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THE DktioiMrir of tlw Beng&li laBgiuig« now offered to (1m jmblk, is tho remit of 
several yean' aindnoiM i^ypKcadon more pftrticolarly directed to tkit speciil object* 
Cnly on his airiral in thu eoimtiy, die Compiler beouse Mneible of the wast of toch 
a compendinm, a mean between the meagreneie of a mere Tocabnliiy and the diffiiienem 
of the more eh^Kinte apedea of DictionaiiBa. At the period when thia work waa 
vndertakea« there were extant only the Tocabnlaiy of Mr. Foater and the large qnartoa 
ofDr.Caiey. ^ ' * ^ 

The fonnier, conaidered aa the iirat efint in Bengiii Lezioognphy of any European, 
mnat be conaidered to bear high and ample teatimony to the akiU and jadgment of tho 
author, aa well aa to hia extenaiTe acqnaintance with tl»e langoage. Defiaent, it certainly 
ia ; bat the Compiler'a unaaaoming praf(Baaion» Vox §t frw ter ea nihil, prachidea any chaige 
on that gionnd. Still it containa a maaa of moat Taluable mateiiala for anooeeding 
iezioographen, though in a atate, it moat be confeaaed, aomewhat chaotic and dificnlt 
of application by a tyre in the hmgnage ; and the etndent, aa he adTancea, moat often 
be aouck with the Conqnler'a accazatB acqnatntance with the idiomatical and ooUoqnial 
api^kationa of tenna, conaidered aa mere Tocableat little connected with their general 
notiona. Thoae who have made moat proficiency in thia tongoe are duly aenaible of 
the real excellence of the woik, and it moat be evident, to one competent to paaa a 
judgment, that Mr. Foater coold have been no acioliat in the geaeral principles of 
iengnage. Had hia arrangement been better, hia Vocabnlary would only have needed 
dne enlargement to anawer all the porpoao of a atandard Dictionary. The work it 
ronat be owned, however, ia extremely defective, ia diafignred and deteriorated by 
n large adnuxtore of Hk^uaUmi, &c. and ia become, moreover, both acarce and dear. 
Yet it would be an extreme injoatioe, quite unworthy of an aapiiant to literaiy excel- 
lence, to withhold a tribnte dne to the laboon of one to whom the Con^nler of tho 
preaent wwk acknowledgea himaelf under the greateat obligationa. 

The ponderoua quartoa of Dr. Carey include a compilation of a widely diffuent 
charncter, in bulk, aMuredly, exceediog the product of all othera together in thia field ; 
and if eathnated by that meaaure, they mnat be allowed, without dispute, to take the 
iirat place in the liat of woriu of their claaa. From these alao the Compiler has drewn 
fieely, aa from a storehooae of vocablea, Imr the accumnlation of which Dr. Carey haa 
laid him and all other learnen of Beng&U under great and laating obligation. A 
atndent of the provincial language would greatly eir, however, in the expectation of 
finding in these large volumes the actual exiating vocabnlary of the population, free 
from a atrange and beterogeneoua admixture of foreign terma, Persian, Avabic, &c. 
with every imaginable corruption of the colloquial medium on the one hand, as well 
aa of high unnaturalixed Sanscrit worda on the other* The approved standard among 
reapectably educated natiTcs is equally removed from both extremes, from the barbarism 
ud vulgarity of the one, from the pedantiy and uninteUigiMlity of the other. 
In no accredited Dictionaiy of any literaiy languaae are the grosa vnlgariama of the 
boor and the low artisan admitted to hold a place, which decency and go^ taate refuae 

With regard to the higher style, indeed, the derivatives of the learned language of 
India differ materially from many Western tongues ; inasmuch aa the former are abeoiutely 
depsndant, for sdentifical, theological, and general literary terms and phraseology, on 
the polished language of ti^e Biabmina ; the Bengkli periiaps more so than any of its 
cognate dialects: and, in genenl, a polished and learned style must necessarily be 
fonaed on the model of the Sanscrit, aa well aa funiiahed from its vocabulary. A duo 
^Recrimination ia, however, indispensable in detailing the meanings of pure Sanscrit 
terms, many of whoae native applications are quite unknown to the derivative dialect. 
I>r. Carey'a great woriL, is aa much depreciated in value aa it ia augmented in bulk, by 
a maaa of matter utterly irrelevant to the study of the provincial tongue; in nearly 
fvevy inatance, the Sanscrit Dictionaiy of Dr. Wilaon bemg tmnscribed verbatim into 
ita pages, to the utter conluaion of the atndent, who ia thua aet afioat on an unknown 
ocean of woida without pilot or compass. That in the conrae of time, aa the Beng&ti 
Womca cnltivateil, refined and polished, large acoessiona will accrue from the higher 
eouroe, may not be doubted -, nor should many words or senses, at present little in us^ 


or only employed in lonie few of the liiglier «onipentions, be rejected, if elegant intihem* 
selves or neceBmiv to a just ezpreaaion of coxreiit ideas. Many such will bo found in 
the present compilation. 

Exotic terms, whether of Arabic, Persic or European origin, aie not of the language 
whose vocabulary it is intended to give, and are therefore designedly excluded, ae 
actual coiTuptions of a dialect sufficiently rich to be independent of foreisn accessiona. 
which it is incapable of enuntiating justly or euphonically, to the mamleat injury of 
its harmony and uniformity, while it may draw naturally and to any extent desimble 
firom the Sanscrit. 

The Sanacrii is dBstrnginshed, even beyond the polished language of the ancient 
Greeks, by the extentof its capabilities in. the competition of terms, and the facility witk 
which the most complex notions are united in their expression. The Beng&li bears thie 
mark of its affiliation in an eminent degree. The rules for the most curxent compositions 
are so easy and regular and they apply so uniTersally, that to collect those even in 
daily use in the alphabetical order of a Dictionary, would be a task as useless as 
laborious, and swell the bulk of a volume without corresponding advantage ; rather, to 
the manifest inconvenience of the student, who instead of a portable octavo would be 
compelled, as at present, to wade in search of a common simple term, through an 
endless list, of formatives and compounds ; of which from 50 to 850 and upwards may 
be numbered in eveiv part of the volumes of Dr. Carey. Nay, in two places, under 
^a. that and «4^t. tkU, the body of the vocables of the language is duplicated and 
triplicated, txrcupying together no fewer than ^90 pages of the whole work ! It cannot 
but excite astomshraent, considering the really extensive acquirements and acknow- 
ledged talents of the respectable author, that his labour ahould have been so fruitlessly 
expended both to himself and to those whom it was intended to benefiL On the 
other hand, the more philosophical compounds, such as are formed by aggregation or 
coalescaice of tenns, are actually limited only by the vocabulary of these latter, and 
are producible ad IMtwn : the attempt to include such is therefore out of the question* 
The more usual only are comprised in the present work. 

The Sanscrit Dictionary of Dr. Wilson is beyond all praise from the Compiler of this 
volume, as the production of a Scholar wh(/ thought for himself, and who, even 
in avaihng himself of the labours of his predecessors, has, by an exercise of judgement 
and disciuoination and by personal toil, rendered that his own which has received its 
modification and arrangement from his mind. Of this invaluable work large use ha» 
been made, to the manifest enrichment of the present publication. 

The Amara Cosha and other works altogether native have been careAilly consulted, 
and in some of the latter pages, a few hints have been taken from the small vocabulary 
recently published by Tanchuid Datt. The Abridgement of Carey's Dictionary beiag 
merely a reduction of the bulk of that work» retaining all its peculiarities though 
meagre in its explanatory portioni haa been of no additional service. 

The Shabda Calpe Drama, now in comrse of publication by Baboo R&dfai C&nta Deb. 
whose talents and useful labours reflect the greatest credit on himself and his fellow 
countrymen of this province, and promise to be of eminent service to the students of 
Hindoo literature, has been consulted as far as ptablished. llie Compiler having 
been, with equal kindness and liberality, favoured by that gentleman with a copy of the 
extant portion of his elaborate work, takes ihi» opportunity of offering his grateful 
acknowledgements to him for the aid thence derived. 

In the native part of the work, the Amara Cosha, an edition of the same with Bh&sha 
interpretation, and the school vocabulary of R4mchandra Sharma, have been of consi« 
demble use ; though by far more than three fourths of even that part of the work are 
entirely original, the result of personal reading and selection, with such aid as could be 
derived from native assistants. From these latter, it would not easily be credited by the 
mere European student, how little effective co-operation is obtained where thought and 
research are required ; as a single term cannot safely be admitted uncorroborated by 
citation or other sufficient authority; and even in the more mechanical species of 
assistance, the most rigid inspection must be incessantly exercised. It is with true 
regret that the Compiler is compelled by strict verity to exclude from any par- 
ticipation in the merits of the present publication, whatever they may be, those 
by whom he has been asristea, the extent of whose services has been limited 
entirely to the labour of reference or the detection of literal errors and idiomatical 
inaccuracies. He hails, however, with delight, the augmenting disposition to culrivate 
every department of literature, in which several well known native scholars have been 
eminently forward, and begs to throw the present mite of contribution into the general 
treasury from which the great cause of knowledge, which is the cause of Man in all 
"^^^ -nneties of his race and conditions of his being, is to be advanced* 



Aftaf Ao fyngaag obgerratioiM, a ample impectaon will ■nficiently ezplun tli» 

BKdw woids, u of Taiying hi» phniaology ; t&d to the native ftodent^ 

itfa an ezplanition of bU national tongue in its own wordi, a nmilar 

k'the |>yK«*» langnage ; mi that whether he design to study the latter or to confine 

hiiMctf to the fbnner, he may in either case be furnished with the requisite assistance, 

XflAiipg oC this kind has jret appeared, which alone might serre to justify the prosent 

utBMpt to mpply the deficieney. 

It win be wand to contain the great body of the language with its most important 
ioivntivee P n^ compounds, and even those of regular formation, wherever any pecuUsrity 
of notiaB or application exists. Those not so circumstanced, as also a large proportion 
of negativee, &c. formed by the prefixes V, 9|, &c. hare been omitted in coincidence 
with the Compiler's object, which was to comprise all that was indispensable to the 
stody of the language within the compass of a modente Occsto, by its siae and price 
accoanBodated to general use. A few of the earlier sheets are less furnished with 
synonyms than the rest of the woi^ ; but throughout, the explanatory portion, it is 
believed, is not chargeable with many serious deficiencies, being fuller than in any work 
inccding it, not excepting the quartos of Dr. Carey, some of whose omissions, by 
no meana few nor unimportant, have also been supplied. The synonyms follow in the 
onler of the English explanatory terms. The notation of parts of speech has been 
«ii»#iil as inapplicable to the native gnunmar, (to the rules of which alone the l&n-> 
gunge can be advantageously subjected,) a semicolon only being used wherever^ 
accoidiBg to English notions, a woid assumes the form of a different part of speech, 
the same vrovdin Bengali answering, in numerous instaaces, the purposes of several, llie 
nnmber of words originally promised has been exceeded by nearly 3,000; and a con- 
siderably greater expenditure of time and labour and consequent augmentation of chuge 
Am were contemplated, have been unavoidable, from the necessity, in part, of more 
extensive rading and the consultation of numerous authorities, in part, from successive 
lonovab and domestic calamities. 

That he most have fallen into errors, and that deficiencies will be found to attach to his 
woik as to every thing human, the Compiler is perfectly assured ; bis hope is they will 
nmther have been greater nor more numerous than, considering die nature of the com- 
pilation, the little aid to be derived from native assistants, the peculiarities of the 
idioBatical applications of tenns in a language not his own, and the difliculty td 
dfcisiott in numberiess instances — ^was to be expected. He can safely aver, however^ 
that the whole b the result of actual penonal labour, having no where excused 
himself from the duty of verifying, as far as possible, such interpretations ss he has 
taken from others, and that his most strenuous endeavours have not been wanting 
to vender the work, as far as his abilities, attainments and resources admitted, worthy 
of the encoungement of a discerning Public ; and it will be found, he ventures to think* 
from the peculiarity of its plan, peculiarly calculated to aid the now accelerating 
p t ogress of general education in this country. 

The labour of such a compilation, especially that of fixing upon the just synonymoua 
ezpmsioiis, can only be appreciated by such as have been similarly engaged, who well 
know the reason Scaliger had for his strong language on the subject — 
" fii qoem manet sententia judicis olim, 
Danmatom srumnis supplidisque caput; 
Lezica oontexat, nam cetera, quid moror? omnes 
PoBDainm ftdes hie labor unns habet." 
Badh an it is, it is now submitted to the Public and subjected to the animadvezaioft 
of Sdmfaus, in the words of a still mora classical authority — 

** SI quid novisti rectius istis, 

Candidas imperti : si non, his utere mecum." 

It resBatas to state, that this woik was undertaken with the sanction and encourage- 

meat of that polished scholsr and emphatically excellent man, the late lamented 

Bishop Heber* whose qplendid talents ana brilliant acconwUshments were, alas f so eariy 

ahnNided from oar admiration by the curtain of Fate. It has been patroniied by the 

Venenhle Society in whose service the Compiler has the happiness to labour, and is 
panted at their sole chaige, a manifest and striking proof of their seal, not more in the 
of a puve md primitxre Christianity, than for the advanceneat of geaenl liteiataie* 



% C9 ^irvn(t< tnti, ^nni ^^w/iH nr, a ptefiz negative 

or privative. 
^» tf^J 'W!5t>[«, yon, yonder, there. 
^>^, ^% a share, part, division. . 
^>«WB, ^^v, included in a share or part. 
^«"fT«^, 1^«% distinct shares, an allotment 
^•^•fH, ^tt^f^ ^W ^, division into shares, 
^•^t, vtr^ "vif^CTtft, sharing, participating; a partner. 
^•% ftj^j a ray. [quillity. 

^«^, *ft9, ^■v?t>nt, quiet, unagitated; quietness, tran* 
^^i^W^, W? unmerciful, unfeeling. [of reproach). 

^nmn, ^t^Wf^ftfl^^, having the ear8 nnbored (Jlerm 
^9m(s ^CrtI; ^^v> useless, fit for nothing; a bad action. 
vs(^f99pf, ^Ff9^ wWf inartificial, genuine, true. 
^9^^, ^^f by chance, suddenly, unawares. 
^K^m, ^^^; ^inrt9t^, premature, out of season; a (amine, 
"iit^?, if%ai, destitute, poor, quite needy* 
^9^7, ^^7*tf^, wasting, unprovided, not at hand. 
«(^nt?, 'flC^l, the ocean* 
^^, 7^11^, unmerciful, inexorable* 

^siWlRF, smeared, plastered, anointed. t^ment^ 
r, ^v^ft^f$ irregularity, confusion, want of arrange-^ 
^^f^, "id^rv, inaction, inoperativeness, irreligioii. 


2 ^ 

^•W, ntfi, a die, spot on a die, a wheel, a lawsuit, abead. 

^iW^, ??rtft, a virgin. 

^iWir, ^li^^CW/, a letter, type, beatitude; imperishable. 

^■wt»"f, IT^ffSt? ^lf|Prt«» fiic^, a degree of latitude or lon- 

^rf^, ipijj, an eye. , 

^^, ^»iiTOWfT|, childish whim, fancy, caprice. 

'rtVr, ^ff^tir, whole, all, entire. 

^^, ^, W^, immovable; a mountain, tree. 

^^, Wrt^, not gone, present. 

^^i1, ^yi l cy , unavoidably, without resource* 

^fii?, ^tr, medicine, medicament. 

<^5tir, "iR^ra^, not honorable, disregarded. 

HR5ttK, ^«rw»^, unfdthoqiable, very deep. 

^^, 9?. a house. 

^^<t, "^iiW^; ^f useless, worthless, evil; bad effect. 

iifil, ^P^> fir^* *he god of fire, digestive power, bile. 

^•jtLT^Tt?, ^'sfiSCTt^ttftps, fire incarnate, i. e. distorted with 

passion, furious. 

^it, 'ilWJ^^; ^'iivtff, the front, peak, point, pinnacle; 


^4rtt, « ^■'^^ 'J^ ^f leading, conducting; a leader. 

^ JI«p»rt^, ^^9 backwards and forwards, sooner or later. 

ijr^, «r^^, ^^T> first, chief, eldest, best, 
nt^, sin, guilt. 
, owjrtf^, clear, cloudless, thin, not crowded. 

in, ft^, a mark, badge, cypher, the flank, heart, nu- 
merical figure. 

"^m^h ""W^ttl, a child in arms, [tortion. 

^H¥^, '•(ft^T^, addition, raising a number or price; ex- 

inw?, ^V «rprj1ft? ^«i, a sprout, germ, seed, bud, plant. 

'BW^, ^f^»lt*i^ W^, an elephant goad. 

^«f , ^^??, the body, a limb, member, part. 

^wr<5", ^rtWnt, a spasm, cramp, pain, ache. 

qiUfBi, ««i, born of one's body ; a son. 

^^ind, iCS^lft, a well-shaped woman. 

^94dViF, 'TWf^R?^, in all parts, cap-a-pie. 
'WW, nn^ ?Vtt?l15f, the use of the limbs. 
'IWIW, ^wrr^M^?PP^^, a cosmetic, color for paintiiif 

the body. [dance, coition. 

^Wnr, 'HW? •flP^ ^-Wt^, contact, obsequious atten- 
^ft^, ^M^, connection, partnership, chicane, collusion. 
^Vtjr, n^^t coal, charcoal, cinder. 
^Wt, '•R?? WH^, embodied ; adv. in camp, acquiescingly. 
^'ft^, ^^Ft?» acquiescence, consent, promise, 
^^^f ^RtW^, toe or finger- ring. 
^^^f ^••nw? cur ''W?^, a toe or finger, 
'W*, ^ltf#, the thumb, 
^(ll, «?<i, the foot, the leg. 

"^f^f 1^> a tree. [incident. 

^m^Qloi, ^1^, )^«>fy unsteady, changeable, destitute of 
^m, ^^iTf immoveable, resolute, decrepit; a mountain. 
^Kkj, ^(^y "ilj, transitory, evanescent, not durable. 
^ Rj i fVfl y vRRP, prompt in action, active. 
^irt^^,^lfwnr, promptly, forthwith. 
^rffc?tSt, ^^^9 "Vt^tf^y temporary, transient. 

Pn(% transparent, good. well. [vemment., 

^^j(TV9, without a king, destitute of a regular go-: 
^l?j^, ^r^?r, undecaying, imperishable; ep. of Vishnu. 

srmrflrv, ft^9 unproduced; a god, spirit or the 
male principle of creation; a he-goa^t 

^^^t>»441y, invincible. 

V=rf^, incessant, 
^Mf It^, <tt^» plastic nature, matter or the femalo. 

principle of creation, a she-go^t^ 
^ifinr, Fif, leather. 

^ttT, tranquil, without distress o? disease. 

'^aUi c^ vf^, a border, quarter of a town or country, 

, black pigment, antimony. [handful. 

?qrfT, the hands joined palm upwards^ \ 

i|^, wpr, the act of moving, walking. 

^iNt, ^f a forest, thickets 


4 ^ 

'^'^f mi^t permanent, immoTable, ineoBtrovertihU, 
^i^, ^irtra, not defective, uninjured, unbr<Aen, ei 
V^, 7nm^> a palace, upper-rooobed liouae, im 

exceeding great. 
^^t»Pf, > ^^ ftftT^^ ^, a palace, edi£ee ^hw 
^l^ltfiVTl, i stone, a house. 
^^, f^pa^f not displaceable, unanswerable. 
^ilPwl, ^ni^flft^ "If^, super-human power. 
^«l, ^C^ ^, an atom, a particle. 
^«, ftW, an egg, spawn, roe, testicle, 
^jti'^tf , fiW* the universe. 

^^OR, ^^Yitf^, a sinking at danger, want of fortitude 
'Wi^tj, t^tt ••?, afterwards. 
^^JC^, Jk^ 0%. therefore, wherefore. 
"m^a^, "vi^^nn^, unprocrastinating, punctual^ 
^(^9 'C^^, flax. 

'•rt*, "Vm ^ «rtl*CT '•iW? ^ iRBR, pr^. excessive, i 
^R^7t?» «W^*r|lf, gigantic. 
^(^ir3p^, "Vl^^^ a transgression, surpassing limits. 
^R^3FT9, ^^/^tt^t transgressed, exceeded, surpassed 
^^1^, ^»?^^ ^if5f, a guest„ stranger. 
^Tfm^s, Ttv^, a high rdad, a good road. 
^^dPs^, "vifs^n, a decided enemy, not an acquaintance. 
^irt^^fts, lift Wk Pnwf ^tWS, neglect of what is custoi 

or enjoined. 
^rt^^lK, ^flw^, close to the side, alongside, near. 
^ftoim, ftvnr, <^^9» unnecessary diffuseness on o 

trusion of a topic 
^if^>rt9^ "TSj^, excessive, much ; exceedii^gly, &c. 
^^f^l^, "itRscKtlt^ opposing many chariot-warriors. 
^^IV)r9F, ^R^/9» superabounding, excessive. 

^ff^s:3W, ^irtfinp/, surplus. 

^^^, "^fzsVf exceeding, greats very, excessively^ 
^ifiSFj, irf«(9, exceeded, excessive, 
^rf^'vTjr, ^9lil?» a diarrhoea, dysentery, [with diarrl 
it, "^ft^sHOl^tm, moving ej^cessivj^ly; muck affe 

^9^, <t«, ^KPswnf f^U. goae, elapsed, 
^rtlftlf, tftrw^m^, imperceptiUetai 
^ftm. ^WtlflW WPU excessively. 
vKStf^, ^5^, inmiensity. 
^«f, ^% lank, thin. 
^?, «?lf^,^jt^> weak,ii^ia. 
^9, ^Pi^, uoequalled, peerless ; 
^KWr, ^TOrt^, dissimilar, unlike. 
^/«, ^iRWf, very, excessive, iiamodente, at^ufidant^ 

great, much. [tion^ 

^i«^1iir, «T^, a devotee Uvi»g ia the greatest abatne- 
^w/ir, «/t*Rrt, ^iflWi depwrtare, excess, a surpassing, 
^niff^f ^rt^ivtVf. exceeded, outragedi, overstepped. 
^iti< ^ifVff, excessive, exceeding; exceedingly, &c. 
'W/Wiu <il?tw/, violence, Qutragei oppressimia inoon-^ 

^ift>, ^WWtBw ^<^. hyperbole ; diffoseness^ 
^ifnor, Pi«ra> compleat refutittion, the extreme nortiv 

the most distant time; last, hindermost. 
^Rai, <4ftc^, here,, in this place. 
""Oi/t <«Vtnri, belongiDg to this place. 
^inlcfH, ^mmrsl, Mure of sufficiency on emergency, 
^vf^ ftiiCtw, destittite of skin, rind or bark. 
^9i» ^rfhi, not hasty, cooU deliberate^ 
^»%i«, ^m>» moreovert and, also, 
^mt, AR(t, otherwise, or. 
^raC ^irt^> <^» superannuated. 
^w«I, ^'I^CTi, furthermore, moreover* and, hence. 

^Hr)ntft^> not given in marriage, a spinster. 

cvtvpr, foQcU a meal* act of eating. 

fmftw, pitiless, unfeeling, uncompassionate. 

^arnt^, disappearance, being out of sight, 
w^ ^ONti unseen, unperceived; fisite, luck, unseen 

'^mm, ^milll. not living on the service of a god. 
^1^ ^l^|C^ $apema(tuial, marvellous* amazing. - 

^wy, ^r?[*Rre, ravenous, gluttonous. 

^/, ^ ftw, to-day. 

^'Wf/^W?, ^»iRr5T, ^tfSjc^, belonging to to-day, to day's; 

^sifB, ^t^, a mountain. 

^in?^ 01^. r^^, single. 

^«C»; ^^, beneath, below. 

^W, f*^> vile, base, mean, abominable, wicked, 

9S(^% ig4t, a debtor. 

^i(irtw,^^f^«, excessively vile or base. • 

^<nr, . ^StCP? ^^, the lower lip. 

^Wl^, ^iJt5l^, lying beneath, situated under. 

^tc%1«.. ''^^i^, beneath, from below. 

^<, «rtKt^/ WTW^, pre/, over, superior; possession., 

right, ^property, &c. 

vagi^, '^rffe^, more, more than. 

^<wr, firW5S, especially, principally; further, also. 

^rt[^<t, ^^, a possession ; the seventh case. 

^ipRstf^, t^nflrrs? ^»iflf^, more and more. 

^B(Pm?, ^rtfii^; ?1«/; government, estate, reign, right, pri- 
vilege, inheritance, class of persons. 

W5c^, ^X9i; Wt; possessing right, &c.; a proprietor? 

capable of, having in one's power. " 

'^4!^fM, «tfWFtl, ttimed away, sent, despatched. 

'ufSc^t^, ^^^; 'trfti, known, found, acquired, obtained. 

^(^sm vrrv; <trtf^9 the obtaining of a thing, acquisition of 

knowledge, a finding. feod^ 

^<W^, it^W^^; ^^iPrit^l, a presiding ddty, guardian 

^^^, *^ t??5t^, a division of creation including the^ 

inferior deities, demigods, &c. 

"^ffi^^, w?f>nfn, theology; a presiding deity, [owner. 

^<<1, ^»rfiWl%, ^arf^nrrtr, <tnf;, a king, sovereign, lord, master. 

^nfJfiW, V'{^, the world as continued by procreation. 

^<^t^, 'J^ ^CTf? ^^ W^/ ta^l, a preliminary ceremony oxv 

festive occasions. 

'•llWOf/, •tr^T^nf/i ; ^f^^/, learning, philosophy. 

Tfki;^, ^P^, nature, the material parts of creation. 

^iPctW, 4wtcff l*Wl <«nf«> a knowledge of the mysteriei 

of the sacred syllable 4. 

iiltartH, VI nm, an intercalary month. 

^'Wjtw, i:«1fe, 4^ ?W1, a sovereign, emperor. 

^flCTt^, «Fffe, the material world. 

ijfiftW, «rft*ttw, Wl, a regent, goyernpr, president, ruler. 

^(NMH, ^fflKWal, presiding, rulihg, governing. 

^ifHlPr, ^iRfft%, a habitation, possession, practice, Hismb or 

principle of conduct. 

^R<|9, m^, read, studied, instructed. [vient. 

^•rft^, TVipnr, subject to, beneath, dependant, subserw 

'•f^^tiU ^«tw, a sovereign, lord. 

^m, iHtww, now, lately. 

^m;tt^t^, ^■WW, descended, gone down. 

^flv^, "^mif ^*tn[» inferior, placed or situated below. 

smj^, Wvvt* a chief, superintendant, guardian, governor. 

^mKSWf, 4^t9, the mysterious syllabled. 

^Wfr^r, W<1^; Wt^. wholly subject; a slave. ^ 

^f^/vit^y ^ ^, perseverance, devotedness to. 

'wr/f , ♦irt^, a lecture, lesson, section. 

^fKS^, ^(^ ') ^* repetition of a lesson ; areading, lecture. 

^v^rv, ^<ff^9 substituted, placed instead of. 

^W/Wr, ^-ll-HH^y > spiritual, belonging to spirit, inherent; 

speech, enunciation. 

^lKKSt^3 ^*lw4t, a teacher, instructor; teaching. 

^W/1?, ♦tt^* a lecture, section, chapter. 

^iti(/l9V, 1^1^ mounted upon. 

•PCilcjrW, WlWt3T*t, an imputing or attributing of what 

does not belong to a pef son or thing ; the as* 
signing of a fictitious character. 

^mt< H^» 5^, a mounting upon, climbing up. 

^'W/fl, WW51, the substituting or mistaking one for an- 
other, [ants* 

'^W/flSw, Pratnt^lft^^Ttipt, inhabited, settled with inhabit- 

^Wit^, ^'it'nnf, seated, sitting in state. 

'W/tO^ ^> the supplying of an ellipsis, investigation. 

vntxftrtf^ %^rti^/, aaelfipsis. 

^/!^, "WttOn, inhabited. 

'9(Kjt\, «tw Hntl^ ^9 the first married tif serpen! wive^ 

i^c^, "vivjl^t; W> a student, one who reads. 

^^ci(/^< tn^> earnest request, solicitation, prayer* ^ 

^^f , tut, a road, way, path. 

^vifft^, ^nF7f-^lP>lv» & traveller, messenger. 

j^ngr, nHi; wb, a saoifice. 

^innr, "^Mf^t "*[*» unlettered, ignorant. 

^^iilfB, vsf^, the beating of time in music. 

^fn^, ^^«r|tft, — ^, a cow. 

^[^fm, ^, a bull. 

^C(% ^ tf^» coarse grain, as pease, tares, &e. 

^iir«, ^im; t^/» endless, eternal, boundless, numberless* 

^*KWit< » f^/^ endlessness, eternity. 

Wfn, ^rv^l^f ^f afterwards; succeeding, iacessaat^ 

only, unequalled. 
^iinr/, Uw ^it^, identical, the same, not different. 
M[^^Jn49, ^F9fR> unprecedented, not experienced by 

others, not preceded. 
^^ii«tf, f^, V^t own; an appellation of Brahma. 
«R^][^, ^tft? f^9t^ ^rt^> incessant, perpetual, constant. 
«nrWr» f(s^ ; ^fiT/, continuance or stability of a state, a 

not running to ruin. 
^^7?^, Rflnvvl* want, need, adversity; infinite (in logic.) 
^(^f f^«r, useless, answering no purpose, 
^prsf, ^, fire, a species of reed. 
^Rif, fttft, a cart, carriage. [to a blose, not finished. 
^iRW, ^inr^rt8rs,-^»RVt^, not set (as a star), not brought 
^nil^, ^•^^f injurious, disadvantageous. 
^RfW, ^<^S^ i not come, not arrived, future. 
^Rt^t, f^Tft^, sinless, free from transgression. 
^prtFt?, ^^ffeW, improper conduct, impurity. 
^'R^rt^, nnj ; ^iRWlt, com, edible vegetaWes. 
^R^rr?, titl ; ^5^» secret, not easily discovered. 
^R'HfVPrt, ws^, inactivity, dulness, stupidity^ 

«mt9, Vf9 ; ^mPff, inactive, dull, stupid, motionkss* 

^mt, ^ntflPP^ fofloTD^ orphan, without a {Hrotector. 

^RlH, vngl^ without beginning, eternal. 

w^nart, "^^nt^,— i^tfTf^, the fourth finger* 

^v^^«t» "^fSg^f^, disagreeable to the sight, unwelcome: * 

^v^nr9, ^itfMt^> without an owner or leader, unappro^ 

priated, unclaimed. 

^RT?flf, ^iwpfa<ir, ease, facility ; easy. 

WTti^, l^nf^ "MUiAtff*, incessant, perpetuah 

^RH, -illwi^U, ^lfi[*iw, non-destruction ; harmless; 

^^^^9^ fra/, ^Pflf)r>9, incessant, perpetual, constant, un- 
determined, unregulated, not resolved. 

^Pr^, 9lf^ the wind. [unnatural state of mind. 

^|N9i«C ^raivtAv,. unnatural,' excited, depressed; an 

^rft^, ^irfrtWt, — hf^Sf an army, forces. 

^'f^fVf^f ^n^/f not thus, unlike,, dissimilar. [pendant. 

^rtH, ^wflwtlt, without right or authority, subject, de- 

^ri^<?» Wir thr? ^>r9, that which is not God. 

^4 t '<|4W , wif%^^1, atheism, denial of God. 

^rOc, ^MH/I, inactive, indolent. 

^Rf, •P'W^, pre/, following, agreeing, according to. 

«q[^^^» '<nn» ^» pity, compassion, tenderness. 

^ii^^qpi, ^nrfRl, imitation; imitative. 

^ifT^n, ^itW«i, a drawing, attraction, repetition* 

^m^^w p f, <snT^ ^cvns ^/7, an alternative, consequential 

step or measure, secondary injunction. 

«l^9t9, "mjf^ ^» an imitation. 

UTTtlt, coinciding, friendly, cooperating, assisting. 
r, ce|4t, a series, succession, method, order. 

^Ni^onA^» 'vft^nr, an index, table of contents. 

^n^tvH, ^^, pity, compassion, tenderness. 

91^199, at every instant, perpetually, contmually.. 
I, ^HMv, gone after, dependent on, attacl]QKl to* 

^mytti, ^PTtlW^y a following, a consequence. 

^Jtf, ^rnVQl, grace, favour, kindness; 

^li(^ ^m^, an attendant, follower. 


10 ^ 

'H^, ^tf^trlVi, younger, junior 

^R^4Nr, M<^ iiwf l , livittg upGtfii Sttp{K>rttd i>y> deptsi* 

dent on. 
^^wiy '•iffiifi, a conundiid, injunction^ 
"amr*!!, ^vfr^tfT) penitent, repentant, filted With t^gWt* 
"mfit^, c»lt«; ^Wt^BW, repentance, regret, rfimotfte. 
'•npf?, ^^» lank, thin. ' 
^f^^, «ff%ffiF, daily, as constant as the day. 
"^f^tf^S, ^T^, longitudinal* 

^TQriTC, ^iif^nt^> celibacy. [flexion, consideration. 

^rorW^f •PvfJ.iPf; wrtwW, a pursuit,' running after, re- 
^9niy[^, ^, humility, aubmission, intreaty. 
^il!(;^9n9, TWit^ pioportioni, arithmetical proportioa. 
^iHfrvtt^^ ^ «tM» a small crime, renial fault 
'«9ii;«ttir, ^n^ 'V^T^, a veMole for medicine. 
^«i^, ntHf «nplHf, lateral, 

^nrtttH, ^H^iyw , a foUowuig another into ii place. 
^ifi[^tf?pT, '«r^il1^,4^t9i *lf|td|ir, tardy exertion, labour i^ier 

a thing is done. [versaw 

^f^iSTf , ^ ^VT^, latitudinal, following the width, tnms^ 
q^fn(^9f3(, dft^^iiiii, yearly, annual, [quence of something'^ 
^n^*?^, ^nr4^9 related to, bound or connect^ in conee* 
^^i^TPQ, ^^; ^in(, an oience, guilt; a root,, affix. 
^ISC^^W, ij^fiTtBt, a following^ a being consequent, attea* 

dance, complaisance. • [the Veda* 

^R^;^t7, cat<>"l, <s|4^ an explanatory text or sentence from 
HH*(4tif, <?ri^P^, a response, abusive reply, quotatkm. 
^rat?'^* •W*w, a.consequenoei, a following. 
%7^C^^,. 4>1^» ^^>ii^[^i7^» a reeoUeetion,, reviving of ideas, 

^R^n9?, artW«t«, appre^nsic^, comprehensiou, guess, in«» 

£^nce, sHppositicm, hypothesis, experience^. 
^n^iitw, ^^ ^m^^rt^ ; fWf , firm opinion, certaiaty, indica** 

tipn, hint* [eated, &o. 

^^T*^* 'rt^ itn wWi experienced, felt, guessed, indi* 
^>snre» ^P^ allowed, permitted^ 

^f^^ 3ra1%y ^vtW, apermiftdon^ oommand, advice. 

^^VKtt ^'wif^l*^, ODe wbo orden or pemits. 

^Wif •WP^Vi* a widow's burning on a separate pile 

from her deceased husband, 
^i^^rt^^ |fVi K?t f^4v» an inference, guess, hypotiiesis* 
^i^aft^R, "^If^ 99r<i, a leading to ao inference, a causinf 

to infer. 
^^^ '^^ttflrtt, a woman who bums on a separate pile, 
'ttiww*!, •flPiwtCT icvM •ft^^, to receive pleasure Aom 

^t^T^f *P*^l4f> following, arising m a consequence, 
im^nr^, ^i*M7, a reproof) reprehension. 
^ITIRP, ^1^^, attached; fond, enaRK>ured. 
^vir?if ^» ^i^^*^^tilf^> attachment, delight in, fondBesa% 
4)^, complied with, acquiesced in, conceded to^ 
r, T0H% corresponding, reseniMkig, like. 
^R^nitV, ^^c^l^y <sf^9> expectation^ waiting for, partiality 

acquiescence, complaisance. 
n g ^t u pf^ ^nrcii^, a perfumed unguent; an anointment of 

the body, 
^iffrcsrtip, KUtlBii, fieworable, helping, going with the grain. 
^R^, 4f»WW ; ctnnw, repentance, revenge, ancient en- 
mity, an object of pursuit. 
^qr«itfnr, irftf^ 9?«i, the giving rules for acquiring a sci* 

ence ; to discipline. 
W!;1H^, %»IWWt^ , docile, teachable, subject to rules. 
m^ J ilm^ q^tcvrtm, attention, study, devotedness to* 
^W![r"irf, •t""rtW^, repentance, regret, remorse. 
^eM, 4gRi^, learned by dictation, or hearing repeated. 
^if^Wy 'iwVy 4^?9 agreemenjt of a word with succeeding 

words, attachment, love. 
«nnn9, < tn^n#, a wetting or watering again. 
^ncJrpr, ^rt!W; ^«<Ww, a doing or practieing, practice, 

commencement, application, diligence, topic, 


^R^nn^f ^>m^% aim^ search, research, scratiay, enquir]f« 



^if^9q[ii, •jiWtjirT, following after. 

^np<t?» ^[l^ii^ similarity, a consequence, accordance. 

^ft^VJf^y W^, the occasioning of reflection on a subject; 


^t(-»l»*il, ftn^^, reflexion, indication. 

^if^r, ort^, coarse, gross, thick, entire, close. 

^•rc^t, Wf(^f WW?, wet, watery, overflowed. 

^BH^, ^, many, much. 

^IC«T7^, w^, an elephant. 

^(riRB*^, ^r"t^iiic*t, by large numbers or quantities. 

^^C^^, ^^fM» unprecedented, unparallelled; 

^m, ic^'^t^; ^, near; an end, death, ptef. inward^ 

^n^, y within, inwardly, inner. 

^^«i9|[^, H^, iffb f^» the heart, will. 

^mt<tf > ^Si^ ^S, inner or women's apartments, seraglio* 

^rei<rii, I^W, acquainted with the heart, knowing the 


^Wt^, <W^, pregriant. [idea. 

^^sutflivr, "m^^ subterraneous water ; a secret, concealed 

^m^y '^(ftftHf mortal, deadly, ending ; death. 

^9aRi» ^^i ^^^; ^f within, between, on the margin,. 

opportunely; interval, distance, midst, out- 
side, opportunity, the supreme soul; differ- 
ence, remainder, sake, behalf; own, similar; 
ad. without, except, and, moreover. 

^mffy ^^tl)7; ^^vf^vtflfy a relative, near friend, intimate. 

^m^, <[pi ; Vif^f inclusiveness, exclusiveness, distance^ 

inwardness, outwardness. 

mvjrl, w; ; f^Rsfe, between, near, except ; a line in poetry* 

^mit^,.#^nvl> the inward spirit, the soul. 

^W5t*t^i1> *rf^%, pregnant. 

^I99t?, xmt^, an impediment, obstacle. 

"mutn, ^^/^, a space between two objects. 

'Wl^, '«P9?t^,-^»rW*ft the sky, atmosphere. 

'iwfl^f, ^^, dried up, left dry ; a head-land* 

"^^sflir, ^Wj, an inner garment; inner. 

^Wjn, ^PSC9 ; tWr, ti^rithin, between, except. 
^V^ «nit^, included, forgotten. [mind. 

^wNh, iiCTtJiiWWnr, a producing in, or working on the 
^ntkf T?W9m, water absa^ed by tl^ earth m passing off 

subtenran^usly ; half-inuners^ed. 
^i««i, "^vsvT^, ^fM^9 a disappearing, vanishing. 
^^ ^*tff ' invisibility, a concealed state. 
^n4rt^, W^i^^9\f inward meditation; contemplation* 
'WW^r, ^N^3WW, <CTtOT^, an existing inwardly, or within. 
^fiwif, "mvfWf — ^'rt^',^! VT^, inward or mental worship. 
iWW5r, Tirtfg, a pervadingsr • 
"mfi^ ^rtflnif vanished, disappeared. 
"vDrt, 9i4t9t, near, contiguous,. proximate, 
'ifiw, 5JW, very near, last, ulterior, 
^vnt^, ^T7, a disciple r« an outcsiBt. 
^;, o>n^, last, ultimate. 
^■iWl^, «n irnpnf^, a last or funeral sacrificie. 
V, ^4t^, the entrails^ bowels, viscera. 
^^^» H»llMWi* , an ornament for a woman's fitot, a chains 
'W, r^"ai5t«r, blind ; overgrown with weeds or bushes. 
^n^Fi?, CW0IWW, darkness. 
^iCTl, ^iW, blind. 
^Wi^, <lt»/, food. 

^iflitni, f^, a chink, crevice, flaw, flaw in one's conduct. 
^f ^t9 ^9^^tt^f boiled rice, food in general, 
^nn^, "^Tt^irtsi, an eye-servant, regarding only his food. 
^amSf ''^V^im^ni, Bramha a^ identified with food. 
^»niww, ^nr^Wr* ^% the providing of food, abundance. 
^WW, ^icirafBWt^, chyle. 
^WW C9t^, an eater. 
^mtWWwi, ^rt?/wt*1^**1, Brahma as identified with the 

food and the eater. 
^Tit?tft, C¥tw\, eating food ; an eater,, 
^^/, t%f, another, other, difierent.. 
^Wfltft, ^/ftWft, going to others, adulterous. 
'^/^» ^pf9, l%nr, another^ other* 


^l^mi, 'mc^'KWtWf ««P, one of severdi, the be^t of all. 
"^t^mf, fC!9 ^ttv 49» one of two, rather, either, other. 

n^fvn, ^n ^PPtf , Pms, the contrary, reverse, a differmt 

]dea> diflferent conduct; contrary, different; 
contrarywise, differently, 

^inr/4s(ifl, •unnfi previously betrothed to another man. 

^Ri^«^, ?W, a crow. 

^^v/«^r% vpr/lkw, thinking on something else, absentt 

absoibed in other thoughts, averse. 

^r^il^, ^^S <cm?, otherwise, yet, in another respect. 

^(7/1^, ^«[^/1^, 1%mc*f, otherwise, in another manner* 

^sw/fv, fi^s(^SMl#, others. 

^sipr/^i, l^fWtCif, on another day, at another time. 

^f^fX^ff ^tr^> mutual, reciprocal. 

^WW, •t^»t*r, following. 

^ra?» ?•*!, ^, race, lineage, regimen in grammar, a cod'* 

sequence or conclusion in logic. 

^snrfr, ^vfM^, agreeing with, following upon. 

^W^, «r5flt. daily. 

^RftRTy cit^t^?^, the connecting of succeeding objects in 

writing or discburse. 

^smtk, <M^ ^itftc ^^* a deposit made with one for ulti- 
mate deposit with another. 

"HMirif^M, ^ei^l^, latitudinal, following the width. 

^tlW, ^*I%BM? srtN ^•^ ^tifW, brought in contact with 

the right, (spoken of the left h^nd, in con- 

^ntrN/t ^>rt1^, monthly obsequies to ancestors. 

^iTVtl^, ^S^ti ^rtftf^, deposited for ultimate defivety to 


^9g^, f^> connected, agreeing with, inherent, fraught 

with, possessed of. 

^nw^l^ 'TSjnit^, search, research, enquiry. 

%r*^ mi, "water. 

^W, ^sr;* ftW V^ CftK^ •ff , pre/, away from, ill, eviL 


^mfi, "ilMt ^% ta do wrong, Imiden obstroct 
vBfim\ ^f^t^t, evU teodency, wrong bias, pre-obsenrance. 
^m^% WPr/t9iR*R« ^% ui unftur seizing, a biassing, 

a drawing from what is rigfaU 
^'i^iiV, ^Kl^^S^tir, indelible stain, blot^ disgrace, 
^mm, ^tf^t ««(%, hindrance, detriments injury. 
wf^lPw, fj^, Ul-feme, infamy^ 
^nwi, •WJPr, a withdrawing, flight, retreat. 
^•fiRPi, .^l?Wf chyle. 

vrvfifHt, "^vi^ €«t#» feeding on raw food or cmripe fruits. 
^nn^, «t^, departure, deviation, 
^rttpr, inm, a member, Umb. 
w^Rts, ^, murder, tragical or suddendeatb. 
^niFf , wfii, loss, detriment^ dispersion, waste. 
^Wsti, ^sww, indigestion. 
mm^lfl , ^, ors, an apparition, phantom, unhealthy or 

injurious shadow. 

mmf, ♦p, vrjl, a duM. 
^Wi, nt^l^, bashfulness. 

mm9llH% wm^f bashful. [ploy; areptUe. 

^IW, ^itVitl^; Wt/v# without feet, out of office or em- 
^i*l«pr, ^nflN, a finished work, approved occupation. 
H i liti i (' , 'm:«t«r/;^rv(, nothing, vanity; unfit, incompetent. 
qjfVRf^, inrs^rtN^ ttW l*WWft, apparition, ghost, 
^ipiapt, ^, pretext, pretence. [cursings 

nffph^, <Ni^; ^HWft, breaking to pieces, abhorring, 
^n^priw, m«, a taking from ; act of dying. [ground. 
^■mijWr, '•wnrlinr,-^«rtiWt<^, a dashing or beating dn the 
^^niff f^f detachment from matter, beatitude. 
mi^Sf 9i*a^ ^, an abridging. 
^rnitV, l^nn; ^«Nrt1%, accusation, libel. 
^ Hff , ^^vvt^Fjn^ a deduction. 
1Hft%, |f^, pulverized, broken small. 
^WVf, ^^IWI, prodigality, profuse expenditure. 
mW Wi i ^«3fitfQ«;, low, vulgar, contemptible, or obscene 


1ft ^w 


^"^V*'' l^^ ^^' ^^ common vulgar talk, low iemrr 

fulU want of success, failure. - w 

^•(viirrsr, f^59«;?, dishonour, insult, disgrace, affront. 

^M^, qrt^ ^if^SCjiC^ i^'fj, inauspicious or untimely death. 

^Wj, ^vrx, other, another. 

^ Hvljtc^ t ^, ^ ^ JW t ^ P ; ^I?cirt9, other ]!)eople, anoth^ wortd« 

^(*t9?t9, Tif^diVt^, the end of the night. 

^^Rt*^, Pnns, continual. 

^WirW, •TW, ^^oms w4, a fkult, guilt, sin. 

iWSt*, ^Wittft, nt^^t, guilty, faulty, criminal 

^WJI^, ^^•fr, afternoon. 

^W?t^««r, bwtlSw, belonging to the afternoon^ 

tfiW^tW, ^Rftj ^rR/«rU original or unchanged stat^ j un- 

v^vtmi, 4j^^ affected, pained, distressed. 

^ii^t?!^, ^m*mjr, preternatural, ugly, distorted, cfueer. 

^^iRpr*, ^tjfilr^, the morrow, day fallowing, 

^^% ^t^3i^f^^fj(^'9f[^^, leaflets, an incomplete num* 

ber. [denying. 

^Rft^l^R, ^tf^RtWy a slandering, belieing, talking: somdal^ 

"^9(9!?;, ^t^rrVy the left hand or side. 

«pt^«i, «r^, ^Wtiw,, a withdrawing, retreating.. 

^snwit?, ^^^tert^, epilepsy., ' 

qi(9tinrir, l[^n, a killing, murdering. 

qi(9|^ci, c^,^/, plundering, purloining, unfair taking. 

.5i|9|^, f^1,^a murderer. 

^H«flrt?f, ^^V» pillage, plunder, depredation, robbery.. 

^»P1^, c^^/, iR»t3rt% denial, concealment. 

^WT^JPrPc, ^PJCB, the sea. 

^r^rw, ^^ "^W ^t, the outer comer of the eye, small 

circle on the forehead : lame, ugly, deformed. 

qijfitWW^* ^f^^T, glance, imperfect view. [writing. 

*^R^» fSr^l ^, false reading, interpolation, unauthentic 

58Wtirpr, Jl?w, ^«i, a taking from, origin. 

^V^tt^, tlt^ apt, the anus, a not drinking, air inhaled. 

^il^t^fV, ^^f^rjpv, unrestrained. 


^Wtfv ApvH» hindrance^ obstruction, death. 

^, «, also, and, likewise, moreover; pref. over; 

"^^f ^rt^* — ^'rt?, moreover, also, and. - 

''••W^, •fiwpf, a covering. 

'JPR^ '•raiftWi; covered with armour, accoutred^ 

^^, f^^, bread, a cake. [eminent; fate, destiny i^ 

if^, ^i, ^TOf, unprecedented, uncommon, excellent, 

"^^t^T^, ^^7t«l, afternoon; without a forenoon. 

^W^, ^if^cjrt^t, ^JirMtft^, expectant, expecting, requisite^ 

'W^, "vf^itK, 'irWl,. expectation, hope, dependance, 

need, remains of food &c.; than, rather. 
'Wv^i, ipRIW^, an expecting or waiting for. [sion. 
"^Wt?, f^4?, PnH^, an ascert£uningby inv€stigation,:deci* 
^^t^, ^9, wnt^t, the sea, the lord of waters. 
'^Wf\9 ^^c^il, female demigods,, dancers, and courte* 

zans of heaven. [now.. 

^w, ^m^^ '^ft^V^ "W, pre/, away, down, ill, bad ; adv. 
"SRT^, ^^t^RRl, W^9 aflattering, fulsome flattery, low t^lk.. 
^¥^9?, >a< | 4HH l, sweepings, refuse, dust, a dunghill. 
^iRW=r, B^, a spinning wheel. 
^R93R, ^^H7, a making false or useless calculations.. 
^iwtM, ^TCT?, leisure, opportunity. [temned-. 

^an^i5, " 4JRfi^ cnr> dishevelled, unreasonable, con-. 
^< ^ i^ > ftffef^, an improper complaining, quetulousness.. 
^irw*^, ^^wfifH^ ^ifiwl, a shriAcing from, fear, distress,. 
• agitation. 


^^PWR, ^j?, a disagreeable noise, croaking,^^ howling^ 

^5s^^ ^f^^, iw, removed,, expelled^ rejected. 
^44*^«< , ^Wi^j[| >y 3PirT, a loud and clamorous weeping. 
^44*9, PsRiPP?, an unfair purchase. 
^^3Pt^,. ^^f>ra c^psrl, rough play, unfair play. 

I, ^uRsjI-pre:^, unnecessarily or unseasonably enraged. 

t, ^jr^tlr, expressed by yells or howling, howled Qver^ 
^r^, ^(pf, discord in music, sound of a lute*. 

* 18 ^'Wft 

«rc^^» ' e»i^^» aravenaua appetite. [saroasm. 

^>r^c^^^ ^fn^F^ ?/W/» a careless or unskilful tbrow, irony* 
^^^<t«^, ttinr, to dig, break unskilfully, mangle. 
^•ni^tt^, ttW, a dangerous piu 
'iTO^^ ^f39« «itf, foul play. 

^^^^lfH«, "Uttf^^ despised, disregarded, miscalcttlated. 
^«R9M, f^^, an infant. 

^nMir, «rt^, knowledge, acquaintance with, 
^n^t^, ^fC9, ^ft7> bathed, immersed. 
^ir^fttT^, ^BTt^, ^. a bathing, immersion, ablution. 
'iWlH ^^WtfA^rt,— cflii^, a veil. 
''TO^ItFj, ^nwPro, dimly ^or imperfectly perceived. 
^«TO^^, ^^t^, a lifting the hand or weapon to strike. 
^>Rir^, "^ffl^^ bad or irregular workmanship^ an entan- 
gling, irregular writing. 
^RJTIF, ^i(^^, "vc^rf^, drought; an elephant's forehead. 
HR^^t^, ^ifvnt^ Vi, a mortal blow, murder. 
^ni^«C iMlW, a whirlpool, a careless or unskilful whirling. 
^^^t^, f^ivf^ ^tWr a disagreeable smell. 
^R^«r, ^if9C^ ^•C coarse powder, [unlawful endeavour. 
q^r^CF^I, '«rt^rtf^¥^> awkward or uncouth action, awkward or 
^»f?CTP?, ^fWI, <W/«, a limit, boundary. 
^ 4g*^ki44M ; ^^"^f 'ff'CT'/, the whole of any thing. 
^9(^4y ^«l^lr, decrepid, withered with age. 
^ir^wl, ^■Kt??, fl[^, disregard, contempt, despite. 
^^, ^, f^, a hole, cavei:n, cavity. 
^TO-,if, ;f>?1, irPi, a crest, ear-ring, gem, gold, ray, rein. 
^^WT, c^1?^9 gloom, imperfect darkness. 
^I?^rpr, ^tirf^, an awning. 

^r^TSt?, of^'Sft^ if^/ttl^ i5C*t ^^t^, a descent, incarnation. 
'iR^SPl^, c^rtwl; c#i*, a quotation, a boat. 
iR^% ^*lf^f descended, incarnate. 
^nv, f^mtlf^i offered, immolated. 
^»(^^, ^A^, decrepid. 
^riirr*r, ^^«f, ?!*», oblation, immolation. 
^<fl ftat*i, ^^tf^, torn, rent, cleft, cracked. 

^U 19 

^^m, ^i^^nf^, regretted, tepented 6f. 

^RDTil^, ^N^^* a glimmering, faint light. 

^f^W9, c^n^mttii ^mtfW9, fled in disorder, imperfectly melt- 
ed or dissolved. 

^^nt^, afC^rtnt^, attention, care, regard. [phaais. 

^wn?^, W*^, fl|? ^rit a settling, determining on, em* 

fRc, •«/¥, extremity, limit, border; to, from. 

^^1^, ^R«t^, undervalued, despised, contemned. 

'W^, vt»/tW^, devoted to God, but regardless of ce- 

^v^^t *<f|l^> shaken Out, brushed. 

^fK^4^, ^f^^ "Mr, a harsh discordant sound. 

^*rt?, ^tirTT, rtw, a causing to descend, throwing down, 

dislike, hatred. [ftiUy* 

"V^TRf, ^wcn ^«ift1^ ^(tW^, a girding on of armour unskil- 

^■wPr, ^|fl|^, the earth, the world. 

^(?nv, ^m^ns ^nF^ltit, a useless partisan, useless wing. 

^V^*n«r, ^ttiiirfl;^, without a keeper or protector, neglected. 

^V^^» f^f^y accusation, reproai[;h, command, friendship^ 


^•RfS, ''rti^tfl^s, covered, prote<ited. 

^«NC4k«f, c^% to encircle, surround, swftthe. [judice* 

^innn, ^nMiilpr, imperfect idea, false judgment, pre- 

^iRVT^, ^(?«t>i,-^'rt?1, deceptive or false appearance. 

"iR^tl, 0\ 1 lHv9i ^t^nrt^, ablution after a sacrifice. 

^im, ^tc^s fif^, a solar day; vile, bad, inferior. 

^^^3^, ^(^M ; ^^19, contempt ; a master, lord. 

^^mt^, ^</l(%9 dishonour, disgrace. [dbwnwards^ 

^^W l g , ^f» ft? [WS t, hanging or falling with the head 

"vr^, ^j deflowered, forced, defiled. 

^n9^, "^m, a limb, member, part, feature. 

^Rrt, 'HWftl^, made up of parts or members. 

^^njr, ?rt^, younger, posterior, inferior, least. 

^VK, desisted, ceased. 

^R^Hnrt^ , — ^•m^ , afterwards^ beneath, subsequentij. 

^^nVL fkif, unpleasant taste ; ill-tasted, tasted 
^ c2 

20, '■»a(y 

^■r?C?rtK, ^'W^Sl, a blockade, shutting up, siege, preveuliott, 

coverlid, queen's apartments^ 

^4C<I^, TtiR, ^^Tt^tiR, a descent, an alighting. 

^^WW, Prftrs^rwl, false modesty, improper shame. 

^^'W, ^'Sftf, a prop, support, fulcrum, perpettdiculafv 

^W^, ^<4?, ^* a prop, support; <S(- to apply a prop; 

7- to take as a support, maintain^ depend on. 

^wrl, ?«r^W ; ''rtst, weak ; a woman. [to brands 

^■wrt*^, ?rtlf^ ^R^ ft^ ?rttff , to fix a mark of disgrace, 

^«Rl4rtl, ^n5/fip5, smeared over, anointed, proud, conceited. 

^RCT?, 51^, the lapping of a liquid; a lozenge. 

^•RCTPPr, w^, to look at, survey. 

^ir?rw, rt^-^f, residue, remnant, surplus, last remains. 

^TW/, Wrt^F^/, certain, necessary; certainly, neces- 

^W^/¥^, WTlWvsl, necessity, importance, urgency. 

^^fTPt "^W, •it^'T, frost, cold, pride. 

^^9, c?f^^, surrounded, near, supported, protected^ 

^^^¥, ^9^9 ^f^> beginning, intimation, excellence, 

symmetry, a pillar. 

'iR^, ^BR^** — ^, *Wt^, inferiorly, after, beneath, belund; 

^W^^, ''T^^W, house, residence, town. [poor: 

^(?nFfir, <stt9> wearied, exhausted ,,relaxed, decayed, ended, 

^BT^nj, ^sR^W, leisure, opportunity. 

^?irti?, «9ttf^> ^tf^, weariness, lassitude, flaccidity. 

^r^[j[f', '•c?^,-^^* exit, extinction, end, decline, deci- 
sion, decay. 

iw^<i, ^'^J*!, to dislodge, cause to remove, disband. 

^^WC^r?, TM/, destructible, mortal, ruinable. 

si^^^, ?rN, a camp. 

^{^iR^, «ti^, <1fi[f9<i, to refute, repel. 

^in^, ^^, sweepings, refuse, ordure. 

^ir^9 W^ ; ^*n> condition, situation, state, trouble. 

«9?^[t7, f^, a lodging, residing, settling, residence. 

^nft^pr, f^ ^99t^> to settle, fix, establish. 

^"v^I^^ ^^^r^> residence, dwelling, settlement. 

^■i*^, ^^f harah sound, noise, howl, yell. 

^^^"97, w[W^, to pound or thresh, Unhusk. 

''Wfl, fi^, not passing away or flowing on, permanent. 

"^^X^, 4^,arti^, a removing or taldng away, forgiveness. 

^V^f^. WW^S, dissimulation, concealed conduct. 

'RRT^, ^ra:^, — ^R^^tRT, disregard of authority, contempt, 

^^f ?f9:nt!|^, speechless, mute; beneath, below. 
'*l4l*Pl|rtt, ^4H^* 1 ? , hanging with the head downwards, 
^^t**, Pnrt«, 7^, bowed, hanging down, nodding. 
^^?T#t, ?(^«i, south, the south. 

^^, ^vf^^l, a saying of no authority, non^contradictioa. 
^'^^TW, ^W?^, '■C^/, included, intervolved. 
^■W^, ^Wfitttl, re-obtained, recovered, transplanted. 
^^^, '^♦tnr, the hither side of a. river, 
^vf?, am, a sheep, mountain, the sua, preservation. 
^[ft^, cn^m, a flock of sheep, 
"^tf^, ^9K^y similar, common, undistinguished. 
^^, ^mf^lTW, want of method or distinction, 
^^f 9V^pn, a woman in her courses. 
^lHjl, •tft<dt«i?fi[NBl, a woman without husband or son. ' 
^i^VW^y W^, a surveying, inspection. [spectiou. 

^^^^W« Vt^, nc^tc^^f, attention, fixedness of mind, in- 
^f ^V, ^n, the moon, a conch, a lotus, 
''fyft, •IfiRt, abed of lotuses. 
^hHR*, 1p6, the sun. 
'■wr. ^'Ht (^f a year, aera ; a cloud. 
^ifl» ^^^> the sea, a receptacle of water. 
in[, on, a cloud. 

^q^, ^•JfJiW, — ^iTOW, not speaking; an infant. 
^•W?W, 'WWT?, a jewel, ornament. 
^"mv^ '^SMHJH\M^ , non-existence, deficiency, failure. 
^ffs^f "^l^mO, desirous, lustful. 
^R%^, i««l, «iir^, appellation, name, beauty. 
^^90^, fk^ fUnr, motion towards, a going to. 
^■l^^^f ^n*(, ^^» destruction^ murder. 

22 ^^f% 

^•rt^Ffj, ^r|»ft5 WItfl*, an incantation to, injure or destroy. 

'•rt^WR, ^IfiWT, a family, heitd of a family, birth-place, 

family residence, 

^iinnRfi, TfoHv, nobly *born, fit, learned. 

^(f^BfV, '^if^^, wise, learned, acquainted with. 

^Rfb«t^, ^(^ic^, f^f conviction, certainty, token, sign, 

signal, flag. 

%i1%^s, Ffl^ly, round about, in frofiit, swiftly, wholly. 

^i^Ftrt, ^iRf^trt^j^-^^^l, wft, word, name, appellation, vo- 
cabulary, explanation. 

^rI^K?, "firiRr «rftnW/, ^W, the thing to be explained or 

sjpoken, a name; explicable, fit to be spoken. 

^Rl^^/I, *f?3R/tWWft^, a coveting what is another's. 

^rt^nrc, "H^w, new, recent. 

^Hl^f^, ^W, a representation, theatrical entertainment* 

^RlWmM, i?crtwt^, engagedness of mind, devotedness 

to, zeal. 

'i^fiif^Wffs, ^/r«, shed abroad upon (as the solar rays). 

'srtWnif^, «nrtf^, conclusion, termination, decision. 

^l^(:-i>4l, ^»^5t?w, an actor in a drama. 

^rt^Rcnr, ^'^t^RforW/, proper to be represented; a cha- 
racter or part in a drama, [ed in calamity. 

^rt^<W, ^5^^, subdued, fugitive, refugee, guilty, involv- 

Il*«tt?, ^5t^*t^, a design, object, scope, moral. 

^f^W^, Wf^, intended, designed, aimed at. [ence. 

^f^^lW, *tfJfM4?f^^ «r^tir, salutation, prostration, rever- 

^rtWt^, '^^flfiiV, punctual in sacred and moral actions. 

^t^W^, .«t^H, revelation, declaration, expression, a ma- 
king evident, [tact. 

^iWroif^, r*i*^l*liR, a flowing spreading towards, con- 

^9(f*9^f ♦tSt'f?, a subduing, humbling, defeat, conquest. 

^rt'tein, »nw, iic»rpft^, approved, chosen. 

^ [formula. 

^I^ii4«i, If*'*!?, a consecration, benediction by religious 
^^l^iw<i, ^IW^^ w^, to lick the lips, express, thresh ; 



iif%«t7, ^%|4, piide» selfeateem, mdindwil conseioua* 

iie$s, sullen refientment of an affiront* 

^lAiMr, ^*» facing, appf oaching ; towards. 

^i(*wt^, «ltW^, U^f an application of one thing to an- 
other, attack in war, sueing at law, perseverance. 

'^Rflw, ^UNW^ t>, ^m^, 2ealoas,deHghted with,devoted to. 

'i^irtw, nc^nn'y *»/, beautiful, engaging, agreeable. 

^^fe*ft, ■'TJ^l, ^, taste, relish, inclination, delight, at- 

'rt^'lt^, "^^t ^^f wish, desire, lust. 

^RK#wt*<, f^iM ^% tQ write down, to insert. 

^iftptff , fsnri, censure, blume, reproach, accusatien. 

^irf«m*f, ^rf^^^l, » qurse, imprecatum, malediction. 

^rf^H^, MS9if ^s^f^rt^, ablution, previous to a sacrifice, dia>- 


^rf^Fc^^y ^ii7tW^« installation by anointing. 

iri^n^iw, «13^ Jtl^ «nftir, a march to repel an enemy . 

«v^^, ^pu^Hf flattered, praised, appliyoded. 

^r%^, djTf , a joint, juncture. 

^lf%sT«prt9, "srf^t^ curse, imprecatioa, war, devastation. 

^R%3qr, ^/At^, fiiar, a follower, attendant^ companion, ally. 

^^^^, wtC3a%^ 'iW^, idem; an assignation (of lovers). 

^^1^1^, ^«, 4^Ptm9, sp^^en, disclosed. 

^fcSt^, ^9f^9 wanton, lascivious, 

^^tn ^(^f repeatedly, frequently, again and again. 

^FiM^srs, "V^^, ^t%9> desired, wii^d for, agreeable. 

^ic^, <it9f, similarity; similar, alike, indiacriminable. 

^Ti/W, ^r¥;«p^, — ^^OTCT^R, unction, anointing. 

^79/ft9^i^, ^fH^w^v, attended with more advantage. 

^^ilpt^> ^r^[^, permission, consent. 

^^/«7» ^^S, inward, internal. 

^nf^f% ^W^f act of taking or eating food. 

^mv/«r, f^^, near, approached. 

^l^/^fsrt, «rtt6r|, a petition, request, welcoming. 

^HG^/tfiv, "^Tsft, a guest; come, approached, descended, 



^"W/t^lt^ , ^'rW?, misfortune, ruin, disappointweilt. 
^^[^/t^, y(^F^^ frequent repetition, study, pains, practice, 
^"i^j^g, ^wrl, a rising towards, rising to welcome, pre- 

^Tfi^W, 'wrr^> welfare, happiness, prosperity. 
Wf/Tftinw, ^cife? ^Jft^<l, an exemplification by the opposite* 
^j<tsWv #rt?[» consent^ acquiescenqe^, concession, ad^ 


^rg;/^ITf, cjc^^rr?, a good expedient or methoid. 

^sr^, en, the sky, a cloud; taUk mineral. 

^9({^ onrats, produced from the sky or clouds. 

^, ^4)^, ;9^, swiftness; quick, small. 

^W, iW, ^Wl^, raw, unbaked (pottery), unripe.. 

^R^, "^m^, disapprobation, dislike. 

^WCT, ^W, a vessel. 

