risk not getting reimbursed for their tuition until November, according 
to Wade Gassman, Coordinator of Veterans' Affairs. The number includes about 
200 men and women, Gassman said, adding he must let the Veterans Administration 
know by August who will be attending fall quarter classes. 

HUERY BENTLEY III, a sophomore from Grove- 
town, Ga. majoring in Computer Programming, 
is the Augusta College recipient of a 
Board of Regents Scholarship for the 
summer quarter. 

CECELIA VOELKER (Fine Arts) will conduct 
a 3 hour tour of Augusta on Thursday, 
July 21 as part of a course she is teaching 
on American Tradition in the Arts. The 
purpose of the tour is to acquaint students 
with the historical significance of various 
architectural styles and periods reflected 
in buildings throughout the city. 

interested in commissioning Dr. Edward 
Cashin (History) to write an up-to-date 
history of Augusta and Richmond County. 
If approved, the text will be used in a 
history of Augusta course to be offered 
in county high schools when the quarter 
system becomes operational in 1978. 

students presently enrolled at Augusta 
College will take place July 18 thru the 

THE AC FILM SERIES movie for this week 
is "Le Samourai," to be shown Thursday, 
July 21, at 6 and 8:15 p.m. Admission free 
with AC or MCG I.D.; $1.50 for others. 

COMING UP FALL QUARTER are several interest- 
ing and unusual short courses offered by 
the Office of Continuing Education, 
according to assistant director Shari Covitz 
"Leather era ft," "Yoga," "Printmaking and 
Silkscreen," "Beginning Macrame ," "Deer 
Hunting," and "Journalistic Writing" are 
but a few of over 40 courses to be offered. 
A mini series on nutrition is also tenta- 
atively scheduled for fall. 

THE BOARD OF REGENTS of the University 
System of Georgia has approved at its 
July meeting a committee recommendation 
to rework the Augusta College tennis courts. 
The $32,000 allocation will provide the 
college with resurfaced courts, new nets 
and fences, expanded playing areas, and 
lights for night playing. 

THE LIBRARY will be open on Friday night, 
July 29, 1977 until 10:30 p.m. 

that a limited number of AC friends and 
alimni may join an Auburn Alumni trip 
to the Hawaiian Islands for the week of 
August 23-31. Price of the trip is $549 
all-inclusive. Interested persons should 
contact Helen Hendee at 828-4701. 

Deadline for the weekly Spotlight is noon 
on Wednesdays. 

July 20 is the deadline for the August 
calendar of events. 






Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding weeic - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

■OK \iiEEK OF: July 25 - July 30, 1977 

Written Wednesday, July 20, 1977 

'he Coffee House, located at the Arsenal Avenue entrance to the campus, will feature 
ts first performance of the quarter with the appearance of Kerry Davis, guitarist 
nd singer, Friday, July 29, at 8:30 p.m. Davis is a student at MCG and a former 
Q student. .. .Plans are underway to obtain two air conditioners for the Chateau, to 
dd railings in front of the bleachers, and to clear a five foot area around the 
tage, according to SGA president John deBack. 

anning Hall, the last building around the quadrangle to be renovated, underwent 
inal inspection by the State Building Authority on Thursday, July 2J.j^ A pe rmit 


f occupancy should be received by August 1, allowing the 
asiness Office, Personnel, and Procurement to move to th^ ^^K • 

RANCES PMJLK has given a donation to the 
acuity Scholarship Fund in the name of 
ecently retired faculty member BART SMITH, 

sychology; Alice Goodman, Library; Debra 
evinetto, English; Rebecca Brady, Computer 
fnter; and Michael Bennett, Public Safety. 

ITA WIDENER represented AC at the 19th 
nnual NACUFS Conference in Hot Springs, 
rkansas, where she attended a seminar 
n Fast Foods and Nutrition. 

HE 1977 WHITE COLUMNS yearbook is now 
vailable in the White Columns office on 
he 2nd floor of the CAC. The book is 
ree on a first-come, first-serve basis 
all students who have been enrolled 
n at least two of the last four quar- 
ars and to faculty and staff. 

HE FILM SERIES movie this week is 
Husbands," Thursday, July 21, at 

& 8:15 p.m. in the PAT. Admission 
s free with AC or MCG I.D. and 
1.50 for others. 


JUL 2 2 1P77 

WILLIAM Hi RODIMON, director of 

Col 1 ege 

and Publiq Services, "■■.^Jts^f^J^en mmed to 
the Board of DirectCts A.ssociat:on of 
the Uni tedSt^tses Army; -Ht^ -special 
responsibility will be ROTC. 

RANDALL THURSBY, director of College 
Data Systems, has been elected president 
of the CSRA chapter of the Data Process- 
ing Management Association (DPMA) for the 
year 1977-78. The DPMA is the largest 
professional association serving tho 
information processing community. Thi 
CSRA chapter has approcimately 60 members. 

DR. WAYNE DYER, author of the bestseller, 
"Your Erroneous Zones," will conduct a 
one-day seminar entitled "Take Charge of 
Your Life," Monday, July 25, in the 
University Hospital Auditorium. Regis- 
tration will begin at 8 a.m. and the 
seminar will conclude at 4:30 p.m. 

FREE KITTENS — Two males, three 
months old, one black, one champ- 
agne. Call 863-2563 after 1 p.m. 

1^7 7 





Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

OR WEEK OF: July 31 - August 5, 1977 

Written Wednesday, July 27, 1977 

eorgia Power Co. in Atlanta will have representatives on campus Thursday, August 4, 
a recruit employees for their nuclear power plant in Baxley , Georgia. The company 
s seeking to fill several chemical radiation technician positions to be available 
round September 1. They are interested in interviewing graduates with chemistry 
nd physics majors and biology majors with a minimum of 20 hours in chemistry. There 
re only 14 interview slots available, and these will be assigned on a first-come 
asis. For further information on this mid-summer recruiting opportunity , visit the 
lacement Office on the second floor of the College Activities Center. 

be State Board of Education reapproved at its July meeting the teacher education 
rograms at Augusta College, according to Dr. Geraldine Hargrove, who chairs the 
C Education Dept. The programs, which prepare teachers for certification in 
eorgia schools, received five-year approval through 1982 and include both under- 
raduate and graduate levels for elementary and high school teachers. 

n exhibit of the works of local artist Frieda Dean will be on display throughout 
he month of August in the lobby of the Performing Arts Theatre. The collection 
onsists of landscapes and figures in watercolors , all of which are for sale. 

ponsored by AC and the University of South 
arolina will be held Thursday , Aug. 4 from 
to 5 p.m. and all day Friday, Aug. 5. The 
opic both days will be "The Speech of Adults — 
he Language of Children." Persons interested 
n attending should contact the AC Office of 
ontinuing Education at 828-3306. 

HE AC ANNUAL ALUMNI FUND had a very successful 
ear in 1976-77. A total of $13,415.88 was 
eceived from 759 alumni. This sum reflects 

growth from $5,662 donated in 1971-72 (the 
irst year the fund operated) . 

ibrary; Otis Taylor, Public Safety; Pegge 
ruitt. Personnel; Frances Ewing, Special 
tudies; Alberta Brooks, Bobby Jackson, 
rnest Fry, Lavern Mole, Larry Kyester , and 
ave Owens, Plant Operations. 

HE AC FILM SERIES will present the film 
The Front Page" on Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 6 
nd 8:15 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre, 
eneral admission is $1.50 and free with an 
C or MCG I.D. On Thursday, Aug. 4, the 
eries will continue with "The Golden Age 
f Comedy" at 6 and 8:15 p. m. 

ease operations this month, according to 
'oordinator Wade Gassman, who said the staff 
t the center will be transferred to other 
ssignments on campus. In the future, liaison 
'ith and limited regular visits to the Army 
'ducation Center at Ft. Gordon will be the 
'esponsibility of the Director of Admissions 
•nd his staff. 

months ago, 121,925 persons have used 
the facility. During the past year, 
13,516 volumes were catalogued and 
added. Volumes on hand as of June 1977 
totalled 195,503. 

CECELIA VOELKER(Fine Arts) will be the 
guest speaker Aug. 11 at the Thursday 
Women's Luncheon Group to be held at 
12:30 at the Thunderbird Inn. Her 
topic will be "The Hand and The Spirit." 
The Thursday group comprises professional 
women from throughout Augusta . 

Forces golf course, which has not yet 
been turned over to HEW. Anticipating 
an early release, the College 
is making plans for its operation and 
use. If it is acquired, it will be 
open to the public on a daily basis. 

was received by Augusta College during 
the 1976-77 year from businesses, founda- 
tions, clubs, and individuals. This 
figure does not include government grants. 

FOR SALE Sears two-post belt vibrator. 

Deluxe model with timer, practically 
new. $25.00 Call 828-3601. 

Planning and Placement) : 

"If the summer heat and humidity have 
you down, stop by the Office of Career 
Planning and Placement on the 2nd floor 

r^f 1-ha n-nr fr^r- ^ V^^^^hVr.^ paUSS. The 




AUG 1 1977 



„'suapj^O pue ajn^oa^ri/ojv edeospueq,, sq uj 

DTdo-^ J3H 'T-a uiooij 'a3:}U3o s^jfe' eujj ai/5 l* 

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s^jv aq:} uj suor^rpejrj; ueojjsmv s,a3i[i3o 

ejT903D ssajppe rr^^ HSna .,3IHDN3HJ., "SM 

„-fipprjj q5noa:im fiepuoM 0£'P- 
U33/ii:iaq SP0Z-8Z8 TT^^ 'saojAjas s^j pue aorjj 
5Lfau/eoP7"cj aq:t uo uoT:^BmsojuT jay^jnj joj 

'qeuueA^s jo 5:^10 'sujaqur :)t-fiie-Jt> 4uama6euem 

jaununs 'i{:iJOMsBujjjOH uijr pue nag auuY jjaMOfj 

jaAeax ujayrjnos 'rjue^unoose 'ifjeMa^s ejaBuy 

'qei xeoTujiJ ' jadaa-n^ooq 'fiq:}eujaqv epuji 

uej ■[e:}uauT:}uoo 
's^ue^unoooe 'ueiuMaN apBjj pue ajjoij fijjax 

fijLjati 'aaurej^. :^uama5eueui ' jca^aod mejijXM 

•OD 5 a:^TqM 
•g •£ 'aaujej:^ r^uamaBeueui ' jaupjeo sjnoq 

aBajjoj ejBjoao 

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^OTjg fijjaM ' :}ue:}unoooe ' Buzuueu pjojnff 

:aae aojjjo jno f\q paoejd pu 
pa^STSse uaaq aAeq oqM sa^enpeJcB aq:t jo auios,, 

•aouepjnB aojoqo jaajeo pue sss 

~aaeMe anbjuqoaq. AiarAja^ur ' uoT:iejedajd amnss 

t/^T/i aoue^sTsse ' ^uamaoeid qoC au/r^-^jed pu 

Tinj joj aojjjo jno qi^jM paaa:}STBaj pue par^rsi 

aAeq s^uspn^s pajpunq jejcaAas ' jeah sjqr^ j 

djenuer-pjiu uj ^uamaoejd pue Bujuuejd Jaaji 

JO aojjjo 91/5 JO uoT^oajjnsaj aqq. aoujs,, 

'aoTjjo aq:} fiq auop Buraq q.uauidojaAap qc 

aq^ JO asneoaq s:tOTa:}sj:p jooqos pue sassaujsn 

VUSD vjojcj suoT:tTSod au/rij-^jed pue nnj fiuE 

BujAjaoaj uj s^eun^joj uaaq seq aojjjo :iuamaoei 

aq:^ 'ja:^unq qoC aq:} joj au/r? auijjd e ^c 

sr jauiuins ajjqM ' sqoC Buimoouj MajASJ C 

fijifaaM aoTjjo aqq^ i^jsja oq. paBsn aje (sqoC ami 

-?jpd JOJ s^rjrn'jpjjSjrapun pue :iuauiaoeid amjz^-jjTt 

joj sjoxuas) aoue::}STSse :^uamfiOxdma joj aojjj 

jno q:^TM paja:}STBaj aAeq oqM sjenpjAjpuj „ 

'0£=£ 05 Of-7" pue -ui-d 0£ = ZI 05 'ui'e 0£ ■ 6 "'OJ 

fipprjj qBnojq:} HepuoM fi:tT'^oej pue juwnj 

'sauapn^s ^STSse 03 uado sr aojjjo quomaoei 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: August 8 - August 14, 1977 

Written Wednesday, August 3, 1977 

The AC Film Series will present "Payday" Thursday, August 11, at 6 and 8:15 p.m. in 
the Performing Arts Theatre. General admission is $1.50 and free with an AC or MCG 

The Augi2Sta College Theatre, under the direction of Keith Cowling, will present the 
play "East Lynne" 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, August 12-13 in the Performing Arts 
Theatre. The famous and "hilariously funny" Victorian melodrama stars 14 performers 
including a nine year old child. Cowling said. Admission is $2.00 and free with AC 

Mrs. Frances Powell will address the American Traditions in the Arts course this 
week on "The Role of Antique Furniture in the American Tradition." The course is 
taught by Cecelia Voelker. 

MEETINGS SCHEDULED A committee of the 
State Board of Regents will hold a 
series of open meetings to gather sug- 
gestions en how Georgia should comply 
with a federally ordered desegration 
plan. The first open meeting is sched- 
uled for Aug. 10 at 10:30 a.m. in the 
Regents' Board Room in Atlanta. Other 
meetings are set for the same time and 
place on Aug. 17 and 19. 

SPEAKER CHOSEN Dr. Frank Chou, a member 
of the AC faculty since 1960, has been 
chosen by graduating seniors as the 
professor they would mcst prefer to 
deliver the traditional commencement 
address. Dr. Chou was selected fol- 
lowing a survey sent to each August 
graduate. Summer commencement exercises 
will be held 3 p.m. Sunday, August 21 
in the Performing Arts Theatre. 

DEADLINE NEARING The Admissions Office 
reminds prospective students that 
Friday, August 19 is the last day to 
file applications for new fall admissions. 
Orientation and registration is scheduled 
September 14 with classes to follow on 
Septeniber 19. 

taken from the Placement Recruitment 
Exchange , March 1977 .. .165 empl o yers 
responded to an Endicctt guostic-nr.aiTe 
about the problems college graduates 
experience in making the transition from 
school to work with the following answers: 
...relating theory to practical situations 
.. .adjusting to the routine of work, 

regular hours and scheduled assignments 
...adjusting to the corporate structure 

and business environment 
...developing a cooperative attitude 
toward supervisors and other workers 
of different ages 
.. .accepting responsibility and decision 

understanding the philosophy of manage- 
ment and motivation. 

FOR SALE: Console piano, Kimball, walnut, 
with bench and dehumidifier , six years old, 
perfect condition. $600. Call 736-0169 
after 6 p.m. 

FOR SALE: 1966 Dodge Monaco, four-door 
hardtop. Power steering, power brakes, 
automatic transmission and air-conditioning. 
76,000 at l ll&S. :i45U 3J?CaJ 5 iJi ui. S63-2563. 

itmi&s. ^45u 3 J? car 5 


^I)C,'":ta college 

AUG 1 2 1977 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

'OR WEEK OF: AUGUST 15 - AUGUST 21, 1977 

Written Wednesday, August 10, 1977 

?wo leadership seminars and a real estate brokerage and sales course are among the 
first pre-fall courses to be offered by the Office of Continuing Education in 
September. A workshop entitled "Leadership Training for High School Students" will 
i>e conducted by Drs. Russ Holloman and Bill Bompart on Saturday, Sept. 10, from 9 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. The workshop is intended to give high school students who are assigned 
?r elected to positions of leadership the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary 
to solve problems and make decisions effectively. Another seminar, "Learning to 
Lead a Group," will take place Friday, Sept. 23 from 7-10 p.m. Since most organi- 
zation work is done in groups, this workshop will focus on communication and leader- 
ship skills necessary for effective meetings. Theoretical and practical training 
will include agenda building, effect of group norms and expectations , leading 
discussions, problem solving, and decision making. "Courses for Real Estate Broker- 
age and Sales" is a ten-week, two-part course which satisifies the Ga. Real Estate 
Commission' s education requirements for brokers and those in sales. Persons 
planning to qualify for the sales license may take the Sales Preparatory Course on 
Tuesdays from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. beginning Sept. 6. Those wishing to qualify for 
a brokerage license may take the sales course in addition to the Broker's Preparatory 
Course on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon beginning Sept. 10. For further information 
contact the AC Office of Continuing Education, 828-3306. 

A BICYCLE WAS REMOVED from the front entrance 
to the Reese Library on Aug. 5. The owner 
may visit the Office of Public Safety to 
reclaim it. 

THE 1977-78 AC FILM SERIES will begin on 
Sept. 23 with "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's 
Nest" at 6 and 8:15 p.m. in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. Other movies to be featured 
during fall quarter include: "Buffalo Bill 
and the Indians," "The Sting," "The Exorcist" 
"Oedipus," "Small Change," "Badlands," 
"Barry Lyndon," "The Magic Flute," and 
"On the Waterfront." Admission is free 
for all persons 65 or older and for AC 
faculty, staff and students. (Students are 
reminded, however, that they must have 
paid student activities fees for the 
quarter during which they seek free admis- 
sion.) Public school students and active 
alumni will be admitted for $1.00 at the 
6 p.m. showing. General admission is $1.50. 

THREE FACULTY SCHOLARS will be among the 
entering freshman at AC this fall. The 
three honor students were selected for 
the special scholarship on the basis of 
their academic talent. They are: Jane 
Elizabeth Mooneyham, Lyle Kevin Neff, 
and Teru Kay Lapaquette. The scholars 
will be introduced to the faculty at 
its first fall meeting and will be 
given a plaque commemorating their selec- 
tion, which brings to 35 the number of 
high school graduates who have received 
the scholarship. 

NITA WIDENER (AC Cafeteria) will join 
James B. Boatwright,Jr . and Marjorie 
R.Murray of Augusta on a trip to Hawaii 
sponsored by the Auburn Alumni Assoc. 
They will leave on August 23 and return 
on the 31st. 


Deadline for copy ■ Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 


Written Wednesday , August 17, 1977 

The AC Office of Continuing Education is available to help any organization or agency 
wishing to plan a seminar, workshop or conference, according to Shari Covitz, assistant 
director. The office is one of the few departments in the area that offers this com- 
munity service. Covitz said that the CE staff can plan an entire meeting - from handling 
registration, facilities and publicity to engaging speakers, who can be drawn from the 
AC faculty or from others in the CSRA with expertise in specific areas. The office can 
also recruit "big name" speakers if an organization wishes. Agencies that plan their 
meetings through the office allow their participants the added advantage of earning 
Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits, which are becoming increasingly important to 
professional groups. Many are requiring their personnel to continue their education 
or upgrade their skills through advanced workshops or seminars. For further information, 
call the office at 828-3306. 

AC alumnus Floyd Montgomery will sing at the summer commencement exercises Sunday, 
August 21, at 3 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre. Montgomery earned his B.A. degree 
at AC in 1969 and holds a Master of Music degree from Texas Tech. He has performed in 
many operatic and oratorio roles and is a special soloist for the Augusta Choral 
Society. He is employed by Tompkins Music Co. and is music director at Fairview 
Presbyterian Church in North Augusta. 

be offered fall quarter. According to 
Dr. Charles Willig, who will teach the 
course, AC has acquired all the equipment 
necessary to teach super-8 movie-making 
in a sophisticated way. Prerequisites are 
the same as for any upper division 
English course. 

will spend the next three weeks with the 
Airborne School at Ft. Benning , Ga. as 
part of their training to become parachute- 
qualified. Cadets Steve Roy, Wayne Sawyer, 
Patrick Beer, James Johnson, and Jack 
Collins will be required to make five jumps 
from cargo and jet aircraft in order to 
graduate from jump school in Sept. They 
bring to 16 the number of AC cadets to 
undergo parachute training. 

on the birth of their baby girl. Erica 
Lansdell, who arrived Aug. 1 at St. 
Joseph Hosp. weighing 7 lbs. 12 1/2 oz. 
Employees of AC will miss Sylvia, who has 
decided not to return to her job in 

CLAIRE SWANN, who has completed her 
.internship in Higher Education at AC, 
[returns this week to her position of Assoc. 
•^Director of Admissions at the Univ. of Ga. 

enterprise on campus is in process. Details 
rWill be forthcoming. 

but the college is making preliminary plans to 
be ready when and if the property is acquired. 
Two architects (construction and landscape) 
from UGA have made a survey and prepared a 
layout for playing fields and a municipal 
tennis center. 


(English) and Dr. Michael McLeod (Bus. Admin. ) 
who were recognized at this month's meeting. 

SEVERAL FACULTY MEMBERS will spend the coming 
year working on advanced degrees: 
JEANNE JENSEN (History) will be at the 
University of South Carolina. 
PHILIP REICHEL (Sociology) will continue his 
work at the University of Kansas. 
LILLIE BUTLER JUGURTHA will continue her 
studies at the University of Ga., where she 
was one of 15 recipients of a Faculty Develop- 
ment Award. The award is designed to support 
deserving faculty in the university system 
in an effort to raise the quality of faculty 
throughout the state. 

JOHN SCOTT (Fine Arts) has returned to campus 
after a year of advanced study at Indiana 

DR. RON JOHNSON (English) will leave next 
week for Hofstra University in N. Y., where 
he will spend the next year researching 
"Comedy as Fantasy Triumph." His work is 
made possible through an NEH grant. 

TWO $600 GIFTS have been received by the 
AC Alumni Assn. for its Gallery of Presi- 

DR. JOHN PRESLEY (Special Studies) will have 
his article "D. H. r , Tir i rrnww ^iiJ Ujl RV}i [ JT aipes 
of Poetry" published 

quarterly issue of 1 ang^g^^'aha Stjjle 

in ^eS&ttft&AjRJi'ng 


AUG 2 2 1977 

AUCaUblA, GA. 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: August 29 - Sept. 4, 1977 

Written Wednesday, August 24, 1977 

Randall Thursby. (College Data Systems) has announced that the computer facilities 
in Athens will follow the schedule below for Labor Day Weekend. 
Saturday, Sept. 3 through Sunday, Sept. 4 : 

Regular computing facilities will be available from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m 
and remote input service, including interactive support. The closing at 
permit completion of residual job processing. 
Honda y , Sept . 5 : 

Facilities will be closed for the holiday. 
Tuesday, Sept. 6: 

Normal operations will resume at 8 a.m. 

with local 
7 p.m. will 

Thursby also announced that a systems bulletin has been prepared describing the 
impending installation of NOS 1.2-446 on the Cyber 70-74. The doucment gives: 

(1) Schedules and ground rules of user test periods 

(2) Descriptions of enhancements and changes to NOS and its product set (computers , 
etc. ) 

(3) Discussion of possible incompatibilities between NOS 1.1 and 1.2 

(4) Conversion aids, including detailed information on the extensive changes in 
IMPORT/EXPORT and special forms usage . 

Persons who use the interactive facilities on campus or submit their own computer 
jobs for batch processing are encouraged to obtain a copy of the document from 
College Data Systems, 828-3116. 

ORIENTATION for entering freshmen and trans 
fer students will be held Tuesday, Sept. 13, 
instead of Sept. 14 as originally planned, 
according to Roscoe Williams. It will 
begin with a reception by the AC Student 
Government Assn. in the CAC cafeteria at 
9 a.m. The advising session, which is 
normally held later in the day, will take 
place at 11 a.m. A tentative schedule 
for the program is listed below: 

9-9:30 Reception - Program - CAC 

9; 30-10 Student Interest Groups 

10-11 Study and Campus Tour 

11-12 Advising and Preliminary 


12-12:30 Lunch 

12:45-2:15 Orientation - PAT 

Sept. 5, is a holiday. 

DR. HAROLD MOON recently shot a hole-in 
one on §16 at the Gordon-Augusta Golf 
Course. Witnessing the rare event were 
Dr. John Black and Dr. Jim Bickert. 



Total Enrollment 2101 

Women 55.8% 

Single Persons 62.6% 

Minority Groups: 

Black 17 % 

American Indian 52% 

• Asian or Pacific Islands 1.14% 

Hispanic 71% 

Number of Veterans on G.I. Bill.... 419 

Georgia Residents 1897 

Graduate Students 281 

Foreign Students 5 

(Countries represented — Saudi Arabia, 
Nigeria, Belgium, Thailand, and 
The Netherlands) 

FOR SALE — San Souci 5000x amplifier. 
Pioneer PL50 turn table and 2 Pioneer 
CS88A speakers. Extra needles. $1,000 
or best offer. Call 828-3976 between 
8 - 4:30. 

(Counseling Center) on the death of her 
sister August 18 and Roberta Scott 
(Physical Plant) on the death of her 
mother August 21. 

HOUSE FOR SALE: 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 
3 fireplaces, country kitchen. Located 
2 blocks from Augusta College. Call 

FOR SALE: 1966 Dodge, 4-door hardtop. 
Power steering, power brakes, automatic 
transmission. $400. Call 863-2563. 

f^>«^'?,vVcjT«.~~-;-^«^^. , 




' C".'~C 



Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

3R WEEK OF: September 4 - September 10, 1977 

Written Wednesday, August 31, 1977 

he offices of Personnel, Procurement, Business, and the Comptroller have relocated 
in Fanning Hall, the last of the old arsenal buildings around the quadrangle to be 
enovated. Named in honor of Colonel Alexander C.W. Fanning, a West Point graduate 
ho was commandant of the arsenal from January, 1827 to December, 1832, the building 
s located at the rear of the quadrangle, directly behind Payne Hall. 

adio listeners in more than 50 Georgia and South Carolina counties are hearing campus 
ews and events through weekly tapes narrated by Marian Cheek. College and Public 
ervices is now utilizing the radio facilities of WACG-FM to produce the three-minute 
rograms. Plans call for a series of interviews with faculty members on topics of 
imely concern. 

OMING UP IN OCTOBER will be a performance 
y the Trio D'Anches, Cologne, Oct. 19 at 
: 30 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre, 
dmission will be free with AC I.D. Adult 
ickets are $2 and students, $1. Their 
rench name (for "trio of reed instruments") 
as coined by composers of that country in 
he late 19th century who were particularly 
ttracted to the mellow tones of the oboe, 
larinet, and bassoon combination. 

Ill female students enrolled fall quarter 
t AC are invited to participate in sorority 
ush week, Sept. 13-18. Interested persons 
ay attend Panhellenic rush orientation, 
uesday, Sept. 13, 7:30 p.m. in the Perform- 
ng Arts Theatre. 

ONGRATULATIONS to Dr. J. Gray Dinwiddie, 
ho was recently elected president of the 
ugusta Kiwanis Club. 

n ad agency in developing a campaign for 
tudent recruitment. The program includes 
series of T.V. and radio public service 
nnouncements and billboard coverage through- 
out the city. 

THE 1977-78 AC CATALOGS are now available 
at the Admissions Office. All departments 
are reminded that the printing schedule 
for the 1978-79 edition calls for delivery 
of copy to the printer by Feb. 1, 1978. 

A BROCHURE of fall quarter short course 
offerings has just been released by the 
Office of Continuing Education. Almost 70 
short courses are listed along with a num- 
ber of seminars, conferences, and workshops. 

WANTED--Babysitter (could study) or baby- 
sitter/housekeeper. Monday-Thursdays, 
2:30-5:45 p.m. for 2 boys, ages 7 and 9. 
Own transportation preferred but not re- 
quired. Woodgate area. Salary negotiable. 
Call Mrs. Virginia Maddox at 828-3641, 

FOR SALE— 25 foot Trail blazer travel trail- 
er. Completely self-contained. Air-con- 
ditioned, stereo, AM/FM radio, awnings. 
Clean. $2995. Call John Groves at 828- 
3806 or 738-1253. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, President Christenberry, 
Sept. 3. 


SEP 6 1977 




Deadline for copy ■ Wednesday noon of preceding wee k - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

WEEK OF: September 11 - September 17, 1977 Written Wednesday, September 7, 1977 

An eight-foot harpsichord, hand-crafted in England, has been donated to the AC Department 
of Fine Arts by alumnus Racy Smith, class of 1975. According to Dr. Eloy Fominaya, chair- 
'"man of Fine Arts, the gift will benefit the entire department. The concert-sized instru- 
ment, which he said is comparable to a grand piano, is estimated to be worth about $4,000. 
Smith said he decided to give it to AC because "I enjoyed my years as a student here very 
much. I think AC has one of the finest faculties I've ever seen, and I've attended five 
major universities." 

The Governor's Conference on Georgia Libraries and Information Services will be held at 
the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta on Sept. 15 and 16. It will be the first of 
the Pre-White House Conferences to be held in the States. A. Ray Rowland, librarian at 
AC and president of the Georgia Library Association, is chairman of the conference. More 
than 1500 participants are expected, including Mrs. Lillian Carter and Hugh Carter, Jr., 
administrator of the Oval Office in the White House. Others attending from AC are Mar- 
guerite Fogleman, Virginia deTreville, Frances Paulk, and Carl Shurtleff. 

THE FACULTY WIVES CLUB OF AC cordially invite 
faculty and staff members and their spouses to 
attend the annual reception honoring new facul- 
ty and their spouses Sunday, Sept. 18, from 
2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Fine Arts 

CONGRATULATIONS to Rosemary DePaulo Smith and 
her husband Dennis, who were married Sept. 3 
in Long Island, N.Y. The Smiths will spend 
their honeymoon in Europe. 

JO McIVER IS BEING WELCOMED as the new admini- 
strative assistant in the Registrar's office. 
Mclver comes to AC from Clayton Junior College 
in Atlanta, where she was assistant registrar. 

WELCOME, TOO, TO LEE DEASON, who is a counselor 
in the Admissions office. Deason is a former 
student at AC and earned his B.B.A. at the Uni- 
versity of Nebraska and his M.A. in Counseling 
at Ball State University in Indiana. He is a 
native North Augustan retired from the Air 

MARY DICKSON (Dean of Students office) is a 
patient in room 503 at University Hospital. 
AC employees wish her a speedy recovery. 

be glad to learn that AC now has a women's ath- 
letic dormitory on Katherine Street. The dorm 
is capable of housing seven players, six of 
whom will take up residence next week. Accord- 
ing to Lady Jag coach Cookie Johnson, it will 
enable the team to recruit players from other 
areas, which she sees as important in competing 
with other teams on the college's level. 

10 a.m. 

2 p.m. 

7 p.m. 

First Faculty Meeting, 
Lecture Room, Butler Hall 

Department Heads Meeting, 
College Activities Cen- 
ter, Topic Room 3 

CSRA Library Assn., Reese 


9-9:30 a.m. 

9:30-10 a.m. 
10-11 a.m. 
11 a.m. -noon 

12:45-2:15 p.m. 

7:30 p.m. 

SGA Reception, CAC Cafe- 

Student Interest Groups 
Study and Campus Tour 
Advising and Preliminary 

Orientation, Performing 
Arts Theatre 
Panhellenic Rush Orien- 
tation, Performing Arts 

8:30 a.m. 

8 a.m. -noon, 
1:30-4:30 p.m. 
6-8 p.m. 

College Level Examina- 
tion Program, Bellevue 


(Calendar continued on back) 


NOV 7 1977 


"zosL-sez '"wd g jb^^\i •gggt'-sgs lib: 

uoL:;ciopB uoj. /^peau 'sua:^:n.)| aLqe^ope OM:i--33y; 

asano3 ^[og BttsnBny-uopuog 
'ttuaiueujnoi j-Log A:^Ln36J 

snduiBO :^noq6noJL|:; 
'sdOL|S>|JOf.i dnojg X':}LnDej 

g uiooy ' LieH •'launa 
' {A':iL'^3Bj) uoLSsnosLQ [pujuoj-ui 

(uo;llh aaiuqo '-la /^q ssauppv) 
Bua:^aj.BO OMO '^auuiQ /Ct^tnoBj 

3\/ 'uoLt^Br^uaiuQ /Cr^LnoBj MaN 

LlBH anAa^aa 'ujbj6o-1(J 
U0LtiBULiuBX3 [aAan a6aLL03 


•LU-B 01 
•Ul-B ( 

9L 'idlS 'AVaiM: 
•ui-d t 

•Ui'B I 

•Ul-B 09=5 

SI "idBs 'AvasanH: 



Deadline for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: September 19 - September 25, 1977 Written Wednesday, September 14, 1977 

Timberline, a Denver-based band, will appear in the first concert of the quarter 
sponsored by the Student Union Wednesday, September 21, at 8 p.m. in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. The group's repertoire includes a wide variety of musical styles — 
mellow acoustic guitar, heavy duty rock, thirties ragtime, bluegrass and banjo 
nodes, super hits of the fabulous sixties, rock and roll, and creative original 
compositions. Since forming in 1971, Timberline has toured and played with name 
acts such as Michael Murphey, Blood Sweat and Tears, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Ozark 
Hountain Daredevils, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Admission to the concert is 
free with AC I.D. Tickets will be available to the public at the box office of the 
theatre the night of the performance. 

AC radio station WACG-FM will broadcast the Chicago Symphony every Tuesday night 
at 8 p.m. and the New York Philharmonic Thursday nights at 8 p.m. during the month 
of October. The programs will include complete concerts with commentaries at 
intermissions. Concerts and featured soloists are listed in the monthly program 
guide mailed to all subscribers . Anyone interested in becoming a subscriber 
may do so by making a nominal contribution in support of the station. 

by the AC Foundation, has been awarded to 
Christina Cleek, a '77 graduate of Hepzibah 
High School. While a senior, she was vale- 
dictorian of her class, JROTC Battalion 
Commander, and a member of the Beta Club. 
She enters AC as a freshman in the senior 
unit of the ROTC program. 

(Political Science) on the death of his 
wife September 13. 

REGISTRAR S. LEE WALLACE was the featured 
speaker at Paine College' s first faculty 
meeting of the year. Wallace spoke on 
"Demands and Expectations of the Quarter 

REMINDER - Tuesday, Sept. 20, is the dead- 
line for the October calendar of events. 
Deadline for the weekly Spotlight is Wednesday 
at noon. Copy for both should be submitted 
to the Office of Public Information, Rains 

THE AUGUSTA BRANCH of the American 
Assn. of University Women (AAUW) is 
sponsoring the annual Book Fair Saturday 
(Oct. 3) at Daniel Village, National 
Hills and Columbia Square Shopping 
Centers from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Proceeds 
will be used to finance college scholar- 
ships. Books on sale will include 
fiction, non fiction, biographies, 
textbooks, and children' s books. All 
types of new or used books, including 
paperbacks, are being solicited for 
the sale. Barrels will be placed at 
the shopping centers. 

Office of Continuing Education has 
re-opened its Course for Real Estate 
Sales. Registration for the course, 
which has unlimited enrollment, will 
take place through Sept. 20. The 
new instructor is Cecil Foster (Bus. 
Admin. Dept.) . Contact the office at 
828-3306 for further details. 

Wayne Sawyer, who was promoted from platoon 
sgt. to cadet It. col. His staff for the 
coming year: Battalion Executive Officer, 
Cadet Maj. Patrick Beer; Personnel Officer, 
Cadet Capt. Steve Roy; Operations Officer, 
Cadet Maj. Robert Walker; Supply Officer, 
Cadet Capt. Edwin Lord; A Co. Conwaander, 
Cadet Capt. Robert Woods; B Co. Commander, 
Cadet Capt. Charles Taylor. The promo- 
tions were announced by Maj. Dave 
Gilbertson . 



2 p.m. - 4 p.m. Student Union 

Ice Cream Social, 

Fall Quarter Classes 


FOR SALE: Sansouci 5000X amplifier , Pioneer 
PL50 turntable and two Pioneer CS88A speakers. 
Bxtra needles. $800 or best offer. Call 
828-3976 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. 

Deadline for Ootobex. 
Calendar Items 

(Calendar continued orblbit*?) 



£■ moon ojdox ' „dnoao e 

gz 'Xd3s 'Avaufuvs 

Burmjojjsd ' „:is3ii s ,oo^ono aijz JS^O 'wd gjig pcre- 

M3TJ 3U0„ ■•S9TJ3S uiijj 3v 'ui'd 9 

£ moon Djdox ' „dnojio p 
p^ai oq^ 5uju^E3q„ 'jputiuss 'lu'd OT - 'm'd i 

£Z 'Idas 'Avaiuj 

saBumio ssvxo pue 
uoT^pj^sTjSaH 35^7 JOj /iea 5se7 

jnddjx tuox fiepjjOH ifsjMsr 

zz 'Idas 'AvasunHX 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

Written Wednesday, September 21, 1977 

(■FOR WEEK OF: September 26 - October 2, 1977 

f(rhe Augusta College Theatre, under the direction of Duncan Smith, assistant professor 
of English, will hold tryouts for its first production of the 1977-78 season Monday, 
Sept. 26, and Tuesday, Sept. 27, from 3-5 p.m. and 8-9 p.m. in the AC Chateau. Anyone 
who is interested in acting or working back stage is invited. The first production, 
scheduled for Nov. 11 and 12 in the Performing Arts Theatre, will consist of three 
one-act plays dealing with the eternal triangle: Pirandello' s The Vise , George Barnard 
Shaw's How He Lied to Her Husband , and The Great Fury of Philip Hotz by Swiss playwright 
Max Frisch. There are major roles for four women and six men and smaller roles for 
two women and three to five men. For further information, call Duncan Smith in the 
Department of Language and Literature , 828-3706. 

AC President George A. Christenberry received a check for $800 for the AC Foundation 
this week from Piggly Wiggly Southern, Inc. This is the eighth consecutive year that 
the company has given support to the foundation. The check was presented by Piggly 
Wiggly officials Ted Burnsed and Henry Hillis. 

THE AC FACULTY WIVES will sponsor a pork bar- 
becue Sat., Oct. 1, on the athletic field. 
Activities like volleyball and softball are 
scheduled to begin early in the day, with 
supper served from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Those 
wishing to attend are asked to make arrange- 
ments with president Sue Ellen Harrison, 
863-2601. Admission is $2.50 for adults 
and $1.50 for children. 

AC STUDENTS Teru Kay Lapaquette of Hephzibah 
and Philip T. Weinbrecht of Augusta have 
been named recipients of two out of 33 scho- 
larships awarded this year by the Ga. Dis- 
tilled Spirits Institute. The awards are 
P given on the basis of academic excellence 
and community and school involvement. They 
are part of a $22,000 direct financial 
aid package contributed by the association' s 
memorial foundation and distributed among 
16 institutions within the Univ. System of 
Ga. This is the second year Weinbrecht 
has won a GDSI scholarship. 

series are now available in the Office of 
Student Activities. For a flat fee of 
$8.50, the tickets are good for the entire 
film series for any number of dependents. 
Contact Anne Coleman, 828-3806. 

