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p.. St. /mall $r "H^tU tfu^M* Htf^. 

S^aa ben ^^Ibehbalffe )8og^anMiiid6 Sot(a^a 











His Most Gracious Majesty 

^nffian f§^ 



ana ^O^Ip^^S^ /ne em^Ao^ m^ d^ c^t^ o4^tna€ 4tJi€f^iAd 
^ %$^a/o-- ^an4d'A , ^€e<x4ccchi€€A'A^ A^c/A^o^ /u$A/4!dAea, 
fUeden/cc/ ^Ae^ ^w^i^Ad /fc YOUR MAJESTY'S ^^n^^nec^a/c 
^^ecuxeddc4d, 4if^, ^ /ticAMAifM /Ae /AtM €44a^^ftaA 4€f^€4A 
y ^Ae dafne c^ct^i/ion, cccn4t<^ Au^ AeA cted^^ud' 

/ad4 /fe a od^e e/eU^ka /^ ^e^^ o^ a SOVEREIGN 

/tieaen/ ^omA /a YOUR MAJESTY'S '^*ac4<Hui ^nOice. 

YOUR MAJESTY m>^ memy ana Ac^y e^ay^, one/ 
co^'^nua^^ /a en&teade dAe ^4<K/^el^/y ^t YOUR MAJIi— 
STY S 4e^'ni -^ /ne j^x<t'f-&n4f A^yei cA! 




Cepenhtfen AprlLSd 1846. 


Xjw Itst attempt at Aniflo^IkNiisb lexieoffraplKy wat made Biacty y«ars ain> 
1^ a No«MregiaQ>9 Mr. Awdtem Bcrthalson, toidaate of Diyiiiitjr niMt prolMibly •! 
tke University of €i>p«iifaaj(eB. The work, m aitgfat he expected in Ikat a^ i« 
in a high degree unesitical, but eonaidetiaif that it hroke the ice it miMt hanne 
required mere than, erdinary laboiir and research , for it forms a Tolume eff 
afreiit six hundred ami sixty pages 4lo* This work bears the following tide: 

''An EngUsk an4 Danioli Dictionary: containing the gemiine words ef 
both langnages with tkeir proper and figwatrve meaniags ; interspersed with m 
Urge variety of phrases, idioms , terms of aart and profrerktal sayings^, collected 
Ifirom the most approved writers ; by Andreas Berthelson Caad* S. Min. ¥oU L 
Lond« 1754.'^ It was obviously llr. Bertkelson's inlention to pnUisk a Danish* 
English Diclienary as a secend volume to tliia; but it ne^er appeared. It is 
not our presentdwsign to say much about the merits or deonerits of this work: as a spe- 
cimen of tiie anther's taste, or rather of the tasteof die tiroes we shaU ei^ insert the 
feHewing sampte which we find under the word: "GUN POWDfiR": "THE 
GUNPOWDER TREASOaV DAY, %m 9a(ie::bag , Jom Ifopfti oHt aU) togioib iil 
fhinMufi ,af bm i^fiHge Btfriflfe fra bet itoftf^ring, fom ^«t iiUaM ^ailmoMf, 
^ at fcrtle iH ^t nagU frnlii9«bfr/ font l^mmdigrir koe ftn^xttt i ^d'bttnt wrn^ 
He ^wAmtntB ffmJftt naav oHi @tarabenie thire famiCebi^' i.. e. ''that Fast 6mf 
which is kept tbroaghout all England in oimiBieai oration of the happy deliver 
ranee, fr»m that gambol which was^ designed for die ParlianMnt ky settisg fire 
te some karreki of gunpowder, wblcfa had been secreted in the cottars below 
die Parltameitt house, at a time when all the Estates were assembled." 

Tke ilrst Danish -Engli^ Dictionary was 9\m compiled by^ a Iforwegiany 
aad likewise pobKshed in London. Ifs title is : 

"0^ $>m^ 00 OER^If Orb.'^og. iavm^pt^i af (Srnfl SSolff, a^ebUtm 
«f bet l^^loyligr ianU^un^^nifttQi ^Pfah ubi St\^iVi^y>K o«t ^ii^monb i SoMa 
bMi, Sf^ft uH toaboii of %tff^, @o]K^aa , og ^Mtx \>att Sscfotieteitd e^ ^» 
hMng !kH>CCLXXlX." k e. "A Danish and English Dictionary cenqpiled by Emsl 
WoMT, Member of d*e most ithisipious Agricaltttral Society of Copenhagen amd 
Merchant in London, Printed in London at the Author's eicpense, by Frysi Covek- 
■an, and Collier 1779*" Thie is also a pretty ponderous 4to of about 550 
pages , ami it was evlde^dy the antbor's design , that his work , altkottgk 
ptAliahed S& years kter than Bei;tM^n*07 skonld match it ^n its second Volames 



indeed this is also hinted at by Mr. Wolff in his preface : he has made his 
volume as like as possible to th^t of his countryman in type, paper, and size, 
as well as other typographical externals , with thretf columns on each page^ 
containing an equal number of lines : both are also dedicated to the Crown 
Prince of Denmark for the time being. From this may be inferred that Mr. 
Berthelson's work was considered as a Avork of considerable merit at the 
time when Mr. Wolff published his Dictionary. 

As we in ihis present work have gone over the same ground as Mr. 
Wolff (viz* the Englishing of the Danish vocabulary) it lies more particularly 
within our province briefly to notice its merits. 

- The advantageous side of Mr. Wolff's woi'k is its copiousness: but his 
desire of making his volume as like as possible to that of Mr. Berthelson even 
in bulk, has led him to insert a number of words which otherwise hardly 
would have fonnd place in his Dietionary: some of these seem to be qaife 
locai Norwegian provincialisms (good Norwegian words would have been un- 
ebjectionable) ; others are foreign or hybrid ; and some evidently coined for 
the nonce. Of the first class apparently are such words as: ^an^pn^ a breath; 
aan^puftm, out of breath, asthmatic ; ^anhpn^tn^fh, a shortness of breath, an 
Asthma: to the second class may be referred such words as: ^thtnathtiht, 
SRe^enjIitttb , 9^eBenttb, ^ttbtuvh^bt, ^libtn^i, 9{eben)9tnb; of the third class are 
such words as ; ^rt)el0dgi^telfe , disinherision [disinherison] ; ^atuxtn^ ^ffivfti, 
the excrement or excretion of nature; 3nivobttciioitd ^^ngt, entrance money; 
S^a^ndforfcetntng, Anagram; ^am^ 3nb{frit)elfe , matriculation; ^aa ftn ca^aiin^, 
adv* gentlemanlike, generously. These examples* and a number of such are 
found in every page, are sufficient to show that Mr. Wolff cannot be recom- 
mended for nice selection or ^criticism, nor could this perhaps be expected 
from a gentleman in his circumstances. In many instances the author has also 
mistaken the meaning of |English words: e. g* @r0b, he calls groui, pollard^ 
and ^olbff>i((. Tennis plajil With all its imperfections, however, Wolff's Danish 
English Dictionary has hitherto been held in higher esteem abroad, perhaps not 
unjustly, than any of the succeeding publications in this departn\,ent. It must be 
admitted that the merchant was out of his element when compiling a Dictio-> 
nary and we do not wonder that ke quotes with peculiar emphasis those words 
of Bijyer : ^^DicHonary-making is the most lofUhsome, tedious and crabbed work'* : 
still this remains Mr. Ernst Wolff's unquestionable and distinguished merit that 
he justly appreciated the great importance of the English language and litera- 
ture for his countrymen and his Scandinavian brethren, and, impelled only by 
this motive , he devoted himself to a task so foreign to his ordinary pursuits 
when apparently no one else would . or could undertake it. ''If the many 
excellent works", says Mr. Wolff, "which England has to shew in every science 
encourages all scholars to study the language , who can be surprised if my 
countrymen the Danes and the Norwegians should feel more particularly en- 
couraged to it, on account of the intimate connexion subsisting between these 

Mr. Wolff then remarks that "three Danish Princes have during the 
last hundred years been united to three English Princesses, which not only 
must create mutual friendship' and union between the Royal houses and the 


BatioDs; but greatly tend to propagate tbe knowledge of the Engliah language. 
Bat more partcularly^' he adds^ "the Norwegian trade, which is equally in- 
dUpeoMble to England and to Norway, renders the English language absolutely 
necessary to a number of my countrymen." It is but natural that the mer- 
chaot lays great stress on the practical usefulness of the English language in 
tills respect, and that he specially urges how expensive it is for the Norwe- 
gians to send their youth to school in England for the pui-pose of having them' 
instracted in the language: this expense he thinks may be greatly diminished 
tf not completely done away with, by his Dictionary, since the young Norwe- 
Ifians might now study the ianguage first nt home, and, having rendered them* 
selves masters of the rudiments , go to England only for a short time, merely 
to correct their pronunciation and get their English education finished. I seek 
neither profit nor renown by this literary enterprize, says Mr. Wolfl"; my only 
object is usefulness, and having, had public utility in view, having attempted a 
nseful work , which no one else seemed willing to undertake, — I ought not 
to be the sufferer by it, — How far these ^ust and practical sentiments were _ 
responded to by his countrymen, we have now no means of estimating. 

That Mr» Wolff's Danish English Dictionary gave an impulse to the 
study of English in Denmark, aye, and all things considered — a compara- 
tively vigorous, powerful, brisk and lively impulse, seems evident from this, that 
not more than five years later JIfr. Christtan Frederick Bay published the first 
Edition of his translaUon of Arnold's English and Gertnan Dictionary, This first - 
edition appeared in the year 1784 : we have not seen it : vand it is of no^ mo- 
ment for our present purpose , as it is the literature of Danish-English , more 
than of English-Danish Dictionaries that now is passing Veview.. The second 
edition of Arnold done into Danish by Bay lies before us and bears the fol- 
lowing title : "A Compleat Vocabulary English and Danish : Sulbflcenbigt @ngel{! 
^d ^attff <&aanb « Sixicon , f}^oxu^i inbel^olbeis aUt i bet (Sngeljf e @^rog brugelige 
Otb, meb bere« faa»el forte fom lange Slccent, famt tilf^^ebe Ubtale.- Ubgicet paa 
fittflelfl 09 X)9\>9 af $;f;eobor Sltnolb; nu x^aa )t>anf! £)t)€tfat, forbebrct og fov^get 
mtb ei ©amling af ^auUU og <B0^ ^etmint eg ^atemaaber af (S^rifltan grebetid^ 
®fll): ^nben 09 for&ebtebe Ubga^e. JJj^benl^a^H 1796. Zxi^H Vaa ©i^lbenbaB got* 
^'^ i. e. Complete English and Danish Manual-Lexicon in which are contained 
ill such words as are used in the English language, with their short as well as 
longf emphasis^ to which is added the pronunciation: edited in English and Ger- 
man by Theodor Arnold ; and now translated into Danish , improved and en- 
riched with a collection of Mercantile and Nav«l terms and Phrases by Chri- 
stian Friderich Bay : second and improved Edition. Copenhagen 1796. Published 
1>7 Gyldenddl. The third Edition has exactly th6 same title as the 2d, with no 
other difference than this., that it professedly is the third Edition printed at Co- 
penhagen 1806 by S. Popp and published by Gyldendal. Mr. Bay says in the 
preface that "he has revised , improved , and enlarged this edition" and he 
hopes "he has thereby done his countrymen a material seiTice." . But the 
^th is that he has improved nothing at. all: this. 3d edition is a mere reprint 
sf the '2d, printed with a similar type and containing the same number of 
P^ges (651) and an equal number of lines throughout. 

It will he remembered l^t ail the three firsi e^Hti^ns-merjH^ are emd 
nUo f^fest to he translatiens of AmM; but in the year ISOr, i. e. the oexl 
ytw after the pnblicatton of the 3d editton, thift book maker of two ji'oyal bap^ 
thtnals Mr. Chrlstiaii Fri^erich Bay, eommilted the most b«refece^ trick of lite-* 
rary piracy that wo remember ever to have seen, lust about the time of flie 
1»ombardm«nt of Copenhagen he published the f^owiDg*: Sttlbflcritbigi (Itt^If! 
9^ l^oitft fomt ^anf eg (Swg^elf ^aavltsinicon, nHxMM efter be nl^e^e og Beb^ 
JDtbbgget af (S^ttfltait ^ibitid^ $a^. ^91^ ^etl. %n\ffn fcrbebtet Itbga^e* 
.;^fbfttl^9it 1807. XtHjilt X^aa ben ©^(beabalfTe IBegl^attbling^ ^exlaq 1^0 ^ebaffioit 
^^." i, e. ''Complete English and Danish and also Danish and EngHi^ ma- 
nual-Lexicon, compiled from the latest and best Dtetionarie» by Chrislian Fri- 
derich Bay. Vol. I. Second and improved Edition. Copenhagen Id^T. Pa- 
blished by Gyldendal : printed by Sebastian Popp^'' — And what is now this 
^ecend edition of Bay*s Dictionary? Why, it is nofkmff but the warehemsed sheetM 
ef the 3<2 editifin of Arnold published the year before. ' 

This ti^epage of 1807 by which Mir. Bay made hhnself ^e anther of 
another man's work contains what Mr. Daniel O'Connell would call a midtitn-. 
dinoiis falsehood: or rather a multitudinous Ue^ for such is the terse phrase 
need by the Hon. • Gentleman. 

1) The Dictionary is very far from being complete, erery considered ae 
« Manual-Lexicon , for Mr. Bay has himself stated in the preface that he has 
omitted the greatest number of derived word:) , which he thinks that even be- 
^nners may easily find out without, seeing them in the Dictionary. - . 

2) This was only an ''English and Danish" and not « "Danish and 
English Dictionary."* 

3) He calls it "ilbatbeibti" Hteralty: elaborated (we have m the traM- 
laiion of the title used the more suitable English word "compiled") ; but sBfB-. 
ly there never was a literary work produced with les» labour since Mr. Bay 
wrote nothing imore than a new title page. 

4) He says that he has compiled it "^ft'om the latest and best Dictio- 
naries," but as we have already £>i'en Uiat this is a mere unaltered re(M>tnt of 
the 2d Editioa of 1796, no Dictionaries that had been published during the last 
eileten years could haVe been used for the improvement of this. ' We strongly 
tuspeet that all the editions of this "Manual-Lexicon" are mere reprints of the 
first Edition, and in that case nothing had been improved or added since 179#« 

5> He says that all this has been done "by Christian Friderich Bay**^; 
but m three preceding Editions he had himself honestly confessed that he had 
cnly translated Arnold. 

6) He calls this Vol. T. ; bat there is no 2d Yohime. 

7) He calls this "Second improved Edition": here are three falseho^^a 
in three words: for 1. it cannot be second edition of Bay's Manwil-Lexieon^ 
since there does not exist any first edition. S. it is in no respect improved, an4 
Bdly, it is no edition at all, but only the sheets of the 9d Edition of AmoM 
io which this false title page has been prefixed. 

8. He says H is printed in 1807; but we have already seen that th« 
l)ook was print6d^in 1806. Thus this titlepage of 1807 contains a sum of ne 
less than ten grosjs falsehoods. Surely Mr. Bay must not have known tbat tbia 


Mil ol dishonesty <k by all literary mes throuf^faiMil ihe civitfzed w««U, iroim 
a Msrtrf poiAt of view , hM m the saaie ebhonrenee as th«C which is nsoattji 
pensbed by the house of corrections or by tranSponettoB. — Btti ia IjA. 51^ 
Leiid^. 12, M* h% was safe eno«|rii; there firacies af this kind ere seldont 
wted with very serere paiBskmentd *}. 

Th« last Edition of Bay's Amald bears the foliowing title: 

ahftiieM of &ifximn Stibcrid^ Sa)^ , Sjftbe gkttnctnfecte og fotdebrebt €^(00. 
Mi^htfy^u. Zt^tt ptia bnt ®)^e«b<il4re ^ogl^eablbigd getlftg 1820" ; i. e. "omi- 
^te Danirii and English Manual-Dictionary, from 'fheodor Arnold coaqiiled Ivyr 
Christian Fredsnk Bay. Foarth revised aad improved Editien. Gope«hagea» 
Poblished by Gyldendal 1820k 

Here "iDanf! og S tig elf f" is a misprint, for it oii|rhl to be ®ngtf|f 
^ ^aafF. Bay was dead when this edition, (which if we are rightfy informed 
was only revised by fhe Publisher) was printed; and it no doubt is owing^ t<r 
die publisher's sense of justice and fairness that wc here find Theodor Arnol<f 
reinstated in his rights as the true .author, althougfh perhaps it was attempted 
by the ambiguous term "eftet*^ to cover the dishonesty of Bay: The revision 
apparently consists mainly in the omission of a few tf Bay's redundancies ; 
bnt Bay's numerous errors have not been corrected. Thus for example we 
fad: 'Tuberty, be m^bige 5lac" etc. exactly arin the three preceedin^ edi* 
tions, and even a word so veiy common and necessary as "Beefsteak** is not 
to be found in this, any more than in the former editions. 

But besides the MannaKLexicon Bay has also published a larger work 
whose title is: 'IJiifbftcettbig ©ngcCif eg ®aiiffX)rbbog, Mbfttbefbet efter bt n^eflr 
og bebjie OtbBugct of (Sl&rijiktt grebert^ S5o^. JJj06enr;a»» 1806, )paa ben '®\fU 
benbolffe Sogl^onbllngd gotlag. %xX)H fjcd ^ottel^h)", i. e. "Complete English 
and Danish dictionary compiled from the newest and best Dictionaries by Chri- 
stian Frederich Bay. Copenhagen 1806. Published by Gyldendal. Printed by B. 

*> We have heard it more than .once remarked by learned Germans who bad acquired some 
faiQwIedge of Danish, ^Ibat the Danish literature was nothing bnt a collection of piracies ; and if there was 
i>r Ain* arif inal , it was good for very little^: this is too sweeping an aaaerthin ; but that die Daowh 
Oriius iwrtly bftT« tbemselvea to blame tor the ksputatton thus cast upon their country is nadeniaUe, fat 
lb«y hsYc been far too indulgent to plagiaries , far too rjeiuctant to expose them. From this absence oi 
correctional police in the Danish literatare the result has been and still is that very gross piracies bav6 
ken committed'; and as it is by no means uncomYnon that school books and class books are pirated from 
*mign aniiian, it is bnt natural that school-boys and sludenls, when they boaraia aequainted with tb« 
^tcasMtaace, rimuld look upon plagiarism as a venial fJaulti, or even as a raacitorious action. We shall here men- 
tiea only one monMrous piracy of this kind, which, if committed in England^ or France, or Prussia, would 
lire Bade the perpetrator unDt for every public employtnent : The whole of '*^L. Poinsot's Elemens de sta- 
^••^ (^ 6ili ed^ion)- baft been pirvled by an unprincipled ftvnstspCbr, who nowhere baa mentioned his av- 
^H*' name, avd the book is used as a classbeok in one of the academies in Copenhagen* This piracy 
kia certainly been rather too. leniently dealt with althdngh, no doubt, disapproved by a learned critic in 
ftsfesior Petersen's Journal for 1839 , who merely observes ^hat this "Scerebog" "is in many places a 
lilnri version of ^"^lemcns de Statiqne par Poinsof ** \ tor it is evident that this erttic well knew that tfie 
*^*'' af Potttsot*s elasflical work bad been pirated. The German critics deqlt with much more severe jit- 
''Ca with an aaonyasous plagiarist whp had pirated an English treatise written by the author of this pre« 
^cc< Mercy to the offender in this case is injustice to the public and cruelty to the deserving; and this 
' principle is generally acted upon hf the English, the Vrench and the German critics, 

XII ^ 

K. Horrebow." This \s a work in two thick 8to Yolfl, of which the 1st con- 
taiBS 1,235, and the 2d 1,237 pages^ making altogether 2,472 pages. Aye shall 
not here enter into any nice or extensive criticism of this work : we have rea- 
son to suspect that it is a translation like the other from some larger English 
and tjrerman Dictionary* Mr. Bay states that his sources have been the 6di 
Edition of Johnson of 1785; Sheridan's Dictionary of 1789; Walkers Dictionary 
of 1791 ; Chamber's Encyclopedia; besides the Dictionaries of Ash, Young, 
Ludyig and' Bay ley. He certainly is wrong in stating that in marking the pro- 
nunciation he has followed Walker and Sheridan, since they have marked the 
pronunciation by arithmetical figures according to a precise system, and he has 
expressed it by alphabetical characters in a most arbitrary and inaccurate man- 
ner, in which he has followed the example of the Anglo-Gei^man Lexicogra- 
phers of that age. 

We shall now briefly notice the Danish-English part of Mr. Bay's la- 
bours, of which three Editions have been found, viz. the 1st of 1798; the 2d 
of 1807, and the last of 1824. The first Edition bears the following title: 
"gttlbficettbigt 2)anjl og ©ngcljf ^aaab^fiexicon, ubatbeibet eftet be n^ejie eg bebfte 
£)tb6g9cr af g^riihan griberic^ Sdat}. StUUnljam 1798 ; ^x\)tt )siaa ©^IbcnbaB got- 
^g"; i. e. "Complete Danish and English Manual-Lexicon, compiled from the 
newest and best Dictionaries by . Christian Friderich Bay. Copenhagen 1798. 
Published by Gyldendal." This first edition was very full of misprints, which 
have been corrected in the 2d edition of 1807 ; butin other respects this is a mere re- 
print, of the former. The 3d edition of 1824 is also nothing but a reprint of the 
2d. Mr. Bay says that "although We have , Ernst Wolff's Danish and English 
Dictionary he has not considered it superfluous to edit" a complete Danish and 
English Manual - Lexicon" as a second Volume to the English and Danish Ma- 
nual-Lexicon [i. e. Arnold] already published. He further says that as to Da- 
nish he has made nse of the Dictionaries of V. Aphelen, of Baden and of Dr. 
Wolff and as to English of Johnson Boyer and Ash." 

Of course there is a little more observable of Mr. Bay's own manu- 
facture in the Danish-English, than in the English-Danish Part; here was no- 
thing that could be pirated but Ernst Wolff alone, and his. work was obviously 
the work of a man, who, however well intentioned and public spirited, was 
untrained to lexicography and lacking many of the indispensable qualifications 
for this kind of labour ; besides Wolff's work had now after 18 years>become 
rather Obsolete. But still we find that Bay )ias not disdained to copy very 
largely from Wolff: He has indeed not followed Wolff implicitly throughout; 
yet most frequently adopted his errors even in orthography, and where 
he departed from the authority of his predecessor his . alterations were 
generally speaking n'o improvements. Some of Wolff^s barbarous words 
9nd useless phrases Bay has no doubt excluded, but a far greater number he has 
retained : he could no more than Wolff distinguish between that which was essential 
and that which was accidental in the meaning of a word ; high life and low 
life; the usage of the saloon and the qellar; serious and comic style; history 
and a country ballad were all one to him ; in short his lexicographical unfit- 
ness was owing to inadequate and imperfect knowledge not only of Danish and 
English , but also of the general principles of philology. Several of these po- 


Ataoiis Will be satisfaclorlly iUusftrated merely by inseniiigeii extract of a co- 
Jama of Bay's Dictionary chos.en at .random. We light upon Bay's '*^iixliahi^? 
wjih its d^mpounds, and we shall put in parallel with H Wolff's treatment of 
the same group of vocables : 


AUtligl^eb, Sub, Love, affection, favour, 
friendship. " , ~ 

^nliaf)tU=f8x\fn\>^ , Sub, Heal, ardour, 
vehemency. , ^ 

Jtierli9]^eb0^2)rif, SuK a philter, a love 
portion [potion]. 

Jtieriigljebd*g«bet , Suk a love fit , an 
erotic raving. 

^M\of)Mx%lammt, Sub. flames of love. 
Jtieriig]^eb« ©ierning, Sub. a work of 

^HtUof^M X ®uUn , the god of love, 


•tierllgl^ebd ^antUx , Sub. Amorous In- 
trigues, Lovetricks. 

XiftUgl^ebd ^tflotie, Sub. Amorous sto- 
ries, romances. 

^ittUqsS)\^ila^f Sub. an amorous look, 
a glance, an oglmg, a smickering a 
casting of sheep's eyes. 

^txli^f^iHs^ani, Sub.^a love pledge. 
*ierUglj«b«*@fri»elfe, Sub. a lovelettet. 

^inlioi^thi ^ XaUX' , Sub. Love talk, an 
amorous Discourse. 

^tx\i^f)thi:XHh9itliQX}t\> , Sub. an amor- 
ous passion , an inclination, a fond- 


^itxliQfjth, Love, affection, favour, ten- 

i^ierlfgjbebe.'SlnjI^b, Love-Fit. 

*^ierllgieb«s!»aaiib. Love knot. 

^aliQi)th^sf8Uf, amorous Look, Smicker^ 
ing (fafie ^ietUglJeb^s^rff ^aa een) to 

• look sweet upon one. 

MitxHgiX)M,mx9^>, a Billet-doux, Love- 

jlletligl&eb^^^r^ttbe. Ardour, Heat of 

Love or Passion. 
^ierli9]^b0.-2)rif; a Love potion. Philter. 
^ierngfiebe^gorpffring, a Pledge of Love. 
ieietlle^eb«^®ub, Cupid. 
Jlietlig]^eb6-'&anbel, amorous Intrigues, 


^ierIi9]^tb«;f«&iftotier, Love-Stories, Ro- 

JHerligl^eb^^SIb, Loveflames, Heat of 

^itxUgf)Ms^e, amorous Kiss. 
^(erlig^ebe-'SMaattfb, ($0$ be qaviie (S^ifl* 
ne), Eucharistia. 

^kxliQf}t\>ii^ant, Love-Pledge. ' 
StUxllQiM^^iil, Arrow of l.ove. 
StltxligfiMs^Ba^tx, Love Intrigues. 
MtxliQi)M i ©naf , Lovetale , amorous 

Stitx\\^iUM%xl, Work of Charity. ' 
Jtierligl^ebd^^ife, a Love song^ amorous 
' Song. 

This parallel will show that Bay's Jti(rngT;eb is far from being any im- 

Sroveraent on Wolff's; nay« that it is in several instances more barbarous: 
j«y has e. g. inserted the barbarous word ^inUg(;eb^'$lnfl0b , and as absurdly 
^aaslated it by hw& fii I .^erUgl^ebd^^aanb, a word which Bay has, and Wolff 
nas not; but then Bay's English version of it is. bad. It no doubt is wrong of 
Wolff to. give, romoftces for JlierUgl^eb^ :? -gifiorie , but this Bay retains. StUdiat 
»W«ft (for fieriig is a misprint)' is better rendere4 by Wolff than StMigl^m^ 


i&UthyB$[y. Bay gives Jtierlts^eb^jflRMtilib 'ivliicli Wolff bas forgotten, imt tr»ii»- 
lales by a word not used by Enf^h vutbora > for they «&li it Agape. Bi^s 
Jtietik^Mi^Hl , is ceiliiirly an vnaecessary word, end Ui H»Hn^ by liini ; 
love dart, would be a better version than arroto ntf i^w. MittU^tH^a^, 
which Bay has, is equally unnecessary, and his "love intrigues" an absurd ver- 
sion of it , the rigikt expression would be love matters. Say puts StUxliQffth^f 
(Snaf for Wom*sAmli^t\i0sX$itx md cojiies Wolff's iraaslatioar hvA J(trrtl9^fM 
^nat is not hve tale , but hoe iidk. Bay has without the least hesiliAton co- 
pied Wolff's misspelliB^pB or fnispriats: under the word ^icrlUtgii^igl^cb, Wolff 
has the misprint puManimii^ for pmdlanimUy ; this Bay adopts as the rigkt 
upettmg and repeats the blnador three times in one column ; it has been pre- 
■aerved in all the three editions of Bay^ ^anisVEnglish Biettonary , which is 
the more startling since to the English-Danish part it is right, where %e has 
evidently copied a more accurate author. We sliAll subjoin a Jew store ex.«> 
tracts to shew more plainly Bay'^ piratings from Wolff: 


IBogflat), a letter, character. ^^XjvSoth 
yt^ SBogffat), initial letter, ©tcre ^og* 
fta))e; capital letters. 

'!Bogflat)erd Sorfcetning, an anagram. 
j8ogflat>etd Itbelabdfe, an elision. 
Sotflceb, Traveste^, disguised, transmo- 
griied^ masked. 

8or!I(ebelfe , a disguise, a comteifeit 

.%Gt i ig^fen, at the head* 

got i $eien, beforehand. 

Sotfotiningd ^^gn, aa apoatropbe. 

SctfUinelfd, Callumny, sia»der, slander- 
ing, liackbitings deti*action, is^e im- 
putation 9 malicious aspersion^ defa- 
mation, defaming, blemishing. 

£);6 (®fin)^ Light.' <Soel og mafim ere 
to #ote ^9, The sun ^nd moon are 
two great. luminarieB; ^ ftft fom 
antcrnbe^, a candle^ candle light;' %i 
it^a i f!t eget 1^6 , To stand* in one's 
own light, to prejudice otie^s self. 

O^Jl^ggt (et ^ne) , To erect, to buiW, 
to Taise an edifice. ^M txtvn)(Hzx, 
to edify, to exdte, to improve, to 
l»enefit, to instruct by example. 

ttong, A rank, a degree, a note or 
qiMlity, a rate, a preeedency, or 


«ogjla», a letter. («eg^ttbelfe^ogfla\>X 
initial Letter (jlcre) capital Letter. 

IBogftattera gorfcrtnfitg, an Anagram. 
^ogflat)etd Itbelabilfe, an Elisiom 
9otfl«eM, disguised, trave^d, transmo-- 
grified, masked. . 

S^nffbelfc, a Disguise, Trav^estiBg, eo«»» 
forfeit liaMr. 

9or t <S^{bfen, at the head. 
%^ i ^im, before Hand* 
9orfoTtii>iitg« %t^, am Apostrop1ie» 
^or&^aelff/ De£NnatioB, B^miahiii|p, 

Slandering, Dotraction, false iJi^u- 

tation. Aspersion, Vilifying. 

B93 (fratt (£f (n), Light. (SireC «g 9{aaitr 
ere to fiore ^i>) , Sun and Moon ar« 
two great Luminaries. (Cii l^rorabe), a 
Candle. {^^^ i fit eget), to stand iit 
Your own light to prejudice ^onr 

0)>]^)9gge; to bnild^ «re«l> #r f«iM) i«i 
Edifice, (l^b lilHnfl|»«C) , to e4lfy, in* 
struct by Your Emmp^e, set a ifoM 

^<i«g, Rank, Begree» Order, Di^iiity, 
frecedeney). (^^le 9t9iVi% lo'HX em). 


takiog place belore» an oi^der «r dig-' 

Slanf <fom j^oae^; iige op). Right, slraigbt, 
4bi«ct op, upright, sUuiduig. 


to take Pkce of otte. (@liifi» af ftr^r 
9tang, a Ship of the iirat Rate. 
StanC (fetn flaof t Ugr «^) , right,. up~^ 
ligbt, erect. 

These samples ajre tak«n quite ud (ip^furamf and the reader Who wiH 
tske the trouble to compare these dictionaries, wiU fiad that every page offei^ 
plenty of the same di«cn.ptioA. %oxf)0X We^ff render# by : The hearing of « 
ftiBontr, an examinatioiT; and Baj calls H: the Hearing, Examination of aPri"* 
umec, hat nnfortunateJy adds a Trials a word pecutiarly app]icid>le to Ihe Eng-- 
M form of procesa and not to llie Danish: The Danish language has no ade^ 
faate term to express the Ettglish word Tri^ which in criminal Jaw denotM 
the i^ublic examlDatioa of wknesses , in an open court, in the presesce of- » 
i«dj^ and jury, with reference to a charge, or indictment againat a pnsoncr 
at tlie bar: the Danish %9t^0V, is « piivate eiaminatiein of the prisoner him* 
self by a jndige in a room io which strangers are not admitted { and for thi» 
reason Danish lawyers say that the Dani;^ form of criminal prooesa ia an i«« 
^isitonal lerm. 

A juat and impartial examination will lead to the result: thai Chu- 
ttian Friderich Boy's lexicographical labours, tho' apparently both nnmerous vmi 
TokiBiintfUs, have not greatly advanced Anglo-Danish lexioograi^y) beyond the 
stage on which it was left by Berifaelson and Wolff, that they have sot mn^ 
tedally promoted the knowledge of the English language and iiteratmre in Den* 
■aik, wd ihat on the ccMitrary Bay has often misled md bewildered instead %§ 

Next -after Chr. Fr. Bay follows Olsen. His Dictionary bears the Soh' 
Wwiag tklo: ''iDattf oj (Sngelf Semon, uhMMhtt tiUx U Ut>^t %^x^tett i 
Butte <S))cot ^ ^' ^ ^V<^"- ^ St'ifbeiO^ : H^H ^aa ^. & <S. ^^9lbin^ S«€(<ia. 
W Sfiatl^ad S^tyfytm @<bl^lcko". As this in all essentials ie a aaere epitonse ani 
a had epitome, partly of Woilfi^ partly of €hr. Frid^ich B«y» so it was very tut^ 
taral th^ the comft^r ushered it into the world without any preface or in^ 
tn»4nction whatever, since there was no work of bis own of which he cooid 
five any coBacientious account. Olsen has. however exclo<led many of Emsi 
Wolfi% foffeigtt-y bai'banotts,' and hybrid word*., but whemverhe haa vent«re4 
to d^art frem Wolff's or Bay'a text he haa frequently been «iore inacoiirate 
te ihey In his statements el the meaning of Danish words* 

Oiaen'a Book however is not a ftfyu /fifHoP and ao for not a fn^^ 
*^w; it only amounts to 712 pages small 9vo, in two colurnnas witii no«4i 
reit ideal ef letter pieas en each page. Mr. Olsen seems to ha^^ been aware 
^ the iaaofiteiency ef his dicti09try, for fn the year 1806 he published a a«p^ 
^imaat ol 2lSk pegce proiiably wath the view of rivi^ing Bay, whadso laafor 
Elgliflh and Danish Dictionary wes published in that year; and Mr. Bay^ eoa-^ 
<Med his preface with a promise of a complete Danish and English diction* 
*<7 » ease his 4wo English and Danicdi volumes ahould meet the approbatiei^ 
■^f his countrymen. It appears from Mr. Olson's preface to his- supplement thafe 


lie particularly piques himsdf upon the purity of his Danish , and he asserts 
'Hhat if any word or expression which is not quite unusual should not be found 
in the dictionary itself it will scarcely be- looked for in vain in the supplements. 
Both these writings taken together, says he, now contain not only all usual 
Danish words and phrases that are found in other Danish dictionaries of any 
note, but also many more which hiUierto have n6t been found in books of this 
description* This author however writes ^*ai binbe nogen ^laax i S^intnt^', also 
"at blnbe een ^omfeenie", "folbe eeir noget tnb", and speaks of "gobfl^ffet af «t 
^enge-Oml^flrng". That Olsen has copied Ernst Wolff wilt be obvious to any 
6ne who compares these dictionaries only ad aperiuram: thus Olsen has Wolfins 
aforementioned vocables : ^anbt^nft, ^anb^ufien, and $(attb)>ti^ettl^eb, also Englished 
in Ihe same way as by his predecessor: for ®)}lbenbaate Wolff has; the he*- 
'iDorrhoidal vein, an emrod, hemorrhagy, bleeding piles; Olsen has: the A«inor- 
mHoidal Vein , Hemorrhagy, bleeding piles, thus preserving Wolff's inaccuracies 
ancorrected, vitiating the orthography and putting last of all the only expres- 
sion which may be considered as adeqnate. Just as Wolff, Olsen renders IBog? 
t^V only by Plagiary, ^olbf^it, by tennis play, Sfggenbefcr, by the same words, 
treasai^e, rio|ies, wealth ; 9ttgtfgl^eb, Wolff renders by justness, exactness, re^- 
larity, an order, orderliness, evenness, pnnctuality ; and Olsen by justness, exact- 
ness, precision , regularity, orde^, rightness, orderliness, evenness, punctuality : 
for (SpibdflHbtg, Wolff gives^ subtle, ingenious, keen, sharp-witted, acute, in- 
ventive, crafty , punctilious, critical, censorious ; and Otsen, subtle, ingenious, 
sly, cunning, crafty, sharp, keen, niee, critical, cutting, sharp, satirical; censo- 
rious, stinging. But Olsen has also in some instances copied Bey: for ypacis 
fFirane, both have the same words; viz. to acknowledge, consider, be sensihle 
of, none of which happens to be the right one : A case occurs where one half 
of Bay's explanation has been inserted in Olsen's dictionary and the otfer half 
in the supplemeht : for l^aafee , we find in Bay, to look on, regard (l^at)e $(gt 
]|&aft), to observe, be intent upon^ now Olsen has adopted the two first words 
in his dictionary, and no more, and reser^'ed the parenthesis with tbe remain- 
der for the supplement. F6r ^aanagU, Bay has : to nail a thing on, fix it with 
nails 9^ and Olsen exactly the same words; for $aaflaa^nl^eb, Bay has; opinia- 
trety, an obstinate peraisting in an opinion, which Olsen copies word for word. 
But although Olsen in most cases copies either Wolff, or Bav, still he sometimes 
departs from both and then usually is almost as far from the right as both his 
predecessors : Jljtl&iJbet , Wolff renders by poker ! Bay by ttarmer or heater of 
a room and Olsen by, firemaker (wl^ich is right) and calefacior which is not 
even an English word. We have of course compared Olsen's work with the 
first * edition of Bay of 1798 which was the only one published at the time 
when Olsen compiled his Dictionary. 

There-' remains only one work more in this department to be noti^d : 
it is : '^A new Pooket-*Dictionary of the English and Danish Languages. Ste- 
reotype Editloii, Leipzig. Charles TauchnitE. No Person has ventured to put 
his name to this piece of work, which i& immediately discovered to be a mere 
epitome of Arnold and Bay, whose errors in some wry few instances have 
been corrected but in many more retained: here also appear new bhinders 


whicb Pay has ;iot: e. g. &9itt , U in this Leipxic' Dictionary called 
^ vescaie ! ! The Danish-Enf Hsh part of it makes no more thun 328 paffes. 

From the above .survey it lollows that hitherto there exist no more 
than two original works, both composed by Norwegians, in the department .of 
Anglo-Danish lexicography, of which the one is ninety, and the other Haeiy tix 
years old. These were no doubt expensive works at^the time when they were 
published, and it may reasonably be supposed that very few copies of them 
were ever imported into Denmark, where they are rarely seen in any other 
place than the public libraiJies, so that it can scarcely be said that tiley have 
ever existed in the Danish book trade. London was from the beginning, and 
probably still is their only market: and were they to be found here in gr&al- 
er number they could not now satisfy th^se who wish, to acqiiire available 
knowledge of the English language, or to become familiar with the English 
literature. It is high time then to provide for the wants of the public in this 
respect. ^ 

A ' 'Danish-English Dictionary'' was in the first place more particularly 
required; for the English-German Dictionaries, of which so many have been pu-v 
blished , and which have been so greatly improved of late, might supply the 
place of an English - Danish Dictionary while such a one ^as being prepared 
for publication; accordingly this Danish-English Dictionary, in reality the se- 
cond original work of this kind, is now offered to the public ; and- we now 
proceed to give some account of the plan of this work, and of the principlea 
which have been followed in its composition. 

The vocabulary and the arrangement of Molbech have been adopted, and 
it is hoped that the peruser will find very few of Molbe^h's/ words here omitted. 
However a few compounds — and but a few — whose meaning is perfeelly 
'obvious , because their elements have been satisfactorily explained, have some- 
times been left out: e. g. when the English words' are given for <&jerite and 
. for ©l^ge, it is not absolutely necessary to insert ^itxnzs^^^t, since even a be- 
ginner in the study of Danish will easily discover that it means a disorder of 
3ie bMin ; besides the synonym J^ietnef^gbom will be found in its place : more- 
over words which are quite obsolete and useless have been omitted e. g. tfxtt* 
legal, which, is unusual, anti(|uated and silly; and lastly much caution was 
deemed necessary in admitting kna^ XeyofMva^ more particularly when reason- 
able doubts might be entertained of their ever being generally adopted. The 
lexicographer ought to be in a high degree conservative and slow to receive 
novelties : his business is to explain the language of a nation, not to write a 
eommentary on the wHims and fancies of individuals. With the exceptions here 
stated — and these have led- to the exclusion only of a very few words — 
Holbech's vocabulary will be found complete in this Dictionary. And on the 
oth%r hand a very small number of new words has been inserted, partly such 
as appeared to have been omitted through inadvertence or oversight by Mol- 
bech, and partly such as have obtained more general currency since his Diction- 
aiy appeared^ 

Mr. Molbech's orthography has also been followed in this work. We 
are aware that there may be some who will think it objectionable that we 
have implicitly followed Molbech in so many essential points. Perhaps even 



Mr. Molbeeh hiimielf might fitif thai it was wrong in 1845 to build a Bew nm^ 
perstructore on a fouiMiatioii laid ia 193d withoat* carefnUy «iamiiiisg Ae 
soundness mid solidity of that foundation in every part of it — he might as- 
Hert thai bis was the first critical Diotionarj of Danish ever pidilish«d and tet 
il is inip.ossible that any first attempt of this kind can be perfect, and that he 
lllittself would now find much -to alter and improve m a second editien. ?<> 
Ibis we answer : Molbech's Dictionary such as it now is, ba» found favow^ wiiia 
the Danish public : this is a vetf^ imporkuU fad : one .of the very few thing* 
ovi which the Danes admost universally seem to agree, is tiiat Mr. Meftech'ar 
l^ictionary of l^S is satisfactory; such a ^evSif/ntl snArage most not be disre* 
garded by a lencograpfaer writing in the age which has given it. 

''What T» Danish, and what not?" This may^ be indeed a diffienlt and m 
licklisb question to decide in the last resort *)f but before the tribunal of tke 

# ^ ft is in every way a prcgnanfr as well ts a tieklkh qvesltei^ and nataraRy enovgfc, smkv 

die cottstry is in a variety of wtys a bonier coinlry: a sitnatioa ef wM^ it bmI at a yearly iacreaaadl 
tU» feel all tbe coaseqneiices. It is not only a border ccyiatry betoeen Germany and Scandinavia ^ btt 
also between Great Britain and Rassia, and the rapid progress of stean navigation, by mealts of wbich c 
commnnication between London and St. Petersbnrg is eflfected in abont a weeh, most give it mora amtf 
BMre of that ebaracter. The language and tin litcratare too, is a eonponnd of belerogtneons md evaai 
#o«flietiBg elejjsente. Till the beginning of the present cectory tb» origin of the Danislk laagnago was va- 
known to the Danes themselves ; German was then the only source from which it drew new vocables anii 
V forms Of expression, and as some Iinowledge of German was generally acquired in the Danish schools, the 
anftors who enriched their language by borrowings from the German bad tho advantage of being nnder- 
alaod. Subsequently when Ae discovery -^ras made, that Norse wan the motbw oC Davids some wHa 9^ 
laaapted a regeneration after the fasbion which the Jewish Rabbi deemed to be impossible<: the illastratioo 
of Nicodemus was wrong in the ca^e to which he applied it, but would have been much more suitable is 
the case before us: the reentering into the motber^s womb in order to be bom again, has here proved » 
^ilnre, and no wonder : Norse bad become an nnhnown tongne to Ae very anlbors who wished to enikla 
tboir native idiom from its stores — it was a Sesante''wbicb they no longer understood to open — and ik 
was in a still greater degree unknown to the great mass of their conntrymen for whose benefit their works 
were written ; thus complicated misconceptions arose whenever the reproduction of a Norse word wa» 
attempted: of Ais it would "not be diffienit to famish numeroos Mtamplcs* The ninetacath eenOuy IkMs 
been productive of new notionft, new theories, new fjancies, new prejodices, and an tko Daniah voeabnlavy 
is naturally poor, the Danes, being a fashionable nation, have bpen obliged to enrich it from such storesc 
as they had any access to ; practical and technical men have, as before , resorted to German and Frendi* 
' Tbis gives to modern Danish an appearance somewhat like that IndFan rivet wbieh runs red along the oav 

store and grey along the other : it is evident thai this most lead to nwdi vaeillttion and inconaiattneyv 
Erom want of unity of purpose, from lack of dearly established principle, Danish authors have ia soaift 
cases shewn, a disposition to reject even good words belonging to their own language in order to make 
room for a Gennanizlng expression although it was in every way more inconvenient. It has e« g. be«» 
elearly shown Aat 9tClt>n is an adeqaaie and eoerect Danish [modem BHaish] e^pressioa for the E auUafc 
word Jurf^ and- that SRotimtng is Ibe right word for jwfmai^ ; 9l«tlRtitlgf¥, jur^* ,• bus still many Daaiah 
anlhors prefer the much more inconvenient term @(bfbont(9 9let^ only bocanse the Germans call it "(S<^ 
fd^ltJOtnm ®tx{^i" : nay, some io even use the English word jury as a Danish word, although the grat- 
es! number of their countrymen can aeilber pronoonee nor anderataad it. This whim is Ura more atoV 
ling sinoo the Jwff. is in Swedish ealtod Nimnd^ and the gennine Danisb expreaaton is thtia svppoilcd by 
Ibe aotbority of tbe aistor language, which at 4bis moment is in high favour with tbe Danes ; it is moreover m 
very good translation of Kvidr vihich is the Icelandic term for Jufy. Another example: tbe English titltf 
Earl can be correctly expressed in Danish by the Danisb word SatL still Danish authors prefer to renda* 
11 by tko Inadequate term ®90$t , becaasc Ae Germaiii call it ®t(tf* The very aame authors "^tbink fool 
scom'^ of writing ^¥0g^ lfM§itti^«, when t^y are out of humos with tbe Germans Oilthough this is the 
current Danish wof]^) , because it resembles <&^iad^f/ and they prefer on sach occasions the obsolete Da«- 
aisb word S^aoll ^at is Danisb, and what Is not Danish? 


Dmnh fMic of the present t»ge^ U hat been given in favour of Melbecli 
agamsl RAtSK: it iSiiiecesfary te ineation this fad, for the informatioB of those 
aations to whom the «ame of the latter is moch more familiar than that of 
Ike former, task's and Molbeoh'« views ^ith regard to the origin, the essence and 
the form of liie Danish language were diametrically opposite and their opini- 
•eas ahoot the right mode of cultivating- end enriching it differed in an eqnttl 
"defrree; hot if any view, theory or opinion on this subject has gained the 
nscendancy, it is at present undoubtedly Molbeeh's. Times may change indeed: 
the Scandinavian fashion may revive the School of Rask either in its original, 
'•r in a modified foi^m , but Uie lexicographer has not to deal with eventuali- 
ties, or possibilities, but realities. He must take the language as it is given 
by the usage, and hold that to be usage which is adopted by the majority of 
prominent and recognized writers and speakers. Now Molbech is an authority 
for Danish writers of the present age ; his Danish accordingly is the Danish of 
ihe age. This is a maxim which has been steadily kept in view during the 
eomposition of this Dictionary. Still this work is vei*y far Irom being any 
translation of Moibeoh : in determining the signification of every word ; in dis*' 
tiDguishing between essentials and accidentals, between what is general and 
what special ; in the selection and the arrangement of the diflfereot meaninga 
aad in the choice and explanation of phrases, the authors have followed their 
own ittdgment and never put down any signification before it was thoroughly 
difcBssed and controlled by a constant reference to prominent authorities^ 
IngliA as well as Danish. 

H^ilbech has indeed insei'ted in ^is dictionary a -considerable number 
t)f fSareign words, most frequently characterising them as such e. g. as English^ 
f reach; Italian, Spanish, German, etc. theae have also been retained in the 
Oiotioaary ; bat the fact is undeniable that a vast multitude of foreign words 
net to he found m A|olbech, is used by Danish authors and that those authors 
^ho take pains to avoid them and to replace them by words considered as 
Danish, frequently become even less intelligible than those who use the for- 
eina expression, not to mention that they often must substitute a prolix cir«- 
evnlocation for a single term. Accordingly it was deemed advisable in this 
dic^ooary to explain such foreign words and technical terms as Danish an* 
^bers most frequently use ; had this not been done, an Englishman would not 
hare been able to read a Danish book » oi* even a Danish letter by this diction* 
*^. It is as we have said a difficult matter to decide, what is Danish, an4 
what not ; to decide the question what is idiomatic> and what not, is more or 
lesB dtfBcmlt in every European language, least >perhaps in Spanish and Italian. It 
M ia Danish peculiarly difficult. Where, will the Danish purist begin, and where 
"««d? Will he lop off all that is of German, Latin, Fi'ench and Dutch origin? 
Wil be reject every word having the Prefix of IB e or @ e, and a very consi* 
*whle pan of those wMdi have the Prefix of got? We wot he will no«: 
^ remaining stock wouM be poor indeed — quite inifeufficient for a &oeB<^ 
lilde speech, not to mention Himmelbjerg, or Skamlingsbakke. The geogra* 
f^ieal situation of Denmark is such, that it renders the importation of foreign 
^•fdt and phrases not only natural but unavoidable, no Wrakendyke, no Dan- 
nevirke, no Chinese rampart can be erected against it : all Danish authors of 


any note have used a number of forei|(a words : Holberg^ Suiim, Sneedorf ud 
Rabbek bave used many. Tbere is only one way of avoiding this sin in Den- 
mark, and tbat, to be sure> is chosen by the neatest number, it is: nol to 
write at all We accordingly found that foreign words were necessary. Bat 
since the question: what is foreign and what not, can only l^e decided by 
some arbitrary rule, we determined to take Molbech*s authority also for this. 
Lest we should give offence to patriots and purists, we took care not to in- 
sert in the body of the dictionary buch foreign words as we deemed neces- 
;3ary and which we culled pat of Meyer's Dictionary of foreign words ("^tentf 
ineb::Dtb^og'^ ; but subjoined them as a supplement* Those foreign words 
which Molbech has, we have retained in the Dictionary, since they may now 
be considered as Danish. 

^It is by no means an easy matter to deal with such fairness as would 
bave any chance of satisfying all parties, by a language circumstanced like- the 
Danish , particularly in an age in which pretensions to nationality and origina- 
lity are carried to such a high pitch as at present. The language, as it now is 
'spoken and written, is certainly not ancient; the literature scarcely a hundred 
and twenty years old. Both have in their progress to that stage which they 
have now reached, perpetually been subject to foreign influence, particularly 
German. By some no doubt this is lamented as a great evil ; but to those who 
are^ accustomed dispassionately to survey the destiny of languages and nations 
placed in circumstances similar to those of the Danish, it appears only as the or- 
dinary course of nature, on which the caprice , or the predilections, or the ex- 
ertions of man can have no influence. It is true, that although Greece was sub- 
ject to Turkish dominion nearly four hundred years, the Turkish language af- 
fected the Greek in no very perceptible degree; but here customs, manners* 
laws, traditions, origin, religion were altogethet widely different, sSid the lan- 
guages themselves in form and structure as remote from each other as any 
two languages spoken in any part of the globe. German and Danish, on the 
contrary, are and have always been kindred languages ; the nations derive their 
origin from a common stock ; their religion was in ancient times the same and 
Denmark received Christianity from Germany. In ancient times the laws were 
(dso similar ; but subsequently the German states adopted the Justinian Code, 
while the Scandinavian legislators retained their old legal institutions and enact- 
ments, until circumstances, or convenience, or fancy suggested their alteration or 
abolition. Danish civilization is in fact in every particular essentially Geiman, and 
Denmark has for ages become so much accustomed to German dictature and su- 
premacy in intellectual matters, that an emancipation from it would be suicidal 
to Danish culture and entirely chock the progress of enlightenment in Den- 
mark. If it be said that a spiritual alliance with the other Scandinavian na- 
tions would be more natural and profitable to Denmark than her present state 
of depehdency on Germany, it ought to be remembered that Scandinavian fra- 
ternization would not at all remove German dictature, since the other Seandi- 
Jiavian nations are in intellectual respects nearly as dependent on Germany as 
the Danes. No man can say that Denmark would be materially benefited by 
receiving her spiritual fashions from Christiania, or Upttala, or even from Stock- 


kokUf instead of receiving them directly from Berlin , or the Leipiic fair, since 
the ori|rjnal patterns would be German in every case. Danish civilisation and 
Uteratore accordingly are subject to, and must for all time to come be pcrpe- 
HuUfy subject to German influence; and since this cannot* be altered, it would 
be wiser to endeavour to draw all possible advantages from this circumstance, 
than to lose time and labour in unavailing exertions aiid fruitleis struggles 
against a moral and physical force that is so completely overwhelming. There 
is but one way in which the Danish literary man possibly may expect, not in- 
deed to check, but perhaps in some degree to neutralize the influence of Ger- 
man taste on the literature of his country : it is by setting up competitors 
against it — by propagating in Denmark the knowledge of the literature of 
oUier countries, particularly such as have served as patterns to the German li- 
terati themselves. This applies more particularly to the literature of Italy and 
England, also in many respects to that of Spain and France. The most difficult 
lesson to learn of the Germans, and at the same time the most profitable, is 
their tmiversality. Those among the Danes who have been most distinguished 
for their knowledge of the literature of other countries, have done the greatest 
service to the literature of their own. Baron Hoiberg was familiar with the 
masterpieces of English and French literature that wer^ most in ^ogue in his 
age, and a reflexion of these is observable in his several works. Rahbek ex- 
celled all his Danish contemporaries in knowledge of the English, the French, 
the Italian ~ the Spanish literature , and was at the same time well versed in 
the classics; thus he became for Denmark what Mayans*) was for Spain, and 
the literature of his country was in many ways greatly benefited by his 

If, owing to physical as well as moral causes, Denmark is a kind of 
Galilee to Germany (Germany being considered as Palcestine), that circumstance 
must never be lost sight of by any one who treats of its language, its literature, 
or its history. In this work, however, due deference has been paid to Danish 
patriotism and purism in as far as it has been attempted to separate the sheep 
from the goats. The vocabufary which has found most favour >vith the Danes 
has been set apart, and such foreign words as Danish authors must at least 
consider as a malum ntcessarium^ have been subjoined and printed with the or- 
dinary Roman type which is used by the greatest number of the European 
nations. In many instances these foreign words have with Danish authors an 
acceptation different from that which is assigned to them in the languages from 
which they are borrowed: in such cases the original sense has not been noti- 
ced here but only the Danish acceptation. 

To the English peruser of this Dictionary it may not be uninteresting 
to know how* far the Danish language extends oter the surface of the globe. It 
is spoken in the Danish Isles and in Jutland, also in a part of SI es wick and in 
Norway; and by almost every person in office in the Danish colonies, in the 

*) Hayaof y Siscur. 

Leeward U&es, on Ihe Maltbar coast, on the coaal «f Greealasd: it is 
stood more or less perfectly in the Feree UllWt in Sweden and in Ike tra^n^ 
-places about the coast of Finland , and by a number of persons in Lapland ; 
sdso by the t;lergy and other official persons in Iceland. Its use for comraeroiid 
purposes may extend to nearly Rye nuUions of men, and it is the vernacular 
language of more than two millions ol these* . 

' > 

The British scholar may naturally ask: wheiher^ or how far the DaniA 
hmguage is related to the English? And it is the more necessary here briel^ 
to elucidate this question, since it has been greatly mystified by some Scottish 
as well as Danish authors, and not least by Jamieson the Scottish lexicographer. 
A cursory survey of the origin and history of both languages will furnish the 
most adequate reply. 

Before the Anglosaxon invasion England was inhabited only by Celts, 
who retreated to those mountains in the West of the island, which they still 
occupy, leaving the flat country entirely in possession of the invaders. These 
invaders consisted, according to the Saxon chronicle, of three nations or tribes : 
Saxons, Angles, and Jntes, of which the first mentioned were the most nume- 
rous ; on the continent they had occupied the left bank of the Elbe. Their next 
neighbours on the North side were the Angles, a small tribe, which emigrated 
^avStjfii}, and the country of the Jutes lay to the North o/ the* Angles. It is quite 
certain that the Saxous were a German people, and their language a Teutonic 
dialect, and it is probable that the Angles were also Germans ; but as they were 
a border race and not numerous, it is likely that they spoke a German dialect 
somewhat mixed with the language of the Jutes ; but it can hardly be doubt- 
ed that the Jutes spoke Danish. The Saxons so greatly exceeded the other 
invading tribes in number,'that the ancient Britons, without particularly noticing 
Angles or Jutes , called the invaders all together Sassenach i. e. Saxons, and the 
number of settlements which they formed in England and the extent of their 
territory clearly shews that the Britons did not overrate their relative power and 
importance. It should also be remembered that the Britons called, and still call 
the language Sassenach 9 as well as the people. It was Egbert King of the 
West SAXONS, too, that in the beginning of the ninth century brought all the 
Kingdoms of the Heptarchy under his scepter. 

It is however an undoubted fact that, at least as early as the tenth 
century, the Saxous, whose ancestors had formed settlements in England, called 
the language Englisc and the connXvy Englaland, King Alfred himself, although 
of West Saxon origin, also uses, these appellations; and abroad, e. g. in the 
Scandinavian countries and in Iceland, the country was in the tenth century 
called England, and the nation J&i^r, or Emkirmenu. The monks of that age 
too, writing in Latin, called. the nation Anglic and the country Anglia, which 
obviously points to the Angles, It may be ratiier difficult m»v , to aceoniit 
. for this circumstance in a satisfactory manner ; for, the iotal emigration of the 
Angles, (since it is certain that they were in numerical respect a smaller tribe 
than the Saxons , and that not they, but the Saxons, were the leaders, as-well 


-imkkg tfie iavirioiL ai after setHing in Hm cpiiirtiy) Mems not to affor4 my 
anffeieiit nasoa for dwfle appellations of Emglisk and JSSHffaHidi Periiaps it is 
a inore admissUyle reason tlUtt as the JS<ftf Angles oeoupied thm part of the 
ibilisli coast on vrhicli Danes and* Norwefians moot frequently landed, the ap- 
iMlMon of EngliA was first aprplied promiscnonsiy by them to afl the Teuto- 
nic tribes that had settled in the country , and afterwards adopted by the ihh 
iives tfaemselTes the moro readily, since it had the advantage of distinguishing 
them from their Saxon brethren on the continent. This reason might be jstill 
sirengthened by another: the E€ui Angles were amongst the earliest couTerts 
U> C&istianity; since only Kent and Northumberland bad embraced the Chri- 
Mian religion before them. Earpwald, King of the East Angles, witf early bap- 
tized, and his successor Sigebert, having been educated in France* introduced 
firom thence learning along with religion amongst his countrymen. 

But be this as it may, certain it is that the Iimguage introduced in 
England by the Anglosaxons, the language which became current there in tbeir 
several settlements, the language which had about the end of the ninth cen- 
tory reached that high degree, of culture in which we find it in the writings 
of King Alfred and in the Saxon chrc^icle, was in all the different stages of sts 
develapement a Teutonic^ or German tongue, retaining all the essential charac- 
teristics of such a language, of which its daughter Uie present English is not 
even as yet completely divested. ^ 

The Danish language of the early period of which we are here speak* 
ing, was not confined within the bonndaries of modern Denmark; but it was 
also spoken in Sweden, Norway* in the Fsroe Isles, the Orkneys and Shetland, 
in the three northernmost counties of Scotland and in Iceland. This language 
w BOW entirely extinct in every one of the countries here mentioned except the 
last* where it still is spoken and written in its pristine purity, and -on that ae- 
eouBt now generally called ICELANDIC : many English authors however call 
it BK)IIS£, a veiy suitable appellation in respect of the territory in which it at 
one time was vernacular. But Denmark and Sweden had no literature at tibis 
period, and Norway rath^ the dawn of it, than its broad daylight, and conse- 
i|nently the language easily received the impress of any foreign idiom with 
which it kappened to come in contact. But in the aristocratic repub|ip of Ice- 
land, and only there, this language was first applied to literary purposes, and 
ike taste for literature was so rapidly developed in that island, that in less than 
two kundred years it acquired a considerable preeminence over oUier countrteo 
in the North of Europe in this respect. Thus the language, which was desti- 
tme of any such support in the Scandinavian countries 'and of course there ra- 
pidly decayed, florished and obtained stability in Iceland, which has preserved 
it from contamination and corruption for nearly a thousand years. 

Wow, this ancient language of Denmark, the Norse, was indeed close- 
ly related to, but at the same time entirely disttnet from, the Teutonic languages : 
these were many; the Norse only one. It is natural to suppose, what also may 
be demonstrated as a fact, that it bore the most marked resemblance to^those 
of the Teutonic languages which, in geographical position, were nearest to its 


ccmfineB, and tiiat the reMmblaiice between Norse -and, any Tentonic dialect be- 
came gradually fainter just in proportion to the distance from ScimdtBaYia in 
^bicfa the tribe that spoke it, lived : consequently the language of the SvKona 
was- one of those which most resembled Norse ; still it was a Tentonic langnage 
which preserved all the distinctive characteristics of a language of that fa- 

The Teutonic languages and the Norse were of the same origin: this 
is even yet quite obvious from their vocabulary, for^ in the greatest number of 
cases, their roots (radices) are — like those of Arabic and Hebrew — the same : 
only their prefixes and suffixes, and the inflexions in general, are difi'erent: and 
in this respect the Teutonic languages and the Norse have always been dis- 
tinct even from the earliest dawn of their history in Europe. The parent stock 
from vthich both are derived probably was a language in very remote ages spoken 
in some distant Asiatic region ; but it never existed in Europe as a spoken 
language within that period of which we have any historical records or tra- 
ditions *)• 

The Anglosaxon or Englisc, which was spoken in England in the ninth 
and tenth centuries, was a highly cultivated l^guage, and its literature in poe- 
try as well as prose, of which so little has been preserved, was extensive. 
The English were also at this period all converted to Christianity, and in other 
respects the most enlightened nation in the North of Europe. The Danes vrere 
not literary, but warlike ; and they Were known to the English only as formi- 
dable depredators on their coasts. ^ Under these circumstances it is not likely 
that the influence of the Danish language on the English would be very great; 
nor are the vestiges of such an influence perceptible in Anglosaxon literature. 
Danes however settled at diflerent periods in the Northeastern counties ofEnff- 
land, and thus arose a local dialect which through many subsequent ages 
distinguished the natives of Northumberland and Yorkshire from other English- 
inen and of which still some vestiges remain. "/faoe/o&, the Dane'' a po^n 
written, not in Anglosaxon, but Old English, probably contains a greater nam- 
ber of vocables in this dialect, than any other literary production. It certainly 
will be diffieult to show that Norse or ancient Danish has had any material 
influence on the Anglosaxon ; for even the invasion and occupation of Canute 
seems to have been without any efi'ect in this respect ; much, easier would it be 
to show the - influence of the Ajiglosaxon on Norse, which also is quite natu- 
ral, since the Anglosaxons were earlier converted to Christianity; earlier ap- 
plied their language to the purposes of literature ; and had ^ more easy and 
frequent intercourse with the nations of Southern Europe, and particularly with 
, the pontifical see . of Rome. 

*) This parent lan^sfe to Teutonic and Norse is certainly not the Hoeso-Cothio (the langnn^ 
of Ulphila's GovpeJs), nor the Slavic, the common parent of the Slavonic lanfaages, although the kiadred 
origin of these cannot be doabted. Neither can the* Sanscrit be considered as the immediate parent •£ 
Teutonic and Norse, thongh probably it may be the progenitor to that now unknown language from whidk 
both are derived^ 


Modern Danish is a dauf(hter of the ancient None and of German^ hot 
foUy as dijETerent from the former as Portuguese is from Latin; and from the 
latter quite as different as Dutch. The transformation, or corruption of the 
Kone seems to have begun in Denmark in the 12th century ; but» as the coun* 
try had no literature, it is neither easy nor interesting to trace its gradual pro- 
gress. Certain it is that the change continued during the five subsequent cen- 
turies, and that it tras effected almost exclusively through, the influence of the 
German language. Literature has here had its usual effect of checking the pro- 
gress of change in some , degi'ee *, but as the Danish literature itself is but a 
tender offspring of the German, so it has in many instances rather the effect 
of regulating and methodizing the change, than of putting a stop to it; and 
it is undeniable and obvious that the German language is the mine from which 
the Danish still draws new vocables as well as phrases, and thus the change 
goes on through which Danish is rendered more and more similar to German, 
so that probably in less than two hundred years more, the Danish will, inDen^ 
mark at least, only be considered as a dialect of that language. 

Modern Danish has of course had still less influence on the English 
literature, or language than the Norse had on the Anglosaxon. Modern English 
literature, if counted from Chaucer, is now nearly five hundred years old, and 
> the modern Danish a little more than one century ; and there are still many 
branches oi learning and science in which it has not even a sample to show. 
English literature, on the contrary, has not been without influence on. the Danish: 
Howerg :wes certainly acquainted with the masterpieces of English literature 
of his own and -of preceding ages , more especially with the works of Shaks- 
peare , Butler and Swift, which he seems in several of his own writings to 
have used as patterns, and many English works have since been, more or less 
successfully, translated into Danish. 

From the above statement it follows that when lexicographers assert 
that this or that English- word is of Danish origin, ^uch assertion must be re- 
ceived with great caution : the truth is that no English word is derived, or can 
be derived from modern Danish, i. e. from the language now spoken in Denmark and 
Norway ; and he who fancies that he discovers roots of English words in mo- 
dern Danish may be sure that he is deceiving himself and either attributing to 
Danish a word which that language has borrowed from the English, or which 
both languages have received from some other source e. g.^ Norse^ Dutch, 
'Frisian or Low German. The English undoubtedly has some words which are 
derived from Norse i. e. Icelandic or ancient Danish, which partly may be 
owing to the Danish element (the Jutes) in the Anglosaxon invasion ; partly 
to subsequent settlements, from time to time effected by the Danes on the 
Eastern coast of England ; and partly perhaps to intercourse with Scotland, 
where the Norwegians settled in considerable numbers and at one time ac- 
quired great power. 

But although it thus appears that Danish is not in <a direct Way olT 
great importance to the English philologer, it still is by no means destitute of 
interest either to the English scholar, or to Englishmen in general, for 1) Al- 

iliAUffh liie Danes faave direclly no 'part in tfad Icelandic (i «. the Norse) like- 
TiAore, yet thejr have in many vrvya festesecl tbemselves upon A ; many Sa^u 
iurve been translated into mo^rn i^aoish ; tbey have ;been efntomiaed, commeB- 
-ied up«ii and varion^ illusti'ated in that ianmuagie : in the i^st Icelandie die<- 
•4ionary too -r ve might almost say the only one that exists — that of Bj§ni 
Haldorson* Danish together with Latin is the mediam tfarongh which the Ice- 
landic vocables are explained *). All the Icelandic libs., have been tateen from 
leeland and placed in the public Libraries of Copenhagen ; confi«q«ently it la 
Honly there that the Sagas and other ancient records connected with the hiatofy 
*of the North can be published. By becoming a doorkeeper to the temple oif 
Odin "^nd the Asa^Gods, Danish has thus acquired an importance and dignity 
irom the Norse xvhich, in this respect, it otherwise would havelacked^ Sinrn^ 
mto saltern idieno mtore spiendet, , 

2) Denmark' has indeed no ancient literature ; but still a considerable 
body of ancient laws**) written partly in Norse and partly in Old Danish i. e. 
that vitiated idiom of the 14th and 15th centuries ^vhich is the immediate pa- 
rent of modern Danish. These law^, of which the Danes are undoubted and 
•rightful owners, and which, if more generally known by the' Danes thenselveSy 
would afford a much less questionable nurture for their national feeling thm 
any thing else tbat they have produced, are in a high degree interesting, net 
"Only to the Danes themselves, since they were composed and enacted in the 
most florishing age of that nation, but also to their neighbours, the English 
inclusive, as they often throw much light even on their ancient iastttntioiis, so 
similar in many instances to those «f the Danish in thehr earlier ages, of 
vhich their laws of course contain the most authentic and infallible testi- 

* . 3) The Danish is a daughter partly Of Norse and partly of German ; 
it iSi to use the noble Poet's language, a bastard of both ***) : ila vocabulary al- 
so contains a considerable number of stray words from other languages such 
:as Slavic, Finnish and even Magyar ****) ; on all these accounts it is interesting 

^) However a far more copioas and critical work bQs now for many years be«n in coutse of 
preparation and probably will soon be ready for publication. The author is an Englishman of distinguished 
ability, Mr. Cleasby, and he has been assisted by several learned Icelanders.. Of come Hr. Cleasby^ ^ 
Dictionary is Icelandic-Englisb* 

I ^^) Notices of these are to be found in Repp's Historical Treatise on Trial by Jury in Spca- 

^inavia and in Iceland. Edinburgh 1832, 8vo; and the laws themselves have been collected partly by 
Koefoed Anker in bis "X>anite l^obl^^tflorte" and partly by Koldenip Rosenvinge in his "@mnHng 6^ 
©ontle ^anfCe Sobe" published at Copenhagen. This very inleresliiif and important colleotioB will 
when it is completed, consist of 8 volt. 4to. The 2d vol. was pobliafaed in 1821; the 4th vol. in 1824; 
^the 5th vol. in 1827 and the 3d vol. in 1837. Vols Isl, 6th, 7th & 8th are not published as yet. 
^ «»») Lprd Byron says of the Italian : 

I love the language, that aofl battmrd Latin, 
'Beppo stanza 44* 
*****) This is proved by *'Dano - MagyarUke Opdagelser af Thorl. Gudm. Repp,** Copea- 
t^kgen, I84d. 

fcr tli« Eiii^nh pkiloloi^r, wkmn ike pra«e« of the foimation'of a lanffoa^^ 
htre dncoTecs laaoy r curious paraH«l to phenooMna which are of fraqnenis 
ecnmrence in hia own. The Danifltr too is m modem hii»t|iiaf|ie» i. a. amlern iia 
Ito stmetnac and eanpoailion, and resembles the Eaglisli a good deal m tfaiv 
respect, for it has to a greater extent than any other of the nodavD labgaAgev 
(the English on]y excepted), adopted the principle wjiich chai'acterizea the mo- 
dern European idioms viz. the rejection of inflexions, or those organic embel-^ 
lishmenls which appeared to be so essential in the ancient langu^es. 

5) We have already hinted to what extent Danish may be made available 
for the purposes of commerce, and this cannot be unimportant to the English^ 
considering that Scandinavia and Denmark are countries situate in their near 
neighhoufhood ; that this neighbourhood, through the rapid improvements in 
steam navigation, becomes more and more close every year — and that Den- 
mark might be rendered an excellent market to supply Great Britain with agri- 
coltural produce. 

5) Modern Danish literature may also in some degree be interesting 
to English amateurs. Oehlenschlager enjoys a high reputation as a dramatic 
writer not only invDenmark, but also in Germany. Ingrmann is a successful 
novelist and has also written several tragedies. Johann Ludvig Heiberg is di- 
stinguished as a writer of farce and satire : all these ai*e still alive. But next 
after Holberg, Baggesen probably is the most eminent wit that Denmark has 
produced. His works are very numerous partly in Danish and partly in Ger- 
man. Oehlenschlager too has written nearly as many works in this language 
as in his native idiom the Danish. Thus we think the case is made out on 
^ just and fair grounds that the Danish language deserves some attention from 
English scholars and lovers of polite literature. 

And now this Dictionary, such as it is, is offered to the English as well 
as the Danish public. The authors can conscientiously declare that they have 
bestowed much care, meditation and reflexion not only on its composition but 
also on its correction ; but still they no doubt feel (what always must be felt in 
works of this kind) that their best efforts have not been crowned wiUi success 
proportionate /to their desires : they could not make any use of the works of 
their predecessors, and thus> they had to commence ab ova ; it was also deem- 
ed necessary on economical grounds to condense the greatest quantity of mat- 
ter in the smallest possible space, and authors who have any experience in 
such matters, know best how much composition is hampered by such re- 
straints. They at the same time exerted all their influence with the publisher to 
get the work printed with bremer, or minion, instead of a very small nonpareii, 
but he declared that economical reasons, which mlist be imperative in this case, 
rendered this impossible. Thus it was rendered still more difficult to attain that 
degree of correctness which in a Dictionary is of paramount importance, more 
especially as the compositors were unacquainted with English, and as no cor- 
rector JB kept in Danish printing offices, by which that mechanical labour, 
^hich never can be adequately performed but by professional men bred in a 


priDliniif office » Is thrown upon authors who frequently are for many reasons 
but indifferently qualified for it. A list of misprints however has been subjoin- 
ed 9 which it is hoped will be found complete , and thif peruser is parti- 
cularly desired to correct these before using the dictionary to preTent such 
mistakes as otherwise mip^ht arise. 

If it shall appear that the present work forms a better- basis for the 
labours 6f future lexicographers in this particular department, even that will 
afford some ground of satisfaction to the authors. 

Copenhagen the 2d April 1845. 





abs, absolute or absolutely* 

odj* adjective* 

a<&*. & n* adjective and noun» 

adv* adverb* 

agr^ T. aj^ricultural term* 

Anai, J* anatomical term* 

Arch* T. architectural term* 

art, c, articulo caret, article not used* 

Astr, J. astronomical term. 

Bot r* botanical term* ' 

Card, numb, cardinal number. 

Chenf: T, chemical term* 

coll, colloquial* 

Camp, Compound* 

comp, comparative* 

conf, confer* 

conj, conjunction* 

eontr, contracted* 

Culin, T, culinary term* 

Ban, £r* Danish law* 

Dan, tit, Danish title* 

e, g, eodempU.grtaia, for example. 

fig, figuratively* 

Geogr, T, geographical term* 

Gram, T, grammatical term* 

id, qd, idem quod, ttie same as. 

t* e* id est, that is. 

imp, imperfect* 

tfi/r. infra, below* 

insepr, prap, inseparable preposition. 

interj, interjection* 

L, T, Law Term; 

lit, literally* 

I*dg, T, logical term* 

Math, T, mathematical term. 

Med, T, medical term. 

Mer, T, mercantile term. 

mefofi* metonymicallyt 

Mil T. military term, 

Min. Z mining term. 

Mineral T* mineralogical term, 

Nav* arch* naval architecture, 

Nov* artiU naval artillery, 

ft« eoU*, Doan collective. 

Norv^ Norwegian, 

n, «, noun substantive, 

n, s/coH* noun substantive collective, 

«, *, pL'noun substantive plural, 

pari* participle, 

pL pluraL 

pi c, plurali caret, 'without the plural nurtber, 

pi id. pluraliter idem, plural number the same. 

proip* preposition, 

prop, properly, 

primnc* provincial, 

9. V, quod vide, which see* 

spec* specially, 

Sp, T, sporting term, 

supr* supra, above, 

Surg. T, surgical term, 

Typ. T, typographical term, 

V. a, verb active, 

r, a. & t, verb active andlintransitive, 

V, dep. verb deponent, 

vetr. T, veterinary term, 

V, t, verb intransitive, 

vid. vide, see, 

vid. infr. vide infra, see below, 

vid* supr. vide supra, see abore, 

V, impers. verb, impersonal, 

V. refl. verb reflective. 



^a, en. pi. -er. rivulet, streamlet, rill; mange 
$ie!!e fmaae f^ictt en ^or Sta/'many a little 

Bakes a mickle. ZZ Comp. ^oho , inhabitant of 
tke banks of a r. -bvtbf bank of a r. etc. *, -bp()= 
get, vid. -be ; -Qab, mouth of a r. etc. *, -QdtlQf 
1. bed — channel of a r'.; 2. current of a r. etc. 
-IftnbC/ water-lily. Nymphea. Aff>/ vid. -gang. 2. 
-fSfldg/ eddy. 

Sla mterj. ! Oh ! ; poo, pshaw. 

Saben/ adj. pi. -bne. n. -bent, open; t a. 
^ft in the ope^ sea; lUlber a. ^immel/ in the 
H^B air ; a. SXnfTgt / an open couutenanee ; a. 
$reo, letters patent; l^ond ^latS ftaatt a., his 
llace is vacant; ffant ^lahi fiaatt a. for l&am, 

bit place is reserved for him; ftge noget i ecnS 
Mbne £)tne/ to say a thing to one^s face ; mob« 
tAge een mti a. %xmt / to receive one with open 
anas, n Sabenl^eb / en. openness , frankness. 
^ Comp. a-f)ittUt , -j^ietttgf adi. openhearted, 
fraak, iBfeauous ; -l^jertig^eb, en. open heartedness, 
fraafcnesa , ingenuousness ; -l^ierttgen / adv. open- 
bcirtedly etc 4Qbt^ adv. loudly, audibly; -It} 8 ^ 
•ij. maaifesl, eyident; -Ipft/ adv. openly, in the 
lace of day; -mitnb/ blab, Uttler; >munbet/ adj. 
babbliog, uttUng) -ftaaenbe/ adj. standing open, 
Hide open. 

Hftbtllbarr adj. manifest, evident. 

91abenbare , v. a. to reveal, disclose, manifest; 
^ oabcnb'arcbe SReligion/ revealed religion. z= 
tfabenbaielfef -baTtngr en. revealing etc. revelation, 
anifesution, disclosure ; @t. 3o^anni« 31., the re>- 
Vffafliei, apocalypse of St. Joha. 

9Uknt, «.«.!• •peo ; a. fit ^terte fov een, 

te a^a oae^s heart — unbosom one*s self to one ; 
^Moe Mhntt ^err %, en (Srebit i^aa !Dere« 
^VUlr we have opened, a 6red»t en your house in 
iwaar ef Mr. A- a. et SBttl — SeUtog , . to open 
> Wll — eampaiga ; Cl. cn f&Viit , to Isncc a boil ; 
^^HcRbe Wtmtt , apenems. in Slabning / en. pi. 
"^ tpaolBg, aportwe, oiifiee , perfuratioD ; glade (in a 
^••4); stool, d^ceUon MM. 7.; Ij^ar^e g9b %f are 
f^hawels rcfolar? 

W^b, cn. I. T, «oii^pMmift8. 

Slabfet/ et pi. Mtx. carcass ; earrlon. ::r aab« 
felagttg/ adj. carrion-like; -grtb< carrion vulture. 
9Iag, et. pi. id. yoke ; bringe tinber Slaget , to 

bring under the yoke, subjugate ; affafie ^aget/ to 
throw — shake olf the yoke ; tage 9(aget af/ to 
unyoke ZZ tHagbar, adj. fit for the yoke. s=r 9ag« 
bunben, atHj. yoked ; -fjJanb, yoke ; -f^Ofnbt/ adj. , 
yoked. ZZ aage, v. a, to yoke; aage af , to un- 

^ager, en.*;, e. usury, zz . aageragttg , a^j. 

usurious ; -tau, usurer ; -rente, usurious interest. HZ - 
aagre, v. i. to practise usury, lend money upon 
usury; a* meb fit fOunfc, tu turn one's talent to 
account; a. meb J?orni?Cirer, to forestall, monopo- 
lize corn. 

1. 9lal, en. pi. id. eel. ZI Comp. %CiUham, eel- 
pond ; -gaarb/ eel-dam ; -l^Ut^Cb / head of an eel ; 
fig. dolt, blockhead; -qviabbe, eelpout; -tufe, eel- 
we.el ; -f^ang/ ccl-spear. 

2. 2lai en. Typ. T. bodkin, 

3. %cii, en. a stake at the game of Ombre. 
?Ialam, vid. ®tmmer(am. 

9[anb, en. pi. -er. spirtl, ghost; mind, geuius, 

wit; ben beUige %, the Holy Ghost; en gob — 

onb 91./ a good — evil geuius — spirit; CIl 
^anb af 91 , a man. of genius — wit; Xlhtlli 
— So\}en8 9l» , the spirit of the times — laws ; 
0))git)e 9ianben, to give up the ghost. =: Comp. 

Slanbfiilb/ adj. vid. aanbng; Aei,adj. spiritless, 

vapid; -Itfifith, en. vapidity; -riiq, adj. witty, ta- 
lented ; -tigbeb, en. wittiness. zz ^anbeioere, pneu- 
matology; -tnanet, coqjurer of spirits ; -feet, ghost 
seer; -)9erben, world of spirits, spiritual world. 
ZZ Slanbdarbeibe , mental — intellectual work; 
-bejTcegtet, fld». congenial; -e»ne ,^ rid. -fta^^t; 
-fattig, adj. destitute of mind ; -fatttgbom , intel- 
lectual poverty; -.fortff renbe , adj. prostrating the . 
mind^ -^)r)>trrtng , confusion of mind; -frattt* 
relfe, absence of mind , abstraction ; -frembrin^elfe, 
production of the mind; work of wit; -fril^eb/ 
hreedora of mind; -fplbe^ richness of intellect; '^H' 
'Ott, mental endowments ; ^ -{ra^ > mental power, 
strength of mind ; •CcAfttg / a4J. strong-mindad ; 




-ItV, inlellectual life; -nYihtlft/ intefleclari e^joy. 
menf, -ncrrtng/ food for the mlod; -n<tro«t^\t, 
presence of mind, self-possession ; -^DTftg i stamp — 
impress of genius; -retntng* bias, bent of one^s 
mind; -fl(egtf^a&/ congeniality of mind; -flfO, 
adj. dull-minded, dull ; -JHfOttlht, adj. enenrating the 
mind, stupefying } -{l(F)9lE>ebf dullness; -fmtbtg* adj. 
versatUe; -fltttblgl^eb/ versatility; -^iivU, energy 
of mind , fortitude ; -^^rfcnbt, adv. invigorating 
tbe mind ; -ttang / intellectual craving ; -toan^f 
mental restraint ; -toirfntng , mental operation ; 
-Mixtiomfith , mental activity; -Wntf production 
of tbe mind; -tjttrittg/ manifestation of the mind. 
:Z aanbdig / adj. spiritual, ghostly ; devout, godly, 
pious, religions. ZZ Adnbigf adj, spiritual. 

^anbe, en. jpf. e. breath ; brage — taht fin 91., 

to draw — lose one's breath. IZ Comp. SlatlbC" 
brcrt/ breathing, respiration; Hgge i bet fibfle ^.^ 
to be at^ the last gasp; -^ul# breathing hole; -Ipb/ 
> aspiration ; -1^8, adj. breathless, ont of breath ; 4f 3' 

^tbf breath lessn ess. 

^anbe f v. a f i. to breathe , respire. ZZ aoitb' 
iatt adj. respirable.' 

Slat/ et. pt. id. year , twelvemonth ; i% , this 

ear; ab ^dXt, next year; Otn 9larct/ a year; 
mettent $» Og ^ag/ in the course of the year; 


inb og ^. Ub , from yearns end to year's end ; 

ttISar6# in years, aged, advanced — strichen in 
years; "DCext I ^* famtticn/ Ui be of the same 
age; i S)aQ ont et ^., this day twelvemonth; 9(. 
og 5l)ag L. T. a year and six weeks- = Comp. Slat- 
biigeC/ annals, chronicles; -gattttttel/ adj. a 
year old; -gang/ annual series, a set for a year, e. g. 
of periodicals ; -^unbrcbe, century^j -XOtltt, series of 
years ; -tuftttte / millenium ; -Dttd / adv. by the 
year. — 9(ar3arBet^e, yeaVs work ; -6ar«/ an infant 
a year old ; one bom in the same year as another ; 
-))ag/ anniversary; -fefl/ annual festival; -tol/ the 
yeSr ; -tt^/ time — season of the^ year ; be ftie 
91-tt'ber/ the fonr{ seasons. — Stariltger, pi. years, 
seasons. — ftOrl ^, adj. et adv. yearly, annual. — 
Stalling, en. pi, -cr, yearling. 
1* Stare, en. ph -r. vein ; ben gi^tbne St., the 

plies, hemorrhoids. ZT Comp. S(-6tttofeI, bandage; 
-Brof, varicocele; -fttlb, veiny, veined; -fnube, 
varix , varicose vein; nabe, v. a. to bleed, let 
btDod, phlebotomize ; tabe {tg a4abe, to have one''s 
self bled; -labntng, en. bleeding etc. phlebotomy; 
-iJrefife, tourniquet. — aoxti, adj, t)id. aateftttb. 

2. Siare, en. pi, -r. oar; ixxttt <jaa 91,, to 
pull, tug at tbe oar. Z= Comp* S(-brag, stroke of 
the oar;^-gre6,, handle of an oar; -{Tag, vid. 
-brag ; -tol, thole. — aaret, adj. only in compo- 
sition, as, fexaaret, sixoafed. — ^axUf adj. early. 

Slarfog, en. pi. -er* cause, reason, occasion, ac- 
count; af iw'Sfe Harfager , for certain reasons, af 
ben 9l., for that reason, on that account; af ^t;ab 
f(« torn ifan iftt ? what was the cause of his not 
coming ? Zr Comp. aarfag8l«8 , adj, causeless ; 
-l«*9<b, canselessnest; aarfogelfg, •«^'. caaral. 

causative ; 9tarfageltgl^eb , en« causation , causa* 

9(art}aagen, adj. vigilant, watchful, wahefol. — 
9(art)aagenl^eb, en« vigilance, watcfaftelness, wake- 

9ici%f en. ridge. 

9(a8, en. bait. ~ aafe, e, a. to bait. 

Slafleb, en. place where an act, especially a mis- 
demeanour, has been committed. 

Slaft^n, et. pi. e. sight; countenance, physiogno- 
my, look, brow ; (ort fra tnit 91., out of my sig^ ; 
BItb — 6t{ler af 91., mild — Eerce looking. 

9la{(eb, en. standing crop. 

9(a(atbe, et.* manor house. 

9l66eb, en. pL -er. abbot. — 9lBBebt, et. pU 
-er. abbey. — 9l66ebtttbe, 9l6Bebt8fe, en. abbess; 

— aB6ebeltg' adj, abbatical, abbasial. 

91^, en. pi, -X, ape. z: aBeagtig^ adj, aplsb^ 

monkey-like; -anjigt, monkey face; -brogt, ri£- 
culous dress ; -fat , monkey ; -f terltg^cb , foolidi 
fondness; -Itltge, young ape; -bcrfcn, apish mas- 
ners. ' 

9(Be, «. a. to ape. — 9C6er{, et. aping. 

9l6Iat, vid. ^Uat, 

9(6orre, en. pi. -r. perch. Perea fumMilis. 

916ortere, «. ». to miscarry. — SdMrtfimg, en. 
pi. -er, miscarriage. 

9{Br0b, en. southernwood. Artemtfia airotanmm, 

9(cabetnt, et. pi. -r. academy;. — acabemtffi 

adj. academic. — al. — ^eabemtfl , en. pL -ft. 
pupil of an academy. — ^cabetntfer, ftt. pi. -«. 
academist, academic. 

9lcdfe/ en. pi. e. excise. =Z Comp. 9(-B(tifnt/ 
excise officer, exciseman ; -Bob, excise office ; -frif 
adj. free of excise ; -febbel, permit. 

9(CC0rb, en. agreement, bargain; chord (in m*- 
sic;) gtore '9(. otn, to make an agreement al»««t; 
giore9i. tneb ftne ^rebitorrr, to compound — oMka 

a composition with one^s creditors. — aCCOlbct^ 
e. i. to agree — bargain for; to accord (in mosic) 

9lct, en. pi. -er. act, solemnity, ceremony; p«. 
pers (in a lawsuit) ; act (of a play.) 

9(ctte, ett. pi, -X, share. ZZ Comp, 9(-BanbeT/ deft- 
ling — business in shares ; -BanbltT, dealer in 
shares ; 'l^atitXf shareholder. 

9lctor, en. pi. -er. L. T. counsel for the plain- 


9tb, prop, ft adv. to, /towards, along, at ^ inb 
ab — ub ab ^oren, in — out at the door^ l^m 
ab S3eten, along the road;, ab B^ire — benffaee, to 
the right, left ; ^eg retfle ttl 9h ab S)v I weait t* 
A. by the way of D. ; bet Itgget 0b 91., It lies t«. 
wards A. ; fangS ab 9laen, along the- stream ; fttic 
le — .ntfre ab een, to smile — nod at one ^ fffti 
ab 9lften, towards evening; to ~ trt ab ©onacii, 
two — three at a time ; ^t^ Dtl fee Ob, 1 will aee 
about it; BoTf ^ f)}0rge ab, to aak -^ eo^irv. 

9lbam8ttBlet, Adam^s apple. 

9(bel, en. pl.e. nobility. ZZ Comp. KbclSficttl^ 
patent of nobilityv; -B^b/ noUe deactnt; -uma^ 

«U^ prill. — attlio, t4j. noklc; (L IsiibS, 

I. ■. l> euDbli, filiate. - KtiUn, 'tn. om^ 
brn^ ubiiiuiiDL 

Sllfnt, m. ||J. c. nndocl, bthivlonr, Jancinsiii, 
rnniiiiii idilrcii, minncn dcptltBcnli Un(n f(. 

nhal), ni. ft. -I. tilr. = Camf. VHten^ 

AdBinti i)i»>*ltnui(l^ 

: Cemf. 9bini= 


-<»iiiii, -UK napiiniii. — iltminfftrtBlrt, cum 
•r Adainitr, A. csori. — iCtl tan|i([i^ !1tiin. cR 
cnnimifanatlsSDDtgiuin, He Btrii Board «f 

■ Adtinhf. 

StiiSri, ra. p(. -T. iddrEH. diittiioD. — at: 
a'tlr'llb; «'. .. 'l/p"l!, »M»<t. 'i>idt, «>rr. 
■jimi'b, diiMTB, dliniminilc. — otjfi[lrt, ^= 

■tiTilr %,[( 'T-id" j"^'c«'i^.!,"d iTk. '™al=' 

|lll(%, aJj. »F>nbl>, diTlliblc; dJiUnniibablt, 
lUctnitii. - a(b.-tlll(li^(l, m. lepanbiliti, *W,. 
f^ilill. — abjlintilt, (II. pi. -I. irpinllon, t\,. 

' «WiBif|; .«■. ditrmBl/mtnl, di,™', ,,,i„,, 
■ndiT. — 9milti|l6(l!, (M. ili«Hii», 

WVlilh, c. o. ig ic.usr, JiiptiH, dJiilpiit, — 
Btfelilnin^ m. •cuicrinf ik. <ti>rtr>ioii , diHi. 

Xanfimi, lo divtn — <ti>inrii^iihsaghu 
.itiffi:n(. - al. 

— StfWrt.flf'/ fl- -I- "calltripf 

fWrtllifunKf, edj 
("rtt fig, .. «#. 

Sbbnu, c. a. M Mil, intnto^iu \ lo cong^L 

WRolm, ii#. iWadr, iKble, ilild, dtiniin, h- 
*". - m(lati9r»e, m. t\nA\wt% tir, 

Itbnn, > ■. IS xani. cmUsn. ~ $(tDaif(f, tn. 
>1 -flfl. -miini, nullDD, •dmoiilioii. 

■nmit, m. pi, -n. binlilti, conitl, idni- 

, 5 tm 6tR, u blip one Dir bii batMi a! mit 
I *tt<»T b... .m fea«™ ««i af, ih. ™„„ 
K^K iHiei ,t', Jan agurM ni^iicr, \t i> »- 

icl.d by ...rf mt', 3'8 S"*' *'l »' S««i I 
Hi il h» bini tniTftn «f ^IJH, diysk .iljili 
■I \ \mxiitx nf tglstr, iriiipoiud wiih jDf I at 
CniCtlfi, bi cbmct. artidiiullv ; af ftsHgfo 
It, Hi «( jcapair; enitfcl uf Vnjftiim, ■ 
B» bi Irale, flOllIHtiflof fio, (Dod.lcnptrcd br 
«i, HWrtlli «-i offifljdo, •(_ oafi aelf, •r 

Mtgct af at £kDnb< at dou, ke la wtji infsmti 

il by woik. 

SlfEiltr, a>. ■. M taim, faabkll, (nni. nmild, 

= afEirtnmg, (11." fU -tx. famlm hc. dtlinnilaa, 

aftinle, i. a. it'lilitd-, a', (n Usiti, i« rm'itn 
— cilin>alg a wan ky IJflhiie; 0. It fiuuS, U 
pal gp iha rrane woih or a hggH. = flfUnting, 

9f61ah,' I. I. lu' plo^, itrip sir Iba Icarta. = 

liiniiiiil?; .. . u pailah, b«gl.h.. 

SKtltilt, r. a. M bIttA anl. 

"IfMcnnn, <. >. H> bay. 4oaa Ba»„io(; ni «r> - 
tremlhtl etim^t, * hded b»gly. 

^fbloft, .. >.<■•. U bit* air u. ».T , .. 
hTTt d*n. b:a>iiii«. M kiowsTti, oieAloi,; artlafl 
9(rlt illmioed m^lb. 

HfliMK, s. n. vJii. Bunt. 

afbiofl, t. •, nA 6vaf(. 

Sfcii^v * t ^l""^^f"r'■ ... 

nfBluilin, ■<' x^alcd Df. 

Bftclftt. I. •■ U tTtab alTj w inumiil, I, 
briak d»wn. damoriab i_ 0. (B filijin(l, lo pigch - 
nlb« a ntotrt 0. <tltl(«, la inumipl, cgl .bat! 


«rttUl>t/ o«»r. mterfnptedly , hf tow* •*"*?• 7 
Sflb^^^Vtfe, afbrvWngvtn. bre.kmg etc. inff- 

*.««!««« discharge • cannon ; a. ft g^WOTfetl, 
Htof fiVewtS'Vcrnbt «Jim, mulled wine. 
= 9lf6tant>mg, en* burning eic. 

«fbut, et. pi. «• • countermeasage , conDter- 

*^*^f6ttt«*/ •• *• *** '••**' "^^^ ^ remoTea by 

*"^f6ttnt)te, «. «. to diyide frto bundles. 
§lfbtiftfler, en. tenant of part of tbo demesne. 
^ibm, en. F«?"y, offspring. 
9tf6ctlge, «. a. to shell. 
9lt6fltre, t>. a. to wear out. 
ifbcte7 ». a. to do penance for, expiate. 
?lwete/-«. «• to bond aside. 

9ltbOTfte, «. «. to brush off, out. 

Sfctreie, *. a. to measure with a pair of com- 

'"SfJat, en. pi. -e. a sequestered^ Talley. 

sJftattHJe, «. a. to air; to evaporate. - «lf- 
lamUmi ^«« P'- -^* "'""«*' eYapor«l.on. 

SSeUr*. «. to divide,- part, partition, parcel. - 
a^tina «»♦£' -«• '^•^'»'**"^ partition; compart- 

«t. W flf ^ro»»er/ a detachment. ^ , 

"SUi^e; « * Jo dike off, embank. = ?lT>ia«i«8/ 
tn. Pl. er. diking etc. embankment. 

WW3, et. pi. id. part payment •, deducUon •, paa 
91./ by installments 


I the fall of tbo leaf-, at f«mtj % t ®^*>"»' *■ 
oiek up sticks in the woods-, ». t « ^«></ ^»«»- 
foUs : %. t en €>ttu81^0lbmn3, broken vrttaala. 


a. to pull, Uke off; to draw away. 

leeward. ^ 

«fWftf, •• «. to winnow. , 

5tftmf!e, *. a- to drink off, out 

ftftrioe/ t>. a. to drive — force onl, dispel, ex- 
pel ; a. anetattet, to smelt; <i-„J* ^^^^'/^^ °^;Y 
drive, overwork an animal. — 5lTDn»ntn0/ en. pi. 

'%fim^t,^v. i. to evaporate. = StfMmfhttng, 

m. pi- -W. evaporation. • u — 

mtjBe, «. a. to deepen, make deeper, sink. — . 

vings; 91. af Onetol, refuse, dross, re«d«e, scan 5 
5tna«iK«wn& «., the defection »[ «>*.«™yL «-2i 

Den^ 91., lulling, abatement of the ^^^^J^^ 
«L, lowering, sinking of th* tone^i JU tta ^W«, 
aposlacy, backsliding. = affalljajO)*/ ground w- 
mote from a town; -tenbe, dram, sewer. 

«ffafte, t». i. eirf. falfce af ; ^i ^"^*,v?!!* 

Btnbfer, the revolted provinces; affalttn I UDfCOU 
^f^ emaciated. 

^WXti, en. setting out. 

Slffartjet, adj coloured. ^ 

9tfatte, «. a. to draw up, compose, indile, w»Ta, 
conch. = 9lffatttUe, eiU drawing etc. 

9tffaDne, v. a. to measure off by fathoms. 

«lmct, en. pi. -et. emotion, violent passion. 

9(ffertert, •. •• to affect. 

fljecteret, adj. affected. 

9lt fCtoticn, en. affectation. Qifir^,4-* 

9ljfe<e, «- •• to sweep off, away — 9ftettttttg, 
en. sweeping, etc. 

9lffiet>«, f>. a. to pluck off the feathers, displnmo. 

9imt, 9. a. to file off, away; to buraidi with n 
file. = ^tffiling, en. pi. -et. filing etc. ; hhngs. 

flrftnlJe ttg, V. rfi. to compound, make a com- 
position, come to an agreement, come to terms witt 
one = 9(f ftnteTfe, en. composition, agreement. 

«nfflffe, r. a. to take off the fish, (ftom a po«4.} 

ifflflW/ •• «• »» Say off, excoriate. 

affleb, et. flowing — running off, discharge. 

^ffljjtje, t». i. to flow - run off. 

«»(ftlete, r. •. to skim off the cream. 

%ffot)re, «. «. to fodder, feed; to have doao 

foddering. . ^ «- 

9({fbTbie^ 9. «. to demand, require, exact. — 

SlffotlJrtng, en. a demaud, exaction. 

afforme, ». «. to form, model, shape, fashion, 

mould; 0. noset t ©OJt, to_t.k| the c„t or Im- 

pression of a thing in wax. = Sltrormntng, en. pi. 

»-tt* forming, etc. 

9(fbtt6ntna, en. deepening etc. 
.«lfl5ceffe, «, 

. deepening «v. «es«»- 

o. to remove the cloth. — 9lto«t- 

mm, en. removing etc. arfti«m*i«Mft ♦« 

«ft)«mme, r. «. ^o dam up. = 9lto«wtvtn0, en. 

damming etc. ; a dam. , j , . 

'9l^«t, part, deceased, departed, defnnct. 

aSemt, adj. tid. pM^inaU «««>,„:-« 

5lffabe, «. a. to rack — draw off. = 9ltT<tontn3, 
Hi. racking etc. , .. .^ 

^jfalt), et. pi. id. fall; i"cri»2'f " 'a^ffiT^' 
slop« ; decline, abatement ; refuse, offal ; ««»e» ■»♦/ 

Slfftaate, «. a. to charter. 

^ifrnttey V. a. to pump — worm — fish ouU 

9(fT08fen, part, frozen off, away. 

9tff9Te, r. a. to fire - let off, discharge — «t- 

ftin'nq, en. firing etc. . . ^ 

^9t|fcfttig, -rfj. decaying, t'^'^fH' ^^SSl&fcS^' 
rebellious, seditious, mutinous = affaWW^' "** 
decay, iniirmity, decrepitude. 

«(ff«rltae, «. a. to dispatch, expedite, aead off- 
z: ^Jlffarttgelfe, en. dispatching etc., dispatch. 

afcbntnO/ en. pi. -er. offspring, progeny. 

«(ffere, et. pi. e. exportation. 

ttttcre, «. a. to pull — put — ^ta^off, diTW», 
to caV- convey Lay; «5?««^* »Kb 5J, eja- 
cuants, cathartic. = *ffeTelie, ««; P""'°» '^ 
divesture. - Kff<Tm8f «. pi. -tt. erncunUoB* 



pwfatioB. — 9(ff«rffl/ <n. curyiaf off; tbaleneat, 


. ftfjOAf/ 4r. «. to pace off. 

Wl^Mtf «. i. to go — set off, depart, start ; to 
Klira, withdraw ; to bo dedoeted or curtailed ; to 
die, expire, depart liiis life. ZZ 9ifgft11g/ (it* pi. e. 
aetUag off etc. departure ; outlet, escape ; decoaso, 
demise-, saie^ decrease, abatement; t(. fra StfiflC 
Og SlCBtMol/ diseBroIIment, expuiictiOn ; at fommc 
i 9«/ to fall into disuse; to decay, decline. 

^haltf tn, by-street. 

9mait^ vid. sub afgciM* 

9|gjmne/ v. a. to drive aw^y, off. 

9i^trctt, V. a. to fence — hedge off. ZZ ftfs 
gfeibtmg/ en* fencing etc. 

9(fgtft/ Ctt. pi. -rr. rent ; doty, impost, eastern; 
crop, produce. "Zl flfgiftSfd, adj. rentfree , duty 
free; -4>Kgttg/ adj. liable — subject to rent or 

9%tt»c, •• a. to yield, produce ;. <L ^olf/ @ot* 
laitXf to furnish men, soldiers ; ^QXltnt Hftoe afs 
Qttme tt7 (t an^rt 9legtment/ the men were ilrsughted 
into another regiment ; a. m ©rflcertng — ^etom!' 
IthtpL to make a declaration — give an opinion ; a. 
et ©IW, to deliver — leave a letter. = ^tfeiUclff/ 
fit* yielding, etc. 

9(fgt0rr/ 9. a. to finish, complete; to decide; to. 

settle, atUust; at tale f ett afgttfunbe %otte/ to 

SMak in a decided, peremptory tone; ft afgimrenbe 
€$lag/ a decisive battle; Dtt tV ett afgtOTt ^aitts 
DCl)/ it is an incontrovertible truth; Oi attfee noget 
fnil afgtott/ to Uke for granted. = ^fgietclffe/ en. 
flnishing etc., completion; decision, adjustment, 
settlement. . 

flfglonbd, en. pi. c reflection, reflected splendour. 

fl^Cotte^ V. a. to make perfectly smooth. ~ 9lfs 
glahttng/ en. pi. -er. smoothing. 

9i^mciXbtf 9. a. to nibble off. 

SranaDe/ «. «. to gnaw off. 

9(^ntte/ 9. a. to rub ofl^ or out ; to clean by 
nUiag. = 9(fignt>ning/ en. pi. -er. rubbing etc. 

^IpOtX/ 9. «. to spade, pare off with a spade ; 
to treadi — ditch off; a. et ®Itel/ to mark off a 
boundary by a ditch; 0* en 9iaf to divert the 
eonrse of a streamy a. en 93et/ to dig a ditch 
■cross a road. =Z Sfgraontng/ etU spading, etc. 

Sfgninb; en. pi. -e. an abyss, gulf, precipice. 

9ifnsn(ti\tf 9, «. to bound, mark or fix the bonn- 
darjr' Tlfgr«ent0ning/ en* bounding etc. 

VfgTMfe/ 9. a. to graze off. 

flfgr^bC/ pi. e. crop, produce, product^ produc- 

^^S^Htf^ 9. a. to ditch, trench off. ZZ 
ftrarvftmng/ ett* pi. -er. ditching etc. 
ftraub/ en. pi. er. false god, idol. =: Comp. 
Tk\Xmmax, a pagan, heathen altar; -6tt(ebe/ an 
Mh; -^l^clfe, idolatry, worship of idols; -b^et^ 
<V» idolater, worshipper of idols ; -bl^rYertnte; an 
MtlalKsa-, -offCT/ idotatrow saorificc \ -^TOtfi/ idol 

priest; -tem^teL idolatrous temple; -tt'ener, -tieMffle/ 
9id. .fe^rfer, -tl^lfe. = ftfgulen, et* idolatry; 
afgubijf/ adj. idolauona. 

9faunfl/ en. pi. e. afgun{ltg, adj, vM. Ugitnfi/ 

Tlfg^ve/ 9. «. to pour off. 

9(rbaaTe/ «. «. to decapiilate. 

Slfnage/ 9. a. to unhook. 

tt^alfe/ «. «. to hack — chop off; to peek off. 

^TQAnble/ «. a. to treat, handle; to debate, dis- 
cuss, talk over. = Slfl^anHtng/ en. pi. -er. a tree- 
tise, dissertation, tract; proceeding, transaction, dia* 
cussion. • 

9lflBarbe/ e. a. to hairow off or away. 

9,wStf af^aSle/ «. «. to husk. 

9lft^afpe/ 9. a. to wind — reel off. 

9ifBegle/ o. «. to hackle out. 

Slfnegne/ v. «. to hedge — , fence off. 

Sl^pegntng/ en. hedging etc ; an inclosnre. 
■ 9it^ente/ «. •• to call ~, go for, to fetch; at 
labe a./ to send for. 1= 9lf^etUelfc, en, 9f^ettt«n/ 

en. calling etc. ^ 

St^iafK/ 9. a. to spoil by slovenlineaa ; to slight, 
slur over, perform eatelessly. ' 

9(f^ieli}e/ «. a. to remedy , supply , redress , n» 
lieve. = ^f^tet^eltg^ adj. remediable. 

^f^temle/ e. a. to cettify by oath or writing. =Z 
9[fl^temltng, en. pi. -er* certifying etc. 

StfJ^oH)/ et. pi. e. absence, uon-attendaDce, non- 
appearance ; abstinence. 

Slfl^olbe/ 9. a. to prevent, hinder, debar, with- 
hold ; a. ftg frO/ to abstain from ;~ tit bOtre afl^olbt/ 
to be liked — beloved, be a favorite. = 9if$6lbeu 
(e/ en. prevention, hindrance. ^ 

Slf^Ot^en/ adj. abstemious, temperate; continent. 
ZZ $lf ^olbenl^cb/ en. abstemiousness , temperance ( 
continence ; $lf|o(bcn^cb8fel{Cab, Tee-total Society. 

9l§on}tg. 9id. 9lf^o»en. 

^Slfqube/ 9. a. to flay, skin, excoriate. :^ 9(fi^1tb« 
ntng. en. flaying etc. 

^f6ng/ et. a cut, maiming, mutilatiftn. 

9lT9ttgge/ 9, m. to cut — hew — chop off ; 0. 
et %X9, to fell — cut down a tree ; a. eenS 4^0s 
Mit, to strike — • cut off one's head. 1= 9lf^Uggett^ 
-l^uqning/ en. cutting, etc. 

^fBt}CeS(e, 9. a. to grind off — out. 
Slf^^tte/ V. «. to uncover, unveil, unfold. ZZ, 9[f« 
l^^Qen, ^f^t^tttttg/ Vn, uncovering, etc. 

^f^«Tbe/ 9. a. to pour off or out. = 9lf)^ff(bnfng, 
en. pouring, ets. 

9lf^0mte/ 9. a. to dispose off, transfer, make 
over, alienate, alien. ^ af^cenbfltg/ adj. alienable. 
= Wf^cenbeltgl&eb, en. alienability. — af^flfnbelfe, 
en. alienation, drsposal, transfer. — af^anbig/ adj. 
alienated, disposed of. - 

af^Otnge, 9. «. to depend on. 

«f^cengt'g, adj. dependent (on),rr Slf^ceng^gl^eb/ 

en. dependence. 

Hi^trct, 9. a. to hear — examine witnesses. Zl 
9(f^0rtng/ en* hearing, examination. 



Kf^efle^ «. a. to retp, harvest. 

9i^ifWU, t>. a. to plane off — away, z: ?(f^e»s 
Imfl, ^en. pi. -cr, planing, etc. ' 

^j[|ag(^ c. a. to recover by chasing. 

^tflalt/ et. pi. id. release, quitclaim; gjne 9* 
yaa itoget/ to give up — relinquish one's claim 
to a thing. 

^fPalbe/ 9. a. to cull off, away. 

9ifCant/ en. pi. tt. a seclude^, sequestered spot. 

StuantC/^ V. a. to plane — smooth the edges. 

9(ffap^e, «. a. to lop off. = ^ffa)»mng/ ett» 

pi. et* lopping off. 

^ffajb/ v. a. to cast, flin^ throw, put off; to 
yield, produce; %a^tt hUt) otraflet Dili @tonnett^ 
the house was unroofed by the storm. ZZ ^fPaji' 

tttna/ en. pi. er. casting, etc. 

Affile/ V. a. to wedge off; cut in wedges. 

^fftnie^ v. a. to notify the extinction of a fire 
by the^ ringing of bills. 

^f!{e6/ et. purchase. 

9lff|i}^e/ t>. a. to buy — purchase of, from ; to 
buy off. 

9lfl(a^t>e/ t*. a. to beat onl; to trounce, thrash. 

9i\tlaxtf v. a. to clear, defecate; to settle, dis- 
charge, clear off, liquidate ; cC StMin , to fine, cla- 
rify wine ; afltoret (Smet, clarified bntt«r. := %fs 
IlartnCV/ en. elearing etc., defecation. 

Wfflarere, urd. tlarere. 

9lflieilftne/ v. a. to pinch, squeeze -off; to squeeze 
out, express. ^ ^fftentnten^ en* pinching etc. 

9(fl(ippe, V. a. to clip, shear, cut off; at gaae 
tne^ '^IffU^pet ^aatf to wear one's hair close cut. 

= ^fflipmng/ en. pi. er. clipping etc. 

9lff((ete^ v. a. to undress, strip, unrobe, disrobe; 

SRarfene'fee ganfFe afKaMe tib/ the fields look 
quite bare; 9t0oertte afflotbte l^am negen, the 
robbers stripped him naked. = 9lff loelmtng / en pi. 
-tt. undressing etc. 

9(fn0De/ V. a. to cleave off. 

9lffnapj}e f v. a. to pinch, squeeze out of ; to 
•9tfWi6e, «. a. vid. a^ltmmt, aftnappt. 

Slmtnge, v. a. vid. af^teSfe. 

^i^ohlif V. ti' to unleash, uucouple, slip. 

^rfog^ et. pi. id. a decoction. 

$(ffO(^e/ «. a. to boil out ; to boil down, decoct, 
r: ^ffbgmng^ en. pi. et. boiling-, etc. decoction. 

Stffom, en. pi. e. issue, offspring, progeny. 
. ^f(ort(/ «• a. to abridge, abbreviate, shorten; to 
deduct, curtail, relrtnch. = Slffortntng, en. pL' -er. 
abridging etc. abridgment , abbreviation ; deduction, 

9lf(rab(e^ «. a. to scrape, scratch off. Z= 9(f« 
frab^ning, en. pi. er. scraping etc. 

5(ffrel)fe, t>. a. vid. afci«(e. 

9lffnbe/ V. a. to chalk off, out. 

9(f frige/ v. a. to win, acquire by anns or conquest ; 
It faae albrig arfriget/ their wars will never end. 

9iffrog/ en. pi. e. nook, comer, recess , by-place. 

9(f¥rumme/ «. a. to bow, bend, curve. 

9lflntmntng en. bowing etc. 

51fftr^tle, 9. a. vid. a\ptti^t* 

9iffrcrfte, r. a. to weahea, tnStthlt^ eaerrata. 
= Stftrofftelfe , ^ftraftntng/ en. pf. er. deUUty, 
enervation, enfecbiement, exhaustion. 

^ffrcmge/ «. a. to pull, strip off, (by tnmiag 
inside out), ^ffrtmgmng/ ctt. pulling etc. 

StfhcetW/ V. a. vid. afforbre. 

9((fl^l)e/ V, a. to publish, notify, proelaia. 

^tfforatnte/ «. a. to comb off, out. - 

^\ttit, V. a. \fi cool, refresh, refrigerate ; (U filt 
^rebe, to cool one's anger. z= 9lffeling/ eiu j»l 
eT4 cooling etc. refrigeration. 

Slflal) / en. pi. e. cessation, intermission ; indul- 
gence. := Comp. 9lflab@^TeD/ letter of indulgence) 
-frcemnter/ seller of indulgences ; -'^onbel/ sale ef 
indulgences ; -^enge^ money paid for indulgences. 

91^abe/ V. a. to let off; to leave off; to unload; 

a. water, to ship goods. = ^flabety en. pi. u 

shipper; ^flabningd|leb/ place for discharging a cargo. 

zlfianbe/ v. i. to put off from shore. 

9(tlang/ adj. oblong. = 0. -runb, obol. 

^jlebe/ V. a. to draw — carry — turn ol^ tors 
away or aside, to divert, drain; 0. Orb/ 'to d^ive 
words ; et ajlebet Orb i' a derivative. ZI 9[flcbtnr, 
en. pi. e. conductor, lightning - rod. — SfUbltmO^ 
en. pi. er. carrying off, etc. derivation. — 9f[ebll^ 
orb/ derivative. 

nflette/ r. a. to lift off. 

9(f(ebe / vid. o)>(ebe ; ^an ^ar fnart aftet^et/ Us 

end is -fast approaching ; aflettet/ adj. broken dewa, 
decrepit, superannuated. 

^fteDere/ v. a. to deliver, leave. = 9(f[ft^CTntg, 
en. pi. er* delivery. 

9flibe/ V. n. to pass, elapse. 

^fliggenbC/ tidy. «. remote, sequestered, out of 
the way. =: ^fttggenT)eb/ en* remoteness. 

9fl^ne / V. a, to measure off by a line ; O* Ci 

9tegnffab/ to balance an account; ^fligntng/ en* 
plT -er. measuring etc. 

Slfftntere/ •. o. to rule. 

9(tlt{le/ V. a. to obtain by artifice, to trick oae 
out of a thing; a. nogen en ^emmeltgl^eb , t» 

worm ■ — fish a secret out of one. 

^fltDe / V. a. to put (0 death , deprive of live ; 
a. ftg felO/ to put a period to one's existence, com- 
mit suicide, destroy one's self. "I^ ^^\\3tV[t , VCU 
putting to death.^ 

9lflobbc^ V. a. to parcel out, partition; to sound. 
zr 5ljlobnmg/, en. parcelling etc. 

^fioftt f V. a. to coax — wheedle out of, inw 
— elicit from. =1 Stffoffeffe/ en. coaxiag, etc. 

^floSfe/ V. a. to unload, disharge a vessel. ZZ 
^jtoSntng/ en* pi. -er* unloading, etc. 

Slflnge, t>. a. to weed out.^z: ^{{itgntng/ m. 

weeding out. 

9lflnffe/ et. pL -r. a closet ; indosure. 

t^fittftt, V. a, to partition off, to dose — atet 
— fence in; a* en Vti f to stop, bar a way. Z^ 
$[flufning/ en« panitioniag ete. 



9ifivttt, 9. a. vid. ttffiflC. 

9ifl[nttre* «. <t. to clear, purify, cleanse. 

9ftbt/ en. dissonance, discord. 

^|i^[(^ V. a. to pnblish, proclaim, notify; tiCt 

Bl()) aii^jl fox tit g^Oliot}c2)e / the bans were pn- 

blUhed for tlie last time ; 0. Ctt ^antefotthtt>tna^ 

to cancel a mortgage (legally notified). ZZ flfl^i' 

nt% en* pL -tX, pr^oclaiming, etc. 

^IjUigge; 9. a. to lay — put down ^ put off; to 

pat — lay by or aside \ io exbibit, evince , display *, 

to reward , remunerate ; to efface, wipe out ; a« €tt 

S^tau, a. @ora^ to. leave off a habit, mourning; 

a, tt !6ef0g ^00 ttti, to pay one a visit ; a* jtcrt/ 

^^m> ^0^ em, to leave a card, letter at one's 

bouse t 0. 9t(gnfltaB / to account for,' render, give 

an account of ; O* @el)/ to make an affidavit; a. 

S^t'htedB^rt / Ito make a deposition, to depose; a« 

ftianietf to lay; a. S3teY/ to hiv^ bees; ttfiogte 
larger/ cast off clothes. — Slflorggev/ en. pi. -e. 
layer. — 9ifia%tl^t, Stfkrgning, en* laying etc. 
— 95thie8B9rtBafIapgnmg, deposition. 

9i|krg§/ adj, antiquated, worn ou^ 

91naro{e/ e. a. to unchain. 

9(t{(rTe / V. 0. to train , teach ; to learn from 
another ; £)vengen f}at a^Unt , the boy has served 
ids time. 

9lflafe, 9. a. to read publicly; to read out, — to 
the end. = 9(flcr@ntn0/ en. reading etc. 

Sflcedfe/ 9. a. to unload, discharge. ZZ ^Lfictis 
mM, en. unloading. 

^fHohf tt, pt. id. flovflng, running off or down; 
outlet. = ^fieh^ttnbt, drain. 

9ifl9btr 9. a. to wear out by running; a. SSA' 
tten/ to run the course; 0. ftg/ to fatigue one's 
self with running. 

9f[«6e/ «. ». 9id. l«Be af. _ 

9ifi9ht/ 9. a. to curdle, coagulate. 

9|iel, en. 9id. 9lftegn. 

ftfltffte, 9. a. to lift off. 

^9lnenne/ 9. a. to pay off, discharge. = 9ifims 
ntm/ en. paying etc. 

f^Uffe/ 9. a. to unloose, untie, loose from; a* 
Ctt vOgt/ to relieve a guard ; fig. to succeed, follow ; 
to absolve. 

91^9ne / 9. a. «*d. foSne. ■— 9lfl«8ntng/ en. 

pi. HtT. (^Ogteng) relief; ^^ntetS 9./ absolu- 

9i^9titf 9. a. to strip off the leaves. 

9lfina<Ue / «. a. to measure, ^ mete ; /l$f. to suit, 
adapt, accommodate ; a. en l^etC / to mark out a 
caap. := Slfmoaltng, en. pi. -et. measuring, etc. 

9lfinagt/ eit« pi. e. feebleness, debililv, impo- 
lence; a swoon, faint, syncope; fal^e t 91., to fall 
farto a swoon. 

^(finale/ «. a. to paint, depict, portray, picture, 

^eUneate. =: ^Ifmating, — ning, en.p/. -et. 
Hiiluif etc. delineation. 


^IfmalVe, «. a. to ailk dry; to hart d«Bt 
9(finane, 9. a. to dissuade. 
StfrnarDe, «. «. «o extract the muTOw. 
^ynaSttf 9, a. to unmask. 
.Sinafie/ «. a. to dismast, nnmast. 
9imiatU, 9. a. 9id. ubmotte. 
9( ntebe, «. 0. to measure with the eye. 

Slfmete, 9. «. to reap, cat down, zz 9lfntetntngf 

eu. reaping etc. 
9thne(^e^ «. 0. to put off 0. 9. as a party. 
Slfmagtta/ adj. powerless, impotent ; faint, feeble, 

weak, zz nfnuegdg^eb, en. 9id. 9(finagt. 

9(fmcet{e/ «. 0. to mark out or off. ZZ ^fnttttf' 
ntng, f^* pi- 'ft* marking etc. 

^r^enftre. «. 0. vid. m«n{lre. 

9[una^^e/ v. 0. to pinch oir. 

^mege, 9id. opnt^t, . 

9i[rwpptf 9. 0. to take off the nap of doth. 

9tfn0be, V. 0. to extort, force f^om. 

Slfpaffe, 9. 0. to unpack. ZZ Stfpalntng/ en. 

pl. -er.. unpacking. 

Slfpante, 9. 0. to distrain. = 9(f^antmng/ ttu 

distraining, distress. 

Slf^aiete, «. 0. ««if.' afBete. 

^If^ane/ «. 0. to pair. = Slpantng/ en* pi. -er* 


^f^agfe, «. 0. to fit , adapt , suit , adjust ; to 
proportion, apportion. ZZ 9(f^aSning/ cn* fitting 
etc. adaptation. 

9(f|)eue/ «. 0. to determine the bearings. 

^fptnBUf 9. 0. to trace lines with a brush; to 
pencil, depict. = 9(f^endlingV en. pi. -er. tracing 

Slf^Jetfe, 9. a. to press -- squeeze out. ZZ tlfs 
fxrdniUQ, en* p/. -et. pressing etc. 

§lfpto|l(# 9. 0. to whip off; to whip flog sound- 
ly ; af^Jttfcct, ftg. diluted, wishywashy, weak, wa- 

SlfipiVfe, 9. 0. to tap off. 

aipitltf 9. 0. to pluck — pick -^ peel off; af* 
plM, eoU. polled down. coll. = 9lf^CCing, en* 
pf. -er. plucking etc. 

^^pint, 9. a. to torture out of, extort from. 

9lfplant(^ '9. 0. to enclose wi^h planks. 9(f- 
^ranfning, en. pi. -er. enclosing etc. 

9f{>(uc/ et. piekiqg, plucking. 

^fplutfe^ 9. 0. to pick — plock off. 

Sfpjfufntng, en. pi. -tt. plucking etc. 

9l^l^nbre, ». 0. to plunder, pillage. = 9lf^)ll^tt* 
bring, en. plundering. 

9(ipU\t, 9. 0. to plough off; to have done 
ploughing. =: S(f^Utning, en. ploughing etc. 

9lf^olete, 9. 0. to polish, bnmitfh. = ^If^ote^ 
ring ,en. polishing etc. 

Stfpom^je, — po^tf 9. 0. to pump off. =: 9lfs 
^mnuning, en. pumping off. 

9tf gramme, «. 0. to discharge from a lighter. 

9(f^e8fe, 9, 0. rtrf. af^)erfe* 




' flfpi^tttf t. «. feo dot ^ rrick off. 
9if^ntttf/ V. a. to bett down the price. 
VjptiMU, virf. afbemfe. 

9n)nrg/ et« j»/. til. impression, inpreti, sitnp. 

9(fi}TflC^e/ V. m. to impress, impriat, stamp. — 
9(fprS^nmg/ Ctt. pi. -tr. impressing ete. impressron. 

^f^UbfCf 9. «. to desB, wipe >- mk off, polish ; 
«. en J&cft/ to nth down, trim a horse. =: 9f^ttt8' 
niaO/ (tt. cleaning etc. 

^puttt, 9. m. to hnlly oaf of. 

mpn^t, V. m. to blow off. 

HSi^pOt^U, 9. «. to measore hy half pims. 

HftJOfe / «. «. to stalte oaf ; to slrenglhen by 
stakes or pile*. = 9f)Nrltltg/ ktU ft. -€t. stakiaf 

%U(0\j^t,'9. a. to lop off the twigf. 

^i^wUt, 9. a. to deduct 

Hfraobc/ «. •. to caii off. 

9[fraabe/ «. «. to dissuade. 

dfraatmr/ «. a. to rot off. 

ftfrOAO V. a. to share off. 
• 9(frafe/ «. ». to spend — cxhaosl one's rage or 

flfroBlJe/ 9. a. to rasp off. =: SifraSimtttg^ etu 
rasping off. 

flm^f/ 9. a. to measore with a rope. 

^fvegltf/ 9. n. to settle accovnts. ZZ 9Ifreglt{tt0/ 
m. settling etc. 

91 Tftff/ rn« j»/. c. departure. 

2 wf{/ •• «• to depsrt, start, set out or off. 

9lfmi(e/ 9. a. to clesn, purify, cleanse from. =: 
9(rrm6ntng/ nt« cleaning etc. 

^fwtte, 9. a. to train. = SfrettclfC/ Ctt. train- 

^jfltlc, 9. a. 10 Jaile, orerride a horse; 0* et 
SR<Kfcfrjc(/ to settle the boundaries by a surrey 
on horseback. * ^ 

9ifrit9/ et« fL id. sketch, outline, dran|^i, 

^fTfribfC/ 9. a. to sketchy draw an outline. ZZ 9[fs 
nb^niMg, eiU pL -tt, sketching etc. 9id. «lfrife«. 

9(frtnge/ r. «. to call off by a ball ; (U @tntll/ 
to unring. 

9(fril}e ^ «. a. to loar — pull — remf off ; to 
grate off; to rake off; 0. ett S^ttOtX^ to smooth a 
wall. =Z 9fnbttmg/ m* tearing, etc. 

Sfme/ 9. ». to row past. 

9pruue, «. «. to nroll. 

9(fntttbe^ 9. «. to round off, round. ZT 9lfntttb{ng/ 
(n« rounding etc. 

Stfruffe^ V. a. to twitch — shake — jerk off. z: 
Sl^ftttittg/ m. twitching etc. 

9lfr^b/ et« pL e. clearings; learings of cattle. 

ftft^tbe/ 9. a. to clear off. IZ ztfc^ntttg/ (R* 
pi. 'it, clearing off: 

St^C^gf/ V. a. to smoke off; to eraporata. ZZ 9l,f* 
TMntlia/ tn« smoking off, evaporaiioB. 

^Rft^Wt/ r. a. to twitch -— pluck off.. ZZ 9lfs 
Yl^ntg/ ett* twitching etc. 

flfi^fle/ «. «• to ahaka all =: Sfrt^fniiig, eiu 

shaking off. 

9lffaMe , 9. «. to nnoaddla. =: 9lffab(iiig, eiu 

9 ' Ogtt; et« pi. id. report, ramour.- 

91 OBIU/ 9. «. to pick — cull from. 

91 ' 01^^ 9id.^ affomTe. 

9i\\oiH, 9. «. to saw off. ZZ 9lffainttRgr cit* fIL 

-cr* sawing off. 

9(ffalnt/ et« a painM sansa of loss, regret. 

9lffee^ 9. «. to lose sight of; %mL {on tile tu 
Somet et 0ic8(tf/ she cannot bear Iba child la W 
of out her sight for a momeat. 

9lffetU, 9. ». to sail aff,' away. = 9lffeailigr 
eit. sailing, etc. « 

9lffenbe/ a. «. to send off, dispatch. = 9lffci»r 
tttf eU. pk -t, sender, dispatcher; 9(ffettbc(fe, 9fs 
fetlbtnO/ eiU sending etc. 

9(fnbber/ eiu pi. -t, 9id. 9lfB9g^. 

91ffi^e/ ett. a ramate. retired, se^astercd plaea;. 

9(mte9/ o^a. aside, apart. 

9(nt))e8/ mI^. .ranata, retired. 

9(fjte/ 9. : to strain off. = 9(ffieiitit0 / eiu 
straining aff. 

9(f^e/ 9. a^-%9 conntarmand, relraci; to ranaowe., 
relinquish, abandon; to retase; to resign; ^eg I^OT 
affogt ^ette S^tMffhift/ I hare withdrawn mf 
subscription flrom this Joomal; 0. !iDinil/ la pr»-> 
naunco — pass sentence ; eit Jiff Og^ QTICIlfec / • 
sworn — declared enemy. = 9lfjige({e / Ctt* pi. -«. 
eonnlermanding etc.; resignation, rellnqwahmaal ^ 
retraction; renunciation. 

9lfftgt/ eil» indgmeni, sentence. 

9lfiidt(/ a. «. to si A ftorn. ZZ 9lf{tgtnt119, ClU 

9lftinb{g/ •dj. f md9, insane, dislraeled, frantie, 
deranged, demented; ud9. insanely, frantically; Ctt 
9(* a maniac, lunatic. ^ 91ff{tt^tg9C^, eit. inaaaity^ 
frennr, derangement, lunacy. 

VfniK^ 9. i. to ooie oot. 

91 j^etUf 9. a. to deprire of Ufa. 

9(f9affe^ a. a. to abalish, do away with, iAm-. 
gala. = 9(fttaffel(e, etu abaiiahing etc., abalitioa, 

9lf|tage/ 9. m. N. T. (en XaUit), lo laai a 

9lflTane^ «. a. to slope, slant. 

9lt{latte, a. m. to peat off. Z= 9lfpfaQtllg/ ftU 
pi. -er. peeling. 

9(fffaO/ et* pi. e. scrapiags. 

9(fitat>e/ 9. m. la scrape off. ZZ 9lf|faOlttlt3/ Cll* 
pi. -et. scraping off. 

9lf{Yeb/ ett. pi. e. dismissal, dismission, discharfe ; 
retlrameat, rest^atian; leare; at gioc en ^encc ^ 
9t./ to discharge a serrant; 9i toge fin 9L flft \ 
et WX&t^tf ta retire, withdraw fTam affiee, resign 
one's office; ^an ^ae fooet fin 91. t Stooge, he has 
retired with his sorereign's faronr; — i Uw uU » y 
he has been dismissed In disgrace; tOOe 9U HK^ 

eCUc fra/ to take leara of; tttf!« et ®lM foBtmcn 


•r iiMfbarfn \ 'Irogf day 
SfflM, E. i. to n« 

^ )lf{t«rttif nfflloring, m. ]>(. -n. umiif 

I aff 

ftngnb, u nfiu, npil n iiutlii a. ttcal, m 

in<», cul dntn p»i i «. m BfglHring', M nlW, 
SIWm, il.'ff. «. TthMl, hJ'cUh, Jniil i n. 

afrirttt, ^. nllitftli. 

atllibt, B. a. to erlBd (fl M A*iT», wktli IB 
weir vfi to fi»*fl1l>, ^Ifli. 

JfiUfmrnfl, m. pL m. (riidiif, tit. 

unit, tt. rl. c. ntr. 

n^ibt, «. ■. u wnr HI, tV. = SfOAniHg, at. 
ri. -re. «*»<■( lu. 

nfjUHt, V, a. I* Met o*. 

afniiM, (. a. M me f>« rilw. 

■cconui. = Sffljitning , in. fl 

afflen, .. a. io «.««. 
afimoa , tn. fl. t. i Uni , 

I off wiik * aM. 

fralring, ni. r*. -( 

mm. .. a. 10 

SlltHmfe, a. a. b 
«fftltllt, «- a. » 

aflBlVr'i. a. e 
a^tm^t, a. a. I 

afloKt, a. a- I. 
n. tm mtb @>naf, 

affWInttt, .. a, 

MffMlt, a. a. « 




Sff^nrfu^ et. pLUd.* side •fling or boud. 

9 'ftnruitgcn/ p«rr. qmug, descended from. 

9 {^mrnge^ v. «. to blast, blow up. 

91 ' pXttttt, 9. a. to rip off or up, unrip. 

9i \p<tntit / «. 0. to unbuckle ,' unclasp *, 0* , (tt 
S3tte/ to unbend, unstring a bow. Z: 9[ff^(m))it13/ 
Ctt* unbuckling etc. 

9(frpcrtttig/ adj. refractory, rebellions. 

9tnp8n(7 •. a. to block up, barricade. 

^(tfpfilr/ V. a- to wash off; to rinse. 

^fuaaC/ V. a. to resign, give up, cede, renounce, 
relinquish. = 9lf jlaaelfe / ttU resigning etc., resig- 
nation, cession, renunciation, relinquislunent. 

^^flaaC/ «. ». to desist from, give over. 

^tJla^lCf V. a. to divide into heaps. 

9lfi1age/ «. a. to pole, propel with poles; to 
stake off or out. 

Slfflamme/ v. n. to descend — spring — be 
descended from. = ^fjiammelfC/ (»« Tlfllomnttlg, 
Cn* pi. 'tt* descent. 

9lmaitl>/ en. distance. 

9lfii(t/ adv. away, on, forward, off; at lomtne 

a. meb et Strbctbe/ to get on with a work; a, meb 

))tQ/ away with you, get you gone ? 
^f|l(bc# V. a. to dispatch. 

9(f{icb(0tlimf/ V. a. to cause, occasion, work, be 
productive of. 

9tff)rmni'ng/ eti. voting. 

Slfflit/ et* pi. id. an engraving, impression in 

^ffltfff^ «. a. to mark — chalk — prick out or 
off. = 9(nltf{ente/ ad§. incongruous; gaudy (of 

colours) (bor 0. ec ^and Q^ferfel mo^ l^and 
Sdvolbeidf what a contrast his behaviour forms .to 
that of his brother. 

SlfiHde/ «. a. to calm, quiet, appease. 

9(f{H9e/ r. a. to stiffen; a. en ^{uur, to shore 
— prop up a wall. = Stftlttjntn^ ^ en* pi. -er* 


$(f jiraffe f «. .a. to punish , chastise, = 9lffhrafs 
felfe/ en* pt. -X* punishment, chastisement. 

^fflre^e/ «. a. to mark or measure off with lines ; 
to underline; a* en 9le^ntTab36og / to rule an ac- 
count book. ZZ Stfihegning/ en* marking etc. 

^filrtte/ V. a., to contest, dispute (with). 

ftffhKgU/ V. a, to curry off. 

9(ffhMie/ «. a. to strike, wipe off or away; 0* 
nt 9iagefniD/ to strap a r* zor ; to prime (in painting.) 
tt afilreget 9)Uol, a stricken measure. = ^ffir^d' 
ntnA/ en* pi. -tt, striking etc. 

Timt^tfA/ tt. pi. c. what is struck off with a strike. 

9iftlltofe/ V. a. to crop — clip — cut off, dock, 
csnail ; a* Xtftttf to poll trees ; et afflu^et %X9, 
a pollard. 

^9[f|lum)»e/ V. a. to curtail, dock. = ^f|lum^« 
Jtttiaj en« curtailing etc. curtailment. 

^mi^m^n/ vid. ^^m'pxt, lemlfffie* 
wjil^rtf/ V. a. to shoot off. 
9lmork)ne/ vid. affap|>e. 

9lfflelBe/ «. a. to «ast, found. = ftfJ^Bmng, oi. 

pi. -CT. casting etc ; a cast. 

Slfjitftie/ «. a. to thrust, push off' or away. ^ 
9(fgeten/ 3(f)l«bmng^ en. thrustlnc, etc. 

^ffl«)»e/ V. a. to dust. = 9m«Dntng, en* pi. 

-er* dusting. ^ 

%\]\iMf «. a. to sqck out; (in Gardening) |o 
ingraft by approach, inarch , ablactate. =1 9lf^lgfY> 
en* pi. -e* a graft by approach. — ^ffugning^ Ot 
sucking etc. grafting by approach, inarming. 

Slffoole^ 9id. aff«le. 

^ffDtbe/ or affDie, «. a. to singe off, scorch, 
parch; (of com) to blight, blast. 

SlffbOt^le/ «. a. to fumigate with brimstone. 

^IffOflCIge/ «. a. td abjure, forswear, renounce. 
= 91ffoenrgcIfe/ en. objuration, renunciation. 

afi^te, 9id. dffoge. 

^Ipi^nfte, 9id. fowge. 

Slffmife,. 9id. affcrnfe. 

^ffottbC/ •. «. to sift away. 

9lnalae, «. a. to soli off. 

9lf (cnite , o. «. to sink, zz Sffcrttfmng, en. pi. 

-er. sinking. 

^ffort^ et. pi. id. (on a staircase) landing place; 
(in a garden) terrace. 

^ffortte^ •. a. to pnt or set by or aside; to 
remove, displace, deprive of office; to dispose of, 
sell, put off; to mark out; (in surgery) to ampntale, 
cut off; ckem. T. to deposit; Tfp. T. to complete 
the composing of a sheet or page; O* tn JtongCr 
to depose, dethrone a king. = nffcrtning, CIU pL 
-er* putting etc., amputation; sediment, deposit; 

sale ; f^an f^ax niegen ^. i^aa.ftne Xi^tesattt, his 

cloths sell well, are in great demand. = ftffctttcl? 
\tf en. pi. -I. removal, depri^vation of office , depn- 
sition, dethronement. ZZ Slfforttcltg / at^. saleable, 
vendible, marketable, meiehantable. — ftffottfltgs 
^ttif en* saleableness. 

9lffct, et* vid. 5lffol. 

Stftagf et* pi. e.^ diminution, decrease, decline, 
wane ; SJlaanen er t 9[./ the moon is in her want. 

Siftage/ V. a. to take off or out; L. T. to abolish. 
=: 9lftagen, Slftagetfe/ en. taking, etc 

9(ftage/ V. n. to fall off or away, to decay, de- 
crease, decline, be impaired. = SlftOgelfe, ^^OgOl, 
en. falling etc., decrease, decay, decline, diminution; 
^ftO^enbe/ Ct* decrease, wane. 

9L\iaXttf «. a. to discharge, disband. ^ SCftoIfeil/ 
Slftafning/ en* disbanding, discbarge. 

Slftafle/ V. a. to unrig. =z Slftantng/ (tU 

Stftale; en* pi. -t. appointment, agreement ; g)«te 
^* me^ een / to make on appointuMUt with one ; 
\)l mobted ef ter SL^ we met by appointment, according 
to our appointment. 

SlftaU/ V. i. to agree, appoint, concert; to settle, 
adjust; et aftolt 3)letHf appointment, rendezrons. 

9lfta|9^e/ «. a. to draw off, tap ; 0* pOI^ f^UffeTr 
to bottle; ofta)}^et 0t/ bottled beer. = 9i^aps 
ning/ en* drawing ele. 




9lft^tt/ et* pi. id. a mark (for instance in the colour 
of aninals). 

9fiegne/ v. a. to draw, delineate. = 9(ft<gntng/ 
M. drawing, delineation. 

aftcn, «♦ j»/. -tX, evening, eve; fra SWorgett 
H( 9l*/ from morning to night*, moo %l* / towards 
evening; 'em 9(ftm(n^ in the evening; of an eve- 
ning; t Slftett, this evening: t S^forgm ^ftltt/ to 
morrow evening ; ub pdA ^ftcneit/ late in the eve- 
ning ; im a t:tt %tb at f|)ife til 9(. / it is supper 
time; at h\)tt tttl ti( 9i»f to invite one to supper; 
at Uibe ea f))tfe ttl ^, to stay supper; til $lft€n 
r0« SlftenB/ for supper; Stt^etd ^«/ the evening of 
life, vale of years; QOl) S(«/ good evening. = 
C^Mfy. SlftenaTOetle, evening work; -hcXtt, a bat; 
•^tebC/ evening shower ; -Bett^ evening praytr; -tug^ 
evening dew; -^^/ hawkmoth, sphinx; -f^tC/ eve- 
ning meal; -AtOfflf evening guest; -Atft/ evening 
fiodder; -g(ano§, evening tints; -flolfe, evening 
bell, curfew ; -futbtf evening cold ; -UUf {elntltg/ 
cool of the evening ; -lanb^aB/ evening landscape ; 
-Inft^ evening air ; -II^ / evening rest or repose ; 
-l^gi^l^/ evening sport or merriment; -Ittaal, 
the quantity of milk which a cow yields in the eve- 
ning; -manl)/ one who keeps late hours; -VXt\t, 
evenins milk; -me0f(/ evening service, vespers; 
-nrnftf , serenade ;^ -TfgTI/ evening rain ; -»be/ the 
roseate hues of eve ; -fotig / even-song, afternoon 
service; -iTttmring/ evening twilight, dusk of the 
evening ; -fo{/ ^ the evening sun ; -f^ife, supper, food 
for snpper; -jtimtf/ eveninjg star, Hesperus; -ftunt/ 
•vcaing, even-tide^ -foal/ t^olntng^ vid: teU ; -fffbe/ 
evenii^ haunt; -tlVMf evening hour. = Stftendfcft/ 
•id. Sftmf<)tfe; -maaltit'/ evening meal, supper; 
-mab^ nipper ;' -tit/ evening, eventide ; -HCaUh L. T* 
one day's notice or warning; ZZ aftl1(d/ v. dep. ff 
imp. to draw towards evening; bet be^t^bci ttbltg 
at a. / evening sets in early. — ^SJftWtng , Cll* pi. 
e. evening. 

^fixmt, r. a. to work off; at f^Otit afttmt, to 
have served oneV time. 

9ftigg(/ «. a. to obtain by begging. 

9ftinar/ vid. a^pvuttt* 
%ftne§, ^ftnttig^ vid. sub. 9(ften. 
9fit0(^ V. a. to wash, tleanse. 1= Slftctlfe/ en. 
washing, «blulion. 
9(fti^ tt, march, marching off, departure. 

Sftroab^ tU vid. 5£raab. 

Sftrut/ tt* pi. id. a step to one side. 
flfhotfe / V. a. to obtain by threats , ' to bully 
ont of. 
9ftiue/ V. a. to'^extort by threats. 
9ftTiM(e/ vid. afttgge. 

9mtlf!f (t. pi. id. impression, print, copy. 

^jMffttf V. a. to press out of, express ; to take- 
ai»w off an impression; ttt tt fuu aftr^ft faa 
^pmplaxttf a few fopies only have been printed ; 
•• ft ®ebflrT/ to pull the trigger of a gun. == ^ff 
til* pressing etc. expression. 

9lftT(rbe/ V. a. to tread off; to mark off by trea- 
ding, a. g. a flower bed ; to svrremler, yiddf resign, 
give up. =1 SftTCtbdfe/ ftU treading etc. 

StftrabC/ V. i. to get off, alight; to withdraw -' 
retire — secede f^om ; ben afttcrbenbc OffiaCT/ 
the relieved officer; tn aftrcebenbc (Smbcbdmanb/ • 
retiring functionary. r= SlftTCrbefleb/ a place to alight 
or put up at. 

Tlftrcef/ et* puiling, drawing off; outlet, passage ; 
sale (of goods). 

ii^txaatf «. a. to poll — draw off; 0* et 83evb, 

to plane a table ; a* en StogefniO/ to set a rasor ; 

a. noget paa en 9legnmg / to deduct fh»m a bill ; 
a* et Tlif/ to throw off a shecL = Stftiorfnmg/ en* 

pl. 'tt, pulling etc. 

9lftr(eUe/ ««. a. to work off by drudgery. 

Slftrotnge/ v. a. to extort. 

^IftTOttte^ V. a. to argue out of. 

^ftt^mge/ «. «. to extort, wring out of. 

^itOStte/ V. o. to wash off or out. 

Sftbatnmg, en. washing etc. 

^ft^lbe/ V. a. l<y pour off. 

9(ftcrgt/ en, an annual allowance to one who has 
ceded his farm. 

^jtaitttf V. a. to unroof. 

QlftfftKe/ V. a. to count — reckon off. 

^ftcere. rid. ubtorre. 

mtarfte/ «. a. to thrash out; to finish thrashing. 

9l{t0iTe, V. a. to tether off. 

^ftemme/ v. a. to empty out. 

tftft^rre^ v. a. to wipe up or off. 

Slfoanbre/ r. •. to depart, set off. 

9lpane/ en. disuse, dissuetude ; faoe %. HI itoget/ 

to be or get out of the habit of any thing. 
Slft^abffe/ V. a. to wash off. 

9lfi7et, en.p/. -e. a wrong way ; fomme pM en 9L/ 

to go astray. — Stft^etS^ adv. out of the way. 

Stfoeie / V. a. to weigh off, to weigh. ZI ^ft>nf 
ntn^ en. weighing. 

t&nmt>t, V. a. to avert, divert, prevent ; tt. fioU 
ttt fra %tO^CLh f to seduce the people from their 
allegiance. = ^ft^enbelfe / en. averting etc diver, 

SlfUenbtg/ adj. disaffected, rebellions. 

^\tit}:U, V. i. to change, vary, alternate ; a. meb 
at lotfe Og ffrtbe^ to read and write by turns or 
alternately: S3tetge Og S)a(e a. meb ^tnanben^ 
mountain and valley succeed each other alternately; 
afbejElenbe >/ changing etc alternate , various, diver- 
sified; a. ^t)fttf chequered, various, fortune. ZZ 
2lf»exitng, m,'pl. 'tt. vicissitude, alternation, 
variation, turn, variety. 

Slfbige/ V. i. to swerve, depart, deviate dfverge; 
to differ, vary, disagree ; l afutgte 2lar — 97{aaneb, 
last year, month; Slftjigelff/ en. swerving etc. devia- 
tion, departure; difference, disagreement; variation, 
declination (of the needle). 

^[t)tffe/ V. a. to untwist, untwine, unwind. !Z: 
5(fbtf(}ng, en. untwisting etc. 

^fOinbe/ V. a. win from ; to unwind, wind off. 




TihhfXlt, 9. «. U brvel off. 

VflnfCf «. a. to reAiM admittuice, disims*, tnni 
of, deny, reject; a. Ctt @{ag fot SUtteit/ to diss. 
BiM ■ eanse. == Sftttdttillg/ cn« disniMaL, r^ec- 
tioiK refasal. — Vftttfet/ Ot. pi. -(. a itad. wipe*, (u en 5tainm/ to aponge a 


7iho][ttf pari, full grown. 

2Cflmt(/ «. «. to wring, wrendi off. ZZ V^ttbs 
tAl% en. wringing etc. 

WeAntf 9. a. to dbank = ICfDanung/ en* 
diiamiog. * 

Ti^ttCtlitf «. a. to roll, tnmble off; a« en S3es 
fh^lbnittg/ to exculpate, exonerate mie^a aelf from 
n charge. 

JCfttOmne/ ,«. a. to disaccustom, ditnsc, wean 
from*, a. et S3am/ to wean a child-, man maa 
fooe ^am afucmt fra (nut) ten @ifi(/ he must be 

broken of that habit. 

2rft}{rtge/ «. «. to ward off, pairy; to avert, 
proTcnt. =Z ICftocrrgelfe/ en. warding etc prerention. 

Vfocrme/ «. a. to keep off. 

Tiyttjiif en/ produce, diminution. 

7i Ct^tf 9. a. to browse off. 

iCfomtre / v. a. to alter, modify. = Xfotntnn^ 
Cn« alteration, modiMcation. 

TCfoefEe/ •. a. to exact — demand — require 

2Cf0fe/ V, a. to bale — lade — scoop onl. ZT 
Vf0(en/ ^CfeSning/ ttu baUne etc 

3(gat, en. pi. -ei. agate ; fort ^., jei. 

7(ge/ «. a. •. fiNji/. of^ebe/ og^ or aog./ to drive 
•art i ben Ogenbe $ofl/ the mail coach. = V'^ort/ 
barn-gate; -^l^be^ vid. ^Pgnl^l^te; -lord/ cart, 
— waggon load; -{io(/ seat of a waggon; -t«t/ 

•M. 5ti«Tetet. 

Tiavc, en. H- ^* l- arable land; Vgrf/ field. 
::= a«6ntg/ agricuHnre, husbandry, farming, tillage ; 
-BntgeT/ husbandman, agriculturist, tiller; -bttnt/ 
Mil (of arable land) ; -b^rfet/ agriculturist ; -t^^s 
ntng/ agriculture; -bt^ttcnbe/ mdj. e. (9{at10tl) an 
agricultural nation, n. of husbandmen ; -tttrfmnAS? 

fe({f a6/ agricultural society ; -fret, 9id. sftorffrro ; 
-fltte/ Ifurrow between two fields; -gtemtttg/ field 
labour — work; -^tjlttt, tMd keeper; -^ifnt, par- 
tridge; (Tetrao perdrix) -jotb, arable land; -faa(, 
diariock, white* mustard, Brasnea eampestrit. -lanb/ 
arable land ; -lob/ lot of arable land ; -tnanb/ vid. 
s(nigei| -matf/ corporation land; -num, vtd. -{ott ; 
•Wttttd/ field-mouse, JTks nwiteiw; -m^nte/ com 
mint, Mentha arvensia. -ran/ field robbery; -reb« 
flab/ agricultutal implement — utensil, farming 
implement; -ttttl, ridge; -rente/ drain, furrow; 
-rt^tmng/ clearing of a field ; -rt^, highest part of 
n ploughed field; fPtel/ field boo«dary; fPtttC/ lot 
ofunpartitioned corporation lands; -fump/ tail-drain; 
-Ittt/ couon grass, (Eriophoron polfstaehion.} 

3(aem, et. pi. -er. & »geW| acom. = 2(4al/ 
calix, — cup of the acom. 
Vgle/ 9. L to stagger, reel. 

Xgh/ ft* bait. 

Xgt/ en* pi. e. intention, purpose, object, design | 
attention, care, hoed ; esteem, estimation ; QtVC V« 
)paBi, to pay attention, attend to, to take boed of, 
to heed, mind; tdge fig i V./ to take care, hare n 
care, teke heed; bo(tC9 1 7C. (]g 9^/ to be cstoeni' 
ed, stend high in the esteem of. =r Vgibar/ c«dL 
-ivarttg; -^OOgtOente/ adj. mindful, heedful, atte»- 
tive; •pOOglDetU^et/ attention, heedftalness ; -^NHIgts 
Der/ observer; -font/ adj. heedful, mindful, carcM, 
attentive, considerate; -fombet/ en. carcfnlneau, 
heedftalnoss, attention, consideratenes ; -VOtrtig, a4§. 
estimable, respectable. 

2fgle/ V. «. f i. to mind, heed, regard, obsenra, 
attend ; to respect, reverence ; to regard, c<|^isider \ 
to intend, propose, dest^; Ogt mine Mrt. aund 
m^ words; \iaxi w'ltc tfte 0. ^KM nttitc ^0iai«s 
ntnger'/ bo would not listen — attend to my ad- 
monitions v b^n ogtet tet it(e en ^oit botrt/ ho 
docs not value it a straw — rush ; b^n OgtCl t(t 
for tnaen %tng/ he makes nothing of it; b^V 
Ogter ^e ^cm ben/ where are you goiuf. 

Vfiieifc / en. pi. e. respect, regard , esteem, d»- 
ference ; bate/ DflTTC V. toT/ to have a regard for; 
ban bar iobi fin Y. / he has forfeited — lost bio 
character; ttf 2(. fori^tocne/ in deference to the law. 

Voter/ adf. f ad». (li. T.) all, abaft, aslcm; 
a. tnt/ aft, right aft; a. nt/ astern; tct ogterfk 
@fib/ the sieramost ship; tet gooer til aotCTS fvr 
bom / he is going down bill.^ ZZ Comp. a stcd/ 
hind-part; -ente/ slen; -feil/ after sail; -{ttC/ 
hind-part, stem; -{lib/ poop; -f^eif/ stem, stem- 
frame; -ftaon/ stem-post ; -fiing/ back-stitch; -trait# 
wind right aft 

TCgurfe, en. pi. -r. cucumber. = V«falat/ aUcod 


ah I obi 
intetj. alas ! alack ; alack a day I 
Utaiottf 9id. faoet. 
Xfct}it/ en. eS. Kquattt/ whiskey. 
Vt/ 'adj. n. at pi. aue. all ; a. S^erten, aU 

the worid, the whole worid; OVer (A ^orten, all 
over the earth ; olt £aab er forfountet/ all or every 
hope has vanished ; 9an bar (d Varfag t{( . . . / ho 
has every reason to . . . ; af 0* TloQt, with might 
and main ; ti( al S^fre/ by great rood luck , as 
good luck would have it ; fltntfor A. / above all, 
of all ithings; fomtaae 2f. ffoi ttn, to be all in 
all with one , to have rreat infinence with ; oXU Og 
enbteT/ each and all ; @en for attc og a(te for eeiii 
all as one and one as all ; at ten ^tnnt / in. as 
much ; met alt tet / for all that ; )eg er t XTt 
af bond anening / I am entirely of his opinion \ 
)(lt fom man tager tet/ Just as you take it; Xlt 
^oatiegeter/ my all ; 9(lt btat jcg tern, all I cant 
t VU/ 2(. i 2(./ altogether; naar v. fommcrttt 

7(./ after all. ZZ 7(-fater/ (one of Odln^a names) 
father of all ; -fartlft/ highway, highroad ; -fortorreiM 
te^ all-consuming; -got/ all-bounteous — b«uitl-> 

if tnteiy. 




.mcmgiclbntbe ; -pmc, lord of aii ^ .ft(rr(tg, adj. 

•11 loviag ^ ^-UU^t/ omnipoteace, •Imightioef • \ >m(rgs 
. ^ adj. ainighly, all-powerful, omnipoteut ^ -nctt? 
feflmtlN, adj. all-preseot, omaipresent *, -omfottenbe/ 
a4j. all-conpreheadiaf ; -raabenbC/ adj. alt-dis- 
fMiag; -itmtt, adj. all-seeing; -flt^TCntC, adj. 
•U-f«TcraiB9. -ruling; -t>n, vid. -fatttet; -bcrbctt/ 
vaiTcrte; -blbmbC/ adj. ontniscieat, all-knowing; 
' -trfbcit^b/ omniacieace ; -tni^f adj. all-wise ; -\>\iis 
feosi/ rapreme wisdom ; -Vtttttf -tforfbtg/ 9id. -mo^t, 

VuSafl/ en. alabaster. 

Ylonb/ elt* Vlant/ n. s. elecampane. Inula 
Melenium. v 

Tttaxtflf en. alarm ; noise, tumult, racket , uproar, 
haklNib, din ; tlfltfe, jtaae A./ to sound, beat — tbe 
alarm; STtnb Tf./ false alarm. = Comp. TisHotttf 
alarm b^l; -trowmtf alarm drum. 

XTBue, en. pi. -er. elbow. = 3C -maoX, -cubit; 

-flet/ jog with the elbow! 
"Xlhwn, en. Ibird part of a peck. Dan. measure ofland. 

i iac^mnte,,en. vid. ©ulbmac^eri. 

XtbtW , adv. quite, entirely, totally, absolutely, 
altogether, ntterly ; 0. xftt, not at all, by no means, 
by no manner of means. 

TCIleT/ en. pi, c l.age; tncget ^«{'X/ extreme 
old aire ; Blcmfbcenbe K,, Qower of age ; m Wianl 
iU YIber9/ an aged man, a man stricken in years ; 
2. pi. -e. age. =: Cotnp. "KlttXtcm, en. old age; 
aatiqnity. Z= K -flfgen/ adj. v. aged, stricken in 
years; -fOOg/ adj. weakened by age, infirm. 

Zltttnlt, adj. elderly. 

intrtg, adv. never; om ^an \)aviti a. faa mange 

fSen^e / thoDgh he had ever so muck money ; a* 
foafltart . . . font/ no sooner . . . than. 
Tiltn , en. pi. id. ell ; maaU een meb fin egen 

7[., to measure another by one's own standard. ZZ 
X -Bret , -bttS , adj. ell broad, -deep^ -WMlf ell 
i aeaanre ; -tol/ -btt6/ by the ell ; -trOT^ ell-stick. 

Xitnt, adv. alone, by oae^s self ; only ; ganffe 
A./ all alone ; tffe O./ not only or merely. 

3flf/ en. pi. -er. elf. 

YIoeBra^ en. algebra. = atgeBTatf!/ adj. algebraic. 

Xlmcaif en. Koran. 

Vllebe/ en. pi. -r. alcove. 

Yttee^ en. pi. -t. avenue ; walk. 

YQeBaanbe, adj. l. all manner, — kinds, all sorts ; 
Bah feer ut ttl a. / ^he has a sinister, saspieions 
took: 2. allspiccvPimento. Myrtus pimenta. 

VI|e%en, or VIpelgendbag/ All-Saints, All-Saints- 

XtUmcaib t n. $. eoUeet. every man , all the 

Xttene, vid. olene. 

WKet/ (prefix to superlatives) ben ttlKeiBelttgfle/ 
^ JBosl Holy; Bet -Beffiflfh, tbe Holy of Holies; 
•WlU/ tbe moot High ; -netefle/ dearest, most be 
^•n*; ben affrrlauefU ^rtt6, the very lowest 
PlM; bm -witlbil/ tbe least of all, tbe very least; 

-naabtgfle/ moat crtcioaa; bm -ftbflC/ laal of all, 
tbe very laaC 

2rttetebe/ adv. alreadv; before — ero ■•w. 

7tUe\avxmtn, -vid. olfammcit. 

3(t(e)leb8 / adv. evtry where , in all places. ZZ ft 
-ncrrDcnrenbe/ omaipreseat ; •noTtKrtelfe^ oamipreaeacet, 

aUeoegne/ adv. every where. 

VHCigedef^ adv. still, aothwithstaadiag, nevertheleaat 
for all that. 

"UUitt, en pi. -X, Jack-daw. Corvu* mon^^mla. 

Xlnt/ Tamixft, vid. 9@ltn. 

Hlmanaff en. pi. -fee* ainaaac. = V -maaneb/ 

calender month. 

2CImeen/ adj. pi. -WttXtf general, cemmea, pub- 
lic, universal. ZZ 2C -^eb/ en* the public. ::Z 
Camp. 7C -aonb/ public spirit, pablic-miadedaeea ; 
-felelfe, public spirit, philanthropy; -gl^lbig^ Mb*, 
generally, — nniversally received or blading; "At^' 
^tgBeb/ general validity, universality; -jfo^ntng, 
general reading ; '\V^ttt , 'public good -^ vtilHy ; 
-nbttJA/ beneficial to the public, of general utility ; . 
-fiffen^eb^ public, general safety; -flemmitg/ dispo- 
sition of the public; -fcetntng/ general proposition 4 
-t)e(/ public ->- common wellfare or weal ; -Dfffnv 
public affairs. 

2(lmtnb/ et. the public. 

2(Imtube(ig ^ adj. common, general , univeraal, 
ordinary; bet A* i^ebfle/ the public good; A* 97{etl« 
neftefOYflanb^ common sense; bet A./ the public* 

= YImmbeltg/ en. adv. commonly etc; Khntnbc^ 
Itg^eb/ en. g;eneralit]r7 "O'v^rsaiity ; t V«/ in geae- 
ral. .— 2f ImmbeHgDitd / adv. in general, generaUf. 

2((minbi'ng/ en* pi. -er. common. v 

2C(mte(e/ en* pi. -r. aims, charity ; Bebc om v., 
to ask an alms, beg charity. = Comp. 2C -B(o^ 
alms box ; -Bolig / -^ttuS / atms-house ; -be(C(^ 
almoner; ,-gtenimg^ charity, act of charity; AtOUt 
pauper; fliftelfe/ charitable instiiution. 

2l(mite^ en. p/. c. common people, commonalty; 
lower orders , plebeians. IZ Comp. 3C -fAgn/ popu- 
lar tradition ; -fAtIg/ popular song, ballad ; -fAnger/ 
popular poet, ballad writer; -floU/ school for fte- 
lower classes; -ffrtft/ popular book; -filMWg/ pop«- 
lar, vulgar language. = Almue^btgter/ popular port; 
-orb^ vulgarism ; -folt/ people of the lower orders ; 
-ntAnb , plebeian ; -qDtnbe / woman of the lewer 
classes ; -^^tn, fMend of the lower orders. 

Tttetj VtoetrV/ aloes, alees wood. ^ , , .^ 

'mpmtt, et. pi. -er. alphabet. .= X^J^AletlfX 
a4j. alphabetic, -al. adv. alphabetically. 

XlrAAbenbe, olfl^renbe, vid. svb. Al. 

Tilmntf en. 1. mandrake ; a. propheteaa. 

XlfAmmen, n. Alt, pi. AaefAmmen, altogether. 
2(lfeenbe, vid. tub. oL ^ , , 
Tr!ffen8, AlilAg«, -mO'. vid. Atte^AAnbe* 
Xltf en* Mm. T. alt. 
'aUf adj. neat, of Al* 

HH, adv. already ; A. ftt, too, far lo« ; A. foMI/ 
jojt aa. 




Slltatt/ eit* pi. -Y. balcony. 

Jitter, ft. pi. -e. »iiarv s*^* t*^ ?IIter8, to go 

to commnnion. ZT Comp. ^(tCtbog/ Danish li- 
tn^n^ i -Boil)/ communion table ^ -tug/ altar cloth •, 
-foO/ foot of the altar ; -^AttS/ communion ; -gult}/ 
Vid. -fot) ; -\% sacrificial fire ; -fiottft, altar cloth ^ 
'f^CtttX/ canonicals, robes of a priest (officiating at 
the altar) ^ -tMU, altar-piece; -tieM^e, altar ser- 
vice: -btttt/ communion wine. 

mtitf adv. always. ' 

Silting/ n. s. every thing ; fdV % tffe / on no 
account, not on any account. 

Silting/ et, legistatire and Judicial assembly in 

SUtfOA/ eonj. therefore, so, then. 

2llun/ et. pL e. alum. =Z Comp. ^l-jotb/ argilla- 
ceous earth i earth containing alum ; -Ict^CT/ leather 
^ tanned with alum; -t}anl&/ alum water; -bcetf/ alum 
works. ZZ oltrnf/ V. a. to impregnate with alum. 

SllDei^en/ -toiten^e/ -bttS/ vid. *nb oT* 

SllDOT/ en ft et* earnest; ^et Dttl mtt 91./ I was 
in earnest; giere SI. af/ to make a serious matter 
of; set about seriously; Bftbe til SI./ to become 
serious ; Bltoer bet tti SI. met JtrtAeii 7 will the 
war really break out?, let ei feog ifle X)ere8 8L? 
yon donH say so; for SI./ in earnest; for rattimc 
SI./ in good — sober earnest. ~ (l-6(an1)et« adj. 
mingled, blepded with earnest. =1 atOorlig/ adj. ear- 
Best, serious, grave, sober, demure. — Slfborltg^et/ 
Cn* gravity, earnestness, seriousness, n Sllboreorb/ 
•eriotts wjrd ; -roft/ serious tone, voice ; -ftnt/ se- 
rious disposition, turn of mind ; -idUf serious, grave, 
lanruage, speech : -tcmttf serious thought. 
^ 9[(ucelte/ a(i}(ei^g/ vid. sub. at. 

9m6o(bt/ en« pi. -e. anvil. := 9(-flol/ anvil 
slock ; -fmebntng/ forging' on the anvil ; forging an 

9(m6ra/ en. ambergris; southernwood. Artemisia 
abrotanum i fig. fragrance. 

Slmrn/ amen. 

9ivxtf en. pi. -r. aume or awme. 

9lmet^t;ft/ en. pi. -er. amethyst. 

9lintnbetfe/ en.^ pi. c. memory j, remembrance, 
ceininemptatmn ; til 91. OWf in rememembrance of. 
Z: ^tntnbelfetitale/ commemorative, — ratory speech 
-^ oration ; -tegn/ token of remembrance, keepsake. 

9iwxnt f en. pi. -r. nurse. :Z Comp. ^-I^olt/ 
keeping of a nurse ; ^^labS / situation of an.; 

-Icrt/ wages of a n. ; -fnaf, vid. -fluefna? ; -flue, 

•nrsery; -fiuefnol/ nursery tale — talk; -iimt^t, 
vid. -piatt* -^ axtaatf v. a. to nurses suckle. 

9(mnefh'f en. pi. -r. amnesty. 

9lmi9^t8tum/ et. pi. -ti^iSter. amphibium, amphi- 
bious animal. 

flm^l^it^eater, et. pi. -tre* amphitheater. 

ftmt, et. pi. -er. i. jurisdiction of an Slmtmanb ; 

2. barbers* corporation. ZZ 9l-tnant/ a superior re- 
^ venue officer having Jurisdiction in certain cases ; 
* the district over which his authority extends is cal- 
led aa %mi/ and this b#ing the largest civU divi- 

sion of the country in Denmark, some have impro- 
perly considered an 9[int equivalent to an Encash 
county and an ^mtmant to a sheriff; -tnonb^C^/ 
place, function of an ^mtmanb ; -^Utj office of n 
receiver of publie revenues. ^ SltntSoetient, clerk 
of an 9tmt ; -Sonbe / peasant of a certain 9[nit ; 
-forvalter / receiver of the public revenues (of aa 
9mt); -ivmSf residence of an^mtmant; -me^CT/ 
master barber in Copenhagen ; -)}TOt)ft/ dean of as 

9[mt ; -^roDjlt/ deanery of an ^mtd)>rot>tl ; -rct« 

tigBei/ master barber''8 privilege ; -ffril^er/ vid. -fot» 

Amulet, tti, pi. -er. amoiet. 

9in, prttp. or particle, hititt OXi meb/ to close 
— , engage — join battle with ; ttt gOOer tttt/ tkal 
will do ; griSe fig on^ to make every effort, stata 
every nerve; fomme xtUt Ott/ come ill off; foUttSC 

on pM, to depend on; labe fotnme an berpott/ to 

stand, take one's chance; retfe 9}2aten Otllf to dish 
the meat. 

^uac^roniSme/ en. anachronism. 

9(nagratn/ et* anagram. 

9lnalcgte/ en. pi. -r. analogy ; anologtfV/ ««&'. 
analogical , analogous. 

^nal^fe/ en. pi. -er. analysis. = anol^fne/ 

V. a. to analyse ; onaXtfiXI^, adj. analytical. 

$(nana@/ en. pi. -er. pine-apple. 

5lnar<^ie/ et. vid. 2e»Ie8^eb. 

9(natontere/ v. a, to anatomize, dissect, dissec- 
tion. = ^natomertng, en. pi. -er. anatomizing. 

9(natomi/ en. anaton^y. =: 9-fammer, dissecting 
room, anatomical hall. — Snatotnifer,' en« pL -e« 

anatomist. — anatomtff, adj. ^anatomical. 

Sltlbefale, v. a. to recommend, commend. ZZ 9iVfi 

Befaltng/ en. recommendetion ; 9lnBefaItngdH<i» ; 
-ftril?elfe , letter of introduction , recommeadalory 

SlnBelange, vid. uebfomme. 

9ln6etree/ vid, Betroc, 

?ln6ringC, «. a. ic put, place, apply ; »€l on* 
Brogt, well applied, apposite ; (let flnferogt, misap- 
plied, misplaced ; anBrogt til rctte Xitf seasonable, 
opportune, well-timed ; anSrogt til lirette %\ti, un- 
seasonable, ill-timed; a. t £)antelnt/ to settle — 
place in trade. = ?lnBringct^/ SluBringen, en. pla- 
cing etc. 

§lnbrtngenbe/ et. vid. Slnbragenbe. 

9ln6rub/ et. approach; !iDagen8 ^. / daybreak, 

SlnBr^be/ vid. fremBr^bc. 

^IttBrcmbe, v. i. & a. to be singed ; to bum the 
wick of a candle in order to light it more easily 
afterwards. * 

Slnb/ en. pi. 9^nber. duck. = Comp. Slnbe^ogl/ 

duck shot; -jogt/- duck shooting; -'\(t^ttf duck 
shooter; -tnab/ duck-meat, duck-weed. 

trisulca -qbabteT/ vid. -mat] -flea, roast duck; 

-flfg, duck's egg. =: SlnbriF/ en. pi. -fer. drake. 

Inbagt/ en. pi. c. devotion, devoutness. ^ Camp. 
SlttbOgtloog / book of devotion ,^ devotional book i 




-fldt; fall of 4«T«tfoa. devom; ^fe, »ilfriiU0; 
-HhK/ hMr of deiroti«it ^iKfff, rc^i«iM« exeiviM* 
= Aitborg% M(^. dkvavMevolioial } 9ltlt(rAi{s$C^« 
cn. deToatness, derotion* 

SnteeT/ en. pi. 9lntiU. share, part, partiaa. 

Snten, atfj. m. a^bet pi. ontre. •iher, sa^oid ; 
^OCT a./ CTery albcr ar aacoad; pM ti CO^ti^Ut, 
min aaalberplace ; i Ui OlM 9i», in a Allan life \ 
•bet (an itft txttt anttt, U caa't U hejped ; (t^n 
tttl^ iffe ^aa ^nUt cnt ...., he -tbinh* of aatkias 
bat .... ; 3eg ftat {ffr Stttth of ^U, I bare aa- 
IbiBf else to 'ofn \ 3<d ^^Vitt iftt ^nUi Otb ..../ 
i eadld aot heliK, «Toid «... ;' ^l»ab 9nb(t'V what 
else? ^Itlen vDog, the rollowjag day, aejit day % 
6m Og ^nbeil/ some ~, sevetal people^ Cft Og 
Ollbttf soaae — , several thiogs. 

9inbaitag8/ •'/>. aext day* = Comp. 9-Br^u^i 
eatertaia^eDt the day after a weddiaf i -ffoew agv*, 
tertiaa fever; -morgett/ the morainf of the aext 
day, aeit day ia Ibe aioraiagt 

9nbaifUb6f adp. elsewhere, ia some — , aa^ 
other piaee ; ingm a./ nov^here eiae ; 0* fra^ from 
aaaAer place, — < quarter, Itom abroad \ -^Ol/ sorae- 
wbcve else, lo some other place. 

9(nberlebf 9 / adv. otherwise, in another maaacr, 

differeaUy; ©OgCtl tX QAUfVe 0./ the thing i* quite 

dtiBRBl \ hiwt a, til @mM, to change oner's mtad \ 

.(an er iftt a./ that's bis way^ tet er en a. 

SRonb/ be is a difTfereat sort of man. 

^^xCkt^^, V. a. 1* to represent, snbmit; 3. to 
move, propose, make a aiotioa. ::r ^nbrogCRbf/ et* 
1. prapasal, representation ; 3* matioa » 3, compMnt, 
irievaace, — tlntrogelfe/ en, representinf etc. 

ftnhe/ pi. vid. 9tnben. 

flMf, rid. Muh 9lnt. 

9(ne, til- pt* 9iMX. ireaeratioB of aoble ancestry. 
:z Comp. ^-Itgning^ compatalion of qnaricrings'; 
•talf anmber of aoble geaerations ; - -flolt/ proad of 
sacrstry ; -floItMf pride ^f anceatry \ -iO^nU^ go- 
aealogicai table or Iree^ -oaa^eu^ armorial bearings, 
eeit of arms, escutcheon. 

%M, r. «. ft imper*^ to suspect, forebode, anti- 
cipate, to baVe a foreboding, presentiment^ Stg 
Otter ^niti Mittt my baan misgives ae^ 3^8 
ttiefet-oi ^tgt »ilbe iffC, l saspocled,^ aaticipatod 
that sacb a thiag would bappon. = 9Ut(Ife, en. pi. 
-X. saspicioa, fofebodiag, prescatlmeal, aalsgiviag, 

%nfalb, et. pi, d. l. attack, assault, charge, 
aasef, 2. fit, access, Iraasport, Mroxyan; 9* ftf 
9Ufcii/ tiaaaporl of rage; 9. afflfOKtt^tDMfe/ It of 
*^9*^ 'f 91- af %^tt, ac^ of fever. ^ . 

iMm^r «• «• !• attack, aaaaalt^ assail, cbatge. 
Ml --, set upon ; 0. ttn met @ilultdott/ to as- 
sail oao Willi abaae. z: 9)|f(klbir« ttt. Pl. -«. at- 
tsckar. asaailer, aggressor* 

^f(9t(/ *• •• (ased only Agvatively) to tempt ^ 

Ja afcci; to aAHci; a^ fend gjofee 9la»n eg ft^gte, 
to blaal aae'a charaeiar , repotaltoa ; anf<gtc8 pM 
m 98ie/ la ba iajurad, wowidai ia oae*a faonoar ; 

tnfegtef af 'SAttltUn, to ba tamplad by ibe devil ; 
ifle OnffgteS oL aot lo ba affected by, aot to take 
J» hearu = futfegtlKe^ en. pL -X* temputioa,', 
vexalioa, aaxiety. 