^8W^, «ii9^, *ii^ 4Wtjr, thus, so. 

"sfSTf^, vn^ fnrt^vr/, thus, so, the same, gratis, g^tuitous^ 

^W?, f^S ; f^?Tf^^» immortal, permanent ; a god. 

^R?t^$, tc44 <t$t, the residence of Indra, abounding^ 

with immortals, 
^msr^ ^^Sf^> c^^' displeasure, impatience, anger. 
^9^% ^i, captPrs, displeased, fretful, angry, impatient^ 
^W, PR^; 5ir«r, near ; with ; edge of the new moon. 
^Rts;, T^, firar, a friend, adviser, courtier, statesman, 
^wrt^il, ^»wWTr>,^ «rf55*t^, change of the moon, day of the- 
^wtJrtt, ^5^jrWfit, S new moon. 

^»wf?, ?t^fSRf, real, free from illusion or sorcery.. 
^■rfsRH, '«nj^, nectar, water of life. 
■ ^Wt, ^tt^, "^(^9 sick, diseased. 
^^f fftf^j ^<ft.^, such a one, a certain person. 
^war, «t?CTTW, in another state or world. 
^r«T, tflsipr, o^^^P^ttj, thus, in the same manner, as, gratis. 
^<J, ^t?^; ^^, not dead ; ambrosia, water, poison, im- 
^f5, ^rt^^fpJi, an oblong drinking vessel. 
*CTV, "'J^?, impure, unclean, ordure, impurity. 

iKt>, vfj WV, an «ye. [bergris. 

M7. ^iifTri. on, the sky, ii cloud, cbtton, clothing, am* 
^(fw. ^, '»rt,— ^, acid, sour. 
ffi, W^W, '(fiftnrt, — nw, a mother. 

^, Wf, water. 

^^» n«r, ra[> the water-lily» the mooa. 

'rw, ^"T^* — ^'''» a cloud. 

Mfir, ^^ca, the sea- 

^1^^, ow, a cloud. 

'i^, c^fffjtS, Wwl, a threshold. 

^f^, ^m, water. 

^inrni. •«, the water-lily. 

^Kwn, WW ; cw, giving water; a cl6ud. 

m^^Wj, ^iwlf^,— WTO, ow, holding water; t cloud* 

^fwf , iw^, WBnr; «^1> aqueous^ watery ; fipotii, apume. 

^rtw, a mango. 

^^, ambrosia, water of life. 

^, acid» sour, 
^inpl l^tRsft, the tamarind tree* 

^ly, '¥tW, good hick, fortunate turn. f portioned. 

w^v^, «i«rj/ ^'^^t dissimitari inconsistent, dispro- 
^nw, «W^, ^PR^T?, motion, course, a road, circuit, half 

a year. 
^TQifH, "«», ^^1 also, that also> even that. 
^i?f, <^f iron. 

^m^tv, fJW^IWti <wtr^> a sort of stone, the loadstone. 
^ic?t«, ^f ^•ilfl^ ^» a pestle, or irto pomted weapon. 
^ic?wsr, ftf^l^, Pnct*r, an anvil. 

^Nntf^, ^^m^rai, — c^tfsrf^ «rtv, not bom in the common 

way of generation, equivocally produced. 

^Tar, V», quick, speedy. 

OTMt^^W, a water plant, moss. [a well. 

«iin:^-7, vnt^^ii^, a machine for drawing water, apit» 
^int, *^[^, a bufialo. [by friction. 

"■Rf^t ^^m i^ic^ ^> a piece of dry wood to excite firi 
mw, vtp a forest, wikleniess, thicket. 


^«Rf^i1f^, ^?Wt?V, Wr??^, a large eytcfisivc forest 

^fS, .^^^^''t*** a long cubit. 

^»r?prt^, ^»wrpr, dishonor, disappointment, distress. 

*»nr?, ^»nrf3,— It?, /a door, . 

'irjtf^, 'BrfJt,— "TJ, an enemy. . ' , 

^fr, ^3ptf^, bent, CTQoked; rosin, pitch.. 

^'fipsr, ^, ^•i', a rudder, helpa. , 

'il^^, «rat, conquering; aconqueror^ . 

"^jlfipMf *^^' .srs/^otrn? 3rt^, an enemy *s friend or. ally; 

a sovereign v^hii^ .possQ$i4on4 ^bonjec o^ an 

enemy's territory, 
^k, ^^rpT^, ^FTOTPr, ^•rWif, happiness, pleasure^ womea's' 
. apartment, misery, calamity, signpf death> a 

crow, liquor. -^ 

'■n^\'^*> ^iW^rwj Pttjt^, eruption on the head or face. 
^^, ^«W^f, — ^^BTRTt^, ^; healthy, not diseased; a tree, 
^^B(9% ^PSS^, ^Sy the dawJQ ; the sun; .purple or favm colour* 
"^cwWy ^'OW?, — ^^F?[^t?t, corrosive, sharp, corroding, 
*i?5^, T3l, W^> a sore, wound, vital part ; the sun, 
^UTirt^t, ^n^Uf^, descending note in piusic^ 
W, "^f the sun, a specieis of plent. 
^^Af ftW, >a bar, bolt. 
W, ^q^rt, ^WR, adoration, respect ; a price. 
^»wr, ^^t?, .anoblatipw to a gttest or superior. . 
^^V, ^^W", ^TO^r, to worship, adore, pay homage^ 
^irft%, ^^w»> ^*» radiaijice, splendar, light, .flame. 
^m^y '^^'^9 tt) acQumulate, collect, acqu^jpe, 
'•Tl^, ^iP^*C white colour; whiter 

w^ ^5> tl^^ ocean, ft. spa. 

^<r^ «Pf, wateK 

^^, ^^j^^, wild, untamed (of animals). 

q^^sr,' Pn»f1, "%% ceniisure, reproach, hatred ; abborrence* 

^911^, ; V^^$ ^^r paift, ithe^end of a bow- .. 

"vS^if, . Wtw> •itf^, cake, gingerbread ; painecl. [meaning. 

•wd, . .'"«f*«ftfj ??, aec^pe, object, wqtive, reason, wealthy 

^^t, 'i»«fT*^, nai?)9ly,.tiz-» ift fact, in fine. 


«p6n, dert^, petitioD, request, scope/* dteiT^. 
m^, g lWtmHi^^ T, suitableness to a fnirpose.. 
^n^, fi^CTipr <iar, WRW, l"Wi^, petition, plea, declaration 

or extolling of an object bn-treaf ise. 
Ii6rpr, ^HHft^f t W«rT»l??, suited, answerini^- a purpose, 

relevant, apposite. 
^1^, ^Rf^, that is to say. 
^wrtw?, ^Rit^, otherwise. 
^rf*^5, ^IHRJ, desired, requested, petitioned. 
^Wt, ^tFP ; ^, supplicating, desirous, having an object 

to accomplish ; plaihtiff, petitioner; rich. 
^W, ^tflfsv, Uy be requested, desirable ; scope, end, 

object, desire. ; • ♦. 

^«nwi, ^rtr1,^W^1, request, prayer, beggings, suflTeHng. 
^(fi^ wt^, W*rt|;^, requested, &c., -tbrihented ; con- 

Tulsions^' . .' ' . 

^ ^9(tK\f half, jt^ref. out of tune, lispingly. [chariot. 
'■n^W^, i^^^irttHf «t*t,.a warrior fighting with a single 
^W&W, ir?tf^, midnight. 

^nplit?, *tff, ^«f«r«1, half the body, a wife, [half the crop. 
WSfttfH, ^ ^HW ^^W, cultivating for the landowner for 
^flhr, ^, ?|t, halfthe body, half one's self ; a wife. 
Wl<^^k^ , ft?«<?tH a voilent headache. 
«n^, ^«cr«rtflr, half and half, share and share alike. 
^nitl^ ^^^, a partner with an equal share. 
^itW, ^•«Wt*f,^^, half a thing, half. ' 
isic«>jL ^11^, a half moon, crescent. 
^V^ f*^ ^% «r?pr; to appoint, employ, <lelegate, 

make an oblation, place, deposit with, conir 
mit in charge, 
^wsr, ^Wt ; ^, a horse ; low, inferior, base. 
mp^, ^, prior, former, antecedent ; antecedently. 
^Wt*t«r, PniW, ^jv^sr, ^nw^r, contrary, opposed to,, modern, 

recent, unskilled, inexperienced ; contrariwise. 
^■wW fl, IW^ WT^, the young of an animal. 

^ ^t*, ^, a master, lord, owner;- a Vyse. 


S8 ^m 

^s^, ^r^ttton, the sun ; anceston as objectoofworship; 

^^^, ^<PFt?l it^v, to belong to, pertain, appertain, devolre; 

%P^ 5^1^ — ^^ittm* hemorrhoids or piles. 

^(4fi, ^ mi t^t ^s afflicted with the piles. 

^^ ^V9lfi(^Ftft, coming into possession, succeeding to 


^, ^Rtlfi,— CTt*;, right, fit, capable, liable to, belonging 

to, deserving of. 

^^f ^•f?^ ^:^> to be right, proper, becoming, or deser- 
ving of. [possible, probable. 

^ff^^, ^^^,— orrv, TPtf, capable, right, worthy, adorable 

^BUK, «1)9, ^, yellow orpiment ; sting of a bee, fang of 

8 centipede : a tenon. [mentally. 

mm^f ^^9 uselessly, in vain ; enough, sufficient ; ornar 

^RSTof^, ^'^% an ornamenting, adorning. * 

^W^, CTTI? c*t^, ^^f a ringlet, curl. 

«mv, ^sit9«, lac ; paper impregnated with lac. 

^vi94^» T^9 to adorn. 

^ir«rwt?sr, "S^^t^^* fond of ornaments, gaudy» shewy* 

^imrt?, "irr^jn, an ornament, ornament of speech. 

"^mmiy "^^Jf—^^f a jar, large pitcher. 

^sfir^, ^> ^"^l!!* stupid, ignorant, awkward, clumsy. 

%r9Rt«v» 'iVfX^i, a mound round the root of a tree« 

^RHOTTl, «JiWT^W, a hooka. 

^fm4, ^v^ ff^» a mad dog, white swallow- wort. 

^m^'^, ^% W» idle, slothful, indolent. 

«mF9, c*|t^Ft^» ^*nrt?» a firebrand, charcoal. 

^^Ht^, ^fi, the bottle-gourd plant and fruit. 

vtgki, ^^, V(f, a bee, scorpion, crow, cuckoo; wine. 

vt(^, fi^f 'Wlif, useless, in vain ; the forehead. 

^irflrf^, ^*lAi(1> the root of the tongue, epiglottis. 

^Rflpr, ^rtt, — ^^^W,.?»iWw, a centipede, scorpion, bee; 

stinging, having a sting. 

^srf^, i^t^6t^» a terrace. 

^>v#f, tW\, f^r|i|, false, useless, vain, trifling, not beloved . 

^^CI^FStf l^«/t^nT» falsehood, disagreeableness. 

^1^ ^iciit^Pft?^ not sufiering elision, not amiaiible. 

^^, ^lS^tH> , potatoe or other tuberous root. 

^^f *^^l^» loose, unconnected. 

^p*r, ftl^, smally few, little ; a little* 

Vfl^wr, "m^f^, avery few, afew. 

^(Mi, ^nwitlTHt-iift^, very small or few, minute, fewest* 

^Wt^,' "^iHlw, — '^S^tf^9 %^^» diminished, reduced^ 

lessened, become few. 

^■nt^, ^'W^ aiw\, by little and little, gradually. 

^n?, GVtBnr, to eat ; a meal, boiled rice. 

^W^t?1, T«n, wtucM^i , hunger, appetite. 

^^^, ^*Ttil, a thunderbolt. 

^nt]-7, ORftyj, unlawful, illegal, irregular, inconsistent. 

'W^ nf\n^^, an emerald. 

^r«si, C9tft, red chalk, red ochre. 

Wfw ^R^, — ^•IW*!, ^JW?, a stone. 

^r«i, ^, ^^nr, a portable hearth or fire-place. 

^rrotn, ttuccinr, pestle and mortar. 

w«ft, *tMft, the stone or gravel. 

^^, ^«fap, — CTart\, a tear. [comer, angle. 

^jftr, ^innr ^iW^r, «?, »t«i, edge^ or point of a sword, 

'rtRw, ^, «rtfs, vulgar, low, coarse (of language). 

^inr^, "■n^, ^i^V^, discord, dislike, separation, misun* 


ipt, Cflf^y c^tTl, a horse. 

wfBil, tr^, a mlile, a swift elephant. 

'p*^^, igWfPr, the neighing of a horse. [ing a horse. 

Wftsr, ^ilc>V9fiM^^, a day 8 journey for a horse ; bav- 

^qir, ^WK, medicine. 

^VfWf^f vrtv^l, *|f|^4sM, completeness, perfection. 

^titW, ^•liwiWf the eight members ; having the eight re- 

^i^tia^t ^<l%99, ^Mf defsrmed, bent in eight directions. 

wgkf ^if(t,^^i1f>, the stone of a fruit. [all over. 

^«^^, 5RFPI ftc*, 'wicir, on eight sides, on every part, 

^tflftWt, ^tflni^-cvtfe^ costiveness, constipation. 

^(^, *5rt^, often, repeatedly, frequently. 

^prst^, *fW, ^^f sin, turpitude, unholiness^ 

^ppr, cs|5^*i, to throw, cast. 

^^, ^, ascymetar. ^ 

^ifinft, '•W^^Kjj i?t^, a female servant in the seraglio^ 

^rtH^CT, ^^ WW* sugar-cane ; sword-blade, sheath. 

'•j^, «rt«i, '^^ life, breath ; swift. 

^Ti^, ^/, a daemon, evil spirit; very wicked. 

«l^C?1> ^rflt^f ^V^* detraction, slander, malice. 

^W^, '8C^/?v*f/, parhelion, destitute of the sun. 

^q^C^Wn/, ^R9t<t?f[r^ ^ftcvFtV, the wdmen of the seraglioii 

"m^, iW, blood. 

'iwi^'r^, JlCTtW, very beautiful, heart engaging. 

%nv, ^Vlfs(^, — ^^iC^y^^^ the setting of the heavenly bodies. 

^ni^, "^^91^, set, gone below the horizon. 

«l^f^, "^mt^f ^!R ^11^, the western mountains. 

^IK^ I H** ? "^(^f the setting of a luminary. 

^^i<^^ , ^iro^, setting, set. 

j*rf^, 9fMPs, '•(W^i present, now, at this time ; it is. 

^iflf, ^^, be it so, let it be.' . . [instrument^ 

^nr, ^tf^tl^, a missile weapon, arms, edge tool, sharp 

^'iraiW^W, iF5tflW^ fiWf/1, surgery. 

^Rfa^, ^^a[f^» skilled in arms, 

%n8^/, 'iraiifil^'W, a surgeon. 

"^(fppf ijt?ri^, unaccompanied by or without a wife. 

*Rn^» Xt'Wt^/, want of place, wrong place ; pudenda. 

'■r([T?, ^iT^* — ^TOT^K v6ry deep, unfathomable. 

'rf^, fV^y a bone. [the Ganges. 

^Riy^W*^, ^rtrW5 ft? ^fW ^-, to commit a man*s bones to 

TW^, ^■rt?t?W?[. "*»Wlllj^c*, in compos, our, us. 

^»r«l<?t?, ^^rtjCJQr, our, belonging to us. 

^■Pi/^, ^J^'C?, after this, hereafter. 

^W, "^ff^, i?f?r2i, not one's own ; pocJr, needy. 

^m^tt, ^^V, a bad or ominous dream,* want of sleep. 

^"P(^t^> ^T^» iU nature; profligate disposition. 

^ 81 

iwi, 5p<f5r, disi^eeable sound: ^ ' 

^^•^, ^HH^, — ^^RltSr, I. 

^\1' ^^> ^rtV«t<t, proud, sdf-important. 

^, ^i^, — ^flrtT, a day. . ^ 

iin«if^, IBP^", the sun, lord of the day. 

«(^Vt3, "^l^irt^, pride, self-importance, egotism, conscious^. 

^ess of separate existence. [vaunting. 

'Jfar^fSW, ^^rt^nrfW, egotism, vanity, mutual or military 
^^fiw; ^, egotisiq, pride, vanity. 
^<^^> ^«^^tir9V telf-love^ selfishness, self-^pinionatedness. 
^f(m, «rt%f!?^, daily, every day. • 
^»i?ft^, flfit?tfii, day and nighjt. 
'^^i, '«??^?,— W» ttie sun, 
^i!rw, «rt^«, «r^/^» the dawn, morning. 
^, ^, a serpent. [version^ 

'■i^f^^, >»T^/I* a juggler who exhibits serpents for di- 
^rtMy>ftl ^H ffl^ l^-^t^fmortal eninity,implacableness> 
^iQrw, ^f^fcw, 'itftaf, hood of the cobra capella; apoppy^ 

opium.. . - 

^rfflj^, T«wfW, ^t feeding on serpents; a peacock. 
^RFtlt, "^fS^KW, instantly, soon, presently. 


^nt«, "^fy to-day. 

^utI^, ^Hft^t^, unmarried. 

^fft^PT* ^^tiw, to come, approach* 

^, . ^rt^tn^t, a maternal grandmother. 

^H, t% a sugar-cane. 

^iref^r, ^esffr, — ^1^, to read, repeat, recite^ celebrate* 

^n<^ ^'(tfV, -shady, covered close, concealed. 

^«W«, ^rcr/tfsri, a welcome. 

^%f^f ^ffcvttt/, entitled to a diare,. relating to a share. 

Hir^, ^9^ a mark, numeral.figure, goal. . . 

^Ifil, . '^^f , w^ ah eya 

^, m«l, ^Srtw, flame,, heat. 

32 ^ttt 

^ftwrsr, OTtwHi^ji TCtpFM, to wash the mouth after eat> 

ing^ to sip water (in worship)^ to guess. 

i9tm-1, ^C3Rr oi^iwt^, border of a garment. 

^(Mw, ^If^, antimony, lead ore. [water» 

^H^(9rli ^Sff^i the palms of the hands joined so as to hold 

^^, »I9^^^I^» to bind, tighten, pull tight, speak sharply. 

^ttfSy 1H^? ^^^, ci^, the pining or wasting of a weaned 

child; envy. 

^^tf59l, ^nWr, a bull ; diseased from being weaned. 

^X?^, '^^^fl*, cw9t, pining (as a weaned child), envious. 

^il3, ^«iai, the bowels, entrails. 

^T^ ^P^^9 ^^^ room of a lying-in woman. 

^*^^T^, '^ ^% '•rt^^, to fear, dread ; horron 

^Wl, ^W, blind. 

^Kt?, ^TWt?! darkness, gloom. 

^f^f ^^ ^ mango. [of cloth, &c. 

^^, ^^, fibres in the bark of trees, or in fruits^ nap 

^Wff, '^^Irt,— H^riftMi, stringy, full of fibres. 

"vrt^it^lrv, ^^(^5' eating till overfilled. 

^^, ^si*^t^^i asking or praying but little; indifferent. 

^rt^, ^rtft, fcr> origin, root, source, spring, mine, quar- 
ry, grit, grittiness. 

^9<(^, cf^% to hear, listen. 

'•rtW, ^t[f<rt^, a tendril. 

^rM'^^ ^T^, ^% to draw, attract, seize, drag, plough* 

^irtwft, ^•W'W^, ftW-n* a spasm ; science, whatever engages 

the mind or attracts ; a tendril. 

^rwftJfr, ^»rtW^, attractive. 

^9fHKr7, fM^^^n^, unexpected, coming unexpectedly* 

^rW> ITl, a hearth, furnace, kiln. 

^rt<t?1-T, ^WTt^, strong, lusty, jolly, plump, imperfectly 

cleansed from the husk. 

^srW;jp, i^^l, «M/W1, desire, wish, expectation, hope. 

^It7t^» ^Rt^r^y drought, want of rain, cessation of 1 

shower, cessation from charity or other virtue. 

^l^Wi l ^^l ^ ^f^^« unshaven, not bereft of its iiugs. 

^t?ll» ff^ fbnn, sliape, figure, appearance, itatne, like-* 

^WJtR, ^^iliitiSp, beginning withmt. 
^"ftW, ^n/W?f^, ending with nH. 
^nt^f |!%%f, a famine. 

^t9tlSi9, ^unrf , premature, unseasonable, out of season. 

^tfM, ^Cr/> the sky, atmosphere, air, space. 

'fW^, ' ^^jn^ltCl ^, a light in the air, elevated tanthom; 
a beacon. 

^t^, ^it^H^, "VTiV* airy, aerial, celestial, imsubstantial. 

^nl^K, iit^'^-cp^, dOiitf > endeavour, labour, exertion, 
contortion. [ed. 

^lt#C vuMtftR, sprinkled or overspread with, interspers-' 

ilt^, ^nt^, «lP>C9, non*plussed, confounded, shrinking 
with shame. [ference. 

^>ftf(tm, fntvffW, aggravation of a quarrel by inters 

^nfv, ^t^f troubled, agitated, confused, distressed. 

^n^, w^, ' shape, form, likeness, image. 

^nff^, ^tv, uTrtifv, attraction, perstiasion* 

^im, VYf^f 47<i, invasion, seizing upon, attack. 

^nw, w^/» dear in price, not cheap. [oupied with; 

^nvM, «l l jH^'( t # y invaded, seized, held, engrossed, oc^ 

^nTtn^, v^tt9t?n?, invading, &c. ; an invader, usurper. 

^nnpn, C9t*t, c"K«, resentment, cry, lamentation, regret^ 

reproof, imprecation, reproach, censure. 

^in^^tj^l, ^^tTH, an aggression, attack, abuse, provocation. 

^irj^, PwV, ^"Sty merciless, implacable, savage, barba- 
rous ; a virago, vixeni [a comprizing. 

n\iW^{ , Pnrt, ctR, reproof, reproach, grief, sarcasm, irony; 

^^, M194rMVl[, choir of singers, company of smokers or 

talkers ; the place where such meet. 

^t% "li^, whole, entire, perfect, unbroken. 

^<« Vtif a furnace, kiln. 

^^ ^>nr, a rat, mouse. 

^^, ^ <w^ t t>m 1, whim, capric6> peevishness. 

^VP^ ^^Stf!^* ^^^> feeding on rats ; a cat. 


84 ^m^ 

^itt^, "^ftfi, ^^ the chase» hunting, pursuit, terror. 

^rtrtl^, ^sirt^^, alarming, terrific. 

^^-rt-'T, 'srtar, <jTft, a name, title, term, description, re- 

^tLftflRFl, tt^^ t x , a history, tale. ^ [nown. 

^^, ^iW^, first or fore part, introduction, end, point, 

extremity ; priority, excess, odd number, the 
place immediately before. 

^^» ^, J^9 ohaflf, husk. 

^^, ''l^fliT?, preceding, situated before ; adv. first. 

^ftjc^a l ^H , ^^Wp^, to ascertain a result by a sort of lot. 

^fl^V, ^FivPi/, iTtV, likely to come, practicable, provea- 

ble, approachable. 

^•rW^-^,^^^"! ftcHt, arrived, come, foreign, unknown. 

^^tl^» ^^rt^csrt^> affliction from calamity, witchcraft or im- 
precation ; suffering from fever or distress. 

^Tt^f^W^, ^•iTi:^ W«^, to stretch forward, proceed^ advance; 


^^f ^it'nr. Off, a coming, arrival, an inserted letter or 

syllable, s6ience, the veds, legal deed or vou- 
cher, lawful mode of acquiring property. 

^Wr, c^Tl^,' ''^T^3^> ^^, arrival, coming, occurrence. 

^W^, ^^rtW, approachable, practicable; vincible^ 

^rt'ttll^i ^^^Pif^ studied, read, acquired by study. 

^ftrn, ^^t ^(W9, undissolved, not crumbliDg. 

^-rtiR, ?t?*l* to restrain, prevent. 

^ftftf, ^^WS, before, preceding. 

^5ti^ ^tW, sin, guilt. 

^wt-rtt, ^'^W^, the tip, peak, point, extremity. 

^ftte, "Tttl^, anticipation of payment or revenue. 

^$rpr, ^ilR^tWirr, given in advance; pre-pay ment. 

^9|1^, ^<4^r, id: preceding, coming, about to come. 

Wt9tt9, ^f ^^> a house, room, receptacle. 

«ltt) ^4^r, ^^ preceding, before, first, onward. 

^Rttl^f '•ff^* advance of money, any thing prenMiturely 

done ; before, preceding. 

^jttW, ^> ^"TW, fire. 


nWPWttf^t, ^, ^n[*rtWt, bumingwith a husband.. 

%twm, ^«Bf, preceding; a precursor. 

^rtW, 4!(CT, first, before, forwards, onwards, [sitatingl^ 

^ncsmti^ ^fppvt^, before and behind, sooner or later, he- 

inMt<s> ^tt% a door of mats to a common hut. 

^rtOW, '^Ififf^, •ttw,. fiery, igneous, provocative. 

^M^ V«, eager, urgent, zealous. [tenacity. 

^4Br, ^/i»5l, eagerness, zeal,, perscvcyrance, obstinacy, 

«mf^, ^Jrt^, a bad wharf. 

^unW, ^f^,wl%^ a blow, hurt, stroke, injury, plagiue; 

^imfnrl, ?t«cl. hindrance, obstrucion, opposition. 

%nwti, f^, ghee ; jan oblation of ghee. 

^itinV, ftnr«l, a whirling round. 

^iCTt^^i, «nrt>^> a proclaiming, proclamation. 

^ittTM, ^tW"^^^ a scent, a smelling. 

^fS^, ^rO^,— ^t9r, a toe or finger ring. 

^fXWi\f fW^* coals, cinders. [fingei. 

mft^fwf^—s9its(, 'nifftr lt?i1 *»H^^> to finger, stir with the 

^itwts— ^, Vt^, a coal, charcoal, cinder. 

^flfiril, ^*t^, a court-yard, square court. 

^rt^-^, ^irfft, a finger, toe. 

^rtwrt^, 5W, a speaking; eloquence. 

^n^V9, c m«^W< iCtt W\^, to wash the mouth alter eating, 

or as a religious rite. 

^rtrt^, cil^, suddenly, unawares. 

^rt53[ii,^/^i[t?,i^«i^» custom, course of conduct, habit, usage; 

to act, pursue as conduct. 

^rt«?, *t«»,ltf*, conduct, practice, good conduct, theestor 

blished line of conduct, uss^e ; pickle, sauce, 

^iWft ^/^?tft, acting, conducting. [observed. 

^fjit^, ^^iwil, a teacher, prophet ; proper to be done or 

^IIW^^, «1WSt, W^fit, a prophetess, preceptress, wife 

of a prophet. 

^mm, ^irtflW, unsifted. 

^awife, ^rtlW, ^H^, a blow, stroke ; uncultivated,, desert. 
r «W1,^«, wvered, protected, i^vested, affected witlu 

30 . »n^ 

^^(tw\, ^9t9, ^^t good, unezeeptionabie; weH% 
^^t^itt^, wt?Rt^ a cav^ring^ protection, lid, etee^ roof 
^Itd?'r, ^^X^% to covers protect; 'a cormoLg, covedid^ 

clothes, cloth* 
^0^, ^n^> a cutting off, amputation^ confiscation. 
^9171^7, ifvt^, game, hunting, the chase. 
'•RttE^-^rt^, Tt?^ ^iRr«F«W, to strike, smite, dash to the 

ground, thresh, wash, sprinkle. 
^TT^, ^TW^, a blow, stroke, forcible dash against a thing; 
^rtcwWI, ^wH '•Wfsnra, imlopped, untrimmed, not stiip-^ 

ped of its* bark, 
^irt^, ^t|, — "^f, to-^day. 

^srtwi, wrrtPf, from one's birth. [a saiL 

^rW?«r, <1f|riffiflR[<i, «ffr, to clear of incumbrancei^, cleanse; 
^tt^Rfsr, ^«(^iT^, unknown. 

^ttrt^, «|t^i«, reaching to the thigh (the hands^) 
«rflte, "msi IJF, to-day ; war, conflict. 
^•rtwrt, f^, %^WW3rf1, means of support, livelihood. 
^utSN^, ^^rttftj living on, supporting life by. 
'•ft!?, ^«rt^-€^^8^WftRR^ •l^^fy, '•IPPW, labour wil&out pay^ 
'irtwf^, ^»?Twe, — ^'•rtwf^, ordered, commanded. 
'snwl, ^«rtW*t, order, command, decree, precept. 
^t«WH, ^irtcipw, to give orders, command, enjoin. 
^«U<St, ^»rtwt?rt, — ^^"ntlE^, subject to orders, obedient. 

^rrwffy, "^^y bearing orders, obedient ;obedie«itservant* 

i^tvi/, ^^> clarified butter, ghee. 

«rWin, ^Wfr^ not hot or pungent. 

W>5p, <rW^, obstacle, hindrance, prohibition, stoppage, 

^ri^^j^tttinn, ?^^tjf^, destined to suffering, constantly ill^ 

^rt^JWfl, "^^TTt^* a gueds, feelitig one's way, a doing m 

^rt^SjH^, <tlWf X, pomp, pageantry, shew. 
^rl^*11*ral, ^«wt^, octagonal. 
^rtilMW^, ^/t^, •rt?l«8Wt, active, sedulous, laborioua. 
'rt^, ffW> a bamboo fish-trap. 
^^^«rt, 1^# a pad for the head of a porter. , 

^rtfi .If 

^IfdIi, ft^, ftccotints, book4Bee()Uigb 

^ c^ft^sr^l flour, meal, faird-lime» viscid mttter. 

^(WtpU cmc^fkfl, ropy, stringy. 

^Iw, ^tit^ viscid, gluey, gummy. 

^t^, ^It^tiit, a tick. [in the eighth motfth* 

^t^t*8r, t^^>*1, stupidity, frfly ; character of one born 

^l^t%1, ^^^fiorPS, born in the ei^th month. 

^f <m, a sheaf» bundle of straw, frmt-stone. 

%ciw, ««i^ pride, self-importance, assumption. 

"m^, 9t| C^w» to be obstructed, entan^ed, detained. 

Vlit^tir, <rf^4^<v, X to obstruct, impede, arrest, imprison, 
tighten, curb, withhold support. 

^, f^^, bird'lime, gum, slime,paste, size. 

^, ^, ^, a fruit-stone. {or bend, width* 

^1 c^^, aF8r(;( aslant, leaning across, sideways; a crook 

^tf^» ^itiitft» , a pilot; a rod. 

''VT^-I, 9f^^, a cross beam in a building. 

^fW«1, ^r<"tt«rt, stabling; temporary erection. 

^tWj 49, a mart, manufactory, coUection of idols. 

^t^sl, in*nvt, strong desire, covetousness, copumtmiqatioiv 

^> ''rt^ cramped, stiff, benumbed. 

^^f ^■■'T??^ the warehouse of a, monopolist [cross* 

^n^, c^^RT, to bend, become crooked, lie athwart^ t(» 

^rt^^lWI, W1, «rt*t, 51 cudgel, bludgeon. 

^i^Tf^, ^R^ic^^, through and through, obliquely, aorouk 

irtFt?, 'mai, all over, through width and heigth* 

'Itff?, ^Ftws«Rf, ^mjW, a trumpet charge war drun^ 
roar of an elephant ; commadcement, excess 
sive preparation, excitement, prid^ anger* 
apology, passion, ple$M»ur€t, eye-lid, friction to 
remove pain. 

^t^> ^tfHvutHV, warehouse of a forestaller or m(»^opolistr 

^t^f ^, 4tKt> brink or edge of a bank. 

^^» ^<R^» *IV» cramped, stiffened, benumbed. 

^^t^» v>rl^^' neglected, unnoticed, lying as refuse* 

^tft> ^nitl^> bent, laid across; a fish- trftp> a be^iqi» 

»8 '•IW 

^TpyHt, TtlW9; two and a half. 

^Ht^stl^, ^rtVM, a large fan or screen. [sleeps. 

^I^ic nt ^ l, ^ttaww, f»1, a yawning and stretching after 

^i^N, ^wrtfftR, a cover, screen, shelter. 

^Rtt^, ^% cam, CW, a wager, anger, grudge, hatred, threat, 

promise, resolution. [secretly. 

wtf^^tT^'r, ^»rMlCT ^rr^^, to lie in wait, lurk, peep, observe 

^rtf^?*ft5^t?1, ^«^5T^?f, lurking, &c. ; an assassin^ 

^rffjrr^, ^»iawt^, w^ctri, contortion of the bowels. 

^Tf|t1, r^i^np:^ 'ii^WPf, pretext for delay, apology, [cliff. 

^•rrsf?, ^\Rr,- '^;^, precipice, upright sides of a river or 

'•rtr^i, '•rrsi, cramped, stiff, benumbed. 

^1, ^^«i^T^, station, post, stage, stand, rest. 

^rtf^, ^ff|RT*» ftcH*!, a measure of Capacity. 

^m?/, ^*W, ^, rich, opulent. 

^•^, *t^1, c^Wit, a ball of earth or wood, bowl for play. 

^rttil, ^«, fi^, an egg. 

^rtc^m, 'R^^, rich, wealthy. [drum. 

^rt^OT, ^^tW, — ^^, ^fw\y fear, dread, disease, sound of a 

^rt^^, ;at^, ^»t?WF, a menstruum, chemical test ; calami- 
ty, pestilence, danger, destruction, rejecti- 
oti, speed, gratification. [crimes* 

^Pt^Wlft, ^i|Pr« ^^ftn ^/^, ready to perpetrate the greatest 

^rt^, ^3j, heat, sunhine, sun-dried (rice). 

^irf^^Kf, f3i, an umbrella. 

^1^, ^^^^l«^«r/, ferriage, hire of a ferry. 
^rf«^, ^Rlft^W, a white pigment. 
^rtw, ^**f!r«<Pr5, flaxen. 

^rW, '•it^^fr* a custard applet [pay^ 

^^, WB^ fiRt ^i?F?, performing (in music) without 
^rWW?, ^n, ^^•^ipiT?, in this, in these circumstances. 
^t*tti*W, ^^, craftiness, knavery, swindling, 
^m^stft, ^, deceitful, crafty, swindling; a kite. 
^•rfstflwt^, ^W^, groan, agony, writhing with pain, 
^rstfti, arW, a long shelf, receptacle on high. [below^ 

Vil^lft^l^Iif, wra, evervwhere. hicrh and low. ahnv^ wnA 

Ilf^<f, ^^JWrnRtiTS, hospitable. 

^a^f, ^rfiwrjIiRr, u/: hospitality. 

^rtfiwP», ^mi ^ ^ t jt , imputing ortranrferringthcpropcrty 

of one person or thing to another. 

^fff?, ^M*«, 'S^Wrs, sick, afflicted, distressed. 

^rt^/, ^•ffBl, the custard apple. 

^rtrwrt, i^s^mft^, without oil, destitute of oil. 

'W, IJCI^, <«rttl, accepted, receired. 

'rtl%> «W, ^<f, labour, exertion, endeavour. 

^W«, ^V fiw, self, own, private ; spirit. 

^ffl^«l?, Pr«ft?lir, a domestic quarrel. 

^irtr^tftm, iK '^[^ftr^, self-conceit, a vaunt. 

^ntW^lft, ^^, ^«WW^, selfish; believing in spirit. 

im^Ts, 'W^il, suicide. 

'Htll, <St«?, springing from one's self; a son. 

^ifH^, zm; it^^, identity, spirituality, strong friendship/ 

^rtWR^, tiwwl, a guardian deity, family god. 

^rM7<t, ^^, under one's own controul, independ^it. 

^nw^trtW, P>ffV!flgr«^««<t, a first cousin. 

^iTlf^^, cvtwl, forgetful of one's own words or actions. 

''mnrft, ^«nwft selfishly voracious* 

^rtP^, ^Fitir, own, proper. 

'^nw(^, 'Wtw, self-destroying, a suicide. 

^mn, «^, *rt, Brahma, spirit, the soul, self. 

"^rvt^t^, ^ra, subject to one's self, independent. 

^mi l vBJi^ , ^^rrtWrtt, self-approved or applauded, self- 
complacent. • 

'ifflt?, '^•pr, ^?5flir, related to one's self, belonging to one's 

self, one's own. \ 

^vTvtmi, vp^y ^^^f relationship, friendship, intimacy. 

^vtnft, iwsprt, n^Sff^s a menstruous woman. 

^1?, ^"W, ^^S^f half. 

^W#*Hft^1 , l^^t^» a violent head-ache. (depraved. 

^WC^»^ V ^"PWt^y >^> half done, unfinished, bad, vile, 

^■ittf?, «nit^, respect, veneration, honor, esteem. 

^UWI, ft*, a majk, sign, land-mark. 

4d ^•iw 

'•jflP^r; 'f^*t* Pw^<*i, a mirror, specimeiH sign, origTmt 

from which any tiling is to be copied. 

^ert^l, '•rrvir ginger. 

«rntml4, ^nikC hsdfaad half, in half $bares. 
^^tiftf , ^ni^t^> & privy, a jakes, a place for filths 
^irWH, ^^, 4rw«i, a receiving, obtaining. 
^iitTt?, ^rw^, n^^% a receiving, obtaining, borrowiogr. 
wtfi^, <tfw, initial, prior, first; et cstera. 
^Kfirsf, ^1r, or99i, the sun in a particular sign, agod» 
wtftf^, «rwSi^^, «f^fB, priority, precedeni^, cooMnencc- 

ment of a work. ' 

^ftfk^, ^srtwi, ^rW/,— tftt^iJJf*, initial, first, prior, preoediag. 
«n9t^» ^ivt^> V>rt^» a pigment of flour or cbf^k ; to stir 

up, inflame. 
^rt?5, 'srtwjf, — ^•il«^t!lf*> tincl)vered, exposed, open, bwe. 
^Rtl^, ^wflWf* half: grown, immature. 
^^, ^nitf^y honoured, respected, esteemed. 
wtfT^, ^^t?iPc, as far as the sigbi; i?eacbes« 
^rtnpt, "^W, 11^^, a command, precept, ordimmcet l«w. 
^Ktc^, <tr«tciT, in the first place. 
^rWH, PTWJpr, ^iil^nwt^r, a compiaittt, petiti^m, law-sut. 
WHf/¥, ^irlw/t*,— ^'T c^y the beginning and the end ; from 

beginning to end ; inclusively. 
^srt7/4t9, i|^f^> from first to last, all along^ always. 
^rPrn, or^ ^4}i:^, the goddesses accounted divine ener* 

^utijjiT, W^, ^W^, gluttonous, luxurious, selfish. 
^^tcv/t^9» 3{«rt^i(, from the first, from first to last. 
^iRj^WN, ^^n8[t9» obtaining or shewing respect, honoured. 
^K, '^cl,— ^, ^«R^^, half; the half, moiety. 
"•iTWr, ^«(, a pledge, pawn. 

^^<i, *lf|:wt^, vn^% conviction (in law or argument), 
^^cm, ^^^Ft¥, a hsdf or broken piece of brick, half a pice. 
^Kfli, "nv^^, half a rupee. >^ 

"^W^, ^% «tt^<i, a contsuning, being put in poss^^ssidb^. 

pregnancy* a pledge. . 

iintf, ^itaif a receptacle^canal, supporter^ bitsis^lpcatioD^ 

^^, Mm^t^, vp^9 anxiety, mental distFess> expectation,. 

calamity ; a pledge, pawn, 9cite» a pUcing. 
^K^s, ^rtft^X, abundance, overplus. [eace of a god. 
^^(^•?f5w, w^5jf>»5, arising from or relating to the influ- 
^"ff|^, ^^t^W^, immature, half-grown, [present time, 
^ff^si^, tM •*!«•*, recent,, modern, novel^ belqng^ngtQ tha 
^iW?i, ^P»I^, shaken, agitated. 

^Itni^* "^ic^, half, half a one. [tained. 

^ncK9, Kt3^, requiring or fit supported or con-, 
^rtcict^, "^^"9, ^'WPtftRS, unwashed. 
^'OWTii^Jl, >TR?», an elephant driver. 
^(tKt^, ^t?C3t^r> fl atuieuce,. a sw.elling.and rumbling of the 
bowels, war, bati^; sounding, sonorous, burnt, 
^nvt^, ^t?^^> flatulence^ distension of the abdomen 

from wind. [ternal. 

^vtffpP, ^t^r^y ^^flPP. arising from the subject, in- 

^iTVpr, f^, thought, meditation, contemplation.' 

^«rt^, ''rt?, ^'W/, other, anojther. 

"^fpFv, cv#>^, a sort ^f trumpet,, a drum* 

vft^^, ^>Rt^P>5, not seen before, seen for the first time. 

^[pcf, ^9, bound, tied, fastened, shut^ imprisoned,. con- 
fined; a drunr. 

^fpTir, «r^ ^•itit^', 'Ht* to brwg; thQface,mautb 

'Ipnwjr, *t*W^5R, posteriority, succession to, posterity, 

^n^r^f ^irRW, — ^', '•rtgW, joy,: pleasure, nairth, gladness, 


^itT?R, ^«ff^^, to. bring, fetch.. ,\. 

^vfini, ^irt%, fire, 

^rt^, ^rnnr ; crr^ '•I'm? <«, a bringi ng ^ a sixteenth part. 

^ HlC»IHt , ^Wtrt'R, a coming and going, intercoijr^e. 

^rMT*,^ •ft^, ^?FFtft, greens, vegetables, corn.' 

^(ptVf, ^Ki¥H ; ^^y secret, not easily discovered^ out of 
^ place. 

^I4irvi^l> ^**lf awkwar4ness, clumsiness. 

*rNtft, n^, cluttisy, inexpert, igtibtarit, <il6tirnish- 

^•ffTpr*^, <5^Jrr5, as it was* 

^*rWir, «rt9r, a fishing net. 

?«rtTtv, <ff^<«W, consecrated fire placed i6 the south. . 

^^f C5?T^, constipation, suppression of urine^ the 

length of cloth. 

^•rtft*, ^rW, the sixteenth part. 

Wfit?^A ^wrtlt^, telp, assistance, patrofaage, co-operation. 

^ll^l^-:^^ '^li!s^, uninterrnpted succession, regtilarity, 

rank, row. [beginning. 

^rt^^f^, 3FTt^TRr, in succesfeion or order, from the 

^rtl[^^, ^<(^<^g > cognizable by experience, specious,' 


^l!(*l|f^ ^, ff5*f^, inferrible, probable; specious. 

^ifP^jftp, «t^t, attachment, pleasure. 

%(\^^^, ^Tt?;^, one who bririgs. 

iirTc^<1> "^f^tf^f seen for the first time. 

'^^M^y ^TtrmM,— ^»Tfft, a toe or finger ring. 

^raft*ii ^^ftrs/ inward, ihtemil, enclosed, included^ 

'^rtflW, ''rt^fj'* — ^^"Wflr^, inwird, afFectirig the bowels. 

^itt^ftvpT, c«t«R, ^, a swinging, oscillating, agitation, in- 

5«ft^[^, ^ftw, a cook. 

^tflf^^ f ^53pntK, logic, metaphysics, invei^tigatipn. 

qRTtV^y ^^PTi^T^nj, otherwise-minded. 

^^ii1, 'rtJr, a river. 

^^^, T(^f a market, a shop. 

^*lf^, t^*W, ^<l^^, calamity, misfortune, adversity, 

danger, an objection, remonstrance, excuse. 

^irW, ft^fw, misfortune, calamity, danger, evil, accident. 

^»rt*R, fsw, '•rrtit?, own, proper. 

^•prNWPr, ^M-'Jf^lt^, iT'lt?, spontaneously, of obe's 

self: a relative, fiiend. 

'irWf^^ frw, jy^W?, self; he or you, (respectfully.) 

'irWf , «rttl, ^n, affected with, seized by, wrought upon. 

.^•JWPi|1, ^% a pte^ant woman; pregnant. 

m *8 

* .. 

^n*fr9» .^, ^^tl^^sftsf, a .f4U^^> present time> passing 

instant> appointed time, opportunity. 

^D*tfjB*, *?Rnrt^, ^^f\^, noyr, offhand; s^idoen. 

W*ftW», ?l?Ty^, ??^, now, instantly, immediately. 

W^tF^tj. 5t*r/, «t^/, obtainable, liable to, liable to suffer. 

^^tt^i WS^Gf^, spi assembly of drunkards, company of 


^it9t?, "ffc^f 9|ft«i^, ho\mdless, innumerable. 

^^, fiesnTMi a ch^et for the head, a diadem, &c. 

^i1^, i^nw^s an udder, large or full breast 

^^fW^, f^t^tflWr?, a baker. 

^^> ^^f^f ^1^, benei^cent, freefrQ];n error, obtained, 

reYes^ll^, anthfijOrtic, own; a relation. 

^rt#^. m^n?,fi/^&sks greedy, avaricious. 

'iitlWrt?, ,^^— W, aj^lf-seekii^g; selfish, self-seeking. 

^RWftf^, ^ifiiP?'*! Jt<M)^^^d, re-anima^ted. 

^-fWit^, ^«m*t(^, , reaching to the ifqot. 

^iftft^*^, 9l<vif^^^(t^, an overflowing or suffusijQg, bathing. 

^itmi^y ?v?ri1» W^i an overflowing, a flood, bathinjg^. 

^if^, ifW^Jf/tSft*^, the ieapi^g of fish over a weir, &c. 

5^^1991, ^, a weir or bank for catghing flsh. 

^fpnf^, ii«^9Tj;9r^, .t^^flouuqixfg of ,fish, sudden motion, 

a starting, strugg|ii»g. 

^Itftv, ^9f^,— 'iifi&c'W, opii|m. 

^nMt, ^|faiic» t >» t, addicted tp the use of opium. [up. 

^it^iR-^^pr, ^t^, to shut a door, close an opening, cover 

^CP^^9 ftilt^, to sipelt, temiper metals, stir or move 

round liquids, inspissate, become thick, re- 
ceive a temper, turn round, return to the same 
point. [read, repeat. 

^it^npr, ^it^RR, 9?<i, to turn round as a .whirlpool, to 

^ffnw, V^^fpr, a, ^reen; pretence. 

^Wi»l»# j5^«*^ !IW^« ja petj^^lkine^s,, humpursomeness, 

, p^yishness, repii^ng. 

.^l^^t|IV^.fM^}^lHW}9urs<^^ peevish. 


^4 ^*tft 

^rt^W, ^»^pr, a binding or tying tight, a yoke, tie. 
^?t^*W, ^itl?, •Usr, a receptacle, a -vessel. [credulous, 
wrtjr, ^, a mean ignorant person, implicitly obedient, 
'Ctt?^, ^ni^tfsr, to screen, conceal, veil, interpose, cover, 

^ard. . [as the eyes. 

%rr^«l, -^^wwrii, ^^ijr*!, to rain slightly, trickle, ooze, water 
^Brr^-*l, 'Et^Wi^W, a slight shower, oozing or trickling 

of water. [rubbish, 

^crt^^l, r^TT'W*!, VWN# ^ rejection as useless, -sweepings, 
'BTf W-^, ^% a returning, turning round, circular motion, 

whirlpool, eddy, spiral turn of a screw or shelt. 
^U^4), f;#t, a crucible. 

^irWSt, c«r^, a row, range, rank, succession of things. 
'^BrR'f/, Prnf?, certainly, assuredly, necessarily, 
^irf^i^, P^l^^ ^WV, «RirrtR, necessary, indispensable, 

expedient, certain; necessity^ expediency. 
^14^*(t^, OTt^, ffeiWt*ft'^f flowing or passing on, flowing or 

bringing in, usual, uniform. 
^TfTtt?/, Wf , the pudenda. [at the foot of a tree. 

^?T<1, «rc«rjCTtt1, ^^W1, an insertion^ interlineation, bason 
M^n«r, ^^, c?tTi, a reel or frame for winding thread; a 

sowing of seed. 

'^TW, TWft?, childish, belonging to a child. 
'^rwr^, Tfr^l'^WC^, from the youngest to the oldest. 
^TW^f^Pr»l» »T*lftwt![, including children, old persons and 

women ; wholly. 
^btWW;, ^fWJ^'f^* from infancy, 
^^ff, ^WCt^j dwelling-place, residence, house. 
'TW^i ^^rtfPr, an invitation; to bring near, approach. 
qRTtpiic, JJi?i^f an awi; auger, drill, piercer. 
^»itf^^, ^f^t^f '■W^t^, an unfolding, development, inha* 

bitation of an image. 
Wtf3W, '^•W^, ^^^f sinful, guilty, fiitJiy. 
^f5^?i «Prt^, ^rtnw*i, to bring to light, make apparent^ 

ttaanifest, reprove. [sessed by a daemon. 

«ltf^, ^vWH^, engaged in, «nsro9sed, devoted to, pes- 

^•rfte^, ^/^i apparent; apparently, manifestly. 
^rf|, ^«tti, a weB. [petition, spiral turn. 

^T?f^, W, ^wrW, a returning to a point, revolving, re- 
^nr^W^, W^Pr, an informing, representation, declaration, 

complaint, suit. 
^mr^, iTCTtnt^, devotedness, engagedness of mind, zeal 

or ardour in a pursuit. 
irtWW, ftw Fft ^ tt j T , workshop, manufactory, an entrance ; a 

halo round the sun. 
'rtr^, en; W,"^, a cloud; clownish, stupid. 
^?re?<i, ''I'Wt?, an ornament, jewel. 
"^n^y $tf^, splendour, brilliancy, glossiness. 
^Uw , TfiPFl, a preface, preamble, prologue. 
^RT5tt«i, 'ffrl^, T^r9t^% conversation. 
^■rt^pT, '•rtin, splendor, clearness, semblance, appearance. 
^rtftwW/, ^wSt^^, greatness of birth, nobility, 
"•rtl^tr/, ^<W, the front of an object, a fronting position. 
^t4 l 4 , CftW, a cow-keeper, milkman, 
^"rtvjlfiw, ^srt^'C?, eminent in committing to memory. 
^(t^, qrt*r, ^*f^, a disease, crudity in the stomach, a 

diarrhoea; a mango; raw, unbaked. 
^irttR, ;Sl^, winter rice, 
^rtinr^, ^rt|pr, a call, invitation. 
^It9?, qrt^, a disease, sickness. 
'ipiTrtf, <^tt^, cjTflt, sick, diseased, unwell. 
'B'nf^, ^>?3tW?, the dysentery^ bloody flux. 
^fM^i, ^•tNc*!, the cholic. 
^rW, '•W* ^i'W, unbumt or half-burnt bricks. 
^«^/, ''Wl^/, •ftsi, a courtier, counsellor, 
^itart^t, 5<tftr, rice gruel, second rice-water. 
^n^iW?, /^cfiwf?, wfe, a diarrhcea; the paunch. 
^NrttSr^, Kt'Tjl^, ^Wr, flesh, food, a bribe, pleasing objectt 

covetousness, lust, desire. 
"Vft^NFl, <cf^, cheese, pressed curds* 
'fffv, ♦t^n(n^, *l^^, clothed, accoutred. 
^ftfjn, ^Vt?% v:«rttRr, a cause, origin; to the rooti radically. 

46 -^JWt 

^•rtort?, ^, ^, ej^oyment, festivity, p}ea$urei perfumef 

fame^ . good report. 
wtnrW, wt|tRf ^<Wnr, Ip give pl^pure w iBnjoy#ie»t. 
^mwtlt, fsrt^tWtiSt, gr»!tifyixig,.eRliveni#g,pjleas\iura^ 

scented. [tofn, ^i3^g^» the Agama. 

mtm^ «ff, the Vecja, receivfti dwjtjrwe, tquJi^tion, cus- 
'irt^, ^, ^, sour, a,cid. 

^«rtcf?^, ^'nrt^, tautology, foolish riepeti|iQ](|. 

^rr^, ^rrStf"?, the taaaariad tree; acidity. 

<iirt[^> 'Ttfa^, '^rtit— rT^^iW, the tan^riud frpit ^qr ti;€|e. 

««U^, i(«ft^, income, revenue, imports. 

5«rW3, fin, «t^» long* wide; a parallelogr^un. 

^irr?^97> <1f|PY?, size, length and breadth, ext^t; an altar, 

3hed for sacrifiqes. 
^rt?t%, <N^f wr!5TtfiRPHil, length, future slate qr tipie, naar 

jesty, composure, jwotion. 
^^tinr, ^*^^, subject to, depepdant. 
^ft?t^» 'tfrt^' ^^?> love, attachment, subjection; stUmit, 

power, futurity, a day. 
^rW, PWWf, a paternal grajidfather. 
'Htft^s^, ^•rra^^, dimensions, a ground-plot. 
^irf5f^, ^fiFRT, (fO^, extent, .width, length. 

^rtHT^f, ^^> ^J^^? exertion, labour, endeavour, fatigue, 

the hair. 
'Htf, '•It?*, ^t^— #^«npt«i, the period of life, age, lifettiipe. 
'Ttf^, ^^, ^*i, armour, arms, an arrow* 
'■rtlfl?, "TOprtift, fighting with weapons. 
^rt|«i(1?> ^t^^7t?f> allotted period of life, life time, age. 
^rt^nif, fef^Tit, the science of medicine. 
'•rr^t'^f ''^tf^V^'^W* a sacrifice to ensjure longevity. 
^Rtwt^r, <ti^(#$> long-l^ved. 
'•rtiw/, 'ntf'^CT, life-preserving; aged, bealth. 
^Htnrtv^> "viti^?^* TWV^j to collect together, mjikeprovjisiioii 

for an undertaking. 
VtPWK^r |«, war^ faajttle. 

^9 dra«, ^^^r/, and, also, furthermore; other, another, 

^fWs ?*, reddish, flesh-colotired. 

^n?«, ^PT/ irft<[, a wild btlfiFklo. 

'^tfnr, v^f, wild, sylvan. 

^ff?I^, Pr^, <fHHt«r, tessatiod ; a %ave-offering-. 

^ti^i ^^'tTtt, begun, commenced. [sentations. 

'^tjwnft, ^W3^t?t, dramatic machinfery, magical repre- 

^tjRtsr, ^Wirt*, disholior, disappointment, distress. 

'rtnr-^, ^W*ai, a begmtiihg', commentement. 

^tfiprt, rttWtftW, a cocfcrbach. 

'W, ^S^% *?t^, an augen *twl^ knife, saw. 

''"itstw, ^jrtSr, a sawyer. 

'''firt^, *f*W, |», near; diifetant. 

^Wfe, ft^; «*P|, aW dt)ponetit, eb^my, opposed. 

^'rtjW*', ^w*, to Svbrship, supplicaite> pray. 

^Wf**1, ^'tW*!, if^otshipi prayer, respect, attelndimtiedn.. 

'''W*, ^A%*rt«r,fetee, health, comfort 5 apleasure-gar4eft. 

''ttSPt, ^rHcjH, the piles, hemorrhoids. 

''^fiP, *t*|r, a hcig, a fcfab, *i pitcher. ' 

^^fta^f ^*tt?t1^, mounted up6n. 

^«t?t<f/, qrt^W^/, ^«^fl, health ; liiallhy. 

^ittaW, fWJItH, «*»*»*W, ah attributing the properties 

of one thin^ 16 andthier^ a transfer, imputa- 
tSbh, sufestttutioni ehaiige> trahsfonriation. 

^Vlejii^, Fi^, a mounting upon, ascension^ embarkation, 

climbing; length; astaiir-case, ladder, vehicle. 

^rtOT", «rt*W, ^•tf*^, a procuring, accumulation, planting 

^rtw, ^PiTjiW, btraightnessv rectitude, honesty, sincerity. 

"tffi, c^SffB, #^, distressed, grieved, vexed, affiicted 

With ( distress, pain. [to a seasori. 

'Kl^, ^'^fcjt^, the metises, a flower ; menstrual relating 

^fif4, ^^|1, w<tj pain, distress, the end of a bow. 

^Itl^, c'^lCStt^/, the office of a iamily priest. 

«n1^, <«t^, W^% acquainted with, viersed in, wealthy. 

^IBC ^iitn^, — ftPt, wet, moist, c^mmy, cool. 


sut;^, ^m% gmger. 

^^s, TPr/* 'W, noble, venerable, respectajble, ^ceUent, 

apposite, proper; friend> preceptor* 
wKir^, f^RW, paternal grandfat^ker. 
iBrtK " ^^•*> 21 mirror, looking-glass. 
^n^, ^tNt, — ^t^«t^, authorized by, of or belonging to 

the ancient sages. . 
«rt^/, ^^^;|^, a bull let lopse as an (^erifig. 
^rt^, ^> yellow orpiment; a sting, fang, barb, teiian;. 

rice not boiled in its separation iff^px the hi^sk. 
^'T^BTf^, f^"^^, insipid, fresh; insipid food, food withr 

out salt. . 

• * ■* 

^rt»l5l, "^^^ ^^fiT, loose, unconnected,, unooyered. . 
'irp'i;^, ^•rt't^ — ^^«W*«1, looseness, unconn^ctedness, iaat- 

, tention, mildness. [talking at raiadoflk 

:«l^;sfnc<> l^t^/^i foul-mouthed, obscene, spurrilo^s, 
.^it^^^y ^1, ^f^, upright) pi>ised, raised, making effete 

to rise. •. 

^Jlfir'ftt&i ^^^> ^itpr, the first effort of a child tonri^e oa ite 

feet, a lifting up a thing without leouoluiig 

another thing. . >. [tiptoe. 

^\^M 1(^5 ^T^c^, without touchfngv ^^ ^^^i^> oa 
'•It^l^. 'Tfilfhll, — ^^<TOt^, the uvul^ or sqft palate, 
^irtif^, ''W^, lac, leaves impregnated, ,^i|hiac. 
^■itspr, «t^?, to moulder or fall to decayi spoil, be^^pae 

tainted, rancid, be exhausted, &tigued, &c. 
wtn^rt^ qirt^^, a mound round th^e root of a tree. 
^•ifW, c^. ^t'Sfir, a prop, support, fulcrum, protector^ 

object of dependance; peg, nail. , 
^^t^rtpr, ^i2ir?^, a depending upon, dependance, tru^t. 
^rt^nnif, vf^^ a parasiticalor climbing plant, creeper. 
^RfRt, ^, ^t^^PT, a house, habitation. 
^rW«ntt, 'W^f, ^A, inactive, indolent, idle. 

' ,^> I '^^^ inactivity, indolence, idleness, fatig;ye. 
^frn/^t^, in, a yawnins: and stretcbtn&r. 

^Ktvt^, ^^M^, misfortune, calamity, affliction. 

^nin^*nwt«^,'«P^«'iW*/,^»fiW1* anirrelevatit reply, a turning 

into ridicule, ludicrous perversion of meaning. 

^'W^f ^ft^f<!^9 a fetter, tie, rope, a tie*post. [quisition. 

'nnW, ^WWWT, discourse, convfersation, proposal, re- 

•iliflWin, fl^ f*r«, a lute formed of a single gourd. 

^W^, ffwfW, ^t<tf chatty, afiable, conversing. 

^Wl» ^Jjftf the bottle-gourd. [fatuus. . 

^W?1, ♦f^^lUrt, an apparition, will-o'-the-wisp, ignis 

^l?ir, ai% ca»^, n^, a dam, dike, ridge, range, row> race* 

family, confidante, a tenon. 

"^ifinr^, c^laiu^m, an embrace, hug, clasp. 

^tftit^?, ^H^Vfj, ilt»lt, a large earthen water-jar. 

^THr, oft, 9ip, a raised terrace, a platform. 

'•^IISmwI, 'Htl^r'fir, — a T ir<H<cyt*f > a white- washing or plas- 
tering on festivals. 

^t*!f , CTf^, lapped by the tongue. 

^^ft^ 3W? ftrW a potatoe, yam, tuberous root. 

^ifl^, p[^% fresh, not salted, insipid^ 

^.^>W, «rtCT, — <t<C ^if^f mouldered, fallen to decay^ 

dissolved, fatigued. 

^rtCTfl, . ^rtwff, — W<i, 4l#t*1, light, brightness. 

^•rtCfW^-l, ^•tt^, H^, perception, sight, vision, view, 

discovery. [perception. 

^ftdltF^-l, Uxw^t examination, investigation, trial, view, 

^vtcirt^, int^f to stir up (a liquid), agitate in conversa- 
tion; maceration. [desire. 

^HH^^rt, ^9f^(^f '^IW^, supposition, doubt, uncertainty, 

^^RV^f ^?, '•(WRi, awe, fear, terror, danger, peril. 

"Vft^fpffi^, F^g^9, on all sides, all around. 

^Nfp<5, "^l^tft?, an aim, scope, object, tendency, a collec- 
tion, receptacle. [length, a region. 

''IHI, ^iWPi; itwifl, hope, expectation, trust, desire ; 

^«mp(% ^'Kl>wtf^«4^, attachment arising from hope, an 

obligation; a cobweb. 

^iWiW, tfttf'S^W, disappointment, / 


'^Rtf^, «ftp5, ^^, eateB, satisfied. 

^TfW^, ^Bfrtt«, — ^^fjiWftft^^, a blessing. 

'«rrft, ^ii^fw,^*^> the poison or fangs of a serpent; 80. 

^rttPw, ^. a serpent. 

'TMWf'?, anf«Rt»f, a benediction, blessing, salutation. 

^^, ^^ soon, quickly ; early (rice), easily or soon 

^^^, T »>6Mt^ , ^^» ^**, fleet, swift; the wind, an arrow. 
^«^^, ^tjpi, ^trf^, swiftness, vagary, wMm. 
wr*5ftr5, W^9 suddenly, unexpectedly. 
^^S, "^(^^9 ^^n\Pf^f marvellous, strange, astonishing, 

supernatural, miraculous. 
'?jrt^<fWt9r,nCTtir, ft^^nwtT, wonder, surprizcastonishment. 
^^, ^^nrtTft^, W, a hermitage, religious retreat, state 

or condition of life. [defence, protection. 
"Tf^at?, •!?*>» ^»wra^, an asylum, refuge, recourse, shelter, 
^rsTs^ *t?<tTt^, ''^^j secured, placed in safety, dependant. 
'^rrcTff^, '*ltf4l «?•*!, tSWr, an embrace, hug, union, mixture. 
'iThrRfS, ''if*^, — ^^3frtfir5, animated, encouraged, com- 
forted, [matioo. 
^'^W^, ^8^1 J fl^fWI, hope, comfort, encouragement, ani- 
^Nt >5 t, fitsrWr, relying on, hoping. 
^Rt^, K^ a bow; ah! oh ! 

iRt^r^f, '•rs/^irs, attached to, enamoured, devoted to. 
'^B([^<9, 'mT^Uu^U '2r«i'5, attachment, devotion to, love. 
'•Tt^W, ^'^^» ^n?^^, f^Sf society, fellowship, copula* 

•tion; incessant, constant, adv. — ly. 
^it'rf^, '^rt^t'R"^ 3rt!5, approach, meeting, junction, close 

union, acquisition, gain, profit, 
^•rfil^, *<*lt^, ^wsf, a seat, carpet, mat, stool, market-stall, 

elephant's neck ; a sitting, hailing of an army, 

sitting posture of a devotee. 
^^, c^, a small stool or chair. [concluded • 

^^, f^r^^, Pnpfesi^, approached, approaching, near, 
^^, 5W/, spirits, rum. 
^rWRnS, '£ft'«, gained, obtained* 

^llin^y f^9 complete accomplishment of an object. 

^Rim, ^WM^*?tr5W, a toad. 

^WPw, ^W^, itfl(^, taken into custody, imprisoned, res^ 

trained, finished, accomplished. 
'W^, hrsj; ftft^^, a daemon, surgery, mustard ; daemo^ 

niacal, barbarous, savage. [savage, 

'rt^, '•iTgfir^, — bf^PfT^Jt?, f^, deemoniacal, barbarous, 
'rtWWl, ^^F^t?RP, "^ W?W, one who takes or gives into 

"^ncHKj ^i^pr, 5Pt3t^, custody, confinement, arrest, prison. 
^fT^PiT^, ^^, ^^, a gallop, 
^ww, '^'^^ «rf^tl, whole, unbroken, cast, thrown. 
"'TT^^/^, ^rpw, "^st, distracted, troubled, anxious, hurried, 
^^ff^; ntf^^^, a covering spread out, horse-rug, mat, 

lining of a garment, plastering of a wall. 
^lRr<i, (4«(t«i1, carpet, bed, bed-clothes. [trusting. 

"•nRf^, ^<5Ttft, ^N?Prtr, believing in a God, believing, 
^?I<t<r, ^iTt^^, — ft^, ^ft^, spread out, extended, laid out 

in order. 
^Rt^ti fWPT, *2Mi1, ^, faith, confidence, trust, dependance,. 

respect, regard, an assembly, a prop, stay, 

continuance, effort, [rious, attentive, firm, 
^irtf^, Hv'^TJrWr, «fSt, believing, trusting, depending, labo- 
^HP^f ft^, ^» affair, business, situation, dignity, office, 

authority, boast. [ambition, defiance, 

'it'^f^, ' Al i| Ht41, self-exaltation, boast, emulation, rivalry, 
^RTiWPr, «r^p^> ^M«if^, «f^^ Tt^/, to flounce, flap, clap ; 

a boasting, self-importance. 
^iB^ft^, ^5t«T> the slapping of one hand on the opposite arm 

in defiance. [pansion. 

^nrvt^, fwrn, the blowing of a flower, opening, ex- 

^U i n'B^l, Jji?t^f a gimlet, auger, drill. 

^rpT/, %<9 the face, visage, mouth; incomp. towards. 

^Wt?, jn, ?5Ttt[iR, a savour, relish, taste. 

"•iW^ '•rW'^t, — ^?W, delicious, well -tasted, savoury. 

