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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 








Entered January 12, 1904, at Hartford, Conn., as 

second class matter, under act of Congress 

of July, 1894 








Entered January 12, 1904, at Hartford, Conn., as 

second class matter, under act of Congress 

of July, 1894 

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The following lists have been prepared with great care and 
are as nearly correct as the compilers have been able to make 
them. Tn each case the latest known address has been given. 

Yet it is unlikely that errors have been wholly avoided, and 
corrections will be gratefully received at the College office. 

The College is anxious to keep in touch with all her alumni 
and non-graduate members. That she may do this it is neces- 
sary that changes of address should be promptly communicated 
to the Treasurer or to the Secretary of the Faculty. Such 
changes are noted in the mailing list and incorporated in the 
next printed catalogue. 

Tt has been found necessary to ask the Alumni to assist in 
defraying the expenses of publishing this pamphlet and a price 
of Twenty-five cents per copy has been fixed as reasonable and 

At this time, January 26, 1906, the prospects of the College 
are encouraging. The number of students and of professors 
is larger than ever before. New departments of instruction 
have been established and a general spirit of enthusiasm and 
confidence is evident among alumni and friends. Yet the 
wants of the institution are great. Money is sorely needed for 
current expenses, as well as for expansion. A new library 
building will be imperatively demanded within a very short 
time, as will, also, a new building for the use of the scientific 
departments. For many years the need of an appropriate 
Chapel has been recognized by all familiar with the situation. 

These buildings are improvements that cannot be long de- 
ferred. The Alumni and friends of the College are asked to 
make note of these tacts, especially of the pressing need of 
large additions to our endowment funds. 


(Not included in the following lists) 
James J. Goodwin, Esq. 83 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn. 

J. Pierpont Morgan, Esq. J. P. Morgan & Co., 23 Wall St., 

(Personal) New York city 

Addresses of Surviving Alumni and Former 


Arraaged according to Classes 


Gurdon Wadsworth Russell, 207 Farmington ave., Hartford, 
M.D., LL.D. Conn. 


Hon. John Bigelow Highland Falls, N. Y. 

Samuel Porter Church, M.D. 209 South ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 

George Parker Doan 

3523 Washington ave., St. Louis, 


Rev. Charles Edward Phelps Box 204, New Brunswick, N. J. 

Rev. Abraham Joseph Warner Angelica, N. Y. 


Rev. Francis Joseph Clerc, D.D. Philipsburg, Pa. 

Rev. Joseph Pemberton Taylor, Plainfield, N. J. 

Louis Fenn Wadsworth 


Plainfield, N. J. 

Hon. John Watson Bacon 


Savings Bank of Danbury, Dan- 
bury, Conn. 

De Witt Clinton Loop 

1711 Mosher St., Baltimore, Md. 

Nathan Merrill 

Ansonia, Conn. 

Hon. James Beach Wakefield Blue Earth City, Minn. 

Walter A. Towles 


Geneva, Henderson Co., Ky. 

1 847 

Putnam Brinley, M.D. V 

Charles Frederick Hale, M.D. ' - .. 

Lewis Thomas Dowries 484 Elmwood ave., Providence, R.I. 

Louis Nathaniel Middlebrook 211 State st., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Francis Bolles Peabody 426 Dearborn ave., Chicago, 111. 

Charles Wheaton Abbott, U. S. N. Warren, R. I. 

Rev. Gemont Graves 96 Colchester ave., Burlington, Vt. 

Hon. Charles Wheaton Aurora, 111. 

Rev. John Taylor Huntington 17 Clinton st., Hartford, Conn, 

Rev. Daniel Everett Loveridge Eugene City, Oregon 
Lewis Sloat Paddock, M.D. 96 Washington st., Norwich, Conn. 

Rev. Garret Eber Peters 1597 Woodward ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Reginald Heber Scovill Essex, Conn. 

Hon. John Hawley Stotsenburg 1407 E. Mair st., New Albany, Ind. 

Rev. John Brainard, D.D. 

James Wright Hazlehurst 

Thomas Davies Reed 


Auburn, N. Y. 

329 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Merritt Bronson 
Henry Martyn Drane 
Rev. Edward Seymour 
Rev. Peter Lake Shepard 
Theron William Towner 


R. F. D. No. 3, Terryville, Conn. 

Armour, N. C. 
Newberry, Michigan. 
Clinton, Conn. 

Robert Andrews 

James Perrie Bowman 


East Orange, N. J. 

St. Francisville P. O., Bayou Sara, 

Rev. Louis French 

Noroton, Conn. 

Rev. Johnston McCormack Astoria, Oregon 


Charles H. Henshaw 

100 Bowen St.. Providence, R. I. 


Rev. James Gilbert Armstrong 

James Rufus Bird, M.D. 247 Gates ave., Brooklyn, N. Y 

William Jarvis Boardman 1801 P St., N. W., Washington , 

D. C. 

Rev. Rufus Emery, D.D. Newburyport, Mass. 

Rev. Henry Trowbridge Gregory Southern Pines, N. C. 

James Daniel Hewett, M.D. 101 Waterman st, Providence, R. I. 

James Milnor Hicks Summit, N. J. 

Rev. Horace Baldwin Hitchings, 68 Walnut st., Maiden, Mass. 

Rev. George Dowdall Johnson, New Brighton, S. I., N. Y. 

De Witt Clinton Jones 72 Trinity pi., New York city 

John Henry Lamon 

Rt. Rev. John Scarborough, D.D., 107 Greenwood ave., Trenton, N. J 

Rev. Cornelius Bishop Smith, 101 E. 69th st, New York city 



Rev. Prof. Edwin Cortland Bolles, Tufts College, Mass. 
D.D., LL.D. 

Rev. James Edward Coley Hamden, Conn. 

Rev. Samuel Edson 

Locust Grove, Md. 

Henry Delafield Phelps 

New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Jacob Alexander Preston 
Elisha Tracy 

19 Lexington St., Baltimore, Md. 

1060 Amsterdam ave., Corner of 
112th st., New York city 

Brigadier-General George Abishai 21 10 Massachusetts ave., N. W., 
Woodward Washington, D. C. 

Frederick Clapp 


Greenfield, Mass. 

Rev. Angelo Ames Benton, D.D. Tarentum, Pa. 

President Edward Miner Gallaudet, Gallaudet Col., Kendall Green, 
LL.D. Washington, D. C 

George Cleveland Hicks 

Care of J. W. Sefton Mfg. Co. 
So. Jefferson St., Chicago, 111. 

Rev. Samuel Fitch Hotchkin Bustleton, near Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rev. Jared Starr 

Newington Junction, Conn. 


Wallace Charles Clement 

Pres. Clement Nat'l Bank, Rut- 
land, Vt. 

Rhoads Fishei 

Austin, Texas 

Hugh McC. Gregory 


Hamilton McMillan Red Springs, N. C. 


Rev. William Henry Benjamin, Irvington, N. Y. 

Hon. Horace Jared Canfield Andover, Mass. 

Rev. Prof. George Bailey Hopson, St. Stephen's College, Annandale, 
D.D. N. Y. 

Rt. Rev. William Woodruff Niles, Concord, N. H. 
D.D., LL.D., D.C.L. 

Rev. Edward James Purdy 2914 Portland ave., Minneapolis, 


Rev. Edmund Rowland, D.D. Waterbury, Conn. 

David Maitland Armstrong 58 West 10th st, New York city 

Hon. William Hamersley, LL.D. 180 Farmington ave., Hartford, 


Rev. William Robert Harris Palenville, N. Y. 

Prof. James Ewing Mears, M.D. 1535 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, 


John Henry Stevens Quick 6010 Jefferson ave., Chicago, 111. 

Rev. William Henry Vibbert, D.D. 116 East 29th st., New York city 

Henry W. Kloppenburg 



Rev. John Bakewell, D.D. 1219 Telegraph ave., Oakland, Cal. 


Dudley Buck Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Bankson T. Holcomb New Castle, Delaware 

William T. Maddox Alexandria, La. 


Rev. Leonidas Bradley Baldwin 1249 Chapel St., New Haven, Conn. 

Jedediah Hibbard Bowles 

Rev. Edwin Ely Butler ■ Madison, N. J. 

William Gilbert Davies 32 Nassau St., New York city 

Rev. Prof. Charles Lewis Fischer. Trinity Church Rectory, Bayonne, 
D.D. N. J. 

Thomas Bezaleel Sexton Ontagota, Sonora, Mexico 

Rev. Charles Henry Wright Vincennes, Ind. 

Stocking, D.D. 

Enoch Vine Stoddard, M.D. 62 State St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Rev. Samuel Heber Webb 21 Adelaide ave., Providence, R. I. 


Major Arthur Washington Allyn 946 Oakland ave., Chicago, 111. 


William Sterling Cogswell 76 William St., New York city 

Rev. Fenwick Mitford Cookson Gloversville, N Y. 

Franklin Hamilton Fowler, M.D. 335 W. 55th St., New York city 

William Bolmer Tibbits White Plains, N. Y. 

David Benjamin Walker 

Francis Milton Hawley Stamford, Conn. 


Rev. William Welles Holly Hackensack, N. J. 

Rev. Samuel Seymour Lewis Walpole, Mass. 

Lt.-Com. Frederick Augustus 2201 Massachusetts ave., Washing- 
Miller ton, D. C. 

Rev. J. Newton Perkins 281 Fourth ave., New York city 

John Burr Sturges Wilton, Conn. 


Robert Walker Linen 5 and 7 E. 16th st, New York city 

William Dixon Penfield Portland, Conn. 


Rev. Henry Ammi Dows 540 West 150th st, New York city 

Thomas Potter Fordney Lancaster. Pa. 


Algernon Sidney Groser 

Barton Heights, Richmond, Va. 

Rev. Charles Stuart Hale 

Claremont, N. H. 

Armand Lamar DeRossett 

Wilmington, N. C. 


Rev. William Nichols Ackley 534 47th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Thomas Mackaness Ludlow 1748 Broadway, New York city. 

Chrystie, M.D. 

Rev. James Walters Clark 

St. James Church, Washington, 
D. C. 

Richard French Goodman The Sussex Register, Newton, N. J. 

Rev. George Chapman Griswold, Guilford, Conn. 

Rev. Prof. John James McCook, 396 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. Leonard Kip Storrs, D.D. Brookline, Mass. 


Rev. Luther Eborn 

Creswell, N. C. 

Walton Ferguson 

Stamford, Conn. 

Rev. Matthias Murray Marshall, Raleigh, N. C. 

Herbert Norris, M.D. 

313 South 18th St., Philadelphia, 


Rev. James Sturgis Pearce Portsmouth, R. I. 

Samuel B. Smallwood, M.D. Astoria, N. Y. 

Rev. Robert Agnew Benton 309 Broad St., Sewickley, Pa. 

Col. Rob't Watkinson Huntington University Station, Charlottesville, 


Fordham Morris 16 Exchange place, New York city 

Right Rev. Lemuel Henry Wells, 2227 Pacific ave., Spokane, Wash. 


Jerome Gill Atkinson, M.D. 

Rev. Alfred Goldsborough Monroe, Conn. 

Robert Shields Stedman, M.D. 134 East 55th st„ New York city 

Rev. Edward Wooten Wilmington, N. C. 


John Henry Brocklesby 750 Main st, Hartford, Conn. 

Edmund Sanford Clark 144 Essex st., Boston, Mass. 

•George Albert Coggeshall, M.D. Henderson, N. C. 
Rev. William Henry Lewis, D.D. 1035 Park ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 


Rev. Henry Harrison Oberly, 

1064 E. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Right Rev. Charles Tyler Olm- 2 Armory Place, Utica, N. Y. 
sted, D.D. 


Josiah Blackwell 

Rev. James Brainard Goodrich Milton, Mass. 

Benjamin Howell Griswold 1433 Park ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Rev. Samuel Hart, D.D., D.C.L. Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

Charles Conner Hayden 

Rev. Henry Emerson Hovey Portsmouth, N. H. 

Rev. Albert Steele Hull 

1030 Forest ave., New York city 

William Fell Johnson 

Rev. Henry Aiken Metcalf 

Brooklandville P. O., Md. 

128 Anavvan ave., Highland Station, 
West Roxbury, Mass. 

Felix Robertson Sullivan 

510 Fidelity Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 


Joseph Horace Goodspeed, M.A. 84 State St., Boston, Mass. 
James Frederick Morse 

Rev. James Lewis Parks, D.D. 103 E. 21st St., New York city 


Charles Wanzer 

148 Western ave., St. Paul, Minn. 


George Gideon Nichols 


Charles Adams Morrill Portsmouth, N. H. 

Rev. Thomas Logan Murphy Plainfteld, N. J. 


Edward Renwick Brevoort 

Robert Hallam Curtis 

Meriden, Conn. 

Rev. Prof. Henry Ferguson, 123 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn 


Reginald Hart 

Rev. Francis Henry Potts 306 University ave., S. E., Min- 

neapolis, Minn. 

Rev. George Milnor Stanley Pine Meadow, Conn. 

Howard Cooke Vibbert 

702 Orange St., New Haven, Conn. 


Percival Wood Clement Rutland, Vt. 


James Winthrop Holcomb Care J. S. Morgan & Co., London, 


Pascal A. Horton 

Cheshire, Conn. 

Robert Shaw, A.M. 

212 Pine st., St. Louis, Mo. 

Charles Clarence Barton 


35 Congress st., Boston, Mass. 

William Claiborne Brocklesby Connecticut Mutual Building, 36 

Pearl st., Hartford, Conn. 

Henry Skelton Carter, M.D. 130 E. 24th st., New York city 

Rt. Rev. Joseph Blount Cheshire, Raleigh, N. C. 

Breckenridge Stuyvesant Gibson P. O. Box 945, New York city 

Prof. George Otis Holbrooke Mills Hotel, Bleeker st, New York 


Edward Van Brunt Kissam 5 Beekman st., New York city 

Rev. Jacob Le Roy 

Wissahickon Heights, Chestnut 
Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Robert Hobart Smith 542 W. 150th St., New York city 

Rev. Henry Swift, Chaplain U.S.A. Manila, Philippine Islands 
Rev. Thomas White Greenbush, N. Y. 


Allen William Thurman 

513 East Rich st., Columbus, Ohio 


Rev. Henry Merlin Barbour 65 E. 89th St., New York city 

Arthur Kain Brocklesby 126 Washington St., Hartford, Ct. 

Percy Shelley Bryant 908 Main St., Hartford, Conn. 

George Lewis Cooke Box 1101, Providence, R. I. 

Rev. George McClellan Fiske, 166 George St., Providence, R. I. 

Luther Martin Kennett St. Louis, Mo. 

Rev. Prof. Flavel Sweeten Luther, 115 Vernon st., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. George Brinley Morgan, D.D. 324 York St., New Haven, Conn. 
William Robert Mowe 108 East 55th st., New York city 

Rt. Rev. William Ford Nichols, 2515 Webster st., San Francisco, 
D.D. Cal. 

John Kennedy Stout The Varnum, Washington, D. C. 

Harlow Ruggles Whitlock Rockville, Conn. 


Allender Ensign Breckenridge Waterloo, Iowa 

George Edward Elwell Bloomsburg, Pa. 

James Robert Fuller, M.D. 41 School st, Andover, Mass. 

Samuel Richard Fuller 405 Beacon st, Boston, Mass. 

Richard Hartley Nott 
Clifton Wharton Phillips 

George Bassett Prentice 


Saco, Me. 

Fidelity Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 
145 W. 146th St., New York city 


Rev. Wordsworth Young Beaven Easton, Md. 

Daniel Page Cotton 

Rev. George William Douglas, 

William Drayton 
Charles Sherman Everest 

4 Lukas Strasse, Dresden, Germany 
Tuxedo Park, Tuxedo, N. Y. 

1438 So. Penn Sq., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hamden, Conn. 

Rev. Thomas Henry Gordon Chew's Landing, N. J. 

Rev. William Francis Hubbard, 1007 S. Union ave., Los Angeles, 
Chaplain U. S. A. California 

Rev. Robert Hudson, Ph.D. 

523 W. Onondaga st., Syracuse. 
N. Y. 

Walter Vaughan Lippincott 

Ambrose Spencer Murray, Jr. 16-22 William st, New York city 

Rev. Arthur Thomas Parsons Thomaston, Conn. 

Rev. James Stoddard 

Mt. Holly, N. J. 

Rev. Lucius Waterman, D.D. Hanover, N. t 

Rev. Chauncey Camp Williams, Augusta, Ga. 



Frederick Davis Richardson 37 Board of Trade, Chicago, 111. 

Rev. William G. W. Smith 

Altadena, California 

Rev. Frederick Thompson 

Dixon, 111. 

Newberry Davenport Thorne Davenport's Neck, New Rochelle, 

N. Y. 

Thomas Childs Woodbury 

Rev. John Mallory Bates 
Rev. William Hale Bates 


Red Cloud, Nebraska. 

Bishop Whipple School, Sanford, 

George Collinson Burgwin 

434 Diamond St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Horace Russell Chase 

Rev. James Hardin George Newtown, Conn. 

Rev. John Graham 

Morris Park, N. Y. 

Rev. Frederick William Harri- Windsor, Conn, 
man, D.D. 

Rev. Prof. Robert Clayton 
Hindley, Ph.D. 

1328 Carlisle ave., Racine, Wis. 

Right Rev. Alexander Mackay- 251 South 22d st., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Smith, D.D. 

William Denison Morgan, M.D. 108 Farmington ave., Hartford, Ct. 

Rev. Josiah Bedon Perry 
James Withers Read 
George Henry Seyms 

Natchez, Miss. 

Cora, Florida 

181 Collins st., Hartford, Conn. 

Edgar Snyder, M.D. 329J/2 Jackson st., St. Paul, Minn. 

Rev. Samuel Chalmers Thompson, Rensselaerville, N. Y. 

William Augustus Valentine, M.D. 34 W. 38th st., New York city 

Rev. George Washington West South River, N. J. 

Rev. Paul Ziegler 

178 Henry St., Detroit, Mich. 


Henry Paine Bartlet 
Edward Bohun Bellinger 
Rev. John Archibald Deal 
Frederick William Gwinn 
George H. Howard 

41 Wall st., New York city 

Walterboro, S. C. 

Box 18, Franklin, N. C. 

51 Leonard St., New York city 

Metropolitan Club, Washington, 
D. C. 

Rev. Edwin N. Joyner Tryon, N. C. 

Hon. Donald Ticknor Warner Salisbury, Conn. 


James Tinker Bowdish 

Ashland, Ore. 

Rev. William Howard Bulkley 603 Washington ave., Alpena, 


Rev. Samuel Barstow Carpenter Augusta, Ga. 

Henry Jackson Chase 

Rev. William Mason Cook Ilion, N. Y. 

Rev. Frederick Ossian Granniss 1518 Park ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Prof. Edmund Morris Hyde, 

Shattuck School, Faribault, Minn. 

Derrill Hart McCullough 

Russell Murray 100 Grand St., New York city 

Rev. Oliver Henry Raftery Portland, Conn. ? r 

Rev. Prof. Leonard Woods 
Richardson, LL.D. 

Rev. Elbert Burr Taylor 

State Normal Col., Albany, N. Y. 

Bayonne, N. J. 

Edward Biddle Watts 

Carlisle, Pa. 

Rev. Clarence Eugene Woodman, Church of St. Paul the Apostle, 415 
Ph.D., Cong. S. Pauli Presb. W. 59th st, New York city 


John Cameron Buxton Winston, N. C. 

Rev. Nathaniel Harding 

Washington, N. C. 

Rev. Charles Pomeroy Parker Care Harvard University, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

i8 7 4 

Rev. Edwin Cheney Alcorn Cape May, N. j. 

Rev. William Merrick Chapin Harrington Center, R. I. 

Rev. Henry Evan Cotton Hagerstown, Md. 

Rev. Charles Ewell Craik, D.D Christ Church Cathedral, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Edward Nicoll Dickerson 64 E. 34th St., New York city 

Rev. Thomas James Drumm St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H 

Rev. George Mcllvaine Du Bois El Paso, Texas 

Rev. Rodney Miller Edwards Brentwood, L. I., N. Y. 

Louis Mytinger Plumer 170 Fourth ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Hon. James Davis Smyth Burlington, Iowa 

Thomas Lathrop Stedman, M.D. 1425 Broadway, New York city 

Rev. Percival Hanahan Whaley Pensacola, Fla. 

Harry Edward Whitney Shattuck School, Faribault, Minn. 


Donald Muhlenberg Cammann University Club, New York city 
Arnold Plumer Gilmore Iroquois Club, Chicago, 111. 

Clayton Piatt 63 Wall st., New York city 


Hon. William Robinson Blair Nicholas Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Rev. Benjamin Muzzey Bradin Newark, N. J. 

Washington Bryan 

3 Broad st, New York city 

Hon. Joseph Bumngton, LL.D. Judges' Chambers, U. S. Courts, 

Pittsburg, Pa. 

Clarendon Cobb Bulkeley 

72 Deerfield ave, Hartford, Conn. 

William Edmund Curtis, LL.D. 27 West 47th st., New York city 

George Milton Hubbard 

Hibernia Bank, San Francisco, Cal. 

Grenville Kane 

Tuxedo Park, Tuxedo, N. Y. 

Rev. George William Lincoln Germantown, Pa. 

Henry Gordon McCouch 

323 Moreland ave., Wissahickon 
Heights, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thomas McLean 

Watertown, Conn. 

Seth Enos Smith 

Grosse Isle, Wayne Co., Mich. 

William Molthrop Stark 

New London, Conn. 


William Asbury Bibb 

New Decatur, Alabama 

William Gray Brooks 

Arthur French Clark 


Care Priest, Page & Co., 145 
Franklin St., Boston, Mass. 

St. John Merrill 
Charles Piatt, Jr. 

Norwalk, Conn. 

1809 DeLancey place, Philadelphia, 

Eric Pierson Swenson 

13 E. 71st St., New York city 


Francis Wilbur Ames 

Mayville, Traill Co., N. Dakota 

Henry Hartstene Brigham 

320 Park ave., East Orange, N. J. 

Edward Nevins Burke 

216 Nesmith st., Lowell, Mass. 

Rev. Henry Ogden Du Bois 472 West End ave., New York city 

William Wharton Gillette 

Petersburg, Va. 

Isaac Hiester 

138 N. Fifth st., Reading, Pa. 

John De Fontevieux McKennan 406 Penn ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Charles Edward Moore, M.D. 102 W. 48th st., New York city 

Percival Padgett 

312 South Capitol St., Washington, 
D. C. 

Rev. Theodore Atkinson Porter Charleston, S. C. 

Henry Vane Rutherford 

31 Nassau St., New York city 


William Converse Skinner 61 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. Edward Kilbourne Tullidge 924 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Woodbridge Hall Birchmore 

Arthur Newton Edwards 282 Berkeley St., Boston, Mass. 

James Brailsford Erwin War Department, Washington, 

D. C. 

I. Paris, Jr. 

Edwin John Rinehart Port Deposit, Md. 

Effingham Brown Sutton, Jr. 82 South St., New York city 


John Henry King Burgwin 424 Fourth ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Robert Habersham Coleman Saranac Lake, Franklin Co., N. Y. 

Rev. Charles Carroll Edmunds, Jr. 960 Broad st., Newark, N. J. 

Rev." John Francis George Rockville, Conn. 

Rev. Sydney Douglass Hooker Dillon, Montana. 

Peter Hooper, M.D. 

Rev. John Huske St. George's Church, Newburgh, 

N. Y. 

Edward Purnell Jones 64 Grant st, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Julian Ellis Kurtz, M.D. Reading, Pa. 

George Frederick Lewis, M.D. Stratford, Conn. 

William Gwinn Mather 383 Euclid ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Rev. John Prout East Springfield, N. Y. 

William Everett Rogers Wakefield, Mass. 

Edward Mansfield Scudder 59 Wall St., New York city 

Harry Mitchell Sherman, M.D. 2125 Jackson St., San Francisco, 


Rev. James Dowdell Stanley 1224 N. New Jersey St., Indianap- 

olis, Ind. 

Charles Treat Willson 


George Blagden Hazlehurst 376 E. Colorado St., Pasadena, Cal. 

Rev. Nicholas Collin Hughes, Jr. Chocowinity, N. C. 

Alfred Dennis Hurd 120 Boylston st, Boston, Mass. 

Rev. Joseph Risk, D.D. 1538 Perrysville ave., Allegheny 


Rev. Charles Walter Boylston Riverside, Conn. 

Richard Mabie Campbell Independence, Iowa 

William Viall Chapin Pomfret, Conn. 