THE AC NEWMAN CLUB, a social and service 
organization for young Catholics , will 
hold its first meeting in Topic Room 2 
of the College Activities Center Wednes- 
day, Sept. 28 at noon. Questions may be 
directed to Dr. Mark Lloyd, Dept. of 
Language and Literature. 

to express their deep appreciation for 
the many expressions of sympathy 
extended during their recent bereave- 

is the first speaker in AG's innovative 
identity program, scheduled at intervals 
throughout fall quarter. He will speak 
on "Identity in Contemporary Music" at noon 
Tuesday, Sept. 27, in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. Everyone is invited. 

currently being welcomed to campus: 
Mary K. Lisko, Dr. Michael E. McLeod 
and Mary T. Sherrouse, business 
administration; Karen S. Sheppo, educa- 
tion; Bonnie D. Devet, J. Kenneth 
Jackson, Duncan B. Smith, and Carol E. 
Williams, English; James E. Russey, 
fine arts; Dr. David M. Foley, history; 
Dr. Max E. Pettit, Jr., and Patricia M. 
Synder, math and computer science; and 
Mary H. Anderson, nursing. 

THE TRIO D'ANCHES (French for "trio 
of reeded instruments" ) will appear 
in concert 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19, 
in the PAT. The trio performs compo- 
sitions for the unusual combination 
of oboe, clarinet , and bassoon. The 
Dept. of Fine Arts has asked the Spot- 
light to note that posters on campus 
erroneously state that the performance 
date is Oct. 18. 

and Susan Alexander son on "The Relation- 
ship Between Short Term Learning of 
a Mathematical Concept and Teacher 
Verbal Behaviors" was recently published 
by the Center for the Study of Learning 
and Teaching Mathematics . 

DEE E. DAVIS has joined Marian Cheek 
in the Office of Public Information. 


NOV 7 1977 


THE STUDENT UNION will present the pro- 
gressive jazz group "John Doe" as part 
of their Coffee House series at 8:30 p.m. 
Friday, Sept. 30, in the Chateau. The 
band is made up of AC student Raymond 
Collings, former students Eddie Fugua 
and David L'Heureux, and Cantine Jones, 
1st bassoonist for the Augusta Sym- 
phony. They specialize in jazz of the 
50' s as well as their own original 
compositions. Admission is free with 
AC I.D. and 50<: for others. 

19 new pledges who completed rush 
week activities. Pledging Alpha 
Delta Pi are: Mary Bowles, Pam 
Burch, Lisa Capers, Terri Casey, 
Cindy Cole, Marilee English, Margie 
Hudson, Rochelle Johnson, Joanne 
Lawlor, Teresa Long, Elizabeth 
Miller, Mary Mulligan, and Nicki 
Upton. New members of Zeta Tau 
Alpha are: Alexa Gibson, Mary Ruth 
Hill, Karen Landrum, Lisa Perry, 
Mandy Perry, and Mary Wright. 

MARTHA K. FARMER (Business Adminis- 
tration) received her Ph.D. from 
the University of South Carolina on 
August 13. 



3 p.m. - 5 p.m. AC Theatre Tryouts 

8 p.m. -9 p.m. AC Chateau 


6 <S 8:15 p.m. 

3 p.m. - 5 p.m. 
8 p.m. - 9 p.m. 

Jewish Holiday- Su 
(Feast of Tabernac 

AC Film Series 
"Oedipus the King" 

AC Theatre Tryouts 
AC Chateau 


9 a.m. 

Miller Analogies T 
Bellevue Hall 


6 p.m. 

6 & 8:15 p.m. 

AC Volleyball 
Wesley an College 
AC Gym 

AC Film Series 
"Buffalo Bill and 
the Indians" 

8:30 p.m. 

"John Doe" - (jazz 
Coffee House 






Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

' FOR WEEK OF: October 3 - October 9, 1977 

Written Wednesday , September 28, 1977 

The AC Student Union will again sponsor its fabulously successful Oktoberfest 
Friday, October 14, from 6-12 p.m. in the College Activities Center. The annual 
^ event, attended by hundreds of students and guests, features the best of German 
foods including German meats, potato salad, sauerkraut, brotchen, soft pretzels, 
and beverages. Music will be provided by the Oompahs, part of the AC band. The 
Hourly Child Care Service on Katherine Street will be available for children ages 
1-6. It will be open from 5:30 p.m. to midnight. Reservations will be necessary 
for use of the service, and may be made by calling 733-5837. Admission will be 
$1 for AC faculty, students, and staff with valid I.D., and $2 for guests. Any- 
one wearing a German costume will be admitted free. 

Classical and popular guitarist Ron Hudson will open the 1977-78 Lyceum Series 
with a performance at 8:00 p.m. Thursday, October 6, in the Performing Arts 
Theatre. Hudson taught himself to play the guitar while he was growing up in 
the mountains of a small village in Northern Guatemala. He came to the U.S. 
when he was 17 years old and continued his musical education in Oklahoma and 
at the University of Texas. Since then, he has performed in concerts throughout 
the U.S., Latin America, and Europe and is recognized as one of the leading 
guitarists in the world. His unique program will include the entire first move- 
ment to Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto §3," selections by p opular com posers like 
Paul Simon, David Gates, Andrew Webber, and Gary Brooker,land gPfflfe. ^ 
compositions. Admission is free with AC I,D.. General adpiisslon at 'Tfl§Aft56r 

is $1,00, 

is William Epton of Maryland, Institute 
of Art, who will speak on "Identity; Con- 
temporary Art" Tuesday, Oct, 4, at noon 
in the Lecture Room of Butler Hall. Epton 
is an art historian who also holds degrees 
in art and philosophy. He has taught, 
among other places, at the University of 
Southern Illinois and at Oklahoma State 
University. The public is invited to his 

'■' '- ^r.r: 

OCT 3 1977 

THE AC STUtENT ART ASSN. will sponsor 
its first Bhow MJdbQ i ?^^§/qn frok 
Oct. 10 t/fru Oct. 3I]0^ the lobVg of 

exhibit will feature paintings by 
Albert Smith, assistant professor 
in the Visual Communications Program 
of the College of Architecture at 
Ga. Tech, and ceramics by Cretchen 
Turnbull McCance and- Don McCance, 
both of Fatrburn, Ga. 

Atlanta Contemporary Dance Company in its 
Kid's Dance Series Sat., Oct. 8 and Sun., 
Oct. 9 at 3 p.m. in the AC Performing 
Arts Theatre, They will perform "Wind 
in the Willows," an hour-long dance pro- 
duction freely adapted from Kenneth 
Graham's animal tale for children. 
Tickets are available from the Georgia 
Dance Theatre, Highland Ave. 

THE AC PREDENTAL CLUB will hold an organi- 
zational meeting at noon Thursday, Oct, 6, 
in the Science Building, Lab 5. Plans 
for this year will be discussed. The 
club is open to all AC students and 
provides them an opportunity to pursue 
their interest in dentistry. 

A CONFERENCE on the concerns of young 
single adults and their role in the church 
will be held Oct. 7,8, & 9 at First 
Presbyterian Church on Telfair St, 
Speakers will be Dr, Gary Collins and 
Ney Bailey, Advance registration is 
preferred. For information call 724-1865. 

the AC Student Union is planned for 
Oct. 29 from 2-4 p.m. in the College 
Activities Center. The party is open 
to AC dependents and their guests and 
admission is 50(f per person. Each 
child must be accompanied by a respon- 
sible adult. Bring your children and 
their friends for an afternoon of games, 
refreshments , and prizes, including 
one for best costume, 

TWO WORKSHOPS will be offered this 
month through the Office of Cont, Ed. 
The first, a workshop for leaders in 
volunteer organizations, x^ill take 
place Thursday, Oct. 6, from 9 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. and Friday, Oct. 7, from 
9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Lecture Room 
of Butler Hall. The second, entitled 
"Learning to Solve Personal and Organi- 
zational Problems," is scheduled for 
Friday, Oct. 28, 7-10 p.m. and 
Saturday, Oct. 29, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
Instructor for both will be Dr. Russ 
Holloman. Advance registration is 
required and can be arranged through 
Continuing Education, 828-3306. 


have announced that their Children' s 
film series will begin Saturday, 
Oct. 29, at National Hills Theater, 
10 a.m. to noon. The first feature 
movie will be "Willie McBean s His 
Flying Machine." Series tickets or 
further information can be obtained 
by calling 736-2665 or 738-5745. 

quarter will take place in the 
College Activities Center Wednesday, 
Oct. 5, at 2:45 p.m. Students, 
faculty, and staff are invited by 
the Student Union to come and enjoy 
making their own banana splits. 

THE TESTING CENTER has announced 
that Oct. 14 is the closing date 
for registration for the Graduate 
Management Admission Test to be 
given Nov. 5. Registration materials 
and the GMAT Bulletin are available 
in the Business Administration Dept. 
and at the Testing Center. 

students that the U.S. Marine Corps 
Officers Selection Recruiters will 
be in the College Activities Center 
Friday, Oct. 7. 


TUESDAY, Oct. 4 

Noon - 1 p.m. Identity Program 

William Epton, LR 

Noon - 1 p.m. BsptiPt Stndcnt 

Union mtg. , TR 2 
t ,Svery Tuesday) 


10 a.m. - Noon State Planning 

Committee - Public 
Hearing, LR 

2 p.m. -4 p.m. State Planning 

Administrative Board 
Public Hearing on 
Energy Conservation 
standards for buildings 

2:45 p.m. 

Student Union 
Ice Cream Social 

6 s 8:15 p.m. AC Film Series 

"The Sting", PAT 

8:30 p.m. 

Omega Psi Phi 
Fraternity, MR 2 

100% UNITED WAY — Departments that 
are 100% in participation in the 
college United Way Campaign to date: 


Fine Arts 

DR. HARVEY STIREWALT (Biology) will 
be the speaker at the first meeting 
of the Medical College of Georgia 
Chapter of Sigma Xi on Oct. 17. His 
topic will be "Responses of Aquatic 
Organisms to Pollution." 

A $25 REWARD is offered to anyone 
who finds a black vinyl-bound con- 
ductor' s score to "Gypsy." It was 
lost on campus on or around Sept. 19. 
Call 733-4512. 

MATURE FEMTiLE NEEDED to keep 4 year 
old child. Country Club Hills area, 
Tues., Thurs., and Fri., 11:45 a.m. 
to 5:45 p.m. Must have own trans- 
portation. Call 736-6017. 


9 a.m. - Noon . CE Workshop for 
1 p.m. - 5 p.m. Leaders In Voluntary 
Organizations, LR 

8 p.m. 

FRIDAY, Oct. 7 

Lyceum Series 
Classical Guitarist 
Ron Hudson, PAT 

9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Workshop - For 

Leaders In Voluntary 
Organizations, LR 

10 a.m. Recruiters - U.S. 

Marine Corp Officer 
Selection Office 

Soon - 1 p.m. Military Science 

Department ROTC 
Cadet Corps mtg. 

3 p.m. 

The Atlanta Contem- 
porary Dance Co. - 
"Wind In The Willows" 
Children Ballet 
(Also Oct. 9), PAT 


Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

. FOR WEEK OF: October 10 - October 16, 1977 Written Wednesday, October 5, 1977 

The Augusta College French Club, under the direction of its new president Donna- 
Jean Lawlor and faculty advisor Colette Avril, is busy making preparations for 
its fourth annual French Fair, to take place Tuesday, October 11, 10 a.m. to 
3 p.m. The area in front of the College Activities Center will be transformed 
with balloons, stands and booths arranged to create a decidedly French ambiance. 
The " bouguiniste" will feature books, magazines, stamps, and arts and crafts. 
Cravings for French cuisine can be satisfied by such delicacies as madeleine 
(sponge cake) and choux a la creme (cream puffs) from the pastry shop, and 
assorted cheeses, breads, and crepes at the Gourmet Stand. In addition, a 
variety of flowers and green plants will be on sale at the Gardener' s Corner. 
In conjunction with the festivities, a 30-minute film, "The Red Balloon" 
("Le Ballon Rouge"), will be shown every hour on the hour throughout the day in 
the meeting room of the CAC. Also, a special exhibit on French novelist George 
Sand will be on display in the Reese Library. As usual, high schools in the area 
have been extended special invitations to the fair; however, everyone in the 
community is invited to come browse and enjoy a bit of France at AC. 

The AC Day Care Training Project will hold its first Continuing Education 
Certificate Awarding Ceremony October 13 at 8 p.m. in the Lecture Room of Butler 
Hall t according to Marge Peterson, director of the project. Seventy participants 
from several CSRA Day Care Centers will be honored for completing the 150 hour 
program. Tom Riley, director of the Continuing Education Office, will award 
each of them a CE Unit Certificate. Honored guests at the event will be Mattie 
Braxton, a retired faculty member at Paine College, and Harriet Bohanan, Day Care 
Licensing Inspector for the state of Ga. The Reverend N.T. Young, Pastor of 
Thankful Baptist Church and a member of the Richmond County Board of Education, 
will speak. 

due in the Student Activities Office by 
Oct. 26. Petitions must be signed by 20 
students in order for a nomination to be 
valid. Voting will take place Nov. 29 and 
the annual Christmas Belle Ball is sched- 
uled , for Dec. 9. Petitions may be se- 
cured at the Student Activities Office. 

NUTRITION NEWS as it relates to you and 
your family will be covered in Continu- 
ing Education' s "Nutrition Awareness" 
workshop to be held Oct. 12 and Oct. 19 
from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Lecture Room 
of Butler Hall. Instructors will be Dr. 
Beverly Belk, who will discuss general 
nutrition and new changes in infant feed- 
ing, and Dr. Elaine Feldman, who will 
focus on nutrition and the heart. 

A REMINDER that Friday Oct. 14 is the 
deadline to register for the Graduate 
Management Admissions Test which will be 
given here on Nov. 5. Registration mate- 
rials are available in the Business Admi- 
nistration Dept. 

is the next featured speaker in AC s 
i-rlnntity program, scheduled for Oct. 11 
at noon in the Lecture Room of Butler 
Hall. His topic will be "'Roots' and Our 
Scazch for Identity." 

that Terry Industries of Ga. will 
be on campus Wad., Oct. 12, to re- 
cruit for positions of sales co- 
ordinator and service supervisor. 
Interviews will be open to graduates 
with a B.B.A. or a B.A., including 
those v/ho plan to graduate December 

ALSO — free copies of the 1978 
College Placement Annuals are 
available in the Placement Office 
to all seniors and graduate students. 
The annual is a comprehensive book 
providing data on over 1300 corpo- 
rate and government employers who 
normally recruit college graduates. 
It has an excellent 30-page section 
on interviewing, resume writing, 
and preparing for job searching. 

place 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 22 in 
Bicentennial Park is being planned 
by the Downtown Council. The Dept. 
of Fine Arts will participate in the 
all-day affair, which will include 
art displays, music, and short dra- 
matic presentations. Proaeads from 
the festival win an i-'^ h^l p ff>?'J 
needy nhi Idrf^n. 

nPAVT.iNK roK run ytKRvr.v pi-r >,»T tp noon ivednesdays. 


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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall _„„_ 

FOR WEEK OF: October 17 - October 23, 1977 Written Wednesd^ , OqWi!0txU.2/ 1977 


'TT \ C' 

The Trio D'Anches of Cologne will perform in concert at 6:30 plm. W^^^sc^a^ ,\Q,1J 
October 19, in the Performing Arts Theatre. The French name Ttio D'Anches (for 
trio of reed instruments) was coined by composers of that counary in the lateQ/\ 
19th century who were attracted to the mellow tones of the unique coTw5inati<3n 
of the oboe, clarinet, and bassoon. The woodwind trio was forirfedinl^/XjMf^'-tha-'--—" 
three principal wind soloists of the West German Radio Symphony TJrchestra — 
Hansjorg Schellenberger , Hans D. Klaus, and Christopher Carl in an effort to fill 
a glaring void in chamber music repertoire. They bring to the public extra- 
ordinary works of classical and modern periods, performing a wide variety of 
selections — from the divertimenti of Haydn and Mozart to the works of Poulenc, 
Villa-Lobos, and Martinu. Admission to the concert is $2.00 for adults and 
$1.00 for students. Tickets will be sold at the box office of the theatre the 
night of the performance. 

The Office of Student Activities has announced that the Synesthesia performance 
scheduled for October 27 has been cancelled. The next Lyceum Series event will 
be the appearance of The Grass Roots Music Tour to take place at 8 p.m. Tuesday, 
November 1, in the PAT. Formerly knoim as the Southern Folk Festival, the GRMT 
features Jane Sapp, a young singer from Augusta. 

a Student Research Competition this year 
for students of MCG, Paine, and Augusta 
College. Those wishing to participate 
should submit formal papers to Dr. Floyd 
O'Neal in the AC Chemistry Dept. 
Winner (s) will be honored at Sigma XI' s 
annual spring banquet. 

buys through Osbon' s Tire and Automotive 
Service Center Group Purchase Plan, 
according to Alex Mura of the Personnel 
Office. The plan offers special prices 
on tires, discounts on auto parts, and 
free financing for up to six months. In 
addition, all members may register for a 
$500 drawing at Christmas. 

TAKE TIME TO SEE the Student Art Assn.'s 
first show of the year currently on 
display in the lobby of the PAT. Fea- 
tured are paintings by Albert Smith, 
drawings by Gretchen Turnbull McCance, a 
graduate student at Ga. State Univ., and 
ceramics by Don McCance, associate pro- 
fessor of art at Ga. State. 

A MEETING FOR WOMEN interested in orga- 
nizing a chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Sorority on campus will be held at noon 
Wednesday, Oct. 19 in MR2 of the College 
Activities Center. All those interested 
should be sure to attend. 

sponsored by the AC Dept. of Fine 
Arts and the Augusta Music Club will 
open with a concert by soprano Deanna 
McBroom and pianist Emily Remington 
Oct. 16 at 3:30 p.m. in the PAT. 
Memberships and individual tickets 
will be sold at the door of each 
concert. Special rates for military 
and family memberships are available 
for the series. Contact Theo Thevaos 
for details. 

regular meetings every 2nd S 4th 
Wed. at noon in room B-3 of Skinner 
Hall. The club is planning an out- 
standing agenda of speakers to bring 
to campus this year. 

CHARLES JOYNER of St. Andrews Pres- 
byterian College is the next featured 
speaker in the identity program series 
His topic will be "Discovering Our 
Roots in Music." Hear him at noon 
Oct. 18 in the Butler Hall Lecture 

ADDED TO THE LIST of those depts. 
which boast 100% participation in 
the college's United Way Campaign 

Counseling Center 

Office of Continuing Educatioi. 

A CONFERENCE designed to bring career- 
oriented women and major employers to- 
gether will be held at Ga. State Univ. in 
Atlanta Saturday, Oct. 29. The confer- 
ence is open to women who want to start 
a new career, advance in their present 
career or organization, or change occu- 
pations. Anyone interested in attending 
should contact the AC Placement Office 
in the CAC. If a group of 46 interested 
AC students and alumnae can be formed, 

^fiin /^/^ 7 7 £arr£i r.7T 7 7 »-i3»j fr\-r- zi Vino -hz-i ^n/^ 

FRANCK AVRIL, AC alumnus and son of 
Colette Avril, will perform in con- 
cert at the Gardner Museum in Boston 
Oct. 18 and makes his debut in Car- 
negie Hall in N.Y. Oct. 25. 

by AC student Kathy O' Toole is Robert 
Galloway, a fourth grader at Episcopa 
Day School. 

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Deadline for copy - Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Ptablic Information, Rains Hall 

FOR WEEK OF: October 24 - October 30, 1977 

Written Wedfie-sdciTr October 19~,''1977 



The 1977 Southern Grassroots Music Tour will appear in concert at 8 p.m. Tuesday, 
November 1, in the AC Performing Arts Theatre as part of the 1977-78 Lyceum Series. 
The Tour, formerly known as the Southern Folk Festival, brings together some of 
the finest grassroots musicians in the South. Augustan Jane Sapp, a Black con- 
temporary singer and piano player, is one of the five featured acts who will do 
individual as well as group numbers on stage. Other performers in the Tour are: 
The Beausoliel Cajun Band from Louisiana, featuring fiddle, guitar and French 
accordian; Robert Garrett, a Black blues man from Tennessee; Paul Craft, a 
comedian as well as country singer and writer; and Anne Romaine, who specializes 
in autoharp, guitar and piano. Tickets will be sold at the box office the night 
of the performance. Admission is $2.00. 

Faculty and Administrative staff members will soon be receiving information from 
the Office of Student Activities on the selection of students for recognition by 
"Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." Who's Who is 
a national program which annually honors outstanding campus leaders for their 
scholastic and community achievements. Nominations of juniors, seniors, and 
graduate students for consideration are being solicited from each department. 

NEED A JOB? If you're fat and jolly 
and/or looking for work, you may apply 
for a job as Santa Claus at the Daniel 
Village Shopping Center. The Daniel 
Village Merchants Assn. need a Santa 
to start work Nov. 25 and continue 
Mon.-Thurs. from 1-5 p.m. and on Fridays 
from 1-9 p.m. and Saturdays 1-6 p.m. 
through Dec. 24. Pay for the total 116 
hours is above minimum wage. Santa is 
to arrive via fire truck on Nov. 25. 
Duties include giving away balloons and 
candy to children, having photographs 
taken with children and being, in general, 
"jolly and happy." Call 733-0042 from 
9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday-Thursday. The 
AC Placement Office, 828-2045, also has 

will be held at Jekyll Island Oct. 19-22. 
Augusta College Librarian A. Ray Rowland 
is President of the Association. Others 
from AC who will attend are Marguerite F. 
Fogleman, Virginia deTreville, Voila A. 
Sawyer, Fred Lambert, Marsha McCurley, 
and Frances Paulk. 

CORRECTION NOTICE — The Movie Guide to 
this year's film series erroneously 
lists "The Exorcist" as scheduled to be 
shown Tuesday, Oct. 26. The movie will 
be shown Wednesday, Oct. 26. 

elected the following officers at the 
Oct. 5 meeting: President Jeff Grossman, 
First Vice President Vicki Smith, Second 
Vice President Richard Bopp, Secretary- 
Treasurer Janice Ashmore, Historian 
Sandra Strength, Chaplain Cliff Kelley. 
Jeff Grossman, Vicki Smith, Cliff Kelley, 
and Dr. F. R. Tubbs attended the Student 
Ga. Assn. of Educators fall leadership 
conference at Rock Eagle on Oct. 15. 
Crossman was elected one of three dele- 
oztes to the national convention of the 
Student National Education Assoc7a/:ion 
to be held at Philadolphia in January. 

automotive group purchase plan was 
incomplete. For the sake of 
clarity, the item reappears here 
in its entirety: AC Personnel can 
save money on automotive buys 
through Osbon' s Tire and Automotive 
Service Center Group Purchase Plsui, 
according to Alex Mura (Personnel 
Office) . The plan offers special 
prices on tires, discounts on auto 
parts, and free financing for up 
to six months. In addition, all 
members may register for a $500 
drawing at Christmas. Free member- 
ship cards, group purchase brochures, 
and special coupon sheets are avail- 
able in the Personnel Office, 
Fanning Hall. 


Janie McMillan - Public Information 

Debbie Marshall - Personnel 

Lynn Frampton - English 

Marie Story - English 

Ella Owens - Physical Education 

Sherry Sims - Placement 

Suzanne Beckum - College Data 

Francina Bell - Plant Operations 
Wayne Bodie - Plant Operations 
Morgan Hall - Plant Operations 
Howard Anderson - Plant Operations 
John Hawes - Plant Operations 
Lawrence House - Plant Operations 

POP PSYCHOLOGY and our search for 
identity will be covered by the 
identity program' s next guest 
lecturer, Paul L. Martin of the 
University of North Carolina, 
Chapel Hill. Martin can be heard 
at noon Tuesday, Oct. 25, in the 
Lecture Room of Butler Hall. 

Coca Cola Bottling Co. of /v£-usta 
and president Tom McKinney on its 
75th cLDoiversnry . 

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}o JZ3:tdeqj P?sn6nif 

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uojufi :tuapn:^s ^oejg 

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joojj puz 'DVD 'in3:isfis 

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uojufi :tUBpn^s :tsj:tdBg 

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aoueprno jssjpo B:}sn£nv 

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^K!j?5|ltjBl.lSHfO f'6» THf FACUiry SIUUFNIS AND STAff Of AUGUSTA COll(G( 

-*\^ Deadline for copy • Wtdmtday noon of pnetilag w—k • Office of Public loforaMtloB, Rain* 


au^FOR WEEK OF: October 31 - November 6, 1977 

Written Wednesday, October 26, 1977 

John English of the University of Georgia School of Journalism and Mass Communica- 
tions will speak on "Identity in Contemporary Film" at noon Tuesday, November 1, 
in the lecture room of Butler Hall as part of the identity series. English is 
editor of the Journal of Popular Culture and a practicing professional filmmaker 
as well. His visit will bring to a close this quarter's identity program which, 
according to Dean of Students J.W. Galloway, was a tremendous success. Galloway 
stated that the program was the best of its kind ever attempted on campus. "I 
am confident that we accomplished our objective of showing an interrelationship 
between the disciplines. Students and faculty alike were very enthusiastic about 
each speaker. The faculty who planned this program are to be commended." He 
added that he would like to see the project extended in the future to involve the 
entire freshman class. 

The Office of Student Activities promises an "outstanding show" when the Southern 
Grassroots Music Tour appears in concert November 1 at 8 p.m. in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. The Tour comprises five separate acts who will perform individually 
and together on stage. Their music has a distinctly southern flavor and ranges 
from blues and ballads to country and gospel. Admission to the Lyceum Series 
event is free to AC faculty, staff, and students. General admission is $1.00 
instead of $2.00, as previously announced. 

has received notice that her paper, 
"A Strategy for Locating and 
Building Support Systems for the 
Expectant and the New Parent," 
(co-authored with Dr. Paul Wirtz 
of USC-Aiken) was accepted for in- 
clusion in the ERIC (Educational 
Resources Information Center/Early 
Childhood Education) documents. 

Fort Gordon will present the award 
winning new comedy "The Last 
Meeting of the Knights of the . 
White Magnolia" at their Dinner 
Theatre Nov. 3,4,5 and 10,11,12 
in the Rec Center §1, Building 
19120. Reservations for dinner 
and the play may be made by 
calling 791-2714 or 791-2281. 

looking for a reporter to work 
part time 4 hours on Fridays 
during football season and 4 hours 
2 days a week during basketball 
season. Qualifications include 
being able to type 40 to 50 words 
per minute and some knowledge of 
sports. For further information, 
contact Al Ludwick at 724-0851. 

THE FINE ARTS DEPT. has announced 
that student recitals will take 
place at noon Nov. 1 in the 
Rehearsal Hall of the FAC. Three 
of the students who will perform 
are soprano Sue Ann Giambalvo, 
pianist Ping Yun Hsu, and cellist 
David Cedel. 

KEWAL SINGH, ambassador to the U.S. from 
India and featured speaker in last year's 
Cullum Third World Culture Series, has 
graciously returned the honorarium given 
him by the college for his appearance 
here. Singh requested that the $200 be . 
used for worthwhile purposes. As a 
result, ^ the money has been put into the 
Faculty Scholarship Fund. 

A REMINDER to faculty and administrative 
staff that the deadline for submitting 
nominations for "Who's Who Among Students 
in American Universities and Colleges" 
is Monday, October 31. Nominations 
should be sent to the Office of Student 

sorority will meet November 2 at 2 p.m. 
in meeting room 2 of the CAC. Interested 
women are invited to attend. 

October 25, by $361.00. This sum reflects 
115% of the 1977 goal. 

HELEN HENDEE, coordinator of alumni 
affAirs since the position was created in 
1976, will be leaving AC Nov. 2 to take 
a position in private industry. All her 
many friends wish Helen the very best. 

DR. JOHN PRESLEY (Special Studies) has 
been invited to be a discussion leader 
at the National Conference of Develop- 
mental Studies to take place this spring 
in Atlanta. 

JACKSON K. WIDENER, JR., former faculty 
member in the AC Math Dept. and son of 
Cafeteria Manager Nita Widener, has been 
named vice president in charge of regula- 
tory affairs at the Ga. Power Co. in Atlanta. 






7 - Nov. 13, 1977 

Written Wednesday, Nov. 2, 1977 

The Augusta College Theatre will present its first production of the season in three 
one-act plays dealing with the eternal triangle at 8 p.m. November 11 and 12 in the 
Performing Arts Theatre. The plays will feature a cast made up of a highly diverse 
group — the employed and the retired, the young and the old, students and non-students. 
Starring in Luigi Pirandello' s The Vise are AC students Betsy Gilmer and Philip 
Sacco, and Briscoe Merry, instructor in the Dept. of Language and Literature, All 
three of these actors have been active in college and community theatre. Lynn 
Jones, another AC student who plays a supporting role, is new to local theater. The 
cast of Bernard Shaw's How He Lied to Her Husband includes two area high school 
students. Rick Corley and Marianne Moss, and Henry Miller, a practicing lawyer who 
gained his acting experience in North Carolina. Area theatre goers are well 
acquainted with the talents of Rick Ward, who leads the cast of the third play. 
Max Frisch' s The Great Fury of Philip Hotz. He is capably supported by Mary 
Schorsch, Frsin/. Ricci, Claudia Nichols, Bonnie Pirkle, Kent Holden, and Tommy 
Chappelle. The theatre group also includes many others who have expended a great 
deal of effort to stage an enjoyable and first-rate performance. Tickets are free 
with valid AC identification, $1.50 for other students, senior citizens and military, 
and $2.00 for the general public. 

The annual Augusta College Faculty Art Exhibit will open November 13 in the lobby 
of the PAT and continue through December 5. The show will comprise new works by 
several faculty of the Dept. of Fine Arts who are well-known in the community. On 
display will be paintings, drawings, and water colors by Richard Frank, ceramics 
by Jack King, sculpture and carvings by Nathan Bindler, and paintings by Eugenia 
Comer. A reception will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday evening, Nov. 13 in the 
lobby and the community is invited to attend. Refreshments will be served. 

Pi Kappa Phi will sponsor a dance Saturday, November 19, in the CAC. 

Admission is 

EACH YEAR the Georgia Federation of Music 
Clubs and the Georgia Power Co. jointly 
sponsor a number of full scholarships to 
talented orchestral and band musicians, 
ages 12 to 18 years, to the nationally 
known Brevard Music Center in Brevard, 
North Carolina. Auditions for these 
scholarships will be held this year at AC 
on February 18, 1977. Applications are 
available from John Scott in the Dept. of 
Fine Arts, who is serving as chairman of 
the Augusta District. Deadline for sub- 
mitting them is December 17. 

its annual convention on campus the 18th 
and 19th of November. The AC Sociology 
Dept. will host the annual convocation. 

WILLIAM S. ATKINSON, administrator of St. 
Joseph's Hospital, will be on campus to 
speak on "The Hospital as an Organization 
Form" Nov. 7. The students of BUS 463 
invite everyone to come hear him during 
fourth and fifth periods in room 5, 
Market Hall. 

THE NEXT EVENT in the Sunday Afternoon 
Series will be a recital by pianist 
Bryan M. Preston at 3:30 p.m. Nov. 13 in 
the PAT. Preston is the second prize 
winner of the Augusta Symphony' s 1977 
Boyd Piano Competition. Single admission 
and season memberships can be purchased 
at the box office prior to each concert. 

DATA PROCESSING has announced the 
following Thanksgiving Holiday 
operating schedule for the Athens 
Computer Facilities: Wed., Nov. 23 — 
Normal services available thru 7 p.m.; 
Thurs., Fri., Nov. 24-25 — Facilities 
closed for Thanksgiving; Sat., Sunday, 
Nov. 26-27 — Normal services available 
8 a.m. - 7 p.m. only; Mon. , Nov. 28 — 
Regular operating schedule resumes. 
Batch Computing Services at AC will 
be closed from 5 p.m. Nov. 23 to 8 a.m. 
Nov. 28. 

released the following list of Miss 
Christmas Belle nominees: Mary Dively, 
Alexa Gibson, Laura Hickey, Debbie 
Hunt, Debra Moorehead, Debi Nichols, 
Valerie Owens, Lola Scott, Lisa 
Shadden, Caroline Taylor. Balloting 
will take place Tues., Nov. 29, in the 
CAC and the Reese Library. The annual 
Christmas Belle Dance, which is a 
formal affair, will be held Dec. 9. 

"RANDALL AND C.C.," a great acoustic 
duo from Atlanta, will perform in the 
Coffee House Friday, Nov. 18. A 
nominal admission fee will be charged. 

DEADLINE for the weekly Spotlight is 
noon Wednesdays. 


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TOR IVEEK OF: Nov. 14 - Nov. 20, 1977 

Written Wednesday, Nov. 9, 1977 

"Knowing the Odds and the Laws of Chance" will he the topic of a talk by Clemson 
University Professor Joel v. Brawley when he visits the campus Monday, Nov. 14, 
as a guest of the Euclidean Society. Brawley will illustrate to the layman the 
laws of probability and statistics, at noon in room B-6 of Skinner Hall. 
Everybody is invited. 

"Red Zinger" and "Morning Thunder" are now appearing in the AC Cafeteria. 
The two herbal teas are part of a new selection of natural foods being added 
to the fare and are available upon request. Also offered are unique snacks 
like Trail Mix, a blend of nuts and dried fruit; Pro Nuts, a combination of 
salted and roasted soybean nuts; and AlnKDnd Granola, a mixture of nuts and 
grains. More items will be added in the future. 

Visiting Cullum Scholar Dr. Edward W. Cundiff of Emory University will give two 
lectures on campus Wednesday, Nov. 16, sponsored by the Business Administration 
Dept. Dr. Cundiff is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at Emory 
and is past editor of the Journal of Marketing . He serves as a consultant to 
several major U.S. and multinational firms and his numerous publications 
include four textbooks. He will speak at 10 a.m. and again at 7 p.m. in 
Market Hall. 

THE INTEREST GROUP of Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Sorority will meet November 16 at 2 p.m. 
in meeting room 2 of the CAC. 
Interested women are invited. 

THE AUGUSTA FOOD CO-OP will present 
an information workshop on "Getting 
Back to Natural Foods" at 7:30 p.m. 
Tuesday, Nov. 22, at the Augusta 
Library. Topics to be discussed 
include: "Co-ops, Their History and 
Purpose;" "Converting Your Cooking and 
Eating to Natural Foods;" "Growing 
Indoor Greens and Sprouts;" and "Herb 
Teas." Refreshments will be served 
and a display will be presented. The 
public is invited. 

will be on campus at noon Nov. 16 in 
the Lecture Room of Butler Hall to 
talk and answer questions on his role 
in Congress. His visit is co-sponsored 
by the Political Science Club and the 
Veterans Association. 

Nov. 29 to conduct a one-day workshop 
entitled "Death Is a Continuous As 
Well As a Final Stage of Growth." 
The noted psychiatrist, author and 
lecturer will discuss adjustment to 
terminal illness by patients and 
families, friends and health profes- 
sionals, and the question of life 
after death. The workshop is co- 
sponsored by the AC Office of Con- 
tinuing Education and the Augusta 
Chapter Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 
Reservations can be made through the 
AC Office. 

the new Coordinator of Alumni Activi- 
ties. Nopi started work Nov. 7 in 
the Maxwell Alumni House. 

AC WOMEN STUDENTS are invited to 
participate in Glamour Magazine's 
1978 Top Ten College Women Contest. 
A panel of Giamour editors will 
select the winners on the basis of 
their solid records of achievement 
in academic studies and/or in extra- 
curricular activities on campus or 
in the community . Winners will be 
featured in the magazine' s August 
issue and will receive a trip to 
New York and a $500 cash prize. 
Applications are now available in 
the Public Information Office, Rains 
Hall. Deadline for submitting the 
completed information is Dec. 15. 

has been issued by the Office of 
Career Planning and Placement: 
Nov. 15 - Goodyear of Atlanta will 
recruit management and marketing 
majors for positions of retail sales 
managers S service managers. Open 
to Dec. and March graduates only. 
Nov. 16 - 10-noon & 6-8 p.m. - Two 
Career and Life Work Planning Programs 
will be presented in CAC Meeting Rooms 
1 S 2. The two-hour presentations 
will deal with skill and career 
identification and job search tech- 
niques. The programs are open to 
everyone on campus. 
Nov. 17 - Riegel Textile Corp. will 
interview MBAs, BBAs and BS in Math 
for various positions. Open to 
prospective graduates through 
August 1978. 


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aBajjoo aq:i PT^s oqa 'ejni! xajv joqoajja 

Zauuosjad o? Buxpjoooe 'paBueqo uaaq 



Deadline for copy • Wednesday noon of preceding week - Office of Public Information, Rains Hall 

FOR ffEEK OF: Nov. 21 - Nov. 27, 1977 

Written Wednesday, Nov. 16, 1977 

The Augusta College Jaguars will open thbir 1977-78 season when they host the 
annual Tip Off Tournament November 25 and 26 in the AC gym. Participating in this 
year's series, which will start at 7 p.m. both nights, will be Eckerd College of 
St. Petersburg, Fla. , Berry College of Mount Berry, Ga. , and Ga. Southwestern 
College. General admission to the games is $1.50 for adults and $1.00 for children. 
All students, faculty and staff will be admitted free with a current I.D. and may 
purchase a $10.00 season ticket for their dependents. Admission for dependents 
without a season ticket is regular price. Tickets are on sale in the Athletic 
Dept. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday. According to Athletic Director Marvin 
Vanover, the Jaguar Christmas Classic sponsored by the Augusta Chronicle will 
take place Dec. 29 and 30. The Classic is not included in the price of a season 
ticket and there will be no free admission by I.D. All tickets for that event 
will be $2.00. 

The Interest Group of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will sponsor a fast Nov. 21 from 
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be booths located around campus serving coffee, tea, 
and hot chocolate. The sorority asks campus-wxde participation in the project, 
the proceeds of which will be used to feed a needy family for Thanksgiving. 

Certificates of Academic Achievement last 
year from Augusta College have been 
invited to "Augusta College Night" from 
7-8:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 21 in the AC 
Cafeteria. A representative from each 
academic department will be on hand to 
field questions. Parents of the students 
have also been invited to drop in. The 
juniors given the special certificates 
represent the top five percent of their 
classes. AC Night is sponsored by the 
Admissions Office. 

NANCY CARTER has been selected editor for 
this year's White Columns . The decision 
is made each year by the Student 
Activities Committee upon recommendation 
by a special yearbook editor selection 

oriental art will be held in the lobby of 
the Fine Arts Center Monday, December 5 
from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Available will be 
an outstanding selection of antique 
oriental woodblock prints plus original 
etchings, woodcuts, lithographs by 
contemporary oriental printmakers. 

has begun its search for its next 
scholarship recipient. All potential 
broadcast journalism students may apply 
for the award. Interested students may 
contact Hans Krause at WJDF-TV, Channel 6. 

ALL STAFF AND FACULTY are invited to join 
former students at the annual Christmas 
party sponsored by the AC Alumni Assn. 
Saturday, Dec. 17, beginning at 7:ju p.m. 
The Max\'/ell Alumni House will be decorated 
in the traditional holiday decor for the 
open house, which last year attracted 
several hundred alumni. Make your plans 
now to drop by and enjoy the holiday 

AUGUSTA COLLEGE will observe Thanks- 
giving holidays on November 24 and 25. 

present "Captain Noah and His Float- 
ing Zoo" Friday, Dec. 2, at 7 p.m. 
and Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 3 S 4, 
at 3 p.m. in the AC Chateau. Tickets 
are $1 . 00 and can be purchased at 
the door. 

submitting items for the December 
Calendar of Events. Send your items 
to the Public Information Office, 
Rains Hall. 