^iitf^ 9lf^ smitten, hurt, injured,kiUed> uttered falsely; 


Si ^ 

«mr^, vtpr, utOT, to smite, wound, kill, hammer, beat 

out met|iL 

"^f^t ^Wi, fW, a sacrifice, war, combat, attack. 

^W^, :fTii?iR, ^JT^IR, to collect together, bring,, remove. 

«rt5WI, ^»rtrTOt, t^t^^y one who brings, an eater. 
' WW?, CW»R, food, diet, a meal, repast. 

^trt^, 5T'^^, collecting together, bringing. 

^W^, c^5l«R^F^, feeding, feeding freely, gluttonous* 

WW^/, c^t**<U> ^t-<«Hl9, fit ta be eaten or brought, inci- 
dental, accessary. 

Wtf^, Tpl^' ^rof^, placed, deposited. 

''Wf^^^tftt, Tlfit^ a BraJimin who preserver the consecrated 

fire of his family. 

WtClat, <^tt*rm, a cowherd. 

Wt^, ^*^^«, offered, sacrificed. 

Wt^, <?W, a burnt sacrifice. 

Wtf^, f^rarfSr^, invited, called, summoned. 

WW, ^J?t^ 'ift?^, \^, taken, brought, collected, eaten. 

Wtr?t<?ft^, w^fir^, self-exaltatidn, a vaunting of one s 

own valour and depreciation of another's. 
Wtf^, fW*i^, daily, diurnal; daily ceremonies. 
^Tljtf , 9^, joy, mirth, festivity, exultation. 
Wt5!^, '^NPkvft, joyous, festive, mirthful, glad. • [pute. 
Wt|?, 'f'Wl, appellation, name, a law-suit, a sporting di*.- 
Wtjt^, PuwH, ^C!rt«nr, an invitation, call, summons. 

t, f^n»P9r^w, an emphatic affij^—even, indeed, self, very. 

i^, P^> solid, not hollow or fistulous; a sort of reed. 

^?P^. ^^, a bandicote rat. 

^«i, c^wjf a louse. 

t% wtf. a sugar-cane. • [lusions. 

T^9f^» *iw^-i, ^«i, to nod, wink, express by Bigik^ or al-^ 

tfip5, 'iwiJ, ^, a nod, wink, signal, sign. 

t^f *^it will, desire, wish, choice, inclination, hm ^ 

t'lnfti^, ^ct^nrprtft, Tolunt^ry, unconstrained^ wilfuL 

^, ^^, — ^^rWjy, desirous, willing, solicitous. 

twi, ^^, a sacrifice, oblation, worship, reverence. 

tf», ftwf^*^^/, a shrimp or prawn. 

t^,, t^, ^^f ^,— ^*ttf^Brf«i, a brick. 

t^, ^itir, — ^^i^f^>5, brick, built of bricks. 

t^-^rt^, i^^^i:«F*t<», to pelt with bricks. 

t^, tii^tf^nrtw, ^^^?^, hence, from this, 

t^, f*W, i;^, other, another, different, low, mean. 

^icn/», ^ntJw^, on another day. 

^^WSi, <i)fir74if^, hither and thitlier. 

tR5, ^M^^P9f ^f thus far, hitherto, thus, this. 

tfww/, twtJ^W/,— ^t^WCT, wkk;, during, this, at this 

time, in the meanwhile. [advice. 

t^, ^j^rfS'RJ*, ^^, traditional instruction, legend^ 
tft^, ^% ^t^^^ft¥, a history, tale, fable. 
t^CT^, i^^^sW?, ^"S^, thus, such, like. 
^/^''CS, *M^^PtCT, ^it^RWc^, at this time or opportunity^ 

during this. 
^% ^9 <^f this, that, the same. 
ti9t<t, «^^f^, now. 

tw^S)^, ^m^f^, <i»<PW?, recent, modem, present. 
^^rGrt, ^, a well, large well or pit. 
t% vai, the moon. 

t^, ^ft^, a rat, a mouse. [ni^t, an organ of sense. 
^, ^^ftft^, tft^^twt, the sovereign of the gods : the soul, 
^aiWr, Jftn, CbWPw/l, legerdemain, magic, conjuring. 
^5«tt*PP, ^rtfiPP, deceptive, juggling, illusive, 
t^q^, ^, morbid baldness, the falling off of the hair. 
^WW, ?t«TO[^, the rain-bow, the weapon of Indra. 
tvH^j ^^1^ an intoxicating preparation of hemp. 
tf^» 5i^?Mtl^ W, the senses, the organs of sensation or 

tftl?]f, ^ft»f^l*l4, debilitating, stupifying, enfeebling the 

senses. [selfdenial. 

^ftlWRi ^?W^ t^^ ^^Ifrt^, suppression of sensuality. 

64 "i^»ft 

tfts?Wt^, l^^tf^, an evil propensity, concupiscence^. 

^feirt^f^ c^n^jy an object of the senses; 

^^Bpr, .^itffif ^BT^tg??/, fuel. 

^^, ^f«»r5, — c^n^f t^^l^, desirous, wishing for. 

^, 5rpf«r;?:?tw, an affix: like, resembling, &c- 

•^, ^, an elephant. 

^iPT, ^?fir9i> concord (of notes in music). 

'^^, s^y so much, thus much. 

■|t5^, «lf3l5r5|, ^«rt, an assigned quantity, definitenessv 

•^5W, f^'t/^* ^Hftt, a flash of lightning, submarine fire. 

tsl, ^t^^ ^J-^^, ^P?, ^^r, language, speech, goddess of 

speech, the earth, water, ardent spirits. 

tCT?^, cj^, C5t3l, a line, streak, stroke, dash of the pen^ 

^, ^<i, an arrow, a versed sine. 

t^, ^*»> ^^9, a quiver. 

^^, ^«rf^«fr^, desired, cherished, beloved, respected, 

approved, sacrificed to, worshipped. 

ir^^-1, t^o a brick. 

^ilW-^, ^/W?, the particular god worshipped by any- 

^y ^^> ^t^* **» volition, will, desire; a sacrificci. 

oblation^ spiritual guide. 
^;^, tU^f?ft, from this place. 

^%y ^5^'<lT<?W, a smoothing iron. [present time^ 

Jj^^l^l, ^^W|*> — JTijCTPP, the present life, this world,. 

^hP^, T^, to see, view, behold. 

^, ''^[Rs^frtf^ ^^, agricultural calamity, as drought, &c. 

^^, ^*f, — <i|^5W, ^^«r^, th\is, such, resembling this. 

^jfl, ci^, ^0^1, envy, spite, malice. 

^^> cn^, 1^«^^, spiteful, malicious, envious. 

^ 'srif, P»rt, a lord, God, the Supreme, Shiva. 

^, ^, — Tt^f«n?^, the beam of a plough. 

^Wt?, flf^. f^. lieht. snlendour. Shiva: nnrth-ftastem. 

^nt?, ^war^, «I1E, God, the Supreme, a lord. 
^^itsPRWif, ^rrf^^^, the denial of a Gqd, atheism. 
^Vjrf7^, iN:fB^, firmly relying on God, established in 

his service. [absorption. 

^Nr?wT^, n^^rpR, a securing of the divine favour or 
'Nft, Oftt, "ff^, a goddess, a queen. 
^, iNl, — ^, the beam of a plough . 
i^^, ^Hivf, p^<f^, a little, somewhat; ;?re/'. slight, &c. 
^?i("f5r, ^fet^, ^^wt^fi, a glance, slight view. 
^, o^, *^^, endeavour, attempt, study, wish. 

^, ?5ft^, a white ant 

^F, ^, high, lofty. [thatch. 

^F5r, ^iirt^R, ^M^, to stir up, lift up, loosen, strip, off 
^F^, ^TS5^, ^iTOrR, rough, uneven, not level or smooth. 
,^WR-^rpr, FfsR, to toss corn in a sieve, to sift. 
^fR, ^^, ^^wc^rt?^, to take up, lift up, unthatch, to 

threaten to strike. 

%??, ^, — ^^, c^ftsfl, a meteor, torch, firebrand; stray, 

going at large, strange, unknown, [retching. 

^, tl^^ft, ^M?Tt?, a peep, prying, attentive gaze, a 

^R^ ' ^ , Wn?<i, to retch, to strain. 

^fejrtl^, c^rwc'np'fsr, to pry, watch, peep. 

^^ GP^^, a louse. 

^ft, ^Wt, — i^tftW^, a sort of drum. 

W, ^^f^, said, spoken, related. 

^1^. ^fP/, ^^t^, speech, a word, sentence, expression. 

^^ipl, ^, a buM. 

^, ^«1, — ^Wt, a rasp, file. 

^^'T, irt<l, to rasp, file. 

.^♦ff, ^1W^, ^^, to go or pass away as time, to get or 

break loose, to encrust with sugar. 

^*?l, T^p St preparation of parched rice and treacle. 

^<rfr, ^, ^, a ladle, a skimmer. 

56 ^rttW ^ 

^^f t^f ^ pot, saucepan. ' 

^^«l, ?«R, to vomit, bring up the cud ; vomit. 

^4f, *t«f, ^rt^, cvWf, hot, pungent, peevish, sui 

^^rfiW, ^«W^<i, r^^rt^, to uncovien strio. lav bai 

^^> ^^9 a louse. [coursoi 

^nrt*f, «P«r, introduction of a topic Or subject of dis- 
^wi, ^^^, — ^^*WTV, headstrong, unruly, mischievous, 

bold, insolent. 
^'5«H'-'!ift^, ^T^^, to toss up in a sieve, to sift, 

^ft^, 'rm/, c^T^/, right, fit, proper, suitable, conve* 


^t^, ch^, a trip, stumble. 

W, ^, ^i^, high, lofty, loud. 

^^, ^o^, "^fWtS, pride, arrogance, a custom, usages 

^iirtl, ^^f ^9^9, quick, hasty, expeditious. 

^TOTRls, ffc^tftns, uneasy, restless, troubled, flig-htv. vain 

^V6>^, tf^9 ^\^> droll, comical, jocose. 

^«pfl[«, ^, 55f*r«, uttered, pronounced, said, spoken. 

^*tl^H, Pnm, ^*r^, sadness, gloom, suUenness, ruin, 

oppression ; to vex, harrass, cause to remove^ 
^vt^,, Pwa, ^^^, inclined t» gloom or sullenness. 
^W?, ^WWf^, ^Wt^^, uneven, not level, various, multi^ 

^1?, f^ln, «r«r, excrement, filth, manure. 
^t?-«l, ^<t, "W«tr?t^, utterance, pronunciation. 
^^> ^» ^' loud; aloud, on high. 
^^ ^ ^> d eaf, high-eared. [relinquished. 

^^, ftmf-tvs, ruined, destroyed, laid waste, stript of^ 
^f^, ^ffH^, ^^, cut off, ruined. [leavings! 

^^, ^^^, ^/^F, left, remaining, rejected after tasting j 
%P5«^1, 'T^C^, a remnant, orts, leavings. 
^'ipW, ap^^srf^, ^«RTV, irregular, confused, self-willed, 

licentious, loose, unrestrained. 
^^, r^H, ruin, destruction, devastation, excision, 
^^f i^,— ^, height, elevation, a height. 

^ 67 


^Rfg^ ^w, ^^W, elevated, exalted, born, produced, 

grown, increased, prosperous. . 

^fpr, ^iR, to Tomit. 

^» %«l, — ^um, straight, direct, sincere, honest, upright. 

^s^'r, ^♦nW, ?>r'r, to tear up by the roots, to vomit. 

%^, f^ntV, against the grain, in an opposite direction* 

%9nr, r<C4tW«ii^, to swim against the stream, to flood 

as the tide. [pools). 

^Wt?, 'Hrtl^/t^, wandering (as fish from the rivers into 

iw, «CTj ^JtC'<t*tJr^, ^PaiWl, the dashing of the waves, 

a tossing or agitation. 

^M7, 'S^, to rise as a wave, to be tossed, agitated. 

%VBit7y ^r*^^, ^i^vit^, to toss, agitate, sift. 

^K«T9, ^7, ^iTf^/, a wilderness, deserted place. 

^wpr, WW, an upper country, hill-counlry. 

^, v^iqn, ?R74$f^, a common report, rumour. 

^%1, ^9^, wandering (as fish in the rains). 

%«^, fj^f, ^<13F^, waste,' ruined, desolate, desert. 

%iirf-^, %^*n^, RrW, eradication, tearing up by the 

roots, ruin, destruction. [ous. 

%vft?, wj*tt/^, ^IcKt, wasteful, lavish, expensive, ruin- 

^iRT, i(tftt)rt7> <£n^> luminous, splendid, bright ; splen- 
dor, brightness, blaze. 

^««R, ^^^Pr» ^vpr, to blaze up, enkindle. 

^fjRF, ^j^, left, abandoned, relinquished. 

^#-7, ^^V^9 a gleaning, collecting of grains. 

^iw^, ^ft^/^^TT, to dry rice by the fire for unhusking. 

^, ^» ^rsift, a camel ; dried leaves, grass, thatch. 

^Nt?t, ftOt^, '«rt^ri?t, foreign, unknown, vagrant. 

%8w, ^<«rW, ^P?rtrtflr5 ^f a thatched house. 

%^, ^"^ CT^nr, to take goods on credit. [as scurf. 

^d7, ^5^9 to heave or swell from moisture, to scale off 

^^55r, '^ICT^^, search, enquiry, a tracing out. 

^^C9f, Mt>rt, straying, wandering, unknown. 

^tVf ^, •», a clue, guide. 

^, WIT, a rising up, mounting, elevation. 


58 ^^ 

'BSr, <tlwrt«R, ^^IfSRl, to rise, to mount ; a court-yard. 
^^, ^^tf^, ^ftrsfrw, TO^, a rising up, mounting, arrival 

at a place. [eradicate ; a court-yard. 

^S'tT, reWT, to raise, exalt, elevate, remove, dismiss, 
^^tnr, 4tR»c?, without, out of doors. 
^8*1^, ^\, 4t^^1^, repeatedly, importunately. 
^Jjl^, f^^, ^wt^ar, a vent or sale for goods, the breaking 

up of an assembly. 
^"^9 ^rt?/«, c«l¥, the beginning and end, termination, 

end ; from beginning to end. 
^*^, ^»W?/ft, squandering, wasting, throwing away. 
^?^, ^rWc^ WR, rs^, to fly, mount in the air, soar, be 

wasted, be scattered. {garment- 

^^, j^^^rt^, ^?rt?, a sheet, the Hindoo outer flowing 
%^F*t?, *Wf9^, ^H^F^pr, taking flight, flying, fledged. - 
^^f?^, ^(^?l^f^, a flying up and settling or falling. 
^^, ^1*1"IM«», '^•t?/?, flight, waste, the venereal. 
^^I4l, ^'W?/?, ^^, waste, extravagance, outer garment. 
^^1^9, ^'^t^i^, wasteful, extravagant. 
^, iR/^TPr/, ^uPr, wild rice; the repairing of thatch. 
^, ^^W, any constellation in the moon's path. 
^&?^ ft«tRl^, '"Tt^* anxious, agitated, eager. 
%^, ^t^Rt^, able, to fly, fledged. 
^<t, CTT, ^4t, CTO1, the moon, a raft, a float. 
^1^, F5, the moon. [of leprosy. 

^T?, ^5t^, ^wiTjr, copper, a threshold, wild fig, species 
^^, ^f?» ^•Tt^rttr flighty, airy, light, vain. 
%|^* ^^, flight, a soaring, rising into the air. 
^^\f ^'^^ ^ bound or upward leap. 
^^tlwTT, ^t^t*Wtvt, flying. 
^, ^W, ^'ng, ^S^i heat, fire: sewed, woven. 
^^J% ^^flpf, ^l5['aif,*rt?r i^-,to arrive, come to, cross over. 
%^59R, 'S'ijfl'^, — ^^flfir, to overflow, boil over, rui over. 
^8^, ^^W, — '^f^y 3t^Tt, distressed, agitated, touchy* 

passionate. [river, arrival* 

'l^-l, 'tfWW^, ^rW?«l. a CODV. dunlicatfi! nMAAiyA nf o 

^ 59 

^?, ^fiw, ^^^, anxious, regretting* 

^«^^, 911^, iw, disagreeable, troublesome, badj exces- 
sive, fiirious, drunk; mad . [melancholy. 

^^?M, ^n^, anxiety, regret, care, vexation, sullenness, 

^^^'y ^iRw?, ^S^pral, excessive; excellence, abundance,, 
late performance. 

^^*»W, '¥t^^,.%^5|*1, thought, anxiety, care^ 

^?^, C¥3r?1fiF, a louse. 

%^^, %«»r, excellent, good, elevated; 

^^il?, ^&OTt7, xjapable of improvement, improvable. 

^r^, ^^,, a bribe. 

^^W, ^wi, f^K^rW, ^W^, a leap, jump, bound, departure 
from order, irregularity, transgression, 

I^W?, ^Wf^^, %«»f|^, leaped up, tralftgressed. 

^^iwt^, rPt?<i*, ^, ^» an eagle. 

^nW-«*, ^^r'<C' i ^ <1, a toss, a throwing up. 

^^, ^nr&^, ^«n«^ eradication, rooting up, ruin, des- 


^^W*t, 'W^, ^8*ra*t, subversive, ruinous. [good. 

^, caflr, ^i^^f best, chief, excellent, superior, very 

^<r, ^Wt^l, a creditor, lender. 

%OT^it?JT, ^i^'T^^ the five capital punishments. 

%15nw, 1WW, the head. 

^^^ ^8*^^415^ capable of amelioration, improvable. 

^?, <1^^, «tRRt^/, ^, ^'W^, subsequent, posterior,. 

behind, last, hinder, future, northern; an 
answer, apology, consequence, remainder or 
difference, arrival, the north. 

^l?n, ItJtf «», csfl^, to arrive at, land, cross a river, alight. 

^?**!n, ^ilW/fiftFlrt, funeral obsequies. 

%^^vr, ^r^/f^, ^T^;<ti^, rejoinder, confutation. 

^41^, iflfs^, a reply to^an argument, refutation. 

^tr^r»?, ^PWWVW, ft^, dialogue, dispute, law-plead- 

%^Pf.^ftR, ^intift,— ^apwt^, a witness testifying frona 

hearsay or the report of others. 


60 ^^9tt 

^«?mtW, irvf , ^n^, an umpire, prompter, auxiliary, di- 
rector of religious ceremonies. [lers. 

^HIpT, <lW»l*a|?r, an inn, place of refreshment for travel- 

^StW^T?, ^^^^tWwt?, an inheritance, succession. 

^^?W^, ^-tf^wnR, a prevarication, deceptive reply. 

^^?rt?*», ^jwJir ^^^, the sun's path N. of the equator^ 

^5fT5r, ^^, the outer Hindoo, garment. 

^fty ^^5?ftir, — ^^^, Z9my the outer Hindoo garment, 

brahminical thread. • [wards, subsequently. 

^cs<l, ^It^, <1*fit*^, northern, posterior, northerly , north- 

^r?^it, ^;, ^^tjM?, to-morrow, on a future day. [ther. 

^'TOTt^?, "^S^a^tf^y «13W?, more and more, further and fur- 

^'SW^, ^CH^^fTjC^i^i^, athreatening, importunity, dunning. 

^^CTT, ^8*1^^,1?^^, an overflowing,running or boiling over. 

'g^ifft^, ftr^,^^, having the face or palm upwards, shallow. 

^Wn»t?, ^^» ^^*t^, lying face upwards ; an infant. 

^^, ^srst, ^W, heat, ardour, zeal^ distress. 

^♦nr, qiWr, to heat, make hot. [or alight. 

^^5t?M, <1t?[ ^-, c^Wt^f 'TW^, to ferry over, cause to arrive 

'S^^T, ^^, ^\%, ^ttumn, arpved, delivered, rescued, 

having surmounted a difficulty. 

^▼, ^bw, high, lofty, tall. 

^W«R1, Tr#sn, K^^f a furbishing, polishing, dunning. 
^r«t»r^, %f1[T, %*(ipsr, to raise a weight, elevate, boil 

over, overflow. 

^/^, ^ft^,Rj^, rejected, abandoned, vexed, disgusted, 
^gianr, ^atapT, to rise, stand erect. 

^«tBt^, '8'58nr, ^8*f5^, to overflow, boil over. 

^pr, '8«rt^«r,— %vr«r5r, to raise, elevate, excite, stir up. 

^ftJtf^, ^refi^, ^ttwfR, erection, elevation, rising up., 

^^^1^5^, ^^tff^, ^^f to leap up, mount. 

^<^, wr, production, a production. 

^<tl, ?»iitrttl, produced, arisen from. 

^^W, ^1f»f, ^^» a blue lotus, water-lily. . 

%«><iftt^, fJSC^i «rf- a collection of water-lilies. 

^<1tS^, ^S^Tf^, to root up, eradicate, eradication: 

^ 61 

^^, ^Hm, ruin, destruction, calamity, outrage, vio« 

lence, tumult, danger, ruin, provocation, evil 
omen, portent, something disagreeable. 

^^ftf^y vit^, to produce, create^ excite, occasion. 

^^Cfpil, 9rti{«r;, %*iii1, a resemblance, simile, metaphor^ 

illustration, indifference, carelessness. 

^^IR-^, ^^^W,--*«W, ^JR* a leap, jump, bound. 

^^^W, ^^^f Mf^y ?(5^, blown, expanded, gladdened. 

^^^, 1W9, a fountain, spring. 

^^^fm» C9P(, "^KW, the hips, the lap. 

^»»^. •«??, ^ifpnir, a festival, festivity, feast. 

i'^Wf, ^Jf^, — ^^^/, JrW, an offering, oblation, present* 

ing of an oblation, gift. 

^fW, ^1^, ^/t^. promptness, enterprize, zeal, energy, 

effort, perseverance, confidence, eagerness. 

^^» ^^ftsf^, ^fif^^, eager, zealous for, regretting, 


^^^, "^nw^, ^/v, W, offered in sacrifice, given. 

%^CT5^, «ic«iKcw^^, to spout or throw up water. 

^, ^Cr9, 'Wi, 'Ift^, water, an otter. 

^^f 'NrarfSp?, the north. 

^i^^^ifni', Wiift^, a bestowing of water, an offerhig of water 

to the manes of one's ancestors. 

^^, %W, ^, %f«, pointing upwards, high, tall, (ironL 

colly) a dwarf. 

^^, ^»?ft, — ^^nfsB, ^ft?, the sea, the ocean. 

^/1, ^»1. PWW, thirst, desire to drink. 

^Wpc, ^, a well, tank, &c. 

^, ^^m, ^«Rtf«n5, ^«Rt?^. uncontrouled, unrestrained, 

free, open, uncovered. 

^WW, ^■'ftPtSPf, ^, 'iSf, thoughtless, simple, unreflec- 
ting, sincere, unsuspecting, docile, cheerful. 

^W, ^C^It^M tfpJH, a rising into view, rise of a hea- 
venly body, coming into vogue. 

ii^f^, 'ftnfw,— ^Hf^t^, the eastern mountains. 

^Ww, ft*Wpr, the dav, day-time. 

62 ^ ^ 

^Rf^ K^, W9f the abdomen or belly, pauncb, womb^ 

an enlargement of the abdomen. 
^^Rrsrrfr, ^«W, an entrail, gut. 
^Hihfl , '8iRrm?,-^^irt^^, a diarrhoea, dysentery. 
^inrvf^, "vvtir^y ^^^^ selfishly voracious, gluttonous,. 

^IPT, ^fef?rf^ nnpP?w, the gastric juice. [epicure. 

^^(fjid%, W^V, w|5?, c^T^St, gluttonous, voluptuous ; an 
%if^, c^t^, Hlp^t abdominous, corpulent, dropsical, 
^ifc?, ''R^/TOJ* inwardly, internally, inclusively. 
^ipF, ^j^»r, •is^tsT, it^, remote consequence, future 

time, profit, advantage. 
^^, ^tflpj ^t^ one of the five airs of an animal body. 
^fertsr, '•W^, ^^f ^^f^f '^^ candid, firank, generous,. 

liberal, noble, grand, gentle, unperplexed. 
^iRt?1» crt77l^?9 tlie deepest notes in tnusic. 
^«rRiT<t/1> ^<rt?^»'»'> — Wtgt^,^-^^, ambiguous, of doubtful 

or double meaning, 
^ferfi, 'WtfJc, ^'St^/, ^rP^nsi, religious abstraction, soiitude, 

unconnected ness, retirement, misanthrophyy 

anxiety, regret. 
^j((y ^^^% Pnwf, ^»tf^, abstracted, lonely, retired, 

misanthrophic, anxious, regretting, crazy. 
%ft5>fr5r, 'R/t^, ftJ^, withdrawn from society, austere; a 

recluse, pilgrim, religious mendicant, cynic, 

misanthrophe, stranger, foreigner. 

^-ft^^J* ^«ftt[t?, — J^it^t an illustration, instance, exempli- 
fication of a rule. 

^W^, ^*^r^tf^, ^, adduced in exemplification, ex- 
emplified, mentioned, spoken, famed. 

%ff5, 4fnPlf«^, ^fit^s, w, risen (as a heavenly body), come 

into notice or fashion, spoken, expressed, 
bound, tied. 

^?l*t ^'^^fi^, the north quarter. 

%^t<tT, %^9:i«i, northern. 

^^/, 'i^«*iHTO<«l, the north-west, north country. 

%f 63 

5, %«^fir3, spoken, uttered, said, announced. 

%<W, anpr^tpi, a wooden mortar for husking rice. 

^, ^BrS, -^^^ ascended, risen, increased, vomited. 

hm, ^sttpr, ^, WK, ascension, rising, mounting, in- 
crease, knowledge, idea. 

^vfTif, ^«rf?H?, '•rf'T^, exceeding, very, great, excessive. 

W^, aHf^tt^, fpr^, a chanter or reciter, particularly 

of the Sdma Veda. 

^5W1? -«i, rw^, ^ww, a belching, retching, vomiting. 

%«i^»hr, 5rrtwirt\% <fWWW?«*, a portion of the Sima Veda, 

the utterance of the mystic ^. 

%wt% ^rtSrs, vomited, thrown up. 

^<C ^;^, prepared for, or engaged in action, exerted, 

. stimulated, raised, held up^ 

^^, -sti^, the building up of a wall, edification. 

^m^^ iFTt^c;, «W/» an object accomplishable or attainable. 

^<irr, ^lic^JRt^rtir, a chopping-block, carpenters bench. 

§*(fl^, W^c^t««r8qi?i, ttpTt?^, the rope and bucket of a 

well, the opening out as of a shutter. 

^wt^, ^rtjrv,^, commencement, a weapon, club, mallet. 

^5, 5i«l1, ^H, a mosquito, a gadfly, a bug. 

^8^, ^?^«t, wnfl, '»?rsc^, having large teeth or tusks, 

formidable, tall. 

^^W, ^»WtPr3, ^r^, unrestrained, unconfined, free. 

^, ^aifist^TS, designed, intended, regarded, done with 

regard to. [minatiou. 

^<W, ««r^, 4nrt^, a blazing, glowmg, shmmg, lUu- 

%CVt, '^rf^^rtir, ^»OT^<i, ^tiHl, an object, view, motive, in- 
centive, vestige, trace, seairch ; lust,love; sake, 
account of; for. [regard to an object. 

%W*?, ^ci*"r^,— ^P^W?^, acting from-a motive, or with 

%wn/, «c?tw^, ^'RCW^, an incentive ; fit to be made an 

object of regard, deserving to be traced out. 

fei^, gb^ t ^tjW , one who acts with a design or scope. 

H«, ^"T^iTSHK, If ?«, anrtBtft, absent, ill behaved, capri- 
cious, audacious, mischievous, self-important. 

64 ^«r 


^5*31^1, ?^rt^*i,ft*t^, ill-behaviour, effrontery, audacity » 


^^% ^•f?, — ?WT> ^^^9 ^^» deliverance, rescue, extri- 
cation, acquittal, beatitude, freedom, extract 
from a book, raising up from a pit. 

%TO. %TO, — ^^ftp^,' tossed or cast up. 

^f^, Wl, ^wr, hung, tied up to a' thing* 

^f^[^, ^B$t^ C^7» to hang (a criminal.) 

^%:9ir. 'S'^^i, to vomit, throw up, retch. 

^3r«i ^»J^rW, ^^Hf , a remainder, overplus; remaining, 

left. [enough. 

^W^, ^Tt^, ^iiP(^-^-, to be over, abound, be more than 

^9t?, fi^f a marriage, wedding, nuptials. 

^11, '^sP^f ^tf^« troubled, anxious, perplexed, thought* 

fol, dejected. 

%flt^, WwWft?. an otter. 

^^, ^^^, ''rf^, left, remaining over and above; 

^CY5t, ?/t^^9f5l» «9t^, perplexity, anxiety, hesitation^ 

grief, care, dejection; the betelnut. 

%tft'("''T, ^^% wt^j remembrance, recognition, a con- 
ception of the mind, sentiment. 

^B^, ^^M^ cm^, ^jn^, unwritten but current, well 

known, renowned, excellent: a tortoise, the 
sun. [tence. 

^9, ^^^11^, ^m, production, birth, a coming into exis- 

^^t^, ^, 3(t^, heat, steam, a thing tending upwards. 

^€5R, ^i*^, — ^^w^sttSf, a tree, plant, shrub: sprouting, 


^feWfrl, ^'VttW^/l, botany, the science of plants. 

^Rsv, c^f^, U%, perforated, split, opened upwards. 

^^, ^^, vt^, produced, arisen from, born, conse- 
quent [an act. 

^j^, «tV5, «n[^, ready, prompt, about or prepared for 

^S^, ^/t^, exertion, readiness for action, preparedness. 

felflWWj WfW^'t, f^irhtW, dissuasion, discouragement, de- 

^W*, ^Bc|Wt, — c^iw^ active, busy, prompt, ready* 

^i1^, %*rCT, a garden, park, grove, pleasure-ground. 

^MWT, 4^Pi MW»r, f'^^tW^, fulfilment of a vow, perform- 
ance, accomplishment of a design. 

^/^, ^tW^, TIf9^» ready, on the point of, engaged in. 

%Kt^, ^rstJf, ^1, endeavour,, exertion, enterprize, zeal, 

readiness, industry.. 

^:5, wurrt^', an otter. [perception. 

^caw, ^< ^rtaw, attempt, commencement, appearance. 

^«rHT«v, disappointment, discouragement, dis- 
suasion, desisting. [ing ground. 

^WEll; ^ICTS, ^W9, about, ready> coming into view, gain- 

^HH, Q^nw^, the udder of a cow. 

^^, ^% ^. a loan, debt, trust, credit. 

, v.n. "i^iipr, ffirt^, J*, to melt, dissolve; a furnace, 
, V. a. ) hearth, portable hearth. 

^?r^, i^^, Prt^, a fountain, spring. 

W|jif, ^Mir^tW, ort^irW, a commotion, riot, tumult, con- 
fusion, anarchy, mob, multitude, procession^ 
pomp and noise of attendants. 

^«igr, %««»,— ^ft^. ^^, a rat, a. mouse. 

^W9, ^,^i*W, elevated, exalted, enriched,, risen, as- 
cended, increased. 

^Sl^t^v^, ^<1TI, risen and fallen, elevated and depressed^ 

rising and falling. 

^glft, ^, increase, elevation, advancement, prosperity. 

^wr^f %t«W^, pJCFt?, ^^, to lift up, elevate ; discussion, 

deliberation, reasoning, logic* 

^&wnnr, ^t«pr, to raise, elevate. [intoxicated. 

^iW, W*?»^it<tt,— ftWI, ^5t9W deranged, mad, crazy, 

^Vrt, ^*ft«, ^/Tfn, thoughtful, agitated, distressed, re- 

%ilt<, ^W, «rt«r, a snare, trap, net. [extravagant. 

r, ^rt^jrsl, ^nv^y madness, folly, extravagance; mad^ 

r, m^^r, a maniac, mad person. [sure, value. 

^Upr, ^iftrt*,— cil'Pr, m^W, a weighing, measuring; mea^ 


66 ' ^ 


^fW^, fiT'Pftrs, «Wtf?^, blown as a flower, opened as the 

eyes, expanded. [flower, to wink. 

^iSt«R, "^Cfffc^ «W^, ^S^, to open as the eyes or as a 

^^, Ww, ^y^, ^3Rf, looking or pointing upwards, 

engaged in ; an effort, attempt, exertion. 
^ ^WR, ^<tt^, to root up, eradicate, abolish. 

^r«[^, ^BJt^, a perception, sensation, discovery. 

^^f^<d, itf^srt^, a story, tale, tattle. 

^*W9^i, ^^«rRT^,^^R, a thing superadded, ^s vegetables 

or sauce to food ; materials, means, help, sup- 
plemental oblation, [effect, result, success. 

^^W?, 'rt'?^^/, assistance, help, remedy, benefit, favour, 

^*W?t, '•l^Cf^T, ^^<^1|1, helping, assisting, benevolent, be- 

^Wj^, Tfrtt/, assistance, help, advantage, benefit. 

^^ppif, ^»it?^, ^wr^, commencement, attempt, prelude. 

^^Wr, ^^Wr, dj<i?, approach, attachment, sexual inter- 

^*W?F, ^it*rT^ «t>, an inferior or under spiritual teacher. 

^^t5^, ^^*B|^, to run or boil over, overflow, abound. 

^<1^, ^03^* plenty, abundance. 

^*!5t5, ^/^^T?, VWt?, pracfice, custom, profession, service, 

practice of medicine, a bribe, imputation. 

^^fffe^, ^f*^, TiS^, collected, increased, improved. 

%^WR, ^T, «fiR, to occur, be produced, accrue, acquire ; 

produced, occurred, acquired, become, &c. 

^♦Iftryl, ^Brf^rJtel, the epiglottis. [port. 

^^r*tft^, *l4C-iWlv, ^, livelihood, tra<ie, means of sup- 

^^Itfhft, ^^W^, living upon or by, dependant on. 

%*SSrt/, ^t^ft?^, ^»WfT*t?v affording a livelihood, main- 
taining, [idea of a thing. 

^•n»1, ^^WptPRfwfr, ^TpfiWf^, intuitive knowledge, first 

^*f^, ^*lt^, to root up, eradicate, abolish. 

^^?R, ^*(5t?, v^, a present to a superior, present of 


^^war, ^y^> a smail fibre or thread. 

^*t«My <^, ^^, ^^» distress, misfortune. pa4n* disease^ 

heat, hurry, 
^*Rt|1» ^tstirtiai, the iris (of the eye). 
^^/^> *rtTt7«, land at the foot of a hill, a valley. 
^^^f ^'r^lTsff, the calyx of a flower. 
^''W?^, ^, '«wirnn, a deml-god, phantom, apparition. 
^*WW, l^WI, OTiipr, instruction, advice, doctrine. 
^•WPlt» ) Pl^l^, t*W, PWFt*]^, giving instruction, instruc- 
^♦ro^, j tive, edifying; a teacher, preceptor, instructor. 

^W, ft^, ^^fTs, calamity, ruin, injury, oppression, 

tyranny, ravages, a portent. 

^ntt% <5fftf^, ^«, an island. 

^*f<T^, ^tftPH, a pillow, bolster. 

%nf5r, ^F?, f»Rl, 5», fear, dread, terror, fraud, st wheel. 

^^^14, ^*1^^<i 'l'^?, investiture with the brahminir 

cal thread. 

^•prw, *W^, asimame, nick-name. [another person. 

^<lf^fl^^, ^^WJc, — ^^rt>fe^^, a deposit of valuables with 

Wsra?, «W? ftcitWt^, thephilosophicalpartof the Vedas. 

W^rlt^, f^iftP'V^, deposited in a sealed state. 

%*rita, ^ntt^, invested with the brahminical thread. 

^n^TiW, tfTwr^^, ^*PW1, an exordium, prologue, tale, 


%*Wf55, «t?, tl^^^, a paramour, gallant. 

Vwfti, Pnft?, f^^, provision, maintenance, accomplish- 
ment of an object,, production, demonstra- 
tion, supply, favour, assistance. [tion. 

^«W?, ♦KW? T^^'iAfdH^, a noun in apposition or conjunc- 

^^Mf, ^^, ^'rttl, accomplished, completed,, supplied, 

provided for. , [guilt, venial crime. 

^•Mts^, ^^^•t, — c^ft^^, a crime of the third degree of 

%Wt«R, ^K^y to accomplish an object, prove, establish 

an argument. [assaujt, affray. 

^•W^, ^rthfi^4?*i, an eclipse, portent, ascending nodi, 

^•ftjr«, 4jfi, ^^*, eclipsed, beheld (as a portent.) 

^w, %<it^9 a garden, artificial wilderness. 


^fi^Wf, *»prtft?f a religious or voluntary fast*. 

%^tf^;, ftlw^4^H tf ^ , acquainted with inferior arts. 

^*tPw;1, ^^r^ct^r ft»?n, W«1fW/tfif, inferior art or science^ a» 
painting, dancing, legerdemain, handicraftSy &c» 
^•If^i, ^Ttrpr^, seateH, seated near. 

^^^, ^*f5l, the sacred brahminical thread. 

^^ftHt, ^^W^rW, ^^H^, wearing the brahminical thread. 

%*R?^, V(^9 r^4$A^^, to sit, sit near or by. 

^*(r55t^, r<i^?^[5W«Fr, worldly or sensual enjoyment, gra- 
tification, usufruct of another's property. 

^^W, ^«W^,— ^^T^, Tt^'t/, a simile, metaphor^ compari- 
son, resemblance, picture, image, likeness. 

^*W51, TTst, 'S'^iTt^^i, a wet-nurse, nurse ; a metaphrast, 

comparer, [8cCm 

^^tprs, ^<inr5, — %^C5rflF5, compared, illustrated by simile, 

^<1ftr«, ^^, TPJ*!/, similitude, comparison, resemblance, 

metaphor, picture, image. 

^mar, PRt?*,^ marriage. 

^^Wt5^, PrcirT, fifwVl, a request, petition, prayer. 

^*i^, c^^/, ^, ^R^, fit, proper, suitable, qualified. 

^<iwr^, mn^s, '«r^f9r3t, ^»rt^, suitableness, adaptation, 

qualification, propriety, food. 

^<1Wt^, ^»rerCT, ^ifss, useful, fit, suitable. 

^^, ^^^rJpn, the top, upper part, space above, height^ 

upon, over, concerning. 

%^tj^, U^n, ^tf^, «arv, seized by calamity, afflicted, 

pained, eclipsed; ascending node. 

^*t?^* P^?r5, having ceased, ceased, stopped^ desisted. 

^6»Rll%, pT^fe, ^i^, cessation, .stop, great enjoyment, 


^^^^, ^^rapc^r, in succession, successive, one over 

another. [affliction. 

^?rt^, 3jrt/tfi^ji5<i, f5[^, eclipse of a planet, calamity, 

^<t?t«r, T<i(^, z^, cessation, stop, a breaking off, end. . 

^^, ^C^f ^Wjr, V^ above, aloft, over; other, another; 

an evil spirit, aerial spirit, a god. 

^ 89 


^•t^i, XX^ ^fi, the malignant glance of an evil spirit, 
^^it*^, ^'^dlt^, from above, above, up. [ceming. 

^^, ^C^f «t^, ft'i:?, np, upwards, upon, against, con- 
^HcitKy Cfi1»^,'«?t?«1, ^^, dignity, protection, defence, 

screen, support, favor, partiality, kindness. 
^^^/^» ^C^f higher and higher, in ascending series. 
*frtt<i, a stone. 

*% ^> "^(^^f '•WTJTt^, a livelihood, support, prop, a 

synecdoche of part for the wh61e^ or a quality 

for the subject; inference, deduction^ clue. 

^*WftF», ^^n^ftPB, inferred,' deduced. [quired. 

^*m» ^!(i.>6 , isrrfl, guessed, understood, felt, gained, ac- 

^•ftifli, «pp, ^^RR^v^, «rtrti, perception, guess, surmise, the 

understanding; gain, acquisition. 
^•M«r, ^♦P11%, — ^c?T^t5J^,'5tflf;,alleviation, abatement of pain 
or distress, relief, tranquillity, being a appeased*, 
^^Y, ^^^tfW, commencement, beginning. 
^*W^/t^, ^»rafl?, a lower garment. 
%«W*yt?, TM, cw, f^T^lRl, destruction, an end, completion, 
^♦tw, %»r8?, ^•ttftc, sudden calamity, portent, symptom 

of a disease, inseparable preposition. 
%«tsi^, ^iWrt^, ^ii^^, ^^/f secondary, subordinate. 
%»tvt-*i, ^W»r, ^8iir^, an approach, access, a following. 
^fc»fiF|^, ^^. Pr^^rpfit, a favourite ; approximating. 
%9t3[t, CSH^, a concubine. [arms; near, proximate. 

^»!^, ^iff^;, ^qswi, organs of generation, the hip, the 
^i*r(f74^9 9tinE3R,continence, restraint of sensual appetite. 
^•!^t*t^, f^wcfe ?rt^, OftrR, to place near, produce, 
^•nit^, tv?fe/, nearness, proximity. 
%*rtf^, 1 ^^, ^tW^, arrived, present, ready, near, oc- 
^n^tH, ) curred. [rent. 

'J^ftn; ^rtr, 'ft^, ^^, income, profit, proceeds, produce, 
^H^y mp, «P9^, smitten, struck. [present- 

ment?, m » tt ^4 > < , a present to a superior, complimentary 
^vqrtn, rpi;, ftilW, a smile, jest, ridicule, mockery. 
^</1^, tfi5^> ^ffW, a tale, story> narration. 

7© ^ 

^fttw, ^4*^1^ ^9Wf a subdivision, subordinate part 

^«Tt«, ^W5, ^fVf^f admitted, allowed in argument^ v> 


^i»ttft«r, tftraww, fWT^ctw, ^t?n, restraint of, the senses, 

abstraction from outward objects, cause, 
motiye. [able, admissible. 

%«ttW?, ^^f TtW, excellent, presentable, recommend- 

%^^, %<Wt^, Tfftrt, a cushion, pillow. [meditation. 

^^m!%C, *^ft, ftc^«l, tffl^^l, a title, attribute, affix; devout 

^^^rt?, ^Vt^,*tf^^, an instructor, tutor, scholar; learned. 

%^tt^t^, *tt^> ^^^» a shoe, slipper. 

^«, "^M^f near, proximate. 

%*1t?, 'rt^, «f8W?[, ^^W?, ^8*ft%r«f, means, method, ex- 
pedient, remedy, stratagem, cure, approach, 
acquisition of wealth. [sent. 

it^ft?^, ^^R[nr, a present to a superior, complimentary pre* 

^ntlit, ^^fWiPP, using stratagems, employing means or 

expedients, &c. 

^^fWrST, tnnwi?f ^, irr», accumulation of property, gain, 

acquisition^ income, earnings. 

^<1t^, ^l?ttrr?, ^^W^f, a voluntary fast. 

^B«tt^W, ^iJ^^^, 'TfiTt^^, an obsequious attendant, syco- 

phant, flatterer, worshipper ; propitiatory. 

^*ttfnr-1, ''rar^, ^rtSt^Rl, service, attendance on, respect, 

assiduity, petition, supplication, prayer, in- 
tercession, veneration, worship. £ous service. 

^*ft^/, ^?t^/, aiisr/, placable, venerable, worthy of assidu- 

^ntfT[, c^tTOlf^, a cartilage. 
* %^, ^^fet, <1f^, reversed, prostrate. [slightly. 

^^^«i, TWinr, 'SRtw?^, to neglect, disregard, notice 

%W^1, ^fhfi, ^/t^, ''R^, neglect, disregard, contempt, 

supercilious disregard. [with. 

wf5, ^«tt^, ^^T, approached, conxB near, connected 

^Wt^«i, ^««l^, ^•^KK, a religious fast, a fast. 

^^>. ^(%^, ^'wir T, departure, d isappearance ; to depart, 

vanish, qvaporate, dissolve. 

W 71 

^n, ^itvv, fiV9» to abound, be plentiful; abtaadant, 

^W, fini?, ^rtfkv/, abundance, plenty. [vestige, 

^w-*^, ^^ttpr, 'K^Wt^, a boiling over, search, enquiry^ 
^^, ^,— ^fW, ^, ^f^, erect, high, exalted, elevated. 
^^, ^i^, *lf^, reversed, prostrate. 
^|» ^^f straight, erect, upright. 
^, ^f ^«ff?1, higb» erect; height. 
^, ^^,-7-^^, W»r5 ^, both. 
^^rg^, ^w?, — •IT^, f^^^f, mutually, in both respects, 

on both accounts, on both sides. 
^^SfPwrt, dlf^ •ttjRw r^ f^A religiduB science and 

worldly affairs. 
c^tVtt^ ^tR[^^5 to unload a vessel. 
^^'^t 'l ci t, with a loud voice, with vociferation. 
^9T7, >n*nr, measurement, the sounding of a depth. 
^, ^f^s^, the breast, bosom. 
^<f, *nrf , W ^rtfif, a serpent, snake, worm, reptile ; 

crawling, creeping. 
t^jF^, ^«ip^V, a breast-plate, breast-armour, coat of mail. 
^, 7^, n^, «wi, great, ample, much ; the thigh. 
%1W, ^?^/, a vyse, a man of the third cla6s. 
^'Wt^, irt^RHl, 'w, a spider. 
^«fi, OK^tt^ o^f wool, fur. 
^&qn, ^sn?, aFfrwTBr, fertile ; a rich soil. 
^, «:[IWr, the earth. 

^% V9H, to admit the rain, leak, as a roof, See. 
^aiW, f^^t naked. [descend* 

igapr, ?t<rsr, ^rtJpT, to set down, place on the ground, 
^gij^, ^[j^,_>t^, c^, an owl. - 

^^> ^^^> ^^TC^, a torch, firebrand, meteor. 
^*t^^, WiRt, c^^pnrW, a fox. [women. 

^, ^jlCTtCTj f^^^ ftrW, a tattooing practised by 

%^^ft*JfN5 ^«l, to reverse, turn upside down. 

tfjf^5^, ft^ist^, reverse, reversed, contrary, upside 


72 *Ct ^ 

%wt*itw, aK?Wrir, t^ffwtCT, confusedly^ upside dowa^ 

wards, topsy turvey. . . [rersion. 

^^lvM«^tf*, c^?^t?r, ^iRf^rf^, inversion, confusion, per- 

'^^^Tl^^ ^* ^3^» a misconception, misconstruction, per- 
verted mind; misconceiving, blundering. 

%9^, C5tT8prt«f, confusion, hurly burly ; confusedly. 

^^, ^^, 'TWItfll^rt^, a torch, meteor. 

^jr^, '^«tf^PW<*, f^?WPjr«i, to transgress,, violate, tres- 
pass, infringe, revolt. 

^8bTO, ^«^, ^^, a jump, leap, bound, skip* 

^irpf, ^."^(f^^.joy, exultation, rapture, mirth, vivacity. 

%8I*, ^%9i^, — c^fPt, an owl. 

^6ctW-'5^, «niT^> ^t?^!, <R^, mention, relation, annuncia- 
tion, utterance, enunciation, a description ;- 
a scratching or diggiog'the ground. 

^% '^%, f^r«tf^ Pan^, apparent, evident, clear; excess 

of bile, phlegm, &c. ; a symptom. 

5&JWR, 'Satirs ^«^, to be elated, full of joy, ti^ansported*. 

^^, ^*tT? ^«r, the root of the tattie grass. 

^5«, %^, 'S^,— -«r^f^, the dawn, ' the morning. 

^% ^f pepper. 

%W^, ^;^^, ^nfsrsiy uneasiness, restlessness, fidgets^ 

^% ^S^srR, to repair or stir up a fire, trim, a lamp> 

stir up or revive an old quarreL 

^s ^, a cameL 

^, ^^, »flt^, J\^, hot, sultry, warm,^ passionate. 

^1, Pi^^TRj, heated, sodden, (of rice to be husked). 

^B(^^, c^«ft, 3jii, angry, passionate, enraged, provoked « 

fe^, ^^, ^'^ft, ftcirnai, a turban. 

%««1, ^% c^«l, heat, ardour, warmth, rage, anger, choler. 

^Vt^, OTWt^, to anger, enrage. [with gtain. 

^51^, ^OTt*i, to' supply the hopper of a mill or mortar^ &ۥ. 

^?t^, ^% ^'HfftTT, a cover, a case. 

«^ 19 

^^, ^W> a mortar for husking rice. 

^, ft?t1^, ' married. 

fe, ^f^, ^W?, 5[f, ivoven i cloth. 

^, M^ ^/^, less, ff^: one less than. 

^Tf^, ^pitf^, evmtf^t spiritlew^ destitute of energy- 

^, ^^afft^, wit, a white ant. 

^, ^»^,—«rwl, the thigh. [thigh* 

^Tvw, ii«lU#t^l« a painful and dangerous tumor on the 

^Vtv, art^pprl, a spider. 

^^1, cwltSflt ^ftw, wool, fur, felt. 

^, ^, — ^^, ^, ^f«, high, lofty, elevated. 

^, ^i%P5, 4Tfc?t^, ascending, rising, (spoken of flatu-^ 

lency ocoasioning pain and giddioesa). [bead. 
^f*P|» ^1^ — ^vw, sitting with his knees higher than his 
ipt^, ^iwri 5T«ritHt, with elevated hands, (spoken of 

devotees). [tity. 

^^l[^, 9t^/t^, F^^T<s|^, a saint living in perpetual chasr 
^Wt»T,. ^t?R[5^, '*t'ic?t^, expiration^ emission of the 

breath; asthmatical. 
^^, ^T'^lf^, the thigh bone. 
^^ 1W?, a wave, surge, billow. 
^Nn^, ^Iftnv^* wavy, undulated, convoluted. 
^, m^TtSr, saline, salt (of land); saline earth, a salt 

and barren soil, 
i^t, ^nf^9 <sft9S the dawn, morning twilight. 
^, %?l,— ft^ ''^W?^, investigation, reasoning, the 

supplying of an ellipsis. 
%^, '•WBrrt/, elliptical, requiring to be supplied or In^- 


^, ^tmnVt the first of the four Vedas. 

ipp, ^1^^ — vt^, a bear, the constellation Ursa Minorr 

H 4* 

^5» siV, a formula of praise or incantation, hymn to a 

god, invocation, a sentence of the Rig Ved. 
^w, ^J^r, straight, upright, sincere, honest. 
%^y 'CT?, a loan, debt. 
iR«ii|^fi|, irt? ^f^y to borrow, receive a loan. 
^*t?r^, Tt3 W^^, a lending, giving in loan. 
niWir^, ai^WR, ^%f ^^OT«H a lender, creditor; lending. 
^<l^, tH^, — trts^, ^«i *l*t, a debtor; indebted. 
WW*W, ^<i4W, indebted, loaded with debt. 
*«i^, W?IW^, ^ftt?ftaft^, purchased or sold on credit. 
vim, fvZP, ^stn, affix : affected with. 
^^, '4l^lf!r^l^> 7t«T, SV'T, a season, the- menstrual flux^. 
^5»ipr^, avrtt, menstruous, (woman.) 
iii«?tw, ^^W^^m, the spring. 

w«, ^/R5t?w, f^CT, except, besides. [tic priest. 

^^' i(^, — ^t«9, 4X3rtf^, a sacrificial priest, a domes* 
^, ^, :Fiwff^, riches, wealth, increase, prosperity. 
^^Wj ^^, ^W, a bull; affix: excellent, great, 
^f*, ?^PT, a sage, a Muni. 



iH, Wl^Jlf^, ^ftl^^, ^% this. [till now- 

a^"«rrfir, ^»^, ^n^t^r^cs, ^^PWU^, henceforth, from here, 

dj^, ^ifT^lT^, this very, even this. 

«ut^T?«i, ^"PC'r;, for this reason, hence, therefore, wherefore. 

«ii^, ^'ifWt?, one. 

cn^, ^ipH'i*, the same, the self-same. [one. 

li^^ii^, ^fW^, f^T^, ^«r^, one by one, severally, each, every 

«H^, ^rffrS!?, ^re?, ^^TtPS?^/, one, single, alone. 

«^^5riNT?^, ««r/r^^, ^^11%«rt^, of the -same profession, 

doing the same; a competitor. [poraneous. 
di^^^rfBj^, ^TWPwt^, iFW?t<it^, coeval, simultaneous, cotem- 
<^^?1> '''^^Xi self-willed, obstinate, headstrong, perverse- 
*«l^]5fira1, '•rfwt^, ^?Wt, unsocial, recluse, secluded, sin» 


^ • 75 

«FW, WW?r, ^1^, a shed. [attached. 

tfi^^, ^RR^pRls, ^«rtft^» unanimous, attentive, sedulous, 

"J^i^csT^I, sifPBHF, a monopolizer, monopolist. 

w^T?1f«aW, 'i^'rtff, a joint bondsman. [cessantly. 

'^wnnt, ^SWt?, <5pru, frequently, repeatedly, often, in- 

0^^, t^n j(9, WJff? *ii^, one, an entire one. 

di^^, di^m^, one, only one, merely one* 

*^. ^o^, ^%^y — "^^^f Wip^^, small, one, a little. 

A"^, <n?ar, together, in one body or association. 

di^i^, tM^tf^frtt, PPW, a rival, opponent, competitor ; 

having the same object. 

ss^saity ifs^f^fj^ d(9m^, subject to one lord, having one 


v«OT, ^CHc^j srw/ t^^, ^[^/w, one of many. 

dS99i. »c?s VKS tH^, ^m^rsfy one of two, either. 

iii^«l, ^, — vj^/, ^«nT/^, ftw^, onpness, sameness, uni- 
on, concurrence. [dance. 

Ji^5W, ^TTOfi, ^para? ^ harmony, unison in song and 

4^^, ^^» ^**% having a single gourd (as lutes, &c.) 

dwi, iflWflW, Prt*!^, in one place, collectedly, together. 

dRP91> »n?wtcw, once, at once. [dency. 

6S9iS[^ ^wfi^, 'WHS'r, hiving the same direction or ten-. 

dff ifl, CTOi 4^, Ji'W^, single, simple. 

'ii^'Ttirt, "SF^X^f a namesake ; having the same name. 

4^lfftl, "^^j the Hindoo outer garment. 

iH^^, oi^-^-ilirl, — «[«iT,^t^, inclined to one side, aslant, 

on one side. [ception. 

j|^«1^, iAVf?m, united in one plan of collusion or de- 

<49fr9T9; 'Wr, ^W, uniform, of the same kind. 

^5^, ii5rw€t«^, subject to one lord, monarchical. 
^^0rt«3# ^^<'^S, monarchy. [stinate, firm. 

d»^rtf*til, ^wspwnft, ^'WtV, dogmatical, pertinacious, ob- 

di^, diwl, once. [ment, awhile. 

.^*f^ Vrt, ^PTT, ftft^'^^W, a single drop, a little, a mo- 

•^^ft^, .«tf^m«, IJTWt^ttlr, ^i^r^wft, having the same ob- 
ject, of the same profession; a rival, coadjutor. 


79 <4^ 

itpi^P9, <4i9ti[t$t> eating but one meal a day. 

iH^JWt^, WKf ^wWronoli «W?, an assooiation or body of 

persons, a collection of things. 
dj^ntPr, 3Fir^t^, ^wtTTt^^rt*^ of the same mother, of one 

origin or source. 
iSP^, ^"f, ^/, 'Wtw, similar, like, same, resembling. 
«^^<H, ^'iRsnrrtt CTWtWrs, blindly impelled by rage, ob*- 

stinate. [private. 

cii?p«r, ^?pm^ — ^wt#l, ft\. Pc^p alone, single, solitary, 
(D^nrt^, ^^5 a sheet, wrapper, outer garment. 
j> ^«H^<»a i1, ^^^f one or two together, a few. 
^M^'T^, ;h;^, ii^^rt^, united, collected, compact, keeping 

in company. 
^^^> 'sn?, rroi «H^, single, one. 
««!, 'Si^.-^^ff^Sn, «HfWt^/, fiHW, alone, single, solitary. 
oi^JT, ^nftrfirf^i, ^^iHiUH U, Wit|>», devoted to one pursuit, 

closely attentive ; a subdivided Une. 
^Wf iW, 'irtWrrW, devotedness to or pursuit of one object, 

close attention. 
oi^^rs^ai, i^l^, Hftjttv, widely governing, ruling the earth* 
«^V^FtK^1, . ^, the unity of spiritual essence, the doctrine 

of one universal Spirit. [regular series* 

^?FlftF7>r, ^Tt^^s^f^, f^nraf, successive, uninterrupted, ia 
(SiTtortn, ^^^, a few, one or two, one or two together. 
<il9tnf^tt%, ^1^, ^^fH9tv, a monarch, sovereign, 
^^▼tftffl, ^'^^^ single, oiUy. 
4^n«, "^S^f ftrtfW, ^(^s, excessive, extreme, effectual, 

leading to one result, private, solitary, unin- 
habited; certainly. 
di9t«9l> ^"^ ^ ^/l^tinr V9VKm ^, the eating of only one 

meal in two days, i. e. every other day. 
^Mf$tw, ^ifTit^, <4^l1^tft, a messmate ; living on the same food. 
^Wftiw, Wt^lffft, wr;, having the same parts, uniform^ 

similar, alike. [neral inundation. 

<i^?^<i^, CTHl, *iirt«hr, wittt^w, a promiscuous multitude, ge- 
^^^, ^sm^> having the same meaning or intent. 

4m 77 

«»tf , ''dfif^, Jj^^fr'rtMt *^. a singW day ; ephemeral. 
dd^ ^—lemr, awTf, ^R^r/, alike, same, single, to- 

4fii1, Ufn, "^(fimtfUf solitary, unsocial, odd, single. 
•iw, CTtfe, a sum, a total, a whole. 
m;^, awrtt, mc^> one by one, alternately, singly. 
<«9«, 'ifi?, di9t#r, alone, single, solitary, private. 
^^^^^^9 ^f^lVPfff ^^^» alone, dependent onone's self alone. 
4C9tl^i, iRir/tiC performed for the same person or object. 
'«^^, JffH, w/, similar, analagous. 
4iK^, ti««5fe, 'nftwcw, now, instantly, this instant. 
4^, <n^pr,— ^i*5f^ ^1^, now, immediately. 
4«Pr, di^5( | 4 , this place, here. 
«w/, intWiw, hence, therefore, wherefore. 
^. ^ff(f^ ^f the thick root of the plantain tree. 

4?, ^lft?,^FWt, deaf. 

4«^, wm'1^% t^twnr, ^2ftw, to cast a net, loosen, 4ibe- 

rate, release, relinquish, fly ofl^, escape. 

^4^ir9, aiy?[<i?t ff t ftH^^ , deaf and dumb. [approbation. 

'^ifWPi, '•wNT?, a turning away the ear in refusal ; dis- 

•<?«tf^, ^W, iW, '•^W, filthy, loathsome, abominable, re- 

uw, ^% a deer. 

JT^, ^w, JW/W, BO much, so long, so 'many, ?o. 

di-sir, ^MC^^f iirsWrf^, arising from or produced by this. 

j|i«., di^, (in composition only:) this, of this, his. 

ij^^lir, ^S^I^'WW, ^^^Jrt*, «4Wv> the present time, this 

time, now. 

di^^^itsT, 'Ht^ftw, v4^»wc??, belonging to this time. 

dfSKmf^, «4^^infk, "^(Wftv^, from this instant, henceforth, 


^tf^nf^ dM«r, ^^F^, now, at this instant. 

dRi«i|/, (4|*<et9r?, 3^, equal to or like this, similar. 

^«^^, *«P{% CT^?i^, similar to or like this. 

4W5?f ^ ^/^C3CT, besides this. 

vil^iRpc, «W/^, ^, so far, from or to this. 

78 ' ^ . 

tWRl, <fltpr, 5p^, now, at this time. 

^mttiff ^^V^ ^<f ^^, beginning with this. 

^"Wtff^smf "^n ^^nj^ f^n% all the circumstances of any 

thing from beginning to end. 

<4^9i^%> ^^9 now, at this time. [perfton^. 

iilijl^, dtiri%W, ^^^A another than or diffident from this 

iii^^9^, H^^ti^c^ vt«r, more excellent than this. 

omn, «^^, ^^RT/, ^iW, the very same, same, identical. 

4^5in^> ^^t^t^ ^(Vtf>ii, found or existing in this, attached 

to this. 

•H^i^, *tx^^p <^itw^/, *^^i^f for this causQ, therefore. 

«4^1^, ^% ^f, like or resembling this.' 

<iriftft^» ^<tfra» possessed of this. [this. 

«i)if^> ^^if^Cii^t besides this, separate or distinct from 

^VSffy ^^ ^> "4^ ^» i^ot this, not so; no. 

iil^sipnt, iH4*|i*t*«l^«, thus minded, thus, disposed. 

<49WN» it^tTt^y merely this, only this. 

t^^"] <4<^, <^9SR» now, lat present, thus. 

«4>5C9rt9, it^C9rt^> i^ ^S^, this world, this man, this people. 

«4^^, «OTt^, — ^/, ^^. '^««Wt?, similar, such, like ; thus. 

ii)^9t?^, <n, «4W/¥> i^, thus much, thus far, so much» 

so many. 

^t^rt^, ^^^'fWr?, *^i&T^, thus, by this means, by this. 

^fl^st^H'Fl, <<^ JPf^, simply this, merely this. 

^^'ST^, «^^5fJ^, ^/, such, similar. 

<^c^» «4^» ^^^9 so many, so much, so long. 

i^tti, «^^ti:^, ^^^tc^, "931, here. 

<4f^iriSRF» (4^^^, for this cause, on this account, wherefore. 

^^S^f i^^'WPc, thus far, hitherto, till now, still, yet. 

*^^X^f *^lf^^^f therefore, wherefore, hence, on this ac- 
count, because. 

*W, ^^«rt^ wtK^ "rtf, W^»w, (emphatic qffis:) even, indeed . 

^^•n, ^*rt?, ^^«W?, '•JflWl, and, also, likewise, moreover. 

^^'■Wt?, ^"^^i *^^^^, — ^^"t, <i^^4nrt?, such, such like, of 

this sort. 

int9^ «4'i<r?> this time, this once. 

«4C?, <4<pr, ^fty now, at this time* 
«4ir3, f^n^f *^wft', — %^, thus, such. 
4TO^ «4iiC7, c^irftr,— iiwn^tcjr, thus, so, in this manner. 
^% rvcjrfil^, the castor shrub. 
"^^f ^ff^f "^t^PTy such, thus, so. 
<4W, <4iit^, dmt^, the cardamum plant, cardamums. 
•W?!, rtltm, ^m\ utr, ^hwRthI, loose, unconnected , random^ 
confused, discomposed, trifling, unengaged, idle. 
<4^[irnr, MFiR, to untie, loosen, disengage. 
«4ir, 4^, this. 
<4C^f9, <4t(«ic^/, <4^^^» on this account, hence. 

4, ^, ftft^ qitnrs ^, that, yon, yonder. 

i^H^Sy 'wrf^, ^/» 'Wt^^, a confederacy, conspiracy, 

agreement, sameness, similarity. 

^^^ff ^t^Sf ^fhf^U*!, HWTCTttf , consistency, devotedness 

to one object. • 

^^t^, f^r^M, ^«^/9» complete, entire, excessive, much^ 

relating to one thing. 

»i»?|fi[^, «<?rf;w«? m, tertian, (fever and ague). 

4?;, «i99^9 tiivpr, ^T^, <4^^, unity, oneness, amity, recon- 

cili^tion* union, agreement, total, aggregate. 

4fi^, iNrt^^^9 voluntary, wilful. [dition. 

^fs^Sf iE^> ♦tt?F'trth*fW»f, traditional knowledge, tra- 

tftwtftW, mft, irt?T|H^, magical, pertaining to legerde- 

4ftR¥, ^|f^r!CW<t?, ^t^SWy ^ftnrc^ttRT, belonging to the 

organs of sense, evident to the senses, per- 

^(^9 ^^l^, such ; so, in that manner. 

4im, ifraiS ^f ^f^% Indras elephant; very large, 

monstrously large, huge. 

41%, "Ki, ft^W, an enemy, opponent, adversary. 

^, ^, %Hnpnnlrtr» divine, relating to God. 

80 'Wt 

dinff/, r^?^, *^i ^M^f grandeur^ state, glory, pomp*. 

majesty, greatness, wealth, [present world. 
«*fir^, tfwtw?, ^?^rt?»ft^, pertaining to this life or the 



^, ^it?, ^•f, *n\; 'Spr, and, too, also; he, that. 
^ent^, 'e^JRt^w, — rW«i?^, the night rayen or commoa 

'fi^rt^, ^Iftin? ^yt^> a pillow-case. [Trinity. 

4y •2r«i^, the sacred mystical expression of the Hindoo 
«^ ^H^t^f^, the grumbling or growling of a bull. 
^5«f1, "^444, «f«Hf , sweepings, leavings, dirt, refuse. 
4^, ^f!^i, ^fWf refuse, rejected, thrown away, cast out^ 
^e^^ >e^^ — ^, ^«ftr, a house, residence, place, asylum, 


"^f ^^f ^!P^» W!W^, «rtw«f, a multitude, collection, 

a torrent, yelocity of a stream, quick time 
in music. 

'Cirt?, tft<l^, the mystic letter A 

««j»r, ^% ^, i^f«, «WW, Um ^i^</1, life, vitality, strength , 

light, manifestation, odd (number), uneve&> 

«^, ^f^^^, f^^;, a snake-catcher, aeurerof the bites 

of snakes by charms, a charmer, exorcist. 