Jay Clarence Deuel Care Wells, Fargo & Co., San 

Francisco, Cal. 

Rev. John Dows Hills 


Christ Church Rectory, Oil City, 

Augustus Julian Lyman 

13 Church St., Asheville, N. C. 

William Sherman Maddock 

109 Greene ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Benjamin Franklin Haywood 51 N. Front st., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Shreve ij 

George Taylor Stewart, M.D. 51 E. 58th st., New York city 

Rev. William Rollins Webb Windsor Road, Baltimore, Md. 

Rev. John William Williams Atlantic City, N. J. 


Richard Bulkeley Brundage Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Lee Cowan Mock 

Care R. & D. R.R., Asheville, N.C. 


Rev. Melville Knox Bailey 88 Fourth ave., New York city 

Orr Buffington Kittanning, Pa. 

James Stratton Carpenter, M.D. Pottsville, Pa. 

William Nicholson Elbert 328 W. 57th st., New York city 

Sydney George Fisher, L.H.D., 328 Chestnut st., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Walter Calvin Hagar 

42 St. John st, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 


Rev. Alfred Harding, D.D. 

920 23d St., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Winfield Scott Moody 

16 Gramercy Park, New York city 

Rev. William Edward Potwine Care Bishop Restarick, Honolulu, 

H. I. 

Frank Nathan Shelton 

Captain Benjamin Stark, Jr. Care of William Molthrop Stark, 

Esq., New London, Conn. 

Rev. Frederick Wyndham White All Saints Cathedral, Milwaukee, 


Robert Lefavour Winkley 

72 South Main st., West Hartford, 


William Spear Bredin 

Rev. James Innes Hayes Cameron St. Paul's Church, Key West, Fla. 

George Munson Curtis Meriden, Conn. (Britannia Co.) 

Henry J. Fusch Athens, Ala. 

George Aspinwall Hazlehurst 612 Chestnut st., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rev. Thomas Alexander Hyde Sheepshead Bay, N. Y. 

William Edward Hyde 
A.lpheus Henry Snow 

Weymouth, Mass. 

2013 Massachusetts ave., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Edward Dale Appleton 

Robert Barclay, M.D. 

John Chester Barrows 

Henry Campbell Black 


Bayside, Long Island, N. Y. 

3211 Lucas ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

417-419 Security Bldg., St. Louis, 

2516 14th st., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Rev. David Law Fleming Chaplain U. S. A., Manila, P. I. 

Bern Budd Gallaudet, M.D. 60 W. 50th st., New York city 

Rev. Thomas Morduit Nelson 

Orlando Holway 

St. James's Church, Marietta, Ga. 

La Crosse, Wis. 

Rev. Louis Albert Lanpher 145 W. 46th st., New York city 

William Ridgeley Leaken 16 Bryan st., E., Savannah, Ga. 

Henry Clarence Loveridge Coldwater, Mich. 

Hoffman Miller 

80 Broadway, New York city 

Rt. Rev. Richard Henry Nelson, 2^ Elk st., Albany, N. Y. 

Arthur Eugene Pattison 

Care Morse & Rodgers, 134 Duane 
St., New York city 

Rev. Theodore Mount Peck Washington, Conn. 

Rev. Lorin Webster 

Holderness School, Plymouth, 
N. H. 

Hon. Frank Langdon Wilcox Berlin, Conn. 

Frederick Peck Wilcox International Silver Co., 208 Fifth 

ave., New York city 


George Watson Beach 54 Main St., HaVtford, Conn. 

Rev. Charles Samuel Marvin Care Union Bank, Geneva, Switz- 
Belden erland 

Rev. Arthur Williams Burroughs Victoria, Texas 

Hon. Henry McBride Olympia, Wash. 

Wellington James Rodgers Los Angeles, Cal. 

George Herbert Williams, M.D. Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Rev. Henry William Winkley Branford, Conn. 


Harlow Clarke Curtiss 864 Delaware ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Rev. William Timothy Elmer Orange, Va. 

Rev. William Stanley Emery Tilton, N. H. 

Rev. Charles Wright Freeland Chaplain U. S. Cavalry, Fort 

Meade, S. D. 

Rev. Alfred Poole Grint, Ph.D. New London, Conn. 

George Sumner Huntington, 240 W. 76th st., New York city 


Charles Waring Jones 408 Grand St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

2 9 

Ernest Augustus Kempe 

Concord Bldg., Portland, Oregon. 

Alexander Taylor Mason 

119 E. 57th st., New York city 

Frank Ebenezer Miller, M.D. 22 W. 31st St., New York city 

William Beebe Nelson 

Rev. Edward Pearson Newton Calvary Parish House, 106 E. 22d 

St., New York city 

George Bradley Pattison 

67 First st, Troy, N. Y. 

George Endicott Perkins 

Rev. Louis Cope Washburn, D.D. 941 South ave., Rochester, N. Y. 


Richard Howell Carpenter 1419 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

John Dow Cheever 

Cedarhurst, N. Y. 

Arthur Woodruff Cowles 

1823 Kalorama ave., Washington, 
D. C. 

Rev. Simeon Lord Gilberson 

6901 Woodland ave., Philadelphia, 

Charles Henry Hardee 

Rev. James Buchannon Nies, 

Martin, Fla. 

102 Produce Exchange, New York 

John Baker Seward, Jr. 
Swen Albin Swenson 

821 Madison ave., New York city 


Richard Allyn White 

Room 530, Grand Central Station, 
New York city 

Rev. James Edward Wilkinson, Champaign, 111. 


Charles Adams Appleton 

120 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

Rev. Clarence Ernest Ball 

Mount Savage, Md. 

Richard Vernam Barto 

Daniel Murray Bohlen 
Augustus Phillips Burgwin 

Clarence Carpenter 
Bernard Moore Carter 
Charles Henry Carter 

Rev. Charles Wheeler Coit 
Charles Silas Coleman 

First National Bank, Columbus, O. 

Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Union Station, Pittsburg, Pa. 

444 Jefferson ave., Detroit, Mich. 
1212 Eutaw place, Baltimore, Md. 
1212 Eutaw place, Baltimore, Md. 

222 N. Carrollton ave., Baltimore, 

Continental Rubber Works, Erie, 

Charles Zebina Gould 

522 Bee Building, Omaha, Neb. 

Frederick Clements Gowen 

Rev. Charles Anderson Hamilton 11 19 E. 156th St., New York city 

Ernest Flagg Henderson, Ph. D., Washington, D. C. 

Rev. Seaver Milton Holden 3913 Terrace St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Charles Erling Hotchkiss 


Davies, Stone & Auerbauch, 32 
Nassau St., New York city 

George Dawson Howell 

Uniontown, Pa. 

Arthur Beach Linsley 

416 N. 40th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rev. John Henry McCrackan Munich, Germany 

Nicholas Williams Mclvor 62 Bluff, Yokohama, Japan 

William Crawford Sheldon 4 Wall St., New York city 

James Remsen Strong 

Rev. Samuel Newell Watson, 
M.D., D.D. 

35 South William si.., New York 

St. Paul's Church Rectory, 
Akron, Ohio 

Rev. William Walter Webb, D.D. Nashotah House, Nashotah, Wis. 

Andrew Murray Young 

15 Wall st., New York city 


Franklin Bache Adkins 

Quantico, Md. 

Judson Baldwin Brainerd 
Seabury Doane Brewer 

Portland, Conn. 
Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Rev. Frank Henry Church 209 E. 95th st., New York city 

James Goodrich DeForest, Jr. Babylon, N. Y. 

Frederick Parker Marble 

71 Central st., Lowell, Mass. 

Silas Henry Parks 

Reading, Mass. 


Edward James Pooley 

Rev. William Clarence Richardson 2210 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

William Dundas Walker 

William Bernard Waring 

Edward Haynes Woodruff, M.D. St. Catherine's, Ont. 


Edward Stevens Beach 

53 State St., Boston, Mass. 

Rev. J. Eldred Brown 

Norwich, Conn. 

Prof. Richard Burton, Ph.D., University Club, Boston, Mass. 

John Ridgely Carter, Esq. U. S. Embassy, London, England 

Rev. Maurice Ludlum Cow! 

Edward Lawton Dockray 

Horatio Lee Golden 
General George Greene 

George Pratt Ingersoll 

The Hermitage St. Gabriel's, Peeks- 
kill, N. Y. 

167 W. 136th St., New York city 

319 N. McKean St., Kittanning, Pa. 

96 Rockview St., Jamaica Plain, 

Ridgefield, Conn. 

Clarence Morgan Kurtz, M.D. Reading, Pa. 

Hinsdell Parsons 

20 Front St., Schenectady, N. Y 

Robert Theodore Reineman 440 Diamond St., Pittsburg, Pa. 


Rev. John Frederick Sexton 999 Whalley ave., New Haven, O. 

Rev. William Seymour Short 325 16th St., Astoria, Oregon 

Hobart Warren Thompson 149 Second St., Troy, N. Y. 

Samuel Breck Parkman 

424 Fifth ave., New York city 

Rev. Arthur Henry Wright 220 High St., Newburyport, Mass. 


Clarence Ramo Austin 

Thomas Bion Chapman 

Downey, Cal. 

Elisha Norwin Child, Jr. 

Care F. W. Bird & Son, East Wal- 
pole, Mass. 

Peter Francis Drum 

Francis Melville Wheeler 

318 Globe Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

Frank Dutton Woodruff 

34 Gramercy Park, New York city 


Prof. Charles McLean Andrews, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, 
Ph.D., L.H.D. Pa. 

Rev. William Stanley Barrows De Veaux College, Niagara Falls, 

N. Y. 

John Morgan Brainard 

122 Genesee St., Auburn, N. Y. 

"Rev. Frederick Dashiels Buckley Waterbury, Conn. 

R<w. George Heathcote Hills 1516 27th st. W., Minneapolis, Minn. 

William Henry Hitchcock 113 E. 65th St., New York city 

Harwood Huntington, Ph.D. 

General Theol. Seminary, New 
York city 

Frank Elisha Johnson 

142 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. George Ernest Magill 

Holy Innocents' Rectory, 
Hoboken, N. J. 

Rev. Henry Ritchie Neely 

Kokomo, Ind. 

Rev. James Frederick Olmsted Burlington, N. J. 

Lawson Purdy 52 William St., New York city 

Frank Wood Richardson 

46 South st., Auburn, N. Y. 

Rev. Edgar Louis Sanford Ogdensburg, N. Y. 

Edward Sims Van Zile, L.H.D. 75 Capitol ave., Hartford, Conn. 


Hubert Davis Crocker 

234 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

William Champion Deming Westchester, N. Y. 

John Septa Fillmore 

Reginald Hills 

Care Rev. John Dows Hills, Oil 
City, Pa. 

Frank William Owen 

Boonville, N. Y. 

1 [untley Russell 

442 Ottawa st., Grand Rapids, 

William Russell Sedgwick 


Litchfield, Conn. 

John Hasbrouck Sutton 

North Andover, Mass. 

John Robert Cunningham 
Samuel Herbert Giesy 



Rocky Ford, .Col. 

918 F. St., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Rev. Frederick Danforth Lobdell 1606 Mifflin St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Prof. Hiram Benjamin Loomis, Hyde Park High School, Chicago, 
Ph.D. 111. 

William Denison McCrackan 

Sidney Trowbridge Miller 

1 124 Penobscot Building, Detroit, 

Rev. Samuel Smith Mitchell 

320 W. 35th st., New York city 

Frank Fenner Russell 

Searls & Russell, Central Block, 
Putnam, Conn. 

Robert Thorne 

30 Broad St., New York city 


Henry Cozzens Appleton 

17 Red Cross ave., Newport, R. I. 

William Henry Boardman 950 Euclid ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Henry Anderson Graff 

32d and Smallman sts., Pittsburg, 

George Peaslee Shears, M.D. 203 W. 103d St., New York city 


Levi Francis Warner, M.D. 113 West 55th st, New York city 


George Emerson Beers 

515 First National Bank Bldg., New 
Haven, Conn. 

Rev. Paul H. Eirdsall 

498 Clinton ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Clarence Griffin Child, Ph.D., 4237 Sansom St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rev. James Goodwin 

76 Garden St., Hartford, Conn. 

Edward Buckingham Hatch 646 Prospect ave., Hartford, Conn 

Henry Reading Heydecker, M.D. 

Rev. Hermann Lilienthal Astoria, N. Y. 

Rev. William James Tate 

Higganum, Conn. 


Rev. Lewis Cameron 

South Orange, N. J. 

William Skinner Eldredge 

John McClurg Hays 

Edward B. Leaf, Jr. 

Beachwood Boulevard, near 5th 
ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

R. E. Trust Bldg., Philadelphia, 

Horatio Nelson, Jr. P. O. Box 1437, New York city 

Leonard Edward Welch, Jr. Box 48, Albany, Ga. 


Alexander Hopkins Anderson 1502 Frick Building, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Rev. Octavius Applegate, Jr. Kingston, N. Y. 

Rev. William Agur Beardsley 64 Grove St., New Haven, Conn 

Charles William Bowman Brownsville, Pa. 

Rev. George Calvert Carter 1520 K st., N. W., Washington 

D. C. 

Martvn Kerfoot Coster 

University Club, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Rev. Charles Ephraim Deuel 2682 Kenmore ave., Chicago, 111. 

Frederick Everest Haight, Ph.D. 49 Leonard St., New York city 

Albert Church Hamlin 

Care of W. & J. Sloan, Broadway 
and 18th st., New York city 

Strathearn Hendrie 
Edward Cullen Niles 

610 Jefferson ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Sargent, Niles & Morrell, 60 N. 
Main st., Concord, N. H. 

William Beach Olmsted 

Pomfret School, Pomfret, Conn. 

Howard Austin Pinney 

Suffield, Conn. 

George Washington Rodgers 510 Tacoma Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Robert Edward Lee Rodgers, 

Joseph Wellington Shannon 

1416 South Penn Square, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 


Henry Rumford Thompson Helena, Montana. 

Charles Henry Tibbits 
George Safford Waters 

» Wallingford, Conn. 
3 W. 29th st. } New York city 

Rev. Francis Banks Whitcome St. Paul's Rectory, Poughkeepsie, 

N. Y. 


Lloyd Saltus 

Lewis Hiram Stone 

146 Remsen st., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washing- 
ton. D. C. 

Frederick Montgomery Vermilye Care Standard Caster & Wheel Co., 

318 E. 23d st., New York city 


William Wyatt Barber 

St. Mark's School, Southboro, 

Prof. Henry Marvin Belden, 

811 Virginia ave., Columbia, Mo. 

Louis Le Grand Benedict P. O. Box 370, New York city 

Rev. George Israel Brown Bellefonte, Pa. 

Rev. Godfrey Malbone Brinley St. Paul's School, Concord, N. II. 

John William Roy Crawford 

Lewis Welton Downes 

Standard Oil Co., 26 Broadway, 
New York city 

484 Elmwood ave., Providence, R I. 

Roger Charles Eastman 

John Prince Elton 


Concord, N. H. 

Waterbury Brass Co., Waterbury, 

Arthur Cleveland Hall, Ph.D. Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio 

William Stimpson Hubbard, M.D. 97 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Edwin Comstock Johnson, 2d 12 Williams st, Norwich, Conn. 
Rev. William Northey Jones Christ Church, Williamsport, Pa. 

William Festus Morgan 

Lewis Henry Paddock 

Lock Box 79, Cooperstown, N. Y. 

242 Griswold st., Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Edward Purdy 

838 Guarantee Loan Bldg., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

William Throckmorton Putnam Lake Cushman, Washington 

William John Sheaff Stewart, 

Office U. S. Consulate, Rio de 
Janeiro, Brazil 

Albert Rhett Stuart, M.D. 

1 Dupont Circle, Washington, 
D. C. 

Ambrose Ives Upson 

Rev. Francis Chetwood 

49 Eliot St., Jamaica Plain, Ma: 

30 St. Stephen st., Boston, Mass. 

Malcolm Clark Warner 

4T Union Square, New York city 


Henry Barnard Brownell 

Times Bldg.,* 41 Park Row, New 
York city 

4 o 

John Thoma: Varpenter, Jr. 1624 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Harry Nathan Dikeman 

William Brownell Goodwin 35 N. High st, Columbus, Ohio 

Frederick Berg Hartranft 1507 Broad St., Hartford, Conn. 

Richard Melancthon Hurd Locust Point, N. J. 

Alonzo McConihe 65 River St., Troy, N. Y. 

Rev. Ernest de Fremery Miel 120 Sigourney St., Hartford. Conn. 

William Clarkson Stuart 

Newport News, Virginia. 

Rev. Ralph John Jervis Walker 920 Morris ave., New York city 
Rev. Frank Peet Willes Croom, Md. 

Albert Empie Wright 


Frederick Horace Beers 
Rev. Arthur Chase 

Hawleyville, Conn. 
Ware, Mass. 

Andrew Ellicott Douglass, 

Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, 

Joseph William Fell 

George Albert French 

Hillside Cottage, Asheville, N. £,. 
Riverside, Cal. 

Prof. Prosser Hall Frye 

University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 


Rev. Frederick Ferdinand 
Kramer, Ph.D. 

Rev. Abel Millard 
Arthur Hamilton Noyes 

2222 W. 32d ave., Denver, Col. 

Framingham, Mass. 

St. Alban's School, Knoxville, 111. 

Rev. Charles Hazzard Remington, San Antonio, Texas 
Robert Hutchins Schutz 97 Elm St., Hartford, Conn. 

Edward Norman Scott 

Willard Scudder 

Lucien Frank Sennett 

Care B. Y. Frost & Co., 80 Broad- 
way, New York city 

St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

Lake Forest, 111. 

Rev. Edward Taylor Sullivan Newton Center, Mass. 

Reuel Crompton Tuttle 

Windsor, Conn. 

Rev. Francis Goodwin Williams Gilroy, Cal. 


William Lane Hall Benton Foxbury, Pa. 

Benjamin Freeman Comfort Cass School, Detroit, Michigan 

Frederick Fitz Gerald 200 West 57th St., New York city 

Charles Howard Husband 

Care St. John, Kirkham & Co., 136 
Grand st, New York city 

Marcus C. McLemore, Jr. Galveston, Texas 

Ferris Stephen Morehouse 

James Rowland Nash 


in E. 37th St., New York city 

Boardman Wright 

280 Broadway, New York city 

Rev. Henry Hobart Barber Greensburg, Pa. 

Robert McClelland Brady 249 Seminole ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Erastus Brainard Bulkeley 25 Broad st., New York city 

Col. William Eliphalet Adams 134 Washington st., Hartford, Ct. 


Gilbert Payson Coleman 

U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, 

Rev. Thomas Anderson Conover Gladstone, N. J. 

Rev. Anthon Temple Gesner Shattuck School, Fairbault, Minn. 

Clifford Standish Griswold Groton School, Groton, Mass. 

Robert Hamilton Hutchins 54 William st., New York city 

Rev. John Stockton Littell Brockport, N. Y. 

Rev. Robert Le Blanc Lynch 

George Thurston Macauley 

5 Osgood place, Amesbury, Mass. 
34 West Spring St., Columbus, Ohio 

Hon. Warren McConihe Troy, N. Y. 

Edward McPherson McCook Inn Bayard, New Mexico 

John Butler McCook, M.D. 396 Main St., Hartford. Conn. 

Rev. Guy Wilbur Miner 

Rev. William Pressey 

Franklin, Mass. 

Ashton, R. I. 

William Henry Chichele Pynchon Oyster Bay, L. I. 

Rev. George Winthrop Sargent St. Paul's Church, Natick, Mass. 

George Thornton Warren 

Rev. John Williams 

97 Cedar St., New York city 

31 Nassau St., New York city 


John Reginald Blake Hamilton, Bermuda, W. I. 

Frederic Storer Bull 

William Edward Heublein 

924 G st., North, Tacoma, Wash- 

Care G. F. Heublein & Bro., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Ira Sturtevant Howe 

Theodore McEwen Hyde Manchester, N. H. 

Rev. Elias Boudinot Stockton Dover, N. J. 

Allen Butler Talcott Old Lyme, Conn. 

William Henry Warren 

Care Fuller & Warren Co., Troy, 
N. Y. 

Frank Marshall Barber 
John Bird Burnham 


5 George St., Pawtucket, R. I. 
Essex, N. Y. 


William Hooper Coster 

Shady Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Edward Bronson Finch, M.D. 9 W. 24th st., New York city 

Arthur Collins Graves 

Arthur Leslie Green 

101 Grove St., New Haven, Conn 

Cloyne House, Newport, R. I. 

Irenus Kittredge Hamilton, Jr. Marinette, Wis. 

George Newell Hamlin 

Stern & Rushmore, 40 Wall st. 
New York city 

Rev. William Cleveland Hicks, Jr. 42 W. 93d St., New York city 

Frederick Reed Hoisington Port Kennedy, Pa. 

Rev. Isaac Wayne Hughes Fayetteville, N. C. 

William Sanford Kingsbury, M.D. Glastonbury, Conn. 

Edward Rutledge Lampson, M.D. 218 Beacon st., Hartford, Conn. 

Edwin Franklin Lawton 100 Sargeant st., Hartford, Conn. 

William Hugh McCulloch 

Wilson's Point, East Carroll Par- 
ish, La. 

Rev. Herbert Parrish 231 1 Union St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Victor Cox Pedcrsen, M.D. 45 W. 9th St., New York city 

(Olin B. Pitbladd 156 Sargeant St., Hartford. Conn. 

Rev. John Fields Plumb New Milford, Conn. 

Rev. Lucian Waterman Rogers Central Falls,. R. I. 

Il< vward Scudder, M.D. 21 E 22d St., New York city 

4 5 

Rev. Charles Norman Shepard General Theological Seminary, 

Chelsea Square, New York city 

Thomas Burke Smith, M.D. Wyman's Exchange, Lowell, Mass 

Charles Hooker Talcott 19 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. Theodore Paine Thurston 2015 S. Aldrich ave., Minneapolis, 


David Van Schaack 

Rev. Robert Walker 

73 Capitol ave., Hartford, Conn. 

74 Fourth st, East Cambridge, 


George Herman Wright, M.D. New Milford, Conn. 

William George Wright 

Fidelity & Casualty Co., 97 Cedar 
St., New York city 

Rev. Charles Herbert Young 6451 Woodlawn ave., Chicago, 111. 


William Andariese Bull 

924 G st., North, Tacoma, Wash- 

Edward Alexander Dingwall Michigan Chemical Co., Bay City, 


Jacob Humphrey Greene 
George Hampton Hill 
John Arthur Holly 
Frederick Rooke Laidlej 
John Howard MorSe 

184 Sigourney st., Hartford, Conn. 
66 Grafton st., Worcester, Mass. 
255 Fourth ave., New York city 
Covington, Ky. 
288 Fairfield ave., Hartford, Conn. 

4 6 

Irving Thomas Smith 

820 St. Mark's ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Marion Randolph Wright 

Care Philadelphia Country Club, 
Bala, Pa. 


Rev. Stephen Howard Ailing Dansville, N. Y. 

Rev. Albert Crabtree 

Manville. R. I. 

Thomas Langdon Elwyn 

400 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Thaddeus Welles Goodridge Box 107, South Bend, Ind. 

Harmon Sheldon Graves 

Lester & Graves, 27-29 Pine st. 
New York city 

Gordon Hall 

6th floor, Mills Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, California 

Clarence Loines Hall 

61 Wetherstield ave., Hartford, 

E. Kent Hubbard, Jr. 

Middletown, Conn. 

Rev. Romilly Francis Humphries South Norwalk, Conn. 

Charles Amos Johnson 

228 Washington St., Norwich, Ct. 

Hugh Kidder, M.D. 

305 W. 46th st., New York city 

Malcolm Stuart McConihe Trov, N. Y 

Thomas McKean, Jr. 

328 Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Roland Hawley Mallory 

William Joseph Miller 

William Osgood Orton 

The Churchman, 47 Lafayette place, 
New York city 

University School, Cleveland, Ohio 

Chicago Opera House Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

John Paine 

49 Second St., Troy, N. Y. 

Rev. Ernest Albert Pressey 

15 Clifton st., Woodfords Station, 
Portland, Me. 

Rollin Sanford Saltus 

174 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Alexander Hamilton Sibley 410 Jefferson ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Charles Christopher Trowbridge Columbia University, New York 


Rev. Thomas Henry Yardley 219 Gowen ave., Mt. Airy, Phila- 

delphia, Pa. 

Samson Almy 
John Russell Bacon 
George Herbert French 
Otis Grant Hammond 
Henry Newman Lee 
Edward Gardner Lewis 


yt- Prospect st., Providence, R. I. 
Danbury, Conn. 
2 E. 114th st., New York city 
Concord, N. H. 