9Ulfote/ V. #; to lead, eommaad, bead ; lo gaide, 
conduct, direct; to ial^r, book; lo stale, allege, 
adduce, nrgo, plead; to cite, qaota ; A* in HitOUt, 
to command an army ; 0. 4il fCn Untittilbning/ to 
plead, allege ia oae's excuse; 0. ©ntnCf/ to state 
reasoas; 0. fom (Eretn|)e(, to qaote aa aa iasUacc, 
to instance; a. lOigtigt/ to misquote. =r fUtf^rec, 
en* pi. 't. leader, commander, chief; guide, con- 
ductor, director; (91. t et d^Tet) ringleader.— 
9lnf9iel(^ en. booking; stating, statement ; quoting, 
quotation; pleading. = 9(nf«Tfe(/ cn. comnwad, 
dtreelion, guidance. 

9(ngaae, v, a. to concern, jegard, to rcli^ to? 
(Dab aimaaeir bet mig? what u that to aie? bet 
a. tfce !i£)ett1y it's none pt .your business , it docs 
not concern you ; (OAb bet — mig tt./ as to that, as 
for that, — me; angaaenbe, respecting, regarding, 
coBcerniag, touduag, relative to, about. 

9lng(i9|tet, -Srypig, adj. asthmatic; ^r^ilig^eb, 

asthmatic affectioa. 

_ h dinger en. (disease of cattle) broken wind; 

angetf li^'. broken-winded. 

f. 9(nge, (n< moisture, vapow. =: ange; •• •• to 

exhale- , 

9l»gel; en. pi. dingier, angle. =: C9mp. 9-{l{ter, 

anger; -fi^txi, angling. — angle, «. n. to angle. 

TlngelmuuS/ en. f/. id. shrawmonsa. Soratc mns 

9in^l, ett pk t. repentance, penitence, ^.eontri- 
tioa, comminction, regret, IZ Comp. a-fri/ vid» 
a-l0d| -fuib/ adj. repentant, penitent, contrite, 
compunctio~i|4 ; -gioen. vid. -fulb { •Yi0D/ bargain 
that is repented of. — ongerltg/ adif- to ba repented 
of; -(08/ a4r. guiltless, blameless; JL. T. unim- 
peached, exempt ftrom responsibility; -ttf^^eb/ en. 
blamelessaess, exemption from respooiiibility ; -taoref 
tear of repentance, -y- angre/ «. •. ft imPors. to 
repent, r^ent of, rue, regret, to be sorry for. 

^>td^^/ <"• fear, dread. — a^» anxious, appre- 
hensive, afraid; 3<dbar a. foi at — / I was ap- 
preheeaiva lest — . rz a-fulb, adf^ aaxlous, greatly 
alarmed; -ffrig, scream, shriek ; -fiXb/ cold, sweat 
(arising from agoay)* 

9lngj(Ibe/ p. a. L» f . lo coacera, regard* ^ 

^ngtDf/ «• a. to state, mealiaa, declare, indicate 
10 report, lay before; a. ^orer tteb 5ColbOObett, to 
eater, or report goods at the cuslom-*honso ; a> en 
®nmb , to assign a reason ; ■ tk. eett f lo inform 
agaiaat — , deaoaace one (to)* ^ Ottgibetig^ adj. 
assigaablo. -- 9ng{l)Cl(e/ en. pi. -t- statemeot, da- 


claratioa, report; iafonntioa, deauaeiatioa. 
gibet/ tn« pi. -t. iofonaf r, denoaacer. 

9(ngU, vid. 9ngel. = 9-fnoT, vid. STlebefn 

9n^e/ vid. 9(n^et> 

ilngreS/ et* pl* id. attack, assaalt, ebarce,' onset, 

aflfiaaaioa, invasion. =: C«m|K 9(ngreB9lngf .afea- 




sire war, aggrMsive warfare : -WlfcWf, mtw •! 
.offence, aggrewive meaw; -ft«/ place of allaeli; 
-Vaa^Ctt; offeniive «r»s , — weapo* \ -WW/ ••». 

aaae atK^rf^BuiiS frem, to act on ib« ••nwive. 

?lttflrtS^ r. •. to attack, anail, charge^ a.l5tins 
ten t pn ftttr. to beat op (he eneny'i qoarlera; ft. 
©ftflm ha ten Witt @i^e, to go the right way If 

work-, femite lattge %^ ^ar ft«8««^* 5«« "«§f*( 

this lour speech has exhausted hho *, Btttt Vltntl 
Wiodha ©reflet, this remedy affeeta4bo cheat. = 
?lngri&eT/ en. f'. -<• attacker, ataailtnt, aggressor, 
9(ngroet/ adj. vmh. rickety. 

9lnSatt^ ft wiii. ^il9«ttg. 

?ltt6olt, ft. apprehension, seuore, detention. — 
ftnBoItf, o. .«. to apprehend, *e««»"\ '^i*;, •gfjL^ 

§ln^0ftt/ V. i. to apply for, solicit, = Ull^OlWW/ 
nt* applying etc. application, solicitation. 

91tt5an8'8' •*'* *^ &**" «t ^og a., to com-, 
mence lefal proceedings. . ^ . ^ . „ 

'%ttt8, «tt. anise, nMt-9tti'Ammtmf*mpmtUa^ 
= Com/». «-0ltf/ anise oil •, .fuOttr angered anise. 

«ttf or 5lnle» eomplainl, grievance. = Com». 
Sltttffti, ad), blameless-, -*>ofl, complaint. — WXt, 
V, ». to complain of. ' 

atifel, eiu J»l. *nW«. ankle. = Com/. anW- 
tlittt anklebone. 

^tlffT/ tt. P/. -e» anker (measure of 38 Banish 

9lnfer/ et. //• -e* or 9nft(. anchor; enmp, 
crampiron ; Iftfle ?Ulfer, to cast anchor, to anchor ; 
Tette fWlt/ to weif* anchor-, flnfmt i»u»l»« mrt/ 
the anchor drags •, ?(nf Wt tt uWOT, tho anchor is 
foul; lomme til ?l«ter8, to come to an anchor; 
Itoae til ^ntert, to ride at anchor; fH»V< *tt«mt, 
to fish the anchor; 9lttlewt ftftflflt Ittf^, the anchor 
comes borne ; t^Xi^t ttnffreC to .cut Jhe cable. = 
Camp, %-fttm / arm of an an/chor; -B«te , anchor 
buoy; -Bimt, anchoring ground; -folt/" dropping of 
the anchor ; -fltg* fluke, palm of an anchor; -gicettf 

vid. -om; -grant, oW. -twnt; -Joge, rw. -flift; 

-jbott; anchor-hold, anchorage; -uO/ vW. -awt; 
-Ran, anchor craft \ -frog, oirf. -ttOtt ; -ftrt^tS, crown 
of an anchor; -ICtC, 1. anchor-hold; 2. berth, an- 
choring place; -lag/ shank of an anchor; -plat8, 
anchorage, anchoring place ; -Ttttg, ring, iwt of an 
anchor ; s-rering, puddening of the ring; -ffo, shoe 
of an anchor ; -fnttt. anchor smith ; -f^tl, capstan ; 

-ftabf, vid. -PIOM ; -ftol, stock of an •»chor5 -L.„ 
cable.-=: anfrt, •. *. to anchor* — Tinmng, tn, 
^nflagf, 9. «. to eomplain of; to^accitie, (Aorge, 
.indict, arraign; to prosecute, sue at law; ft. «m 
for |an8 ^^^Atte^ tb. complain of one to his «u- 

Seriora ; ten ^nflftgcle, the Iccuied, defehdant. Z= 
tttHatpE, tJX, pi. C' accusation, chargie, indictment, 
arraignteent. — ^InHoger, cn. pl» -t. liccuser, com- 
i»ratnani, plaintiff, prosecnlor/ 

ftnlimmie, o. v to nrive, come* & onlinmiten/ 

a^f. (ofMcat) Uinted. — 9nfnnfl, Oft. arrival, 
eoming, advent; Mb mm 9L, at, on my amvnt; 
Mb J&ttgcnd 9. ttl 5t^tomtl, on the Ung'a ncecn- . 
sion to the throne* 

ftnlrr, HA tUtlcr. 
^ 9(nt9ntf, vid. Iretf^nte. 

91nlc))ig^, V. •• to occasion, cause* 
9lnlc%ntng, cn. p/. -et. occasion, oauso, reason V 
tag» %», to lake ^occasion ; 3 ^- ^f/ on the «ccn- 
sion of, in consequence of. [matter, 

^nliggente, et. pi. -r. affair, concern, hnsincvs, 
9(nltggente, atfj.. important , of importanoo, of 
consequence ; ~ l^fttt lob bet Dtnt fig ft- at — / he 
made a point of — • 

9nlffg, tt pi. id. foundation, cooalraetion, layng 
out; plan, scheme, design, project; estnhlishmcat, 
inatitntlon ; talent, turn ; be n^e 9. t ^a»m^ Hm 
new improvements in the garden. 

flnUrgge, «. «. to fonnd, estabfiah, eonstrad, lay 
out; to sketch; ft. @$ag tm«b fen, to bring an 
action agai&t one , to proseeule ; 8- <S^g *- to go 
into, pot on mourning. » 9nl(tggelff, ^tOffgntng, 
en. founding etc. establishment, foundatioa* 

9lnlc^dmaal, et. a line for meaanring the keighl 
of horses. 

9inloS, ft. a ran before a leap. 

9(nl«be, «. •. to touch — , eal^at; 0. cn gCffU 
nitj^ to storm — , assault a fortress. 

'^Ulle^, V. «. to be tarnished, become oxidiicd; 
labf 0. fAaa, to blue ; f abe en 9hnt ou, to hrmixo 
a musket. — anl«6en, mO'. tarnished. 

9lnmailff, v.^rsft. to arrogate, assume, usurp. =r 
9lnma8felfe, en. pi. -r« amgatlon, assumption, 

9inmelbe, e. «. ft re/f. to announce, notify, give 
notice or^ information of, advertise ; tiT send in, give 
in one^s name, announce one^ self; O. en 93og« to 
write a short notice of a hook* ZZ 9lnmflbcr, cn. 
pk -e. announcer, advertiser, reviewer. — f^KHtfl^ 
btlff/ en. announcing etc. announcement, notilca- 
tion, advertisement, notice. 

9nmobe, «. •, to bequest, ask, beg, de»ire« ZZ 
9ntt|0bntng, en. p/. -er. request, desire. 

Slnmorrtff v a. to mark ; to note — , pot down ; 
to remark, comment. = fj^ntsrfning, en. pl. -CI. 
remark , comment , note, annotation, commentnty ; 
g{«re 9[nmaerfntttger over, to comment upon* 

9lnnamme, v. ». to receive , take. = ^nom:: 
mclfe, en. reooption* 

SlnnCxftrfe, en. chapel of ease. 

9lnorbne, v. a. to arrange, order, ordain, decree ; 
to appoint, prescribe. 'iZ, tlno'l^ittgf cn* pl. -fC 
arrangement, prescription } order, ordinance, edict, 
imie, regulation. [lauding. 

9(n$riff, o.a. to laud, extoL = 9n|)rt9n{ng, cn. 

^nraao, ft. pl. id* outcry, alarm ; dialleago. — 
omaaSf, «. «. to call to, to challengO; to im-- 
plore, invoke; ft. JCottOfn om9laabf, to implore |ho 
hitag^s mercy ; l^an otfb amroo^t af f^OgtCM , ho 
wa» chaUohged by fko guard. — Vltroaiafff %«' 




rftd^/ SfnrOftBtlht^ en* - calling etc. invocation, 
cfcallenfe. Z= SlttraadttngSort^ pan-word, watch- 

Shmttf/ •. a. to prepare, arrange; 0« 9)?ab(n/ 
to diih, aervo up ; a. 0bel(rggeIfe/ — ft S3lot6ab/ 
to comBit ravages — havoc, effect a general mas^ 
•aere; a. Sfa^C/ to do damage. Zi: ^Wttttm^ tn. 
fL'-Cl. dialling; course. 

%Ktett, vid. t)e^(oinme» 

%lfc(/ «. a. to regard, consider, deem, judge, 
estcen, think •, to look upon , view ; l^Clt ttltfeet/ 
ligfcly esteemed ; en ttltfect 9)taill, a man of ac- 
eoBBl — consideration. ZZ attfeeltg, adj. distlnguis- 
kad, of note ; en a. §omiMe/ a handsome — con- 
siderable fortune •, en »ei og 0. $erfon, a tall and 
foitly person. — 2Infeelfe, en. pi. c appearance, 
exterior*, consideration, respectability, note, account; 
efter 91., apparently ; ftenbe een af 91. , to know 

we by fligbt ; tjctre t megen «. ^o6 een, to have 

geat credit with one , to stand high with •, Itben 
pfrfimd 21./ without respect of persons. — 9fns 
rtentf; ef. appearance*, efter 91, to judge from ap- 
tlwjige/ vid. tit^ige. 

'?,%*', *^» P'" -<'"♦ ^"c*i countenance, visage : j'ee 
(tn Itae i 2L / to look one foil in the face *, \il\\)t 
mJ *«./ to redden, colour up, turn red *, bll'lJe tang 
t 9L/ to look blank, make a lonjr face; oiig fra 
Wit a. I out of my sight. ZZ 2lnfigt6far»e, com- 
plexion ; -traff/ pi. features, lineaments. 

^ftftfff/ 9. a. to procure, gel, provide ; a. fti^ 
M jei^Oipagf/ to set up a coach — equipage. IZ 

wntroffelfe/ en. procuring etc. 

^Inffrig, et. pi. id. outcry, halloo; gt'ere 91., to 
give Ihe^ alarm, to halloo, cry — call out. 

Sinfhntte/ t». a. to write — , note — , put down, 
to book, enter, register; a. ffn tU ^loA, to assess 
•Be; oonre »ei anffreuen 6o8 een, to be in great 
ftvoiir with one , to stand high with one , be much 
m one's books. ZZ SlnffriOmng , en. writing, etc. 
ngistration ; asspssment. 

%t{^, r. a. to know by intuition. IZ anffucltg, 
^*- irtnitive. — Slnffuettg^et, en. intuitivenesV 
^ atl^Uelfe, en. intuition ; view, contemplation ; 
CWt mm 91., according to my view of the matter. 
S anfflte(fe$eDne, intuitive power. 

ftljwbe, r. a. Sp. T. to wound (by a shot); 
•• *■ C»««. T. to crystallize, shoot into chrystals. 

fttdoae, c. «. (til), to estimate, rale, value, 
y*) I ft. for ^Ctt, to over-rate, over-value ; tt. 
pK IMtf to nnder-rate, under-valne. 

IMtftB; tt. pi. id. 1. estimate, valuation; 2. 
jchcoie, plan, project, plot, design ; Opt«nfe —, ut= 
W — , l^tnbre et ;?l., to demise or concert — exe- 
«*e •- defeat a plot ; 3. posting op, placarding. 

IIHfnbfj 9. 4». to strain, stretch, put apon the 
•W|J ZZ anfpornbtttg, en. straining, exertion. 
W^floe, •. t. to please,- take one*a fancy, suit; 

to become, befit, kcMcn, lo be •oitable — proper 
— dec««t — fit. 

9(nflalt, en. pi. -er. preparation, arrangement, 
disposition ; establishment, institution ; gteie 91. ttt, 
to make airangemeDts, preparations for. 

9l«fltfte/ V. a. vid. jMfte, afileb!omm<» 

SlnfifWe, v. a. vid. Sefarnge, \m\Ut, 

SlnfitUe/ v. a. to institute, set on foot; ft. Pg 

fotn, to pretend — feign — affect to be. 
9lnfhenge, v. a. to exert, ktrain; ft. fltte fine 

jtrafter, to exert one's self to the utmost ; do one's 

best; ft. fig ol»ev (Soni , to over-exert one's self; 

anfhengenbe, adj. laborious, fatiguing. — 9ln|lre}t^ 

gelfe, en. pi. -r. exertion, effort. 

Stnftri^e, v. a. vid. opcrfhi^ge. 

9lnftt«g/ et. coat, coating (of paint); csst, touch, 
tinge; 91. ftf $^tIofop^t, ft smattering of phi- 

Sinflcenbtg, adj. decent, becoming, befitting, seemly, 
fit, suitable; en. ft. S3fl0ttnmg, a handsome re- 
ward. =3- 9(nflarnttg^e^, en* decency, decomm, pro- 

SlnftCb, et. shock ; obstacle, hindrance, impedi- 
ment*, hesitation, stammering; offence, scandal, z: 
ftnfleoeltg, adj. offensive. — 9lnjlcbeng^e"b , en. 
offcnsiveness. — 9lnjlcl8tlfen, stombline block. 

.9(nfcaT, et« pi. c. responsibility; Uftfte til 91. 
for, to be responsible — answerable for, to answer 
for ; bYoge ttl 91./ to call to account, z: 9InfDarltg/ 
adj. answerable, responsible , accountable. — 9(tT= 
fOftrlig'^t^/ en. responsibility. — ftnfbflre, v. a. to 
answer for. 

9(nfcette, v. a. to value, estimate, ^ rate ; to as- 
sess ; to appoint, place. I^ 9(nfcett(tfe, en. valua- 
tion, estimate ; assessment ; appointment. — 9lnf(rt^ 
ter, en* ramrod, rammer, (for cannon.) 

9(nfcette, v. %. vid. fortte an. ^fiBet 7o,m on^ 

fcette)\^e for fulbe ^etl, the ship came bearing 
down under a press of sail. 

9infege, v. a. dc ». (om) to petition," solicit, sue, 
apply for. ZZ 91nfeger, en. pi. -C. petitioner, ap- 
plicant, supplicant. — 9lnfegtt{ng, en* pi. er. peti- 
tion, application, suit, supplication. 

Slntagc, v. a. to admit, receive ; to engage ; to 
adopt, embrace, espouse, accept ; to take, lake for, 
set down for ; 0. jtongetttelcn, to assume the regal 
title ; (a^ 03 ft./ let us suppose, admit ; ft. en ^e;:ef, 
to accept a bill. ZZ fttttagdtg, adj. acceptable, ad- 
missible, eligible. — 9lntageltg6eb, en. acceptable- 
ness, admissibiiity, eligibleness. — 9lntagelff, en. 
admission, acceptance, reception ; engagement ; adop- . 
lion ; assumption. 

9tntaly et. pi. e. number, multitude. 

9(ntaUe, v. a. to assault, assail. 

9Integne, v. a. to write — - put — pen — note down ; 
to register. Z= 9!ntegne1fe/ en. pi. -r. remark, note, 
mark; 91ntegnmg, en. pi. -tl, writing etc. note etc, 

9(ntlf, adj. antique. 

9(ntiq)}iteteT, pi. vid. Ofbfager. 
Stnttpobe, en. pi -r. anUpode. 




Ifntog/ et irprMcfa, tdTUce ; ^t^^O* ^ ■ ^*t 
tfie enemy !» approaching. 

TCvitctlt, V. a. vid. ttrttofbe. 

Xntroffc, r«. trcfffir^ foiffinbe, betratbe. 

2fntbOti)e/ v. a. to gire np, delirer vp, over, |o 
Mnmit, hand over. 

^Cntt^tC/ V. a. to intimate, inaimiale, hint, advert 
to, point ont. = Ynt^bntllQ/ CtU iatimation, insi- 
anatiott, hint. 

VntcmlC/ V. a. to kindle, fire, aet on ire, aet 
ire to. — Olttttnbdtgy aij. iaflanmiable, combn- 
atible. — 2(ntomMtgl^eb / nt* iniammabilitr. — 
Yntontbelft/ CIU kindling ete. iniammation, ignition. 

idtDntbC/ V. a. to employ, use ^ apend, expend — 
beatow npon^ to apply ^ (U ^ %\\i Drf/ to make a 
good nae of one^a time ; tu tuX/ to miaemploy, mia- 
npply, m Ml OlttKltbt Unaboni/ a well-apent 
yonth. =: anixntettg/ uij. 0»aa) appiieaUe (to.) 

— ICtldentcltjgl^et/ en« appHcabiltCy, appticableneaa. 

— XltbcnMv^ nt« employment, nae, application. 
2(nt}tfe^ V. a. to ahow, indicate, point ont ; to di- 
rect \ to aaslgn, allot ; O. ^<KCk 93anf ftl/ to give a 
eheck on the bank. ZT Vttlni^ntllg/ Ol. check •, di- 
rection^ gtt>e een %* l^aft/ to give ime Uie direc- 
tion of. 

3(4}el{iit/ en. pi. -er. orange. 

Y^o))(e;n/ nt* apoplexy. =: o^fecHff/ cirr. 

apoplectic; ft 0* Vnfalb/ an apoplectic it, fit^of 

2(90ttet^ eit* pi TiJfit^t, it -T. apoade ; V^JOfU 
Imted ©trmtnger/ the acta of the apoatlea. = 
2(|}o{lott'f^ ady. apoatoiic, — al. 

TC^Ot^ef, et. p/. -CT, apothecarVa ahop \ 7(|)0tl^e« 
let/ en* |><. -e, apothecary. ZI V-Bog/ pharmaco-. 
poea, diapensatory ; -fonfl/ pharmacy. 

7C))^eI, en* i><. -(er* appeal. =: ViS^ptUm, v. a 

to appeal, lodge an appeal. 

Upptiii, en* appetite, atomach. = a^J|)etttelig/ 
Oilf. nice, delicate. 

jCptxto^/ en* pi. -er* apricot. 

3f^rir, en* April ; norre een 2f., to make an A. 
fool of one. = 2C-nar, April fool •, -beir, A. weather. 

Zx, et. pi. id. acar, cicatrix, aeam. =r arret/ 
u4i- scarred, aeamed. 

SfraBeff e/ en. pi. -r* arabeaqne. 

7(rBetb, 2(rBetDe/ et* |i/. -r« work, labonr, em- 
ployment, task, job ; workmanahip ; performance, 
production ; ffette een { Tj[,f to aet, pnt one to work ; 
(aoe et X fcr^ to have a work in hand*, bet er 
* tmber "K*, it ia in band ; ^an er alttb { !(./ he is 
alwaya at work •, en g^orfatterS 7(*, the worka of an 
anthor ; 93tnen er t 2f./ the wine ia working, fer- 
menting. = Comp. 2(rBetb8anftaft/ workhonae \ -Bt/ 
working bee ; -6orb/ work-table \ -Bntg/ work, la- 
bonr; -htjitttf labour, toil; -bog^ work-day; -b^« 
t{g/ adj. able to work, capable of working ; -bbr, 
working beast; -fag/ department of labour; -fol7/ 
ft. a. pi. labourera, workmen, operatives, workpeople ; 
-fri, adj, exempt — fkee from work ; en -fri £ttne/ a 

vacant — aparo — leianra boor ; -ftft/ mdjf, able to work, 
malora for hdboar ;^ -f «r^t/ mttnrity for labonr ; -^tftf 
work horae ; -l^tem / work room , atndy ; -Bml/ 
workhonae ; -fwA, labonrhig nan ; -ftaft/ power — 
atrength to work ; -IctC/ hire ; -(bft; love of work ^ 
-Xtf^tn, mdj. fond af working; -Imt/ wage&, hire ; 
Ati,- mdf. ont of woric, wanting employment ;. -lei^/ 
want of employment ; -tnonb/ workman, labonrcr \ 
-mytt, working ant; -|>fnge/ aoccage-money ; -Hhf 
adj. averae to, or fh>m labonr; -fparcnbe/ «4^*. 
aaving labonr ; -{h}f/ nuterial fdr working ; -jhu^ 
workroom , atndy ; -tit / time of labour ; -HWU^ 
hour of work ; -trang / want of work or employ* 
ment; -t0t/ implement -^ instrument of labowy 
tool ; •4>aaxkf mdj. accustomed — used to work, inur- 
ed to labonr; -bet/ employment, occupation; -BC9I# 
cart, waggon; -0<eie(fe/ rul, -^c. 

HxbtiU, V. m. 4c «. to work , labour , toil ; 0* 
paa, to work at, be engaged in ; 0. ftg frem igiots 
mm en ^odemntmel / to work one'a way Ihrongli 
a crowd; @fiBct arMilcr t en #torm/ tke aUjp 
laboura in a atorm ; Sutcn aiBctba/ the wine in 
working. = XrBetbeT/ en* J>l*-e« worker, workaaan; 
YrBetberfte/ en* workwoman. — arBetofonv a^r. 

laborious , indnslrioua , pains-taking. — Ttl^CUflMts 
^eb/ en. laborionsness, industry. 

TtibtX^, 7(r6e|l/ en. cross-bow, arbalist- 

Titbit}, et* fi. -er* archives. = Zx^inat, en. 

pi. -er* keeper of archivea. 

Kvh adj. wicked, bad ; ^0 argere ^cdt ya Us 

brc CJjRe/ the greater rogue the better lock. = 
Vrgeltff/ cunning, craft, wile. — orgf/ V. «. ta- 
render worae, deprave. 

Tiyxtf en* pi. -r* air, song« tune.' 

Vrilb/ gen. XnlbS. %tci YrtlDSttb; af X/timm 
ont of mind, ttom time immemorial. 

2frtlb/ n. 9. 1. the name of a plant. 2. vid. HxtHU 

TCritfimettf/ en. arithmetic. = orit^mctiff/ adj, 

arithmetic, — al. 

2Crf/ en* a large chest; ^OgtenS 2r*/ ark of Iho 
covenant; 9{oa^'8 X/ Noah's Ark. 

Xrf/ et* pl.^ id. sheet. = 2I-|Wft/ copying by 
the sheet ; -{frtbeT/ copier by the abeet. — (Urfei^ttS/ 
adv. by the abeet. '^ 

Srfelte/ et* powder-room. 

^vaCif adj. poor, indigent, needy; wretched, mi<t,^ 
aerable ; ben amte <§fta{fel/ the poor creative, poor ' 
wretch. — Srmob/ en* poverty, penury. j 

Slmt/ en* pi. -e. arm ; armene x>^Oi en Some^l 

flol ; arms of an elbow chair ; 9. ^aa en S^fefeo^ 
ne/ brancbea of a chandelier; 91* af ^abet/ arnkj 
of the sea ; fbatfere meb Btnonben tmter Snncniri 
to walk arm in arm ; fafte fig i SIrmene pMi Cfn J 
to throw one's self into another^s anna. ~ CoMjkS 
SImtBaanb/ bracelet, armlet; -Been/ bone of iM| 
arm ; -Btnb/ bandage for a broken a. ; -Brttb^ fyne*^ 
tnre of an arm ; -mlb/ armful ; -gttib/ gold bmee-'l 
let ; -ifOX, opera hat ; -^ttl/ -XivHt, armpit ; -btBlUJ 
shoulder bone; -^ttbe/ arm cushion; -ring/ bracele^|j 
arm-ring ; -XVt, nlna ; -ffmne/ vant-bmaa ; -fml^Cj/J 





Mif. •tronf in the aims; -{let/ prop, nipporl for 
tte urns; -tOg/ embrtce, hvf ;' -t^f/ «4^. thick at 

9niiee/ en. pi. -x, amy. 

ttxnC/ m. pi. -T* hearth. = Comji. 9.g{elt/ 
hetTlh noBeir, faage; -tro^ ebimnoy comer, fire- 
side ; s^e^/ vid. ftnttv 

SiqK/ in* hen>e«i tettor«. 

Strof/ en* arrack. 

fbiefl/ en, p/. -er. arrest, seizure, custody, con- 
AneBeat, prison, durance \ ^cltt tm X flretlg 91., 
Is hold one a close prisoner. 91treOant/ en. pi. -et. 
prisoaer. — arre^lere/ v. a. to arrest, toiprison, ap- 
prthead, commit. = Comp. Sneflfonettttttg, en. ar- 
resling etc, arrest, arrestation, seisure. — StlXefls 
f on^aifl/ en. jailor, keeper of a prison^ -\iVfVA,Vid. 
^ange^mtS; -ortet/ warrant, mittimus. ^ 

9IrM/ aifj. ill-tempered, ill-natured ; arrant, rank \ 
en. 0. xone/ an ill-tempered woman, a shrew, vixen, 
temsgant-, tti Oirtgfie ^ria!Q% , the most wretched 
staff , the reriest trash ; en 0. t^unt / a snappish 
dof ; BGfre 0. ^aa een, to get angry — vexed with 

•ae. — Stirig^eb/ en. ^rngff aB/ et. iti-temper, iii- 


9lr8, 9(rt§/ en. arse. = Comi?. 9i-6alle/ buttock \ 

-IflrbeTr miner^s breech leather: 

9tfentf, en. arsenic. 

Srt/ en. |>/. -et. nature, natural disposition ; spe- 
cies*, race, breed; sort, kind; manner, fashion, 
■ode, way, device ; ^et 1^01 (ngen 91./ it won't do 
— sBswrr, ifs not the thing. 

ftTtf/ V. i. reft. 4l dep. to take after*, to grow, 
thrive ; promise welt, hid fair \ ^tnnen QXitt (ft. 
|a) cftn ^aberen / the son takes after the father \ 
Viengen ocrtei {tg gobt, the boy promises well. == 
ftrtnotfe; specific character. 

fhlig/ adj. civil, courteous, polite, complaisant, 

wdi-hehaved ; en a. 0))ftntetfe / et arttat $nb9/ 

a dever contrivance — trick \ et 0. 3nbfcUt/ , a 
piflty conceit. — 9ti\^f)tt, tn. civllit:^, courtesy, 

coBpiiifSBce , politeness; ftge een 9(rtt^l^eteT/ to 

MT civil things to one, to pay one compliments. 

Wtifef/ en. pi. Slrttfler. article; item, head, 
caaal^ section, clause. 

VrttQeit/ et. artillery, ordnance. ^ 9[-)}atf/ 
!•* — , train of artillery, -l?ttenffaB/ science of 
: "tjte^. — ftrtitterift/ en. pi. -er. artillery-man. 
! Vnffo!/ en. pi. -fVoffer. artichoke. 

wA/ en. pi. -e. inheritance, succession, heritage ; 

jL eftef/ to succeed to, inherit from, of i ttttTttte 

I to enter upon an inheritance ; gaae JTA 91. Og 

^ t £. r. to renounce inheritance and debts ; 

t tige 9. / to succeed to — come in for an 

share of an inheritance *, ^aM i 9(. ttl / to 

i to; gtoe tt( 9. Og @te/ to bestow — grant 

hU property ; forBrttte fin 9. / to forfeit one's 

ee. = C0mp. W»talt\f hereditary nobility; 

life, family vanlt; -Beretttget/ a^. entitled 

ilaace^ cnpable of inheriUsg; -B^te/ here- 

ditary harden ; -brel / hihcritanco, kcrltafo ; poHlMi 
share of an inheritance; -belt'ng/ division of an in* 
htritance; -ttjib/ hereditary virtue^; -fait/ sneces- 
sion; -folate!/ right of succession ; -feif/ herc4l. 
tary defect; -fienbC/ feudal enemy; -ficntfPoB/ ho- 
reditary — , feudal enmity; -ferbnng^ claim on as 
inheritance; hereditary elaim; -foteentng/ agreement 
respecting daima on an inheritance ; -fMr^e, heredi- 
tary prince ; -fcefle/ heritable lease ; .fatiegaAT^/ he- 
ritable lease farm*; -fOT^/ hereditary lessee ; -f«bt/ 
a4i. bom heir, heir by birth; -^tl^t, order of inhe- 
ritance; sueeesaion, order of succession; -goort/ 
hereditary farm ; -gang/ descent, succession, inheri- 
tance ; tranamission by succession or inheritance ; 
-gongsmaabc / mode — manner of success ion — 
inheritance ; -gangterten / order of succession ; 
-gteO)/ hereditary debt; -gob8/ inheritance, heritage, 
hereditament ; patrimonial estate , hereditary estate ; 
-Bene / hereditary monardi ; -Buufi / royal lino or 
house ; house inherited ; -Bf^btng/ honsage, oath of 
fealty ; -jott/ hereditary rrounds ; -fjeb/ duty on 
an alien's succession ; -fonge / hereditary king ; 
-lonb/ Iiereditary kingdom ; hereditary land — do- 
main ; -latei/ testator, beqoeather, devisor : -leBll# 
hereditary fief ; -Itnte/ hereditary line ; -(et/ here- 
ditary share ; share of an inheritance ; -Toe, law of 
succession ; -le6/ 0dj. disinherited ; arbefeft (&eti, 
unclaimed inheritance ; gt'ete a. / to disinherit , to 
cut off with a shilling ; -mdoit, Vid. -gang^aO- 
te; -mibler/ hereditary fortune; fortune obtained 
by inheritance ; -^Ogt/ compact about an inheritan- 
ce ; -^art/ vid. -ceel ; -^ml8/ heir presumptiTc ; 
-tegiertng/ beredilsry government ; -Ttge/ hereditary 
monarchy ; -Xtif ri^t of inheritance — succession ; 
-fog / Iswsuit concerning an inheritance <— succes- 
sion ; -{fifte/ divisiop, -— partition of an inheritan- 
ce; -flamwe/ hereditary line; -flat/ hereditary state; 
-{hi^/ dispute about an inheritance; -fbtg/ de- 
fraudation of an inheritance ; -f^e / hereditary di- 
sease ; -f^nB/ original sin ; -fflToe/ hereditary — , 
family seat; -UttiXt, vid. -flrtl ; -tcH, evidence of 
consanguinity with respect to an inheritance; -tttgt/ 
entering upon — taking possession of an inheritan- 
ce; -01/ arvel. 

9lrbe/ V. a. k i. to inherit, succeed to ; a. eftec 
een/ to inherit fk-om. — areeltg/ 4ulj. heritable, inhe* 
ritable. — 9lKbeItgBeB/ en. quality of being heritable. 

9ri)tng/ en. pi. -er. heir, inheritor ; (qeinbeljo) 
heiress, inheritress, inheritrix; tnbffftte een tit C/ 
to institute one his heir. 

9(ree/ n. $. chickweed. ^fctns media. 

5lfen, et. pi. -er. ass. = Comp. 9l-foIe/^ foal ~ 
colt of an ass ; -Bttb/ hide of an ass ; -tnBe/ tXU 

9(^/ en. pi. -et. ash. Fraanrntt excelsior, af 
9[./ ash, ashen. 

Sffe/ en. pt. c ashes; IffMe t 9(./ to lay in — 
reduce to ashes. != Comp. affeBagt/ adj. baked in 
hot ashes ; -Blantet/ adj. mixed with ashes; -Brombing/ 
burning to ashes ; -btge(/ cracible made of aahes ; 




wn^ -lut, lye of a.h«.-, -onfttog, Ash-Wedne^ 
aty\ -regn, shower of "^es. ,„_^k, 6«|,e 

fom et SlSpeloti, to tremble an upen leaf. 
§iep«ae8, en. pi. id. asparagus. 
?l8pitatiott, ttt. aspiration. 
%l6m«re/ «• «• *o aspirate. . v.- v 

Se$ftetltS^Uu8, et. public pawnbrokinf eslabliah- 

"asfurance, en. pi. -r. insuranc*. = /:^- *' 
ecn^ot. insurance ofBcc; -poltce, pohcy of »««»«»«^ 

««^tltattDlJT, en. pi. -et. insurer, underwnler. - 
aSfimrf/ »• «• to insure. ^ 

atWabium, et. pi. -6»er. astrolabe. 

aftwnom^ en. pi. er. astronomer. 

9l(|tonomt^ en. astronomy. 

»lfttonomiff/ adj. astronomical. 

SWfwT ft Hi -r. infant free school. 

to say. 
Sltbeiil/ en. atheist. 
9ltbeiitert, et. atheism. 
§ltjeiftiit, adj. atheistic, - al. 
$)ltla6, en & et. alias (collection of maps. 
kM, en. atlaiteS, ndj. satin. . , .« 

atmofp^cete, en. atmosphere. — atmoipijomir, 

adj. atmospheric, — al. 

9ltten/ eighteen. 

SlttenDe, eighteenth. _ _ „ « - _« „._. 

atter, flrf». again- = Comp. ?l-fom|t, return , 
-flDe, reverse (of a coin -,) -fftn, reflection 

atteft, en. pi. -«. certificate, lesUmonial. — al- 
teftete, t>. a. to attest, certify. 

9ltteilat8, en. graduation in divinity or law. 

Wttratte/ en. desire, craving, yearning, longing, 
.spVration/ »l. eftet '^fete, love - thitsl of glory. 

%tttaae, *•• a. to desire, aspire to, yearn after, 

eov«t- . « , . 

9lul imerj. Oh! dear! 

^luctlon, en. pi. -er. auction, public sale, ven- 
due • fcelcie t)eD St./ to sell by auction -, Joftte til 
W /put up to auction. = Comp. «ttCtwnebttb, 1. 
wrvant - assistant at an auction i 2. bid-, -fomt* 
mna, holding of an auction-, -fortxater^ auctio- 
neer- -»enae, amount of an auction; -Wgning, auc- 
tion bill ; -ffiotJe, conveyance i -jtet, place where 
an auction is ^eld •, -t>«feti, laws and regulations re- 
lative to auctions. g. - 
viuUiente, en. pi. -er. audience. — W-ftemaT/ 

audienre room, presence-chamber. 
. auDitoriutn, et. pi. -tier. 1. lecture room-, 2. au- 
ditory, audience. 

»lutiteT, en. pi. -et. military judge. 

9(uguf)/ August (the month of). 

9tuqninnetmtmt/ en. Augustine friar. 

Sll>e/ en. lawej check, control, realrainl? di- 

scipline, conection, chastisement ; ^olfct_een \ tU, 
to keep one in check — under restraint. — a»U99, 
adj. unrestrained, undisciplined. 

Sltte, V. a. [to awe] to check, restrain-, to cha- 
stise, correct. 

ftbettete^ v. a. to advertise. 

aDettiSfement, et. pi. -er. advertisement. 

SlUet/ adj. awkward, clumsy. 

9l»mb, en. envy, gmdge, rancour-, Bott 5L til 
een, to bear one malice, to -have a gmdge or apitc 
against one, owe one a grudge. = Comp. aJJWMs 
fn, adj. free f^om envy -, -fuW, adj. envioua, apile- 
fnl, rancorous -, -le^, vid. -ftl ; unenvied ; -moM, 

maligner, enemy. ^. . r*.-* 

aumtfot, Vid. -tVgC, -(99 ; adj. envious; -fijgi, 
^^yj _ 5(j>ml>e9, v. i. pass, td bear malice -, lo 

*"5imtBtttoTt, et. high treason-, fet< SI. VUit 
jtwigen, to be guilty' of high treason, to bear arms 
against the king and slate. 

^m8, en. pi. -er. newspaper, journal, public pr«l. 
r: Comp. Sl-Bttfe, newsman ; -efterretnmg, nevrapa- 
per accottni, inleIHgence -, -fnert, advertising f«r a 
wife ; -nuBe^/ rumour, idle report ; -ffnttet, aewj- 
paper wiler-, -tri;ltet/ 1. printer of a newspaper-, 2. 

9l»)t, en. Pi. e. husbandry, farming, tillage-, croj. 
produce-, tnUe SI. , to -farm, manage a farm. — 
Comp. 5lbl86rug, farming,, agriculture -, -brn^tt, 
husbandman, farmer j -fc^fttimger, farm building?; 

-trift, Vid. -Brug; -foroalter, land steward, lan* 

agent-, -flaart, farm; -tarl, farmer^s head servant; 

-manb, vid. -Brugcr; -font/ adj. productive. 

5lDle, V. a. to beget, procreate, engender, breed, 
generate; to raise, grow ; a. 83em, lo begel chil- 
dren ; a. 5Cont — ^artoflcr/ to raise — grow con 
— potatoes. = Comp. ^-taal, act of generation ; 
-tjrift, sexual desire ; -tljflttg, adj. capable of p«i- 
crcation ; -T>98ttd^«^' capability of procreation ; ^ 
nt, -haft, generative power ; -lent, genitals ; -VfVt 
Vid. -Irift; Itoiten, adj. feeling sexual de«re. -- 

Stolen/ en. begetting, etc. — SloUnfl/ en. »«*. ^vf 
Un & S(»l. 

Slton, en. vein (in wood.) 

SlonbeO/ en. hornbeam. Carpmus betwlvs. 

9l»ne, en. pi. -r. chafr. — aenet, a^j. chaffy, 

9l;t, et. Pl. id. ear, spike ; ftwe I gv to be ta 
ear; f«tte§l./ lo ear, set ears; fanfe «./ to glean. 
= cimp. Sl;eBuu8, husk, hull; -fanfet, gleaner i 
-fanlning, gleaning ; -fftag, beard of an ear. 

Slxe/ en. axis. 

1. SljCel, en. pl. Sljclet* axle, axle-tree. = Comp 
51>arm, axlelree arm; -tant), grinder; -tOT»/ nwr 
ket place; -ttce, timber fit for axles, 

2. Slyel. en. pl. Sl;:tet. shoulder; shoulder piece 
ttaWe »aa SlyUme , to shrug up the ahouldew. = 
Comp. a-Baanb , shoulder ribbon , ahoulder k«ol 
-Been, shoulder bone; -B.ab, sbonWer blade; -UTUi 





fttetore of the sboolder bone; -B^bt^ load borne I -Ut, ihraldcr joint; -mw^t, mark — ciil in the eon 
m the shouiden; -f«r^ adj. broad ihoaldered; I of cattle; -fVt(vf/ vid. -^omg; -^tU, gusset; 
']^«ng/ sboolder belt, scarf^ -laoBt/ abort cloak; • -^xtt, vid. -for. = ajAtf v. a. to shoulder. 


Boob/ Ot. pi. -e. boat, skiff. =: Comp. 93-futb/ 
boatTal, boat^s load; -fetft/ boatman. IZ ^aott' 
l^tr, boat builder; -B^^gert, place — yard for 
baildtng boats ; -B^gnmg / building — construction 
of boats ; -f art / boating ; -Uit, berth for a boat, 
harbour for boats; -ffuUT/ boat shed: -iOMX, boating 
ncuiiion. = 83aatSaare/ oar; -anfrr, boat anchor, 
grapnel; -foff/ boat's crew; -fragt/ boat's freight; 
-few, vid. -(abmng; -rarl, boatman, rower; 

'flcanptf chock ; -fnegt/ vid. -taxi ; -labtting, boat's 

cargo; 4et>/ boat hire ; -ntattb/ boatswain ; -man^B^ 
waif boatswain's mate; -tltatttSptBf ^ boatswain's 
whistle — pipe — call ; -tttttfJy mast of a boat ; 
-pMf foresheet; -floge, pole; -toftC, Vid. Xoftf. 
* 0adbC/ V. a. to boat, transport in a boat. 

S^oabe / (tt« [boot] gain , profit , advantage. ZZ 
Comp. baabefuTb/ adj. proBtable, gainful, advan- 
tageous; -tiehf advantageous barnin; -leg/ adj. 
bootless, osprofi table; -ng/ vid. -JuSt^ 

Saabf/ V. a. to gain, proOt, benefit, boot. 

Saabf/ adj. 4l conj. both. 

fiai^ et, pi. id. pile, funeral. pile, pyre; ©Ottts 
VtfS til 93. Og S3rattb / to be condemned to the 
stake or to be burnt alive. 

Baonb/ et. pi. id. band, tie, bond, string, liga- 
■ent, ligature ; riband ; check, curb, restraint ; joist 

(in building,) Iflfgge eeti t 83. og SomftTt, to put 

•ne in irons — fetters, to fetter ; (gnig^cbS ©./ 
bond of union ; ^MiftaBS 93. , ties of friendship ; 
Wggf 93.^ paaf to lay a restraint upon. ZZ Comp. 
SaonHnDcr/ cooper's driver; -Bagf, lurrer; -^Uf, 
woman's cap trimmed with ribands ; -jem , ho.op 
lioa ; -frtt'b , drawing knife ; -Uffe, vid. -flcife ; 
-taa^n, hoop maker; -pill/ common osier (Salix 
ViminaUs.) -xutlt, roll of riband ; -flciff, bow — 
knot of riband ; -ftagt/ wood for hoops ; -boeb/ ri- 
hni weaver's loom ;_ -Ufltbcr/ riband weaver ; -9%t, 

CaatlOf, V. a. to hoop ; to twist straw ropes for 
biniing sheaves. •• 

©oat; 93aare, m. pi -r. bier. 

^R, 93aaTbc; 93aaTageT/ en. a fallow field. 

gfto*; m. pi. -e.^siaii. — Baafe, v. a. to stall. 

g«If, V. i. to babble. . 
£atca(aureu9/ bachelor of arts. 

cact^anat/ et. carouse; 93acc^analcr/ pi. lac- 

§««Btt8, Bacchus. IT Comp. 93-ilab, thyrsus, 
^t/ ct pi. -e. bath. = Comp. 93abflue, bath 
"■•gi bathing room ; -fhtemanb/ bath-keeper. ^ 
w*^/ V. a. HO bathe ; to foment ; B* ftg t @0£ 

lett/ to bask in the sun, sun one's self. 93at(tt/ ett. 
bathing. — ©Clber, ett. -j* l, balh-keepcr ;2. bather. 
Z: Comp. 93abeanftalt/ bathing establishment ; -gtcefl^ 
bather, frequenter of the baths ; -ButtS/ bathing house; 
-twnmtXf bathing — bath room ; " -fftT/ cistern for 
bathing ; -n<rteT/ bathing dress ; -ttb/ bathing sea- 
son. — 93abnmg/ ett. bathing. 

SabS/ et. pL id. thwack. 

©abfrer, en. pi. -C. barber, surgeon. 

9300, eit. pi. e. the back ; tale tlbe om eeit ^Jaa 

Band ^. , to speak ill of oUe behind his back ; 

Baoe mange 9!ar paa 93agcn , to be well stricken 
in years ; 93agin af ^aattbcn / af en ^nit) , the 

back of the hand, of a knife. 

93ag, adj. (used only adverbially in the «tfper/.) 
Bogeft/ hindmost, hindermost, aftermost. 

Sc^/ prop, behind, at the back of, in the 
rear of. 

93aA, adv. behind ; B. efter, behind ; after ; too 
late ; D. fca, from behind ; 6eg^be noget B. fctt/ 
to begin a thins at the wrong end ; B. Otn, round 
about behind; t^tge' B. Cp t m ^Ogn, to get into 
a waggon from behind; i^eflen {taaer B. C^/ the 
horse kicks; B. CbCIT/ backwards; B. :t}aa^ behind ; 
fomme Bag |}aa eeit, to steal upon one ; B. ttl, at 
the back, in the rear; Bag beb, BogUeb, behind. ZZ 
Comp'. &-(^tt}/ inheritance in the line of ascent; 
-ajcef, hind — hinder axle; -Bceit, hind leg; -Bin* 
be, V. a. to pinion , tie one's hands behind one's 
back; -BoO, hind quarter; -B^gntng, hack building; 
-bee(/ 1. back — hind — hinder part ; 2. backside, 
posteriors ; -bOT, back door, postern ; -enbe, Vid. 
-beef, 1. -ftetbtng, hind quarter; -ftnne, hind fin; 
-ftOtl, back board ; -ftt'f, heel-piece ; fliffc, to heel- 
piece ; -fob, hind foot; -gaarb, backyard ; -gntnb, 
background ; -^aanb , back of the hand ; younger 
hand (at cards) ; ffMt noget t 93-Baanb , to have 
something in reserve ; -Baiir, hair on the back part 
of the head ; -Btetne, cerebellum ; -BmL hind wheel ; 
-Botb, ambush, ambuscade; ligge t93-BoIb,to lie in 
ambush — in wait, to waylay; -BoOeb, back — 
hind part of the head , occiput ; -Buud, back house, 
back of the house ; -Jammer, back room ; -tappt/ 
quarter pifce; -faft, »t jtf Ci 93-fafl t (g^ettct, the 
sail was laid — taken aback; -flo, hind claw; 
-frop , back — hind part of an animal's body ; 
-laage , small back door ; -Taar , back part of the 
thigb ; 'la% -Tafie, vid. 93affofl ; -tenb, hindifiost 
part of the loin ; -faber, vid. -tappi ; -(onbB, 
adv. backward, -s ; -Iced, back part of a cart load ; 
'plop/ bind part of a plough ; -^ort , back gate, 




foflera; -toal, tardr adTice; -tiUf tack part of 
n.wagfoa^ cropper, ranp (of a horse*,) -YCgnttl^ 
after reckoning ; -tetlt/ cropper; -QtUt/ bind coa- 
partment ■, -fair back parlour^ r~ room \ back floor ; 
-fett/ after s^il; faar S3 -fri(/ to be taken — laid 
aback \ -{t))e / reverse (of a coin 'f^^t kind sboe*; 
-ffO(« v.- «. to famisb with hind shoes : -{lo^ back 
•troke ; stroke — blow from behind \ -\nuttf after-clap \ 
-fmotffe/ vid. -fieri; -fnaf, after uik; -fq^at/ 
slop ; -fia»n, stem \ -flit^/ vid. 2CgttrfHng; -fhto 
backroom ; back gronnd-floor of a house \ -fitfttt, 
back-piece; -flet/ pnsh — thrust f^m behind; 
-\ctttf back seat; -tatt/ hind toe; -tale/ vM. -tO? 
lelfe ; -talf/ v. a. to backbite, calumniate, slander, 
defame, asperse, traduce, malign ; -ialtl]t/ back- 
biting etc- , calumny, slander , scandal , aspersion ; 
defamation, detraction; -taltX, -toln^t, backbiter, 
calumniator etc. ; -tftUrff/ adj. slanderous, defama- 
tory, calumniatory, calumnious, seandaloas; -taitt/ 
cheek tooth, jaw toothy grinder; -to^/ togt^ Vid. 
^ttop; -ttapptf back stairs; -tTOp, rear, rearguard; 
'-iCippt, back curtain ; -t0lbe(/ apostrophe ; -ticomtf 
heat remaining in an oven after baking; -t^abfft/ 
4rc. vid. -tale ; -^hI, behind ; -JOttlli, adj. f adv. 
turned the wrong way ; 019 J perverted, preposterous; 
awkward, clumsy ; -betlbtpCO/ awkwardness, clumsiness ; 
-bmteC/ after winter ; -t}Ogtt/ hind part of a waggon ; 
-k}cll)/ hind rampart. 

IBagatrf/ en. pi. -In, trifle ; ^en^ttoe Xt^en me^ 

93^ to trifle away time. 

Oogf/ V. a. 6agetr, or BogtC/ Bogt f to hake. = 
Comp. S3 'tiotrnt, baking heat. 

93ager/ en. pi. -e. baker. =: Con^. Sagrr^am, 

baker^s child ; gtbe -btfnt S3ret/ to carry coals to New- 
castle ; -hot f baker's shop ; -btet , baker's bread ; 
-eMXif baker^s oven; -ffo»l/ peel. — S3ageri/ et. 
pi. -er. 1. baker's trade ; 2. bake-house^ bakery. 

^ ©agerS, et vid. ©oflen, 2. — ©agmng, en. 
baking. — fBagoon, vid. JOogewOtt, — ©oguctrf, 

pastry, pastry work. 

gat/ en. vid. ^aoBiigt. 

93at/ et, baize (a sort of cloth). 

Sajonet/ en. pi. -in, bayonet. 

S3atfart/ et. bay-salt. 

S3af, en. N. 7. forecastle. = Comp. Sal9ga{l/ 
forecastle man; -port/ chase-port. 

1. ^aXUf en. pi. -ev. tray, salver ; N. T., mess ; 
9«rrc t fomme fB./ to mess together. ZZComp. S3af8' 
temrntxat, messmate; -tntit , messbbok. = Baffe/ 
V. m. (op) to serve up ; B. Op fot ttn, to feast — 
treat 'One sumptuously. 

2« S3affe/ en. pi. -t. hilU rising ground, eminence, 
elevation ; ttt gaaer net af S3, mtt ^am, he is going 
down hill. =:Com/>.B-fuIt/ adj. hilly, full of hills ; 
'Xcmtf hilly country ; -foaU, bank swallow. — Baffet/ 
aiW. hilly. — BaffeDHfi. adv. in hills. 

SSaWelfe, en. pi. -r. pastry. = Comp. 83 -))ei/ paste ; 
-form/ pastry mould ; -mtlt, roller ; -fpore/ jagging 
Iron; -Beeft/ t^g, stupid — clumsy fallow. 

^ SSaT/ et* fi. 4er. ball. = Cmm. S3 -tcofti;^ Ml 

dress ; -jToe/ dress shoes, pumps. 

^aloncc^ en. pi. .r. vid. Stge»ffgt ; aiere S3, i en 

iftegmng/ to balance an account; fomnu vCt ftf 
S3 ./to lose one''s balance, overbalance one's self. 

JBaloncere/ v. «. t •• to balance, poise. = Sa« 
loneeerftot/ rope-dancer's pole. 

S3albeer/ vid. 83arBect. 

S3a(con# en. pi. -et. talcony. 

S3al%a(9m/ en. pi. -er. canopy. 

©albe/ en. pi. -r. ball (of the foot, thwnb); 
Typ. T. printer's ball. Botbet/ at^. flesby , mw- 

S3an)er/ et. claKer, dia, crash. 

S3alt)rian/ en. valerian. 

©olt^e/ o. a. to embroider. 

©oTg/ en. pi. -e. sheath, scabbard; fliffe I IB., 
to sheath ; trage af S3v to unsheaih. 

S3altaft/ etu bailasi; togc S. mb, to take>ia 
ballast; lorgge S3, ttl tttit, to trim the ballaat. — 
S3ati(aue/ o. a. to ballast. 

1. ©aHe / en. jw. -r. bale ; tn S3. Sla|mi^ tea 

reams of paper. I^ S3 -gobS/ tale goods. 

2. ©aue/ or S3altte/ en.jii.-t. tub. = BaScr«.«. 

N. T. to bale. 

S3aaet/ em j»<. -tec taiiei. =: Comf. 93 -»efUi^ 

ballet master. 
SSalton/ cn« ^. -ec taliooa. 
©alKoten/ t^. a. t •• to ballot. — 93a]]btonij(/ 

ett. balloting, ballot, balloUtioa. 

S3a(fata, en* pi. -re, balsam, balm. — Balfantae/. 

9. a. to embalm. — S3a(faisering/ en. embalaiaf, 
— Balfamtff/ ad. balmy, balsamic, fragranU 

S3al(i9rtg/ adj. ungovernable, unruly, rcfractoiT, 
untractable. — S3(U|l9ng^eb/ en. refractoriaeaa, oatrac- 
tableness, unruliness. 

S3altte/ vid. Boltre. 

SamBu8T0T/ bamboo. 

S3amfe/ en. pt. -r. he-bear. 

S3aneofetbe(/ en. bank-aate. 

93antV ^an, en. pi. e. ban, excomm«aicatioa« 
iaterdict, aaathema ; ffftte t S3./ vid. BanM^fc. = 
Comp. !8 -BreO/ S3antdBret}/ bull ofexcommanicaljon ; 
-l^fe/ V. a. to excommunicate , aaatbematiae , lay 
nader an interdict; -Il^Sntng/ excommunicatioa, 
interdidian; -fttaaie/ fulmination (of an interdict); 
ttbfl^nge S3 -thaalet/ to fulminate ; Bonlfot, a^j. 
eoll. f vulg. confounded , cnrsed , damned ; adv. 
confoundedly, damnably; -fottte/ vid. -l^fe. 

C S3ante/ en. pi. -r. band, gang. 

2. S3ante/ en. pi. -r. vulg. curse. 

S3anbe/ v. a. dr. i. to curse, swear; B. oil 
ttn, to swear at one ; B. Ma noget/ to swear to a 
thiag; benne Sffinte Banbei ifft, vulg. this baa 
is not to be sneexed at. — S3anten / en. cvs- 
iag etc. 

S3anttt/ en. pi. -ter. bandit. 
©an(/ ett. pi. -v. career, course, race, path, way, 
road ; $(anetemt8 93v orUt af tta plaacts ; 'J^^ 



UnA 93./ p«A of rixtaei fivhigC ^a 13./ !• ittrt, 
fctwcb. = CoM^. S)<nt(l0fe/ race. 

93anC/ V. a. to leroL, onooth) B. ^Mni/ to pave 
Ao wvt; B, -ftg 93d/ (0 moke one'* way •, B. 93et 

DterctlOinS/ to open •— dear a way acroM a 
«aia*, (It hamt ^tif a beatea road or track. 

^dfBM, (It. 1. deatk, deslmctioa ^ 2. alayer, deitroyer \ 
^Clte ^«g Blett Band S3«/ that blow prored norUi to 
kia.'= Comjy. S3 -^«d/ death-blow, — stroke ; -mottl/ 
VU. SattC/ 2; -raab/ plot agaiaat lifet -foar/ 
mortal wonad; -fo^ action for maoalanghter ; -fot/ 
■ortd illneaa; -{no / place of hoaieide \ -flel)/ 
dcalb-lhruat, mortal Ibrast. 

93ati0t / n4f. afraid, appreheaaive, fearftil, timid \ 
tNRt B. f0(/ to be afraid of; ^n tx B. af fig/ 
he ia nalnraHy timid; gJ9Ye fcn B., to frighten 
•n^ give, one a fkight — 'J&WH^tlif en. -timidity. 

SDOniC/ en. pt. -r. iV. T. orlop, orlop deck. 

fdmt, en. pi. ev. bank. ZZ Comp. 93 -acHe/ bank 
oiare; -MltCtCttT/ bank director \ -Bcefteffe; mortgage on 
all real property granted to tfie national bank of 
'i\ -loan/ bank loaa; -DBligOtiim/ bank 

93anf/ tt*pLid. bang, thwack; drubbing, thraab- 
iag, beating; foae 93./ to get a drabbiag. 

iDoide , 9. a. f i. to kaoeh , rap (at a door) ; 
B. SRctlXX, to beat clothes ; to beat, throb, palpitate ; 
(of the heart); B. een af/ to beat, thrash, drab, 
belabour one, trim, duat one's Jacket for him ; B. et 
&9m if to drire a nail in; i, ttn Opf to knock 
one up ; B. paa, to knock — rap at ; B. U^/ to beat 
•at z: Comp. S5 -B^/ pearl barley; -Bantmer^ 
Imocfcor, rapper; -fUitf meat prepared by beating; 
-leffe/ mallet ; -ftamm^, bucking stool ; -flof/ vid. 

93(^tna ; -trot/ batlet. — 93anVen/ en. knocking, etc 

93ait{e/ en. JM. -r* bpnk, mound ; heap. 

93an{(rot/ en. pi. -ter. bankruptcy, InsolYcney, 
infane; fl^tue 93*/ to beeome bankrupt, to fail, 
btcak. — 93anleiOittn;/ en. bankrupt, insolTont. 

93ann<r/ et pt. -c banner. zzComp. 93 -fcm, 
ilaalflrd bearer. 

f^at, aij. bare; Brilfe B. 93(mb/ to drink pore 
water illCRC B. for $enge/ to be destltate of money ; 
of B.9lcUtbenB(^ in pure pity; af B. a^itdunbelfe, 
IhMB mere <— sheer jealoaty. ZZ Comtp. 93 -Benet/ 
«9. bare-teggcd; -Bttget, oi^. apodal (of Sshes); 
-fiM, m4f. bare-foot, bare-footed*^ -Balfet/ bare- 
necked; -BoHebct/ bere-beaded; -filbt/ vM. luflt^t. 

93«r/ (t. pt. id. acicttlar leaf. ZZ 93 -tree, pine 
•r Ir. 

!Bara(f(/ en.jpl. -r. temporary bamck; but — cabin 
ftft aoldiera. 

S^arBoT/ en. pi. -er. barbarian. — 93arBart/ et. 

barbarism ;'barbarity,crnelty. — BarBarift. a**, bar- 
barian, barbaric; barbarous. ~ 93arBanftBtV / rn^ 
H>baroasBess, barbarity. — 93arBaH9me/ m, barba- 
ri■^ (la language).. 

93aiBc(T/ en* pt. 93a¥Berer/ barber, shaTor. zz 
«smji. 93 -amt/ vid. Vmt — 93 -Bcffen/ -fat/ 
WAm'n bas«i; -fniV/ rasor; .|0^/ aharing brash; 

-Ctttt/ rasor ilrtpt .{htC/ bitWi^ ahap^ 4«<r ahtr- 

ing apparatus. 

93arBere/ «. «, to sbaTo. -- 93aiAcdiig/ mi* 

93arco«f^ m. |rf. .«. long boat. 
1. 93aTBe^ en. pt. -r. whaleboae. 

«. ttarte, en. pi. -r. bard. 

Bortun/ en. pL -er. baek-atay; fflfl 93yfltBliBf 

93aie* adv. only, merely, but 

Bare fig^ v. ro/f. to forbear, help, refrain from« 
3eg (unbe xtlt B. mig foe at Ut, 1 could not half 

— forbear laughing. 

93arfreb/ en. watch-tower oa a «om« wall ; aaao- 
taary, asyiam. 

Barf/ en. pt. e. bark ; lorgoe ^uUt \ 93./ to lay Udca 
in tan. = Comp. B -Ogtlg/ M(f. bnrklike, barky. 

— 93arfBeb/ tan-bed, bark-bed; -BrogC/ spwd; 
-Brob/ bark bread; -faroe/ tan colour; -gortonm^ 
tanning; -Baarb/ hard as bark; -Bub/ hard, rough 
skin ; -mvtUf tan mill ; -4)obn{ttg/ crown grafting ; 
-I«r0/ tan cake. 

Borfe/ o. a. to tan; to bark; strip off the baijt. 
:z Comp. 93 -tea, un-Tut ; 4ttb/ ooie. -' idva^ 
ning/ en. tanning etc. 

BartBolt/ en* pt. -er. wale. 

93ar{ftiB/ et/ bark. 

Bomt/ en. pt. -^ bosom. 

BarmBierttgr a<{f. compaseionato, merciful* = B 
-Beb/ compassion, merey, pity. 

Bom, et pL Bont/ child; fDOtbl B./ inhnt, 
baby, babe;B. f obt efter t^aberend ^ob/ posthumoao 
child V ^ont meb B.# to be with child , be in the 
family way; \>au \ Bom^ 9lob / to be in labour, 
trarail; antOgC ttn fom BoRt , M adopt one. = 
Comp. Bameaar, years of childhood ; -albeT/ child, 
hood, infantile age; -Bant/ mud child; -boaB^ 
baptism of infants, christening ; -fabeT/ alleged fattier 

of a child; Bim ttblogbe B<uit font -fober/ aha 

felhered the child upon him; -fvbfel/ childbirth; 
-gteming/ childish act; 'tamam, nnrsery; -fioUf 
child's frock ; 4(ittX, childish — ways manners ; -Utab, 
pap; -tnobet/ alleged mother of a child; -nterb/ 
infanticide; -pi^t, nursery maid; -rvfl/ voice of a 
child ; -ftnb/ childlike mind; -ftit/ childish maaaer^ 
-tCo, child's shoe ; Bun Bar traabt ftne Bomcftoe/ sha 
is no xkickea ; -flemnie / vid. rofl/ -fheg/ childish 
trick; -flue/ nursery room; -fDoB/ swaddling cloth; 
-tanlet/ childish thoughts ; -bttS / manner, way of 
children; -OOgn/ go-cart. - 

Bamagttg/ adj. childish, infantile, puerile. -- 
93^Beb/ childishness, puerility. 

Bamboni/ en. pt. e. childhood, infancy ; ^COH^ 
(eni B*^ infancy of commerce ; 'fyon gaocr t B./ 
he is in his dotage. 

93amfebt, adj. bora; ffcai €r B. i N./ ho is 
a native of — born in N. 

Bomttg/ a4J- infinUle, childlike; Ulal. -^ B 
-Beb/ en. laftuitilo simpllci^, 




93atn(o8/ adj. childless. — ^ -^h m. stale of 
being childless, sterility. 

82tont86een, fra ©♦ af/ from ehildhood— infancy, 
from a child. 

93aTcn, e»t. pi. -er. btnw. — Banme^ff/ ctt. 

pi. -er. baroness. — BatTOttt/ et. 9l. -I. barooy. 

93arre/ etu pi. -r« bar, ingot. 

Sarfcf/ et. ^. -r. l. feast in celebration of the 
birth of a child \ 2. lying in , confinement ; latX 
til S3. / to be in the family way ; gtVTC 93./ 
to be confined. IT Comp. to -ff6eT/ puerperal 

fever-, -gtlbe, vid. S3aTfel 1.; -lone, -qt>mbc/ 

lying-in woman, lady in the straw; -fettg/ period 
of confinement; -{HN/ lying-in woman^s room. 

S3arff/ adj. harsh, austere, stern, seTcre, rigid, 
gmir, rough. — !B -^(t/ en. harshness, austerity, 
gruff n ess, sternness, roughness. 

Bad/ en. base ; base viol ; base-string; general 
93./ thorough base ; counterpoint. ZI Comp. B -jangeT/ 
base singer; -^ttomt, base voice, — !Ba8ft|t/ en. 
vid. -fangrr. 

S3a6a(t/ rn. basalt; S3. @tOtte, btsalUc column. 
=r '& -form t, adj. bssallifom. 

Bdfiltfe/ S3a{t(tf«ttrt, en. basil. 

S3aftItfP/ en. pi. -er. basilisk, cockatrice. 
'S3afi8/ en. basis, baoe. 

BafP/ et. pi. id. slap, thwack; blow, stripe. — 
Baffe/ V. a. to slap, thwack ; to lick, drab ; 0. met) 
fBtngernt/ to lap the wings. 

Badreltef/ et. pi. er. bas-relief, basso-relievo. 

S3adfe/ ett. pi. -r. wild boar; eoU. t bulky stoat 
fellow, whapper, tHtlg. 

S3a0fet/ en. basset. 

S3a§tin/ et. pi. er. basin, wet dock. 

S3a)l/ en. pi. e. bast; (<Bgge een t S3aanb og 

S3./ to put one in irons, feUers. ZZ Comp. B -l^nl^r/ 
V. a, to bhid with bast ; -Otaatte/ bast mat. 

S3afte/ V. a. to tie, bind with bast; to pinion. 

Bajitngage/ en. N. T. netting, barricading. 

Bajtton/ en* pi. -er. basiion. 

S3afitn/ ett. pi. >er. bassoon. :=: S3 •Hotfer/ 

bassoon player. 
S3atauion/ en. pi. -er. bataiiion. 

^Xttt, V. i. coll. to suffice. 

93attenV et. p*. -r. battery ; N. T. tinberfte 93./ 

lower deck; meltentfle S3./ middle deck; Qpld^t 
ft S3./ to erect — throw or ran np a battery. 

S3aun/ en. pi. -er.- beacon. 

S3autaftefn/ en. monumental stone, raira. 

S3at}tan/ en. pi. -er. baboon. 

93a;:e/ v. a. 19. T. to work (a gun). 

S3ajce6/ v. i. pas*, to box. 

93axeIonft/ pugilistic art, pugilism. 

fbaxtn, S3a)mtng/ en. boxing. 

S3axer/ en. pi. -e. boxer, pugilist. 

Beaanl^e/ v. a. to breathe, blow softly upon; 
to inspire, animate. 

S3<ar6etbe/ v. a. to treat, handle, work ; 6. ^X^ 
Ittlf to prepare the Mil. -<- Bearoittelfc , CtU pi. 
-T« treating, treatment. 

S3eB(nle/ v. a. to bind, tie. 

BeBIante , v. a. f rofl. to mix , blend, maffl^ 

— S3e6(anbelfe/ en. intermixture. 

Be6ce/ V. a. to inhabit, occupy, tenant. ^ (ts 
boeltg, adj. habitable, inhabitable, tennntaUc. — 
Beboeltg^eb/ en. habitabieness. — 93«6oel|(, en. 

pi. e. habitation, occupation. — BtbOfT/ Ol* pi. 
-e. inhabitant, occupant, occupier, inmate, dweller. 

S3ebretbe/ v. a. to upbraid, reproach (for, with;) 
Seketbeube/ adj. reproachful. — S3ehet>(lfc/ en. 

pi. -r. reproach, upbraiding. 

S3e6rel}e/ v. a. to record, place oa record. — 
S3ebret>elfe/ en. record. " 

S3ebrcnnme/ v. a. to border, edge. 

S3e6ul>e / v. a. to announce , proelnim, herald, 
notify. — S3e6uMfe/ en. pi. -r. aoaowicemcnt, 
notification. WtwAot S3. / the annnacintioB of Iha 
Holv Virgin. 

S3c69gge/ V. •. to cover — crowd with bnildiags ; 
to settle, colonize. — 83e69ggelfC/ en« covering c^ 
settlement, colonization. 

S3e6m:be/ v. a. to burden, load, enauaber; i* 
^onbeien mtl) l^aalorg/ to clog commerce with 
impositions; bcere beb^rlet web Ubgtfter ttl*..^ 
to be saddled with the expense of ... ; ^Cg W ^ 
iffe 6. ^em met at / I will not tronble yoa witk 

— give you the trouble of. — S3fbl^belfe/ Cn« ba»> 
dening etc. burden, encumbrance. 

S3eb/ et. pi. -e. bed^ (in a garden). 

S3eb/ en. bait; bi tierte 4 SDtiil t een S3./ 
we drove fpor miles at . a stretch. 

S3ebaare/ v. a. \» infatuate, besot; to delada, 
befool, deceive. — S3ebaarelfe/ en. infalaali«B, 

Bebage/ v. a. to put off. 

93ebaget/ adj. aged, stricken, in years. 

Bete/ V. a. 1. to chase ; 2. to castrata a ram. 

S3ebe/ -r. wether. i= Comi). B -carbonaU, 

mutton chop ; -(j«b/ mutton ; AttUtf leg of mattoa \ 
-XX^f saddle of mutton; -tleg/ roast mutton. 

1. S3ebe/ V. •. to bait. == )B -fleb/ baiting place. 

2. Bete / V. a. ^ t. to beg, ask, desire, crave, 
beseedi , entreat , supplicate ; to pray , say onala 
prayers; 6. om noget/ to ask, beg for somethings 
D. een om noget/ to ask, beg something of o«e; 
b. for ten/ to intercede for one ; bete een til 9Hts 
tag/ S3rt)Uu|)/ to invite — ask — bid one to dinner, 
a wedding; b. om Klmtdfe/ to ask — beg alms — 
charity. = Comp. S3 -tog/faslday; S3 -togdanfigt, 
woful, raeful face ; -buu8/ house of )»rayer, chapel, 
oratory ; -mont/ undertaker ; -mant^fltit/ balderdash, 
fUstian ; -flag/ chime to prayers ; -t^of/ pew ; -tilHllr 
hour of prayer; -fofler/ devotee. — S3eten/ cn* 
praying etc. 

X^ete/ en. pi. -r. beet. Bota vulgaris. 

S3ettng/ en. pi. -er. N. T. slip. 

S3etrag/ et. pi. id. ^id. S3etragert ; ^oa 6.^ 

to deceive. 

Bebrage/ v. a. bebrog/ bebroget^ to deceive, dafraad, 
cheat, trick, beguile, impose upon v B* ttn. foi> la ckcaft 




-Iriek one oat of, dttnnd of; Btbroget i ft ^AaB/ 
iiHppoiMcd; @f Jlttiet Betrogev oftr, apprartnces are 
•Aeii deceitfal. — SebtOgrlig/ adj. deceitful, deceptive, 
MwiTo; fkmdnlent. — ^ttito^tv, tn, pi. -t. itctly- 
ir, tan^ator, cheat. — ^Bttra^tn'/ ft. pi. rc, 
deceit, .fraud, inposilion, impostore, decepHoBi, dela- 
lUa, illoaion. — bebtogcrff/ adj. ft-aadalent, deceit- 
fal. — 93ctrag(rf?C/ en* female impostor, cheat. 
JMttf adv. eompr. of got, better ; ttt ttt 
Vt^, tn the better; gaac otxr tt( bft 93./ to 
go to a belter world. 

fBchr^ adj. eompr. of gobt/ titl, better. — jDc 
^r 6. I at/ yoa had better; S^U 6./ to bid higher; 
f/Ut h, frcitl/ go further od; b. 0^/ farther, higher 

SctllC/ V. «. to better, mead, ameod, ameliorate, 
iafTOTe\ L. T. to repair, make good. — 6tt)T(9/ 
t. d»p. to mend, improve, get better. — 93etnring{ 
lit* improvement, amendment; convaiesence ; DOXt t 
16./ to be convalescent. = S3ebnng9tegn/ sign — 
f7»ploBi of improvement. 

Vftrift/ tn* pi. -CT. exploit, achievement. 

(6<tonoe/ V. a. to commit. 

93(tnr0O(/ v. a. to afflict, distress, grieve, sadden ; 
to 6etrot»rr mtg imget at cifore/ I am very 

■■ch grieved to hear. — Btbtebeltg/ adj. affliclinf, 
istrcasJOf, soirowfril, melancholy, sad. — iB<tTO' 
tdtg^eb/ m* sadness, sorrowfulness. — 83ebY«toeIfe/ 
Rl. affliction, distress, grief, sadness, melandioly. 

I3tb{e/ vid. Bftbfe. 

fb^ft/ Oifi- t a<«^- i»vp»rl. of gob) best : paa 
^ fBcbfle / in the best manner ; ttl bet %ebfle/ 
fcr the best, to the greatest advantaf e ^ lenl^tte 
m Xin^ bet 6ebfte man (an/ to make the best or 
.feost of a thing; ^on ft^nbte fig bet h, ban funbe/ 
lo made the best of his nray; ittt mcb bet, b./ 
Ml very good, middling; Ubt^be en %mg p<M 
\it bebfte / to pot the best constrnctton upon a 

>^; 3^8 iioX gjere min bebfl muligc ^itb/ I 

Aall do Bay biest — utmost ; nse my best endeavours ; 
ian ft i fm b. TCtttX, he is in the-prime of life; 

&. ^ oSerbcbft font/ Just as. 

fiebftc / et* benefit, food, advantage ; gjeve ftt 
B./ to do oneV best; btttfe noget ttl 93./ to be 
!■ Msy ctraunstnaces ; ^OJOt een ttl 93. / to make 
is of one, qaiz. 

SebfUfo^fT/ en. pl.-^ettsxe, grandfather, — sire; 
-MPbCT/ grandmother, — dam ; -fotcrlbte/ grandfa- 
ther aad grandmother, 

Bcbugge/. v.^a. to bedew. — 93cbuggel(</ en* 
Mowiag. ' 

Cd^ttMe/ V. a. to heap — pile np. 

Sebfflfe/ V. a. to cover, cover up; Mil. T. to 
••nr; b. en ^op^e / to cov^r a mare ; ^aDnen 
IMI beborffet nteb @7ibf^ the harbour was crowded 
*Mi shippia|r. — 93ebcef{elfe/ en. pi. -V* covering. 
~ Sebeifmit^ en* pi. -er» covering, cover v escort. 

Bibmmne/ v. a. to jndge, judge of. — foebems 
*AW/ cn« pi. -er. judgment, criticism. •— S^fbettts 
^f CK. j^, .e« Judge, critic, eonnaisMor. 

93f^be/ tr. «. to sim, storofy ; bcbtbenbc SHi^ 
ter/ narcotics. — 93eb0be(fe, en. stupor. 

93een/ id. i. bone ; 3. leg ; bnlOf ptka ^mts 
Mf to help one «p on one*s legs; bringeen UrttteC 
^aa93enene/ toraiae, levy an amy; ftaae Doa fDogt 
93. / to toUer , be in a tottering condition ; togf 
93enenf nteb fig/ to stir one's slumps, vWy.^SBeens 
acat, bloodvessel in the bones; -Ogtig/ adj. bony, 
osseous; -boref/ trepan; -bmb/ ft-acture Af a bone^ 
-bntbben/ adj. broken legged; -b^ntng/ strucluro 
of the bones; -tfttitt, tamer; -ttfttt, caries; -gieb« 
nmg / bone manure ; -boarb / adj. hard as bono ; 
-btnbe/ periosteum; -boDeb/ ^head of a bono; 
-btig/ cut to the bone; -ffVit, socket of a 
bone; -buttS / diarnel-bonse ; -ficttttf breeches., 
smallclothes; trowsers; -fnube/ proluberanco on a' 
bone ; exostosis ; -frfltft / caries ; -Itttn / fine 
made of bones; -IctXt , osteology; -(09*/ bone- 
less ; -ptbe / cavity of a bone ; -rab / skeleton \ 
~t9tf vid. -pibe; -{ttnne/ greaves ; -fott/ ivory black ; 
-fpltnt/ splinter of a bone ; -^ttftt, bony piece of 
meat; -tang/ bone nippers; -Ubbtt^rt/ Vid. .fnubC; 
-bCtO/ texture — tissne of the bones ; -tXT^t/ growth 

— formation of the bones ; -cebenbe / oasivoms ; 
-itnttf adj. bony, full of bones ; osseous. 

93eent}eb/ en. spindle-tree. Eunon^mu* awropmtt, 
!&eeff/ adj. biUer, acrid. — 93ee{tb(^/ nt. bitter- 
ness, acridness. — beeftne/ v. i. to become bitter.' 
93eeii/ et. pi ©etter/ beast, bmte. — bejHif/ 
adj. bestial, brutish, brutal. 

^6eet/ en. pi. ^eter/ beast; gjore 93./ to beast; 

bitbe 93./ to be boasted. ^ 

93efalb/ et. Pleasure, will. — befolbe/ V. L w 

please; labeflgD./ to acqniesce in. 

93efale/ V. «. to commit, resign; to comnlaad, 
order, hid: .^^Vab befater? Sir? Madam? ^Oab be? 
falet ^e? What's yovr pleasure, what are your 
commands? — 93efa{tttg/ en. pi. -et. command, 
order, injunction, mandate, charge, behest. ^ 93t? 
faltngdtnanb/ commander. 

!&<faTe/ V. a. t6 pass, travel, to navigate; b* ft 
93iei^ / to explore a mountain. — befftten / adj. 
N. T. beeUbefaten @0ntanb/ able seaman; balbs 
befaren/ ordinary. — befatltg/ adj. navigable; 
passable, practicable. — 93efaTenbeb/ ability. — 
93efaTtna/ en. exploration. 

93efatre , v. a. f refl. to contain ; b. {tg/ to bo 
engaged in ; to meddle witb^ 

93efeibe/ v. «. to war — make or wage war on 

— against. 

iBegU/ V. a. to file. 

93eftnbe/ v. a. ^ refl. to find; L. T. to calch; 

seize; b. ftg/ to be; J^»orlebe« befinber be jDcmY 

hov are yon, how do yoa do ? how do yon feel "* 
find yourself (to a patient); Stegninont befanbteS 
Itgttg/ the bill proved correct. — SSffinbenbe/ et* 
health , state of health ; @agen9 93./ I. T. merits 
of the case. • i 

SBeftngre/ v. a. to finger, handle. 

Sefinnet/ a^j. finny, finned. 




aakra aback. — 93cfi^1»(If(/ tit. peiplaxitr, Iwry. 
jQcfittC/ «.«.!• great*, kamear wilk fraaaa. 
0clttte {t0/ V- r^. to alrlTe, atiidgr, aadaarovr. 
93(fet(C/ «. a. ta paople, popvlalc. -*- 93ffel{« 
m. p««pliag( popHlalioa. 
Mk , v. a, U forward \ to farlhar, adraBca, 
1^ SliDt B<foi^«i/ >• oktaia aa ofleo or 
caploymaat; to be proaote^ — brfoitcrlig^ mSf. 
mid. UfyxAptVi^ — 93cfoitm, ou p<. -cr. for- 
aranBng aftc, liullicraDca, MlraaceaieBt , proMatioa, pre- 
fcraeflt ; cooreirMce, eqsipafc. ZZ Co«|^.l3f foTtrit^8# 
VUa^tf -mitlttlf mode — meaaa of coaveyaace; 
»nt, rigbt of cottTcyinf travellcts by pott, alace 
•oaeh licence; -t>lt/ way to pranotioa; -barfnt/ 
veniatioM for potting, potting ottablithiBeiik 

jBc^oeiC/ V. A to freighl, cbarter. — Bcfro^, 
pi. -e. freigblcr. — ^BctTOatntltd^ (II. freighting 

S^eftit/ V. «. to f^ee, aet free, releaae, liberate, 
^Ihrer, rid; exempt. — Stfriclfr/ flU freeing etc. 
dblhrcrance, reteaae, liberation, ridMance; ezenip- 
Uon. — ^dtfntt, (lU pi. -€, deltTeter, liberator. 

S^cfmgtC/ V. a. to frnctify, fertilise, fecandate. 
— S3efrugtclfCf !6(fai0tiioig/ eiu fractiecation. 

S3tfc9gter V. a. to apprebend, dread, fear. — Us 
frlMttU^ «t4f. to be apprehended etc. 

JBcfugtC/ V. a. to motttctt, hmectate. — 93es 
fuamjt, ftU pi. 't, moittening, bnmecution. 

BcnitbmCgttQCt/ m^'. provided with f^ll powcrt. 
' ©cffltngC/ V. a. to infect. — M««fl«l«fl/ «**• 
Maceptible of infection. — S3(f amg(lt9^(0 / OU 
iafeetiontnett. — S^flRl^flff/ (It. pi. -T. infecUon. 

93cfcr{i(/ 9. a. to fmten, fix ; to confinn, tirengtten, 
fortify; for at 6. {ig ^06 Xl^tOIKn, in order 
to establitb bimtelf firmly on Uie throne. — S3<« 
Itt^in^ en. pL -ec fattening ele. fortiflcniion. >- 
)&lfarfhttti^wnfl/ fortification. 

foefetf/'V. «. to entitle, aoihorite, warrant tttORC 
iff 0tCt^ to bo entitled, to be competent, — Sffeis 
Clftj tn» antbority, competence. 

S3ef«Uf V. 0. to feel, finger. 

f^VXtf V. m. to denounce, inform against. — 9cs 
fcrelfe^ en. denovncing, dennaciatioa. — ^^9tit, 
tit. informer, denouncer. 
JBeO, et. pilch. = Corny. U^oqA^ m^. pitchy; 
-fafM/ torch, link; .ftnAnt/ o^y'. iifht-fingered ; 
-tut/ -^ttttt/ pitch cap; -fOgt/ pitch cake; -frottbd/ 
pitch garland ; -oltt/ pitch oil ; -pXa^tX, pitch pla- 
nter; -rid)}/ thoemaker't thread; .foit/ pitch black, 
piteby; 4tAab/ vU. -Ytf^. 

fSegoat/ V. «. to commit, penetrate; Btgaat fig/ 

to get — mb on ; man lon ttt e 0. {tg meb ^oni/ 
Acre it no liTing — agreeing with him. 

S3tgaSt/ 9. u. to gape — stare at. 

S^tgOtoe, V. u. to endow (with), bestow (on), 
frnt (to). — S3t0ak>e(fc, tn. endowment. 

Stgf/ V. a. to pitch. 

m. to treal, to 
— ScBtgntlft, 


one*s self 

fBcgeijht, V. «. to Ihspire; Btgtlfbtt Vn^ogl. 
fcrrent derotion. — S^tgttfhtng/ ttt. lat piia tioa ; 

S^tgge , Mfr'. both; in Btggt/ both of w; f. la^ 

both. = 6 'XU^, adj. ia both places. 

SMtcntf V. A. to desire, coTot; to reqaart, aik 
for; b. ta %9tf, toask,dcmaad iamantiage. ->99l> 
aimng, tn. Jd. -tC desire; reqaeal, ifmaai 
Bt^itringd — S3tgt(CtVnt, appeUUTO facally. — 
'^gttritg/ o^'. detiroot ; coretons, greedy. — iltf 
gitrligen, mdv. greedily, eagerly. — S3fSttlUg|^ 
en. pi. -tt, desire; cnpidity, coretoasaeas. 

S$tgiiM/ V. •. to give ap, rciiaqnish. 

fBtgtM fiiV ». r0fi. ♦ Motors, to repair^ jrocm 
to chaaee, come to pass; V. fMlKiatn 9tttft/ to 
oat oa ajoaracy. — Sd^ltttliptb/ tn«^-4i; 
oecarreace, iaeidoat. 

S3tg(ot/ r. a. vid. glot. 

S3c0ranbfft, v. «. to aMditato — cogitoto 

S3egral»e, v. a. tobary, iator, eatomb. — BignMr 
«4f. h. baried. — S3tgiaMlf(( tn. ]M. -X. ftamnl, 
barial, iatcrmcMt; tomb; %wm\k^,, 
or barial place. 

fBtgIti/ tt. pk -n, co^i 
aolioa , coae«plioa ; ttnA 93. , abstract , 
compeadiam; 3 ^^ ^^z saauaarily; l^mt^ -' 
longfomt 16./ (faickaest — tlownots of nppreheaaioa; 
at«R {{g tt B. on, to Arm aa idea ~ aolioa of; 
Itaat — nan i B. mtb/ to be goiag to, be oa An 
poiat of, be aboat to. = Coa^p. BtgKbUfi/ •#. 
destitate of ideas, notioas. 

^i^t^plbt, V. «. to comprehead,' coaeoiTO. — If 
gtjBtlig^ a^. comprebeasible , coaceivaUe. •-> S3cr 
^Vmli^tt, tn. compreheasibility, coaccivnUeaesa. 

93tgIOtt/ Jiart. oTcrgrown, ovairan. 

iBtgtunbt/ V. «. to meditato on; to foaad, laf 
the fonadatioa. — 93tgninU{fe, tn* moditatiag al& 
BMditation ; ftaandation. 

Btgrcrbt/ V. a. to daploie, atoam, InaeMI, boiraa, 

— (tontbdtg, a4if. deplorable, Inmeatnble. — 
gtfltfetlfe, tn. pi. 't. lameatotioa. 

S3egUtnb8e, v. «. to boaad, limit, 

— S3€gremb9ning/ en. limitation, reslrictioa, 
scrintion. _ 

f^tgnnftigt, V. a. to faroar. — S3tgitn{Hgc{f^ 
tn« favouring, favour. 

S3tg9bt/ V. «. to poar apoB. iBtg^btlft/ tn. pL 
-T* pouriag upoa. 

97Cgl^b(/ V. m. f i. to begia, eogin««c«J ^* 
tgten, to begin afain, recommencr, rrsame; ^ubu 
ttltn btglmbct ttMtg/ the winter teto in, 
early; btl Itgl^bt tr Mf fulbtnbt, well 
is half wan. -> S^MMlMft, tn. begiaaiag, 
meaeemeuL ontaet. 9EkalinbtIft66og{lai»/ iaUial. — 

93t99nbdfe«BagflattfT, ffp. T. capitois. -gnmbc, 

radimeata. — Btgl^nbtT/ ilU fl. -t* 
Mnunencer, tyro. 



. ^f tL pL e. plearare, ffntiflcallon, mUi- 
ftctiMj^efbr S3./ at pkMiire) fmU S3. {/ t» take 
fieuuie, deMglit ia. 

U RM f leased to. — Bd^Ogtltg/ a«(f. ploaaioje, plea- 
nut, a^eeakle, CT*tifyiD|?t acccptabie. — ^QOge^ 
ngftt^f cn« pUasaalneca t agree ak lesMa , aflienitf, 
Sr^on^I^r V. a. to tieai, use, maaage, baadle. 

- Sc^OtttUn^ (if* pi. -n, lre«ting etc. treatneat^ 
mft^ BiamgeiBcat. -^ S3<(an^Imgdmaat<^ man- 
§a — Boda of (reatmeiit. 

Sr^eftet/ ad/, hardened, encumbered; B* VUtt 
@^bom/ afflicted with disease, illness; B. m(1> 
(9mD, encwnbered with debt. — ^tfft\ttlUf CttJ 

ibclHxflc# V. I. to rale, sway; to master. — 
S(^cmct/ tn* pi. -e* ruler, lord, master. — ©t* 
MmnU, m, miatress, ruler. — ©eB«ftelfe, 
fbi^tt^nin^/ ttU rule, sway, dominion, mastery, 

ScBuipe ^ «. re/I. to shift, make shift, manage. 

— hai^pdt^ adj. ready to help — serve ; VCtXt 
tt» M^te^Mltg tit no^«V ^ help — assist one in, 
Uiii one a helping hand. — UW^^OVHf vid. ^\ti)pf 

Bel^itl^i/ aJj- alont-hearUd', dauntless, In- 

ScBoU/ en. pi e. safety; surplus v ^Oiat t ©♦/ 
t» hcve ou hand, ia resenre ; t SO^©,, in safety, 

ttfe and soiuid. -< Bc^bflcb, S3(^o(tnittddile^, 
nposltory, depot. 

83eM^C , «. a. to retain, keep, keep back ; 0. 
fvr fta fell) / to keep to one's self ; (ate ecti B. 
Cibet/ to spare one's life. — U%tiXtiV\, adj. safe, 
« safety; bctt BeBolbne ^engefunt/ the surplus 
■eaey. — S3<^i>0)er/ en. pi. -t* reservoir. — Vts 
^hung/ m* surplus ; depot. 

fi^O/ et. neeiL necessity; |abe S3v to need, 
ImI, have need ; t}Ut S3./ as occasion requires ; 
WUK ttl &./ to have a competency ; gt0C( fit S3./ 
t» do one's bnsiness. 

fi^Bgoe^ V. a. to rough-hew. 

S)a«i^tg/ a<0*- handy, adroit, dexterous, expert. 
~- B^fntBigett/ adv. handily etc. — iBeBcrnBtg« 
(A|r CtU handiness, dexterity, adroitness, expertness. 

OeBctnge/ v. a. to hang. 

SeBfll/ et. pi. c. apparunance. — BeB^tg/ adj. 
dM, proper, Gtting, convenient. 

fM^bC/ V. A. to need, want, require, have 
•ceatioB for. 

fie^Dle, p. a. to plane. 

vtyu, 9, a, to answer ia the affirmative, to 

vilmxt, V. a. to deplore, bemoan, bewail, 
Iwna t. — f3(iamitita/ m. deploring, etc. lamen* 

fMBfC/ V. a. to stain. — 83eit8ttmg/ en. sUiaing. 

fBctk, V. i. (tiO to woo, court, make love to. 

H. to covet, court ; B. til eenS (^unjly to court 

Mie^ faTow, awry ftironr with one. = Cowip. -blttf 
fier^ love tricks ; -tit), time — days of eouitshlpu — 
©etlcn, nu wooing, etc. conitship. — ^btHtSf ttU 
pi. .t. wooer, suitor, lover. 

S3elaftne, en. pi. -l, snipe. SeolUpmto ga^ 

iBeltenBe, ». a. to confess; to profess; B. {tg 
til en Religion, to pro/ess a religion; B. (t Wkf 

ipH), to foJiow suit. — S3e(tentelfe / m. pL ^x^ 

confession: profession; gAOe til 9Bv to cnafets. ^ 

$Be(tenter, en. pi. -e. pr«fe«ior; follower. — U^ 

t\tnU, adj. welUkoown, notorious, familiar, i^pnf. 
Brtemt) B. meB/ acquaioted with ; fll«Ye ftoB. »4/ 
to bring one's self into notice fay; BOH btl ttte IMetC 
B. at Ban Bar ^xtnti, he wont own that be has written ; 
3eg tan t!fe Dare B. at/ I would net have it 
known— supposed that^ tKe oi Dilteiiare ecn B., to 
cut one, disowa. — S3efienbt/ Wi,pl. -€, acfuainlaaeo. 
— BefienBc^ v. a. to make known — public, to p«h» 

lisb, notify, adveitise. '— fi3e{ten^tgierclfe/ en* 

pl.''-t* publishing etc. publication, advertiaametl, 
notification, notice. — S3efienBtt?aBy et* acquaili- 
tanee, knowledge. 

S3eftae/ v. a. u peep into. 

Jbeflen, et. vid. ©««en. 

©eflogi/ V. a. to lament, deplore, re^vt, bewnil, 
pity; B. fig Ober/ to complain of. — Beflogeligr 
adj. lamentable, deplorable. — ©ellagelfe/ tti* pi. 
-X» lamentation, regret. 

©eflofte/ V. a. to blot — spot with ink. 

'Sdttlap}(Hf V. a. to clap, applaud. 

©etlemmef v. a. to. press, s<iueeze. Jam in; 
et Beflemt ^terte, an oppressed heart. — ©eltets^ 
VMJUf en. oppression, anguish. 

©edtlfe/ V. a. fig. to cast a blot -^itaia oa one. n 

©efltne^ v. a. to paste over. ^ 

^tfUppt, V. a. to clip, trim. 

S3ef(t^rt^ V. a. to paste over. 

©eflumret^ a4j. close, oppressive, iweltry. 

©eflcrBe/ v. a. to invest, attire, array ; lo eoTor; 

B* et SmBeBe, to fill aa office; B. nuB ^aptix, 
to paper; B. meb ©rtrter — ^lonfer, to board, 

plank; B. en B)lwx met ^Uttlf to line — face 

a wall with stone ; Scarier BelUeBte meB ©lomis 

^n, fields decked — enameled with flower*. — ©e^ 
flvBmngf en* investing etc. boarding, Kniag. — 
©eflcetmngSmuur/ brick wall wUh which a raaipait 
is faced. 

©efneB/ at Dore t 9./ eoU. to be at a ptneb. 

©etniBe/ v. a. to stint, pinch. 

©efomm^ v. a. htUmf Betotnmet^ to receive, 

get , to .obtain, gain, acquire. 

©efomme/ v. i. to agree with. iDeim^ 9let Boc 
tRe Belommet mig tttl, this dish bos not agreed 
with me ; bet Dil B. ^Ut Del, it wlU do yon good: 
bet Belom Bam ilbe at ^an bilBe BtanBe {{g t 
^^triben^ he fared the worse for inlerferiag in the 
quarrel ; S3el B. !3Dem/ much good may it do you. 
(a compliment after dinner customary aflM»ng tho 



fiffemfl/ Cit. ranciencr^ faCK fHt S3v to have 
oie^s fill, hare eaougii. 

S3cfofie/ V. m. to spend, expend; to pay — de- 
fray Ihe expenses of; ^rg hwc VcCoflct ttltg tn 
It^ JtisU/ I haye been at the cost — expense of a 
■ew coat. — Mo^tUc^i adj. expensive, cost'y, 
sumptuous. — S3ef»tlelig9Cb/ m« costliness. — ^t:: 
fofnitng-/ en. pi. -cr. cost, expense, diarge; fere 
ten t '&*/ to put one to expenke *, on^eitbe — gietc 
93. pMf to spend, lay out money on, in ; paci mitt 
9b*f at my expense. 

vdtfxan^t, V. a. to wreath, crown with a 
farland.^ — Vcfrattt^mg/ m. wreathing etc. 

9^tftX(U, V. a. to war — make war upon. — 
^htmttUf nt« warring etc. 

93cfr(tftC / fV. a. to confirm, corroborate ; to nf- 
flrm, aTer, aTOUch ; to ratify. — S3ttc(rftelfr / tn. 
confirming etc. confirmation, corroboration; affirma- 
^on; ratification. 

Vtt^mttf V. a. to grtere, afflict*, B. fta otil/ 
to concern one's self — care about. — fitvfVXnt, 
m4f- (oD(t/ for)/ concerned, anxious (about, for). 

— !6(YmnTitta/ en. pi. -et. care, concern, anxiety. 

— Brf^nttingofn/ a4f. tnt ttom care elc. 
S3fCcnitp(^ V. o. to combat, struggle — contend 


^Ma^tf V. m. to orerload, oreilittrden, saddle. 

Bflafte, rtii. Belate. 

9((a&( ftg / V. refi. to prepare , prepare one's 
aelf. make — get ready; bclaDft X>^Oif prepared for. 

^tltt,^ V. u. to laugh at, deride, ridicule. 

f3€{mtg/ »dj. conrenient, seasonable, opportune; 
IKiar bit ft ^ent h,f wbenerer it is convenient, to 
you, whenever it suits you — your convenience. — 
Vfletltgleb / en. opportunity. — UUiliQinx, adv. 
conveniently, etc. 

9dtltittf V. a. to besiege, lay siege to, beleaguer. 

— 83<(eirer, en. pi. -e. besieger. — iBelcmng/ m. 

pL -et. aiere. ~ ^eleittngfifimfl/ art of besieging. 
l6e(ett{ngSfttg/ obsidional war. 

S3e(entte< v. a. to encumber, lumber; Belemtet 
mcb/ coll. burdened — clogged with. 

loelene/ ». a. to enfeoff, invest. — ^Itnin^ en. 

pi. -et« enfeoffment, investiture. 

S3ele:en/ adj. polite, anble, courteous, urbane. 

— S3eleben^cl>V 'W. politeness, urbanity, courtesy, 

93e!tgge/ v. a. to He with. 

fdeliggente, adj. lying; situate, situated; ncet B./ 
vid. ncrtltggente. • 

BeUggen^eb/ en. pi. -et. situation, site. 

S3(Iot)et/ part, promised. 

I3e(ttte/ V. a. to wstch ; to ensnare. 

©elofe, V. a. to light, light up, illuminate. — 
93e(9«ntng, en. lighting etc illumination. 

!ce(t^e, V. a. to belie. 

83el(eg, vid. ©etctgntng; ©ilog. 

X^etftgge/ V. a, to cover, overlay, line, in crust ; 
|« en ^(rjlnJng^ to invest a fortress; B. Wit Stobs 
9tXt to copper, sheath with copper ; 6* meb S«n^s 

Baonb , to hoop ; B. nteb '*S3v»fkfn — SRonnR/ 

to ^ave, to pave with marble ; D. meb ^ttrifret ~ 
gllfet — ^fltppe , to board — flag — carpet ; I, 
met Zm^f to put under arrest; B. et SPtCgnM 
meb Qt>ttteiinget/ to furnish an account with wo«ck- 
ers ; bflogt met ^Ctnftt, loaded with irons ; htf 
\aat meb %ottf charged with a duty; ^OSt iMtl 
aoot at B. jine SDlt/ he is a fair spoken^ man; 
^WH 9tet ttl at B. en @^eng }fiaa et j^ofpital, lo 

have the disposition of a bed at an hospitnl or alaw^ 
house. — S^ef flfggelfe/ en. covering elc. — iBdtfgllillgi 
en. pL -er. l. covering; 2. @^ftflrbbetd IB./ auy, ta^ 
and buckram. 

^cIotTe/ V. a. lo inatracl, teadi, tutor. — Bc(«s 
tenbC/ adj. instructive. 

*t>tl(tt\t, V. a. vid. Belobe. 

95tUt^f adj. well-read, conversant with fc^vks. — 
icelarftBeb/ en. reading, extensive reading. 

S5eleB/ <t. 1. amount; 2. routine. 

!&e(eBe/ v. l. f reft, to amonnl lo. 

libeleBe, v. a. to storm, assaolt. 

^eloBcii, adj. expeH in. ~ !BcreBcnBcfe , fn« 
skill, routine. 

> ^elflnne / v. ti. to reward, recompense, reaiimfr- 
rate. — !&el0nner^ en. pi. -e. rewarder, reqaiicr. 
— S3el0nning/ en. pi. -et. rewsrd, recon pease, 
remuneration, guerdon, meod; premium, prise. 

female / v. a. to bepaint, daub. — S3fmafiii^ 
en. daubing. 

^emanbe/ v. a. to man. — Bemottbin^ cr. 
manning ; complement, crew, ship's eoaspany. 

)bemelbt, a<0'. mentioned, said, aforesaid. 

ilbemeiite / v. a. to make -- render oim*s self 
master of. 

^emtb(et/ adj. opulent. 

S5em^btge/ v. a. to authorize, empower. — 9Qt* 
m^nbtgelfe/ en. audioHxation, warrant, power. 

^emctgttoe/ v. refi. to seize upon, possess oae^s 
self of. — x5em(egtige(fe/ en. seising etc. seitare. 

!6emOfnge/ v^ a. to mingle, mix; B, fig/ wid. 
Befatte jta web. 

)&emcetfe / o. a. to perceive , remark , Botie«S| 
discover, observe; to mean, signify. — BcmOPtteli^ 
adj. perceptible, perceivable, noticeable. — 9^tmBtts 
telfe/ en. pi. -t. signilication, meaning, acccpka- 
tion, sense; observation. — {Demtrtfning, Ctt, ^ 
-et. remark, observation. 

Bemebe/ v. a. vid. Bem«t(. 

^emoae, v. a. to begrime,' befoul. 

Semsfe/ v. a. to trouble, incommode. -~ ScMOis 
elfe/ en. vid. 5Befh«Berfe; 

iBenaabf/ v. a. to favour, grace ; to confer upon ^ 
to pardon. •— ^enaatelft/ eit. 'favouring etc. — 
.^enaabmng/ en. favour, grace'; pardon. = ^cnoob* 
nmgeBteo / lener of pardon ; -gtimb/ motive for 
pardon ; -xet, privilege, right of pardoning. 

^enauelfe/ en. pi. -et. qualm, squeanishnesa. — 
Benauet/ adj. squeamish, qualmish. 

^enebtctmetmilnf/ en. Benedictine, Black Frinr^ 




4l0lttl</ Benediclia* nun, n. of ib« order of St. 
Sntcfict/ en. pi. -X. benefit. 
tBnUfgtC/ V. a. to deny, dtiavow. — (B<nffg^ 
tflfc, (It. /»/. -tr. denial, diinrowal. — Btnagtentt/ 
n^. negntire. 

SBnut, mTj. vuI. mi. S3een. 

aBcngti, tti. pL fBtn<\ltt, 1. Typ. T. roiiDce*, 2. 
bnite, lent. — ^gelogtig/ »43- brutish, loutish. 

abttO^tt, V. a. f reft, to profit by, of, taJte ad- 
vantage — aTail one^a self of^ to improve, use, 
nuike ase of, employ; B. ett Setlig^et/ to take — 
seize — embrace an opportunity; b. ftg af jtn ^01^ 
ImL to purii one^^B advantage*, 6. {ttt %{i> )}aa tiit 
ht\i^tt to make the most of one's time. — IsBett^t' 
idU| tlt« improving, etc. improvement; use. 

VntflttmC/ V. a. to name, call, designate. — 
Uwnni, mentioned, stated, said. — ^ttKlt>nii\t, 
tn» pt. -r. appellation, designation. 

SBtai^, V. a. to order, direct. 

SBtpuftt, V. a. to load — fill with packages. 

MScJMinbdK / 9. a. to case' — clothe in mail. 

jBe^fatttf/ V. a. to plant. — 93(|}lantnmg/ en. 

iBcpteite/ v. a. to s^ot. 

a^tp^it, vid. fotpUgte. 

^pt^U, vid. ptt)1it, u1}^^fe. 

Sepitttrt/ V. a. to bepowder. 

9BC{|&ein / adj. fit , fitting , proper ; convenient, 
eommo^ous; h. til (t (Entbctie/ fit« — qualified fur 
an ofBce. — ^e^DCni^et/ en. iltness; suitableness; 
eoanmodioosness. — bc<|OeDtnte(tg/ adj. commodioua, 
convenient, comfortable. — beabemnteugm/ bt^ntwi, 
miv. conveniently etc. — li^eqt)Cmmett.q()eb / en. 
pi. -er. convenience — cy, commodiousness, accom- 
modation ; elffe i6 -^itlf to be fond of ease ; eftCT 
fat !B./ at one^s convenience ; l^lDCtd i&,f conveni- 
ences — comforts of life. 

Seqoemme \\^, v. refi. %o persuade one's self 
la, submit to, acquiesce in. 

^3(raa6e/ v. refl. (ipaa) to appeal to, plead, urge. 

— 28eraa(»Ife/ en. appeal. 

43eraa^/ et. pi. c. deliberation ; xm\ ®.. delibe- 
rately; »>«re — ^dM t i&, mcfc, to deliberate with; 
tMC i !8./ to take into consideration. 

Seroat/ adj. mcb toet 6. ^U/ deliberstely, advi- 
sedly. — ^roate/ v, a. to consider of, take into 

6ciam/ |»aa S./ ^aa et ^. / at a venture, at 
mdom — bap hazard ; p^O, eget ^./ of one's own 
•ecord; on one^s own authority. 

ibrramme/ v. a. to fix, appoint. — SBerommeu 

% <*>• appoinlment 

UPcT^enl/ en. pi. -\tx* common barberry bush. 
Smieri* communis. 

9mltf V. a. to prepare ; B. et 9KaaUtt/ to prepare 

— dreas a meal ; h.Jitt^tt, to dress leather; b. %U 
01 for een, to pnve the way for one ; b. ^fltgemi'^s 
tt, to mix up — prepare medicines. — SJere^elfe/ 

en. preparing, etc. prepantiM. — OcMhtHM^ em 
vid. ^mUlU, 

tBere&en/ vid. berime. 

^ecebfYab^ i S&,, in readiness. 

^ere^Dtdtg^ ^adj. ready, willing, prompt. — Bt^ 
te^biQigbet / en. readiness , wiUingness , alacrity, 

iBeregne/ v. a. Xo compute, calculate ; to put — 
place to account. ^ SScregmng , en. pi. -et* com- 
potation, calculation. 

^ereifC/ v. a. to travel over, traveise. — betetfi, 
adj.- travelled. ' 

$3eren^e, v. a. to invest. 

^erette / v. a. to state, relate ; B. en &\^ to 
administer the sacrament to a sick person, -r- Bts 
retning/ tn. pi. -er. statement, account, intelli- 
gence. — iBerettelfe/ en. administration of tbo 


JBeretttge,. v. a. to entitle. — ©erettlgelfe, en. 

right, title. 
5»erg, ft, vid. "^JBtfrg. 

®erg — ©ergeRff, dried cod (steeped in lye). 
JBrr^omot, en. pi. -ter. bergamot. 
^ert^e, v. a. to ride about. -> Bereben, part. 

mounted; et tJtl b. dt^ttert/ well mounted cavalry. 

— »^enoer, en. pi. -e. riding master, rider, horse- 
breaker, rough-rider. Mil. T. Seriberfonfler/ feaU of 
horsemanship ; .-fe({1!ab, equestrian company, company 
of riders. > 

J8crtgf, t;. a. to enrich. — SSerigelfe, en. pi. -r. 

enriching, enrichment. 

JBcrigtigf, v. a. to correct, rectify. — Serigtigel* 
fe, en, rectifying, correction. 

^rringe/ v. a. to surround with people. 

iPerUnerblaat/ et. Prussian blue. 

»J?ernftfen, vid. 0lao. 

^eroe, v. «. to stand over^ rest, remain in abey- 
ance ; to be founded upon ; to rest with, depend on \ 
icxxntt maa bet b. , there the matter must rest. 

^erce^ at flttCe t 6./ to lay by for the present. 

iBeioIige/ t;. a. to calm, quiet, tranquilize, com- 
pose, reassure, appease. — ^eroHgelfe/ tn. calm- 
ing, etc. 

•4?erufe, v. a. to intoxicate, inebriate ; BeTttfenbe 
^riWe, intoxicating liquors. — JBemfelfe/ ett» 
intoxication, inebriation. 

^emile, v. a. to arm, accoutre, eqnip. 
iBer^ge, v. ». vid. ber«ge* 

^enigtCt; adj. in bad repute, notorious. 

JBer^l, en. pi. -ler. beryl. 

^eroge/ v. a. to smoke, fumigate. 

^eremme, v. a. to laud, extol, commend, praise 
bighly. — ber^mt, adjf.. celebrated, renowned, famed, 
famous. — beremmeltg/ adj. laudable, cogimend- 
able, praisewort^y ; celebrated ; creditable, honorable. 

— »4?er«mmetigbeb , en. vid. SloeSocrrbigbeb. — 
iBercmmeUe / en. pi. -r. praise, eulogy, commen- 
dation ; celebrity, renown. 

iSdttVXtf V. a. to touch, finger; to loach on, hint 



tf. — Btt0tA^tr Sererin^, nu tonchia;, etc. — 
fcmme t S5* met/ to come in contact willi. 

S&tX9tHf V. a. to bereaye — deprive — diTesI 
•r. — liBftettflfe, m. pi. -r. berearing, etc. bereaye- 
jsent, depriTalion. 

Bnaatf v. «. to sow. — Sefaonhtg/ ett, sowing. 

SBtaxif vid. 97{efan. 

SBttt, V. «. to Tiew, ini^eet. 

!8e{eg(e/ v. «. to seal, affix a seal to. — i8e« 
feolmfl/ tn* sealing. 

mt\uUf i>. a. to mnfigate. — 3ffnfttlg/ etl, navi- 
gating, navigation: sailing expedition. 

SJ^ttt/ ^' «. Wfab, oefiboet/ to possess, be pos- 
Mssed of ^ L. T. to occnpy, inhabit \ 6« eenS ^tttil)/ 
to possess — enjoy one^s confidence. — 0* 9tttt(1t/ 
to occnpy tbe judgment seal. — ScftbtclfC/ ni, 
pi. -X. possession \ occupation, occupancy ; tOgC — 
fomme t ^./ to take — get possession of. — iBts 
flbbelfe^TCt^ right of possession. — liBcjtbtn/ (tt. 
pL -(« posiessor, owner, occupant, occupier. 

^eftgtC/ V. a. to inspect, survey. — ©eftgtdff, 
nu pi. 'tt, inspection, survey. — $ef[gtelfc§maitb, 
inspector. ' 

jBeftttbC, «*. a. jr nfi. to consider; D. ftg / to 
rcooUect, call to mind; to change one^s mind. — 
SB^ntltl\tf m* consideration, reflection ; recollection ; 
lotimte ttl 9./ come to sober reflection. 

SSefittbia^ atlj. considerate, discreet, circumspect. 

— S9({tl}otf)l&(lD / (tU discretion, considers teness, 

iSefiotlC/ V. a. to animate. . 

5Sefabe, aSeffafcelfr, *Hd. Btffobtge. 

93ejfabige/ v. a. to damage, injure. — IBcffabt' 
gtlfC/ en. pi. -t. damage, injury. 

Settaffett; adj. conditioned, disposed, qualified; 
@agen er faa(ebed B./ the matter stands thus; 

jDenne @a^ et anberlebeS 6* enb man ttoct, the 

case is. different from what it is supposed to be ; 

Stettneftet er foalebeS BeiTaffettt/ man is so consti- 
tuted. — Sfftaffen^eb, ett. quality, condition, 
nature ; @agett9 *o./ nature — merits of the case. 

iBefcotte/ c a. to tax, assess; to lay under 
contribution. — iSeffcUmitg/ en* pi. .er« taxing etc. 
taxation, assessment. 

©cffeb,^en. pi. e. answer; I. T. character; 
passport ; gtere een 9./ to pledge one ; Oite gob 

©♦ meb, to be up to; 3^ »«^ »w^f« ©♦ betom, 

I know nothing about it. 

Seffrben/ adj. modest, unpretending, unassuming. 

— JBeffeben^eb, en. modesty. 
aSefferer, vid. ©tob^efl. 

SBefttbe/ V. a. to beshite, befoul. — Befftbt; 
a^. dirty." 

S5ef{ienfe# v. a. to make a present, present 

iBefft'enfet, adj. ftiddled, tipsy, in liquor. 

SBeflfterme, v. a. to screen, shield. — Seffter? 
welfe , en. protection. — aSefttermei , en, pi. -e* 

protector, defender. 
SSe^iffe^ V. m. to order, regulate, arrange, ad- 

just, dispose; to appoint; B, { eti mtbenf &U%f |»- 
substitute ; L, T. to demand a declaration by ofll. 
cers of jnsUce. — Scftifticlfe / cn, demand of « ' 
declaraUon by ofllcers of justice. 

SMfmne^ v. a. to sbme upon, irradiale, UIuBuns. 
■ SBegiotre, Beftiere. vid. Beftare. 

fBt\tttt)tif part. L. T. in writing. 

Seffntye, *>. a. to describe; BejjfrtDfn^ ^D^jt/ 
descriptive poem. — Beftrit^eitg, adj. describable. — • 
^eftnoelfe/ en. description. 

. ^efPne/ v. a. to view, contemplate, sarver; ** 
know by intuition. — > Be{flte% adj. visible, per- 
ceptible; intuitive. — SQ^uA\tf en. ^ontemplattoa ; 
inttfttion. — ^effttet/ en. pi. e. beholder, ceatcni^ 

l8efft}be/ V. a. to fire upon, cannonade, batter. 
— SefP^oittng/ en. firing etc. cannonade. 

SBeffMge/ V. a. to shade, overshadow. 

SSetT^lbe/ v. a. to accuse of, to. dmrge — Ins 
with. — ^ejf 9(bntng/ en. pi. -er. accualion, chmrge. 

Seffl^tte/ f. a. to water, wash, lave. 

JBeffl^lte, V. a. to protect, defend ; patronise. — 
Seft^ttelfe/ en. protection, defence ; patronage.^ — > 
fdtft^itXf en. pi. -e. protector ; patron. — ^ Scff^ 
teitnoe/^ en. pi. -r. protectress, patroness. 

SSe^Ftorfttge^ v. a. to occupy, employ. —^ Bcs 
ftiorfttget ^ adj. (meb) occupied (in, with) —^ W- 
sied — engaged in , taken up with. — l8efK(rfH' 
gelfe/ en. jd/. r* occupation, employment. 

^eftonitme/ f. a. to shame, disgrace, disbmiow; 
to abash. — Beflonnnieltg/ adj. shameful, d}8gne»> 
ful. — liBqTonnmelfe, en. shame,' disgrace, disho- 

1. SSefFonre, v. «. to clip, pare, cut; B. %teeec> 

to prune, lop, trim ; fig. to curtail, reduce. — Scs- 
^OttinpLf en. clipping ete. 

2. mt^cnt, V, a. to allot; to bestow. 
Se^oae/ t^. a. to mount — bind — line with metal 

B. (gnben af noget/ to tip ; B. ^efie^ to shoe ; JB. 
^t\\, to furl. 

®e^ag/ et. pi. id. mounting; sequestration, at-' 
tachment, seizure ; $. paa ^ixhtf embargo ; tctMjt 
S. paaf to lay an embargo on; toge tmbet 3B»/ 
to seize, sequester , sequestrate ; gtfite $e(l(lg JfiUA 
eenS (^Oge/ to arrest one's pay or salary. — S6tf 
{loglcnre / the crdft of shoeing horses , farriery. — 
SB-mefter, cavalry farrier. 

Sefttttte^ f. a. & refl. to resolve, decide, deter- 
mine, come to a resolution, to make up one's mind \ 
to end, terminate. — ^eftntntng, en. pi. tX* re- 
solution, decision. 

©ejcegtetfe, vid. @tcegtftaB. 

83elt«g^et (meb), adj. related — akin — allied 
to, kindred ; Beflcegtebe <Bi(tU, kindred — congeaial 
souls; B. S72unbart etfer ^tjit^ cognate dialect or 

SejTor^iet/ en. relation, relative, kinsman. 

S3efmtttC/ v. a. to infect, taint; to pollute, de- 
file, contaminate. — ©efmttteffe, en. pi. -r. iafee- 
lion, pollution, contamination. 




IMmuibk, V. «. to airty, son. 

Bcfml^m/ V. a. to glois eTer, colour. ~ S3c« 
MtltlU/ ttU gloM, coloar. 

fBefnWTC/ v. m. to bcsmeir, mear. — S3efm«s 
tA^f fit* bMBwaring. 

{naffC/ V. a. to talk np, persaade into. 
f V. ». to cover wiA mow. 
^...^e^ V. m. to overreach, trick. 

Oc^CRT/ V. a. to eaniare, trepan, onlauflt, io- 

Sefel^/ V. 0. to pay. — Bcfoltet, «<(/. paid, 
fliiaeadiarf. — S3(folbmg/ OU pay, aUpead. 

BcfoM/ V. «. I. 7. to lie with. 

ScflNUrt/ V. «. to save, hmband, ceonoiaiiBe. — 
fl^f^^OXCtU, -f^NlTmg, eii. pi. -t. savinf. — 93f« 
f^CUttngM^^OIt/ saving system. 

ftffSfc »■ «. to '««». -- ©ef^tiSmtig, cti. 


fB(f|Wttf/ 0. a. to mock, scoff, deride, Jeer, sneer 
at. — heipctitli^ adj. scornftal, derisive. — !6c« 
fyvttdff/ m, pi. -X, mocking dec. mockery, derision, 
scoff, gibe. — S3cf^0tt€T/ tXU pi. >e, mocker, deri- 
de^ scoffer, jecrer, sneerer. 

yMpdn^tf v. m. to cover, (as a stallion.) 

Scf^rcmge/ v. a. to besprinkle, sprinkle over. 

S3cfpT0itC/ V. «. to squirt over. 

9(f|>9(te/ v.* «. to bespit. 

93((^(ntbe/ v. «. to pot horses to; to surround, 
beacf, feeflKrttbt af @OTg/ oppressed with grief; 
B.^f Snctf, distended with milk. 

*" 'tftmtf fig* V. re/I. to consult 

Nqtnupf/ V. a. to dash, beat against, wash. 
.iooC/ V. i. (t) to consist in; (af) to consist 
— be composed of; to subsist, exist, cootinne, en- 
dare; to sustain, stand; ttt fatt ittt B. mtl, it is 
inconsistent — incompatible with; B<Ut htftot fin 
CjttHCIt goU/ he accquilted himself well at his 

Be^oStttg/ eil« pi. -cr, commission, patent of 

S(Ran)># en. continnance, durability. 

9c^mbbetl/ ett, pi. -ttU* ingredient, component 
— , coBstitaent parti. 

Scflanbtg/ odj. lasting; constant. — Bfflonltg; 
•Ot. adv. constantly. — s3<flanbt5B(b / <n. con- 
•laney; darabiiity. 

93({icbe/ V. a. to inter, bury. — BcfUtt/ adj. 
MRC B. t 9lo1) / to be io distress , be reduced to 
|Nat straita ; t^OtTC tlbe B./ to be badly off. 

t3ffinittne/ v. a. to destine, determine; to ap- 
Hiat, settle, fix ; B. fomb/ predestine, predetermine ; 
B. fig tt{ / to determine on , come to a determina- 
§•■, make np one's mind to: itct>m BtflemmfT/ the 
hw provides. — ^tfitmmtl\t, en. pi. -r. destining, 
Mc. destination, determination, appointment ; I^ObenS 
Vjj provisions of ttie law. 

Sefkeinl f adj. A adt. fixed , appointed , sta- 
M, set, certain ; definite, precise ; determined, pe- 
'•■floiy, decided, decisive, positive, firm; ^eg btl 

{ffe fige Bet B., 1 wnH bo positlvo ; B. ^M^^ lat« 

— set prico ; B. Xtwet / stated ho«r»; B. €itM«9 
positive answer; B. Xnntf decided — peramptory 
totfc; B. UBtT^t/ preciao larm; B. (EBoraltCCr, lim 

— determined character. — adv.. positively, deci- 
dedly, peremptorily etc. — !6ejiemiB<rB/ en.. dota> 
mination, decision, firmness; precision. 

!6efltge/ V. a. to mount, ascend, climb; B» m 
a^uitr, to scale a wall. — BefHoelig/ ad^. •Mctm- 
dable, accessible. — S3ef|lgf({gBl9A en. accesoib^ 
lity. — f3efHgelfe/ 93efHgen; en. ascending cit, 
ascent, ascension; scalade, escalade. 

S3e{ttt/ et. pi. id. case of instmmenta; N. 7. 
day's work, reckoning; rcgne S3./ to do, cnlcnlalir 
the day's work; anortte 16./ to prick the ship'k 
play ; Haxt Ogtec foT fit S3./ to be astern of obo'» 
reckoning; fig. gtere fit S. |>aa noget/' to lay 
one's account with, reckon upon. 

fBeflttte/ V. a. 1. to stick ; garnish, embroider ; 
2. to bribe, corrupt ; en VUl Qmt Befhtffet ^ue, a cap 
wroueht with gold. — Befltffeltg/i adj. cormptibtae. 

~ ©efltffeKgBeb/ en. corruptibility. — 93efHcfdf<> 

en. pi. "X* bribing, bribery, corruption ; a bribe. 

Oefltae, V. a. Befttttebc ft BeMte; BefUlt, to 
do, perform ; to bespeak , ordef ; paDe ntcget at B.^ 
to have a great deal to do ; Bat^e Ot Bcftttte nuB^ 
to. have to do — have dealings with ; 4^t)ab hat 
'S)t Bet at B.? what business have you hereT \tt 
et fun flet l&efltit meb l^an% ^aget f he is b«t in 

off — in a poor way ; bet W'l fnatt »>«te B, UUB 
Bam, he will soon be done for. — l3ef%tfltngA CtW 
pl» -et. business, occupation, employmenr; ooAes' 
commission ; place, office, charge. 

93efHce(e/ v. a. to steal from, rob. 

f3eilotme/ v. a. to storm, assault. ~ Sc^Qts 
tnelfe/ en. storming, assault. 

^t)tcaalt, V. a. to irradiata, illumine. 

^eibrtbe/ v. a. to combat; to contest, imougu; 
to overcome, surmount; l^efMbe ^ero^tmev^ 
to defray — bear the charges — expenses. — JBc? 
tttibelfe/ en,- combating etc. 

©efmffe, vid. 6efn«te. 

Sdefhpge/ •• a. to coat, spread — daub — do 
over ; jtl^len Befh;«g Ttmttif the bullet grated the. 
wall; l&attetiet Befiteg^ Bete CDalen, the battery 

enfiladed — raked the whole valley; B. ^tm mth 
S)tagneten , to magnetise iron , toudi iron with th* 
loadstone. — f6efhlMntng/ en. coating etc. 
83efb:cr6e, jRg, v. ref. to strive, endeavour, labour, 
study. — fBefhrerBeMe/ en. pi. -t. endeavour, effoHL 

S3efhamge/^ v. a. to string. 

S3efitee/ v. a. to bestrew, strow, besprinUo, 
sprinkle; B. meb @anb ^« $ubbet/ to sand, to 
powder. — S3eflt«elfe/ en. bestrewing, etc. 

93efi9te/ v. a. to govern, rule, manage, conducl, 
direct — S3efi9te(fe/ en. government, mie,- mn- 
nagement, direction; et @^(ffaBfi S3. / managinf 
committee, managers. — S3efl^|tCt< en. pi. -t. ma- 
nager, conductor, director. — 93efb;n(ennbe > ttu 
conductress, directress, manager. 




93rfll^O V- o- to strenirtlieii, eonflim, eorrobo- 
vate. — S3efl]^elfe/ en. itrenfthcniag, confirmation, 

^fkr^tl^tf ett« constenatioD, amaztment, dismay. 

93t{ll^et/ brfi^fet/ a4f' astounded, amaxrd, 
dismayed, astonished. 

^ejicnife/ v. a. to besprinkle, sprinkle. — S3(r 
ftftntetfe. en. besprinkling etc. 

^efubU/ V, a. to suliy, soil, befoul, defile. -- 
S3efublitt£^/ en. sullying etc. 

^efl^angTe, v. a. to get with child •, to im- 
pregnate. — ©efUangrelfe , en. getting etc. \ im- 

!6tf)»aTe, v. a. to answer, reply. — S3eft>aielfer 

in, pi- ^-X, answer, reply. 

^efbtge^ V. a. to defrand, deceive, circumvent. 

— Befoigettg/ adj. fraudulent, deceitful. — - S3efois 
flelff/ cn. fraud, dceei*. 

Befotme/ v. a. to swoon, faint — S3ef)}tntelfe/ 

Ctf. pi. -X, swoon, fainting fit. 

^efoogre/ v. rc/l. to marry — matdi into a fa- 
mily, ally one^s self to a family by marriage 

— 6efbOgTet, adj. allied to by — connected by 
marriage. — S3cfDCgTelfr/ en, connection, alliance 
by marriage. 

S3efD(eT/ ~et. pi. e. burden, charge, incumbrance, 
trouble, molestation. — 6e{D(rrftg/ adj. troublescune -, 
burdensome , laborious , toilsome. — S3efocrT{tgpel)^ 
cn* Pl- -fX* trouble, hardship. 

S3cfD0ere , v. a. to chsrge , burden , load ; to 
Irouble, give trouble, molest ; to vex, grieve \ h* fig 

o\HXf to complain of. — S3efi)amng/ en. pi. -n, 

Vid. 93efD(n; ; charging etc. grievance, complaint. 

S3efdcrTge / v. a. 1. io conjure , charm ', 2. to 
conjure, adjure, beseech ; 3. (o conspire. — fBe^ 
fooergeffC/ en. exorcism, incantation. — ^C\t30n9 
QjtXji en. pi. -e. conjurer, exorciser. » 

»efnf/ V. a. to sew, sti^h. 

S^ef^^erllg/ adj.. special, particular; strange, 
curious, odd, queer •, adv. chiefly, particularly, espe- 
cially. — ©ef^ntertig^e^, en» particularity, singu- 
larity, oddity. 

i&efonge/ v. a. to sing, celebrate in song. 

Befortte/ v. a. 1. to fill , occupy ; 2. to trim ; B. 
<n ^crfintng/ to garrison a fortress ■, 8. et <Sf .6^ to 
nan a ship*, 6. ntfb JtanonCT^ to mount with can- 
non •, 6. en ^ifte^ani/ to stock a pond •, b. et t^uud 

mtt> ^O^t/ io set — station a watch in a house; 
atte fiOnaXmn ere U^atU, all bis hours are taken 
up ; 6efat af en onl %anl , possessed (by an evil 
spirit). — ©efoftning, en. pi. -ft. filling etc. ; 

grrison; crew (of a ship); stock (of a farm)! — 
eforttelfe/ en. occupation (of a fortress); posses- 
sion (by a spirit). 

S3efeg/ et. pi. id. visit, caU; aflergae et fB. 
^eS een, to pay one a visit ; gtere een et uDrntet 
85./ to drop in upon one. 

^efege/ v. a. to visit, come — go to see, cal' 
upon, give a call. — Sdcf^gelfe^ en. visiting; 

SDlart'ce S3./ Visitation of the Holy Yirgm. — 
f«ger, en. pi. -e. visiter, caller. 

»e[«lc, V. a. to soil. 

(Beterge, v. a. to take charge of; IB. Vn^i 
gtort/ to see a thing done. — S3ef«Tgelf(/ cn« 
charge, care. 

S3etage/ v. a. to deprivo — bereave of-^to take 
away, remove ; to take op , occupy ; to seize ; B. 
een 9)!olet/ to dishearten, discourage; BNCtOigcS of 
@frcet/ to be seized — struck with terror. — Bc? 
tOgen / adj. overwhelmed ; B. t @tt)en f panlytic, 
palsied; B. af ftltlte/. benumbed witb col4. 

!6etaffe {tg, v. rejl. to beg to be excuaed, Io 

S3eta(e/ o. a. to pay ; B. een Itge f oi lige , u 

pay 00*0 in his own coin, give one tit for lat, la 
retaliate; ^et ffal S)e fomme tt( at b., you shall 
pay for this. — Bctolelio, adj. payable. — S3ctaler| 
etu pi. e. payer. — S5etaling/ en. paying, pay, 
payment. — ^etaltngStOg/ pay-day; -tit, tan 
of payment. 

TOtttt, V. a. to show; B. ftg/ to behave — do- 
mean — comport one''s self. 

S3etegne/ v. a. to mark, point out, desigsate, in- 
dicate, describe ; to denote. — S^etegnelfC/ ^btU^ 
ntng, cn. marking etc. designation, indicatioa. — 
iBetegmngHtnaatC/ mode of designation. 

^etitd / adv. betimes , In good time ; B. ItC^ 
time enough. 

S^ettene/ v. a. to serve; B. ftg af/ to make naa 
of, employ^ B. dtettni/ to administer jualice; 
^TCeften bctienct ten (S»ge / the priest administcn 
the sacrament to the sick. — S3ettening / cn. ^. 
•er. service, attendance ; office, charge, employofcnl. 

iBetient^ en. pi. -e. servant, domestic, atlendaat; 
officer, functionary, office-bearer. 

(Bettmelig/ adj. timely, seasonable, wcil-liacd, 

S^ettngC/ V. a. to contract — bargain — >£»•' 
for ; to^ hire, engage, to stipulate ; Bettnget 9le^ 
— S^ifalt/ qualified praise — approbation. — 
^ettngelfC/ cn. pi. -r. condition, slipnlmioB, 
terms, proviso ; ipM (mtV) ten !B. / on oonditioB. 
with a proviso. 

^etttle/ t;. a. to title, entitle. 

SBftle, r. a. 83<ttfr. vid. tiggC/ digger. 

S^etcnC/ V. a. to accent, accentuate. — 93ftof 
ntng/ cn. accentuation. 

XHtragtC/ V. a. to regard, look at, view, cyt, 
scan, survey, behold, contemplate; to meditate — ' 
reflect on. — S3etTagteT/ cn. regarder, behelder, 
looker-on, contemplalor. — SetTagtnmg/ fit. pL 
-er. cousidffiu^n , contemplation; reilection, medi« 
talion; i^l S3, af, in consideration of; tagC t ^^ 
to take into consideration; ittt at tommc t ^,, I* 
be disregarded. — ^BetraglningbmaatC/ view. 

S3etT0e/ v. a. to confide, trust, commit to one^ 
charge , to trust one with ; Betroe {lg tt( een , U 
make one one's confidant. -— Betroct/ adj. tnutedii 



m* €0aAdin9 He. 

Sdtmge, V. «. (fox) to Mewa tgaiMi — fi^ts 
|0j|jiac(ff. en. MeariBir elo. flecurily. 

Ibett^/ ^« !>'• c. 4UstKM» ttrtil, piMb. ' 

JBctTMf/ 9. «■ to iMsd M, Ml foot on ; to Meet 
with^ find-, L. T. to. catcJk; I8» ^Mbtftjiolen / to 
movni the palpit. — S3etrffDe(fe, (tl. treadiag cto. 

{Sctisffff V. a. to cOBCCTo, touchi, regard. 

iBdn»# It |i/. M. tapeHry, haii|[Mlfa \ cover. = 
Cmn/f. fb'pMpa, paper for liaMgM«8. 

fbttSSeStt, 9. m. cover, to aapraVj \ 6. «iet $(k: 
|M/ to paper. — B^iufcnt^ tf^. oovercd etc.; 0. 
AmmA^ dmrniy sky, afcy ovorctst wilk cioud». ^ 
JBctrcrtnttl^ CIt. coveruig etc. 

9^«mgt, a^. distrenrd, oppreaeed, aliBicled, 

^bctllttCtr my. vu<. kfi|»nt. 

S3ttlMii^^ V. a. to tuMve, represa^ cbeok, curb, 
eoattoL — 0riiiaigeIf(/ en. sabduwg oto. , soi^ii- 
fottoo, repressioa.' — ^ttmn^tX, Ctt. p^. -C sulgdiier. 

ibtttf'ifle, #. •. to 4mkL 

fbettjltt, V. a. to signify, meM, intpori, denoto : 
to givo to ladctstandr pout •m \ <^Mit ttol ^(t b* 7 
«*•! io the aaeMUig of UmI? I^ail ifVt nicgft Ot 6. 
6od, be baa gieat iaiereat vrilb •, let i)M ttie^t — 
VSki 9ih,, it ia of great — liMa eonaeqaeaca ; <n 
MB^ kt^bcnte S^MM^ / a roan •/ great infiiiOQce 
>>• toaaeqveace, a very iaflaeiilial perao». -» 6ci)^ 
MJgr tf^^ conaidcraMo. — S3(tf^<([r/ (It* poialing 
«■!. — > ^Bct^benl^lV €n. aigatifanoe, co«se|«encc, 
■ ■pa rt , BoaMai, coaatderaticm ; ^nkt of £)./ M- 
Ibiag fwrtieatar. — fi3ftOfentng^ en. JU. -fr. mea*- 
iag, sigaiScatiaB « acaae , acceptalioa , imjioet. •— 
ktabnutdtdftai^ 4Mfy'. sjgaiicaat iai^rtaat. 

ibtiftl%t0 V. m. to make beavy ; to burdea, weigh 
4amn. •— )Bcll^geIff^ tt^, burdea, weight, cbatge. 

^^tUait, 9. «. to eonaider, think of, reflect oa *, 

k tt»f to romember oae. — l^tonfe %^ to co»- 

jMtr — Uriah of^ to heaitair ; to change ao^'s 

' jiW^ tbiDk better of il ; Hont htimdi IfOA, to be 

i inpared for. — 6etftttfeItA/ m%'. crilbcal, doubtAil ; 

: m w ^ums . — « fbttStt^tU^I) . en, scrapie, heaito- 

ttaa , daaht, uncertaialy. — s5tt9tnht^t, tt A, T. 

tfitkn. ^ S^Cttenhtiitg/ en. l. heaitatJaa, acrtpto*, 

££. r. opintoa; fiaae t ^., |« beajlato) .gt««l fi<t 

0» flbCK — ttige t 8^., to besilato^ acniplo. -~ U^ 

Inffcai/ «ifi. cooaiderato, circaaspect, weli^ad- 

— J6tt«m{fbm^b^ en. eoMidctalioa, ciiciiB»- 

flmnttt/ V. 0. to adaiifo. — f^funbreT/ en. jp<. 
. adaiirar. — SeiMbvtMg/ m, Mhniration. — 
mmUbmfj^inli^ a^ sdmiiable. 
SflkM^, «0'. gracioas. — S3et)«a9en]^b, en. 

BclMiiNct, mdj, (pn^if., iraweiied) -, /%. wall 
•— practiaed -^ ahflted i«» ■eanzrsaa* '~ la- 
iar with. 

4lttNtnU/ M^. bahitoaled ~- accaaloined -^ flaed 
•^«^«it hi. 
'Win, «t* Ff> «• hecpSsg, 

fOftMBtf/ V. #. to ko«p, preserve; ^M 6. MJal 
Cod! — BctMmn^ en* keepiag, euaiof](. 
-^ S3e&atittg8tiitbtel/ preaarvative. 

10ei»l»bl» o4f. conditioned-, b(t CI iltt (, imb 
Oittll^ he io in. a aad state. 

}ibtt>ex, vid, *&WHt, 

f^tvtxU, V, m. to ettertain, treat, r«ot«- — 
^Beeertning, en, ii<. -fv. eniensiaaent. — * BcDevt; 

m«Md)teb, et place of enteiUiii»ent. 

SBct>ibne, v.m, to testily, witness, attast, certify; 
to bc«r witoess, givo evidence, depose ; to oxpraas. 
— J3e»tbn4»«, m, pk -r. aiicstatiMi. 

S^Mbji, atl$. tfxxt fig nofiet b./ to be eoa- 
scioas of^ ttote ftA fift) b«i to be in a state of 
eonscioasaoss. •*> S3ebibflb<b/ en. cMtsciooaneaa. — • 
6<t}tb^l<S^ «i|/, nncoascioas, senseless, iasensibie; 
B. ^td'tanb/ state of insensibility. — ^CtJtbfUedf 
%(^j tXL aaconscioQsnesss iaseflsih^ity. 

^evtt^f It. pi. i&«t>if(r. proof*, evidence; srg«. 
meal; donoastratioa ; ^fnftU^ &, fot betolt 
(g^ielb, receipt, ac^Mtlaace. = Cotap. BltoudSl^rbv 
oaas probandi, charge of proof; -f<rTl((e/ argunent, 
demonslrali4Mi ; -^nmb/ srgmieat ; -txaHi, demoaetra- 
tive power; -taoabt/ mode of argnjag, maaaer of 
demoBslratioB ; -ftcb/ paasage alleged in proof. «^ 
bcHttMtg^ m4i. demoastraUe. ^ b(btt9(tg(n, mdlf. 
denoaatrably. — btuitfifli^tere ^ v. a. to eatabliah 
by proof — evideace. — S^coitdttg^b/ en. deouMi' 

strobleness. -*• &etnt8ltgiKbt¥, Pj. proo6, vouchei 

S3eot(^, V. «. Io grant. ~- S3e<9t(gnuig, en, /v. 
et. grantj licrnse, pemissioa. 

Vcoitttng, en. pi. -er. vid. S3(b Tgning. 

!6et)inbe/ v. a. to wind — twist about. 

^ebjnae/ v. «. ta wiag, provide with winga. 

^faixfif V, A.. to effect, work, bring about. 

S^eOtff/ «. A. to prove, demoaalnte ; B. CCn 9Sc^ 
to do one honour. — £)ettu9ntt1g/ eu. pi. -er. prov' 
iufh deBMmstKation. 

S3eDO0)te/ v. a. to watch, guard. "-> ^toogtelf^ 
§3c»ogtm))j|/ (n* waioh, giwdi \iOXi re uvber 
ftrcrn^ fdeboghttng, he is in close oustody. — Ibc- 
»4^ei/ en. /i/. -c guard, beeper. 

^)N>;cei/ ««[/. overgrown, overrun. 

!D(tt«bne, t>. «. to am. -^ ^^etMrbnmgr (n« ar- 

ming, srnMnent ) .annmir, nccoutremriils. 

S3fbfiPge^ V. «. to nyeve, stir, agitate ; to iadoen, 
promnt; D. jtg; to move; to Inhe enercife; b<llt 
Ub JHt i'ft B* / >)« ws B0< to be mnved , he ra^ 
BRiaed ioVexIbie* -^ ht\3it^\x^, ad}, muveahle. r" 
S^ttOP^tg^b/ en. laovesbirness, mobility. — ^tn 
titt^ti\t, m, pi. c, 1. noveaieBt, motion, stir; t. 
evercist ; 3. agitation . emotion ;^^Te ^g S3./ to 
toke exercise ; tittu % iBeOoMbig 16./ to be in con- 
stant motiian. Always on the OMHte ; ^ond ^tnb MT 
t en bcfttg V. f bis mind was in a stale of groat 
encitenent:, ^trmcenB 83«/ the movementa of the 
army. — !Bei»aggrutlb/ en. pi, -e. motive, indnce». 

S)ecrng{let/ adj. tronbled, alanaed. 

S3efnrC/ v. a. to bononr. . 



9^^ (ehieiy m^A •• an iueptrakle ]p«i1i«le.) 
fiaoe bt/ 10 atand by, assist^ IctQQt 6., N. T. 
to lie to. ^ Comp. ^Dtaatfog^ subordinate ^aase ; 
•>(irlbet%( / by-work , by-job •, -anti f faoose main, 
branch pipe; -B(^re6 / implied notion^ '^^' 
ntng/ out building, out-bouse; -tflt / by-door ; 
-gtemm^/ by-work; -l^anHing/ mder-plot; -^jftti 
^gt/ by-design, by-end; -\i\tVMf cerebellum; -l^tlll^ 
apare wheel ; -laitt/ dependency ; -moanr^ parase- 
lene , mOck-moon ; -naOlt f aur-name ; by-name ; 
-0m^(fn1)ta^^/ subordinate circumstance; -Ctt/ ad- 
verb; -^oft/ branch mail; -Xtt, corner-^ side dish; 

»-tottf/ subordinate — by-part ; -foflj^ by-matter,' — 
concern ; -ftnof^ / by-taste, tang ; -fo» / parhelion, 
mock -sun ; -t^ntf / spare — ' leisure hour ; -ttttg/ 
subordinate — secondary thing; -»et, by-way, — 
road. ' • 

©i, ett. >/. -cr. bee; Iflfg^f ©irrtif / to rear bees. 
= CoiAp. ©ifcronnittg, queen bee; ©tctffer, bee 
fancier; -goart/ -l&a»e, bee garden, apfary; -^l^ttf/ 
shed for bees; -fogf/ honeycomb; -n^tt^t/ chister 
of bees ; -fvSit, bee htT« ; -mobfT, Vid, -^tinhtg ; 
-ilale/ -flof^ Vid. -fnfre; -fbcmtl, sWarm or bees; 
" -bogter, keeper of bees; -»«rf, vid. -f age J -l^s 
act, brood of young bees. 

^\M, ttt. pi. ©iMcr. Bible. = Comp. ©iBfts 
fail/ adj. well versed in the Scriptures; -foTtolf* 
nittg/ interpretation of the B. ; -^xyimt, biblical hi- 
story ; history of the Bible ; -Iflftb, vid. -fafl ; -foBs 
Iting/ reading of the Bible; -fcfftaS/ Bible Society; 
-f|>tog/ quotation, passage from the B. — HSelfP^ 
adf. biblical, scriptural. < 

©iBHot^ff, et. i»f. -er« library. 

©iBltOt^cfaT/ en. pi. -n* librarian. 

Sdi&rinf^t/ V. a. to inflict, give (in an evil sen- 
se) ; to instil, imbue with, teach. •— ©i^Ttngrlfe^ 
en* inflicting, etc. infliction. 

^\t, et. pi. id. bite ; edge (of a cutting instru- 
ment) ; bit (for horaes). 

©it/ en. bit, morsel, scrap. — St'blHtg or ^\U 
' lim, en. pi. -er. a Httie bit. 

a3ibe, V. a. Itl, Wbt, to bite ; to kill by bi- 
ting; to cut (of coning instruments); 6. eftei/ to 
snap at ; B. ftC| fafl t no^et/ to seize a thing with 
the teeth; fe. t et fltUTt ^Ht f to swallow a bit- 
ter pill ; D. ab een / ■ to snub , snap one op, snap 
up short; B. t ©tffdfet/ to bite the dust; D. fra 
^g, to make a smart repartee ; 6. ^omletne fcims 

men/ to clench the teeth ; ^eg gat) hom noget at 

B. ^aa/ 1 gave him a bone to pick; Ban Bat B^eT:: 

fen at B. effer Brontte/ he is as poor as «- church 
moose. — sOtten, en. biting etc. — Bttenbe/ adf. 
biting, keen, cutting, pungent, caustic, sarcastic. = 
Comp. JBtteflD, pincers (of Insects) ; -Umt, incisor ; 
-leb^ltaB/ organ for seizing or grasping. 

SQfibfyia&f adj. very kefen, sharp; snappish, crab- 
bed, — xBibff, adj. snappish. —«fbifB«^, W. 

giMing, t'id. ni*.»«l^ en. 
sBttrog, et. pi. id. contribtttion. 

tlibroae/ v. m. to eralrihnte, t«Bd to. 

Stbfel/ et. K ^t>iler. bit; bridle; I«Eg^9. 
yoia/ to Mdle ; tOge 4^; af/ to unbridle. = Cofl»^. 
i^-flanO/ branch of a bit. — - Bt^/ v. m. f MUn. 

SdiXiff, d4f. ind. tnh. hiU. 

^itf p. i. to stay, wait, tarry; B, pMf ta wait 
for. — 8ien/ sUyinf etc 

«te({e/ yid. iBtcflfe. 

Sierg/ Ct. pi. -e. monntain, momt, hill. ^Camp. 
t8tRgaa6/ ridge; -agttg/ of a moontainona fona- 
tion; -arBette/ mining; -orBcttCT/ minor; -att, nu* 
neral ; -Beg/ aspbaltnm, asphalt ; -Blanb'ncj/ mixlaie 
of different minerals; -BO/ monnlaineer, highlandcr; 
-Bloat/ nonntaia blue, malachite; -Bovt/ bore, bo- 
rer; -Brtnl/ brink — verge of a mountain^ paect- 
pice; -BtUg/ mining; -Bnntnt/ ambe^; -ttl^tit 
rock crystal ; -toi, glen, dale ; -trift/ -b^lfiung/ 
mining; -egn/ mountaiaona region; -fafV/ M(i. so- 
lid — firm as a mountain: -ftatf/ table land; 
-flo1>/ mennlain torrent ; -fob / foot ~- banc of a 
m. ; -foff/ miners ; mountaiseen ; elves ; •foS/ wa- 
terfhll; -XvXtf moanlainona, billy; -fajhttn^ mmm- 
tain fastness, stronghold ; -gang/ foeail vein ; -gpCB^r 
rocky ground; -grsnt/ mountain green, duryaocolla; 
-gtmit/ yellow ochre; -Bait|>tmanb/ tatendaat a( 
mines; Aftdtf monntain cavern; -B^t/ •dj. aamnlaia 
high; -^Vr, monntain flax, amiandi; -tlb/^ Mountain 
fire; -ftflrte/ chain of mountains; -{(mt, eliff; 
-f Ivft / cleft , ravine , cb^sm ; -fetg / noa»uin «« 
•— warfare; -ll^tg/ mdj. skilled in miBing^; -II^ 
layer, stratum; -lont/ mountainoua — hilly conn* 
try; -lit/ Axtt , side of a m.; -luft/ m. air; 
-tnani)/ miner; -mejlei/ anperintendent •t mines; 
-m^te / calamint ; -VHt / mountain maid ; yonag 
giantess ; -nym'^lft, mountain nymph, orend ; -Dlte; 
roek^oil, petrolium ; -ortntng/ statutes for Ika 
mines ; -^lante/ mountain plant ; -^TOrbilotf Christ^ 
•ermon on the mount; -rafe/ range of mountains; 
-roDn/ Cornish chough; -Xti, bergnaote; -tl^ 
monntain ridge; -T^^^ red ochre; -fcrft/ rock-«all; 
-{1^0/ mountain forest; -ffret/ mountain slide or 
slip; -ffromt/ precipieo , , brow of a aaountain; 
'^tUtf table land; -ftct/ mountain cnstle, strong- 
hold; -fnee/ mountain snow; -f^ttd/ t^id. .twl)c; 
-flail/ mountain town; -fleeU/ mineral; -^afnjn^ 
range of mountains; -fhent/ cirf. flot ; -fh^itni% 
precipice : -fheg / direction of a ridge of mooi^ 
tains; -)t>0\>t\, fossil snipbur; -fO/ mountain Mm^ 
-tinttf -U)p, summit — top of a m. ; -tTOtb^ moa^ 
tain giant ; -tVTt)/ mountain peat ; -oei/ monvtal 
road, —* path ; -Doltl/ mound — rampart raiacd 
a UL ; -bceg/ precipice; -boeitfi; mine; -boncfd) 
working of mines ; -bavftfl^ttg/ mineralogiat, 
tallurgist; -t^cerfdfelffaB/ mining company; -.t>( 
Iftl^njlaB/ «cien«o Of mining; -OSfen/ mi»ittg 
blishmenl. = Btei^giertet / adj. fenced in — 
closed with mountains. 

SBierge/ v.- a. to save; to support; B. @ffl 

to take in sail; B. fig/ Wd. ntere (ig. =: 
aSteigefolf/ salvors; 4€n, salvage. — hi 


«it to be tvrti. — MlgnT/ ltt« pi. -C Wif. 
fiiCMefbff. — iBtcr^ing, €ii. lavia^. 

StToilb/ Ct. pi. c. approkatioa, spplame. z: Comp. 
Sifaltdtoni/ aitproyal; -orb/ word of approbation^ 
-401/06, applaue, tcclamatimi ; -^ttrittg/ applauae. 

JBifolbf/ 9. a. to approTfe, acifHicse« in. 

SBtil/ m. ebip-axe. ^ZComp. iBttfbretf/ 1. £. T. 
BoitKage oB a ship on the stocks; 2. ship register; 
-ffltrtig/ adj. ready from the shipbuilder's hands. 

SUog/ SUer^^ et. i>/. i''. voucher *, pi0eۤ jutti- 
IImaVm, proofs and illaslrations. 

9t7ager/ ft. nnptials (of princes.) 

Bin, m. /il. -er. ^ittt, -jrm. stone cutter** 

diisel. — « Btfbe/ V. a. to cot grooves in a millstone. 

9itb< fig it(t, to fancy, imagine ; h* ttn ttegct 
ktH, to make one believe a thing. 

SBilb^it^ei/ »^tf. ^ttteb^ugger. 

9\U, V. a. to smoothe with an axe. 

iiBiltggflfPir/ en^ concubine. 

BiUi/ttt,pl. -t. chafer. 

Stfliet/ et M -er. image, picture; emblem, 
tfft- == C0flf^. ^-orBnte/ sculpture ; tracery ; -f>tbjtl, 
pictorial Bible ; -Bea, picture book ; -t\^tl\t, ido- 
latry, iconolatry; -O^rret^ idolater; -^0, pedestal; 
-^auen'/ picture gallery; 4tl^er/ sculptor, sta- 
laary; -^U^tXCoAtitt, sculpture, carved work, ear- 
Tiag; -Bltj3lgrTfonfl/ sculpture, statuary; -fo¥d# cru- 
cifix; -ham, all sorts of pictures, prints; -TTtem'' 
VMX, ptctnre dealer ^^ -IctXt, iconology; -ttta^CT/ ma- 
bcT of images ; -Tltg^ a4j. li&urative ; -fof/ picture 
kail ; -jfritt hieroglyphics ; -ftxrCT, carver ; -f^og, 
vid. -fitift; firurative language; -fht^, iconoclastic 
war — riot; -floBeY/ caster of statues; -fl«tt(/ sta- 
tae; -Orrtfrt/ imaginary world; -l>Otxf, carved work, 
carvingj^ scnlpturc. 1= Sittctlig/ adj. figurative. — 
fitttcbt)tl6/ adf. figuratively. 

SittiaTb/ m. pi. -er. billiards ; billiard table. = 
C«mp. !SR-^lti, pocket of a billiard table ; -l^UUS/ 
bUliard^room ; -fngU^ billiard ball; -flof/ cue. 

SttCig/ adj. equitable, fair; B. ^x\\^, moderate 
— reasonable — fair price. — SPitttg^e^, en. equl- 
tableness, fairness; tnrb ^., in fairness. — BtUt- 
gpt/ adv. equitably, etc. 

Stfltgt/ V. a. to approve of, assent to, »c- 
fiiasee in. 
StOtmg, vid. sub. J8i^. nt. - 
Sittiott/ en. pi. -et, billion. 

9^9^t, V. a. to adjust, compose, make up ; to 
ny with authentic documents ; B. Ct StcgH' 

$A b( (meb be) fom«bttr ^Beot'fet/ to provide an 
•eeaui with' the requisite voncfaers. 

SUffg^tT; Ctt. pi. -e. a close stove having no 
'•tr into the room and lieated from without. 

9iItBcr/ fit. under groom ; the third horse to a 

9!kMaautf vid. sub. f8\, 

BfaMKl/ en. pi. !8tmple¥. keg, cag. 

t, m4j. fidgety. — - Bltttre^ c. «. to fidget. 

SBI^b/ ft, /'/. id. tie, bandage, H|[atnrei bin4inff 
(of a book); volume; Bcerc Snttett t ft iBtllb, to 
go with one's arm in a sling. — Bttlbflorrf/ a<^. vo- 

*9mU, V. a. Bantt/ Bunbet* to bind, tie; B. 
^(ntbrr og ^ebber , to bind hand and fool, to pU 
mon; B. af/ vid. afBtnbe; B. an meb/ to engage 
in contest with, enter the lists with ; 6. \et 0tnme/ 
to blindfold; B* en ^49og ttib/ to bind a book; B, 
Slbcrg tnb/ to stall cattle; 6. Op/ ahtol. to bind 
in sheaves; Bunben^tttT/ verse, n Comp. !Bmb(- 
Bcet}/ congratulatory letter sent to one on bis birth- 
dsy, in return for whiih be^was bound to make a 
present or a feast ; -BtefPe/ girder ; -foCf/ binders of 
sheaves ; -fortbtg , adj. dry enough to be sheafed 
(of corn); -^aX, raving — stark mad; -Bunb/ chaitt 
^^Z ; -ifW/ craropiron ; -ftafl/ binding power ; -mtbr 
bel/ astringent ; cement ; -naat / needle used in 
making fishing nets ; -noglf / wooden pin , peg ; 
-orb^ conjunction; ^inb^ knitting needle; -XttRf 
thong ^ -fteen^ binding stone ; -fhreg^ -tegn^ hyphen. 

;=38inbBagf/ fid. -jew; -Tit, putty; -xHa^zt, 

sticking plaster ; -faaif/ inmost sole of a shoe; 
-falat/ white curled endive. — iJBtnbeT, en. pi. -e. 
vid. 3£mbefoIf. — JPinbtng, en. binding etc., f^ame- 
'work; Joining. = 49mbm«^6fpaTre^ girder; -bonf/ 
frame work. — ^mbfel/ et. \.pl. ^mbjler. bandage, 
ligature, band ; 2. pi. c. costiveness, constipation. 

J^^ing, en. pi. -t. bin. 

^ixtf en... birch, Betvla alba.., af 9./ birch, birch- 
en. ~ ^trtetofl/ birch broom ; -ftoO/ birch wood. 

l8trY/ et. pi. -er. a small jurisdiction or hundred. 

zz Comp. sBtrfebommer, -fogc^/ judge of a SBitf 

q. V. • -BrcD/ charter of incorporation to a JiBttf j.v.; 
-etcr, vid. -^crre; -friM/ privilege of a ©. 9. v.'; 
-Bertf/ proprietor of an estate with the privileges 
.of a ^. ; -mornb / men of the same $. q. v. ; 
-HetttgBcb , privilege of jurisdiction in a ^. q. v. ; 
-Jfrtbet, clerk of a S3.; -ting/ court, assize of a 
i8. ^^. V. 

Stfibbcr/ en, pi. -e, assessor (one of the judges 
of a court.) 

1 «ijJop, en. pi -t>et. vid. Sifp. 

2 *43itToi>/ n. 8. bishop, (a beverage.) 
S3tlTag/ et. pi. id. porch with benches. 
J^tfntag, en. pi. c. tang. 

SSi^meT/ en. steelyard. Zl Comp. S-Tob/ weight 
of a itteetyard; -ftang/ rod of a steelyard. 
IBtfcf, vid. sitb. 58t. 

93if»/ en. pL -er. bishop. = Comp. IBlfpe^ 

braot/ bishop's robes; -b^mme/ bishoprick; diocese; 
-ettlBebe/ office of a b. ; -gaatb/ episcopal mansion, 
bishop''s palace in Sngl.; -ffUt, mitre; -tdoht, 
bishop's mantle; -fiat)/ crosier;^ -j^cT/ bisbop''s see; 
-fotbe/ episcopal residence; -Dielfef consecration of 
a b. =: r omp. BlfDettg, aty. episcopal. — 99tf:ptn2 
be, eit, pi -X. bishop's lady. 

JPifife, V. a. to gad. rz Comp. IS-hanif nedlery, 
pedler's wares ; -IxctmmtX, pcdicr ; -totltX, pan Bar 
»— { ^foette, his shoes are made of lunning leau- 



-fMe/ gadding dUposHioa. 

St^aae, »". a. to assiM, stand by, b«dt. — 9<s 
|ant/ ttL pi. e. assistance, aid, support. — !8is 
lartbet f ni. H -t. alfltr, assfsUnt, auxiliary. — 
^{lon^tg/ a^. assistant. 

^tjl(t/ atfj. Pi. btfht. exaspehiled, hicens«4^ 
^Im, gnilf, stem', At^tt ettt 6., to provoke -^ in- 
cense one. ZT b-gOi/ drf/. i^aM. raVing aaaA. — ' 181' 
fiet^tD/ ett« Gerceness, grimness, gniAieak. ^ H: 
Jen/ arf**. gtirtty, gi-uffly, Dertely. 

5Bif»ttc, f. d. (el 8iig) , to deposit (• \w»*i»»ej 
in a vault. — iSlfcettelfY/ ett. depositing etc. 

t&Hk, ntfc. little, very iitti« \ cfi HUe 6. 9tan)^t 

It little )>ii <tf n m«B. 

Stftet, flrfj. bluer, terid, tctfA. — 5^ttttrtfA/ ?tu 
Ktlefness, acritn6ay, ac'eVbkljr, asperity. — ©tttlTs 
%eter/ pi. bitter — Hiarp words. = Cotnp. fQ-'ynt, 
magnesia •, -^cUt, tpanin talts \ -fthogcnte. mH^. of 
t bitter taste *, -f^b/ «^. blller-swkn ^ 4«te/ hi. 
bitter-sweet 5<^rdii«m Adramam. 

Sioaatte/ v. a. to be present at, ntletii ^ ^ 
Vaaite(fe/ ett. attendance. 

Sdxuf, tt pi. id. yelp, bark. 

^taffei 9. i. to yelp, birk. — ©tceifW, fit. 

SBtoritf/ m. pt. -Cr. jingle, irttle bell. =: Comp. 
Sd-Hang/ -i\)^, JiDgliag) JiBgte \ -iei, bamess witb 
jjagles or Utile bells. 

$tcrlfe« ht. pi. 'X, beam , balk, r: CoiHp. S- 
Baattl/ iron Support to a frame work \ -fi^ggct/ adj. 
built of or OB beams ; -f<^ the space between two 
beams in a frame bouse ; -^Obeb/ bead of a bean, 
. corbel ) -$lttl6 / Toghonse ; -log / layer of beams ; 
-ntltt f space between the beams (of a house or 
sbip)^ '\(tt)tf place in a wkll for ttie ends tff a 
beam \ ~t><ttt, beams, limber work. 

3©tcVtt4 ett. pi. -e. bear-, ten flDtt *g We S6,, 

the greater and lesser b. \ fcefge 28t«Thet(9 ^Ut 
ferettb man ijax fanget ten, to reckon your cbickens 
iefore they are batched. HI Comp. ^\VCjn^aX0 H. $. 
bear-berry, Arhutvi uva irr*»; dewberry (in Nor- 
way), Rvhus cashts'^ -tanHf bear's dance; -fegt' 
ntng/ bear baiting \ -flfct, bear's grease ; -|v bear's 
winter lair; -j^t/ bear hunting or shooting; -\Ct^tXf 
bear hunter; -ftc/ bear's foot, HeUehorus fo9'idu$\ 
AtA/ bear's piw ; -X^t, bear's lair; -fttnb, bear's 
•kin; -fft'nfe/ bear ham; -ff ^tte, Wrf. -Jofgcr ; -trcrt= 
f«r« bearward; -tinge/ -JtJOljp/ bear's cub — whelp. 
a?taa/ adj. bine, n' Comp. ^-Ogtig/ adj. bluish ; 
-BttT/ bilberry, Fafcmtwm mf)rtiUus ; -fartje/ smart, 
Wufi-glass ; -farbet/ tftfi. dyeOlne; -Ataa, fl<0*. 
Vnish grey; -gClSix, bluish green; -gnffen/ ai^'. 
livid; -^{efttiei/ a<f. having a bluish gray body with 
n while head (of cattle) ; -Wofft, blnebell ; -labeh/ 
ndj. bluish; -teet/ potter's clay; -Waolig/ a^j. 
bluish; -Ibd/ bine light; -inant/ blackamoor; -Ittn^ 
Bit, with blue mareins or streaks; -Xist, adj. bluish 
red; -fthnitt, at0. dapple grev; -^((iiiei, adj. R- 
%ia, bruised; -flog/ bfuise ; -]paBin, logwood sha- 

tIAgsf -f^ei/ a4/- *r*tted — allied wi* bfi»s 
-{lent/ blue sioM — fiirii»i; .pve(fc> btae, fch* 
<lafeb; -fHlKt/ m4j. Mm alnrcbtdt -fhtBetr *«|i. 
ivt* bt«« tlri^es; .fltltf/ «<;. h, 9Nor(f» nrflk M^ 
codi* Miir wtUioirt eordihig; ^^gf / markua »«•%. 
leut ; -tortnrt/ c^'. h\m dieckct^d ) -nrt^ ctataArx, 
CsfUttvreavfMHW ; ^oicty «di. blue tyed» — 38iaa^ 
f^t, cn. bhwness. — Blaant/ v. i. t« b«com«' — 
torn Un«. 

f^lMntf ttu pi. -V. bluish clond — mial. 

Sldor/ ». s. pi. t«w, hards ; tafleeen^B.i l^tii^ 
ntf to throw dusi into one's eyes. ZI Comp. iB-gont^ 
t»w yarnt -^Cfglt/ low batehel) 4me^ low Itees. 

^iobbn, «^ i. to babble, gabble. 

mai^f tU pi. -C* leaf (of a tree ^ bVok, table. 

out, speak one's mind; ^(o^Ct fim Mlitc Hfi^ the 
Ubies may tarn. — Comp. $<-agttg/ mdf. iMia- 
cious, foliated, resembling a leaf; -bomtirty m^ 
formed like a leaf, vid. -Ogtig; -tH/^ ^ut pnste; 
-Aulb< leaf gold; -f&al, borecole; -rrat>f, band; 
-frattoB/ wreath— garland of leaves; -luttd, pTaHb- 
louse, puceron, aphis; -X^i , adj. leafless r -yte^ 
a4j. leafy ; -{fete / sheath of % leaf ; -fHlf^ iSf 
alalk, petiole ; -fttOlttp/ agaric; -fjlt?, leaf bilrct; 
-toboc / tobacco in leaves ; -t}{{8, adi^. leaf tfles 
leaf as in a book ; -\>{\tX, catchword. — btftibct^ m^. 
leafy; foliaceons, foliate. 

^Idte/ V. a. ft t. 1. to turn over Hie leaves f«r 
a book); 2.- to strip of leaves. Z= SlAtm ^ OL 
turning over the leaves etc. — SSIatntU^ en« leat- 
ing. foliation ; foliage. " 

l6Iate6/ v. i. pass. l. to leaf, sbo^t out Iea-ve»; 
2. to scale off; 3. to exfoliate tSwg. k MimermL IV> 

S^lajfert/ en* pi. -er* popgun. 

^Um, V. %. to flicker, flare. 

S^Iaffet, a<0'- <!>». 

Slante/ v. a. to mix, mingle, blend ; ^ XM)^ 
to shufQe cards; B. 9)?eta(tet/ to alloy, unaln- 
note ; B. ftg t (inbreS ^oger . to meddle \n mm 
affairs of others ; B. Beterrtie! ^\\Vi meb n^ 9rar 
to stum wine. — BTantet/ adj. mixed etc. ; cloady, 
Wick; muddy; Blanlrt 3n^i>^# miscfeHattem 
contents; en ^unb af en B. 9lace/ Brongrei. -^ 
$BIantgt«tntng/ en. ifompost; -font/ %Hd. 9Han> 
tingdfcm. — JpronWng/ en. mixing etc. teijctorc, 
compound , medley ; 9){etaKnr0 tS^. / Mfoy, «m«ln- 
hiation; 85IartMyiget, pi miscellanres. tr S5lr — 
bingdBribb/ bread ^ Made of dllfertnt sx>rls oT coi 
-fceel/ ingreiirtit; -tvX, mixed beverage; -bftr/ 1 
brid, mongrel ; -OOf 6/ unassorted g6ods ; g^oods 
iln inferior quality; -font/ maogcom , meali 
-tnaabe / mode — manner of taixrng ; t'-ffrtft, 
sceliany; -MOXttf Unassorted goodi. 

Slanbt/ pntp. vid. tBlonbt. 

8(an!/ adj. brigt.t, polished, BunfAt^ n 
bished; en 9<., • wbii«', fft^e fHidc i^.^ to leay« 
Bhink; trofffe B./ to draw (t twitd); B.. ^ 




WflhmcMk poliffh. 
9l9vMi, V. 0. !• polish, krijBMem bonkk, fur. 

iBtllllf^tfvflf/ iMlinbiiig kruh; -fft^ttC/ -)}QJC/ 

SUatet^ ttt. pi. -ter« Uaak. 

SlfutfCet/ tit. pi. -ttx* hv»k. 

^litj m,.pl. ^cr. shMt^ child's cloth- 

cTT grow pale ^ (oit Utt) %aaU 19^ Og h, his co- 
l««r eu^t and went, he turned all manner of co- 
laim. = Comp. §6-^gn, pale green ^ -guni/ a^/. 
straw coloured; -re^, adj. pink. — SBUA^tt, Clt« 
yaleaess, wanneM \ 4^^^i, tHd. ^tf^toxtt \ A^\mt 
m4i- sonewhat paie; -fot/ gteen sickness, chlorosis. 
S&UfVr tn. pi. -e. bleaching; bleachground , — 
field. =r %I(ghAm/ vid. SBicaebantt 

SStegr, V. a. to bleach. — iOlegtttltg^ lit. blesching. 
;r i^siM. Sjf^« or SlBUgtant/ peed in a bleaching 
gnowui ; Mea^ groaad , — field ^ — trecii ^ -(att/ 
Sjeach Monef; -ttiait))^ bleacher; -))la^^/ blejach- 
9«ea; -til)/ bieadupg season; -let/ bleach clothes 
t— Ijjieii; -^V!C, wealfaer for bleaching. — f^\t^Vttt 
Id* Meachery. 

^it^, t»* pi. -n* blain, pinple, 

SllffitC/ 0. i. to grow -r turn pale. 

mtf, fid. mat 

f&Unklr «. a. to dazzle. 
SlCtttQitll/ et* illusion, d^nsioB, pbaatoju. 
^ttcnt/ en* hlack lead, plambage. Z Comp. 
tNian^pmf blach lead pencil. 

SSlit, adj. Bild, bland, gratia, placid. SI Comp. 

JBabfinaamt (SBOWL) Febfuarj. - miumWii, 
ifid. ^nettiettt, = bi\b(\ieu, v. a. to soften, ni* 
tigate. — ^litifftt, en. mtidoess, blaodpess, gentle- 
■css, piaeidity. ^ HittU^ttif Uili/ odM. ipildly etc. 

fiivt$f en. i^tapulfr. 

^libt^f V. i. past, to grow — become more mild. 

Slt^C/ ft. i. it a. to •alien, relent; tp mitigate. 

t. WA* Ct pi. id. glapoe, look. 

3. 9iitf et pi. id. blink, gleam, glimpse. ZZ 
%Jlfm,wioky'\m% Ught; -%ti4f mdj. dead catn. 

8. ToUt, Ct* /?f. c. white iro^, tinned iron. ZZ 

S-m^nt^ bracteate; 'Dfabl^ tinned iron 
llate; -fa^/ tipplaia warkerV shears ; -fmeb/ -maget/ 
lia aaitiii -itif tii-ware. ZZ^itUtl^rt, en. tia- 

fBi^tf V. i. to Uinfc, Iwiakle ; to gleam, gUmpsa> 
Clfia^/ adj. Miiid ; 6. )i«a l&et ene 0t^, hriiiid of 
« cf»; b* fof fine egne $<t(/ hliad to ane's owt 
4cfccMt l*S9btgi^c(/ blind -^ implicit obediepee; D. 
Mil, mere chance; Mmtc £It^»Cf, sunken rocks; 
%. ZmmA, feigned attack ; %, ^hll, shot without 
$m^ WC <t ^»(Mr 6(mbt, to load a gun with a 
aliarge^ <n 6. ^fft — ^'n^ttC, a ^Ise door 
aJasr. -^ i SBtinte, a^**. in the dark, hliM- 
, hfiadlr, heedlesslr. -^ hlmUt 6b'nhi^en, ad». 
^ __/. = C^mp, 6ImMtM/ a4f. hurn Uittd^ 
Jill/ haadUfas bargain ; rtl^/ darit IfHHam ; A9mt 

i(ii|Ml grn.i *.b«fl& VNi. SMM^teif, ^ SM^f^i 

en. Uindness, cpcity. 

Wxil%, V. f^. to blind. — SBltnbm^ en* blinding. 
:^_C'«nut. BlinteBut/ en. blind-man's-buff. 
i(mOf/ en. sprit sail. JV. T. 

glimpse. Klcam, twinkle, (lanpe. ZZ 

S^\\rmi4 V- ^ |o flicker, Bur* 
SBli^f/ It* glimpse] fleai 

)^Unlfe/ »*. i. to gleam, twinkle, glimmer; |q 
blink, jwinkle; i, a^ een, to wink st one. -r 
SBImtfn/ en. twinkUqg. etc. = Bimf^tnte , nlcti* 

tqting membrane in the eye of certain birds. 

i6liri|cr^ en* pi. -e* mu. T. ekirmisher. 

^W^xtf en. blinker, blinhard. 

SBIjre/ V. i. yid. pliu. 

^U^f fn* blaze (on the face of horses an4 
cattle). '-!■ BH^fet/ adj. having » blaze on th^ 
forehepd or face. 

IBlidfet/ Blidfttl^, coH. dead drun^. 

