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l^arfaarU College iLilirars 


833 01820 8261 

Series IV, No. 2 

April, 1905 

Colby College 


Address Book 


The CotBY College BijLLETJN is published by Colby College, quar- 
terly; and is entered at the Post Office at Waterville, Maine, as second 
class mail matter, under the provisions of the Act of July i6, 1894, 






The first issue of a publication of this character is necessarily incom- 
plete. It will invite corrections and suggest many changes for future 
editions. The addresses given are the latest known to the compiler and 
are used by the Secretary of the Alumni Association in sending out 
ballots for those Trustees who are now chosen by the Alumni. 

As very few of the classes have secretaries each individual graduate 
is especially urged to report at once any changes which should be made 
in order to secure accuracy and completeness. 

For uniformity and convenience of reference the names of the women 
graduates have been placed in a separate list, as arranged in the annual 
catalogues since 1891. 



Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 




HON. PERCIVAL BONNEY, LL. D., Vice-President, and ex-officio 

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Portland, 

LESLIE C. CORNISH, A. M., Secretary Augusta. 

GEORGE K. BOUTELLE, Esq., Treasurer Waterville. 


Term Expires in 1905 


WILFORD G. CHAPMAN, Esq Portland, 

REV. FRANCIS W. BAKEMAN, D. D Chelsea, Mass, 



REV. CHARLES E. OWEN Waterville, 

HON. GEORGE A. WILSON, A. M South Paris, 

DAVID W. CAMPBELL, Esq Cherryiield. 

ALFRED KING, M. D Portland, 

WILLIAM H. SNYDER, A. M Worcester, Mass. 

Term Expires in 1906 

HON. EDWIN F. LYFORD, A. M Springiield, Mass, 

REV. GEORGE BULLEN, D. D New London, N. H. 

JOSHUA W. BEEDE, A. M., M. D Auburn, 

EUGENE N. FOSS, Esq Jamaica Plain, Mass, 

JOSEPH L. COLBY, Esq Newton Center, Mass, 

DUDLEY P. BAILEY, Esq Everett, Mass. 


GEORGE K. BOUTELLE, Esq Waterville, 


ALBERT H. DAVENPORT, Esq Maiden, Mass, 

GEORGE OTIS SMITH, Ph. D Skowhegan, 

Term Expires in 1907 

REV. A. R. CRANE, D. D Hebron, 


HON. W. J. CORTHELL, LL. D Gorham. 



REV. JOHN H. HIGGINS Charleston. 


ASHER C. HINDS, Esq Portland. 


ALLEN P. SOULE Hingham, Mass, 



Bahcock' Professor of Psychology and Moral Philosophy. 

Z3 College Avenue ; Office, Chemical Hall. 

229 Main Street. 
JULIAN DANIEL TAYLOR, LL. D., Professor of the latin Language 

and Literature. 37 College Avenue. 

WILLIAM SHIRLEY BAYLEY, Ph. D., Professor of Mineralogy and 

Geology. 70 Elm Street. 

JAMES WILLIAM BLACK, Ph. D., Professor of History and Political 

Economy. 67 College Avenue. 

ARTHUR JEREMIAH ROBERTS, A. M., Professor of Rhetoric and 

Instructor in Elocution. 13 Appleton Street. 

ANTON MARQUARDT, Ph. D., Professor of the German Language 

and Literature. R. F. D. 37, Waterville. 

JOHN HEDMAN, A. M., Professor of Romance Languages. 

28 College Avenue. 
CLARENCE HAYWARD WHITE, A. M., Professor of the Greek 

Language and Literature. Secretary of the Faculty. 

3 Nudd Street. 
HUGH ROSS HATCH, A. M., Professor of Mathematics. 

12 Nudd Street. 
GRACE ELLA BERRY, A. M., Dean of the Women's Division. 

Registrar. 22 College Avenue. 

*WILLIAM PORTER BECK, M. S., Associate Professor of Physics 

and Astronomy. 5616 Drexel Avenue, Chicago. 

*0n leave of absence for the current academic year. 


GEORGE FREEMAN PARMENTER, Ph. D., Professor of Chem- 
istry, Center Place. 

ALBAN DAVID SORENSEN, A. M., Associate Professor of Phi- 
losophy and Instructor in Gymnastics, 2 South College. 

WEBSTER CHESTER, A. B., Instructor in Biology, 

182 Main Street. 

ARVID REUTERDAHL, A. M., Associate Professor of Physics and 
Astronomy. 142 College Avenue. 

RALPH HAYWARD KENISTON, A. B., Instructor in Latin. 

72 Pleasant Street. 


Hon. Albert W. Paine 154 Court St., Bangor, Me. 


Rev. William Howe, D. D 910 Massachusetts Ave., 

Cambridgeport, Mass. 


William Mathews, LL. D 130 Pembroke St., Boston, Mass. 


Rev. Nathaniel T. Fay River Ave., 120 S., New Cumberland, W. Va. 

Rev. Thomas G. Wright 3 Alden St., Hartford, Conn. 


Volney A. Sprague 714 4th Ave,, Joliet, 111. 


James W. Merrill Inglewood, Los Angeles Co., Cal. 

Albert B. Wiggin New Bedford, Mass. 


, Rev. Stephen L. Bowler 148 Ohio St., Bangor, Me. 


Rev. Albion K. P. Small, D. D 12 Hanover St., Portland, Me. 

Rev. Moses H. Tarbox 370 College St., Lewiston, Me. 

10 COI.BY COI.I,e:GE), 


Ephraim Hunt, LL. D Grafton Center, N. H. 

Hon. George S. Low 6054 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Rev. James H. Parmeiee De Funiak, Fla. 


John Gamble. 

A. Appleton Plaisted 8 Appleton St, Waterville, Me. 


Francis M. Dodge Vv^enham Depot, Mass. 

George W. Dow 1822 Fifth Ave., Moline, Rock Island Co., 111. 

Rev. George B. Gow, D. D College Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Rev. George M. Preston 17 Cudw^orth St., Medford, Mass. 

Rev. Daniel W. Wilcox Shelburne Falls, Mass. 


Hon. \Vm. Pitt Bartlett 1102 So. Farewell St., Eati Claire, Wis. 

Rev. George Bullen, D. D New London, N. H. 

Charles PI. Davis 43 Cedar St., Worcester, Mass. 

Rev. Alfred Owen, D. D Nashville, Tenn. 

Dean of Theological Department, Roger Williams University. 

Robert F. Stratton, M. D 421 Main St., St. Joseph, Mich. 

Stephen R. Thurston Lombard, 111. 


Hon. Albion K. P. Knowlton 100 Elm St., Lewiston, Me. 

Hon. Samuel W. Matthews Augusta, Me. 

Commissioner of Industrial and Labor Statistics of Maine. 


Nathan W. Blanchard Santa Paula, Cal. 

David F. Crane 58 Pinckney St., East Somerville, Mass. 

Rev. Charles F. Foster 2204 North 17th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Col. Oliver C. Gray, LL. D Little Rock, Ark. 

Superintendent Arkansas School for the Blind. 

John W. Lamb Box 763, Hartford, Conn. 

Tristram F. McFadden Cambridge, N. Y. 

Hon. John W. Parrington 927 Rural St., Emporia, Kan. 

Charles F. Richards Rockport, Me. 

Henry K. Trask, LL. D Bridgeton, N. J. 


Rev. A. R. Crane, D. D Hebron, Me. 

Charles C. Low. 

Joseph A. Ross Princeton, Minn. 


Rev. Henry L. Chase 2750 2d Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hon. William J. Corthell, LL. D Gorham, Me. 

Principal State Normal School. 

Zenas P. Hanson, M. D 376 Warren Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Rev. George M. P. King, D. D Richmond, Va. 

Professor of English, Virginia Union University. 

Charles F. Vent 89 E. 44th St., Chicago, 111. 

Rev. Gowen C. Wilson 142 Concord St., Woodfords, Me. 


Thomas F. Bachelder 330 Pine St., Room 41, San Francisco, Cal. 

Gen. Charles P. Baldwin Georgetown, Colo. 

Hon. Simon S. Brown , Waterville, Me. 

Prof. John C. Fales, LL. D Danville, Ky. 

Dean, and Professor Geology and Biology, Centre College of Kentucky. 

Amos L. Hinds Benton Falls, Me. 

Rev. Benjamin F. Lawrence . .Bow, N. H. 

Rev. Horace B. Marshall. Milford, N. H. 

Everett W. Pattison 4254 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo. 


Hiram C. Vaughan, M. D Foxcroft, Me. 



Rev. Joseph F. Elder, D. D 201 W. looth St., New York, N. Y. 

Hon. J. Manchester Haynes Au^sta, Me. 

John H. Jackson, M. D 91 No. Main St., Fall River, Mass. 

Hon. Almore Kennedy Waldoboro, Me. 

Ransom Norton Houlton, Me. 

Levi M. Pierce 247 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

Stillman H. Record Grove St., Sta. A, Worcester, Mass. 

Jacob B. Shaw 292 Paulison Ave., Passaic, N. J. 


Rev. Frederic D. Blake Wickford, R. I. 

Rev. William A. Hatch 3517 Morganford Road, St. Louis, Mo. 

Hon. Amos M. Jackson, M. D 857 N. Main St, Fall River, Mass. 

Randall E. Jones. 

Albert P. Marble. Ph. D Park Ave. and 59th St., New York. 

Board of School Superintendents. 


Rev. Wm. C. Barrows 6 Brackett St., Biddeford, Me. 

Elias Brookings 54 Madison Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Rev. William E. Brooks, D. D Warren, Conn. 

Rev. Alonzo Bunker, D. D Newton Centre, Mass. 

Wm. D. Ewer Los Gatos, Santa Clara Co., Cal. 

George Gifford Basle, Switzerland. 

United States Consul. 

Edward W. Hall, LL. D 229 Main St., Waterville, Me. 

Librarian Colby College. 

Hon. Samuel Hamblen Hot Springs, Ark. 

Rev. George L. Hunt, D. D no So. Columbia St., Alexandria, Va. 

Rev. Asa L. Lane Hinckley, Me. 

Instructor Good Will Farm School. 

John F. Liscomb 813 Congress St., Portland, Me. 

Moses C. Mitchell Billerica, Mass. 

Principal Military School for Boys. 

Justin P. Moore 1136 Myrtle St., Oakland, Cal. 

Hon. Richard C. Shannon, LL. D Brockport, N. Y. 


Ozias Whitman U. S. Weather Bureau, St. Paul, Minn. 

Hon. George A. Wilson South Paris, Me. 


Hon. Percival Bonney, LL. D Portland, Me. 

Judge of Superior Court. 

Rev. Chas. M. Emery Southern Pines, N. C. 

Col. F. S. Hesseltine lo Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 

George C. Hopkins SSVg Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

Rev. Geo. B. Ilsley, D. D yj Brackett St., Westbrook, Me. 

Rev. S. B. Macomber Montgomery Centre, Vt. 

John O. Marble, M. D i6 Murray Ave., Worcester, Mass. 

Hon. Nathaniel Meader Waterville, Me. 

Rev. George D. Stevens Bonsall, Cal. 

Charles D. Thomas Box 134 Brandon, Vt. 

Rev. William R. Thompson New Ipswich, N. H. 

Hon. William P. Whitehouse, LL. D Augusta, Me. 

Judge of Supreme Court of Maine. 


Rev. William S. Knowlton Monson, Me. 

Gen. Henry C. Merriam. .Care Adjt. General's Office, Washington, D. C. 

Hon. Stanley T. Pullen Portland, Me. 

Ira Waldron 2370 Rosewood Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 


Rev. George W. Clowe Hudson, N. Y. 

Grenville M. Donham n Vesper St., Portland, Me. 

Howard H. Grover El Dorado, Kan. 

Augustus D. Small (i"? Ashford St., Allston, Mass. 

Head Master, South Boston High School. 



Rev. Francis W. Bakeman, D. D 121 Shurtleff St., Chelsea, Mass. 

George W. Hunt 62 Green St., Bath, Me. 

Rev. Hazen P. McKusick 221 West 2(i St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Austin Thomas, M. D 78 Gleason St., Thomaston, Me. 

1867 *• 

Hon. Dudley P. Bailey 121 Linden St., Everett, Mass. 

Prof. Charles R. Coffin 1217 Federal St., Allegheny, Pa. 

Albert Danforth. 

Rev. Henry W. Hale R. F. D. i. Savannah, Ga. 

Hon. Joshua H. Millett 22 Parker St., Maiden, Mass. 

John F. Moody 20 Elm St., Auburn, Me. 

Principal Edward Little High School. 


Rev. William O. Ayer 86 Chestnut St., Campello Station, 

Brockton, Mass. 

Leonard D. Carver Augusta, Me. 

State Librarian. 

Rev. William H. Clark Parkman, Me. 

Charles L. Clay Harvard, Mass. 

R. Wesley Dunn 40 College Ave., Waterville, Me. 

President Somerset Railroad, Oakland. 

Henry C. Hallowell, M. D 1244 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass. 

Rev. Henry M. Hopkinson Westford, Vt. 

Rev. Edmund F. Merriam, D. D Sharon, Mass. 

Editor The Watchman, Boston. 

Rev. David Palmer Harvey, No. Dak. 

Edwin S. Small 273 Main St., Melrose, Mass, 

Prof. Julian D. Taylor, LL. D 37 College Ave., Waterville, Me. 

Professor of Latin, Colby College. 


Isaac Britton, Bucksport, Me. 