International has for the last 30 
years made grants to students through- 
out the world to live and study for 
a year in a country other than their 
own. Over 100 Rotary Clubs in Ga. 
are seeking applicants for the 1979-80 
awards in three categories: Graduate 
Fellowships , Teachers of the Handi- 
capped, and Professional Journalists. 
An award covers transportation and 
educational and living expenses for 
one academic year. The purpose is to 
promote international understanding 
and good will. The nature of these 
awards requires early planning; the 
deadline for applications is 
March 1, 1978, and winners will be 
announced in Sept. 1978. Information 
and application materials may be 
obtained by contacting any local 
Rotary Club member or by writing 
directly to Ben F. Johnson, Emory 
University School of Law, Atlanta 

Registrar Lee Wallace, who is in zoom 
214 at St. Joseph's Hospital. 

'T^^eiJwos ojpuessaiV 

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'euTj^sarPd 'p:teoo3 uueqoc 'osseqjp 

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tujojjad TTT^ Jro^fo 3t/:» ":»daa S3JV 
aurj at/:; uir ejacJo pue OTsnu/ r^JOV^ 
JO Jo:»oaJTp pue aoroy\ jo xossajojd 
3ue:)STSse 'fiossny sauier Jo uor^oaJTP 

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renuue s:»t :?uasaJd riT^ ^lOHO D^ 3HX 

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se S5uapn:>s fipn?s-3fJO/-i afisrio^ P"^ 

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4e pjeav aq rr?^ s:iseoppojq ejado 

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Buj^ejado pa^rwrr e a/iJasqo TTT^ 

saT:>TrTOBj ja^nduioj suaq^Y sq? ?pV5 

suia-»sfis e:?e<i afiarroo luo-^J SSawiWSa If 

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S_f -/vow sq? 3e ,a"amdoTaAaa jjas Joj 

£uTpeay„ par^rrjua jaded e pa^uasajd 

(dBojoqolxSd) SSOHD '3 3NVr "tfa 


q:jaqesrr3 -Jfl jSuTjnrjeaj „6urfia P"e 

q^eaa,, uo jeuraas 6Z ^^cpuaAon aq:^ JOj 

pasoTO ST uoT?eJ4sr6aJ ?eq? paounouue 

seq NOIXVOnaa DNItlMIXNOD 30 301 330 3HX 

FOR WEEK OF: Nov. 28 h Dec. 4 iL..j4 

LIB'4&y.J vj J 

yritten Monday, Nov. 21, 1977 

The AC Senior ROTC Unit will hold its first Awards Ceremony at noon Tuesday, 
November 29, on the parade grounds behind the Performing Arts Theatre. At that 
time, various awards for achievement will be presented to outstanding ROTC students. 
Chief among these awards is the Distinguished Military Student (DMS) , which is 
given to cadets who show qualities of leadership, moral character, initiative, 
and aptitude for military service, in addition to maintaining academic standing 
in the upper half of their college classes and the upper third of the ROTC 
class. Eight cadets will receive the DMS, among them Cadet Captain Alice Jackson, 
who will be the first of the class to be commissioned on Dec. 8. Also, five 
students will receive the Recondo Insignia, which is presented to those cadets 
who successfully completed the Recondo phase of training at summer camp. 

Dr. John M. Smith of the AC Sociology Department was elected president of the 
Georgia Sociological Association at the annual GSA convention held in Augusta last 
week. Serving with Smith will be Dr. Anna A. Grant, Morehouse College, 
president elect; Dr. Albert E. McCormick, Jr. , Macon Jr. College, vice-president; 
and Dr. Larry A. Piatt, Ga. Southern College. 

AC President George A. Christenberry is one of two higher education presidents to 
receive meritorious service awards from the American Association of State Colleges 
and Universities (AASCU) . The awards will be given at the national meeting in 
Orlando on Dec. 6. Dr. Christenberry will complete his term on the AASCU Board, 
having served since 1974. More than 250 college and university presidents and 
guests are expected to attend the awards banquet. 

THE AC MODERN DANCERS, under the direction 
of Phyllis Howell, won first place in a 
talent contest at the Medical College of 
Ga. on Nov. 18. Members of the dance 
club are Donna Walker (president) , 
Valerie Webb (vice-president) , Brenda 
Brigham (secretary) , Lisa Sbadden 
(treasurer) , Katrina Powell, Anita 
Chambers, Susan White, Alicia Johnson, 
Patty Laconca, Vanessa Peterson, Angela 
Smith, Veronica Squyres, and Karron 

THE AKA SORORITY Interest Group will meet 
Nov. 30, 1977 at 2 p.m. in Meeting Room 2 
of CAC. Interested women are invited to 

available in the AC Bookstore for the 
Kubler-Ross Workshop to be held on 
Nov. 29. Now on sale are On Death and 
Dying , Questions and Answers on Death 
and Dying , and Death : The Final Stage of 
Growth . 

The Bookstore will operate on the follow- 
ing schedule during the next month: 

Nov. 28 - Dec. 8 Regular hours: 

Dec. 9 & 12 

Dec. 13 - 20 

Dec. 21 - 27 

Dec. 28 - 30 

7:45 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. 
Closed for inventory 
7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 
Christmas Holidays 
7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 

DEADLINE for the weekly Spotlight is 
noon Wednesdays. Mail copy to the 
Public Information Office, Rains 

take place Tuesday, Nov. 29, from 
8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. and Wednesday, 
Nov. 30, from 5-8 p.m. in the College 
Activities Center and the Reese Library. 
All persons casting ballots must have 
a valid I.D. 

9 p.m. - 1 a.m. Dec. 9 in the CAC, 
with music provided by "Stud." Mixers 
are free and admission is 50<:. 

sponsoring a 20th anniversary sweep- 
stakes with more than 2,500 prizes. 
The Procurement Office has details 
and an entry form which must be post- 
marked no later than Dec. 31 and 
received by Jan. 15. Some of the 
prizes include an expense-paid five- 
night family vacation at Disneyland 
or Walt Disney World, a travel trailer, 
a Caribbean cruise and hundreds of 
others. No purchase is required. 


to the annual Fall Concert 8:30 p.m. 

Tuesday, Nov. 29, in the PAT. 

to support the United States Savings 
Bond campaign, according to Comptroller 
Billy Thompson. Although our business 
office does not yet have capabilities 
to make automatic deductions, plans 
are underway to make such service 
available by 1978. Meanwhile the 
comptroller' s office has brochures 
providing information on interest rates, 
face value, redemption, and tax status. 

..snojjo amojtpoddjH dvpTioH,, 'ui'd 0£-£ 

qn-[o uojq sjuh tbuot:^^^ s 'Oi'd 0£'p 


(\josxAjadns-3Jd '3'D 'oi'd z 


8L61 'Z 'uer 

pasojo _ ^^gj- 'jf -oaa 

•ui'd s - 'tii-e 8 , 0£ - 8Z -oaa 

pdsoio iz - TZ 'oaa 

'ui-d s - 'uj'v 8 OZ '6T -oaa 

pseofo 8T 'IT 'oaa 

•m-d s - -m-B 8 91 - ZT 'osa 

pasojo TT '01 'oaa 


sjnoH ^CBjnBau 6 - £ 

•lu-d 0£:0T - -ui'B gp:i (depjjj) z 'oaa 

sjnoH xvjnBau r 'oaa - iz 


• ST ainpaifDs nau aqj; 

•sHepjioH SBur?srji^o "t aBueqo ai^^ 05 

anp sjnoq fijpjqrr jo ainpaifos pssr/vsj 

e panssT seq anVTIMOH AVd NVIdViigil 

• rsjn?ejs:,T7 5 aBenBuvq) hxihs NVDNOa 

pue (s:tjv euTj; U3dd3VHDS mOC 'm dq 

pa?srsse aq ttt/i sh -xvd si/:» uj 'r 'oaa 

'/jepsjnc/i; 'ui-d 0£-8 4e re:»roaj /iarnoej 

e ^uas32d UJM (s:tjv aujd) A3SSnd S3HVC 

•:iuamdoxaAap jBjcm aq ujm ojdo^ :zaH 

•8T pve '7-7- 'p 'oaa uo •«/•& o£'6 3e 

ujBaq ijT/i sassBzo •qojcnqj jBdoosTds 

s,Tned •:ts ^e dnoxQ jooqos qo jnqj ^fnpjf 

aq^ o:» sassBjo aaxqq^ jo sajjas e :^uasajd 

TTJM (BBojoqoRsd) SSOdD '3 3NVC •UQ 


•st/orarpne 'ussv 

sjaqoeaz OTsn^ ejBjoao SV3 Joj u&jujeqo 

ouvjd si^e^s at/5 se paAjtas S0VA3HX 

VIS3tmZHV 'aBajjoo Cbd) snqmnjoD ^e fiep 

ames aq:t uq -aBauoD Co^s) BjqunTOO 

?p p jaqmaAon pjaq st/or^rpne fei/rj 5e 

•ussv sjaqoeax orsaw 'D^S aqq. joj aBpnC 

puTMpooM e4e:?s se paAJas IZODS NHOr 

•ufd ^ - -we II 

'2a:^uaO s^x}f aujj axfq. jo Bqqox aq^ itj 

'S '^sa ' -uow aoejd a^eq. oq. qje j^quajjio 

leujBjao jo ajes puv uojqjqjqxa aqq 

UJ paanqeaj aq itjm s^jom Rjejodmaquoo 

pue anbjque jo tlOIJ.D373S DNIQNVXSXno NV 


FOR (■fEEK OF: Dec. 4 - Dec. 11, 1977 

ffrxtten Wednesday, Nov. 30, 1977 

With fall quarter drawing to a close, faculty, staff and students alike are looking 
forward to a busy and enjoyable holiday. December's calendar is filled with 
parties, dances, and entertainment sure to spirit the work-weary. Two special 
stage productions planned for this month promise to provide delight for the young, 
old, and all in between. The last performance of the musical puppet show "Captain 
Noah and His Floating Zoo" will be presented by the Augusta Children' s Theatre 
Sunday, Dec. 4, at 3 p.m. in the AC Chateau. Tickets are $1.00 and may be purchased 
at the door. Also, the Fort Gordon Music/Theatre will present its first Children' s 
Theatre in several years this month with the production of "Androcles and the Lion" 
by Aurand Harris. The play is scheduled for Dec. 10 and 17 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., 
and again on Dec. 18 at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. This ancient fable of the thorn in the 
lion's paw is told in the style of the Commedia d' ell Arte, using plenty of physical 
buffoonery, slapstick comedy, and quick-witted banter. Reservations are necessary 
and can be made by calling 791-2281 or 791-2714 Wednesday - Monday between noon 
and 7:30 p.m. 

An evening of old-fashioned family Christmas caroling is planned for Sunday, 
Dec. 4, at 6 p.m. by the Summerville Neighborhood Association. Singing will be led 
by the Augusta College choir and will take place around the AC Christmas tree 
near the Fine Arts Building. Everyone attending is asked to bring a candle to be 
lighted during the singing. 

Augusta College will observe Christmas holidays the three weekdays before Christmas 
weekend (Dec. 21, 22, S 23) and the two after Christmas Day. New Year's holiday 
will be observed on Monday, Jan. 2. 

****1Ht*****1t****1HHtiHt** **************************************** ******************** 

invitation to all faculty and staff to 
join former AC students at the annual 
Christmas Party Dec. 17 beginning at 
7:30 p.m. at the Maxwell Alumni House 
on McDowell St., and to a pre-game 
warm-up from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Jan. 7 
before the AC - Valdosta State basket- 
ball game. 

in the College Activities Center Friday, 
Dec. 9, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Admission is 
50^ per person and mixers are free. 
Music will be provided by "Stud." 
Denise Tutt, last year's Hiss Christmas 
Belle, will return to crown the winner 
from among the nine nominees in this 
year's contest. 

THE AC ROTARACT CLUB is planning a dance 
in the CAC at 9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 17. 
More details will be announced later. 

holidays with both the men's and women's 
teams seeing plenty of action. The 
Jaguars, who have won all three games 
this year, take on Lander College at 
Greenwood Dec. 12, then travel to 
Asheville to play UNC on the 15th. They 
rsturn to face Ga. Southern at home 
Dec. 17. THE LADY JAGS will also play 
Lander on Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. and Ga. 
State University at home Dec. 16. On 
Doc. 19, they travel to Aiken to face 
use at 7 p.m. 

season, which opens winter quarter with 
a meet Jan. 6 at 4 p.m. against Ga. 
State at the AC pool. If you've never 
seen our swim team compete, make plans 
to attend one of their exciting matches. 
The pool has plenty of bleachers for 
good viewing. 

A lot of shopping can be done on campus, 
according to Mary Bailey of the AC Book 
Store who says that books are the 
"perfect present for all ages." The 
Book Store offers a selection on every- 
thing from art, cooking, and crafts to 
Elvis, bloopers, and best sellers. You 
can also find watches, stationary, 
umbrellas , coffee mugs, ash trays, 
T shirts, gym shorts, tenn is balls, art 
supplies, and Hon Sac shoulder gFf^ LIBRARY 
bags. The newest item is k l^^^j^j^j^ (-,-,; 1 rf;.;: 
ceramic mug (black with a 1 ol 
seal) . 

DEC 2 1977 

approved by the Georgia Real Bstfet®;-- ■^. 
Commission for prospective jsalesper^SiS^* 
beginning Jan. 3. The coupb c wi±ir^BS""^' 
held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 
7:30 - 10:30 p.m. through Jan. 26, 
completing in time for the February 
License Examination. Sponsors are the 
Office of Continuing Education, the 
Center for Private Enterprise, and the 
Business Administration Dept. For 
registration information, call 828-3306. 



wiskos to thrrJc t'^c? AC cotti n.'ty for 
its support in th<B sorority' s recent 
Fast Day. Proceeds were used to feed 
needy families at Thanksgiving. 

CASH FOR BOOKS, even those not used 
at AC, will be available in the Book 
Store Dec. 7 & 8. Bring any current 
texts you have. 

"Peter Grimes" can be heard Sat. 
Dec. 10, at 2 p.m. on WACG-FM. 

LOST AND FOUND: The Public Safety 
Office has several sweaters waiting 
to be claimed. 

THE REESE LIBRARY will be open from 
8 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. during registration 
on January 3. The regular schedule 
will begin on January 4. 

PLJ*CEMENT announces that three students 
have Jbeen selected to participate in 
a co-operative education irccrrim with 
the Internal Revenue Service. Richard 
Athey (Business) and L(-\-^cj'r Jones 
(Pol. Sci.) started fall qu.'rter and 
are training as revenue officers. 
Jones is working in the Augusta IRS 
Office and Athey is in Macon. 
Cynthia Walker (Business) will start 
her co-op training winter quarter as 
an internal revenue agent in Augusta. 


sweepstakes deadline is this month. 
To be eligible for the more than 
2,500 prizes, entry forms must be 
postmarked no later than Dec. 31 and 
received by Jan. 15. The Procurement 
Office has details and entry forms. 

DEC. 15 IS THE DEADLINE for submitting 
applications to tho Cl-'movr Magazine 
1978 Top Ten College y^u.-an Contest. 
Winners will be fea*ur^d in the 
Magazine' s August issue and will 
receive a trip to New York and a 
$500 cash prize. Pick up applications 
from the Public Information Office, 
Rains Hall. 

THE LAST DAY TO FILE applications for 
new admissions to Augusta College is 
Friday, Dec. 9. Exemption examinations 
in U.S. and Georgia History and in U.S. 
and Georgia Constitutions will be 
given on Dec. 9 in the Testing Center. 
Registration for winter quarter will 
take place Jan. 3. 

A SEMINAR/WORKSHOP on "Planning For 
Wellnos'j; and Ccmmunity Awareness" will 
t£kj tAace Men., Dec. 12, in the 2nd 
Flocr Civic Room of the Ga. Railroad 
Bank Building. The seminar is sponsored 
by the East Central Ga. Health Systems 
Agency of Augusta and The Health/Planning 
Development Center of Atlanta, and is 
designed to assemble a group of people 
who are interested in promoting health 
and education activities. For more 
information, call Joyce Lewis, 724-9927. 


DR. JANE E. CROSS (Psychology) will 
participate in a panel discussion on 
Parental Effectiveness at North Augusta 
Elementary School 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. 

recently presented two sessions at the 
Joint Fall Conference of the Council for 
Exceptional Children and the Ga. Assn. of 
School Psychology in Atlanta. The 
sessions were concerned with Career 
Education for the Mildly to Moderately 
Handicapped and "Child Behavior Indicators 
for Early Identification of Possible Pro- 
blem Areas" for those working with 
young children. Karen Sheppo, Drs. Elige 
Hickman and Frank McMillan also attended. 

DR. LYLE SMITH (Education) published an 
article "Discovery in One, Two, and 
Three Dimensions" in the December issue 
of the Mathematics Teacher . 

DR. EDWARD J. CASHIN JR. (History) has 
an article in the current issue of 
Georgia Review entitled "History as Mores: 
Walker Percy's Lancelot ." 


MONDAY, December 5 

11 a.m. - 7 p. 

m. Exhibit and Sale of 

Original Oriental Art, 
Lobby, Fine Arts 

TUESDAY, December 6 


Luncheon for Phase I 
of Career Guidance 
Institute - CAC 








7:45 a.m. 

Graduate Record Exam 
BH Room 5-7 

8 p.m. 

Georgia Dance Theatre 
"Lic-le Katch Girl" 




FOR WEEK OF: Dec. 12 - Dec. 18, 1977 

Written Wednesday, Dec. 7, 1977 


fi^nfc^ f ^^'^ ^°^^^^^ students have been selected for recognition in "Who's Who 
A^ng Students m American Universities and Colleges," it was announced by the 
antZ U. T ^f "^^'^^^^^ ^^^ students were evaluated by a college comnittee 
TJTJ/ I f^f ^"^^ standing, participation in college and community activities, 
TedirslZ."'' ^''''^-^ ^^°^^" -- ^^^^9 among the country's most outstanding campus 
leaders were seniors John Linwood Adams, a math major; Julie Pettigrew Bonds, a 
I rZr,7.ll ^^^.^"<^^,"'^J'°^' Cynthia H. Branch, a psychology major; John deBack, Jr., 
Lfr ^ "^^''''' .""i^"^^ C' ^eSaavedra, a science major; Robin K. Findley , voice 
aFrZJH^T'^^'.u^^''^ ^- "^^^^^' ^ "-"^^^^-^ education major; Donna Jean Lawler, 
L7.T ^ '"^J°-r/ Ueipra J. Moorehead, a sociology major; Steven A. Roy, a sociology 

ZZr. arS'fan/] TT°"' f ^'^'"''^^'"^ ^^<^-' ^^^-^^^ ^- ^rowell, I chemistry '' 
Zir, V . ^f"^°^P^ ^- f^'^edeman, psychology major. Juniors chosen were 
ZTr.. T "' ^" English and history major; James J. Casey, Jr. , a chemistry 
^7-or aT.I '''"^f^f^' '''' - ^'-^°-y --jor; and Cliff Hull, Jr., a chemistly 
major. Also selected was graduate student Patricia A. B. Johnson, who is working 
on an advanced degree in health services administration. 

•The Jaguar Christmas Classic will take place December 29 & 30 in the AC gym. 

roTf!^r^ n" *^^!.^"""^-^ ^^«"* »^^^ be Cumberland College, USC-Aiken, and Piedmont 
College. Game times are 7 and. 9 p.m. Admission is $2 per person. 

Georgia State College at 5:30 p.m. 
Friday, Dec. 16 in the AC gym. The Lady 
Jags opened their season with a victory 
over Lander College last week. 

THE PLACEMENT OFFICE has a supply of 
College Placement Annuals available free 
to all seniors and graduates and a 
limited supply for alumni. They can be 
picked up on the 2nd floor of the CAC. 

by the Music/Theatre Program at Ft. Gordon 
will begin Dec. 17 with the showing of 
"The Gold Rush" by Charles Chaplin. The 
films will attempt to show historical 
and artistic trends in world cinema. 
Each film presentation will be preceded 
by a lecture with educational handout 
materials. Showings will be at 8 p.m. 
in the Performing Arts Center, Building 
19120, 19th Street, Ft. Gordon. 
Admission is FREE. 

THE AC ROTARACT CLUB will sponsor a 
dance Friday, Dec. 16, 9 p.m. - 1 a.m. in 
the CAC. Admission to the semi-formal 
affair is $3.00 per couple and $2.00 
stag. Music will be provided by the 
"Lyrics." Mixers will be available free. 

(American Business Women's Assn.) is 
sponsoring a New Year's Eve dinner-dance 
at the Executive House Augusta. A 
buffet dinner will be served from 7-9 p.m. 
followed by dancing to the music of the 
Mastertones. Tickets are by advance sale 
only and are $15. The dance is a fund- 
raising project for the ABWA scholarship 
program. Contact Louise Weathers at 

the Graduate Management Admission Test 
(GMAT) is Jan. 6. The test will be 
given on Jan. 28 at the AC Testing 
Center. Registration materials and the 
GMAT Bulletin are available from the 
Dept. of Business Administration and the 
Testing Center. 

beginning in January, a representative 
from the Georgia Dept. of Labor will 
be in the CAC each Thursday morning to 
work with students, alumni, and other 
college-associated job applicants in 
finding full or part-time job opportuni- 
ties. The representative will be 
available to counsel applicants on labor 
trends and eligibility for CETA, Civil 
Service, and State Merit System jobs 
as well as to evaluate vocational 
potential and serve as a referral source 
to service organizations (e.g., Vocation- 
al Rehabilitation, Easter Seals, and 
the Veterans Service Office) . 

LOST: 1 SX-70 Model Polaroid Camera, 
Serial # OM 421171137. r.n.c:y- in t-he^ 

vicinity of the Military Science REpsE LIBRARY 
Building (Old Library Buildii g) /SJQguSTA- C*^' ' '^'^P 
or about 18-21 December 19771 
Call 828-3496/4037. 

" Androcles and the Lion" wil 
Dec. 10 & 17, 10 a.m. & 2 p.i 
Dec. 18, 2 & 4 p.m. 
for reservations. 

DEC 1 2 W 

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2,e AUGU:>1,A, GA. 
, and 30904 

Call 79l-22yr 


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FOR WEEK OF: Jan. 9 - Jan. 15, 1978 

Written Wednesday, Jan. 4, 1978 

The Augusta College Theatre will hold tryouts for its production of Cole Porter's 
Anything Goes January 9, 10, and 11 in the Performing Arts Theatre. The lively 
musical comedy has parts for as many as 20 men and 20 women and all interested 
actors, singers, and dancers are invited to audition. Acting and vocal auditions 
will be held from 3-5 p.m. on January 9 and 10, and dance tryouts will be held 
from 7-10 p.m. on the same days. Call backs are scheduled for 8-10 p.m. on 
Wednesday, Jan. 11. The performances are planned for March 5-8 in the PAT. 

The Student Union will sponsor its first concert of winter quarter Friday, 
January 20, when two highly entertaining acts appear in the Performing Arts 
Theatre. Featured will be Steve Smith, a Black comedian from Atlanta, and Mike 
Williams, a folk singer and composer who displays unusual talent with a twelve- 
string guitar. Admission to the 8 p.m. concert is free for AC students, faculty, 
and staff, $1.00 for other college students, and $2.00 for the general public. 

*****************************iHH^:tiHHHHHtt ****************************************** 

C.W. MUGGINS, director of the National 
Alliance of Businessmen' s Business Ed- 
ucation Liaison Program in Augusta, is 
the new director of the Center for the 
Study of Private Enterprise located in 
Boykin Wright Hall. A major aim of the 
center, which was established last 
quarter through the NAB, is to teach 
methods of teaching how the free enter- 
prise system works. 

its next meeting at noon Hon., Jan. 16, 
at Paine College. Dr. Wu Chieh Cheng, 
associate professor of physics, will 
give a presentation in chemistry 
research. Lunch will be available in 
the cafeteria and tours through the 
new Haygood Holsey will be conducted 
following the lecture. 

SPYROS DALIS (Political Science) will 
participate in a forum titled "Whither 
Thou Goest, Mr. Sadat, Mr. Begin?" at 
8 p.m. Jan. 8 in the Slusky Assembly 
Hall of the Walton Way Temple. Also 
participating will be the Honorable 
Yuval Metser, Israel Senior Consul 
General of the Southeastern U.S. and 
Jim Davis ofWJBF-TV. The three men 
will discuss the fast-changing implica- 
tions of war and peace in the Middle 
East and questions from the audience 
will be welcomed. The public is 

THE AC FILM SERIES will get underway 
again Jan. 13 with Martin Scorsese' s 
"Taxi Driver" starring Academy Award 
winning Robert DeNiro as a New York 
cabbie whose "intense aloness" leads 
to compulsive violence. Showings will 
be at 6 and 8:15 p.m. in the PAT. 
Admission is free to students, faculty, 
and staff of AC and MCG. General 
admission is $1.50 

the Rotary Foundation foreign study 
awards is March 1. Winners of the 
scholarships for Graduate Fellow- 
ships, Teachers of the Handicapped, 
and Professional Journalists will be 
announced in Sept. More information 
and application materials may be 
obtained locally from Monty Osteen 
at the Ga. Railroad Bank or Dr. James 
Pur year at MCG. 

University Hospital will begin Jan. 9 
at 7:30 p.m. The program is designed 
to help participants "kick the habit" 
by offering educational information 
and self-help tips. Participants are 
asked to plan to attend all five 
evening sessions. There is no charge 
for the seminar. 

for business people is being spon- 
sored by the Office of Continuing 
Education with the Chamber of 
Commerce of Greater Augusta in Jan. 
and February. Accounting I will 
start at 12:05 p.m. Jan. 9 and 
continue every Monday and Wednesday 
through Feb. 1. Communication Skills 
for Women will be held on Tuesdays 
and Thursdays from Jan. 10 to Feb. 2 
at 12:05 p.m. Both courses will be 
held in the Chamber Conference 
Room. Participants are asked to 
bring their lunch with them. 

OF SPECIAL INTEREST to those with 
basic typing and shorthand skills 
are two advanced courses offered by 
Continuing Education. Typing II and 
Shorthand II will be held for ten 
consecutive Tuesdays and Thursdays 
Jan. 10 through March 16 on campus. 
Typing will be held from 7-8:30'}p.m. 
followed by shorthand from 
8:30-10 p.m. Register by calling 


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FOR WEEK OF: Jan. 16 - Jan. 22, 1978 Written Wednesday, Jan. 11, 1978 

The Student Union's International Food Festival, a winter quarter highlight, 
will take place 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27, in the College Activities Center. The 
Union v/ill provide cheese, bread, wine, tea and coffee and the price of 
admission will be one covered dish, of foreign or American origin. Pianist 
Walter Hawkins will entertain. All former students are also invited to join 
in the festivities. 

With the arrival of winter, surely Homecoming cannot be far behind. Both 
students and alumni are planning separate get-togethers , exhibits will be on 
display, three games will be played, a queen will be named for 1978, and a pep 
parade will be held. A reminder that Tuesday is the deadline for homecoming 
candidates to submit their signed petitions to the Student Activities Office. 
Voting will be held Jan. 30-31 in the Library and CAC, where photographs of 
the candidates will be on display. At the homecoming dance following the 
game, the band "Symbol 8" will play. The Maxwell Alumni House will be open 
from 3-4:30 p.m. for those arriving in town early; the Lady-Jags will face 
Piedmont College at 3:30 p.m.; the alumni basketball game will start at 5 p.m. 
and the homecoming game at 8 will pit the Jaguars against Columbus College. 
All former students are invited to a party following the game at the Maxwell 
Alumni House. And speaking of games, a wMm^aB>& wArm- op- fojf bM alumni will 
be held Wednesday (Jan. 18) from 6:30 to 7:30 ^.mi^ ^tthe.^laxweU Alumni 
House. Plan to drop by and "warm up" be^re/the Ua^uars-Piedmc^t College 
game at 8. 

JAN 1 7 1978 

THE DEAN'S OFFICE has announced that 
the faculty meeting scheduled for 
Jan. 18 has been cancelled. 

A FACULTY RECITAL featuring Vola 
Jacobs on the piano and David Cedel 
on the cello will be held 3:30 p.m. 
Sunday (Jan. 22) in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. Selections will 
include Boccherini' s Sonata #6 in A; 
Hindemith' s Sonata For Cello and 
Piano; and, following an intermission, 
Chopin's Sonata for Piano and Cello. 

RECRUITERS from Lily, a division of 
Owens Illinois, Inc. will be on 
campus Monday (Jan. 16) to interview 
accounting seniors to fill entry 
level positions. Those with degree 
completion scheduled for March, June 
and August who could assume full-time 
job duties will be permitted to inter- 
view. The Placement Office is also 
planning Career Day activities on 
Feb. 15. Details will be announced. 
All graduating seniors will be able 
to pick up a copy of The Graduate 
magazine, given each year by the 
AC Alumni Assn., at that time. The 
120-page handbook includes information 
on careers, job hunting and life 

publish its annual JOBS issue in 
March featuring a job index, an 
assessment of the 1978 job market, 
and advice on where the jobs are and 
how to get them. Further information 
may be obtained by writing Preston J. 
Edwards, The Black Collegian Magazine, 
3127 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. , 
New Orleans, 70125. 

THE MCG-^^^ER OF S^MA XI will meet 

noyfj Mnnr'^'v P^° ^^' in the Presi- 

dent's Dining Room at Paine College. 
Dr. Wu Chieh Cheng will be speaking 
on "Ion Exchange Equilibria Between 
Cesium and Duolite Resin." Dr. Cheng 
is associate professor of physics at 

of the late Dr. Martin Luther King 
will be held at Paine College on 
Jan. 15. Details will be announced 
in the daily newspapers. 

pictures by Edgefield artist Herbert 
Albin are on exhibit in the lobby of 
the Performing Arts Theatre. The 
process involves fitting together 
hundreds of pieces of different 
types of wood to create abstract and 
pictorial effects. Albin uses 
unstained wood for his works, though 
son^ of the pieces have color obtained 
from trees into which dyes have been 
injected. The collection consists 
of over 30 pictures and will be on 
display through the end of January. 

WILLIAM H. RODIMON, director of 
College and Public Services, is 
recovering from surgery performed 
last week at Doctor's Hospital. 
His many friends and colleagues 
wish him well. 


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FOR l-fEEK OF: Jan. 23 - Jan. 29, 1978 


Written Wednesday, Jan. 18, 1978 

The highly acclaimed National Players will bring their version of Richard III to 
the stage of the Performing Arts Theatre as the quarter's first Lyceum Series 
event Monday, (January 30) at 2 and 8 p.m. The chronicle history is the story of 
one of Shakespeare's most popular arch villains. Richard is portrayed as a man 
of "Machiavellian schemings" who murders his way to the throne. His cunning wins 
him the wife of one of the men he has murdered and his "morbid machinations and 
misdeeds" give him violent control over a kingdom where sexual, military, and 
political power have become chaotically confused. The National Players bring with 
them the reputation of being one of the most respected touring repertory companies 
in the U.S. Their appearances here in the past have been marked by SRO perform- 
ances. Admission to the event is $2.00 or free with current AC I.D. 

************* ********»*********it*it*****iHt* *********************************** ****** 

The Office of Student Activities has announced that eleven young women have 
qualified as candidates for 1978 Homecoming Queen. They are Denise Hodgens, 
Julietta Hughes, Joyce Jackson, Barbara Johnson, Kathy McNitt, Debbie Murphy, 
Vanessa Peterson, Leigh Ann Puryear, Sandy Strength, Cathy Struble and Terri 
Thompson. The queen will be crowned in half-time ceremonies February 4 at the 
Homecoming Game which will pit the Jaguars against Columbus College. Voting will 
be held Jan. 30-31 in the Reese Library and the College Actvities Center, where 
photographs of the women will be on display. ..A homecoming parade is being planned 
for noon Feb. 3 starting on campus and proceeding toward the downtovfn area. 
Every campus organization is asked to submit an entry. Floats, cars, and even 
bicycles may be entered. Plaques will be presented to the top three winners and 
a cash prize will go to the first place winner. Call Louis Navarro at 3414 or 
Student Activities at 3806, 

Film Series movies this week are Truffaut's Day For Night (which won an academy 
award for Best Foreign Film)on Jan. 24 and the hilarious Uptown Saturday Night on 
Jan. 26. Showtimes are 6 s 8:15 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre. Students, 
faculty and staff are reminded that the AC Hourly Child Care Service is open for 
the 6 p.m. showing. Regular hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for children ages 1-5. 
Fifty cents an hour for the first child, seventy-five cents for two. The service 
is located on the Boykin Wright property adjacent to campus. 


an educational field trip to Aiken, S.C. 
in conjunction with USC-Aiken Friday, 
Feb. 3, for members and their guests. 
The program will get underway with a 
6:L5 p.m. social followed by a buffet 
dinner and short talk by Dr. Emil Roy, 
USC-Aiken dean of academic affairs. 
After a campus tour. Dr. Robert Fuller, 
professor of solid state physics at 
the University of Nebraska, will speak 
on "A Piagetian Theory of Logical 
Thought and Reasoning." Reservations 
must be made by Jan. 31. Call 722-5497. 

THE AC HISTORY CUJB will hold an 
informal meeting at the Maxwell Alumni 
House Friday, January 27. History 
majors and any students interested in 
history are invited to stop by between 
3 and 7 p.m. Refreshments will be 

THE FINE ARTS DEPT. conducts faculty 
and student recitals each Wednesday at 
noon in the PAT. Everyone is invited. 


University Hospital's Recreational 
Committee is planning one to Sugar 
Mountain, N.C. the weekend of Feb. 24- 
26 and AC students, faculty and staff 
are invited to participate. The cost 
is $60 per person and includes lodging, 
bus transportaion and insurance. Food 
and rental of ski equipment are extra. 
Three bedroom condominiums for six 
persons are being rented, so find a 
group with whom you wish to share 
accomodations and call B.J. Tidwell 
at 722-9011 to make reservations before 
Feb. 9. 

MAKE PLANS NOW to attend the Student 
Union's annual International Food 
Festival at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 27. 
Admission is one prepared foreign or^ 
American food dish, 
bread, and entertaii 

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07 r 

FOR WEEK OF: Jan. 30 - Feb. 5, 1978 

Written Wednesday, Jan. 25, 1978 

It's Homecoming week and spirits are riding high as both winning AC basketball 
teans ready for their February 4 contests on the AC courts. At press time, the 
Jaguars had just been ranked seventh in the nation in NCAA Division II play. 
The Lady Jags upped their record to an impressive 9-4 with a double overtime 
victory over the USC-Aiken Pacers. . .Student activities will begin with the parade 
Friday noon Feb. 3. After the games Saturday night, the Homecoming dance in the 
C AC will feature "Symbol 8," a musically diverse group who will play until 1 a.m. 
Admission to the dance is 50<: and one AC I.D. per couple. Homecoming has always 
had special significance for alumni, who are planning their own basketball game 
at 5 p.m. Saturday, featuring former players of AC and the Junior College. Out 
of town alumni arriving early are invited to stop by the Maxwell Alumni House 
which opens at 3 p.m. and to the party following the game. Campus personnel 
are also invited to come by and see old friends. 

Three major attractions in the AC Lyceum Series are coming up in the next few 
weeks. The National Players of Washington D.C. will stage their production of 
Richard III at 2 p.m. and again at 8 p.m. Monday, January 30, in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. Discount tickets to the matinee performance will be available to 
area school students. Following Shakespeare will be a musical theatre produc- 
tion by the National Theatre Company February 9 at 8 p.m. "Black Magic" 
celebrates the world of black entertainment during the 50' s through the 70' s. 
Then on February 17, Georgia State Senator Julian Bond, spokesman of the "New 
Politics," will make a guest appearance and lecture in the PAT. General 
admission to all events is $2.00, or free with current I.D. Active alumni 
receive a special discount. 

*************************it**iHHt**** ******************** ************************** 

CAREER DAY, a project sponsored by the 
Office of Career Planning and Placement, 
will be held from 9-2 Wednesday (Feb. 15) 
on the first floor of the College Acti- 
vities Center. Placement counselor 
Rita Rutsohn said area employers 
representing business and industry, 
state and federal agencies and educa- 
tional systems will be on hand to 
describe opportunities available in the 
job market. A 11:15 a.m. luncheon will 
be held in the AC Towers with President 
George A. Cbristenberry scheduled to 
speak. Copies of The Graduate , a 
magazine which describes job availabili- 
ties, will be distributed to interested 
students by the AC Alumni Association. 

CENTER (OIC) is sponsoring its second 
annual sweetheart ball 9 p.m. Feb. 17 
at the Executive House Convention 
Center with entertainment by the Brown 
Ash Band. Donations are $6 per person 
and tickets may be obtained by calling 

Casablanca , the 1943 classic starring 
Bogart and Bergman, Jan. 31 (Tues.) and 
The Conformist , directed by Bernardo 
Bertolucci of "Last Tango" fame on 
Feb. 2. Show times are 6 and 8:15 p.m. 
in the PAT. 

A BENEFIT CONCERT to support a scholar- 
ship at AC will be presented at 3 p.m. 
Sunday, Feb. 19, in the PAT. Sponsored 
by the Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa 
Gamma, the concert will feature duo 
pianists Artemesia Thevaos and Lydia 
Porro and soprano Mary Ann Britt. 
Tickets are $3.00 and can be purchased 
at the door. The cost is tax deducti- 

CAMPUS PERSONNEL are reminded of their 
invitation to attend a continental 
breakfast meeting of the Manufacturer's 
Council of the Greater Augusta Chamber 
of Commerce Tuesday (Jan. 31) at 
7:45 a.m. at Trinity On-The-Hill Church 
fellowship hall. A live taping of a 
t.v. program about the college's 
Center for the Study of Private Enter- 
prise will follow breakfast. The 
program will offer a means of finding 
out more about the Center, .MDd.-J-t, 
services. President Chr|ister(i^ieS9S/ LICRARY 
has asked personnel to r^spc^^^iG&^his ' 
office if interested in fttending. 

JAN 3 1 1978 



The Office of Career Planning and y-^ , qj:^ 

Placement has announced that Milced^,-^^^' 

Parcel Service (UPS) will come to_ 

campus to interview for part-time 

positions if enough students show an 


These jobs offer a $5.47 HOURLY WAGE. 

Interested persons should sign up at 

the Placement office right away. 


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ijeuueAes uj adazjoj a^e^S Buoj:tsmsv 

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uojun auspn^s XD^jn 

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jossajojd qojsasas 'U3MIU "ff mior "HJ 



The Black Student Union has announced I plans for a campus-wlc 
History Week beginning Monday, February 13 /^^ijd ^continuing 
roster of speakers, one each day, will lecture'^ai^itoon in 
College Activites Center. 

e celebration of Black 
hrough Friday. A 
eting room 2 of the 
county commissioner. 