Sgltoe, V. t. mt}, er ^(eoen, lUtjet\ to becoma, 

Srpw, turn, vfax.; to stay, remain, abide, tarry; 
. Ean^manb/ S)^tlttatE tc./ to turn — bccomp, 
farmer, soldier; 6. litg, fattt'g, mageT/ feet, t^ 
grow — get rich, pp^r, thin, fat etc.; 500 9)(a»b 

bleoe paa S&aiplal\m iHn i <^faget/ 500 men 

a ere left ov Ihe field or fell in the action; >Dec 
,tp ittt nOg<t ftf / it y(%8 given up , came to no« 
thing? £>00t 6ltt7er ^C^n afT what's he about? ^oov 
(t han bif oin af ^ whst's h^come of him ; S. af 
Wl^i tp lose; to gef rid of; to dispose of; B. ^fff? 
itf to stsy piviiy, absent one's self; to be lost; (* 
fra/ to shun, ^sch^w; B. tgien/ coU. to remain, bp 
left ; 6. Ot7eT^ to sUy bpyond )he time , yid. Ot>etf 
BUoe; 6, til/ t9 hscume; 6. tit tntet/ to come to 

— end in. nothing; B. ttlBage/ to repiaia, be left$ 
B* U^f/ to stay — remain out, be left out; IB. titti, 
to persist in, adhere — stick to, abide by; B* Hf'U 
nttP/ to ga on — proceed with. — SBItl^enet/ aer- 
maaent abode.; gree^ VHM faaeS pM ^Mi^t\imtf 
the seed must be sown on the spot whpre it is t^ 
graw, -iih »tay. 

mutif et pi. e. blood; en ^n'ntg af ^UUif Ji 

pciufle of the blood ; m 9)l«n^ af ^ttjtgt SB. / a 
h0t-he«d«d, hot-tempered man; meo foiDt jB./ ia 
CiSld bipod) ftafu {tn $fffe t ^*, to set one's posfp 
a. bJeediQg ZI Oemp. SS-ftate/ bloodvessel , veip g 
>-Ba1}/ slaughteT,«inassacre; -Btanbety ^4/. mixed wifh 
bloody -Bcot/ bvqatocele; -Biafntng^ vopiitii)g of 
blood; -\>9Vtf sentence of' death ; -fOMf red. flsg; 
-fftriM/ bIi9od-red colour; -faioe/ v- ^- to slain 

— dye with hWoA^ .-fai^et/ adj. h}opd-«taiAje4« 
cifaapiguiped ; -fientt/ deadly — mortal foe; -%9^ 
Mid. -tane^ -flob, bauporrbage; -gftng/ dyse^leiy^ 
Wflndy flux ; -gipnig/ <»/0*- sapguipary, bl9<>d--tbir8ar, 
biflody-fiinded ; -gtfiniuA/ deed pf bli)e4; -glt^0t 
4<0'- «^(<. Blftl^gi^mg; ;pIotT)Unt, a hlofdy tyrapt; 
'Bfft'ttt revenge of blood; -B^t>n(V, avenger p/ 
Maad ; -tgit lef eh ; 4a9, bloodvessel ; -fioBt, pwr 
chased ivith blood; -ffttm)}/ c|«t o| h.; -hp, cnpr 
fiOir gli«s(rUlj^, 9U»biUp of m hloo4; rlAg^ 



blood brine ; -lulb, blood Wet -UH, vi4. -ffe^; 
-Xv^ , adj. broodieu^ -omi0O« circulation of the 
blood ; -iptlXQ/t, blood money , price of blood ; -|>tS, 
hBmaturia ^ -^fcttct, adf;. biood-stained, spotted with 
blood; -p9iU, blood padding ; -^^Qtl, rain -of blood-, 
-renfente. atfj. that purifies the blood; -ret, san- 
guinary court;, -ritg, adj. plethoric; -rig^f^, ple- 
thora, plethory fullness of b. ; -xet), adj. blood-red ; 
-fag, case of blood (murder) ; -fPattt, incest ; -fPub, 
• darting pain — stitch in the back ; -ft^, adj. 
afraid of b. ; -fP^Ib, blood-guiltiness ; capital crime ; 
-ft^Ibtg, adj. guilty of b. ; -fmtttet, adj. blood- 
stained ; -fot , vid. -^an^ ; -fpt^tning, spitting of 
blood ; -fieen, blood-stone, red hematite ; -fletttmelff; 
congestion of b. ; -flmtt, adj subject to conge- 
stions ; -flttCenbe / adj. styptic ; -fl^tttttng, Tomi- 
tingofb.; flooding; -flomrt, adj bespattered — 
spotted with b. ; bloodstained ; -fugcr, bloodsucker ; 
-fOeb, bloody sweat ; -f^ b, grievous sin ; -foltt, 
adjm blood-stained, ensanguined; -tvtfi, bloodthirsti- 
ness ; -t^rfltg, fid -gt'errig ; -\}CiUt, serum of the 
b* ; -tiani, at^. familiar with deeds of blood ; -Dt^s 
ne, martyr. =Z Comp. ^loiSitTaaht drop of blood . 
-tit^Vitej^e, bloodshed, efl^isioa of blood. "* 

©lottg, adj. bloody, sanguinary, gory. 

S5Iof , m. pi. -ft. block, log. nComp. S-I^ul, wkeel 
made of a single piece of wood ; -^it1t§, block-bouse ; 
log-house; -tretet , block-maker; -^engf, money 
collected in a poor-box; -{ft6, block ship, bulk; 
'ftittf sheave — wheel of a block; -flem, unhewa 
stone; -itn, bhock tin; -tCCt^, -immut, unhewn 
wood — timber. — lilofttt, »». a. to blockade* — 

IBfo^eHng, ett. />/. -er. blockade. 

SBIolfe, V, a. to stretch or widen by putting on 
a block (last ) 

Stotttme, ett« pi. -r. plum. Prunus dotnestieus* 
— SB-ttOf, plum-tree* 

aSfomme, m. pi. -r. flower, sprig; fB.i ?Pg, 
yolk of an egg; ^atnaff mtt Slommrt i, flowe*. 

«d — sprigged damask ; le»e fom SSlontmm i ft 
5«g, to live in clover, z: Comp. SSlotltfaal, col- 
liflower. — hlommti, adj' flowered, sprigged- 

S3(omiraabben, adj. putrid, thoroughly putrified. 

Slomft, «t, or iBlomflfr, et. pi. felottiifter, 
flower, blossom, bloom; grugtttoffme ftaae t »., 
the fri^it trees are in blossom* = Comp. SBIoms 
■peranlflfg, parterre of flowers; -Banc, flowery path; 
-6cfc, flowerbed; -Blab, petal; floral leaf, bractea ; 
-Breb, flowery bank ; -Buitb, fid grUgtButlb J -Bces 

SVC, corolla ; perianth ; -BcmC, hot-bed for flowers ; 
bol/ flowery vale ; -brogt , flowery garb ; tVL\i, 
Aragranee — scent of flowers; -buff, nosegay; 
-blj^rlniltg, culture of flowers; -flffer, lover of flow- 
ers ; -Cng, flowery mead ; -fr6, flower seed ; -gatU 
Iter, florist ; -greet, ad^. covered with flowers, flow- 
ery ; -gttbmbe, Flora ; -l^a»C, flower garden ; -fall, 
corolla ; -Kettbct , florist; -H^ge, cluster of flow- 
ers ; -wabe, to deck with flowers ; -fno4>, flower 
bud; -fofl, nosegay, bouquet, posey; -franb9, 
ftffland ^ irreatb of flowera; -mtlf/ corolla^ -t^ 

big, scTi* 8bin«d IB the knowledge of fenvers; -Uic^ 
flowery couch bed; -Itfg, flower root) "VmUm, !«#• 
er painter; -molcn, flower painting; -mtAt («(• 
-^v^ \ -^Tante, vid. -Mstji ; -^lagt, -^t^b. flo««iy 
pride; -tJr^bft, adj. decked with flowers; -<|ll(iltCfCr 
Vid. -mtlffg; -<)Otft, flower sprig; -ftllf. fl«w« 
stalk — stem ; -{ttOCt , adj. strown with flowen \ 
-fhlftm, adj. embroidered with flow«rs; -^ufSt, 
flower piece ; -ftamgfl, Wd. .jltlf ; -fteto, pellea; 
-flOD^img, anther; .-ttOittng, drawing of flowen; 
drawing of a flower ; -tib, flowering season ; .Mt» 
vid. -batte; -t^ritmiut, profusion of flowers^ .Ofloi 
flower work; -DfitjTt, flowering plant; -«tt, flovir' 
bud or eye* 

S3(omUve, v. %. xh flower, blossom, bloom, blew; 
fig. to flourish: Rt Btontjhrtlbe ^igC/ • bloemiif 
maid ; i bctl D. 2((brr , in the flower of age* - 
asiomftring, ett* pu -er. flowering etc* 

Stonb, adj. vid. Ipi. 

Slot, a4j bare, naked; mere, sheer; dcatitals; 
meb B. ^Dcb, BlottC Seen, bare headed — legged; 
en B* jtaorbe * a naked sword ; fee meb hJ&atf 
to see with the naked eye ; tTOe ecn paa Boai 
BfotteDlb, to believe one's bare word; af B. 9Kil« 
tanfe, from mere suspicion; B. fot $engr, deatitaM 
of money; gtOe fig P., to expose — comnut eas'li 
self, lay one's self open. — Slot^eb, Ot. baraesi, 

SIct, adv. exposed ; only, merely, barely, aolelf* 

SSlottt, V. a. to bare, lay bare^ strip, dennde, 
expose, nncover; Btottet fOT, destitute of; B. M 
for $enae, to spend all one's money; B. Ct SoM 
foi ^nbBbggeve, to depopulate a country^ B. fi^ 
to expose one's self. — !6lotteffe, en. baring, ex* 

IBIu, '». 9. shame, bashfulness. 

^Ineg, V. i. pass. imp. BlliebeS. to blush, ha 
ashamed; B. )}eb, obfT, to blush at, for.— S^Illdfe, 
en* shame. 

Sluforrbtg, a4j. baahfal, modeat, coy. — 86ts 
fcerbtg^eb, en bashfulness, modesty, coyness, podi- 
city. — SBIufel, en. shame; disgrace; genitab* 

IBtttnb, et* pU id. wink — snatdi of sleep, a^ 

SSiunbe, V. «. to nap, doze, slumber. 

SBIunfe. vid. hlintt. 

%lu§, tU pi. id. torch, flambeau, Rnk; biaxe, 
flame ; flange 7(al t)eb 18., to spear eels by torch- 
light. ^= Comp. SS-f^r, beacon, light; -tIb, blaziaf 
fire ; -rob, a<^. fiery red, flaming red* 

fbiuhUt v. i. to blase, flame ; B. t 9(n^gi(t, le 
glow, bum (in the face). — S31u§f(n, en* blazing ele» 

SSl^, ad^. pi. U\^. bashhil, coy, retiring..— 
SSI^Beb, en* bashfulness, coyness. 

SBI9. et. pU e. lead ; torffe meb SB., to lead • 
roof. = Comp, $-aare, vein of lead ; -Ogttg, adi* 
resembling lead , plumbeous ; -ftrBcibf , nloaabofy % 
-affe, massicot; -CoIiC, painter's colic; -eboCN* aea- 
tate of lead ; -ettS , lead ore ; -fart»«, leaden ea- 
lonr; -fonwt, mdj» lead coloured; -gloitlbd, galena; 
-gUtSf lead flacs^ -gl^b, litharge) -flfulBCr IM^ 




aiM ; -^»^ , while lead, ccruM \ -^iU , houe 
fir smeltiaf l«ad ore ; -tokf, vi4* 'tlftt \ 4et, lead 

jr. r. ; -maim, Wd. -cttd; -mm, vid, -fpiAt^ 

JU^tti. lead coin ; -plaU, lead pleic \ -xet, frtMier'a 
vice ; -faU/ Hd. -fitflCT ; -fcgl^ l«adcn seal ; -{httC^ 
WA -rot ^ -{f um, vid. -gl«b ; -ftWV/ plumb Uac ; 
-fpot, ehronate of lead; -^Oltg/ balancmer tpole; 
•ftflt«t> (tauabcr; .fi«6en« plombery •, -^vfttt, lOKar 
of lead', -fent/ plumber's naili; -tOg/ lead roof, 
Icada; -tMU plate of lead*, -tuttg^ beavr aalead; 
-tortfer/ alamber; -l>anb/ Goulard's extract : •iUt^O 
vid* -m; -bent/ plombcry \ lead mine. 
^rpont/ nu black lead pcacU. 
SltTbc, V. a. to strip off the leaves. 
f6i9t, 9. i. to bellow like a stag. 
«l«l, rt. pi. e. ink. = Comp. SB -flff / Ink 
fish, cvttlefisb-, .^om, ink bom ^ -|utt8/ inkstand; 
-flat/ spot — blot of ink; -pmtitt, ink powder; 
-fCntt^ inkstand, standisfa ; -fm«Ter/ scribbler, qaill- 
dmer; -iprnttt, vid. -fiff. 
IBlmibm^ cn. pi. -n* mongrel, hybrid. 
SBiatt, m. i»<. -r. bladder ; blister, vesido (on 
Ae akin). = Comp. *J& -battnct/ adj. vesicular; 
-QVm, hydatid; -fleeit/ stone, — calculus in the 
Uadder; -^<»tg / sea weed. Puew vMeulonu — 
hUtttt, adj. vesicular, bladdery. 

4^1ctfe , V. a. k i. to blow ; B* f^orrl / to blow 
bard; 6. Ipoa ^lotte, to play on the flute; b. t 
%TOia^t^ to sound the trumpet; 6. t SJalbl^ont/ 
10 wind the bom; b. til Vltgre^/ to sound the 
charge ; b. Ctt ^tifttf to huff a man (at draughu) ; 
3i)ft Nfltfer ab i^am ofl>^and ^mocl a fig for 
him and bis money ! = Coa^. 8 -PCelf) / pair of 
boilows; -^U(y nostril (of a whale); -Wt , blow- 
pipe. -— 95ict\tn, m« blowing. 

^la\t , en. pi. e. wind, blast ; gtctt )iB. / ^d. 


iQItfb/ ««(/. soft, smooth, mellow, tender. — b(«ba 
^gtig/ mIJ. soft, effeminate. — 6l«bagttg^eb ; fit. 
aatacss, effeminacy. ZZC'om^.^lflbb)^^ moHusca ; -fitts 
net/ mdj. «oft-inaed; -flft/ f^esh lisb (apt dried); 
•tttCTC/ «». «. to soften; -g}0TCnbe/ adj. emollient; 
-QlttM)/ a^. soft — tender-hearted; chicken-heart- 
ed; -^ietti^eb/ soft-heartedoess ; -^ubct/ adj. 
amooih-SAiiined ; -fogt/ adj. soft boiled; -meltet, 
«tf. eaoily milked; -mimb<t/ ad^. soft — tender- 
mauthcd; -fitlbct/ a^f. soft-minded, plilble; weak- 
minded; -fttt^^^/ weak-mindedness; -ftaluf/ adj. 
saft-aheiled ; -t«bni, vid. -fe^t. ~ ^^Ub^eb/ Rt. 
aoflneas, smoothness, "^ mellowness , tenderness. — 
(Ubt/ adv. softly etc. 

0l«b, eit. i>i. e. logge t $./ to steep, soak. 

SItfbC/ fit* swamp, bog ; drenching shower of rain. 

WBlflbC/ V. a. to steep, soak, macerate. — 49l0s 
Mfff JSlvbttIg/ (tt« steeping etc. maceration. 

fittfbf, V. t. to bJeed; \ fig t^tet/ to bleed to 
In*. — Siebcti/ )B(«bitmg/ en* bleeding. 

ttabnC/ V. i. to become soft. 

I* SO/ cn* abode, dwelling, residence, demleila; 
mc — fffjU fb«/ to settif , cstabUah ^one^k saif. 

S Ccmp. 80faflf a^^. «•'. Mot ; -imitib« hawa- 
bolder (chiefly in the country) ; -bort , vid. f^a ; 
Obitoac fttt -b<fl/ to (•>*« vp one's abode; -roilf 
hoase — farm robbery; -fat/ -ftbbmbf, adj. aettled, 
established; -fibbei/ Ctt* householder; -(Icb/ WA 
•b«(; -fcttte, V. a. to settle, establish; -ffftte ^ 
V. refl. establish one's self ; to settle, take up ono'k 
abode ; -f«rtte{fC/ -foctnittg/ eit. establishment, domi- 

2, S&Of et pi. -er. estate; furoKure; tOgC ti 
SB. tmbCT iSe^attblmO/ to administer n bankrupt 
esuie ; fibbc t ttffiftCt «./ to retain undivided posea- 
sion of the estate of a person deceased ; ^AttS S« 
ft forfeglrt; his effects are sealed op. = Comp. £o<db>b, 
share of a consort in an estate; personal property. 
= JBo^abe, et, »^d. S^^^o; -mowfe, mark, crosa 
(of a person who cannot write; -ftftb. Wd. i^ttbbo* 

©oble, en. pi. -r. bubble ; ftijbe Soblet/ to bubble. 
= Comp. £ -bl^Y/ bulla ria; -bcrtt/ bubble. 

^ohU, V. i. to bubble, .- « «» 

' 1. !6ob, en. pi. -er. booth, shop ; JuWe ftn »./ 
to shut up shop. = Comp. SB -btft / counter; 
-breng/ shop boy; -leie, shop rent; -ftJCnb, shop- 

2. SSob/ en. patch ; amendment, correction ; penance; 
fine, mulct, penalty; raabe S3, poa noget/ to reme- 
dy, correct, amend; fticre S3. / to do penance. — 
Comp. bobffftbtg/ a4j. penitent, repentant, contrite ; 
-foncbig^eb, penitence, repentance, contrition; -^^^f 
adj. inexpiable; -:tnrcebifen, penitential sermon ; -biA}' 
me, penitential psalm ; -«»elfe, penitential exercise. 

S?0betr, or SBubete/ en. milkmaid. 

83obt«eri, et. bottomry. = Comp. « -Dteb/ bill 
of bottomry. ., o . *• « 

S3oe/ V. i. to live, dwell, reside ; B« ttl )itH QOS 
ttrXf to lodge with one. 

)Boe(, et. vid. S)oI. 

SSog/ cn. pi. 36eger, book; fioXtit f8* oaa, to 
keep an account of; fore tt( IBoft^/ to enter in a 
book, make an entry; Ban buir life til IBogcn, ho 
is unfit for study; en ^. ^aptr/ a qatre of paper; 
en 5Bog t raae SDiaterie, a book in sheets. = 
Comp. IB -binbct/ bookbinder; -bemmCT, reviewer, 
critic ; -elffet*/ lover of books ; -forraab / stock of 
books; -fortegnelfe, catalogue of b.; -fera/ book- 
keeper; -gidb/ book debt ; -gielbSfottring, claim 
for a book debt ; -gribjt/ greedy of books ; -gwb/ 
leaf gold ; -Banbel, book trade ; -^anbUr/ booksel- 
ler, bibliopolist ; 4^Ux, bookkeeper; -Bolbett/ Ct* 
book-keeping; enfelt og bo&Belt iB ^Bolbevi/ single 
and double entry; -Bl^lbe , book shelf; -potet/ 
petty book dealer ; -fammer, book-room ; -ttenber, 
connoisseur of books, bibliographer; -iXOXa, Uado 
in old books; -ttonomtX, dealer in old books; 
-funbffab, knowledge of books, bibliography ; -W^ 
big, versed in books; -labe, vid. -t^anblmg ; -l«rb, 
adj. book learned; -lorrbent/ book learning — lore; 
-i«r6ntng, reading — persual of books; -tnoger, 
bookmaker; -mogert, book-making; -mcerce, mark 
(for a book); -m«I/ «^d.-orm; -nar, bibliomaniac; 




eM«; ^ntSe^ icroll; -fa(/ library; -fomlctf c»1l«e. 
Mv of biN»(if ; -famltnf}/ collector of b. ; -flaj^f b. 
prcM; -ffn'MT, writer of b. booJUMker; -ftriscri/ 
b. Making, scribl>iing ; t -^ptil, vid, ^mmdip \ -flWO^ 
book laitgnage*, -HM, vi4. tii/r. ; -^i, readiaf, 
Awk\ -focrrtf/ primer's iok •, -tV^lttCf priater, ty- 
pographer ; -t^lvAj printiag oCflee, — bovae \ priol> 
ing materials •, -tT^ffcrPutttl^ the art of printing, ty- 
pography ; -tl^V, 1. book-tliier; 2. plagiarist; -t^OCnV 
aiealittg of books; plagiariam; -tnid/ todp, by 
the quire *, -Vcrfrtl/ book tnaMera ; literatore. — feog^ 
Kg, adj. literary. 

JBcg/ en. />/. id. aiast (fruit of the beech). 

S^PafinfC/ <n« jnf. -T* charmch. FrinfOia c«- 

SSog^be^C, Vlt, baekwheat. Poifgotmm fugi- 

S^OgfiaO/ et. j»/. -er. letter, character ; fftet SogfljU 
toett/ literally. = (7om/>.S-feI^r alphabet; 4«Brfeem/ 
literal knowledge — doctrine ; -omfcrlitittg/ traasposition 
or letters ; -«rbei1^ alphabet ; -rcgnmg, algebra ; -riim/ 
alliteration ; -{frift/ writing by eiementary characters; 
-tegtl/ elementary character; -trO/ 'literal belief. ZZ 
bogiiat^citg ^ .rn. adj. ado. literal, -ly. -> begflO' 

vnt, v. a. to spell. — IBogliaomng/ tn, speu- 

SBoif f tn* pi, -er* manacte , shackle ; bilboes, 
ff. T.' bttoy, (sea mark). 

^1/ or ^ti, a small farm. = Boddmaitb^ a 
iinall fanner. 

Solb/ adj. bold, intrepid ; exeellent, beoalinil. - 

IBel^/ en. pi. -t, hair. = Comp. 16 -^aber t»arte 

^aa fin t^iW ^. / to be as at home, in one'*e own 
sphere or element ; -1^UU9/ racket court ; -txtPf bat, 
racket; -fptl, ball playing; -tYCT, vid. -lit^. 

Sole / v.- %. to fornicate. ZT Con^. i& -tpdtf 
piilter; -Dtfe, bawdy song. — Siofen/ m. fatnica- 
tion. — JBoiet/ en. paramour, galJant — >Bo(ettle, 
paramour, mistress, leman. JiBoIeri, et. vid. Stolen. 

SSoHg/ en. pi. -et. dwelling, faabitatien, abode, 

1. USotte, en. pi. -t. bowl. 

2. iBcfte/ en. pi. -r. bun; ball of forced neal 
or bread. = Comp. 9 -bet, foreed meat; -mcify 
boiled milk with bread balls. 

^tMtxXf ^\x\t, vid. hntUnf 6tt(ne. 

IBofftet/ \Bol^re, 1. bolster; 2. bed tick, -> 
tiekiag. = Comp. S -S(«b, a«^. soft, downy ; -t^nC/ 
feather bed eorered with ticking; -f^lb/ aliifliag far 
bolsters ; '-fete/ downy couch, — bed. 

JBoIt, en. /»/. -«. bolt,' iron pin; (agge i IB* og 
]9^ent/ to put one in irons. 

fSoitrt, V. a. f ref. to roll, wallow. 

9oUcrif, vid. «'ui»cerf. 

Sont/ en. pi. -me. bar; torapibo, Ull-^bar (on 
a Tbad) ; perch (of a carriage) ;. boom. ft. T. Z 
Comp. ^23 -W<®/ toll-boase ; -mant/ lumpike maa, 
toll-keepet; -ptn^t, turnpike money; 'faM, Hafad 
saddle ; -ff{(; spanker ; -flutttT/ vid. -monb* 

mdj. bnnb-pMOf ; Jh^^ Orowing of bomho. ZZ ftotts 
f aclm / «. a. to bombord. — HBmAto^Hm , at* 
hony«adieK. ~ ^HmBbocbenng, tn. bombarding. 

IKomoUc/ oliiTO oik, aareet oiL 

Ibomfotiie/ nid. ^tefoloe. 

BemfCtie^ vid. ^isBftoie. 

Ii(^nm»/ en. cattoa. =r CMtii». Smmtlbisttii, 

collon yam; -t94/ oottan cMh. 

}0O«me, tn. ^. -t. l. a6rt of tub; 2- a draa. 

IBummcr/ ct thmderiag oaiao.- 

f8ommei or ^ounlett, m. pi. -tt. biaadov; k^ 
gaae en ^. / to coamil ^ mako a bJMdor ; fUutf 
»«/ to miss. 

IBomre/> o. a. to tfaaoder, tbutap ; to blander. 

SBvmrliUe^ adv. asMe, dumb. 

ISomttontl/^ mdj. exceedtagly strong. 

)Btl»|f)ag/ et long tbiek beard. 

Ihi0nbe r en. pi. *-t, peasant, boor, conrtryaMft, 
rustic, clown ; pawn (at chess). =Z Camp. btfnbC? 
agtliV «<0*- boorish, clowush, malic ; •O^ltg^b, CO. 
booridncos, clowBiahncss, natidly ; -oIllNie^ peasaa- 
iry; r^'Atilt, rustic — , country — , farai waik; 
-art/ raslie manners, mslicjly; peasant birth, -^ 
eondfttoas -hoxn, peasant child; -bittb/ raaHc 
bride; -Onig, oecupalioa of a peasant; JMka^t 
rustic weddiof ; -ftu. Tillage; -bonbd/ nutie daacc; 
-batter/ danghter of a peasant; -Ixa^ rustic gmh, 
dress of a peasant ; -bttng / peasant boy ; -fMd, 
▼idago bailir; -foil/ peasant woman; -flilKl/ 
(k«odom of the peasanlry; -feDt/ peasant — ina^ 
food; ^-f»bt, adj. bora of peasants ; -gOOtt/ fwm; 
-gietnmg/ oi^. -mrbeibt; -gilbt, rastic feast at 
manymaklng; -^1/ peasast bone, farm bosae; 
-bunV cur; -^un8, house of ap; -^Ottt/ hut,- «al; 
-CaaT/ caniltion of a peasant ; -farf/ counliyman, 
rustic, hind; -firte, country church; -t'\9X, aij. 
dear to the peasantry ; -tlfibd/ caontiT bon^kia — 
down — lout ; .Rorber/ vid. )Benbcrf(. ; -tlctbt/ 
adj. clad like a peasant; -lottt/ peasaat •*-, ea«»> 
trywomaa; -to^ nislic fare; -fraotr ware ased by 
the peasaalry; -{tig, rustic war; -ho, eouatry ale- 
b»«»« — »••; -I«g/ rustic game ~-spoi«; Atmmk, 
-ItO / nisUc life, life of a peasant ; -fa^i^tg^b/ tlL 
rustic aterrimoat; -l<rd, peasaat^s can-load; -mmlr 
peasant, coontrynan; -mtrrft/ a aiga by whM 
peasants predict cfaangea of the weather or seasoas; 
-nartng/ t'id. -6nig; .)%, peaoaat girl, coMiiy lasst 
-ploget/ oppressor of ths peasaalry; ^}ptmit, vid. 
Sanbdbi^llt. ; -aDmbt/ peaaant woman ; -roob/ rua- 
tic remedy; -ttpfel/ rent and taxes paid by a paa- 
sant ; <*«Cbita^/ rustic — Iteming implement; -fOg/ 
paasaats' lawsuit; -r»fC/peoay; -wAf raatce — oaan- 
try eustom ; -ffigtCT/ country kvtoher; -llagt, pas- 
sant — malic raca^; -ft^lb/ coat; -^XfO^ rastic — 
peasaat slang — dialect; -^§/ rustic fioaiy; 
-jtanb/ poasaMry; -jlolt^e^/ rustle prido; -f^l^ 
rustic occupation ; -(drbte/ rustic manners ; -ffH/ 
son of a peoeaat; -tuncflt/ service of a p. ^ .fedrff 
ifid. %umoVLUi -ia^i eoindry ^>» **- veMli« 



-irfifi / mdv. country like, alMr Ike faabim tff pe«- 
«nic 9, -^M^llf f e*M9t — «Mmti|' cart ^ wa^gan ^ 

\A \ 2. boortsfaness, rusticity. Z 8<nb(vfoll^ oeoairy 
folks — people \ -SUttxtf pcaoant dotkcs , niatic 

S^sut^ V. «. 4o yolidi, i-ub, bee's-wax. = C^mp. 
% -lo\t; polishiog bnwh^'nibbor. ^ SSenot, SBo^ 
SltnO/ en. poliak'mg etc. 

Soomtrt/ en. pL -ttx, oterlcal bat. 
JBopfff, y'ld. )Be(tg» 
Sor^ ft. pi. id, bore. 

1. ^orb/ tU pL -f. table, koard; botffe SSctbtt/ to 
lay the Ubie ; tttge Af v evfcet/ to take anay, dear 
the table; toartC 0^ »«b SBot^t/ to wait at tabk •, 
B^te ten til SBoc^9 ^ to iavite one to dinaer or 
ovppcT •, ^oltt ct flott — flet SB., to keep a good — 
bad table •, fsttt Hg tt( ^OVM, to ait down to dinner 
•r snpp»; #aae o^ frA SBorttt/ to riae from table \ 
flnl^ )8v dining club ; {ftftea frft S3. 0$^ <^eng^ 
(o be aeparated from bed and board. ^ Comp. 
SmtMab/ top of atabie; -6#n^ gnce ; -^(/ table 
drink \ -^Itg/ table cloth ; -badttnf^z laying the table -, 
-OlbC/ head er foot of the table ; -^^ , -fl«V 
leaf of a table ; -fob^ foot of a I. •, -toll/ meap- 
nates ; -fru^t/ table Arait \ -fcrf(e/ oiessoiate, fellow 
boarder ; -gite)!/ dinner guest ; -^mxAtU canopy 
«yer a table; -tio^, flop of a table -^mU, hand- 
bell -, dinner bell; -xitttt, lablo cover -fni)}/ table 
— eaae knife; -frattta/ table mat; -tUTO/ table 
baaket; -Xvown^, leavings of Ae table, broken 
▼ictnals; -Itnttfb/ table linen; 4o)}/ table eti<foene -, 
4«9lliKg/ en. saying grace; -|»labe, slab; -rtwa, 
Pirf. -franbS ; -faHg , convlviol «ong ; -Kljf abr 
dinner — convivial -parly ; -fCi'l/ naanners — behavi- 
onr at tnble ; -ffi»e, WA -W«fe ; -ffuft^ table 
drawer; -SmvXtt , decoration — garnitare for the 
table ; -futdttltlg, dining at a tablo^ -M^t leg of a t. ; 
-talc, table talk; -t«4»^/ ^id. -f (obc ; -t«t^ table 
ikmitare — utensils ; -belt , tM>ie friend, parasite, 
trencher friend; -bittt^ table wine'.; -^If Uble bear. 

2 ©Otb, ft. Pl. id. board. = Vomp. iB-fla<d>e, raft ; 
'tiat^t, V. a. to board; -f fo^mi^r en. boarding; -^Ctttt, 
sawyer; -ftoBet/ pile of boards; -fiof, balk, timber 
for boards. 

^tftt, n. s. N. r. board ; 93. om S3., board and 
b««rd; mn S3. , on board, aboaod; gooe OVfT S3., 
to go over board — by the board. 

mtt , or V orte, en. pi. ^W^a, border, edge, 
edging, binding, trimming. 

vott, «*. «^. to bore, pin«e; 6. en ^temejfat, 

to trepen ; S. en %mtte« to %ro«eh a barrel ; D. et 

@fi( i ^WfiH, to scvtHo aobfp. =3 Comp. S3 -{em, 

fcese, borer; -f|}aOM, borings. -^ %ortng/nt. boring. 

9nt, en. pi. -e. castle, «tro«gbold, fortress. =Z 

CSpnip. V-^tV- owner of a castle; -fogft)/ eUwordof a 

«Htle, seneadial ; -giMt.buiiiSh grave; -fltvlMilbe; burgh - 

(ravine ; -C^TCl}{(a6', bnrghgravnte ; -J^einre, lord of a 

oasUe ; 'OOgt, castle gnord— watch; -)»U^ift, warder. 

^ ^BergfgoaiA , BMnonr hense, ban ; 4eb, castle 

gate; -lete, ganiMn; jWlflff, toffom iiw, . aiyif ^ 
-meflennbe, mayoieoa; -ret, inferior eooit of a 
castle ; -faO castle ball ; -{lui, sanrants* balL 

^9t^, h. M. iMiJi, tnial, y«fc; toge. :|ma iB., 
take on «rcdil ; te borrow. [to ' batt» 

Sinsge, f. a. Ic •'. 1. to borrow ; 2, io bo aortly •- hltiL, 

SSorgenr en. pi. e. bail, surety, security, caatioa« 
mainpernor' £. T ; ftiCCi IB., to'i^ saoneity •*• Ji«il ; 
bitoe 93. for een, U be surety for , to boil one. 

SSorger, en. pi. .e. bnrghcr, cIaIsm, hntgess, 
denizen , freaaMm of a city. ^Z Camp, jB3 tOOIlb, 
civic spirit, civism ; -blob/ Mood of citifcoa , civil 
bloodshed ; -&reD, freedom o£ the eilf .; -.bflOb^ clTie 

— patriotic achievement; ..baitttelfe, brcedhif 7- 
edncatioB of a eituen ; -b^b , ctvie viitne ; -Ite, 
civic property; •^eufe. widow of a ctticen; -ftcnbl^ 
enemy to citizens; -ftenbfff a^. hostile -^ preju- 
dicial to citizeifs; -{lib, civic industry; -foO, citi- 
zens, city folks; -forentltg, niiion of citizens; •'fceb, 
civic peace ; -ftt^ebr freedom of a city; civic libcity ; 
-fcerb, citizeniike conduct; -^ob, hatred of cItiaeBsv 
-belb. civic prooperity; -^VUS, bouse Of a citiuii ; 
-l^ceber', civic honour; -ft'ocxlJa^eb, civism, pntlto- 
tism; -tone, citizen's wifo; -minbS, civic own ; 
.ft%, cWil war; -lit), civil life; -Ul»f afinndpal 
laws; -Iff 3, load of a eitlaen^s cart; «manb, «Eil. 
'^<orger; -mob. civic eooragc; 'px^t, girl ^ auid 
of plebeian parents ; -))ltgt,' dnty •( a ciliaen ; -fet, 
municipal right; civic right ^ ftROodomofa jcity ; -ttt' 
ttg^b, right of a citizens ; eivic right; -fatHfttnbr 
community of citizens -f#lfr«6 , society of citiaeofti 
-ftWer^eb , civil security ; -J^tnb , public -r^ civic 
spirit; -fdlbat, «ililia-man; -ft«t^, clans ><- bodv of 
citizens; -f(Vbe , civic station, manic^ai-^; Hffn, 
son of plebeian parents ; -trootme , town dntln ; 
-»<Ult, oity guard, guard of citizMs.; -t^tl, weal of 
citizens; -Den, citisens' fHfend; -1»egn, citisca^s cavt^ 
'ttttfmna^f training of the citieens to arsM; city 
trainbands, civic gnard ; -iMerb'r oiyie wottb. t^ IH)(^ 
0<rlia, ad}, civic ; civil ; munieipal ; plebeian, bMBCly. 

— »orgerffe, en. ciiess. — ^iQeti«bc« en. ihm 
male) citizen. —- aBo«)ertf 06, (t« citizens, faflRghcts; 
fooe ^-{taft t en iBtt, to obtain tbo fnacdom' gf « 
town, be made free of e cily; fMet^ S-ftalb, U iike 
the oaths of a citizen. 

iBorfne, ¥, i. to crnst. 

SBorre, eti* pi-, t, bnrdoek. ArtiUim fSPP^- 

S3ort, adv. away, olT; foBttae ^., I. to be lost; 2. to 
get away; Sort I away! bo goke^ ' avaunt, aroint^ 

BettOAttbe, V. •. to blow away. 

93ortbrinqe, v. a. to bri»g — cany away. 

Borti^t^, o. «. to break of. 

^ortD^tte, V. a. to exebodge. 

Bortbore, v. a. to eairy off. 

Bortbomiie, «*. •. to evaporate. — 93ertb«tit^s 
niiiA, at evaporation. 

»ortbrage/ f. a. e I. to move -* draw off; to 
withdraw, retire ; BtfKbvaged fra fm 9it^UVf t9 be 
diverted — called off from'ene^ pllrsirtta: 
' S3oribrtl»e, p. a. to drive ^ ehaoe nway. 

ttjIM Umn nMtl i., il Oh mw ht ■■. 
Bottt (!e, ». rtf. -ttrltt, y. 4v. w liMW* 

\i, M\vtn, ti. UttUinlft. 

I, vM. Rnwvulft. 

be, WA riMKninh. 

'■ *; "/■""'*" i'™'' *°'- 

>4. fan bnlt. 

'•«. fla«v ion. 

of — wij. — B-fmttft 

Bottflnnftni, p^n. »om ■"■T. JtpBWJ- 

emniftl. --•.!• im ■■■y ■■ mniigt. 
amaiBi, ". * w ll>e ■!"», kcuow. 

) b. Sant, M 

BBngBgli, •. o. 10 j<inlt »■■]'. 

aSewSlttW, V. ». to kclr ol — ivoy. 

Boitbiugt, I-. •. 10 uw — (01 ivo), 
Cartiftt. V. (, M kiic *ui, 
Boitbvulc, v. a. 10 pliDi iHii. 
fbmtilt. «. i. M kuUn — huiry -- igind .no, 
ffiBitjjUf, r. a. M ckut iwai. 
Sntldnt, v. s, 10 oil — uuBiiioa ■wit- 
BnvKaftt, ••. •. lo ikrow «wj. 
eottlith, x. •. w b.r tip. 
Benfien, •■. •. lo diive — cm mj. 
'Bntnoiih, >>, a, lo whint — Bou ■»>). 
«BIItog(, <: a. to koil *m. 
Ssittanm, n'^. tomnu bmt. 
Bon(p(», >■. •. 10 hiihlto — ■cm M»x. 
ecrlf^tf, •>, .. >o. Uu .».!. 

— tmrt i'u Ihput, Jniih 

SniloDf, <• 
^eMmff, V. ■. u ii]r — r< 
Boal^.'. ^ w »./ ...T 
nonlgbtn, ^an. nimr, h| 
Bortinani, v. a. lo c«J>» i 
fSoiUluCIt, V. m. to rlofk • 
!&on|ili)nl!U. vM. iilqntu. 
B«i«l«i(, r. a. M rioirt •■ 
SsctputK, V. a. u |«i ■-■I- 
IbsCtMOtnt, F. i. ta iM aaay 
tienm^, >'. a. u *tn twi 
Bsnnmi, '. a. (^ nni. 
ijntiiifi, m. Mpariw*. 
cunniitntf, ^arkfaiaf ova 

' tJoiitinCt, via. rintc Bott. 

Scnnjeti, V. a. H ekiiri>ar, » 
nitldjt, in. tl*uia( iHBj. t([. 
UsitiiMi, v, a. I* HHkO »t). 
Borttolfi, >>, a. IB flaik aitir - 
SoiR^Ae. v. a. 10 ibikt aoar - 
Bntiemmi, nt. modi btt, 


Kbj, «u >aUi.( of. dtparfan 
' «j -{toit'li*. (n. iiiMYla 




6ottf|wrbe, yis. fimbe* 

fioitfl^eac, V, a. to jett tway. 

83oitmdfe, v. •« to steal awoy. 

%ertnr^r, v« a, to iron out; to sweep away. 

SottncVf/ v« a. to disperse, scatter. 

Soit^0t)</ •^ a* to thrust — spnrn away. 

93enudte, v, •« to aigh away. 

!D«tt 911^, V. a« to siBf away. 

9doct Mlf» t'* a. to spend in caronsing. 

SSertflRntC. v,i. to dwindle — fall away; to disappear, 
▼aaisii^ ttn 6tttfk>un^tte Utlgbom, departed youth. 

IBortfbirrr -\^smnt, to spend in revelling, riot 
or dissipation. 

^ortW^€, i** a* to sell. 

S3oittagC, if* o* to take away, carry off \ to deprive, 
htt-eavc *, to deduct. — S3 -tagclfc, cn, uking away. 

9^TttlllgC| v« a. to let — hire ont. 

S^Olttoc* V, «• to wash — wipe ont — away. 

S&OlttOg, Ct departure. 
^^CttttcmQt, V, a. to force away. , 

fdctttttftt, V* a. to barter away. 

fbotttotxt, v« a. to wear out — «way, consume. 

Sfllttec, V, a, to thaw away. 

ibetttettt, f. a. to dry up. 

S^onoaoAC, «*. a. to spend in waking, paaa — . 

934m»anote, vid, txtttlre bott. 

93oitpaD{fe, t'. «. to wash out. 

S)oitl»aiD(» v« 0. to turn away. 

SottOtftC, V. «* to fan — waft away. 

SSontDiM/ ^« o« to moVe away — off, depart, 
retire. — ^btgen, -OigClfe) moving ete. 

jBoTtoifc , V. a. to dismiss, reject. — S3-bttSntg, 
fli» dismissal, r^ection. 

SSottl>idnc, V* t. to fade away, wither. 

S^ortste, V, a. to eat away, corrode. Cdissipat^* 

Soitel^e, -etdU, f* «* to squander away^ waste/ 

l3ofat« -it^feen^o \cttu, i^id, sub, S3o* 

Sodfel. en« pi, tX* bowl (at ninepins). 

93o(antT cn. botany. 

^etaniftx, tn, pi, -t, botanist. 

'S3otantit/ «<0'. botanical. 

^Vtt, V. ». N, T, to beat. 

Sy>l> / m. J»/* -e« shoulder (of a quadruped) ; 
Jl. r. tack. =Z Comp, 16 -bccn^ shoulder bone; 
4(ab# sbonlder blade; -brutt/ adj, galled in the 
ahoalder; -lant/ cheat-foundered; 4et)« shoulder 
Joint; -tjItCRt^tr fid. -loift ; -f{)l«b« i>M« ^Itg- 
f^t ; 'XLXitUt sbotttder. 

SdOOnc, I*, i. to belly, swell, bulge out; ^mbeS 
AtntCl botmc af @unbfyd, her cheeks are bursting 
with health. 

S3raa# (it* eyelid; eyelash. 

firoafe/ en. pi* id^ sting; flom^i mol Sdxaof 

tev to kick againat the pricks. 

fiiab/ aifjf. sudden, rapid. =1 Comj?* D -tt^B^ 
«4, deep near the shore ; -OTDCt a<0'. h**(y^ iaUmperate 
in saeech; -ftnbet/ adj, haslyf touchy, testy. 

Srobcbffnff etu careening place. 

fdlOg (t P<. •<'* «r*9h, crack. 

S^AftKr v« i, 10 crash, crackle. 

BtogC/ en. ^. •?. bnkc. =:bnigc# <*• «, to 

brake. — BtOf^ntng^ cn. braking. 

1. S3Ta{/ a</. flat. ZZComp, b-nccfctr mdj, iai-notod. 

2. S3rat a^;. brackish (of water). 

S. S^af/ o<$. fallow; (iflgC 6./ to He fallow. 

'&xat, tn, fallow. ^; Com/». (6 -««/ fallow 
year; -agCT# fallow ield ; -fniAtf f. crop ; -^OYVf break 
harrow; -lant/ f. land; -niacf. vid, -O/gtt, 

^xaXtt, V. a. to fallow. — S3ra(mng^ cm 


©rftffe, Wrf. eoToIfe. 

^1006 v« i« to Jabber, chatter, prate. 

Sdratn/ m. jv<. e, ostentations display, show. S 
Comp, 6 -fri / orfj. unostentatious. 

^tontmC/ v, i, to make a show — display; to 
boast, brag, vaunt. — ^ommtn, tn, boasting ete« 

^XCMhon, Ct* jvl. tif.biackberry, Rubus fruiie^nu* 

^xeamaa, ^ tn, pi, -n, top gallant yard. :z 
Camp, S3 -fetl/ top gallant sail. 

S3ranbi en. pi, -t, brand, firebrand. 

S3ranb# tn, pi, e, fire, conBagration ; fttttC/ 
flttf e { ^*, to set on fire, set fire to, to fire ; fonts 
mc i S3./ to catch — take fire ; fiaac { ^„ to be 
'on fire; ^OlcnS S3. / scorching of the sun; S3< i 
et i^^B / snuff of a candle ; Jfeif. 7 mortification, 
gangrene; S3* t ^nt , blight, blast (in eom). ZZ 
Comp, S3 -aare / iliac artery ; -onorl^ntngf statute 
of fires and arson; -«nftaU/ fire establishment; -Kj^ 
blighted ear of corn; -bret}/ I.Dan, L, patent of in- 
demnification for a loss by fire ; 2> order to waste t 
country with fire; -BtO/ vid, @))T«tteblO; -b^lb* 
carbuncle ; -f adfC/ fire insurance funik; -tl)Ug> blighting 
dew ; -foil # firemen ; -forfiYfring t fire insurance ; 
-fctr o<0*. fii'' proof; -^Wllb t brand goose. AnmB 
tadoma-y -auul^ ad^, orange coloured; -bod<' ^^^ 
book; -9teU>/ relief to a sufferer by fire ; -tpXaHe 
vid, (&t)T9{tebltn9 ; -foxX, fireman ; -flolfe* fire bell, 
alarm bell ; -toxxu blighted com ; -fuglf/ fire-ball ; 
-Ittt/ adj, sufferer by fire ; -l^tCf signal lantern In 
cases of fire ; -matOV^ chief of the firemen ; -nmnx^ 
partition wall ; -OTOntng, vid, S3 -AnoTbning ; -^iU 
fire arrow; -)f(t9^, assay; -raaB/ cry — alarm of 
fire ; -tctftab/ fire implement ; -Xtit court for trying 
cases of fire; -leb/ vid, {(btab; -WMtazee ; -follM^ 
ointment for burns; -feftU seal of the court far 
trying cases of fire ; -ftattp damage by fire ; -ftdtr 
forced contribbtion J -{rattC/ to levy a contribution ; 
-fttb. fire ship; -ifietm, fire-scrten ; -ffUbt badge 
worn by firemen; -{longe, fid, @)}t«ttcjl(mgc « 
-fpant/ leathern bucket used at fires ; -fprmtc. fire 
engine; -flcfc, pisce of a fire ; -fltftct, firt-rataer, 
incendiary ; -^'ftclfCf fire-raising, incendiarism, arson ; 
-jltaC/ fire ladder: -fh^/ fire tax; -flflt, Vid„ 
-X^mV) -fttenb/ fireman; -f«IO# refined silver; 

-taagc/ blighting fog; -tign, Hd. -tfilt; -temt, 

vid, -jieb ; -ttommc /fire — alarm drum ; -Mgt* 
wktch — guard of firemen; -tKCfcn# fire citab- 

iBrantC/ v, ; to annff a candle. 

' 83rantct/ cn. pi, -c. fire-ship. 




• ^avtttf <?♦ #* ttL ht99m \ If »i»f e. 
©raS, tit. p/. -«♦ JV, r, ^rac«. — Irafe, 'p^ «« 

©tafe/ »». a. ^ fry. 

©tafetu tn. p<* -ei^ bream. Cfprimmi hrpmap 

©»l{if ttU #»/. e. ffaow, display." 

©taitr^ V. i. t« be8si,hrag. — ©raifff^ m* bof«(er. 

©rat/ #4j. P'* fcvdttft atffy, prccipiifioS) abrupt. 
-^ ©TAt^l} I tn* stecpocM I, abniptp«ss , pracipi- 

©rautC/ *»» i. to brag, vaysl, Y«p9ur, i|iak« a 
boast of. — S3<autnv en. braggiag etc. — Iprauf 
tCT/ en« |>^, <-«. bragger, braggart , braggadocio, 

T^XSk^t ad9» f ad*** brave, worthy \ bravaly. 
^ ^ttl , tn* pL -be¥. border, edge, margia ; ©« 
(tf Ctl g;(0^f banbs of a river: (^raQend 6.« bnnk 

— verge of the grave \ ©. af en ©Og — <t W 
^ap«, margin of a book — abeel of paper. =1 
Cotnp. b -fuH)/ 04(7. brimful, 

. S^wet/ <«^ broad *, tti^t Og WetJt, far and wide. 

— C'omp. 0. -iU^et/ •!</. broad^leavedi -Qringrt> 
«4/. - broad-ehested -, -fo^et , od/'* broad-footed; 

4ammey, Mirf. itoWet^ammer ; -mwil)e<r arf/. wUe 
laoutbedt -jtt^ft. adj, br^ad-briqimed ^ ^t^, ^ill, 
"pQle ax; chip ax. 

©tetUf en, p^, -¥. braadth*, laliMe, tf^oyr. 7. 

•Comiu ©. -glR$tW degree of latitode. — hult, *>» a. 

to spread; lb. tt9« tj», square 9oe's self. — S3»b^el)f 

in, broadneaa. 

iBregne, en. pi* -t- f*™, >rake, bracken, FiliflCt 

S3temme« v t4. ©rtemme. 

©rimlf eit,pL-ei, l. gadfly, h«i»efly, komet, <E*- 
ln(#. 2. brake (for a h«fsc). 

©Umfe/ V. #• to brake. - 

©teb/ et. pL -e. fetter, f piatle, miaaire •, MtfU 
©. mA eeti, to oprreap«iid with «»e; giw ©ie»? 
HJOfl. to give i9 wTUMig; V<l0e{tgi &./ Pap^bull^ 
ft ©. jtna))|>enaal«r a paper of pias. ;;:; (^'ump* ^-bofy 
letter-book^ -hmti breakiag oflatteif ; -b¥«8^Metter 
carrier; -lim, carrier pifeoa; -gtemuiC, i-epoaitory 
for letters ; arcbivea ; ^temmer, keeper of archives ; 
Jtammit, Wrf. ^itmmtx -oUat, wafar; -9miTag/ 
4»veiope; -^cng(/ vid^ $oflpenge; -t!»9- prea* for 

Utters ; ^ffobet/ p/* papers, deeda ; -fttil, epistolary 
Myle; -(ffff leUer bag; -tftffe, leHer ease; pocket 
^ook; -ta%t, rate^of postige; postage; r-^i%Utf ear- 
vaapondeat; -bejcHngr correspondence; -loifetr bejtf|»r, 
t^Xhibitor of a letter. 

IBrtg/ en. pi. -atx. brig. 

'Sr^^e^ en. pL -X. bngaie. [draught*).] 

I&nm^ en. #<. ^. disc ; treii«iier ; man (at eheas, 
©rmCe^ en. jr/. -x. spectacles; S3nuer uDen 

@(t0nigeV/ Base glasses. ZI Comp* SI. rWOgeiV 

•paolacle maker; ^fol^etol/ speatacle case; -ffange/ 

oabra di eapalla. 

* BtttMC/ en* j^l. -V. cheat (af fiiadrupeda), S 

Comp. D. -brubt/ ady. galled on the chest; r^tai, 

•dj\ broad-chested; -iei, breaatratrap (in Danish 


^Mam, V. a. Brogte* iM|tf to h^fmth — ->-« , 

g^orbeef; that nndaitaking redounded bMh t» liia 
honav and profit; b. een fiA tiaget* to dhrest — 
dissuade one froai; &. %i^CU ^n :mttr to toesaule 
the time with; b. nngei ntiev tU @«nb# to teiag 
one's self to, find in ane's kcaat; I. em ^Manc§Ctr 
to remind one of\ b. M^t ub iUoaM %mU!s to 
spread abroad VlbA» bvfnAnnUgft ttb afbOtCNMB^, 
be makea a gfod deal by that lam; B. ,ttl S^big:? 
bcl)/ to reifatea to nbadience. rr- ©rillgcc^ nu 
bianger, bearer. v 

- ©rtnf / en. pL -et. brink, edge, vecg*. 
tit/ adi, steep, prectpitooa. 

©lidUngf (K. pL -n sprat. Ci«tpa« ^|«cc. 

0n§fel/ en. awcetbread. 

©Tttif etU break, rent. 

©fifle, ««. i. biail, bnitlen^ ph bmiktt. to 

crack, break ; b. ub t ^atttt — ®ca«t , to 

oat a ianghiag — cryinc. ^^ Comp, b. -fORfei^ 

adj, ready to burst. — ©Ctftningr (n. bwakuigr «to. 

©ndCf t'iA brefle. 

©rijC en.p/. -er. Harlequin's wand ; a aoncfc nf b«aaiis 
(pallet) =: hixjit V. a. to atnke with a w»h4, tfcvrafck. 

©ril^ fn ^. -er. bridge ; piar, Jetty ; p«v4 
=Z 6'omp. S3, -bt^ntng , eanstmctioB of 
-fartOt^ pontoon; -b^UMOtef , pavio«r*s 
'bDOetf abutment; tele 4» pant; -\0t9gftf ^. «. In 
pave^ -lagficr/ paviour; -loigning / Ml. 
pavement ; -ntanb. tollman (of a bridge) ; 
overseer of bridgca and pavements; ~)»CllgC« 
toH ; fpier money ; -pttte r pier af a bridge ; -|MbC 
pile; -ftonbfe fortification to dafeni n toUsn^ 
-yjtxh, VuJU -fontet ; -fliber, street loaager^ -%Ui^ 
piviag atone; -tolb^ (4a -pfNge. 

!6n)bbe, en. pL -r. frostnail. 

S3l0bbe« v. a. 10 rough — sharp Ann. 

^Wbbenr mdj, pL brnbnt. briuia, Annila. 

^lobei/ en. pi, Sdrebre. broifaer; j9fHg S3** 

merry fellow, jolly blade. r= 6'o«np. f3« -4URlbr 
brotfierly spirit ; -bantr ebiH of a hrolbar ; -^otttS* 
niece ^ -foif, sister nation; -baattb. fhileranl Imhi4s 
-tiotritgf adi, brotherly, fraternal; -fiflrifiglwfef 
fraternal — brotherly love ; -fone , brothcr^s wato^ 
of^Sf fralenial kiss; 4al» , brotherhood, Itotora^, 
fallowahip; -lob^ brolher'a share af ao in h e ri t— nn ^ 
'XH, adf, brolberless ; -moib. fratrieida; -ItUNte^ 
fratricide ; -^art/ Wd. -lob ; toge -4>artett, to 
take <he lianas share; -XJti, brother's right; -|bt)»r 
fi«tcmal spirit; >.fl«rgt kindred race; -flMI^* di« 
sion between brothers ; -fen / nephew. ^ Cs 
^rebrejttfle/ division of aocceasion betwnnn Ibre. 
thars; -fittc» house of gvild. 

S3rober({gf adj. brotherly, fraternal, -^cb / fls. 
«atf. BrobfifiMb. ^ f5»bcvffabf et toati 
fcatarni^; bet boitiie ^,, stooling cinb nf 

S3rog. en. breeabaa ; ». r« «aliar. 

!i5T0get/ adi, pied, paitr*-enloiired, motlc|r, _ 
gated; en b« 4^eft aplofanM hnfia|b.ilOr aMjiitod mw. 




ii 9nf# tU fh e* ntprara, Mvia. =2 <7(M»>« 
S« -Boonbr truss, suspensory ; -l^(rt)e(ff/ mveltliiif 
^msiA by t mpMtt ^ -Iftge/ Mr^on Air mpturts \ 
J^omx, -fnttter. operator Fur ii)»iiia. 

Cictfll^, eft. M "C. ylovcr. fJhdttUlfiVi plu- 

^tiAd^ Mt. pi. ^t. rmtkient^ scMp, bit^ lafUitte 

93.' scraps of Latin. := 6. -Dtt^i oift'* in frftgmteiila. 

4&l*tuv ». ». to break.' 

»rtt^ en. pi, -l>e» t^rf. 95«fefv 

Wtldi t Ct« Jp^ fiii« breach, nl^trite, fracture. 
a tfomp, S^ -^Int/^ block ef Atone froift th« ^u*^ 
tri.-fi9W«» ftagfaea*. 

lirtMi ^ mt«M \Mt\i s -bdlftrr, «^tf. -feng ; -betb; 
1r«44kif i«Ma^ Mptial board ^ -Ibffltf^ acat for the 
•Hila and b>fi%roaitt fnrA*! the taaptllil ceremony; 
.t^VOAtr bif*/ *«B9^ .fdtt, n. «. |rl; brMal coupre^ 
JlM, pM. 1At^%m^^«its\ -fviS^V bridal proces- 
JIM; 'ftflfT/ lie that gi Veil the bride kwa'y, -^KOt, 
Mlal "^ M^ilifti present; -^ini«» bridal bouae-, 
jteumTr bri«il ^ taaplial ebambVf ) -tvA, bride's- 
iMttf ^di. bridal — Wedding g«WA ; -H^tt, 
bridal — nuptial garments \ -tcifit, married brlde'^^maid 
U li a y tll% Oauisb peasatitry) ; -fronM , nttptial 
wreMb ^ -f^^ naptiki spans; -Uih W(f» -fot^ ; -natir 
«<4. S3r9l]rupdTtat: -)}»/ bridal ptir; -pt^/ bride's- 
aaaid; -Teb(/ vM. Ufelhpr; -fnf^ nnplial ball; bridal 
Uiiail ts 'fBnfV »ttp*<*i M«g^ epithalmiiun ; •fl^C)/ 
VMal — iraptiai bed -^ coiich; -ffantmcl/ stool on 
friidl Ikt bfidil pair Kneel ; <ffatt/ bridal prbe«9sio& ; 
4M/ -fffml^Wtf. Hl^^)' -(m^e/ bridal •rn«M«M; 
Aftok* ffeNpbcMltrri; -tale/ imptial dIscOarse ^ -bCtSi/ 
"Hi^ -fttMi; -»ktf{/ sapttftl eereMonyvl»ne/ vM. 


l3nKV^rtt« ««y« MrMtn, fmcCttred. 

P lgfc g i M W, m. p/« -me* bTideigt06HI. 

f WvXhtibt ft. purehMrt; of a bride. 

9n^ fit. ^.c. use, employment ; ptacftce^ ^stohi, 
W^ ; Ifvies business ; agricuUttre ; mere S3, af/ 
I* «IM« ua« <^; ft{ 25./ fyr uiie ; t)rt CT \n @fif 
1^ 0t» It ts Mm custom here ; Aftfte af ^./ to g6 
Ml af Me^ fall into disuse. Z^ mtt^l^WT/ airf>* fit 
Ibf il», ttVabt^ ; -^if^rt). eiT. flines* for use, use- 
UMbm. -^ fvtlgelia- erf/, fit for use; customary, 
•aiiiaf* =: C^inp, »ntg^atfer/ nsufmciliary ; -if9Xit, 
Yl«verip«}9ft ; -UtOa^/ itteHtod of Wtef ; made of 
MH^utftaM ; -ntatt^/ tradesman •, -¥d, right of using ; 
-lib, aeftson of tillage; A)CeYtt/ Val«e of a thing 
#Bli«ialed by ris Vise. 

Dmi^/ «". A. lo ute, eniploy; &. ftM ^^tt* ^Ht 
-» iiuhb •« goeid wit of 6tie^ tiMe ; &. t1O0Ct Ittob 
III @9Pl^M/ fo take Hometrfo^ for a eompiaiat; 
ft- %»M; 9)fefe^tt^ to %1(e atiWr, ilii«dicl»fe; 6. 
"fNl^C' to i»««- a wig; ^. eft ftfcng X)((rt, to 
^••efye • alritSI l^egfMeb ^!&. :3^l^(ft / 'o lill — 
Mllraft the groiittd; 6. sPltllit^ftty to ose hnperli- 
<M and ^buaive languag« ; 6* fBewme ^ lo Mif 

oiv tkt wMiis 'h, ^1^, M Mtrt'^ bufHr •na'ssblfi: 
fin.lfttMg(« tCfe %n tItUmM, H is not the cnatom* 
i« thii country ; ^att ftmgtT ot iMt|fe ^otoelet l^l»<tr 
SKocgttt/ ho fo in the b«bit of wisMif bis htfad 
erery mlMruiBg. — ^bwm, eit. I'M. 3ottmMei/ g-flte 


Sruttt/ et, growl. 

^tummfr V. <« to growl. 

*6tutnk/ n «. M butt, ba«t; to gmmUe, fiowL 
— fimmkit. e«. growiiug. 

83Tintc, 9. brown, ehbnMni. •^ BfUtitS# n 
K PtMs. to beoame -^ lurv brown. 

tt^mitctte, nt. branetta. 

,!BTUnfl^ m. pi. e. rut, ittMfeg. !£: Comp. fi9fc 
-ilbf runi^ time -^ aeason. 

S^TUJe/ V, t. to effervesce, froth, foam ; to roan, 
rush ; ^patten Brufer ftg. o^ the oock pufb himself 
up; JtoH hufer meb ^^ICY, lime »irert«aeet with 
atids; ^ffvibe 9t^f(a6(r/ impttubaa — turbvle* 
passions ; ^ bmftr Itt 0^, be is apt to ly o«t — % 
fire up. ^ Sdru(en, tn, efffcrveadng etc., efftfr- 

^U^ tn. giiatlc, cartilage. ^ Comp* fe -^8% 
adf. gristly, eartilagiliotis ; -b^C ampbibia of raptilea'^ 
-filf/ chendroplerygii ; -^mbi, TCricbObdriun; -l»labf, 
c4rlilagino«a talniit. »« bmfftt, a<<>. Wd* trtt(l« 

intuit, adj\ pU ^XXMtf browot Clt B.^e^# a 
bay — brown horse. ST- Ccmp, D. -ttgttg/ «4/» 
bfowuifh ; -MfSfri, erf/, brown with a white blaze 
(of horses); -guul, erf/, brownish yellow; ^ftll, 
ngnite ; -Iftbett/ arfy. brownish ; 40tet» arf/. brown ; 
-ruttf red ochre, Indian red; -f^MUty -flcettr 

S3mn9/ ex, raahtogaoiMd; noise, ra«kek frtreve]. 

^ruudl^ane/ en. ruff. tHwsm pwgmut* 9b*^9n$r 

l&T^De, V. a. ^ j. 6T«t^ 6raH to break, fractont; 
to refl^act (of liglit); to plagoe, Iroubie, aonoys 6. 
ftt ^OWt, •* poxale — rack owe's brain; fc. »W, 
to break lax; b. @fetll, lo qaarry stone; b. VVM/^ 

to dig 'our era; B. SKaflen , to br«ab bMik; h. {in 
gefte — ®ft, to bretrk — vie»M« «mrs piioniise — 
oath; h. af» to break off; b. fmit^ fo break terth, 
emerffe ; ^Ogflt itt^ ftm, day broke or da^ml; 
b. ifiitenTiem/ to break Ibroueh ; 'b. tub/ lo break In; 
^jtttbctt n htntit inb t San^t/ tba enemjr bao. 
inraded the country; 6» l€9r to break loose ^ Ift. 
tue^ eeitf to brtak with one ; lb. tteb, to break doov ; b . 
fig out, to care abow — for ; b, c^> I. to break open ; marcb; ®rft?Abrt» QffrvfatnltngeA bil«b t})i, ibo 
paity — meetlRg broke up ; 3fen bt^ftn 0^ , kbb 
ice is breaking ftp ; b. |Mka, to break npoii^ 6. lA 
af ^«ngfe(. to. break out of Drisoti ; b. ub i l^ttcfr 
to bum out into k laiigfi ; ^{tm ^ ^Aeit bv^t 
lib , the fir* — war broke out. r: ^l^dtg , 0d)\ 
frangible, tfrat- rtiV be brohen. — SM!l||^y ttt» 
breaking etc. — ©e^beri, et pi. -et. troobfe , po- 
ther, bother. — IBfr^bftmg/ m. breakfng etc. ; H^ 
ftuUkmt^ ^, rernt^lon of ligbt. >- hx^{ttnr 

^ X>ty 



«€l>. irottblefoiBe. =r Cmnp. Sttt^fflffilg, cnmbM« 
' !Brt^bcd, V. i. pass. impf. 6r«oe6/ to wrestle. S 
Comp. ^X^lttanVfi^ wrevlliBg natch*, -fen{l« the 
irt of wrestling; -Icg, wrestling*, -^jlabS/ wrectllag 
piece; -tag* grasp — grapple in wiealling. — 
©l^tctt/ en. wrestling. 
83ri;9 <»t. pi. c brewing. 

®rt^e. V. a. to brew. — Stiver, ^. pt. -e- 

Brewer. = Comp. ©ri^^ergaart/ brewery ; ©tt^ 
— ©r^gger^UuS. brew — brewing boose; SBr^s 
^rfoT/ brewing vat ; -fail, brewer's man, drayman ; 
^ietel/ brewer's copper; -fnegt> brewer's servant, 
drayman ; -(aug / brewer's corporation ; -ItOtnttg^ 
brewer's trade ; •ubftaB , brewing utensil ; -{lltff^f 
sled; -foent)/ journeyman brewer; -ll>Qgtl# dray- 

83riW0e. m. pi. -r. pier. 

S3lVtlU^ f et pi. "ptX. wedding, nuptials, bridal ; 
' l^abe r> l^olbc ©. / to celebrate a wedding , be 
jBarried ; gtnie S3.« to pay the expenses of a wed- 
ding ; bone tt( S3-/ to be at a wedding. 11^ Comp. ^X\lfU 
lupSotti) f invitation to a wedding ; -bag^ wedding 
day ; -bragtr wedding dress, nuptial garments ; -folr « 
wedding — nnptial guests ; -^^# merry making at 
t wedding; -font* wedding festival, bridal; -Alttji/ 
wedding guest; -6(lid))/ nuptial festival; -TtOUr 
wedding gown ; -tlceXxXf nuptial — wedding gar- 
ments ; -nai, bridal night ; -pl^nt/ wedding finery ; 
-ftitf custom — ceremony at a wedding. 

S3ll^/ (t pl. id. brow (of a hill); eyebrow; 
expanse, surface of the ocean. 

S3l9tt^e , m. pl' c. fire , conSagnition ; heat, 
flame, passion. 

^Xtfnt, en. pl. -r. whetstone. 

©r^nC/r V. a. to whet, sharpen. ZZ Comp. S3, 
-firen/ whetstone, hone. 

©r^nie, en, pl. -X. coat of mail, cuir|s. = Comp. 
-S3 -^itt cuisses; -fxMt, gorget. 

^Xt)% et. pl. -tX. breast, chest ; gibe S3.^f to give 
«uck, suckle; {taae ftg for S3rbftet/ to strike one's 
breast ; ^abe fbagt — fifflft ^X\)^i to have a weak 
^ strong chest; ^abe (^mtXtt i ^Xtf^ttt, to have 
If pain in one's chest. ZZ Comp. S3 -OiTt} / socces- 
jien in the descending line, hereditas ftens ; -been/ 
breastbone; -Setcrntelfe / en. inQammation of the 
-chest, pleurisy; -Bittet) bust; -Iboot / yarn beam; 
-6^il># abscess in the lungs ; -Bcttte* breasl-band ; 
-Bttr , Jujube ; -traaSer # pectoral essence ; -trit/ 
pectoral, decoction ; .-tUg/ under waistcoat; -finne/ 
pectoral fin; -gcengS/ adtf. abreast; -Bamiftr ar- 
mour for the breast, breastplate, corslet ; -Btuf/ breast 
wheel; -^ttUl^el. cavity of the chest; -^ei, adj. 
breast high; -fage/ pectoral lozenge; -tltmrntl^e, 
oppression at the chest; -txQMptf spasm in the 
che^t; -mtttel/ pectoral remedy ; -naal> breastpin, 
brooch; -plalie, breast piece; plo\3, breast plough; 
•Ntent/ poitral; -faft- pectoral syrup ; -ffion?, thorax; 
.{Irtmmet. tucker, modesty piece ; -fitttfe/ 1. breast, 
brisket ; 2. bust; 3. breastplate; -fuffer# sweethisses ; 
"i^OQr having a weak chest; -(t}ag^et/ veakaess 

of the chest; -bfrtt* nipple; -bwcf^ -MQR!^ bvNst 
work, parapet. . 

S3tt})le fig t V, refi, to draw one's * self «p, 
bridle up ; to boast of. 

!Brcrte, v. a to melt; 6. et @fiB/ to p«y over m ^p. 

^xciht, ti, pL -X^ board. ;ZZ © -g^« ■ deal 
floor ; -ffuUT/ shed of boards. 

aSwege, f. i. to bleat, baa. — SBurj^tlV tit. 
bletting etc. 

^xon, en. d: et. pl. id. break, mplnre, bretch, 
crack, rent; defect, imperfeiAion. 

S&tctfte/ V. a. it i. Brcef f ebc/ Bvaf . part. bncHct 
or BrutfenV pl. firortfel^e* or Bmhtc. lo break, 

fracture ; to refract ; b. ^apUEf to feid — crease 
paper; B. t^ul )^M, en %\Q^t, to crack a bottle; 6. 
i^afien, to break bulk; 6. ft ^Qitta t u bteak 
open a letter; b. op/ to break opeo. ^z Cowip. 
Vl9t — ©mftebamnifC, mason's hammer; -{cnb 
-flangf iron crow. — brottfeltg/e a4/. opt to break, 
frangible, easily broken. — ^COtftimg/ fit. breahlag etc 

SSrcelre fig/ v. refi. to retch, vomit, p«he. C^tap. 
S3Y(f fnflt/ vomic nut ; -)}Utbei/ emetic powder ; -C^f 
Ipecacuanha ; -bonbc solution of tartar emetic; -tKOt, 
antimonial wine ; -btin^een/ tai}ar emetic. — ^toXs 
Itina en. retching etc. 

S3r(rmtnf / en. pi. -r. border, edging, truMuaf, 
flringe. IZ brcentntf, V. a. to border, tAgt^ trim. 

fbxctmi Wd. S3remg. 
S3rffn^baT vid. sui bront^f* v. «. 

S3rcenb^ et pl. e. l. firewood; 2. brand', stigma; 

^ugge S3., to chop wood; en %atin 93v a 

of wood, n: Comp. S3-barreTf carrier of 1 

-fongf supply of wood ; -buggei* wood-cvtter, . 

of wood; -buu3. wood house : -lll«ng^/^ acarcttjof 

wood; -ffob, Wrf 83rflfntfei8iroi> ; -ftoetfi^ sawyer 

of fire-wood ; -bet)/ fire-wood ; -QXt, wood-cutter'*8 asc 
Vicente / v. a. ic i. to bum, scorch, sear, com- 
mit to the Dames ; to be oh fire ; to braad ; to 
cauterize. CUir. T. to sting (of nettles) ; 6c9nllt 
^tatt, a burn, scald; 6. af S3fgtcnrlig^r^ — 
SSretf/ to bum — be inflamed with desire — asmr; 
b. Qb«gr to brand cattle; InDfted og bromcA 
to be flogged and branded ; iii brcnt^er t fiDl^nCllr 
there is a fire in the stove ; ttt i)CtX hxttutit t 9tak 
paa to (StebeV/ there was a fire last aight is two 
places; i^ufet brcentte af. the faous^ was bant 
down ; btornte tnte / to perish in the flames \ h. 
Stui, to char wood; b. ^Ottet/ Xeglfleen, to bake >ots 
— tiles; b. S3rcrntCbtm/ to distill spirits; 6. 
jtaffe/ to roast coffee; b Og i^ontbe/ to destroy 
with fire and sword; b. S3unten of Ct @ft6, lo 
bream a ship, z: Comp., brcen^bat. adf. comlnislible, 
inflammable ; -boxbe^/ en. combustibility, inflamaBft- 
btiity. = S3i;a!ntebTeo « Vid S)haU'btfi9; ^glttl^ 
burning glass; -)ern« 1. branding iron ; 2. caulin^ ii 
(in farriery) ; 3 curling longs ; -tncfttf^ brand, alt 
-mcrile. *>. a^ to brand, stigmatize; -ne(De# 
9le(be ; -o(^ f boraiag age (when the dead wi 
burnt and iaurned); -^Unlt/ focus; -f^ftl,. bui 

mg mirror 

'■" « vV -r-""» .••"""■» -If*"*- 
; -{label r file -^ stack of flre-^ 



lilt; .mmSfeOEn^mg/ dtttilliag, diatillatiM ; -btittS^ 

inmbm^ di0titterr;'.t)tind{t«ber^ .))anfee^itiii \ >tiianb/ 
dfttHJer; dealer in spirits^ .I>im6t0i/ distilling ap- 
paraiaa*, -bttndoorrt/ distiileg^ — 33tfltn^en< ett. 
kiniiBf ele. ^btcttltm , JIP kiln. ZZ htctnoi^l, 
udj. buniing — scaldtag bK. — §3r(rnt^ebe/ bum- 
wg — aeetchittg beat — !6rarntm0/ em 1. burning 
elc. \ 2. furC, brealteri . •<- 93nni)>otteT/ burnt offering, 
kolocaoat — f6r<m^oim/ faraace, kiia. — ^rcmfe:; 
[ti, tL ft. e. foei, firing. — iBum^fcljtol}/ a wood 
iaiaadad for fael \ -ipithtf wast* of fuel. 

JBrort/ et. pi. -in, board. = Comp. S3-fpt(/ 
any game played on an appropriate board, as dranghts, 
chess etc. 

fBT«^ , Ct. pi. id. bread \ ti S3wb , a loaf (of 
tecad) *, nt)t — gommfU ^./ fresh - stale bread \ 
^tntftbofiiet ^./ bome-baked bread ; fortioiC Rt S3./ 
la ean'^oae's bread; {tl)be i et go^t S5./ to have 
a gaod bosiaesa — snug place or berth ; tiont X 
tmd &»f to eat one^s l^read. ZZ Comp. i^-So^eT/ 
ftafcar; -Ikmittlgf baking of bread; -h&tSt, bread 
baahet; -(uit^ ^ fiat side of a loaf; -frugtf/ bread 
fraift ; '^ettf food consisting of bread ; food, saste- 
naace ; -fobe/ «. a. & refl, to supply with bread ; 
to maintain, support ; -taaiMtt, breadroom ; -fniti, 
bread-knife; -TOtlC/ bread woman ; "-font/ com fit 
for bread; -ftummt, cnun of bread; -imt), bread 
banket, pannier ; 40^/ adj. breadless, without bread ; 
MU«^ jtunjlet, anprofitablo pursuits; -mona^tl, 
acarcity of bread; -ttUTtfe/ baker's mark; -nit/ 
^ofeasioaal Jealousy; -4)ofe/hread-bag;-rUA/rye for 
ht9»d ; -fo^ means of subsistence ; -ffimmel/ mould, 
amaliness (ofbread) ; -{tatptf crust of bread; -fmuIC/ 
•M. -humtne; -fcrig/ vid. S^tcra'tigdfoig ; -fupve/ 
paaada; -tOfif assise of bread; -ttottg/ vid. 
-aton^cl ; -i^ t ualess servant , drone ; spoil- 
trade ; -Itutiuttt/ study by which a person expects 
' to earn hia bread; -Daitl}/ toast and water; -tki 
i Wnftob f BCienec by which one's bread ia earned ; 
-QMll/ bread cart. 

Sc4be, CIU 9/. c« 1. fawlt, blame gnill ; 2. fine, mulct. 
1^ Comp* h~vn t o4i* faultless, blameless, guiltless ; 
•ktS^i mdj. faulty, guilty, culpable; -^cnge, fine; 
-ff^t/ gvilttnesa; -ftmtlet/ adf. sullied with guilt. 
^-^ 93vel)c9man))/ criminal. — O]C0l)ig/ ad$. guilty. 

^btttf ctt. pi. -cr. fraction. =: Cmnp* S3-tegf 
idlM^ factions. 

HSx9i, Ct« pi. id. roar, bellow. 
I !6r«U/ «• •. to roar, bellow, — Sdvolett/ en. 
nariDg etc. 

BMiib , en. pi -e. well ; tetfe ti( Sten^en/ to 

f» to the wells or walera. ZZ Comp. S3-aare/ well 
afviiig; -CVOm,^ at bntge iB*/ to take — drink 
Aa waters; -^M% ftre^fuenter of, -~ guest, at the 
Halla; -gTabrT/ well digger; -l&tui/ wheel or pulley 
' tn drawing water; -tcxUkf briok work or parapet 
a wall; .-favfl/ water cresaes, Sitymbrium 
iMMs; -ftfte^ baiin^ ciatern; -ttog/ hook at 
•ad of a well swipe ; -ttiejlCV / conduil master ; 

4flL poiip roan; -tttlfe/ baliainido NoaA a yf\L% 
-fttO/ small vessel with a well, buss ; -fiogt -{langr 
well-swipe; -fffUei/ «td. -^ttetl -«n^ trottgh| 
-Oanb/ well water ; -Otp^f/ cM. -(tftng. 

S3r0fi/ in. fault, defect, flaw, imperfection; hvt 
damage , detriment, prejudice ; guitt. rz 6 -fttU^ 
4M<r. decayed, rninona, dilapidated. — !6.fcellltg|(9, 
en* decay, rain, dilapidation. — b-^lben^ ai|f. 
insufficiently sopplied, short of; injured, wroagai, 
aggrieved. — lO'^olten^et / en. damage, injnir, 
prejudice. — ^-\ti, adj„ uainjared, andamagadk 

85r«fle/ «. %. to lack. 

S3ub/ ti,* 1. command, eommaateant, order, 
behest ; 2. message ; S. messenger ; 4. affer ; b. bid, bid- 
:ding(ata sale); 6 sergeant, beadle of a court (of Justice); 
\t It S3u1)/ the ten commaodmenia ; fenbe d. eftc^r 
to send for. ZZ. Comp, ^-^XttXt bearer of a maa- 
sage; -fogfl)^ messenger; -OTt^ comanndmaal; 
-ttoB^ tidings; \fisx oai i jtongienfi ^-jtab, ka 
was on a royal errand or mission ; -{Itfte / a diip 
of wood ia the form of a halberd eirculated for the 
purpose of convening the inhabitants of a districi ia 
Sweden and Norway. 

Shutting/ en. pU -er. podding, zz Comp, 9 
-form / padding form. 

^M, en. pi. -r* bow <to shoot with); arch, 
ctarve ; f^jornte S3uen for b«ttt/ to aim too high, 
make too greit pretensions; ^imlenS ^. / the 
vaalt of heaTen. ZZ Comp, b-tftnnel/ adj. bowed, 
curved, arched ; -foEOt^ form of an arch ; >gan^ ar- 
cade, piasaa, portico; -ttWOKf adi, vid, -toitnct; 
-^MOtXtimo^f arched vault ; AxXKXt, curve ; -lofl^ vault- 
ed ceiling; -VM^tXt bow-maker, bowyer; -fat)/ 
hand saw; -feitg/ opera bed; -fhtt/ bow-shot; 
-fft^tet/ archer, bowman ; -{hfitng/ bowstring; -fir9^ 
bowing ; -Mtrf f arched — vaulted wark. — bue|/ 
Ally. 9%d, buebonnet. = h\xt fig/ >• bow, arch. 

^nO/ en. pi. -e* belly, abdomen , pannch ; bulge, 
belly (of a bottle) : bow (of a ship) ; bunt (of a 
sail). = Comp, id-Wittt , bower anchor; AxM, 
bowline; -\pV^'ti, bowsprit; -finne, abdominal — 
ventral fin: -^tiUXf fur on the belly ^ of certain 
animals ; -f^'^ / repletion, surfeit ; -giocbf bellf • 
band, girth ; -!•«/ diarrhea , -Otnif intestinal worm ; 
-{f atbft/ adj, bare on the belly (of sheep) ; -fiMt, 
iacision in the abdomen^ "foVgf oare of the belly; 
staler/ ventriloquist ; -t)nt)/ gripes , mulligrubs. 9vdg, 
ZZ bitgeti adj, bellied, big — swag bellied. 

$UgIe/ en. pi. -x. boss, embossment; bnmp, 
lump, protuberance ; .dent (on metallic vessels). !II 
Comp. b-b(abet/ adi. with convex leaves; -Wnb/ 
adj. convex. — buglet/ adj. bossed, embossed; 

Sugne^ V. i. to bulge, beni ; be bugnenbe ^etl^ 

the bellying sails or canvas; ®renen bugncr af 
%XVka^t, the branch bends juader the weight of the 
fruit; S^oibet bugnet- af gHettei/ the table groans 
under the weight of the dishes. — S^ugnen/ en. 



mp . 

, Sdugfeit/ «. It. IB M«r. 

-f3ti0t> tn* pt. ^ec l» bend, tum. eanrt, iri«^g; 
S. ««lf, b»y, S. J¥. r. bights fuuu S^uglcr, !• 
*ike b«A4l», tunra. -> tBdetif^aon i Sugkr/ *« road 
#lttd8^ fMe 93. nu^/ •• iMB«ge, naster, Mt die 
iMMr of V ^on iBtl Hoc ^uglnt 05 bt^t WitCf 
m, he WMMs lo hkve >t alt bia own way. -^ 6u0f 
tCOit^^ Mir. la ben*, fwrna. 

S3lldtr# V. i. dc refi. to beii, tun, wiad, mean- 
4e». ^ ^MMtrtA «rf[/. eutft4^ wkdiBg, >im««», tor- 

«Muf. =r Tbn^\ti%, en. f 1. -cr* wiii«af <tc. 

t« Suf / m. pi -fc. bc-goat, ta»-f oal ; back. 2Z 
IV«ij». 'bttfltieilrt / mSj. faaMeggvdH capripnf-, 
-t&lat^ bttckbeail, aianb Ire r«U, Memtfamthm trif^ 
MM; 'iwt/ SoloiMNi's aell, CAaMr«/<«H«M«//t/r«ra ; 
^OIU; bttcb^s h«M ; *ftfctfef bacfcikin % -^^xii^ ca- 
yM*, ^aprron. 

2« 93u{/ nt*^lt '«ksla ; ^.^in^ iicfcrr of a 
•bach, r: CbMf . !B-b«rlCm/ bainin«reladi. (raai dowa. 

3. S3u(/ en* pi. -ft. rammcn '^ knKC/ •. «. id 

4. ^uf, et. /»f. ti<. bow; $!««« rt S3. / 10 make 
V boit % f^l^ge 0»/ to pivjr a* leapfrog. 

^ufar,^. 9. woodroof. A^tnO* o40rauf, 
% fMltf, if.». « teji. to bow, bend, siooy. 
%i ^llfh/ «. «. to bow,- bead — incline dw 
teadv ^t fot Mn^ to b«<w to one ; B. bt;6t^ to bow 
fow -^ ^n»loQndiir> B. fct ObetMlaglni, io yioM to 
vaperior totc9\ tf, untfT^ to aacoiaib, aabaiit. -^ 
tDliflen, en. bowing e«c. ^ S3* «g @hMf% bowing 
ttH acraping.- 

« I3ufte(, en. pt. ^dttXfn* vid. ^oCCe* 

S3tif/ en« pi -(e, trank, aten, atomp, log (of a 
tnt) ; ahafl <or a eoNnan) \ bodv (of a sMrt). n 
l?4wi;). !&4ff«, tof bridge; ^^etl , fbtck plank; 
-ttanU/ nriKen) -\99d, bufwark; -#,te, a bowy aae. 

SditlBi^eip en. pi. -^ boll4ag.. 

93un>Clii tU pi «. noiae, cra^, aproar, tuimoil, 
iHiriy-burly. ZZ Cim^. S3»6ftdff/ Uaciercr-; -Vent, 
MuMettaf , boisteroaa. 

JBultM/ *. •.&•.» roan rattle ; to acold, hiw- 
Irr, ftotm, rage; 64 ipMk '^9Wi, to llhinder at 4be 
door. -^ 93lt(feren/ ett. roaring eto. — S3t4^»T/ 
tn. blaaUrer. 

JBuIe/ en* oM. Sngle* (i«nipy. kn^tiy. 

S3ulf^ tn. f»/. -(¥. iunif, clod. — Bulfft/ •4/. 

S3utt(n, md}. pi Bulnr. awoUea; B. BingfT/ II 
awoJkn — sore finger; B. ^fa^e/ swjelliag, tamor. 
-^ i^Uen^el^ en. swelliag. 

ftuhte/ «. «. to swell. — feurnillgf en. tweHing. 

aSulme/ S3ulmeurt/ en. henbane. Byotctfamvt 

^©wnfc, en. pi -e. bottom ; ground (in staffs) ; tU 
I3ttnt9/ lo the bottom; fig. tborwighiy, fffadtrnen- 
tblly; t S3, ta^ f^mmt, nfteify, to aH intettis Wd 
yarposet. — 0»mf . 93-faJ*/ sedimrnt, preeipltaie, 
KTOUnds; -fafl, adj. Srm to lb« bottom (of ree) ; 
-fUbc^ ttoAer sorTaee ; ^ft^p r. I to freen to *a 

bottoas; .^Ol^C/ «. •. to pae ci y i toli ? -Ml^ 
-lo^ bottom layer; paa, Agr. T.t A»9, mdj. ba^ 
toaiteaa, anfaChoaiaUe ; bote t E. tttoclb^ to bt caar 
kaad aad cam in debt; '^9i»fM , bMtom 8t«vc«\ 
•^i^ftr^ boftam pieca; ^jl^rte, wif. -jslbe; J^ 
nma, Cil« precipMatfonv -load/ •#<. (Sll^tt 
Binicer «. n. to reach Ike haltoto. 

S3imt€t<nt>aHM, tn. ^/. -e. ally, 
^-ftaB, et* alliance, confederacy. 

S3iattt, ei. i>{. -n. bundtovlimb; tt S^« 4^^ a 
taaaa — bottle of bay. •=, b-IMtS, mdp^ in bandtov. 
— Bunbte, r. tf. to handle, laaka «f in baadtoa* 

fBttnfe, en. pu -r. heap. 

Sunbtmoger, en. />J. -e. farrier. 

S3intf, MMjk of MT. 9- a. fio kl«K ant. 

^nfe. •"• t. to bonnife, pap;f B. Mb M€^ Mipt 

S3uummtt, en. bngkeer. 

i6u|f, ett, pt. 't, bask, shiab. =r (^HIj|tML m|^ 
basby, shnibby. Z^ Cmmp» SttjItejCpIl, Wil. ibok? 
ftoo; -tTff, akrabv -^t^r «4n in knabca^ -MhC 
ahmbbcry ; -VO^ct* ¥id, 33ll|l« — billet, «^*. bwky. 
~ 6ufte n^/ <'• reA 6u{r<d, «r» i. ^«M. «• bMk. 

S3ut, «4(; . 1. atnbby, Bkor» and Ai«k \ %, 
aorly, anappiali* 

j6uttevtfia, rw. Sfnupftitav 

S3nttet> anQF* «M- ^t, 1* 

S3uHx, et. i»i- S3im. «age. 

^dmmnlt, «0'. boonah. [1 

BttMd, Air«r. ctop, bang ; UU i. 4NRI» to 
BujEBratr en. baa ^«mm ««M!parvir«a«. 
S3njer, «• <a.M breeehea, nnalletolben, te 
slblea, 6'«iM.; fniDR fB.. M»lnl- 
lAMge, Oite S3., trawaers ; (mim fiM fpatbftc S3, 
to be in Hie spending tooad. =: Comp, SnjM^Bl^. 
fob; '^, flap of the b.; -Ikniltg , waialkarf/ 
>lemmer b. pocket; -ftwa, bveecbea maker $ JU^t 
ai^. onbreeeked. 

^wfnt, vid' Biigfite. 
. %^9, en. ^i. >CT. Mwa, ctty; d««c af S3^ ta ia 
absent from the town one residca in ; S^i^m ct-i 
^6^, die mit4 ia gone •»> erraad. = Conga. S3- 
M«j%/ giere S). af negCt, to aaread abonl; -CHfer, 
end — ' extremity of the town ; >faU)(n, •dj raniignana 
to a town (aa groaada) ; 'fo^e^ . town indga \ -ftO, 
townafelh^ towaamea ; -fttl, townaMfr liberties of « 
town ; -fl^b r charier — frivilage of a mwa \ j 
-[oxt , ground belonging to a town; <»(ll<9t, »U» 
-joent; -IcDnet, town liib; -fot, manlciHU law, 
Aeh , rvanfog — gadding abont town ; •^nuinb, 
townsman ; -moxt/ field belonging to a Tilla^^ 

•marfe, vid. ^atctrAn ; -mU ^^id A9» ; -ti^^, town 
report *~- nunoiir; •ftAfr towaraie — tones ^ -4ftM» 
i^d* -fct) ; -^{Ytiber, town derk ; -fttoC, lowu tsdh^ 
.^ok^Xit, macling, ptaoe of iw^ing ik a town mt ^1^ 
lege ; -{bcnb, coaatabie., wMkeman ; •4Hlgr eo«>t of m 
tofi««hip ; -4tfnC(e# 9id^ -{mi ; -^l^, partab boll ; -I 
ndj* ioqaainted wlA the town*, -bet't ta»d Araw 
village to aao4her^^«Ktt» 1 maaicipal oMMen 
town aiaane»a»zi 69<9lain, aediva af a taiini v 





0-60nt fftinittftl/ we are fellow townnnen,; •fblf/ 

93^te, V a. 1« to command, order, lid, charge ; 2. to 
ask, iavite ^ 3* to offer, proffer, teoder ; 4, to bid (at a 
•ale)-, B. en Op tt( A)anbS, to ask one to dance*, 
h, Ctrt et Aengenge, to rule — sway a kingdom ; 
h* paa, to bid for; 6. eVtX, to OHtbid. — V^tett/ 
rtt. G«maund1n|L etc* 

©Ijg, et. i»J. c. barfey. = Comp. 55-Br«b, bar- 
ley bread ; -^T^n , b. grbats ; -l^ahtt / b. straw \ 
-fiom, b* eom ; -tttCllt, b* malt ; -Wtti, b. meal \ 
-faab / season for sowing barley ; -fttp^e , barley 
Ivotfa ; -t)eSttlg, barley boiled in milk. 

93^, en. pi, e. bnck (washing). 

93lJflC, V. a. to bnck. = C/mp. ©-far, backing 

la*; -tm'b, back : -faa, -tcnbe, Wd. -Jar. 
S39Se, en. .fl- -r. 1. shower; 2. squall. Jf. r.=: 

Comp ©-Ijefr, showery — squally weather. 

f&PSQt^ v» a. to build, construct ; 6. ^Jatt/ to rely 
on^ tnist to ; S. og Boe, to take up one''s abode ; B. Op 
^tcn , to rdwiki \ B. tt( , to make additions to a 
bailding; titl Bl^et, well built — knit. = Comp. 
S-Btelp, aid towards building; -iw.% vid. S3»g£ 

ntngdfonfl^ -Tt^fl^ passion for building; -maace, 
vid S39gntnadmaabe ; -plabd, 1. bniiding ground; 

2» dockyard (for ships) ; -flet , place for building ; 
aikode , dwelling place ; -f^ge , rage — mania for 
fefaUdtng \ -tib , time of building. — 93^f n , en. 

©ijggeti, et. bniiding. = ©^gfatlb, -fcelbtgBeb, en. 
decoj^ dilapidation ; -Berre, one who causes a buil- 
diag' to be erected ; master builder ; -mefter, builder. 
— S39gntng, en. pi. -er. building, structure, edi- 
fce, pile, fabric; build, f^ame, construction; ^ufet 
er mter 93. , the house is a bniiding, or is being 
b«m; et ^artei af Banff S3* , a vessel of Danish 

kaiid ; ffcai er af en fbog -^ florf S3./ he is of a 
delicate — robust flrame- = Comp- S3^ntngSaf- 
fttftt tax on buildings ; -folf, workmen employed in 
Inilding; -CfOmh, rubbish; -ilttlp, vid. ©^gg^tefp ; 
•Venfl. architecture; -tnaaBe, style of building; 
-«iant>, workman employed in building; -tree, 
-iammn, wood — timber 4oT building; -borfen, 
aaUcra relative to public works. 

S^gfel, en, Ieaa«. — B^fle, v. a. to lease; 
lake on leaae (ilfor^ •) [fot, the plague- 

ib^l^, en. pi -er. boil. Main. = Comp. ©^iBes 

!D9(t. en. pi- -er. bundle, parcel. 

S^^Ite; f'. a* to bundle, tie up in a bundle* 

St^fe# en. mugwort, field southernwood' Arte- 
flriaj* eampottfU, 

9Q/tf€bt en. pi- r. l. birth, descent; 2. offspring, 
iragMiT ; 3. relationship, kindred. ZZ Comp- S3-Bret), 
cartMeate of one's birth ; -Bag , Wd. f^flBfeUBag* 
il||^b(fU adi- bom to, entitled by birth- 

01^^, en. pl.^ -r* burden, load, charge, fardel ; 

ev f^ata ttl S*, life is a burden to him; 

. til d*# M be a burden to. = Comp. B^rBe^ 

f mdj* bvdcttsone, onerous, grievovs; Bl^Bc^ 

Dant, ad/, accustomed — to bordeu, inured to 

»9rfle, vid. 93erne. 

»»8fe, Wd. 83cfife. 
^^©6tte,* c- 1. exchange ; 2. booty, spoil, prey. 
— Comp* a3-goB8 , goods taken in exchange ; 
-graaBtg, ad/, greedy of spoil, rapacious; -BanBel, 
exchange; -nttBbel, medium of exchange; -penge« 
prize money -DcerB, value in exchange. 

839tte, V. a. to change, exthange, barter*. B. ftg 
noget ttl , to get in exchange ; B. en ^eBcel . to 
change a note. — ^\^\itx\. en. changing. — SS^t* 
Itng, en. pi. -er. changeling, oaf. 

©»g«» tt cup, beaker, goblet, chalice. =:[Com/». 
93-Bcerg, glume Bot. r.; -glaS, goblet; -ftanj, 
rinping of glasses. 

i&orgt, en. batch. 

83ar, etu pi- -It. brook, rill. 

©Ctffen. et. pi. -er. 1. a metal basin ; 2. pelvis, 
Anat. T. = Comp. iB-Been , honey of the pelvis ; 
-agttg, adj. resembling a bason ; -m^oler/ pelvimeter- 

93fftBet, adj. bald, callow (of birds) 

©celg, -e. 1. shell, pod, cod;2.©.af et 

yDtJIt, skin taken off entire, case (of animals) ; 3. vulg* 
the belly. = Comp. 93ceIaetrceBer , bellows blower. 
©celgftUgt, pulse ^; -Banbfte. leathern mitten; -font/ 
vid. -frugt ; -^JtBe, -ror, pipe of a pair of bellows ; 
-fceb, i^id' -fnigt; -lirt, leguminous plant; -tJOnter 
vid. -BanBffe ; -bCfrf , bellows of an organ. — 
BoiIgeS, V. i. to pod. 

!Bor(ge, v. a. & refi. to fill, swill; B. paa ttn, 
to give one a sound drubbing. {(.eant'} 

©fffgfulB , adj- brimful ; dead drunk , glorious 

©crmmorf, adj. pitch dark. 

S3(eIgmeTfe/ et. pi. c. pitchy darkness. 

93<eli, et. n. pr. the Beit, (straits between the 
Danish islands and Jutland- 

93celte» et. jpI. -r« belt, girdle, sash, cincture, 
baldric; B^oe S3am UnBer !&., to be in the family 
way. = Comp. 93-pltna, pouch attached to the 
belt; -fieB, waist. — B«tte, f. a. to belt, girdle, 

!6omBeI, et. pi. 93(enBIer. tape. = Comp. S3- 

orm, tape worm. Tania\ -{hiBet, narrow striped; 
-tang/ seagrass. Zoster a marina. 

©cmBfel/ en. pi. -r* iv. r. seizing. — BffnBfU/ 

BomBe, v «. to seize* 

S3omget/ -gter* 1. cudgel, bludgeon; 2* 
rounce, Typ. T. ; 3, brute, bear. ZH B-agttg / a^/* 
brutish, bearish. 

93«nf / en. pi. -e. bench , form ; f«tte ttn til 
©oenfS, to floor one, do for one, cant. ; ff^Be no* 
get pad Ben Tange S3. / to spin out , protract, zz 

Comp. SScenfeBreb, deed not legally published; -Bljs 

ne, cushion for a bench ; -gaoe, iHd. 97^orgengat>e ; 

-DtBne, witness not to be credited. 
S3ffr, et. pi id. berry. 
93ofre, et. perlnajum. 

S3(ere, v- a. Bar, Baaret, Baaren, plr Baame. 1. to 
bear, carry, support; 2* to endure, suffer ; 3. to wear; 




4. to bring forth, be«r •, B. )}aa et f^At SegcmC^ to be of i 
• sickly constitution^ D. ftg f elV , to be able to 
move \ to stand on oneV own legs ; B. §ntgt » , to 
bear fruit ; 6. @pTg, jtaaibe^ to wear mourning — 
a sword *, 6. ^tH(m , to carry off tbe prise , bear 
the bell \ 6. Ttg at , to behave , act •, b. fiber 
met (nt , to bear with one ; (. ftg Del , to cany 
one's self well \ B; %o'\Vl[ exXi, to entertain a doubt 
of; B. ^tttie QXa, to bear witness to \ ^erm Btt^ 
xei bel til, the field promises a good crop \ ^tnttn 
Bcetn yaa £)Ufet. the wind blows upon the boose* 
ZZ Com/) S3-BaaT, mter; -Bflr, hand-barrow •, -Btttl^ 
mel, canopy \ -farm , horse litter \ -fraft , strength 
to bear*, -icn, -<?enge, porterage*, -fc(e, porter's 
braces \ -feng, litter ; -flol, sedan chair *, -ttt, time of 
gestation; -tOglt, Wrf -XoXttL — ©Ctren, nt. carrying 
etc — ©fltrer, en. pi- -e. bearer, carrier, porter. 

Sctrenbe, et. vagina (of animals.) 

SSoenne, etU pi- e- dregs, lees. 

©cefl, et. *Hd, ©eefl. 

S3orbe, f. i- to shake, quake, qniver. ZZ. Camp. 

©-afp. vw. »lfp. — ©ctoelfe, en. tremor. — Sees 

tten, ett. shaking etc. 

S3cet}er, eit. pi' -e. beaver. IZ Comp. ©-Bo, 
.B^tttitA, beaver hot; -gel, castor^ -%^ii beaver 
bat ; -{nnt, beaver's skin* 

©flfore, V i. vid B»»e. 

©ettel, en* pi* ©etler* hangman, executioner^ 
Jack Ketch cant. = Comp Bsttelogttg, ad), ruf- 
fianly \ -Inegt , vid. -fbcnt ; -penge , hangman's 
fees*, -fpent. hangman's understrapper. 

©0te, V- a. 1. to mend, patch, botch \ 2. to make 
compensation — amends, to atone for \ 3. to spay (of 
sows) *, 6. for {tA * to defend one's self; to pay a 
fine*, jeg maatte 0. for Band ^orfommeife, I had 
to pay *" suffer for his neglect ; 0. paa en ^lax\^ 
gel, to supply a want, remedy a defect. 

Sotfer. en. pi- -e. cooper. := Comp. ©-arBeu 
Be , cooper's work ; -BaantOOtrf , cooper's trade \ 
-Ton , cooperage ; -foent , journeyman cooper. — 
©Otfre, V. a- to do cooper's work. 

^offel, en. pi. -er. & ^ofler. buffalo. 
$0g, en. pi- -e. beech. Fagut sylvutica* = 
SSoqetrOB. beech tree 

^oae, p. i. to bellow, low. 

SBote, en. vid JBoi'e. 

9ote, p a. & «. to bend, bow ; to inflect. Gram- 
T. = Boteltg, adj. flexible, pliable, pliant. — 
S9oieIlg^eB, en. flexibility, pliabilily, pliancy — 
SBotelfe, en. pi. -t. b nding etc-, inflexion. Gram- 
T- — iBeinmg , en. pi- -er. bending etc. bend, 
cnrve, curvature. = Comp, I^Otntngdform, coiyu- 
gallon ; -mxttt, characteristic Gram- T. 

^oiaB or '4^9gB, en. pi -er. district ^ settlement. 

IBotie, en. />/•'' -r. bow ; guard (of a sabre, gun.) 
-.^olge. en. pi- -r, billow, wave- ZZ Comp. 6- 
Ogttg, ad/ billowv, wavy ; -BieMe, mountain waves \ 
-Blaa, azure*, -Brut, surfi -Bttgter. undulations; 
-gang, swell; ripple; -gren, sea green; -lime, 
waving — undulating U^e; -to6, violent sweUj 

-flog lashing of the waves ; -{lognif mdj> wwr» ^, 
sea-beaten ; -flrog, direction of the waves ; -fleets 
tting, heavy sea \ -piiS, adv. in waves. — m|§cI, 
adj undulated. — Bfllge , v- i* it ro/l. t« waw, 
undulate; @Oen Bolger fiotrft, the sea nns bigk. 
SoUe, 2B-Bcer, n. «- bilberries. 


Sen, en. i><. -ner* prayer, entreaty, snpplicsUoa, 
solicitation, request, suit, petition. ZZ C»m»pm SB^K? 
folBe, V. a. to entreat, beseech, implore^ -^VR, 
to grant a prayer or petition; -Borelfc, ttt. gruUaag 
etc. = Sottltg, a<0'. suppliant, supplicatwy. ^ 
SonneBog, prayer book. 

^ontrr, pi. of 2BonBe. := Comp. Sen^eiqgioM, 
lease farms of an estate. 

U3enBaS, en. pU -er. bungler, dabbler. * 

SBonne, en. /»/. -r. bean, zz Comp. 93-BaI^ 

bean cod; -flang, bean pole. [wnlcr. 

28«n(e, f. a. to tighten a vessel by fiUing it wilh 

1. 38or, etu pi- -e. bairow. 

2. Sor, en. pi* e- womb, uterus* 

3- 38er, en. pi- e. fair wind. = Comp. %-Mt 
adj. windbound; -loS, a^. having n» wind or ■ 
contrary wind- 

)Ber, V. i. BurBe, BurBet. onghi; fom ^ fig 

Boy Og B., as is meet and proper; bet hn cn^MS 
at — , it behoves every one to — . 

Som. pi of Bam. 

$^emeaar, infantile years, years of childhMi; 
-art), children's share of succession; -OttttnO, ■«•> 
creation of children; -bom. grandchildren ^ -r^RnSA 
rearing of children ; -gtemtng, childish net \ -^pOTr 
property of minors ; -fuud , house of eorrccU«n in 
Copenhagen (originally an orphans^ asylum); -fo|^ 
per, smallpox ; -leg, ' child's play ; -lod, mdj, ckU4- 
less; -Itertom, what is learnt in childhood; -mortf | 
massacre of infants; -ton, kidnapping; -yto, $aM 
{Ittt jtne — , to be no chicken, to be past child- 
hood ; -ftole, school for ch ildren ; -fptl, vuf . Jfj^t * 
-tuat , education of children; -t^lseri, vid^ -ton; 
-tOt, baby linen ; -Pen, friend to children ; ^tfiiS, 
adv. childishly ; -POtrC, child's work* 

©Ord. en. pi- -er. exchange. ^ Comp. S3>))ag, 
exchange — 'change day; -tlb, 'change timn- 

©orTel,- vid SDppeBorfel. 

©orite. en. pi- -r. bristle ; brush ; retfc S3ec^, 
to bristle up- IZ Comp. ©-moger, bnishmaka& 
-flip, Borflet. a4|- bristly, bristled 

©Orile, V. a- to brush; vnig. to trouBcn. 

©orftenBtnter, vid ©orflemager. 

©Ort, en. smack, (local on the Belts.) [axle.) 

©oSnina. en. pi. -er. metal ring; box (ef m 

1. ©odfe, en* pi. -r. box. 

2. ©odfe, en. pi. -r. gun. z: Coatp. ©-Botu, cock 

of a gun ; -B9lil(V> gun case ;- -f olOC, but ead of a 
gun ; -fruB , gunpowder ; -f Ugle, ^ masket ball — <- 
bullet; -laaS/ lock of a gun; -latntttg, charge of a 
gun; -moger, gun-maker; -panBtr pan of • pia j 
lock; -piBe. gtto-barrel; -ftgte, 'sl^ht of a gun ^H 
-ftttt, gua««hot; -fl9tte, arijuebuaier ; -fPorftt stadi 


= e-((H, rt*. Bm. 

tan, tn. pi. -tn. 'id- 8ml=, 
•Ealrinm, i-. a. rU- ForfBllt. 
Colritr, m. pi. -t. ctiMh. 
6alihr, tn. ^. -bn. ciliber, lH.r< 
ealel, m. pJ. -In. <«|j-np, = 
Saradot, (t. caxlci/ 
SuBDbn, tt. cimpbgt 
Sonol, 1^ Amta[. 

'■ ©-([«, 

IJFI, cilTi. ^. upptr cl> 

lEatttiibal, tn. j>l. -tt. 

rill-, 3. cndidiU. 

StM(i< nu -futlrr. u 
Soiunirin, v. a. to i 

ed- PAslorif erunri 

I. — Ettnuiilfm'nfl. 
ribe OBon li*. 

Mn ranoniftt Srt, 

pl. -a. c.nun«t„<. 

- Sanlontniig. (n. 
KbHin. =: E-mtJ 
. - 6oMl/am" rt". 

SavtSt. nd. $i:mttJn(I. 

CukHui. (d. pi. -a. euntc 

Caritain. HI. pi. -n. npuii 

Cutlnl, m. pi. -n. opitil; ilMt is Dtit; tBb 
C dnd npiuli C na-Hdlln. prlKlntl and in- 
Hnx. — eanmlift, m. pi- .a. tapii.ii.i. 

Cavitil. It. pi aavUiit. dopier- = Otmji. c- 
f(B, a4. 6«n tr nmit t — , he cm quelt ihtna 
Ht YirH. = eavildiSlivt , Iitl nu m piin to 
•■n. [m. ei^Mlllian. 

KoMuIrc. *- i. u cipiniiie. ~- (EapitulatJBn, 

fuiiaS. M. ..ptt.i(or,,iM„.) 

*«Hid(. OL #1, .1. apcF, capriole ; e'"" "S., 

^otin. tn. pt. -a. carbinF. canbiia. — So: 

SiiTat, lit. ;<i. M. cmi. 
tlocfaDniibf, m. ;U. -i. ib^, n 
(SaitunTil, tn. otbuncii, 
€<utnitDm(, in, cardamom. 
^rCinal, tn, pi -tt. uidiu 
B«rtifl6t». cardinalitt. Ihc pnrplc. 
SiaiSfi, tn. pi. I. ciirFu. cikIi 
SaRgfnt. •. a. u cartn. 
Eanntfin, .ai. atij. cr^mioB, 

SarnOBlI. (t. tarnlTal. 
€itniiiil. tn. pi. -re. coniilai, 

■lairicotut. tn. ^ -n ciiiai 
ciric.Bi™. = CBmp. H-tianlt. t 
eomol, vU. ffdriol. 
Satwndti. ni, pi -t. ciirtaai 
gavmffl. (1. Bid. ainoCTirttn. 
Kamr, -lir. ihiHmx. 
gantfCf. m. pi. -i. bid. Stin 
EattoM, vw. RntiDiK. 
Soidiunet, rnbcw nui. 


Satbe^, It. -tiR. ninm. 
lEitMEtcitnu. en. caHiaiiciam. 
SfllWir. in. p|. .I((.BU,.LK- 

■wDiKnifl, m. pi. -a. I 

Cttet. m. fL -bit. aiu 
«tllt, m. j>i. -I. »]i. : 

52 €or 

,.jiBa6arl, . 

eSinnS' ',"■ i": -"■ ■"gt"" 
niftrr.^ — liitMtB'll. ail. nrgt. 

<£tioulatt . (It. dnetiue* = 
e6m, <t j>l. W. diDmi (*..., ,- ..-,-..,, 
chlBctt, ikoir lal ■ cbutch) = Cm;>. S-ollOI. hi^ 

-TadH,cDj>c; -n»Sft,'hi^ DiiHi -|an^ chotil iinKl 

Hi >lon(, eboig] piiih. = £^a(, . 

»«Hi -t"* lioril beok, nalipboiiiiT' — ft^ft, 
rU SfififUMfr. 

rcSciBm. -*- .i.ri«i.iii en K., . <Arwi., 

C-luin. cbriilcndom, chriitiliitj t .^rt, nu 
■If ii4dii -, -(«i, <un»[ic cJ»U.M, — 4ri^(, 

Cbiilhniiinrt, (n. Dtetmbir. 

e^cifhtB, Chriii. [cliniDls 

~'Jn!^lJIl^9i , m. chnoolof,. = t-fliff, 


S^urfinuS' ilidml bn 
hiBliU). — Afntjl, «iml{l, « 

Sifn, tt. rl. Si^t. cipbcr. = Cmi^. S4e(|, 
rithmiiiicil bvoh^ -lETlft, vipber, trjfitgnfiiy. 
Eifln, m. pk -a. eifv. Kvir. 
SmiiDbn, ciuikir. lirmliMii 

tEJnnltn, ■>, l. u elr«il*u. — SiinJatun, OL 
Siitcl, m. pt. Slttln. drdt ; fUuu m S, ■ 

-sons, . 

>n«; -ft»(l, FHiDii. 
Eiflncinifnmnnt, m. CiHtidu. 

*. pi- -In. liuiW. 


Eifonl, m. />(■ -tt. piiiaiii 
glial, tt. ciLlimi, fDMU. 
lionEttsn', Imtntd tmmii- 

Siltn, V. a. 1.10 tile, ^doii 
6il*tr, m. pl- -t. eiibei., 
EJlnn. t^iiu 

lemon coloind i -Vogt, If bh 
•mtrun; '' — ' 

coiouH I -ma", i™™ mti -Bf( 
T.( -fafi, l»0B Saitti -flai, 1. 

. (HOI 

eiotin, tn. 

iriaeFi, tn. 
llaMfittn. » 

- ci»ai(ra, * 

luifr- — IHrtfificoticn, « 

- cIoBFift, 
t, tn. pJ. 

, tn. irgiTir gnu, igKoiinn. 

<n. pl. -R. 1. allMllDI ; 2, mUmI* 

Cefftga, tn. pi. -n. wilMfw. 
eeatgHin. Et.^j. (Eoutgin. i.miii(e;: 

e«loiit, en. eoleoT^ng. 
Siiteli. tn. jt. -n. n 
SmtuCianl, Scmtllic, • 



Ingwiir, nt. (ergtini nf i toBpur. 
o- lo comiMiidi bBift ISini= 

Emtnnanti). en. ttauml ; wind sf commtiid ; 
PlM( €.. fl. T. to»(g ik> crew. 
(Sonurtantmr. m- pi' -tt. 1. GDmaDdDre, i. eam- 

^ouneiitar, rn. pi- -tx. camntquiy. oHnment. 
EomnKttf. tn. vij, $im»((. = S-tnllffliiim, 

^mmiSCrcat. it. iBmanliliiii br 
8*raiiiiSfimal, rt. pi. -n. nun 
SennntifiK. m. pi- -tr- cmmL 



»;r£"'=' !&,'.' 

litn. — gimmunicuit, 
- Somminiiratiim, m. 
— Sonunujiicn, <^d. 

ComvaS, It. pi, -ftr. conpiM. = Cniip. IS-iniu 
|R, iMipiu iiUtr; -Haul/ Ike oHdIt; -n)f(, arJ 

•—""*'■"■ •'.. pi. -tin. eoBptsdinu, mm- 

t, <4. £. r. HBrtMii 

-' m. pt -tt. cD^l 
pL -Ui. plm. 

Sonimni^, < 

.uiia. ~ btiwiritt) 

iiB|k drtngM, mi con't 

<£onri|)en, >. >. m dnw ur, nigk^n, nl- 

«>ii;- (nwi -(ol, c-tHB. 

Sonnn, in. pi. -a. tatcm. = S-miftlT, enn- 

'1. -ft. «mpelli«, — C-Inttf 


. 1. (nub>, 1. camxu 




-li: 1. c..diu« 

Ti.o, a. pi.M, 


I Utn <l., tm 


ecnCilunftt, • 

tiiliDnint, ihH 


n. p*. 


S-nan, c«re 


- e-i, ft. ft. 

aati'i iliop. 


Ddoiince. — coniolm 

Kontcr, m 

pl. -» 

cMdor, IC 

"SmFm, (n 


Hf. 1 



-r. eminence 


onfmn, i 

.•eiJl , (E^nfitmoRl) , tn. 

m. pt. -itttU. dnncripl. 
n. pi. -Mn^ ;im«. 

= Ccmp, c-SaaS^Q , adj. c 




(SenM/ m* fi ^n. cMfsi.^z: (-oriffA «4^'* con- 
sular, z^ ^-at, (t. pi. er* conmlate, c«iisalahip« 

(Eonfulmt/ m* counsvi. 

Confttinr^ «. «. i» conwli. 

donfiimtton^ at. «Hf. Slcdfe* = Comjr. (SUdfmp 
.VOltCt/ superintendent of the excise. 

^ontont/ «4r'- & a4v. ready money/ caab. 

(letUtft, m. context. 

(Sontttlgmt/ en. p<. -er. continfent, quota. 

^ontO/ en. jil, .ft. JTer. T. accoaot. = Q^coits 
rant/ account current % -ftntO/ j^ro fomsa account, 
jimulated accouuL 

(Eontor/. et. pi. -er. office ^ ^anM9— / couatiuf- 
bouse. = C»mpJ 6-<^ef/ bead of an ofSce. =r 
-^iji/ en. pi- -CI. clerk, merdianl^a clerii. 

^ntra^n^/. contrabawl. 

^ontro^/ en. checii book. 

(Siontroibanbfi/ en. coniraHlanco. 

(Sontro^^ntlorg/ counter plea, repllcatiou; -SX^ 
^f counter charge; -mtne^ countemine ; -tmnerC/ 
•. «. to countermino; -Oltre« counter-order; -4>att/ 
Adversary, opponent; -fcOTpe/ couutencarp; -flflttts 
.Sttnfl/ counter summons. 

(Eontract/ en. pi. -er. contract; {luite -> tn^ae 
•d^./ to make a contract. =: (SontroJ^ent/ in* fl. -tt, 

(^ontrafei/ et pU -tt* portrait. 

(§4}ntrat1# cm pi -er. contrast. r= t-ntp «. «. lo 


(Sflntre^Stbrntrd^ en. Rear Adkniral. 

&}ntro{/ en. control* 

&>ntrouere/ 9. «. to control, check. 

^ontrotleur en. pi. -er. controller* 

^cntu6erna(/ en. pi -er. cbna. 

(Sontuftint/ en. /^. -n. coniusioa, biuiae. 

(Sonoent/ et. convent 

(Sonl>eX/ a<<y- convex- 

iScnDolut/ en. pi -er. envelope. < 

(Sonbot/ en. />i, -et. convoy. = c-erc/ «. «. to 


. 6onott(itony en. j»i. -er. vi4, jtrompe. =r cims 

DttlnDtjt/ adi 4c adv. convulsive ; coovoisiveiy. 

(Sopt/ etU pi. -er. copy, transcripl. ^ Comjr. 
(^bog/ copy-book; zr coptere^ ». •. lo copy^ 
transcribe- = Sopu'fi/ en. pi. -er. copier, Iranscri- 
ben copying clerk (in some Dan. goivcrnmenl boards). 

(Soquet/ mO'- coqnetish- = (Soqitftte/ en. jii. -r. 

coquette , coquet , flirt. =Z COquettcre/ «. t. to co- 
quet, flirt = (Soqitettin'/ et. coaactry, ftiriBtioa. 

Soraf/ fid. jtora(. 

(Sortuan/ et. cordovan. 

(Sorente/ en. pi. -r. currant* 

©ornet, en. ji/. -ter. comet. 

(S^oroffartunt/ ct. pi. -rier. ooroUtry. 

(Sorporal/ en* pi -er* corporal. == <S-{fa£/ cor- 
pora Iship. 

Sovporatipn/ en. pi -er. corporation* 

(Sorporltg/ iid>. & aifo. X. r. corporal, bodily ; 

W^\ti iU pU -x» corps, body. 

(Sorpnlent* adj. cOTKiam* 

(Eorreet/ mI/. ic adv, correct; correctly. =: (S^ 
Beb/ en. correctness. :;z (E-eUT/ en* corroctor. =r 
&-ur/ en. pi -tx* proof-sheet. 

S^crriaere/ v. a. to correct. 

iSDnef pmtent / en. pi •er. correspondeAt. =: 
(E-bentS/ en. correspondence. = conet^nbcrtf «. 
i. 10 correspond. 

Sorrer/ en. .pi .cs. reprimand. := c-f/ «.«.!» 

correct, reprimand. 
Sorfar/ en. pi -n. corsair. 
Sorfet/ et* pi -icr* corset, boddicc, Btayn. 
Seroet/ en. pi. -ter. corvet. 
(Eofhtme/ en. /i. -r. costume. = Comjt. S-(aI/ 


Soultdfe/ en. pi- -r* scene (on the stacn). 

(Sour/ en* 1- coon, love-making i 2. Iotoo, iraw- 
ingroom ; gtere &./ to pay court ; IfOiXit ۥ/ to baU 
a drawingroom or levee. 

Conner/ en. pi -er. courier, express. 

(Eourttne/ en. pi -r. curtain (in fortiAcMiovX 

^oubert/ eiu pi it, cover. 

C^reDenteSort/ et. sideboard. 

^retentfe/ v. a. eoU. to present refk'esbaeBls. 

(Erebtt/ en. pi c. credit, trust, tick. =Z Cowif. 

^breU/ letter of credit. — crebttere/ «. •. t» 

credit. — (EreltttP/ et. credentials. — CtC^'tOTj CB* 
pi -et. creditor. 

(Erepcre/ « «. »lang. to die. 

<ErimmaI/ adj. criminal. ZT Cemp. d^ttt, 1. cr». 
minal law; 2. criminal court; -fog/ crimiiiai caac 

iS.X\\ka, vid. 5tT9|lai. 

^ritif/ vid. jtntif. 

©rucifo/ **• P'- -^^ cruciflx. 

^nbtf/ a4;- cubic. =: Comp, H^-^tlt, -f^, 
-maai, cubic ell, — fool — measnre; -Xtib , cobo 
root. = SuSift/ a4j. cnhic, ~ ni. 

(SM\iMf en. ^ -er. coward, poUrom. =: c-ttCf 
V. a. to cow. 

Snittoere/ o. «. to cnltivafe. 

(Eu(t1tr/ en. culture, civilisation. 

(Eurant/ (cinxftnt/ conrant)/ «dy. cwrcnt* 

(Curator/ en. pi* er. guardian ; traatee* 

Surere/ •. «. to core. 

^nreer, en. /><. -er. vid. ^oureer. 

Surd/ en. j»l. -er. exchange, conno of tidbaafc ; 
JV. T. ; course. 

(gurfiO/ a4y. -i^^ft /ta/tc<. 

(SurfuS/ et. course. 

tEutlod/ catchword. 

(Gutter/ en. cutter. 

dttUT/ en. pt €urer. core. 

(Ei^ltnter/ en. pi. -tre* cyiindei. — ci^mtviff, 

a4i. cylindric, — al* 

^\)vM, cn. cymbal. 

^tftiittt, en. pi* -e* cynic. = cytttff/ c^f. cy- 
nic. — al. 

di^prcS/ en. pi. -fcr* cypress. 

@iar, en* pl» -er* Ciar. z: (E4nte^ m* #1^ «<• 






^Oi eenj. A adv» whett, tt, trherett. 

jDWf m. p/. -er. deer, fallow deer, r: Comp. 
X)-^f via, ^oa; 4m^/ doe; -^tort/ back; 
•4fdl9, r««B^ -1^98/ M<MIe of venlsjun; -t}t(tt/ ve- 

^«a6/ m. pi. e. 1. beptisn, christening ; 2. beptls- 
mtl foot = Cwnp. 'S>aahihntf1X, one beftlised at 
Ae fane time'viith another; -))agt/ baptismal vow; 

^Doot/ m. pi. e. deed, achievement, exploit, act. 
!I! C'omp. fe-ful))/ a«(;. active ; -(06/ inactive* n 
S)ftd&irraft/ ener^, enterprise ; -liO/ life of acti- 
Tity% -mart, doer, a^ent ; hero. 

TDflonC/ «. i to swoon, faint* IZ Comp. ))-fcrr' 
M(^ Mfr. ready to faint. = ^aanelfC/ m. swoon, 
fliinttn; fit. 

^DdoiC/ m. p/. -r. fboi, sot. =: Comp. ©-f«rt, 
foolish conduct, foolishness ; ,-ftftC/' madhouse ; -{is 
ficaol/ Mfj- raving mad; -ftfleirm, bedlamite; -fU 
fifindP/ foolish talti, nonsense; -(^tl/ foolery ; -bOtf/ 
IWty; -tofffnt/ institutions — . matters relative to 
laiatica = taareagtlO/ a«^. foolish, nonsensical. 

^aordg, ad/\ foolish, sottish t ill, bad; 'taoti 
VM H^cil/ bad weather; %ft ft ttm t,mtt} ^am t 
^Og/ he is but poorlv to-day. =r taarlig/ -en« a4«. 
foolishly etc. = ^-9'^, tn. pi. -CT. folly, foolisb- 
•e«c, sottishness. = 'CaaijfaB/ en. p/, -er. vid, 

^afe, m. p/. -r. box. 

OatDef, m. p/. S)aMnr. date. = Comp, 
^-trff, -peAmt, date tree — palm. 

/Dabrf/ en*^ p/. e. blame, censure, blemish, i:^ 
Z Comp. t^-fri/ 7(08/ ad/, blameless, irreproachable, 
va^lamable; -fn|feb/ blamelessness ; -DCnttg/ «if/. 
Uamahle, reprehensible; -bflnrttg^cb/ m. blamable- 
Bcss, reprehensibleness. 

^albUf V, a* to blame, censure, reprehend, find 
f^nlt with. =: Comp. ^-(^ft/ captionsness. =: 
*S)al\tnl en. blaming etc. =: ©aWer, en. pi. -e. 
IMl-finder, censnrer. =r b-f^/ adj. censorious, 
captions; -fl^f/ eensoriousness, captionsness- 

•Dog, en. p/. -e. day; bet l5«t Tt^ ©., in 
broad day-light ; {omme foT ^Ogen / to come to 

licbt; mn^t fot S)agen/ to bring to light ; Icrggefor 

^Ogen/ to display, manifest ; bet bat tangt UC XiOiQi 
VOgen/ the day was Tar advanced ; ^oab %ib et 
bit 9aa X)(lgen/ what time of day is it ? ben Me 
jDcig/ all day, the whole day; bcn fftU ubflognc 
lu., the livelong day; ^ mangf 1^0%t, for many 
t day, these many days ; om ^Ogen, by day. during 
»* day. In the daytime; D, fw©., ©^ effetX>./ 
*y by dnv, day after day, from day to day; jD. ub 
tfi «)• ittVf every day without exception ; 3 ^Ag/ 
*^i 3 ^9f< %>a6t, lately, latterly^ in fh«»« 

days; l^ber anben 1S>., every other day; ^ ^* 
Otte ^age , this day week , — se'nnight, — elchl 
days ; ^ gantU 1)age, in days of yore ; ^en ^. 
i $)., this day ; nu tt( ^agj, now-a-dsys ; Wnge 

Af S^oge, to put to death ; ^ette S5am er l^abe^ 

ten Ob ab ^age/ the child is the picture — imago 
of his father. 1= Comp. ^-arbet'be/ day work — 
labour; .feane^ diurnal revolution; -Blab/ daily ptpcr 
— print; -6(lbe/ the sun^s meridian beat (in win- 
ter) ; -Jblinb/ adj. day blind ; -bog/ diary. Journal ; 
-Brcefntng/ daybreak ; -bribCT/ lounger, idler, saun- 
terer ; -bttben / et. lounging , sauntering , idling, 
dawdling ; -btiberltO/ life of idleness ; -fienbe/ enemy 
to light, — enlightenment ; -flib/ daily industry ; -flob/ 
day tide; -froft, day frosty -f»rb, vid. 35ag8fflrtb; 
-gltmt/ peep of day; -gmfl/ last glimpse of day; 

-grb, 9id. -Brcrfning ; -Am, daily hire ; -leter, day 

labourer; -(98, daylight; adj. bright as day; -l^B* 
nt'ng/ daylight ; -lon^ daily hire — wages ; -Ibtl* 

ner,'^ vid. -leier ; -mcmmg/ vid. -Blibe ; "t* -mobet/ 
-mot/ aurora, morning twilight ; -VXtM, daily toil ; 
rning/ en. dawn; -^enge/ daily pay; -|}o{t/ day 
mail; -Tegiflet/ diary; -regning/ daily account; 
-retfe/ Journey by day; day's journey; -XtXiU, daily 
interest ; -TO, rest by day ; i* -XXXXd, day's respite ; 
-fficer/ dawn; evening twilight^ crepuscular light; 
-ffb/ adj. shunning the light; -fltCtne/ morning star; 
-flraare, ray of daylight ; -ftfltbnC/ appointment to a 
certain day; -foft/ nightfall; -fcftntrtg/ en, truce; 
-ttnge/ to negotiate (of peace) ; -tt^b/ idler ; -tat* 
ffet/ thresher by the da^ ; -tO/ thaw from sunshine ; 
-bagt/ day watch ; -bttS, adv. by the day ; -JJ*l^ 
get/ astrologer; -bflftf/ day's work, — lob. ^ CD(U 
getftl/ number of days. vid. infr. =1 ^OgSatBetbe, 

vid. .DaaSbcetf ; -frifl / day's respite ; -gietnmg, 

vid. -bfftf ; -f olbe/ quotidian fever, ague ; -foft/ day's 

food; -1^8/ daylight; -^jtoming/ one day's plough- 
ing; -bO)!/ da^'s mail; -teife/ day's journey ; -tuni/ 
vid. ^agSftt'tt ; -fpilbe/ loss of a day ; -ttD/ day- 
time ; time of day*; -bcetf/ 1. day's work ; 2. a 
day^ soccage. 

^age8/ V. dep. to dawn. 

j£)ageta(/ adv. i ID., day by day. 

!&aggett/ en. pi. -et. dagger, dirk, poniard. 

^Agft'g/ adj. dc adv daily, quotidian; yrdinary, 
common ; b. %alt, colloquial language, [monplace. 

©agltgbagS, adv. daily, every day, day by day; com- 

!£)ag(tatlue/ en. parlour. 

(iDagntng/ en. dawn- 
. S^ar, en. pi. -e. valley, vale, dale = Comp. 
©-BO/ inhabitant of a valley ; -Bunb/ bottom of a 
valley; -Bipgget/ rid. -Bot -mt, defile; -Unb, low 
land between hills; -jhflrfning/ extent of a valley; 
-flt«g, direction of a valley- « «- ^ 

1 . ©ate/ V. i. to sink, go down; l&an8 g^ffe Be* 
1 g^bet at b./ his fortune is on the wane. 

;' trirKt 1 E., n 

1. Dam. dnnrbU ; tOtltl i 'S., hi «d Is klD^. 
: Corny. "S-ttltl'i Jimfht-miD ; -tmrt, ^nofbl- 
«iii -fpil. dnnghl boird tU arn. 

1. panl. = Comp. 3J-ilu6, 

SlinitfiFnntnlinnDH, ni. 
®-ninfl[, Dimueu klxlt. 

pu.i -ter, pip« .r . rt.u 

-Soal! .ftV/TrnpOHIHi ilirad; 
SonM, tn. ft. -t. diDce ; 

tn S)., u. »h o.« to ■ --- 

tud 1 diDce; 3001 bi 

-tragi, diDclDS dRHi -Eonit. ■" of dmcing; -lofi. 
fiiiioi roi dinrioF; -mcjl'l^ dioclnr-maiKr; •fol. 
dinclof raoDIi .ffepBiDPi -licit, dinclng ichooU 
'ffritl, virf. hHn; -(ving, wn lo • dipu ; .(^ 

^«ntf(, e. t, « oil. 10 Jntt. — ®mtfm, m. 
dHci>(. — Xlnntrn, m. ^i. -c, d>ii«r. — 'Dmti- 
feimli, tn. pt. t-. doanr (ftmili)- 

'S)mt, Diat, Daoidi = Camtf/p-att, iscliiBod 

•r kaigkllwiid; 1. Diaiih ■•I'ionll Ug; ■bn^BtoIt, 
sou of Ibi order It Diaebrogt -tlVginilUlb , 

uucbtd ID iht ordtr oF Dbg. i -bnsGaArn, 

©onnle, .- I. t 
SDinnE. o. a. ti 

e, (oKlribiF. — X^onndtt, 

iciilfn. = JJomidicetiift. 
itaDtuni; -mittitl, Mtiu 

^Damtii, b4/, iptighi, nnlr. ' 

\0 iu|i<, Iwfc, llf 

(iioddHgklir (K ■ 

Cfcultrc ■>. a. lo ipongi (elsib). 

S^Kimbd, DtanAa. if"^* 

ajd^ijfnnr *. a. u dicipbei. ^ iD-tn 

£)cCinol, tn.pj.-n. diilmiJ- = bttinial. wf. 
dtclmol ; >. tOiel, JecJnal Inoioii. [d dBMia. 

3)(riinni.>. >. u JiemHe- - Sccimtcina. to. 

Sitliimattcn, m-jil. -n. dKinoiian, reciiMla, 
ipaniiof, not. — 'DtcromoUi, ni. gL -a. didu. 
mcT, ittitet; nniir. ~ ttdtunUnill, a^. <kcit- 
uMrr; ipaDUii(, niHog. — iMdomCTi, *. ■. ■» 
dtcliiu, rteilt ; u ipow. 

SictJititUn, tn. pi. -a. dttit»i«, &««. 

>. .. VH(. SI. 
4. dcjKllTt, I 

C, m HIT ftn; fn in S).. pinhr. !■ 
n|ln X)., is > pt» auini fn » 
IC^ tar lh« ■••> tut. niHUr- — tftlogtt^ a 

Hil>ki[«0-,t<tllll|ttntE. a^i. iimpilbiiiilf. — Cgwp. 

jDEgn, tt. ft. -4. dicker (10, 

S'tU, T 

i. «^ »t Dtlg. 

lup i t u liUftit i b. I l« ligt Ctlt, to *mac 

SMi, u finur; b. M'bI nub; M K> ^th »i£. 
=: M(% >#. diTiiibic. — dfct^^tb, (It. di- 
irWk>iiir< = ^tlntuial, nU(>iioii. 

_lDdill((. nu W- -"■ Ji-iiiira. = Cw.^. ®(: 

-m2c, Biid( sfAiHioii -linnti, poiit of dioi- 
•in; -Rl. rifkl at pulilloa; -til, diTliu; -biiB, 

ttlR, tn. fL-n. itin. = tri^it. ■«. Jeiiiiol. 

XMiul, >4. doliiiinu. liiDiT- — S^dicotiifi. 
nL>. -(. delicKy 

tCXlimncnt, m. pi. -re. aimiitl. 

tdiiin, m. pi- -tr. dslpbii. 

$rat ^». ^m- I. ittn; 1. W4 St. 

tDcmain. rid. SXtmant. (dmnginl- 

EtMogoa, oi. dcn..t<>|i» = Comp. iM_ .«. 

Etnunal, m, pi. -n. denonni. = B-i, H. 
n. ~a. dtn»cTicr. = t'ift, ai«-. dentcnilc — il. 

^(lUnftiaHen, m. pi. -n. denmiiuuisa. 

Umonthnt, t. ■. u dniiiiuntc. 

I!>ni, rTH. iiBBfHir.; II. b(t Uiii; pi.tit,taa. 

1. og ^iin. ibii 
tnoitnunt, ct pi. -a. bpirtnuii ^nbins 

■*«•— Ubmlantfh £)., ttt Un — toceifi d 

®(fpirt, m. fl. .«. JnpM. =: X)tftt6, tti»- 
ttiim. =: btvtolift, Aff' ^ofHitic — oL = SDf 
pDtiemt, en. dciraiiim. 

S>tff«, m. dMMl. = Ctntf. ®-(nI», JmhM 
.m\h, .flu, ipHH. 

jitfMnarim. m. W. .«. di.uiiiUM. 

tkla^ttt, r. t. It 4«mIi. 

Etolft, (II. fi. -I. *^ic. , , 

to ncUc. giTi lick. = Ctmp. 5Mi«mt, K 
twfcBj XJ-tlll, Hctiif-olC — tic, >. ■. 


m. ^1. .«. dnai 

It"' ('■-.Tiitr.^' 

'rt.y.'^. ^4^. 

^ diilxnlE 

n. — BioItOifl, ««■. 4iH.olit.L 


"'fii.'pi"Jr'°.uni»di ujufrm s.. 

lM|tl dJHD 

i, E.«f Rutft. Oanl!, J. of U» fini 


D-giibn— "J -i« i -ft". ■"•« -1 1^'» - 


[BtBioil i **>. d.MtUlt.HJ. 


tt. dliBcbr. — kianntliK, ii<(t. dii- 

m. dlinhm. 

. ,.1. -n. dicution. [uiio. 

.. ■. u dimit — SJittirm, in. die- 

5E)it, md 

."'oj^jrum-, Wt ^Jit, .. «d 

■ ^ 

1. ft. -t. dlki, <•>. = Vmmp. d- 

dit< i»i i -fiiiit, dink I .injvntn. 
tl dlkM ^ -Iilii. ^> Im i -tpfini, 

C>iat, «. a. U dilra, niH • dikt. 

pttai, UHI •( ntUll; -InultHWgt UHlllIlf ' 

SDigt, tl. fl. -I. p«n. = Coinf . Sigttoti, 

1- !CtfllE. V •>. t. 10 tninl, n>m»r>i I 
«BpaH ymj = DiBlm, (n. i>uh>(, ncdiu 
=_W,iiip, D-hmft, in •( pHiry, jHi.BT. _ 

Sig(t-i m. p/. -i. ptei. := (.'iiBifi. S)-aant, 

paciic Digkii 'fn$(t> H<ii< llmwi "gUti fM 
-re«; -^,(<>d>r pHtrji -|(it,ncaH ■• ■ pM| 
-talti I pHtlci< nMUM ; •ban ■ rwiini p*wb; 
JcanCfl, poElic KteMk, 'lbs kij>t -lin, ^hi^ HMt 
-ion, rotUctt loeuiH; -vrintE. r^aicil i«hi — 
fufl ^imnu, (Hiic taliUi ^uti. -rfglt. <M. 
-minlti -Smlt. itfliai Mu; -(irnib, r^mi^ 
i«|rBiH>l -Iin^- fuMinI '■»■•*• — *>«««i 
-Mtt, ro<v> Mtliol •*'*■ =a>SlnWtlI. paOML 
= EijIninB' m- ^. -«. ^tilMl o^rHiUM. 

*. ©«(»( ». ". !• "dk. — Dtetnuifr tn. bI- 
kit ~ " 4>. S}-)(nv iilUii( In*. 

11. ^tSiiilimwr,- « 

ft, <i«. dlrKvatio — il. 

Dit^ tn. ri. -n. •■eklKk ; n. r teriik 
.. (m »aQ«) •• ^ (> i«rtO ". T. 

Snm, ►■. i, m ^ni™, Uiriii, vibrut. — SJinra, 
X>ii(anl, n, f f. -n. urtle, liHni. 
SJifcilitl, m. ^ -W*. ,.^11, •duila, 4inlru^ 
!d!cip1iH, nu ^ -a. 1. diHi^lnai S.b«*i( 


Sil(>«lmnt, •. a. u diHlplliH. < 

^i^timti), tn. fl. -n. dlmmiL 
DiBfl, "«. ktiy. — Diti8*»tf «". kulHx. 

ajnc, n. iraill plHc, piln ; n 
ffiOrt fv« Si^ OS 3)., !• *• ■ 

tifmittit, v. 1. 10 dtiriiii, tipe, i 
£)if^91, m. fl -a. diir«i>. 

£iiDi»c"t, tn. jH. -a. dKMa4. 

Sitnltv, ■. a. to divi4«. 
©iuiRon, in. A -R. diXtin. 
Ei»;(«i, m. W. -«. JiTitof. 
!Si(mi, mn. hiid. =: catf. 
™.-.tok«. - D-irt, tn. boldu 
■S)m, tn. ft. -n. din, nfimtm 
kmn • nglmEi. — (iwmjt, •*. 

J)JB ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■ - 

t-Mltnbe, •« 

©lewl, m. pi. -nit, dt.iU Btirf-, tn a^codli 
ftinl, t Inii If ■ hiiovi Xlimtll Sift, Mated.' 
oil ntl — cauiiif. = tioMlft, v^. ^TUok, ^: 




Mini. — ^Mri)f(if(i8> Ct deviiry, holunbliiit, =: 
Cmf. jDiffoeliiiiaC/ nt. devir* imp. =: A)ittttUaxi, 
ktUuk aatore •, -Umilit , «4r. •'v^r. devitiih, den- 
etd, coBfoaoded ^ -l&^tfclfe/ deaonoiatiy ; ^mailer/ 
•MTcist; -montng/ exorcUm^ -OttS/ aifv. diaboli- 

^0^, en. i><. -ev. float (of a flahing line). 

jDobfxlf nt. J»j. e. game of hazard, sgaroiof^gaM- 
blinr.- ZZi tob&U/ v. i. to gamble, game: IT Oomp. 
^OMCbnbrrf gambling compaoioo^ 'lAttg^ gambling 
•tub — conpaay. — SDomcV/ en. gambkr, game- 

'Sie^li, «^'. dovbio, twofold; b* faa meaet/ 

twice u mudi, as m««h aSAio^ — «D-^t/ en. doo- 
Ucaeaa, dupllcily. = Comp. t)'l^lr •*<<. ^Qel^b ; 
•f^Ot/ Iceland caJeareous spar \ -ftiente/ doable star. 

jDoctfli, m. /i. -er. doctor. =: Comp. ^-attejV/ 

(Udof^s cortiftcale; -biflWtatd/ theats for a doctor's 
4«free ; -^rob/ doetor^a degree, doctorajte ; -l^at/ doe- 
Itr's cap. [ntmentete/ t>. «. to sabstantiate. 

'Boaantnk, et i>/. -ec deed, instrument. — bos 
' JDobbd/ fi. a. gold of pleasure. Mi/mgrvm «•- 

^0^ «oi|/. however, yet, still, tboagh \ lul b* 

^ jD«T/ do sbut tbat door; bu ^aT bog faaet 

fBnOet/ you have received the letter, I hope. 
jt, en. pi. -r, buii-dog. 
«e:p/ et* />JL -er. dewlap; 
> en. pi. -X. dock, -r- f boWc/ v. «. to 

take into dock, to dock. 

®ol!, en. ;»/. -e. «td. ^©aggert. 

^Sbtimm, en. |»/. -er. hussar jacket. 

I^m, tn* j»/. -me. sentence, judgment, award, 
decision, doom \ opinion ; fcflbe — ^ff^d£ ^v ^ 
iroBosnce — pass sentence. tZ Comp. !4)-bog. re-* 
cord of judgments •, -\lttMf vid, jDomSact ; -ffflbe/ 
». «. to condemn , convict \ ben ^omffflbte/ the 
crademncd party, convict; -falbntng/ condemnation, 
doviction; -J^aDer^ gainer of a cause; -^IfUd/ 
Jadgmeat ball; court-house; -ptn^tf judffe''s fees; 
•fiBtning/ cendnsioa of a sentence; -fteb/place 
Acre a court is held; -flol/ tribunal. ^ 'SjOXOf 
Mebaa, doomsday, day of judgment; et ^-bOgS 
ftActSe/ an endless work. ^ '^vm^act , copy of a 
■eulenoe; ^om4b(U(/ fixed day for the passing of 
t seatence *, -ttumb, juror ; -ret, right of jurisdfc- 

liou; -fag/ cause pending. — S^omtner/ m* pi 

-(. judce. 1^ ^-embebe/ post — office of a judge ; 

;4ettig^, vid. ^tnBret; -fcrbe/ judgment seat. 
5DaBlca)nte(, et. ebapter ; -9erre; canoa ; -ftrfe/ ca- 
lia*al; -Xytteii, dean. 

jljf/ en. pi, -tn, domestic. [friar. 

Caner^ en pi* -e. Dominican, Dominican 

_ Jte/ 9. a. to domineer, to lord it over. 

^DmninO/ en* pi. -er* domino (a game and a mask- 
^ dress.) 

iai>/ <n« ph -^IJO. buHfiacb, 
\9jL$ cn« accidence. [snaring (of birds), 

m, pi. -r. aaare, gin. =: C^mp^ ^-f ong^z 
caft, en, pi. -«(• Jaek, soev. 

^«ititniwr9/ vtf. jDuitn^aitwier/ ««*, S)mm, 

jDent/ ett, pi. e. task, b«siaes&i work ^ :)}a9fe fill 
^^to mind one''a buainoas. 

X)o))/ en« |»<. -yer* a tack, kaob. ZZ Cwmp* 
^OpttO/ a ferrule. — bo^Jpet* udj. knobbed, alud^ 
ded. — bo^pe «. a. to atnd with tack*. 

^o|}|>eU/ vid. b«66e(t* , 

CDortit/ adj. Doric. 

^orfl a4;. d< m49. indolent, sluggish, flofkftalv 
dall, torpid. Z A)ov{{|eb/ Ot; iadoitaeo, (hiU^ 
aess etc. 

S)orffe/ «. «. 4c i. to idle. 

^ofid/ en* a doao 

iDodmer ^ en. ^ i. -t. a dance, doll, ^ Comp* 
-^Otjeb/ booby, noodle; -^onbe/ bloekhead. ZZ, 

bo§meragtJg/ ai^'. dull, stupid. — /Oototfcagtig^b^ 
en dullncaa, akipidity. 

potter, en. v«d. jDatter. 

A)ouceur/ en. gratuity, reward. 

S^oMtt/ mdj. lazy, idle, slothful, ainggish ; (of 11- 
quors) flat, suie, vapid. — ^oOen^b^ eiU llataca* 
etc. — (C)i>benfta6/ en. alolh, lazlaeas, etc. 

jDoOenbl^r/ et. the sloth Bradypvs. 

^ODne^ V. i. 1. to idle, loll, lounge; 3. to be- 
come flat or stale. 

^roabe^ -r. drop; ipl. ab*el.) imp*. ZZComp* 
^raoSefalb/ dropping, dripping, trickling, drip^ 
-flatte, a vial ; -fl^benbe/ liquid, stiilicidiooa ; -plet^ 
Uif spotted as with drof« ; -flilfelfe/ fom — shapeu 
of drops ; -flr^ni ^ a torrent of rain ; AoXf. 0dv: 
X 10*, in drops, drop by dre*; -tUfianb, iiunidity^ 
-tottd, vid. -talf = X>raafrYaW/ vid. S)raabefalb ; 
-frt/ fk-ee ftwm drip or dropping; MiX, vesael for 
receiving drops; -tcnbe, vid. ^Ogrenbe; -r^/spont; 
"iC^ coping. — braooe, e. «. to drop. . 

A)ra&/ tUpk id. manslaughter, honricide. r= Comp^ 
X)rab86eber/ pL, fine for manslaughter; -gtewtBgf 
vid. /£)ra6 ; -monb / homicide , maaalayer ; »fag^ 
suit for manslaughter; -fleb/ place of a homicide. 

^rolbant/ en. pi. -JX* halberdier, yeoman of 
the guard ; myrmidon, cant. ; satellite. Astr. T. Z 
!S)ra6(Itg/ adj. 4l adv. doughty, 'stalwart. 

^rog/ tt, pk id. a pull, tug; draught, haul (of 
a net;) (>l»w, stroke ; whif, puff (of a tobacco pv«^ 
handle (of a soytbe.) 

S)rage «. a. dc i. brog, l^ar braget, tr bragei^ 
III. bro^e. to draw, puii, drag; en bvogcn &amf 
a drawn sword ; b. et ^vS, to draw — fcioh a aigh ; 
b. d^atnet, to draw — drag the net; !6icnw bwgC 

tentttng/ the bees draw or extrad honey; tt* Ctt 
iintntng< to dbaw a conclusion — lafereaee ; b. t 
%\iil»\, to call in question; b. en ^JiemmciiA^b va 
af ttn, to draw a aecret firom one; b. Rorb«l ttfir 
to derive advantajre from ; b. ttl megnfMb/ to caAi 
to account; b. tll6age/ to retire, retreat; b* fig C« 
Hf^e paa ^alfctt; to bring mischief oa oae^a own 
head ; b. tnb, to enter ; b. tgiennctlt/ to paas through, 
traverse ; b. t ^tUtn, to take th« field \ b« fro^ U 
deduct; 0. ub/ to march out, sally forth. = bros 
^C8, •. d9p. impvrf. brog^^ to fight, qaarral ) brft^ 




ACB nub/ to be tfBicled — trMUed wftt; b. tmt 
%«betl/ to be IB the last agenies. — ^raaboant. 
tiid. @eler; -tuttt, a propitious /airy; -^itti, a 
waler-wiieel ; -fifie/ a chest of drawcrt; -j* -font/ 
« woman that decorated apartments; -fnubC/ a run- 
ning knot, noose V -pU^tX, vid. %xatplA^tt -^ -ttfl/ 
9id. $Iot}tt^; -tOUg, rope for hanling or hoisting; 
•t0t/ harness ; -bob / drag-net. 

^dgC/ in. pi. -T. 1. dragon; 2. a paper liite ; 
bm fl9«enbe S)./ holis (a meteor.) = Comp. S3rfl0es 
Ibfeb/ dragoons blood v-urit/ dngon^swort. ArtemiMim. 

S>iagebune, Wd. ^vogbuifc tub brogc, «. a* 
!iDra§(T/ tn, pi. -t. a porter. =: Comp.^XOfi 

^cricit/ porterage; -fcU/ porter^s braces; -{long/ 

porter^s pole. ' 

{Dni0(t, et drugget. 

^dgeS/ f. <is!p. t^. ««& ^rageir. a. 

jDragCt/ a<<i. broad-striped or streaked, (of cattle.) 

!iDTagon/ en, pL -ct. dragoon. * 

^agt, en. p/. -er. l. load burden; 2. dress., 

garb, costume; btogtoiid, adv. in loads, by the 

load. = Comp. S)ragtmaIeT/ a dnq>erT— costomc 


'Dtam, en. pi. -me. dram. 

^rama/ et. pi. 'S^ama, drama. = brantottfeTe/ 
9. «. to dramatise. — btamatifP/ attf. dramatic, 
— al. 

'JOxantf tn* pk e. dregs., lees, grounds. 

'JOxcmfetf en« pi. -e. drunkard, toper. 

5Dt49le/ «. i. (neb), to patter. 

Tbtaif tn. scrap, slop, little bit. 

Platte, V. i. to drop. := Comp. btatftngtci/ 

-Dont/ adj. apt to drop every thing, awkward. 

jDrao, et* vid. ^ronf. @iocn bcmitmet om jD. 
0g jtifltrltngen om fin jtwgfiab, the dreams of 
cats are always about mice. =: Comp. ^lOblar, 
-ttl^, mash-tub, — trough ; -mcrfPet/ fattened with 
nash. = ^taoetSfolf/ rabble, tag-rag and bobtail; 
-fnat, smutty talk. 

S)tete/ «. a. to ton ; b. ttf ^eten , to strike off 
firom the road; ^mben $at btliet itg/, the wind 
has shifted, veered, chopped; igotben breiCl fig om 
fin 91x^1 / the earth turns or revolves on its axis ; 
b. fig om^oa ^Ctlttlfto turn'— spin ronnd^on one^s 
beel ; @^amtalen breiet fig om ..., the conversation 
tnras upon ... ; om bctte ^untt AlGCene bntei 
&D«tg8maalet ftA, the question hinges on this single 
point ; ^an forjtaaer at b. fine Orb,, he knows 
how to twist and turn his words ; b, til ^tnbcn, 
to haul the wind; b* Bi, to bring to. 1= Comp. 
^DmthtOf swing-bridge, turn.bridge; -^nf, vid. 
SDrcteiftcmt ; -jent, turner's chisel ; .(onfi, an of 
taming; -lab^ turning - lathe ; -reB, N. T. tie, run- 
•er. — btfieitg, adj. revolving. — jDieten, en, 

«Dreiei, en. pi. -e* turner. =: Comp, jD>ar6eibc, 

tamer's work ; -Bomf, tuming-iathe ; -^aonbtMrtf, 
tamer's trade or craft. 

©rtiTf, ©ret'er, et. pi. -er. diaper. 

^mtg^ en« pi. -«» ^y ; apprtntioo ; fw ©♦. af/ 

fmm a boy; 3cg bit {He »tnt ®eit§ "S),, I wmI 
bo your fag = Comp» ^rengeoOT, boyish yean, 
years of boyhood; ^oat fine jD. ub, to oerve ar 
serve out one's apprenticeship or time ; 'Ogtig, M|f> 
boyish, puerile; -Ogtig^eb, en. boyishness, pueri- 
lity ; -(Ubetbe , boy's work ; -f aabM/ boyish wan- 
tonness — petulapce; -leg, boy's play; -f^M^ boyish 
mockery; -fhcg, boyish trick or pmnk; -fonCf 
boy^ whip; -Offn, boy's work. 

^renfc, «. a. to tread. («. f . of dncks.> [cogs.] 
^et», et pL id, 1. cog-wheel; 2. drift. =^-tavWCI> 
jDieoen, adj. vid. 9ub brioe. 
. ^Dviftr en. pi. -et. l. motion, progress, tmia ; 2. 
management ; 3. drove (of cattle.) 4. drift-wny (fv 
caUlt.) 5. instinct, bent, inclination ; 6. N. T. lee- 
way; fertte t ID,, to set a going ; ^ fitib 'S>„ in 
Aill work ; ^on f bber t fkvt S)., he has mm ezla- 
sive business, much upon his hands; Sringe ^Olb i 
jD., to put Innd in a state of cultivation; OfC^ 
'S), , of one's own accord. =Z Comp, SDnft^yt^r 
>and under tillage; -maobe, mode of buslMindry; 
-tib , time when land is in tillage ; i. «. nal 

£)rifte, r. a. to winnow. = Comp. ^>foIb/ wii> 
nowing sieve; -ttllg, a winnowing troogb; -IMB^ 
winnowing machine. 

©riftefcr, et. stray beast 

!E)riftig, oM^ active, sliiring. — ©ttfttgficb, CIL 

activltjr. vid. flxht\6\omf^tlf U^tnbfftbeliabrb. 

©nftSmaabe, -ttb, vid. sub S)rift. 

S)nT, ni,pl, -fe. drink, draught, beverage ; drink- 
ing; fiarrfe ^ItTte, ardent spirits, spirituous th 
quors ; forfttlbe — floae fia til 3j., to take — addM 
one's self to drinking. Z= Comp. b-fslbtq, a^j. fff' 
en to drink, addicted to drinking; -facibtg^eb/ CM. 
drunkenness, addictedness to drinking; -offnC/ drink 

jDnffe, n. s. drink. 

^t!fe, 9. a. to drink; ahtol. to drink, tipple; 
b. ODer Xorflen, to take a drop too much; b. tol^ 
to drink bard or deep ; b. fig en ^Omng paa i^ 
fen, to drink one's self into a coqsuraption ; b. CCll 
futb, to make one drunk. ^ Comp. ^-hntttt 
a pot-companion, to^er ; -Bcegrr, drinking cop ; -fall« 
drinking troueh ; -gtlbf; drinking bout ; -glaS/ drink- 
ing glass; -pom, drinking bora; -$UU8/ Up bouse { 
-tamp, drinking match; -far, drinking vessel { 
-lag, drinking bout ; -l^ft, love of drinking ; -^CO' 
ge, gratuity, something to drink, vales ; -fong, drinfc- 
ing songi -felfrab, drinking party ; -fraal,^drinkiag 
bowl; -fflUinfl, vid. -<)enge; -fl^ passionately fend 
of drinking ; -fbgr, passion for drink ; -bane, habil 
of drinking; -bate, drinkables, drink ; -bife/drinkiaff 
song, =: bn'ffeUg, a4j. drinkable. — jDmfen, Ob 

^rit, en. pL At, a drill. =: bnffe, •. «. lo *UL 

^nue, 9. a. t. to tease, worry, annoy; -f* t. 
*** !fe!".i*®."**'*-^ ^ ©ritter, en. tensor, woitier. 
^ TkJtlUm, tU H -tt* toniing cte. 




^'fiC/ V. i. 4t reft, to rely ob, trasi to ; K fig 
^ to presnme, dare, Tenlare. 

^{Hg/ mdj. bold, hardy, dariac. = S>rititgl^eb, 
ta. boldaoM, hardiness, hardihood, assaraaoe. 

^t>r/ Ctl* pi. -t* drift. 

'S>Mt, 9. a. 4l i. txttif bret>et/ ^cbett. pi. treb^ 

1K« 1. to drive, nri^e, impel 2. to lonnge, saunter \ \i» 
iriM, to cairy far-, b. 93(r;ct(r/!to force plants ; t« bct 
toitt i nogct/ to mahe a great proficiency in something \ 
t* cn 9lflrrnig80et/ to carry on — follow a trade or 
knsineis ; I, noget XtuXi S^fl, to prosecute a thing 
with ardonr} b. @^i>t — @4>eg met/ to make sport. 
An of; t. txt ©aorb/ to manage a farm; b« %X' 
\c\ hcPCif to while away — beguile the time ; b* ItO' 
get tgicimem/ to carry a point; b. 93UDt Op/ to 
rooM — start game ; b. t^Ottt 0)> met SRaftmei/ to 
force np water hy machinery; b* nogft Op pdA Ctt 
SMCiiott/ to force np the price at an auction; b. 
faa Ctn / lo nrge — goad one on ; btCbCt fttfrttbC/ 
oahossed work ; borte brrbm { noaet / to J»e well 
•kiJJed OT practised in any thing ; ber et brcbCt Ct 
Srag pad @tranb(n/ a wreck has drifted or has 
heca driven ashore ; @nem bn'bCV/ the snow drifU ; 
9Ugnm — UbCtrrt bxtbcr ObeT/ the rain— storm will 
pass over; bet gooer brt'benbe/ it goes on swim- 
mingly, or like a house on fire ; l^ait j^Ot eit blibenbe 
9lcniltg/ he has a brisk trade ; b. tillage/ to drive 
back, repel, repulse ; b. een fra ett ©aatb/ to eject 
one from a farm; b« ^tmbeit fra {lit $0)1/ to dis- 
lodce the enemy ; b. pdCL $Iugt/ to put to flight ; 
^. vDicebler Ub / to cast out devils , exorcise ; b« 
Inm, to propel ; b* for XoXttX 0^ %OUg/ to scud 
Wider bare poles. — ^Dribett/ ^nbntttg/ Ctt. driv- 
bg etc. ~ liDrtber / ett. pi. -e. drover. — jDtis 
%m, et. pi. -tt* 1. hothouse, forring-honse, stove ; %. 
fereiag; 8. lounging, sauntering. = CT'omp. ^rib6o(t/ 
Mvingbolt; -b(ntf/ forcine frame, hot-bed; -f^atlls 
nCT/ chasing-hammer ; -f^xvA, wheel ; -^olt/ driving 
Mock; Typ.^r. shooting-stick ; -^1tu6/ forcing house, 
fc o> h ouse ; -ltd/ drift-ice, floating ice ; -ntUltC/ espa- 
Bcr wall ; -fanb/ drift sand ; -{f 9/ scud, rack; -touts 
Wt/drift — , floating timber; -bceit/ machinery* 

^ %>rib(Sro/ vid. ^uybe^Yo; -bomt/ otd. S)nbs 

\ttiA\ -fiebrr/ ipring. Incentive, incitement ; -gattt/ 

•r S)riegant, drag-net; -totte/ vtrf. 9lobbe; -ntibs 

M/ drastic; -TtDIt, sea-room; -fbO^e/ lash; -bffgt/ 
*t (for Impelling machinery.) 

ibrrt/ vitf. tub ^Drtbe. 
tbt, «iir. X)rtft. 
'oOiftb/ 4Mlj. dripping wet. 
_ )g/ tt, pi. «tf. a good for nothing uaolesa fellow, 
^rajptct/ et drugget. 

tf nt. pi. -T. drone. 

ntitg / ett. pi. -et* queen, rr Com>p. iD-Ittg/ 
qnc^a-like, queenly. 
%W, en. pi. ^Dro^rer. thrush. Turdut muneut. 
% Ctt. Lord Bigh Constable. 
/ Ctt. pi. -ter. lord. 
f (It. lees of wine. 
> VX* pi. "X* • grape \. (os • ^eanon) ouict- 

bel, pnnnelloB. = Comp. bntf agt{g/ aSj. rcflomMfaff a 
grape, botryoidal ; -Uob/ Juice of the grape ; -(rams 
bebtttt / brandy distilled fk'om grapes, cognac ; -SfleItU 
skin of the g. ; -ftllb/ abounding in graoM ; -^olv^ 
neck of the pummelion ; -gaaTb/ vid. vitltgoorb ; 
-^«^/ vintage; -tant/ grape sulks; -txctVM, grape- 
stone; -tlafC/ bunch — , cluster of grapes; -XIUi% 
unfermented wine, must; -mimfe/ baneberry, Aet4m 
Apicafa;-onit/ vine-ft-etter, tine-grab, puoeroa ; -pltd^ 
UT/ grape gatherer, vintager; -<|ba8/ skins or huska 
of pressed graftes; -faft / juice of the g. ; -{tllb^ 
grape-shot^ -^Wt , -ficnigel^ grape stalk; -\vifUt, 
sugar made fkom grapes ; -bit9/ mdv. in clustcis, ia 
the form of grapes. 

'Syoxltm, adj. pi. bmltte. drank, Intazi^ated ; b« 
af ®iottt, intoxicated with Joy; ^olbbtuRett/ half 
seas over; tmfU {tg b./ to get drank, ^ 'J£>-M, 
eit« pi, -e* drankard. — * !Cnilfen{faB/ ett. drankca* 
ness, intoxication, inebriation, 

^ntftte/ 9. a. ic i. to drown, to be drowned; 

foa baab font en bntfnet SRttnd/ m wet as a 
drowned rat. . 

jDrum/ et* a booming sound, 

IDtitunxntf «. «. to boom. 

!S>tunte/ vid. bt^nte. 

^Di9(c/ or X)ribe / vid. 'Dt^ppt, =: bu^Sboob, 

vid. bribbaab J -«iet/ adj. blear-eyed. 

liDr^nte/ ^Tonte/ to lag, loiter. = 'S>t\^€t, 
en*p<. -e. lagger, loiterer, 

'Sit^p, en. pi. -per. or S)ri^b/ drop, drip. 

^ri^bpe/ «. «. ir t. to drop, drip; b. en @tegr 
to baste a roast. = jDrpppelfe/ '£>ttfpptn, etu 
dropping etc. — jDrl^ppert/ en. clap, gonorrhea. ZZ 
br^pnflnet/ adj. snivelling, snivelly; -Xtntlt, gutter; 
-fteen/ stalactite, rz Comp. ^r^ppebttb/ drop bath | 
-fab/ dripping pan. 

^Or^Ste/ «. a. ft i. to dredge, sprinkle, powder; 
to drop or fall In small particles (as sand.) 

^Ct/ etu pi. e. the flower of rye 1= Imt, v. i. 
to flower (of rye.) ^OTCntng/ en. flowering. — 
^rcetib/ time of flowering (of rye,) 

^cnt, V. a. to kill, slay, put to death ; b. %U 
ben/ to kill time; et bra6enbe ^ug/ a mortal 
blow. = brabelig . adj. that can be killed. -> 

'S)tcth€t, en. «•<!. ^a6dmanb. — ^«e6ntng/ m* 
«t<i. ^aS. 

X)tag/ en. pi. -ge/ grapnel. = brOggC/ «. 4. to druf. 

iDrotgt, -er.«i4l. jDragt i; (of animals) utter. 

^ror^tg/ adj. with young, teeming, breeding; et 
QStih 100 %€fn& b./ a ship of 100 tons burden; etlb* 
9lgCT / a fruitftal field ; b. jtom/ ftall — ripe grain. 
— ^ragtig^eb/ en. stata of being with yonag ; (of 
vessels) tonnage, burden. 

S)raf/ et. vid. &aau 

jDronte/ v. i. to hum, buss. 

'S>xctntt, vid. brenlc. 
^Ott / en. & et. draught (of a net or of fiah ;> 
lining ; breed (of animals) ; = btcette •. a. to lino. 

^CKbC/ V. i. 1. ta drawl; 2. to lag, loiter. =b* 
bont/ at(j, drawling etc. 


rt(. It mi 

©refill «- * '• *"n>i" i""- "^ ™""- — 

S)lti, «</. IhrillT. »Tii>K-, iitiUMIil; 1K(., 

I..,!-, .idt»-, pa( rni ». Ort, u M' rt™B '•»- 
niit >o •"' : <t ^'" mmi, * khb ti"' " 
imk. - ■Eneitf, -Syaiidit, m. ibrtiUuMi -, •»"- 
,«, [«(!«. - S)T«Wf(, m. ifcrin. 

SJnit, "■ a. « *, M »«*« ■ fti"! «• .'"i " 
©Mm, tn, •). -OK. *iim -, Wl [t tor imj fom 

^Sm. kotk tl omcinancji -Stiaii, i<n<*I '''•^ 
»,ri -liD, d«.m7 ILfc, -'W- -^ -^^^^-jSl' 

©linHHK, B, i.M*t™, kiiiiidrtm^— S)"in= 
mm, tn, drnmini, - Ei.™m(t, IJiemiMtfrt, 
«. *«■([. — SSi™™"!, 1 r'-f- pii»«i»i. i»«rii. 

^sn, (t fl. i*. di>, Iit«l , nMlMing n(ii«. — 
tMnI, B. i. M imI, nimUt. 
©tsntt. iW. ti^nt(. _ 
'£)n|i . M d«.d)>. = ©[oB(m , H, liwdlisg. 

•Snn, rt. nw-, toggt 35., w rt" i*' nd, 

nHiHUrily. = Comp. b-l^(n^i W nwi- 
MiiMi niBJHiUi -IVtSft, 'dj. nmlnui; ff. 
blcknEfcd, DlltB ri)K»F<t; -tljgiiing, tn. tkenln( 

^BttE™"(n. ^4. Btbrauritt. 

BnglM tV "roa'-). bn fdl, Uan Uiyielfl %t tu 
ten niflll |I«A, lo MI — cbtrge tnc wilh ■ lH«g. 

M ikaa iKt tlinr £.. to plidct id itck iiniinifi 

in 1 (liu. = t'BHi/t. ©-bntn, ■ CTDsy (vlHl Iknu 

n< Ihtei). [*«« mill- 

©utat , m. /(. -rr. Jnoi =: Ctmp. S-gult, 

. EiM, m. pi. -r. tfigt^n, d«Ki ^antiit, ^uiw 
bni, Mtli — hnk pigtail. = t.-«./p. S)-ott, r- ■ 

June, plgtDD loia't, d.«»l; -6»6, plffonKii 
-hammtt. detifr in pjRHii -niift, pigMn-idg 

-Bnftfi. .,..nn hie; .(tig. SM. .^1111*! -ftt^ r 

I »B gaal, ID til El; Ml t>un .... 
tDvd tin aiUiiait "* tnn ift( at 

'XXKlif, »i^. •- , -- 

linfnri^ 04. rngnnl, odorltemi, bllmr, tinrtm. 
SXtfim, OL tiiiitiaf tic. 

t. £>Bg, tn. tioiki bnMi Shignt, la iinti 

tki clslk. = L'n^. ©.(Hltt , imrn ; -VUfln, 

a. ©Bfl, m. pi. o. 


Ml nDgci, i 

isu; -laati, .utttn, a4i. i 
Hcd -iUi d», t.Ht-(<. = tnaat, .. i. ■•■p«f 

* a. I> kcdtw; btt tIMgn, Ibt K- i> filing. 

Mutant, n. pj. -nieti. dint (•rtcici ardKt). 

X>iilf(, m. pl..-t. 1. kiiMcT; %.i*». ftjtu: 
rn S). Xi«a, ( ilitia or Orod. =r Om/. S 
■(an, -biUittf, iM. S^nfltST -tiung, bak; kaat, 

Mar; -if«b, , 

■ko> -, -flats, - 

-f«t1, r 

©uin, a*i. pu -ntt. i.ldnabO 3. din, aWmi | 

in t. @tRj|, t TiKilUb prnk. =: (.'am^. t-ti> ' 

flig, niff. roDt-bardr, nih; 'tiriftjgbtl! , I* 

rollf. — 'SluminnliiRC , cl. 'Cumcion, ni. tm- 

'Dunv, It. plUBp, plania. = bMn))( , a, i 

^uniD, K^i, sM. bums. . 

^©unlm, I. Ltd ibaadii, mile. = ©unlimi, w. 

'ai. «" &"im. 

n. tl. -I.i.l«>b*tlle, orJ«i 
, «*. pi. Jl., d«k. dia., olwaara. = 
t >, tn, diThBMi. dliDneH, DbacnHlT. 

ft, aW. S)en(iafl. 

b- i. TapaTMti -Sul, porBi -TWM, -h3t, 

■iiHiip>'ETe. — bnnRt, a. >. to eibali, cr^aiM 

©Hotel, daodfilma (lamaj. 

©uD, ©uvflo, aid. ©ap. 

©uptitot, tt, pj. -tl; dqilltut. 





SOkHM/ tL pt. -Cl. doxen. = b-lnifi, bv the i. 

S)ltff, riU ^i. -(« tall, UMcl. = bttfttt/ adj. 
taAeA, lasMled. 

^tC, vM. sui IVU 

jDhiov (t. p/. id. dowik =: CtffMf . b-6(«b, adj. 
itnimf\ "hpntf dowa bed; -ficber^ doway feither ; 
■.fn^l/ liiid froBi which dowa is obtaiaed; -^aftTCt/ 
tidj. doway; -^Ogct^ Mfy. haviag dowa oa the ebia ^ 
4tamma, ballrash rry/>h« latiMia)\ -l0d, ad/, 
dawnlcaa; -fntg^ dowa bed; -f(i«^ doivny beard. 
=: bunct/ 04/. downy. 

^Dmii/ «. «. vM. m*. ^>1U 

jDuitd, den«a. ^. otd, deuce ace. 

^UM/ or but/ 2V. r. to pitch. 

^DOlr od/. vapid, aiawhish. 

^Oalc, m. j»l. e. trance, torpor; Htt^ { ^., to 
lio in a Inaee; lie ia a torpor (of animals). 
— Comp. ^hax f mandrake airopa mandragora \ 
-Inrif, a soporiHc ; -b*b/ adj. ealraaced, torpid •, -]ftanb, 
loraM stale; -tibf season of torpor. [hish,nauseous]. 

iDoo^/ boajt; M(f .rude, coarse, uncoath ; flat, maw- 

^b€(g, Ct pi. c. buckram. 

^Offg/ m« pi. -C. dwarf. = Comp. 'S>t>ttt^ts 
maal, echo; -l>ar)Ctr dwarfish growth. — ^Dangs 
^ , conjuriBf cap ; -^tOiit f dwarf plaat ; -trot/ 
dwarf tree. 

^al, eii. vMf. ®\9t&tx, 

^D<cl(/ «. ft. to dwell; Hnfftf, tarry, ^.^bce; 
Im, CtU dwelling etc. — ^bcelft/ (It. loiterer, 

^96/ od/. deep, profouad; bto6t tnb i ^ontn, 
far lalo the wood; gtSTC (t b^bt ^ut, to make a 
low, profouad bow; futfe b./ to fetch — heave a 
doM sigh; feU H., to feel keenly; en b^6 it^euis 
OKlllg^eb/ a profouad secret. IZ Comp. '!^-fab/ a 
deep dish ; -gaOQlbC/ ody . (of roots) striking deep .; 
(of ships) of great draught; -tfUitt, ad/, deeply 

acavatrd ; -n^tt, vii. f»eir)^et : -feenbr/ ad/. 

fCMlratiag ; meditative ; -ftnbtg , adj. profound ; 
-4wbi^|^cb, en. depth of understanding; ^fer^enbt/ 
mdf. deeply afflicted; -tonteitbc ^ adj. profound, 
BMditative, contemplative ; -Dob/ deep sea Asbing-net. 

^96/ et* pi. id. the deep. 

^96b(/ cn. pi. -t. depth, profundity. 

lOvbt, 9. a. to deepea. 

t)ift / tdu pi. -n, virtue ; bct er iuil ^i^ben 
bai»rb / that is Just the beauty of it. =Z Vomp. 
^bffulb/ ad^. aid. b^btg; -lottt, vid. ^H^tUnt- 
Z= ^^bdmffnilet/ paltcra — paragon of virtue. =: 
l^^big/ Mb*, viitaous. 

ID9C fig/ «• ro/l. to be quiet, to restrain one^s self. 
^9d0</ *• '• ^ eprinkle with water. Z: X}\)^s 

ftOAb/ Old. b^ngoaab. 

OtMtia^ o^r. m, apt, able, capable; Ctt b. JtonC/ 
• notable womao ; pan flF b. 93aitf/ he got a sound 
irahbiag ; bpgtig ttOt — ftfftf/ thumping , bouncing, 
•i^PpiBg; (om b. ^Suffer tl6ubbmgen/ put plenty, 
«t lata of sagaf in the pudding ; tyatl M(0 b, Daab/ 

be got a caaqilelo aaayag. = ^tf^/A^j^, UU 
fitness, aptness, ability, capadly. 

£)9f!r/ «id. ^ultc/ 9. a. 

X)9ffer/ eti. pj. -e. 'diver. =: ^t^nrtr ct« 
diviag. — Comp. T£>ifthdiottt, diving ball. 

^9(ai/ aid. b0lg(. 

^9nb/ et. pL e, mire, mad. = bl^bct/ b)^ 
OgtiO/ a^y*. miry, maddy. :^Comp, 'S^-pvif sloogh. 

'S)t)nt, eit. p/. -I. feather-bed. = Cotmp. %> 
-fplb/ sturtag for a feather-bed ; -DaOT/ !• case of a 
feather-bed ; 2. bedlieh. 

JiD^ngC/ (tt.p/. -r. heap, hoard, mass. =! bl^gU 
t)uS/ ado. in heaps. := bt^MgC/ a. «. to heap, 
hoard, amass, accamnlate ; b. $eilg( fonimen / t* 
hoard up money. 

jD9n0l»aab/ adj. wringing wet, drenched. 

S)9ntng/ en. 9id. X)0nmttg. (stucco work]. 

^iD^nnile/ 9. a. to plaster, stoceo. =Z ^.0«rf/ 

£)9PV</ «• «• to dip^ plunge, immerse. r=X)9P« 
Tltn^ / £>9)»pelfC/ em dipping etc. i ^)^)))»clf( til 
^tCO/ sauce for roast. 

^91/ adj. dear, expensive; t bl^ jDontM// 
exorbitantly, at an exorbiUal rate; m b. (S(b/ a 
solemn oath. ZZ b^ftar/ ad/', costly, somptoous, 
expensive. — jD^ttbor^Cb/ Ctt. costliness, samptu- 
ousness. ZZ b-fivbt/ adi. dearJy bought or purchased, 
z: ^l^r^eb/ CIt. dcamess, expeosivenoss. — ^^C' 
tib/ en. dearth, scarcity. 