Charles W. Chase 724 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 

addre:ss book 15 

Gilman C. Fisher Danbury, Conn. 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Rev. Abraham W. Jackson, D. D Concord, Mass. 

Chas. H. Kimball i Water St. (rear), Haverhill, Mass. 

Ephraim W. Norwood, M. D 158 Main St., Spencer, Mass. 

Edward S. Rawson 540 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rev. Justin K. Richardson, D. D Denver, Colo. 


Chas. H. Cumston, M. D 71 Federal St., Brunswick, Me. 

Rev. Frederic H. Eveleth, D. D Insein, Burma. 

Alfred E. Meigs Newspaper Union, Detroit, Mich. 

Harrington Putnam 45 William St., New York. 

Rev. Edward P. Roberts 3050 McHenry Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Erastus M. Shaw 43 Park St., Rockland, Me. 

Charles R. Whidden Calais, Me. 


Scott H. Blewett 4254 Olive St, St. Louis, Mo. 

Fred I. Campbell Cherryfield, Me. 

Charles W. Foster, M. D 160 Coyle St., Woodfords, Me. 

Rev. Albanus K. Gurney Darfeeling, Bengal, India. 

Walter F. Marston Hallowell, Me, 

George S. Paine Winslow, Me. 

Charles H. Sturgis Cherryfield, Me. 

Arthur N. Willey Cherryfield, Me. 

Fred M. Wilson, M. D 834 Myrtle Ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 


Rev. John H. Barrows Marblehead, Mass. 

Rev. Klihu B. Haskell Southbridge, Mass. 

Rev. Thomas G. Lyons 157 Shaw St., Lowell, Mass. 

Rev. Howard R. Mitchell Waterville, Me. 

Hon. Wilder W. Perry Camden, Me. 

Rev. Alfred S. Stowell Berlin, N. H. 

Rev. Horace W. Tilden, D. D Pierre, So. Dakota. 

Louis A. Wheeler loi High St., Boston, Mass. 



Prof. Nathaniel Butler, D. D 5601 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Professor of Education, and Director of Co-operating Work, University 

of Chicago. 

Levi H. Clement 146 Hicks St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Augustus H. Kelley 57 Montview St., West Roxbury, Mass. 

Head Master, Lyman School, Boston. 

Frank H. Parlin East Winthrop, Me. 

Prof. George M. Smith Vermillion, So. Dak. 

Professor Modern Languages, University of South Dakota. 

Prof. Jefferson Taylor Chaffee School, Ontario, Cal. 

Clarence P. Weston 85 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass. 


Prof. Albert B. Allen Wilton, Me. 

Prof. Abraham B. Cates, M. D 2824 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

William H. Kelly Warren, Mass. 

Horace W. Stewart Camden, Me. 

Charles E. Williams, M. D Houlton, Me. 

Rev. Charles E. Young Millinocket, Me. 


Prof. Edward J. Colcord 303 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Principal Academic Department, HefHey High School. 

Leslie C. Cornish Augusta, Me. 

Rev. John H. Cox West Harwick, Mass. 

William Goldthwait Chester, Vt. 

Charles F. Hall 631 Tremont Building, Boston, Mass. 

George W. Hall 221 E St. N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Henry Hudson Guilford, Me. 

Cyrus K. Merriam, M. D Spokane, Wash. 

Gustavus L Peavy 17 Georgia St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Rev. Edward A. Read Martin's Ferry, Ohio. 

Rev. Samuel A. Read 26 Willard Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Edward H. Smiley 244 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 

Principal High School. 

Rev. Herbert Tilden Sanford, Me. 

J. Odin Tilton, M. D Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington, Mass. 



Fred V. Chase 120 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

Atwood C. Hall Damariscotta Mills, Me. 

Clement H. Hallowell, M. D Mount Vernon, N. H. 

Rev. Edwin C. Long Denver, Colo. 

Clarence E. Meleney Park Ave. and 59th St., New York, N. Y. 

Board of School Superintendents. 

Charles A. Russell in Main St., Gloucester, Mass. 

Prof. Albion W. Small, Ph. D 5731 Washington Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Head Professor Department Sociology, University of Chicago; 
Editor American Journal of Sociology. 

Rev. Charles C. Tilley Mattapan, Mass. 

Rev. Ansley E. Woodsum 74 Front St., Exeter, N. H. 


William H. Brownson Portland, Me. 

Hon. Josiah H. Drummond.- 105 West St., Portland, Me. 

Joseph H. Files Portland, Me. 

Rev. John M. Foster, D. D ..Burton, Wash. 

President Vashon College. 
Wm. H. Gibbs. 

Hon. F. M. Hallowell 1720 2d Ave., Kearney, Neb. 

Judge of Court of Buffalo County. 

Hon. Harry N. Haynes Greeley, Colo. 

Rev. Josiah R. Henderson 57 Brighton St, Rochester, N. Y. 

Hon. William H. Looney 396 Congress St., Portland, Me. 

Edward O. Lord. 

Hon. Edwin F. Lyford 106 Clarendon St., Springfield, Mass. 

Special Justice of Police Court. 

Chas. F. Meserve, LL. D. .Raleigh, N. C. 

President Shaw University. 

Charles D. Smith, M. D 126 Free St., Portland, Me. 

Superintendent Maine General Hospital. 

Rev. Judson A. Sturtevant Oakland, Cal. 

George W. Young Manson, Iowa. 

1 8 coi^BY coi:<i.:eG^ 


William C. Burnham. 

Charles A. Chase, ]M. D Yarmouth, Me. 

Walter I. Davis Berlin Mills, N. H. 

Rev. Frederic E. Dewhurst 5746 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Albert C. Getchell, M. D 6 Linden St., Worcester, Mass. 

Rev. Frank J. Jones -4341 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rev. William G. Mann Cumberland Mills, Me. 

Walter H. Mathews Tenant's Harbor, Me. 

Capt. Charles L. Phillips Care Adjutant General, Washington, D. C. 

Artillery Corps, U. S. Army. 

Daniel W. Pike 3018 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Rev. Henry M. Thompson — 69 Congress St., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. Howard B. Tilden 8 Hancock St, Bar Harbor, Me. 

Rev. Drew T. Wyman 432 McDonough St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Charles E. Conant Wells, Faribault County, Minn. 

Everett Flood, M. D Palmer, Mass. 

Superintendent Massachusetts Hospital for Epileptics. 

James Geddes 32 Wallace St., W. Somerville, Mass. 

With Silver, Burdett & Co., Boston. 

Hon. Hannibal E. Hamlin , .Ellsworth, Me. 

Rev. Nathan Hunt Charleston, Me. 

Willis A. Joy 413 So. 5th St., Grand Forks, No. Dak. 

Charles S. Lemont Haverhill, Mass. 

Will H. Lyford 4847 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

William W. Mayo Canaan Four Corners, N. Y. 

Superintendent Berkshire Industrial Farm. 

Rev. George Merriam Skowhegan, Me. 

George E. Murray 617 Common St., Lawrence, Mass. 

Rev. Charles E. Owen. 7 Sheldon Place, Waterville, Me. 

Allen P. Soule Hingham, Mass. 

With American Book Co., Boston. 

Justin A. Walling, M. D Milbridge, Me. 

Charles F. Warner 41 Dartmouth St., Springfield, Mass. 

Principal The Mechanic Arts High School. 
Rev. Edwin C. Whittemore, D. D ^72 Pleasant St., Waterville, Me. 



Rev. John E. Case 32 Pelham St., Newton Center, Mass. 

Hon. Hugh R. Chaplin 50 Congress St., Bangor, Me. 

Carroll W. Clark. 

Rev. James E. Cochrane "jj Elm St., Waterville, Me. 

Fred S. Herrick, M. D Brooklin, Me. 

Joshua L. Ingraham 322 E. Main St., Owatonna, Minn. 

Herbert L. Kelley 130 Main St., Waterville, Me. 

Ernest F. Kling, M. D 223 Bond Building, Washington, D. C. 

Hon. Carl C. King Caribou, Me. 

Harry L. Koopman Providence, R. I. 

Librarian Brown University. 

Jona. T. MacDonald, M. D Honolulu, H. I. 

Laurentius M. Nason, M. D Worcester, Mass. 

Hartstein W. Page, M. D Baldwinville, Mass. 

Arthur M. Thomas Charleston, Me. 

Principal Higgins Classical Institute. 
James E. Trask , ."72 Nat. Ger. Am. Bank Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 


Charles E. Atwood 44 Court St., Exeter, N. H. 

Rev. David J. Bailey Pasadena, Cal. 

Frank D. Bullard, M. D 245 Bradbury Block, Los Angeles, Cal. 

John F. Davies Butte, Montana. 


Prof. Alfred H. Evans 17 Munroe St., Northampton, Mass. 

Rev. Frederick M. Gardner 811 Broadway, iSouth Boston, Mass. 

Rev. Isaac W. Grimes, Ph. D Fitchburg, Mass. 

Clarence L. Judkins Box 170, Northboro, Mass. 

Horatio B. Knox Providence, R. I. 

Instructor Friends' School. 

Samuel K. Marsh 7 Center St., Spencer, Mass. 

Clarence P. Marshall. 
George A. Mclntire. 

Josiah R. Melcher 184 Front St., New York, N. Y. 

George N. Merrill 292 Main St., Springfield, Mass. 

Hon. Charles E. Meservey 362 Main St., Rockland, Me. 

Fred C. Mortimer Times Office, New York. 


Rev. John H. Parshley Mattapan, Mass. 

Rev. Fred M. Preble, D. D 23 Drummond St., Auburn, Me. 

Horace E. Sa^^'j-er 7 Interv-ale Terrace. Reading. Mass. 

Hon. Frank K. Shaw i§3 Main St, Waten^iUe, Me. 

Judge of the Municipal Court. 

Everett M. Stac>- 8 Lawrence St, Waterville, Me. 

Prof. Carlton B. Stetson 89 William St, Burlington, Vt 

Professor of German, Universit}' of Vermont 

Philo Steward Skowhegan. Me, 

Francis F. Whittier. M. D 575 Washington St, Brookiine, Mass. 

Prof. Charles B. Wilson Westfield, Mass. 

Professor of Biology-, State Normal School. 

John C. Worcester 15 Hanover St, West Springfield, Mass. 

Rev. John M. Wyman Foxboro, Mass. 


George A. Andrews 1512 LjTiden Ave., Minneagolis, Minn. 

William W. Andrews 271 Spring St., Portland, Me. 

Principal Butler Grammar School. 

Walter S. Bos worth 122 West St, Worcester, Mass. 

Edward M. Collins. 

William C. Crawford 80 Ashford St., Allston, Mass. 

Master Washington School. 

Hubert A. Dennison 27 School St. Boston, Mass. 

George L. Dunham Brattleboro, Vt 

Henry Dimning 201 Columbus Ave.. Boston, Mass. 

Ezra F. Elliot Waterville, Douglas Co., Wash- 
Rev. F. W. Farr Bethlehem Bap. Ch., 1516 Lehigh Ave., 

Philadelphia, Pa, 

Fred N. Fletcher 2626 Channing Ave., Berkeley-. Cal. 

Robie G. Fr> e Sharon, Mass. 

Chief Clerk, ist Div., Custom House, Bostc«i. 

William H. Furber Charlestown, Mass. 

Master Prescott School. 

Bela M. Lawrence Flandreau, So. Dakota, 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Alvin P. Leighton , The Hospital, Augusta. Me. 

Rev. Manuel C. Marin Barcelona, Spain. 


Samuel J. Nowell Sanford, Me. 

L. Herbert Owen 2 Fairmount St., Woburn, Mass. 

Bertis A. Pease 23 Auburn St., Nashua, N. H. 

William E. Perry 116 Bellingham St., Chelsea, Mass. 

Sub-master Lincoln School, Boston. 

Hon. Warren C. Philbrook Waterville, Me. 

William M. Pulsifer, M. D Skowhegan, Me. 

Rev. William H. Robinson Rosedale, Kern Co., Cal. 

Rev. George Dana Sanders Waterville, Me. 

Edward F. Tompson 150 Franklin St., Portland, Me. 

Charles A. True iiii Sutter St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Herbert S. Weaver 44 Allston Heights, Allston, Mass. 


Rev. Richard H. Baker Mount Holly, N. J. 

Henry C. Barton 35 Federal St., Boston, Mass. 

Arthur A. Cambridge 222 Middle St., Portland, Me. 

Edward E. Cates Frederick, Md. 

President Frederick College. 

Horace G. Cates, M. D 11 13 Orange St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wilford G. Chapman 482 Cumberland St., Portland, Me. 

Charles D. Edmunds, M. D 181 Hammond St., Bangor, Me. 

Charles H. Hanson 24 Judson St., Maiden, Mass. 

George W. Hanson Sanford, Me. 

Frank H. Hanson 141 Heller Parkway, Newark, N. J. 

Principal Grammar School. 

Henry W. Harrub 42 Somerset Ave., Taunton, Mass. 

Master Weir Grammar School. 

Asher C. Hinds Speaker's Room, H. R., Washington, D. C. 

Clerk to Speaker, House of Representatives. 

Benjamin J. Hinds 29 Cedar Ave., Stoneham, Mass. 

Sub-master Eliot School, Boston. 

Merritt A. Johnson Rockland, Me. 

Alfred King, M. D 610 Congress St., Portland, Me. 

David W. Ejiowlton 522 N. Y. Life Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rev. Henry H. Manser East Jaffrey, N. H. 