Winner Publishing Co., St. Louis, 

Charles Melvin Murphy 

139 Main st., Manchester, Conn. 

4 8 

Ashton Howard Potter 

William Francis Quick 

Care Brown Bros. & Co., 59 Wall 
St., New York city 

35 Quick ave., Oak Park, Chicago, 

Rev. Julian Elroy Ramsdell Box 292, Baldwinsville, N. Y. 

James Archibald Turnbull 

Frank Wolcott Hutt 

Isaac Daw Russell 

584 Prospect ave., Hartford, Conn. 

17 Rickliff st., East Gloucester. 

New Britain, Conn. 


Charles Clarence Barton, Jr., Secretary 

Charles Clarence Barton, Jr. 35 Congress St., Boston, Mass. 

Robert Peck Bates 

William Bowie 

John Charles Bulkeley 

Lawson Averell Carter 

Head Master Chicago Latin 

School, 561-563 E. Division st. 
Chicago, 111. 

U. S. C. & G. Survey, Manila, P. I. 
yy Capitol ave., Hartford, Conn. 
63 Wall St., New York city 

Rev. Frederick Bradford Cole Wickford, R. I. 

William French Collins 

William Eugene Conklin 

James Cullen, Jr. 

The Evening News, Newark, N. J. 

West Ossipee, N. H. 

The Ice Delivery Co., Cor. Race & 
Canal sts., Cincinnati, Ohio 

Rev. Ellis Bedell Dean 
William Leslie French 

West port, Conn 

Henry Closson Gilbert Randolph Centre, Vt. 

George Derwent. Hartley University Club, New York city 

Rev. Charles Albert Home Clarkston, Austin Co., Wash. 

Louis De Koven Hubbard 397 High St., Middletown, Conn. 
Frederick Brisco Hubbell 

Rev. Samuel Henry Jobe 
Rev. Charles Judd 
Charles Augustus Lewis 
John Williams Lewis 
Luke Vincent Lockwood 
Rev. March Chase Mayo 

Christ Church, Bordentown, N. J. 

Kent, Conn. 

University Club, New York city 

29 Wall St., New York city 

10 Garden place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

St. Luke's Church, Baltimore, Md. 

Charles Andrew Monaghan, M.D. 199 Bank st., Waterbury, Conn. 

Rev. William Porter Niles Nashua, N. H. 

Burton Parker Chicopee Falls, Mass. 

Rev. Reginald Pearce Ipswich, Mass. 

Henry Hubbard Pelton, M.D. 781 Park ave., New York city 

William Crosswell Doane Willson 17 First St., Troy, N. Y. 

Rev. Richard Henry Woffenden Apponaug, R. I. 



Carter Lee Bowie 

Henry Safford Candee 

Henry Augustus Cary 

Collington, Md. 

617 Ohio Levee, Cairo, 111. 

Dusal Chemical Co., Fulton st. 
New York city 

Richard Stevens Conover, Jr. St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

Walton Ferguson, Jr. 

Alfred Gildersleeve 

Thomas Hale, Jr. 

Robert Cairns Hayden 

Stamford, Conn. 
Gildersleeve, Conn. 

Bond Building, Washington, D. C 

Benjamin Wistar Morris, Jr. 5 W. 31st St., New York city 

Edward Winfield Muzzy 

Louis Desire Peugnet 

Henry Hurlburt Porter, 

405 Union st., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Granada, Nicaragua 

Care of Frank Presby Co., 12 John 
st., New York city 

Rev. Paris Becker Stauffer, Harper's Ferry, Va. 

Floyd Thomas Steele 

Edwin Stanton Allen 

Rev. Louis Isaac Belden 


352 Laurel st., Hartford, Conn. 

1929 Bigelow st., Mt. Auburn, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio 


James Birckhead Birckhead, M.D. 133 E. 21st St., New York city 

Shirley Carter 

1317 N. Charles st, Baltimore, Md. 

Rev. Cameron Josiah Davis 449 Delaware ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Frank Cruger Edgerton, M.D. Middletown, Conn. 

John Warren Edgerton 

153 Church st., New Haven, Conn. 

George William Ellis 

820 Prospect ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Richard Stayner Graves, M.D. 364 Harkness ave., Cleveland, O. 

Howard Trescott Greenley 
Guy Andrew Hubbard 
Horton Gregory Ide 

12 W. 40th st, New York city 

City Treasurer's Office, Boston, 

Rt. Rev. Frederick Foote Johnson, Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Palmer Bennett Morrison 

39 Leonard St., New York city 

Rev. Robert Lewis Paddock 360 W. 28th st., New York city 

Robert Prescott Parker 

Central Automobile Co., Pittsfield 


Philip De Witt Phair 

Library of Congress, Washington, 
D. C. 

Rev. Nathan Tolles Pratt 

George Albert Quick 

Bridgeport, Conn. 

6010 Jefferson ave., Chicago, 111. 

Walter Stanley Schutz 

36 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. 

Solomon Stoddard 


2458 Forest ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Edward Conrad Wagner 
Charles Frederick Weed 

124 E. 61st St., New York city 

9T3 Exchange Bldg., 53 State st. 
Boston, Mass. 

Perley Raymond Wesley 

90 Comstock ave., Providence, R. I. 


Rev. Willie Masten Bonrs 

1329 Leavenworth st., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

James Briscoe, Jr. 

Care Weems Steamboat Co., Pier 
2, Light st. wharf, Baltimore, 

Fred D. Gallup Smethport, Pa. 

Harry Richard Humphries, M.D. 175 W. 88th st., New York city 

Francis Porter Johnson 

Yale & Towne Lock Mfg. Co. 
Stamford Conn. 

Arthur George Murless 

Gilhllan Bldg., St. Paul. Minn. 

Myron Potter Robinson, M.D. Windsor Locks, Conn. 

Albert William Strong 

251 Third ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Rev. Frederick Amaziah Wright 408 Albemarle road, Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 


Rev. Charles Du Bois Broughton Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y. 


Edw*ard Frederick Burke 

Frank Sumner Burrage 

Harrie Renz Dingwall 

Rev. Sydney Key Evans 

George Edwin Hamlin 

Llewellyn Park, Orange, N. J. 

Laramie Republican Co., Laramie, 

Alma Sugar Co., Alma, Mich. 

225 W. 99th st., New York city 

309 W. 114th st., New York city 

Ernest De Koven Leffingwell Care of Rev. C. W. Leffingwell, 

D.D., Knoxville, 111. 

Rev. Samuel Harrington Littell Wuchang, China 

Richard Henry Macauley 
Philip James McCook 

Arthur Fletcher Miller 
John Jesse Penrose 
John Harrow Smart 

John Strawbridge 

The Alhambra, Detroit, Mich. 
15 William St., New York city 

Clinton, De Witt Co., 111. 

517 47th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

201 American Trust Building, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

421 Drexel Building, Philadelphia, 

Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright, Moses Taylor Hospital, Scranton, 
M.D. Pa. 

Alfred Hallett Wedge 
Robert Frazer Welch 

David Willard 

Edward Myron Yeomans 

480 Jefferson ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

306 Drexel Building, Philadelphia, 

Greenfield, Mass. 

756 Main st., Hartford, Conn. 



Edwin Gilpin Churchman 

Walter Fairman Dyett 
Charles Gallagher, Jr. 
Rev. John Moore McGann 

Box 396 Wilmington, Del. 

60 Washington Sq., New York city 

Superior, Wis. 

St. Paul's Church, Erie, Pa. 

Samuel Wilkinson Maguire 256 Broadway, New York city 

Frederic Ernest Pratt 

Ward Winters Reese 

Care R. B. Maclea Co., 41 Leonard 
st., New York city 

Mountville, Pa. 

Rev. Brian Chadwick Roberts 28 Church st. Barre, Vt. 

Harvey Emerson Taylor 

Nashua, N. H. 


John Curtis Underwood, Secretary 

Charles Carroll Beach, M.D. 25 Wethersfield ave, ' Hartford, 


Murray Hart Coggeshall 

Robert William Curtis 

Care of Babcock, Swarter & Co., 18 
Pine st., New York city 

4 Girard ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. William Applebie Eardeley 466 State st., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Samuel Ferguson 

John Francis Forward 

Care General Electric Co., Sche- 
nectady, N. Y. 

815 Asylum ave., Hartford, Conn. 


Alexander Kimball Gage 
William Henry Gage 
Rev. George Blodgett Gilbert 
James Walter Gunning 
Francis Homer Hastings 

808 Hammond Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

615 Hammond Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Middletown, Conn. 

9 Zion St., Hartford, Conn. 

16 Forest St., Hartford, Conn. 

De Forest Hicks 42 W. 93d st, New York city 

Rev. George Nahum Holcombe Tyngsboro, Mass. 

Henry Alan Knapp 

127 St. John's place, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Rev. George Francis Langdon Elizabethtown, N. Y. 

William Speaight Langford 429 Palisade ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Loyal Lovejoy Leonard Rialto Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Charles Shiras Morris 107 Washington st., Hartford, Ct. 

William Tyler Olcott 62 Church st, Norwich, Conn. 

Ogle Tayloe Paine 

Edgerton Parsons 

Walter Wood Parsons 

Louis Potter 

Edward Wanton Robinson 

75 Neptune ave., New Rochelle, 
N. Y. 

Mather & Co., 51 Wall st., New 
York city 

Mather & Co., 51 Wall st, New 
York city 

18 E. 23d St., New York city 

456 Farmington ave., Hartford, 


William Herman Rouse Cobalt, Conn. 

Charles Hubbell Street Huntington, L. L, N. Y. 

John Curtis Underwood Care William Handley, The Pub- 

licity Co., St. James Bldg. : 

Broadway & 26th St., New 
York city 

Philip Carter Washburn, M.D. Ward's Island, N. Y. 

Alexander John Williams 724 College ave., Racine, Wis. 


Madison Brown Bordley Centerville, Md. 

Joseph Henry Buell Clinton, Conn. 

Edward Crary Cammann 43 West 38th St., New York city. 

Charles Collins Care Peabody & Stearns, Boston, 


LeRoy Kilbourn Hagenow, M.D. Hills Grove, R. I. 

Frederic Cady Hubbell Savannah, Ga. 

Brainerd Duffield Peck Clinton, Conn. 

Rev. Edwy Guthrie Pitblado St. Louis, Michigan 

Mark Miller Sibley 410 Jefferson ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Carl Frederick Wagner 15 Bond St., New York city 

Samuel Kurtz Zook 1620 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

i8 9 7 

Howard Daniel Plimpton, Secretary 
Henry Woodward Allen 

605 Bank of Commerce Bldg., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Edgar Charles Beecroft 76 William st, New York city 

John Robert Benton, Ph.D. 

March Frederick Chase 

Mineral Point Zinc Co., Depue, 111. 

George Edward Cogswell 

Jamaica, N. Y. 

Rev. Walton Stoutenburgh Danker 41 Congress st., Milford, Mass. 

Prof. Joseph Devine Flynn 

145 Washington st., Hartford, 

Henry Grinnell 

Dept. of Forestry, Washington, 
D. C. 

Henry John Gundacker, M.D. 926 Jefferson place, New York city 

Harry Woodford Hayward 27 William St., New York city 

Archibald Morrison Langford 429 Palisade ave, Yonkers, N. Y. 

First Lieut. Jairus Alpheus Moore Fort Slocum, N. Y. 

Second Lieut. John Henry Page, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 
Jr., 3d Inf. 

Howard Daniel Plimpton 

20 New Insurance Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Rev. Herbert Bickford Pulsifer Grace Church, Newark, N. J. 


Edward Delavan Nelson Schulte, 295 Central Park, West, New York 


Hermann Von Wechlinger Schulte, 295 Central Park, West, New York 
M.D. city 

Herbert Thomas Sherriff 58 North Jefferson st., Chicago, 111. 

Rev. William Albert Sparks Leominster, Mass. 

Robert Sythoff Starr, M.D. 170 Sigourney St., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. William Curtis White 716 Olivia St., Key West, Fla. 

Rev. Percival Matson Wood Delta, Colorado 

Carl Gottlob Ziegler 

Emmanuel Church, St. Louis, Mich. 


Dana Wightman Bartholomew South Meriden, Conn. 

Sanford Irving Benton 13 N. Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Marc Wheeler Cole Eagle Harbor, N. Y. 

Charles Calvert Coster 

4502 Fifth ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Rev. William Henry Paine Hatch Arsenal Sq., Cambridge, Mass. 

Ernest Albert Hatheway ' Suffield, Conn. 

George Trowbridge Hendrie 625 Jefferson ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Louis Albert Hopkins 

Albert Dumond Merwin 

66 West 43d st., New York city 

Eden (Indian River). Fla. 


Rev. Gilbert Edward Pember Middletown, Conn. 

Samuel Plumer, Jr. 

170 Fourth ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Rev. Carl George Reiland Grace Church, New York city 

John Arnold Scudder 106 Pine St., Chicago, 111. 

Herman E. Tull Smethport, Pa. 


Edgar Francis Waterman, Secretary 
William Morris Austin 72 Leonard St., New York city 

Frederick Alexander Balch 656 Jefferson ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Henry Jones Blakeslee 

169-A Park ave., Utica, N. Y. 

Rev. Frederick Earle Buck 

547 Elm wood ave., Providence, 
R. I. 

Charles Luther Burnham 

Julian Stuart Carter 

79 Wall St., New York city 

1212 Eutaw place, Baltimore, Md. 

Morgan Rouse Cartwright 

Care M. S. Cline, Caxton Bldg., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Austin Cole 

Rev. Philip Cook 

John Sidney Davenport 

Alfred Lauder Ellis, M.D. 

Leonard Augustine Ellis 

224 Henne Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

155 W. 58th st., New York city 

Life Insurance Co. of Virginia, 
Richmond, Va. 

Metuchen, N. J. 

550 Farmington ave., Hartford, Ct. 

Dudley Chase Graves 


8 Park Terrace, Hartford, C01 

Woolsey McAlpine Johnson 69 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 

Joseph Henry Lecour, Jr. 

Rev. James Watson Lord 

Theodore Henry Parker 

120 Broadway, New York city 

All Saints Cathedral, Albany, N. Y. 

Springfield Union, Springfield, 

Alexander Pratt, Jr. 

Bridgeport, Conn. 

Rev. Henry John Quick 

Calvary Church Rectory, Burnt 
Hills, N. Y. 

Rev. Henry Rutgers Remsen 

Calvary House, 106 E. 226. st, New 
York city 

Lloyd Gibson Reynolds 

American Telephone and Tele- 
graph Co., 15 Dey St., New 
York city 

Albert Morey Sturtevant 

Harvard University, Cambridge, 

Rev. Edward Schofield Travers U. S. Military Academy, West 

Point, N. Y. 

Edgar Francis Waterman 223 Asylum st., Hartford, Conn. 

Walter Beardslee Wildman Wallingford, Conn. 

Charles Guilford Woodward 742 Asylum ave., Hartford, Conn. 


William Russell Allen, Jr. 

Graniteville, Mo. 

John Hugh Bissell 
Edwin Hawley Foot 
Robert Watkinson Gray 
Frederic Bulkeley Hyde 
Frederick Albert Lund, M.D. 
Roland Henry Mechtold 
Rev. Percival Sargent Smithe 


Medford, Mass. 

Red Wing, Minn. 

22 Niles St., Hartford, Conn. 

Southport, Conn. 

512 Madison ave., New York city 

21 W. 52d St., New York city 

Elko, Nevada 


Lieut. Thomas Emmett Addis Care War Department, Washington, 

D. C. 

Rev. Lloyd Raeburn Benson Ellsworth, Kansas 

Reuel Allan Benson 

Oakland, Me. 

Rev. Prof. Cranston Brenton 73 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 

Harold Loomis Cleasby 

39 Spring St., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. Orrok Colloque, Ph.D. Howe School, Lima. Ind. 

Donald Skelding Corson 

John Henry Kelso Davis 

539 Michigan Trust Bldg., Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

8 Park Terrace, Hartford, Conn. 

Edward Savage Dobbin 

Eaton & Hurlbut Paper Co., Pitts 
field, Mass. 

William Hanmer Eaton 

13 Broad st., Pittsfield, Mass. 


Harry Daniel Green 
Charles Baker Hedrick 

Rev. Charles William Henry 
Frederick Clark Ingalls 

George Talman Kendal 

Elton Gardiner Littell 

Rev. Frank Arthur McElwain 

Victor Forrest Morgan 
Bryan Killikelly Morse 

Cloyne House, Newport, R. I. 

General Theological Seminary, 
New York city. 

35 Eighth st., New Bedford, Mass. 

Michigan Trust Building, Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

St. Luke's Hospital, New York city 

Seabury Divinity School, Faribault, 

227 Sigourney st., Hartford, Conn. 

444 Bradbury Bldg., Los Angeles, 

Rev. John William Nichols Suchau, China 

Adrian Holmes Onderdonk St. James School, St. James, Md. 

Rev. Harry Landon Rice 

Rev. Ernest Albert Rich 
Rev. Alphonso De Salvio 

Clarence Alexander Smith 

Richards St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

St. James School, St. James, Md. 
1928 Sherman ave., Evanston, 111. 

Fishkill-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Rev. Curtis Smith Box 645, Boonville, N. Y. 

McWalter Bernard Sutton Brooklyn Hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rev. Allen Reshell Van Meter Hankow, China 


Rev. Daniel Hugh Verder 

66 Grove St., Rutland, Vt. 

Aubrey Darrell Vibbert 

Minot, N. D. 

Rev. Reginald Norton Willcox Hendersonville, N. C. 

Allan Sheldon Woodle 

412 N. 34th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Raymond Sanford Yeomans Rockville, Conn. 


Frederick Stanley Bacon 
Irving Knott Baxter 
John Bowne Bunn 

278 Main st, Middletown, Conn. 

15 Rutger St., Utica, N. Y. 

Care William H. Bunn, Esq., Colo- 
nial Safe Deposit Co., St. Paul 
Bldg., New York city 

Roderick Harrison Fox 

St. James Hotel, Bradford, Pa. 

Francis Henry Glazebrook, M.D. 106 South St., Morristown, N. J. 

William Robert Golden 

Chauncey Karl Harris 
Howard Sinclair Kerner 

Norman Milon Loomis 
Ralph Cutler Mead 

Hans Christian Owen 

Wethersfield. Conn. 

Forkhurst Farm, Great Barrington, 

Manchester, Conn. 
Ballston Lake, N. Y. 

Western Electric Co., New York 

James Pratt Robbins 

6 4 

Care New York World, New York 

Lieut. Edmund Kearsley Sterling Care War Department, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Alfred Henry Timpson, Jr. 

William Alfred Warner 

Box 355, Southington, Conn. 

Joseph Warren Ziegler 

Alexander Arnott 


South Manchester, Conn. 

James Watson Bradin, Jr. 

15 William St., New Y^ork city 

Moses James Brines 

601 Carnegie Hall, New York city 

Percy Leon Bryant 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Luther Harold Burt 

156 East I22d St., New Y r ork city 

Theodore Grafton Case 

908 Main st., Hartford, Conn. 

John Kay Clement 

Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie 
Institution, 1330 F st., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Samuel William Coons 

Box 254, Mercer, Pa. 

Robert James Fagan 

Ilaslett Glazebrook 

American Locomotive Co., 11 1 
Broadway, New Y'ork city 

Monroe Gleason Haight 

411 So. Second Ave., Mt. Vernon, 
N. Y. 

William Camwon Hill 


Eaton-Hurlbut Paper Co., Pitts 
field, Mass. 

Harry Archer Hornor 

3900 Baltimore ave., Philadelphia, 

John Gilbert Mcllvaine 

3209 Baring st, West Philadelphia, 

Frederick Welles Prince 

Hartford Electric Light Co., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

David Louis Schwartz 

1 109 Real Estate Trust Bldg. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ernest Leon Simonds 

S3 Ward st., Hartford, Conn. 

Lieut. Charles Thomas Smart Care War Department, Washington, 

D. C. 

Edwin Pemberton Taylor, Jr. 25 Pine St., New York city 

Rev. Ellsworth Morton Tracy Maplewood, N. J. 

James Riedell Tucker, M.A. East Hartford, Conn. 


Walter Blakelee Von Hagen Forbes ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Arundel * 

Frank Tracy Baldwin 

Rev. Roelif Hasbrouck Brooks, St. Paul's Church, Albany, N. Y. 

Thomas Prosser Browne, Jr. 22 E. 31st st., New York city 

Lieut. Arthur Henry Bryant Care War Department, Washing- 

ton, D. C. 


John Dixon Burchard 
De Lancey Walker Fiske 

Samuel Richard Fuller 
Archibald Goldthwaite 
Amasa Clark Hall 
David Baldwin Jewett 

Dawson City, Yukon Territory, 

212 W. Delaware ave., Burlington, 
N. J. 

i West 34th st., New York city 
819 Tremont st., Galveston, Texas 
West Hartford, Conn. 
68 S. Clinton st., Rochester, N. Y. 

Karl Franz Frederick Kurth 1327 S. 71st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Denison Richmond 

212 Park ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Rev. Granville Hudson Sherwood 1818 Sixth ave., Rock Island, 111. 
Clifford Knox Wood 2 Maiden Lane, New York city 


Augustine Hugo Wells Anderson Great Bend, Kansas 

Robert Bayard Bellamy 114 So. Elliott pi., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Godfrey Brinley 

William Purnell Brown 

Cloyne House, Newport, R. I. 

Cheshire School, Cheshire, Conn. 

Rev. George Graham Burbanck 65 St. Paul's ave., Tompkinsville, 

Staten Island, N. Y. 

Martin Withington Clement 

Assistant Supervisor's Office, Penn 
sylvania Railroad, Haddonfield, 


Harry Hamilton Cochrane Barnes Hall, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Rev. Aubrey Henry Derby 

410 4th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Reginald Fiske 166 George St., Providence, R. I. 

Frank Halsey Foss 902 Main St., Hartford, Conn 

Clarence Wilson Hahn, M.A. Little Falls, N. Y. 

Gustavus Augustus Hinnen, M.D. 212 Fosdick ave., Mt. Auburn, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio 

James Mosgrove Hudson 

523 W. Onondaga St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Rev. Arthur Paul Kelley 

Woodlawn Road, Roland Park, 
Baltimore, Md. 

Julius Levin, M.D. 

9 Morgan St., Hartford, Conn. 

Edward Jarvis King Mason 

Westinghouse Electric Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Walter Alfred Mitchell 

Nanyango College, Shanghai, China 

Rev. Frank Stephen Morehouse Ruebv. N. D. 

Richard Eugene Peck 

911 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport, 

Harold Huntington Rudd 

Westinghouse Electric Co., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

Francis Raymond Sturtevant 105 Washington St., Hartford, 


Arthur Reginald Van De Water 7 W. I22d St., New York city 


James Albert Wales 

Francis Ely Waterman 

Charles Hathorn Wheeler 

1213 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
202 W. 103d St., New York city 

58 Washington ave., Schenectady, 
N. Y. 

Hugh Dempster Wilson 525 Madison St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Augustus Talcott Wynkoop 39 E. 42d St., New York city 


Arthur Eugene Arvedson 

Nathaniel Julius Cable 

Samuel Walden Cooke 

Carpentersville, 111. 

Unionville, Conn. 

Room 58, 55 Broadway, New York 

Franklin Whittemore Dewell Orange st, New Haven, Conn. 

John Daulby Evans 

Winter Hamilton Everest 

[49 Kenyon st., Hartford, Conn. 

Hamden, Conn. 

Rev. Harold Morrell Folsom Christ Church, Biddeford, Me. 

Harry Townes Forrester 

1305 2 a Ciprea, City of Mexico, 

Orrin Warner Gildersleeve Gildersleeve, Conn. 

John Graham Hargrave 
John Stuart Hills 

715 St. Mark's ave., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Lieut. William Morse Nichols San Mateo, Cal. 

6 9 

Carlos Curtis Peck 

Everett Eugene Stacey 
Otis Jewett Story- 
Allen Sterling Titus 
James Merryman Walker 
W. Arthur Warner 
William Parker Wharton 

911 Fairfield ave., Bridgeport, 

Hartford, Conn. 
Chillicothe, Ohio 

194 Clinton st, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Rye, New York 

Bellefonte Academy, Bellefonte, Pa. 


Philip Lockwood Barton 

William Perry Bentley 

Paine, Webber & Co., bankers, 
Boston, Mass. 

Plainville, Conn. 