^^t, tt. fl. id. 1. animal, beast; 3. deer. = 
Comp. i£)-Iete« lair of a wild beast; 'Wo, aalmal 
life; -lOEgt/ veterinary sargeoa, fairier; -UrgelOlt^ 
veterinary art ; -ftolc / veteriaary school ; -UtCtf 
zoologv ; ^-niolnT/ painter of animals; -ploittC/ 
rid. $(antcbOt; -^^U, paiatiag represcntiaf 
aairoals; -OOrfOt/ brute, aaimal. =: ^^Ttart^ 
species of aaimals ; -cladfC/ class of animals; -XtfijlJ* 
ning/ batting of wild beasts ; -gaaib/ oid. -l^aOC 1 
-gant/ net to catch deer with; -graO/ keep for wild 
aaimals v pitfall for catching wild b easts ; -^at}€/ 
park ; -^ifiortC/ vid. ^^ilcrrc ; -l^ub/ ««d. -ffmb^ 
-^u((/''den of a wild beast; -tamp/ aid. -f(rgt« 
Utng ; -ft0b/ venison ; -frcbd/ zodiac ^ -t«tt(/ faauach 
of, venison ; -Uxt, «td. !£)Drletf ; -nb/ rutting timai 
-Ytg?/ animal kingdom; -rOg/ saddle of veaisoat 
-iTont/ fomets 5p. T. -ifinb/ deer skin; -fUrg^ 
race of animals; -tidbC/ haaat of a wild beast; 
-OOC^tCT/ gamekeeper. "ZZ bl^rifF/ adj. aaimal, brutiski 
bestial. — ^l^riif^eb/ Ctt. bmtishness. 

iDmrfC/ e. ou l.ta cultivate, till; 2. to worship. 
= ^)^xWt, CtU cultivatioa, culture, tillage; 
worship. — S)orfe]f, Ol, pi. -t. cu.tivalor, tiller; 
worshipper. — X)9rfntng/ CtU vid. ^prfcifc* 

^9df(/ m. pi. -C barraw, caira. 

^9«f( ,9. a. to lull, bush ; b. { ®ebn / to 
lull asleep; b. tt 9l9gte tteb/ to husb up a report. 
Z= jO^^tClV ^^ lalliag, etc 

1. ^Vfi/ <"* ^'* ^'^ ^•»ba>> Hl>^ til^ Jov»«t 
brush , bout , s«t-to ; shook, brunt ; i»Obr (It CS)» 
mcb ffH/ to TCfttnre a boot — try a fall with ono. 




:= Comp» ^4«B/ -ttnUn, tiltinr, Jmutiiig ; -\tmi, 
adj. accnstomed to Agbting. 

2* ^9f}/ tti. pi. e. fine flower or meal; m S)* 
9tean, t heavy fhower. ^ b^flt/ ». «. to sprinkle. 

£)^be(dtTcrf/ (n« ■>• foetida. 

^CtOgcl/ 9. o. to eade \ b. fot et S3aTn / to 
ftmdie, pet a child. =1 Comp. £)-BaTn/ foster child \ 
-^ont/ sacking horn; -lant/ cade — pet lamb, 
Ag. darling, pet. ^ ^ 

®«f / et >«. W. deck. = Comp. ®-Ie8/ «<&'• 
tvithoat a deck. zrComP. !)DcrId6aab/ decked boat; 
4^, deck cargo. - 

^9tfU, «. a. to cover; b* S3otbet, to lay the 
table ; bet er bttf fet for 20 >|^€TfonrT/ the table is 
laid for 20 ; b* ftg for XsA , to secure one's self 
against loss ; bet Oil tit)ppt b. ftg / it wHl hardly 
ooTor the e)q>enses ; b. 0^ for tm, to treat, regale 
one; b. af/ to take away.ZZ^amtttg/ Ot. cover- 
ing. = Comp. liDaftefab/ a cover dish; -gant/ 
bird net; -fUTO/ table basket: -ifn, table linen. 
Z: ©OffffllrtJf/ priming; -Ottrf/ covering. 

^orffC/ et. pf. -r. cover, Covering; layer, coat; 
f|»'tte itnber !£)./ to collude. 

^fltt^en/ et. pi. -tr. m<<. 4^e{iebff{fetu 

!iD«ife(/ (t«f<. -er. cover; dish-cover. 

5Dcel/ en. depression. 

*S)<txmt, «. a. to > dam. == 2!)cnnntttg / en. pi. 

.er. damming; dam. 

'^Otmiptf 9. a. [to damp]; b. ^^^eit/ to snbdne 
the fire, get under; b. et O^ror^ to quell an 
insurrection, suppress a riot; b. fine Stbenffa6er/ 
to subdue one's passions; b* eend ^OOntob^ to 
humble one's pride; b. ^eben^ to moderate, temper 
Ihe htfat ; (of sounds) to deaden ; b. en %TOmme/ 
to muffle a drum ; meb en bcnn)}et 3to{l/ in a sub- 
dued tone. !i: ^WOMtpttf en. pi. -e. sordet, sordine. 
— 'iDcem^ming/ en. pi. -er* subduing, suppression. 

^centre/ v. •. to grow dark, darken. 

^oratrtng t en. twilight, dawn. = ^omtrtngS:: 

II^ faint light. 

^ornge/ v. a. to bang. 

^tht , o. a. ^ to baptize, christen, rz: Comp. 
DoBeBog, rid.-itirfefcog; -fab, font; -font, baptis- 
mal font ; -^dnbling, christening, baptizing ; -naOn, 
christian — baptismal name; -febbef, certificate of 
baptism ; -Oanb , water for baptising. != ^e6er, 

en. pl> -e. baptizer, baptist; ^opanned ben^oSer, 
John the Baptist. 

J^eb, en. pi. e. death, decease, demise; afgaae 
Ueb S)0ben , ho depart this life ; \iQX\, tog ftn S). 

berober, it was the death of him; grccmme ,ftA tit 

^0be, to grieve one's self to death ; gaae t jDo- 
ben / to meet death ; Itgge for ^oben , to be on 
the point of death , or at deaths door ; ^U er 
S)«bJ[en@/ you are a dead man; 3^9 ^^n for min 
^. itte Ubftaae ^am, I can't abide him for the 
life of me. = Comp. ®-blaa, tirf/. livid; -6leg, 
adj. deadly pate ; -6lunb, vid. -fobn ; -farOc, 
deathlike colour, cadaverous hue; -favt^et , adj. 
Uvid; -fienbc, vid. ^«bdfienbe} -folb, ael/. death- 

cold; -merle, cimneriatt dariucas; -foont* adi, 
mortally wounded; -{f^lb/ capital crime; -fC^Cmgr 
adj. deserving capital punishment ; -fiitte, adj. itiil 

— silent as death; b«b — , bobSfl^ adi. mortallr 
ill. = !5)obebag, vid. jDflbSbOgt -bonbdy aaaee 
of death; -Itfte, list of the dead; -mooneb, nd. 

©Ubemaaneb. = S)eb8aar, year of death; -onggf 
horror — dread of death; mortal dread or fear; -M, 
estate of a person deceased^ -fettb, tidings of death ; 
forerunner of death; -bag, day of death; -bolBi 
sentence of death; -bug, »id. -fOeb ; -falb,sid. 
©Ob; -fare, danger of death, mortal peril; -|i«? 
be, mortal enemy, — foe ; -fr%t, fear — dread sf 
death ; -laxttip, agonies of d. ; mortal strife, dettt 
struggle ; -leie, death bed ; -maabe, mode — ■■■- 
ner of death ; -mibbe(, meoM of death ; -nob, «id> 
-fare; -qOal, pangs of d.; -fttOT, mortal waaad; 
-fog, mortal offence; -fong, death song; -fn<9f 
bed of death, deathbed; -ftrig/ dying — , deaft 

shriek ; -fhflrl, vid. -angefl ; -fmertt, vid, -(pal; 

-ftraf , capital punishment ; -^'b / vid. 4a0j^» 
-[tunb, hour of death ; -fuf , dying >groan ; -\f^i 
sweat of death ; -fpg, vid. tupr. bobfog ; -fpgtoB, 
mortal illness ; -f^b, mortal sin ; -feon, sleep sf 
death; -tanter, thonghta of death; -tcgit, synytwi 

— sign of d. ; -ttb, -time, vid. H^tmb J -tWlW 
comfort — consolation in death.^ 

!2D9b, adj. & adv.- n. bebt. dead, inaniairte', 
en ®0b, a dead body, corpse; b. f^artM, — 0«r 
dead — dull colour — eye. 1= Camp. bobbOjjt 
adj. doughy ; -fobt, still-born ; -^Obcbet, adj. daB- 
headed ; -Otet« adj. dull-eyed. 

^Obe, V. a. to put to death, kill. 

!iDebe({g, adj. deadly, mortal, fatal; m'V»t 
a mortal; b. 9(fgang', decease, demise. — l^t^ 
Ugt)eb, en. mortality, deadliness. 

^Ob^eb, en. deadness, numbness. 

'S^Obntng, en* />/. -er. corpse, dead body ; gbsitf 
spectre. ZZ Comp, ^-6een, bones of a skeletea; 
-banbS, vid, ^ebebanbd; -faroe, cadaverous kaei 

-l^aee, (poet* for i^irlegaarb) ; -^ooeb, desftV 

head ; scull ; -tntp, dead man's pinch ; -lugt, cadi- 
verous smell ; -rab, skeleton. 

jDoe, V. t. bobe, er bob. to die, expire, pay ^ 
debt of nature, breathe one's last ; b, Bort, to die 

— drop off; b. Ub, vid, ubbfle. 
!iDogentgt, en. a good for nothing fellow. 
^Ogn, et pi, id, a single rotation of the earth* 

24 hours; ^egnetd @mag, the fashion of At 
moment. ZI Comp. ^-b(ab^ ephemeral print; 
-bl^r, -ftue, ephemeron ; -liO , ephemeral lift I 
-ffifte, diurnal change; -fPrift, ephemeral — P"""? 
pamphlet ; -ftriOer, paltry pamphleteer ; -Oorig, ^• 
ephemeral; -Oorrb, ephemeral worth ; -borfen, eph- 
emeral^ being. 

^ete, V. a. to brook, put up with, stomach, endtft> 

®«it, vid. ©oit. 

1. X)«(, en. inhabitant of a valley. 

2. ©«l, en. 

S^elge, V. a. bulgte, bttlgi to conceal. ^ 




S>9l^m(uH, et. c»ttcet]m«Bt; feU { '^'fr-.^^ ^^ 
delhrcred under concealment of pregnancy. — ^VlgS- 
WMtf concealer; receiver (of stolen goods). 

•'S^mamt, «. •. & i. ^emU% Ivmt, to Jndge, 

fmn a Judgment of; to pronoance Judgment, pass 
sentence , to sentence. Judge ; faabtbt man fatt ^» 
af ttt ttbDortf 8/ to judge fkt>ffi appearances ; b. em 

ra S;ilKtr to pass sentence of death on one ; t). tttl 
S^Cbci, to amerce one in a fine. ^ Comp. ^9ttts 
tncfraft/ en. judgm^t. 

®«n/ et. (din) rambling, booming. = tvm,' 
«. >. (• ramble, boom. 

S)emng, or ^«nntn^ en./'j. -er. swell (of the sea). 
IDflr, en» pi. -e. door ; IvXtt X)«ren t Wafen 

4iaa een, to shut the door in one's face; !S)eTen 
gft 0^ ojj v the door opened and shut; mbett l^trct, 
viih'm doors ; btfc eeti ^OTeit^ joge ^aa X>..'/ to 
tarn one out of doors ; Boe ^. om ^. meb ttn, 
•o live next door to one, be one's next door neigh- 
bo*. =r Ciiymp. S)«ra)»l , 9id. -fia6e(; -l^eflo^/ 
■MotiBg of a door ; -falb/ -fattg, jambs of a d. ; -{let/ 
leaf of a folding d. ; -f^lbttlg , panel of a d. ; 

-ll^ammeY/ knocker, rapper; -l^tmafet/ hinres of a 
d. ; -farm/ door-case, fk-ame of a d. ; -timttf letdi 
of a d. ; -noffe, door bell ; .norbnmg/ vid. -M^s 
tng; -lob, weight for a door; -^ej), Vid. -floi£e; 
-ftaBel / pivot of a d. ; ■M.t^t, door-post ; -^'i^m, 
painting over a d. ; -tTibfC/ pulley for a d. ; -t6xi, 
vid. -tcerffel; -hror, lintel; -tcrrffet, threshold; 
-bogtet/ door-keeper, porter, janitor; -DOgterffC/ 
portress, Janitress ; -bttgt/ weight for a door. 

'^erflog/ 7>l. id. sieve, colander. 

©e8/ ett. drowsiness, zr'beftg/ adj. drowsy. — 
^efig^cb / en« drowsiness. — bvfe , V. i. f a. 
to doze, mope. — ©efetl/ e«» dosing. 

!£)eb/ adj. deaf; b. 9tefl — i^fU, a dull 
toned voice, bell ; b. @g/ a dull edge ; b«VC fUtU 
ber, blind, dead nettles. — ^Ob$eb/ en. deaf- 
ness, surdity, 1= Comp, bvbfebt, a^j- born deafv 
-giere/ v. a. to deafen, deaden, dull'; -flaae/ V. a. to 
strike deaf; -fhmt, adj. deaf and dumb. 

^ebe^ V. a. to deafen ; deaden ; blunt. I^ Comp* 
£)evcbnf , anodyne draught. — ^bclfe, en, deafening 
etc. apathy, torpor. 


<S6Be, en, pi. e: ebb, reSuz; '®, Og ^lob/ ebb 
and lood, tide. ^ ^tlb/ ebb-tide; bet er -ttb/ the 
tide is ebbing. ZZ ebbe, v. i. f impers. to ebb. 

^/ etu pi. -er. oath, affidavit; aflffAge ^./ to 
Mke an aridavit ; 3<d ^^^ ^Ag^ 1>*^'>^ ^ ItXpMf 
\ 111 take my oath of that, Pll be sworn to that; 

t'«re folfP @,/ to peijure one's self: befrcffte meb 
*f to affirm by oath. != Comp. (S-br^ber/ violator — 
breaker of oaihs ; -fftfle/ v. a. to put a person on his 
' Mth; -foom/' adj. sworn; -togelfe, administering 
tf an oath ; -tOf^en/ a^j. sworn. = (SbSbrub, vio- 
iMfion of an oath ; -)}aat/ compact — contract sealed 
by a solemn oath. -^ ebeHg, adj. on oath, 

Sbbet/ en. pi* c. l. venom ; 2. matter, pus ; fcttte 
ft./ to matter, fester, suppurate. tZ Comp. (E-a!gttC|/ 
*4f- purulent ; -Jbtb/ venomous bile ; -b^Ib / boil ; 
^epf spider; -Onb, adj. very malicious; -{lange, 
veaomotts serpent; -fcftntna/ festering, suppuration. . 
Sbbite, en, Tinegar. z: o'omp.^S-br^er/ vinegar 
. Woufactarer ; -br^goeri/ vinegar manufactory; -fto? 
fUf T. boUlfe ; -fntrte , vinegar craet ; -atcering/ 
•eelona fermentation; -l^onnmg/ oxymel; -mfebcer/ 
Acirica preserved in vinegar; -fltur/ adj. sour as 
fingnr ; snlurated with acetic acid ; -f^tC/ acetic acid. 
6bett/ Ct, Eden. 

fiber/ prom. pert, you ; your, yours. 
Cbftbltun/ et. eider down. / 

Cberfngl/ en. eider duck. 
I ^g/ en. pi. ^t, or @ger/ oak. =: Comy. @geBarf/ 

•ak-bnrk ^ -oorb/ oak — oaken table ; -CranbS/ wreath 
*-> garlaad of oak leaves ; -lltnb / grove of oaks ; 
•IUtH/ rtrong as an oak; -fbamj^/ oak agaric; 

-iXCt, 1. oak tree; 2. oak wood; -temmer/ oafc. 

@egl^tort/ en. pi. -e. stag beetle. Lueanus eervut,- 
@em/ en* pi. e. vapour, zz erne, v. i. to emit- 

vapour, s 
^en/ card, nvm* n. tit, one ; bet fcmmer ub ^aa tiff 

it is all one ; meb eet/ all at once ; (Set erfomobent/^ 

one thing is needful ; mtt ene &een / one of my 
legs ; ben ene meb ben anbcn / one with another V 

en nnberlig ttn, an odd fish. =: Comp. eenaartg* 

adj. one year old ; -aartg ^KJ^t, an annual ; -a¥« 
mtif adj. one-armed; -Baaren, only begotten; 
-beenetf dne legged ; -brttgttg / adj. barroonious ; 
-bra^atigBeb / en. harmony, concord; -folbtg/ vid. 
enfolbig ; -gana, adv. once ; ^aa -gang / all at 
once; -gang for aIXe, once for all; -BoOet/ adj. 
having an undivided hoof; -^cenbet/ adj- one- 
handed; -Y(ang/ unison, concord; -raabtg/ vid* 
felt^raabtg ; .twn, et. privacy ; t (S-mm/ in private^ 
privately ;-jtbtg/ adj. partial; one-sided, unila- 
teral ; -flbtgBcb, Ctt. partiality, one-sidedness ; t -jtttbe/ 
adv. once; -ftnbtg/ adj. unanimous; -finbtg^eb/ en* 
unanimity; -ftabt / 'a<(/. uniform; -fpcenber/ a single 
horse (put to a vehicle); -f)}ffnberbOgn/ one horse 
chaise or cart ; -flaOelfe&orb/ monosyllable ; -fiettt^ 
mtg/ adj'. I. Tot one voice (as music) ; 2. unanimous; 
-ftemmt^en/ adv. unanimously, with one voice or ac 
cord ; -forbet/ adj. having one seat (of carriages) ; 
-Otet/ adj. one-eyed. 

@enaang/ adv. vid. sub ttn* 

@«nbcb/ en. unit; unity, oneness. 

(Sen^teming/ en* pi. -er. unicorn. 

HBii ttn iniliu ®ltmC, Uu'iipf k nair, uUbiir, 
liifltbltHHlnMi; MdnUgciJall, i uwrKdua^l* 
vilkiHI ckil4i» 01 ■trvul. =enilia^fr, (H.IohU- 

tlml, ady. t OWE. iinUciJ, Uii umij' tit tt 

nrij gonftt t., tt ii (ii ut It lie I iilXi BmniK 

OOM imS (1«BK, Ita chiWrm in lU iitUti UiiB. 
=: (intotM, iM/. Ii*mt«'»«»u, or iht iwt 
■pcciei; -taiinit, nl/. aiiihiM; -fmifL a^y. oF 
s» cgluu ( -fsnnig , n^A iigir<nii ; -feniBB^l'i 

jound^ raoKinsiii; -linttt, «f>. ctnUaal) -Rftig, 

■^ nnoijfeioiii I -ipbiabrtf m. ixBaiirBr. 

etnHtt, m- pi. t- lUigiiBi, uili; i4cativ. 

etnfom, ony.laiil;, JsncuH, !«>, igliuir. — 
ElMfDin^Ct, (It. .Illludl, londiatH. 

Stntlia, adl. nig. ulitiry. JsHly. 

eu, v>d. ttn. = c<»i^. ettmool, ff. r. ^4 

Iwwi ; -Ul , luiil. 

MtDi **)■ "'"■■, t- 'QtT Uifftn, *ti «t em. 

<£fi(I/ frv^. tt aic, alHr, pill, bchjnil, iial u, 
•iciiTding It ; firnntu tFtR iiMiti u Bad ani, (•> Ike 
liaacii tr laiDiiklnc, gau E. Slctftn, la rollBw ani'i ntiej 
(. Stiligtlt, >; Mill aae'i caaTtKleaix; (. Stbafl, 
■1 ■leinni t. Stfall'iu, br umBiBl i t. SoUltB 
StftaffmStl, u ih.T... =.r !«; ., min »lt= 
ning, la mr opiaioa ; (. Sioiitn — €»rii]tn, accurd- 
ia( 10 law, — Srrlpinft ; Iftt (. litt, by Unit >o4 
limo, bi itgiat : gian mutt t., vU. tfltriiitc ; 
tinmne t. tcl utneitte, u jodgi by ipptmacH ; 
ffilt noA— €!l;t (. IttUDd It Ital tforlb— loulbt 
alt gout tain i. Snftn, ivirj ihlng mccetdi lo 
<■'• —''^— ■ g S)aai t. tmantlHi S diii inaaiaT. 
« .HA ....,„, hii. = CD,«^, efMc 


efltrt»ii, imV -tten. 
ejtRfiiloni, o«. rili» la. 
efmliitt, ». tiploTo. — E-fort, tipltniiti 
eftttfnftr, ..^ to lo.e.>l(.io. «p)tr., HmiliUi. 
■cBch. = e-fotfTnfnj, m. ju. .(r. lnvniit>iitj 

"MwftoB, nt. tfioi [toil. 

(EflRf^rtri. e. a lo ill 

•Stttrfehnng, tn. ■ j.n i,tn cbllj. 

ISftfrfAIW M. (if It eooiV Hi> •' • ^-iM 


-• ■'^iiKn6< ©nrt, 
= tflagivdigr 

-6oInl;8, a^. by dC(Tce(, (iminlll. 

. — ^„„,,"- "* ""' "'~"'ir- =*■ 

efttrftn^, P. a. lit $i(iite Sl)|tR, |« Iik^t 

@ Ittbi, tt. ifttitrtnib of luf. 
e titSBfl, m. >ner-cii>,. 
_ISltliliat, B. o. It ebiH, ponac, kniins. 

~e liSfii, nit. lidaSi, 
e Kitlaiu, tn. ahf r itiud, rutuiea. 
EtnninrBU. tilflint. 

S InflOJ, ■«. iRtc wiia. 

€ Int cmtni, e. a.uctmp[|rwiib,|ictroia,eUiin. 

gftllfinnKntE, siff. iiccecdiag, lObKncaL 

efttrfroll, H. iftfr cli 

eflttfultt, DiA .fnlt. 

eftitlalic, B. o. * r«;l. 
nuloci. =e-la>(l(t, in. rnoiHioi (t. f .tIp' 

Wtralatoi, aOj, pk -Mm, ■•(ii(»i, 
eflnlattnitt, m. aeglij— — ~ 

Sfltilat(n{t[it, (I. oil 

latk o.«, immeia (u bteb.). =: e-h^^ 

S^nltet, V. a. eU. iflRbamt. = tB-Uttlfil, 

*e(ftnlii)(n^, Old'. larrlViiKi ttS., 
ISftcrluxiftd tn. itlict. 
SflRlivnUu, rU. Sliiiilng. 

®ft(iliB9tt, tn.|(JL - - 

btUnd bf ■iBHthul ii 

na, m. ft. -ft. Isietllfcncc, tccaiuiU, 
9flimk% aij. lokc nritd on I bcICl fig' m etfa^ 
^trrfi^, et, vhI. dtlrnniTli. 

6fl(l{«f(, (. a. U> tick ar, |le». 

"^mn, (t. eW. Sftoiin. 

«tt^; ([irtffwBm, ai</. 
e-fftiiinlng, til. l»iu- 

1 coolribiilloi , ■d;Uli*nil 


Sfinftrd, (I. fi. U. inDr<<«L (<»' loKiuin, 

fefttlrtOIf, t. m. to Iritk, Inc. oaL — i-fpMlItg, 
tSftfifp™!, .. a. M iaqvirt •(In, Mir Tot, Dikt 
KToiiii W«( Bam m nKgri (fmfpmrjtt, thm 
r-.. ._. rt dcmiad 0. itqwrti = i-ftng. 

'aT^. ttte. 

) l!lB, to tlol a^ail ~ tfltBpl Oli'l 
It, -(IrVWII, (It. up)nli« ; riot. II- 
■. — ffi-ftraSrt, M. fI. -t. floitn. 

il, 0, 1. liHpealn; ■{■ S., pMUn. 

-™ io' ti." w" (of""dIl^if)®"'* 

gFtcruS, (11. inti tiati, iA« igtt ; i ^itrlAm, 

in (ouut. [-ftntic 

efKrttiigtt, >i. a. S-t™g((B, -ftaflhiiiia, (n I^M. 

efttrWK, (It. ' iiHll (»nr !■ ibt tiir. 

eftfrit^r. ((. f.t..t. cBpii..ii, ■UH>| -uva\ 

adi. cMhoiic.-iU -filtgtn. mf*. cspkaiinnT. 
efttrtti)*, (t. fLii_' l>£.l-.urHi»ilio« un 
»r idiiioD. — B-ltljm, •. a. u piinl i nmifit. 
lioai cdllion, M pitiie. = S-tn)Il(I, a. pintiul 

»ed 1 -t 

tcokoB OTH. =:<S-tab 


efltttall(, I. 
((tia. ni. H. -tt. 

efttdonft, t. a. 10 ifBciI •■, coulltr. pa. 
d<T, wFijii. =: ff-tunrnmg , tn. iclitiioa, coui- 
driiiioiii-tilillfinn, conidrrilc.cltniinipicii -tont 
(omfld!, tn. couidt^ntu. 

eftniKt, tn, K -tt. incr-piioi. 

"'.flnttit, t. a. 10 Btifli oY» ■£•!.. = S-Mt 
. (It. f/. -ft, wtlgbilK (It 

[irntnitM, tn. psuiiii, itiv ■«(•. 
^.jlttoihl, (11. pi e. iorerior nliit. 
6pn»iiil(r, tn. •(!«[ "inter. 
etlHUKIOllt, «!i- nteeoJlog, Witt. 

efitimi, m-F*- '■ "itBgioirtk. 

ej, egfin*. •"• S(fl- _ . , 

eg,tn. Fl.a^t,ed«». = C(»«p,^Pa(ir,ii«l(bf 


, tdc iDWd 


tl ■ -vhell. ^ Comp. SfftwrJ, a-a 

egm, «<;. •-< 
liar, puiinliri lirvgnt iti @|n 

Boa. 11 H .milMii 1> ( Krmli 
nifft. ■ tI»(Blir — *dil (h.r.™ 

-Simlilg "unb(rfMf(" 7m m""i (" -W'' 

»flf(, trt», .ntjpjfh Iduri -KotHft, 
■■ , titlilliul; -n»lll(l6rt. """"' — 

- Com?, (got: 

Dig, a<(/. nJItnl, leir-niJItd, iitiitiuT', 'Uatig^it: 
■flri^MH, •ruinrincui -tete, •<« edBod^ 
.finm,BM.-f(rrFlnb«i -(lnlitni*-.wiiriii; •jtai™- 
. "-'T^t ttilhUum, arlalriiTHeui -Ibitt, 
' -n'ilf. , ltceJ« Vt - ■- ■ 

.Btlifa, -in1Jlg^< •^ -rwMg, -niciligtA; -i 
esftiMt, m. pi. -a. piialiKiiri •ingaltiili 

led; -BnWat 
eawhiD, . 

eaniM. *(. (>'. -- , — 

Usn ; aiittinnintlts <£.. divine 
SfllnUig, id|. FiDFEr, reili 

I. t«rt, jiopMiy- ■ui«ij t 

E)limnan, Penmuil pra|il. 
fetni, (t. jrf. -CT. K|olrte[. 

eflgf. . - ' 


ttg«t fig, r. r^/I. (til), 

tEgfltuUf tguntM, 
<^Gin, nt. mii 

fcrift. VXX ef»iH. = (Jwfl'l'fir-rf''" 
^ iDI; II ^t(n, ii*r, neilkei. 

ei(, at. fl- o- 

(Kj,-.iQ t»iii is ; 

Bit, ». •- lo o 

— , . — jmtlj good, eicetdinfJr kbiil, 
^Sil^mt. m. tilri - '- 

«■ iraptrt,. 

KioilJeDt, r... ,.. , ,, 

Cniip. QltntomtfrigA, in. full md tn 
fHioiiaii (u [0 Kt ^nrX er •llodiilly) 
■llgdill (flHksJd) hn; -(|Otie, ilLiKlitl 
Mila — pnptnr ; -ttm, lord ar Aa du 



eOaiA, It. III. -r klam* (jadft. 

"■' urrfTd, entlSrt, »«.ffl(nmB((ia,»««> 
If. .Ai .i...i-, .piiBCT- — Stafiicittt, «. 


- gltdricililiiwu: . 

icaridii. - eiti 

(hflnW, I-. ■ ,. 

SkctnfitoaailiiK, m. titcinrjiig bhUus. ~ ^ 
ttijl. i^. ilanio-il. 

ei(|)^IUU , tn. yt. -n. elepkant. = Crmp. 9- 


. t eitnti, tl. uilt i laid sf eiilc. 

Slnibio, a^. nnlcbtd, BlKraUa, pitoou. — 
einttifl^nii tn. wrtidiedaeiL maaj. IIth). 

"-'taiban, it i™ti eUfcnfimiB, iT«j, at 

IglAnr, V. ■. u tlida. — Slific 

eitin, tL dixit. 

eOt, ar er, m. pi. eiln. aMcr. 
= Cdm. S-tmnlt, tiDBp af •■ al.... , 
Itm^^fnggt fOA^tn S-lmnlt, Inbtn 

i>l> af •■ aldar; 9RanibI 

eUttdnlS, m. 

f«l(, eiUnfoB, h .... 

toriAI, fiiiT kiigi tUniOl, 

"tf. oatk-haiHd. 
ir (laa ; (Mdm (Ot 

— lain imtUnn t. 

«(f. amiahl"' ]».alr. - BlftO^itt, 

- .n. I«. =■ le". =Camp. eiftougtaont, 

lit — baad *(]<»-, -brtn, rava-ltiur, Ulltt-daui 
■bmt/ tuUitBncn ia loiEi -brfntt, lui; -bigl, 

-fnlt, iwTenii -sun/ god of Ioye,,Cupid; -6«t^ 

tt loilf -a«l!t, loret'i miFlioff -|MltUi pTaJ«a — 
Mken of lave; -fAil , le*e-ibin; -luul, laro na- 
loK.; -f«fl(I, low alalr.; -faiia,lov.-ioa,i -fS, 
lt*e li^; -tattt, mr at lave; -limtiT. Ion 
dwaiMfi -infir l*Ta Hat. 




^flEbttrbg/ adj. mitUe, loTely. — QlffDOrts 
ttojkb/ en. amiabilitf, loyeiiMsi. 
^BtntftXt, V. a. to elnde. 

<5r«/ en. K -t* river. = Cmnp. (SfVeBrtb/ Btr- 
eia, buk of a r. ; (SItt ^ — SlbrBrttt, overilowiiig, 
iamdatioa of « r. ; -ttgC/ dike, embanknent of • 
tirer \ -XstM # course or « r. ; -fo9, cataract, ca- 
acade; Slopcfl/ hippoaotaniu , river-borae; -muxis 
^hlO/ mouth of a r. ^ @lDef«t(^ bed of a r. 
(BiMibanbS^ -folt etc. vid. tub ®(ICebant9. 
<Slliat(/ en. enamel. — tmoitittt, V. a. to ana- 
Bel. — ®mat]lerer, en. enameler. 

SmBeb / (SmSebr, et ^f. .t. office , place, poat, 
enpioynent; hiticttit et @./ to fill an ofllce: fege 
«t d. / to apply for an office : foreflaae et ^^ to 
«acbarge an ofllce •, affottted fra et ^.f to be dis- 
Bisaed — remoyed fh>m — turned out of office. ZZ 
Cowf. SmSebSoor / yean of being in office ^ -aU 
beT/ afe requisite for obtaining office ; -boltg/ offi- 
cial residence; -IhrobeT/ colleague; -htfCtHf burden 
of office, charge ; -ttOgt/ official costume; -bueltg^ 
1f^, official ability; -tt , oath of office ; -fotTCt- 
mng/ fttttction, official doty; -fOTflfe^ disdiarge of 
office ; -gaorb/ vid. -SoKg ; -gtenttng/ vid. -fomt^ 
Ititig; .{n)>fom{l/ income •— emolnmenU of office; 
-tkmr^ official seal ; -tttanb, functionary, public co- 
▼emBent-oflcer ; -tMtT^t, badge of office; -Wtfbe/ 

4deli^r in the discharge of official duties ; -l^egne : 
paa S« / in Tirtue of one^s office , officially ; -oet/ 
official career. 

embUm, et. vid. @mbBttXeb. 

^ime, v. i, to steam, reek. [to emigrate. 

(Emigrant/ en. pi. -er. emigrant. — e^gterf, v. i. 

tSmmeT/ pi. embers. 

®md, et. stuff. 

fgn, art. a, an,- ' 

fSnl) / eonj. ft adv. than (after compar.) ; but ; 
IHOfe ^er Cnb ffal j^ombeS; happen what may; 

am ^an etCb het mtg not faa meget/ even if he 
offered me ever so much; enlD om ^an et t»t( gibe 
^t (Somtl^e f but if he will not give his consent ; 

cnt een %tng maae jeg omtale , one thing more l 

Bttat mention; ent ^WCt , still greater; ettb {ige^ 
to say aothinc of, not to mention ; tnti \iittxtf more- 
•rer.. ^ enlba^ even, still, even then; enlnU/ 
orfV. yet, as yet, still; en1>nu eitgang/ once more; 
MKo again, over again t enbnu engang faa (lot/ as 
Mf again; enbog/ cnbogfaa^ even; en^t«nbt/ 
«n^. diottgb, although, notwithstanding, albeit. 

Vnlie/ en. pi. -er* tnd, termination, extremity; 
Bp. r., antler; hvt wig tit @./ hear me out -- to 
aa end; foae @. poa en fteDfommelig ^ag^ to 
|ct through a tedious day; l^an fit fnatt (S. j»aa 
jpt ^onnue/ he soon ran through his fortune; pan 

»{( ne^^e let^e ttnnt ^oa ttilS./ he, will hardly 
lira the day out ; gooe ttt ®./ to expire, elspse ; 

g{ert 8. ^M/ to put an cad tt, p«t a Mrlol to, 
make aa end of; fomme t<( 9. mc^/ VCtngC ttt 
iS./ to finish, terminate, conclude, bring to aa aad, 
put an end to: tAOe tn fVTgeUg 6./ to come to a 
sad end ; til ten IS. / to that end ; noOT dntm CC 
gob er Olting adtt, aira well that ends well. = 
C0mp. Snbeoegftab/ final letter ; -Ibtfining/ bead — 
curve at the end ; -f ant / extreme edco ; >htub(f 
knot at the end ; f .freb9, vU. ^^itfifreM ; -langSy 
adv. at one*s length ; tnm end to end ; -Ut, laH 
— extreme link; -M, adj. endJeaa, intoiBinable; 
-(efi ®abe/ a blind alley ; -maal/ ead, object, aim ; 
-mt^f ultimate end , final object ; -^Utlft^ extrema 
point ; -ttitn/ concluding rityme (of a atoasa) ; -ffibC/ 
top-cut — heel of a loaf ; -fTvt^r eolophoa ; -f|»{b0/ 
extreme point; -ftabelfe, final syllable; -ftt^ne/ ea4 
piece ; -tomt/ rectum ; -Venbe/ v. a. to torn upsida 
dowa; to put the back part foremost; -Intfningy 
ultimate — final effect; -D(eg, end wall. 

(Snbe/ V. a. refi. ft dep. enbte, tnti, to eai, 
finish, close , terminate, conclade. — fSnbelfe/ CM* 
pi. -et. temination. 

(Snbeltg/ adj. finite, limited ; llnal, allimate, de- 
finitive; adv. at last, at length, finally, in fine, 
ultimately; ^un bilb^ e. ^\3t ot jeg ffulbc tritu 

inb^ she would absolutely have me step in, insisted 

upon my stepping in ; Ivti maac ®e enbeli^ itU 

gietmne/ be sure not to forget that ; — (Snbeltg^eb, 
en. 1 . finiteness; 2. end, conclusion, [be near one's end. 

@nb>(t^t, et. pi. e. end, death; bOtrcDeb fit®./ to 

Snbemtj?/ adj. endemic -— al. 

(SnbiDte, en. endive. 

dnbba. enbmt le. vid. $«b enb« 

©nbodfeve/ «. a. to indorse, 

dne^ adv. alone, by one^s self, solely. ZZ Comff, 
eneberetttget/ adj, enjoying an exclusive priyilege ; 
@-boei/ recluse; -boltg/ solitary mansion; -(fUg^ 
sole — exclusive use ; -panbel , monopoly ; -^ttttf 
sole master, autocrat; -l^etvebontme / sole sway, 
autocracy; -l^erffet/ absolute monarch or sovereign ^ 
-jagt / exclusive right of sporting ; -f antmer / room 
occupied by one person; -(ain|>/ single combat; 
-liO/ retirement, solitude, seclusion ; -ntOgt/ sovereiga- 
ty; -mceattg, vid. -raabig; -mttne^ precincts, do- 
main ; -^Ige / maid of ail ivork ;-raabtg, a^. uncon- 
trolled (master); -raabtgl^b/ uncontrolled — inde- 
pendent power ; -ttt, -tetttg^eb/ monopoly, privilege ; 
-tafe^ soliioouy, monologue; private conversa- 
tion; -banbttng/ solitary ramble; -bolbf absolute 
Sower; -bolbS^em/ absolute monarch; -ttelb6l^ene< 
emme , ' absolute monarchy , autocracy ; -I}0lb8« 
Icnpt, absolute king; -t»oIb«magt^ absoloto power; 
-DelbSregtenng/ absolute government; -»«lb/ vid, 
-k»o(bdmagt ; -ocetbtg/ adj. absolute, uncontrolled. 

@ne/ V. a. Vid. forene. 

(Sne6/ V. dep. to agree. 

®ne6orr^ et. juniper. = Comp. @.brcenbet>ttn, 

gin, bollands ; -olit, Juniper oil ; -faft / Juniper rob. 
@nefte/ adj. only, only one , sole, single ; e* t fit 
\ <^Iag9 / unique. 


tnhttii, »4- "-tJ'i ™ <■ 'aetata, . .iBrLim. 

Enj, 01. fl. -t- miHpw, ■••d. = Com,. Eng" 
tidriw, nt «>»■(( i« — kouii.g of nudow 1^; 
-ilmt, maio' Of" i -ouab , -gninb , bii- 
<Dw iud4 -gnrt , »••*-' p™ ; -S«w , «cm- 

Hi) stidowl -SaBK, BiMdin. |]H.|IU>. Alt- 
maprvui., -So, m<.do- bi,; -jra, isg ok; 

fnUMiu; -nB«t,-«'»i»i" «* tl»T«. TrifaUum 
jraiiiiiij 'luib, c<d. -bunt; -Infi, leU Jaiii- 

..UmM jmiHuif,- -tuQibr nK!«d l<tila. Lfd^t 
fin KtmUi -jtlfrt, mtiiiiiw IiH (in Mcngc); 

'-ft»t, 'n«Ml!rk.)4'."irg 1 -fiilrll^ bird'. ■y.J-i"'- 

.f»B, cwmn >uRel. Sumtt ilMWMi -utt, «•- 

SnganA. **r. oitt, out d.y m Mini; iKi (., 
■M >«DrZ<m< t-r »IT Ikinki JCoouiKi X)t cn^ 

^(!, m.p"i«iU, "«i'l- = Camp, englt^ 

An, tbonu «ram(ili; -6iII»1I, ckBTill'l litid (in 
mhitiEliin -Il'ig, "ti. ■•(•Uii mgil i -liu, bliu- 

gMa nia | -fang , »■« >f •■te'' i -Wi'' "t*- 
Ih tmilH -ff*n, k*ii of uftlii -{tnnnu, vU. 

' tbietlft, wtf. Ewiliki (. $IaRn, umri — , 
Mjcklag rlu>«( t> Sdlti Epfus «UU| (. @M(, 
riikiis; font liter af i. @M<, tickuy. = ingti-' 
fnj, B. ^ (m «<fl), 1. d.d. (. I,™), 

enoMtj JWim. »*WTi "1*1 oiiiy OM, nrm' 
llDlr. IDT •)■». •■) btdi; (. iTiH, (let; aOt 

«( ni^m, Mck lid »N. 

exM, «|j. Hiled, UD..Iini>iui Dart t., lo IpH. 
- CnTe^dl , en. cw«d, kuBoiT. uiu , xrc 

fninft, tn. iwlg^' Hntiiiui. 
nti, adi. vU. tnltll. 

-o», Rlilt e., Mlt.el> 
nftan, r'"* "' nido 

comy. Bnftan, 

hide i .turn, Mtf -ftimC ) -Brattt, widint'i nttd* ; 

-^t, oidswIuHd; -flEc, dowigci Mil ai minilBD. 
Sntclli «(). liiiglc , indJvidttil ; (. @u6[)lll1Ct ~ 

individu'il I '1. ancniidTt, > •iaglt luii in mttlt 

Sang, gp« is • nri mhlii Snniitnlti: 

gn, I rcH nny mulu ; ticglt mittle @an^, do- 

luiiullri I|MI i MS., tl (■— iDlci lilg dtUUIl 

— puilcilin. ~ ISnMlB^, m. liitlutH , ■iiaHt- 

■ea t H -«■ 'M'iti, picUculiH i -fiutntit, ligJaM. ,..— «... »< 

Cnltn, idiv, eiiiHt; I. tit il lielial (Itn a«It, IeIMt. 

wkilku at be) ti(M or wHi«t. [a«. Hbmiiilie. C^, ;>rW>iH. ^n. 
Snt^HaBmt, tn. »U>oMi>a. — tnltuMifli 6-^rVr -biftBH, miAb 
Vntn, s. a. 10 b»N. — Qntrinj, (n., b«n«if. ibopricki -tifbtlVdlgr 

=: CanV' ISntntiili hsudlir piba ; -^1, rir^t 

gntni, m, fl. -n. I. eibr^. b>fl, lobb^ ; 3. iJmII- 
tuct, udMiHin. = Ctmp. e-BiSit, UtlKiof>4- 

ttitttliantui:, tn. f t. -n. cnUtfriiB t csMncur. 
ntjiiui, (n. ftuiii. l>lc — a. 

I|tiit(nu, m. ipidimic. — ifitdnifl, a^. ttOtr 
SHigiam, It. pi. -Bire. cpigmn, = Cem;.. C 
cigttr, (titmwtiiit — tfipuaatiaft, a4'. crl- 

Ig|)l1()!^, (11., tfiiligur, hLUig liokHH. — t)^ 
I«liiT, ■«. ipil^ik, — »l. 
JBilog, m. pi. -n. «»U«o.. [e,.^ tp>r«. 
en.,!, .«■. .,\,i t Dial, .ric oic-™. 
IS|ii[Dti , -x. aflHdt. — t|iifo);ijl, a^i. 

I. StOtltX, ^^^a^^. 

, -I. t^ck. 

. rl. -t. Cfupift. = Comf. V, 

p*. -n. btnii. = Camp. g4»- 

firitu , m. Elf ninu ; (omiBC til IS. on, i« fM 
iatemiUon of, csiH 10 Ibe bnoolidfa sf, Jiui. = 
raiv>. eifanmSMgnll, Dolian — tanccrlisB • p>- 
■Irrlsri ; -WOiif, piwf tnm U(>iiHai* •, -(HBtltoB, 
cnilticml boowLidgt ; -(aodno, 
Vntni, (x»iut wnld. 

^wtD, tiA iSv(i}Rti(I(i , »i ntitiirDi. — Ov 
^oicDegctnt, tnuciiei of iidutnri -(tibt, Mwa 

■c^rirt, «r», Ilia. ~ Qb 

Siinlttf, ». B. 

r , ncollect, ciU M 
ioovitt ]tg ton t« 
— Siinbring, r" 

•d^ouUioiii at e. cm, in cummtawuim at, 
= CVMip, ennliinfltftiift , Btmorr ; -ttgn, «■- 
■uaoiiiiDii, DtBociil i lobia of riiaciiibni«a ; .faf, 

DAtBt lil ha amiMBdT>rtCil BIIAII t -fFntlllff. UaailH« 

iiAbilbtpi -tifVtllXBUntf 



vch — airrat katTt-, -CNgcI/ irchMfelt 4<V^/ 
•icMake; -^^<¥tttgmtc , archdachef s ; -d'tttifr/ rrak 
Wtttie; »fu)fm/ uniBl c«wird; -noXf arrmt fool; 
-{Kclni/ arch rogae; -t^"/ •mot thief. 

@rftntte/ v. a.. to acknowledge, own; to admit, 
TeoogniM ; to apprehend, comprehend. — (Svfittttelfe/ 
cn. acknowledgement \ admiscion , recognition ; ap- 
prehension, comprehension. — @t9tenotUg/ adj. 
Ihankfnl , grateful. — @Tf un^tltg^ct / Ctt. pi. e. 
gratefnIneM, thanhftilnesa, acknowledgements. . 

@cff(m , V. a. to declare \ U t Mtoetd %^i, to 
pnt under the ban of the empire. — (Smffring/ cn« 

%S)fe^t, V, rell. (out)/ to inquire about, make 
awptry after; (* ftg itete oiti atle Dmflfltntigic? 
Xaxat, to inqvire into al^ the circiunstaacef. 
t/ V. «. vid, o^naoe. 

@de/ Ri* wagtail. 

dlfttggf/ V* 4k to pay down, dijibirae ; (Srtceg? 
g^(> m« payment, diabursement. 

emdnrC/ 'v. a. to maintain, rapport, nouriah. -~ 
GmffTClfC/ en* maintenance, support. — tSntCtVCT/ 
cn* fl. -t* supporter, maintainor. 

§ie6«/ V. m. to eonquer. — iSxehtX , ttU pi. 
<-C. conqueror. -^ ^XcbxtW$% love of conquest. — 
^PDi^rtnO/ cn* pi. -Cr. conquering : congest. — (SlO^ 
hhttfihig, war of conquest; @tobnngdt)^fl/ vid. 
ISmixcAtf^t -f93^ passion for conquest. 

fint/ V. ». crret, vtV. tub (gr* 

Qi:jiattC/ V. «. to compensate, indemnify,, make 
good. — (Scilotntng/ cn* pi. -er* com;>ensation, in- 
demnilieation , damages. — crflattcbg/ mI^. re- 

(grt/ cn. pi. -Ct. pea ; Qtennc (grtCT/ green peas. 
ZZ ConM. ^rteogCT/ field of peas ; -Bcclg/ peascod, 
pod ; -palm / pea-straw ; -fxtHf , pes-rod *^^ -mo8/ 
pease pudding; -TCbC/ shoot of a pea 3 -Ttid/ vid. 
-KeSp ; -fPal/ pea>shell ; -flong/ vid. .(te^ ; -\up^t, 
pea-soup ; -tttt r common acacisv CAoftiii»« p«o«- 

SrtefEtrrling/ cn. eot-quean. 

ericfCof, cn. vid. ^ixiijtot 

^8/ cn. ore. IWt @. / ho is out of sorts. 

€8/ Ct. aco ; Jz P^^ of « ducat ; l^on Ct tttc t 

^d, cn. « ct* ^. -Cl. or (Edict, aas, donkey. 
:r Comji. C-agttg/ m(/. u s-like, asinine ; -^CbCD/ 
N. T. cap ; -intt, she-ass ; *ett, asa^s ear ; JV. T. 
eyaholt of tb« cap ; (in a book) dog's ear ; gt«YC 
ft-9ttf to dog-ear. 

tSC/ cn, vid. 9l{tC/ 

§na^/ cn. p/. -r. squadron (naval). 

^ttatcon/ cn* i'l. -CC* squadron (of horse). 

fatlwaJn , cn. pi. -r. esplanade. 
^VSjC/ cn* fl. •¥• hearth of a forge. Zl Cemp. 
i4pit, wUak. 

f9fcn49, cn. |ii, -cr, essence. 

^ 4c cct/ «M. ««* cctu- 

StoaC/ cn* p<. -Y* Vid. @aL [nish title. 

€t«6nM]6 1 en* K -CK« coonMUor of aute (Dt- 

Street/ •M. inl^ocr. 
(StmaoL fid. (EctmaaU 
dtnmfF/ 0dj. Etmsean, Enwian, 
@t^cb9, adv. somewhere. 
<ltut/ Ct* pl» -Ct. ease. 
@tt;moIogf cn* pi. -ct. etymologist, 
©tljnwfofit, cn. etymology. — Ct^mologift, ad/, 

@tiqucttc^ cn. etiqnat. 
©oangrltfl, cn. pi. -ct* evangelist, 
^t^angcltunt/ eU pi. (Ebongcact/ gospel. 

@t>Cnt9l/ ct. pi, id. adventure; story; gaac Ub 
ifiML @. to go in search of adventures, go seek ad- 
ventures. — @k>cntt^ct/ cn. pi. -c. adventurer. -• 
Ctocnt^tUg/ adj. romantic, marvellous. ~ (Et^cntt^Y* 
Itgl^cti^ cn. marvellouaness. 

^I»tg/ adj. eternal, perpetual, everlasting; tU C. 
^t^; to all eternity ; OCt Oillc tJfftC en C. ^taU, 
it would he a thousand niiics. — ©bigl^Ctf/ cn. 
eternity ; l^DOt i ol (E. Ct OCt ntuligt ? how in the 
name of wonder is it possible ? =: Comp. @(}tgs 
f^cbSblomfl / everlasHng, goldylocks iCnapkaHtm 
artnarivm). zrcdigDatcnbC/ adj. everlasting, etemaL 

(Stn'nbcltg, adv. eternally, to ail eternity. 

(Smtf cn. pi, -t. ability, ppwel-, faculty, parts; 
means ; Ut ODCtgaoCt ttttn lE. , that exceeds my 
ability, is beyond my reach; cftCt ®. according t» 
one'a means, to the best of one's ability. ^ Comp, 
Cbnetcd; adj. without power •— ability ; withont means 
or fortune. 

{i.tmt, V. a. & i. to have power — ability. 

^XCmrn, cn* pL (E^Uunina. examination ; ttlttCTt ttfic 
ftd ~ tO/S^ (E*/ to pass an examination. — ^fammOf 
tctr cn. pt. -ct. examiner. 

djiCtpiien, cn. pi. -ct. -L. T. demurrer. 

(Excct|>etC, V. a. to extract. — (^jtcnpi, VU 
pi. -et* extract. 

(ExccSfet/ pi. excesses, extravagancies. 

^contmunucte, v. a. to excommimicate. 

@XCtcmcntCt/ pi. excrements. 

®]CCCUtton , cn* fl. -ct* distress, attachment, lei- 
lure, execution (also of a sentence of death). -~ 
%CCUtOtr cn* pi. -ct* executor. 

(ExeqbCtC/ v. a. to execute. 

(EjtCgefc , cn* pi. -t. explanation of scripture, exege- 
sis. — tTPt^tH^,adj. explanatory of Scripture, exegetical. 

(E;eem^el , ct. pL pltt, cxang>le, instance ; vbcn 
(E* / unexampled , unprecedented ; ^ @* , for in- 
stance — example; Bpl^^t i»cb @^em^Ct, to exem* 
plifr; flotnetC ct (E* paa ttn, Uf make an example 
of one. 

^Xtmpiat, et* pi. -et* copy (a. g. of a boek)f 
specimen it- g. of a plant)- 

(Exem^Iattff/ adj. f adv. exemplary; exemplarily. 

^%ZXC€Xtf V. a. & i. to exercise, drill. Zl €omp» 
(E;cctceetmefiet/ drill serjeant; i^pUtA, drill ground. 
— @ICtd9/ cn* exercise, drill. 

^jnftccc/ v.^ to exist.— iEttflcntfir'nt, existence. 

@;c|)CCtancC/ cn. fl. -t. expectancy.. 

(ETCJJCCtontr cn* pi. ct. expectant. 




Qfptlttt, 9. m. to dispaldi, expedite. — Cjr^wttt, 
od^ expeditious,, prompt. 

@jC)}tDtHott/ ttu pi» -er. dispatching, dispatch, 

SixPftimtnt, tt pi. -ev. experiment; gtere @*f to 
tTf — malie an experiment* 

(ljrt(m))erm# «.«.*<. to •ztenptrisc, apcik 
ex tempore* 
@;ita/ ud9. kadj, extra. =(3-^^ at »ifc iKd 

(S-)>Oilf to post. 


gaa« aii/. etfM/». fane» 'up. fcenefl, few, fewer, 

fewest; tU^Ie f./ a few some few; ntcb f. Ortf in 
a few words, hrieiy. — ffMiS^t, Ctt* pancitr, few- 
ness. = Comp. fo^^^n^io, adj. ignorant; -f^big:: 
f^ttif en* ignorance ; -toletloCr a^. taeilom, chary of 
words. ' 

%MH, «. a. ft, faaei, to get, receive, obtain, 
gain, acquire; f« ®ob^^ — 9mi^ foT/ to Uke a 
liking — an aversion to; f«St^fl ttl/ to take a fancy 
to ; f* 9let/ to be rejerted — refused (in eonrlsbip); 
f. 3a» to be accepted; f. liog^ 9i btle — ^Otfr 
>to hear, learn , come to know — to he apprised 
— informed of — ; faoe 9ii \tU to get a sight of; 
foae linger / to bring forth, produce young; faac 
4^t»aU}C/ to wheln; f. %9\, to foal; f. ©life, to 
pig, farrow; f* )taxiXf to lamb; f. ecn ttl at gtete 
ItOget/ to make — get one to do a thing; |an 

funte ilet {Re f« bm battle af ^ooebrt, he never 

could divest himself of the idpa; faae Igten, to 
recover, regain; f« font forfft^Ibt — pn fortiente Soit/ 
to be rightly served, to get one's desert; ttaat jeg 
faaer Sogen Icefl, when I shall have read the book ; 
d<d fAA^I ^^^ At gt«Te trt/ I suppose I shall have 
to do it ; f* Ct Drb fiettl/ to utter a word , get in 
a word. 

^aat, V. «. to reach, hand. . 

%MiX, iUpl. id.U sheep ; 2* ewe ; ft btttgttgt ^MX, 
a ewe with lamb. = Comp. £i^a<aeagttg/ ad^. sheepish ; 
-art / breed — race of sheep ; t -^0»> # shoulder of 
mutton; -breng, shepherd boy; -flol/ flock of 
sheep; -fo(t, sbeepfold; -grttS^ meadow-grass. Poa 
tompreua t -l^{ort/ flock of sheep ; -^OU/ sheep- 
farm ; breeding of s. ; -'^oflC/ vulg. short dry cough ; 
-l^Ottel^^ fig. blockhead, ninny ; -l^unb^ shepherd's dog, 
ahecD-dog; -^ttttS^ sheep-cot; -^l^rW/ shepherd; 
-j^^rbmbr^ shepherdess ; -(t«1)/ mutton ; -lUtntng/ 
sheep-shearing: -ti\lp)fin , sheep-shearer; -Ilom, 
aheep-bell; -rlceber/ sheep's clothing ; -(o^^rT/ infec- 
tious disease of sheep; -t^lttng/ cricket Gryliua 
domettieusf -IttUf leg. of mutton; -loar, vid. 
'ftftUy -IttUS, tick. Aemrtts reduviu* ; -maonctf 
April; -VXtltf sheep's milk; -o{l/ sheep's milk 
cheese; -)}e(S/ 1. fleece; 2. sheep-skin Jacket; -fajC/ 
shears; -ffmb/ sheep-skin; -fnce/ snow that falls 
late in spring-,. -fit/ sheep-cot, -pen, -fold; -fl^t/ 
rot; mumps (in man); -tungC/ greater plantain* 
Plantogo major '^ -tbi}, sheep-stealer ; -Utt, sheep's 
wool ; -l^ngel/ brood of sheep. 

^Cibtl, ett. pi. goBfcr. fable. = Camp. foMs 
Ogitg, adj. fabulous. — ^a^Togtig^b , OU fkbu- 
4ousness. ZI ^aBcIoIbcr/ fhhulous or mythical age; 
-ttgt/ poetical fable; -^{trr/ fabulist, writer ef 
fables; -ttfCf fabulous aminai; -Utttf mytbology; 
-DOtrff fable, idle tale. 

^abril/ en. pi. -frr* mannfhctory, factory. Z: . 
= Comp. g-ar^eibe/ factory work; -orMbCT/ ^ 
workman in a factory; -eieT/ proprietor of a ma^ 
nufactory ; -tMfUtf overseer in a m. ; "ttaxtt, mnm- 
factured goods ; -Mtt^tXlf manufactured. — ^anifail^ 
^ahxitn, en« pi. -er. manufactures. — ^ofrcitoli 
et* pi. -er. manufsctnre. — ^cAt^lot, «. «. to ma- 

a^altf en. pi. -r. f^nt, facade. 

acit/ et. sum toui. 

acette, en« pi. -r. facet. 

:actor/ en. pi. -er. fhctor. — ^aetertV rt. factery. 

actum, et. pi. gacto. fact. — facttff, o^. 

founded on fact. 

^actitra/ ttL^pi. gacturer. invoice. = Comp, 

§-pog/ invoice book, 
^octtltet, et. pi. -er. faculty. 

:ab/ a^. vapid, insipid. 

;ab/ et* pi. -e. l. dish ; 2. cask, butt. == Camp. 
^-hm'ttXf cooper; -Brcrt/ shelf for plates and dishes { - 

-^tjICttf 9id. -hxttt ; -nub, vtii. jtareflub ; Jtw», 

basket for dishes and plates; -tnaafmg/ gauging if 
casks., = (^abeBuur, pantry; -buurfi^Jtge, house- 
keeper; -Buurfhte, maid-servants'* room. 

fjabber, en. pi. -e. eod-father, — mother, spon- 
sor; flaae— borre %» ttl et Bam ; to stand — ho 
god-falher to a child. := Comp. %-hxtV, christening 
card; -gabe, Christ ning present; '-gtlbe, ehriatcntng 
party; f -Iab# -ftal&/ sponsorship; -fnA^/ ffeoeipt 
gossiping; -{tab6, Vid. -gi(be. 

^aber, en. nl. {^orbre. father, parent, sire, pn- 

genitor. — ^OtOTtf pi. fathers, ancestors. =: Comp. 
r-6ub, father's command; -faou, paternal embrace; 
-fr^b, pstemal delight, father's Joy.; -^Ictlt, vid. 
-frl^b ; -^ierte, father's —, paternal heart; -^It/ pa- 
ternal solicilade; -l^u(b/ kind as a father; -M^ 
adj. fatherless; -morb/ pafricide ; -morber, -mats 
berffe, parricide; -Utorberff, at^. parricidal; -ttamtf 
name of father; -cm^U, Vid. -ffu; -finb, vid. 
-I^terte; f^aberbor, et. Lord's prayer; fumtc ne^ 

get font fit gaberbor, to have a thing at oBc^ 
nger tads, -r- faberltg, adj. fatherly, paternal, f- 




tana. — ^aUdiifitt, (It. ftrtherflieM, pcrental 

\(i^tf P. a. to bairel. 

[a^Rttlg, en, p<. -ei. body (of « coach). 

jogr Ct pi. id. 1. bay, window (in a building) \ 
S. departDient, line, province, profession ; et ^. ®ats 
MnCT/ a set of curtains for a window; 3. Typ, 7., 
box *, 'btt (I UbmfoT mtt 9. , it is out of my way 
or line. =Z fogOttS/ adv. by compartments. 

^OgC/ adif. quicli, fleet, adv. qoiciily. 

%aOl!ltf V. a. to hesitate, falter, stammer, stutter. 
— f^Mlcri/ ft, hesitating etc., hesitation. 

gogor, adj. fair. — goger^et/ en, fairness.' 
9l^f/ en* pi. -ttX. bassoon. = C^mp. ^-W- 
leik^ performer on the b., bassoonist. 
^OgtCl, pi. grimaces, antics.' 

SalfdL m, pi. gaKer* torch, flambeau, link. = 
Comp. %-i(ntXf torch-bearer, link-boy; -tantS/ 
dance with torches; -tXd^tX, vid. -bcTter; -Itj^f 
loreb-li^t ; -ftin, Vid. -1^3 ; -tOg/ procession with 

SoT; adv. QolS, tUfalS) for sale^ to be sold, 
Teaal. Z= falcate/ v. a, to offer — set up for 
tale, expose , put up to sale, -r S^alS^belfe/ en* 
offering for sale. — f at^olte/ v. a. vid. -Biplie. 
B'OlajTe/ en* heap of ashes. 
t^albia^eT/ pi. furbelow, flounce; Beffttte mtti 
%; to furbelow, flounce. 

%oStf et pi. id. fall, downfall, tumble, cadence; 
If. T. haliard ; i. T. t, fine ; penally ; flaae paa §./ 
to be OB the point of falling; ^ Q'ttlb/ in case, in 
Ihe cTent ; i al %*/ at all events , at any rate. ZZ 
£[alt9inaar/ tU contempt of court, contumacy. 

%oite, V. i. fal^t, fatten, fafljet, (et) to fall, 

Aop, tumble; lol^e en @ag f./ to drop an affair; 
'U^ et §orfcet f«/ to relinquish — abandon a design ; 

S^ tot nogte Crb f. beront/ I let fall a few 

mr^ about it; Itt folbt en fttftf 9>tegn/ there was 

m htavy fall of rain ; loXtt ^otzt f./ to lose heart 

"-> courage ; SGlDCeaffllbet f altet / the merciS^ is 

ftfling; ^anQ (SreKt faIt)rT/ his credit is falling — 

anikiag; let falter gob @(eb { Unm (Sgn? this 

Mntry prodaces fine corn; 9tugen foltev maateltg 

, — jelm — ganftc got , the rye is — turns out 

fhti indifferent — ordinary — pretty fair^ fatte ttW til 

^fiffVOT/ to be troublesome to one; f, { ^tanfer, to 

pbU into a revery; f. t gomntttna, { ^ta^iif to 

ko atmck with astonishment ; f* ttlDOge, to relapse ; 

^ Sennet falter tttSoge tt( 5Congen, the fief reverts 
, i» the crown ; tet faitt mta forunterltgt/ I thought 

^ ft itraage ; ^tten falter ^am (ang / time hangs 
Wavily opon him — upon his hands ; 5ttoIen falter 
ill giott i 9t^gm , the coat does not fit well in 

f*Jb hock; ^tmt falter tnngt/ the line is heavy; 
^ n fatten ^om t @agen/ the cause is adjudg- 
«i« ^ommen faltt f^am tmot/ the sentence went 
•VriMt him ; ^anS ®age f* ftre ®ange om Claret, 
■I salary is payable quarterly; f» af, to fall off — 
; ^DAt tet fouer af^ leavings, shavings. 

remnants ; f* Bctf^ to cease, drop ; tet falter Boif- 
met Slarene, it wears off with age ; f. forgtentenf 

@l9ttrt/ to fall by (beneath) the sword of the enemy \ 
f* foif, to occur, happen, turn up; f. frtt/ to desist 
from ; to rebel ; to apostatize, fall off from ; to die, 
drop off ; f* ^en, to take to, addict one's self to ; to 
fall, pine away; tet falter t tet @orte, it has tt 
tinge — cast — shade of black ; tet falter i tet 
^«»elagttge, it savours of vulgarity; tet faltet 
ganfte f Band ^mog, it fails in with, or is quito 
in his taste ; f* t ^Xtltntf to catch — strike the feye, 
be conspicuous; f. igtennem, to be rejected, black- 
balled; f* int/ to happen, occur, fall; j^uletaft 
falter int paa en Sebertag/ CHiristmasday falls on a 
Saturday ; tet falter mtgint, a thought — idea— it 
strikes me -^ occurs to me ; tet (unte altrtg ^Mt 
faltt mta int f it could never have come into my 
head ; folte ttn tnt t Ban9 @mBete / to interfere 

— intermeddle with' another's official duties ; f. ecit 
tnt t f^ani %aXt, to interrupt one ; f. tnt t et l^ant, 
to invade a country ; f. int pM, to fall upon, charge 
(an enemy) ;^ f* om, to fall — tumble — topple 
down ; f* een om ^^alfen, to throw one's self about 
one's neck ; f* paa, to hit upon, think of, bethink 
one's self of; ^<m faltt pao, at atfte ^ he took 
it into bis head to marry; ta faltt en SCtttfel poa 
Bam, then a dread came over him ; 9tatten faltet 
paa, night is coming on ; @Il^lten Dtl folte pOa 
^em, the blame will be laid on you — at your 
door; f.fammen, to collapse; f. ttl, to shut, close 
(e. g. as a trap door); f. til !Drtf, to take to 
drinking ; f* ut, to fall out ; f* Ut t (of rivers) te 
fall — flow — disembogue into. = Comp. ^alts 
afte , vid. galatfe ; -Bort, table fixed in the wKll 
with a moveable leaf; -Bro, drawbridge ; -Bitur, cage 
with a trap-door for catching birds; -Cfor, trap-door | 
-gttter, portcullis ; -B^ite, height of a fall ; -fraft^ 
gravitation ; -laag, lid on hinges ; -luge, hatch on 
hinges; -pOXtf large trap-door; -fftcerm, parachute; 
-fot, falling sickness, epilepsy; -ymtttf vid. ^n9!S 
re I -trapse , steps to be let down and pulled up 
at pleasure; -IJtntue, sash-window. = faltef(rrt{g/ 
adj. ready to fall, in a state of decay, ruinous. 

— galteBat, gattBat, (child's) pudding-hat; -reB, 
§<^treB, entering rope* 

~alten, en* falling, fail. 

altdmaal, vid. sub. ^olt* 

altBolte, vid. sub. ^al. 
ij^alf, en. pi. -e. falcon, hawk; aftette en §.# to 
reclaim a h. ; fflftte i^«ttett ^Jaa — tofle ten af ert 

^,, to hood, unhood a h.; loVfe en \<,, to lore ft 

hawk; Blinteen^*, to seel a h. ; lategalfen fH^e, 

to cast the hawk; tntftttte en ^* , to mew ah.; 
fallen ffaaer net, the hawk swoops — ponnces. zz 
Comp. fealfeBielte, hawk's bell; -Bill, hawk's 
glance; -fctnger, falconer; -gaart, hawking estab- 
lishment.; -BuuB ,^ mew for hawks ; -Bottte, hood; 
-jogt, hawking; -Iffger, falconer; -Ho, talon of a 
h. ; -mefler, master falconer; -rem, jess; -^Wm, 
mute, muting; 'flang, perch for a hawk; '{log/ 



rtMct, "»•]> Cot • i>.) ; .f^ fjA -Bl(t ; -uogln, gnHgnffaA, 

luiMi — rie^i of ttwiii -tint, kawk'i irts. n. ntt. - 

giRonUT, tn. pi. -(. h]»ii«. = C«Mp, -nifln, Songt, 

BM. ftalfinitiifi; -tunfl, filcntri -Ufli,kiwk]Br ' - - '^ - - 

vncyi WIl. g„ (0 

ftolnt, I. i. u hdi 
goIS^ III Sole tFjri. 

rail, liTMb. = Pini<j>., 

idu. fll. 

, ...fnlrj). ZZ C»ni/i. C-^KHi 

l«ldiB<-Hiak; 'iial, Miiuf-iaui; -^1)1, mtukinf 

m[t, B. •. I« «ni.i™, lolcb. 

golfcl, m. blieot. 

gdtfr, .«■. hlH, .porloiu. e™UrWl, f»p|i.f. 

en^, hiu — I.IH— coiiaitiriii etiDitocift^iis 

montK, Bocfc diiwii4», jiuKi f. angixlfi — 

to ,\mg f.l« - 0.1 »l HM. - ftt(fttl«, ««•. 
rU»lT. — RnlitStb, ni. (iliBhMli hlHuw, itarli- 
tUy. — goTfln" , m. pi. -f. tor»« , raWlti. — 
gtltitnRi, tl. farfuT, hliitctlin. Idorlidl). 

ftalfl, tn. M. c t«(RT< hJiUciiJiiii; Uhuh, 

S«l% rtA frtfalB.. 

gmmllt, m. pi. -X. hnuhi l {f. XUt, nialcd 
N. ■ Rl«li« ot, = CiH>v>. S-HOno , hmily lie ; 

f-f«g, Ju.iJy«hir- 
picce; ktlFKvn-, -fTOtoi 

lianMifn, en. pi. -I. tmOt. — fanalifT, s^j. 
Itutih — It. — goniUieme, in. huiiciui. 

ganUB, diTil, tmi, ina; g. Dg bona Cite 
MOM/ III* daT[[ lid hii dim. ~ gantmS — , it- 

guitmB jticnmuft, ii 

g<Ullj[(, !•.■.« [.o.»,., 

"i«« i ^- ettfoB — B^tftii 
tno, or homiof n ; fmtwt ti 
Urr <i(Ui; mtl flljDentiif. ca 
Mlmin lllig (id dnuni t 
tttt hj Imifbri icttIci ; 

-III, b>iii»H<>ii -ii«, 

-liuu, -{)dI, Iial of II itudud i 'Vagi, lUadud 

Songi, B. a. w ciicb, cipidrci tolti tm fuu 
am, to kMf oDo Fiiioiw; f. g)un, to »id> 
ilN( A|r^^ IS Iliad (opiog. = Ctmp.^-im, ttl 
n bun ^ag Sugitoa mm ilh fine Sjo; ff-tm, 

«. r, riJiui. =: ((ui8<lia < "* w *« ••■gti. — 

a^iiV, iiirrluimM. — Bogfc" 

™. PJ. I. friHKi, HpUn i logt tm « 
, — nho ■■• primtrt ^ gu fi| 

til 9- / >>■ nnwdend^ Mwtlf piitoiicr. =. Off. 1 
g-tolig, tn. piiME t -hnn, cigt (for codIhbc rdu^ 

in) I ci;e for iildiag bjidi ; 'fogtt, jliltr, BiAl||1 
-iul, d«ct«i -ftnue, BM. -Hiiaj -taaxn, M|l 
'icm, irui, hHin; -tuft, priHD fan; -inh,* 

..... — .„._ ...^ .^,t_ 

fdngt, r - 

i. fOHifanl.lo gt, Utrt., „ _-. 
nib, dHt, itMk, bull, bonce ; f. tVi 

mA Jt^ilm, 10 «■I^ J 

eitS, 1o be I .lilor, to 
IS be ingtfed in Ibi co 
_ ©iimliint, lo inde i 
f. Bd— illJl — lonwlig, 

Itllliei-lrslbj f.lStaO, u'pi'oa WMrellVt.^ 
^intmtn, ID Hcend inio beevri; !. til $(I»A 

— croii Ibi CDDBlry; IDrClt fs(T fiOBl af HKmtC 
Ihe Hord slipped out tf hii oioulh — isciped rreia ll^ 

qniih, (iie Bp. = C-o«p. ^gortOrt, gatitog, ta^ 
iDDdig dayi -gctS, tagEiee; -txi% India; »i^ 
-fol, epidemic; -lEi, veitei. <nh; .llfinC, (■mwl 
bit) .ea^ witen; -UtI, cittiage »a<. I 

Sum, n^'. <■ iba fbrof*; Dmt Mi — i[bt &>< 
jarlin, e«. tU. mi fttm, i 




tata, «fce4( wet m 9«f J» • kniT -*- triwf 3 
lib %*, at ftill speed. 

l^arOC/ tn* |il. -t* «ol««r, koe ; dyt ^ paial ; (tt 
mHs) Mit; iftfte 9*, to cbaa«« colovr. := C7mi/i. 

'^Ct/ a4f. »f BiMd colonn ^ -blanttng/ mix- 
of eolovn; -^g/ tr«a|iM on dyeing; "hiH^tis 

9id. -Bliutttng; .6i<rt, pallet ; -6ue/ poef. 

w\ -fri/ colourlcaf; -glotlbS/ glow — -, vivid- 
•r eol««n:^nmb, priming, ground; ^$anU(T, 
tni'inan; -tM^t , pninUbox; -titttl, dyer'a 
IM; -tbitfi, art of dyning ; -latC/ 9«d. -Ia9fc ; 
J|»tutig, liflit; Aart, aeience of colonn; 40)1, 
M«t ef dyeing ; 408/ sd^. colonrleea ; achromatic 
ih.optief); -ptd^t, brilliancy of colour; ^pX9t>t, 
M of colonra ; -HmT/ colour grinder ^ -t9t)tf vid. 
Bcnmsfe; ^^ai, coionr-»hcU ; -jftfhimg/ change of 
•elonr; -fC^ng/ shading; -{)»iL play of colonrs; 
-fttaif painto's grinding sCone ; -ftlft/ crayon ; -ftof/ 
ijft^ colonriag BMiicr; -{hffg/ laying on of colonrs; 
tfylfilft, dyeing liquid; -tent, tone of colour; Met, 
^^•odi. -im, stuff dyed, or to be dyed; -Wt/ 
^m% reed. 

M^ffiAl/ V. ff. to dye, colour; f, af/ to rub off, 
Rie eelonr. — %wMim^ , Clt* dying. 
;#«»rr/ «!.»«. -^ dyer.-=:<7omj9i9-reb/ -lebe, 
^" 5 -fCtllO/ journeyman dyer. 
NCI/ et. dye-house; dyeing. 
}rf/ rt* farewell, good bye, adieu. 
f<ni/ cn. jil. -rt. pheasant, PA«W«n«w CoUthi' 
.=: Comp.^^aafb/^afanert/Ct* pheasant walk; 
tftcr^ breeder of pheasants. . [worh. 

'•^affbff/ cn, pi. -7. fascine. ^^-ATBctte/ fascine 

[ l^a^/ adj. dc atfv. firm , solid , compact ; fast, 

1; m f. @tab/ a strong — well fortified town; 

: Strnbomme/ real property : f. t SJ^atj^nttatU 

^strong in Hathematics ; cn faft A¥0 — B"^/ a firm 

-, footing; ^olte f, ^, to hold fast — hold 

; to adhere, stick to; gifftC f. / to fasten, 

feat; to belay fi. 7*.; fcettC em f./ to com- 

le to prison. — $aft$ct/ m« firmness, solidity, 

tncss. — ^afltont/ continent, mainland. — 

fa^e9/ V. i to consolidate. = Comp, fafl^ 

K/ V. «. to tie — bind fast; -gterf/ v. 0. to 

/Mt ; -^«fte/ V. a. to fasten ; -^t^t (fO)}' 

mi^etni)/ to arrest -- fix the attention; 

it hrawny ; -ttag(e/ V. a. to nail fast : -fctttC/ 

to appoint, fix, seule. — ^aflfcrttclfe / en. 

ting etc. appointment. [hard. 

1/ ndv. fast, hard; bnf(( f*/ to drink 4«ep or 

adv. almost, nearly. 
1/ eotif. though, nolwitbstaBdisg. 
h V. i to fast. 

\t en, fast, lent. Z= Co«np- 6'-ba0^ ftat day; 
«aad allowed dnrlog lent; -^¥«ttfnt/ • ser- 

'»Ja '*■*' "**^' ""• °' ^••ting. 
**k2' *"• '*• "** '•*«»*» '"I*'* paternal aunt. 
VWWOlm/ cn. shrovetido ; l«6( %,, to maak and 
•••hiovetide. = C<MHP.&<l|ldftOn86oKe/ cross 
-WOttCog/ Monday preceding Shmvn T«eid>y ; 

4f(|, 4jtfB«lt/ 4«<Ct/ fkrovalido tpoiti; -VftT/ 
ry-andrew; 4m^A0' Q«i*qv*f Mint , atst Snndnr 
before lent. 

^of/ aif«. S)et et tfCi foalebeS fv that's not the 
way of it t ^otlebc6 (t tct f* mcl l^aut ? how i» 
it with him? bct Ct golt f. met l^om/ airs not 
right with him ; gtf^f — toac f, ^ttA/ to catch — 
take — lay — seixe hold of; jeg bccb Iffc ^t}Ot 

{eg ffol faac f. ^aa ^ont/ I don^t know where tc 
find bim. 

0atar^ a4;. fatal, unlucky, unfortunate. 

SatoIt^mC/ en. fatalism. — g'ataltfi/ rtt. J><. -(t*- 
fatalist. — gaialitet/ en. Jil. -et. fatality. 

^attC/ V. a. to catch, apprehend, comprehend; \m 
coniprise; fattejtfl/^ to compose — , recover one's 
self; f. en S3euutntng/ to take — come to a re^ 
solution; f. et ^Otfat/ to form a design ; fot ftt f« 
mtg i jtoit^eb/ to be brief. — ^oimng/ en, l. JoinL 
Juncture ; 2. composure, self-possession ; (ttngC ub ftf 
^. / to disconcert, discompose, put out of counte- 
nance ; nteb %* / with composure , composedly. TZ 
Comp. %-tpnt, apprehension. — fattcKg/ adj. com* 
prehensible^ intelligible. — ^attcltg^cb/ Cn* com- 
prehensibility. Intelligibility. 

g^atte§/ V. i. pass. faltebeS. to lack, want; t« 
be missing — wanting; bet f, megct/ it is far 
from; ^ttab f. ^em? what ails you, what's the 
matter with you? 

^atttg/ adj. poor, indigent; btttC f. paa, to b» 
deficient in, destitute of. = Comp. ^-Iblof/ -feSft^ 
poors box , alms' box ; -faSfc / ftind for the relief 
of the poor; -fogcb/ parish beadle; -fotflanber^ 
overseer — guardian of the poor; -fotftt^clfC/ pro- 
vision for die poor ; -ffUtti, poor-house, alms-house %. 
-lent/ pauper; -ffftt/ poor-rate; -t»(rfen/ pauper 

atttgtont/ en. poverty, penury, indigeneo. 
atttg^cb/ en. poorness, poverty, 
abet/ adj. vid. foget. 

jam, et, pi. -e. 1. embrace ; 2. fathom ; en 9* 
S3tcntbe/ a cord of wood; flt^tte ftg{ CCnfi $./ to rush 
into one's arms. SI Comp. f-fftttf/ V. a. to cord 
(wood); -fcettet/ wood measurer; -tOg/ embrace, 

hug.— ^abnefooenbe/ cord-wood; -tammt, wooden 

frame for the cording of wood ; -OCb/ Vid. -OtOtntf 
be ; -lni#/ adp. by fathooM. 
- iiatmtf V. a. to embrace, clasp, hug.* 
%mt, en. pi. -Ut, fever, s: Comp. feSetagtigy 

adj. feverish; ^Baif/ Peruvian hark, Jesua's barki 
-bt^nt/ feverish dream, delirium; -gl^fen, shivering 
fit; -^ebC/ fever heat; -tvlU, cold fit; 4Ib/ burn- 
ing beat of fever ; >mtbbel / febrifuge ; -fluittmeVi 
feverish sleep; -fbog/ debilitaUd by fever; -{ItUCn^ 
tit,_adj. febrifuge. 
cBruat/ February. 
:eb/ et. skain, hank. 

^eb/ adj. fat; f. @tM)^je, rich soup; f. Qotb, 
rich — fat spil. — fcbflgttg/ feblabett/ a4j, fattiak. 
— Sebl^eb/ en. fatness. 

^ebe, V. m. to fattfB« fm. Zl Comp, $-(010* 


t -fit, ( 

Ritniiu, a. hiuiil>(. 

ftttei, tn. tu. giBtn. 

Stlm, m. ftt, fiiiM., okoitr, plidldiir. 

gttt, tt. hi, «»••'- = ''"V- S-t<lltt, biipD 
BCBbnat ; -feaudfi, ■difsH Umsui -, -Iki, ImIi 
-lata, IciiLa pnpinl Hjit irtla uil; -Vltl, >f 
Hi (TMic ; -flcni, UlcL — gftltirel, illn sf r 
iHi* (prnl wilh iiHi» rii*, Qctitifafr, • tiA wl 
hi i tonmu 'i g-fitit , tmlg. to get isia i t 

BtbltHt, t 

. fRlK, hi. — ftbllt, d4'. I 

m, n. igdiiui rneliig. = Ctmf 
tHliic(iinni<l I -Smtjll, hiicio« g\tn 
DiL; -tiMifi,iin or hnelDc, -nujlcr, hncii 


fncinc miich^ -Iig, 
nina, n. Idling, 

gefti, "■ ^- -'■. 

h.c«i gtalcrfamu, 
iri.l gwe. — 6(31= 

OEkt, tDflfCBCllI, 

StilH, B.i. (nub, mot, fui), ID nuke mr wilt 

i f. " 

•g; f. I 


(A, fn. covirdice, ^iitwdht- 

Rril, to, pL i*. halt, (inir, aiilake. = Ctmf. 

flUaSlia, 04-. hDlli, HTinifU, mliUkia, wmajn 

-tn. Old'. hUihli) -baibA, in. hJlibiiun -lii, 

m, ««. • 

; -fUrV, A 


niihbt, iUpr -ftnOnhie, iLip nlltc p» ; 
, . iji,iDi»(..»..iilii»iw)i-f«(i8tii,a* 
jjHpiKilnMi, bulkedt f< gntdofining, ditij^JBt- 
■•n ( -([ntning, tntDtoui inhrcHa i -i)<ti, miu 
(•I MNivdi); -tiB'lf', m. pi. -n. nliuki; -trin, 

■iiiiit; Mnn {(« itlt ttuR [., ir 1 •■ loi 
mliutuiL DiUru fill, ii> mixliie-, ^uoat f . , in 
niu (iL bnl.g)t ffflif f., w Bi»; trail f., 10 

^at ftilft £wml'«kii till TO"' <•' 
Stil, ~«. hi'. tKnatoi, btulirs 



iht ii 

gtli, tn. M. e. bid; bioM ifitlttn - 

ilcln; .manCaE 

Ilia 10 • ngLnm; -nu), wM 
-fcn^ elBp bed; -(tlPlt|l, • 
leHpiMMi -fti!mr,.mrfiKi" 

1% tatii til i 

|. B«ti lifli, ».«< 
Int fRnii, Ike aok ^ 

litt ■ k 

gnntdl, CVi. IIW*. Gneen; iKt ftntlB^ 
itmli, vid. ^nlitritieiinliBtfDt. 

gtrli, gatii, in. p<. -i. tmO'. 

ginn*, m. pi. -jtt. Tiniili. — fftni'Sffi ' 
vmiA. — gimiBrniiui, tn. tiniublu. 
Sn|T, a«. rmb, .wHiT tn f. @<V ■ ''^ 
r lilic) gnSi — ■ an^ftt rni |!aa ftrft Sm™ 

1, pt, -jt ft 

I. g'win.' 

iJi, pni?l|[*»- 

- iHIJ P<5 

m. W. -r, hoi, n»uih - iHU f^ 

Camp. f-Mlig, -Boni, fionlrt, a*. f«lW.J" 
gumltri, It. ttoltrj, rogiiik btboTionr.— H" 

lU, BonHue, ilul; -Borfoi, hoIWi — »illr ^ 

ib";,''-,^?' **"• '"■ ■ ^- w = W 

fc-(BIWI, Um 

(■ ■rfi. Ifiniive^ Stmliitlr. 
i -(Uggn, ILa cuuti, — Bitlr) 

. .. -fnut, gill. -6u0An; -([>, -non, 
r V«. H mu- ■«. Ih, Jtlieiu -, »M. Billll, 

I. " ' - - giin^t, m. |HH> 

J (I, (U. «M. Mlt fln> 

§i Bant, -fildot, hrucb kuk, — ' 

fti . : tW gflhfeU, (III hmli gilta 

^■(1^ (I. rriui.'niH. ' " ' " "• 

tncinti, m. DJtnii>d, ptrcnlaiiaii. 

Mdt la ridiil t Bkh*' 

Iinfti^, Finland I 
ginonllci, ft. In 

5SCV. f«l. ' """' 
\-a,i,: .. fmltt, fun»(t, w. 1 
utr— mBagt, u lilt iiH-j w, hoH 
f.Mtiaf, l•■.t^.oll^ rift 
■l»l[ ncti ifmii -, Mem S)t fti 

ginantBtamnm:, itnt 


lUglD ltull)>, 1 did 

(11 XUICI, 1 did aol f«J lay c , ,. -_I i U 

k nr, bit apH. kltiit ok'i jiJt; f. flg <' >■ 
r« g|> oiih, nkBii ■•-, (an fontt (tg ud enmb, 

sue, 10 utc p<>cr; titt flntn fla Dc], li wilt 
probiblr hi idjailcd. ~ fitltlUfl, iilj. It k> loud. 
— CsrM- gint^M, Hit ^iiitgoM; ^tilni, 
liiidei'. f«. - finlitr, tn. fl.dn. - ftmWnfl, m. 

tnllBg. — ginClnghtl, anda'i n>hl. 

ginSH, tn. pi, gitifln. t>g«; (we m g. i 
euCDEit, It km • Supr ia U» pit, lirib )hu 
gi«9rpii, u cdiwi « lb. liftni (an bkIi M 
uaa p™ fiitian, ke kii li .1 ki; Iwn' tadii gia 
^un m g. ofl (in loan bcli Aoontni, fiie kin 

" '«k'V. V™"'. "tr "->■".; ^fl.'tiir™ ^ta^ 
AMU, la wUtk «» t]tjil]r i ^M (t Clc van ^"n 
gingn. Id hive lU oge'i (jrci tkoai nt^^Cm^ 
g.Mcg, Md. -tvUlii -^tb, ««. ir I awcr'i' 
bmdlki -tnt, (n. Infti'i brcadlh, difll; -Ml, 
-teCU, Itiinble ; -(Ht(, Our"'* »^ lip °l ■ i>it«l 
'(antfti, glovi ; -6>lt(, -Ifttc, ■■«« lull i -nng, 
Bigti liD^^i -fpag, ■«'. P"''"!)' ■"•i 'f»n|. 

-fatning, ln|^D( [t. f.'oinh.' pltnt); -tign, 

' gitihj m. p<. -t. i«h (frt«**t/«' ^((t)^ 




fittlel/ at* liniNtft tfpirilMiM li^on 
' ttCT/ pt. »iic«d tiT«r ani lighta, 
finite/ tn, jn. -?• pimple. — ftntift/ «4^. pittpM. 
fintie, ew* p/. -t. «■• (©f BAes). 
Jtnte, en. P*- -t. Irltk^ fptch, wipe, 
ftofl/ et. dolt, booby. — floget, a4j. doltisli. 
iitA, en, i»/. -«• violet. := Comp, f-Mod, <k*/. 

ftisUt/ ady, violet. 

Jwlin/ en. ?»/. -et* vioiiif, Mdie. :^ Ctmip. g'- 

librort, finger l>oard; -felte/ violin bow, fiddlestieli; 
J^piUVC, player — performer on the v. ; -^^If bridge 
^ a v« ) '{lYftng/ atritif of a violin, fiddle-string. 

Wtetitt, s4J. idiotic, — al, silly, sottish. — 
^ioVitf V. i. eolU to behave like an idiot. 

^itftf ». «• last year; { ^,, laatyear. ZS Comp, 
-j-Mumdf «4f. over-year. 

Wtorb, en, p'. -e. bay, firth, inlet. 

Shorten/ fourteen ^ om f. ^OQt, In a fortnight. 
4M- fitftitn^t/ fonrteentb. 

%ioHt, «. a. to soil, diny. = flottet/ adj. vulg. 
1. soiled-, 2. silly, doltish. [tuft. 

fciip, en. pi' 'ptt. tip. = Comp. %-fti<t^ chin- 

${»/ Card. JVtim6. fovr.) paa atit %ixt , on all 
•fovrs. ZI Comp. f-aftT^' «<(/, four years, four years 
.old; quadrennial^ -bobbelt, *folb/ ad>. quadruple, 
foorfold : -))ttnbtg/ adj. of 4 pounds weight *, en 

fiveitmnbig jtanon (Sftte))unter) ^ a' fonrpounder; 

-b^tet / tf<^* four-sided , quadrilateral •, -fttbet/ ad>. 
having four seats, or seats for four (of carriages). 
tZ^ftbeen, liiard; -Una, adj. four-legged; -bla« 
tttif adj. fonr-leafiid, tetraphyllous ; -beelt/ adj. 
quartered; -fotet/ -^tititti, fonr-footed; et f-ftffe^et 
"Vb^X, a quadruped; -l^tulet/ adj. four-wheeled; 
-font, square, quadrangle; -lantet/ adj. square, 
^adrangular ; -{(^Det/ faur-leaved clover ;' -fPaaten/ 
adj. square-built, thick-set; -fftHMg, four skillinj^ 
f»l«ee, Pan. coin, vaiue aboutapennfi -ftctifOdJ* 
-riiod on each fbot (of horses); -\paittt, adj. in 
four columns i -faring (l) , at a gallop , at full 
«peed ; -fpcmb/ team of fonr horses ; -f)>cmbt/ adj. 
dtawn by four horses ; f-f|J«ntt StOXtt, a coach and 
tbnr; -tlC^Oetf eSor^ , word of four syllables; -lal, 
-fltimber four; -iXMottf adj. of four threads. 

gireftnW*^''^ / Card. , JVimh*. eighty, fourscofe; 
-ttW/ eightieth; -aattg/ of eighty years; en -tttts 
irfg Olbmg/ an octogenarian. 

%\X9, V. a. N. T. to ease off; to veer, veer 
■way; f» of^ to cast off, loosen; f. 9(nmet for 
itMnen, to pnt the anchor a cock-bill; 2. to give 
way, give up to. — %ivnif tn- easing etc 

St9cal« en. proseoator for the crown (Attorney 
4l«n«ral in Britain), 
jfideol/ adj. fiscal. 
r{9ctt9/ en fisc. 

Mft/ ftt- P'- ftjffe or gtff. Ish; glffene, places 
<in the sodiac); ^tffeni Daa ®toirmaflen/ partners 
of the mainmast ; ffttt fnff fvm en ^v as sound as 
* roach. — fiffoflttg/ ody. fishy. — Comp, gtffes 
vtnif iahhene < whalebone ; B^ff eltln9ftt«tt/ koop*> 

petticoat, farthin^lo; •^HMf/tih bladdet; '% 
preparer of stockfish t -Blc^eH/ estabflshment fori 
ing stockfish; -^N^btng/ fish-puddiog; -tog/ 
day; -tam, fish pond; -tlfft/ draught'— htal tf 
-fa^/ fish dish; -fangfl, fishing, fishery; 
wear; -gtcttter/ fish gills; -^anblet/ fii 
-^abtt/ fishing port (in IceUnd) ; -Wit, vid 
tefat; -ftfle, cauf; -leg, spawn; -lol/ Ant 
Uke of fish ; 4ttnt/ isinglass ; -mM%(, Vid. Q" 

maoge; -maaneb/ September; -maif fish diet; 
milt; -mcfletf snperintendont of a flaheiy; 
•id. -tarn; -qt^afe, dogger, fishing vessel; 
adj, abounding in fish; -VOgtt, vtd. '9tc0lt| 
fish slice ; -^tml, flah skin a McAf scale of i 
'\P0ttf caudal fin ; -^ttmiet -(»«»«/ »*»«• •' ^^ 
-tOTb^ fisb-mafket; ^onbe, flah tab ; -bOre/ Ml 
-9nQe(/ fry, young fish. 'i 

f^ifff, o. a. to fish ; f. Xor|f, ?lBomr, 

U.f to fish for cod, t>ereb, pearls ; f . { rert 
to fioh In troubled waters; iV. T. f. et 9Hto 
to fish an anchor, drag for an a. — 9^ff(rir 
flahlng^ fishery. = Comp. ^-haaV, fiskisg 
-gant, flabing net; -gntnb/ fishing ground; 
fishing yacht, — ' smack, -^ buss ; -fr^ fishiij 
-rebffab, fisbinff tackle, -* gear; -ret, -«t 
right — privilege of fishing; -Wife/ »id. 9M\t] 
{tab/ fishing company; -ffittlT/ fishing baak; 
fishing Una; -fieb^ fishing place; -tib/ fishing 
-l}Ob. «>id. 93ob. 

i^iffer, en. !><. -e. fisherman. :^ Comp. 
fishing boat ; -aarm fishing net; -6mt6/ (ft 
house, — hut ; -nflrrltng/ fish-wife ; -wney fi»h-i» 
-lete, fishing village; -manb, vid. %m(t'^ - 
fishing vessel ; -flebier/ fisherman's waterpioef 
9. i. to backbite. -^ &tffen, en. fctcijli 

ing vei 

idea, crsli 

«t. !«. gl'fUer. fistnla. — 1l«i 
oi^. fistulona. 
~^:t6telftemme, falsetto, 
it/ flttet, vid. ftebt, febtet. 

t;^ a4y. eoli. smart, quick. 
{;(/ ad/, fixed; f. ^bee, a filed 
.i;:ere/ «. a. to trick, disappohii. 
miitmtf fixed star. ^^, 

^tflfber, en. p«. &i«bre. feather, plume, plgggi 
spring (of a coach, lock etc.^. :^ Cowp. P^^\ 
ftft*»A/ o4^. foathery; -atbetber# ftatber iMlJJj 
-vivOf soft as a feather, downy ; -Dolb, shattiMOjl 
f^ttte %., to play at battle-door and shnUle-cock ; -Vg 
tuft of feathers ; -bl^e, feather bed ; -b^l/ vid. -m 
-fl^Ib, stuffing for feather bedft; -ferfbtttg/ «* 
-tab; -^attt/ magical wings; -^onblei/ g* 
in feathers; -^IM, pinned cap or bonnet; -MV; 
elasticity; -fr«/ ponllfy; -ltta8, »pri"H'S 
-let/ light oi a feather; -leS/ od/. featheriess, «J*; 
low; -mUitt, sweet William. 1H«»I*I« pte««2** 
-fengy a bed with feather beds; -iah, mm» 
mewing : -icp, tnft of feathets, crest ; jtiifttf fea"* 
fhn ; -tttlbt, wild fowl. 

g^tcebre, o. «. to feiAor, — jtetwB/ o. ^^ ^ 
iH frathoM. 




%iti, nupL fttffle « gtaffe/ • this b««rd «r 

pint =: Comp. g^taK^/ booth -^ shed of boardc \ 
4(0/ brid^ of boords; >guld/ deal floor; -loft/ 
«iiliBf of boardt \ >bOgn / waggon ■— cart made of 
kendf. [hidin|-pla«e]. 

HH«l</ •• «. to bi^. = &-ft«l), gifltlflcr, et. 

jpir, aij. vid. firm. , 

m\tt, pi. shredf, tatters. — ficefe, V. i to 
hm in ikreds or loose threads. 

mo^, ct fl. id. flax. 

Hloah, m.p/. -r. l. fleet 5 2. float, faft. = Comp. 
D'MIIK/ floBtiag baUery; -l^TCCn^e/ floated fire- 
WMd; -«|;^ei, raft bnilder ; -feitt/ raftsman. 

QlAah/ «. a. to float. = Comp. %'Xtif' right 
- jfiTikge ef floating. 

BWOl, », a. to flay, akin*, fig. fo fleece. — 
t}>Mtn,^Uam}ig, en« flaying, etc. 

^/ tN/cbops ; ^olt $. ^ none of yont Jaw ; 
MA.,il«A~ Comp. f-munbet/ a<(f. blobber-lipped. 

mA/ a</.lat^ ^ett f(atC 4^aanb/ the pohn of the hand. 

5f<^^' Mogtig/ sM^/. flaitish •, -Br^fiet/ ihO'. «•*- 
iRMed } -htt, Norv. thin nnleaved cakes ; -htflbct/ 
: J^f' IX-boltoacd', -f^otf opera hat 9 -^Ot)et/ aiO\ 
jJilbMfed; -taxAf broad side (of a beam or stone); 
i ^M/ enb-lonse ; -tutfrt^ adj. flat-nosed; -fettg/ 
<MMde OB the floor; -tOpptt, adj. having a flat 

(n. •/. -Y. plane, plane flgnre ; fiat side ; 

*^ -tllfft, adj. flattened. 
f JJiflW/ m. •/. -r, plane . . 

la^mafjtaarbeit/ flat of the sword. Z= Comp. 
JNt, -nottf area; -maal^ snrface measnre. -^ 
a^jW/ «. flatness. 
|ia»< % V. r«^. to flattan. 
fc^l«^ rt. •/. irf. flag, colours ; ^«fe&./ to hoist the 
i*» n%8v to strike (colours). = Comp. %-tU^ 
il -fait, lowering the flag'; -fttap / knob — 
of afbr-stalf; -moget^ flag-maker; -OJ^Ctttf 
;-ef8cCT; -jriB, flag-ship; -fiattg/ flag-staff. 
"OBV V. t. to hoist a flag, to display colours. 

'}ad3crmuu§, em pi. id. bat. 

^t, V. i. to flutter, flap, flicker, flare ; m 
<nh Sitt; a flickering flame ; g^fet ftogtCt, the 
Ives; fUlgrmbC SorfCTf flowing — disheveled 
~ SlogTin, en. flnttering etc. = Comp. 
^t loose -^ flowing mantle. 
•</■ flat. - 

f ». i to roaaa, rove, ramble. — ^Icifltn, 
«f, ete. — fsloXtit, ttU pL -C. rambler, 
yvgraat. = (7oii4>. ^-l^jl^ rambling propensity. 
UlgO/ en. flamingo. [streak (in wood)], 

f en. pi. -T, flame, blaie ; vein, wave, 
t «. «. to lame, blaxe. 
if adj. veined, waved, streaked. 
/ cn. pi. -t. « giddy girl, eoqaet. = Comp. 
•49« (iddy-headcd, eofoattiah; ^Ocefen, levity 

*, itid. gleneL 

^t tn. pi. -t. flank. — fiantt, V. «. to flank. 
1/ en. JM. .{, botUe, flask ; lappet (of a Jacket) ; 


botfle; -itx^t, boltle-bnab; -UMmi, M/. botlta* 
shaped; -fobeV/ bottle-case, cellaret; -^tn, adj. 
bottle green ; -(aid, neck of a bottle ; -VVtt, bottle 
.basket; -ffubt/ label; -tnPOf)/ -to(/ eorh, stopper; 
-able, species of apple. 

^laff c fig , V. Ttfi. ieoU.) to suecced ; Ui nH 
iftt f*/ it's no go. valg. 

flatttu, vid. fmtgre. 
laU/ flat, yapid, insipid; Jfer. r.dnll; cnf.^Ct* 
fmt/ a silly — Insipid person ; fcc f* Ub , to look 
sheepish -'blank — foolish; Jeg et ganffe f./ I feel 
quite faint (for want of refreshment). ~ ^(AIM 
l^et> en« flatijess, vapidnes, insipidity. 

B'letfere fig, v. refl. to give up one's property 
to another persoa on condition of being maintained 
by bim. — ^lebf^elfe, Oh the giving np. etc. 
B'lebfenng; en. pt. -er. one who gives up ete. 

gicen, en. pi. glene. prong, tine. 

S(eeT/ flere, (eompar. oftnange.^ more; aevenif, 
various; f. S^ange — ^erfoner, several times —per- 
sons. — ^leerl^eC/ en. majority, plurality, i: Comp. 
9-aang/ several years old ; f-aarig ^Xox^Uf a pe- 
rennial ; -Iwiiti , ^adj . polygonal; -fibetf, '{iH(|^ 
adj. many-sided ; varied ; -flat^el^edOTt/ polysyllable ; 
-iu, plural, plural number ; -t^btg/ ad^. of different 

Utli, en. pi. -r. hamlet, village, [promisenousty. 
Teng/ ». s. tn the Phrase : i 9leng. indiscriminately, 
lenge, en. pf. -t. stash, gash. — ffenge, •». ». 
to slash. 

f^tenfe, e. a. to cut off the blubber of a wluile. 
— ^enfci, cn. one who cuts off etc. — %\m9f 
mngr en. cutting off etc 

jjfere, vid. fleer. 

t^IefY/ et pork, bacon. — fleffftgttg/ adj. resembling 
pork. = Comp. ^lefteSob, shoulder of a hog ; -bvfle, 
gammon of bacon ; -febt, fat of pork ; -foge, bmolet 
with bacon ; -fibe, side of bacon ; -fftnf e, ham ; -flcg/ 
roaat pork t -fttp|?e/ pork soup ; -ft7(er/ skin of b»- 

eon; -fonbag, vid. g^afielat^nSf^nbag. 

(ejfC/ *. a. to mangle, lacerate, slash. 

Tefi, adj. superi. of mange, most. 

Itttt, V. a. to plait, plat, braide; f. M 
JtuiO/ to make a basket; f. en JcroftbS/ to wreatk 
a garland; f. et ®terbe/ to wattle a hedge. — 
gletnmg, en. plaiting, etc. plait, braid. ZZ Comp. 
S-baanb/ braid; -gtnbe^ hurdle, wattle; -fcne, 
,-^tge/ plaiter, braider; -m, braid; -bcrvf/ plait. 

g:({b, en. diligence, industry, application ; tM'k %*f on 
purpose, purposely; gt0re fig mege'n g:./ to take great 
pains. = fCittig/ adj. diligent, industrious, sednlons ; 
f. ^efeget/ l. frequent visiter; 2. constant attm^aat; 
«. j,(at church). a<lr. diligently, etc.; flttbcW f./ to 
study hard. — ^Utttg^eb, en. vid. gltb. 

grltg/ en. 0i. -e. flap, lappet, skirt. 

mvt, %li1ft, en. pi. %titttt. patch. 

%l{Ht, V. a. to patch, botch, vamp np; to cobble 
■■* **** Biftffer, to 'bottle.' zz'Comp. '^-hiti, I (shoes). — glttten, ftUfning, en. patching ete. 
"iWMitaledBpina bettie at iet; -bug, bally of a ] Q^ItttfT/ en* pi. -U patcher, botdier. Tamper. -« 




Bllffrriir et. pttdiac. ptlchwort. — gliffcDflTtf, 

vid. %mm, 

gUnf/ tidj, mart, quick, brisk, aeUve. — ^(tnf« 
^(t/ (It* smartness, quickness, briskness, activity. 
^lintt, V. a. to brush up, ipake smart. 

l,%\mif tn* pi. e. aint; »«e iwrr w^ 'at 

f|}nngC i ^*j to fly — burst out into a passion. =Z 
Comp. %-^iaS, flint glass; 4aaTb, mdj. hard 
as tint.; 

2* ^Itttt/ nt« J>/. -tX, gwi, musket, piece. =: 

Comp. ^-M^\t, vid. %imt — ^UnUfolbt, butt- 
end of a gun \ -Yug((/ bullet/ musket ball \ -IoaS/ 
lock of a gun ; -ftvitif musket '— , gunshot ; -flfCtt/ 

%lip, tn,pl. %l\piptx, e. ff.afet5ieTfIcrfee, comer 
of a handkerchief. = Comp. g-rrMC/ false collar, gills. 
\\\Xtf ett* a kind of small bream. Cyprmut. 
rltfC/ m« pi. -r. flag (stone)*, a flaw; UXot^t 
vm %i to flag. 

\\vit, V. «. dci. to splinter. ^ fltfet/a^;. splintered. 
;lit8Bue, m. cross-bow. 

jixHttj et« p{. e. tinsel. ZZ CoMi?. ^-gttl^, leaf- 
hrass; -fronu -ftabS, tinsel •, -bit, false wiL 

Buttta, g:ltttig^c^ W<i. «««. ^Itb. 

i. %wtf (tt* flood inundation. ZZ Comp. %\tits 
XMLOX, %ldtitmCiOii, highwater mark; -ttl). flood-tide. 

2. glob/ tti,pl. -VC, rirer. = Comj». g-bRt,bank of 
» r. ; -h\X^i, winding — bend of a river ; -bige, dike, 
embankment ofa'river; -fijl^ river fish; -gut, river 
god; -^cfl, river horse, hippopotamus ; Am, bed of a r. ; 
-Uo; course of a r. ; -munttng, month of a r.; 
-XtMit, channel ofar. ; -rig/ adj. abounding in rivers; 
-fanb/ river sand ; -feng, vid. -If ie ; -OOnb/ river 
water; -Ud/ passa|e by a river. 

l(ot/ et* «•<<. §Iaat. 

[(otf/ V. i. to flow. 

jiolDe/ ctt« «W. g:laatf« 

f^Iot/ en* pi. -Ie. flock; troop, party. =Z Comp. 
fivStttiQi, \ tf./ in crowds, flocks ; f^lo!)}u8/ udv. 
in flocks* [crowd, throng]. 

gloWe fig, V. refl. ftolfed/ v. i. #»«*•. to flock, 

fiXtittt, ti^tH, em |»1. -le. flock (e. jr. of wool). 
=: %-^\ttf floss silk. 

I^Tottt/ ett* moor. 
)fomme, en. p/. -r. fat. 

flonef/ Ct. flannel. 

ftolT/ et* crape. ^ $-{igte/ Cue sieve. 
flOT/ en* flower, blossom; flourishing state. 
florere/ v. i. to flower; to flourish. 

rlotet/ et. ^lotetfilfe/ floss silk, 
jroret, en* pi. -ter. foil, (for fencing), 
flotnteejf/ et* finest sort of wheat flour. 

M, et* pi. -fer* plush, shag. 

floSfe/ «. a. to line with plush. 

\\o9\tf V. ». to fray, fuzx. 

[lot/ ad[/. & a<fv. afloat ; lebe f./ to live luxuriously. 

jfue, en. pi. -r. fly; fldae to gfluer meb et 

(Bmotl, to kill two birds with one stone ; ^a,lH §. t 
^Obetet/ to have a bee in one''s bonnet =Z Comp. % 
-dM^y fly poison; -tut/ fly^net; -fPaB/ safe (for meat) ; 

-fnuelte/ fly-flap ; -f)>9/ fly-Mow ; -fbom^, SHcict 
of agaric. ^^artciM in««eari««; -biftf/ fly-fan. 

g^Iugt/ en. p/. c. flight; tooe glugten,. to td» 
to flight ; ilaoe ^enten pM, %., to pnt th« cac^r 
to flight, to rout; .{ti^te en giigl t g:ltigien/ is 
shoot a bird on the wing, to shoot flying; o^fVR 
en S3^n{ng t Itge ^. met . . . , to erect ahuiiAif 
in a line with . . . 

elttnl/ et* gleam, glimpse, 
lunle/ V. t. to sparkle; flunfente n^, hm- 

new , spik-and-span new. 

9j\MJf adv. quickly, immediately, strait, fortkm*. 

%\^tit, V. i. to flow, run; f. )faa ^antct/ It 
float; f. af/ to result, follow from; @ulb(t ^Ijito 
met 93anb/ eoll. the floor is overflowed with water; 

Xolen {l^ter .aptt for ^ont/ he has a gosd 

flow of words ; ftbtente ^t^^XUX, fluid — liqnid sub- 
stances, fluids, liquids. — fl^benbe/ adv. 


— gluten/ en. flowing.— Rl^ben^t/ en. Liaidiin 
2. flaency. = C«mi>. g-botteri/ floaliag ihaKcry; 
-OOnt/ floating-boom; -OtO/ floating bridge. 

ftll^bl^ott/ et. pi. -tU float. 

%l\^f y. a. 1. to pat in order, mead, r^air ; 2. 1» 
provide, 'pirocare ; 3. to hand, reach. 

%[^f V. i. l.lo flee, fly, rim away, eaci^; %M 
avoid, shuB, eschew. 
\^ adj. fledged. 
\^, V. •. vid. %V^, 9. i. 1. 

jl^gtig, adj. fugitive, vagaboad ; volatile, iacap- 
slant ; fleeting, transitory ; hasty, cursory. — fi^S'^ 
"tgtt^en/ adv. hastily, cursorily, IraBsicatty. " 

:ygttgl^eb/ en* volatility, giddtaeas. 

'I^gtltng, en. pi. -er. fugitive. 

:(^ter/ en* pi. g^I^tre* flouader. P iv u iomM t m . 
_:(9ttC/ «. a. f i. to move, remove, transfer. — 
g^tntng, en* moving, removal. — ^li^cTt/ rt. 
bustle and trouble of moving. ZZ Comp. ^-Mj^. 
remaving day; -folb/ moveable sheepfoid; '-fCRb^ 
adj. ready to move ; -gobS / famitura a BMviaf I 
-tlb/ moving lime. 

%l\}Vt, V. ». ffeten, flaiet/ pi. fCmne. (er) to «f * 
^Itbet nbi i Suften / the ship blew «p ; Dnot 

flei 0^ / the door flew open; ^ fl^bente !«{}, i» 
a great hurry , post haste. — ^(^ben / en. iyia|» 
flight; ^* t Semnteme/ shooting, shooting paia. tX 
Comp. tf-AfPt f ashes mixed with smelting melalaf 
-HaV/ an insigniflcant pamphlet; -fftttt, hoard it 
the entrance of a bee-hive; -tigt/ fugitive piece) 
-fflttbig, adj. ready to fly, fledged; -gigt, flp^; 
rheumatism ; -grtue / fancy, whim, caprice ; «VWVk. 
hole — entrance of a bee-hive ; -{nbfolb/ paasiag f 
conceit; -liorrltg^eb/ fleeting passion ^ -fuSLa, 
staggers ; -l^R/ sudden fancy, transient desire ; ^^ , 
te/ idle report.; -fanb, quick-sand ; -ftcift/ pamphtakf 
-ftbtte/ shuttle ; -tantt, passing — fleeting 

-ttbenbe, vid. -x^it\ -^aft, violent — 

hurry; -fftttf sudden fever-heat ; -f|)rmg/ follj 

— speed. 
%lotf qx glorg/ en, species of saipe. Seaiopsm. 




%i(ii6t, V. i. to vule, blubber. = Comp, ^-ttAif 
mltflf poem. — ^lethttlf m» puling etc. — ^ttts 
Mr, m. pi. -t* paler, blubberer. 

I'Uttf^ V. a. to bew fiat and smooth. 

rlabf«TC, vid. fle^fCTt. [dacoru*]. 

ftoo, en. pi. id. yellow marsh flag. IrU pseu- 

\\0tRt, 9. a. to split, cleave. =Z Comp. %-^tti, 

split hCTTIBg. 

^lo^^ en. pi. e. cream ; f«tte %., to cream. = 
Conip. %4iif ice-creamy -^tiQ^f cream cake'-, -tan? 
InT/^ -{N'ttO cream jug, — pot ; -ffee, cream ladle •, 
-flm / skin of boiled cream ; -fflttg , milksop *, 
>fKa^gAet/ a«(j. beardless, effeminate. — flete, v. a. 
vid. Ottlete. [fanb/ alluvial sand]. 

flee or ^leU, v. «.. to How. = Comp. %Ul? 
Ui, en. pi. -e. vane ; (of an army, or baildins;) 
wing; (of a table or screen) leaf. :^ Comp. |^ 
-iett, folding table; -B^nutg; building with 
several wings ;^ -ter, folding-door ; -fnopf knob of 
a vane ; -mattt / fugleman ; -fiattg , vane stock, 
spindle of a vane, 
gfetel, et. /»/. c. velvet. 

trlette, en. /»/. -r. flute; whistle. = t7o»wi>. 8*- 
laoger/ flute maker; -^ptif playing — , performance 
OB the flute ; ~^)p^Uttf player — performer on the f . ; 
'tontf tone of a f. ; -IHCrf/ flute work of an organ. 
— flette, f. ». f a: to whistle, f ipe. — glcitcn/ 
nt« whistling. 

jtvltcn, ado. gone, off. 
fUl, en. puppy (fig.) 
sletic, Old. glt^tte. 
jfff^B f en, pi. -tt» stratum, layer. ZZ Comp. 
%--hitXQf mountain formed in horizontal strata ; -f alf / 
<4ASt)^/liiBCstone, sandstone (found in such a mountain). 
01ia§/ et. shreds, scrapings. 
%naif en. pi. c itch. =I Comp. ^-mit , itch 
Aearus. -XtvXtitXf cure for the itch. — fnat^ 
okdi. itchy. ' [infc, titter etc.] 

life, V. t. to titter, giggle. — ^ntfen, en. titter- 
finia, et. pi. id. flue. 

Il^e/ 9. i. to snort, snuff (as horses) ; fig. to 
mi ftame, fchafc (with rage). — Bn^fcn, en. 
iMMiting etc. 

I %tii, en. pi. itSf ebter. foot; ()uage net for %oU, to cat 

lA«r« indiscriminately; foibettmote, to submit, yield, 
»le one^s self; tommt pM^eltt, to recover from 
circumstances ; §. fbr &., slowly , step 
\^ ftep, at a foot pace; pan jlaaente %,, off-hand, 
npore; til gobS , on foot, afoot; Dfltre raff, 
-til %oHf to be a good, bad wntker; time til 
1/ lo serve in fte infantry ; ta^t %0^ l &CiCmti, 
^dkken — mend one's pace ; gioe een gebber 
^ i|9<ia/ to make one find his legs; gooe pM 
' %6tf to be in an advanced state ef preg- 
•, fioae pM en gob — ffet ^ob meb ecn, 
9m an good — bad terms with one ; fonttne pad 
%• t to be set at liberty , to be released ; Iet7e 
Mft Ctt <iot 9. , to live in high styfe. = Comp. 
9-«ngelf caltrop; -Ibab, foot-bath, pediluvy ; -^a(be, 

ball of tke foot; -Wftb, ftid. -fooTe; -Bnb, or 

Bobfibreb, foot-breadth ; -Brttt, foot-board, (of 
a waggon); -hotffm, foot-basin; -fa(b/ pro- 
stration; -fo(f, pi. foot, infantry, foot-soldicra ; 
-fat"}/ adj\ sure-footed ; -foffie, footing ; -^ang, foot- 
pace ; -garbe, foot guards; -gntnb, basis, base; 
-AOmaeT/ pedestrian, foot-passenger; -jent/ fettor; 
-fnrgt/ foot soldier; -f^S, kissing of the toe; -leb^ 
ankle joint; -Ui, adj. nimble-footed; -U8/ adj. 
footless; -ntoaf/ foot measure or rule; -pti\tf fooW 
bag ; -pt% penny post ; -pVivXi, nadir ; -10^, Vid. 
-fnor; -retfe, journey on foot, pedestrian j. ; -rrf* 
fenbe, pedestrian; -ruflntng, greaves; -faole, sole 
of the foot; -ftb, adj. reaching down to the fe«t 
(of a garment) ; -framtnel/ foot-stool ; -fttfte/ pace ; 
-flag, hick; -fnar, adj. swift-footed, fleet ; '\tifU, 
sock : -f^or, foot-step, foot-print ; -{H / foot-path ; 
-fi^ffe/ foot; ground plate (in a frame building); 
-ft«b , kick ; -Tt'Ong « hollow^ of the sole ; -fttf, 
vid. -pe\t ; -traab , -tn'n , foostcp , tread ; -troB/ 
ground plate; -VOQti , washing of the feet; -tci/ 
boots and shoes ; -XtVKVMXf timber for ground plates ; 
-tjaffntng, vid. -tbcet; -bet, foot-path, — way; 
-I^Krf, pain in' the foot. = ^obSfieb, step, 
^obe, V. a. to sA the foot. 

1. g'Obet, "et. pi. e. fodder, provender; et 8f* 

avre, a feed of oats ; ftttte — (olbe en $eft paa 

,,- to pot out — keep a horse at livery, ZZ Comp. 
_ -art / species of fodder ; -feenne , horse-bean ; 
-aielb, money for fodder ; -l^at^re, oats for fodder ; 
-ftfte, bin; -(ebe, loathing of fodder; -lete, -I«n, 

vid. -gtelb; -mangel, scarcity of fodder; -mefier, 

head ostler ; -^lante, fodder plant ; -po\e, nose-bag , 
-qoffg, stall-fed cattle; -rob, cattle turnip; -ftaf*' 

fer, vid. -ntefier ; -flub, staii-fed buiiock ; -trang 

deficient in fodder (of the season) ; -Itrt , Vid.^ 

-plomit. — fobre, fore, v. a. to fodder, feed. 

2. gober, ttpi.e. lining. = C»om/». g-bug/ 

stuff for lining; -Oocrr, vid. ^ewttfltrf. — fobre, 
fore , V. a. to line ; f* Ct Slnfertoug , to serve 
a cable. 

3. §ober, et. case, 
obfe, V. a. to kick, 
oerbcerf, oid. $e(§t>ffr!. 
ogbert, et. pi. -er. jurisdiction of a Fogod q. e. 

^ogeb, en. pi. -er. a magistrate with judicial 
powers who also executes warrants , vid. SSt^fogcb, 
^errebefogeb. 5tongen'8 gogcb, King's Bailiff. = 
Comi>;^-irom, tax paid in corn to tFog^d; -tienefte, 
office of a Foged. 

go? , cn. pi. -fer. foresail. = Comp. ^OtU — 
g'olfemaft, foremast ; -mflfrS, fore-top ; -raa, fore ~ 
yard; -Uant, fore shrouds. 

1. R'oib, en. pi. -e. fold, pen. 

2' b'ol^/ Solbe, en. pi. -er. fold, plait; ^. paa 

ct ©(ab, doubling down of a lelf. = Comp. %oU 
bef aft, . folding of drapery ; -Irabe , ruffle, plaited 
frill. — f-0it8, tfd». in folds. 

g^otbe, V. a. to fold, plait; f. et ©reb ^axmnWf 

to fold up a letter ; f. .pttnbfmr, to fold — clasp 




if or 

Me'* lunub tacdhcr; f« JCTcebone 0« QUI fig/ to 
^thtr — tnek ap •■«''« dothn; f . 1^ / lo imfoM. 
— 9o(^tng/ tn, Miinf. ZZ Comp. ^-twlo, eiup- 
kBife: -fcng, v»A ftiltfeng. 
golf, nu W- -«♦ cok. 

{}elc, V. i. -to foal. — poling/ m. foaliag. = 

. gottant/ en. p/. -er. folio. 

XioVl, ft |i^. m(. folk, people; erew, ImokIb (od 
feottd) ; at ^at>f bortft jAmbi %. / to have seen 
eompaar — the xworid *, 92mc fl^t Stt^tf fontntft 
td) tBlanbt^eU; if snob a report akottld get abroad — 
transpii*. = Comp. goIMffltttntn^ veMlHtion of a 
>opalar meeting; -6(anbmg/ eoBimixtion -^ aiedley 
-•f neliOBi or people; -tonmlff, civiliiotioo ; -tigs 
iMtf popular poet; -ibel)/ peatilenee; -fgfti^ft>/ m- 
tioaelity; -fabfl/ fiither of a people; -ftfl/ national 
-featiTal; -fifll/bwnan foot-priat; -foT^ttllb/ confede- 
tatioB ; -f er^imbcr/ leader of tbe people ; -foittt^ 
liltg/ impfOTement — refinement of ttie people ; -fri^fb/ 
national liberty^ ; -f ^(bt, adj. popalons ; -f flttb, Uibe ; 
tfi/ pepnlartty; •^Ktntfl^ tmric in baman llesb; 
1/ crowd of people ; -^bci/ national 0ory; 
jtfDbtttg / cbief of a people ; -IfbfT / demacogve ; 
Wi , manners — cuatoaiB of n people; -lok}/ law 
of nations, interantional law ; Avttlf teacher— 'in- 
stmctor of the people ; -Uritting/ popnlas reading ; 
•IMgt/ democracy ; -lltangfl/ ^ paneity of inhabitants ; 
-Wftttng/ public opinion ; -tlttnbf, memory of 'man ; 
-immbf/ VOtTf — nmtmf X%», to be-- become the 
common tnik, acfnire celebrity; -WCfngbfi poputa- 
lion; -mobf/ popniar meeting ~ assembly ; -ttsb/ 
public distress; -O^I^dntttg^ enlightenment of tbe 
people; -tfgtfttng/ democrac^r.; •tft# viA -{ol»f; 
^Tfttig^fb, popular right; -Tltg/ ad$. popnlons ; 
JtO^t popular applause; -t^, common — popniar 
report or tumour ; -fogn^ popular tradition — legend ; 
•fcnufttnb, community ; -fang/ national song; -fait' 
gft/ popular hard; -ftoxf/ crowd of people; -ftif/ 
notional custom ; -SJtoXt, pidilic sdiool ; parish school ; 
-ftV/ «**• »hy; -ft^bfb, shyness; -{lag, people, 
nation, tribe ; -HOtgt/ race of people, tribe ; -fnaf/ 
idle report ; -{lammf/ tribe ; -fiot, republic ; -^tfttr, 
founder of a people ; -flttf, servants ball ; -nUTfr/ 
niler -^ chief of a people ; -fiOEDttf / vid» -ntilbf ; 
^ioM/ public requirement or interest; -tom, adj. 
depopulated, deserted; -to)/ popniar belief; -toCUng/ 
census; -ttottbnng/ migration; -iMnit/ adj. accu- 
otomed to aasoctate with people ; -tofl/ public weal ; 
■pDelflanb/ national prosperity; -Dtff^ popular ditty; 
-totttmitfl/ throng vf people; -Dcrtblgpf b / national 
disnity ; -tfCngf/ defender of the people ; -i^bffl/ 

KoHfttg/ adj. like other people; popniar. — 
^oTtflig^fb/ flU popularity. 

gont/ ftt. font, baptismal font. 

wontattfttf/ fit. pi. -X. issue. 

%Gtf prap. eonjunet. adv. for, before, as, of, 
to, too^, for wmf g^VbbfT/ at my feet ; O^lfttfiattb 

f./ fubjoet of; fttibf 9laabf fot emS SDinf/ to find 

fkTOur in o*c*s tight; lufU S)«Mn for 9N« of 
tfH, toshut the door in one's face ; ^OtK tiOgttfw ttbi 
about somelh., to hare aomelh. in hand, or afsot ;% W 
right opposite to, over against, facine; f. ImJC 
fibtllr long ago, or since; ^tttt tottt TOC bM» k« 
spoke in his behalf or, favour; for tntg gtCDIC,wtt 
all my hcnfl; tient f. @tllf)ngt'/ to sme m t 
housemaid 3 f. fig fflk>/ by one's self; ^fetrMt 
for ftt $trfon ? what person — sort of pcraen is lltf? 
f; Ob to, in order to , for the pmyose of, by «•! 
of ; f. frtt/ from before; fVom the begmaiof, siv 
again; f. OOfr^ forward; "pCUif inthe f^oat, kfmi 
for toorm — teXt, K. too warm — cold etc. 

fjoraor, ft. pi. id. spring. = Comp. ?[«M* 
Ogttg^ adf. remal ; -olomft / verasl — «?nKS 
flower; -fffefT, spring fever; -Jftmbogn/ wm' 
equinox ; -tib/ spring time. 

eraarfogf/ v. a. to canse, occasion. 
:oragt» fit. pi. e. contempt, disdain, scon. 

jorogtf/ V. a. to despise, contemn, iis^ 
scorn. — forogtfHg, a4f, contemptible, itwfiaiki 
contemptuous, scomfnL, disdainful. — SoTd^^ ^ 
pi. -f. dcspiser, contemner. 

^orott, prop. tL adv. before, i% front; fioWtt 
iBoaftt, somewhere in the' earlier part of the kseL 

^OTOItbrf , V. a. to change, alter ; Sw>«jf 
foroitbrtt ftg/ the wind has shifted. — fotfldtn^ 
euij. changeable, variable, fickle, inconstant. 

g:or ttberltg^b, ftt. chnngeaUcness, variiWcML 
— ^orattbrtttg, ftt. pi. -a. chance, alimtian, «•• 
riety. — Roratibringrr, pt. vid. Slaatubdfioft. 

grorottifbtgt, V. a. to occasion. 

f^orotlMtt, «. •. tocnuaelo be done, haTe"* 
done, to direct ; — j^onmfkoltlting , fn. ?L •& 
contrivance, agency, direction. 

^oroil^bf / V. a. to work, nanufactarc, ■■h>t 
to do the previous or preparatory work, P*P*'VT 
^orotbctbclff / fit. working etc. mannfactare, ftW' 
cation; preparatory or preliminary work. 

g^oraraf, v. a. to scandalise, givedrcnce—M^ 
dal. — T<»avgC^r forOJgf fig OUfr, to be iwnWi** 
ed at. --- forargfltg/ adj. scandnlous, offcasifc-" 
gforargflff, fit. pi. -r. scandal, offence. ^ 

'*■ iroxm^ ftt. forearm. [fit. impotertfjij* 

:or<mttf/ «. a. to impoverish. — gioratnw 
Otaxtlf fW. ftore axle. 

JorSog^ V. a. to consume, use far baking; v* 
bft~fZ foroagt, the bread is overhaked. . 

^orbottbf , V. a. to damii, curse, execrate ; T* 11 
^aa, to wear to. — for^Ottbtt, adj. « «*vijj 
nable, damned , cursed ; damnably etc. — 9^^*^ 
bflff . ftt. pi. -r. curse, impreention, exetisti* 
ll^fe 9or6atfbftffr C^tt, to impreente, execrate, ««» 
invoke — imprecate evil upon. 

jJorSoitlf . V. a. to beatunmcrcifully, to mail ff«9 

Sorftarwf fig/ v. refL (em), to pity, ui— i^ 
rate, compassionate. — fj'orftamtflff/ fit. coap>i 
sion, commiseration, pity. — %tlAcaaaMtf ttU cM 
miscntor \ bm fDlge %., the God of aMrey. 




SmanfelfC/ Clt« amazeiMnL, MtonUbment. 

^oclcbre, V. a. to batter, iaaprove, anmd, anelib- 
nta; f. fig, to improve, amend*, f . Jit detoiui to 
mead one^s nanncrB, la raform; f* ftne f^^foitt' 
fter, to increase — better one'** income. — JtnAtttts 
Itg, adj. imyrovenbte. — ^Olih^rr^ en. im|>rever, 
4«fonMr. — ^orSebring , en* pi. -it* improvoment, 
analioiatioa, Moeadnent. — ^OtbebYtn^ttttS, honae 
■^ eanedMA, Bridewell. 

#v(ffii/ tk, to/ft lag. ^ 

miMoR), ft* TcaeryatioB, provlao, aahro. 

Stfl^Olbc fig, «. raff, to raacrve to one's aelf; 
10 liecp to one'a a«ir, — ^OY^^ibcn/ «</. reaenr- 
•d , eloae. — %tlt^tf}eXtmf^, fit. reserve. 

ffvAm^Sbif'^tdf. before •— ' above mentioned, afore- 
nid. . [en* ossification. 

%t^kMi , V. i. pint, to ossify. =r gFocfeenma, 

%9A(ttttf «. a. to prepare, arrange ; f* ftA nC 
da fnfut «Mie'^ self for, prepare for. ■ — ^vcbvtts 
t>d}tf en pi. -X* preparation, preparative, arrange- 
awat. — gvt^ercb<tf(9ffole, preparatory acbool. 

^tflletilMe/ V. a. to stipniate beforeband. — 
gfltiet in ytfC/ en. pveviooa stipnlalion. 

^r^et^bt , V. a^ to preBgnre. ^ •goi6etl^httng/ 
dli« fiaraboding, amen, prognostic. 

%vAif f*rflifi. dc adv. f»ast, by, over, at an end \ 

(ate en getlig^b ' gaoe f., to let slip — pass — 

to negiact an opportunity, tet er for6i meb f)Qm, 

it is nU ever vHlb bin. = fovHfovmbe^ AtihtVibtf 

U, goin^— running etc. past — by. it>er / flea-bitten. 

oroibt, V. a. to bite severely ; f«rMU af ^ps 

in^ (t. promontory, cape, beadland, foreland. 

^OT^gOOe/ V. a. to pass by, overloob, omit, 

ovt; f. noget meb %iiU9ptt, to pass by in 

e^ t ^T^igoaenbCr in passing; by the way, 

incidentally. — fcr^tgangen/ past, by-gone. — ^ftis 

iJaonA^ Cfl. pMsing by. [pattern. 

^snitUttf ft. pi. -r. type, prototype; model, 

fftltbMtt, v.«. to connect, combine; f. tt^aox, 

fo drcaa , bind np, bandage a wound ; f. fig mtt, 

to league — ally one's self with ; f. ftg ill, to bind 

— angago one's aelf to, pledge one's word to ; f. en 

99Qf to misplace the sheets of a book in binding; 

Scgcr iD«m vtegttforfonbcn^ I »m very much obiig- 

•d l« you. — ^Of6tnbe(fe $n, pi. -r. combining 

dc., connection , oombtnation ; league, aasociation ; 

cngsgement, obligation. — fomnbtltg^ adj. oblig- 

^, eompfaiaant. — ^ei^btltg^cb , en. pi. -er. 

vMigatinn ; obligingneaa, complaisance ; 3eg ff l^ter 

%mt mange %,, I am ander many obligations 

<o him. 

I^ocbiretfe/ en. |o«mey past a f lace. 

Sot^ifhet/ adj. exasperated, — adv. vulg. con- 

f wmda d ly, doaparataly. 

%wMtinf V. a. to embitur; to exasperate, pro- 
«iic. — ftev^titlirlfT/ en. cxaapcratton. 

%tnMcant, v. a. to c«Bfomid. — goiBlonbelfe, 
dW. coBfamdiing. 

gsitltnte, V. «. tor MM, hMdprtak. -^ #0t« 
Olintelfe, en* Utnding; UiadneM. 

^octttl^e, 9. a. to raa»«n, aiay, abide; UtDtt 
moa Ui f. ^ |^a»e .fit ^or&Iitoenle/ there the mi- 
ter must rest. 

%orhiammH, part, cspreaaed by imienda, covert, 
ambiguous; f. wit, enignufticnl apaocb ; diM At 
fotfiaoe 4}aa «n f. wlaaU, 40 hint darUy — far 

otbrnffie, f0Cl6(«ffir, «. a. to nbaah. 
omtftt, fig, V. tail, to bleed io daalh. 
OTDobme, V. a. to aMitgage by .ballomrj. 
OXWgfiM/ et. iuHlal. 

«^4)t6«te^ en. halwarh. 

m>{iotgen, adj. hidden, eoncauM, occult, --r 
grorborgenl^eb/ en. concealment. 

gorbob^ en. fore pait of the ahouldor of an nninal. 

g'Ct^g/ en. conanmption. 

QVldbvitge f V. a. to consunte, use up ; wear out 
(of ciothea). — gvrSrUgntng, en. consuaplioB. 

^OT^rttger, en. pi. -e. coaawner. 

tJorbr^oe, v.a.t. to commit a crime ; 2. to forfeit. 

— Oon<9btlfe/ en. pi. -t. crin^ — ^ot^er, 

en. pi. -e. criminal, malefactor. — forlb;^|Oeift/ a4f. 

^VfbtemUf v. a. to bun, acocch. — fsoAttn^ 
-beltg, adj. combustible. -^ ^OXhoBtntixiQ, ett. bara^ 
ing etc. combustion. 

1. ^orbub/ et. pi. id. prebibitioii, interdiction, in- 
hibition ; gitfve B^. imolt, vid. fo?b(^te. (bioger. 

2. ^orbub/ et. pi. id. forcmnaer, precursor, har- 
^VVDUnt/ et. pi. d4<.. alliance, league, confedecaey., 

confederation, covenant; tnbgoae -^ fllltte — ht\^ 

— OpffCett tt %,, to enter into ^.fona — break 

— dissolve a league etc. =: C'enqt. ^OlAuv!Uibm\ 
violation " breaoh of alliance ; -ttU^ diet at Frank' 
fort:, -^ab, federal town; -^t, federal state ; .tl04>s 
p€tj federal troops. (t %,f'\o be indentured. 

$5CT6unb/ et. indentures of an apprentice ; fiofte 
^orbunbt/ %|»lante %tatt i %», to plant trees In 

a quincunx. 

^OT^^be, V. a. to forbid, piobibit, interdict, inUblfe 

gctb^be ftg, V. a. to bid too much. 

f^otSl^e , v. a. f refl. to spend too much — 
over-speculate in building; f. I^I^Sntngen — Ubfig« 
ten fo¥Cn9tabo, to ohstract — shut out the light — 
prospect from a neighbour (by building). 

^orbttgntng, en. front of a building. 

^'Otb^tte/ V. a. to change; to confound; f. fig^ 
to make a bad exchange. — ^orbl^ttelfe , -O^tntng, 
en. hanging, change. (rying too heavy a load. 

%V^ent |tg/ v. refi. to injure one's self by ca(i>> 

^orben, en. pi. -net. intercession, mediation; 
gicw %,, gaae i %* fot< to intercede for — in £i* 
vour — In" behalf of. [old, of yore. 

fVortagS, adj. dc adv. of the preceding day; of 

^oxbampe, v. a. & i. to evaporate. •— lyevbam^' 
ntng, en. evaporation. 

ftctbant§, en. first dance ; ^e %,, to lead the danct. 

lifOrbanDfe fig/ v. refi. to dance to excess. 





ffettonfefet^ m» leader of • d«iic«. 

KOTbannelfe/ en« preparatory instraction. 

f^ot)>atl19r^ v.a. lotraMlate-— render — tam — do 
into Danish. — ^ortonftning, . ett« translating etc., 
translation, yersion etc. 

^orled/ m* l* fore part, front ; 2* advantaife, profit \ 
3. behalf, favour i^l^aOe&.foi m ait^ttl/ to have the 
advantage of another ^ piefit %* af/ to derive— reap 
advantage, benefit ft-om, to benefit — profit by. — fttH 
^eelogttg/ n^f. advantageons, profitafile, lacrative. — 
£[0t^<(ta3ttg9(^ / cn* profitableness, advantageons- 
ness. — f^'OrteeUfogf object of profit. 

^OtleU / V. a. to distribnte, deal, apportion,, di- 
vide; to dissipate, disperse; fotbclett^C wlitltx, iis- 
patients. — 90*^^(^*16 / ^* P'- ~^* distribution, di- 
visjon; dispersion. 

OTDt. co»>. becauM. (Uttg/ m, doubling, 

ottolble/ V. a. to double, redouble. — ^otbOD:: 

jorbom, tn, pi. -me. prejudice. = forboutdfri, 

a^f. unprejudiced. fn^rt/ freedom from pyeja- 

dice; -fvStf adj. prejudiced. 

RotttaoBeT/ pi. first running of a still. 

^Otlnrag/ ti» pi. id. contract, compact, agreement, 

£[ottraae/ v. a. to bear, endure, abide, pnt up 
with. = ^ertcogeUg , mdj. bearable , endurable. — 
f^orblOgeltg^eb^ en. tolerableness, supportableness ; 

Olbioged^ V. %. pass, to agree. 
CXtxtf V. a. to claim, demand, require, exact ; 
f* ~itlt 9tetien , to cite, summon ; f. eett ViXif vid. 
itbforbre; f* ^egnffoB af, lo call to account. = 
f^orbritig/ ett* pi. -or* claim, demand ; pretension ; 
^Vtt 9* pCkCt , to lay claim to, put in — advance 
a claim to -, flicte alt foi flor % til, to require — 
«xaet too much from, of. — forbrtttgdfn , adj. 
free from debt, unincumbered; unpretending, nnas- 
suminl ; -fltlb, adj. full of pretensions, assuming ; 
-manb, collector of debts. 

f^orbre^ v. a. to further. — ^orbrtng, en« furtherance. 

^Olfeiete/ V. a. to distort, contort; ^g. to per- 
vert. — ^Ottveietfe/ en. pi. -X* distortion, contor- 
tion, perversion. 

gvrbnjie ftg, v. rtfl. to make bold, venture, presume. 

f^orbnbe* v. a. todriveaway—* out, expel, dispel, 

dislodge : f. ^iben, to while away — beguile time; 

'f* (t Softer, to procure abortion; f. en ^^bom, 

to remove — cure a disorder. — o'OrbriOetfe , en. 

driving dtc. expulsion: 

^Otbruffen, Adj. drunken. 

Korbtun, adv. anciently, formerly, of yore. — 
fotOUmS , ad^: ancient. 

^ttunflf, V. a. to darken, obscure; to eclipse, 
throw into the shade. — gvrtunntng/ en* darken- 
ing etc. 

gorbttnfle/ vid. Bortbunfle. 

Q'Otb^Be, V. a. to deepen; f. ftg t, to lose one's 
•elf — to be absorbed — immersed in; f. % K 
4&telb , to plunge into debt j fotb^Set 1 93etta§tf 
Jltngei/ lost in mediution ; f * t en l8og, intent upon 

a book. — 9erbi;f(nttig, en* pi. .ei« d«cfeBi«g; 

orb^re, v. a. to enhance the priec. 

orboeattgr at^. vid. mtdlflmfeug* 

Otbdr, et* forecastle. 

ettant, et. vid. ^or^otng. 

orbOtft, adj. covert. 

tittwn, en. a et. vid. goTbttcbelfc. 

^tntaxH/ 9. a. to spoil, mar, damage, cwrapi, 
deprave, vitiate; forbiertMt Stitit, tainted meat. — 
forbcerbeltg , adj. «oimptible ; peniicimM, ny n aai ; 
let folbcertoeltge ^orer, good* eamly spoiled or da. 
maged. — ^orbcettoelfe / en. rain, destractian; car- 
rnption, depravation, vitiation. — ^QVttftlMr, CB* 
pi. e. spoiler, corrupter, depraver. 

g:oTb«ie, V. a. to digest. — frorbetelfe, en. da- 
gestion. = g:OTbeieIfedrraft,, digestive power ; -adfc- 
be(, digesUve. — gortcieltg, adj. digestible. — 
goibctelig^eb, en. digesUWiity. — $orb«ift, cb. 

pi. -C. digester. 

^orttflge, V. a. ur conceaL — gotbclgtlit, CM. 
concealment — ^Otb^lger, en, concealer. 

^Olbflmnte, v. a. to condemn, doom, daam. — 
fotoemt, adj. conddmned, confounded, daained, de- 
testable. — forbenuneltg r adj. coadeiaBable; — 
^OtbranttelfC/ en. condemnation, daauatioa. 

^ore, en, pageant. [en. prei^antiea. 

OXmlU, V. a. to prefigure. — goif^IbRtng, 
CXtbtinQt, V. a. to advance, sUte. 
OTeB^gge, V. a. to prcvrai, obviate, nodade; 

— foteb^ggenbc SRibbel, preventive. — f[va(i^ 
gelfe, en. prevention. 

'^'Otebflntmte, v. a. to dam in — up. 
Otebtag, et. pi. id. delivery ; discourse , lecture, 
orebrage, v. a. to deliver 
_oxefa(be/ v. «. to happen, occur, take place, 
pass; »eb foiefolbenbe ISaltg^eb, as 
^Oieftnbe, v. a. to find, meet with, fall in 
.^Oregaoe, v. a. ft i. to go before, precede^ fo« 

regaae anbre meb et gobt ^jxmptl, to aei a good 
example to others; mange ^otonbnngR ete fm 

goaete, many changea have taken place. 

^OTegtOe, «. a. to give out, pretend, allege. — 
^oregibenbe, et. pretence. 

goregt«aie, r. a. to juggle ; trick by juggling. 

^Otegnbe, v. a. to be beforehand with, foreatalL 

— ^otegriBelfe, en« foresuiiing. 

gorelBabenbe, part, intended. 

AOrebatoenbe, et* pi. -t» intention, purpose, project. 

^orebolbe , e. a. to represent, remonstrate (with.) 

— noreBoIbelfe, en. respresentation, remonetrancc. 
gorcfalbe, vid. fremfolbe. 

t^orefafle, «. a. to upbraid bitterly. — ^tttdof 
fiet^e, en. upbraiding. 

g^orefomme, v. a. &.t. l. to anticipate, be befera- 
hand with ; 2. to prevent, hinder, obviate ; 8. lo eocar, 
be met with ; 4. to seem, appear. — 9<>^^ontmeIfKr 
en. anticipation; prevention. — fcrelotnmmbr/ mdj. 
obliging, complaisant. — ^refomfl^ accwrcac^ 




EiOitt, V. a. to adnit. 
tUf nt. pi. -r. trout Salmo imtta. 
(^( ftg (0/ <'■ '*'/'• ^ ^*^ *° 1^^* (with). 

— fvveiiPfet / /tfrr. ia love (with), enamoured (of, 

fivttlt^e, V. a. to palm a lie upon. 
^RClo^e^ V. «. to lay before, produce, present ; 
f. Ct @p«Vg9lltaal # to propose — put a question. 

— 9F0Rlff(iB4f</ ^* l*7«g etc. 

^OtcUrfC/ r. a. to read to, recite. — ^OTCloefcr^ 
VX, reader, lecturer. — goielcedtting/ tn, readinf ; 
(o(be 9oic(adntttg(Y Ob»/ to read— -deliver ~ give 
teetarea on, to lecture on. [dent. 

|oR(06jg/ «il/. preliminary, previous, antece- 

(omsiolC/ V. a. to paint as a copy or pattern. 

(OTCn^C; €lt, f^ont part. 

(ntnt, V. a. to unite, join, combine, connect) 
to reconcile. — fornteS/ V. t. pass, to agree. — 
%9ttXlXtHQf union, combination, association ^ t %*f 
Joiotly, in concert. — g^oteentngSmtttel / means 
of BDian, uniting medium ; -puntif point of union. 

Itwmtxm^ ttl* preface. [metallization. 

ramtfC/ V. a. to metallize. — £^0Tert9nmg, m. 

reifagil/ ct* prediction, 

forrfeC/ vid. forulfee. 

}€/ «. a. to dictate to. 

riof/ «. a. to write a copy; to prescribe. 

— fwtjfretttt/ P^^*- prescribed 5 above written — 
mentioned. — t^OteftnDntng/ tlU writing etc. pre- 
sctiBtion. [make an advance (of money.) 

vetcfh^'bt/ 9. a. to lay the blame on ; to advance, 
TOrmOMf V. a. to propose. 
jttt]noSxtj e. . a. to persuade by talk, talk Into 
a belief. — ^orefltafCeit/ en. persuading etc. 

fVtt^pitU/ 9. a. to play for another (as a teacher), 
enfpvige/ «. a. & refi. to inquire; f. ftg ^o8 
ttn tm tWQittf to enquire of one about sometn. — 
9oTCf))01U)fc(^ ttt« pi. -tX* inquiry. 

^orrflaof/ «. a. f «, to manage, conduct, be at 
tut head of ; to draw nigh, be at hand, approach ; 
f. Ct fxabttt, vid, BtKcrte. 

SvTC^tttr/ «. a. 1. to present— 'introduce (to) ; 2. to 
ciUbit; 3. to represent ; f« fiO/ to apprehend, conceive, 
jmajrine. — forefHttfltg/ adj. conceivable. — ^ore^ 
ftilinig, VA*pl. -tX, 1. presentation, introduction ;2 ex- 
hibition; 3. representation; 4. apprehension, conception ; 
ffllft — Vngtig ^.^ misrepresentation, misconcep- 
!♦ of ft 'g>n« 

tion; ^* a| 

tef))i[ / performance of a play ; 

9^Vn Ha nt 9, CVHf to form a conception of. m 
0VltfKUt1tg9ct>ne^ -fraft/ apprehensive faculty. 
lercfbCttoe, «. a. to flit before. 
iMe 9ng^ «• 0- to sing for (as a teacher.) 
\m at/ groTtfattC/ en. pi: ^otef afte. a, superior. 

JstefBettC/ 9. a. to set — place before ; to set over, 
plaee at tte head ; f. f{g/ to purpose, propose to one's self. 

%tKtM, 9. «. ft r«A to undertake, take in 

kaad; ^e%tn fPol fovetoged t Snotgen^ the cause 

«iU come on to-moirow (m c<mr<.) — f^OtetOgen^e/ 

A H -t. wHiertaking, enterprise./ — Q'orctorgt/ en. 


6jl((trttlte, ». «. (ftJ) to pfofer (to), — %m^ 
[ttttfntng/ en* preference. 

'^oret^gae/ «. «. to beat — drive into one's head 
oret^enDe, o. «. vid. foregive. 
'Oie)?ttenbe/ et* foreknowledge, prescience. 
oreotge^ «. a. to eternize, imnortallM, perpo« 
tuate. ^ goreotgelfe/ en. en eternizing, etc. ^r* 
petuation, immortalization. 

^oreoife; «. a. to show, exhibit. — |^oret>ttft« 
^mg/ en. showing, etc. exhibition. — ^OVe)}tfev 
en. p/. -e« exhibitor. 

S^orfalt, et. pi. e. retarding — preventing oconr* 
rence, impediment, hinderance; essoin L. T, fooC-^ 
l^abe ^., to be prevented. 

^Otfot^/ et. pi. e. decay, decline; et SebttSg., 
escheat, reversion (of a feoS) ; cn 93rcel8 §./ bo- 
coming due of a. bill, expiration ; t ^., in a stato 
of decay, on the decline. Z: ^Olfaltldbog^ day off 
payment of a bill, day on which a bill is duo ( 
-ttC/ term of payment. 

g^OTfal^e/ «. i. 1. to decay ; 2. to be forfeit ; 8. to be- 
come due , expire ; f. txi, to take to, addict — giv* 
one's self up to ; at DCRTC foTfoIten^ to bo giTOB 
to drink. 

S'OTfolff e/ 9. a. to falsify (of deeds, weighu, aiea« 
sures ;) to forge , debase (of coin ;) to adalterato, 
sophisticate (of liquors) ; f. en Ranting/ to cog % 
die. — , $0Yfa(f7ei/ en. pi. -e. former, falsifier, so- 
phisticator, adulterant. — £|:orfaIfhttng/ en. forgery, 
falsification, adulteration, sophistication. 

B'orfang/ en* pi. e. hinderance, let, or impediment* 

tjOVfattgen. adj. chilled, rheumatic, footfonndered 
(of horses!) — g-|^et), en. rheumatic fever (in horses). 

grorfongfl, en. first catch. i= g:orfangdret/ rigtt 
of first catch* 

8:orfare/ v. a. l. to leam, be apprised of; 2. to 
treat — deal with ; — foifatett/ adj. experienced, 
versed,^ tried. — ^orfaren^et, en. experience. — 
^orfaitng/ en. knowledge. 

g:orfatnmg . en. pi. -er. state, condition, plight $ 
^an er { maabelig 9. * he is in poor circimsun- 
ces = forfatntngdm«r8ftg, adj. consUtntional ; f-{bcU 
tig. unconstitutional, anti constitutional. 

g:otfatte/ «. a. to compose, write, indite. — got^ 

fattelfe, en. composition. ~ 'So^NicV/ "t. pi. -u 
author. — ^orfottertnte/ en* pi. -r. autborcM. *- 
gotfatteriToS/ authorship. 

^Olfegte, 9. a. to. defend, assert, mainUin, vin- 
dicate, stickle for. — ^orfefltelfe/ en. defence, vindh? 
cation , maintenance. — gorfegter, en. pi. -€♦ de- 
fender, assertor, vindicator, stickler for. 
' orfegtety en. pi. -t. champion, leader, 
fottec^tntng/ en. skirmish. 
\tit{i\\t, 9. a. to miss, fail ia, fall short of. 
[Orfeiie/ «. a. to colour, gloss over, [of lamb.) 
;OlfietlDtng/ etU pi. -er. fore quarter, shoulder, (o. 9. 
^orftne, 9. a. to refine. — ^orfinelfe/ etu refine- 
^orftere^ «. a. to multiply. [remoral. 

gprfl^tte/ 9. a. to remov*« — S^orfl^ttelfC/^ en*. 

Kinm i m. f. Suglt, • .p™ kill. 

' ftOlfvOgtC, •. ■. M rtllrttT. 

ffDcfnmuu, p. a. la fDrtt«v« a4wvKt^ preftar, pro- 

gnrftfrttgi, e, •. w ni*a. — Solfirtliadft, m. 

Knfcbti, >. a. M ttoi (or knii). 

Sotfeil Rj, ». re*. <o r«ftlr, Mdic •«'■ njf; 

Sn^i^r n. ■. M ntiu (fue, )■ Oflij} ; to 
tnoHMW (> tnniiiii) lo pwiteiM (kentloO — 

t«fB(8«l((, Ol. >(. -I. IMMiBK. .«. pumit; p.r- 

HCDiim — grotf'lS'll'S'anli/ 'P"*' "i ptnetaiioiL 
— SulFalgnv tn. pi. -t. pnmor ; ttaHcaiar. 

9«fi«, r. » M mtaoi-, to dcbinF*. — gjM 
fsttlfi, m. jl, -t, mJmiCm. — geifiTO:, in. K 
-I. goifflwifff , m. tl. -«. Kductr, (hbinctrR. — 
tMjiRnft, fmfniit, t^j. wcimcli-n. 

geraOOt,!!. 4. I. lapiu •■ly, ItEflpH; 1. upt- 

iMi 4 XMlBVbiAKittn foniucr nid, I i«g* ill 
Hti»» > f. Bf »ai)( - eSulT, u p.ri>h - .i>r.c .iUi, 

tten fonoon nuD Xiluii, ik« piia wul wr« 
iiihi«ifot9(ui8mDii(i,ii«.*«d.,if. Ugt — 
nuD, List KMk — uoaik, ~ fotftonylig, tdj. 
Iiibif, Murni, miMhory. — ft™«iu(lia6tb. 

gngang, tii. pnc^c -'gno»iuefen(, w. 
fnatio itiMdail >i ireddiigi tF lit D»l>b f»' 

ftngangm, WiLni fiinii«. 

Bm8™i«'f 't ?'■ -*«■ ■■i«»uiik*i, — room. 

i, forftl ■■ BoL JyjMM p t l m l ri n 

Id .«»Dil 

"itrifj. — geratalnliia, ol- 

ger^Dt, Did HtqniDe. 
- gMaiibrifJ, n 

gctgtiK, . 

gorflnint, m. j>(. -t. faitfrniMi \ g, »( ^Sf 

gorauti, B. o. I* itily-, /j- lo Moiiic. -B* 
auttCft, m. dtiBioUon, ipoikeotla. — gicBlwi. 
cn. ri. -t. i<toLi»>. 

gnOUlV, tt. troDi riit or ■ loor. 
gCrjIlllft, (M. FKdIICCIiOO. 

rf. gilfei. — go«i)I*, O 

gOMsmtt, tn, pi. -I. piedttmor. 

gowauM i lo (»[eci. — guttaaBninSj ni. ?'■ 

inam g. tm Btftiilfi 

U113 fflanll tn 9!'* H 

goctmlntni, adf . ii hnd \ •pproacking. 

Rrrtoondfifc tn. pt. -t- r.pi — ■ — '"" 
diiiiioE. — gotftaantr, m. p(. - 

gEigatc, >. .. 1. potti 
gortdliiW. m. ^- -n- P" 
goTftitIt, •>. a. JV. r. It . . 

gBvlamaur, in. ;>/. -t. Nair 
ggi^onftli, I. a.l.ts muiti, 

kin Mi>4a M 

eot^adi fig 

s Hhi toM Suet tite" •• 

naljr. ittait, bettlolo™. — fn= 

^DC^ilItitlMnS ' dIncUni. 
I reliUTi ■nliw I -fiigbtl), pro- 
.4/. t ait. »r*p*Tlio«.lt, pio- 
■<t; -fsudlt*, lilt -mtWi- 

Se^i, -. a. f"««-'j'. IB niita7Vi'o"lie "oTiMli 

% kaitlia, ihe BiHur ^xdi lim; t. B) M% 
u ItM — ruain iDitti tin goi fnb<lt' fumiad 

f. M 111 ^mantitn [om OaiFog eg Siirfama , 10 

IM in Um nlilioB nf chh ud IffKI ; U) fi)[^l= 

■• geitntining, n, >ta>Uiing, 

Dhi. — gur^ugmiig , en. ipalUoj 

gratunou, E. t. 10 ba ruiiihed, 

Mttl)>, en. lipie or ■KBoiy. 
gtc^utl'. "■ >- lo ir'N. IwilfLe. 


- feotfiBUIft/ «. pHUllf tit. 

i^octieb, (t.i^.><l.p»-enril«ibniMliif)liWl> 
mHBiBBitiBiil, u hnHMJ — imicinie He, bi 
lerorthiiHl -ilb, — gBltirtBltt, liekl gf on-iiBim. 

i^inftet, (1. mwi or ik« rotc^HfUi. (riuiddH). 

gortial), rid. (nl«ii. 


ortlabt, (I. /.I. -I. ifroo. _ [diKolte. 

Bifiittt, B. B. It dlifoiM. - eotn«tn(n8,m 

otimut, CO. M hull by iqateiiBg or rincbiaf. 

arfnufr, i~ a> lo cmk. 

nFnDtti, (. ■• w OM1B0O; <• ■■"> 1° «»»<■■; 
I diibciTin, diiriiii- — fntnflltl, fndii^, lUM- 
d tlo. diifililudj 1*1101. 




'iodofibtt, y» a« to capper. 

'ioAo^tf V a. to OTcrboil. 

^or^OgU/ «. «. to'bewiteh. 

forlontme/ v. a. & i. to mislay; to be lost; to 
flint, to be dying — starving. 

^OtConflU,/ ». «. to over-reane. — forfoitfltet, 
over-refined « affected. 

%extott, adv. vMf. ti(fo¥h 

^OvtoxUf «, a. to shorten, abridge, abbreviato. -r 

gfotfortelff/ en. B'Oftortning/ en. shortening etc. 

abrjdgbent, abbreviation; foreshortening (in drawing): 
\oxhCLt\tf V. a* to hnrt by scratching. 
\otft^ht flB' *'* ^*f^' to creep into a hiding place. 
('Otfr^flC/ «. a. to hurt bysqneexing. 
jOlfrcmfr/ «. a* to vioiato ; Pais* I* to corrnpt 

by bribes ; f. eenS ^Xt, to iigore one's reputation. 

— forbffnfeltg, ady. corruptible, perishable. — 
S'Crhcmfelta^eo / en. comiptibiJity, perishableaess. 

— ^otftonrelfe/ en. vid. -rtflmfeKg^e^. 

'^OtVcOtfe/ V. «• to over indulge with dainties. 
/OtfcvIKe/ V. a- to crumple, rumple, 

jv^ltt f r. «• to stunt in growth ; to cow, keep 
under. — gfialuelfe, en. stanting, etc. 
. ^orMte, o. a. to carbonize. — ^QCTUUtng/ en* 

^orfunt^ftaB/ en* foreknowledge , previous know- 
ledge ; pi, -er* rudiments — elements of knowledge, 
preparatorr knowledge. 

^Dtf^nbe^ «• tt« to announce, proclaim. — ^Ot^ 
fl^nbe^fe , en. J*'* -C. announcement, proclamaQon. 

— %V^XKX^ttt en. P/. -e* announcer, 
^forfpdfe/ <*• <>^* to kiss to excess. 

fotfonrre, »«*• ^toi)lcerte. 

Jotf^fe^ «^ a* to cause -—bring on cold; f. jig/ 
to catch— take cold. — %tld9\%\\%, en* p<. •r.cold. 

— BoirttfCelfeSfeBer/ catarrhal fever. 

S'Orla^e^ «. a* l*to leave, quit ; 2. to forsake, aban- 
don, desert; 3. to pardon, forgive. — ^Ollabelfe/ en. 
pardon, forgiveness; j^^eg 6el)ev OtSt §*/ I ask — beg 
(your) pardon. [trust to.] 

I^Trate ftg/ V*. refl* (^aa) to rely ~ depend on, 
^orlabe^ v. a. to overload. 
rerfatntng, en. ph.-tt, wadding. 
Jorlog/ et. publishing of books; benne S3i)g er 

Ubfommen paa 9an8 ^./ he Isf the publisher of this 
book ; titht ^OYloget/ to purchase the copyright. = 
Compi ^OllogSbeget/ books which a bookseller 
publishes himself, or of which he has the copyright; 
-^antittf publishi0g line, or business; -ret/ copyright. 
£fOrlanb/ et» foreland. 

£^OV(ange/ «. «• to ask, demand, ask — call for; 
to desire. — ^Ollangeitbe/ et. request, demand. 

^CltiCLppt, V. a- to patch all over. 

^Otitttf if, a to beguile, mislead, seduce. — 
^orlebelfe/ en. misleading, etc. 

\exUttn, adj\ vid, feigangen sub forgaae* 
[ovteet/ adj* exhausted with langhter.- 
^or(egen/ adf, embarrassed, at a loss, puzzled, 
perplexed; anxious, eager; DPtrc (• ttteb ftg \tU, 

not to know what to do wiih oaa's letf. — ^tl^ 
gen^eb/ en. embarmssment, dilemma, perplexiU'. 

^%tixivM, V. o. to enfeoff; to grant. — %lAts 
ntng/ en* />/. -er. enfeoffment. 

:orIette/ vid. lette. 

ierH^e % fovltSt/ virf. forel|fe {tg, foreIi!et. 

orltbe/ V. K. to elapse ; to protract, 
jcrltg/ et pi, id, agreement, adjustment, rec*ttci- 
liaUon, accommodation ; ^icxt, — {lutte — mbftOOC 
^* tneb/ to make up a difference with ; bet font til 
%• I matters were accomodated. *— fotltge ^ v* «• 
to reconcile; f. ftg meb/ to be reconciled to. — 
forliged, V. 4. /»««»•, to agree. — forlt^Itg^' o^/.^ 

in Denmark. — gotltgetfeS ? @ommt§{tOtt , 
umpires' court, arbitration court: AngUt-Daimu: 
reeoneiling eonrt. — gotligSttUtaaT/ pi. tenna of 

^lltgge / V. a. f u to hnrt by Iviag upm ; f. 
et Bant/ to overiay a child; f. fut S!5mb/ to lea* 
— miss a fair wind; f* ftg/ to become alceraled 
flrom lying; gomle/ forttggebt ^OXtt, old — stale 
goods spoiled by keeping. 

otli^m, -Itgtttng/ vid. Signe. 
'orfjtS/ et* pi. id. loss. 

^'orltje^ V. a, to lose ; i^. •• to be lost, wrecked* 
— ^^onttSmng/ en. shipwreck. 

B'OtKD/ et* pre-existonce. 

O'orlobd / <ufc before division of the estate of a 
person deceased; ^an ftal eftet ^ftomentet ffCllSt 
f* faameget af ^Boet , by the will he is te have se 
much paid him before the division of the estate. 

^orlotfe/ V. a. to entice, seduce. — ^orYoffeCfe/ 
en. pi' -X* enticement. 

%exiexm, adj, lost; false, mock, sham; ben fot? 
loTne ®en/ the prodigal son; f. ^aOX, false hair; 
f. 9{cefe/ sham — false nose; f* ®f{(|}abbe/ mock turtle. 

^ortot)/ en* pi. e. leave, permission; MU, T. 
furlough, leave ot absence ; holiday, flay day ; md 
9./ with — by your leave. 

^OXlebtf V* «. ft re/I. (meb) 1* to betroth, arianee, 
contract — engage (to) ; 2. to forswear, abjure ; 3. to 
permit; 3^g 901 forlobet attontme ber tfcte/ I hare 
made a vow not to go there any more. — %tnict>ti\tf Ot. 
pi. -X, betrothment, engagement. ~ ^octoben/ CR* 
forswearing. — SotlotJntng/ en* security, bail. — 
$or(ot)eV/ etU pi. -e* l. bail ; 2. he that gives the bride 
away , bride's-man. 

^orlpbe/ V. imp: (chiefly iutheinf.the pres.ittd. 
and part. act.), bet forll?ber at^— . it is said — 
reported — rumored that ; labe ftg f • meb/ to hint, 
intimate; eftet So^Ipbenbe/ according to report. 

gorlvfie/ V. a.&rejl. to delight, divert, cladden ; 
f. |lg tjtl, obeT/ to delight in. — Sforlofleife/ CIU 
delight, recreation; offentttge fiVcUlfitl^n, pubUe 

SfotTcegge/ v. a. l. to transfer, remove ; 2* to mislay ; 

f* et (Smft/ to pubiuh. — Sorlceggct, cn» pi. -t* 




fiUuher. — fjt^tt^, Ctt. pl. -t, carver of 

8orI«mge/ v, a. to lengthea, eloagtle, pr<floiiff. 
— {orifin^tlfe/ nt, leagtheninf etc. prolongation. 

|Btljm9«, f«ri««^^^ «<'•'• fomtrds % fibbe f« i en 
v^f to lit on the back seat (of a cairtage). 

$)i^iigft, a<fc. long ago. 

j^P^CJifl/ V. refi. to ii^ure one^s (laalth by reading. 

Bwilrtff, V, a, to overload, snrcharge. — got* 
tofw^ W. overloading. 

WOm, (t p/-. e« expiration, lapse. 

9oH«6c/ V. a. &i. l« to mn away, desert; 2* to pass 
i**r; 3. t« elapse, expire; 4. to commit one^s self, btnn- 
^\ bto bvrt one's self by running; f* fig mot ftn 
DtKOnonb; to offend a superior (br presumptuous 
■«■■«« ItBguage); f. fe (t ©ittartt^il), to 
Hckel Me'f own ball. — ^XXtiivc, tXL Pt. -e, 
*>«[n»er; leider (of horses). 
j_fBf«fif, et security i promise. — 8forI«fttltng8s 
VBNV ^ad. 

|nf<ft( fig, to overstrain <Mie's self by lifting. 
^n(0ft; i** a. to redeem, release, deliver ; oltbe 
N^me^^ to be delivered ~ brongbt to bed of. 
"TWriflfer, en. redeemer, deliverer. — %et\9is 
"%nt. redemption, deliverance ; delivery. 

Mbf; V. a. to furlough; f. ttn fta fit (Sut^ 
We, to grant leave to retire from oCcc. — %QXs 
***gMt>m. farlough. 

oBtn^ m,- p/. .fx* form, mould, shape, make. ZZ 
'*"*'• ^imnltg^eb; similarity of form ; 4cttt, ety- 
**'*S7 Gram. 7. y 408, ocl/* formless, shapeless, 
"■wpboM^ -mAgeiT/ form maker; -janV »and for 
™r-fflOn^eto, beauty of form; -\txxtXf carver; 
•[WmiUH(i> art of carving in wood. 

wnnoae/ v, a. to be able — capable; tto pre- 
^ OB, pennade, induce ; f. tn«Aet ^o9 een, to have 
C^ ia8«ence with one ; alt (bat ttn fotmaoer/ 
"" i^e'8 power. 

gWlWoL ei pl, id. object, aim, end. 

f>tam tf V, a. to measure wrong. 

gJBWlt/ V. a. to grind, — up. 

gJJWlitet, ttt pl, -tx» formality, form. 
^Wmml, ett. pl. -ttumb* 1. one going or walking 
'^^ i 2. predecessor; 3. foreman, head man ; 4.chair- 
J«i president, leader. — 90TmatttfCaB/et. presidency, 

ImtOtu, V. a. to exhort, admonish* — SfonttO: 
•0/ en. p/. -c. exhorter, admonisher. — %OXmaf 
*^ W* Ph -ft* exhortation, admonition. 
,o>nnafie fta/ v.vfl* to presume, have the auda- 

fi^ frnnaftwft, adj, presumptuous, audacious. — 
^gWftdig^eb; e\^ presumption, audacity, elfrontery. 

gwat, en. pl. -er. sixe (of a b«ok). 
JJJJJW, V, o. to form, fashion, shape, mould. — 
•*JJj^/ en. forming ete. 

.FjWoelfl, adf. on account of, owing to. 

Pjwott, adi. vid. fomtene. 

oKBttget, aa**. too much. 

9tltmtVbtf V. c. to aaMsaee, report; f. (it 
4^{(fcnr to give — preoent compliments. 

SmmUg, adj» formal, in dno form. 

1* SonnntC/ v. i. to doom, kold, opine, be of 
opinion. — fblUKCttt, fonnecittltg/ 04/. presumed, 
reputed, putative. — - Sotmening, cn, opinion, Jndf- 
ment; eftCl tttht ^onmittng, in my opinion. 

2* Sonttnte, v. a. to forbid, prohibit. — fft/ts 
mtntlStf en. prohibition. 

1. Homtere , u. a* k ttjl, to ineroase , mnlti- 
ply. -^ %QXVMXtl\tf tA. ineroase. 

2« %tltVMXt, V. a. to form. 

Sonntbtag/ rn. forenoon, iMmint; R 8^ (futurg). 

Sentlttbagd, (^mO tbiamoming; jcloncn tt tilt 
ocmtttogen, at ten o'clock in the morning, 10 A. ■• 

Sonnilte , v. a. to soothe, soften, mollify, ap- 
pease, assuage, alleviate, temper, mitigate. -^ Stft* 
mUtelfe en. mitigation. 

Sonnmt{{r «- a* to iiminisb, leaaen, extennate^ 
f. line Utgifter/ to retrench one's expenses ; en. 
fotmintffet SJlaaU^totf a redncod scale. — Sots 
nttnbfPelfe^ Sonnintffntng/ en. diminntion, redaction, 

SonnotC/ «• at. to suppose, larmise, coiUectvre, 
presume. — foxntobentltgr adj\ probable, likely. — • 
fonncbentltgen # adv. probably, moot likely, in all 
likelikood. — QOmtobmn^ nt« pl» -re* supposition, 
surmise, coiijectare ; iuiOO a( %* f contrary to all 

j* %extMXl, ft; advantage. 

OOnmte^ pl. e. U ability, power ; 2. fortune, property. 
= ComP. 9-{tat/ property tnx; -tao, loss of for- 
tune. — fonnuenbe/ tidj\ wealthy, opulent. — • 
Sormuen^eb, en. wealthiness, opulence. 

Soimutat/ ett* pl* -er. formula. — v-Mg/ 


Sormulbne, •. i. fonmiftneB/ •• »• !»«««• to 

moulder, crumble. 

9otmitmme/ v, a. to mum, mask. 

%OXmuxtf V, a. to intercept by a wall. 

Soimuur, en. pl. -mitce. fhmtwall; ilf. bulwark. 

fomt^nter/ en. p/. -e. guardian. — ^orm^nteci/ 
tt. 9id fObetform^nbert* — 8orm)}nterffa6 , et* 


9sfcmnnUf -m^ntning/ vid* m^te. 

Sonttfffc/ V. a* to espouse. — Sotmerfingf nu 


%oxmcttttf V. a, to perceive, notice. 

%tiXXMpAt, o a. to darken,' obscwe, eclipse. — ^ 
90Tm«Tfelfe, en. darkening, eclipse. 

Somogle, e. «. to nail up ; f. en S^t% to prick 
a horse 'in shoeing ; f, en jtanon, to spike a cannon. 
— Somogltltg, en. nailing. 

Qfontabn, et. christian name. 

Someten, adc, below. 

iometre, v. a. to lower, debase, abase, degrade, 
humble ; f. fig, to lower one's self, stoop. «— • 90Y^ 
netrelfr/ en. abasement, debasement, degradation. 

Somcrgtef «• «. to deny, disown, disavow, dis- 
' claims to renounee ; f* fig felH/ to belie oneY 

guninn, saU. «' qoliir — '" 
tBt) ; f. HwaaaOit, nmHn bnt<lii 

I, m. Pi. c. nuH-, Im fiodii if., nu- 
ll tid«S., laiiUxuKi tail ofitn S^ulh 

....„ ..._i -(airtfret, ma dwndtd 

.HRHODI-i&inwH, •(IMgiMi -ftiltta, nrnMry 
It im«i -to, Bdiiiil billifi -iriNnffat, •ftciK 

— ^nnftia/ailiV iMiHd, iuhhiMi , uuiUe, 
iHHmii,,JiukciM* t a*-. rUunaUy iic — goniuf: 

" — "■ ■ - ■ - Son^lft, 

9, 1, lo uliE fitiiuri — jcliihi ].; bmt %. af, 
told.ri« ..W.ct.rff,o--, glint fia m 8. «f. 

tetomimlW, -tmtOt, «*'. HA fonHrimt, 
Trovito i 9- itVOn ingm Xiatlt, ennict lukt* 
. goreilBt, <•. a. 10 ardtio, oiitr. — Bimitnmti, 

ScteogtC, IK 0. Id turn, II^^ like 1 Icut or. 
— ?DW09l(t, tH, Pt -(. fuiM. IwiU- = 

SnKagltiflant, hm. — gRtKulBliig, -tn. A 
-a, l.firniBf •, a.nnii ^aDE — lagl in S(ua> I 
S., to nmi > hm; ^ FnWMtt, kii Ihw 

-.'■gt;iJiisitrfJ', ^'R; ■ 

iiigiE, — Scitbanring,, tn. raftuUr. 

goililu^t, iw. [et»iiia«. 

^on^, en. M. -I. rtRiuiiti. 

uSi, m. Mufio,.' ' "^ 

gciBiiffi, >. a. 10 dtwxtt. — Bo 

(B. pi. -9. dotoiiUoo. 
gDv»um, F. a. K drKm friMnu. 
gaqnifttl, an. biiiiblcH, oot or brui 

SDvqvatU, ■•. a- lo Bi>iunoto,>liiiB(ii, 
Saqoieiing, a. HlniBifiBg lU. 

■t- SsciMt, rt, rnviou odvLtt. 

gmjut . m «a. rl. id. w,,rt,, m. 
•lOD i tone 1 g. , u btn • ■■rpJy bT. : 
gmoatStHiuS • in)uiH, uoie ; -tanuw 

< bciny. — fsTiaatilig, S^r. 

wotnt. — 5or»^rad(b 
a.. " fnuatntUe, oiih 

ri»». — jsrtaltriig. •«. 
- Sinnittlb, Ok av 

m, niKticliaii. convrlioi; ft(i« i B-, "• !<**«*■ 
= e-fi[BfibiT, pBiiiJ rtvii." fnuatntUe, oiih 




fiomUn, pmri. of MSt*^ 
gencgne % v^ r^. to mifctleqlale, miatckon. 
*r %emffmQf m* aiBealcvlatioa. 

Jotretfe/ «. «. to spend (money) fat tnveiliag \ 
. ^an U forretO/ he is fone (abroad). 
gmOKlt^^ «- •• to injure by running. 
%SKW«U, V. «• * rq^. to pay interaat*, to 
yield intereit. 

~jcil(t|^ adj- A md». torcnost. 
font|int/ for the rest, as for the rest* 
VOVtttf 01* ft. c; prior right *, prcrogntive. 
jettttitf 9. o. to perform ^ discharg e^ execute \ 

9«t lam ffkm m^ tnl fonttttt ®ag^ he retonied 

home afker having fully accomplished his purpose. — 
%timbua%f en. pt. -ev. business, affair, function, 
ehtrge^ executioB (of soma ofiicial function); Ot 
V^c mange ^orretnittger/. to have a deal of busi- 
Msa-, i %^ on businesa. — g^crreti|mA8ttian^/ man 
•fbwMas; -fltU, ofiicial style. — -]; %OXXtUtii, 
en. performance. 
^ombtf «. 0. to OTcnride. 
jpnxibaf en* pi. -€*■ onl..rider; postillion. 
9ontg, Ml/. foraMT-, fonige %ax — Uge^ last 
yoir — wook. 