^e^ftf, r<^i^i?/5wr, the profession of a snake- catcher or 

charmer. [packthread, a girth. 

«^?, ^V^y ^n9\i, the seam of mats or sacks joined with. 

^^, ^^apr, ^Ttrst^^, ^ ^<^y to rise up, ascend, recover 

from sickness, come out of disgrace or dis- 

'e^, ^esc^ft^, — ^"Jt^, a screen, ambush, ambuscade. 

^, T^^9 a cat. [freaks of a cat. 

^e^^, ^, M^v^, confusecJ, irregular, resembling the 

'CCS, '•rt^Wn, privately, clandestinely. 

^, ^«<ic^, ^, there, therein, in that place. 

^ «l 

^nr, boiled rice, food. 
^15fW, ^n\C^f ^^n?, thither, on that side, yonder. 
nok, ^n^TRr ^^T^ TS. unmtisical, harsh, disagreeable ; 

(sooken of the voice.) 
<C7l, ^rt^, TS9\, damp, moist, wet and soft, 
^•n?, «rtlr? ^Bf^, nt?, the further bank of a river, the 

further side of any thing ; over, across. 
^^, <fr<i5r, the mystic syllable ^. 
^, rl^, ^tWy an end, boundary. [vicious. 

«?W1, 'il^, 'y?^, dauntless, bold, daring, irresistible, 
^€^1^, ^'WCjtT^f ^^*J, ''W^, to dismount, alight, descend 

from; a piumb*line.. 
^e^t^, "Ttvpr, ^^t?<i, »m^B^, to cause to descend, land 

from a ship, launc ha vessel, evacuate by stool. 
^eifi^JI, ^Fpri^, ^fff^sTf double evacuation, spasmodic 

cholera. [rombustion. 

^^, W^, ftir, Wty, frost, dew, snow, cold, a burning, 
«^4, ^%4t^7, ^ ^^«Jt «rR/f>, an annual or deciduous 

plant, herbaceous plant. 
«^<H, raj, the moon. 

«^^, ^ipr, to serve a mill or mortar with grist. [Igirap. 
^wtH, ^^^, ^^n^, to repair a fire, raise the wick of a 
«J, ^^?3 tf t^, the upper lip, a lip. 
^tvn, "t!n?^/!*Wiwt"f/», (of the soul) ready to depart. 
^ir<?, ^^'^t, the lips, (upper and lower), 
^ir, ^fsfi^T^ ^«r, labial, uttered from the lips, 
^^'t?, z^\^. TO^^» wide; width. 
^'TtJ'i, t^i^f <«Wt, broad, wide. 
^^%1, 'ffPiR, ^«lr^, a hoarding up. 
^iCT, «3|, '^mt^, there, thither. 

^I^Sf CTt^/«1, %*lf>i^, fitness, suitableness, propriety, 

^9 ^Jp9l> height^ elevation. 

^7^1 ^t^?> ^tttuji^t^ f^fft^, made of copper, made of 
*^ fig- wood ; a kind of leprosy. 

^<^f, |i:mrj^. 'irtWrtV, tm% ws\, disagreeableness, 

troublesomeness, excessiveness, madness, fu- 
ry, drunkenness. 

^^Wf, rati|, excellency, perfection, pleasantness. 

^^, CTl^, ^, gross. 

^^•ttfe*, ^»faprtfti«, ^:a?t, portentous, prodigious, as- 
tonishing, outrageous. 

^t.9ifkf^, ?tfto9, Tt^^^, pertaining to an oblation, natural. 

i^^gp/, 4rt^, ^5^, ^iT^^wt, zeal, zealous exertion, 

ardor, anxiety, perturbation, regret. 

i^(f^, ^sfSlffif W^f gluttonous, selfishly voracious. 

^iri^t^^ vvilTrf^ nt^, buttermilk and water. 

^^Sf «rt^|. ^^i9^f ^iWt^/, munificence, liberality, gran- 
deur, nobleness of mind, candour, ingenu- 

iiff!/, ^tJt^/, — »i»^^rt^, ftscf ftjt^, solitude, loneliness^ 

misanthropy, indifference. 

^W9/, f|l^, x^9tv/', violence, oppression, tumult. 

^irf^, ^^t^tpp WP^f m, a marriage gift to a woman. 

^•TOflw, ^8*1^^ 5nw*?, ^•PriR wt^f, pCTtaining to or fit 

to be invested with the sacred thread, [sited. 

^♦iPrfk?^, wiW^ T* Pww, pertaining to a deposit, depo- 

^^S, ^t9f 7it^» a comparison, resemblance. 

^»ltTlw, ^ronft^, pertaining to attributes or properties. 

^*nf^, 'rrtir;, ^8ft^, expedient, right, fit, proper. 

^?w, ^^'^j,— ^K'f^'Oft^, legitimate, lawfully begotten. 

^^^^d^, c^r^f^TI, obsequies, funeral rites, commemo- 
rative acts. 

^, 4l>*4t-(«», submarine fire. [bundance, excess. 

^^;, ^f%^, ^•rf^, excessive, superabundant; supera. 

^*C, ^^, CstM*(H* 3Rf, a medicine, drug, remedy. 

^<t?, ^K ft^Vf, medicinal, pertaining to medicine. 

€h», ^♦t, ^^/, heat, ardour. 

^5rr^, 4twtftw, temperature, climate. 
^^, ^8^ ^» a herd of camels. 

W9 89 

♦, Mm, wn, ^/, ml, water, the head, the sun, 

*w, f^^, ftftp^, vwfH, some, a few, several. 
^^f 4P(\f W^twt^Pirlw, ♦tnww, bell*metal, white cop* 

per, brass, a drinking vessel. 
'•'Rpi^, #pr|ft, r*f€«i*U, a brazier. 
W, CT, f%, who ? what ? 
^ 'W^, — ^f^lH?^, 'iw^^w, a giggling, cackling noise, 

as in laughter or crying, [terly and noisily. 
^f^Pff ftFiJ^P^^, **I4'JH»4, to cackle, groan, moan, cry bit- 
^^nf^» ftt^(l^ ^ftif ^l^"^' ^ cackling, sobbing, convulsed 

'^» ^n^r^fe^, the hump of abulior ox. 
W9^, leanffp ?M^, «pr, i^: an ensign of royalty, as the 

royal umbrella &c. the peak of a mountain. 
1^, a point of the compass, quarter, space, region. 
^rWJ«!, ^tt'ifbpr, 5?if , the arm-pit, side, ftank, the end 

of the garment tucked in at the waist. 
^9W\f ^^^f\, — ^rf^^^l^, s^, ^<lt^*c, ^^9 a woman's zone 

. or girdle, a rope, the tie of an elephant, aft 

apartment, room, enclosure or division of a 

9«pr, c^^ ^^mVf when? at iany time, ever, sopietimes. 
9<prv, 7tpr«, — ^^SKf sometimes, occasionally, now and 

?wn», ^Hjf,— wfrt, the alphabet. 
^W, ^^, n^», a heron. 
^^^, ^ifW^, a bracelet, armlet, small bell. 
^^fMl, fk}^, a hair*comb. 

^99, ^nfc ^Af coarse sand, gravel, grit, pebbles, 
^^tir, ^T^^f ^n, the waist, the loins, a skeleton. 
9wn^ ?(?rai, pT<w, p6or, aecesiilous, needy. 
^artiFPrt, briTw/, fftwrt, poverty, penury, want. [sore. 
V, V^, t¥H, wriil^f the hair, hair, a cicatrice, dried 
^ l2 

84 ^ 

^p?1, *t^. ^, ?"•, a cable, rope, halter, tether. 

^B^, ^f^S^ ^-, to be dislocated, slip out of place. 

*^*b^, ^lftRK!V, the chirp of the mina; a supping sound 

in eating. [coarse powder* 

5PFt, ^P^^/^, ^^, ^^y a dislocation, a stake, staff, gritr 

^fPt^, «rtrt^, ^ff ?% to shoot forth, to bud. 

*Ft^, ft^iW, ^^lil, 45if<<Pir^, a dispute, murmuring, hag- 
gling at a bargain. 

?fl?, wfiBT, ^^. delicate, tender^ young. 

?^|t, f<ikVftrw, ^ft, a sort of cake. [rustling. 

^^4»b, ^*4*ir*( , a murmuring, grumbling, clipping sounds - 

^sffir^i. v^^ ft5*t^, a course grass used in common mats. 

^i^5t, 5OT^, 4«<v>tf^, a brawl, contention, quarrel, grum- 
bling, murmur. 

^ip, ^psi, i^8T3r, ♦tfjfflrs ^rnj? W^^^t, a shore, a marsh, the- 

end of a garment tucked in at the waist, the 
Toon tree. 

;OTf*1, ^, a tortoise, a turtle. 

5^5, i?«J^5P*t, ^% the itch, a scab. 

<»6^ , ^F^^, — t^H**, to knead. > 

?»FjT^, ^^sOTWr, ^«f ?«t, the buddino: of a tree, to. bud. 

^F3R, W«^, 'PfrsT, torub clothes &c. in wa>hin;if, to rin?e- 

5F^?t, 4^^1jt , — ^/^^TT, a court of law or justice, public 

office. [eye-paint. 

52F^^, ^IJf, — ^«f^, black pigment, lead ore, lamp black, 

5rot, ^Tt»t^ "tt^, ?ft> a twig or branch of bamboo. 

^«|i, ^^3 r^rp^JT, the skin or slough of a snake. 

^^^, ^RF, ^vr^ft^n, ^, id: armour, mail, a bodiceor jackets 

short drawers, a gar.}^.ent. 

7^7T^, 7t^^^, the black cobra de capello. 

5?«iftra1, ^TFft!, ^^?T^, a woman s bodice or jacket. 

??«}5, ;§^1, ^^;, w^?, ?^, Brahma, the sun, the belly, a 

rope maker. « ^ . 

^% ^ft^f^i, ?f^ ^^, *tF, ^Bft^t^, the hip, the loins, the 

temples of an elephant, a treaty, bond, fixed 
period, a mat, a screen. 

*? 84 

^, ^^f — ^^"W^It^, suddenly, unexpectedly, baatily. 

iFi?, WF, ^3W?, ^*t?, f^rai, a circle, bracelet, ring, city, 

metropolis, camp, brow of a hill, table land 
on a mountain. [sallow or wan» 

^, iifenr,— r'^^R,' to fade, wither, become flaccid^ 

49c4m, ^♦w, the wood-apple. 

^, 79, ?^, bow many? how much? 

^^^9 ^f^^*-* a glance^ side glance, leer, ogling look. 

^^> jnT^f VT7> ^^' a fadings decaying ; faded, withered; 

the spring tides. 

^jfepi, *iw^^,rtt«^. unexpectedly, hastily, suddenly. 

'^y ^Ti» ^?^» ^*J?> a caldron, pan, the inferaal regioiv 

a tortoise-shell, a young buffalo. 

^fe, ^, ^rfe^, — ^WTftf. the loins, hip, waist. 

^Ictft^, f^T. the buttocks or posteriors. [quality. 

^?91, "t^, ?i^, wsrwV, haid, disagreeablev inferior in 

^, €l5T, ^a^, ^<^, |j>^, sr^^. pungent, hot (in taste), 

fierce, severe, harsh, impetuous, fragrant, ill* 
scented, disagreeable, envious, abusive, scur- 

^^Jil^/, ^^, ??^/t abusive or scurrilous language. 

^5* ^ip«f, pungency, heat (as of pepper). 

^(^tH. •fPWai, a cup, drinking vessel. 

^^^9^, ^7?&t^, — 4lN^tP4 , ^x^^, a throbbing pain, a clat- 
tering sound. 

^?r^, ^4Vtr^^, clattering, croaking, making a dis- 

agreeable noise. [an under-farming. 

^j^«il , tT^^i^, difficulty, severity, roughness, harshness^ 

Ttt?, 71^, Wirt?, a dagger, poignard. 

^jsr, ?KiT?,— ^T, ^R|P1, f'trtt^, ^rwjT, hard, rigid, solid, 

harsh, severe,^ austere, cruel, unfeeling, diffi- 
cult, abstruse. 

^, 4^> ^F3n:^<i, a kind of bracelet. 

, 9m[pff ^w, a fine sea salt obtained by evaporation. 

-^|pr» "iRVR ^ ^9P^» ^f^t^f to heal, close or cicatrize 

as a wound or sore, to bud as a tree. 

:9^, ^v^, — 9«r, *<lVf, inrt^, ^, a scion, sucker, stalk, 

descendant, heir, cause or original; a rattle. 

?E^ ^11^ ^f^, ^it> the stalk of a potherb, end, point. 

^^, «lv, hard, compact as a cement, &c. 

^, ^if99, ^^^Sif, ^t^, a ring, chain, link, saucepan, a 

straw, a corn on the foot, a cowry. 

^Ryt^, ^TtFtCT, with effort, gratingly. 

4>&lPi ! i 1, 5*f5t ^<i^, a reckoning by cowries, keeping ac- 
counts in cowries. [composition. 

^F5t?> f^WT?«C **r^> tawny, dark-coloured ; cement, 

^, 'W^, ^*, a cowry, wood, firewood, a beam, a 


9f^9t7» ^^^, 4^4t«<> to heal, begin to heal as a sore. 

3^j|^^, ^4^, — ^Hr^ii, ^iffn, a beam in a building. 

^^1, ^rt^f^^fr/t, — CTT'St,^**, covetous, niggardly, venaL 

«Wt, ^, ^^^^, rich, wealthy. 

^vf^RTNftf ^9 T^^* th^ ^it ^^^ bridle. [in taste. 

^f^9 ^, ^^y H^, pungent, rancid, bitter, disagreeable 

?P^|j^, ^J^, ^•wrr, any harsb, rattling or grating noise. 

^f^^y t^t^ ^ttcsfTS ^^tTtt«F, a grittiness or substance 

dried on the si^es of a vessel. [bone &c. 

^!^r^, ^^tfl^i* ^^*nfy the sound of biting or gnawing a 

^% #?rl, ^S^. ^itwPl, ^tPf? ^f cummin seed, an atom» 

particle, eye of a seed, facet or spark of a gem, 
note of a stringed instrument, [long pepper. 

^•11, ^^, ft% r^^, a particle, spark, drop, gravel, grit, 

^^% ^•^, a goldsmith; a certain Muni. 

^, KtR^«i, the corners of the nails, the growing over 

t>f the nails at the sides. 

3rt^?r|, x^, f3pf , ^^ a particle, grain, drop, atom. 

^9^, *WtfH, ^Ttinr ^^4ft[, the elbow, [hollow vessel. 

9<l^^^, ^^^Tfl, ringing, sounding as an instrument or 

^•^, #1^, ^r\^p CTfrtiiP, ^fV% ^^WRV, a thorn, prickle^ 

fish-bone, the point of a pin or needle, a 
skewer, honc^pilation through fear or joy,, a 
paltry foe, any cause of pain or trouble. . 

5Wt P? 

w^t^, ^^ftfrtW ftc^, a hairy caterpillar. 

v^flwi, ^•fewn,— 5WW^, the jack-fruit tree. 

9<Nf^, ^. ^, a cameK 

^*, ^nrort, W1, the throat. 

7iV!i1, ^*aiW,— ?t?. nm t^iH^f a necklace, coUar. 

^iiis ^n, ^fi/i ^H^, tiie neck above the collar-bone, 

the gills offish. 
^ift^t^, •fil?lJt«?Wlf/«, '€W^, ready to depart, (spoken 

of the soul of one expiring). 
^^HMtft, 3VT«v/^H ^ wearing a necklace; the neck, 
^nt, ^^, W\ff belonging to the throat, guttural; a 

necklace. [the throat. 

^*/, ^^,— ^rtictw ^^tfiW "^n, guttural, belonging to 
7tiir, «(t^i?ltt^, ^tt¥^f to cleanse rice from its husk. 

^ ^f — '"l* fjl'''^' ^^ ^*^^* * pimple, eruption. 

^^gpff fJCt^f '^ t^niiii, an itching ; to itch, to scratch. 

^f?8»nr, fjp^rr^w, ^^^tf^, scratching, rubbing, itching. 

^iff9, Mp(%f scratched, rubbed. [many? 

^n, ^,— •rtlm^ ««• f<i1 tiwfrt, PPf^B how much? how 

^pw, fW>*^. ^4^,ft^, some, afew. 

911FI, flwOr^, how long? [dress. 

wsjfli, nFft? wtn ¥t^, ^^, to shear sheep,^ cut, dip, trim, 

^l^snv. ^9t)f«r, how many ? 

749, M#^, a few, somewhat. 
, ^il^^f, '^Wl^*, regret, remorse, palpitation of 
heart, misgiving of mind. 

7tt», CTW, f¥^^, why? how? [somewhat. 

9^, ?^, Win^, a speaker, narrator, reciter; some, 

9inr, ^if, Oi^y^, to speak, utter, recount, mention, say. 

918, ^^, "^Z, ^mr, vt^» a word, speech, sentence, 

message, passage of a book, story, language. 

?pt1, vttif — cwn^lnr, where? in what place? 

«int^, ^ < yw< ^, ^mtrt?, conversation, colloquial in- 
tercourse, news. [attorney. 

^^n^ft^, 4il^Fnft» m^rnrtM, a pleader, barrister, solicitor, 

^tt^HMl^ w^aFf^, wm¥^ spread of a report^ report, fame. 

88 ^ 


^ 8C^»ff^, *f?P^S ^«rW^, conversation, conferencei dis* 

course, dialogue, 

^PT^P?, PrfiifS IW^, a s<*rawl, bad writing, ill-formed letters. 

^Rsrt, ISritwftrs?!, a kind of sweetmeat. . 

^f(W^^ 7mi^ 7<mf, TTtP?, a crowd, multitude, collection. 

5Wrt^, ^*i, N^irs iTO, ^rtf^, r«a, penurious, base, bad> 

depraved, abominable, immodest, disagree- 
able, unpleasant, unhealthy, ill, sad. 

^ipft, ^^, 3^T?^» the plantain tree. 

^, CTPr 5»ii^, whfen ? at what time ? 

WtP, ^Tff^, m\h^ , — ^*<^, seldom, rarely, scarcely ever, 

at any time, sometimes. • [then. 

^?tf^, WR^. 'Hf^A, at some time, sometimes, now and 

^f9y w't^/, abuse, reproach. 

5|JW, ^ja?, — ^'N^t, lukewarm, tepid. 

^> ^» — ''M, ^"^f ^'^y when? when, at any time. 
^^ gold, certain scrubs or trees. 
> ■]t**t»ft«< 'TR'A 4ktfW"ltfti, the cold-season rice. 

^Tt^, ^^st^ftcw, a kind of tent, a cloth tent-fence. 

?pPrJr, ^^^, r^Wt^, least, youngest, junior, inferior; 

a younger brother, 

^sprtrj, Z^ ^^, the little finger. [swamp. 

^4t, JT^if/^^^ <^^, a fishpond dug in a morass or 

^i*t^t^, '^iRsijrt, '•rac®, very young, younger, junior, in- 
ferior, [veil. 

?p^1, <W, ^«t, a coat of shreds worn by devotees-; a 

5P^5Ct?^, fB^, ^iTjTnt, wearing a coat of shreds ; a re* 

ligio us mendicant, a devotee. 

^^[tfirs, 5<ft<rwl^f^, clothed in a coat of shreds. 

^Hy, f«r, «R^1, firiflr, a bulbous' root, raw or coarse 

sugar, a kind of sweetmeat. [chasm, cave. 

'TO?, <1f1rs?r W/^, ^, a glen, defile, deep valley, 

^^W, Pr^, fr^, fjK, reproach, censure, a quarrel, dis- 
pute, war. 

^, CTtTT?^, a sauce-pan, frying-pan, boiler. 
W^, r^?^, a ball for playing with. 

?F3 89 

?^, ^fstl, CT^v the neck, a cloud. 

^^^, ^?T?t» *^> a young girl, virgin, daughter, bride, 

the sign Virgo. [ed to the 10th year.) 

^^/T^Pi, ^rtftiptl, Jplir?^^. the period of virginity, (reckon- 
^f^/W5, ^i^l^l^l^^^, inherent in or pertaining to a virgin. 
^^/RrPnt?, ^WW, ^^rt^^, modest, timid, resembling a V oung 

woman, effeminate. 
^^9 ^, ^Vffty ^, deceit, a trick, stratagem, fraud. 
^'iSw^, fir^T/Tc^, ^^W4»r, '^ifysr^, an assumed part or cha- 
racter, a play, pantomime. 
wlr?>^, T|«[W^, fWi<^, ^Rl%r^N5l, supporting an assumed 

character; a player. [an actor, player. 

^«tfet, cSR^^, Kis, i^sity deceitful, hypocritical, fraudulent; 
'P^K ^*nt^,— ^, Pti:^ W^, a cowry, the matted hair of 

Vtl^, Itrir? 'ijT^*!, a door, a window-shutter. [luck, 
^npr, «T3rr6, 'SrtvF^, the forehead, destiny, fate, fortune, 
^ppft^it, ysr^, fWf^, a lintel, Shiva, a certain cast, 
^^ttsfr?, ^^/^, fortunate; pertaining to the cast above- 
^fW, ^rf^, <wniC»tM, an ape or monkey ; a pulley or block, 
^frw, f^Wl^^C ^ift, tawny, monkey-brown ; the god of fire. 
^|5l3rt, ^P^ra^, ^«rt%CTtC<(? ff^s^, a sort of perfume, the Ele- 

phant of the S. E. quarter, a Pur^nic cow. 
^^, ^^f — 1^\^, the strip of cloth passed between 

the legs. [a young Brahmin's head* 

55«3ppf, ff^*i^W, the lock of hair on the right side of 
^^Sf^f ^rpiPl^ri, the same on the left side. 
^r*fr5, 5K*1tt^, — <1t?t^, <1T??rl, a pigeon, a dove, 
^wm, 5t^w*r, the cheek. 

vfepr, — ^^9 to clip, trim with shears, 
cmn, 'Wr, phlegm, a cold, catarrh. 
?R5|^, ^T»wy, ill with a cold, subject to colds. 
^ ^,.wtTiwr?, when? 

'F^, 'Wl, srW^it, defensive armour, a charm, amulet. 
^^, apfiRtftPl^, armed, clothed in armour. [demon. 
sr^wtt^ lipr, a headless trunk, the belly, a certain 


5P?pt, ^^HcH, ^«nr^, a braid of hair; acidity, sourness., 

^^, ^vm, a morsel, a mouthful, particularly that of a 


^?fif^, s2f^, trrfi?^, "5^, swallowed, eaten. 

^^, W, a pretence, deception, trick. 

^^, ^*ft^, a door, a shutter. 

^, ^!^jWi, ^^^, a poet, a writer of taste. 

'f^l, ^<f/, ^, ^?;, verse, poetry, a poem, 

^P!?T^, fsf^iw, a physician. 

^^?, ^«Th3, a pigeon. 

'K^, ^^^, pjTwry, when? when. 

^V, Pf^^srra;, r^iTR", an oblation to deceased ancestors. 

^^, ^^, r^Pt^m^^r, at any time. 

^FT, ^<fc^, even at any time. 

53Br^, ^w^*1, a tortoise, a turtle. 

^^^ ^r^ ^^^Ipr, the water-pot of an ascetic. 

^^f ^JfT^ft, 3Jr/, lewd, libidinous, desirous, beautiful 


^W*nii, jicwl^#, 3?r;, beautiful, agreeable, desirable. 

^^•1, ic^W?, i^P^, where? whither? somewhere. 

?3r«r, ^W, Wf , ^5W, a lotus, water, copper. 

^psf«rt, »pSr, ^^?5Fr, "STtstsft, Lakshmi, an orange. 

?wf, 'Sftap'^rHrsr, ^^, ^U^I*l-<, a trembling, palpitation, 

trepidation, agitation, vibration, tremulous 

5?«v|iffj, r^snff?, a fever and ague, intermittent fever. 

^•vpT, ' ^*k^ , ^i^% «f^, to tremble, quiver, shudder, 

palpitate, vibrate. 

5?*^?T?/, ^^Tt^, ^^"Pt^tSt, paralytic, trembling from palsy. 
5p*>^t5rpr, ?wf5>y, ^tWtfil^, «r?T^> trembling, quaking, vi- 
brating, palpitating, agitated. 
^^y M\HU9ii>b ^itdit?^, a blanket, an upper cloth. 
5FT *W, ^n% ^W1, a shell, conch, bracelet, ring, the neck. 
?n|#5[, 5|n|^«it3Fra, having the neck marked like a shell. 
?rwiit?l, f5^t?trtf>^ ^Wl, a neck so. marked^ (a sign of 

beauty and high fortune.) 

??, ifV, ?f*^ti, •sr^, ?f*„ ?t«W the hand, an elephant's 

trunk, the claw of a beast, a ray of light, 
royal revenue, tax, tribute. 

^f ^^t?, r^rw, a storehouse, a granary. 

??W, «R«i, sea salt obtained by evaporation. 

^Sf^, if^l, r^tw, the soft unripe shell of the cocoanut; 

soft, eatable. 

liWT^, '•J^^^, stunted as a plant, checked in growth. 
^r%c?n, ^*^^W, the hip. [an ascetic's water- pot. 

^jRl, Wt»hi, 'Ttfiir^sprW, ^vn% bail, a cocoanut-vessel; 

99C9^, ?^rc?«»1, the lines in the palm of the hand. 

^jjf, vVf, '^» Ttt|iCT«RW, the head, a bone, a cocoanut- 

vessel. taxes. 

??5l, ?tw*?fti1*t. ?t«raf*i1W, a written assessment, levy of 

^1, 1T«(^, f^% 'irt, to do, act, make ; an instrument, 

means, action, act, operation. 

^•w, <^*, («» compos:) through, by, by means of. 

^, oJ|5t^, |«?fr, a. honey-comb, a bee-hive, a basket. 
?ew? 'S^lfirstt, "*l^«r, the . palm of the hand, a sub- 
jection; subject, under the power of. 

^rm, >iftRrt. a cymbal. [ping the hands. 

^grat*, ?^ltirt '»('rat« ^, id: the beating of time by clap- 

??*W, ^3f», '■'t^l, a saw. 

^jwir?, aiCTW s^^, ^W^, a talking by the fingers or signs. 

^3»tpf. '*»«»fil, the joined palms formed into a cup. 

^5r»ltaj, ^?Rt«i,— «t5, a sword, a scymetar. 

^?^^ wmwr 4r«»iu^. the joining of the palms as an 

act of respect and obeisance. 
^jw, ^i^ WW, M«^T. Itw, a young elephant or camel 

the young of any animal, the metacarpus.. 
v?K, fiPTt, 'srti'wwf, an action, fate, the actions of a prior 

birth, liability to their consequences. 

^jprfn, ••WWt, a rosary, a bead-roll. 
^j-^W, 'ifnt, a finger. 

^jtf^ ^3Wf^, ^«l^?;^,.stuiited or checked m growth. 
^<l, W(Pr,FW^, to cause, impel, oblige, cause to do, &c. 


92 ^ 


^<it, ^ift^.CT^, a collector of revenue, a clerk, writer, 

^jrs, 553*Pr, ^»rrai, a saw. 

^?T^, !«rr?T^, a sawyer. 

^SW, ''ijt'f, ^, ^^, ^St**^, rosin, pitch, a mixture of oii 

and resin; great, large, high, lofty, terrible^ 

having projecting teeth. 
^, 5^, an elephant. 

^Stat, cr^TR ^, the leader of a herd of elephants, 
^st", 'St^T?, a granary. [pity. 

^?*i1, ?91,^*t|, compassion, clemency, tenderness, mercy, 
^RF«tt^, ^<ttPrf5(,,W?fn[, a mine of pity, i. e. full of pity, &c- 
?J?F«»;1^<t5r, W?\Kt?, f«1Tflr5, a sea of compassion, i, e. very- 
^jl^^it^, 'pft^l'^T, compassionate, tendei^hearted. 
<P?ro, rirt?<t^, the osprey or fishing eagle. 
W5, ^Pt<P^, ?tf^ Popw, ^rt5t, ,a crab, the sign Cancer, a 

snake, a crane, a long gourd, 
^r^, ?ft^s^8f, a cucumber, a female crab. 
^^, . ^^,% ^ft^t«l^«^ ^f^^, lime-stone pebbles, gravel, 

a splinter, a grating noise, a grating. 
^3?1, ^^5RI^, gritty, gravelly, full of nodules. 
W^, y^, ^, 5^?, ^«Trft^, rigid, hard, rough, harsh, 

violent, unkind, unmerciful, miserly. 
^«r, e£r?r«if^, ^r^r, ^, the ear, a rudder, a helm. 
^«u:^T^, 'St^^iwpr, hearing, hearing-distance. 
W^, ^^, a helmsman, steersman. [ear-jewel- 

W<^ITs&, ^<PP5r, — ^^, ^<i%^<i, an ear-ornament, pendent 
^<it^, ^t^'M? x^'iisjif^, a whispering together. 
^''P, ^lOT? ^«(^, a mason's trowel. 
^Vl, ^^8!, ^St^fWt^, sr^jartfJBft, an ear-ring, the seed vessel 

of the lotus, the middle finger. 
"^<ref<>r, ^, rsif^. a tale-bearer, whisperer, informer. 
W^, ^1^, i^t^, to cut, trim, clip, deduct. 
'^^[^y W?t, n?t5ri, a pair of shears or scissors, paring^. 
5?^/ •srnrw^, 5rt«(/, necessary, fit, proper to be done^ 



''fWl, ^^f — ^W€^, ^t^t?t, a pair of scissors or shears. 

^, ^,— ^. TWt» '•iPwrSt, ^PT3PP, lord, master, gover- 
nor, own^r, proprietor, -agent, doer. 

^p, 9T?7, -^W, f i/i compos :) by, (^^ ^w fl^ew/ or doer). 

^» «n|^, ^"ift^t?, ^rtt?nsi, rule, government, right, so- 
vereignty, agency, management. [agent. 

^, <sf«ft=rt ^•it, =?tt|wt, a mistress, governess, female 

^ ^^, — ^(%f mud, dirt, mire, clay. 

w^, vHf(l3i, old and ragged or patched garments. 

WW, ^«rt, ^Ft*ft^, cotton, the cotton plant or tree. 

^, ^twsv TvyK, firsts, camphor. [gold, water. 

^j, ftft^, Sf^H, variegated, speckled; a daemon, imp, 

^\ fiRTl, «IT9t«pr, Vt^, <^'', action, deed, work, matter, 

afiair, object, employment, occupation, sta- 
tion, duty, obligation, meritorious act, re- 
licrious rites and observances. 

^Wi, ^t?[^, ^^i^> a workman, labourer, superintendant. 

^^4\i , ^n?f^, ^W?, a worker, blacksmith, armourer, shoe- 
maker, currier. [of rents, steward, factor.. 

W^tft, «r^, *ff5tf?, employed or engaged in; a collector 

^^, ^r«f f^'^y '2£jSt, clever, diligent, laborious., 

Wv, ^^6^^/, ^^i-J^^^f, fit for work, serviceable. 

^^s^^, (f4l^^^, the consequences of human actions. 

?Pife^^, ''CTOTt^, experience of the result of good or bad 

actions. [counsellor. 

^^itfifftr^, '^Wts/, 9t«R9t, an executive minister, supreme 

^iWr, f=r^, the means of accomplishing a work. 

^f^idtat, ^9^^, actions &c. i.e. a deed and its consequences. 

9^i(nr, 55q^^5r, ^r^, the end or coi^sequence of an 

action or undertaking. 

^^iflfirs, «P5t, ^fT?RF, Ttfiif^, diligent, industrious, having a 

stock of merit, meritorious, [fully occupied. 

5wjTf^, ^nrtTfits, ^^^^, pro tec ted by one's employ or office, 

^^, 'Ff^^/^n?, OTRftJ, a brazier, a smith. 

^^f ^^9, — ^^Ht^, W^i/, skilful, useful, serviceable, 
• fit for an undertaking. 

94 :ct ' 

^, Wwpf^, ?f^, ^'sf^WBi, an artist, an advocate for 

religious ceremonies; ingenious, pertaining 
to a work. 

^Tsrfe?, ^,^Pi,<1tif,^,^«1^, the orgins of bodily action . 

^ tij^rsW, ^^•i, a certain weight of gold or silver r 

tillage, husbandry. [a cultivator. 

^^, ^T^r^, ^t^> ^*t, drawing, ploughing; a ploughman, 

^% fet^PT, ^«i, to draw, drag, pull, attract, plough. 

^Rf«it, ^^^, ^f^«tt,thebit of a bridle, a female who ploughs. 

^y ^, when? a;t what time? 

♦f^*-, ^^PT^, ^?lf^, sometimes, occasionally. 

^P9T, ^, f^fs'^fW, ^^, ^?r5^, '^ft^f, an engine, machine, trap, 

spring, mechanic art, a shoot, bud, scion, se- 
men virile, a mouthful, a chirping, buzzing. 

^^, '«r^iNi»*f^,c*t^t^«l, a confused noise, buz, din, hubbub- 

^9[^, fc^, orr^, ^t, ^^, '^^^'Pr, a mark, stain, spot, rust, 

stigma, taint, blemish, guilt, crime, abuse; 
defamation, ill-fame. 

?f9r?^3, ^TOT^?, f^ni^9, '=»l«1?T'?t, staining, blemishing, dis- 
graceful, corroding, censorious; a detractor. 

^5f^, 4^«1^^^, ^f^^, ^^?t5f^2r^, stained, blemished, 

impure, stigmatized, &c. [weapon. 

^9r<?, r<Ht<«»t3l^ W¥, an animal stricken by a poisoned 

^«r3f, 'fN/I, PtnSIT, %^> a wife, the hips and loins, a fort^ 

a roval citadel. 

5CT^, CT^, paste, starch, varnish. 

^P^, CT^Rt, ^^^?, a pen, a reed, a white winter- rice. 

^?9W, •^T*T,*ttW3%*f^, an arrow, plant-stalk, Columba root. 

^RTT, 4*11^, — vtmTif, divers species of pulse or legu- 
minous seeds. , 

^515^, ^lt??1, ^^^, c^t«it^«T, a dove, pigeon, cuckoo, 

low sound, murmur, buz, din, clatter. 

9«?5i^, ^, ^^, ^fsref?, ajar, waterpot, pitcher. 

^^^^, «1tf^°Tf, 5t^«>yf, ^lW«>^, a drake, gander, *teal. 

^^f ftc?T^, ^, ^rrsit, a quarrel, contention, war, battle, 

fighting, violence, abuse. 

^s9| 95 

^f«ift, rwt^, 1^, quarrelsome, contentibus. 

I^t^'^t^, ^9r, ^°*f, 5^, a mechanic art, fraud, deceit, 
interest of money, part, portion, digit of the 
moon, eight seconds of time, a plantain, the 
, ^Wpr, to sprout, germinate, act or work as a ma- 
chine, rehearse previous to an es^hibition. 

^«ltf^, Haj, the moon. 

^m^f "SW, fif?, JC??W^, %^f ^Jy ^SJ, ^, an ornament,' 

zone, string of bells for the waist, peacock's 
tail, a quiver, a multitude, assemblage, the 
moon, a clever and intelligent man. 

^ff^, 'I??, wtft»T, a peacock, the black cuckoo. 

^TRT, >r&?, Jrt^^»rt?f<f, peas, pulse, vetches, &c. 

^*» ^^1^» the fourth or iron age. 

^ftl, ^f9f^, ^, — ^rw^ ^, an unblown flower, tobacco 

cup, wet lime, the receptacle of a lamp. 

^f«n, ^>5, m% ^^^^^, refifNS, calculated, numbered, 

reckoned, known, understood, gained, ac- 
quired, separated, divided. 

^, \hU^y Fjft, an expresser of oil. 

^^, '^♦f, ^^fat^i, ay^T, sin, crime, guilt, defilement, filth, 

^^, ^^fHt, ^^tsrtHt, ^W, m^, guilty, sinful, vile, crimi- 
nal, muddy, turbid, foul, filthy. 

^POTW, ^^^% the liver. 

taf??. Of?, *tft?r, the body. 

wt^y ft[^1, ^tPr, ^% refuse, filth, sediment, ordure, 
ear-wax, sin, fraud, guilt. 
, wlc^|>M(f^, ^W, a rippling noise, a brawling, the 
cawing of a crow. 
, ^W ^<J, ^tW^tt^ wesr, to caw, brawl, ripple, 
to sound as a falling liquid. 

^f^'rt^t, WlCjrsKt^, >5arwftr, a rippling-, surf, brawling. 

^s^'St?, ^It^Tft^, ^^, brawling, quarrelsome, contentious. 

^^, ftftt, PtRTts:^^, a tiara, an ornament for the bead. 

^PflP^, ?pnf^, C^, ^, serum, pus, thin matter. 

96 ^^n 

^^y ^^% ^, ^^, WW, 4W?, f?Rr, contrivance, scheme^ 

purpose, determination, alternative, option^ 
opinion, report, a day and night of Brahma, a 
sacred writing or precept. 

^*^^f5?, ^^SR, J(Vs\y a fabled tree of Indra's paradise : a ge- 
nerous man. 

^^9^9 1(^3 f^^% ^T9PT, to contrive, devise, plan, design, 

, construct, arrange, feign, scheme. 

^s«t^, %^rRr, ^, ^«rrnrr^, 'T?^**^ a scheme, contrivance, 

plan, forgery, false imputation, imitation, the 
trappings of an elephant &c. 

^»fipfT^, fipTTT, the destruction of the world or end of aCalpa. 

35^"^, ft^, ^rf*^, ^c?tf^, counterfeit, feigned, fictitious, 

forged, artificially contrived or arranged. 

;i?qgf,^jtf^, ^fs^stpf, ?i»R", a tumultuous noise, a brawl. 

^gj^, <1T^, 5r3J, "^Tif??, sin, filth, one of the infernal regions. 

:^/, «2f^r^, ^Uifl^;, ^, ?[fini, the dawn, health ; re- 
covered from sickness, deaf and dumb. 

^^/, '^Pnf^, — •^BTt^rtft fiRJf, ^iNififOi, to-morrow, yesterday. 

^^f\% ^»W, ^^, welfare, prosperity, happiness, good for- 
tune, [^sippy- 

^psfn^iY, ^^i^^^, ^^, prosperous, fortunate,, successful, 
:^jT€ii?, ^^sinf, deserving success, worthy ofgood fortune. 
3^, ^r<?, ^?c*ir5?f^r, deaf. 

5?^, ^^, — ^^, "^^^r, ^5Rt^/, wicked, abominable, froward. 
^scwpf, ^f?, «c<M«il^.<«i, ^^^WW^, a surge, billow, roar of the 

sea, tumult, a gargling or washing the mouth, 
^1, t^^y a whip. [of rush. 

<R:*f<P, CT5R^, ^^ ^, the back-bone, the spine, a species 
?5»^"^, r^, c^pr rar^, some one, a certain one. 
^i^^y z^., niw^, some one, a certain one, whosoever, 

any one. [uing principle. 

^^y ^^«1t^, ^Tft'Pl, a touch-stone, test, tan, the tan- 
^^^, <1ft«F«i, ^^«rt^^, ^T'f^, ^^, ^% to try, examine 

by a touch-stone, tan, tighten, stretch, rub 

in the hands. 

^^f, ^^^,^1^1, tightness, astringency, severity, harshness. 
9«1, ^f^^f an astringent or harsh taste. 
3WJ*«i, ^9, rw, purulent matter. 

wr?, ^?^, iFW» ^> ^HW, an astringent taste or juices 

infusion, extract ; ki^tringent. fragrant, tawny* 
^ir^t, ^, f^^. robgh to %he taste, astriilgent. - 
^, <?t^, tjp, ^, •itt^, f**^, pain, suffering, distress^ 
' trouble ;^pained, stiffen Ag pain, inipenetrable^ 
^^w^Prt; tSr<;i*tfS», f^«t5p litt^ *?ti a cavil. 
^5n-</, «rs^*/, accomplishable With diflBculty. 
?fi8, ♦! ?W, ?BW,a test, triali fouchstone. 
^^, ^rn^^ifK^Fr/ftrw, ail oyster, 
'^^pn,* ^F^,— ^t^t^rNV, \^y musk. 
^^sfsr^rtCT, ^1, ^^R, when ? at what time ? 
^5^, ^ipr', ^tr^, wwr, fSR?<i, to speak, say, tell, men- 
*' tion, announce, rehearse, [logue, disputation, 
^rr^, ^THTl,^«fr^ ^TW'^, ^Jw^«r, conversation; dia- 
v^^ 3 ^ 1, •^^, TtsfT, elpquent, talkative, garrulous. 
.^^, c^, paste* starch. ' ^ ' 
?Pr^, tft?, P»ftl, dross, sediment, lees, refuse. 
7T^> c^i ''t?' standing on one edge, leaning, aslan:t. 
^<wi, ^, ^/W, a pretence, excuse, 
^t^^f', ^€^^, to boil to a consistence, to thicken. 
'^n^Sf ^X ^^9 Wt«1, a mixed metal, bell-metal, tThitfe 

brass, a gong. 
^:*^i^t?, ^'^x^^, — ^^tHlftr, a brazier, brass-founder. 
^?W, ^^n^^t, 5WF, a heton; the side, the flank, 
^t^, t^s^, a comb, a carding-comb. • 
5Ft^^, ^^, a crab. 
^JT^il, ^P^,'^F^^'J>ebble, gravel, grit. 
^f^ftfli, *f&OPf, ^W, the loins, hip, waist, side. 
^^» Wit, ^*ltftrw, a species of cucumber. 
vgibfii , ^#*ippl; ii1wU4< ^ar< W , awoman's bodice or jacket 
4^, ^"hv, ^, ^'rBfr, unripe, raw, imperfect, ignorant, 

clumsy, unskilTed; a novice. 


*tiwatf ^tt^tft, ^B^IPHf, asycophan*, 9^.aMeffite» 
^ret^,. V^X^K 5«ilipr, r<*lB(WH^> ta: QYWtake, gaiii iipoi^ 

approach. . . ; [tice. 

m^h ^sv^. R[5t3rTt^,.ai»«ifistrateso%e^ 

^Jf^f ^Wl<1,.^> atortois!fe,,wftteMttttle.; ^ 
^» ?^, 1^,: a TOp^, ,^abl^, ?trwg. / . ... 

?Ptc^, r^«fe, ^nSlW, near, ?tt, .to\vai'(Js, ift th^ vicinity, 
5WW, . t!»Trl> ^,. work,, labour, duty. ; • 

'Wl., '•'^^^ a coUyriufO,. stibium,^t. 
iRWFj, ^B|W^.ftc*1^, ^Wl. a species. <rf parrot, a wedge- 
^^^> 'g?%'^^> gold; the mpuptain ebony, the.t horn-apple. 
^^, OfWI, a woman'aioae pr girdle, . ... 
^«?^, ^«ft,— w,.«a[5[t^9rBntf^^ riQe-gCMeJt.^i|rrice-water- 
^H c^^,f^S ^i «ir?r,<«5r,.tt?PT,tpp«t,t^ar,.gnaw^ 

hew, prune, dig,,, deduct tro^.M^^j^es pr an 

accoupt, t^WMTt,. m»k^. Yoi<ir,.refut9, lerase, 

spend tinie, ;9pin, qottoii-t)^esKl. 

^1^, 5RP5f^<i, cotton-spinning., [of a apinn^r. 

?rfWt, ;?F5f5rVw ^Iflt^, a femis^l^. spinner, spinster; wages 


^fSl^, ^t'St^t,— *.^^.i5«i/, wages paid for .spinning. 

^t^f&, ^Kttf<# ^?* ^^Wt^, mutual . slaughter; mur- 
derous, bloody. 

^m^, ^Japt^, "^j^y "^ia *t^ to P*«? or spend time, 

impede, frustrate, cause to. be cut, &c. the 
channel of a river. 

• < * 

W^f r^nn, W8T?i a dagger n 

^pf&tft, ^Siflr, W, TPJ, a cleaver, a bill-hook. 

?1^, ^> ^'^^ ^??rt, a chip, bit of W:Ood, splinte;. 

?iJt^, ^>, ifTIP, wood, timber. . . 

^li^, ^^^t, c>i«>4t, a cow.-trough, a bailing vessel. 

St^tp?, %<m, a rice mortar, 

9T^^» t^^^i ^t?mV\9 id: an inclosure, a atockade. 

53Ptii^, ^ft^tf^, — vfVf9, a mushroom, fungus. 

iWi^t'it, f^^'T^^i, a coarse salt. 

ii^^CM^tjiy ^> a straining or retching in^ffectuaUy. 

«H 101 

«t)««, ^lfim;:vm^, tbe jumiae flower. 
5rtift«W, ^wnWfhr, a squirrel. . ^ [stakes, 

^n^ ^n^rf^ t!tt OKr a hoDuse of wpod*. an ificlostire of 
^WiHrart, ^llnpWti^iMinir,, a voodiman, a ^pod^utter. 
^(i\, 1A9 «li|mH f^iTR, Qqi»;7«()r,,«» m^sure of li^d or 

capacity, a laii;e ivatefrturtle. . . 
?t^, MMi^, framed, (as aJionse qr linage,) 
?t^fii, ^i^p fii^, firm, (as a tree,).iQatured» adult. 
^^/, i^, ft^ysV hardness, roughness, 'severity, un- 

&eliagfiiesi3.... [reed,- key* scabbard, ^^heatb. 
5it»t, ^^, ^^rit, ciwt^* <tW* a wand, bamboo lath, writing 
^n^, «nF« ^MiRsiA^ hard, hardy;, wooden ; a irood^cutten 
9T^^, ^r^ltnl^^ i9firap9, a cutter and seller of wood. 
mw^f WWW, •IflwjjM, llpw; 'ilffl, to takei or lift out, cle^n 

out, snatcb^seize, usurp. 
*tVU tn^ ^mHmr, «•!» aseizure, deansing, &c. a drum. 
^\M^, •K^^IW ^ c » hf » i , to watch for tha fall of a flowjer 

from the head of an idol. [eye, perforated. 
9t«i» «nc«iftnK, 9< «<i«6^{tt^f As> the ear ; blind of one 
^^^91, n^tnsii ^, the gills of a fish, 
^^^pjt^, «tt<»^, ^<i^tft, quick of hearing, retentive. 
^^^n^» ^!V^^^^ hearing every thing, listening, attentive. 
^<i^^, m%fj[^,— ^wft'ltvft, an ear-pick. 
^^i«V^, Wi:^n, an ear^omament. 
« vfffel, ^H? CTlftRst*«f , the flap of the ear. 
9t^«irM, ^^t9lTl» ^(t^^ listening, blabbing, talkative, 
^n^nnr, WT^ICT 'vntinr, ?R:«(iwr, toprejadice one against 

a person, to warn privately against one. 
-m^, <«»^|>1, fiW, •ntai? Kt?, blind of one eye, perforated, 

broken ; the edge of a vessel or cup. 
Tt^tWtl^, ^'^iiPi, ^cn^RTpffitf a whispering, planning, <<te- 

d'tite ; ear to ear. [eaves of a hoilse: 

^flf>, Hn^ <!w^lT, ififtmi, the space overhung by the 
^Wt*!»1, *r^11^p»tW,— ^H<tW, an eaves-dropper, listener. 
^11?^, ^fl^ C?^» a listening, eaves-droppingl 
^^t^, ^«f* •^tfirf^ ^ttft?, the curtains or wall* of a tetot. 

402 ' *f 

?(tf^ c«T^, a rag, small piece or remnant ofclotlf; ft^ 

raised moulding. 

^^% ^m^, CF5^rt^9t^, a pinching of the ear, ai/^rningi 

^nr^ ^, )fT?*tifjr9, np to the brim,, brimfdi* 

5|rtr<it^, ^*fT»W, «l^vv, obsequio^us, servile, obedient. 

^i1, ^ftT, — '5^** ?tflPSt, ^f»nr^^, a scold, virago, vixen. 

mn, iTt^, tJf^, ^» *% «W!l^> a stolk, stem, trunk of a 

tree, an arrow, a. cluster, collection, assem- 
blage, a section^ a chapter. 

5?ttit?^, ^^^f a pilot, steersman, helmsman. 

9r^> ^Pt^, — ^1^, a heap, stacks pile. . . [an arraw. 

;ft^, ^^^» — ^^^^f •'iW^i an archer; armed with 

^^, ^^i'y ^^^ntfM. worth, value, essential quadity. 

^t^> -^iT^, ^i^ anxious, troubled, distressed, pe^^ 

. plexed. [moan, distress. 

?Bf5?t«i, ^t^9tt^ — CF^, rtWPT, anguish, agony, complain^^ 

^t^Cj> 1 f gg> f^^, lamentation, complaint. > 

s^rt^l, ^T^, a coir cable. 

^n^5t^, ^?Tr^, 'H, irtai, a cleaver, a bill-hook. 

^rp5t15t, ^, an earthen pot or jar. 

4 l ^rj t, ^t^f a pair of shears. 

?Ftt%, * l*I^ t c<j 39?t^, a shell-cutter's saw. 

^^t^, ^tf^3 ^«T?, wiffe,^ the weight in an oil-press. 

^^tc^, ^"^It^, firflrc^, in connection with, on accOiUnt o^ 

on the side of. ... 

5«r8 \, wm, z^ffwc^, inaidiously, pry ingly, leaning equally 

both ways. 

^f?Ttf •tfiW^ ^^flft?^, soft with rain. ^ v 

^nretf^, wnW, ^nw^, turbid, muddy, thick, dirty. . 

^^ttf^f 'fW/, wme, spirituous liquor. 

?Ftwf^Rt, m 99^, a range or succession of clouds. 

^Wl, ^W^, ^¥, mud, dirt, soft clay, 

*twr^1, ?FWtf^,— wmJ. ^nm, turbid, muddy, dirty. 

irtwt^, nP9i wwn ^•i, *PiCTr^, to soften a field for sowing 

rice by flooding it. • 

^Wt«l, WWtr^, ^Fttrfntp muddy, dirty, soft with mud* 

^ 103 

lSrtlt,:l|^. P<fSt9tf l^t^J*"' litigious, contentious, dis- 

putatious, querulous. 

^t^, TiM^^VTf.ww^. a thicket, grove, forest, wiWemess. 

4 \ h\m , ^^HRTtf^fM^, born of an unmarried woman. 

5Ff», ^Ji?, tStf?, ♦»!%• fsv, z^\f, beautiful, agreeable, pleasing, 

defdr; a husband, a gallant, the moon> iron. 

?ffW^f , ««c^^, 'Tt?, bright iron, steel. 

vWrt, ^Frtil, iw<rt, ftW, ^^nr^, a wife, a mistress, a beau- 
tiful or beloved w<mian. 

9t^9» wr^W, f^rfa(7^(7, a bad, difficult or dangerous road, 

a wood, forest, red sugar-cane. 

^lft[, r^W, r-fW, ^W1, ^^, beaiity, splendour, light^ 

brilliancy, a beautiful woman, wish, desire. 

^t^nr, 3wpr, cjVR, to w«ep, cry, bewail, lament, howl. 

^stftrft*, *«wt?irt^,*«Tf|r3,fleeing, tunning away, put to flight. 

^^f r?1inr^1?t, 'iW^BFWtft, weeping, crying, hoilvling. 

^t^itw, tfeawrtj^, W^^tW, the hunting-leopard. 

^W, wi, fir«, z^i^, CT.i?, a pretence, disguise, panto- 
mime, shew, the nib of a pen. 

^H^/, «rtrw, fw, deceitfulness, craftmess, a trick- [rel. 

?fW?, ^, w*f, cloth, linen-cloth^ a garment, dress, appa- 

^FM^n, ^l^/?^yrtft,^<l^ r4 cy^1,a linen-draper, seller of cloth. 

^WW, ^«rl, ^^, cotton wool, the cotton plant. 

^•[SW, %t3F, ^inFrt?^, PiftrWif*, a coward, mean-spirited, 

. contemptible or worthless man. 

^•fet?, ^!l^i1,-^»t<i, '^t^^, sordid, niggardly, parsimo- 
nious, selfish* 

?t^iWn, ^rt^fetPr, — ^H^/, niggardliness, selfishness. 

?PRI, ^, ^rW, Tf5^t#t, a false pretence, a crow. 

^W5T, ^art^^, 5rt^^<», to inspissate, thicken by boiling. 

?tv, f^, ntf^, •tfiifff, poetry, a. poem, raillery, ridicule. 

^W^, fifst, Oftw? W, poetical propriety. 

^i1, ^twrt,^>M^, a wedge. 

'W, ?t^1, ?wc^^1, ''RW?, «nnr, ft^, desire, lust, wanton- 

ness, an object of desire, the god of love, af- 
fair, business* 

104 ^»!» 

*Wn, '«Rtflr5,^,Wl5t5?, uhrestrained^frde,gdiiigwhefe 

one pleases. [spontaneous. 

ifiism^ "^Blf^sm^^r^, Wi^ t< H|y , arising from desire dr la8t> 

*t»r^> ^^. a bow. 

yv^ sy, if <Hsr, lo bite, sbap at in ordfer to bite- [ijag pain. 
^ffr?t^, w*^*f*, ^it^, t?wrtrpr, i^ : to throb, to produce a grip* 
?Ptir?tf^, "S^i, c«t5wf*ri, a griping pain, the cfaoiic. 
^WW,' i^'^<l>iU j Hf ' l>6 <, ^IfW, k^ttm, giving after one's 

own inc]inations> yielding, subservient. 

iptinri, iWI, ?TO<w^, ^rt'^filfi^i fWf%, desire, wish, lust; ap-* 

petite, inclinaiion for, prayer, supplication. 

<W3W^, ^ipi*f vrjw ^rw ,' ^jl^, aafSuming any form at plea*- 

sure pleasing, b^auti^ul. 

^rt«r^, «f**t^, iibidiiioiis/lustfut. . k/ [of bile* 

9t^, C7^, fHV^, the jaundice) excess ot obstruction 

^Wt%, ^•W'T,*!!^, earnings, gains, savings. [gain. 

^W^s Z'^'i ^^, ^8*fWR, ^^<i; to shave, to earn, acc^uire, 

'Wrp^, nifl?P|«f/, a barber's fee.' • . 

^W?r, ctW?, W^, a blacksmith, whitei&mith. 

m^f ^MX ^ «j^, *«^, jn^^ "^ti^Wt^f lascivious, 

'Pttft, ^^WSt, > lewd, 'wanton, libidinous, amorous. 

vpr^, ^Wrai,j lustful, desirous. 

^^t^, ^T!, «H^ •f?rtt?1, an affectionate or lascivious 

woman, a climbing or parasitical plants 

*rt/, 'iif^'r^^, fSS?, rfi^t^tif^, desirable, amiabter op- 
tional, voluntary, supererogatory, performed 
to obtain personal advantege. 

*t?-1, WT, "lit?, the body. [ing, qiiarrelsome. 

¥f?^fr, ^ft^^f ^(^9^1 ^^, res'blute, overbearing, insult- 

*t^, «rtf^5ftl*t^, the writer cast. ' •' • 

5tT^^, l^itK^y •Itttflw. bodily, corporeal. 

^t?r^, ^, vr^, ^Mt^, 3^, an ageht> doer ,^ doing, acting, 

causing, effecting^ accomplishing, making. 

*t3<», t^,«rt?rT«nT, ft9, Pr%^,w^jr, a cause, reason, motive^ 

occasion, principle, origin; for, because^ ia 
order to, on account of. 

^t^ ^105 

'J?^-^, l^riSwj, c^^, causality. ' [sality, cVeative. 
^^tl?5, ^[«rrt;^, 35f^^, become a cause, possessed of cau- 
'^^ ^W^tT?, — ^^'^f^^, a prison, place of confinemeut. 

t^f f^Pfi, ^rt^, ^^^3 ft»^^W5, aa action, act, agency^ 

effect, artist, artificer. 

f^. C*n, ^/^OTRf, ^^^, ft^?«i, «n5;, ?t^R1, aa act, agency, 

art, profession; an actress, dancing- woman, 
an explanatory sentence, interest of money* 
sharp pain ; fern, actings causing, &c. 

*fiWBr, P'W^, a mechanic, a workman. 

^tfjrsl-^, ^5>R, Prfi?^^, agency, causality.^ 

^» ^nw, ^*ltW, acting, doing, causing, occasioning. 

^ty, m*«1^, f^nifhr^, Pl«»tW, an artist, artificer, mechanic, 

agent, doer, maker, a mechanic art, a trade. 

?t?«, ^, 9«r, a piece of mechanism, a maiiufacture. 

TJM;, irei, ^n, compassion, kindness, tenderness. 

^IjpPn^, ^, spnT9, WH/, expert, active, diligent, useful, 

fit for use. 

1^/, ^3^?<t, f^«i^, ???Tlt cruelty, hard-heartedness, 

roughness, niggardliness, difficulty, want, 
t^, ^icm fk^ ntJf, the seventh Hindoo month, 
t^, ^/IPf*^, parsimony, niggardliness. 
^W^, ^"rtf ^^ttf, cotton, the cotton plant. 
^W^, ^1. ^T*, «tiJ*J*1*il, magic, sorcery, witchcraft. 
^t^9 ^^* tt^f ^. a bow, a bamboo ; expert, skilful. 
^J, f*11, «rt?W^, Wv, a work, deed, business, affair, 

employment, undertaking, effect, duty. 
^fp^^^f l^tV^ ^, ^Pt?^, si>;teen Pans of cowries, 
^fl^, l^ra* "^^W^, «[^, W, time, tense, season, period, 

opportunity, weather, death, r^ent of death, 
tw, ^^K '^t'R^, il&R, black, dark-blue, swarthy, 

tarnished, dirty. 

^Ffirf^, ^f*R, filthy, squalid^ dirty. 

5iW^, ^ fiff, a mortal poison, a subtle venom. 

^t^^r^, ^^, the liver. [season. 

t^'Wfi ^•i, ^Wf ^f^/, death, a suitable regard to time or 


106 ' ift\ 



^rt«rc^«ri, ^^«?rt«r, certain periods in each day unpropitiGtis 

for any undertaking. 
^tfP^, 'srttfe^, the livid mark from a bruise. 
Tt«r^, 'nwftrn^, a Hindoo hdl, [deaf. 

^W, ^^<C 3Fw«f, ?P(?, black, swarthy, soiled, unclean, 
^fWftr, ^W^T^r, — -4«i^«lc«f4 ^, the final conflagration of 

the universe. 
^pfrtW, ^, Yaaia the regent of death. [impurity. 

^WWf^ft;, ^^Wr^^i?, — ^^^ft; ^w?, any period of ceremonial 
:9tA[, csrt^, iSfTr?, product or result of a sum, dimensions 

of a piece of land, 
?rtftpFl, ^1*tPWt, THt, CJWTOJJ. ^«r/, the goddess Kali, ink, 

cloudiness, the morrow, an instalment of 

interest, the credit-price of an article. 
?Plftrt, tWW, — ^Ttft^, the livid mark of a bruise. 
^Ptftl^l, '^i^^f decayed thatch. 
^ftRt, ^«PRr, 'TpW, deadly, ruinous, destructive. 
7t%rl, ^^, ^^> blackness, darkness. [tawny. 

^l1Si>, Rh^aWt^, Plif«r?«r, sun-burnt, weather-beaten, 
^rtt, wit, «PSt, wnr, the goddess, ink or blacking, a stain, 

stigma; black, filthy, unclean, 
^rtl'^, ^flfrf^, pertaining to time, of a paiticular time, 
^twtfsr^, ft^/l, ^itcjt^H^, feigned, fictitious, false, forged, 

contrived; a hypocrite. [sant discourse, 

s^fr^l, irftPf, «r3r»l^, squalid, dingy; auspicious or plea- 
5rt»t, ^f^, rum, ^•J r^M^, a cough, cold, catarrh ; a grass. 
?t^, ^\9» ^^, wood, timber, fuel. 
^rt»1, fi^, ripn, jX^y ^SW, «PF< a quarter, region of the 
' world, space, tract, place, scite, limit, a mea* 

sure of time, excellence, superiority. 
;|5t^,- 5W, r**; a cough, cold, rheum, 
^t^nr, ^•i, 5(^% to cough, 
^rtirf^, 5^^ ^5rpi?F ^»rtFT? fttrw, a cough-mixture of tama* 

rinds attd mustard . 
^^> ^M^, copperas or green vitriol. 
^Fpg?1, ^Pf^it^, ^% afflicted with a cough* 

^Jtftr?l, RTaf, '^T/^Rpft, a sickle. 

?n?*i, ^rtt^f^, a denomination of money. 

^ffts, r^^tjl, a palkee bearer. [report: 

*tl^"4t, ^f^RTW, ft^«i, «R5^, a tale, story, narration, hi story r 

ft, ftrnt^ r?tH^ '^, r^w interrogative particle :) what ? 

which? {repeated), whether — or? either — or? 
f3p, f^, — .trwfs^, //I cawtj»o* ; what ? which ? 
^^W?, ?t^» ^^/» a servanty a slave. 
ftf^Ht, f|9^, a girdle of small bells, any tinkling ornament; 
ft5^, ftn, — ^^W, W^, mud, slime, dirt. 
Wp»^,. ftF^, ^T5T?^, W^f^r, the chatteriDg of monkeys/ 

the chirping of birds. 
ftFpisfr, fiPT^ ^% to chatter, to chirp. [something; 

f%^ ft?^, '•T"^, fipRp^, some, any, a little, somewhat; 
nnirt^, fiwW?, what sort of! {jn.ridictde.) 
f^wtfr, fftt, «Ttr^, perhaps, lest, for fear that, lest per-- 

chancCv suppose. 
Rw^, Wi»*^, — CTGT^ t*f* ""W, some^ any, a^ little, a few. 
f^FfiKC^W, <^. "^tf^tiar^ ^^> within a little, soon, almost.. 
ft^3?f, rtcFt, WW, a worm. 

ft^tl^ ^' ^'V* ^^tt^y filth, dirt, any animal excretion. 
fa^ft^l , WfHi?, JlfR, dirty, filthy, squalid. [insect.: 

f^*i, W^X^f ''W^, fi58f, a scar, wart, corn, mole ; a wood- 
fwr, aF?«i, JTii; w«^^ to purchs^e, to buy. . 
ftRl, ^«6^, ^TCHpr ctT^, that is to say, videlicet, or not?- 
ft¥, 'tsw, ^»WT, but, moreover, further. 
fiPl?, ^'fk^^niw, celestial quiristers, demigods with the 

heads of horses on a human figure. 
f^«tt/«, w^ I?, ?P5 ?5t»f, how far ? how long ? till when ?' 
fiRl, ftp, t^ ^NT*5^, what ? what ! how exc6lleht i . [tion ?^ 
ftiRif, w^,r f^WR^/, why ? wherefore ? with what inten- 
ftsrW?, ftii«t, ^•r^^, what sort of! how formed i of an- 

unusual form. 

ftf^net^, ^1^, miserly, niggardly, avaricious. 

ft^l^w, ftWf, half-human demigods, choristers of heaven^ 

ftl^ wr*Ri, «Rjff> a rumour, report. 


108 ^ 

ftH, ^<?1, or, else, otherwise, 

ftn^, ft, ftfiRstj, what ? how ? what kind of? [long? 
ftf^r^, ftft**-, ^^, some, a few, a little; how much? how 
fiR[«i, ?f^, ^^, OTT^Pr, a ray of light, sun or moon beam ; 

to expunge, erase, cross out. 
T^, fir?/, an oath. 

J^iTt^, w^ftft, ^«i, a dealer, a miser; miserly, penurious. 
ftjT^, F^, ^ Pip^, a savage mountaineer ; gentian-root, 
ftfti?, ^P^» a dagger. 

ft^> ^> ^^> a crest, a diadem. [manner. 

Frai, ftiW?, x?ar^, of what sort or kind? how? in what 
ft»r, W"er5,^«rtm;,^, certainly, possibl y , indeed, verily? 
fiwt^, ^'StlSt^, a blotch, white scab. [roal, a youth, 

ftrfl?, Pl^ CTl^, 'IT^^, f?^, a colt, the young of any ani- 
5^^, ^«i, tffira, miserly, avaricious, sordid, poor. 

^ft^^9 "^(f^y ^. a bone. 

5ftiBM^, *rtf^ ^M, a hollow bamboo whistling in the wind* 

^f ^\ — Wtn, an insect, worm, maggot. 

^^, ^n, — f*tW?, of what sort ? in wh at mann er ? how ? 

^, ^^P^njit, 5F«iit? iir^ i[/f^ a parrot ; a Cashmirian. . 

5Jt?rt^, ^^, CTt^, penurious, miserly, avaricious. 

^ftwir, 9t\^^, tJ<»^«(^, to sing, celebrate, shout for joy. 

^Prt^, ?*tt,^^/ir«^, fame, renown, celebration, praise. 

^.?p, ftpT, r^t^, 'Jfi, ^irWS, a pin, bolt, wedge, naiJ^ 

stake, the fist, a thump, a blow. 
;sft»R-^pr, f5«i, m?«l, Rwsr, ^t«R, to strike with the fist, 

thump, pummel, to nail, pin, wedge up, fasten 

to a stake. 
sft^rtsT, Wi, ^fiw, water. 

<l«rt«tf<f, ^^f ^\^, the sea, the ocean. [little, &c. 

5P, Prf'R^j^'^fi!^, ^^, a prefix: evil, base, badly, a 
^^8rt?t, f^TWI, — ^^^ ^j%^, a mist, a fog. - 
^^ff^^ ^^^fi|i^^«^, to contract, shrink, shrivel up.^ 
^, TW, ^^«i, a voice, the bark of a dog, 
^JRT, ^, Pi^RWT^, having a crooked or withered arm. 
T^>^^' — ^?^[W?r,^«1t, wicked, vicious, profligate^ sinful. 