Rev. Edmund Janes Cleveland, Jr. Springfield, Mass. 

Jewett Cole 1205 16th St., Altoona, Pa. 

Saxon Cole Chester, 111. 

Joseph Baird Crane 

15 Park pi., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Rev. Robert Burton Gooden P. O. Box 414, Ventura, Cal. 

Edward Bruce Goodrich Knoxville, Tenn. 

Edward Goodridge, Jr. 
James Henderson 

Southboro, Mass. 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 


Fred Augustus Higginbotham 56 South st, Waltham, Mass. 
Charles Hawley Hill 

George Herbert Holden 

Harry Leslie Howe 
William Stewart Hyde 

2$ Schuyler St., New Brunswick, 

N. J. 

Thompsonville, Conn. 

565 Howard ave., New Haven, 

Jacob Alexander Laubenstein 12 Church St., Great Barrington, 


Edward Henry Lorenz 
Anson Theodore McCook 
Edmund Sawyer Merriam 
Karl Philip Morba 
Alfred Burnett Quaile 
Rev. Edgar Martin Rogers 

Edgar Augustus Sheldon 
Thomas McBlain Steele 

96 Garden st., Hartford, Conn. 

8 Winthrop Hall, Cambridge, Mass. 

314 Collins st., Hartford, Conn. 

32 Capitol ave., Hartford, Conn. 

332 W. 85th st., New York city 

226 Indiana ave., N. W., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Highland Falls, N. Y. 

6 Wall st., New York city 

Rev. Marshall Bowyer Stewart Linden, Montgomery Co., Md. 
Rev. Charles Edward Tuke Sheridan, Montana 

Rev. John White Walker 

Box 92, Cocoa, Florida 

Rev. William Hardin Wheeler Church Divinity School, San Mateo, 



Rev. Howard Russell White St. Mark's Church, Evanston, 111. 


Harold Simeon Backus 

Herbert Stanley Bradfield 
Edwin Schively Carson 
William Lawrence Carter 
Fred Raymond Clapp 
Noel Gilbert Cunningham 

Harry Frances Gernhardt 
Adkins Henry 

Charles Heald Lane 
John Henry Maginnis 
Francis T. Miller 

Anthony Toomer Porter, Jr. 
Ralph Russell Seymour 
J. P. Welles Taylor 
Arthur Henry Weed 
Richard Nick Weibel 
Albert Lincoln Wyman 

170 Broadway, New York city 
1541 So. Broad st., Philadelphia, Pa. 
841 Asylum ave., Hartford, Conn. 
Albion, Indiana 

Lehigh University, South Bethle- 
hem, Pa. 

Jenkins, Thorne & Griswold, Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Freeport, Illinois 

2127 Prytario St., New Orleans, La. 

Care Connecticut Magazine, 926 
Main St., Hartford, Conn. 

P. O. Box 226, Columbus, Ga. 
289 Fairfield ave, Hartford, Conn. 
Plainfield, N. J. 

7 Little's Block, Cambridge, Mass. 
109 Elm St., Hartford, Conn. 


Arthur Muirson Bellamy 

Henry Day Brigham 
Charles Erastus Bruce, Jr. 
Philip Safford Clarke 
Ora Wilfred Craig 

Richard Arthur Edwards 

Clark Thompson Falknor 
Karl Herbert Fenning 

James Philip Garvin 

Harry Clifford Golden 
Hubert Dana Goodale 

1 7 Bowdoin ave., Dorchester, Mass. 

7 Broad St., Pittsfield, Mass. 

Elmira, N. Y. 

2 West Park st, Newark, N. J. 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

Box i, Portland, Conn. 

Box 951, Housatonic, Mass. 

513 Fourth st, N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Holderness School, Plymouth, 
N. H. 

Kittanning, Pa. 

Columbia University, New York 

Reeve Huntington Hutchinson Paw Paw, W. Va. 

Jarvis McAlpine Johnson 
Theophilus John McKee 
Henry Louis Godlove Meyer 
Samuel St. John Morgan 

69 Vernon st., Hartford, Conn. 

New York city 

49 Leonard st., New York city 

Westinghouse Electric Co., 113 
State st., Boston, Mass. 

Arthur Chadwell Short 

3692 West Pine St., St. Louis, Mo. 


Edmund Crawford Thomas 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

Robert Wight Trenbath 

Somerville, N. J. 

Hervey Boardman Vanderbogart Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

Harold Clifton Van Weelden Gen. Electric Co., Schenectady, 

N. Y. 


Percival Hautrey Bradin 

611 Board of Trade Bldg., State 
St., Boston, Mass. 

Duncan Hodge Browne 

121 W. 91st st., New York city 

Henry B. Carpenter 
Edward William Fothergill 

964 St. Mark's ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

7J Sisson ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Robert Ashley Gaines 
William Larcher 

105 Grove St., Stamford, Conn. 
282 Benefit St., Providence, R. I. 

Samuel D. Lindsay 

94 Hudson St., Hartford, Conn. 

Malcolm Appleton MacLean 
Robert Carey McKean 

1220 New Hampshire ave., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Robert Lincoln McKeon 

Care D. C. Heath & Co., 225 Fourth 
ave., New York city 

George Douglas Rankin 

10 Columbia st., Hartford, Conn. 


Christopher Carson Thurber Mission House, Danbury, N. H. 

Charles Townsend, Jr. 
Walter Slater Trumbull 
William Winton Tucker 
James Rogers Veitch 
Rev. Howard Bell Ziegler 

202 Rahway ave., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Old Mission, Mich. 

10 1 West Ferry St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

South Manchester, Conn. 

178 Henry st, Detroit, Mich. 

Walter Best Allen 

Frederick Bethune Bartlett 

Edgar Johnson Dibble 


447 Ave. E, Bayonne, N. J. 

South Manchester, Conn. 

164 W. 144th st., New York city 

Philip Llewellyn Lightbourn Greenwich, Conn. 

Edward Hugh Maddox 
Bayard Quincy Morgan 

87 Bainbridge st., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Liebigstr 2, Leipzig, Germany 


Harry Beebe Altemus 

45 East Main st, Alliance, Ohio 

Paul Henry Mallet Prevost Brinton Westchester, Pa. 

Morgan Hyde Buffington 

Care Keeling & Ridge Co., Cincin- 
nati, Ohio 

Henry G. Cozzens 

4202 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago, 


Theodore North Denslow 

Ralph De Witt 
Stanley Kinne Dimock 
George Henry Heyn 

Arthur George Humphries 
Rev. J. Everett Johnson 
Edward James Mann 
George Seymour Moore 

Abner Packard 

Rev. Charlie Clayton Pratt 

Mather Ingraham Rankin 

Parimarillo, Dutch Guiana, South 

West Hartford, Conn. 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

2094 Fifth ave., New York city 
401 Howard st, Syracuse, N. Y. 
205 State st., Hartford, Conn. 
Quincy, 111. 

Ralph Charles Belcher Moore Chatham, N. J. 

Quincy, Mass. 

Saybrook Point, Conn. 

John James Sinnott 51 Sigourney St., Hartford, Conn. 

Herman Edward Townsend 249 Oakland ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Raymond Brinckerhoff Van Tine 132 Park ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

William George Wherry 

328 Hudson ave., Union Hill, N. J. 


Edwin Lathrop Baker 

Holderness School, Plymouth, 
N. H. 

Roger Heaton Blakeslee 


791 Park st., Hartford, Conn. 

Henry Clayton Boyd 

Corbin Mfg. Co., New Britain, 

William Francis Bulkley 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

Francis George Burrows 

Sunburv, Pa. 

Carroll Alfred Campbell 

Windsor, Conn. 

Edmund Sarrtuel Carr 

Charles Francis Clement 

Ferris Institute, Ferris, Tex. 

University of Pennsylvania, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Robert Mosby Ewing 

103 Moss ave., Peoria, 111. 

Malcolm Collins Farrow, Jr. 

Shamokin Daily News, Shamokin, 

James Hardin George, Jr. 

St. John's College, Shanghai, China 

Allen Reed Goodale 

Travelers Insurance Co., Hartford, 

Charles Edward Gostenhofer 

Care Amsinck & Co., New York 

Charles Jarvis Harriman 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

Carlos Eugene Jones 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

Philip Thomas Kennedy Harvard Medical School, Cam- 

bridge, Mass. 

Burdette Crane Maercklein 213 Laurel St., Hartford, Conn. 

Charles Hamlin Pelton 


20 Pearl St., Middletown, Conn. 

William Blair Roberta 

Berkeley Divinity School, Middle- 
town, Conn. 

William Perry Stedman Bel Air Academy, Bel Air, Md. 

Edward Collins Stone (Yale 1904)40 Allen place, Hartford, Conn. 

Lewis Austin Storrs (Yale 1889) 360 Farmington ave., Hartford, 


Philip Turner Welles 

The Johns Pratt Co., Hartford, 


Howard Emory Bushnell 

115 Elm st., Hartford, Conn. 

Stuart Harold Clapp 

Charles Henry Curry 

South Lee, Mass. 

606 Wood st., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Edward Llewellyn Duffee 

43 Vernon st., Hartford, Conn. 

Frank Howard Ensign, Jr. 

P. O. Silver Lane, East Hartford, 

Benedict Devine Flynn 

145 Washington st., Harfford, 

James Thomas Grady 

Richard Niles Graham 

Box 587, Austin, Texas 

Frederick Thomas Hill 

George Barton Lewis 

1053 Park ave., Bridgeport, Conn. 


Herbert Robinson Mcllvaine 1500 Hamilton St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Frederic Charles Meredith 

Henry James Nolan 
John William O'Connor 
Clement Griscom Randle 

General Theological Seminary, 
New York city 

Thompsonville, Conn. 

652 Madison ave., New York city 

218 East Fourth st., Chester, Pa. 

Cornelius Wagstaff Remsen 348 W. 23d St., New York city 

Charles Milton Rhodes 

145 W. 82d st., New York city 

William Seward Wyman Wallace 353 Fifth ave., New York city 

Charles Burton Walsh 

Harvard University, Cambridge, 

Henry Lee Watson 

U. S. Military Academy, West 
Point, N. Y. 

Carlile Paterson Winslow 

Charles Barton Wyncoop 

15 Sumner st., Hartford, Conn. 
35 Plant st., Utica, N. Y. 


Honore Francis Connette 
John Frank Cronan 
William Barnwell Ewing 
John Sill Gallagher 

Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y. 

Taunton, Mass. 

Pass Christian, Miss. 

705 South Washington ave., Sagi- 
naw, Mich. 

Walter Taber Grange 
William Hewitt Greenough 
James Sayers Hine 
Elmer Munson Hunt 

Harold Brower Lingle 


4732 Wallingford St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Sunbury, Pa. 

112 Park ave., Orange, N. J. 
109 Elm st., Hartford, Conn. 

Bellefonte, Pa. 

Carl Francis Monlton 

Horace North 

Michael Francis Owens 

Morris Shallcross Phillips 

Charles Murray Reed 

Homer Stuart Sayers 

245 Collins St., Hartford, Conn. 

2,7 W. 12th St., New York city 

Hartford Electric Light Co., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

The Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia, 

347 W. 71st St., New York city 

626 Forest ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Herman Livingstone Schwartz 1109 Real Estate Trust Bldg., Phil- 

adelphia, Pa. 

Harry Sherman Smart 

19 Lawrence Hall, Episcopal Theo- 
logical Seminary, Cambridge, 



Charles Stanley Bryan Box 92, East Hartford, Conn. 

George Dickenson Chambers 58 Imlay st., Hartford, Conn. 

Lloyd William Clarke 


Point Pleasant, N. J. 

Aaron Cutler Coburn 

55 S. Main St., South Norwalk, 

Dexter Elton Coggeshall 

555 Broadway, Everett, Mass. 

Frederick Homer Coggeshall 332 E. 52d St., New York city 

William W. Crabb 

295 Mt. Prospect ave., Newark, 
N. J. 

Hugh North Crider 

Bellefonte, Pa. 

Thomas Cook Curtis, Jr. 

40 Wall st., New York city 

Hugh Laird Curtin 

Roland, Center County, Pa. 

George Sumner Glazier 

3 Sumner St., Hartford, Conn. 

Harold Gross Hart 

19 Milk st., Boston, Mass. 

Joseph Isaac Kemler 

64 Pleasant St., Hartford, Conn. 

Norman Captive Kimball 

414 Prairie ave., Kenosha, Wis. 

George Boston McCune 

1321 Frick Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Victor William Mori 

234 East Fifth st., New York city 

Lester Munroe Pond 

Columbia University, New York 

Stewart Camden Pratt 

1825 16th st., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

Wilfred Everard Roach 

Glen Echo, Montgomery County, 


Parker Van Amee 
Charles Digby Wardlaw 
Bradford Gage Weekes 
Stanley Wimbish 

45 William st, New York city 
Hotel Breslin, New York city 


Cleveland Harvey Buell Beach 67 Beverly St., Boston, Mass. 

James Donald Bowman 
Elmer Hilton Chase 

Herbert Giles Chase 
Henry E. Edenborg 

Philip Stearns Gage 

Millersburg, Pa. 

25 Concord st, Boston, Mass. 

East Killingly, Conn. 

Harvard University, Cambridge., 

U. S. Military Academy, West 
Point, N. Y. 

William Henry Gilbert South Gastonbury, Conn. 

Clarence Rogers Hardcastle Emporia, Kansas 

Arthur Watson Lake 

70 Linden st., Waterbury, Conn. 

James Clinton Landefeld 

William Harold Lee 

Ashland, Pa. 

41 North Market st, Shamokin, P; 

Clinton Leroy Mack 
Herman Thomas Morgan 
Walter Off 

Wallace Walter Ozon 
George Harold Wartman 
Gilbert Rogers Wentworth 
Robert Moseley Yergason 

Windsor, Conn. 

50 Magnolia st., Hartford, Conn. 

701 North Madison ave., Peoria, 

94 Smith st., Hartford, Conn. 

Allentown, Pa. 

7 Regent st., Hartford, Conn. 

911 Asylum ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Addresses of Surviving Honorarii 
Not Alumni. 


Rev. James Aberigh-Mackay, D.D. 
Rev. James R. Foster, M.A. 
George Irving Winslow, M.D. 


Rev. Dudley Chase, M.A. 3708 Spring Garden St., Phila- 

delphia, Pa. 


Rev. John Henry Babcock, M.A. Sioux Falls, So. Dakota 


Prof. Reuel Keith, M.A. 226 A St., S. E., Washington, D. C. 

Rev. James Wiltbank Robins, D.D. 2115 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Frederick Cunningham, M.A. 

Arthur Pinm M.A. 

8 4 

Prof. William Augustus Reynolds 6 Northumberland Place, Bays- 
water, London, W., England 

Charles DeWolf Brownell, M.A. Bristol, R. I. 

Ralph L. Tafel, M.A. 


Rev. Prof. Philander Kinney Cady, The General Theological Seminary, 
D.D. Chelsea Square, New York city 

Almiron Fitch, M.D. 

Rev. William George Hawkins, Paonia, Delta Co., Colorado 
M.A. • 

Rev. Prof. John Steinfort Kedney, Faribault, Minn. 

Rev. Prof. Francis Thayer Russell, Soldiers' Home, Grand Rapids, 
D.D. Mich. 


Rev. Charles Melbourne Selleck, Norwalk, Conn. 



Causten Browne, M.A. 139 Beacon st, Boston, Mass. 


Agrippa Nelson Bell, M.D. 337 Clinton st., Brooklyn, N. Y. 



Rev. Pelham Williams, D.D. Inwood-on-Hudson, N. Y. 


Rev. Arthur Mason 119 E. 57th St., New York city 

Rev. Thomas Edward Pattison, "The Albion" Baltimore, Md. 

Rev. Israel Leander Townsend, 641 Decatur St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Right Rev. William Croswell Albany, New York 

Doane, D.D., LL.D. 

Rev. Francis Goodwin, D.D. 103 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn 


Rev. Henry Cleveland, M.A. 

William Pancoast Clyde, M.A. 19 State St., New York city 

Right Rev. Leighton Coleman, Wilmington, Del. 
D.D., LL.D. 

Rev. John Leighton McKim, M.A. Georgetown, Del. 

Rev. George Sturgis Paine, M.A. 20 Oakley Square, Regent's Park, 

London, N. W., England 

1 866 
Rev. Henry Wells Nelson, D.D.Geneva, N. Y. 

Rev. Storrs O. Seymour, D.D. Litchfield, Conn. 

Rev. Robert Meech, M.A. 


188 Sandusky St., Allegheny, Pa. 

Rev. Carlos Slafter, M.A. 

Dedham, Mass. 

Rev. George Tucker, M.A. 

Hamilton, Bermuda 


Rev. Nathaniel Ellsworth Corn- Stratford, Conn, 
wall, M.A. 

Rev. Robert John Coster, D.D. 4502 Fifth ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Rev. Walter Mitchell, M.A. 

254 W. 100th St., New York city 

Rev. Daniel Crane Roberts, D.D. 6 Court St., Concord, N. H. 

William White Wiltbank, M.A. City Hall, Philadelphia, Pa. 


Hon. Stewart Lyndon Woodford, 18 Wall St., New York city 

Rev. James Earl Hall, M.A. 


Cherry Valley, N. Y. 

Prof. John Ordronaux, M.D., Roslyn, N. Y 



Rev. William Curtis Prout, M.A. Herkimer, N. Y. 


Fabius Haywood Busbee, M.A. Raleigh, N. G 

George Rainsford Fairbanks, M.A. 

Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins, Concord, Mass. 


Bankson Taylor Morgan, M.A. 211 W. 14th St., New York city 

Rev. William James Harris, D.D. Nashua, N. H. 

Rev. Alonzo Norton Lewis, M.A. Montpelier, Vt. 

Very Rev. Francis Partridge, D.D., The Deanery, Fredericton, N. ti. 


Charles Collard Adams, M.A. Cromwell, Conn. 

Right Rev. William Hobart Hare, Sioux Falls, So. Dakota 


Rev. Thaddeus Alexander Snively,"The Plaza," 660 N. Clark st. 
M.A. Chicago, 111. 

Henry Poor Mott, M.A. 


Prof. Andrew Wheeler Phillips, 209 York St., New Haven, Conn. 


Rev. Robert Hitchcock Paine, 816 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore, Md. 

Alfred Cookman Roberts, M.A. 
Prof. Francis Schmid, M.A. 


James Carter Knox, M.A. St. Paul's School, Concord, N. H. 

William Crawford Wilson, M.A. 


Right Rev. John Hazen White, 614 Franklin St., Michigan City, 
D.D. Ind. 


Rev. Densmore David Chapin, Brandon, Vt. 

Rev. Frederick Schiller May, D.D. High Laver Rectory, Ongar, Epex, 


William Moser Rumbaugh 

Rev. Henry Townsend Scudder, 24 A Garden pi., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John Stuart White, LL.D. Phillips Brooks School, 4204 Balti- 

more ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Josiah Cleveland Cady, 
M.A... LL.D. 


Messrs. Cady, Bergh & Lee, 6 W. 
22d St., New York city 

Rev. Henry Thomas, M.A. Smyrna, Del. 

Austin DeWolf, M.A. 


Greenfield, Mass. 

Rev. Charles Edwin Silas Rasey, Little Falls, N. Y. 

George Phillips Worcester, M.A. 


Charles Sebastian Fischer, M.D. 343 St. Nicholas ave., New York 


Samuel Ward Loper, M.A. 263 Williams St., Middletown, Conn. 

Rev. John Brainard Morgan, D.D. 19 Ave. de l'Alma, Paris, France 

Right Rev. Henry Codman Potter, 113 W. 40th st, New York city 
D.D., LL.D. 

Rev. Howard Fremont Hill, 
Ph.D., D.D. 


Concord, N. H. 

Rev. Randolph Washington 
Lowrie, D.D. 

Deanwood, D. C. 

Lieut. Charles Adelle Lewis 
Totten, M.A. 

Milford, Conn. 

9 o 
Joel Williston Wright, M.D. Lake Placid, N. Y. 


Rev. Alexander Champline Springfield, Ohio 

McCabe, Ph.D. 

Rev. William Stephen Rainsford, 207 E. 16th st., New York city 

Rev. Beverly Ellison Warner 21 15 Chestnut St., New Orleans, 

D.D. La. 


Henry Augustus Adams, M.A. 

Rev. Sherrard Billings, M.A. Groton, Mass. 

Rev. James Watson Bradin, M.A. 84 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn. 

Hon. George Franklin Edmunds, 1724 Spruce st., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rev. Prof. Lorenzo Sears, L.H.D. Brown University, Providence, 

R. I. 

Rev. George Williamson Smith, Wendell Hotel, Pittsfield, Mass. 

D.D., LL.D. 


Bernard Carter, LL.D. 1212 Eutaw place, Baltimore, Md. 

Rev. James Dobbin, D.D. Faribault, Minn. 

Rev. Wilson Waters, M.A. Chelmsford, Mass. 


Rev. William Whaley Bellinger, 285 Genesee St., Utica, N. Y. 

Right Rev. Boyd Vincent, D.D. 663 Forest ave., Cincinnati, 0. 


Hon. Seth Low, LL.D. New York city 


Rev. George William Dumbell, Goshen, N. Y. 

Right Rev. Thomas Frank Memphis, Tenn. 

Gailor, D.D. 

Hon. Donald Ticknor Warner, Salisbury, Conn. 


Right Rev. John McKim, D.D. Tokyo, Japan 

Rev. Richard Wilde Micou, D.D. Theological Seminary, Fairfax 

Co., Va. 

Rev. Prof. Henry Sylvester Episcopal Theological School, 

Nash, D.D. Cambridge, Mass. 


Right Rev. Arthur Crawshay Burlington, Vt. 

Alliston Hall, D.D. 

Hon. Abram Heaton Robertson, Exchange Building, New Haven, 
M.A. Conn. 

Rev. Charles Eckhardt Gram- Norfolk, Va. 

mer, D.D. 

9 2 

Prof. Francis Philip Nash, Geneva, N. Y. 


President Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Williamsburg, Va. 


Rev. William Bayard Hale, The Current Literature Publishing 

D.D., LL.D. Co., Bryant Building, 55 

Liberty St., New York city 

Rev. George Francis Nelson, 29 Lafayette place, New York city 



Right Rev. Chauncey Bunce 98 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn. 

Brewster, D.D. 


Rev. Prof. Isbon T. Beckwith, The General Theological Seminary, 
Ph.D., D.D. Chelsea Square, New York city 

Rev. William Benham, D.D. 32 Finsbury Square, London, Eng. 

Rev. Joel Foote Bingham, 484 Farmington ave., Hartford, 

L.H.D. , D.D. Conn. 


Vice-Chancellor B. Lawton Wig- Sewanee, Tenn. 
gins, LL.D. 


Rev. Francis Lister Hawks St. John's College, Shanghai, 

Pott, D.D. China 

Right Rev. Robert Codman, Jr., 143 State st., Portland, Me. 

P. Henry Woodward, M.A. 742 Asylum ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Rev. Gustav Floden, D.D., LL.D. Lindberg, Tofta, Sweden 

Prof. William Henry Howell, Johns Hopkins University (Medi- 

M.D., LL.D. cal Faculty), Baltimore, Md. 

Prof. Henry Fairfield Osborn, Columbia University, New York 
LL.D. city 

Rev. Spencer Summerfield Roche, St. Mark's Church, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

John Hall Sage, M.A. Portland, Conn. 

Rev. Ernest Milmore Stires, D.D. St. Thomas's Church, New York 



William Newnham Chattin Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 

Carlton, M.A. 

Prof. William Lispenard Robb, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 
LL.D. Troy, N. Y. 


Forrest Morgan, M.A. 227 Sigourney st, Hartford, Conn. 

Earle Terry Smith, M. D., M.A. 255 Capitol ave., Hartford, Conn. 


Rev. Edward Staples Drown, D.D. 12 Phillips Place, Cambridge, Mass. 

Rev. Stewart Means, D.D. 107 Humphrey st., New Haven, 



Rev. H. N. Cunningham, M.A. Watertown, Conn. 



ALABAMA — Athens. 
Fusch, Henry J., 79, Non-Grad. 

New Decatur. 
Bibb, William Asbury, 75, Non-Grad. 

ALASKA — Dawson City. 
Burchard, John Dixon, 1900, Non-Grad. 

ARIZONA — Flagstaff. 
Douglass, Andrew Ellicott, 89, F. R. A. S., Lowell Observatory, 

CALIFORNIA — Altadena. 

Smith, William G. W., 71, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Chapman, Thomas Bion, 83, Non-Grad. 