The schedule includiF 
on Monday; Joseph Green, first president of the BSU, on Tuesday; a special guest 
on Wednesday; Charles Walker, director of the Human Relations Commission, Thursday; 
and Geneva Stallings, coordinator of Title I remedial reading and math program, 
Friday. Also on the agenda is the festival "Changing Times' Monday night at 8 p.m. 
in the PAT. The program will include creative dancing, poetry reading, singing, 
dramatic presentations , and a fashion show. Admission is free with a valid I.D. 
and $1.00 for the public. Culminating the week's activities will be the Lyceum 
Series appearance of Ga. State Senator Julian Bond at 8 p.m. Fri. Feb. 17 in the 
PAT. General admission for the event is $2.00. Reigning as queen and official 
hostess for Black History Week will be Annetta Mackie, a sophomore nursing major 
who was elected by the BSU. 

Denise Hodgehs, a senior accounting major, was crowned Homecoming Queen by Pres. 
George A. Christenberry during half time ceremonies at the Homecoming game last 
Saturday night. Teena Cunningham, last year's queen, presented Denise a bouquet 
of roses and John Trulock gave her a silver picture frame on behalf of the Alumni 
Association. Vanessa Peterson was first runner-up in the competition and Cathy 
Struble was second runner-up. Also during the ceremonies a $25.00 check went to 
the Student Nurses' Assn. for first place entry in the Homecoming parade. The 
Drama Club won second place and the Black Student Union and the Modern Dance Club 
tied for third. 

members are gearing up for the fourth 
annual AC Mathematics Contest to be held 
on campus March 6. Richmond Academy will 
CO- sponsor the competition which draws 
math students from throughout the CSRA. 
The tournament consists of a morning 
written exam and an afternoon quick- 
answer session. Entrance forms are 
available from the department, according 
to Dr. Fred Maynard, contest coordinator . 
Plagues, trophies, and medallions will 
be awarded to winners in both team and 
individual competition. 

Careers "Tour and See Day" at the 
Medical College of Ga. Sat., Feb. 25. 
Sponsored by local medical auxiliary 
clubs, the program will acquaint students 
with various career opportunities 
available in allied health fields. It 
will begin at 8:15 a.m. in the MCG 
student center and will include rotating 
visits to ten hospital areas. Lunch is 
included for $1.35 and will allow 
students time to ask questions after the 
tour. Interested persons should sign 
up at the Counseling Center in Bellevue 
Hall. Deadline is Feb. 15. 

ENGLISH MAJORS and all who have taken 
English courses are invited to the 
English Club meeting 1-2 p.m. Feb. 14, 
Room 3 of the CAC. The new club is 
organizing to provide interested students 
an opportunity to exchange ideas. 

two Maylasian army officers who are 
studying at Ft. Gordon to speak at 
noon Fri., Feb. 17 in the lecture 
room of Butler Hall. Capt. Peng Yew 
Kee and Maj. Ahmad Khalit will discuss 
the Maylasian army and the balance 
of power in Southeast Asia. Everyone 
is invited. 

DUE TO THE LENGTH of the Film Series 
feature Lawrence^yOf^ Arabia , there has 
been a change in show times. It can 
be seen at 3 p.m. and at 8:15 p.m. 
Wed. Feb. 15. 

hosted the annual meeting of the Ga. 
Assn. of Accounting Instructors at 
the Thunderbird Inn last week. 
Dr. Otha L. Gray, chairman of the 
dept. , delivered the welcoming 
address . 

ZATION CENTER (OIC) is sponsoring its 
second annual sweetheart ball 9 p.m. 
Feb. 17 at the Executive House Conven- 
tion Center with entertainment by the 
Brown Ash Bdnd. Call 724-0542 for 

A GRAY KITTEN is looking for a home. 
Housebroken and good with children. 
Call Louise at 3211. 


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'V3reaV 'uoj^Bonpa ' ssdUTsnq—suoj:iBZTUVBio 9c mojj saAj:^B:iuasaidad 

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JO aoxjjo DV aq:^ Bq peJOSUOds 'ffVUDOHd AVa d33iIVD IVflNNV ^ssjj aqx 



Feb. 20 - Feb. 26, 1978 

Written Wednesday, Feb. 22, 1978 

'2(0 Jlty u ''°"'^ """^'"^^ ''^°^"'" °" ^"^^^^ ^^^^ highlight the spring cruarter 

calendar begxnmng March 28 with the opening session at 8 pj. in Butler Hall 

fTlrnTanTV^l '"''''^'" '° "'"^""^^ '°' ^^^^^^ - various' discipUnes and the 
films and lectures are open free to the community. As a prelude to the tAree- 

Si i."7T"\'/""''"" "' "^^'^ ''''' °^- '^'^ ---^^ ^" t;,e Reese Library and 
Ton^i^ %"" '"^"-^"^^ ^'^""^'^^ °^ ^^^^^^i^r^ Baroque architecture and a 
20tilT °V""'\^"'' ^^^^'"^^ ^^ "°^^^" Brazilian artists, seven experts on 
lecturTZ? f.' "^7 ^^^" '""''^^ '^^ ^^""^"^ ^' ^"''"'" ^'-^^^^9 Scholars to 
MaTseries 7Z ' ""t 't"^ "''' ""' '^""^ °" Thursdays throughout the March-to- 
inii/l Pre-reg^stratxon for spring quarter courses, including the Third 

World Program, will be held Feb. 20-24. 

Oarruf^Sif °^'f.^^°"^°""^ ^ ^""^^^'^ ^'^ ' P-"' ^"^ ^^^- ^^' featuring 

?or ?^. o f '""^ HaHavishnu Orchestra. The 12 piece rock band is well kno^m 

Kiss rZ T,? .^? ^""^ ^'"^^- '■'^^^^ ^^'^^^^ ^°^"^^^ °" ^"'^^ superstars as 
Ini'h/Z iT?.' ^^^ ^^^^' ^"^ "^^^" ^^^^y- ^^^^-"^ ^^"^ for the concert 
ThnLf.. l '. ^" ^^^l^rita-based country rock group who performs often with 

Tdsl fnT^'y. '"^Z^.^^°'' " ^^^^ '^^^^ ^^^^^ ^'D-r $1 for other college students, 
^d $2 for the public. Tickets can he purchased at the box office the night of 

THE AC BAND, under the direction of John 
Scott, will perform in concert at 
8:30 p.m. Wed., Feb. 22, in the PAT. 
The program will include works by Sousa, 
iJagner, Vaughn-Williams, Gershwin, and 
Osser. An unusual feature will be 
"Notturno for Turkish Band," written by 
Spohr in 1820. Admission is free. 

concession stands at the Master's Golf 
Tournament April 3-9. Hours will be 
8 a.m. - 6 p.m. at minimum wage. Inquire 
at the Placement Office, 2nd floor of 
the CAC, for further details. 

MCG will be held 3-6:30 p.m. Tues., 
Feb. 28 in the MCG student center. 
Hospital, army, and navy recruiters will 
be available to discuss current job 
opportunities and trends. AC students, 
particularly nursing, science, and 
allied health majors, are invited. If 
you are interested in interviews with 
specific groups, contact Buddy Martin, 
Placement Office, Residence II, 
ext. 3471. 

A BENEFIT CONCERT to support a scholar- 
ship at AC will be presented at 3 p.m. 
Sunday, Feb. 19 in the PAT. Sponsored 
by the Rho Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, 
the concert will feature duo pianists 
Artemesia Thevaos and Lydia Porro and 
soprano Mary Ann Britt. Tickets are 
$3,00 and can be purchased at the door. 
The cost is tax deductible. 

of the University of Ga. in Athens will 
perform in concert at 8 p.m. Tues., 
Feb. 28, in the PAT. The orchestra is 
directed by Thomas Weaver, well known 
to local audiences as concertmaster of 
the Augusta Symphony. The concert is 
free and open to the public. 

AC HAS SET MARCH 17 as a second audition 
date for the Robert J. and Annie V. 
Maxwell and the Craig-Rockholt music 
scholarships for incoming freshmen. 
The additional auditions are offered to 
accomodate students unable to attend 
try-outs on Feb. 18. For further 
information and application forms, 
contact John Scott in the Fine Arts 
Dept. , 828-3211. 

Health Program booklets available for 
members of the AC Blue Cross and Blue 
Shield plans. The booklets explain 
coverages, claim procedures , and 
contract exclusions. If you would like 
one mailed to you, call the office at 

one of America' s outstanding researchers 
in biochemistry, will be the first 
lecturer in the Medical College of Ga.'s 
Sesguicentennial lecture series. His 
address, "DNA in 3iology , Medicine, and 
Society," will begin at 3 p.m. in the 
large auditorium at 



MAR 1 1978 

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•rrem Bq maq:t Bujjapao joj uodnoo e 
ure:tuoo sui aq:^ Bq :^no :tuas saBe-foPd 
x^^ TTV 'saojjjo jre? jejapaj :^som rje 
pai/re^qo aq ueo s:^aTqdmBd aqx -t/jrir^sj 
Jno/i :^oaJJe Beiu qorqn su/a?r 2aq:^o 
PUB 'sz^soo Te:map pue T^orpaui 'suazr^ro 
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uor:tBojjqnd aaaj e Buraajjo sr sdl aqx 
cNiI/U3ii XVX UnOA HXIM dlSH a33N 


FOR WEEK OF: Feb. 27 - March 5, 1978 

Written Wednesday, Feb. 22, 1978 

The Augusta College Theatre will stage its production of Cole Porter's musical 
comedy Anything Goes 2 p.m. Sunday (March 5) and at 8 p.m. March 6,7, and 8 in 
the PAT, The play is a farcical story about gansters on the lam and mismatched 
lovers. Stirring up the social scene on board the England bound "America" is an 
evangelist and night-club entertainer , Reno Sweeney, and her four Angels. She 
and Moonface Martin, public enemy If 13, help Billy Crocker to i/in Hope Harcourt 
from Sir Evelyn Oakley, the English peer her mother has picked out for her. 
Before Hope and Billy can get together, though, hilarious confusion reigns. Such 
famous Porter songs as Friendship , I Get A Kick Out of You , Anything Goes , and 
Blow, Gabriel, Blow are featured. Cast members include Dale Lam, Jim Stovall, 
Charles Livingston, Misha Fogle, Arthur Wilson, Ellen Prather, Ruthie Shuford, 
Debbie Nelson, Ella Reischer, Susan Plunkett, Lynne Jones, Rob Walker, Curtis 
Adams, Michael Angel, Tommy Chappelle, Michael Bethune, Eugene Hightower, Andy 
Long, Mark Pritchard, Bruce Purvis, Johnny Walsh, Larry Weintz, Joe Downs, 
Joe Clement, Paula Findly, Sue Giambalvo, Betsy Gilmer, Mary Goodspeed, Jeannie 
Huber, Mary Ann Reeves, Melissa Allen, and dancers from the Augusta West Dance 
Studio. Direction is by Duncan Smith, musical direction by James Russey, 
choreography by Arthur Asbell and the setting by Richard Frank. Tickets are 
$2 general; $1.50 for non-AC students, free for military, senior citizens and 
retired personnel. AC ID holders will be admitted free. 

The University Civic Symphony Orchestra of the University of Ga. will perform in 
concert 8 p.m. Tuesday (Feb. 28) in the PAT. The Symphony is a full 70-piece 
orchestra and is under the direction of Thomas Weaver, concertmaster of the 
Augusta Symphony. The program for the concert will include Schubert' s delicately 
orchestrated "Symphony No. 5 in B~Flat Major," Sibelius popular "Finlandia," and 
Liszt's "Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-Flat Major," featuring soloist Carlos Kussrow- 
Corma. Admission is free. 

THE PLACEMENT OFFICE reports that the 
PACE exam (a U.S. Civil Service 
qualifying exam for 120 entry level 
federal positions GS-5 to GS-7) will be 
given in April for the last time this 
year. To be eligible, a student must 
be within nine months of receiving a 
degree and must call Atlanta before the 
Feb. 28 deadline. The toll free number 
is 1-800-282-1670. 

ANYONE INTERESTED in an interview with 
the Peace Corps or Vista representatives 
on March 9 can contact the Placement 
Office for literature. 

for the Grover B. Williams Mathematics 
Scholarship for the 1978-79 academic 
year. Math majors may pick up applica- 
tions at the Dept. of Math and Computer 
Science or the Financial Aid Office 
before the April 30 deadline. 

AN EXHIBITION AND SALE of original and 
oriental art will be held 10 to 5 
Monday (March 6) in the lobby of the 
Fine Arts Center. An outstanding 
selection of antique woodblock prints, 
plus original etchings, woodcuts and 
lithographs by contemporary oriental 
printmakers will be on exhibit. 

THE MANAGER of the counseling division 
of the Teachers Retirement System 
will be on campus March 8 for individu- 
al counseling sessions and a talk at 
the faculty meeting. He will offer an 
explanation of the benefit program and 
information on recent retirement legis- 
lation. He will answer questions about 
vested rights, establishment of retire- 
ment credit for out-of-state service 
and others you may have. Individual 
sessions will be scheduled every 15 
minutes from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. 
and from 1:15 p.m. through 2:30 p.m. 
in the conference room, across from the 
Personnel Office (Fanning Hall) . Call 
Personnel (3127) to make an appoint- 
ment. A limited supply of "TRS Facts, 
A Member's Guide to the Teachers 
Retirement System of Georgia" are 
also available by calling Personnel. 

THE CAMPUS was the site last week-end 
of the East Central Regional Conference 
of the Georgia Council of Teachers of 
Mathematics hosted by the Dept. of 
Mathematics and Computer Science. 
Program coordinator was Dr. Fred 




R 11978 



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IjounoD OTuajjaiiuBd 

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S3TQ.Tun^joddo qoc 

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fiaruja^ejj rqd rs<j ^Bamo 

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qnjj aouea ujapou 

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aqq. 5q pajosuods j -qdas - gZ 'Bnv 

PT^q aq TTJm qaodaajj pue nesse/tf 

oq. sjaqqo pue jumnje oy joj 3SinuD V 


Members of the Augusta College Student Art 1--nr|-lif f m i r fi i iiiir, >, preparing 

the Brazilian Art Show to be displayed in the Reese Library beginning this month. 
The show is part of the spring quarter Cullum Third World Culture program on 
Brazil. Featured in the display will be photographs by art historian and visual 
arts scholar Clarival Do Prado Valladares depicting details of Minerian Baroque 
painting, sculpture and architecture. In addition, a series of prints including 
serigraphs, lithographs, and etchings by modern Brazilian artists are being 
mounted by the students for display. The exhibit is sponsored by the Brazilian- 
American Cultural Institute under the auspices of the Ambassador of Brazil and 
Mrs, Araujo Castro. 

Applications are now being accepted for two Richard Timothy Mixon Scholarships 
for the academic year 1978-79. Applicants must be full time students seeking 
graduation from AC as either chemistry or pre-med majors, and must have attained 
sophomore standing. The awards are in memory of the late Richard Timothy Nixon, 
a 1972 chemistry graduate. Applications are available from the Dept. of Chemistry 
and Physics and must be completed by July 1. 

Charles Fuller will be interviewing 
senior students interested in joining the 
Peace Corps or Vista all day on March 9. 
Interviews will begin at 8:45 a.m. and 
the Placement Office must be contacted 
ahead of time to schedule an appointment. 

Columbia, S.C. will be on campus Wed., 
March 8, in the main lobby of the CAC 
to interview interested students. 
Interview times are from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

will be staged by the AC Theatre 2 p.m. 
Sunday, March 5, and Monday through 
Wednesday (March 6-8) at 8 p.m. in the 
PAT. Students with a valid ID will be 
admitted free. General admission, $2; 
non-AC students, $1.50, 

interested students that the sign-up 
period for Student Senate elections is 
in effect through March 31 with elections 
scheduled for April 25-26. Persons 
interested in representing their depart- 
ment or filling the SGA slots of president, 
vice president, secretary and treasurer 
are asked to come by the office. 
Alice de Saavedra has signed up for the 
position of SGA president thus becoming 
the first woman to run for the post. 

may get their id's validated March 23-24 
at the Student Activities Office or the 
Library. Students are also reminded 
that they MAY NOT have their ID' s 
validated on registration day March 27. 

H.F. BOWSHER, and R.L. EZELL (Chemistry 
S Physics Dept.) attended a Piaget 
Conference at USC-Aiken, Feb. 3 and 4. 

that due to the exam schedule, the 
Reese Library will be open Fri., 
March 17, until 10:30 p.m. The 
regular schedule will be observed 
through March 21. Hours for the 
following week are: 

Mar. 22-24 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Mar. 25-26 Closed 

Mar. 27 7:45 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. 

Mar. 28 Begin regular schedule 

at 7:45 a.m. 

DR. FRANK TUBBS was accompanied by 
students Jeff Grossman, Sandi Strength, 
Vicki Smith, and Clifford Kelley to 
the Student Ga. Assn. of Educators' 
Annual Representative Assembly in 
Atlanta last week. Sandi Strength 
gave a brief speech at the dinner 
banquet and Jeff Grossman accepted 
four awards on behalf of the AC-Geral- 
dine Hargrove Chapter of SGAE. 
Dr. Tubbs was given a standing ovation 
for his years of service and proclaimed 
a life-time member of SGAE. Twenty- 
seven Ga. colleges were represented at 
the annual event. 

Next week, Sandi Strength, Vicki Smith, 
and Dr. Tubbs will attend the 16th 
Annual Governor's Conference on Educa- 
tion in Atlanta. 


The AC Modern Dance Club meets each 
Mon. S Wed. night at 7:30 p.m., not 
7 p.m. 




March 26, 1978 

Written Wednesday, March 15, 1978 

Four-time Masters winner Arnold Palmer will appear at 7 p.m. March 29 in the Bell 
Auditorium on behalf of the Augusta College Golf Association. The program will 
include a barbecue dinner, a talk by Palmer, and a film on the last time he won 
the Masters. Tickets are $15 and can be obtained from the Maxwell Alumni House. 
The cost is tax deductible. Checks should be made payable to the Augusta College 
Golf Foundation. 

The National Theatre of the Deaf will bring their production of Alexander Dumas' 
The Three Musketeers to the stage of the PAT at 7:30 p.m. March 21, co-sponsored by 
the Augusta Junior League and the AC Office of Continuing Education. This unusual 
and exciting presentation by the Tony-award winning company is designed for hearing 
as well as non-hearing audiences . The company has 12 members, three of whom can 
hear and who narrate the action. They are celebrating their tenth anniversary this 
year, ^nd the production is their 24th in a series of national and international 
tours. Tickets are $3.00 for adults and $1.50 for children. The box office will 
be open Monday, March 20, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. and Tuesday, March 21, 10 a.m. to 
performance time. 

ERIC WEST HARDY, who had the distinction 
of having served the longest term of any 
of AC'S presidents , died last week at 
the age of 94. During his term, AC was 
still the Junior College of Augusta and 
housed in the old academy building. He 
was president from 1937 to 1954, when he 
retired because he had reached the 
mandatory age of 70. He was rehired in 
1957 to assist in establishing the college 
on its present old arsenal site. 

becotne operational on campus beginning 
the first pay period in April . At 
that time, all employees considered 
non-exempt by the Fair Labor Stands^rds 
Act will be paid bi-weekly (every two 
weeks), thereby receiving a total of 
26 pay checks per year. Exempt 
employees will continue to be paid on 
the last institutional working day 
of each month. 

that the AC Panhellenic Assn. (Alpha 
Delta Pi and Zeta Tau Alpha) will be 
serving free coffee and doughnuts on 
Registration Day, March 27. The table 
will be located in the faculty dining 
room 8 to 11:30 a.m. 

RANDY WALL, an AC senior majoring in 
French, took the "best actor" award at 
"Dionysia," the drama competition 
held last week at Clemson University . 
Wall won for his performance in scenes 
from Moliere' s Le Ma lade Imaginaire , 
which he presented in French. Best 
actress and best play awards were also 
presented in the annual event, which 
drew contestants from colleges and 
universities throughout the southeast. 

sponsoring a workshop 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. 
Tuesday, March 21, in the lecture room 
of Butler Hall. Peggy Broadnax will 
conduct the session, focusing on teacher- 
made materials. 

ORIENTATION for entering freshmen and 
transfer students will be held March 27 
beginning with a reception by the 
Student Government Assn. at 9 a.m. in 
the Performing Arts Theatre. The 
advising session, normally held later 
in the day, will take place at 11 a.m. 


Barbara Rowland - Education 
Karen Graham - ROTC 
Matthew LeValle - Public Safety 
Lawrence Tingen - Public Safety 
Linda Johnston - Procurement 
Diane Burrows - Project Day Care 
Robert Shanks - Director of Plant 

Franklin Butler - Plant Operations 
Emory Pierce - Plant Operations 

THE AC BOOK STORE has announced the 

following schedule: 

March 22 S 23 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 

7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 

7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 


7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 

(Book Rush) 
March 30 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 

March 31 7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 

Regular hours beginning April 3, 1978: 
Monday - Thursday 7 i45 a.m. - 5:45 p.m 
Friday 7\45 a^r - 3:15 p.m^- 

March 24 
March 27 

March 28 S 29 



A used book company representative will 
be in the Book Store March 20 and 
March 21st from 9 a.m. -^4 p.m. 


- A 


ssajppe rrr/i (Rjo:isth) snODVS SSIHVHO 'Ua 

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Ciugusta-college spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by thrjriililii iirilliimliiiii Offii i 




FOR WEEK OF: April 10 - April 16, 1978 

Writtenhjedn^kkyj/iiApril 5, id? 8 

William S. Doxey, professor of English at West j i i ni i MH hiLK^iii i I If visit 

campus this week as an exchange scholar in the Ga. Consortium ExchangepfOgram. 
His two-day stay at AC will include meetings and conferences with creative writing, 
science fiction, and freshman English classes. In addition, he will give a public 
reading from his collection of poems titled "The Good 01' Girl" at 8 p.m. 
Wednesday, April 12 in the lecture room of Butler Hall. At noon April 13 he will 
give an informal lecture tentatively and intriguingly titled "Love, Violence, 
and Life After Death." Doxey has had poems and articles published in professional 
journals as well as mainstream and science fiction in popular magazines. Everyone 
is invited to his lectures. 

The AC Department of Fine Arts will present "The A.C. Pops" in concert at 
8:30 p.m. Monday, April 10, in the PAT. The program will feature selections by 
Simon and Garfunkel, Mac Davis, John Lennon, Gordon Lightfoot, and other popular 
entertainers . Admission is free. 

The AC Student Union will sponsor an afternoon concert featuring "Overland 
Express" at 3 p.m. Sunday, April 16, in the Performing Arts Theatre. Admission 
is free with a valid I.D., $1.00 for other college students, and $2.00 general. 
Tickets can be purchased at the door. 

THE DEADLINE for submitting manuscripts 
and samples of work to the Sandhills 
Writers' Workshop and Writing Conference 
has been extended to April 10, according 
to conference director Charles L. Willig. 
Dr. Willig reminds everyone that the 
conference will be held April 20-22 on 
campus and is open to everyone interested 
in writing. A staff of four professional 
writers will conduct sessions and consult 
individually with those who request a 
conference. For further information, 
contact the Office of Continuing Education, 

STUDENTS WHO PLAN to do their student 
teaching during fall quarter of 1978 or 
winter quarter of ' 79 are urged to 
apply immediately. Contact Dr. Frank 
Tubbs in the Education Dept. 

and all other interested persons are 
asked to meet with Dr. Ralph Walker at 
noon Thursday, April 13, in topic room 3 
of the CAC. 

THE AUGUSTA FOOD CO-OP will sponsor a 
benefit concert at 8 p.m. at the Julian 
Smith Barbecue Pit Monday, April 17. 
Music will be provided by several groups, 
including the John Doe Jazz Band and 
Bill Dooley. The AC Modern Dance Club 
will be on hand to give a modern dance 
presentation. Refreshments will be 
available. Tickets are $2.00 in advance 
and $3.00 at the door. 

DR. THOMAS E. SKIDMORE , professor of 
history at the University of Wisconsin, 
is this week's guest speaker in the 
Cullum Third World Culture Program on 
Brazil. His topic at noon April 11 
will be "Conflicting Trends in 
Brazilian Political History to 1964," 
and at 8 p.m. "Brazil: Developments 
Since 1964," both in the lecture room 
of Butler Hall. Dr. Skidmore has 
authored several books on Brazil 
(including An Experiment in Democracy 
and Black Into Whi te : Race and 
Nationality in Brazilian Thought) and 
more than a score of scholarly 

students to receive a $500 scholarship 
from the 10th District Nurses Assn. 
She will receive her award at this 
week's meeting. 

INTERNATIONALLY known pocket billiard 
and trick-shot artist Jack White 
will return to campus by popular 
demand Tuesday, April 11 in free 
exhibitions at noon and 7:30 p.m. in 
the College Activities Center. White 
has been featured in numerous magazines 
and on top television shows and has 
played throughout the U.S. and in 
foreign countries. He has played 
billiards with Jacqueline Kennedy 
Onassis, Racguel Welch and other well- 
known personalities . 


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axnqexaqxq pue saBenBueq jo quamqxedaa 
SV5 ux SH3awaN AXinOV3 30 USaN/lN V 



ege spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Informatic 



/ ^<r.^:^M^ 

FOR WEEK OF: July 2 - July 8, 1978 


Written Thursday, June 20,"" 1078 

Augusta College radio station WACG-FM will provide a new Service to the blind 
and print handicapped beginning 8:45 a.m. July 3 with a daily three-hour 
broadcast. This month's Monday - Friday program will include morning music, 
readings from newspapers and periodicals, and a best-seller hour. The CSRA 
Radio Reading Service is the first of its kind in Ga. with the exception of a 
one-hour newscast over an Atlanta-based F!I station. It is co-sponsored by 
the Augusta Chapter of the Ga. Federation of the Blind to meet the needs of 
anyone who is unable to read printed materials. Anyone interested in 
volunteering to read for the service can audition at the radio station. A 
minimum of tv/o recording hours per week r/ill be required of each volunteer 
reader. All readings are taped for broadcast at a later time in order to fit 
volunteers' schedules. To become a reader, call Dorothea Dawson, program 
coordinator, at 798-6569 or 328-3702. To obtain more information or make a 
contribution, call Stephen E. Douglass, director, 828-3702 or 733-9039. 

A special short course on "Handgun Safety" for persons 21 years of age and older 
will be offered by the Office of Continuing Education. The course is designed 
to teach owners of handguns how to operate them and acquaint them with safety 
procedures and Georgia gun laws. Classes will meet 4 Monday evenings 7-9 p.m. 
July 10 - August 5. There will also be one Saturday practice session. For 
more details, contact the office at 828-3306. 

sponsor a cosmetics and fashion work- 
shop from 1 to 5 p.m. Monday, July 10 
in Topic Room 1 of the CAC. Refresh- 
ments will be served. Interested 
women are invited. 

THE A.C. FILM SERIES X'/ill feature 
"Once Upon a Time in the IJest" starring 
Henry Fonda, Claudia Cardinale, and 
Jason Robards Thursday, July 6, in the 
PAT. There will be only one showing 
at 8:15 due to the length of the film. 
Admission is free with a valid A.C. or 
MCG I.D. , $1.50 general . 

Pickens Rd. will be open daily from 
7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for the summer 
quarter. Contact the Office of 
Student Activities 828-3806 concerning 
any problems about the new hours. 

Summer Day Camp program. Hours of 
operation are 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., 
Monday - Friday. Cost is $16.00 per 
week for children of A.C. staff, faculty 
and students and $22.00 for the general 
public. Contact Kathy Thompson at 
828-3806 for further information. 

AC BOOKSTORE HOURS for the summer 
quarter are: 

Monday - Thursday 7:45 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. 

Friday 7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 

A REMINDER that the Reese Library will 
be closed on July 4th. Summer hours 


Hon. - Thurs. 

2:00 p.m. 
7:45 a.m. 
7:45 a.m. 
9:30 a.m. 

- 10:30 p.m. 

- 10:30 p.m. 

- 5:00 p.m. 

- 5:00 p.m. 

the process of updating the student 
handbook. The Jaguar . Please forward 
any changes you wish to be made to 
the office, 2nd floor, CAC. 

(CMAT) will be given July 8 in Butler 
Hall, Room 5 at 8:30 a.m. The closing 
date for registration was June 16; 
however, a walk-in service will be 
provided on a space- available basis. 
The Testing Service will bill for the 
$12.50 test fee and an additional 
$10.00 walk-in fee. For more infor- 
mation, call Testing at 828-3738. 

July 4th with lifeguards on duty from 
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

with green eyes. Kittens are seven 
weeks old; one is black, one white, one 
tabby. Call 828-3917. 

FOR SALE: 1968 Chevrolet Impala, 4 door 
sedan. New tires, new battery, good 
condition. $675. 3349 Wedgewood Drive 
or call 738-3678. 





.■«■ ^ '-, 



ege spotlight 

a weekly report -.ur\ 

published by the Public I nformatiotf Office ^^A Cn 

I r/:;p 

QCT i 1 1975 

fOi? PffiEif OF.- July 17 - July 23, 1978 Written Wednesdayi July 12, 1978 

Joseph F. Mele, Augusta College's comptroller and dean for buhiess anSQRQ^nce, 
will join the administrative staff in mid-August, according to^ohn'Tn 
dean of college relations. Mele was the unanimous choice of the search 
committee appointed in April and was approved last week by the Board of Regents 
upon President George A. Christenberry' s recommendation. In his new position, 
ne will be directly responsible to the president for all fiscal and physical 
assets of the college, and will develop and administer the college budget. 
Mele comes to Augusta College from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, 
where he served as vice-president for Business Affairs. The 44 year-old native 
Of Troy, N.Y., earned the B.S. degree in accounting at Russell Sage College 
there and the master's degree in educational administration from Bradley. Since 
joining Bradley in 1964, he had served in several capacities including assistant 
to the treasurer and controller. 

The Student Union has announced plans for another "Super Sunday" July 30 at the 
AC Clark Hill Recreation area. Students, faculty and staff are invited to bring 
their families for a day of swimming and sunning. Hot dogs and potato chips 
will be served at the popular event, which has been well attended in the past 
Directions to the Clark Hill site can be obtained from the Office of Student 
Activities, second floor. College Activities Center. 

A pre-fall orientation and registration program for entering freshmen and 
transfer students will be held Friday July 21 in the Performing Arts Theatre, 
according to Associate Dean of Students Roscoe Williams. The day will begin 
with a reception by the Student Government Assn. at 9 a.m., followed by a 
How to Study session and campus tour at 10 a.m. Individual advising sessions 
will taKe place at 11 a.m., followed by lunch, courtesy of SGA, at noon. 
Afternoon activities include welcoming remarks from college officials, a tour 
of the library, a special studies session, then registration from 2-4:30 p.m. 

THE PLACEMENT OFFICE has announced that 
Milliken and Co. (textile manufacturing 
and marketing) will recruit on campus 
Wed., July 26. The representative will 
interview AC graduates from all degree 
areas. The company is seeking trainees 
in production management who are highly 
competitive and aggressive. If 
interested in scheduling an appointment, 
call the office at 828-2045. 

Mrs. G.B. Jones, has been selected to 
receive a one-year scholarship in the 
ROTC program. The scholarship is 
funded by the Ft. Gordon Officer's 
Wives Club. Bur gland, who enters AC 
this fall, is a graduate of Aquinas 
High School, where he was first place 
winner in the 1978 Ga. State Math 
Tournament and the 1978 Ga. State 
Science Competition. 

LOOKING FOR A JOB? A new restaurant 
to open in late July at the Augusta 
Mall has 35 openings for waitresses, 
bartenders , hostesses, cooks, kitchen 
managers, dishwashers and bus boys. 
The jobs offer a salary plus bonus 
and tips and very flexible hours. 
Contact the Placement Office for further 
details, 828-2045. 

THE AC POOL is open to students, 
faculty and staff for recreational 
swimming from 3:00 - 5 p.m. 
Monday - Friday. 


the Garden Arts Club has been awarded 

to Cynthia Byrd, daughter of 

Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Byrd. She is 

a June graduate of Hephzibah High 

School , where she was an honor 


"Day of the Locust," Friday, July 21 
at 6 & 8:15 p.m. in the PAT. 
Admission is free with a valid /..C. 
or MCG I.D., $1..50 general. _ 


will chair a Panel of Special 
Information For New Admissions 
Officers at the annual meeting of the 
Georgia Association of Collegiate 
Registrars and Admissions Officers on 
July 23-25. This is the second 
consecutive year that Dr. Smith has 
been asked to assemble a panel to 
provide orientation information for 
new admissions personnel in Georgia, 




au^ustalcollege spottrgnt 


a weekly report ] 30904 

published by the Public Infofmatior 

FOR WEEK OF: July 24 - July 30, 1978 

Written Wednesday, July 19, 1978 

Augusta College has received a Title 6-A Category 1 matching grant of $14,897 
from HEW, according to Dr. John Presley, who wrote the proposal. The money 
will be used to purchase instructional equipment for several departments, he 
said. The Biology Department will get a $5,000 machine called a physiograph 
to use in teaching diagnostic techniques in anatomy and physiology classes. The 
School of Education will receive two batches of equipment. The first is a 
series of film strips, slides and movies on communication and group dynamics . The 
second, called "Bells, Bottles, and Boats," is a collection of items designed to 
aid prospective elementary science school teachers teach concepts like volume, 
density and mass. The Special Studies Department will receive learning resource 
equipment in the form of programable calculators to use as a substitute for the 
Math 097 course. The calculators have the capability of generating exercises for 
review work and of keeping total and average scores. Presley said that the 
purchases will be made before the start of fall quarter. 

The Greater Augusta Arts Council (GAAC) has announced plans to produce a Salute 
to the Performing Arts Groups in the CSRA August 3-7 at the new Augusta Mall. The 
Salute will begin with a performance at 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 3, by the Fort Gordon 
434th Army Band and will feature over 30 performing arts groups on two stages at 
15 minute intervals until 9 p.m. The schedule is the same for the following days, 
with the exception of Sunday, Aug. 6, when performing hours will be 12:30-5:30 p.m. 
Groups and individual performers in the festivities will participate in a wide 
range of activities including opera, bluegrass , ballet, clogging, symphony, jazz, 
drama, puppet theaters, barbershop singing, square dancing, gymnastics , and much 
more. In conjunction with the Salute, the City of Augusta and the County Commission 
have proclaimed the entire week "The GAAC' s Salute to the Performing Arts Week." 

TWO NEWCOMERS to campus are currently 
being welcomed by the Office of Public 
Information. Marian and Joe Cheek are 
the proud parents of a baby girl born 
at 2:50 p.m. July 18 at University 
Hospital. "Little" Miss Cheek weighed 
8 lbs. 12 oz. at birth. While waiting 
for her arrival, Marian edited a new 
employee newspaper , tentatively titled 
AC Campus Currents. The first issue 
also made its appearance last week, 
and is available in the Public Information 
Office, Rains Hall. 

recently that the National League for 
Nursing has granted continuing accredita- 
tion to the AC nursing program for a full 
eight-year period. In granting it, the 
League commended Augusta College on the 
high passing rate of its nursing graduates 
on the State Board Test Pool Exam. 

academic year 1978-79 are Leigh A. 
Puryear, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arlon L. 
Puryear of North Augusta, and Clifford J. 
Hull, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. 
Hull, Sr. of Augusta. Leigh, a junior 
chemistry major who has a GPA of 3.95, 
plans to enter medical school following 
her graduation. Clifford is a senior 
chemistry major who plans to attend either 
graduate or medical school . 

SUPER SUNDAY IS JULY 30 at the Clark 
Hill Recreation Area. The Student 
Union will provide food and drinks 
for families of faculty, staff and 
students, so make plans now to attend. 
Directions to the site are available 
at the Student Activities Office. 

A CRUISE sponsored by the AC Alumni 
Assn. to Nassau and Freeport aboard 
the luxury liner "Emerald Seas" will 
depart Miami August 28 and return 
Sept. 1. If enough people are 
interested, transportation to Miami 
can be arranged for $40.00. Reserva- 
tions will be made on a space available 
basis. For more information on costs 
and itinerary, call the Alumni Office, 

NEEDED: Homes for 6 adorable seven 
week old puppies, mixed breed with 
parents of medium size. Their colors 
are: 2 black (one male, one female), 
1 black and white (female) , 1 black 
and brown (male), 1 white with black 
spots (female), 1 tan and white 

(female) . For information contact 
Dr. Bill Bompart, Dept. of Mathematics 
and Computer Science, 828-3-126 or 

(home) 738-5683. 


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OCT 1 1 1978 

a weekly report 
published bv the Public Informatinn Dffinp 

FOR WEEK OF: July 31 - August 6, 1978 

Written Wednesday , July 26, 1978 

Over 25 staff and faculty members attended the organizational meeting of the AC 
Golf Association meeting last week in the CAC. The original purpose of the 
meeting was to form a group whose common interest was golf outings and ideas for 
use of the Armed Forces Golf Course; however, a suggestion was made and it was 
agreed that concerns of the organization could be broadened to appeal to those 
interested in other recreational activities like jogging, tennis, swimming, 
fishing, etc. In order to determine the extent of interest in a Recreational 
Association, a committee was formed to take a campus poll. Chairman Roscoe 
Williams said that the committee will report the results to the faculty at the 
August meeting, at which time the next meeting will be announced. Interested 
faculty and staff are asked to return their comments to the committee by August 4. 

The Friends of the Richmond County Schools will sponsor a presentation and 
discussion of needs of Richmond County Schools and the importance of the school 
bond issue at 7:30 p.m. Monday, July 31, in the lecture room of Butler Hall. 
Anyone interested in the effect of the school bond issue on the community is 

THIS YEAR'S FILM SERIES, which starts 
fall quarter, promises to be one of the 
best ever. Dr. Charles Willig has 
released a partial list of movies to 
be shown offering something for everyone 
and ranging from comedy like "Love and 
Death," "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," 
"Tom Jones," and "The Ruling Class" to 
classics like "Casablanca" (back again 
by popular demand) . Of special interest 
are two by Wertmueller, "Seven Beauties" 
and "Love and Anarchy," Truffaut's 
"Stolen Kisses," and surprise successes 
like "Rocky," "Hester Street," and 
"Coming Home." Rounding out the list 
will be James Bond movies and specials 
for children: "Bambi," "Dumbo," and 
"Charlotte' s Web." The series begins 
Sept. 22 with "Gone With the Wind." 

WHY NOT DISCOVER the glory that is Greece 
when you make your travel plans this 
Thanksgiving? The Augusta College Alunmi 
Association offers a trip to Greece, 
November 21-29, 1978, for alumni and 
friends. The trip includes round trip 
transportation to Athens from Atlanta via 
Trans International Airlines , deluxe 
accommodations at the Royal Olympic Hotel, 
continental breakfast daily, gourmet 
lunch or dinner every day, guided tour 
of the Acropolis, and an Athens museum 
tour. Cost of the trip is $569 per 
person plus 15% tax and service. For 
more information call Alumni Affairs: 

SEVERAL MEMBERS of the AC faculty and 
staff were among over 300 runners who 
participated in a three-mile "Predict 
Your Own Time" race and a running clinic 
conducted by world class runner Gayle 
Barron last week at the West Augusta YWCA. 
First place went to Mary Lisko, of the 
AC School of Business Administration , 
whose finishing time was two seconds off 
her prediction. 


will be leaving AC this fall to 
accept a position as assistant 
professor of information science 
at Western Illinois. He will teach 
applied computer science there. 
JOHN HARPS is doing further graduate 
study this summer at Washington 
University . Before he returns to 
AC, he will attend a workshop at 
Columbia Univ. on teaching the 
learning disabled. 

on the sergeant-at-arms committee 
at the CASE (Council for Advancement 
and support of Education) in 
Hollywood, Florida July 17-20. 

pianist, along with John Bauer, 
violinist from the University of 
South Carolina in Columbia ^ gave a 
sonata recital at Appleby Gardens 
in Augusta on June 18th. They 
presented the same program on 
June 20th at the Columbia Museum 
of Art in Columbia, S.C. 