^pft^, *ijf1^, ^^, a difficulty, perplexity, dilemma; 

difficult, perplexing, troublesome, 
fftif, W^»f?t, the black cuckoo. 
^^9^, ^fe, the common fowl, a cock. 
f^^KMe^ , the cavities of the loins. 
^^^ — ^^, '«1,^ftf^«t, a do?, a vegetable perfume, 
^ir^, ^^, a cock, a firebrand, a lighted wisp of 

straw ; a man of mixed cast. 
Wfiflt ^jnJ, ^^'W, a wild cock, varnish, glossineps. 

^uPr, ♦ttWtilf^, a cackling sound, a cooing. 
9ij, wfe, the belly, the abdomen. 
?*» ^rtft, — ^tf^X, Pn«rt, offensive speech, scurrilous ex- 
pression, abuse, reproach, 
rrtj, saffron. 

5W, w^, ^, c^«ri?5tJr, a breast, a pap, a chip of wood, 
^4>P l ^ 1, ?RJCTTW, — "StW^, a woman's breast. 

^'•v ' <^•^ 


^"5»f ^wrti'ii, ^nr5<*1, evil society, a circle of evil compa- 
nions, evil advice. 

^jp^ft, ^cSt, an evil adviser. [contract, 

^5^, C^^t^, ^H^CT to cut in pieces, to chip, gnaw, shrink, 

^JT, ^, ^i^wf, 15^, small, little. 

^, ^, — CCTI, <ti,^,achip, shaving, splinter, fragment, 

shred, piecp. 

^<, fW, a nipple. 

^^, ^^A ff^fi^ r»tt^, doggrel poetry. 

^J|1. f^^, '•l^RtW, ^?«W, calumny,, slander, censure, ac- 
cusation, blame, a blot, disgrace. 

^^f^3 ^^9 ^W, ^^W, «ifi!^, evil, bad, abominable, ugly, 

deformed, squalid. 

^, ft^. Wip^, ^sW, some, any, a little. 

^, ^tt^, araff^, ifW'W?, a hump or curvature of the 

spine, the planet Mars, Tuesday. 

^w?-1, U?, ^w, ^if , low, base, mean, vulgar, stupid. 

^, t ?pi», ^, WWW, deformed, crooked, hump-backed 

an earthen water vessel. 

^[Iw, ^gftf — l^rht, '^R^, a mist, a fog. 

HO TOt. 


^^, T3F, ^W, (Curved, bent, crooked, tortuous, curiedl 
f 8?, srafi^ftf^ ^, ^/t^, f^«i, a bower, arbour, grove>. 

an elephant's tusk, ivory. 
^«??, ^,^^1, an elephant; in comp: chief, eminent. 
^^^ if^nsf, ?/^, ^, a sting, bite, sudden gripe or pinch. 
^, ^,— ^^, ^tJ, a chip, bit, fragment, shred. 
^^^, l^X 'i^, ?«R, -to beat or pound to powder or pulf>^ 

to tread down, to trample. 
^^, ^^f^, ^, a bawd, a procuress, an herb-woman* 
^[©^^W, ?^*R1, the profession of a procuress. [&c. 

^^T^, "Sfir WT^, to cause cattle to tread down the ground, 
5J^^, t»^^, ^K, a covert design, a quibble, 
^f^, ^, <^, a house, a fragmeat, bit, chip, morsel, 
^feif, >o(^5q, ^lap, a|^, insincere, disingenuous, insidious^ 

crooked, bent, severe, cruel. 
^%^, ^^{Ri<*1, a European's house, a palace, factory. 
^^, '^ ^, *^, a small house, hut, hovel, shed. 

^H^«, ^"R, *1fiRt?[. a kinsman, relation, connexi- 

on, offspring, family, 
^^^t, ^J?^> 'Wfj^R, a householder, master of a family. 
^N^o ^^^> — "^^y ^^ l^*ft>*, a throbbing sensation, a 

twinge ; querulousness, peevishness. 
^tf^^i5/|, Rvjftrjiil, peevish, querulous, hard to please. 
^^, ^^9 W^f a bawd, a procuress, 
^g^, ^J^, an opening flower-bud. 
^, ^^, ^i^^, a tree; the leprosy. 
^3t, ^, ^*f|t, a house, an apartment, a cottage. 
^t?, "^^stfsT, an axe, hatchet. [bank, granary.. 

^^, '^vJlRi^l, r^rw, a European's house, palace, factory, 
^?t, ^n, — ^^, «F5, leprous, dull, torpid, indolent. 
*J5, ^5*^^» ^^» 1[^> leprosy, a bigah measure, a heap. 
^^§^,-^irr5r, ^«p?^, ^TTR", to collect, pickup, glean, gather 

into a heap. [found; a foundling. 

^5^1, ^5?pStiri,— nfiip^, ^1^, «rt«, collected together^. 
v^, ft^, a bigah of land. 
^^5tt*f, ^'T, — ?iT?* an axe. a hatchet. 

^*! Ill 

"^, Prt, '^Jnrjrt^t, a score, twenty; the leprosy. 

^*5^, ^i1,— ^, ^f 1T^> leprous, dull, torpid, lazy; a 

hut, shed, stall. 

^/, 0t^9, CW1, a wall, the plastering of a wall. 

^/tt3(, "TPW/lfSi, w^, indolence, torpor, laziness, slowness. 

^, ^^1% Hf^, the sound or note of a stringed instru- 

^*i% '^[^'"'Ult, "tt, a dead body, a corpse, a carcase. 

^t. ^W^, ^f«R.T^1> having a withered arm ; a whitlow, 

^^, ^^1,— »rtf<?, ^3[t^^, z^^Vft, sby, shrinking from 

sight, slinking into a corner. 

^«JTft, •rtl^Rl, ^, shyness, a shrinking from sight. 

^'i, ^*^, — ^^wpr, ij^, indolent, lazy, slow, stupid, foolish. 

^«, ^, ^«i^rt5, vvf, «rtiw, a pit, sacrificial pit, bowl, 

bason, pool, well ; the bastard of an adultress. 

^«^, WCT<I, ^'rt^, ^frt^rtfir, an ear-ring, ring, bracelet, 

collar, fetter, coil of a rope. 

^fi«it, ^^^rftf^, ^^'IW?, W, wearing an ear-ring,' coil- 
ing, winding ; a serpent. 

^ffti^l, ^%t, — ^ni ftrW, a bason, hemispherical vessel. 

^«, W Witt A W*f4, whence ? from which ? how ? 

^W, «rvr^, IffSTOTI, Tfiitf, noon- tide, great or oppresr 

sive heat. 

▼5% iR, — ^Wl, wff^ft(^ ri5«rtpr, a leathern oil-bottle. 

^^^, ^^'> ^/t^, ^^^, ^^^1, sport, diversion, ea- 

gerness, impetuosity, wonder, surprize, in- 
clination, desire. [brisk, pleasurable. 

^Jffiit, r^wn, V'tf, ^TR^, sportive, playful, impetuous, 

^. "5^^ ''ll' a dog. (- 
^5^, C^W?, ^t?[ir^, where ? wherein .^ 
^ift^, CT;4kt*<1(U7> wherever, wheresoever. 
^Kltt^, CT^ttTT ^, CTt^^^rtrsT, id. any where, some where. 
^KVifl, fsT^, 99nr^^gii^nrl, reproach, censure, calumny, mo- 
ral blemish, deformity, ugliness, 
^firs, ^, W^, «r^, ^^, low, vile, evil, bad, ugly, 
^ deformed, disgusting. 

112 Vi 

^^vSt, ^f^mWtllf? ^rci> an elephant's housings, horse-cloth. 

^?1«r, ^^WTf^, ^Jift^,— "SiPr ^pfSc^ ^, a hoe, spade. 

^i^^^, t^^f ?^, ^> hair of the head^ a lock of hair, barley. 

^^^s rtfWr,^t^<l, to groan, moan, suflFer pain. 

^% ^G^,^(fif^y jasmine, frankincense, a turner s lathe* 

^?JW?f ^tS, a turner. [to turn in a lathe. 

^^, ^snipr, ^Upr, to prance, skip, frisk, dance for joy, 

^^, "^l^, ^Wf, a blue lotus, a quarrel, dispute. 

^^^!11» 981^, V^, quarrelsome, litigious. [kincense. 

^''cW, ^?^f^> — "Wnft, "firSt?^, the frankincense tree, fran- 

^^, ^tl, — ^^^% CT(T%Tft(^ r^»r*tW, a leathern oil-bottle. 

^^if^, tJf^KX^, fW9, angry, provoked, vexed. 

^^^f ^<f^ ^^, ^53Wt, badly turned^ deformed, ugly- 

^jWJ, «TO^^, *te(, a water4ily in general. 

^^OR, 'TS/tW?, %*ra^, arbitrary power, tyranny. 

^5t^3, «Rtr<*rf^, Cuvera or the god of wealth. 

^, ?3P^>, ^rj, ^Jfli^s, hump-backed, crooked. 

5^f5t, ^JVW, a gourd, a pumpkin. 

^rt?, ^tTP, t^, ?iW^, ^9r, a boy under five years, a 

lad, son, prince, a potter. 

^gjrit^ ^tlt,— ^^/l, 'i^, ^f <W«rl?, a virgin, maiden, 

girl from ten to twelve years, Durgi, a 
daughter, the catch of a door-latch. 

«rir, ^?5*W, ?RW^ the white or red lotus. 

^3j|r, ^Tap, wr^, a crocodile. 

^J^, 44^4^, crooked-armed. 

^, ^Mt, *lhr<c*lM, ^5fti, a water-jar, the sign Aqua- 
rius, the frontal globe of an elephant., 

^JV^, r^mt*! ^4RrtT, a stoppage of the mouth and nostrils 

tg prevent breathing; (a religious ceremony.) 

^[?j^, ^g«rt»I, ^5t5, a potter. 

^|f^, err?, ^Bf^^, f ^M^t^, •t/t'W, a thief, plagiarist^ 

paraphrast, a wife's brother. 

^J^JMt^^, "^?^ f^TW, a Hind6o hell. 

^fit?, T1S5, i^f^Fjfr, a crocodile, an alligator. 

^W> ^^, ^*i* a deer, antelope* 

f?^, fflrsr, "^s^y to scrapie, pare, gnaw. 

^% wt^ft;, hemia, hydrocele, &c. 

^, ^3Rif,— rasrjwsft, an eagle. 

▼^, r<?f>^, ^^t1, disgust, distaste, dislike^ disrelish*^ 

f inr, r?^, the wards of a lock. 

f^, ^5M1, 99T^, sweepings, filth, rubbish. 

^, IW^, ^w«i, ^, a yel]>ing, a barking; a dog. 

^, '^^f ^tiR, ^tPR, to skip, frisk, gambol, play. 

i»fj, «it^, ^^, ^^, the kuee, the elbow ; under con* 

troul, subject to. [a herd, flock. 

^, ^•1, wtf^, <1tT, «nnn|lf, race, lineage, family, tribe, 

^^, ^VR**t9^, well-born ; the protraction of a sentence. 

beyond a stanza, in poetry. ' 

^P^ V'^ — '^^'V^ *t?P*W ^i^t?» the usages or peculiar 

practices of a tribe, cast, or family. 
^, ^ ^ ai 4^iqt t ^ ; »fi«>«^, of a good family, well-bom.; 
^Ji*r, ^'"fttf'r, a genealogy, pedigree. 
^, "^PfSt, n^/1, an unchaste woman, courtezan, harlot. 
^R, Prtt? W^^f ^t\^f to be in sufficient quantity for, to. 

abound ; sufficient, enough. 
▼5r^, ^••I«^rpr?ift?, the head or chief of a family- 
^<^, 'fl'^frT a^, a woman of a reputable family, 
f^l: ^^iflt,—^, ^^^/^ttlSRt ^, a virtuous wife. 
?jBrw^, 5f^, ^nft^^;, chastity in a wife. 
^Bim»i, ^^*RWjrt?R^ ''rtPT?, conduct honorable to a fami- 

ly, family honor. [marriages. 

?sitFt?/, ^^, ^'^'Wy, a family genealogist who contracts 
fifpr, ^^^,^^^1, Wt^^^l, to possess,abound in, abound,. 

be sufficient for, to supply, furnish, 
^rr^, "^KfWf superintending; a superintendant. 
^rt?» ^^9 ^^> ^f^, a nest, a place of residence, abode. 
^«mr, fV?rt?,f5rnr, a potter. 
^M, ^^issi ^;9, the thunderbolt of Indra* 
^^4tv, %^ii4^«|«||^, nobly born, of high descent, noble. 
^Stj, 4V9^f ^^, a crab. 
^, ^, — ^^ a wiiyiowing fan. 

114 ^ 

?«r, 3itar, wirsWw, only, wholljr, 

^WT, ?^, gravel, lime-stone pebbles. 

^, ^BW^^i, a sacred or sacrificial grass. v 

^S!^f ^^^t^> r^«rt^, to rough-hew timber. 

.^, ^9r/r«i, ^^, ^^/, ^»rw«6-, Pr^^i, ^g^t, welfare, happi- 
ness, safety, virtue, virtuous act, ability, com- 
petency; expert, clever, safe, happy. 

^Sft»PPTft, f^vWTft, beneficent, promoting the happiness of 


^ffBft. ^<Jt, ^^rit^, happy, prosperous. 

^P*n^fpr, ^ f^rftps CT ^Tsr, a mat of Cusha grass. 

^, ^, ^<t?1, 'Pif WW, a ploughshare, a cotton-pod, a 

libation cup. 

^^9 ^jSt?,— ^fWtPPFI, iH*i?r^, usury, a loan, [wicked. 

^^, ^ftld, 5^i, %J^» inclined to evil, evil-minded, 

^5t?r, WtW, ^(Tsri^fnsf, a granary, barn, vessel for grain, 

cupboard . 

^, ^, PW, leprosy. 

*ft, ^* f^Wi, PirSt, leprous; a teper. 

^Vt'^, 'fir?!, a pumpkin, a gourd. 

^5^, «^, ^R, 3«PT, a flower, fruit, the menses. 

^^, •^^MTftiWr, the safflower plant. 

^, 'r^?m^n, ^^'•l, «rt?1, Wt^prr, sleight of hand, sor- 
cery^ delusion, deception, fascination. 

^^1, TO^, ^nrrtt, ,*f^5T?^, ^,' a juggler, magician, sor- 
cerer, rogue^ cheat. 

^9?, ^t^f f^, ^% a cavity, hollow, hole, rent the ear. 

^^9*, ^cRt^il, w^tf^ ?^, the new moon, thecrv of the cuckoo. 

^, ^^> 3t^» ^w^, *ct5 • 51^, 'PtT, ^, «rt?l, ^^9, fir^i, 

^W, a mountain-peak, summit, heap of grain, 
water-jar, elementary substance, hammer^ 
mallet, plough-share, a snare, trap, illusion, 
fraud, deceit, falsehood; false, low, vile. 

^^, t^?, "^^d^f ^srfe^,fixed, uniform, unchangeable, elemen- 
tary, perpetually the same, as the soul, &c. 

^t< CTt?K, ^rife^ ^«n, obscurity of meaniag, ambi- 
guity, a fiction. 

^/, <2tt^, ftrt^, a wall. 

^i*t, ^<1^f5R?W, a sort of cloth half-silk half-cotton. 

^l4t, ^«t^,^, a satchel,, a wallet 

W, ^91, ^irtjl, ^, a well, a pit, a hollow. 

^ tii^'t/, the upper part of the nose. 

^ff^, ^tt^^^ti, thickened milk. [amusement. 

^, ^^, ^nr^, 3^, to prance, gambol; pi ay, sport, 

"^^ ^Wf«t, a tortoise, a turtle. 

^, ^fif? ^, ^, TO^, ^i^^, a river's bank, shore, 

edge^ mound, pond, pool, the rear of an army, 
^f^srfi, ^wSt, "f?^, a lizard, a cameleon. 
^«. ^i, <^, 'S^m/t, ^/TOrt^, «itf^, «ltTf^, •tt'it, bodily 

pain,^ agony, penance, distress, difficulty ; 

suffering pain, painful, wicked^ sinful. 
^f55^r5, ^<itir^, f^, W^/T^ suiFering anguish, in pain, 

tormented, doing penance. 
^«^, ^tft, ^t?^, affijt: doing, performing. 
<f«, ^^^3Ttf«C5, fJf^. done, performed, made, effected, 

accomplished. [successful. 

^f5^'l, ^^/, — Wl^,s»r5tkflw;, having performeda work, 
if^^^T, rtjnrt^, 'eT^/^, having succeeded, successful, 

^f^, ^ir^OTi, ''•r^^Waw, ungrateful, forgetful of benefits, 

returning evil for good. [grateful, thankful, 
^rra, ^*W?^, *tri/«WT?t, mindful of benefits received, 
^mu, ^TF, fwtf^, married. 

^tRpp?, ft3pl^, c^Fl, disposed of, sold. 

^«ft*l-<^, ^^<PTft, W/tJf^, fc^, holding up the hand.s, 

respectful, humble, suppliant. 

^^, ^^f, W, fii^iW, death, Yama or the universul des- 

troyer, a demonstrated conclusion, establish- 
ed doctrine. 

f3W3t^, ^iWjt^, Cifttt, guilty, criminal. [ohiprt. 

"^js^f ^^9^/, fnit^; successful, having accompli^ 


116 ^ 

^^rttt, ^^ilt'^ ^^^9 desirous of success, thankful. 

^^, ft^f ^^9 an act, action, deed. 
,^5^t%^-f , <1tf^^/, wr^-nst, ^/, learning, acquirement, qua- 
lification, capacity, merit, virtue, piety. 

IpSt, ^n% ^«i^, 'Srtt*!, 'WrW^, ^rtW^P, learned, accom- 
plished, active, expert, capable, worthy, vir- 
tuous, pious. 

^4^> ^f^^itif ^V, an antelope's skin, an animal hide. 

^/f Wi/W, <sti?tV7, duty, what ought to be done, tt 

work, motive, cause. [forged, false. 

i^taw, atl^, 5*l«ir4*,1i|«ri1, artificial, fictitious, counterfeit, 

^% 'ffni, 'T^^tf, all, whole, entire. 

^«l, ^n«iW?,— ^nr^*, ^Vr, ^•nfRi, penurious, miserly, 

sordid, vile, abject ; a miser. 

'^•W, W?t^W?, Jf9t5rt??1, graciously, with, compassion. 

^^Wt, tRil, 5W*l1, ''l^^> compassion, pity, mercy, clemen. 

cy, kindness, tenderness, favour, gooHnes?s. 

'^^♦H^, ?!rrt1*l, ^?P<lt«r?, merciful, hiumane, compassionate, 

kind, tender- hearted, &c. 

^^[fir, ^, TW, a worm, maggot, insect, lac-dye. [:?rralU 

^, ^% ^^, wassted, emaciated, meagre, thin, little, 

^IpWR, ^^irt^ ftp^el ^, a woman of a slender delicate 

shape or figure, well-shaped, handsome. 

f^ir^ ^% ^«R«f, fire. 

^^9 ^^^- — ^t<t, wt^rwf, a cultivator, peasant, farmer, 


'^, ^^^,: — ^5J^^^ agriculture, husbandry, cultivation, 

ploughing, tillage. 

^^fSrtf, ^% Pt^, a husbandman, farmer, peasant. 

i^, ^pfff^<C '^^•r, ir^, ^rr?t?<l, jblack, dark-blue; black 

pepper, the god Krishna. 

''^^t^, vts^ ^"PWW, the fortnight of the moon's decrease. 

^^rtft?, ^fttjit3i<»W>iH^H , Piwrt, mfM, pertaining to the 

wane of the moon ; bastard, illegitimate. 

ipwrt?, 'Wbi^^, the black antelope. 

^ip^tftF, ^f^p ^***flM* wf, the hide of a black antelope* 

WIT \\r 

^M, f^nrs, ^> ^t^c^» fixed, appointed, made, deno* 

minated,. called. 
19, CTRl,— rWt^it^, who ? what person ? 
w^, CTfnwt^, CT8[, any one, some one. 
C991, sTfjuf^, a peacock's note. 
CTffe^, CTffr»rtW?rt, (pluralj some persons. 
* Wi^, aF|r«i, ORRFIt^, to buy, to employ another to buy. 
^^^^^f W, ffe^, Pwai<i, PTTf^, ^/, a flag, banner, sign, in- 

vitation, house, abode, place, duty. 
vw^ W, ^'n:^, ^^!^> a banner, flag, comet, falling- 
star, descending node, the 9 th planet. 
C7irt9, fFI, a field. 

c^^, ft PiflW, ft 5^*1, why ? wherefore ? 
i^H m, ^^i, c^c^, for, because. 
C9^, art?, ^«, f^nstv, simple, mere, alone; only, abso^ 

lutely, certainly. 
r^afT, ftifiW?, ftJ§*f, how ? in what way ? what sort of? 
c^^?, ^9r$, a metal ornament for the small of the arm. 
c^?^» ?r^. ^^, a small oar, a paddle. 
CT?T9l, %t9l, rent, hire. 
^^"W^, WflC^tf^, to strip off* bark, to shell, to peel fruit, 

to skin an animal. 
i^'P'f ftfT?, a?^?1, play, sport, diversion. 
CTVT^, ?1«ft, rice- gruel, sour rice water. 

wi, ^Ht^lNbt^W , the hair of the head, a lock of hair, 

a horse's mane. 
<g lf^c^^>» , Tt9, hairy, shaggy ; (epithet of Vishnu.) 
^^^"K^y TORT f **^T?, WW, a tress or fillet of hair. 
44^*1 IflWl, tlTf^, a hair-comb. 
CT^, •Wt% ajpflR ^, •l^, ^1^, the filaments of a flower, 

saffron. [a hair. 

c^F^jt, W^hP, f*!^, ^ipir, having a mane ; a lion, a horse ; 
t^lwW, •tji^jc^^*!, a mutual pulling of the hair and 

fighting, a squabble, brawl. 
ct4^, 4"lic^"l^, hairy, shaggy. 

^^ Wf , — WHW14, some one, any one. 

118 CTI^ 

^, ♦ C^»W?, ^, where ? 
^^^1r, ift^A ^,^it^, servitude, slavery, 
bp^, ^/ ftn^, a certain evil genius or demon. 
^^^9 <P^> ^t^f <pr9l> deceit, fraud, craftiness, imposi- 
tion, swindling. 
i^^f ^t^y •TtftRTl, ^rtPRF, a fisherman, a waterman. 

^F^J, \f^» absorption into the deity^ eternal emanci* 

pation from matter. 

^^iC^, •«[, th^ lotus. 

k^Pfi\ * 5<WT^/^^3Fr,. a sucking calf. 

^9«rtn, '^jr^? fV^T^ ^R, mount Caildsa, the residence 

of Cuvera and favourite haunt of Vishnu. 
W^, Ttaf/ipll, youth, boyhood. 
CTI, WW^, — ^^» a mist, a fog. 
t^T^, rtt^^, — i?T^?, ^r«^, nt^, ^^, curled, crumpled, 

rumpled, shrunk up, shrivelled. 

C <fl^>»H , ^^9 rsTTST, c>*t<>»H, ^^^, to curl, crimp, plait, 

crumple, furl, shrivel up, to cause to shrivel 

up or contract. 
r#W^, ^^3 f^9[\^, to moan, groan, grunt. 
c<tF, WtCTTt T^lTW, t^1 a sheaf of fish- spears, a harpoon, 
c^ifiir?, ^f^ ^fnw ^^^^, the lap, the end of a garment 

gathered into a bag. 
rft^, 9|f|rf^ ^9? ^f^^s^^r, the pendent tuck of a garment. 
t9t^, ^^, *t3l^, ^^, ^W^V9, ^^, a wolf, a lizard, camele- 

on, frog, the ruddy-goose, the wild date-tree. 
(Tt^^y TlP^nr, the red lotus. 
Vftf^f f^^fift, the black cuckoo. 
CTl^,-^irt^, |f5?^ ^«i, |<^, to mince, cut up, pound, beat 

to powder. 
CTtWl, V¥^y ir??1> a pander, a pimp. 
r^l^Wn, r^tWttSi, — ^re^?t*Prl^ a pandering to another. 
WtSj, ^ZWS f^, a hollow in a tree, a hollow tree. 
Wt^» il^, c^f^, a watchman, constable. 
Wt^Wf, CT1%t»nwf, wi^fPi^^, a watchman s office or duty, 

a city -police. 

.WW U9 

or 10,000,000; the point of a sword, the end 
of a bow, a wager, promise, engagement, 
assertion, proposition. [ever. 

rrtfWn, aww6w<i, Prs/, to a crore of Calpas, i. e. for 

CTt^, c^, — ?<f, a fort, fortress, tower. 

v^ri ^PV^^f^f half a crore or five mi. lions. 

CTi^nttir, tt ir^wWlMH , •wvr*1, f*<i;T«, the fulfilment of a 

promise, solution of a proposition. 

C9t^, ^, ^^^9 leprosy, the squares oh a chess-board. 

r^t^, ^iJtt, an apartment, a room. 

c^tSt, ^t, a factory ,^tnanufactory, bank, counting-house. 

C7t^, fwpr, v^BW^,' fR^, to perforate, bore, dig. 

rw^, 5W1, a scourge, a whip. [elbow. 

tm^, r?<rfinR[ ^f^nfR, ^irp?, ^^, a comer, angle, the 

r^PT^^prr, 'TTTJ^W, m^itir^l^^rjttt, a diagonal line. 

CTt^T, CTT^, an angle, a comer. [comer. 

c^^iTWTft, "mt^ \, diagonally, transversely, from comer to 

zm^f CTT^iT^, ^1^, angular, having a crooked arm. 

CT.^-ir, wprtrtr^, ^lartW, where ? whither ? anywhere, 

CTt^» W, f^, i:^, ftv, who ? which ? what ? any, some. 

CTT^f, HFW, jft^, wrath, rage, fury, anger, passion. 

CTW^t, ?T^^|[^, angrily, through passion. 

CTPW, CTT^, ?tn«r, tiFt^rtt^, to be angry, to rage ; pas- 

sionate, angry, wrathful, furious. 

CTWt, caFT^rt^, 3t*rt^, ft^, to incense, irritate, provoke, 

anger, enrage. [lent, wrathful. 

CTWt«r, Wt^lt, — ^?t^M)^, iaFtKtW«, passionate, angry, viru- 

CTt^<i?, *rt^^, wise, leamed. [flexible, delicate. 

CTPW, ^5, ^wft^, ^?sr, mild, gentle, afiable, tender, soft, 

CTHiRP, ^^, a flower -bud. [grate. 

CTt?^,-i^ff<l, ^<T5^?t^, ^, #tB^, to scratch, rasp, scrape, 

CTti, ivt?, r^/lvft^Hy ^?rw, tif^, c^s^n?, 'Jjp?, the bosom, 

an embrace, a haven, harbour, the palm of the 
hand, concave side of a leaf, &c. a point of 
the compass, a raft, a hog. 

C9Mr9» wfiiF, long pepper. 

WfPIt*^, caFhS^W, a pQstcript, codicil, slip of writing; 

wWCTitir, 'irtftnsR, a mutual eqibrace. 

c^pfitf^, '•wy/^,«r^/W1ia welcome, encouragement, hope. 

CTt^dT'Ya c^ttmtsr, «Mic«tm, a confused or tumultuous noke^ 

tumult, uproar. 
Wt^, ^^, ^tt^, ^*WKt«, T[^, •'tar, •ttS^, fni^, tRWj, 

•Ijt^, a bud, sheath, seed-vessel, receptacle, 
the beard of com, a drinking or sacrificial 
vessel, a shoe, sandal, the hollow palm of the 
hand, a treasury, treasure, a dictionary, voca- 
bulary, the womb, scrotum, testicle, penis, 
an egg, a ball or globe, fruit-stone, nutmeg, 
cocoon, a judicial ordeal. [low palm. 

ctW, Wtn, Wl*IT3J, ^infta, a canoe, sacrificial, vessel, hoi- 

t^t^f 4S(Qtt^ftai, a sacrificial vessel. 

CTti-1, r^ttm, ^^, |<P, Wl^, fiil, a granary, chamber, the 

body of a carriage, a* drawer, the stomach, 
evacuation by stool/ ordure. 

ntit, Wil^f^l, 41^9^, a calculated nativity, destiny. 

r^lJf^^, ^<1^, ^»^f^, '^fi^^, a hypocrite, a descrip- 
tion of hypocritical devotees. 

r^^-1, f^, W^, a canister, a box. 

«^f^/ ?5t<ifej, ^«iiiT?wi/, ^wrl, deceit^ guile, insincerity,. 

craftiness, dishonesty, 

Wtf^, ^^f^, ^, a cowry. 

CTl^?, •TtTirt, •ttsrt^, a pigeon^ 

^^, liW, ?R?!/, *nr», <lHnrt3i, ^, diversion, sport, fun, 

a show, entertainment, spectacle, festival, 
jest, raillery, humour, wit. 

r^^# ?t5ff , VWf jocose, funny ; a jest, a joke. 

t^l't?, Sftfff, ^^f^t^^, jocose, funny ; a wag, a showman. 

Z^^, ?P^, ^^, tii^ ^t^, a small strip of cloth covering 

^ • • • 

the privities. 

m Ml 


r»N^, ^NHH the north qitwter, 

i^, ^ifw^W, nt^, youth, pbildbood. boyhood. 

i^nff, »T^«fWit -wl, WjRif, one of the wven divine mo-^ 

then OF personified energies of the gods. 

^^ tifiasw\, moonlight : given a* a title to books, [family. 

x^, <m < t'« i i»' t | t» following the practice of his tribe or 

c^jii^, wH^ •[4), unnL the bastard of a married woman. 

V^^t T^. l°'*wr. belonging tooroustomwryinafamily. 

vi^f, ?Pi'«rth»rti nobility of birth. 

jilll-/, ^wt«l, ♦llwl. ^6mf , W> welfare, happiness, emi- 
nence in art or science, policy, art, device, 
stratagem, contrivance. 

r^inf , ^ f^"^ H, silken, made of silk. 

ciliv, ft»? 1^*» ll*i> the breast-jewel of Vishnu. 

3FRF, *irt^, a saw. 

w^, ^m. ^> ^fW^, a saw, a poor man, a partridge. 

v%, ^t, ^, a sacrifice, oiering, worship. 

v^, tf^Pf, ftft^ff . to weep, cry, hunent, wail, howl. 

Vi^, «?nNt?, f«>iW*l?, lamentable, to be wept for. 

w^s, Jifif, ^tPw. •»». meat, raw flesh. 

*^m, ffFi, «^/c?t#, irt»^wt«, a goblin, giant, cannibal, 

flesh-eater; carnivorous. 

*«, •rW^iW. «1^. 'W!|<jK>. Wt» a step, progress, order, 

successieuj series, degree, method, precept. 

aiqinnr, .BW, a slope, slant, declivity. 

awn, •ir»W?, '»»?wft, in succession* successively, gra- 
dually, regularly. [terrupted. 

wt*8, '«JT%<5tW%, «awi?t<n», successive, regular.; uni - 

*m^, awn^Jrtft,— ^Rt^^tti^f, folbwing in the direct order 

of a series or of succession. 

'fiw, *^P»f J. 'wmj^tW'. suwessive, gradual. 

;*ir, ^, a worm. [sively, successively. . 

9C« \, ''TCwt i^, •ir'W?, gradually, by degrees, progres- 

w?t»^aR, an7tfllf»sivx<st, irregularity, disorder, confusion, 

anr, fim, ^Fn9, a purchase, buying- 

*»% IVr, to buy, purtdtose. 


112 taw*f 

Vtf^nrVt ^If^W, ^ffiri^ trade, commerce, traffic, barter; 

ai^, 3P^P9t|T» r7^» purchasing, dealing; a purchaser. 

arar, cifs^/, hp9, ^w, purchaseable, exposed for sale. 

aptf, •tWtt^i ^t^? «^t*r5, stepped, gone, passed over, 

WtTa, ^>r(c?179 ^^. ^^^> ascension, a surmounting, sur- 
passing, excelling. [trader. 

aFt?^, sFir^lft, ^^9 purchasing; a purchaser, dealer, 

t&Ffir, ^, WW, an insect, iwrorm, maggot, lac-dye. 

f&FTi, ^, ^^fffi?, ^, «rre, Vt^ft?, an act, action, deed, 

work, religious acts, worship, ablutions, of- 
ferings, &c. funeral rites, afiair, business. 

f dhyl^*i<f , /TtW, ^W f'T^t?^, to counteract, defeat an inten- 
tion, make an act ineffectual. 

apl^, M^R, <tirl ^% to play, sport, toy. 

ap^f1, W%, C^«^, ^I'll, 5^w:vT*t, sport, play, amusement. 

pastime, a show, game, wantonness, lascivi- 
ousness, sexual enjoyment. 

u^^, t^i, purchased, bought. 

awK, CTWtl%^, ?tWl, angry, vexed, wroth, passionate. 

?^, fkf6si, 5pr^, »t^, ^¥|rR^, ^•naft, cruel, pitiless, un- 
feeling, harsh, severe, hard, solid, terrible, 
mischievous, destructive. 

aqrISr, fr^^rai, ^^s, cruelty, unfeelingness, hardhearted- 

ness, severity, harshness. 

rJF^/, rzF??, — ij8r/, ftap?^, purchaseable, marketable. 

np^, OFP^t^t, ^itfi[^, a purchaser, buyer. 

HFT?, ^w|j, ^^cipn, ^'ilF^, wt«J, the flanks, hips, haunches^ 

breast, chest, bosom, embrace. 

C3F1^*fai, C4HiWt^, a postscript, codicil, slip of writing 

omitted in its due place. 

rJFf^r, CTT^f, 5t^, anger, wrath, rage, fury, passion. 

Z<3Ft^9 CTWIt^, ff^, angry, passionate, furious, wrathful* 

t3FT?, tWT^, <i«^ •RJ •W, a crore or ten millions. 

lapt?, • CTFff, — ^^wwpt, the osprey or fishing-eagle. 

(3FW, 1^ ^ff^ f^ *f1t?T^, a distance of 400 cubits or 

nearly nine furlongs. 

|ti; «f9t«> <fM> fiettigned, tiredi W6aii«d» languid, ex- 

^lf)r, e4tf9. <atVt weariness^ fatigue, exhaustion. 

f^, ^11^. fwrt, ^|«w?, wet, damp, moist, humid, corrupted** 

'Jl^ fJli* — ^1^,^»fw, <<t«, distressed, afflicted, wretch- 
ed, wearied, fatigued. [riness. 

f^i, ^W, f3[^, «nf%, affliction, distress, calamity, wea- 

^, ^^*^^, f^r^, "Vm, tr?, "t^, neuter, impotent, weak, 
idle, slothful, stupid ; an eunuch, hermaphrodite. 

^ ^:^, ^«, JPrtf'r, moisture, dampness, piis, ichor, 

chmmy filth, perspiration, &c. 

qpf, ^•H, rtnr. ?;^, f^H, f^^lW* ^iTt?t^, affliction, dis- 
tress, calamity, pain, anguish, care, trouble, 
worldly occupation, labour, difficulty. 

C|*W, ^Wt^, ^Ti ^frt^f to distress, afflict, pain, trou- 

Ue, vex, harrass, &c. 

r^W, r^«ii, ^1^, the bladder. 

iF, C9T«tT9> where ? in what place or degree ? 

^%^, c^H^M) somewhere. [money. 

Wk, W\^f — ^^^Ill9 ^9 sound, musical sound, chink of 

^^ w|1^, ^t^, made to sound, struck as a musical 

string or metallic vessel. 

ff^, fMn, «1¥, boiled, decocted, stewed, digested. 

9t9, fnxn, a decoction, a solution prepared by heat. 

nf% ^twwTft^, firfSr^ '•c^^iW, ft<aftif, ^, a period of four 

minutes, a moment, instant, leisure, oppor- 
tunity, vacation from work, a centre, the 
time of the new or full moon, a festival. 

^Wt, ?1ftl, night. 

W^<2(vl« fii!{i<, inpP, a flash of lightning, a gleam of light. 

*PwF, ^nftft, TM;, momejitary, fleeting, perishable. 

W^?t, ^nrcit^, diseased with scars in the feet. 

^wwl, •WFC?t^ ftrw, a particular disease of the feet. 

W9, ^, 151^, irt|j|5, t^^, ^Btwi, a sore, wound, hurt, scar, 

scarred, wounded, hurt, torn, broken. 
W^ 1^, ^, blood, pus, matter. 


Wl^ tff*> 'J^W?, ^«f^i» a hurt, loss, injtiry, *Til, pre- 
judice, disadvantage, damage, 
qp^^, 3^tf $, & violator of a religious vovr* 
«K«W?, "mt^i^. ir^H^WI?, a bloody flux, [military class, 
w4» ^Ffttir, — it^ ^^> a Kshatriya, one of the second or 
<r«11, irtftr, 9T^, ^irW, night, passion, folly, madness, 
•sipft^, Wf, the moon. [consumptioh. 

W^ ♦Wcjrf^, ^^, a cough, sneeiing^ sore throat, 
W»f, ^ttlrt, 'W^'^ "rf^, ^l^!"^* able, capable, patient, en- 
. during, friendly. [lity, capacity. 

flW, "sp^nsl, — wr^f;^, ^iflrO, fitness, propriety, capaU- 
^Wt, 'f^, *IT^tWTCTr, 5FjRttj|^i, «:jflrft, forbearance, pardon, 

long-suffering, patience, endurance, the earth, 

Durga. [forgiving. 

^fStf ''fir^ ^H^ f^V^f patient, forbearing, gracknxs, 

decay, waste, loss, destruction, phthisis or 

consumption, sickness, removal, expiation, 

the cure of disease, 
*RiirT^, ^"rf^ntH, artarr^* an iatercalary month. 
4m, iittr» ^^^, ^^ decayed, going to ruin, destroj^; 
Wi'ip 3P*>, r^T5^, to leak out, ooze, trickle. 
Wt9t 'M^ ^"^^91^, PrNf* patient, enduring, forbearing^ 

desisting from, ceasing, having desisted, &c. 
irtf%, <lfl!^j *tWnrtnr, ftjf^ patience, endurance, for^- 

belratice, forgivenes8,>a cessation or desisting 

from; [ashes. 

Wtj, ^l3Rci, Pi'^«r^\ ^^, alkali, soda or potash, salt, 
^tf|r5, «l^«it^, ^5^?^^, distilled from saline matter, 

strained through alkaline ashes. 
^>H«R, r^^^^i, •IflW?^, to wash, rinse, clean, cleanse* 
fiFI, . ftvr^, ^r«, V^i agitated, excited, moved by 

some strong passion. 
W*, ^^, fRHiln, iw, (ft*i?, the earth, a house, abode, 

loss, wane, destruction. ' 
fW^<?, •pft, M|r, a mountain. 

tWHf , J^y Vff a trfee* * [tracted, mad* 

ffti, tfTfira, twfirs, %W^, seht, thrown, flung, cast, dis- 

flp4, ^, ^^, 5?t?, ^«rf*»fWi quick, swift, rapid ; quickly^ 

speedily, soon* 

^A, ^, •tt^, ^» wasted, emaciated, slender, thin, 

feeble, decayed, exhausted. 

^, |5> ^ttt« 5^^|W, ^r*l*5|<, «W, milk, the milky sap 

of plants, thickened milk, water. 

*IW1, ntmi Wf, tice-milk, frumenty. 

*jrl, ♦Rwtf , 5|^, id. also a cucumber. 

^f *w, t|f^, lifiif^, ?W%, ^^3^, sad, distressed, bruised, 

pounded, beaten to powder, marked, brand- 
ed, blemished. [bruise. 

^, lftl^> ft^, ^«T^, ^, a sneezing; a mark, blemish, 

^wr iftiP^r, to sneeze. [com, &c. a scrap. 

'W, v^ptfl>*<»1, IftFj the broken fragments of pounded 

iR*, :rii^, |W/ir"r^, ^j^tflfir ft^?^, to pound, bruise, 

reduce to powder, dig, cafve, engrave. 

^1^, '^j tTR^, minute, little, small, trifling. ^ 

^ilfc, ^5^, hunger, sense of hunger, appetite. 

^, ^, "^M, %^, ^^^, small, little, inibignificant> 

mean, petty, low, Vulgar, niggardly. 
\1%i ^♦(^z, ^•f, penuri6usftess ; penurious, miserly. 

^^SWW, ^^Httf, a shortness of breathing. 

^, Vtl, — TO t «Mi^1 , ^*1, hunger, appetite. 

^Wt«|f, ^Jjrt^ — l!l?*>^^^^^> hungry, famished, voracious. 

f^rt^, ^^'Tl* ^I^Ht^, a painful sense of hunget. 

^S!ft%f WtBRT^, ^Wi|J^, hungry, ravenous, voracious. 

'Jjflps, t^mM»^4 , <JJ(tftlWi, hungry. [petite. 

*n»^ftr, 'Jjrts fsqrt^, cessation of hunger, appeasing of ap- 

W9f, ^I^V, ^, a bush, a shrub. 

l^fJ, •n?9t? r<tW, WvH ^, a pigeon-hole, a small hut. 

^^, tiftfiptvs, ifW, a clump, a tuft, a seed-plot. 

'^, ^/^, ^T«?, ftrf^rs, agitated, disturbed, afiected, dis- 

tressed, eteited, pained. 

'wt, «rtt^, flax, linseed. 

12« ^ 

nn, «rtWwj[ ^l, ^wt^rt^, a razor, the hoof of a horse> &c« 

vfiKiJ. ^n?t«r, ^•<t?, '^tf^, sharp, razor-edged, [gras^ 

^?WL '■p*» — IT'W^C^ ^3» an instrument for cutting 

fljft, 'rtt^, ^ti^, a barber. 

wrar, CV5,— ^ftr^^, 'nft?^ ^^rth, ♦Ifircflr, a field, the body, 

a wife, a sacred spot, a place of pilgrimage. 

iwm, «t|IC9 ^K^l^tira «M ^, the legitimate offspring of a 

wife by another man. 

c^FHi, ''rtWt, fM^f ft*i, ^•i, the soul, a libertine, a hus- 
bandman; clever, skilful. 

W^ff fwr, Vt^, ^tft, CTt?rrSf, vt?, a throw, cast, stroke of 

an oar, dismissal, a boat or carriage load of 
goods, a burden, a pack. 

W^W, z^% W^^, Kt^, ^*R, irwr, ?rpr, irf^rsr, ^itf^, to 

send, cast, fling, toss, throw, dismiss, spend 
or pass time, shed, spill, row, be angry, fall 
into a passion, rage, be distracted or mad. 

t^pHt, ^^f ifT^9 m^y an oar, a net, a fishing net. 

cw^Wtf W^^ «rtf , proper to be thrown (as a net) 

C'PTt^i, ft^tt^, to provoke, incense, enrage, di&tract. 

Z^f^, 3pW, 3jfii, good fortune, welfare, happiness, ab- 
sorption or final beatitude. 

C^Rffift^ "tv?(f^9 ^^9 the Brahmani kite; auspicious, [ket* 

CTMft, ^rt^, happy, fortunate, prosperous; a triuket-bas* 

IwfUt, iftft, ^rw, a rower, a waterman. 

k^f^Sf ^^^9 ^f*l^» ^t^^f, leanness, emaciation, feebleness. 

IW1T% VWi^t — ^^, the earth. 

prtv, VWSt, w%^, "nft, 4r^, a;^itation, distress, grief» 

alarm, excitation, stimulation, excitement. 

C"ftif, •t^^, wove silk. 

t^ft, HFl^,— •Jftr?t, the earth. 

^5^ ir^, wr, honey, water, 

n^v, ^ T^fw9 ^, ^f^^f '•T^tftWt. linen cloth, wove silk, 

a room on the top of a house. 

Z'^l, r^?t,— ^jRr?5sf, ^^, the shaving of the head, &c. 

y(\, ^jWt, the earth. 

Cf^, Tt^f fl?W, poison, venom. 

rvrnt ^^, fi[^> poisonous, venomous, noxious. 

% ^irWI, t?r;, the sky, the atmosphere. 

tit, trRf , <r^^F?l, ^nwW^/, parched grain. 

<^, r^^w;, ^^, navigable, deep. 

w, «i#r, «5*, TT^./^^, a bird, a planet, air, an arrow. 

^n^, «^W, «^Ht?, — «t3F?, Garura the king of birds. 

««W, ifPPHaf^^i, the planisphere or starry heavens. 

<fl5?, ^rt^W^, um. vjf![, *1#t, ^R'^^, aerial ; a cloud, a pla- 
net, a bird, a mule. 

^Il^, nr«^, set (as precious stones,) inlaid. 

<fN, tMt, a ball, a bullet. 

^, ^Wft^-1, — ^Wf", a spoon, a ladle. 

<«f, c<ft^, iww^, lame, limping, crippled. 

^«P^, ^«pfl^, — fPflftrw, the common wag-tail. 

^^'^f ^9fft> — iiStftW^, ^^, a tabor or small drum. 

^fsr, ^^, a dagger. [pblegm. 

^, ^^ftrtf, W9, a coarse and long thatching grass» 

^f W, stt^, ^?r,^ *W«K V^^WI, a heap, pile, quantity^ 

multitude, consultation, advice, scheme. 

^f ^frW,— <jlWft> *?> chalk, a coatse grass or straw. 

^flH, ^f^vrtifi?, M^cW1^«ll, the civet or pole-cat. 

^» <nt, ■W/1, a bedstead, couch, bier, hammock. 

^tw, ftrff, t^in? '•rat, the weapon of Shiva, [iniquitous. 

<f|ni?, 1"^, ^W, ^nf^*, lecherous, abandoned, low, vile, 

^, ^^Hrp^, the straw of a thatching grass. 

<npft, tl'Qlt?, a private or back door. 

irswrtt, ^rfjfiw «R«i, a salt prepared by boiling. 

^f^f 9tk*tt^9 a sandal, a clog or patten. 

^r?3rt» ^nptft? ♦ffil^tjT^CTl^frft^tlf, a curry-comb. 

^f ^tf^, — ^^WwtfiirW, *?, chalk, a coarse grass. 

^tfV»# <f^% — ^^ttRfWs cw, a coarse mortar for plas- 
tering cottagei^. 

I2S <ni* 

<tf^, ^jf, ^?, white, cbfrllf-colpured, pale- 

tpf ?1, <whfl^, wade of straw. 

^, iR^, ^W^IffI, ^ttit?Pj9f , a scimitar^ sacrificial knife,, 

the horn of . a rhinoceros. 
^, ^t^ti> ^^t?t, a rhinoceros ; armed with a scimitar. 
^% %^f P^^» 4Wi«i, <t^, a fr^gmept, piece, partr 

section^ c^i^pter, raw sugar, a cluster of huts. 
^tn^y 'Btir^, T^w[i% ^\hf, orff^rWH, ^ipr;«rpp?H, Pore'', to 

break, tea^-, divide, cut, remove or expiate, 

avert, refute, rescind, thwart. J^ture. 

«t^7|, "vrN^, ^ffn% WV a remonstrance, refutation^ irac- 
^tt^4V^, <crtf <if^9 f^nrtif , f^fniif, a partial destruction of the 

universe, a quarrel, dissolution of friendship. 
«tit<tf^, ^Wrtfir, J^iy^s ftfR^W, a reciprocal thwarting, 

a niutual removal of difficulties, 
tirspr, Vt^7, TT^trt^,, to calculate, reckon, cast up a sum. 

set);le an account. 
^Irt, ^M^'^f an account-book. 
«^, 1^, wlti<, ^P«tf^, torn, tattered, decayed, rotten. 
IPjjrW?*!, or Ki% — ^f^^, iB[«i, to rot, moulder aw&y, decay. 
^tSffnt ^^t^f to chi^se or drive away. 
^f <fi^,— ^<, ^ytwt^rt^/, parched com. 
<IW/ti5, wwPwWt^, ^, a fire-fly, the pun. [digger. 

^P^f ^^» .W«(f!, ^pf^f a rat, hpuse- breaker, miner, 
^^nr, CTrysr, ^^«i, ?gj» ^rt^, to dig, delve, mine. 
<R1, T^y ^^rT*tvri, a hog-spear, a snufliipg; nasal. 
<rPr, <t^, — "90^, ft^, a nuAe, quarry, ca^ve, pit, hql^. 
trft^, <W, trtt,— tr&^l, frn^, a paddle, spade, Ijpe, 
<W, •f5!/, ^^'J^^, a harvest, a crop. 
^WSl, ^Jirt^iWi^c^*, a tile. 
W^, ^^^RrtwrffirSf tiled, covered with tiles. 

^^, ^^rt^'T, 9f«^, ^^ ftpw, ^pMT, the betel-|:ree, garlic, 

a fragrant gra$3, a w^ter-jar* 
^^f ""Wf?, *t«tf^«i, a flower growing in the air, i. ^^ 

an impossibility, ab^urdity^ harm's horn$. 
^t^, Wf, a post, a pillar. 

«^ 129 

W1, fH9fRK brown, light brown. 

<!?, ^tfcl, rw/, ^ft^, ^^, c*l**iw!, ^H, ^t^, ^^tfi» an ass» 

a daemon, a crow, a heron, an osprey, heatt 

prickly night-shade; hot, pungent, sharp^ 

keen, rigid, harsh, cruel, brittle. 
<t?w, W^rtP^^tWli, sharp-nosed. 
^8*W, nwKi, ?t9rt^Mrtf, the teak-tree, a red basil. 
^% ^tonr, wt^sfT, nfnrtw, to parch, burn or oTer-bake, 

calcine or bum to powder. 
^m, fj^t'^f ^, cutaneous eruption, itch, scab, &c» 
tt«?r, <rtw?, the wild date-tree or its fruit. 
^^f ^, ^*, ^W^, ^^, t^f a parasol, a beggar's bowU 

the crown of the cranium, a sacrificial bowl, 

a coUyrium, a rogue, a thief. 
ni <ii9 «r9 ^q^, ^^9W9, ^t^, ten thousand millions ; short, 

low ; a dwarf. 
^» ^f W^f ^i^^iiW^ t i^ f ^^W, deceitful, artful, 

swindling, dishonest, mischief-making; a 

threshing-floor, amortan 
^W|fi[4i, ^R$f[fT> ^^9 a legend, a story. 
**^, ?W^, Ffw, f^ipf , deceitful, unsteady, slippery. 
^W^, t^H^TT, ^ipr, ^^P^, to slip, trip, blunder, err, do 

<twi, ^p^, Cftt^rl, an enclosure for grain, a granary, 
^twpi, ^tPiarW, a mortar and pestle. [foi' cattle. 

^» ^9, ear-wax, refuse of an oil-press, a cake thereof 
^ W^, ^rt^/, ^, truly, indeed, certainly, nay. 
^^, ^^n^ 1^, a gurgling, rippling sound, or bubbling. 
<*, ^it. <rf5, ''Rfrt, a trench, canal, creek, deep hole. 
^, ^ftf^Ni, shooting pains in the extremities. 
^% ^f^f ^^> to fall as leaves, fruit or a meteor, slough 

or fall ofl^. [door, &c. 

<ft^, ^tft^9 •n^PT, t^tfR*, to cause to fall, loosen, open a 
^f ^^r f'ftcsrt^f 5^, the itch, a scab; rough, scabby, 

^f1» *f]WniWi, diseased with the itch, scabby. 

130 <t^ 

^tpfft, c/W, «Wrt*iW, a rough copy, rough drafts 
<rt', ^, ^ a ditch, trench, pit. 
<1^» *tt^, — ^t^f Vrt, the Blag or dross of metals. 
^^(1^9 m» <^» a pretence, imposition, deception. 
^H^^, <t^8|,---^*W'[^, M^, ravenous, voracious, glut- 
<K^, c^tvr, ^W'^^W, ^«^, to cat, cbrrode, wear away, 

suffer or enjoy, undergo. [hospitable. 

ttteprjn, TOTwf^, ^rt^^JW?, feeding others, entertaining, 
*r«?rsr, ^% tSt9t^t^H, to feed cattle, graze, entertain. 
4t^, *^, CTt^, desire, want, greedinesi^, covetousness. 
^fW, t^Sf?, tprr?, a cage, coop, pen, case, aviary. 
^t^> tl^, raw sugar, molasses. 

^t?l, ^t?^, — ^8^1T*W, having lost the nose by disease, &c. 
ttt^, ^tt*t, — ^Bnf$, trpw, devouring, eating, consuming. 
^tvi, f^i^ f^tn^, «Mi, a kind of sweetmeat ; firm, hard. 
tttW^f wr ^ftPW, a long-bladed scymitat. 
^vjr, ^, ^H^' ^^^ ^^^ date-tree and its fruit. 
«tl^, ^W*r, 'sjig, ^, ^, dwarf, short, low, shallow, 

smsdl, mean, humble ; a bed-stead, bier. 
tO^lt, ^f^f(^, ^, short-sighted, penurious, niggardly. 
^0^, ^JW?M> "iMIt?^, itW, to labonr, work, toil, serve, 

effect, to suit, answer the end or purpose, 
^rt^, wstr, 5?, a labourer*s wages, task, toil. 
^tm, 'iftSWW, the common bug. 
♦ttiW, ^'STT^, vwt^, 5tMt, a screen, a fence, a sieve. 
^tit^, vtm^, ^tftm, «iwpr, ^trWwr, ^, to set to or supers 

intend work, try, put to proof, apply; 

an effect; acid, sour. 
^tt^, "^^9 V^s^f an interval, space between beams, fte* 
^, ^5»Wll, PMHt, 5rtr5, «^, refined (as inetels), poM^ 

faultless, approved, clear, plain. 
^ttW, fflt^ t a J lM ^efkf^. fissures in the ground from heat. 
^n^» ^|[» ^>ift^> erect, upright, straight, steep, standings « 
^•i, <1ft, — ^ti, ^, a piece, an individual tiling. 
*^# ^f ^ ^|J*I%^# a ditch, moat,^t, p<Mid». 

nm. 131 

^RV^ ^, «^gG^ a debtor, borrower. 

•f'ftf ^» promissory (note.) 

^ft^ ^<^ ^» ^^n ^^f a plot of groi}n<i account* 

book» multitude^ Msembly. 
^ttPf, ww^, ^irpR» to eat, devour, coasumei corrode. 
^, nl^, x^f a truQcheoQ, short piece of wood. 
4tw, i|tw, ^, a place, situation, individual thing, piece. 
^R^f ^t|f, ^ ^n^> a ravine, pit, pool ; food, a meal. 
«m, ^lAnRi, a sheath, scabbard. [potsliecci 

^IfW, <tf3tf— l^ft'^Wl*'* ^f w, l^tA< #•, a tile, pantUOv 
^It^-t, \^, ^, a handful, mouthful. 
^» ^trat,-^ww, ^» a pillar, a post, a stako. 
<W?, ■WWc'nrf^j a threshing-§oor. 
«3t, 9i?m, will^«, ^n^^wm, upright, hooeat, jml^ 

payaUe at sight ; a cotton^pcwl. 
m, wtut, 4tl^ a creek, ialat* bay. 
trtur^, m«i f^^^l^, a place where suit ifi mfuiu&ctiiFed. 
<1w, ^rt>, wr, ^, bad, evil, ioferior. 
tmu mwtt^ ^fm9 1^ badness, the bad or i»fen(»r 

part ofathivg. 
M^ ^mist, c^v^mw, a ibx. 
taw,*ii«lw, t«(mw, «v^7, c4fm, to gaip, mouth, make 

fiBMses, dispute about trifles, to scold, to fret, 

to be pettish. 
W^, ^n^, ^, ^l^rv, dirt; vulgar, sQurrilqw, obscene. 
fit^ M^pti nc?*n, a mixture of rice, pulse and spices. 
f*w^, ftwft,— ^twmt, ^?tv/, vulgar, low, scurrilous, 

obscene, ungrammatical« 
f^, m6t» ^^f rust, scurf, scaliness. 
W^, W^,— HWWjrt, rusty. [scold. 

fii^<^, r^f^W^, ^R[tfW, to fret, complain, be querulous, 
WJRtftft, ftffWfft, 4^44lfin>t , fretful, peevish, querulous, 

murmuring, dissatisfied. 

Rtfi^, VINK, "•^Vlf, a window, a back or private door. 

ftWJiit^ sSijftW, •ftf^, distressed, sonrowful^ grieving, re» 

gnittiag, in pa\u» 


132 fir 

Utsi, ^tfNf^rffir, W^> ' i^tw, waste or unploughed land, 

a bolt, pin, peg. 
f^Pn?T, ^^rtf^, a staple for a bolt; [turn an arch. 

W'R-'iinr, ftW iffir*i, CffttU we^, to pin, nail, drive a wedge/ 
V^^, Ttwt, W*f^ Ijy, an arch, dome, arched turret, vault: 
ftt«fr, .Wftr^ ^^, •t^Ttl^ tr^» ^^ ^^^^> tunnel, funnel, a 

paper packet of betel, &c. [thrust, push. 

^^ t^tR, C<TTPr, t^^^f to perforate, pinch, prick, 
^^t^, ^•RT^<i, wt? «rt«tfr, to compare, match, [porter. 
W^, ^^, "nr, r^, a post, wooden pillar, stake, sup- 
^, ^^^r^, ^9» a blemish, a bad mark. . 
Mif, ^npw;ypr, — «t9^, ^^, to expectorate, to hawk, 

cough, wheeze, 
^, «t^ ^^ra, a foetus, a. child in arms« . 
^^, c^ttvK, — ^^vn^^t^^^ to seek, search for, seek out. 
^, Ctrrwt,— ^^^IT^, ^ilCf^^l, ^il, search, enquiry. 
^[|By9iT7, ^^fr, to itch. 
^fipirt^ ^^, ^rW, ♦nar, a basket, a vessel. 
^^, ^^, — 5F!fW^, ^55Rt?F5«i, ^'R, to pick up, ccllQct, 

glean, compare, dig, root up the earth. 
tjft, tpf^5^» ^^> — fH^^Wroj^T; a junior paternal uncle. 
^, Tf^sf^^T^, the wife of a junior paternal uncle. 
^vf, «ti9r?|(^1, refuse of corn, broken grains, trash. 
^5R,-^*rt^, ^PR, wl^H , ^ ^ItN", to dig, cut, sink a well, 
^1%, ?r%?t, ^^, a spud, paddle, spade. 
^% ?i^'*^ suddenly, hastily, quickly, 
^^j ^^> ^!»*?^> ^^^^PWI, a small hut, a shed. 
^, 'nf^patai, ^'w^ctfiF 'W, a razor, the hoof of an animal. 
^^, ci^l^ft, r^, ^t^ ^5iRj^, a stool, bench, noose, or 

tether for cattle. 
^ff, «^1jT , ^Ctwar, a cup, a small basin. 
^Wt, MtJi*tfec-<* ^aiftc*!**, a«pudfor grubbing up grass. 
^, ^rp8»?^?*r, a date, a kind of sweet-meat, 
^|»R, <fl^?«», ^<i, ^<i, to open, expand, fall from, loosMi. 
^, ' ^•nt, ttaif^iPW, the c ranium or skull, a basin. 
^jr^^, ^rf^iPi^ V, ^, a father's younger brother. 

<«rt 133 

w, ^;f5^, — ^f»r=r, to cough, to wheeze. 

^^^, t(!^^]rtPi, — ^tf , a cough, a fit of coughing. 

^R, ^^"WT, — 5rt^^, cnpr, ^tt^W, «frfRwwtT, to cough, 

hawk, prompt, excite, egg on. 

^, 5ptJ», <trt^, a cough, a prompting, exerting, urging. 

fW "tf/ipiR, to thresh barley with a pedal. 

t[^, vtfSrtt, "tV^tTtPr, a witch, the threshing of 


^I^rw, «rstiNt ?t<R', c^fWc^fR, to wrap up, put by, con- 
ceal, [a thread. 

W, c^, — ^tW, ^5, the fibres of a thread, the end of 

^^W, r^Wrr,— ^rr^, a broom. 

c^, 9i9irtfir i(f^, the yelp of a fox, dog or jackal. 

^i^^f ^tHr^, >a | ^H , ftiw, to snarl, to repel crossly, drive 

away with threatening, to be fretful or im- 
patient, [ful, impatient. 

ii% itt^H^, r<l^<jr^, snarling, surly, ill-natured, fret- 

c^h^, nwrt^, ^Bwiwt i?«^, to ^teaze, importune, urgQ 


c^^^PWr, r^tt?,— Wtt, ^l^l'j^it, a fox. 

li^, w, tprsr, 'il^, ^% ♦ft^ w«^, to draw, tug, pull 

tight^ to snatch, to writhe, to contract as ia 
spasms, &c. * 

i^ ^ifir^, ^f a spasm, stitch^ cramp, pull. 

ctt^, ^RW*r?t1*t, aerial. 

t^-^, 3W, *«1^^, "tttlT^^, 'Tfts^, 5ttft, a village, 

suburbv the club of Balar&ma. 

W^/T, «ftrt, «ltSt, a club, a bludgeon. 

wtft, ^tipr, ^^, dwarf, thin, spare. 

Wf, ^«<, riT^, apniT^, affliction, distress, grief, sorrow, 

vexation; regret, repentance. • 

r^Bff^-^ff > ^tffr, ^rf^tfr, to drive or turn away, to spring 

game, to chase. [kc. 

WIR, «Wr,,*W^, to grieve, regret, repent, be vexed, 

^^Ht'r, ^t^f fM^> to repulse^ drive or chase away, drive 

cattle. - 

lit^, ^jtWtiPPXf a cfffk^, a triokel basket 
M9, <tti, a dttcht, a iQoat. 
winr, #1^, i«w, to play, tporl,, toy, Dw^a fiaaJy. 
WWf, 1^,—^ft^f Wi^, play, vp^rt^ gaiftbol, amuse* 

mentis fttQ« 

c^wrj. ww«^.--f5jnit. aftWPTa plajpfuL 9pwtiv#, ganie^ 

soine^ gamhoUing. 
C^ratft, 71)1^, ^iNt^^, a coquette, spQittireL female. 
WWr^t itrlmll, a toy. playttelff- 
\% ^WirW^/, parched com. 
Wt, Wt^^— **», coaise b?ielt*dtt«| or gravel. 
r<tT"f> V^^f^, to be lame, to Ui»p. 
t^-1, c^afTl, laixie, Umpmg, l^t. 
Mm, "^^^t ^^> a cbild in anas, aa em^o^yo. 
i^rtiht, ^''Wit^, 'Swn, fteafeb» onquiry, trace, vestige, 
ttrtvir, ^ilcYa^9?^, to search, to seek for what is lost. 
«<rtwr» *". fSJ^ t*^, WBrttniF, to dig, eai^ve, engrave^ 

cut stone or wood, pick oae'i» teetk. 
c^<W, ^^3SttiTra WjRW, ^tftw CT ^'W, aa ioseription. 
Wt^, ^*tT, a spear, a hog-«pear. 
«IW, ^Itro^, a pigeoji*hoj5, pigeou«hole. 
MHt, ^mN, the buneh or tress of hair on the crown. 
Mt*ltw, 4ac«^|^, wearing the hair tied in a bunch. 
c^ttirBr*^it^» 9t][^, ^ift^i to lose, dissipate, squander, lavish. 
WW, ^anf>^, 5W>, lost, gone ; broken brick, [lavish, 
Mlfir^fU ^^VHVftf ^Ift^tir, a loser^ spendthrift; wasteful, 
WtTtir, flf^, ^>t^ti^, loas» injury. [socket, nut-shelL 

wttw, r#W?tf <W, *«tt3rt*a*JWt it^/tf>, hollow ; a sheath^ 
iMX^t ^wt^i, «nftit*i, ^tfT, itiBvPw, ^>tff, to looseD, opaa^ 

untie, unyoke, strip, pull off. 
{tttipf, vi^9f^, the slough of a serpent. 
WW, ^tN,'^^.'^i.?W«,<R*W*t»iW%aW,^ 

free, unobstructed, clear, phtint afield; toy, tile» 
potsherd, tiiesheath of a bambvot^r bolal shoolu 
Wtm, WM9,*^-^iti9ft#, a baking pot 
cttfr, 9^, ^, the itch, an itching erupttflR, 

m m 

ctifnr, n9ij9f^^ to unhtisk, to tfitesh fraio^ 

Vtm, nE^> ^m, ^^ a sheli* pod» ipMl, liftd, hdiki 

chaff, bran, a ligament. 
^01^ «inc«9» <lt^» deDMiinated, called, spoken of^ At^ 

mous, renowned, celebrated. {renown^. 

