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Full text of "Acts and laws of His Majesties colony of Rhode-Island, and Providence-Plantations in America."

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vv Lxvt, ,^> /**C^t *~~ J < 

P C^ 



Granted by His Majefty 

The Second, 



O F 


^ AND 

In A M E R I C A. 

BOSTON, in ATfi W-E y G L A N D * 

Printed by John ARett y for Nicholas Boone, at the Sign of the 
BIBLE in ConhiB. 1719. 



The CHARTER granted ly Hh Majefty KING CHARLES 
the Second^ &c. 

CHARLES THE SECOND, Ey the Grace of GOD, King 
Scotland, France?, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith &c. TO ALL 
to whom thefe Prefents (hall come, Greeting. Whereas We have 
been informed by the Humble Petition of our Trufty and well- *"* 
beloved Subject, .John Clarke, on the Behalf of Be njamin Arnold 
William Breriton, William Coddrington, Nicholas E.ilton, William 
Holfton, John Porter, John Smith, Samuel Gorton, John Wicks^ Roger Williams^ 
Thomas Olney, Gregory Dexter, John Coggejball, Jofcph Clarke, Randell Holden, 
"John Green, John Roome, Samuel Wilbore, William Field, James Barker, Richard Tie 
Terv, Thomas Harris, and William Dyre, and the Reft of the Purchafcrs, and ar.i 
Free Inhabitants, of our ffhnd- called RHODE-ISLAND, and the reft of the of the Grant. 
Colony of Providence-Plantations^ in the Narroganfett Bay in New- England in. 
America. That they piirfuing with Peaceable and Loyal Min; J s, their Sober, 
Serious and Religious intentions, of Godly edifying themfelves> and one another 
in the Holy Chrflian Faith and Worfhip, as they were perfwaded : together 
With the" gaining over, and Converfion of the poor Ignorant Indian Natives in 
thofe pirts of America, to the fincere Profeflion, and Obedience, of the fame 
Faith and Worfhip jdid not only by the Confent and good Encouragement, of our 
Royal Progenators, Tranfpott themfelves out of this Kingdom of England into 
jimtrica. But alfo fince their arrival there, after their .firft. Settlement amongil 
other our Subjefts in thofe parts,for the avoiding ofDifcord, and thofe many Evils 
which were likely to enfue upon Come of thofe our Subjefts,not being able to bear. 
in thofe Remote parts, their different Apprehenfions in Religious concernuients* 
And in the purfuanceof the above-laid En Is -, Did ence again, Leave their deferable 
Stations, and Habitations, and with Exceflive Labour and Travel, Hazird and 
Charge, did Tranfplant themfclvss into the midft of the Indian Natives. Who as 
We are informed, are the mod Pitmt Princes, and People of all that Country, 
Whereby the Good Providence of GOD, from whom the Plantations hath taken their* 
Name. Upon their Labours, and Induftry , have not only been preferved to 
Admiration, but have Increased and ProCpered, and are Seized, and are PofofL-d 
bv Purchafe, and Confent of the faid Natives to their full content, of fuch Lands, 
I/lands, Rivers, Harbeurs, and Reads, as are very convenient, both for Plantations, 
and alfo for Building of Ships, fupplyof fipeftaves, and other Merchandize, and 
which lyes very commodious,in many refpefti for Commerce, and to acommodate 
our Southern Plantitions,& may much Advance th2 Trade of this our Realm ; And 
greatly enlarge the Territories thereof, They having by near Neighbourhood to, 
and Friendly Society with the Great Body of the NarroganTet Indians,,$ven. them 
Encouragement of their own accordj to Subjeft themfelves, their People and Land 
unto Us : Whereby as is Hoped there may in Time by the Bleffing of GOD, upon 
their Endeavours, be Laid a Sure Foundation of Happinefs to all America. AND 
"VVhereas in their Humble Addrefs, They have Freely Declared, the it is much on. 
their Heart, if they mav be permitted to Hold forth a. Lively Experiment, That 
a moft Flourifhing Civil State, may ftand and be(r be M.inrained, and that; 
amongft our Englifh Subjecls,W5th a full Liberty in Religious .Concernments ; And 
that true Piety, Rightly Grounded upon Gofpel Principles, will Give the Bcft 
and Greateft Security to Soveraignty , And will lav in the Hearts of Ms;i c l ie 
Strongeft Obligations to trite Loyalty. NOW KNOW YEE, That we being 
Willing to Encourage the Hopeful Undertakings of our faid. Loyal an.l Loving 
Subjefts, And to Secure them in the Free Exercife and Enjoyment of all rheir 
Civil and Religious Rights Appertaining to them. as our Loving Subjects ; And to 
Preferve unto them that Liberty in the true Chriftiart Faith and WorQnp of 
GOD, Which They have fought with fo much Travel, And with Peaceable Minds 
and Loyal Subjeftion to Our Royal Progenitors and Our Selves to Enjoy. AND 
becaufe feme of the People and Inhabitants of the fame Coloa^, cannot in their 
private Opinions, Confirm to the Publick Exercife of Religiou,according to the 
Liturgy, Forms and Ceremonies of the Church cj England^ Ukc or Subftribe the 

A s 

.* ; I 2 ] 

eV. ahft "Art ides made and Efhblifhed in that behalf. AND for that the Tame 
J}y rei.on of the Remote Diftances of thofe Places will (as we Hope ) be no 
Breach of the Unity and Uniformity Eftahliflied in this Nation. HAVE THERE 
FORE Thought ft , AND DO HEREBY Pnblifh, Grant, Ordain,, and Declare. 
That Our Roval Will and Pleafure is, That JIG Perform within the faid Colony, at 
anv Time hereafter, fhall be any ways Molefted, Punifhed, Difqttieted, or called 
TijeGrimt n Queftion for any Differences in Opinion, in matters of Religion, And do not 
/v Liberty of Aftully difturb the Civil Peace of Our faid Colony, But that all.auid Every 
ren/cicnct. fVrfoi and Perfons, nnv from time to time, and at all times hereafter, Freely, 
and Fully, Have and Enjoy, His and Their own Judgments, and Conscience ia 
matters of Religious Concernments Throughout the Traft of Land hereafter 
Mentioned -^ They Behaving themfelves Peaceably and Qn etly, And not VJing 
This Liberty to Licent ioufnefs and Prepbantfi , nor to the Civil Injury, or outward 
Difturbsnce of others. Any Law, Statute, or Claufe, therein contained, or to be 
Contained ; Any "Ufagf or Cujtv me of this Realm to the Contrary thereof in any wife 
netrvithftfindin g. And that they may be in the bettcrCapadtv toDcferid themfelves 
in their Jult Rights and liberties, againft all the Enemys of the Chi iftian Faith, 
and others in all Rcfpefts. WEE Have fuither thought Fit-, And at the 
Humble Petition of the Perfons aforefaid, Are Gradoufly pleafed to Declare, 
T iat they fhall Have, and E;ijo> , the Benefit of Our Late Ail of Indemnity, and 
Fr e P.Tlon, as the reft bf our Subjects in other Ou>- Dominions and Tcrritorys 
have. AND TO CREATE, And make Them a Bodv Politick and Corporate, 
with the Powers, and Privlledges herein after- mentioned. AND accordingly 
Our Will and Pleafure is, AND of Our Efpecial Grace, Certain Knowledge, and 
meer Motion, WEE HJVC Ordained, ConfHtnted, Decided, and by thefe 
Prefents, for Us, Our Heirs, and SuccefTbrs DO OrJain, Conllitue, and De 
clare, TU: they the faid William Brinton, William Coddrington, Nicholas Eafton, 
FMlutittJ. Henadift Arnold, William Bolflon, John Porter^ Samuel Carton, John Smith, John 
Wicks, Roger Williams, Thoma* Olney, Gregory Dexter, John Coggcjhall Jujeph Clarke-, 
Randal Holder}, John Green, John Rocme, William Dyre, Samuel Wtlbvre, Richard 
Tert>, William Field, Thum.ts Harris^ James Barker, Rainiborough Wiltiatnf, and 
John Ji\fon. And all fuch others as now are, or hereafter flwll be admitted, and 
made Free of the Company, and Society, of Our Colony, of Providence- Planta 
tion:, in the Narrogitrifctt Bay in New-En?J.ind. Shall be from time to tirue,and foe 
ever hereafter, Be A BODY CORPORATE and POLITICK in Fail and Name -, 
By the Name of the GOVERNOUR. and. Comoanv of ihc Engltjh Cehtiy.ol 
RHODE-ISLAND, and Pr evidence -Plant at iont^ m New-England in America* 
AND tHat by the fame Name, They and their SuccefTbrs, fhill and may luve 
Perpetual Succellion. And fhall and may be Perfnns able and capable in the Law, 
to Sue and be Sued, to Plead, and be Impleaded j to Anfwer, and to be An- 
fw^rei uuo, to defeil, an I to he defended, i:i all and Singular Suits, 
Caufes, Q^rre^s Matters, Aclions and things, of what Kinder Nature foever. 
AND ALSO TO HAVE, Take, PofTefs, Accjuire, and Purchafe Lands, Tcnaments 
or Hereditraments, or any Goods or Chattels j and the fame to Lea fe, Grant, 
Demife, Aliene, Bargain, Sell and difpofe of, at their own will and Pleafures, as 
other our Leige People of this Our Realm of England, or any Corporation, or 
ftw; tom.ike Body Politick within the fame may Lawfully do. AND FURTHER That they 
CoKifijn St.fl. the faid Governour and Company, and their Succe.iTors, flull and may for ever 
hereafter have a common Stal to ferve and ufe for all Matters,C^ufes and Things 
and Affairs whatfoever, of them and their SuccefTbrs : And the fame Seal to 
Alter, Change, Break and Make New, from tiuie co time at their Will and 
Pleafure, as they fhall think fit. AND FURTHER, We Will and Ordain, And 
by thefe Prefents, for Us, Our Heirs and Succeflbrs. Do Dechre and Appoint, 
that for the Better Ordering and Managing of the Affairs and Btiflnefs of the faid 
Company and their SuccelTors, there (hill be One GOVERNOUR, One 
DEPUTY GOVERNOUR, and TEN. ASSISTANTS, to be from time to time 
Coftituted, Ekiled and Chofen out of the Free-men of fa id Company, fyr the 
f :i > ir f time being, in fuch Manner and Form as is here-after in thefe Prefents Ex- 
/>" P re ^ cd > wh!cil raid Officers, fliail apply themfelves, to take c.ire for the Beft 
"v ties " difpofing and ordering of the General Bufinefs and Affairs of and concerning the 
lands and Hereditaments herein after-mentioned-, to be Granted, and the 
Plantation (hereof, And the Government of the People there : AND for the better 
Execution of Our Royal Pleafure herein, WE DO, for Us, Our Heirs and 


r n 

i, Name, Conftitnte and Appoint the aforefaid BENADICT ARNOLD fo K* toes 
be The firft and Prefent GOVERNOUR of the: faid Company, and the faid fi>ft M^i- 
WILLIAM BRENFON to b- the Deputy GOVERNOUR, and .the faid ft <" 
William Bolftoti* John Porter, Roger Williaiht, Thomas Olncy., John Smith, Jukn. 
Cirecn, John Co^jrjhall, J.itnes ft trkcr, William Field, and Jofcph Clarke, to be the 
Ten prefent Afliitants of faid Company ; to continue in the faid feveral Offices, 
R^fpeftively, until the firft Wedn fddy, which fhall be in the Month of May 
now next coming : AND FURTHER, We Will, and by theft prefents, for Us, 
Oar Heirs and SuccefTors, Da ordain and grant, that the Governour of the faid 
Company for the time being, or in his abfence, by occafion of Sicknefs, or other- 
wife toy the Leave and l^rmfllon, The Deputy Governour for the time being, 
Shall and miy from time to time upon all occafions, Give order for the AlTem- 
bline of the faid Company, and Calling them together, to confult and advife of 
the Bufinefs and Affairs of the faid Company. AND THAT FOR EVER here- 
after,twice in every year, That is to fay, on every firft Wednefday in the Month of 
May, and on every laft Wednefday in October, or oftener, in cafe it (hall be 
Requifite, the Afliitants and fuch of the Freemen of the fiid Company, not ex 
ceeding Six Perfons for Newport, four perfons for each of the refpeftiVe 
Towns of Providence, Portfmouth, and Warwick, and two perfons, for each Other 
place, Town or City, who (lull be from time to time thereunto Elected or Depu 
te! by the Major part of the Freemen of the Refpeftive Towns and places for 
which they (hill be fo Elefted or Deputed, (hill have a general Meeting or 
Alfembly, tHen and there to Confulf, Advife nnd Determine in and a^out the 
affairs and Bufinefs of the f;.id Company and Plantations. AND FURTHER, 
We Do of Our Efpecial Grace, Certain Knowledge, arid meer motion, Give and 
Grant to the faid Governour and Company, of the Englifl) Colony of Rhode- I/land, 
and Providence Plantations in New-England in America, and their Succeffors ^ that 
the Governour, or in his abfence, or by His permifiion, the Deputy Goyerncur 6f 
the faid Company for the time being, the Afliftants and fuch of the Freemen cf 
the faid Company, as fhall b^ fo as a fort faid Elsfted or Deputed, or fo many of 
them as (lull be prefent at fuch Meeting or Affsmbly as aforefaid, fhall be called 
the General Affembly i and that thev or the greater part of them then prefent, 
whereof the Governour, Deputy Governour, and Six of the Afliftants, at leaft 
to be Seven. Shall H.we, and Have hereby Given and Granted unto them, FULL 
POWER AND AUTHORITY from time to time, and at all times hereafter t 
to appoint, alter, and change, Inch Days, Times, and Places of Meeting, and ~ an 
General A(Temblies,as they Ih.vll think fit. And to Choofe, Nominate,and Appoint mttbfir 
fuch & fo many other perfons as they (hall think fic,and fhall be willing to accept Fairer, 
the fame, to be free of the faid Company and Body Politick, and them into the 
fame to Admit i AND to Eleft, a->d Conftittite, fuch Officer, and Officer?. And 
to Graut needful Commillions as they fhall think fit & requifite for the Ordering, 
Managing and Difpatching of the aft.tirs of the faid Governour, and Company, and 
their SuccefTors. AND from time to time to Make, Ordain, Conftitute or 
Repeal fuch Laws, Statutes, Orders and Ordinances, Forms and Ceremonies of 
Government and Magiftracy, as to them fhall feem meet for the Good and 
Welfare of the faid Compmy ; and for the Government and Ordering of the 
Lands and therein after ir --vioned to be Granted, and of thr 
People that Da, or at any time Hereafter fhall Inhabit , or be within the 
Time; So as fuch Laws, Ordinances and Confutations fo made be not contrary 
and Repugnant unto, But as near as may, agreeable to the Laws of this Our 
Realm of England, confidering the Nature and Constitution of the Place and 
People there. AND ALSO to Appoint, Order and Direct, Ereft and fettle fuck 
Places and Courts of Jurifdiftion, for the Hearing and Determining of ill Aftions, 
Cafes, Matters and Things happening within the faid Colony and Plantation, and 
which (hall be in difpute &: depending there as they (hall think fit. AND ALSO, to> 
Diftinguifh and fet forth the feveral Names and Titles, Duties, Powers, and 
Limits of each Court, Office, and Officer, Snperiour and Inferiour. AND 
ALSO, to Contrive and appoint fuch forms of Oaths and Attefta tions, nor 
Repiignant,but as near as may be agreeable as aforelaid, to the Laws and Statutes 
of this Our Realm, as are convenient and requifite"} with Refpeft of the Due Ad^ 
miniftration of Juftice,and Due Execution and Difcharge of all Offices & places of 
Truft, by the Perfons thir Hull be therein concerned. AND ALSO, to Regulate, /., j, gj . 
and order the way and manner of Elections to Offices and Places of Truft, and to narttcl.; 

B Prefci ibe cf Engl* 

Pwtr of tl>t P recrlbe i- ittirs, anri D Air.gulfh tl ; "NuniWrs, and Boaa-ds of all Phces; Towns, 
Jtitiubiiti to " Cities within the Limits Bound herein after mentioned and not herein 
OiJe-.le( ii particularly Named, Who have or (lull True the- Power of Elf ifling and ScnHin/ 
cm. of Free-men to the faid General Aficmbly. AND ALSO to Order, D reft and 

Authorize the linpcfiiig of Lawful n1 Reafonable Fines, M-jlcts, Unpnfonnuv.ts, 
ana Executing other Punifhments Pecunary and Corporal upon Offenders and 
D.- .inq isars, according to the courfe of otiur Corporations within this Ouf 
Kingdom of England. /ND AGAIN to Alter, Revoke, Antill or Pardon, Under 
their Common Seal, or otherwife, fuch Fines, Mulcts, Imprilonments, Sentences, 
rtmtr of tie Judgements and Condemnations as fhall be thought fit - , and to Direct, Rule, 
jtfftml lj to Order and Difpofe of as al! other Matters and Things, and particularly th.u Avhich 
T,w,1on and Relates to the making Purchafes of the Native Indians, as to them Qiall fe em 
meet. WHEREBY our faid People and Inhabitants in the faid Plantations, may 
be fo Religioufly, Peaceably and Civilly Governed, as that by their goo d Lives 
and orderly Conventions, they may win and Invite the Native Indians of the 
Country, to the Knowledge and Obedience of the only true GOD, and Saviour 
thefe Prefents, for Us, Our Heirs and SuccefTors, Ordaining "and Appointing, 
that all fuch Laws, Statutes, Orders and Ordinances, Inftruc Uons, Impofitions 
and Directions, as fhall be fo made by the Governour, Deputy Gorernour, Alli- 
l t ftanti and Freemen , or fuch Number of them as aforeTaid and publifhed in 
J tin- Writing, under their common Seal j Shall he Carefully and Duly Obferved, Kept, 
i ti<f Colony Performed and put in Execution, according to the true Intent and Meaning of the 
fame : And thefe Our Letters Pattents, or the Duplicate or Exmplification thereof, 
Shall be to all and every fuch Officer 1 , Superiour or Tnferiour, from time to time, 
for the putting of the fame Orders, Laws, Statutes, Ordinances, Infuuctions and 
Directions, in Due Execution againft Us, Our Heirs and SnccefTor?, a Sufficient 
Warrant and Difcharge. AND FURTHER, our Will and Pleafure is, and We 
do hereby for Us, Our Heirs and SucjefTbrs, Efhblifh and O dain, that Yearly 
once in the Year for Ever hereafter ^ Namely the aforefaid IVedntfday in May, 
and at the Town of Newport , or elfe-where, if urgent occafion do Require the 
Governour, Deputy Governour, and Affiftants of the .fad Company, and other 
Officers of the faid Company -, or fuch of them, as the General AfTembly fliail 
think fit, (hall be in the- faid General Court or Affembly, to be held from that 
Day or time, Newly Chofen for the Year Ending, by fuch Greater p-rt 
of the faid Company for the time being, as fhaltbe 4 then and there piefent : A-nd if 
it fhall happen, that the prefent Governour, Deputy Governour, and Affiftanti 
by thefe pref^nts appointed, or any fuch as (hall htreafter be Newly Ch.tlen i^ito 
their Rooms, or any of them, or any other of the Officers of the faid Company, 
fliail Dye or be Removed from his or their feveral Offices or Places before the faid. 
General Day of Election, whom We do hereby Declare for any Miiemeanioar 
or Fault, to be Removeable, by the Governour, Afliltants and- Company, or fuch; 
greater part of them in any of the ftid publickCourts to be Aflembled as aforehid. 
the Go. jj-jA-r; THEN and in every fuch Cafe, it fhall and may be Lawful, to and for the 
jd Governour Deputy Governour,. Affiftants and Company as aforefaid, or 
?.- cmo. fuj _ h ter parto f t hem fo to be Aflembled, as is aforefaid in any of their Aflem- 
blies to proceed to a New Election of one or more of their Company, in the 
Rooms or Places of fu-h Officer, or Officers fo Dying, or Removed, according to 
their Difcretions. AND IMMEDIATELY Upon, and after fuch Election or 
Eleftions made of fuch Governour, Deputy Governour, Alfiftant or Affiftants, 
or any other Officer of the kid Company in Manner and Form aforefaid 
AUTHORITY Office and Powers before Given to the former Governour, Deputy 
Governour, and other Officer and Officers fo Removed, in whofe Stead and 
Place New (hall be Chofen, ftall as to him and them, and every of them 
Refpectivdy Ceafe and Determine. PROVIDED ,ALLW AYS, and , our Will 
and Pleafure is, that as well fuch as are by thefe Prefents Appointed to be the 
nrefent Governour, Deputy Governour, and Affiftants, of the faid Company, or 
Ihofe that fhall Succeed them, and all other Officers to be appointed and Chofen 
<: i fore faid fhall before the undertaking the Fxecution of the laid Offices and 
Places R fpeftivelv give their Solemn ENGAGEMENTS by Oath, or othenvife, 
for the due and faithful Performance of their Duties -in their feveral Offices 
& PUces,before fuch Perfon or Perfons as are by thefe hereafter appointed to take 
and receive the fame ( that is to fay ) the faid BaukUR Arnold, who is herein 


- i Rcmo. 

before Nominated and appointed, the Prefent Governour of the faid Company, 
fliall (jive th6 aforefaid Engagement before William Brenton^ or any two of the 
did A (lilt ants of the faid Cbmpinv, unto whom We do by thefe Prefects Give " 
full Power, and Authority, to Require and Receive the fame: AND the faid 
William Brcnton, who is hefeby before Nominated and Appointed the Prefent 
Deputy Governour of the faid Company ; (lull give the aforefaid Engagement 
before the (hid Bcn adicl Arnold, or any two of the Affiftants of the faid Company, 
unto whom We do by thefe Prefents, give full Power and Authority to Require 
and Receive the fame , AND the faid William Bolfton, J^bn Porter, Roger Williams., 
Thomas Olncy, John Smith, John Green, John Cfg^eJ/jall, James Barker, William 
Field, and jofeph Clark, who are herein before Nominated and Appointed the 
Prefent Afiiftants of the faid Company ; mall give the faid Engagement to 
their Offices, and Places Refpeftively belonging, before the faid Eenadill Arnold^ 
and William Brcnton, or one of them : to whom Rcfpeftively We do hereby give 
full P.wer and Authority to Require and Aiminifter. or Receive the fame : AND 
FURTHER, Our Will and Ple<tfure is,Tint all every other future Gavernour, or 
Deputy Governour to be Elected & Chofen by virtue of thefe Prefents,0ull jive the 
faidEngigement before two or more of the faid Affifla:its of the faid Company for 
the time being, unto whom We do by thefe Prefents, give full Power and 
Authority to Require, Adminifter or Receive the fame . AND the did AlTift.-mts, 
an! every of them, and everv other Officer or Officers to be hereafter Elected and 
Chofen by virtue of fhefe Prefents, from time to time, mill give the Like 
Engagement to their Offices and Places Refpetively Belonging, before the 
Governour, or Deputy Governoar for the time being-, unto which faid Governour, 
or Deputy Governour, We do by thefe Prefents give full Power and Authority to 
Require, Adminifter or Receive the fame accordingly : AND WE do Likewife 
for Us, Oar Heirs and SuccefTors, give and Grant unto the faid Governour and 
Company,and their SuccefT>rs by thefe Prefents, that for the more peaceable and 
orderly Government of the faid Plantations, it fhall and mav be Lawful for the 
Governour, Deputy Governour, Affiftants, and all other Officers and Minifters 
of the faid Company,irt the Admin i ft ration of Juftiire^nd Exercife of Government 
in the ft id Plantations, to Ufe EKercife and Put in Execution fuch Methods, Rules- 
Orders and Directions, not being Contnry or Repugnant to the Laws and 
Statutes of this our Realm, as have been heretofore Given, Ufed and Accuftomed 
in fuch Cafes refpefttivly, to be- put in Practice, until at the next or fome other 
General AfTembly, fpecial provifion (hall be nude, and ordained in the ofe afore- 
faid : AND WE do farther, for Us Our Heirs and Succeffbrs, Give and Grant un 
to the fiid Governour and Company, & theirSucceflbrs by thefe Prefents: THAT 
IT it (hill and miy be Liwhl to and for the fiid Governour, or in his Abfence, 
the Deputy Governour, and Mtjor part of the faid Ailiftants, for the time being,at t; *"" c f ij>e 

faid Plantations : AND that it fhall and may be Lawful, to and for all and every litia 
fuch Commander, Governour and Millitary Officers that fhall be So as aforefaid, 
or by the Governour, or in his Abfence the Deputy Governour, and Six of the 
faid Affi(lants,and Mijor part of the Freemen of the {aid Company prefent at any 
General AfTembly -, Nominated, and Appointed and Confiituted according to the 
Tenor of his and their Refpeftive Commiffions, and Directions ; To AfTemble, r>oa " :r 
Exercife in Arms, Martial Array, and put in Warlike Pofture the Inhabitants o 
did Colony for their Special Defence and Safety -, AND to Lead and Conduft the 
faid Inhabitants, and to Encounter, Expulfe, Expel and Refill by force of- Arms, 
as well by Sea as by Land , and alfo to Kill, Shy and Deftroy by all fitting wavs, 
E nterprizes and means whatfoever, all and Every fuch Perfon and Perfons,as {hall 
at any time hereafter Attempt or Enterprize the Deftruc>ion, Invifion, Diriment 
or Annoyance of the did Inhabiting or Plantations ; AND to Ufe andExercife the 
Law Martial in fuch Cafes only asOccafion fhall NecefTirily Require : AND to take 
or Surprize by all ways and means; whatfoever, all ani every fuch Peflbn or 
Perfons, with their Ship or Ships, Armour, Ammuniton or other Goods of {uch 
Perfons as fhall in Hoftile manner Invade or Attempt the Defeating of the f^id 
Plantations,or the Hurt of fiid Company and Inhabitants -, AND upon Juft Can- liberty t 
fes tolnvads aad Deftroy the Native Indians, O r ota-r E iemies of did Colonv. 

B 2 


NEVERTHELESS Oar Will and Pleafure is, and We do hereby Declare M the 
Reft of our Colonies in New-England, that it (hall not be Lawful for this our 
f.iid Colony ot Rhode -IflandznA. Providence* Plantations in America in New England^ 
to Invade the Natives Inhabiting within the Bounds and Limits of their did 
Colonies, without the Knowledge and Content O f the faid other Colonies 
AND IT IS HEREBY DECLARED, that it fhall net be Lawful to or 

for the reft f the Color ies >. to Invade or Moltft the N - uiv e Indians, or any other 
Inhabitant, Inhabiting within the Bounds and Limits hereafter mentioned ; they 
having Subjefted themfelves unto Us, and being by Us Taken into Our Special 
vies to Invade Protection, without the Knowledge and Confent of the Governour, and Company 
tbeliulianiofQut Colony of Rhode -Ijl and and Providence-Plantations. ALSO OUR WILL 
and Pleafure is, and We do hereby Declare unto all Chriftian Kings, Princes, and 
States, that if any perfon which fh,.Ul hereafter be of the faid Company or 
Plantations, or any other by Appoin-tiHent of the faid Governour and Company 
for the time being, fhall at any time, or times hereafter Rob or Spoil by Sea or 
Land, or D> anv Hur- ot Unlawful Hoftility to any of the Subjects of Us Our 
Heirs or SuccefTors ; or any of the Subjects of any Prince or Siate being then in 
League with Us, Our Heirs or SuccefTbrs , upon Complaint of fuch Injury done to 
any fuch Prince or State, or their Subjects .- We, Our Heirs or SuccefTors will 
make open Proclamation, within any part of our Realm of England, fit for that 
purpofe,thePerfon orPerfons committing any fuchRobbery orSpoil,(hall withirt the 
time Limited by fuch Proclamation, make full Reftitution or Satisfaction of all 
fuch Injuries done or Committed,fo as the faid Prince or others foCompiaining,may 
be fully Satisfyed andContented , AND if the faid perfon or perfons who fhall 
Commit any fuch Robbery or Spoil, (hall not nuke Satisfaction accordingly, 
within fuch time fo to be Limited, that then We our Heirs and Succeflbrs, will 
put fuch perfon or perfons out of our Alleagiance and Protectioa , and that then. 
it fhall and may be lawful and free for all Princes or others, to Profecute with 
Hoftility fuch offenders, and every of them, their and every of their Procurers, 
Aiders, Abettors and Counfellers in that behalf PROVIDED ALLSO, and our 
Exprefs Will and Pleafure is, and We do by thefe Prefents for Us Our Heirs and 
SuccefTors, Ordain and Appoint, that thefe Prefents fhall not in any manner, 
hinder any of our Loving Subjects whatfoever from Ufing and Exerciling the 
Trade of Filhing upon the Coaft of New-England in America , But that they, and 
of every, or any of them (hall have full and free power and liberty to Continue 
f doing. anc j up e the Trade of Fifhing upon the faid Coafts in any of the Seas thereunto 

Adjoining, or any Amies of- the Seas, or Salt Water, Rivers and Greeks where 
they have been accuftomed to Fifh ; and to Build and Set upon the Waft-Land 
belonging to the faid Colony & Plantations, fuch Wharfs Stages and Work- 
Houfes as fhall be necefftry for the Sa!tiag,Drying and Keeping of their Fifh to 
be taken, or gotten upon that Coaft .- AND FURTHER, for the Encouragement 
of the Inhabitants of our faid Colony of Providence- Plantations to Sett upon the 
Bufinefs of takeing Whales :, it fhall be Lawful for them, or *ny of them, 
having Struck a Whale, Dubertus, or other great Fifh, it or them to 
Porfue unto any pare of that Coaft, or into any Bay upon the 
laid Coaft, or in the faid Bay, River, Cove, Creek or Shoar belonging 
thereunto, and it or - them to Kill and order for the bed Advantage, 
without Moleihtion, they making no wilful wafte or fpoil of any thing in thefe 
prefents contained, or any other matter or thing to the contrary notwith- 
itanding , AND FURTHER ALLSO We arc gracionfly pleafed,and Do Hereby 
&\l-e>-(y a* to declare, that if any of the Inhabitants of our faid. Colony, do feu upon the 
Wins*- Planting of Vineyards, the Soil and Climate both feeming Naturally to concurr 

to the Production of Wines, or be induftrious in the Difcovery of Fifhing Banks 
in or about the faid Colony, We will from time to time give and allow all due 
and fittnig Encouragement therein, as to others in cafes of like Nature. AND 
FURTHER, OF OUR MORE AMPLE GRACE, Certain. Knowledge and nicer 
Motion, We have Given and Granted, and by thefe Prefents, for Us Our 
Heirs and Succefiors, do Give and Grant unto the faid Governour and Company 
of the Englifl) Colony of Rhode-Ifiand and in the Narra- 
sanfet Bay in New-England in America , arid to every Inhabitant there, and to 
Lilcity 11 every. Perfon and Perfons Trading thither, and to every fuch Perfon or Perfons 
as are, or fhall be free of the faid Colony, full Power and Authority lio;n 
tJ to time anc i at aii times hereafter to take Ship, Traufport and tarry 


p "1 

away out of kn/ of Our Realms and D -mi his, for and- towafds the Plan 
tation and Difencs of th>: faid Colon>, lutn and fo many of our Loving Sub- 
jetls, and Strangers, as ft all and will willingly accompany them in, and to 
their faid Colony and Phntation , except fuch Perfon or Perfons* aS are, or 
fliall be therein Retrained by Us, Our Heirs and SuccefTors, or any Law or 
Stature of this Realm. AND ALSO to Ship and Tranfport all, and all man 
ner of Goods, Gnattels, Merchandizes, and other things whatfoevetj, that are^ y) 
or (hall be ufeful or n-eceffary for the (kid Plantations^ and Defence thereof, Traajpon 
and pfually Trar/ported, and not Prohibited by any Law of -Statute of this Goodt t 
our Realm j yielding and paying unto U.-, Our Heirs and Succeflbrs, fuch the 
Duties, Cuftoms and Subfidks, as ire, anrl ought to be paid, or payable for 
do for Us^ our Heirs and SuccelTdrs, Ordain, Declare and Grant unto the ft id-. 
Governour and Company, and their Succeflbrs, ,jhat all and every the Sub- r " v* 
Jefts of nur Heirs and Succeflbrs, which are already Phnted and Settled with- Z>UI 
in our f-id G-lony of Providence-Plantations ; ot which {hall hereafter go to 
Inhabit wthin the faid Colony, and. all and every of their Children which 
have beeri Born there, or which happen hereafter to be Born there, or on the 
Sea going thither, Or returning from thence, (hall have and ertjoy all Liber 
ties and Immunities of free and natural Subjeft?, within any the Dominions 
of Us, our Heirs or Succeflors, to all Intents^ Conftruclions arid Purpofes 
W hatfoever, as if they, and eve: y of them were Born within the. Realm of 
England. AND- FURTHER KNOW YE, that We of our more abundant 
Grace, Certain K owledge, and meet Motion, have given, granted, and confirm 
ed V.and by tne fe Prefents, for us, our Hei s and Succ iT>rs, do give, grant and 
confi m tinto the fa d Governour and Con pany, and their Sncceflors, AI Lg.* W! .f s O F ./., 
THAT PART OF OUR DOM:N ONS in New^Engldnd,. in America , Con CWwy. 
taininj* the Nahantick nd Nauhygaitfitt, alias-,, and Countries 
arid P rts adjacent } Bounded on th e Weft, or Wefterlv to the middle or Chan 
id of t River, there commonly called, and known bv the name of Pacatncke , a . 
lias, Parvcawtutk River, and fo alo ig the faid River, as the greater or mi Idle 
Stremi thereof reacheth, o& lies up into the North Country, Northward untp 
the head thereof, and from thence by a Strait Line, drawn due. North, until i,f 
meet with the Sou .h Line of the Maffachiifcrts-Colwy : AND on the North ;H 
Northerly, by the afoief.rrd South or S au thetly Line of the MajJachufctts-Col.ony, otBoimhi 
jPlantatinn, and Ex en img toward the Eilt, or Eifterly, three EndlSb Mi ks tp 
the Eait North- Eaft, of the molt Eaft^-rn and Northern parts of the aforejaid 
Narraganfet Bay, as thi faid Bay Htth or extenieth it felf from the Oce^n, on thje 
South or Southerly, unto the mouth of the River which runneth tpw-ards the 
T^wn of Pr.ovidence, and. from thence along .the EafUrly fide or Bank .of to e lard 
Rivfi h ; g ier, called by the ntme o( Sceor/k River, up ta thr Fallf, calfed .fjof 
tv.ckctt Falls, being the mod Wefterlv Line of Plimontb Colony, and fc from the 
faid F Us in i ftrai^ht Line due. North, until it meet with the aforefaid Line of Nor < ben 
the Maffackvfetts-Cotony , and bounded on the South bv the Ocean, and in pjrti- Bonndt. 
cuHi r hc Lands belonging to the Towns of Prwidrr.ce, Pawtxxtet, Warvtck t 
M fauom : cuck, alias, Parvcatuck, and the reft upon the Mainland, in the Traft a- 
fore aid ^ toge hsr wirh Rjiode-Jjlind^ Block I/!:tnd, and all the reft of the Jflands 
and Banks in. the . N<irrag(infet-E:iyi and bordering upon the Coaft of the Traft 
ahiefa^d ^ (F fliers- I/land only txreptedj Together with all firm Lands, Soilsj 
G r iunJs, Havens, Ports, Rivers, Witers, Filhin^s, Mines Royal, and J all other 
Mines, Minerals, Precious Stones, Queries, Woods, Wood Grounds, Rfchs, General 
Sla -s, ahti all and fir.guhr other Commodities Jurifdiftions, Royalties, Privi- Gmnr if *1I 
ledrje^ Eri.chifcs, Preheminencies, and Hereditaments whatfoever, within iheCnmia^ net, 
laid Tt{ft,.fJounds, Lands and Khnds aforefaid , or to iheny, or any of them be- and M:nc. 
longing, or in any wife appertaining . lo have and to hold the fame unto the Tnl] > & c - 
faid Governour and Company, ,ind their SucceiTors, for ever upon truft, foi t"he 
ufe and benefit of themfelves, and their AlTociates, Freemen of the faU Colony,^"" f ave nr 
and their Heirs and AfTigns : To be holden of us, our Heirs and SuccefTois, as ov 
the manner of Eafr Greenwich in our County of AVr, in free and common S >c- 
ca?e, and not in Capitc, nor by Knights Service, yielding and pay rt* therefore 
unto us, O H Heirs an.1 SacCvfTors, only the fifth pare of all the Oir of Go d and 
Silver, w li.- n from time to tim;, aal at all times hereafter (hill be there 
ha>i or obtained, in lieu and farisfaftion of all Services, Duties, Fines, 

C Torfeitures- 

Tie Narra. 
ganfci A i- 
i trjlatcd!. 

rover of 

Free Trait 
Vfttli other 
L olpnic*. 

C 8] 

Forfeitures nude, or to hi nude, Claims, Demands whatfoever, to be to u?, our 
Heirs or Succeffbrs , therefore or there out rendered, made or paid : .ANY 
GRANT or Claufe in a late Grant to the Governour, and Company of Connec 
ticut Colonv in America, to the contrary thereof, in any wife notwithihnding: 
The aforefaid Parvcas-uck River having been yielded after much debate, for the fix 
ed and certain Bounds between thefe our faid Colonies, by the Agenes thereof J 
who have alfo agreed, that the faid Pawcatnck River fhall be alfo called alias jNar 
ragcr-Jet River ; and to prevent future Difputes thar otherwife might arife for 
ever hereafter, fhall be Conftrued, Deemed and Taken to be the Narraganfef 
River, in our late Grant to^Caaneaicuf Colony mentioned as the Eafterly bounds 
of that Colony. AND FURTHER, Our Will and Pleafure js, that in. all Mat- 
ters of Pu >lick Controverfie which mav fall out between our Colony of Provi 
dence Plantations, and the reft of our Colonies in New-England , It (hall and may 
be lawful, to and for the Governour and Company of the faid Colony of Provif 
dence- Plantations, to make their Appeals therein, to us, our Heirs and Succ.flbrs, 
for Redrifs in fuch Cafes, within this our Realm of England. AND that it fhall 
be lawful, to and for the Inhabitant? of the faid Colony of Providence-Plantati 
ons, without Lett or Moleftation, to Pafs and Repaf? with freedom into and 
through the reft of the Englij/j Colonies, upon their lawful and civil Occafions ; 
and to Converfe and hold Commerce and Trade with fuch of the Inhabitants of 
our other EngHJb Colonies, as fhall be willing to admit them thereunto j they be 
having themfelves peaceably among them.- Any Aft, Claufe or Sentence in any 
of the faid Colonies provided, or that fhall be provided to the contrary in any 
wife notwithftanding. AND Laftly, We do, for Us, Our Heirs and Succeffrrs, 
Ordiin and Grant unto the faid Governour and Company, and thearf SuccelTors 
by thefe Prefcnts, That thefe.our Letters,Pattents, fhall be firm,good,eff;:ftajl, and 
available in all things in the Law, to all Intents, Conftruftions and Pmpofes 
whatfoever, according to our true intent and meaning herein before Declared ; 
And fhall be conft rued, reputed and adjudged in all cafes rnoft favourable on the 
behalf, and for the beft benefit and behoof of the faid Governour and Comply, 
and their Succeflbrs , although exprefs mention of the true yearly Value, or cer 
tainty of the Premifes, or of any of them, or of any other Gifts or Grants by 
us, or by any of our Progenitors or PredecefTors heretofore made to the faid Go 
vernour and Company of the Englijh Colony of Rhode- tfland and Providence- 
plantations in the Narraganfett-Bay in Nero-England, in ^merica^ Jn thele Pre- 
fents is not made, or any Statute, Aft, Ordinance, Proclamation or Refificlion 
heretofore Had, Made, Enafted, Ordained or Provided, or any other Matter,, 
Claufe or Thing whatfoever to the contrary thereof in any wife notwithftand 
ing. In Witnefs whereof, we have caufed thefe our Letters to be made Pat 
ients. "WITNESS Our Self at Wtftminjttr y the Eighth Day of July, in the Fif- 
teenth Year of Our Reign. 

By the King, 

A C> T 



Of His Majefties 


O F 

Rhode -Ifland, 


I N 


JS05rO^T, in tfEWENGLJFDt 

Printed by Johx Atteti, for Nicholas BOOHS, ar the Sign of the 

B T Q L E in LvrnhiS. 11. 


Made and Paft by the General Aflembly of His Majefties Colony of 
Rhode -Jfland* and Pro-viaeitce-P lactations in J^few- England. Begun 
and Held at tfemport, the firft day of March 1665. 

AN ACT Regulating the Ele&ion of General Officers. 

BE IT ENACTED, by the general Ajfcmbty of this Colony, and by tht / 
Authority tf the fame , andit if hereby Enttrd,~Tlv\t all perlons what- at Getxral 
ioever, that are Inhabitants within this Coiony, and Admtited Free- %k8iont. 
nien or the fame, flial! and may have liberty ta Vote for the E!e<fting of all the j-fjetime n>5 
General Officer-? in this Colony, either in Perfon, or by Proxy, upon the firft Enft*d. 
Wtdnefday of May. Annually, as is Exprefs d in our Charter. 

AND, Be it fu*;hrr E,n8ed by the *Atitk9ritj afortfaid, That oil the firft 
Wedncfday of t^-Isj Annually, there Jhall be <"hnlen and Ele&ed, one General 
Recorder, who fhal1 be Secretary ot the Col.inv, one Sheritr, who fhall have General Rt, 
the Care and Cuftody of His Majefties Gol in A r Wfort, one General Attorney, enrfa; sicrif. 

end one General Treafurer ; for the batter regulating and managing the 
Affairs of the Government, and flwll be Cholen in manner as a^orefaid. 

AND that each and every Perlon that fliall vote by Proxy, ftall "n the ,-. 
Town-Meeting Day next preeeeJing the General EleSion, openly in faid Proxy Potts 
Meeting, deli vet in his Votes to the Town Clerk of the Town wherein ne * OB> "*** 
dwel1s,with his flame written at len^thon rhe backlide or the bottom thereof j 
which Votes fo taken., /hall be immediately fealed tip by the Town .Clerk, 
and bv him delivered either to an Afliftaftt, Juftic?, Warden or Deputy of 
,faid Town, a ftial! be by the faid Town Meeting appointed for the fame } by 
him to be delivered to the Governour, or Deputy Cicveraour in Open Court, 
before the Election proceed. 

AND, Be it farther Enatttd by tat Authority afnrtfttii t That all General cen to t 
Officers (hall take the following Engagement, before they (hall Aft in^.^. 
their, refpeftive Offices. 

YOV A. B. are by tat free Vote of the Free-men of thit Colony of Rhode- Tie Fan of 
liland, and Providence- Plantations, Elttted unto the Place of fa E 

ttt this fad Colony, ANT) Di folcmnly / gsge true Allegiance unto Hit M<tjetty t ent - 
His Heirs and Succeffrs to bear^ and in ywr jaid Office, Equal Juttice to do t unto all 
ftrfoni, Poor and "Rjch rvithin this Juristiifiion^ lo the utmoft of ygiar Skill and 
A6ltitjf\ without Partiality, according 10 the La&s EJlabhjhed ; or ifatt-jhalt be 
Eftabtipied according to our Charter., as vstH in Matters Millitarj as Civil. And 
this Engagement Tou make and give upon iht Peril of the ^Penalty of Terjwj. 

The Reciprocal Engagement. 

I Do in the T^ame and behalf of this Colmj, Tiimj&gt to ftond fy 1 OIS and t 
fuppart you by all due ajfishtnce *nd Encouragement in your Performance and 
Execution of your aforefaid Office, according toyeur Engagement* 

AND be it furtjw Enxfted by the zAuthtriy afertfaid. That no Perfon fhall DC 


Regni Regis Caroli Secundi, Der.imo Sexto. 

Elefted to the Place of a Deputy to fit m the General Aflembly of this 
Ffie.&nm& Colony, but rhofe that are Free-holders therein, and Free-men of the fame ; 
Free.bott ert And that each refpe&ive Town in this Colony, fhall Chule and Elect their 
Number of Deputies as Stated in the Charter, a: their refpective Town 
Meetings next proceeding fuch Court of AUembly, for the which they {hall 
be Elected. And that the Town Clerk of each refpective Town (hall grant 
forth his Warrant to the Town Sergeant or Conftable of faid Town, ro warn 
fuch Deputies as fhall from time to time be Cholen in each refpective Town, 
to attend the AifemWies for which they are Chofen -, and allb the Town 
jfaM l r e u ft s $. Clerk fhall make return of fuch Deputy Chofen as aforefaid co the General 
ei. Recorder for the time being, on the firft opening of die Aflembly \ who is 

4n<t j,a re. hereby appointed Clerk of the iiutie. 

tune. I to the 

tAnA be it Enatled \>j the tslutliority aforefaid, That when and ib often as a ny 
On Urgent Of. Emergent occafions fhall rquire an Alterably to be called at any other times 
. then is Exprefly mentioned in the Charter, that then and in fuch Cafes, the 
Governour, and in his abfence the Deputy Governour, fhal), and they are 
U hereby fully Authorized and Impowered, to Grant forth a Warrant to the 
Sheriif, to warn and require the Free-men of each refpective Tuwn in the 
Colony,, to Chufe and Elect their Relpective Number ot Deputies as aforefaid, 
to fuch Court as by the Governour, or Deputy Governours Warrant fhall be 
Dire&ed , their Notification and Return to be in manner as aforefaid. 
Dcputiet fjiJ And. be it Ena&ed hy (he e^utharity tforefitul, That Each refpective Town 
T^eSbilluigs ft^ p a y un c o their Deputies, three Shillings per "Diem each, during their 
*" attendauce on the Court of Aflembly. 