REGISTRAR LEE WALLACE is recuperating 
from surgery performed last week 
at St. Joseph's Hospital. The 
Spotlight wishes him a rapid 

NACG-FM NEWS - You are invited to 
join WACG-FM from 11 - 12 p.m. 
Saturday nights for Jazz Junction, 
featuring progressive rock and 
jazz music. 

FOR SALE: Beautiful blond AKC Cocker 
Spaniel puppies. Eight weeks old. 
Call 733-0208 after 6 p.m. week days, 
anytime weekends. 

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OCT 1 1 1978 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: August 7 - August 13, 1978 

Written Wednesday, August 2, 1978 

A Center for Public Policy containing documents on major public policy issues has 
been established In the Reese Library and is available for use by faculty, staff, 
and students at Augusta College. C. Willard Muggins, director of the Center for 
the Study of Private Enterprise which was instrumental in obtaining the collection, 
said it was donated by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) for Public Policy 
Research. It contains over 500 publications covering a wide range of opinions by 
acknowledged authorities on topics like economics, energy, foreign affairs, govern- 
ment, defense policy, health, and law and legislation. In addition, the center 
also offers 71 cassettes of AEI's television series "Public Policy Forum," Muggins 
said, making the center an excellent source for study and research. 

The last day to file applications for new admissions to AC for fall quarter is 
Friday, August 18. Orientation and registration will be held September 13 and 
classes will begin September 18. 

The Augusta College Community welcomes new Admissions Counselor Bart Snead , a 
familiar face to many on campus, Bart graduated from AC in 1975 with a B.A. degree 
in Psychology after having served as president of SGA that year. Before joining 
the Admissions staff, he attended the University of Northern Iowa for two years 
where he did graduate work. 

OVER 600 STUDENTS will participate in a 
special program fall quarter on "Identity 
and Change," according to Dr. Creighton 
Peden. The program, like this year's 
Lyceum Series and Cullum Series, will 
focus on living in a changing world. It 
will feature a series of speakers and 
entertainers each week beginning 
Septo.iiber 26 with the appearance of John 
Donlan, a mime who ivill perform at noon 
and at 8 p.m. in the PAT. 

THE AC FILM SERIES will show "Leadbelly" 
at 6 and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday, August 8 in 
the PAT. 

"Miracle in Milan" by Vi ttorio da Sica 
at 8 p.m. August 12 in the Performing 
Arts Center at Ft. Gordon. 

CASM FOR BOOKS will be given by a used 
book salesman who will be in the AC 
Book Store 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. August 15 and 
16. Manager Mary Bailey has announced 
the following schedule for the Book Store 
during quarter break: 

August 17th through September 15th: 
Monday - Thursday 7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 

Friday 7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. 

A QUARTERLY REPORT from the Special 
Studies Department to the Board of 
Regents shows encouraging results from 
last (spring) quarter. Of the total no. 

of students in the program, 46 completed 
their final Special Studies requirements. 
In addition, 23 of the seniors who 
graduated in June were students who took 
Special Studies courses. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS from the Office of 
Career Planning and Placement: 
Are you interested in working for 
the Dept. of State, Agency for In- 
ternational Development? Until 
Sept. 29, the agency will accept 
applications for its next intont r-73.^«? 
for winter, 1979/80. The intern 
program is a two-year career program 
which leads to positions in the 
developing countries of Asia, Africa, 
Latin America, and the Near East. 
The typical intern holds a graduate 
degree in agriculture, ccauomics, 
engineering, business administration, 
public health, nutrition, or education 
administration. Candidates with an 
undergraduate degree in accounting 
with at least one year of professional 
experience are also eligible. 
Salaries for liginning appointments 
range from $12,330 - $17,300. More 
information is available in the 
Placement Office. 

The Placement Office would like to 
identify students who are interested 
in accepting temporary work assign- 
ments as typists, tutors (all areas), 
babysitters, movers, yard caretakers, 
etc. The office has many such 
temporary job requests from time to 
time which go unfilled because of 
most students' interest in permanent 
jobs. Anyone who would like to be 
listed on an "on call" basis for 
temporary work should stop by the 
office to sign up. 


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OCT 1 1 1978 


a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: August 14 - August 20, 1978 Written Wednesday, August 9, 1978 

A total of 138 candidates for graduation were approved at last week's faculty 
meeting, and it was announced that summer commencement exercises will take place 
at 8 p.m. Friday, August 18, in the PAT. Of the 138, 40 will receive master's 
degrees, 39 bachelor of arts, 33 bachelor of business administration , 12 bachelor 
of science, two bachelor of science in education, tv/o bachelor of music, and one 
bachelor of fine arts. In addition, nine associate degrees will be awarded. 
Dr. Geraldine Hargrove, dean of the School of Education, was selected by the 
graduates to deliver the address. This is the fifth year that seniors have 
been asked by the Dean of Students to choose a speaker from among the ranks of 
faculty. Others chosen were Dr. Edward J. Cashin, Dr. Jean A. Morse, Dr. Otha L. 
Gray, and Dr. Frank H. Chou. 

Following graduation practice at 10 a.m. Friday, August 18, in the PAT, the 
Alumni Association will have a party for all graduating seniors. The "Taste of 
the Good Life" celebration will be held on the lawn of the Maxwell Alumni House. 

newly enlarged to 48 members, held its 
first meeting recently with new president 
Jimmy Walker presiding. The biggest 
announcement made was that the associa- 
tion met its intended goal of $36,400 
for last year and raised the $10,000 in 
new money to match the challenge gift 
offered by the Pamplins. In addition to 
reports from all seven vice-presidents , 
the board heard Jack McNeal , dean of 
College Relations, who commended the 
association on its fund raising efforts. 
Nancy Solomon-Stuntz, vice-president 
for social activities, announced plans 
for the Christmas Party Dec. 16, 
Homecoming Feb. 3, and the annual dinner 
meeting in the spring. Bill Dunn, vice- 
president for development, reported that 
the annual fund drive will begin Sept. 1. 
A social hour in the Maxwell Alumni 
House followed the meeting. 


Robert Herring - Biology 

Linda Wade - Library 

William Ankney - Library 

Ellen Burroughs - Library 

Margaret Roberts - Library 

Shirley Baker - Library 

Charles Gibson - Library 

Patricia Buchholz - Bus. Admin. 

Ethel Pope - College Data Systems 

Sylvia Messick - College Data Systems 

Donna Holley - Education 

Ola Powell - Psychology 

Helga Waller - Psychology 

Bart Snead - Admissions 

Kathy Thompson - Student Activities 

Marilyn Plonka - Student Records 

Christy Bodie - Business Office 

Brenda Vick - Math S Computer Science 

Joseph Simpson - Public Safety 

Edwin Caulkins - Public Safety 

William Johnston - Public Safety 

Frank Gabriel - Public Safety 

in rates at the Armed Forces Golf 
Course when the college assumes 
control of it, according to 
President George Christenberry. He 
told faculty members at their meeting 
that at the initial meeting of the 
Augusta College Athletic Assn. it 
was decided that students will only 
have to pay 50% of greens fees and 
faculty and staff 75%. 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wism'o.'jki , has been 

selected as the recipient of a tuition 

merit scholarship to Augusta College 

awarded by the Augusta - Fort Gordon 

Chapter of the Armed Forces Conmnmica- 

tions Electronics Association to a 

Senior Division ROTC student. 

Mr. Wisnieski is a 1978 graduate of 

Harlem High School and will enter 

Augusta College in September. 

Kathy Dysart, the new Miss Augusta. 
Kathy is working on a bachelor of arts 
degree in music and education, and in 
the talent competition, sang the 
Spanish song "Eves Tu." 

A $450 SCHOLARSHIP is available 
through the Augusta chapter of the 
National Assn. of Accountants. 
Junior, senior, and graduate accounting 
majors with accounting potential and 
financial need are eligible. Appli- 
cants must provide a transcript of 
grades, a financial aid form, and a 
resume to Dr. Otha Gray, School of 
Business Administration, no later 
than September 1. 


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a weekly report 

published by the Public Informatli 


FOR WEEK OF: August 21 - August 27, 1978 Written Wednesday, August 16, 1973 

At the first meeting of the Augusta College Recreation Association , formally the 

Augusta College Golf Association a suggestion was made that the group include 
other sports beside golf. A committee was formed to poll all members of the 
faculty and staff to see if this idea had any validity. According to Dr. John 
Black, who served on the committee which conducted the poll, there were 70 
responses to the questionnaires . The areas of highest interest were golf and 
tennis followed by swimming, jogging and fishing. Coordinators will contact 
each person who showed an interest in participating. They hope to have activities 
scheduled for the pre- fall workshops. 

Continuing Education fall brochures are now available. They may be picked up at 
the Continuing Education office on McDowell Street or call 828-4611 for more 

The CSRA Radio Reading Service for the Blind and Print Handicapped , aired on 
WACG~FM 8:45 a.m. - noon, Monday - Friday, is scheduled to begin the reading of 
a new novel. The novel, 2001 , by Arthur G. Clark, will be read in 8 segments 
beginning August 17. 

The Augusta College Physical Education 
Department and the American Red Cross 
will be conducting a Water Safety 
Instructors Course at the AC pool 
August 21-25, 7 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. There 
is also another class scheduled for 
August 28 - September 1. 

THE AC CAFETERIA will be closed 
August 21-25 and will reopen August 28 
according to Nita Widener, service 
director . 

THE REESE LIBRARY hours for August 17 - 
September 12 are: 

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Saturday - Sunday Closed 
The library will resume regular hours 
September 13. 


Ronald Bodie 
Carl Milton 
Kolley Young 
Mamie Collins 

Plant Operations 
Plant Operations 
Plant Operations 
Plant Operations 

THE AC POOL will be closed for 
maintenance until September 18. 


August 21-25 will be: 
7:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. Monday-Thursday 
7:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. Friday 

AUGUSTA COLLEGE catalogues are scheduled 
to arrive September 1 . 

DEADLINE for the weekly Spotlight is 
noon Wednesdays. Nail cnpy to the 
Public Information Office, Rains Hall. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS from the Office of Career 
Planning and Placement: 
numerous full and part-time jobs. 
There have been an unusual number of 
secretarial positions within the past 
week. Students already registered with 
the Office of Career Planning and 
Placement are encouraged to stop by 
at least once a week to check the 
current job listings. If you ai-a not 
registered with the Placement Office 
and are interested in employment 
(either full or part time) you are 
urged to stop by the third floor of 
the C.AC or call 828-2045 and let them 
assist you in your job search. 
that the Placement Office is available 
to assist in your professional job 
search. Resume preparation, counseling 
on job search and interview technique, 
as well as on-campus recruiters and 
other job leads are among the many 
services offered by the Placement 

NOTE: The Placement Office will keep 
their regular hours during the quarter 
break. They are open from 9:30 a.m. - 
12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 
Monday through Friday. Also, the Labor 
Department representative be on canris 
Thursday mornings from 8 a.m. - noon 
during the break. 

FOR SALE: Oak dresser $100. Sofa 
(blue and green geometrical design) 
$75. Assorted pictures. Call 
828-3725 or 738-2881. 




OCT 1 1 W1« > 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: August 28 - Sepember 4, 1978 Written Wednesday August 23, 1978 

Three Augusta College faculty members will lead a one-day seminar entitled 
"Looking at the Disabled Child With Understanding" Saturday, September 9, 9 a.m. 
to 3 p.m. at Wcstside High School. Dr. Ronald Weber, professor of Special Edu- 
cation will give the keynote address, "A Meeting of the Minds: Professionals 
Pulling Together on Behalf of the Learning Disabled Student." His talk will 
be followed by three workshops panelled by professionals from every field that 
deals with the LD child. Karen Sheppo, instructor of special education, will 
serve as moderator of the panel, whose speakers will include pediatricians, 
psychologists. Learning Disabled teachers, occupational therapists, and speech 
therapists. After the workshops, teachers, parents and other participants will 
be given time to ask questions. Dr. Geraldine Hargrove, dean of the School of 
Education, will close the day with a talk on "Plans for Helping the LD Child at 
Augusta College." The Augusta Chapter of the Georgia Association for Children 
with Learning Disabilities is sponsoring the seminar. Lunch is included with 
zhe $5.00 registration fee. Arrangements can be made through the School of Edu- 
cation, Augusta College, or by contacting Mrs. Philip Christman, 3119 Ramsgate 
Road, Augusta, 30909. 

will teach a short course offered by the 
Office of Continuing Education at AC fall 
quarter. Entitled "Introduction to 
Broadcasting (and other cheap thrills) , 
the course will focus on how to get into 
radio and how to get out of it, plus 
other elements of broadcasting. Sign up 
early to avoid being left out i 

OTHER NEW AND EXCITING short courses to 
be offered fall quarter include: Disco 
Dancing (beginning and intermediate) , 
Figure and Portrait Drawing, Self Defense, 
Scuba Diving, Consumer Law and You, Credit 
Card Mania, Financial Planning for Women, 
New Landscapes (or how to save time, 
energy and money in planning and main- 
taining outdoor areas) , Handling Handguns, 
Sex Education: The Parents' Role, 
Prenatal Care, and Prepared Childbirth. 
Contact the Office of Continuing Edu- 
ration. For registration information, 
at their new number, 828-4611. 

Chemistry major, has received a scholar- 
<;hip from the Georgia Distilled Spirits 
Institute for the second consecutive 
year. The scholarship is one of 34 
awarded by GDSI and is included within 
a $22,500 direct financial aid package 
contributed by the institute's memorial 
foundation. The awards are given on the 
basis of academic excellence and com- 
munity and school involvement. 

Labor Day, Sept 4, is an official paid 

are reminded that the Financial Aid 
Office has moved to the second floor, 
Payne Hall (Administration Building). 

A SPECIAL THANKS to Marjorie Lynn, who 
edited last week's Spotlight. 

Blind and Handicapped will air Erma 
Bombeck' s hilarious new novel "If Life 
Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing 
in the Pits?" in four installments 
from 11 a.m. to noon beginning Tuesday, 
August 29. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Drake 
will do the reading, which can he hear~:l 
on WACG-FM, 90.7. Mr. Drake, of the 
Speech and Drama Dept. at Ga. Southern, 
has been awarded a Fulbright Scholar- 
ship for this year to the University 
of Cairo, Egupt, where he will teach 
speech and communications. 


DR. WILLIAM J. JOHNSON was invited by 
WRDW-TV Channel 12 to participate 
in a program on education in Richmond 
County scheduled to be broadcast at 
6 p.m. Sunday August 27. Representa- 
tives from public and private schools, 
the board of education , and higher 
education were asked to respond to 
questions raised on three-part program 
on education aired nationally last 

HOUSE FOR SALE, by owner, 3 bedroom, 
2 bath, brick, central heat and air, 
$5,000 equity and assume loan, total 
nayment of $255 month, call 828-4660 
or 736-0169. 


2 1/2 baths, nice location. 1500 sq ft. 

Equity and assume loan or refinance 

as conventional. By appointment only. 

736-2935 after 5:30 p.m. No agents, 



no. an 



' AUGUSTA r<-' ' -r. 


diugustajfcojleg^ ospot 

a weekly report 

published by' 

the Public InfoTma' 


FOR l-ZEEK OF: Sept. 17 - Sept. 25, 1978 

Written Wednesday September 13, 1978 

Two senior AC faculty members who retired this year received emeritus titles by 
action of the Board of Regents at last week's meeting. Receiving the honor were 
Dr. Frank Rennie Tubbs, associate professor emeritus of education, and Spyros J. 
Dalis, associate professor emeritus of history and political science. An informal 
reception honoring Dalis, who retired for reasons of health after 19 years at AC, 
will be held Ned., Sept. 20, 4-5:00 p.m. at the Maxwell Alumni House. Anyone in 
the AC community who wishes to attend should make reservations through Kaye Keel 
(History) at 828-2753 by Sept. 18. Guests are asked to contribute $ 2.25 to cover 
refreshment costs. 

The Augusta College French, English, and Drama clubs will jointly sponsor a 
reading at the Chateau at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 24. Everyone is invited to 
attend. People who would like to read are invited to contact Collette Avril, 
Carol Williams, or Dr. Duncan Smith at 828-3706. 

scheduled its second annual fall house 
tour for Oct. 14 and 15, according to 
publicity chairman Margaret Dunstan. 
This year's tour includes the historic 
Walker Cemetery and nine homes selected 
to reflect the diversity of architectural 
styles within Suwmerville. Tickets are 
$5.00 for the full tour, $3.00 for students 
or senior citizens, or $1.00 per individual 
house. They can be purchased before the 
tour at Gibson's on Walton Way, the Book 
Corner at Daniel Village, or the Consign- 
ment Shop on Monte Sano. On tour days, 
they will be sold from a booth on the 
grounds of the Fuqua Center on Walton Way. 

THE ALPHA PHI OMEGA fraternity will hold 
an organizational meeting at 7:30 p.m. 
Mon. , Sept. 25, in Topic Room 2 of the 
College Activities Center. All interested 
students are invited. The program will 
include a presentation of the purpose, 
goals, and benefits of APO. A question 
and answer period will follow. 

tryouts for its fall production of "The 
Playboy of the Western World" on Thurs. 
Sept. 21, and Fri., Sept. 22, 3-5:00 and 
7-9:00 p.m. in the Chateau. Production 
is scheduled for Nov. 9,10,11,12 in the 
Performing Arts Theatre. 

of Fine Arts will sponsor again this year 
the popular Sunday Afternoon Series. The 
first performance of the season will take 
place at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 24 in the PAT 
and will feature violinist James Zagami, 
newly appointed concert master of the 
Augusta Symphony, and pianist Vola Jacobs 
of the AC Dept. of Fine Arts. AC faculty, 
staff and students will be admitted free 
with a valid I.D. 

either day or night hours at AC for 
$2.65 per hour should contact 
Dr. Chang at 828-4660 as soon as 
possible . 

and the Chamber of Commerce of Greater 
Augusta will co-sponsor two short 
courses this fall at the Augusta Mall. 
Advertising layout techniques will be 
offered on six Tuesday evenings 
7-9 p.m. starting Oct. 3. Business 
writing will be held Mondays and 
Wednesdays from noon - 1 p.m. Oct. 2 - 
Oct. 25. For registration information, 
call 828-4611. 

PROSPECTIVE TEACHERS who plan to take 
the National Teacher Ex^3mi nations on 
Nov. 11 at AC are reminded that Oct. 19 
is the deadline to register with the 
Educational Testing Service (ETS) of 
Princeton, New Jersey. Registraticr 
forms and instructions may be obtained 
at the Testing Center, Bellevue Hall. 

THE AC RECREATION ASSN. ' S first annual 
fall quarter golf tournament was held 
Thurs., Sept. 14. Congratulations to 
the winning teams: John Black, Jim 
Duffy, Phil Reichel, Charlie Bush, 
first place; Joe Bowden, Robert Shanks, 
Fred Maynard, Charlie Willig, second 
place; Henry Thomas, Dave Gilbertson, 
John Groves, Wade Gassman, third place. 

DEADLINE for the weekly Spotlight is 
noon on Wednesdays. 

SEPTEMBER 20 is the deadline for the 
October calendar of events. 


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•m-d 8 - sp:i 

81 jaqma^das 

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W. cV 

augusta college spotlight 

a weekly report I ^AVfT*' 

published by the Public Informa^n Qmid^ij J- L/Qj^ 

^ ro^^K 

Written Wednesday ^ptemiA^Q2p 

FOR WEEK OF: Sept. 25 - Oct. 1, 1978 

The Augusta College Lyceum Series will present its first event of 
when mime John Donlon of the North Carolina School of the Performing ArEi 
appears at 8 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 26 in the Performing Arts Theatre. Donlc 
act, "Commodore Egggerton," combines classical pantomime, illusion, and circus 
techniques to tell the story of an eccentric retired naval officer who introduces 
a kaleidoscope of entertainment — from light and humorous to provocative and 
unusual. Donlon' s appearance also opens this fall's identity and change program. 
In conjunction with it, he will conduct a mime workshop/ lecture/demonstration 
at noon in the PAT. The midday performance is free to interested persons, and 
the evening show is free to faculty, staff, and students, $2.00 general admission. 

The AC Political Science Club will sponsor a political forum with mayoral 
candidates Newman, Taylor, and Hamilton at noon on Oct. 4 in the lecture room of 
Butler Hall. All interested persons are invited. 

The School of Business Administration and the Center for the Study of Private 
Enterprise are co-sponsoring a Certified Public Accountant review program on 
selected Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Sunday afternoons through 
Oct. 22. The program covers topics like auditing, accounting, theory, business 
law, accounting practice, and federal income taxation and is designed to aid 
candidates for the CPA exam to be offered in November. In addition, it offers 
Continuing Professional Education credits to certified practitioners. Each 
section of the program is independent of the others, allowing applicants to 
enroll in any or all of them. For further information, call David Duncan, 

seniors that the deadlines to submit 
applications to the Testing Center for 
the National Teacher Exams are Oct. 1, 
January 1, and June 1 for tests to be 
given in November, February, and July. 
Language area exams will be offered only 
on the Nov. and Feb. test dates. AC 
will pay the cost of these tests if 
applicants sign up at the appropriate 
time. Anyone who registers and fails 
to report for the test will be charged 
a penalty fee to defray the extra 
expense to the college. 

ROTC CADETS Keith Gallagher and Harry 
Bloomer were recently commissioned as 
Second Lieutenants, USAR, in ceremonies 
in the Military Science Dept., with 
Major Clark D. Gilbertson, officer in 
charge, administering the oath of office. 
Lt. Gallagher will be assigned to 
Ft. Sam Houston, Tex. for medical 
support training before reporting to 
Ft. Bragg, N.C. for his first duty 
assignment. Lt. Bloomer will be 
assigned to Ft. Bliss, Tex. for training 
as an air defense artillery officer. 

A BAKE SALE will be held in the snack 
bar of Butler Hall from 8 - 11 a.m. 
Friday, Sept. 29. The Student Assn. 
of Educators is sponsoring it. 

AN ENERGY SEMINAR sponsored by the 
AC Dept. of Chemistry S Physics will 
be held on campus throughout fall 
quarter, according to Dr. Floyd O'Neal. 
Titled "The Pros and Cons of Nuclear 
Power," the program will be conducted 
from noon-1 p.m. each Thursday beginning 
Sept. 28 in the lecture room of Butler 
Hall. Thursday' s speaker will be 
Dr. Ron Ezell, who will give the 
introductory lecture on "The Nucleus 
of the Atom and Its Structure." 
Future programs will center on the 
operation of nuclear power plants, 
wastes, and refuelling on Oct. 5/ 
nuclear reactors (conventional and 
breeder ), Oct . 12; waste disposal, 
Oct. 19; and future energy supplies, 
Oct. 26. Everyone is invited. 

Aid has moved to the second floor, 
Payne Hall. 

Bond Referendum is Tuesday, Sept. 26. 

are jointly sponsoring a reading in 
the Chateau at 7:30 p.m. Sun., Sept. 24. 
Everyone is invited. 


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Moqs 4Jlf rjuspnijs ay5 SSJW i.WOa 

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augustajTcollege spotii 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information 

FOR WEEK OF: Oct. 2 - Oct. 8, 1978 

Written llednesday Septerti' 

jr h;, 19/p' 


A symposium on "The Quality of Life in the 21st Century" will take plcte^^tj 
and 13, sponsored by AC, P1CG, Paine College and the CSRA Community Symp^sluri^ 
An outstanding group of speakers and panelists will convene for the seminar, 
which will focus on issues of economics, health care, ethics, and moral ity^as 
they affect our lives in the near future. The two-day event will open with an- 
evening dinner session at 6 p.m. Oct. 12 in the Grove Room of the Augusta Hilton 
and continue the next day in the Performing Arts Theatre here on campus. Keynote 
speaker for the dinner will be Dr. liillard^Gaylin, president of the Institute of 
Society, Ethics, and the Life Sciences (Hastings Center) in New York. 
In addition to his work there. Dr. Gaylin is clinical professor of psychiatry at 
the Columbia Psychoanalytic School and adjunct professor of psychiatry and law 
at the Columbia University School of Law. He will also address the opening meeting 
of the day session Oct. 13, followed by Dr. Russell Moores, professor of humanities 
and medicine and associate daan for special programs at MCG. Dr. Michael Mescon, 
Regent's professor of human relations and chairman of the Department of Managemeiit 
of Ga. State University, will give the afternoon talk. Panel members for the 
seminar are: Dr. Edward Cashin and Dr. Creighton Peden of AC, and Dr. Vivian 
Robinson, Dr. Frank Sisya, Dr. A. Ali Syed, and Roger Williams of Paine College. 
The dinner session is $7.00 per person, and the day session is free. For further 
information, call Continuing Education, 828-4611. 

Ever heard of collagraphy? It isn't the art of hand lettering (that's calligraphy),' 
though it is an art. Collagraphy is a relatively new area of printmaking which u'^.es 
the collage process to produce multiple images from common materials. Some samples 
of it will be on display in the Performing Arts Theatre beginning Oct. 5 v^hen the 
Student Art Association sponsors an exhibit of the works of Conrad Ross, associate ' 
professor of art at Auburn University. Ross earned his B.F.A. from the University 
of Illinois in painting and his M.F.A. in printmaking from the University of Iowa. 
He has taught drawing and printmaking at Kansas University, and drawing and design ' 
at Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. His prints and drawings have been exhibited 
extensively over the past 20 years, and have received over 25 top awards and prizes. 
He is a member of the Southeastern Graphics Council and is listed in Who's Who in 
American Art . (Anyone who js^ interested in collagraphy should call the Office of 
Continuing Education, which offers a course in it each quarter). 

MIKE WILLIAMS, the singer/guitarist from 
Austin, Texas, whose concert at AC 
last year was a tremendous success, will 
be back by popular demand this week. 
His act, in which he mixes humor, 
exceptional talent on the tvjelve-string 
and a bass-baritone voice, is scheduled 
for 8 p.m. Oct. 6 in the Performing 
Arts Theatre. Appearing on the same 
program will be Bill and Bonnie Hearne, 
a blind couple who specialize in country 
rock on piano and guitar. Admission 
to the concert, sponsored by the 
Student Union, is free with a valid AC 
I.D., $2.00 general. Tickets can be 
purchased at the box office the night 
of the performance. 

everyone to a political forum with 
mayoral candidates Hewman, Taylor, and 
Hamilton at noon, Oct. 4, in the lecture 
room of Butler Hall. 

along with several other groups are co- 
sponsoring a Southeast Water Projects '• 
Conference at the Carolina Inn in 
Columbia, S.C. at 10 a.m. Oct. 7. 
Dr. Bill Bompart, president of the 
organization, said that the conference 
aims to unite opposition to wasteful 
and dangerous water projects, to inform 
citizens of the facts concerning the 
economic and environmental impact of 
these projects, and to support the 
pending veto by President Carter of the 
V'jater projects funding bill. The 
conference will include briefings on 
eight southeastern water projects 
including the Richard B. Russell Dan 
and addresses by prominent speakers 
like Congressman Butler Derrick, S.C. 
senate hopeful Pug Ravenel , Ann Graham 
of the National Audubon Society, Brock 
Evans of the Sierra Club, and others. 
For more information, contact Dr. Bompart 
of Math and Comp. Sci., 828-3426. 



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augustafcollege s 

a weekly report 


published by the Public Injbrmation Office' 






Oct. 15, 1978 


Written Wednesday Octob£:fji^/ 19,78 

The Lyceum Series will continue this week when the American Pro-Art QuarBi 
appears in concert at 8:30 p.m. Thursday , Oct. 12, in the Performing Arts Theatre. 
The American Pro-Art Quartet is in residence at the University of Georgia in 
Athens. The members, all distinguished string players, are Wan Mo Kim and 
Thomas Weaver, violinists; John Borg, violist; and Eugene Eicher, cellist. The 
quartet has appeared in concert throughout the state and has played New York's 
Carnegie Recital Hall as well as numerous European music centers. They also 
were selected to play at the White House during inauguration ceremonies for 
President Carter. The program Thursday will include "String Quartet in B Flat" 
by Mozart, "The String Quartet" by Ravel, and a new work by John Vincent. They 
will also participate in a music workshop from 10 a.m. to noon Thursday in the 
rehearsal hall of the Fine Arts Center. The public is invited free of charge to 
the day music session. The evening performance is $2.00 per person or free with 
a valid AC I.D. Tickets will be available at the box office before the concert. 

"The Quality of Life in the 21st Century," a seminar sponsored by AC, MCG, 
Paine, and the CSRA Community Symposium, will take place this week on Oct. 12 s 13. 
Topics for discussion will include economics, health care, ethics and morality 
as they affect our lives in the near future. Principal speaker will be 
Dr. Willard Gaylin of the Hastings Center in New York. The symposium will open 
with a dinner session on Thursday Oct. 12, at the Augusta Hilton and continue 
all day Friday beginning at 9 a.m. The day session is free and tickets to the 
dinner are $7.00. Make reservations through the Office of Continuing Education. 

"Changing Patterns in Male-Female Roles" 
is the topic of this week's Identity and 
Change program at noon Tuesday, Oct. 10. 
Featured speakers will be Dr. Ellen 
Kimmel of the University of South Florida 
and William Vroman of the University 
of Baltimore. The public is invited^ 

to go, Augusta College is less than 
half way towards meeting its United 
Way Campaign goal of $3,129.00. Since 
Sept. 15, only $1,457.00 has been 
donated. Chairman Jack McNeal thanks 
everyone who has made a contribution 
and asks everyone' s support in helping 
AC maintain its place among leaders in 
the community. Remember that donations 
can be made by payroll deduction. 

OFFICES which have contributed 100%: 
Alumni Affairs 
College Relations 
Comptroller' s Office 
Mail Room 
Public Information 


Monday at 8:00 p.m. in the dance studio 

in the gym. Interested students, men 

and women, are invited to attend. For 

more information contact Phyllis Wilson 

in the P.E. Department. 


and Evelyn Tommie have each been 
awarded a $5,000 Regents Opportunity 
scholarship provided by the Board 
of Regents of the University Sgstem 
of Georgia, it was announced recently 
by Dr. Harold Moon, director of 
graduate studies. Welcher, a 
native Augustan, is working on a 
master of business administration 
degree. Miss Tommie is working on 
a master's degree in clinical 
psychology. She is a native of 
Ameri cus, Georgi a . 

underway v/ith a tip-off breakfast 
Tuesday, Oct. 10 in the Faculty 
Dining Room. Pat Mulherin, the 
"voice of Augusta College," will be 
the master of ceremonies for the 
event, which is sponsored by the 
AC Alumni Association and the Jaguar 
Club. The Jaguar Club is an 
organization of friends of AC whose 
purpose is to raise contributions 
to the total athletic program. 

title of Miss Exchange Club at this 
year's fair can pick up applications 
at the Student Activities Office, 2nd 
floor, CAC. 


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a weekly report 

published by the Public 

FOR WEEK OF: Oct. 16 - Oct. 22, 1978 

Written Wednes 

The Student Union's tremendously popular annual Oktoberfest will begin 
Friday (Oct. 20) in the College Activities Center. This year's celebration 
promises to be better than ever with the traditional German food, beverages , and 
music. Admission is free with a valid AC I.D. and $3.00 each for guests (must 
be accompanied by AC person.) Active alumni are invited at guest price. The 
Babysitting Service on Katherine Street will be open free of charge from 6-11 p.m. 
for pre-school children of faculty, students and staff. Reservations must be 
made by calling 733-5837. 

The Augusta College French Club will hold its fifth annual French Fair Tuesday 
from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in front of the College Activities Center. The fair is 
the main project of the club, a dedicated group of about ten students and alumni 
under the direction of Colette hvril. Each year the students become French chefs 
to prepare the day's menu, which includes crepes, pain d'epice (gingerbread) , 
choux a la creme (cream puffs) , and pains au chocolat . New additions this year 
are omelettes francaises and croissants (crescent rolls) . Other features of this 
year's fair are French books and magazines , plants, artwork by talented club 
members, and movies showing continuously throughout the day. Proceeds will be 
used to send a senior student majoring in French to Paris for a week. Make plans 
to enjoy a taste of France Oct. 17'. 

"THE ROMANCE OF WORDS" will be the 
subject of a lecture by Dr. Rowland M. 
Myers at 10 a.m. on Oct. 23 in Butler 
Hall. Dr. Myers, a native of Brooklyn, 
New York, and a graduate of Dartmouth 
College, received his Doctor of Philoso- 
phy degree in Romance Languages and 
Literature from the Johns Hopkins 
University in Baltimore. This lecture 
is open to all interested persons and 
sponsored by the Special Studies 
Department . 

A MEMORIAL TRIBUTE to the late William H. 
Rodimon, director of college and public 
services at Augusta College from 1971 
until his death last March, will be 
held by members of the Georgia Educational 
Advancement Council at their conference 
to be held Nov. 16-17 at Callaway 

Walter L. Shepeard Community Blood 
Center who urge individual students 
and clubs to donate the life-saving 
fluid. Hours aire from 10 a.m. to 
7 p.m.. Monday through Friday; 11 a.m. 
to Z : 30 p.m. on Saturday, and 1 p. in. 
to 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. An appointment 
is not necessary but it may save your 
waiting time, they said. Donors are 
reminded that they must weigh 110 
pounds, cannot be on medication and 
should eat a light meal two to four 
hours before donating. 

ALUMNUS MATT STOVALL, known by many 
AC personnel through his work as news 
director of WGAC Radio, has been 

appointed Cultural Affairs Supervisor 
for the Richmond County Recreation 

THE CENTER for the Study of Private 
Enterprise at Augusta College will be 
co-sponsoring a series of Small Business 
Development Seminars beginning Tuesday 
night, Oct. 17, at 7:00 p.m. The 
series will include courses on marketing, 
cash flow, personnel management, law 
and strategic planning. Professors of 
Business Administration from AC and 
the University of Georgia will conduct 
the courses. For further information 
contact Roland Kidd at the center, 

is the topic of Franklin S. Attwater' s 
talk in the second program of a fall 
lecture series on American business 
and the free enterprise system at. 
10 a.m. Wed., Oct. 18 in the lecture 
room of Butler Hall. Attwater, 
director of the Textron Advisory Group, 
will discuss changes in policy and 
management in American businesses , 
and corporate accountability and ethics. 
To make a reservation for seating, 
call the Center for the Study of 
Private Enterprise, sponsor of the 
series, at 828-4993. Everyone is 
welcome . 


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^v I 

augusta college spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: Oct. 22 - Oct. 28, 1978 

Written Wednesday October 18, 1978 

The AC Lyceum Series along with the Office of Career Planning and Placement will 

sponsor a guest appearance by Tom Jackson, author of The Hidden Job Market , at 

8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 26, in the Performing Arts Theatre. Jackson is recognized as 

td PauLii 



a national authority on jobs and careers. During his program, "Gueri. 

in the Job Market," he will discuss ways to get the job you want, how :o find 

the "bidden jobs," how to "get inside" to top management, trends in thf job 

market, and other related topics. Admission to his evening lecture is 

AC I.D., $2.00 general. Jackson will also be on campus Thursday after. 

Friday morning to visit with interested students and faculty. Contact 

Placement Office for details. _ 

A seminar on counseling children and parents will be conducted by Dr. kicl^rd &^. 
Gardner, noted author and practicing child psychiatrist and adult psychoanalyst 
all day Friday Nov. 3, in the Performing Arts Theatre. The seminar is: designed 
for all those who work in helping professions such as health services , juvenile' 
corrections , counseling, and the ministry. Topics will include storytelling 
techniques, psychotherapeutic approaches to the resistant child, the psychological 
trauma of divorce, and children with minimal brain dysfunction. The opening session 
starts at 9 a.m. For registration details, contact the Office of Continuing Educa- 
tion, 828-4611. 



S: ^ 

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") X/ 

-^ 1 

THE AC BAND, under the direction of John 
Scott, will stage an outdoor concert 
(weather permitting) this Fri. Oct. 27 
between 11:50 a.m. and 1 p.m. in front 
of the College Activities Center. 
Everyone is invited to come and listen. 

taken by the Reese Library from 7:45 a.m. 
to 10:30 p.m.. Wed. Oct. 25, according 
to Ray Rowland. The purpose is to 
determine how library patrons can be 
served better. Everyone entering the 
library during that period will be asked 
to take a few minutes to complete a 
questionnaire and to leave it at the 
exit before departing. 

.IW IMPORTANT MEETING of all Students in 
Education will be held at noon Fri. 
Oct. 27 in room §7 of Butler Hall. 
Dr. Geraldine Hargrove , dean of education, 
urges all students majoring or minoring 
in undergraduate teacher education 
programs, all students taking under- 
graduate education courses, and all 
those planning to enter teacher education 
programs to attend. 

"THE TALL OAK," a three act pagent 
directed a.nd written by Keith Cowling 
about the history of MCG, has been 
rescheduled for Dec. 20 and 21. The 
production was originally planned for 
Oct. 26,27 , and 28. Rescheduling allov/s 
^ it to fall on the exact date of the 

150th anniversary of the institution. The 
pagent will be shown at 8 p.m. both 

I nights at Bell Auditorium Music Hall. 
Tickets are -available through the 
Office of College Relations. 

invite everyone to an evening of readip'7 
at 7:30 p.m. Thurs. Oct. 26 in the 
Chateau. Several of the readers will 
present original material. If you're 
interested in reading, contact Colette 
Avril, Duncan Smith, or Carol Williams , 
Dept. of Languages S Literature. Coffee 
and tea will be served. 

the six men who have served as president 
of Augusta College by donating portraits 
of them to be hung in Reese Library. 
The formal ceremony for dedicating the 
portraits of George P. Butler (1925-1930) , 
James L. Skinner (1930-1937) , Eric W. 
Hardy (1937-1954) , Anton P. Markert 
(1954-1957) , Gerald B. Robins (1957- 
1970), and George A. Christenberry 
(1970 - ) will take place at 3:30 p.m. 
Sun. Oct. 22, in the lecture room of 
Butler Hall. A reception will follow 
in Reese Library. All those interested 
are welcome. 

THE FINAL SESSION of a seminar on nuclear 
energy (sponsored by the Dept . of 
Chemistry & Physics) will take place at 
noon Thurs. in the lecture room of 
Butler Hall. This week's program will 
focus on future energy supplies and 
features a panel discussion. Everyone 
is welcome. 

A POLITICAL FORUM with contestants for 
the Richmond County Commission will be 
held at noon Wed. in the lecture room 
of Butler Hall. The Political Science 
Club is sponsoring the forum to give 
everyone a chance to know the issues and 
the candidates before voting. 