</1l%, ^vfii> ^Iftl, W, a nacM, title, aiek*name, fame, 

<t, V?, tfit 4^^: going, teotin^. {thatdL 

^, %3W, ftrvt^, «i wave, billow, tuinear, layer df 
H, t ^^^W B » «rtf , roar of a tig<^, bellow of a bufialo. 
Wi, ^Nt9H, ^ivllw, the sky, tbe atmosphere. 
«MW»iit, cn^FMm, the pelicain or Indiam crane» 
^ftnr, ^^{^^t^, 9f«)iM, to complain in a dissatisfied man- 
ner, to be <}iierulons, reiterate complaints, 
«Nrt, ^4lirf^, the Ganges or its personification. 
^twtai<ir^ flwlwM'^^^ flrt/^Fj^i, a mode of swearing by the 

Ganges, one who so swears, 
^rwftj, fH^f iVftPR, a name of Shiva. 
«twt«tf^, i«%^nFlc«itWl^^n^» an arrival at the Ganges 

to die there, the casting of a corpse into the 

f^mtait, ^nnCftx fWtnsjl, the cafrjfing of a sick person to 

the Ganges, a journey to bathe in its waters* 
^nfWHt, 'ttt^lKt '•Mc«rtiri«, going to the Ganges for bathing, 

or ail a sick person to die there. 
«^, m^ ^ttn^f coarse and closely wov^n (as cloth.) 
n[, Wtw^, ^W», ^, a deposit, trast, pledge, a tree. 
^IH^, nf^m, '^WWf*, giv^ in charge or trist, deposited^ 

wpr, ^ ft»'<i s ft'!ff^> to receive e deposit or pledge, to 

receive in trust. {pledge, 

^nifr, H^il W PiWW , to give in chai^ or trust, deposit; 
«t tpfr, ?jNtW!i •♦Iflwt^, an elephant, m y»d measure^ 

a caipenter 8 rule, a spit, 
^nvij^irtt cHti looking askance, sqtxist-eyed. 

186 ^ 



^fmn, Twr^i, ^, an elephant's tusk, . ivory. 

«liB, ' ^^siTtfr, ?t^^F^ ??f^, a murmuring under provo- 
cation or disappointment. [armlet. 

9M^9 9>^^> "^If^^t an ornament for the wrist, an 

WRt, ''If?, •Wnr, filht fwW, a bud, sprout, a sort of 

sweetmeat; pertaining to an elephant. 

fWrt«r, ^8rt^, ^^/t^, to sprout, bud, shoot out. 

^fwf«nr, «lc^*t, Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity. 

^*«T^, C^T«, *t9r^, a peg to hang things on. [ment. 

• ~ ^"W^, ^^4Tt^, to murmur under offence or disappoint^ 
qqt^, iRtfttj, ^irt?3f, 5Pr, ^»RttfS, a mine, treasiiry, 
jewel or plate room, a mart or place for 
merchandise, a hut, cottage, village, disres- 
pect, contempt, a small seed. 

'♦^ t, srfifjt^, irW^55; ftrw, a tavern, liquor-shop, dis- 
tillery, an intoxicating preparation of the tops 
of hemp. 

^f^f^-'Tt^, 5591^, ^|J5E7R[<I, to treat with disrespect or 

contempt, to abuse, to vilify. 

«r^^, «t^, — f^\% ?5tr, to make, fabricate, mould, fonn» 

construct, build, erect. [forged. 

^irs, f^rftf^, 5iiJ*^, formed, fabricated, &c. fictitious, 

«?, ^/W^, ^-n«(T^, <tt5. ^^f, m^, ^•I'Pr, an impedimeat, 

obstacle, fence, skreen, breast- work, mosvt» 
ditch, fort, fortress, a medium, average, a 
salutation, obeisance, the hole into which 
» a pedal falls. 

^«r, ''Tt^, ^f^, Prort^i, 'jfiaM^j)**, make, shape, form, 
< figure; to make, &c. to roll down. 

^t^Prst, r-c^ls*, J5^, an artist, maker, fabricator. [ing. 

«f?^, ' «f?tf^, — pPsTw^J'T/, the wages for making or build- 

9t^9t^, PPift<i, *W^, F8pr, to fabricate, make, cast metals^ 

to lie, recline, slope, run or roll down, ooze. 

*1?tOi9t, tW, isnfft, Pt^, sloping, rolling, unsteady, slippy. 

^p ^sfWf rBFtrt, a billow, wave, tumor, layer of thatch^ 

^tf^, '•rW^, indolent, lazy, reclining in idleness. 

«H* 137 

f|f^!rt*^j ^ntNf l^f inclined, sloping, aslant. 

i|^ft%» ^mw'i/, indolence, sloth, torpor. 

ff^, ^RBi, ^P^fftn, a hump on the back, a goitre or wen. 

^, VTBit^/f^, ^, ^n^, hump-backed, having a goitre. 

^, Jff^rt?, in the gross or average, on the whole, [ter. 

^'f^. ^Wrsr, ^fillRlir^^i, to thunder, rattle, rumble, clat- 

^'rt^, cwrt?,"Wf^wr^, thunder. 

♦^Rf?, *f^t5|^, — ^Wt^Wtf, ^/Wti, confusion, tumult, a hub- 
bub, hindrance, impediment. 

«t|t1lF9l, vnWf ?mt9, an interruption, impediment. 

^% Wfi5, ^, ^«1W, lHw?[ '•J^, ^'^/l, a kind, genus, 

cla^s, tribe, multitude, flock, troop, body, 
* faction, cabal, side or party, sect, the atten- 

dants of Shiva, an arithmetical number. 

5tw, ^(FTO, 'T-^tfmiW, a calculator of nativities, astro- 
loger, arithmetician. 

^^, *t«Htt9» partiality, collusion, a plot, cabal. 

W^9t?, ^^v, cw\t^?F, an astrologer, an astronomer. 

^^, tr^t^, ^FTfiftir, irf^^T, to reckon, count, add up, cal- 
. culate, esteem, account, > 

^^, ^4i1, cut^, a calculation, sum, account, enumera- 
tion, number. 

«r«J*, ff«i1flc»t, — <ft«i% Ganesha the god of wisdom. 

5H?Nfe ^«itai*t«, — ^TWt^, bound or confined to a party, 

partial; apartizan. 

*^WPi, •IT^f ^</1^, ^^CTW, tW^, a reciprocal calcu- 
lation, a coalition ; by or in parties. 

ftflr^ftit, t^tt^i, ^, lineage, race, descent, family. 

^^, wn/1, a harlot, prostitute, courtezan. 

^<{k9, CT/1f»«i^, '«i¥fW/1, a treatise on astrology, astro* 

nomy or arithmetic. 

^^ttws, "^ftWf ♦nwt^, one of a party, a partizan ; heredi- 
tary (as a disease.) 

«k«i% ^ivt^nr, Granesha the god of wisdom. 

^, W^, '(•ttrif^il, a calculation, enumeration^ arith- 


138 «ft 

fW, ^wm, fW^, Pk^, ^, 'Jsw, the cheek, 

of the face» temples of an elephant, a boil, 
pimple, mark, spot, a Rhinoceros ; in comp* 
chief, eminent, principal. 

.^tl?F, fftrtj, wnftc«W, Vtl1«, a Rhmoceros, a reckoning 

by fours, an obstacle, impediment. [tiny. 

^«^ft9f, r^fwrfr, c^rtut^, an uproar, tumult, noise, mu* 

«ii«p»y, ^«rr=r ^sr^rj, a principal or respectable village. 

fttwj^f, lif^^if, ^Wipr, pre-eminently ignorant or stupid. 

"Stf&m, vfiRP^iTtfiWjl •t^^i^, the fragment of a rock 

thrown down by an earthquake, &c. 

^Wt, 5tl1r ^PTl, four cowries ; four. 

tftrtflRrt, ^<iTtPirW, a reckoning by fours. 

^^f ^> a Rhinoceros. £tree. 

flj^, ff^fNi, 4% f^«Wti, a goitre, wen, the trunk of a 

^4t, K^, ^ajt?«r, mi% a bow, rainbow, halo, circle. 

^^, iWliP!*t, \tWR, fl%«tiT5, a handful of water, 

the rinsing of the mouth, the tip of an ele- 
phant's trunk. 

5rt, ^rSr^, «W, ^, ^, ifhr, gone, past, ago, under- 
stood ; in camp, removed, destroyed, destitute 
of, freed from. 

*Wi|/, ^F^il^, yesterday. [in tmst. 

f^Bir,-^irt^, <rft^, iRtB^ ^W^, to deposit in cbai^, deliver 

it^rti|, ^iRT^i^, "mfit^y out of use or date, antedated. 

*5l*j*iflw, ^■n5jpfft, 'HjtUlf^*, wtvw, imitating oUters, 

following custom ; a blind partisan. 

tW^5^, fW*l4Ml, useless after-thought. 

^WTt^y ^tvrrtv, intercourse, coming and goiog. 

«Mt?, vjxn'tRPBf i|939«vr, near death, dying* expiring. 

^W^, ^fs^, '•rt^gtf^n^, retrospective, having relin- 
quished a pursuit. 

frt^, nR, ^tail, '•<15?, ^•Tf?, WW, tfrtf*, ^W^f ^ttjlf rtWl, 

^9tm, moUon, progress, march, a proceasiom, 
resort, refuge, expedient, means of success, 
knowledge, wisdom, acquisition, the course 

of events, fate, fortune* behaviour, conduct, 
gait, manner, period of life. 

*rt^> ^^, 9t^ v^» ^i|f^Nn?» ^^tty, a condition of life* 

circumstances, conduct, position^ attitude,, 
intention, expedient. 

uMpit, ^9lWf delay, procrastination, trifling. 

4lVltfir, iniffirrt» intercourse^ 

^, Irtf^, ^9t¥/, disease, sickness, speech, a word. 

^f ^W^y — *it^, ft bludgeon* club, mace. 

^f ^ftltSt, — ^Pwr, KtdPl, a cudiion, seat* bench, a quilted 

cover for a palanquin. 

^#s, ^* ^t^» spoken, said. [respectable^ 

^ffihrt'f* PWt^ flfti, ^nvr/?f^, having a pillow or cushion, 

^, sitStl?, f^, bearing a mace or club ; Vishnu. 

^If*^ ^Rt^ftV Mor ^imv 9il«r, an inarticulate expres- 
sion of joy or grief; with sighs and sobs, 
interrupted by sighing* 

^f •rtHfi, ?iW, a jest, taunt, repartee, wit. 

*r/f >i^l» ( >^l#A •tflfW, prose, raillery, ridicule, jest. ' 

^iW, ^[«M, vAm/, practicable as |i road, fit to be gone 

or travelled over. 

Kir, «ift9, ^ i irwi«# * a traveller, one who goes or wdks. 

^, ^n^iPtt^* a cart or car draMm by oxen. 

n% iQSf, 5QnW«i. ipt9, «r^, odour, scen^ smell, fra- 
grance, perfume* connexion, relationship,. 
firiendship. [wood» 

^-% ^fFfm £9/ Ug^, ni^* sulphur, sandal-wood, alee- 

^tl^n^lt*!, ^tWV, brimstone, sulphur. 

^flftr? , ?PWIW, fond of scents. [drugs. 

^WP^f •Wit, WRtt ftWFH, a druggist, a vender of 

^lwt5 Wwqwaw ftrw* worm- wood. 

*fl3Pf, ^flft ^rt^tV- W/, myrrh. 

^tW^, m<^ ^ttinF, ?t«9, ^9, demigods the choristers of 

heaven, a singer, musician, a ghost or spirit. 

<W, |«^, f^, stinking, foetid. [stink, &c. 

^^$ ^flC^W, l;4^ff«^ to emit a scent, perfume, smelU 


140 9i3rt 

ft*, ItJC^Itft, fflflB^IW, a bug, the gre^ flying bug. 

fW# ^ftJ^» iR«ffe, «<WVPr, 4«4^, a story, legend, 

report, chit-chat, tattle, talk. 

flM^, ^tcl«i, ^^f^iltt, ^7f^, talkative, garrulous, bab- 
bling, talking. [chat. 

^^, ^^» ^[^rf^, a tattler; garrulous ; tittle-tattle, chit- 

fn?9, W^c^ii^ , *t^*E^ ^^^9 to cast the young, bring forth 

abortively, miscarry, fail in an enterprise. 

fP»F?t^, fi^ft?^, '^i'W^f to spoil, vitiate, do clumsily. 

•Wl, ft3F, pTCTt^, a cow, a simpleton. 

^9ntWf ^S^g ^ff^f a small round windovir, an air-hole. 

fntvpr, vft, F^^9 a skinner, currier, tanner. 

fl^, fftWt W1, pregnant, with young (as a cow). 

*?;, rttilTll?, ?WWf ^«3R/, of, belonging to, or fit for a 

cow, produced from a cow, (as milk, butter, 
cow-dung :) a herd of cows, a bow-string. 

^i1^, ^ C7t^, a measure of two Cos. . 

^Vtf^, VfV^, ?f4r, a ray of light, a sun or moon*beam. 

frtl?, ^I^jr, — m, ^im^^f f^fPn?, deep, profound, grave, 

thick, impiervious. 

^, i^Wi^, wheat. 

fhpr, VW7, wWf ^HW^, motion, movement, a going, march, 

progress, coition. 

jnHMWMH, fiift^, — ^5l^Wt», intercourse, free communica- 
tion, coming and going. [ling* fit for use. 

ftiRtr, ^f^l^, rt^w?/, accessible, passable, fit for travel - 

*?/, TW^/, ''Rt^lirft?, tffW, «r^r|r^/, practicable, acces- 
sible, attainable, worthy to be visited or 
associated with. 

^W?, *»??, — nW, ^%, phlegm, saliva. 

ft?t<it, ^W^, residing at, or a man of Gay a. 

^ff«, ^tTOfW Tl^^fiii, a goitre or wen. 
^tj9(, U^s ^^f venom, poison, virus. 

«t?4t, A[^1\« Pf^Vf, venomous, poisonous. [face. 

^W*i, *t?tftiii, — *l<1*ijai^, deep rooted, far below the sur- 
Wftfiffl, *t^5fyi, wyl, a pailing, rail, palisade. 

<t^ 141 

frtlm, ^RfVt?, inr» tIFCif self-importance, vanity, boast- 

ing, greatness, importance. 
^f ^tit^t% m\ "fSWSff ) most important, honourable, supe- 
*jt!rtt, /. tllRqrt> rior, gross, indigestible. 
'W, cfti, 9ttH, a cow, a simpleton. 
*^» fi(^ ^fi[W •«?>, the bird of Vishnu, a large vulture. 
W3^, ^ItW, •W, awing, a feather. [birds. 

'^Jpr, •fiwt^, 9fw^, winged, feathered ; , the regent of 
inw/t?, JjTf, wy, ^i*!^, stupid, silly, aukward. 
^^, c^t^, C7t^, redness from rage or anger. 
4^, ^"9 ?m^, a gugglet, water- vessel, pitcher. 
^<ti^, irtWI^, r¥tW«, ^i^, furious, red with rage or 

^ ripeness. 
W, wtw, f^rqpr, a roar, growl, bellow, loud noise. 

to roar, bellow, rumble, growl,* hiss, snarl, 
thunder, rage, scold, threaten ; passion, fury, 
war, battle, thunder. 

^4k, VKWf "Nf. the rolling of distant thunder. 

^f ^n«, •JWI? ftps, a hole, pit, ditch, cave, ^burrow. 

9ti^, ^fnn, ^9 an ass, the dung-beetle, a scent, smell. 

^, "vi^Wt?, ^^f pride, arrogance, haughtiness, scorn. 

^rt^, W^^^f innP, proud, haughty, vain-glorious, scornful. 

^W, 'RHJW^/, W% ^J??, irv, ^W^, Mcwil^ 1|W, an em- 
bryo, foetus, impregnation, a child, the womb, 
l>elly, the inside or middle of any thing, an 
inner apartment, the bed of the Ganges when 
at the fullest, the rind of the jack fruit. 

•N^, inR9? ^^Wifl, a chaplet of flowers for the hair. 

«Nffl^, ^l^f^, — ^iwfwrt^, ^^^(^fw, abortive. 

*^ ^^5j>P, ^f^m, arising from pregnancy, bom of 

one's wife by another man. 

*^kt?*l, ftw^, conception in .the womb. 

^Ht^, ^W^,— W^<fK(, wiw^, ^n .abortion, miscarriage. 

«^l#t, ^% — "ififtt, 'Pfit, ^iWSt^Wil, pregnant. 

••^Wl, «Pnt!f, a lying-in chamber, inner apartments. 

142 m 

«N^ftt^, fl^Mlra «^^^, a ceremony to ensure conception^ 
*W^i«r, Paw fj^ ^9^ iiPr, ^wi the eighth month of preg- 
nancy ; eight years oM, fit for the thread. 
^-1, f^Rl> v.^, abuee, censure, blame, reproach,, re* 

viling, scurrility^ disgrace. [boat. 

^f ^9 r^)*t« «t«^> the throat, neck> prow^ bow of a 
sJwt*, <r?fNi, ^t^csfc^ «rl**'!^, a goitre> a wen. 
'N*, 5;CT|fl, ^4, wf^^ It^ utew, the smelting of metals^ 

the melting or dissolving of sugar, &c. a 
leaking out, escape of ail aciimal from con- 

Mi^^ 5? t«^» ^•f^t ^l^* ^^'^^ !P**» ''^^ ^- *- to ™®**» 

dissolve, suppurate, burst, wear out, escape 

from a cage, or prison, oose or leak out, fidl> 

drop (as fruit or leaves from a tree. ) 
«Ar9W» ^9^f t^Wftr% a hoarseness. 
flilCVy ^n^^> a throttling, collaring, seizing by the neck, 
stilly ^^f the neck, throat, the neck of a pitcher, 
fhrt-^, «wt1%iri, — #^, ♦isi, 5t^|«, *?rW, worn out, putritJ, 

dissolved, burst* 
sftrtf^Tfl, j]r;i9^ solvent ; a dissolving substance. 
*W^rtif1> ^RRPS, rtWnrt, hoarse. 

ftuli^, «f^^tiRSi[^» the'neck-rope or tie of an animal* 
^y ' sp^l^'lfttw «s|ir, a lane, alley, street, defile, the space 

between the fingers or toes. 
4i^fiAr9l» ^t^, ^t^> garrulous, talkative, gulping. 
*••'• ^t^rW> ^Wt^W^j fWii^, a story, chit-chat, tattle* 
*Nt?l, iWif, ^l^tflf, chatty, gossiping, tattling, 
^tm, y "sitr^, ^, a sheaf, wisp» bundle of straw, [dies*. 
^firt^, vNtr^Alnwi, to bind sheaves, tie up grass in bua-^ 
*wftlt^, %▼• f 'e^r, to glow, be hot with fever^ boil. 
^^f W^ ^^f lyi, ^^ff a forest, wood, grove, thicket^ 

pain, distress, trouble ; impervious. 
9ti[^ ^<i^Vt![> ^*rrii[% an ornament, jewd,trailDet. [plaee*. 
^^^f ^'c^— 9i^ ft% 9f , deep, fMrofoiad; dxp^^ adM|^ 
^^9 Vt«i f^m, delay, pco(a^tiaatioii» 

urn us 

^ffpi, «rtf|?,-'<«^. ^m^f^, deep, profewnd. 

«W. ^, «lf*t, t^, f<if. ^. a ravine, defile, liole, pit, 

deep valley, cave, caTem, spratto, arbour, 

bower, thicket. 
«1, «IU?, «tTai, ^tl«tir, the body, a 8ur£»ce. 
^^, ^nf9, a singer, one eminent in singing. 

*tt, <nP, 'IT^, a cow. 

1tf9■^ itrf^yn, to sing, to calk a boat. 

*n«^, ^ttfC9i CT^sT, the wages of a singer ; a calking. 

flf, 5nrl, ^, the Ganges, a river in general. 

VI. 3t«r, a village, a hamlet. [bale, package. 

<lti^, '^. ^,— r^. wt^, a knot, joi»t, knuckle, knob, 

illtfeit^, 4irfe»t^,—fl^,?lWl, a cut-purse, pick-pocket 

4t««r, PRl^^, to froth, to foam- 

411-1, «ri|i, ^t"fW. the tops of hemp mixed with tobacco 

and used for smoking. [by. 

•fIflmtJi, «rirT^jinrtt, smoking hemp-tops, intoxicated there- 
«rt^, ^,_<(K^ i«i«i, a listening posture, a listening. 
irtrW?1, Vf^sti'-^M^, the ceremony of tying a bride 

and bridegroom together. 
^fWt, mt«^ ft^^^rr, the prevention of the spread of poii- 

son by incantatidns. 

knit, string beads or flowers, arrange in rows, 

build, sew together in plvta, unite, admit 

into a society, 
^mv, ^aiftl, «lt«, threaded, strung, knotted, regularly 

arranged, &c. [body. 

flt*^, WW», horripilation, erection of the hair of the 
*>T<tirl, Wjn, an abortion, miscarriage. 
*t<l$r, ^ ^tdH, a small water jar. 
''t^, ^ •Wft ftPW, a beautiful species of paroquet. 
m» «nir, «IW,— fw, *1iB, » tree, plant, a single fibre, 

hair or rope, &c. 
ntftw, fHipr, upr, »ti». to grow, sprout, spdng up, 

climb, cltmber, tndn or cttltiTf^. 

144 ftm 

flt^f^f ^|W^ ?W f^^^l, expert at climbing trees. 

^^t^, fVtC4l^, ^'R^, climbing trees, inhabiting or be- 
longing to trees. 

^lt9[^, * ^^ 'T^JIW?, a company of persons who swing or 

otherwise torture themselves in devotion to 

ftt«i3, •tp? ftrl^, a carrot. 

^n?, ^ttyl, — ^T^, ^9 a mine, pit, hole. 

^tt^, Wtw, to set, plant, fix in the ground, bury. 

5ft9?[, «tt^,-HW^, a sheep, the long-legged sheep. 

^ttft, "l^, 1W, ^rrfr ?t^, a cart, wheel-carriage, coach. 

^♦t^^, *l5p^ FWf, a coachman, driver, carter. 

ftVf, ^, ^^% ^tTtt, a humped back, a wen, a sort of 

water- vessel having a spout. 

Tftif , ^rfW?, ^Y, *lv, ^[^, excessive, much, long conti- 
nued, strong, close (of an embrace), deep (of 
sleep), thick (of liquids). 

^^f ^^^» r*cft^ ^w, ♦l^, w4t|«, a cave, dark glen, ditch, 

abyss ; thick, coarse, -opaque. 

stt<»*W/, ^^^ ^T^niy belonging or relating to Gunesha. 

'tf^t?, ^^t?, ^, a Rhinoceros. 

fttl^^, <t%^i, — ^N'l^m^, Arjttn's bow, a bow in general. 

^tr5?1, »^T«Jlti171, — ^^rpnfinrt. »[?, indolent, lazy, idle. 

^flCTt«R, ^Jpr ^ It MWW , to rise up, arise, stir, get up. 

^^, "^H?, ^/VW, the body, the surface of any thing. 

^tfaWrt, H?*^^, ^Wc^tfl, a giddiness, swimming of the 

head, the staggers. [ter* 

^tWf, ^^Wfy skilful in singing ; a singer, musiciaQ, chaa- 

^fW, vt(V9, ^l^, ^^, a verse, stanza, poem, chant, song*, 

metre, rhyme, rustic language. 

^, 'rtt^, «W1, W^, lees, sediment, scum, dregs, dross» 

alloy, trash. 

fftipc, iftn^, Wt^s'T, iM^FT, to ram or press down, charge 

a gun, cram, fix in the ground, tread. 

*W, ?rtH, ^, *W, a heap, rick, stack ; a charge of 

powder, a ream of paper. 

•- / 

fNi; MitPftt s keapt a niMd plpM» aeat, beiiieli« a 

na» of paper. 
«rSt»lft, 3w/tist ^f^Wrtnnr r*. the chief ef a company of 
religious meoudi^uito. [geat. 

^«V1» ^itili^fil, ^i^v^, iadoleq^ 9lotlifttl tardy, negU- 
^» ^%» ijjF, an a83, a fooU hlDckhead, dolt. 
^, ^, it«r» 4t^» a soog, strain^, aingiiig, music. 
^W^, ^artt^i, fffn^f to d»iy, oonc^l or withhold; 

denial, concealment, &c. 
«rt^«fpr, fnt ^% ^^:wta nm, to »well with pride, be coiir 

seiywatial, strut Malk;» swagger. 
^tt^v^Rt, mr, self-consequence^ swaggering, stateliness, 

pomp of demeanour. 
^Wf, zwtfPf, ms\ ^ffM, to become turbid, foetid, filthy o? 

rusty, be injured by filth or stench. 
*fW^, CTrtWw, Vii •TfR, wwftf ^nH ^iiw, to stir up,, psiskke 

turbid, fouLor rusty, divulge,, blab, tell tales* 
^ntftrff, ^> a tale-bearer, blabber, tatler. 
^'I^ ftt9i»"^W, a fcatus, gsaviduterus^ spatha of a plaat* 
<<mlt, ilN^, 94U m^ big witiii young, advanced in 

pregnancy, affected with cold or fever. 
^Ww, fltPw»~-ftW^ **^|iJPl, pregnant, witii young. ^ 
^If^i *Pttf'''*^W> a cow* 

^JR^JlHt WWW ♦Ifiic^?^ ^Wft ■WlW, to cloy, to satiate. 
^nann, ^lHjrt,-^ vtl^WlV^t, a tow«l, napkin, handkerchief. 
tkatVt^, ^ ^«, Ifrit il?«r, to stretch, to yawn, [aess. 
^'tfNjr, ^Mlfsl, <t9«l, depth, profundity, g^vity, serious- 
fttf , lAffKcit, ^i*liv, along the surface, oo, over. 
ttf«, 4im^, a singer, chanter; singing, chanting. 
^ttVft, nprM, ik^lFitM, a sacred verse of the Rig Ved, a 
poetical measure. [hold fire. 

m^titp *ii(^/» fiC^|t^» householdeiship, the sacred house- 
^^1^9 tfl^nMji 1pn[^ residence in a house, the condt* 

tion or duty of a householder ; pertaining to a 

^ «IB«|Ve!im«»«Ni Ae cheeky a story^taUk;. 


146 «| 

vUiffMy fffrPWI,*— tR^^, fW, a common r0port9 town- talk* 
ftt^R, ;S4t7?^> ^^^> to melt, dissolve, pour off water from 

rice &c. 
^tfrt, «rtt «rW, «n^t*t, lac, sealing wax. [rility . 

«nt*i, ^ifrt^nftr, — ^^WHfrWRwr^/, abusive language, scur- 
^t^?1, Wtf^, an exaggerater, hyperbolist, boaster, [ing. ' 
ffT>l^r?1» tf^^, ^||i{^, abusive, scurrilous, scolding, brawl- 
W^, ^^^y ^fPT'Wl, a singer, 
fn^cjr, f»fKt,—«f^.if, a jackal. 
fWr*t, 14fi*nft , a species of vulture. 
pTRl, \^nf\ ftrl ^n^f ^ «tai ftw^, a small cup of earth 

or metal. 
^^f , ^,— ^^, ^^/f a word, a speech. 
f^W» ^Tf^» ^rfWTt^' ^ knot, joint, tie, knuckle, 
fftf^, ^t49, c^fl?1 i^, a bill, a mountain, a mouse. 
f^^ftm, (^rfH> — ^f^>rtW9, the Himdlayan mountains. 
f)t«nr, ^Rii)^^, il^> to swallow, strip, plunder, bold» 

contain. [chanted* 

fi)^, ^rt^, ^ft^l, a song, hymn, ode, verse, poem ; sang, 
#81, ^Hn^^^lf^r^, a celebrated Hindu poem. 
fitW\n, nnwi, a deity, a god. 
. ti, f&\, iPT, H^, faeces, ordure, excrement, dross. 

^' Vf^ ^' K^^ ^'^y coarse powder, a cfum, fragment ; 

pulverized, crumbled, &c. [bruize. 

«^, ^^f n^, to pulverize, crumble, reduce to ul pulp» 
^, ^R^i ffC ^tm, 9tti, flour, powder, a block, the truiik 

of a tree. 


tl^, tl^-*-^ Pim, a gum^resin, lignum aloes. 

«», tifti, tWC,— ^117, WW, ^rtf*, Tt? r^PW, a tuft, buncfa. 

cluster, nosegay, sheaf, bundle, collection. 
. a necklace of 32 strings. 
m^, ctrt^tH^W ^^f;«^, to grow in tufts or bunches. 
tn|pr> ^^Vf^t ntnc^rtc^ «t«^, to collect, bring together^ 

form into clusters, &c. 
'fiw^t *ttwt<W?. an anklet of small bells. 
<«wMf^, <r«t, iwffiL tittle tattle. ffoauDiae. tate-bearior. 

♦I 147 

^^'^9 Itm^, ^^nsn, ^dlkft^f the rati (a small seed used by 

jewellers as a weight), a low buzzing or 

humming sound, a tavern. 
^WT, tl«|?«i,— ^JiHf^ ^\ V^H^f to hum, buz, echo, 

resound, murmur. 
tJ^, «r7Tw, to roll or fold up, collect together. 
%f%^, ^•^^ ?tt^, a collection, a quantity. 
tir$«, tiftr, ^Wl, a ball, ballot, pellet of dung, pill, &c. 
tJfSt^lW, «^Wtt1, a silk-^worm. 
tlw, t>f ^,_trtt, ^^, '•iir^, a ball, ballot, pin, cocoop^ 

fruit-stone, fruit-germ, the small pox. 
t^Ht^, tlfNf^ 9i«i, the casting of lots, a lottery, 
ti?, ^«tpp, ^r?, molasses, treacle, raw sugar. 
^<l?^, vriFf^, cinnamon or cassia, 
fl^, «7i^, to roll up, furl, pack up. 
^^^fJ, tKp^icwt^. the heel. 

'^% T^ ^t?t» a stooping posture, a crouching, [lasses, 
trt^, cm<f9, iriRri, tl^nr?, a confectioner ; made with mo- 
ll^V?t, ^)i*fT7 ^ f^im, a kind of pipe for smoking. 

tflW, I^. fit*, ^, Wt^, a quality, property, 
attribute, talent, faculty, virtue, excellence, 
merit, accomplishment, acquirement, skill, 
advantage, worth, an expedient, an organ of 
sense, a string, track-rope, bow-string, gold 
or silver thread, wire, sackcloth, relinquish- 
ment ; m comp :-fold. . [Scc^ 
^^M7, n^, «n^1, eulogy, panegyric, extolling of merits 
<^TO, ^*liJt1W, VWiW, srt^ww, ^^fWtitt, advantageous, 

salutary, improving, productive of good qua* 
lities, profitable, effectual, multiplying, 
twiw^, tWf, — IMP, fH»?F, a, tutor, preceptor; producing 

virtue, &c, [effect. 

fKnp^, il«iw<pr, — ^wMsrW^, to avail, succeed, work, take 
«nnm, nt«r/%t, 1^^, talent, skill, ability. [ful. 

•Il^lrttr vnv, ^^y} eulogizing, Battering, grateful, thank- 


148 m 

%^^, f*r^, ^ •iftw, itigetiioQt, talented, toit^ted, te. 
tMnmi nir/r<srtf^i f^nrtVitif, the posiMsioB of talent, the 

study of Mience* 
"9% wj, wire, 
tl^tfl«i, cift^tc^t^, virtues and TiMs, merits and defects, 

good and evil qualities. 
tl^, ^, ^f», Pf^, ^\, l*W*ftr, aecompliihedy ta- 

knted, learned, virtuom ; an artist. 
tMtMH ^^t^ f?<^f v<rv«ipr, to snuAe, ham, baz. 
«%, tirt^, flmf^, lewd, lascivious, profligate. [nesa. 
tltiflSr, ?5tW3r, twWflr, |>Pofligacy, lewdness, lascivious- 
t»f»^, i[»f, ^ftifC ^f dust, aaw^uKt, powder. (down. 
t)^5^,-irpr, Q1^, nftV^, to thrust, knock, stat, gore, lam 
^'V' ^^» ^^f a tuft, bund), tslust^r, ^eaf, nosegay* 
tM« «^/C7^» ^tf^, the antiS) pudendum muHebre. 
"Wf^f Cimdt, ^ a bed-quiit, a mefadicant'^ rag. [finb. 
tUftsr, ^iirpir?> c^tlsn, a ware-house, store-hotte, magm^^ 
Wt?, •ftjrtrt^, a ferry, (Ae place). 
«wt, ril^ f^«i ^ifl^W? 1[t«r, a small dock for boats Ac. 
tl7» C^rr?l, ictW, a sack, bag, pack-saddle, wallet. 
^tNI ^Vtl^, irnrs, concealed^ hidden, secret, guarded, 

protected^ preserved. 
'^mcw, 1(9X^. d. disgufse, drei»s ftc. used for concealment. 
WHI, t^^tc^r iny f lPi O , a female who conceals her amours. 
H^, ^n^ ^1199, a pass, deile, ravine. 
*^lt», ijnrir, the betfel nut, the betel tree. 
iud; ^, heat of weather, sultriness. 
WiT^i ^f t^tir^l, tainted, musty, mouldy. {tage. 

1W?r, ^>vr«t?, ^^f haughtiness^ desire to divulge, adva»i^ 
tMin, \i;f^t>r» to buzz, whisper, nimMe, re-echo. 
mC'*^, in^9t<lTr, ^tn, to moulder, spoil, grow musty, heat 

i(as hay in the rick). 
«?!, tWr, the betel nut. 
tiSt, tHtW^ ti^Jt^f , ^JW, white, feu*. 

^Wf ^nii, ww, "w, ifw/, ^w/, ^p^, frt, www, 

fH«i> heavy, difficult, &m, important) 

• lii>r«lite, venerlibie* gnat^ Ittog or mcceated 
<towel ;) a ffpiritttid gmde» tiacbei;, ^parenti 
elder relati<M), Mpcrior/ A%. 

vmH, 4^T<ltw, a^freat crime, a heiKmBoffettce. 

tt^^W^» ^V^» vtvl, a preceptor B wife* matker, elder fe* 

male relative. 

^M)^» 9ri^» pregnant, with cbild. 

^ tljF^rjt, w^, "mt^si^ ffWit, a gQmV wife; greats 

weigiity, important, heaT^y.^pregnaat. 

^f '^, ^lljif l f^# l, ^fd«1, «P^, a globe, bail, fire*baU^ 

piil, raw sugar or molaBtes, a coUection, mul^ 
titude, number. [number. 

^M9> tM, tMt^,-''-^^ <p|i^, a multttnde, .oollectix»« 

tlw <tinw, ||^N9<i to ^^olve in a liquid. 

^^^, "OTtv,--^!^, a bow used to shoot earthen buUeta. 

ilf>i-», ^<fiR,-^=-<#iii, an individaaJ, a wngteone. 

<*r, «r,-^f^, ^irthM, a ballet, ball, cannon ball, pilL 

*Wf^, tir^^rt^n^, a sharing by lot or dice, a lottery. 

^'Mrt, r*fWI^U, glol)uIat ; a species of fish. 

'•jlf', tl^y-'-flfNc^^^^ tfjjp, a pellet bow. 

^•^> iWt — •ttWl ^•Iflr 'rt^, lWfffll> *he anefe, the Ireial* 

«», *Pf , iW, W«r/i iw, #ft> a shrub, bwh, creeping 

plant, division of an amy, tiie spleen, dis- 
ease of the spleen^ 

«fr, IMI^V, 4>^FR9t^, fimft, abonndittgfai shrubs, kaif^ 

ing the spleen, commandiag a dinsion. 

"tUflf ^1^ ^t^f ^ aravine^ deep valley , 4cave« caven^ 

pit, pass, denle. 

<Cff c*t*Pt<f, f^t^f^iHttt, ^^^$ <ioa©aalabte, requiniig 

<M)ncealiiMBnt» solitary, eei^ret, private} 4h* 
' ahUB, «he padeMb. 

^ nth, nw, WMU exctemeat, ovdure, tith, Tut. 

^ «% ^MF9Hr» 9r>^, <ioiio«bled» hUAn, secnt^ 

private, abMMliae. 

^dPItVp wif a serpent, a snakOi 

Ww» »r, !•, »scoQt^ a »py* 

160 kf^ 

t^, wtjm, c^tT«nif, whose father is unknown, bastard. 

^l lf lfiwt*4l , ^w^i^^tpns, «Wf^«, affecting abstruseness, prou4 

of obscurity, ignorant. 

*J1, wfiw, OT^I^, smeared with or having the scent 


fhf^ •PgftWflft, CT1\^, a vulture ; greedy. 

^f ^, ^y ^, a house, habitation, dwelling, abode, 

chamber, building. 

i;fl[f^ ^itirPiCTt^, ^V?mv> a family quarrel, domestic fault. 

«|iFrt«, ^♦rt^ fiirw, a tumbler pigeon. 

1fl[ivi&> \^Rtif^^ ^1 ^^» meddling with domestic affairsp 

inquisitive, officious^ betraying family secrets. 

Ifrif, it|t, a householder; dwelling in a house. 

fffniti^, ^f^rf^ n cf tr^iC^ 9tc«, concealing family affairs. 

^<t, ♦t^^ !je^?^5a'i a wife, a house-wife. 

^, ^f^rnjSt, 'R^^'Biit, a householder; domestic, worldly, 

^/ t'!'n[? W^/tnrt^WpW "ttl, a ritual for householders. 

tt^> <ctt^, ^n, ^^» ^^. taken, received, acquired, ob- 
tained, caught, seized, favoured, admitted. 

r^/1, ^^, a purse, a grass-cutter's sickle bag. 

vhttW^ ^9f\^^s[^nft, addicted to intoxicating drugs ; a sot. 

t^, c^tr^,— rirfi|>r?, knotty, full of knots or protu- 

l^^, r^, — ^^t^c^? CTlf ^, a ball for playing with. 

c^fm, i?^tCT»— f3l^:97 ^fti a drawer, till, division of a box. 

C^, *tpmf^/, fit to be sung or chanted. 

t^% ^r?^, 9rthft^^> to fall down ; an eclipse. 

c*fjt, ^*tl^, — ?rt«rW^, red earth, red ochre, ruddle. 

rtftmr, 9^rt(9i^, w^, to swallow, strip^ plunder. 

Cftin^, ^^?i)9}t^> '^^i% to make to swallow, cause to pasa 

through an opeiling, &c. to feed a mill. 

l^^^f ^WCr, tVlf^, talkative, boasting.. 

r^, 1V» XM^tTTf a housev ha,bitaiion. 

i<t^1 ♦tlt^ttir, Wt, «W, the country, a village. 

^^f ^^» Wf • a deep place, an. abyss. 

^"^fti^, i^, red chalk, red orpittwt. 

fW 161 

1% ^, «^fl*, tWftW "f^, a cow or bu'l, the betel nut, 
' a vocative particle. 

WW-1, *rw, i:^, inr, a peg, a nail, a stake. 

c^t?, f^, ^RTl, a lump, ball/ prominence, swelling ; pro. 

minent, gibbous. [flatterer, band* leader. 

^'H?! iRf%, frw, ^T^^, a prominence, ball, panegyrist. 

C^nRH, VW^*, panegyric, bombast, grdss flattery. 

I'W, ^€rt5 ^•tfir ?f*F5. r^, a mustachio, whiskers, [deer. 

Wtw, Praf%, jf9f. i|7rP(rW, a span, a serpent, a species of 

C^fPR ^tjTCT mr WT^, an offering of Sttraw or grass to a cow. 

PtT«r, ^W'w?, Wtir, a herd of cows, a cow-p«i. 

^^^1, rvffKl, — ^nt^, dumb. [ness or nightmare. 

C^snr^,-^^, C4t4Ht to utter indistinct sounds from dumb- 

J^W?, ^ftnrt^ ?Mf*rtRi.'n'^t*^, «f«Jrt?, an object of sense 

or understanding, privity, presence, hear- 
ing, &c. [handful. 

WW, c<W,— Wt-^l, ^^Rtr%, a nosegay, bunch, small sheaf, 

Wfi^^, r^ftft^ — ^''HfNlR, to collect into heaps, bunches, 

bundles &c. * 

r^fWt?^, CMWHW , ifTtffl, a cow-herd, cow-keeper. 

t'flst*-*!, c^tt*ft«R, the feeding ortentjingof cows, pasture. 

^^n^tf, ^mfWl'^, f^tft^rt, ^, tied into sheaves or bun- 

'dles, tidy, orderly, clever. 

wfrt, wttBf,— WWy5inr^, «cTfl, «%, a bunch, nosegay, .wisp, 

sheaf, a custom, habit, the ring of a locket &c. 
the ankle^ 

Wl^,-^iit^, ??t7, te roll up, fold up, gather into heaps. ' 

1?^, ^Ifirt, ^tt, *n|Jft?, A^j %V^^ gold or silver lace, a 

clew, a whole, integer, quantity, betel-nut, a 
kind of sauce. [vided . 

Ml^vVf 'ifVt?, ^<tf^9, whole, unbroken, entire, imdi* 

Wd, XftX^ •W, ^, 'rtrt, v^y a herd, drove, flock, 

fold, troop, multitude, company, a cow-pen. 

C*ltY» *nv, OT, 5^, the foot^ a pedestal, base, foundation, 

bottom. [origin. 

I^ttff, w, yptf ^p a base, foundation, pillar, sottrcet 

Ids wn, 

Wt >» t w tt ^ , ^pirt?, JjjWflt, aaew, from th« source or foun- 

datimi» whoUy. 

Wtf^W, wttftn,— HMlW*, unfl^ged, caUonr. 

vm^, iWm, tNir, a sack. 

r^tW, ^, ^fil^W, WRi, t^^Ntlfr, •f^, nice,, liaeag e» «lw* 

cent, family, clan, a species, an aQcestor, % 
patriarch, a laouDtain. ' [relatire. 

Z^tvm, «H^» lineally descended, of the tame d^sce^ ; 9u 

c^, ^tnnftl^f elephantia^a or swelled leg. 

c^tm/ fOrEt^, yellow orpiment, a fossil ^t, a caw- 8 tqoth. 

cftm, ^ifl'^B^^ having th^ elephantiasis. 

t^Wf^f^KI^ a tattooing of th^ upper part of tike nose, « 

brandii^g iron. [bow arm. 

VitKU K^^r««t49 nf^ an archer's leathern fence for the 
c^«rl/ c«ftft9i,'-*cfm«1^, tb« Gang9l;ie aUigatorpr guana, 
c^nm, W, wheat. 

ctft^, ^p<?WRli, the evening twilight, 
i^rpdc^nft, ^P<^tin» a faooily or Uneagq 'trfu^oi lM|«d(wardi. 
Mtn, f«ttfl«lf tftHtid, acQW'ke^er, dairyman^ milknian, 

c^lt*ll^f ^» a bull. [crecy, privacy^ concealment. 

Wtnir, i|^» ir*tfv, ^Mnt% t» hide, conceal, guard ; se^ 
tnwil^f ^^Vtf^x ifif^f coneealed, hidden* guarded. 
C^tt^m, i:«rt1rt^> f9> a dairyman, &c« Krishna or his image* 
Wt* wttWitf B*|!*W,-^-«ftt^, a daicy-voman, dairy* 

man's wife. 
WpwitU wiiM^t!^i nim PPtf, a sacred earth used for 

smearing the body. [household, 

nrtc^, ^Ulntsr 991^, children and cattle,' one's whola 
c«r«% Wtf!l>— f^^WWi, iprtf^,^ TW^p m./* 9L> eoac€Saler» 

QQfi who guairda. 
DlwrW ^, ^nH^ thidct elumsy, imwiakly. 
C^it^ vnn, — c^nftdl, cow-dung, manure. 

Cfttiit^ "^qftlNiiUtbethnshQUlMsittQfadMff. 

01(11^ 153 

zm!\% nPK^ v(f9f\% ^tan^^ to chuge eolor as firuU 

in ripening, to write illegibly, to blot. 
WWll, c^^rf^l, c^^/1, ^*, the hyaena. 
t^ftf^, f 9, a name of Vishnu af Krishna. 

cfWf, z^tr^)n, c^rrm, cow-dung. 

i^Wf^ 'J^Hf, *tF?W^, a jackal, the bile of a cow. 

c'Vj^, «rtrr? ^ Pr^ ^Vpt r^rw, wwffti irtt, a cow'6 

mouth, the famous Himalayan chasm tlirough 
which the Ganges flows, the bag for a rosaryj^ 
a sort of musical instrument. [cow. 

^^^* ^t^t ^f^^WlH), grossly ignorant, as stupid as a 

cffton^, nt^rv, f^f^m, a yellow. topaz, a kind of poison. 

l*H>-1,-^|[, z^\jt9t, white, fair, euiQopean. [cov^ 

?%3I1, c^rttSer? ^^ f^irw, a species of grass relished by 

c*^, ftl, t{P(, nrtwtf^, milk, whey, butter-milk^ curds, &c. 

i^nw, ^nitf ^^Wf, a cow, an ox. 

t^f ttj itMl, WwWR?p!TftW 3W Uc^, a yellow marking pig- 
. . ment procured from cow s urine. 

i^, «wr^ «ntt, f^, the brain, dregs, refuse.. 

c^, ^^, w^irtf^, a globe, circle, ball ; round, globular. 

f«^-^, fiiwtw ^tm ^, «ftr, ^i«1ilW», the bastard of a 

widow, a ball^ round. [mult, riot. 

C*^l«f, t^rmm» — ^^^^rrs, CTWHI, confusion, disorder, tu- 

5*IW1, ^IW*, "ICT/? «|^, ^*^ ?r^, a store-house, granary^ 

bam, ball, bullet; dissolved in liquid. 

t^rptt, t^trtt,— ^, tl^, a ball, a bullet. 

C*fmnjpf, ^B^ ftW5, a black cow-tailed monkey. 

^''Wsr, «W?<i, CTWPr, to spread a report, divulge, to dis- 
. solve ifttoa paste. 

MtumF, ^fC^I Xti?, Krishna's paradise. [pasture. 

Wtir, ciRtfliF ^tfr, ^<tt^, a herd, flock, drove, pen, fold, 

i»lSi, ^x, wtf*, ^lHwt?. ^, «f5l, ^»rt«rr<t, kin, kindred, 

family connexions, dependant relatives or 
family, race>. Uneage, genealogy, an assembly, 
a meeting, conversation, discourse. 

tttn^f, 4t^» dw, dawn, day-break. 

1^ 01^ 

c^ft'fn>-?*t'HM, — Wlf^Pil, the goanft. 

-WTW^, JW, a grape. 

t^ftfWt, cMi^it^t — ^•ftlfCf a cow-house* [or its capital. 

t^, ^rtjw^^rtk «KV 43P HFf, the central part <)f Bengal 

l^^, tl^wta ij3rt, rum distiUed from molasses. 

Wl^, ^fl'^fW, ^^t'Rrt, ftPWW, inferior, subordinate ; inferi- 
ority, delay. [yellow, pale red. 

Cnl?, r^?h?t4r, ^9^% •it^, iF», fair, white, pure, clean, 

C^ifeR, *?Wlj «rvw, ^it??, ^, greatness, importance, re- 
spectability, majesty, glory, honour, gran- 
deur, weight, reverence, respect, increase. 

Wl?t^, rC5B, ^^Kff white, fair, handsome. 

vltSi, ^w?^^ ^^/1, nflfit, a young girl, maid, virgin, 

Pdtvatf, one of the Shaktis. 

Wlfl*rt^> WW^ the lower stone or femde part of the Linga. 

w1T|w1, ^?w^, a girl before menstruation. 

5p[, *J^» ^ book, writing, composition, volume. 

2;^^, r-iVln^, CT*F, #^, ^W? ^, a builder, writer, &c. 

cement, the thread of a necklace. 

5r^* 1^9 f^% ^•^^ to string beads, arrange, place 

in order, build, plat, knot, work in wicker, 
&c. compose, write, compile, catalogue. 

^, ohHi^h, f*f?1, a joint, knuckle, tie, knot, knob. 

3^^» ^!^f — 'S^iRw, ?fb^, strung, arranged, composed^ &e. 

#l[t, ^TTIftic ^«*PiPii, possessed of many books. 

^rw, <9^U^, ^i(Mr\%, JtK^ff^f swallowed, eaten, received 
- into a hollow or socket, involved in, affected 
with, eclipsed. 

'•WW, filM^pcill^ ^if, the setting of a luminary eclipsed. 

«i[, ^m^, «t?1, ^v^^rt?, wr», ^nr, ^ji^ w^, acceptance, 

reception, seizure, hold, tenacity, perse* 
verance, understanding, comprehension, a 

mi(n, fjcm we^, mw% i^wt^^ , ^^«*r, ?Tif ^w rapjB(?, to seize^ 

catch, take, receive, allow, assent, hold, ap- 
prehend, comprehend, assume ; an eiclipse* 

1^ u& 

^9 ^fiMnff ^Knmry a dysentery, diarrhoea. 

4(*lf^, ^ff the sun. 

«l^>1t?b «in^^!fM/, ir«v» ^(«r^ f^«lir, the iafluence of an* 

unpropitious planet^ the evils thence ari$ing. 

4(1^9 41^» tfm^y one who takes^ areceiver, &c« 

4Ul, ^<ri, ^Ofit, a village^ a haoilet. 

«1«lt, aiwn/f^. 7|f^, (ttm^, the headmaft of a village, a 

viilage-btf ber ; best, chiefs ezcelleBt» emi- 
nent, [village. 

4t<t» 4Pl^, "^Nf^^r a villager^ a rustic ; pertaining to a 

<tv, WW, 53ctw«> Jjjf, '•WW, tame, donicstic, village,. 

rustic, rude, unpolished. 

^sn, ^^^» copulation, ;i villager's duty. 

5|pf, ^W, ^'RlfHfl^ (*wPr, a mouthful^ lump, bit,, a swal- 

^l^l^m^f ^HRVi food and raiment. . 

2t^» 5f^^» «nf«, ftw?, reception^ acc^tance, acqui- 
sition, taking, seizure ; a shark or guana. 

!9f»i 3irwti&* .«WBU 50^, ^rwWfl^t, receiving, &c. a pur"^ 

chaser^ receiver, &c. a hawk or falcon. 

^, ^nopH, ^(t7, the neck, the nape of the neck. 

$1, ^m% ^B^^ ^, heat, warmth, the hot season ; 

hot, sultry, warm. 

8lPr, *5*^, ^t«?»1, fswfl, ^•RW, lajiguor, lassitude, fa^ 

tigue, depressioa of mind, reproach^ censure, 

t^, "Wfip ^•rtt, aa earthen pot» jar, jug, pitcher, a wa- 

1^^ C^itV9, Tkirf^, a match'- maker, one who investigs^tes 

genealogies and negbciates marriages. 

<^9tfk, aitWHt> th^ office of a match-maker. 

-^^» ^^$ ^■rt'T, Pfunwt^JM, fi*R, tp happen, occur, be- 
long to, inborit or succeed to, to unite. 


156 '^iri 

>(FTl, vlftf^ w, wi, wfRIf cWf an occurrencie, ertvit, 

accident, union, bringing together, mixture. 
Hu4)y, iFnrp8tf, Wf«"41g, nrr^f/, ^•l^^^, liable to happen, pre* 

bable^ unitable, suitable, heritable. 
W^, VR^, ^m, irel, ^rr?¥?, a crowd, concourse, multr- 

tude, assemblage, a procession. [tilt, 

^^tc^, wrtt if^/tf*? ^•IrttflMT, a covering for palkees &c. a 
^m'^, ^♦tW^, 8WtT, f^wfr, to cause, occasion, effect^ 

ascribe to, join, mix, unite. 
wfim, irti, ftiti?, tl»^, a danda of 24 or muhiirtaof 48 

minutes, the ankte. 
^^, ^, wi^fTai a gong, watch, clock, a small jar. 
^Iw, «m^«tt*R^ W f^iTW, "w9tf the rope and bucket of a 

well, a watch. 
^> Xt^^, a quay, wharf, landing place. 
^^, 'iTFit^ti^i f^ titl ^^, a smaller or private wharf- 
W?\, 99Mt^, ^«f^, a water-pot,, a pitcher.- . 
^??t»f, C5f|f«wi, the guana or Gauge tic alligator. 
wfty W'fWtW^^r? W, a gong, elock» watch, hour. [purr. 
^^r$T^, 7?tW?T^> to make a rattling sound in the throat, to 
^^'^^1^; c^tin^, an hyeena ; purring, rattling. 
H^iivgt, ^^^ tiSt'^ 7^Kf^. the death-rattle in the throat, a 

top, whirligig. 
i^f^, _ «fWfi^?r ftrflhSFt^, a sort of sauce or copdiment. 
^•^1, ^ft^, ^, a gong, a bell, a clock, an hour, 
^^f ^ ^•^i a §mall bell. 

CTt^, ?»ri^, a gong, cymbal, bell ; solidity, 
hardness, extension, a multitude, number, 
quantity, a cloud, a fragrant grass; thick, 
crowded, close, impervious, coarse, near, in- 
cessant, firm, hard. 

W^T^, ^^R^it^t, ^t^, incessantly, in thick succession. 

^TtiR, ^ir^, '^mP, ^ftf, t^**5'> '^Wlj^, solid, dose, thiclr» 

impervious, &c. mischievous ; a vicious ele* 
phant, a rainy cloud, collision> Indra^ 

^it*, ^rWr» Vi% to overtake, to come up with. 
r5it^«, i^ftif , ^Rttf^, inspissated, thickened by boiling. 
^f^, ^ilWl, r^^c^Wfif^, close, very near. [fish* 

^, a?^5r/tQwt«f ^?r«i(^rft^ OT, a bamboo - cage for catching 
?^, wt?, CTl^, a paramour, pimp, pander. 
wm^9 ^Wt^ f^fl Vt^ ^^^» to be confounded, amazed^ 

confused, disturbed or perplexed. 

f^4t, ^TW^, ^/TJ^W, f^^W, perplexity, confusion, diffr 

composure, perturbation, amazement. 
I?, ^, ^'rt*, ^^, ^t^, '^^, •tf?Rt?, a house, dwelling^ 

home, building, groove, loop, loop-hole, place, 

receptacle, a family. 
^i^, 9?W, ^r^, household business. 
?jHt, ^sNrl, ^^, a wife, a housewife. 
'PWfr, •tj^S^C^ ^•i^^Wpr, a prying into family. affairs, cu- 
riosity, officiousness. 
W» ^Ttjr, fra, a receptacle, drawer, hole, passage. 
llWfir, Tl^t, ^♦nrf?, 'aiw^, home, one's own housed 

domestic, private. 
^?tft, •fffswfrsl, a thatcber, a hut-builder. 
^nW, *|t[wr5, home-made, produced at home. 
^-^rtP», "WW^ "rtr, a rattling, rumbling, creaking, roar. 
vi wP(, — TWf, r?W^ t^%^ wr, perspiration, sweat. 
W, w^«i, — m^, ^WR, to rub, wipe, clean, file, polish, 

varnish, grind ; friction, &c. 
^, ^^ Wtinr 5<r, the powder of dried cow- dung. 
?l, V^f ^irW«, W^, a blow, knock, bruize, wound, 

ulcer, sore, cut, scar, 
^tt^, ^*WSt«c, WW, ^/^rsi, ^pr, a fault, crime, guilt* sin, 

defeict, abatement ; less, deficient. 
i1^, '•PW^, i^^r^, to stir, mix by stirring, knead. 
<tit^, ^>Pr, %rwRtw^^,. ^5>Bt^, to rouse up, make to 

rise, stimulate, stir up. 
'Cir^, «rtrtW, «»W, a by-way, cross-road, ambuscade, 

gap in a fence, tra<}k or trace. , [&c. 

iii^ . ^^PilflO ^^, the god of cutaneous disorders, itch 

tftw, vrtmi ^'(H^r t«rtT tvffir, to afect by speakiof ^ 

to make one feel. (beaten. 

^r^, ^t\ vrti^ /. hardened by beating, frequently 

irtlirl, f^, ?t^^» a woman's girdle of sviall bells, a pet^ 

ticoat^ a furbelow; mustard- ckaff. 

^, ^rtfiU ^iW^tt?^ ^Pr, •l^^ f^, a wharf, landing.. 

place, ferry, mountains-pass, defile. 

*t^^13Wf r^^t^t? ORf FWt^, to smuggle. [''^y- 

ilt^, Wf% jtf ^^, '^'w, to be deficieDt, fail, waste a* 

viit^, ^ ^% %Tpr, ijnv ^«i, to lessen, reduce, dimi- 

nish, abate» cheapen^ 

W^, ^N^^, ^•t, a fault, a crime. 

It^, ^t^, — ^m, the nape of the Beck. 

irjiir?^, filc<HWH»{^^ Wt^/T^/ «rirtW, to nod assent or 

dissent, object, acquiesce. 

Ktft^, ^it^^, <rt7sr, to nod assent, acquiesce. 

Wt9, zHi, w^, « blow, a hurt. [guinary, striking. 

^tfS9f 3itf9, ^, ^<(9, a striker, murdecer ; seditious, san- 

^It^nr, srt?t<i, ^t^nr, to smite, hurt, strike, kill. 

iltf^, lt*^> ^^» ^» destructive, mischievous, cruel, san- 
guinary, ferocious. 

Wtf^, hmWf sun oil mill. 

Wfpr, c^^y ^^nv ^<^, to perspire, to sweat. 

vmtfty >N^. prickly heat, itching eruption. [akme. 

*R?CTti:?, t>r«, *tl?, ^tftfWi privately, secretly, by signs^ 

WtAr, W9, w\, a wound, an ulcer. 

iffT, ^titfitK ^9^^^ ^«i, meadow or pasture grass. 

ff, ft*-^^* ^^» gbpe or clarified butter. 

WIf , f^rf^, ^?r, thick, crowded, impervious. 

f^l, V^p bsirrv, oily, butyraceous, shining, polished. 

1ki% nVT, to surround, hedge round, fenoe, skreen. 

^, nti^, a ball, a baUot, a lot. 

fjj, nrjtro.^^'r/^npa, adove, a turtle-dove. 

HX-t %^f the mole^crioket, a sort of ulcer cm Abe leg»» 

^n|^, ^«r9cin?l9 "^mirtv f)iC"n, a waist-belt of small bdb. 

^[5ir, «niYy^ ^«sr, to disappear, xemare, pass asray, yield. 

Wi^^nf^, Mt^v^y ^W*i, ^wNr, to open, loosCf remoTc;^ 

strip, repeal, rub 6ut» dispel. 
^f '•'fc* the ancle, a species of jujube^ 
l^WW, miRlsr, WfW, confusion, disorder; 
f^f ^. ^^f^, the ancle, a chessman, 8cc. 
f^i i^^, ^Il^^^» to surround, fence or skreen ronnd« 
^9 ^^. *^^f the flight of birds, a mare. 
l\ ^W^ ^^f^ ftm, an insect found in timber* 
|<17, ^pr, to root up the ground a& a swine. 
TH^I^f t^Olf^ ^^nm^, i:^, an undesigned and unex* 

pected event or circumsftance, the least trace 

or hint, a slight intimation. 
1^1, ^it^, a bamboo-cage to catch fish. 
^yi^^f ^^^^y W^nr, ^W^, to buz, hum, growl, snai). 
^•n, W^*, tP^, ^il, a small bell, a button. 
15-^, Pr^BT, *rtnr, sleep, slumber, nap, repose; to sleep, &c. 
^, 1^i^9, Wt^, asleep, dozing. [turnu 

^» f3W, — fR#ir, ftqrt, to whirl round, roll, revolve, 
i^9 W^^, ^rtCTT^» to stir, liquids, agitate a fluid. 
w-1, Itf^ ^/tf^ *B V^^ff shrimps, prawns and other 

small fishes. 
|¥, i|fi, i|irw^, %^i;9t^, the fist, a thump, a bribe* 
^^f ti^^lCT irr^ •r««r, <ttrim^, ww^?w, to retreat or 

creep into, enter, expunge, cancel. 
55«i, #tw«r, «Wr, tft^t?^, ^^, «rww, to thump, strike 

with the fist, repeat, declare, proclaim, utter, 

sound, enter, run into. 
5^, fWV'F* to enter, penetrate, to retreat or creep into. 
flt^> l^ft^, ^vnt^, to make to revolve, &c. to subvert. 

^ t^, nw, Wjtvn, 5t^3St, a revolution, rolling, 

whirl, turn, vertigo ; revolving, whirling, &c. 
^^, if^lWnt^^, to whirl, revolve, turn round. 
f6, myt^^, nwift, a giddiness, vertigo, whirlpool, &c. 
l^tlWtw, ww^f f^^Vf turning round, revolving, whirling. 
i[<, fKwd, V9H, a turning orwhirlinground, revolution. 

160 Wtir 

f«1, "^i^n ^wfel, iWFCtir, ^«f^, ^•^■1, hatred, abhorrence, 

dislike, disgust, nausea, shock, sneering, 
spuming, contempt. 

^, ^'rf^**^ ^nrfts, fif, clarified butter, ghee. 

fi, ^W1, mlW», <f?^, rubbed, pofished, rubbed off, 

Of^r^rt^, ^0^, ^^*PW, 5^^, <1t«^, to frustrate, sup-. 

plant, shuffle cards, cut, bruise or pound. 

rt^j-'irt^, ♦t^HBC?/ ^t8W«T, arW^, «n%Wi(^^, to meddle 

with, intermeddle, ha"ve dealings with. 

rtt, ^^V^^ TtJW w?* ftrw, the name of a god. 

Cif^^,-wpr, f^f^, ^fftfTJ ^f, to draw, trail on the 

ground, drag, run as a creeper, [tune, dun, 

nrwt^, TtT^, ^TTOT, to pray, intreat, teaze/ urge^ impor- 
ts, ^?«l, :«R1^, t^' 'fW*'^ to f^^^» ^^* short, b.e in* 

sufficient, decrease, diminish, lose or be cast, 
to be worsted or overcome. [close, fence. 

W?r<i r?^, rii^, to surround, encompass, invest, en- 

ORrt, ir^«f, ^irt^. r^, a circle, fence, hedge. 

^ai, ^rt^?t^7, depth. 

f^fN, ftBT?<», ^tnt^^, ft9^y am^, to talk over, agitate, can- 
vass, introduce a topic, rub in a mortar, &c. 

rft^ CTT?1, t^^<i», a pestle, muller, rolling stone. 

Wt«-t, ^v irtTO ?W/ W ftrw, the Chinese gong. 

raWfl, ^nf^, ^*/, ^tiiWwl. deep-sounded, guttural, 


jwtw, nT^ — ^^nr, ^?W» a horse. 

IW?^, Wt^, — '«p€', a mare. 

wrst^^, ^5rtr?t?t, ^?9nitwt, a horseman, trooper, cavalry. 

WTJty, '•wnr?t?«»*tt«l, ^t?n^, fond of riding ; an elk. 

CTT*^. CTTtc^W, ^^ ^^, the jujube, the betel-nut tree. 

CTt^l, WW. Wt^, tW, a large bush. 

nt<tm, ^1>^4^ tK9rf>iP, abounding with bushes, bushy. 

WPffel, ''Rtlft^fl, ftrP^Wnr, a veil. 

W1?, ^nn, ^•i^W?, 'HW^, <W^TW/, '»?ff^, darkness, gIoom» 

horror^ dread; dark, gloomy, deep-colored^ 
awful, dreadful. 

S9 16] 

wfir, WtlWr, — ^nf^.^anf^f ^(^^ daric, r^gw, obscure, 

abstruse, difficult, mysterious. 
iftid, HRn, ^m, a circuit, peregrination, revolution* 
mn, «c7, ^^, butter-milk, an eddy, a whirlpool, 
nrwi-^, ««tfl9ti ^iPw^, ^f^, turbid, muddy, thick. 
cftoT^, ^dspr* ^Iftw, to dissolve in liquid, make turbid, &c« 
wn; n*^, ▼», *^, ^^ 5«?1[, ttn^l, iwl ftr^^, a sound, 

cry, low thunder, distant rumbling ; a class 

of the writer tribe, a herdsman, a sort of 

creeping plant. 
Wi^ <stwt3r^; ^m«r, a proclamation, publication, sernxm. 
wn^, «M?^, «nH^, «rvt7» to proclaim, publish, make 

known, preach, inculcate. 
ft^, ^t^, *tV^^> a scent, smell, the act of smelling. 
wtc«i^, ^tD^, the organ of smell, the nose. 
5.^9 ttft^>^^ smelled to, scented. 


^, WfXtw ^t^, a regular market phtee, a square. 

tf^, VTIf^. ^1V> alarmed, startled, timorous, fearful. ' 

K9Hs *if^ nR«m, tbe bartavelle or red legged partridge. 

^^^, ^VfC^, $)ftl, W^irtw, cleuness, transparency, bright- 
ness, glare, flash ; shining, vivid, glaring. 

smnf^, 9W, '^(^H^, to flash, glare, shine, glitter, twinkle. 

F^art^-?1, ttf«m^, %^1>W, glaring, glittering, radiant, 

flashing, twinkling. 

wm, tffOPf, ^iPW?, ?ti, a district, province, estate. 

ra», n^rt, wif^, irtiw, ^ia( fSirw, ^t4^, ♦[^ 'w?, ^ nr*^, 

^, 4)iii«/, ws?t, ^c^s ftMf t(\f f!^ ftrw, ftrai, 

<9ftC?? dW OH, a wheel, a potter's wheel, oil- 
mill, circle, discus, whirlpool, period of time, 
an army, a circular military position, a revo- 
lution, round, convolution, a combination, 
conspiracy, roguery^ craft, deceit, a multi* 
tude, heap» a realm, region, province* the 


162 ^ 

ruddy goose^ a spot of leprosy, an anatomical 

division of the body;, astrological figure. 
w»»ltft, Tt?rt?«i, ft*, wielding the -discus ; Vishnu. 
^<K^p ^irtwl«r ?Hrt, «l\, ^cv*f, ^rfV^tjl^, an emperor, 

king, ruler, the master of an estate ; situated 

in a province or estate. 
B^ont^, rc'*!*!!^ nc*K, a species of duck. 

Vishnu, an emperor, the governor of a pro- 
vince, a potter, oilman, expresser of oil, aa 
informer, a serpent, the ruddy goose, a tum- 
bler or wheel-juggler. 

wpt^ftF, 5*P5f^. face to face, eye to eye. 