Deputies fined And be it Enabled by the Authority aforefaid. That whofbever fhall be 

fori:egj($of Chofen a Deputy for any Town, to ferve in the General Aflembly, and 

jfeniH F six being Legally warn d to attend the fame-, fhall neglect or refufe to give his 

Sfii. lhgt <>er attendance during the Seffion thereof, fhall pay as a Fine, Six Shillings 

Diem. Diem toi each and every Days neglect, into the Town T reaiury ot luch 

Town, to and tor the Uie of faid Town. And if the Ferfcn fo Offending, 

{hall neglect or refufe to pay the fame as aforefaid : Then any one ct the 

Alfiftants, Juft-icesof the Pence, or Wardens cffiich Town ihali Grant forth 

a Warrant to a Conftable of faid Town, to diftrain fb much ot, the Perfbnal 

Eftate of fuch Offender, as will pay the aforefaid Fine, and all reatbmble 

Charges accruing thereon , and the Fine fb taken, to be difpufed of as afore- 

tfow rteovered laid, and the Clerk of the Aflembly fhall return to each relpettive Town a 

and difiofed Lift of all fuch as fhall be Delinquent as aforefaid. 


tsfnd be it further En/riled by the Authority afereftid, That wery Per Ion, 
that {hall be Ele&ed to the place of a Deputy fhall take the following Engage 
ment before he fhall act therein. 

Farm of Df- \7 r OL A. B. Btipg Chofen to the plttce of Deputy, to fit in tht Gearral Afitm\ily t 
j fpJ^Jfj t ^tfrffencejof CrC\T^ ulttnly Engage trueAtttgKinct ta HittJM*jtitf 

" * His Heirs and Succejfirs to bear., AS atfo Fidelity to. this Hit 

Colony of Rhode- Ifiand, and Pravjcience- Plantations, and the Authority 

therein Efiablffhed according to our Charter -, *x^7\[2) YOU dv further E>:&*ge 
Right and Justice t do to all f Perfons as fall e^fpeal unto JY)V far ytvr 
Judgement in their refpettive Cafes. And tbit Efigtgcrncnt TOV ibxkc And Givs 
-jfo the Peril of the Penalty of Ptrjurj. 

Anna Regni Regi? Caroli Stcundi, Decimo Sexto. 

An A& for Declaring the Rights and Privileges of His Majefties 
Subjects widiin this Colony. 

E IT ENACTED fy the general ^jfembly if thif Colony, And \>y the %%% 
^iuthnriry of the, fame it is hereby EnaEted, That no Free-man fhall be foned, or ~ic 
Taken or Imprifoned, or be deprived of his Free-hold, or Liberty, or Free f ^Joflitt 
Cuftoms, or Out-Lawed, or Exiled or otherways Deftroyed, nor fhall be ^f/ jf f - c * 
patted upon, Judged or Condemned, but by the Lawful Judgement of his fart SK? 
Peers, or by the Law of this Colony } And that no Aid, Tax, Tailage, or -M> Tax or 
Cultoit^LoanjBenevolencejGifrjExcifejDuty or Impofition whatfoever, fhall ^ Dtt y to l>e 
Laid, Afleued, Impofed, Levied or Required of or on any of His Majefties * >t 
Subjeds within this Colony, or upon their Eftates, upon any manner of 
Pretence or Colour whatfoevei 1 , but by the Act and Affent of the General 
Aflembly of this Colony. 

AND that no Man, of what Eftate and Condition fbever, fhall be put out of o 
his Lands and Tenements, nor Taken, nor Imprilbned, nor Difinheretd, nor** 
Banifhed, nor any ways Deftroyed, nor Molefted, without being for it brought /Jis . 
to Anlwer by due courfe of Law -, And that all Rights and Priviledges Granted M 
to this Colony by His Majefties Charter, be entirely kept and preferved to all due Cota-fr of 
His Majefties Subjedis refiding, in or belonging to the fame } And that all ^ay. 
Men Profefling Chriftianity, and of Competent Eftates, and of Civil Converfa- ^ fnfmsof 
tion, who acknowledge, and are Obedient to the Civil Magiftrate, though of QL"/* "^ 
different Judgmnts in Religious Affairs ( Roman Catholicks only excepted ) til Maei^ 
(hall be admited Free-men, And (hall have Liberty to Chufe and be Chofen /w, fo&rtfl 
Officers in the 1 Colony both Millitary and. Civil. #*/> ta E, 

, and lt> - 

An Ad: for the Preventing of Illegal and Clandcrtine Purchafes 
of the Native Indians in this Colony. 

Efated to 

ORASMUCH as divers Terfins htve mdde Pitrchafct of LanJt tti thii 
Colony of the Indians, without the conftnt or approbation of the General 
^ which manifeftly tends to the Defrauding and Manifest Injury of fuck 
Indians, ** *>tU as defeating the Juft Rights of this Colony. 

> cftle Nativti 

E it therefore Enattcd bj the General Affembly, and the Authority of the fame, vitflout tl * 
That no Perfon, or Perfons for the future, ftal) Purchafe any Lands or JS// 
Iflands within this Colony,of or from the Native Indians within the fame, but t e void. 
fuch only as are fo allowed to do by the General Afiembly,upon Penalty of for- 
letting all fuch Lands or Iflands fo purchafed,to this Colony 3 And to Pay for f a 
every fuch Purchafe by them fo made, the Sum of Twenty Pounds as a Fine, to 
to and for the Ufe of the Colony \ And all fuch Purchafes lhall be 
Efteemed and Adjudged Null, Void, and of none Effe& 

D 2 An 

jtmo "JRjgni Regis CAROM Secundi, Decimo Sexto. 

An A for Punifhing Criminal Offences. 

E it Entitled by the General Aflemblj, #nd by the Authority of the fitme, 
That no Perfon fhall prefume to take upon him, or to Exercife ( or 
iate " ) aiT V Offi ce or place of Authority : And in cafe any Perion (hall 
im P ret " ume fo f do > ami b 6 thereof lawfully convifted in any Court of Record 
any Plate in in t- .is Colony, Tnat then iiich Offender fhall be Amerced according to the 
Dilcretion of fuch Court, not exceeding the Sum of Ten Pounds -, And on 
default of Payment of the lame, to be Corporally Punifhed, at the 
Difcretion of the laid Court. 


for th*t Tt^ffett and Obedience that is due from Inferiowrt 
to their Super lours. 

SeJt further Entitled by the Authority of the fame, That if any Peffon fhall 
Threaten, Aflault, Strike, Abufe or refuie to Obev any Genera! Officer, 
Pk/wwrjtoJ Juftice of the Peace, or Warden, or any other Officer in this Colony, in the 
f^ft^tfobe Execut!on ot h s Office, fuch Offender or Offenders tem^ duty 
"oai OJpcir, to* convicted thereof before any fud^e, or Cou-t of Record within this Colony, 
lefineJ,or fhall ba Amerced as fuch Judge or Court of Record fliall think fit, or (hall 
be Corporally Puniihed at their Dilcretio;i, according to the Nature of 
the Offence. 

. b* ^ further En*8td by the Authority aforrftid, That if any Child ot 

Servantt tote Servant, Ihall contrary to their Obedience due to their Parents, or Matters, 
finttothe Refift, of refufe to Obey their lawful command!--, they fhail be fent to the 
Haufs of Car. Houfe of Corre&ion, and there to remain, until they have Humbled Them- 

felves to their Parents or Matters Satisfaction ^ AND if any Children or 
Jbdtlrfeihtt Servants, {hall prefume to Affault, or Strike their Parents, or Matters ; upon 
/Inks tbeir Complaint of nny fucli Parent or Matter to any AHiihmt, Juiiice of the 
farenti, &c. Peace, or Warden of fuch Town: Such Child or Servant fo Offending, 
* bt vfy? * fhall be Whipped, at the Difcretion of iuch Aififtant, Juftice or Warden, 

not Exceeding Ten Lafhes. 

be it further Enttted by the Authority ttftrefaid? and it is hereby 
HlghTreafon, En.ttted, That whoibever fhall be Convided of High Treafon, Petic Treafbn, 
Wilful Murder, or Man-llaughter j fhall be Punifhed for fuch, 
according to the Statute Laws of the Realm of England, with Death ; the 
fumjbcd. Benefit of the Clergy referved where allowable : And fhall Forfeit his 
Lands, Goods, and Chattels, to the Colony, according to His Majcfties 
Charter-, to be difpofcd of by the Affembly, as they fhall think fit i All 
necellary Charges of Pr-olbecution, Condemnation, and Execution being 
ftrft duly deduced. 

be it EnaEied by the Authority aforefid t Tha.t whofoever fhall be Lawful- 
.. Iy convicted, of Killing any Perfbn by Chance Medly or Miladventure, lliall 
tej & Mi/ti-L Forfeit his Goods and Chattels, to and for the IJIe of the Colony-, And 
venture, Law that the Governour as Chief Judge, Jhtll Releafe to fuch Perfon his Goods 
antl Chattels, the Charges, Proiecution, &e. being duly paid. 


Kcgni Regis Carol i Secmndl t Deeimo Sexto. 

Be it further EnaRcd by the Authority afrrefaid* That if any Peffbn 
Fortune to be Killed by a Carts oing pver him, or by a Hprfe s Kicking of 
bim,or by any fart of Neat Cattle s Goring him or Kicking- or hjm,or by other 
luch like Accident, that then the Coroner of fuch lown where fuch 
cafual Death {hall haprpen to ba, fhall with an Inqueft of Twelve Lawful Men, 
enquire into the Meanes of the Death of fuch Perfon , and on the Coroners ^ Demand to 
Return that luch Perfon was Killed by any of the aforefaid Accidents, &c. go forth uja 
Then the Coroner with his faid Inqueft upon Oath, fhall Apprize the Value of f tf f flw of 
fuchCarc, Horfe or Keat Beaft, &c-> Which (hall be Forfeited as a Peodand, ier<w "- 
and given to the Overfeers of the Poor of fuch Town where fuch 
Casualty (hall happen. 

Be it further Emcied by the Authority aforefaid, That whofoever fhall 
Wilfully and Malicioufly cut out the Tongues, pull out the Eyes, or cut 
off the Ears, of any Pe/fon or Perfons within this Colony, he ihall ty. 
Proceeded again-ft, Profecuted and [Punifhed j Ai by the Statute of th( V. of p 
Henry the IV. Chap $th. is Ordained. 

>v*2VCZ> be it further Enatted by the Authority aforefatd, That Witchcraft /PfaJo#i 
LS and lhall be Felony, And whofoever frail be Lawfully convifted thereof,/" A ^ 
ihall iufter the Pains of Death. 

f it farther Enatted by the Authority afar.tfaiJ, That Burglary ^ 
is and Ihall be. Felony : And whofoever fhall be Lawfully convicted thereof 
ihal} fuffer the Pains of Death. 

Be it farther F.n4tteJ fo the Authority afore faid, That Robbery is and 
be Felony, and whofoever fhall lawfully be convicled thereof, ihall fuffer 
the Pains of Death. And upon Complaint made to any Affiftantjuftice of" the 
Peace, or Warden of any Town within tha Colony, of a Robbery committed Death. 
therein, fhall forthwith Grant forth a Warrant to a Conftable of faid Town, Wwront 
to make Hue and Cry after fuch Robber or Robbers, for the Apprehending^ 7 ^ ^ ; 
and Taking of them: And fuch Proceedings fb being made in fuch Townj^cy,,^. 
wherein any Robbery fhall be Committed, (hall not be* chargeable lor thefrefiead P.d* 
Monies, Goods and Chatties of the Peribn fb Robbed. 

Its it further Erj.tBed by the ^Authority afortfltid, That in any 
Town of the Colony, where a Forceable Entry, or Detainer of Lands or 
Houles, fhall happen to be committed or done by any Perfon or Perfons foreeaUe En. 
whatfoever, upon Complaint or Information thereof given by the Party ? ""^ *~ 
Agrived to any Two or more Afliftants, Juftices of the Peace, or Wardens """ 
of the Town where fuch Houfe or Land lyes, The faid Afliftants, Juftices, 
or XVardens fhall Iffue out their Warrant to the Sheriff of the Colony, or his 
Deputy, requiring him in the Kings Name to Impanel a Jury of Inqueft, of w 
Twenty Four good and lawful Ment of tha Neighbourhood to come before ^Med ou 
them, to make Enquiry upon Ondi or Engagement concerning the fame \Sbenf Q i>\* 
And in Cafe the laid Jury fhail find the Bill or Complaint agaiiift fuch Deputy, tt 
Perfon or Pe rfons complained of, That then fuch Ailrftants, Juftiess O r^"" s/rf 
Warden s, ihall caufe fuch Force to be removed, reflate to the Perfan or /- 
Perfons complaining, peaceable pofleffion of tha fame* 

RreeaMe En, 

Provided Always, That fuch Complaint or Information appears to bel/^,/ 
made within three years after iuch Forceable Entry and Detainer be Commie- wi/^i f i 
ed, and not after. Provided alfo, That if upon the iaid Juries ftnding the/fa//. 


Regni Regis Caroli Secunai, Dccimo Sexto. 

ivy . Bil1 a g a nft f uch Perfon or Pcrfons, That if fuch Perfon of Perfons, fhall 
tj tst7ic Offer to Traverle the laid Complaint or Infomancion, and defire to Remove 
t oitrt of Try. the lame to the next General Court of Tryals of this Colony, there to Try 
the fame, and give good and fufficient fecurity to the faid Afiiftants, Juftices. 
or Wardens, tor Prolecuting the lame, And to Pay all intervening Charges 
and Damages in cale they {hall be Condemned at fuch general Court of Trya!s- 
That then luch Affiftants, Juftices, or Wardens, /hall forbear to deliver 
PoiTeffion to the Party and Parties complaining, until they {hall receive the 
Order or Judgment of fuch General Cow. of Tryals for their io doing. 

AND Be it Ent&ed by the Authority aferefaid. That the Affiftants, 
Juftices of the Peace,and Wardens, in cale of any Refinance made in the due 
performing their Duties by this Adi required about Forceable Entries or 
7VrH/r .TJi/- Detainers, may Command the Affiftance of any of His Majefties Subje&s of 
t^ this Colony, who are Required to Aid them therein, under the Penalty of 
Twenty Shilling} to each Perfon that ihall refute fo to do , To be recovered by 
tl" ir ^ u t > I n fc> rmat on, before any one Affiitant, Juftice ot the Peace, or Warden 
t, Ju/l~. of this Colony. 

AND the faid Fine of Twenty Shilling! fa Recovered, to be Paid into the 
Town Treafury, for the Ufe of the Town, where fuch Forceable Entry, 
and Detainer ihall be committed. 

Be it further Enatted by the Authority aforeftid, That in caft 
the Jury of Inqueft on inquiry as aforefaid, fhall not find the faid Bill or 
Complaint againft the Perfon or Perfons Complained of as aforefaid, That then 
ConplaL l ^ e Perlonor Perfons Complaining, flull be Condemned by the faid Affiftants, 
fay Juftices, or Wardens, To pay the Colls of Courts as is Ulual in 
Ca/l. other Cafes. 

AND be it jurthrr Enatftd bt tke ^Authority aforefad^ That if the Sheriff 
abit or his Die P ut y5 to whom fuch Affiftauts, Juftices, or Wardens Warrant is 
io ii>f- delivered,doth not duly Execute the fame ^ That he fhall Forfeit the Sum of 
e Jf. Twenty Pounds, Lawful Money, to beRecovered by Bill, Information, Suit, or 
IVst- Complaint! in any Court of Record within this Colony. 

* } 

^ fit it further Enatted by the Authority afortfaiJ, That all Perfons 

that to al5 be La wfull X Conviaed of a Riot, fh-il! Suffer Twelve Monthes 
, Imprifonment, of Pay a Fine of Ten Ttundi, to the Ufe of the Colony. 

<# a Pine of 

TcnPmtndt. AND be it ftftber Enacted by the tstuthority aforefaid^ That any Affiftantr^ 

Fm for head Juftice of the Peace,or Warden, in this Colony } upon Coiiviaing any Perfon 

of Fence f noi or Perlbns before him for Breach of the Peace, by Striking, <?c. Shall and 

to exceed ma y p me f uc h Offender or Oifenders at Difcretion, not Exceeding Twenty 

Tmnity Sbil. shilling^ or Bind them over to the General Court ot Tryals, with two 

found o-cvtl* Efficient Sureties according as the Nature of the Offence may require. 

i/lNJ) be it farther Enabled by the .Authority tfortfaid, That in all Cafes 
of Affault Or Battery, the Party Affaulted or Battered, (hall have aa Adion 
Satiety tote ^ Trefpafs at die Common Law, againft the Perfons Committiiig fuch 
ww Lilr. Af&ult, or Battery, ihall Recover his Damage Received thereby. 

Bur. ANT) be it Enaftcd by the sstutherity tfortfatl, That whofoerer ftall 
yt Perpetrate and Commit the Deteftable and Abominable Crimes ot Sodomy, 
ivita or Buggery, and be thereof Lawfully Cotwifted, fhall fuffer the Pains of, 
-, as in cafes of Felony, with the benefit of Clergy. And 

Ttjgni* Regis Caroli StcxnUij Decirho Sexto. 

At it farther Emitted by the Authority afarefaid, That whofofivcr 
fhall Commit Fornication, niui be thereof Lawfully Convicted before any two 
Afllftants, Juftiees of the Peace, or Wardens of the Town where filch Fa& 
fliall be Committed, (the Affiitants, Juftiees, or, Wardens, are hereby fan- "***** 
po .vered the Cognizance thereof, ) fliall be publickly Whipped in faid Town The puwft. 
where fuch Facfc (hall be Comrilitted wfth Ten Stripes and no. more, or pa? a mtnt tlcrt of 
Fine of Fortj Shillings into the Town Treafury, to and for the Ufe of the 
Poor of fuch Town. 

AN *B it further En.tftcd by ths Authority aforefaid, That whofoeye r tlxft. 
fhall Steal or Purloyn any Moneys, Goods, Wares, or Merchandize i And^" tlxfrji 
be thereof Lawfully Convicted, at the General Court of Tryals, ( who are fy nce \ ^ 
hereby fully Imp owered to have Cognizance ot the fame ) either by Confef- J ,/, 
fion, or by the Evidence of two pcrlbns upon Oath or Engagement, Ihall for ot belt 
the firft Offence, Reftore to the Owner of fuch Moneys, Wares, Goods, f Fwd at 
and Mercnidi/es, fb ftoleri two" fold ; And fhall be Whipp d or Fined at ^l"? ? , 
the Difcretionof the Judges of faid Court j And upon a fecond Conviction o/eme, tore, 
ot fuch Offerice, to P.eftore two fold as aforefaid to the Owners of fachjiore twofold 
. Moneys, Wares, Goods, Merchandizes, fo Stolen, and four fold to the to tj>e 
Colony \ And be Whipp d, dr Fined at Dilcretion, by the Judges * ni ff 
of faid Court. 

&c. as afore* 
*A1$T) Be it further Entfted by the Authority aforcfoid, That if the petroi 

Offendingj and convict thereof as aforefaid, fhall not have Goods and 
Chattels lufRcient to fatisfy and Pay the Judgement of fuch Court as aforefaid, Eiht" t r 
That then and in fiich Cafes, the Offender (hill be Sold bv the Sheriff, by tttftMafae* 
the Dire<aion ot the Judges of faid Court, to fatisfy fuch Judgement as fliall/"-/. the Of. 

be given as aforefaid. $&&&, ^ 

Sold toj.itisjid 

vAT^D be it further En&ed by the Authority afore f*id, That if any Officer 1 ^ 
within this Colony, fliall Exa^t or Extort any more or Greater Fees than by ^ 3 Ofe erto 
Law is ftated him, or that under pretence ot Executing his Office, fhal) Levy ta _ ke j" oret ^ 
Jmy more or Greater Sums of Monies, &c. Than by any Judgement, On the V. 
Execution, Order or Decree, he is Ordered or allowed to do, and be ti of treble 
thereof Lawfully convifted, he fhall Forfeit to the party agrieved treble-^ 
Damages, which (hail be ( according to the Damage received ) Recovered 
by the party agrieved, before any Court, of Judge of Record, by Action of 
Trelpafs upon the Cafe. 

be it further Enatiert bf the Authority afarefaid, That if 
Perfon fhall wrongfully and Malicioufly, Spoil, Burn or Deftfoy any Frame 
prepared for Building of either Houfe, Mil), or Barn, or fpoil any Cart, or : c 
Wood heaped and prepared for Coals, or other Ufe ^ or cut out the Tongue 6r Qob 
6f any Baft being aiive ; or fhall barke Fruit Trees, or procure any of the kwf of 
faid Offences to be done ; The Perfon fo Offending, fliall pay the Owenr Tnti, to 
thereof Treble Damages, with coft of Court, and pay a Fine to the Ufe { tiel;leD!t ! "- 
the Colony, according to the D ireftiott of the Judges of the Court, where ^\ pint 
fiich Offender frjall be convicted. tbtCtluy; 

AND if any Perfon flinll Wrongfully -ah d Malicioufly Cut or tale away 
Corn growing, or Rob any Orchard or Garden,or break or cut any Hedge,Pale, . 
Raii or Fence-, or Digg up, Cut down, Spoil or carry away, any Fruit Trees, Titfy.ijTtr. 
or (hall Cur down or Deftroy any other fort of Trees fhmding -, or ihall put 
any Beaft into the Field of another, without the knowledge or content of r lie 

E 2 Ownr 

Arm l^jHni "J^fgis Caroli Seryadi, Decitno 

tf be La 
not " contr 

The Trefr.i/er Owner of the Field ; And {hall be duly conviGed thereof, fhall Pay to the 
to p.v treble Parry Grieved treble Damages and coft of Court : And ihall pay to the Ufe 
of the Colony fuch Fine, KS by the Judces ot the Criirt 
where inch Offender or Offenders (half be Convift, ftall be thought 
realbnable "for the fame. And in cafe fuch Offender or Offenders have not 
KJlai t tobt fufficient Eftate to Pay fuch Fines as he or they fliall be Amerced, then 
few to //* fuch Offender or Offenders, fhall be fen t to the Houfe of Cor region, thereto 
Hmtfe of Cor. rema ; n until the farae be fatisfied and paid. 

cxf ND "Be it further Entitled by the Authority aforefaiJ, For the preventing 
of " Fraudulent Dealngs in Bargains and Contracts , That ho Bargains nor 
Contrafts, for above the value of Ten Pounds fhall be vallid and "binding in 
w, unlefs the lame be reduced into Writing, and Signed by the parties 
trading, in the Prefence of one cr more credible Witnefs or WjtnefTes ; 
And that all Verbal Contra&s, for ^ny matter under 1 the value of Ten Pounds, 
fhallbe we ll and fufficiently proved, by the Evidence of one or mqre credible 
Ho* framed \vi cne fs or WitnefTes, otherwife to be Null and Void in the Law. And that- 
if any Per foh fhall Ufi? any Fraud or Deceit in Ba^ains or Contrads with 
nt any Perfbn t The Perfbn Cheated or Deceived thereby, (hall have his Action 
of Trafpafs a^ainft the Perfon Offending therein, and Recover Treble hii 
tre* p.:;.i- Damages with coft of Suit. 

gts to t-ie 
fti fyn agritv- 

tt. AND be it further Flatted by the Authority tjortfatd, That alj Bonds, 

frmiittlent Bills, Deeds of Sale, Gifts^ Grants, or other Conveyances, or Obligations 
to ^/elve" what f ever .> that {hall be made by any Perfon .with intent to defraud or 
Creditors. deceive others, or defeat fuch Perfon or Per Tons Credirors, of their Juft 
To be isid in Debts and Due?. That all fuch Bonds, Bills, Deeds of Sale, Gifts, Grants or 
ilieLtw, -and other Conveyances or Obligations whatfbsverjfliall be Null Void and of none 
JftaJJ Jt Effeft i And the Party injured or agrieved thereby, ihall Recover his double 
He Cojli* " Damages, together with coft of Suit. 

Ke it further Enatted by the Authority aforefnttd^ That in cafe any 
Perfon or Perfons, fhall be Lawfully convifted of Conlpiracy, . according to 
Co-fintert tne Scatate * the XXXIII. Edward the i ft. Entitled, a Definition of Con* 
& Cf!iipe>~ fpirators, or fhall be convied of Champerty -, he or they that ihall be fo 
ton to lc l, n - convicted, (hall Suffer On& Years Imprifonment, and make. Fine to the 
frijbn d one Colony, as the Judges of the Court where fuch Perfon or Perfons is Convifled 
year, anJ a fall award -, Snd the party agrieved, lhall have his Remedy, and recover his 
Damages by an Adion of Trefpafs on the Cafe, 

PROVIDED always, That this Aft fliall not Extend, to any Perfon or 
Perfons who Honeftly and without any Unjuft Defign, fhall aflift.with Monies 
or otherwife, fuch Perfon or Perfons as are not of Eftate or ability fufficient 
to carry On a fuit in Law,for the Recovery of their Juft Right and Efiate. 

Be it further Unfitted by the Authority afortfaid, That in call any 
perfon or perfons being Impanelled and Sworn upon a Jury, ihall take any 
3Vb fin-b to R ewar ^ to tring in a Verdit,or in cafe any perfon fhall Embrace a Juror fo to 
take a BWe. do, the Parties both Giving and Receiving fuch Reward, being thereof duly 
T/x? tl,.\t are Attaint, in any Court of Record, according to the Statute of the XXXVIII. 
guilty of^ O f Edroard the >,&. CHAP. ilth. fli?.ll pay Five times the Value of fuch 
to*ffZ R fiwa rd j One half to the Ufe of the Colony, and the other half to fuch 
\\ilne fffttc 6 Informer, as /hall Sue for the fame } And on default of payment^ ihall be 
Imprifoned One Year In the Houfe of Correction. 


Regttt R gis Caroli Secundi, Decirao Sexto. 

JND be it further Ehnttcd by the t^uthoritjf afarrfaiJ, Thit if any Perfon fc^" i f p , * ) 
fhall Forge, Raze, Embezel or take away any Record, Writt, Return or ftrofcfe, Li 

i . . .-frifmvunt 

Pleas* or alter Verdifts, or fhall be Procuring, or Confederating or Abetting and Jin 
fuch Doine; .-, Such Perf w or Perfons being thereof duly Attainted, fhali be 
Imprifon^d, and Grievduily Fined, according to the Difcreuon of the Judges 
of fuch Court, whefe fuch Perfon or Perfons fhaH be Attainted ; And fuch 
Perfon or Perfons, as fhnll be Agrieved thereby, fhail have 1 Remedy by Action, 
to.Recover his or their Damages. 

An Ad for the Eftablifhing Weights and Meafures 
throughout this Colony. 

BE it Emitted by the General Affembly, And by the f^tuthontj of the fattttj 
That during the fitting of the General AfTembly in May Annually,There 
fiiaJl be Annually Chofe and Elefted, by the General Afiembly, One General 
Sealer, who mall provide and procure at the Colonies charge, a Standatd of 
each and every of the Weights and Meafures following , viz.. One hal 
Bufhel, One Peck, One half Pdck, One Ale Quart, One Wine Ona rr, One 
Wine Pint, and One VVine half Pint. One Yard, One half Hundred, One in May 
Quarter of a Hundred, One Fourteen Pound, One Four Pound> One Two 
Pound, One one Poundjand One half Pound Weight ; which fliall be accord-^ 
ing to the Standard of His Majefties Exchequer in the Kingdom of England. 
AND That each refpeiive Town fhall provide one Standard, of all the above- A 
Jfeid Weights and Meafures, which fhall be proved and Sealed, by the General 
Sealer of the Colony. AND that the Free-men of everyTown, {hall at the ufual 
time of Eledion of Town Officers, Annually Chufe aPerfbn,to proveand Seal all 
Weights and Meafures throughout fuch Town, with fuch a Seal or Mark, as to pmnfa a 
ihall be by each Town appointed : who {ha.ll be Engaged faithfully and duly StonJari cf 
to Exercife faid Office. AND if any Perfon ftiall b:? found, to Sell or Buy SjSj/ 1 * 
by falie Weights or Meadires, fuch Perfon being thereof duly Corvifted btf \soed I* 
before any Qne Afliftant, Juftice of the Peace or Warden, in fuch Town, -the " 
fhall Forfeit and Pay to the Ufe of fuch Town, for the firft Offence, Si* 
ShiHingt and Eight Pence, and for the fecond Offence, Thirteen Shillings, and for 
the third Oifence, fliall Forfeit and Pay Twenty Shillings, and for Example to 
Others, fhall ftand in the Pillory, in fbme Pablick p!ac in (uch Town, for 
the fpace of One Hour. 


V" fcl*ijJ - -- ujj -.-y * *^r *- , * i L -- j *^ * ** *- * iii^ uj LV, i i^* i t-J L: L>V l4J*i i^VT 1 fTi LACl~ 

tion or taking a way the good Name, Fame or Credit or Eftate of any Perfon, 
and whereby fuch Perfon may be Reafonably thought to ba Hurt or Damni 
fied, fucff party fo Hurt or Damnified thereby, fhall or may take h" is or their 
Suit againft fuch Offender, and Recover his juft Damages } And the Offender 
therein upon Conviction, (hall be Fined by iuch Court, Alfiftunt, Juftice of 
the Peace or Warden before whom Convicted, not exceeding the Sum of 
Twenty Shillings. 


TO Anni CRjtftf* Rjis Carol! Sfamdi Becirnb 


^ AND /* it further- En.t 1 ^ fd by the Authority afortfaid, That .iny Perfon what- 
vjjy I cfore f"K:v:)-, That Dull dvitraft and Agre-. 1 with any Servant for one Years Service, or 
ibnlitate^ more or lefs time , Ihail not put away his or her faid Servant, before the time as 
txpireJ, nuo Agreed on be expired, unlefs upon good and fufficienf, -caufe made appear, before 
MI/ vM;U.vifc ,,,> , n . niorc Affifl^nr, j u ilice of the Pea.ce or Warden of (aid Town, where Paid 
StetesL , ^ ftcr or Mi ft re Is Dwells-, AND; if any Matter or Mi ft re f of any Servant or 
tlto/efhat fitt fervants, fhall put awav .my fuch Servant, before the time Agreed be expired;- 
t ;, l w .;",,:/ he or fhe Co doing without a fufficient dileh?.rgj from one or more Alfiiranrs, 
miti ,, -* bee- jufticos of the Pence or Wardens of faid Town, fhall Forfeit to juch Servant 
unto. ac.rieved, Forty Shillings in Money, to be Recovered before any Two AAiflants, 

Ji.ftices of the Peace or Wardens of fuch Town, 

s?l\ D be it further Enacted by the Authority of ore] a id, That no Servant hired 
v r, as aibrefiud, for any term of Time, fnall depart from the Service of his Gid 

h^faL. Miller or Mi it re fs, until fuch.time of Secv ic-? as agreed on between them be fully 
Z-B Mallets ended, without fome }afttfi<tble catu% as ih?.l! he allowed of, under fhe Hind of 
Stnir* mitt, one or more Affiftants, Juib ces of the Peace or Wardens of Tiid Town, xvhere 
outleare. his Mafr^r or Miftrefi lhall dwell -, And that if any fervant, (hall depart from 
his f.*?d Mifter or Mittrefles Service ( before his Term or Tiiwe of Service agreed 
on be fully ended ) without Licence, firft had or obtained, from one or more 
AfTiftant, Juftice of the Peace or Warden of faid Town as aforeAid, f|iatl for 
his or her Offence, upon due prbaf thereof, before any one or more Affiftants, 
Ife Serrani j n fti ces O f ; ne p e2ce or Wardens of faid Town, fhall be Committed to Prifon, 
mALictnct t!lere to rema n untl1 ^ e or ^ e f doia S> ^^ Efficient Surety, to perform his oc 
tofecomrt het Contraa, as agreed on. 

"tad to Goal. 

W^ofoever re- ANT) be it farther Ex.vrcd iy fix Authority aforcfaid. That whofoever fhall 
tainc Servant Wittin?! , or Knowingly, Retain any fuch hired fervent as aforefaid, that is, 
xit Izrfufy noc tawfuily difcharf,ed . as afclrefud, fhal! for every- fuch Offence, Forfeit to the p er f n agrieved thereby, Fine Pounds* "to be Recovered at any Court of 
Record, by Aaion oi tae 

be it further ded by the, Authority aforefaiel, That no Artificer or 
Handicrafts-man, Thar flu! I Agree or Contmft with any Perfon, for the Per- 
forming of any P iece cr Parcel of Work, Relating to his or their feveral 
Occupations, or wall Agree to Work for any certain time, iliall depart from his 
or tl)eir Wori, before the fame be finifhed. 

AND That if any Artificer or Handicrafts-mail, upon any Contract with any 
Perfon, for the performing, any Work as aforefaid, /hall Depart and Leave his 
faid Work before finifhed, without the Leave or AfTent of his Employer, 
ftall Forfeit to the Perfon Agrieved thereby, Five Pounds^ to be Recovered in any 
Court of Record within this Colony, by Aftion, of the Cafe, 

AND be it further Enabled by the Authority aferefnid, That *ach 
in this Colony, fhall carefully provide for the Relief of the Poor,. Sick, 
to and Impotent, of fuch Town, who are not capable of Providing for themfelves ; 
And alfo to Employ or put out to Service, all fuch Young and Able Perfon?, 
irovn pom. as are not of fufficient Eftates to maintain themftlves, or which through 
jlmlto pit on t Idlenefs, may be likely to become a charge cr damage to fuch Town : 
to Service fuci> And for the effectual performing thereof, fliall Annually at the time of Bwfthm 
atnllktfy-u of Town Officers, Eltft and Chufe Overfters of the Pcor, who are from 
f.ecamc cbar. t ; me to t; mCj to give in their Information to the Town Council there*!, 
^tnnle. w jj O U p 0n fah Infojrmatlbn.j are to take fuch courfe for the Effeftrt^; 

*; rll", A thereof, as to them {hall Jeern pyoper and needful, Agreeable to the 
**? Statute of the XLIU. of ELIZABETH CHAP; ad. 
losfti annually, 


SecaiJ.1, Dccimo 1 SeKto. 

> 5#- it En&cA by tit iJvtbaritj tf&efcd, That any -AffiftJint, ^ 

jufticc of the Peace or Warden, fhall and may upon Lawfully convicting ^ewt$efa 

of any Perfoii oc Ferions being Drunk, either by one fuffictent Evidence, or f^c Sb-;iing 

1 __. I" - L. T i -i T* i 1 . --IITA * ?< /-i^y^ j\ r LT.t-i <- 4it/*r* IV^.V ..* /A firrafi/ i-i rtfT j ~i*tsi; x i ./?"*** OJ // 771 //> 

on a lecana convrctio iijte unence, lucn rcnon uuui a 

Fine 7e Shillings, tonnd for the Ufe aforefiiitl ^ And he bound to his Good * in ,f 
Behaviour, vvkh two fufEcient Surrie?,- in the Sum of Ten Tounds^ to die nest 
lucceeding General Court ofTryals. 

PROVIDED always, that fuch Complaint, be made tthhm Ten Days after 
fuch Offence be committed. 

"Be it further Enaiicd by ibe Authority afarcfstid. That wholb- 
cver {hall prophanely Swear or Curie, within the hearing of any AiCflant, 
jultia? of the Peace or Warden, or be thereof convicted, either by his own - md 
Ccnfeffion, or by the Evidence of two Wjtneffes, upon Oath or Engagemenf, 
beibre any one Affiftanr, Jufiice of the Peace or Warden, fhall for every Fn-t 
fucli Oath or Cuffe, be Fined Five Shillings, to and for the Uft of the Poof/ 13 "*^ ? 
of luch Town, where the Offence Coroir.itted, of be let in the Stock?, ^ 
at the Drifcretion ot fuch Affiftant, Juftice or Warden, not exceeding o 
three Hours. 

PROVIDED always, that ?very OiTence agamft this Law, be complained 
of within Ten Dys after fuch Offence Committed. 

]te >t jurfbtr Ea&ltd by the ^/tntbiritj afore fold, That no Perfon 
whatfoever, Ihall keep any Tavern, Ale Houfe or Vi&ualliug Hcufe nor Sell A r or t <* 
any ftrong Liquors of any forr whatibever by -Retail, without a Licenfey/,^ ; -Li /por* 
firft had and obtained of the Town Council, of fuch Town wherein fuch ty Rein I, 
Perfon dwells. And if any Perfon or Per/cms, iliall preiume fc to do, and "Mm* -"* 
ba thereof Lawfully Convict, before any one Affifiant, jultice of the Peace, f f e . r " f if f 
or Warden of fa id Town, either by his own Confeffion, or by the Evidence /bv/ &W- 
of two, upon Oath or Engagement, fhall Forfeit Forty Sh;lu;:g< } l:ns. 
for the Ufe of the Pco: oi fuch Town, where iurh Offence ilial- be 

fie it further Enalicci lj the t^l utbcrity ajorefoteij That it fhalf and fyrrer to tie 

!en, to Pf-eet to Con. 
ink fit, y{ & s -i 

i*ii ir j_ J. /*. _ 

in ay be Lawful^ for any cs;e AiTiftant, juftke of the Peace or Warden, to Pftet to tat 
lumraon and Convent before !iim any perfon or per fons, as he ffta!) flun 

to give Evidence againft any fuch Perftm, as fliall Sell by Retail, any 
Liquor without Licence, and to caufe fuch perfon or perfcns, to give their h:my^lf 
fblenrn Engagement thereto, and if fach perfbns refute the fame :, then him ike fame, and 
or them commit to his Majefties Goal iu Newport, until l.e or they purge / Z/J 9 ; rf fy<> 
themfelves by their Engagement. iiiifjtimut 

AUjD be it further EniSlcd by thf tAutliarity aforefch^Tliat it fnall find may fr^l rltaS 
be in the Power of each refprct.ive Town Council, to Grant Licences in their /"" !>> 
Refpeftive Town:,, f:>r the keeping of Taverns, A le-houfes, and Victualling^ ^ " _ G> ";- - / * 
houfes -, they Granting no Licence under Forty Shillings, nor none a ^ fe Liuntt^ 
Ten Pounds. And to rake fuch Bonds or RscoemsaneeSj as they ftiall think 

F i " 

Coroii fortwJi,, Dedw.o 

&Ujl>mg meet, of all fuch Perfbns as they fhall grant Licences to, for their Regular 
Liqiim-: fy keeping, and maintaining good orders in the lame. 

AND alfo that the refpe&ive Town Councils, (hall and hereby are Im- 
powerd, to take fuch Security of Stranger?, coming to Inhabit in their 
3rtirHC::i/f refpe<5tive Towns, as to them fliaU leem neeclfui } to iecure theii Towns from 
to take Krmd a n y charge thac may happen or accrue thereby. 

u. it further Znatted by the Authority aforefaiJ,Thst no Tavern-keeper, 

ftr (IT. bji .L Ale- houfe-keeper^c.Chall fufifer anylnhabiran: of tlieTcwn wherein he dwells,to 

titant toll fit or remain in their Houfe, Tipling or Drinking,for above the fpace of one 

"/ ! H ^ c Hour ata time, on thePenalty of payingT^K Shillings for every fuch Offence 3 being 

lam at I ^ ul y Convi&ed thereof, before any one Afliftant, Juftice of the Peace or 

time, a the. Warden of t .iid Town,either by his ownConfeflion,or by the Evidence of two 

fin-ilti of WitneiTes, upon Oath or Engagement, to be Recovered, by a Warrant of 

Tt,i SrnlHxgs jDift re f S3 to be granted by any fuch Affiftant, Juftice or Warden. 

AND That no Towns -man fhallfltor remain in any Tavern, Ale- Houfe 
C/*c. in the Town wherein he dwells, above the fpace of one Hour at a timej 
Koperjcnio and if any Peribn or Perfbns, ihall prefume fo to do, contrary to this Ad, 
f" " f Tfi ~ And be thereof duly Ccnvifted, either by his or their own Confe/Iion, or by 
fmtiiaufaf* ^ e Evidence of two Witneffes upon Oath or Engagement, before any one 
f. tiine. Affiftant, Juftice of tlie Peace or Warden, fliall Forfeit as a Fine, for every fu c h Offence, Three Shillings and Four ptnce, to and for the Ule of the Poor 
*r ^ 3 f*r of ^ uc ^ Town, to be Taken by a Warrant of Diftrefs from any fuch 
f Affiftanc, Juftice or Warden. 

A N A C T for Preventing Clandeftine Marriages. 

E it En&ttcd by the Cjencral &4$en&ly, And I? the ^Authority ef the fame, 
j_^ That no Perfon whatfoever, (hall Marry with any Female, tinlefs he 
firft procure Banes of Matrimony, Sign d by an Alfiftant, Juftice of the 
to If Peace or Warden, and duly expofe them, in fome Publick place in the Town, 


where the Perfons defigning to Marry dwell, for the fpace of Ten Days after 
their beins firft fet up ; or be Publifted Two feveral times, in a Publick 
Affembly "in faid Town -, And that it ihal) and may be Lawful], for any 
ji,d to foal Affiftant, Juftice of the Peace or Warden, to Intermarry fuch Perfons, as 
** if" fa? , {hall be Published as afbrefaid. 

AND upon Marrying fuch Perfons fo Publi{hed,theAffiftant,Ju{lice orWar- 
den that Marry them, ihall give the Perfonsfo Married, a Certificate of the 

t ftme, ( under his Hand ) who fliall carry the fame to the Town Clerk ol 

a Ccnifcaie ^Q Town where fuch Marriage lhall be Solemniz d, And place the lame, to 
^Avf-rTrf Record , And the Officer that Marries them, and give a Certificate 
frtfaaFin. lhall have Three Shillingi for the lame. 

Y .j ( 775- 

Five 1 j^3\T f D be it further "Entitled by the Authority afarefttiA., That wholb- 
/ to !> :,n over f M \] ]y[ arr y w ich any Female as aforefaid, without duly proceeding as 
Jtem&tl by this Aa is Required, ftiall for fuch his Offence, Forfeit Five Tounds, to be 
paid to and for the Ufe of the Town, where luch Offender fliall dwell, to be 
ss Recovered by the Town Treafurer of faid Town, in any Conrt of Record, 



Anno T^fgii Rcgts Carnli Sccu;:^^ Dscimo Sexto. 

ex^T^ D be it further Entitled by the Authority aforrfaid, That the Colonies Cohnits Seal 

Seal, (hall have Engraven thereon an Anchor. And the Motto thereof taltt])K -*"- 
- ttaratKt 

be the Word HOPE. 

An A# for the Probate of Wills, and Granting 
of Adminiftrations. 

BE it Erui&tA by the general A$em\)ly> and by the Authority of the fame, Xomt Cvtmcih 
That the Power of proving of Wills, and Granting of Adminiflrations of to Prove Wills 
the Pertonal Eftate of Peribns Beceafed, fliall be in the refpe&ive Town "-^ grant 
Councils of this Colony, where fudi Peribn Deceafed laft Dwelt or *** 
Inhabited :> which faid Town Council, or the Major part of them, ihall have n 
tae Power as Judge of Probates, ro take the Probate of Wills and Teftaments, 
and Grant Adminiftrations, and all other matters relating thereto, to Aft 
and do, as by the Laws of England, and of His Majeftjes Colony doth 
belong to the faid Office. 

Be it further Eth&cd by thf Authority aforefad, That all Devices 
and Becuefts of Land or Tenaments, or of any Right or Intereft in the fame, 
fliall be in Writing, and Sign d by the Party fo deviftng the fame, And 
fliall be Attefted and Subfcribed in the Pretence of the faid Devifor, by three 
or four Credible WitneiTes, or elfe ihall be Void and of none E8e<a. Writing, ana 

fliall have 

AND be it further ErutBed by t\ie Authority tforefxid, That the Town 3 
Council of each Town, may Summons and Convent before them, a!) and. 
every Perfon named Executor or Executors, of any Teftament v to the intent 
to prove or refufe the Teftament of his or their Teftator 5 And to bring in 
Inventories of fuch Teftators Eftate , And in cafe fuch Perfon or Perfon?, 
take upon him or them, the Executorfhip, by proving the Will, that then at 
the fame time, fuch Executor or Executors, fhall give Bond to the laid f - ,, 
Town Council, that within one Month after fuch Probate, he or they will 
Exhibit a true and perfeft Inventory upon Oath, of the whole Perfon-al 
Eftate of the Deceafed, as far as IhalJ come to his or their knowledge , And 
that he or they will add thereunto, what and fo much as may 
afterwards appear. 