•JLOOJ} puz 'DVD 'spjif 

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,,'spjoyy JO aouBU/otf eilJ,,, 


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a weekly report 

published by the Pub 

ic I nform 

FOR WEEK OF: Oct. 29 - November 4, 1978 Written Wednesday October 25, 1978 

The AC Student Union will sponsor a Halloween Magic Show starring Dixie Dooley 
Tuesday night at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre. Dooley will highlight 
his show with a premiere performance of his "Man in the Glass Box" illusion. 
Admission is free with AC I.D., 50<: for all others. Everyone is welcome. 

"The No-Mans' s Land of the College Student: Identity and Change" will be the 
topic of William May's talk at noon Tuesday in the PAT. May, who is from Indiana 
University, is the last featured speaker in the fall identity and change series 
which was a huge success again this year. The program is open to all who are 

A Faculty Recital with John Scott (clarinet). Dr. John G. Schaeffer (piano), and 
Karen McClary (viola), will take place at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 2, in the PAT. 
The program will include "Sonata for Clarinet and Piano" by William Alwyn, 
"Monodia for Solo Clarinet" by Istvan Lang, and four selections from "Eight 
Pieces for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano" by Max Bruch. The recital is free to 
everyone . 


a "Question The Candidates" forum 
featuring candidates for contested seats 
in the Georgia Legislature at noon on 
Wed., Nov. 1, in the lecture room of 
Butler Hall. All interested persons are 

A SEMINAR on counseling children and 
parents will be held on campus all day 
Fri., Nov. 3. Led by noted child 
psychiatrist and adult psychoanalyst 

A REMINDER to these who still want to 
contribute to the United Way: the drive 
closes Oct. 31. Congratulations to 
Public Safety, the latest department 
to contribute 100%. 

THE DOGWOOD ALLIANCE, a citizens' group 
concerned about the use of nuclear 
power, will meet at 8:00 p.m. Nov. 3 in 
the civic room of the Ga. Railroad 
Bank in Daniel Village. Topic for dis- 
cussion will include plans for Karen 

Richard A. Gardner of Columbia University, Silkwood Memorial Week, the use of 


the seminar is designed for all those 
in helping professions like counseling, 
health services, corrections, and the 
ministry as well as others who work with 
children and parents. Call the Office 
of Continuing Education for registration 
details, 828t4611. 

AC FACULTY are invited to a Christian 
Faculty Retreat to take place on 
Nov. 10,11 s 12 at Hickory Knob State 
Park near McCormick, S.C. Cost is 
$38.00 per person (double occupancy) . 
For reservations, call the Rev. Joseph 
O'Brien, 828-3574 or 733-4224 (p.m.). 

THREE OFFICERS of the SCAE (Geraldine 
Hargrove Chapter) attended the recent 
Annual Fall Conference of the Georgia 
Council for the Social Sciences in 
Tucker, Georgia. Attending were Sandi 
Strength, Margie Marshall, and Jonni 
Tate. The following week, officers 
Sandi Strength, Vicki Smith, and Margie 
Marshall attended the Rock Eagle Fall 
Leadership Conference in Eatonton,Ga. 

which drew participants from 15 Georgia ^ — ^ 

colleges and universities. Sandi Strength last week and will continue through 
was elected at that time to represent next month, 

all SAE chapters in Georgia at the Student 
National Educators Association meeting 
_ in San Diego Jan. 24-28. 

energy for profit, and the Aiken hear- 
ings concerning high-level radioactive 

DR. RALPH WALKER, (Political Science) , 
is featured in an interview with Bob 
Young in the Close-Up section of this 
week's issue of the Richmond County News , 

Robert Shanks and carpenter Tom Wright, 
AC has an attractive plexi-glass and 
redwood display case (kiosk) which was 
used for the first time at the Exchange 
Club Fair. The six-sided, 8 foot deep 
case can be used to display pictures, 
graphics, printed material, etc. from 
all college departments. Those 
interested in contributing materials 
or using it should call Public Informa- 
tion, 828-3917. 


exhibition of drawings at the A-3-A 
Gallery in Savannah, Georgia np'^na<i 


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dLigustaWcollege spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: Nov. 5 - Nov. 11, 1978 

Written Wednesday November 1, 1978 

The Augusta College Theater will present J.M. Synge's lively Irish comedy "The 
Playboy of the Western World" in the Performing Arts Theatre at 8 p.m. on 
Nov. 9,10, and 11 and at 3 p.m. on Sunday Nov. 12. The play is set in the turn 
of the century Western Ireland. Because of its depiction of peasant character, 
it created a stir among Irish nationalists when first produced at the Abbey 
Theater in 1907. It is now regarded as one of the finest plays in the English 
language and admired for its poetic Anglo-Irish idiom. The part of Christy 
Mahon is played by Philip Sacco, who has acted in several productions including 
AC theater's "The Vise." Ellen Prather plays Pegeen Mike, the innkeeper' s 
daughter. She was most recently seen as Frenchy in the Augusta Players' 
"Destry Rides Again," and as Bonnie in AC theater's "Anything Goes." Victor 
Maye, well known to Augusta audiences for his one man shows, plays Pegeen' s 
fiance, Shawn Keogh. Arthur Wilson plays her father and Brisco Merry plays 
Old Mahon. The rest of the cast include: Betsy Gilmer, Dianne Greenleaf , 
Randi Garcia, Alison Booth, Ellen Anderson, Tommy Chappelle, Eddie Livingston, 
Louise Shivers, Connie Dyson, Colin Smith, and Tony Weisenburger. Admission is 
free with AC I.D., $1.00 for students, and $2.00 general. Tickets can be 
purchased at the box office before the performance. 

THE AC HISTORY CLUB will sponsor a visit 
by Cullum scholar Dr. Thomas Ganschow 
of the University of Georgia at noon 
Fri. Nov. 10 in the lecture room of 
Butler Hall. His topic will be "The 
Execution of Chairman Mao: China After 
Mao." Ganschow is the co-author of 
"Comparative Communismr The Soviet, 
Chinese, and Yugoslav Models" - and has 
contributed numerous articles and 
reviews to scholarly journals. He 
received his Ph.D. from Indiana 
University and served on the faculty 
of Ching Yi Liberal Arts College in 
Taiwan. He has twice been named 
Outstanding Honors Professor at the 
University of Georgia. The academic 
community and the public are invited 
to his lecture. 

will be the topic of a lecture by 
Monroe Kimbrel, president of the 
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, at 
10:30 a.m. Nov. 8 in the lecture room 
of Butler Hall. Kimbrel' s visit marks 
the close of the fall quarter lecture 
series sponsored by the Center for 
the Study of Private Enterprise. His 
t:alk will detail the scope and 
climensions of our federal reserve 
system and the Open Market Committee 
and the effect of both on today's 
economy. To reserve a seat, call 
the center at 828-4993. 

seminar on Computer Assisted Instruction 
to be held from 1 to 2 p.m. Nov. 14 
in room A-4 of Skinner Hall. Dr. Frank 
Gillespie of the University of Georgia 
will discuss CAI sessions available to 
university system users. These include 
sessions on English grammar, music, 
history, chemistry , biolog>j and mathemat- 

THE AC CROSS COUNTRY running team took 
fifth place in a 10,000 meter 
(6.2 mile) invitational meet sponsored 
by Valdosta College recently. Jurgen 
Cowling finished first for the AC team, 
which had its best ever 10,000 meter 

A FACULTY ART EXHIBIT will open with a 
reception at 7:30 p.m. Sun. Nov. 12 
in the lobby of the PAT and continue 
through the month. The display will 
feature the works of Nathan Bindler, 
Richard Frank, Eugenia Comer, Ann 
Barton, Jack King, and Linda Peters. 

Weedhaven Farm Greenhouses will 
contribute 10-15% of your purchase 
price towards the AC chamber choir's 
spring tour fund. The store is located 
on Old Waynesboro Road, four miles 
past Goshen Plantation entrance. 

week with a total of $4,904.50. This 
generous response to a community cause 
places AC at 156% of its goal. 
Departments attaining 100% this week: 

Counseling Center 

Math and Computer Science 

Student Activities Office 

Veterans Affairs 

Congratulations to building representa- 
tives and donors who made the drive a 

the Spotlight to thank the kany MESE LIBRARY 
people who were kind to herlduHii^JBWJ^ COLLEGE 
hospitalization and recupeii^tion. 

^ my 6 1978 



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"oo pue UBifjTTZM uioxj SiI3XinUD3H 
••SM3N 301330 XN3H3JVld 






)V 1 3 1978 

a weekly report 

published by the Pjiblic I rvfddGdtfbliAltf fSA. 


FOR WEEK OF: Nov. 12 - Nov, 19, 1978 

Written Wednesday November 9, 1978 

The Student Art Assocxation's biggest-ever faculty art exhibit will open with a 
receptxon at 7:30 Nov. 12 in the lobby of the PAT. The show will include cerandcs 
paxntxngs prints, wood and stone sculpture, and for the first tirnl, bronze 
c^stxng. Arts faculty members represented are Jack King, Richard Frank 
llTcome ' """''"" ^'"^'^"' ^"^""'^ '""'''' ^"^ ^-^^ ^-^-- Everyone Ts 

The fine arts DEPT. win present duo 
pianists Joseph Rezits and Despy Karlas 
in recital at noon Thurs. Nov. 16 in the 
PAT. Rezits is professor of piano at 
Indiana University in Bloomington, Ind. 
He has toured extensively as a soloist 
and as recitalist, and has recorded on 
several record labels. He has authored 
several books and has made many appear- 
ances as a lecturer as well as a duo 
pianist. Karlas is well known to local 
audiences as a soloist and chamber 
player. A professor of piano at the 
University of Georgia, she studied at 
the New York Institute of Musical Art, 
the Julliard School, and the University 
of Illinois. She is a lecturer and 
clinician and has performed with the 
Atlanta Symphony. The Thurs. program 
will include works by Debussey, 
Stravinsky, Schubert, Mozart, and Bizet 
and is free to the public. 

THE AC JAZZ ENSEMBLE, under the direction 
of Michael McClary, will open its 
1978-79 season Nov. 16 as the featured 
entertainment for the Georgia Visiting 
Teachers' Convention at the Augusta 
Hilton Hotel. The program will feature 
a wide range of tunes— from sounds of 
the 40's to Chuck Mangione, '78. The 
ensemble will be seeking playing 
engagements for winter and spring 
quarters and invites interested parties 
to inquire at the Dept. of Fine Arts. 

by the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is 
scheduled for Nov. 16 from 1 to 4 p.m. 
in meeting rooms 2 and 3 of the CAC. 
Representatives from major companies 
will demonstrate hair styling methods, 
hair cuts, cosmetics, and fashions. 
Admission is 75<:. Everyone is welcome. ■ 

CY TIMMQNS, the hit of last year's 
Jazz Festival and the NECAA convention, 
will appear in concert at 8 p.m. Thurs. 
Nov. 16 in the CAC. The Student Union 
is sponsoring his visit and will provide 
free bread and cheese for those attend- 
ing. Admission is free with a valid 
I.D., 50<: for guests. 

A VOLLEYBALL GAME between the faculty 
and members of the SGA will take place 
Fri. Nov. 17 on the AC courts. Those 
interested in playing should contact 
Gerald Thompson in the Math Dept., 

at AC will continue with a series of 
monthly readings in the Chateau at 
1 p.m. Mon. Nov. 20. Coffee and tea 
will be served, and everyone is 
invited. Anyone interested in reading 
should call Carol Williams, Duncan 
Smith, or Colette Avril, Dept. of 
Languages and Literature, 3706. 

needed to work as Santa's reindeers 
entertaining children waiting to have 
their pictures made at Regency Mall. 
The part time jobs start Nov. 18 and 
finish Christmas Eve and pay $2.65 per 
hour. Apply in person at the Informa- 
tion Booth, Regency Mall. 

A SEMINAR on pomputee .^.'7.<;isted .instruc- 
tion will be held from 1 - 2 p.m. 
Nov. 14 in room A-4 of Skinner Hall. 
Dr. Frank Gillespie of the University 
of Georgia will discuss CAI sessions 
available to university system users. 
They include grammar, music, history, 
chemistry , biology and mathematics. 
Faculty members are invited. 


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'-\>^<auii/\ coil FGE I 

NOV 20 1978 

augustaTcollege spotilght 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: Nov. 20 - Nov. 26, 1978 

Written Wednesday November 15, 1978 

Augusta College personnel will observe Thanksgiving holidays on Nov. 23 and 24, 
according to Alex Mura, personnel director. Students at AC will also have 
Wed., Nov. 22 off. Mura said Christmas holidays are Wed., Thurs., and Fri. 
(Dec. 20,21, & 22) and Mon. and Tues. (Dec. 25 S 26). New Year's Day (Mon. , 
Jan. 1) will also be a holiday. 

The Black Student Union will hold a Thanksgiving Dance on Tues. , Nov. 21 at 
10 p.m. in the College Activities Center, D.J. for the occasion will be 
Lester Gordon. Admission is $1 with a college I.D., $1.50 without. Set-ups 
will be provided. 

A group of AC readers, writers, and players will continue with a series of 
monthly reading in the Chateau at 1 p.m. Mon., Nov. 20. Everyone is invited to 
attend and participate. Those interested in reading their own or others' works 
should call the Dept. of Languages and Literature, 828-3707. 

of Sand Hills , AG's student literary 
magazine, should apply in writing to 
Dr. Evans in the Dept. of Languages and 
Literature no later than Nov. 27. 
Letters of application should include 
your name, address, phone number, any 
relevant writing or editing experience , 
and a statement of why you would like 
to work on the magazine. 

THE AC CHOIR, accompanied by the AC 
Youth Orchestra, will present "The 
Messiah" during their fall concert at 
8:30 p.m. Nov. 28 in the PAT. Featured 
soloists will be Donna Carter, soprano; 
Carolyn Reynolds, alto; Dr. James 
Russey, tenor; and Floyd Montgomery, 
baritone. Dr. Eloy Fominaya, chairman 
of the Dept. of Fine Arts, will conduct. 
The performance is open free to the 

made a weekend trip to Helen, Georgia, 
an Alpine village in the northern part 
of the state. The town is well known 
for its German customs, music, food, 
and dress. Dr. John C. May is faculty 
advisor to the organization. 

fv^eedhaven Farm Greenhouses will 
contribute 10-15% of your purchase 
price towards the AC chamber choir's 
spring tour fund. The store is 
located on Old Waynesboro Road, four 
miles past Goshen Plantation Entrance. 

FOUND in the AC Book Store: A leather 
jacket. Identify and claim. 

for creative people (writers, illus- 
trators, photographers) to work on the 
staff. If interested , come by the 
office, second floor of the CAC , any 
day after noon. 

(Admissions) and his wife Toni on the 
birth of their daughter Autumn Elisa- 
beth Nov. 13. The baby, who weighed 
7 lbs. 2 oz., has a six year old 
brother, Bart, and two sisters, Tonya 
and Jenny, five and three. 


and participated in the recent annual 
Georgia Sociological Assn. meeting in 

DR. JOHN SMITH, outgoing president 
of the organization, presented an 
address, "Sociology: A PresM^'^t^i^^ 
Perspective." He also participated 
in a panel discussion on "Social , 
Science Interface" with representatives 
from psychology and political science 

DR. DEXTER L. BURLEY presented a paper 
on "The Protestant Ethic and Retirement." 
DR. ROBERT FRICKEY attended the Regents' 
Advisory Committee on Sociology and 
Anthopology meeting which was held 
in conjunction with the GS A annual 

BRENDA ROOT recently returned from 
the annual Mid-South Sociological 
meeting in Jackson, Miss., where she 
chaired a section on the Sociology 
of Sex Roles. 



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.-©rnpavos depTzoq s:)r paounotn/e se>v 

•m-B gp:^ ^e 

©rnpat/os jej-nfiaif yr^eg ^ .^p^ 

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pasoro 6Z6r T -uer - 0€ -oej 
-m-d s - -m-E. 8 g^_^^ .^3^ 

pasoTO. sBepjTOH smizsjaqo-g-^-oz 'oaa 
•m-d s - -m-B a gr_g^ .^3^ 

arnpaifss aejnBsij g_^ -oacj 

arnpav^s jern^aa ^^-.g^ .jj^^ 

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u/ojj ou/au/ s,3^aaAi ^se^ '81 '"aojv '^es 

wnrjoijrpnfe' jrj-ag a^, :,p 33^^^^ g^p, ^^^^ 

„ja:Yoe jo:»nitf ac/j;,, s.Z377Va DIAID 3HX 


augustafcollege spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR IfEEK OF: Dec. 4 - Dec. 9, 1978 

Written November 29, 1978 

The annual Christmas Belle Ball will take place at 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 8 in the 
College Activities Center, it was announced by the Office of Student Activities . 
This year, in addition to Miss Christmas Belle, a Christmas Beau will be selected 
to reign with her over the evening's festivities. Both Belle and Beau were 
chosen by popular student vote early last week. Competing for the new title 
are Darrell Holder, Anthony Davenport, Jeff Sexton, Andy Cheek, Jamie Casey, and 
Rich Hawkins. Contestants for Christmas Belle are Debra Warner, Dale Jaqueline 
Lam, Diane C. Smith, Peggy Mitchell, Sandi Strength, Kay Walters, Dawn Cook and 
Valerie Webb. Music for the formal affair will be provided by Mantra. Admission 
will be by valid AC I.D., with each student allowed one guest. Active alumni 
are invited. 

The AC Alumni Association invites all faculty and staff tc 
annual Christmas party from 7:30 p.m. - midnight on Dec 
Alumni House. Those planning to attend the symphony 
are invited to come by afterwards. 

perfc rma 

6 at,t?itQcmxyf^lcrzt: 

DEC / 19/8 

AC STUDENTS are entitled to discount 
tickets to the Georgia Dance Theatre's 
production of "The Little Match Girl" 
Dec. 8,9, & 10 in the PAT. For more 
information, call 736-9061, or visit 
the dance company's Surrey Center 

the Augusta Area Mental Health Center 
will be held from Ito 5 p.m. Jan. 11 
in the University Hospital Auditorium. 
It is intended to increase public and 
professional awareness of wife abuse 
and of the limitations of current efforts 
to help those wives who are victimized. 
A number of speakers will address the 
social, legal, and moral aspects of the 
problem in hopes of formulating specific 
recommendations for our legislators to 
consider. Registration is $5.00 and may 
be sent to the Augusta Area Mental 
Health Center, 900 St. Sabastian Way, 
Augusta, 30901, or can be paid at the 
door. For more infor mation, call 
Dr. Jesse Lewis at 722-2615. 

Dec. 6 & 7 in the AC Bookstore. A 
hook salesman will be there 8 a.m. 
to 4 p.m. both days. 

officers at its Nov. meeting, and 
announced the follovring results: 
Sandi Strength, president; Charles 
Lyons, vice-president; Valerie Webb, 
secretary /treasurer . 

THE ROTARACT CLUB will hold its 
Christmas dance Dec, 9 from 8 p.m. 
1 a.m. in the CAC. "Friends" will 
provide the music, and tickets are 
$3.00 per person, $4.00 per couple. 



"THE TALL OAK,\' a pageaM^ M the 
history of thJ WeUiLai LUii^^^ ot 
Georgia which was scheduled for 
Dec. 20 and 21, has been cancelled. 
Persons who have bought tickets should 
contact the MCG Foundation at 
828-2121 for ticket refunds. 

ACTIVE ALUMNI are invited to nominate 
members of the 1978-79 faculty for 
the first annual Outstanding Faculty 
Member Award. Dr. Ron Ezell, selection 
committee chairman, said the award 
is designed to encourage and recognize 
a faculty member who exhibits an out- 
standing ability to teach and to 
inspire students to their best efforts, 
and who continually serves the college 
cind the. community . Primary emphasis 
in judging will be on teaching 
excellence and will be done by a 
committee made up of students Robin 
Grace and Ron Irick, Dr. Elige Hickman, 
Dr. Roy Nicely, and alumnus Lee Nowell. 

Nominations should be accompanied 
by a supporting statement of one 
page or less, to include but not be 
limited to evidence of the criteria 
listed in the purpose of the award. 
Send signed statements to Dr. Ezell 
no later than Jan. 15. 


presented a paper on "Semen Manipulation 
in the Male Factor Infertility" at 
the 72nd Arfnual Scientific Assembly 
of the Sduthern Medical Association in 
Atlanta: recently. 




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fi^ajoos T^^oijo -ui'd 0£-'€ 

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Tooqos aBjoao 'd JB^im 

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ssauTsng jenuue puzs ay^ passajppe 

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aqq papuaqqjs Biquaoaj j^^ij -q f][for 'ua 

: 'Zd3a 3iinXVii3XIl QtiV S3DVnDNVl 

'Si-i3N 3DIJ30 XN3N3DVld 


augusta college sp^tMght 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Irfiformation Office 


FOR WEEK OF: Dec. 10 - Dec. 16, 1978 

Written December 

6, i9Pf C 1 1 197. 

Ten AC students have been selected for recognition in "Who's 
American Universities and Colleges ," it was announced today jb^ 
Activities. A committee of faculty members, students, and administrat 
evaluated the students on the basis of academic standing, participation in college 
and community activities, and leadership ability. Selected as being among the 
country's most outstanding campus leaders were John Randolph Barden, James J. 
Casey Jr., Alice de Saavedra, James Hancock III, Clifford Hull, Jr., Ronald 
Paul Irick, Julie D. Lewis, Leign Ann Puryear, Thomas O. Turner, and Walter 
Randall Wall. The ten will receive a certificate of membership in Who's Who at 
Honors Night ceremonies this spring. 

The Office of Continuing Education has issued its winter quarter brochure listing 
a total of 65 short courses, including over 20 new offerings. Those new ones 
include: Aerobic Dancing, Better Imaging (a Guide for Working Women), Brick 
Laying, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for Heart Attack Victims (CPR) , Creative 
Music Methods, Flower Making, Graphic Design, A History of Soviet Russia, Coping 
with Divorce and Separation, Painting Portraits, Parents' Questions About College, 
Personal Adjustment, Personal Politics (the Psychology of Making It), How to Improve 
Test Scores, Time Management, Understanding Legal Stuff, Watercolor Painting, 
Weaving, and a course on aging: You're Never Too Old. A one day workshop with 
noted American lyric tenor John McCollum is planned for Feb. 6-9. In addition, 
the office in conjunction with Alumni Affairs will offer a series of Alumni 
Evenings at the Maxwell House in February. The first will feature Dr. Ed. Cashin 
discussing "Augusta New Insights into History" on Feb. 8. On Feb. 15 Dr. Jane 
Cross will lead a discussion of "The Seasons of Our Lives." Dr. Creighton will be 
the last featured speaker on Feb. 22. His topic will be "The Death of God." For 
more information about these or the many other courses offered, call the Continuing 
Education Office, 828-4611. 

Management Admission Test at Augusta 
College on Jan. 27 are reminded that the 
deadline for registration is Jan. 5. 
Contact the Testing Center or the Dept. 
of Business Administration for registra- 
tion materials. 

plant from Weedhaven Farm Greenhouses , 
the AC chamber choir will receive 
10-15% of your purchase price as a 
donajtion from the owners. The store is 
located on Old Waynesboro Rd. four miles 
past Goshen Plantation entrance. 


3ob Young - Public Information 

Marsha Weinbrecht - Business Administration 

Lois Wright - Special Studies 

Richard Davin - Public Safety 

Rebecca Whitaker - Plant Operations 

Leroy Clay - Plant Operations 

Diane Brooks - Plant Operations 

Samuel Roundtree - Plant Ope'rations 

Party have been mailed, according to 
Director Nopi Barnard. The party will 
begin at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 16 at the 
Maxwell Alumni House. Those attending 
the symphony performance that evening 
are invited to stop by afterwards. 

AC PERSONNEL are reminded that Christmas 
holidays are the three work days 
Dec. 20,21, and 22 (Wed., Thurs., and 
Fri.) and Dec. 25 and 26. New Year's 
Day, Mon. Jan. 1, is also a holiday. 

the Augusta Area Mental Health Center 
will be held from 1 to 5 p.m. Jan. 11 
in the University Hospital Auditorium. 
It is intended to increase public and 
professional awareness of wife abuse 
and of the limitations of current efforts 
to help those wives who are victimized. 
A number os speakers will address the 
social, legal, and moral aspects of the 
problem in hopes of formulating specific 
recommendations for our legislators to 
consider. Registration is $5.00 and may 
be sent to the Augusta Area Mental 
Health Center, 900 St. Sabastian Way, 
Augusta, 30901, or can be paid at the 
door. For more information, call 
Dr. Jesse Lewis at 722-2615. 

FOR SALE: Coffee Table with glass over 
the top. Measures 23 x 59. $50.00 
Call Sandra Fowler, ext. 3801. 
FOR SALE: Asahi Pentax KM 35 mm SLR, 
1.4 - 50 mm lens. Excellent conditJLon. 
Set of 10 filters, lens hood, couplsd 
2x converter (50 mm to 100 mm) . All. 
for $225. Contact Angel Cordona at 


lb. 01 



JAN 5 19 

AllhWSTA, ^A 

lege spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

; 30904 \ 
FOfi WEEK. QEi Janiwry T"* January 13^ 1979 Written January 3, 1979 

When is a juggler not just a juggler? When he is also a teacher, comedian, and 
musician. So say representatives of the AC Student Union about juggler Chris 
Bliss, whose visit to campus they will sponsor on Jan. 10. In his innovative 
act called "Music for Your Eyes," Bliss combines unusual ability with selected 
pieces of contemporary music and special lighting effects. He will perform at 
noon in the PAT, free for AC people and 50<: for all others. At 3 p.m. , he will 
conduct a free workshop in the CAC. (Anyone seriously interested in learning 
the ancient craft of juggling should bring three tennis balls.) That night. 
Bliss will again demonstrate his abilities in a brief performance at half-time 
ceremonies of the Jaguar-Armstrong State basketball game in the AC gym. 

The Augusta College Theatre will hold tryouts for its next presentation, Guys and 
Dolls , on Jan. 8 and 9, according to director Duncan Smith. The play is a musical 
fable of Broadway based on a story and characters by Damon Runyan and will call 
for dozens of singers and dancers. Acting and singing auditions will be held 
Monday at 7 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre. Dance tryouts and additional 
acting and singing auditions are scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Fine Arts 
Center. Callbacks will be held Wednesday, Jan. 10, at 7 p.m. in the PAT. 
Performances of the mammoth musical will take place March 1,2,3,4 in the PAT. 

members of the University of South 
Carolina faculty will be in the PAT 
lobby from now through the end of the 
month. Exhibiting artists are Gilbert 
Reed, who holds an M.F.A. from the 
University of Michigan, and Nancy 
Albertson, who earned her M.F.A. from 
Syracuse University. 

Teacher Examinations (NTE) at AC on 
Feb. 17 are reminded by testing director 
Julian Heyman that they have to register 
with the Educational Testing Service 
(ETS) in Princeton, N.J. before Jan. 25. 
A general information bulletin and 
registration materials can be obtained 
from the Testing Center, Bellevue Hall. 

REAL ESTATE COURSE approved by the 
3eo2'gie[ Real Estate Commission for 


^m^rospective salespersons will be offered 
at AC beginning Jan. 8. Sponsored by 
the Center for the Study of Private 
Enterprise and the School of Business 
Administration, the 24 hour course will 
be taught by Phil Armstrong, J.D., and 
will meet four Mondays, four Wednesdays, 
and three Saturdays through Jan. 31. 
For more information, call Roland Kidd, 

the Augusta Area Mental Health Center 
will take place 1-5 p.m. Jan. 11 in the 
University Hospital auditorium. Registra- 
tion fee is $5.00 for more information, 
contact Dr. Jesse Lewis, 722-2615. 

A 1978 TAX ACT SEMINAR sponsored by 
the Center for the Study of Private 
Enterprise , the School of Business 
Administration, and the Chamber of 
Commerce of Greater Augusta is 
scheduled for Wed., Jan. 10, at the 
Augusta Hilton. Moderators of the 
nine member panel of experts will be 
Dr. Otha L. Gray, CPA, and attorney 
J. Larry Broyles. Topics include 
capital gains, employee benefit plans, 
tax credits, corporate and other 
business provisions, tax shelters, 
estate and gift taxation, and tax 
administration (practice and procedure) . 
Registration is $15 and can be done 
through the Center for the Study of 
Private Enterprise, 828-4993. 

death last week of Norman L. Galloway, 
dean of students emeritus of Augusta 
Junior College. He served as a 
faculty member for 35 years until his 
retirement in 1964. He remained 
through the years an ardent Jaguar 
fan, and will long be remembered for 
his many contributions to AC, among 
them the words to our alma mater. 

A ONE-NIGHT WORKSHOP on "Better Imaging: 
A Guide For The Working Woman" will 
be held Tues., Jan. 9 from 7-10 p.m. 
in the lecture room of Butler Hall. 
The workshop is designed to show 
women appropriate methods of make up, 
hair styling and dress for various 
occupations. Speakers will include a 
fashion buyer, a cosmetic consultant 
and a hairdresser. Contact the Office 
of Continuing Education to register. 


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-^a/i 3 1> 



a weekly Import AUGUSTA, GA. 

thenjpnc I nformationlOff ice 

FOR WEEK OF: Jan. 14 - Jan. 20, 1979 

Written Wednesday January 10, 1979 

Homecoming 1979 will be celebrated the week-end of Feb. 2-3 on the AC campus. A 
noon parade on Feb. 2 will start behind the Fine Arts Center and proceed down 
Walton Way to Sears. January 15 is the deadline for nominations for Homecoming 

Queen and King, a first for AC. Parade entries are to be registered by Jan. 

and $25 will be given for the best float. On Feb. 3, the Maxwell Alumni House 
will be open from 2-4 p.m. for all alumni, former Jaguars, cheerleaders, and 
fans. At 5 p.m. the annual alumni game will be played in the gym. The Homecoming 
Game at 8 will pit the Jaguars against Columbus College. The King and Queen 
will be presented at half-time as will the Spirit-On-The-Hill Award, given to the 
club which demonstrates the greatest school spirit throughout the year. A 
Homecoming Dance will be held in the College Activities Center. Alumni, faculty 
and staff are invited to a party at the Maxwell Alumni House following the game. 

The annual International Food Festival is on the horizon again. Admission to the 
Jan. 26 event will be one covered dish. The Student Union will provide bread, 
cheese and wine. The Festival starts at 6 p.m. in the College Activities Center. 
Pianist Jim Youngblood will be featured. 


THE NATIONAL PLAYERS will present the 
"The Taming of the Shrew" at 2 and 8 p.m. 
Feb. 1 in the Performing Arts Theatre. 
The Players will appear here under the 
auspices of the Lyceum Series. 

THE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE has 1979-80 forms 
available now for students to apply for 
aid. Students are asked to come by and 
pick up the form and the AC Application 
for Aid. 

will be held for six Saturdays from 
Jan. 27-March 3 from 9 a.m. to noon and 
from 2-5 p.m. Sponsored by the Office 
of Continuing Education, the review will 
be taught by Dr. Robert N. Brannock and 
will be held in Meeting Room Two of the 
College Activities Center. Continuing 
Education has details. 

winner of the Augusta Symphony' s 1978 
William S. Boyd Piano Competition, will 
perform Sunday, Jan. 21 in the Augusta 
Music Club's Sunday Afternoon Series. 
The 3:30 p.m. performance will be held 
in the Performing Arts Theatre. AC 
faculty, students and staff, free with 

THE MATH LAB schedule for winter quarter 
is as follows: 8 a.m. to noon daily, 
noon to 3 p.m. Monday and Wednesday, 
noon to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Thusday, and 
5-8 p.m. Monday-Thursday. The mathematics 
tutorial services are for students having 
difficulty with basic math skilly and 
homework assignments. The math lab is 
in D-1, Skinner Hall. 

to tour the Proctor and Gamble plant 
on Jan. 23 between 1-3 p.m. sponsored 
by Phi Beta Lambda. Sign-up tables 
will be provided in the College 
Activities Center Tuesday and Wednesday 
between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

A RECRUITER from Xerox Corporation will 
be on campus Tuesday to interview 
persons interested in a sales position 
in Augusta. The prospect must have 
graduated by December 1978. An appoint- 
ment is necessary and may be made by 
contacting the Placement Office. 
...In other recruiting news, the C&S 
Bank will be on campus this Thursday 
seeking BBA' s who will graduate by 
June. An appointment is necessary. 

INVENTORY HELPERS are needed by Davison's 
(Augusta Mall) through Jan. 17. The 
hours are flexible and the pay is $2.90 
an hour. Placement Office has details. 

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in a car pool 
from Burke County, Betsy Darken would 
like to talk to you at 828-4660 or 

THE ROWLANDS (Ray and Jane) are the 
proud grandparents of little Laura 
Jane Borden who arrived Jan. 8 weighing 
in at 6 pounds 14 ounces. The parents 
are Anna and Richard Borden. Anna 
graduated here in 1978. 

EFFECTIVE this month, the Board of 
Regenzs has autaorized the increase of 
the mandatory reitirement age in the 
University System from 67 years of agre 
CO 70 according to Alex Mara, director 
of personnel . 


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3ugusta college sp 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Informa 

FOR WEEK OF: Jan. 21 - Jan. 27, 1979 

Written Wednesday J. 

The next featured speaker in the AC Lyceum Series will be Associated Press corres- 
pondent Jim Hoaqland, who will deliver a public lecture at R p.m. Tuesday in the 
meeting room 2 of the College Activities Center. Hoagland is a Pulitzer Prize 
winning journalist who earned his degree from the University of South Carolina and 
did post-graduate work on a fellovrship to the University of Aix-en-Provence in 
France and another to Columbia University. He worked for the New York Times before 
moving to the Washington Post , where he was named African correspondent and later 
foreign desk bureau chief. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1970 for a series of ten 
articles he wrote on apartheid in South Africa, and has also written a book, 
South Africa : A_ Civilization in Conflict . 

The Department of Languages and Literature has invited literary critic M. H. Abrams 
of Cornell University to speak on campus Jan. 23 as a Cullum Scholar. Abrams is an 
authority on 18th and 19th century literature , literary criticism, and European 
Romanticism. He is the author of The Mirror and the Lamp : Romantic Theory and the 
Critical Tradition , and edited the widely used Norton Anthology of English 
Literature . 

All faculty, staff, and students are invited to a reception for him from 3-4 p.m. 
Tuesday in the Maxwell Alumni House. He will give a public lecture that night at 
8 p.m. in the lecture room of Butler Hall on "How to Prove an Interpretation: 
Wordsworth's 'A Slumber Did My Spirit Steal.'" On Jan. 24 at 11 a.m. in the lecture 
room he will deliver a short speech and answer questions about his latest and best- 
known book. Natural Supernaturalism : Tradition and Revolution in Romantic Litera- 
ture . Copies of poems he will discuss will be available at the lectures or can be 
obtained from Carol Williams in the Languages and Literature Dept. 

will take place at 6 p.m. Friday in the 
CAC. Admission is one covered dish. The 
Student Union will provide cheese and 
wine. The campus babysitting service, 
which is usually open for the event, v/ill 
not be available unless there is a demand, 
according to John Groves. Anyone wishing 
it to be open should call the Office of 
Student Activities. 

invited to contact John Flowers in Edu- 
cation to discuss "getting together for 
some informal and very amateurish blue- 
grass pickin' and grinnin' ." His number 
is 3601. 

THE LANGUAGE LAB, which is located in 
rooms 1 and 2 in Markert Hall, will be 
open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily and from 
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thurs- 
days, according to Colette Avril. She also 
stated that lab assistants are available 
to give free tutorial services in French 
any time by appointment to enrolled stu- 
dents who need help in basic grammar and 
oral proficiency. 

THE FINE ARTS DEPT. has announced that the 
annual auditions for two music scholar- 
ships will be held in the rehearsal hall 
of the ^AC on Sat. Feb. 17 starting at 
7:30 p.m. The Robert J. and Annie V. 
Maxwell Scholarships are for incoming 
freshmen who plan to major in music at AC. 
They can be renewed each year for four 
successive academic years providing the 
recipient maintains a B average in all 
music courses and demonstrates consistent 
progress on a chosen instrument or in 
voice. The Craig-Rockholt scholarships 
are in the amount of $100 and are available 
to incoming freshmen only. They are one 
year terminating grants. For more infor- 
mation, contact the Dept. at 3211. 

AC STUDENTS WHO TOOK the first Ga. Teacher 
Certification Test administered at the end 
of fall quarter enjoyed a 99% success rate, 
according to Dr. Geraldine Hargrove, dean 
the School of Education. Dr. Hargrove ex- 
plained that beginning last fall, anyone 
wishing to be certified to teach in Ga. 
will he required to take the criterion- 
referenced test. She said that it was ex- 
pected that 20% of the applicants who took 
it would fail. AC students scored well 
above the statewide average where the fail- 
ure rate was 7%. 


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r.7-. 3 

iiugustajcollege spotligh 

a weekly report 



published by the Public lnforfRatio«-&ffica.. .._ 

mR I'lEEK OF: Jan. 28 - Feb. 3, 1979 

Written Wednesday January 24, 1979 

It's Homecoming week at AC, and students, faculty, staff, and alumni are invited 
to participate in a number of planned activities: 

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1: 11 A.M. - 1 P.M.: The Student Union will present a 
noon coffeehouse performance by folk singer Elaine Silver in the student lounge 
of the CAC. She will perform two 45 minute sets. In addition to her singing, her 
program features banjo, guitar, and dulcimer in arrangements ranging from tradi- 
tional folk to ballads and blues. Admission is free for AC people, 50i: for guests. 

2 AND 8 P.M.: The National Players will perform Shakespeare's "The Taming 
of the Shrew" in the PAT. Admission to the Lyceum Series event is free v/ith I.D., 
$2.00 for all others. 

FEB. 2: NOON: The annual Homecoming parade will begin behind the Fine Arts 
Center and proceed down Vlalton Nay to Sears. A prize of $25 will go to the best 
float, with judging done by a committee made up of Carol Williams, (English) , 
Lenny Carlson (Physical Education) , Jim Benedict (Math) , Dean Joseph Mele, and 
students James Sherman, Robin Grace, and Gina Adams. 

6 AND 8:15 P.M.: The AC Film Series will feature "The Last Waltz," a Martin 
Scorsese film of The Band's last concert, in the PAT. Admission is free with I.D., 
$1.50 otherwise. 

FEB. 3: 2-4 P.M.: The Maxwell Alumni House will be open for all alumni, 
former Jaguars, cheerleaders, and fans. 

6 P.M.: The annual alumni basketball game will be played in the gym. 

y P.M.: The Jaguars will face Columbus College. Halftime ceremonies include 
crowning of Homecoming king and queen, and presentation of the Spirit-on-the-Hill 
award. Candidates for queen are: Mary Ruth Hill, Joyce Lynch, Charlotte Lyons, 
Ellen Prather, Sandi Strength and Tracy Webb. Competing for title of AC's first 
ever Homecoming King are: Dale Hoyt, Ron Irick, Cliff Keesee and Curtis McCladdy. 

AFTER THE GAME: Students are invited to the dance in the CAC. Music will be 
provided by Mainstream, a six piece horn band from Durham, N.C. An AC I.D. will 
permit one student and one guest. Others v/ill be charged $2.00 per person. 
Mixers will be provided. 