Williams, Francis Goodwin, 89, Rev., M. A. 
Los Angeles. 

Cole, Austin, 98, 224 Henne Building. 

Hubbard, William Francis, 71, Rev., 1007 South Union Ave. 
Morse, Bryan Killikelly, 99, 444 Bradbury Building. 
Rodgcrs, Wellington James, 80. 

Bakewell, John, 59, Rev., D. D., 1219 Telegraph Ave. 

Hazlehurst, George Blagdcn, JJ, Non-Grad., 376 E. Colorado 


French, George Albert, 89. 

San Francisco. 
Bours, Willie Masten, 94 Non-Grad., Rev., 1329 Leavenworth 

Deuel, Jay Clarence, 78, Care Wells, Fargo & Co. 
Hall, Gordon, 92, 6th Floor, Mills Building. 
Hubbard, George Milton, 75, Hibernia Bank. 
Nichols, William Ford, 70, Rt. Rev., D. D., 2515 Webster St. 
Parrish, Herbert, 91, Rev., 231 1 Union St. 
Sherman, Harry Mitchell, jy, M. D., 2125 Jackson St. 

San Mateo. 
Nichols, William Morse, 1901, Non-Grad., Lieut. 
Wheeler, William Hardin, 1902, Rev., Church Divinity School. 

Gooden, Robert Burton, 1902, Rev., M. A., Box 414. 

COLORADO — Delta. 
Wood, Percival Matson, 97, M. A. 

Kramer, Frederick Ferdinand, 89, Rev., Ph. D., 2222 W. 32d 

Hawkins, William George, 56, H., Rev., M. A. 

Rocky Ford. 
Cunningham, John Robert, 85. 

Merrill, Nathan, 46. 

Wilcox, Frank Langdon, 80, Hon. 

Winkley, Henry William, 80, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Lewis, George Barton, 1905, Non-Grad., 1035 Park Ave. 
Lewis, William Henry, 65, Rev., D. D., 1035 Park Ave. 

9 6 

Middlebrook, Louis Nathaniel, 48, M. A., 211 State St. 
Peck, Carlos Curtis, 1901, Non-Grad., 911 Fairfield Ave. 
Peck, Richard Eugene, 1901, 911 Fairfield Ave. 
Pratt, Alexander, Jr., 98, M. A. 
Pratt, Nathan Tolles, 94, Rev. 

Brown, William Purnell, 1901, Cheshire School. 
Horton, Pascal A., 68, Non-Grad. 

Buell, Joseph Henry, 96, Non-Grad. 
Peck, Brainerd Duffield, 96, Non-Grad. 
Shepard, Peter Lake, 52, Rev., M. A. 

Rouse, William Herman, 96. 

Adams, Charles Collard, 73, H., M. A. 


Bacon, John Russell, 92, Non-Grad. 

Bacon, John Watson, 46, Hon., M. A., Savings Bank of Dan- 

East Hartford. 
Bryan, Charles Stanley, 1907, Non-Grad., Box 92. 
Ensign, Frank Howard, 1905, Non-Grad., P. O. Silver Lane. 
Tucker, James Riedell, 1900, M. A. 

East Killingly. 
Chase, Herbert Giles, 1908, Non-Grad. 

Scovill, Reginald Heber, 50. 

Beeman, Allen Everett, 81, H., Rev., M. A. 


Gildersleeve, Alfred, 93, Non-Grad. 
Gildersleeve, Orrin Warner, 1901, Non-Grad. 

Kingsbury, William Sanford, 91, M. D. 



Lightbourn, Philip Llewellyn, 1904. 

Griswold, George Chapman, 63, Rev., M. A., D. D. 

Coley, James Edward, 55, Rev., M. A. 
Everest, Charles Sherman, 71, M. A., LL. B. 
Everest, Winter Hamilton, 190 1, Non-Grad., New Haven Web 

Allen, Edwin Stanton, 94, 352 Laurel St. 
Beach, Charles Carroll, 96, M. D., 25 Wethersfield Ave. 
Beach, George Watson, 80, Non-Grad., 54 Main St. 
Bingham, Joel Foote, 98, H., Rev., L. H. D., D. D., 484 Farm- 

ington Ave. 
Blakeslee, Roger Heaton, 1905, 791 Park St. 
Bradin, James Watson, 87, H., Rev., M. A., 84 Vernon St. 
Brenton, Cranston, 99, Rev., Prof., J2> Vernon St. 
Brewster, Chauncey Bunce, 97, H., Rt. Rev., 98 Woodland St. 
Brocklesby, Arthur Kain, 70, M. A., 126 Washington St. 
Brocklesby, John Henry, 65, M. A., 750 Main St. 
Brocklesby, William Claiborne, 69, M. A., 36 Pearl St. 
Bryant, Percy Shelley, 70, M. A., 908 Main St. 
Bulkeley, John Charles, 93, jj Capitol Ave. 
Bulkeley, William Eliphalet Adams, 90, Col., 134 Washington 

Bulkley, Clarendon Cobb, 75, M. A., 72 Deerfield Ave. 
Bushnell, Howard Emory ,, 1905, Non-Grad., 115 Elm St. 
Carlton, William Newnham Chattin, 1902, H., M. A., Trinity 

Carter, William Lawrence, 1902, Non-Grad., 841 Asylum Ave. 
Case, Theodore Grafton, 1900, 908 Main St. 
Chambers, George Dickenson, 1907, Non-Grad., 58 Imlay St. 
Cleasby, Harold Loomis, 99, 39 Spring St. 
Curtis, Robert William, 96, 4 Girard Ave. 
Davis, John Henry Kelso, 99, 8 Park Terrace. 
Duffee, Edward Llewellyn, 1905, Non-Grad., 43 Vernon St. 

9 8 

Ellis, George William, 94, 820 Prospect Ave. 

Ellis, Leonard Augustine, 98, 550 Farmington Ave. 

Evans, John Daulby, 1901, Non-Grad., 149 Kerryon St. 

Ferguson, Henry, 68, Rev., Prof., LL. D., 123 Vernon St. 

Flynn, Benedict Devine, 1905, Non-Grad., 145 Washington St. 

Flynn, Joseph Devine, 97, Prof., 145 Washington St. 

Forward, John Francis, 96, 815 Asylum Ave. 

Foss, Frank Plalsey, 1901, 902 Main St. 

Fothergill, Edward William, T903, Non-Grad., JJ Sisson Ave. 

Glazier, George Sumner, 1907, Non-Grad., 3 Sumner St. 

Goodale, Allen Reed, 1905, Travelers Insurance Co. 

Goodwin, Francis, 63, H., Rev., D. D., 103 Woodland St. 

Goodwin, James, 86, Rev., M. A., 76 Garden St. 

Graves, Dudley Chase, 98, 8 Park Terrace. 

Gray, Robert Watkinson, 98, Non-Grad., 54 Huntington St. 

Greene, Jacob Humphrey, 91, Non-Grad., 184 Sigourney St. 

Gunning, James Walter, 96, 9 Zion St. 

Hall, Clarence Loines, 92, 61 Wethersfield Ave. 

Hammersley, William, 58, Hon., LL. D., 180 Farmington Ave. 

Hartranft, Frederick Berg, 88, Non-Grad., 1507 Broad St. 

Hastings, Francis Homer, 96, 16 Forest St. 

Hatch, Edward Buckingham, 86, 646 Prospect Ave. 

Heublein, William Edward, 90, Non-Grad., Care G. F. Heu- 

blein & Bro. 
Hunt, Elmer Munson, 1906, Non-Grad., 109 Elm St. 
Huntington, John Taylor, 50, Rev., M. A., 17 Clinton St. 
Johnson, Frank Elisha, 84, M. A., 142 Collins St. 
Johnson, Jarvis McAlpine, 1903, 69 Vernon St. 
Johnson, Woolsey McAlpine, 98, 69 Vernon St. 
Kemler, Joseph Isaac, 1907, Non-Grad., 64 Pleasant St. 
Lampson, Edward Rutledge, 91, M. D., 218 Beacon St. 
Lawton, Edwin Franklin, 91, 100 Sargeant St. 
Levin, Julius, 1901, M. D., 9 Morgan St. 
Lindsay, Samuel D., 1903, Non-Grad., 94 Hudson St. 
Lorenz, Edward Henry, 1902, 96 Garden St. 
Luther, Havel Sweeten, 70, Rev., Prof., M. A., Ph. D., LL. D., 

115 Vernon St. 
McCook, John James, 63, Rev., Prof., D. D., 396 Main St. 
McCook, John Butler, 90, M. D., 396 Main St. 

Maercklein, Burdette Crane, 1905, 213 Laurel St. 

Mann, Edward James, 1904, Non-Grad., 205 State St. 

Merriam, Edmund Sawyer, 1902, M. A., 314 Collins St. 

Miel, Ernest de Fremery, 88, Non-Grad., Rev., 120 Sigourney 

Miller, Francis T., 1902, Non-Grad., Care Connecticut Maga- 
zine, 926 Main St. 

Morba, Karl Philip, 1902, 32 Capitol Ave. 

Morgan, Forrest, 1903, H., M. A., 227 Sigourney St. 

Morgan, Herman Thomas, 1908, Non-Grad., 50 Magnolia St. 

Morgan, Victor Forrest, 99, M. S., 227 Sigourney St. 

Morgan, William Denison, "]2, M. A., M. D., 108 Farmington 

Morris, Charles Shiras, 96, 107 Washington St. 

Morse, John Howard, 91, Non-Grad., 288 Fairfield Ave. 

Moulton, Carl Francis, 1906, Non-Grad., 245 Collins St. 

Owens, Michael Francis, 1906, Non-Grad., Hartford Electric 
Light Co. 

Ozon, Wallace Walter, 1908, Non-Grad., 94 Smith St. 

Pitblado, Colin B., 91, 156 Sargeant St. 

Prince, Frederick Welles, 1900, Hartford Electric Light Co. 

Rankin, George Douglas, 1903, Non-Grad., 10 Columbia St. 

Robinson, Edward Wanton, 96, 456 Farmington Ave. 

Russell, Gurdon Wadsworth, 34, M. D., M. A., LL. D., 207 
Farmington Ave. 

Schutz, Robert Hutchins, 89, 97 Elm St. 

Schutz, Walter Stanley, 94, 36 Pearl St. 

Seymour, Ralph Russell, 1902, Non-Grad., 289 Fairfield Ave. 

Seyms, George Henry, 72, M. A., 181 Collins St. 

Simonds, Ernest Leon, 1900, 33 Ward St. 

Sinnott, John James, 1904, Non-Grad., 51 Sigourney St. 

Skinner, William Converse, j6, M. A., 61 Woodland St. 

Smith, Earle Terry, 1903, H., M. A., M. D., 255 Capitol Ave. 

Starr, Robert SythorT, 97, M. D., M. A., 170 Sigourney St. 

Stone, Edward Collins, 1905, M. A., 40 Allen Place. 

Storrs, Lewis Austin, 1905, M. A., 360 Farmington Ave. 

Sturtevant, Francis Raymond, 1901, 105 Washington St. 


Talcott, Charles Hooker, 91, 19 Woodland St. 

Turnbull, James Archibald, 92, Non-Grad., 584 Prospect Ave. 

Van Schaack, David, 91, 73 Capitol Ave. 

Van Zile, Edward Sims, 84, M. A., L. H. D., 75 Capitol Ave. 

Waterman, Edgar Francis, 98, M. A., LL. B., 223 Asylum St. 

Weibel, Richard Nick, 1902, Non-Grad., 109 Elm St. 

Welles, Philip Turner, 1905, The Johns-Pratt Co. 

Wentworth, Gilbert Rogers, 1908, Non-Grad., 7 Regent St. 

Winslow, Carlile Patterson, 1905, Non-Grad., 15 Sumner St. 

Woodward, Charles Guilford, 98, 742 Asylum Ave. 

Woodward, P. Henry, 1900, H., M. A., 742 Asylum Ave. 

Yeomans, Edward Myron, 95, 756 Main St. 

Yergason, Robert Moseley, 1908, Non-Grad., 911 Asylum Ave. 


Beers, Frederick Horace, 89. 

Tate, William James, 86, Rev., M. A. 

Judd, Charles, 93, Rev. 

Sedgwick, William Russell, 84, Non-Grad. 
Seymour, Storrs O., 66, H., Rev., D. D. 

Loomis, Norman Milon, 99, Non-Grad. 
Murphy, Charles Melvin, 92, Non-Grad., 139 Main St. 

Curtis, George Munson, 79, Non-Grad., Britannia Co. 
Curtis, Robert Hallam, 68, M. A. 


Bacon, Frederick Stanley, 99, Non-Grad., 278 Main St. 

Bulkley, William Francis, 1905, Berkeley Divinity School. 

Craig, Ora Wilfred, 1903. Berkeley Divinity School. 

Edgerton, Frank Cruger, 94, M. D. 

Gilbert, George Blodgett, 96, Rev. 

Harriman, Charles Jarvis, 1905, Berkeley Divinity School. 

Hart. Samuel, 66, Rev., D. D., Berkeley Divinity School. 


Henderson, James, 1902, Berkeley Divinity School. 

Heyn, George Henry, 1904, Non-Grad., Berkeley Divinity 

Hubbard, Elijah Kent, Jr., 92, Hon. 
Hubbard, Louis De Koven, 93, 397 High St. 
Jones, Carlos Eugene, 1905, Berkeley Divinity School. ' 
Loper, Samuel Ward, 82, H., M. A., 263 Williams St. 
Pelton, Charles Hamlin, 1905, 20 Pearl St. 
Pember, Gilbert Edward, 97, Non-Grad., Rev. 
Roberts, William Blair, 1905, Berkeley Divinity School. 
Thomas, Edmund Crawford, 1903, Berkeley Divinity School. 
Townsend, John, 54, H., M. A. 
Vanderbogart, Hervey Boardman, 1903, Berkeley Divinity 


Totten, Charles Adelle Lewis, 85, H., M. A., Lieut. 

Goldsborough, Alfred, 64, Non-Grad. 

New Britain. 
Boyd, Henry Clayton, 1905, Corbin Mfg. Co. 
Russell, Isaac Daw, 92, Non-Grad. 

New Haven. 
Baldwin, Leonidas Bradley, 60, Rev., 1249 Chapel St. 
Beardsley, William Agur, 87, Rev., M. A., 64 Grove St. 
Beers, George Emerson, 86, M. A., LL. B., 315 First National 

Bank Bldg. 
Dewell, Franklin Whittemore, 1901, Non-Grad., Orange St. 
Edgerton, John Warren, 94, M. A., LL. B., Care Watrous & 

Day, 153 Church St. 
Graves, Arthur Collins, 91, M. A., LL. B., 101 Grove St. 
Hyde, William Stewart, 1902, 565 Howard Ave. 
Means, Stewart, 1904, H., Rev., D. D., 107 Humphrey St. 
Morgan, George Brinley, 70, Rev., D. D., 324 York St. 
Phillips, Andrew Wheeler, 75, H., Ph. D., 209 York St. 
Robertson, Abram Heaton, 94, H., M. A., Hon., Exchange 



Sexton, John Frederick, 83, Rev., M. A., 999 Whalley Ave. 
Vibbert, Howard Cooke, 68, M. A., 702 Orange St. 

Newtxgton Junction. 
Starr, Jared, 56, Rev. 

New London. 
Grint, Alfred Poole. 81, Rev., M. A.. Ph. D., St. James Rectory. 
Stark, Benjamin. Jr., 79, Captain, Care William Molthrop 

Stark, William Molthrop, 75, M. A., LL. B. 


New Milford. 
Plumb, John Fields, 91, Rev., M. A. 
Wright, George Herman, 91, M. D., M. A. 

George, James Hardin, J2, Rev., M. A. 

French, Louis, 53, Rev., M. A. 

Merrill, St. John, 75, Non-Grad. 
Selleck, Charles Melbourne; 57, PL, Rev., M. A. 

Brown, J. Eldred, 83, Rev., M. A. 
Johnson, Charles Amos, 92, 228 Washington St. 
Johnson, Edwin Comstock, 2d, 88, 12 Williams St. 
Olcott, William Tyler, 96, 62 Church St. 
Paddock, Lewis Sloat, 50, M. D., M. A., 96 Washington St. 

Old Lyme. 
Talcott, Allen Butler, 90, Non-Grad. 

Pine Meadow. 
Stanley, George Milnor, 68, Rev., M. A. 

Plain vi lle. 
Bent ley, William Perry, 1902. 

Pom fret. 
Chapin, William Viall, 78, M. A. 
( Mmsted, William Beach, 87, Pomfret School. 

Brainerd, Judson Baldwin, 82, Non-Grad. 


Edwards, Richard Arthur, 1903, Box 1. 
Penfield, William Dixon, 62. 
Raftery, Oliver Henry, 73, Rev., M. A. 
Sage, John Hall, 1901, H., M. A. 


Russell, Frank Fenner, 85, Central Block. 


Ingersoll, George Pratt, 83. 

Boylston, Charles Walter, 78, Rev., M. A. 


George, John Francis, jy, Rev., M. A. 
Whitlock, Harlow Ruggles, 70. 
Yeomans, Raymond Sanford, 99. 

Saybrook Point. 
Rankin, Mather Ingraham, 1904, Non-Grad. 

Warner, Donald Ticknor, 92, H., M. A., Hon. 


Warner, William Alfred, 99, Non-Grad., Box 355. 

South Manchester. 
Arnott, Alexander, 1900. 
Bartlett, Frederick Bethune, 1904. 
Veitch, James Rogers, 1903, Non-Grad. 

South Meriden. 
Bartholomew, Dana Wightman, 97, Non-Grad. 

South Norwalk. 
Humphries, Romilly Francis, 92, Rev., M. A. 
Coburn, Aaron Cutler, 1907, Non-Grad., 55 South Main St. 

South Glastonbury. 
Gilbert, William Henry, 1908, Non-Grad. 

Hyde, Frederick Bulkeley, 98, Non-Grad. 


Ferguson, Walton, 63, Non-Grad. 
Ferguson, Walton, Jr., 93, Non-Grad. 
Gaines, Robert Ashley, 1903, Non-Grad., 105 Grove St. 
llawlev, Francis Milton, 61, M. A. 

Johnson, Francis Porter, 94, Non-Grad., Yale & Town Lock 
Mfg. Co. 

Cornwall, Nathaniel Ellsworth, 68, H., Rev., M. A. 
Lewis, George Frederick, jj, M. D. 


Hatheway, Ernest Albert, 97, Non-Grad. 
Finney, Howard Austin, 87. 


Bronson, Merritt, 52, M. A., R. F. D., No. 3. 

Thom aston. 
Parsons, Arthur Thomas, 71, Rev., M. A. 

Howe, Harry Leslie, 1902. 
Nolan, Henry James, 1905, Non-Grad. 


Cable, Nathaniel Julius, 1901, Non-Grad. 

Tibbits, Charles Henry, 87. 
Wildman, Walter Beardslee, 98. 

Peck, Theodore Mount, 80, Rev., M. A. 

Buckley, Frederick Dashiels, 84, Rev. 
Elton, John Prince, 88, Waterbury Brass Co. 
Lake, Arthur Watson, 1908, Non-Grad., 70 Linden St. 
Monaghan, Charles Andrew, 93, M. D., 199 Bank St. 
Rowland, Edmund, 57, Rev., M. A., D. D. 



Cunningham, H. N., 1905, H., Rev., M. A. 
McLean, Thomas, 75, M. A. 

West Hartford. 
Dimock, Stanley Kinne, 1904, Non-Grad. 
Hall, Amasa Clark, 1900, Non-Grad. 
Winkley, Robert Lefavour, 79, 72 South Main St. 

Dean, Ellis Bedell, 93, Rev., M. A. 

Harris, Chauncey Karl, 99, Non-Grad. 

Sturges, John Burr, 61, Non-Grad. 

Campbell, Carroll Alfred, 1905. 

Harriman, Frederick William, 72, Rev., M. A., D. D. 
Mack, Clinton Leroy, 1908, Non-Grad. 
Tuttle, Reuel Crompton, 89, M. A. 

Windsor Locks. 
Robinson, Myron Potter, 94, Non-Grad., M. D. 

DELAWARE — Georgetown. 
McKim, John Leighton, 65, H., Rev., M. A. 

New Castle. 
Holcomb, Bankson T., 59, Non-Grad. 

Thomas, Henry, 80, H., Rev., M. A. 

Churchman, Edwin Gilpin, 95, Non-Grad., Box 396. 
Coleman, Leighton, 65, H., Rt. Rev., D. D., LL. D. 

Lowrie, Randolph Washington, 85, H., Rev., D. D. 

Addis, Thomas Emmett, 99, Lieut., Care War Dept. 
Black, Henry Campbell, 80, 2516 14th St., N. W. 


Boardman, William Jarvis, 54, 1801 P St., X. W. 

Bryant,, Arthur Henry, 1900, Xon-Grad., Lieut., Care War 

Carter, George Calvert, 87, Rev., M. A., 1520 K St., N. W. 
Clark, James Walters, 63, Rev., St. James Church. 
Clement, John Kay, 1900, Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie 

Institution, 1330 F St. 
Cowles, Arthur Woodruff, 81, Xon-Grad., 1823 Kalorama 

Erwin, James Brailsford, 76, Xon-Grad., Care War Dept. 
Fenning, Karl Herbert, 1903, M. A., 514 Fourth St., X. W. 
Gallaudet, Edward Miner, 56, LL. D., Pres. Gallaudet College, 

Kendall Green. 
Giesy, Samuel Herbert, 85, 918 F St., X. W. 
Grinnell, Henry, 97, Department of Forestry. 
Harding, Alfred, 79, Rev., D. D., 920 23d St., X. W. 
Hayden, Robert Cairns, 93, Xon-Grad., Bond Building. 
Henderson, Ernest Flagg, 82, Ph. D., L. H. D. 
Howard, George H., J2, Xon-Grad., Metropolitan Club. 
Keith, Reuel, 52, H., Prof., M. A., 226 A St., S. E. 
McKean, Robert Carey, 1903, Xon-Grad., 1220 Xew Hamp- 
shire Ave. 
Miller, Frederick Augustus, 61, Xon-Grad., Lieut. - Com. 

2201 Massachusetts Ave. 
Padgett, Percival, 76, 312 S. Capitol St. 
Phair, Philip DeWitt, 94, Library of Congress. 
Pratt, Stewart Camden, 1907, Xon-Grad., 1825 16th St., X. \Y. 
Rogers, Edgar Martin, 1902, Rev., 226 Indiana Ave., X. W. 
Smart, Charles Thomas, 1900, Lieut., Care War Dept. 
Snow, Alpheus Henry, 79, Xon-Grad., 2013 Massachusetts 

Sterling, Edmund Kearsley, 99, Xon-Grad., Lieut., Care War 

Stone, Lewis Hiram, <^/, Xon-Grad., St. Elizabeth's Hospital. 
Stout, John Kennedy, 70, The Varnum. 
Stuart, Albert Rhett, 88, M. I)., 1 Dupont Circle. 
Woodward, George Abishai, 55, Col., 21 10 Massachusetts 

Ave.. X. \\ . 


FLORIDA — Cocoa. 
Walker, John White, 1902, Rev., M. A., Box 92. 

Read, James Withers, 72, M. A. 

Merwin, Albert Dumond, 97, Non-Grad. 

Key West. 
Cameron, James Innes Hayes, 79, Non-Grad., Rev., St. Paul's 

White, William Curtis, 97, Rev., 716 Olivia St. 

% Martin. 

Hardee, Charles Henry, 81, Non-Grad. 

Whaley, Percival Hanahan, 74. 

Bates, William Hale, J2, Rev., Bishop Whipple School. 

GEORGIA — Albany. 
Welch, Leonard Edward, Jr., 86, Non-Grad., Box 48. 

Carpenter, Samuel Barstow, 73, Rev. 
Williams, Chauncey Camp, 71, Rev., D. D. 

Porter, Anthony Toomer, Jr., 1902, Non-Grad., Box 226. 

George, Thomas Morduit Nelson, 80, Rev., St. James Church. 

Hubbell, Frederic Cady, 96, Non-Grad. 
Leaken, William Ridgely, 80, 16 Bryan St., East. 

Potwine, William Edward, 79, Rev., Care Bishop Restarick. 

ILLINOIS — Aurora. 
Wheaton, Charles, 49, Hon. 

Candee, Henry Safford, 93, Non-Grad., 617 Ohio Levee. 


Arvedson, Arthur Eugene, 1901, Non-Grad. 

Wilkinson, James Edward, 81, Rev., Ph. D. 

Cole, Saxon, 1902. 