Prefence, and by their DIreaion caufe to be made A True and Perfe& Invento- E f^ ^ ** 
ry of all the Goi>ds and Chattels, Wares, Merchandizes, Rights and Credit "cliinft^ to 
of fjie Teftator to be Exhibited to the Town Council, and there Recorded. Rt&riti 

bs it further Emitted, That upon Probate of fuch Will 
Teftament, the WitnefTes to the lame, ihall upon their Oaths declare, 
-hey faw the Teftator Sign, beal, and Declare the lame to be his lait \ViJi J 
and Teftament -, And that in his Pretence, they let their Hands as Witnelles td. 
thereunto. And the faid Teftator wfe in his Perfeft Miud and Memory, 

G ac 

14 Aunt T^t ^ni 2\/< : * C?roli Secvndi^ Decimo Sexto. 

at the fame time, which faid Teftament being fo proved, And the Clerk of 
the faid Council, fhali Tranfcribe a Copy thereof, into the BooJk of Record^ 
All( * deliver the Ons,\nz\ to fuch Executor or Executors, with an Atteft 
f its being Recorded. And the faid Town Council, ih all without delay give 
to fuch Executor or Executors, under the Seal of the faid Office, a Power 
to Adroinifter the faid Eftate. 

if father Enatled ty the Authority aforcfaid, That in cafe the 
If tfo Exeat. Perfon or Perfons named Executor or Executors in a Will ( being duly 
ton refufe to 5 umn ioned ") before fuch Town Council, to prove the Will, foall refufe fo 
"ion* jdmi to d, A nc * ta ce u P on k m L ^ e c - iar S e f Executorfhip, fuch his Refufal, fhall 
*ijhati*tt beentredin the Regifters Book of faid Town Council, And thereupon fuch 
ile next of Town Council, .{hall Grant Letters of Adminiftradon, with the Will annexed 
Jti, arty thereto, to the Widow or next of kin to the Deceafed Perfon, that 
ttf Jiirw- ft^ defire the fame -, And upon their refufal, to one or more of the 
Principal Creditors, as the faid Council fhall think fit. 

be it further Entitled, That when and Ib often^ as any Ferfon {hall 
... . . . Dye Inteftate, Adminiftration of fiich Inreftates perfonal Eftate,ihall be Granted 
JInteflait to the Widow, or next of kin to the Inteftate, that fhall defire the fame, 
in cafe of their refufal thereunto, fuch Principal Creditor or Creditors^ 

fT.r,ite.lto as t ^ ie f a i(i Jo\vn Council fhall think fit. 

the U il -.f, oi 

next yfkm, p5^pjr;><z> a mays, tArd be It JlriaStA, That fuch Widow dr next of 

kin, or Principal Creditor or Creditors of fuch Intefiate, defiling die 

Adminiftration of fuch Inteftate Eftate, fhall at the Granting of the fame, 

give Bond to the laid Town Council, with two fufficient Sureties in double 

*%$ the Sum ot what the faid Imeftates Perfonal Eftate, (hail be by the faid 

JSon,i. wd Town Council, Valued to be worth, for his and their true and rightful 

fefa-an Ac. Adminiftration of the faid Eftate according to Law , And duly Exhibiting 

ccmptofibeir^ Trug an j p er f e a inventory of fuch Eftate, unto the faid Town Council, 

MniKjlKii- ^ them at nil times when Required, to render a True and Faithful 

l 1 ft IV IDC .- i 1* AJ* /^* 

ybn.Cww?/, Account of fuch or their AdmiiiiU-ratioa. 

ts *Be it further Enabled, That if any Party ftal! be Agrievcd at tlie 

ppeal t3 the judgement or Sentence of fuch Town Council, for any matters contained 
owrrww & - y ^ Jn fuch Cafe Jt ^ ]{ bs Lawful for fuch Perfon, to Appeal 

.% I T I /t 1 --, \ r* A .i f 

from the faid Judgement or sentence, unto tiie Govefnour rmd Council of 
of Tro- this Colony, who as the Supream Ordinary or Judge of Probates, are 
hereby Impowered, to hear and determine fuch Appeals, and ro give fuch 
Judgment thereupon, as to them {hall appear right and agreeable with 

PROVIDED always that fuch Perfon or Feribns cefiring an Appeal as 
aforefaid, give fecurity by Bond, to faid Town Council, to Prolecute fuch 
tt Appeal with Elfeft, and to Pay fuch Cofts s as may be Taxed agaihft 
lt Ea " d him or then). 

be it further Eaatted by the *4utkority jforcfuid, That ir 
Perfon ihall Marry with any Executrix, or Adminiftratrix, fuch perfon upon 

lie fiiitMtr. Intormation given thereof by any Creditor, Legatee or other perfon Interested 
atca tirix* or f" uc h Eftate, to the Town Council, before whom the Will was proved, 

1 1 Al * . * rt ._ *-* _ f~~* . 1 f\- .11 1- -. /~\L T ! . - _ 3 1_ _- f. , X. T r-. 

t a give 

Anno Reffni Regi< Caroli Stcundi, Decimo Octavo. 

Ailminiftration, ot the Eftate ot the Teftator or Inteftate ; And in cafe of &/> rfnfa 
Refufal, any ore or more of the Juftices of the Peace or Wardens, tol>e *>*" 
belonging to iiich Town Council, lhall Commit iuch Perfon to his Majefties te * " Goai 
Goal In Tfowjwr, there to reuiain until he {hall have perfotned the lame. 

^^v^ be it further Enatted, That upon fuch perfons giving Bond with 
Sureties as aforefaid, all former Bonds given by fuch Executrix or Adraini- 
itiatrix, {hall be delivered up to be Cancel d. 


Made and Paft by the General Aflembly of His Majefties Cofony 
of Rhode-Ijlautl, and Providence-Plantations, Begun and Held at 
Newport, the firfl day of May, in the Eighteenth Year of His 
Majeflies Reign Anno^ue Domini. 1666. 

AN ACT, Eftablifhing, Settling and Regulating, the General 
Courts of Tryals, within this Colony, in both Civil and 
Criminal Cauies. 

WJFIE RJ-e^S ly Hl-s ^Xfajcstiet most Gracious Charter, granted tottif His 
IMajitties Colony, full Waiver and csfutberity it (jiven to the General 
^/ifftmlly thereof., te dppoint, Order ttnd Dirdt, ErtS and Settle, fuck Court of 
yudiacature, is fozit be necejfary for the Trjal and Determination of all Aftiom t 
Canfet, t,5Wa!ten, and ihtngt^ hAfpcnivg toithin the fomt ; And t o . 3{egu!<*t e the 
froceedingt thereon. 

BE it EnxEtcd fejr t\>i {jentrd t/fflemblj, and fcy tie ^Authority of the fame, 
That there fiiall be two General Courts ot "Tryals, and General Goal ^ Tim; 
delivery, Aanuallv Held .it Newport, for the Tryai of all Cauies, Matters ^ Cow " 
and Things both Civil and Criminal , The one General Court of Tryals ;n?lf 
and Goal Delivery, to be Held the laft Tucfday of March Annually, and 
the other on the firft Tutfday of September ; which iaid Courts, ftall be 
cornpofed, and confift of the Governour, and Deputy Governour, and 
Afliftants of this Colony, of which the Governou*-, or in his ablence, the 
Deputy Governour and three Afliftants, to be a Quorum ; And in cafe of the 
Abfence of both the Governour, and Deputy Governour, then any rive of the 
Afiiftants, to be a Quorum, who (hall have Cognizance of all Pleas Real and 
Perfonal and Mixt, as alfo Pleas of the Crown, and Caufes Criminal, and 
Matters relating to the Conlervation of the Peace, and Puailhment of 
Offenders, and generally of all other Matters, as fully aad amply, to all 
Intents and Purpofes whatfcever \ As the Courts of Common Pleas, Kings 
Bench, or Exchequer, in his Majefties Kingdom of England, Have or ought 
to Have-, And are hereby Impowrcd to give Judgment therein, and Award 
Execution thereupon, and make fuch neceifiiry Rutea of Pra&ice, as the 
Judges of the iaid Court, ihail from time to drae lot axdfui. 

G i Provided 

f ^4nno 

Regis Caroli Shundi, Decimo Octavo. 

PROVIDED the faid Pvules be not Contrary and Repugnant to the 
known Laws of this Colony- 

he it further Enatted by tht Authority aforefaid, That the Record- 
o ot this Colony for the time being, {hall be Clerk of the laid General 
faid Court. Courts of Tryals, and General Goal Delivery. And that all Writs, Procefs 
.-mil Executions for Matters Cognizable by, or Iffuing out of the laid Courts 
fliall be SignM or Sealed by him, ( as need fhall require, ) who during the 
fitting of the faid Courts, to make due Enrries of the Proceedings there 
of, and {hall be Paid Ttw Shiilings per Diem, out of the General Treafury, 
for his attendance therein. 

AND be It further Enaftcd-by the ^4utnarity aforefaid, That the Town of 
omi Newport, Ihall fend to each Refpeaive General Court oiTryals, and General 
of Jit. Q oa j Delivery, Five Grand Jury- men, and Five Petit jury-men the Town 
^ ftrtf mouth. Three Grand, and Three Petit Jury-men , the Towns of 
ffrovidcnte and Warwick, two Grand, and two Petit Jury-men each, to be 
Chofen by each Refpeftive, at their Town Meeting, next yreceeding fuch 
General Court of Trya s, e^c. to the which they Ihall be Chofen. 

t^CND be it futhtr Enatted by the Authority aforefaid, Tliat every Grand 
Jury-man, and Petit, chofen as aforefaid, before his Ading as fuchj fhal] t^ke 
eac h his Refpe&ive Engagement following. 

ta vt Engaged, 

WHEREAS Tou ^. B. are Cbi/fea on the fyancl InsptR^ W the 
of Our Sovereign Lord the Kirg, Ton do here fremife ami Engage, to make 
true T^jtiffn to this Court, of arl fuch Bills, as fall be prtftnted to Tou, or fu 
brerifs of Law, us fiall come to your Kniwltage. And this Engagement Tou tnttkt 
and give upon the ?r.-il of the Penalty of Perjury. 

YOV A. B. being of this Jury of Tryals, Ton Jhall weS and truly trj tht 
Jffue of this. Cafe, and all Cafes that flail be Committed unto Ten from thif 
Court between the Parties, Plantijf and Defentlant, accordirg to Law and f-videnct \ 
jind to keep together, until Ton agree of a ferdift in the Cafe or Cafes Committed 
f j w ^ and make true "Rjturn of the Vtr&Sk or J^frdiEls^ unto this Court, and to 
y ur Orpn ane * Ffl " lows Sfcrets > -dvd *his Engagement Tat Make and Give, upon 
Peril of the Penalty of Per jury. 



1 * 





OV A- B. be ing of this Jury of Tryalf, lou fliall roell ana. truly Try, and. 
true JSelivettrnce make, Btt&een Our Sovereign Lord the King, and ;ht 

at t \j t % Ar ^ according to Law and Evidence, and the Light o 
Confcience ufon the Evidence , And to keep togtther, -until you are agreed of a 
Vcrditk or ferdifts, in the Caff or Cafes, that fljall be Committed to yu from thi* 
Court ; And to keep your Own and Fellows Secrets. And this Engagement 
and Give upon the Peril of the Penalty oj Terjurj. 

Be it further Enatted by the Authority aforefaid, That no General 
Officer of this Government, during his continuance as fuch,flvill be Arrefted 
or Attached, either in Body or Goods in any Aftional Caie ; And that in all 
Aaual Cafes, that any Perfon may have againft a Gener?, Officer, it fliall be 
b / Summons and no otherwife -, And that all Writs of Arrcft or Attachment, 
that ihall be Granted forth contrary hereunto, ihall be null and Void in Lawi 
dfes And the Defendant ihall have his Cofts and Damages Accruing thereon. 


jtnno Rwrii Segis Qiroli Stcunai, Decimo 

\>t it father F.n<ffied by tit Authority aforffaid, That all Wrirts 
of Arrftand Summon?;, That are taken out of die Recorders Office, and duly 
lerved Forty Days betore the Court, to the which they are Dire&ed by the **?*** * ie 
Sheriff or his Deputy. And a Declaration be Entred in the Recorders Office, ^jf^ an 
Twenty Four Days before the Courc by the PlantifF, then the Defendant D^estcfotc 
fliall put in his Ani wer thereto in the Recorders Office, Eight Days before " Cow*. 
the Court ; otherways the Plantiff may enter al^ihit Dicit, and Judgement ^"^ratianm 
fhnli pafs a^ainft the Defendant for want of an Anfwer, &c. And all /, jj vej *"" 
Writts and Summon 1 :;, rha: Jhall be taken out of the Recorders Office, yW the Court, 
within Forty Days betore any General Court of Tryals, fliall be Directed to ""<* anfver 
the next General Court ot Tryals, fucceeding fuch Court as aforefaid. Ei & 7it * 

AND fa it fur thcr E>n tied by the Authority aforefaid, That if the Record 
er for the Time being fhall^be ablent at any time from any Court or Court* f * tT e "*}""* 
of judicature, ( either by Sicknefs or other Occafions ) where he is Ordered ^/ ^Cwn 
and Appointed TO attend ; That then and in fuch cafes it fhall and may be Jfportaa 
lawful for the judges of fach Court, to Appoint another Perfon, to Ie >fto O/- 
Officiate in the Room and Stead of the Recorder, during his ablence. ^ ate in ^ 

"He it further Enatttd by the esfiithoritjf aforefaid, That in all//, fay tlx 
Civil Aelions, the Plantiff or his Attorney fhall Pay the> Jury. 

AND be it furtktr En. .clrd by the Authority aforefaid, That the Sheriff $&/ to at, 
and his Deputy, in the Town where fuch Courts flia 11 be Held, Jh<U! Attend e "^ //Jf Ge * 
aH General Courts of ATemblv, anJ General Courts ot Tryals, aad Giw * 
General Goal Delivery, during the fitting of fuch Courts. 

AN ACT for the Calling of Special Courts. 

WHERE /iS it many times happens, that Merchants, Seafaring- toen, und other 
tranfiem Ptrfons not being fettled Inhabitants in this Colony, and coming here 
to Trade and Negotiate their affair j, are much Damnified therein, upon their Suing 
or bting Sued in &4tiont Tsrfontd, by reafon of their long attendance, until the 
"Ufual Courts of Tryals in this Colony to Determine fuck controverftes, and rvbich art- 
many times occasioned through Malice eftht ether Party, to hinder theat from proceed 
ing an their foyjges, or othtrwaji. 

For the Preventing thereof, and to the end that Juftice 
be fpeedHy done, 

BEit EnaElcd by the general Aflemttf of this Colnny, and by the Authority of 
the fame, That from this time and henceforth, upon the Pen rion of ?.ny 
Merchants, Seafaring Men or other Tranfient Perfons ( not being fettled 
Inhabitants of this Colony, Praying a fpecial Court to be called, to trv any Tm **l" 
Perfonal Action or Aftions, that he hath or wants to O-mmence agninfr *" Co-- , 
any other Perfon, or to defend fuch Aftion Commenced againft him -, ItvourtoCeA 
shall be in the Power of the Governour, and in his Abfence of rheDepucy 
Governour, to Grant forth a Warrant to the Sheriff of this Colony, or m his 
Ablense to his lawful Deputy, for the Impannelling a Jury of Twelve Men, 

H Qualified 

Caroli Stcttndi, 

Qualified according to Law, to meet together at Juch time and place, as 

fhall be Appointed in the faid Warrant, for the Tryal of" fuch Matters as 

A?; v/^ iH*^, ^ M be bro u .- ht before the laid Court, which faki Court, fhall confift of the 

ti sl Courts. * Governour, and in his Abfence, of the Deputy Governour, and Three or 

more Affiftanrs of this Colony, ( whereof one to be an Inhabitant in one of 

the other Towns within this Colony, then that in which fuch Court 

flwll beheld, ) which fed Court fhall be Appointed to be held, within Ten 

Days after. the Date of laid Warrant. 

Be it further Enabled by the Authority aforef aid. That upon Tryftl 
of fuch Caufe or Caufes afbrefaid at laid Court, the Verdict, and Judgement 
ftiMjnigwa* thereupon given, (hall be final and Definitive, without any Appeal to any 
f,ne totlie other Court, laving only to the Party agrieved, the Liberty of Appealing to 
KtngiHCvat. HisMajefty in Council in England^ as in other cafes is ufually allowed. 

AJfJD bt it further EnaSed by the Authority tforefaid, That fuch Peribn 

or Perfons, Praying for a fpecial Court, fhall be at the charge thereof, and 

tepaiike -ote hctore Granting of .the fame, fhall Pay dowr to the Governour, or in his 

tie Grwnng Abfence to the Deputy Governour Five Pounds, towards bearing the Expences 

of . Special of faid Court ; which faid Five Tnndjm cafe Judgement is rendred for him, 

Coun> (hall be allowed in the Bill of cofts, to be Taxed in laid Court, and the 

General Recorder fhall be the Clerk of luch Court. 

AN ACT for the Protedion of die Members oF the General 
Aflembly, and of Perfons CUolcii on Juries from being Anefted 
or Sued, during Service. 

ORASMUCH *t the Publick Service of His M*jtfty, *nd tint <jovernmtf t 

ought -ta be Preferred he fore Trivate Intercfts, and that M Perfan bt diftou- 

mgtd frwi ftrving the Publicit, as Members of tht (jtrurd */ffl*mblj tf t&t 

Colwy, vr Jurert upon Tryuls and 

BE it therefore Enattcd by the fyntrtl Affcmhly, and by the eslitthtritj of rka 
fam t That all and every Peribn and Perfons, and the Eftates of fuch 
Ex. Perfons, as fliall be Chofen to ferve as Members of the General Aflembly of 
tn i s ^ on y> * or an y Town in the (aid Colony, fh^l I be Free and Exempt 
from all Summons, Arrefts, Attachments and Executions whatfoever, at the 
Suit of any private Perfon, to anfwer any Debtor Damages, Due orpretend- 
Mefi fyfpe- e< lo - Dfc j^ug to fm-h p r i va te Perfon, from the Time he is fo Chofen, until he 
e D inl| ft ftom ^ ucn his Station and Employ, without the fpecial Leave and 
Permi/Iion of the faid Affembly, firft had and Obtained. 

AND be it further Ettttted, That all Perfons whofoever, that fhall here- 
after be Lawfully Chofen, to ferve on any Grand Jury, Petit Jury, or Jury 
of Inqueft in this Colony, they and their Eftates fhall like wife be Free, and 
&c. Exempt from aH Summons, Arrefts, Attachments and Executions, in the 
fame manner as tne Members of the General Affembly are, from the time of 
their being Chofen, to ferve in fuch Place or Station, until they be Legally 
Difcharged or Diimift from the fame, and * reafonable Time for their return 
to their Habitations again. And 

Anno "Z^gni Ktglt Carol! Secutidi, Decimo O&avo, . 

be h further Enacted \>j the tdutbority ttforefaiJ, That all and ^.^, r 
Summons, Writ, Executions, or other Procefs, which ftia 11 or may be ferVed .// 
upon any oPfhe Perfons aforettrd contrary to this A &, ihall bp Null and Void .C, fj &d 
iu-<d of none Effed 5n the Law whatfoever , and thar any Officer thar fhal! gtaatJ eon, 
Icnowiligly Grant, Execute or Serve, any fuch Writ, Snmmons, Execution or " "* *""/ 
other Procels, whereby the Per fbn or Eftate, of any Perfbn ihall be contrary } H^ " f 
to this Aa Arrefted, Imprifoned, Attached or Seized} fuch Officer upon Com- ^."otix, 
plaint of Perfons damnified, or mplefted or damnified thereby, c the General twfoyfitt 
Afferably or General Court of Trials, of this Colony, Ihall be liable to be Fined fuutt "- 
according to the Difcreti^n of either of the laid CourtSjno c Exceeding th e Sum 
ot Ftve Psundt, to be Levied on fuch Offenders Goods and Chatties, by a 
Warrant or Order from faid Court to whom fuch Complaint fliall be made. 

AN ACT for the EiUblifhing and Reguiarijag of Fees. 

A ND be it Enafted by the General AffemUy of this Calcny, and J>y the Attthof-M 
" tftbt fame, That the Eftablifliment, ofine Fee? of the feveral Office, .4 
th Colony hereafter mentioned, fhall be at folioweth. 

Fees for Probate of Wills, .$fe 

FOR tf>e Probate of Wills where the Inventory exceeds i L s. el- 
not One Huadrei Pou;vk, Si* SbiUinp. j OO 06 oo 

For every Hundred Pounds above one Hundred Pounds, 1 
Two Shilling! to the Town Council. 

For Probate of Inventory, where no Will appears and when \ 

the Inventory exceeds not one Hundred Pounds. Six Shilling jod 06 OO 
If Above, for every Hundred Pounds more, > 

Two Ski/lings to (he Town Council. f 

Clerks Fees. 

R Entering A Civeat t^I-ift the Probate of a WH1, V 
or Granting of Adminiftration. J oo ot ocl 

For taking Bond and Granting Adminiftration V 

under the Seal of th Town Council. J oo 04 oo 

For Regifrring a Will or Inventory, not exceeding one Page. oo 01 06 
If above one Pdge, for every Page Twenty five line* hi a Page, oo oi oo 
For a Copy of Ditto from the Record, if not above one Page oo oi 06 
If -above one Page, for every Page Twenty-fiv<j lines in a Page. oo oi oo 
t >T every Citation and Summons, oo oo oo" 

For Bond and Granting Licence under the Town Council Stfal. oo 05 oo 

For Bond of every Per&n that come* to dwell in the Town, oo oi CO 
To the Town Sergeant or Conftable, for Serving, every Summons \ 

or Citation if not above a mile from hortle. j oo Oi oo 

If above one Mile from home, fot tvery Mile Three-pence. 

Ani the Town Clerk IhiH have and take the fame Fees, as the 
Clerk of the Counca for Recording of Inftrunaents and Granting 
copies of the fame. H 2 Re- 

2O tx/9 Rcgni tiegls Caroii Sccundi, Dccimo O&avo. 

Recorders Fees. 

FOR Attending the General Aficmbly, the General Courts 
of Trvals, General Goal Delivery, and fpedal Courts, 

Two Shillings per Diem out of the Genera! Treafury. 7. s. d. 

For fixing the Colony Seal. oo 02 06 

For ev-sry Coatmifiion. 000500 

For a Writ or Summons. oo oi 04. 

For riling a Declaration. oo or oo 

For a copy of Ditto not exceeding one Page. oo oi 06 

If above onft Page, for every Page Twenty-five lines in a Page. oo oi oo 

For filing of an Anfwer oo 01 oo 

For copy of Ditto not exceeding one Pag?. oo oi 06 

If a^ove one Page, for every P.ige Twenty-Eve lines in a Page. oo oi oo 

To t :y Aftioti called in Court, oo oi oo 

For copy of Record not exceeding one Page oo oi 06 

If above one Page, for every Page Twenty. five lines in a Page, oo oi oo 

For a copy of every Deposition. oo oi oo 

For entering a Nihil Dicit. oo oi oo 

For a Scire Facias. oo ot 04 

For Entring Verdiclv oo oi oo 

For Recording Judgement and IfTue oo oi 08 

For a Writ of Execution. oo 02 06 

For a Diftringus. oo or oo 

For Acquital of Felony cr Sufpicion thereof. oo oi of? 

For Entering a Rute of Court. oo oi oSi 

For Bond in the Recorders Offiice. od 02 oo 

for Entering Traverfe npon Indictment, oo or oo 

for filing an Inventory of Goods taken by Execution; oo oi oo 

For a Writ of Accompt. co o l 08 

For Entering an order of Court for Reference to Auditors, oo ot 08 

For every Perfon Summoned. 06 oo 04 

For a Writ of Error. oo 03 oo 

For a Writ of Attaint. ^o 3 oo 

For filing every Return ?n Court. oo oo 08 

For Entering a Proteft in Court. oo o> oo 

For every Evidence Read in Court. oo oo 04 

For Withdrawing an Action. oo or oo 

For -the Difcharfce oi any -?dbn upon Bail to the Peace, Or. oo oi oo 

Sheriffs Fees. 

/ f d 

FOR Serving a Writ if net. 3l;ove :, Mile from home. oo oi cs 
If above one Mile Two-pence per Mil* forward & backward. 

For Attending a Prifoner before Imprifon d psr Diem. oo 02 c6 

For copy of Writ. oc oi oo 

for Attending of the Court per Diem out nf the General Treafury. OO 02 oo 

For Attendance on every A#ion, oo oi oo 

For difcharge of every Perfon upon Bail t> the Peace, &c.- oo oi oo 

For every Evidence Read in Court. oo oo 04 

For Bail Bond in Aftional cafes. oo 02 oo 

For Bond to the Peace or Good Behaveiour. oo 04 ort 
For ferving Execut : on if nbt exceeding Ten Pounds, one 7 

Shilling and Six-pence per Pound- 
*If ibove Ten founds and not exceeding Fifty ~l 
Pounds, Twelve-Pence per Pound. / 

If above Fifty Founds, and not exceeding one 
Hxndrtd Pounds, Nim-pcnce per Pound. 

Anno Kegni Regis Caroli Sccanai, Decimo Oftavo- 21 

If .-vbove onw Hundred Pounds, r.nd not exceeding two *> 

Hundred Pounds^ Six~pcnce pir Pound. j 

If above two Hundred Pounds, and not exceeding three 1 

Hundred Pounds, Four-pence per Pound. J 

For all Executions above three Hundred ) 

Poundi, Two-pence per Pound. j 

For all Ex;cutions Served out of the Town where the Sheriff V 

Lives Two-pence per Mile forward -and backward. ?* 

For turning the Key on every Prifoner Commited. oo o$ 04 

For Difchargs of every Perfon upon Bail to the King. oo 01 oo 

Attorney General s Fees. 

/ s d 

FOR every Bill of Indiftment Drawn and Plea upon Traverfe. oo 13 04 
For every Ditto Drawn and Pafs d the Court ") 

if not found by the Grand Jury. j oo 03 oo 

For everv Criminal Executed to Death. Of oo oo 

For Difchar&e of every Perfon upon Bor to the Peace. oo 02 oo 

For every Diys Attendance on the Court. oo 03 oo 

Other Fees Allowed in Court. 

/ y d 

FOR Entering every Aftion, to the Judges. oo 05 oo 

For Attorney s and Council s Fees. oo 12 oo 

For Drawing Bill of Cofts. oo 01 oo 

For Taxing Ditto. oo 01 oo 

For every Cafe Tryed ; to the Jury. oo 12 oo 

For every Perfons Difcturged, up Bui to the King, to the Sergeant, oo or oo 

For every Evidence attending ths Court per Ditm. oo 01 06 

For every Action called, to the Sergeant. oo 01 oo 

For every D-iys Attendance by the Sergeant. oo 03 oo 

An A& for Regulating die Proceedings on Executions, 
and Diflraints on Goods and Chattels. 

BE it Ennct(d ay the (jineral Affembly, and \>j the Authority of the 
That in all civil Cafes, where Execution fhall be Levied on any Perfons 
Goods or Chattels, the Goods and Chatties lb Executed upon, ihall be kept Q OO( ,, 
in the Officers Hands Ten Days, before they fliall be Offered or Expofed to^ Z> /x;/; 
Sale, Co that the Perfon that Owned fuch Goods or Chatties, fo taken be kc P ** 
by Execution, may within the faid time ( if he think fit ) Pay the Money i&l% n 
due, together with the charges accruing on fuch Execution, and thereupon^ 
(hall have his faid, Goods delivered to him again. 

tsfND Be \t further Enattcd by the Authority aforefaid. That in Cafe any 
Officer for Rates, or other juftifiable Caufe, mall Diftrain the Goods or , 
Chattels of any Perfon -, that then and in fuch Cafe, the faid Officer /hall < 
keep the faid Goods and Chatties, for the fpaceof Ten Days, at the Charge 
of the Owner of (aid Goods and Chattle?, who within the laid Ten Days, 
Paying the Money due, and the Charges accruing thereon, Jhall have the 
fame Delivered him again , But in Cafe the Owner fhall not Redeem them 
as iiforefaid? th;n then rhe Olficer may Sell the fame by Publick Vendue- or 

1 Outcry 


T{rg:s Carol i Secundi, Decimo Octavo. 

Finet to 

Outcry, and what overplus fhall remain, after the Debt and Charges art 
facisfied and Paid, (hail bt? rctruned to the Owner thereof. 

JlND be it further Enjfted by the Authority aforefaid That all Fines 
id Forfeitures, fliall be Levied by the Sheriff or his Deputy, by Order of the 
CtMral Ties- General Aflembly, General Court of Tryals, and General Goal Delivery ; 
ty -fy ilie flall be by him ( as by Law is required ) Paid into the General Treafury, to 
Five Pounds and for the Ufe of the Colony. And if the Sheitf fhall refufe or neglect to 
for every Pay the fame as aforefaid, by the fpace of one Month, he fhall Forfeit 
Month ncg- for fuch Olfence, Fivt ^ounds^ tu and for the ufe of the Colony ,to be rcover- 
le ^ ed by the Generul Treafurer for the time being, in any Court of Record. 

Fines to le 
f.iiJ ity t!\: 
Town- TVeu/ii. 
ry, by tl:e 
Caiijt.tlle, &c 
wtth:n tne 
Month t tin. 
after Ltvied, 
en the faul 
ty of free 
Sfi sllingt per 

AND that al) Conftables, and other Officers of the Refpe&ive Towns 
within thti Colony ,who ar legally Authorized and Appointed toColleft and 
Gather any Fines or Forfeitures, which of Right ought to be Paid into the 
Town Treafury. And fhall after the Levying and Collecting of the fame, 
Negleft or Refufe fb to do, by the fpace of one Month, he fliall for every 
Month after the Expiration of the aforefaid time, Forfeit Five Shillings, to 
and for the Uftr of fuch Town, to be Recovered by Complaint or Infor 
mation, before any one or more Affiftants, Juftices of the Peace 
or Wardens, of fuch Town. 

An Ad: foe the due Recording, Preferring and Keep 
ing the A&s of the General Aflembly of this Colony. 

l lje a Ke - C o t r" 
lie A/iof 
jiffemUy, .and 
fendCoput 10 

tte T enali oT 
Five Pounds 

for every ,(>/. 

E it Emitted by the General AJfcraklv, And by the Authority of the. 
That the General Recorder of the Colony for the time being, {hall Re - 
corci a11 ^ A< * s * C ^ e General Aflemblies of this Colony in a Book,and fend 
forth true Copies of the fame, to the feveral Towns in the Colony, with the 
Colonies Seal affixed thereunto, by the ieveral tiroes, as by the General 
AlTembiies (hall from time to time be Ordered } on the Penalty of five Pounds t 

for ever y fuch Offence tlliat he fta11 be wilfui V g u i lt; y of > o be paid into 
he General Treafury, to and for the Uie of the Colony. 

& TOM to 

Elttl Ton>n 

AN ACT Eftablifliing the Election of Town Officer*; 
in each RefpecUve Town in the Colony. 

BE it Enatted by the (jencral &*4ffembly, and by the Authority of the fome, 
That every Town within this Colony, fhall once in every Year, ( on a 
Day to be by the Free-men of each Refpe&ive Town appointed, ) chuie and 
cleft fuch and fo many Town Officers, as by the Laws oi this Colony are or 
fnall be required. And thnt on fuch a Day, by them appointed, they ihall 
Annually chufe and elect, fix good and fufficient Free-holders of each Town, 
for the conftituting of a low n Council for each Town, who together with 
a lW.CoJ- iach Aififtants, Jufiices of the Peace and Wardens, as fha 11 Dwell and In 
habit in faid Town, with the Governour and Deputy Governour, and each 
of them, in fiich Town or Towns where they Ihall Inhabif or Refide. fhall 
be and they hereby are conftituted and appointed, a Town Council for jucU 
Town , And they or the Major part of fuch Town Council, flial.l be ,a 
Quorum, and have full Power to Manage the Affairs aud Intereft of fold; 

Xbtir fswer. 

** Cnroii Sccundi, Decitno O&avo.- 23 

Town. And in all matters to Aft, Do, Tranlaa and Determine, all and 
every thing or things, which (hall fall within the Jurisdidon of the fame. 

be it further Enacted, by the jtutkonty aferefaid, That the 
men of each respective Town, fliall Annually on the Day of Eledion of Town ^ EUfad 
Officers, Eled a Town Clerk, ( who ihall be Clerk of the Town Concil, ) 
Town Treafurer, a Town Sergeant, a Town Packer, a Town Sealer of 
Weights and Meafures, a nd fo many Conftables, Rate-makers, Overfeers of 
the Poor, Surveyors of Highways, Viewers of FenceSj and all other Officers^ 
as each or any -Town in this Colony, {hall have Occaflon for. 

*/n^T) h it farther Emitted by the Authority aforefad, That the Free- _, 
men- of each Refpeaive Town, on their Refpeftive Town meeting Days, to t^uktR-tti. 
fliall be by them appointed, (hal! and they hereby have full Power Granted MI*. 
them to Admit io many Pet Ions Inhabitants of their Refpecfcive Towns, 
^Free-men of their Towns, as flial! be by them Adjudged deferviog. thereof } 
And that the Town Clerk of each Town, (hall once every Year lend a Role 
or Lift of all Free-men fo Admitted in their Refpedive Towns, to the; 
General Atfembly to be held for this Colony a: Newport, the Day before the 
General Election, and alfo fuch Perlbns that (hall be fo return d and 
Admitted Free-men of the Colony, Ihall be inrolied m the Colonies Book, 
by the General Recorder. 

AND be it further Emitted, by the Authority of the fame t That whofe* 
everfhallbe Legally chofen and E. ecled to the Office of a Conftable, within 
any Town within this Colony ,and IhalJ refufe to lerve in faid place, foall ?*y onx 
as a Fine,the Sum of *J\*tt Pounds } Six Shillings and Eight fenctfo be paid into ? Pounds, 
the Town Treafury, to and for the Ufeoffuch Town , And if the Per f on Six Shillings 
fo chofen Jhall refufe to Pay the fams,thac then it fliall & may be Lawful tor * Ei 8 ht 
any Affiftane, Juftke of the Peace or Warden of fuch Town, to Grant forth a cc 
Warrant of Diftrels, to Diftrain and Levy ib much of faid Perfons Goods and 
Chattels, as (hall Pay the fame, and the laid Fine ib Levied, to be paid into 
the Town Treafury as atbrefaid. 

be it further Enstted iy the Authority ajvrefaid, That -whoibevcr^ 
be duly EleSed to the OfHce of Town Sergeant, or Ratemaker in any 
Town within this Colony,and ihaii refufe therein as by Law required, ftallPay 
as a Fine Forty Shillings, into the Town Treafury, to and for the Ufe of fuch 
Town, and if fuch Perfons fliall refufe to Pay the fame, then it Jhall -be 
taken by Diftraint in manner as aforeiaid, lings 

tsfN[T) *Be it further Ertafted ty the Authority p.forcfaid. That every Perfon Tomj 
that lha l be chofea and elected to any Town Office, io any Town with fltbis itbtgi 
Colony, (hall take the following Engagement, before he act in his faid Office. 

YOV A. B- *Da hereby folemnly Engage^ true Allegiance unto Hit Afajefty 
ffii Heirs and Sueceffors to bear , And thttt In full well *>id jj je p om e * 
fruely Execute the Office f for tais tnfututg Tear, or until another tM> 

lit Engaged in y?ur rocm y or Tau be Legally Discharged thereof, arul this Erifarc- mi>it 
tntnt, Tou make And Give ufan the Peril of fht Penalty of Perjury. 

I a An 

34 ts4nno Rcgni Regis Caroli Secuttdi, Decimo Oftavo. 

AN ACT for the Regulating of Fences, 
throughout this Colony. 

FORsASzJMVCH at Difputes and Differences, has ariftn,<tnd daily doth arife 
between the Owners and Proprietors of Lands within this Colony, about the 
making their proportionable parts of Fence, where their Lands joyn and are 
under Improvement. 

For the Regulating whereof, 

E it therefore Enailed by the General dffembly, and by the Author itj 
of the fame, Tha 1 - all Partition Fences, between Lands under Improve 
ment, (hall be made and maintained from time to time in equal halfs, 
the Proprietors or PoffdTors of fuch Land refpeftively, and in Cafe any 
Proprietor of any Land, fhall Improve his Land, ( the Land adjoining, 
being unimproved, ) and make the whole Partition Fence; in fucli 
Cafe, the Proprietor or PoffelTor of the Land adjoining and unimproved 
lhall upon his Improvement of the fame, Pay for the one half of fuch 
Partition Fence, according to the value thereof at that time, and mall keep 
up and maintain his half part thereof for the future. And in Cafe either of 
the Proprietors or PofTeffors of adjoining Lands, fhall refule (b to do ; That 
then upon Complaint of the party agrieved thereby, to the Viewers of Fences 
ft ofecutei. i f a d Town, any Two of the laid Fence Viewers, are to take a View of fuch 
Fence fo wanting, or not kept in Lawful repair, and upon their certifying the 
iame under their hands , The laid party agrieved may make or repair the 
Fence fo certified to be wanting, and recover the charge and damage thereof, 
if not exceeding Forty Shillings, by Adb on to be brought before any Two 
A/fifbtnts, Juftices of" the Peace or Wardens in faid Town, and if the 
charges or damages are above Forty Shillings, then at the General Court 
of Tryals, 

mt tlint AND be it further Enxttcd by the Authority aforcftid, That if any Perfon 
wty.nvs bis fl^ii w ; t hdraw his Fence from the Line, between himfelf and neighbour, 
jlTmltinilln the P art 7 <l) do "S> mal1 make mct maintain the one half of his faid 
aucMfof neighbours Fence notwithstanding, faving to every Perlou fuch Agreement, 
Hi Line. for the maintainance of their divijional Fence, as (hall be by them made. 

Be it further Enatted by the Authority afortfaid, That all 
the feveral forts of Fences hereafter mentioned and made, as is 
Wl>3tF?nte hereafter expreifed, is and fhall be deemed and adjudged Lawful 1 and 
fo.tlll e deem, fufficienr Fence, for the Fencing in of any Lands, and that ail other iorts 
Fence noc ^ ere exprefsly mentioned, that fhall upon the View of the Fence 

Viewers, be adjudged as good and fufficient as thefe that are hereafter 
mentioned, fliall be demeed Lawful I Fence, againft Horfes> Neat Cattle, 
Sheep (^c. A Hedge with Ditch, (hall be Three-foot high above the top of 
the Ditch, and well flaked at the diftance of every foot and half, bound 
together at the top and well fill d. A Hedge without a Ditch fliall be four 
foot high, flaked bound and rilled as a Hedge with a Ditch; and Poft and 
Rail Fence on a Ditch or Bank, mail be four Rails high, well fet in Pofts, 
and all Poft and Rail Fence without a Ditch or Bank, fhaH be made five 
Rails high, and well let in Pofts. And that if the above Ipecitied forts of 
Fence, and other forts not herein Exprefly mentioned, be not ajudged or 
deemed equialent thereunto, by the Fence Viewers as a tore faid, Jhall be 


tani Regis Caroli Sccunai, Decimo Octavo. 

deemed unlawful Fence, and the party that fhall be agrfeved thereby, fhall 
have and recover his Damages accruing thereon, Kgainft the -Polfeifor of* 
fuch Land. 

AN ACT, for Preventing any Inhabitants of this Cofony, 
from fubje&irig their Lands under any other Government, 

BE it Enacted by the general ^ffimbly, and by the Authority of the 
fame, That if any Perlbn or Per Ions, Inhabiting within, or having any ^ ^^ 
ri^ht to any Lands lying within the Limits of this Colony -, Jhail Subjefi,/^// /,,.4^-a 
Put, or Endeavour by any ways or means to Put, or Subject fuch Lands, any Lw 
under the Jurisdiction or Authority of any other Government or Colony t*" 1 " l/jit 
That fuch Perfon or Perfons, being duly convicted thereof, fhall ^"^ 
Forfeit to and for the Ufe of this Colony, and towards the Support thereof, o n the Pent. 
all fuch Lands by him or them fo Subjected, or Put, or Endeavoured to be <y tff*fnu 
Subjected or Put under any other Government or Colony ; and be further " f l f w ? 
Fined, at the Dilcretion of the Judges of fuch Court, before *hom^" \ 
Convicted j and whoever fhall be Procuring, Aiding, Abetting or Alfifting, 
any other Perfon or Perlons in any of the aforeliiid Offences, and being 
thereof duly Convift, ihall be Fined at the Difcretion of the Judges of 
the Coarc before whom Convicted. 

AN A C T, to prevent exccffive Riding in any of the 
Streets or Highways of the Towns of Newport and 



HET(J-.AS feverat Perfjns have had their Bones Brtke, and received 
other Dam*ges t by txc-ifivt Tiding in the Streets or Highways of tht 
of Newport Ana. Providence. 

For the preventing whereof for the future, 

BE it Ena&td 1} she ijjcnera Affcin yij^iindby tbt t/ftitkerity sf the fa 
That wholbever fliall Ride rafter then a common Travelling price, 
iu any of the Streets or Highways, of the Town of f^exfort, or &? &** RK 
ihall Rid*? a Gallop, .in the Streets or Highway 3 of the Town Vy? 
of Providtixtj ihall for every fuch OtFence, Forteit Five Shillings, the o"ne,. n ,, ;/ , mt 
half to the Informer, and the other half to and for the TJfe ot thej cjca", 
Poor of the Town, wiiere fuch Offence {hall be commitided, to be 
Recovered upon Complaint thereof made before any one Afliftant, or 
Juftice o f the Peace, of the Town where Iuch Offence fhall be Comrrmted, 
together with the renfouable charge accruing thereon, unlefs Juftiiable 
excule fhall be made to appear "before the laid Ailiitan t, or Juftice, 
that ftalt Try the fame. 


26 Anna r l(evni "Rjvis Caroli Secundi, Viceliimo Primo. 

A N A C T, Directing what Bonds the Sheriff" fliall take 
of Perlbns Arreft cd ill Civil Actions. 

BE It Envied ly the General Afltmty, and by the Authority of the fane^ 
That all Perlbns whatfoever, that are Inhabitants of this Colony, 
and have a Vifibie Real Eftate of Free-hold in the fame, ot the 
imrinr* for Value f ne Hundred Pounds, his or their own Bond fliall be taken by 
rife /br/M the Sheriff, to anlwer fuch ASion. 


AN ACT, EftaWifliing Pounds and Stocks, 

BE it Enabled ly the Gourd <^4 ffemlly, and ly the Authority of the 
That Each Refpe&ive Town in the Colony, lhall Erect, Build, Make 
and Maintain at their own charge, one Publick Pound, for the Im- 
^ ?0rockt P oundin S of Horfes, Neat Cattle,Sheep, &c. and one good fufficient Pair of 
Ott be* fatal- Stocks or Cage, for the PuniJhing and Securing of Offenders, in fuch phce 
/y cf Ten or places of each Refpective Town, as fhall be to them moft convenient, 
Pound*. O n the Penalty of Forfeiting Ten founds, to and for the Ufe of the Colony, 
by every Town as fKall neglect the fame. 


Made and Paft by the General Aflembly of His Majefties Colony, 
of RboJe-IJlanJ, and PrtrvtJexce-Plantatfons, Held at Newport t the 
firfl day of May, 1669. 

AN ACT, for Erecling a Townfhip in the tfarraganfeit 
Country, to be called Wefterly. 

WHER<~s4S the Inhabitants of a certain Trail of Land, in the Narragnnfett 
Countiy, called and known by the l^nme of Mifquamncuk, aliat 
Pawcatuck, 71ounded Westerly on the Colony, and Southerly on the S<a^ Ha-ut 
Petitioned this AfttnJoly to be Incorporated into a Townjhip > and there bring * 
fufficlmt number of Inhabitants already fettled thereon, and L*nd convenient 
for the fame, 

BE it therefore Knotted by the general Affcmbly, and ly the Authority of 
the fame, That the atorefaid Tract of Land be, and it is hereby lucor - 
porateda Townfhip, and called by theName of Weftc rly .- And the In 
habitants thereof, fhall have and Enjoy all the Rights, Immunities, Priviledges 
and Powers, as other Towns in this Colony have or do Enjoy. 


^fgtti Regis Carol! Sfcvxdi, Viceilimo Tertio et Quarto* 27 


Made and Paft by the General AfTembiy of His Majefties 
Colony of Rboelt Ijljud, and Providence-Plant At ion in New- Eng 
land, Held ac Newport the Second Day of /Wy 1671. 

AN ACT, for Subfifting of Poor. Prisoners Committed, 

ac the Kings Suit. 

E it Eiatttdby the (j ier .I ^fembtjr, and by the Authority of the fame t 
That all Perions thai fti ii be Committed to Goal in this Colony, f oor 
or Criminal OiFence=, and are 1 oor, and have not wherewithal to at tJx 
.mbfift themfelves, fhnll he allowed Fivc-ptnce per >/>, out ot the 
General Treafury of chi* Colony, tor tlieir ciubfiftance, during their im^ 
prifonment. Provided they demand the fame. 


Made and Part by die General Aflembiy of His Majefties Colony 
of Rfode-/Jla*J, and Providence- Plantations in tfcvp-EngUmd t Held 
at tiewport) the Second Day of M.iy t 1671. 

AN ACT for Incorponring the Lands on Block 
A Townlliip to be called tfeiv Shoreham. 

WHEREAS the Inhabitant! of Block IQand, have Tetitiontd this Affembty; 
to b: Incorporated a Tan nfliip, and there be>g A fujfirirnt Number cf 
Inhabitants already Stttlcd thereon, and Land Convenient for the fnme t 

E it therefo) e Etv&eA by the General e/fflemb!y 3 and by the esfutbarity cf 
the fame, That all the Lands of Si<fck-I/lMtd^ be, and they hereb/ 
are Incorporated 3 Townfhip, and called Ncw-Sbreham ; and the 
Inhabitants thereof, (hall have and Enjoy all Franchifes, Immunities, ,I 
Prwiledges and Powers, as in tlieir Charter Granted them by this Tomfiip, <m 
AiTembly is more largely fet forth. isiu d New. 

K ^ Laws Shore.har. 

28 zslnno Reoni Rc^ls Carol: Sceundi, Viceffimo jcxfro et Nono. 


Made and Pnft by the General Afiembly of His Majefties Colony 
of Rboe/c-fflaad t and ProviJence-PlantatitHs in tfew-Englami) Held 
at Neivporr, the Twenty Eighth Day of Qttoter, 1674. 

AN A C T, Incorporating a certain Trad; of Land in the 
Narragatifett Country into a Townlhip, to be. called 

WHEREAS the Inhabitants cf a certain Tracr "f Land in the Narraganfett 
Country, "Bounded Eafl by the !Narrraganietr-/?/y, Southerly the Seacr 
Ocean, and Weft by the Toyqjhip of Weflerly, have Tctitioned tins ^jfcmbly, to 
be Incorporated ti Towrijhip ^ and there being rf Sufficient Number of Inhabit ant f 
already fettled thereon^ and Lund tonvenient for the fame, 


, E .it therefore EnxEled by the General s/fjfembly, and by the Authority 
tj the fame, That the aforefaid Trad of Land in the Narraganfett- 
Kingftown j Country, be, and hereby is Incorporated a Townfliip, and called 

Erected. -^ Kingftcwn, and the Inhabitants thereof, ihall have nnd Enjoy ali fuch 

Immunities, Priviledges and Powers, as ^n (], ;- Charter Granted them by. 
this Affembly, is more largely and anpiy fet forth. 


Made and Paft by the General AfTembly of His MajefHcs Colony 
of Rhode- IJlavrl, and Providence-Plantations^ Held at tfewport, the 
Thirty Firfl Day of Otiober, 1677. 