Preston L Merrill 712 Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. 

Alfred I. Noble, M. D Insane Hospital, Worcester, Mass. 

Edward C. Robinson 61 Vernon St., Brookline, Mass. 

With Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston. 

2.2 COI,BY COI,I.^G:e 

Sam'l B. Shepard.. , Carter St., Chelsea, Mass. 

Charles E. Tilton Bangor, Me. 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Henry Trowbridge Box 404, Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Elgin C. Verrill 57 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

Walter R. Whittle 56 Elm St., Westerly, R. I. 

Frank R. Woodcock Belfast, Me. 

Benjamin F. Wright Park Rapids, Minn. 


Rev. Edwin P. Burtt Northfield, Mass. 

Prof. Willard K. Clement, Ph. D 1815 Orrington Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Rev. John E. Cummings Saco. Me. 

Rev. John L. Bearing, D. D 75 B, Bluff, Yokohama, Japan. 

President Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Rev. Henry F. Dexter 419 Cumberland St., Portland, Me. 

Arthur L. Doe 86 Chandler St., Somerville, Mass. 

Elwood E. Dudley. 

Walter C. Emerson N. Y. Herald Bureau, Washington, D. C. 

Charles S. Estes, Ph. D 265 St. James PI., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Erasmus Hall High School. 

John C. Keith Greenville, Ky. 

Rev. Henry Kingman, D. D Claremont, Cal. 

Herbert M. Lord Boston, Mass. 

Paymaster, U. S. A. 

Prof. Shailer Mathews, D. D 5736 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Professor of New Testament History and Interpretation, Divinity 
School, University of Chicago; Editor The World Today. 

Ezra E. Mclntire Crookston, Minn. 

Charles W. Morrill 306 No. E. St., Tacoma, Wash. 

Thomas P. Putnam Houlton, Me. 

Edward F. Robinson, M. D Falmouth, Me. 

Edward E. Stevens 632 East Harrison St., Portland, Or. 

Alfred I. Thayer, M. D Ballston Spa, N. Y. 

Rev. Benjamin F. Turner Topsham, Me. 



Chancey Adams, M. D 2 So. State St., Concord, N. H. 

Burleigh S. Annis Windsor, Conn. 

Prof. George R. Berry, Ph. D., D. D Hamilton, N. Y. 

Professor of Semitic Languages, Colgate University. 

Charles Carroll Houlton, Me. 

Rev. Wilbur W. Cochrane Shan States, Burma. 

Frank H. Edmunds 25 Broad St., New York. 

Arthur M. Foss Paul's Valley, Indian Territory. 

Rev. Fred A. Snow Old Town, Me. 

William H. Snyder Worcester, Mass. 

Master in Science, Worcester Academy. 
Amos B. Townsend, M. D Campbell, Santa Clara Co., Cal. 


Hon. Byron Boyd Augusta, Me. 

Secretary of State. 

Luther C. Bridgham Auburn, Me. 

Charles C. Brown. 

Wallace E. Bruce 169 Dorchester St., South Boston, Mass. , 

Rev. Judson B. Bryant 22^*7 Stevens Ave., Woodfords, Me. 

Randall J. Condon Helena, Montana. 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Leonard L. Dick 205 Gold St., South Boston, Mass. 

Horatio R. Dunham Waterville, Me. 

Fred G. Dunn Ashland, Me. 

George E. Googins Bar Harbor, Me. 

Richard A. Metcalf 31 Union Square, W., New York City. 

S. B. Overlock, M. D Pomfret, Conn. 

George P. Phenix Hampton, Va. 

Principal Academic Department, Hampton Institute. 

Sheridan Plaisted Waterville, Me. 

Ralph H. Pulsifer, M. D Waterville, Me. 

Harry L. Putnam, M. D Houlton, Me. 

Rev. Thomas J. Ramsdell Caribou, Me. 

Albert M. Richardson Office U. S. Engineer, Portland, Me. 

Rev. Elisha Sanderson Moosup, 'Conn. 

Charles P. Small, M. D 5727 Madison Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Harry A. Smith, M. D 8i Corey St., West Roxbury, Mass. 

Irving L. Townsend Fresno, Cal. 

Herbert W. Trafton Fort Fairfield, Me. 

Stephen E. Webber, M. D Calais, Me. 

John R. Wellington, M. D 1706 R. I. Ave., Washington, D. C. 


Orris L. Beverage 24 Nixon St., New Dorchester, Mass. 

Fred R. Bowman, M. D 609 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Rev. Woodman Bradbury 127 Upland Road, North Cambridge, Mass. 

Everett E. Burleigh Houlton, Me. 

Preston N. Burleigh Houlton, Me. 

Charles E. Cook Maynard, Mass. 

Nath'l H. Crosby, M. D Milo, Me. 

Henry F. Curtis, M. D 145 Perkins St., Somerville, Mass. 

Holman F. Day Journal Editorial Rooms, Boston, Mass. 

Chas. E. Dolley 41 Clayton St., Maiden, Mass. 

Horace D. Dow, M. D Grand St., Maspeth, Borough of Queens, 

New York City. 

Harvey D. Eaton Waterville, Me. 

Walter B. Farr 53 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Hon. Forrest Goodwin Skowhegan, Me. 

President Maine Senate. 

Rev. Adam S. Green 4229 St. Ann St., New Orleans, La. 

Roscoe W. Harvey Readfield, Me. 

Stanley H. Holmes Haverhill, Mass. 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Eugene W. Jewett 109 W. Hopkins Ave., Aspen, Colo. 

Joel F. Larrabee Waterville, Me. 

Herbert M. Moore Yarmouthville, Me. 

Fred K. Owen 181 Stevens Ave., Woodfords, Me. 

Irving O. Palmer. 47 Trowbridge Ave., Newtonville, Mass. 

Elmer E. Parmenter 11 Nevens St., Woodfords, Me. 

Charles C. Richardson 18 John St., Valley Falls, R. I. 

Elmer A. Ricker Box 922, Deadwood, So. Dak. 

Maurice H. Small Oshkosh, Wis. 

Principal, Normal School. 

Appleton W. Smith 1181 Center St., Newton Centre, Mass. 

Prof. William F. Watson 408 Choice Ave., Greenville, S. C. 

Professor of Chemistry and Biology, Furman University. 



Prof. Edward P. Barrell Southern University, New Orleans, La. 

Albion H. Brainard Needham, Mass. 

Albert F. Drummond Waterville, Me. 

Henry Fletcher South Paris, Me. 

Solomon Gallert Rutherfordton, N. C. 

Emery B. Gibbs 85 School St., Brookline, Mass. 

Benjamin P. Holbrook 9 Fairfield St., Salem, Mass, 

Globe Editorial Rooms, Boston. 

Rev. Martin S. Howes Mechanic Falls, Me. 

Rev. Addison B. Lorimer 114 Essex St., Bangor, Me. 

Rev. Wilfred J. Meader Box 376, Ayer, Mass. 

William W. Merrill Fairfield, Me. 

James A. Pulsifer 173 Cook St., Auburn, Me. 

Rev. John A. Shaw Ashland, Neb. 

Walter D. Stewart 371 Union St., Bangor, Me. 

Rev. John F. Tilton Saco, Me. 

Royal J. Tilton Milford, N. H. 


Rev. Nelson S. Burbank 33 Beach St., Revere, Mass. 

Parker P. Burleigh Houlton, Me. 

Prof. H. Everett Farnham Tabor, Iowa. 

Professor of Greek, Tabor College. 

James King Chicago, 111. 

Charles F. Megquier East Corinth, Me. 

Frank E. Nye South Berwick, Me. 

Lincoln Owen 53 Montview St, West Roxbury, Mass. 

Master, Rice Training School. 

Charles H. Pepper Concord, Mass. 

John L. Pepper, M. D. Madison, Me. 

Hon. Beecher Putnam Houlton, Me. 

Rev. Eugene L. Sampson Foxcroft, Me. 

Edward F. Stevens New Haven, Conn. 

Library of Yale University. 

Rev. Henry B. Woods Dexter, Me. 

Rev. Abram Wyman 105 Greenwood Ave., Topeka, Kan. 

26 COIvBY COI,I.^G^ 



Charles W. Averell, M. D North Reading, Mass. 

Jeremiah E. Burke 20 Alaska St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Board of School Supervisors, Boston, i Mason St. 

Walter Gary Houlton, Me. 

William R. Curtis 710 Sears Building, Boston, Mass. 

Rev. Frank A. Gilmore 17 E. Dayton St., Madison, Wis. 

Dana W. Hall 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Prof. Hugh R. Hatch 12 Nudd St., Waterville, Me. 

Professor of Mathematics, Colby College. 

George N. Hurd Manila, P. I. 

Frank P. King Rumford Falls, Me. 

Merton L. Miller, Ph. D Manila, P. I. 

Ethnology Survey. 

Rev. Artkur B. Patten Santa Rosa, Cal. 

Prof. Arthur J. Roberts Waterville, Me. 

Professor of Rhetoric, Colby College. 

Prof. Joshua B. Simpson Richmond, Va. 

Virginia Union University. 

Melvin M. Smith 174 Central Ave., Dover, N. H. 

William L. Soule, M. D 456 Collins St., Melbourne, Australia. 

Prof. Charles W. Spencer Hamilton, N. Y. 

Professor of History, Colgate University. 

Alvin P. Wagg 120 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

Hon. Wilbur C. Whelden 98 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

Mellen A. Whitney 118 Hindell Place, Elgin, 111. 

Elwood T. Wyman Waterville, Me. 

Superintendent of Schools. 


Norman L. Bassett Augusta, Me. 

Prof. Adelbert F. Caldwell looi N. Evans St., Bloomington, 111. 

Illinois Wesleyan Seminar5^ 

George R. Campbell, M. D I75 Water St., Augusta, Me. 

Alvah H. Chipman .St. John, N. B. 

Archibald M. Dick 137 Locust Hill Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Lyndon L. Dunham Brattleboro, Vt. 

Rev. William Fletcher Harrington, Me. 


Dana P. Foster Waterville, Me. 

George A. Gorham Houlton, Me. 

Reuben L. Ilsley Falls Church, Va. 

Franklin W. Johnson Waterville, Me. 

Principal, Coburn Classical Institute. 

Charles F. Leadbetter Machias, Me. 

Fred A. Luce Duxbury, Mass. 

Powder Point School. 

Prof. Edw. B. Mathews, Ph. 1410 Linden Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Professor of Mineralogy and Petrography, Johns Hopkins University. 

Everard C. Megquier Lisbon Falls, Me. 

Ernest E. Morse Millinocket, Me. 

Herbert L. Morse Frear Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

David W. Parsons 619 E. 26th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rev. Charles S. Pease Northboro, Mass. 

Rev. Herbert R. Purinton Lewiston, Me. 

Professor Cobb Divinity School. 

Prof. Arthur K. Rogers, Ph. D 5330 E. Washington St., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Professor of Philosophy, Butler College. 

Rev. William A. Smith ^2 Pleasant Ave., Woodfords, Me. 

George H. Stoddard. 

Leland P. Sturtevant Fairfield, Me. 

Prof. Edwin C. Teague Hebron, Me. 

Rev. Arthur T. Watson 801 Forest Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 


Rev. George A. Andrews Holliston, Mass. 

William B. Andrews Westbrook, Me. 

Principal of High School. 

Charles P. Barnes Norway, Me. 

Wm. Lowell Bonney 5 Park Place, Waterville, Me. 

With American Book Co., Boston. 

Charles E. Cohen 545 Westminster St., Providence, R. I. 

Prof. Winfred N. Donovan 27 Ripley Terrace, Newton Center, Mass. 

Assistant Professor of Biblical Interpretation, Newton Theological 


George P. Fall 141 Broadway, New York City. 

Loring Herrick 311 Loma Drive, Los Angeles, Cal. 


Albert G. Hurd, M. D West Main St., Millbury, Mass. 

Fred T. Johnson North Berwick, Me. 

H. Knapp Kalloch Whatcom, Wash. 

Herbert F. Kalloch Fort Fairfield, Me. 

Rev. Charles A. Merrill South Framingham, Mass. 

Daniel G. Munson 195 Hopkinson St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Assistant in English, Boys' High School. 

Frank B. Nichols i North St., Bath, Me. 

Ernest F. Osgood Berlin Falls, N. H. 

Harry L. Pierce 5 Clinton St., Haverhill, Mass. 

Carl H. Reynolds 106 Borden Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Charles J. Ross Santa Barbara, Ilo Ilo, Prov. Panay, Philippines. 

Geo. W. Singer Damariscotta, Me. 

Stephen Stark Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass. 

Rev. Eugene H. Stover Naco, Arizona. 

Chester H. Sturtevant Livermore Falls, Me. 

Herbert E. Wadsworth 419 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Albert H. Bickmore 10 Wall St., Room 400, New York. 

Dennis E. Bowman Watervillc, Me. 

Harry M. Conners Bar Harbor, Me. 

Nathan G. Foster Weld, Me. 

Merle S. Getchell 24 Dell Ave., Hyde Park, Mass. 

Principal High School. 

Leon O. Glover Gorham, Me. 

Wellington Hodgkins Brimfield, Mass. 

Harry T. Jordan Keith's New Theatre, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rev. Wm. E. Lombard 4 Belmont Ave., Camden, Me. 

Robert N. Millett Hanover, Mass. 

Edgar P. Neal West Boylston, Mass. 