Allvn, Arthur Washington, 61, Maj., 946 Oakland Ave. 

Rates, Robert Peck, 93, Chicago Latin School, 561 East Divi- 
sion St. 

Cozzens, Henry G., ,1904, Non-Grad., 4202 Drexel Boulevard. 

Crocker, Hubert Davis, 84, Non-Grad., 234 La Salle St. 

Deuel, Charles Ephraim, 87, Rev. 2682 Kenmore Ave. 

Giliuore, Arnold Plumer, 74, Non-Grad., Iroquois Club. 

Hicks, George Cleveland, 56, Care J. W. Sefton Mfg. Co., So. 
Jefferson St. 

Looiuis, Hiram Benjamin, 85, Prof., Ph. D., Hyde Park High 

Orton, William Osgood, 92, Chicago Opera House Building. 

Peabody, Francis Bolles, 48, M. A., 426 Dearborn Ave. 

Quick, George Albert, 94, 6010 Jefferson Ave. 

Quick, John Henry Stevens, 58, 6010 Jefferson Ave. 

Quick, William Francis, '92, Non-Grad., 35 Quick Ave., Oak 

Richardson, Frederick Davis, 71, Non-Grad., ^7 Board of 

Rodgers, George Washington,. 87, 510 Tacoma Building. 

Scudder, John Arnold, 97, Non-Grad., 106 Pine St. 

Sherriff, Herbert Thomas, 97, 58 N. Jefferson St. 

Snively, Thaddeus Alexander, 74, H., M. A., " The Plaza," 
660 N. Clark St. 

White, Frederick Wyndham, 79, Hyde Park High School. 

Young, Charles Herbert, 91, Rev., 6451 Woodlawn Ave. 

Miller, Arthur Fletcher, 95, M. A. 

Chase, March Frederick, <)-, Mineral Point Zinc Co. 


Thompson, Frederick, 71, Non-Grad., Rev. 

De Salvio, Alphonso, 99, Rev., 1928 Sherman Ave. 
White, Howard Russell, 1902, Rev., St. Mark's Church. 

Lane, Charles Heald, 1902, Non-Grad. 

Leffingwell, Ernest De Koven, 95, Care Rev. C. W. Leffing- 

well, D. D. 
Noyes, Arthur Hamilton, 89, St. Alban's School. 

Lake Forest. 
Sennett, Lucien Frank, 89. 

Ewing, Robert Mosby, 1905, 103 Moss Ave. 
Off, Walter, 1908, Non-Grad., 701 N. Madison Ave. 


Moore, George Seymour, 1904, Non-Grad. 

Rock Island. 
Sherwood, Granville Hudson, 1900, Non-Grad., Rev., 1818 
Sixth Ave. 

INDIANA — Albion. 
Clapp, Fred Raymond, 1902, Non-Grad. 

Granniss, Frederick Ossian, 73, Rev., M. A., 15 18 Park Ave. 
Stanley, James Dowdell, yj, Rev., 1224 N. New Jersey St. 

Neely, Henry Ritchie, 84, Rev. 

Colloque, Orrok, 99, Rev., M. A., Ph. D., Howe School 

Michigan City. 
White, John Hazen, 78, H., Rt. Rev., D. D., 614 Franklin St. 

1 IO 

New Albany. 
Stotsenburg, John Hawley, 50, Hon., 1407 E. Main St. 

South Bend. 
Goodridge, Thaddeus Welles, 92, Box 107. 


Stocking, Charles Henry Wright, 60, Rev., D. D. 

IOWA — Burlington. 
Smyth, James Davis, 74, Hon. 

Campbell, Richard Mabie, 78. 

Breckenridge, Allender Ensign, 70, Non-Grad. 

KANSAS — Ellsworth. 
Benson, Lloyd Raeburn, 99, Rev. 

Hardcastle, Clarence Rogers, 1908, Non-Grad. 

Fort Leavenworth. 
Page, John Henry, Jr., 97, Second Lieut., 3d Infantry. 

Great Bend. 
Anderson, Augustine Hugo Wells, 1901. 

KENTUCKY — Covington. 
Laidley, Frederick Rooke, 91, Non-Grad. 

Towles, Walter A., 46, Non-Grad. 

Craik, Charles Ewell, 74, Rev., D. D., Christ Church Cathedral. 

LOUISIANA — Alexandria. 
Maddox, William T., 59, Non-Grad. 

Bayou Sara. 
Bowman, James Perrie, 53, St. Francisville P. O. 

New Orleans. 
Maginnis, John Henry, 1902, Non-Grad., 2127 Prytario St. 

1 1 1 

Warner, Beverly Ellison, 86, H., Rev., D. D., 21 15 Chestnut 

Wilsons Point. 
McCulloch, William Hugh, 91. 

MAINE — Biddeford. 
Folsom, Harold Morrell, 1901, Non-Grad., Rev., Christ 

Benson, Reuel Allan, 99. 

Codman, Robert, 1900, H., Rt. Rev., D. D., 143 State St. 
Pressey, Ernest Albert, 92, Rev., 15 Clifton St., Woodfords 


Nott, Richard Hartley, 70, Non-Grad. 

MARYLAND — Annapolis. 
Coleman, Gilbert Payson, 90, U. S. Naval Academy. 


Briscoe, James, Jr., 94, Non-Grad., Care Weems Steamboat 
Co., Pier 2, Light St. Wharf. 

Carter, Bernard, 88, H., LL. D., 12 12 Eutaw Place. 

Carter, Bernard Moore, 82, 12 12 Eutaw Place. 

Carter, Julian Stewart, 98, 12 12 Eutaw Place. 

Carter, Shirley, 94, 13 17 N. Charles St. 

Coit, Charles Wheeler, 82, Rev., 222 N. Carrollton Ave. 

Griswold, Benjamin Howell, 66, 1433 Park Ave. 

Henry, Adkins, 1902, Non-Grad., Care Jenkins, Thorne & 

Howell, William Henry, 1901, H., M. D., LL. D., Johns Hop- 
kins University, Medical Faculty. 

Kelley, Arthur Paul, 1901, Rev., Woodlawn Road, Roland 

Loop, De Witt Clinton, 46, 171 1 Mosher St. 

Mayo, March Chase, 92, Rev., St. Luke's Church. 

Paine, Robert Hitchcock, 76/ H., Rev., M. A., 816 N. Eutaw St. 

Pattison, Thomas Edward, 62, H., Rev., M. A., The Albion. 

I 12 

Preston, Jacob Alexander, 55, 19 Lexington St. 
Sullivan, Felix Robertson, 66, 510 Fidelity Bldg. 
Webb, William Rollins, 78, Rev., Windsor Road. 

Bel Air. 
Stedman, William Perry, 1905, Bel Air Academy. 

Brooklandville P. O. 
Johnson, William Fell, 66. 

Bordley, Madison Brown, 96, Non-Grad. 


Bowie, Carter Lee, 93, Non-Grad. 


Willes, Frank Peet, 88, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Beaven, Wordsworth Young, 71, Rev., M. A. 

Glen Echo. 
Roach, Wilfred Everard, 1907, Non-Grad. 

Cotton, Henry Evan, 74, Rev. 

Stewart, Marshall Bowyer, 1902, Rev. 

Locust Grove. 
Edson, Samuel, 55. Rev. 

Mt. Savage. 
Hall, Clarence Ernest, 82, Rev., M. A. 

Port Deposit. 
Rinehart, Edwin John, 76, Non-Grad. 

St. James. 
( )nderdonk, Adrian Holmes, 99, St. James School. 
Rich, Ernest Albert, 99, Rev., St. James School. 


Adkins, Franklin Bache, 82, Non-Grad. 


Lynch, Robert Le Blanc, 90, Rev., 5 Osgood Place. 

Canfield, Horace Jared, 57, Hon. 
Fuller, James Robert, 70, Non-Grad., M. D., 41 School St. 

Appleton, Charles Adams, 82, 120 Boylston St. 
Barton, Charles Clarence, 69, 35 Congress St. 
Barton, Charles Clarence, Jr., 93, 35 Congress St. 
Barton, Philip Lockwood, 1902, Care Paine, Webber & Co., 

Beach, Cleveland Harvey Buell, 1908, Non-Grad., 67 Beverly 

Beach, Edward Stevens, 83, 53 State St. 
Bradin, Percival Hautrey, 1903, Non-Grad, 661 Board of 

Trade Bldg., State St. 
Browne, Causten, 58, H., M. A., 139 Beacon St. 
Burton, Richard, 83, Prof., Ph. D., L. H. D., University Club. 
Chase, Elmer Hilton, 1908, Non-Grad., 25 Concord St. 
Clark, Arthur French, 75,. Non-Grad., Care Priest, Page & Co., 

145 Franklin St. 
Clark, Edmund Sanford, 65, 144 Essex St. 
Collins, Charles, 96, Non-Grad., Care Peabody & Stearns. 
Edwards, Arthur Newton, j6, Non-Grad., 282 Berkeley St. 
Fuller, Samuel Richard, 70, Non-Grad., 405 Beacon St. 
Goodspeed, Joseph Horace, 66, Non-Grad., M. A., 84 State St. 
Hart, Harold Gross, 1907, Non-Grad., 19 Milk St. 
Hurd, Alfred Dennis, yy, Non-Grad., 120 Boylston St. 
Ide, Horton Gregory, 94, City Treasurer's Office. 
Morgan, Samuel St. John, 1903, Westinghouse Electric Co., 

113 State St. 
Wainwright, Francis Chetwood, 88, M. A., Rev., 30 St. 

Stephen St. 
Weed, Charles Frederick, 94, 913 Exchange Building, 53 State 


ii 4 

Storrs, Leonard Kip, 63, Rev., D. D. 

Drown, Edward Staples, 1904, H., Rev., D. D. 12 Phillips 

Edenborg, Henry E., 1908, Non-Grad., Harvard University. 
Hatch, William Henry Paine, 97, Non-Grad., Rev., Arsenal 

Kennedy, Philip Thomas, 1905, Harvard Medical School. 
McCook, Anson Theodore, 1902, 8 Winthrop Hall. 
Nash, Henry Sylvester, 93, H., Rev., Prof., D. D., Episcopal 

Theological School. 
Parker, Charles Pomeroy, 73, Rev., Non-Grad., Harvard 

Saltus, Rollin Sanford, 92, 174 Brattle St. 
Smart, Harry Sherman, 1906, Non-Grad., 19 Lawrence Hall, 

Episcopal Theological Seminary. 
Sturtevant, Albert Morey, 98, Harvard University. 
Walsh, Charles Burton, 1905, Non-Grad., Harvard University. 
Weed, Arthur Henry, 1902, Non-Grad., 7 Little's Block. 

Waters, Wilson, 88, H., Rev., M.A. 

Chicopee Falls. 
Parker, Burton, 93. 

Hutchins, Charles Lewis, 71, H., Rev., D. D. 

Slafter, Carlos, 67, H., Rev., M. A. 

Bellamy, Arthur Muirson, 1903, 17 Bowdoin Ave. 

East Cambridge. 
Walker, Robert, 91, Rev., 74 Fourth St. 

East Gloucester. 
Hint. Frank Wolcott, 92, Non-Grad., 17 Rickliff St. 


East Walpole. 
Child, Elisha Norwin, Jr., 83, Non-Grad., Care F. W. Bird 

Coggeshall, Dexter Elton, 1907, Non-Grad., 555 Broadway. 

Millard, Abel, 89, Rev. 

Miner, Guy Wilbur, 90, Rev. 

Great Barrington. 
Kerner, Howard Sinclair, 99, Non-Grad., Forkhurst Farm. 
Laubensteih, Jacob Alexander, 1902, 12 Church St. 

Clapp, Frederick, 55, Non-Grad. 
DeWolf, Austin, 81, H., M. A. 
Willard, David, 95. 

Billings, Sherrard, 87, H., Rev., M. A. 
Griswold, Clifford Standish, 90, Groton School. 

Falknor, Clark Thompson, 1903, Box 951. 

Pearce, Reginald, 93, Rev. 

Jamaica Plain. 
Greene, George, 83, Gen., 96 Rockview St. 
Hagar, Walter Calvin, 79, 42 St. John St. 
Upson, Ambrose Ives, 88, 49 Eliot St. 

Sparks, William Albert, 97, Rev., M. A. 

Burke, Edward Nevins, 76, 216 Nesmith St. 


Marble, Frederick Parker, 82, Non-Grad., 71 Central St. 
Smith, Thomas Burke, 91, M. D., Wyman's Exchange. 

Hitchings, Horace Baldwin, 54, Rev., M. A., D. D., 68 Walnut 

Bissell, John Hugh, 98, Non-Grad. 


Danker, Walton Stoutenburgh, 97, Rev., 41 Congress St. 

Goodrich, James Brainard, 66, Rev. 

Sargent, George Winthrop, 90, Rev., M. A., St. Paul's Church. 

New Bedford. 
Henry, Charles William, 99, Rev., M. A., 35 Eighth St. 

Emery, Rufus, 54, Rev., D.D. 
Wright, Arthur Henry, 83, Rev., 220 High St. 

Newton Center. 
Sullivan, Edward Taylor, 89, Rev., M. A. 

North Andover. 
Sutton, John Hasbrouck, 84, Non-Grad. 


Brigham, Henry Day, 1903, 7 Broad St. 
Dobbin, Edward Savage, 99, Eaton-Hurlbut Paper Co. 
Eaton, William Hanmer, 99, 13 Broad St. 
Hill, William Cameron, 1900, Eaton-Hurlbut Paper Co. 
Parker, Robert Prescott, 94, Central Automobile Co. 
Smith, George Williamson, 87, H., Rev., D. D., LL. D., Wen- 
dell Hotel. 

Packard, Abner, 1904. Non-Grad. 


Parks, Silas Henry, 82, Non-Grad. 

Barber, William Wyatt, 88, St. Mark's School. 
Goodridge, Edward, Jr., 1902. 

South Lee. 
Clapp, Stuart Harold, 1905, Non-Grad. 

Cleveland, Edmund Janes, Jr., 1902, Rev. 
Parker, Theodore Henry, 98, Springfield Union. 

Cronan, John Frank, 1906, Non-Grad. 

Tufts College. 
Bolles, Edwin Cortland, 55, Rev., Prof., D. D., LL. D. 

Holcombe, George Nahum, 96, Rev. 

Rodgers, William Everett, JJ. 

Lewis, Samuel Seymour, 61, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Higginbotham, Fred Augustus, 1902, 56 South St. 

Chase, Arthur, 89, Rev. 

West Roxbury. 
Metcalf, Henry Aikin, 66, Rev., 128 Anawan Ave., Highland 

Hyde, William Edward, 79, Non-Grad. 

Hill, George Hampton, 91, Non-Grad., 66 Grafton St. 

Dingwall, Harrie Renz, 95, Alma Sugar Co. 


Bulkley, William Howard, 73, Rev., 603 Washington Ave. 

Ann Arbor. 
Sayres, Homer Stuart, 1906, Non-Grad., 626 Forest Ave. 

Bay City. 
Dingwall. Edward Alexander, 91, Non-Grad, Michigan 
Chemical Co. 


Loveridge, Henry Clarence, 80. 

Balch, Frederick Alexander, 98, 656 Jefferson Ave. 
Brady, Robert McClelland, 90, 249 Seminole Ave. 
Carpenter, Clarence, 82, 444 Jefferson Ave. 
Comfort, Benjamin Freeman, 89, Non-Grad., Cass School. 
Gage, Alexander Kimball, 96, 808 Hammond Building. 
Gage, William Henry, 96, 615 Hammond Building. 
Hendrie, George Trowbridge, 97, Non-Grad., 625 Jefferson 

Hendrie, Strathearn, 87, 610 Jefferson Ave. 
Macauley, Richard Henry, 95, The Alhambra. 
Miller, Sidney Trowbridge, 85, M. A., 1124 Penobscot Bldg. 
Paddock, Lewis Henry, 88, 242 Griswold St. 
Peters, Garret Eber, 50, Rev., 1597 Woodward Ave. 
Sibley, Alexander Hamilton, 92, 410 Jefferson Ave. 
Sibley, Mark Miller, 96, Non-Grad., 410 Jefferson Ave. 
Ziegler, Howard Bell, 1903, Non-Grad., Rev., 178 Henry St. 
Ziegler, Paul, 72, Rev., 178 Henry St. 

Grand Rapids. 
Corson, Donald Skelding, 99, 539 Michigan Trust Bldg. 
Kendal, George Talmon, 99, Michigan Trust Bldg. 
Russell, Francis Thayer, 56, H., Rev., Prof., D. D., Soldiers* 

Russell, Huntley, 84, Non-Grad., 442 Ottawa St. 

Grosse Isle. 
Smith, Seth Enos, 75. 

ii 9 

Seymour, Edward, 52, Rev., M. A. 

Old Mission. 
Trumbull, Walter Slater, 1903, Non-Grad. 

St. Louis. 
Pitblado, Edwy Guthrie, 96, Non-Grad. 
Ziegler, Carl Gottlob, 97, Rev., Emmanuel Church. 

Gallagher, John Sill, 1906, Non-Grad., 705 So. Washington 

MINNESOTA — Blue Earth City. 
Wakefield, James Beach, 46, Hon., LL. D. 

Dobbin, James, 88, H., Rev., D. D. 
Gesner, Anthon Temple, 90, Rev., Shattuck School. 
Hyde, Edmund Morris, Prof., 73, Ph. D. 
Kedney, John Steinfort, 56, H., Rev., D. D. 
McElwain, Frank Arthur, 99, Rev., Seabury Divinity School. 
Whitney, Harry Edward, 74, Shattuck School. 

Hills, George Heathcote, 84, Rev., 15 16 27th St., West. 
Potts, Francis Henry, 68, Rev., 306 University Ave., S. E. 
Purdy, Charles Edward, 88, 838 Guarantee Loan Building. 
Purdy, Edward James, 57, Rev., 2914 Portland Ave. 
Strong, Albert William, 94, Non-Grad., 25.1 Third Ave. 
Thurston, Theodore Paine, 91, Rev., 2015 So. Aldrich Ave. 

Red Wing. 
Foot, Edwin Hawley, 98, Non-Grad. 

St. Paul. 
Murless, Arthur George, 94, Non-Grad., Gilfillan Bldg. 
Snyder, Edgar, J2, M. D., 329^ Jackson St. 
Wanzer, Charles, 66, Non-Grad., 148 Western Ave. 
Wheeler, Francis Melville, 83, Non-Grad., 318 Globe Building. 

Perry, Josiah Bedon, J2, Rev. 


Pas^ Christian. 
Ewing, William Barnwell, 1906, Non-Grad. 

MISSOURI — Columbia. 
Belden, Henry Marvin, 88, Prof., Ph. D., 811 Virginia Ave. 


Allen, William Russell, Jr., 98, Non-Grad. 

Kansas City. 
Stoddard, Solomon, 94, 2458 Forest Ave. 

St. Louis. 
Allen, Henry Woodward, 97, 605 Bank of Commerce Bldg. 
Barclay, Robert, 80, M. D., 32 11 Lucas Ave. 
Barrows, John Chester, 80, 417 Security Building. 
Bryant, Percy Leon, 1900. 

Doan, George Parker, 41, 3523 Washington Ave. 
Kennett, Luther Martin, 70. 
Leonard, Loyal Lovejoy, 96, Rialto Building. 
Lewis, Edward Gardner, 92, Non-Grad., Winner Publishing 
Co. i 

Shaw, Robert, 68, Non-Grad., A. M., 212 Pine St. 
Short, Arthur Chadwell, 1903, 3692 West Pine St. 

MONTANA — Dillon. 
Hooker, Sidney Douglass, JJ, Rev. 

Thompson, Henry Rumford, 87. 

Tuke, Charles Edward, 1902, Rev., M. A. 

NEBRASKA— Lincoln, 
Frye, Prosser Hall, 89, Prof., University of Nebraska. 

Gould, Charles Zebina, 82, $22 Bee Building. 

Red Cloud. 
Bates, John Mallory, J2, Rev. 


NEVADA — Elko. 
Smithe, Percival Sargent, 98, Non-Grad., Rev. 

NEW HAMPSHIRE — Claremont. 
Hale, Charles Stuart, 62, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Brinley, Godfrey Malbone, 88, Rev., St. Paul's School. 
Conover, Richard Stevens, Jr., 93, Non-Grad., St. Paul's 

Drumm, Thomas James, 74, Rev., St. Paul's School. 
Eastman, Roger Charles, 88. 
Hammond, Otis Grant, 92, Non-Grad. 
Hill, Howard Freemont, 85, EL, Rev., Ph. D., D. D. 
Knox, James Carter, jj, H., M. A., St. Paul's School. 
Niles, Edward Cullen, 87, 60 N. Main St. 

Niles, William Woodruff, 57, Rt. Rev., D. D., LL. D., D. C. L. 
Roberts, Daniel Crane, 68, H., Rev., D. D., 6 Court St. 
Scudder, Willard, 89, St. Paul's School. 

Thurber, Christopher Garson, 1903, Non-Grad., Mission 



Waterman, Lucius, 71, Rev., M. A., D. D. 

Hyde, Theodore McEwen, 90, Non-Grad. 

Harris, William James, J2, H., Rev., D. D. 
Niles, William Porter, 93, Rev. 
Taylor, Harvey Emerson, 95, Non-Grad. 

Baker, Edwin Lathrop, 1905, Holderness School. 
Garvin, James Philip, 1903, Holderness School. 
Webster, Lorin, 80, Rev., Holderness School. 

• Portsmouth. 
Hovey, Henry Emerson, 66, Rev. 
Morrill, Charles Adams, 67, Non-Grad. 


Emery, William Stanley, 81, Rev. 

West Ossipee. 
Conklin, William Eugene, 93, M. A. 

NEW JERSEY — Atlantic City. 
Williams, John William, 78, Rev. 

Allen, Walter Best, 1904, 447 Ave. E. 
Fischer, Charles Lewis, 60, Rev., M. A., D. D., Trinity Church 

Taylor, Elbert Burr, 73, Rev. 


Jobe, Samuel Henry, 93, Rev., M. A., Christ Church. 

Fiske, De Lancey Walter, 1900, Non-Grad., 212 W. Delaware 

Olmsted, James Frederick, 84, Rev. 

Cape May. 
Alcorn, Edwin Cheney, 74, Rev. 

Moore, Ralph Charles Belcher, 1904, Non-Grad. 

Chew's Landing. 
Gordon, Thomas Henry, 71, Rev. 

Stockton, Elias Boudinot, 90 Non-Grad. 

East Orange. 
Andrews, Robert, 53. 
Brigham, Henry Hartsene, 76, 320 Park Ave. 


Oberly, Henry Harrison, 65, Rev., M. A., D. D., 1064 East 

Jersey St. 
Townsend, Charles, Jr., 1903, Non-Grad., 202 Railway Ave. 


Conover, Thomas Anderson, 90, Rev. 

Holly, William Welles, 61, Non-Grad. 

Clement, Martin Withington, 1901, Asst. Supervisor, Penn. 
R. R. 


Magill, George Ernest, 84, Rev., Holy Innocents' Rectory. 

Butler, Edwin Ely, 60, Rev. 

Tracy, Ellsworth Morton, 1900, Rev., M. A. 

Ellis, Alfred Lauder, 98, M. D., M. S. 

Glazebrook, Francis Henry, 99, M. D., 106 South St. 

Mount Holly. 
Stoddard, James, 71, Rev. 

Locust Point. 
Hurd, Richard Melancthon, 88, Non-Grad. 

Bradin, Benjamin Muzzey, 75, Rev. 
Collins, William French, 93, The Evening News. 
Crabb, William W., 1907, Non-Grad., 295 Mt. Prospect Ave. 
Edmunds, Charles Carroll, Jr., JJ, Rev., 960 Broad St. 
Pulsifer,. Herbert Bickford, 97, Rev., M. A., Grace Church. 

New Brunswick. 
H olden, George Herbert, 1902, 23 Schuyler St. 
Phelps, Charles Edward, 42, Rev., M. A., Box 204. 

Goodman, Richard French, 63, The Sussex Register. 

Burke, Edward Frederick, 95, Llewellyn Park. 

12 4 

Hine, James Sayres, 1906, Non-Grad., 112 Park Ave. 

Murphy, Thomas Logan, 67, Non-Grad. 
Taylor, Joseph Pemberton, 43, Rev., M. A., D. D. 
Taylor, J. P. Welles, 1902, Non-Grad. 
Wadsworth, Louis Fenn, 44, M. A. 

Point Pleasant. 
Clarke, Lloyd William, T907, Non-Grad. 
Clarke, Philip Safford, 1903. 