Alumni, faculty and staff are invited to a party at the Maxwell Alumni House 
after the game. 

Visiting Scholar to AC, will spend four 
days on campus in February as part of 
a music workshop offered by the Office 
of Continuing Education. He will present 
a recital at 8:30 p.m. Feb. 6 in the 
PAT. The public is invited. On Feb. 7, 
he will give a lecture-demonstration 
from 2-4 p.m. on "Interpretation of the 
Oratorio Recitative." At 7:30 p.m. he 
will give a two hour general coaching 
session on oratorio recitatives . His 
schedule on Feb. 8 will include a 
10 a.m. -noon general coaching session on 
German Lieder which v/ill resume at 2 p.m. 
On Feb. 9, at 10 a.m. he will conduct a 
two hour coaching session on French Song. 
To register call Continuing Education. 

A LOCAL BANK has several part-time 
positions for proof machine operators. 
Details available at the Placement 


SUMMER JOBS are available with the 
National Weather Service Southern Region, 
Those interested should contact the 
Placement Office for more information. 

ORCHESTRA'S March 17 performance of the 
Mozart Mass in C Minor will be held at 
6:30 p.m. Jan. 30 in the Fine Arts 
Center. The concert will be conducted 
by Dr. Eloy Fominaya and will include 
the Augusta Choral Society and the AC 
Choir. The performance is included in 
Series I of the Symphony season and will 
be held at St. Paul's Church. Auditions 
are open to soprano, tenor and bass 
soloists prepared to present any vocal 
selection by Mozart. An accompanist 
will be provided. 

a campus blood drive from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. 
on Feh. 7 on the second floor of the 
CAC. The drive is in response to what 
is termed by representatives of the 
Shepeard Blood Center as a nationwide 
critical blood shortage. All healthy 
persons are being asked to donate, 
according to fraternity member Andy Cheek, 
who said it only takes about 30 minutes. 
To make reservations, call the Blood 
Center at 722-0224. 


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college spotlifsh 

a weekly report 


'A, GA. 

puhlishRd hy thp Piihlin I nfnrmatinn Qff ina- 


FOR WEEK OF: FEB. 4 - FEB. 10, 1979 

Written Wednesday January 31, 1979 

The March to May Cullum Program will have as its theme this year "1984 Minus Five: 
The Future of the Individual in a Changing Society," according to Dr. Edward J. 
Cashin Jr., Cullum Committee Chairman. The program will not focus on a "third 
world" country this year in order to explore the future of the individual in a 
collective society, he said. Keynote speaker Arthur Schlesinger , Pulitzer Prize 
winning historian, will kick off the three-month program on March 29. Other speakers 
include Lerone Bennett, biographer of Martin Luther King and editor of Ebony , 
April 3; Education innovator Fred S. Keller, April 17; poet and philosopher 
P. Lai, April 19; Michael Harrington, author of The Other America , April 24; 
author and syndicated newspaper columnist Max Lerner, May 1; Georgia Tech Dean 
John Crenshaw, May 8; Best selling novelist Chaim Potok, May 15; University of 
Michigan professor of neuro-science Elliot Valenstein, author of Brain Control , 
May 22. Other presentations will include Victor Maye's recitation of Franz Kafka's 
"Metamorphosis ," on April 5; Daniel Negrin' s dance interpretation of Camus' Fall, 
April 12; a film "The Stranger" on April 26; another film "Metropolis," a silent 
film classic on a collective society. May 3; a Woody Allen film "The Sleeper," 
on May 10, and on May 17, a student drama on the theme directed by Duncan Smith 
of the Language and Literature Department. The entire program is funded by the 
Cullum Foundation and by a grant from the Georgia Committee for the Humanities. 
Students planning on taking the program for credit may sign-up during pre-registra- 
tion from Feb. 19 to the 23. Others on campus and in the community may attend any 
of the lectures and presentations at no charge. The program will consider the 
direction in which our society is moving. Dr. Cashin said. The theme was suggested 
by the realization that George Orwell's infamous 1984 is now only a few years 
away. Some questions that will be considered include: "Is the direction of our 
social organization toward a collectivized future?" "Can we perceive the shape 
of that future?" "What will happen to individual rights in the future?" and 
"Will we 'outgrow' the Constitution?" 

Three faculty members will speak on various topics this month during the "Alumni 
Evenings at the Maxwell House" co-sponsored by the Office of Alumni Affairs and 
the Continuing Education Office. Speaking at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 8 will be Dr. Jane 
Cross on "The Seasons of Our Life," on Feb. 15 Dr. Edward J. Cashin Jr. on 
"Augusta-New Insights Into History" which will delve into what life was like in 
ante-bellum Augusta and the experiences of black people here during that era 
and on Feb. 22, Dr. Creighton Peden will discuss the "God is Dead" movement of 
the 1960's. Registration is through the Continuing Education Office. 

the direction of John Scott, will present 
its winter concert in the Performing Arts 
Theatre 3 p.m. Feb. 11. Special guests 
will be the Newberry College Stage Band, 
directed by Charles Pruitt. There will 
be no admission charge but donations may 
be made. 


■ Visiting Scholar, will spend four days 

: on campus this week as part of a music 

I workshop offered by the Office of Continuing 

! Education. He v/ill present a recital 

; 8:30 p.m. Feb. 6 in the PAT to which the 

public is invited. On Feb. 7,8, and 9 
I he will be involved in numerous coaching 

sessions and lecture-demonstrations. 

Registration is through Continuing 


A CMJPUS BLOOD DRIVE will be sponsored by 
Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity from 10 a.m. to 
5 p.m. On Feb. 7 in the CAC. The drive is 
in response to the critical blood shortage 
both in the CSRA and nationwide. 

registrations for the Health Careers 
"Tour and See" Day scheduled for the 
Medical College on Feb. 24. The 
program is designed to allow high 
school and college students a look at 
the various career opportunities 
available in allied health fields. 
The day will begin at 8:15 a.m. and 
end with lunch in the MCG student 
center for $1.75. 

has 1040 and 1040A tax forms available 
in the SGA office for interested 

AN OPEN FORUM dealing with questions 
and answers about the School of 
Business will be held at noon Tuesday, 
Feb. 13, in Room 22 of Marker t Hall, 
according to Dean Otha Gray. 
Students and faculty are invited. 


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OS IV) HS puw Hil 'uieaB 
"OJd BuT:tsax s ,:;u359h 

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Tipn^s- azqrg ^rsaz^a 

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-BAjasuoj lo} suoT:t^oTzddB Bujr^daooe aq 

ZTT^ iiia:^sfis ^raew ejBjoao jo s^e^s aqx 

■•SM3N XN3N3DV7d 

,,'passassodsja aqj, s.urnfjai ernsj/j ut 

ajn^onj^s SAT^E-JJeyv,, par^jrijua se/i jsdecf 

aVj; •aasseveTTEj; ut aouaxajuoQ azojjo 

sjn:jejs5T7 a/iT:?Ejecfu;oo /j^rsjs/iru/i s^e^S 

eprjofj renuue q:?jnoj st/^ ^e /ir^ueoaj 

jaJecf e pa^uasajcf 3:3^0/ X3HVDHVI1 'm 

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UT Bujqoeax aAT:tdTaosaad orr^souBeja,, 

uo uoTSsas e ur pa:;edjDT:tJed sjaqoea^ 

rre qojqM ut /i^unoj :foooser5 tr?" u/ej£ojcJ 

?usu/(JorsAap jjb:)s e pa:>onpuoo /jr^usoaj 

itifvi:? wo>rjw towit • -jidja NoixvDna3 








ugusta college spo|light 

a weekly reporS 3^ ,>(j,^ 


FOR WEEK OF: Feb. 11 - Feb. 17, 1979 

Written Wednesday February 7, 1979 

February is Black Heritage Month and the Augusta College Black Student Union has 
announced a series of activities in observance of the national theme of Historij: 
A Torch for the Future. Plans for this week include: The Lucy Laney Chorus will 
perform at noon Feb. 13 in the Student Lounge, second floor, CAC. On Feb. 14 
AC student Jason Smith will conduct a quick sketch session (portraits for a small 
donation) from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the CAC. That evening, "The Great White 
Hope," a movie about heavyweight champion Jack Johnson will be shown as part of 
the AC film series at 6 and 8:15 p.m. in the Performing Arts Theatre. On Fri., 
Feb. 16, guest lecturers Omari Musa and Cathy Sedwick will speak at noon in tho 
lecture room of Butler Hall. Activist reporter Musa' s topic v/ill be "The Freedom 
Movement in Southern Africa." Sedwick vrill discuss "The Bakke Decision: Is 
Affirmative Action Reverse Discrimination?" At 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts 
Theatre, the Lyceum Series will present the Porgy and Bess Singers in concert. 
The program will include all the original Gershwin music presented just as it 
was written in the original opera. Plans for events in the following weeks will 
be announced in the future. 

A group of over 200 high school students and teachers will be on campus Mon. 
Fob. 12 participating in the fifth annual AC Mathematics Contest, co-sponsored 
by the AC Math Dept. and the Augusta Preparatory School. The students will 
coinp'ite for individual honors on a written exam in the morning. That afternoon, 
the quick answer team competition will be held before an audience in rooms 5 
aitd 6 and the lecture room of Butler Hall and room 15 of Markert Hall. Students 
and faculty are invited to observe teams from 16 Ga. and seven S.C. high schools 
competing in this event between 1 and 5 p.m. 

PE'RJONS planning to take the Graduate 
Management Admission Test at AC are 
reminded that the deadline for registra- 
tion is Feb. 23. The test will be 
given March 17 at the Testing Bureau. 
Registration materials are available 
from Testing or the Business Administra- 
tion Department. 

ST'}DF'''^S em reminded that they may sign 
up f ?r Augusta College' s Cullum program 
en Change during pre-registration 
Feb. 19-23. "1984 Minus Five: The Future 
of the Individual in a Changing Society" 


has been elected to the editorial 
board of the journal Philosophy and 
Social Criticism . He also recently 
presented a paper "Education and Value- 
Increasing Experience" at the Southeast 
Philosophy of Education conference. 


along with Lydia Porro were presented in 

a recital duo-piano recital at 
Wesleyan College. 

will be theme of the March to May program. VOLA JACOBS gave a piano workshop 

The annual Cullum pzogntn:, now 
entering its 7th year, departed from 
its usual format of studying a "third 
world" country once before in 1976 in 
order to spotlight the U.S. during its 
bicentennial . 

THE LADY JAGS clinched the GAIAW small 
college Southern Division championship 
Ihuraday with a 73-72 victory over 
Georgia Tech. The wcnen are unbeaten 
in nine conference games and improved 
their overall record to 14-6. AC hosts 
Arrr^trong Wednei^ctay. 

local mnnthly w.eetiiig Feb. 21 at 7:30 jt.m. 
in the V.ixv-icaity Ha.pital Auditorium. 
Dr. H.L. '■-'r-ic'c;-?r, i^ptj.ontologist, will 
spesk or. "The V^fect of Diabetes en tho 
Eyes.'' The meeting is open to the 
public. , 

recently at the University of South 
Carolina-Aiken sponsored by the Aiken 
Piano Teachers Assn. AC alumna Lynn 
Morgan was among the teachers who Lzd 
students represented at the workshop. 

THE REAL ESTATE Salespersons' s course at 
AC will be offered again Feb. 12 through 
March 13 each Monday and Wednesday 
night from 8 until 10:30 and on two 
Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. until 
noon. Registration fee is $80 and 
books are approrimately $23. Th^ Center 
for the Study c,f Piivate Enterprise has 
details, 823-4933. 

PHI BETA LAMBDA is sponsoring an "Open 
Forum" on the School of Business ArlT.ini- 
stration Tuesday at noon in Room 22, 
Markert Hall. Faculty members represent- 
ing each major conccrtration will be 
prcr.cnt to answer qucrtlons. 


10 01 


ugusta college sp 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Informatio 

FOR WEEK OF: Feb. 18 - Feb. 24, 1979 

Written Wednesday February l&)^ilip,79- 

Augusta College radio station FM 91 (WACG) will expand its operating time 
hours of daily broadcast beginning at 6 a.m. February 26, it was announced by 
Harry Jacobs, general manager of the station. The change reflects a desire to 
encourage greater involvement on the part of the community , and to qualify for 
financial support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, (CPR) , he explaimd , 
adding that the station would then be able to join National Public Radio (NPR) as 
on affiliate. With the addition of more hours of broadcasting, the station will 
continue to air a heavy percentage of classical music, he said, along with the 
reading service for the blind and the jazz, folk, and rock shows which are so 
ijopular on the weekends. Important additions will include some prerecorded NPR 
programs and some by Parkway Productions, which Jacobs termed the nation's leading 
distributor of good music programs. The addition of new programs is intended to 
attract new audiences and give the station a broader base of listener interest. 
■I'his is necessary because the new programming is being done on a trial basis until 
June 1, he said. The station is listener-supported , and continuation of expanded 
hours will depend entirely upon community response and financial support. "We 
roalize we are taking a risk," he said, "but we feel its worth a try in order to 
fnlfill cur role as a provider of alternative listening to our community." Loco.l 
ladio personality Bob Ycung has been added to the staff as a consultant to help 
implement these plans, he added. 

The AC French Club invites everyone to an evening of French drama at 7:30 p.m. 
February 22 in the PAT. French students will perform Eugene lonesco' s "The Lesson" 
(La Lecon) and Antoine de Saint Exupery's "The Little Prince." Starring in "Thn 
Lf^ssoTi" xvill ho Randy W-ill as the meek and timid profccsoi, Terry Meredith as J-r'- 
si'dcT.t, and Lauronce Moore as the maid. Tom Turner will narrate "The Little Prince" 
which will star Donna Jean Lawler and a cast of selected area high school students. 
Aduiii.::ion is free. 

THE LYCEUM SERIES will present a lecture 
by Henry J. Abraham, noted scholar and 
CYj'ert on constitutional law and U.S. 
,'Svpreme Court, at 8 p.m. Hon. Feb. 19 
in the lecture room of Butler Hall. The 
px.-^fcscor of government and foreign 
r' fairs at the University of Virginia has 
: .\-.tten nine books on government, including 
rreedo'n and the Cour t^: Civil Rights and 
Lib erties in_theJJn ited Stat es ,'' which has 
hccomo a standard text for civil liberties 
courses on campuses across the nation. 
In addition to his public speech, he will 
address everal classes while visiting AC. 

IL-GUSTA COLLEGE will participate later this 
month in a state-wide program examining 
c '^rgy-related issues which citizens of 
Georgia will face in the next decade. A 
seminar on "Energy: Facts, Fears, and the 
Future" will be held from 7-9 p.m. 
'February 27 in the Lecture Room of Butler 
Vail. Featured speater will be Richard J. 
Anderson, a geologist, And past associate 
director of the energy program at Battelle 
Memorial Institute. PaneJJ.sts vilj. inclu.?- 
Dr. Edward Cashin, Dr. Cxeighton Peden 
and Dr. Floyd B. O'Neal. Conf-jnuing 
Education is handling reyistrdtjon. 

a number of tours during the week of 
Masters. Included are trips to London, 
Mexico, Monte Carlo, Hawaii, The Caril - 
bean and a skiing trip in Colorado. All 
tours are open to the public. Further 
information from the Maxwell Alumni 
House, 828-4701. 

business meeting at 7:30 p.m. Feb. 20 
in the Towers (4th floor, CAC) . Discus- 
sion will focus on revitalizing club 
programs and increasing memberships. 

by the Augusta Music Club and the AC 
Dept. of Fine Arts will present an after- 
noon of opera at 3:30 p.m. February 18 
in the Performing Arts Theatre. The 
program will feature excerpts "La Bohcne," 
"Madame Butterfly," "Rigoletto," "Daughter 
of the Regiment," "The Medium," and 
"Baby Doe," as well as a preview of 
"Washington Square." Featured will be 
'^rjitiposer Thomas Pasatieri , artistic 
director Edward Bradherry , soprano 
Maryann& Telese, fnezzo Carolyne James, 
tenor Rirjfu-ird Estes and harlUjue Inhn 
Davies. Admi ssion is free with AC 


-•ssTjras mjjj oy 'ui'd ST-8 S 9 


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'T08€ '^X3 23jMOd ejpu^s TI^D 

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'006'T$ ^E" panj-p^ sr £utj 

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uot:)P5S orppj jo jsuutai /i^onf 3^5 se/u 

'4uspn:)s oif PTO-Jcvah-ST 'mVD ADVIS 

•SJ3MOZ suqor ':tS 'saosjApv jo 
paeoa ay:) jo jaqmsi] e osje sj an -ouj 

le^uoij 'sjo:i03j[Ta jo paeog aq^ oq. 

pa:ioaia aj^uaoa^ sbm MmoilOH SSnu -ua 


•saT5T/iT5oe aqq. jbao 

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pup (:^unn ajBjeM) uaanb e jo Buxumojo 

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f^^ESE L/BRarv 


Sisigusta colleg* JK)|it ight 

Aa^ai.^. ,, L 30904 / 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: Feb. 25 - March 3, 1979 

Written Wednesday February 21, 1979 

Augusta College Theatre is alive and acting-out— acting out the past, that is 
New York m the 1940' s is the setting for their next production, "Guys and Dolls," 
opening March 1st in the P&T. The music b'j Frank Loesser will be familiar to 
many, "Fugue for Tinhorns," "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat," and "If I Were a 
Bell," and many others. The book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows cleverly 
combines characters and stories from some of the best of Damon Runyon's works. 
The cast comes from campus. Fort Gordon, Aiken, -ind Augusta. Some familiar 
faces include Ellen Prather, Dale Lam, Eddie Livingstone, and Debbie Nelson. 
Three of the leads are new to the AC stage but not to the theatre. Chris Sechler 
and Carmm QuiUan have degrees in theatre arts, and Richard Kramer, seen recently 
in the Merry Widow," has had extensive stage experience. Dr. Duncan Smith of 
Languages and Literature is producer and director. Dr. James Russey, fine arts, 
IS the musical director, Richard Frank, fine arts, has designed the sets, and 
Carl Crosby, from Aiken, is the choreographer. Show time is 8 p.m. on March 1,2, 
and 3 and 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 4. Admission is free for holders of AC 
Identification, $1.50 for other students, and $2.00 for the public. The Saturday, 
March 3 performance will be a benefit for the March of Dimes, and admission will 
be $5. Advance tickets for this performance can be obtained by calling 736-6724 
Tickets will be sold at the door for the other performances. 

Editors of Sand Hills_, AG's student literary magazine, are soliciting materials 
for the Spring 1979 issue. Fifty dollar first prizes will be awarded to the 
writers of the best poem and the best fiction or drama accepted for publication 
Anyone who has been a regularly enrolled student any time since April 1978 is 
eligible for the prizes and may submit work to editors John Barden, Lisa Abbot 
Carol Fuchs, or Randy Wall, or to the English Dept. secretary. Students with ' 
artwork (paintings, drawings, etchings, prints, photographs) shoulddcontact art 
editor Bruce Lee or members of the Fine Arts staff. 

EKKLESIA (an inter-denominational 
Christian fellowship group) will meet in 
MR 2 of the CAC at noon Thursday March 1. 
Dr. Paul Taylor of the History Dept. will 
speak on "The Christian View of History." 
Everyone is welcome. 

is the title of a seminar to be held 
7-9 p.m. Feb. 27 in the lecture room of 
Butler Hall. Sponsored by the Office of 
Continuing Education, the program is a 
unit of a state-wide program on energy- 
related issues. Geologist Richard J. 
Anderson will be the featured speaker, 
and panelists will be Dr. Ed Cashin, 
Dr. Creighton Peden, and Dr. Floyd O'Neal 
of the AC faculty. There is no charge 
for registration, which can be done 
through continuing education. 

THE 56TH ANNUAL MEETING of the Georgia 
Academy of Science will meet on the AC 
campus April 20-21, it was announced 
recently by Dr. John Black of the 
Department of Biology. Included on the 
two-day agenda is a talk by U.S. Rep. 
D. Douglas Barnard. The anthropology, 
biology, bio-mediaal science and science 
sducation sections will have full paper 
sessions beginning Friday April 20. 

forget this is the week AC s radio 
station goes on the air from 6 a.m. 
until mddnight increasing its hours of 
operation from eight to 18 daily. 
Significant additions will include 
prerecorded National Public Radio (NPR) 
programs and offerings from Parkway 
Productions , the nation's leading 
distributor of good music programs, 
according to Harry Jacobs, general 
manager of WACG since its broadcast 
debut in 1970. The station will 
continue to air a large percentage of 
classical music as well as other programs 
which have generated listener interest 
such as the CSRA Radio Reading Service 
for the Blind and Print Handicapped , 
and weekend jazz, fQlk, and rock shows. 
A special weekly program at 7:30 p.m. 
on Thursdays will focus on people and 
events at AC. Other plans include live 
broadcasts of public meetings such as 
City Council, County Commission, Board 
of Education, etc. The continuation of 
the nevr format is entirely dependent upon 
financial support and the interest of 
the community, Jacobs said. "We realize 
we are taking a risk but we feel it's 
worth a try in order to fulfill our role 
as a provider of alternative listening 
to our community." 


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'SM3N lM3M3D\nd 

jegusta*^college s 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information 

TOR WEEK OF: March 4 - March 10, 1979 

Written Wednesday Eebraary 

The Harlequin Street Theatre, now on a second national tour, will perform at noon 
March 7 (Wednesday) in front of the College Activities Center. The fast-paced 
show is a combination of original comedy routines, magic, mind reading, storytelling, 
puppetry, springboard routines, hand balancing, acrobatics, and juggling. Versatile 
artists Dana Smith and Mari Dempsey will bring a special kind of performance back 
to the street with their original yet theatrically traditional Harlequin Theatre. 
Their appearance is sponsored by the AC Student Union and is open to the public. 
Don't miss it'. 

The Augusta College Athletic Association announced last week special rates for 
students, faculty and staff of Augusta College and the Medical College of Georgia 
who wish to play golf at the Forest Hills Golf Course. Effective March 1, students 
with current I.D. cards will be allowed to play at 50% of the daily greens fees. 
Fulltime faculty and staff will be permitted to play at 75% of the daily greens 
fees. These special rates will be reviewed by the association at the end of a 
year to determine whether any adjustment is needed. 

THE AC CHAMBER CHOIR under the direction 
of Dr. James Russey will present a concert 
at 8:30 p.m. March 8 in the PAT. The 
program will include spirituals, madrigals, 
and a Bach motet. The concert is free 
and open to the public. ' 

A SERIES OF Small Business Development 
Courses will be offered through the 
Center for the Study of Private Enterprise 
during the month of March, according to 
Roland Kidd, assistant director. They 
include "Basic Accounting for the Small 
Business," "Effective Advertising and 
Promotion for the Small Business," and a 
special course on "Retailing Techniques 
for Furniture Salespeople." For more 
information, call the center at 828-4993. . 

publications workshop sponsored by the , 
Reese Library will take place at 2 p.m. 
Friday, March 9 in the third floor 
classroom of the library. Conducting 
the workshop will be Daniel Tsang, 
research librarian of the Alternative 
Acquisition Project, which is a project 
of the Samuel Paley Library at Temple 
University and is funded by the U.S. 
Office of Education. All small press 
and underground press publications 
given to Reese Library as part of that 
project will be on display. AC faculty, 
students and staff are welcome. 

THE ANNUAL DINNER of the AC Alumni Assn. 
will be held 6 p.m. May 5 at the West< 
lake Country Club with reunions of classes 
ending in four and nine. Deadline for 
reservations will be May 1. The program 
^rill include the annual report, installation 
of new officers, announcement of distin- 
guished alumna/ alumnus and distinguished 
Sf=.rvice lecipients. Dancing will follow. 

number of new courses this spring. 
Included will be creative crafts for 
young children, becoming responsive, 
the age of revolutions, distress 
management, California wine, coping 
with computers, raising your i.q., 
adventures in dining, political 
cartoons, sailing, the second time 
around, money management for the 
career woman, leadership for women, 
women and alcohol, hospice indoctrina- 
tion and a workshop on learning 

selected for Regular Army commissions 
by the Department of the Army. Cadets 
James Corbin, Anthony Hunt and Charles 
Johnson will be commissioned in the 
Ordnance Corps. Cadet James Huggins 
will be commissioned =s Infantry 
officer and Robert Woods as an Air 
Defense Artillery officer. 

has announced the soloists selected 
for the March 17 and 18 performance 
of the Mozart Mass. Guest soloists 
will be Soprano Dawn Hess of Kent 
State University along with soprano 
Donna Carter, Judith Ann Upchurch, 
tenor Dr. James Russey (Fine Arts) , 
and baritone Floyd Montgomery (AC 
alumnus) . 

asked the Spotlight to express her 
thanks to all AC people who were 
kind to her during her illness. 

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3ugusta coll€»g%,^potlight 


MAR 1 3 1979 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: March 11 - March 17, 1979 

Written Wednesday March 7, 1979 

FM 91, radio Augusta College, (Augusta's listening alternative) , is now on the air 
from 6 a.m. to midnight each day. The station broadcasts a variety of programs- 
from classical, rock and folk music to interviews with artists and live concerts 
and operas. Of special interest to AC people will be a weekly program led by 
Bob Young and Marian Cheek of Public Information focusing on college activities. 
Scheduled for Thursday, March 15 at 7 p.m. is an interview with Tom Riley, director 
of Continuing Education, who will discuss short course offerings for spring 
quarter. Following that will be a series of short interviews with several 
instructors on their respective courses: Anne Sheppard on "Who Am I? Where Am I 
Going?", Joanne Zimmerman on "Stress Management" and "Massage," Russ Holloman on 
"Becoming More Responsive" and "The Second Time Around," and Shari Covitz on a 
group of workshops for women. In weeks to come, the program will feature topics 
like the Cullum Program on Change, the Sandhills Writers' Conference, and a special 
interview with Gerd Lindfors, Rotary scholarship student from Finland. 

Reese Library will observe the following schedule through March 27: 
Friday, March 16 7:45 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. 

Regular Schedule through March 17 




19 - 



24 - 






8 a.m. 
7:45 a. 

- 5 p.m. 

m. - 8:30 p.m. 

Begin regular schedule at 7:45 a.m. 

CHRISTINE JORDAN, who is completing her 
last year in the associate degree nursing 
program at AC has been awarded a $250 
scholarship from the 10th District 

Georgia Nurses Association. She was 
one of four recipients of the annual 
scholarship, and was recognized for the 
honor at last month's meeting of the 

be offered again March 19 through 
April 18 each Monday and Wednesday night 
8-10:30 p.m. and on three Sat. mornings 
9 a.m. - noon. Registration fee is $80 
and books are about $23.00. To register, 
contact the Center for the Study of 
Private Enterprise, 4993, 


Janet Fallon Biology 

Lawrence Tingen ...... .Public Safety 

Kathy Davison Personnel 

Rufus Williams ... .Plant Overations 

County are being offered an art workshop 
beginning April 21 and continuing for 
five Saturdays on campus sponsored by 
the Office of Continuing Education. 
Topics to be presented include printmakini 
painting, art adaptation, ceramics and 
creative paperwork. Hours vrill be from 
10 a.m. until noon and from 1-3 p.m. 
Richmond county teachers may earn tenure 
credit by taking the five-week course. 

Augusta College will again offer swim 
classes for infants, pre-schooler, 
school children and adults this June. 
The pre-school sections (infants to 
age 5) are as follows: Section I, 
10:30-11:20, Section II, 11:30-12:20, 
Section III, 12:30-1:20, all from 
June 2-13. Section IV will be from 
10:30-11:20 from June 18-July 5. A 
swimming class for children ages 6 and 
older will be held from June 2- June 13 
from 1: 30-2:20. Two sections will be 
offered for adults: June 18-July 5 from 
11:30-12:20 and from July 9-26 from 
10:30-11:20. All classes have a small 
and limited enrollment and the fee is 
$15. Call Continuing Education to 


Federal Job Announcement No. DM- 5-01 
will be open for applications through 
April 2. This announcement is used to 
fill educator positions, GS-5/7/9 with 
federal agencies nationwide. Types of 
jobs most frequently filled from this 
announcement are education specialist 
and vocational guidance counselor, 
' primarily with the Department of 

Defense. Reference data is available 
in the Placement Office. 


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iiugusta college spotlight 


a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: March 18 - March 24, 1979 

Written Wednesday March 14, 1979 

The AC School of Business Administration will sponsor a visit by Dr. Harry Lipson, 
retail marketing expert, on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 20 and 21. The Board of 
Visitors Research Professor of Marketing at the University of Alabama spoke here 
last year as a Cullum Visiting Scholar. He is now being considered as a candidate 
for a proposed marketing professorship at AC, a move which will significantly 
increase interaction with the area business community . He will be the guest at a 
social hour from 7-9 p.m. Tuesday at the Maxwell House. On Wednesday he will spsak 
at an 8 a.m. coffee at the downtown Augusta Hilton on "Outlook for Retail Marketing.' 

A spring quarter orientation program for freshmen and transfer students will be 
held on March 26 in the Performing Arts Theatre. The schedule is as follows: 


9:00 - 

10:00 a.m. 

Reception, Group Discussions 

10:00 - 

11:00 a.m. 

How to Study, Campus Tour 

11:00 - 

11:40 a.m. 

President ' s Presentation , 
Registration Instructions 

11:40 - 

12:20 p.m. 


12:20 - 

1:00 p.m. 

Library Tour 

1:00 - 

2:00 p.m. 


2:00 - 

3:30 p.m. 


hold its spring meeting on March 24 in 
the Reese Library. The program will 
include presentations on: the photograph 
as an historic document; handling, display 
and storage of photographic images for 
archival preservation; historical 
preservation as an urban planning tool; 
a new approach to historic site 
interpretation; and beginning a new 
museum. To register, contact Ray 
Rowland, librarian, 4566. 

AC WELCOMES SPAN GREENE, the new caretaker 
of the Clark Hill Recreation Area, and 
his wife Agnes. He is retired from 
Lily Cup and has worked for the past 
four years as a caretaker at another 
site at the lake. 

DISCOUNT TICKETS to Six Flags Over Georgia 
are now on sale in the AC Book Store. 
The tickets, reduced from $9.25 to $7.50, 
are good for the weekends from March 24- 
April 20 and the entire week of April 9-13. 

NEW MEMBERSHIP CARDS to the Walt Disney 
Magic Kingdom Club and a complete brochure 
of benefits are now available in the 
Procurement Office in Fanning Hall, 
according to Jack Hamilton. Membership 
in the club is free to everyone and 
offers tickets at a reduced price, 
special travel and vacation plans, and 
other benefits. Old cards expired on 
January 31. The new ones are valid for 
the next two years. Stop by between 
8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to get yours. 


in concert at 8 p.m. Wednesday, 
March 28 in the Gilbert Lambuth Chapel 
at Paine College. There will be no 
admission fee. 

will hold their next monthly reading 
at 2 p.m. Thursday, April 5, in the 
AC Chateau on campus. Anyone who is 
interested in reading should contact 
Carol Williams, Colette Avril, or 
Duncan Smith in the Department of 
Languages and Literature, 828-3706. 
The public is invited to the readings. 

done upon request at reasonable rates. 
Call 790-2403. After 5 p.m. call 
798-4082 or 793-2169. Ask for Faye 
or "Y." 

i^w********************** **************** 


* "Form the habit of reacting 'Yes' to * 

* a new idea. First, think of all the* 

* reasons why it's good; there will be* 

* plenty of people around to tell you * 

* why it won't work." - Chauncey G. * 

* Suits. * 

n* ************************ ************** 

ANYONE INTERESTED in participatiuj in a 
1 mile or 5 mile run ppouJLiiuiJP by LJji_ ' ' 
AC Alumni Association on Afi^E^ iABBAI^Y 
call the Maxwell Alun ii MifibSlA ae&UGE 

MAR 261979 




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a'5 -3\ 

bugustafcollege spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: March 25 - March 31, 1979 

Written Wednesday March 21, 1979 

The annual Sandhills Writers' Workshop and Writing Conference will be held on 
, campus April 19-21, according to Carol Williams, who is co-directing the program 
; this year with Dr. Charles Willig. A staff of five professional writers will 
I conduct sessions on poetry, short fiction, the novel, juvenile and children's 
]■ f^ot^ion, and non- fiction writing. Drama and screenwriting will also be considered. 
Students may earn two hours' credit by attending and writing for the conference, 
provided they meet the course requirements: 1) submitting work to be read and 
discussed by the staff, and 2) either writing a paper on the work of one of the 
staff or making a film of the conference. Cost for students is $25 plus $5 for 
the awards banquet. The lectures and readings by the speakers are open to all 
students, enrolled or not. This year's staff will be: Mary Gordon on the novel; 
Rosemary Darnell, poetry; Doris Buchanan, children's literature; Starkey Flythe, 
Jr., non-fiction; and Marion Montgomery, the short story. The workshop is open 
to anyone interested in writing-from the beginner to the experienced author. To 
register, call the Office of Continuing Education, 4611. 

The Cullum Program on Change, which replaces the annual Third World Program, will 
get under way Thursday when Arthur Schlesinger gives the keynote address at 8 p.m. 
i; the lecture room of Butler Hall. The Pulitzer-prize winning historian is 
the author of Th^ Crisis of the OM Order; Violence: America in the Si xties, and 
10 other books on U.sJ politics and history. In addition to the public lecture, 
he will address students on campus Friday. 

VICTOR MAYE, well-known to college and 
area audiences, will present a performance 
of Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" at 
8 p.m. Saturday, March 31, in the 
I Performing Arts Theatre. The production, 
directed by Duncan Smith, will also be 
offered on April 5 as part of the Cullum 
Program. Maye has presented several 
other one-man shows in the area, but 
considers this his most ambitious to 
date. Kafka's classic tale of inner 
torment is that of a man who awakes to 
find he has become a large cockroach. 

direction of Julie Robr will be featured 
in tha Sunday Afternoon Series at 
3:30 p.m. April 1 in the Performing Arts 
Theatre. Sponsors are the Augusta Music 
Club and the AC Dept. of Fine Arts, and 
aJ:rdssion is free with a valid I.D. 

will hold th'^.ir next monthly reading at 
2 p.m. Thuzsclay, April 5, in the AC 
Chateau. A.i\-jone who is interested in 
reading s.'rcu/.d contact Carol Williams, 
Colette A-r^-:i, or Duncan Smith in the 
Departr:-}::!: of Languages and Literature, 
370^. rha puLlic is invited to tne 
readings . 

confirmed dates for the first annual 
golf and tennis tournaments . The 
golf tournament will be played at the 
Forest Hills course April 29 and is 
limited to 60 players. Tee time is 
7:30 a.m., and entry fees are $15 
per player, which cover cart and greens 
fees. Still to be decided is whether 
the contest will follow Calcutta or 
Lauderdale rules. Entry fees and a 
player's last 3 scores or handicap 
must be received by the Alumni Assn. 
by April 9. The tennis tournament, 
which will be played the week of 
April 16 at the Regency Raquet Club, 
will be divided into two flights. 
Flight A is for persons who have played 
in other tournaments; B is for beginning 
players. Flights should be indicated 
on entries, which are due before 
April 9 along with a $5 fee. Both 
activities are open to all alumni, 
members of the Jaguar Club, faculty 
and staff of AC. The jogathon, 
originally scheduled for May 5, has 
been postponed until a later date. 
For any more details, call the 
Maxwell Alumni House, 4701. 

TUNE IN daily to a great 
alternative: FM 91, AC 
only fine arts station 

'■^^^^i&^ LIBRARY i 


MAR 261979 


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APR. 3 J 079 

jfUgusta college spatlight 

' ' I'll m^m^t iiiJHpr . , I - ■■ ■ I 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: April 1 - April 7, 1979 

Written Wednesday March 28, 1979 

The Cullum Program on Change will continue this week with Ebony magazine editor 
Lerone Bennett speaking at noon and 8 p.m. April 3 (Tuesday) in the lecture room 
of Butler Hall. His engagement here preceeds by one day the 11th anniversary of 
the death of Martin Luthor King, Jr., whose award-winning biography Bennett wrote. 
He has also written numerous other books, among them: Before the Mayflower: A 
History of the Negro in America ; The Shaping of Black America ; and The Challenge of 
Blackness . His many poems, short stories and articles have appeared in periodicals 
and journals both here and abroad. On Thursday , April 5, AC alumnus Victor Maye 
will give his presentation of Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" at 8 p.m. in the PAT. 
The production is under the direction of Duncan Smith. Other one man shows Maye 
has presented include Gogol's Diary of a Madman , Livvie , and A Rose for Emily . 
He also has credits in productions of Tobacco Road , Oedipus Rex , Harvey and She 
Stoops to Conquer , among others. 

An Easter Party for young children will be held 2:30-4:30 p.m. in the Chateau 
Sunday April 8, sponsored by the Inter-Club Council. An easter egg hunt, a magic 
show by Dixie Dooley , and a performance by Elbo the Clown are all included for 
the $1.00 admission price. Proceeds will go to the Child Abuse Center. 

A memorial service honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will take place at 7 p.m. 
Monday, April 2 in the PAT, with singing by the Paine College Choir. Admission 
is fifty cents for students, $1.00 for adults, and free for children. Proceeds 
go to the Black Student Union Martin Luther King Fund. 

THE STUDENT UNION will sponsor a wine 
and cheese party at 7:30 p.m. Friday, 
April 6 for all those interested in 
meeting and exchanging ideas with AC's 
foreign students. The students hope 
to form an International Club as a means 
for all students , American as well as 
foreign, to become involved in social 
and cultural events on campus. They 
also hope to establish an orientation 
committee to introduce foreign students 
to Augusta and AC, and to provide 
assistance if needed, 

for two scholarship positions at the 
International Summer School at the 
University of Oslo, Norway. The Rotary 
Club of Oslo is offering the scholarship 
for the summer term from June 23 - 
August 3. Candidates do not have to be 
currently enrolled in college. Require- 
ments include good academic records, the 
completion of the sophomore year of 
college, seriousness of purpose, good 
health, and, in the case of teachers, 
good professional record. Applications 
can be obtained from the Office of 
College Relations in Rains Hall. 

a talk by Dr. Jerry Hubbard at noon 
April 9 in the lecture room of Butler 
Hall, His topic will be "The Viking 
Mission: The Search for Life on Mars." 

THE AC CHAMBER CHOIR will sponsor a 
barbegue (pork and chicken) from 
noon to 2 p.m. and from 5 to 8 p.m. 
April 5 in the PAT. The meal will 
be prepared by Sconyers and will cost 
$4.00 for students, $4.50 for adults, 
and $3.50 for children 6-12 years. 
There is no charge for children under 
6 accompanied by parents. Tickets 
can be purchased at the door or from 
any choir member. The proceeds will 
be used to help fund the choir tour 
this spring. 

THE FACULTY RECITAL scheduled for 
April 3 featuring John Scott on the 
clarinet has been postponed until 
April 30. 

AC STUDENTS Sandi Strength and Margie 
Marshall, officers of the SGAE, 
attended the 27th annual convention 
of the National Science Teachers 
Association in Atlanta recently. 