Elmer L. Nichols 64 Fifth St., Bangor, Me. 

Principal High School. 

Jesse H. Ogier Camden, Me. 

Charles N. Perkins 120 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 

Albert Robinson Warren, Mass. 

Frank E. Russell .Rangeley, Me. 

Geo. C. Sheldon 116 Winthrop St., Augusta, Me. 

Rev. Joel B. Slocum Concord, N. H. 


Rev. Charles F. Smith Sheepscot, Me. 

George O. Smith, Ph. D U. S. Geol. Survey, Washington, D. C. 

Rev. Cyrus F. Stimson Stratford, Conn. 


Hon. Joseph B. Alexander 810 E. Howell St., Seattle, Wash. 

Frank L. Ames South Norridgewock, Me. 

Arthur H. Berry 53 Bromfield St., Newburyport, Mass. 

Albert L. Blanchard 49 Hammond St., Bangor, Me. 

Samuel A. Burleigh Rumford Falls, Me. 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Edward C. Clark 61 Court St., Boston, Mass. 

Austin H. Evans 61 Oxford St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Melville C. Freeman 23 Spring St., Maiden, Mass. 

Drew T. Harthorn Wilton, Me. 

Principal Wilton Academy. 

Rev. Alfred E. Hooper Hermon, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y. 

Freeland Howe 3221 Powell Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

George W. Hoxie Waterville, Me. 

Asa M. Jones Winooski, Vt. 

Walter F. Kenrick High School, Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. Daniel W. Kimball Wayne, Me. 

Rev. Theodore H. Kinney Houlton, Me. 

George H. D. L'Amoureux Kittery, Me. 

Fred S. Latlip .Johnson Bros. Mfg. Co., Hallowell, Me. 

John S. Lynch Lawrence, Mass. 

Robert M. Mahlman Lubec, Me. 

Percy S. Merrill, M. D Waterville, Me. 

Harry W. Osgood, M. D Ellsworth, Me. 

Rev. Frank W. Padelford Lynn, Mass. 

Clarence W. Pierce • • .Gray, Me. 

Principal Pennell Institute. 

Thos. A. Pollard Dothan, Douglas Co., Oregon. 

Ernest H. Pratt Oxford, Me. 

Francis B. Purinton Augusta, Me. 

Linville W. Robbins 55 Windsor St., Randolph, Me. 

Princpal High School, Gardiner. 
Rev. Wm. F. Rowley Middletown, Conn. 


Virgil C. Totman Bar Mills, Me. 

Frank L. Tozier, M. D Washburn, Me. 

Rev. W. B. Tuthill 654 Main St., East Hartford, Conn. 

Herbert L. Whitman Bourne, Mass. 

Verne M. Whitman Norway, Me. 

Nahum M. Wing 1206 Columbine St., Denver, Colo. 


J. Colby Bassett loi Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Ralph K. Bearce Suffield, Conn. 

Principal Connecticut Literary Institute. 

Frederic Bryant, M. D 662 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

Harlan P. Ford 44 Woodbine St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Walter L. Gray South Paris, Me. 

Stephen H. Hanson Houlton, Me. 

Prof. John Hedman .28 College Ave., Waterville, Me. 

Professor of Romance Languages, Colby College. 

Henry W. Jackson 21 Park St., Hudson, Mass. 

Reed V. Jewett Calais, Me. 

Archer Jordan, D. D. S Auburn, Me. 

Albert T. Lane Webster, Mass. 

Hugh D. McLellan 210 W. 119th St., New York, N. Y. 

Henry W. Nichols 216 Middle St., New Bedford, Mass. 

Frederick E. Norris Foxcroft, Me. 

J. Foster Philbrook Danforth, Me. 

Melvin E. Sawtelle. 9 Patterson St., Augusta, Me. 

Austin W. Snare Springfield, Me. 

Homer T. Waterhouse 177 Main St., Biddeford, Me. 

Wm. L. Waters 433 Globe Bldg., Seattle, Washington. 


Irving F. Burton Searsport, Me. 

Principal High School. 

Benjamin Coffin Portland, Me. 

Register of Probate. 
Albert S. Cole Thomaston, Me. 

Principal High School. 


Richard Collins, M. D 547 Main St., Waltham, Mass. 

Harry W. Dunn no Milk St., Boston, Mass. 

Elford L. Durgan 14 Conant St., Portland, Me. 

H. Warren Foss 102 Inman St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Sub-master Kelley School. 

C. Benjamin Fuller, M. D 50 Russell St., Waltham, Mass. 

Everett L. Getchell T>i A Dana St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Principal Allston School. 

Edward L. Hall 8 Ash St., Waterville, Me. 

Hascall S. Hall Waterville, Me. 

Harry E. Hamilton 7 Old Terrace St., Bellows Falls, Vt. 

Howard C. Hanscom J. Hood Wright Hospital, 131 and Amst. Ave., 

New York, N. Y. 

Walter L. Hubbard 28 Prentiss St., Bangor, Me. 

Carleton E. Hutchinson 9 Chick Ave., Haverhill, Mass. 

Charles B. Kimball North New Portland, Me. 

Rev. Albert W. IvOrimer Presque Isle, Me. 

John B. Merrill 38 Highland St., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Prof. Fred M. Padelford 471 1 Fifteenth Ave., Seattle, Washington. 

Professor of English, University of Washington. 

Rev. Fred W. Peakes North Berwick, Me. 

James M. Pike Livermore Falls, Me. 

Herbert N. Pratt Portland, Me. 

Rev. Charles E. Sawtelle. Needham, Mass. 

James L. Thompson, Jr 349 W. 14th St., New York City. 

Credit Department Wanamaker's. 

Thomas C. Tooker Cherryfield, Me. 

Charles W. Turner Lincoln, Neb. 

With Silver, Burdette & Co., New York. 


Roy M. Barker Presque Isle, Me. 

George K. Bassett 40 Kirkland St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Hannibal H. Chapman Hempstead, Queen's Co., N. Y. 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Charles L. Clement Waterboro Centre, Me. 

Harmon S. Cross Tilton, N. H. 

William H. Holmes, Jr Grafton, Mass. 

32 COI.BY coi.i.:^G^ 

Albert R. Keith, M. D., 

Sailors' Snug Harbor Hospital, Staten Island, N. Y. 

Ernest E. Noble Blaine, Me. 

Herbert S. Phiibrick 24 Belvidere St., Boston, Mass. 

Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Fred A. Roberts, M. D Wilmington, Mass. 

Rev. Charles L. Snow South Willington, Conn. 

Rev. Fred E. Taylor Seattle, Wash. 

Walter F. Titcomb Houlton, Me. 

Henry H. Putnam Danforth, Me. 

Harry B. Watson Hinckley, Me. 

Prof. Chas. H. Whitman, Ph. D 33 North New St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Instructor in English, Lehigh University. 

Percy F. Williams The Choate School, Wallingford, Conn. 

Arthur G. Wright Readfield, Me. 


Frank W. Alden Waterville, Me. 

Harrison S. Allen Waterbury, Conn. 

Albert G. Averill Calais, Me. 

Clayton K. Brooks Boston, Mass. 

With London Assurance Society. 

Herbert M. Browne 156 Huntington St., Cleveland, O. 

Rev. Arthur W. Cleaves North Scituate, Mass. 

Raymond H. Cook South Hadley Falls, Mass. 

Henry L. Corson 572 Seventeenth St., Oakland, Cal. 

Wm. B. Desmond 112 Franklin St., Portland, Me. 

Charles M. Drummond Portland, Me. 

John L. Dyer Monson, Me. 

John L. Dyer Monson, Me. 

Principal, Monson Academy. 

George A. Ely 57 Center St., Florence, Mass. 

Rev. Otis William Foye Thompson, Conn. 

Norman K. Fuller Waterville, Me. 

Harry M. Gerry Y. M. C. A., Hartford, Conn. 

Educational Director, Hillyer Institute. 

Fred G. Getchell Rochester, N. H. 

Charles E. Gurney 120 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 


Elmer E. Hall 400 Third St. So., Little Falls, Minn. 

Rev. Everett Carlton Herrick 39 High St., Charlestown,Mass. 

Ira F. Ingraham Waterville, Me. 

Arad E. Linscott Freedom, Me. 

Principal Freedom Academy. 

Willard L. McFadden Augusta, Me. 

Edward H. Nash 148 Pine St., Portland, Me. 

John E. Nelson Waterville, Me. 

John R. Nelson Caribou, Me. 

Arthur H. Page Newton Center, Mass. 

Student Newton Theological Institution. 

T. Raymond Pierce \ Wellesley, Mass. 

Fred P. H. Pike Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. 

Henry. H. Pratt Suffield, Conn. 

Bertram C. Richardson Boston, Mass. 

Assistant Rice Training School. 

Frank A. Robinson 1521 Nicollett Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

John E. Stephenson 75 W. Park St., Butte, Montana. 

Prof. Hezekiah Walden Nashville, Tenn. 

Instructor Roger Williams University. 

Justin O. Wellman Houlton, Me. 

Principal Ricker Classical Institute. 

George A. Wilson, Jr. Rockland, Me. 

Rev. Charles M. Woodman Portland, Me. 


L3mne F. Adams . , Wilton, Me. 

Rev. Harvey H. Bishop R. F. D. 2, Houlton, Me. 

Harry S. Brown Fairfield, Me. 

Wm. Wirt Brown 13 Pleasant Place, Waterville, Me. 

Rev. Wm. B. Chase Washburn, Me. 

George E. Cornforth Battle Creek, Mich. 

Colin H. Dascombe Wilton, Me. 

Earlon K. Guild .Fort Fairfield, Me. 

Prof. Lawrence E. Gurney Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. 

Rev. Harold L. Hanson Kennebunk, Me. 

Ernest H. Maling Census Office, Washington, D. C. 

Rev. George A. Martin Rumford Falls, Me. 

Hubert J. Merrick Penacook, N. H. 


Parker T. Pearson Farmington, Me. 

Myron A. Pillsbury Saco, Me. 

Varney A. Putnam Danforth, Me. 

Ralph H. Richardson Wharton, N. J. 

Albert C. Robbins Winthrop, Me. 

Chas. E. G. Shannon, M. D Philadelphia, Pa. 

Assistant in Clinics, Jefferson Medical College. 

Prof. Henry R. Spencer 1473 Neil Ave., Columbus, O. 

Assistant Professor of History, Ohio State University. 

William O. Stevens, Ph. D 217 Hanover St., Annapolis, Md. 

Instructor in English and International Law, U. S. Naval Academy. 

Arthur I. Stuart 56 Pleasant St., Waterville, Me. 

Wni. L. Waldron Skowhegan, Me. 

Ambrose B. Warren Westerley, R. I. 

Rev. Frederick E. Webb 3015 Keiper Ave., Cincinnati, O. 


Carl Cotton Fairfield, Me. 

Ernest T. Cushman Nyack-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Instructor Rockland Military Academy. 

Charles E. Fogg Hebron, Me. 

Instructor Hebron Academy. 

Henry D. Furbush Three Rivers, Mass. 

Percy E. Gilbert Portland, Me. 

Student Medical School. 

Alfred S. Goody Manila, P. I. 

Department of Education. 

Simon P. Hedman 115 Essex St., Bangor, Me. 

Ernest L. Herrick 205 Union St, Bangor, Me. 

James H. Hudson Guilford, Me. 

Wm. B. Jack 38 Eastern Promenade, Portland, Me. 

Edward D. Jenkins Ontario, Cal. 

Fred F. Lawrence Skowhegan, Me. 

John F. Moody, Jr Bridgewater, Mass. 

Arnold M. Sanborn Wilton, Me. 

Fernald D. Sawyer ...Gray, Me. 

Frank J. Severy 491 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

Chas. F. Towne Salem, Mass. 


Ernest H. Tupper Shiloh, Me. 

Prof. W. A. V. Wiren Badoc, Province Ilocos North, 

Philippine Islands. 


Elvin L. Allen 215 College Ave., Waterville, Me. 

Percy M. Andrews West Sumner, Me. 

Robert A. Bakeman 121 Shurtleff St., Chelsea, Mass. 

Student Newton Theological Institution. 

Edward C. Bean Turner Center, Me. 

Alex. M. Blackburn Robbins School, Norfolk, Conn. 

John A. Hale Waterville, Me. 

Wm. F. Hale R. F. D. i, Savannah, Ga. 

Adonis D. Howard 30 Sacramento St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Francis M. Joseph Waterville, Me. 

George A. Marsh 124 W. 33d St., New York City. 

Sumner E. Marvell Warren, Me. 

Jason L. Merrill 139 Silver St., Waterville, Me. 

Horace W. Newenham Waterville, Me. 

Sherman Perry Boston, Mass. 

Student Harvard Medical School. 

Wallace Purinton Augusta, Me. 

Edgar B. Putnam Danforth, Me. 

Edward C. Rice 7 Sheldon Place, Waterville, Me. 

Law Office at Fairfield. 

Ralph W. Richards Box 232, Tufts College, Mass. 

Instructor in Geology, Tufts College. 

Chas. F. Seaverns Norfolk, Conn. 

Principal The Robbins School. 

Richard W. Sprague Waterville, Me. 

Principal Waterville High School. 

Will H. Sturtevant Dover, Me. 

Nathan P. Thayer 17 College Ave., Waterville, Me. 

Student Harvard Medical School, Boston. 
Ernest E. Ventres .Newton Center, Mass. 

Student Newton Theological Institution. 

Henry L. Withee Rockport, Me. 