Trenbath, Robert Wight, 1903. 

South Orange. 
Cameron, Lewis, 86, Non-Grad., Rev. 

South River. 
West, George Washington, 72, Rev. 

Hicks, James Milnor, 54. 

Scarborough, John, 54, Rt. Rev., D. D., LL. D., 107 Green- 
wood Ave. 

Union Hill. 
Wherry, William George, 1904, Non-Grad., 328 Hudson Ave. 

NEW MEXICO — Fort Bayard. 
McCook, Edward McPherson, 90. 

NEW YORK — Albany. 

Birdsall, Paul H., 86, Rev., M. A., 498 Clinton Ave. » 

Brooks, Roelif Hasbrouck, iqoo, Non-Grad., Rev., St. Paul's 

Doane, William Croswell, 63, H., Rt. Rev., D. D., LL. D. 

Lord, James W'atson, 98, Rev., M. A., All Saints Cathedral. 

Nelson, Richard Henry, 80, Rt. Rev., M. A., D. D., 25 Elk St. 

Richardson, Leonard Woods, Rev., Prof., LL. D., State Nor- 
mal College. 


Warner, Abraham Joseph, 4 2 > Rev. 

Hopson, George Bailey, 57, Rev., Prof., D. D., St. Stephen's 

Lilienthal, Hermann, 86, Rev. 
Smallwood, Samuel B., 63, Non-Grad., M. D. 

Brainard, John, 51, Rev., D. D. 
Brainard, John Morgan, 84, 122 Genesee St. 
Richardson, Frank Wood, 84, 46 South St. 

DeForest, James Goodrich, Jr., 82, Non-Grad. 

Ramsdell, Julian Elroy, 92, Non-Grad., Box 292. 

Ballston Lake. 
Mead, Ralph Cutler, 99, Non-Grad. 

Appleton, Edward Dale, 80. 

Owen, Frank William, 84, Non-Grad. 
Smith, Curtis, 99, Rev., Box 645. 

Edwards, Rodney Miller, 74, Rev., M. A. 

Brock wood. 
Littell, John Stockton, 90, Rev. 

Ackley, William Nichols, 63, Rev., M. A., 534 47th St. 
Bell, Agrippa Nelson, 59, H., M. D., 337 Clinton St. 
Bellamy, Robert Bayard, 1901, 114 So. Elliott Place. 
Bird, James Rufus, 54, M. D., 247 Gates Ave. 
Buck, Dudley, 59, Non-Grad., Mus. Doc. 
Carpenter, Henry B., 1903, Non-Grad., 964 St. Mark's Ave. 


Derby, Aubrey Henry, 1901, Rev., 410 4th St. 

Eardeley, William Applebie, 96, Rev., 466 State St. 

Hills, John Stuart, 1901, Xon-Grad., 715 St. Mark's Ave. 

Hubbard, William Stimpson, 88, M. D., 97 Halsey St. 

Knapp, Henry Alan, 96, 127 St. John's Place. 

Lockwood, Luke Vincent, 93, LL. B., 10 Garden Place. 

Maddock, William Sherman, 78, M. A., 109 Greene Ave. 

Maddox, Edward Hugh, 1904, 87 Bainbridge St. 

Penrose, John Jesse, 95, 517 47th St. 

Roche, Spencer Summerfield, 1901, H., Rev., D. D., St. Mark's 

Saltns, Lloyd, 87, Non-Grad., 146 Remsen St. 

Scudder, Henry Townsend, 79, H., Rev., M. A., 24-A Garden 

Smith, Irving Thomas, 91, Non-Grad., 820 St. Mark's Ave. 

Sutton, McWalter Bernard, 99, M. D., Brooklyn Hospital. 

Townsend, Israel Leander, 62, H., Rev., D. D., 641 Decatur St. 

Walker, James Merryman, 1901, Non-Grad., 194 Clinton St. 

Wedge, Alfred Hallett, 95, 480 Jefferson Ave. 

Wilson, Hugh Dempster, 1901, 525 Madison St. 

Wright, Frederick Amaziah, 94, Non-Grad., Rev., 408 Albe- 
marle Road. 

Cartwright, Morgan Rouse, 98, Care M. S. Cline, Caxton Bldg. 
Curtiss, Harlow Clarke, 81, 864 Delaware Ave. 
Davis, Cameron Josiah, 94, Rev., 449 Delaware Ave. 
Tucker, William Winton, 1903, Non-Grad., 101 W. Ferry St. 

Burnt Hills. 
Quick, Henry John, 98, Rev., M. A., Calvary Church Rectory. 

Cedarh urst. 
Cheever, John Dow, 81, Non-Grad. 

Cherry Valley. 
1 [all, James Earl, 70, H., Rev., M. A. 


Brewer, Seabury Doane, 82, Non-Grad. 


Morgan, William Festus, 88, Box 79. 

Ailing, Stephen Howard, 92, Rev. 

Eagle Harbor. 
Cole, Marc Wheeler, 97, Non-Grad. 

East Springfield. 
Prout, John, jj, Rev. 

Langdon, George Francis, 96, Rev., M. A. 

Elm ira. 
Bruce, Charles Erastus, Jr., 1903. 

Burnham, John Bird, 91. 


Smith, Clarence Alexander, 99. 

Williams, George Herbert, 80, Non-Grad., M. D. 

Fort Slocum. 
Moore, Jairus Alpheus, 97, First Lieut. 

Connette, Honore Francis, 1906, Non-Grad., Hobart College. 
Nash, Francis Philip, 95, H., Prof., L. H. D. 
Nelson, Henry Wells, 66, H., Rev., D. D. 

Cookson, Fenwick Mitford, 61, Rev. 

Dumbell, George William, 92, H., Rev., D. D. 

White, Thomas, 69, Rev. 

Prout, William Curtis, 70, H., Rev., M. A. 

Highland Falls. 
Bigelow, John, 35, Non-Grad., Hon. 
Sheldon, Edgar Augustus, 1902. 


Street, Charles Hubbell, 96. 

Cook, William Mason, 73, Rev. 

Williams. Pelham, 61, H., Rev., D. D. 

Benjamin, William Henry, 57, Rev., D. D. 

Church, Samuel Porter, 41, M. D., 209 South Ave. 
Cochrane, Harry Hamilton, 1901, Barnes Hall. 

Cogswell, George Edward, 97. 

Applegate, Octavius, Jr., 87, Rev. 

Lake Placid. 
Wright, Joel Williston, 85, H., M. D. 

Little Falls. 
Hahn, Clarence Wilson, 1901, M. A. 
Rasey, Charles Edwin Silas, 81, H., Rev., M. A. 

Morris Park. 
Graham, John, 72, Rev. 

Mount Vernon. 
Haight, Monroe Gleason, 1900, 411 South Second Ave. 

New Brighton. 
Johnson, George Dowdall, 54, Rev., D. D. 

Huske, John, 77, Rev., St. George's Church. 

New Rochelle. 
Paine, Ogle Tayloe, 96, 75 Neptune Ave. 
Phelps, Henry Delarield, 55. • 

Thorne. Newberry Davenport, 71. Nbn-Grad., Davenport's 

I2 9 

New York. 
Armstrong, David Maitland, 58, 58 W. 10th St. 
Austin, William Morris, 98, 72 Leonard St. 
Bailey, Melville Knox, 79, Rev., 88 Fourth Ave. 
Barbour, Henry Merlin, 70, Rev., 65 E. 89th St. 
Bartlet, Henry Paine, 72, Non-Grad., 41 Wall St. 
Beckwith, Isbon T., 98, H., Prof., Ph. D., D. D., General Theo- 
logical Seminary. 
Beecroft, Edgar Charles, 97, 76 William St. 
Benedict, Louis Le Grand, 88, Box 370, or 44 Wall St. 
Birckhead, James Birckhead, 94, M. D., 133 E. 21st St. 
Bradin, James Watson, Jr., 1900, 15 William St. 
Bradfield, Herbert Stanley, 1902, Non-Grad., American 

Brakeshoe Co., 170 Broadway. 
Brines, Moses James, 1900, 601 Carnegie Hall. 
Browne, Duncan Hodge, 1903, Non-Grad., 121 W. 91st St. 
Browne, Thomas Prosser, Jr., 1900, Non-Grad., 22 E. 31st St. 
Brownell, Henry Barnard, 88, Non-Grad., Times Building, 21 

Park Row. 
Bryan, Washington, 75, 3 Broad St. 
Bulkeley, Erastus Brainerd, 90, 25 Broad St. 
Bunn, John Bowne, 99, Non-Grad., Care W T m. H. Bunn, Esq., 

Colonial Safe Deposit Co., St. Paul Building. 
Burnham, Charles Luther, 98, 79 Wall St., or 47 E. 57th St. 
Burt, Luther Harold, 1900, 156 E. I22d St. 
Cady, Josiah Cleveland, 80, H., M. A., LL. D., 6 W. 22d St. 
Cady, Philander Kinney, 56, H., Rev., Prof., D. D., General 

Theological Seminary. 
Cammann, Donald Muhlenberg, 74, Non-Grad., University 

Cammann, Edward Crary, 96, Non-Grad., 43 W. 38th St. 
Carter, Henry Skelton, 69, M. D., 130 E. 24th St. 
Carter, Lawson Averell, 93, 63 Wall St. 
Cary, Henry Augustus, 93, Non-Grad., Dusal Chemical Co., 

Fulton St. 


Chrystie, Thomas Mackaness Ludlow, 63, M. D., 1748 Broad- 
wax- . 

Church, Frank Henry, 82, Non-Grad., Rev., M. A., 209 E. 95th 

Clyde, William Pancoast, 65, H., M. A., 19 State St. 

Coggeshall, Frederick Homer, 1907, Non-Grad., 332 E. 52d St. 

Coggeshall, Murray Hart, 96, Care Babcock, Swarter & Co., 18 
Pine St. 

Cogswell, William Sterling, 61, M. A., 76 William St. 

Cook, Philip, 98, Rev., 155 W. 58th St. 

Cooke, Samuel Walden, 1901, Non-Grad., Room 58, 55 Broad- 

Crawford, John William Roy, 88, Standard Oil Co., 26 Broad- 

Curtis, Thomas Cook, Jr., 1907, Non-Grad., 40 Wall St. 

Curtis, William Edmund, 75, M. A., LL. D., Hon., 27 W. 47th 

Davies, William Gilbert, 60, M. A., ^2 Nassau St. 

Dibble, Edgar Johnson, 1904, 164 W. 144th St. 

Dickerson, Edward Nicoll, 74, 64 E. 34th St. 

Dockray, Edward Lawton, 83, 167 W. 136th St. 

Dows, Henry Ammi, 62, Non-Grad., Rev., 540 W. 150th St. 

Dubois, Henry Ogden, 76, Rev., M. A., 472 West End Ave. 

Dyett, Walter Fairman, 95, Non-Grad., 60 Washington Square. 

Elbert, William Nicholson, 97, M. A., 328 W. 57th St. 

Evans, Sydney Key, 95, Rev., 225 W. 99th St. 

Finch, Edward Bronson, 91, M. D., 9 W. 24th St. 

Fischer, Charles Sebastian, 82, H., M. D., 343 St. Nicholas 

Fitz Gerald, Frederick, 89, Non-Grad., 200 W. 57th St. 

French, George Herbert, 92, Non-Grad., 2 E. 114th St. 

Fowler, Franklin Hamilton, 61, M. D., 335 W. 55th St. 

Fuller, Samuel Richard, 1900, 1 W. 34th St. 

< rallaudet, Bern Budd, 80, Al. D., 60 W. 50th St. 

( ribson, Breckenridge Stuyvesant, 69, Box 945. 

Glazebrook, Haslett McKim, 1900, American Locomotive Co., 
1 1 1 Broadway. 


Gostenhofer, Charles Edward, 1905, Care Amsinck & Co. 

Goodale, Hubert Dana, 1903, M. A., Columbia University. 

Graves, Harmon Sheldon, 92, 27 Pine St. 

Greenley, Howard Trescott, 94, 12 W. 40th St. 

Gundacker, Henry John, 97, M. D., 926 Jefferson Place. 

Gwinn, Frederick William, 72, Non-Grad., 51 Leonard St. 

Haight, Frederick Everest, 87, Ph. D., 49 Leonard St. 

Hale, William Bayard, 96, H., Rev., D. D., LL. D., Care Cur- 
rent Literature Pub. Co., Bryant Building, 55 Liberty St. 

Hamilton, Charles Anderson, 82, Rev., 11 19 E. 156th St. 

Hamlin, Albert Church, 87, Care W. & J. Sloan, Broadway & 
18th St. 

Hamlin, George Edwin, 95, 309 W. 114th St. 

Hamlin, George Newell, 91, Stern & Rushmore, 40 Wall St. 

Hartley, George Derwent, 93, 1 W. 54th St. 

Hayward, Harry Woodford, 97, 27 William St. 

Lledrick, Charles Baker, 99, General Theological Seminary. 

Hicks, De Forest, 96, 42 W. 93d St. 

Hicks, William Cleveland, 91, Rev., 42 W. 93d St. 

Hitchcock, William Henry, 84, 113 E. 65th St. 

Holbrook, George Otis, 69, Prof., M. A., Mills Hotel, Bleeker 

Holly, John Arthur, 91, Non-Grad., 255 Fourth Ave. 

Hopkins, Louis Albert, 97, Non-Grad., 66 W. 43d St. 

Hotchkiss, Charles Erling, 82, 32 Nassau St. 

Hull, Albert Steele, 66, Rev., 1030 Forest Ave. 

Humphries, Arthur George, 1904, Non-Grad., 2094 Fifth Ave. 

Humphries, Harry Richard, 94, Non-Grad., M. D., 175 W. 
88th St. 

Huntington, George Sumner, 81, M. D., 240 W. 76th St. 

Huntington, Harwood, 84, Ph. D., General Theological Semi- 

Husband, Charles Howard, 89, Non-Grad., Care St. John, 
Kirkham & Co., 136 Grand St. 

Hutchins, Robert Hamilton, 90, 54 William St. 

Jones, De Witt Clinton, 54, 72 Trinity Place. 

Kidder, Hugh, 92, M. D., 305 W. 46th St. 


Kissam, Edward Van Brunt, 69. 5 Beekman St. 

Lanpher, Louis Albert, 80, 145 W. 46th St. 

Lecour, Joseph Henry, Jr., 98, 120 Broadway. 

Lewis, Charles Augustus, 93, University Club. 

Lewis, John William, 93, 29 Wall St. 

Linen, Robert Walker, 62, 5 E. 16th St. 

Littell, Elton Gardiner, 99, M. A., M. D., St. Luke's Hospital. 

Low, Seth, 90. H., LL. D., Hon. 

Lund, Frederick Albert, 98, Non-Grad., M. D., 512 Madison 

Maguire, Samuel Wilkinson, 95, Non-Grad., 256 Broadway. 

Mallory, Roland Hawley, 92, Care The Churchman. 47 Lafay- 
ette Place. 

Mason, Alexander Taylor, 81, M. A., LL. B., 119 E. 57th St. 

Mason, Arthur, 62, H., Rev., 119 E. 57th St. 

McCook, Philip James, 95, 15 William St. 

McKeon, Robert Lincoln, 1903, Non-Grad., Care D. C. Heath 
cV. Co., 225 Fourth Ave. 

Mechtold, Roland Henry., 98, Non-Grad., 21 W. 52d St. 

Meredith, Frederic Charles, 1905, Non-Grad., General Theo- 
logical Seminary. 

Meyer, Henry Louis Godlove, 1903, Care A. S. Haight & Co.. 
49 Leonard St. 

Miller, Frank Ebenezer, 81, M. D., 22 W. 31st St. 

Miller, Ploffman, 80, 80 Broadway. 

Mitchell, Samuel Smith, 85, Rev., M. A., 320 W. 35th St. 

Mitchell, Walter, 68, LL, Rev., M. A., 254 W. 100th St. 

Moody, Winheld Scott, 79, 16 Gramercy Park. 

Moore, Charles Edward, 76, M. D., 102 W. 48th St. 

Morgan, Bankson Taylor, 71, H., M. A., 211 W. 14th St. 

Mori, Victor William, 1907, Non-Grad., 234 E. 5th St. 

Morris, Benjamin Wistar, Jr., 93, Non-Grad., 5 W. 31st St. 

Morris, Fordham, 64, 16 Exchange Place. 

Morrison, Palmer Bennett, 94, 39 Leonard St. 

Mowe, William Robert, 70, 108 E. 55th St. 

Murray, Ambrose Spencer, Jr., 71, 10 William St. 

Murray, Russell, y^, 100 Grand St. 


Nash, James Rowland, 89, Non-Grad., in E. 37th St. 
Nelson, George Francis, 96, H., Rev., D. D., 29 Lafayette 

Nelson, Horatio, Jr., 86, Non-Grad., Box 1437. 
Newton, Edward Pearson, 81, Rev., 106 E. 226. St. 
Nies, James Buchanan, 81, Non-Grad., Rev., Ph. D., 102 Pro- 
duce Exchange. 
North, Horace, 1906, Non-Grad., ^y W. 12th St. 
O'Connor, John William, 1905, Non-Grad., 652 Madison Ave., 

or 55 Liberty St. 
Osborn, Henry Fairfield, 1901, H., Prof., LL. D., Columbia 

Owen, Hans Christian, 99, Non-Grad., Western Electric Co. 
Paddock, Robert Lewis, 94, Rev., 360 W. 28th St. 
Parks, James Lewis, 66, Non-Grad., Rev., D. D., 103 E. 21st St. 
Parsons, Edgerton, 96, 51 Wall St. 
Parsons, Walter Wood, 96, 51 Wall St. 
Pattison, Arthur Eugene, 80, Care Morse & Rodgers, 134 

Duane St. 
Pedersen, Victor Cox, 91, M. D., 45 W. Ninth St. 
Pelton, Henry Hubbard, 93, M. D., 781 Park Ave. 
Perkins, J. Newton, 61, Non-Grad., Rev., 281 Fourth Ave. 
Piatt, Clayton, 74, Non-Grad., 63 Wall St. 
Pond, Lester Munroe, 1907, Non-Grad., Columbia University. 
Porter, Henry Hurlburt, 93, Non-Grad., Care Frank Presby 

Co., 12 John St. 
Potter, Ashton Howard, 92, Non-Grad., Care Brown Bros. & 

Co., 59 Wall St. 
Potter, Llenry Codman, 84, H., Rt. Rev., D. D., LL. D., 113 W. 

40th St. 
Potter, Louis, 96, 18 E. 23d St. 
Pratt, Frederic Ernest, 95, Non-Grad., Care R. B. Maclea Co., 

41 Leonard St. 
Prentice, George Bassett, 70, Non-Grad., 145 W. 146th St. 
Purdy, Lawson, 84, 52 William St. 
Quaile, Alfred Burnett, 1902, 332 W. 85th St. 


Rainsford. William Stephen, 86, H., Rev., D. D., 207 E. 16th 

Reed, Charles Murray. 1906, Non-Grad., 347 W. 71st St. 

Reiland, Carl George, 97, Non-Grad., Rev., Grace Church. 

Rem sen, Cornelius Wagstaff, 1905, Non-Grad., 348 W. 23d St. 

Remsen, Henry Rutgers, 98, Rev., 106 East 22d St. 

Reynolds, Lloyd Gibson, 98, 15 Dey St. 

Rhodes, Charles Milton", 1905, Non-Grad., 145 W. 82d St. 

Robbins, James Pratt, 99, Non-Grad., Care New York World. 

Rutherford, Henry Yane, 76, 31 Nassau St. 

Scott, Edward Norman, 89, Care B. Y. Frost & Co., 80 Broad- 

Scudder, Edward Mansfield, 77, M. A., LL. B., 59 Wall St. 

Scudder, Hey wood, 91, 21 E. 22d St. 

Schulte, Edward Delavan Nelson, 97, 295 Central Park, West. 

Schulte, Herman Yon Wechlinger, 97, M. D., 295 Central 
Park, West. 

Shears, George Pearslee, 85, Non-Grad., M. D., 203 W. 103d 

Sheldon, William Crawford, 82, 4 Wall St. 

Shepard, Charles Norman, 91, Rev., General Theological 

Smith, Cornelius Bishop, 54, Rev., D. D., 101 E. 69th St. 

Smith, Robert Hobart, 69, 542 W. i'50th St. 

Stedman, Robert Shields, 64, M. D., 134 E. 55th St. 

Stedman, Thomas Lathrop, 74, M. D., 1425 Broadway. 

Steele, Thomas McBlain, 1902, 6 Wall St. 

Stewart, George Taylor, 78, M. D., 51 E. 58th St. 

Stires, Ernest Milmore, 1901. H., Rev., D. D., St. Thomas's 

Strong, James Remsen, 82, 35 So. William St, 

Sutton, Effingham Brown, Jr., 76, Non-Grad., 82 South St. 

Swenson, Eric Pierson, 75, Non-Grad., 13 E. 71st St. 

Swenson, Swen Albin, 81, Non-Grad., 821 Madison Ave. 

Taylor, Edwin Pemberton, Jr., [900, 2^ Pine St. 

Thome, Robert, 85, 30 Broad St. 

Tracy, Eljsha, 55, 1000 Amsterdam Ave. 


Trowbridge, Charles Christopher, 92, M. S., Columbia Univer- 

Trowbridge, Samuel Breck Parkman, 83, 424 Fifth Ave. 

Underwood, John Curtis, 96, Care William Handley, The Pub- 
licity Co., St. James Building, Broadway & 26th St. 

Valentine, William Augustus, 72, M. D., 34 W. 38th St. 

Van De Water, Arthur Reginald, 1901, 7 W. I22d St. 

Vermilye, Frederick Montgomery, 87, Non-Grad., Care Stand- 
ard Caster & Wheel Co., 318 E. 23d St. 

Vibbert, William Henry, 58, Rev., D. D., 116 E. 29th St. 

Wagner, Carl Frederick, 96, Non-Grad., 15 Bond St. 

Wagner, Edward Conrad, 94, 124 E. 61st St. 

Walker, Ralph John Jervis, 88, Non-Grad., 920 Morris Ave. 

Wallace, William Seward Wyman, 1905, Non-Grad., 353 Fifth 

Warner, Levi Francis, 85, Non-Grad., M. D., 113 W. 55th St. 

Warner, Malcolm Clark, 88, 41 Union Square. 

Warren, George Thornton, 90, 31 Nassau St. 

Waterman, Francis Ely, 190T, M. A., 202 W. 103d St. 

Waters, George Safford, 87, 3 W. 29th St. 

Weekes, Bradford Gage, 1907, Non-Grad., 45 William St. 

White, Richard Allyn, 81, Non-Grad., Room 530, Grand Cen- 
tral Station. 

Wilcox, Frederick Peck. 80, International Silver Co., 208 Fifth 

Williams, John, 90, Rev., 551 Fifth Ave. 

Wood, Clifford Knox, 1900, Non-Grad., 2 Maiden Lane. 

Wimbish, Stanley, • 1907, Non-Grad., Hotel Breslin. 

Woodford, Stewart Lyndon, 69, H., LL. D., Hon., 18 Wall St. 

Woodman, Clarence Eugene, 73, Rev., Ph. D., 415 W. 59th St. 

Woodruff, Frank Button, 83, Non-Grad., 34 Gramercy Park. 

Wright, Boardman, 89, 280 Broadway. 

Wright, William George, 91, Fidelity & Casualty Co., 97 Cedar 

Wyncoop, Augustus Talcott, 1901, 39 E. 42d St. 

Young, Andrew, 82, M. A., 15 Wall St. 

Niagara Falls. 
Barrows, William Stanley, 84, Rev., De Veaux College. 


( )gdensburg. 

San ford, Edgar Lewis, 84, Rev. 

( )XFORD. 

Broughton, Charles Du Bois, 95, Rev. 

Oyster Bay. 
Pynchon, William Henry Chichele, 90. 


Harris, William Robert, 58, Rev. 

Peeks kill. 
Cowl. .Maurice Ludlum, 83, Rev., M. A., The Hermitage, Sr. 


Whitcome, Francis Banks, 87, Rev., St. Paul's Rectory. 

Re n sse la erville. 
Thompson, Samuel C, 72, Rev. 

Jewett, David Baldwin, 1900, Xon-Grad., M. D., 68 So. Clinton 

Stoddard, Enoch Vine, 60, M. D., M. A., 62 State St. 
Washburn, Louis Cope, 81, Rev., D. D., 941 South Avenue. 


( )rdronaux, John, 70, H., M. D., LL. D. 

Warner. W. Arthur. 1901. Xon-Grad. 