%mdtt^f 9. a. to daboee ; to disparage, detract 
from, d«rogake- from. — g^oitittgelfe/ etU debase- 
■I, diqiaragcment, derogation. 
]evn\Hf V. a, to loar, acratch. 
[enste/ -r. «. to damage by rooting (of swine). 
lOnsfCf 9. tL. to bepraiae. 

tf #. m. to rumple, liimbl& 

I, «. i. to rast; en fomifiet Stacccbt, 

a nialy sw«rd. [ttlU, tn« removal, diaplaeement. 

grange/ t>. a. to remove, displace. — ^OTti^ 

^tiai^tf adj. cmy, cracked, crackbrained. — 

^na^f^t, <tt. croaiMsa. 

Qporcefeer/ en. pi. -e. traitor, betrayer. — %QVMs 

bfCpEC/ en* traitress, betrayer. — g^enOT^eri^ Ct. 

Haasoa, treachery. — fotVtt^etft/ adj. k adv. 

Irutoroua, treasonable, Ireacberovs ; treacherously etc. 

ftemrffe/r «. «. to overakaiv, overstretch. 

%tftt9^tf adj. smoky, impregnated with smoke. 

Korfooik/ «». a. to sole. ~ giorfaolinQ; en. soling. 

1. %a^U^tf^ V. t. to despond, lose hearL — fot^ 
mdj» despondent, disheartened, dispirited. — 

jti^/ tn, despondency, [Icct, omit^ 

2, WBVfCbgf/ V* «. to faraoke, tabaadon ; to neg- 
%0rfa^/ et^pKid. l.prcdiclieai) -f^ 2* aanative ; 

*i* i. j^aeatiaEmnL 
^ ' I, adj. vid. fk foiff^e. 
\X, pan. of fatflee. 

i^ Cit« Ji>l. -e* anteehamher, anteroom, lobby. 
't#^ 9. a. to ovenalt. 
[erfotnlC/ «. «. it re^ to assemble , eoagregate, 
ker together; to convene, convoke. — f^otfom^ 
# en. pL -et. assembly, meeting, gathering. ^ 
famTtngd^ag/ day of meeting; •JpUttS/ house of 
mUy, meeOBg bouse. 
ftRfong^ en. leading of the choir. 
SavfangflT/ CtttM ^(«IeM«i of the choir, precentor. 

9«*f<<f V. •. kr^. to do aariaa — wroHgt f« % 
^aa neget, to take fHgbt (whUo pregneni) at lb» 
sight of an object (whick is supposed to leave* m 
mark on the oftpring). =1 gorfeelie / en. pk JU. 
miatake, orveraigbt, ciror, slip ; W^ B^flVfeelfe I ■» 

ftorfegfe, «". o. to aenl. — gflrfegltng^ en. aeallngL 

t^orfen^e/ v. a. to send off, despalch, cjcpoditoi. 
~ gotfenbelfe, etu sending e«o. (red with sitting.. 

^otfttte/ V. •. to neglect. — foiftt^t^ mdj. ti- 
or^tC/ en. Iliont, fore part. 
Of^ge^ V* a. to promise ; to forsve ar ; to nfaae. 
Olttgttg/ adj. cautions, cironmspeet/ pmdont* 
wary, guarded. — goTtlgttg^et, m. caution, circnm- 
spectioo, prudence, warinesa. 

^Otfimc , V. a. to assure , protest ; f. {tg eCMff 
^erfon/ to secwre one's person; f. ^ifettm^*— 
<&{»/ to insure a house — ship. — gotfitfinitg, cn«. 
pi. -tt* assurance, arotestation; insurance. 

g^oignfe/ ^ae{tiue{{i(/ «<«l. ftnfe^ f. a. 

%t^WM, c. •. to spare, — ^rOTftoottclfe, ttU- 

omaaren, part, of foriTotte* 
org a6e; <*. a. to disfigure. 
OYJtaffe/ oM. ftaffe/ «. «. 
oritaUe/ v. «. to ceil (m hmildinff). 
_ orftantfe, v. «. to iairenck. — gevftottMntngr 
en. pi. -er. intrencbment. 

gocfCf/ V. «. to inquire — search into, to inveati- 
gate, explore. — gorfEel^ii/ love of research. — 
gorfter, en. pi. -e. inquirer. — gorfteioanb/ apt- 

rit of inquiry ; -Mil, searching glance ; -«ie, search- 
ing eye. — f^Otffnmg / en. inquiry, inveatlgation, 
research. , 

gorfttel / en. j>i. «. difference, distinction ; gttftf 
gorftiel pad — imeCUm/ to distinguish —make a 
distinction between; Uben %*, indiscriminately; tet 
er mig Ubcn ^*f it is indifferent to me. — fctf 
jftetttg^ adj. different, diaUnct, various. — g^vfttel^^ 
Itgl^eb/ en. diversity. 

%OX^\exmt, V. a. to embellish, grace, beautify. 
— g^orfftennelfe/ en. pi, -X. eml>eHi8hment. 

gfctfto, en. pi. -e. fore shoe. ~ fofffoe, v. a- 
to shoe the fore foot of a horse. 

gorjj|raafe fig/ to bawl one's self hoarse. 

goTtlcift, en.p/. -er. l. copy ; 3. directions, tnstrsc- 
tions, precept 

gorffrtge/ Wdi forifraale* 

ffUXw^titf y, ^ to order; to mortgage, pledge, 
pawn ; f. ftg til ^t<rt)e(eil/ to make a compact with 

the dnvU. — &erfftti>elf^ -ftrttmtng/ en. ordan 


%ttt^tmt, V. «. to screw wrong — too bardi 

tenne ^tge er forfhuet tte^ 9Umftitf«^iiig/ that 

girl's head is turned with novel reading; forfNttC^t 
SeOreBer/ perverted notiona. 

worftralre, v. a. to frighten, terrify. — for|P««l* 
lelt^/ mdi . frightful <> terrible , dreadfol, hoirid. — 
g:orjlraffeife/ etu fngbt, terror. -[g:. to advance^ 

g^orflub / et. pi* id. advance (o( money.) gi«re 

*ot 9 

Rmitllt*, V, m. xa cut *n, diMira, reHliiW) f. 
tkvt; fltfotninjen iaait forftult ShuH eg Aug: 

a.M rilchih tih*ltrtl»(. 

. t« 1«t IM litbtly. 

1 1 Is ■!«» tt«J eipiiic ; foifmie 

-. -- -MSKlltd ir> oDiL - gurfmir, m. 

^. -t. ■iDitr, upiiiar. — SDifgning. in. pi- -a. 

SnToniiigllfi^tA, hill at tiplniioni ; -inftM, ii- 

— ftrfonligj ■<(/■ iiL«i:iliJ«. — gotfotilia^rt, m. 


gniB^t, nt. iirtvidnt imtt. [«•'• iilf. 

gaifiDr, t. a. H rtf. to oTtnlctp i M tnaJcn 
%ttffmt, tu. gmfpm*. 

RorfBi!, »t. pi. ill- ptloit. 

fliOt,' .; ». 10 ..(..Diw i.; pBUiig. f, pj, 
DJIIn, n. ^i ■(. Itodci of 1 kud If Duic, 

)iting, ct. (Urti ^im— foot S> ofr •• k^n 

it 1. (iDttLig Oma) U {3. Itadcni fri|Cl 

J, (11. piHlBf U. 

Sotiliut, (. a. II udcnianJi td Fm^oaci fig 
ftlo, UiU'. ■ io(lur tlioBiet f. fb )KU, u 
hin ■ kiio>1tdft «r, bt (UIM la ; f. no »aa fp 
Fli, to bi • iDdiB tl bHH-l»h t lah He f. n^ 
to fcinl, [nUniu I OiM U f., I. «i.e u ulaiu-*. 
— fnfliiulia, >H(/. iDUlli«iblo. — goifhucligia, 
m. IgielliiibiliiT. — BrAouI!'; "!■ •o^eniui^ 
iutlligtico \ UVt i gut 8. nut, 10 Iite sm (Hi 
unm »iih t (m Bu i %. mtl Simtm, ka utri- 

Sn|llU Hg, I* injim onc'i itir bf lugnuCn^ 

fgrHnalf, t. a. to itcil. — SoiRanlmg, en. iMciiBc. 
nnit, in. /I. -ftatR. luimrb. 
SgrftunD, tll./(. e. ■ndtnUndiDg. iilollcd, Iftei; 

muoiiif . iriii ., goal fro QoEllantin, i> !•« •■■'• 

■c»u — wil>; omt frn 6-, l" b. donifW ; n 
Slant! af S., • mu or irua-, tit gooir viMtnm 
8-, '> '■ iib«rt njcoBpribTaiioDi ^asi g. (MU 
nagft, to bi I indft efi inn ^onblihi mil nuiwt 

; tfirr urfn nnat S., 

nttlgn. — goifianfctg, mii. -. 
— S«tflanligt(t, m. ituiblntH. 

SnRnntn, in. pi. -t. Boiifcr, dincm, nMr- 
istEndint. — SBlftlinllirPIl , IK. diKCIIUa. — gnx 
nantnRoli, tt. diriElioi. nuumiat. 

|i!t|aw(f<, in. pKOi. 

Sotntgi, V. m. w •Tti-mU. 

gnilraniu, ■, ■. is mlMinti $ftiHii ti fmet 
ftlmt, ib> liiitr ii (.t or Uot i bntnt Oftmitnina 
fnf null f»lt SStlflf^, tbii lauUlinH ch4 S 

{I*ui — ittii trtt Ibt yAoU cupiiy; im fats 
goiBnif, c. >. Id parifi. — 8iicil*nmfl, (n. pi. 
Snfiirrt, >. A u iilig (11 tvct. 

Otmnrffl^ ItU DbJoracy. 

fnftoIlK, rtu front pott. 

ioribtPK, e. a. w chgle up. tbglrncl, lUil 
Utitrrittrt, ii>t>lD<l--»intJ>iic Uit fraHtJs.— 
fbCfdft, m. .bHncU.., /a>«ip.I<.n, co.lit 

BuifhDIfi, tn, ■Fi.ghtn, biich (tiJannng t 

mtt, m. ;>/. t. dlitutbuci.. iittmiplltn, dimrdti, 
*t«l>«t»ll( dcmatilitn. — goijfDTOC, m. pi. -4. 
««•*«', im'S", inttrnipMri deilrajer. ffolft5r= 

iDM, 01. HA Siltjtitmlft. 

{nA«tf(, V. a. la itndglhtn. jfinftiet. — got: 
iwmimg, tn. pi. -tt. iUTiiglh«)ng, niurirctntiil. 

m; f. {in fiuiinit , ig' tqiadi.;c en.'i Kift, - 
^iftattlFt, in. biDJiJng «c ; itpodillian. 
B»iftnT(, «. B. lo «il«ti[«, miniry — Rctftet: 

nft, 1.1. »i.rg.n.»i. - 8«(BBn([ft8slae, B.goi- 

jlnnaMI, aiii> duitr- cavcriit wiifa duiL 

SttiBlU, e. a. u iUttc, hmiih. 

Snttdtm, ail>. nnutu, ibiijint. 

toiilar, tt. durenu t t«fl< «n i S., ii andEiithi 
•hV tltcacB , (Uad up ttr Die; lODE [ig 111 S., 
W inrate (Or de(«ce. =z Camp, BolftaiBanflal: 

■nU»M J -griml , deteiiBve argunint ; -trig, d(. 

Smfecrtg., v. a. i, t,j„.u i f. fig, i. peri's™ 
l^(o«ld biTC ntoin it »« Ml be. - Jotfnarailf., 
'ld«i tica. 

I nppJr, ftltl 

got1>tt, M. a. lo »ur, Bike tu icid. 
Sotfabi, tl. pA -t. front Mil; ^iH S.> le (le- 

ide, uie iha cbilt ; luiCtt 8. af (n iltDiidit ; ■ 
•rriuer iniidi.f — In ibe ctTnic. 

gDlfBlflt fig, ff. rtfi. w .(Jl Rllb l.», 

gnfarnrr, ». a. le eiJ np. 

gurfal, «. p/. -fafltr. porpDM ; mill S„ m pn.- 
poiB, putpo.elr. — furtHlis, aJ>. inlentitnel , wil- 
fil.— Seifalltgti^in- pr«Dedit>lii»,d<libRU«tH. 

SoifttBHotrtt. Sy.l..f. 

SDifaitt, V. a n ■riifttcg ; S^itil EriO fn(at 
if (in Eini, ibe iblp v» onriH hi H btt 
CDDie i f. Reiba mtb Xin, b> tutj coppir wjiii 
Uai f. til aob Siin met) m tindtn, is bIi aie^ 
•tine nilh in inhHoi IM; fn(>tltB i fin 9iart, 

'- ' -■-' '- - lib. — getfiftttirt, tn. nil. 



ng, en, pi. -I 

•ieil diusone) -IKUIbttl, derenilve HitpDni -lill^, 
•*. la itltace; goal f-CiiS ill SBottS, m .land 

'>>J<i ; 
EifOtetl vW. (Olat. 

Sulfa;, tl. pi. id. itial, aipFiimrni, alltupl. 
gDrf«»,-». a. ID liy, euiT, auempi. 
BotfelSt, ». a. w plau, .ilT« ovei. - g 

gotfenunt, o. a. -fmnlt, -feml. tg i 
mU i f. fig, f. bin iriiiligi %\\i, u let U 
srUnilT .lip; f. m Knll, lo in1» a leaign 

t Sanr fotftimiKi: efli fint liBitr, ibn 

(romltltg, ■<(;'. ntgllgiM, ■egltcirgi, rmi 
"orfBinnieliaStb, m. neglHlfuint.i , letaiiam 
i:rr«iiinul|t, til. ■agleet, niKlgnee, nmluK 
%et\tt%t, t. a. In provldt for, ube car* 
■lutain, luppoit ~ SorTiutlK/ m. prtrisi* 
>n, atiiitnnca. — tafet^tt, tn. ;>'. - 

eU. gmtij^uij; '— ' JiBmbt, aiO. unlniemipied', 

Bonobt, e. a- 10 luei ftrtaBie, u be dimnad 
(!■ Tbmiogr)- - SotdWft, m. lo..-, mis 5., 

yrdilinn. dunnalioni Baa. /,. HnNl a'OS Dfl gCtlt 




BfoTtaU/ en. pi -r. preface. [fnam fig. 

t Sottafe/ «. «• ftd. bogtale; f. fig^ vu(. fpT^ 
SoTtanl)/ en. front tooth. 
goTtegtt, ett. ©w. Sfottearfel. 

1. gtJrtegne, « • rid. c^rtegnt. ~ gortegmlfe, 

«m. ^/. -Y catalogue, inventory, list* 

2. ^ortegnf/ o* a. to draw inconeetly* — %ffes 
itgtttttg/ ett pi. er. incorrect drawing. 

$OTtegnmg/ en. clef, (in nasic.) 

^orttt, en. sm- pi tines past. 

^orttf ^ «. a. to conceal, keep secret, suppress ; 

'Sftan fan fnome fott<de enb f. ftg ^ loast said is 

:«oonest mended. — 9^TtteIfe^ en. concealment, sup- 

$Olttene/ «. a, to earn, gain ^ to deserve, merit; 

♦f. mange $enge, to make a deal of money -- for? 
ttent/ adj. en nteget f. !D2anb/ • man of great 

merit; gicte fig f. af./ to deserve well of. 

%omtnt\ttj en. pi. -r. earning, gala, profit ; me- 

>Tit, desert; pat^e gob gf. af/ to mnke a g«od deal 

by •, tette oar mm ^e(e %., that was ail I made by 

it. — fiprtienflfig / -fnlt/ adj\ deserving, meri- 


^etttl; adv before, in front • fen. contracting. 

§orttnge/ v. a- to contract for. — gfoTttngnmg, 

%frct\tmt, V. a. to tin. — ^ortmntng, en. tinning. 

'8ottoft en. field in front of a farm 

%OttC^f et pi. id foot pavement. — %CXietliB^%s 
nre t/ right of the f. pavement . (.droit de pape»} 

0ortegt, en. van (of an army.) 

^OTtfltoe/ ^- a- to pay the dvty on imported 
goods — Sottolbntng, en. payment of duty. 

%0Xiol1tf V. a. 'to interpret, expound. — ^CXtoU 
let/ -en. pi. -e. interpreter, expounder. — %etU>lfi 
tttttg/ en. pi* -er. interpretation, exposition. — ^ets 
tomttng^tonfl/ hermenentics 

gortontng, en. pi. er. looming. 

%Ott0^f en. pi. ~pi. foretop. 

$ort)}(ante/ vid. for^Iante. 

+ gortra», et. van 

Sortrin/ et. pl. id. preference^ superiority, ad- 
vantage, preeminence- — SortrtnSret, right of pre- 
ference. — fortrtnltg, adj. superior, preferable, ex- 
cellent — ndu. preferably.; chiefly, principally. — 
'9^rtttnltg^el)./ ett-preferableness, auperiority, ex- 

%OXitet, «. d. to intrust, confide, vid. iBetTOe. 

'9ortroItg./ adj. confidential; famrliar, intimate; 

g{«re ftg f meb./ 'to make one's self familiar 
with, familiarize une's self with. — 9«rtroltgll^eb, 
en. confidence; familiarity, intimacy; l^aOie %. ttl/ 
to have confidence in ; t ffOrtroKg^ety in confidence, 

^ortro^, en. pi. -^. vanguard — van of an army. 

^ortr^te, e. a. to me, repent, regret ; f. 9aa 
ttoget/ to take umbrage — offence at ; f. paci m QXls 
D)en9 ^^ttt, to gmdge one hie good fortune. — for^ 
itl^ttlx^adj. offended, vexed, hurt, piqued. -— %9Xs 

It^tdfe, ett. regret, repemanee; <tsph 

Sortt^ffe/e* a. to -press, ervwd; to oppress, gtint: 
to misprint. — S^^rtT^ftelfe/ tn. oppression. 

^OXtMtitf V a, to charm, euchatM, iWsclMle. — 
Sortr^tUtfe, en. pi,, -r. charm, enchantment, fnseiMKiM. 

Soitrat/ en. pi. e. barm, hurt, trouble, annoynace, 
vexation. — fortrocteltg/ adj. fretful, morose, cndi- 
bed ; troublesome, vexatious. — $OttTCrte{ig$et}^ CO. 
repugnance, reluctance ; 2. pi. -€t. vexstiim^ trtnihii, 
annoyance. — fortrttl^en^ adj. morose. — $0¥tr«s 
ben^l}/ en. moroseness. (spraia eae's 

Sortrcrbe f «. «. to tread iMvn ; f. Sotcn, *» 

Sottrteff eltg / adj\ exceiiem. — sfettroeffeU^^ 
en. excellence. 

Sortrfltfntng/ en. skirmish between advanced Inapt. 

tortraffe/ v. a. refl. & i. to depart (chiel^ af 
birds of passage) ; f. ftg/ to make a wrong aaaTe^ 
f. ^nftgtet/ to make a wry face. 

9ortr(eIi(e ftg, «. reji. to «vcrwerfc ane^s seV. 

gortrcrnge/ v. a. t^ crowd, croA; ta expel, iis. 
lodge; to sapplant, supersede. 

$ortr0l)en/ adj. relnctanU 

Sortrtffte/ -v. a. k reft, to cansale, oamfan. 

lace ; f- ftO/ to trust — confide in, pat con t de a ce in. 
— 9ortreftntng/ en. consolation, coarfaH, -solace ; 
confidenee, tiast, reliance. 

$crtfcrtte / p. a. to^ contiaae, prosecale ^ f . ffal 
9tt\^t, proceed on — pursue one's Joaracy. — ^fld^ 
forttelfe/ en. continuation, prosecntioa, parsnaaee. 

^ortttmlt, V. a. to confuse, confoaad. — 
tumttng/ en. pi. -er. confusion, din. 

9ortt>10U/ V. i. to despair. — fflVtlHIlfttr -•</• 
desperate* — S^OTtt^tt^leffe/ en. despair, dcspcvaliaa. 

gortt^t^fte/ «. d" Is translate into German ; t» fer> 
m anise. 

gort^^e/ a. a. to spoil — hurt by' chewing* 

Sertl^m/ a. tt. to thicken, inspissate ; -f- ta tnka 
ill — ' amiss. — %CfrV^A^f en. Ihickeniaf , insptaaaliaa. 

^OTtUnbe/ V. a, to dilute , thin ; f. ISuftCH^ la 
rarefy the air. — %mt^titl^f fn. dilution, attenaa- 
tion, rarefaction. 

%t)ttOttitf V. a. -to miscomt, misreckon; to UXL, 
relate, narrate, recount ; f0rtoruen))( @ttt(/ nanativa 
style. — gfcrtaffeT/ en. pi. -e. teller, 
relater. — goTtflttttng/ ttt. pi. -er, tale, 
narration, recital, delation. 

$ortten(e/ a. O. to blame, find fanH wllk ; %m 
suspect* — "t" foTtomfeltg/ adj. suspicions 

%OXtont, V, a. to consume; to devour. — 

t<ere(fe, en. consumption. — 9ortcrrtng^ en. 

maintenance (e. g. on a journey*) ^ 

Sertcrtte/ «• o* to condense . — 9*rtcrtnni^ m^ 

condensation. f-(tt moariogs. 

Sortoie/ a. o. to moor. — ^ortetntng/ en. piL 
^ortemre/ v. a. to timber. — $0rt«iimng, ok. 

pK-Vt. timbering. 

$orteme/ a. d. to offend, provoke, exa 

forteweS — Mibe fertwnet ^Jaa — ob«> to be ( 




with — at, Uke offeaee M. — ff9tt9niA\t, fit. re- 
•Mtmeat, difpicMnre. {ttl\t, (It. pi. -¥. drriiif etc. 

^rnkmitf V. o. t* dry up, parch. — Sorter^ 

goctevc/ «ui. t«i»(. 

Sondt/ Aflb. in advaace, ahead; before, befare- 
haad-, 6etal( fontb, to pay ia adYaace : gitoe (It 
wgrt f^ to irive ••• odda ^ ^att l^t Ut fpni^ for 
{inc 9ttc^b(t{(re/ at f^an tt ritg, he has the advan- 
tage ot his rivals in being rich*, abtMK f/ to fore- 
wan. Comp. 1= 9-B(ft(mm((f( / en. predetennina- 
tton ; f^edcatination ; -oetft(tltf(^ (it. payment in ad- 
Taace ; -fattel, ad/* precoaeeived ; -f«Ulf(/ preacn- 
tiaeal; -fttittdfc, interiocntion, interlocutory deci- 
aioa; -lotttf 9. a. (o promise beforehand; -£((/ •. 
•. to foreaoe ; -S^t^ to foretell, predict ; -\iQlt\\t, 
iradtatioB ; -f«H(/ to suppose ; .ftfttttnO; supposi- 
lioa; -otfecitte, adj, prescient; -l}i^(t$(t/ pre- 
scieace. (save ; besides. 

fon^Ol, a4»» 4 prop, outside, without; hut, 
t, V. a. to troidkle, incoannode, incon- 

8vnir(nt)>(, «• a. to annoy. 

9omfp(t(8/ i^. i. p»»s. to fail, miscarry; @^t£ 
lit fonifl^S^tS/ the ship was losU 

90ntnl}(, f, a, to grant, vouchsafe. 

Svnnttn fig, «• nM. impn-s & ••pass. (sttn:). to 
woader, amrvel, be surprised (at;) — foTttlltetlif)/ adj. 
woaderfaJ , aaarvollons , -surprising. — ^OTttlttrmg/ 
(It* wonder, surprise ; JoStit i %; to he atmck ^ith 
auprisc . Comp. 1= ^OTUntttng^fulb , adj» ailed 
wflh wander; -itOfa, sign of admiration; -b«^'g, 
»d/» adaumble. 

g w l U a Uie , «• a. to wrong , injure, aggrieve, 
goiadiee . — ^omtttUHit, (tt. wrong, injury. — 
fftnontittf (tt. insurer. 

^ontnilAe/ «. a* to make uneasy, disquiet. -~ 
^naroItg(n(/ <n* P'* -V* disquiet, uneasiness. 

$00)00^/ ad/', exhausted with watching. 

ft0IOaIi(r « O. to administer, manage. — %CKf 
SMUtCT/ (It* pi* -(• steward, manager. — Sotttolis 
rntno. (tt. adminislratioa, management, stewardship* 

i^moxiVU , «• •. to transform, change. «— 9oT' 
feonblmg/ (It* l'^' -(T transformation- 

98ct»anttf 9id. €^{(itgtittti9^ $aac0mib(. 

8dClKin^(/ •• O, to mah^ away with, squander, 
spoil. — glOl^A^tf^^n^ (tt aqaandering* etc. 

%emaxt, • a to lay — pot by, keep safe ; to pre- 
•cnre % ^Olt (T tff( »(( fOftoaTft i <^OD{t(t ; his 
head is aot quite sound. — SotDaTtltg, (It. keep- 
tat, cuMody, safe keeping, preservation. 

Kfltoaxlta, adj. 9id. Daibg. 
Vnnwnrfa/ (t. pi* -8t(T. presage, omen, forebod- 
taf. — SvtooAU, V. a vid- i»acd(e. 

ftflSMfey adv. before, in front. [previously. 

«Kon>(t^ md». i ^OXtidtn, before, beforehand, 

%vmtv!bt, V a. to distort, wrest, pervert; to 

CBibeszle. — 90C0(tlMf(, (tt. pi. .t* distorting etc, 

perversion. — - ^<)^^^i^<^/ ^* perversity, 

SoOmU/ V. m. to ezpecl, iirail. -*• %mHnU 

tiing, en« r' -cr* expectmion, aKpoctaiey; M fbas 
ve^ tffe tt( mitt g**/ U fell short af my exptcta- 
lioas. [antediluvian wafid? 

getbnfcett^ (it* |»/. e. primitive ages — « world, 

%Ct»tjiUj «. «. to coafiuad, jaiotalm the oao far 
the other. — %vntp\in^ (It. pi* -CV* coafouadiag. 

t ^etlnfe« (t. deliriam. 

lorott(tl9(lL (iu coveeit. 
jroioitmflaP/ ffid, 9aTfttttb4bi6. 

jotoibntf (t* prognosticator ; prognostic 

ppnjtit, V. a. to ealaagle, eomplieal». " f^ 
tttntng/ (n» pi. -(r. complication, iairieacy. 

BctOtltC/ f>. m. to lead astray, auskad ; bewildei^ 
perplex. — f4m»ill)(0, «. i. ftmss* -^ fvtHfiUn ji(^ 
V. refi. to low oae's way, stray, go aetray ; ^tAtt 
gattffC forbtltet t ^Otstlti, my head is quite be- 
wildered. — gort)t(^df( , dU leadiag astray etc. 
bewtldermeat, petpleority. « 

9o(bm^/ «. «. to ncover, ralriove ; -f . (It @t^ 
t«m^ to recover from on illness. — fvfDmlXltgr 
adj. reconreraUe, vMrievable. — g^inlnttMf(/ (It 

j^orHtTre/ v. «. to coaftase, dcrangs. — ^owits 
ttiu, f^otDtm'iig, (IU confusion. 
^ doTt)tf(, V. a. to banish, oxile. -- %9ti9ii!buun^ 
ett. pi. -tt. banishment, exile. 

'^[onifintf Vid. tjt^nt, ^ntiriditt. 
fOiDt^nelig/ adj. periahable. 
jort}tdfe^ 9. a. to assure; f* {tg 001/ to assure 
one^s self of, ascertain, make sure of. — '@'0ltrt9« 
mit£|^ (It* pi. .(t assurance, ascertaiamenL 
^ort)t)% adv. for certain, to a certainty. 
/OTttOjUt/ (It. the fore part of a vehicle. 
fJMt)OU(, V. a. to ocrasion, eause, he the occa- 
sion — cause of. — 9ot90(^lf(/ tiu occaslooi 
cause* s 

$ordOT)}(tt/ adj, pi. -pnt*. depraved, reprobate. 

— ^CXDOr|>(nM/ (n. depravity, 

%OW09inf adj. pi. -Dm* advmtuvoos, venturesome 
daring , rash, audacious. — ^OVOODm^C^, (It. rashi- 
ness, temerity, daring, audacity 

fVoTtoOjC/ (t bee-glue, propoli*. 

gowo^*/ uid. forgree; (t forttc^et S^awt, a de- 
formed child. — 96Xt»0pttttg/ (It. deformity. 

^gotOttbe^ V. a. to sprain ; to twist. — f^OtbrtV 
iting/ (n. spraiatng etc. sprain. 

^OWflmnC/ V. a. to spoil (hy indulgence) coddle. 

— 9ort}0Ritte(f(/ en spoiling. 
%tit»(nlf (t. outwork. 

%tVi9Xtt, V. a. to make worse, deteriorate. — 
fotlNm(9/ V. i. pau. to grow wone , deteriorate. 

— %or09ml\t, 'IK(TTm^' making worse etc., dete- 

got^ltge^ V. a. to make young, renew. — ^tMs 
0(9, V. pau to grow young again. — $OIt^ng(lf(, 
(It rejuvenescence. 

Sorcrtr fSe;, v. a. to overeat — surfeit one^a 
self -^ forOTDt/ adj. surfeited, gluttonous. 

90T((M(^ V. a. to refine, improves ennoble. — 
%Vt9tWx% (It* refinement, improvemtnt. 




ffHttiXUi, V. «. to kce«BC aiiti4|i»led -— obsolete. 

■— forcrl^et/ »dj. aBtlquated, obsolete* [orpbon* 

^tOfl^re, !•• M. pi. parents. = C0m;>. f-Ie8, mdj. 

%0X9Xtf V. a. to make a present of^ to present 

with. — %extnin^ en* pi* -et. present, gift; foae 
tii 9*/ to get in a present. 

9oi0tf/ V. a. to waste, dissipate, squander, con- 
sume. — Sor^telff/ tXU wasting, dissipation, con- 
^mmption. — %CX9titXf Ctt. pi. -C waster, squan- 

9er«bntng/ eiu vid. 9cxtitd\u 

^oregC/ V. a. to increase, augment* — 90Ttfgelfe^ 
cn« ;>'• -ev. increase, augmentation. 

SotCltftct/ iMi/. wished for, desired* 

908/ tn, pi, -fcr. waterfall, cataract. 

^ofCf «• «• to kick. 

^oftbwbCT/ en* sworn brother. 

%C^tX, et. pl» -tre. foetus, embryo j /l^. offspring, 
woduction. r: Comp. %'haxn, foster child; -itoteT/ 
f. brother; -tatter, f. daughter^ -fabCT, f. father; 

.f«bentiC/ «</'• viTiparons; -giernmc/ vul. -Ific; 
.^mte/ membranes that envelop the foetus; -Itit, 
uterus, womb; -lift, life of the foetus; -Icit, pay 
for the maintenance of a child ; -motttXt foster mo- 
ther; -nwtt, infanticide; -fl»«6/ vid. -$m^e; -fcn, 
foster son. 

gojhe, cW. o»)fijftre* 

§tO/ |>r«J». & arfo. from, of; UOte f. fig fel», 
to be beside one^s self. 

9raate, en. />/. e. froth, foam, spume. — %tCUIis 
^t, V. i. to froth, foam. — ^oaoen, en. froth- 
ing etc* 

9raatfe/ «. •* to eormandize, gorge one's self. 

" Brroabfen/ en. ftoobfen/ et* gormandizing, glut- 
tony etc. — Sraabfet/ en* pi, -e. gormandizer, 
glutton, huge feeder. 

fSfraOfte fig/ r. reji, to decline. 

StactUT/ en. Ph e, German text, text hand. 

9tabYae;/ et. pi. id. deduction , abatement ; eftet 
9* af Omf oflmngeT/ deducting expenses. 

Sratroge/ «. «. to deduct, abate. — ^rabrogelfe/ 

en* deducting, deduction. 

^ab0mme/ «. «• to condemn one to lose or for- 
feit ; to pronounce one destitute oC — ^abommelfe/ 
condemning etc 

Srafalb/ et. pi. id. failing off, defection. 
' 9tAf<^e/ V. a. to give up, abandon ; to withdraw 
— secede from. " 

$Tag(iae> v. i. & a. to be deducted; to disavow, 
i-^ ^tagaoelfe, en. retirement; disavowal. — fias 
gaoente, adj. retiring. — gtOgang/ en. deduction. 

gtogt, en* pi. -er. freight. = Comp. %-iiaati, 

lighter; -Ibtet}/ way bill; -fart/ carrying trade; 
-gebfi/ goods (for freight); -^anbel/ sfaipping 
business ; -fiurfel/ carriage of goods by land ; -f ubfT/ 
carrier, waggoner^ -loS/ (tcf/. without freight ; -tttanb/ 
9id, -llttfr ; -fttB/ merchantman ; -tJOgH/ waggon. 

Sragte/ v. a. to freight. 

frafioU)/ vid. ?(fBoIb. 

trfljotte, tid. af$e(te* 

fixcXlt, en* pi. -r. froek.<oat. 

Sraf tente/ ^-Ttenfetlfc/ vid. tcat^utmc. 
%xeM{lifit fig/ v« ''«/'• to purchase freedom or 

9(«otmtte/ «. i. to bo lost; S3cgen ei ntig fra? 

fontntett/ I have lost the book. 

SroIiggenbC/ arf>. distant, remote. ^- ^roItgAOif 
ptl, ett. distance. 

ffraltjlo «. a. to trick out of. 

%t(dotft, r . a. to wheedle out of. 

$ratogae fig/ v. refi. to dear one's self (frmsM 
accnsatioiOi repel. — 9)^al«gge(fey (n* repellinc. 

^tanaxxtf 9. a. to dupe — fool — gull oao 
out of. 

Sranjf, adj. French. = Comp. ^-Bo^or^ baker 
of wheaten bread ; -Breb/ French roll ^ -Btnb/ ' 
skin binding; -monb/ Frenchman. 

Sranjofer/ ». *. pi. the pox. 

Sronete/ «. «. to extort — wring from. 

STa))t(le/ 9. •. to pluck — pick off — f] 

Sroroabe/ «. a. to dissuade. — Sroraabclfe/ a* 
$rarane/ «. a. to rob — despoil of. 
fraregne/ «. a. to deducL ~ 9raregneifC/ ol 

pl, -er. deduction. 

Srarenfe/ v. «. to clear from — away. — %tsfi 
renSntng/ etu clearing ete. 

9rartk>C/ 9. «. to tear — pull away. 

9rar0De/ 9id. frorane* 

9ra[agn/ et* legend. 

9rati0e fjg/ «. vfi. to renounce, relinquish, resign. 
— S^atigelfe/ en. renunciation, resignation, relin- 
quishment, [en. dtstiauraiokug. 

Sragielne/ c. a. to distinguish. — $raKieIiia% 

Srafttlle/ «.'«. to separate, part — frttfftOUfi^ 
«<(/. separable. — ^rafriKelfe/ en* separation. 

8ra{nebe/ 9. a, L. T. to convey. 

^raffrtbe/ 9. o. & re/i. vid, fratemme; t« re- 
nounce (by writing). — $raftrti7e(fe/ eit. pK -r* 

$rafnatle/ ^ «. to talk out of. 
Srafnap^C/ t^ a. to snatch away, from. 
Sramtge/ «. a. to trick out of. 
0raf:|}Ontbe/ «. a. to unharness, unyoke. 
$raftaae/ «• a. to Asign, renounce, relinquish. 

Sraftant/ en. distance. 

SrafttOtlf/ V. a. to steal from. 

$ra{t«be/ r. a. to repel, je'pulse. — frajl«tmte/ 
adj. repulsive. — ^raftfitntng/ en. repulsion. 

Srafooerge/ «. a. to deny on oath. — 9iafk««|s 
gelfe, en. denying on oath. ,. 

%lCiiC^f V, a. to take away from, deprive of. — j| 
SratOgelfe/ en* deprivation. 

itKtStttf «. a. to retire — withdraw fh»ni* — 
Sratrottelfe/ en. retirement, withdrawment. 

Sratrcetige/ v. «. to force away, 

9vatl7tnge/ c. a. to extort — force from. 

^tatttUtf 9. a, as in the phrase : 'Dt fmtoUt 
mtg 3 9){ar7/ you counted me 3 marks too Nttlo; 
to count separately. 

gtMiwitr, «. ■. ts Rtn; la dtftwl (tO. 

Wmtitdft, (n. dcrxin, '■^Un. 

J m b S pm, « «. a ire«, •Mkwh. — ftawnu 
ndfi, en -«>i>g, iblitmiei.. 
gtOMHlKCr M- ■bmii. 

^, M |u c. p™.! lot( tm wm if., 1" 

C „„]i,<e . p™«; Hf« 8. BMO i*(. fKWijf.. 
=: (V^. ^rtttflnkt, fKitc I -im^ adj. Hcnd, 

fnt*-, ^B«ib, rnrtu — «.FH_itMi_-;l?f(, F. a, 

tabid iir 

-an, «f/. pacthl'i -foltg, rU.'.^', -fitmh 
iHM »f •««■ ; -Rrti BKiairr 1 -firf, peiMfnl. = 

,an; -frft, n4at<ii>i fo. p i -flilB, fa; of wm"; 
-f>t,pHM HttbllitiiiHM; -feteunt, xrtHj orpnce; 
-foitalll, r—itt rF[>tt»i -fotflofl, OTtrlnrt. — 

'BU^Ln, acdiitiii ar pnrt ; -milling, mcdinilii 
•f p. I -MA •''* -fnnmt ; -nititr, paeilc t^icc 
-- laiHEi; -llutning, ctntluiloi of p.; -|)if= 
tej»« "**i-,""8"' ■■*° ~ "''*' ''■£! "^"' 
MfMiUar of p.; -uiitdbunWinj, m, ii««isiio» 
Iw pom -Dflmi, tm» of pnce. =; fn^niDt!, 


- fri»K= 

(a<p(..r imdMiigii, pradMt. pntei. 
I 0Mbr»lii3>(isni«g., tRPlitr*T- 
0. a. .«- tnfti fmr 

gicmean, r. i 
8ina6iit, t>. a 
Bnmttl(«, aiu 


fnmAUtr e <. M idi 

Bob 8, i tlgcriil^oitt, lo 
■■— - gietig., » ".k. I 

= gnmamf 
Jronqlinitt, ». i. i 
gimfltDt, V, i. lo 
StonSaflt, V. i. in 
er™httf(., p. i, 

ftcmdrtfttntr, "ilJ. t 

in. continue. -- -f 8rcmt«[Ii, in. cooiinulioi. 
Smntiflll, t>, a. la abam, feign* mkc t iTf- 

gtnnilt, Fid. fmnSafti. [m- n»<v i«nh. 

STrnFalti, n. o. id tall fonk — 9™««I*«H*, 
Hmntiifllr, ». "■ lo conjim tarth — np. 
Bmnfoiiimt , •■ i, lo coim — aiip (wwara — 

Bnoihrnnitiifl , od/ piuaLIt-, Sftn ifft frtllM 
' (ligt, iliwt ii on pnilof Dili my. 

SttwtmWi. «. o, IS pradDco by irtilco or •(- 
eciaiioDi finnronilltl @«g, ilecud giiif. 

guiitiblt, v. i. t. 19 ihliD rmib ; 3. in vlnniii 

SitDtUiS, tt. ton p>Tt it ■ iQiJ. 
Kmnlcb, (t. nn, low. 

iF».H«. »i.. r„rfi. ; San BM f, i (nfl( fljt, 

B in 

|Hrail«b(,.. «, loirtg— fau — lmlf»tft— 11. 

B«mfiiipi Bj. B. r^a. u cntf ~ mtk — dal 

gmnfliht , >. i. u •hni ■— ' .pnu — .pii, 
r>rtii — up. lOBtiMt. - %itaripimi, m. iiMMim 

cLc. ftnnlnttlon. 
SumMnSt, r. i. la ipiuf — lap ISA. 

hiii, pitMiii *M'i lelf. — frcraft««nM, ■«'. ft- 

at. limtt, lUadUg htUi. 
lid. gnfUum. [cms. 

c. i. b> lUcr — k.M u oinri 
I. i. u IMP (nwnl, i^TMc* i t* 

R iCt mtb langi Shitt, ka «■ 

■t_-^ — *■■» ■'•■«■ 

gltinji^, >. B. u Ikrart lonrari. 

gKniliUi, T. a. In bflnc fHwir^ pntocai ■ 

liti, = CBBip. S-iiiUmg8gaii( , tmtJtj — fm> 

fitmptaalt, >. i. u bt»> ^ iUh tttk. 

KtnnntaRf, i. a. to itrdcli futt- 

granncCt, I. s. I* uiiui — ^uk ~ Am 

imn fn, it. r'. •/ tnt'O, r">pMin lin. 
mnn 1^, ■«. hr-irihtcd. 

fM., mpHkl, MiM. - Sranfirtttlft,"- pk^ 

«R, Hop,.ilillB. , 

««mlB9», .-. ». M (Cvck - HCh ...L 

gnmlogf, I. a w ukt ronk, |ir>4wt. 
Srcnlora, to. faiua bchxif. i 

9ranti>, m. f'. c. niMre, rDivit,; { lUa m 
Sttrntftm, In fnlurt, for lh( (.Wtf . ^ fnoUtM, ImmI 
gtratinlK, V. i. w .pirUi — ikiH iMik. 1 

gmnlniK, nd. 8-trirt(. 1 

atRtili^lli, V. a. io cotjgu t>nk. 1 

SltDltt^lI, V. •. u> iHp fomrd, uhuct; m 

S'lfttialtn, (11. lUfpiDf lie. idiHct; ■•••umMI 
SiiDiltift, o. a. 10 int foiwiid. n 

eicmnmgf, v. a- t i. to pr«> ~ pukftnaM 

KKnBonbniig, in. irHdniii fonk. 

fmmiie, any. fni\4ni. 
Kintiiiti, B. a. to citcl, triit ■1>*hi. — | 
ling, m, .r.dmj. 
SmnDift, B a. 10 prodntt, uUkli, dl^lir. ' 
KntnDiitning, m. pi. -a. uUkiUH, dia>lai. 

frtmniit, v. •■ u gm Ittih; u 
■Scamart, tn. pi. t. •i-nmcrma 
fccnui^t, V. i. (o ^ih hrtk. 
gianDallc, n. a. » roll oa — • 

fttnlt, (M. jit«it(. • 

lii, a4/. «. fril. pi. fri(. _(«t, ^-.^ 

*— • — —im — of i t( fnt Simfltl,ib» liltml 





" ^m-lMinii -Muur, li 
1) ; -Bijiire, rmkHK 

■. a. la lei Kh 1 -ioanbftigning, ikiich « dmr- 
-t(t, *W. •Hfnii -6nn, haroa ; -Wnhibt, bt- 

In icoK; -t^ttlFt, (cviliuu -HaJr, m pnAtu 

faaa UIM StflVolt 1 -lat(, M >cl Frtt ; -labtn, 
■^. fna (ia Baaatn) t -Icittnbd i rteedan (of 

pen fround', .lonfteiictn, lardy 

fCof; -lei, free lolUrr licliEl: 

[n» doly; -Bl.(lfr, «aMt> <( 

, of . «>.T»™iion) 1 -mobs, ">/■ bold, 

xMict) i -Bopig, aiU. fftiaiDf B»ai •, -W= 
, . . . picHnplioa; -fAtll, liHiie IS nartr 

' ' M.llbRal-niidtd;-{lDlE,riacicbagl; -FtoD, 

mi; -{loacntt. *ii. icueiti, iiolaied; -jlaC, 
tl^ -, iiiicnatT t -Rati rFpatlii. lonmanoeiiu ; 
I, It laactaarr -, -lafli (fn), id nenpi from, 
■■ati -Imtlfti (lanptlu, dlipcaiaiioai -lolcn: 
•4. heF-lpakta, mill ; -lolltlttt , flctdOD 9f 
~* rrailUHa ; -Imif, Iciia™ — lym bsn ; -IBis 
ReihiakoTi -tanlai, fntUiliUilag ; -viBig, 

I. u Ini, HI fnt, likanu, JalWcr. 

giifiit, rn. tmiuM, likBtfL tut Kg tni g., i> 
ulw Aa likfti), maka hold ; Sin ingti nig tai g. 

>«. = dmf. g-Uaan, atf. lilafiUauu, ba- 
■ril; -tarn, iUEfiiiBau — Higrai t^•\U^ -hit, 
tpiag *l a Blurau ; -hnt, i^ri. fjFriBl ; -Itmicl, 


etiftt, m. ^1, -I. Filttudrr, Fitiiaa. 

Siiftn, V. *. Is dRji iha biir. — Brihur, rn. 

>4 u a roicki lut f. guft, i 
Mriag. = Conip. gf-fm, btadi 

griflt, o. ■. 1. IS nilaiii •spiiiHi , t. It ti- 
pni.Bcrv a. 10 Umpi. — ffnfldfi, oi. ;(. -i, 
lEinpUllsn. - Bnftw, im. ^/. -C. lospler. 

SritBer, «. rtA BriBfet. 
rim, ". a. 10 sDMilon, l>l<m>«>le (rr*m niis- 
■ii)) ; f. «n Hi , >^4. ubfntti. — gtiMm, m. 

gacitlonio«. = Cnmp. f.fM, mff. Jaquulliie. 

S», a^. gmr. cbctlCal. 
"% ■* ''!«""-• '"""i"' <•' PI"")- - 
BntiabA, (It. JnuiiiDts. 

,8reisft, en.«i Ml ff., IS bxakfuit 
full ff., csld-ullaiioa. 

glmn, a^j. ^, .mt. laiilt, mWi; righitau v 

pioBi. '- gtiaibft, (n. iniliacii, miidicji ; picir. 

fInninK, (n. pi. c advigiagc ; faa iatti « 

fsmmi an foa ifttt eg S., is irui lo Ui cttptar 

SK^ifoi, "m'J'frS'i. 

ifl, m. fl. c. ftoii; time 9. ■ $aiitnnu — 


(n, <i4f. 




wtth -^ tefioD fbt thilbtaiift ; -t>ttf , froaty w«allier ; 
.tl^t/ fr«rty wl»d. 

SmCr Ot* M -r. niUtfess^ lady) ^ev grttC^ 
®inf/ lady^maek; 3oY Smed @(llj)tMm^ lady's 
bed-sMw. = C-'om^. f^-bog^ iady-day; -Hofier, 
foundation , for widow ladies. = $ntn6uiR|i Jady's 

bowwrv -^fl*/ l«<*y*» »aid. 
^nienttrnmnt; etjif. id. dr-Hmre. woaan, f«inaie.=: 

Caft<V* f-Odtt^ mdS. womiBish \ -«ri&ftbe, female -' 
wMiaa's work ; -ttAgt^ femalo attire —« apparel ; 
^a^eVf woman-hater, aiisogynist; -tioU/ gown; 
'jfTOttbCT, dreaomaker, mantnamtker. 

^Jntgt/ en» fruit. = Comp. 9-MX/ fmit year; 
-mngente^ im^'. prodactire, profitable; -bunt/ re- 
ceptacle B««. 7.; -lorien^/ adj. fructifcnras ; -^e(, 
part of fnictiieation ; -atetmrn^ pericarp; -grccn, fhicti- 
ftrona branch; -l^OlloUr , -b<mUcrittlt / loiterer; 
-BcpJe/ orchard ; -fxtVttX, fruit cellar; -fntt;/ fruit knife ; 
-fWbp, fruit bud; -fftttlK, germ, ovary; -Cotlt/ fmit 
woman ; -tuTO/ fmit basket ; Am, tbaiamus ; AH, 
odl. Irnitless, bootless; -ttOftl, vid. ©tetfnaol; 
Jm^, fraitftil; -ftllf/ fruit-stalk; -fl^ffe^ frail pieee; 
-ftote^ blast, blight; Ait)/ ftrnit season; -trOT, frait- 
tree; -«ic, gem. 

SlUgtW. adj. frnitfnU fertile; proHSc^^Ttlgt^ 
Bo^eb, en. frnitftilness, fertility, fecnadity. 

SrugtCf «*. •. to avail. 

. ^ntgtedU^/ adj. fruitless , bootless. — 9-^eb/ 
en* fknitlesaness. 
. gmgtfommeli^ ad/, pregnant, in the family way, 
breeding, 'teeming, enceinte (.in law) ; gaoc f. mtif 
to be big with. — S-K^^r ^K* pregnancy. 

9$?^^, en. pl.c. Jo^, delight. = Comp. f-{«S/ 
mij. joyless; -ritgr adj. Joyfai, joyous, blithesome. 
:Z ^X^tctMf day of rejoicing; -fell/ festival, 
rejoicing; -iMli/ a4j. jayful, joyous; -fottt, rejoic- 
ing, pageant ; ^Ul) / bonfire ; -flftng, Joyftil tone ; 
-raa6/ shout of joy; -fang, song of joy; -ffrig, 
vM. -xatA; -jfu^/ festive salute; -tegn, sign of 
joy. — frt^behg, adj\ joyfnl, joyous. 

"Sr^te, V. i. to rejoice, gladden , cheer ; f« fig 
Jtii^, to rejoice at. 

Sl^gt. en. pt. e. fright, fear, dread, alarm, ap- 
preheasion; k^cece i -^ f^Mt $. f OT , to be in' fear 
— be afraid of; ttf g. for, for fear of. — fr^gt* 
Ogttg/ a4f. timorous ; -Agtig^et/ timorousness. — 
fr9gte(tf\, adj. fearful, frightfiil, dreadful, formidable, 
redoubtable. — frpgtitfd, ad/, fearless. — f-font/ 
adj. timid. — S-fpm^et, e>). timidity. 

glk^gte, V. a. to fear, dread, apprehend ; f. fov, 
to fear ; to be apprehensite of — anxious about. 

gt^nbfc, en. pi. -r. fringe; fceftette met g., to 

fringe. = Comp. g-UCfU, fringe loom; -»ce»er, 
frtDge maker. 

g«?fe/ V. i. ft impmrs. freS, froSfet, ftoSfen, pi. 

fn>8ne. to freeze , conceal ; to be — feel cold ; 

;3eg fat og fro8 ^aa ^ogtfen/ I sat on the wag- 
gon staryiBff with cold ; ^geg fr^ei pfltt mine ^cens 
^«f — JJaJoer, my hands — feet are perishing with 
Mid ; ^ftbet fc«d mte, the ship was froien in ; f. 

xifkA, t« be froten to doalh. = Camp, ^-^t; 
freexinc pmnt> 

%tctt f adj. audaciovs, impudent, Ibrwtrd. — 
^tott^tt), en* aadactly, impudence, forwardness. 

grcrnbe/ en. pi. -x, kinanan, relative, relation. =1 
Comp. S-bot , fine for Manslaughter (paid to the 
relations of the slain) ; -giltt^ family feast ; -btM, 
family party ; 'WOn^, murder of a kiasann ; -atmibc, 
Unswonum, female relation; -f<anfinit, soctc^ el 
relalims; -fkttme/ meeting of relations. — Snnih 
ftftb/ et kin<bed, relalioaahip. — grcmfe/ en, vU. 
^centc(|iii«tc. i 

%W, et pi. c. seed; gooe t Sf*f to ran to iced. 
= Camp. %-9)ai, cultivation of plants for seed; 
-b^, seedr-bed; -btob, seed-leaf, cotyledon; -bcrllli 
seed-coal, aril; -gt4t, compensation to a retiriaf 
ftvnier fbr seed sown in the fields; -giianM^ 
seed vessel, pericarp, core ; -^ontel/ bnaincse of a 
seedaman; -pontlet, seedsman; -VlUipf seed had; 

-fenir min of seed ; -planter^ pi. plaals left fv 
seed ; -ftolf/ shell of a seed ; -{fok, secdplol, ••• 
miaary. [of btf^ 

%X9, en. pi. -ec frog. =: Camp. i|4eg, ifana 

%t9ltxit en. jrf. -er. title of an aBmarricd lai| 
of the upper classes ; ^«ten 9L/ Miss N. = Csmp. 
^-RetleT/ foaadation for aamarried ladies; -INj^ 
lady's maid; -fionb/ rank of a Frokan* 

^^tflnned/ p. i. pau. to become brittle from i«i 
(of wood). [rotteaaML 

%xmaiii, adj. brittle from aga and tadpicrt 

§ltg/ tU pi. id. floe, flock 

^t^. en. pi. -I. greeve, ftirrew. 

^Vbgi^tilf vid. $(cb^90l. 

Sugl, en. pi. -e. bird, fowl ; gmtimel SugE a » 

(et at fange . old birds are not to be caartt wtf^ 
chaff; een 9, \ 4^aanten et betit ent ti t cufMi| 

one hkA in Uie hand is better Ihaa two in the 1 
=r Comp. SngtebttUr/ birdcage; -hXT, bird-cbc 
.b«9fe« fowling-piece; -fongfl/ bird-catchaa^ ; -f— 
vid. -M8fe; -fle(, flock or birds; -flligt/ flighi 

birds; -fre, birdseed; -fcmger/ bird-catcher, 
er; "^cit f food for birds; -gant/ fowler^s 
-gueS/ chickweed. Ahine media f -^ogci/ 


shot ; '^am, skin of a bird ; sit fable^ the M 
of a bird assumed by some god or magician ; 
til, dealing in birds; "^avitlcc, dealer in M^ 
birdseller; -^U§/ aviary; -jogt/ fowling; -rCi^ 
1. wren. MotOeitlategvlns ; 2, chairman «f a shoalilfl 
club i -ftOf crop — crow of a bird ; -ftflOliniCTf sg 
."^anDler; Aiim, birdlime; -net/ vid. -gatn; -Villi 
birdcall ; .)}tnte / feathers of birds when tbcT^r-" 
appear; -qdttbeC/ chirping of birds; -TCtC/ "^ 

nest;- -tee/ -TttU, tHd. -fnc«emfel ; -fang/ s 

singing — warbling of birds ; -fCatn / bird''s 

-jfttg/ screeching of birds; -{ftomfcl/ scare* 
-ff^ntng/ en. shooting at a mark made like •U| 
(in Denmark), popinjay; -fnat, adj. swift as • biiV 

-fnate/ snare, gin; -f^aatOBI/ augury; -fl 

augur; -f^Jtt/ spit for roasting birds; -{tonSr f^ 

for a popinjay; -f!eg/ roast bird; -fhttber 




IVNi; 't»p, iHfk of » Wfi^ "Un^t, youiff of t 
kbd; -i^arfer^ mcvy; -tMlfet/ wU4 fowl. 

$ll^</ V. 0. to noistM. — SttgtniHg/ «tU pi. 
•A* aoMteouig. 

Sttgttg, Mff*. moist, ionp, kutaid, dnk. — f^-l^t/ 
01. aoistiire, 4aspoeM, humidity. 

%mSU, f. A. to l»c«t witii (be flat of the Mrord ; 
10 one. 

^«tb, adj. 1. full, replete } 3. complete •, 3. dnwh ', 

Ct tudt®lad/e brimmer, bumper; Ixittt {|g U to 

gtl drvok; |mu>( fultt 9p, to have plenty — abiu- 

ilwce. — ^ul^OC^^ ^n. falleesa, plenitude. — 

ivta^cif ei. ^okeaaeM, ebriety, iaebriefy. ^ 

^i>. f-6a(trm / mdj, full-grown (of the felui) \ 

-^l^f t^' fuU-biooded, plethoric; -^(ottg^t, 

iMf?, plethora ; -blo^dVC^/ thorough-bred borae ; 

-WU(, hll brother; -lonmt/ adj. A»Uy formed; 

•iSff^ •^' perfectly valid -, -(antCl/ m^j. aqaared, 

h<wB ea 4 tides (of timber) ; -llflft^ «i&'. <rf aound 

■iai; -logtr di^i- 4H>t« «ton«. ctiiit^. 7.; .itU^m/ 

«4f. Adly ri|»e ; -moonC/ v. a. to ripen ftelly, ma- 

hK« -Bti^ta^ ^4/. 1. ioreated with AiU powers ; 2. 

•f tgc; -m^notg^et/ full power; -notx, adj. dcodf. 

wy aeir, well nigh; -^X9titt,^a4i- fully Iried; -tOO^ 

W/ uiijf. having the disposal or command of; 

4iantet/ adj. brimful, overflowing; -{log/ Stlofttn 

{UUUI —, the clock strikes the hour; -fputttett, 

»^. fally spun; -Ocgt/ 4U(/. qoite done. ctUm. 7. ; 

-9ninni({^ adf Mu*. r. harmonized, complete in all 

ils paita ; -ft04}4)et, adj. stnlfed ftiU ; -(toBt/ oOl?- 

fally cast; -feffeittC/ fall brothers and sisters ; -tolf 

(jg/ e4/' complete in number ; -talti^tt/ complete- 

acM JB aumber ; -toncittc / -tOtlCt/ a«(7. full-toned ; 

<4W^, «</. full-grown ; -tfcegttg/ <i<(^. of the full 

i Miflht; -pJtgtt^CP, full weight. 

; IndtbrittOt/ V. a. to complete, perform, accou' 

||UL — Sfttll^Britt^lfe/ en. completion, consummation, 

IWWii lishmeBt. 

L* ^^^^^^^ **' '' *^ complete a building. 
' 8^^^i^De/ V. a. to accomplish, perform, con- 
nnaate; f. ti 9@^tfifa&« to consummate a mar- 
PHc ; Im fuUbb^rcentc yjlo^i . the ejLecutive power, 
■la cxecative. — ^ult^b^ltelfc / Ctt, pefTormaiice, 
ilMmalisbiBcnt, conaiunmation. 
. ftllWnle/ 4*. a. to complete, finish ; kJct Begl^bt 
• n(o fulfimbt/ the beginning is half the baUlc. 
*^ ^Itl^mber, m. M -r. finisher, completer. 

bPHftfciC/ f. a.^o execute, carry into effect ; to como 
li*. j^ ,3llIbf0T(lfe/ en* execution, accomplishment. 
^ 'vt%, v.u. to complete, finish; to fulfil. 
Of^f; V. a. to boil thoroughly, 
femmt/ t'. a. to po'fect, accomplish, com- 
1^- — SttllfonutMlfe^ en. perfection, accompliah- 
■■gt, completion. 

^^Qw^fommru / o</. pi. -fotnne. perfect, com- 

^ ; eoU. wide, aaople. — adv. perfectly, to the 
i^7- — Sul^fommen^rb/ en« perfection. 

1/ en* full moon. [tomey. 

ft/ nt. i><. -et full powers, pow^r of a(- 
'/ V. C. vitf. ne6 fult. 

|fMl^«etig^ «IU pf. -<. iMal K- irat cltrki tt- 

»f atter»ey* 

finf full. 

tomoTi having powers of attorney 

isUnpvoppi, p, «. 10 cram 

Bultgol, vid. 9ub fua. 

gltlDftriM; V. a- to All with writing; to com- 
plete, finish (of writing). 

Bnltftcnttg^ adj. complete, full. — f-ginf/ V. 
a. to complete. — 8-^e1)/ complptesess, fidlncflp. 

gti(M«ttfnte. vid. mk fiU^. 

84l(ttaaen/ adj. able-bodied; fnll-crown. 

||lt(feta{le/ V. a. to render due thanks. 

QltlttaU/ r. a. to conclude, settle (of a M^a- 

9iVnit/ tU pi. id thing found; discovery. 

guntatd/ en. pi. -cr. charter of foundation. 

^vmtt, en. pi. -r. vid. (gntjl. 

g:imtle/ i^. •. to sparkle. — ffunflen/ cn« aparkling. 

gure, en. pi. -t. furrow. = C^e«j». S-P</ 1^- 
row side )^ Axtttnimf^, opening — drawing of fur- 
rows ; -DitS/ adv. in fturows. — fxixt/ p. a. to far- 
row ; fuftte ^iUtx, fluted colomna. 

tltrcet/ en* l. harbinger; 2. quarienuialer. 
utiif en« pi. *-x» fury. [cipitate. 

%uUf V. i. to rush — gush ; f» frent/ to be pro- 

Snfentatl/ cn« pi, -ev. hare-brained — hamm^ 
s^rnm fellow. 

Sufff, V. i. (pM, \), to dabble in, buacle nl. 

— llufler. en* pL -e. dabbler, bungler. ZZ fuffet* 
ogttg/ at^. bundling; -arl&ctte, -k^endf/ bungU^g 
work. — ^llften/ et, bungling. 

ttittf V. i. to bum — flash with a puff. 

Iltt(, <M&*. /»/. fttte* 1. putrid; 2. impure U««U- 

UUS/ adj. precipitate. 

_UJC4 m. 1. a sorrel horse; 2. booby (inasdiool). 

gUjCtDantfc, # •. to flatter, fawn upon. — ^nX- 

^mt\tXf <«• pi' -<• fawner, sycophant, clawbaek. — 

g[-ft»Anbfev{/ et. fawning, sycophancy. [shame! 

gl^, iattrj. fyl f. ffam Wg/ fy upon you, fyfor 

tl^niO/ en. p/. -ei. native of the isle of Funen* 
l^enftr adj. of the isle of Funeu. [drifting. 

f^iwe, V. i. f«g, fcget, to drift. — S^gen, en. 

iifXl, en. pi. c stufGng.. 

^ijHU, en. Pl» e. l- fiUIng, stoffiuj;; 2 plenty, 
abundance ; 3* fullness, plenitude ; ^itenS g*/ the 
fullness of tin^. = Comp. g^-I^Am , horn of plenty, 

%^\U, P. a. to fill^ replenish; f* ^iw cnt/ W 
rack off wine ; f. en ©Oftd — ^Alfun / to stuff a 
goose— turkey ; f. Pallet/ to complete — make up 
the number; S3anut ft^itei i ^og te Star, the 
child completes its second year to-day; f. ^aag^aOf 

— Renter/ to put into casks — barrels. — Cetup. 
MjM/ -Wtte, -Wi, 'ffVmt, guwler, swiller; 
-tall, botch, filling up iteff, expleUve, redundancy s 
-mat, stuffing, forcemeat; -OVb/ redundant words 
-fOy female gu«ler; -OOttl/ o«. -JPttg. — CW 
ben/ et. stuffing, cramming; 2. swilling, gunliag* 

— g;ttibntng/ en. filling etc. 

^mlefi/ en. (also used adverbially) satisfacUon, 
•tonemeni \ ^i^xt f* for nogeti to give raliafaction, 




mke ^tottement for. — f-8t«</ v. «. 1. to stlUfy, 
conpensate, indemiiifr *, 2. to fulfll, difchargo- — 
g-gfUrtlfe, m. Mtisfaction, otoBemeiit* 

tttoXtiO, a43' plnmp. — %'%th tn. plumpness. 

%t^mf -«♦ B\»ang', &. t enS>flT, rid. 

gjjtfe, et. jpi. -r* anciently, a petty kingdom in 
Norway- = Comp, S-fonge, petty king. 

^^n^/ en. J^f. e. emphasis, pith ; ))eT t>QX 9* Og 
-itlem i ^an9 3^a(e, bis discoarse was very impres- 
sive or Dithy. — ftOttttg* a^J. pithy, emphatic. — 
gt^nbtopeb, m* pithiness, raciness. 

1. g^r, etU fir. Ftnti* tylvestris. = Com/». 
^I^moort/ deal table \ -6r«n^e/ fir wood 5 -htCtt, 
deal board; -plcmttf deal plank; -ffoO/ forest of 
firs ; -tr«, fir tree. 

2. g^r, et. p/. id. light , beacon. = Comp, g- 
Betteni/ nghthovse-man ; -toonty liirfathoase. 

8. gl^r, en* ph c fire •, gtM »., to fire ; ^an 
« Ittttcr §. Ofl ftlantnie, he is ail fire and Bame. 
Z: Comp. ^-hcmtn, warming pan; -htttX, fire 
maker; stoker; -fat, chafing dish; -laaS^ match 

lock; -merfer, vid. SWerfer; -flaat, steel for strik- 
ing fire ; -fleen/ flint ; fdom^^ touchwood, oak aga- 
ric; -tet/ apparatus for striking fire; -tet\ibe. tinder 
box; -0(meri> fireworks; -tiOnftt, 1 pyrotechnist, 
d. fireworker; -ttCtcferfonR/ pyrotechnics. 

4. R^r, en. ;»/. -e. spark. Made ; ett gob — for* 
ttcejfeltg gf , a good — excellent fellow. 

%^tf V. i. to make a fire, heat; f. paa, to fire 

at. — Sfijren, gfi^'ng, en. firing. 

9^r!g, arfy. fiery, ardent, fervid. — 9^^^tt, 
en. fire, «rdour, fervour, 
^^net^be/ card. n«m. forty. / 
S^rret^t^enbe/ ord. »«m. fortieth. 

g^rtte , en. f A -r. prince. = Comp» %-'b<im, 

child of a prince ; -gunft/ favor of princes ; -l^abet/ 
hater of princes; -^UU3/ -mogt, with other simUar 
compounds, princely house -;- power; --< f^rfieltg, 
adj. princely. — ^-W^ttXf -Kgt, adn, in a princely 
manner. *— S^tflcnbontme^ et. plm -V. principality. 
— • S^tflmte/ en. pi. -r. princess. 

%9, et. pi. e. cattle, beast ; bumi $«/ blockhead. 
=: Comp %-a\)if breeding of cattle ; -Ittft^ graz- 
ing; -Unber, drover; -gang, pasturage; path for 

cattle; -f^anUl, vid- Qt)<eg6antel ; -l^at^e, encios- 

od field for cattle, paddock; -M^/ Vid. -ablf -^0»et, 
blockhead ; -^Unb, shepherd's dog; -fiuuS, -stall — sta- 
ble for cattle ; -l^^rbe, herdsman ; -$0beb/ vid. $e« 

beb ; -freotttV/ cattle ; -maxf, field for cattle ; -mat? 

feb, cattle market; -nton, cattle; -flolb, vid, -f}Vaxi] 

'tittn^f vid -mart. 

Sofbre, pi. of gober. Comp, — 9<ebreart)/ pa- 
trimony , paternal inheritance ; -l^iem, paternal — 
ancestral home ; -tanb / native country : land of 
one's fathers, fatherland; -lanb§f{(rr(ig9eb , patrio- 
tism , ^ove of one's country ; -(anbft7 adj. native ; 
patriotic; -(anbSben, patriot; -nabn, ancestral 
name; -fiab/ ancestral city. 

SfOtbvene, adj. paternal, ancestral* C^mp, ZZ 

g-art, 4anb, vid. %^1mctt», 4«^; .maol,»itlw 

language ; -tlO/ faith of one's faUiers. 

%mv, adj. bestial, bmtish. 

gat, adj. disgusting, hideous, ghastly, griiB,k«r- 
rid. — g-ieb, en. bldeonsness, gbastliness. 

%9ttl, en. pi. c decay, dilapidation. 

^Ibe, en. p/. -r. 1. trap; 2. tree levelled by the 
wind ; gommel 9l«» gaaer ei i %, old birds m 
not to be caught with chaff. 

ffce(be> 9. a. to fell, bring down; to piece, Jsii; 
f. Waaler, to- shed tears; f, ©ajonetten, to i«J 

the bayonet ; fcrlbe S)om , to pass sentence; wJf 
SJibne f Ofttebe ^om, he was cast — coavietH •■ 
that evidence i f. ^flmbet — %dStn to shed te«4 

— horns ; f. gteb«, to moult ng-tib, Comp. mnm 
season. — fotlbtng, gflflbntng, en. felling etc. 

9(e(ge/ en. pi. -X felly of a wheel, 
icelle. en. pi. -r. fellow, companion, asssnifc 
9<ttLtDf en. pi- -et. common. , 

Merited/ adj. 4c ado- common,, joint. — o-P*' 
fellowship, community; g. t ^onbfl, partnership, cas- 
pany ; inbgaoe et %. web/ to enter into partafl*? 
with. = Comp. %-hemf children of the samepmJM 
-gebd, common property ; -fitn, comrnoa g««W* 
Dan. Gram.} -manb, vid. 9atU. 
%(iti\<Hf adj. common, joint. 

8f«tttg, en. vid. tfceUebfToB. 

iombttf, en, pi. et. ensign. 

$omge / «. i. to catch — Uke fire, ignite, ka** 

— gorngBoT/ adf. infiammablc. — 8-Beb# «• •* 
flammability. — fcengeltg, adj. vid. fflOlflW--- 
gcmgetWf, fusee, fuse. — g<engB«t/ toBch-fcoh; 
vent ; -ftub, pruning ; -)}anbr/ pan (of a g«»l»«J 

9cmgfe(/ et. pi- -ftet. prison, jail ; imprisaaa* 
confinement. = Comp. g-Bunben, adj. »">p»"^ , 
confined ; -fhraf, penalty of imprisonment ; — W«W | 
V. a. to imprison, commit to prison, incarcerate; !• i 

O^mortCfomBeben/ to fix — rivet — eBpo«»j 
attention ; BenbeB ®KtnBeb fflmaBlebe f^t »* 

beauty captivated him. — gcmgSling, en- P*. "• 
imprisonment, incarceration. ^ 

gomntfe, en. pi. -t. pennon. 

%fttt, en. pi. e. 1. journey ; 2. conduct, behivi*Ji 
proceeding; ^bab er bet ^Jaa gflftbe ? whst'i » 
matter? bet et %art paa % , there is <l"g' T" 
mischief afoot — brewing; B«t et alt ^^afl »•/ J* 
is stirriuff — a stir already ; bOfre i 9- W}, »« "I 
about; gt»e fig t %. web, to set about; glW TO ' 
9. meb flette gol! , to take up ~ asso«itt« -- 
herd with bad company ; fttt fetfle %. , from t» 

%ettttf V. a. to put in order. 

gatbeS , V. i. pass. f(etbebe§. to joumfy, »* 

vel ; to be in motion — on the move. 

gfcetbig, adj. ready, prepared, in readiness; «• 
pert, adroit, dexterous; bctte ftttbfg Web, to ii^ 
done with; gttte noget f.. to get a ft>n?r*2''l*- 
finish; Bare f. t, to be expert at-— 8««lgB«L»* 
dexterity, adroitness, expertiiess, address; W" 
9oetbtgBebet, to possess accomplishments. 




Sttt^d/ en. iNissage, tiioraa«]ifare.= C<0mp. Sf^rts 
fMfelT/ n. *. pi, carriers. 

loRgf, en. p/. -V. ftxry^^Comp, = 9-16aat, 

fmrboat; -bcO/ |)ier, jetty (at afetry); -fa^ P**- 
tage of a ferrj ^ -folf, ferrymen ; -goarb/ -^ttU6/ 
fetryttan^a bovae ; -f arl , ferryman ; -Ittl^ ferry- 
■Mii*8 — watermen^s corporation ; -I«6 , 9id- -ffttt t 
-tot/ ferriage ; -tttOltl), ferryman \ -tolb, ferry toll. 

%9xtt, fffrrefl, vtrf. m& %da* 

totcHuogn/ en. open travelling vehicle with 
body Bade of basket work* 

Sttfhr tUpl. -Y. 1. fastening, hold ; 2. hilt, handle (of 
a swwd J 3. lease ; gik>( t %j}o let on lease* ZZ Comp. 
S-foff, ketrothedjiersons. — p<»{iendga)»e/ gift at the ce- 
lebration of betrothment \ -gtOX/ feaat in celebration of 
bclrothneat; -ring/ ring of betrothment^ -elfVid, -gilte. 

Stt^/ V. a. 1. to fasten, fix \ 2. to take on lease ; 
aecwc fte lease of; 3- to betroth; f. ^Ontlfer, to 
kire — lake rooma; f . %Hm\itf oil, to engage — hire ser- 
vants; f. fig fioxt, to hire one's self; f. en ©aarb 
hott, (• lease, let a farm on lease *, f. ftnc S)tne 
paHf to fix — rivet one's eyes upon ; f . o^^en^ to co- 
ver np the fire. =Z Comp. %-wnttf leasehold far- 
mer; 'fiXtVf lease contract; -gaavt/ leasehold farm ; 
-font/ keeper of an intelligence office ; -Uttg^ not 
leased ; -moxit, i.t/id. -fom ; ^.betrothed man ; -me/ 
betrothed maiden ; -^enge / earnest money ; -Ttttig' 
^t/ right of leasing. — vCtHctf en. pi -e. lessee. 

SnmnSgoDe/ -nng/ vid. sub. Brcefie/ et. 

9tt^tllAr en: pi. -er* fortress, fort. Z= Comp. 

SaffatingSatBette / fortrfication ; bemmeS ttl g*./ 

to be sentenced to bard labour ; -gTAt}/ ditch, moat 
(of a fortreas ;) -bcetfer/ fortifications, entrenchments. 
99tttr, en. p/. e. cousin. — gottterffaB/ et. re- 
lationship. — %CttifXiltf cousin (female). 
tftt, fit' p^. c. food, victuals, aliment. 
9U, V. a. ftitU, ftlt. 1. to feed ; 2. to bear, bring 
tetb, giYe birth to; f. t jDefg^maal/ to be deli- 
vered eiaMdestineiy; pan er en fe^t (Englcenter/ 
be is a native of England — an Englishman born. 
— Se^en/ en. feeding etc. := Comp, S-^IJ/ native 
town ; -bol / native valley ; -egit/ native place ; 
']/tit, native soil; -font/ vid. mtetilem; -lant/ 
ntive country; ntongel/ scarcity of food; -mtttel/ 
ailieie of food; -mcengbC/ quantity of food; -tltft, 
«tall-fed ox ; coll. fig. idler ; -ritg/ adj» abounding 
in food ; nutritions ; -^a^/ native city ; -^at)n/ vid 
-\jOtt ; native place to which serfs or villeins are 
bmmd ; -fie^z native place ; -k^ateT/ n. 6, pl, provi- 
' .aions, victuals ; -tit, native isle. 

9«)>fef/ en. pl, -{ler. delivery, parturition : birth, 
nativity ; af %., by birth. =: Compy ^«bfc(Saar/ 
/ear of one's birth ; -Bret)/ certificate of birth ; -tag/ 
birth — Batal day; -Me/ pl. female parts of gene- 
ntiM*, -feft/ birthday feast; -^tel)}/ obstetrical aid; 
4Ud)Mr/ man-midwife, accoucheur, obstetrician ; -1^0t= 
IWt 9id- -fefl; -Itit, position of the fetus; -lem; 
.fMitnla ; -n«t/ labour, travail; -fmerteT/ pains — throes 
tr dkildbirth; -jlel, vid. g«t)cficb; -fltftclfe/ ly- 
taf-ia hospital ; -^mb, hour of one's birth ; -tang/ 

forceps ; -tit, time of birth or delivery ; -Deir/ Vi4» 
-fmerter; -bttenflfaB/ midwifery, obstetrics. 
Iirie/ (tdj\ dc adv. little, abort, [to yield, submit. 
;eie/ en. pl. e. reason, cause; folte til 9*/ 
;«te/ v, a, 4l refl. 1. to Join, add, connect, unite, 
put together ; 2. to adapt, fit, suit ; 3. to ordain, dispose ; 
4. to humour; to favour; f. f(g e^er, to conform to, 
accommodate one's self to, humor, comply with 
one's humor; f. Slnflalt til/ to take measures for; 

bet feiete {tg faalebeS/ it so happened. — feieltg/ 

adj indulgent, compliant, accommodating ; favorable, 
propitious; convenient, suitable. — Seteligl^et/ Ctl. 

[eite/ v. i. to gad. 

fel/ et. pl» id. foaU =: ^-^Oppt, brood mare. 

;0l/ adj. soft. 

;eU, v. a. & i lo feel: fele 1tg/to have a high 
opinion of one's self; f .fig for $o6 ttn, f. tttl 

ipaa Xotnlttnif to sound one ; bet er tneget l^oarbt 

at fele paa, it feels very hard, is very hard to the 
touch. Comp, r= ^-tttnt, faculty of feeling ; -^om/ 
feelers, antennae ; -rebfTaS/ -ixoat, feeler — felelig^ 
adj. that may be felt, sensible, perceptible ; J. %aO 
— (Steb / a severe loss — blow. — ^vUlUt «»• 
pl. -r- feeling , sensation, feel, touch. — %9Un, 
en. feeling. — %eleri/ et. sentimentality — feleSleS/ 
ad;\ unfeeling, insensible, apathetic. — ^eleSIoB- 
^eb/ en. insensibility, apathy. — felfotH/ adj'. feel- 
ing, sensitive; sentimental. — %9l\emf)t\)f ttl. feel- 
ing , sensibility. 

/ Selge/ V. a. & i. fulgte/ fuTgt. to follow, suc- 
ceed, ensue;^ to attend, accompany; efter 9tegn 
felgcr <^cl{ftn / after rain comes sunshine ; f. tttl 
l^iertt/ to see — attend one home ; i ^et g^efgenbe/ in 

the sequel ; f)CM fttarebe faale^eS font volQpr, he 

answered as follows -^ to the following effect — 
purport ; bet felger af fig \t% that's a matter of 
course ; f«Ige8 at / to go together ; feFge? mtt, 
to go along with* -;- Setgagttg/ adj'.- compliant 
obedient. — ^elgagtig^eb / en. obedience, compli- 
ance. — gelgfontBeb/ en. obedience. =r Comp -J* 
f^elgeBrei}/ vid. SlbfomjiSreb ; -fetbel/ certificate to be 
presented to the parson of a parish by a soldier on 
leaving the district in which he is enrolled; -fbenb/ 
follower, attendant; ~|~ -itWtf female attendant; 
-bcerbtg/ adj'. worthy of imitation. 

^elge/ en. pl. -X. l. succession, series; 2. result, 
consequence, sequel ; 3. conclusion^ inference ; brogc 
til $ ; to serve as a precedent; t gf./ pursuant to, 
in consequence of, agreeably to. IZI Comp^ f-ni^ 
adj', pregnant with consequences ; — • rtgtig/ ad/, 
conclusive, rightly inferred; consistent; -futtnitig/ 
conclusion, inference; -fatnittg/ conclusion, (in a 

$?clqe, et. vid. ^elgeffaB. 
^Olgeh'c^/ adv, consequently, in consequence* 
^elgeftaS^ et- company ; retinue, suite, train, at- 
tendance ; gtere %. tneb ttyx, to accompany one«. 
^CUf en- pl. e. down of plants. • 

^VX, adv, & conj, before, ere, previous to, pre- 




▼iously •, jo f • i0 ffttUtf the sooner Ike better ; fet 
titer itti^tttf 90onet or Itter-, jeg \iax f. k^eb I^Ott^ 
1^9Xf I was at his door a while «fo. ^ Comp. f- 
fitntart/ before mentioned* 

ger, adj. stout, tasty* — S^ev^ct^ CII. stout- 
ness,' lustiness zn Comp f-Ionitut/ adj. stout — 
larre-Iimbed- — forltg/ at/y*. stontish ; hale, hearty. 
^-^ttU^ffit, m- health, heartioeas. 

%9Vtf r. «. to convey, bring, carry ( to fuide, 
oondoct, lead*, f. Jtoarbm — ^ettnen^ to wield 
the sword^ — pen ; f* ^aaSett/ to bear — carry aims ; 
f> Ct &th f to command a sfaip^ f. ftrtg/ to wage 

war^ Uttt ^axtei ferec 40 Xanontv, this yessei 

nonnts — carries 40 gons \ f. fCtt lionet til (Skm^t/ 
to inpress upon one^s mind ; fmt id ^nttet^t — 
U^din/ to E'*^^ to the account of income — expen- 
dilttrc •, f. |br $ragt/ to live in |(rand style ^ f <^ 
gttbfttigttgt SlO/ to lead a pious life; f. ^t^ner, 
to produce witnesses; f. Ct ptxt <§f^¥Og/ to speak 
in a lofly strain \ f«r( t S3rua/ to bring into rognc, 
introdhee; fere 9p (t jDonoS)/ to lead off; f. 
met fig/ 1. to bring along with one ; 2. to be attended 
tvith — Serelfr, m guidance, conduct ,. direqtion, 

mana^ment. — gerttt, ett. vid. gfvrftl S^rcr fU. 

pf, -c. vid. 2(nf«rer. — Bf'ttng/ virf* inf. — S«rfe(, 
ett* transport, conveyance, carriage* :z Comp, ^erftU^ 

fisCf/ cairiors*, -fPft^ ir mi ipw ^ *t<^/^ MtMh ftr fran^pcrt: 

Sere, et. p/. e. condWoa of a road •, 3 tf^ 

9- ftatr ttum 9kitn pM, io %micr, ii b « mo 

boor's drive when the roods are in good ooaditiia* 

g^renb/ €onj'. before, ere* 

%9t\m, ett. W. ^r load, burden, . cargo, ftoi^l. 
= g«riltg8fe(r, pasaengen ; -h^t, soaaan^o ebeot \ 
-Imt/ canriage, porterage, freight; ^iiuu^^ orrier % 

gerfi, adp. irst; at irst ; f. ptHL H^lnkun. 
at the commencement of winter; ^Otl font f* 
for cn ^olO ^Cimc ftbm , btf came only balf an 
bour ago; U ftol fovfi ^<ttK S^npflttV om ft 
ffai\9t 9lar, 4hey are not to be married ivr oim 
moaihs yet; fra f. ttfr from the iral, tnm the be^ 
ftttning ; fra f. ttl ftb^/ from €rat to last ; finwitl 
ertic Samboni , ftrom my eailiesi ebildhood ; fecil 
erfic Un Utfkt, Ibe first that offeiv; for ttt f«»s 
t, in the first place , firstly ; M fffWr fcg ffCT 
•OHt/ n soon as — the first time 1 see bim ; Wb M 
forfir/ as soon as possible. ^ CoMjr. 9«rilcf<Mfll# 
primogemtnre ; -fo^eldtet / light od primo gcn ii m o ^ 
-fett , firat-boni ; -grott , first fruits ; -Humiaitt, 
Mfr. next, ensuing. 
norAe, ett* vid. ffifvfit* 
S^rilnmg/ t ^erjfntiigctt, at first. 


©Oatf , tXU pi. -r* riddle, enigma ; gtrttC/ — loft 
cn ®aab<, to guess — solve « riddle. ZZ Comp. ®- 
16og, riddle book ; -fulb, enigmatical ; -loSntttg, so- 
lution of a riddle; -oxtf explanation of a riddle; 
-ffHft* enigmatical writing. 

®aar, «. «. gtf, gaotl/ or gangnt/ pi. gaatbc^ 
or gattgtte. to go , walk, pass ; ttt maat g^ font 
l>et Ott,. happen — come what nay; !^eren Att, the 
door was opened, or shut; S)rt)fKt gtf {iornt poa 
^Wn, his chest heaved violently ; g. Tebig , to be 
idle ; ^rontnttn gtf , the drum was beat ; ^tcrmtloftm 
g{f/ the alarm bell was rung ; Itt gtf jlf t met bettC ^ore- 
tOgtnte , that enterprise did not succeed ; ^borieb(§ 

gaarr Ut nub ^em ? bow goes it with yon ? alt er 
gaaet ffom efter ^n^t, every tbinf has succeeded to 

bis wishes; benneS^^nt gaaer tffel^er tSanbet, that 

coin does not pass — is not current in this country ; 

tergooer at ^eiSete af benne®aarb, this house or 

farm yields a high rent ; ^bab gaaer ab fiCOn^ 
what*s the matter with him ? ®aat af, 1. to retire ; 2. to 
be deducted; ^06fen g{f af/ the gun went off: 

Sfaroen gaaer af, the colour rubs off; Stttng gtf 
Del af / every thing went off well ; bt'Sfe ^arcr g. 

fictttt af , these goods sell — go off rapidly. ; g. 
of fin ^e{, to go out of one*8 vTay ; ^eien gaaer 
af til 9)enfire, the road branches off to the left; 
g* af meb> to carry off ; g« af S>{obe, to go out of 

fashion ; g* an ^ to do, answer ; bet gOOCl olbrt)! 
an. that will never do; g. eftC^ to go for v g* cf^ 

ter een9 9taab / to follow oA «dvice ; g. for/ \ 
to go before, have precedence of ; A* for ccn, to go 
for one — in another's place ; ^OOO nton ^ aooCC 
for ftg? what's going on here, I wooder? g. fOltf, 
to go — pasJB by — over) labc Scilt^cben g. for? 
Uf to let the opportunity slip; gaoc fra/ to leave 
behind ; g. fra jtone oo^Som ; lo desert wife and 
children ; g. fra ftn 9t0Ue, to be out in one^ part ^ 
g. fra et ^'el&/ to recede fkom — retract a bar- 
gain; g* ^a 9lrO Og (^elb, to renounce . Inhoi- 
tance and liabilities ; l^an goaer ne^^c berfra mcb ^s 

Oet/ he will hardly get over — survive it ; g. fra {{g ftfiy; 
to go — run mad ; g. fretn, to go — get on, advance ^ I 
6nn gaaer i fif 18be 'iiax, she is in her 18* year; 
^an er ny(tg gaaet tnb i fit ISbe flor/ be has en- 
tered his 18th year; ^ptxUt oX i SO IDoIir, tko 
glass went as high as 90 dollars ; OCT gaocr S Wen af 
bette %9i til en jtiole, there go 8 ells of ibis sidT 
to a coat; ij^t^tnt g. i ^art — 9(ot}/ the boraee 
are used to the harrow — plough ; g« igien« to re- 
appear (as a ghost g* igiennent/ to m -- get » 
pass through, undergo ; ^orflogCt — fCnfegltinOftt 
gtf igtennem , the motion was carried, the pctftion 
was granted ; g. imcfiCem, to go between, to inter- 
fere, intervene; g« itttob , to go agaiaal — tewird* ^ 




Nt gMMt (mo^ t^mimtt. winter is coming on ; g* 
tid)/ to gp in. enter ; to set in, begin ^ to shrink (of 

ciofh gaae tnb J)}aa eettr to hii — set upon one \ 
Mte ferfcrt *— teitite $Iatt gt^ tnt ig^eit/ that 
project — plan was abandoned — dropped ; 93arrnt( 
gil tttb 4)00 SlUCttetteu / the goods were withdrawn 
aft tte anction; A. tUft / to go along iviA, join; to 
wear, (of doNies) \ faalomge f^tttn gtY ^am me^/ 
while fortune favoured bim \ ffCm gaoft met $tftOs 
la , be carries — wears pistols about him \ QUtt 

2;aacc met fit tretic 93atn/ she is pregnant with 
er third child ; l^att A^oet titet en ^orrtng t Strops 
ptttf he has a disposition to consumption ; tet gaoer 
migft met/ much is consumed — wasted; A. tieb/ 
to go down , to set . (of the sun, moon ;) $tlltett 
Cr QOOet em tt( 9{0Ttett / the wind has gone about 

— shifted to. the north ; trtben ^atet gaaet om / 
before the close of the year ; goae Opf to fly open ; 
bet cr gaott e^ t ©emmett, the seam has given 
way, ttOTt hAt ^etXMt er gaoet O^; our whole 
•loch is consumed ; 7 gaarr 0^ t 49/ 7 is an aliquot 
part of 49; gooe Itge Op, to balance; gaae or>n, 
1. to exceed , surpass ; 2. to snap, break ; g. ol^et til 
^teittcn / to go over — desert to the enemy ; g. 
OiMl tt( tett ta,tf)Olftt 9teItatott/ to embrace the ca- 
tholic religion; ^ait let ^tenente gaae ober a\t, 
he oatrusted every thing to his servants; gaae )}aa 
9cct6^ufe/ to frequent — haunt public houses ; tet 

SOOfT pML 1^1} Og ^«t/ It is a matter of life and 
eath ; tet gOOei ^aa ^an6 ^ung^ his purse suffers 

for it ; tet gaaev paa ^attS mcantttg / it is placed 

to his account ; feet gaaer for tttt paa/ it happens 

too fk-eqnentiy ; ter gaoer 16 ^fttttng paa. ett 9)carf / 
16 MkUUngt make a mark ; ter gaaer tnaitoe ^ett^e 
m, it takes a deal of money; ^t)ormeget ^et gaaer 

t(l ttl Jttolett? how much cloth is required for the 

«o«t; foalete^ gaoer bet tit i ^erteit/ that's the 
way of the world; tet giC imterltQt tit met tett 
@{ag/ it was a queer business ; g. t\\, to mend — 
quicken one's paee; jttoffen gO^er tit 12/ it is past 
dercB o'clock ; S^tntttet gooer ut tit $at;ett — 

foten, the window looks into the garden — street, 
)«reit gooer ut tit ®altenet, the door opens 
into the gallery ; ^tonteme git ut / the plants died; 
^Itett — Sttfet mi Ut< the Are — candle went 

oot; ^ottd (DvitffoB git Ut Otter ^om fett; his 

■alice recoiled on himself; tet ttit^aae ut OOer 
VttI/ he will be the sufferer; ^OUB ^tra6en gOOer 
W JpOO/ his object — aim is; g. Ute# to be out; 
fltenotf uuter / the town was destroyed ; @f i6et 
gif Xtxnttf the shi]^ went down — foundered. 

VOOT/ adv* (t)* yesterday; i ©OOr 9lfte9 — 
VleigeS yesterday evening — morning. ZZ Comp* 
(ioaxStag/ yesterday. 

($aatt, ett. pi. -e* l* yard, court, courtyard ; 2. 
hnat 8. honse in town with » carriage entrance. 
S Comp* Q^Hlboer / occupant of an entire farm ; 
•dinger/ fmner; -nr^er, fence - breaker ; -hms 
9^/ Wd. '^tottnfl^tmtett ; -ttrCj door to the yard; 

'tittf owner of a home or farm; -frct, Vtif. {^mtl^ 
fret ; -fugt/ domestic fowl ; -{ttit/ vtd. Scrit ; -f«s 
fler/ lessee of a farm; -fortming/ lease taking; 
-I^Utlt/ yard — chain-dog; -lfto6/ purchase of a house 
or farm ; -fotte , farmer's wife or widow : -mont, 
farmer; -niSfe/ virf. 9lidfe; -ftiet, boundary of t 
farm ; -OOrgteTf watchman. = Comp. (S^OOrtfifong/ 
ground belonging to a farm ; -folf/ farm servants ; 
-jort/ land belonging to a farm ; -laH, man servant- 
of all work in a Gaard, 3 ; -lot -pOXi, farm lot ; 
-TetjYober , farming implements ; -ret / court leet ; 
-rum/ vid' ©aart/ 1* 

®aare/ en. pi- -r. streak, vein (in wood). 

(^000/ en. pi. ®(tS. goose. = Comp. gaofeagttO/- 

silly ; -btommC/ whitlow grass. Draba vema ; -W^}JU 
breast of a goose smoked ; -6(mf/ a coop for geese 
hatching their young, in Danish peasant houses ; -ttttf 
mayweed. Anthemis cotula ,* -fett« goose fat ; -fic^ 
teT/ goose (j^uill, feather of a goose; -forflont^ 
brains of a goose ; -gang/ single file ; -^Ogel/ goose 
shot ; -^Offl / hissing of a goose ; -tfier r inside 
fat of a goose ; -fraoB / goose giblets ; -morfet/ 
goose fair; -poffe/ saussage (stuffed in the swallow 
of a goose ;) -fnof, silly talk, twaddle ; -XOXt, -XaX^t, 
child's rattle made of the dried windpipe of<a goose; -^eg/ 
roast goose ; -^U pen for geese ; -urt/ goose weed, 
wild tanaey. Potentilla anserina\ -ttogter, tender 
of geese; -9Xn. goshawk Falco ossifragusr 

®ahf et 'pi id. 1. the mouth — throat of an ani- 
mal; 2. gap, opening, chasm; ^Oren ftooer ^00. 
Oit ®«/ the door is wide open. 

®a6e/ f . s. to gape, yawn ; g. paOf to gape — 
stare at. — ©obeU/ en. gaping etc. = Comp, 
®-flcf/ pillory. := ®a6munt/ gaper; fig. blab, 
tattler; -mimtet/ ad^). babbling. 

©atSor/ et. anus of fishes and worms. 

®ate, eiu pi. -r. street. =r Comp, ®-6etientf 

street-ward; -hxo, street pavement; .-tren[^ black- 
guard — street boy ; -tOT, street-door j -feter/ street 
sweeper, scavenger ; -fc^et/ Wrf. -Settent ; -f}\9tntf 
comer of a street; -\Vtnftt/ street lounger; -loOf 
poot — pond of dirty water in a village ; -loSKf 
cade lamb ; -I^gte / . street lamp ; -toBen/ gadding 
about the streets; -OpU^ , street riot; -pOtt, gate 
to the street ; -pofl/ street pump ; -raOtteU/ street 
cry; -rente/ 1. gutter, kennel; 2. common sewer; -t^it, 
flying report ; -{tom, sweepings of the streets ; -{tiof/ 
idle talk ; -fieen / paving^ stone ; -fht^er / street 

lounger; -flofone / vid. ©^ftceone; -fwlger, -feet* 

gerffe/ hawker, vender; -tiggeT/ street beggar; -t«6> 
street wench; -ttife/ street ballad; -tOgU/ scaven- 
ger's cart ; -kxegter/ watchman. 

®affel/ en. pi. (Softer, fork; N. T. gaff. = 
Comp. g-tonnet/ adj. forked, ftarcated ; -green^ 
prong — tine of a fork ; -l^iott / pricket ; -fetl/ gaff 
sail J -ffoft, handle of a fork. 

@>at/ adj. n. gatt/ pl' gate, mad, rabid, frantic ; 
wrong, improper ; btittC g./ to go — run mad; coU. to 
fly into a passion v tct CT til Ol Htiie gal eWC, il'e 




«ioii|^ to drive one med; t(t gaoev alt fov gait/ 
«his if too bad. — ©alcttfloB, ©olftaB/ et. med- 
nesB, frenzy ; mtd prank — freak. ZZ Comp. ®al« 
I^Ottctf t / adj. crack-brained ; -matlt , madman ^ 
-man^itXid, act of a madmnan. — ©alttmg/ m. 
pi. -n* madman, madcap* 

Golatt/ en. ^l. -tt* gallant, paramour. 

®alant/ odj. ffallanL, polite, centeel. — ^-ttt/ 
et/ gallantry, politeness. = Comp. ©-cri^anMct/ deal- 
er in fancy articles^ -MOXttf fancy articles, trinkets. 

®a(Bffl, «|. ». nightshade. Solanutn nigrum. 

©altt, m. pL e. gall, bile. = Comp. g-aatifl/ 
adj» resembling bile; -BlotrC/ gatl-bladder ; -cm. 
bitter draught ; -fcBer, bilious fever; -fult adj. 
•bonnding with bile; -gOnA/ biliary dnet; -fot/ 
-f^^^nt/ bilious complaint; -^tttl, gallstone; -fpg/ 
, 4tdj» bilious. 

©albeBcTT/ i*id, ®alBcer« 

1. ©altei/ en. male plant of hemp. Cannabis 
tativa. — galbre/ «. a. to pluck the male plants 
of hemp. 

2, ©alter, en. pi. c witchcraft, sorcery. — C^als 
tjXtf V. i. to practise sorcery. = Comp. ®-xnts 
^tt, sorcerer. [UtU en. crowing. 

®a(e, V. i. galeae/ gol, galet, to crow. — ©*= 
©aleafe/ en. pi -r. galeasse. Dey slave. 

(Salet/ en. /»/.-er. galley. = Com;*. ®-itaee, gai- 
©alenftaB, ^alftaB/ fid, sub (BaU . 
©olge, en. /»/. -r. gallows, gibbet = Comp. 
®-fri{i/ a short respite (firom imminent evil.) -t^b/ 
, gallows bird. 

®atte/ en. pi, -r. gall, gaii-nnt. 
©otter. -%om^, vid, ©alter 1. 
©altert/ et. pi. -er. gallery. • 

©attton/ en. pi, -tX, beak , beak-head of a ship, 
©alttot/ en. pi. -ter. galliot. 
©altt{ff adj, Gallic. [mine stone, 

©almet, en. calamine. =Z Comp. ©-fleen/ cala- 
©alon/ en. pi. -er* galloon, lace. — galoneret/ 

adj. ed^ed with galoon, laced. 

®.alo^/ en. gallop; text ©./ canter; rtte { fort 
©.« to canter. — galo^^ere/ V. i, to gallop. 

©alt/ adv, vid. gat. [gni'8/ gelt pig. 

©alt/ en. /><. e. hog, barrow. = Comp. ©- 

©atoeBU/ et. /><• -r. Wd. ©atte. 

©ant/ en* voliure. 

©amfatf/ en. gerfalcon. 

(&ammtlf ad/, comp, (tttXt, sup. ttltfl, pi, 
^amle. old, ancient, aged, antique ; gautmelt S3r0t/ 
«tale bread ; ^t ©ontte/ the ancients ; ^en gamle 
^tfiorte/ ancient history ; t7rb tet gatnle/ as usual. 
^ Comp, g-agttg/ ad/, elderly, oldish ; -tagS/ ady. 
old-fashioned , antiquated ; adv. in an old-fashioned 
manner — style ; t -groet / adj, inveterate ; 
-mab/ Vulg. salt meat; -bant, adj, long accus- 

©Otmnen/ en* pi, e, mirth, merriment. 

©amfe/ v. a. to snap, snatch. 

©ant/ en* pi. -r* palate, roof of the mouth. = 
Comp, ©-Been, palate bone; -Bogflat)/ palatal let- 

ter ; -B^elytntttg / arch of the palate ; -ficrttt/ rlsl. 

©ang/ etl. pi. -t, l. walk, gait; 2. coune; 3. passage 
corridor ; 4. alley, walk ; 5. vein , stratum (is nines O 
6. aisle (in a church); 7. time ; ffftte t ©ong/ to set a 
going, put In train ; t fult ©. / in fall aciivitr ; 

@agen ^ca faaet en onben ©ang/ the bosiacss has 

taken another tura ; een ©./ once ; to ©ongC/ twice ; 
tre ©ange/ three times, thrice; ecn Og ontot ®., 
occasionally; een ©. faa meget / as much agaia ; 
for tenne ©./ for this once — bout ; ^t fin ®. 
t et ^UU8 / to have the run of a bouse ; SUttCSt 
flat Bat>e ftn ©./ the law shall take ito conne. Z= 

Comp, ©-art}/ gavelkind; -haestt, vid. Somflol ; 

-Bar/ adj. current; -BarB<t/ en* currency; -DlCig, 
primitive rocj^; -BcD/ narrow bridge for foot passca- 
gers ; -Bret/ board for crossing a stream or ditdi ; 
-tag/ soccage day without bones; -ttX, passage 
^oor ; -fer/ adj' abte to walk ; -l^tllt/ tread-wheel ; 
-fleeter/ wearing apparel ; 1. -font, char-womaa; 2. ho- 
spital nurse; -linnet/ liaea clothes; -lot/ weights 
of a clock; -^ofl, foot post; -11101/ room for waJk- 
inS.) gallery; f -ftt/ adj. reaching to the feet; 
-f^it/ capstan ; -fit, foot-path ; -fbge/ Wd. OtngongS:; 
f^ge; -trot/ a small bridge; -Oei/ foot-way; -l»Qgll/ 
go-cart ; -Ofltrf/ machinery. 

©anger, en. pi. -e. steed. = Comp, ©-gang/ 
amble, ambling pace. ^ [me exactly, 

©anntng/ en. gain; tet er juflmm ©./ that saiu 
©anffe, adj. whole, entire ; adi'. quite, entirely, 
wholly; en g. got 9rBeiter, a pretty good work- 
man ; af mtt g. '.^terte/ with all my heart. 

©ante# en. pi. -r. fool, simpleton; $cer ©otiteS 

©enbeif a roundabout way. 

©ante/ v. a to make a fool of. — ©onteii/ 
tipl. -er. foolery. — gaitteB. v. i. pass, to banter, 
play the fool. 'ZZ Comp. ©antefnal/ foolish Ulk; 
-Oom. adj. foolish, silly. 

©arantere/ v. a. to guarantee. 

©uarantt, en. guarantee. 

©arte, en. pi. -r. guard; ®. til £efl/ borse- 
guard ; ©. til %oti, foot-guard. — ©arteT/ en. 
pi. -e* guardsman. 

©artercBe, en. wardrobe. 

©arttn, et. /><• -er. cnnain. =: Comp. ©-B«t((/ 

curtain band; -flang/ curtain rod. 

©arfoBBer/ et pure copper, 

©ant/ et. pi. c. l. yarn ; 2. net (for fishing) ; fattgt 
een i {it ©./ to entangle one in one^s toils — * meshes* 
= Comp. ©-Bom. spread beam ; -Ba§t}e, vid ^aSpf ; 
-nogle/ ball — bottom of yarn; -rufe/ vid. ^tifi 
rufe; -f)}Ole/ vid. @$^0le; -flang, pole or rod to 
hang fishing-net/ on ; -fottning/ en. laying — spread- 
ing of nets; -ttnte/ reel. 

©amere/ v. a. to trim. — ©amerittg, en. 

pl» -er. trimming. 

©arpC/ V. i. to croak (as a raven), [hortiealtnre. 

©artner/ tn,pl. -e* gardener, Zl ©-t/ gardening. 

®art;e/ v. a. to tan. — ©artoirt, et* pi. -er. 
tanner)*; tanner's trade. — ©an^ntng, en« tanning. 




Qottttt/ m» pi -t, tanner. =Z Camp. ®-Batl, 
ttm\ -goatb/ lanyard; -fat, tan vat; •Ittir, tan-pit; 
-Int, ooze; -mvUt, bark mill. 

9a§fe, ®afe, m* pi. -r* gander. 

®afl, m« pi* -er. t 1* ghost ; 2. a navghty fellow. 

®at. nt. hole; narrow inlet. 

f^mt, adj. conning, := Cotnp. (S-t^b, sharper, 
filcfaer, knave. — ©aut^t^evv tU knavery, roguery; 
-HfMtVXt^ knavish trick. 

®aoe, -r. l. gift, donation, present ; 2. endow- 
ment ; 3. torn, talent, genius ; tltUbe @Mttf charitable 
donations; f^Mt ®M (Bat>tX af ttoget, to have 
abnndanee — lots of a thing ; man ff al et lafte 
gtden ®» , one mast not look a gift horse in the 
month. = Comp. @-6og, register of gifts ; -Bret;, 
deed of gift: -led, adj. giftless^ 

®a\)X, ttupl* -e. gable. =: Comp. ©-bmtue, gable 


®ai9mfn), adj* munificent, hountifuK — ®-l^et, 
ttL munificence, bountifulness. 

®atm, et. pi. c. gain, benefit, good, profit ;'l^a)}e 
®. af ttoget/ to benefit — profit by ; bet gtet mtg 
^betf en ®. etter ©fate/ it does me neither good nor 
harm. — C'o««». g-gtcrenbe, adj. serviceable. — gabn:: 
hfy adj. beneficial, advantageous, serviceable, pro- 
fitable, gainful. — ®-ltg^eb/ en. serviceableness, 
profitableness, usefulness. — g-IcS, adj. profitless, 
«as«rviceable, uniirofitable. — ®-(08l^eb» unprofi- 
tableness. — g-ng, adj. useful, profitable; -iToO, 
forest of timber trees ; -ttCt, -tcmmtt , timber. 
> ®akme. v. %. to benefit, advantage, be of advan- 
tage, z: Comp. ®-l9{)^ desire of being useful. 

®mxj^, vid. ®aut^i}. 

®e6eet, et. pi. -er. territory, 

®e6crrber, n. s. pi. gestures. 

®eb, m. pi. -tt. goat. = Comp. ®ebe]^9¥be, 

goatherd; -ofl, goat's milk cheese* 

®ebbe/ *Hd. ®t>be. 
®ebe^amd. en. pi. -ev* wasp. 

®ebtgen, adj. pi. -gne. genuine, pure, sterling. 

®ebtng, en. pi. -er, vid. ©ebe^amd* 
®efretler/ en. pi. -r. exempt. 
®e(ialt. en. pi. e. alloy; fig. worth, value. 
®e^etmiraab , en. pi. -er* privy counsellor ; (in 
Denmark a title not necessarily connected with office). 
®eBomg, et. sword-belt. 

®e$or, et. pi- e. Mm. t. ear; f^jtffe efter ®./ 
lo play by ear. 

(^ett, adj. libidinous, lascivious, salacious; rank 
(of plants and soil). — ®-]^eb/ en« lascivionsness, 
satacionsness, rankness. 

®etR/ en. pi* -tt. genius ; ghost, spirit. 

®etting, a4}. spiritual; clericah; ben g. @tanb, 
the clerical order; en g* SKanb, clergyman, church- 
man; geiflKge ®0bfer, chnrch property. — ®-l&eb/ 
tn. clergy* [close the ranks. 

®e(eb, et. pi. -tt. rank ; flutte ©elebeme^ to 

®clet'be/ vid. Setbe. 

®iema?/ et. pi. -ftt. apartment. 

®emal/ -tnbe/ en, consort, spouse. 

iBemtm, «</. pi gemene. common, vulgar, low, 

>an ; g. ©olbat, a common soldier, private. ZZ 


g-ligen/ adv. commonly, generally, n ®etneen{fal6, 
et. intercourse. 

©emlpt/ et. pi -inr. temper, disposition. 

®eneral/ en. pi -tt. general. — ®-inbe, en. pi. -t 

generaPs lady. ZZConif. ©-abjutant/ Adjutant General; 
-aubtteUT, superior military Judge ; -hoS, thorough bass ; 
-feltmaiftalt Field Marshal General ; -ftScal/ Crown 
Prosecutor, Attorney General; -fngScontmiSfaiY/ 
Commissary General of war, Danish Title \ -lieute? 
nant. Lieutenant General; -maioT/ Major General; 
■*mQXi, the general; -qoaiteennefler, Quartermaster 
General ; -flateme, States General ; -^ab, the staff. 

®eneralttet» et. war office. 

®enebeT/ gin, hollands.^ 

®eni, et. genius. — gentalft, adj* ingenious, witty. 

®eogTa^6, en. pi. -tt. geographer. 

®eogtappt, en. geography. 

®eogiap^tff/ adj. geographical. 

®eotnetrt, en. geometry. 

®eomettif?/ atS- geometrical. 

®eraabe/ v. •. l. to turn out; 2. fall into; betgC' 

raabet ^am til megen Sf&xt, it redounds much to hi« 

honour; g. { fUvSUit — ^tlbfatelfe/ to fall into 
poverty — error. [embassy, legation. 

®efanbt, ett. pi. -tt. envoy. z= ®-{7aB/ et. 

®eitm8/ en. pi. -tt. cornice. 

®eflaa^ pid. ^tlfetfe, ©fanning. 

®efi7tnbt/ vid. ^urttg. 

®t\ialt «^. ^o(b. 

®et)infl/ Pid. ^mbtng. 

iS^ttStX, et* pi' -tt. 1. weapon; 2. musket, firelock ; 

4}refentere ®., to present arms; Haat unber ®., 

to be under arms ; fiisffe ®., to lay down one's 
arms. ZZ Cotnp. ®-fol6e/ but-end of a musket ; 
-taad/ lock of a musket ; -pif>t/ barrel of a musket ; 
-fmeb, gunsmith; armourer. 

®eDCejCt/ en. pi. -tt. excrescence. 

®talb/ et* pi' id. shout, shrill sound. 

®tat)be/ p. i. to ring, resound, echo, reverberate. 

®tb/ interj. would, that. 

®tbe< V. i. gab/ atbet/ or gt'bt* to have a mind, 
feel inclined ; ^an gtoer giente f|}tfe gobt, he likes 
good living. 

®tbfel. en. pi -iXtt. hostage. - 

®tebbe/ en. pi. -r. pike. Esox /««!'««. 

®tef/ en. fool ; w|^, jester, buffoon ; flaae ®\iXs 
fen \ll% to indulge in Jesting —Jollity — merriment. 

— gteffefig, a4j. foolish ; —• ®telfen, et. pi, -tt. 

foolery ; drollery, waggery. 

®\Cttttf V. a. to fool, dupe. gittHeS/ p. i. Past. 
to Jest, joke, play the fool. 

®telb/ en. pi e. debt ; fomme t ®./ to get — 

run into debt; bOtre t eenS ®., to be in one's 
debt; ftbbe t SunbreS ®./ to be deeply in debt; 
giere ®. . to contract debts ; acttO ®. , claims ; 
)9a8ftO ®. , liabilities. = Comp. ®-6og/ Wif. 
^f^Ibficg; -Bunben, adj. involved in — encum- 
bered with debt; -fvt/ «<(/• free from — out of debt; 

-flit ®ott. 

.1 -irat, cuAir, 

OillMWi*, -brtu, tHiiiJ; -fmWi 

-fnblilU, claim; -tangttlr debioia fii»e; 
iw 0/ Stbva ind miiiori -fag, ■ctuf roi 
«. — iSidhwi. en. rt- -t diHor. 

etcltb •■. * s'«fti- a't"*"- 1. •• »» oDtA ; a. i« gi 

I i 3. M knliTinu — food ; g. tugct M »n/ u 

ive |ic>i iiSgeuc ollh tnti tnnt Slfiunfl gitis 

oitftn iifi 

.n finbt t-o. - 

gitltin t(t lU biDt 9(c 

f D^? (All will 
tUr it bol^ fffod ft 

li Sam 

Sjcltnn, rill- ifi @ 

bn gumnuS BJiiiimn 

anuthiDt Ibe ninln. 

(kil Hill kcip I -giltfl, 4(f 

Qtinunt, M. rJ. -n< 


<8i(n, ai(j gttnnra, guniuR. kit. iinil, riidy. 
ISninaDling. in. raiiadnclisii, ie(En(»ii». 

SuntjRHil, V. a. w t 

. im)iTt», ■Diec. 

tipi, •cknaHlc'faDeu- 


BtlL , 

SUntaiii v. >, n nbutiu. -- ®-tcBn, 
•ubiriiii. = Coitp. (S-tibnlmt, in. uabii^idB. 
B-tDbntno, -taai. (n. lebiptimiu. 

Sitnfott, vid, %il6m^M. 

eienHnCi. v. a. w S>d agiln, nfitj. 

Sitnfsitrtj V. a. is letliim. — l3-f«ittins, 


®imfoKn(> > 
jm. (11. Teuh 
@intf(nt, (t 

Oi(M|i(it> Rt. P{- c. nquiUI, kHti, Rlriliiiliilll ; 
ftlni S., la naa a lEMn. = Cnip, ®-giilMTtI< 

Gilmdllt, •-.>. uniaiM, rtwn.- S-^lOtU 
ft, at. rM. e-aitlb. =<-W.«-S<tnilf(lnt,ri0t 

^itngcomuig, i^ ^-lucil 
^■cn^iLfcn, fit. rcidra fftt\ 
- A-^[tni, a4i elan, iiviii 
(Siti^olt rid. @-taUilfi. 


@icn(ial), ct r 

(Sitntiiii, I', a. 
&i(nllitgt, canal 
(Sicntlimg m. 
^itnUingf, V, i 
I^Untfmiinc , v. 

nncmaibtilli, v. a. \\ 
mnonbiW, V. a. la bali 

^l(nn«niii&t, v. a. la b 
'S mntmblutt, v. a. ig 

) mnimblvft, •/. a. u l 
j mncmUiit. v. *. u i 
@uniuinbi:R, ». a. lo pi 
" (nStiwrtt, la 11 

fflitunctn^cut, tt. 
^itniumbrDlt, f. 

= (S-Iitnttlft, 

llttlia. :=: Camf. ©-liBUttt, 



^tnntmlxa^i, v. uHa. i.^ irav«Me, piss — 
aiwch through; 2. to draw a thread thtfOngh fhc Uares 
of a book %ni secure Ike ends with an ofBeial seal. 

&itnnemttnmf adj. vrraM, lbor««gh-|mced< 
ilets used than bUTCl^itnttfn). 

^mmroifal^, et. ftiiHof through. 

%kmtm\9(tt, V. i. to trarerse. -^ ®-fa(t, 
««. l»«««gfe, tboroogbfare* 

mimntmht), adj. thoroughly fat. 

(dUfmntt^le, v. a* to file through* 

©icrattmgagre, v, «* to flutter through. 

9kvntmtitttt, V, a. to braid — plait into. 

@tmnemf{ugt, en. flight through. 

©teimemfl^bt, v. t. to flow through. 
. ^icnifemit^ttc, v. %. to fly through. 

^(tutemforfte , y* a. to seaidi through — into, 
ftift — exajttine to the bottom — thoroughly. — 
C^forffnhtg, m. searching etc. 

©tennemfcodfoi, adj, thoroughly froien. 

^iennftnf^tte, v. a, to fill op- 

(SNcnnonfcrr^, pid, @-tetft. 

^eiirtemf«(e/ v* >. to feel intensely. 

^iennemfere, v, «. to tarry through* — ®-f«TC- 
f(l/ (It. carrying through. 

©tmncmgaae ,<»-«. to go — look over (a 

hook , ' an account). [passage, thoroughfare. 

@tClinrtngang / m. going — passing through; 

©imnemgUte , v, a* to heat through; ftg- to 
inflain^ kindle. 

^Wmtma^nMt, v. a, to gnaw through. 

(^mmnsigrait^fte. wd. -forfte. 

^(nnemgrat^e^ f. a. to dig through ; to intersect. 

(IHemtemgTOet. adj, overgrovm. 

&imMmMUnttf v. a. to consider tborougfaly* 

©jentiemBafle, v, t. to hasten — hurry through. 

®tfraianpeb, a^, thoroughly hot. , 

©tntttempttf/ t'* o. to heat through. 

(^iemtmt^cgle / <*. o. to hackle thoroughly; fig* 
10 lash, cut up. — ©-l^Cglmg* en. lashing etc. 

®tetmentBug. et. cut through. 

%\tnnvm)y^ , v. a. lo hew — cut through ; 
®-^Ugge en (^rot), to cut an opening in a wood. 

®tennem6itle. v. a. to hollow through. 

^tennempcnte/ v. a. to harden thoroughly. 

®tennemtle. v^ «, wd. g-'^afle. 

(g^ennemioge/ v. a. to chase — hunt through; 
fl. et 2lrbetoe, to hurry over a work. 

®tennemft«Tfel , en. driving through ; passage 
for carriages. 

. ®tennemtoae, v. a. to boil thoroughly. 
' IStennemYoiD, adj^ thoroughly cold. 

tienmmftrp6e, ». t. to creep — crawl through, 
tennemfr^bfe, v. ».to traverse- 
- I^i'ennemittonn^e/ v. a. to straggle through, fthrough. 
©tennemlabe, v. a- to let through, allow to pass 
®{ennemlete> v. a. to seek — search thoroughly, 
^tennemtnfte, v. a* to air thoroughly. 
^tenneml^lDe, v» i. to resound through. 

^ienneml^ne, v. i^ to flash through. 

(Sidtttfmti^e, f. «. lo llhtBioo, llimiifMU; to 

search by camiie light* 

©tenttemlcrftr v. m. to read ihrougk, ponne. — 
®4cr9ntngf m, reading eie. penisal. 

(i^tcttnnil(«6r ft. mning through ; posMfe* [orer* 

QHcnttemU^ > «». »- to run over ; to glaace — ' akim 

©tennentnl^be, v. a. to enjoy thoronghly. 
, ©tennetiqn^e , v. a. \« whip — itA souHAir. 
g-Mtbfled af 9liSn, to be soaked — drcMibod with Ml«. 

©trnnempUte, p. ». to plough thorougMrf t» 
toil — labour through. 

SmmetnpYtfti, v* «, to priek throvgh. 

©tennempTiMle/ v. a. to drab sovvdly. 

©tettttrtntaoohen, u4j* thofongMy roiiev. 

©tennemngiM, #* a, to techon over. —' O-nns 
nino, en. wckotting ov«r« 

(S^tennemveanet, a^. soabod with rain. 

i^ennetnTeije^ m. jonmey — passage through. 

©lennemretfe/ p, •* to travel ^ pass thrMg%. 

®t«tttnn¥entr pid. 4«&. 

(^tennemrenbe, c. 4i.,tonjB throogh, innMhr. 

©iettnemrenfe/ p. «. to cleanse thoroaghfy. 

^itxmtmtilt, p. a. to ride through* 

^nnemritt, ct. ridethroogh* 

©tcimcmrote r p. •. to rommago thiotigh; to 
root through (of swine). 

©tennemr^^fr ^* •- to shake thoroughly* 

©tennemr«ae, v. a- to smoke thoroughly. ^ 

^etmentfm dt^. suit throughout. 

^tcnnetiffaiKr p. «. to saw through^ 

®tennem(ee, p. a, to see through, to look 
over J inspect, revise. [en* sailing etc. 

©tennemfetU, v. a. to sail through. — ®-fet(htg, 

®jennemnc, p. «. to filter — strain through. 

©ienn^mftgt/ m* view — prospect (through aa 

©tennemftgtjg / ad^. transparent, pelluetd, di- 
ophanous. — ©-ftgtig^ft , en. transparency , pel- 
Incidness. [body. 

G^tennemfttn/ et. light shining through a pellueiA 

®tennem(ftnne, p. «. to shine through. 

®iennem{thtgw, p. a, to drown, deafen (of sound)* 

©tennemgue, «*. « to see through* 

©tennemime, p. a. to shoot through; g. en 
S3m (met ttent $a4}tr), to interleave a book. 

©tennemff^dfe, «*.■«. to wash -^ rinse thoroughir* 

(S^tcnnemftcere, p» a. to cut through, intersect* 

©tennemfttbe/ p. m, to grind thoroughly. 

©tennemmtt/ et l. cut through ; 2. diameter; 3. pro- 
file vin drawing) ;{ @., on an average. 

(^iennetnflJeite. p a, to reconnoitre- 

©tennrat^ege, p. a. to roast thoroughly. 

©ietinemimfe, p, a. to run through, pierce. 

©tennemftioate, Hd. -ffmne. 
©iennemuicae/ «. a» to rule throughout (as a book), 
©iennetnftreife, p. a. to roam — rove through, 
©tennemiir^ge, p, a.' to sweep through; to over- 
run 7- ®-fhOg/ et. sweeping etc. 

(^iennemflr«mme, p, a. to flow — ran throvgh* 




®t«mcmftebt, v. «. to beat through, explore. 


ufC/ f'* «* to whistle Ihrosgh. 
UUl. «M/.. completely sour. 
I^ett, «<(| perspiring ell over. 

<0t(nnem bovte, t'. a. to blacken thorovghlT* 

<0tmnemf9( , *** «« to sew through* — T ®-f92 
nnta« m. sewing etc. 

<Bi(ttttetnf9n, et* seeing throngfa \ inspection, exa- 
mination ; fOTtUbtgt (9., police magistrate's revision 
of unlicensed Journals (in Denmark). 

^\mntm[^t, v« a. to saturate with an acid. 

®i«inem(«gtf v. «. to search through. — ®-f9g^ 
nmO, en. searching etc 
. (SinmemtOg, et march (through a country). 

Otcnnemtone, v. a. to sound -through* 

<9tennemtiorfCe , v. a. vm(« -brogc ; la^e nogct 

-trceffeS af en ^crtif e, to impregnate — saturate with 
« fluid. — ®-trOthltng, en. saturation (with a fluid). 

@iennemtTcenge^ v. a. to penetrate \ en -trcmgenbe 

jtttlle — ii\)t. a piercing cold — sound. — g-tXCrnges 
ltg» a4/« penetrable, permeable. 

IStennemtatCe / v. a. to count oter. — 9-\9U 
Itna^r en. counting etc. 

®tennetntflmf e^ v. «. to ponder, meditate upon, con- 
sider' thoroughly. — <8-tamfntng , en« pondering etc. 

Otennemter* o4J. thoroughly dry. 

@tenneml}aab/ u4j. wet through, wet to the 
skin, drenched. 

@{ennemi}aage# v. a. (flatten) to spend (the night) 

in watching, pass (the night) without sleep* 
®tennemt)abe» v. «. to wade throngb. 

®tennem)?alfe/ v, a. to nui completely. 

<9iennemoantre^ v. a. to wander — • roam through — 
over. — ®-t>anbttng/ en. wandering etc. perambulation. 
^tenneniDami/ a</. warm through, 
(giennembarme . «. a. to warm — heat through. 
QtennemDet* en. passage, thoroughfare, 
QJtennemDtrfe^ v, a. to operate throughout; %tps 

ptmi tsaxt g-btrfebe meb IBIomfier , the carpets 

were wrought with flowers. 

®tennembo;cen/ -tioxti, at^. grown through. 

®{ennentb(rbe> v* a* to wet — moisten thoroughly* , 

®tennembffbe/ v. a, to interweave* 

49tennetnffte/ v. a. to corrode. 

(Stennemotlte, v« a. to knead thoroughly. — ®- 
ttltntng/ en. thorough kneading. 

^tennete.. 'gtennefi. vid. gten/ a4/. 

(9tenc))rettei v. a. to re-establisb, restore. — @- 
•^tetie(fe# en. re-establishment, restoration. 

(SitnifiOXt, en. />/. -ei* l. copy, transcript, dupli- 
cate ^ 2. adverse party. 

@ien<|bab/ et* responsive lay. 

iSitntcAU, V. i, to echo with a rustling sound* 

Citenregntng* en. counter reckoning. 

^tennmge, v. «. to resound, ring. 

®ten{tbtg, a4j, mutual, reciprocal. ^^ <8-ftbtg£ 
l^tb/ en. reciprocity* 

®tcn%, V. a. to gainsay. ~ (9-{tgelfe, en. 
contradiction ) retractation. 

iSienfPtni et* reflection* 

®int{ftwnc, v. >. vid. -ntnge. 

OtcnfttaiDr et. re-echoing crash — roar. 

<BienffTtft« et. written reply. 

^tenflogf et* return blow ) lii^bend O. » rerer- 
beration. repercussion (of sound). 

®tenfmtU' ^* •• to smile again. (matter* 

@tenftanb/ en. pL -e.i. object; 2. subject, topic, 

(Sienfti , en. p/* -et. short cut ; fr9be ®. , to 
make a short cut. 

(Stenfhaole/ v, a, f $, to reflect; to be reflected. 

®tenfin1)« en. p2. c- opposition. 

<9ientlX!btg/ a4f* refractory. — (S-ibcibtgl^^, 
en. refk-actoriness. 

®tenfl(rbntng# en. counter summons. 

@tenfieb/ et. pi, id. counter thrust — shock. 

<Sltenfbar et. rejoinder. —• g-fbaie* p. a.tor«|oUi. 

®tenf9n/ et. seeing — meeting again. 

®tentagef v« «* to repeat, reiterate* — ®-ta:s 
gelfe^ en. Pl» -r. repetition, reiteration. 

®ientale# en. argument, dispute. 

<Btenttene{le« en. return — requital of service. 

<Btentone« vid, -li^be. • > 

®tenbet. en* PM(..-flt. 

@{enbtftef v. waft back. 

<8tenombe/ v. a. to regain, recover, retrieve. 

@tenbiifntng/ en. reaction. 

(Stenborbtg^eb, en. pi. -er. adversity, tribulation. 

®tenborgt^ yid, 9Koboo;gt. 

@tenbff;:t, en. reproduction. 

Q^icrbe/ et. pi, -r. fence, hedge. = Comp. <8- 
Bntb / breaking of fences ; -fang^ tHd. ®tcibfcl ; 
-pcA, hedge sUke; -ritS/ vid. (Bterbfcl; -fttdr 
boundary fence ; -fntutte« wren. Motaeilla troglo' 
dyt»${ -jlogC/ Vid' -pcA \ -{Icmte/ stile across a fence. 

Oterbe« v. a. to fence. 

®teTbfeI/.et*/>i. c. brushwood (suitable for fedces). 

Oieme, adf. eomp, ffttCfXtp sup ^cljl. willingly, 
fain, readily ; ^ettere enb A*/ most willingly •, btt 
troer jeg g. / I dare say •, fot mig g. / I have no 
objection ; faaleted gaaet bet g*f that is commonly 
the way; {eg bllbe g* txU, I should like to know; 
l^an Ttoer g.f be is Irond of riding. 

©terning/ en. pi, -n, deed, act, action, doing; 
work ; ^an ^OX bttft bet t (Siiemmgr he has given 
actual proofs of it; baa ftifP ®*« in the very act. 
= Comp, ®tcmtng8liaft/ power of action ; -monb^ 
doer, perpetrator; -tneb^ object, purpose, aim; -Otbf 
verb^ -^Ogyfact; -f|^b« sin of commission, actual sin. 

®temg« a4j' avaricious, covetous. — ®-^ebf en. 
avarice, covetousness. 

®teS(tng/ vid, ®i(reimg. 

®teflr en* pi' -er. guest, visiter, r: Comp, g- 
fri» a<0'. hospitable; -fn^eb^ en. hoapiUlit^; -gtbet, 
innkeeper ; -gtberBotb. ordinary at an inn ; -^tbetgoarb, 
i^ni-gtben 1. innkeepinff; 2. inn; -ftttr/ -mtlo. vM. 

g-fn ; -mil^^eb^ vid, -frt^eb. = ®te{teBorb/ table 

for guests ; -6ub, banquet, feast ; -(ctfierg^ -^Utl9# 
inn; -faWXMX/ chamber — room for guests; -ltt« 
1. right of hospitality ; 2. court of Justice in Copenhagen 
where strangers' suits are summarily adjudged ; -rcuer 




pari pierfonned by a stranger \ g{l}C OjeficVfiDCcr/ to star 
it; -fol/ apartment for guesta ; -ffng, bed for 
gneala; -fP)Cnf/ hospitable gift-, -flalb/ stable for 
travellers* horses; -ftue, travellers^ room, common 
rdom (at an inn); -bnt/ one connected with another 
hy ties of hospitality, guest ; -t}crrelfe, vid, -fommtX* 

0t({ic#^v« a. to visit. 

^tftttif ^» pi. -ft. 1* feasting, banqneting; 2* 
eatertainment in soccage to a liege lord travelling* 
=Z Comp* @-^cnge/ -ffatf composition or tax for 
#tcflcri2* q. 9» 

Out^ttttS/ et. cannon foundry. 

9ufitt V. a. to guess, divine ; g« fig tt(f to guess. 
— ®tctntngr @tetten/ m. jruessing. -^ gtetteltgf 
a4^. that mav be guessed. — WtettCTt/ et. guessing. 
= Comp* (B-lontt/ the art of divination ; -leg, pjay- 
ing at riddles; -xim, riddle in rhyme; -)oatt, 
gnesawork. [excellence: gallantry* 

eit\), adj, excellent; gallant* — ®-$et, en. 

<SHft/ en. pi. -er. gift; <9* af Sfo^er^ feed; dose 

(of aaedicine). 

9tft / en. |»<. -er* poison . venom. =: ^omp* 
^Blontflf poisonous flower; -BlanbeY/ -BlanterfTe, 

poiaoner; -Blantmg^ 1. poisonings; 2. poisonous mix- 
ture ; -Blare/ poison bladder — bag'; ^ -fcofget/ poi- 
soned cnp; -meet white arsenic; -mt))be(f antidote 
(against poison) counterpoison ; -^\\r poisoned 
arrow ; -^(ante f poisonous plant ; -flTlljjg # 9^. 
aatidotal ; -tanb/ poisonous tooth. 

4&tftr udh married. 

^TtCf V. a. to give away in marriage. Z= Comp* 
®-f(nb/ marriage preparations ; -fcetbtg/ adi* mar- 
ria^^eahle, nubile ; -Aol, adif, having/ a rage for wedlock-; 
-Anfifer^ Pitf. -tanfer; -\Xi% longing for wedlock; 
-f^^en, adJ, anxious to get married ; -n^et/ connubial 
fancies; -fl^ W<f. -It^jten; -tontet/ {j^Mt t) to be 
rtaeni like a person on the eve of marriage ; -ttb/ 
marrying time. 

®tfte fig. V* refl . to marry, wed* 

Otftcrmaal/ et.^/* uf* marriage. =: <7omi>. ®-9f(U: 
011/ matrimonial suits — causes/ 

0^e8/ V. pati. to marry, be married. 

9tf tig/ 04/. 1. poisonous, venomous; 2. productive 
(of land, plants). — ®-^et / en* 1. poisonousness, 
vcnomousness ; 2. productiveness. 

9^t$ en* p/* -V fiddle. 

QHgt#en,p/ c l. gout, arthritis; 2. rheumatism.^ 
C^mp. ®.fe(et/ rheumatic fever.; -fmtbe / arthritic 
swdltng ; -|)Iafter/ plaster for the gout; -\xMXit, gouty 
"-rheoniaticpain ^ -f^, adj, afQicted with the gout; 
-tttft, oiled silk; -tt(f(e(oe/ gouty — rheumatic affection. 

QKIb/ ady. able, perfect* 

9i(be/ et* F/. -T* l. guild; 2. feast, banquet, 
BCity making; %OXi twoXMX ttl Oi Betale (Stlbet/ 
be will have to pay the piper. = Comp» (S-Brober* 
guild brother; -fieb/ safety ensured to a guildbrother ; 
•fffvb/ 1. preparations for a banquet; 2. journey to 
aJbanquel; -B<tu8/ 1. guildhall : 2. house in which a 
feast Is given; -I<^ vjd. ®Uoe2; party at a feast ; 
•{ttOA, ftatttlet of a guild ; -fhte/ banqueting room. 

(Vtlbe/ V. 0. to eeld, castrate. — (8{(ber/ eit; 
P/. -e. guelder. -- QStlting/ en* pi. -er. cunnoh. 
— (Stibntng, en* gelding, castration. 

QMlber, en. pi. -tre* trap. 

S(9tlfe/ gtUte^ V. a. to court, 
tttmg/ en. JV« r counter. [(S-Iam, ewelamb. 
Qjttntner/ en. ewe (that has not lambed). ZZ. Conff, 

<8tmpe, en. p/* -r. see-saw. = Comi>. (9-nteue/ 

hind of swing* — gtm^Je, ». i. to see->8aw. 

Oitnfe/ V. i. to toss the head (of horses)* 

@terb/ en* pi. -er. girth* 

^iorbe/ V. a. to gird* 

®il>8/ en. piaster of Paris ; gvpsum* = Comp^ Q- 
affiebmng, piaster cast; -aroeibe/ piaster work; 
-arBetber/ plasterer; -Btuebe/ piaster figure ; -bceife« 
-loft/ plastered ceiling; -mttl, powdered gypsum; 
-fieen/ eypsum, plasterstone ^ -bcer?/ work in plaster. 

©iSnmg/ en. vtd* $ub gt9fe« 

®tf<J, et. pi. id. gasp. — gt'fpe, r. i. lo gasp. 
®tft»en/ en. gasping. 

®t9fe, V. a. to guess; Ji. T. to reckon ; ^%s 
ntng en. pi. -er. guessing; reckoning. 

®|8feT, vid. f§>m\. 

%\^tr\, adj. cracked, leaky. 

©ttter/ et. /><. -e. railing; grate; trellis, lattice. 
=r Comp. ®-ber/ grated door; -Begnet# adj. rail- 
ed in; -Dtnbue/ lattice window; -DflErl/ latUce — 
trellis work ; railing. 

®tt)e/ i>. a. to give ; to yield, produce ; ber gi^ 
bed . « */ there is — are . . . ; g. Stott, to dMi cards; 
®ub g./ God grant, would to God ; bet t^tt ^tben 
g./ time will show ; g« S^b fra ftg/ to emit a sound; 
)eg gtbe^ ^em 9tet/ I grant yon are right ; bet gts 
Oer ftg felto / that is a matter of course ; ^ttoe ftg. 

to give up — in ; to give way, give ; g- , ftg t 5uOs 
fter> to retire into a convent; g. ftg Xtb/ to take 
time; g. ^ tnb/ to shrink; g. ftg 0^/ to swell jip; 

g. ftg of ^mertO to groan with pain ; BbtS en Sm^ 
Itg^eo fiulbe g. ftg/ should an opportunity present 
itself — offer ; bet fan be( g. fig/ it may so hap- 
pen ; bet bt( Q. ftg meb ^tben, it will appear in 
time ; g. ftg 1 ^itXt i}0% een, to^ bind one's self 
apprentice to one ; g. fig ®ub t ^otb, to com- 
mend one*8 self (o God ; g.figttl«../ to take to..., be- 
take one's self to..., give one's self up to...; g. ftg til 
at f9nge — • grcrbe/ to fall a singing — crying ; g. 
ftg Ub for noget/ to pass one's self off for, give 
one's self out for, set up for something, fig, to yield.^ 
produce ; g. fin Matter Bort/ to give one's daugh- 
ter away in marriage ; g, eftet/ to give way, yield ; 

Ban gioer ingen efter t Scerbctn/ he is second, or 

inferior to none in learning ; g. een et 9lr6etbe for, 
to give one a task; g. t'gten/ to give back, return; 
g« een noget tnb, to give one physic; g. om, to 
deal over again (at cards); g. Op, to throw ud, vo- 
mit ; g. ttl/ to give more, add ; g. til ^enbe/ to 
make known ; g. ub / to lay out, expend ; g. "en 

PS& ub, vid. ubgioe; giben $efl ftal man etfPue 
t Slittnben, you must not look a gift horse in th# 




mwih. = Comp* gibeforrbig/ a4j* ready U give. 

— ®i^tt, tdf pi -e. giver, donor. ^ 

®t«eTle, en, /»/. -r. giii. = Comp. ©-aflBnmg. 

gill opening; -aattlente^ adj* breathing by gills-, 
-iUt, ffill fibre \ 4}\nt)t, gill flap ; -kog, gill lid. 

— Ataue/ I'* a. to remove the gills. 
(^iatU, V. i. Wd, ©tolle. 
^fft/ en. pL e. yeast, barm. 

.©iarte, et, vid. ©ier^e, 
^tceie/ V. i. gtcnreS/ i^* ». 1>im«. to ferment, 

«-work. — (Stceitng/ en. fermenutioa. -rr ©tcrrtngd? 

mtbtel/ ferment. 

®t«eBltng^ vid. ®a8hng« 

©{ete/ en* i'<. c manure. 

(Stete/ V. a. to manure, ihwg-, en ;9t«M Siciti 

— ^tymf a fatted calf — bog. — ®ti7lnmg^ en. 
4. manoring; 2. manure, dung. — ©tofefel/ (^iet:: 
:ffe, en. Wrf. ©ietning 2. 

®ieb{fe/ ©iebftntng^ *^id, gte^e, ©tvlning. 
(^t«e/ «• ** to bark, bay. — @t0en/ ttU bark- 

»iag etc. 

®tOg/ en. />{. -e. cnckoo. Cueuius. ZZ Comp, 
<®-mab/ wood sorrel. Oxalis. -nuitftt, vid, @rcr§' 


®i9^Uf V. i. to juggle ; to play the buffoon. — 
®t«<|lcY / en. pi, -e. juggler ; buffoon, merry An- 
drew. — ©tflgleri/ et. juggling ^ buffoonery, antics. 

= ^t^itihint^tf vid* -ff99fte; -fon^# art of 

juggling, legerdemain, slight of hand; -ip^f *^d, 
T^ttmcait I -it%af, phantom ; -fpti, joggiiog trick; 
-fl^, phantasm; -Dtb/ false wit; -OOni/ adj\ buf- 
foon-like ; -JOCtn, juggling. 

©tore , i'. a. to do, make ; g. ^Ui, to light a 
Mre; g. *SSgr/ 'to lay eggs; Uttt fat gtort |>an0 

^S^ffe/ this has been the making of him ; g. mange 
JDtt/ to use many words ; g ftg gat — f^g/ to 
pretend to bemad — ill, to feign madness — illness; 
g. ftn 83«n, to say one's prayers i $ §0 et ^renbe, 

rto feign an errand; gtete fig ut tt( Been@/ to set 
one's self against , prove refractory ; gtore ftg en 
SISxt af/ to take pride in, pride one's self on; jg. af 

tne% een, to make away with one ; g. noget oT mei 
cen, *>id, afgt«rc ; g. eftct, vid- eftergiere ; jcg fan 
{Ife gtere for Utf l cannot help it; g. t $enge/ 

Ho turn — convert into monev ; g. een xmot, to of- 
fend — disoblige one; g. 9(ltmgmet, to do as others 
do (chiefly of riotous living) ; ^at}e met at g./ to 
have to do with; g. eet met) tttlf to mak« common 
cause with one; g. om, to alter; tet et mtg om 
at g./ it is an object with — of consequence to me ; 

l^bac ter er {feet fan et giereS om, whaf^s done 

can't be undone; gtOte Op, vid, 0|}gt«Te; g. een 
iil fin liBen — ffitnlt, to make a friend — enemy 

ct one ; l^axi f)ax atort ^mle tit ftn jtone/ he has 
made her his wlfeX Iti fan mgen gioKe noget tUf 
aiobody can help it ; tet g. intet til <Sagen. that is 
nothing to the purpose; g. fig til af/ to take pride 
in, pride one's self on; g. tt @fi6 utl/ to equip a 
vessel ; g. beD et Vii)t, to repair a watch. — &\6s 

jcen, en. doing etc. — &iextx, tru pi. -e. doer. — 

gt0r% mdj. prtelioaUe, feasible. ^ (iN«ldiisl^^ 
en. iiracticability, feasibility, feasibtoieaa. 

©ietm tU pi. e. coloured yam (Jttt embroiienr.) 

Sterner* eiu pi. «. braiier. 

@i0e,^«n. N. r. jack. = ®.fiof, jachalat. 

®(at / adj. glad, joyful, joy««s ; i»ont g* OUttw 
to be glad o^, to be delighted with — ai. — gMC' 
Itg/ alateligeit/ adv. gladly etc. 

@»Tam/ et. pi. c lond noisy sound. =1 roiji. 
®-^ui/hole in belfries for the eseap i of sodmL 

@lanb8 / en. pi. e. splendour, lustre, glora, p«. 
lish ; fcette ®lanbd poa, to give a gfoas to. = Comtp. 
®.baanfe, glossy ribbon; -6(ab, ttn-foU; -ivt^t, 
pblishing brush; -fotg^ttntng , cn. false giltbne; 
-fu(t> / adj* glMsy, lustrous ; —l^Ot/ glasod hm\ 
-(t)tt/ adj, glossy white; AwiXt^f -Iflrber, -'pOJpXt, 
glazed linen •— leader — paper; -ng, mdJ. vi4, 

(^(antfe, «". •. Wd. gUnlfe. 

®(ant^/ V. m. to gloss, glaze. 

®(ane/ v. %. to stare. 

®lapftt/ en. bewildering path; ®iinfH W»tt 
ofte %., a short cut is often the loagesk waj. 

®{0X, et* glass. = Comp. ©-^iitbe/ coni«»| 
-mefler, glazier; -fpetl/ po9t, glassy aurfaco ; -HO^ 
ffe. vitreous humor of the eye ; -Omif spccCacIes. 

®lad/ Ct. pl» e. glass. = C0mp. g-agtt^ adj. 
glassy , vitreous , glass-like ; -arbettC/ workins ua 
glass ; glass-work ; -arfrffiber/ glass worker ; -(wnV 
ntng/ annealing ; -fatOe, glass — bottle green ; -fffA^ 
nmg glass staining ; -lUlffe/ glass bottle ; -0oSCr 
sasdiver, glassgall ; -glim. adf, glass — bottle grecs^ 
-^anbel/ 1. glass trade ; 2. glass shop ; -^aill>ICT/ glaso 
dealer — man; -^Utt^f greenboa«e; -ffptttf fflaaB 
house ; -fair glass vessel ; -firfc&CtT/ egriot ; -fcMH^ 

glass ware; -fiormmer vid,^asil)ltt ; -mater/ poinit* 

er on glass; -malertf painting on glass; -WtaUn^ 
malntng/ vid* -malen ; -obn/ glass ftamace ; -ptmitf 
glass bead ; -pufter/ glass blower \ -puftett^ glata- 
blowing ; -ff Oat/ fragment. ^ of glasa ; -ffoV/ gtafM 
press — cabinet — case; -fliue/ glass plalc ; -ff tmi/ 
vid. -gade ; -fitter/ gjass grinder ; -fltMri/ -fltbntnQ/ 
glass grinding ; -tegntng/ drawing on gl$as ; -Vnt 
jointed glass-wort; -0ie/ glass eye; wall-eye (ia 
horses ;) -oiet/ ad/, wall-eyed. 

^(adfere/ c a. to glaze. — ®{a6fertng/ en. glasing. 

®lat, ad/\ smooth; g. ^ilfet0t, plain silk; g. 
^i^, slippery ice; g. at gaae. Slippery walking; 
\)an ^Uggete bet gfat af/ he cut it dean — fairly oft 
:r C'omp. i^'fiilf smoothing file; -ft(e/ f.'O. to file 
smooth ; -f^OQXttf adj* smooth — sleek-haired ; -]^agd# 
adj, smuutb-chinned, beardless; -^Ubet/ adi* smooth <— 
sleek-skinned; -^Ugge/ f. a. to hew smooth; -^«1>(/ 
smoothing plane; ~^9t)U / *>. a. to plane, sanootiii 
-fli&n ng/ grinding smooth ; -tolenbe, ad/, smooth* 
tongoed. — ©Idt^eb/ en. smoothness. 

®(att(/ v.a. to smooth. — ®latning/ en. smooth* 
ing. ZZ Comp. ©-jetn/ smoothing iron; >fUtlV 
sleekstone, smoothing-stone. 

®lat?inb/ et pi, e. giaivc. 




^Itmmtf *»• «• oblivion, forgetfuInesB ; M tX 
goaet tttig at) (/commonly af) ®,, I have forgotten 
it, it has escaped ray memory. 13 ®-BoC(/ fldac 
neOft t ©(emmeoogett/ to forget, consign to oblivion. 

'mtmmtf v. a. ^Umu, glemt. to forget. — ©tern* 

fel/ tn, pi. e. forgetfulness, oblivion. — glemfonT/ 
«d7. forgetful, oblivions. — ®\tmiomfftl, - fit. for- 
gelfnlness, obliviousness. 
®ltnit, tn, pU -r. kite.^ Faleo milvus* 
®(tS/ rn. net fixed to a *pole for catching shrimps. 

— SifJAt, gaae ^aa ®U6, to catch v^ith a net etc. 
^\{t>, et* p<. c. slip; |}aa ©*/ a going, in train'; 

faoe ^^ao ®./ to set a going. 

©ItbC/ V. i. gtefc, gUtcM, j^tc^et, pi. glctne. to 

slip 1 to slide, glide. = Comp. ©-SttnC/ slide. 

©Itmtne^ v. i. to shine, sparkle. 

©Ihntnet/ m. glimmer, glitter; false lustre, tin- 
sel; Mineral T* mica, glimmer. ^ Comp. g-Icd/ 
M(j, unostentatious ; -ttabtt/ tinsel reputation ; -^TAgt/ 
tawdriness ; -fttUb , glittering sand ; -ft tfcr, mica- 
cious shistus ; -f)al)d^ tawdry finery; -fiettt, glimmer, 
mica ; -bit/ flashy wit. 

©Utnie/ V. «. to glitter, glisten, glister; fig. to 
shine ; tct tx tffe alt ®ult font gltmret/ ail is not 
gold that glitters. — gltmrettte/ adj, gliUering etc 
brilliant, splendid* = Comp. M'mK(^{l/ -f^gf/Iove 
of — passion for show — display. 

©(itstt/ et« pL id. gleam, glimpse, flash. 

©ttmte , V. t. to gleam, flash ; tet Be^ttntfr at 

g. a^ ©ogm , day begins to dawn* — ©Hnttett; 
nt* Reaming etc. , - 

t ®{\x(tiXtf V. «. to glitter. 

@It'itbfe, v« i. to glisten, shine. 

®ibp t '^^*'* (■■* ^c following phrases) gaac (Sf* 
af/ to miss, fail of; Ui flog g, for l^ant/ he failed 

— was disappointed. 

^(t))V</ f'* •• to blink, wink, twinkle (with the 
eyes.) Hence ^'Clipping'' a surname given to Eric, 
one of the ancient Danish kings. 

®\\tU, v."j». to calender, glaze. — ©(ttntttg, tn. 
calendering etc* — ©Ittttt/ en« pi. -t* calendrer. 

(^{ce V. i. 1 • to glow, shine ; 2. to stare, gaze , gape- 

®(cctit(/ adj. glowing ; g« ^n^Ux, red hot balls. 

®lofe, Ctt. pi. -X, vocable. = Comp, (^-Bog/ 
vocabulary, glossary; -flcontnCT/ dealer in foreign 
terms and phrases. 

®htBence/ a^j. ravenous, ferocious. 

®lu6f7/ a4i ravenous, voracious, ferocious. '—■ 
®-6eb/ eti. ravenousness, ferocity, voraciousness. 

(SluffcT/ pi* jibes, jeers, flouts* — gluffe, v, i. 
to je«r, flout. 

®lug/ m. ». $■ pl. -ger. hole, aperture (for the ad- 
mission of light.) ©lugget/ pl. vulg' goggle eyes. 
Z^ Comp, ®-l^u(/ peephole ; -maattCD/ January ; 
-bm^/ small window. 

®lnty tn, babe, baby; darling. 

t muif tn. 1. small guts ; 2. gullet. 

i&lcttt, tn. pl. -X, joy, delight^ glee ; fiufce ®. 
\j to delight — take delight in. = Comp. g-ttltf- 
m, adj. iBtoxicated with Joy; -fult/ -titg/ adj. 

joyful, joyous ; -It^, adj. joyless, cheerless, dreary ; 
-fotlg , song of joy ; -fwtg/ shout of joy ; -ffub, 
festive salute, feu de joye'^ -ff^/ adj. joy- shun- 
ning; -torn, adj. joyless, cheerless. — ©IcrbeS- 
6ttb , messenger of joy ; -bog, day of rejoicing ; 
-feflf festival of rejoicing; -graab/ tears of joy ; 
-^aaBf joyous hope ; -t(b , bonfire ; -flatig, -I^t, 
joyous sound ; -maaTttbr festive entertainment ; -otb, 
joyful words — tidings; -taater^ tears of joy; 
-tegtt, sign — token of joy; -iXti, titae of rejoicing ; 
-tinte, hour of joy. — gfflfteltg, adj. joyful, joyous, 

(^{cebe , V. a. to gladden, rejoice, cheer ; g. f{g 
beb — ettft, to rejoice at. 

©(cebfPaB , ctt. rejoicing, meniment. IZ Comp, 
®-66ub, harbinger of joy; -8bag, day of rejoicing. 

©Icb/ ett, pl, -tx, live coal, embers. != Comp. 
g-B(b/ adj. glowing, red hot; -l)ebe, red heat; -tlb/ 
red hot embers ; -t0b/ adj, red hot. 

®(0be/ ^. a. to ignite to red or white heat, 
make glowing hot; fig. to inflame, excite to anger: — 
«. t. to glow, burn. — ©fcbntttg, tn, igniting etc 

@nabbre, «. t. coll. to grumble, growl. 

©ttalb, ©nalbe, ett. pi, -tx, -x, bit, morsel. 
'(Snalbe, v. a. to nibble — ©ttalWng, ett pi, 
-tx i>id. ®ttatb. 

©ttaffe, v, a. to crunch. 

1. (^tiaU, eit« eoll. grumbler. 

2« (^liaD, ft. s. a kind of game in Denmark. 

©nabC/ l.«. a. to gnaw; 2. to ft-et, chafe, gall; 
coll, to grumble, A-et. 

®nai«lt , adj, fretful , peevish. — ®-Beb, ett. 
fretrulness, peevishness. 

®n(gge, T i. to <whinny (of horses). 

®n|b, ct. pl, -ber. nit. — gtitbbret, adj. Viitty. 

(^ntbbrf/ V. a. to write a close and crabbed hand. 

©tttbC/ v7 c, to rub. =Z Comp. ®-|lec«, sleek- 
'stone. — ©tttbtling/ Ctt. pl, -tx, rubbing, friction. — 
©titbfcl/ ett. gnashing, grinding (of the teeth.) 

©ntbff, adj. niggardly, stingy, sordid. — (S-I^Cb/ 
Ctt* niggardliness, stinginess, sordidness. 

©tttbffC/ V, i. (mcb 5tombcwie) to gnash — 
grind the teeth. 

®nic> V. t. to pinch, be stingy. 

®tttcr/ Ctt. pl. -t, miser, niggard. — fl-agtig/ 

adj. vid. gittbfif* — ©-ogligBcb, cru ©utcrt/ et* 

vid. ©ttibiTBcb. 

©tttffC/ V. a. to rub frequently. , 

©Htfl, Ctt. pl, -Ct.' spark; ®. afi§>aaB, a ray of 

hope. ZI Comp. ®-¥Cgtt/ shower of sparks. 

®ttifhe / V, i, to sparkle ; f)an9 £)tnc gntflrcbe 

af ^tebC/ his eyes flashed with anger. 

©nt'ttrc, vid. ftttttrc. 

®tt^/ et« din, clamour. 

®ob , adj. comp. Bcbrc / superl. Bcbfl* good, 
kind ; g. jDog I good day ! ^t^ gtbCt Battt Ctt g* 
®ag/ 1 donH care a rush — straw about him; g. Ubs 
fomittC/ easy competency; Ct gobt Ubfalb/ a happy 
issue ; fot Ct gobt Drb, for a trifle ; bct Ct tftc at 

faae for ^cttge cttcr gobc Crb, it is not to bo 
had for love or money; gtUC gobc SDrb/ tj give 





bit words; (oM fUiU af/ to derive benefit from, 
pvofti by i ^et bit 5De ^a»t gott ah it will do you 
good ; bet btl gtere alt gobt tgteit/ tbat win get all 
to rigbu again; ic0 gat) ^am let %faa golt 

{giett/ 1 gave him as good as he brought. ^ Cotnp. g-ai' 
tet a^d. T. mitigated, benign, mild; -tffltg,^ adj. 
-MtXtnXit , adj» beneficent , charitable ; -gttfrnt^ 
1^, en, beneficence , charitableness ; -l^tl/ ett« pi. 
c. goodness, kindness; fatte (^-^^ \Vtttti, to take 
n liking to one ^ -^tttet, -^teitig ^ adj, good — 
kindbearted; -^trrtta^eb, en. {goodness of heart, 
kindhearledness ; -Itoente/ -Utobtg, adj. goodnatn- 
red; -Ulettl^et / en., -ntfibtgl^eb/ en. goodnatare; 

-ttsenbe, adj. -troen^el, en. vid^ tveflt^ltg; 

-Otittg, adj. volnnury, willing; adv. voluntarily, 
willinsly; -Oittig^eb/ willingness, voluntariness. , 

©eoe, ei. pi- -t. good, blessing ; bet ^«tefie ®./ 

the supreme good; meb bet ©obe, by fair means; 
til @ / due, vtd tilgobe; ^olbe ttl ®obe, to over- 
look, bear with, make allowance for; gi«e Hg HI 
®.^ to indulge — regale one's self ; gMre tVX ttl ®./ 
to benefit one ; bet lOm mtg tt( ®* at .... t it was 
for my advantage that .... [waffle-irons. 

O^beioob, i». «. pi. waffie. = Cowfi. ®.fijcm/ 
>; en. Vtd sub gob. 
et. pi. c goods. 
1, et. pi* -ec. estate, landed property. 13 Comp. 
®-eter/ landed proprietor. [comfortable. 

fClif adv. well.; ^aoe bet g./ to be well, off — 
obt I good ! 

<9obt6epnbenbe / et pi. e. discretion, pleasnre; 
eftet eget ®./ at win — pleasure. 

©obte ftg. V. re^. to enjoy — regale one's self. 

®obtgtirce / «. a. to make good, indemnify ; to 
prove, substantiate, make out. — ®-gi0ttIfe/ en. 
compensation, amends. 

(S>otb/ a4y'. barren, sterile; dry (of cows.) I^Com^. 
®-antm(/ dry nurse; -AX/ 1. barren ear; 2. waM 
barley Hordeum tnurinum. -ntelfet/ adj, nearly 
dry. — ®-^eb / en. sterility, barrenness 

®oIbed/ «. i. pa$$. to become dry. (of cows.) 

®omtne/ vid. ®umme* 

®Ot^tft/ adj. Gothic. 

®otte fig, 9id. gobte ftg. 

®raa/ adj. pi. graae. gray, grey ; ftroat Setr» dark 
— cloudy weather. ZZ Comp. g-Blallet/ adj. dingy 
grey; -BItSfet/ adj. gray with a white blaze (of 
cattle -Bttfbre/ p . Grey Friars; -gaaS, 1. wild goose ; 
2. ancient code of the republic of Iceland, called Gragas\ 
-gYtntCt/ adj. gray with white or black streaks across the 
bead, (of cattle ;) -^aaret; adj, gray-haired, hoary ; 
-6telmet/ adi. gray with a white head (of cattle ;) 
-pobebet. adj. gray-headed ; -^crrbet , adj. hoary, 
gray beaded ; -uCebt , adj. dressed in gray ; -Id' 
fen/ a^. grayish, grixzly, -munf/ gray friar; -f({, 
large fish of the cod kind ; -ffimmeL adj. gray (of 
horses;) -ffinb, (gray) for, rW.-tJCtr!; -ftcfg, gray beard; 
-flergget/ adj. gray bearded ; -\^Va»t common spar- 
tow; -fpcrttet/ adi. spotted with gray; -fleen, vid. 
5tam^e{lem; -fbrioet/ adj. striped with gray; '\9»s 

lit/ mdj> dapple gray; -^ttA, minever; -9vtit «</. 
grajr eyed. — ®Taa|eb, en. grayneas. 

(0raab» en. pi. c weeping ; Britte t ®.# to bant 
into tears. =: Comp. g-uanbet, adj. m\rmkmA 
with tears; -fttib, -fl^t, adj. tearful; -fymtn, 
crying and sobbing , blubbering ; -(ifS, adj. tearless. 

@Yaabtg, adj. greedy, voracious. — ®»lB<b/ tXU 
greediness, voracity, avidity. 

©laanC/ «. t. to tnrn gray ; to have a gray sr 
cloudy appearance (of the weather.) 

®iab/ en. pi. -Cl. degree; grade; remove Cof 
kindred.) IZ Cvmp. ®-bUfe/ graduated sector of n 
circle stick a$ quadroMty stxtoHtyOr oetantf 
-ntaol f scale ; -H^f, hydrometer ; -btt6/ a^. gra- 
dual ; adv. gradaally, by degrees. 

©rant/ mdf. wroth. 

(^ramnmttL en. vid. ^pxe^ent, 

®iammattfa(ff/ adj. grammatical. 

(S(amniatt(eT/ en. pi. -e. grammarian. 

©romfi, et. snatch. 

®rantfe/ «. a. & ». to saatck, snap, grab, vmlg* 
ZZ Comp. ®-tag/ snatching etc 

©ran/ ei atom, smallest particle ; grain (weigbt.) 

©ran/ en. pi* -er. pine Pint oMss. — Cotmpm 
®-baT/ leaf of die pine ; -btfitbei / deal boards \ 
-{ogle/ cone of the pine ; -fVod/ pine wood — for- 
est ; 'tap, vid. .fogte ; -tier/ pinetree ; -bOJECn/ mtf. 
tall — strait as a pine. 

®ianat. en. pi. -er. l. garnet; 2. pomegranate (froH); 
3.gTenadc.Jfti.7. ZZ Comp.Q^-onltttOt, pomgfnaate tree. 

^ranb/ adj. plain, distinct, accurate =Z g-gtt»eltg/ 
grangiOettg / adj. plain , obvious , manifest ; adv. 
nicely, accurately; -gibeltgBeb, cn. accuracy; -^s 
Xtnttf adj. ((tticli of hearing; -feenbe/ adj. sbaip — 
keen sighted* 

®Tanbe/ en. pi. -r.neighbour. = Comp* ®-hu^, trid. 
S3l^{fraa; -fone . -manb/ neighbour; -la\0, neigh- 
bourhood ; -^crOne/ public meeting of neighbours for 
the adjustment of differences. 

©ronfte/ v. a. to inquire — search into. ZZ Comp*®- 
Ir^fi, love of research. — ®ranbtTer, ttlf pi, -e. 
inquirer. — (SranbflerBItf/ searching glance. — 
®ranb{7ntng / en. pi. -er. inquiry, research. = 
®ranbttntng9eotte/ power of research. 

©ranbt/ adf. nicely, accurately; plainly, di- 

®rantt/ en. ph c. granit. 

©rant, vid. granbt. 

®rante/ v. i. to fret.- [run a m«ck. 

©raSfat. adv. gaae — leBe ®./ to ran riot, 

®ra9fere/ v. «. to rage, be prevalent, prevail (of 

©ratter/ pi. the Graoes. 

©raO/ en/ pi. -e, l. pit, ditch, trench; 2. grave, tomb; 
faile ©./ to dig a grave. =: Comp. ©-onb, sbel- 
dock ; -feft, funeral feast ; -freb/ security of ccuMte- 
ries; -Bu(e/ crypt; -Bunb/ turnspit; -BiJOrfDtng/ bn- 
rinl vault; -B«t/ barrow, tumulus; >fammer/ sepnl- 
cbral chamber ; J(tfle / sarcophagus ; -for8/ mono- 
mental cross ;' 4amptf sepulchral lamp ; -Tunb/ m* 




•mffU, epitaph J •emilcknd aonuiaMt; -XflM/ rioU- 
«Wb tf (9«l>s; -Vnit^HMt; .umeT/ violator of lonbf; 
4intb/ pUtaad; ^tnft^ epilaph; -fo, Mi/a. 1. ahii; 
Z. Ji jpeiolre ttat hauls ^rtYes . gouU \ -^tti, burUl 
place 4 Stan, lomhatoac; -fiUC/ vid. -laxamit\ 
-fUUf/ (atpwlcknl) aMmiiacBt^ -{stitt, v. a. ta en- 
iMlb, JBtor; -ffUtt/ slnmbfr — alcep of 4uA\ 
^tOttS^e^/ aikaoe af Ihe frave ; h0(^ arvd. 

wnUK / V, «. ^Mitht , g»b f gtavet* lo dig, 

dalTC ; g. mtif vid. ttltgraM ; a. om / to dig avar 
•gaia; g. SSottbft U^ af Ot S^efe, to drain a 
«wem. z: Comp.* ^-^iUt, at. hurla, graving iool. 
-~ ■(S'XCMit/ m* p/. -(. aaxlon; -toidf gnvadiggar* 

— draHMIttf^ <». digging. 
t^tWHtt, •. «. to eagrav*. 

®Xthf tUpl. id^ 1. grasp, gripe ; 2. hilt (of a avord 
S.handla C»f a door ^at>e/— •mOf b(t re|te ^« XiM 
Hflgtt/ U have — know the hnack of d thing *, gt^Tt 
/t faUf ^*f to take — atrik« a falae — wrong 
mala. ^ C«t»p. ®.6tcH, fingar board. 

ttt^/ at/ p^. oC* dnngfarli. 
xtiu, 9. : to fork. 

(ftttOI/ CM. p/. 4^rette. l. hraacb, bough s 3. prong 
(of a forli). ~ C««p. ©tene^nrnte/ hmahwood, 
<a«8<>te ; d'l^r •di. branchlaaa; -f^ttoitlg/ ramifi- 
cation. — gmtet/ adi. hrandiy. 

®Xttlti, ¥. depr to branch, ramify. 

(&tt^tf en. pi. -r. count. =: C0mp.> ®-6o% 
•id. -f«)tC t -%<U^f ranlt of a count ; -^t, conn^s 
seat^ 'Huh CMMit'a Utia. — gni»lig^ adj. belong- 
ing 10 a count. — (icebmbC/ m. pi. -t» coantess. 

— (^ie4>|T<tB/ (t. pi. -n, l. connt'a eatate ; 2. ooonty, 
shire (in England,) (meUed tallow. 

tWilXf pi. fihroua and membranous substances in 
vhf en. pi. -'it, vulture. [stones in a fleld> 
i^tihj B. I. at ftftte (Sw to place boundary 
WnODtttttte, en. yulg. termagam, vixen. 
C^nSC/ 9. a. to grasp, gripe, catch , saize, appre- 
hend \ g« en Setlig^el)/ to seize, avail one's self of 
an opportumity ; g* eftet/ to catch at; g* om jtg/ 
la apread \ g. {tg An, ta exert one's self ; g. til et 
SHtttcI/ 10 reaoct — hxvt recourse to an expe- 
dient ', g. tU ffioaBcn* to take np arms; g. t l^m^ 
HMR/ to thrust — put one's hand into one's pocket; 
g. ttt B^tctt/ to take to <- beUfce one's self to 
light i g. t ftn egen S&axm, U search one's own 
bosom ; g. een unler 9(niune f fig. to lend one a 
helping hand. =Z Cata^ &t\ht — (BtihdyBtXlf un- 
^pto|»rinlcd land ; >g^8/ onappropriated goods. 

(^t^f odf. (4>aa) greedy. — ®n))t(^et/ en. 


Q^rif/ en. pi. -fee. gcifln. 

(injt<I/ en. pi. tmfkc* l. state pencil ; 2. style. 

Qtnw, et flrm. 

9nt6/ in. pt. Ottfe, pig, =: Tofn^. (grifefe^^ 

^ pig'« pettitoes; -^ , a aow with pigs; -fk^lte# 

Ante. en. a brick vault in a malt kUn. 

Qkntitf tVt0 pit -t. whim, caprice, vagary, crotchet, 

fancr* =: Cm»/». (i-foMger/ Me fiill ef whian atld 
crotchets; -bCCn/ fancies, whims. 

©Tint/ o4f. pi, gnmme. ugly, hidto«s, grim. = 
€!omp. (&'-^dif en* ugliness, hidcouaaass. 

I&tmf (Sxim, en* lampblack, soot, [grime]. 

®ximMt, en. pi. -t* grimace ; gtne (&tmUiCtX, 
(a make jp>imaeea — wry facea. 

1* d^tmt, en. pi. -t* 1* halter (for a hMse 9. 
atreai(, stripe ; 8. t mask. =I Comp. (&-pen^, gra- 
tuity given to the man that brings'a new bou|$t hone 
to the mirchaaer; -ffaft/ halter rope. 

8. mimt, (tt. pi. -r* large mesh of a fiahingitaC. 

^VtJSiet/ 04;. 1. striped, streaked (efcatcleO >. he- 

®tmt, «. t. to grin, sifluer. — ^rinett/ fM* 

S lining etc. zz Comp* (B-mttX, en* grinncr. •<- 
ftner/ en. j^/. -r. grinner. 
^dfe(, en* (baker's) peel. 
®in9\ttf a4f. eoU. gtiazled. 
®ro6tan/ en. chnrl, hr«te. 
i^ise, «. «. to grow ; ®aatet tt ^nti tgiien — 

fomvten/ the woua^ is healed up — akioned over. 
— ®reemng/ en. growing, growth. 

®it^t et/ pi. id. groaa (t2 doiem). 

(^tedfereK/ en. pi. -e. merchant (member of a cor- 
poration of wholesale dealers in Copcaheg^.) 

®tottt, en. pi. ~X. grotto, grot. 

Ateto/ adf. coarse ; gross ; rude ; gKObt SOU^, 
gY0b %tftt, coarse cloth — food;, g. ^bfarelfit/ 
a gross error; g. ^CHA, a coarse — rude /olioir; 
gTOl»t ®ll^^# heavy ordnance ; g. S^ue — ^cm^ 
mtf rough tone <— voice ; tet et for gt«t»t/ ehal's 
too bad.^ IZ C0mp. ®-6r«)> , coane rye bread ; 
-l^ubet/ adj. coarse — rough skinned ; -^tli, rough 
plane; -fetnti, adj. coarse grained; -labett/ Ot^'. 
coarse — hard-featured; -Itmmti, ad^* large limb- 
ed ; -ttuelet/ a<(/. having a coarse — rough voice ; 
-ftne^ / blacksmith ; -tolente / adj. foul-momhed ; 
4taa^et/ adj. coarse threaded. — grcoeltgeM/ adv. 
coarsely etc. — (^lOO^e^ / en. pi. e. coarseness ; 
grossnesB ; mdeaeas ; roughness. .— ®rott6etet / pi. 
rude behaviour *— language; fige etU ©•/ lo sty 
rude things to one. 

®m, en. horror, terror; tei er en ®. at fee/ it 
is horrible — shocking — 'dreadful to behold. 

<g$nt66e, «. a. to hull (grain.) = Qomp. <^r9n/ 
pearl barley : -Itttel / meal that falls off in hulling 
barley v -bttrf/ machinery for hulling grain. -^ (Stu6' 
ninO/ en. bulling. 

mvibt, en. pi. -t. pU; mine. = Comp. ®-Vl^^ 
ning/ timber work in a mine; -trift/ working of 
mines ; -follf/ miners ; -tot/ share in a mine ; -l^s 
ftoB/ miner's tool ; -fusM)/ water in mines. 

(SxnhUf «• i' (ober. JfiAn), to muse, ponder, ru- 
minate (4)n). -" wMm, tXU musing etc. — 9aibs 
Ut, en* pt. -e. muser. — (Stubim, et. pi. -ax. mu- 
sing, revery, ^ 

®eut)/ Qirutt, Hd« ®tutt&. 

QfTUl^te/ V. a to grind — pound coarsely* 

Q^mtf en. vid* (Bnt6e* 





®mt, 9. u (for) U) dreid, to treuble — 
shuddet at* 

(0nttd (ptt) «• i* POM- «•«(• grue. 

(Sntettg^ o«(i' horrid, bonible, shocking. = 9- 
^it/ en. horroTii enormity* — ©Utelfe/ «!♦ horror. 

Otinsi> a4/. P/. -me. atrocioiu, feroeioas, fell* 
= fS-fftt, m. atrocity, ferocity. — @rumt^ oifo. 
atrociously etc* — gnmuttC^ o<fo* very, exceedingly* 

@naild, ft- P/* e. sediment, grounds. — gntntf 
fet/ afl&. muddy, thick, turbid. 

©Wnb, m pi- -e» l. ground \ 2. soil s 3. reason ; 
4* foundation ; 5. prkning (in painting) ; ^ ^at>etd t)}D< 
Ointttb/ in tha depths of the sea*, let filCCe ^Ott^ ^av 
^cnt^Be (Sntnb, still waters run deep ; ^ ©TUItbett, 
•I bottom; 3 ^Unt OA ®«/ utterly, totallv; foi- 

ilaoe ttMet fra (Urunten of — til Onmoe , to 

nnderstand thoroughly — perfectly 5 logM ®TK»tl)«t ttl/ 
to lay the foundation of; paa ®* of / on account 
of, owing to ; fomote til (Srunlen t en @ag , to 

Set to the bottom of a thing ; 'S)t f^Otget om tttme 
Sntnte/ you arii my reasons ; ffv^e et @ftB t ®., to 
sink a ship (by firing into her)*, ^iUi gtt til ©tttttle, 
the ship went down, foundered ; f OUIQte pCM ®*t to run 
aground , strike ; {laae paa ®. r to be aground \ 

faat af ®*, to get afloat*, ^nferet et af (£)•» the 

anchor is atrip* ZI Comp» ®-aaif(^ f principal 
— main cause*, -afgtft/ vid* -{fat*, -ttldBeitC/ work 
•I the foundation of a building ; -htfath, fundamen- 
Ul notion ; -btetg/ vid» Ut&ierg ; -hmtU, prototype *, 
-Blattbing/ mixture of ^ soils; -b^gttittg/ founda- 
tion ; -beel, atom ; -tntft, innate instinct ; -egetl' 
ftoii, essential quality; -eienbotlt/ landed property; 
-rier, landed proprietor ; -e^lte , primary faculhr ; -fall)/ 
•edtment ; -falfl, radically false — • wrong ; -faitje/ 1 . 
primitive colour ; 2. predominating colour ; 8* ground 
(in painting) ; -\a% a4f. fixed ; -fia^t, basis, base ; 
4}eDting# 1* improvement of the soil ; 2. radical improve- 
ment ; -fonn , primitive form ; -fonattb/ produce 
of land ; -forfttettia , adj* essentially different ; 
-ftrfle/ et. vM. (S)-Uolb: -fcefie, «. a« to build on a 
solid foundation; -fcrttelff, -forfhtiltg/ establish- 
ment on a solid foundation; -gteniglr excessively 
avaricious ; -gOb , a4/« extremely good ; -gobS, 
jetsam, L. T- ; -grabet* workman at the founda- 
tion of a building; -grftk^ning, working at the foun- 
dation ; -l^ene, vid. -etet ; -jotl)^ elementary earth ; 
-flong, vid. -tone ; -fraft, elementary power ; -{^n- 
big/ a<0'«. thoroughly — profoundly versed; -lo^/ 
base, basis, foundation; -leie, ground-rent; -ltme« 
"Math* 7* base: -lob, sounding l^ad; 400/ funda- 
mental law; -i^b, vid. -tone; -lcegge» v. a. to 
found , Jty the foundation ; -Icegning , foundation ; 
-Icrtb, adj* profoundly learned, erudite ; -Icetbom/ 
-lcete» fundamental doctrine ; -lo9/ adj* groundless ; 
-leS^eb/ groundlessness; -mvxti, ad^^ built of 
mason work fk-om the foundation ; -UtUUT , brick 
wall ; -0Tb, primitive word ; -ptde , main pillar — 
prop ; -petit pile i -pttWlxa, driving of piles into 
the ground; -vaabben/ adf^ thoroughly rotten; -re^ 
fiet/ fundamental rule; -tibS; -vibdntng/ gronndplan. 

outline, drau^t ; -fonbl^ebf ftmdamental truth, axion \ 
-ftat, ground rent; -{ftcelOe» p* •« to shake at the 
foundation ; -fhrift, ori^nal text ; -fhtb/ shot hetween 
wind and water; -f|)tTe/ germ ; -f^nnog, 1. orifiod 
language ; 2. vid. StdHime^rog ; -fiecn foandation 
slone; -^ofi element; -fll^nC/ beee of a colunm ; 
-^vA, mdf* having a strong foundation ; very stroni; ; 
-Hette/ vid, -piVU ; -fooelg, abyss ; -foetlting/ prin- 
ciple, maxim ; -f(ette> «. a. to ran agromd ; -tailf €# 
fundamental notion ; -iajii, assessment of ground rent \ 
-tol. cardinal number ; -tegntng/ vi(f* -tibS ; -tC^t, 
vid. -ftrtft ; -tone, keynote ; -tOU^, relieving rope 

— tackle; -ttCtl/ outline, sketch; -IftbcntTaB, fuad»- 
mental science ; -k>oIb/ foundation, basis, base, grouad- 
work ; -PCtxt , groundwork ; sobslrnctare ; -Ottfctt^ 
essence , principle ; -flttlig , ndj* perfectly honest 

— upright. 