^ csra, '^(pif, w^^ the eye, vision. 

vw^,9f^, a anake, (whose eyes serve for ears.) 

i^^^0^, V^^f ^F9fWf an object of sight ; visible, present 

to the eye. [good, sound, healthy. 

wr, ^iRT, ♦l^, %vr, ^RCjt^, handsome, clever, eminent, 

^WT^, '^Z, c^^/, recovery, cure, health, beauty, &c. 

nrtft, ^^ftm, a wide basket. [uneasy. 

Vnf^ i^^ftrTl, f?«^, shooting (as pain), shifting, fickle, 

i^tW, ^^n^,^^, ^f^, ^R, moving quickly, fluctuatiug, 

unsteady, changeable, fickle, capricious, vo* 
latile, inconstant, fluid. 

v^f ^tf^^t, the bill or beak of a bird. [speedily. 

1^^, ^, "tt^i, tmnSt, ^^, canvass, sackcloth ; hastily, 

jr^, ^t^, t^, ^^^, to break, shiver, scale off, fall oflF 

in splinters, fail, be ineffectual. 

u^, 5^ •Pvt, ^wtftRP c^«9t9» a sparrow, sleight of handt 

a lying wonder, show, gaudiness. 

i^t^9, cntcift, ,a mutual grudge or desire of revenge. 

«^, ^f ^[ftR, ^10^, a plain, a strand ; to scale off, &c. 

Ffetn, ^PTV, v^^, broad, wide. 

^f ^ "^^ nVf^, ^IWI, canvass, sack*cloth, a mat* 

a bamboo lath for wicker work. 

J^^, 'Wt^, irt<^, to kneadj to temper clay. 

W9j[ 163 


si^t^f ^IW?, fW, a slap, a cuff, kneading, &c; 

5^5ffe?l, wi\^, viscid » Tiscous, ropy, clammy. 

^, m^, ^Rum, a slap, blow, tap, the flat palm. 

5^, 5^, — 15^ •Wl^, a sparrow. 

^^, ^fwwfejnjl, V*, the Hindoo swinging ceremony,: 

the machine itself, pain. 
p?^«r, ^•(^•ilH, ^«R, to throb, twinge, smart. 
WW, ^r!^1?, ^^(^W1^, excessive, very painful. 
^?^> ^irfc?T^<i, ^^FfiR', ^8i^, «B?^?nT, to mount, climb, rise^ 

ascend, scale, embark, enter a boat^ toslap^ 

to smite with the flat palm» 
5?R, ^^T^m ?ttR, %itv, ^<i, «/1^t^^, 4t^f^> ^^^t 'fW* 

«3f^, to place or set upon, load, prepare, bend 

a bow, add, augment, slap ; high, loud, steep, 

exalted, increased; an island, shallow, strand. 
^«, «n^2pir«i, ^tf^^Q^, an attack, onset, storm, assault, 

invasion, inroad, aggression. 
t^?t5ff , •fiPn? ^IT^ W«?1, a mutual slapping, leap-frog. 
5^5W^, ftwt'^lfSi^ *wr, ^^'l?, an accented or emphatic 

word ; loud language. 
Ff^, ^^^Sinst, ^f«, distress of mind, vexation, pain. 
^^t ^^i ^> advance of price, accumulation. 
F«i7, t^t«n, a sort of pea given to horses,, gram. 
B% ^r^9i4W^ f very passionate, furious, violent, 
^tn, ^BrtfS5/9, f^^j an outcast,, a low unprincipled fel- 

low, a villain. 
Flit, Ff^^,— Bsfl, Durgd, i. e. the wrathful or furious. 
^% ^^, ?rf^, a rat, the common small monkey. 
F^, 5B7^9«lf^ f3rri9, a beautiful species of lark. 
^f Ftfir, ^r«J^, tffW, 5t«rt^, four ; clever, dextrous, sly^ 

cunning, ingenious, active, 
i^^, Ft%vtt^fiw, rntw, quadripartite, complete. 
^Itsnr, ^wi, a name of Brahmd. 
*I5> vH^ ^i> the fourth, offered on the fourth day> 
v%^, vf^, — ^FffiK^ncnf, on all sides, all round. 
»W^-1, fTT fltPW, a litter, a palquee. 


164 SW9 

i^^, 5^, four-fold. 

F^<^^ v:9> — H^wf^WCT t ^ , the four objects of human pur- 

suit, love, riches., religion and &nal beatitude. 

F^<4^ ^rm^itrir ^, cni«f«tfi^, the four primary casts or 

classes of Hindoos^ the four primary colours^ 
white, black, blue and red. 

0|jhr, ^, four. 

^^^^, i^zx^, a college where the four Veds are taught. 

^MW, wl^ltlrt, ♦r^, four-footed ; a quadruped. 

Fjj, ^nftrrt, ^^r^» a court-yard, place for sacriiice. 

0irl, ^rait? UvH^f a sort of vetch. [powder. 

rvnr, «t^m)r Uc^, sandal wood, sandal perfume or 

MRl, ^Mnf^ f^lPW, a species of parrot. 

nrt, nt^f a subscription, a collection. 

Fa?, Fvprl, — <t?, •M'd* the moon. 

99919, srf^ ftl*nr, a fabulous gem, chrystal, stone, jasper. 

um^ ^ ntt?, — fn, Shiva or the moon-crested. 

vaR[^, tt9m, Ttw^ttw^nv, the duty ox vow of a monarch 

to make his subjects happy. 

rait^^ ifiwtfl, an awning. [disgrace. 

raitfiw/^inr, irif^n*, ^^tuiftft ^W»t^, a lasting or indelible 

vqt^fr, fknsi m, a paraselene or false moon. [fish* 

^^m^9 rart^ V, sranr t^m, moonlight, a species of small 

F^, 0*1?, — «tnr«1, 917, the flat or extended palm, risk. 

v^l9t^, ^nrtf^e^ 1^, a badge, belt-plate, buckle. 

F^, 3f«Wr, ^^f^, ^irfiJCTft,, 3iw, %t, ^(>Pi9, tremulous, 

shaking, wavering, unsteady, volatile, incim- 
siderate, rash, alarmed, swift, momentary. 

^♦W, iNft, V^, FHirt, CT^il, .Lakshmi, fortune, lightning, 

an inconstant woman, a harlot. 

n^f v^ — ^f^f ^9 the flat palm, a slap. 

*f^» tl^f ^irfnnr> ^t^rtw, blithe, buxom, active, [start* 

wn^ ^«vr^, mtf9m, ^gcf Vm, a flash, glare, twinkle, glance» 

mpf^, 9P^, «ni, ^Bt«1, startled, alarmed, parched, con- 
tracted, shrunk. 

i^^f ^> ^W, a skin, hide, leather. 


vsi^^Ftsr, ftv^f 'iil^wdtiiH, surprize, wonder^ astonishment 
wjjt, ^ ftrw, the yak or Tartarian ox. 
v^H, rajFt, ^^ «ilt^ ftE>4^, a spoon, sacrificial ladle. 
^, b^/, f^ ^{^» ^n army, a squadron, a division. 
5wr, 'TinT, ^T*pr, ^^, WiR, to flash, glittler, twinkle 

shudder, start, shrug, parch. 
5*1*, <^«^fM^ ^^, a tree bearing fragrant yellow flowers, 
v^^f ^l^^f ^WPf» a withdrawing, retiring, absconding, 

vanishing, flight. 
RTl^, r^^r^ Vupn, a beautiful species of jasmine. 
Fj, 5w^, 5i«i|^, ^ismti jtW, •Mtfc a multitude, assem* 

blage, collecti(Mi, heap, mound, rampart, a 

raised plot. 
^5^> ^T'^nflf? '•itfl^, Wt«l WPR, to collect, gather flowers 

&c. put together, peel, strip ofi; pull off. 
n, ^i4HK\ fi f«, ^ilft^, a spy, emissary ; moveable, 

unsteady. [a spy. 

^^f ♦llv-ito^il, S9, the Hindoo swinging ceremony; 
n^, ^smiofj ^, ^sit^W FT45, a spinning wheel, cap- 
stan, windlass. 
^» ^1^ 1 ^ , ^ VcV, ^tn'Tf ««IC^ ^, a reel, winch, crankp 

small wheel, the gudgeon of a wheel, a ma* 

chine for cleaning cotton. 
f?^, •!« 9gif ^fsf ^^WfW^f w^» •«?, ClftCTJ ^<(H, to 

graze as cattle, roam for food ; the foot, leg, 

a poetical foot, favor, protection. 

Wftft, 'WOl. <?>f, a wife, a sandal. [cy. 

^^crat, ^^t^RI, tl^ani, obsequious attendance, sycophan- 
<V^9» Firc^tiRP,— tl3mt««tWttM wi, the water in which a 

Guru's foot has beeif washed, 
siitfic, ^S^> a cock, i. e. whose foot is his weapon. 
sw, ft^Wn^ 5(t5n Am, a species of nettle. 
^Vi, "^fipr, r*iC9|, ^iPvn, ^ra, last, final, ultimate, west, 

western ; an end. 
^iH, nt^ or; ftr<R, a sort of intoxicating drug. 
^f^f ^tn^^iiH, using»intozicating drugs ; a sot. 

166 wpT 

PJrtRT^ ^frtiWrir, witw, the world or things moveable and 

immoveable. -^ 

5?T«l, ^Wt?nt«R, to feed or tend cattle. 

Rrt^, irti, a pasture, a meadow. [customary. 

^flR?, Pftra, ^, ^)^if>5, moved, acted, done, instituted, 

rtlrs, rtiW,— ^/^njtf , Irt*, ^r»Wv ^^<J1^, conduct, beha- 

biour, observance, custom, usage, practice, 
disposition of mind, history. [thankfuK 

^^[^5t^ ^^5^/, ^^^> attaining one's object, successful^ 

JftW^"^ ^t^'i ^iflpwt^, desirous of success. 

1^1^, rt^it^, ^<rfr^, active, mobile, moveable. 

HF, ^^ft? ^ttT^v, an oblation, chiefly of milk and butter. 

^1, f^C?^^, <trat?» ^^^(1^1^^ reflection, consideration, 

deliberation, mention, unction with fragrant 

W, ifc^ltjl W^^l, to chew, to masticate. 

cft"^^, ^vtc^^^i tautology, repetition of the same act. 

TO ^, ^rt, — ^^O^W, ^r»wr, ^BTrtlltW, W, festivity, noise of 

merriment, self-complacency, self-applause, 

F^» ^« ^> ^» ^ ^kin, hide, barkv leather, a shield. 

IPQ^, M^n?, ^^, a tanner, currier, skinner, shoemaker* 

nt^rWl, Ftii(ft^, a bat. 

(^"^ ^t^f WVlft, bearing a shield; a shield-bearer. 

5^/, '^r^fyis^ ^irtf^wt?, practicable, customary, incum- 
bent, proper. 

W/1, V'l^t?, ^Tt^j*!, v^f^y i^^^nl^ twf^ custom, practice, 

habit, conduct, disposition, character, perse- 
verance in religious austerities, regularity of 
religious observances. 

nr, wi«^, — *ftnr, irt^, ?rt*tT?r, motion, action, conduct. 

to move, go on, proceed, flow, sail,blow, pass, 
act, behave ; habit, conduct, custom ; custo* 
mary, habitual, current. 
WRtf, *prtif, W^v, passable, fit to be passed over. 

*lf 167 

^^itn, s*iii, ^lfin^» ^nsnnRt tremolous, unsteady, unfixed ; 
the world or things moveable and immoveable. 

^^f ^% ^^^9 i^^f W w^fT^, Wjwt^, isni% to cause 
to move or act, impel, urge on, push, row, 
drive, dispel, conduct, guide, dispatch, shoot 
an arrow, &c. an invoice, a pass. 

^^^» ^49, ^I«i10irm, much ado about any thing, fuss. 

^, ^«, irpart, xHft^f a journey, a race. 

^ C411F9, ^4^^, ^, 4f^?ni^, sent, moved, agitated, 

gone, going, current, customary. [fluid. 

5ft^t wpfinn, — Wprmn, ^ncW?! V^» moveable, unsteady, 

^f ^t^9 a handful of water, a swinging, undulation. 

c^^, ^'^R, ^m^, to spill, to flow or flap over, [course. 

^^, fiinn, ?flCtI> ^^ action, deed, conduct, custom, 

^", •irwni, a drinking vessel. 

^% ^^, ^W^nrt?^, to plough, to till. 

RTl^, 9^, ^fiRF^'^ a ploughing, wages for ploughing. 

^, sfttrt^nri, ^^, ploughing, worming in. 

W^f ^^f ^m, soft mud, dirt, mire. 

51, -^^fl, ^^f if^, ^ttW ftPW, wish, desire, want, de- 
mand, will, volition ; tea. 

WW, 5Wf^,— irt«R. ^t^, W^Pr, to ask, wish, see, look. 

^1^, ^^, — ^itfl, ^fi, 'irtCTP^, desire, wish, request, 

look, view, glance. 

n^» ^^ ^rp>r/i ^t?» husked paddy, sifted rice. 

*1^. CT^ t^m, <tr«cpr, ^t(/^, <«rf*»tW^, a turf, loose clod, 

a chief, leader, protector. 

5t^, ^in^inr f^v^t a coarse mat of reeds. 

ilf^, rwt«R, 35^ ^^, to scrape, pare, peel, shave, plane. 

*lRr, i4t^, wft, curled, crimped, crisped ; a curl. [ings. 

*tr^, *trt^,— ^^, ^, nnwi, scrapings, shavings, par- 

#t?, v^, finYt97, the moon. [assessment. 

ipfit irt^, a voluntary subscription, collection, extra 

i?tw^, 5^JW, ^tittn, iwt^*, an awning, an open porti co, 

a moonlight night. 

if1<t, rfB, ^^, 3Pi1, white, clear ; silver. 

168 0t« 

tW\, v«ppv f^f ^tinrt? Pfen, the champaca tree, an ear« 

^T^l, ^SF, nfsm, i^}^V9, a wheel, circle, discus, honeycomb. 
h\^M, ^TWR, ^|<4|IH1^4 •ffl'P^f to taste, try the taste of. 
in^l^^» f^hm^, ^^^>rt^» revolving, turning, going in circles. 
Ft^m, «ropi, ^fW?, ^•fltlfii *tl, C*ftirtfl%, a district, pro- 
vince, estate ; a slice of fruit, bread, &c. 

circular, round. 
vt9^, ^^r^C*t9, a medicinal drug. [a small spindle* 
v^St, rftsl, ^c^^fH ^ilt^ FW, a hand mill, grinding stone, 
Bt^^il, ^tfait'T^^Tt?, brightness, lustre, splendor, brilliancy. 
ST^, r^^, a wafer, lozenge, any flat round body. 
vwe, <fr«/^, •*ni, visible, perceptible, evident. 
»t^^, f>lR, ^^, «T»f«r, ^T^, to come on (as a paroxysm), 

to rise, get up, begin to exert one's self, set 

about, stir. 
rffft^, %>pr, iitwnr, %1?<I, ffcut^, to raise, rouse, stimulate, 

urge to rise, extricate, bring on (as a pa- 

^1, rtvrl,--!^^/, a father*s brother, paternal uncle. 
^1^^, f^^/vrt^, of or derived from a paternal uncle, 
^fwr, ^if^^irsl, 3P^vt^, fickleness, unsteadiness, activity, 

agility, fluidity. 
Ft^, ffc^rtlT?! ?TtW*i,^CTiJf , to lick, to lap. 
Ftf^, wwi ^nrrers, ^^» a kick backwards from an animaU 
Fiflir, C«^/, to be licked or mucked (as certain fruits), 
vt^t Rri^t^/, r9t?, grateful or pleasing words, flattery. 
F|^!i1, ^P?^, the palm or flat of the hand. 
^t^» 'WW, ^'rst^tW, wholly, entirely. 
^f 'iff^rTOl, «1, necessity, hurry, a wrench, a meal. 
M?1, '^, ^^^, wn ^r^w, high, steep, loud, emphatic ; 

the fixing of a bow- string. 
^, «r«ft, ^c^fR" W, a pole for impelling a boat, a lever. 
W, ir^CTi? Wffta^, the track of a fish in the water. 
i?t^lw, ^TW^itCT •pwtw, «rtf%f/«, one of the lowest cast^ an. 


itvp^ ^Httr f^Mir. a species of cuckoo or swallow. 

^, CFt? 91117, f^^ ^7» ^ l^^^d of thieves or evil-mind* 

ed taen, a conspiracy. ' 
vntu, riHN 1(t7, ^t^f r<ff, an enclosed space, a terraced. 

roof, a sheet of water, 
flijfr, iFt^, — »1^, tpRi, Xtlrt, •rtiRs^l, ^iW, craft, cunnings 

deceit^ roguery, cleverness, stratagem, acti- 
vity, female infidelity. [of Hindoos. 

wt^^, ^n^^ Trtl?> of or pertaining to the four classes^ 

5t^, OT/1^3«, ^a?Tti1, ^5W, moon-light, an open porch,, 
an awning. 

^TSf, OPTT^, lunar, belonging to the moon. 

vt<aitf% ^rsf^Pl^, a religious expiatory observance. 

w; ^•^^'^j ^5^^, 't^i a turf,/ clod, lump, burden^. 

block, a bow. 

Ft«i7, 9JF9r» ^tt^, the flat palm, a slap, blow, pat. 

n^tv, ^*t?t7, to slap, to strike with the flat palm. 

^#fir-^«iffr, <rw, ifW^, f9n^, ft^rw^, ^mt^, it^nr, to press 

down, compress, squeeze, smother, quasb^ 
print, imprint, delay^ cover, conceal. 

5W, ¥Wr|, 1^, <tN5, a cover, thatch, a pre^s, a weight. 

n^t «vt^9, w^, curdled, coagulated, in clots. 

^•^W*l, ^Rfym ^J^^, a squatting postilre. [look, wish. 

n?^, CTM, Wltffl t^% W^, ^'IJ^i *<> chew, masticate, 

^T^, ^fi, ^Hl, view, sight, desire,, wish. 

^\im, iHpr, t^iivt^, to shew, persuade, excite desire for. 

5rtt ^swm *tS!, a key. 

^^1^, ^^f 99, a skin, hide, leather, rind. 

W{W, F?H, ^flrwi, 1?^, a spoon. 

VTa^f^, v^jsfWi, a species of small bat. 

ni97,. ^It^t t^, adhesive, sticky, sticking to<. 

Wif?^^f f^FtPT, gristle. 

^n^» t?^t ^^5«>, scurf, dandruff", light and dry wood. 

TORt, WrfWt, — ^ftr^ft, a nit, the egg of a louse. 

Wiif ft^f «*t^ f^rw, a choury or fly -flap, a whisky 

V19HL yg^Kit^ pi^, stinking like a dried skin. 

ITS n^ 

Hif^^K, ^a^S^^^ wrsnvWf interruption of fiiendslrip, a falliny 

out, disagreement. 

T^^9t^, ^t?rr^<t, ^t9^» averse, disgusted, dissatisfied. 

ffe^^^tt^, 1^ 5^ «1^, a falling backwards. 

ftai, J^<, ^, firf^t, fi5»f^, ^''^^» ft%?, Tt^ji?t, ^t"ft<^, 

-sRCrr^?, a picture, drawing, print, map, 
chintz, variegated colour, sectarial mark on 
the forehead, a miracle, surprize, wonder ; 
vadegated, speckled, spotted, fiurpriziog, 
wonderful, captivating. [signer, artist. 

finiw?, ftzs^pj, — l[ft^. ^y*' ^ painter, chintz-printer, de- 

IfesrtJtl, ^, ^ICT? ^WtNi/, Yama, the infernal registrar. 

I^Jir4!^4, ^^?W, chequ3r6d, variegated, of various colours, 

gaudy, tawdry. [Shiva.) 

ftuiwt^ > Trtjf, ^•jftt, W^, the eun, £re, Bhairava, (a form of 

traCTtri, ^niA ^^^^ f^rw, a celebrated female writer. 

BfaiTW, ^<t^^V, the hand palm upwards ; with upturned 

palm. [cucumber. 

•fhH, '^tjrt ftrw, a star in the Virgin's spike, a kind of 

fWti^, CT^^Tl^^it, are^T^, surprising, ravishing, beautiful. 

ftftt^, ft&at, TWir^r, painted, varidgated, chequered, 

spotted, speckled. 

flnrW, «3Krvi, the intellectual soul, spirit. 

fp'aw, wf^Tpr, ^«r, intelligent, wise, amiable, khid« 

hearted, liberal. 

ftinr, wKsr, 'arjr^i, to know, distinguish,, recognize. 

frTpr, wfrpT, «P^, to show, introduce, point out, make 


fi^'^|«tf^,,^t^{i'^1, familiar acquaintance with a person, 

IWt, "rtjl, ft^TOWl?, sugar ; Chinese. , 

f!^«7, ^^, ^!tf<iii1, thoughtful, pondering, anxious. 

ffrf^, ^?^ to think, reflect, meditate, ponder. 

ft«1, %TW1, ^n^, ^^3R5l, PwW, tJW, ^Slft, thought, 

reflection, meditation, recollection, thought- 
fulness, care, anxiety, dejection, grief, trou- 
ble, uneasiness, fear. 

I^St^ H^Stflr^ wtfrs, ^ft^» anxious, dejected, pensire^ 
uneasy, careful. 

INttPl, ^FWf^ 3»Pi ftrw, i?wi, a fabulous gem procuring its 

possessor whatever he wished for» Brahoii. 

tNR, ftn?^, — r^y?^ , f«rt5fr?M, to squeeze out, express^ 

press, wring, wring out. 

fri^^^^i, vv\, to chew, to masticate. 

W^*, fS^, rice wetted, parched and flattened. 

t»\9, 91%, ^^m ^RC^d^^, the chin, the hollow above it. 

ftub^, rtf«i, ttti^51'r, to grasp, adhere, nip, pinch. 

ft«r&1, fi^^, — iirr^^, ^ft^TTrtt, l^, pincers, forceps, nip- 
pers, tongs, a vice, a pinch, spasm, cramp* 

1^^, c^r*{^, ^?^, to stick, adhere, stick close, shrivel. 

t^> tfa(ft,— r<rt^, "sft^, «^, a pod, shell, husk, skin; 

lean, emaciated, dried, shrivelled up.. 

t^?W^, ^^ft^, f^rarsfr, to cause to shrink, to wring out. 

fiTW,-^irtiri ot^tfr, w^^, ^i^«i, to rouse , awaken, stir 

up, stimulate, make plain. 

^^» tHw, — 'rt^^, «F5t^, ^flt^, awakened, roused, sti- 
mulated, alive, active. 

ft?, ^^, ?^^t«ilf«r, 1^1, long, of old ; old, of long 

standing-, long, ancient ; a rent or tear. * 

Rwifti*, fiiwt^, — <ll*tf*l*, ^[srrs'r, 4tt(ifHf(t$t, long-con* 

tinued, inveterate, chronic, ancient, old, 
lasting, perennial. 

frjn, ^R?3r, ^ir^, to tear, rend, break, lacerate, rip up« 

fti^t, fty^r, — ^T^, a comb, a carding instrument. 

lljl, %iM^f — ^f^tftw, ^[St^'T, of long standing, old, 

ancient, antique. 

ft>l» ^it^tft ^iwt, the Indian kite or black falcon. 

1N9, ^9fi!9t, the bowl of the Hooka. 

IN^Ik, «t^, a wash-hand basin. 

tNl, ftrsf ^S^ ^, the small room or turret covering 

the stair-case of a house. 

ftw, (N*i#t, npirt^, nftst^nv, the kite, a aore eye; 

sore-eyed, blear-eyed. 

174 f^^r 

lif^, ♦tlW, «ICTW, ^"IW, ^W*, 'W, a signal, standard, 

token, sign, mark, badge, speck, spot, stain, 
trace, vestige, scar. [pointed. 

M^f fi^^f W^if marked, appropriated, fixed, ap* 

ft7, ^^ fim, a kind of deer, a sort of millet, China. 

it^^, <snf^f^ ^S^"nr, a scream* outcry, loud cry. 

fWt, "W, "Wsl, sugar. 

^f ^^3 ^> r7^> |9f cloth, clothes, the dress of u 

devotee, a rag, old cloth, bark. 

#tC ^^, fcftl', split, divided, rent. 

f^, ^^7, — ^9<i, ^^i^H, to leak, ooze, issue, flow out* 

^^^^9 *Tf^9 ^^> to burn away, be burned or calcined. 

f!'' %^' "^5' "l!^' ^TprpP* a mistake, error,, blunder, 

oversight, transgression ; Indian sorrel. 

1?^^, •tt^nr, to whet, sharpen, set an edge. 

v^^, ^1^, ijT^^^i. to mistake, err, blunder, do wrong. 

^^pr, Pr^WT, ft^, to decide, adjust, settle, end, con- 
clude, terminate. 

V^' B5|f|ft9l, — f^% glossy, shining with oil, &c. 

^^9 f^P>ft ^^^f a bargain, agreement, adjustment. 

^f "^nrtt^, "m^Pi, Indian sorrel ; sourness ; acidity, 

acid seasoning. 

^, i?«t, — ^^5^ fg!^i the nipple. 

Ijft, WW, ^, ^ftw, ^irt?. 'TpSt a socket, mortise hole, 

cup, stand, a tube, pipe, water-pipe. 

\^, aitiM, to strike, smite, hit. 

^^tf^» "^9 1^ little, trifling, despicable, [a handful. 

f^^, It^ttfT^^^, ^S^, ^^, a ring for the toes, a mouse, 

^, ^t^ir? ^^?^^f a bracelet of ivory or horn. 

^^f ^f >^^» ^P^, small, diminutive; a ruby or 

emerald. [bre, the anus. 

l^f ^g^» — ^|Mt^, tn^iPpr, the vagina, pudendum mnlie- 

¥^>nr, ^nF» nti^^iHf, to chuse, pick, select, pucker. 

f^» ^^tPif <t^> silence; hush I be silent 1 peace! 

^^, ^^oi srtv^, to strike oi: smite with a sword, &c. 

\^p ^, a basket. 

ffr 175 

|W, fraR, to imbibe moisture, sihk (as paper). 

55sr, fjlt^, %!^f to dip, plunge, immerse. 

5?^» |T^, — ^ *t«^, fTI W«^, to kiss, give a kiss. 

1*1, f^, — CT^"^^ '^imjl ^irtft ^^K a kiss. 

5IJJ, rwt^ f*rw, a sip, sipping^ [nut. 

^$t, ^tl)c<Kil# c^M, the spatha or sheath of the cocoa- 

IJf^, "CI^HRiOi^ vT^, a chirping to a bird, a coaxing. 

5JI'« fJlWt^, il*^, f^, ^rt*^, W^, 'ft'F^ ^l^tWi^, 

vioftF^, a kisser, lecher, rogue, the load- 
stone, an index, abstract, summary, short 
hand, a general scholar ; laconic, drief» 
concise. [mountaineers. 

f?t?, •Oyi^SI, a mountaineer, si savage, the western 

^ J, ^'Mt*!j^^^«f, a cigar. 

1^, Z^, the hair of the head, a lock of hair, [place, 

5^. 5iit. — ^^'Tt^, ^^, a portable hearth, furnace, fire- 
s', V9tw\, H^, 9^, the hand hollowed to hold water, 

a handful of water, mire, mud. [iust. 

V^^f 5^^> — WCT'^, 5PtiRl, an itching sensation, itch, 

n^, 7tri[7, ^rmt^, to itch, to scratch. 

fH^t^, 9ti?7, 7^ ^S^> an itching, the itch, a pimple. 

1^. '?«^. c?ft97tC9>n, a lock of hair, a curl. 

SJ^I, P««i. ^, fickle, inconstant, thoughtlessly chang- 
ing, active, sprightly. 

Wi, |F^, — ^fc^ c^l^, ^5*tJt the nipple. 

f^, »p%tinnw «r«r ntur, Mtifl, 'j^, the first tonsure of a 

Hindoo, the lock of hair left on the crown,, 
a peacock's crest, a plume, crest, diadem, 
peak, top of a mountain, summit, pinnacle, 
a room on the top of a house, a kind of 
bracelet. [termination. 

s^, fmtV, m» a conclusion, decision, issue, result, 

^nA. fHCTtn, c<a|t, a crest-jewel, gem in- a diadem ; in 

comp. eminent, chief. 

|f??1, 'Rf^t •f ifj^» a mantle or wrappeV. 

¥|t, ^n% a bracelet of gold, silver or lac. 

17ff Vf^ 

5^1 ^**t, — f^'i^lJJf? «TI, lime, powdered lime. 

I^^T^it, lWRW»f, plaister, mortar of sand and lime. 

f**t|t, 5<it^^r^fr!W, a lime-burner. 

I?* ^(t53''P, ^rt5^, the mango tree or its fruit. 

^9 ^, — ^11, ^«^, a powder, fragment, crumb ; pulre-- 

rized, pounded, crumbled, broken, bruized. 

f^i ?Jlrai> — ^^•C ^^^f^Pntl, V9, quite full, running over,. 

quite drunk, intoxicated. 

55*» nfft^ %fWl, <^W2|^*1|JfM, a prose exposition of a 

preceding verse, the maintaimng of a thesis^ 

^«w, li^, tt%'5r, to pulverize, bruise, break, crumble^ 

pound, pound to powder. ^ 

s^Hf 5<twr?rl ?nprt<i, to suck, suck up. 

^, ^PrtfiW? ^^fttfear, a coral &c. for teething children. 

l#B^-^«rPr, #t^^PT3«, ^^^% to scream, bawl, rave, vociferate^ 

speak loud. [expanded. 

V^^flM r^t^, «PW, «Wf?r5, a lad, a boy ; wide, spread out, 

C^W?Ift, ^^^Tttir, childishness, boyishness. 

n^'TT^, ^^, a broad flat basket. 

t^-?s, '^^j, ifTJT, a servant, a slave. 

r5^-^,. ^«rr>i^ lXc*W, a mat of palm leaves. 

c^fefT, ^:srt5, C^i^, broad and flat, wide, patent, (as a disfc);. 

t^p Z^ — irPft, a female servant, a slave girl. 

iw^, n^, ^»<», 'J^*, ^P?r5»t, young, full-grown ; the palm 

or the back of the hand. 

t5^, ^Tf. W)1W, C9l?T, manhood, adult age. 

115^1 H| I'f^M, VTR, to provoke, exasperate, fret, irritate. 

r^, ^, fiwitf'T, •ttr^, if, though, perhaps, lest. 

t^^, V^f ^1%t the mind, the understanding, intellect, 

the reasoning faculty. 

W^W, #?, wt^, ff«, ''f^^, WTt(l ^^, the soul, under- 
standing, intelligence, wisdom, reflexion, 
idea, feeling, sensation, an animal being, a 
sentient or rational being. 

iwr, ^SJFfsr, «rWr, <o convince, cause to learn ornotic^ 

make to attend to a thing. 

«t«r fill 

wwi, ^It^ Tt^, «Wfr, •wK ^twrt, wtw? ^ra'f i^> 

life, sensation, feeling, admonition, advice, 
caution, warning, stimulus or excitement, 
reason, wisdom, intelligence. 

IwtT, «r^f^«r9n^, •ftWsr, ^pr, «rRT^, to stimulate, 

excite, stir up,' convince, make to feel, 
awaken* admonish. [scratch. 

I53[«i-^«i, ^n?^, fiirt?«i, to tear, split, cleave, break, 

c^, 7T?1, 7^T9^, torn, split, cleft ; a scratch, a rag. 

c^, ^, clothes, cloth, a garment. 

cjjRl, ^^ f^rw, a sort of cloth. 

cwrt, ^Rnf*»? nw^ ^«<, Hf/, r^itf, ^, one adopted by 

a religious mendicant, a disciple, mate or 
assistant, a chip of wood. 

C53lt^, ^n^, ^^f", to hew, to chip. 

CFftr, <1^^ f^rw, silken cloth. [washed. 

C5^^, ^^^^^nm, the water in which rice has been 

i^i^, ^W?«i, '•iCT^^i, 'irtFV^l, «R« ?«^, to endeavour, 

strive, take pains, labourer engage in. 

^il, ^, ^^, <alw, ^rtflPP Vt<lt?, ^Cf5«rt, application, 

endeavour, pains, effort, labour, search, pur^ 
suit. [rious, strenuous, active, zealou^i 

iF^it^, a^iwpr, — "tr^W, ^Wt'tt, engaged in, eager, l^l^o- 

ofi^, «r^^, <at^, %f^i, engaged in, laborious, sought^ 

laboured after, endeavoured. 

w, irtlfp ftrw, rt5t^, a species of pepper. 

w^'w/, c^xRl, i8t4, ^«ff^, tfpn^, ^WPiRl, «ifnf^, ^iWW# 

sensation, feeling, life, activity, knowledge, 
an awaking from sleep, excitement, caution, 
warning, stimulus, the soul, spirit, God as 
the essence of all sensation, &c. 

wi/, i4tn9 ^S ^^, the sacred tree of a village. 

t^» ^TC^^ <2r«nr a7tf> the first spring month, Cuvera's 


^*1^1^, l^twj ^ifiif, the jaw-bone. [drop as fruit, &c# 

c^^, W9%'^^> to ooze, leak out, drip, distil, fall or 


178 tm 

xSpftin, ^tt9^, ftftn, xfn^f to parch, calcine, bum to 

^^-1f *tj, rwrw, strong in flavour, strong as liquors. 
^^^* ^^^1 '•rt^^, »wrt^, desire, delight, eonsplacence, 

pleasure, approbation. " [edge. 

iFprt^, fii^, f^MtiRi •TTwr, to settle, adjust, whet, set an 
^W^T, C5T<T^, — ^Tt^^, to set, whet, strap as a razor, &c. 
^t^ trww, m<tw,— rjj, '^Ktj, HtPro, keen, clever, 

sharp, well-set, whetted. [bark of a tree. 
vfX^^ CFt^, — ItCT? ^«flr^ V^f, ^<H, the fibroiis or inner 
t^i^H, ft9 wT^y W)f^1 tfW^, to strip off seeds, to strain 

in running, to run hard. 
tfl6t< ijflff, full of long woody fibres, [young woman. 
».WW1, ^»r, 'rtft, ^^n, a tube, spout, barrel of a gun, a 
V^y ^rprr5, m, 'W, t^rtqr, a blow, stroke, wound, bruize, 

a fall, a hurt. 
tH^f ^^1?, exorbitant interest, usury. [wound, 

til^r**, cJrt^W*!, «n?«i, iiW^, to strike against, smite, hurt, 
l^^il, ^tttft? ^3r, the urine of a beast, or ludicrously of a 

man, an ill-scented vetch. 
CFf^pr, ^^r«i»Jif?^, ^p^% to pass urine, make water. 
CUMH, ^tf^, to select, pick, choose. 
WW, ^•BnwM, a blow or stroke from a weapon. 
W^tt^, ^JUm^H, to cause to strike with weapon. 
W^«i-^<|, |fl5^, tVn^, to imbibe, moisture, sink, be- 
come soft and moist, 
wr^l, ft^, the rind of fruit, peel, tegument. 
W?, •Rraprrwrtlt, Winw, a thief, robber, house-breaker. 
W?f^, ^ftwtiwf^, m^wl, a peep-hole. ^ 
tHi^^Tl, tbjik^i^, — vSt'^^t^f, a prickly-seeded grass trou- 
blesome to pedestrians. 
Wf?1, "^Wl!^, tl«, ^<r9H, stolen, clandestine, silent, pri* 

, vate, hidden, unperceive'd. 
nW«, rFfif, — ^^fh, ^•nt?, theftr^thievery, robbery. 
wir«t< ^m^*t«, tl«trt9, a pitfal. 
1?twi-«, ^iw^^WfM, fitififs, a secret blow, assassination. 

cn?nitli» IMIirffi iN|il4lfltl^> ^ quick-sand, [fleece* extort* 

nrti^, ^^ntf{ f9(Pn% ^nr^t^, to Buck, imbibe, wrings 

t^\fVff ^Hft^, a tribe of western mouutaineers. 

Wfflii, ^^nm ^1^, the jaw-bone. 

wt, F^», Bift, in comp : four. 

c^, c^rsi, nf| ^^, the eye ; four panas. 

t^9-1, Ftf|[C9t^ ^ft^Fft^, a square spot for cooking on. 

c^fi, l^lWff,-^^'iWir^» ^f J^ftirqfirt iWW, circumspect, 

Tigilant, watchful, cautious, attentive, clever, 

square, level, even, flat 
wl^ft, Z^iWwA, — ^^ •tt^, wlWlH'Sl, ^(^tnt^, vigilance, 

caution, watchfulness, attention. [log. 

c^^, Wtcrt F|f)(^, f^, a door frame, threshold, square 
c^t^m, c^nort ftc<iv, a four-pronged harpoon. 
^, ttjT^, ntw\, •^^ iVI, a bench, chair, guard, watch, 

station ; a guarding, keeping watch. 
c^ll^f ^fid^f T'Pff ^^^t ^ watchman ; a mode of reckon- 

i9g by fours or panas. 
c^^-1, ^«if, c^^^l fourth, the fourth, 
cr.w, c^iJt, w^,— w^t*^, Wtfl, a fourth, a quarter. 
c^.71. ^ <riv, ^Ftn, broadr wide. 
^kft^f ^f^* <nt7» width, breadth. 
^^f 9^^^m t<>» chief of four, (a title of honour.) 
C^ll^» c^t^l^,— ^micvt^ ¥rr*tt3l, square (as a bottle;) a 

case bottle. 
c^Hl^, c^^itlt,— i^, V^SX^ a school or college, 
^•ttf , i^l^ttf^ — ♦tiff, ^wp, |ri, a die, dice, 
ci^nnrt, v^^, ^9f a quadruped ; four footed (whether 

thing or animal.) [litter. 

C^HM, v^5^ nc^, a sort of palkee or bridegroom s 
i^r«t^, fW, v^, handy, clever, active, versatile. 
c^l^Oivt, v^lf^^ ^ttQ, ^ti, Mm^ff a square pit or cistern, a 

vat, a well. 
vh, Vtl, IMtOir, a thief, robber, housebreaker. 
9^^ vpif^f IH^, smooth, even, level, flat. 
^ iWr.— 0r, ^W^tt, theft, robbery, burglary. 


180 war 

^, •M/v, ^i, •tl^; ^•(1^, ftlff, ftw, ^rtj> dismissed, 

fallen from, shed, dropped, oozed out, freed, 
void of; a mango. [release, leave. 

Fit*, W?n, "ftllfr, ftirt?, an oozing, dropping, freedom. 


v^, •r5?rw? wfir, the chequer of a chess-board; a square. 

f3r?1, "W9, ^trft, a cart, a wheel carriage. 

H^-^, ^^, '•W, a he goat. 

f^, iW^, r«ftvl, ^?»n3r*l, ^f"; light, lustre, splendor, 

radiance; a straight Kne, an assemblage, 
number, multitude. 

f^, CTW? WtT'lt^, the sixteenth part of a seer. 

ifiv^^, flff^, •W^, f^^, to slip from, desert, with- 
draw, run away, to fall as s6ed from the 
capsule or seed-vessel. 

'^^y f^»^«i, s5i^ np^M, ^H[^«i, to squeeze, press 

or force but, shoot a marble ^c, to expel, 
cause to withdraw, ftc. 

l&T^^, «F?,^9t^, '•iTWR, ♦tr?!? ^>^, to struggle for liber- 
ty, flutter, toss about in pain. 

f?, T^^ ^<t^» a spear, a scratch. • 

^s^y *FWr5l«R, ♦l^, f^fet^, *^^f[tW^*1 ^It^^, toskin an 

animal, fall as seed, sprinkle, sti^ggle. 

ipypr, ft^fr, %7R, ^«rt<i, ^*pr, ^fJT'f, to scatter,- throw 

about, strew, sprinkle, disperse, squander, 
dissipate, sow seed, loosen, free. 

15^, nHlw* ^^, ?t«i1, f^, ^•rf? tWf, ^*Wvir, a prose 

comment, a string of beads, shot, a sprink- 
ling, a bunch of plantains, waste. 

^E^tPnrt, ^Wfft, ^Tff^» ^W?, wasteful, lavish, disorder- 
ly ; a skinner. 

1^, ^1^ ^«, ^«11, a switch, twig, cane, scourge. 

lar, ^?pW3r, ijt^, an umbrella, a fungus, teushroom, 

mould, mouldiness. 

^ 181 

ipiwr, ^^W, 1^, ?fl»/^*^, ^"^^ widowhood^ a forlora 

condition, loss of empire, anarchy, indepen- 
dence, wilfulness. 

f3ft, m^ta, ifvrftf ^35PlW^, a bed- tester, awning ; having 

an umbrella. [custom. 

^« *its1, ^Pf, ^t1^, a blade of grass, a leaf, habit, 

^. ?rrtFtW', the roof of a house. 

f9r, ipsrwi— rw, i^^rsl, ^w^, a disguisor concealment, 

covering, craft, device, trick. 

^WPSt, ^«1^, 3M^r^, wearing a disguise, crafty; a pre* 

tender, hypocrite, aetor, player. -. 

V^, WW, ^w, Wf, ♦nrt?, verse, poetry, the VedSs/a 

line in verse, cadence, mcitre. -* 


f^, •»/, WW, poetical metre, the l/^edas and tlei? metre. 

Wt^^, CTWTi'Y, a reciter of the Vedas. 

^, ^■rtnEtflW, tl^, Ptjw, ^Nw, covered ii concealed, dfecref, 

private, sofitary, mad, tbblish. [tester. 

l[<t?, Ft«», ^irt'^tipr, a sloping thatCh; roof, covering, bed- 

vfir, «t*5l^. ll?ar, #tt^, riWI, a portrait, picture, paint- 
ing, beauty,' splendour, biHHancy, iig;ht* 

^, ^^, six. 

^'i ^, %^t?, a vomiting, reaching; 'belching. 

1^, i[«R1,— ^ifpft, vife, rp||r; «ir3t?^1, «Wlit*i^H, a stra- 
tagem, device, trick, scheme, plot, pretence, 
artifice, fraud, roguery, a seeking for faults.- 

^irt^, ^, ^, ?W^, ^t^'WCHH^t , a cheat, swindler, im- 
postor; suspicious of fraud or trick in an- 
other, [defraud, impose upon. 

iWr, ifTBT?*!, ^4^1 •!, ^jrp^, to use stratagems, &c. cheat, 

f*, «W?^, ^, ^, deceiving, cheating ; a sharper, 

a cheat, a blotch or scab. 

H, 'Vn^, the young of an animal. , 

^t^, v^, ashes. 

It^ WRFl, WJfl^, a whip, the spray or beating in of rain. 

in%4t, W^, CTC^/? ^*tttw, v^fivt, a camp, encampment, 

barrack, an awning. 

182 ftw 

ft^f ^<(tt%MV« to thutch, to rooC to bottom n chair icc^ 

with cane, 
ft^^f ^dii9, a child, a young child. [pi:ank8. 

ff^fil, ^tiRF^, C^M, childhood, childishness, puerility. 
Iff *T?*i, ^SJ^W^ ^^mnm\n\m*<^ to strain, filtrate, 

drain a tank of its fish. 
It^Pr, m^t, VPSt, a strainer, sieve, sieve-net. 
Vm, V9l, Pnif^i ^rw» fvMl^t, strained, clear, innocent, 

free from crime. [ing mould. 

iftF, tf^Pff^, tff^M^, a likeness, image, copy, a cast* 
iflffe^, ^tfw€t. the eaves of a house. [one. 

ifl^, 9#7, ^FlVin, to lop off, trim, pass by or neglect 
lfl9> 1^» vfinnvil, poetical metre, milk and water. 
lilRV, mwmn ^rrww, to tie a cow's leg^ while milking, 
ift^-n, ^"W. ^^. a goat. 
It^WMtf^yi* ^^W/t9tiV9, 11^, cohabiting promiscuously 

and incestuously, lecherous. 
^> *IWf^» ^^'^f a switch, a brush of leaves. 
1^, 9^, 9t?7, to clip, lop, trim, thresh. 

ffjw, frofW, ^iwr, cftflrt wt^, c^ttvw, i^rr^^y ♦wt?^» to 

leave, relirfquish, cast off, forsake, abandon, 
desert, divorce, abstain, forego, leave off, 
surrender, depart, abate, liberate, loose or 
let go, discharge, pardon, withdraw from. 

Hm, vl^Oi^, t^, f5Rl, f«R^, ^ftt„ except, saving, be- 
sides, without; abolition, relinquishment, &c. 

iWr, ^^^, CTtw, 1%cw*t^ ^W*rr?*if twt^, to set at liberty, 

rescue, extricate,discharge, disperse, dismiss, 
cashier, disband, eject, remove, detach from. 

ftv» i^t^lt^, tbe flat roof of a house, a terrace, [breast. 

^(Til ^Vti*t<l, ^npti[v, an umbrella, fungus, mould, the 

m(f$p H*, — ^^itwai, \5f , nt^, an umbrella, the breast, 

bosom, boldness, courage. 

ftf; i^tfllf^^, barley meal, the meal oi various pulse. 

mif ftv» PBittVf a scholar» pupil, disciple, tyro. [fish. 

^S^^B *^^n^» >itipr, ftv^, to knead, work, mould, drag for 

fM 183 

im, •tn«, cftinnr, ^rrfNrt, the young of animais, « youiig 

bird, curds. 
vHt» ^, a film, speck or cataract, on the eye*. 
li"«P». acw?, c4.«, t«rt*!r, WitVt^W, pertaining or pecii«i 

liar to the Vedas, a teacher of them, [cloth. 
^^* ^^» ifff a stamp, die, press, block for printing 
fW^. ^IPr^, ^*'^» V^» ^VPr, to print, stamp, im- 
print, impress ; to skulk, lurk, abscond, splash 

up, overflow. 
ft*(?» W^f i|^f a thatched roof, bed-tester, ftc. 
ff^fpr, i^amJt^, ft^w, ^t«r, %«ir, to publish a book, to 

conceal or suppress, secrete, dissemble, to 

Wt^f ^Vlt?V/ concealed, suppressed. 
Cr?pr, ^j^ii^ t ir^ ^ff[% to cause or order to thatch a house 

or to bottom a chair. 
fT?W, ^W^, a child . . 
ft?l. cibsiVT^t ^iWPlff ^fWif, ^'/♦rtitf a shade, shadow, 

covert, refuge, protection, support, a ra^ 

fleeted iuiage, an apparition, a petticoat, the 

wife of the sun. 
ftltr^* fWrtrs, — ^^iRtvt, shady, umbrageous. 
WWm», ^t?t? ♦tflnit^it?! twii fkwn\ the measurement of 

time by the shadow. [pet animal. 

lt?W^, «m^Wi, ^tft^W, attending one like a shadow, a 
fT?twi^f, fr|^<n|MPl(pr, a space with an awning for shade. 
Vi, vw^, ^m^, ^rRefir, ^^nwm^ vile as ashes, abomina- 
ble, hateful, unlucky, 
ftl^. «Vlt^, irt%H, ^i, a heap of ashes or ruins, ruin, 

wretchedness ; ruined, wretched, 
mww, <n^wif, *^, a bug. 
^ni, f9, nf, bark, peel, husk, skin, rind, leather. 
fPW, ^nfir, sauce. [for the toe. 

^WW, sv^, D^Mi^iH ftrtir, a marriage awning, a ring 
fM, ««i, ^flliin, ^, a sack, bag, wallet or pair of pan* 

nien, &c. 

184 ifr 

^tfdlfl, wtM9f a child p 

f^, f^, — ^?CTT<* "rtf , fie I for shame ! 

f^^^, flE^,— ?F5l, 'JiW, a link, a chain. 

t^^^w-^rt^, wrypr, ^rtvr, . iftwtw, to link, tie together, 

suspend by a string or noose, 
nnn, iftft, a sneezing. 

fi|^, 1M5r,^^, ^rP1«, chihtz, a balance, a remnant, 
fi^-^'lt^, fVt^, Prtt?«l, ^♦R, to sprinkle, scatter, sow 

seed, make lattice- work. 
fw6\, T^, ^«i1, a drop, an atom, small shot. 
fV^^4M-^«(t^, «irw^, P^ W«^, fft^, f^^, to jerk, spout 

up, spatter, sprinkle, rebound, fly up. 
f^^^, ft^, ^T^, ^W, a sling, noose, slip-knot, trap, 
f^, ?3t ^y WP^, a hple, fissure, crack, rent, flaw, 

blemish, fault, defect, the eye of a needle, 

a bore, slit, incision. [hold of. 

f^^, ?C«r ^% ^j% to seize, take by force, detain, lay 
I^^TPr, ^1 Tf^tT, c^^tw, to strike or run against, 
ftt^t^f VAns\ 5|^, a strumpet,.harlot, whore. [lotry. 

l^?rWffft, ^^iW c^*trtftr, whoredom in a woman, har- 
f^^rtt, ^^X a whore, whorish, relating to harlotry, 
f^, trf^^, ft»t«C ft5» cut, cut down or off, divided, 

split, perforated. [ing her own bloocL 

flBRll. ^W^ft^ ^nr#^tl^ ^f^, the decapitated Kdli driok- 
1k% ?^t^ ^[pR^^ ^, a fishing rod. 
ft?lt. i^, ^X a stopple, stopper, cork. [press, 

ll5^R-^*rt^, ^^s TR^, to conceal, hide, keep close, sup- 
I^J^f tlp(>ft, — ^9X ^^W, a legume, pea-pod, bean-shell, 

&c., an orphan. 
npf, TixTt, f^, a legume, a kidney bean, 
f^^, rwri, c^tPrT, tfEm, rind, peel, skin, bark, husk, 
f^lR, ll^WwlIT, to peel, skin, strip off bark or husk . 
T^, «l/1, W, a bow string. 
ft«R, ^JkM, the bowl of a hooka or Indian pipe, 
^Rtl, ^^,— ^R/1, Ttfiwi, a.girl. 
i(p, ^^, ^, ?rHiirtl*, a needle, a thatchijjg skewer. 

CI* 185 

fpTt ^» il|\lfkif - ' AiL the (Sftufrk rat; 

^nw, ^^rrir, pointed, sharp-pointed. 

^tiF*itsir,:%r¥irt]W. «ttryH«i*t» .vtQ JgtED, Ik^a the swatch. 

k' ^^' — ^^Mt, t^«w, to touch, tofeel. 

^, *nifw« 4if^'9:«^, to jttn away, escape, to break 
loose, to fly as a shot from a. gun &c. 

^n, fft99K, ofiftn, to. loocDoa, Jaberate, let go^ dispel. 

I^t ^^IPT/ KTir^ 'liberatioD, exemptioA« [a pedlar* 

Ig^tnm, ^^ JVCnAy smaU,|>edliDg4 dealiug in small wares ; 

^, WF9tf*f ^it?, f^^, f^Rrtui dttchaarge, release, dis- 
mission^ leave, furlough, cessation from work* 

fp, <4^pr, etrf^^, to liberate, throw, pdU ouU shoot. 

^f avtft, ir^, contagion, infection, ^communication. 

f>M, T^rtm, fif, a pretence, excuse, artifice, cenceahnent. 

^, ^, <(ar, m^fi99, a sharper, «windler, deceiver. 

^♦nr, ^•pr, wf ^«i, ^T?^, to press <lown, prevail over, 

exceed, surpass. 

^f ^^>--^ ^n^c^ ^, a kiaife, a penknife. 

^, FWfr, nrnt^f t*f» scurf, dry scurf, dandruff. 

1?T?1, twf?j tjbe 4ate fruit. . - i ^ . 

rit, 1^, fie ! avaunti [sation. 

tff, t^9^f — ^^Wj, ft?t?, ah interval, intermission, ces- 

Cl?, ft^^, C^, ?[^, ^iRR, ^, a dividing, a cut, tear, 

bole, crack, the eye of a needle, an interval, 
a space between words, a pause. ^ • 

i^rw, ^Ft^, ftj^, w[^, CTipr, ^nnr. to cut, tear, break, 
. ddivide, JsJit, bore, perforate^ mutilate, slay. 

^f sn^ m» ftF3l, a hole, perforation, needle's eye, slit, 
. . crack, rent, tear. 

WPrt, -^^t'lNFl, curds. 

tin, ^ij, ^, f^ftj^, saliva, spittle. [ftint, babe. 

t^S^, np^/1— ^rtii^, hHrtI, ^Wff'*, a child, boy,. maid, in- 

I3|1*I1W, npi/ltir,— ;H'WW,r . UnffeHw, childhood, infancy^ 

chUdishness, pettishness. 

cft, ^m, fMt «tt9ll^, a goat, the spots on a deer, &c. - ' 

Cf(Hfl» 9fPw9t MM, speckled, spotted; 

A a 


rlt^R, ^"»t^, irr W, to feci, to touch, to comfe in contact 

with, reach to. [lass. 

V!pf?\i nEWft,~^5t»W, ^ltt*Wl, m. 4r/. a boy, a girl, a lad, a 
If t^, ^^^, ^^, ^, 'Pf'*, small,' little, trivial, petty, 

common, vulgar, mean, low, short/ narrow^ 

humble, younger. 
rct^*^Rt^, Vt?7, to loose, let free, emit, discharge, shoot. 
OR^irl, ^^i^frtsl, ^wir, »r»»tWr, the younger wife as ad- 
'^ dressed by the children of an elder ; Lakshmi, 

riches, wealth.. 
c ^f ^ ir, ^^tfd ^fc^^f to shoot, fire, discharge a shot. 
CTfT^?P^. Wft? ^ftftf. a key. 

CfT^t, ^lytl^ ft^t a stain, the mark of vegetable juice* 
C^^ttw, ^qnv^, to print cs^licoe$, stain, mark. 
r^T^Fyi, ^ntltwmflRr Ifi, cirt^,, the riod of a Qocoa vr betel 

nut, a plantain peeL 
tft?!, ^flwi, w^, a knife, stiletto, 
r^t^, ^» Wff, fruit-skin^ rind, peel, integument. 
CftWf, . W|, a citron, a Ume, 
nfR, ^t9 c^t^R, to peel, skiui pare, scrape. 
t^at^ M7, gram or corn for horses. 
9l». f^ ni» fiel for shame I 

m^ vrrs, ^^^nr, affix : produced or descended from, born, 

arisen, caused. 
m^^, ^^f fW, ^Iflrtt, the world, the universe, the earth 
; . . or its inhabitants, mankind. [verse. 

w^rtFWT?, ^, WSV^, the air, wind, the support of the uni- 
0^nrW, fiMtnf^, l^^OirW, Vishnu or the Lord of the world, 
wtr, iffv, ^fSr, a place, situation, spot. 
m^. ^ler-v, Ko^n, 9r^% the hip and loins. 
V^^/i H^0 "vrw, i4)i7jast, ultimate, low, vile, base, vulgar. 
virwiv, 9fV^, «n3» youngest,, iow-born, mean ; a shiidra. 
vwn; ^K^^frf^MS, locomotive, moveable, having motion* 

removeable. . ' 

wr«. ^'W* ^ff ^w, ^iSNA w«tf, Mfild, d^serl; waste; 

a desert, forest, wilderness, the. weeds &c. 

oyeminning a garden. 
«W«rt^, •ll^v, ^^, desert, wild, uncultivated, waste. 
writ, ^'r;, wild, sylvan,, growing wild, untamed. 
«rwt«r, ^W, "sitf^, a limit, boundary, rice- balk, ridge, 
oriil, ^, ^nf^ the thigh, the leg. 
^KWm, ^tjvttft, a quick walker ; marching well. 
^if^^f vT^^ft^^tipr im, short drawers, breeches. 
9tft^, ^vt^V^f ^^^f %^*lt^> rubbish, sweepings, a nui- 
sance, disorder, confusion, misfortune, 
vsyn^, ^It9*l7l, ^fBlf^TU intricate, confused, troublesome. 
«^» ^t< l c^< f yft^^#* t, the long matted and tangled 

hair of a devotee or ascetic. 
«iWi, 9rw^, C'lt^'i^f , a crowd, multitude of people. 
^, wX^^scW, ^^f^R^ ^nf^, the matted hair of Shiva 

and of ascetics, a fibrous root, the long flower 

stalks of the palm. 
«^iv^, f«mai f^^>ec4^l , the matted hair of Shiva, &c. . 
^Ki, 1^, w?t^, Shiva, a devotee ; having matted hair. 
^i?t, wlT^^ — «i^«ct|t, wearing the hair matted and 

clotted as an ascetic. 
1^, iFSj, — ^ftsf, ffe^, a freckle* mark, spot. 
«^j, ^^j, m&, the belly, the bowels, the womb. 

3|»r, ^tl^^jjil, i^tupid, heavy, idiotic, decrepit, 
inactive, motionless, sluggish, cold, frigid, 
chilly, benumbed, crowded, collected, heap- 
ed together, shrivelled, contracted ; a root, 
origio, source, first cause. 

'JTpr, CT^^, ^t*^"«< , CTt^TK, to wrap or wind round, clasp, 

cling, v^rithe, overlay, plate metals, set jewels. 

«7T€, CTtTt^, the plating of metols, overlaying. 

*^, t'^^% VfVf, 5n|fir5, ^^, ^P^i, set with gems, 

studded, crowded, contracted, frozen, uttered 
thick, sputtered, inarticulate. 


1S# mF 

«M, ^«1, •Bl, ^imFW, ^rftjtfi^^/, VWti; stupidity, 

idiocy, decrepitude, numbness^ stiffness, con- 
gelation, a frozen state; .. , . . 

«^«fl^< ^ill^f viscid, tenaeious,. sticfay. . 

V|, m^ irt^, 1ae,red animalidye..^' ^ ^: 

Vf^t ^> 1^, ^» lac dy€, a^safoeitidft,. a ftedcLs^ spot. 

imin, fBmt^Sf^, a freckle; a iiMnrkim tha: dnn: 

m^^ ^/^» l«ll9, a person, iAdividjral/fiivfi^inHnkind^ 

wm mm^. f^, ^^ff^^ producii)g;.ca«sibgi begetting; 

a fother, ancestor. 

•nrot, WWH|r» ft^, jR, tfPiW, a .multitude^ crowd, 

throng, mob, mankind, 'a* mwmxr; talk, re- 
port, declaration, disclosure; r ! 

wmn, ^«««lf^, ^o«r, birtb^ production; race; iineage. 

wp(^, SRf^fdH, — vtvt, a mother* 

W(^, UMf Bt9«n« a country, region, pronnce;. 

wi9t*v4, nit^, 'i^/ ^^, people, men. 

SRjpi, w#f^, — flfW'Fit, ^^, <t/tf^, a report; rtimout, fame. 

wmMtW, ^^1l^4m\t^ ^sfm^, a division of tbe universe; 

the paradise of good men. [caused. 

wtfk^, «rf«, %^^, tC!^' produced, born,; occasioned, 
^^, an animal, a brute. 
%*^lWr, ^♦nr, birth, production^ rrauit,\CTop. 

snptVf ^VTvtf^^i ^V, inherent, from the birth, hereditary. 

snpr, nvit«^, f<J«'', ^^^t i?«ir, ^«ifR^, to be born, to be 

produced or caused, to spring, arise, result, 
proceed from; 

tlirvjr, ^^jrti9, vit«7» transformation, a second birth. 

mcnttc, ^4n^^<lt » lw, vw% thediscfaarge of alUhe duties of 

life, death. 

siVt^, smcf^^, ^♦IWf^j.^^i apw, tfWWw, to beget, pro- 

duce, bear or bring forth, cause, create, 
. ocoasion, propagate, indent 

srvtil, ?mt^ ^dff^, born blind, blind from the birth. 

SR/, ^n, oq^ i[ii, oatase,; motona, reason, occasion. . 


«pr;, iirf>», ^ft?w, on accoxintof, fer, bMsen]M^tff» fc*tte» 

sake 6f, in order to. 
m, fpt^ twnwsi, frequent repetition audibly o# 

otherwise of the name of a deity. 
WT, •j^x w^HTCyi t fji q^, to repeat the name of a- dei Cjp 

in ihe use of a rosary, to mutter prayers^, 
vt^. w'WWl,— ^mft, ^?wwi; a rosary or bead-roll. 
v^> one* ^I^Mmr, a foteigner, a^ Muisulmati^ GreecK 
w^. «t^f, ^'fl^Wir, W^» shew, pomp, parade, 
•ffsr, Wn, mud, clay. ' [small leaved basil. 

wfti, w^Hi. — CT^, «ii*l*'M4«i#, alime, lemon* dlfn>n,.tlfir 
Wj, inr^—nt^^. vnra^^, the rose apple; a diirislibii of ttar 

earth, Hindoosthan. 
^f ^^ftn, the jackal. 

«V^, il^^m, ^^t5» copulation, sexual intercourse. 
•?, njrNTCTirt, ^ifci ^f^;. conquest, victory, triiunpb, 

wjdU, siflPit,— «rtft^Wi?»i|Wt maoei (the spice.) 
«^, C9F81, Anf^, ^w^ victorious, conquering, trium- 
. pfaant, prospcvous: . [<^&7. 

«]l, ^riiii/, tftJFBl, old age, decrepitude, infirmity^ de* 
^V^^ ^^Jf^^. ^v; ♦iwr, •itJRr, to grow old, waste or 

wear away, decay, digest as food; 
«g?, ^ ^9f, an old ox. 
W. rWW^, #ir«, <tl^ ♦Wl, ^rtF, decrepitude, old age, 

decay ; infirm, tabid, decayed, digeited. 
m% •fffwr^^, ftm^. «wt^i to digest food ^. to. distolve; 

cause to decay. 
«9t9, c^, vt^'^ the womb, the uterus. 
•?H«, 'WJ/tflf, viviparous, produced from the WxMnb. 
VS, wt«/1, ijf, vrj!. a wife. [shattered, jarring. 

iMrHi^, — TMK, ^^, ^HlWW', torn, rent, cracked, 
'rtlw, ♦Wt, ^i, water, liqUor, rheumj rain, [wall: 
mt. %^%, ^tvpv, a'teintainj spripg, a pin or peg in the 
WRM, ^v^tft^« ^n, "^Mm, drought) arid, parched, 

scarce of water.- •--:': "": 

190 iM 

Wl*Nl» l^^T^* **^ ^ swampi a marsh. 

w^. im!9» n^irrfiiP, aquatic, moving or lining in water. 

wmm^, Wi^#t, — ♦tW4KHWH *f?, a. temporary shed for the 

refreshment of travellers in ihe hot session, 
wrqnr, ^, «tt^ ^/^ fSiw^ ^strtjr 'W, a wave, the musical 

sound of a glass or metal vessel rubbed with 

the wetted fingers. 
m7, vnmcanr, ^f^m, a cloud ; giving watef. 
«mir1^, 9i^ViM99M s <i)7l, CftYtfit", a diseased state of the 

fluids, phlegm &c. 
wnn^f m^^firsfy a cloud, the ocean. 
m^, wiprflr, — 51^31, ^ffj, the sea, the ocean. 
wr^Wf i^^ RrVI ^. a passage by water, a water-journey, 
wmpr, /irT?;1%^ r^iv^, a repast, refreshment, tiffin, the 

drinking of water. ^ [s^y- 

fWWt?^ «WftHi, wri, abounding with water, swampy, mar- 
Wfff^n, ^9rrH*7(f%, the watery or autumnal equinox. 
wrvjPlirl, •tT^ft^st, ^tPWfir, living or obtaining a livelihood 

by the water ; a waterman &c. 
wurt^, ^wv%^4i^l^ 9^ Pic^, a seal, a mermaid. 
«mrr^» ^f^FTtv, an otter. [tiffin « 

«9ic^^, ^mtfn ftfi»^^>nTt?> a slight repast, refreshment, 
wwir-^, wntft, — U9, Vishnu, (assleepingon the ocean.) 
wm^K, ♦iRt^Wiift^ ^, a shed for travellers, for the ad^ 

vantage of shade and the refreshment of water. 
Wfjt; ^f>*it, a pond. 

W'ft^if ^St?, ^np, c^rtl^Rn, a crocodile or alligator. 
wm\f Wf^tti, «mtl lf4>5, a fen, swamp, lake ; fenny, wet, 

marshy, swampy, swamped. 
wrWf, ^^, Wl^, a spring or fountain, 
mnty, ^t^4t ^t&, «3r<Yr9, a receptacle for water, a pond^ 

lake, reservoir, a water- vessel, 
wrpi, fl^^JTf, «?tfw^, the secundines or after-birth. 
wiHS, ^[]irt|4t, ^*t, a pond, acoUectiga oi waters, reser* 

^ . voir, tank. 

orflRl, WOTl^v — rtft^» a leech* 

■W^, Hkn flR?«, a kind of sweetmeat. [tasteless; 

wgl, ^sjrir, ^nw, ^fiiw, diluted, tbin, is^atery, fluid, wet, 
ww|t» ^ftRTRtttr, the dropsy. [gence, lustre. 

W«H-1^, F^Bflp, ^S^, a glare, glow, vivid light, reful- 
9m, ff*fiirw!, *5f^, chat, talk, garrulity, dissensiom 

wrangling. [wy* tell. 

9wnr, ^itt««t7, ^J^^, ^^f to talk, chat, gossip, prattle, 
*f»^Trt, «W, the Ganges. 