A GROUP OF STUDENTS who were in Richard 
Frank's art class winter quarter have 
a show of water colors on display at 
the Lyle Gallery on Central Avenue. 
The show opened with a reception last 

GINA ADAMS, editor of this year's White 
Columns , will be interviewed Tuesday at 
1 p.m. during the student news segment 
on WACG-FM 91. Student news and 
activities are broadcast daily. 


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college sp 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information C flee AU 

FOR WEEK OF: April 8 - April 14, 1979 

Written Wednesday April 4, 1979 

The AC Lyceum Series in conjunction with the Cullum Program on Change will 
sponsor a modern dance performance by soloist Daniel Nagrin at 8 p.m. Thursday 
(April 12) in the Performing Arts Theatre. The program will include seven 
separate original interpretations , ranging from Nagrin' s "Spanish Dance" and 
"Strange Hero," choreographed in 1948, to his recent "Silence is Golden." 
Nagrin' s dance career spans three decades, during which ho has toured his solo 
programs throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Pacific. In addition to his dance 
training and background, he has conducted studies in acting technique and 
performance and has directed movement for off Broadway productions and films. 
The performance is open to the public. 

The Inter-Club Council will hold an Easter Party for children ages one to 12 
(accompanied by an adult) from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the College Activities 
Center on Sunday (April 8). An easter egg hunt with prizes, a magic show by 
Dixie Dooley, and a performance by Elbo the clown are included for the $1.00 
admission price. Tickets can he purchased in the Office of Student Activities, 
with proceeds to be donated to the Augusta Child Abuse Center. 

THE AC CAFETERIA will serve an Easter 
buffet from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on 
Wednesday, April 11. The menu will 
consist of carved roast beef, assorted 
vegetables , salad and beverages . The 
cost will be $2.60 per person. 

offered at AC this spring. Both are 
scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday 
nights, 8-10 p.m., and Saturday mornings 
9 a.m. -noon. Part I, which begins 
April 17, is designed for the prospective 
salesperson. Part II begins May 22 and 
is intended for those who wish to qualify 
for the real estate broker's exam. 
Registration fees are $80 for Part I, 
$120 for Part II. More information is 
available from the Center for the Study 
of Private Enterprise, 4993. 

will perform in concert at 3 p.m. 
Sunday (April 8) in front of the 
Performing Arts Theatre. Bring your 
family and spend a delightful afternoon 
outdoors. There is no admission charge. 

are having difficulty with basic math 
skills and homework are now available 
in the Math Lab. Dr. Paul Chang 
announced that hours are 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
and 5-8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 
and 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Friday. 

broadcasting each week talks by visiting 
scholars participating in the Cullum 
Program. Those who missed Lerone 
Bennett, Jr.s noon lecture last week 
can hear it at 7 p.m. Thursday 
(April 12) on the Augusta Collage 
Presents program. 

DR. JERRY HUBBARD of Georgia Tech 
will be the guest speaker at a 
seminar sponsored by the Tri Beta 
Biology Club at noon April 9 in the 
lecture room of Butler Hall. His 
topic will be "The Viking Mission: 
The Search for Life on Mars." 

Masters week? Call 738-5036. 
(Babysitter will keep children in her 
home . ) 

THE REESE LIBRARY will be closed 
Easter Sunday (April 15) , according 
to Librarian Ray Rowland. 

THE AC STUDENT UNION will sponsor a 
concert with the Putnam County 
Pickers at 8 p.m. Friday (April 13) 
in the Performing Arts Theatre. The 
group's act is four part harmony 
which blends folk, rock, blues, 
country and ragtime. Tickets are 
$3.00 for general admission (or $1.00 
with AC I.D.) and can be purchased 
at the door. 

by Sandi Strength, has had Mayor 
Louis A. Newman proclaim April 8-15 
as "Prevent Child Abuse Week" in 
Augusta. As part of the special week, 
the Student Georgia Association of 
Educators here will sponsor a talk by 
Meg Hadlock, a social worker for the 
Department of Family and Children 
Services, noon Tuesday (April 10) 
in the Lecture Room of Butler Hall. 
Ms. Hadlock will speak on the topic 
of child abuse — particularly as it 
relates to Augusta children. The 
special week was proclaimed as part 
of the International Year of the Child. 


116 .07 

augusta college s 

a weekly report 

published by the Public lnf<irmation 

FOR WEEK OF: April 22 - April 28, 1979 

Written Wednesda 

APR 2 3 1979 

1 Office 

April l3>^^^79 

The deadline for AC's annual student art exhibit is April 27 at 3 p.m., according 
to Richard Frank of the Fine Arts Department. Frank said the competition is open 
to all students enrolled full or part time at AC this academic year. All entries 
must be original works done this year (not necessarily in art class), and must be 
properly prepared for display (framed, matted, etc.). Cash awards totalling $200 
will be given to winners of the show, which will be juried by the AC Art Department. 
Labels for entries, which should be submitted to Nathan Bindler, are available in 
the department. 

Area high school students who have an academic ranking in the top five per cent 
of their junior classes will be honored by Augusta College at 7:30 p.m. Monday 
night (April 23) in the Performing Arts Theatre during the annual Certificate of 
Achievement Awards Program. This year over 300 juniors from CSRA schools will 
receive certificates from J. Gray Dinwiddle, dean of the College. The program will 
also include announcement of and presentation of awards to winners of the annual 
J.B. White Literary Competition for junior and senior high school students. 
Parents, teachers, and friends are invited. 

MICHAEL HARRINGTON, professor of political 
science and author of seven books on 
social change, will be the next speaker 
in the Cullum Program on Change. He will 
talk at noon and 8 p.m. April 24 in the 
lecture room of Butler Hall. As Chairman 
of the Democratic Socialist Organizing 
Committe-f?, he has long been active in 
liberal and trade union causes. His book, 
The Other America , is widely credited for 
drawing President John Kennedy's attention 
to the issue of poverty. He served as a 
member of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s 
advisory committee in the 60' s and as a 
member of Lyndon Johnson' s Task Force on 
Poverty, and now teaches at Queens 
College in New York City. 

THE CHANGE PROGRAM will also present "The 
Stranger," a film adaptation of Camus' 
novel, at 6 S 8:15 p.m. Thursday in the 
Performing Arts Theatre. The movie is 
directed by Dino de Laurentis and stars 
Marcello Mastroianni and Anna Karina. 

alumni giving incentive awards program 
sponsored by the Council for the Advance- 
ment and Support of Education (CASE) , 
according to John McNeal , dean of College 
Relations. With help from a grant from 
the U.S. Steel Foundation, up to $60,000 
in awards will be presented to winners 
this year, he said. Results will not be 
jrnown until later next month. 

iiivitational Art Exhibit and Sale will 
^-•e held Wednesday -Friday (April 25-27) 
^lom 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturday 
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Fuqua 
Center, 2249 Walton Way. 

of Katherine Street and Walton Way 
will be permanently closed as of May 
1, according to Dean Joseph Mele. 
He explained that the college was 
allowed to use the private property 
only until its owner needed it. Ample 
parking will be provided behind the 
PAT, he stressed, to make up for the 
lost space. 

A FACULTY RECITAL with John Scott on 
clarinet, John Schaeffer on piano, 
and James Russey singing tenor will 
take place at 8:30p.m. April 30 in 
the PAT. The three members of the 
Fine Arts Department will present 
a program which features Sonata OP. 
120, No. 2 by Brahms; Introduction 
et Rondo, OP. 72 by Wider, and 
Capriccio for Solo Clarinet by 
Sutermeister. The conclusion will 
be a cycle of eight songs titled 
"To Be Sung Upon the Waters". The 
work is based on texts by Wordsworth 
with music by the award-winning 
American composer Dominick Argento. 
The concert is free. 

invited South Carolina politician 
Pug Ravenel to campus April 27 
(Friday) to speak at their annual 
Law Day observance. His talk is at 
noon in the PAT. Activities are 
being held a few days early of the 
actual Law Day on May 1 to prevent 
a conflict with the Change Program. 

IF YOU MISSED Cullum Change Program 
speaker Fred Keller's talk last Tn<^!=!., 
you can hear it on the AC Presents 
program Thurs. at 7 p.m. on FM 91. 



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published by the ffublic Information Office 

I m j I f J 

FOR WSEK OF: April 29 - May 5, 1979 

Written Wednesday April 25, 1979 

Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk will b&'^fi^'' guest sphaker at 8 p.m. Friday 
(May 4} when AC holds its an: 'lal Honors Might Convocation in the Performing Arts 
Theatre. The Georgia native is now professor of international law at the Univ. 
of Georgia School of Law. He will address a select group of 36 AC students who will 
be recognized for specific accomplishments over the past year. Awards will be 
presented for scholastic, journalistic, and other special achievements. 

Max Lerner. syndicated newspaper columnist and one of America's foremost political 
scientists,will speak at noon and 8 p.m. Tuesday (May 1) in the lecture room of 
Butler Hall as part of the Cullum Program on Change. The widely-published journalist 
has written extensively on law, politics, international relations and social theory. 
His America As A Civilization , an in-depth study of contemporary life, has become a 
standard text in many colleges and universities. He is professor of American 
civilization and institutions at Brandeis University , and also teaches at the New 
School for Social Research in New York City. His talks are open to the public. 

The newly formed International Club will sponsor its first function — an international 
dinner — at 7 p.m. next Friday (May 11) in the College Activities Center. It's open 
for the admission price of a covered dish to anyone interested in or from another 
country. The club was formed to provide social and cultural activities for both 
foreign and American students, to disseminate information about other countries , and 
to establish a speaker's bureau of foreign students. Officers are Bjorn Ohlson, 
president; Gerd Lindfors, vice-president; Dean Brown, secretary; and Jeanette Nobles, 
treasurer. Dr. Mary Kathleen Gernant and John May (both of Languages and Literature) 
are faculty advisors. 

A REMINDER that May 1 is the deadline for 
reservations for the Alumni Association's 
annual meeting at West Lake. Call the 
Maxwell Alumni House if you don't have a 
reservation form. 

sessions for preschool children (infancy 
to five years of age) , will be offered in 
June through the Office of Continuing 
Education. Beginning swimming classes for 
children six and older and one for adults 
will also be offered. Call the office for 
dates and times, 4611. 

AC GRADUATE STUDENT Joan Moore, a fifth 
grade science teacher at Martinez 
Elementary School , has been named Science 
Teacher of the Year for the state of 
Georgia, In an interview on television 
last week, she credited the faculty at AC 
as having the most positive influence on 
her career. She mentioned Biology Dept. 
members Dr. Harvey Stirewalt, Dr. John 
Black, Dr. Jim Bickert; School of Education 
Dean Geraldine Hargrove, Dr. Robert 
Bartos, Dr. Frank Chou, Dr. John Flowers, 
Dr. Elige Hickman and Dr. Robert Hilliard. 
Mrs. Moore called Dr. Christenberry to 
thank him personally for their contribu- 

A FACULTY RECITAL with Fine Arts Dept. 
members Dr. John Scott on clarinet, Dr. John 
Schaeffer on piano, and Dr. James Russey 
singing tenor will take place at 8:30 p.m. 
April 30 in the PAT. Admission is free. 


works chosen for display at an invita- 
tional show titled "Hot Glass and Cold 
Glass" at the Craftsman Gallery in 
Omaha, Nebraska. Twenty U.S. artists 
were invited to participate in the 
show, which will run through May. He 
also won first place in sculpture and 
ceramics at the Thompson Depot 
Carnival and Art Competion last week. 
NELL MORRIS, a student in Richard 
Frank's art class, won second place 
in graphics and third in painting at 
the same Thorns pon competition. 

PRESLEY 'S article "Six Hundred and 
Fifty Topics for College Composition" 
will be published in the winter issue 
of "The Leaflet," a publication of the 
New England Assn. of English and the 
University of Vermont. 
DR. PAUL CHANG devised math problems 
for junior and senior divisions of the 
Private High School Math contest held 
last week. 

presented a research paper "Content 
Relevant Lessons and Learning in High 
School Algebra" at the annual meeting 
of the National Council of Teachers of 
Mathematics in Boston. 

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3ugusta college sp 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Informati 

FOR WEEK OF: May 6 - May 12, 1979 

Written Wednesday May 

John Crenshaw, Jr., director of the School of Biology at the Georgia Institute of 
Technology , will be the nexc speaker in the Cullum Program on Change. He will 
talk at noon and at 8 p.m. in the lecture room of Butler Hall on Tuesday (May 8) . 
Crenshaw is the author of numerous v/orks on genetics and genetic engineering. He 
has also taught courses on undergraduate and graduate levels in evolution (genetic 
mechanisms) , ecological genetics, and population genetics. His talks are open 
to the public. 

AC'S Summer Day Camp Program will be held again this year. The camp will be open 
for eight one-week sessions beginning June 18 and continuing through August 10. 
Tuition is $17,00 per week for children of AC students, faculty, or staff, and 
$24.00 for children not affiliated with the college. It includes a snack and 
lunch in the college cafeteria, swimming, arts and crafts supplies, special events, 
field trips, and insurance. Applications are available in the Office of Student 

The Omega Eta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity will hold its third annual Mardi 
Gras Disco Dance Friday (May 18) 10:30 p.m. - 3 a.m. in the College Activities 
Center. Trust Disco Productions of Atlanta will be featured. A door prize of $25 
•will be given away, and mixers will be provided. Admission is $3 per person, and 
tickets can be purchased from Charles or Collins Lyons at 738-2858, or by calling 
the Office of Student Activities. 

FOR THOSE WHO MISSED Max Lerner's talk 
on campus last week, WACG radio FM 91 
will broadcast a tape of his evening 
lecture at 7 p.m. Thursday (May 10). 

RESULTS OF THE ELECTION of new officers 
were announced last week by the Student 
Government Association. They are: 
Ron Irick, president; Rick Hawkins, 
^,; vice-president; Beverly Myers, secretary; 
Edward Hefner, treasurer. 

THE AUGUSTA MUSIC CLUB will hold music 
scholarship auditions at 7 p.m. (May 8) 
in the Fine Arts Center. At least 
two scholarships will be awarded to high 
school seniors to be used for applied 
music fees at the college of their choice. 
The winners will be presented in recital 
at 3:30 p.m. Sunday (May 13) in the PAT. 

A PROGRAM on space technology will be 
held on the AC campus Friday (May 18) . 
It will be CO sponsored by AC and the 
TRW United Greenfield Plant. Astronaut 
candidate Daniel Brandenstein and TRW' s 
Dr. Gerry Morton will speak at 7:30 p.m. 
(May 18) in the PAT. The NASA film 
"Space Born" will also be shown. The 
program is free and open to the public. 

Meredith and Lauren Moore presented 
their French production of "The Lesson" 
to the students of John Milledge 
Academy in Milledgeville , Georgia last 

THE ANNUAL STUDENT ART exhibit and sale 
will begin with a reception at 7 p.m. 
Monday (May 7) in the lobby of the PAT. 
Winners of the competition will be 
announced at that time, according to 
Richard Frank, art instructor and one 
of the judges of the show. Most of 
the works on display will be for sale, 
he said, with prices ranging from $15 
to $250. Media include low-relief 
bronze sculpture, ceramics, graphics, 
oil, water color, charcoal, pencil, 
and silver photography. Student 
artists represented are: Shirley Bredow, 
Tom Crow, Deborah Dreyer, Kathleen 
Girdler, Kim Deats , Judith King, Bruce 
Lee, Ronnie Merry, Cynthia McKinney , 
Way land Moncrief r Cynthia Morales, 
Nell Morris, and Katherine Wasilewski. 

asking for volunteers to work at a 
special camp for MD patients to be 
held May 26-June 1 in Bennettsville, S.C. 
Anyone over 16 years old is eligible. 
The volunteers will serve as "arms and 
legs" of the campers, some of whom are 
ambulatory, but most of whom are in ■ 
wheelchairs and have very limited . 
muscular ability. If interested, call 
the MDA office at 860-3232. 

talent show at 8 p.m. Wednesday (May 9) 
in the PAT. 


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JTeio:iuon yjSnojy, 3iaciva3)iS X33iIXS V 

no-ol , 

3ugusta ^college spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Inform; t 

FOR WEEK OF: May 20 - May 26, 1979 

Written Wednesday 


MAY 2 1 1979 

'y -^^AU^^A, GA. 

The RC Student Union will present singer/songwriter Gove «^^-v 1 fn Q-mrnrf nf - 

8 p.m. Tuesday (May 29) in ^he College Activities Center. The nationally known 
recording star's act ranges from blues to classics to country rock. Free breed 
and cheese will be served at the concert, which is free with an I.D. and 50^ for 
general admission. 

The AC Theatre will perform Edward Albee's Zoo Story and Eugene lonesco's The Gap 
May 24,25 and 26 at 8 p.m. in the Chateau. The Zoo Story , a gripping tale of 
alienation, will star Duncan Smith and Arthur Wilson. The^ Gap_ is a farcical 
nightmare about an academic who forgets to take his baccalaureate exam. Keith 
Cowling, Briscoe Merry, Betty DiNunzio, and Mary-Kathleen Gernant make up the cast. 
Tickets are $2.00 general, $1.00 for students, and free with an I.D. They will be 
available at the door. 

SENIOR ART MAJORS at AC will open their 
ai2nual show with a reception at 7:30 p.m. 
May 20 in the PAT. Everyone is invited. 
The exhibition will last through June 2. 
Students exhibiting are Sue Allinder, 
Alison Fortgang and George Porter. 

Fiichard Timothy Mixon Scholarships for 
next year. Full time chemistry or pre- 
med majors who have at least sophomore 
status and who plan to graduate from AC 
are eligible. The scholarships will be 
awarded on the basis of scholastic ability 
and dedication to a career in science. 
They are made possible through donations 
from the Ways and Means for the Blind, 
Inc. in memory of Richard Timothy Mixon, 
who graduated from AC in 1972 with a B.S. 
In chemistry. They pay in-state tuition 
for the next academic year and are subject 
to review each quarter. Applications are 
available from the secretary in the Dept. 
of Chemistry S Physics and are due by 
July 1. 

literary magazine, have expressed their 
appreciation to all who submitted poetry, 
fiction, or artwork to be considered for 
inclusion. Those whose work will appear 
in this year's issue have b^en notified. 
Others hzay pick up their submissions at 
the Depaitement of Languages & Literature. 

THE AC 1-nJSIC DEPARTMENT will combine 
efforts :'.!' a joint concert of its perform- 
ing enjcal'les at 3:30 p.m. Sun, (May 13) 
in thn PAT. The college band under 
the rlirection of John Scott will present 
compositions by Fresaobaldi, German, and 
Ginastera. The Jazz Ensemble — under the 
di recti o'? of Michael McClary will perform 
compc ji.iow^ b.i McCartney, Cole Porter, 
Mangio.ja, I.'os'zJco, and Garland. Dr. James 
Russey will c^-iduct the choir in works by 
Copland and Rodgers. 

will present a Memorial Day weekend 
concert at 3 p.m. Sunday (May 27) on 
the steps of the PAT. Norman Moore 
and Don Milford will share the 
director's stand for the program, 
which will include "American Legion 
March" by Charles Parker, "Land of 
Make Believe" by Chuck Mangione 
(arranged by Jeff Tkazyik) , "Fantasia 
on Dixie" by Dan Emmett (arranged by 
Carmen Draggon) , and "Sgt. Pepper's 
Lonely Hearts Club Band" by Lennon 
and McCartney (arranged by Will 
Schaefer) . Also on the program will 
be •■Kentucky-1800 ," "TV's Super Hits" 
(a medley), "Gloria March," "The 
Sounds of Hollywood," "Fantasy for 
Band," and "Contempora Overture." 
Moore is director of the Evans High 
School Band and Milford directs the 
Sego Jr. High Band. Bring your own 
chair or blanket to the free concert. 

recently attended the annual w.eeting 
of the Association of Sou the-j^- tern 
Biologists in Chattanooga,^ssee. 
He was accompanied by five st j.-Tents 
who assisted him over the pa.<?t year 
in a study of the Savannah 7?.UTr. 
While at the meeting, he presented a 
paper titled "Some Efiects of 
Rechannelization of the Aqaaizic 
Organisms in the Coustal Plain Region 
of the Savanmh River," which 
chronicles findings of the study. 
Students involved in the project were 
Martin Truett, Suzanne Thigpen, Glenn 
Thomas, Robert Herring and Bruce Saul. 


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lugustaicollege s 

rE|E I _ 

a weekly report I 

published by the Public Infofmation'O^ite^ ^ 1979 


FOR J»EB^ OF: May 27 - June 2, 1979 

Written Wednesd ay M atf S i-, 


The Center for the Study of Private Enterprise has announced that two Columbia 
County Teachers have been awarded the first annual Paul B. Bailey Award for 
Private Enterprise. William R. Jackson of Evans Junior High and Joe Jolley of 
Harlem High were selected by a panel of judges to share the award which was 
established last year by the late Paul B. Bailey in the form of a contribution to 
the Augusta College Foundation. The award was established "to provide a means 
of recognizing each year a teacher who has inspired students to understand and 
appreciate the American way of life and the free enterprise system." Bailey, a 
member of the Class of '39 at the Junior College of Augusta, died April 1. He 
was the chairman of the board of Sherman and Hemstreet Inc. euid was the Alunaii 
Association's Distinguished Alumnus in 1975. He served for several years as 
chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Augusta College Foundation and it was 
during that time that he made his wishes known to the Foundation to sponsor such 
an award which is designed to encourage teachers to become more involved in economic 
education. CSPE Director Levings Laney and Foundation Chairman Seun Waller 
presided at the ceremony which was attended by College and Center officials as 
well as Columbia County School officials. 

June and August graduates are invited to attend the AC Alumni Association' s 
annual "Welcome to Our World" party to be held immediately after rehearsal for 
the June commencement at The Maxwell Alunmi House. Alumni officials are promising 
a great time for all. 

THE DEADLINE for registration for the 
National Teacher Examination to be given 
July 21 has been announced by the AC 
Testing Bureau as June 28. Bulletins 
describing registration procedures and 
containing registration forms may be 
obtained from the Testing Bureau located 
in Bellevue Hall. 

Augusta College commencement address 
June 10 at Bell Auditorium. He will 
also deliver a commencement address to 
the graduates of Georgia Southwestern 
College in Americus. 

through the AC Center for Economic 
Education, is granting scholarships to 
participants in a summer workshop program 
for teachers. The workshops are designed 
for public school teachers who will be 
helping high school students meet the 
new state mandate for one unit of credit on economics and personal finance. 
Tha scholarships will cover tuition and 
book costs at AC. Applications are 
available at the Office of the School of 
Business Administration and will be 
accepted until June 13. Five hours of 
graduate credit are earned for each 
course. Further information may be 
obpained by calling Pete Whatley or 
Teresa Sherrouse at 828-^566. 

tive from a used book company will be 
in the Bookstore 8 a.m. -5 p.m. June 6 
and 7. The Bookstore will operate on 
a different schedule during June: 

June 1-8 

Regular hours 

(7:45 a.m.-5:45 p.m. 


7:45 a.m. -3:15 p.m. Fri. 
June 11-13 7:45 a.m. -4:15 p.m. 
June 14,15,18 7:45 a.m. -8:00 p.m. 
June 19,20,21 Regular hours 
June 22 Closed for inventory 

Recfular hours resume June 25 

addressed the Augusta Exchange Club 
last week. McNeal gave an overview 
of the college's progress and Jacobs 
talked about the expansion and new 
programming on AC Radio, FM 91. 

inviting all interested science 
teachers in the CSRA to apply for the 
National Science Foundation Academic 
Year Institute at Augusta College to 
be held from September to March. The 
Institute is for teachers in grades 
four through eight who are responsible 
for science instruction. Orientation 
will be held September 11 on campus 
and classes will be held on Tuesdays 
from 4 to 7:50 p.m. Instruction areas 
will include electricity, sound, heat, 
geologic time, soils, land forms, 
heredity and plant life. Contact 
Dr. Flowers at 828-3601 for further 


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itigusta college spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR WEEK OF: June 17 - June 23, 1979 

Written Wednesday June 13, 1979 

The Military Science Department recently held its annual spring awards day. 
Students honored and their respective awards were: Fredrick Galloway, Sons of the 
American Revolution; Willie Murray, Military Order of the World Wars; Gary Kirkman, 
American Veterans of World War II; Solomon Myhand, Jr., National Sojourner's Award 
and Outstanding Military Science II Cadet; Ronald McCoy, Jr., American Legion 
General Military Excellence and Outstanding Military Science III Cadet; Kathleen 
Whitehead, American Legion Scholastic Excellence; Prasert Chestnut, Retired Officers 
Association; Leroy Arnette, Jr. , Veterans of Foreign Wars of the USA; John McDonald, 
Association of the US Army; Erich Boerner, Outstanding Military Science I Cadet; 
James Muggins, Jr., Commander's Sabre; and Anthony Hunt, Military History. In 
addition, Erich Boerner, Solomon Myhand, Carolyn Jackson, and Lee Gwaltney were 
named to the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) . The ROTC Appreciation Award was 
presented to Dr. Charles D. Saggus, assistant professor of history. 

The Georgia Partners of the Americas, affiliate of the Partners of Americas, is 
seeking college faculty and students to participate in its Exchange '79 program. 
The program offers 150 Georgians an opportunity to visit Georgia's sister state of 
Pernambuco, Brazil from October 8-22 for the purpose of learning about that state's 
culture and its people. Participants will stay with selected Brazilian host 
families during their visit. The first five days will be spent in the capital city 
of Recife, where special events and activities are planned. After that, visitors 
are free to travel on their own. Anyone interested in taking part in this seventh 
annual program is asked to write the Georgia Partners at P.O. Box J^4»6r-Atiaafea^_____ 
Georgia 30301. | REESE LIBRARY 

Augusta college 

again this year for children four to 12 
years old. The eight one-week sessions 
begin June 18 and will continue through 
August 10. Tuition is $17 for dependents 
of students, faculty or staff, and $24 
for others. The fee covers a snack and 
lunch in the College Activities Center, 
swimming, arts and crafts, supplies, 
field trips, special events and insurance. 
Applications are available in the Office 
of Student Activities. 

children of faculty, staff or students 
is open each week day from 7:45 a.m. 
to 5 p.m. Fees are 75<f: per hour for 
one child, $1.25 for two, and $1.65 for 
three. Children 1-6 years old may stay 
at the service for up to four hours a 
day. It's located on the corner of 
Katherine Street outside the rear entrance 
to campus. 

MARY K. BAILEY, manager of the AC Book 
Store, recently completed an advanced 
seminar on productive personnel programs. 
The three day seminar, held in Colorado 
Springs, was jointly sponsored by the 
National Association of College Stores 
and the Association of American 

FOR SALE: Four tickets to the KISS 
concert: June 22 at the Columbia Coliseum. 
Will sell the four, which were purchased 
for $42, for $35. Call J. Davis at 
736-2211, 7 a.m. - 5:S0 p.m. 

JUN 1 5 B73 

ant Operations 


ant Oper, 



Rudolph Caulkins - P. 

Susan Landrum - Lihr, iry 

Freeman Rountree - P. 

Robert Smith - Plant Operations 

Edith Thomas ~ Counseling 

James Mat kins - Plant Operations 

James Wyse - Plant Operations 


been notified that one of his drawings 
has been accepted for the Permanent 
Prints and Drawing Collection of the 
Southern Graphics Council of the 
University of Mississippi. 


were initiated as officers of the CSRA 
Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa at a recent 
meeting. The PDK is an honorary 
international professional organization 
of educators. DRS. FRANK MCMILLAN 
AND JOHN FLOWERS were recognized at the 
same meeting for having served PDK for 
more than ten years. DR. HILLIARD 
was also recently appointed to the 
Southern Speech Communication 
Association' s Standing Committee of 
12 as the Georgia representative, a 
continuing position. 

be heard on WACG-FM 91 each Tuesday 
at 8 p.m. July 3 - September 25. 



augusta college spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 

FOR imEK OF: July 1 - July 7, 1979 

Written Wednesday June 27, 1979 

If you've seen scores of small persons running around on campus fox the past 
several weeks, rest assured Augusta College has not lowered any age requirements 
for admission. The annual Summer Day Camp conducted by the Office of Student 
Activities is in full swing with each of the eight weeks of camp completely filled 
and topped with a waiting list. Directed by Debbie Murphy, the camp is for 
children from 4-12 and features arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor sports, 
swimming, lunch, and a number of field trips. To date, the program has enjoyed 
a demonstration by gymnist Rayna Allen, a pottery exhibit by David Stuart and, 
in the near future, Steve Wright of Clemson University will be here to show the 
children the art of milking a snake. Every Friday, a picnic is held in Pendleton 
King Park. Julia Ross is coordinating this year's arts and crafts program assisted 
by aide Mattie Davis. Volunteers include Pam Hickman, Leslie Neelands, Julie 
Thompkins, Pam Vicory , William Vicory , Lawrence Williams and Steve Robinson. 
Steve Boe serves as a lifeguard. The age groups include the Munchkins (4-6), 
the Hobbits (7-8) and the Titans (9-12) . 

Congratulations and best wishes to custodial employee Roberta Almata Scott who 
officially retired June 30 following 20 years of service to Augusta College. A 
member of the staff since January 1959, Mrs. Scott was honored last Thursday at 
a Physical Plant luncheon where she was presented with a handmade plaaue 
acknowledging her long years of service to Augusta College and the Junior College 
of Augusta. ^^ "Everything has changed since I first came to work and I was here to 
see It all," she proudly said in a recent interview with the Spotlight. "All of 
these buildings," she motioned, "were just dust-balls when I arrived." Of 
particular note is the fact th^t since she has been on campus, she has only missed 
several days of work due to sickness. Carol Johnson of the Physical Plant said 
Mrs. Scott has over 800 sicK leave hours to her credit^ according to records she 
has kept over the past ten years. Twice married and widowed, Mrs. Scott is a 
native of Columbia County and worked at the Academy of Richmond County for six 
years before joining Augusta College. "I've enjoyed every minute of the past 20 
years here," she said, adding, "I've loved everyone I've worked with and everyone 
has liked me. if they didn't, then they fooled me," she smiled. She hasn't 
decided what she'll do in retirement but does plan to continue her gospel singing 
with the Independent Gospel Singers and her seamstress work. She also enjoys 
painting, gardening and cooking. She has a sister in Augusta and a number of nieces. 

announced plans to award a $500 scholar- 
ship to a permanent resident of 
Summerville who is attending AC now or 
will this fall. The Scholarship 
Committee has expressed the hope that 
not only will the award be of financial 
assistance but that it will stimulate an 
interest in the area's future. Applica- 
tions are available at the Appleby Branch 
of the Augusta-Richmond County Library 
or at the Public Information Office. 
Applications must be submitted by 
August 1 to the Suimerville Scholarship 
Committee, P.O. Box 12212, Augusta, 
Georgia 30904. 

accepccd the pozition of Dean of the 
Colleas of Eduac.trcn Pnd Psychology 
at Missouri Southern State. He joins 
tlissouri from Peru State College in 
Nevada . 

THE PERSONNEL in the Office of 
Continuing Education will be moving 
into their new offices located in the 
former Army Reserve Center (Walton Way 
and Katherine Street) on Monday 
(July 2) . The facilities will house 
Continuing Education and the Depart- 
ment of Military Science. Surrounding 
acreage will provide additional 

add two nev/ features to its program- 
ming. Beginning Sunday (July 1) at 
10 a.m. the Classical Top 40 Show 
with host Jim Davis will make its 
broadcasting debut. Each Sunday show 
will be re-aircd 6 p.m. on Wednesdays. 
Beginning Tuesday f July 3)at 5 p.m. 
William Buckley's well-known program 
"Firing Line" may be heard. The one 
hour program will continue every 
Tuesday at 5. 



a weekly report 

published by the Public In ormation Office 


FOR WEEK OF: July 15 - July 21, 1979 

S 090- ' ! 

Written Wednesday July 12, 1979 

Need a break from midterms? The Student Union invites everyone to its annual 
Super Sunday at Clark Hill beginning at noon July 29. Bring your families for a 
day of food and drink and fun. 

The AC Film Series will present Walt Disney's Dumbo at 6 and 8:15 p.m. Friday, 
July 27, and at 1 and 3 p.m. July 28 in the Performing Arts Theatre. Children 
under six will be admitted free, and other children for $1.00. 

The Academic Common Market of Georgia, coordinated by the Southern Regional 
Education Board (SREB) , has announced the establishment of 65 degree programs at 
colleges out of state available to Georgia residents at in-state tuition rates. 
Marine Science at the College of William and Mary, Urban and Regional Planning at 
Florida State, and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Kentucky are just 
three in a wide variety of uncommon graduate programs in the Southern states which 
have been arranged by the Common Market. Other choices range from international 
business studies and ccxamunications to astronomy and coal processing. To qualify 
for the out of state tuition waiver, a student must be a legal resident of Georgia 
and accepted for admission into a program to which Georgia has made arrangements 
for its residents. If interested, contact Thomas F. McDonald, Director, Admissions 
and Testing, Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, 244 Washington 
Street, s.W. Atlanta, Georgia 30334. 


Center is experiencing a critical 
shorta^ge of blood donors due to a 
seasonal drop-off in donations. 
Representatives have asked the Spotlight 
to Appeal to all healthy people between 
th^ ages of 17 and 66 to donate their 
bl.ood. The center, located at 819 12th 
Street, is open Monday and Wednesday 
9 a.m. - 7 p.m., Tuesday, Thursday and 
Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Sunday 1 - 
4:30 p.m. For information call 722-0224. 

THE 1979-80 GROVER B. WILLIAMS Mathematics 
scholarship has been awarded to Johnny 
Albert Walton, according to Dr. Jerry 
Townsend of the AC math department. The 
graduate of Lincoln County High School 
is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Derwood 
Walton. Winner of the Joe Mays Robertson 
scholarship for next year is Riley McLeodr 
who graduated from Glenn Hills High. He 
is the son of Mr. and Mrs* James McLeod. 

each Wednesday at the Maxwell Alumni 
House on Katherine Street at McDowell. 
Students, staff, faculty, and members 
of the community are welcome. (Wear 
comfortable clothes.) 

is conducted from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. and 
6 p.m. - 8 p.m. each Monday through 
Thursday, and 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. on 
Fridays. It's located in room D-1, 
Skinner Hall. 


A recruiter from the Governor's Intern 
Program will be on camous August 1 to 
interview prospective interns for 
placement fall quarter. The internships 
are located statewide (including 
Augusta) and include all areas of state 
government: law enforcement, social 
services, industry and trade, education, 
planning and natural resources. The 
program is open to any junior, senior, 
or graduate student. Internships are 
full-time and last for ten weeks. Each 
intern earns a stipend. Academic credit 
can be awarded when coordinated through 
an academic department. The interview 
schedule is open now. Contact the 
Placement Office. 

welcomed into the AC community. The 
Spotlight congratulates CAROL WILLIAMS 
and KEN JACKSON (Languages and 
Literature) on the birth of their 
baby girl, Jennifer Ellen, on June 22. 
TOM (Political Science) and JAN 
CHADWICK are also receiving congratula- 
tions, for two reasons. The first is 
the birth of their daughter, Leigh 
Gardner, on July 5. A few days later 
Tom successfully completed all require- 
ments for his doctorate degree. 


July 19: AC Film Series presents 

"Fellini's Casanova , __.. 

8:15 p.m. only . Performing 
Arts Theatre 


3ugusta college 

a weekly report 

published by the Publ 


nforr^yfii Of6c4979 

FOR WEEK OF: August 5 - August 11, 1979 



, 30904 
Written Wednehia^ ilMfuat i, jfl?ft. 

The Augusta College Theater Workshop will present Thornton Wilder' s "Our Town" at 
8 p.m. August 9 and 10 in the Performing Arts Theatre, The play, about a small 
town xn New Hampshire, will be directed by Duncan Smith and will feature Bette 
alT^^ll f f^^^^'il^y ^^^^^ ^^ George, Tommy Chappelle as Dr. Gibbs, Debbie 
JuiT^llnl i^^' ^""^ ^^''^^'^^ ^^ ^^^^'^^^ ^^^^^' ^°y Delamotte as Mr. Webb, 

^^^^1! M 7^^ ""• ''^*^' '^°-^-^" ^'^'^^ ^^ ''^^'y ^^**' ^^^o ^^^ris as Howie 
IZtTl: 'i'^^^l^J"^^^ ^^ ^^^ Crowell, Bonnie Pirkle as Mrs. Soames, and Duncan 

f^Lio/irjrfe!""- ''""''' "^'"^' '' ''''' """'^'^ '°' "^ production. 

lTlhA^7.T'.''T"^ ''n'''"'^ ''''' ^'^^^"* ^ ^^'^ °^ '''^^^ ^^^ t°°* °^ highlights 
MLlYnl IIZ ^^"T^ ^^y "^^^P P^°9ram at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 8, in 

intereltffZri °^ ''?^ ^°''^^^ Activities Center. Parents and other 

interested persons are invited. 

in the AC Bookstore for thrity-five 
cents each. 

be the topic this week on "The Firing 
Line" Tuesday at 5 p.m. on WACG FM 91. 
William F. Buckley will host Allard 
Lowenstein, a member of the Freedom 
House observation team who visited 
Rhodesia during the recent election 

executive board meeting at 6 p.m. 
Tuesday, August 7, at the Maxwell Alumni 


A recruiter from the Governor's Intern 
Program will be on campus August 7 to 
interview prospective interns for 
placement fall quarter. The internships 
are located statewide (including Augusta) 
and include all areas of state government: 
law enforcement, social services, 
industry and trade, education, planning 
and natural resources. The program is 
open to any junior, senior, or graduate 
student. Internships are full-time and 
last for ten weeks. Each intern earns a 
stipend. Academic credit can be awarded 
when coordinated through an academic 
department. The interview schedule is 
open now. Contact the Placement Office. 

Sam Soloimn will begin to hire Christmas 
help around August 8. More details are 
available in the Placement Office. 

3 p.m. August 8 in the lecture room 
of Butler Hall. 


ADMINISTRATION) participated in the 
recent International Atlantic Economic 
Conference held in Vienna and 
Salzburg. While there he presented 
a paper titled " Petro-Currency 
Financing of Exports for Pluralistic , 
Self-supporting Development Projects." 
The paper dealt with techniques by 
which dollars accumulated by the oil 
exporting nations can be channeled 
into the purchase of U.S. exports for 
the financing of free enterprise 
projects in nations seeking 
capitalistic development. 

will have his article "Needed: A 
Curriculum for Supervisors" published 
in the next issue of the Journal of 
Studies in Technical Careers . The 
article was co-authored by AC alumnus 
Robert Morgan. 

LITERATURE) spoke at the recent 
meeting of the Friends of the Library 
in Louisville. After showing Buster 
Keaton's classic "The General," he 
discussed the film's development and 

FOR SALE: Baby stroller in excellent 
condition. $30. Call 724-3862 after 
3 p.m. 

CAR FOR SALE: 1969 Ford Galaxie 500, 
air conditioned, power steering, power 
brakes, new front tires, new brake 
shoes, AM/FM stereo with cassette 
player. In good condition. $450. 
Call 738-8533. 




igusta college spotlight 

a weekly report 

published by the Public Information Office 


SEP A 1979 


















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