Carl H. Witherell 27 Dartmouth St., Boston, Mass. 

36 COX.BY COIylv^GE 


Noah V. Barker Presque Isle, Me. 

Ralph C. Bean Clinton, Me. 

Guy W. Chipman Winslow, Me. 

Principal Winslow High School. 

Lew Clyde Church Skowhegan, Me. 

William W. Drew Fairfield, Me. 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Julius H. B. Fogg Cambridge, Mass. 

Student Harvard Law School. 

Angier L. Goodwin Skowhegan, Me. 

Herbert L. Gray Baltimore, Md. 

Graduate Student Johns Hopkins University. 

Frank P. Hamilton Cambridge, Mass. 

Student Harvard Law School. 

Percival E. Hathaway South Paris, Me. 

Adelbert O. Jones East Machias, Me. 

Christian C. Koch Newton Center, Mass. 

Student Newton Theological Institution. 

John G. Larsson Jemtland, Me. 

Martin H. Long Boston, Mass. 

Student Harvard Law School. 

Chas. F. McKoy Newton Center, Mass. 

Student Newton Theological Institution. 

Alexander H. Mitchell Billerica, Mass. 

Mitchell's Military School. 

Max P. Philbrick Suffield, Conn. 

Instructor Connecticut Literary Institution. 

Harry E. Pratt Fairfield, Me. 

Principal Fairfield High School. 

Willard H. Rockwood Winthrop Center, Me. 

Ossian F. Taylor Hampden, Me. 

Fred W. Thyng Ross Comer, Me. 

Linwood L. Workman New London, N. H. 

Instructor Colby Academy. 


Elmer W. Allen Oakland, Me. 

Fred M. Allen Augusta, Me. 


Harold C. Arey Baldwinville, Mass. 

Charles W. Atchley Waterville, Me. 

John W. Bartlett State College, P. O., Pa. 

Graduate Student Pennsylvania State College. 

Roger F. Brunei Box 42, J. H. U., Baltimore, Md. 

Graduate Student Johns Hopkins University. 

Sheppard E. Butler 69 Pleasant St., Waterville, Me. 

Instructor Coburn Classical Institute. 

A. Davenport Cox Sebago, Me. 

Cecil M. Daggett Y. M. C. A., Montreal, Canada, 

Musical Director Y. M. C. Association. 

L. Elwood Dudley Mapleton, Me. 

Walter L. Glover Baring, Me. 

William H. Hawes Portland, Me. 

Lelan P. Knapp Gray, Me. 

Instructor Pennell Institute. 

Caleb A. Lewis Waterville, Me. 

Lewis G. Lord Winthrop, Me. 

Philip G. Richardson Des Moines, Iowa. 

Leon C. Staples Danbury, Conn. 

Louis C. Stearns, Jr Cambridge, Mass. 

Student Harvard Law School. 

Carleton W. Steward Tufts College P. O., Mass. 

Student Medical School of Tufts College. 

George T. Sweet North Anson, Me. 

William M. H. Teague Manchester, N. H. 

George W. Thomas Hebron, Me. 

Instructor Hebron Academy. 

Nathaniel Tompkins Houlton, Me. 

Instructor Ricker Classical Institute. 

Wendell C. Washburn Waterville, Me. 

Assistant Waterville High School. 
Allison M. Watts North Craftsbury, Vt 


Vernon S. Ames Hebron, Me. 

Instructor Hebron Academy. 
Carl R. Bryant ....Newcastle, Me. 


Allen Clark Augusta, Me. 

William A. Cowing Waterville, Me. 

Clarence G. Gould Washburn, Me. 

Louis A. Hammond Care International Paper Co., Berlin, N. H. 

Frank H. Leighton Billerica, Mass. 

Mitchell's Military School. 

John A. Partridge Alfred, Me. 

Carroll N. Perkins Cambridge, Mass. 

Student Harvard Law School. 

John B. Roberts 34 Mellen St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Student, Boston University Law School. 

Harold W. Soule Hingham, Mass. 

John S. Tapley North Anson, Me. 

Frank W. Tarbell New York City. 

Student, College of Physicians and Surgeons. 
George E. Tolman Boston, Mass. 

Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Edward B. Winslow, Winthrop Press, Lafayette Square, New York City. 
Frank E. Wood Waterville, Me. 



Mary Lowe Carver, (Mrs. L. D. Carver) 99 Sewall St., Augusta, Me. 


Louise H. Coburn Skowhegan, Me. 


Emily P. Meader Waterville, Me. 


Hattie Britton Joy, (Mrs. Willis A. Joy) Grand Forks, No. Dakota. 

Elizabeth Mathews 12 E. 22d St., New York City. 

Instructor in Greek and Latin, Normal College. 


Minnie Mathews Mann, (Mrs. Rev. W. G. Mann), Cumberland Mills, Me. 


Mrs. Sophia Hanson Pierce .Waterville, Me. 

Jennie M. Smith 92 College Avenue, Waterville, Me. 


Orie O. Brown 2072 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls, Mass. 

Minerva E. Leland 2072 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls, Mass. 

Assistant in the High School. 

40 COI^BY COhhl^O^ 


Helen A. Bragg 28 Greenville St., Roxbury, Mass. 

Assistant Roxbury High School. 
Mary A. Gould 817 Congress St., Portland, Me. 


Bertha L. Soule 5 Broadway, Bangor, Me. 

Assistant Bangor High School. 


Bessie R. White, 97 Clark St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Assistant Girl's High School. 
Julia E. Winslow 97 Clark St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Assistant Girl's High School. 


Winifred H. Brooks No. Elm St., Northampton, Mass. 

Maud E. Kingsley East Machias, Me. 

Teacher of English Literature. 

Bessie A. Mortimer Cor. Lockwood and Webster Ave's., 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 
Mary Pray Seward, (Mrs. Ora P. Seward) Mattawan, Mich. 


Bertha L. Brown. 53 Court St., Bangor, Me. 

Mary Farr Bradbury, (Mrs. Rev. Woodman Bradbury) 

127 Upland Road, No. Cambridge, Mass, 

Hattie Merrill Hurd, (Mrs. Geo. N. Hurd) Manila, P. I. 

Alice Sawtelle Randall, (Mrs. Herbert Randall) 25 Marshall St. 

Hartford, Conn. 
Lillian Fletcher Smiley, (Mrs. Geo. H. Smiley) Minnewaska, N. Y. 


Hattie M. Parmenter 9 Winter St., Waterville, Me. 

Graduate Student. 
Mary L. Tobey So. Norridgewock, Me. 

addre:ss book 41 


Anna S. Cummings Huntington, W. Va. 

Superintendent Normal Training Department, Marshall College. 

Annie E. Littlefield Saco, Me. 

Cornie Spear Lovell, (Mrs. W. L. Lovell) 57 West St., 

Easthampton, Mass. 

Addie F. True Saxton's River, Vt 

Vice Principal Vermont Academy. 


Effie Dascomb Adams, (Mrs. E. L. Adams) New Salem, Mass. 

Emeline Fletcher Dickerson, (Mrs. Prof. C. E. Dickerson), 

Mt. Hermon, Mass. 
Mary Morrill Ilsley, (Mrs. R. L. Ilsley) Falls Church, Va. 


Dora Knight Andrews, (Mrs. Rev. G. A. Andrews) Holliston, Mass. 

Gertrude Randall Cummings, (Mrs. A. M. Cummings) .. .21 Pierce St., 

Maiden, Mass. 

Grace M. Cummings 75 Wyman St., West Medford, Mass. 

Nellie Bakeman Donovan, (Mrs. Prof. W. N. Donovan), 

Newton Centre, Mass. 
Dora M. Sibley 28 Granite St., Gloucester, Mass. 


Helen Beede Breneman, (Mrs. W. P. Breneman) 316 Grand Ave., 

Dayton, O. 

Lizzie T. Hussey 264 Water St., Skowhegan, Me. 

Mabel M. Irish South China, Me. 

Preceptress Erskine Academy. 

Lucia H. Morrill 5 Winter St., Waterville, Me. 

Lora Cummings Neal, (Mrs. E. P. Neal) West Boylston, Mass. 

Grace Coburn Smith, (Mrs. Geo. O. Smith) Skowhegan, Me. 

Mary E. Spear Thayer Building, Boston, Mass. 

Nursp Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Evangeline Taylor Glasgow, Montana. 

Katharine Berry Tilton, (Mrs. Rev. J. F. Tilton) Saco, Me. 

4^ COIvBY COhhtGl^ 


Annie Richardson Barnes, (Mrs. Chas. P. Barnes) Norway, Me. 

Sadie L. Brown 438 Hammond St., Bangor, Me. 

Mary L. Carleton Cumberland Mills, Me. 

Frances H. Chutter East Northfield, Mass. 

Elinor Hunt Jones, (Mrs. W. F. Jones) Norway, Me. 

Clara Jones L'Amoureux, (Mrs. G. H. VAmoureux) .Kittery, Me. 

Annie E. Merrill 38 Highland St., Woonsocket, R. I. 

Clara P. Morrill Hebron, Me. 

Preceptress Hebron Academy. 

Frances H. Morrill 5 Winter St., Waterville, Me. 

Assistant Waterville High School. 
Lillie Hazelton Tuthill, (Mrs. Rev. W. B. Tuthill)..E. Hartford, Conn. 


Clio M. Chilcott 212 High St., Newburyport, Mass 

Assistant Newburyport High School. 

Abbie E. Fountain 348 W. 56th St., New York City. 

Linda Graves , . .22 Pacific Street, Rockland, Mass. 

Madge Wilson Gray, (Mrs. Walter L. Gray) South Paris, Me. 

Lila Harden Hersey, (Mrs. W. O. Hersey) Sanford, Me. 

M. Blanche Lane Hinckley, Me. 

Lily S. Pray 19 Maple St., Bath, Me. 

Clara B. Tozier 24 Holt St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

Principal South Fitchburg Grammar School. 

Carrie M. True 99 North State St., Concord, N. H. 

Assistant Concord High School. 


Myrtice L. Cheney 6 Waverly St., Woodfords, Me. 

Edna Moffat Collins, (Mrs. Dr. Richard Collins) 547 Main St., 

Waltham, Mass. 

Mary S. Croswell, M. D Farmington, Me. 

Florence E. Dunn 40 College Ave., Waterville, Me. 

Ada E. Edgecomb Hallowell, Me. 

Assistant Augusta High School. 

addre;ss book 43 

Ethel E. Farr 23 Bangor St., Augusta, Me. 

Assistant Augusta High School. 

Olive Robbins Haviland, (Mrs. W. W. Haviland) 140 N. i6th St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Caro L. Hoxie Waterville, Me. 

Assistant Waterville High School. 

Gertrude L. Ilsley Westbrook, Me. 

Sara B. Mathews Meriden, N. H. 

Martha C. Meserve 509 W. 146th St., New York City. 

Jessie Pepper Padelford, (Mrs. Prof. F. M. Padelford. .4711 15th Ave., 

Seattle, Wash. 

Ethel Pratt Peakes, (Mrs. Rev. F. W. Peakes) North Berwick, Me. 

Evelyn Whitman Pratt, (Mrs. H. N. Pratt) Portland, Me. 

Lutie French Tufts, (Mrs. Harry E. Tufts) i Summit Ave., 

Bradford, Mass. 


Hattie Vigue Bessey, (Mrs. Dr. M. W. Bessey) "^2 Elm St., 

Waterville, Me. 

Mercy A. Brann 22, Marshall St., Hartford, Conn. 

Graduate Student Yale University. 

Alice Nye Fite 7 Ashton Place, Cambridge, Mass. 

Permanent address, 420 E. Center St., Marion, Ohio. 

Edith Hanson Gale, (Mrs. Rev. H. L. Gale) Abbott Road, 

Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Grace Gatchell Cohasset, Mass. 

Nina Vose Greeley, (Mrs. Dr. P. H. Greeley) 64 Main St., 

Farmington, N. H. 

Helen M. Hanscom Wellesley, Mass. 

Harriet F. Holmes Houlton, Me. 

Instructor Ricker Classical Institute. 

Elmira Nelson Jones, (Mrs. A. J. Jones) 13 Richardson St., 

Woodfords, Me. 

Annie Lee Knight. Hebron, Me. 

Instructor, Hebron Academy. 

Helen F. Lamb 188 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Edith M. Larrabee 39 West St., Gardiner, Me. 

Octavia W. Mathews Guadalaj ara, Mexico. 

Missionary, American Board C. F. M. 

44 COI.BY coi:.i.e:ge: 

Tena P. McCallum Warren, Me. 

Superintendent of Schools. 

Martha D. Tracy 175 Jackson St., Lawrence, Mass. 

Assistant, Lawrence High School. 


Lenora Bessy Needham, Mass. 

Alice L. Cole 31 Farmington Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Assistant Hartford High School. 

Edith M. Cook 50 Hamilton St., Southbridge, Mass. 

Edna F. Dascombe Wilton, Me. 

Mary H. Dow Houlton, Me. 

Assistant Houlton High School. 

Mary C. Evans Fairfield, Me. 

Ina Taylor Hooper, (Mrs. Dr. E. C. Hooper) Fairfield, Me. 

Mabel A. Humphrey Charleston, Me. 

Instructor Higgins Classical Institute. 
Elsie G. Reid Rumford Point, Me. 

Assistant Rumford High School. 
Helen Sullivan Richardson, (Mrs. B. C. Richardson), 

Cor. Gaylord and Washington Sts., Dorchester, Mass. 