WHEREAS there is a certain Tract of Lund in the Karraganfett Country, 
founded l^ortherly upon the "Town of Warwick, and Eafterly uyon the 
arragaufect-^, Southerly and Westerly as by Tlat, Returned to this jljfembly. 
MelHeurs Peieg Sanfprd, anil John SmithjSrrwyw;, efpcctatly Impwercd thereto, 

E it therefore Enafled ty the general j4ffembty t and by the Authority 
of the fame-, That he aforefaid Traft of Land be, and it hereby is 

Incorporated a Townlhip, and called Eatt Greenwich, nnd , the In- 
habitants thereof, fhatl have all fuch Immunities, Priviledges and 
Powers as other Towns in this Colony, generally h?.ve or do Enjoy. 


Renni Rrg s Carol i Srca^rf/, Dec i mo OiTcnvo. 29 

Aa Ad for Granting of Rehearings. 

BE It fLn&td by the Central AffeH&lj, and 6y the Authority of the fame, 
That either Pmnn .f or Defendant, that flv -ll be agrieved, at the Genei al ^ . ._ 
Court of Tryals by Judge.ment given againft either of them, fhall and ^f^Lnt 
may have Liberty r,\ one Rehearing, t.) the next filcceeding General Court may L.rjc a 
of Tryals. Provided he or they fo Rehearing, fhall Pay into the ^ e! -^>t"g,tf; 
Recorders Office, {"within ten days after Inch Judgement rendred ) ^tthf^J^ 
Cofts as fhall beTaxed againft him or them at fuch Court, and give fufficient brtO$ce,t* 
Bond to the Recorder, to proiecure fuch Rehearing with Effed, and Pay pnfedi;e \1 
all fuch Coft-i; as ilml! be Awarded againft him or them, at liich Succeeding f M " e > Sic- 
General Court of Try a is. 

AN ACT to Enable private Perfons to Recover their 
Debts due from any Town by A&ion, againft the 
Town Treafurcr. 

BE it fna&ed by the (jtncral t^ffemlflj, and by the Authority of the fame, 
That all Perlorls wh?tibever, That mall have any Money due to him Horn 
or. them, from any Town in tiiis Colony, for any matter, caufe or thing foe from 3 
whatfoever, fhall take the loll nvinj; Method for the obtaining Q( the fame, f """ "f* * 
( to wit ) fudi perfon or perfons, (lull Prefent to the Town Meeting, a J<^ n/ , 
particular Account, of fuch Debt or Money dqe, and how Contracted : which Exhibited & 
being done in Cafe Jaft, and dae latisfacHon is not made him or them by fTo^n, 
the Town Treaiurer of fuch Tfwn, within one Months time after fuch z.c- ^ etvi !& < <**< 
count be given in as aforelaid, that then it fhall be Lawful for fuch perfon T^tfw-i *" 
or perfons, to Commence his or their Aftion againft fuch Town Treafurer, fa &iedfor 
for the recovery of the fame, and upon Judgement Obtained for fuch Debt tJ>e f- me. 
or Morty due, in Cafe the Town Treafurer fliall not have fufficient of the j\ thfloifn 
Towns Money in his hands, to fatisfy and pay the Judgment Obtained againft nosfu&w * 
him, and the charges expended in defending fuch Suit ; That then upon to pay the 
Application made by fuch Town Treafurer, to any one Afliftant, Juftice of IM *.*j$a 
the Pence or Warden of iuch Town, luch Alliftanr, Juftice or Warden, fliall^^" ^ f 
grant forth a Warrant, to the Town Sergeant of fuch Town, Requiring him Jifrji M 
to Warn the Inhabitants of luch Town, to hold a Town Meeting, at luch who u 
tjme and place as ihail be Appointed, for the fpeedy ordering end making - ^Wi 
a Rate,to be CoU^ited for the Reimburfement of fuch Town Treaiurer , And" -v, /c 
in Cafe fuch Town upon due Warning given them, {hall not rake due, the fa,. J 
fpeedy, and effeftual care to Reimburfe, Pay, or Satisfy fuch Town Treafurer -in,t ,f. lv ^ 
fuch Moneys, C ofts and Charges by him Expended or Recovered againft T*xjl>aif 
him ^ That then upon Information or Complaint thereof bv him made, to $7%%? 
the next General Affembly of this CoUmy,fuch order fhall be given therein,for _,,;., fafa^ 
the laid Treafurers Reimburfement,with allowance for all incident cofts, char- tj il JC ov. 
ges and trouble occafioned thereby ; and fuch Town {hall be Fined, at the ^ 
Pifcretion of the laid General Aifembly. 

L An 


Rigni Regis Caroli Sccundi> Viceflirno Sexto et Nono. 

AN ACT, Enabling the Sheriff to Appoint and Conilituce 
a Deputy or Deputies. 

BE it Enitfled //y__ the Cjcneral csfjfcmbly, and fy th ( Authority of the faint 
That the Shir iff of this Colony for the time beine, (halt at all times 
hereafter have Power and Authority, to Conftitute and Appoint one or 
more Deputies uad?r him, for the due Serving or Executing any Writ, 
e. Warrant, or Execution, belonging to his Office, as alfo to Col-eft Fines 
and Amercements. 

be re. f^O^lTLI) always, and it is Enatted, That fuch Sheriff fhall fca 
e for Refponlable for any neglect or mifdoing, of fuch his Deputy or Deputies, 
in the Matters and Trufts committed to him or them. 

An Adi, for Amercing Perfons Chofen to Serve as Jurors 
at any Court in this Colony, for Non-Appearance. 

BE it Enacted by The general Afttmbly, and by the Authority of the firn? 9 
That in Cafe any Perfon fhal) be duly Chofen by any Town in this 
upon Colony, ferve on a jury at sny Court in this Colony, and fhall not make 
mn-appca. his due Appearance at duch Court as by Law he ought ; that then luch 
SVhiu Pcrfon fta!1 ( for fuch h s default ) be Amerced the Sum of Thirteen Shillings 
tn Siiil- an ^ Four-fence^ by the Judges of faid Courr, unlefs they fhaH fee reafonable 
linps/fvJ caufe to mitigate or remit the fame. 

Town jincJ, tsfT^JD be it further "Ena&ed ly the Authority afcrefaiJ, That m Cafe 

if fay fatt any Town fhall neg eft to chufe", ?nd fend their number of jury-men, or 

/Zw jjjjwM ne 8 Je <ft an d & n d Perfons not qualified according to Law ^ that then fuch 

of gnaii/ieJ Town (hall be Amerced, for every fuch Perfon fo Omitted to be lent, or un- 

Jwy.attn. qualified as aforefaid, the Sum of Twenty ShiH tngs,to be Levied by Diftraint up- 

*y Di/lr />" on C ^ e ^ ate - t ^ ie Tr ea( ijrer of fuch Town, by Warrant from the General 

3 < rt i 3 - R eC order, directed to the Sheriff of this Colony, or his Deputy, the 

Treafurer to be Reimburfed by fuch .Town. 

AN ACT, Direding the Duty of His Majeflies 
Attorney General in this Colony. 


E it therefore Enabled ly the General Affembiy, anA h t the 
of the fame, That His Majefties Attorney General for this Colony, 
Gc- JL/ fhall conftantly give his Attendance at all General Courts of Tryals, 
( anc ^ < ^ oa ^ Delivery, where his Attendance is by Law required, for the fervice 
Ma ) e fty : And is to give unto fuch Court or Courts, due Advice and 
Diem, .in.; to Information, concerning any Crimes, Breaches of the Peace, or Wronps done 
Jr.-.* .r. /,-/. to His Majefty, or any of His Sub}efts,that fliall come to his knowledge :, and 
Jf*" 1 " 1 * /to draw up and prefent to fuch Courts, all Informations and Inrlidinents, or 
other Legal Procefs, againft any fuch Offenders as by Law is Required, 
and diligently by a due courfe of Law, to Profequte the fame, to final 
aaid Execution, An 

Anno K gni Pegis Curoli Sccund i, Triceffimo. 

AN ACT, for the Prorcdion of Wi .tneffes f-om Arrcd, that 
ihall come from another Govcrnm nc to give Evidence. 

WHT.REAS m.tnj times it fa!!} o.vf, thit ^erfons Livirg In other Govr--r.~ 
irients, can give Evidtncc again ft Criminal;^ but far (ear of btin^ /irnTrfi. 
ure difc our aged from givine tbtir I erjonAl Attendance in the Courts cf this Col my, 
As is ncedjul And rfejuifite in Juch Cafes. 

BE it therefore bna&ed bj tht General t^jffrtibl^ and \>J rbt Authority of 
the famtj That where any Perlon fli-ill by Notification in Writing from *.f; 
any Afiifi.;int, JuAice of the PC ire, vVarden, or from the General Go\-f l..-,;nt 
Recorder ot this Colony, be defired to Appear before fuch, to s ^-c &<. 
Jufiicc of the Peace or Warden, or before any Court in this Colony, to give **"" ?* t: 
in Evidence in any matter relating to any Criminal Offence } That fiich 
Perlon (hal! be Proteiied, ? ;d free rrom sll Arreft in Civil Aftions, during 
the nee eiTary time of his coininij and giving Evidence, and retruning oat ot 
this Government again. 


Mi<te an<l Paft by the General AfTem Wy of His Majefties 
Colony of Rboetc-IJlafU/,. and Providence-Plantations. Held at 
tfewport, the Thirtieth Day of /Way 1678. 

AN ACT, for Incorporating the ffland of Cevanicut 
a Townfhip, to be called James- Town. 

WHEREtAS Mr. Ca!ebCarrj//r. Francis BrinlyyW other Inhabitants of the 
Jjland of Conanicut, H*vt Petitioned this Affcn.blj, to be InctrforAttd A 
T ownfltip -, and there being a fujjicitnt number of Inhabitant s tbtreov, and- Lund 
convenient for the fame, 

BE it therefore Enacted [7 the Cjexerai AJf->nt>!y ) end by the t/4uthiritv of 
the fame , That the abovefaid liland of Conanicut, be, and it is hereby 9^" a , n l coS 
Incorporated a Townfhip, and called Janet TOIPW, and the Inhabitants f ^ if/^ 
thereof, (hall have and Enjoy ail llich Franchifes, Liberties, Priviledpes Ttnnflip ,n 
and Powers, as the Town ot New Shorehnmj ;u this Colony Have, Do, # James 
6r ought to Enjoy, Town - 

L 2 Lnvys 

Anno f Rjti ^~ e ts Caroli Stcwdiy Triceflimo Primo. 


Made and I\ifl by the General AiTembly of His Majefties Colony 
of Rhode -Ijlarxf, and Providence-Plantations. Held at Newport, the 
Sixth Day of May, 1679- 

AN ACT, Prohibitng Sports^ and Labours on the 
Firft day of the Week. 

An Perjnn to 

BE it E-Jdft d by rhe (general ^4(fcmbly of this Colnry^ and by the ^uth 
of thefame,That noPerfon nor Perions within thisCo ony,{rtall do o 
ercile any Labour or Bufinefs,or Work oi their ordinary Ca!ling,n or 
, Pin or can on. the Fft 

-^any Game, Sbort, Pi^v or Recreation, on the Firft Day ot the Week, 

Labour, nor , > . .. . . . ,->,,, , 

Phyentbe nor fuffer the lame to be done, by their Children, Servants or Apprentices 

fnf D,y o/( works of Neceflity and Charity only excepred ) on the Penalty of Five 

tit Week. Shillings, for every fuch Offence, to be L.evyed on due Conviction thereof, by 

*y o/Five Warrant of Diftrefs, Irpm any one Affifta nt, Jjflice of the Peace, or Warden, 

Shillings. to the Conftable of fuch Town, where luch Offence fnaii be committed, to 

and for the Ufe of the Poor of fuch Town, together with the reafonable 

charges accrueing thereon- And in Cafe fuch Offender flini! not have fufficient 

to fatisfy the fame, then to be fee in the Stocks, bv the fpnce of Three Hours. 

And that whofoever (ball Improve, fet to work or encourage any other Perfon s 

Servant, to Commit any of the aforefaid Ollences, Jhail fufFer the like 

Punilhment as aforefaid. 

AN A C T, for Preventing Sailors, from being Truftcd 
or Credited for Strong Liquors. 

WfJEjtEss45 ir is the frequent Complaint of ^Jl/aflers and Commanders 
of Shipi- and other f^tff!elt t of Great Damage fufttintd by them, by 
rettfon of the Entertaining and Trusting of Sailors^ ( Ship d in theif 
"Emplvy, ) by Tavtrn-kecpcn and others, whereby their VayAgti Are many 

BE it EntEted-fy the (jtneral t4ffeml>ly, find by the Authority of the fame^ 
That if any Perlbn or Perlons, keeping any Tavern, Ak-houfe, 
Vi&ualling-houle or Ordinary, fhall Truft or give Credit to 
ioTniJl ft Sit , any Saiior, Ship d on Board any Ship or other VelTel, without the knowledge 
lor !tove Five aru j[ Conlent or Older of the or Commander of fuch Ship or Veflel, 
hngs " whereunto fuch Sai or flail thtn belong, for any more or greater Surn than 
Five Shillings. And fuch Perfon or Perlons giving Credit, or Trtifting fijch 
Sailor for more, {hall be wholly barrVi, during the time fuch Sailor dial] 
remain in liich Commander or Matters Service, from bringing any Action for 
the fame^ & in cafe luch Perfbn (hall cnufe fuch Bailor to be Arrefted,detained 
or hindred, irom following his Comraawders or Mafters Jimjiloyon laid 


Anno Ke^ni Regis Caroii S //<, Triceffimo Spcundo. 

Voyage, contrary to tin s A& j fuch Commander or M&fter fhal! have his 
Action againft fuch Peribn thereupon, and recover his tulJ Damages 
with Cofts. 


Made and Pad by the General Aflembiy of His Majefties Colony 
of RboJe-Ijland. and Providence-Plantations-, Held at 
the Fifth Day of May, 1680. 

AN ACT, Granting Appeals to the General AflemSly, from 
the General Courts of Tryais. 

BE it EnaEftd by the General jljfcmbty, and lithe Authority of the fame, 
Thar in all Perfonai A&ions, wliere either phntiff or Defendant, 
mnll Obtain two Judgment? f>r him at the General Court of Trv/ls 
in one A&ion and Cau!e brought to the fa ; d Court ; The other Party againft 
whom faid judgments were given, fi-mll have Liberty to Appeal to the m .^ , JK , e , J7 . 
next General Aiiemb v, from the laft Judgment for Relief, who may if they Appe xifjom 
fee Juft and Reafonable Caute, Cnnfiiin, Alter, Amend, or Reverie fuch (* " r 
Judgments, and give a new Judgment thereupon, as to the faid Aifemb y a j 
lhall appear to be agreeable to Law snd Equity .- And that each or either 
Appellant or. Appellee, fl\ail and may have Liberty of giving in new 
Evidence upon fudi Appeal. 

PROVIDED Always, the Parry defirin g an Appeal, (hall within the r , 
fpace of Ten Day?, after Judgment given in faid General Court of Tryals, J 
Enter his Appeal with the Recorder of this Colony, and Pay into the diys after 
faid Recorders Hands, I hrct Tnuncij, to and for the Uie of the faid"/% 
Affembly, for the Entering thereof, and lucli Cofts as was Awarded on Aid 
Judgment, and give Sufficient Bond to laid Recorder, for the due 
Frofecution ot fuch Appeal with Etfeii. And in mean time Execution 
fhall be ftayed, until the Determination and Decree of (aid Ajfembly 
be given thereon. 

be it further Enitted hy the Authority a fare fa ,<, That the Party T>>t 
Appealing, fliall talce out copy of the whole Record ot faid Judgment, from law to take 
out of the Recorders Office, Signed ro by laid Recorder, to be Prelented wta 
unto fuch General Affembly, and allb ftal! Ten Days betore meeting ot fuch l ^ 
General A(femb!y, File his Realbns of Appeal with the Recorder, that 
the App llee may \\-\vs a cony thereof, and hive due time to put in his An- 
fwer tliereto, at the firft Opening ot laid AlVernblv, 


34- n/4nno Rsgni Regis Carol i Secundi, Viceffimo Quarto. 

AN ACT, to Inforce the Election of Town Officers, at, 
their Uiiial Days of Election. 

BE it Enatted by the general jdfimbly, and by the Authority of the 
fame, That if the Freemen, of any Town in the Colony, fhall Neglect 
/"rtvToan on their Ufual Days of Election, to chufe and eled, fo many Town Officers, 
ttglet} to as by them have been Ulually Elected, for the Management of their 
cfiife Tovn Prudential Affairs ; That then and in fuch Cafe?, upon any. fuch Town 
Off" - being Prefented to the General Court of Tryals, by the Grand Jury, and 
Omt /TV*- duly" Convicted thereof} fuch Town or Towns, fhall be Fin d at the 
ah 10 order Dilcretion of the Judges of fuch Court, not. Exceeding Fifj Pounds, and. 
the ctnijmg the Judges of laid General Court of Tryals, fhall give forth and 
order, appointing and ordering them to chufe and elect their Town Officers 
as Uiual, for the remaining parts of laid Year, at luch time as ihall be 
by them- Enjoyned. 


At the General AlTembly of His Mdjellies Colony of Rhode- ?Jli*tf 9 
and Pr evidence -Plant at ions ) Held at Newport, the Tmrd .Day 
of May, i68z. 

AN ACT for Eftabliftiing A Naval Office- 

WHEREAS by Letters from ffis MO& (jracloitt M^jeSty, to this Colony, 
Itetted the Twelfth <Day of November, in the Thirty Firjl Tear of Hit 
"X^ign, It is Ordered and Commanded, That a T^aval Office he Erttttd in 
this Colony. 

-,, _ ~ *m it therefore Enatted by the General v4Jfen&ty, and hy the S. 

naur tTcm. -^ f the fame, That the Governour of this Colony for the time being, 

JlitnteaNa- ^ fhall, and hereby is Impowered to appoint one or more Naval Offices, 

val Office. ^ * in fuch Place or Places in this Colony, as he fhall think ft and 

"o ffi ^nf needful, and fhall Annually appoint a proper Perfon or Perfons as Naval, 

*"> Officer or Officers therein, to take Entries of Veflels, and in all things 

belonging to faid Office, to take care that the Laws Relating to Navigation 

or Guftoras and Duties on Goods and Merchandize, be duly obferved. 

A^no Rj-gvi R f g ts Caroli Sccundt, Triceilimo Quarto. 35 

AN ACT, Confirming the Grants heretofore made 
by the Inhabitants of the Towns of Newport, Trout- 
deuce, Porffmoufb, Warwick, and Wefterly, and to Ena* 
ble faid Towns to make Prudential Laws and Orders, 
For their becccr Regulating their Town Affairs. 

WHE RJ-.AS in the Fifteenth liar cf the T^ign of our ^yni Sovereign 
Lord Charles the Second, of Tiltff d JMemory, there was a Charter 
Granted to this his A f-tje ttus Colony of Rhode-Hland,*l Providence-Plantations 
in New- England, In which was contain d many Gracious Trtvilcdges, Granted to 
the Free Inhabitants thereof ; a-id amongft o:hers f the faid "T > f tviledg;s 1 there 
teas Gff anted to the General ^ffembty of faid Colony, full Power 1 and i^futhon ty 
ti> Make and Ordain Law, fulling the Nature and Constitution of the Place 5 
and in Particular to Dirctt, Rule and Order all mutters Relating to the Purchafet 
of Lands of the T^jttive Jndi. .ns. <^A:id this Prejent ^ff tmbly, Taking into 77 
their feriotti Co,:fiJcr.ttirt, the L.tndi of the feveral Towns ef Newport, m&bj tbt 
Providence, Portlinouth, Warwick and Wefleriy. were Purchased ( by the Temu of 
feveral Inhabitants thereof, ) of fhe Nuive Indium, Chief Sachams of the Country, Newport, 
before the granting cf the Charter ; fo th*t an Qrder or IJireEtion from the faid 6cc-Cl "3*" i 
jiffembty could nat be ebtain d therein, and it being thought Neteflary ttnci 
Convenient for the rcafons aforefaid, That the Lands of th: aforefaid Towns Jhould 
be by an Act of the General Afttrr&ly, of this fits tJlfajcfties CSlony, Confirmed, 
to the Inhabitants thereof according to their Several and Refpetfive Rights 
and Intcrtft therein. 

BE it therefore Knitted by this Prejent j4jfcmbly, and by the estfutbariff 
thereof it is Eiis.ttcd, That all the Lands Lying and being, within the 
Limits of each and every of the aforefaid Towns, of 2\[/tp/wf, Providence, 
Portsmouth, W*rwfck y tna Wetterly^ according to their Several Relpe^ive 
PurchafQs thereof mnde and obtain d of the Indian Sachejms j Be ^nd liereby 
as Allowed of, Ratified and Confirmed, to the Proprietors of each of the 
aforefaid Towns, and to Each and Every of the faid Proprietors, their fcveral 
r.nd Refpe&ive Rights And Interefts therein, by Virtue of any fudh -Purchafe 
pr Purchafes as aforefaid, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, all the aforefaid 
Lands, by Virtue of the leveral Purdiafes thereof, with all the Appurtenances, 
Priviledges, and Commodities tliereunro belonging, or any wife Appertaining, 
to them the aforefaid Proprietors, their Heirs" and Afflgns for ever, in as 
Full, Lawful, Large and Ample manner to all Intents^ Conftru&ions and 
Purpofes whatfoever, as if the faid Lands, and every part thereof, had been 
Purchafed ot the Indian Sachams, by Virtue of any Grants or Allowance 
Obtained from the General AfTembly of this Colony, after the Granting 
i>f the aforefaid Charter ; and whereas there is within feveral of the Towns 
within this Colony, confiderable of Lands, Lying yet Uncommon or 
Undivided -, And for the more orderly way and manner of the feveral 
Proprietors, their manasinsi the Prudential Affairs thereof: And for the 
more dfed^ual making of Juft and Equal Divifion or Divifions of the fame, lo 
that each and every of the Proprietors may have their True and .Equal part 
or proportion of Land, according to his or their proportion of Right, and 

M "ji that 

3<5 Anno l\cgni J^jgis (t ^gin*. Gulielmi it Maria; 

that the Exsft Boundaries of each and every Mans Allotments, when Laid 
to him may be kept in Perpetuam. 

It is further Order t A and f.natled fa the ^4urtj>frity a f crcf<*id, That it 
fhall and may be Lawful for the Proprietor:-, of each and every fuch 
Town within this Colony, being convened by a Warrant from under the 
^ and ?rid Seal of an Affiflam or Juftire of the Peace, in inch Town, the 
Occafion thereof being Ipecified in tie Warrant, for them or the Major 
part of them fo met, to chufe and appoint a Clerk, and a Surveyor 
or Surveyors, and fuch or fomnny other Officer*, as they Jhall judiie needful 
and convenient, for the orderly carrying on and management of the whole 
Affairs ot fuch Community, and in like manner to proceed trom time to time, 
as often as need {hall require. 

, . And. it is further Or4enJ } Thzt each and every Town within thisCoIony,fiiaH, 
7Ww t om.ikt and are hereby fully Impower d to Make and Ordain, all fuch Acls and Orders, 
Acts and Or. for the well Management, Rule an-.i Ordering ail Prudential Aifairs, \vJrhin 
r tkir their, and each of their Refpeciive Buunds and Linvts, as to them Ihnll 
feem meet and convenient. Always Provided, and in iVh Cafes, luch Ads 
and Orders, are not Repugnant or DJlagretable,to the Laws ot this Colony. 


"Made and Pafl by the General A(T?mbly of His MajHd e. _.. ~.. 7 
of Rbitde-Ijla*fl> and Providence-Plantations* Hold at Newport, the 
Sixth Day of May, 1600. 

AN ACT, for Eftablifbing Juft^cfcs of the Peace, in the 
Refpedlive Towns of this Colony. 

Jvsli:cs of the T3 * ftuStd ly tbi Cjtneral ^(ftmbly^ and by the Authority of (he pt>*f t 
Ftacetoi-c [3 That the General Atfembly that is Yearly Held at Viewport, the Firft 
Wednefday of M<*y y fliali during their Settlor:, Annually rhuie and Eleft fc> 
many Jufticcsofthe Peace, for each Reipc^ivs To-.vr. in the Colony, as to 
themiln l !cem needful -and re.wifite, for the better Adminiftratioa of 
Juftice, in e.v.h Reipetive Town. 

n^ N ( 7) be it farther Enacted by the sJtahcrity etfertfaij, That whofbever 
fltall bs E!f-. !l i--l to the Office of Juflice of the Peace in this Colony, fhall take 
the ihmc E-^agenpent, as the General Officers take, betore he lhall Aft or 
Ofncisie i;i faid Office, and th;^ every jufticeof the Peace ihall be Commiluon- 
y eJi -Engage. ate ^ befoio his AcKng in his Office , by the Governour of this Colony for 
the time being, under the Seal of the Colony, which Commiiiion fhaii be 
in the follow jug Form, ( to Wit. ) 

YOV A- B. bein^ Cho/en by t teljevtral Afc-mbiv, of this their ftfsjeftirs Clany 
oj Rhode-Iflwrf *& Providenoe-Plwitatioas, t rO* \HM>. *.* 0$cc <-f * 

Anno P".f::i Rt^is et Re?,inx GuHeimi et Marine Secundo. 57 

Juftlce of tbf Tcacc, for the 7t ir of Ton. Art hereby in their 

Jifaji&lis T^tm; by the (jrac e of God over England, 

Scotland, France, and, Ireland, King and Queen^ Defenders of the fjirh &c. 
Cunrniffi-iHXttd to take cure far Keeping and < Prtjerv>n tine Peace, and Adminiftring 
the L,i.i>i throne ; out tli: Townfoifjor the which Ton ar.e Choftn^according to the Laws 
of thfr. C )l?y, itnd n fuck C-tfet Trovided And mide, and tn appear at 
all ofTryili, or mxke T^jtuw thercunfo t concerning all Delinquents, er fuch 
sodium by finite of your Finer, by the L.-tws.yju jljall "Bifid over unto fuch Courts* 
an-l -ipw Ejpccinl- Occ.tfion to fend forth Tour Warranty to make Hue and Crj^ to 
./tpwcbend any]>>civr, upan Complaint unto Yuu made, in behalf of their 
JLf.tjtftics ; which Wssrunts are ftri&ly to be Obferved and Ptft thra-ug iour this 
C- lonyj fir the e/ifflrehtnding any Perfon^to Anfwer at the Kings Suit. And for your 
fo Dtii .g) Tbii Comnujfi<Ht fi*& be jour Sufficitnt Warrant and Difchargt. 

Given under my Hand, &c. 

AN ACT, Eftabliiliing the Proceedings and Tryals of all 
Actions, not Exceeding Forty Shillings. 

BE it "Enaticd by the general Aftemhlj^ and by the Authority of the fame, 
That all manner of Debts, Trelpaifes and other Aftions, not Exceed- 
ing Pony Shillings^ ( wherein Title of Lands is not concern d ) fhall and may 
be H.?nrd, Tryed, Adjudged and "Dete framed f by .aud before the Affiftanrs, Forty shij. 

Warrant or Summons, againft the Fatty complained of^ to be Diretted to 
the Conftable or Town Sergeant of fuch Townj where fuch Defendant fhall 
be at the time of Granting forth fuch Warrantor Summons, and then to^ iranftnf t 
Adjudge of fuch Cafe in Difpute, between the Parties, Plantiif and Defendant,, bT^mtil 
JriearingjExaminiug and taking according to I.,a\v } aH fuch Evidences as fhall be ou^ 
by either Party produced \ and -after Judgment given, to Gnnt forth an 
Execution, to the Conftable or Town Sergeant as a fore fa id, to Levy the faid 
Fine, Debt or Damage, with the charges Accruing thereon, upon the Defen 
dants Goods and Chattels, ( unlefs the Defendant farisSe ?> n d P^y down the i~p m c on _ 
Judgment and Cofts Awarded againft him, ) and fuch Goods arid Chattels vtfion Ezel 
fo taken by Diftraint, ihall be Rxpofed to Sale, returning rhe overplus if ;uiy 7/f " ; ^ 
there be, to the Defendant, and for want ot fuch Goods and Chattels, to 
make fuch Diftrels upon, and to take the Hody of fuch Defendant into 
Cuftody, and him to Comrnit to any of their Majfffties Goals within this 
Colony, there to remain until the faid JFine, Debt or Damages, with. Cofts ,-. 
be fully iatisfied and Paid j and in Cafe the Plaintiff* be Non-Suited, or ^."^Jf/j. 
Judgment pafs ajainft him, then the laid Affiftantg or Juftices, CT-C. are 7 fatoL 
diereby Impowered to Aifefs the Defendant, reasonable Colts acainft fuch Committed ta 
Plaintiff, to be JLevyed .and Recovered, in (he fume Manner and Form as is %f al p , * 
above espreffed., and the faid Afiiftants snd Jufi-ites, are hereby Required to i* f ^ tf 
p fair Records ot all their Proceedina.?, therein from time to d/ne. oflfa.$tit. 

JSS And 

*Anno Regni Regis et Regia& Gulielmi et Maria: Secundo. 

be .it further Enatttd by the Authority aferef*l4,Thzt either Party ,whether 
flrntiff and P aint ^ or Defendant, fhaD and may -have Liberty, to Appeal from any fuch 
Defei:</.mt Judgmenc,. to the next iucceedine General Court of Tryals, to be Held 
lai-e either for the Colony, he enrering into Bond with one fufficient Surety, in double 
Liberty of ^ the Debt and Damages Sued for, and fufficient to anfwer all Cofts that fliall 
GeEi/Cowv arire on fcll - e Prosecution of his faid Appeal wirh Effect, and abide the 
of Tryals. Judgment of faid Courts, where faid Appeal fhall be Tryed, and Receive 
Wboftjufa. a final JfTue, without any further Rehearing or Appeals, and fuch Re- 
men: fall be cognizance taken as aforefaid, fliall be by fuch Afliftaurs, or Juftices of the 

Peace, returned into thff Recorders Office, ^t the Sitting of fudi Court 

as aforeiaid. 

the Party Appealing, fhH bring the Copies of the whole Cafe, to 
luch Court of Tryals Appealed unto, where fuch Party fhall be allowed 
the benefit of any further Plea or Evidence, and if upon iuch new Plea or 
Evidence, the Judgment iha 11 be Reverfed, the Appellant fliall have no Cofts 
Granted him for the firft Tryal : And the Ailiftants and Juftices, and other 
Officers .concerned in the Proceedings or Tryal of fuch Actions asaforefaid, 
fliall take thefe following Fees, hereafter Stated, and no more. 

Fees in A&ions not Exceeding Forty Shillings, 

Affiftants and Jirflces Fees. 

/. 7. d. 

FOR a Warrant of Arrefiy oo 01 oo 

For every Summons. oo 01 oo 

For Judgment. oo 04 oo 

For Recording of Judgment. oo 04 ^ oo 

For Bond to the Peace or good Behavior eo oz o5 

For Recognizance on Appeals. oo 01 06 

For Execution. oo 01 06 
For Copy of the Cafe, the fame as the Recorder. 

Conftable and Town Sergeants Fees, 

FOR Serving of every Warrant, if not above one ^ 
Mile from Home- oo oY oo 

If above one Mile Two-pence fer Mile, Forward and Backward, 
For every Perfon Sumoned, if not above one Mile from Home, oo oo 06 
Jf above one Mile Two-pence per Mile Forward and Backward, 
For every Execution Served upon" Perfbnal Eftate, not -\ 
above one Mile from Home. f oo 01 J3 

If above one Mile Two-pence per Mile, Foreward and Backward. 
For every Execution upon the Body. oo OT co 

If above a Mile drftauce from Goal, Two-penct per Mile Forward 
and Backward. 

The Conftable and Town Sergeant to be allowed, for attendance, 
at the Difcretion of the Court. 


trm K gis Gulielmi TcrtSj Oftavo. 39 



o every Evidence for taking Engagement. oo o? oo 

o every Witnefs for Attendance per Ditm. oo ct O( j , 

11 above one Mile irom home live-fence ycr Mile Forwards & Backwards. 

AN ACT, for Regulating the Fcrrys. 

BE it hnafled \}j tlst General djjemty, avtl \>y tkt tsfutbority of fht fane, jUTr-fiu 
That all and every perton or perl~mx, ktep ii^ a Ferry within this on / // /) ;* 
Colrmy, fhall at a ll feniorub e times carry and Transport over fuch Strict, ta 
Ferry or Ferries, die pei ton Riding Poft, and all Officers, and all others ^, ^Jfl 
Travelling Backwards and Forwards, up-Ti he IVilick .Service of the ^ p c m 
Colony, without demanding any thing for rranipjrtation. a^c f:ct 


Made nnJ Pait l^y the General AfTeni^ly of His Majcfties 
Colony of /?. W. Tflaef t and Yrovitkuee-PtiUitAtiws* Held 
the Fifth Day of /W.ry 

AN" ACT, Regulating the Granting of Commiflions to 
Private Men of War. 

OR the Preventing of any. Illegal A&ions 1 , or Depredations bv Privateer?, 
" Commiffionated by the Governour (>r Deputy Governour o " tliisColrny 
any of His Majafties Subjects, ot 1 others in Alliance with his Majefty. 

Cr/,,7! of 

BE it En. tiled, by the (jcncral Af vAly, and by the csfutharirv of ftwte Met 
the fame, That no~> perfm or perl - nsj fhali have any Coromiiiion ^ ^^hou- 
,/iven him or tiiem, by the Governour or Deputy Governour of this 7^ p OUIM } 
Colony, for the Equipping or Fitting our any Veifel or Veifels, for the Hwi. 
Annoyinj;, Taking, Seizing or Deftroying His Majeftie. 1 - enemies, before fnch 
Per (on or Rerfons defirir,^ luch Commiffion, give Bond of Ojie Th?ufand 
founds, Sterling Money of En? t, with good Sureties for che dne Observing 
and Acting according to fuch Commiffion ; and that neither fuch perfon or 
perons or any under his or their Command, fii^ll at any time or pbce Com 
mit any Acl-; of Hoftiiity, Depredation or Injury, to or agftinft any of His 
Mjjefties Sbje^s or his Allies, or that- are or fiiall beat fuch time in Alliance 
with his fajd -Mnj-eny, but in al l things lhall Ad againft His Ma jt: flies 
enemies, according to the Commillion given him or them, and that all 
Friy/.s by him or them Taken from His Majefties Enemies, fiial! be brouglit 
info tome Port within His Majefties Dominions, there 10 receive luch 
Examination, Tryal and Condemnation, as hy this? Judge or Judges Appointed 
by His Majefty, ftial) be AdjaJoiM Lawful. 

is 2 

Gulielmi Tortji 

AN AC T, for Collecting of Rates, where the Perfon 
Rated hath no vifible Eftate. 

E it Enatttdty the General jtffen&ly.Mtd by the Authority of the f*me t 
That it" any Petlbnin this Colony ,being Lewdly Rated in any Town, 
and (hall Refufe or Neglect ro Pay luch Rate, being by the Officer to 
f ...., * * whom luch Rate Jhall be committed to Collect, Legally Demanded of nc " . ! ;.>jy * ucn perfbn ( in Cafe no vifible Eftatecan be found by fuch Officer lufficienc 
R.UCI, to be for the Payment thereof whereon to Diftrain ) ihall be by luch Officer, ( who 
f ta is hereby Impowered ) Committed to His Maiefties Goal in 

^7 * >. . . ,-.._ * 

to Remain untif 

AN ACT, for Regulating the Sitting of die General Allembly. 

WHEREAS it h.tfh been found by long Experience, Ttixt the Covernour r 
"Deputy Cjovernoxr and e/ijjijktnts, fitting with the Deputies for the fever tit 
Towns, httth \>ten A great hindrance in the Afanaging of the Publick j4/,iiri o\ the. 

For the Preventing whereof for the Future, 

BE it Enabled by the (jtneral */4flem\>tj t c.nd \>y the Authority of the [ame y 
That at all times hereafter, During the Seflions of the General 
*^fz^/o Affe m"!y * this Colony ; The Governour, Deputy Governotir & Aififtauts, 
CaiHprfeihe fh^ll Sit apart from die Deputies of the leveral Towns, and Debate and Vote 
L pter Hnfe, in all Publick Affairs of the Colony by therafelves, and (hall be TernVd 
andVatca. and Called the Upper Houfe. 

AND that the Deputies of the feveral Towns in this Colony, /hall alfb 

TAe Deptitiei Sit, Debate and Vote, in all Publick Affairs of this Colony, During each 

<> -S & Vij: t SefTion by themfeJves, and (liall be Term d and Be the Lower Houfe, and 

ihaii Elect their Speaker and Clerk, for and During the continuance of 

fuch Alfembly } and in Cafe the laid Upper and Lower Houfe ( for the 

Tryal of any Appeal, or other Occafion ) fhall lee caufe, it fhall and may be 

Lawful, for them to Refolve themlelves into a Grand Committee^ and. Sic 

and v ot.e together, for the better Determining of the lame. 


Anno Reani Regis Guliehni .Tertij IJJecimo. 41 

AN ACT, for Preventing of any Intrufion into the Lands 
in the tfarrapatifeft Country. 

WHEREtsfS fundry Perfon:, fav: fettled tbtmfelves and F<in,ilits, in tbf 
Narruganfett Country, without rfvy Legal Title to any Land therein, and 
Without the Confent and Approbation of the General Jfftmblyof (his Colony, 

For the Preventing the 111 Conferences thereof, and the 
like Intrufions for the Future, 

t it Eta& d by the CjtnerAl &4jfeml>ty t And by the Authority of the 
Umt, That all Poffeffions of any Lauds in the Narraganfett Country, Of JUI/MJ l 
-ibcained by Inrrufion, without the confent and approbation of the ;/* Narra 
General Affembly, be /Deem d and Adjudged Illegal and Void ganletr 
in Law, and (hall not give unto fuch Pofieffors,any Right, Title, Intereft, ? /*V 
Property or Claim therein or thereunto ; and the Affiftants, and juftices of^ w L > 
the Peace, of che Towns of Kitv frown, Wefterly, and Eaft-Greenwich, fhalUe wit. 
return the Names of all fuch Perfons, tliac have Intruded as atorefaid, ( or 
that mill Intrude thereon hereafter ) to the General Aflembly from time 
to time, that they may in fuch Legal manner, as they fliall think fit, order 
the Removal ot fuch Intruders, and Pteferve the Juft Rights, of this 
Colony thereunto. 


Made and Paft by the General Aflembly of His Majefties 
Colour of Wf [flij t and Providence-? lantations t &c. Held at 
eivport, the Fouun Day of ^liy, 1698. 

AN Additional Adt to an A6V, for Eftabiiilung Weights and 
Measures throughout this Colony. 

HEREAS fcvera! Tt,a>ns in the Colony have bttn deficient, itnd have 
Nepltcfed ts Provide Weights and tjUta/vrtf purfuttnt to tin A& of 
Af-mbly, fajl in thit Cnlony, March tht Firft, 166$. Entitultd, 
for Eitabliihmg Weights and Mealuies. 

For the becter Informing whereof, 


it EnnRed by thf General jtffefnbly t and bv the 
of the fame, That the Town Treafurer oi each refpcftive Town, fttall "acb l wa to 
at the iroper c >i^ and charges ot each Town, provide & procure ths*wjA 
ieverai Weights and Meafures, as is Specifieci in the afore-ciced Ad, ^f^*f^ 

42, tAnno Sfgni Rtgis Gulielmi Tertji Deiimo. 

( Paft the Firft Day of March, 1663. ) within the fp?.ce of one Year after 
the Dare hereof, (if not already Supplied) which ftall be Proved und Sealed, 
by the General Sealer of the Colony, with the Stamp of an Anchor, and 
every Town that flnll Negled the lame, (hall Pay as a Fine, Five founds 
into the General Treafury ^ To and for the Ufe of the Colony, and the 
General Sealer, ihali be paid for every half Bufliel, by him Proved and 
SeaFd, Six-pence j and for every other Weight and Meafure T hree-pcme each 
and the Town Sealer for every Weight and Meafure by him Seal d* 
T hr "-?"> to be Faid b y the Owner thereof. 

rf be it further Enacted by the Authority aforefaiet) That whofoever fhali 
Sell by any other Weights, then are agreeable to the afore-cited A&, {hull 
Suffer the Penalty, as is therein mentioned. 

AN ACT, for Puniftiing of fuch as (hall Refufc to 
Aid or Obey, the Afliltants, Juilices of the Peace, 
Wardens or Conflables, in the due Execution of their OlHce 


E it therefore Emitted by the General a^jfeml ly, And by the 
of the fame, That whofoever ihall Refafe to give Aid, or duly A/fifty 
to an y Affiftant Jufti" cf the Peace or Conftable in this Colony, iu the due 
r Execution of their Refpective Olfices,wheu thereunto lawfully Required j aj;d 
in tke Ewu. be duly Convicted thereof, before any Affiftant, or Juftice of the Peace, &c. 
h fhall for every fuch Offence, Pay as a Fine Ten Shillings, into the Town 
B be Treafury of fuch Town, where fuch OfYence fliall be Committed ; and if the 
" Party P> Offending Refufe to Pay the fame, then it* ihali be taken by a 
Warrant of Diftreis, and be dilpofed of as atoreiaid. 

AN ACT for Preventing of Sheep and other Cattel, from 
being Worried and Tom by Dogs. 

V V 

grt<tt DArangf has bten done to many Perfons, by 
Warring? and oftentimes Killing their Sheep and other fmll Gattel 

For the Preventing 

, lt ^ na ^ e ^ h ^ ^^erd j4Jf?mb!y, and by the <iAuthorlty of the 

&c. fj fame, That in Cafe any Perfon, iliaiS have any Sheep or other Cattte, 

Or. tut ft. Worried, Torn -or Killed by any Dog or Dogs, that the Owners of iuch 
Shee P or Cattle > flia!1 Recover againft the Owner of fuch Dog o r Dogs, 
b ^" Action of the Cafe with cofts of Court ; and that if afterwards, any 
;!>s further Damage be done by fuch Dog or Dogs to any Sheep or Cattle, in 
Jike m ^ !]n er that && Owner of fuch Dog or Dogs, ihali Pay to the Party 
a40ft< a ^ rieve d thereby, double Damages, to be Recovered in like manner as 



with Cofts, and that fuch Dog or Dogs be Killed, 

Annu "Rj&ai R<g" Gulielmi Tertij Decitno. 43 

AN ACT, for the Impounding of Cattle, Sheep, &c. and for 
Recovering die Damages that fliall be ~ione by them. 

BE it Entiled ly the (general AfemUy t And \>y the esfxthiirityoftht fyrKe, 
That if any Neac Cattle, Horie, Sheep or Hogs, ihall break into the ~, 
Grounds of any Perfon through Lawful Fence, the Party agrieved, i7 rr->tV ; , 
fhal) have his Liberty, either to Recover his Damages by Action againft the C.ittle fowk 
Owner or Owners ot the fame, or otherwile to Impound the fame, in the "<? /-^ 
Publick Town Pound, and forthwith upon luch Impounding,, to get Two ^ c ^ / ^** 
Free-holders of fuch Town, to Apprize the Damages done, and fuch Cattle fcuwj^e A 
Hories, Sheep or Hogs, to be kept in luch Pound, until the Damage and jffwi, or 
Charge of Impounding be Paid by the Owner thereof. otixm;e to 


TROVIDET) always, and it Enafted, That in Cafe the Owner or Owners 

of fuch Cartle, &c. fhall lee caufe to Replevin the fame, that it {hall be f? 3 1 ** * 

Lawful for him lo to do, he giving Bond to the Affiftants, or Juftices /t"^ w ^"" 

of the Peace granting fuch Replevin, to profecute the feme with.Effefi, 

if the Damage Apprised Exceed not Forty Shillings, before Two Affiftants, or 

Juftices of the Peace, in faid Town, and if the Damage oe above Forty Shillings, 

then to be prolecuted at the next fucceedisig General CourC of Tryals. 

AND the laid Affiflant, or Juftice of the Peace, granting fuch Replevin, 
/hall return the fame, with the Bond by him taken, ( if Tryable at the Ge 
neral Court ot Tryals ) to the Clerk ot laid Court, Twenty Days before the 
Silting of fudi Court : And if Tryable,before the Affiftants or Juftices, then 
Ten Days before the Day appointed for Tryal / and thereupon the Party Di- 
ftraining, fhall put in his Avowry or Juftification of Impounding,irito the Ge 
neral Court of Tryals, Eight Days before the Sitting of faid Court, with the 
Clerk of laid Court , and ii before the Aiiiftants or Juftices,Four Days before 
the time appointed for the Tryai of the fame, with one of the fai d Affiftants 
or Juftices. 

AND be it further Emitted, That fn cafe the Owner or Owners of fuch 
Cattle, &c. Impounded, fhall not within Teii Days after the Impounding the //r ., iv . p j f 
fame, pay or fatisfie the Damages apprailed, and Charge of Impounding and vin d wltl " 
Feeding fuch _ Cattle, C7c. or otherwife Replevin the fame as aforefaid ^ that ten.ys. 
then fo many of faid Cattle, &c. fhall be Sold by Publick Outxry, as will** 90 ^ , 
pay and fatisfie the Cliarge and Damages. DaxsgUi 

AT^T) be it fur&er Entiled, That the Pound-Keeper (liall feed Cuch Cat 
tle, crc. Impounded, at the Charge of the Owner thereof, and fhatt be al 
lowed and paid for every Neat Beaft, or Horfe-kind Impounded, Four-pmce, 
and for every Sheep or Hog, O.n Tainy, before Difcharged from the Pound. 

be it .further Evatted by tbs Authority aoref<tid t That no Hog OC 
Hogs, (hall run at lar^e in any Town in the Government, from che firft 
of Febrv. uryj to the middle ot Ottobcr Annually, Unyoked or Unringed, (unlefs 
by Act of any Town, for (uch Town it be ordered otherwife, ) and it 
.Xcmay be lawful for any Perlcn or Peribns, to Impound any Hog or Hogs, 
running loofe contrary to this Ad, and the Ow-ner of fuch Hog or Hogs, 
fliall Pay the Poundage thereof, belore they be from Pound difcharged. 