(^nb, adj. It* gtunbt. shallow (of water). 

©runbC/ V- a* to ground, found, cstaMisb, Iny 
the foundation ; to prime (in painting) ; r* i. to 
reach the bottom; bet gnmbCT0|), the water ahoaI»; 
g. jtg ^00/ to rest — be founded — based on ; Clt 
gnmoet vix^iOXiU, a well faunded suspicion. 

<8ntnbe/ «• i* ipaa) to ponder, meditate on. — 
®ntnb(n/ en. pondering, mcfUtalion. 

(Srunbig , adj. profound, solid. — ®-^eb , OU 
profoundness, profundity, solidity* 

OiunbUng/ (?) vx,pL -ex. gndgeon* 

(Smnfer/ pi. hoards of money. 

Qtvxpptf en. pi. -r. group. — ^pai^pm, v. m. 

to group. — ®nt^1)(l{ng/ en* grouping. 

@rtt{et/ adj. vid. sub &tttnii. 

(Slttfoni/ a4f. cruel. — ®-^eb/ en. cruelty. 

®tuUt, Wd. ©rnbte* 
^ (SicuuS/ et. />l. c. 1. gravel; 2. rubbish; @lottet 
ligger nu i®., the castle is now a heap of rains. ^ 
Comp> ®-hattt, -6anfe/ gravel bank ; -jgang/ gnvcl 
walk ; -f^CCCptf screen for sifting gravel ; -)0Vbf gravelly 
land — soil* 

®x\f, vid. 'S>a^, 97^otgengtl^* 

®^lt, tU pi. -X* pot. ZZCbmp. ®'ftO^ pothook; 
-loog/ pot lid; -leer,potter's clay ; -ntolm/ metal far 
pota; -OOn/ oven made of earthen pots; -ftttf -fUO/ 
ladle; -fleen/ pot stone. Talcum olUtre:, -fteA/meat 
baked in a pot; -^thtXf iron pot founder; -{t«1^/ 
iron^pot foundry ; -foben/ -fobet/ <m(/. boiled in a pot- 
9/ V. i. to dawn, break, peep (of the day)* 
®Xt)Uf V. i. to swarm. 
®X\}Ut, V. •. to sprout (of corn). 
. r^n, et* pi id, groat, grit* = Camp* (S-giab/ 
boiled groats ; -font/ grit cora ; -jftofte/ grit mill ; 
-fu^^e, sweety soup made of pearl barley; -tVOnilC/ 
bolter. — gr^et/ a4j, gritty. 

(St^nte/ V. i. to grant* — ®xt]intm, en* granting* 

®rabe, «. •. to cry, weep ; g* fine mobtge Stoo? 

ler, tt> weep bittarly; g. SmuM, — fot fm @^tt»« 
mober, to shed crecodile^s tears. ^Comp* (SMMIg/ 
day of weeping ; -ftftbig/ o^y. ready to cry ; -nctn/ 
a4)' Ucrymose ; -ptil, weeping willow ; -qoinbi;^ 
hired mouraer; -Otft/ dtr^e; -^^^t lacrymoso 




piece- — (Stttltn, fit. crr'mg* — -^Wtfedft, 0^. 
red-eyed with weepiog. 

&tctttmu , 9. a. it re/f. to grieve , vex, fret \ 
gremtmeS OOeT/ v. dep, to grieve— fret — repine et. 

— orcmimcKg/ ad^. vexetioiu, grievous, diilreMing. 

— iQlYCrnimelfe/ en. pi. -r. vexation , tribulation, 

(SrtmbfC/ etU /»/. -X, frontier, limit, bound, 
bonndvy bMder ; ^oll)e fta htbcttfOY m ti\% (0./ to keep 
witbin (certain) bounds ^ fOtttC ®* fCT/ to set bounds 
to. =: Comp.(^ht^^vC, borderer •, -CgU/ frontier •, -^O^s 
nhtg/ frontier fortress \ -^Xt^Uf boundary ditch ; -frebfl, 
bounding circle; -frig/ border war \ Aov^t vid. -fgn *, 
'Unit/ boundary line, line of demarcation ; -lei, adj, 
boondJess; -tnaol/ bound, tern; -ntttltr# frontier — 
boandary wall ; -Itiebe / meeting on the borders •, 
-tt^n, monnled guard on the borders ; -fItcT/ bound, 
limit ; -flab^ frontier town ; -flcett / merestone ; 
'ftxib, -fhtbtg^eb/ dispute about boandaries ; -tolb/ 
frontier toll ; -bOgt(r/-frontier guard. 

OTCrnbfe/ «. a. to mark the boundaries. — «. i. 
(tin to bordw on. 

. ®T(r9 / tt* pi* e. grass, herbage ; flaae &„ to 
now — cut grass ; fttttc paa C9. , to put -— , turn 
out to grass; ^aot pM ®*f to be at grass; BtbC t 
<flra8fct, to bite the ddst. = Comp. (»-axtf species 
of grass ; -hit/tn, vid. 9)lptt^cm ; -Hat/ blade of 
grass; -Bltg, ff«" bleaching; -built / grass — 
pasture land; -DUntett/ adj, grassy; -b(Cn(/ grass 
scal;^ -tnftf coll. wife whose husband is travelling; 
-foite/ grass colour ; -frO/ tree tto^. Rana arbo- 
rea ; -gaOTb/ grazing farm ; -gang, pasture ; -gtclb/ 
grazing money ; -gtCft/ adj. grassgrown ; -grcbC/ 
rid. -Off^rt; -grw , adj\ grass green; -pOfpt, 
grasshopper Grylitu ; -fax, goord, pumpkin; -font/ 
loating sweet-grass. Poa fiuitans \ -leg/ yellow 
star of Bethlehem. OmitkogMtifn lutewn ; -ntCll/ 
-vilk of cows at grass ; -mvtltf mill driven by win- 
ter floods; -OJitf grass-fed ox; -ptU^tf «W. -gielb ; 
'IfiiH f grass plot ; -ffbttOi grass-fed cattle ; -Ttg/ 
md$' grassy ; -t^tttXf at dUDC ®.i to be unhorsed ; 
-fcbbel/ grazing ticket ; -ftb<, grassy side of a sod ; 
-flcitC/ grassy plain: -fmitttc, lesser petty-chaps. Mota- 
eUla kippolaU ; -jmOT/ butter made from the milk of 
grass fed cows; -{faraO/ stalk of grass; blade of grass ; 
-tang/ seaweed ; Zottera marina : -itxtif green turf, 
sod; -orbenbe/ adj. graminivorous, herbivorous. 

(iiXCtftt o4/' i'ometime* in terse gtctftff) Greek ; 

OTCrSff/ e. «• dc i' to gnie, pasture. — <3$rfir8' 
tlfatg/ en. grazing, pasture. = (S^tcrdntngSret/ com- 
mon of pasture. 

®Y««fcltg, adj. horrid, shocking. — ®-^eb/ 
Cn* horridness. 
®TflrtteTt/ atfy*. co/<. peevish, cross, whimpering. 
9tfirbt{ng, en. pi- -er. badger, brock. != Comp. 
O-f^imb/ turnspit. 

( Otvb/ eti. pi. c. boiled groats, stirabout (made of any 
%md of meal)' Z: Comp. ®-^obcb/ booby, block- 
head ; .-numb/ lover of stirabout ; -umnbet , a4f. 

having a thick utterance. — gwbci, m^. Chick, 

®X9tit, c, l.vegetation, growth ; 2. crop, pro- 
duce, product, production. = Comp* ^-aat/ OObt 
— {let ®./ productive — unproductive year; •^Hs 
benbe , adj. promoting — forcing vegetation ; 
-fulb, adi» productive, fruitftil ; -font, ttd. <Saae« 
torn ; -froft/ productive — vegetative power ; -regtl/ 
fruitful — genial rain; -rig, adj. fhiitftil; -itb/ 
season of vegetation; -t^etl, genial weather. 

®rebe8, v. t. Pate, to vegetate. 

@¥eft/ en. ditch, trench. 

®Xt\it, V. i. & a. to ditch, trench. — (Srefts 
ning , en. ditching. 

@Tofte, «. A. vid. @rute. 

@Yen, adj, pi. -ne. green, verdant; (SitoM/ vege- 
tables; tOge Ub tbet®rentte/ to take atrip into the 
country — fields. = Comp. iH-Oger , fallow field ; 
-Ogttg/ adjt greenish; -faitoet/ a^. dyed green: 
-gitl / greenish yellow ; -jOit, fallow land ; -faai, 
Scotch kale ; -flcett , adj. dressed in green ; -Yotte, 
herb-woman ; -faltet , adj. corned ; -\pCltiitf green 
woodpecker. Picus viridu \ -fOOtTb, greensward, sod, 

(Sron^et. eit. pi. e* greenness, viridity. 

@TmtIanb, n. ProPr. Greenland. = ComP. (B-\«tV[, 
Greenlandman , whaler. — ®T«nIcrnbeT — mbe , en. 
Greenlander. — gtettlanbfP/ adj. Greenland. 

(S^ronltg, adj, greenish. 

®Tenne3/ ^. t. Pass* to become — turn green. 

©lonntttg/ en. pi. -er. green. 

®renftoutng/ en. pi. -er. greenhorn. 

(Su6be/ en. pi* -r« "^n old man, veteran. 

(Sub, en. pi' -er. God; for (SlitbS (Sfplb/ for 
God's sake; @Ub8 ^reb I peace be with youl 
@ub {tee Sob, thank God; (8. Debate mtg ! bless me ! 
dear me; {DtU ®* btl, please God, God willing} 
®. gibe, would to God , God grant ; gibe {tg @. t 
S^oIDi to commend one's self to God- z: Camp, 
©-bant/ godchild; -batter, goddaughter; -fttber, 
godfather; -fr^ttg, adj. godly, pious, god-fearing; 
-frt^gttg^et , tn. godliness, piety; -^engtbett, adJ- 
'resigned (to the will of God) ; -^engiben^b / en. 
resignation ; -inbbtet , adj. consecrated — devoted 
to God ; -tonge / God considered as regent ; -1^9, 
adj. godless , impious ; -loSl^eb / en. godlessness, 
impiety; -menne{te, God-man; -mober, godmother; 
-fagH/ divine tradition; -fo{lenbe, vid. jDaab8f«s 

{rente ; -fon/ godson. =z Q^uttlcttt, mythology, zn 

@ub§bam, child of God; -bef ^Otteltg / 04^'. blas- 
phemous; -Bef^Ottelfe/ blasphemy; -Be(4>otter/ blas- 
phemer; -boTb« the Lord's table; -Bttb/ command- 
ment of God; -b^rfetfe/ divine worship; -beb, 
•nferj. ♦Sdeath; -foragteT/ despiser of God; -for- 
gaaen/ adj. reckless, abandoned; -fomegtelfe, atheism ; 
-fomofgter, atheist ; -frvgt, fear of God ; -Buu8, the 
house of God; -Yunb{taB/ knowledge of God ; -orb, word 
of God; -fattb^eb/' divine truth; -ttener^ servant of 
God; -ttenefle, divine service; -til{ttttelfc> divine 
dispensation ; -imbeT/ prodigy, miracle ; bft bOV Ct 

«uttDm, Ri. A '■ it^^"*, i''ij, 1*lii 

«Tin thlfcMt. — gnltnnmtlig, 114. dii 
Ovncmntlia^t, tn. fMnitj, ditt|r. 

»Kft, (t.^pl. I. »»ia- = Camp. ®-( 
[gidi -Mal,K*ld-ltJ 

-Hit, pills ir ^id 

. ,. ... ftj -bi 

-iom, bu — iDgntsrggidi -Mat, 

■Jj. hi«kl 11 fold; -b[i(, r 

<d(Fd wiik (Old li«i -rttS, 1 

(mining gold; -faiUlt, nd>. gilJd CBlouHdi 
rid. .fianl; -fift., uM tih ; -alonM, 
hitn; -glinunrr, -id- «[iinninl ^[>t, n 

Inwtr; -lUal, niiUig oF^ld; -tBrft. 1 
1*14 1 -Dicbt It/. wnigU — tmtnldcii 
(ttd I -ttogl, iiHr dilute, golJ wiigbu. 

VulRDt, -IBt^. cunil. 

9uSv, (1. pi' W. galf' 

«BlDC, •. *. (od) « ««lp (ap) diifgrge. 

«nlD, tt. pi. -t. floDl; («dt «., u fli 
Cn;i. e-6tSllct, tetrdl. rar liiHiiig-, -I 

■«! km 

•nlw, I,- , .. ..„. „ 

Wnmli, T. a. to nmble. — QtHrallng, ( 

0-t«ni, V 

118 ^ ~ 

SunVl, >. <. nff. It ].tl. • F-iA •*« ohHIlL 
Smnvtloilft , -tone, • xn tt tuArtl, ti eirl 

t »«iy,'t."*.tM.fffHfl[. 

aunR, ffl. |>l. e. riVDiii.= Cnntp. Q-btbUtaIng, 
•lilt or f.Ymr hrtw. — gunftig, ««. rntrMe, 

4»ngl( pj, r.reA i» girgit. =e-li«»*,MMle. 
Wuftm, t^y- pi. -Ini. mitw, -m. — 0-f(»/ , 

r Cm(P, i-agita, 
— dwty Ttilm t 

wW. : 

I. «»lt. T«!tow. 

rU. ffliilfreC ; -foil,, 
-[.t, )«ndic, ; 1.M0-. 
bomcr. ~ «-^t. II 

@uulnt, V. i- M Inn vtiMir. 

«!)<!(, HI. Jim. 

«Btt, t>. a. A», gnttl. gllM. >*)Mr, lUJ. 
— BSbni. ®?b™i9, m. poiFtig. = Chv. 

Bnltini. a«. •diii-., ^id | tan galtni tbnt. 
M g. eKnt, a. g.M„ 

_ .. J5t..,. 

^?t(ni, n. p#. -It. gniidfi 

»?iwa, -di. T.IM, ~ «- 

•Jl., ™. . ,™,g »-. 

Vvltat, t. «■ (t i. It ihIb 

n. ,»iT,gii.(. =s c«». «.6 
gang, .-vlnBlngi -M/ > 

"b^Sm, U. pi -I. nri>c. 

n. Andilciliig, tIniiMet. — (B^Snlnj, 01, fl. 

ff^Ori, (n. brom. djtrV wtej. GmIiu. 
(SaiU, ri4- ®j«Ut, 
ISvngfj (It. pi. t. -nvnt, tnfirn. 
•miM, HI, pi. -I. itoetJ, gfoan (.( ■ tm 
uann ;.( • .mg.)-, rdd,^. ,. (tf . „.dl.). 
IStnige, atff. cDmnL, pnnltm, pnniUag. 
esdnn, Mi(. Vnliin. 

«B9lt, %«glrt. rf*. «iegl<. 

I tr, =: Stmp. f 

|UAffna,aitf. hoptftl, 




fnmising ; fell ofliope. — ^9eMmi, ny — fleam of 
hope \ -foS, o43* hopeless \ -It9|efc/(1t> hopelessiiess. 

^cidht, V* «« to hope, hope for, tfanist^ b(t l)tl 
icg $«/ ! bope so •, t(t ml i(g iUt ^., I hope not *, 1^. 
til — JpOft @\t\}, to hope — Inisl in €od 

^aoit/ m* j9{. e* seern, disdain. :^ C»mp* ^ 
-Utf/ sconftal --> disdainftil glance; -ful^ , ad^. 
scomfal, disdainful; -ftttitf/ disdainful smile, sneer. 

— l^aanltg/ aij, dc atfv. «*iii- l^aonfult* — l^aane, 
«. a. to scorn, icoff at* — l^AOtlcd 19(1), o. •• jiaM* 
to diodoin. 

i^aatt/ oif/. aAamed; «u^. scomfol. — l^aant, 
a<fr. scomfiitly, Iflfeif 6* Otlt/ lo disdain, slight, 
disregard* — ^-ilftXif ttt* scorn, disdain; shame. 

J^aottt/ en. pL ^tm^er* hand; l^atjc (t ^iBctte 

Unber «&(rnber/ to have a work in hand, he engaged 
ia • work ; ^AA fin Cgm ^*, of one^s own accord ; 

at one's own risk ; 3<d ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ ^"'^^f ^^^ 
4^., I hare it ft-om very good authority; ffttbe cn 

§c)} — f(ct ^./ to write a good •— bad hand; un^ 
er l^ond ^* Og @egl / under l|is hand and seal ; 

gaoe ut fcr ^aanttn melr ten , to go ent to fight 
with one; be^daanben/ 4)aa rebe^^oanl — J^orn' 
^er, at hand ; ^t^et'bei gaaet l^om gobt fra ^oatt^ 

l^en/ h« is getting on well with the work ; ^aa fri 
^,^ only with the hands, i. e* without the aid of 
the ttsnal implements ; tegne J()aa fH 6« ^ to draw 
without the aid of rale or compass; fc^te |>aa fti 
.£»./ to shoot without ft rest for the gun ; g{t}( '^VCis 
gC IfKia ^aanben / to give money in hand ; aaac 

ten lit ^oonbe^ to assist one; gaae fra ^aanoen/ 
to go oir, sell (of goods); Tte^^e «^aanb ^aa no^ 
get/ to take in hand ; IttgAe ^. :)}aa een , to lay 
(Violent) hands on one ; af ^aanten { SDiunben, 
f^om hand to mouth; yL^at ^aanben af tm, to 
forsake, abandon one; $at>e $enge tmeHcm ^(Ctt:- 
tux, to have money In band; \«0^t .^amt)eme t 
<S^ieb(t/ to sit idle ; %Q»t $« t <^anfe met een, to 
have a bold of one, have a person under one's thumb ; 
fomme tit'^cente/ to come to hand* := Comp. ^- 
orBeite, work done with the hands e*p. needlework; 
-6ti(/ hatchet; -MOiXi, vid. -flate; -Bog/ manual; 
-IfttX} , en. bandbreadth; -htto , adj. broad as the 
hand ; ~but, bow ; -fmtf rammer ; -Ibcrf fett/ wash- 
band basin ; -baff/ slap ; -bug, towel ; -faaet ($ant)/ 
pledge or oawn deposited in one^s bands ; -fong/ 
handle ; -fttft/ adj» strong, stout ; -fafll^eb/ stoutness ; 
t -faint/ span ; -flabe/ palm of the band ; -fulb/. 
handftil ; -rotVb'a , adj. bandy ; -fcTlbtg^cb/ band- 
iness ; -ffffte / bold ; -fttfte^ v* a. to lease, let ; 
•fcffhu'ng, charter which, before Ihe year 1660, the 
Danish nobles used to exact from their kings on their 
aeeessien to the throne; >gem4mg /. fray , scufOe, 
elose fight; -geVttT/ band gun ; -gtenttng, !• manual 
work ; 2. aetnal vio|^nee ; -ATanat/ band grenade ; 
-jgnb/ 1. handle; 2* grasp; 8. manipulation ; -gTt6e' 
Kg, adj. palpable; 'l^e^, led horse; -^ie(^, manual 
atsiatance; -l^elbf vid, -fvfle; -^crbC/ v. a. to 
maintain, assert, viadicale ; -fKet^etfe, en. maintenance, 
Yiidication, assertion ; -^ottteVi maintaiaer, viadicttor. 

assener; -jent/ manacle, handcuff; Iffggf -lent 
:)}aa/ to manacle, handcuff; -fa|i^ \* of tC\ 
stone's throw ; 9. scuffie ; -fla)>/ clapping of hands ; 
-fiftbe/ towel; -foTt, pi. ptain cards e. g» at whist) 
-fraft/ strength of band; -ftmfet/ ruffles; -f^B, 1, 
kiss on the hand ; 2. hissing of hands ; -lOtn/ a<^« 
having a palsied hand; -longer, 1* hodman; 2. 
helper, assistant; -l(b/ wrist; -linning/ wristband) 
-lotfe / hollow of the hand ; bet iX onbt at ^luffC 
6aaT af S^., it is difficult to shave an egg ; -lug;: 
nmg, weeding by band ; -fage, surgeon ; -Iffgninfl/ 
laying — imposition of bands ; -I«fte, promise ratis 
fied by giving the hand; -\t^ , adj. bandless; 

-left %$<eTge / missile weapon ; -mcmg; -momge/ 
vid.^ -genwmg; -nem, bandy, adroit; -pant/ 
e»rf. -faaet ^ant; -^Jenge, I. earnest money, earn- 
est ; 2. King's bounty (to recruits) ; -:)}lot} , band 
plough; -qtjent/ band-quem; -tan, taking forcibly 
from another what be has in bis hand ; -Ttng, braot- 
lel; -nier, Wrf. -frufer; -rcefning, aid, assistance; 
-fab/ handsaw; -fttKtng, pocket-monejr; -ffiolb, 
target; -ffrebett/ adj. manuscript; -ffrift manu- 
script; 2. handwriting; 3. note of band; -jtrttjeT/ 
clerk, amanuensis ; -fftue/ band-screw ; -ffltb/ cast 
or throw with a missile; -flag/ 1. blow — stroke 
with the band ; 2. f)\d. -Iflfte ; 3. f, x>id. -gewong \ 
-ff^n^e/ sling; -fptget/ handspike; -flptl, JV. T. crab) 
-f^ette/ squirt; -ftecn/ piece of ore containing na- 
tive gold or silver; -tc^, 1. grasp, gripe ; 2. handle; 
-teen/ distaff; -tegnmg, drawing (without the aid 
of instruments; -tete/ v. a. to handle, manage, wield) 
-tettng/ en. pi. -er. l. handling etc. 2. trade, cralt, 
handicraft; -tr^/ shake, squeeze — pressure of (he 
band; -uaaBen/ band weapon, t^ e. no t mis sUe ; 
-birtbe, winch; -bifer/ l. index {svek as tS?*); 2. 
finger post; -btfP/ easy Job; -bCtrge, vid, -baO? 

Ben; -bcerf/ trade, handicraft, craft; -botrfer, 
vid. -borf Smanb ; -bcerf8bre«g/ apprentice ; -bcerfSs 
folf/ handicraftsmen, mechanics, operatives; -bttrlS' 
laug/ trade's corporation; -bCrrf6»tanb / mechanic, 
handicraftsman, operative ; -bffrtemefler, master me- 
chanic ; -bcerfdbareri tradesmen's goods (for sale) ) 
-bcern, manual defence; -tj%t , batchet. Z= •l^aatt^ 
belag/ -lab/ bandiness , manual adroitness; -ben« 
btng/ turn of a hand, twinkling of an eye. ^Comp* 

^aanbSbrcb, vid. ^aanbfereb; -giemfng/ vid, 
^oanbg.; -!raft/ vid, ^aanbfr, = .Jxfnbebrib/ 

wringing of the bands. 

.^anbc/ til ^,.f vid. sub ^oanb. 
.£>aanbel^ vid. j&anbel 1. 

faanbeltg, adj. vid, ^anbeltg. 
aanbborrfeT/ en. pi» -e. vid, sub ^aanb. 
^aaxitf V. a, vid. ^aan. " 

4aar, et. pi. id. hair; paa Ct ^., to a hair; 
^>aa l^Onaenbe ^./ within a hair's breadth, within 
an ace; Ut tX truffet beb ^Mttt, it is far-fetch- 
ed; fotnme i ^aarene fammen, to fail togeth- 
er by the ears , . fall — go to loggerheads ; ^Ms 

rene retfle ftg ^aa mi J&obeb, my hair stood 
on end ; nteb -^Ub og ^./ skin and all. =: Comp* 

br Ihs kiir;^U3, hllK[ol£; -tuft, IDnorblic; 

-folt, hiiiDg oir or Ac kiif . tiartcj, tm cvii-, 

-fitl, miH An- Hit kiir; -flin, "dj. Bgt ii ( 
hdri -fi(t, lull ftli) -fblning, knid — rliii ot 
htU; -girt, »«. -*[ag; .((«*(, bW. -tug; -Hb' 

Hnv klir ipliUn 1 -tteifm, klil ipliuiai^ -txiiW, 
triiileit -fnignmj,rriiilidf', 4dF. lack olhdii-liS, 


-tis,' -V-..., , , --.., — ., ..,....., ^ 

-fUb(, nigntni foi itt bill -fui>, "•''■ -nm 
•tiett, liiir litTt I .fint, kUd ; -fhrf, pMlif D 
Ike biir (dh the hud); -ftioih, blinlfUl -<''-■ 
-ftanr, hiirJregiti — aiur; -fnor, lord — 
otbiif, -hit, ».r>.^1 -r>t, h. 
lick; -taVf, InA sf hilri -top, Uapei i -tot 
— bniidls nrinlr', -Half, nlltt; -Vatt, gto 
Imlr. — 6aant, "J/, htirr. 

^ooct, 'JJ. l.hicdi I.iiinh; t' SSsttn, 
■ittpi ^aattt SSrii ' ■ 

Ihi bJr{ -iiniFil, bi 
I -VVnt, intHnf oi 

"4- lni>ri -wV S*Hli 

■da I ^( Snin 
"jlifl , "•!]. h» — , 

ttt git ^outt til — 

b *"rt«. = C,1,"°b- 
„ . ... ,.., aJy. klrdjj -ferfkt, 

kiidiaau; -(inttt, si^. indhtined; -bitttiattt, 

knAenUitieHt -tcltm, <"//. Eta inm -^ICs 

t(t, 04. I>ir4->liini«lt -tilgt. •■. ■- M b>il l»r<l ^ 
-logl, birJ boiM; .nKlttl, a^. JilicHi i< milk; 
-nmnttt, ■<(. hanl-iHiHhedi -noftlt, "fl, iiW-nwk.d, 

-flntit, Sid. -^'nbl; -fmtltclin, adj. diminli «f 
fb>l«ii; -taimtf, 'dj. ipctkiPt In • btnb •i.icB 
DT IODC-, -Iravintt, ajj. bud-icDiirnt. — liaatt: 
Srt.fn- hjrdnMl, birsbniu, roufintii. — Sauttnt, 
V. i. rid iatlMi. — feaartt, "Id, bird, budljeic, 
ioont, oiy. rid. ni ^tua. 

■^dt, (t. p'. c- blU, hilrcd, ifllt ; Ix^ti foi 

luirtd. = Osiv- Sattfiitt, «rfj. .piuhl. — feotrtio, 
o^F. nncongi. — fatlKtt, tn. niconiiuDtu. 

<^at(, r. a. la bair. -- $itR, in. ji/. c. bii«. 

1. ^m, m- W- -I. hoah- - 6aat, ". ". i» 
boak. = Cmp. ^.%<si\t, .r,u,bu,ei°-{(51l(, ,r- 

t. ^aa(, lit. ft. -I, ckii. := Coxiji. ^-tdcutt, 
li< HbHdi -bKn, fin a( Ibc iider Jiw farmiaE ibe 
cbin I -tug, bib I -buun, doxi an tbi diln ; -flcfl, 
IcpccuiDE in Ihc cbln; -mxH, ■HUOie rram Ihl 
(loind ip la Ihl chia ; -fmattt, 1. bib; 1. dsibli rhia. 

tagfl, fi(ig[, (1 t m. pi. u. 1. hiii^ 2. ibm 
=: Ctmp. B-Ellntll, ii</J. tniitd Hilb kill; -But, 

lui diai by bul; -ff 1), biil cliii; -Ulit, biitr •itKka. 

«ai, tn. pL -a. ikHb. SfnaAu. 

1. iiiit. El. f>J. iif, iooki — cDi Hiib ■ kot. 

I- ho.1. It. pi. -tn. hitk, uuk. 

$<ifl(, m. j>). -I. pickuc, ■lUiik- 

^attl, r. a. I. It kick, koi, gnb % %■ la peek 

^snp. $-blat, ckappiag black; -W, l.cka»iBC 

b iighBlh; -inal, Biiudniti — ^atttn, 

n >( Iraugh,; -UU^inV cbll-cilUr. 

pi. -Itt. luti Hlaos, bill {ptn.) 
. 1 lafli irKt- 
PJ, -I. lail- = Camp. $-n.ut, CIB- 
■1 iiiiie; -fittnv iiil — ciailil raaUxTf -finnr, 

$iil(, v. a. 11 bial'i i. int poa it @(ib, la 

-f AoCltn, liotttntt, a^. niibirEd. 

$(ilin, in. iDiw, huiB. = Camp. $-tumt, 
inw kind at npti -tliiu, uriii miiocii; 'h-folt, 
tap, kUTOi) -fiii|i|>t, bandli if miw; -iti, uno 

e»I$. M $OIHt, in 1 grtu ball), nilb Iba awul 
ipetd; DZR DBI m $., la bi nadini-, (l« Ha 
$ll1((n, ta 14 tacomboid — HddlcJ ttiU; flM 
(n gtbci IKUi $alFni, la till iiu — gai ■ rivtit 
tmiiD fit inn manff gall poo $aI)En, b; ihii ki 

Solftti, la da 111 one ciB 11 iujuie ut{ In nf 
fult $., I* nil wilh liagblti ; IV. T tlt( Salftil - 
untn, li bring — hial ibaud Ibt. tick ; iiiHt &. 

SSt^DI^S — , DogbsitS £4lf() liTc an Ibi tUt- 
bMid ~ lirbiitd licit; fllftt &., 10 lack, tiot- = 
Cemp. $-11011, iugulii >cii -, -baant, 1. iscklaca ; 
a. lallii (rot > dag); -ttin, viitabit.ol Ibt a«i; 
-tdntitdil, iiBimulianarUie Oraili -tint, lIBcIlt 
-bnit, bceitlDE or ihi ntck: -bcfnti, ktirtkan; 
-brgiiit, vU, Snjnidnii)! ; -bnttttntf, Hj. tnti- 

atch-, 'Gljlt, boil ia Ihl Ibtoil; -tlU, vi^. -Tlut { 
-fotll, mr CITW rir Ika Ibrait, cgmbiKi ; -illSgll 
v. a. la biheiil, decipiwo; -$U9niiig, Ctt. dtnpi- 
uiloa; -Bninxl, Ttnabn or ibi aiil; -jtm, inn 
collar (roi tiimmiti); .tjlilil, gliad of Ibt Ikiuli 
-tiatl, chain mam raund Ihc aiakt -tlut, -tintt, 
Bickloih, crBvil,'acckbiEdktcch1ct; JdM, (ia Di- 
niib biraeii} ■ teithcni luip bcl-eta Ihi oala lad 
Ihc birie'i seek; -ttitt, (ilu |kirt ; -i»t , ■«. 
nitlkM; GlIBlDe gtinning, opiUI alcnca, kiu- 
iag mallei; -prdn, kudi or a ucklicoi -|W(t 




giUel ; -pigf apike (of » dog's collar) \ -pintf lore 
Ihroat ^ -}pWitf !• stiffcner j 2. pad of a hone collar \ 
'Xatil, adj. straight-necked', -rent/ throat band; 
-nif power of life and limb ; -fmertf/ sore throat •, 
-fm^cfe, ornament for the neck; -fnor^ string worn 
roand the neck; -fhtmmel/ raff; -^t^/tttf neck (of a 
slaughtered animal); -f^e, -JMbottt/ complaint in 
the throat; -tsttlotttf vid. -fierce; -UTt/ throat- 
wort. CfampamUa traehelia. 

^alSflarrig/ ady. stabbom, obstinate, stiff-necked. 
Z= Comp. ^-f)it, nt* stubbornness, obstinacy. 

&tdif adj. halt, lame. — ^-^ct^z cn. lameness. 

SoltC/ t>. i. to halt, limp, hobble; ^alt ^aa ^ft 
Cne«83em/ lame of one leg. —^olttn, en. haltinffj etc. 

^a(0/ oi^. f adv. n. f^aitHf half; en 1^* ^len, 
half an ell ; ' ben l^aloe StloU, half the globe ; -an^ 
ttm, -ixttit tC.f one — two and a half etc ; StleU 
fen er l^. totts it is half past— after eleven o*clock. 
= Comp. ^-baaien, adj. half-grown — formed (of 
the fetus); -befaren (3;tatroS)/ ordinary seaman; 
-higate/ demi brigade: -brobeY; half brother; -brugt/ 
ad;* half worn ; -hu^f shrub ; -Ct¥(e(/ semicircle ; 
-beei, half, moiety; -be(e/ t. a. to halve; -btOs 
meter/ semi-diameter; -b(ef/ half deck; -beb, adj. 
half dead; -femftnbStl^be/ ninety ; ben -femjtnbS:: 
tl^oenbe/ the ninetieth ; -fjxanttf half idiot ; -ftantet/ 
half wttted, — craiy; -fterbftnbSt^Oe / seventy; 

-fierftnbSti;t?enbe / seventieth ; -fierb^nb^ti^t^eaartg/ 
adj. septuagenary ; -fterbftnbdt^toeaartg Dlbtng/ 
septnagenarian ; -forf(cebe/ half apron ; -fulb/ adj» 
1. half fall ; 2. half drunk , half seas over ; -^Mtn, 
adj. gone half of her time (of a pregnant woman ; 
Suittm er -^aoen 12, it is half past ii; -aaaib/ 
snail farm; -^oarbdmanb/ small farmer; -gal/ adj, 
half mad ; -gammel/ adj. oldish ; -gtennetnftgttg/ 
adj. semi-transparent, — : diaphanous: -Atort/ adj» 
half done — made; rflub/ demigod; -pancffe/ glove 
without fingers! ; -l^unorebe/ fifty ; -^UU$/ half roofed 
boose; -fa))^e/ short cloak; -farl/ servant lad; 
-tUbe/ semisphere ; -foQif adj. half boiled ; -(rebS/ 
semicircle ; -fltgle/ hemisphere ; -It)^, half light, im- 
perfect — , dim light ; -lorrb/ half learned, smattering ; 
-maane/ halhnoon, crescent; -inenneffe/ demiman, pos- 
sessing human attributes in an imperfecta degree; 
-Ittetal/ semi metal; -tnerfe^ twilight; -ncbC/ minim 
Mu*. r.; -CCtab/ semi octave; -pOtt^ vid. -beel ; 
-|>0t/ pint; -4)ettefiafl(/ pint bottle; -O^l^0iet/ a^O'.niexzo 
relievo, derai relief; -pat, gill; -qbotbet/ adj. half 

sung ; ffcui forfiaaer en ^aroqbcebei u^tfe/ he can take a 
hint; -ring/ t'id. -frebS ; -ititppt. peck; -fttetd/ 
almost, nearly; -ffifCtng , half a shilling, Danish 
COM, about ^a fmHki m p i , -fftorte, half shirt; -ff^g* 
ge, half shade; -ilt'bt/ half worn; -folb ^ halfpay; 
-ftrempe, sock; -fi«t>Ie/ half hoot; -ixrf/ half 
smock; -feffenbe/ half sisters and half brothers; 
-fofler, half sister ; -\9\>t\f slumber, doze ; 3 $./ 
half asleep — sleeping ; -tone / semitone ; -to^fe/ 
simpleton, halfwitted person; -trebftnbdtt^t^C . fifty; 

-trebftnbSt^ttenbe/ fiftieth; .bet/ paa -uim, half — 
midway*; -Urtd, adv, 1. half — midway ; 2* almost. 

in some degree, ia a naaper; -bo;ren/ a4f. hilf- 
grown ; -OtOMf half — riK>rt sleeve ; ^/ peainsula; 
"talDere/ v. «. to halve. 

•albfteb/ en. pi^ f. indecisioD, vacciUatiea* 

olofentjtnbdtttbe tc^ vid. *ub, ^alts 

.oloneb/ ^aittnti, ». s. half, moiety ; faoe tU 
^./to furnish seed corn and horses for plooghing on 
condition of receiving half the crop; ^at>e QbOtg 
ttl $./ to feed cattle for another oa condition of 
having half the calves as perquisite. 

'^afottg/ n. M. Vulg* mongrel, hybrid* 
ant/ pron. pert him. 

ant/ en. pi. -me. l. slough (of snakes); 2. dis- 
guise, semblance assumed bg a god or tnsard, in 
Northern mgthoiogg. 

<^antU 0^ nteb/ v.i, to be able to cope — keep 
pace with, be a match for; be ^OtttleS Pd, they 
pull well together. 

Sammef/ en* pi. gamier, splinter-bar. = Comp. 
^-xappttf iron bands at the ends of the splinter-bar ; 
-reB/ trace; -ftof/ splint-ttee* 

^ammcl/ adj. full ripe (of corn). 

jammer/ en. pi. ^atnre. hammer, zz Comp. ^- 
meuC/ forge; -ffaft/ handle of a hammer; -{tctl/ scales 
of iron ; -{tag/ Stroke of shammer; -tJOtrf/ vid. -nttfttf. 

^amp, en. hemp. = Comp. ^OXlXptMX, growing 
— culture of hemp ; -fr9/ hempseed ; -f Oge/ oilcske ; 
-lerreb/ hemp linen; -sMtf hemp-seed oil; -^CvXtti 
hempen cord* [mering. 

v^amre/ v. a. to hammer. — .^amring/ en. ham- 

£>an/ pron pers. he. 

^axif en, pi, -net. he, male, cock, z: Comp. 4^- 
fantn/ buck rabbit; -tat, tomcat; -tftP, he — , dog 
fox; -fbUrO/ cock sparrow. 

1. &a.nm, en. handle (of a flail). 

2* ^anbei/ en« l* affair, business; trade, com- 
merce, traffic; 2. bargain; fltttte en ^Onbcl/ 
to strike — conclude a bargain. IZ Comp* ^(Ms 
belSaohb/ commercial spirit ; -artitel, article of trade, 
commodity; -6aanb/ restriction on commerce; -Bc- 
ttent/ merchant's clerk; -Bog/ merchant's book) 
-httPf commercial — mercantile letter ; -Bntg/ ca-« 
atom — practice in trade: -fog/ mercantile line; 
-flag/ merchant flag;^ -folf/ 1. traders; 2* commer- 
cial nation ; -forretntng/ mercantile business ; -^ 
ffttlf. free trade ; -^OtUt, partner (in trade) ; -grmt/ 
branch of commerce; -|uu9/ commercial house, 
firm ; -ftlbe/ source of commerce ; -lanb/ commer- 
cial, country ; -Ictttf matters relating to commerce; 
-manb/ merchant^ trader ; -:plab8 / place of trade, 
emporium; -rtgntng/ merchants' accounts; -ret/ 
commercial law ; -fentaB/ trading company, commer- 
cial association ; -{rtO/ merchantman ; -fparrtngj> em- 
bargo on commerce ; -{tab/ commercial city; -^Onb/ 
mercantile class; '-(tat/ commercial state ; -tOai^ 
vid. -Baatlb ; -bare, merchandise ; -blbenffoB, Bcienca 
of commerce ; -Oorrb, value in commerce ; -OtXtVtbtf 
commercial errand. [geaUeness* 

tanbelig, adj. manageable. — ^-Beb/ en, maaa- 
anbBoroe, -norbe/ -langer/ vid. svb 4^aattb. 




MV) 9. to act; 4. to Mrfe, deal, traflo) 6. mtt, 
to dMi in 7 be ^osttlenbl/ *• acrchaais. =: Crmp. 
&-mMJt9t proc««diiif, wt^ of proccediig* — ^anb-, 

Uiu en* handiiiif . — ^ttblmgr m. M -a. ■cti**, «ct. 

Aftitbfd/ en. hMdwl, eaneft 

^onH^f/ en. /»<. -x. fioTo « Itllaflc em ^0x^* 
ftot* to throw iovm tho gaaMttI to one; tpiOM 
^ONViteil t t« tika ap tlla gawMlet. = Cdmp. $^ 
warn, glOYcr; -fPtnt^ gtora leather. 

^antterf/ ^Mnbtertng, vid. tub ^^isait- 
^OMf en. pi. -T. cock (in the varievs mm«s) ^ 
f^fee fatten paa et ®eiser^ to cock a gnn. = 
romi^. 4^'6ttlfeleft^ cockloft^ -fcgtfl{ng« eockflghl- 
ing ; cockfight \ -ftel> / cock's ttrat ; -fob / eock^s 
ftMM JV. 7> ; crow foot \ -^h, ^^^^ ^^^ — crow- 
ing) 'famf eoekVcoBub) -ll^Umg/ cockerel ; -fftag^ 
wattle ; -ipoxtf cock's spar \ -crg/ cock's egg* 

tRttOr ^* /*'• «• l»eBti ^0^ incliaation. 
ntf/ nu pi* -e. handle, ear. S CWm;*. ^-I&ot: 
U/ -fltlV^ tab — basket Wf th handloa \ -leS / oo^'. 
without a handle* 

^mmif f tU ^/. -er* l. cockold ; 2. t Daaiah g«^e 
at cards* = ^-ffoB/ et> cnefcoldem. 

^ttnS^ f«^ of ^mt K« prow* ^Ma. his* 

^a^^e, V. i. to stvlier. 
>«/ prmt. of I^Me/ hare, hasl^ has. 
yat^ en. /?/. -r* hare \ manae ^unbe cr ^o^ 
I ^Vb/ two to one are odds* ZZ Ctmp* ^- 
Bfflg, Wrf. -fitnb; -fob/ hare's foot) fltt^e etn om 

SRunbett meb en ^.^ to put one off with empty 

fcomises; flr^ge noget obei meb en ^.^ to skim 

over — do * thing carelesslft HKAntf **( for catching 
bares; -^Ogel/ hare shot; -btCTte/ /I9. at I^abe et 
^«^ to be chicken-hearted; -Ifunb/ harrier; -jogt/ 
hare hunting; -loal/ hare's lettuce; -fitting/ It- 
▼tret ; -(eie/ form — seat of a hare ; -fPAAT/ harMip ; 
•ffinb/ hare's skin; -ftl^/ ad^. timid as a hare; 
'VMt, thin layer of snow ; -fpn'ng/ double — donbling 
of a hare ; -f«bn / hare's sleep ; -iOXii, hare and 
hound (a game) ; -XM/^t, young hare. [en. hawking. 
')ar{e/ «. <. to hawk, force up phlegm. — ^. ^CcAvA, 
Mirieftn, en. pL -et. harlequin. 
)attn, adj, wrothk 

ioimer ^arm, en. pi. e. t) t. gHef ; a. wrath, 

ire, re8entm«nt.= Comp. ^-l&leg/««0'. pale with grief 
etc.; -fulb, «<<;'• ireful, wrathful, resentM, Indig- 
nant; -(ig/ tK^i* vexatious; resentful; -fri/ ad», 
ftao from grief or vexation ; -gtOen/ adj* sorrowAil,. 

^mnt, v. vfi. %mmt%, v. ». pai$. imp. l^aimes 

bl6. to he — - feel Indignant -^ vexed. 
^Atntotti; en* harmony, concord, unison. — l^at- 

WOnifP/ asl^*. harmonions. — ffwaosnttt , v. {. 10 

^wmontlA/ en. harmonica, mnsical glasses* 
^miif, et- pi. -er. armour; ^ jMb^./ in ftill 

atmour, armed eap-a-pie; fringe t 4^./ to provoke, 



01^/ en* pi. f . 1* hasp ^ % H4. 3«tbB«C)M* 
iji, en* it et pi. -tiu resin, rooin. = ^ 
agHg/ mO* Ksinoua. — l^at|njEC/ v. «. to rosin* * 

&WtpWH, en. f'* -et* hupoon^ ^ Com^. ^OCS/. 
•foHet/ en. harpooner. 

^atff/ a<<^. rancid. = ^^b/ cn* rMwidMani. 
rancidity. ~ ^at^ttUi v. i. to become — gr«w 
rancid. { — oloao by. 

art/ ddj. vulg. hard, severely; 1^* ^C^/ har4 

Ottab/ arfir. nearly, well nigfa. 

ardent/ et. pU c* an imaginary measure used 
in Denmark in determining the amount of the ta»d- 
tax; if the land is good the area of a 5tenbc ^« 
is less and vice vsrsa ; X>ettn^ (^aaib ftaoa ^ffit 
i ^./ this brm is rated high. 

farO/ eii« pk -U harrow. [rowing* 

wmtf ir. a. to harrow. — ^^atttntng/ en. hU" 
Od/ en* pi. -CC vid. ^api. [end of. 

af/ ^abd/ faoe ^. paa, to dispatch, nmiko SB 
„afe/ en. pt. -r. hamstring, tendon of the hnna^ 
hough, ham. = Comp. ^-Ombe/ v. «. to tie Um 
fore leg to the hough of an animal. [to hmak. 

^a\tf en* pi. x. husk (of nnu)« = ^ftfe/ v. «. 
&aip, ^ad^e, en. p/. -r. hasp, reel. 
^adtoe/ o. a. to reel* 

^a^\tl, en- pi. -cr. or ^ofUl. hasel. = Caaip. 
4^^uf!/ hazel bush ; -^«ne, vid. Sgerl^flnc ; -muad^ 
dormouse; -n«b, hazle nut. 

^&% m. pi. c. ^a%t, hurry, speed; bet ^or nts 

,en p.f these is no hivry; ^ en ^., in a huny^ 

joorfor ^cx X)e (aaban &., why arc you in radt 

a hurry? =: Comp. ^-OTOetbe, hurried work^ -6nbr 

vid. l^iihxl ; -fottbt^ 9id. tilfmbtg ; -mob^, Mfr*. ^ 

hasty, touchy; -ntobtg^eb/ en. hastiness, touchincaa; 
-Dirrf/ hurry, haste; 9«u>e meget fioTt -ttont, to bo 
in great haste — in a great hurry. 

^aflC/ V. i. & imperM. to hasten, hurry, speed, 
haste ; bet Rafter ttf e, there is no huiry ; bet ^ofket 
meb benne ^a%, this business requires haste — 

^afttg/ mdj. hasty; ado. hastily* — $-^eb, cn* 
hastiness; velocity, speed. 

^ot/ en. pi. -te. hat ; ^ot^ttet — ^bffi^et 

t./ high crowned — broad brimiMd hat; trefatltft 
./ three cornered — cocked hat ; ffftte 4>atten yoa 
tre ^aaT/ to cock the hat. = Comp. ^ottefeoanb/ 

hat band; -blof/ hatter's block; -fobet/ lining of a 
hat; -futteral/ hat box >- case; -form/ hatter*t 
form ; -magev« hatter ; -mageti, et. manufacture of 
hats; -)}ulb/ crown of a hat; -ffmC/ hat-screw ( 
~ff 98d</ 1»'>™ of a hat* 
"lauml/ en* j»/. -ev. howitser. 
oitge, vid. $abe 2. 

_ W, et« jvj* -e, ocean, main* ZZ Comp. ^-iUHf 
conger — sea-eel; -Baab/ boat for deep sea fiah- 
ing; -BKf/ calm; -Breb, sea shore, beach; -Bugtf 
bay^ gulf; -Bimb / bottom of the ocean ; -Bonbcf/ 
seaweed* XoMtortt iiuirtiHi; -bom))/ aaa fog; -b^B/ 
tiie deep, depths of the ocean ; >b^/ marine animal ) 
-flit/ •€« fish; -ftftert, sea fishing; -ftobe, level •t 


aj4; -fl^rH* fnl — DM; -jmA, ills'— riig 
, nadiktiB»i;'9ilft,unll| -gfl*ft)lj.rtipi.,iwnl, 
masnl I -fli>*r •'• w»J i -Su>> -gntiiih, hi 
t*d - p.«5.i .^.ft, «*. ftlAhfti ^iW, T^ 
n An in t -ftiR , tii. Sllnntbnt ; -ltt«. dA. 
xmH; -tuft', xm ilr; 4>g , Old. i 

-Itnn, lota or the tt-, -ft^'i ^I's* — 

M* •••Ur. = ^HDtnVt, diiinif al ■». 

1. Aaot, m. pi. M i tm)- 
S. $aM, in. ;>!. -i. I. pidihch i 2. fn«i 
Camp. $-atfcdt(, Blidin ii*It ; .totFt, Mmn 
(trfen kH; -blnift, «iir<*M B«i>ti i -boning, 

; ■tlplci, 

re -, -grlnl, giriei 
■.Binr: -(lonlf, 

-wMTaB, .ink 

-elonlt, (trln fini; -Viol 
Cvd«B picnffi \ -tt^'nAf ■inkn lool — ijuj^emrfll 

-U^, finhitr'i Attn; -Ant, gndin rttn; -ttiin 

— fW, In It -tn — HI m 

MafurUllItT ^vat 6.£itfn7 nhil irc TOi 

ttlfWi 6ot Ef lit? h»» art tmT St 
IDl tnif ? iihil arc ysolbs bEllii (oi 1 
1)1 Ot^brfolt? KbU >r. luir »nnil1d> 
■e 6" *tt' fig mtti tfnn( 008^ to. 
iti. n..iierT *™gm Sot fin SigtTafirt, 

Amtri, ((. fi. -r, ivFTift. 

faun. m. iM- ■(■ birtuar, purl, kixi 
^ODncbttilnt, ttrtout Dflcn-, -b^ffat^r 
m knkonii ■tf^ng, ImiliHng or bub 
Vtllin, hirbtor nniei i -^glD, ■mn' bi 

$01)11, in. J>'- c, oiu. =: Cmip. i-grga, gioiu 
|HU; -gisBi ut-niKi -gtet, oilaeil psrHil|i 
■im, aii-tilcB; -nflt, «t blii -mid, ounuil 
-nIS, fMi-i r ■ - - - - »-- - 

4<hiuff, ■■ " 

H<(n*, Utbnic 

AA, ad/, a. ^, kiL — {|tbt, Ol. fl. ,. inK 

fytit, r. i. a npn. topK/: lui, bMl, pin. 
*rtt, ■» b. mitd - ■■■«4i 6«b |Atn tx? 
•bir> itH.mttKi btii bMm M W* lanfll 

•bit — In* dr> T»l «ll Ibll la Bm>b? »(1 Itk* 

^rt(, en. fl--i- *•••■ = *»"V- ^JblwtBr . 
imHj orbMibti; -(gn, htttbj ouiiiti^^ -Ipg^ 

6rt(, •. B. M beiL - ^.vmni, blbinc bMk 
^(tm, ■«>. hem. = c™p. fe-fomi. ■«. »J. 

-fanu, dipined, dciniwii -fan, dapuhm. 
{ittiin, 6(tRiff, ■«'. titOieD, ra(U, kmhenM, 

lillilc. = Vemp. £-»Dn. m. •aciniaai. bealkai. 

l™.'i "-frab' ! 

leaOifa, pign, 

- $(Wng, n 

, „. ,. ■SMI. 

ignal deal — Binri 3 M Mt. uftm At rhtSex 
I), eg boltcn, •!(• asd tond. ~ a<l>. vbollj, U- 
ibIIt, ctnpitieir, lerr. niii. =: c«v. $-n«Cfif 
fall brobtrv -siurttindnll, ewan st aa »lln hnai 
-|ttnb(t,a«. wbalt itlnBedi -fvftntt, hll bnlkoi. 
$m1S(>, m. lalireaeii, lolalilT. 

tn8, fl*. ew. S«e. 
(fit, « ' 

Ue; 3. > 

anen; (cftc nut JtltoliKniul, lo ^lif ^ft' m 
'Ocg, le lUick • kDsk ; ^ifli 0inen( »nt, u tn 
— rirei (ne't ejei nesn i lur ftltlti (H jlm 
I»ie1t> Du tenni ISiinW, ibi. »»>. Ii (ra.m 

Btllgace. - *<flmilB, (n. lying 01c. 

ftlftig, ai(/. .Ebeunl. .folenl, inpelDMa. = 

nil, naiur imrMtri 
iigltn, IR. kaubilind 

em, — 9^ins , m. 


t. 1. beno. .Irdea eiHerarla. 3. 

baiti. — (ijtmng, tn. btiniac 

*f 124 

4l(il<t(, f. a. Ill lull, em. = W^l'Hfl. 
adi. cunble. — ^IbnMfi, «l, cue, kttliif. 

9011, H. pi. e. «<>ii4 lai* — f«Mt, Hccoii 
gAM §. B«», » ucoed IK. — ttftlfl. •*■. I"*I> 
KrHniu. jDUe»rol- ~ $(lli||6ebi m. lackincu, 
ntceuhlntu. — ^rftiflVilS , eiv. IncUly, Forn- 

^Al, It. iBtUnaiioii, ilo^t; gabit flun Baa 
fb.r !>•* cuk '■ ■ >'!>• Ixl " Vx> $' ""^ ■"■>" 
$riia;r. my bo**v ■■ lOkhinv. '— t hrlTi. aJi. aIsdibv. 

9m, V. i. 

un hll>"r ■)< 

nut Sift, ihi 
4(.|ra, iHiB. ■ 

u lit on Hit d 
Stint, >. d. 

|i(b^ ni, 

SlUUt*^ Da* = 


IS ■ rntTi fOluan h^tt 

\.ft. -It Mim; BiinMignio aja^ aii 

iIlT Mut ^i^Hint'i dir; -fllanlS, 

^ab'h in. fcbltd ihJce-ifgjrf ktne (fm. Htl, 
IbE nHI)«m goddtM or dealb). 

t 6([[t, I. s. C rsj). 10 oLiiB. ' 

fitUriaiti, m. pi, -l. hil»od- 

AtUtflmittr, tn. hmlibil. 

{(Utniifift, i-iiJf, 1. AN SiiDia' Dojr-, 1. ntrsn. 

atffmlt) «K^. nrr, eilniiely i . 6. (ult , dt.d 

&ti(a, cmj. 6. IRt. ntr, hIUh; Wii i., 

Tweinii Dl}, EpipblBT. — tKUIgm, m 
nligisQilr. =r Conji. $-aft(n , na o 

-Bintirt, 1 

iui -tog, l 

jBim. ". 1^ lo "■""I'- ■"' 

obttnc t" -^Vlttlft, kltrilg »c., obierviDia. 

a. u bnp Iw1r< ab'itrvt i S. 'lo ditolc, Itdici 
"-'-I, ■. .. vi4- fiitlmt. 

I, m. pi. -t. kor*. ~ ^Hnti 
E. = Comf, (iHnlttT, ktniD 
iIhJ, uphHli -tigl, tpte — 

•imoi-Wrfl, hcnic 
fint, ktnli <»< 
Mb ; -tin, hanie 
.(t-, -meWg, -*. 

itWB aft ^ -qtMC/ 

■fab . pHicriir *f 

uwvn, -iiir/ ursin iBa-, ^ui, "fc -liip^h 

SdDEtl, It. hcLL. f «. $llMlrt. InromaL. = CMip. 
((iDitfnt , daataai law bttl t -ginning , iarcnal 

rmiifi, ^Jiitt, dtag-tbili. 

^nnnclig, arf/'. ieci«,clud«lilt, rrinit, cIsh, 
- Hh. Hcrally tic. = *-6i», en. ikt.ct, .ti- 
vaci. — pi. -tl. Hnn. mrilclT. — bIBUniUgs 

Dmtm mig |ini, whciuocrcr l ura ; |m noatr 1 

nuie ■»>T> Ifrnoin 6. Via ^ntt, laier ia i 
■ '■~ (frfiSDtaet, aDne line -" 

tcntll. r.-i, ID die, die awaT. pa-ii)*, (ipin 
tnt»F(. «- a. 10 daie ana;. 
t $nifilt, tt. dacaua. 
^infant, r. I. l.iajddiii tna'a atlf it. uk 
1. IS fall asty, dauy. — (mfaliin, Bi!). fmci 
allti i. a, iddictcd — flTtn 10. 

^1 dctf. put, dcparlad, by-gVBa. 

, o. to IlfL — MmiMII. (iw. 

^tntaflii e. a. m cui — tkn» — llin| 

^(ntl^E, «- a- vid, -jamvt. 

. Sottont^, tn. fl. e. nuiliig (to), tninl 

nuRtfDmfectnt rm', U tun — <llre« lh( i 
to. -^ ^-Irtning, «u comyisu. 

^tnligt, r. a. it BlBi mwtj (time). 

s™!""- »■ a. * •. w poH — ipenJ oi 

amliflftt, B. •■ md. -6»il(. 

Atntoalnu. v. 1- id ni ■ni;. 
^enna"'' '■ "■ '" '■'^l'o» — 
$nutiF(, ni. JonniEr <io ■ pliti 

$-Tttttl{t, m.' pf. -r. ueimUaii. 
jStnihitt, V. 1. la Boh -^ purl 
SmriBIi, >. i. I* DiDtmu- — r 
^tnilDt, (- d. I. U hurry — . 

put (or piHloii) ; i. u fiKinu, 

blimc eo i ^. Rn @M, in ippiat. 

SmffBd!, rid, Sortffijnt. 

$(ltiliunn, I. • lr> hll l«D I ilnmber ; fg. lo 
dia ; 6-f(iiinitn»( flntflit — SftniBaitr, donmiii 

^miattc, I 

". la .igt. .-•y. 

■OmFi)"/ rt- rfipett, njont; mrt 4. til, »ift 

taB( «. tiT/ niDiH bt'ini kid w "»bto «. « 

■ider. — b-F^nSlEG, oij. icgordLm, beidltu. 

finifljltfw, „. m. ID pan .iviy In lingin);. 




^mf«tte, «. a. to p«a away — hji M<rtttd i 
^fimgfa/ to hf lodged in priMm* 

J^en(«Tg(/ «• a. to pasi away in sorrow* 
' i>tnta^t, «. a. to uke^Bway* 

^entC/ V, a. to fetch, go — tn^ for ; ^« nt 
'^Ogtt/ to call a coach* 

^entl^tlc, V. a* to enchant, fascinate. 

^tnttmitt «• «• to piaas in disstpation* 

AtnVoint, «. «. to pine away. 

J^tnti^Uf t>. «. (til, :|}aa), l. to apply to ; 2« to 
-allude to. — Jg-ti^bnmg/ m* applicaUon; ailasion. 

^eitt^t/ «•*• to have recourse to, to resort — repair to. 

^entcrtC/ «. a. to waste, consume. = ^-tttCtttg^ 
*tXU wasting etc. [drying ap, exsiccation. 

J^mtttttf r. a. to dry up. — J^-tflmttg, m* 

1>eitbanl}ve^ « i* to wander away, depart* 
^enbcb/ ode. ahont, near, nearly, towards* 
}tntin, en* way out ; paa ^intttitn «g ^itwfi 
wlMicit/ on the way out and the way home* 

ftw6tt, «. a. to blew — waft away* 
mbente, «. a. (paa, tit), turn, direct (to) ^ 

2. to address one^s self — ap,ply — mahe appliea- 
'4ion to.^— ^-toenbelfc/ -ttmbtng, en. application. 

•l^enbtfte^ t>. a. to waft along* 

4>tn»\tiU, «. a. to heckon to* 

.^endtfe, v* a. i. direct; 2- to refer to* — ^- 
:i}iidning^ en* pi. -tt* direction ; reference* 

^entotSnC/ «. i. to wither — fade away* 

^(tf.adv. here; ^« i SS^en — ^anbet/ in this 
•-town — country ; ^* CQ \>tXf here and there ; ^* Og 
l^iJSfet/ here and hereafter, in this world and the 
'urorld to come. ZI Comp. $-eftei/ hereafter, hence- 
Xorth, after this; -fot/ for this — it; -ft A, from 
hence — this — ^^^j, -^^^f H"" way; -f^ttt/ 
here, this way, hither; -$tb/ hither; -l^o8, 1* close 

— hard by; 2. besides this, moreover, add to this; 

3. along with ; -t. herein, in this ; -tolcuibt/ among 
*this — these : -tgtentum/ through here — this place ; 

>tmetXem, between these ; -inU)t/ against this ; -int, 
herein, in here — this place; -tnbe/ within — in 
here, in this place ; -ttieb/ herewith, with this ; -neb, 
down here ; -ueben^ here below ; -nofi/ next, in 

'the next place; -OKI/ 1* of — about this; 2. round 
this way; -omfring/ hereabouts; -tip, -oppt» up 
here; -0\itX, over here; -pM, upon — on this; 
-til/ 1* to this, hereto ; 2. besides, moreover ; 1^. 
fommet/ add to this ; -Ub, out here ; -ubot^er/ on 

'this account , in consequence of this ; -ItnbeY/ under 

— helow here; 1^. fftiUtX, here lies; -beb^ hereby, 
1>y this ; on this subject, concerning this ; tcet -Pth, 
close — hard by ; -l7Cti<nbe/ <^dj. here present, r*. 
siding here. 

^eralbif, en. heraldry. 

jget^etg, Jgerfieige, et. pi. -r* l.'inn; 2. lodging, 
•quarters; 3. hall of a corporation. — ^etBerge^ «■ 
■a. to harbour, lodge, quarter. — "^tt^tt^tXtf vulg. 

«<d. ^eTbcrge* — ^erberaerer, en. innkeeper. 
J&erfugl, vid. ^cerfuftl. 
4w. vid' ^cerie* 
•^etfotnfl, en* pi- c* descent, parentage, extraction. 

.^(tltgr mdj' raceUent, glorious, grand, BMCBi0- 
cent. Z^ Comp. 9-^iext, t>* a* to glorify. — ^- 
giorelfe/ en. glori£cation. -^ •^-l^eb, en* escoUeace, 
glory, magnificence, graiideur, adiwntage. — pi» .4K- 
seignorial — n«Borial rights* ZZ Comp* -pibdcuKr 
pessesor of seignorial rights. 

J^nmtlw, en. pi. er* ermine. 

^crcttT, adj. ft adm. heroic — al; hor»ictliy. 

^erolb/ en. pi. -er. henid. 

tecom — ober tc. rid. tub ^et. 
•em, en. pi- -t* lord, master; ^mos^ thcLord ; 
^Ot J^., our Lord; ^enenS 93orb/ *• Lord's 

men ; benm ^etrc , this genllonMi ! ^. 91./ Br. 
N. ; •&• og ^nu , maitter nnd nialrcw ; OOtC {In 
«gen $./ to he one'» own Aaotcr; bon 4^nu OttCtr 
fg» to have under epmaand — conliol; StMCH fC 
J^. t ^nUtf the wife rates the coast, the gny tmre 
is the better horse. ZZ Comp* tl-Agng/ mdj. cmr*- 
lier; -Bom, nobleman's er eantlanan's child; -Kab^ 
court — face card; -BoYb/ 1. master's table; 2U a 
great man's table; -bct^ wibl«Biaa'a caatlc; -feub/ 
order — command of a master; -&9II, rcqaesc af a 
master ; -bag, diet (in Deaanrk) ; nbc -^00 tub/ 
to proclaim ihymeimted hcralda) the apeaiag af Ike 
court of appeal at Copcabagea; -tMrogt, noblcmaa''a aa- 
stume ; -Jolt, quality folks, people of raak ; -flTKb, 
pageantry ; -f obe, a lord's fare ; -^OAtb/ maaar, aeig- 
nory ; -gtlbe, lordly banquet; -g^Mlt -i^i^lbe^ famar of 
Ibe great; -ftojUT/ abhe^; -tlala, lovdly attire;- 
-lebn^/ lordly life; 4«fte/ great man's proaiae; 
-led/ adj. without a BMter -^ owner; -.mooltt^r 
lordly repast; -nogt lordly power; 4nanb/ lord of 
a manor, landed praprietar, squire; -VMbc. vid- 
-bag ; -Pta^tf lordly pomp ; -ttt/ dish for a lard ; 
-{al/ lordly. hall; -tttenf , iardly gift; -fftftC/ change 
of roasters ; -fftolb (corruptly foT ^SrfEtoIb) # ar- 
morial bearing, eacvtcbiBon ; -{lot/ fl>ul. -MVg; -nOb^/ 
vid. -^tOgt ; -flamme/ lordly race — Une ; -^•Itb, 
noble rank; 'foebf/ manor hanac, lordly aeat; -600/ 
adv. ^aa p./ in a lordly — lordiihe maaoar. 
j^erreb/ et. pi. -er. district. = Comp. •f^cmbd^ 

fienbet/ peasants of the same district; '^^9'^f^^^ 
of a district ; -fftel / boundary of ad*; -fCnl^/ 
clerk of a d. ; -ttng^ court of a district* 
Jbvm^emmtf et. dominion. 

.^etren^ut^ en, pi. -er* Moravian* 

.^erfe^ en. pi- -r* baron [tbana?] 

^ertToB/ et* pi. -er. dominion ; 4^al»et/ •««. bet 

Congelige 4^./ l. the royal family; 2. a genUeaan^f 
or nobleman's family; naster and mistress, aqr laid 
and my lady- ZZ Comp. <^«cftaB96crb / the aaater's 
table; -Fubff — bogn, a nobleman's or gentteana's 
coachman — coach. 

<&erf|abf(tg/ a4f seignorial, mamMrial. 

.^erjfe/ t>. i l. to sway, rule; 2. ta reign, pre- 
vail , predominate ; ^erftenbe , adj. reigniag ate. 
prevalent; belt ^erjPPcitbe 0Ult^|ii»t/ the cataUiahed 



(pr«rfttlia«) reUgMiB. = ^•m|i. ^-4At^/ love of 
dominion; fttCCY^ ciO'* ^Miaccrin^, Anbitioiw ; -lOM^/ 
art or niUi« ; -l^, latl of aomiaioa ; 4^^t», u^. 
MBbHiono ; -f^g/ adj. ioordinttoly MnUtiow \ -f^g^ 
iMrdiMte last of domtnioa. — ^ttfttt, «»» pl' -(. 
•iMUrr , naler, dotpot. —• •t^-OOnt/ ruler'* spirit; 
-kldit, busU-om; -fiaft/ ruler's energy. 

j^ttttti^ tn* pi. -et. duke. =: CoMif . ^^•mmi/ 

tt. pi. -tt, duchy, dukedom; -tU^f «t^» ducol ; 
•mtC/ en* pi. -t. duchess. 

4(fi% 9id. I^areitg* 

f en* p/. -t* horse; ilim. pony, nag^ ttl 
, , OB horse beck , moulted ; fhge tit ^^^ f to 
mouut U horse); floae af <&(flen/ to dismount, 
■light firom a horse* IZ Camp. J^-fotlr horse, ca- 
vafry ; -ffll/, foal ; -gactt/ horse-guard. = ^XttWd 
IbcitC/ work for a horse, drudgery; -ODl/ breeding 
of horses: -Beflag/ 1. shoeing of horses ; 2 horse 
•hoes; -XMSX^t a large bear; -bftmS, horse — , 
gad-fly; -i^'^tf horse load; -l&«nne/ horsebean ;> 
•^OM t horse pond; -toctot/ herse doctor; -tnl/ 
horse drench; (kg* sitong physic; -tunv <mO'< etopid 
as an ass ; -tiOttUxit horsecloth ; -fel)t/. horse crease ; 
-S/sHittt fodder ~ prpveader ftor horses; -follf -fvl/ 
Md.<^eflf. ; -gt«bmtt^ horse manur-; -l^aar, horse- 
hair; -^oXt, hone's tail, horsetail; -j^an^cl/. deal- 
ing lA horses; -l^auMcT/ horse dealer; -l^tt/ keep- 
ing of horses; -^OD/ horse's hoof; -ficnber/ judge 
(Of horses; -ftffb/ purcfiase of horses; "lititf borse- 
Jlosh; -haft/ horse power; -frftftei/ /l^- strength 
at a horse ; -llj^nttg/ a good judge •i horses, eo^. 
of horseflesh ; -Uit/ horse-hire ; -(oACy horf« leech, 
farrier; -tttOlfct/ horse fair; -metfcttt/ horse phy- 
•ie; -meff/ mare's milk; -meg, horse dung; -UtsU 
IC/ horse miH ; -notUT/ constitution of a horse; 
-Jprong/ horse-dealing ; -^ronget/ horse dealer, >ockey ; 
-i»orre/ horse turd; -TOCe, breed of horses; -mt« 
bfn / horse racing ; -inim|»e / vid. -^U ; -Tffgt, 
tending of horses ; -regter, groom ; -{YtftC/ 1. stage ; 
2. changing of hiKses ; -fti}» horse shoe ; -{tta^C/ 
•U. @triAlc; -{logter, horse butcher; -flolt, horse 
stable; -f^gtom/ -f^gC/ disease of horses; -f^n^ 
liorse show; -tbtb/ horse market;-* -i^^ , biurse 
ttealer; -t^Dcrv horse-stealing; -tet/ harness; -tfffltf, 
korae mill; -btl^tcI^vB/ horse race. 

^et^tt/ en. pi. c. revenge, vengeance; tAoBc om 
<$^, ^flA/ to call down — cry for vengeance on. ZZ 
Comp. ^-tom^^ penal judgihent ; -^«/ a«lf. .exulting 
in, revenge; -gtCing/ o^;. revengeful, vindictive; 
-^Iligl^c)^/ en. vindictiveness , revengefulness ; 
-nttt/ tulj. vid. -flterng ; -ll^/ thint — desire of 
ffcvenge. — ^ebnet(^ day of vengefence. 

«^el)ne/ v. a, to revenge, aveoge; X) ftg ^Ofl 
ten/ to he revenged of — on one, take vengeance 
M.. 1= Comp. 4-Ii^|l/ f>M« •^ebngtemgllH^/ «w^ 

^ei9n — J^Dnet/ en* />/. -e. avenger, revenger* 

•f>er/ en. pi. -e» hag, witch, sorceress. ZZCipmp. 
jf>exeoog/ conluring book; -bant>9/ witch's dance; 
-.))nt/ ehanned potion; -ntu^e/ magic knot; -lonfl/ 

irllekcraft; -loitftci^ aptUs, chaona; -lltftf powor 
of witchcraft; -treM^ magic ciacle; -me||l((/ wi- 
aard, sorcerer, necromancer, ooiOvcr; -oib/ p/. 
coajnrations, ineanlatioM; -|M(9toe/ ordenl to vhick 
aupposed witches were au^ected, e. f. of water | 
'f^ng/ incantation; -ftflt)/ magic wand. 

J^tftf 9' «. to practise witchcraft ; v. «. to con* 
{nre, charm. — ^e^eit, et, mtobcmft, sorcery, no- 

^iotteVf etu jabber, twaddle. — ^io^blt / ^, u 
to jabber, twaddle. — ^-ttont/ adj. Jahhecihgt 

•^iolte, et. hiH. 

i^to^r, «. t. to aintter. 

^icM/ Ctt. pi» -ee. clout, rag» 

.^iaflte, V. i « a. U to dabble, paddle; %, to 
do in a slovenly nmnner, slight over; ^» fomMin^ 
to juBBble together; ^.ttt/to soil, hespntlor, 4raggle* 
— ^iaffeti/ et* dabbling ete. ; slovenly woifc. 

^ib, od¥. hither; i^. Og txli hither and Ihtthar, 
here and there. ZZ Camp. ^-hWOtXi, -fingt it»f 
borne — brought hither; -ftflfel/ conveyance hither « 
-tomfl/ arrival here ; -Utt, v. » 1. lo lead -^ 
conduct hither; 2. to derive, deduce; -(#1^ nm — 
course hither; -ret|e^ ioumey — voyage hither; 
-XKUf 9. i. Cfiv)/ to originate in, arise — proeeod 

.^iltttlttl/ adv. hitherto, till now, ap to this dar* 

1. ^itff/ V. «. 1. to heat; 2. to incite, set on^ 
1^* en ^CXtf to run -down a Jiase. 

2. S^\t, vid. fii^t, «. a. 

^tt^g/ 9^. hotj^ hot-headed, passionate, flarf 
ardent; eager; ^I'bHge ^Xittt, spiritneM liipiors, 
ardent spirits ; lUtHe p., to fly into a passion ; INeve 
1^* efiei — pMf to be eager for, after. ZC J(l^s 
fig^eb/ en. passion, heak; eagerness. 

4tMt(/ adv. 1. to this place; 2. hitherto, tlU 
now-^ = ]^-tag9r Md. ^imU 

^itf et* winter lair -^ sleep (of a bear). 

JUitlW, en. pl» -e. l. lelmelf hetan; 2. sbedwiCft 
a roof that lifts up and down for storing cp grain 
in the fields. IZ Comp. <l&-6u|f/ plume of a 
helmet; -bftnnei/ m^'. helmet-shaped; -borffe/ 
mantles, mantling; -gtttetf viaor, beaver; -ttonf 
crest bolder; Map, vid. -gtttet; -tOg^ vid. J^Ulm 
2; -tegn, crest- — ^'elmet/ adf, l. helmed, hel- 
meted; 2. white headed (of cattle). [arenmritL, 

^telnte^ en. sea-reed, beech-grass. ^miMCo 

^tilpf eiV fi' c« help, aid, snoeour, assiataneo^ 
f nnttne een ttl JS>* , to cnme to one''s assistance ; 
foge ^. ^oS een^ to apply to one for help ; f«ge 
en l^orgeS ^iel|)/ to apply to — call a physician. 
ZZ CoMfi. .^telpeTU^/ lesource; -leS/Oiff'* helpless; 
t-retr^ makeshift: -titg/ adj helpful. 

.^telpe/ e. a. \fmpf $tult>em ^mtt)et. pi. I^mlime* 

to help, aid, assist, succour; $. een tUretter to put 
one in^ the right, way, set one right ; l^einteb et 
^an ^mlpen/ that win serve his torn, will do for 
him; l^at ^iel^rv tet? what avails — boots itt 
> 'Ui 9t iCfe^ it nvailf nothing, boots not ; tct WP^^ 




itilob J^OVeb|>tne/ it is good for the hetdacbe ; H^tJA)) 
toil Itt ^. mtg ? what shall I be the better for it ? 
— «. «. past, tot maat f}ttipt9 Ab^ we most assist 
oae another; re/f. Wlpt ft^/ to make shift, ma- 
sage; ^* em af met/ to rid — relieve onh of; ^. 
)}aa eett ^ to come to one^s aid ; 1^. til f to lend a 
helping hand* ZI Comp. J^-flaabe/ auxiliary naval 
force ; -Ixox, assistant teacher ; -loglt/ Wd. 919^- 
l^^; -tntbbelf remedy, expedient; -orb/ auxiliary 
verb; -l^ettge/ subsidies; -to^Cefl/ chaplain, assistant 
clergyman; -ftat/ extra tax — impost; -ttototo^/ 
auxiliaries, auxiliary troops; f -toitttg/ a<f/. wil- 
ling — ready to help. — ^ ^XtX^tt, m. p/. -e. 
helper, aider, assistant — l^tel^font/ adj, ready — 
willing to help ; -font^eb/ en« readiness to help. 

^tent/ oil*'* home; ^. db/ ^' eftCT/ homeward — 
wtrds— r= Comp, l^-atoU/ to house corn ; -Brtltgr/ 
V. a. to bring home ; -Bcere/ f. a. to carry — • bear 
home ; /Ij. to carry away — off; -folb, reversion, 
eochcat; -falbe/ to revert, escheat; -fOTeri/ part, 
toore gift- 09 -fovett^ to be married and settled; 
-fatt/ journey — voyage home ; -farbige/ v. a. to 
dispatch home ; -\tnt / <'« a. to lead — conduct 
home ; -gooettbe/ adj* going home, homeward boand ; 
^Otlg/ going home ; -%a»tf Did. SKebgtft ; -giefb/ 
debts incurred in bebalf of a deceased persott''s estate ; 

l^on vaoia tage^!abe for -gtelb/ he will have him- 

self to blame, he mnst do so at his own risk ; -Yftlb/ 
recall, summons home; -folbe/ «• a* to summon 
home, recall ; fkg* to summon »- call one away (of 
death); -lierfel/ driving home; -(ontmeit/ udj. re- 
turned home ; -f Otttfl/ retarn home ; -loto/ furlough ; 
-rctfe/ jonmey — voyage home ; -fettbe, v. «• to 
send home; -]HKe/ v. a. to commit to [0. 9. God]; 
A^^r ^' «• to visit, infest; -fogelfe, ett. visita- 
tioii, infliction; -tog^ return — passage home; 
-Oanbtittgf wandering - home ; ^g. decease, depar- 
ture; -toet/ way — passage home; -Itettbe/ «. «* 
to return home, wend one's way home; -m\tf v. 
o. to ^ send from tf superior to an inferior court ; 
-toiidnitlg/ Ctt* remittal of a cause to an inferior 

J^XtW/ et. p^^ e. home, domicile* ZT Comp. J^' 
B^gb/ -6«igb/ VMf. -flaton; .(gtt/ native place; 
'ttlAf croft; -^0btng/ -fobtttttg/ homebred person; 
.f«bt/ vid. I^iemmefebt; -lonb/ native land — 
country ; Attt, dislike to home ; -(etottet/ domestic 
life; -lito, home life; -lob/ home lot; -Icrngfel/ 
longing after home ; -led, adj* homeless; -fogtt/ 
domestic tradition; -fiotott/ native soil — * land; 
»fUb/ native place; -f^g/ od/ home-sick ; -f^ge, 
home sickness, nostalgia; -tittg/ inferior court 
(of the first resort) ; -tinggbont / judgment of a 

^^temttng 9. «. ; -Utt, t>id. -fi^e. 
^ictitle^ V. a. vid. tub ^temmeU 

feinhg/ a4i' domestic, 
nttmc/ adv. at home ; l^atoe 1^. i ti Satib/ — 
9/ to be domiciliated in a country — a town; 
tocerc ^. i noget/ to be at home in; ^. frO/ iirom 
home* ZZ Cmmp, ^-Atolet/ ««(;. home-grown 1, — > 

bred; -Btl^et/ a<^'. home brewed; -BMgtt/ a«|f« 
home built; -baaB/ private baptism; -bOtoe/ «*• «•• 
to baptixe privately; -fobttittg/ vid, >^iett(f«bn{ttg ; 
-fobt/ a^i* home-bom, native, indigenous ; -gioYt/ 
adj. home-made; -Borettbe/ ail;* 1. native, im- 
digenons ; 2. domiciliated ; -(tbbett/ sitting at home^ 
sedentary life; -fibbeT/ sedentary person; -ftoun^ct/ 
adj» home spun ; -toaitt/ adj. at home, domesticat- 
ed ; -toilfetf vid. -gtort; -tocetoet/ adj. woven mH 
home. — Btentnte/ v. a. to house, harbour, lodg<e. 
•^tetttmel/ ett« 1. warrant, authority; 2* proof -^ 
evidence of lawful acquisition or possession ; 3. fall 
power, r: Comp. B-f^f^/ ^dj warranted, authorised. 
— ^ietnmel^Breto / written authority; -mottb / stt- 
Ibority ; -4>I{gt/v obligation to , produce evidence •f 
lawful acquisition. — BtemU/ v. «. 1. to make wA 
a title ; 2. to prove the legality of ; 3. to authorise. 
—; <&tcmler/ en. pL -e. vid. ^emmeldmanb. — 

^iemling/ en« making out etc 

J^ittM, ett. pi. -T. brain ; Br^be fitl ^* ttieb nos 
get/ to poule one^s brains about anything ; (cr£^ 
{In ^* i Sbititf to rack one^s brains. = Comp. ^- 
aare/ celebral vein ; -BetcmbelfT/ inflammation of the 
brain; -hctt r trepan; -Boiiltg/ trepanning; -Bn^, 
/iff V Tid. ^otoebBnib ; -fcflet/ offspring of the brain ; 
-toinbe/ membrane of the brain; -pi^If / cavity of 
the sKoll ; Atntf craniology ; -(^8/ adj. brainless, 
acephalous ; -tnatto / medullary substance (of the 
brain); -)ptt\\i , brain sausage, cervelas; -itttT/ 
skull, cranium ; -fptnb/ chimera ; -f^ adj* braim 
sick ; -fktgbom / disorder of the brain ; -feiU/ sa- 
ture ^ -to<m/ cephalalgy. [trao honasi»» . 

S^XVtl^t, en* pi. -X. hazel grouse, gelinotte. ^ To- 
•^terte/ et. p/* -r. 1. heart; 2. valve (of a pump); 
3. chape (of a buckle) ; Baoe ncget ^aa ft 4&icrtr/ 
to have something on one's mind ; Baoe Onbt fot 
^tertet/ to feel eick ; bet fftonrer mtg t pxrAtif it 
cuts me to the heart ; tage — (orgge ttl •$). / to 
take — • lay to heart ; bet gaaer tttig nteget noet til 
6./ I take it much to heart; ^OXX figet B^^ab bet 
«<Qd(t.Bam tooa ^., he speaks his mind; bet gif 
mtg til J^./ it went to my heart ; af <l^teTtet/ flrom 
the heart , cordially , heartily ; af mtt ganfTc S^,, 
with all my heart; af JF){erten8 @nmb/ f^m the 

bottom of the heart ; jeglanitfe Brtnge (fere) bet Otoei 

mtt ^. / I cannot find it in my heart, r: Comp. 
^-attgft/ agony of fear; -Banfen/ throbbing — pal- 
pitation of the heart; -Blob/ heart's blood ; -Btcef? 
lenbe/ adj. heart-breaking, heart-rending (irofMca<- 
<y); -bannet/ adj heart-shaped;- frcb/ heart-ease, 
peace of mind ; -friff/ adj. heart-whole; -glob/ 
overjoyed , delighled ; -gob / adj. kind-hearted ; 
-granbff et/ searcher of hearts ; -greBeH/ adj. deeply 
moved — affected ; -f ammet/ ventricle of the heart ) 
-fienbet/ vid. -granbffer; -ftorr/ Bi<vtnt9(i«nr^ M(f* 
deariy beloved ; -Happen/ vid. -Banfen ; -iXtwxmi 

\z, oppression of the heart; -f(emt/ adj. heart-sick, 
agoni/ed ; -(r^> hug, close embrace ; -tvHU, pit of 
the stomach; -lAg/ disposition; -let/ adj. light- 
hearted, cheerfol; -lettelfe / relief; At% , ad$<. 


-ftA; -teiti. 1. 

129 ^tu 

\rt; -hni. Vlil. -Im; -fugll, f tlciliiL . 

-l^em, i. di.™ of ih< bon ; S. k«t. l»nt» ; 

-nnnti , llquai of ilii pmeiTdium; -Dunn, mnn. 
kiintili -binttlig, lulj- hnnj . cordiil ; ailtt. 
l™nnj, ooriiiilyv i. «(m«,' wilh in my linn — 
ftitrHiiflbrt, (1. csrdi.iiij. — $i<tlm9. eoU [cr 
pfrttligi oJ^- tittttnS fJOO, ytry, tilTfmely ^ood 
kiid ^ 6'iiiiij>. {HtrlmBn^t. bilD (plinl); -glvtt. 


dtii™.' — fiiirtrr, honi ( zzAimft^eS- 
aonflt — Eamt — Jtntgl — So — Sh it., ■ 

10 i Wcm 
D tnig g kTIc 

Ling; fDtmt»( 

■ ;>'- ^unlt. I. beiTtn, bciveni.>hy; 
bed); 8 UDopy (<. f . Dvrr • Ihiiint) 1 
(I., in iht oc«i lir; $imm(I(nefi<t. 

iliia, Ikyblat, Iiuci -b[Ufi, mtltori .blcU, IMUr 

SibiTiiB ttrJeyi -*Mnmg, lyiUm ul ihe world i 
-WM, igm i -tniiinina. ijo**" of li»yen ; -f(«l. 
iiMi, iilBita ; -fallni, dd/. (illeo tnm Ikc •Mrs; 
-fimn. atli Iirmdrd rnlD htaYint -fid, IHcnilsi 
liu ketven 1 <£t"H< .^imtntlfnrtCtaA, AiriDiiuD 
diy; -fnt, hovraly rart ; -^ii , ailj. aver- 
Jtytd; -(innt, ^Dinn gr ihtlitivciui -^I: 

fcrttt 09 Wint . Ikii ind" 

l.t» = 6-fit*6, «--- be 

$lTll, m. biccoagb. lie 

{)i(tl>, ».'«. M. io^trc. 

= t;B«i' 9-iiom. nti 1 

^idt, ^ftttnutnll key 

™4i[f.. V. «. 10 gmi. 

Biiinn, ke inhtt u> 

r.i«^-, SnS 6am Fia w 

. *ilf«i, m pi. -«. ..1 

fin 4., M pr""' »■'■ c 

*rmT(, ». i .«!», u d 

4iim«t. m. ;>!. «imlt 

l.Mier.(or<bed)', 8 M 

keiTtiiMim -fmj, iMltr lifd, hM poi 
■ffinn. iitt Avlmly betllifuM -FpTITt. I 
the llr; .\tigl, [tddfc reacbtng 10 buy 

, hiiou iimrrsii 'Oris, rid -tan; -I 
; -fat, ai{r. diiiaeti (aEEi-, -tijjn, liri or 

Cemp ^-tnngf ri 

^tcrt/ til, pi -1. Mcp.-. <■■' 

$M(tnna; -^iml , ibcphEtd*! 
luin-z; -ng, .«. .bor---- ■ 

(itiTFn or I oingi -taRcbrooftn, ipitlii ot li 

JiSfn, fiifl, . 

" i ^iii 

'i in, 1 

$-tDg. iioiy book i -qtanijlcr, bbioriin ; -gctmi^: 
nin^, lilaiuilcil ronrib; -t^ttf), ntf. vmrd in 

III pilnlingi -malninfl, biiluilcil piinlin*,; -(frUXI, 

ticil "iliiBii — Siftuttftt, in. pi. -t. biiiotka. 
— niiioijfl^ wlf. biilsTicBl 

Siltt, «. 
$-b[im, ro. 

sit, >u. gmidra. 
,«i. = c™>. $-W( 

■."ipo"li«', -falflf, "iri.galat;' 
■tninflt; -fMi, nii( -ton», t 




of a wheel ; -tt>inge^ trigger •, -immtttX, Umber for 
wheels ; -DCnf/ wheel work. 

^itJt, e. i. to pant, gasp; l^on ^OX Ictttgl l^tbei/ 
he has long been peaking. 

ttbf/ V. a.. to heave, throw. 
ikmt, tt pL -T. corner. == Cornp* ^-l^ac^C/ 
square, btfvel ; -frog» nook; -^tCfe, comer pillar; 
-ttt f o<(/. rig^t-angled , rectangular ; -{foB/ comer 
cupboard ; -^ttXt, corner stone ; -fhtC/ corner room ; 
-tanlD/ vid. S)tmtant ; -btntUC/ comer window. 

^06, en* pi' -t* multitade, crowd, shoal ; heap ; Ctt j^. 
^etlgC/ a heap — lot of money. ZZ Comp, ^oBetaf/ 
i ^4f in crowds ; in heaps ; ^obrDitl/ adv. vid. 
^ohtiol* [Ctt« pi. -tx. player on the haotbov. 

fdbot, tn, pi. -t* hautboyf oboe. — Sobotfl, 
ef / et pi' -fer. court. = Comp. $-aM, 
court ' nobles ; -Bctietttttg/ employment at .court ; 
-bettent/ officer of the royal household; -orotrt/ 
colleague in the serrice of a court; -d^trUTg/ 
surgeon to the ro^al household ; -boittf/ maid — 
lady of honour ; -1)tgteT/ court poet ; -brogt/ court 
dress ; -tmUtt, vid. -6etl(mng ; -fcfl , court festir 
yal; -folf/ courtiers; -gaOTD/ vid. ^Obg&atb; 
•gimfl/ court favour; -gunftlmg, court minion; 
-QOlt/ -^olttltltg/ keeping — maintaining of a court ; 
•iunfcT/ Danish court title ; -\Ot^txme^tX, master of 
the hounds ; -faptlf palace chapel ; -tWOOluXf gentle- 
man of the court; -noEbntna^-HatbeT, vid, .tragi ; 
'ft^htXf cringing courtier ; -CT^Beri/ cringing, fawn- 
ing ; -tt^tt I feoir granted for court service ; 4ct}? 
net/ -Itb / court life ; -Iccge/ physician to the royal 
household ; -ntonl)/ courtier ; -tnantei/ i^d» -{ttt ; 
-marffoK/ High Steward; -meflct/ vid. ^tt'^VM' 
fter; -nor/ court jester; -)»g/ courtling; -)}Taat/ 
qileudour of a court; -^rotfl/ king''8 chaplain ; -raob; 
Danish title ; -Yet/ formerly a court of judicature in 
Denmark which adjudged causes arising among per- 
sons connected with the court ; -tomf et/ court in- 
trigues; -ftalf/r crafty courtier; -jttf/ court fashion, 
etiquette ; -ffriber/ clerk of the household; -fmtgs 
VXt court flatterer ; -fnog/ rAd. -frt^BcT ; -fOTg/ court 
moaning ; -f^^rOig, court — courtly language ; -flat, 
roval household ; -fottet/ court manners — ^. morals ; 
-tfener, servant; -ttenert/ court service ; -ttenfle / 
service — employment at court; -tone# court tone; 
-bant/ ad), accustomed to courts ; -t)Cefen/ court es- 
tablishment; court manners. 

^offcnb^/ adj. proud, haughty, supercilious* = 
Comp. ^-^ttif en* haughtiness, superciliousness. — 
boffeerbe fig/ v* re/f. to behave haughtily. 

^ofte/ en* pi- -r* hip, haunch. ZZ Comp. £- 
6fCn/ hip bone; -Brutben/ -lant/ ad/. hipshot; -Xtt, 
hip joint; -tett/ adj. palsied in the lower extremi- 
ties ; -ftaal/ socket of the hip joint ; -fmerte/ -bOTlf/ 
rheumatic affection of the hip, sciatica. 

t^ofte/ V. «* to abate, subside. 
$0lb/ et* pi. id. 1. hold; 2. obstraction; 3. 
pause, CBsura, cesure 4. support; 5. pain, stitch; 
•• P«rty •» body, «. g* of people ; f 7« guard, walcb ; 
fee ttt 4^. til noget/ to watch one's opportunity. 

2* fiolt/ et. pi. e. strength, durabiliCy. 

&ont, V. a. ft «. ^otbt; part, l^eitt/ ^olleit, 
pi. poltne* to hold, keep : to stop; ^. ftg/ lo hold out; to 
keep (of provisions) ; ffoVtt fig tOpptti , to behave 
callantly : ^oltt gg toltg/ to keep quiet; ItUt %m 
n* fig Iftt X 9ia.fttn, this stuff won't bear washing; 
9. afTto be fond of; ^* foT Tlgtigt/ to hold, — Uke to be 
right; Ban moa B^ for vet enl^Der H^etfigBc^/ be must he 
the sufferer on every occasion ; B* f^^ Aobj^ to think 
fit — proper; B* fftt/ to keep off; 9. ftg fttt/ !• 
abstain — refhiin from, shun ; B* tntob/ to compare ; 
B* inte/ to keep within; to retain; to leave off; B- 
met/ to hold ^^ agree with ; % Op , to hold up, 
leave 'off ; B* ^^ ^P / ^ P<>* one off ; B* ftg ^ 
over/ to anima'dvert — • make remarks npon; B* 
cnn, vid. oDerBoIte; B* PCM, to keep, deUin; to 
hold— heton;Bo(te pad ®fitttngenog late Vn^ 
ren gooe, to be penny wise and pound foolish; B* 
fommen/ to hold— keep together; B« ©tnette ttt/ to 
keep the eyes shut ; B- fig ttt/ to abide by — keep — attek 
to ; B* {tg tt( een for fBetaltng/ to look to one for pay- 
ment ; B* ttlBage/ to hold — keep back, detain ; B* KC, to 
hold out, endure , stand ; B* bet. to continue, keep — g* 
on ; B* af. to hear away (of a ship); B* t»^ ^Ix^" 
nen, to stand into the harbour ; ' B. Ut fca 5nftn^ 
to bear off f^om the land ; B« tttt Bt te VtnD/ to 

haul the wind ; B. @«ett/ to live. = Bot^f*!*/ *^'^' 
strong, lasting. 

^oltcn/ adj. bolden, received; whole, sound; 
en B* 9){ant, • man well to do in the worid, 
warm man. [keeping (in painting.) 

oltntng/ en. pi. e. carriage, deportment hearing; 
dltt/ intorj. halt! n. t. e. g. gt«re ^./ to ball. 

VOlf, en*p<.-e. l.flat bottomed boat; 2- broad iron 
ring or hoop ; 3. sheath which envelops an ear of corn* 

^offantflf/ ai*;. Dutch ; B- 8aracet.. Dutch linen, hol- 
land. [ryman. — ^offonteri, et. dairy, milk fam- 

toUomter/ en.>/. -e* 1. Dutchman, Hollander, 2.dBi- 
otm, en, pi. -e. holm. = Comp. 4^-gang/ «*««J7!| 

swords in ancient times, (from being froq^tt^f 
fought in islet* or holme.) ^ 

penning, en. pi. c. honey, ir Comp. P-OQP^ 
adj. honey like; -Bl/ honey bee ; -BI«re/ *•■«! 
bag; -Bret/ vid. -loge; -Bl^lt, meliceris;-0«flF/ 
nectary, honey-cup; -trif/ honied drink; -tUgr ■•* 
ney dew ; -fugl/ humming bird ; -Befl/ fc«»«J ^*'' 
vesl;-tage/ 1. honeycomb; 2. gingerbread; -f aft, honey; 

-firUV/ syrap of honey; -ftitit, slice of l>«»«y*'fJJ* 
-fmag/ flavour of honey; -fljre, mellitic acid ; -1«>" 
adj. sweet as honey, honied ; -bont/ hydromel. 

fonorere/ v. a. to honour* «».^*» lirtB- 

Cb/ et. pi. id. hop, jump, skip; ^^^^J^ 
ptU t ffCan, his heart leaped within him* — «>»F*^ 
tantfi/ jumping dance. m c^t 

^O^jpe. en* pi. -t. mare. = Comp. «-T«v 
Alley; -XntUf mare's milk. j.bitv* 

^or, ^oer, n. e. pi. e. whoredom, adultery, •yf"^ 
= Comp. Boreaorig/ adj. adulterous ; -Wrl/ "gU*^- 
whoremonger; -rone« -Obtnte/ adulteress ;-jaft 
tion for adultery ; -ftraf/ punishment for adolicry. 




^or(, en« pi. -r* adulteress ; whore, harlot, pro- 
ftitate. =: Comp^ ^-Battt / adulterous offspring ; 
-hiSf wboremonger •, -fogtrt / mauners of a w< ; 
-^U>, keeping of a brothel ; -I^UUS/ whorehouse, 
brothel \ -jcrgct , vid. -bul ; Mplpt, vid. -l^ttuB ; 
-Ictf/ adulterous bed ^ -Icbtiet^ .adulterous life-, -XtsXi, 
wages of prostitution \ -qOmlDe . vid. ^OTqbittte ; 
-fmg/ vid. -\t\t\ -f«n » whoreson-, 'bcrt/ brothel 
keeper; -bcttitt^, bawd; -t}nt{fa6/ vid. -\fQ\^\ 
-■^\\t, bawdy sone. — ^Ot(/ v* i. to whore, wench. 
~^$erett, ct. i>/. -er. whoring. 

)ClU0nt/ Clt« horizon- 

pOtfe, ett. pi' -T* Diinnow. Perea eemuO' 

^ont, ft. f><. id. horn ; l>at)e (t ^^* % <Sttett :))aa 

(ftt/ to bear one a grudge; fi«be t et ^./ to wind 
— blow a horn ; fatte em ^. 1 ^an^nt/ to give . 
one a pair of horns. ZZ Comp* ^-aottg/ «djf. hor- 
ny, corneous; -arSetbe, homwork; -pot/ adj. un- 
»kod (of horses); -Wflffct/ horn player ; -breiCT, tur- 
ner in bom ; -nrtS. horn silver ; -{itC horn Gle ; -ft^f / 
Ma-pike, sea-needle, garfish Etox belonsf -ffits 
m, adj. hornfooted, hoofed; -l^tnbe ; cornea; 
-mm. glue made of horn; -tt9gt(/ horn lantern; 
-«|»>«S/ horn -^ homed -- black callle i^ -iTafiCt/ 
adj. horn handled ; -^tt, bora spoon ; -{TtfcT/ horn 
slate ; -ffrab , horn shavings ; -fieett / horastone ; 
-]tl^ , nitrate of silver; -totltl^eb/ hora distemper; 
-V^U, homed owl ; -bcwf , horawork. — ffoxntt, 
a^- horned, cornnted* ' 

T $or8, et. y/. id. horse. = Comp. J&oirfeateg, 
Mining bird. 

^0^/ prtep. at , by, with; ()abe i^oS fig/ to 
kave about one. ^ ComP. l&-6unDett adjf. appended, 
. affixed; -f«te, r. «. to annex, subjoin; -f«(gente, 
adj. accompanying; -Itggenbe, adj* atUoining, con- 
tignous, adjacent; annexed subjoined; "logl/ adj. 
"nbjoined, annexed ; -ftaaetlfeei vid. -ItggenlDe ; -U«s 
Wloe, adj. present' 

$o86o«bf vid. §u66imbe. 

^Ofe, ett. pi. -V« hose, stockings ; gt«T( fttte ^« 
ftWnne, to curry favour; faa ut font %eh { ^., 
n easy as kiss' hand. = Comp. ^-fiaom), garter ; 
^oaontgortett, order of the garter; ^Bmbet/ stock- 
»K kaiiter ; -btcg/ hose, pantaloons ; -fob stocking 
foot; -fone/ stocking mender; -frcettttner, hosier; 
-M , knitting needle ; -ffaft/ leg of a stocking ; 
-fwrer, stocking feet; -bOfUer, stocking weaver. 
^0d|)Ual/ et. pi. -et. hospital; alms house. = 
Comp. ^-Sfotflanber / warden — inspector of an 
kaapital; -(em, inmate of an almshouse or hospital. 

^ojje, ett. pi. e. cough. 

? ftf' •• •• *® «<»»«gh- — ^Opetl, en. coughing. 
softie, en. the host. 

)ott0 or ^Ol»/"en, pi. -e. kind of brewing vat. 
1 ^t>a or J^oiig , en. purse — bag of a fish- 
ing net. 

2. i^ob or ^ottg^ en. pi. -e. or -er. hoof. r= 
Comp. ^-Bar, vid. ^omBar ; -Beflog, v«d. defies 

ttflog ; -Blab, sole 3 -Jem, bntteris ; -II«ft/ Assure 
'» the hoof; -lr«ft , cancer of the hoof ; -fweb, 

farrier ; -flraalc , vid. ^jraole ; -f«m, horseshoe 
nail ; -tana, blacksmith^s pincers. 

i{^ot}ai6etbe , vid. ^ot^ert; -Bonbe/ soccager; 
-felt, soccagers ; -gaatb, manor. 

tObC/ V. i. & act. to like, fancy, please. 
Obeb , (t. pU -er* l. head; 2 chief, leader: 
fcttte 4!^0beb, to head ; e.g. at cabbage ; faa mangC 
^O&ebei faa mange @tnb, many men, many 
minds; l^aOe et gobt ^./ to have good abilities, to 
be clever; ffftte fig no^et t £)OPebet, to take t 
thing into one's head; tttffe $0l7^beTne j[ammtn, 
to lay heads together; Ifegge fit ^. t ©I«b, to 
rack — cudgel one's brains ; f«lge — gaae eftir 
jit eget ^./ "to follow one's own humour, have one's 
own way; bet et tffe eftet mit ^., it is not to 

my ^Ticy; ^abe noget { ^OtttUt, to be tipsy; 

barre fort for ^obebet , to be passionate ; flebe een 
for I^Obebet, to offend, pique one ; gt«re ecn 4^obe;: 
bet nrufet/ t» vex — perplex one.= Comp. of 1. ^- 
aag, yoke borne on the head ; f -ager, vid. ^tts 
Fleming; -Baanb, head-band* -Bor^ trepan; -Brub/ 
racking of the brain ; -Bunb / roots of the hair ; 
-b^e^ bolster ; -gierbe, head ot a bed ; -^ntUS, vid. 
nccfegruuS; -paaXf hair of the bead; -tdfe. crown 
of the head ; -luIbiS/ adv. headlong, head foremost; 
reversed , upside down ; t -lag / headstall ; -{«9/ 
adj. 1. headless ; 2- senseless , witless ; 3. with- 
out a leader , or head ; -:banbe / for^ead ; skull ; 
-^me, headache; -^r^belfe, ornament for the 
head; -pVltt!, pillow; -ppntf head-dress; -faOT/ 
wound or sore on the head; -ftal/ skull, cra- 
nium; -fftut/ covering for the head; -fm^tfe , vid. 
-^jr^belfe ;^ t -fleen. «rf. *§t«mefleen ; -ft^ffe, head- 
piece; -fbimmetf giddiness, swimming in the bead; 
-fbtmmei/ adj. giddy, dizzy; -fom/ nail with a^ 
head ; -tOt ^ head gear ; -banb t liquid perfume ; 
-banbdcrg, pouncet — , scentbox; -bee, -barf, vid^ 
-pint* = Comj9. of 2 ^Obebaarfog/ principal — ., main 
cause ; -altar, high altar ; -arttf el, leading article i,-CtXs 
mee , main body of an army ; -arbing, residuary 
legatee ; -Banner , chief banner ; -BegtCO, essential 
notion ; -Bog, ledger ; -B^gntng, principal — main 
bnilding^ -beel, principal part; -b^b, cardinal vir- 
tue; -fetf, principal fault: -fortftntng/ principal bu- 
siness ; -gaarb/ manor ; -Benftgt, main ^design ; -tnb:? 
gang; main — ' principal entrance ; -ftrf e , principal 
church ; -lob, vid. S3oe8Iob ; -Icerb, adj. thorou^^ly 
learned ; -(cerbom, principal doctrine ; -manb, head, 
chief, author ; ringleader (of a riot) ; -mangel, main 
.— principal defect j; -nfgel, master key; -Orb, noun; 
-qbarteer, bead quarters ; -regfl/ principal rule ; -rttg, 
adj. very rich ; -fag, main point ; -ff^lbncr, princi- 
pal creditor; -flag, general action, pitched battle; 
-fogn, principal parish ; -f))rog/ parent language ; -{lab, 
capital (city), metropolis ; -fteb, important passage (in 
a writing) ; -{lot, 1 principal (sum) stock ;2. headstall 
(of a bridle) -{lorm, general assault; -fi^ffe, main — 
principal division (of a writing) ; -fum, sum total ; 
-fortntng, principal proposition ; -icHf cardinal num- 
ber ; -bOgt, main guard, -Ctemeb, main purpose. ' 





^ODen, ai^'. pi. l^Cbne* swelled, ■woIb , Hg. 4l 
coll. puffed up , arrogant. — ^Obenl^cb/ t1t« tnm&- 
f«ctioo, swelling. — /I9. arrogance. 

fOOerC, V. i. to exnll, crow. 
Odcrt/ et. jfi. e. soccage, villcnage, average. ~ 
Comp. ^-Bonte # soccager; -forcnttt^ composition 
for soccage \ -fri^t)) t exemption from soccage \ 
-^Itgtt^ liable in soccage^ -rttfe, soccage journey. 
^Obmefietr en* pi. -e. private tutor ; Httgd 1^*, 
High Steward. 
^oomef^eiere, v. a. to dictate to, school* 
«^Odntol)/ tt' pi. c. haughtiness, arrogance. — 
l^bmott^ adj. haughty ,aiTogaBt. — $-^eb, Ctl. vtcf. 
^Obmot) [pride one^s self on. 

fot}mol)e ftg^ e. reft, to behave with arrogance, 
ot^tttoted, V* dep. vid. ^okmto^c fig* 

)Q\intf V. i. to swell, tumefy. 

)ocnina/ nt. vuig. for ^obevt. 

)Dl}fmeO/ en* blacksmith, farrier. 

jHf ^ug, en* pL e mind, mood ; met) belBeiaal) 

^U, deliberately, purposely; fomme t $U — t^U, 
to remember-, 9an3 ^U ttaoet berttl, his mind is 
bent — intent upon it. ZI Comp. '^-f fffle/ v. a. to treasure 
up in one^B mind^ -fcntnte^ v%d. tl^ufotntne^ -font^ 
melfe/ v%d. infr. ; -XOf tranquillity of mind-, -{fifte# 
change of mind^ -j(u&/ fancy, conceit^ -flolt/ ad/, 
conceited-, -foale. v* a. to soothe, solace, comfort-, 
-fDa(etfe en. solace, comfort. 

^vCtif en* pi. -er. skin, hide (of animals) ^ a mea- 
sure of land in Norway [hide]; fttelte een $U^en fult, to 
abuse one grossly ; engeljt j^./ goldbeater''s skin. 
~ Comp. 9-flette — ftttl^gt' to scourge, lash, flog; 
/I9. to cut up \ -tuS. adj.^ galled, excoriated ; -lod:? 
ffib, en. exeoriatioD -, -fftfte/ casting of the skin; 

-frc99e,«t4 -flette ; -ftr^gning, -fhr^eife, en. scourgr- 
in^ flagellation; -f^bpnt^ cutaneous disease. 

)Ue. «. i. & a. to like, please. 

>ue/en«f><. -r*cap,bonnet. [ground, sit on one^s hams. 

)Ug, n. s. ftt^e i))aa ^Ug/ to squat on the 

JJit^ et* pi. id. cut, slash, blow, stroke. ZZ Comp. 
]|-fn , ad/, protected against cuts — blovfs ; -fttfte/ 
exchange of blows. 

^U3ge# «. a. to hew, cut, chop, slash; 1^* eftet 
ten, to make a cut at one ; f)an Ictttt at ^., he 
learns tbe broad sword exercise ; 1^* Hg I'gtennem 
^tenlben / to cut through the enemy ; $. om fig, to 
lay about one; 1^* led pha l^tnanten. to fall upon 
one another ; l$* net f. ^obe, to cut down indiscri- 
ninately ; ff* Cp , to cut open ; to cut up ; 1^. til/ 
to strike; to hew ; 1^. ut t @teen/ to carve — cut 
in stone. HI J^UgBar^ atlj. fit for felling (of trees) ; 
-enn, vid. tnfr. = Comp. ^UggeBa3fef wild boar;/;^. 
bully, fighter ; -btol r chopoing block ; -hctnf, but- 
cher^s chopping board; -fttToig/ vid. l^UgSat; -\tm, 
ehisel; -nttO, vid. ^aantfnik); -Ur\f wages for 
chopping wood ; -iretfta6, cutting implement; -fpaan^ 
chip; 'tant/ tusk; -t>aa6en/ trenchant arms; -OjCe. 
axe. — 4^ttggen, ^ugning^ en. hewing etc. — ^itgs 
gert/ en* pi. -er. cutlass, hanger. -— ^ttgfl/ 
-er. felling (of brees)* 

fU^taif eif« pi* -f* viper. Cohther benu. 
tit I interj. ho! hallo! — ^Itie^ v. i. to shoni; 
halloo ; to boot. — ^Uten/ en. shouting etc. 

$uf , en. pi. -fe. nook ^ angle. ZT Comp. ^- 

maaiimf vid. ^tnfelntaoltng 

fufmt, en, pi. -er. howker. 
utommelfe/ en. pi. e. memory. — SWtn ^tts 
fomntelfe ilaacr mtg feif/ my memory fails me. rz 
Comp. (^-dDeit. act of the memory, learning by role. 

^u(/ et. pi. -ler. hole, aperture, gap; floae fig 
et ^Ul i^^Ot»ebet/ U cut — break one's head; 
l^aOe ^. t ^enene to have sores on oner's legs ; 
tage i^« ^oa en ^ente^ to broach a barrel. =Z Comp, 
&-\a«tt wonnd penetrating some cavity of the body ; 
-fiing, -fern, eyiet hole. — ^nOet/ adj. full of holes. 

^u(t, et. pi, e. in Ike phrase : tVtt ttt gctt 
^*, to be in good case; taBe ^ttltet, to lose flesh. 

t£ml%, adf. 1. faithfbl, loyal ; 2. amiable, lovely. = 
-tTa6, en. fidelity, allegiance, fealty; ft)Cri|ge Celt 
. Og ^ToffaB , to take the oath of allegiance — 
swear fidelity to = Comp. ^-gubmbe^ grace; -tig/ 
a4f' gracious ; -fattg/ adj. passing graceful, tbrownie. 
^^Ulbei or ^ulbre/ en. (Scandinavian) elf or 
£>ufef en. pi. -r* cave, cavern, grotto, den. 
Sute, V* a. to hollow. —Ruling, en. hollowing, 
ipulfe , «. t. to sob ; 1^. op / to disgorge (of 
birds). — &ullen en. sobbing 

t utter til I3nlter, pell-mell, at sixes and sevens. 
.^Utnle, en. pC e. hop. Z= Comp. ^-MI. cul- 
ture of the hop ; -gaonrb^ hop-yard ; -^at7e, hop gar- 
den ; -fnop / flower of the hop ; -ftstU / hop-onsi ; 
-ranfe» hop-bind, — vine ; -flang, hop-pole ; -ftcnf,, 
adj. tasting strongly of the bop. [bumble bee. 

~)umle/ en* pi. -r. or ^umleBt/ hnmbie — , 

»uninte, v. a. to back (a carriage), 
jummer/ en. pi. -e* lobster. = Comp. ^' 
tlol -yajt. lobster^s claw. 

ummn, et. pi. -e. provin. a closet. 
Umpe/ V. i. to limp, bobble. 
Wdf pron- pert' she. 
^ mw en. ;'/. -ner she, female (of animals) ; hen 
(of birds.) ZZ Comp. ^-Blotnfl, female flower; 
-ften feminine gender, female sex. 

i^unb/ en. pi. -e. dog. 1= Comp. l^unbeagtiOf 

adj. canine , doggish ; -art/ species of dog ; -Dlfffy 
barking of dogs; -tage, dugdays; -tteng, boy that 
tends dogs; t)crre eenS -trengr to be one's fag; 
-fete/ dog's food ; -gaart, dog kennel ; -glaifl, bay- 
ing of dogs;- -grtedf cock's foot grass. DaetgUu 
gUtmerata. -l^tiud/ doghouse, — kennel ; -l^VatP/ 
whelp, poppy ; -jagt/ hunting with honnds ; -tvlblMi 
leash of hounds ; -folt/ ad/* ««<jt. vlllainotisly cold ; 
-fofl/ do»'s fare; AovHt, dog cbjiin ; -mabr ifog's 
meat; -pttff/ dog-whip; -regtet, dog feeder; -fll^, 
adj. afraid of dogs; -{Icrte/ dog sledge; -fiolt/ 
kennel ; -fteile/ stickleback- Gasteroateus ; -fhtmef 
dog-star. Sirius j -fultenr adj. ravenously hungry; 
-tmtge, hound''» ton^e. Cynogl69sum offieinaio; 
'POMf dogwatch; -tftltf vulg. villftinoas weattier. — 
(fltricff/ adj. very stingy; eynictU 




MXtQf adj. • hundred jtnn old *, centcaoial \ -fo(t. 
• hundred fold; -foll>tg/ adj. centuple-, -fubl^ft 
m4j. centipede \ >:))Unttg» adj. of • hundred povnd* 
weight; -tol/ figure denoting 100; t -ta(, by 
hnndreds; -tiiib, adv. by the hnndred* 

StmgfT/ m. pi. c. hunger; famine. = Comp^ 
&-^\itfb , death f^om starving; -tteb, famine. — 
pnngn'g/ adj. hungry. — ^Uttgtt/ «. u to be bnn- 
gry; to starve 

>im{t«n, vid. Mub ^Utt* 

>urral inter j. huzza! hurrah! 

^ttrre, «. «. to buzz, bum. 
t^urttg, adj. quick, rapid, prompt, speedy, expe- 
ditious^ ^ HI ^tm^f swift, swiftfooted, fleet. — 
^-^eb/ en. quickness, speed, rapidity, celerity, ex- 
pedition, promptitude. 

')Vi[0X, en. pi, -it* hussar. 

^Ud6(a§, en. isinglass. 

3uo8ont/ en. pi. -et* master, good man of the 
house ; husband ZZ Comp. ^-^olb, fee paid by a serf 
to his lord for license to reside on another estate* 

tnfe/ V. a. to house, harbour, 
ufere/ v. a coll. to act -=-, proceed with vio- 
lence ; to commit ravages ; to take on* eoll» 

^ufP e« v. a. to remember, recollect, call to mind ; 
^. een ^aa noget* to remind — , put one in mind 
of something ; %, fig ODt, to bethink one's self, re- 
flect, consider. 

)Uftru, en. pi. -er. spouse, h^pmate. 

>uf»aie/ vid. sub ^U. [et. bungling. 

)nt(e/ V. i. dc a. to bungle, botch. — ^UtUrt, 

jttuO adj. pi. l^uU* hollow ; concave ; ten ^ulc 
i^aant, the hollow of the hand ; en ^. ^roter/ a know- 
ing blade, deep fellow. ZI Comp* ^-dOXtt vena 
cava ; -6oi> augur, wimble ; -T)0t>I/ chamf^ering plane; 
-finbet/ adj* hollow cheeked, lantern -jawed ; 
-fitnge, hollowed blade; -mait/ hollow field; -mets 
fe(/ googe ; -ntl^nt . bracteate ; -mn&/ -runlet/ adj. 
concave ; -C^gg^' O'^A hollow backed ^ -faaif/ vid. 
^Itlfoar ; -jrobl , ^ hollow shovel ; -iltSe^ «. a. to 
grind hollow ; -f^eif, concave mirror ; -tAUtet/ adj. 
hollow toothed ; -teg(^ pan tile, gutter tile ; -bei, de- 
file, ravine ; -Otet . adj. hollow eved. — ^UUl^et, 
Cn.' hoUowness ; cavity. — ^mtlmng, tn, Pl. -ft* 
hollow, depression. 

txmt, vid. ^ufe, V. a. 
Utld/ et. pl. ^ufe. house, tenement; ttttte tt( 
$* f|O0 een / to be an inmate of one^s house ; Sete 
Om ^. foe en 9lat to beg a night's lodging ; ^on 
%9X et ftort ^. at nnbei^otte/ be has a large esta- 
blishment to support; ^olbe^obt 4^. met, to hus- 
band, be careful of; ^oltc {let ^. met/ to waste, 
Ul-treat ; ^olte ^. met cett/ CO//, to rate — abuse 
one. ZZ Comp. ^-ant. lame duck ; -ontogtr domestic 
— , family worship ; -atbette, housework ; (Utile/ de- 
stitute people who do not beg; -anefi/ vid. -fcmg' 
fcl ; -6agt, ad^. home baked ; -Be^OD, household ne- 
cessaries ; til -Be^Ot}, for household use; netc^ til -Ibe- 
^t}/Ju«l the Bcedfol, aonort thaa is required ; -6ef«g/ 

dottlelliary viai4; -Bonte/virf. ^nBBont; -6ntt,hoose- 
breaking ; -l)t^ntng , building of housej ; mode of 
bnilding; -Ca^^el/ oratory; -C(U>eUan, chaplain ;-tagf 
cotter's work day ; -ti(rt>ei, 1. vhten, scold ; 2. mischief 
maker ; -trogt/ home dress ^ -tue/ domf stic pigeon ; 
-tXjjt, domestic animal ; -eteT/ house owner ; -fotev, 
father — head of a fkmily, master ; 'flit/ domestic 
industry ; -fltttia. adj. industrious , notable ; -jlltt/ 
house fly; -foir, inmates — occupants —^ tenants 
of a house \ -fret/ domestic peace ; -fri/ adi. f^ee 
of house rent ; -fctUC/ fellow lodger ; -fffngfeC con- 
finement atone^s house; -gabn/ domestic profit ; ^tttt 
^ax \ctXi OX gi«Te ^., she has learned to be of ns« 

in a house ; -geraat , vid. !B0^ai»e ; -gtemino^ 

bouse work ; -grttnt , ground for a house ; -gutf 
household god; -^txxt, vid. -eier, -fater; -^t«me» 
comer of a house ; -^oltet/ householder; en got — 
{let ^'f • good — bad economist; -l^oltetfr/ adj. 
economical ; -^olterfte , housekeeper , housewife, 
manager; -^oltntng/ housekeeping, housewifery, 
household ; -^oltningSfonft / economy ; -jomfrtte^ 
housekeeper ; -foxX, vid. <g9aart0f ail ; 'txvh. purchase 
of a house ; -Woffe. house bell ; -tcxxt, cotur's wife 
or widow; -toltt, adj. cold within doors (as in raw wea- 
ther); -rorS, domestic plague ; -fret S, family circle; 
-lete, dislike of home; -leie/ house rent; -letlig^et lodg- 
ings—, accommodations for a family;-liO/ domestic life; 
-lobe, domestic laws ; Atf, shelter ; -leg, houseleek ; 
-mater, house painter ; -mattt/ cottager, colter, cottar ; 
-mant8?ofl, homely fare ; -mittel, domestic medi- 
cine ; -moter, mistress ; -nt«Jfe, rid. 9li8fe ; -ipaaxi, 

mortgage on a house ; -^cngC/ rent of a cottage ; 
-^Slat^/ vid, -grunt; -<>oftll» family book of ser- 
mons; -qtCtg/ domestic catUe; -raat/ household re- 
medy ; -roattg, adj, frugal, thrifty, economical ; -rat* 
row of houses ; -retffafc. domestic utensil ; -tetf 
-retttg^et/ domestic authority, house jurisdic- 
tion; -ro/ wrf. ^-fret ; -rotte, house rat; -rum^ 
accommodations; -fager, domestic concerns; -feU 
ftob/ family, domestic community; -ftat/ house 
tax ; -{tif / custom of a house ; -forg, domestic dis- 
tress ; -f4)egelfe/ ghost haunts a house; -flont, 
domestic state ; -firaf/ domestic punishment ; -fDole* 
house swallow t -f^Sfel/ domestic occupation ; -fcg^ 
ning/ vid. -be(eg ; -taole, part of the catechism re- 
ferring to domestic duties ; -ttenet. domestic, bouse 
servant ; -toft. home lot ; -tomt/ site of a house ; 
-tro^l^er/ household troops ; -tTttl/ domestic drudge > 
-tUgt, domestic discipline ; -tl^ente, domestics (of a 
house); -t^U, house — ', domestic thief; -t^ert/ 
theft committed by the inmate of a house ; -tcel« 
ning/ thatching of houses; -temmfr timber for hous- 
es ; -temmcrmant , house carpenter ; -oant » adj. 
accustomed to the house , domesticated ; -Hen, 
friend of the family ; -Oert / landlord (of a house) ; 
-ttffen/ domestic economy, household affairs • 

^nudlig adj. domestic; notable. — ^-^et/ en. 

^Oat/i»roH.t«feiTOjr & r*lat. what; 1^. entcn, whe- 
ther ; 1^. (Mil suppose; -^ml^elfi, whatever, whaUoever. 

^\iiil, tn. pi. -tx, wbilt. ~ Ovmp. f^JtaAt, 

Jangfi!"!;!. U^'n'T^ml -Sit, »h,l"i'-ff; 
ffm. Did. -fmflfi ; -(alu, yo;"* •' »' "h"!' i .-m", 
i]wmii(iv -nSr oatrw; -Foft, kn^o*!; -fvot, 
■bdt bfuMir I -lini, whiJi lil. inli-oil. 
$l9al|), HI. Jll. -I. wtilp, pdppi, pur- — $-(IIg= 

^noll « ^latiit, sitr. inked, Tialitit. 

$»>«, ai«'. pi. ftnaiU. iknr, tcu, •eatt: 4. 
$u> — ei«a/ ■ wogli' ilUii — keirJ; S. BmS, 
t(H blut; 6. V(n — Xungt, cnuiic — iinutle 

-6uM/ 'iff. rangli-ikiiiied ; -tolmlt, ■«. cioHic, 
uiciiiie. — $Da66iCr to. kHintH, tkiiriBin 


$Brt(, tn. pi. < 
i4eii Bild-, -ar, cir 

= 0>«,. ft-agn-. 

iDclnr, vid. £bv[U(. 

ionii, tn. -^, (t. bfim'hc 

. iDnanDn, pmn. ndef. ue •« 

$Dntiis, m, fl. -I. irttk dir. 

togfi, adj. FTfrydll>, tommon pimci 

-anfigt, ».r, 

-mmntiTi, f 
-fnat, idle u 

'-frtfil, 1. Hid. -aririkt ; % \ 

foiMam, oi. pi. c. Jiad»r-waat»|\ 
Krten,' («•/- DEiuicF ; 6. — (Hei , leiiber — 
■01. = tlomp. $Ji«n, imier gFnd«. 

%wa, tt. pi. Id. ibHge, Uih, cingmiiuiiii. 

1. $linlic, >. a. lr> [Hiuil. beil d^ tn ncniiu, 
•utiiii ^.GltmmEi, i<ie(»»i(rot voin); latt (la 
$., ID (alitk = CsM/>. $-tn», licnge to mnll ; 
-(oilfi, irt of Ktrailine. — ^utrttt, m. pi. -I. 
lecnlilng offlieri .fntt, leimiiiBs irieR ; -Bino*, 
boBol) noaeji -vUii, itctnlUnf plact. — ^vtas 
ninj, HU rtCTBilioi cic.; Ijggt — D«( pflfl ^., 

t 3. .ftvnvt, c. a. ID Inn, 

«lli. <><l«. "Ijr. 

-enib, m. i<l. -(. dsil. (icfaDan.SkOliae.) 

$Dt>, ««. # iiribl. KhiK; Iiin figitt giaC, iht 
whltt.,i>u«»T*M. = Ci.m^. t-ogtig, o,*/. wbiliib) 
-amitr, nA. wb-ie-innFd ; .baimtl, oitr. nbitt ko- 
loacd; -bflm , nblu — folir bf H ; .ttno, B<{j. 

, , -glBtning, iDnadci 

-aim, oiij. BityHh >kii(i -gmil, «#. f 
Hbilt; ■(umt, 1H0. nklU-blircd, bOH); . 
Htf.wbilE-ntcbtdf .^utrl, ulj. Hblu ahlasH ; 
■rkiu cibbt^ ; -tocilEltlin)), kci4 oFwhilt til 
-fltttl, o^. clod in wbilt-, -llltn, m^. i 
-lag, girlii: > -fltlttt, ipnllEil wilb while ; -n 

^iit, m. > 

ctHik* ; -btt, albun. .— {riiiit, m. wkiie (nf m 
tgg), ~ fivitdig/ n«. i^wtl.! -nifl, ipcsiH or 
willnwi -(intaAf Law Sandi); -tiritDi SbnTc 

.^Bitling nr ^BiRutg, ti 

- $Sb 

$ijTm, It. ( 

r $linn. pni]>li mclic-Bno. Mrliem 
u pi. e t..^ r.po«i («89( Bg til §„ 
n>i 1 $anm n i $., iho gu ii ib- 
It I $., M be el rtsli 3°1^'>I lidS" ■ 

@mling^ II 

re, btioJiMi m ivi 

csl; -fciftf rortod tf repo 
ai : -iDcb, vid, -Ogre^ -fammcr, 
im, bypniDDCbiion; -\l 

-^rt, p'liee of 
$DlItcn, pren. rilsi. 4^ 

(ow, coock i'-noim. 

bi , to'ji (or i-drni)- =ctmi>. 6-aiiB. 

■4. wblrling, «td]riar; -tim, lertdin i -Balgt, 
eddrlnt win; -tuiM, MVirliag ion; -fefli vir. 
lebrlL »in,ilj -trt, lolllio., rnUtaTy mliai 1 -iU(|, 

ilim, wkii 
UrieUti, n 



?OiBf(, >, i to lilJ ■•l»p. 
fOliif, .. a. 10 lk»w, (Oil. 

^Bc, ITM. iuvni;. ttks ; \ fnn, oh* Ibii. 

*^ -bm 

.nbDDR, foi nbicb ntion i -uncct, Bndti nlll 
6Diinan,ar<i.& tii.t.ov\ sr nkii biad oi teicriri 

»n«tlt>te, aA. haw. ' 

SuorMl, i't. e«4. iKbHgk, iLktii. 
Snabr, vu. fiutrtfi. 

$iKrtfltni, Did. ^noSftflttn. [low 

t (Brig, (t (tyu. — i ^I'lgti <■ a. Is • 

fBtrfM^.o. l.isitek, iHlua.u im bo 

■rniida (ff ■ ItniU. — j)DtrflHng, 


$VS9t, m. c*nr 

:i, ■hirpco. = Con^. $■ 
bjiclrtb. [wildbri... 

MttTUbltBeM, inaeiai 

-(«», Wf«d - ijiMcriiiil rilit i -fana, riiili- 
MT ■i»(> -ilrift, iJuliunr itTitiD;; -fmilt, kipt- 
OlUial iBilF, [$-taan, bgrrgnillcil IFir. 

Ss^itf -ff(, tn. pt. -I. dipoaiit, := rsw;'. 

Stlcn; ■(■ /'- -"■ bj^criir. 

snllnrft or {Dfftlft. mfj. btiKicriticiI. 

S^I, .(. ,1. W. b.-i, r.ii. 

»■», tn. pi. -t. ildn. SaniiifM m^M. =: CmUI. 
$l)Ri(tlcmn, Ildfr iawtr ; -fcsT, tidii btirlti ; -MSft, 
WPUl -(Bfl, tldo .Trap; -lS«, .?d« 1... 

t 4vn, in. fivDur. 

t?lW, m_. pi. -I. rtfif; Ban faa jin i((t( $„ 

*l!l»0 .. I. 10 do -' (ly )i«m>gt lo. - $W= 
Kiia. Ri. pj. -n. bomigt. = rnnr. (nltlngett, 

■Mt or ttlllT — tlltfiaiKF. 

4?ft»(t m, pf. <■. r.TO». 

4. ri»o,. 

— $bI("> M. Tolliif. 

— $-6lil, (n. heqi 

>o ploofb. 

ning, ni._ pt. . 

■d*. (ic- 

D.y. ru>, -U..U, p...».l Kiurt -BiBt, MMO- 

EBildf I; -tmta. ibepbiid boi) -ftgill, ihtpbcriTi 
>r ncd ; .foil, ntmodlc onion : -tmnt , ihoif 

poiuni lire; Ati, nl/. 
-(Igiti; -|)(gt, ibipbinU 

-ftlU, < 


cu 1 -Bai 

^». oooin; -(t?rt(, piolonli -Bid, pliUnl ooic. 
^DrbinW/ m. p/. -r. ibcphenlFn. 

$^(, in. bill; fiiiBt Rn fuHf £. BtA, lo km 
tooogb I* do Hilk. = Cimr, ^-^1% ktcbi -Im? 

-timw, vid. gtlttllnir j -oogn, nul, -tamtt. 

S^g/ifiln^. bub I 

S^fi, I. i. to boih. — $D<(tn, Eiu bnahhii. 

S^fing. (n. bootiog, kooi.llot. 

. -"9' 

>, for, to (lura igiiuL 

S^tttlat, ct. n>i(- 
It(t, tn. pi. e. boomr, glorj. = Camf. + j- 
bnaRti, ot booonblo Vaih -, -fn'C > 'ij. floiitof, 
tiooonblci -ftantflt*, adj. nrtilbcd wilh clary t 
-ftenti, "Ij. nowotd wilh glory; -iBi, "dj la. 

Bam, vid, BflttiBimt ; -log, day «l glory ; -ttOflli 
ixa, — totrt of boooori -goiifl, mid u glotri 
-Oinning, glorlon dttd; -iUt, hoooanblo c>Nio|t, — 
offlie; -famt, iioriooi iinieflc; -natining, vU. 

a porioi; -nuint, booorable nan, wonby; -mintl, 

rid. -Kan; -nam, fdoriooa nam', -plalS, plica 
or. hooouT; -Bofl, port or honour; -Br^. vid, 
-lign ; -fang, long in hooour of a pcrion ; -fm^ftt, 

-itm. badge or baooor ; -Vd, rood — palb U (lory! 
^atnfig, niif. bonorablo, floriooi. — $.6rt. 




^«gy C«. pl. -ge» 1. bird cherry. Prunus ga- 
dus; 2. black alder, Rkamnus frangula. [care of. 
^agC,- V, a. coll. & wig. to preserve, to take 
t if)tt3ett/ adj greedy ; dainty ; impadent. 

agtf/ en. pi. -n clasp, book 5 ^. og SDZaffer, 

hooks and eyes* 

«^Crgtf/ ». a. to clasp, hook \ l^, Oj), to unclasp, 
unhook. — §cegtclff, cn, arrest, — .§«gtntng/ en. 
clasping, hooking. 

^xt OT JlQceffe, tn,pl. -er. l. hedge ; 2. shelf 5 3. rack 
(in a stable). ZZComp t^ceffefaX/ gardener's shears. 

'^Ott/ en. Pi. T. sternisheets. 
)<gftthuur, tU breeding cage. 

JfltffefugJ, en. breeder. 

.^cef, en. pl. -e, heeij btfe ,^oprene — fagte met 

4|>4 / to take to one^s heels — eive leg bail vulg 

= Comp. ^-fltf, -fiiffe, rid. Sai^fltffe ; i -froil,' 

chilblain on the heel ; -Fa^pe/ heel piece. 

&oeitif petite, vid. i^elb, ^efte. 

^xUf V. a. & i. to harbour, conceal ; ]^« met 
en ^^t>/ to receive stolen goods. '-^ ^ieltX en. pl. 
-e« receiver (of stolen goods). — ^CtUxif (L re- 
ceiving of stolen goods. — ^ofterffe, en. vid. 
"jflfttote, en, uirf. ^oTbteet, 
)amme, vid. I&emme. 
)Cenbe, i — iii\^., in — to hand. 
^Cente, v. a. (as in the phrase). I^« ©OW Ober 
ttlXf to obtain a sentence against one. 

^cenfce/ v. i. & refl. to happen, chance, occur, 
befal, come to pass \ ttX tX ffmxbi ^MX en \Xl\)t((, 
he has met with a misfortane. 
§centc(i0/ adj. vid. HlfcetDt'g, 
^centelff/ en. pl.^ -x. chance, incident, occurrence, 
adventure. — ^-SUttS, adv. by chance, accidentally, 

)Cente8, v. i. pass, to happen, 
jcenbfg, -\}ttf vid. fce^cenotg. 

^Oeng^ et. bias, bent, inclination. 

1. ^cenge, v i. ^ang ; fia^c^tt, ^optigt. to hang, to 
droopy %xceet f^cenQtx futbt met gmgter, tire tree 
is loaded with fruit ; f)an ^cmger i ^(«66en — ^us 
fct fceftantt'g/ coll. he haunts the club — house per- 
petually^ f}. efter ecn, to dangle after one, be at 
one's heels ; i), ooer, vid. o»jet(;ccnge ^ 1^. fammen, 
to hang — slick together, to cohere; (jbortebeS 

ganger bet fammen meb bcnne ®ag? how does 

that matter stand ? f). Deb, to adhere — stick to. ZZ 
Comp. i^-aff, weeping ashj -6irf, weeping birch •, -^XO, 
suspension bridge •, -b^nb, quagmire \ -^tltf beetling 
cliff; -l(>ai)e, hanging garden i -teitf hammoc, col*, 
-laaS , padlock; -loftf suspended ceiling*, -munb, 
blubber lip ; -feng/ Vid. 1. -fetC ; 2. fig. nest •, -fta6/ 
hanging press-, -jtuut/ penthouse ; -^age/ sconce; 
-flol/ waggon seat suspended by straps •, -tXX, horse 
(for hanging clothes on) ; fig.., an obtrusive idler; -l70gn/ 
calash ; -Cermet/ pendant sleeves ; -CXtt, flap-eared 

2. ^cenge/ v. a. to hang, suspend. ZZ Comp* 
^-farbtgy adj. ready to hang one'n »elf,. 

ivvngel/ en^ pl. -gler, lappei. 

tctngfei, et. pi. -fler. hinge, 
i^cer, en. pl. -e. host, army, zr Comp. ^-iXtiftf 
trumpet blast of an army; -bTOt/ commander in 
chief; -fabet/ father of hosts: a name gi^en fa 
Odin ; -fath warlike expedition ; -floY/ diviaoB of 
an army ; -fugf/ hoopoe. Upupa epops. -fcfge/ mi- 
litary attendance — service ; -fot, capable of^earittg 
arms; -fotenbe/ adj. leading an army; -feier, lea- 
der — commander of an army; -gob6, baggage, 
ammunition ; -ftcebt/ vid. t^aabenuffbt ; -mogt/ vid. 
^rigSmagt; -moerfe, vid. -tegn; -paaft, kettle- 
drum; -raa6, war-cry; -ftare, vid. ^ofr; -ffiolbjf 

warfare; -ftebne/ summons to war; -tegn/ mark or 
badge by which soldiers are distinguished f^om die 
enemy; -i}et/ military road; -Hoetf/ assault, violence; 
-tiii^f adv. in multitudes. 

t ^cexlt, en. pl. -r. shoulder. =: Comp. V 
6reb/ broad-shouldered. 

i^cerbe/ v. a. to harden, indurate ; ^, ^taaX, f» 
temper steel. — ^Ctlbntng/ en. hardeuing, indo- 

tctxttf en. temper (of steel), 
cerje/ & ^arge. v. a. 4c i. u> invad«; to ra 
vage , lay waste, devastate, hnrj. 

^(t^, en. pl. -fe. suck, rick* 

ipcr^/ aiUf. hoarse, husky. — ^-1^^/ en* hearte- 
neas, huskineaa. Iness, hideovsaess- 

i|)Cr31tg/ adj. ugly, hideous. — ^-$eb, en. agli- 

ficeSfel/ vid. t^aSfel. 

hcttu, en. pl. -t* hood, cowU 

ipcet)b/ en. pl. c. prescription, prescriptive right; 
possession; ^olbc t ^., ^olbe ^« ^tt f to keep is 
preservation; faae ^crOb Ot^et HOgei/ to actpuTft 
right of prescription to a thing. ZZ Comp. ^SbbS' 
ttb/ period — time of prescription. 

S^C(t}\)(f V. a. to maintain ; 1^. ftg niTgct tH, to 
acquire a prescriptive right to. 

^ce)}t/ V. a. to heave, raise ; to remove, aholiah, 
do away with ; 1^. jtg/ to rise, swell ; bCTie ^XVti 
doer, fig. to be above ; I&. tit @F^erne/ to laud — 
extol to the skies; ^* ^aroerne t et S)!alen, to. 
throw out the colours in a painliug; 1^. ^enge/ to 
take up^, receive money. IZ Comp. ^-hUlttf U- 
ver. — <pcet)"etfe/ en. pl. -X* rising, swelling, tomoc* 

feeder of ^xbtxi, en* siphon* 
<em, vid. ^ctjn. 
^Vf et. pl. c. hay. =z Comp. ^-Abl, -Metgntttg^ 

haymaking ; -bunb f meadow ground ; -fotf/ pitch- 
fork ; -fx9/ grass seed ; -f)Q\tf hay harvest ; -labe, bay 
barn; -lee ^ scythe; -loft/ hayloft; -((r6/ load of 
hay; -mairf/ hay-field; -{l^be/ hayloft; -{let/ 
f. mowing ; 2. hay harvest ; -flttf / hay-stack — 
cock; -flange/ hayloft; -tortJ, baymarket; -t\f\i, 
pitchfork ; -ijttitl , -t^eo^ bay rope ; -t;tft/ wisp of 
hay; -bogn / hay cart; -O^gt/ machine for weigh- 
ing hay. 

^ebe, V. 1. to threaten. — t ^tbfef, ett* threat. 

ipvfltg^ adj. polite, courteous, civil, uridine. — 


.^= -^-^ctaBffog, villi «r (tia 

uc ..p.c.uc yunc. — «agd; ^(ilDt 9tct, •ppriiii 

9)eti — Qon, ihi dIboiI diitmi — dmgcr; dftt 
rCtl ^Bif, U love sue dculyj i btt^liclit, •! mgit. 
■t belli "> M ^lOl'i " ■dymced igci U — In 

- fit! SJlonB 6»i, iHD - ibrci — ruut dicp i 
6eit ev IMU aDagra, lite in ike miiiDlag*, trl a 

@n((n liggd 3 got f)., ikt tnoa i> Ikiee fiei deep. 

l.i«).ly e. 

-oati, . 

HgWy; -osi((ft, _., . . ..,. „ 

nmcci \m tgc ; -Olltr, hl(k IlUIi -Onfttfig, n^. 
TerirtDmtnl; -arllt, iii(t. 1. lifh-iiguldtrcdi l.kiv- 
ing SHE ihuuldec tii^er tkH ibe oiLer; -taatin, 
adj. hi|)i-hanii -MCogtl, o^'. ivbU Uiicken In 
f t«> I -tlfgfilJtt ( a4j. klfblf gifltd — lilenled ; 
.iitceud, 114. dirrij >niciedi -hint, adj. \mg- 
luged; -bnmt, -6R«mmdigj iJliuuioiu; -tUrttt, 
uitj. 1. bi(blr IrsilH, mist]i; V. inveiled wilb iifh 
■udmritri -Mtti, heedor Ibi Mble; -trVRtt, •<';, 
hifh-cbeiled ; -BSCUkI, "O- bigh-boumid | -DIfCllij, 
a<^'. ritf. d-biiaunj -drfaim, 04. bl(h<y tiptri- 
eEcrd-, -fDmim, 114. at l>i(b ifiiiliiyi -Fonalir, 
miio'i -Fsnvtm, higb tni»ii; -fDitiinl, •"tj. 

kighir deicrving, tt grril mtlil 01 Joerl; -fnigt: 

-{ittftdiS, rnojl prinwJyi -flKIKlig, pf 

• caul, ptrijip, HfU bti>oril>l< ; -fa {b 

■ECbed; -Sfrtlil, iidj, mui bgly — ■• ft, 

dj. 1. bii|b-sD|iJicd i i. kigb-loitdld dj. 

igb-fexled 1 -(lf((, ckoii Bt, cbiircb; • *. 


, -lont, blgbland 

, -(onttr, bigblindir ' ' 
"Ij. eisdiU; -in 


ri* -moWafirt; -nmljiB, oij. bigb-sindc*: 
-mirglis, ai/f. mogi pulutoi I -mulit, ° 

TDiccd; -0»1#, •<$. bifhl) enligblcDcd i -fl, 


i -W w«i";' fi 

bilgbi lei; -cBlict, cid. -malfti -fal, loyiL. 
-(aiig, "4. (asif afitpariiiimtii nt bin: 

7 ^ 

-FnDt, 1. Ibront, (IttiWiI ital; 3. keid *l Lbs itblt; 
-Uldili, lid. -Dtnlcli -iDinnbt, adj. tni iDiud- 

quesl; -l^ljT, "4" Germin ; -Ibtjllt, Gemini -Bant, 
hi«b oxtri -Utlbaarm , <"V- '>"«ralli: tigtfir 
well 6i>n>,BiBbl Hotibiprnl (?) ScttB £-6(£,BI(bt 
Hor^ipful Sir; -niie, mmi it^ltai; -Dmln, dtplh 
afnlnlei-, -Dnilfl , srfj. biving • krgb iialtp | 
-Uoclig, "dj. niHi waHby— urndi -aitl, niul 
nsble; -ItOIttig, «dj. Bigbl Hevereodi 'Sott 
-mtiiritiffici, fiigbl BfvEiend Sii. 

{>«it(, (11. 1. ktifkt, ullatii, Infilntu, elevi- 
llnni i. .IllUdt, C.»ar. T. - 5«iHt, belgiu, 
emincncti. = Csmp, $i-inaa|, uainre ol keirbi; 
-maaln, ^uidnDii -ntnalii^, en. mttioring at 

'. 4-ecet, >. 

HI. pi. - 

ie kigbtit, 

: c-«mp. H-riitd, 'df. 

'dj. Umu4. 

■tivil, teliL = C*nV- 

■i. -a. High 

*oiI.^ -( 

.and, HI k 


be higbeil 

' «eil[t, I 
^-SBoa, hi. 
-furn, flrfj, ■ 

In. nf,..., _ .„ ,. 
lit) ; -fana. h] 

6oilittlifl, "4. •olemnj -W. ™> *'■ -"■ » 

*bI([, m. ;{. -«. bnilar. cbandter. = Cemf 

I(rv (I. buiin'i Iradc' — ^etn^i, ill) koiicrui 

ysu. = Canui' $«n(tvflingi bea 1 

{i«nS, /ii. Until, poulity. = 

BiiUT, bencoo; ; $enf(CRng , pauli 

gaait, psuliij jinl ; -gam, paiiri 

^-, „...., ,..-.^- -^ -limit, 

■6uu8, p.onllij h«uie i -6»9( ben- 

I (...», -iogl, H'UiJga •bnoU'g; 

dammn, fouluy deiln, paulitm; 

lUUB; 'ftigti ben roul; -URI, psullry mulial; 
qn, ilaalei or poallrgr) -in^ ben'i egg, 
iXMttt, 01. fiJ. -I. palleL 

S«r, m. III. =: v^mp. 9-am, iii ierd» 


■ktp; -nogt, bnke ; -ttagmng, -nlieniM, bteik- 

lil or Oil ; -bcvtt I ™*- •Bngt ; -tufn- bnich 
111 ibnid; -fegli', rirf.4i9lii -ie 

— teriig, SeKJiS/ •■*- ""iii"'. — *«= _*eiilt, f. «w pitoi. — Reeling, tn. riiiiit. 

tdig, ■*. MnUknii, pfTftiiiLr. — ijim, < 
Itntflft, ■«. <J»Htib 

in. pi. -m, 1. idhIt tuKiici b4 



. Slmg. 

rn. ft. -IT. aitiic np. 
-I. DJled UD. 

sd. pu.ii. 

"*'• [(II. ■TTtf [». 

ii — afntlji. 

*. mtbfoW. 

„Jtart vl?«< ffr, ■ 

ggiowiiK, irtil. ginifliw. 
SginiraltK, mii. giMtalti 

1 flfw ta., to 





egtCtllebett^e/ adj. surviving, survivor, 
gintleff; «. a. to redeem. — ^fiM^^^Htng/ 
(tU redemption. 

3gt(1tnrm/ prap. & adv. through ; {Ittfte ftg tg., 
to make both ends meet ; ffcU ^(tgcn l'g«/ all day long. 

egtentoge/ vid. gtetttage- 
gfe, en. p/. -t. leech. =z Comp. 3-fo^tnmg^ en* 

|'A_-CT* application of leeches. 
)t# en* Vfd, ®igt« 
^I interj. why, Oh! 
, irftr^ V. a. to stitch into. 

j$t«I, iMlt;. dead, to death \ flaoe — , fftjtc fCtl 
ffi./ to strike — ^shoot one dead ; bnffe — orBctte 
{^ {^. / to drink — work one's self to death , kill 
one^s self with drinking — working. 

3BU/ adv. tommt i^n, to remember, call to 
mind. = Comp. i-lemxttt, v. a. to remember, bear in 
mind, be mindfUI of — ^-towmtl^t, fit. remem- 
brance, memory. 

i^^orgtC/ V. a. to book, clasp. 

S^antefiaber, m. pi. -e. holder; DWtgaHwtm 
r^ber paa ^f^enittf^Mtttn , the bond is payable to 
the holder. 

+ S^cmj^mfce, adj. pertinacious. 

e\t>, vid 3fe» 
ilf en pX c. haste, hurry. =Z Comp. ^-hut, 
eovrier, express, estafet \ -foTtbtg/ a4j. j)recipitate, 
hurried ; -forrblg^eb/ (tt. precipitation, precipitance ; 
-wife/ hasty journey; -ftttfeet, adj. hasty; -ftntcts 
^tif ett. hastiness; -ffvtft / short-hand writing, ste- 
nography, taehvgraphy; -fmber/ short-hand writer, 
stenographer; -font, Vid. -ffltrttg; -Dogit/ light vehicle. 

+ Sirwgn, Vid. SKtio, 

3tB/ nu pi. e. ice ; mmt em »)aa olat Si*/ ^ 

get one into a scrape- != Comjf. ^-SaoC/ iceboat ; 
^Bab; ice bath ; -Batie/ slide ; -Bterf^ iceberg; -Btertt, 
Vid, .&bt%6. ; -6(mF/ field of ice extending into the 
interior of Greenland ; -Bottt/ boom to break the force of 
drift ice ; -^t(S^tf cleft — fissure in the ice ; -Bntb/ 
breaking up of the ice ; -BrCTtttt/ adj frozen, in- 

/ jwed by f^ost (of the sward) ; -BffOer^ ice cup ; -tcet)/ 
-Wft, drifting—, drift of ice ; -Ittf, iced drink ; -IvU 
ftf covering of ice ; -tctffttf adj. covered with 
ice; -fieffe/ mountain covered with ice; -flffert/ 
fishing on the ice ; -flage, floe ; -fornt/ ice form ; 
-fn'/ at^. free from ice ; -frodfett/ adj. frozen, con- 
gealed ; -fUAl/ kingfisher ; -fcrtlgflet/ attj. ice-bound ; 
-gattg/ 1* drifting of the ire; 2 channel cut in the 
ice ; -Qiatf adj. smooth — slippery as ice ; -ffcaa, adj. 
hoary; -gruBe, Vid. -Kelfcer ; -Ba»>, icy sea; -fttlo, 
fissure in a tree from fh»st; -fftttt^/ thick mass of 
ice; -fl'elber/ ice cellar; -flogeit 1*^8^^ P>«<^c of 

. floating ice ; -Fltnt; Vid. -flelt ; -f{\}ppt, icy rock ; 
'fittXiif adj. covered with ice; -tlt^i, crack — cleft 
in the ice ; fissure in oak trees caused by frost ; 
-fettf adj. cold as ice ; -togt/ adj* frozen, covered 
with ice; -(ttg/ -Ittgttitlg/ freezing, congealing; 
-))Iet?^ ice plough ; -Vo(/ icy pole ; -^cfl/ station on 
die ice ; -m AO/ ice saw ; -tfO/ shoe for walking on 
tte ice; -ftttti, Vid. ^mejtre^; -iTog/ sleet; -{Icus 


gett, adj. covered with Ice; -^pott, kind of piitmi 
with sharp points for w*lking on the ice; -ft(Cb^ 
adj. shy of ice (of horses) ; -tap , icicle ; -Vaogf/ 
opening In the ice; -DOgt^ gvard stationed on tiM 
ice , 0. ff* when the Sound is ftvzen ; -t^Attb/ iee 
.water; -Dtnter/ severe winter. 

et^Beeit^ ft* sharebone, ospubis. 
i9ne, v. %. & imp. to cfaiil, curdle, run cold; 
feet ttSttefee t mtg W ^Ifrorf/ my blood ran cold — , 
I was chilled with fear. 

^li, adv. not; {. anbet? is that all? t. fee9« 
mtnfere/ nevertheless, notwithstanding; K. etltbtt, not 
even then; i* cngatlg, not even, )eg Better \., nor 
1 (either, neither); t. itof; 1. not enough; 2. not me- 
rely, not content with; {. fanfet? e. $• ^e fetlU 
mer met, t. fattbt? you go along with ns, don*t 
you? Ban er reifl/ i* fanbtT he is gone, isnt he? 

§{futt/ vid, ntti, 
ticttt, vid. if0Kt. 
.+ 3tlb, adj. evil. = Comjv. ^-gtemtttg/ misdeed; 
-g{ent{ltg9manb, evil deer, malefactor. 
3lb, ett* fire; t«nte — iltiffeSlbeit, to light — 
ut out the fire; {laae %, to strike fire; giert 
j(./ to make a fire ; ffftte 3* P(^/ to •«* on fire, 
set fire to, to fire; gibe ^., to fire; !£)tamatttenB 

e*/ lustre of the diamond; et BlORtfet ^ant ^\ftX 
.f burnt child dreads the fire. =: Comp. tlfeflgtigf 
adj. fier^, igneous ; -fidQi, adj. baked over the fire ; 
-Beflanbtg/ a^j, vid. -fafl; -Uif, fiery glance; 
-Bntg/ 1. use of fire; 2. fireplace; -Buf/ andiron; 
-B<rffet1/ firepan, chafing dish: -bam))/ fiery vapour; 
-b^tfelff/ worship of fire; -D^tfet/ fire worshipper; 
-fab, vtd. ^^rfab; -foX^t, flame colour; -fatoet/ 
adj, flame coloured; -fafl^ adj. 1. fire-proof; 3. 
incombustible; -faftBeb^ quality of being fire proof; 
incombustibility; -forf/ poker; -fulb/ adj- full of 
fire, fiery; -fcmgettbe, adj. inflammable, ignitible; 
-gttter/ fender ; -gntfl. spark of fire ; -gntBe, fire 

place; -Bage / vid. S3ranbBage; -Bab/ ocean of 

lire ; -Bebe, heat of a fire ; -BuitS/ in Norway, detached 
house in which is a hearth for brewing etc. ; -fa^fe^ 
fire-box; Mtmint, (fire) tongs; -ffobe / globe of 
fire ; -fraft/ power of supporting combustion ; -frattbS/ 
rtrf. 93eghanbd ; -furt)/ portable grate; -(uft/ oxygen 
gas; -U8/ a fire; -maltttg/ annealing; -merfer, 
vid. 9){«Tfet ; -nttmibe / adj. supporting combu- 
stion; -offet/ burnt offering, holocaust; -)>anbe/ fire 
pan; -pX9Jot, fiery ordeal; -pU^ttf pair of bellows; 
-regn, shower of fire ; -tig/ adj. fiery ; -tt'fl/ grate ; 
-TeC/ fiery red ; -xn, pipe, flue ; -{fabe, damago 
caused by fire; -fftetttt/ fire screen; -ftuffe/ fire 
shovel ; -ff)^/ adj. afraid of fire; -flange/ firedrahe; 

-fprubenbe/ adj. ignivomous; -^{mtbenbe S3tacg, 

volcano; -f^rubnmg/ en. ejection — spouting of 
fire ; -ueb/ fire place, hearth ; -jhaale/ radiance ; 
-fhom/ tori^nt of fire; -fOCflg/ (m ^orid ^fyle) can- 
non, artillery; -tang/ tongs; -ttcrf/ draught of air 
for supporting a fire ; -tvnbe/ tar barrel (for t 
bonfire); -t«Tfi/ burning thirst; -bang/ a4i. !• fire 
proof; 2. retentive of heat; -btfte/ fire'fan. =:3lbS^ 

0» 140 3irt> 

im, JtMW if 8«i -9«B/ ip'A »» '"i -li«/ SMiat, 111. iDiiri biib. 

lima '- blue of Uiei -net, ntril ftsm Bn; .bSilf ;;tntbavtl v. a. lo Im Uimgoglil] 

if, 1. .cddHiil Gic| %. iiatt' i"" >»r «"' ~ 3nt)bili, c. n. cid. Snbb^ti. 

aittSrant, Mtt. 1- Hieli 2- On, wmJ^piiiMi 3n»btfolli, e. «, i* Hcludt, » 

^brontftl, 'cid. Qnratftl.' 

Sitit/ ■dc. ctmr. tant; t^trt. ainit. ill. 
kidly. = CsiHj). 3-bclinKratE , cl. iidiif suiiM ; 
[.ninunlii, si(t. lll-uBDiliB|-, -li^ildtfet, uHTawY I 

■fMMOl^i a^- ill-nivDuti, nanvoutr. 

- 3ft, ■. >. 10 luiUB, huny, ipetd ^ (n ilcntE 
Sot • ripld nu. — 3ini, m: kute, huri, ifitd. 
Slig, lid. iilfottifl. 

3Hl^ HI. ;. ' -K, 'ikritn' = C.iV- a-BMil/ 


3C(umln(R, n. a. I. to i[lDliiiBIIO ', 1. to co]«u 

SBulltai, fffp. A ad(. I. bclMiia. bilniil; 3. 
« liuii I. !Iat og :Sag, Uiioa^gi ibt yciri i. 

■bnonti Cnn yicf/it iau&ta, Ukt bna hid miae 
JlHimnuif titi {liun i. Mggf, Uie Bintr li io 

3init[(ttib, aiw. 1. BMnnbilc, ntinUBe, ■■ Ac 

Snut, priM^ 1. aeaiiw, conirtrr u; a.uwdrdi, 
t»i 3« *« i«< Mfl" ".»tl. I *■« no objWlJOBl 
Bint Cdl t., M tcl coBUuy u oit'i nill — di»b- 
Efe one i nalttt li imot iia, (o lij — , bei uo 
l« *«; inut (tn tuitig cc In mange utiuligt, 


MM, ijd.' Sistt. 


SM gUUcStuil mt,lhe yitft cosmosen Ig-diy. 
gniit, aito. inniid, iiwii'di, uai i. ««! »(= 

anH^ribi, .id. inEfufaiK. ^ Tr.poit 

^ntbtittu, c. B. Id upon. — SntBintninj, tn. 

' 3nCbint. 

- 'Snlii 

L (. iniiiuUon, I 

- a-Si, m. « 

•iglll, pt»» — giMM inlo. 

1. U blow iolo; ^. to tOffUl, 


, ID biiDf ID ; m intSringntt 
iKbioki*!. bugLiTji ai«rt3. ! 
all. bc^tt int. 
iiimtmg, (n. pi. -it. biudiig. 

iD,i«. ^ 3-69ttB(, tn. ft. 

%-nicAi\m, r. a. u CI 
3-ta8(mna, (n. oihlng, 
n. pi. -n. colHtioF. 

S-Wlhtg, ItMegiunb, pTiDCipl* at dlviijgn 

lion. - 3-(a8(ii. 

.uu.,- 3-ll(liiia, 
= Oimf. 3-U3 

Siittianiiijt ttt. 

■■ Mtc In I (. @Falln, It le>i 

3nt(i i>i<'>' wiibisi iana/ init I iinUI, rir up 

ID Ihi inliriorj in Ibc hllTt'ot Iht conntryt ginitcn 
ioBll ©^m I-, lie tntiojhidgol F<»«niuii of iSe 
iBwn, = Cemp. i-fi«ntf, e, a, to dnmii' HDi bj 
mnn ; Sungin ttin int(6rc(utt mtt (int 9)(init, tb* 

hmg .lib bi< follei.m rn<<bcd ii lilt Oimni -ft^fl, 

tisi ; -t*ni(, o. o. I. loliili, c'onUin i 's. u'ilbbolil i 
Jfiomti, I. o. i» Itm — jg""" ~ I"" '° ( 

ninj, m. Inchl., ur - i-J -fiM'. ». '■ {"'»).■ 
It RUin ia tnt-a Umtt; -Rttln, m. iHpInf Ibc 
h»K, .w^inj « htm.i -fllUt^ e. a. l.lo ihiil-- 
Ittb up-, 3. It tirroud, him ii ; Hmt -flultll i 
f^ ((In, It ic rtnt.(di -flaae, r,<, l.itbtlodmd, 
depnilUd (tr mtnty)! S. lo ini-cr f«! -(iBligt, .. 

3n'Kn, o*. 'l, wiihhi, i«.W ; a^ctan, .reT i. 

boitd. In Uit Ihlli \ -(Dt8, oiti. t Mdr. Killiln Iht 
In-m intRi6p*eKdt , lamiblk; inCtnt^tS WA' 
IfBiinrt m RbA), to»» mcabin; int(n»i8*i 

-fro, fniiB wiibini ^aartB, sdp. oiibln ibe ptmii- 
in; -aittiSi ailt. illblo lh( btdje; -1,0*, Iniidt, 

■Jantfty Htf^ dtmeitlc., homr, piilv«, Ivdl^tnt \ \. 
bantti, connliy iridt 1 1. $[a]lln, Indlgtngua 
pitnli; -cm, roond ■lonr (lie imilt; -tkfi, 

antn, inJwn, a*, iu.n, iniwior, ln->rJ| 9Niii= 
ntffldS SntK, III. htiTi tf m«, im.nHii.«; 
1. »9rt, laliin^. nitc. = Ctmp. 3-Iirtt, i»» 
Tin. inUIitll -RaX, Inntr guihti; -tlimd, Inser 
fmeM; -fdolt, inntr niili ; -ftti, inner ildii .|>t, 

gntntta, 14. 1, [nnrd; 1. hinnhlit t(l nnit 
bibnfigjlt Qnftt, 11 litbtwitb nttmi 10 nr ha>n-, 
fton rm i. tin, m bi dtToirdly iiuAed it tte. 
- 3-6«», nt. ttriUliiy, kMnin«>. 

3n»nR, atj. nftrt. tf IiiMn. InnDM, inntr- 
IWK*-, SUkH Sntnfit, Iki bMIt tribe tinpltnii 

■U ht>m /a. I etUftl, u ibt.hnber »d tf ibe 

anBHfl., «.!.(, -I. lodft. (-10. . p»»ni). 
gntifibllt, -fbtH i(. tW, »» tnb(. 

m.; febcr funW tee faw Nl 3.t 
ShanmiFr, wtiU-tt aiL 

>. / Hif. fdtt M ; ilMgaiitta .Ftfi 
SentiM, He.repi'.diy hilt •■ t Bu- 

■- ». It IM — pal in, Boitltt. — ' 3. 
lellinf fU. 

i. Tit. fan int; (in tern -fattntt 

, a. 1. ^t border, edp-, 1. It >■< (tf 

«. pi. -a. I 


X. - S-faftnins, (> 
C ST'p/- -tr. n. 

" ligtiU — nfrllerei tf 
« I. 'Dftnff, ■ nillra tf 

Oirt» 142 

iBTom; X L. T. H^t.wiliM. ~ 3«*f?n'l«™^ 

3ntg«M, *. i. I. 10 enl«, (a iaj i. iBrt I 
Sdifegnliifl, I* pH>Mi ■ peiiiHo; i (ntgoun 
Ugt, nut mail ; -aaatntx vitti, LmpWi ; 1. s. . 
H HUt iitoi tiB((<t)iltdiu nilti ban itft i., I 

3- ■ 

, lnuoilaHi*! (or I diiniuii) i Mt Hmtti 
mir Kilb, = Comp. 3-SWia'f "muu 

, -frttti, - .-■ -- 

-toll, luinnl rUictnnt ; -lelc, lmp«it dil). 
Snlgiti!, pi. c. tMm ot ibc uUK of • bi. 

anlgiiptat, ti.o. 10 itr — pni u* i" kh it"i 

3ntalo4c,' /.'n. 10 hfd'ic in.'- 3-9in»(lt(, ( 

^alfl ft, «. J.*, -n. <».. 
SntuHt, ». a. i. 10 liT. - diliTcr lit, ,ntm 
3. iBiplcE nilt, toHMi u; 8. lo •JuiniiUc (ac^ 

- Sntgini 

[t S. — 3-8iomiie, m. |i^>f 

. 1* rnk in — iuo. — 3-31'*- 

lo gnit. ontHY* I naMn fioi 
icn, tbe ro> K» eintid lo ikc 

ii cuToocbiHiii gionS- '/ 
out ■>. — S-aiiSiiing, m. 
(tow iuo — wpih«; int: 

f l>t 2. reoce, tnilMo 
!ot Itfil Of blooj iitl 4< 


,oi..u. = c„v. 3-sftpl*'. "^"J"" "I 

ntGall, tL j>(. -n. limbcn of i ibir. 
iltfillB, ((. tb.rft (of cuthj). 
iltuflAt, », B, 10 col in — iilo, tapt 
- -^ '■ — —I, m. tuuiK oil. 

n. pi. -I. ladiiD. — iiiWanR 
t. — Camip, i-tlaa, i4i(* 

■ndiiii.). — 3iitlfilt«lft, 

ncfiof — ptuUt iuo. 
. -edge idU. 

jnHliBbt, e. 
SntiKan, r. 
3iittieij(), ( 

Snlihamrt, r. 

ftnlllratui, o. 
iStlmt »trf, 

3nMilmti V. ', 

5». M '"'I - 
.ntlDbtt, T. a. 

gntluRt, (t. en 
etnMnrtf, B. •- 
gntlVJI, B, •. I. le light in ; !• •>. i. W ka 

3a>[<n, ti. i. tMltimi a. '■ 

*rHMl>iM B. I. T. (Iiw) p>|t' 
SntroKAi, >. a. 1. M «cUiH 


t tR nt intliint tniniBt ^M, 
Kpfti — , cnpi ti. 

u lin In. 

-teSning, hi. rM. mtfifi, — 

3nli)iiirenina, en. Huplng tu. 

xii\lTiU, SntwiFK- fri. p.j.tnjen iniv 

SntrtnCCHi tn. ninnisg Jo. 
Sntnnlt, *. *. tm rltid, bring is. 

-ctnMni i. Is ■dipt, pigpaTiin. — Sntrttni 

jjnttftt) I, i. W Tidt in, idol' »■ "■ "0 I 
>D.Dd (. Bcid). - 3"»ri»(Ih, -vitfn, m. rid 

SnSritVt/ ig •aach on. — a'nlriMnlita, 

"gnwii'tii. nm — kmicI. a> Ihi 

a. SnttinBt, f. a, u Mil in bi > bell, It rlig 
Sntlcli,... r^w lom in-, i. pg i «nKf6ftr, 

3ntt^ll(, V. a, 10 gilhir, 
nm^ til. ■■ihEiiDg. ftlbri. 

- Siilt^tiiinj, m, 

3n»fa11(, e. o. to Mm piehle- — 3ntifa(lning, 
'"ftlTlIfSB ""^- '■ to .nninl, ™b in (»< ungual.). 

3nlfaml,, .- a w « ,g.ft«i i. gsnart, 
« I.J up . tisi.. - anifumling, m. c.lliiUtn. 
Sntfann, vu. -\taa\t. 
antfiie, m. pi. -n. mke (u tirdO- 
gntraoii ■•- "■ la Hi> in — inu. 

3ntF'tnt(, tt. lupeiinicndtuH. 

gntifHl, rt. »■!. 

SntftQIng, tn, l.Hlllai In, — iiiai a-eminci, 

'^nMnrt(,".T'i, mi m. - 3n»[(n»<If(, in. 

anffiMin, m. pi. .1. ,ii. 3nt(tf?(. 



!ortip"™?^kl (.(Ia.t.™. 
tig, tn. ihipmtni, tmbiAiiiDH. 
fTio >nd iiii t, 2-1° iutinit. 

i inljttiBfB fom Smtint, 11 


3nt{iut, (t. fl. U. 1. (cnlritntlon, r 

P.i« - S^mtnH I". i«l«i-.g «c- 

3nti(ijiian, 1 
'Smug!., . 

— aBCtm'fli** 
n. - 3ii»fiing= 

- 3nlifinBt(lf(, m. robtinj « 

a. ig iiiU, — gnftftoltiriofl, m. 
Siitniimvt, V. 1^ u ma ■— , Irivg ii. 
JntiTifli, v. ■. \a ioiUtUc, trdili. - 3nb(lif- 
jn»ftiR(, *•- --'n. *nW I.. — anlflitn&ig. 

ki.") rot ihirpipL -- antiiimng, oi. 

X. '^ ^jn^ftlprt: 

3n1l|ol!ei, f. 

SiiDftijBf, ..... 10 , 
3nm^(, B. >. ■■ f 
(omMuU intaigttnitt, 

mu, m. IMinf He.. 

gnbiiaunt, i>. o. u •« - - 
fn $*uni 9U, to bri.g ■■ 

fitmninJ, in. mmmiini, cllil 
^ 3»J.»., .. * to Um.1 

3rtfug(, •. «■ » nuk I , . ... .....-,. ... 

■u,.k»ri<>t .cmX.. - 3ntfii9m'iiB,™, ixhliii 

il>|lan. - Si*" 
iHk ii. — 3n»! 

atiHaai, *. o. 1. ID like ia, — on Uui (■ 
•.•iLo. (,f «iicii«)i4. LoiBi)*, gaBmag, to >.k<> 

— , (tny > loon — rollnii i 5. Is t.pUvilc, d»ni. 
rucliiic-, Dun JnttogHaf, m be iikn —, tnitidi 
— , iipUniiil hIUi ) ban iiitlutu fn, in bi pn- 
)»MHit4 In tavoor or-, Dm i. 'htal, id ki pnjih 

lusiag, tiinnlnf. — {tltUeillg, 
3ii*tafl(lfc, m. likiat. wtrinc 

1 - 3it*ttfln(l(i, -KgHina, <n. noimc tic. 

\i ilg, P. rt^. '•. r. f i(n« SiuiH, la 

gnltilbtini, ■<(>. ol sun L, lo k< putM' 

d. Zy i f,tiS ft 3- " "1- 
>• <P- 3-»«fl''; Tionj'Jl ™- 

ntoltt. ' 
. ■ICT ■■. 

M b^Ttii, ispTiiM; u pmiui- 

lagtB^, look or renlpui -tint, lom" ef 

"SnWiOl. ». ". 1» "Ml, Id con" o'tr ClbiDEi 
reccindj. — Snttvlting, m. cusniiag tu. 

jnbiiarSli, -Hortlfng, vu. W{t< 
Snbodf/ ". a. n wtirt UoDdi r 
SnbBmti, r, a. (iam) to okjeo 
■ ^nhDcnbning, -n. okjeci 
Sjnbnnitig, a«. inunil, inwird ; 

S-BWling. m. cti.ngliig. 

nbirilCflf nu euHinlloiii iniUilHia. 

gttfcoW ™. B..t, «v.. 

Sntnmi, v, s. to rtid — ,mirni>( lo tai 
livslvB, embralli III In^fllt @tUi in Jklridta cue, 
— iVilr. — 3ntb<(llnfl, at. hiJdint cm. InTomtion, 

Jtntlii»nt, V. a. M art in. 

riili, tntiL = Snenltbnni Mnliiii[ won 


(ig vim «n, .M i 

[traing, (ii. "<■•;«■ 

3n»Eii*« fig. "■ rffl. (6rt) M 

i. iimtO 

iitt. fl. mam., ". *"^ 
. = Ctmp. inanilirttfc-limi 

SntniSK, 'm. pl. c. Matu% 6al>t -7 •>* 3- 
«r , » iUfat •»<'• »lt (01 ; flntt 3- J, » Uk. 

SnlmBfralr «- pi- -f- uarrtoiilB, wocimi 
DUDlKr at t »n>ontioi>. - 3-?tai , rt. mnpuif. 

fnHnSfm, f,«. Artp. lo iMatH; HmkUOm'' 
ntcl, nna. or injm. 
Utl. tt. RDlllillt, D«0«U- 




^ttionm# V. «. to intonaie. — :3titimaHim/ 
Ctl* intonation* 

^nDentonttm, et. inTontory. [ -r« reprimand. 
CtetteforttC/ v. «. to reprimand. — jglreticfttttclfe, 

^laong* ett. vid. SaSprmt^. 

, . . nt. /»/. -er* linnet. FringUla eonnahirut. 
Jtlailtft/ a^/j. Irish. 

M\i^, et Wd. I^^gtemanb. [iromealty« 

^xenx, en. irony. — tronff?/ a4^. ironical •, adv* 
^XU, V. a. to teaxe. 
iTW/ v. •. to err. 

frrmg, «t. Wd. SJilbfatelfe, ^fetftagelfe. 
frj?/ «rfi. Iriah. 

Jff/ V. a» 4t i. to break np the ice , cot a pas- 
sage through ice. 

3fenboto, en. pi. -ft. hardware-shop. ~ Sf"«f«* 
»r — graa, «4^. ir9ngray, -frAUt, hardware ; -frcmu: 
mcr, bardwarenan. 

kffjanfc, V, a. to poor in, — into, 
(efontff/ adj. Icelandic, Iceland. 
Wttt, eiU pi. e. woof. 

»m/ WA t'tdnc. 
HoUni, adr. isolated. 
$fo^, en. byatop. 

ef|)Cmbe/ V. a. to buckle. « 
i\t, en* pi. -r* . crown (of the head) ; fig, top, 
summit. =Z Comp. 3'^^ / *^^^^ bones ; -f ant< 
edge of the skull bones ; -^labe / upper surface of 
the crown \ -punttf senith. 

^fian^cette, f. «. (to repair, mend. — ^t^Ottba 
fcettelfe/ en. fl. -r. repair. , 

3fUb</ et. stirrup. 

^ftemme/ v» «. 1. to join in singing; to commneeo 
singing, strike up ; 2. to agree — , assent to. 

^\in, et. fat. := Comp. ^'hm, paunch ; -^tt, 
adj. full of fat; -fiomme/ fat; -^ebeb/ beast full 
of fat-, -mat, fat food; -tiem, vid. -Bttg. ' 

3fotl/ adv. in particular, particularly, especially, 
specially ; f) aside. 

3&er, et. fid. S)i»er. 

^Dcr, eh. />!. c. seal, ardour, eagerness. 1= Comp* 
i-fulD/ adj. full of seal , zealous. 

eOTe, »V i. ft r^. to inveigh ; tobe exasperated. 
img» a4^. 1. sealons, ardent, eager, f) 2. passionate, 
exasperated.. — 3>><i8M' *"♦ ««•'•> eBgeniess. 

3oonlf«ette, v. «. to carry into effect, execute. — . 
t-Itg, adj. praeUcable, feasible ; -ItgM* «t. practi- 
cability, feasibility; .elfe, en. execution. 


3a» odtf. ye«, «yi yea ; ja, ^ttat et ^erbet at at«re ? 
well, what is to be done ? @eiflltg^eben, SD^fien, ]a 

l^cU Relief, the clergy, the nobility, nay, tbe people 
at large ; as a noun substantive, consent ; l^an nt^a, 
be was accepted (as a suitor), rz Comp. ^avtettt, 
-l^etre, one who says yes, — assents to every thing ; 
-orb, consent, promise (of marriage). 
'S^ et* hmry^ hubbub. 