Laura H. Smith Norway Lake, Me. 

Edna H. Stevens, M. D 20th and Susquehanna Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Women's Homeopathic Hospital. 

Janet C. Stevens 13 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass. 

Blanch Walker Wellman, (Mrs. J. O. Wellman) Houlton, Me. 

Instructor Ricker Classical Institute. 
Annie Pepper Varney, (Mrs. E. W. Varney) . . .North Chevy Chase, Md. 


Alice Lowe Brown, (Mrs. W. Wirt Brown) 13 Pleasant Place, 

Waterville, Me. 

Jennie M. Buck Winthrop Terrace, Warren, Mass. 

Alice W. Chase Stratford, Conn. 

Josie Toward Davis, (Mrs. W. O. Davis) Winslow, Me. 

Elevia B. Harriman 46 A. Dana St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Annie H. Hull 18 Brentwood St., Portland, Me. 


Maude Hoxie Martin, (Mrs. Rev. G. A. Martin) .. .Rumford Falls, Me. 

Etta F. Purington North Jay, Me. 

Alice M. Purinton 40 Pleasant St., Waterville, Me. 

Grace L. Russell , Epping, N. H. 

Agnes C. Stetson Madison, Me. 

Assistant Madison High School. 

Helene Bowman Thompson, (Mrs. A. R. Thompson) 51 Imlay St., 

Hartford, Conn. 

Josephine T. Ward 5 Green St. Place, Augusta, Me. 

Rachel Foster Whitman, (Mrs. Prof. C. H. Whitman), 

33 North New St., Bethlehem, Pa. 


Lulu M. Ames 70 Elm St., Waterville, Me. 

Instructor Coburn Classical Institute. 

Ethelyn M. Brackett Newport, Me. 

Grace E. Chaney Lock box 21, Kittery, Me. 

Hattie A. Harlow 391 Lincoln Ave., Gardiner, Me. 

Grace B. Holden Billerica, Mass. 

Emma F. Hutchinson 82 Cottage St., Bar Harbor, Mc. 

Mary G. Lemont Brockton, Mass. 

Marion T. Osborne 5 Ash St., Waterville, Me. 

Mary G. Philbrook 169 State St., Augusta, Me. 

Ethel M. Russell 39 Sewall St., Augusta, Me. 

Mollie S. Small Bow St., Woburn, Mass. 

M. Wilma Stubbs Box 217, Caribou, Me. 

Assistant Caribou High School. 
Carrie M. Tozier Fitchburg, Mass. 


Mary Blaisdell Belknap, (Mrs. Rev. A. T. Belknap), 

13 Washington Ave., Andover, Mass. 

Mary G. Bragg Maiden, Mass. 

Nurse, Maiden Hospital. 

Rhena L. Clark 25 Fessenden St., Portland, Me. 

Assistant Portland High School. 

Delia Hiscock Hedman, (Mrs. Prof. J. Hedman) 28 College Ave., 

Waterville, Me. 

46 COI.BY coi.i.^ge: 

Grace Farrar Linscott, (Mrs. A. E. Linscott) Freedom, Me. 

Lou W. Peacock 38 Grove St., Hopkinton, Mass. 


Margaret Merrill Ashe, (Mrs. R. D. Ashe) East Deering, Me. 

Grace A. Balentine Fort Fairfield, Me. 

Assistant, Fort Fairfield High School. 

Grace B. Bicknell Norway, Me. 

Augusta Colby Burleigh St., Waterville, Me. 

Marion Reed Drew, (Mrs. W. W. Drew) Fairfield, Me. 

Edith M. D. Gray Holbrook, Mass. 

Vera Nash Locke, (Mrs. S. H. Locke), 14 College Ave., Waterville, Me. 

Nellie M. Lovering 272 Main St,. Waterville, Me. 

Lois A. Meserve New Britain, Conn. 

Blanche Pratt Pratt, (Mrs. H. E. Pratt) Fairfield, Me. 

Anna M. Richardson Castine, Me. 

Edna Owen Rice, (Mrs. E. C. Rice)... 7 Sheldon Place, Waterville, Me. 

Sarah A. Roberts Caribou, Me. 

Florence Wilkins Leominister, Mass. 

Assistant, Leominster High School. 

Edith Williams Freedom, Me. 

Instructor, Freedom Academy. 


Edith C Bicknell Eastport, Me. 

Bertha M. Holmes Revere, Mass. 

Martha B. Hopkins Portland, Me. 

Mildred Jenks Houlton, Me. 

Eva M. Johnson North Stratford, N. H. 

Clara L. Martin 6 Chatham St., Portland, Me. 

Gertrude B. Moody Mechanic Falls, Me. 

Betsey A. Nickels Cherryfield, Me. 

Marion E. Stover Waldoboro, Me. 

Ella M. Tolman Hardwick, Vt. 

Alice E. Towne Maynard, Mass. 

Grace E. Warren , .East Machias, Me. 

Instructor Washington Academy. 
Nellie M. Worth East Corinth, Me. 



Ruby Carver Bethel, Me. 

Instructor Gould Academy. 

Mary H. Caswell Albany, N. Y. 

Student New York State Library School. 

Eva E. Clement Hardwick, Vt 

Harriet L. Cleveland Hartland, Me. 

Jennie M. Cochrane "jy Elm St., Waterville, Me. 

Eunice C. Mower 32 Crescent St., Wakefield, Mass. 

Evaline A. Salsman Bakersfield, Vt. 

Paulenah M. Simmons North Anson, Me. 

Instructor Anson Academy. 

Mary M, Ward Milbridge, Me. 

Edith M. Watkins Stowe, Vt. 


Number of Graduates, Men's Division 814 

Number of Graduates, Women's Division 182 

Whole number of Living Graduates 996 


Name. Class. 

Adams, Chancey. 1885 

Adams, Effie Dascomb 1891 

Adams, Lynne F 1899 

Alexander, Joseph B 1894 

Alden, Frank W 1898 

Allen, Albert B 1874 

Allen, Elmer W 1903 

Allen, Elvin L 1901 

Allen, Fred M 1903 

Allen, Harrison S.. ,.. 1898 

Ames, Frank L. 1894 

Ames, Liula M 1900 

Ames, Vernon S 1904 

Andrews, Dora Knight 1892 

Andrews, George A 1882 

Andrews, George A 1892 

Andrews, Percy M 1901 

Andrews, William B 1892 

Andrews, "William W 1882 

Annis, Burleigh S 1885 

Arey, Harold C 1903 

Ash, Margaret Merrill 1902 

Atchley, Charles W 1903 

Atwood, Charles E 1881 

Averill, Albert G 1898 

Averill, Charles W 1890 

Ayer, William 1868 

Bachelder, Thomas F 1858 

Bailey, David J 1881 

Bailey, Dudley P 1867 

Bakeman, Francis W. 1866 

Bakeman, Robert A 1901 

Baker, Richard H 1883 

Baldwin, Charles P 1858 

Balentine, Grace A 1902 

Barker, Noah V 1902 

Barker, Roy M 1897 

Barnes, Annie Richardson.... 1894 

Barnes, Charles P 1892 

Barren, Edward P 1888 

Name. Class. 

Barrows, John H 1872 

Barrows, William C 1862 

Bartlett, John W 1903 

Bartlett, Wm. Pitt. 1853 

Barton, Henry C 1883 

Bassett, George K 1897 

Bassett, J. Colby 1895 

Bassett, Norman L. 1891 

Bean, Edward C 1901 

Bean, Ralph C 1902 

Belknap, Mary Blaisdell 1901 

Berry, Arthur H 1894 

Berry, George R 1885 

Bessey, Hattie Vigue 1897 

Bessey, Lenora r898 

Beverage, Orris L 1887 

Bickmore, Albert H 1893 

Bicknell, Edith C 1903 

Bicknell, Grace B 1902 

Bishop, Harvey H 1899 

Blackburn, Alexander M 1901 

Blake, Frederic D 1861 

Blanchard, Albert L 1894 

Blanchard, Nathan W 1855 

Blewett, Scott H 1871 

Bonney, Percival 1863 

Bonney, Wm. Lowell 1892 

Bosworth, Walter S 1882 

Bowler, Stephen L 1847 

Bowman, Dennis E 1893 

Bowman, Fred R 1887 

Boyd, Byron 1886 

Brackett, Ethelyn M 1900 

Bradbury, Mary Farr 1888 

Bradbury, Woodman 1887 

Bragg, Helen A 1884 

Bragg, Mary G 1901 

Brainard, Albion H 1888 

Brann, Mercy A * 1897 

Breneman, Helen Beede 1893 

Bridgham, Luther C 1^86 



Name. Class. 

Britton, Isaac 1869 

Brookings, Elias 1862 

Brooks, Clayton K 1898 

Brooks, William E 1^62 

Brooks, Winifred H 1887 

Brown, Alice Lowe 1899 

Brown, Bertha L. 188g 

Brown, Charles C 1886 

Brown, Harry S 1^9 

Brown, Orie 1882 

Brown, Sadie L. 1894 

Brown, Simon S 18^8 

Brown, W. Wirt 1899 

Browne, Herbert M 1898 

Brownson, William H 1877 

Bruce, Wallace E 1886 

Brune, Roger F 1903 

Bryant, Carl R 1904 

Bryant, Frederic 1895 

Bryant, Judson B 1886 

Buck, Jennie M 1899 

Bullard, Frank D 1881 

Bullen, George 1853 

Bunker, Alonzo 1862 

Burbank, Nelson S 1889 

Burke, Jeremiah B 1890 

Burleigh, Everett B 1887 

Burleigh, Parker P 1889 

Burleigh, Preston N 1887 

Burleigh, Samuel A 1894 

Burnham, William C 1878 

Burton, Irving F 1896 

Burtt, Edwin P 1884 

Butier. Nathaniel 1873 

Butler, Sheppard E 1903 

Caldwell, Adelbert F 1891 

Cambridge, Arthur A. ....... . 1883 

Campbell, Fred 1 1871 

Campbell, George R 1891 

Carleton, Mary L 18^94 

Carroll, Charles 188'5 

Carver, Leonard D 1868 

Carver, Mary Lowe 1875 

Carver, Ruby 1904 

Cary, Walter 1890 

Case, John B 1880 

Caswell, Mary H 1904 

Gates, Abraham B 1874 

Cates, Edward E 1883 

Gates, Horace G 1883 

Chaney, Grace E 1900 

Chaplin, Hugh R 1880 

Chapman, Hannibal H 1897 

Name. Class. 

Chapman, Wilford G 1883 

Chase, Alice W 1899 

Chase, Charles A 1878 

Chase, Charles W 1869 

Chase, Fred V 1876 

Chase, Henry L 1857 

Chase, William B 1899 

Cheney, Myrtice L 1896 

Chilcott, Clio M 1895 

Chipman, Alvah H 1891 

Chipman, Guy W 1902 

Church, Lew Clyde. 1902 

unutter, Frances H 1894 

Clark, Allen 1904 

Clark, Carroll W 1880 

Clark, Edward C 1894 

Clark, Rhena L 1901 

Clark, William H 1868 

Clay, Charles L 1868 

Cleaves, Arthur W 1898 

Clement, Charles L 1897 

Clement, Eva E 1904 

Clement, Levi H 1873 

Clement, Willard K 1884 

Cleveland, Harriet L 1904 

Clowe, George W 1865 

Coburn, Louise H , 1877 

Cochrane, James E 1880 

Cochrane, Jennie M 1904 

Cochrane, Wilbur W 1885 

Coffin, Benjamin 1896 

Coffin, Charles R 1867 

Cohen, Charles E 1892 

Colby, Augusta 1902 

Colcord, Edward J 1875 

Cole, Albert S 1896 

Cole, Alice L 1898 

Collins, Edna Moffat 1896 

Collins, Edward M 1882 

Collins, Richard 1896 

Conant, Charles E 1879 

Condon, Randall J 1886 

Conners, fiarry M 1893 

Cook, Charles E 1887 

Cook, Raymond H 1898 

Cook, Edith M 1898 

Cornforth, George E 1899 

Cornish, Leslie C 1875 

Corson, Henry L 1898 

Corthell, William J 1857 

Cotton, Carl 1900 

Cowing, William A 1904 

Cox, A. Davenport 1903 


Name. Class. Name. Class. 