Saranac Lake. 

Coleman, Robert Habersham, yy. 

Crane, Joseph Baird, [902, 15 Park Place. 
Ferguson, Samuel, <)(), Care General Electric Co. 
Muzzy, Edward Wihfield, 93, Xon-Grad., 405 Union St. 
Parsons, Hinsdell, 83, 20 Front St. 

Van Tine, Raymond Brinckerhoff, [904, Non-Grad., 132 Park 


Van Weelclen, Harold Clifton, 1903, General Electric Co. 
Wheeler, Charles Hawthorn, 1901, M. A., 58 Washington Ave. 

Sheepshead Bay. 
Hyde, Thomas Alexander, 79, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Hudson, James Mosgrove, 1901, 523 W. Onondaga St. 
Hudson, Robert, 71, Rev., Ph. D., 523 W. Onondaga St. 
Johnson, Theodore J. Everett, 1904, Non-Grad., 401 Howard 

Richmond, Denison, 1900, Non-Grad., 212 Park Ave. 


Burbanek, George Graham, 1901, Rev., M. S., 65 St. Paul's 

McConihe, Alonzo, 88, Non-Grad., 65 River St. 
McConihe, Malcolm Stuart, 92. 
McConihe, Warren, 90, Hon. 
Paine, John, 92, 49 Second St. 
Pattison, George Bradley, 81, 67 First St. 
Robb, William Lispenard, 1902, H., Prof., LL. D., Rensselaer 

Polytechnic Institute. 
Thompson, Hobart W r arren, 83, M. A., 149 Second St. 
Warren, William Henry, 90, Non-Grad., Care Fuller & Warren 

Willson, William Crosswell Doane, 93, 17 First St. 

Douglas, George William, 71, Rev., D. D., Tuxedo Park. 
Kane, Grenville, 75, Tuxedo Park. 

Baxter, Irving Knott, 99, Non-Grad., 15 Rutger St. 
Bellinger, William Whaley, 89, H., Rev., M. A., 285 Genesee 

Blakeslee, Henry Jones, 98, M. A., M. S., 169-A Park Ave. 
Olmsted, Charles Tyler, 65, Rt. Rev., D. D., 2 Armory Place. 
Wyncoop, Charles Barton, 1905, Non-Grad., 35 Plant St. 


Ward's Island. 
Washburn, Philip Carter. 96, M. D. 

Deming, William Champion, 84. Xon-Grad. 

West Point. 
Gage, Philip Steams, 1908, Non-Grad., U. S. Military Acad 

Travers, Edward Schofield, 98, Rev., U. S. Military Academj 
Watson, Henry Lee, 1905, Xon-Grad., U. S. Military Academj 

White Plains. 
Tibbits, William Bolmer, 61. 

Langford, Archibald Morrison, 97, 429 Palisade Ave. 
Langford, William Speight, 96, 429 Palisade Ave. 

Drane, Henry Martyn, 52. 


Fell, Joseph. William, 89, Hillside Cottage. 
Lyman, Augustus Julian, 78, M. A., 13 Church St. 
Mock, Lee Cowan, 78, Non-Grad., Care R. & D. R. R. 


Hughes, Nicholas Collin, Jr., yy, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Eborn, Luther, 63, Non-Grad., Rev. 


Hughes, Isaac Wayne, 91, Rev. 

Deal, John Archibald, ~2, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Coggeshall, George Edward, 65, M. D. 

I [endersonville. 
Willcox, Reginald Norton, <;<). Rev. 

Busbee, Fabius Haywood, 71. II., M. A. 


Cheshire, Joseph Blount, 69, Rt. Rev., D. D. 
Marshall, Matthias, 63, Non-Grad., Rev., D. D. 

Red Springs. 
McMillan, Hamilton, 56, Non-Grad. 

Southern Pines. 
Gregory, Henry Trowbridge, 54. 

Joyner, Edwin N., 72, Non-Grad. 

Harding, Nathaniel, y^^ Non-Grad. 

DeRossett, Armand Lamar, 62, Non-Grad. 
Wooten, Edward, 64, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Buxton, John Cameron, 73, Non-Grad. 

NORTH DAKOTA — Mayville.. 
Ames, Francis Wilbur, 76. 

Mi not. 
Vibbert, Aubrey Darrell, 99. 

Morehouse, Frank Stephen, 1901. 

OHIO — Akron. 
Watson, Samuel Newell, 82, Rev., D. D., St. Paul's Church 

Altemus, Harry Beebe, 1904, Non-Grad., 45 East Main St. 

Story, Otis Jewett, 1901, Non-Grad. 

Belden, Louis Isaac, 94, Rev., 1929 Bigelow St., Mt. Auburn. 
Buffington, Morgan Hyde, 1904, Non-Grad., Care Keeling & 

Ridge Co. 
Cullen, James, Jr., 93, The Ice Delivery Co. 


Hinnen, Gnstavus Augustus, 1901, M. D., 212 Fosdick Ave. r 

A Ft. Auburn. 
Vincent, Boyd, 89, H., Rt. Rev., D. D., 663 Forest Ave. 

Boardman, William Henry, 85, Non-Grad., 950 Euclid Ave. 
I .raves, Richard Stayner, 94, M. D., M. A., 364 Harkness Ave. 
Mather, William Gwinn, 77, 383 Euclid Ave. 
Miller, William Joseph, 92, University School. 
Smart, John Harrow, 95, 201 American Trust Building 

Barto, Richard Vernam, 82, First National Bank. 
Goodwin, William Brownell, 88, Non-Grad., 35 North High St. 
Macauley, George Thurston, 90, 34 West Spring St. 
Thurman, Allen William, 69, Non-Grad., 513 East Rich St. 

Gam bier. 
Hall, Arthur Cleveland, 88, Ph. D., Kenyan College. 

McCabe, Alexander Champline, 86, H., Ph. D. 

OREGON — Ashland. 
Bowdish, James Tinker, y^. 

McCormack, Johnston, 53, Rev. 
Short, William Seymour, 83, Rev., M. A., 325 16th St. 

Eugene City. 
Loveridge, Daniel Everett, 50, Rev. 

Kempe, Ernest Augustus, 81, Concord Building. 

PENNS YLYANIA — Allegheny. 
Meech, Robert, 67, PL, Rev.. M. A., 188 Sandusky St. 
Risk, Joseph, yy, Non-Grad., Rev., D.D., 1538 Perrysville Ave. 

Wartman, George Harold, 1908, Non-Grad. 

Cole, Jewett, 1902, 1205 Iutn St. 


Landcfeld, James Clinton, 1908, Non-Grad. 

Wright, Marion Randolph, 91, Non-Grad., Care Philadelphia 
Country Club. 

Brown, George Israel, 88, Rev. 
Crider, Hugh North, 1907, Non-Grad. 
Lingle, Harold Brower, 1906, Non-Grad. 

Wharton, William Parker, 1901, Non-Grad., Bellefonte Acad- 

Elwell, George Edward, 70, Non-Grad., M.A. 

Fox, Roderick Harrison, 99, Non-Grad., St. James Hotel. 

Bowman, Charles William, 87, M. D. 

Bryn Mawr. 
Andrews, Charles McLean, 84, Prof., Ph. D., L. H. D., Bryn 
Mawr College. 

Hotchkin, Samuel Fitch, 56, Rev. 

Watts, Edward Biddle, 73. 

Randle, Clement Griscom, 1905, Non-Grad., 218 East 4th St. 

Coleman, Charles Silas, 82, Continental Rubber Works. 
McGann, John Moore, 95, Non-Grad., Rev., St. Paul's Church. 

Benton, William Lane Hall, 89, Non-Grad. 

Lincoln, George William, 75,- Rev. 


Barber, Henry Hobart, 90, Rev. 


Buffington, Orr, 79. 

Golden, Harry Clifford, 1903. 

Golden, Horatio Lee, 83, 319 Xorth McKean St. 

Fordney, Thomas Potter, 62, Xon-Grad. 

Coons, Samuel William, 1900, Box 254. 


Bowman, James Donald, 1908, X"on-Grad. 


Reese, Ward Winters, 95, Xon-Grad. 

Oil City. 
Hills, John Dows, 78, Rev., Christ Church Rectory. 
Hills, Reginald, 84, Xon-Grad., Care Rev. John Dows Hills. 


Benton, Sanford Irving, 97, X T on-Grad., 13 X. Water St. 

Bohlen, Daniel Murray, 82, Chestnut Hill. 

Carpenter, John Thomas, Jr., 88, Xon-Grad., 1624 Walnut St. 

Carpenter, Richard Howell, 81, Xon-Grad., 1419 Walnut St. 

Carson, Edwin Schively, 1902, X T on-Grad., 1541 So. Broad St. 

Chase, Dudley, 47, H., Rev., M. A., 3708 Spring Garden St. 

Child, Clarence Griffin, 86, Ph. D., LL. D., 4237 Sansom St. 

Clement, Charles Francis, 1905, University of Pennsylvania. 

Drayton, William, 71, 1438 South Penn Square. 

Edmunds, George Franklin, Hon., 87, H., LL. D., 1724 Spruce 

Elwyn, Thomas Langdon, 92, 400 Walnut St. 

Fisher, Sydney George, 79, LL. D., 328 Chestnut St. 

Gilberson, Simeon Lord, 81, Xon-Grad., Rev., 6901 Wood- 
land Ave. 

Ilazlehurst, George Aspinwall, 79, Xon-Grad., 612 Chestnut 

Hazlehurst, James Wright, 51, 329 Chestnut St. 


Holden, Seaver Milton, 82, Rev., 3913 Terrace St. 

Horner, Harry Archer, 1900, 3900 Baltimore Ave. 

Knrth, Karl Franz Frederic, 1900, Non-Grad., 1327 S. 71st 

Leaf, Edward B., Jr., 86, Non-Grad., R. E. Trust Building. 

Le Roy, Jacob, 69, Rev., Wissahickon Heights, Chestnut Hill. 

Linsley, Arthur Beach, 82, M. A., 416 North 40th St. 

Lobdell, Frederick Danforth, 85, 1606 Mifflin St. 

McCouch, Henry Gordon, 75, 323 Moreland Ave., Wissahickon 

Mackay- Smith, Alexander, y2, Rt. Rev., D. D., 251 South 22d 

Mcllvaine, Herbert Robinson, 1905, Non-Grad., 1500 Hamil- 
ton St. 

McKean, Thomas, Jr., 92, 328 Drexel Building. 

Mears, James Ewing, 58, Prof., M. D., 1535 Land Title Build- 

Norris, Herbert, 63, Non-Grad., M. D., 313 South 18th St. 

Phillips, Morris Shallcross, 1906, Non-Grad., Care The Even- 
ing Bulletin. 

Piatt, Charles, Jr., 75, Non-Grad., 1809 DeLancey Place. 

Richardson, William Clarence, 82, Non-Grad., Rev., 2210 San- 
som St. 

Robins, James Wiltbank, 52, H., Rev., D. D., 21 15 Pine St. 

Schwartz, David Louis, 1900, M. A., 1109 ^ ea ^ Estate Trust 

Schwartz, Herman Livingstone, 1906, Non-Grad., 1109 Real 
Estate Trust Bldg. 

Shannon, Joseph Wellington, 87, M. A., 1416 South Penn 

Shreve, Benjamin Franklin Haywood, 78, 51 North Front St. 

Strawbridge, John, 95, 421 Drexel Building. 

Tullidge, Edward Kilbourne, 76, Rev., 924 Walnut St. 

Wales, James Albert, 1901, 1213 Locust St. 

Welch, Robert Frazer, 95, 306 Drexel Building. 

White, John Stuart, 79, H., LL. D., Phillips Brooks School, 
4204 Baltimore Ave. 


Wiltbank, William White, 68, H., M. A., City Hall. 

Woodle, Allan Sheldon, 99, 412 North 34th St. 

Yardlev, Thomas Henry, 92, Rev., 219 Gowen Ave., Mount 

Zook, Samuel Kurtz, 96, Xon-Grad.. 1620 North 12th St. 

Clerc, Francis Joseph, 43, Rev., D. D. 


Anderson, Alexander Hopkins, 87, 1502 Frick Building. 

Arundel, W'alter Blakelee Yon Hagen, 1900, Non-Grad., 
Forbes Ave. 

Blair, William Robinson, 75, Hon., Nicholas Building. 

Buffington, Joseph, 75, Hon., LL. D., Judges' Chambers, U. S. 

Burgwin, Augustus Phillips, 82, Union Station. 

Burgwin, George Collinson, 72, M. A., 434 Diamond St. 

Burgwin, John Henry King, yy, 424 Fourth Ave. 

Coster, Charles Calvert, 97, Non-Grad., 4502 Fifth Ave. 

Coster, Martyn Kerfoot, 87, University Club. 

Coster, Robert John, 68, H., Rev., D. D., 4502 Fifth Ave. 

Coster, William Hooper, 91, Shady Ave. 

Curry, Charles Henry, 1905, Non-Grad., 606 Wood St. 

Graff, Henry Anderson, 85, Non-Grad., 32d and Smallman Sts. 

Grange, Walter Taber, 1906, Non-Grad., 4732 Wallingford St. 

Hays, John AlcClurg, 86, Non-Grad., Beachwood Boulevard, 
near Fifth Ave. 

Jones, Charles Waring, 81, 408 Grand St. 

Jones, Edward Purnell, yy, 64 Grant St. 

McCune, George Boston, 1907, Non-Grad., 1321 Frick Bldg. 

McKennan, John DeFontevieux, 76, 406 Penn Ave. 

Mason. Edward Jarvis King, 1901, M. A., Westinghouse Elec- 
tric Co. 

Phillips, Clifton Wharton, 70, Non-Grad., Fidelity Building. 

Tinnier, Louis Mytinger, 74, M. A., 170 Fourth Ave. 

Plumer, Samuel, Jr., 97, Non-Grad., 170 Fourth Aw. 

Reineman, Robert Theodore, S3. 440 Diamond St. 


Rudd, Harold Huntington, 1901, M. A., Westinghouse Electric 

Townsend, Herman Edward, 1904, Non-Grad., 249 Oakland 


Port Kennedy. 
Hoisington, Frederick Reed, 91. 


Carpenter, James Stratton, 79, M. D., M. A. 

Hiester, Isaac, 76, 138 North Fifth St. 
Kurtz, Clarence Morgan, 83, M. D. 
Kurtz, Julian Ellis, yy, M. D. 

Curtin, Hugh Laird, 1907, Non-Grad. 

Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew, 95, M. D., Moses Taylor Hos- 

Benton, Robert Agnew, 64, Rev., 309 Broad St. 

Farrow, Malcolm Collins, Jr., 1905, Shamokin Daily News. 
Lee, William Harold, 1908, Non-Grad., 41 North Market St. 

Gallup, Fred D., 94, Non-Grad. 
Tull, Herman E., 97, Non-Grad. 

South Bethlehem. 
Cunningham, Noel Gilbert, 1902, Lehigh University. 

Burrows, Francis George, 1905. 
Greenough, William Hewitt, 1906, Non-Grad. 

Benton, Angelo Ames, 56, Rev., D. D. 


Howell, George Dawson, 82. 


Brinton, Paul Henry Mallet Prevost, 1904, Non-Grad. 

West Philadelphia. 

Mcllvaine, John Gilbert, 1900, M. A., 3209 Baring St. 

Brundage, Richard Bulkeley, 78, Non-Grad. 

Williams port. 
Jones, William Northey, 88, Rev., M. A., Christ Church. 

Bowie, William, 93, U. S. C. & G. Survey. 
Fleming, David Law, 80, Rev., M. A., Chaplain U. S. A. 
Swift, Henry, 69, Rev., Chaplain U. S. A. 

RHODE ISLAND — ^pponaug. 
Woffenden, Richard, 93, Rev. 

Ash ton. 
Pressey, William, 90, Rev. 

Harrington Center. 
Chapin, William Merrick, 74, Rev. 


Brownell, Charles DeWolf, 54, 11., M. A. 

Central Falls. 
Rogers, Lucian Waterman, 91, Rev. 

Hills ( rROVE. 
Hagenow, Le Roy Kilbourne, 96, Non-Grad., M. D. 


Crabtree, Albert, 92, Rev. 

Appleton, Henry Cozzens, 85, Non-Grad., 17 Red Cross Ave. 
Brinley, Godfrey, 1901, Cloyne 1 louse. 
Green, Arthur Leslie, 91, Cloyne Mouse. 
Green, Harry Daniel, 99, Cloyne House. 

P \w 11 ( :ket. 
Barber, Frank Marshall, 91, 5 George St. 


Pearce, James Sturgis, 63, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Almy, Samson, 92, Non-Grad., 76 Prospect St. 
Buck, Frederick Earle, 98, Rev., 547 Elmwood Ave. 
Cooke, George Lewis, 70, M. A., Box 1101. 
Downes, Lewis Thomas, 48, 484 Elmwood Ave. 
Downes, Lewis Welton, 88, 484 Elmwood Ave. 
Fiske, George McClellan, 70, Rev., D. D., 166 George St. 
Fiske, Reginald, 1901, 166 George St. 
Henshaw, Charles H., 53, Non-Grad., 100 Bowen St. 
Hewett, James Daniel, 54, M. D., 101 Waterman St. 
Larcher, William, 1903, Non-Grad., 282 Benefit St. 
Sears, Lorenzo, 87, H., Rev., Prof., L. H. D., Brown Univer 1 

Webb, Samuel Heber, 60, Non-Grad., Rev., 21 Adelaide Ave. 
Wesley, Perley Raymond, 94, Rev., 90 Comstock Ave. 

Abbott, Charles Wheaton, 49, U. S. N. 


Cole, Frederick Bradford, 93, Rev. 

SOUTH CAROLINA — Charlestown. 
Porter, Theodore Atkinson, 76, Rev. 

Bellinger, Edward Bohun, ^2, Non-Grad. 

SOUTH DAKOTA — Fort Meade. 
Freeland, Charles Wright, 81, Rev., Chaplain U. S. Cavalry. 

Sioux Falls. 
Babcock, John Henry, 50, H., Rev., M. A. 
Hare, William Robert, 73, H., Rt. Rev., D. D. 
Johnson, Frederick Foote, 94, Rt. Rev.,' D. D. 

TENNESSEE — Memphis. 
Gailor, Thomas Frank, 92, H., Rt. Rev., D. D. 

Goodrich, Edward Bruce, 1902. 


Sew a nee. 
Wiggins, B. Lawton, 99, H., Vice Chancellor, LL. D. 

TEXAS — Austin. 
Fisher, Rhoades, 56, Non-Grad. 

Graham, Richard Niles, 1905, Non-Grad., Box 587. 

El Paso. 
Du Bois, George Mcllvaine, 74, Rev. 

Carr, Edmund Samuel, 1905, Ferris Institute. 

Goldthwaite, Archibald, 1900, Non-Grad., 819 Tremont St. 
McLemore, Marcus C., Jr., 89, Non-Grad. 

Remington, Charles Hazzard, 89, Rev. 

Burroughs, Arthur Williams, 80, Non-Grad., Rev. 

VERMONT— Barre. 
Roberts, Brian Chadwick, 95, Non-Grad., Rev., 28 Church St. 

Chapin, Densmore David, 79, H., Rev., M. A. 

Graves, Gemont, 49, Rev., 96 Colchester Ave. 
Mall, Arthur Crawshav Alliston, 94, H., Rt. Rev., D. D. 


Lewis, Alonzo Norton, 72, H., Rev. 

Randolph Center. 
Gilbert, Henry Closson, 93. 

Clement, Percival Wood, 68, Non-Grad. 
Clement. Wallace Charles, 56, Non-Grad., Clement National 

Verder, Daniel 1 [ugh, 00. Rev., 66 Grove St. 


VIRGINIA — Charlottesville. 
Huntington, Robert Watkinson, 64, Col., University Station. 

Fairfax County. 
Micou, Richard Wilde, 93, H., Rev., D. D., Theological Semi- 

Harper's Ferry. 
Stauffer, Paris Becker, 93, Non-Grad., Rev. 

Newport News. 
Stuart, William Clarkson, 88, Non-Grad. 

Grammer, Charles Eckhardt, 95, H., Rev., D. D. 

Elmer, William Timothy, 81, Rev. 

Gillette, William Wharton, 76. 

Davenport, John Sidney, 98, Life Ins. Co. of Virginia. 
Groser, Algernon Sidney, 62, Non-Grad., Barton Heights. 

Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, 95, H., President, LL. D. 

WASHINGTON — Clarkston. 
Home, Charles Albert, 93, Rev. 

Lake Cushman. 
Putnam, William Throckmorton, 88. 

McBride, Henry, 80, Non-Grad., Hon. 

W T ells, Lemuel Henry, 64, Rt. Rev., D. D., 2227 Pacific Ave. 

Bull, Frederic Storer, 90 Non-Grad., 924 G St., North. 
Bull, William Andariese, 91, Non-Grad., 924 G St., North. 

Hutchinson, Reeve Huntington, 1903. 


WISCONSIN — Kenosha. 
Kimball, Norman Captive, 1907, Non-Grad., 414 Prairie Ave. 

Ilolway, Orlando, 80. 

Hamilton, Irenus Kittredge, jr., 91. 


Plimpton, Howard Daniel, 97, 20 New Insnranee Building. 
Rice, Harry Landon, 99, Rev., Richards St. 

Webb, William Walter, 82, Rev., D. D., Nashotah House. 

llindlev, Robert Clayton, 72, Rev., Prof., Ph. D., 1328 Carlisle 

Williams, Alexander John, 96, 724 College Ave. 

Gallagher, Charles, Jr., 95, Non-Grad. 

WYOMING — Laramie. 
Burrage, Frank Sumner, 95, Laramie Republican Co. 


BERMUDA — Hamilton. 
Blake, John Reginald, 90, Non-Grad. 
Tucker, George, 67, J I., Rev., M. A. 

BRAZIL — Rio de Janeiro. 

Stewart, William John Sheaff, 88, i\I. IX, Office U. S. Consu- 

CANADA — \e\y Brunswick — Fredericton. 
Partridge Francis, 72, II., Very Rev., I). 1)., 1). C. L., The 

St. Cather] xe's, ( Ontario. 
Woodruff, Edward I taynes, 82, Non-Grad., M. 1). 

CHINA— Hankow. 
\ an Meter, Allen Reshell, 09, Rev. 


George, James Hardin, Jr., 1905, St. John's College. 
Mitchell, Walter Alfred, 190 1, Nanyango College. 
Pott, Francis Lister Hawks, 1900, H., Rev., D. D., St. John's 

Nichols, John William, 99, Rev., M. A. 

Littell, Samuel Harrington, 95, Rev. 

DUTCH GUIANA — Parimarilo. 
Denslow, Theodore North, 1904, Non-Grad. 

ENGLAND — London. 
Benham, William, 98, H., Rev., D. D., 32 Finsbury Square. 
Carter, John Ridgely, 83, U. S. Embassy. 
Holcomb, James Winthrop, 68, Non-Grad., Care J. S. Morgan 

& Co, 
Paine, George Sturgis, 65, H., Rev., M. A., 20 Oakley Square, 

Regent's Park, N. W. 
Reynolds, William Augustus, 53, H., Prof., 6 Northumberland 

Place, Bayswater, West. 

Ongar, Epex. 
May, Frederick Schiller, 79, H., Rev., High Laver Rectory. 

FRANCE — Paris. 
Morgan, John Brainard, 82, H., Rev., D. D., 19 Ave. de 

Murphy, Thomas Logan, 67, Non-Grad., Rev., American 

Church, Ave. de L'Alma. 

GERMANY — Dresden. 
Cotton, Daniel Page, 71, 4 Lukas Strasse. 

Morgan, Bayard Quincy, 1904, Liebigstr, 2. 

McCrackan, John Henry, 82, Rev., M. A. 


JAPAN — Tokio. 
McKim, John, 93, H., Rt. Rev., D. D. 

Mclvor, Nicholas Williams, 82, 62 Bluff. 

MEXICO — City of Mexico. 
Forrester, Harry Townes, 1901, Non-Grad., 1305 2 a Ciprea. 

Sexton, Thomas Bezaleel, 60, M. A., Ontagota. 

NICARAGUA — Granada. 
Pengnet, Louis Desire, 93, Non-Grad. 


Floden, Gustav, 1901, PL, Rev., D. D., LL. D. 

Belden, Charles Samuel Marvin, 80, Non-Grad., Rev., Care 
Union Bank. 

This book should be returned to 
the Library on or before the last date 
stamped below. 

A fine of five cents a day is incurred 
by retaining if beyond the specified 

Please return promptly. 







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