O 2 An 

44 Anno T^t^ni "Kjgi* Gulielmi Teitji Decimo. 

A N A C T, for the Preventing Fires doing damage in 
the Town of 

01\SfS<!jMVCfI AS the "Buildings in the Tew of Newport, are centtguaui 
and adjoining to one another jn mtftpartt of fa<d Twnjfbtreby Firt in bretkinr 
out may da itnfpeukeable damage, unlefs tiwly T ovidcti jar. 

BE it Enacted by the Cjeneral ts4ffeml>ly^ and by tin 4*fhority "/* he fme t 
That the Owner or Owners, of each and every Dvvellinp,-Houte, in the 
/v Town ot 2y O n f rf > fr m the P" n J at the No th-eaft end of the Town, 
down to the Sea fide, and fb Southward ard Northwad, as far as the Buildings 
are contiguous or adjoining one t> an->ther , fhall prov : de ?nd ] re 
(within Six Months troro the hereof ) tor each Dwell ing- Houfe, ,me 

Quite K. LaUler of fufficient Lenuh, to rench to the Rid^e ot his or their 

n.tiiy of One ^, . . . . . , ,_ 

Shilling Dwell mg- Houte ; and the lame connuallv Keep in repair , thnt every Owner 

n Mon*b. or Owners ot any Dwelling- liouU* fhnU n^iileit to do the Inme, he, Ac or 
they f< neglecting, (h : ill for every Mon^h after fnid >ix Months are Expired, 
Forfeit as a Fine to and for the Ufe of laid Tn\vn,0ae Shilling per Month, to be 
recovered up m Complaint mavle, and "onvift?d thereof before any Affifi^nt, 
or juftice ot the Pesce of faid Town, by Warrant of Diftrefs ~ excepting 
owt of this Ad, all fuch Houfcs which have Walks or Turrets thereon, or 
Conveniency, as fhill be aJjud.jed ani deemed equivalent thereunto. 

AN A C T, for Prevcning Fraud in. Fire-Wood, 
Expoied to Sale. 

BE r Enacted by the Central Jjfembly, and, fev the t^futhoritf o ( the fame, 
That al) Fire-wood Expofed to Sale in this "o onv, Jhall be Four 
Foot Lonq, Meafurins to one Half of the Carf, and ftp!) be Sold by 

iK"/ e ,St the Cord and that t ! ie ^^ fta11 b* K S h t F oc Long, Four Foot High, 
foot long. w well (lowed and clofely laid together. 

AND that in every Town in this Colony, where Wood is Expofed to 
le by the Cord, the Free-men of faid Town (hall ( if they think fit ) 
Annually chuie and Ele&, one Wood-Corder, who (hall take the fame 
Engagement to his Office, as other Town Officers do } and fhall have fur 
ptnce per Cord,for very Cord by him Corded, from the Seller of faid Wood. 

be it further Enabled try the Authority aforefaid, That whofoever 
jflf V ood E*. fl^u jj^jj or X p fe to Sale, any Wood that is not of the Length as 
f tlntnnft >C< afbrefaid, ^U upon due Conviaion thereof, before any A/fiftanf, or Jufiice 
fair foot lo*g, f the Peace of fuch Town, where fuch Offence ihall be committed ; 
Forfeit all fuch Wood fo Expofed to Sale 5, tlie one half to the Informer, 
rnc i t he other half to and for the Ufe of fuch Town , to be taken by a 
Warrant -of Diftrefs, to be Granted by luch Affiftant or juftice, to whom 
Complaint IhaU be made. Au 

Ciuiiolmi Tertij Duodecimo, 

AN ACT, for Preventing the mifapplying of the Rates and 
, that fnaU be hcvcahcr Alleiled and Levied in this 

Col On v. 

BE it F.n,Ktr : { fy the (jtntrnl Ajfembly, and Ij the rsJitthority of 
thr f,t>:, That all Rates and Taxes, tint (hall be Aifclfed and jVj RMS to 
Levied in this Colony for the future, ftvill be applied to no other te 
Uie or U&S whatfo ver, then thole for which the fame ihali be -Vie Ted 
and Levied; Any Cuftom or Ul*.ia,e to the contrary hereof not .vith- 


A N A C T, for Building A Goal in the Town of Providence* 

BE it Entitled if the General tSfjfimMf, and by the Authority of the 
hmr, That there fliall be a Goal Ereded and Built in the Town of 
Providence^ for the fecuring fuch Criminals and Prifoners for Debt, ^AGcal to 
as fhtill be by lawful Authority Committed thereto, and that the Bn;!t JK tf,e 
Sheriff of this Colony for the time being, and in his ablence, the Town *f p " e f 
Sergeant of laid Town for the time being, ihall have the Care and VldencCl 
Cuftody of the fame- 


Made and Pafi by the General Alfembly of His MajelliesCofony 
of Rhode-ljland, and frouidence-T LtntatioHS, &c, Held at tfetppert} 
the Thirtieth Dny of Aftil-, 1700, 

AN ACT, for putting in Force the Laws of England in nlf 
Cafes, where no Particular Law of this Colony hath 
Provided a Rcinedv. 

BE it En>icled by the Cencral j4j)\ilijf, and \>y the lAittberito of the fame, 
Tliat in all Actions, Matters, Caules and things whatfoever, where 
no Particular Law of this Colony is mnde to Decide and Determine 
the lame ^ that then and in all fuch Cafes the Laws of EngUnd lhall be put 
tu Force to IlTue, Determine and Deride the (ame. Any Uiau;e, Cuftooi 
or Law to the contrary hereof notwithftanding. 


45 AMD ^j^ l ^. f g :f Gulielmi Tertji Duodecimo 

A N A C T, for the Enabling the Governour of this Colony, 
to pur in Execution the Statute of Trade and Navigation. 


E it Enxftcd by the Cjenerat jtffeAtj t and ly the Authority of the fame, 
That irom jand atter the Publication of this Act, no Matter of any 
ji Ship- or Veliel-thac fhail come into any Bay, River ov Fort within 

fii.:t ,1r>a-e the Precincts of this Colony 3 ihali.or dp prcfume to Land, Unlade and 
in this GJ- puc o n Shore, any Wares, Goods or, before he hach, 
wiT 1 -/;* > - t0 m;lc * e R e Prt thereof to the Governour. or in his abier.oe, d> the Deputy 
Report to tbt Governour \ and have lawfully Entered the .fame in the CoHedois Office "; 
Qactrm?, under the Penalty made and linacled by the Parliament oi 1-,/sl.anl, in the 
See. Fifteenth year of Kino; Ch.irles the Second, for preventing of frauds, and 

Regulating abufes in the Plantations. 

And be it fitrtbci F.n.ttted by the Authority aforcf;iti, That if any Mnfter 


, the 

power or. any Afllftant or Juftice of Peace, c>~c. or. fuch 1 own, where fuch 
Paifenger, &c fhall be Landed, To Require, and Command fuch Mailer or 
Commander, to take on board his Ship or Vei iel, fuch Paiienger or Puliengers, 
as have been by him Landed,and him, he, flie or them fo taken on Board, to 
Tranfport and Carry out of this Colony :, and if any Mafter or Commander 
of any Ship or other Veffel, fliP.ll reful e or negle<3: fo to do, that then it 
ihali and may be lawful for any Ailiftant: ur Juftice of the Peace, &c. to 
Grant fbrthra Warrant, for the Apprehending of iurh Mafter or Cominiindcr, 
and him Commie to his Majefties Goal in this Colony, until tliat he give in 
one Hundred Pound Bond, with Security to perform the lame. 

AN ACT, for Preventing of Clandeftine Tranfportations of any 
Perioa or Perfons out of this Colony. 

WfJEREs^S di Veff Matters of -Skip t, and other f^ejfelsy da from time to 
time Tranfport and Cany away out of this Colony , many Terfons who are In 
debted to feveral Inhabitants ofthif Colony, without giving any Account of the Names 
cf fuch Perfons by them fo Carried } which n a manifest Injury to the Creditors of 
fuch Terfons, (tnd fame of them are hereby undone j for the frc-venting whereof for 
the future, 

BE it Enabled by the general t^ffembly, and by the Authority of the Jamt, 
That no Mafter or Commander of any Ship or Velfel whatfoever, fhali 
out of the co. Tranfport or Carry out of this Colony, any Family, or Perfon or Perfons, 
lony, without that have not for the fpace of ten Days before their Departure, fix d up his, 
a. Certificate, her or their Name or Names in Writing, in fome Publick Place ot the Town- 
Mitlcrtbe Pe- w herein they Refide, and of their intent to Depart the Colony ; and that 
Founds, ^e fame be Certified under the Hand of an Affiftanr, or Jullice of laid 


Anno Regni Kegit Gulielmi Tertij Decimo Tertia. 47 

Town, under the Penalty of Forfeiting, to and for the Ufe of the Colony 
fifty Touads, in Money, to be Recovered by the General Treafurer, upon due 
Convidlion thereof, in the General Court of Trials. 

<> be it Enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That the Afllftant^ or Juftice, 
that (hall give fuch Certificate as aforefaid, fhall Tranfmit a Copy 
thereof, to the Naval Officer in Viewport, who (hall keep a fair Regifter 
therepf, and of the Time of Departure, and of the Mafters and Veflels 
name wherein Tranfporteu ^ and Ihall be paid Twelve-fence for the lame 
by the Perfon or Per ions defiring to be Traniported. 


Made and Pad by the General Aflbmbly of His Majefties Co 
lony of Rhode -Ijland) and ?r evidence-Plantations, &c. Held ad 
Warwick, the Twenty Ninth Day of Ottoter* 1701. 

AN A C T, in Addition to an Ad, for Preventing of Clau- 
deftine Marriages And alfo for the Regiftring of Mar 
riages, Births and Burials. 

BE it Enatted by the General Jjjembly, and by the Authority of the fame, 
That all Perfons in this Colony, tha: are Defirous to be joyn d together ., 
in Marriage, fliall make their Application to an Afliftanc or Juftice of J^JJ^J * 
the Peace in the To v a, where fuch Perfons re fpeftively Dwell, who out due fiX 
lhall give- them a Writing under his Hand and Sea!, Declaring their fiat ion. 
Intention of Murriage, the which drill be fi>c up in lome Publick Place of 
the Town, wherein fuch Perfons refpedwely Dwell, for the fpace of fourteen Puil;cat;ont 
Days i and that if any Perlon fliall have any lawful Objection to make may \ e 
againft any Perfons fo Pubiiflied, being Married ^ He or She ihall, and may "" * 
by leave of any AfUftant, or Juftice, CTY. of fuch. Town, underwrite fiich 
Publication,. He or She firft giving to fuch Affiftant, Sufficient Bond to 
Refund all Damages that (hail accrue thereon. 

ssfnd. it is further Enatted, by the Authority aforefad, That all perfbnS 
that fliall go to be Married in another Town then which they were Publifted, 
fhall produce to the Officer to whom they apply themfelves to be Married, 
a Certificate of their being" duly Publifiied as aforefaid -, and that if any perfbns 
ihalJ come into any Town of this Colony to be Married from any other 
Government, ihall produce a Certificate under the Hand of the Authority 
lawfully Impowered thereto,of 1 uchGovernment where they relpe&ively Dwell, 
that they have duly Complied with fuch Laws and Orders as are in fuch 
Government in force for Publication. 

P z 

Regn: Rfgif C/nlielmi Tertji Derinio Tcrtio. 

csfxrl he it [,,rtl-(r Pitted, That if any Afiiftant, Juflire of (he Poxo-, O r 

, ! - in! 1 \Vai\L>n in this Co ny, fliall prefuroe to Joyn together in Murriii^ ::uv 

MJirrairf per Ions that have not: been Publiflied as a tore fa id, or any pi iir.n whole 

J erfaut Lot Publication hath been lawfully under-wriricn, and the Impediment: HOC 

/Wv riil/lifaj. removed \ fuch Officer fo OiVending, -ihall tin- the fir ft Offence Forfeit fiv: 

MM*** C ^a.ij in Money, to the Ufe of the Colony , and for the .Second Olffiitv, 

/// Ffve T" 1 I J .ttids in, Money, to and for the Ufe atorefaid, to be recovered by the 

Pounds, 7;;.;General Treaturer, in the General Court ot Tryol? , up.m due Conviction 

fa- i. n fecou/f, thereof, and for the fame fliall be Sutbended iVom his Oflke. 

Ten Pounds, 

SuffcnJcJ. zAnJi be it further En.-tfted by the j4utln>r ity itfircfriJ, Tliat whoH)cver 

fl\al) prei ume ?o be Married without duly proceeding as by iliis Ad is 
Per. required, and thereupon ihall Coluibit together; the per Ions fo OiVendint--, 
iA b e f n g duly Convicted thereof, Ihall for fuch Otfence, Forieii l-\vt Toutidtvi 
"Fh-c Pounds M oney, to and for the Ufe of the Colony, and flr.ll bo recovered by the 
&c. C General Treafurer, upon Con vidion thereof, in the General Court of Try a Is, 

or fliall fuller Three Months Impnlbnment, or be Corporally Puniihed by 
Whipping, at the Dilcretion of. the Judges of faid Court, not exceeding 
Tliirty Nine Stripes each. 

And be it further Fnattcd, by the Authority aforefald, That tJ:e nbcvefnid 
Aft ft nil be no ways conftrued, deemed or taken to extend to any perlou- 
that Jhall be lawfully Married according to the Laws, Cuftoms, TJliige i>\A 
Ceremony of the Church of England., as by Law Elt.ibliihed ^ nor to tlioii.- 
people called Quaker^ that fliall duly be Married according to the A<51 of 
Toleration allowed tnem. 

be it further En.tfied, That: nil M.irriages On 11 be Recorded in the 
Town where they are Confuinmated, and the Ailiftanr, Juflire or Warden, 
{hall return the Name:-; of thole they Marry, sr.d when Married, into the 
Town Clerk within Three M.Mithi after the Confum.rvniion thc^of , and 
fhall Pay to the Town Clerk, Three-pence for the Rcgiftrng thereof ; and h- 
ihall be paid Three SlrilinPi for the fame. 

And belt further En.&td ly the Authority afrer,iJ., That a"! Rirthf . ir.d 
M fll tU i Burials of all Children .fliall be Regiftred in the Town Clerks Office in the 
flrKcw^ fame Town where they happen to be Born or Dye, by the Parents of fuch 
flintim "children as ihall be Born or Dye, as aforefaid, within Two Months Time 
*IPO Months a j- Ler ,-ke Birch or Burial thereof } for Regiftring of each, the . Town Clerk 
Hme;atbt fhall be -j f mr .j fnce ^ by the Parent of fuch Child or Children :, and that 
T*!c7ve- v/hofoever fliall Refufe or Negleft fo to do, fliall for every Months Negleft 

Pence per a ^er faid TWJ Months is Expired, Forfeit Twelve-pence per Month, to and for 
Alpmth, for che ut:- cf fuch Town } to be recovered upon Convidtion thereof, in any 
t of Becnrd, by dw Treafiirer ot dud Town, 

Anno Kfvni P.rimo AKK^E Reginas. 49 


Made and Pad by the General AfTembly of -this Her Majefliej 
Colony of Rh0Je-Zfla*J, and Providettce-PlantatiMSi &c. Held ac 
Viewport, the Sixth Day of May, 1701. 

AN A C T, for Preventing the Inhabitants of this Colony, 
from Concealing or Harbouring Vagrants, Runaways, sfc. 


Defies ftam ffir tjMajefttes Servicr, its 

T^itnatvay Ptrfnu^ often-time^ come into fins Colony, and are 
frjuent!y Entertained by the Inhabitants of this Colony, WKhaut the 
of the ^Authority in the fame- 

For the Preventing Whereof for the Future, 

E it EnA&ed fy tkr General Jffembly, and ly the tsfutbority ^ Mjrf 


BE it funded by the General Jfffemvlf, and vy the ^utborit*. % r r -i- 
of the fame, That if any Perfon or Perfons Inhabiting within this tant"to > 
Colony, fhnll Entertain, Harbour or Conceal any Stranger not being; frta-n ZX 
a Known Inhabitant of this Colony, above the Ipace of one Week fef^ * 
without Informing fome one or more of the Affiftants or juftices of fuch nxU^f 
Town thereof , the peribn or perfons Offending therein, being duly Convl&ed Pounds. 
hereof, {hall Forfeit Five Pounds in Money, to and for the life cf the Town 
vhere fuch Offender Dwells, to be recovered by die Town Treafurer of fuch 
Town, together with the Incident Cofts accrueing in the General Court of 
Tryals-, ami if fuel i Offender have not Sufficient Eftate to Pay the fame, 
;lat then it fijall and may be in the Power of the Judges of faid Court, to 
punifh fuch Offender by Whipping, at their Difcretion, not Exceeding Thirty 
Nine Stripes. 

AN Aft, for EftaBKftnng and Regulating the Afleffing and 
Collecting fuch Rates and Taxes as fliall at any time here 
after be AfleiTed and Levied on the Colony, and all fuch 
Rates. ai (hall be AfieiTed on the Several Towns in the .lame. 

BE it Enatted by fbe Qtnernl Aftfrnvl i, dnd ty the nAutlioritj cf the 
fame, That: from time to time, and at ail Times hereafter, as often as 
he General Alterably of this Colony fhall Order and Enaft any Rates to 
de AirefTed & Levied on the Inhabitants of this Colony, the Recorder of the 
Soiony tor the time bt-ins^fliaB forthwith fend a Copy -thtrrcof under the Seal 

Q. of 

5 ts4nno Regni Primo ANN./E Reginos. 


the Colony, to the General Trenfurer for the time being, who upon the 
Wr Receipt thereof fliall lend an Exaft Lift of each Towns part to the Town 
.iCo. Clerk of each Refpedwe Town, together with a Warrant to each and 
ibc A-it every of them., requiring them to Notify the Rate-makers or AfTeiTors of 
k each R<- r P ea5ve T wn > to Affefs and Apportion the fame, on the ln- 
the habrants of faid Town, according to the time tpecified in laid Act of 
Ttea. Aifembly i and the Aifeirors or Rate-makers of each Town, or the MrJor. 
part of them, fhall Ten Days before they Artels or Apportion the lame fee 

rV U ? tW Kotificat:I ns under their H ? nd s> Requiring the Inhabitants of their 
feffats to A}. Town, to bring into them in Writing under their Hands, an Exaft Lift O f 
feft tic fame. their Rateable Eftate, by fuch time as is therein prefixed;, who are hereby 
fafovtto required to give, their Engagements thereto } and the AiTeHbrs or Rate- 
2!opt*of Bakers are hereby fully Impowred Co take the fame, in the following 
their Katca- Engagement. 
lie Eftjte, up- 
on Engage. TtT 0V A. B. do on your Solemn Engagement, hereby 7)tclare, that the Account 

Tk form of 1 *"* Li fl fy > * r 7 ^ teai>lf E ft atf > h } u to :ts ?r fated, is a True and J u & 
the &wapL Account of the whole of your Rateable Eflnte, < you know of, and is in your C.ITC 
tntjtt. And cuftod h And this you Declare to be the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, won 

the Prril of the ^entity of Perjury. 

be it further Enatlcd, That whofoever (ball Refufe or Negleft fo to 
do, in cafe he be over-rated, ftall luve no remedy for the fame. 

\>e it further En.iftcd by the Authority tforefaid, That the afore&id- 
Affeflors or Rate-makars,fhall forthwith upon their Afteffing and Apportioning 
of any Rate or Tax, to them committed to Affefs, fend and return a true Bill 
or Lift thereof to the Town Clerk of fuch Town, to which they refpeively 
to fend^Jx belong, under their Handstand the Town Clerk (hall upon his receiving 
fate Bill to thereof, draw an Exacfc Copy thereof, and fend the fame to the General 
Get*** Treafiarer under his Hand Indented, and upon Receipt thereof, the General 
4nd I* a Copy Treafurer haA\ HTue forth his Warrants, to the feveral Conftables of the 
to tl>e Treafv- Refpe&ive Towns, Commanding every of thm in Her Majefties Name to 
rer, aim u to Colleft and Gather the feveral Sums, as to them is feveral ly Committed in 
^ an ji/ ^ t! Money, by fuch time as by Law is Required 5 and when Gathered and 
for tbe cou Collected, the lame to bring, and pay into him, or to his Succeilbrs 
Uttwg thereof, in faid Office, 

AT^D be it further Emitted, That if any Conftable or Conftables, (nail 

refufe or neglect to do the fame as aforefaid } that then and in fuch Cafes, 

VpmvegltS the General Trealurer fliall recover the Sum againft fuch Conftable or 

tfCtii fting, Conftables, as ftaH be defective therein, by A&ion of Debt, at the General 

lav rccovtitd. Court of Tryals, to be brought at any time before the fitting of fuch Court, 

together with die incident charges accruing , and the Defendant or Defen- 

dants,fliall have no Elfoign,Proteclion or" Wager of Law allowed him or them. 

Any Law, Cuftom or Ulage, to the contrary hereof notwithftanding. 

AND the General Treafurer, fiiall be allowed him Six- fence per Pound, 
for Receiving and Paying out the fame : And Affeflbrs or Rate-makers fhall 
be Paid Shilling! aeh, for -Apportioning thereof, and the 

tr."IL tf * Town Cferk for Copying the Rate Bill, according as for other Copies ; and 

&6$ ior ColJ&ing, fhall have frrtlvt-ptnfe per Pound, all the 


Secundo ANKSL Reginss, 51 

{aid Fees to he paid out of each Rgfpettive Rate, as it iliall be paid into 
the General Treaiury. 

be if further. Enacted ly the Authority ttforeftid, That the Town 
Clerk of ench Refpefiive To -vn, ihall within Ten Days alter the Eleftion 
and Engagement ot the Conftables. of the Town wherein he dwell?, fend *Ti* T *n 
Lift oftheConftables lb Chulen and Engaged, unto the General Ti^lbiarjjJ^jJg^ 
of die Colony for the rime being i and char if any Town Clerk ihall V^kAjUtht N^Kti 
the fame, he "dial I Forfeit fjrty- Spittings for every Gtfence, to and for the Ufe tube Gw.-.! 
of the Colony, to be Recovered by the General Treafurer tor the time being, T^furer. 
upon Complainc made before any Court of Record in the Colony, 

v4nd be it further Enaflcd by the Authority aforefaiii, That all Town ^"h %?- rf ei 
Rites, that Ihall be Levied on any Town in the Colony, fliall be AifefTed^,^ cl^S^f 
and Collected in the fame manner and form as the Colony Taxes are, and at the 
the Town Treafurer fiial! have an Action of Debt againft any Delinquent, 
Conft:ib!e, or ConfVn .es, ns the General Treafurer hath:, wherein no Eftoigq, 
Protection of Wage: ot Law ihali bs allowed the Detendaut. 


Made and I aft by the General AfTembly of Her Majefties 
Colony of Rhofl e-Ifland, and Providence-Plantations, &c. Held at 
ffeivforfj the Fourth Day of January^ 170^. 

AN ACT, for Levying of a Duty on Tunage of Shipping, 

WHEREeSfS the Colony, hath been at A great Charge to "Sutld etnd Ere cl A 
Pert o Fort Ifland, for the Security of the Skipping *a& NavtgAtior, of 
the Cohny. 

For the better keeping di fame in Repair, 

BE it Eaa&td by the General ^jfemblv, and by the ^/(uthority of the 
That there ihall be paid by the Mafter of every Ship or other Veflel, 
ot above Ten Tons, coming into ay Pore or Ports in this Colony co Pence 
Trade pr Traffick, which are not wholly Owned by the Inhabitants of r " 
thi? Colony , every Voyage fuch Ship or Veffel doth make,7Wwpcw< per Ton, ^ 
or one Pound of good New Gun Powder, tor every Ton fuch Ship or Veifei "" 
Is in Burthen by Reeifter , to be paid to the Naval Officer of the Town 
of 2^/jppflrr, to be Employed ty and for theufeor. the Fort oji Fort- Ijlajtdr 

PROVIDED always, and ic is the true- intent and meaning hereof ^ that 
this Act fkall not extend to malic ajiy Mafter or other Veifel, Pay Twelve- 
ytnce per Ton or one Pound of Gun Powder for any greater part of fai<i 
.Ship or VeiTel, than what iliall not be owned by any Inhabitant of this Colony. 

Ar-d, ift it furtbtr EnnQsA by the Authority afcrel rftt, That no Mafter of 

Q. s. 

52 Am* T^jgai Secuudo ANNvE Regince 

any Ship of Veffel, foall Sail from out of the Harbour of .Af irpwr, without 
firil producing to the Gunner of fa id Fore, a Certificate, from under the 
Hand of the Govenmur, or Deputy Governour, that he hath complied with 


by the Fort, without proceeding as aforefajd, that then and in fuch Cafes 

the Gunner, /hail Ufe his utmoft Endeavour to ftop fuch Ship or Veffel, 

, , , 

or Deftroyed thereby, the Mafter of fuch Ship or Veifei, fhail make good all 
Damages that {hall be Suftained thereby. 

AN ACT Prohibiting Negroes and Indians from being abroad 
at unfeafonable times of the Night, and for Punifhing thofc 
that (hall Entertain them contrary hereto. 

WHEREAS diver; Thefts And fybberies have bctn Committed in the Tfyght 
time by Negroes <mA Indi?ns, within (his as a>c!l at in the Governments 
adjoining , For preventing reherscf, 


E it EtutSttA by the general tsffferrtblf, and- by tkf Authority of the 
. _ fame, That if any Degrees or J?idians, Freemen or Slaves, (hall be 
w Iodians"o J--J found Abroad after Nine a Clock at Nitrhr, at any time throughout; 
le abroad af- the Year, without a Certificate from their Matters, or fome other Engliflt 
ter Nine at Per f-m of the Family to the which he, i he, or they belong, or fome lawful 
Excufe for the fame -, that then it ihall r.iul may be lawful tor any Perfon or 
Perfons to Take, Sei/. and Secure die fame till next Morning, and then bring 
them bis fore an Afiiftanr;, or Juftice of the Peace of fuch Town, who ft all 
upon due proof thereof, caufe faid Negro or Negroes, Indian or Indians, to be 
OnttiePe- p u b!ickly Whipt at the Publick Whipping P.oft of fuch Town where fuch 
WKppivg Offence (hall be Committed, not exceeding fifteen Stripes, unlefs their incor 
rigible behaviour deferve more -, and the Perfons fb Convifted if Freemen, 
fnall pay the Charge of Profecution, &c. and if Slaves, the Owner or Own 
ers thereof, ftall pay the fame , and if the Owner or Owners of any fi?c?s 
Slave or Slaves {hall refufe ib to do, that then the Affiftant. or Juftice, &c. 
fh^U Grant forth a Warrant of Diftrefs to a Conftable of faid Town, to Di- 
it rain fo much of his or their Goods* as will fatisfie and pay the fame. 

~s4ad bt ft further Enafted fa thf Authority tforefnttJ, That no Houle-keeper 

ihal! Entertain any Slave or Servants, either Indian or Negroes, after Nine a 

ZtaffM/ii any Clock at Night, as aforefaid, without the Owner of faid Slave or Servants 

Indians w leave; and whofoever ihall be Convicted of fuch Offence, before any Aifift- 

Ncgross. ftnt) or Juftice ot the T^eace, f>r. fhall for tvery fach Offence, forfeit Five 

On the Shil i; n g S) : n Money, to and for the ufe of the Town where fuch Offence fhall 

ShUlin"7. fce Committed j and if the perfbn offended, fhal! refufe to pay the lame, it 

fhal) be recovered l:y the Town Tre:iurer ot fuch Town, upon due proof 

thereof before any Affiftent or Jufticd of the Pe&ce in as aforelaid. 

Reffni Tertio 1 ANN/E Regans. 


Made and Paft by the General Affernbly of Her 

Colony of Rhode- Ijland, and Providence- P Ian t attests, &c. Held 
at Proviaence, the Twenty Fifth Day of Qclolerj 1704. 

AN ACT Preventing of Damage 1 to be done, by Firing of 
the Woods in any Town in the Colony. 

WHEREAS great Damage has bttn done to fever 4 of the inhabitants of 
this Colony^ by their Hay, Fencer, &c. by Firing of the Woods,, at un- 
ftafenable Times of .the Year. 

For the Preventing Whereof, 

BE it Emitted by the General jjffembly, and by the Authority of the fait t 
That no Per(brf v/h ufo ever, fhall fee any Fires, or cavrfe any Fires to ^,, e to a, e 
be let in the Wen Is, in any p.irc of this Colony, on any time of the Woods, hut 
Year, lave betwe.-rc the Tench of March, and the Tenth of May, Annually -, *nwi tSt 
nor on the Firft or Seventh Day of any Week, during faid time, under jfaTc h an 
any pretence whatfoever , and tBat whofoever fhall be lawfully Convi^fed oftleT 
doing the fame, before anv two Affiftants, or Juftices of the Peace, &c. of May. 
luch Town where fuch OiFence fhall be Committed, either by their own Outfit 
Oonfeffion, or by tlie Evidence of Two Witneffes upon Enga geraent, ihall 
Forfeit Thirty 5W/igt in Money, to and for the Ufe of fuch Town j and if 
the Perfon or Pedons fo ConvjSed, refafe to Pay the .-ferae, that then fuch 
Affiftants, or Jufticeg, &c lh$\] Grant forth a Warrant of Diftref?, to any 
Conftable of faid Town, to Diftrain fo much of the Offenders Goods and 
Chattels, as IhalT Satisfy and Pay the iame, to the Ule aioreiaid ; and ail 
Incident Charges thereon 

AND that whofoever jhall fafTer any Daniages by rcafon of fjch Offence as ^ n j t j it j*^ 
aforefaid, ihall have an Adtion .-f Trafpafs upon the Cafe, againft fuch ty ngnwU 
Offender or Offenders, and fliall Recover his Damages and Colb accordingly, *A%,>J 
if under Forty Shillings* before anv Two Affiftants or Juftices at fuch Town "* ljie 
where fuch Offence fliall be Committed, and it above Forty Shillings, in the 
General Court of Tryals. 

Regni Quarto ANNjE Reginaj. 

AN ACT for the Prefcrvation of Deer, within this Colony. 

Wff, : 

tnany Tfrfons ?<wfy, Kill and Veflroy Deer at wifcafonable 
times, when the Skins and t lifl) are of little or r.u Value, which may be of 
great Prejudice to the Colony, and kinder Their Increafe, 

For the Preventing whereof for the Future, 


it EnaEled by the general t/fflembly, and ly the Authority of the fume, 
That no Perlon or Perlons whatfoever within this Colony, fhal! from 
and after the Firft Day of January in this prefent Year, unto the 
------ laft Day of June, in the Year One Thoufand Seven Hundred and Five, 

i andri>e*~ an< ^ between the faid Firft of January, and the iaft of June, Annually for ever 
laft of June, hereafter, Kill and Deftroy any Deer or Fawn, on the Penalty ofFofeiting 
On the penal- Twenty Shillings for every Deer or Fawn fb Killed, upon Conviction thereof 
* y h-n- Wen " Before a "y Affiftanr, or Juftice of the Peace, &c. of iuch Town where fuch 
ty Shillings. off enre Jhal) be Committed, the one Half to the Informer, and the other 
Moiety to and for the Uie of the Town, to be Levied by a Warrant of 
Diftrefs, from fuch A.Oiftant or Juitice, Directed to a Conftable o 
faid Town. 

L A . W S 

Made and Pad by the General AiTcmbly of Her Majefties Colony 
of Rkode- Ijlandi and provitk*ce-Pia*tatims t &c. Held ar 
tfewfort, the Second Day of May, 170?- 

AN ACT for fecuring of Cods to the Inhabitants and Rcfidcnts 
of and in this Colony, that (hall be Arreftcd by any Perfou 
that are not Inhabitants and Freeholders in the lame- 

BE it Entered by the ( Affemblj^nd by tljt tAurhority of te fane, That 
no Per ion or Perfons whaLlbever,that is not an Inhabitant and Freeholder 
GJwnfole ia his Colony, fcall have out of the Recorders Office, any Writ of Arreft, 
4>rejlei, lint or Summons, Rgainft any Perfon ox Pevfons Inhabit hit; or Refiding in the 

ie[itlx profecuf-ion of fuch Suit, or if fuch A&ion fhall be Koii-.Suit, orcaftupon 
Tryal ; Any Law or Cviiiom to the contrary hereof notwitljftanding. 


i Quinto ANNL Regtnse, 

AN ACT, Eftablifhing a Notary Publick, within this Colony. 



It EnatttA \>y the general t/tffembly, and by tlit t^Jutlvoriij of trie fame, face* fa to 
Tliat the General Recorder of the Colony for the time being, fnai! b.t- " 


by Law Requi 

ihail take the following Fees, and no more. 

t * d 

TO Swenring to Proteft. co 03 O o 

To Drawing Ditto. cc 03 oo 

To Sealing Ditto- oo 03 r^ 

To Regiftring Ditto in the Office oo o? O o 

To Copy Ditto. oo 03 oo 


and pad by the General Aflembly of Her Ma 
Colony of Rhode- Ijlwel and Providence-Plantations. Held a5 
Provii/fMCf, the Thirtieth Day of Qftober^ 1 706. 

AN ACT for Extending Eaft~Grcenwc& Townfliip Weft, ro 
the Colony Weit Line. 

WHEREAS The Tomfrip of Eaft-Greenwich it wry final!, itnJt there it, 
A Tratt of Land Lying IVcft of faid Tojonjkip, very Camnadiput to 
Enlarge the fame. 

BE It i her ef are Ettartsd by jijfembly, itud by the ^Authority (/wich/ofit. 
the fame, That the North and South Bound of Eii&-Gretmick Town- i^iri 
ihip, being Run due Weft, from the South Weft and North Weft corners of 1 *? 
laid Townfhip, to the Colony Line, and all the Land therein included, "* 
(hall be, and is hereby Annexed, to be part of the Townfhip of *#- 
Greenwich, and the Inhabitants that are already fettled thereon, or that ftiall 
hereafter fettle thereon, fhall have the lame Liberties and Priviledges, as the 
ocher Inhabitants ot Eetft.Grccnir tcb have- and Enjoy. 

R r Laws 

Anno T\jgni Quinto ANNjE Regiiuc. 


Made and Paft by die General Aflenibly of Her Majefties Colony 
of Rhode- Ijlanrf) and Providence-Plantations. Held at 
the Twenty Fifth Day of February , 1706. 

r AN ACT for Regulating of Tanners, Curriers and Cordwaincrs. 

f "Deceits and t^bufes by Tannin, Curriers, 

Snuom. .kers, and Workers up of Leather, 


E it Enabled by the (jenerat jlffcml ly of Her Jtfajeflies Colony of 
Rhode-Ifland, and Providence-Plantations, .and by the i^futhoritv of the 
fame. That, no Perfbn or Perfons whatfoever, Ufmg, or which (hail 
^Se-iUd ^^ c h~ Myftery or Faculty of Tanning, fl;ali at any time or times here- 
Isfaie Sold, after, put to Sale any kind of Leather, which fhall be Infufficierit y Tanned, 
or which hath been over Limed or burnt in the Limes, or which fhall not 
have been after the Tanning thereof, well and throughly Dryed, or that fhall 
not be Sealed, as in and by this Act is hereafter Directed ? upon psin of 
Forfeiting the whole Side or Peice of Leather fo pffered to Sale ; and no 
Perfon or Perlbns whatfoever, Ufing, or that fhail hereafter CMc" the 
Myftery or Faculty ofTanrtingJnal! fet his or any of their Fatts i Tahn-hills, 
or other places where the Woo/e or Leather is put to Tan in the fame, 
fhall or may take any unkind Heats, nor fiiall put any Leather into any Hoc 
pr Warm Wooze whatfoever i on pain of Forfeiting Twenty Paunds, for 
every fuch Offence- 

be it further Enattcd by the Authority aforefaiJ, That no Perfon or 
Perfons whatfoever, Ufing, or Occupying, or that fhall hereafter Ufe or 
Ko Currier Occupy the Myftery or Faculty of Currying, may, or fhall Curry any kind 
*? r^""" of Leather, except ie be Sealed as is hereafter Provided :, nor fliall Curry any 
they, or u l. Hides, not being throughly dried after his wet teafon, in which wet fealbn, he 
ied. fhiil m: Ule any ftile Urine, or any other deceitful, fubtile Mixture of any 

thing, way or means to Corrupt or Hurt the fame :, or fhal) Curry any Leather 
Wet for outer Sole Leather, without any other thing then Hard Tallow, 
nor with any lels of that then the Leather will receive, nor fhall Curry any 
ory Leu. kind of Leather, meet for upper Leather, and Inward Soles, but with good 
Msr fcmld a nd fufficient Stuff, being, Frefh not Salt, and throughly Liquor d, till it will 
It Cwned. rece ive no more ; nor (hall burn or icald any Hide or Leather in the Currying, 
but (hall work the fame- fufEciently in ail refpecls and points, on Pain of 
Forfeiting for every fuch offence or Act done, contrary to the true intent 
and meaning hereof, every fuch Hide marr d or hurt by his evil Work- 
or Handling. 


QuiiltO ANN/E Regin>o. 57 

And be it further EnaQtd \>j the Authority afortfaiJ, That no Per foil or %?$* 
Per fons, Ufing, or ilia 11 hereafter Ufe or Occupy the Myftery or Faculty of T ar .,, <l, k-r. 
a Shoemaker or Cordwainer, ill all work up into Shoes , or other Wares, 3ny at afaefaij. 
Leather that is noc Tanned and Cur 
made of Korfe hides for inner Sole* 
of all iuch Boots, Shoes or other Wares 

And for die more Effectual Execution offaid A<5t 

t/^ZVT D be it further Enacted by the Authority tftvefnidj That. <*> / ,- c , v , v ., ,j!<j 
Leather that is or fnaN be Tanned or Curried, fhall before the fame pafs put t ^ ^ ^..j. 
of the TannereV or Curriers Yards, Hbules, or Places Reflectively where it 
was wrought, be Viewed by Sworn Searchers or Sealers of Leather, by Lav? 
directed j to be Annually Cholen in iuch Towns where there fhall be need, 
who fliall have two leveral Marks or Seals, to be procured by each Town 
for that purpote, with one of which they fhall Sea!. all fuch Leather, as they 
fhall find lufriciently Tanned in ail relpects sis aforefaid, and with the other 
a 1 .! fuch Leather as they fhall find well and fufticiently Curried, as is before 
mentioned, and no other. 

AND the Shearchers and Sealer?,{hall and are hereby Authonz d ?nd Iiri- 
power d, tx, Ojficio, to make Search, and View in all refpe&iye Places o.r^" 1 ^- ^ 
Houfes, Shops, VVare-houies, or other places, within the Limits ot their ^"^T^ 

Curried according to tlie afotfecited Act, and the true latent and meaning 
thereof, or (hall find any Leather in whole Sides, out of the PoiTeilion of 
the Currier, not Sealed with the Mark or Soul to be Uled lor Leather 
well Tanned or well Curried , in all l"uch Cafes } it {trill and may be lawful, 
for th Searchers and Severs, to Seize all fuch Leather Inturricient or 
Unified, whether it be wrought up into Wares or not ^ and it the owner 
o\ challenger thsreot, lhall not tubmic to the Judgment of the Officer or 
Officers that Siez d the fame, Licli Officer or Officers fhall retain fuch Leather 
in his or their cuftody, till I ryal thereof: be had, us is hereafter directed, 
and Judgment thereon. ffi to 

IN fuch Cafes the Officer or Officers, flpll within four Days after fo 
Seizure, Intrm f ome juftice of the. Pence in-faid Town thereof, who flball * ** 

thereupon appoin t four Perfonp, or more honefl skilful Men in Leather, to 
View the lame in the owner or claimers ot" Iuch Leather s presence, 
or without: him ( if having notice thereof he dfih not appear ) to reporc 
to any Juftice, the defeat which they find in laid Leatlier, whicli Report 
the laid J u (tice fhall return unto r!ie nextGeneral Court otTryals for thejaid 
Colony, tor a Convittiun in JLaw on the Fine Impofed ^ but .in Cafe the Viewera 
Jhall Report that they do not find Iuch Leather or Wares ib Seized in any 
refpecls defective, according to the jnrcnc of this Acl, the [uftice thac 
appointed iuch Viewers, fh;iil caufc the f;ime forthv/ith to be discharged from 
the Seizure, made by lujh OiHccr or Oiiicers. 

A j . c Co rcfij 

t^^nd be it farther Enacted ly the Authority aforef.iid, Th.r.r no Perfc.>n wliatfc) " 6- ^ / " -r* 
e^er, iliall or may .vichfland. or refill the Searcr.ers and Sealers in the ^ * "* 
Execution of their Oifice,. nor in the Searchiuu ibr any InfufHcienc Leather nr ir "i piv*^ 

A>m<i % tgni Qujnro 

Wares, upon tlie Forfeiture of five Pound; ior every fuch Offence. 

AND the Fee for Searching and Sealing of Leather, {hull be One-penny per 
Feet for Seal. J3ide, for any parcel leis then -Six Hides, "and for all other Parcels, if by the 
Dozen, then Ei^ht-pencc, .which Fees the or Currier fhall Fay on the 
Sealing thereof from time ro time, and fhall nlib pay Tbree-ftnce per Mile, 
for every Mile any -Searcher or Sealer fhal) Travel above on Mije. 

AND na Searcher or Ser.ler of Leather, {hall rfufe within convenient time 
to do llis Office, nor ihall allow any Leather or. Waies which are not fuffi- 
lu cient, on the Penalty of forfeiting Forty Shillings, nor fhall take any Bribe, not 
DL.-I on the exad more than his Fees, on pain of Forfeiting the Sum of Jen Poundt, for 
tsmltytf eve fuch offence. 
Forty Shil. 

be it further Enaftcd by the Authority aforcf.iirl. That all frch Finer 

Ufe of faid Town, where the Offence fhall be committed j and the other 
third to the Seizer or Seizers of" fuch infuffkient Leather, or to him or them 
as fhall Inform and Sue for the fame-, to be recovered by Aftion, Bfll, Plaint, 
or Information, in any General Court of Tryals within the Colony, or before 
any two Juftices of the Peace, when the matter doth not exceed Forty Shil 

Ank be it further Entftcd ly tkr tsJutkority afgrefitid, That when and as 
often as any Leather fhall be Seiz d in the Hands of either Tanner or Cur 
lier, and become forfeited by virtue ot this Aft, through their default, and 
if belonging to any particular perlbn, the Tanner or Currier {Kail be liable 
to make fatisfa&ion to the Ownec thereof for the fame :, to be recovered in 
any General Court of Tryals, or before any two Juftices of the Peace, if the 
.value do not exceed Forty Shillings. 

AND for the afcertaining of which value, the perfons to be appointed as 
aforefaid, for viewing the defe&s in Leather, ( fhall when the fame is Seiz d, 
for being marr d and fpoyl d by the Currier or Tanner) through his ill 
VVorkmanfhip or handling, be alfb appointed to Eftimate and judge the value, 
thereof and make Report of the fame, together with the Defe&s. 

fo Chtff ti^nd be it further JLnaHed by the Authority Aforefad, That each Town in the 

&arcle>s and Colony, fhal) at their Town Ele&ions, Annually Chufe two Sealers and Search- 
Seaiersof f$ Q f j eat her, who fhall take -their Engagement to the performance oi 
their Office, as other Town Officers do. 

Anno Rfgni Quinto ANN/E Reeinse. 59 

An ACT, Stating the clue Aflize of Bread 

Etery Bakff 
i E it Enatted by the Central Ajfembty, And hj the Authority of the fame, ^rffij. *, 

That henceforth every Baker, {hall have a diftmct Mark for his Bread, .1 dijUnff 
_.. lie ihall Bake and Sell, which he fhall Scamp thereon, arui ihall keep the *, andtn 
due Ai fize hereafter EspreJfed, on all forts of Loaf- Bread that he fhall Bake, f* J"^* 1 
to Weigh by Averdupo /.e Weight, as is hereafter mentioned, according to ^ 

the feveral Prices of Wheat by the Bufhel, as is hereafter let down. 

Price of IVke.K. Of Penny White Loaf. Of Penny Wheaten. Of Per.ny 

i, d. o.c. dr. o; - dr. oz.. dr. 

At 3 o ii 4 J 7 2, 23 co 

3 6 Jo 2 J$ 3 20 04 

4 9 oi o 13 7 18 20 

4 6 o3 3 12 $ 16 04 

5 7 co 5 ii 4 J> 05 

5 6 07 i 10 5 14 oa 

6 o 06 4 09 7 13 or 

6 6 c6 o 09 o 12 co 

7 o 05 6 08 5 ii 04 
760? 2 08 i 10 04 

8 5 07 o 04 4 10 oo 
S 6 04 6 07 i 09 04 
90 04 4 o6<> 09 oo 

And fa proportionably, Under the penalty of Forfeiting all fuch Bread, as 

fhall not be of feveral AfTizes, as is afore-mentioned ^ to the U!e of the 

Poor of fuch Town where fuch Seizure ihall be made, and otherwife as is 
hereafter mentioned. 

be it further Entitled [y the esfutkurity afarefaid, That the Town-Coun 
cil of each refpecVive Town in the Colony, where Bread is Baked for Sale,fhall fj )e j^* 
Once a Month, Enquire, State and Record the middle Price of Wheat, and Council to 
caule the fame to be made known, by letting of it up in fome Publick Place of^ ** 
laid Town , and the Bakers fhall accordingly Regulate the Weight of heir ? riee of 
Bread, after the Aflizes betore-mentioned. " - 

AnA be r jurther Enxttcd by the Authority <J/iirr/IrrW,That in every Town in the 
Colony, where Bread is Bakeu for Sale, there faall be Chofen one Clerk or the <*CI** of 

Market, or more, as each Town fhall find needful, at their Annual Eledion t!je Ah ke * 

of Town Ofricers, who iliall duly be Engaged, to the faithful performance of (J^ "* 

fjiid Office, as other Town Officers are } and fuch Clerk or Clerks of the 

Market, fhall once a Month, or oftner, as he fhall lee caufe, enter into any 

Shop, or Place where Bread is Sold, or Ba ken for Sale, and weigh the fame } 

and all fuch Bread as they fhall find under the AfSze afore- mentioned or 

nor marked, he or thcv fhall make Seizure of, and two third parts thereof 

fhall deliver unto the Town Treafiiry, to and for the ufe of find ;, and 

the Officer fliall have the other third for his pains therein; and the Confta- 

ble or Conftables of fuch Town, are hereby Required, to aid and sflift the 

Clerk or Clerks of the Marker, in his or their Executing, of his or their Of 

fice, when and ib often as he or they fhall be thereunto Required. 