Cox, John H 1875 Dunn, Harry W 1896 

Crane, Abijah n 1856 Dunn, R. Wesley 1868 

Crane, David F 1855 Dunning, Henry 1882 

Crawford, William C 1882 Durgan, Blford L 1896 

Crosby, Nathaniel H 1887 Dyer, John L 1898 

Croswell, Mary S 1896 

Cross, Harmon S. 1897 Eaton, Harvey D 1887 

Cummings, Anna S 1890 Edgecomb, Ada E 1896 

Cummings, Grace M 1892 Edmunds, Charles D 1883 

Cummings, John E 1884 Edmunds, Frank H 1885 

Cumston, Charles H 1870 Elder, Joseph P 1860 

Curtis, Henry F 1887 Elliot, Ezra F 1882 

Curtis, William R 1890 Ely, George A 1898 

Cushman. Ernest T 1900 Emerson, Walter C 1884 

Emery, Charles M 1863 

Daggett, Cecil M 1903 g^tes. Charles s 1884 

Danforth, Albert 1867 ^vans, Alfred H. 1881 

Dascombe, Colin H 1899 ^v^^«' Austin H 1894 

Dascombe, Edna F 1898 ^^^Pf ' ^ii^y^ ^ . . . 1898 

Davies, John F 1881 ^L^f ^.^f^^^?,^ ^ J?!J 

Davis, Charles H 1853 ^^^^' William D 1862 

Davis, Josie Toward 1899 ^ ^ ^g^g 

Davis Walter 1 1878 p^ll, George P 1892 

Day, Holman B... 1887 parnham, H. Everett 1889 

Dearing, JohnL 1884 parr, Ethel E 1896 

Denmson, Hubert A. 1882 p Frederic W 1882 

Desmond WilHam B 1898 p ^^^^^^ ^ ^gg^ 

Dewhurst, Fred E 1878 

^ ^ „ -, ^coj ^ay, Nathaniel T 1839 

Dexter Henry F 1884 ^^^ j^ j^ ^ ^^g^^ 

Dick, Archibald M 1891 pj^her, Gilman C 1869 

Dick, Lreonard L 1886 pj^^^ Alice Nye 1897 

Dicker son, Emeline Fletcher.. 1891 pietcher, Fred N 1882 

Dodge, Francis M 1852 Fletcher,' Henry. !! i !'.*.*.!!!!! ! 1888 

Doe, Arthur D 1884 Fletcher, William 1891 

Dolley, Charles E 1887 Flood, Everett 1879 

Donham, Grenville M 1865 Fogg, Charles E 1900 

Donovan, Nellie Bakeman.... 1892 Fogg Julius H B 1902 

Donovan, Winfred N 1892 poss,' Arthur M ...*.! i!!.* I!!! ! 1885 

Dow, George W 1852 ^ jj Warren 1896 

Dow, Horace D 1887 p^^^ Charles F 1855 

Dow, Mary H. 1898 ^^^ter. ^ana P 1891 

Drew, Marion Reed 1902 poster, Nathan G 1893 

Drew, William W..... 1902 p^g^er, Charles W ,.... 1871 

Drummond, Albert F. 1888 poster, John M 1877 

Drummond, Charles M 1B98 Fountain, Abbie E 1895 

Drummond, Josiah H. 1877 poye Otis W 189'8 

Dudley, Elwood E 1884 preeman, Melville C 1894 

Dudley, K Elwood 1903 prye, Robie G 1882 

Dunham, George L 1882 puller, C. Benjamin 1896 

Dunham, Horatio R 1886 puller, Norman K 1898 

Dunham, Lyndon L. 1891 purber, William H 1882 

Dunn, Florence E 1896 Furbusb, Henry D. 1900 

Dunn, Fred G IMQ 



Name. Class. 

Gale, Edith Hanson 1897 

Gallert, Solomon. 188S 

Gamble, John 1851 

Gardner, Fred M 1881 

Gatchell, Grace 1897 

Geddes, James 1879 

Gerry, Harry M 1898 

Getchell, Albert C 1878 

Getchell, Everett L 1896 

Getchell, Fred G 1898 

Getchell, Merle S 1893 

Gibbs, Emery B 1888 

Gibbs, William H 1877 

Gifford, George 1862 

Gilbert, Percy E 1900 

Gilmore, Frank A 18'90 

Gold th wait, William 1875 

Goodwin, Angier L 1902 

Goodwin, Forest 1887 

Goody, Alfred S 1900 

Googins, George L 1886 

Gorham, George A. 1891 

Gould, Clarence G 1904 

Gould, Mary A 1884 

Gow, George B 1852 

Graves, Linda 1895 

Gray, Edith M. D 1902 

Gray, Herbert L 1902 

Gray, Madge Wilson 1895 

Gray, Oliver C 1855 

Gray, Walter L 1895 

Greeley, Nina Vose 1897 

Green, Adam S 1887 

Grimes, Isaac W 1881 

Grover, Howard H 1865 

Glover, Leon 1893 

Giover, Walter L 1903 

Guild, Earlon K 1899 

Gurney, Albanus K 1871 

Gurney, Charles B 1898 

Gurney, Lawrence E 1899 

Hale, Henry W 1867 

Hale, John A 1901 

Hale, vVilliam F 1901 

Hall. Atwood C 1876 

Hall, Charles F 1875 

Hall, Dana W 1890 

Hall, Edward L 1896 

Hall, Edward W 1862 

Hall, Elmer E 1898 

Hall, George W 1875 

Hall, Hascall S 1896 

Hallo well, Clement H 1876 

Name. Class. 

Hallowell, Florentius M 1877 

Hallowell, Henry C 1868 

Hamblen, Samuel 1862 

Hamilton, Frank P 1902 

Hamlin, Hannibal B 1879 

Hammond, Louis A ,... 1904 

Hanscom, Helen M 1897 

Hanscom, Howard C... 1896 

Hanson, Charles H 1883 

Hanson, Frank H 1888 

Hanson, George W 1883 

Hanson, Harold L 1899 

Hanson, Stephen H 1895 

Hanson, Zenas P 1857 

Harlow, Hattie A 1900 

Harrimon, Elevia B 1899 

Harrub, Henry W 1883 

Harthorn, Drew T 189^ 

Harvey, Roscoe W 1887 

Haskell, Elihu B 1872 

Hatch, Hugh R 1890 

Hatch, William A 1861 

Hathaway, Percival E 1902 

Haviland, Olive Bobbins 1896 

Hawes, William H 1903 

Haynes, Harry N 1877 

Haynes, J. Manchester.. 1860 

Hedman, Delia Hiscock 1901 

Hedman, John 1895 

Hedman, Simon P 1900 

Henderson, Josiah R 1877 

Herrick, Ernest L , . 1900 

Herrick, Everett C 1898 

Herrick, Fred S 1880 

Herrick, Loring 1892 

Hersey, Lila Harden 1895 

Hesseltine, Francis S 1863 

Hinds, Amos L 1858 

Hinds, Asher C 1883 

Hinds, Benjamin J 1883 

Hodgkins, Wellington 1893 

Holbrook, Benjamin P 1888 

Holden, Grace B 1900 

Holmes, Bertha M 1903 

Holmes, Harriet F 1897 

Holmes, Stanley H 1887 

Holmes, William H 1897 

Hooper, Alfred E 1894 

Hooper, Ina Taylor 1898 

Hopkins, George C 1863 

Hopkins, Martha B 1903 

Hopkinson, Henry M 1868 

Howard, Adonis D 1901 

Howe, Freeland 1894 



Name. Class. 

Howe, William 1833 

Howes, Martin S 1888 

Hoxie, Caro L 1896 

Hoxie, George W 1894 

Hubbard, Walter L 1896 

Hudson, Henry 1875 

Hudson, James H 1900 

Hull, Annie H 1899 

Humphrey, Mabel A 1898 

Hunt, Ephraim 1850 

Hunt, George L 1862 

Hunt, George W. 1866 

Hunt, Nathan 1879 

Hurd, Albert G 1892 

Hurd, George N 1890 

Hurd, Hattie Merrill 1888 

Hussey, Lizzie T 1893 

Hutchinson, Carleton E 1896 

Hutchinson, Emma F 1900 

Ilsley, George B 1863 

Ilsley, Gertrude L 1896 

Ilsley, Mary Morrill 1891 

Ilsley, Reuben L. 1891 

Ingraham, Ira F 1898 

Ingraham, Joshua L 1880 

Irish, Mabel M 1893 

Jack, William B 1900 

Jackson, Abraham W 1869 

Jackson, Amos M 1861 

Jackson, Henry W 1895 

Jackson, John H 1860 

Jenkins, Edward D 1900 

Jenks, Mildred 1903 

Jewett, Eugene W. 1887 

Jewett, Reed V 1895 

Johnson, Eva M 1903 

Johnson, Franklin W 1891 

Johnson, Fred T 1892 

Johnson, Merritt A 1883 

Jones, Adelbert 1902 

Jones, Asa M 1894 

Jones, Elinor Hunt 1894 

Jones, Elmira Nelson 1897 

Jones, Frank J 1878 

Jones, Randall E 1861 

Jordan, Archer 1895 

Jordan, Harry T 1893 

Joseph, Francis M 1901 

Joy, Hattie Britton 1879 

Joy, Willis A 1879 

Judkins, Clarence L 1881 

Kalloch, Herbert P 1892 

Kalloch, H. Knapp 1892 

Name. Class. 

Keith, Albert R 1897 

Keith, John C 1884 

Kelley, Augustus H 1873 

Kelley, Herbert L 1880 

Kelly, William H 1874 

Kennedy, Almore 1860 

Kenrick, Walter F 1894 

Kimball, Charles B 1896 

Kimball, Charles H 1869 

Kimball, Daniel W 1894 

King, Alfred 1883 

King, Carl C 1880 

King, Ernest F 1880 

King, Frank P 1890 

King, George M P 1857 

King, James . . . *. 1889 

Kingman, Henry 1884 

Kingsley. Maud E 1887 

Kinney, Theodore H 1894 

Knapp, Lelan P 1903 

Knight, Annie L. 1897 

Knowlton, Albion K. P 1854 

Knowlton, David W 1883 

Knowlton, William S 1864 

Knox, Horatio B 1881 

Koch, Christian C 1902 

Koopman, Harry D. 1880 

Lamb, Helen F 1897 

Lamb, John W 1855 

L'Amoureux, Clara Jones 1894 

L'Amoureux, Geo. H. D 1894 

Lane, Albert T 1895 

Lane, Asa L 1862 

Lane, M. Blanche 1895 

Larrabee, Edith M 1897 

Larrabee, Joel F 1887 

Larsson, John G 1902 

Latlip, Fred S 1894 

Lawrence, Bela M 1882 

Lawrence, Benjamin F 1858 

Lawrence, Fred F 1900 

Leadbetter, Charles F 1891 

Leighton, Alvin P 1882 

Leighton. Frank H 1904 

Leland, Minerva E 1882 

Lemont, Charles S 1879 

Lemont, Mary G 1900 

Lewis, Caleb A. 1903 

Linscott, Arad E 1898 

Linscott, Grace Farrar 1901 

Liscomb, John F 1862 

Littlefield, Annie E 1890 

Locke, Vera Nash 1902 

Lombard, William E 1893 

Long, Edwin C 1876 


Name. Class. Name. Class. 

Long, Martin H 1902 Meigs, Alfred E 1870 

Looney, William H 1877 Megquier, Charles F 1889 

Lord, Edward 1877 Megquier, Everard C 1891 

Lord, Herbert M 1884 Melcher, Josiah R 1881 

Lord, Lewis G 1903 Meleney, Clarence E 1876 

Lorimer, Addison B 1888 Merriam, Cyrus K 1875 

Lorimer, Albert W 1896 Merriam, Edmund F 1868 

Lovell, Cornie Spear 1890 Merriam, George 1879 

Lovering, Nellie M 1902 Merriam, Henry C 1864 

Low, Charles C 1856 Merrick, Hubert J 1899 

Low, George S 1850 Merrill, Annie E 1894 

Luce, Fred A 1891 Merrill, Charles A 1892 

Lyford, Edward F 1877 Merrill, George N 1881 

Lyford, Will H 1879 Merrill, James W 1843 

Lynch, John S 1894 Merrill, Jason L. 1901 

Lyons, Thomas G 1872 Merrill, John B... 1896 

Merrill, Percy S 1894 

Macomber, Sylvanus B 1863 Merrill, Preston 1 1883 

Mahlman, Robert M 1894 Merrill, William W 1888 

Maling, Ernest H 1899 Meserve, Charles F 1877 

Mann, Minnie Mathews 1880 Meserve, Lois A 1902 

Mann, William G 1878 Meserve, Martha C 1896 

Manser, Henry H 1883 Meservey, Charles E 1881 

Marble, Albert P 1861 Metcalf, Richard A 1886 

Marble. John 1863 Miller, Merton L 1890 

Marin, Manuel C 1882 Millett, Joshua H 1867 

Marsh, George A 1901 Millett, Robert N 1893 

Marsh, Samuel K 1881 Mitchell. Alexander H 1902 

Marshall, Clarence P 1881 Mitchell, Howard R 1872 

Marshall, Horace B 1858 Mitchell, Moses C 1862 

Marston. Walter F 1871 Moody, Gertrude B 1903 

Martin, Clara L 1903 Moody, John F 1867 

Mathews. Elizabeth 1879 Moody, John F. Jr 1900 

Martin, George A 1899 Moore, Herbert M 1887 

Martin, Maud Hoxie 1899 Moore, Justin P 1862 

Marvell, Sumner E 1901 Morrill, Charles W 1884 

Mathews, Edward B 1891 Morrill, Clara P. 1894 

Mathews, Octavia W 1897 Morrill. Frances* H 1894 

Mathews. Sara B 1896 Morrill, Lucia H 1893 

Mathews, Shailer 1884 Morse, Ernest E 1891 

Mathews, Walter H 1878 Morse, Herbert L 1891 

Mathews, William 1835 Mortimer, Bessie E 1887 

Matthews, Samuel W 1854 Mortimer, Fred C 1881 

Mayo. William W 1879 Mower, Eunice C 1904 

McCallum, Lena P 1897 Munson, Daniel G 1892 

Macdonald, Jona. T 1880 Murray, George E 1879 

McFadden, Tristram F 1855 

McFadden. Willard L 1898 Nash, Edward H 1898 

Mclntire, Ezra E 1884 Nason, Laurentius M 1880 

Mclntire, George A 1881 Neal, Edgar P 1893 

McKoy, Charles F 1902 Neal, Lora Cummings 1893 

McKusick, Hazen P 1866 Nelson, John E 1898 

McLellan, Hugh D 1895 Nelson. John R 1898 

Meader, Emily P 1878 Nev/enham, Horace W 1901 

Meader, Nathaniel 1863 Nickels, Betsey A 1903 

Meader, Wilfred J 1888 Nichols, Elmer L 1893 

IND^X 55 

Name. Class. Name. Class. 