3age / v. «. lagebe, ^ \oa, {aget. to chaee, hunt, 

drive ; v. i. to hnny ; j. %ftlbtet 0))/ to start game ; 
. en 9IgeYi^e op, to spring a partridge; l^an b(ct) 
Oget fta fin ©aarb, he was tnmed out of his farm ; 

age en jtaorbe tgiennem ^Mtt paa een, to mn one 

through the body with a sword. ~ Comp. ^-line, 
training line (for horses) ; -liyft, vid. ^agtlt^ft ; -plab8, 
banting — , sporting ground; -troSfe, N. T» tow- 
line. — 3agen^ en. chasing etc. 

^08^' l. chaser; 2. small — Dying jib ; 
3, bow-chase (gun). ZZ Comp. ^-heWf flying—* small 
jibboom ; -fftto, jtb>haliard ; -potit chase-port. 

3agt/ tn. 1. obese, sporting, hunting, venery; 
2. right of killing game; -3. hunting — , shooting 
pnrt^, hunt. ZZ Comp. ^^^hoXf adj. fit for the chase ; 
J6et)entng , situation — , employment In the royal 
bvnt ; -betjent, bnnstman ; -6og/^ book on field sports ; 
-be9fe# gun, fowling-piece ; -etei, one who has the 
right of killing game ; -etftev, sportsman ; -emSebe/ 
•id« -feettenina| -fototbningf ordinance concerning 
the chase ; -fn^eb , right of killing game ; -fugl, 
bird traiaed for sporting ; -fvlger hunting retinue, — 

party ; right of pursuing game on another's grounds ; 
-gaart, fid. Sotgerg.; -gebffr , Wd -!>»«! t ♦ 
-greenbfe , boundsry of a chase ; -berl gljeo , c«d. 
-fn^fb; -^erte, vid. -eter? -^ejl, hunter; -bo»/ 
hunting equipage; -l&CTn , hunting — , bugle horn? 
-^unb , hound , sporting 4pg ; -^UttS, sporting — ^ 
bunting lodge, — box; -junfet , Dan. tM»\ 
-Hcfbet/ hunting — , shooting apparel; -rnt»/ 
hunting-knife; -frub, powder for shooting game; 
-fpnbl^ad;. skilled in Oeld sports; -l^ft, love of tho 
chase; -malett, hunting piece ; -Utb, sporting term; -tfts 
ben/ l.order of knighthood conferred ty some princes on 
their followers at the chase ; 2. chasing order (at sea) ; 
-pQXi, gate of a preserve; N. T. chase-port; -rafto/ 
halloo, whoop; -rebjfaS, sporting implement; -XtU 
retttg^eb, v«d. 3agt2; -fabft/ huntinff saddle; -fogr 
action — , suit under the game laws; -felffob/ hunting — ^ 
shooting party; -fttlt/ badge worn by gamekeepers; 
-ffrig/ fid. -raaB; -flot, royal hnnting lodge; 
-UJWtte, small fire engine; -fptjb, hunting spear; 
-thrcefntng/ chase, hunting ground ; -flptfe, hunting 
piece; -tttffe, vid. 3 «gert. J -tib, hunting —, shoot- . 
ing season; -tci sporting apparatus; -bont/ adj, 
trained to the chase; -oet, road made for the pur- 
poses of the chase; -M^t, hunting — ^, shooting 
weather; -DOgn, light cart; -ttfltfenr hunting estltb- 
lishment; sporting matters, 
'"ogt, en. pU -er. yacht. 
(xtttf en* pi* -X* Jacket. [tian blinds, 

ialoufl, en, pi' -x* 1. CTd.@fmf^ge; 2. Vene- 





gamBe» en. /><. -r. iambic. 

Sommev, nUi>l*e. Itmeatatton, w«tliiLg.=:Cofii/>. 
l^-llll, vale of sorrow ; -^ti, adj. lamenltbie, de- 
plorable; doleful*, -float, w«r. 3a»tm<tt '^^^> ^^ 

of sorrow; -fang, doleful ditty, -f^obC/ a great 
pfty ; -ifm,^ doleful cry, wail. 

eamm^tgr <><&'• miserable, wretcbed, pitiable* 
amre, v. ». & refl. to wail, bewail. — 3««- 
lenf eti* wailing; etc. 
janttor, iannary. 

{oorb/ 1^. ntd ^0* [be, earrs seat, residence. 
\wA, en. /»/. -tt. eari. — :3-t«inme, earldom i-tfots 
iajf, jaffe, «m*. »^iaff. 
[adntm, en* jasmin, jessamine. 
iad^tS, en. jasper. 

Jeg/ j»ron. per*. I ; 3eg felt># I myself; l^on 
tctnfet fun it^oa fit eget S*, be thinks only of No. I 
rz^egl^el), tbe 7, suf* 
°m, pron. tor ^bet. 
gem, et. iron^ {i«6t :3»*' cast iron; ©mebetent/ 

forged iron^ IcegS^ ^ ]|$., to put in irons; $aM 
nMnge 3. t ^Ittn, to have many irons in tbe fire; 
r: C*om/»* 3-A^< ' vein of iron ore ; -ag% ai^'* 
ferraginoas, ferreons; -ial^eCf iron age; -(Utlet, 
cramp-iron ; -at^etbe, iron work ; -6aanb/ iron band 
or boop ; -Bone^ (iron) railroad, rail way ; -Beflog, iron 
mounting; -Beflogen/ -BefLaoet, adj. iron-bound, mount- 
ed — , tipped — V "I^od with iron ; -blitz sheet iron, 
iron plate; r-bott, iron bolt; -bteb^ writ'of 
protection; -Bunten/ vid. -Feiloaet; -hUxii, ordeal 
of hot iron; -bYAabei, vid* -oUe; -ett$. iron ore; 
-fana# iron tool, — utensil; -fOTtJe/ iron colour; 
.(ttlf^aon^ iron filings; -fitt/ ttnwearied application ; 
•gong, vid* -aOXt ; -gttter^ iron grate ; iron railing ; 
*gl<tttbd, 4ipecu!|Lr iron ore , iron glance ; -glttnmei> 
■licaceons iron ore ; -gtOfl/ iron gray ; -gn6, iron hilt ; 
•gn^f iron mine; -gn^te, iron pot; -l^oaibz hard as 
iron ; -l^e, iron hook ; -jammer/ iron hammer ; -l^an^ 
Ixir iron trade ; -^ontiUt, dealer in iron, iron-monger ; 
•Boibe / harrow wilh iron teeth ; -^ai , morion ; 
-VetBceb, iron constitution; -l^ofbente, -|^ol1>tg/ adj. 
fcrrufinoNs ; -^Xftitf smelting house; -jor^/ ferru- 
ginous earth; -fait, oxidated iron; -tlatii, odj- iron 
— ♦, steel-clad; -fcottt, old iron ware; -Ixxmmtt, 
ironmonger ; -maim, vid* -ettS ; -dtttCf iron ochre ; 
^itf liquid muriate of iron; -O4)l08mttg/ solution 
•f iron; -Ot>n/ iron stove; -pla^e, iron plate; -JfiUt, 
iron mould; -^T0t»e, ^ial of the quality of iron; 
ordeal of hot iron ; -^ull»er# pulverised iron filings ; 
•^tebflt^B, iron tool,— implement ^—Xn% rust of iron ; 
-fono, magnetic iron sand; -fenA/ iron bed; -fins 
ttes, dross — , scoria of iron; -^afiet, adj. iron- 
iMdled; -fVtmte, iron band, — Ure ; iron rail; 
-ffnut, iron box, — safe; -ff«el» vid. -ftnner; 
-flog/ iron boeUe; -fmog. taste of iron; -fme^, 
Maeksmilh ; -fmcltmngr smelting of iron ore ; -(jJaaU/ 
•id. -f{uf:|}aan J -ftang, iron bar, — crow ; .-ftlftl. 
iron stone; -ftettt, adj. strong as iron; -^tbtt, 
iron-toonder ; -fieDeti, iron foundry; -ftxette/ japan 
balcUng; -tVAAt/ iron wire; -ivx, vid, -fong; 


•mi, vemitt. Verbsma offiei»a&* ,• -^9x1^, cMy- 
beate water ; -boret/ iron ware, hardware ; -bUml, 
green vitriol, copperas; -b«^ggC/ ironw«ige; ottO^/ 
-bftlfiet; iron tool — , impkmenL 
~;erpe/ vid. $tn|M. 

jcrtcgtt, tU sign, token ; prodiey, miracle. 

lefutt/ en. pu -er. Jesuit. =: 3<i>ut(iDrtfn^ or- 
der of Jeonits ,r society of Jems. ->•, lefttttttf, adj. 

^ette, en. pU -r. gianu = c»mp. 3-gn)fbe, 

mountain caverns in Norway ; -B^t / vid, jt<eil^= 
t9dfe; 'imopf -frig, fi^t — , War with giants v 
-tbinbe, giantess; -{tctgt/ giant race; •%>», sepnj- 
dutal chsmber in a cairn. 

gebn, vid. 3<ei}n. 

So, adv. HȤamda agirm. yes ; I^CI 1^ ttlgen 

S3«tn? ^Q, l^tm ^ mange, has he no duldrM? 

res, to be sure, be has a great many \ ^Dc 1^1 p 

elb famt^fVet ten, Why, yon have giycn your 

own consent ; ler ei utgca %M om oi Bam )o 

faaer bet, there is no doubt but that he will get 
it; 3o, Bon ei ben rette. Ay, he is fte right sort 
of fellow, indeed ; jO mete jo WtU, the more thohcAer. 
. 3<>^Annitten{tbeT, en. Knight of Si. Mm; -ct^ 
ben, Order of St. John. 

^otte, en./>l. -T. yawl, jolly boat; girtline, banl- 
ing-line. = ^-^^^^ / single block; -Bom/ boat- 
davit. [ along. 
^otCe, V. i. to row ; lig. j. aflleb, to bowl — , brush 
i^omfnt, en. pU -et. virgin, damsel; rammer, 
beetle (for paving^; virgo (in the xodinO; ben 
iBelttge 3*' A« boly Vbgin; ^omfOl N, Hiss N. 
r: Comp. ^-Oa^ix^, adj. effeminate; -Wtg, castln 
for the protection of a lady; -BttUt, lady^s bower; 
-btogt , dress of « maiden ; -fotbe/ virgin bite, — 
bloom; -penning, virgin boney; -Bttlt8, bro«hcl; 
-latf, effeminate fellow ; -flo|let, asylum fmr unmar- 
ried females ; -tlofbet, maiden habiliments ; -fionb^/ 
maiden wreath; bridal wreath; ^egy, fiTlish play; 
4ei}net, girlhood; -lobe, sphinx; -olte, virgin oil; 
-tan, -tcb, abduction of a virgin; -tObCl, ravisher 
(of a virgin) ; -flnb, vid. $tgeftnb ; -fionb, maiden- 
hood ; -UCebne , meeting — ^ rendezvona of girls ; 
-fbenb, vid. -fatl; -fbOOl, virgin sulphur; -fb«im, 
first swarm of a beehive; "f^gt, green sickness; 
-bOt, virgin wax. 

omfnibom, en. virginity. 

omftueltg, adj. maidenly, maiden; -Beb. en. 

i^JotlV en. earth, .soil, land; pU -cr« grounds ; 
{lebe til 3otben, to bury. = Comp. ^I-Aonb/ 
gnome, elf; -Ogttg, adj. owrthy ; -olbeti age of Ibo 
earth ; -att, species of earth ; -Olbe, cUckwced, >lX«- 
M»e m»dia\ -Boaten, adj. earth-born; -B<^Gfef 
mound, hill of earth; -Bone, Jke enrth^s orbit; -Be* 
Boer , inhabitant of the earth ; -Bfg/ bitnmem, ns- 
phalt ; -Beftbbclfe, possession of landed property $ 
-Beffribelfe, geography ; -Blonbing, mixtnre of soils, 
compost; -Bo, vid. -BeBoet; -Bot, bore (for boriag' 
the earth ; -Botgcr, IMd* -BeBoK >«nopoUlo ; 




vhtOL boring of tbe eartli; -fivatt^, subteiraiiean Are*; 
'{fnilhlittg, rent'— , fisiiure in the earth; -fivKiJ, agri- 
•nlture, husbandry, farming; -^tUQttl'btf adj. agrt- 
cnlturai; -itUQitX, agrievltarivt, husbandman, farmer; 
-btm^/ soil ; -OCfT/ strawberry ; -BfiTtfaft/ strawberry 
Bimp; -1bCtt€t, solitary beaver; -bam^}, exhalation 
rising from the earth; -^lmg# distribution •-«, divi- 
sion of land ; -tXQ^t earthen dike ; -^ltft« mode of 
culture, — Ullage ; -^Ot, vid. ®etitin \ -^rfet, 

f?irf. -vntgei; -^jjrfttt'tig/ agriculture; -b^rfmng^s 

Xctrt, science of agriculture; -tomrnittg/ earthen 
dam; -tflt, subterranean noise, — rumbling; -egnt, 
adj. possessing in freehold j -tget 9obd/ freehold 
property; -COtV region; -tit, possession of landed 
property ; -emt^0I9« landed property, estate ; -eietr 
landed proprietor ; -fait f sinking of the earth ; 
-fax^t, earthen hue-; -fafl/ adj. fixed in the earth ; 
-fafl StmtlOitt/ real estate; -febme, bitumen, as- 
phalt, petroleum ; -flate/ sjirftice of the earth ^ -fO' 
fitXf offspring — , ))rodnctiQ» of the earth ; -fn^ adj. 
exempt from paying land tax; -ftugt/ fruits of the 
earth, grain ; -fltltB/ someihine found under ground ; 
-fiftt, earth Jfor filling up; -fftffet&ffaB/ community 
of grounds ; -fctfle^ v. a« to bury, inter ; -gang. 1. sub- 
teranean passage; 2. path in afield; walk; 
-gt'emmff r. a. to deposit in the ground ; -gtetfttmg. 
earth manure ; -gcte, middle or undermost leaves of 
the tobacco plant ; -gtaO/ pit ^— , hole dag In the 
ground; -ffCdhttt adj, deposited in the earth; -gub* 
lord of- the earth , tpoet. for man ; -gult) , earthen 
floor ; -Accept , screen (for sifting mould, gravel) ; 
-^wnltt common perforated Si* John^ wort. Bype- 
tieum perforatum ] -BttuS; subterranean dwelling ; 
-^9tte# mud cabin ; -l^et/ vid. -Bam ; 'f^Wr vid, 
S3)rrg$0T; '^(tf vid. Jbtsmt; -ftelbet. cellar under 
ground; -ftol^ purchase oC ground ; -Hotc^ globe; 
-flump/ clod of earth ; -f(oft/ cleft — , fissure in 
the earth; -(rcl68f mole cricket. Gryllus gryUotal- 
pa f -fntSf circumference of the earth; -ful/ 
fossil coal; -log^ layer — ^ stratum of earth; -legeme« 
1. organic — , terrestrial body ; 2. (man''8) terrestrial 
kody ; 4d(i It* bed — ', couch in the ground ; -iMt 
«n« rent of land ; -lit}, earthly existence ; -lob# lot 
of ground; A^lptf fly. Chrftomela ohraeea f 
-l^t/ sound proceeding from the earth; -(ptt/ vid. 

Igi^temant; -leS, adj. having no land; -leaning, 
redemption of land; -maftl^ land surveying; -maas 

Ut, vid. gaithnoMrr ; -maalittg. tid. gattttttaa^ 

iing; -mtmMf msh-nut. C%/*ort<4 esaUetutu^ 

'mam/ nari : -won, vid. 30T<^Smon ; -mc^i club 

moss ; -muue , field mouse ; -Mtir earth-nut. Bu- 
nium bvlbocastaneitm*^ -oUt, vid. -fftllie; -omfeU 
Uff cir«ammnrigator(of rtie ear A) ; -Omfeit{ng# circum- 
mvigatlon ; -oml»arfltlhtg» convulsion of the earth ; 
-))((^ 1. spot — , patch of ground ; 2. mildew (on linen) ; 
-j^rongrr, jobber in landed property ; -XtOli encroach^ 
nent — , robbery on another^s fidd; -Ye6ntYig« mea- 
suring (of land) by a line: -tettt/ field rat; -Tinning, 
clearing of hni^; -T^^flfe, slight shock of an earth- 
quake ; -X9Qi smoke — , fog rising from the ground ; 

.faft, vid. @;teenfalt; -fant/ pit stnd; -ftgft^ rid- 

dl«; ~^tt, damage to a field; -{tiet/ vid. VtCBlXs 
ffm; -fftfte, parcelling of grounds; -fttfttltng* 
vid. -deling.; -^icti^, earthquake ^ -^Btpt, crust of 
the earth ; -ffrtb, -ffut, slide ->, slip of carlk ; 
-fh^ I ground rent ; -ff^IbSBog^ v%d. Wioxc^iX \ 
-{tog/ mildew ; -{logot/ adj. mildewed ; -{la)tg<> 
land serpent ; -ftttog^ earthy taste ; -fniltlb/ -fmiUr 
fine mould; -()>{lte/ vid. -ff abe ; -f^ttttn/ vid, 
-flog; -firtmmeLr narrow strip of land; -{trorfniufti 
tract, region ; -^¥^9/ region, climate^ zone ; -fl«l^' 
1. shock of an earthquake ; 2. stub — , stump of « 
tree; -f^alt^ sand martin. Hirudo riparia\ -foom^ 

fungus; -fi^fnmg, vid. -f alb ; -fatte, vid. jjorbe; 

-taage^ fog — , mist rising from the earth; -tflJoUf 
map on Mercator^s projection ; -tue / via. ^tlU i 
-iunatf tongue of land; -Utfi^fntng/ parcelling; 
'tiOM, well-water; -t^aulmng/ earthly career; -ttei, 
unpaved road ; -btntC/ windlass ; -bolb/ earthen mound 
— rampart; -l}a1)fN/ humidity (of the earth); -ttttg, 
earthen wall ; -tctjii, land plant. = 3[0lbc6lee, wind- 
ing-sheet ; -DOg^ rental, rentroll ; -fCTlt/ sepuRuro, 
interment, obsequies ; -Apt)8 f landed property , — . 
estate; -oot^etfT/ vid. ©obdetet; MaUfVid. gttg^ 
lagen;' -llaber, vid. I^igflabet; -logttt, vid, j^lg* 
logcn; Aiin, vid. -furbei; -ntoter, midwife; 

-WOtenonfi, midwifery; -^ttAt/ ftincral pomp ; -nae# 
(«f» Divinity) the earth; -jtcb , Mid, ©YODfleb; 
-tCt/ vid. -llceter. = Sor^^^Wn, Ct. soil, ground ; 
-paatatlelfe » ceremony of- castiuff eartii upoa the 
coffin at burials ; -pQXt, vid. ^OTDIob. 

^OXttf V. a. to bury, inter. — QortelfC/ vid, 
SJorbefflnr^ »ub 3»it. 
^orbfj, «dj. earthy , 

extin, a4J' eartiily, terrestrial, sublunary. 

ubel/ en. pi. e. shout. = Comy. ^-MX, ju- 
bilee; 'lotXtXf public teacher who has officiated for 
50 years ; -m^ttt / medal struck in commemoration 
of a jubilee; -XM^ , -{frig, shout; -fang< song 
of joy. 

uole or juBtHm/ eoU, «. i. to shout' 

ultmaaneb/ month of July. 

unae, m. pi. -x. bucket. 

imtmooneb/ month of June. 

mtfet/ en. pi. -e. young gentleman or nobleaaan. 

Unttttttf V. i. to play the gentleman, 
^tinbtff, adj. Juridical ; bet iitribtfTe, Sft««i.tet ; 

tiM faculty of law; i*S3og/ law boqk; h%vm(t9c 
ntnget/ lectures on Jurisprudence* 

^urijl, en. pi. -er. lawyer. Jurist. 
Hfif adv. just, precisely, exactly. 

^mtxtf V. a. to regulate and stamp measurat and 
weights; en )U(ieret mVHf an ell of the regnlatcdl 

;^u{itt6/ en. administration of justice. ZlComp. 

i^-Dettening/ office in a court of justice ; -Bettent, 

officer of justice ; ^mI, Dan. title ; -fog/ criminal 

action* ' 

I ^UUif en. Christmas, f Yule. = C^omn. 3^Af' 

I ten, Christmas eve; -BluS^/ C. bonfire; -Mi • pear* 




son dressed wit like a stag in Danish Christmas 
nuuiktngs ; -tog/ Christmasdaj ; -fefl^ feast of Christ- 
mas ; -ga&e, C. box-, ^itttf C. party, -glcefcc, 
C. merry making*, -^ettigt/ Ct. C holidays from 
24th Decbr. to the 6th January ; -^clX>, keeping of 
C. i -f^viiiti, C. festival ; -foge, C. cake ; -folt)/ De- 
cember calf; -leg/ C< games; -l^§/ «(d. -blu8 ; 
-morgCtt/ C. morning; -mfftfrT/ C* prognostics of 
the weather among Danish farmers ; fig. prognostics 
in general ; -offer/ C offering to the parson ; -({Delt/ 
vid -aften ; -retfel/ parson's C, perquisites ; -fattg/ 
-p^oimtf C. hymn; -ftu«, 1. parlour — , room for 
C* games or merry-making ; 2. C> party ; -tt^/ 
Christmas ; -t^te / barrel of strong beer for C. ; 

\tf C. week ; -tMf(, C* caroU 

lunttl, en. pi- ^iVOtltX. jewel, gem.. 

IvtitUtX, en. pi' ^tttitltttr, jeweller. [lery. 

{^belaV/ -^ante/ -ipottt, vessel of Jutland pot- 

Itjlttr, (texxi)f dried herrings. 

Iffger/ en. pi. -C. l. sportsman, hunter; 2. rifle- 
man. Mil T. = Comp. :5»ger6oltg/ gamekeeper's 
lodge ; -trogt/ bunting — , shooting dress ; -goart/ 
hunting lodge ; -gani/ net used b^ sportsmen ; -^OIU/ 
hunting horn ; -I&UU&, vid, -Bofta ; -fonfl/ venery ; 
-lebnet/ sportsman's life; -mt\ta, Master of the 
buck hounds; -let/ 1* custom among sportsmen; 2. 
court for adjudging causes occurring at hunting; 
-fprog, sporting language ; -ffilt/ vid, SogtffiU ; 
-tafPe/ gamebag or pouch. 
QcttUf en. vid* ;2lette. 
+ Sflftte, V, a. to promise. 
3«E0)t/ adj- even, level, plain; )• ®M^, even 
pace ; \. Tlttxit, plain man. ^ Comp. j-aartg/ adj. 
of the same age; -al^ren^e/ adj. 1. of the same 
age ; 2. contemporary , coeval ; -Boattn / adj. of 

equal birth; -Blantet/SMir'.effiially mixed; i-d^nflctl^ 
vid, 'SJlttcX^XXfitn ; -tannelfe/ l. similarity of form ; 
2. proportion ; -tattmt / ad^. proportioned ; -trcl^ 
adj. divided into equal parts; -ttian , equinox; 
-tegndtmte, eauinoctial line; -btglteflorm , eqni- 
noclial gale; -foTf/ v. a. to confer, compare, col- 
late ; -gammel/ vidj -cXbttnlt ; -^ottt, vid. -fere ; 
-lobente adj. parallel; -Utoal/ et. level; -ft^eS, 
adv. side by side, abreast; -ftnbct/ adj. even- 
minded, — tempered ; -{? tftet / adj* divided into 
equal parts; -jbogS/^ adv. parallel; -tt>tg/ ai^'. 
contemporary ; -traattg/ a^j. having even threads ; 
'tt)t, adj. equally thick in every part; -Dt'^te/ equi- 
distance ; -^Cegt/ equipoise. 

3(t>}nc, V. a to level ; i. en ^^hnbta^et, to ad- 
just a dispute; {. m ^U)fitit mtl Slttl, to thicken 
soup with flour. — ^O^^ing/ en* levelling etc 
— ^^^n^^d^^^l^^ ^' ^* vbilrators, umpires. — 
^Cttinfftt), tn* evenness, plainness. [a level with* 

"iaone/ ett level; t 3. bet (or yxtnit ntl), on 
;eonBet/ vid. sub ^ottint, v. a- 

jccbntng/ en. pi. -er. peer, compeer. 

^oet}nttg/ a4r* usual, ordinary, adv. usually etc* 

Rcronlige/ pi. equals. 

Sfl^e, en. pi. -U Jew. = Comp. ^-aOgeT/ Jewish 
usury; -aat/ Jewish year; -agh'g^a((;. JeHish; -((g, 
bitumen, asphalt; -ga^e/ Jews street ; -lanh. Ja- 
des, Jewry ; -|)rcrfi/ Jewish priest. Rabbi ; -qbOXtect/ 
Jews' ward ; -ffat/ impost on Jews ; -f^lOg, Jewish 
dialect; -ttO/ Jewish creed. 

letebont/ en. Judaism. 

;etinlfie/,en. Jewess. 

leteltg/ iebtff/ adj. Jewish. 

efel/ en. pi. ^etCtx. mountain perpetually co- 
vered with snow {in Iceland). 


Raa, en. jackdaw. 

jtaaoe/ en. pi- -x. eieak; uenbe Staahm efter 

^etret/ to tergiversate, be a turncoat; fxtXt Si ^C^d 
Begge ^Stuitxtf to wear two faces under a hood. =1 
ComP' jt-breng/ trainbearer; -leg/ adj. cloakless. 

jtaab / adj. wanton ; frolicsome ; I. SDlunb/ a 
flippant tongue ; t, !&reng/ a mischievous boy. =: 
Comp. l-munbct, a4j. flippant; -munbetf;eb/ en. 
flippancy. — jtaat^eb/ en* wantonness; wildness. 

t JtciOge/ V, i. to peep. 

jtaal/ en. cabbage ; gtere St. l(iMf to put an end 

to. =: Comp. 5t-eS hoe ; -gaarfe/ vid. Stietftns 

f}<lt}t ; -I^ObCb/ head of cabbage ; -jcnt/ hoe ; -mart)/ 
pith of the cabbage stalk ; -OXm, caterpillar ; -XcAi, 
tn* turnip cabbage, turnip borecole; -flof/ cabbage 

^aarSctte/ vid. Stol^^tit. [cumstances. 

^OXf et. pi. id. choice, option ; condition , cir- 
. AAftrbe/ en, pi. -x. small sword. =: Comp. St- 

6alg / sheath , scabbard ; -bltff/ swordknol ; -fldtt, 
flat of the^tiword; -fctfle/ hilt of a sword; -ge^ftllg/ 
sword belt ; -{(tnge / sword blade ; -fno^, pommel 
of a sword; -|)labe/ guard of a. sword; -qba{|/ vid. 
-bujl; -ftebe/ vid. -OOlg; -f))t'b0/ point of a sword; 
-{111/ -fttfb/ stab — , thrust with asword. 

Staaxt, V. a. to choose. — StootdUf en« choos- 
ing. := Comp. Rawtm^tf elective kingdom. 

jtaad / en. N. T, course ; gooe fin St*, to go 

one's own way. 

StcAt/ en. seamark. 

RoAtl , et. pi. -tu cable. = Comp. ^-gani« 
ropeyarn; -lomgte/ cable's length; -{laOC/ V. «. to 
csble-lsy ; -tOUg/ stream cable. 

jtaBeuarittg/ en. royal 

^abltaU/ en. pi. id. dried cod. 

^a6ubS/ en. pi. -er. fur cap. 

Jtabijld/ en. pi. -fer, caboose, co^kiooa. 

Stolttt, Vid. (Eabet. 




StaffC/. m* coffee ; hctnlt SL, to rout coffee. = 
CoWp. St-hxttUXif adj. coffee eolonred; -Bl«rtber/ 
necUne for roasting coffee ; -btfnntf coffee been ; 
-gntttS/ coffee grounds \ -f)UU^, coffee koiise \ -tattbC/ 
coffee pot \ -tit^tlf coffee kettle ; -mo(t(/ coffee mill ; 
-fcfter, coffee drinker; /l$r. goaslp; -trogt/ coffee 
strainer. ' 

Ra%f tn, pi. -e» whipping post. = Comp. St-pit% 
scourge (for public flogging) •, -^itftC/ . -fh^ge, v. 
a. to whip (publicly) at the whipping post. 

jtoge/ en. |»f. -r. cake. = Comp. jt-6ager/ pa- 
strycook; -foint/ cake form; -tttUttl)/ cake-eater; 
-fpmtC/ pastry cook^s syringe. 

jtag(er V. i. to cackle. — jta^lflt/ etU cackling. 

— Jtogler, en. cackler. 

5tal^$t / en. |»<. -ter. cabin. = Comp. jt-breng/ 

cabin boy; -ffnOeT/ eaptain^s clerk, 
^aty en* p/. -er* quay, 
jlate^ V. t. to caw* 
5tate, V. a. iV. r. to top. 
t j^affel/ en. earthen fire-poU 

jtaffelot^n, en. p/. -e. stove; Icegge t jt.; to 

light — , make a fire (in the stove). "Zl Comp. 

5tatfeIoi}n6fri>3/ corner next the stove ; -XCX, tube — , 

pipe of a stove; -t}artne/ stove heat, [white negro. 

jtafertftt/ en*p{. -fer. l. cockroach. Blatto} 2. albino, 

Stcd/ en. pi. v c veins in a tree round the pith. 

— faUet adj. rotten at the pith (of oaks). 

StoX^f tUpl. id. 1. call; 2. calling, vocation; 3. living. 
= Comp. JtalbSarBette/ labour in one's calling; 
-bog^ church register; -fittt}, letter of presentation 
(to a living) ; -^ttXtf patron ; -inanb , summoner ; 
-pHgt/ duty of one's calling; -ret/ -Xttti^^tt, ad- 
vowson^ right of presentation. 

jtolbe, V. a. to call ; to present to a living ; f. 
ep eftet/ to call after. 

jtalenbet/ en. pi. -e. calendar, 
jtolefte/ en* pi. -r. calash. 

^olfotre, V. a. to caulk- — ^olfatrer, en. caulk- 
er. — jtalfatifng/ en. caulking* 

jtalf/ en. pi. -e. cup, chalice* ZZ Comp. jt-btff/ 
paten ; -bug, corporal ; -tflfffel, cover of a chalice. 

Rait, en- pi. e. lime ; loetfret Stcdf, slaked lime; 

uUebftet ^./ quick lime, zz Qomp^ (alfogtig/ -ar= 

tetf a(^. calcareous ; -6{erg/ calcareous mountain ; 
-Blanbet, adj. mixed with lime ; -^{tsl, en. steeping in 
lime water; -6rub/ lime quarry; -^YCrnber/ lime 
burner; -SrcrnteW/ lime kiln; -Br<et/ plasterer's 
bawh ; -gTU^/ -little/ lime pit ; -jort/ calcareous earth ; 
-ffltte, beater ; -letjet, liver of sulphur ; -lub, cal- 
careous lye ; -Iceber, lime dressed leather ; -mee(/ 
lime powder ; -merger/ marl mixed with lime ; -OJ0- 
ledntng/ solution of lime ; -Obn/ limekiln ; -^ubd/ 
plaster; -rtg /«<<>. abounding in lime ; -^ttf trowel; 
-{ItfeT/ calcareous slate ; -{t^eT/ mixer of mortar ; 
-^^at9 / calcareous spar ; -fteen/ limestone ; -^tih» 
ning/ slaking of lime ; -flflb/ powdered limestone ; 
-tntg/ bod; -U(b/ skinner's wool; -Danb/ lime- 

JtallC/ V. a. to plaster. — ^olfning/ en. pla- 
stering. = Comp. Aalfefofl/ mason's brush, 
^alfun/ «tt. pi. -er. turkey. — falftttti?/ a^. 

^(xnt, turkey-cock; Jgnte/ turkey hen. 
jtaltet/ adj. vid. MMb. jtal. 
itattun/ et/ pi. -er. tripe. =: Comp. it-8manb/ 

tripeman; -[VipXtt, tripe soup. 

j^olmuf/ et. pi. c» dreadnought (kind of cloth). 
t^altnu@/ en. sweet scented flag. .^coruscajamM* 

jtalofte/ jtalofc^e/ jtalo^je/ en. pi.-r.ciogs,gaiocbef . 
jtalb/ en. pi. -e. bag — , purse of a fishing net. 
italO/ en. pi. -e* calf; pUit met enantenS jt./ 

to acquire credit by another's labours. Z= Comp. 
jtalbebaa§/ calf-slall ; -bridfeO sweetbread ; -hxpjtf 
bi;east of veal ; -tanbS/ biestings ; -fterbtng/ quar- 
ters»f veal ; -gY^n/ Coll. veal broth with barley ; -hWOt, 
paddock for calves; -1^0t)eb/ calTs head; -ftob/ 
veal ;-fre8/ 1. chitterlings ; 2. f^ill of a shirt ; -tetlt, 
fillet of veal ; -tubft/ carter who drives the calvea 
and other produce of a farm to market; -Xtihtf ren- 
net ; -rebe f afterbirth of a cow ; -{tin/ calf-skin ; 
vellum; -ftt/ calf pen; -fl^nlntng/ depression about 
the loins of cows on the eve of calving. — Jta(t>e/ 
V. a. to calve. ZZ jt-tib/ calving time. 

Rem, en. pi. -me* -l. comb ; 2. bit, web (of a key) ; 
3* crest (of a helmet;) tcet Jt./ small toothed comb; 
ftcere aue etttx een jtcun/ to weave all pieces on 
the same loom. ZZ Comp. R-hox\it , comb-brush ; 
-fober/ -foberat/ comb-case ; -l^tul/ cogwheel ; -mos 
get/ comb-maker ; -mu9(ing/ cockle ; -Ce{f e/ comb-box. 

itam/ en. cistern, tank. 

;tamcel / en. pi. jCameler. camel. = Comp. R- 

brtOer / camel - driver ; -gant/ mohair yam ; -geeb/ 
Angora, Angola goat ; ~^MX, camePs hair ; -pOXttX, 
camel- leopard. 

^ameleon/ en. cameieon. 

jtamelot/ et. camlet. 

Hameelmomfler / camomile flowers. Anthemi* 

Raxnxttf en. pi. -er* fireplace. 

hammer/ et. pi. jtamre. i. chamber, room; 2. 

Danish exchequer. ZI Comp. St-aXinccai, kind of 
sergeant at. law; -httitntf confidential servant with 
persons of rank ; -6orb/ table for confidential ser- 
vants; -l^lib / messenger of the exchequer; -bveng/ 
page; -frufen/ maid of honour; -frue/ lady of ho- 
nour; -gobS/ 'crown lands ; -^erre, chamberlain ; -^er* 
rinbe/ chamberlain's lady; -jomfru, lady's maid; 
-\\mltX, "gentleman of the bedchamber ; -jager/ rat- 
catcher ; -laf et/ valet ; -muflf/ chamber music ; -^M, 
chambermaid; -ipOiU, chamberpot, jorden ; -TAOb/ 
Danish title \ -Xti, formerly a court consisting of the 
members of the Danish Exchequer; -fegl/ seal of 
the hammer 2 ; -forg/ private court mourning ; -\ptH, 
instrument for measuring the caliber of cannon; 
-teme/ waiting maid ; -Htrnx, valet ; -tone/ chamber 
pitch ; -DOrfen/ exchequer affairs. 

jtammeratt en. pi -ex. comrade ^ — R-^ab, et. 


5tammerbiig/ et. cambric. 



y^l. *u. SnmmR, 

jtamB, m. jh. t. (irtoiw ih owtr dim ti«aH. 
= Ccmf. Jtunvtfifn/ hard rock ; -fiiin't, kird ■■ 
■ ruci ; -IliVIH, n', -ficltl 1 -nnn, kird Htnt. 

Jtatni) , «- pi. c. -timti , nitl ti wiiiwred 

jtain|>, ta. (lehi, eimia, iiruKlj, (*iiiMt, («- 
llltti it. roaSit) DS iD«t, Bonil mih =Comp. 
A-tag, dir of Mii*m — kmni -ftsmnui, )*d«c 
•f ■ imM; -llfft, ■MmK. "nifti -Itfl. -"li»t 
— , Mntil ««e-, -I?^, i>«. cigET fgi ibc HilUi 
-(Call*, BtW or biult, — eimiHi. 

jtuipfn, tt. viif. @. 

San, fit. TmiiH. 

itanalitt, Jtin(illi(^».m.yl. -i.nKil, mm**!. 

«»n»(, m. ^. -t. c», lukiFd; M>>lc <"•>■■")' 
=: Camp. Si-ie^, fiieiimi-, -(n(lt , kmak hi 
staining cinij -I^Ht, evJI. Iii) diint at i cin, 
kHltlp; -Dioal, poltle Iifinira; .f)l6, laiR bnkcr 
■Hlililag iifs ^aiU; -fiBbR, ptiiMnri ICn ^pli: 
""' *b' sl^' "' ™*-!^ MtUirf'l plaj,., ItaU lin- 
-mi, apanl ^ a caa i -Mi, mla. by lfc« p«llt«. 

AanM, m. orrmaaiiy, ctiuc. 

Hoot, m. fi. -r. iicdge. iltrgk. iiedi fint < 

S., 10 >l(d^, drWc in a liadn. ~ Oaai^. jt-bitltt. 
Mil roc bonuiniilidtc; -fu), drive in a iledgci 
■]«d«i>(; 'fm, ilelfinr, cndiUia of ( nad 

ict)) -tl>tf((, ilrd^ing-, -niftif, ninnei oF ii](d|e; 
-Pimatt, iliaru (or • llcdgt) i -[«»(, Hedfc apnn ; 

JtanRC, tn. 

WWA, nbMi w 

MU| ■fCint, n] 

ffonnit/ tn. j 

Jbmftlt, i^rf. I 


Camp, t-(niun , tdj. 

n. = CoMf . SoRHilC:^ 

OD i '-(niC, c. powder ; 
ifaglb al't.i -ftjitti, 
in(4c, — jtmenittng. 

iquin (llnbtr); .^nl, adge pl4ie. — (mttl, tdpd ; 
i>4. caramd. laivlar. (biirdaiai die. boriar. 

JlmU, r. M. ta kotdtr, Hlft. — jfantning. nt. 

JtontiTi *.i. M niwK ta^iii. — Jtontiii^ «b 

Sin (om), 041. »Dtanili^,4ahtaHa(»| lett 

Smut, nt- >(. -I. 'el"'«»- = C'"/- S-WB. 

4Iila<it, capuia ot I priviuai i -fortri, prinKor; 
-tog, piiyaictriiii cipediiiaii- — Snnri , It, prin- " 

SaCnS, m, pi. U. cipci. Capparii jfiiiHMO. 

Sappt, m.pj, -t. 1. tlsab, Nollt ; », up i l«d< "* 
«l )Ma Tin X, 1* tiba Ibc caipoDiibililr -, bla_i 
at I Ibiag oa naa-i tc\I.= Camp. St-Umt, TjiasJ 

; -hi, I 

i -flag, c 

»a»pr, ". ". " n«i lu iDon or aeou^, 
XoKK' f. a. 10 paJU paliacd;{a|l)Ht Xra, 1 
lolltidi t a)ia)lni -- !ln(irtcug(t, lo tat ika 
aui, — cibic — JtolwinB, <n- pallia?, «c. ■ 
XaPViS, V. i. ixui. iH^f. fatlKtn. la ilt — 

ItaClld^tl; emolHiov, -{1th, eoatfal, 

Swi'i "1- pi- JtKHflit) "p«ile: 
Jtapfm, m. f(- -n. utuioi; 

)(«((«», en. pi. c. (fore. niWm 

Isjgt St. |ua 
■tmp. a-ftppi 

■ip. S-hmt, 

Xiilnnit, laKimtn, v, i 
XlVut. 114. C arfg. mil 

oap; .gwa, (dab) libl ID ...ij -hixv.oh a«p; 
eemntt; -fM' kafw'aik\ -Vimt, diik>iter ; -HtfT, 

I. pt -r. ail (hr watl). =: Ctmp.X- 
M of ih* itaicl t -mun, cu^Bokrr -, -(hr, 

.fi l«; -tmt, loMh of a larJ; -litfil, 

jtettc. r. at* cahl. 

Jtitrtunt, m. Pi. ffiAuFn. 1. etnridft (f af am- 

... ,., . ... .... _ ,'. *-f0T»I, 

eat»idE<ra ■ " 

I br tkt poll. = Coa^. Jt-fsrm, 

•,tnt\ift lorn l-nftt, rartiidgackfil; -pMn, ttTlild|:E 
— vpacklaff paptr; -tobflf, lokacco pacJiod fa paptf* 
Hajriaviti, Ti^. Sniuibl. 




SMftn, pi, -e. man, CbHow; swtitt; borre jt fOY 

^ ^Ot/ to be a spirited fellow. I^ Cowp, R-ftilt, 
amies ; -{t«n/ v»d. STJantfien. =: ^caAtaox, javc- 
nUe af e, — years : -Ogtj^f ai(y. maanish \ -ftnftgi/ 
Bunf • face ; -httixt, bench for the male servants \ 
-0temmg/ man^s work ; -ficer, ad/, man sick ; -ficer^ 
Itng/ milksop ; 4atr¥ / manners of a man ; -Iat>« 
company of men ; ^totge ftol f)Oltt fig fra -(at)/ 
boys sball not herd with men; -Ivtl , vrtgts of a 
man ^ -fl^Re^ manly feat ; -fh^KC/ strength of a man. 
i^arlSbOgnett/ Charles's wain. [fot/ ^ill. 

^ t, Staxm, en. pi. -e. frame, case. ZZ Comp*^- 
"^ 2. jtartlt/ eit, pi. -e» close carriage. 

5tamaltte, vmI. JtonoKu* 
jtama^/ m. /^z. -|)er« balcony. 
5t«httftel, nt. /»«. -ttifUr. cudgel, — lomiile, 
Pt a- to cudgel, trounce. [nice plane. 

5tarnt8 , en. pi. -fer. cornice, rr 5-^ebI, cor- 

jtoipe, en* pL -t* carp. =z Comp. ^-^am, carp 
pond; -leg^ spawn of carps; -^ngef/ carp fry. 

StoxXt f en. P*. -r, car, cart. IZ C0MP4 5t-fc8m, 
shafts of a car; -tribet/ carman, carter; -ift% 
earth OTse. 

^QXttXt (tt* Vl' Jtamtet. coach, = Comp. St- 
foHng / body of a coach ; -OlaS / coach windbw 
glass!; -|e{l / coach horse ; -l^Tmmel^ roof of a c. ; 
MtVttX, boot; -mOQCtf coachmaker ; -flhriinr chaise- 
box, [en. stinginess, niggardliness. 

Stav^ adj. stingy, miserly, niggardly. — St-^tt, 

Staxxiel, en. pi* er. calash. 

Stat^tf en. pi. c cress. 

Stax^fOdj. hale, .in health; U fovffe l^abe iftt 
^(Tgen oel^ob/ they that be whole need not tiie pby- 
oician. — « St-ffit, en. bealfb. 

jtaTtC/ en. vid. 5tartc. 

jtarinefll/ en. diseased nail. 

Staxto^lf en. ;>/. -toflei. potato. =: Comp. Si- 
Ml, cuItiTation of potatoes ; -Bmn^ebnn/ gin distilled 
from potatoes ; -"^oXttf hoe ; -Wttlf potatoe flour ; -ntod^ 
mashed potatoes; -ploi), hoe-plough; -ftareTf pota- 
to cutter; -fup^e/ potato soup. 

jtortobe, en. pi. -r. carronade* 

j(arttH/ Jtoru^fe, en. pL -r. species of carp. 

CyprtHUS earasskts. 

Staxt>e, en. vid. jtmnmen. 

jtarbe/ v. a. l. to notch; inince, chop. =: Comp. 
St-hxsti, chopping boird; -fntb , chopping knife; 

-moAif vid. ©omotrfe; -flcf, tally. 

5tafe/ en. pi. -X* Iforv. heap. 

jtaffetot/ Itt, pi. -ter. cachalot or spennaeeti 
whale. Phfseter, 

•Std^^tf en. pi. -r*- ease, box, coffer. ZZ Comp. 
^-"ht^oltninQf sum which ought to be, or actually 
is in a public coffer, caah balance ; -Betient/ keeper 
of a pubKc fund ; -»og^ cash book ; -mangel/ de- 
Ikleation^ -VH^ttf treasurer. 

JtaSfettno, en. jacket jerkin. 

itafifere, «. a. vid. ©. 

itaSfem/ en. pi- -C. treasurer, cashier, cashkeeper. 

itaSfenne^ ett pi. -r. saucepan. 

' Stafk, tt pi. id. east, throw; ft St* Mft ^ 
4^»0li»)e, a litter of pigs, — puppies; «'be {{g t St* 
mtt , to engage, enceuBterj bbeidrefeee Iblil ^<m i 
jt* meb faa^attne 97tennefrec? how caise he to 

take up with such people? 

jtaftante, en. pi. -t. chestnut; btl^ St*, horse 
chestnut. = Comp. (-Bmitn^ adj. chestnut; -oHf» 
chestnut oil. 

^a^t, r. a. to cast, throw , toss ; to bring fovtik 
(of animals) ; {. fig, to warp (of wood) ; to tnm Mar 
(of fennented liquors) ; t* en @^r«ft f to dig ■ 
ditch ; (. jtom , to stir com ; f . af ^ to yielJ 
(profit) ; ©raben 6(eb fa^tt eftcr, the grave waa 
filled up; (. fig f^f to throw one's self away; f* 
OWf to throw down; fafle Cp, to throw up, vomit; 

$«6elen lafiebe l^am obei meb ®fam/ the mob 

pelted him with dirt; {. en @l«b til/ to fill up a 

Srave; {. ub (beb 9letten)/ to eject. = Comp. 
t-'bett, handball ; St^ffenS -holtf the sport of fortune ; 
-Sro / flying bridge ; -6uT/ bodice ; -fofier / abor> 
tion; -gant/ sein; -gebffr/ missile weapon ;'-^0t8f 
Jetsom, goods cast into Ihe sea ; -tdifiptf vid. ^&MnA' 
tappt; -f te^/ 1, useless stick; 2. pattern in diaper; -Uts 
^ah, vid. -tm ; -VUfe/ bow-net for deep water; -ftibfi 
discus ; -ftobf/ shovel for stinring com ; -f^l^/ j«* 
velin; ,-fieen/ Wif. @(l^ngefleen ; -fHge, ropo ladder; 
-tctxtf kind of jacket worn by peasants ; -ttsif hob- 
ble; '\>MUn, missile; -binb/ squall, puff of wind; 
-oob, Vid. -gcitn: -bonge/ vid. baaben. — jta* 
ften, en. pi. c jtafhitng/ en. pi. -er. casting etc. 

1. SiCii, en. pi, -te. cat; fieBe flatten i @«tfs 
fen/ to buy a pig in a poke v fovltgeS fotn jtattt 
Og 4^ttnte / to live like cat and dog ; at bVTt foa 

ft^b af nbget fom jtat of ^fenmby to be hoaitiiy 
sick of a thinff; 9laar jtatten er borte \p\Sk ^Rvi^ 

fene pdtl Sotbe/ when the cat is away the mice will 
play. = Comp. SiMtif, catblock ; -%0^t, cathook ; 
-oft/ routfd-leaved mallow ; -r^et» a4j. N. T* cam- 
bered ; -t(gte» screecfaowl. Strix patsorina ; -Unge/ 
Wd. 5tatteftUtng ; -«Jet/ adj, cat-eyed. = ftttttt* 
art/ cat kind ; cat nature ; -Bt^H)/ whitlow ; -f«^^ 
cat's meat; -gulb/ gold glimmer; >-jiagt/ chasing of 
cats ; -fitting/ kitten ; -flO/ cat's claw ; -f nut/ pur- 
ring of cats ; -mtauen/ mewing of cata ; -negl/ vid. 
jtartnegl ; -^ine/ scrape, hobble ; -rift/ sci^Rtch of a 
eat; -yt^, afraid of cats ; -ffocg/ whiskers of a cal^ 
-f»lb, cat-silver; -torttt/ catgut; -«ie/ cat's eye. 

2. StoX, en. pi. -te. leathern money bag worn 
round the waist. 

S* St9kf en. eat o^ nine tails. 

jtatte. V. «. to flog with a cat o' nino lalls. 

jtatalog/ en. ja. -er. catalogue. 

StQiit^tif taterfHfew/ itat<(^t«niu8/ Wd. \5, 

5tat6et)er/ vid. <£. 

c^atl^oUf/ vid. %* 

Sta»tf V. i. to yelp — , barii like a fox. 

^abrt/ ady. awkward, clumsy. 

.^ab^aant/ vid, jteit. 

jtabring. en. |i<. -er» iVori'. vid. 5tbeBof.* 

^efeel/ en»|iZ.-bIe?. kettle, copper, caldron. ^ G^mp, 




Jt-amC/ hole IB the hearth for ■ keUle •, -Bun^/ het- 
tom of « kettle; 4«trt/ -fliffet, tinker; -gnB/ 
handle of a keUie ; -gnttt/ soot on a kettle ; -Apt^C/ 9id. 

-ante; -l&aflf/ pot-hook-, -ftttalm^ vid. Ru^Ufiti, ; 

"tehhtt, copper plates for keUles ; -fro^ pot-hang- 
er; -fmct/ coppersmith; -fleCIt^ stony deposit in 
hettles; -trotmne, ketUedmm. "^ 

Stt^tf cn* pi. -X* 1. cone ;2. ninepins, skittles. ZZ 
Cemp, St-^ant, skittlegronnd ; -Bcgfel/ bowl ; -htCtt, 
skittle boards -t)dnnet/ adj. conical ; -fomt/ form 
of a cone ; -Xti^tX, marker at ninepins ; -fneffe/ 
volute; -fmt/ conic sections; -f^tr/ 1. game of nine- 
pins; 2. set of ninepins. 

JCegU/ V. a, to -pi]^ up in a conical form* 

Jtng^ or jttoeg^^lt, m. boil in the throaL vid. 

SUxlt or ^ettgaaS/ species of wild goose. 

t Sttilt, V. i. to stretch out the neck like a goose. 

^etfC/ «. a. to choose, elcct> 

jtctfer, «t. pi. -e. emperor. = Comp. ^- 
tmitme , empire ; -g^Iteit / florin of the Empire ; 
-ftOMf 1> imperial crown; 2. crown imperial, 
fritillary (flower); -f rotting/ coronation of an em- 
peror; -mogt/ imperial power; -mtfttf congress of 
emperors; -nabtt/ imperial title; -pxht, long earth- 
en tobacco pipe ; -XXM, ifid. -^fltttttie ; -fttit/. ce- 
sarean operation ; -bOlg / election of an emperor ; 
.t}«»^{g$eb, imperial dignity. — 5teifetintf, en* pi. 
-X. empress* — friferltg, adj. imperial* 

StiiU, ttt. 5tctt^aanb, the left hand. — feitl&aans 
^ti, adj. left-handed. — hitct, adj, awkward, 

jtefte, V. i. to cackle. — 5tfWm , en. cackling. 

ktlifi, en. kelp. Old. ^angaffe. 

jteltting; vid. jtieltrit^. 

jtere fig « reft, (om)/ to care for, heed, mind; 
l^ttat leiei jeg vm om bet ? what do I care for Aat ? 

Sttx\ti or Stixytif et- kersey. 

jtevte / en« pi. -r* candle , taper. ZZ Comp. 
St'Xnii^tf vid. StrftitclxtL ; -fbent/ page at northern 
courts in ancient times* 

Siattl, vid. St\(XttU 

jtetfet/ en. pi. -e. l.battledoor: 2. bow-net, weel. 

Sti^, et. pi. id. kid. 2Z Cotnp* it-ffmt, kid skin. 

StitOf adj. weary, tired. = Comp. f-tliQ, -font/ 
-fommettg/ adj. tiresome , tedious, wearisome, irk- 
some. — jttebfoml^et/ -fommeltgl^eb/ en* tedious- 
ness, wearisomeness, irksomencss. 

t itiebe, en. vid. itiebfom^eb. 

jttebe/ «. a. to tire, weary, annoy, bore; 3^ 
litUlt mtg )fM &}metten, I was quite tired — , 
sick of the pla^. — fiebeS/ o. t. past, to be tired, 
~ weaiied ; ftebeS t^eb f^Wti, to be weary of life. 

jttebe/ vid. StiitU. 

^xtl^tx, en. pi. -e. cellar. =: Comp. jt-breng/ 
tapster boy ; -fplf/ occupants or a cellar, keepers of 
a low shop; -fetntng/ one bom or bred in a cel- 
lar ; -l^alS/ descent into a cellar ; -^&(/ vent t-, airhole 
Hi a cellar; closet in a cellar; -Ultlf trapdoor of a 
cellar ; -mant/ 1. occupant of a cellar ; 2. conondnim; 

.tneflCT/ butler; -^e\i , pump in' a cellar; -^ifge, 
barmaid; -TUm / cellarage ; -ffritjlr/ clerk of tiM 
wine cellar; -V^UT/ penthouse of a cellar; -fhtC 
room in a cellar ; taproom ; -fltm^/ pit or well nmk 
in a cellar to collect the water; -fbenb/ ' tapster, 

^teUn/ vid. ftttlen* . 

RxtXttf en« pi. -r. Norv. a little sledge. 

^teltnttg/ tXLpl. -er* l. rascal, scoundrel ; 2. a kind 
of small biscuit ; 3.|)f.«td.92attnffnbdfclf«z: Com^. 
l-agttg/ adj. rascally; -|>af/ pack — , parcel of 
scoundrels ; -Unge / imp ; -bt'iS/ adv. in a rascally 
manner; -t3<g\tt\, rascality, scoundrelism. 

jttenbe , en. a small quantity ; bet tx en St. for 
flortf it is a thought — , trifle too large. 

^tenbe/ Ct. mark, sign, criterion; toge Jt* poa, 
to note, take note of. =1 Comp. St-tnaxtif -tegu, 
id. ^d. Jttenbe. 

Jttenbe/ v. a. 1. to know ; 2. to jndg^ass sentence ; 
t 3. to teach ; f . een af Ubfeenbe — , Harm^ to know 
one by sight — , name ; lotre at ftenbe een, to make 
one^s acquaintance; t. ttn pdO. Stfffien/ — Oon- 
geit/ to know one by his voice, — gait ; f . {tg ft^- 
oig, to acknowledge one's guilt ; I* fig beb , to ac- 
knowledge; t, fia iHoet/ to sentence to death; %fji 
Stenbed for 9tet/ The sentence of the cour% is; 

9i«b fienber negen itone at f^tnbe, need teakes 

the lame man run , the^ naked quean spin and the 
old wife trot. — ttenbelig/ adj. perceptible, obser- 
vable. — J^tenbelfC/ en* p/.-r. l. judgment, decision, 
award, verd>(t,-2. fine, mulct, amercement; acknowledge- 
ment, gratuity. — J^tenben/ en. knowing, z: Comp. 
JttenbeeOne/ apperception , apprehension ; -Ivf^/ de- 
sire of knowledge. — .fttenbet^ en. pi. -e. judge, 
connoisseur. — xienbentltne/ -Ote, air — , eye of a 
connoisseur. — jltenbing/ en. 1. knowledge ; 2. an ac- 
quaintance. — JtienbinggflaA, national colours. 

^ienbe9/ v. i. pats. n}eb)* to acknowledge, 
own ; lienbeS beb ftiaolne Sto^tX, to identify stolen 

t J^ienbefen/ natwal son. 

jtienbete^n/ vid. Stitnlt. 

J{ienbSgtemtng/ jtienb@fag/ en* (notorious) fact. 

Jtienbf(a6/ et. pi. e. -knowledge, acquaintance. 
jtie^J, en, pi. -<je. stick, cudgel* ZZ Si-W, hob- 
byhorse ; -l^et/ adj. petulant. 

itie:p:|}e6aanb/ tbin hoops of hazel. — Stitp^^u^ 

blow with a stick. 

Stitxnt, V. a. to churn. = Comp. St-mclff but- 
termilk; -nrnt, horse- chum. — Jtiemittg, en* 


StitXMf en. pi. -T* churn. = Comp. Jl-{lang/ chuiv 

Jttemey en. vid. ^iame. (staff. 

Stitxtttf en. pi. -iltx, gland. =: Comp. it-B^tb; 

ulcerated gland ; -ffOttttiytf glandular swelling ; -ftlltbe, 
indurated gland; -IttXtf adenology; -f^g^^ glandular 
disease, scrofula* 

StMtf en. pi. -X. baton, batoon. 

Jtige, v.i. 4-0. topeep,pry,peer;~T. ^iiemet/to 
gaze at the stars* ^ Comp Ji-gia6/ eyeglass, qaiiaing 




clacs. = JKg^ttf, pe*p-hoIe. — SttQ^ttt, vid. JMts 

fert« iltaen/ m« peepiof. 

5tta^o|)e/ m« hoopiag-congli, chia-congfa. 

JTiilr en. vid, ©wf, et. 

JliiS/ en. pi. «. pyrites. 

jltffert/ en. pi. -ft. spyglass, telescope. 

^{(te, en. ph -r. spring, fountain, source =: 
Comp» St-aaXt f water vein \ -Bteb / margin of a 
spring*, -fttf commoD frog; -fjtefl^ guest at a wa- 
tering-place-, -I06/ coarse of a spring; -maiteb, 
fair which used to be held at certain springs in 
Denmark ; -reife, trip to a spring ; -folt/ salt of salt 
springs ; -fano f fine white sand at water springs \ 
-fipring / vitif. -\3«tti ; -tit^ season for visiting a 
spring ', -bonb / spring water \ -DOgn f vehicle for 
conveying visitors to Kirsten PiiPs well 6 miles 
from Copenhagen^ -\)ti\Ot, wave — , ripple of a 
fountain *, -DfflC/ fountain head. 

StiUiibtttlr et» 'leg of a fowl, drumstick. 

JtillDen/ adj. pi. (ill)ne. ticklish, ticklesome; fig. 
testy, touchy. — it-l^et/ en« ticklishness. [titiilation. 

StxttXtf V. a. to tickle. — J^tl^ren/ en. tickling. 

Stilt f en* pi. -r. 1. wedge \ 2. gore (of cloth, land) ; 
3. Junk (of bread, pork). = Comp. St-httn, sphenqid 
bone ; -tannet/ adj. wedge-shaped, cuneiform; -if rift, 
conic characters. [self. 

^tle, r. a. to wedge. ~ I. ^aa, to bestir one's 

Jtttttng/ en. pl» -et. young of the cat or hare. 
- St^ttf V. a. to truss, tuck. =Z Comp. St-hacoit, 
band for tucking. up; -httt>/ knife worn at the 
waist; -flet, waist. — Jttltning, en. tucking etc. 

^tme or Stiim, en. pI. Stimtx* corcie. = Comp. 
St-Hat}, corcie leaf; -fraft/ germinative power. 

Jttnte, «. a. to sprout, germinate. 

Stitntf V. i. to chime. — itttnen^ en. chiming. 
— Winter/ en. p/. -e. chimer. 

ittming or ittmttting/ en* verge of the horizon. 

^tmfe, «. i. to toss the head; f* at nogCt/ to 
turn up one's nose at a thing. 

Stivkf en. pi. -tx, cheek. = Comp. Jt-Been, 
cheek-bone : -^efl f box on the ear ; -ttCete/ curb- 
chain; -tanb/ grinder, jaw-tooth. 

^tn1>{ieen/ en. side stones of a drain. 

StioUf tn. pi. -T» 1. coat; 2. ffown (woman's). =Z 
Comp. il-fltAf skirt of a coat : -llcett/ adj. dressed 
in a coat; -Jxa\3t, collar of a coat; -lomme/ coat 
pocket; -(ttmtf coat sleeve. 

Stxoxttl, en. pi. 4let. tunic 

Stipptf en* pi. -r. hedge alehouse. =: Comp. St- 
ienl^er# frequenter of low alehouses and brothels. 

1. kippt, V. a. to twitch ; !• en SJl^t, to cut 
off tiie over weight of a coin. 

'2. Rippt, V. i. to throb, go pit-a-pat. 

StxpptX, et. dimity. 

RippXtf V. a. to rib. 

Stint, tn. pi. -X. church ; gaae i St., to go' to 

church. ^ Comp. St-aox, 'ecclesiastical year ; -Ms 
bOgt/ public worship; -SefltUtng / church office; 
-Bettent/ church official ; -fntttlt, saint's image in 
a church; -Blof/ poor's box; -Bot/ penance in a 

church ; -BoAf church register; -Bnt)^/ hnnking into 
a church; -prl^ber, church robber; -Br^Ult^, mar- 
riage in a church ; -hxvtf communion bread ; -Btt^ 
church village; -Boning/ 1. church building; %• 
building intended for a chnrch; -B^n, church pray- 
er; -baaB, christening in a church; -begn, ifi4, 
^egn ; -t«Bt, adj. christened in a church ; -etCt, 
church patron, advowee ; -fabeT/ father of the church; 
-fef}/ church festival; -flefte, vid. B9; -foTBetfinfl/ 
Vid. 9tefimnatton ; -fonetntng, church rite; -for^ 
famlm^ council of the church ; -forfianDeiT/ vid. 

-bffrge ; -fret/ public peace with regard to a church 
and divine service ; -fttlt/ church going ; -^OOXtl/ 
churchyard; -gang/ !• church way; 2. aisle; 3. 
churching of a woman ; ffoVtt fin -(^cm^ , to be 
churched ; -gotd/ church property ; -gcmgei/ church 
goer; -Bene, Vid. eiet; -iitXif church extension 
money ; -Btmmel , ceiling of a church ; -Bijlotte/ 
church — , ecclesiastical history ; -jort/ 1. church land ; 
2* consecrated ground ; -fioB/ 1* pwcbasc of a church ; 
2> price of com belonging to a chnrch; 3. current 
parish price of corn ; -X\isx\t\t church soccage driv- 
ing; -lUftt, church bell; -((ttter/ 1. church vest- 
ments ; 2. holiday clothes ; -laage, churchyard wicket ; 
-lal^e, bam for tithe com y At^Xi, church feoff; -^t, 
rent paid to a church ; -liig/ corpse to be buried ia 
a church ; -lol}/ canon law ; -I^S/ church candle t 
-lotreT/ 1. minister of the church; 2. father of die 
church; -meeKe, vid. -feft; -muftf/ church music; 
-nttfte/ synod; -oBlat/ communion wafer; -ti^ifi 

nantS; ritual ; -|>atron/ vid. -eier ; -^ort/ gate of a 

church or churchyard ; -|>(aime , church hymn ; 
-rOAt , consistory ; -ran , church robbery , sacri- 
lege ; -ret , canon law ; -rituat / church ritual ; 

-rotte/ tn the phrase: foa fatttg fcm en -totte/ 

as poor as a church rat ; -rot) , vid. -ran > -XtH 
Mrc, church robber; -fog, ecclesiastical cause; 
-famfunb/ religions community ; -fang/ church sing- 
ing; -fanger, vid. ^egn; -fPat/ l. tax laid on 
churches ; 2. church treasure ; -flit , church rite \ 
-if c(C/ parish school ; -ffrtber/ church accountant ; 
-fmpffe/ church ornament; -fogn/ t?*d. @Ogn; 
-fpitr, church spire; -f^Iit/ church schism; -^otCf 
church pew; -fit/ church path; -jlol/ church pew; 
-flraf/ penance prescribed by the church; -flaOne/ 
parish meeting ; -foate/ martin ; -f^n, inspection of 
a church ; -fe(b/ church plate ; -taam/ church steeple ; 
-taUle, church box for collecting money for the 
clergy; -tit, church time; -tiente/ church tithes; 

-tienet/ vid. -Beticnt; -tienefle, church service; 

-tUgt/ church discipline; -t bang, religious restr a inU ; 
-t^O/ Vid. -reter ; -Ugle, screechowl ; -totclfe, 1. con- 
secration of a church ; 2. nuptials solemnized in a 
church; -Uiitt. communion wine; -bintue, church 
window; -DcerofgBet, clerical — , ecclesiastical dig- 
nity^ -ttcerge/ -barger, church-warden. 

ittrfelig/ «d/. ecclesiastical. 

5tirfeBcer, et. pi. id. cherry, zz Comp. 5c-Dratt« 
tettiin/ cherry brandy ; -ftccn/ cherry stone ; -fw^pe# 
cherry soup ; -Uiitt/ cherry wine. 



Stt§l St\»\ Cm c*»«f • caO P»w' P««» 

5lifct, Ctl. sIHca, silex. ~ f-MtCt, a«W. silicewis. 
TT C0«iji. j(-iott/ riliceous earth; -tleett/ »W. 

MeUnfc, en. l. wanton qve>n; %, mistreas. 

St\\it, en. pi. -I. cheat. = Comp. jt-wjlag, 
liinges — , nonnting of a chest 5 -OUttb, bollom of a 
dost; -hcmlf lockex*, -fob/ Ireasl© for a cheat; 
•^taUt, adj. kept in a cheat; -Ivoit, holiday coal, 
•> f own ; -f (oebCT/ holiday clothes ; -lOjJt/ ad/. laid 
in a coffin. 

Si\if et. pi. e. putty. 

5tittC/ V, a. to pvtty. 

j(tttei/ en. Itf. -ei or jtttler. smockfrock, blouse. 

jtil)/ en« i»(. e. qnairel , dispute , wranfiing. = 
f-<l{)ttg/ ody. quarrelsome, contentions; -Ogttg^b/ 
«n> qnarrelsomeness, contentiousness. 

jtil)rg> «. «. pass, to quarrel, dispute, wrangle. ZZ 
Comp. nDeft^ adj. vid. ftbOgtig. 

jticebe^ vid. jttabe. 

^i«rbe, en. jn. -r. i. chain ; 2. vid. 9lenbegam. = 

'Comp. Si-hnvx, warping-har ; -^OgeH/ adj. nMasored 
<with a chain; -gang, concatenation ; -^unb^ vid, Sffnle^ 
l^nnb ; -U^, link of a chain ; -maaltng, measariftg 
with a chain ; -^Ict}/ chain plough ; -|)om^e/ chain 
pump; -legning/ chain rule; -Tltnt/ rbynte repeated 
three or mora times in the same stania ; -ring/ 4f%d. 
-let ; -fKng/ chain stitch ; -)?{t9/ adv. in the form 
4if a chain. [bold your jaw. 

^torfty en. vW^. jaw, muzzlo, chops; l^olt ft./ 

fticMle/ ttttgled/ m<r. fiorb(e« 

fttffi, adj. pi. KctfCe. brave, bold, stent. ^ 
5t-^et/ en* bravery, boldness, stoutness. ZZ Comp» 
l{«rfmot)tg/ a</;. stont-hearted. 

fticrffe/ V. «. to cackle. 

fticele/ V. t. (for)/ to fondle, caress, pet. != 
ComP. StxCtUtOt^t, en. fondling, pet, darling; -orb, 
words of blandishment. 

jttcrlen/ adj. p/. ficelne. l. tender, delicate ; 2. 
fond, loving, affectionate. — Kcelent/ adv, tenderly 
etc. — R-ifta^f tn. softaiess, effeminacy. 

fttomttttf/ vid. formme. 

I^xomopt, vid. Remcpt* 

5War/ et. oid. Rat* 

St\(tT, adj. dear; tet et mig Itoe fioert/ it is all 
«iie to me; bet ^oxitt Oflmt ntig ftceieTe/ at «..., I 

had rather that *...; ^abe f*, to be fond of; bet et 

tnte ftcert, I am gtad, — happy; oare f. eftei K^t, 

to be greedy of news ; tfftK f« ftf / to be fond of. 
*= Comp. f-^olben/ adj, beloved ; -fommen/ adj, 
welcome, acceptable ; -tegni caress, endearment. — 
ftiorvefle/ en. pi. -r. betrothed bride, or bridegroom, 
intended^ mistress, sweetheart {vwlg.') [kindly. 

.^{cerltg/ adj, kind. — fionrttgen/ ficerltat/ adv. 

jttonrltg^eb/ en. love, affection, passion ; C^rifielig 
5t./ charity. = Comp. Jtl(rrltg^eb9l6aanb/ bond — , 
ties of love ; -Bltf/ amorous glance ; -iSveb / love- 
flelier; -btgt/ love — , erotic — , amatory poem; 
-tnXf, love potion, philter; -etffcrring/ declaration 
of love ; -forflaaelfe, amorous intercourse ; -gl'emmg/ 

ad of charity; -l^btfl/ love ^inlrignc, amow; 
-maoltlb, love feast, agape: -llltnbe/ leve token; 
-^ant/ pledge of love; -4)ligt/ chtfitaUe eflce; 
-j}l0Oe/ test — , proof of leva ; -ttttlt/ work of eha- 
rity ^ -btfe, love ditty. 

■^ Sttcerltng/ en. pi. -ci, old wife, croae* — f-og- 
ttg/ adj. effeminate. ZZ Comp. ft-foBel/ old .wonen^s 
tale ; -groab/ effeminate weeping ; -l^fte/ old wo« 
man^s cough; -ntOttb/ 1. effeBuaale man; 2. heS" 
pecked hnsband; -raab/ old wommi^s cure; -flob/ 
per/ -fnaf / old woman^a twaddle; -tei, tnuapery; 
-tanbet/ cowslip {Primula eem); -UUgC/ petted 
child ^ -barf/ vid. -t0i; -bOtfin/ effeaunacy. 
jttcmtttge, v.a. eoil. to pet, cocker, [pabiotris. 
fticerminbe/ cm pi. -r. forget-me-noL MfoooUs 
jtiotme/ eit pt, -X. t. kernel ; 2. pith, heart ; S. 
bore of a cannon; 4. hollow in horaes^ teeth indica- 
tive of their age ; jttemcn af en Station/ — Sanct/ 
the flower of a natioa, — anny; <Sfomet moof ^bC 
ntrre SLf the hog must have more grnia. ZZ Comp. 
5(-frugt/ fhiil with a kernel; -fulb^ adj' pithy; 
-f ebe/ fodder conaialing of grain ; -^tnbC/ skin efthe 
kemeL of fimils ; -l^tiud/ core, pericarp ; -limtt cen- 
ter line of the cannon here; -labtt/ best (beck) 
piece of a tanned hide; -leS/ a^f. pilhless; -fo^ 
kemeled ; -{Vol/ shell of a kernel ; -fftere/ disease 
in the pith of trees; -f(oU, aeedling nursery; -ftub/ 
point blank shot ; -{t^e, perfect — , canlral skedc ; 
-fkammt, young seedling; -ftetn/ stone of fruit; 

-fveb/ vid. -^tnbe; -trover/ ckoice troops; -timg/ 
adj. having full, heavy kernels; -beb/ part of 
the wood next the pith. 

jttoerre, vid. SUtnt. 

jttotrb, en* pi. -e* aheaf. 

Stictiitt, en* pi. -e* heretic, sectarian, schismatic. 
= Comp. jt-aonb/ heretical spirit; -MOl/ pile fta 
burning heretics; -lottf heretical — , heteredM doc- 
trine ; -nientng/ heretical — , heterodox opinioa ; -nt| 
court for adjudging heretical cauaes; -finb/ 9id» 

-aottb. — jtiattert/ et. pi. -er. heresy. — fttettcrff/ 

adj. heretical, heteredox. 

fttstttng/ en* p/. -er* if. T. chain. 

Stiapt, en. pi, -r. l. jaw; 2. cheeks (of a pair 
of tongs). ^ Comp. R-haanOf lockjaw (In horses); 
-been/ Jawbone; -ftfltbe/ vi d. JCtttbf{<ebe ; -fuU/ semi- 
lunar notch in the jaw hone; -tanb/ vid. ftinbtonb. 

JtioebU/ V. i. ficeoIeS/ v. •. pats, to wrangle, 
squabble. — Sti<t\3ltV, en. JCtOebleri/ et* wrangling, 

Stitlh, et. pi. id. 1. purchase 7 2. bargain; ^om 
gtorte pad Rl9^/ ready made goods (for chance 
customers) ; fllttte et R,f to conclude — , strike a bar- 
gain ; for gobt — / BtUtgt jt./ at a cheap, — reasonable 
rate; Oben t JttoBet/ into the bargain, to boot; oibC 
ft./ to abate ; fig, to give in, yield ; gobt ft* lelffl 
$enge af l^omtnen/ a good bargain is a pichpurse* 
:= Comp. ft-fcrrb/ 1. trade, trafQc; 2. Journey tw 
the purposes of traffic; -ntanb/ trader, dealer; 
-manbdaonb/ mercantile spirit; -monbSbog/ mer- 
chant's book; -brtb/ mo'cantlle letter; -Intg^ usage 




— ., practice of merchants *, -ntOttb^gicb/ ad^. merchan- 
table, marketable, laleable ; ^manbSgotS, merchandiae, 
c«Binoditic8 ; -mantSfiin / shopman; -manbSIab, 

corporation of dealers \ -mantdJIttS/ merchantqian \ 
-manbSflanto/ mercantile class; -maittdfittl/ mer- 
cantile style \ -VtAtt^dflottl^cb / merchant pride ; 

^MumbSooMi / «M. -manb|aob6; -tttantSk^afett/ 

mtffchant manners; >inan)}dffaB/ 1* trade, traffic; 
3. baicain. 

jttew, «. «. to hny, purchase; ftoBc tttb/ to 
bar — , lay in ; I. tiSXt ftnc ^OtOe e|), to lay out 
all one'e money in purchases ; f* fig tnb { ei @nu: 
fiebf/ to obtain a place by purchase. ZI JtttfBeit/ cn* 
buying etc. — J^tffBeT/ Ot. />/• -f* buyer, purchaser. 
r= Com|»« jt-6tet), purchase deed (of real property; 
-gotd/ 1. foods for sale ;' 2. saleworh ; 3. estate 

obtained by purchase ; -joib, vid, -got6 8 ; -lofl/ 
passion for buying; -I^jlett/ adj^ having a passion 
for buying; -|}rtt0/ purchase price; -fttttt/ purchase 

aoney^ -f^^ having a rage for buying, 
f ^ttflSmO/ nt« trading |)lace. 
itte^mOtW/ vid. sub ^\9h» 

S^Mi^, vid. ^onbeldtTtlb. 

jttebuaaC/^ «• a- to bargain, make a bargain. 

Jtt«Bfllutnma^ <n. conclusion of a bargain. 

jtt«(ftab/ -(teb/ en. pi, jttobflftter/ -fteber. mar- 
fcct-4own. :Z Comp. Kevflebogttg/ ail;, country-town 
Kke, provincial ; -folf^ inhabitants of a market-town ; 
-frtpeb^ charter of incorporation of a town ; -Ap^^/ 
-gntnb/ land — , ground belonging to a town ; -lalt/ 
(church) living in a market-lown ; -fott^ woman from a 
marfccl-town ; -Ictnttt^ life — , manners of a country- 
town ; -tnat/ fare of country-towns ; -ttCtrittg' trade 
of country-towns; -Xtif 1. chartered rights of a town; 
2« court of a market town ; -tCtttg^l) / chartered 
privileges of a market-town; -{Ttf/ custom — , usage 
of a country-town ; -battt / accustomed to the life 
n email towaa; -bfltfcn^ country-town — , provincial 

f ,5tt«6fi«lmt/ (i. fair. 

jttetr et. pi. e. 1. flesh; 2. meat; 3. pulp (of fruits). 
IZ Comp- R-hoXttf fleshy prominence in certain parts 
of the body, vid, S3alb(; -Bcftl/ bone with some 
meat on it; -b(of/ btttcher'*s block; -6ob/ butcher's 
stall ; -botKc^ forced meat ball ; ~btot, sarcocele ; 
-^^^f polypus; -t>ag/meat day; -b(J0/ forced meat; 
-tit, horrible — , rapping oath ; -farkX« flesh co- 
lour ; -faTt}et/ adj. flesh coloured; -fuU/' ndj* 1. 
fleshy; 2. pulpy (of fruits); -f^lbe, v. a. to fill up 
wMi fi««h9, -i^tl, flesh fork, — book; -ffCOOmttf 
mallet; -villoCf cellular membrane ; -^Ot>eb/ block- 
head, numskull; -l^ttbelft/ fleshy excrescence, sar- 
eoma ; -fni\), cleaver ; -noa/ fiesh-hooh ; -mat, flesh- 
meat; -tnabtil/ maggot (in meat); -mttltb, lover 
of fleah meat ; -\i€il^tf meat sausage ; -rct/ dish of 
neat ; -tig, tU^. Ud. -fltlb ; -X9^, adj. having the 
colour of raw flesh ; -faOT, flesh wound ; -faft, juice 
of meat; -{tt(/ fleshy side of a hide; -fntuIC/ scrap 
of meat ; -^M, meat aafe ; -f4){t9niltg/ eating of 
flesh ; '\Mp\^t, meat soup ; -iCLft, regnlated price of 

btttcher*s meat; -iCW, fleshmerket; -iU^Uf mvaciilar 
fibre ; -tvntt , salt meat barrel ; -bOTf/ butcher'e 
meat ; -orbmbC/ adj. carnivorous ; •ejce , bntcber*s 
axe. :z Jtt^bSl^fl/ eamal lust, — ' appetite* — - 

tieteltg / adj. camai ; li^beHgc <Sfffrent( , ftiii 

brothers and sisters. — fttfbet^ a^f, fleshy* 

JtiofTen* tt,pl. -CT« l* kitchen; 2. iimproperig} 
cookery; xott JC./ cold victuals. ^ Comp. Si-foAtilt; 
kitchen work; -Bcrb^ dresser; -l^alMf kitchen garden ; 
-ftty kitchen —, culinary vessel ; -ftttt), kitchen knife; 
-lotttt/ dog latin ; -tlUnet, head cook ; -fOACr/ kit- 
chen — , culinary articles ; -fait , vid. Xogfolt { 
-fetbel, bill of fare ; -^tt, ladle ; -ffotficcn, kitchen 
chimney; -ITTtt^eT/ clerk of the kitchen ; -{lutfUTt 
sluttish kitchen wench ; "^^fft, painting repreaenting 
a kitchen; -ittnt, cookmaid; -t9t/ kitchen utensils, 
— furniture; -Utter, pot-herbs; -bOffett/ culinary 

^t«l/ en. pi. -e. keel. = romp, f-bdtbt, a^f, 
N. T. brokenbackcd , bogged; -braffcUg/ m4f- 
liable to be brokcnbached ; -Brafnttta, brokenbaeked 
condition of a ship; -6t^et / adj, keel-built, bav< 
ing a keel ; -bannet/ adj, keel-shaped ; -^a(e/ «• 
a. 1. to keel-haul; 2. to careen (a ship) ; -ttPlbt, 
channel for the keel (in launching shipg)^ groundway ; 
-ft^ihi/ keelson; -bCinb/ wake (of a ship); -tmwtp 
V. a* to heave down, careen. 

Stitltf fieltg, vid. fde, Wig. 

Stitm, et. pi, id, sex , gender ; Iti fmulfe St.,. 
the fair sex ; bet ^tU mentteffeltge ^,, all mankind. 
= Comp. ^iett96eining , inflection denoting the 
gender of a word ; -beU , sexual organs ; -DTtftA 
sexual desire; -egeitffaB, sexual peculiarity; -Otb/ 
article ; -Ctttf (female) honor. 

Stim, adj. pi. -ne* pretty. 

SiifXt, (»* vulg. hurry. 

Stittt, V. a» ir •• to drive, ride (in a vehicle)-; 
t, meb fire, to drive four in hand; f. t^efU ti(, to 
break — , train horses (for draught) ; jttet ttU drive 
on I S3amet Utt) ftmrt Dbet, the child was run 
over; f. en %OVtXf to take a ride in a carriage. ZT* 
Comp* j(-Baite, course for chariot races, or for 
training horses ; -fcro, carriage bridge; -Brkg, draudit \ 
^eil tt( -BnUJ, draught horse ; -f ar(, driver ; -tWl, 
pRdsion for driving ; -(««/ carriage — , cart — , wa|r- 
gon hire ; -fDenb/ driver ; -fctbe, driver's seat ; -t«V 
carriage furniture ; -t«tlttm ; rein ; -bet, carriage 
road ; -Denting, turning of a carriage ; fig. twinkling, 
trice. — Jtt«Ten, ett. driving etc. 

At«rfel, em pi, -ffer, driving. 

StxttiQti, en* chervil Seandix cere folium. 

itiaae, vid. flee. 

5tlabte, en. draught, copy ; fcllOe t R,, to make • 
draught or copy of. = Comp. jt-vog, wastebook, 

^labbeti, -er. trumpery 

StMJf, ftablfe, vid. ^mctVt. [tale tc. 

StMtf 5ttaffer, 5trafeit, vid. Bogbajfe, Bags 
5t(agf ittoge, Rlmtf en* pi. e. t mud ; jlloge 
i ^bYteitr bone (fV-ost) in the ground. 




5t(age/ «• <• re/l. f* a. (ooet), to complain of. 
— ^loaer, m, pi. e. l. t, plaintiff, 
jttoge, en. |>/. -r* complaint ', tnbgtve en 5t. mot 

Ctn/ to lodge a complaint against one. ZT Comp^ 
St-ixtti, letter of complaint; -Wgt, elegy; -fuft, 
adj. mournfol, plaintive^, doleful, dolorons; -graab/ 
wail, lamentation ; -^UU@/ boose of mourning ; -I^t/ 
plaintive — , mournful sonnd; -Ifld, adj» bavin|( no 
complaint to make; -VUMI, vid. JHage ; -qOttltf/ 
hired female monmer ; -xaahf load complaint ; -rttnt/ 
-fang/ elegy; -ffrtft/ written complaint; -ffrig/ 
■tonmfnl — , plaintire shriek; -^tmXMf plaintive, 
qveralous voice, — ' accents; -fuf/ moan; -tone, 

vid, 4^fe; -toerS, vid. -bigt 

jttat/ en. pL -fe. blot, blnr. rthe pen sputters. 

jtlaffe; <». a. & i. to blot, blnr; $ennen naffer/ 

Stlant/ adj. pi. -me* clammy, damp ; ^neen er 
f./ the snow clogs. — jtlaml^eb, en* clamminess, 

StlamXMf V. i. to clog (of snow). 

jtlamme/ Stlammtx, pi. Alamre. damp, cramp, 

clampiron. — jtlomre, Tfp. T. brackets. 

SdasnmtXf en. clamour, outcry, vociferation. 

jtlammeri/ et. pi' -er* altercation, qnarrel. 

Stlamptf en. pi* -T. l. clamp , cleat ; 2« clog 
(for cattle). 

1. Stlamttf V. o. 1. to clamp; 2. to grasp. . 

2. jtlamre/ v. i. to make a noise, — uproar. 
jt{amre9> t^* «. pas*, vid. fioed. 

jtkng/ en. l. clang, sound ; 2. jingling, ringing, 
clink, chink (of metals, glasses). = Comp. Jt-ngmT/ 
Cbladni's figures; -fulb/ adj, sonorous; -ffvd/ aper- 
ture for sound; -^Uu6/ belfry^ ~l(tXtf acoustics; 
Atlif adj. soundless ; -macdtXf sonometer, 

5tkp/ en. pi. -<}er, l. leaf, flap (of a table, press) ;' 
2. key (of wind instruments. ZIL Comp. A-^ont/ 
keyed bugle ; -mudltng / spondyle ; -extt , adj. 

Stiapf et. pL id. clap, clapping, e. g. of hands. 

5tt<M)6ingfl, en. rigg. 

t^lo^^olt/ et. clapboard, bottom board for casks. 

St\app(f V. a. dc «. 1. clap, applaud ; 2. to throb, 
palpitate ; (. efter S^ttbt, to beat for game ; llap^et 
Ofl tlaxt, all- ready, — right, — in orders fftae Ctt 
{la))^et lixvitf Cant, to get one^s jacket dusted. — 
Jtl(M})}e§ / V. i. pass, to clap. — jtlap^en / en. 
clapping etc. — Rlap!ptX, en. pi* -e. clapper. 

jtla^l^nrjlange/ en* rattlesnake. 

JtfappeTfteen, en* eaglestone, aetites. 

5t(appre# «. «. to chatter; ^lint XtttCtit Haps 

^Vete af StuVttf my teeth chattered with cold. 

SilaXf adj. clear, limpid; gt0Te flatt (BtHf to 
Clear (a ship) for action. — ((CRlta, flarltgen^ tiaxt, 
adv. clearly. =Z Comp. l-tivaittif adj. clear-ob- 
acure; -feente, -fl^et, acO*. clear-sighted; -binget^ 
adj, hvmenopterotts ; -0tet , adj. bright-eyed. — 
Aioxi^ei)/ en. clearness, limpidity. 

Xiaxtf V. a. 1. to clear; 2. clarify. = Comp* 
5t-ftetel/ clarifier; -ptmg, strainer. — jtloring/ en« 

jtUtt/ V. • to clear. 

^latere, v. «. to dear ; I. en Btegntng/ f . met ' 

93eiten/ to seule an account, settle with the land- 

jtlafe/ en. pi. -r. duster, bunch* 

jtladfe, en. pi, -r. class. vi4..<S. 

Xiat, en. pi* -in. i. dot, lump, dab; 2. spct, 
blot. ^ Comp. ^-finaeT/ cinmsy ingered person; 
-gielt/ petty debts, dribblets; -f^aaxti, adj* having 
matted hair ; -VHCtf dotted wool ; -Dttd^ adv. in small 
portions; $engene Stebe Betatte t., the money was 

Said in dribblets; -bom^ adj, clamsy, awkward. — 
(attet/ adj* 1. dotted ; 2, blotted. 

jtlatte, V. a. to dab, blot (of ink) ; f . ftm ^enOC 
Bort/to spend one's money naelessly (in'smailsnma). 

Alatteri, et. p/.-er* dabbing, blotting; ^on^ 9x> 
Betbe er mn jt. / he attends iiregnlarly to hia work 
(doing very little). 

SX&itttf V. i, to damher, climb* 

Si{a»trt, et. M -tttrcr. piano, harpakhord. = 
Comp. jt-fpttler> performer — , player on the harp- 
sichord, [en* scrambling etc 

S&oiOXtf V. i. to scramble, clamber. — jKobtni/ 

jtfe^ vid, jtlcrg. 

$Ietn/ adj. slender, slight, delicate , tiny. =Z 
Comp. l-mobtg, <uiy. faint-hearted, dispirited; -VBtSts 
\tk, adj. having a faint — , weak voice ; -fmcl), 
locksmith ; -totrentc*. adj. caUng little. — jtletn? 
^et< en. slendemess, siighlness. 

jcletne, en. pi. -r« sort of naatry. 

JTIelte, !Ic!(e% vid, jtlorf f e. 

5t(em/ en* :|>aa Si; ajar ; bei dot %>^ og jtbm 

t ben ^aU; it was a pithy disconrse. 

Alem^oge/ en. holdfast. 

S&tastMt W» P'> -<• 1* pineeis, pinchers ; /If. S. 
pinch, strait. 

jttemme^ v. a. YIemte, ftemt/ to pinch, aqneese, 
jam. = Comp. Si-\tCKii pincers; -retitaB, inatni- 
ment for pinching ; -rtng / ferrule. •— jtloiimeilf 

jtfemnmg^ en. pinching etc. — jtfemmelfe/ jtlem^ 

fel/ en> pinching etc. 

jtlemftrue, JCUmme{(me# en. vice. 

jtlemt, en. pi, id. toil (of a bell). 

^lemte^ v, i. to toll. — jttemten/ en* tolling. 

jtlenobt/ et* pi. r. jewel, gem. 

l^itXi^tC, SCit^^i, en* nag, poney. 

^(en, ett. pi. -e. churchman, t clerk. 

jtre», en* pi. -er. liorv. crag. 

5tleber/ vid. Siit^tt, 

Si\{\i, et* bran. =: Comp. St-Mt, bread made 
of, or mixed with bran. — (Itbet^ adj. branny, 

1. SiVitt en. blot, stain. 

2* SCixt, in lAe phrase: at itaoe jtr 1. to miss 
fire, to snap ; 2> fig. to fail. 

XiiHtf «• i. to miss fire. 

5tftma or jtltmat/ et. pi. ^tmaier* climate. = 
Comp. JtltmatfeBet/ climate fever. ^fHmattft/ a^. 
climatic, climatieal. 

Stlimp, en. pl» -et. dod of earth. = Comp, St- 
tgn, cloddy region ; -l»aUfe, brake. 




XiimpXtf V, i. 10 tbram, ttrnm. — JtKm^rm/ en, 

jtlinC/ V. a. to fasten — , tighten with some gln- 
tinons snbs|ance , to Inte *, (. en ^OTg/ to plaster a 
wall with clay. =: Comp. Si-\tVC, lute, luting ; -loft/ 
ceiling i^lastered with clay; -t)Ot/ cement; -txrg/ 
wall plastered with clay. — jtHnet^ tti* walhr. — 
jtltnmg, en- luting, pasting etc. 

5tlinge, en. p/. -r. blade of a sword or dirk; 
aaae een ^aa jtHngen, to press one closely; TalDe 
fpitn^e ot^er jtltnaen, to put to the sword. 

5tli«ge, V. t. Wtngebe (J^ang), Hinget, to sound, 
Jingle; meb flmgenle ^)p\if with drums beating 
and trumpets sounding ; fltngente S^l^nt/ hard cash. 
— jtlingen/ en. sounding. 

Jtlrager/ adj. ahrill, acute. 

fttingte, V. s. to jingle, tinkle, clink, chink; en 
flmgienbe grofl/ a hard frost (literally: a Hnkl'ng 
frosty from the snow creahing under the feet)- 

jtdnf/ n. s. chuckfarthing (a game). 

Stlinft, en. pi. -X. l. latch (of a door); 3. a 
rivet; 3. a small Dutch brick. = Comp* St-ft\^tt/ 
adj. clinker-built; -nagel, -f^m^ rivet. 

Stlinttf «. a. to rivet (e. g. broken china) ; f. 
meb een / to ring •>— , strike glasses with one* — 
jtlmfen, en- rivetting. 

SUmtf en. pi. -er. cliff (on the sea coast). 

jtltnte/ en. p^. c. corn cockle. Agrostemma 

StUp, et* />!. id. clip, snip. 

JtftpftfV/ en. stockfish. 

StUppt, en. |;{. -r. rock. = Comp. St'hnCb, i. 

fragment of a rock; 2. stone quarry; -Moff block 
of stone ; -fip^tt, inhabitant of a rock ; -Cannet/ 
adj. shaped like a rock ; -egn^ rocky country ; «elb/ 
mountain torrent; -fafl/ adj\ firm as a rock; -full)/ 
ndj. rocky ; -gong , road leading to, , or cut in a 
rock ; -gtunbi rocky ground ; -'^(tatb/ adj. hard as 
a rook ; -^a(/ hall in a rock ; -l^ttle^ cavern in a 
rock; -^borlotng, vault in a rock; -f(eft/ cleft 
— , fissure in a rock; -t^fl/ rocky coast; -{onb/ 
rocky country ; -lete/ rocky bed ; -luft, mountain 
air; -tnaltn/ mountain ore; -UtoB/ rockmoss; -ntltUT/ 
steep rock , rocky wall ; -Tete / nest built^ on a 
rock ; -rebne^ crack — , chink in a rock ; -rif/ reef 
of rocks; -rtft, vid. *-re»ne ; -ffreb/ t^d. ©tergs 
ftret ; -^t, pid. 93tergilot ; -f^tbS / point of a 

rock^ , -fpnng/ 1. spring in a rock; 2* leap from 
a rock'; -fleen, rock; -fletl^ adj. steep as- a rock ; 
-{honb f rocky shore ; -{l^ff C ; fragment of rock ; 
-ficerf/ adj. strong as a rock; -tino/ summit of a 
rock 2 -bet/ rocky road ; -t>ceg/ rocky wall. 

Stitpptf V. a. to clip, cut; {* l^aaret/ to cut 
Ike hair ; f. ^aox, to shear sheep. = Comp. St-tit)f 
■hearing time. — ^tp^en, en. clipping. 

Stiippt, V. i. to wink, blink. 

1. jt(ii}^{ng/ en. pi. -er. fleece of a Iamb, killed 
aflcr Midsummer-day. [value. 

t 2. 5tl{4)Hng/ en. pi. .er. ancient coin of small 

5tltT/ ft» clash, cUak, Jlngla, clank. 

jdirre, v. •. to clash , clink . Jingle , clank. *- 
XUxxttlf en. clashing, etc. 

^UfittX, et. nl. jtltfieTer. clyster, iojectioa, eac- 
ma;^ ftftte et X. f to give an Iqjection. z: Comp, 
^'piUf clyster pipe; -^pttiU, syringe. 

jtltfier^ et. paste. , 

^(tfltTe/ V. a. to paste. 

Rlitf en. pi. -ter. hill — , bank of (quick) sand 
near the sea shore. 

StUi, ftltttetog/ sea-reed, beach-grass. Arund0 

Jt(D, en. pi. jtleer. l. daw, clutch, talon ; 3. 
iV. r. throat. = Comp, jt-^ammer, daw hammer. 

t'jiiob/ en. pi. ber. pommel of a sword. 

^ob, en. pi. -be» provin. vid. ^log. 

ftfote^ en. pi. -r. globe, sphere, ball. ZZ Comp* 
f-TUnb, adj. spherical, globular. 

jtlobrian/ en. pi. -er. blockhead, loggerhead. 

JtlobS, en. pi. -er. l. log, block, stock, stab, 
stump; 2. wooden clog; 3. fig. lonU clown, log- 
gerhead. ^ Comp. 5t-regntng, vmi. (S^ul^Yregning ; 
-ffO/ vid. jt(ob0 2; -tort), turf not made in a 
form. — f(obfet/ adj. clnmsy, awkward. 
, <5t(og/ ddj. prudent, sagacious, clever; ^AtttC 
tffe rmttg I., he is not quite in his senses ; ^eg 'oit 
life bltbe (. beT))aa/ I cannot make it oat, — can 
make nothing of it; ^t^ et enbnu Itge t. / I aai 
just as wise as I was ; et fCogt S3am / an' intelli- 
gent child. — {(ogeltg/ ftogt/ adv. prudently etc. 
*— AIogfPaB/> en. prudence, sagacity, cleverness. — 
Comp. jtlogffabdregel/ prudential rule, — measure. 

jtioffe/ en. pi. -er. l- bell; 2. dock; 8. widar 
peUicoat; I^Oab er SiUttfn'i what o' clock is itt 
jt« er ^all7 eet/ it is half past twelve o' clock ; flttCe 
JtloKen/ to set the clock. =: Comp. jt-amt/ arm 
of a bell; -Blomfl^ bell-flower; -baoB/ baptism of « 
bell ; -bannet/ adj. bell-shaped ; -foar, bell-welher ; 
fig* simpleton ; -fomt / form of ^ bell ; -fr« / boll 
frog. Rana eatetheiana ; -l^ul , vid. ^Uing^lll ; 
-^UU8/ belfry; -{lanQ/ sound of bells; -{hcbel/ 
tongue of a bell; -ntalm, bell metal; -refi, bell- 
rope ; -fang; chime ; -ftaft, bell handle ; .{IttUT^ 
belfry; -jlttoL stroke of a clock; -floet, i q. -{log; 
^a et Dtft jt-{lttt/ at a certain hour ; -{nor, bell- 
string; -fpttr, vid. -toam; -flpU/ chime of bells; 
-flaSet/ frame work for a bell ; -flang / bell-pull { 
-groen^/ bell-wire, bell-rope; -^ehtx, bell founder; 
-iie6en/ bell foundry; -taam, steeple with bells; 
-Dtj^/ hand of a clock* 

jt(otfer, en. pi. -e. sexton, bell-ringer. ^ Con^. 
5t-etn6ebe, sexton's office; -^enge/ sexton's fees. 

jtfore/ o. a. Norv. to scratcli. 

Stloi, adv. N. T. t. ttl, — <)aa, hard— , dose by. 

Itfofier/ et. pi. jtlofire. l. cloister, monastery, 
nunnery, convent; 2. asylum for ladies (in Den- 
mark). = Comp. Jt-Betient/ lay-brother; -bonbe, 
tenant of a religious house; -Brober/ monk, ftriar, 
conventual ; -baler, 4 marks Danish money, being a 
weekly foundation stipend for students in Copenhagen ; 
-brogt/ monastic — , conventual habit ; -fogcb/ stew- 




•rd of t moBtstery; 'ft\tt, widow ledy of an 
uylum; -flcfeU/ uiun«rri«d lady of an aaylani ; 
^Ottg/ clowlcr^ -Ofil^f -land — , estate belonging 
to a monaster]^ ; -felt , conventuals , inmates of a 
monasteiy*, -jomfrw, t 1. nun; 2. vi4. -fr«t(n; 
-titfC/ conventual chnrch^ -Itntf inmate of an 
almshottse*, -Itttiti , kind of £ne linen; -(ei)« 
mi , monastic — , conventual life ; -lot?(t / de- 
stined for the convent; -l^^/ desire for a conven- 
laal life;- -(tfftC/ monastic-—, conyenlnal* vow ; 
-muur/ wall of a monastery ; -m0 / nun ; -^CTt/ 
gate of amoMiBtery ; -^roofl, l.dean of a foundation 
foratndenls in Copenhagen ; 2. a nobleman who is, head 
of a ladies^ asylum in Holstein; -4>l^0^fl/ priest of a 
convent or asylnm; -tC^I/ conventual — , monastic 
rale ; -Xti, Judicial session in a monastery ; -fttl/ 
custom of a monastery; -fviiCT/ nnn; -tllgt/ mona- 
stic discipline ; -tOaitg, conventual reslrainto ; -VUtU 
Uh relinons exercises of a monastery. 

1. jilot}/ en. pi* -e* or ^ivtit. cloven foot or 
hoof. Z= C0mp. ^-b^r/ cloven-footed beut. 

t2. jttot). en. tongs. 

SUo^t, en. pi. -r* l. collar (for beasts) ; i 2. 
Maonrle, shackle* [mace. 

1. SMj Stivih% t\u pL ^(u6Ber. iVorv. cinb, 

2. JtlltO* m. p/. -6f(. dub. = Comp. St-^Htti, 
steward — , cook of a club. 

S&nl, en. pi. -e. clout, rag. = Comp. Kubdbtfs 
iHf «. •. to patch ; -Beber, patcher ; -l^antel/ deal- 
mg in rags; -ItMl, regs; -ftetmrnv, rag dealer; 
•^<M>tV/ paper made of rags; -fomteVr ragman; 
^«bDCT, vitf. -Bffbci; 'iceppt, carpet made of 

5t(ttbC/ V. a. to patch. 

JtlU^K or 5t(ub(cr, en. pi. -e. bungler, botcher. 
=r Comp. nubeiOgtlg/ adj. bungling; -orBcibt/ 
Jiangled— , dnauywork; -toont/Wd. -Ogttg ; -OOnfr 
9id. -aT^cite. — j^luberi/ tU pi. -tU bungling, 

StivCbttf V. «. ft «. to bungle, botch. 

RMt Ct. 1. rluck — , clocking of a hen; 2. snp, 
gulp. ZT Cotmp. St'^tsnt, clucking hen. 

Mufttf V. u to cluck. 

itlum^, t\U pl' -Ct. 1. clomp, Inmp ; 2. ball of 
flour or bread. := Comp. St-tiaUXf thick silver coin ; 
-fob/ club-foot; -fobet/tf^y. club-footed. ZZ JUtmts 

ilAVO, piglead; -imt# pig iron; -ttttlt, vid. ^U 
mm ; -ulb, vid. ^uimib. 

Silwkpt, V. a. & re/f. to clot. — Kvmtifitt, adj. 
IiUMy, clotted. 

JUtmt/ en. pi. -rr* log, block. — f(untet, adf: 

clnmsy, awkward. 
SUS^, et. hawsehole. 
ittt^t, Wi^gtig, vid. Jiregt 

iU^tte, en. pL -l. kind of peat In Jutland. 
/ Sllpn^t, en« duster, knot* IZComp. f-Dtid/ adv. 
is clusters. 

Stll^tf V. a, & refl, to duster, crowd; t, {tg 
8^/ to clamber up; (. jtg )}eb, to ding to. 

^9<^(9/ i'« *' P^9*' to cluster. 

ilil;|nl<f V. «. to whimper, whine, croak. — Stbpxs 
ftv, en. whimpering etc. — Jtl^nfcr/ en. pi. -e. 
whimperer, croaker. — SUtonUtif tU pi. -et« whim- 
pering, croaking. = Comp. St-XVft, -^tmmt, qneralons 
— , whining voice ; -tone/ qnernloos — , whining tone* 

Stl^, vid. StXM. 

Stliftitf V. t. ii0\>, fl9t}tt to climb, ckmber. — 
StlWom, en. climbing. = St-fw^, climbing post. 

Stttfittx, en* pi. -e. A. 7. jib. = Comp. St- 
^tbuitf jib guy. 

Xlfithtf 9. «* to stick, cleave, adhere. ^ Comp. Stlm 
l^erfieen, steatite, soapstone. — flotSng/ adj. sticky, 
adhesive, viscous. — St\9hxi^f^i, en*.adhestveBe«a, 

1. Miotttf en« pi. e. clothing, raiment. 

2. StlCiUf et« pi- e. cloth, broad cloth. = Comp. 
it-Bob/ woolen draper's, — j clothier's shop; -faBrif/ 
doth manufactory; -foBtifst/ cloth mannfadnrcr ; 
-fanner / cloth dyer; -^onbet, cloth trade; -^b^ 
\n, -ftonnmeif clothier, woolendraper; -lift, sel- 
vage of cloth ; -tnoget/ vid. -foBrttflt ; -met, cloth 
moth; -O^log/ cloth warehonse ; -OIQI, Vid. -mtH, 
ptx\t, cloth press; -XOmuu, firame for stretching 
cloth ; '\ax, shears for dressing cloth ; -bolfei/ eloth 
filler; -tatatt, cloths; -lOXtitt, vid. !^Ugmac(eT; 
-Dfftoeri/ vid. -foBltf; -l}ttt}ning/ m, fabrication off 

StUtlt, et. pL -T. cloth. — SUaltXf pi. clothes 
garments ; ftt'enne S» fta6< %elff fine feathers make 
fine birds* ZZ Comp. ^IffbeB^te , clothesbnisb ; 
-tomtner/ wardrobe; -lUTt), clothes basket; -ffoOy 
clothes press ; -|M(U^t/ magnificence in ikess ; -fnor^ 
clothes line ; -iPQtt f washing of clothes ; -tST9/ 
rag fcir. 

KloebC/ V. a.' dc re/I. to clothe , dress, apparel ; f . 
^ felO/ to find one's self in clothes; (. ftg A?, to 
undress, to take off — , doff one's clothes ; f. {tg paO/ to 
dress, to put on — , don one's clothes; t. jig om, to change 
one's dress ; I. $g ub t grtteitttntntemctber, to dis- 
gnise one's self in female apparel. — v.t«iper«« to 
become, be becoming; ^Olt fUrbei be {Ufie/ 
black becomes, — is becoming to most people. ZS 
Comp. J{-Bim/ garment, raiment; -bragt/ dress, ap- 
parel; -mon/ garb, attire* — JttoebntnA r en. IN. 

-er. dress ; suit of^ clothes. = JtlcebntngSil^ltei 

article of dress; -ist, stuff for wearing apparel. 

itlog or Xit^f. en or et loam, clay mined wift 
mould. ZT Comp, St'XoJf^t l*y«r of loam. 

StlK^ or SXt^f adj. loam^ ; tfotgt — , Keget 
S3T«b/ doughy bread. =: it(eg)Orb/ l^amy earth. — 
flfltget, fiMAet, vid. itlerg. 

1. SXfmt , 9. a. to hatch ; f * 0^/ to rear. =1 
iC-ttb/ hatching time. (considerable, safficient. 

2. i St\9tHi, V. I* to sttfflce. -- (laffeUg, ad§, 
^Ut, en. pi. c. itch, itching. 

Xletf «. a. to scratch, claw ; r. t. dE imp. to ilcb. 

SUe^f. ett, pi. et. deft, chink, crack, crevice, 
cranny, fissure. — fltfftet/ adj. cleft, cloven. ZZ 
ComtP' 7(<ftfobet/ adj. clovenfooUd; -ffO^t, cleft 
chin ; -ncefe/. deft nose ; -fabtif/ vid, ^et) ; -^t(Cg? 




get/^ adj. (loubie bearded, htving the beard (iivided; 
~)Ot\f raviae, defile. 

Jtt^fttg/ ddj. fissile. 

Stleatf V. a. ft refl, to retch, vomit. ;=: Oomp. 
^-trif/'emetic. — ((eged/ «. »♦ pa**. »»rf. JJlCege* 

SXtl^tf PA* shrewdness, sagacity, cleverness. — 
n^Atig/ adj. shrewd, clever, sagacious. 

met, clubs (at cards), vid. StictitX. 2,. 

Xle^, itXebe, en. pl» -r. packsaddle. ZZ Comp. 
Jt-re^e f et* Narv. appurteBaneef of a packsaddle \ 
-SalUl, vid. StUf>. . 

Stletotf v» a. to cleave, split, r: Comp. St-\txn, 
iron wedge 5 -file/ wedge. — itlet^ttutg , ttt* cletving. 
. 1, StUtitXf et. />/. e., clover, :^ Cqmp. Jt-ak)!/ 
cultivation of c. v -Btab/ c. leaf; -ettg^ meadow 
sowu. with c. ; -gtce@/ clover grass; -fftjf 0. hay; 
-fotS/ cross bottohy (in heraldry); -moxff c. field; 
-fluB/ c. stubble, 

2. JtUW, et P/. re. club (at cards). =: Comp. 
jt-etB, -to, -ttt, -fir</ l«, ace — deuce — three 
~ four etc. of clubs; X-Xon^t , -tamtf -Imgt, 
kine — queen — kvave of clubs. 

Stletit, en. wd. StU^, 

S^OA, Stnaatf v. «. Norv, to knead. 

1. Jtnag^ et** crack, crash. 

2. Stnaj^f en. pi, •€* wooden peg ; cog of a miU 
wheel ; handl« of a scythe, =; Comp. St-^iuXf cog- 
wheel; -XCtftt, rack (to hang clothes on). 

^noge, r. i. to creak, crack, crackle. — Stna^ny 
th' creaking etc. 

Jhtalb/ et, report, explosiou, crack: smack, crack 
(of a whip). = Comp. St-bl)^, -gUlb, fulminating, 
detonating lead, — gold; -^M.-ptrUf detonating 
ball. [en ${tK/ to crack a whip. 

JKnalbe/ v. t. to explode, make a report, f. tAtt 

XnWi^t en. Now. sort of ^cheese. 

^napf en, pi* -^er. button, -knob ; pommel of a 
•word, ot saddle. ZZ Comp, St-^otm, button form ; 
'^vd, button bole ; -mOgeT/ button maker ; -of)/ sort 
of (^eese. 

itna^pe , v^ a- to, button ; f. iH, to button up ; 
f. 0))/ to unbutton. 

.itnof), adj. p/. fna^^e. scanty, strait, narrow; 
•tiagy, close; %\btn tX for f,, the time is too 
short. — tnoipt,. adv, scantily etc. — ihta^l^eb/ 
en* scantiness, strajiness; stinginess, closeness. — 
fnCiplptf «. i. f. af / to stint, curtail. 

^no))/ ady. scarcely, scarce, hardily. 

Snappmaoiif en. pL; et Sreb S(*, a pa^ 

per of pins. Z: Comp. St-^ffObttif head of a pin; 

-fob, point of a pin ; -^ptJUM, vid. 9laale^enge. 

Si^aoxL en. pl» -e. curmudgeon, crabbed fellow. 

StiMxttf V. i. Co creak, grate, jar, screak. — 
itnotf en^ en. crealumg. 

Stnoxtt, vid, jtnam. 

Stnoxxt, en. rattle. 

Stn/BCff9C(m/ adj, morose, croas, crabbed, peevish. 
— A-'^tt> , en. moroseness, crossness, crabbedaeas, 

Stm^f et. 1. in the phrase: flftae —, gaae C St,, 

to break —, go to shivers ; 2. sweets. 

Jtnafe, v. •« to crackle. 

Ana^t, y. a. & i« to crunch — , crush between 
the teeth; to gnash — , grind the teeth. 

Jlnaft; en. pL -tt. knot, knag, gnarl, (in wood), 

itnaiieT/ en. canaster. [i STtaben^ gripes. 

Rnt^,' et. pinch, sqneexe ; trick, artifice, quirkj JK. 

iftmS6re, v. i. to cackle (of the stork) ; Xotn^ 
beme ¥. at •Suite, my teeth chatter with cold; t^§. 
to chatter, gabble. 

JbteBBer/ itneB^etty en* rattle. 

Jtnebel/ Wd. JtnebeL 

+ ^eoe/ V, a, to kaead. — ^ebetv en. kneader. 

Jlnegt/ en. pi- -e. 1. fellow, chap; 2. knave; 3. 
menial ; 4. man-at-arms ; &. stanchion, bracket ; 6. 
knave (ai cards). 

^neife, r. t« to stmt, carry the head high; ^lnU 
tet tnetfer obex S^^en, the castle towers over the 
town. — Jtneifen/ en. strutting. - 

.^ne)}/ et. pi, id, map, crack (with the fingers) ; 
gibe een et R. pc^a. Stttfen^ to give one a fillip on 
the nose ; ftaoe ^. ttteb g^ingeme/ to snap — , crack 
the fingers. 

Rxitppt, 9, a, t>id, hxip^t, 

J^nci)/ Stxieb, adj, vulg. smart, spruce. 

Jlnebel/ -tjleu. 1. gag; a. tongue— , clap- 
per of a bell. — J^net^ter, pi. pods of flax, n 
Comp. J{nCt}et6Bart/ moustache, mustachio. 

Stnt\}U,y, a, to gag; I. ^ex, to ripple flax. = 
Comp. St'\tXt\, rXt'tftoJo, ripple. 

1. Stniht, en. pi. -r, tongs. 

2. StniU, en. pi. e. pinch, dilemma, hobble, 
scrape; bcere — , fomme t SI,, to be—, get into a 
scrape: "^an tt fletnt i SI,, he is in a sad a«rape._ 

JtniSe/ V. a, dr i. fneB^ fneBet. to pincfa^. mp ; 
I, ©inlen, JV.^ r. to haul — , hug the wiad. r= 
JtniBetang, Jtnt6tang/ pincers, pinchers. — Rsttbm, 
J{ni6ttntg/ en, pinching etc 

.RntBtf/ «rf>' snappish, pert. — St-^tti, en.saap- 
pishness, pertness. , 

SLwii%, et. short courtesy. v 

•SntYfe^ «• i. to drop a courtesy. 

^t>le/ «". i, to make lace. =: Comp. St-ixott, 
vid, 'pVi\)t\ -i>ige. lacemaker,. — worker; -)(Mt, ' 
bobbin , bone ; -^ut^e, lace maker's cushtM ; -flof^ 
vid. t'pXtCb , -traab, lace thread. — Jtnt>Ien^ en. 
lace making* v — J{ni^(tngec^ pi. lace. =r Comp. 
j^ti^(tng^gntnt/ lace ground; -tttsmmtt, laceman;^ 
-mton|ler/ lace pattern; -fUr, lace veil. 

^WXppt, et. pi, ■>¥. bunch; bundle; Si, ^9, trass 

of bay. = Comp.^ S-^xsmU , faggots ; -^annet, 

adj, bunched; -bttd, adv. in bunches. 

StXiXppti V, a. to tie in a bunch. 

^nipptlj en. pi. Stnipln. cudgel, bludgeon. =: 
Comp. X-»xantit, brushwood, stielu. 

StnipUf V. a. to snap, crack with the fingars; 
to fillip. [creaking. 

StnvAt, e. a. to creak, screak. — Stmmn, fXU 

Rni^Xt, V. «. to crackle ; vulg. to titter, giggle* 





SttlitixCj v« i. to rttUe, crack, crackle. 

iln{»/ en* pi. -r. knife, r: Comp* Jtm'ti — 

StnintU^ilf knife -case; -batutet, ad/, formed 
like a. knife, cnltrated ; -fofeet/ vid. .Befhf; -malf 
solid food (lo &6 eaten with knife and fork)\ 
'ftaoXf 1. w*d. -fntt; 2! notch in a knife; -ftttft, 
handle of a knife; -fPttC/ sfaealb — , case of 
a k. ; -fmeb. cutler ; -ftttt, cut — , incision with a 
hnife ;. -flaaL steel (for knivea) ; -f^bB^ point of a 
k.; -fit!/ -flttlg/ stab (with a k.) ; -M knife rest; 
-fmlfett/ adj. stabbed with a k. = Jtntbd^Og/ back 
of a knife; -Blab/ -Blol/ blade of a k. ; -eg/ edge, 
of « k. ; -ob/ point of a k. ; -V^ vid, -Bag. 

ilntbe. V. a. to slice butter. 

f Stnwti, V. f. ft /»<M«. to light with knives. 

StnOf en« p^. -er. knuckle. 

JTltOgU/ ett.p<< -¥« 1. bone y 2. knuckle* IT Comp. 
Jt-Beett/ knuckle-bone; -Batting/ osseous structure; 
.f«t/ ad/, bony, large-boned. [feUcb/ Joint. 

Jlttolf el/ ett /»< . xnodeT/ vid. iTnogle. = ^not? 

Jtnolb/ en. Ji<. -e. knot, gnarl; knoll; tuber (of 
roots); fig. boor, bumpkin. = Comp. Jt-rob/ tu- 
berous root; -bttjCt/ plant with a tuberous root* — 
fntlOittf adjt. knotty ; tuberous. 

Jtnoip/ m* !>'• -P(V* knob, knot; bud (of plants); 
Bat>e — , flt^be St,, to be in bud, put forth buds. = 
f-bannet, adj. formed like a bnd; -tang/ seaweed 
(of several epeeies). — - fnopptt, adj. knobbed. 

Xtvopptdf V. i, pass, to bud. — ^nAfming, en. 


Sixm^tXf vid, S3¥tt{f . 

Stmxi, trupl.-t* knot, gnarl, knag. = Camp. ftWtits 
fulb/ adj\ knotty, gnarled; -litp, -ilof/ knotty 
stick. — fnotttt, 1. adj\ vid. -fulb; 2. rugged, 
rough (of a road), v 

JmuB/ en. pi. -Be* log, block. =: Comp. Jl-fCtB/ 

canoe; -flol/ chair made of a block. — fnttBBet 
a4f. knotty; fig. fftuBBebe fOtb/ hard words. 

JtnitBBe/ «. «. to bang, tiirash. 

Jtnube/ en. p<. -r. knot ; bump, protuberance ; plot 
(in the drama) ; flaae en X*, to tie a knot. Z= Comp, 
5t-B¥Cmbe/ knotty wood; -fuIb/ adj. tnll of knots, 
knotty, gnarled ; -frVnbfet/]»<. knotted' firinge ; -grcc? / 
knotgrass; -tobet/ ady. having large anklebones. 

— feiubret, a4j. vid. tnortet. 

jtnug/ et. />/. id. pressure, squeeze ; bet bOt 
l^Otn et BftftVbt J(./ it was a severe blow, — shock 
to bim. 

jtnitge/ 9. «. to press, squeeze ; fnitget 9)laci, 

measure pressed down. — jinitgen/ jtnttgntng/ en, 

pressing etc. pressure. (of cats). 

~^UV/ et. growl, snarl ; murmur, grumbling ; purr 

Attltrre/ v. i. to growl, snarl ; to purr (of cats) ; 
to murmur, grumble, mutter. — Stnwtttn, en. growl- 
ing etc. = Comp, jt-BaSfe/ -iliOiU, grumbler, 
gnunbletonian. — fnutboni/ id. qd. -{notooni/ ad>. 
morose, crabbed, fretful. — jtnmrk^ontl^fb/ en. mo- 
rosMcss, crabbedness, fyetfuiness. 

^nfe/ V, a. to crush, bruise. 

Wnufen/ ^nn^ntng/ en, crashing. 

Stn\^ , et. slightest sound ;^ "^ati gab tife et St,t 

not the slightest sound escaped him. 

Sintft, V a, f i, to utter the slightest sound. 

jtn^g/ et. snow storm. 

JtnlMe, v« i. to blow a snow storm. 

5tnl^tte/ v,a,i. to tie in a knot — with a knot ; 2. to 
bind, knit, unite ; f. Stceimt/ to clench the fist ; f. 
@$tt0mVei, to knit stockings. — fn^tte^/ v. i. 
pass, to curdle (of milk) = Comp, 5t-aant, knit- 
ting yarn; -fnube , 'intricate knot; -^inb, knitting 
needle. ~ jtni^ten/ jtni^tning, en. tying etc. 

^nce, tt,pi, -e & -er. 1. knee; 2. joint; falbe paa SL, 

to fall — ', drop on one's knees ; lOtttme paa SttMs 
ttntt to be reduced in one's circumstances. ~ Con^» 
Jt-Baonb/ 1. garter, 2. kneeband ; -B«{et/ a«tf. kneeling; 
-B«mtng , en. bending of the knee, genuflection; 
-b^B. adj. knee-deep; -folb, ^ kneeling, genuflection ; 
-forSflrbe/ short apron; -^tgt/ gout in the knee, 
gonagra\ -Bafe/ ham; -^9\, adj. up to the knee; 
-leb, knee-joint; -lem, l.Wd. -baonb 2.: 2. shoemaker's 
stiiTup; -XVtt ftinnel with a Joint; -jtoi, knee-pan; 
-{|)flmbe/ knee buckle; -j^nt, three quarter length 
portrait ; -fflTtte/ v. a. to place upon the knees (tier 
adoption) ; -fcrtntng , tn, placing etc. ; "inomtt, 

StncA, et. pi, id. crack ; B^n fit ci St. fom Bm 
albrig foitJtnber, he received a blow which he will 
never recover. 

jbictfle/ V. i. to crack, snap. =: Comp, jtnorl? 
feBieb/ crackers. (bring down. 

Anceffe, •*« a. to eraek, snap; fig. to humble, 

jtnoele, v. i. to kneel. — Jtnauen, en. kneelincr. 

jtnaltng/ en, jvl. -tt* i. pigmy, dwarf ; 2 skin 
of a young lamb* 

Stn99, en. pi. e. lad. 

Stni!% en. Nerv, touchwood. 

jto. en. pL jteer. cow.-=: Comp, St-haaS, vid. 

S3aad ; -Blomme/ marsh marigold ; -Brem9/ gadfly ; 
-Brugge/ N. T, gang-way; -brit>ei> drover; -fob/ 
cow's foot; crow-bar; -foTpagter/ vid- ^^olXambfi; 
-gang/ pasturage for cows ; '^icxt, herd of cows ; 
-Bolb, cow-keeping; -Bont/ co#'-s horn; -Bub/ 
cow's hide; -B^^be/ cowherd; -fafe, cow-Uird; 
-{t0b/ cow's flesh ; -floffe* bell about a cow's neck ; 

.{lot), vid. jtlot) ; -flobe/ Wd. JHoDc 1. ; -!o^^ct/ pi, 
cowpox^, -labe, *>id. -fiolb ; -leie/ cow-hire ; -melf , 

cow's milk : -meg/ cow dung ; -pXM^tt, cow-deal- 
er ; -flam, vid. -meg ; -{lalb/ cow stable, byre; -Dong/ 
vid, -flana; -benbe/ va.n.T. to veer, wear; -&fn# 
be for^aclefeil/ to boxfaaul; -Oenblng/'en. veering; 
-bogtet/ vid, -B^tbe; "tummtt, adj, big- bellied 
(of horses.) ; -l^ber, cow's udder, 

jtoBBe. en. pi -t. vid. @fflBmtb. 

1. j(oBBel et. P/. -e¥.-& JtoBler. 1. collar; 2.1eaah) 
jt. ^unbe, a couple of hounds; SU •^efU/ a airing 
of horses. = Comp. jt-Boonb # letsh ; -BunbC/ Pii 
hounds in couples* 

2. jtoBBel/ en. pi JtoBler. inclosed field. = 
Comp, jt-bttft/ -bttfenf rotation system (inlagrW 




JtoS6e¥« tUpl* e* l.eopper,2. copperplat«> = Comp, 
f-(^|ttg/ a4j. coppery; -albeTf copper ag-e ; -atBcttf/ 
copper work; -a]^Cf acetate ofc*; -Bterg^ hill con-i 

uinittg c. ore ; -BlergDotiff vid, -oonrf ; -Blanket/ 

a^* mixed with c* ; -fiUff c. in plates or sheets ; 
-Crtd/ copper ore; -faxnt, copper colour; >fa¥b(t# 
atfj* copper-coloured ; -fftfl/ a«(/« copper-fastened ; 
-]^Ut)ct« adj* copoered , shealhed with c. ; copper- 
bottomed; -Mnbmng^ copper sheathing; -gmBC/ 
c mine; -^(onmrt, large hammer for beating or 
hammering c. ; -f^oxitllet, 1. dealer in copper ; 2. print 
seller; -J^oH^mbC/ adj. containingr c. ; -bvCtf Wd. 
Mutm'ng; -l^t^tte, c. smelting house; -folt sub- 
salt of c. ; -tax, copper vessel ; -ntolntf vid. -nt@) 
-nttne^ c. mine ; -ntt^nt c. coin ; -nttfe« c* nose ; 

-obleSntng , solution of c ; -|}enger vid. -m^nt ; 
-Vtal)(/ plate of c. ; -^reSfC/ press for the impres- 
sion of copper plates ; -X\X% verdigris ; -Xtit>, adL cop- 
per coloured; -T0g/ 1. verdigris 2. white vitriol; -fantlet/ 
collector of prints ; -f amltng , collection of prints ; 
-fajC/ shears for cutting c plates; -ffat tax paid 
in c. ; -ffuntf c. scum ; -^Cth dross of c. ; -fmcb/ 
coppersmith; -{lit* engraving, print; -fiufer, en- 
graver, chaTcographer ; -fHtfertottflf the art of en- 
graving on e. , chalcography; -fltYnlttg/ engraving; 
-fhtlteitf a4j. engraved in c ; -fi^ffe, ind. -fw ; -{10^ 
httt copper founder ; -f^ttl/ c. nail ; -tOg/ c* roof ; 
'iwU, vid. -fltf ; ~i\\t\, engraved title page ; -ttaab/ 
c. wire^ -iX^fttt t copperplate printer; -tr^fmnc)/ 
printing of c. plates ; -tttflet/ luQt roofed with c! t 
•Xti\, pi, coppers, C' utensils; -batltf/ water impreg- 
nated with c. ; -t}itrioI^ blue vitriol ; -DflTtf/ 1. c* 
mine ; 2. c. works ; 3. book with copper plates. 
— tohhxtt, adj. coppery. 

JtobU/ f* a* couple; 2. to pimp, pander. — 
StobltXf Cn. pi. -e« pimp, pander. — JtODlcrftt/ m. 
bawd, procuress* — jtoDiCYl/ Ct< pimping,^ pandering. 
~ JteoImOf «t. coupling. 

Siioholt tn. cobalt, zr ComP. f-Ogttg^ a^j. co- 
baltic ; -6(aCW tdj* c. blue ; -ttCTtf^ c. work. 

^tiC, en* pi* -r* anhle-hone ; pastern (of hor- 
ses. — fobet/ ««(;. having large ankle-bones. 

jtoffartt/ Ct< maritime trade. = Comp, j(-CaJ|}{« 
tain , cejptutB of a merchantman ; -favt / maritime 
trade; -f'fi&f merchannnan* 

jtoneit/ tn* pi* -tX* trunk, coffer. 

Jtofie, m« PI* -r. peasant's fh»ck. 

1. ^g or Stimt, pi* Jtogger* cockboat. 

2« ^cg/ m. PcT -C/ piece of marsh land lately re- 

3. Jtog. rt* pi. e* boiltnff, boiling sttte; tottre i 
ft./ to be boiling ; gaac af ft*/ to cease — , hav« 
done boiling. 1= Comp. t-^tXl / at^* boiling hot ; 
-^(b(/ boiling heat. 

ftogC / »*. t. ft a. to boil , seeth ; to cook« = 
Comp. ft.6og/ cookery book ; -gT^tt/ pot for boil- 
ing; -I^UUS/ boilery; -ilt, cooking fire; .fOT/ cook- 
ing vessel; -fone, female cook; -fott^/ art of 
cookery, culinary art ; -OOtt / cooking stove ; -poiUf 
cooking pot; 'pWlXt, boiltng point; -YUnt/ boiling 

space; -itih, kitchen gajley (in a fleet of galleys; 
'fitt, cooking jDlace* — ftognt/ ftoam'tt^)/ eit* 
boiling etc. — ftogerf/ tt, boilery; cookery. 

ftcggeT/ tt* pi. -e. quiver. 

ftogle / en. pi. -X* cone (of certain trees). ZT - 
Comp. ftogUBcerenbC/ a^y. cone-bearing; -taxmttf 
adj. cone-shaped. 

ftoaU/ V. a. ft ». to Juggle, charm. — ftogte^^ 
en. pi. -t* juggler, magician. — • ftoglerffe/ en. pi* 

'X* female magician. — ftogtcH/ et* /»«* -et. jug- 
glery, hocus-pocus. =» Comp. ftoglefmiti/ bewitch- 
ing smile ; -\p\l, -DCtrf, Vid* ftoglfrt. 

ftogfaU/ et. pi* e. common sflt. != Comp* ft- 
f^lt/ muriatic acid. 

ftoiC/ en. Z?/. -X. hammoc* = Comp, ^-flcttitr, 
pi* bedding for a hammoc. 

1. ftof/ en. pi* -ft, eoii. heap, pile* [eoeiir.] 

2. ftof/ en. p/. -fe. cook, man-cook ZZ Comp, 
ftoffetreng/ cook's boy, scullion; -fnit)/ kitchen, 
knife ; -pX^t/ cook, cook-maid ; -ti^l/ kitchea wench. 
= ftotSmat/ cook's mate. 

3. ftof/ en. pi, -fe. cock (,m Jutland), — fofftB, 
V. i.pass* to fight like cocks. 

ftofodneb/ vid, ®. [2. cucurbit. Chem. T. 

ftolbe/ tn* pi* -r. l. butt-end (of a musket); 

ftolBl^tte/ en. pi. -r. summerset ; fteht ftol^ 
S^ttei;« to make — , throw summersets. 

^ ftolb, adj, cold, fHgid. = Comp. f-Uohti, -Mos ' 
btA/ ad/, cold-blooded ; -l^l^be. V. a. to macerate ; 
-Divbntng/ eit. maceration; -branb/ gangrene, mor- 
tification, sphacelus; -febeV/ ague; -fcoSfeit; adj. 
benumbed with cold; -ftpc, vid* -Branb ; -gattet/ 
adJ* tanned in cold ooze; -^QXttXtf v. a, to. ham- 
mer cold (of metals); -tneiifel^ chisel for cutting 
cold iron ; -p\9 / strangury ; -Itnbtg y adj. cool, 
calm, collected, dispassionate; -finbigpeb/ en. cool- 
ness , calmness , dispassionateness ; -{taal / spiced 
beer with biscuit, (Dan. dish eaten in summer) ; 
.{f ter/ adj. cold.-short (of iron) ; -bcebe/ Now. hu- 
midity of land which renders it cold. 

ftolbe, en. ftolbef^ge, rtd. ftolbfelBer* 

ftolD/ en. pi. -e. shaft, arrow. 

ftomeet^ en* pi. ftometer. comet* 

ftomebtant/ en. pi. -tx. actor, player. 

ftomebie / en. pi* -t« comedy, play ; gaae pM 
ft./ to go to the play* = Comp. ft-I^UU8/ play- 
house ; -tlacat playbill. 

ftomtfT/ adj. comic, comical- 

1. ftomme/ v. i. xem, f omtnen/ /»{. femnt, to 
come ; nu tommet bet an paa l^bab f)an ^'tl gtere, 

now it depends on — , remains to be seen what ho 

will do ; \ii maae labe bet fowme an ^txpaa, we 

must take our chance ; bet fotnnter Clf » it comes of 
— proceeds ft-om — is owing to; fotttme ftf web/ 
to get rid, — dispose of; to lose; f. BoTt« to go 
— , get. away; to be lost; to be turned off — dis- 
carded; bet t)t( f. Hvn b^rt at fiaat, he will pay 
dearly •— smart for it;4* efter> i. to follow, succeed; 2«to 
find out, get at, actjuire ; I. for, 1. to occur, happen; 2. to 
come on; d. to be brought before e. g* the king ; bet &nt 





wig for — fo«/ it appeared to me ; t* ffit **JJ*8' 
to miacarry (of pregnant women) ; f . fta Ht ®m? 
Bebe, to lose one^s office-, ^atl Wttt XttXli m C«t, 

he was fairly put out-, ^eg « fommm fta tet 

tea Dillbe ftge / l forget wliat I waa going to say ; 
fTwl — tt^f ffttf to come — get off well 

— ill •, l« ftent/ to get on, — forward 1 1.^ ftiVX meo/ 
to prodnce, bring forward, advance j *; i ^t ^Sf^l?' 
to visit at . — , frecpient a house i t t J^owmMf e 
Wit, to form a connection with ^ {* t xntt atsXlfttf 
to contract — -• ««* >nto ■ l^^^'* of drinking; J. tm* 
fltt tWan^t ^o\x, to go much into company, mix 
mwih with the world*, f* taiettnem, to get through, 

— over \ ttx et f ommct cem itoget imtUmif they 

have fallen out; {« ixtUitj to come up to; f. tnt 
«iet, to give in ; f. 0<) ttf m ©^fcoui, to recover 
ft-om an illness ; f . 0^ Ot flaoe^/ to fall a fighting, 
come to blows ; !♦ Otoet / to come — , light upon ; 

^et tommer unterttten o»tr ^am at.../ h« some- 
times takes it into his head to.... ; I. paa, to happen, 
come to pass ; flatten lom padf night eame on ; 

Sea tan xttt t. ^jaa 9ta!onet, I cannot hit upon — , 

think of the name; l^lJOTlc^eS fom lOt pM bet 
^nbfalb ? what put that into your head ; f • fottt^ 
tnett/ to come to{j;ether •) I. ttlnoget/ to come by a tiling; 
to get at; t. tit ^t tgteit/ to recover one's proper- 
ly; t tit 5ttceftet , to recover strength ; ^eg loit 
vttt h til. at fee bet/ I cannot get a sight of it; 

;^eg iiax itf e Tunnet {. til ai Bgc ^Mi UU I have 

not been able to find an opportunity of telline him ; 

labe bet I. til ^roceS, to go to law; 3ea Uttmet 

til at giore bet, I shall have to do it; QOlt k)il t. 
til at fotttl^be bet. he will repent of it; I. til tig 
.felD/ to come to one''s self, recover one's senses; 

f. ub af/ to get out of ; bet et fommet ub i^lanbt 

$0ll/ it has got abroad, — got wind, — transpired, 
been noised abroad ; l^ait fan Xltifipt t. ub af bet, he can 
scarcely manage — , make shift to subsist ; bet lottt- 
ntei ttb ^aa eet, it is all one ; {» beb/ to concern, 
regard ; bet {ommet tttig iftt Deb , it is nothing to 
me, no business of mine; l&Oab fommcr bet tttig 
Mb ? what is that to me ? l. fig af en @9gbom/ 
to recover from — of an illness ; l^an fommtt {ta 
OObt/ he is impraving (in health or circumatances.) 

§tg ueeb itfe ^boilebeS — , l^botaf bet tommer fig/ 

I don't know how it happens, — to what it is owing. 

' i* Stowmt, **. a. torn, fommet. to put ; f omme een 

til at Utf — • gtClbe/ to make one laugh, ~ cry, set 
one a laughing — crying. 
SioVMMf et. (?) coming, advent. 

5lommen/ en. i^id. 5titmmen. 

Stompcat, en. pt, -e¥> blade, fellow. 

StonC/ en. ph -X* wife ; St. t ^ufet/ mistress of 
the house , good woman of the house ; toge fig 
en jt/ to take a wife; tage til ^*r to take for 
one's wife. IZ Comp. j|-8aab/ boat- rowed b^ wo- 
men (in Greenland) ; -Biobet, -fabet/ Wd. ^I)jaet« 
Bxobei tC.; -BabeV/ woman-hater, mtsogynial; -ftoev, 
vtd. Qbinbef.; -lobr Da». £. widow's lot,-- share 
of a suoessios ; -morbet/ one who miirdexa his wife* 

Jton«>'en. />*♦ -t. hing (also at cards, cheu etc). ZZ 
Comp^^-oa\if escheat ; -feoob, royal boat ; -bont/ roynt 
child; -Blob/ king's blood; blood royal; -bpUg, 
royal residence ; -Botb/ royal — , king's table ; -oOt^ 
royal casUe; -Btet), 1. letters patent; 2. marriage license; 
-Bnib/ roysl bride; -Bub/ royal ordinance; -D^, 
royal birtii; -baab, liingly -, royal ac^evemeat^ 
-bttb/ royal virtue; -bflmme/ kingdom; -jlag/ royal 
standard; -fflbf el/ royal birth ; -fBige* 1. successioaof 
kings ; 2. king's suite — , retinue ; -goo^/ vW. Xong|> 
gaarb ; -gobd/ royal domains, crown lands ; -giOllt^ 
royal favour ; -Bab/ hatred of kings ; -Babft/ king- 
hater; -Bttu8, royal house ; -B«r# rpyi army; -jagt, 
1. royallKunt ; 2. royal yacht ; -fwntng/ coronation of 
a king ; -ftWlife / chronicle of kings ; -Ittt/ royal 
life ; -lob, Mill's iAW,.l«a: regia^ (tifle of a kindof char- 
ter in Denmarh,by which Frederic lU. establiahed absotale 
power in that country); -1^6/ torch-weed. Verhatemm 
thapsiUi -Ufte/ royal promise; -l«§, adj» kiag- 
less; -mogt/ roysl — , regal power ; -WObet/ mother 
of a king or of kings (in parttcnlar a suraame of 
Gnnnild, queen of Norway in tiie 10th centary) ; -tnotb, . 
regicide ; -motbeif -WOrbetffe, regicide, kiag.4iUer; 
-me, royal maid ; -ttttU, meeting — , coagreM of 
kings ; -noOtt, regal tHle ; -Otb, royal word ; -pta^g 
duty of a king; -pmnHfit, i¥. T. large douWe povr; 
-Vtagt, royal — , regal slate,— pomp; -tttfe, ctow« 
soccage driving; -tige , kingdom, realm; -XtlfU, 
series — , line of kings; -JoL royal hall, — «»«»; 
-(fat, lung's treasure; -fCtO, king's ship; -\tt\tg, 
change of kings; -jlot .royal palace, --casUo ; 
-{l«gt/ royal race ; -fm^f ft/ diadem ; -fnefW, royal 
galley ; -(<mt, sceptre ; -flab/ city in whi^ a Uag 
resides; -fiamme, royal race, — Uncage; -^9», vid. 
-f^iir; -flcl/ rojjal seat; -fmt, son of a king; -tol, 
list of kings ; -ttenbe/ royal tithes ; -ttgcr, royal ti- 
ger; -ting, meeting-—, assizes at which a king pro- 
sides; -ttTel/ regal — , royal title; -OOlg/^lecUoa of 
a king; -UOIIb/ nitro ->nuriatic acid; fl)et/ kings 
high road, — way; -ben, friend to kings aad 
regal power; -bii&f adv. paa -btiS, in a Uagiy 
manner ; -b«lbe, »irf. -magt ; -bCtrbigB«b, regal --, 
royal dignity; -Cegt/ »W. -Wfe; -at/ vid. -^O^t, 
= 5tong8gaatb/ 1. royal castle,— palace; 2. house be- 
longing to a king ; -flol/ vid. JCongeftot. — foit* 
geltg, adj. kingly, royal, regsi; bet fongelige^imj, 
the Royal Family; 5{fl«geltg 9?taiffl«t/ — 4^»tB*b/ 
Royal Majesty, — Highness. 

itongel, en. vid. ^wgU/en. 

5totttt/ en. pi. -et. art ; aiwe jtontter, to perfom — , 

play tricks; reife^»oaftn5tonfl/ to travel for improvo- 
ment in one's art; Brttfte jtonftet, to employ ar- 

tifice; be fftenne 5tbn|ter/ the fine arts; ben forte 

^. , the black art , sorcery. = Comp, ft-ttcaBe^ 
mi, academy of arts ; -anueg, turn — , aptitude for 
the arts; -avBetbe, work of art; -aiBeibet/ artist; 
-Bexiber, equestrian performer; -Bnber, brother artist ; 
-bonmter, critic; -breiet/ ivory tamer; -btift, in- 
stinctive skill ; -elff et, lover — , amateur of tbo arts; 
-etfoten/ <til>,skiU«4 in aa art ; -fog^ line — , braBch 




•f Art ; -ftlD/ (meclimioali) indoatry ; -fovogter, de- 
splser of tiie arls •, -fontt/ form of art % -^/ vid. 
-103; -fur^mbelfe/ perfection of art; -fttKttg/ adj. 
expert — , slulfdl in an art; -^axtntX, landscape 
l^rdener; -g¥attl>{7eir/ inquirer into tlie fine arts; 
-grantinttng/ inquiry into tbe arts ,, phflosopby of 
art; -^n^/ knacJi; device, artifice, trick; -l^cmtel/ 
1. dealing in woriis of art, — in curiosities ; 2. repository 
of arts ; -^anbUr/ dealer in works of art ; -f}Mt, 
garden laid out according to the rules of art; 
-t<mautf museum; -fimDeri Jndge of the fine arts, 
connoisseor, virtuoso-; -{^nttg/ odj. skilled — , ver- 
sed in an art or in the fine arts ; -littit philosoph y 
of art ; -U^f adj. inartificial ; -mcdtX, artist painter; 
-mtfitX, accomplished artist; -mmtC/ monument of 
ait ; -moedftg/ adj. done according to rules of art ; 
-Ttiu/ professional envy (among artists) ; -nt^td^C/ 
enjoyment derived from works of art ; -CXt, techni- 
cal term; -XtQ,il, rule of art; -tig/ adj. very skill- 
fnl — expert in an art ; -ttgtig/ ad>, conformable to the 
rales of art ; -foger, works of art, ^-» virtu ; -fattb^et/ 
truth in works of art, conformity to the beau ideal; 
-fontS^relish for the fine arts; -if at; treasure of works of 
Bi:t; -fnti^f taste for the arts; -fuebfer/ cabinet- 
■laker; -]p\lf game of skill; -f^tog/ technical lan- 
gwu;e; -fi^tte, 1. curiosity; 2. slight of hand trick; -Ub? 
^iUtng / exhibition of works of art ; -OOIC/ produc- 
tion of art ; -toen, vid. -tl^tt, -fixcititV ; -toart, va- 
lue as a work of art; -t^cett/ work o^ art; -r)t(btXr 

9id. -cl{7ev* 

Aonftig/ «tdj. artificial; curious, ingenious. 

5ton{liU/ V. a. & i, to employ meretricious art, 
over-refine. — fonftUt/ adj. elaborate, affected. — 
Rimillnt, en. pi. c« 5tonfllen , et. pi. -er. over- 
refinement, snbtlety. 

jtimflneT/ en, pi. -e. artist, = Comp. ^-anlcefl/ 
9id. Ston^9nl(tQ\ -Ibane, career of an artist; -l^aanD^ 
hand of an artist; -ti^, artistes life ; -ffoie, school 
of an artist. _— ilonftnmnle, female artist. 

Stop, en.i>^ -iper. i.cup ; 2. cuppin|-gia8s^; et^at 
SbpptT/ a cup and saucer ; Ct X. %fftt , a cup of 
tea ; fcettc I^OpptX, ta cup. 

StOpptXf n. 8. pi' small-pox. =: Comp. StopM, 
pock-mark, — j»it ; -arret/ adj* pock-marked, —pit- 
ted. — Jto|}^emegne^ -B^lt, variolous pustule ; -feBer, 
variolous fever ; -fltft* vid, -fmttte ; -int^JOtning, 
inoculation of the small-pox ; -fmittt, contagion — , 
virus of the smaU-jTox; -ftjgbom/ variolous disease, 

Stiip}otiUf V. a. to cup. — it-fatntng, en. 

iUrat/ en. pi. -ler,corai, = Comp. S-ogat, 

coral agate ; -fiffeT/ coral fishef ; -({jTert/ coral fish- 
ing \\ -g^^eU/ branch t>f coral ; -tixpptt coral rock ; 
'ptxit, coral bead. 

itore , en. pi. -r. border, edge. — fore, v. a. 
to border. 

^orf, en. pi. c. cork. = Con^. St-axUxtit, cork 
work ; -6unbt/ bundle of cork ; -nto6/ rock mo^s ; 
Lichen MoxatiUt \ -^ro^/ cork ; -faaUi cork sole ; 

-tell, vid* -ptop] -tr«, cork tree; -trete, eork 
jacket (for swimming). 

i^orn, et. pi. id. grain ; noun, collect, com* rz 
Comp. St-MQtX, forestalling of corn ; -aogrcr, vid. 

-mnoer; -oar, com-yearj -afgtDt, vid, -ffat; 

-ftfgreDe, crop of c ; -flger, c. field ; -«itt, speciea 
of c. ; -abl, culture — , raising of c. ; c. crop ; -a)t/ 
«ir — ^ spike of c ; -Saanb, straw band, — rope ; 
-De^Ol>, requisite quantity of c. ; -bt'mtng, vid. -fttol ; 

-fclomft, c. flower ; -bcanb, «rf. 93r(mo ; -6r«nbe« 

Dim, com brandy ; -6etg)), Norv. vid, -egn ; -egn, 
corn country; -fete, v. a. to fatten wilh c; -fleft/ 
pork of swine fattened on c. ; -fro, canary-seed; 
-fete, vid, bretfete ; -goart, com farm ; -gutk), 
X. floor; -f)dim, straw; -^ante(, c* trade; -Ijant^ 
ler, corn-merchant ; -l^ar^e, vid* ^OXpt ; -l^ule, pit 
or hole in the groud for keeping corn in; -I^uu6/ 
granary; -l&efl , c. harvest; -fammer, granary; 
-f telter, c. cellar ; -lichf l.purchase of c ; 2.price of 
grain ; -frut, granulated gunpowder ; -late, vid. 
Sate ; -lant, c. land ; -(o, bam where c. is thrashed ; 
-(oft, c. loft ; -lobr c. law ; -Icetfe, c. lark ; -Ifltd, cart- 
load of c; -maa(, c. measure; -mooter, c. meter; 
-mogaftn, c. magazine; -ntarfet, C' market; -VKB/ 
-mot, et. sheet lightning ; -neg, sheaf of c. ; -nVStf 
adj. fertile in grain; -Qplag, magazine of grain; 
-orm, weevil ; -^rong, forestalling of c. ; -jjronget/ 
forestaller of c. ; -^ttger, vid. -^Jronger ; -pM^ttt, 
vid, .-^rottg; -renfeT/ winnower; winnowing-ma- 
chine ; -rtg, adj. abounding in e> ; -ruft , rust ; 
-ff at, c. tax; -ffoDt, -ffuffe, com shovel; -ftl^lt/ 
e. tax ; -fo(t, riddle, cribble ; -fit, path tbrou{[|:h « 
c. field ; -ftraa, straw ; -flange, c. loft ; -fotnttttg/ 
shrinking of c. ; -foet, 1. seed-corn ; 2. sowing of c. ; 
-faf , 0. sack ; -tiente, c. tithes ; -t«rrtng, drying 
of c. ; -borer, pi. com, grain ; -bcgn, c waggon ; 
-bcegt, c weight. 

jtorne, v. «. fbrneS , «♦ past* to granalate. — 
jtoentng, en. granulation. 

^orS, et. pi. id. cross ; gjort 5lorfet8 ^egn, ^to 

make the sign of the cross; flaoe et £. for fig/ 
to cross one's self; Iffgge S3enene ooer j£. , to 
cross the legs; met S3enene Obet Jt., cross-legged; 
frtjfee til jtorfet, to cry.peccavi; ^oriJl intety* 
Lord * Bless me 1 = Comp. ^^-feaant, vid. ^XXft^h, ; 
-banner, banner of the cross ; -blotet, adj. cruci- 
form ; -blomfter, pi. flowers with cruciform corols ; 
-broter, crasader ; -bue, ogive ; -btfgntng, building 
in the form of a cross; -b^rt, vid. -meofe; -tans 
net, adj. -crucifbrm; -trager, cross bearer; -fiUte, 
banner of the cross; -fajte, v. a. to.amcify; -ftt* 
ftelfe, crucifixion; -gOte, cross street; -gOng, cross 
walk — , passage; -geOCer, partisan; -berre, knirhl 
of the cross; -b»>cel»tng, vault with ogives; -fiXltf 
church in tbe form of a cross ; -f Icete, brow band ^ 
-Ice^e, V. a. to lay across, — cross-wise ; -me8fe, 
-miffe, procession with the cross ; -n«b,^ crossbill ; 
-ritter, vid. -berre ; -fnit, vid. ibnjtSfntt ; -tegn, 
sign of the cross'; -tog, crusade; -tet, cross road, 
1 — way; -ttiS, adv. cross-wise, across. 




Siox^t, V. a. to cross, make the sigA of the 

cross*, man maa f, ftg trrooei/ it is enough to 

•naxe oae. 

Stcxi, ttpl. id. Lcard ;«p *, ft @^t( St., a pack 
of cards. 13 ConM. ^-Wit\it, picture on cards \ 
-Bla^, card; -famrtf/ card manufactory! -"^VQXH, 
house of cards; -maimer/ card-maicer; -pO^t/ parcel 
(containing 6 packs) of cards ; -)}a^tr / paper for 
cards, maps; -iXltge/ card-money; -^la^t/ engrav- 
■ cd copperplate for printing maps ; -^teSfC/ card — , 
map press ; -famlt'ng^ collection of maps ; -ftKI, 
card-playing ; MtUx, card-player ; -^cmpfl, stamp 
on card^; -^\1xn , engraver of maps; -tegmttg/ 
drawing of maps«. 

jtort, adj. f adv» short, brief; fatU {tg t/ to 
be brief; fort/ f« fagt/ (• Og go^t/ in short, to cut 
the matter short; gibe een fort S3eifeeb/ to cut one 
short, send one about bis business ; fottUttC til f./ 
to come off a loser, to be worsted; bCTTC t. for 

^obetet/ to be hasty, — touchy ; givre t. $roceS/ 

lo make short work df it.' = Comp. t-aontti, adj. 
asthmatic, short-breathed ; -armet/»-Bettet/ etc., short- 
armed, — legged etc. ; -JlCkttttf adj. concise, com- 
pendious, brief; -Icbet, adj. short-Jointed; Ax'Ott, 
adj. short^bodied, — waisted ; -ffribnmg/ en. short- 
hand writing, stenography; -ftraaet/ adj- sbort- 
strawed; -f^net, adj. short-sighted; -f^net^Cb, en* 
short-sightedness ; -t^artg/ adj. of short duration, 
evanescent ; -beiS^ ado. a short way ; -DlUig, adj. 
, facetious. — fortelig/ -en. adv. shortly, etc. = 
Jtort^eb/ en* shortness, brevity, conciseness. 

jtorte/ «. a. to shorten. -^ jtorinmg/ en. short- 

jtofl, en. pi. -e* broom, besom; n^e jt fete 
Bet^/ new brooms sweep clean. ZZ Comp. jtofleBtn:? 
"tttf broom-maker; -Ik^ng/ heather for brooms ;-nt§/ 
twin for brooms; -^aft/ broomstick* 

Jiofi, en. food, victuals, fare ; board ; fitaaTne JtofleT/ 
stolen goods — effects; Si* Og ^HXif board and 
wages ; fmal jt*/ short commons, slender fare ; ^abe 
'frt 5t./ to have f^ee board; ffftte een i ^,, to put 
one out to board, to board one. ^ Comp. ^fltag^ 
stated day for receiving victuals; -forogter/ dainty 
feeder; -gcrnger/ boarder; -^olb/ pay for board; 
-goiter/ one who finds another in board; -jomfrue/ 
female boarder ; -|}enge/ board wages ; -tToIe/ board- 
ing-school; -txert/ one who keeps boarders. 

jtofi, en* Dan. L. cost, expense ;jt* Og herring, 
food and expenses. ZZ Comp* l-vd, adj. free of 
expense ; •rfult/ adj. expensive, costly ; -gtelb/ reim- 
bursement of«expenses. 

JtoflBar/ adj. precious, expensive, costly, sump- 
tuous ; gtere fig r./ to make one^s self precious, — 
of great consequence. — Jtoft^AT^eb/ en* costliness, 
expensiveness , sutoptnousness. — jtofi^arl^eter^ pl, 
articles — , things of value, precious things. 

Sto^tf V. a. to find one in victuals. 

^ojie^ 9. a. to spend — , expend — ^ lay out mo- 
ney; «. •. to cost; t. fig/ to be at the expense 
of, provide one's self with. 

jtoflelig/ a^j. costly, precious; excellent, exqui- 
site, sumptuooB* 

Stoubf jtobd/ en» drinking cup. 

^tttf en* Norv* resin exuding from trees. 
. ^aa^f e|i. pt. -e. crop, craw ; giblets, z: Comp. 
Sttaa^t^uifyt, giblet sonp. 

jtraSaff/ en* whip, scourge. — (raBaffe/ v. «. 
eoU, to whip. 

^a^ot/ ett« pi. -er. chap, fellow. 

JtraBSe, en. pi. -r. crab. = St-fic, crab's daw. 

jtrabfe/ r. * a. to scratch, scrape ; f. 2ui>m Cp 
paa SactU, to nap cloth; f. en XoBofSptBc/ to 
scrape out the ashes of a tobacco pipe ; I. U(t/ to 
scribble wool. =Z Jt-Borfle/ wire brush. — JtralDfen, 

jtrabdmng/ en. scratching. — SttaSbia, en. pi. 
-e. scraper; worm (of. a gnu); 9ulg. a strong draai. 

— jtratdulb/ the coarsest wool. 

jtraft / en* pL jbroefter. strength, power, force, 
vigour, energy ; a^alSi,, — dUt JCroefter. with mirtt 
and main, with all one's might; onf^tentc OUC 
jtrtrfter/ to strain every nerve ; fomme ttl ftnc 
jtrorfter/ to recover sb-ength; t Jt« af/ in — , by 

virtue of* = Comp. jt-onfhcmgelfe/ -anDcnbclfe, 
exertion — , employment of strengtb — , power; 
-brel) / bread of starch ; -teel / strongest — ^ most 
nutritious part; -forCin))rtng , change of power; 
-full)/ adj. powerful, forcible, energetic, vigoroos; 
-fVlbe/ abundance of strength ; -ffltelfe / conscious- 
ness of power ; -Ictttf dynamics ; -IffS/ adj. l.power- 
less, nerveless, impotent; 2. invalid; -Ifl^B^t/ CM* 
lack of strength, impotence, feebleness ; invalidity ; 
-ntaaler/ dynamometer; -mcel/ starch; -ntt^M/ 
strong — , powerful remedy; -olitf essential oil'; 

- prog/ strong — , energetic — , forcible language ; 
-fuppe / strong soup ; -tcrrenle/ adj. enervating, 
debilitating ; -btrfmng/ effect of power; -tx'tflt, 
distilled liquor ; -bfffen / quintessence ; -^ttrittg^ 
manifestation of power. — Rttfttg/ a<^'. vid. fraft^ 
fult. — fraftigett/ frafttgt, (rafteltg/ -eru adv, 

forcibly, powerfully, strongly. 

J^aft/ en. crypt* 

Jtroge/ en* pt. .-r. l. crow; 2. climbing pole; jt. 
feger vR^t, birds of a feather flock together. = 
Comp. 5t-DCrr/ crow-berry ; -banbB/ hopping on one 
foot, the other being held in the hand^ -mool, gib- 
berish ; -totn, rest-harrow. Ottonu spinosa ; -ttot, 
cross-tree (on the ridge of a thatched house) ; -Itnge/ 
young crow. 

^agfleen/ en* corbel. 

jtraf/ jtraffe* en* pi. jtraffe/ RxaXttt, jade, garron. 

Sxaftf en* knken (fabulous monster on the coast 
of Korway mentioned by the bishop Pontoppidan). 

jtraf mantel/ en* sheii-aimond. 

^am/ en. pi. e. 1. ware, wares : 2. trumpery, trash. 
= Comp. Jt-6obV shop ; -BotOTCng/ shop-hoy ; 
'MUit, shop-rent ; -tvXltf 1. vid. ^Uffe2 ; 2.tawdiY 
minx; -^antel. dealing in petty ware; -ftfie* chest 
for petty ware ; fig* heap of lumber ; -lonnreC/ fac- 
tory — , shop linen ; -morfet/ fair for petty ware ; 

-pcfe/ trumpery hag; -td/ vid. -barer, jtram. — 




5t-meri/ tt. pi' -er. iramperf* — jtroemmer/ >eiiy 

dealer, shopkeeper, retailer. = jtrormmeraattl/ 
shftpkeeper's spirit; -trtng^ shop hoy; -rg, edge or 
cut which goods have from the shop, shop-edge ; 
-foIV / shopkeepers ; -1^UU9, coffin, comet ; -toM, 
shopkeeper^s wife ; woman who keeps a shop ; -latm, 
dog laiin; shopkeeper''s slang; 4ete/ trading place. 
Dan. L. ; -mcmt, shop-mark ; -p'x^tf shop girl ; -reg« 
ning/ shop bill; -ft^cnt/ shopman; -bcrgt/ shop 

jttamme/ v, a. to. cmmpie, crush. — jtranrntett/ 

(tt« crumpling etc, 
Sttaxamt, en* pi. -X, thin iron hoop or band. 

1. Rtcaxtpt, ^tu pi. -T* cramp, cla^p; loop (of 
B hat). 

2. Stcamptf en. pi, -v. cramp, spasm. = Com/>. 
Si'M\, electrical eel. Gymnotus eleetricu*] -Ogttg/ 
odt. spasmodic, conynlsive ; -bTOg/ convulsive twitch ; 
-f(ff/ electric ray. Raja torpedo ; -fnubf/ spasmodic 
rising; -latter, convulsive — , hysteric laughter; 
-{l(^ epilepsy ; -fmttl^ convulsive smile ; -fUuenle/ 
udf' antispasmodic ; -fl^Tfe / convulsive strength ; 
-f^g, adj. affiicted with spasm; -ttlfcelte, spasmo- 
dic affection; -ttttf/ -ttornttng, convulsions. 

JtramSfugl, m, fieldfare. Turdus pilaris. 

Sttan, en. pi. -er. crane. = Comp. jC-anfer^ 
bower anchor ; -6telf e , arm of a crane ; JV. T. 
cathead ; -f^ivX, wheel of a crane ; -I^Obe^i top part of a 
crane ; -ptn^t/ money paid for the use of a crane ; 
-toORtl, crane tackle. 

itrontS , en. pi. -e. wreath , garland , chaplet ; 
Unit en St., to weave a garland; om^e jtranofen/ 

to bear the bell. :z Comp. ^-oare, coronary vein; 
-^annet, adj. shaped like a wreath. — jnantfes 
Binlber, weaver of garlands ; -Btmten/ adj, wreathed ; 
-{age, cake In the form of wreaths; -fone, a woman 
who sells garlands. 

^anbfe, v. a. to wreath, deck with a garland; 
to weave a garland. — jtrantdntng/ en. wreathing. 

t SttaViff adj weak, feeble, bad, inauspicious. 

Sttap f en. pi. c. madder. Rubia tinctorutn* != 
Comp. Jt-atol/ culture, of madder ; crop of madder ; 
-fort^e/ red dye of madder ; -farther/ one who dyes 
with madder ; -mtHU, madder mill ; -rot/ root of 

Sttap, adj. hard. =: Comp. t-^OXi, adj. twisted 
hard (of cordage); -(9/ short sea* 

SttCtS, {laae t St*, to break to shivers. 

itrafe, «. «. vid, Jlnafe. 

JtraSU/ V. •. to rustle. — Stia^lm, en. rust- 

SttOt, ft. pi, e. thicket, coppice, copse. ZZ Comp. 
St'fi^tf hill overgrown with copse wood; -Bujf/ 
bash; -fto\), copse wood; -VCtjt, shrubby plant. 

SttaHtf r. a. Did. Stta'b^t, 

Sttan, tt, pi, id, claim; craving: aittt X, pM, 
to lay claim to. =1 Compv St-fA, -190/ ac(/. exempt 
from claim. 

StX9», et. drift ice (in small fragments). 

itrat>e. -v. l •collar (of a coat etc)^ a.false 
f^ont (of a shirt) ; 3. tops (of bdots) N, T. collar ; 
toge een nit Stxantn', to collar one, take by the 
collar. := Comp. St-haox(t), tie for a false firont; 
-Been; collar bone ; -fli^, gill ipt a shirt collar) ; 
-(tnnmo^^ band of a false front; 'U9, adj. collar- 
less; -irtnb/ leather for boot-tops. 

SttMU, V. i. to crawl, creep ; (. Ottet et (SMe, 
to scramble over a hedge. — SixCLt)\tn, creeping, 

jtreatur, et* pi. -e. l. creature; 2. cattle. 

Stxth9, en. pi. id. craw — -, cray-fish. Canetr 
astaeus ; cancer (in the sodiac). = JTreBfefeatn^ 
pond for craw-fish. — jtrebSgang/ craw-fiah — , 
retrograde movement ; fig. at gaae Jt.y to decline, 
be reduced in one^s circumstances; -Ao, claw of 
the craw-fish ; -^cH, shell of the craw-fish ; -^ttXlt 
craVs eyes ; -tit, 1. eye of the craw-fish ; 2. vid, 
-fleen : -\uppt, craw-fish soup. 

StXtbUf V. a. to catch craw-fish. 

it rets, m,pl. -e. circle. = t?om/>. it-Bane/ circular 
course ; -Bret}/ circular (letter) ; -^Og/ diet in the 
circles of Germany ; -tanl^S^ circular dance i -Bons 
net/ adj,' circular ; -forfatntng, division of a conn- 
try into circles ; -ft^rftC/ -Bene, prince presiding at 
the diets of the circles of Germany ; -gang/ circular 
course ; -grekje^ vid. -fqrfle ; -Btotrt}Iet/ adij. whirled 
round in a circle ; -Uib, circulation ; -tMt^t, com« 
mander of the troops of the German circles i -runB, 
circular ; -fnit/ circular section ; -{iene/ stones pla^- 
ced in a circle. 

JCreBfe/ «. a. to draw a circle. 

5tre^ie/ v. ». to quarrel, wrangle. 

Jtretert / en. pi. -er. fonneriy , a kind ' of small 

Jtre^jfUjr, et. pi. e. crape. 

Jtrit/ .^rtBt, et. pi, c, chalk. ZZ Comp, t-ag» 
ttg/ adj. chalky ; -hoXtt, chalk hill ; -BtCTg/ chalk 
rock ; -BlanBet , adj. mixed with chalk \ -Brut, 
chalk pit ; -ftfnt / flint found in layers of chalk ; 
-grunB/ chalky soil ; chalk priming } -BtmS/ a small 
tin box used by the lower orders for keeping small 
change, but formerly for a piece of chalk ; lotnme \ 
^rtltBufet/ cant, to gel into high favour ; -)OrB/ 
chalky earth; -flint/ chalky cliff; -XttX, chalky clay; 
-lime, chalk line; -UUrgel/ chalky marl; -fnOT/ 
chalk line; -fleen, chalk stone. 

RViU» V. a. to chalk. 

1. Jtng/ en. pi. -e. rid, aJlrniBWoy ©tefrig. 

2. Jtrtg/ en. pi, -e. war ; rufte fig ttl Jt., to pre- 
pare for war ; fere St,, to wage war ) forfi^Be X.f 
to proclaim war; gaae i St,, to go to the warsi 
tiene t ^rtgen/ to serve in the wars; vid. SDrlog/ 
igcBina. z= Comp. frtgelfPenBe/ adj. fond of war ; 
-fercnbe/ adj, belligerent. — \Rrtg6aanB, martial 
spirit ; -aar , year of war ; -aBel/ nobility earned 
by martial achievements ; -anflalter/ wariike prepara- 
tions, — equipments ; -arttrter / articles of war ; 
-BfBrtft, martial exploit; -Bef aitngSmanB / military 
commander; -BeBct)/ neccestaries of war; -Beflut? 




nma , determination on war j -Setttnit^ post — , 
service in the army J -*(flefl, vid. ^OWlOffl j -DTUg, 
usage of war J -BttDi messenger of war ; -DUbffaO/ 
message of war ; -Bulbet, din — , turmoil of war ; -bjjgs 
mcfl^r, military engineer; -B^gmngSfonjl, military 
engineering ; -feOtOC/ burden — , charge of war ; 
-^^iUf booty ] -OOrt/ prayer in time of war ; -^aat, 
Vid. -&Ctwft; -fcommcr, military judge; -troflt, 
martial garb ; -t^gttg, adj. fit for (military) service ; 
-eet/ military oath ; -eifaiCtt/ adj\ experienced in 

war; -erfarenl^eD/ experience in war; -trfaritigcr, 
facta — , occurrences observed in war ; -cmCering/ 
declaration of war ; ^'fange/ prisoner of war ; -fare/ 
dangers of war ; -f et(, blunder in strategy rfTaabC/ 
fleet of war, armament ; -foU, soldiers ; -forfarctt, 
vlrf. -erfarcn ; -former , trial by court martial ; 

• -foimcbett&efe/ vid. -Bel^ob j -fortaat, warlike — , 

military supplies ; -fortb/ warfare ; -fflr, Wd. -b^gtig ; 
-ftW^f/ god of war; -BaanbtJfltrf , trade of war; 
-^antcl/ vid* -fcerb : -itVb, success in war ; -^ftt, 
martial hero j -l^erolb, herald of war ; -f^tXXt, bel- 
ligerent prince or power; -f}t^, war-horse, charger, 
steed; 'ffUl^, military aid; war tax; -I^Mlorte/ 
history of war, military history; -f)oh, martial 
troop ; -'^ttX, army ; -l^flbttttg, -^CBetSmaut, military 
chief ; -tnbjtgt, vid -etforenl^eb •, -flogffab, prudence 
in war, military sagacity; -ticettXf pi. military clo- 
thing ; -flcgt, vid, -ffogftaB ; -i?onfl, art of war ; 
.fpttttg/ ddf, skilled in the art of war ; -txmnptf 
ciiampion of war; -U^tlf milita^ feoff; -leif/ place 
of encampment ; -ti\t/ stratagem ; -lib, miKtary life ; 
-tob/ 1. martial law; 2.1aw of war; -ll}b/ din of war; 
-laftt / fortune of war ; -l^tltn / adj. desirous of 
war; -(ofte, vow made in war; -(01t/ reward for 
military service ; -Icfert/ watchword, warcry ; -mogt/ 
military force ; -mant, warrior ; -tnuftC / martial 
music; -emfoflntnger, pi expenses of war; -o^}5 
hitf levy, call to arms ; -orteit/ order — , usage of 
war ', -pniB, vid. -Itfl ; -XHah, war — , battle shout j 
-laab/ councillor of war. Van. title', -xet^db, 
implement — , instrument of war; -tCtttcmcftcr, 
paymaster of the forces ; -Xti, of war ; 2.court 
martial ; -rufbttttg/ warlike ei^uipment ; -Xt}QU, report 
— , rumour of war; -fog/ military case ; military 
cause ; -fang, war — ^ martial song ; -ff tttP/ damage 
by war; -ffat/ war tax; -fft6, man of war; -fficebs 
ntj fate — , fortune of war ; -fttf," usage of war ; 
.{cole/ military academy : school of war ; -ftrig/ 
war shout ; -jf Ite^lab^/ theatre — , scene of war ; 
-ff^tS/ ordnance ; -f^tl / game representing war ; 
-rf^B/ (technical) military language ; -flant/ l.mili- 
tary profession; 2* the military estate-; -jl^t/ ^'id. 
-ftai*y -fjjSfel/ military business; -ttt/ time of 
war ; -ttbettbe / news of war ; -tiettefle / military 
service ; ^aat i -ttettefie/ to serve in the army ; gtcrc 
X.f to do military duty ; -tog, military expedition ; 
-tt^t/^ military discipline; -tutnntet/ turmoil of war; 
-Itrcltg^eU/ troubles of war; -boabett,^^ warlike 
weapons; -Uftenffafi/ military science*, -Ou8, usage 
of war ; -Dogtt/ war-chariot ; -tJCffen^ military mat- 

ters, — affairs ; -cthUt & kind of hard ap|»Ie ; -ctUt 
military honour^ — glory; -t^tlU/ military exercise | 
-ifbetjie/ commander-in-chief; captain of war* 

iCnge/ e. a. to wage war , to war. ZZ Conp* 
Jt-I)}fi/ passion for war. 

Ihrtget/ eti* pi* -e. wanior. =: Comp* St-omtg 

warlike spirit; -Batte/ career of a warrior; -boob/ 

vid, ^rfgStaab ; -gub, Wrf, JtrtgSgttb ; -lio, Wrf; 

^rigSlib ; -mob/ warrior's courage ; -fntoGRt/ deco- 
ration of a warrior ; -^Ottb / vid* ^l^Bjlanb \ 
-flat, state of warrion;^ -MCext , military wodh; 
military honor. — Jtrigtltttbe/ Ctt* female warrior. 

^Tigerjf/^a4;. martial, warlike. 

^riflff, virf. frigerif. 

^rtfr ^ttffe, en* p/. -r. vid* itra?. 

^Tttanb^ en. common teal. Amtu ^nergvedmla 
erecea. ' 

SCnfiti «> •• to itch, tingle, prick ; y> ^» to tickle. 

— ^nuen, en. pricking etc. ZZ Comp. S'~f)Qj^t 
tickling cough ; -fvge, cripple disease. Raphania* 

^rmtdflontS/ et. trumpery, rubbish. 

JCttngbde/ v. a. to bend in a circle* — £-BflUs 
nmg/ en. bending etc, 

Jlttngel/ adj. crooked. = Cotnp. £-brtDer« 
lounger; parasite; -Aang« tortuous — , winding way, 

— course \ -l^Otnei/ adj. having crooked lionia \ 
-frog/ place full of nooks and comers, maze, [foraa. 

Cringle/ en- pi. -X. a kind of fancy bread of a twisted 

Jtrtngfe/ v. i. to run round. 

itltngleSenbe , adj* running round, sorrouBdiiig, 

Jtrtngitoe/^(en ^efl), v* a* to shoe a horse «• 
all four feet. 

.Kringflutte/ v* a* to encompass. 

itnngfcette/ v. a* to place, set round. 

J^ltngbeii en* tortuous, winding road. 

itrtftal, t?»rf. jertiflal, 

^ritlelig, Iriflen, vid. %* 

itrtttl^ en. criticism, critique. 

J^rttifeT/ ett* pi. -t* critic. 

^Ttttff/ adj. critical. 

1. ^ro/ en* pi. -ex* craw, crop (of birds). 

3* ^XSi, en. Pl. -tX* l. country inn ; 2. hall or club of 
trade''s corporations. ZZ Cgmp. SxotCi^f meeting 
day »f tradies'* corporations; -fabet, host — , keeper 
of a tradesmens' club ; -gang/ frequenting of Kroer 
q» V* ; -gteft/ frequenter of a~ Kro / -|olb> keeping 
of a country inn; -ffolbei/ inn-keeper; -1^UUS# omL 
£ro ; -fone, mistress of a country inn ; Aits, life 

in a country inn; -manb/ Vid. -^olbec; '-i:etttg]|^eb^ 
privilege of keeping a country inn ; >fPut/ sign of • 
country finn; -f^flning/ vid, -gang; -borrt/ vH, 
-manb* — JtroerfPe vid,^xotont. 

JKxot {tg/ V. refi, to swell the craw; fig* to 
plume one s self, be inflated and vain* 

1* ^vog, en* pl. -e. l. comer, nook; 2* lyook, 
crook ; 3. a small plough ; foctte iCcogen \cx jDecen, 
to hook the door ; fij^cenbe X* fot eett / to trip 
up one^s heels; ^eten gtm en X-, the road make* 
a bend. ZZ Comp* t-axxnft, adj. having crooked 




anas; -Baont/ cramp-iroai -Unti, adj, crook- 
legeed'j -Btb/ crooked bit for hard mouthed horaes; 
-fffleti/ fiahing with a hook; -fotet, adj. having 
crooked feet; -J^alfct^ adj\ crook-necked: -lajC/i, 
male saimoo ] AiniH* vid* Smmiimt ; -lob^ law 

quibble, — quirk ; -ttcefet/ arfi- having a crooked 
nose; -neaU, Wrf.jDml; -<)i«l>, pin with a crook 
at the end ; -raftnf/ pi. vid. ^tmtxcttx \ -\pt)lf 
javelin with a crook at the point ; -nM, 1. crutch ; 
2. vid. ^ie^Jt^atJ ; 4ant , e^e-looth (of horses) \ 
-tevxawc, crooked timber; -^tt, crooked way. 

i StxCQt, e. a. to crook ; to hook (a door}* 

Jtwget/ adj. crooked. 