S 2 L t\VS 

6o cslnnu i Nono ANN7E Reinse. 


and Pafl by the General AfTemMy of Her Mnjcftics Colonv 
of PhoJe- ffanft, ami Providence-? lactations. Field at 
y rhc Third Day of May, 1710. 

want o* Silver ^faney, this Colony without jonie extraordinary., means he 
vfed for the rffcfl ing the lame, wo:ild he unable to perform for Remedy rrherc- 
of } and the jpeedj procuring and Equipping out (ill things neceff.iry for the fame, 

rt therefore Enacted by the (jeneral tsfjfcmbljf of this Cotony, axJ by the 

I jdut iurity ofthejltme, That there be with all expedition, Printed to the 

Firs Tin/- value ot Five Ttiwfand Pounds in Bills of Credit on this Colony, as follow- 
r^ .^ o? 5 eth vix " One J houfand Pounds in Five Pound Bills, One Thou fund. Pound in 
Three Pound Bills, Five Hundred Pound in Forty Shilling bills, Five Hun- 

dred Pounds in Twenty Shilliivx Bills, Five Hundred Pounds in Five Shilling 
Bills, Five Hundred Pounds in Two Shillings and Six- penny Bills, and Five 
Hundred Pounds in Two Shilling Bills :, which Bills to be Printed as afcre- 
faid, ftiall be in value equal to current Silver Money of Nnv-Ftglaad, in aH 
Fubiick Payments, and lhall have the Anchor and Hope affixed in the Scutch 
eon, with fuch other Impreflions, as fhall be thought heedful by the Com 
mittee, in this Aft hereatter .Named, which lhall be in the manner foUowing. 

-rraoF r ~T^HiS Indented BUI of Due from the Colony ef Rnode-Ifland, 

JBiSi. J^ a "<i Providence-Plantations, in New-England, to the *Ptfftflvr thereof, 

foall be in value to Monty t and flixll be accordingly accepted by the "frca- 
direr and Receivers, fubardinate to him in all .Publick Payments, and for any 
Stock at any time in the T^eafury. Newport, Auguft i6th. 1710. By Order 1 
of the (jeneral j4ffimbly t for the Colony above-faid. 

AnA be it further Etiatted by the Authority aforefaid, That the aforefaid 
Committee BM S of Publick Credit lhall be Signed by Lieutenant Colonel John Wanton, 
i*tbt Lieutenant John Odlin, Major f^atkanicl Sheffield, Major Jofeph Jencks, Mr. 
John Cooaejhall, and Mr- Job Cjrccn, or by anv three of them, who are 
T. : ie frits as jj ere by appointed and impowered to Sign t!:e fame, and de-liver them unto 
jSS/M*the General Treafury ; which Bills are, and ihal! be received and paid for 
IjtxttfttiL the (ame value, and equal to the current Coin pa fled in this Colony, for 
Goods, or any other thing .Bought or Sold in all Payments to be made 
whatloever } Specialties only excepted, for and during the fpace and time 
of five years enfuing. the pate hereof, if the General Aifembly fhall then 
lee caule to Call them in j and when called in, the Fofleifur of fuch 


Xjgm None ANNJE Keginse. 6 1 

Bills flirtll be Reimburs d the Sum mentioned in fuch Bill .or Bills, in 
Current Money of faid Colony, by the Genejal Treafurer hereof :, and the 
fame fhnll be Levied and Col lefted by Ad of Alterably, and duly Apportioned 
on the Inhabitants of each Town in the Colony. 


Made and Pnft by the General AlTcmbly of Her Majeflies 
Colony of Rhode-IjlanJ^ and Providence -Plantations^ &c. Held ac 
Providence, the Twenty Fifth Day of Ocloler^ 1710. 

AN ACT, for Preventing Counterfeiting of the Bills of 
Credit Emitted, or that lhall be Emitted by any of the 
Governments of New-England^ and to prevent Dfaceing of 
rhe fame, &V. 

BE , t Enacted l>y tl.-e General A/ftmbl^ and fy the Authority of the fame, 77,,. 
That whofoever fhall Forge, Counterfeit or Utter, any Bill or Bills, tr Px/tr of 
( knowing the lame ro be talfe and counterfeit ) of the Tenor, or in *? ?""/"* 
Imitation, of any of the Biils ot Credit, Emitted by this Colony, the Province 
of the Mff*chu}ctis- Bay, the Colony of Ct.>ncfticut, or the Province of N(rv- xijb 
Plamffrire by Law Eftabli/hed therein ; or that fhall Confel,Advile or Procure V L, 
the fame in any waysibv Forghitr,Coutiterfeitine,l.Ti printing orSi^nmg any fuch ^ 
falfe Bil s, or make or Inerave any Plate or other Inftrument for that purpofe ifa /* 
or that fhallAlter or Increafe anvFigureor Sum in any Bills of CreditEmitted, 
or that fliall be hereafter Emitted, by this or any other Governments as afore- 
faid, or that fliall Forge or Counterfeit, any Kame, Hand, Stamp or Mark, 
that now is or hereafter fhall be made or (et thereon :, the Perfon or Perlb ns 
fo Offending therein, ihall Suifer the Pains ot having their Ears Crops, being 
Whir/d or Fined at Difcretion, and ImpriKmed as the nature of the Offence 
Requires, by the Judge* of fuclr Court, where fuch Offence (hall be Tryed, 
and fhall pay double Damage, to the Perf >n -or Perlbns Defrauded and 
Cheated by fuch Falfe Bills ; and in Cale fuch Offender or Offenders, have 
not Eftate fafficient to defray the charge of their Pruiecticion, Imprifon-nent, 
and double Diimages as aforefaid , that then and in luch Cafes, the Offender 
or Offenders there in, (hall be let to work or Sold for any terra of Years, for 
fatisfaftion of the lame, at the Difcretion of the Judges of fuch Court; where 
fuch Offence fh<Ul be Tryed. 


Ams T^cgnt Nono et Decimo ANN& Res^inx. 

AN ACT, for Impreffing and Emitting one Thoufand Potwds in 
Publick Bills of Credit on this Colony. 

One ThotJ- . . ._,, .., 

fand Pounds that tiie Five Ihoufand Pounds or Credit formerly Emitted by this Colony 
Imprinted in WGrKi) and they lhall be Signed by the fame Committee, pafs in all Payment? 
-.Ut oj Cre. w h a tfover, as the other Bills afofefajd, already Emitted by this Colony do. 


Made and pad by the General AfTembly of Her Majefacs 
Colony of Rhode -Ijland, & Providence-Plantations, &c. Held 
at Ne wport, the Twenty Seventh Day of November, 1710. 

FOR&d$MVCH At the Bills of Credit already Emitted by thi; Colony, are not 
fujKcient to fatisfy the Debts, Created by this Colony, in the late F.i peelttion 
undertaken againtt Annappolis-Royal, in purfudnCe to J-ftr Majesties Command, 
whereby many Perfons are very great fujferers, and fsveral lite to be T^jtined thereby, 
and there not being fufficicnt Silver in the Colony, to anfjver the fame, 

BE it therefore Enafted by the general ^4Jfen>bly, and by the Authority 
thereof, That there be forthwith Imprinted and Raifed. One 
Thouf*nd founds in Publick Bills of Credit on this Colony, and that 
wan /,. they be Signed by the former Committee, and pafs in all Publick 

ffiatfj. Payments, as the former Bills of Credit do and have done, 


Made and Pad by the General Aflembly of Her Mnjcfties Colony 
of Rhode -I(land,*nA Providence-Plantations^ &c. Held at Newport, 
the Twenty Eighth Day of J-une, 1711. 

AN ACT for Settling Cofts at the General Courts of Tryals. 

BE it Eiafttd by the Cjenfral eslffembly, and by the Authority of the fame t 
That whoever ihall Recover the Laft and Final Judgment of any 


Rcjnl Deciina ANiS/E ReaniDc. 5 3 ts 

Matter, Caufe or tiling, that fiiali be Heard ?nd Tryed, at rhe General e>r 
Court of Trvals, ih;ii1 Recover, Have and Receive all Cofts that fhall b* J& 
Taxed, during the tending of any fuch Suit. Any former Cuftom or Ufage a 

to the Contrary herdof notwichftanding. 

AN ACT, for the raifirtf .if Six Thcufahcf Pounds., in Bills of Credit. 

BF jf TLnfitt rd tv the JIJfembtif t #n<l ly the Atttkffity o r the f.iri<-, 
That .there be flirthwith imprinted and Railed, the Sum ot iix Tbevfmd 
Pounds of Pub ick l> i!s ot Credit on this Colony, hy the fontier Committee Six Thotr 
that Signed and Finiihed the former Bi i?. They are hereby tully Impowred and Pou 
to MalTe, S LV.I, and Finifli the fame, in .the fame Furm as the former Bills ^"!! et l ", 
werevA liichBills when Signed and Finifhed.che iaidCc. mmittce fhall deliver into ^ i//ft^ 
(he General Trcaliiry, ro and for the Uie of thisCo!ony j and fh^ll pals in all Csiaty. 
Payments as the Bills ot Credit already Emitted by this Colony do. 


and Pad by r!-,c Geiicral Aflembly of Her Majeflies 
Colony of Rhode -JJlaxtf and Fro-viftencc -Plantations, c. Held 
at Wnrwick) the Fourteenth Day of Novetnter, 1711. 


AN ACT, for Imprinting and raifmg Three fltutdrvd Pound* in. 
Bills of Credit on the Colony. 

BE it En-tcifdhy the general e/fifimbtv, and by the Authority of the fame, Three Hun- 
That there be forhwlrh Imprinted and Railed, the Sum of Three rfjfcfl 
Hundred Pounds of Bilis of Credit on this Colony ,in the fame, manner Credit 
nnd form, as the former Bills of Credit were, the which Bills fhall be Signed tea > 
by the ftid Committee ; and fhall pals in payments, as the current Com in 
this Colony doth, Specialties only Excepted. 

T a Laws 

*/4nno Rcgni Decimo ANNJL Reginx. 

L A W S 

Made and Pad by the General Aflembly of fier Majefties Colony 
of Rhode-ljlatid and Tro-uidence-PlantationSy &c. Hel d at 
t, the Twenty Seventh Day of February , 1711. 

AN ACT for laying a Duty on Negro Slaves that ihali 
Imported into this Colony. 

WHEREAS the-, twinging of T^jgroes into ibis Colony, difcovragn tbt 
Importing of White Servants herein, and may in lime provt Prejudicial 
to the Inhabitants^ if not timtly difcauragtd. 

BE it therefore Eftafted ly the general tx^/ftwt/y, and fo > fee Authority of 
the fame. That every Mafter of any Ship or V eliei, ..Merchants or 
others, that fhall Import or bring into this Colony ,any Negro Slave or 
MI netrro Slaves, of what age foever, mail enter their Number, Names and Sex, 

SljM/im. in the Naval Office i and the Mafter fliall Infert the fame in the Manifeft of 
^witrf into his Lading, and lhall pay to the N:ival Officer :v, T^firpT, Three Toujidt per 
fa&ir$ f ^ ea< ^ to ar "d f r tn6 Ufe of the Colony, for every Negro Slave, Male or 
3:1 tie "N.KSI F ema l e > f Imported or brought in :. and ii any Mafter or Merchant, fhaii 
Office. jrefufe or neglect to pay the fame, by t3ie Ipare of Ten Days, after furh Slave 

or Slaves fhall be Landed in this Colony \ that then the Naval Officer on 
knowledge thereof, fhall Recover the fame by Aclion ot Debt, irt the 
General Court of Trials. 

And be it further Enatted, That if any Mafter of any Ship, or other 

Merchant or others, fhal; Refuf* or Neglcia to make Entry as afoiefaid, 

pounds Pf a11 Negroes Imported ir. fuch Ship or VeJfel, or fhall be Convided of not 

facli. Entering the lull Number of fuch Slaves as fhall be Imported ^ He or 

They fo Offending, fhall Forfeit and Pay die Sum. of Six Tmind* per Head, 

lor every one that heihall Refufe or Negleft to -make Entry rtf ^ one Moiety 

tiiereof, to and for the Ufe of the Colony, and the other Moiety to 

him or them that fhall Inform and Sue for the fame. 

! be it further Enxtttd ly tbs Authority nforefiluL That whofbever (hall 
bring into this Colony, may Negro Slave or Slaves from any of Her Majefties 
""jie Governments adjoyrting, either by .Water or Land/fh^ll in like manner 
al> Enter their Number, Names and Sex in the above fa id Office, under the like 
>iy Six Penalty as abovefaid, to be Recovered as aforefaid : and ihal) Pay into the 
JS fjr 3 Naval offict * the like Sum of Three founds per Head, for every fuch Slave 
c-.-ei-y one fo fo brought in, within the time of Ten D;iys as above fpecified, and for 
entitled. default of Payment thereof, to be Recovered by the Nuva! Officer, in 
manner as aforefaid. p fo . 

Anno - T^tgni Decimo ANNLt Regin*. 65 

PROVIDED always, that if any Perfon whoP ^ever is net Refident in this TJ >* > 7 # 
Colony, and fhall only pafs through the lame with a Waiting Man orJ^SfJ^ 
Men, dV. and Jhall not Refide herein for above the fpace of 5>ix Months. f!!r ; f j fr^Zfr 
then* fiich Waiting Man or Men, &c. fliat! be free from the aboveiaid />w Africa. 
Duty, i uch Perions. giving their folemn Oath, .that they .are not ior Sale. 

A H D it if further provided, That no -laufe or claufrs in the a ~>refaid 
A& fhall be Conftrained, Deemed or taken to Extend, to any Mafter or 
Mnfters ot Ships or other Ve<kls, that Ihall Import Negroes in this Colony, . 
dire&ly from the Coaft of 


Fees for rife Naval Officer. 


Very Slave Imported, to be paid out of the Impoft co 05 O Q 

Entering Maniteft, to be paid by the Mafter. oo 01 oo 

An ACT, to Prevent th<i Spreading of Infectious Sicknefs. 

WHEREAS Cimtagious Diftempers have betr fevtral th.tes Ircught into 
this Colon}, by the Masters of Ships, and other Veffielj, cnmttig into t\jt 
Several Pcrts of this Colony, jrem TUces th .t are Infilled therewith. 

tor the Preventing whereof for the Future, 

E it Enei&ti by, tttt General Affembl^ and by the ^utbc^ity of the faint, 
That no Mailer or Commander uif any Ship or orner Veifel, that Jhail ^. ? e fa [ - 
!omc into any Port or Harbour of chisColony,and ih ; i!l in their Paifoge hereto, ^f p %, 
have any Per fon or Per fans Sick on Ship- board, with the Small Pox, or any Bond, or tl-at 
other Contagious Difeafe, or Ihall c^me from any other Port or Place where come from .vy 
any Contagious Diftemper is brief or prevalent, ihall not bring to Anchor ^. ir f Jn t f " c * 
their Ship or Velfel, in any of the Ports of this Government, within the Tny .miT&i- 1 
diftance of one Mile of any Publick Ferry, Pier or Land in a. place ; or if any -/}, / 
Veffel or VefTelsthat 
or PerJbns, on Board 
to come on Board lu< 

^ ft I l.-^tH 

Governour of this Colony tor rhe time being, if they dial! Anchor in the Licence 
Harbour of JXewport, or in his Abfence from one or more Juftices of peace -" t!lf f e 
of (Iid Town, and if they Hull Anchor in any other Harbour CV^ - 9"^ 
of this Colony, a Licence (ball bo fir ft h;ij and Obtairied from l;>rde one or pounds. 
more Juftices of the Peace of Aich Town, under the Pt-naity ot Forfeiting 
One Hundred Pounds, Good and lawful Money of this Cojony, to and tor (.he 
Vfe of the Colony, to be Recovered by the General Treafuier of the Colony, 
in the General Courts of Tryals of thi^ Cilmy^ by Bi 3, Plaint or I nf.f macron, 
and where the Offender or Offenders herein, fhali have no EiT 

ee&ion or Wager of Law allowed- 

AT^JD be it farther Enatlcd \>j tkc Authority at orf^ld, That if upon the 
Arrival of any fuch Ship, or other Veifel as aforefaid, in any Harbour of 

V this 

C6 An-m Xj*< /* Dec! mo ANN/E Regime. 

th S C on V asaforefoid, any PafTen.^er on Board, or anv Mariner thereto 
/;/:. w beltogmgj-fhall and do cotf>e on Shore or Land from fuch Veifei, without a 
Li. a Licence firft had and obtained as afbrefaid, that then, and in fuch Gifts, ir 
ihall and may be lawful for any Jullice of the Pence ot fuch. Town, where 
f " ch P er(on nnc f perfons fliall Land, to Require and Command, and lend fuch 
perfon and per ions fo oiFending, on Board fuch Veiiel again, or to Coimr.e 
Forfeit them aihore to any fuch Place, as to him /hall foshi convenient, for to ->r!j- 

Twenty venr the fpreading of any Jnfeftion ^ and the porfon or perlons fo oft end!.^, 
Ihatt anfwer, fatisry and pay ail Charges that! arife thereon; and fli;iU 
Forfei!: Twenty Tu-v.^.f, good and lawful Money ot" laid Colony, to and for the 
Ufe-bf the Colony, to be recovered as aforefhid. 

And if the Offender or OlFen-ders have not Eftate fufnVient to fatisfy and 
pay the fame ; that they fhal! be let to Work, by the dirt-it ion,.ind at tl-.c clif- 
crecion o^ the Judges of luch Court where fuch Caule ihall be Trycd, until 
the lame be fally fatisfied and paid. 

And for the better putting this Act in Execution. 

e it Enacted by the Authority aforefnid, Tl;at the Kaval Ofricer Hiall 

Iceep this Aft ptiblickly fet up in his Office, tor the view of ail Mal- 

JToiT tie Ni^ TS ot Ships, and other VelTeis that fhall Enter v. irh him i and the laid Ka- 

v.jl Ojf.ccr ii val Officer is hereby Unpowered upon any Iniormarion unto him given of any 

to prcc<ed up. Ship or VefTel Arriving; in this Harbour, that hath any Infectious Diftemper 

atbtfsmatt. Aboard, to fend on Board of fuch Ship or Veilel, a Doctor, to examine tiie 

fame, as need fliall require, and return thereof to the Governour, or in 

his abfence, to fome of the AlTiftauus, or Jufiic^s of the Peace of the 

Town of Newport to make report, that due care may be taken therein and 

the Matter of fuch Ship or Veffel, f!i;il! p: j .y :<! cliarces i rifinii thereon -, sr.d if 

he refute to pay the (hme, it fliall be Recovered by the JSaval Officer in any 

Court of Record within this Colony. 

And be it Jurthtr Enacted by the Au bcrity ttfonfatd, That: if notwitliftnn- 
cling the above-laid Precautions to prevent any Infeftious Dirtemper from be 
ing, broughi: into this Colony, that if any perlbn or perfons, Paiiengers, Ma- 
liners, or Slaves fliall be Landed from on Board any Ship, or other Veife!, 
and ftiall after being Landed, be taken Sick with the Small-pox, or auv other 
Infectious Diftemper ; that then and in fuch cafe, it fliall and may be law- 
c. fe ful, for any one A/fiftant, or Juftice of the Peace of any fuch Town where 
ferfin i^n^ u ch Caufe fliall happen, to remove iuch fick and diftempered perlon and per- 
tv be Landed, ions to fuch convenient Place, as fhall to them appear to be necelfary, to 
a Juflice. &c. prevent the fpreading thereof , and the perfbn or perfons fo removed, if 
Juchprfon, f fee to P a y the Char g e thereof, and (hall be Recovered in any Court of 
atlitthinki lecord within this Colony, by the perfon or perfons that (hall disburfe the 
ft. Jame^ and if the perfons fo removed be Slaves, then the Owners thereof 

{hall pay the fame j and if the Slaves are Configned to any perfbn within the 
Governmentj then fuch perfon to whom Confined, fliail pay the charge of" 
the me, to be recovered as aforefaid. 


Decimn ANN/E Resins. 07 

AN ACT, tor Quieting PofTdlions, and avoiding Suits at Lavy. 

WHF.T(J/1$ at t!:e f. ft Settling of tins Ctlonj, and f?r /Wry fear; e.f tr- 
rpjfrf j, J <s re ere of little or no f.tlue, and SkUfxt i-JMt-.t in th-- Lars- 
\ecrt much wt-ttcd, w itirtvy many Deeds, (jr-a>;is and Conveyances were Tdntkiy m.".di f 
ivhick m.iy Occift n Cjrejr Cant efts in Law, if nat timely prevented. 

BE it therefore En.iclcdby the (jcncrat t-^ffimbly, aJ by the Aut ioriy ef , .,( 
pw, all Grants, Charcerr.,Pf-f)Sss, Rights" ;ml 3 nv;iedj,es, here;ofoje . 
Granted and Given by the General AilVmbly of this Colony, unro any .f .ivn, 
Corporation, Community and Proprie:v, And to any other Perf)n~cr Pcribns,^ 
ihnll be, and tlicy hereby are Ratiaed and Conirir^ed co be Goou and to all Intents and Purp.Ues in the Law, fur the Granting aiui 
Conveying r.ll fuch Lands, Tenements, Charters, Curporarions, Privi edges 
as is therein Mentioned, to the PC rib us therei.i AkncioueJ, and their 
Heirs and AiTigns for ever- 

br it further Enacted by the cs4u:borlty n f o -:l uii, That wheie -my 
Per ion or Perfon?,or others, from vvhi m he or they derive their Tide?, cither T<nitiyc a 
by Therafelvcs, Tenants,Leules, Hath, Have or ihall by the fp;ice ot.Twpnty/^^n" 
Years,be in the Uninterraprsd, Quiet, P^a.-eable and A6tu^Seifi;i and PoileHio;! * *^ 
ot any Land or Hereditaments within this Colony, for and during the ;aid 
tinv?,C laiming the fame as his, her or chtfir proper, tote and Rightful Eftare in 
Fee Simple, fuch Actual Se : fm and Pojlcfiion, fh itl be aUowed to give .jnd 
make a Good and Rightful Title to fuch perfo i or perfons, tnelr Heirs and 
Aiflgns for ever ^ and this Adi beintr Plea.ied in Bar co nnv Action that fh;ll 
hereafter be brought for fuch Lands, Tenements or Here>iu;tmen*s, and bc ine 
duly proved, (hall be allowed to be Good, Valid and Eiieitua), in ciie Law 
for Barring the fame. 

PROVIDED, that nothing in this Aft flvTJ be Conftrued, Deemed or 
Taken,toEtC8nd to prejudice theRights ^r Claimijof fuch Perfon under A e, 
ffart Ccmpos Mentis, Feme Coverts, [inpriibntfd or bevond Seas, they brinjiiiu F ft " e ^ t- 
their Suit there for, within the ipace of Ten Ye.irs, nesi: atter iuc.i i - vc - rAvr / 
luipediment is Removed. 

AN ACT, for Granting Admimltrations ro the vVivcs of 
Pcrlons Three Years abfcnc, and unheard of. 

WHEREAS many tslferclwits Mel Mariners, gci?ig la Set c>: 
4re often (tlt/eii: many Tears and uahc.ird of, and leaving no 
ey for the Receiving of Debts, J\j:nts and Trojits of thei 

tt hereby their Wivet and Families maj faffcr. 


63 tAnno Krgni Decimo et Duodecimo ANN& Reginx. 

For the Preventing whereof for the Future, 

BE it EnafteA by the Cjencral tsfffemlly, and by the tsfathoritj of the 
That vvhofoever hath been departed or fhali dcp;irt out of this Govern- 
Jfxperfa ineftt on a Voyage to Sea or ocherways, and hath left an Eftate in this* 
be the? yean Government, and be unheard of for the (pace of Three Years, next immediate- 
abtent mi; j y i UCCe edins iuch departure, and leave no Power of Attorney with his Wjfe 
frtfri- to Receive his Debts, Rents and Profits of (uch Eftate, which he hath within 
this Government ; that then and in fuch Gales, the Town Council of fuch 
to tin Town, where Iuch departed Perfon laft dwelt, upon due Application to them 
it - e - made, by the Wife of fuch departed Perfon, are hereby fully Impowered an& 

Authoriz d, to Grant Admmiftration. to the Wife of fuch departed Perfon, 
Enabling and Impowering Her to Sue fot, Recover the Debts, Rents and 
Profits of the Eftate of fuqh Her departed Husbnnd,forihe Comfortable Subfif- 
tance of Her Self andChi!dreu,ii any She have, until Iuch time as Her departed 
Husband ihall Return home, or fend fufficient Power of Attorney for the 
fame , or until he fhall be Adjudged and Deein d Dead in Law, and theii 
fuch Her Adminirtration iliall ceale and determine. 


Made and Paft by the General Aflombly of Her MajcfticS 
Colony of Rhode Ijlatrd znA Providence-? fan taritMs, &c. Held 
at Newport^ the Sixth Day of May y 1713. 

WHETtJZAS Kinigret the Indian S<tchem t in the Nan.t^z nfett Country, n the 
TiveAly Eighth f Day of March, 1709. an Inftrumeut under his Hani 
and Seal, Covenant xnji Ag f te with the Cjovernour and Company of this Colony, that 
they fiould hitve the ovt fii at and care of his Lands, &c. and that be would not 
Sell, or ffire out any of his Lands, without their confeni, approbation, under she 
Penalty of forfeiting fuch Lands by him Sold and Hired :, and notwithstanding which 
fever at evil minded Per fans far the Lucre of Cjain, ha-ye Craftily and Dtfigned- 
ly Cheated the fad SttJWuB of fame of his Lands, and of th: T refits <>f his 
tj, fc that he has not Sufficient to maintain Himfelf and People upn. 

BE it therefore Enattcd by the general j4j]emkly, and by the Authority of the 
[omit. That all Deeds of Sale, Deeds of Mortgage and Leafes of any of 
**": s ; ^5: faid Ninigret s Lands,which have been by him mad and Granted, fince the fitid 
Sc?jiBC* Twenty Eighth of ^I/arch, One Thou fund Seven Hundred and Nine, to this 
March, pretent Se/lTons of Afiembly, be and they are hereby be Null 
1709. to It and Void, and of no Force, Validity and Effect in the Law, to any fuch Uie 
void, Of p ur p f e whatfoever- 

Anna Tto Duodecimo ANNjE Reginxv 

And for the Preventing of Clandcftinc Proceedings for chc Future. 

BE a further Enttlcd \>y the Authority fartfoiJ % That no 
Perion wrhaclbever, (hall Buy, Purchale or Hire any Lands of 
the laid Naiirrcl Sacham, e-cher by Deed of Sale or Mortgage, or Leafe, Noperfin ta 
unleis they fiiit HCavu and. Obtain, the Aifczit of the Governour and Com- B "v > 
pai:y, ot this Colony for the time being, under the Penalty of Forfeiting 
ftFf-iiy Shilimffi per Acre, for every Acre char Ihall be ib, bought, Purchafcd/y O f Twen 
/r Hired, to* and tor the Ufe oi the Coiohy ; to be Recovered by tiiery Shillings 
General Treafurer, in. the General Cc-urts of Tryais, where no Eiroii! > P er ^ cre - 
Prorcdiiou or \\ :u ,er or" Law fh^H be allowed :, and all iuch Feoifment, Sales, 
Mortgages and l.eales, are hereby declared to bb Void^ Kuil and or none 

Elfett in the Lav/. 

He tb <tt Re. 

tAT^T) be it further Ena&:d by the Authority aforef<<i.i, That no Recorder o 
Town Cleric in tliis Colony, (ha 1 .! Regifter or ;r,:il<e Record of any fuch Dee 
of Sale, Morrg-.ige or 1 ealr, under the Penalty ot Fifty Puvnd^ to be Fifty Pouwis 
Fofeited to and. lor the Ufe ot the Colony, ro be Recovered as a (ore laid, for 
every lUch Deed of Sa e^ Mortgage or Leale, that foall be by him Recorded. 


^cic and Pad by the Genera! AlTembhr of Her Majefties Colony 
oF Kbo/ls-fjhnd. and Providence -Plantations. Hold an J^ew 
tjthc Twenty Fouuh Day ot February^ IJ l^. 

ACT for Preventing Pccllers from Selling of Goods in 
this Colon y. 

E it Ena.ctd by the Cjener* ^f^nbly^ and try the ^Authority of the fariie, Ki FeMet rd 
That troni and auer Forty Daves, of the Publication of this A&j no -^ "itbm 
Pedler Hull opjn his Pack, snd Sell or ExpoJe to Sale any fort ot Dry if"^, ^ 
Goods, within any Town of tliis Coiony, under die Penalty of Forfeiting p e ,. a lty of 
for every Iuch Offence Forty Shiltins t to and tor the Ufe of fuch Town, where Forty 
Iuch Oiirence dial! be Commuted ; to be Recovered by the Town Treasurer of lin S?- 
liich Town, upon Conviction thereof, by the Evidence of Two WitnelTes 
upon Oath or Engagement:, before any Two A.Tiftants or Juitices ot the 
Peace of fuch Town. 

7O x4w# 2^ Decimo Tertio AN-KJE Reginx, et Georgii Primo. 

L A W S 

Made and Pad by the General Afiembly of Her Majefties Colony 
of Rb&lc-Iflaiia&nA Providence-PlantationSt &c. Held at Newport^ 
the fifteenth Day of jF<?, 1714. 

AN ACT, for Eftabliftung a Gunner at Fort-^*.?, 

BE tf Enacted by the General jlffrmbly, and by the ^Authority of the far>.f r 
That there fhal) be one Gunner, kepc and maintained in Fort-ex? , 
who ih U be allowed 1 rventy Pounds jp.-r j4nnnm y for his Peforming and 
twdjt Fort. Exercifinp the Duiy of a Gunner therein, and that it /hall and may be in the 
Power of" the Governour ot this Colony, to appoint the Gunner, fuch as he 
ihali Jud^e to be beft Qualiaedand lixpcricnced. in the Arc ot Gunnery, ehr- 


p and Pall by ths General AlTembly of His Mnjc-ftics 
Colony of Rhoeie-Lljncfy and Providence-Plantation^ &t. Heii ac 
the Twenty Seventh Day of OUober^ 17*4. 

AN ACT. to Prevent Slaves from Running awny frcnj 
their Makers, 

WHET{EAS feveral Negro and MolMv Slaves, have Kan-away from their 
Marten and A4tjlrc/fes, under pretence of Doting Emflvyed in ibeir fa-vice^ 
and have bten TrjHTported over the Ferries out of thit Co//y, and fuffered to p^fs 
through the fever al /W7f.f, under the aforzjitid. pretence, to tc %. rc <M Damngi dad 
Charge of their Owners, And many times to the iofs of their Slaves. 

/7o pet [on ta 
Tiatifport any 

Staii i. over a P^ E it therefore Ena3ed ly the General jiffemblj, and \>j the tdutherity of the 
&iry % o> out 1^ fame, That no Ferry-rnan,or Boat-man whatfbever, within this Colony, 
without a -* * lha!) Carry. Convey or Tranfport, any Slave or Slaves as afore laid, 
Certificate, .over any Ferry, or out of the Colony, without a Certificate under the Hand of 
O.-ir/w penalty t!ie : r refpscsive Matter or Miftrefs, ov fome Perfon in CommilTion tor the 
c/ Twenty pg^^ on fa penalty of Twenty Shifiliws, to be Forfeited to and ior the Uie 
1 "^a 5 / O f jj-jg Colony, to be Recovered upon Convi&ioa thereof, before any Two 


Anno Reyni T^TW Geor^ii PrinSo. 71 
r, * ^^ " 

Affiftants or Juftices of the Peace, of fuch Town where {uch Offence ftnll be 
Committed, and ihall Pay all Cofts and Charges thnc fhall arife, on his or 


And ~alJ His Majcfties Minifrers of Juitice, and all orher his Subjects in this 
Golnrr/, knowing of anv Slave or Slaves Travelling through the Townihip 
wherein they Dwell, without ?. Certihcare as a tore laid, they are hereby 
Required r^ caufe fjch Slave or Slaves to be -taken up., Examined and Secured, 
fo as the Owners o f fuch .Slave or Slaves may be Notified thereof, and 
ha-/e their Siave o r slaves again, Paying the rfaiL^Oie Charges arifing thereon. 


Jvfade and Paft by the General Aflembly of His Majefties Colony 
of Rhode IflanJ nivH Providence-Plantation^ &c. Held at 
ixgs-Town t che Twenty Third Day of February y 1714. 

A/7 ACT, for the Rccriflring Deeds and 

FOT^, the Prevention of Clmdeftine and Uncertain Siles of Huufei.Artd Lands}, 
And t9 the intent it m.iy hs the better ktio^vn what Rlg n Titles or In- 
tertft Perfoni have in or to jut:} LXates at t nty ofier to Sale. 


E it Enacted and Dvlared by the pre/oit <A fiembly^ And \>j the Au- 
tljoriy of the fame, That henceforth all Deeds and Conveyances ot a- 
ny Houies or Lands within this Colony, Sign d and Seal d by the ; ",, S: j - i 
Party or Parties granting the fame, having good and lawful Right or ^it^w 

Authority thereto, and acknowledge by fuch Granter or Cramers, before -any and 
AffifUnt or Juftice of the Peace in the Colony, and Recorded at length in 
the Re;. ,iftry of the Town where fuch Houies and Lands do Lye, (within 
the fpace oY fit Mv>n:hs, from the Date of fuch Conveyance, every, i uch 
Conveyance (hall be Valid, without any other A& or Ceremony what- 

AND that from and after three "Months next after Publication of this 
no Bargain, Sale, Mortgage, <5l other Conveyance of Houfes or Land made 
and Executed within this Colony, fhall be.good and effectual to hold fuch 
Houies and Lands againft any other perfon or perfons :, hue the Granter OR 
Granters, or their Heirs only, unlefs the Deed or Deeds thereof be Acknow 
ledged and Recorded in manner as. is 

X 2 

Regti t 1(jpis Georgii Friiuo. 

PROVIDED neverthelels, that when and fo often as it ftuill happen any 
f , c Cr ..., G ranter to Live in Parts beyond the Seas, or to be Removed out of this Co- 
. A. &(*" unv ) or to l:e Cead before any fuch Conveyance by him or them made, be 
ttviJt acknowledged as ainrelaid -, iu every fuch Caie, the proof of fairh Deed or 
k<. vMjwut Conveyance made by the Oaths of the Witnetfes thereto Subfcribed, before 
ir a "v Court of Recoid within this Colony, it ihall be ?quiva!enc to the Par- 
* ty s Acknowledgment thereof. 


csfi. d be it further Emcled by the j4u.tlji.rity afor:fcict y That if any Gr.intor 
Vendor of anv Uuufes or Lauds, flvitt relule po acknowledge as is aforeiaid, 

iipon Complaint mad,?, to feud for the Party io refufuig ^ and it ne, {he, or 
th.ey per filt in fuch refufal, to Coin rait him, her, or them to Prilbn, without: 
Bail or Mainpri;v, until he, {he, or thev (hall acknowledge the lame; uniefs! 

he, flic, or they ihall Appeal to the next Genera! Court of Tryals , in that 
Cale it being fir ft made appear, and proved to be the Act and Deed of the 
Party refuting to acknowledge the fame, by the Oath of one or more Wit- 
iieiles thereto Subscribed : And tuch Grantee or Vendee filing a Copy of his 
Deed or Mortgage fo proved in the Town Clerk s Ofnce, in the Toivn 
wherein the Land doth Lye, fliall thereby lecure his Title in the m?an time ^ 
and t. :e lame ih*ll ba accountedfufficient caution to every other perfon and 
perfons, a^ainft purchaling the Eilate in fuch D^ed mentioned to be Granted. 

PROVIDED that nothing in this Ad: iliall bj c^iiftrued deemed or estetid- 
-) ec ^ to k lr ^ ie v ^i^ ow ^ an y Vendor or Mortgager of Lands or Tenements, 
le hur J of from her Dower cr Right in, or to fuch Lands. or Tenement*, who did noc 
let -Vwat by legally pyn with her Husband in fuch Sale or Mortgage,, or otiierwile Uwiol 
M, bar, or exclude her felffrom fuch hr Dower Right. 

be it further Enabled by the Authority afore fad, That any Mortgage 
of Lands or Tenements, his or her Heirs, Executors or Adminiftrators, having 
JiLnciges to received full latisiaccion of all, and every fuch Sum nnd oums of Money, as 

htiori 1- are realiy due co h:m> by hiru - icil Mort S a ? e > ihal1 at the Requeft ot the 
n h Rc cmd MorLgager, his Heirs^ Executors or Adminiitrntors, ackaowledp.e and caute 
tbiiifiiJ. latisfaclion and payment to be Entred in the Margent of the Record ot luch 
Mortgage, in die Town Clerk s Office, where the Land lies, and (hail Sign 
the lame, which fhall for. ever hereafter difcharge, defeat and reieafa luch 
Mortgage, and perpetually bar all Actions to be brought thereupon, in any 
Court of Record. 

f any fiich Mortgages, his, her, or thefr Heirs, Executors or Ad- 
miniftrators, Ihall not within ten days next after Requelt in that behalf. 
uutotjf made; and tender of his, her, or their reafonable Charges, repair to the 
lM five, to Y ow n Clerk s Office, and there make and %n fuch Acknowledgment as 
* 1 J * Osjs ?" aforefaid, or otherwile Sign and Seal a Diicharge, and Releafe .ana Quit 
t* Claifn to the EJla .e therein mentioned to be granted, and acknowltrr^e 

the fiime, before any cne Affiftant, or Juftice of the Peace of this Colo 
ny ) he, ftie, or they fo retuting to do, ihall bs liable to msk n^od all 

Georgii Friir.o. 

Damages that flvill accrue, for want of luch a Difchar^a or Releafe, tv fr t>.vf -.s 
be Recovered by any Action or Suit in any Court of Record, mid in cale &**qgp* 
Judgment pats agarinft the Party to Sued, he, fte or they lo Caft, Ihall pay*" 
uiito the adverfe Fuvty, treble Cofts unfiog upon fitch Side. 


Made and Pad by the General AfTgmbly of His M.ij-tlics 
Colony of Rhode Iflwd and Providence-Plantations, &c. Hckl 
ac Newport^ the Fourth Day of My, 1715* 

An A C T, For the convenient Laving out of High- ways and Roads 
in the leveral Towns, within this Colony, where wanted. 

BE it E;i.:ttcd by the General j4jfank!y, and oy the Authority of the famt, 
That the Proprietors of all, and every Town in this Colony, ihali with 

all convenient fpeed, take care to Lay out convenient High-ways, and Roads ,,, /,/>. 
irons Town to Town, and to Market and Mill, o/rc. within three Months ot High 
die Publication hereof; and iu cale the laid Proprietors fir. II refule r or neg- h * 
le-r fo :o do, it ihall,and may be lawful tor theTown-Council of each relpto- 
tive Tjwij where ( fuch DereA Ihall be ) to order and. appoint a Jury, of 
Twelve, or. more, lawful and Judicious ram, v/lio havi no!i .ar intoreft, 
in laying out the fame in fuch Towns v /heie i uch Deleft is, as Hull be found Tf}t Jury t6 
inoft beneiicial, for the in:ereft of His Majefty, and the Benefit of the- Sub- b " 
jed, the which jury Ihall be full duly Engaged to the true, faithful j;:d iu- 
perbial perfonr-tnce thereof! 

be u further Eiiztlcd by ths Authority .tforefeid, That in caltf it ihal! be 
found rjoft convenient to lay out any Ro;id or Highway through any parncu- 
lar perfons Land or Property, or part thereof \ ( who is not under any Obli 
gation to allow die llune ,) that then the laid Jury (hall agree with the ** c&ea 

Owner or Proprietor thereof, what rcafbnable allowance Ihall be made for the f/" *"* 
_ i coprtaop 

lame - far tie La 

But if the Owner or Proprietor of fuch Land flail refute to no;ree with fiich 

Jury i then the laid Jury is ordered and Ifapuwered to F.ttimate and Value // tiie 
tlie Price of fuch Land as (hall be laid out as afarelaid, as near as they can, to t J - ^ 
die beft ot their knowledge j which Eftimatbn ib made, Jhall be allowed , a vli Mt 

._,.,_. _ I /- I , - , r -" "I- Wl> CIl 

goou againit luch Owner or rroprietor, as relulcd to agree as atoreiaid. WZflall krai 
ihall be accordingly- pai4 to fuch Owner or Proprietor by fuch Town, out or t>j the 
their Town Treufury and alfo all o.ther incident Charges accruing on the 
performance of the lame. Any Law Cuftom yr I/fage to the contrary hereof 

Anna t(jEgi Ktgit Gaorgii Prime. 

ACT, Appointing and Seating Two Juries, to attend the 
General Courts of Tryals, and Genera] Goal Deliver-/. 

FOR^SMVCH as the many Afilonal and Criminal C*fa % that of lute Year* 
come iipi Try*!, before the general Court of 1r-j.ils, and Grncral (jnal Delivery, 
,i;td but yne Petit Jury to attend faid Courts -, which Prolongs the Sitting of fuch 
Courts HC y muc ^ t which ts a grcft Illtonvtnitncy to the Judges, and a treat Charge 
tu fucb Tfsfoas as have auctions depending ;hert^.bcfort they ran be heard 


E it the e r ore Enacted by the general ^jjemblj, and by the Authority of the 
ftimf, That for the Expediting and Difpatch of Btifinefs for the Future, 
i /!- " t h ere f nn n be two Petit Juries tLlecled and. Appjinted,to attend the Refpe&ive 
"tirfif elm ^/-General Courts of Tryai?, and General Goal Delivery in this Colony, and the 
2T>.i.V. faid Juries! be Improved as the judges of faid Courts, ihall fee caufe in all 

Aclional or Criminal Cafes. 

br it firtbtrEnjiEted \>j the Authority a fore faid^h^t each & every Town In 
f r i T:vm && Col on v, (liall le& and fend to the aforelaidGeneralCourts of Tryais^tjd 
General Coal Delivery, the Numbers of lawful honeft Jury-ttten, 
as j t j s i ierea t cer ExpreJiid, ( That is to -lay ) Newport Ten, fro-i-idcmi Four, 
"Portfmnuth Four, Warwtck Two, Wtfterlj Two, Ncw-jbsrebam Two, Kingftoven- 
Two, E-Asl-Grun-xlcl: T.vo,?.nd J<tm:it txa One , which jury (hail be Eleclecl by 
each Reipective Town, according to their Ufual Cuftom ; and the faid 
jury-raen fo Elefted, ih^ll attend the Reflective Courts, tor which Chofen. 

be it further Enacted by the Authority aforejaia, 1 h?C if any jurv- 
man Choien and Elefted as afore&id, ihall Refule and Neglect to make Iv g 
ntm Pe.rfonal Appearance at fuchCourt,on the firft Day of the fitting of fuch Court, 
ct of {j ia |j p a y ;|S a FJ ne , Thirteen Shillings, and Four-pence, for fuch his defe&, unlels 
the Judges of fuch Court (h^ 1 think fit to Remit the fame. 

it is further Entitled bj the Authority aforef<iid,Thnt theGeneralRecorder 
{hall from time to time, keep a fair Record of all fucti Jury-men, as ihall not 
appear at the RefpeQive Courts, ?nd Ib many of them as Ihall not have their 
Pines Remitted as aforefaid, he iTiall at the breaking up of fuch Court recurn 
tyihe Menf, a Lift of their Names to the Sheriff, who is hereby Required before the next: 
CaU Court, to take and receive the faid Refpeclive Fines i and in Cafe ar.y of the 
* f *& Perfons fa* ]] Ref" ufe toPay faid Fine on Demand,the Sheriff (hall then make 
Diftraint upon the Perfonal Eftate of the Perfon fb Refufing or Negle&inp, to 
the Value of fuch Fine,and the Charges thereupon accruing, or like to rccrue, 
which Goods Diftrained are to be difpofed of, in manner as other Diftretfes. 
and by -the Law? of this Colony, for the fatisfying fuch Fine and Charge?, 
and the Overplus if any, to be returned to the Perfon Diftrained on"i the one 
iVioiety of fuch Fines to be -and remain to the Sheriff, for his fervice therein, 
and the other Morety to be difpofed of by the Court where fuch default was 
made, for defraying the Incident Charges of faid Court, and Account ot 
all Fines fb Received or Levied by the Sheriff, \yith his proceedings thereupon, 
fhali be by. him duly rendred to the next fucceeding Court,together with the 
moiety of fuch Fines unto faid Court belonging. 



Georgii Primo. 75 

Made and Pad by the General AflcmMy of His Majeftics Colony 
of &fode-$a*d and Providence -Plan fat tow. Held at 
by Adjournment, July the Fifth, 17 15. 

ACT for Emitting Thirty ThouCant! Pounds in Publick >/? 