Nichols, Frank B 1892 Philbrick, Max P. 1902 

Nichols, Henry W 1895 Philbrook, J. Foster 1895 

Noble, Alfred 1 1883 Phllbrook, Mary G 1900 

Noble, Ernest E 1897 Phllbrook, Warren C 1882 

Norris, Frederick E 1895 Phillips, Charles L 1878 

Norton, Ransom 1860 Pierce, Clarence W 1894 

Norwood, Ephraim W 1869 Pierce, Harry L 1892 

Nowell, Samuel J 1882 Pierce, Levi M 1860 

Nye, Frank E 1889 Pierce, Sophia Hanson 1881 

Pierce, T. Raymond 1898 

Ogier, Jesse H 1893 Pike, Daniel W 1878 

Osborne, Marion T 1900 Pike, Fred P. H 1898 

Osgood, Ernest F 1892 Pike, James *M. *.!!!!!!!!!!! ! 1896 

Osgood, Harry W 1894 Pillsbury, Myron A 1899 

Overlook, Seldom B 1886 Plaisted, A. Appleton 1851 

Owen, Alfred 1853 Plaisted, Sheridan 1886 

Owen, Charles E 1879 Pollard, Thomas A 1894 

Owen, Fred K 1887 Pratt, Blanche Pratt 1902 

Owen, L. Herbert 1882 pratt, Ernest H 1894 

Owen, Lincoln 1889 Pratt, Evelyn Whitman 1896 

Pratt, Harry E 1902 

Padelford, Frank W 1894 Pratt, Henry H 1898 

Padelford, Fred M 1896 Pratt, Herbert N 1896 

Padelford, Jessie Pepper 1896 Pray, Lily S 1895 

Page, Arthur H 1898 Preble, Fred M.\*. ../,/.','.'//, 1881 

Page, Hartstein W 1880 Preston, George M 1852 

Paine, Albert W 1832 Pullen, Stanley T , 1864 

Paine, George S 1871 Pulsifer, James A 1888 

Palmer, David 1868 Pulsifer, Ralph H 1886 

Palmer, Irving 1887 Pulsifer, William M 1882 

Parlin, Frank H 1873 Purington, Etta F 1899 

Parmelee, James H 1850 Purinton, Alice M 1899 

Parmenter, Elmer E 1887 Purinton, Francis B 1894 

Parmenter, Hattie M 1889 Purinton, Herbert R 1891 

Parrington, John W 1855 Purinton. Wallace .*. . 1901 

Parshley, John H 1881 Putnam, Beecher 1889 

Parsons, David W 1891 Putnam, Edgar B 1901 

Partridge, John A 1904 Putnam, Harrington 1870 

Patten, Arthur B 1890 Putnam, Harry L 1886 

Pattison, Everett W 1858 Putnam, Henry H 1897 

Peacock, Lou W 1901 Putnam, Thomas P 1884 

Peakes, Ethel Pratt 1896 Putnam, Varney A 1899 

Peakes, Fred W 1896 

Pearson, Parker T 1899 Ramsdell, Thomas J. 1886 

Pease, Bertis A 1882 Randall, Alice Sawtelle 1888 

Pease, Charles S 1891 Rawson, Edward S 1869 

Peavy, Gustavus 1 1875 Read, Edward A 1875 

Pepper, Charles H.... 1889 Read, Samuel A 1875 

Pepper, John L 1889 Record, Stillman H 1860 

Perkins, Carroll N 1904 Reid, Elsie G 1898 

Perkins, Charles N 1893 Reynolds, Carl H 1892 

Perry, Sherman 1901 Rice, Edna Owen. 1902 

Perry, Wilder W 1872 Rice. Edward C 1901 

Perry, William E 1882 Richards, Charles F 1855 

Phenix, George P 1886 Richards, Ralph W 1901 

Philbrick, Herbert S 1897 Richardson Albert M 1886 



Name. Cla49S. 

Richardson, Anna M 1902 

Richardson, Bertram C 1898 

Richardson, Charles C 1887 

Richardson, Helen Sullivan.. 1898 

Richardson, Justin K 1869 

Richardson, Philip G 1903 

Richardson, Ralph H 1899 

Ricker, Elmer A 1887 

Robbins, Albert C 1899 

Robbins, Linville W. 1894 

Roberts, Arthur J 1890 

Roberts, Edward P 1870 

Roberts, Fred A. 1897 

Roberts, John B 1904 

Roberts, Sarah A 1902 

Robinson, Albert 1893 

Robinson, Edward C 1883 

Robinson, Edward P 1884 

Robinson, Frank A 1898 

Robinson, William H 1882 

Rockwood, Willard H 1902 

Rogers, Arthur K 1891 

Ross, Charles J 1892 

Ross, Joseph A.. 1856 

Rowley, William F 1894 

Russell, Charles A 1876 

Russell, Ethel M 1900 

Russell, Frank E 1893 

Russell, Grace L. 1899 

Salsman, Evaline A 1904 

Sampson, Eugene L 1889 

Sanborn, Arnold M 1900 

Sanders, George D 1882 

Sanderson, Elisha 1886 

Sawtelle, Charles E 1896 

Sawtelle, Melvin E 1895 

Sawyer, Fernald D 1900 

Sawyer, Horace B 1881 

Seaverns, Charles F 1901 

Severy, Frank J. 1900 

Seward, Mary Pray 1887 

Shannon, Charles E. G 1899 

Shannon, Richard C 1862 

Shaw, Erastus M 1870 

Shaw, Frank K 1881 

Shaw, Jacob B. 1860 

Shaw, John A 1888 

Shaw, Judson W 1858 

Sheldon, George C 1893 

Shepard, Samuel B 1883 

Sibley, Dora M 1892 

Simmons, Paulenah M 1904 

Simpson, Joshua B 1890 

Singer, George W 1892 

Slocum, Joel B 1893 

Name. Class. 

Small, Albion K. P 1849 

Small, Albion W 1876 

Small, Augustus D 1865 

Small, Charles P 1886 

Small, Edwin S 1868 

Small, Maurice H 1887 

Small, Mollie S 1900 

Smiley, Edward H. 1875 

Smiley, Lillian Fletcher 1888 

Smith, Appleton W 1887 

Smith, Charles D 1877 

Smith, Charles P 1893 

Smith, George M 187S 

Smith, George 1893 

Smith, Grace Coburn 1893 

Smith, Harry A 1886 

Smith, Jennie M 1881 

Smith, Laura H 1898 

Smith, Melvin M 1890 

Smith, William A 1891 

Snare, Austin W 1895 

Snow, Charles L 1897 

Snow, Fred A 1885 

Snyder, William H 1885 

Soule, Allen P 1879 

Soule, Bertha L 1885 

Soule, Harold W 1904 

Soule, William L 1890 

Spear, Mary E 1893 

Spencer, Charles W 1890 

Spencer, Henry R 1899 

Sprague, Richard W 1901 

Sprague, Volney A 1842 

Stacy, Everett M 1881 

Staples, Leon C 1903 

Stark, Stephen 1892 

Stearns, Louis C., Jr 1903 

Stephenson, John E 1898 

Stetson, Agnes C 1899 

Stetson, Carlton B 1881 

Stevens, Edna H 1898 

Stevens, Edward B 1884 

Stevens, Edward P 1889 

Stevens, George D 1863 

Stevens, Janet C 1898 

Stevens, William 1899 

Steward, Carleton W 1903 

Steward, Philo 1881 

Stewart, Horace W. 1874 

Stewart, Walter D 1888 

Stimson, Cyrus P 1893 

Stoddard, George H 1891 

Stover, Eugene H 1892 

Stover, Marion E. 1903 

Stowell, Alfred S 1872 

Stratton, Robert F 1853 



Name. Class. 

Stuart, Arthur 1 1899 

Stubbs, M. Wilma 1900 

Sturgis, Charles H 1871 

Sturtevant, Chester H 1892 

Sturtevant, Judson A 1877 

Sturtevant, Leland P 1891 

Sturtevant, Will H 1901 

Sweet, George T 1903 

Tapley, John S 1904 

Tarbell, Frank W.... 1904 

Tarbox, Moses H 1849 

Taylor, Evangeline 1893 

Taylor, Fred E 1897 

Taylor, Jefferson. 1873 

Taylor, Julian D 1868 

Taylor, Ossian F 1902 

Teague, Edwin C 1891 

Teague, William M. H 1903 

Thayer, Alfred 1 1884 

Thayer, Nathan P 1901 

Thomas, Arthur W 1880 

•j homas, Austin 1866 

Thomas, Charles D 1863 

Thomas, George W 1903 

Thompson, Helene Bowman.. 1899 

Thompson, Henry M. 1878 

Thompson, James L.. Jr 1896 

Thompson, William R 1863 

Thurston, Stephen R 1853 

Thyng, Fred W 1902 

Tilden, Herbert 1875 

Tilden, Horace W 1872 

Tilden, Howard B 1878 

Tilley, Charles C 1876 

Tilton, Charles E 1883 

Tilton, J. Odin 1875 

Tilton, Royal J 1883 

Tilton, John F 1888 

Tilton, Katharine Berry 1893 

Titcomb, Walter P 1897 

Tobey, Mary L 1889 

Tolman, Ella M 1903 

Tolman, George E 1904 

Tompkins, Nathaniel 1903 

Tompson, Edward F 1882 

Tooker, Thomas C 1896 

Totman, Virgil C 1894 

Towne, Alice E. 1903 

Towne, Charles F 1900 

Towne, Gertrude Pike 1900 

Townsend, Amos B 1885 

Townsend, Irving L 1886 

Tozier, Carrie M 1900 

Tozier, Clara B 1895 

Tozier, Prank Li 1894 

Name. Class. 

Tracy, Martha D 1897 

Trafton, Herbert W 1886 

Trask, Henry K 1855 

Trask, James E 1880 

Trowbridge, Henry 1883 

True, Addie F 1890 

True, Carrie M 1895 

True, Charles A. 1882 

Tufts, Lutie French 1896 

Tupper, Ernest H 1900 

Turner, Benjamin P 1884 

Turner, Charles W 1896 

Tuthill, Lillie Hazelton 1894 

Tuthill, William B 1894 

Varney, Annie Pepper 1898 

Vaughan, Hiram C 1859 

Vent, Charles F 1857 

Ventres, Ernest E 1901 

Verrill, Elgin C 1883 

Wads worth, Herbert E 1892 

Wagg, Alvin P 1890 

Walden, Hezekiah 1898 

Waldron, Ira 1864 

Waldron, William L. 1899 

Walling, Justin A 1879 

Ward, Mary M 1904 

Ward, Josephine T 1899 

Warner, Charles F 1879 

Warren, Ambrose B 1899 

Warren, Grace E 1903 

Washburn, Wendell C 1903 

Waterhouse, Homer T 1895 

Waters, William L 1895 

Watkins, Edith M 1904 

Watkins, Harry T 1896 

Watts, Allison M 1903 

Watson, Arthur T 1891 

Watson, Harry B 1897 

Watson, William F 1887 

Weaver, Herbert S 1882 

Webb, Frederick E 1899 

AVebber, Stephen E 1886 

Wellington, John R 1886 

Wellman, Blanch Walker 1898 

Wellman, Justin 1898 

Weston, Clarence P. 1873 

Wheeler, Louis A 1872 

Whelden, Wilbur C 1890 

Whidden, Charles R 1870 

White, Bessie R 1886 

Whitehouse, William P 1863 

Whitman, Charles H 1897 

Whitman, Herbert L. 1894 

Whitman, Ozias. 1862 



Name. Class. 

Whitman, Rachel Foster 1899 

Whitman, Verne M 1894 

Whitney, Mellen A 1890 

Whittemore, Edwin C 1879 

Whittier, Francis F 1881 

Whittle, Walter R 1883 

Wiggin, Albert B 1843 

Wilcox, Daniel W 1852 

Wilkins. Florence 1902 

Willey, Arthur N 1871 

Williams, Charles E 1874 

Williams, Edith. 1902 

Williams, Percy F 1897 

Wilson, Charles B 1881 

Wilson, Fred M 1871 

Wilson, George A 1862 

Wilson, George A Jr 1898 

Wilson, Gowen C*. 1857 

Wing, Nahum M 1894 

Winslow, Edward B 1904 

Winslow, Julia E 1886 

Wiren, W. A. V 1900 

Name. Class. 

Withee, Henry L 19«1 

Witherell, Carl H 1901 

Wood, Frank E 1904 

Woodcock, Frank R 1883 

Woodman, Charles M 1898 

Woods, Henry B 1889 

Woodsum, Ansley E 1876 

Worcester, John C... 1881 

Workman, Lin wood L 1902 

Worth, Nellie M 1903 

Wright, Arthur G 1897 

Wright, Benjamin F 1883 

Wright, Thomas G 1839 

Wyman, Abram 1889 

Wyman, Drew T 1878 

Wyman, Elwood T 1890 

Wyman, John M 1881 

Wyman, Levi P 1896 

Young, Charles E 1874 

Young, George W 1877 



T;/ li