Sttont, m*fl. -V. 1. crown ; 2. coronet (of a horse's 
hoof). =: Comp. tronebattnet / adj, shaped like a 
crown ; -fi|l(I/ fistula in the coronet ; -QUlt, gold 
of a certain standard; 'XHOtxttt, adj. marked — , 
4lamned with a crown ; -^otnittg; crown grafting ; 
-XiVl^ti, adj^ adorned with a crown ; -ttng, 1. dia- 
dem i 2. circle, -^ ring of a crown. — ■ ^ronarbtng, 
heir to the crown ^ -Oettent/ officer of the crown ; 

^ -Blab/ petal ; -BUff tinned iron of the best quality 
stamped with a crown ; -lolet/ crown (a coin) ; -AjftSf 
crown-glass; -gol}@ , estate of ^ the crown; -%\QXi, 
stag ; -^tul, vid. JCaml^tut ; -Vm, bar iron of the 
best quality; -leBtt/ crown feoff; -^ltnb3/ prince 
royal, crown prince ; -^vittbf(df(/ princess royal, 
crown princess ; -XagC/ v, a. to shave the crown ; 
-fPatef disease in the coronet (of horses) ; ^ftaltei, 

I aSi. bald on the crown \ TJ^^t/ taf paid to tiie crown ; 

i -^ttT/ vid, ©lotttjlcrilttl ; -tin, tin of the best 

f quality: -)Q'^i, stags; -i?«rf, crown work (in 


&XQm0 V. a. to crown ; %x»tm. froneB^ frone 

; ftg/ the trees, wither at the top. — ^rottfttg / en. 

coronation. :± Comp. ^rontngllJag/ day of corona- 
lion ; -bolev, -mebatliCe/ -mt}nt coronation medal ; 
-tigt/ poem on occasion of a coronation; -tragi, 
coronation robes ; -Bvtttt/ solemnity of a coronation ; 
-{fat, tax imposed on account of a coronation ; -tcg, 

1« ^XQ^ / V^* pl' c* 1* strumous swelling of the 
glands of the neck, struma ; 2. catarrh (in horses), 
z: Comi'* JR-anb, c<^mmon shoveller. Anas clypeata, 
-B^^tt, 1* strumous boil ; 2. boil under the jaw of ,a 
horse affected with catarrh ; -tiVU » cropper (kind of a 
pigeon) X Coktmba gutturosa. -flot, discharge from 
the nostrils of a horse affected with catanh ; -'^alfct/ 
adj. having a strumous swelling'of the neck ; thick 

I necked (of horses)^ -Bof^^/ cough from catarrh (in 

horses) ; -Vnttte* strumous swelling ; -folat/ cabbage 
lettuce ; -mibtel/ remedy for the struma or catarrh ; 
-KlVtltittf powder against catanh^On horses) ', -fmtttC/ 
contagion of the catarrh. 

3.' Jitepf pi. -^e. body, carcass \ trunk of the 
body; fhrafffS ifiaa 5roi^J5en, to suffer corporal 
punishment. = Comp* i-txfH , adj* stout *, -M / adj\ 
having no body. 

Sit^XiPt, V. a. vid. ^VO^Jpe. 

t« SttVi^i et. ph ^rijtet. herb* =: Comp^ -t R- 

Bob, St-fcwdxmx, vid. UvteBob, -fr<nmmr; -^te/. 
vid. Urte^iotte, 

2. Jtntb/ ti. pi .0- (giin) powder, z: Comp- St- 
bamp / smoke of gunpowder; -ftomme/ flash of 
powder; -forraab, supply of gunpowder; -Botn^ 
powder horn; -fammer, 1* powder room ; 2. ohambar 
(of a piece of ordnance); -rarre, powder-cart, tum- 
brel ; -ficlber/ powder cellar ; -IQXXi, grain of pow- 
der ; -fltl / charcoal for gun-powder ; 4abnutg/' 
charge of powder; -Ittgt/ smell of Kun-powder ; 
-mtnC/ mine; -metic, powder mill; -{JUt, spot on 
the skin from gun-powder; -)pxeMt, test — , trial of 
gun-powder; -ipxt^tx , instrument for testing gun- 
powder ; -renbf/ train of gun-powder ; -fttB/ powder 
vessel; -{f^, adj. afraid of gun -powder ; -folb/ 
powder sieve ; -fprcenge / v. a. to blast , blow up 
with powder ; -fboiap , sponge prepared with gun- 
powder ; -taant; powder magazine ; -ttfnbe, barre} 
of gun-powder; -IffOgn, powder waggon* 

^um, en. pL -r. crock, jar, gallipot (with 
apothecaries) ; Jtntffm gaaet faalttnge ttl ^aubS 
i\i ben fommer BanMeS Bi^tn, the pitcher goes %(^ 

the well till it comes home broken at last* ZZ Comp. 
{-bannet , adj, shaped like a jar or pot ; -Bftttfr 
handle — , ear of a jar. 

Jtrtttn, adj. pi. -nte. curved, crooked; Itgge 
{cum, military punishment by which the prisoner 
is kept in a bent posture, hands «nd feet being 
fettered together* = ('omp, frumBmet, adj. 
vid. BtUlBenet ; -Betet, adj. bowed, curved ; -ctrfef/ 
spheripal compasses; -bannet, adj. curved; -breiet^ 
adj. twisted into a curve ; -fob , crooked foot ; 
-gaot, curved gable; -Ba(@ , crooked neck; -BoU^ 
vid. -temmer; -Bomct, adj. having crooked horns: 
-Bulet, adj. hollowed in a curye; -foAe, kind of 
cake so called from its curved shape ; -foitt, curved 
comb ; -fntO , curved knife ; -fncect , adj. knock- 
kneed; -Itniet, adj. curvilinear^ -leBenbe, adj. 
Yvinding, tortuous; -n«eBBet, ad^. having a curved 
beak ; -ncefet, adj. having an aquiline nose ; -^aSf 
\tX, vid* -Ctrfcl; -riffct, adj. rifled with spiral 
grooves ; -r^gget, a4j. crook-backed ; -{(aftet, adj- 
having a curved handle; -jtutte, V. n. to fetter; 
-fnoet, a4j. twisted ; -f<>ting, caper ; gtCW j^-f^jring# 
1. to cut capers.; 2. fi,g- to shuffle, prevaricate » 
^ftaU, vid. 83if<)eflati ; -top, curved rivet or pin ; 
-temmer, knee-timber; -tiei, vid. dJrogtjetj -Jjoxet/ 
o4J- grown in a curve; -btmbeU/ vid. fnoet. — 
JtrumBeb, en* crookedness. 

iTrumme, v. a. to bend, bow. 

jlrtrntning, en. bending etc., bend, curve. 

Jlrumme, en* pi. -r* crumb. 
^xvanpt, vid. {r^mpe, v. a. 

^trumjjen^ adj. bent, crooked. 

JtruS, vid. JliuuS. 

itrufe, V. a. 1. to curl, crisp; 2. to plait (a frill); 
giere een $o»jebet Brufet,, to bother — , annoy — , 
vex one. — J^^ufen, J^fuSntng, curling etc. ZZ Comp. 
it-Jem, curling — , crisping iron; -tiaal« -^tttli* 
pin for curling* 



- Xw 

StmUf Sttvaiif ti* pi Amfet. cari. 

Jtntfnnmtte/ en. pi. -X, mint. Mentha erispa. 

SttttSbiattif a4i. having curled leaves* ' 

itm8|ior, vid. Stttp^x, 

StxnSpaax, tU cwly hair-, -et/ aij. curly haired^ 
TruSuItet^ arf/. having curly wool*, X-pot)ttf 1. 
curly head; 2. (ig. odd, ill-tempered fellow; St- 
'Taof/ crisped colework. 

jttUUS/ et. pi. Jtrufe. jog, mug, cruise. 

Sttpf adj' conceited, inflated. 

Rttfhf et* pi. id. vermin, creeping things, z: 
t!omp. St-ti\fCf 1. reptile ; 2. amphibious animal. 

Stt}0t, en* pi. -r. manger, crib. TZComp. St-^U 
^tX, crib-biter (of a horse)*; -tum, vid. Sttif^U, 

Jtrt;be/ v. i. fxe^, fxwm, fxeUt, pi. treBne, 

to creep, grovel & I* fot eett« to cringe to one; {• 
fnb, to shrink; (* ODer et ^terbe^ to scramble over 
ft hedge; h^Bente @titl/ low style. — Stx^ahtXftri' 
pi. -e. 1. creeper; 2. fia. cringer. — iTY^Bert, et* 
cringing* ^ Comp* StV^Wfxmt, itidney-bean j -^tfX, 
vid. sub SU^h ; -erter^ dwarf peas, zz Stx^witxa%t, 
«ort of ladder with the rounds ^ nailed to a single 
pole; -it^tte, poacher; -ff^eri, poaching. 

StXtjittX, pi. of Stxvii 1. iof iehich»the foUowing 
Compounds)* — fctobeiogttg/ adj. spicy, aromatic; 
-^tf spiced' batii ; -orvl)/ spiced bread ; -tixitf spiced 
leverage ; -eb^f e/ aromatic, vinegar ; -frittgU/ spiced 
fancy bread; >mab, highly seasoned food ; -tn^te/ 
Jamaica pepper tree ; -nefttler, pi. cloves ; -ofl, spiced 
cheese ; -i>ofe/ cataplasm at dried aromatic herbs ; 
-fmog, spicy taste; -tf^tt, infusion of aromatic 
lierbs ; ^-ttoebaf, spiced biscuit ; -Ult/ aromatic herb ; 
-l^an^/ distilled water of aromatic herbs; -Ijitit/ 
spiced wine. 

i5h9teTt, et* pi. -et. spice, seasoning. 

jlr^tre, «. a. to season, spice. — JTvl^tttttg, en* 

StXt;it9, et pi, id. 1. cross ; 2. loins ; 3. crupper 
(of horses). ZZ Camp. ^-Baont/ cross band ; -Seen^ 
OS sacrum; -Bin))/ cross bandage; -Bont/ turnstile; 
-Bue, crossbow; -tannet, adj* vid. foTBbannet; 
-fob/ .foor or pedestal in the form of a cross ; -fftiCtU 
bet / adj. cross vaulted ; -B^ttlbtng / cross vault ; 
-HCt/ cross fire ; AcoXlf adj* paralytic in the loins ; 
-I^Ben^e, adj. running cross-wise ; -tietC/ cross roads ; 
>^^))ttnft/ intersecting point of two lines ; -XOA, cross- 
Jack yard; -rent, crupper; -fetl/ cross Jack; 1-fntt/ 
crucial incision; -faring/ caper; -ftang,^ cross- 
beam ; -fHng/ cross-stitch ; -fheg/ cross ; -bet, cross- 
road ; -btt9, adv. cross-wise, across^ 

Stt^\ti «. o. 1. to cross, cut — , come across; 
'S. N. T. to beat; 3. to cruise; 4. to plait (of li- 
nen); 5. to cross (in the breeding of animals). — 

JJw^bfer, en* pi. -e. cruiser. — Jtr^bSnmg, em 

crossing etc* =1 Comp. JTr^tdBaab/ revenue boat; 

^^l^WtM, cruise. [vid. Stx^ttt. 

XX^fft, tn* pi. -t. crutch. = Comp. Jt-ftaO, 
JTt^mpe, r. a, to- sponge (of cloth) ; fi ftfl fams 

wen/ to shrink. — SmfwOpnin^, en, sponging* zz 

Comp. Jt-fraft, contractility. 

t JtrMn4)Itng, pid. JtreBItng. 

StttfJfitXf pi. trees of stunted growth. 
JTrt^jl, et* pL id. squeezing, hugging. 

Jhr^flal/ en. pi. -let. crystal. = Comp* f-aatia, 

a(^. crystaline ; -fonU/ form of a crystal ; -gtw, 
1* chrystal glass; 2. crystal; -gruBe/ mine of rock 
crystal; -^tnbe/ membrane of the crystaline lens; 
-flai, adj. clear as crystal, crystaline; -lintlfe, 
crystaline lens ;. -foltr salt in <^<T>t*I>J -fVfttB/ spor 
resembling rock-crystal* — fl9{lali(t{f, adj. crysta- 
line. — R^fialltfereS, v. pass, {rt^ftatttfere ftO/ v. 
r^. to crystalize, to be crystalizcd. --' StVffmiU 
fertttg/ en* crystalization. 

Stttf\itf V. a. to squeeze, press ; f . ecn t fine 
9ixxat, to hug one. 

itr^fter/ en, pt. -e. soft — , effeminate person, 

Jtrce* et. pi. id. creature, animal, cattle. 

itrcrft/ en. pL e. 1. cancer ; 2.' canker (in trees). 
ZI Comp. f-agttg/ adj. 1. cancerous ; 2. cankerous ; 
-B^Ib/ cancerous ulcer ; -(nute/ cancerous iadum- 
tion , schirrus ; -inibbet , remedy against cancer \ 
-faat/ cancerous sore ; -falbe, unguent against can- 
cer; -{Tabe/ vid. -faai;- banb/ lotion for cancer. 

Stxcti^t, en. pi. -X. species of wild cherry. Prn- 
nus insititia. 

StxaXf en. vid. Stxxjh. 

j^^cnnmer/ en« vid. sub Stxean. 

Jtrcenge/ l. v. a. to turn inside oat; 2. to lay, 
skin ; v. i. N. T, to heel. — J^;cmgntng/ ew. tsm- 
Ing etc. 

Stxnnftf V. a. 1. to hurt, injure, offend, vex; 2. 
violate , dishonour (of women). — Jhrcmielfe/ en. 
violation, ii^nry, vexation, mortification, indignitx* 
— 9X9xAxx, en. pi. -e. violator, injurer. 

t 5tTCt9, et. pi. e. dainty. 

^Qtfe/ V. i. to dish up dainties ; f . o)> for ceit/ 
to treat — , regale one with dainties: — nctfeltg^ 
adj. dainty. 

JCrcrfen/ adj. pi. frceSne* dainty, nic^ particular 
(«. fl. in food). 

^raoe, v. a. to crave, demand, exact, claim* — 
.Rrceoen, en* craving etc. 

JtroBBel, vid. JtroBling. = Comp. Jf-gang, crip- 
ple's pare ; -flaae , V. a. to cripple (by blows) ; 
-tree, stunted — , dwarf tree. 

JtroBltng, en. pi. -cr. cripple. 

StXBQtf V. i. dr o. to become crooked, to bend ; 
I.^rben, to. plough the ground with a kind of small ^ 
plough . 

Stxetlt, en. pi. -r* l. curl, crease, wrinkle ; S. 
pool (at the game of ombre); 

JTroKe/ v. a. to curl, crease, wrinkle* 

S^vU^MXf et. (prepared) horsehair for alvflng 
ftarniture ; -l^aarct, a^f. curly haired ; -iTtCTg/ curly 

Jtreffejem/ et. curling-iron. 

StxvniU, jtrennife, en. pi. -r. chronicle, 'annats. 
=: Comp. Jt-{YrtOer, chronicler, annalist. 

Stxt^f et. pi. id. 1. mesentery; 2. frill. 




Jlt«8^eU, Jtvi^bSMtf et. cooper's tool. 

StttU, tn, pi. -r. hive. = Comp. St-^nttt, 
-UtAger f maker of hives ; -tag , straw cover for 
a' hive. 

itub|P/ m« pi. -e* coachnran, driver* =: Comp. 
AutftebTtt^t/ coachmaii''s fool-board ; -^tfn\>tf coach- 
maii''s coshion; -fappt, coachman^s cloalt or pelisse; 
-fottif, box., dioliey, driver'*s seat. 

JtuC/ «. a. to cow, subdue, coerce. — Stwn, ttt* 
cowins, coercion. 

Jhtf/ en« pL -fei* Jiiud of flat-bottomed vessel. 

Xtt^Uf tn* pi. -r, ball, bullet, globe, sphere* :Z 
Comp. St'hantf 1. board or course for the skittle bowl \ 
2. courseofaball^ -((^z lead for balls; -b^Sft/ gun 
for shooting balls, rifle; -tannet, adj* globular, 
spherical, round as a ball ; -fafl/ adj. ball-proof; 
-fla^e; surface of a ball, spherical surface ; -flugt/ 
flight of a ball; -fob/ round foot e. ff» of a table; 
-fomi/ t. globular form ; 2. bullet mould ; -fomtft/ 

4nij. vid. -bonnet I -fn, adj vid. -fafl; -^oorlbet/ 

«4f. spherically vaulted; -fammtt, shot-room; -(i? 
fitf chest for balls; -ftanbS , shot-garland; -labs 
nt'ng/ charge with ball; -maa(/ instrument for mea- 
suring balls; -ODUr furnace for heating cannon 
balls ; -^ve)set, vid -mOLOl ; -tunb, a4j. round as a. 
ball ; -foOT/ gun-shot wound ; -ftef» surgical in- 
strument for extracting bullets; 2. also an imple- 
ment for carrying red hot balls; -ffub/ 1. shot with 
ball ; 2. gun-shot ; -fntt, spherical section ; -f^tl/ 
game p^layed with bowls ; -ntthrtf founder of balls ; 
-fivhfti, ball foundry ; -^ebmng/ founding of balls ; 
-tOllg/ forceps for extracting balls ; -ttOttxttf worm ; 
-DOlgir ballot. 

Jhtjon / en.^ pi. -er* coward , poltroon f dastard, 
craven. — fujoncte, v. a. to cow. — Stuienttif et* 
cowardice, dastard I iness, faint-heartedness. 

Stut, en* cuckoo, iin Jutland)* 

^itlt, v. •• to sing as the cuckoo. 

t Jhit, itltlb, 1. crown of the head; 2. summit. 

^t/ et. pi. id. 1. charcoal; 2. coal. ^ Comp. 
St-aftt, coal ashea; -Of, vid. Sdianbajc; -Btftnbet, 
04/ mixed with coal ; -Btub/ coal mine ; -BtCrnbe, 
wood fit for charring ; -btcenbeV/ charcoal-burner ; 
-Brontbtng/ charcoal burning ; -hcttfttlf chaflng-pan ; 
-bomp, charcoal vapour ; -txaMt, coal porter ; -bttft, 
working of coal mines ; -fletef/ vid* 'h^*^ > -f«TeT/ 
coal carrier; -gang/ layer, stratum of coal; -glvbeT/ 1. 
(char)coal embers; 2* live coals; -gTu6e/CoaI mine; 
.^anblet/ coal merchant; -{lb/ coal fire ; -Itelbet, 
coal cellar ; -tag/ yid. -gong ; -mUt, pile of wood 
to be charred ; -ttltne/ coat mine ; -VMitt, adj. pitch 
dark ; -tttule/ species of cod* Oadtu carbonarUu ; 
-Olni/ furnace for charring; -t)anbe/ chafing-dish; 
'^^tt, charcoal powder; -rager/ poker ; -{ttD/ col- 
lier; -SfilpptX, master of a collier; -frciUeT/ clerk 
SI a colliery ; -fort/ coal — , Jet black ; -{lift/ black 
crayon ; -ftof/ carbon ; -jlflt}/ coal dust ; -fuitV/ adj. 
carbonic; -fDiet/ i^tf. -orttnbei ; -fDterttO/ slavish 
—, blind belief; -fk;re/ carbonic acid ; -f^tegaS/ 
ctibontc acid gat ; -f^Tet/ adj» containing carbonic 

acid; -Deb, vid, -Bvembe ; -VOgn« coal cart; -VfiRf, 

itulo / et* pi. id. bed , marriage , (matrimonial 
connection) ; 2. (of animals) Mtter : tO St* ^txn, 
children of two (marriage) beds i ibtm af f«¥{U 
Jt./ children of the first bed ; ll^fe { Jlulb Og S^9n, 
to legitimate, .adopt a natural child as lawfully be- 
gotten , by a public declaration in the courts. :Z 
Comp. fnlblbfe , V* a. vid. supra Mt t ^Ib Oft 
Jtion: -l^ening/ en. legitimation. 

Xm, Jhtlbe, en. pi. e. cold, ftigidily, frigid- 
ness; gjfe — fPIOflOe of JTuIbe, to shiver — , 

shake with cold; faae Jtulben eftei $eben/ is 

get the cold fit after the hot (in fevers); mobr 
tage een meb itulbe/ to receive one coldly, -* 
with coldness , give one a cold reception. ZZ 
Comp. Jhtlbegrab, degree of cold; -flt^fen/ -gl^s 
ning/ cold shiver, shivering fit. = Jtulbfnffning, 
increase of firost after a short interval of thaw; 
-froSfen/ adj* benumbed with cold; -{ViffT/ 1H§» 
susceptible of — , easily affected by cold , chilly, 

coll. ; -{{totr^eb/ en. susceptibility of cold ; -{loae, 

V* a. to take off the. fhill ; -fot/ i^d. ^OT(t«lelf< ; 
-feie/ V. a* to blast — blight by cold. 

JTuIbet/ futtet/ adj. having np horns (of cattle); 
2. t bald (of men) ; 3^ /l^. (of churches) without 
a steeple. 

jtulbfafie/ V. a. to overthrow, subvert, npset; f. 
et %eflamente/ ^Document/ to set aside a win, dis- 
annul a deed. — Jtulblafhttng, en* subversion. 

J^uIbl9fe/ vid, sub Jtulb. 

^ulbfetle/ f. «. N. T. to run down. — v. i, to 
capsize. — JTuIbfetltng. en* running etc. 

XtUt, ttU pL -e. [subterraneous] den; pit, hol- 
low* — Stmt- fimlgtabe/ v. «. to dig (the soil) 
deep ; -m0g / dung ft-om pits or hollows in Daaisk 

^Uf V. a. to bury in a pit. 

Stvie, en. l. breeze; 2. squall. 

Stnltf V. i. to begin to blow, to freshen (of ^ 
wind). — Jtultng/ en* breeze. ZT Comp. jt-bett/ 
squally weather. 

jtulf/ en. 1. gullet; 2* gulp. 

jtulfe/ V. a* to gulp. Ifinms. 

1* Stutitt, en. pi: id. haddock. Gadut Xgle- 

2. RnUtX, en. pi. p. staggers. — ftttterfl, adj. 
affected with the staggers. = Comp. iC-flalb/ stable 
for horses having the staggers. 

ituire/ V. i. to show symptoms of staggers. 

^VacaiMj en. pi. -t. bowl, basin. 

JSummen/ en« pi. e. caraway. * Carum eanri. :z 
Comp. iC-l6lcmbebtm/ Danish corn brandy flavoured 
with caraway seeds ; -Sfringte/ kind of fancy bread 
flavoured with caraway seeds. 

JCummer/ en* pi. e. grief, sorrow, ^stress, af- 
fliction. Z= Com/'.'f-blanbet/ a^. mixed with sor- 
row ; -fn'f adj. ittt from care ; -fu(b« adj- sorrow- 
ful, full of care ; -lod/ vid. -fri \ -faaret/ adj. smit- 
ten with sorrow. — funtmeiltg / adj. miserable, 
wretched; adv, miserably, etc. 




^llttt, adv. Miy, but 

Jtunb/ atfj. »• fvmtiU manifest, notorious. ^ ClOMsp. 
I-BOT/ 4U<f- vid. Itun^; -^or^e^/ aotoritty; -^icie, 
y. a. to make kaown, fmMub, Botify; -^ietfilf^/ fit* 
pttblicatipn, notrficatioa. 

^ttti^ en. pi. -X* ciutoiMr. 

JtunbfCaB/ en. pi. -I« l. knowledge, intelltgeBce; 
^ teatiraonial, certificate ; 1 3. reconnoitering ; Jtltttbs^ 
JIbhtXf pi. knowleilge, attainments, acquirements. Z= 
Comp. Jtunlflo68trift/ thirst — , desire^ of know- 
ledge v -f'^^/ fruits of knowledge ) -gritff/ adj. 
ggetif after knowledge i -ntoml)/ spy \ -rtg/ a«U'. of 
^eat knowledge err information; -nglM)tn, great 
•lave of knowledge; -trCT/ tree of knowledge; -ttOC' 
^^ matters relative to knowledge, information or 
pybljw; instruction. 

M^vxm, ^* •* {unte/ Cunnet. to be able ; 3<d 
lax ibin^t gt«ve ^et ba ieg toar t^ngerc/ i conid do 
it when I was younger; ^on ^^nfeer at f. (oefe/ 
]l« is beginning to read ; oX OiGU tt eet Ot fimne 
ti gtttet/ willing is one thing, being able is another ; 
jtjin Ian gaoe noai l^an m, he may go when he 

likes ; let fan gieme i^cece/ that may be ; Ot fimne 

©YCejt/ Sattn K./ to know Greek, Latin etc. ; ^K^WM 
0m lunle fin Sectie^ the boy knew his lesson. 

JSU|)JMI/ en* P/* J^U^ler. cupola, dome. 

^mf^rfte, «id. &« 

^VUe/ v^ •« to lie quiet, rest. 

t ^ttre; en. w«teh, guard* 

JCuxve/ en. pi. -r. knot, twist, tangle (of thread). 

JCune, V. «« to coo. — ISumn/ en. eooing. " 

j^Utitt}/ Ifp. T. italics. 

^UTt}, en. pi' -4* U basket; 2. hamper; l^Utt 
gOD l^om en Stmt), ^be rejeeted him, gave him a 
refusal; at faoe^Urt^en/ to get a refusal (in court- 
fhlp). =: Comp.^'taxmtti basket —, wicker work ; 

-fctnter/ vid. -maget ; -fabmg, body of a wicker 

Waggon ; -flafte/ flask covered with wicker work ; 
-fletntna, wicker basket work ; -fletter , vi<f. -mas 
gir; -lonl; handle of a ba'sket; -ttom, wicker 
goods; -maatte/ wicker mat; -mageY/ basket-maker ; 
-feng, wicker bed; -i}Ogn> wicker waggon; -ttUgge/ 
wicker cradle. — J£UTt}fulb/ en. basket-full. 
J^ufttf V. a. to keep down, subdue. 

ituttev/ en. pi. -e. cutter. 

itutting/ en- pi' -ev. keg, small cask. 

jSitulgtaoe/ vid. fnb ^vdt* 

StuXf en. pi' -tX* share in a mine* 

^^bfP, adj. chaste. — ^-^t't, en. chastity. 

^^(e, V. a. to fling, toss (with violence). 

^i^IXtng/ en. pt. .er. chicken. zzComp' M^bx- 

gel&VCet/ board with holes for feeding chickens ; -OUtUV 
coop for chickens; -l^0ne, hen with a brood of 
chickens ; -mat , food for chickens ; -fO¥g , trivial 
sorrow; -ttl)/ chicken season. 

t SCi}r(bt, en. ;pA c 1. knowledge ; 2. acquain- 
tance; 3. custom. 

t itl^nte, «*« a. vid. ^oxt\}tC^t- to declare publicly. 

JtMelmtSfe/ en. candlemass , (2d of February). 
— X-fnutit, wig. hard frost at candlemas. 

iS^leir^ pl» incipient pains of labour. 
i&^tKg/ adf. 1' conversant — , acquainted witli; 
2. Mtoripos. — X'f^t, en. knowledge, skill. 
^t}n))tng/ en. pl^ -e. acquaintance. 
Jtt^^e« en. pi, -t. dyer's caldron. 

Mi^tx, en. pi- -e. vid. ^imfo^^er. 

it^vabS, ^l^raS, en. pi. -ec -fer. csirass, breart- 
plate. — J?9Ta8feei> St^xai^ntX, en. cuirassier. 

St^f et. pi. id. kiss, buss, coll. salute* 

SiWt, en. pi. -T. (a woman's) hood. 

SC^, ^* •* M, fi^fete, fi;jle, f^fet* to scare, 

St^^t, V. a. to kiss, bass c«//. satatte ; f . ^0? 
ttenS ^1^ f to kiss tbe^ pope's toe, — X^feH/ Ctt. 
kissing. = Comp. t-tiox , adj, fond of kiaaing; 
-l^fl/ passion for kissing ; -f^S' *'*^* ~^^* 

^^IfeS, «. i. i>«««. to kiss, (each other). 

Jti^ft/ en. pi- -tx. coast, shore ; fetk langS nub 

JC^fteme/ to coast.^ =Z Comp. St-bWilb, coaster, 
coasting boat; -IbefolblgSmanl) / commander of a 
coast-guard; -fatCT/ coaster; spec, a gotaea-maa; 
-fort/ coasting; -fiff eit , coast tshing; -^anM, 
coasting trade ; 4ani, coast ; -UltlttS/ coast militia ; 
-feUalDl/ vid. -fort; -fiao/ town on a coast; 
-tiroefning/ (tract of) coast; -togr coasting expedi- 
tion ; -t)t%t} 1. coast guard ; 2. |wcventive service ^ 
-ttl)gter# preventive service man ; -tiCnnf 1. defknea 
of a coast; 2. coast militia. 

JC^iJIf, vid. St\jiu 

St^QJit, vM. ItOCDie. 

SCxWt, c. «. to calve. ZZ Cemp. St-titi, calviag 
time, — season. 

Jtormme, v* a. to comb. — jtoratmen/ JTonnmng, 

en* combing. = Comp. it-fant/ small toothed comb. 
^(tmxitXf en. pi. -e. supwior revenue offlcer ia 
Denmark partly correqponding to a city cbamberlala 
partly to an exchequer chamberlain , of which offt-' 
cers there are two at the customhouse of Elsinore. 
— jtantnert, et, Dan. L. ' account of a Kwmner, 

^WflOpt, en. pi' -r. l. champion, hero; 2. giant. 
=: Comp jt-a¥t/ nature — , quality of giants; -Btls 
Xtttt colossal likeness; -i^Sfe, barrow, tumulus; 
-folf, race of heroes or giants; -gang/ 1. gigantie 
pace, stride ; 2. heroic deeds ; -gtao / -^oi» vid. 
-b^Sfe; -^«t,a(<|. tall as a giant, gigantic; -B^ttC/ 
gigantic — , colossal height, — statute; -fiaft/ gi- 
gantic strength ; -flO^ / gigantic f^ame, — body ; 
-lanl}/ land of giants ; -lob/ company of giants, or 
heroes ; -lig; adj. gigantic ; -mol), heroic courage ; 
-ntUUr, colossal wall ; -motlitg/ adj. gigantic ; -tXtt 
heroic age ; '•4a(> giant's hall ; -fang/ song of heroes; 
-tint, heroic spirit, — mind ; -ff are, host of heroes ; 
•luitt/ giant's pace; -{lag, gicaatic blow; -flttgt/ 
race of giants ; -flotttme/ vid. -flargt ; -fhtt/ conflict 
between giants; -^\fAt, vid. -fraft ; -ftcetl, adj. 
of gigantic strength ; -^VTItlfe/ gigantie sise ; -^et' 
te / colossal statue ; -fttnbpel) / iron constitution ; 
-ftJttTl/ giant's sword ; -\^ , age of giants or he- 
roes; -t)uif manner of giants or heroes; -&tfe« as- 




«ieiit (ScAB^inavitti) ballad ; -^0^, f iffantic power ; 
-bcaXf gifaatie — ^ colouai woik^ -at, vjA -fUtgt* 
Stennipt/ v. i. to fiefat. 

StttV, ei* p^* i'^. pool. = Comp. jt-ant/ species 
•r wild duck. Ana* palustrit'^ -Blomfl/ flower 
growing in pools ; -t^ttO/ mud of pools* 

Statt, «. «. to complain. = Comp. R-WMX, 

Siwnt, en* />/. -T* a small car. 

jtotrling. »id, jttceiling. 

Stent), StoMtf tru notcb, incisibn. 
j^egmtetler , en» l. superintendent of a royal 
kitchen ; 2. ruler of the feast (in the Bible). 
Stei, adS* Vid, !lyl{g. 
SttlU, Ctt« pi' e. 1. cool', 2. breeie. 

jtflie^ «. <s. to cool. ZI <7(i)Pmp. j(-bt{(, cooling 
draught; -fab/ veaaol for cooling; -mibbcf, relHgo* 
nmt; -^anbc/ coolipg-pan; -falDt/ cooling ointment^ 

•4loff cooling vat; -ftfaBi/ twth for cooling eia- 
non; -tru<^ trough for cooling hoi iron (in forges)* 

St9U^ adj. U cooi ; 2. cooling. — R-'^t, nu 
pi. e. coolness. 

JtolmO/ en. l. cooling; 2« coolness; 3» breetfe* 

1. SttiUif ttu pL "t. hiin. = Cottw. f eOeSromtt, 

adj^ burnt in the kiln (of malt) ; -fictlf hoard with 
holes on which the com is lard in the kiln ; -flos 
get/ plates of metal for the same purpose; -witltf 
kiln-dried malt ; -tenet/ *idj. kiln-dried. 

2, j(«tte/ em pi* -X, l. club , maee ; 2. hind 
leg of slaughtered animals. = Comp. jt-battnet/ «4/. 
formed like a club ; -brogeT/ one armed with a dob ; 
-^OOeb/ thick end of a club ; -^iU%f blow of a maoo ; 
-JTaft/ handle of a club ; -^Og/ Wd. -^Ug ; -fDam))^ 
kind of fungus. Clmntria. 

RetUxtf en. pi' -et. buff jacket. 
Stclnt, V. i. to cool, becomo cool. 
^«ni0g/ en, pi. c. lampblack. 

Sivitt, en. p/. -e* car. 


SoAb, Sob/, et. /><. e. 1. fleece; 2. down (on 
plants and fhiits). = ComP' S-l^Oget/ adj. having 
down on the chin. — Uaben/ lobben / adj. pi, 
loabne/ lobne. downy, wooly, shaggy, hairy. -^ 
S«6eb/ en* shagginess, hairiness. 

Saog/ et ph id. lid, cover. = Comp*'' Mttnf, 
locker; -fanbe/ can — , mug with a Hd. — Ule9, 
adj. without a lid. 

COOge/ en, pi, -t* l. a small door, gate, wicket; 
2. hatch. 

^ami, et. pi. id, loan; Bitnge tt S. { ^tanb/ 
{Itttte et IS./ to negociate a loan. = Comp* (-109/ 
04j' Are* of debt; -tOOeT/ borrower. 

Saane/ v. a. l. (af) to borrow (of, from); 2. to 
lend. =: Comp. l^-Bonf/ bank for loans or money 
lending, loan-office ; -l^ltltS/ loan-office, lombard ; 
-fnm/ sum lent; -fcrtntng/ proposition borrowed 
fW>m one science to eincidate some point in another. 
— I^aonet/ en. pi. -e. borrower. 

9aaT/ et. pi. id. thigh. =: Comp. S-Bem, thigh- 
bone; -Btol/ femoral hernia; -Btnb/ fttictore of the 
thigh-bone; -frig/ groin; -{ffnnC/ cuish ; -fl^tf^ 
mmp-piece ; -flcnf / ac^'. stout about the thighs ; 
-tyr, adj, thick as a thigh* 

l^ooring, en. /rf -er* iv. r. buttock. 

l^aaf, en* M -e, lock; Tuffe t S., to lock; vxis 
bet i^aaS og 9uftt, under lock and key. = Comp. 
I^flebet/ spring of a lock ; -gang/ -gomge/ wards 
of a lock; -^ane/ cock of a nn-lock. "^ Saafe^ 
j|mng/ parse with a lock; -fm^/ locksmith. 

Soafe/ V. a. «t ». to lock ; t. {/ to lock ; I. Op, 
to unlock. 

SioB, en. /»!. -6er. paw. ($pee. of the bear). 

SaBe/ V. a. to lap. — ^Mm, en, lapping. 

SaBet/ ady. gentle, light (of the breexe). 

i^aBfaloe/ v. a. iV. r. to pay, pay over (with tar). 

l^aBt^nt^/ en, pi. -tt. labyrinth, maxe. 

l^ab/ adf^ laxy, indolent, slothful. — iS-l^eb/ en. 
laxiness, indolence, sloth. 

SJab, et* pi. id. lathe. 

8abe/ en. pi. -r, barn. = Oi»m/». t-Br«Hbt/ adj. 
spoiled in the barn (of corn) ; -fogeb/ overseer (of 
soccages); -gaorb/ 1. farmyard, offices; 2. and- 
ently, a farm belonging to a monastery or castle; 
-gttlO/ thrashing floor; -Bun6/ barn. 

ISabe/ i^. a. 1. to load , lade ; 2. to charge. ^ 
Comp. l^-BreO/ bill of lading; -^labS / place for 
shipping goods; -ffte/ -ffnffe/ shovel for loading a 
cannon; -fleb/ warf; -flof/ ram-rod; -tti, appara- 
tus for loading a cannon. — Sabning/ en. 1. load- 
ing, etc. cargo (of a ship) ; 2. charge (of a gun). 

Sabe/ «. i. lob/ labet/ l* to omit; 2. lei; 3* 
admit ^ 4. cause; (ab€ ftt StO, lay down one's life; 
lab big Obettale, suffer yourself to be persuaded^ 
listen to reason ; labe ^oren Jlaae aaBen/ to leave 
the door open ; bet labet fig tffe gioie/ it can't be 
done ; labe ftft giore en itiole / to have — get a 
coat made; (ooe {tg fee, 1. to exhibit; 2. to come 
forth, make one''s appearance; labe af/ to leave off, 
cease; I* een tCtXt, to let one alone; 1. tttl tiOXt 
tnt, to leave one alone. — Saben/ en» pi. e. omis- 

t Sabe/ V. i. to think, judge. 

Sabe, V. i. f import. 1* to seem, appear ; 2. to feigns 
pretend; bet labet fmuft/ it looks wolU 
^t Sabejent/ et. lancet. 

Sabet/ pi' manners. 
I 1, Sag/ et* pi. id. U layer, stratom; 2. tier (of 




r)\9. fig. way, haack ; git>e 8:un^oi bet glotie 
to give the enemr a broadside \ ^tiox pM 1^*/ 
whereabonts. =: Comp. ta^t)iii, adv» in layera* 

% ^Og. et« party, <tompany. 

gage, en* pi. e* brine, piclife. 

Sage, c* a* to piclde, lay in brine. 

SaAett/ en. pA -er* sheet (of a bed). 

ftokf en & et« p^* e* l* seallng-waz^ 2. lac. =: 
S.fenii6, lac vanish. 

SafeiC/ V. a. to lacker, japan, — itoxtttx, en« 
p/. .e. japanner. — Safertng/ en« lackering etc. 

iSafte/ V. a* vujji. to seal* 

Safte/ «• i. & imp. to .draw nigh, approach; \ti 
taRer ao @n)}en/ it is drawing to an end. 

t ISaKele9/ adj. faultless. 

SafmoS/ en« ph c. litmus (dye of Croton tine- 

Safnt^/ en. liqnoxice. 

Safti^/ en. lettuce. 

Satte/ V. i. to prattle. — Sat(en/ en* DrattUng. 
I^ant/ et* p/. <</. iamb. =z Comp. SommeboO/ 

shoulder of lataib^ -fietbing/ quarter of lamb; -^oDet, 
iamb's head; -fiet/ Iamb; -(t>bfupi}e/ lamb-broth; 
4aai / hind quarter of lamb ; -fftnb / lamb-skin ; 
-fleg/ roast lamb ; -ttit/ lamb's wool or fleece. 

ioxx, adj\ palsied, paralytic. •— S-^eb/ en* palsy. 

^CamiMf «. a. ft i. 1. to paralyse, palsy; 2. to 

Samme, v. •. to iamb. 

Som^e, en. p'. -r. lamo. = Comp. S-f^r/ bea- 
con-Iigiit (of lamps) ; -Uo , fire of a lamp ; -l\f^, 
lamp-light; -elit, lamp-oil; -^utfet/ -Mgtet/ lamp- 
lighter ; -fobr lampblack ; -tiOt^t, wick of a lamp. 

ISam^tet/ en. pi. -ter. lamwey; 
Sancet, et. pi. -tec. vid. ZciU\tm* 

Sant/ et. pi. -e* l. land, country; 2. bed (in a 
garden). ZZ Comp. S-ate(, country nobility (fanded 
gantry); -ainilte, peasantnr; -hOf agricuttarist, hus- 
bandman, countryman ; -Dteb/ coast ; -Biete, v. a* 
to spread on the ground (of flax); -btUg, agricul- 
lore; -bntgelig/ adj. conformable to the nsace of 
a country ; -B^gntng, country building ; -B^ntngS- 
(onfl, rural architecture ; -cabct/ pupil of a military 
academy ; -bog, diet of (legislative) estates ; -ttge/ 
dike (kept up at public expense); -brofl, vtif. >Droft; 
JttOi, vid. 3orl)tTOt; -b^r, terrestrial animal; 
-fgen/ adj. 1. peculiar to a country, national; 
2. endemical (of diseases) ; -fte / landed property ; 
•fotfot, epidemic; -faf^/a<(;. contiguous, connected, 
e. 9. by a neck of land with a country ; -fafi^eb, 
itU contiguity etc ; -fl^ttg/ adj* exiled, banished ; 
■ -fll^tigi^b/ en. exile, banishment; -fogeb, a supe- 
rior revenue ofGcer in certain Danish provinces. In 
aome instances invested with Judicial authority ; -folf , 
country people, — folk ; -fcogt f lend carriaf e. (of 
goods); -fugl/ land bird; -fetfel/ vid. -fragt; 
.gang/ landing, descent , disembarkation , e. g. of 
troops ; -gangiftet/ place of disembarkation ; -gilte, 
itni (of land) ; -^otS , vid. ^oibegobS ; -greve/ 
landgrave (German title) ; -glftjinbe/ landgravine, 

conAirl of t landgrave; -giei»fFa&/ landgraviate ; 
-grtmbfe, 1. frontier; 2.iaMl frontier; -g«mg8/ <Mlf« 
customary in the country; -l^alS, neck of land; 
-^anbel/ country trade ; -qeOig, adj, (of festivals) 
kept — , observed throughout the country; -hvX, 
DOint (of land) ; -^UUS/ country house ; -(uit^pols 
VtXf husbandman ^ -^UuSi^oltntng/ rural economy \ 
.^OtV/ army; -^9\U, height; -tnf|)ecteUT/ land-sur- 
veyor; -jOVt/ land, dry land; -jui^eC/ country- 
squire, or noble; -ttenbe, landmark; -ItenbtniL 1. 
landmark; 2. bearings; -tlf^, fid, SonbefieS ; 
-fott/ map; -frig/ war by land; -friger, warrior; 
-f^nbtg/ adj. 1. acquainted with a country ^ 2. no- 
toripus throughout the country; -letjnet/ country — , 
rural life ; -f^f e/ «. o. to banish ; -I^dntng/ en* ba- 
nishment, prosaiption; -Ittfl/ rural eqjoym'ent; -lo- 
bC/ «. i. to run (a vessel) ashore; -lehtl, wande- 
rer, vagrant; -19^/ a<0'« detached from the land, the 
reverse of (onbf ajl q. v. ; -tnool / laad-mcasora ; 
-mooler/ surveyor; -maoltng/ surveying; -mogtr 
land forces ; -ntonO/ countryman, husbandman ; -VMOs 
(et/*conntry fair ; -nttlttS/ land militia ; -marff , vid. 
-fiente; -ncmttg/ husbandry; .)}Tang, peddling; 
.)}T^ngeCr unlicensed peddler; -|)l^t/ ind. -^ia\ 
-cegn/ general rain (throughout the country); -CTtfe/ 
1* land-jonmey; 2« country trip; -ret/ superior 
court of a country or province^ -T^ ridge of land; 
t -foot/ pi. -UXf inhabitants of a country; -ftbe, 
land side; -Utah, vid. m/r. ; -i7at/ 1. land lax; 2. 
general tax; -fftlbpalte / tortoise; -^t^ , vid. 
-gUte; -fnegL land snail; -folbot/ 1. militia-maa; 
2. soldier; -fot/ endemic; -l|ntS/ point of a pro- 
montory; -flab, country-town; -Qefey coonlry-place, 
villa ; t -feigning/ vid. -gang ; -fbnmmel, strip — , 
slip of land ; f -im^^eC/ vagrant ; -{h^ger/ vagrant, 
vagabond ; -{iTfftntttg/ -flr«g/ tract of land ; -^ts 
tert/ private stud ; -{t^t/ general tax ; -fotbe, coun- 
try-seat; -foette/ 9. a. 1. to land, disembark; 2* 
to run (a vessel) ashore ; -ffftntng^ en. landing, dis- 
embarkation ; -fO/ vid ^nbfe ; -tienefie , land ser- 
vice ; -tog/ expedition by land ; -tolt/ duty on good* 
carried by land; -toning, appearance of the land ; -tUtts 
gC/ tongue of land ; -bet/ way by land ; -t^etd/ adv. by 
land ; -Hiin, country wine ; -Utnb/ land-wind : -trntm, 
(miliUry) defence of a country; -tJOmtSmonO/ militia 
man; -tottfcn/ agriculture, husbandry. :z: i^ans 
befaole/ general, false rumour; -fetbe/ intestine, 
war; -Tteb/ 1. king's — , queen's peace; 2. indi- 
vidual security (in a country); -ft0D/ current prico 
in a country spec, of com; -mote/ synod; -mats 
ftf boundary line; -plc%tf general plague, pesti- 
lence; -re^ law of the land; -Vt}, genml rumour; 
-fwg/ general sorrow, — mourning; -fftftC/ 1. par- 
tition of land; 2. exchange of land; 3. boundary 
line ; -f^e/ endemic ; -foC/ custom — , usage of a 
country ; -»et / highroad , — way. = l^antSBam, 
native of a country; -brug/ vid. Santefffb; -B^/ 
village; -BlMgtig/ adj. 1. village like; 2. provin- 
cial; -D^folf/ villagers; -Bl^Ialt/ country living; 
-B^firVe/ village church; -B^fofl/ village fare; -^s 

JLcM 175 

Iientl, rUllfe lilt; -iUVig'! tauiry ibr; -tl)s 
Uiafl, tonnliy pmwmi -tmnnut, provlnciil jad^e 
orjMiiMl -(gni, a*', nd. lonttfltn i -(flu, k- 

liliim ror ■ klsf HI refill; -fatcTlig, 04. in ibi 

nnul); -focratn, Uiiui t -fiRraCirl, iit»uti; 

-fonri((, inj.,{flrtif(i -Wit, ^i(. -6mi; -6(dla> 

%rt, rojil — , iiein prcTDBiiive; -fnrt, ngent, 
TDlft -(dM.Hpnni prmn (Id •MDitti); -%tV' 
Wng, t»TBm»r »I 1 jmilM* i i ' — ' •— --■ 


{■■d ; -t 

t -[(it, IFIMI 
liRit/ (i.f.nim),(iiiy),tog 
BDIrYHSnun i -DDntd. . 

. - , , . .(aat, iw. UntitTaw; 

-Kit, "id- San»lfa» ; -ftros, itogiuft of • mqh- 
pr; -llnft. i""") * " — '" 

6sm/ -{(niiiT, till 

-BBliafttb, •olhorilil. . _.^ .. _ . . 

°— '- ■ - ■ 1. — Camip. 8-lJla»B, 

■ fiontS^itg q. 


■r-ptaca. — Santina, 

-fifte, poinl of a 

SDntffaB, (t. pi 

(^SmolH, liDdKipc Filnicr -, -ma: 
im, )iaiBUii( 01 1 liodicapt i -Diiilnlngr liodinro 

clal uno; -aitie^i dlciiooary of pravincial Honbi 

gangi 04'- Itcngtn, longfl, 1. Jong; i. pnlii, 
lulfUiT- = Camp. l-OgHj, ■*■. lallcr iaog, Icog- 
Ui]r, iDogiib i -umtt, 04. loog-gnocd; -ttntt, ai(f. 
■•■t-ltffld) -Hill loof carrcDUi'a u; -tolt, tlmt 

wlik • till ; -bm, vM. -nojpi ; -trniM, Umi of 
'h Q, 10 ptolrKl, ipin ouli 
Simnsgli^tti .-tsRB, rid. 
. leog-BiiginJ 1 -fnlaa, Oond 
4f> iMf^kainli -falifr n<i- 
loii(Hr>.-, -6«flM. o*, long- 
:*. ].ot-i..cbad; -jmi, col.of 
, llewcd gnrt cmbbafe^ -nD= 

.., — , ,_...., ...Jki -IM, lanaipil (■oailat lll- 

iajy^-mottafeli, tn, i4D«>ii:ailir , lo.g-«rr.iin« 1 
.nrt*tt, "fl. loqj-liilhil, — HiUli -nitfel, ■>«■ 

-?i6, Sia»Iia>Tiiii war gatlty; -fh'H, '<>. Uaatli- 
■BTi. mm aUn i« ilcn I -[DU, BM. -Itg ; -fHttd, 
•4.l*iK-uilktdi -ftingilang-itllcht -jltoul, loaf' 
(Mwiili -Rtatl, IcnjiikEiiaJ, anauluil la l»(tti 
.(put, adj. hT ilfhUd; -f«, it. T.leoiiaai 
-Imtl, 'it- kailnf a Itnc aucai i -tnRRn, adj- 
Icaltky, pnlli, loag-wlnJtd lalt. I .WmnUi iMg 
lali; -Bltift. adj. loaf, al I.-- 

n. — 8ina(K, tn. I 
'. gangltnvtil, tin 
Eoca of laDgilDdt i -( 

)nla(ctr nu ilawataa, 

rt, tn. 1. ]»ia1 _a|. 

r loagModi; -fotitiil, 
F degree of loBgitodo; 

•an\ -Itgnbig, calcolal 

ganw, r. i. lo nack. 

SangB, odr. |Ma [., 1. lH|ih»Ti, loi|itii«»l- 

^mgW"* aio'-, iiFdr' -°a-W, tii. iiow- 
laagi M ^t irtt B«tH *tt 1 I. M7»l'. ^ 

lim-, T texiha^'lnQg; *1.1«t<',"°lU''a«JJ* 
Itl n I. fm ini foa fltl, it ii Far rroB balng •• 
bad; krl vmt 1. fia mig, far bt it Ihw me; I. 
hnn, hi ; I, ftdnint, ht «n ; ^n Jom I, fnm i- 
Xitm, kt iKktd far iaia (oturiir. I. fitn. tu', 1. 
6tnnt, fa inai) t. mt, — in**, hi iat (. Jnt v 
fir inlvt 1. lilbogt, fir kiob, beblod ; 1. BR ab 
%>Cietn, 111* la Ibe day or maialog, Ihl iwinllg 
Utf tar ifoni or adraictd ; I. ut )iaa fRatUn, at 
— , till a lata tout of ibo aithi i liDut nn InWr 
al lial, iRcr I laag Una ( I. anttt , euirelT djr- 
font ; 1. anttllttrt, qallt dlleraulT. 

ganlmi., rid. 8^ '■ 

Half, m. pf -Ktt, 

1. pilcb; a Knp. 

«MM, V. ,. 10 p. 

b. — SwnfnB, tn 



pa<cb.«b-, .3. in. 

neafar of old elall. 

«, pilcll- 

" 1 -^ttt, pucb-arh 

appy, eoDOiltd (op. 

= Co«^. 

SWh^'ig, pappyirt 

uiikt -taftn, pop 

laefrt, a*-. papptiA. 


ff.r. .ligbl breiia, 

cal'i pa»\ 

ra^/>. 'aamMsfti,' 


ko i ioIh. 


. nuk I S. larva. 

itea, «■ 



a4- ragged, lantiad. 


.leek. .b»». 

I. welgbl, buidm, I 

argtl a. 


Up); br^tSdftm 

la biMt 

bolb; (ira8't2™>fl 

Itl ead, 10 lay 


-bn^, poilii; -im, keilt of boideo ; -Ctiist, ia= 
fltWi^t, nutam, inly lEgBllUd iTlb* lonaise or 
kidcd veiiali; -putt, rafi-pan; -fliD, inaipon. 

i. Baft, m. pi. -tl. "ice, dupiaTlli. = Com. 
laflifuft, adj. viciana. dtpnved. — t Santfunftt, 
tn. dtprtTily. = loftf", ■«• fret Iniit .Ice. 




1« Sftflt/ V. a. to blame , censure , reprAend, vi- 
Ttnperatc. =: Comp. 8-ftrtft, libel, lampoon : -flJS/ 
^Jj. censorious ; -f^gt, censoriousiiess. — lapar* 
Wg/ fldj-' blameable, reprehensible ; -ttoetDtgijeD, ett. 

2, 2afle/ ♦». <>. 10 lade, load (of ships). 

gatttt, tt & en. Latin. — Sattnei, m. pi* -c 

latin scholar, latinist. — lattttff, adj. Lafin. , 

Sattct, tn. pi. e. laughter, laughs jlaac m Det 
S. op, to set up a loud laugh ( ffaae nofttt ben t 

^ 'S./ to turn a thing off with a laugh ^ OOtW/ VWt 

ta S. foi atte goll, to b^ -/.'^efon*® " «?"; 

mon laughing-stock. = Comp. l-tUlD/ odj. full of 
laughter 5 -fCftttg, ad/, ready to laugh , about to 
hurst out a laughing. — rattetltg/ adj. laugh- 
able , ridiculous, ludicrous. — gattetltfjpco , en. 
lauKbableness , ridiculousness. — lattermtlD, adj. 
- a|,t — , prone to laugh, risible. — gattermitb^eb^ W. 

gang, gag, 8a»/ en. aneleM orthography of 
'8oi». = Com;*. 2S-tag, day of appearing in court 
Btrsuant to summons ; -maMt f president of a ju- 
dicial and legislative assembly called gaitgttttg in 

S«ltg/ et. pi. id. company, party: corporation, in- 
tftfrporation. = Comp. Saugdatttclet/ by-laws of a 
'OOrporation ; -Btoter/ fellow member of a corpora- 
tion ; -BWIQ/ custom of a corporation ; -B^f^e/ charge 
on a corporation \ -fotfamlmg/ corporation meeting ; 
-fri^e^, 1. freedom of a corporation; 2. abolition of cor- 
porations, rendering free the exercise of any trade ; 
-gilte/ corporation feast; -l^imS, hall of a corpora- 
tion *, -mbretntng, institution ofcorporations ; -meftet/ 
master, firee'of a corporation; -|»nge, corporation fees; 
.retitg^e^/ freedom of a corporation ; -fontltng/ yid. 

-forfamttng; -fttl/ ^d, -6rug; -f»enb, feiiow- 
crtifl; -tuciwg/ corporation restriction — , restraint 
'(on trades.) 

SaurBonr, et./*/. id. laurel. IZ Com/». 8-Wa^/ laurel 
leaf; -green^ laurel branch; -ftanlS, laurel wreath; 
-ftontf laurel crown; -Ivtntf laurel grove. 

Sato/ et. ^^d. 8aug. 

t JJa»J/ for 8o». = Comp. S-alter, majority 
•(fixed by law ;) -h\)ttf ♦». a* to offer for sale in 

court or at a ^tng. q. «. -toQ, vid. Saugbog; 

-l^Cebb/ legal confirmation of possession ; -ntanl), vid. 
'Saugmano; -toorrge/ tutor or guardian e. g. to a 
-widow. Dan. L. 

8a», en. lichen. 

Sab/ adj\ low, shallow (^of water). =1 Comp* 8- 
6enet/ adj.. short-legged; -b^be/ v. a* to make 
itenders in btasiness done by contract ; -Tanb/ low- 
land; -malet, adj. low-voiced; -flamttiet/ adj. low- 
stemmed ; -banbe , low water, lowest ebb. — Sabs 
]^eb/ en* lowness. 

.Saba, en. lava. = Comp. S-firent/ stream — , 
•torrent of lava. 

Sabe/ indeel. { %0»t, in order; af S./ out of or- 
•der; Brtnge — f«ette t S./ to put to rights; l(tgge 

fig { 8. for een , Dan. I, to waylay due, lay in 

wait for. r «» v 

Sabe, V. a. -to put in order ; to prepare ; I. srraO/ 
to dreis victuals ; I. ^{ ©orfef, to he in the family* 
way. = Comp. S-^aB, right — , suitable measure. 

Sabenbel, en. pi- -Mer. lavender. = Comp, 8- 
elie, oil of lavender; -bant, lavender water. 

Sabere, v. ». n. T. to tack, beat. 

Sabet/ en. -ter. gun-carriage. 

Sabtt^ adj. suitable. 

Sabntng, en. pi. -tt. dell. . « i. ^ 

Sax. wT pi' id. salmon. = Comp, Saycfottgft/ 
-fiftert/ salmon fishing,— Gshery; -goart, wear, -gom, 

salmon net; -fit, -ftfle, -bcer^je , Hd.-^-goarb. — 
Saxotreb, -forette/ en. salmon-troui. 
Sajcere , «. t. to purge. =: Comp. Saxeerbrif/ 

purge, purgativep otion ; -mtbtef/ purgative, cathartic; 
-^JUlber, purgative powder. 

Sajaret/ et* pi. -ter military hospital ; lazaretto. 

Sajur, en* pi. e. azure; lapis lazuli. IT Comp. 
l-BIaa/ atlj. azure. 

Se^Ctte, en* pi. -r* l. lesson, task; 2. form, class 
(in a'school gibe een en 8./ to read one a lecture. 

Sector^ en. pi. -er. teacher at an academy, lector. 

1* Seb, et. pi' id. joint, articulation; limb; link 
(of a chain ;) degree (of kindred) ; term (in arith- 
metic); rank (of soldiers). = Comp. S-affcetntn^ 
amputation of a limb; -OXtJ, succession — , inhen- 
tance of heirs - at - law ; -Bt^b , abscess in a 
joint; -fomtng, articulation; -fer, adf. stout- 
limbed ; -ml^g/ tulj- supple, agile ; -mbg^eb/ sup- 
pleness, agility; -regtyng, genealogical computation ; 
-ftette, V. a. to reduce a dislocation ; -fcetntttg, ett* 
reduction ; -^tUttUr pain in the joints ; -bn8/ adv. 
joint by joint; -breben/ a4[. sprained; dislocated; 
-boebff f/ vid. Sebebanb. — SebelcS, ae(j. slack — , 
relaxed about the joints; -le^l^eb, en. slackness 
about the joints ; -mot, articulation ; -tTaoI, socket 

of a joint; -fmerte , Wd. -barf; -fbam^>, fungus 

tumor about a Joint ; -banb/ 1. synovia ; 2. water ia 
the joints; -bOflf/ gout. 

2. Seb , et* ph id. wicket, gate. = Comp.^ 8- 
^WU8, -Mtte, gate keeper's hut —, cottage; -Hinfe, 
latch; -(tolbe/ gate-post; -bogter, gate-keeper. 

3. Seb, en. side. 

4. t Seb, en. journey, road. 

Seb, adj. 1. disgusting, loathsome; 2. disgusted. 
Sebe, en. pi. c disgust, distaste, loathing; te- 

1. Sebe, y. a. to lead, guide, conduct, direct. — 
Seben, en. leading, etc. = Comp. S-6aanb/ leading, 
strings; -fnor, vid. -feaanb; -fHeme/ directing —, 
guiding star, [cynosure] ; -fbenb/ attendant, niide ; 
-traab/ clue, direction, guidance, guide. — Sebtt, 
en* pi. -t- guide, conductor. 

2. Sebe, V. i. to seek, search. — Seben, en. 
seeking etc., search. 

Sebed/ V. i. past, to loathe, to be weary — , ti- 
red of, disrelish. 
Sebtg, a^. vacant, unocct4»ied; uaemployed, i<fl«. 




■ •&! of work — , pltee ; U9 Og lebig/ tt Itrge ; single, 
(having no family tica or incnmbraneea) . ZZ Comp, 
^-aattg/ idleness; -gtomgn, en. idler, vagrant. — 
SmA^tt/ m< . vacMiey, want of employment. 

Scottfe / Ctt. i>/« -T. small compartment at one 
end of a chest. 

Se^ng, en. pi. -e. warlike expedition (chiefly 
naval.) = Comp. I^ebmgdfftt^/ vid. Seeing ; -ptn^tf 
1. war tax \ 3. pay of soldiers ; -^Itgt/ duty of attending, 
a chief or Iting in an expedition, or of paying a war 
tax^ -ffot, "j^i^X, war tax; -tog, vid. fiewng, 

Serfage/ v* a« to direct, guide*, to accompany, 
attend. — Sebfaget/ pi. -t. -inU, ett pi, -t. 
guide ; attendant, companion. — l^ttfogelft, Setfog^ 
nittgr cn. guidance; attendance^ 

JSebtog, companionship ; t>atxt x ScMog mcb eeit, 
to accompany one. 

^tt, en. pi* -V. scythe. != Comp. S-tvag/ stroke 
of a scythe. ^ 

f^tc, V, t. Toe, leet* to laugh. 

Igeeg/ vid. Sffg. 

i^een/ et. »»d. 8el&«. 

8eet/ tt. J>1' e. clay. = Tomj?. S-Ogei/ clayey 
field s -Ogttg / a«(;. clayey ; -art, species of clay ; 
-DUnb, 1. clay soil; 2. clayey bottom ; -b^gntng/ 
•id. -l^UUS : -DOtnf, bench of clay in peasants' hou- 
ses; -tttnt, earthenware bottle ; -fat/ earthen dish; 

-gta», clay pit; -gmnl), vid. -bunb 2.; -gttl»/ 

clay floor ; -pUUS/ clay hot, mud cabin ; -jort/ ar- 
gil ; argillaceous earth ; -far, earthen vessel ; -fits 
nti/ adj* plastered with clay or mud ; -flceg, adj. 
Blicky -—, adhesive as clay ; -ftftU, beater ; -merget, 
clay marl ; -ntttlt/ clayey mould ; -mtlti(f machine 
for kneading clay for tiles ; -^Ji'Be, clay pipe; -pottt / 
earthen pot; -ffifer/ argillaceous slate or shist, 
clay-sIate ; -fleen, hard clay ; -bag, clay wall ; -Ctlte, 
mud pool. ... leetet, 04/. clayey; spread over — , 
"covered with clay. 

See»ange, en. N. 7. scrubbing brush. 

SefU/ V. i to talk in a flimsy manner; to toy^ 
dally. — gcftrn, en. flimsiness ; toying. — Sefieri, 
tU vid. Seflen. 

1. 8eg, en. pi, -e. game, play. 

2* Seg/ en. pi* e. sperm of fish and frogs. 

Sege, v,i. tea, 1. to play; 2. to spawn (of fish). = 
Comp. Segeaar, age of (childish) play ; -Bolt), ball ; 
fig. at titnt een6 S>, to be another's tool, — toy, 
— plaything ; -dtfber, playfellow, — mate ; -boW/ 
fish pon^; -bttffe, child's doll; -fogtet/ play- 
fnl manners; -)}(at!d , -fieb , play -ground; -{lue, 
Vid. 3ulefltU; -fetler, playfellow; -tanfev, thoogfato 
of play ; -ttb, 1^. play time ; 2. spawning season ; -time, 
playhour; -t0t, plaything, toy; -DOTlf, mere play. 

Segem, Segeme, et. pi. Segemer. body, (bodily) 

frame. — leaetnltg, a«{>. bodily,' corporal, corporeal. 
= Comp. rcgemT«6, atU, bodiless; -Oetben, cor- 
iporeai world. = Ik^egemSDeffaffen^et, en. constitu* 

tton, habit of body ; -hotf, -Btoft^ bodily defect ; 
-B^gntttg/ frame of body; -bannelfe. Conn of body, 
bodUy form ; SiH, vid. -hefi ; -f^lbe, -f^lbigl^cb, 

en. fnllneas — , stoutness of body ; -ffletblgl^eb/ ac- 
tivity of body, agility; -l^«ibe, size, stature, UU- 
ness; -fraf t , bodily strength; -I^be, vid. -OMfl ; 

-glete/ care of the body; -ffiffelfe* vid, -bannelfe ; 

-{liUing, attitude, carriage; -ftraf, corporal pnnisb- 
ment ; -fl^tf e, vid. -troft ; -fbOgl^eb, bodily infir- 
mity; -eoelfe, bodily exercise. 
^tmU, en. pi. -¥ legend (spec of saints.) 
Se^n, et. pi* -e. feoff, fief, fee, feud. = Comp. 
8-gob8, vid. 8el^n8gob8 ; -tager, feoflTee; - S*e$n«- 
afgift/ feud duty ; -alb. feudal inheritance ; -atbtng/ 
feudal inheritor; -Befiobei, feoffee; -Breb, charter 
of enfeoffment; -bl^ttg, odj. qualified for being in- 
vested with a feof ; -eb, oath of feudal homaae ; 
-fotbinbelfe, feudatory duties, — obligations s -foti^t^ 
ning/ feudalism ; state of feudalism ; -fot^olb, mu- 
tual relation between feoffer and feoffee; -frt, adj, 
not enfeoffed,- freed from feudal obligations ; -folge, 
feudal succession :-gobS, feudal estate ; -grebe* feu- 
dal count; -grebftab/ feoff of a count; -^erlM^eb, 
feudal supremacy ; -berre , feudal lord : -l^blotngr 
feudal homage; -Witt, viif. -berltg^eb^ -tnbrets 
ntng, vid* -forfatning; -ntOgt, feudal power; 
-manb, l.vassal, feudatory, feoffee; 2.ane>en%, super- 
intendent of a crown feoff; 9. in Norway overseer of 
a parish; -^ligt, feudal duty; -iJHgtig, a<^. bonnd 
by feudal duty; -regtertng, feudal government ; -ret« 1. 
feudal right or supremacy ; 2. feudal law ; -retttg^eb^ 
feudal rights, or privileges ; -fog, 2. feudal manor ; 
2. feudal cause ; -fltfter/ founder of a feof; -fh{b# 
-flrtbtgl^eb , contest about a feoff; .fcebe«. feudal re- 
sidence; -tagelfe, investiture with a feoff; -ttb/ 
feudal age ; -bocfen, feudalism. 
^tif adj* Now. nasty, disgusting, tedious. 

1. Setbe, en* pi* e* safe conduct. = Comp. S- 
breb/ letter of safe conduct. 

2. iSetbe, en. pi. -r. plate (in building), 

3. Seibe, iitittX, en. N. T. stay-sail stay. 

Seie, tUpl* -r*l. couch, lair (of a wild beast); 2. 
seat, form (of hares); 3. vid. ^X^txUU ; 4. stratum* 
Mineral T* = Comp. S-fleb , U Pid. Sete ; 2. 
grave, place of rest; -fotb, lodged grain. 

Sete, V. a* to hire, rent. = Comp* S-Bottg/ 
hired lodging or house ; -breb, -contract, contract 
for hiring a house or rooms; -otcet, board showing 
that a^ house is to let; -breng, hired servant lad; 
-forentng, agreement about hire ; -gobS, hired goods, 
— articles ; -bcfl / hack ; -Buucl , ^hired house ; 

house to be let ; -jorb , vid* f^afteiorb ; -maat, 

term of lease or renting ; -(|bcrg , hired cattle ; 
-fbenb, hireling ; -fogenbe, adj. person in search 
of a house or of rooms; -toger, hirer, renter; -ttb, 

vid. -maat; -tiener/. vaie$ do Place-, -baanmg, 

hired mansion or tenement ; -btbne, hired — , suborn- 
ed witness ; -bogn , hired carriage ; hackney- 

Set'e, m* pi. c hiring, renting; hire, rent; ^U^ 

fet er ttl !Sete, the house is to let; boe til K.t to 

live in a hired house or in lodgings; Sete gaaei 

' for @te, Dan. L. renting is possession ; ^bohnegct 





Mm { 8ek «f Uiit ^tt«? wj«t i« *• rent of I 
tliis hooM? ftUbe fet m l^i »./ to pay a higb 
loose rent. 

8«er, ett* pi. -e. hitn, renter. ,. , . . 

S«etmaa{« et» P^ c. fornication*, suit of fonii- 
catton. = Comp. Zt\tma&l9lMtX, fine for fornication. 

Setettootl)/ en» jeopardy, embairawmenl, 

»ei«a^«t>, en, pi. -er. i. opportanity, •««»»««■' «on- 
Yonlencc ; 2. accomodaUons ; ®e ffltt giCW bft naat 
®e Bar Si., yon can do that at 7«»w conTenience, -- 
wben it fuils yow coayenienoe \ tMl fwe fetf f alwnw 
%*f at your earliest convenience \ by the first op- 
portenitj ; icetfe met »♦, to talie a chance convey- 
•nce •, fftamttnge ©orcgrmeflete o^ WaaDmcent font 
85ti«n« SetUaSet tttfrOfWr/ so many mayors and 
aldermen as the exirenciea of the town may re- 
qniro. = Comp. SeStg^eMor^it^ (chiefly litera- 
ry), occasional performance, -- work^ -Dtgt/ poem 
on some particular occasion 5 -Dtgtet, writer of oc- 
casional pieces; -fWft, occasional treatise, pam- 
nlriet; -tttU/ speech on some particular occasion*, 
Mil adv. occasionally, on an occasion. 

«e»«nt)itia/ Ctt. pi* -tt* Non- lease -holder, 

ftffmer. . ^ r- i a ^T^***' 

a«t, en. pi* -e. camp*, Iigge t «., to be e«- 

ftette fig, *♦ re/l» to encamp. 

!♦ gem, en, p'. 8emme. (loose) cover, lid. 

2. ilem, et pA -met. Umb, member. =: Comp. 
l-btt, ««»/. mutilated ; -tcefte , *». «. to mutilate, 
■Mim, disable, cripple; -lct\itl\t, Ctt. mutilation, 
maiming; -Wft, ai^. palsied — , paralysed in a limb ; 
-f^agett/ adj. braised in a limb. = Comp. jjemme* 
Btognttti/ frtmc of body. 

SemfcelWg , «rfi lenient, mild , Indulgent. = «- 
6rt, ett. lenity, mildness, softness, tenderness. 

Semon/ eti* pT -et. lime. = Comp. S-a{ta, lime 

pickle. — Semottate/ en. lemonade. 

^tttVfit t en* p'. e* gentleness, considerateness ; 
9IETe og S* , good name and reputation. — lem^^e^ 
Kg, adj. gentle, mild , lenient ; adv. gently etc ; 
toge/ u \)cui noget / to handle gently; ftge een ttos 
an paa ent* SDlaate/ to break something gently to one. 

Sem^e, t>. a* (eftet). to adapt, suit, accommo- 
date (to). ' o w < 

' gtnb, ew. p'. -«. loin. = Comp. SettteBeen, 
hip-bone ; -Blot/ disease in the loins of cattle ; -Butt/ 
1. fhicture of th^ hip-bone ; 2. Inmbap ; -B^It/ boil on 
^e loins; -gigt/ f»W. -Dtftf; -^Otttjel; Inmbar ver- 
tebra ; -))Ute/ pad — , cushion for the loins ; -fmette/ 
pain in the loins ; -fl^We ,- rump piece , loin (of 
keeO ; -*»«rf/ lumbago. , . ^ « , ^ 

gentfe/ «. •. to scud; I. for ^ciWel og Xoug/ 

to scud under bare poles. _ Comp* S-fJOtt/ dead 

SettS/ adi* N. T. firee (from water.) fig, U JCX 

^enge, out of cash. 

Senfe/ «. a. to firee, empty. 
Seitte, «. t. fid. Itente. 
Itopatt/ en« p'. -er. leopard. 
Setet/ a4j, vid* svb Seer. 

8met / d. pi. -«. lisea etolh. = ^^^' *»* 
tetSBot , linen - draper's shop ; -(^«tttft / liiw* 
trade; -^fttltlet/ -ttwnma, lintiidraper ; .ffiortC, 
linen shirt; -tottMT/ linen weaver. 

^t%pt, I'M. S*««pe. 

get/ adj. 1. light; 2. easy. = C^mp. letBfbKDtMt/ 
•dj. light-armed; -fl^tctlte, adj. vefyftuiMe) -fiO:f 
tet/ 4di. light of foot; -fonrWg/ «4|r. ligh^ gi*ly , 
light-headed; -ffinttg^tB, fit. Ughtaess, Iwrit y, 
giddiness; -^omtet/ adf. bandy, adroit; -tiommt, 
ad;, quick (at learning ;) -fctUnte/ «i(f. li^sall- 

ing; -fittt/ 1^. -itnttgM; -ftntit, -nnbtg, adf. 

light-minded, thoughUess, flinty. Inconsiderate ; -1»«* 
t&^et/ thongbtleesaess, flightinoss, giddiness ; -fnicis 
teUg, a«0*. eW. -ffl^tntte ; -fewiet/ a<«. light sleep- 
ing; -tcoentc / adj. eredulous; -teOOipct^m. cre- 
dulity; =i>aBttet/ pid, -Bcoaonet* — w^b/ en* 
li^itacss ; facility, case. 

gette, «.«.!. to lighten, ea«e ; 2. to lift ; 3. to weigh 
anchor; I. een8 ©Otger, to alleviate one's dialress, 
cares. — gettelfe/ en, lightening etc. alleviation. =: 

gettcltg, tetteligen/ adif. easily, lighUy. 

getter/ vid. goetter. 

t gett, geoe, en. pi. -e.^-er. loaf. 

geoe/ «. ♦. to live ; T. af ^ne ^enfle, to live on 

one's fortune, — means ; ^an leoer af fin VTWTW* 
fion/ he lives — , gets a living, -- subsists by his 
trade, — profession [mechanical] ; faae noget Ot L 
af/ vulg. to get some belly timber; geb \)A, fare- 
well, good bye. := CVmp. geteaar/ years of 
life; -alter/ age, generation; -Brot/ livelihood, 
sustenance, bread; place, situation, employment; 
-tage/ life, bom days^ -i^nt, vital power; -Tnjlr 
span of life; -ftogffaB, prudence, knowledge of life; 
-rtaft/ vital power; -txttif acquaintance, circle — , 
sphere of friends ; -Itffi, desire of life; -maate/ 1. mode 
— manner of life, — living ; 2- manners, breeding ; 3. 
<^«fl. belly-timber; -DXtm, regulation— , habit of life 
(diet); -plan, plan — , way of life ; '-qO»g/ live 
cattle; -Xtatl, rule of life; -fftl/ habit of life; v 
-ftant/ station — , situation in life ; -Jf «, residence, 
place of abode ; t^t — , Bifftgt g-jtet/ expensive 
— , cheap place (to live in -ttt/ age, life; life- 
time ; -troat , thread of life ; -tr«t/ adj. tired — 
weary of life; -te{/ way — , mode of life; -»«»/ 
spring — , source of life* 

getente/ i»«rf. of tebe. Hvwg. "J'T?' """•' ^^ 
J, ©icri/ not a living soul ; I. %9Ul\t, Hvoly feel, 
ing; U SinttrVl/ lively — , strong impression; U 
©Ittete/ lively ~, animated pi<giw. 

getter/ en. liver. = Comp. g-Betomterfe/ inlam. 
motion of the liver, bepatiUs ; -Bl^l^, abscess in the 
liver; -ert8/ kind of quicksilver ore. ITfdrarfy* 
ftim h^paliotim ,• -fottjet/ fl«<)Mlver coloured ; -gougr 
hepatic duct; -malm, hind of silver ore; -vmt 
worm in the liver (of animals) ; -<»let/ 1. brow* spot 
(on the skin) ; 2. fickle; ^«lfe/ Hver sansafo ; -flpg/ 
m4j. afSieted with the liver compUiit ; -f98e, IrF«« 




„.^flUlM\ Mm* tr«i»mil of fak Htct. •— U\nti, 
a4if. ( 0. 9. S3bfe) clottecL, eotgatetad (Mood). 

fielKt^/ 9. m. to deyycr, hand; <o yield; XtUVCt 
a €ft<lf(/ fight a battle, ghre battle. ' 

SMtet/ (tt, p/. -cr« itockgUliflower. Chciranthui. 

Seone, «. a. to leave. ~ StDttm^ en* pi, r-rr. 
remnant, leavings; {otbtftl Set^nin^ctr mortal re- 
mains; I^Cttnmgcr fra SDI^titm/ ancient remains, 
r^ca of aaliqwty. 

Semtet, et. p/. e. life, cmuiact. =: c^mp. gel):: 

nrtdbanC/ (earthly) career; -Bcftrioelfe/ life, bie- 
gmphy; -((ffnOrr/ biographer; -foc^ol))/ relations 

of life; -ie6/ out. -oone; -ml^Iev/ victaais, pro- 


Setmmg/ «<<<« ««( leime. 

Senni, m(/. t>i4. m^ S^bet* 

Setoff/ em p/. -l* JVoro. soft bread. 

Se;ncoit/ et. «m<. SDtbBog. 

Si, eiu Aor<'. mi<. Si^ Stte* 

fitBerf/ et* p/« -ev. livery* 

Stb/ eti. p<. e. reliance, confidence, trast; f«ttte 
^, {Uae fin i^tb ttl/ to pnt — , place confidence in, 
pioce reliance npon, rely upon. [—>, side of a monntain. 

Sib/ !^t1>e/ en. part — , region of the world ; slope 

1* Site, c. a. let, \\\iU l*to suffer, endnre, tole- 
rate; 2. to Jibe; ^bettan (iter ten ®9ge, how is the 
patient doing ? — liteiig, aiS. tolerable* — l^itelfe* 
ni. pi- *V* anfferiog. 

2> Sttf/ «. •• W trust, rely upon* 

S* Site/ V. «. let/ 1. to glide on; f 2. to wait; tft 
iMt let mot Slften/ as evening — •, nigbt was ap- 

Siten/ «<(/. n. Ittet/ p<. fnuia/ comp. mtntrc/ 
^mperi. mtntfl. little, small, diminutive, tiny, petty ^ 
— Siten^A/ en* pL e, littleness, pettiness, diminu- 

SttentTd»/ en. pi. -ei. passion. -;- litenjtaBelig/ 

4m(/. passionate, impassioned. — Sttenffoteligl^et/ 
cn. passitnateness* 

Siberlia/ Ad/, lewd, lecberons, bawdy, dissolute, 
^ebanched. ZZ 2-l^et/ en* pU e. lewdness, lechery, 
bawdiness. [by little and little. 

Sitet/ (itt* adt. little ; Ittt eftet Utt/ by degrees, 

^Ixt^f et* bargain ratified by drinking. 

Sttfe / en. pi. -r. braid, lace, string. Z: Comp. 
S-tNeoeV/ braid — , lace maker. 

Sieiftenant/ en. pi. -er. lieotenant. , 

SifLiOf a^. pleasant ---Stfltg^et/en. pletsantnoss. 

1. Stg/ ai(;. I'kl. Siig* 

3. Stg/ et. ««<{. Sita* 

3. Si0. (Siig/) et. pi. id. N. T. leeeh. 

Stgo adj, dc tfdf. 1. strait, straight, direct ; 2. equal, 
•like ; 3. even (of numbers ;) adf. strait, equally, exact- 
ly ; tett< %qI ^aatt I. O^ { tet antet« this number 
Is an aliquot part of the other; I* t S^telblttfet/ 
•I tho verr instanl ; immediately , this instant ; I. 

itf ten lyfe 'S>^, tin broad day^iigbt; folge een 

lif\/t ^l ^ufetf — deceit/ to accompany one up to 
Iko vary 4oor ; I. fn ^tten, right before the gate. 
S Camp* lidMUmg/ mdi* of the same age; -tots 

mtt, udi. •migU.irmod; -«rtet/ adj. homtg w e m s ; 
-tm^ adj. equal, alike ; of the same form ; -tan/ 
oiftr* in tho same ~-, in like manner; ,-tan$et, en* 
similarity of form; ^tannet/ adj. af (be same form, 
similarly shaped; -frent, adj. straightlbrward, plain, 
blunt; adv> bluntly, plainly, roundly, in a straight- 
forward manner ; - JTCml^et/ en* plainness., binntnesf ; 
-fultt/ ad«. netwitbstanding, neverthelcas , far 
all thai; -g^ltl^ adj, indifferent; -g^Itifl^et / en. 
indifference ; -ttomet ^ adj. righl-angled ; -fotttet/ 
adj. straight-edged; -(iniet/ ad^. straight-lined, recti- 
linear; -It^tente/ adj. sipUar in sound; enaetly ~, 
literally iparbottmmt) corresponding; -(«6etlte/ adj. 
running in a straight line ; parallel ; -mant/ equal, peer ; 
-meget/ adv* iadifferent, immaterial ; t -mobtg/ adi. 
eqnanimous ; -foft/ adj. likewise , the same ; equal- 
ly, as; -faobel/ vid. foabel; -fttet/ adi* of oqatl 
sides, equal *%& all sides, equilateral ; -fintet/ a^j* 
of the same mind, of one mind ; equanimons ; -ffftf- 
Uif adj. straight-handled; -font/ adv. as. Just aa ; 
-til/acf^'rigfat— , atraigfatnpto; -OtttlTet/ aA'* equi- 
angular; -t)fitgt/ equipoise, bolanee; -tMtgttg/ mJ^. 
of equal weight, equiponderant, equiponderate. 

- Stge/ en. pi. id. t l. likeness ; t 2. right, Jnslics \ 
3. like, equal ; gibe een S. for «./ to return like for 
like ; toll, give one tit for tat. 

Slgeleted/ adv. likewise, also, too. 

SlAeti^/ adi' proportionate, in equal proportion. 

— ligelt^en, \\^th^,ad*. proportionally, in equal 
proportieins. •— Sigeltgl^et/ t\\. equal proportion. 

StOetOtiS, odo. likewise, in the same manner, as* 

t Siged/ V. dsp. to agree. 

Sigge/ «. t. loaf/ ligaet , to lie ; to be in bod ; 
keep one's bed ; I* )fiAa \{nt ©tcmingn:/ to be slain 
(knocked down) in the act (of comittiag crime, iir 
violence;) I. ttn poa ^ol^tn, to be an incum- 
brance — , a burden to one ; F. ipcm en Stcife/ to be * 
on a tourney; !• foY en Sletfe, to be about to atart 
on a Journey; I. ^M Santet/ to lodge — , olay Ife 
the country (in Summer) ; I. i %t9iit, to be (perpetual- 
ly) quarrelling ; oi ntaae (• t jtroen/ we must take 
up our quarters at the inn ; (. ODet et pat ^age/ to make 
a stay of a couple of days; I. Obet (pM tt 
@^tet) em ^inteien, to winter ; {« nU, to paas the 
night ftom home, or in the open air; I. untei; to 
succumb ; ^taten ligget bet en $lot / the eitar ' 

stands — , is situate on a river; ^ufet (iMet \9Ut 
@ftTanten/ the bouse stands on Uie sea-snore; I. 
fot SDJotbint/ to be windbound ; ^Ogm liggev bOI/ 
the cause is standing over; I. til/ to belong to | 
tet ligger noget tentnter, there's something at tho 
bottom of it; l- for ©oten/ to be on the point of 
death; (* Ma fit ©terftf/ to be at the last extre- 
mity; I i fitfJe ftantetrag, to be at the issigasp, 

— in the agonies of death ; ^onett bil tfte I./ the 
hen won't hatch her eggs. -- Stggen^ en* lying, 
resting. — 8igg«/ «t- pl- -«• !•«• = ^««V» 
Siodetoae, lay-days, working-days; running days (•oAom 
hoUdaygartimekided) ; -fftnt, brood hca ; -W\t, kind 
of bow-net; 'tit/, hatching time, time of iaoihatioB* 




IBiglag/ et. one of the stomaclis of ruminating 
. SignC/ «. «. ^ «• 1. to resemble, be like ; 2. to liken, 
compare % 3. to apportion, assess (of taxes)* — «t^ 
tul\tf en* fK -t* comparison ; likeness \ simile, i— 
SigtielVfl/ emulation. — Stgntttg, en. pL -it, ap- 
portioning, assessment; Math. T. equation. 

2% adj. t' like, similar; 2. equal: t d* Mt\ 
t 4. likely, probable. — Sttfi^eb, gig$et/ en. like- 
ness, resemblance, similarity, similitude; equality. 

Stig/ ei pi* id. corpse, dead body; Seoe tH «./ 
to invite to a funeraU = Comp, iS-BaoI/ funeral 
pile ; -Baare , bier ; -begmtgelfe/ Atneral ; t -hUt, 
9id* -logen ; . -BluB , funeral torch ; -Bcreet/ oorin 
bearer; -hvt/ vid. -Boore; -Uogt/ grave clothes; 
-foHet/ i^> -B(tt8; -falb/ falling sickness; 
-tfllDe/ colour :— , hue of a corpse ;^-fait>et/ o4f- 
pale as a corpse ; -fefi/ funeral feast ; -f crtt/ fune- 
ral; -ftftge/ ftineral procession; -I^e^/ horse used 
tn drawing a hearse (being of a meaner sort )) 
^ttttSr l.dead house; 2. house of mourning; -f ool/ cab- 
bage plant of a whitish hue supposed to portend a 
Aincral; 'f9}fiptr mourning cloak; -faSfe/ burial 
club; -ttfle, coffin; -tlttQit, flmereal lamentation; 
-ffofle , passing bell , funeral knell ; -flctUf paU ; 
.ncttet/ pi. grave clothes; -logen/ winding-sheet; 
-lOUA/ corporation of coffin bearers (in Denmark) ; 
-tisgt , smell of a corpse.; 4tt8, light burnt in a 
room where a corpse Is lying ; -^late/ inscription plate 
on n cofin ; -^naott funeral pomp ; -^TftOtf en# ^ ta- 
neral sermon: -^faime/ ftineral hymn; -nngntng/ 
death knell ; -feng, bed of state for a corpse ; -{fomttuT/ 
stool to rest a coffin on; -ftore/funeral procession; -fttot' 
te. shirt for a corpse; -{ptMtt, vid. ^elfpffttCT ; 
.{UbS/ Wd. -)>ragt ; -fleen/ tombstone ; -fhtt, room 
in which a corpse is laid; -fbeb/ vid. ^etdfoeb ; 
'.ft)«B, vid, -logen ; -fcrrf/ shift for a corpse ; -ioXt, 
funeral oration; ~it^tl, mark on a house where a 
corpse is lying; -tovn/ com; -ttCtr board with an 
epitaph used for a tombstone ; -tti, grave clothes ; 
-bogt/ guard over a corpse ; -Datfct/ sign of a fu- 
neral; -t)ei9/ funeral dirge; -Dogn/ hearse. 

^ Simtr en« (et). pi. e. glue, size ; = Comp. Uo^s 
iig^ ad^. glutinous ; -fart>e/ size paint ; -fogeT/ ma- 
nufacturex of glue ; Hfognmg/ glue making ; -}(itn\tl, 
glue brosb; -^{nb/ lime twig; -pottf/ gluepot; 

.{lang/ ilme-stick; I«Be nteb 8., to go on a wild 

goose chace; -tDtnge/ glue press; -ttonb, solution 
of glue in water ; -\)0]i, W4. ^OlDO^t. 

gnmflans/ Wd. m* Sttm. 

Sitn/ et* pi. e. Norif.<. flax ; 2. a linen band or ker- 
chief for the head worn by peasant women in Den- 
mark. — Comp. of Mn, vid, infr. Sinfoge u. 

Sttte/ en. pi. -r* Hly. = Comp* S-Blab/ flower- 
leaf of the lily ; -COni^al^ lily of the valley. Co%- 
wOlaHa tHaJaH*\ -^bit, adj. lily whita ; -ntO^, bud 
of a lilv ; .(otSr cross with a lily at each end , flory ; 
-mooneo/ October ; -reen, adj\ pure as a lily ; -{ten? 

gel/ sulk of a lily; -HaOltb/ -boii^/ vmU -fkvfl^; 
poet, n slender maiden. 
^tit, adj. vid, liben* en U Bitie ^t^, • Httio 

bit of a horse ; en I. Bttte €hnit(e, a little woo bit; 
en S./ a llule one. = Comp. l^-ftngflC/ little fin- 
ger^ .^vaa, little-house. 

Stme/ en. pi. -r. twig. 

^imt, V. a. to glue. 

mt, en. p/. .e. liiM. n/»aMirofi««.= CSiMi|>- 
SinteBoif , bark of the limelree ; -fvA, charcoal of 
lime wood. 

Stnt. adj. soft, pliant; bland, mild. 

SmtBet, en«> softness. 

StnDe/ V. «. l. to loosen, slacken ; 2. relioTe, al- 
leviate. — ^nMfe, en. relief. 

SHntonn/ en. a fabnions serpent or dragoa. 

SintTe^ V. a. to relieve, alleviate, case, aasaage. 
— Jeln^nng, en. pl» -cr. reUef, alleviation. 

Stntfe/ en. pL -i. lentil. £rr«m loia. =CMip. 
l-lonnet, adj. lenUcnlar, lentiform; -fjioM, leas; 
-f Oge^ a of kind cake ; -ftt^^e/ lentil soup. 

Stne^ en. pi. -t. line, rope. = ComP' 8-b«nb§, 
rope-dancing; -tanbfer/ rope-dancer; -ftflctt, iab- 
ingwith hook and line. 

cfneol/ en. pi. -et. i»le, ruler. 

lineament, pi. -er. lineament, fcatare. 

Sin^ntfl, en. pi. .n. linguist. 

Stnte, en*p'. -t; l. line ; 2. eonator, llie line ; 8. lint 
(i^ of an inch). = Comp. z-WOi , Hneal succes- 
sion; .Btcrt, Wd. Stneol; -lon^d, vM^Sinc^anM; 
-regiment, regiment of the line ; -ftiB, line of battle 
ship ; -tlO^^eT/ troops of the line. 

Smtere/ v. a. to rule. 

VKnfage/ oil-cake \othor Comp, e^SHn : l^nlbrbe/ 
linen cloth; Stn-Uttbt* adj* dressed in linen; 
Stnclte, linseed oil; Stnffao^ lint;^ Stn{h««<M^ 
thread stocking ; iHnkti, linen; I^DOtDCT/ linen weaver. 

i ^inft, V. i. to limp. . 

Sm,ne« •. a. Wd. I^noe. 

Stnneb/ et. pl» e, liaen. = Cowtp, S-f^yotb, li- 
nen thread; -finning, plain work, sewing of linen; 
-f0nt/ hem ; plain work ; -tiCt)itt, linen weaver. 

I^tnnet/ linneb, u4j. linen. 

Stnntng/ en* p/. -er* band (on linen or clothes.) 
. gt^pe, 9id. SocBe. 

Sire/ en. pi. -r. lyre. = Comp* S-bcewr/ imlf* 
liitrenbtetet/ one who plays a hand -organ o{ 
hurdy-gurdy; -fcA\t, hand-organ; -monb/ -fptt« 
Ter, oirf. -breter. 

Sicfe/ «. f. to touch — , handle genUy or softly, 
{spec, with a thievish design) ^tOi flob eg liltebc 
l»eb Saafen, he was trying the lock; I* et ®«lit 
ttb/ to draw out a nail. 

gjrre, o. ». wrf. Krle* v 

Sife/ en* />f. e. solace, relief* 

SiSptmb/ et* pi. id. stone or 16 pounds Danish 
weight = Comp. S-Bt8met, steelyard for werghing 
by stones ; -lot/ stone vipight. 

1* Si^/ en* pi. e. cunning, wile ; contrivance, stra- 
tagem, artiftce. — I{fU% adv, cwinlngiy, — lifl^ 




•df: enimiag , srtAil, sly, wily. — ^{l{g|<^/ Ctt* 
cmmiiiff, •lj*tn. 

a. iSfl) l^fle, p/. Stflev. 1. li*l, ailet ; 2. selvage, 
(selvedfej list of cloth. — Comp, Siflrl^«tol/ 
eoraiee plane ; -itpipt, list carpet ; ••t>axt, monldioff . 

StflC/ V. o. to cany — , take — , convey away se- 
eretty; I. tiogct intf to introduce — / insert by 
itealth \ V. refi, L ^g (ott/ to steal — , slink away •, 
L Jpa tnt — , ttt# to slip — , steal in — out. 

dvjte, ett« pi, .r. list, catalogne, inventory. 

Sttani/ et p/. -er« litany, anthem. [fices. 

^iSmhotaf etU kind of porter in Danish post-of- 

£{titrgv en. pi. -tx. liturgy. — Ittitrgifr/ adj, 

m, Ct pi. id. 1. life ; 2. waist : fotttme ii( 8ttX tgtett, 
' to eometo life again, revive; t )ix^t, alive; ^QSM(t 
Vaa l^t) Og ^e^/ a mortal combat *, I^OfenS %XQtf 
' the tree of life ; ^oat cm inb )pM. Sfioet, to press 
hard npon one \ t)t(le em til i^bd/ to want to 
nick a qnairel with one *, (Uo mtg tte (^Vdlt 
tea iBit^etl keep your distance! stand olTf tTOgte 

— , fhrcrBe een eftir l^it>et/ to attempt one's 

lifiB, conspire against one''s life. = Comp. Uos 
Ogttg/ Mi;, bodilv; to the life; ^im CT 9^0« 
%Mm9 libOgtige VxVUU, she is the living pic- 
tare of her mother; -Baanb/ riband, worn round the 
< wnist by women, sash; -MtCr belt, girdle, cincture, 
bnldrie; -(^ivitlg/ surgeon .to a king or queen; 
-COmtXl^gttt/ (t« company considered as the flower or 
nrincipal of a regiment ; -eg(tt/ serf, villein ; -egttt:: 
ffoB^ villeinage; -fant/ principal colours of a regi- 
ment; -farVC/ favorite colour; -fltlt/ adj. lively; 
-garbf/ Pid. -b<^t; -gebing / dowager's jointure ; 
-gtinb^ girth, baldric; -{(tgei/ 1. yogi er (in a prince's 
cetablishment) ; 2. rifleman in a corps formed of young 
merdiants in Danish towns; -VsAt mounted atten- 
dant of the king at hunting ; -ftottel/ tunic ; -fltCgt/ 
vid, SUtelttest; -lage/ physician to a king or 

premely) benign, bland; -foltgj^et/ benignity, bland 
nens; -^^t, 9id. -fan; -ftltt/ cut of the waist in 
ololhee; -fttffttb/ favorite team; -f^Onte/ buckle of 
n girdle; -W^tU, 1. body of a garment; 2. stays, bo- 
dice; -bOgt/ body guard; -iJOgtSfarl, guardsman, 
private of the guards ; -bOVC/ 'live cattle. = SttoS- 
. AOIlb/ spirit — , breath of life, vital power ; -aatU? 
tttt animal spirito; -aiDtttg/ (living) heir, heir of 
the body; -Brbrift , exploits of one's life ; -fanoe/ 
prisoner for life ; -fate / danger of life ; -for^oTt, 
relatioas of life ; -fntgl/ fruit of the womb, 4ssne ; 
-j^^t/ fullness ~, exuberance of life; t -gtemtng^ ca- 
pital crime; -getfl, «•<'. -Oattb ; -glab; adj. delighted 
wiA life, very happy; -tteb/ ad), weary of life; 
•^Vtt, spring — , source of life ; -fcdft/ vital pow- 
er ^ -\^\t, joy of life, happiness; 4«0, career — , 
eovse of life ; -ttUUll/ terra of life ; -mtbbel, means 
•f living; rlt^belfe, ei^oyment of life; -0)}^clbr 
•oBleBaBce.f mainlentnce of life; -TCbniitgi delive- 

rance fh»m (great) danger ; -foa, maMor 6f life tad 
death, eapiul indictment; -{uit»e, oonvict (con- 
demned .to hard labour for life) ; -fiof^ vital sub- 
stance ;-fbraf, capital punishment; -tMOt, sign of 
life ; -ttt/ lifetime , time of life : -traoV/ thread of 
life; -Daabe# extreme danger ; -tottCaos, circumstan- 
ces — ; condition of life: -iHIffoitl^ct/ activity, ener- 
gy (of one's life); -ttorbfFC/ vital fluid; -borfffttbe, 
ai(/.. life-stirring; -Dcrtb/ source of life; -t^ttrttlgf 
manifestation of life* 

§tl}<M% adj. ffid. tub St». 

Stttelig, ad^. lively, vivacious. — giWKgl&ebr 
en, liveliness, vivacity. 

l^bttCf V. i. to revive. [ing floor. 

SO/ em pi* -er. ban. = Comp. 2-guI»/ thresh- 

1. Sob^etp'* -ter. l. weight ; 2. lead; 3. plummet; 4* 
I an ovnetDanuk weighty 32 to a pound f 3ftwun 
ftaoet { IBob/ the wall is plumb. = Comp. ^litttg 
lead-line; plumb-line; -{Jtil, fire-airow; -tei/ <M|f. 
pcrpendi£tilar, vertical; -vet^eb/ ett« penendicnlarity, 
verticalness; -ffub/ soundings; \n (obtebe mclt 
fif t'ntet -fcub/ we sounded but found no bottom* 

2, Sob/,m. ft et. pL Sobbet. lot, share, portion ; 
binbe bet {tote 8. / to win the great prize ; fa{lc 
—f tCCtftt Sob om nogetf to cast — , draw loU for ; 

ett li^tfettg — , tung —, fewlig «., a happy — , 
hard — , sad lot. := Comp* l-beie^ v. a. to diatri- 
bnte by lot; -fatte/ sharer; -CafH -fafbtittg, cast- 
ing of lots, sortilege ; -106/ adjf. shareleas ; -febbe(# 
1. ticket — , certificate (for a share or lot) ; 2. 
lottery ticket ; -{f tel/ boundary (of lots of ground) \ 
-fttfte/ vid. 'UltX -togett/ adj. having a share; 
-tOger , vid, -fcrue. = SobSefeT; shareholder. 

1. Sobbe/ V, i, tea. to cast loU ; N. T. to sound; 
to plumb. = C7omp. Sobbeltne f vid. Sflblmc smb 
&jb 1. 

2. Sobbe / V. a. to solder. = Comp. S-6oU, 
soldering iron; -tiim/ solder; -XVtf soldering pipe* 
— Scbntttgr en. soldering. 

Sobbett/ adj. vid. laabben. 

^b8, en. pL -tx. -pilot. = Comp. !S-Baabei 
.farl«i/ pilot-boat; -farbanb/ pilot water; -fUlgf 
pilot flag; -^9te/ pilotage; -tttoub / vid. &)b8; 
-mctxltf sea-mark ; -olbeimanb/ master of a corpo- 
ration of pilots ; -^enge^ vid. .^tm ; -feHldB ; cor- 
"foration of pilots; -tegtt/ signal for a piloi; -tic^ 
ne{le/ business — , employment of a pilot; -bftfttl^ 
pilot establishment. 

Spbfe/ «. a. to pilot. . 

Soft/ tUpl. -et. l.lofi, cockloft; 2. ceiling (of n 
room), n Comp. S-Iammer* room in a cocklofl; 
''^tegge, «• a. to ceil; -tnalcri, painting on\ coil- 
ing. = SoftSlem/ trapdoor of a cockloft; Al%tg 
shutter of a cockloft ; -runt/ t bette $UU9 tX Wis 
get SoftSnmt/ this house has a roomy cockloft; 
-binbue/ dormer window. 

t Softe/ f>. a. to ceil; to carry up into a loft. 

Softlgt/ en* avoset. Hematoput osiralegiu. 

8cg/ en* log. Comp. g-Bog, logbook ; -Btort, log- 
board ; -Une, log-line ; -mU, log-reel. 




809^ ff* «ML Saag* 

W^f m* p'l -T« feox (in t ^layh^iueO 
Sigm 9. 4>. « •* to l«dc«. 
do^etmtt/ en. lodger. 

SoQim, (It. logicitik 

80g{ff, ad/. Ugietl. 

Soglf, v« a* « ff. to wa« th« Mil ; 1. for ectl, 
to fawn upon one — Sogrtn, tXL wagginf *(«• 

80I/ CtU f>/. -fft. lock, CBTJ, treaa, ringlet. — • 
Uffet/ 4N(^ cnrly, curled* — lotxt, 9. «. to corl* 

^tttf 9. a. it <• to allure, Inre, entice, decoy; 
L n60Xt fta tm, to coax — , wheedle one out of a 

iu>f *i d^d fs 1^^^ "^ <^f ^<"" ^^^ ^^ ^'^< 

1^/ I tilled — , pumped out of him where bo was 
^ng. *- MttUt, en. pt'-X* Inre, allurement, en- 
lioemeiU ^ Comp. SoKemgl decoy bird \ -VMub, 
bait; -Wtbtel* means of enticement, Inre'; -jnB(/ 
bIH-call; -WV, -^vmnt, note of decoy;. -fang/ 
allttrtng — , enticing song ; -fmiit/ enticing smile. 

Sofum/ Ct privy, necessary. 

Htuvbttf fit. ombre* 

SSomntf/ tn* pi. -r. pocket, poucb. =: CMif. 

S-B«g/ pocket-book ; 'ftfttxt, pocket telescope ; -fo- 
Ittf stuff for pockets; -fonnat/ v»<'. -tttgabe ; 
'fmif, pocket-knife ; -ptVM, pocket-money ; -^lOCIU 
TOtCT, pettifogger; -^^uff«t /pocket pistol; -^ptH, 
pocket looking-glass; -temortC/- pocket band- 
hercbief; -t^pf nickpoeket; -i^bttif pocket picking; 
•4^, watch; -ItogaOe/ pocket edition* 

ihppt, tn, pi* -I. flea. = Comp, S-Bib/ -fhY/ 

fhpptf ^' '• * refl. to flea, catch fleas. 

^ttf nu pi. >e* turd. (lynx-eyed. 

£06/ m. pi. -fcr. lynx. = C7om/'. S-0tCt/ 4ti(f, 

9o6f a</>. iv. r. for l«6/ fafle (./ to let go — , 
flyt at«T( (t @et( t/ to. loose a sail. 

Soefr, 9. a. ft ». to discharge, unload, z: Comp. 
^'pUli» wharf; -{Jram, lighter; -fieb/ vtd. .|>labe« 

deflill/ nu lovage. Ligntticum l9vistieum* 

Sotteri/ (t. /»'- -m lottery, = Comp. S-febb(I/ 
lottery ticket 

1« IgoOf en. i)/. -e. law; i>p^a\ii en S./ to re- 
pMl a law; efttr d. Og !£)imt/ pursnam to a legal 
aeiitBnee, or a sentence of eouit; ttben IS. og /Dontf 
setting aside the forms of law; l^an 6(lt) Ubfn l^« 
«g jDom l^entettet , he was executed without a trial ; 
fortirie Sotren/to wrest — , put a false construction 
M — , pervert the law. =: Comp. lobBefolet/ adj. 
eommanded — , ordained by law ; -6egre6# notion of 
law. Juridical notion; -Beftemmelfe/ legal provision, 
— enictmem; -Uftmii, ^dj. fixed *-, ordained 
by law; -6og/ code of laws; -Sl^bet/ lawbreaker ; 
-Ottb/ enactment, ordinance, statute; -punben/ a4i- 
bound — , ixed by law ; •B^bf/ 9. a. to give legal 
notice of the sale of an estate ; -B^belfe, public no- 
tieo or adirenisement of Oie sale of an estate; -fafi/ 
a4J. 1. legal ; 3. admissible as a eompctent witneas \ 

*fci{iBeb/ legdity; -fsifiebttKg/ law reform; -jeM^ 
ring/ explanation of the law; -fomtelig/ M{f. !•• 
gal, comfonnable to law ; -fotfuig/ project of law , 
bill ; -fortolffXf Interpreter — , expounder of the Hnr$ 
-fortodntng. interpretation — , exposition of Ibo law; 
t -fttlb/ m4j» lawAil ; -f(e{bC/ v. «. to condemn, 
oast (by a penal sentence) ; -ffflbclfe/ condeniMlioB; 
-fonrbig / adj. vid. -fofl » -Wt, 9. m. Notp. to 
inhibit the use of land or pasture to others; 
-gttb/ adj. reputable, unexceptionable; -fjbftilfi 
be* adj. legislative; -gtbet/ lawgiver, leftolMor; 
-gtimtng, legiaf ation ; body of statMe liwa ; --fpatb, 
ground — , motive —-, basis of a law; -^^OKttf 
bet/ adj. founded in law ; -g^Ibtg / a4j. Yalt4 -^, 
good in. law ; -gt^bigleb, validity in law ; -^tmbt, 
adj. authdrised by law; -fntmmtl, legal authenty; 
-Btf^TtC/ history of law and of legislatioft; -^ttbr 

i^id. SftbBteob/ tub ^Q»\ -Keg, iHd. -A^nbig; 
-ftmbjiaB/ knowledge of the law, legal knowledgo; 
-h^nblg, adj. skilled — , lenmcd in the law ; -Yyit* 
btg^eb, 1. legal knowledge; 2. law. jurispradence -. 4^{(r 
9. a. to give legal notice i -tent, ouf. I-f^nbtg; 
AcetfXf teacher of law; -Itn, adj. lawleaa; withoaft 
laws; 4«dBtb/ lawlessness; -maul, 1. 9id* Se»; 
a. legal procedure, process ; -HUrBftg, a^. accardfi^ 
— , conformable to law ; -nucdflgen/ ado. conferma 
bly to law; -faMKng/ en« collection — , body of 
laws ; -fKYfet/ adj. regulated by law ; -f4»»g/ Juri- 
dical .*— , law language; -fieb/ passage in the law| 
-fttib/ discrepancy in the law, antinomy; -fittMg^ 
mdj. contrary to law, illegal ; -fhtbtg^eb/ illegalilri 
-fege/ 9, a. to sue, prosecute, bring an acHem 
against; -iOgen/ adj. recognised —, received as law; 
-nvVfer/ chicaner, pettifogger; -trsffeti/ dea- 
nery ; -ttonge {tg. «. re>l. to defend one*s self by 
law. — SottStron/ force of law, legal Yulidilr* 
— {0bltg/ got)ltgbeb, vid. iafr. 

2* ihtif en. Ic et* 1. praise, commendation ; S* eharao- 
ter, repntoUon, repute; W 0g ^rnS titnt 0«b, 
praise and glory be to God. = Comp. loPpJn^t, «• 
a. to praise , laud, extol ; -))r<Snmg/ en. prataiag 
ete. ; -fong^ song — ^ hymn of praise, anthem, can- 
ticle ; -f^nge, V. a. to sing the praises of, to singi 
Celebrate in sons; -toCe/ eulogy, eulogium, panegy- 
ric, encomium ; ^olbe en S. OMr tm, to pronounce 
a panegyric upon one; -itHttf eulogist, panegyrist, 
encomiast. — lobltg/ adj. praiseworthy, commend- 
able; bet er bog (. meb BanS ^elBreb/ eo/i.bis beaM 
is pretty good however ; bet et (. tMmnt ((littbef il 
is rather warm here* 

3. !Sot}/ n. «. leave; S.fra €^oTen/ holiday (at 
school); bit faoct be( H. tu 9i giore bet/ l anppose 
you will have to do it. 

I^ee/ «^. •. to praise , land, extol. 

!Bot>e, art. e. faith, trust; pM, %XOt Og SolM> 
on word and promise, on trust; en Slttnb ftf %nt 
Og ^.f a man of his word. 

8ooe/ 9. a. to promise; "^cVbi B^ab man 9«t 
loOetf keep one^ promise ; to be as good as one^o 

word; I« ten 9ulb Og gretmt ^t/at, to 




MB vooBlaiM of gold ; t fot eett/ to pledg* one^s 
w«rd for one; to be bail for one. — Sooftl/ Ctt. 
pronising; fi. ft fltcttg, ^plfeen BffDonKa. to pro- 
■liti U one thing, to pcrferm another. -^KOfit, Ct. 
pk •!• promiee, tow; giffie (t S*> to aake a pro- 
niM\ to lake — , make a ^▼ow ; ^olbc —, Br^bc fit 
&/ to keep — , break one's promise, — tow ; gaac 
i «« fi¥ Cfti, to hceome snrety for one, to bail one \ 
titimougt ^„ Yerbai promise. = Comp. geftchcO, 
frriuen proausi ; -^TUb/ breach of promise, — vow ; 
-Bunben, a^. bonnd by a promise or vow. 

^OVl^ / adj. lawftal , legal ; gaae { fit Iol»l{ge 
^cUt, -^.WxinU, to be about one's lawful calling, 
^ business. — Sooltgl^et, cn. lawfalness , legality. 

SU| en. p/. c* nap (of cloth.) =: C?oflif . luflt^t/ 
4Nb*. threadbare. 

ir iul)/ en. mrf. Sunr, 
, Silt, 8imt/ cn. lye, lUivlnm. =r Com^^. Inbag« 
itg, iixivial, lizivions) -ft{l, fish steeped in a lye 
of potaih \ -fait, alkali \ -Uttblt, -toa^ffmng; baching. 

Seutitf «• a* to steep — , soak in Iye« — )Sul}ntng/ 
cn. steeping etc. 

2ut>t, en. jil. -V. shed, penthonse. 

iiUXitf •• i- to stoop, bend, lean forward, beetle 
(of a rock or monntain). — Sulen, en. stooping etc. 

i^bCT/ en* pi. -(« stitimpoi, prostitute* . 
*^l)et/ et* quickmalch. 

Site/ en. M -r. blaze, flame; ^ufet ftaaet { 

Sner, the house is in flames, — in a blase; t 1^8 
S*/ all in a blaze, — in flames. ^ Comp. Xnts 
hxemU, », i. ««d. hu, r, •* ; .fbig^Il^t/ -Batten/ adj. 
richly gilt; -ilt^/ blazing fire; -ret, ««!> flame- 
colonred; -fvebeH/ smI;'. singed — , scorched by the 

Sue/ «. «• to blazis flame ; l^enbed jtinter Inebe/ 
her cheeks glowed ; 9Mt lue^e , af ^tVtbfil^fl / he 
burned with desire to fight. 

Sufi/ en. ]i/. e* air ; iXtlXtt S./ to draw breath ; 

fDroRtfte t Suften/ to blow np ; @Yibet fiet { Suf« 
ten/ the «hip blew up; Si^e Jta^eCCcc t Sttfirn/ 

lo baild castles in the air ; tdgefnfl S/ to take the air ; 
oioe fin ^armeS*/ to give vent to one's ire. ^ 6'omP* 
Wftaa^en, adj. airy, open ; -art, gas ;> J^, air. 
bath ; -6aC(on / air-balloon ; -l^l'Gtete/ aerial image ; 
.Blaa/ a4/. sky-blue; -Blanking, mixture of gases; 
-Monti 'heibU, air-bnbhle; -caM castle in the 
air ; -bottfCf curtain representing Uie sky in a thea- 
tre; -ten/ noise — , report in the tir; -tefttl^ vid. 
^tntmeltegn ; -fattg, vw* 93{nlfang/ Sttftreii 
-TonX/ sky-blue; -frt/ mdj. void of air: -glaS, oirf. 
X>dl^A8 ; -l^bttmei/ sky, atmosphere ; -pttlj 1. open- 
ing for the air*. 3. breathing hole, spiracle; -^ulflua|)/ 
▼ahro; -Ub/ fiery meteor; fireworks; -HaI)/ valve; 
-fcebd/ atmosphere; -lag/ stratum of air; -\ti, adi. 
light as air , airy ; -maolet/ aerometer ; -molning/ 
painting of the sky; -malt/ air-dried malt; -IttOs 
fKne, vid. -Bolton; .4>omi»e/ air-pomp; -ipxn^tt, 
endiomotor; -tetfe/ aefonantical excursion, aerial 
^7*C*) "" trip ^ -vcnfcvi veatilitor \ -YcnStiin^ tta- 

tilaliom -V«t, l.air-pipe, ventidnd; S. windpipo. mdho«| 
-fei(ab0/ acroslalion; -feilcV/ aeronaal; -ff^/ oM. 
-BoQcn ; -flm, meteor ; -{lot/ out. -f afiel ; -f4»ting^ 
caper, gambol, capriole ; -{Uue / calm ; •fhwg/ di- 
rection of a cuirent of air ; -ftreiU/ cwrent of air ; 
-ft«tte, column of air; -ftei}/ atom; -fl^n, vid, 
-ftin; -f^re/ loid. jtuift^ie; 'it^, «M« -fPin; 

; Ittfttomt wttttt, 

-tons } adj. void of air , . 
void; -tomBeb/ vacuity; -ttOgt/ ventilator; -ttt^f, 
pressure of the air, atmospherical pressure; -tMtf/ 
draught, — cwrent of air; -t«t/ adj. air-tight ; -ittt^ 
Bel)/ density of the air; -tfiTYet/ adj. air-dried; 
'^Wi^j almospherical moisture ; -bttgt/ ««d. -)flt9^6tt* 

Sufte / V. a. dc i. to blow gently ; bet Begmtfefr 
at I. { @fetlene/ the saiU begin to fill ; bet Ittftet 
Ittt 4>aa ^anbet* there is a light breese on the wa- 
ter ; I. et ^arelfe. to air a room. — Suftnmg/ en«- 
pU -er. breeze ; airing. 

Suftig/ adj. airy, breezy* — SttftigB<^/ em 

Suge/ en* pi -r. trap-door; shutter V fl* T. hatch- 
es. :=: Comp. S-f aim , coamings of the hatches \ 
-jent/ -flang/ hatchbar. 

^ Suge , «. a* to weed. = Comp. S-B<^</ ^^ ; 
-tent, garden tool for weeding; -tonC/ wcoder; 
.fl»abe/ vid,^'\extu. ^ 

Sugger/ eii. pi. -e« logger. 

Sugn/ v«rf. luutu 

Sttgt/ en. pi, c. smell, scent, odour ^ fcrtte S* 
boa noget/ to perftune , scent a thing ; gtbc S« fra 
fig/ to emit — , send tarth a smell ; Bivnbt S./ 
burnt smell. = Comp. SugteftaftC/ -g(a8/ smelling- 
bottle ; -lefi/ a4f. inodorous, scentless ; -ntttitf ol- 
factory nerve* 

Sugte/ «. a' ft i. to smell ; I. ttl nDget, to smell 
a thing. = Comp. S-TCbffaB/ olfactory organ* 

Suffe/ et. pi. -t* fastening, lock. 

Suff e/ «. a. to shut, dose ; luftet Sogn, a close 
carnage ; I* en ^«T af/ to lock a door ; (. foi/ to 
to lock up; I. {/ to shut, close ; I. tSaaS, tc^ek; 
I. een tnb — ub ab d^abeberen/ to let oneH — 
out at the street door; I* een ititt, to lock one in 
— up ; 1* Op I to open, unlock ; I. til/ to shut <^, 
close up ; I. een Ube/ to shut — , lock one onl| to 
exclude. — Suffelfe/ en* fastening* — Stttfen/ 
SuYning/ en* shutting etc* 

MU, V. a. 4t i. to lull. 

f Sum, adj. very hot. ^ 

Summer / adj. sultry, sweltering. = Comp. K- 
Bebe/ -Daimf/ sullry — , sweltering heat. 

Sumpe/ p. o. to treat disgraccMly, — scunrily. 

SumpeU/ adf. paltry, scurvy, shabby, mean. — 
SuthpenBeb , en* paltriness, shabbiness, scurvincss, 

Sumre, v. «* l. to swelt^, be sultry; 2. to smoulder. 

Sumif/ adj. insidious, cunning, sly, deceitful. ~ 
Sumff^eb/ en* insidiousness, cunning, deceitfulness* 

Sunb/ en. pi. -e.j|rove. 

Sunb|it(fe/ Sunflim, en* pi -v* linchpin. 

Snnei en* pi. -T. humour, moodi spirits; whim. 




etprice; btttt i get —/ {lei iiXMt, to be in good 
— , bad huraoiir, — ipiriu ; ffnttC -^z tale meb IS./ 
10 write — , speak with hnmonr. = Comp. S-fltH), 
adj* l.bnmoimome, oapricioos, whimsieal; 2.bumoroiu \ 
•letf adj. bumorovt, facetious ; -ttii9 , adv, accord- 
ing to whim ; l^lttt tt U^\i% Se^Ogeltg, she is agree- 
able as the fancy takes ber. 

^hxtit, V. «. vuf. sub (nun* 

Sunge/ en- i»/. -x* lang, lighu (of cattle.) r!: 

Comp. (imgeaAnl)ettt)e/ adj» breathing by means of 
Inngs ; -MXt, pnlmonary vein \ -Betombelfe, inflam- 
mation of the Inngs , pulmonary inflammation ; -6ttlt/ 
abscess in the lungs \ -ltto6/ -moeS/ vid. ^infer ; 
'^t\\tt sausage of chopped lights and liver; -{tag/ 
purple spot or stain in the face \ -fot/ pnlmonary 
consumption, phthisis \ -f^g/ phthisical, consumptive; 
-fbge/ vid. -fot) -ttrt/ lungwort, pulmonary. 

Sjunlm/ adj, lukewarm, tepid. — l^nlett^et/ 
tn. lukewarmness, tepidness. — limine/ r. «, & i. 
to make — , become lukewarm — tepid. 

^tVMit, en. pi, -T. match ; Itigte Suntctt/ to smell 
a rat. = Comp. 8-6«8fe / matchlock ; -ftcf , lin- 

^imiit, en. a little bit (of distance). 

Sttnle/ «» i to lig, loiter; l^an fom tuntente 
eftet/ he came Jogging behind. = Comp* S-gaitg, 
loitering —, jogging pace; -tra»/ Jogtrot. 

18unftiWe/ vid. guntfitWe. . 

Stnre/ «. «. dc t. lo listen, eavesdrop; to lurk, 
lie in wait, watch, waylay. — Suten/ en. listening 
etc. .= ComP' S-frog/ -Dratt/ lurking-place, ]ui4(ing- 
hole. — Suret/ en* pi. -e* listener, eavesdropper; 
Inrker- — gurentreieT/ en« shuirier, sharper, cheat. 
— JBurcri/ et. t>w. Sureit, 

Sttte; V. «. to nap, doze. 

SurDet/ a</;V shabby. 

Sttfing/ en. drubbing, licking. 

i^ufle/ V. t. 4fc a. to sneak, scnlk about; I. ttf/ 
to slink away, sneak off; I. fia ixl noget/ to ^obtain 
somufcing by cunning or artiflce; I* ttoget Ub af 

een^^d. ubfntte. — Suffen/ en. stteaking etc. 

Sufltbt/ 9>l(. suft Su. 

Sut en. lute* 

Sutl^eranei/ en* pi. -e. lutherau. 

Sut$er{7/ aoTj. lutheran. 

Sutter/ adj, pure, sheer, mere; 9^an faae U 
(Sutt Og (Sfflt)/ nothing was to be seen but gold 
and silver. 

Sttttte/ «• a. to purify, depurate; to prove, try 
(of metals;) tutttet ^oUVfititt, depurated nitre. = 
Comp* S-btgel/ crucible; -Oben/ furnace. — ^if 
ixm, Sttttrtng, en. purification, depuration; proving, 

ftttUt/ t>id. Sub. 

\t«m, adj. pi. lune* skeltered, warm. — ^-^tt, 
en. warmth, comfortable — , genial temperature. — 
lune/ «. a. dc t. to shelter, make warm. 
, SUUT/ n. «. (with the preposition pM)f flaae — , 
1*98^ — ' bcere ^aa &/ to stand — -,be on the watch, 
lie in wait; play the eavesdropper* , 

Shim, en. pi. e* nap, doze ; toge fig ttt S./ !• 
take a nap. 
^VX, tn. pi* id. Nort. bom, trumpet* 
ISitu9/ en. pi. id* lonse. :z C9Mf . SttfcfoJbc, 

ointment for the lousy dbease, -f))ge/ phthiriisis, 
morbus pediculoris ; -tort)/ vid. $taltetortr. — »ufc, 
V. a. to louse. -^ Itlfet/ a<^'. lousy. 

i^b, etU »* T. weathergage, Inff ; Intbe — , bmbc 
Stttmt/ to hanl — , gain the wind ; toge Suktlt frft 
UUf to get to windward of ^ one, take the wia4 
from one. ^ Comp. ^UtiOXtf windward. 

2nx, en. i. vid. jgod ; 2. canning fellow. 

Su)nt6/ en* pi. e. luxury. 

1^1^/ et* pi* e. shelter, cover ; bcert i S* / to be 
sheltered; fege fi-, to take shelter. 

1. S^t/ en* col<\ur, hue ; fxVtt Z*, to turn Mle. 

2, g^t/ en* sound, noUe; jtongen ^giercbcidtfer 

the king demanded to be beard. =: Comji. f^J^t^f 
vibration in the atmosphere caused by sound; -fecclf 
particle of sound; -fivdf aperture for the transinis 
aiott of sound; -^flf ttdj. quick of hearing: -^s 
rig^eb/ quickness of hearing; -(fitnate/ 1. dvalion 
of sound; 2. Grant T. quantity; -I(nC/ aconstics; 
-(e8/ adj. 1. soundless; 2. mole, speechless; -fEtt^ 
phonetic writing; -f^rog/ vocal language; -fbtngs 
ntngr vibration; 'tegn, 1. sign or character ex- 
pressive of sound; 2. accent. — Ipbeltg/ a4i. au- 
dible , loud. — l^beligen / li^Migt, l^bt, mdv. au- 
dibly, loudly, aloud. • 
Sl^t^tffo^/ en. suffragan bishop* 

1. ^t}U, V. 1. fob/ ttftit, f (ttbet. 1. to sound; 2. 
to be of a certain tenor; faolebed Itfbe Orbeiie/ — 
fob I^an8 %aU , these were the words , he spoke 
to this effect; ^adfet l^ber ^a 6an8 ^lobn, the 
passport is made out in bis name; XDBltgOttonen l^e 

ber yaa^^cenbe^aberen/ the bond is payable to the 
holder, — bearer. — S^belfe/ eit« tenor, purport* 

2. g^be/ V. i. vid. l^ttc. 

3. S^be/ V* a. fob, E^bt, to obey ; I. eenS 9laab/ 

to follow one^s advice* — Il^btg, a^. obedient, 
dutiful, obsequious. — l^t^big^lb/ en. obedience, 
dutifulness^ forbre S. af een, to exact obedience 
of one; btfe S. mob Sooene / to yield obedience 
to the laws ; tbinge tt( S./ to reduce to -*, compel 

4* S^be/ V. a. to deform, injure, mutilate. 

S^be/ en. pl» -r* blemish, fault, defect, vice. := 
Comp. (l^befrt/ adj. faultless, without blemish ; -fulb/ 
adj. Aill of defects, — blemishes; -foS, ll^bedfoS, 
adj. without blemish, — defect. 

S^e/ V. i. (for) to shelter. 

S^gte/ en. pi. -r. lantern; Htnb &/ dark lan- 
tern. = Comp. giMtemanb / Jack o** lantern, WiU 
with a wisp; -^1/ lamp-post; -^OX, lamp-tax ) 
-ffm, lamp-light. 

1. I^t^tfe/ l^effe* en. pi* -r. inclosnre. 

2. S^ffe/ en. pi. -r« noose, slipknot, loop* 
S. S^ffe/ en. pi c* \. fortune, luck, chance t 2. 

ood fortune, good luck, prosperity, success; patte 

9fYen meb fig/ to be fertunate; forfvge fin &/ to 





tiy 0B8*s lack, — fortoie ; frijll S^lfeit/ to tenpt 
fortune; ^* ^Aft SUifm^ a pleaMUt Journey. '— 
voyage to ypa, sncceis attend yon \ cnfjtt tttl- ttt S.^ 
9id. I9l«ttt7e ; bet oai ^attS S. at ^lanfen f^ellt, 
it was fortonate for him that the plank held ; tti 
oat en jlvr ^. at «.«.# it was by great good lack 
that *».«; ti( 2*, ttl ai 2., fortttnately, Inekily, as 
good lack would have it •, ^aa IS* 6g Kromme/ 9id. 
mmttmt; gisre filtS./ <o make one's fortune; tttflve 
Jc*/ to he saccessAil , to sacceed, take ; l^tm gtOlbe 
ntegett S* ^aa 93aUet/ she was mach admired at 
the ball ; beioeb giorbe l^an fin IS* / that was the 
making of htm, — his fortune; S^ffen ^CIX giort 
^atlt Obermobt^/ success — , prosperity has made 
him insolent ; ttl nttn IS r fortunately — , luckily for 
me ; labe f otttme an pad & / vid. ^rotittite. = 
CVimp.lS^ReBoBIe/ babble of fortune; -bluRett^ adj\ 
intoxicated with saccess -^^ prosperity; -fltft^ an 
adventaroos undertaking.^ — feat, — act; -^nfleT/ 
adventurer, dare-devil; -$tul/ wheel of fortune ; -jorget/ 
fortnne-bunter ; -ttg/ a4)' fortunate, lucky, success- 
ful ; -ffifte/ change — -, turn — , reverse of fortune ; 
-fFub/ vmL @flum^efrub; -f4>U/ chance game; 
••U)tQeT/ player of chance games, hazard player; 
>f)nnn0, sudden turn of fortune ; -fiieme/ lucky star; 
-tt<rf/ lucky hit, — chance; -Datfel/ auspicious •— , 
lucky omen, augury of success* 

S^tfeltO/ adj. 1. lucky, fortunate, prosperous, snc- 
oessfnr; 2. happy. — l^ffeltgbttd/ adv. fortunately, 
luckily, happily. [prosper, speed* 

ii^Ktif y. dep. dc impen. (t^ffebee. to succeed, 

Si^Ifaltg/ mdj. happy, blissful, felicitous. = Coffii». 
l9lfMtQgt«re« V. a. to make happy, to bless, bea- 
tify; -gterelfC/ beatification; -^tt, ett. happiness, 
bliss, felicity, beatitude; -^eb^bttft^ Innate desire of 
happiness ; -l^fbdlffye / doctrine — , system of true 

^^fenffe, v. a. to wish — <> give one Joy, con- 
gratulates felicitate. — Si^f mtffntitg , ett. pi. -ec 
congratulation, felicitation. = Comp. IS^ftfttffniltgS:: 
itCOf letter of congratulation, congratulatory letter* 

IS^tt/ 1. lighfninr; 2. flash of lightning; 

Uk enc S«fulgte l^aftig ^aa set anM, flash followed 

flash in quick succession. = Comp* S^naflebfCr 
conductor, li^tning rod ; -hMff quick, fiery glance ; 
4lttB/ vivid flash of lightning; -flttgt, vM. -fnot^eb; 
-glfmt, flash oflightniuff; -{% lightning; -fUtg, 
stroke of lightning; -ftagettr "At- 1- *^ck by 
Hgfatning; 2. fig. thundetstratii ; -fttOt/ adf. swift 
.~, rapid as lightning; -fttorl^eb/ celerity — , rapi« 
ditv of lightning; -fnraate, flash of lightning, 

g^tte/ 9.i.& imp»rs, to lighten; et^aT l^ttettbe 
i^itte, a pair of flashing eyes. 

ISt^ ett* pi* e. heather, heath* = Coutp. Z-WCk, 
species of heath ; -fobeV/ fodder consisting of heath ; 
-0radlt{tta> heath pasture ; -^ebe. heath, moor ; -jorb/ 
heath soil; 'fofl, heath broom ; -onit/ adder ; -fleet/ 
catting of heath ; -\ixU, vid. S3re(fttgl. 

itjgm, vid. Sire. 

^, adj, light, lightsome, laminoas, lucid; bet 

W U ^OA, IB broad daylighit a{«re Ve/^t fig. to 
clear; ct I^fl ^e»eb/ ett M QforftOttO, a clear 
head, — Intellect; (l^fe^OtefHQmgeT/ clear — , lu- 
minous notions; l^fl ^aat, light — , fair hair; (• 
4^ttt, a fair skin. =Z Comp, Il^9bttttfe(, m^'. elara- 
obscure, ekiarO'Otcwo ; -faittet/ adj* light-coloured ; 
-^aoret/ «4p. light — , fair-haired; -baogeit/ broad 
— , wide awake ; -«t7t/ adj. light-eyed. — It^febloO^ 
-bTUtttt IC/ light blue, — hrowu etc. 

IS^S/ et. p/. e* light; bet gtf et 9. o^ for v&^ 

a light flashed upon me ; btit^e fOT Sl^fet/ to bring 
to light; {laae fig felb t IS^fet/ to stand in one's 
own light; (afte IS. :))aa en ^ittg/ to throw light on a 
subject ; f(ette noget i fit xmt S. , to set a thing 
in its propei; light ; fete een 6ag Sll^fet , to imposa 
on -—J dupe — *, deceive — , humbug one. SZ Cowup, 
iS^Sgltmt/ glimpse of light: -^u(/ aperture Dsr tho 
transmission of light ; -tfltgU/ luminous ball ; -lltl^ 
midge, gnat; -rant/ a luminous margin (e. g» of 
the moon) ; -xotl, -ff tt, «^* aflraid of light ; -fMf 
substance of light; -fbaaU/ ray of light; -fte«llt# 
stream of light* 

IS98/ et. Pi. id. candle, light, Juminary; Deb &/ 
by candle light; fnl^be -'/ flulfe St^fet, to snuff ^, 
put out the candle; IS^fct git ub, the candle went 

out; fl«be — , l^ombe — / tombe 8.# to mould — , 

bum— , light candles; St^frt Stcrnbev flott— m«lAl 
— ItUt — Blndfer — Uiftet, the candle hums 
brightly — dimly — runs or gutters — flames — flares. 
= Comp* S^fearm, 1. candelabra ; '2* branch of a 
candlestick or chandelier; JMttt, rod for hanging 
dipped candles on ; -fotltt/ candle mould ; -OattSf . 
Michaelmas goose ; -gom, wick-yam ; -f aSfC/ -f l^er 
candle box; -front, chandelier, lustre; -lab/ framo 
for cooling dipped candles; -p(bt, socket (of a 
candlestick) ; -|)tabe# flat — , bedroom candlestick ; 
-iMTOfit/ saveall; -lt)ttbfer, candle-snnffer; -fajE, snnffen ; 
-ffievtn, screen, shade ; -flutfet/ extinguisher ; -f))tb/ 
Wtf. -Bn'Re: -fiage/ candlestick; -fl«Bc¥/ tallow 
chandler; -fteBnmg/ candle making; -tanbe/ -taite^ 
snuir of a candle ;- -bffge/ wick of a candle. 

S^fe, V. ». dc •* 1. to give —, emit light; 2. to 
shine; 3. to light, illumine; I. frent/ vid. fceml^fe; 

I* %xtt, Hid. frebl^fe; u 93elftgnelfen , to pro- 
nounce the benediction; I. eetTUb^/ neb ab %xap^ 
pttni, to light one out — , down stairs; I. iiiSSi^ 
teftob, to publish the banns (of marriage) ; h >t^ 
Cp, to advertise the finding of any thing ; at C i 

^tttfeme eftet een font er Borttemt / to raise the 
hue and cry after one. — St^^ning/ tn* publication 
of the banns of marriage. 

g^ffe, en. pL -r. the groin. = Comp> 8-Brof, 
inguinal hernia ; -Bl^lb/ swelling in the groin, bubo. 

Vtf^t, V* a. 1. to louse; 2. to plume (of birds). 

IS^dne/ V. i. 1. to light, lighten, illumine, illu- 
minate ; 2. to grow light, to dawn. — S^^ning/ en* 
lighting etc. 

S^fi/ en. 1. delight, pleasure; 2. inclination, lik- 
ing; 3. desire, ametite, lust: fanbfeltge Softer/ sen- 
sual appetites; faac iS* tit/ to take a fancy to; 




%$»t2,i^, to feel ii«lifle4-^, htm • mia< to; jig 
|«r talit ia^flen ^Cltil I kave to»l aU derire for iL 
I am oat of coaccit with it; Idbe ftg |«tnb« af 
fitte 2^^Vtf to bo canied away by oao*a doaurea) 
Skigtin ft ^an9 S./ hunting is hi* dalicbt; ^ 
SKON^ fin &, avery one to bia likinff ; St^flen ttt:: 
>CK 93omet, nothinf Booma bard to a willing mind. 
S Gomp. S)7|last(C|Mf pleasure grounds; -«r6ei^<» 
work of pleasure; -DOOb, pleasure boat; -fott* alea- 
nnre trip , Jaunt -f^rtotrrfm, ftreworfcs ; -f«lelfe, 
pleasurable seasalien ; -gftatt/ villa ; -^ang, prone' 
Bade ; -^<M(« pleasure garden ; -I^ADCntC, a4/> de- 
iiroua of purcbasingi 'l^atoer^ fancier, amateur; -l^fts 
iMVt/ ft fancy; -9mt9/ sumacr'^bonse , arbour, 
Wwer; -tit/ bonfire; -}agt, 1. sporting party; 3. 
^ pioaaure yachi; •lamp/ abass flgbl; 4(t(, camp for 
froat teviewa and military exercises ; -lunt/ grove ; 
-4|ttaitceK# parterre of flowers ; -¥t(fl/ pleasure trip; 
♦Vitif ride for pleasure ; -{lot, conalry palaee ; -f^, 
cOQUiedy; -{let)/ country place; -{91I/ pleaanraUe 

algbc; -tout/ 9id* -rctfc/ -fart; -nanbitttg/ walk, 

promenade t -ttarCT/ fincy goods, — arliclca ; -9«rtf/ 

irid* -ot^etof* 

ig^flC/ «. a. dc i. 1. to desire, eoTel; 3. to take 

picnaure,— deUgbt in; 3. to choose; ^f fatt faoc 

^Ab !S)l l^tX, you can get whatever yon chooao. 

'- Sl}{le8, V. dS!/'. vid, (i^tte. 

l^tJReltg, a4y. plcaaanl, pleasiag, ddigbtfnl* 
^mm, •4i. ft* (9{hu. desirous, covetous; ^Ittt 

UO) t fov t>^t/ she got a longiBg for fknit. '-^ 

Sllftlltlycb, (1t« longing, craviB|. 

%ftfr/ m. fl* .c« Old. 9ale{lang, 

^l^ftig. •4f. 1* merrr^ gay, blithe, iocuad. joUy^ 
Jovial; f 3. charming, delightful; gt«tC {tg I. ODCt, 
to make merry with, ridicule, quia; cn I* 93wber/ 
a jolly fellow. — S^fttg^eb/ m* l. mirth, merri- 
■mt, gaietj, jollity, hilarity; 3. merrymaking. 

glyfhe, «. t. to obey ; @fiBtt (^fhn iff e dUret, 
the ship does not answer the helm* — Sl^fhrot/ ca. 

Si^ttC/ V. •. to listen, hearken, give ear to ; t^t I 
karkf — %^iitXit en* listening etct 

£l^tM/ t*i.4La. \9\, U\tU to He, tell a lie orfalae- 
hood, to tell a fib,— atory, coJI. to shoot with a long 
ft«w, eoU* (« fbt een, to tell one a lie ; I« ifid^i tm, 
to tell liea of one ; I« cen b«t/^ to give out a false 
Nport of one*s death ; I* {ig fct / to firee one's self 
hy « lie ; I* i {in egen $>tng . to boast of riches 
•M has not. — S^bOt/ en* lying etc. = Ctmp, 
Sl^Oe^ttlMie/ fhlse appointment; -f^gf/ passion for 
lying ; -tale/ lying — , mendacious speech* = Sflgn/ 
•It* pi, -c* lie, fhtsehood, fib, eott. stpiy. eoU, =: 
Uonogltg/ adj. lying, mendacious. — £«gnagitg:: 
I^Of en« mendacity, mcndaciousness< — l^flgnet/ en* 

pl* -e. S0gner{fe, en, i>/« -t, liar, fibber, coil, 
atory-ieller, eoji. 

^9t, et. 1. shelter: 3. i\r. T. lee; ItOOe \ S., to 
bo sheltered; 9tQVet tSttl Kfelm a lee ! TS. af i^Ons 
Ui, under the leo of the land. = Camp. iSotbovb/ 
le#-boanl; -6ok}» Ito b«v;, -feiT« studding sail, 1 

S«6i/ en. fI« -«, Up ; bit Itgga nug 4Nui 9«v 

omte, 1 have it on the tip of my tongue. — Comp* 
Icrftebonitet/ lip-shaped, labiate; -ftOlfi, eaacer of 
the lip ; -f eb^b, suavity of speech* 

Sotbes* et« leather. = C^mp* l-OAttO, lenthory, 
coriaoeoua ; -{laff 1/ leathem bottle ; -^onoeL leaihcv 
trade; -^onbleC/ dealer in leather; -aatDnitlg, ta«- 
ning df leather ; -tn^nt/ leather coin Co. 9. ••» Cfts- 
im); -irav leathem strap; <-fat leathern* bag ; -fUm^ 
gC/ hose of a fire-engine; -loitgfl/ leather dreaoert 
-tet/ articles of leather. 

Sorbtfe/ pid. debife* 

S«b{fc orSttffC/ o. «. 10 slake, onench ; L SLoSt, 
to slake lime; gtO mtg en jDltl S^Mtb at U VBO^ 
pOtt/ give nM a -drink of water lo queack my 
thirst; m lorbflmbe 2Drif« a ref^shing 
Comp> !S-brif , refreahbig beverage, — draught. — 
Sftbftltfc. VX^ quenching etc* — l^ttbffnmg, CIU 
slaking of lime. 

Ig«g« adj* lay. =: Com^. 2-lfoober, lay brother « 
-foil, laity; -manb/ layman. 

Sag/ en* pi. ^c* calf (of the leg). 

igag/ et. P/. id. fold, plait; Iirgg< t 8., to fold, 
plait, lay in folds. 

Sotgb/ It* pi. -er. division of the country in Dos- 
merk for miNtary conscription. 1= Cwt^. 2ffg)M9ff 
forftonbet/ snperinUndant of a Sttgb ; -xmt, roll of 
a «crgb; -febbel, aoldier'a certilcato ahowing die 
)S«gb, to which he belonga. 

i^Ogb or ig«gbe/ en* situation, site. 

^tm0 en* pi. -r. physician, t leech. = C^mp. 
S-btel)}, medical aid; -tllf^n medical attendaneo. 

lecrgl/ V. a. to heel, cure. = Comp. S-bog, aM-> 
dical book ; -6imib/ medicinal — , mineral well, spo ) 
-bri{» potion; -fUbt/ medicinal — , mineral' apring ; 
fiaft/ keaiiug —, sanative power; -ton{l/ art of 
healing, medical art; -funb{fa6, medical knowledge, 
— science ; -f^nbtg/ ad^. skilled in the art of heal- 
ing; -moabe, method of cure ; -mtbbel, medicine, 
drug, medicammt; -|}(antl» medical —, medicinal 
plant; -))(a{ter/ beating plaster; --VXi* vid. -^OMtf | 
-ttibenftaS/ medical acience, science of medicine. 
•*- Icegelig/ adj^ curable. -^ Sogtitng/ cn. heal- 
inc etc. 

Sftgebom, eiu ph c. 1. medicine ; 3. healing 
power; 8. cure, recovery. [to claw ol^ 

Sotgett^al/ en. lee shore ; I«ggc en !ii. fm fig/ 
^MM, V. a. (agbt/ logt* to lay ; U {tn ^ot/ — 
Dtoetnole/ to put down one's hat, — Uke of oue*e 
great coat ; L {ig^ to go to bed ; UDetTIt — / S3tns: 
ben ^ai lagt {tg, the storm ~-, wind has subsided t 
$(aabfn lagbe fig 4)aa SUeben , the fleet anchored 
in the road ; (gggen ^Ot logt fig/ the edge is mm* 
eds (« af/ Wd. aflOMe; I. on, to level, Uke aim; 
L m, vM. l&i; Lftg efter/ to apply one's self to, cul- 
tivate, lay one's self out for; L fbt/ to carve; !• 
fta, to put away; I. ^tt^dt^ f^A/ to clear oae'e 
self of something ; I* (3lb) t (Oontn)/ to Ughl 
a fire (in the stove^; L ^g imeUem, to inlerpoao, 
interfere ; I* en Simt itib, to take in a gown ; U 




H Aebt Orb inb fn Ctn » to p«i in a |oo4 word 
fvr me ; I* fift. {oV ))aft ft 9$fft(l^ttufS, •• r«t «r 
tt tn inn ; I. (9Y«ni — , 9ni0t neb, id picUe — 
ftturf reg0table«, -* frnU ; (* ett i&9^t om, to 
reiMTe a aireet^ I. fit S3ri «m ab tt Q^^, to fo 
nrand bj a place ; I* $Cltge 0|)r to Jay ap money ; 
(• SDldf ep# to take tke wkey from lonr miNt tor 
taxi»\ L StOOb tpf to lay — , ooaeert piano; U 
baa. 1. to raiao tfte price ; 9r» to Mddle, to barnctt \ 
u ®tvaf ^aa, to impose a penalty on ; U famuun/ 
1* to add — % caat — >• nun np; 2* to apell; 8. to 
•hib together; L 5tet fommoi/ to fold; t i^, to 
add ; I. jtttatlirt ttX to rear, breed, raise annnals ; 
bm itte logbe ^t^t it(/ bnt anbm ^ogit, one 
flmnd horsea, the other a carriage ; ^ooet — / @9tn 
b^et — / ft logt tilt the aea—- , lake is freezing, 
•^nUten: I« {19 en (SifUitoOgC til/ to set np a car- 
riage ; t tflSogC/ ««i(. titDOA^tfgge ; t ^^1 ttb/ 
to lay oat money; t* en fttou Ub^ to let ont a 
fvwn; L Oliing ub it( bet ^bfle, to pnl the beet 
cMamctlon on every thing ; (« ecn ttb ftfin fBatnts 
faber^ to hther a child npon one; U ub af en 
I^Otm^ 10 pnt ont of a port« =: Comp. SceflgeioTb/ 
gnmnd plongked in antonm -for aowlng in spring; 
«t(b/ laying season. ~ Sttgg^/ Sffgning, en. 

Sdgte/ en. p'. -t« laih.^ Comp. S-txeif/ trdib* 
SttAte; «• «. I0 cover — , line with laths. 

2«tf/ en. leak ; ®({6ct fif en S«/ the ship sprang 
i leak. — 9«tffabS, en. leskace, 

Scelfc/ 1>. i« to leak. — Scrtnmg, en. leaking, rr 
Gfnp, Sorffftfiin/ drippings of wkie; -tKTvf, eva- 
porating apparatus in MH mannfiictevies. 

ISttftUf en* ermine* Jr««re<« erm«fi0«. 

Sttiirt/ ««(f. daiity^ nice, delicate. = Comp. 9- 
iMbffen/ dainty, tid-bit, delicacy ; -Itmnb/ sweet- 
Moth ; -fulien/ «Mf/* having an appetite for dainties ; 
-fnlt; appetite for dainti«t; -fl^e, rravlng for dain- 

tiaa ; -tonb , W4. -miinb. — SttRer^eb , en. pi, 
Jtu daintinaae, delicacy. — Sorffcri, et« pi. -er. 
WA ^c^ffn^tbffm. — lorffre^ «». I. (fvr) to faed 
with dainties, pamper with tid-bits. (season. 

%ftmBNLf V. i. la lamb. = C^mp. 2-ttb, landing 

Sompe, l«mt)eltg/> vw. (on^e. 

Sttn, «M. ee^ 

toib, «<rf. 9enb* 

liflmbfe, en« IVorr. bar of wood laid tin a river 
to stop Boatiiif timber. 

i^ente, v. •. ir r€f^ 10 lean, incline. = ^onv. 
SemefloO arm-chair^ easy<-chair. 

Scmgbe, en« «M. t n* Cong. 

Scnge/ en. pl^ -X* range, row (of bnildings). 

8«mge/ «49. Icm^/ (omgfl^ long ; foT lonae 
flben, long ago, — since ; tomftfte — / Utngjl oowe, 
Jhrther ^, farthest oflT. 

Sontf^e; «• o. oMi. Motnge. 
Somgcdy V. dep* (tfter)/ to long (for, alter). 
Scrngfel, en. jil. -Qti*. loaging. =: Coni|>. (-fitlb/ 
longing • 

Svning, P*4^ m. jvL -CC (soldiers*) pay* 

SomCe/ en. pi. -r* 1. chain ; 2. fetter. =: C^mps 
l^^be, p. «• to chain, fotur ; -fc(, m4i» Area from> 
ohaina, nnfetlered ; -^unb, dhain-dog ; -m^, sleeve-^ 
button; -fnoTe/ chain shot; 4eb, Unfa of a chain v. 
-US/ vid. -fn : -l«{i, m<y. freed from chains, nB> 
chained ; -tt^Cfct / attj. oppressed ~, galled with 

Scenfe, v. a. to chain, link, fetter. — Somhttn^^ 
en« chaining etc. 

Somfe, e. a. «M. lenfe. 

Scmte, «. •• to tarry, Ildger, stay away. 

S»|), en» pendttloas leshy pan, vfif. ^0g(4Mlr- 

S«i^, a<f>. learned, erudite; en I.0?o(e/ a gram- 
mar school ; et (4etbt <Sie({fao, 1. a learned body | 
a. literary society, academy ; en SoRb/ a scholar, 
man of letters. 

I^arbont/ en. />!. -ItU* l. learning, erudition, scho- 
larship; 2.. doctrine; 3. lesson; 4. Instruction. ST 
Comp. Sorrbmnfifaa, department of learning ; t -|is 
fletie, history of literature ; -ntanb/ Wd. I^WCb; 
-ben, a friend to learning; -Oorrf/ a learned. work, 
work of erudition. 

S«tt/ 9. a. 1. to teach ; 2. to learn ; I. cen at 
{fdve, — lorfe/ to teach one to read, — write; (. et * 
@|)TOg, to learn — , acquire a language; (ctt fc(t> 
f«r btt inl I. anbve / learn yenraeif before you ai* 
tempt to teach ofliers* 

Seen/ m. 1. doctrine, dogma ; 2. lesson ; 8. im* 
struetion ; 4. apprenticeship ; bonne ocb 8«ve M 
@frot|)el/ to form by precept and example ; fOBtte t 
18. i^o9/ to bind apprentice lo, arti^e —>, indentur* 
to ; l^an I^OX tmti m 9(aT i S. / he has aeivnd 
three years^ apprenticeship. IZ Comp. &»aar, year 
of apprenticeship; ^an l^OT {laoet {tne S-aat« ho 
has served his time (of appreattceship) ; -an{la(i> 
School, academy for public instruction; -itefcAf sy- 
stem; -Bog, clasabook; -Bieb; letters, articles, in-^ 
dentures (of apprenticeohip) ; -b^gning/ v<il..6egTc6{. 
^bigt/ didacfic poem; -btfltCT/ didactic poet; -btcn^^ 
apprentice; -entSebe; 1. place — , ofBce of a teacher t 
2. ipee. clerical office, ministry; t -fobeT/ spiritual 
teacher; -fflg, branch --', department of instruetioni 
-ffttb/ sampler; -lp% desire of learning; 49{tol# 
m4f. desirous of Instruetion, studious ; -niaabe/ ma* 
thod of instruction, — teaching ; -ttteflec , teachaTt 
master, instructor; -meflerinbe/ teacher, instruclress, 
preceptress ; -ncm, a4f. quick (at learning) ; -|>eit0er 
teacher's fee ; ^fg ffOX ntaattit Uiidt Htmpen^t, I 
have learned it to my cost; t 'ifit9\H, examination ^ 
-tegeC/ precept, rule; -rig, a<i. instructive: -Wgljeb^ 
instractiveness ; -fal/ lecture-room; *{lanb, 1- *• 
clerical estate ; 2. ecclesiastical bo^, clergy ; -ftol» 
teacher's -*, proftssor's olialr ; -fll^e/ task, lesson ; 
-((etning, axiom, maxim, thesis, theorem ; -ttb^ ip- 
prenticeship ; -Hmt, hour of instruction. =: iCKtt^ 

en. pi. -e. Pid. Stfecmeflev. ^ iiMnretrinbe/ <n. pi- 
-t, vid* «flmme{iennbe. — JBttvIingf ««♦>?'• -**• 
leanier^ diseipic, tyro, apprantief. -> 1«(1»{1% sdf* 




docile, teMhable. ^ Scerbtaigl^t ^ en. docility, 

awih, en. j»l. r* lark. = C^mp. 8-Buitt, lait'i 
ea^ t "fttngfh lark eatchinf ; -^ftttnt/ vet for catch- 
iaf larks ; -90g , nBCrlin ; -f^tv r spit for roasting 
larks; -ixttt, flight — , iMissage of larks; -ttW, sod 
— , torf for a lark^s cage. 

Soitettoe, et. pi, -tX*. larch, larch-tree. Pinmt 

iBctrling, (ontottttg/ vid. sub lent, «. a. 

£cttvcb, vid. Smct. 

)Bcr9/ et. J»f. id* load. = Comp. B-meb, pole for 
keeping down a load of hay. — IfltSfef «• o. to 
load •, I. en 9$0gn for flceilt/ to overload a waggon ; 
V ifiCMf to load; (. a^f to unload; L 001/ l>to shift 
a load nrom one waggon to another; 2. to reload. 
— £<r8fet, en, pi. -€. loader. — ^orSning, en. load- 

ing. =Z £<r8fe|}enge/ money paid for loading ; -Xth, 
rope fur tying down a lijcefnub q» «. ; -Ottd/ adv* 
by the load, in loads. 

£orfe/ «. a. & ft. 1. to read, pemse ; 2. to deliTcr 
l«etnres ; I. noget efter / to read over ; I. for een, 
to read to one; (• ftn iBectie 0)), to say — , repeat 
one''s lesson ; (» 0^ of en S3oa# -to read from a 

book ; I. ooer paa fin 9to1Xe, — ^rotbifen^ to stndy 

— , con over one's part, — sermon; U til S3orb9/ 
-^ fra !&or))/ to say grace before — , after meat; l. }(i(Ul 
fit S3aanbr to count one's beads ; U ober nootif to 
lecture on, deliver lectures on. ZZ Comp. iB-boO/ 
Passbook , eompead ; -Bort , reading-desk ; -brcci/ 
horn-book ; -bag/ lecture day ; -glftS/ reading-glass ; 
-fommer, study; -tonfl/ art of reading; -l^fl/ pas- 
•iott — , desire for reading ; . -ll^flen/ ttdf. desirous of 
reading; -maate, 1. mode — , manner of reading; 
Si (various) readings; t 'nteflCT/ lecturer, reader; 
"JfiUltf reading desk; -fal/ lecture room; -flol/ 1. 
reading (hair; 2. professor's — , lectnrer!s chair; -f)}« 
ge/ rage — , mania for reading; -time, reading hour; 
lecture hour; -trott/ a^. weary with reading; -»eKs 
tftn, the reading public ; -borrbtg/ €i^i. worth read- 
ing; -ei^elfe/ reading exercise. — Icrfelig/ adj. le- 
gible, readable. — ^ttfeligl^eb, en. legibility, le- 
gibleness. — Bcefen^en, reading, perusal. — ^cefer, 
nt* pi. -e. -inU, pi. -r. reader. — :t;tt6ntng/ en. 
vid, £cefen; en 97tanb af megen SotSntng, a man 
of extensive reading , well-read man ; gaae ttl )8./ 
pid. Qaoe ttt $vatlen, wb $r(efl* 

igoeSM/ 9. ft. to lisp. — fia^pm, en. lisping. 

ica\tf «. a. vid. tub 8(e9. 

£tt{i/ en. pi* -er. l. (shoemaker's) last ; 2. last 
(measure of capacity about two tons), z: Comp. 
S-maal, measure by the last; -{Icerer/ last maker; 
-IfHd/ adtf. by the last. 

t ^ceile/ V. a. to hurt, injure. 

Matter/ ». «. pL- racks of a cart. 

^6/ et. pL id. 1. run, course, career ; 2* bairel 
of a gun-; 3. jr«i«te. 7. run. 

€obe, «. ft. 1. to run; 2* to be in heat (of ani- 
mals) ; £(^fet UBer, the candle mhs, —gutters ; t. af 
tneb/ to carry — , bear away ; U »el — , {(be af, to 

go off well, — ill; @taat l«(er an Deb 9ttgii«)^e^, 

steel is tarnished by humidity; (. Ibort/ to run off, ~- 
away; {. for eeU/ to ran away from one; I. fin 
S3et, to ran away, make off, decamp; l« ®torm, f 
storm, assault; @tr«ntmen tober efter efter/ tke 
current sets eastward; 5ttben leberf^atHgt WM, time 
passes — ^ flies rapidly ; %tben loB I^en { @omta(c# 
the time slipped away in conversation; ber Itihtt Ct 
9ti^te/ a report is current ; labe S^timben Itiht, f 
ran on. Jabber away, rattle; S3eien Ufeer af |)aa 
Oenfhe ^^oonb / the road turas — ^ branches off to 
the left; 0inene lob i 9}anb ^aa wia, my eyes 
ran water ; I. i ^9, to ran t» seed ; oct {on ttn^ 
bertt'ben l. inb , it may sometimes happen ; t. en 
jDat inb, to burst open a door ; I. een tnb, to cmm 
VD with — ^ overtake one (ranning) ; I. Ctn inb poa 
Uttyttf to press on — , close with one ; I. tncb @lnW 
ber, to go about gossiping; (. meb et St^gtr, to 
spread — , circulate a report; I. Oltt noget, to raa 
after a thing; (. een 001/ to knock one dows (by 
running against him); L 0^, to raa ap; @0milKn 

er leben opt the seam is ripped up; jtarret l«l(nc 
ober, the vessel rans over ; I. ober til f^tenbm, to 
go over, desert to the enemy; @{tBet (eb paCL 
©runb/ the ship nn agronnd; I. bltnbt ^00, to 
rush on blindly; I. een paa ^«rm/ to importaae 
one; ^abe noget Ot 1. ^aa, to have somelhiag to 
come and go open; ber I. to 9int faoonen, here 
two roads meet ; TttUm er lo^t faotoien/ the milk 
is curdled ; bet er tffe at I. til, 1. it is not to be 
done in a hurry; 2. it is no easy matter; ^lobcn 
l«ber Ub t ^aDet , the river disembogues itself into 
the sea ; ^ejcelen l9Ut ub t 9Rorgen/ the bill bo- 
comes due to-morrow; 5terminen er ubleSen/ Oe 
term is expired; U^ret — -/ ^tnieglaSfet er lebet itb, 
the watch *— hourglass has run down ; bet l«lbcr ttb 
pa& tttf it comes—, amounts to the same thing. ZT 
Comp. £-(aanb/ running string; -hont, 1. race 
eouirae; 2. fig. career; -Bro, flying bridge; -bag/ 
day of grace ; -begn / church clerk to several pa- 
rishes; -grab, trench; -Bomntel, vM. ^orfforr; -ub^ 
1« running Are ; 2. train (Of gunpowder) ; -Rtube/ run- 
ning knot, slip-knot, noose ; -fraft/ power of ranaiag; 
-fugle, iHd. Stenberugle ; -lintC/ Hue described by a 
body in motion o. g. a ball; -nutmner/ ranaing number; 

forfbne meb Sobenummer, to number in succession; 
-^ad, at gtoe een fit — / to ton one off ; -r^gte, 

flying report; -febbel/ circular, handbill; -tib/ rat- 
ting time; -oogn, vid. ©angoogm = Seben, en.* 
ranning. ^- £«oer, ett. pi. -e* 1* runner, ranaiag 
footman; 2. upper millstone, ranner; 3. (in chess) 
bishop ; 4. muller (for grinding colours) ; 5. if. T. 
a fall. — SeberBue/ ranning footman's cap; -{Mlbt, 
ranning footman's badge; -flol, ranning footman's 

^BfT/ a^. 1. apt to ran away; 2. in heat (of 
bitches) ; ^eflen loB I. , the horse ran away. -^ 
^obffBeb/ en* aptness to ran away.' 

Sebe, en. rennet or rannet. 

Sobe/ V. a, to curdle, coagulate. 




- iB•^/ (tt* kne, eol«w» 

S^bbe, I«te, «. a. to dye, eoloor* :z Comp. 
*-fflatt</ -fteber, dying rau 

««l)fgurb, -f«Il>, fee «old, — eilrer-, -marf, 
Denish weii^t of the preciont metals. 

Settg/ adi. (of silver) haviiif. a certain proportion 
of.aUoT; 16 Wig/ pure, •.«, without alloy; IS l«s 
Otg, Danish standard, having 13 parts of line silver 
to 3 of alloy. 

^e<, «. t. to swell (of the odder of cows abovt 
«o calve). 1^ Comp. 8w-, f^tltttOf cow abont to 

^9^t, fi Wd. ««& Sobf/ V. a. 

««fte, V «. to lift, raise; Uft ^aa /Drmaen 

BtoOi: tung ^an er, feel how heavy the boy Is; l«fte 
fig, to rise (of dough). — ««ftm , ew, lifting etc. 

•^^**"^* *5t**'*?"8' '•^•'5 -*fl5/ moveaWe roof; 
-ttcett/ mif. S)onrraft. 

««a/ <t pi, id. 1. onion ; 2- bnlb. = Comp, 
l-OgHg/ adj. resembling an onion ; .bcb , bed of 
onions ; -lugt, smell of onions ; -fontttg, adj. bul- 
bous; -fnt^J|>(/ imnch of onions t -^Wfpt f onion 
broth ; -ttrt, escnlent bnlb ; -ttfltjct, bulbous plant ; 
-CrbU/ species of apple, shaped like an onion. 

iBegtt, etu vid. tub hnt. 

Wt/ adj. laxyjsluggish, slothfal; m 1. StvUvHA, 
a slack wind; @It6rt er I. ^Ad Sloret, the ship 
carries a slack helm. = Comp. :84amf/ couch. 

£«ie/ V. i, to loll. 

^flier, n. •. •/. fun, sport; gt«« ?., to make 
faa, -- soortvJ^aUe «. meb een, to have fun with 
•ae. — Imcrltg, adf. 1. funny, droll, ludicrous; 
2. queer, odd. (2, iV. T. grommet. 

««iejrt, etl« Pl. -er. l. kind of swaddling cloth ; 

««Ke, vid. ^ttu 

^Vmnul, en. pi. itmltt. looby, lubber, lout. 

*WI/ en. plane tree. Acer pseudoplatatnu* 

ien, It. #. adyarbiat. tin. art. t i8., privately, 
seeretly, clandestinely, in private, — secret. ZZ Comp. 
immc, secret dwelling; -6rett, private — , secret 
letter; -Otr, private door;^.gang/ 1. secret passage ; 
2. piaua , portico ; -grat) , secret trench or fosse ; 
-lammerr private room,— closet; -lbn«, concubine; 
-nog/ private corner, by-place ; -We, secret forni- 
cation ; -morb, secret assassination; -i^jort/ sally 
port; -tO^, secret advice ; -ffrift, cryptography, 
cipher; -ftl^ vid. .»«; -tta^t, secret — , private 
stairs ; -»ei, 1. secret — , privste way ; 2. under- 
band practices, — dealings. 

ittl, en, pi. e. 1, recorapence, reward ; 2. wages, 
pay, salary; ett 9ixWlitt er fin ««n bfltrb, the la- 
iranrer is worthy of his hire. [pid. \ igen. 

^«nbom, tn*pl. -me. mystery, secret ; iSentoW/ 

€«nltg, adtf. secret, private. — £enug^eb/ «n* 
secrecy, privacy. 

ietmtf to reward, recompense, repay, (lay ; iDette 
Boretagente {miner ftg gobt, this enterprise yields 
a good return ; tet Unner We Umogen , it does 
not repay the trouble; en »el lennet (S:m6et«m(mb, 

a well paid,^ salaried flmctionary. — JBtfNntng/ cn. 
P«y» wages, salary. — ^mtningS^ag/ payday. 

£«S, adj.- A adv. loose, slack, lax ; adv. loosely 
e»«J ftft«e (., 1. to go loose; 2. to get loose; lit 
er 3ilD U, there's a fire ; I. og UVl^vid, sub lebta; 
I«fe gfolf/ people out of place or work ; I. ^nSXt 
idle talk; Wfe 9l|M*er; — Htfttt, vague reporii, 

— promises ; I. ©titf / prose ; bttjte — , ftcmu 
— / \laat U ifiOa tm, to rush — , fail upon one, fall 
font of one; U gtl U paa ^tnanten meb 9t«ts 

titpit, they set to with their fists; flooe flg L, to 
enjoy one self, indulge; nu er f^onbcn U, there's 
the devil to pay now. ZZ leSogttg, adj, loose, dis- 
solute. — S«8aAitg^eb, en. looseness, dissoluteness. 

— Comp. I-Otnoe, «. a. to unbind, untie, undo, 
loosen ; -Br^be , «. a. to break loose ; -gt^Tf, v. 
a. to loosen ; -gang/ en. going loose, — at large; 
•Atbe, V. «» to release, set free; -gomger, -gORlgcls 
ffe/ en. vagrant, vagabond; -gangert/ tU vagrancy ; 
-l^ommer, swingle-tree; -j^olt, girder-. -J^ttTbet, a<f . 
flaccid; -fienbe, vid. .frtKenbe ; -fwU, v. a* to 
ransom ; -f )^be / v. a. to give legal notice, warn- 
ing ; -label, u. a. to let loose, release ; -laMfCf 
en. release, liberation; -Itbet, nt^'. loose in Iha 
bowels ; -rlbe/ M* a. to disengage, extricate ; -jiAt, 
V. a. to declare •— , pronounce free; -fige jig friS 
et £efte> to retract a promise; -{fubt/ adj. dis- 
charged (of a gun); -f^ttnbt, adf, 1. unbent, slack- 
ened, loosened; 2. unbuckled; -ere/ et. move- 
ables, personal property. 

^e\t, V. a. 1. loose, loosen, let loose, untie; 2. 
to release, absolve ; I, en ^nube, 4o untie a knot ; 
(• en I3ue / to unbend — , slacken a .bow ; UnbCtts 

faatteme UfleB fra bereS XnH!al&9eeb/ the suhiects 
were absolved from their oath of allegiance ; I. §ans 
ger, to release prisoners &I« en ®aabe# to solve — , 
explain a riddle; \. en fiDpAabe/-;- %\i\tii, to solve 
a problem, — doubt; I. of — tnb — 0|) -v l^, 
vid. Q^e\t, inblflfe/ bulefe/ ublufe. = U\t\\^adj* 
solvable, soluble. — Ufeltgt/ lefeltgen, adv. care- 
lessly, cursorily, vsguely, slightly, perfunctorily. — 
€«fen/ en. l. discharge.— , firing of guns; 2. word, 
watchword, countersign ; t 3. pledge, pawn. IZ Comp. 
Sefenegel, (papal) power of absolution; -)ptt%t, 

£e8m, V. a. dc i. 1. to loose, loosen ; 2. to get 
— , become loose. — SeSning / en. pi. -er* !• 

loosing etc.; 2. firing, dischsrge. = Comp. J8«6« 

mngSgabe, -^)enge, vid. 8«fe^)enge ; -ret, right of 

' 8ek», et. pi id. 1. leaf; 2. foliage; ®foben Ct 
I €./ the woods are In leaf; l^an (T Bange naar et 

S. r«rer fig/ the rustling of a leaf startles him. =: 
Cpmp. fi'Wt, festoon of boughs ; -Bcrrenbe , adJ4 
leaf bearing, foliferons ; -bafte/ covering of leaves, 
lesfy cover ; -btelffet, adj. covered widi leaves ; -falb/ 
fall of the leaf; -fiettet/ ad^, interwoven witb 
leaves; -fobet/ fodder consisting of leaves ; .fr9/ 
tree-firog; -fulb/ adj, Aill of leaves, leafy ; -fceU 
benbe, adj. deciduous ; f -gang, bowery walk ; -gr^/ 




llMfy brt»oh 5 -wen, 94/, YcrdmL gresn ; -^tt, 

leafy hedfe; -91^/ ailMur; -OOHg/ fcstooB of 
iftoaglis ; ^O^f leaf bad ; -ftanM, wrealfc — , gar- 

laad of leaves ; -fwntt* adj. leaf crewned; -tig/ 
^d[;. vM. ^(t ; -faldfefl, feaet of Ibe tabernaele ; 

-famttng/ #ollcction of dried leaves ; -fl0br wood 
• of MittTWU freest -f^nnO/ sbootin; of Ibe leaf^ 

-ftmlff/ litter of leaves ; 4vtt/ foliferoas tree ; "ictif 
^^. thick-leaved •, -^wA, 1. foliage \ %. fesUons of 

bovghsi -'Wtfi, growth of tbe leaf; ^\%, 9id. 

Setoe, V. 0. to deck with ktTM. — UtMt, v* 
Pom. to teal, iiat forth leoves. 

8«ttC/ etU //• >r. Hob. S C9M>. S-|t«U/ !!••- 
heart; -^aM>, rM. S-ltNgt; -hit, UM*s dca; 
-moby lion courage; -tmb/ 1. lion^e tMlh; 9. tea- 
delton. iMMiM^on MirMn>0««i ; •mtge/ lioi^e wholp, 
— enb; -^^t «4r* >«Ke as a lioft. -* :8«lnn^ 
etU f I. -t. lioaeae. 

f S0t)C^ «. a. to lave, wash. 

£«bfrbog/ in« Saturday. 


'Pwf. %9X maattet/ 1« may; 2. Bust, am obliged; 

%3c9 mAtUte (ee, I eonld not help laagbing; 3<9 

niaatte gaoc^ I was obliged -*, bad to walk ; tttoa 

icg fe(g( web/ may I go along with yon ; ^un l»tllc 

Vaitbf c / men l^un maatte im for 97^Dberen / she 
wished to dance bot dared not for her mother ; foi 
m^ moa l^att Bltoe ettcr retfc , Itgcfom ^an bt(, 

:he may stay or go for anghl I care ; bet maa gOOC 
:iiitfl font bet oilf b«£pM what may; maotte mgeii 
iftf Od 0^(el>e ten ^Og^ may none of ns live to 
Me that day. 

97{aaSe/ «• <. to mope. 

SXoabe/ en. p<. -l* l. mode, manner, way; 2. 

.moderation ; 3. measnre (m the Bible) ; ^aa tngeu 

'■fDl*f by no means, on no accoont, in no wise ^ i^att 

fetaen mttlt'g 9!fl* , by no manner of means ; t Itge 

SR^t 1. in like manner; 8. I wish yon the same 

^m t fifing to compUvMnUt) ; |)aa bemie SD^ Mis 

l»rr \iOltX altrig f^bJA » at this rate he will never 

have done; ^olbe Stc./ to be moderate; l^lbe S^L 

i Wi^ og (iDnfle, to eat and drink with modera- 

'«ion ; k)att{{el{g at giere tit W.., diffcult to please. 

9Had)>e0o(b/ et moderation, temperance. Zi: C<»mp. 

9^aabe^o(bdfeI{tab, temperance society. 

SDtaabe^olben , maatfel^olbenbe ^ adj. moderate, 

SKaabeltO. adj. l. moderate; 2. middling, indif- 
.faient. — 9)(-^el)/ en* l. modwation ; 2* mediocrity. 

J9}taag/ ett. pi. -e* brotber-in-law. 

'SRaoAC/ en. pi. -r. gnii, mew. 

1. S^iaaC et« pi. id. l. tongue, language; 2. 
•voice , speech ; ^an flob font pan ^at^e poeef en 
'fiDl* eOer Steele / be stood speechless. = Comp. 
Waalbierb/ f^eespoken ; -U8, adj. speechless ; -loS? 
$eb< dnmbness. ZI SDtoaldmanb/ spokesman, pleader; 
— fnub/ Mb*, eloquent; -fieOne/ (pnUic, popntar), 

%* vkikol, et* j»/. u(« 1. measarcj, dimenaion ; 2. 
rC»*li end, butt; fCl^be^ — j^te tt( 971. / to fire -^, 
vaim at a mark. =: Omp. !Dcaal86aibeV/ whalebone 
>«f certain dimensions ; ^ -^cetbet or '6erb/ boards of 
«triaiB diaensioiia; •jotb/ certain meaawo of land 

allotted to the citiiens; -mottb^ meter of (coteaM) 
land; -iffmntCT/ UTor*'. limber of certain dimowiona 
(16 feet long, 11 iachee in diameter). 

Stoole^ «. a. 1. to BMnsare, bmIo; 2. to gnagn^ 

moflle fig meb ben fbte 9Um / to oTamte omIi 

own merits; ntoole og ftgne, to eroaa and siga 
(m a «pi<ch); maole fig tneb etn, to eoa^oio 
with one. — 972aalen, flRooling/ TtaMxiA, ttu 

measnrittg, measnremcnt- =Z Cam^. SRaauMri}# 
sarreying board; 9Xaalf(ret»^ bill of toaaafc; 
-tox, Tcssei for measnring; -ftftbe/ snrvayor^sdMua; 
-fonfl, (practical) mathematics; -lobir pluauaet; 
-^enge, -Ion, fee for measuring; -<eb|fah/ iaslru- 
meat for measoriag (Nr sweyiag ; .*(<tbel# foid. VfttU 
Ufebbel; -ftibe, vid, -betb; -fnor/ measariag liao; 
-flwig^ surveyor's rod or staff; "flof/ scale; -tVtt* 
bef Daaish measure of 144 Danish quarts. -^ SKOO^ 
Xttf en. pi. -e* measurer. 

ST^aaltib, et. ph -er. meal, reput 

97taaltn>fi/ en, pi, -er* thmsh. Turdu» tmutiema. 

SDtaane/ en. pi. -c. moon. r= Con^. 9H-aax> 

lunar year ; -Bane, orbit of the moon ; .BcftrtDetfe, 
selenography; -fitei^e/ lunar moaatains; -b(tnb/ «4f* 
moon-feyed; -fonnvrfelfe / eciipee of the mooa; 
>gaacb^ riag — , halo about the moon; -gal/ mdj. 
lunatic ; -gfanbS/ moonshine ; >gltmt/ glimpse of 
the moon; «{Iat/ adj. moonlight; -ftebS/ 1. ethit 
of the moon ; % cycle of the moon (of 19 yean) 
Metonie cycle ; -l^d, moonlight ; -l)^, adj. vid. -tiox \ 
-ItfB* revolution of the moon, lunation; -VMlAtf 
•qbelb/ darii part of the month (when there is no 
moonlight); -ttng, vid. -gooib ; -tofe/ foar 
crescents; -fttfte, change of moon; -fKn/ nooa* 
shine ; -ff ti»e/ disk of the moon ; -ft^gge, 1. shadow 
of the moon ; 2. mootalight shkdow ; ^96^ *4j, af- 
fected by the changes of the moon; -f^e^ iliaaea 
modified by the chaages of the moon ; -tOl/ golden 
number; -itCoU, table of the golden nnmbers; -tt^T^ 
1. watch showing th