. - / * h-ii iti 

Bills of Credit. T 



WHEf^f.eAS it h.;th Tleaftd CjOT), to fujfcr the French and Indian", tr Bilk af 
Lac Enemies, to sJHiint.iin , a /OH*, Kioody 4nd Expenfive W& dt:. 
.!??# His fat jetties Subjefts in thefe plrts of the 5\Vr/r America } , ; which 
Calamity of W.v y this Coienj hxtb been n<> ftnalL flarer, a fycM p.irt thereof Lj/ing* 
Exnafed to the tnfultt aneL Depred.iricns of the Enemy both l>j Sex and Land, which 
fo defend tins His Afaieltits CWorjy hath from time to timr; for this rr..r:y 
Tears faff been f at to great Charge *nd Exptncc jph dj together with the Extraydinarp 
jidditianetl &: .> # " accrued by Her IMS ALtjfflies C-mm/inds, to sljfift in fundry 
Expedition!, for ths Inducing of Port- Royal and Canada, the Dfrajing the Charge 
w atreof waved fo g> eM *- Surthen, that ir h.tth 7{educ(d the *J>V1ony of this Colcr.y % 
and other <*J\ie<j.iums of Exchange unto a vtry /O.T Lib, th^t thereby Trade is fenfibiy 
Dccaytd, the Farmers- thereby Difcouragtd, Husb.ind-men and others T^jduccd to 
gre.,it K- rff, .tnd ail forts if 7>ufirief; LtHgitfyingy few bavirg wheretttith to Pay 
their Arrears^ and many not &kerejfrith<tl t-j fuiltua their d.iiij wants, by rtafont ue 
Silver and Gold in the fir ft place, neifff. .ry to defray the Incident and OccafimxL 
Charges bath been Ex -f.nSlcd ; thofe few BiittfPsttick Credit put fo^th by tbis Go 
vernment fatting far fart of tUfchttrgixg tin Colonies Arrc*r~sjMtu left ut Itttle er nt 
Medium of Exchange j and whcrens^the z/fnnuil, 1$JCtff<try ,-tnd un.i-jotd.ibli: Charge 
oftheColony makes a confidcrable Account > xnd that Hl> Jif.tjt flics fjrt, c.-i. .hd Forr- 
Anne it. gene much ty Dcc.iy, and almojt cv<- v thing therein out of J(jpair^ and 
that all $wts of ^Ammunition and Stores ure Wanting, to Jurat ft the feme for De 
fence j tffecialiy at a time when War (com to threaten us. And alfo His Mtjeflict 
Cjodl in the AictropHs t>f this GoWrfWTf, is c.?. /.v/g far Speedy and C enfidtrdhle 
"jRjp.tirs And Enlargement t and many other Pyblick Emrrgrncies, which cannot be 
Omitted, P.tqitlring eonftdtr*b(e Sutns o f Mtwcy, which to Ljficl there is no yofybility 
in flew, faying that "/ Emitting Publick Bills of Credit of this His Mtftftitt 
Colony, to Accontplifh the ends afore faid, and to "T^jduce the /4rrcars thrrcvf 
lotto A Bli*nce t alw.tys depending on ojr Dread Sovereign s Countenance and Tole 
ration therein, untn whofc "Rjyal Commands this Colony, , in "Duty b-mnd will at 
aX times readHj Submit. 

All which being duly Considered 

E it therefore EvacifJ by the Cjeijeral <^4ffemb!j of this f-Jls Ahjefties Colony Thirty 
of Rhode-UUtad, And by the Authority of the fame y anil it is. hereby Thauftn 7 
* That the Sum of ibirty Thoitf#ia frinds m Bills ci Fublick Credir> p 3 ; n;h * 

3 r fUltttti 

I ~>. Qt 

of the fame 1 Tenor wirh thofe already put forth by this His 
Jft _ Colony, be lonhwith made, anrt pur into the Hands of ii:i Trutttes, hcire* 
/;! after nxinc l and appointed in thi* preterit AcT, with full power to a< 
therein :> wi. .ch Truilees, or any three of them, are hereby Impowered, to 
-Sign did Hills, and them to deliver uVito the Perfons Chofen for Gom- 
niiitees f the fevsral and refpe&ive Tow ns. in this. Colony j the faid Trurfees 
taking Receipts from the faid Committees, for iu^h - Sums as ftal! be by 
them received, as the proportion of fuch Town, which fhid Bills, being 
by fuch Committee receiv d the fame, is _to be Let out to the Inhabi 
tants of their Relpectivc Towns in this Colony, in Good auj Sufficient Land 
: or o:her_real Security wjthin the faidTowns,at five founds p:r Cent fer <^nnum, 
6ucJ out at m Sums not rixceedin:!; blve Hundred Puuiuis, nor under fifty f Pounds to any one 
^ e J Y^ R Perlbn, and that for the fpace of Ten Years. Always PROVIDED, That all 
"":-i/ / fball take faid Bills upon fuch Security, fhall at the Expi- 
teajeM. ration oi Five Years from die Date, of their Deed of Mortgage or otbec 
a Riranci: rcue.v the lame, or give any further, and other better fecurhy for 
the c-?n*iiiu;ifiou of any fuch Sum by them borrowed tqr the remain!;^ five 
years , if by d.e frultees, then for the time being, fuch perfun fhaM b< 
c there-ail; <j Required, and that perfons fo borrowing the laid Bills, ihaH before 
in. receiving cf the fame, give five Bonds payable to the General Treafarer of 
this Colony for the time being, to the ufe ot this Colony, for .the orderly 
and duly payment of the full five years Intereft : And if any fuch perfon, au 
the Eipiratiou ot die five youri, (hall fee caufe to p;-y down the Principal, 
and Diil iiarge tha Interolt in like Pubiick Bills ot Cred t, or current Mo~ 
r^ ^iiey of faid Colony -, upon his or their fo doing, fuch Mortgage or Stuu- 
** rity Ikall l>e relealed :uxd delivered up, and the Land*, or other real E- 
flace fo Mortgaged or Engaged, diichnrged therefrom. And the f:--icl 
Truilees and Coipmittoes for the leveral Towns, are hereby required, carefully 
to infpect-into, the true value of fuch inflates as fliail be offt-rM to M-. ruage, 
and di-^f they be ot double ilie value ot the Sums Lent thereupon ^ and whe 
ther the Title ot the perleu defirinft to Mortgage his Lands, G"c, .appears to 
be lined by die Town Records, where fuch Land or real Eftate lies, and tluic 
no Encumbrance be thereupon,, which appc-anng good ana fatlsfa&ory, fuch 
Mortgages to be taken by the Committee of the feveral Towns as aforefaid, 
and forthwith . (: the Charge of the Mortgager, be put upon the Records of 
fuch Town where fuels Efiace lies -, and the faU Deeds of Mortgage ufter-; wards with all convenient IpceJ, togecher with the Bonds for payment of 
. ,. ii:cTiiij!cLi,^ e Intereft, by Lodging .in the Cufi.ody of the Truftees for the time 
c. .. /* i ufr being, for the ufe of tl-. s Colony, diey giving Receipts for the fame, to 
the Committee, of the iel;vedive Towns, upon delivery ot the inine, 
the faid Truftees to be always accountable unto the General Affoinbly of 
this His Majtfties Colony for the time being, for all fuch Moritnses and 
Bonds, together wiih the Profits thereof, the which they ftiaii furreuder 
up to tiie General Affembly ot this Colony, when by them they! he 
thereunto Required ;, And that all Mortgages made, or to be made n a <i 
Security for ihe Bills Ib borrowed to be to the firft Truftees, and fuch others 
,is fliail from time to time be appointed by die General A:ii--mb!y of this 


Ard fa i( r : , rt ber tnaKtJ by the Cenful JjfemUy, And ty-tbf ^utL- nty of 
t; fa mt) That Lieutenan: Colonel Jshn lV*iriton t Captain Job JT-my t 


R.ffni Srg ; s Geor^n Prim. 77 

Ma ior NarHiwitl CodtbKvgimt, Captain P,cn>,nmir> EHery, Major ytrnc t 2?rr.?, 

and Mr. 7{b<> t (jarjnrr, be, ana they hereby are appointed ;nrd Cho(en 

to he t..e Six firft Truftees, and them, or any three oi them, flnll 1 SigH 

aD fuch Bills as /hall be made as arbreiaid , mid the aforelaid Six Tru- Lett u. each 

tees are hereby appointed oo be the Commicrr-e toy the Town of Nearport + 

to Let out, and caice Security lor their proportion of Jitid Publiek Bills of 

Credit aforc-dekribed in this Acl. Anil the Honourable Jofrfh Jcr.cks, Efq- 

33eouv Clovernour, and Captain Richttrd Waterman, be a Committee for 

the 1 Town of PruiUfna, to Lett cut their proportion of ihid Bills, an4 

tii^ir Mr- Tliom.tJ Corned^ and Mr. George Corn:/!, be a Committee for the 

To*"- of Portfmoitfh, ro Execute laid Truit i rind Major Randal Htaldon, and 

Major Job Green, be a. Committee to Execute the laid Truit for the Town of 

H f .sr:\ !ik , Captain J>i>rt ^Abcack, and Captain Jaftfi) Stanton, be a Committee 

io Execute laid Trnfi, f of the Town of H tjhrly ; Captain Si nan Riy y and 

.Captain Jbn $,-\ndi^ be a C t -.mmittee to Execute laid Truft, for the Town of 

Ntn>- Shertb.i"-., Captain jahn Eldfcd, and Mr. Srtfl tn ffjfz^ird, be a Coirunittee 

to Execute laid Trull tor the Town of A /wffonv/, Major Thsmai Fry, and Mr. 

jhemji Speactr, be a Committee to xecu:e laid Truit ior the Town of Eafl- 

Grernnieb ; and that Mr. Jvhu .Hull, and Captain Nicholas Carr, be a Comrnjtt 

tee to -Execute faid Tr^rt for the Town of J.itncs-Tmn. _ AD the aforeiaid 

Cornm-tccer fhall lw under Oath tor rlieir due and faithlul performance oj the 

Trtift repoied in th-m, in the Premifes aforefaid, and (hail be allowed" and pai$ 

ior rheir Service therein, TtnShittings on every Hundred founds by them Lett 

out, to be divided amonft them, as followed!, ( z.. ) two thirds of the 

whole amount unco the^ uft fix Truftses afore-Jranwd, together xvith a pro 

portionable pare of the third part .iiottc.1 to be divided wich tlie other Corn- 

mic iycs, for rheir care and trouble in Rceivini? and atgnmg, and f^tfing. the 

T-.nvn oi JNVn sst-r s prep >rtionabio. part qi laid iiiUs ; and delivering the re* 

ir.airder to the Commurees of the leveral low us in proportion to fuch Mo- 

::ev ; as {h^!! 1 S by them Lett our. 

afastjliuj, That the PubJiok-* Billg 
ot Cjedit to be Emitted by this Colony, fliall be made and hniihe d. 

orty hhll- nations of tls 

ling Bills, four thoufand., one hundred and fixty two Pounds , of Twen-/ c:YIJ/ / u ". 
ty Shilling Biils, two thoufcnd and eighty one Poundj , of Ten Shilling Bills, f i "*- 
two thoafandj five hundred and fix Pounds > of Five Shilling Bills, oue thovH 
jand two hundred and fifty three} of Four Chilling .and Six-penny 
Bills, one thoufand diree hundred and rttity Pounds; ot Three Shilling Liils 
nine liuuared Pounds ; of TWO Shilling and Six-penny Bills, feven iiunared 
and fifty pounds } and of One Shilling Bills, three hundred Pounds i beinf in 
the .whole, Thirty Tlioufand Pounds ^ wliidh Bills iljall not be Pafteti, Cover 
ed or Lin d on the back-fide, on any pretence whpifoever. And the laid 
Truftees are as foon us ppfijble to Si^n che atorefaid quantity of Billy, and to 
snake them of uivers forms. and dift ndions, n.s much, as poffible may be, to- 
prevent CcMtitcrfeting , and the Charges oi the lame to be rejmburs d out of 
the General Trciiiury or tliis Colony. 

Anna Rj ^ni Regis Gcorgii Primp. 

And he if farther Enacted bjf the Authority aforefaid, That if the Inhabitants OE 
any Town in the Colony, do not within three Months, after choir Commit 
tee Las received their proportion of the aforefaid Bills, take it up and im 
prove it according to the intent and purport of this Aft, that they may Lete 
it out to any perfons in the Colony, upon good Security as aforeiaid, or return 
it to the Grand Committee, whole Receipts Ihail be their Difcharge. 

be it further Enatted h the Authority affrcfaid, That One Thou- 
fand Pound out of the Intereft ot" Thirty Thoufand Pounds to be Lett out, 
One T!>oi). be Annually improved for the Sinking of One Thouland Pounds of cur old 
fa-.ii T .-^nj gjjj s O f Credit formerly Emitted by the Colony, until the whole be Confa- 
nte Amnnll JTU? ^) anc ^ r ^ e aforefiiid Grand Committee are hereby Impowered to Exchange 
.Slut vitbttt the Sum .of One Thoufand Pounds annually of our own Bills of Credit, in 
iHtetcIl of order to be burnt, until they be wholly funk as aforefnid, and the remaining 
tlit A r s. p arc ( the i ntere ft o f the aforefaid Thirty Thoufand Pounds, ihall be annu 
ally Difpofed of for the Intereft of the Government, as the Affembly ihall 
from time to time order ?.nd direct. 

T>e Gfnei-al AT^D he it further Enatted by the Authority aforefaid, That the Genera! Trea- 
f^.- .^ urer of. this Colony for the time being, fhall have the ftme benefit and 
t!i " liberty to Arreft each reipective Obligor, as the General Treafurer hath a- 
ft. gaiuft eacli rel pc&ive Conftable, upon default of paying die General Tax 
or Rate to him Committed. 

AN ACT, Prohibiting the Importation, or bringing into this 
Colony, any Servants or Slaves. 

WHI\EjlS J)ivers Confpirtctes, fnfurreZliotts, Rjpes, *fbefts s And Execrable 
C. i~>u i k.ive been lutdy perpetrated in this, and the Neighbouring Ljoverri- 
tiJ iits l>y Indian Slave i^wi the d^Hy increase af. them in this Cjovernm.en: ^dtjcourttge 
the I>npt>riii/jr f of White Stfvants from Great- Eirirtain, C/"c. into the fame , which if 
not immediately Remtdnd t m.ty prove very *~Psriticly.n >i,i~ Jdtflru&ive to the C 


E it tnerefor; T.thiflcd lj tl;l; Au-^ibl j^ and by the estutljority of , f ae 
pwfjThat from aud after ( Three Months aexr en.fuing ) the Publi 
cation of this Ad, a!5 Indians Male, or Female, of what age ibever, 

wffiteA, u-i. Perfons Importing; or bringing in fuch Indian or Indians, /halj give Security 
;/i tionive the Secretary s Office of fifty Pounds per Head, to Tranfport and Carry out the 
;#n fa iteir -fa ms a g a jn } within the fpaca of one Month next after their coming in, not 
tMifiortau. to he recurn j ^^ to t j,5 s Colony. 

AND every Matter of any Ship or other VeffeJ, Merchant or Pcrior, 
.hatfyever Importing or bringing in:o this Colony, by Sea or Land, any 


Georgii Prirno. 79 

Indian or Indians M;ile, or Female, within the fpnce of Twenty- four Hours, 4# Atyl 
next after their arrival or cjming in, ihali Report or Enter their Names, y,, , ^ 
Kumber and -Sex, and give Security in the Serretarys Office as aforelaid, on O tk y. 

IIIV^ i CC t-vy I_>V pai<l v--i 1-UW4 iOlUlV tilH^. UI.M ..* a:* *4iUl C . [I 1*^1, lii.UJ Ut. J ll U g JUWlV* {)Jl fn 

and Sixpence and no more. Any Ad or Ads,Ciaule or CliUjfes of AAs to the pitt > 
contrary hereof nocwihftanuMig; P cr J 


Made and Part by the General Aflbmbly of Hi? Majefties 
Colony of Rhode- fll**J, and Provident -Plantations, &c. Held at 
) the Twenty Sixth Day of O&t&fr, J/ij- 

AX ACT, for Railing and Emitting Tea Tfjoitfafia Pounds in 
Pu olick Bills uf Credit on this Colony. 

f t> Ena&ed by the (general ^tffeinblv. and b\ th: tA it\}Oritj of the fame, ~> en . 
That tliere be forthwith Imprinted and Signed, the Sum of 7*" Tl}ovj<*nd f an d Pounds 
Pounds in Bills ot Credit in this Colony, by the former Committee who Emitted. 
Signed the T\nrt y Tooufand Pounds Emitted by this Colony^ and by them ^ ** 
to be delivered to the Committees of the feveral Towns in proportion as 9>tf * 
aforefaJd, to be hired out upon good Security, as the Tnree Tlioufs.nd Pounds 
aforelaia is, the ikid Bills to pals in all Pubiick payments as the other BiJJs 
are and do pals 

be it further Ewcicd by the Authority aforcfaid, That every Perfon 
or Peribns whatfoever within tliis Colony, thar have hired any Bills of Credit 
of this Colony, and by their Obligations are Obliged to pay in the fame foecie 
agian, fhall be difcharged from their faid Obligations, they paying the lame 
in Current Mony of 


So tsJnno R(n 7^ f?ii Geor^ii Secundo. 


Made and Pail by the General Aflcmbly of His Majeflies Colony 
of Rhode- Ijland, and Providence-Plantations Held ac New 

port, the Second Day of 


AN ACT, Regulating che Maintainaace of Minlflers within this 

W/-/ ^_Ev43 r/ fifteenth Hear sfthe 2{eign of 
f&rSeCOtxi.tJbcrf WM- A -Charter G tantcd to tins HiiAliiuIiies Colon y t in which 
contained m.mj Qrtcitvt Priwltdgtt^ for the lacourtgcmer.t and Comfort oj the 
Inhabitants titertoj -, amongst others that of jrce liberty o/ Con I deuce >n S^elifiaus 
Concernment, ban? of tin ino^l Triacipa , it being A Mfc.l Privitcdge du: ta every 
ChriftiiWy -is by His faid Aiajefty is tbfervcd, that ir:ic "Piiiy tightly grounded 
upon CoffcL prtruipia, TsiR gtvt the be ft antlgre/ft-efl Security to Sovereignty ^nd trz/t lay 
in the Hearts of Aicn^ the Rrtngefl O blight . I on; to true Loyalty- t.^iif this 
prcfent jifrctnbly being fenjii ls ky long Experience, thai the afosefaul Priviltdgc by iic 
(-joud Provident t- of GOD t having been continued tu ::/, btt;s sn oxsiu i* int-ins of 
continuing >t G->od <tiid Amicable tstgrcemeat turiMgil the Jribabitants of this Ca .anj -, 
and fur the better, continuance and f upper t thereof, as welt as for the timely 

of any *nd every Church, Congregation tudSvcicty of ^Ptcplt, ;aiv Inhabiting^ which 
(lull hereafter Inhabit within Any p^rt of tic Juri/dicJion c>f the fame, trcrn Endeavtur* 
in? for \Prchemineacf or Superiority one over the other, Ly making Vfe oj the Civil 
1 oivtr, for the Enforcing . ,i M.iimai,-i. .i:ce for their T^jfpsc ^i e 

&> Minifler T) E f c F-rutted by th u Prcfent ^Iffembiy^ and by the Authority of the .t 
to it ui.ii 1 |j what Maintenance or Sallery, may be rhoughc needful or uecelPiry by a- 
; , """ ny of the Churches, Congregations or Society of L eople now Inhabiting, or 
.^ 3 -- liereatter fliall and may inhabit withi;\ the fnr.e, be railed by iree Coiv 
cribudou, and no other ways. 


Geoniii Tert o. 81 



Made and Paft bv tlu General Affembly of His Majeftic& Colony 
or" Rhode Ifl.inJ and Providence-Plantations. e. Held ar 
pro-jidexcc t the Tlmty Fide Day of Otlober, 1716 


ACT, for the better lertfing the Payment of. Officers 
- s, ac che General Courts of Try a!& 

> F::.if}fdl v tin Ge.ier.i! tsffimbly, *a4 fy the tsfytfjertty of the f> l "H , Uc tint 
That ail Perlons whatsoever, wherht-r FJautilt" or Dcfeudanc, t li at :.,i,n j 
(hail ac the General Court r-t I ryais, Recover or Obtain Judgment " , 
of i:ii>.i General Coui t ot Trya .s, lie, the or they io Kecoveiiis^ or Ob- " " 

wining Judgment, faslL Pay co the Recorder all Officers Fees due iu laid < 
before He, She. or They, have His or Their Bill of Colts Taxed j any 
Act or Acts C!?uie or Ch .uies c: Ads to the contrary hereof in any ways 
jiot w ithftandicg . 


Mads and Paft by the General Aifembiy of His Maieities Colony 
of Rkocfe-lJIanci and Proiiidnce-PlaHtatiom t Held at Newport, 
by Aciio"rnmcnt, J,>.-,is the Eighteenth, 1717. 

AN ACT for the Explanation of, and further Enlargement of an 
Act P;iu by die General Ailembly of this Colony, begun. and 
Held at Newport by Adjournment, the Twenty Seventh. Day 
o? February 1711, 12.. For Graining of Administration to the 

Wives of Pcrlbus Three years abfenr, and r.ot heard of, 

WHE K. F dS the ajorejaid A:k of cs-Sfj cifibly, l).ith by E.vp:rience bee/i found. 
Utrj bsntftlal f.nd Ufeful to tbt tVivtt of fitch St.-tftrtng Verfons M d 
ct. 1 ;: .-, --:: h.tve departsd oat oj this Culony y ,i>id not heard of in "Three Tears after 
J tip.iftnte, W thnf leaving of A ewti and fujficicHt 1 ovier of Attorney^ niib any 
perfo t cr Pcrfint, the Due "Recovering a/id Management! of their E&Mtet bath 
J^jtzl and Per/an. .! ::-i their it oftnGt -, but the Ciid A3 not bcin<r jo full ,t/id Extenftve 
.:; nMK fir. ft bcoi found ueciffjtry in fuel} like Cxfes, far the further Enlargement and 
- ~-l:wmt>on thirtof t Jttd in Addition- th:rcur.. f a. 

r it further Ezcred by tht General jijfembfy of thu C-lwy^-wd by the Axtho- 
n:y of ths f.-.rr.^ That in cale any perfon being an Inhabitant of rhts 

A a Colony, 

Sz Aims r J{jffK> Rcvif Georfii Tertio. 

Colony, hath, or fhall depart, out of the fame, being Entitled" unto, or 
Ifftfcifa-i leaving any Eftate, either Real or Perfonal, within the Limit? thereof un- 
hr .il ftttt, to luch Perfons belongin g or appertaining, and hath not, or Paall not at 
tbice ye.vs his Departure leave a good and fufficient Power or Letter of Attorney, 
}" *{ -tf . with ibme perfon" or perfons for _the due care, recovering, man-i^efnent" 
u!,c>Rt .ti. am * orderly Diipofal of the fame -, or in cale fuch Atr.orriev or Attorneys 
om jbjU / <:; by him left flial! Die, whereby the laid Power fhall be determined; and after. 
.{JiiiiMJlrMi- his Departure, hath not, or {hall not be heard of and from, \v!;;hin the {pace 
GRjcnM O f three years then next immediately fucceeding fuch his Departure -, that 

then, ;ind in fucii cafe, it flvul and may be lawful, upon the due application of 

Wife or Children, or other Relations or Friends of fuch periijns ib De 
parted, unto the Town-Council of fuch Town in the laid Colony, where: 
luch Perfons was laft an Inhabitant, or did Dwell , For the faid Town-Coun 
cil, who arc hereby Impowered, upon due and latigfa&ory proof thereof to 
them made, to Grant, Authorize and Impower the Wife of fuch perfon. it 
any he hath :, or in cafe he hath none, then fuch perfon or perfons as they 
fhall think meet and proper for and in the name, and to the ufe, benefit and 
behoof of filch Departed Perfon to enter into, Demand, Sue for, Recover, 
PoiFels and Improve all fuch Lands and Houies, or other Real Ejfcte what 
ever, as at the Departure of fuch perlbn unto him of right did any ways be 
long or appertain } and alfo all fuch Eftate whatsoever, confifting ei 
ther in Leales, Rents, Goods, Chattels, Debts, or otherwifb, as at the rime of 
fuch Departure, fhall be left by him to Ask, Sue for, Recover, Receive 
and Difcharge as w?14 and effectually in Law, as it iuch Departed periori had 
liimfelf left a good and fufEcient Power of Attorney to iueh Ends and 

PROVIDED always, and it is the true intent and meaning of this Ail, 
That each reipedlive Town-Council fKail upon their Granting <iirh Power 
and Authority as afore faid, take good and I ufficient Security by Bond, co 
ro t.tkc ju$. k e given joyntly and feverally by two Freeholders of this Corony, together 
fiT^tWe w c ^ ie P er *~ cn or P er f ns unro whom they iliall Grant fuch Power as afore- 
f&tbful M. ftid unto the faid Town-Council, and to their Succelfors, for his and their 
true and faithful acting and doing, therein, according to the power thereby 
(given for the benefit and ule of fuch Departed Perion ; and to render unco 
him a juft and true Accompt at his Return to this Colony, or to any perfon 
.Or perfons by him Impowered, to demand the fume, when lawfully thereunto 
"Required ; and that in cafe fuch Departed Perfon inall after fuch his Depar 
ture be by reafon of his long abfence, or other, due proof, deemed ?.nd ad- - 
judged Dead in Law before his Return to this Colony, then to render unto 
the Heir?, Executors,Adminiftrators or Affigns of fuch Departed Perfon fuch 
Eftate, both real and perfonal, as by Law ihall become their, or either 1 of 
their juft Dues and Rights reipe&ively to have and enjoy. 

^_ be it further Enxttcd ty the Authority afarcfaia, That in cafe fuch 

M:nm. Departed Perfon ihall leave any Child, or Children, or other Reiarion or 
m*;"t iiifa Perfon, the Charge of whole Education and Maintainnnca by Law /hall be 
eanftntof f/* Incumbent or Obligatory upon him; that then, and in fuch cafe, the peribn 
CWfMTjs/iri or perlbns fo Authorized and Impowered by the TowrsCouncii as aforeftid, 
*$/t tfie flW-U and may with the confent and approbation of fuch Town- Council, fay 
pa fan wat out, and Expend out of the Eftate of lach, Perfon Departed <^ iforefd, fo r 


Geongti Tertio. 

the Maiuratnance and Education of fuch Child or Children, or orher Relati 
on ^ the Charge of whole Maiutainauce or Education was Incumbent or 
Obligatory upon fuch Departed per Ion, Inch Sum or Sums of Money as fhall 
be bv iuch To-vp-Gouncil thought needful and convenient, which ihall be 
allowed him in any Aceompt afterward to be AdjufLv!. 

AN ACT, Enabling and Appointing Ch r erieers to Leaie out the 
Lands of Nittigret the Sachem in the farragattfett Country. 

WHE l\_E~/f5 Ninigrec Sachem, in l it Narragontttt Cfantry, in the Colony 
oi Rhode-Ii]and, <r. Hath fetidoned tint ^fembly, ti> ayfoint three 
Ovcrfeerf tv Ova-fee and Rent tut his L*tlt t 10 prevent his bfint DtfrOudeti therein, 
&;.dh*s alff dclifed this j4jfembly^ to Difpfffejs all thoje that fall refufc to Hire f 
hi: Ovtrfcers .is /?..?// be ffpotntea bj the Qwertiour anil -Corny Aj/iy of f&id Colerj.^ frr 
the titxe btln* ; zr.A dil o " cafe he Jlj.i// have need to Sell any of his Lftnels, that f:: 
*v.-i)i by the f.-i.i (jovernoz? >tnd CmfOny t for the time bemg^ be ^fitted therein. For 
the Complying with which Petition, and for the better iecuring the laid Sa 
chems Lands and Profits. 

E it Emitted ij tie ( s3jj"tmbly, and by 

fimbly, and l-y tat Authority of tlx fame , Qverfeeit ax 

That: .Col- WiHi-im Witnton t Major Tnamj.t Fry, and Captain Jofeph fomteJ to 
Shimon be, and they hereby are appointed Ovcrieers, to Overfee and Leafe 
out the laid Sachems Lands, as ih.ill :o th .-m !ccm moft conducive for the 
laid Sachems I.itereft. And they, or, any two of them are hereby Impowrer- 
ed to DifpoiTefs all and every perfon that now is, or hereafter fhall be in the 
poffeffion oi" any of the" laid Sachems Lands, and ih all refute to agree, com 
ply and hire faid Lands, at fuch Rents and Services as by them, or the major 
part of them fhall be found rnoft beneficial for the laid Sachems Intereftj 
they not Granting any Le&ie for any longer Term than Seven years, the laid 
Sachem to pay the Charge thereof, and the laid Overfeers to render an Ac- 
compt of, and furreuder up their Trull; to the General Aifembly, when 
.hereunto Required. 

A a 2 Laws 

Fsgnl T^jgi* Georgii Quarto. 


Made and Part by the General AiTembly of His Mfljefties Colony 
of Rhoflc-Ifland, and FroviJence-PlantxtioHS. begun 2nd Held at 
Warwick* the Thirtieth Day of Offafor, 1717. 

AN ACT for Explaining an Ad, Paft by the General Aflembly of 
this Colony fitting at Newport J.\\t Thircy-firft Day of Ofto&er^ 
1677. For Granting Re-hearings from one General Courc of 

Tryals to another, and for the better llipport and defrayin 
the Charges of the fudges of iiich Courts. 

WHf-Ri AS the aforefaid ^# for the granting of f^ehearingi in Aftional 
Cafes, being in Cj xl termes (to wir ) thut the PI ant if and Defendant, 
fli.ill t.ich of them have on* T^ehettring if deflred^ without any Limit at ion u> Er pl*- 
v.ttion i fa ibdt r R,?bcartnj h.tvc ban frequently Infixed apart by the Df^tmiant t ufon A 
Kihil >iicit, Default "Bunds Obligatory and fo" forth \ *nd many have been Grunted 
upon the afatftid ^4 d in fuch Cajes as aforrfaid, wliu!> tends .ta (be (jcnerttl Obftruft 
ion ofjufticr, kecpi>ig of Creditors out of their Jusi 

For the better Regulation whereof, 

BE it Entttcd by tlie (Jenerjl .>/4/fe>nbly } and /;y the Authority of rhe 
That from and after che Publication of tWs "Ad. no Rehearing fhall be- 
Granted upon anyNihii *//t7r,ariiin<> for want ot" anfwers^jeiiig d.ulyFiied 
ufo.-jNihii" 5 in tlie Recorders Office,nor upon auy wilfulDefaalc,neither upon Hona 

dicir, &*c. Oblig:itory duly proved, imlefs che Defendant, ftiaU by goou and {acisfaftory 
Evidence, prove to che Court, either before 01 upon Rendering Judgement, 
that liach 7y&# dicn ot defiiuli, was Occafioned !)y Sicknels, Stormy-weather, 
or orhec fuch Providential Obftructicn o the DefendarxC or his Attorney, as 

-llV 1 .1 __ T ___ 1 ____ _"/T. ~1~ /""^ >_, _1I.J i" ./t_T>.-r . 

of the Judges of (uch Court, to pay double Cofts and Damages to she 

ia Citfi be fhztll not obtain :-. Reverfal of liid Judgment, on fuch Rehearing 

by him to be profecuted. 

The Rvty j4?^D L-i it farther Emitted by the Authority aforefaid, That upon Granting 

eVer y Rehearing, the party defiring the lame, fliail pay to the Clerk of iuch 
Courr > ^ e Sum or SeWlt SkiSiagt and Six-penct } Currenc Mony. Any Aft or 
Ads Clauie or Clauies of Ads co the contrary hereof notvvithftanciug. 


i:! Oeorgii Quarto ei Qu neo. 


Made nnd P,;fr by the General AfTembly of His Majefties 
Colony ot Rbode-Ijljatt) and Prevuteiice-Pfatttatiatit, in Neiv- 
Eng/s->?a, begun and Held at Ntf/w/,the Seventh Day of May t 
t~\$. and Continued by Adjournments to the Ninth Day of 
Sep: fitter followi ng. 

AX ACT. to prevent Indians being Sued for Debt. 

For the preventing tfiarcof for the Future, 

BE it F.nafltiL by the ( Aifeml .y of this Colony, and it !; hereby Enallcd, 
That from and after rhe Publication of this ACT, no Procels litall be A": Indian 
Granted, nor Suit be Received or Lye before any Juftice or juftices of *" ",# / 
the Peace, Affiftants or Courrs of Tryals in this Colony, agaiuft any Indian l%f 
or Indians for Debr, to be made or Contracted by fuch Indian or Indians, at Wlojontr* 
any time or times after the Publication hereot-, and that nu Indian iliaJl be Tmjlsan In. 
Botind an Apprentice or Servant to any of His Majefties Subjects, withouc the diw > */* 
Content, Allowance and Approbation of Two Ja/tiws of Peace of this Colony, j^ j n j[an 
and for good cofideration there tor, and Teftifyed to, under clie Hands of fuch to te a. Str. 
Juilices i any Law, Cuitom or Utage to the contrary, in any wife notvvith- 


WHEREAS the Body of L.-.r. S for Settling and f^guUt^g of tie At lit ay 
Forces within this Colony, an in<,rcitjed to lu Great Nuntter l>y rcafon of the 
many Wars, from tine to tit/if this Colony hath fa etigngrd : / again fl French, 
Indians and other Emmies, which hath rendrtd mar.y ^f tlitm Vfelefij and may \>t for 
the Future Prejudicial) if not Repealed. 

L it therefore Enattcd h the general t/tjfktnbly of this Colony, and by the 
Authority of the famt, and it is hereby Enattcd, That all Adts heretofore 
made, Relnting to the Militia, or appointing OSicers of the fame, Ra 
hereby and Abfblut^ly Repealed and D!?cbred Null ?.ad Void, and that for 
the future trie foilovin^ Ord-ir, Re;. ,u!tion :n:d Rules Relating co the fame, 
bf Kepn and Observed by ;dl 1 erfon.Cin ciiis Cn ^ -.y. 

li b 

Anno Rjyii Rcgif Georgi; Quarto et. Quint a. 

Firft, it is Enacted and appointed, that all Male Perfon? Refidingfor the 

- __ L~ T" 1 ! ____ .- "\ iT >..*,!-._ . . _ 1^1 _ * _ *.T^ T /"? _ I ____ *.-. __ ^1 ___ A __ __*.!- - _ . .1 * 


>.y. Served in the? Place of General Officer?;, Juftices of the Peace or other Com- 

<e only mifiion OHicers, one Minifter or Teacher of each relpeftive Congregation m 
ttfftt*. each relpedive Town, ail Sworn Practitioners in Chirurgery and Phyfick, all 
Apothecaries and School-mafters, and alfo one Miller to each Grift Mill, one 
Ferry-man toenchftated Ferry, oneGoalarto each of His Majefties Goals in 
the Colouy,and all thofe than have loft one of their Eyes,or difab ed by Lame- 
nels, and all Peribr.s are under Oath or Engagement to any. Officr-. 

it ts hereby Declared and Enaftedy Thzt the GovernouT of f bjs Colony 
the time beinj;, fuallbe the Captain General and Commander in Chief, of and 
"" f a ^ the Military Forces wichm this Colony, and the Deputy Cjoverncur 
Central ^ 01 " c ^ e t ^ rnc being foall be J.ieutennnt General of" the fame. 


The Milult AND be if further EnntteA. by the Authority aforefaid, That for the bettet 

faifcit uuo Ordering and Training up the Inhabitants of this Colony, that the ieveral 

* * Companies or Train d-bttndSjfliall remain in the Stations and Bound? and Divi- 

jion by the which they have been heretofore Divided Known & Diflinguiihed, 

until feme further cr Kew Divificn or Bounds be Stated Appointed or Limited 

by lawful Authority. 

fyi&t is to /rfy, Three Companies in the Town of Z^ewpart, Three Companies 
in the Town of Providence^ one Company in the To^vn o&Tortfmontb, oniu 
Company ju the Town of If i-!r/VJ, Two Companies in the Town oflVeftcrly, 
one Company in the Town of-Ifele-JhorebjtnfTvn) Ctiiipmies in tl.e Town of 
JCingStorv/i, one Company in the Town of Exit-Greenwich, and one Company iu 
the Tcwn of ^nines-Town. 

\>t it further Enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That the Militia 
of this Government be, and it is hereby Divided into Two Regiments. 
That is to fajj The Militia of Rhode- 1 [land, ^jve-S^oreham^ alins Blcck-Ifiand y 
Kc-gimtnij. Conaaicut, Prudence and Patient fl(f*nd be one Regimenc, and {hail be the 
v i Kwi- Firit and Eldeft Regiment ^ and the Militia on the \JUtutt-L*nd in this Co- 
vitnt:c,be i on y ) f n al!.be one ochei Regiment, and fnall be the fecond and youtigjeft Re- 
" gi ment ) cac ^ f which Regiments ihali be Govern d, Guided and Led by one 

Colonel, cne Lieutenant Colonel,ar;d one J\ Iajor,wliich ftali be AnnunVy Cho- 
ien for each Regiment by the General AHembly of this Colony, during .heir 


annualiy be i: Ic-ftetl and Choleti by the General Aifembly ot this; Colony, du- 
j,- , ; 1 . ; ^.nng their SefUons on the Firit Wcdntfd.iy of MAJ annually ; al 1 . which Miii- 
?> ";/ ; j b^ tsr Y Officers ib Chofen as aforelaid, i hail be CommiiHonated by the Gover- 
apfoint^tn nour of the Colony for the time being, under the Seal of the Colony: And 
the .tftmtiy. if any Colonel, Lieutenant Colonel, Major, or o.ther Commiffion Officer Cho- 

f e n as aforefaid, ihail reiufe to Serve in luch Office, to the which he ihtiH.Tx: 
toapfrir, Choien, or fhall happen to Die i that then and in fuel? cafes, it ihall and may 
Often, tf be lawful for the Goveniour, or ia his abfence, for the Denir:) Gov^rnour, 
&y Die. by and witu the content of the General Council, at any time when the Ge 


Georgii Quarto ei: Qulnro. 

erai Ai frmbly f a " noL be Sitting tochuie and aprnint fo many other Offi 
cers to Serve in the room rind {lead of tho(e that frMil refute or Die as afore- 
lliid, until the ftrit Wedaelliay of May next endinu; fuch choice and appoint 
ment , .he* which OrpV Ts fo Cholen, ilia!) be Cornr&UEonated as above- laid $ 
and before any M-i-tiry Ofiker iliall Enter upVu the Execution of his Office^ 
he ft all take- the following Oath or Engagement. 

The Form or" the Engagement of Military Officers. 

YOV A. B. Tlein^ by the Affembly tf His <JMijefties Csleay of 
ixhude-hland, c.nd. Pruvidence-Phmtations, Chofen and Elected unto the 
TiMe and O ~\c of of D ftletyalj F.nfnec true ssflkciince ante ^ 

t ^> "* - 1 -C l~ I ** 

Ills . 1/.?/./?v 7 A". . ? GeorF,e,f/; j Heirs and, Succefiars to pear jer alfo goad fidelity to mnt (fai ! 
tiii: f. f ii Afajtsii-i C-. :Jwy, ojul the jtutlttrity therein Estahlificd, act or ding to Unity O%:i>-). 
vur Charter* And y-:t do >tlju further Euga^r, resil and tfvlj to Execute tb ? 
Ojlce of tv the T? i;rV/> ).<?/ ft ietfd according to your Cvmutiffua^ and -(3 
fit form a:;4 ubCc^-.t t\:>. L. .-Xi and jacridcd for the fii?port, "nd well or- 
<ic~ir.g of th: Aiiln- , ftttvou: partiality :, nd that you iviil dfftrvt And fallnw fuch 
Orders .t?: i Inftrxttiont as jiu fliatt frm tixtt to time ncriye jmm your S:;periourj . 
est-.d this Eng^emnt y::i muke and give upon ,ve ferli o[ the ^Penalij of fcrjurj. 

Officers as (hall be reqjjfite, for the management of their refpeciive Com- , ij ,."" 
pany ^ die which Clerk fo cholen, ili.ii be under Oath or Engagement, 
tor fnc performance of his ftid Office, and the Captain oi each Company 
is hereby impov/ered and Required, "o adrainifler the lame i . the which 
Oath iliajl be in the own 

YOV A. B. 2) felcmn j En^e writ .wd truly to ptrfjrrn a;:d Fxcut? t ?e Of- Tit 
f.ce cf Clerk of the CwnfMtj, or Train-liand, under the Command of-C- D. 
to the utmyfi of your skill and ability, wit houf frtrtiality, according to thi Lvtff 
ik-.s CV :":/, a Re! MS :; r^r 

/ it further Enacted !>y the n^uthority tiforcfcid, That every I.i 

ltilC,L*i* U J L**** itiuivittwi-nj i * / IvWfT fifp*fft-i 

one pound of good Gunpowder, tl:irty Bullets, fie for his Gun, fe good tbsfi /h-U 
Flints, fit for Service ; one good SworJ, or Baionet, a Cnrtcuch Box, ready M Three 
fitted with Cartriges of Gunpowder and Bullets, oil the panakv uf ?krte "), , " S J. 7 
SKffiffW, for each time he ihall be tound not provided as aferefaid^ the trD^ruxt. 
which ftall be Diftrained by the Clerk of the Company, by \Vairuit from 
the Captain of laid Company, ad Six-pence more for fuch Diflraint, upon 
the Goods and Chattels of fuch detective perlon, to and for the ufe of fciJi 

vttfD be it farmer En*3ed by the ^utbenty aforefxiJ, That tne Captain gfafcQfftijr 
each reipctive Company or Train-band or in his a b fence, the next Sup cnour ^^^ 
Officer) ftall lawlu Jy Wain and Call totether the Company under his ( : om- cssnpan/. 

B b i tnaiid 

i^sffino Rcpni f R^e<(ls Georsi i Quarto et Quiijto. 

mand, and Exercife them in Martial Difcipline, two Days in each Year in 
rr. timber e me of l >eare a ^ F ur in ^ /ar -. which Days Jhal! be ac his own appointment, 
/>)<;. the firft of which Warnings flu!! be by a Warrant direcled to the Corporals, to 

Kotiiie them to appear compleatly Accoutred as afbrelaki, ^nd other Days 

according Co hi" own Dilcretion. 

A!~\D be it further Ena kcd by the Authority tfer ({ aid > That every Enlifted 

Pci lon, that ihall Refufe or Megleft to make his Perform I sppearence Ac* 

coutred as aforefaid, on fuch Training Days as he ihall be Legally Warned to 

Three Sliil lh?l!1 * r eVCl y luc 1 De ^ ault W Co the Clerk of the Company, Three ShiSifift 

lings f- me in Mony, within. one Month? time after fuch default, or make his lawful excuie 

/ regUflof to the Captain, or in his abfence to the next Superiour Officer lor flic linne 

it any he have,& if fuch defaulter fhall Refufe fo to do,th;ic then the Captain* 

v t V; 5 "",,- 1 " hisabfcnce the nextSuperior Orricer ilial) Grant forth his Warrant to the 

tilerttwni. ^- ^ I t " ibc Bind,-totako and diftrain foinuch of the Perfbnal Eft;:te of fuch 

Uo:vtiiein:ci delinquent 1 ei-fun, or Iuch as Jh-tll have them m Tuition, ns ne^.r as conve- 

Jb.ill Jid.ff -}. ivoiKiy may be will pay his Fine or .Fines, together with Six-fence more for 

each Fine diftrained fur the Clerks Fees ; and fuch Eftate that lhall be taken 

by diftrefs,fiall be duly Apprised by Two Free-holders of laid Company ,undec 

Enjagement ac the head of fnid Company, and the Captain is hereby Itn- 

powred -to Adminifter the fame, and the overplus if any there be, to be 

returned to the owner thereof; ;md if he iliall refute to receive the lame, then 

the Clerk fini! uive him Credit for the lame, which /hal! be accounted for 

out of his next Fine that fhall become due :, and all fuch Fines taken as afore* 

Taid, ihal! be laid ouc to and tor the Ufe of fucb Comp.iny, by orde 1 - ot the 

Commi/Iion Officerb thereof, for the defniyinir their hv-i .l-.-i ii. Chaise. 

ts4Ni ) i>( it fur; her Emitted by the dttfhcri;? afrrefaitt, That in Cale fuch 
Ihvtopn. Perlbns as (hall be delinquent as aforefaid, fh;! l h;ivo 10 I ci fo nal Eflare to be 
ft .. , rub found to latisly Iuch Fines os af.)re(iiid, tiiac then the Captain of fuch Compa- 
ny > ^ al ^ ^ C ^ uc ^ ^ %in *l uent Perlb" to work, in mending the Highways of fuch 
Town, not exceeding ont Day for e.ich Finej and if fuch defedtive perfori 

(hall refute to do the lame, then the Captain, c~c. lhail commie fuch OiTen- 
ders to Prifon, twenty-four Hour?, or wait further to take his Eftate by Dif- 

f^i 2\P bt it further Ex.ickcd by the Authority aforefaid, That if any C!e>:fc 
Tbff M. ty _ or other Inferiour Officer of the Band, fliall refufe co obey his Superior Of- 
I fi^- f, " ficers Warrant when to him Directed, ihall forfeit for every fuch Otfence, Tut 
1-tfnfui? i -> Shillings, to and for the ule of iuch Company, to be taken by Diftrds in maii- 
.-. . t /.u Si:- uer as aforefaid. 

AN l> fc it further E*ittd by the &dutbar!ty <tfartfaiii t Th&t all fach Perfbns be- 
jty ftrfiptto j ore { n j-j^y h$- excus \j from Training, yet ihall notwithftanding be provided 
with rhe lame Arms, Ammunition, C7V. as by this Act is required of fucli as are 
obliged to Train,& that once every year, or oftner,as tbeChit f Officers of any 
o., r !,c put \ .ty Comptuiy flt:ill lee needful, there mall be either by fuch Officers.or others by 
^ " -them appointed, n Survey and Examination made, whether Iuch I erfons are 
provided as bv this Acl is Required : and all fuch Perfons as iL;.U be found 
unprovidod with iuch Anns as before Required, fhall p;iv the Tine of five- 
iW/. ; (; for encf; default, to be Levied by Diftreia an..! Sale o! tUe Defaulters 
in other Cafes, 


et Ouir.r 


ot bixte* 

the Co - 

habit or dwell, provided with Arms & AmiminitTon required ot Fraiix.-;. Sold- ( /,, ,;, t rc , : . i > f1 
iers upo:i Training Days, and in Cafe anv PcrUm (hall not ;iprt-ar as a lore- of l-ivc bini. 
laid fuch Defaulter ihall Pay tl)e Fine ot Five SvilUrg;, to be 1. ovifd by nrdei ii" 1 ^- 
of the Chief Officers of iuch Company, by Diltreii aud Sale ot iucii Ddiaulcers 

Goods as in other Cafes. 

si& D it it funbcr Fritt:! fyikf jfutharlty .< fore fad, That ir fha]1 and may 
be in rhe Power of the Governour and Deputy Guvernour of this Colony ior 
rhe time ber.i.r, or either ot them, ro Ailontblc and caU together each of the 
Ketjiments ot" rhe Mi iti a in this Colony, or any pJU i ot them or either ot 
then? at anv time, as they fh H think needful or necefl&ry for cl.e liitnc , 
and if any Ku ifted Soldier he ; nj? du v w.irned to :ipp;-: r n: :niv tt:rh uir.e nr. 
fliall be appointed, fhnll nea ect the lame, lie ihaii I V.rfeit ;m<i \\\y as a Fine, 
?Vt # Shiliintri in money, to he r.i);en nnrl difpoled of for the U]e of the Com 
pany, where fuch de e.T; (hall be,as other Fines are. 

txf^VD &f it further f.r.xtted by thr si *t verity afar, I tld , Tinf Jr" fhp C?.pt.ian, ~ a l ^>f>^> 
or in his ahlence the r,e\t Superior Officer of "any Com pan/ or Viain u-ban-l, ^^. - j, 
fhall negled legally to Wnrn and Gill together his- Company \uidettiuGoat-togttln-rfviti 
jnand, two Days in every Year in time ot Pe- .cv, and four in dine ot War, he " ti.-e -\e.t*. 
fh;ll tor every Day by him -vnitted or neple dpd, Fr.rfti :md Pay HS a Fine tu fJ r "~ Jt / (/ 
and tor rhe U!e nf (aid C"iv p iiv, F.vfy Shi/lm** in Money , and if !uch Officer ^ jf,^ 
IO negle&ing ihall R-ruic- cy ^^y the Ur.-.e, for the Ip-c-e ot one Monti, next 
after fbch his de ault, that then and in fuch Gales the Colonel, or inhisahience 
the Lieutemit Colons! ot r he ReuimeiT- vvhere .fuch omifiiioii or ueglect 
dh?iil happen to b.% ih/.il CJrant toth his Warrant to the Clerk ot the Band 
where fuch omillion or neuleit has been, to diflrain fo much ot die Eftate oi 
fuch defaulter to be uiipjled of as aforeiaid. 

bt it further E>:.:-:h<i by the ^t, ;u ,-tiy afaefaid, Thai in Cafe any , ^ 
Capraio, or in !rs ab : en-.:--, the nest: Superiour Ofhcsr of any Company or cj .j:: ?",,/. 
Trained Band, flni! nesilea to give fonh his Warrant to the Clerk of the tt d u^ i.^t 
Band to ColeA ar.d Oarh.-r luch Fine or Fines *s ih- .ll bo- due, he fhftil Forfeit A 1 "* >>u V.H 
and fa)- to and for f -e Ufe ot fuch Company, all luch Fires as lliai! be to ..% , . *p 
them due, the which il. . .i H.^ taken by d ; ftrainc, by Warrant as aboveiaid. t f,e X wf/, 

J uM>>,\] tie 

^NDI t i: further Ew-Clfi by the ts4uti>crity Aforefad, That if any KnMtted /: 
SclJi - r, fhall ispiu anv Tva-ininu; oi Mufter Dav>, Refine Vo O}-.v his Re- " ^^" "g 
ipeiiive Officer?, or otherwuys misbehave himlelr, that then it iiia!) be m theiJl/^* 
Power of the Captain & Commiifioners of each Kefpective t:.!-.mi-any, to Punifi\ inn-fist, f, i 
fuch Offender,bv laying him neck and heel:-., or Ruling rhe Wooden- Horf?,or " """i- ; j v . 
Fine him at Dilcretion, not exceeding ITJH Shi/linc< /./.;/ .^t.W 

it is furthr EaxfltJ by the Authority tfxrtfaid, That the Colonel 
of each of the aforeiiiid Regiments,. ibaH by and wich the Advicj ^r Order ->t 
the Captaiu General, or Lietitenanc Genera;, Call to^rher ciie Reipedtive Ke- 

C c fcinvjiii 

?<jc;* Rtgi-s Georgii Qyarto et Quinto. 

Jt Corner al 

JHr/ier to i" Snent under his Command, to a General Mufter, to Review and Ewrcife 

l>*i onfci,, the lame once in five years, and not oftener j and the Ccmmiffiou, and other 
fry je.iu. In ieriour Officers and Private Centinels of each respective Company, are 
hereby Commanded and Required, to yield al) due Obedience to their refpeo- 
me Field Officers upon a General Multer, or upon any other Training and 
JvTnitvr pay, as Private Centinels are Required to do to their other Comtnif- 
lion Officer?, upon the Penalty of incurring the Jike pains and forfeitures as 
store provided. 

A A^.D WHEREAS it Appears need ft! for His tJMijcslics Service., ttnd the 
Defence of this Colony, that then jhoxLt be a Body of fJorfs RaiJulJ ar the 
mire jvaedj oppofing or frofecuting of any Enemy. 

BE It tlic .-efure Enacted by the t/fittkgrity afiref.ticl t That all proper means b 
uied, and ! ,ncou: augment given by the Governour, Deputy Goveraour, 
ami General Oiiiccrs of this Colony, for the Raifing of three Troops oi 
"^ Hode, each Troop not to confift of more than Sixty Pedbns, iiicludins Ofti- 

Jti ftJ. cei-, one, or which Troops is to be Railed out oi the Regiment uoon the 
Iflands, and. the other two Troops to be Railed out of the Regiment upon 
the Main-Land : And thut when there fhall be to the Number of Twenty 
Iv- h 1 ; Perlbns Enliftecl in any of faid Troops, that then upon due upplicatiou 

r-ifwl tot to the General Aiiembiy., there (hall he by them Nominated and Appointed 

/.v.-y juiyi c.ub. fuch Officers for the Commanding, Ordering and Diiciplining of fuch Troop, 
x*. to faid Aflemblv fhall appear proper and needful for the ends aforefaid ; 
\vhich OHicers (hall be Engaged and Commiilionated as the Oriif-ers of the 
Fooc Companies are : And that every Trooper fliall be always provided with 

T,npn*i &.* one good ierviceable Horle, of founeen l^nds high, one good Saddle, Bitt- 
Bridle, Hoifters, breaft- plate and Grouper, une Carbine, one pair oi t,ood Pil- 
tols, one Sword, one pound of Gunpowdcr,tnirty uzeable BuH- t^twelvt; good 
Flints-, one good pair of Boots and Spurs, upon the Penalty of Two Shillings for 
every default in every of the afore laid Accoutrements;, and that the Field 
Officers of each Regiment, fliall appoint the Cloathmg of every of the 
Troops of the 

be it further EnaCtcd by the Authority aforefaid, That the Cap- tain, or in JITS sbfence the next Superiour Oflicer, ihall Warn tlu- Troop un* 
f..;j * Mufti* d er h\i Command to Mufter two leverav Days in every year in time of Pence, 

and four in time of War, ac his own appointment, as the Foot Co)i p:mie . 
.jpoi. av" to^^ i Every Trooper upon default of Non-appearance of fuch Mufter, wiien 
k^aeJ i- ivc legally Warned thereunto, {hall pay as a Fine, to and for rhe utu of. luch 
Stulhiigs. Troop, Fly: Shilli?i{s in Money, to be taken by Diftreft in like m.nnner as tiie 

Fines in the Foot Companies are ; and for every default of" Appearance oa 

an Alarm, every Trooper fhall pay a Finer ol Ten Snllmgs, to be rakeu ana 

tiiipofed oi in manner as aforefaid. 

be it further Enacted dy the ^uthfiity 4/Vrr/iwaE, If th, Gaptain^ 
or in his abience the next Commandi-ig OrScor ihall negled to Muftei aiij,! 
fmilti a)lt!l ~ Ex .ei"ciie his Troop two fevera! Dayes in .-ach year, &i: he faaii be un.ler the 
Cipi.wi, &c. like Fines ns the* Commifiion Officer ; <-f f! ; .^ Foot Company ire j ta be Re- 
tl>.u net-Ms covered and Difuofed ot in the lik/- niaiincr. 
tici) Datj* 


Rt^rri T^r if Georiui Quarto et Quinto. 

In it ; xr:bcr En.ii lcd by the Authority aftrtjltid. That the Commifli- 

ou Officers of each Troop, feaU have the ferae power to punifti or tine fuch 
Troopers as ihall refute to obey their Commands on their M -after Davs, or ( 
tfiall oihervvays misbehave themielves as the,Captaiu o f the Foot Companies 
have. And that the Clerk of each Troop Ihall pay Ten ShHUags for every de- 
Jed of his in aesli- cling to obferve fuch Wai rant as from his Supericiur Offi 
cers ihall be to him. directed. 

The Form of the ConimilTion for Colonel 

By the Honourable A B. Efq; Govcrnour of His Majcftics Colony 
of Rhode I/land, and PrffviJe*cc-Piantatifft in tfew-jtjrutd 

To C D. Gent. Greeting. 

YO J C* D. Being ly the (jentrat Aeiv y of this CAori); Elected and jt ^^,, ne i i 
Chofcn to the ti,id Ojfut: of Colonel of the T^jgimtnt of Afiiit:* on Ui$fl* 
the Inlands in this Colony, are hereby in His ^JM-ijcslits Name, George, by the 
Urjce of GOD, over. Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of 
the. Fttitkj &c. txfar/JontfJ, hnpooered and Cemnvfiiw&ttd to Excrcife the Of~ 
fl-e of Cviwil t/ thi faid "JRjgimeat, and to Cvimns.nd, Guide and Co-tdutl the 
fame, or ii>:y particxtxr Cutnpzny or Comp.mes thereof , itnd in c-ifc of any 
Invasion or ^fuitlt of .? Common Eticaty, to i-ifcst ttrid disturb this His Sif.ijef-- 
ties Plantations ; fou are to <iAiarm (Kid Cj-i;ijcr together under your Comm.tnd r 
or any part thereof, eu you (liatt diem fvjjicicttt, And with them to t ue iitmoSl of 
y:iir sk!U and .ibiiity, yj-j, are to "J^fftir, E.vpulft, Expel, Kill and Deftroy the 
fame, in order tc prejerve the later tit of His Mujefty, and His Gotd Suljeftt 
in t kefe T^rts. Tan aft alfo to foRov> fuel) further Inftruttiuns and Dlrc:}ia^ r at 
fijlt from timt t) tit?t; be further given forth either from the General Affnxbljjbe 
Govtmour and General Council : And for your fo fifing, this Csmtmjfion /;.// be 
your fufficierit Warrant .wd^e. 

Aud the like Form of Commifllpn fiiall fcrve for all oilier 
milTion Officers,, Mutatis Mutandis* 

bt it further Enacted by the ^Authority ^farcf.tid, That all die Com- 
fliiflion Officers ot the Militia, fliall be and remain in their Refpe&ive Foftsj 
until the General AiCrnbly at tlieir Sitting on the iirft Wednelday oi M*y 
next, fluU appoint Commiihou Oflicers for the fame. 

AND im it i xrtbir Enacted by the s Authority aforefcid, Th;it the Governcuj* 
and Deputy Govcriuur, Members of the General Council, with the Field 
Officers and Cutmni&OD Oflkers, of each Regiment, and the jutb ces of the lf ~fo> J&.i!l 
Peace that live within the lhme,or the Major part of them, fh:il! be a Council " 
of War, for each of faid Regiments, both in Peace and War, to fettle U 
Watches and Wards, and to put in Force and fixecure the Law Martial as 
need may Require, anA Generally to Say, Do and Act all and whattbever" 
Tilings flwll be ncediul, rieceflary or proper for a Council of War to do. 

C C 2 c/^n4 

Georgii Quarto et Quinto. 

be it further Unfilled by the- Avlkyrity aferef.tid, For the fecuring 
of this Colony, and the Navigation thereof ajainft Privateers, in time ol 
aylKafeat, War, .T.d Py rates in time of Peace, which may infeft the fame i that the Go- 
&c. /it Go- vernour of this Colony for the time beintt., or in his ablence, or by his leave 
ar f ^ p erm ijli on , the Deputy Governour ol the lame, ihali, and may in time oi 
to War, or any other emergent Occasion, Ijnpower and Commiffionate fuch per- 

fon or perfons, as he fhall deem and adjudge to be Loyal, Couragious, and 
capable to Command fuch Ship or Ships, or other VeiTels ( us by and with 
/ the advice of fo many of the Council, and Field Officers, as maybe had at 
the hot. l< " i uc h tmie b* thought needful tor, as to Repel, or take any Privateer or Pi 
rate, as ihal) infeft this Colony ; and alfo to take up and Imprefs fuch Shii> 
or Ships, or other Veftels, as fhail be deemed needful for the fame , and to 
equip and fit the fame for the Sea, ami with Arms, Ammunition and Provifl- 
ons, and i uch o -her necedary Stores as {hall be requifite, our o f the Colonies 
Magazine, it lufficient there be ; otherwile to Sesz. and Imprefs fuch Stores 
and Ammunition as ihall ferve for the lame ^ and alfo to linlift ot Imprefs 
juch and fi> many Seamen and others, as fhal! l-.e needful and requifite to Man 
out fuch Velfels as fhull be taken up or Impreiied as aforeiaid j fuch Veflel or 
V eiiels fo fitted our, not to Ciuiie any longer at one time, than ten days, the 
Danger ot the Seas only excepted. 

And for the Encouragement of Seamen and others to Enlift chem- 
ielves voluntarily on iuch Occafions. 

T Bt it further F-naffcd by the <^-futharity afvrtfaid, That all fuch Ships or other 

Veffels that ihall be taken from the Enemy, during Iuch Cruiie, together with 

Att t their Loading and AppiirtenrmccSj ihaii be, and remain to the Captors, His 

lakemots. Majefties Dues, and the Charge of the Out- fert only excepted; and in cafe 

long ta the f ha- ilo t lung iuall be taken from the Enemy duiin^ Iuch Cruife , the Charge 

thereof foal) be born by the Colony. 

AN ACT for Relieving Iuch as fhall be Maimed in rhe Colonies 
Service, and the VV^idow, Parents or Relations of fuch as fhall 
be Killd in the Colonies Service, and ihail noc be able to 
Subfift and Maintain themfelves. 

BE it Enacted \jy the (general Affembly of (hit Colony^ And by the t/tutbority of 
the fame, That if any Officer, Soklier or Sailor, that lliaiJ be 
ic &lan w" imployed by this Colony, againft HIS MAJESTIES Enemies, in 
ioi>c defence o{ this Colony or otherwife, fh: M be Maimed and Difabled by lofs of 
fd jt L , m b or Limbs,or otlierwife from getting a livelihood for himfelfand Family, 
rge. or oc jj er ^ e ] a tions that have dependance on him for Maintainance ;that then, 
and in Iuch Cafes, fuch Maimed Pa Ion, fhall have his Wounds carefully looked 
after and healed at the Colonies charge, and ihall have an Annual Penfion 
allowed him out. of the General Trealury, fufficient to maintain himielf and 
Family, or other Relations whofe Maintainance is incumbent cu him. 

jtT^T) be it further Enattctl by the jitttliarLty ftfarefnid. That if any Perfon. 
or Perfons fhall be Slain in this Colonies Service as atorefaid, and have the 


tgis GeoTgii Quarto et Quiuto. 

charge of Mainlining a Wife, Children, Parents or other Relations, that tli.-n 
and in Uich Cafes, iuch Wife. Children, Parents or other. Relations } the 
Charge of whofe Maintamance was Incumbent on iuch Pcrfon Slain as afore- 
laid, ihall be Subscribed and Maintained by the Colony, by a Yearly Penfnn, to 
be allowed them out of the Genera! Trealury, as by the General Aflembly-fiiftU 
be deemed fufHcient for the i;une, until iuch Wife, Children, Parents or other 
Relations, ihai! happen co Die or be able to Subiift and Maintain theraielves. 


Ami for the better putting this Act in Execution. 

BE it further Enacted by t as tsfutbority ti f t>refait!, That the Town Council of^ je j- jm ^ 
\ each Reflective Town in this Colony,, Ihall have the care and overflight of Come:: of 
Iuch Pertbns as Refule in their Reipechve Towns, as are Intituled to any (nd-jcffei 
Penfion as atore(aid,and from ti iie t.> time to Receive the fame, and therewith ; " T , w " 
fuppiy iuch t erlons as they ihall fhnd in need thereof. jmforut d! 

AN ACT tor the better Reulation of Attachments in Civil AcHons. 

TTCT/^- J^cy/? by t c Cu sl*m / . / <> Colony of Lite 1s:trs it b.n ban aUtrncd, ths.e 
V\ t K Sefi-ff & hit "Dfpvfitt A taiki-ny cf Cocas of fmeli ^ .iuf^and wt arfrrer- 
abie 1,1 the debt or damage Sued f-r by the Tir. iriff, tj be a g nod ftrv:ce of juch Write 
in Caje of the Deferidxitti, -n-ijich hath been a cau/e th>tt there hath not 
been. (but diligents uftd for the sirreftirg the Defendant? TerJ^i as ought to be. 

BE it t scsefor-e Enatttil !ry tl i (jtueral <iSf/fembiy of this Colony ^ and by tbr , . 
stxtl. vrlij oftst fame, Tim for the future upon any "Writ delivered the went to it 
Sheriff in a Civil Afrion, he ih -ill by In mfeH , or hw Deputy, Ufe his bcft miJe -tn.dt 
Diligence to Arreft the B<idy of the Defendant, or Defendants, and lhal] not 
Attach tiie D^veiii-iants Gtjods or Chattels, unlefs iuch Goods and Chattels fa 
Attached be of futficient V^lue to ajifwer the damages laid in fuch Writ , 
Excepting only where the Plantilf or his Attorney ihall on the back of fuch //.;:?. / w 
Writ order the fame under the Hand ot fuch Flainrirf, or his \ttornv , Out, ^ fame. 
in Cafe the PlaintiiY, or his Attorney, fhall to order the fame, fuch. iervice ihuM 
be fuificienc to bring the caufe to a Tryal. 

AN ACT, 1 or Diftribution and Settling of Inteflates Edate, 

WH Ti f J{E<i/4S it bat t been found by Experience in this Cotanf, to be very 
wt- igful and fujurints to the Tublick (joaiL, its well- as Private Inter eft of 
the youtigrr Children ff per font Dying J>-t<ilAtt 9 That the whole 1(jal Estate of 
fuch To fort Vjii g Intcftdtr, fliauld V>-lctnd ta his F.tdefl .9w;, and thereby 
the other Children, vboft L.tbuiirs have brcn very ufeful Mid tidvMjttgtaiu to their 
~tircnts t in Trancing and Itafffvtnr fuih T^;^i EftMtjfioutd be left Destitute. 

D d 

96 A-int 2\jY ; - K f &* Cioorgii Quarto et Quinto. 

D /f therefore F-r-iiled by the general jiffemblj of tins Colony, and >/ the 
Authority of the fane. >.,4nd it is kcrtbj Ens.ttcd. That from and after 
r : i r v </;!>!t the Publication of this A&, when any peribn faail Die Inteft/ite, his Eftate 
bi&Htoriuti both Real and l erfo"al, foal! be under theatre and management ot ("uch 
^Ordinary. Adminiftrator, as fhall j-,e loyally appointed in rliis Colony , who fhall Exhi 
bit an Inventory ot" the iame unto the Town- Council that printed luch Let 
ter of Administration, and the Appraifement ot luch Eftate ihall be by three 
or more good and fuiiicient Freeholders upon Oath to be appointed by faid 
HM .-) ;; hi. Y OW n-Gouncil , which Appraisement and Inventory being duly Exhibited 
and allowed by the Town-Council :, the laid Eftate flvill after Debts, laft 
Sicklied, and Funeral Charges of (uch Intefiate paid, be divided by order of 
fuch Town-Council amongft the Widow, Children, and their Reprelenta- 
F ! f^,, tives, or others nexcot Kin of the Inteftate, in manner and loim following ; 
Artuw. ^ J -* f " to fey* one third pare of the peribnal Eft;tte to the Wile of the Intel- 
tare for ever ; asalfo one third part ot" the real Eftate for her Dower, du 
ring her Life, where (uch Wife Ihall not be otherwile Endowed by laid In- 
ceftate before Marriage i and allb the reft of the Kelldue and Remainder of 
Jiltbercll both the real and perlbnal Eftnte amongft the Children of fuch lotcftate, or their legal Repretentatives as tolloweth, viz.. to the E!dei> Son, or in cafe of 

his Death, to his legal Repretentatives a double Portion or fhare, and to each 
of die other Children :, or in cale of any of their Death, to fuch Child s 
legal Reprelentatives, one equal part or ihare of iaid Eflate, laving only 
that where any Child (ha!) have had or Received from the Imeftate any 
Portion or Settlement in the lite-time of the Inteftate, fuch Portion or 
Settlement ihall be valued as it was worth at the time of fuch Settle 
ment", an>:! fuch Child Ihall only have [ii much more of the Inteftatcs E- 
ftace, as may make the liud Port inn or Settlement: before h^d or made, 
equal with the reft of the Children , and in cafe the Eldeft Son ihall 
Die in the Life-time ot the Intell.ite, leaving no Children, nor Grand- 
Children; that then fuch double Portion fhaU go ro the next Eldeft Son 
of the Intefl-ate, or his Legal Reprefenattives , And where the Inteftate 
ihall Die, leaving no Sons nor their Legal Reprelentatives, that then fuch 
Eftate ihall be equally divided amongft the Daughters ot fuch Inteftate, 
or their ! i-gal Representatives, they to Inherit the fame as Co-partners. 

In vfJ>a>. cnfc PROVIDED neverthelefs that where any Eftate in Houfes or Lands, cnn- 
noc {., e divided amongft all die Children or their Legal Reprelentatives, wirh- 
j: S reat pe r j u dice to, or fpoiling the whole, and being fo Reprefenred and 
t, jeJ.jnds, made to appear unto the Town Council, the laid Town Council may order 
&c. Icptjivg the whole or any part to the Eldeft Son, lie Paying to rhe other Children 
//jt- :>ther fair Equal and Proportionable parts or lhares according to the Apprizement 
pm M thereof and in Cafe the Eldeft Son Ihull Reiuie, then to fuch next Eldeft 
font. Son fucceiuvely as fti ill accept the fame, he Paying to the other Children 
their proportionable parts, as aforelaid. 

P be it futhcr Enacted by the Authority nfortfad. That when any Perf >n 
<./: :,iien, the fliall Die Inteftate, leaving no Children nor their Legal Reprefenratives, That 
jfifg to live t j iea one Moiety or half part of the Perfonal Eftate of fuch Inteftare, th ill be 
$ , Allotted to the Wife ot the Intett-ate forever, and one Third part of the 
t^l-inf t^ Real Eftate for Term of her Life ; and the Refidue and R.eru;iiuder of .both 
real t.Jtxe. the 

Kr^ni T^jgit Geor^n Quarto et Quinto 97 

the Real fcPerfona! EftarefhaH be equally divided amongft fuch o * the next of 
Rtn of the Ititeftate, within equal Degree, or their Legal Reprefentatives, **ff>e Xetrt 
{hall put in their Claims thereunto before iuch Town Council, within the<tertofa e 
times herein after limited, -y/z.. ail fuch Perionsas at the time of the Death o r 

. 4*V A. V.l*i 

in other parts, within three Years next after fuch Adnviniftraion Granted, and !* > "* 
in default thereof, fuch Perfim or Pur fans fhal) be utterly Barred and Excluded ^fcin thM 
ft v ever after, from Claiming or Challenging arty Right or intereft in the lame, 
or any part thereof. 

he it further En* d<d, That in Cafe there (ha!) be no Wife of the 
Inteftate Surviving him, that then nil iuch Eftate of the Inteftate both Reai 
and Perfonal, fhall be Divided amongft the Children ct the lateftate in man 
ner as afore fa id , and it no Children, then nmongft the next of Kin oi fuch 
Inteftate in equal Decree, and their Reprefentatives in manner as aforefaid. 

^ be it further Enabled ly the Authority afortfald^ That every Perfort 
to whom any fhare or part fhal! be allowed, lhall give Bond witli two good 
and fufficient Sureties to the Adminiflrator before the Town Council, to Re- 
iuud and Pay back to fuch Adminiitrator, his or her Rateable and Proportio 
nable part of any Debt or Debts, that iltali afterwards appear to be Du and 
Owing, from the Eftate of Iuch Intefl - = .K to any parfon or perioios whatloever, 
as alfo the Charges accursg thereon, by any Suit or Suits in Law or Equity, 

And be it further Enatted, Thvtr after tJie Death of the Wife or Widow of 
fuch Inteftate, her Thirds or Dower of the Rea! Eftate (hall be divided 
amongft the Children, or next of Kin of the Inteftate, as by this A& 
ihail at fuch time have a right to the fame. 

Atd <tlAj;, *nd \>e it further a#firf,That it fixall be lawful for any per- ^t f -"- li f * f 
ion or perfons agrieved at any Sentence oV Judgment of any Town-Council, [ 

for any Matters contain d in this Aft, to appeal from fuch Sentence or judg 
ment, to the Governour and General Council of this Colony,, for a final Judg* 
ment thereon-, fuch perfotis giving in Bond, with fufficient Sureties, to pro- 
fecure the fame wkh efFeil ; and in the mean time, all Process on the Sen 

tence or Judgment of fuch Town-Council to be lufpendid. Any thing here 
in con:ainea to the contrary notwifhftanding. 

t of 

j*T?Dbe it further Enatted i>j :hf Juthoriry aforefaid, That when any per- ^ ! - e ^ 
fon "being Seiz d ;n Fee in his own fole and proper right of any_ Lands, Tere- / Ln ^m 
ments or Hereditaments Lying within the Limits or this Colony, and {hall tfn -r/c. Ef, 
Die Inteftate, tearing no Wife or Children, nor other perfon or perfcv.s o f (hat toil* 
Kifl to him, that can lawfully claim fuch Eftate, as Koir or Heirs at Law -, r< ""- 
that then nnd in fuch cafe, fuch Eftate Hull efchcnt and go to the Town 
where fuch Land Lies, for the ufe.and benefit of futh Town } and in cafe 
fuch per fon fhall leave any Perfonal Eflate, fuch Eftate fhal go an d accrug to 
fuch Town where fuch perfcn Died, or laft Inhabited within this Colony / 
And the Town-Council ot fuch Town, fhal) take due care of the fame, for 
de benedt of fuch Town* P4 2. But 

<j8 nAntio . Regnl ^gis Georgii Quarto et Quinto. 

But in-cafe fuch perfon (hall Dye. SeizM ofany Land-?./ Bright iu Lands b i n in common with orher perfon^ and undivided,. -that then fuch -Lands, or 
hinds M me his right m fuch Lands fhalT-go and accrue to fuch .other Pertbus and their 
kid in Com- Heirs, as were at the time of his Daiith, Tenants iu comroou with him in 
iina;$ia$gt t j le f ame . 

AN ACT, For taking JDepofitions out of Court, 


01LAS.MVCH AS the taking Duygfittws fiWitn(ffis.-,in Civil Ctiteks, is often 
tteccjpiry, by rettfon of the uncertainty of the Life, Health and (oiitf^uid. P.i fi- 

dtnce of fuch \VitncjSj until the^ Sifting of tht Court , to Try juch C*itfcf -. An<i 

^tMci^hruly tn\f,n^ ACi t fdr * TO tkdr mtt 

Diytncrits sf^Wttnefi &]"**>; fySw"<rrzJj/ taksK^ etccdrdrig :o their intent and. 
, atutTx ur.fmitltd -to th 

fore a 

BE > tkcrcfofir Ena& eA by the Gttitral isijfcttbly of this Colons, Ar.A by the Au~ 
thtrity ff tht/amf^ That -it fhJtll and may be luwful for drher. 1-1 .intiff or 
fie take^/ e.^ D ere ndnnt in any. Civil Action Comnienced for ox againft him at any CourC 
f in this Colony, to take out a Surnrrions from any A ffiftant- or Juftice of the 
Peace of rhe Neighbourhood for nich Witnefs or WitnefTes to ap neur before 
him, to cive in his or their Evidence of what he or they fciiow hi the Cafe 
dt en depending ; provided that a Notification be firft ta Ken cur. from faid 
Iftleterfim J u ft ^j to the ad\ eric Party, if dwelling \vithin ten Miles of the Place, and 
wttfttb unto hmxRead, to be prfcfeneif .to be found at the place of his or rheir uiual 
afoafe f.vty HaliitaHon -, ofi^Viot to be found, a C>ipy chefeof being left there for him 
to be there. or them, a reaibnable time be-fore die Exanxination of fuch Witr.eii or Wit- 
Jidfes,, every fuch Witnefs to be carefully -ixammed and Charsted by fuch 
juftice to "Declare tne whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth; between laid 
Parties, which Dep ontion Jo taken, arid wrote by the Juftice, or other perfon 
by his appointment , and being attefted by fuch JufKce, is to be delivered 
to the Party, at whole delke the fame was taken, a. Copy thereof to-be deli 
vered to the adverfe Party, it by .him or them then dcfire d, and paying for 
the fame; which Charges iiialL be allowed to. die Party that fh;iil obtain 
Judgment ip the Bill of Coftg , neithej: of. the Parties, nor their Attorney ;; 
to draw any Juch Evidence. 

A N ACT for Dilcuoinging, Vexatious and Unjufl Suits in Law 

WI-JET^EAS, it hath been fouvd that Sui$s and tAttiew at Lan, have been 
much tncrtafcd ff Lfte Tew, by tht Vtx.itiout. And Letigiatii f Dtfct>fi- 

fAft j\ i* jjLtJ < *+ JUtnt vi ff+ tvmrfi* *fsrn *^* *-j^ < *^ v>^- ** 

\ much tncrtafcd ff Lfte Tew, by tbt Fixations, and Leugictu <Bifp>fi 
tolas of either Plant: jfs or Dcfcfidwtt, in cit-lore Sv wgfor -what, it riot tlitir dut t or 
Vnju iily witbolditng t\ic fame from others, atid (ire much Encouraged. thereto by rettftnt 
the Vfiutl Gefb & the Partiet Obtaning Judgment, is. #*?/*# to what may 
. _ r. ,/./. ^ (illffft ffii 


Rrgni R.-gis Georgii Quarto at QuintO. 


For the Dilcouraging the fame for the future. 

TVo Shil- 

E it therefore Erx& -d by tat-. Central stjfemtiy of Mi O j. ry, and ky the ^^pi. ice 
----- O f the fame, ami ic is /jj> ci>y >;.. </, That wften and !> often,!/ 

Six-pwce, for every Ten Miles difbnce from tiio Place or iuch Perfor.s ; and imgs per 
each of the .Vitneifes Habitations :o rhe Couct where iuch Ousie flnll be ^ icrtl f<* 
Tryed, and TV Shilling: per Day for iuch Perioti or Perions, and each ot his," 1 " 
her or ii:eir Witnefies, for their Attendance on laid Court. 

PROVIDED aKvays, that in Cafe the Evident of any inch Witneffes 
fo attending, (hull appear to fuch Cour^ t^ be fnvLus and not material to 
prove the K .fue in the Caafe, itfliaH be in the P-iv/er snd au the Dilcietbn 
of the Court to allow him nothing., for iuch their Travel and Attendance In 
fuch Bill ot Coft?, and the Perlbas who Summoned them, (had Pay their Coiis 
for Coming, Attendance, tire. 

AN ACT, Dke&hig Proceeding? iiv Actions attd Suits, wherein 
either the Recorder or Sheriff are Parties. 

K it En. -ftcJ ty thi Genera! z/Kf.-mb j if tkit His Maicftics Colony, and by Tf;f 

the *s4:ithiity dfthtftmt, Tuac wh . Ti and (r> ofeen ht nceror.vard, a$ the MewKy n 

Recorder of this Colony tor the drne being, ftiall be a Party in any S $n all 

Action or Suit, either as Plantiif or Defendant ; rha Writ or Writs both f ?-/ f /J 
Original ai:d Judicial, fnal) be bigned r-iul SeaiedX as the Law ia fuch Cafes -^" 
Requires .) by the General Attorney of this Colony, and that, in a!! Actions or M ifntt 
Suits vvhere:;; the Sheriff of this Calory for the cinv beino; fhal) be ;i Parcj/j -li e -" he 
VVrics both Oriu,i:::-ii and Ju-iiciai, ihal! be directed to the Town Sergeant of f " 7 ^ * 
the Town, for the time being, where the Defendant in iuch Action or 
Hiall be an Inhabitant to Execute the iarae. 

AN ACT, for rhc betrer Regulating of the Collectors and 
Naval Officers Fees within this Colony. 

FOI^jJSzJMVCh as tin General ^4(\inMy ?f this Colony held at Warwick, 
m the Tuttnty-niih L\:y of Oft -iber, t? ^. / .t/? <-. Act for the 7{jva!aring .<tnd 
StMtinf tht Gtltfton *nd Ifyvitl Officers l-ces within tbrt Colony ; lOhicb .Act 
found not to be fo Extetifivs *ts w-f intended^ T hc/tfc-ie the fame n hereby 
Hull and VoiA> and of none bff t : :l. 

T^D be it Enatttii by tbi< General jfffembfy, md by the c//af hority taere of h 

is Enatted-tTh-At thef? i- ? ees hereafter meniioned,(ba11 be the ftated Table 

of Btcr. for tlw Collector and JSaval Officer within- tliis Colony, and rhat t!ie 

B e Cgl 

too 4,i6 f ff^ni Kegis Georun Quarto et Ouinto- 

"eGtSeffvr CoUeclor and Naval O-Ttcer, they,or either of them,or any Deputy under either 

iidjf&a! of them, Ihali not take any other or greater Fees then is therein mentioned 

(war* 00 c ^ e Penalty of Fo etting Twenty &hi!iit>os to the Colony for every Offence* 

Fees than n to be recovered before vtuy on Affiftant or juflice of the Peace, upon Complaint 

iere;nfi<ite.[. made of fuch, where fuch Offence (hall ba Committed, together with the Coils 

Court oi Tryals 

A Table of Fees for the Collcftors Office, for Vcilels Trading to 
Europe^ or co the Weft- Indies. 

/ s d 

ENtering Inwards. co 02 oo 

Permit to Unload- oo oi c>o 

Entring Outward- GO ox oo 

permit to Load. oo oi co 

Clearing Outward. oo 02 o<$ 

Bill of Store, co oi oo 

Certificate for Goods. oo oi 06 

Signing; the Regifter. oo 03 oo 

A Table of. Fees for Coafters, 

ENtering Inwards. oo oo o<J 

Permit to Unload- oo oo 04. 

Entering Outward. co oo 04. 

Permit to Load. oo oo 04 

Clearing, Outwards oo GO otf 

Certificate for Europ&m Goods. oo oi oo 

Bill of Store. oo oo o5 

Permit to unload a fmall quantiy, the Veflel not Entered. oo cxs 08 

Endorfing the Regifier if Requeued. oo oi o<S 

A Table of Fees for the Naval Officer. 

TO the Governour for Signing the Regiiter. oo 06 oo 

To the Naval Officer for Writing the Rigeiter. oo 03 oo 

,1 0*,^ Entering Sloops, Coafters. oo oo 06 

Clearing Ditto. oo oo 06 

Entering Ships or Sloops Foreign. oo 01 oo 

If they give Bond. oo 03 oo 

Clearing Ships or Sloops Foreign. oo 03 on 

Cocquet for European Goods, Each. oo oi oo 

Bill of Store. co oi oo 

Bond. oo or oo 

All CertiQcats from Great Briteain to fiiew Bond given. oo 03 oo 


Ar.uo ff^i 7? v * r; V Ceon-ii Q-j?.n:!> et Quinto, 


AN ACT For Calling in the Throe Pound Bills of Credit Emitted 
by this Colony in the years One Thoufand, Seven and 
rcu, ana oe Thcafand, Seven Hundred and Eleven. 

as the Tlree r Psund fills of- Credit on tint Cdoiy, Emit* 
ltd in the Tear: nfofffaid, have been Count trfeitct-t, whereby, Damagci 
have happened ta fnrrxl peifenf, winch may difcssragt the Currency oj (MA "Sills, 
if not pre-v(nt(c4. 

E if thersfnre EnaEicd by t ai* Trefent j4ffiml !y, and ly ihc Authority 
of the f.~.>nt. ft is frix&cd, That the Poileflbrs of Three Pound Bills , n 
of Credit of this Colony. Emitted in the years afo efaid, Do bring # ,v/7 //"^ 
into the General Treafury of fhta His IVIajefties Colony, al! the aforefaid/.rrf;- w / tj,c 
Bills, before or uprm the Firft Day of May^ in nhe year of our Lord, One Tnnfwi, ty 
Tlioafaiid, Seven Hundred and Nineteen, where all tlie fiiid Bilts fliall \^ t1j l"ft D f 
Changed w^th n^er P-iite of Puhlick Credit ; and all of the atoreiaM Three ^^ I7 9> 
Pound Bills of v^!- d:t that fhi! net. be brought into the Genera! Tieafury by 
the atorellkl Firft Day of , Mty, One Thoufand, Seven Hundred and Nine 
teen, Be, and hereby are Prohibited to pals from man tr, m?.,^ or ] m j n y. 
further Currency- Any AA or <\cls, Claufe or Clauies of Afbs to the con 
trary hereot notwilbftanding. 

AM ACT, For the Relief of poor Pri Toners. 

~JCH a* many infolvent c Dibtars h.tve been thrown into (jotil vfcti Ex- 
ly their Creditors^ and have Ixid long lnngitijhii}g t to the deflrojing of 
and Families. 

BE if therefore E>M$ed by this general Jffemblj-, end by f he Authority vf the 
fame, Tliat %vhok>ever fhall keep or continue an infofvent Debtor in tnfolrcnt 
Prifon any longer time than he lhall be able to fubfift hinifsjf, ihall ta - ft le 
find tor Ibch Prilbner, Work fufficient to luhfift himfelr, during his Confine- p^ e S 
ncent, or fliall pav unto fuch Piitbnei, Six-pence per Day during the lame-, and Diem by 
that if" iuch Creditor (hall refufe to pay the fame, that then upon Complaint titditor. 
thereof made ro any Afiiftant, or juftice of the Peace, and Convicliou there 
of, fuch Allillant or Juftice ihall grant forth a 1 Warrant of Diftrefs, to diflram 
.(b mucli of fuch Offenders Rftate as ihall J -itisfte and pay the fame. 

AN ACT, For the more (needy Tryai of fuch Negro and Indian 
Slaves as (hall be found Purloining and Stealing, 


"E it Emitted ly the &4ffemblj of tba Colony t und by the 
thonty of the fame it is Entted, That all ISesiro and Indian Slaves 
that ftai) be found Purioiniag, Stealing or Thieving, ihnll be Try- 


Georgit Q.uarto er Quinio. 

eci Adjudged for the fanie-, in the Town wbes luch Offence {hall-be 
Cu;nniited ; And the Affiflanrs Juftk-w cf are Peace, and Wardens of iuch 
Tovvt ,-T)T any twci of thtfi^- arfi ^ crs ^X ^My Inrpowsfed to Hear. Try au^ 
Atfjyrtve the <" a i* ? and. upon Conviclion h-srsot, PdBJittvc c^nreuce tc givs, 
a-.ftilly aod effeftuany by Whipping, Baniiliing, ore. as die Genera! Courts of 
Tjfya^j ani i General Goa? Delivery, within this His M:;jcfties Colony have 

oJii Authorizedj Ufed or Acou^oroed to do. 
aitornJ totfie Having ai ways the liberty of an Appea! to the General Court of Tryals, 
ot 7 j/r^ - ^ ( ^ ienera Goal Leli /ery-jit the Owner of Juch Siave or vSlaves faali deiirethe 
^ & oZ fa? ejani ^ S ive ^ ond co P ro *" eciu:e luc ^ Appeal as 5u other Ctife? Any Ad or Acts, 
!><;;<?;>. CJa ^ or ^-^ au * !S c ^ Atts to the contrary hereof in any wiie notwithftanding. 

ACT, Regulating the Recorders and Sheriffs Fees, 
Cafes that come befoce the General Amenably. 

Br Enacted ^y the General estflembl^ and by.thu Authority rf the fame, ft if 
frfllsA., Th^t the General Recorder and Sheriff of. this Colony, 
fha!> V ave ari d f*k e t^ 6 ^ike Fees in all Cafes as come before the Gene 
ral AiG" 11 ^^ as t ^y : iva a ^ Jwc r -i to liave Mid take in Cauies brought fo the 
iii Court of Tryals. 

The Table 


ABufe or Bifobedience to Officers. 4 
Actions in Law beTween the 

Recorder and Sheriff. 99 

Administrations. 15,14,67, 81 

Amercement or. Jurors non appearance. 30 

Appeals. 3? 

Artificers. 10 

Affiftantn Fees. 38 

Afiize of Bread. 59 

Attachments Regulated. 95 

Attorney Generis Fee s; 21 

Attorney Generals dirty. 30 


BArgains. 8 

Banns of Matrimony. 12 

Birthes and Burials. 47 

Bills of Credit Emitted. 60,62, 6 ?>75 > 79 

Coimterfeitr.g of the fame. 6r 

Three Pounds called in. 101 

Bond to the Sheriff. 26 

Breach of Peace. 6 

Burglary. 5 

CHance Medly 
Clerks of Courts of Tryal?. 
Clerks Fees. 
Oandeftine Marriages. 
Clandeftine Transportations^ 
Colonels Commiffion. 
Courts of Tryals. 
Conftables Fees, 

Commilfion, of a Jufh ce of Peace. 
Colleftors Fees. 
Confpirators and Champetors. 
Colony Seal. 
Cofts of Court fecured.- 



T^Eputies, now Qualified. 
-L/ When Eleftcd. 

Fine for non-attendance. 

How recovered & difpofed; 

Allowance per Diem. 

Exempted from Arreft. 
Deodand, and how difpofed. 
Debts from Towns, how recovered. 

Di (obedience to Affiftants, &c. 
Difobedience to Parents and MafterS. 

Duty on Negroes Imported. 

p j4ft Greenwich a Townfhip." 

The Townfhip Extended* 
Engagement of General Officers. 

of Deputies. 

Military OSicers. 

Clerk of Train-band^ 

Town Officers. 



Evidences taken out of Court. 

. . 

FEes aHowed m Conr i. 

Firil Day of the Week- 
Fire, preventing thereof. 
Fire Wood. 
Firing (he woods. 
Form of the Bills of Credit. 
Forn cation. 
















13 { Forgery. 

62 1 Fraudulence. 

ii ! Forcible. Entry and Detainer. 





GEneral AflTemblv Related., 
Governour or Deputy Governour 

to call Afletublisi. 
Goal in Providence. 
Gunner at Fort Ann, 


High and Petit Treafoh. 


N Aval Office. 

65. 99 

Negroes and Indians abroad in the night. 52 





JAtnes Trv>n Ertfted. 
impounding Cattle, &r 
impoi ration of Slaves, &V. 
Indians not to be Sued for Debt. 
Jntcfhte EH ate?. 
J.l* ices of the Peace: 

Exempted from Arreft. 
Juices Fees. 
Intrufion on Narragani c.t Lands. 




ij 95 

16, 74 

LAws of England in force, 
Lands not Subjected to 
any other Government- 
Ucenfing Rctaikrs. 
Lying, crc. 

Cafe. 45 

and Stealing, &c. 
Nciv-Sboreham a Townfhip. 
A itiigrets Shjchains lands. 
Notary Publick.. 

i or 

2 7 



Officers Fee?; at the Court of Tryals. 81,84 
Overfcers of the i oor. 10 

TjEdlars Prohibited. 

- Penalty for preten ce to Office. 
Probate of Wills Fees. 
Poor Prifoners. 
Private .Men of War, 


27> ior 



MAintenance of Minilters." 80 

Maiming perfons nKiiiciou{ly. 5 

Maimed in wai Relieved. 94 _ 

Miliiia 85 ^ 

Mmdcr, Man-ilaughter ^. Mifadventure. 4 i 

QUietng of Poffeflion. 


T> Ates. 

not mifapplyed. 
Recording Afts of Affeaibly," 
Recorders Vc^s. , ") 
Regiftring Detds, C^r. 

jleguiatkm oi Ra:tt; and Taxes." 
Riding, Exceffively. 







S Afters. 

Sealers of Weigh fj. 
Sheriff attend Courts. 

his Fees. 

Cuftody of Goals. 

to appoint his Deputies. 
SicknefTes Contagious. 
Special Courts. 
Strangers, to give Bond. 




19, 102 

J 45 




TAnner?, Carriers & Cord W ainer? } 

Town Commons 
Town Pound and Stocks. 
Town Sergeants Fees. 
Town Grants Confirmed. 
Town Officers. 



Trn.vrt dwellers io i ivern 
Try a is under /Vrr)/ Sbitlif?^ 
Trade and Navigation. 
Troops of Horfe. 
Trivc-fe on Iriforuutions, 

TTExatfons Suires .litc 

Vo r ers for Gatiera!. 
by Proxy ho/v MJ 


a Xownftitp; 
Weights & Msjlares. 
VViun.;iK;s Secured from Ar