«T«?, %»ffiw ««ftwt^, the cud of ruminating animals. 
rfff, ilWWRF,— Tii^, ^, ^. a crowd, multitude, an as- 
sembly of people with their beasts, carriages^ 
music, &c. a pompous procession. 
i^W?, CTIW^, ^tic^tiu, a tumultuous noise. 
<t», Ftm, wHwr, a press, a vice. 
«ftw, »l»fpr, ^«t^, to press down, press with a vice, 

* to compress, pull tight. » 

«*r8l, 5t*, iJ^I, cw 4 c m>c ' ^ j ^ ftc^, mill-stones, a pair of 
* bellows, a trough for watering fields, [betel'-nut; 
ilTft, ti^T^ dinrTtt' ^^ fttW^, an instrument for cutting 
wrw, fi i CJiWH; to aWake from sleep, wake, watch: 
•Wftrjiy «^^Fr, •t^, keeping awake^ watchful, vigilaat ; a 

watchman. ^ [to awake. 

m^fj^. ProBW/T^, Z^^f waking, watchfulness, vigilance ; 
WH*, «t*r?^^, ^'tro* wakeful, watchful, vigilant. 
mm^y ^jnmrpr, %4TKi rror^,. •IW^r to awaken, stir up, 

rouse, spring game, to warm unripe grain or 

fruit over the fire. {sprung; 

•t^l^, fVcjilM^ , ^Fft^, awakCr rising from sleep, roused^ 
•twW. ^ntii, z^ a balk in rice fields, dyke, dam, mound. 
wtvftf W*t, the leg. 

Wwr, ^rtcwjFV, to inspect, survey, examine, appraise. 
WWfTsr, Wfrnprt^, refulgent, brilliant, resplendent, 

shining, conspicuous. 
IN, ^•ww,' cold, frost, winter. 
*PI, i^wNN, fir^, cold, belonging to cold, 

composed of several ingredients. 

« . . • 

19t , iflfeU 

.. , -* ^.r-; 

iHl^uuVf' I'iiWt^t, nn,)a toad, :airi)g. . 

j|Uinbnes8>. 8tiffQe$s>rap«tlijrr jrtp^tdSty, idio* 
. iCy, folly. - " ..[ttatimL 

«l«<^» %^ttfi,%^4iWnt|Mi0ducQd^bfgp|teQ,.ai:^ 
•t^; «W?, T*r, injf , ^«^^^, a kiwU rfprt, class, species^ 

hreeid».aimiltitude« troo^ii&stiiiai. [child. 
wn^sw^, ^•Ifi**** i**^ff?f a cer.emppy at the birth of a 
vrsm^'^tannr^itf^ftH, born blind. 

iit«1*l6irl/ ^I^V5i lit, a mothers odis whq has botrae children. 
«|R», <tpn9» 't^i, ^it, .c^tt3i» ^1 wi, ^•ff^, Wiww, rni^, 

iakind» sort, class, f^pccies, genus, nation, 

family, race, tribe, bnth^ nalarity, prodac- 

tion, mace, nutmeg* jasmiae; 
i«ft«rr€irt, ^ilT^^?, 5Rr/t^it*itt,*tupratiDP^ violi^ltipp, jape. 
«t1^«1, vtt^^^rH 9jrt, ^Qtt^f^iv, the causing of a person's 

loss of caat, raper &c. [birth. 

irtf%^, ijNbi^tji Wl«9, recollecting his lank &c in a former 
fitllc^M, ait#iw,— «l«*fi, ; a nutmeg. 
W*fir,t iitWwwft?. of or belonging toa Jtijid or species. 

ally ; also, interjectioMifyt an expression of 
contempt, reproaih^i'doiubt* 

mtc^p q [tiyW4H< l tr tt^, a saorifiiie at t)m birth of a child. 

tltm, 4bi, «rh, ^n^f cw^, life, animality, knowledge, 

a wizard^ aa astrologer. 

■pnr, Ik'W, •Ifi^iw, ftcww, ^j^f to know, perceive, dis- 
cern, discover,, apprdiend, esteem* consider* 
imagine, suppose, reckon, think. . 

art^T^, «nr, ^^, an animal, a brute. 

utifll^, i^W^,— Ute, fiftftv, aitt^, knowing; acquainted 

with ; wilfully, designedly, knowingly. 

nWr, wWr, cfFtjr^, ^i^, IWTT, if^Hf ^o fnake known, 

tell, de<dare, aequainit, inform, advertise* 
proclaitn, warn, admonish, domouCrate, de^ 
scribe, show, display, per8uade,ssugge8t. 

» • 

•Wf*, 1*^, ifvttn, ^WW?, certainty, cotitictibni fnfdiEttV 
tion, persuasion. 

jrf^rtflr, ^**, ^*5f*, diviflation, *orc4ry. 

wr^, 5^. «*"> ^^^ kne^, the thigh. [&c. 

m% ^^iv^rpf^ji, the repeatiag or mattering of prayers, 

fl^j^-'Ht^, '•PW^, ^wfRnf*r, to claspi to embrace. 

tf^Prf , ric?N9, nP^W^iHr^' (i^i|ijii||^4^, pertainiog 6t relat* 

ibgto foreigners^ Mussulman, Grecian. 

iWf, H^^fjr ttfjFtri VRilTt^^, to preserve fish alive in* a re- 
servoir for future use. 

«W*, »i*Wf3r It, irtnrnrBtsi, the young of serpento, scor- 
pions _and other vermin ; growing rice not 
yet in ear. ' [band.) 

«W^, Www, — 5W/TI ^tfis, a son-in-law, (daughter s hus- 

vtfirjr, vt%, — CT|« a lime or lemoii. [toe. 

«n?1 ^Nf^, ^f^ ivt'^, 9^, a scar, callosity, «om on l)ie 

«r?, tsftn, nnrr^r, a listi account, estinuite. [ritual. 

vFH, ^vrth, ^ril', a wife • married according to a perfect 

Vi9, ^Nmft, 9iftr«^, a gallant, lover, paramour, adulterer. 

•f?^-^^, ^F?f^t1 <Wr'^»tt*i, *ttit<r, •IW^, to waste, cause to- 

decay, make decrepit or infirm, dissolve, 
promote digestion, consume away. 

vf?V. f)nnn, a son by a gallant ; bastard, illegitimate. 

mmt\, inb^mnnr, jealousy of a wife's infidelity. 

9llm, ^, ^^tV^^, a net, snare, spider's 
web, a lattice, window, loop hole, magic, il- 
lusion, deception, pride, arrogance, an un- 
blown flower, a multitude, assemblage, ihe 
flame of fire, a young cucumber. 

VMWf ^tW^t ^MN^» to kindle a fire, light a lamp. 

•W, «Wt&?«PWf •1131, fflr, ^m^, a jar, a burning pain, 

inflammation, distress, anxiety. 

•Wt^f ^•it^, WW^, %*t^W, to kindle fire, burn wood 

ftc. to heat a fluid. tjaggler, vagabond. 

VlAw^ ^*1^ VK» Vt«f»^1Yf a fishermaiit fowler, spider* 


194 (Inr 

vtAntlf <^f!rtn^> gaining a livelihood by nets ; a fisher* 

man^ &e« 
Vt4^» ^nw?, *^» ft^f a fringe^ net, purse, net- work, 

lattice, web, a film or pearl on the eye* 
Vt4N7l| Vtws^^^ reticulated, net-like. 
«t^» ^^> & muzzle for the nose of an animal. 
mfifftf ffWl, the Ganges personified. 
«nr, iRRiit^, ^f ^<n^, a low man, one of a low 

cast; cruel, harsh, severe, rash, inconsiderate. 
(INW, #^, !ft?9 ttt¥7-, to live, be or remain alive. 

Ai^t^, ii)4t|ifH#4«i, t«rt^*lt^,?t'^> ♦H^IIWtfliCT ^w tfiW it^R, 

to animate, give life, revive, restore to life, to 
« keep fish in a preserve. [for use. 

ArtAr, m^, a fishmonger, one who preserves fish alive 

Al^, 9^^, a tortoise. 

fMNif ncf^y emulation, wish to excel or overcome. 

%Vt^, nr^fi^* tn, a desire to injure or kill, malice, re* 

veiffge^ [thirsty. 

Ilmr'f, ftwr^^, — ^ftr**!^. malidous, revengeful, blood- 

fkvfnrf <trV7f ^tW^, to question, propose, enquire, ask, 

require. [know. 

ftnufn, «rv» vtf^r^ ^f|;i, an enquiry, question, desire to 

%Sf^, 4VPt|t, enquiring, inquisitive, desirous to know. 

Hfs^ ^t3rt«4t» t4I^^, ?^prT7, conquered, overcome, sur* 

passed, won, subdued, alive, living, 

Imfw, AiiTY»-- ippr, ^w, ^^'^,, to conquer, triumph, 

subdue, win; gain, excel, transcend, surpass. 

tlnftrfl, ftRprjl — w[ft, «rHt, %^^, conquering, winning, 

transcending, surpassing; a winner, con* 
. queror, victor. 

Ikvtftff Vfww/ ^iUrt7^/t^> having by abstraction sur- 
mounted the desire and necessity for food. 

fe^sniT, ^i4h|rtnvir, of subdued appetites and feelings, 

continent ; an ascetic. 

Hw, ftrt? "^ff^*t4tiR nA, c^. a Jina, a sage of thm 

Jaina sect, a BuddhisU 



fn^t tlrtWffr^— ♦w, life. 

*^, ftw, ft*, ftr^,-HW^, the tongue. 

Rqt, W^p a turtle, a tortoise. 

tejii, f^oiw, to rest from labour, sit still, unbend, repose. 

ftur, «y ^, a shrill tone, the treble string of a violin. 

iNnr, ^I^, to live, be alive, revive. 

«^, «rt«i, ^m, ^*. %«*fw1, ^f '"Ift, life, existence, 

the sentient soul, an animal, living creature, 
a livelihood, occupation, Vrihaspati. 

t?^, «^,— #fi|fiitHI, ^wm, living, alive, existent. 

#^m^, # w^W, #NiH1, life-time, the season of life. 

*^, «rt^, WRRfJ W<;^W, ^•rtN/, «rr4t, wr, living, life, 

life time, a livelihood, an animal, water. 

«N^«, *NiWTTOi}«trt?, dead while living. 

#Wf^i, 1^^l«t» nearly dead, having only a remain- 
ing spark of life. [hood, way of escape. 

iNnrW?, ^•rfftfWI, ?W1, a method of subsistence, livdi* 

#^Wt^, *^/, a man, men. [emanation of deity, 

•'tHi <frt^, 'H^, vitality, the vital principle, the soul as an 

iNw^, <crt^iPH, the retaining or preservation of life. 

ilft^, ^^4/, a livelihood^ subsistence, maintenance. 

*ft»rft, JTBWrtir, '^fm, tributary, paying tribute. 

•ft«, '^^'n^, ^% alive, enlivened, revived ; life. 

*W, ^^1^, living, alive, existent. 

*?T«r, ^wr, r^, fjfpr, ^wif^, to protect, save, revive, 

bring to life, refresh, stock a pond with fish* 

#11. ^gjn fm ftrW, cummin seed. 

**'• ^«f ^'^^ w^«. •ift^W, oia, infirm, worn, worn 

out, decayed, inveterate, tabid, digested. 

#|1l9l, ^n^Xfta «r«r r^t^ the first stomach in ruminating 

animals. ' [gestion. 

itrt", ^tt^/, •m, ^nWW, infirmity, old age, decay, di« 

1^, ♦!H#f1, gaming, play at dice, &c. 

wmt, ^nr, 1?, the flood-tide. [the tide. 

•I1ftf1,wt*«, «P»tirtft», brought in or overflowed by 

flllJ^ ntmftfw, a gambler, a player at dice, &c. 

' Bb 2 

t«9 cm 

^fKsrt, fiPin, censure, abuse» repToacbp revittfig. 

^, ^^^» 199, cofifi<i^nt;» bold, impudectt, oul^st. 

^ ^91WP^^, a bugbear. [after anger. 

^f^t fW ^^^, ^itwsf, to grow cool, be cold, become calm 

«9i:?, f^ ?B9<i, tt|irt^» to cool tefresb, calm, quell. 

w^, t^^Sf t^^rs\i beauty, symmetry, elegancy, fit- 
ness for a purpose. 

fw?r, •n^ 1^ an?^, tQ beat with a slipper. 

^9i, ^[^, ^^, ^tt^f beautiful, elegant, in good order, 

fit for its purpose. 

^. fjSJ,— wHl^. a shoe, a sjiipper. 

^ifl, rwitf^W^, a medicinal drug. 

fp^, ^)W, f^Wfpr, to dip cloth, to dye, to sop or dip 

food into sauQe, &c. 

fpr, ^, ^ffl, a peep, a glance. 

^, ^, ^«rt«rU ««irtt, a trench, a watercourse, [wood. 

ng^ ^^9 ftt9 f^ii:^, a semicircular sacrificial vessel of 

W9. ^•WP^, ^^, a pretence, imposture, swindling. 

V, Wfl^ sauce,, pease sou^p, porridge, the water of 

boiled pulse. [sleep. 

•W<i, i[tt ^^» to yawn, gape, stretch after fatigue ot 

mm, irAf a yawning and stretching, a gaping, &c. 

vsiTt, t!fWtfHW, the house lizard. [sumptuousness* 

wWir, WWf ^"rtir^rfiwl» self-importance, assumption, pre- 

XMR!\, W^, a conqueror, Tanquisher, victor. 

V^n^, «$t^^, to cause to conquer, to procure or ensure 

a victory. [come, 

nst, WW/,— ^fsrwMN^ conquerable, that may be over^ 

^V<r, Al^m9T?«lft» a Jaina, or follower of the Jaina sect. 

alT9, WCTisrl, iRWI, a leech. 

ntt^TBT, ^«R, r^«f ^^, to weigh articles. 

CTpr, iTO^yft a labourer, one who labours for 'hire. 

wnrw, rwnfcifjJ r^lt^.f^iPW, a firefly. 

mw, w» t lir4^X t iM , ^rt^i, ^rrs, a fen^ marsh, low ground, 

pool, ravine, trench. • [sink. 

rttA, fti, <t0(V ^"n4t« a ecapk, msvine, eatter. sewer. 

c^f ^i^fV ^tn^ lac> gun lac or red dyew 

^. UK «r*». ^w^ «H HWl knpvtt, peifeei?e4» 

tinderstood, com{»nelieQded» prii!3r»: iuiowioc^ 
acquainted with. 

^Bt9^9» ^^R^ttRU ^I9W, ED object of knowledge ; knoiww^ 

«F^r . C9 frf^ vic^* etR^rttl, one, who koows or is ac* 

quawted with* 

vi^, ^<f^% ^^, a collateral relation* a kinsman. 

vt^^, ^^;, ^ft;» experience, ajNlitjA fUnius, intdtjU 

gence» knowledge. 

«pr, b^R/, ^fJi, <«p{vnr, ^Pit^, 3«|Ent^» knowledge, wis- 

doffk, talent, perception* idea, notion, opinion* 
persuasion, abstract knowledge of spirit. 

«nr^, ^nf^, wtp^^ knowingly, with knowledge. 

vpft, ^f^iit^, ^ft^, .4II9I* wise, intelligent* able* know* 

ing* clever, shrewd. 

^QC^IfeKf .. 3^6nn. *ii^U^4lft * theorgws of perception or 

the a)ind, eye, ear, nose, tongue and skin. . 

VT^R, mpn^, «tst9^, ^ft^f to make knowOp reveal* pub- 
lish, communicate* tell, announce, aequaint^ 
inform, teach* expound. 

c«9* nK^/* Wsivt?, capable of being known* cogni- 
zable, an object of knowledge* 

*^. *(^|C9« tl^. a bow-string. [most excellent. 

ni/^* ^^, c«Rr, ?7, oldest* elder* first-born* best* chief, 

C9/t9, ^^nn^, ^<a|)i^. primogeniture, seniority. 

ikK ^i^in ^iW9, the eighteenth lunar mansion* th^ 

middle finger, one's best beloved wife. 

^W^* « ^taa «r^ -ntn, a Hindoo month* the first hot 

month, [day of the full moon in Jyaishtha. 

^«f^, <m <W »«, ivitatcsqi 4j^«1, the house lizard, th« 

^Hof^t, vm»r ^, ^^fsf, ^/, <stf1, tnialfH, light, splendoor, 

fire* a heavenly luminary* star* the sun* the 
pupil of the eye. 

OMRmv, VtiFt wff^m^f the zodiac. [luminary. 

OMtv* . ym» e i»W i|8P "HI* aetmnomy* astrolc^, a star. 

198 «ftir 

CWt^^, wcmn ?f^> moon-tight, a moon^lig^t nij^ 

xw\Wt9f hpiM, mrtf^Ri(%t, an astrologer, an astronomer. 

^, ^sMf a fever, an ague. 

int, vt^9» ^tf^, feverish, aguish, diseased, weak. 

VP^f «i*WR, ^^♦W, Wt?^, V^ ^ ^^ft^ ^ ^hfiwpr f^^f 

to blaze, kindle up, bum, glow, to be ardent, 
zealous, eager, pained or distressed in miud, 
to smart, or be in pain. 

H[9r*t, ^rt^ittt^; virulent. [fuel. 

)V«l<tT, WtfSf ^^c^^/» combustible, inflammable, fit for 

V»» «riftni, V% ^r«T^. ^Wtf^, burning, blazing, glow- 
ing, ardent, zealous, painful, vexed. 

H«rl, ^tt^l, — Wff , ^•t, ^^f ^W, V^^, a burning, inflamma- 
tion, virulence, smart, anguish, torment, 
heat of persecution, ardour, fervour. 

r^t^ltw, to kindle, set on fire, light a candle, 
burn, scald, cause pain or anguish, torment, 
vex, harrass, importune, weary, exasperate. 

i|9t97, 3p«, f^, f^ff9, wearied, distressed, teased, vexed. 

^M^^, ^mra? jT^f an inflammable pit, place where sub* 

terraneous fire breaks forth, a volcano. 

^ifkrs, ^iw^, ^^f cttA^, inflamed, burnt, vexed, grieved. 

^« *^» ^^tt^Wy quickly, suddenly : nonsense, rant. 
W9^, fmv^t to quarrel, squabble, wrangle, dispute. 
Wrf\, ^^f ff^f \^. a quarrel, dispute, strife, wrang* 

ling, fight, war. [wrangling. 

«97tT^, ^lt?F7ti|, — ^<7l^, quarrelsome, disputatious, 
^I^B*?^» ^^» ^^* a vivid light, luminous appearance^ 

glare, twiokling, brightness: 
ft^aittt» ^^mt^, "^R^^^y ^'^p talking nonsense, ranting ; 

repentance, regret^ a iisult, evil deed. [ftc. 
nvQKt "Spstflr? ^^v^il^, "tv.^^ the buEzmg of bees, waaps 

Wr, «TOi»wrftrt^» **ifmr, a jingliiig, lattliag, jarringv 

clanking, clasfaing. 
y«3i1t ^tv, n[. a thnnderbolt, stroke of lightning. 
^f1» V7, a storm, squall, hurricane, a clanking, &c. 
?r«li, w^4t, r j^, ^W. iX^l^f perplexity, trouble, vexa- 
tion, a difficulty, dilemma. 
^tWfe, » i m^Wmf>, a sparring, the fighting of tirds. 
1^, -irt. quickly, speedily, expeditiously, apace. 
^^^t-^iTr; ?f1^, ftl c«UHH ^, to chop or lop off, behead.. 
«t^. ?RF,.irt^.— ^r^^ ^tlL,^ a hurricane, a storm, a squalU 

a tempest. [dominecrfc 

Vffir, wCn^, vrrm, to scold, chide, reprove, blaster, 
^?l, ^cwrtt, tempestuous, stormy, windy. 
?1«, •WW, ««, a standard, flagstaff. 
^f^a^. TOH ^•H*, a door lintel, 
iwpf, nt^, ^wn, a jump, leap, spring, sally. 
n, •rtbi wwntT, a cascade, a waterfall. 
^iW* ftiPSf^r, a window. [as leaves &c. 

^ff^9 ^n% ^tm^f ^% to drip, ooze, exude, leak, fall off 
^fi% Wif*, 'Wft , a sieve, a dripping, pouring, falling &c* 
^Qi^f ^r^» 9Wlrf^* a strainer, the stream of blood fjrom 

a wound, &c. [dust clothes. 

»?tt, stw»r, itv^, ?ltt?«r, to pour out, strain, shake oft 
^, WrtlRI ^wa •W'T, «tWl, a dripping, dropping, &c ; 

split, cracked, ragged, leaky, full of holes. 
^Ifr, «*, ^f^«^, wl^, a lattice, fence, cymbals, [fire. 
«V, «SW^It9> ^lltar C9SI, the beating of waves, a flake of 
Vl^n^ sfin^, fit? •It^, to flash, glare, flap as a wave. 
V^, WP(, the flapping of a woman's breasts or an ele* 

phant 8 ears, &c. a dangling and flapping. 
Vppr^^m^, wtiPr. WtV^, to scorch, roast, singe. 
?nr, 9^:six, afish. 

4tt» tivn, ^ttt^t^f a calx, a calcined state. [cattle. 
4X9. ^, si^« a swarm of be^s, flock of birds, hard o£ 
4i^^ 9niti^9 to sweep, clewse with a hropn* 
4tlL anitiiMl, a broom. 

200 tim 

€Wf ^tflr fMH^ "irns^, a screen or doot ofniftfei, gnts^ftc. 

^t^W, ^^5^, ^"in?^, W?^^, ^I'^lf'"^, vrw, to jump, leap,, 

gpring, to cover a mare^ to skreen with a 
Jbs[inp. shut op, cover, overspread^ oyerfun 
(as climbiQg plants do.) 

^t<^, c^^, asquiire covered basinet, a woiic basket. 

*Wjff» ^WRTl* 'MriSt, — wit*»bc^? •IPI, «^ft^vS5j» ?5^'» ^ ^^* 

terpot, cullender, strainer. 

<t9, ^115, flW, ^TH, a tuft, clump, bush, shrub, branch 

or chandelier, a pedigree, breed, stock. 

Wt*f tV^<i,>ilii'^1^*i> •<f|roK*l, to thresh, shake 
off fruit &c. from the tree, winnow, dust 
clothes, sweeps expel TtsAom by efaantis, &d* 
vise, persuade, appease, to throw off as an 
animal does its load or rider, to scl^pe off 
oil &c. from the hands by rubbing them on 
the sides of a vessel. ' [&c. 

«fffi, tl, ft^l, itfr^, ♦rflwt?, ordure, a privy, a dusting 

^^fVfWf "Ml^, '<lii|t«r, bushy, growing in tufts or ctumpa. 

Wt^9 tMf, «w*l9 a shrub, bush, brushwood. 

Mt^M^9 ^w^, a forest road, a path among bushes. 

^ftff Wfftirtt, a broom. 

^tt^f f1^> vNiti a web or film on the eye, dimness. 

urtH, *W1, — Wt^, a tassel. 

wtm, «tiV9,— ^q^i^nv ^^9» a burnt or vitrified brick. 

^11^9, iKq «inrfM«r, a small whetstone for needles &c. 

^mr?^,-^^, ^^t€ipi|, wi% to run as the eyes or nose, to 

distil, to drop from. 

^rttt, 4>tf^ a spouted vessel, teapot, teakettle &c. 

*^« €t3[, ^h^» pungent, hot to the tastd. [h^^ 

*WFr, W55? •m ^jrr«i, wtut^, to solder,' Ignite, heat r«d 

Vtsff, vrft, w«lt1|r^ fringe, net work, a.mvsqnito Mt. 

«t^1, ^, #J« hot, pungent, high^seasoiied. ' 

^f^» «if9,vnKamatcl6orcockle'fte. '{b« drowsy. 

An^»*'^>it^» ftJW^M, f«R, to be heavy with BlMp^ to ood. 

^f%v lot 

9t% leitOTf witt% a \dke, nmtsh, swamp, tMnus. 

IWt, WillWWrt, a cricketL 

*, ftr, — ^tliRrt, ^wn, a daughter, female child. 

4t^, ^^4, tea aod daughter, children. [creftt. 

^\ n^y ^iRnrfM^^ a bull's hump, camels biinch, bird*s 

^^f Wt|^,— ^tihr, ^R^r, to lop or trim a tree. 

fff, V*^' ^ basket. 

V^* f5* 91^, a multitude, flock, swarm, troop. 

^-1, «inm« ?nf|n"r, a ripe cocoanut. 

^, WW^»— ^H^, ^[ift, a cabin, hut, shed, cottage. 

^orn^ :q|a|np,-^^ii|i1 f^m, an ear^omament for women. 

^» Mtv ftm, a sort of sweetmeat. [pended. 

1^, cvtipr,— ctrn«r, ii^jpir, to swing, hang down, be sus- 

^ift, sMt, htUt a walFet, a satchel. 

^-1, nmi, false, feigned, counterfeit ; a liar. 

nn?» im^,— tMit^, ««r, a bushy tree, a bush. 

iMif, n^H si<vsnnr, a cascade, a waterfall. 

xm^^ vir, broth, soup. 

^m, nn^,— onin, a swing, a wallet, a wrinkle. 

^« ^*Wi ^WPI, acid, tart, sour; acidity. 

few, ^^f — ^'ni, acid, sour. 

^, c^tWy c^» a rap, a knock. 

••. ^W, ^, ^rt*r» ^t9f ^IW, ^"rf^ Iff H; a spade, 

hoe, hatchet, knife, sword,- stone cutter s 

chissel, a scabbard, the leg, anger, arrogancei. 
^^, WtfWI, borax. 
^^^^, itW"l|i||ji ^'WW, a mint-master. 
^''9t>rt, v<A94^> a mint. 
^, ^T^, €]f|^/ ^an« a rapee, money* 
H», mt^s ft'H?, tfrW*, the twang of a bow-string, 

the sound of a stringed instrument, surprize* 

ieatte, ffotoriety. 
WlAvV ^iM^, ^W^ir, a spasm, the cramp. 
^r^ mm^ fMSuuLUA^ appraised. ^ 


t02 IWI 

^tn, ^W^i-r^ntf , a dispute^ aHjuaneL 

ij, ?CiR, "PP, hard, firm, solid. 

^^ffpr, fY^ ifpr, a short solo sung in parts. 

Wt, c^iR". »r^, ^^, to heel as a boat, stagger, totterir 

reel, to slip, slide, shrink from. 

^, fen,— t^rafttf «tm^'^ ^rtiW, a begging from house to 

house with singing, as practised by som# 
religious mendicants. 

i^W^, «ttw ^ ^jT^, i:^?t^, to go about with singing, to 

walk for pleasure. [rize- 

^Wt^, fefPf , W!^^ ^^rnv^n, to put off, shuffle, tempo- 

tft^T, irt^^, "^^j^^t W^tRfr, to value, appraise, to foretel. 

to stitch, tack together, patch. 

^» ^tQ^^« r^V^,' baldness, especially from disease* 

fenp^, ^^^> c^Ptft^, bald, bald from disease. 

ti^, ijtiHl 'i^, a rupee, money. 

fer^, *«|fe|^, a reel, a machine fur twisting thread. 

^t^» ^, the palate or roof of the mouth. [rax. 

^Xn ^*tw, ^% PrT?T^i a spade, hqe, axfe, the leg, bo- 

^^, ^•nr, ^rt^f ''Wt ftc«W, to be suspended, hang, dan- 
gle; a Bootan or hill poney. 

fer«ft, ^its, ^^, an axe, battle-axe, halbert, pole-axe. 

^, ^WJ *ffar ^^c*W, ^, a flat sacrificial dish of copper, 

canvass, suil-cloth. 

fetr&, 4t% a fence or skreen of grass, &c. 

fel^, ^c^irt, Tt^, a cup, a small basin. 

fet^, T?"^' ^ common country poney. 

fenr, sRtw, wl, '^tk^ C5JPW, ^iwtfi, 5j^/, ^rfif«c„ a pull, 

strain, spasm, attraction, force, the strength 
of a stream, scarcity, demand for; dear, 
scarce, harsh, seyere, hard. 

^nr^, m^\ r^P^, «l^«r, \ir? «rt?^, to pull, draw, drag, 

stretch, attract, to tow, hang up, row a boat. 

tW, t^5l, ^m? ^5pT, fW^, 5?, f^, .a spasm, stitch, 

tension, pull, &c. the warp of cloih ; puUed, 
draWn* long, far, harsh jm. sound, ^trained. 

^VW 208 

h^ ' tM, an island. [pretext, pretence. 

^» wnW 9ti| ^% ^/t«!» procrastination, an ezcnse^ 

•W» ^iltjWl^^, Owffv, ^fwW^, to procrastinate^ 

makeezcuses for delay, put off, spend time. 

t^'^, ^^, ^txw^, jy^, tffv, to wear well, stand, last, 

to weather a storm. 

fhn, "««[, ^miv^, ^inmp^, a ball for lighting the Hook» 

or for other uses, an ornament for the fore- 
head, inoculation for the small pox. 

f^^firt, 'Ctwrl, a kettle*drum. 

r^, ^, IW^, a tuft of hair on the crown, a crest, 

f^ft^, \ti; c itt ft^ 1, Hiift, the house lizard. 

f^^^p ^Wft, ^T^, a thin slice, a wafer, a lozenge. 

rW>?, ft^, f^^,— •tftf' ftPW, Pwj, a lapwing or p?it- 


rt^^, ^R«1, f^RTI, contempt, reproach, reviling. 

rWr, ^ft*pr, — <JW^8rpr, swn, to pinch* squeeze » press. 

fi»f>it, r^<^— ^^. ^m, ^l^fi^tt^, a note, remark^ 

comment, commentary, a pressing, squeez-* 
ing, pinching, the drizzling of rain. [nick^ 

r^, vt^nftri^, a mark impressed by the finger, notch# 

\rt^, ^f^s^ft^% ^RCV^, a note, commentary, inuendo, 

a speck. {bill of exchange. 

IfW, 1^, ifiit, a note of hand, bank-note, draft, bond, 

t^. ' tc^> t^Rrt'^^^f^^ ^» ^'^» ^ ^'*» morsel, piece, 

shred, slice, small piece, a little, a scrap, 

fragment, portion. ^' 
\^f ^, a basket. [failure, a falling below par; 

1^, ^prri, ^, f>Cfrt^9 a deficiency, defect, loss, breach^ 
ftir, wi^, ^i^flivs f^, ^Wtf'T, *TW, to be defective, 

fail, decrease, abate, to relax, grow remiss^ 

slacken, break, burst, snap. 
|5*# t?rt,— ^r^f t^f brittle, fragile, weak. 
tit^9 ^fM, a harpoon. 

1^1^^, 4tntf|, a brazier. [one sidd, slant 

^^0 tiw^f, ^iit9w; w^i to be awry or crooked, lean toF 


804 . '^ . 

Wft, Wfl* ^Wf crooked, awry, oblique, distorted. 
l^^tc, ?w^r«, ^«rpW|f, squint-eyed, squinting, lookingr 

t9^^, iNt, — itiRV, «nW*?i? ragged, tattered, full of holes. 
C^« st^» WtH. pressure^ cojApr^ssaoQ, a squeeze, bruise^ 

a quashing or. suppressing. 
^, «tt«, ^^%pmfiii a|ir(% i;3PVl, a border, verge, sus- 

picion, eeriajaty, evidence, crookedness. 
^m, c^t — ^^WFi^R?, awry^ crooked, distorted, across, 

diagonal. [ing, thwaaijiDg. 

t^t^^f ^5ft^, P'WW, censorious, reproving, contradict- 
C^t^t l1» Cih^, %cn%, a rap, knock, peck of a bird's bill, 

a trip, slip, fall, stumble. 
C^ffpTlf tiX^, — ^, H^r a basket.' [drop, dent. 

^^> mx, f^t9V» f^» a fish bait, a cap, bat, helmet, a 
^W^f ftWWtjr* convex, raised. 

t9t^PK» \^» W*li, a Grown> a hat- [zen^e. 

c^fftv, z^k^ n^t W9% ta drop9 fall in drops, distil ; a lo-> 
tit^f lN?tWW. ^tw^, a hat, cap, tap, cover, lid. 
ikffp*, •Iti^Wf wipf, to send, order, set on (as a dog.) 
dm, l^viA mm, a college, school, hut, a bruize, dent^ 

^MU l^Pl^p'^^Wjl, a division of a town, ward, quarter. 

^ iffj-^r^rthn, IW, ^, wi||, a bsiekbiter, tidebearer, mis- 
chief-maker, sh£^per» esptortioner, cheat. 

iww-^itw, iftPNMV, fn«w; to backbite^ teU tales, swindle^ 

cheat, outwit. [tortion, ftaud. 

♦wflr. **l*»-dwwai^ ^tng%X backbiting, tafebearing^ eac^ 

>^^. ffft 1^«1^, difficultyjeopavdy, aditemma. 

4^. ««*• W, ^nt^M,. a jibe, taunt, sarcwoi. mockery « 

4wr^-^n^, 4NF^\ wmw^ to ring, jingle, sound whea 

struck, as a piece of metal, fte^ 

^!V(» *^0V)b f^i cold, cooling, refceehiiig* ccHMfiwtaUia. 

%A& tlBbj^pi.caM»«Qoli;itcel4>pat«ii^, 


*W» ^ltf«f» ^W^yt shew.. pomp* parade. 

>«W, iTO«''«*fi— ^Pi^W**^^ *«^» tlpWJ^i, i^W^t to 

design, plan, contrive, coii9ider» reflect, pon* 

dett suppose, determine, settle, intend, Tiew> 
fr^, Jtn, Pn^. 5Picir, ^^, a place, situaliQii, potjj 

station, spaee, spot, stead ; uear, to, witlu 

from, about, instead of. 
il^, ^t\. WTOt, «pr, S8W/, mHf , a lord, god, idol, fa^rt 

grandfather, respectable person, syr, marter* 
it^jpur, ilflAl^f— HRilil?, a temple, chapel, ioiage«*house, 
^1^[^, Hnu^R^I* tNPi^Ril, a sister- in-law, the daughter 

of one*s guru. 
itwfn, i1^*t,— ortt, ^IPi nm, wmrt#, a goddess, a wife s 

mother, a gurus mother, a respeotuble lady, 

madam. [a sketch. 

^, w^, W^t a procession, throng, crowd, deceit, 
^T^, ftvn, a jibe, jeer, jest, sneer, mockery, hdipi]de. ^ 
#Tti1, "tut, ^^, cold, cool, refreshing, agreeaUir, tr^t? 

qutl, happy. [trical. 

^, atPf ^9>. beauti&d,. el^^t, welKibriaed, synime-' 
^, ^Drs, ^9fC9%f a* wink, signal, hint, nod, iftuendo. 
^^, sscvcv VprT^f ^W^f to hint, wink, nod, beckon, 

point at* , [&c^ 

ifcw, ^n^9 IPnr to ram down, load a gun, press, knead, 
>I?j, ffcH, ftwwi, f)i«?^, ^R^jrt^, ^si^w?, thought, reflec* 

tion, investigation, eonstd^ation, resolution, 

idea, conception, supposition. 
flw, fti^» <d^» W, ^, Wpf, ft^v?, exact, accurate, 

correct, complete, punctual, true, just, fit, 

proper, east up as a sum, reckoned ; exactly. 
^91, RmfMi^w^^ working for daily hire or by the job, 
f ^9t^, IHiPSfli, mik, f^P^, the address of a letter, a sta* 

tion, residence, certainty. 
Ml|^ ftllryi,^>--wi#» a water-pot. 
ijPfc i>lw,~'ffff|w, s^Ft^, sHW, to rap, smite^ beat* 
<^ ^<sil9, ^|ft9t«# a hindrance, obstruedoh, difficulty. 

eern, belong to, touch, knoek; stop^ obstrDctj 

hinder, incur^ implicate. 
t^^, C>^,-— r^, '•WiW, a prop, stake; staunchion. 
«^Wa» 'inrt?, ?^f, pride, haughtiness, superciliousness. 
thfn, *<ltffe91, ^>^, difficult, full of obstacles. 
C^, ^% 'tf^, the leg. 

l^, 9%« wtyt, a staff, bludgeon, stidk. [&c. 

' ciwil, (i'W^lflf* HlifilV, the legs of shrimps, crabs, insects, 

«Nt, es9T7, Ff«rt^, i^^iffT, trti^, to push, thrust, sho?e» 

drive, urge, press upon,, repel, refute, 
d'f^. ^RWf, ^*!r, a prop, stake, support, refuge, dc« 

pendance, reliance, 
rtw, c#rwr, Jf^r^, rtirv, i^^ct ftwW, to lean against, 

lean, push, press, jog, to expel, to exclude 

from, a society. 
rir9r|7, ^mwf^, ci^fsr, to prop, support, implicate, 
tirt^, vf, «ir, v^^, r^i^i ?f W, the bill or beak of a bird, the 

lips of a man, a spur, a ridge, verge. 
fiWSW, tJftwtjWi citw, to peck as a. bird, tap, rap. 
1^-1, n»W, Wt^, 15^, :^^, a blister, a.drop of melted 

metal, a button, a bead. . ^ 
S^» H^> f^r«w, steadfastness, certainty. 

%^, 891 ftnv, vmr, a drum. 

frt, ^^, ^^et^, a peak, tip, nib, point, a grass- stalk. 
%*W, ^^tWi, ^/^p*** pointed , peaked, ending ip a point. 
^W1» ^^•^Wrt ftrw> a large drum. [glass* 

W!P, ^ F«1 ftm, a small drum shaped like an hour- 
wiWV, |Wwj m^^ ^ttt, ab isthmus or nee t of lancl. 
1^, <ttpSt ftrw, a small hand drum or tabor* * 
If, vjr, wif, 111, fear, terror, dread, alarm. 
^% Vjntev, to fear, be afraid or alanned/be terri6ed. 
^JPSj %»5f ,— ^Fftf^, ;iV, afraid, fearful^ fimid, tii|ioroits» 


Mir, ^t^n, wv^, togrind ona stone» rab.Tub in unguents, 
nm,. CT^7, ciit?1, a roller of woo4 or stone* a muUer. 
H19> i^WT^t, a fruit basket or tray slung from a pole. 
^*1t vvcjni, ^^, ^f^ vi> a lake, deep water. 
^tt^. fftw, right, (opposite to the left.) 
ttt^^, vttWt, ^ifiit, a witch. [spindle. 

<]^, mn, ^, wn, a plan t< stalk, ateift, shaft, handle^ 
tTt^iW, ^itir, ^If^ict^, abounding in stalks. 
^T?, ^^r%!?l, W, an oar, bird-perch, fine, forfeit. 
<I^^t^, ^i^r^;^^, ^tW. the carrion crow. [still, stop. 
^*t?7-iiT7, vtitTsn^ ^It^v, ff^, to stand, stand erect, st^n^ 
i^l?l. ftl^, c^, orjiv^, ttr?1, custom, habit, conduct, 

course, manner, way, the backbone, the seam 

or edge of mats ; erect, perpendicular. 
^1^9 ^(Rf^, '^1^9, a rower, waterman, a scale-beam, 
^t^, t^, fs(^, shackles, fetters, manacles, stocks. 
«H r^^W irf^P^, a gadfly. 
«W. ^■ir^ipr, tV9, «K^, •toRtf^, a call, summons, ory^ 

shoot, a letter carrier, the post. [bellow. 
'T^'f* iXW^f ^^^ of^t^f to call, hail, summon, cry out, 
it^-i^. it^, — ^/» ^'T^'tt^f a robber, highwayman, ma^ 

rauder. [der, marauding. 

«W*^, »t*1^, — ^l^^fpft, V5/ft*» highway robbery, plun- 
%m^, tif^i 1W«, f^ir, 9!T^, bold, insolent, impudent, 

undaunted, daring, valiant. 
^Tftf^t, 1pnfr,.^1Wt, a witch, a female imp. 
^Tan, ^'^Xt^, frs^lfnr, upland, dry land. 
«T?« *««, ^«, «(P(1« ^, iTt^, a tooth, claw, fang, serraturei^ 

the wards of a key. 
«tfW. ^lt«^, ^jrpWHc^f^Mi, serrated, sawlike. 
VW, csmf|«%, wWf a cricket bat, an upright post. 
Wiit ^, c^?Ft9 *fWhi, a post, a ship's yard. 
«T7, mm||<«nf|iC9ir, an unripe cocoanut and full of waten 
wnu, f^ ^PtiRnw, a washing basin. [ter-pot 

Wfj wtift— INrtt, ^^fMt, a basin, a small jar or wa* 
«tii« "^Mt/ a tmrncb, bough of a tree. 

308 nm 

vMit4t, VtpA4t» cinnamon. 

vtiR, H^9 9^, ^i^^ t99flfy to lopt triniy prune, fliagt 

throw, throw down. 

%tm» ^^Wtftf vt^RI, a basket, a lid, cover, top. [peas* 

vtlli, m^, a basket full of articles as a present, split 

vtf^, Wtt^ ^^, a pomegranate: [frisk. 

fW^r-mrr, v^pw, l|jpr, to leap or jump over a fence, to 

nrf?-l, «r9T?7, i(4t, f^, ^tni, ^k, a rogue, cheat, mean 

person ; mean, depraved. 

rm\f t^?n, c^tt«, a barge, a ship. 

fkwtww, ^Tlft», WI*4H*, a mariner, a sailor. 

Rfrft, 'sj^ t^, raiT^t, a boat, skiff, wherry. 

nf^y ipfW fit^. a kind of small drum or tabor. 

f^, r^. a small round box, a canister. 

^, fkir, f^, — "Win, f1, an egg, the spawn of fishes, the 

young of an animal, a chrysalis. 

fulfil/ ftvv, — ^9t^m, oviparous, produced from an egg. 

\^*», fDWT'f* tV^TT, 'ffWR, to sob, to weep, to throb. 

^pft rarr^, a canoe, a ferry. [ing, diving* 

f5, ^Wtt'*, ^«F93n, immersion, washing, ablution, bath* 

^(*w; citl^, — ^^, wiFT, to sink, dive, phmge, to be im- 
mersed in any fluid. 

muf , ^i1^, — IJfPnrt, w wr^, a diver. [water, 8cc. 

^151^* \TR, sr09jr^, to sink, immerse^ dip, plunge into 

\^t?1, l^tw, Wf — ♦tftp ftc'W, the diver bird. 

V0* ^^' — ^^|]f»^W, ^I'f** ^ fig-tree, a fig. 

^« ?^* irf(» a line, fine rope, pack-thread. 

^« 1^in(?i1, *iT«(#, a covered litter or common palkee. 

c»^, ^t?*^* *rf?wn, a caldron, a pot. 

iww?, ^f^, a louse. 

Wfft, ^ wt?, t^^^f •fff ftw« , a widower, a sftrt of potherb, 

cv^l, ^ (OT, one and a half. 

cvft# vHRVn, ^^nr/* want, poverty, need, sickness, 

cwl, ♦Nf ♦rttti, a wifl^« a pinion, 

fi^l, O^, a clod,. a luubp of earth* 

^, wTilt,— nrt4t A canoev a skiff» at aoit of heriLet., 

fir. sm 

Ottl, ^^J^ft*. wn, a hole, pond, place av^rHowed. 

c«». W«;tlW^wfhF^, fft, a^wicfcer or basket-maker. 

W3r-^,W?t, r« . a line, string, rope, Qord, fishing-line. * 

I9t9l, Cjtn, a strMk, a stripe. , 

wit, ipSt, ?^, ?*, a rope, staring, line, halter. 

W, VW?, r^tWl, a storehouse, a granary, a mast. • 

c«T*, ftft^, a litter, a palkee. 

alu, ^Wff, ?W, trtsi, W, form, figure, shape, aspect, 

structure, fashion, kind, manner, plan, me- 
thod, attitude, mien, gait. 

■ * ^ >i * 


w, ^,<rw, ^, a weight, a thing. [ble drum, 

5^ ^l^,_^«. 5rt«T, ^t?1, a large kind of drum, a dou- 
wr, «r, «t^, fir^^, a deceiver, impostor, swindler. 
5^, irt^» ^'^^ blasted, faded, withered, dried up. 
«n, aff^ Kt?1, "fW?, 5Tt>f, form, shape, appearance, struc- 
ture, kind, manner, method, design, attitude, 
gait, mien. 
CTf, wrtvfir ^^ ^rf^ CTfrtwr, the red or turbid waters 

of the up countries flowing down into the 
rivers of Bengal. [slant. 

xl^n^ c?8pr, '^f?R, to lean, incline, decline, slope. 

iinn^l, •n^&WsrptiR, the descent of up country waters ; 

tinged therewith, turbid. 

i^rt^r, CTfWfir ^tWI^, to be lewd, to outrage decency, to 

proclaim one's own or another's shame or dis- ' 
grace, &c. [lewdness. 

etipSt, W^X ^fl^,/. publishing her own disgrace by her 

c^, '«^'^^, fb^rt, ffeaitlir, loose, not pulled tight ; slack- 
ness, looseness. 

«^Wr,-^Hpf, ^W^tarT, ^«R, vi\^^, ^«l, WR, ^1"R, VW^, 

to decline as a luminary from the meridian, 
to lean to one side, to revolve, pass away, 
crumble, demolish, remove, level. . 

«»prt*HV HMm^, V«, brilliant, sparkling, waving, fluid. 

did vfft 

•ipr, ^Wv.^mpr, ^rtftnrt tt^v, to wear away a» a bank^ 

crumble, break off, fall in. 
?Wr, ^iiti^tinr, Vl^nr, ^^(t^% to cover, reil, hide, conceal, 

overspread, overwhelm, screen, shut, seclude, 

smother, swarm. 
•fT^TRl, . iitwft, — ^^TPflW^, a cover, covering, lid, veil. 
g|4Hcnl>S l, '•rt^STT, 'rt^, a skreen, fence, shade ; fenced, frc. 
at^, a^FTCWrVnl, one who plays or beats a large drum, 

a drummer. 
0t^r4t, wt?j*i, 'rtTpy, a skreen, a fence. 
it^l, nrpP'?^, a concourse of people. 
Pt^, Wt^?^CT?f, ^^,^^, ^t^, a shield, chess-checkers, 

a slope, slant, obliquity ; aslant, aslope, iii* 

dined, oblique. [throw or cast down. 

Sfpr, CTf*rp1 we^T, ^wtc^JW, to pour out, spill, empty, 
9T^, P^«ft|f, wearing or using a shield; a shield- bearer. 
ft*r7, f^^rt^, to smite with the fist, pummel, thump. 
IWt, ffelt,-^ ttP^y ^^% a heap, quantity, accumulation, 
f^, nrT^< ftl^^, a clod, lump of earth, procrastination, 
ftn-l, W,— t^f*W, <5t^^, 'irt^l^l, ^n^, dilatory, lazy, 

negligent, indolent, slow,- loose, lax, slack, 

flaccid, relaxed, 
ftift^, ffeir ^inft m?<i, nni ri^p^t^, to pelt, throw clods, &c. 
^^, ^ir5^, «tW1^, ^f^?l ^^, to enter, pervade, rush 

in, make inroads into. 
IWr, 'wypT, t^t^, to thrust or fo^ce in, tuck, stab, resist. 
F<^^, rttrl ^% a sort of water snake. 
tHR", ftltir*r, to nod with sleep, be drowsy, nap. 
%5rtT, WST^. ^I'ft^, to shake, jog, agitate. [head. 

0^, in^tCT? WW^WT^, a* butt, butting, push with the 
r>i<i, irf?F firsi r^«R, to butt or push with the head 

as a ram. [but unwilling. 

f5^1, |^«!t, — 'fT^r^/l, ^iRwf^, dronish, lazy, able to work 
Ci^, ^RW, ^^f^wiiRI, a wave, surge, billow, whim, 

^<t, %^li^ ^c«(? ^9, the pedal for cleaning^ rice, &:c« 


C^ ^<Pl^. ^f ^Htxr* ^1941^ insolent, taxieyi impu* 

dent, stubborn, 
cntw ci^viw, c^iRy to shove, to push, 
is^, %^?» a belch, belching, a rising in the stomach* 
Wfl, «W, ft^'l tall, long. 
i^n, m^m, ^, illegitimate, bastard, depraved, 
csm, «t7, %*mf^, a lover, gallant, paramour. 
XSH^, %*m|t, %^, ^1^> a coQCubine, a mistress. 
C9]r, Kft^, fira?, ^vprv, much, many, abundant, 
c^, i tt^ti t, ^ 91^1 «i, a reel, an instrument for 

spinning thread, a cross mark. [quaatity. 
cs^, csft, — jtfH, 9f#f, a heap, pile, stack, collection, 
d% icirtcsv59 ^^tv, an invidious, or injurious compa* 

rison, an accusation by comparison. 
cst^7, vtl ^C^, to carry a burden, to drive a carriage. 
litVf, vropr^, ^7, to search or rumms^e for, seek after, 
^^t l^» wiYit^ nrw, a species of water snake. 
isw, «iif*nw, ftiit«((9ri» a gulp, draught of water, 8lc. 
iBWr,-^ifc, «fcwr, ^^W^ , ^rorw^, «irti«?l ?ttnr, to enter, 

thrust one*s self in, force or push in, to sup* 

port, prop up, apply a stay* . [tng, &c. 

CFt^, F«T f<c«W, ftn/fk, a sort of drum; a nodding, swing- 
Htwv, Pn^f ^f^j to nod, be drowsy, swing, oscillate, 
lifiifw^ mnir, ifirrw, to make to swing, transport or carry 

goods on cattle &c, to level uneven ground. 

tm, n^, mtfx, «n» ^, to, unto, till, until, from ; 

acid, sour, 
top, msr, buttermilk with a fourth part water. 

srvm, #«t^ ^ f^^i a carpenter, a fabulous ser* 

pent, one of the principal N&gas of Pat^a. 
IftST, a flaring, peeling, scraping. 
«^R, Wf<Pr, <»^«ciil^X?i, th^ti, even then, at that instant 
^■MTly ^, W^f inr» a coin, a rupee, cash, treasure. 
^» '*)f ^"I^SS^raff^i Mvestic^tion, enquiry, se^rclu 



^5ifi9ir^, ^mm»/Ht«^4, tb traflquUltse, to mollify, [that. 
^^» ^m, ^tTi f^t^ ^fi^f a rising from or produced by 
^;#, ^^^, <eri#^9 collusion, swindling, imposition. 
%fif9, «n#9, ^9if^, a deceiver, swindler, imposter; 

deceiving, &c. [coast, strand. 

^^, ^9 — ^» **9t9iif a shore, bank, verge, edge, 
^^, *?^, ^^'{WtSt, ^«t<»taFt¥, on the bank, ashore; 

impartial, indifferent to friend or foe. 
^^T'Pf ^^W* ^W,— f ^ wiH?, a pond or basin deep 

enough for the lotus to grow in. 
9f9nr, vHt n uew^ , ^9I^^» to flounce as a fish, jump, ramp. 
wf\, ^, ^, ^, a shore, coast, sea-coast. 
«^, ftj^, lightning. 

^^^f Ft^, husked rice, cleansed rice but undressed. 
^, W, — wit, W^, ^rt^, m cow^w?* : it, he, that, 
^n, (4^t^^, so much, so many. [wards,. then. 

^5^s, .?rtt9, "IRQ?, ^tqr, than, from or after that, after- 
^9iS[^, ftipsn^tkvi, csHt)^l<ni9 so long, just so iong, so many 

days, till then. 
^^^?W^, 4rfic>», ^5tfTlt?t, thereby, by him or her. 
^^^f9p^ ftf^ Wl, done by his or her agency. 
^^^nc«r, i^ ^m^f then, at that time. 
^^, ^T5t?^TO iffe>5 it'/tfl^, done by him, her, it or that. 
is>^W% ^"^^WC^s — ^^, CJi^ ^^ICT, then, at th^t instant. 
f^ipiT^, CT^^wft, CT^^ifW, ^iftmr, from that instant^ 

thenceforth, forthwith, immediatelv. 

v^. ^irtfi^^, ^iw^, ^^t^r, ^w^, tt^, "^ff^w, 3rw«t^ 

P ^^^'^ roif, ^^*i^t«i, ^rW; ^itww^i, a first prm- 

ciple, axiom, accurate idea, real or essential 
nature, realitji, identity of the soul with God, 

•i truth, mystery, search, ^iquiry, object of 

search, investigation, scrutiny. 

^^^ln^, •tf^^. irv«f Ua4^, a philosopher, investigator of 

the essential nature or jtruth.of things. . 

«^^ti, ^(iBfwpr, ^^fmiPwrl, a knowledge, of divine trutk 

or of the identity of the soul with .^. 

m i 

^E^ilirt, WMi^, speaking colrrectly or plQlMf>pl|icalIy. 
^^, ^^5fcW, pRS^^, enquiry, search, scrMtiny. 
^^^^» jW^lt^W^i, ^^/^?^, W*<lPiM% superintendance^ 

inspection, care, attention. 
v^m, f^<3«i. iw, «r?t^, «tSt, ^«iT^w, expert, active, clever^ 

prompt, diligent, sedulous, devoted to. 
f^<2r9nPP, c^^r^t?, virt, of that sort or kind. 
VI, ^srnri, nrtm:^, there, therein,. in that place. 
WtfW, ^iR/ttW^^ ^, still, yet, nevertheless, notwith- 

standing, even there. 
«H1, C'fl^ <sm?, thus, so, likewise, then, also, and, ditto, 
f«n^, ^mf^, — ^i9tf^, notwithstanding, nevertheless, yet, 

still, even. 
wt?» oiit ^[tnr, cf^^ttrsr, there, in that place. 
WtW, ««f^ 5^*, ^W ?^^, so be it. Amen, 
n/, l^nv?, «r^. iw, W?i5^» certainty, accurs^cy^ 

reality, truth; really, indeed; sure, Ciertain. 
«RU, «Wtj »!?, •!€», afterwards, after that, then, next.- 
«?f, ^VJrtir, ^W^, f^^, a scope, an object. 
9999, ^Bf^i ^it^ ^/^R9^, besides that, besides. 
WRft, CT^ ^iPc, P^ ^if/«, so far, thence,. till then, from 

or to that. [c^mstances. 

Wi^, CH^H4|< w^^iWf thus situated, under such cir- 
Wl, ^fT^, WPft^, — Pit tWf, then, at that time. [hpr. 
^^, ^nrtrs, >n^ ^^tcir, thereupon, upon that, him or 
iCR, ^iTH^/, CTt'» the very same thing, identical, the 

same; the self-same. [so. 

91^, 131^^, ^'Rr«r, like or resembling that, similar, 
Wt, cnitii^, Pi^07t?^ of that form, such, of that kind. 
v^» ci^r^t 9^if ^t^, precisely then, at that y$ry time. 
^^, 9;3rirt,-^*{«i^'#» 'Tftw, m. /. a son or daughter, a 

child, (Spring, 
'f^. "^f ^ifipfW, very thin, very small, very narrow. 
^. »^»— "litl, wf, 9fw|, ^, nw, ^% the body, the 
- ' skin ; soiall, . minute,; fine, delicate, slender, 

thin, emaciated. 

tu ^ 

I « 

^^at^f Vffl^f the pores of the sl^io. 
«^, «lfl?«t«> ^^> produced from the body; a son. 
^S^W^f ^^f ^ttfMf the hair of the body, feathers of a bicd» 
^> 7V» ^f A thread, string, line> the threads of a warp. 
«W^, WW?, — iff*^, 4t^, a spider, a weaver, [ciated. 
^l^?» tt!^ri9, ^ic^rt^, the betel tree, a person much ema- 

%ai, ^, v^ ^, Pic^'W 5i;, flp»«.»inqronr us, ^f^, 

^inptmnr, a thread, string, line» thong, the 
threads of a warp, strings of an instrumeat, 
a weaver's loom, a class of sacred books, a 
class of the Vedas treating of charms, 8cc. a 
medicinal charm ; dependent, subservient. 
mi, 1*T|, <W^, ^ICW ftRTt? ^"¥9 wwfctw, contrivance* 

collusion, intrigue, a commutation of maatkf 
observances for one. 
%Hf ^/9X, m*Hy4^ i, ^^flfr, a musician, a stringed in* 

strument, aTantristor follower of theTantras. 
«U1, Wp,— ihi*- f^an, ^iPf;, ^llV, drowsiness, sluggish* 

ness, lassitude, exhaustion, weariness, [ful . 
«Hlf|t Jti, f^ras^j?, ^•rWfinil, weary, sleepy, drowsy, sloth* 
OT, ^6tft ^, not that, not so, {expr: deaial). [aialO 
^BW9f, ^nfrnt ^t^rt^f not so, (a strong and repeated de- 
vicv, ^rst^iRV/, during that, in the mean time, therein* 
War, ♦WW^ ^WK ^M^ C«*, the ai^chety pes of realities ; 

merely that, that only. 
^, ^^1» ^fpivltf a slender or delicately formed woman. 
%% ^, tlir^^tv, heat, warmth, thehatseason, summer. 
vvpTi ^f 4tw, VHF, ^n(9 f^*nr, the suti, heat, the \mt 

season, inflammation, bfiming,^a hindoo hell« 
VF9I7i ^«W«ft?, ^< teqairing to be heated ^ gi>id. . 

wj» VIS, — ^^•wt^if^,. witj'it^ aw. ^% *if, ^iithnv, 

fi i riji4 t <<i , nr^ T4X^, penance, mortification or 
self^deniat, religious aastemties, vtrloe, relt* 
gious merit, a special obsetvaii^e or particular 
dttky\ the hat season,^ the dewy season, tho 
heaven of devotees* 

vtHilt < {g^W^ tjfww W, ^^ wff, devout austerityt 

religiouB penance, tbe month Pbdlguna. 

«^/t#9, ^9H^f\V^ — TS"*^' engaged in religious austerities. 

^•wm^^V* VtHrtWf, tba mangoe-fish. 

Wjt, vmrw^, ^fpSN', 3W/t>it, practising austerities ; a 

devotee, an ascetic, a religious mendicant. 

Wp;, ^Wp;.— ^^wn^, \ftv\f search, research, enquiry, 

the chase. [burned, pained, grie?ed, 

W. ^, VlflW. W5«ft^. heated, hot, warm, inflained, 

w, WWT?, thy, thine, (Sanscrit). [standing. 

«|. %f-^«<r ^. WtfH, then, eren then, yet, notwith- 

wi, rsinpr/, W, <inr, then, at that time, next, afterwards, 
w^,— ^iWWi. nrmft, m?1, ^iWWTf , nWF, ?Wf, darkness. 

gloom, folly, ignorance, mental blindness^ 

worldly delusion, pride, sorrow grief, R4hu 

or the aweoding node. 
Wl^^, ftftl* night. 

WT, ^«^^I?, rft», darkness, obscurity. 
^Mfpp ^^|^,_^M!|, irn^rnnnt^/ nai ftrw, tobacco, 
vrm. f^l>i^» the sectarial mark on the foreheaa. 
iRVNH, wnr r!Ft«n% ^wj^i «^, one of the three primeval 

qualities of matter, darkness, inertness, ig* 

norance. delusion, &c. 
WrttKt, ^wmif^^s , fif^, proud, haughty, supercilious. 
wiWf, ^Wlt?^,^^!/^!, removing darkness; the sun, moon, 
vamF7, ^V, the moom. 

«, ^I^, a rent. [gourd for the shell, 

e^f, fapwif>» Itqi, a lute with three strings and having a 
«?ar, Wt» ^iTfi^titiprt, a wave, billow, whim, caprice. 
^ffJr^, ^. a river. [son of the Charak, 

«9«1, Fjpn^T*^ ffW^tm, responsive songs sang at the sea- 
«?<!. n;? ^«^, wppr, ^ti?», ^«T? ^w, to cross a river, 

pass over, to float, swim, get over a difficulty, 

overcome, surmount, 
^jft^ mj^r,— dwl, t^m, *6, f^fmirfW, a float, raft, 

boat, ferry, the sun, the succotrine aloes. ' 


21« %^ 

«?r^, «!Rrt|r» — ^^, ^, a sword, scymitar, hanger. 

^jif, ^Rrf»f>5,— ^^^•vprrT, ^«i^, ^♦ff^', ^cjif, if|;«t, «f^, trem- 
bling, tremulous, light, waveping, fickle, 
liquid, fluid, thm, diluted, watery, luminous, 
sparkling, wanton. [row. 

^Ht, ^&W^, the day before yesterday, day after tomor- 

«3^, r^^, 'ftvfft, ^t, speed, velocity, strength. 

«Sl^, W^ffKii,"inTr»r, ^JIwT, ^mr^, ^W, Tr«m, quick, swift, 

strong, valiant ; a courier or express, a runner, 

the wind. 


%^\ ^'S?*!, ^T5t^, ^^^, to save, to help over a diffi- 
culty or out of trouble, to ferry over. 

%f^, in (^T^, a kind of umbrella. 

^» ^f — ^^» a boat. 

^, ^v, a tree, a plant. 

^IF<i, 'J^^, T5^, H^, young, juvenile, fresh, new, novel ; 

a young man. [trine aloe. 

^lF*it, ^^^, /". young, &c ; a young woman, the succo- 

^r!r, «W/, WJiTB, for, because of, on account of. 

«3PPT3t, ^/«rnr? W^; 5|f«infr ^BV, garden stuff, greens, vege- 
tables used in stews, &'c. 

«^ •^RKITJI f5ic?5^, «rrra "int, frMftff, reasoning, discus- 

sion, investigation, examination of an opi- 
nion, logic, decision of a question. [on. 

W^'ltW* ^/t?'^. logic, science of reasoning, a book there- 

«f¥5, f^^ffe^, '^rtCTTft^, "fPira, investigated, examined* 

discussed, surveyed, in doubt, alanned, 
afraid. • [with logic,. &c. 

^^, '^fK^y ^Wfiif^n?, a logiciiin, disputant; acquainted 

WS^, W?^, ^^?^, ^n^MT, to threaten, reprimand, scold, 

brawl, storm. [or threat.) 

%9i^, ^njtt? ^riJt^TBf^, ihe forefinger, (as held upin scorn 

^f?rai, ^tP^, ^"rf^?, ^^, fickle, unstable, impatient. 

^•f^, CTt^<i, wrT€?«fr, to please, gratify, satisfy ; an offer- 
ing of water to the manes of the deceased. 
'• '^i ^, ^^W?, a chasm, void space; at a distaace. 

%t«ft 217 

^R^snr/, depth, lowness, a pit, hole, chasm, a 
floor, bottom, foundation^ base, stand, sup- 
port, the extended palm. or flat hand, in camp^ 
the very, itself. 

W'1, ^^WW^, the bottom or underpart, the lower part. 

w?f?, wmft?,— ^, ^r^, a sword, a scymitar. 

wm, ^nr^ f^^m, one of the seven divisions of hell. 

wpr, \W, ^?T, to sink or dive to the bottom. 

Hfl^, if,—^^^, 'ic^tqr, <Nf, ifW, a pond, ireservoir. 

large tank, a pit, a hole. 

wWTirt, t^inWtiFr, "ftVCWi •tW^, the earthing tip 6f plants 

or trees, a raised seat round the roots of trees, 
a pavement. [bottom. 

^f ' ^flft^, below, lying beneath, under or at^lhe 

Wrt, Tf TTfy, a large earthen pot. 

lew, ^WS, 'ftv^f ^^n, beneath, under, subject to, under 

the power of. 

v^, "Wl, ^^t^» a bed, a tower, ttirret or upper room. 

•wft, CTI^, rft*i*, a bundle, a package. 

^^fc^w, ^^ftr, — ^%^, 9nm, a fountain, a spring. 

fir^K ^Wpmt^f^, ^«i^, fathomable, touching the bottom. 

^^^f ^^^ii '^7^1> ^ ^^1* o^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^ door, a sort of vessel. 

«ri, tSWSr. ?i?Sr*TOl, obstinacy, posifiveness, unyield- 
ingness, stiffness. [ing. 

^in, rif^, ?rfl^, W» obstinate, stiff, positive, unyield^ 

^m, cWr ^rtlinr t*tw, a pivot, fulcrum, horizontal bar. 

^n^. t5t?. '•rty^, a thief, a robber. 

«^, r^^, 'ir^nrt?, theft, robbery. [paper. 

«1, t*ff^ net rcWI, the hatching of eggs, a sheet of 

«tit, /f?W#, t^, a clapping of hands ; even that, that 

very. [a sheet of paper. 

W«, C3PW, ♦t'lr?? ^m, anger, wrath, a fold of cloth, 

^«w-?nr, %«Ww, PW^, r^Wt^, to heat metals, &c. to 

mi^e waritf, bake, provoke. [bellows. 

^<nn, ^l[tlM, IFH, 4t9i, a copper or brass pot, pair of 

£ e 

218 «t«« 

^V9, AV l iMiMn mi, ft^tfn W, a weaver *6 ldom» a musical 


^VS(, ^V^» ^5f^fr?1» a weaver. 

^W, ^15, ^5t«p<^, 791^9 copper ; copper-coloured, red. 

^5T^, ^^,— ^^fTs, ^IWW^I, iiwrsr, a look, view, sur- 
vey, aim, dextrous aim. 

^\^'M, ^fTsr-^NPT, — **(tc«il^H, tp^f ^wrwi*!, to look, view, 

behold, survey, regard, aim at. [cord. 

^t^, ^#, a charm or bandage on the arm, a bit of 

^i^ik;, ^^9^, ^<aiPSl, disregard, contempt, neglect. 

^TV^fft, '^^4^1, 3qn^ ^rt^, freshness, greenness, juiciness. 

^m, ^^, 'iw/Wi, Win, Ft«rt^, li^^ , fresh, juicy , green, 

active, alive. 

^n#f ws "vpt fir*^, a peculiar breed of horses. 

s5Ff, ij^, ^^, ?^t«wtir, irw, a handful of grass or corn. 

a sheaf, an ornament for the small of the arm, 
a beating, striking, threatening &c. 

^rt^, ^•ftmrt? ftrw, an ornament for the ear. 

^T9^, «rt?^, «<5f^f l^fft^, to beat, whip, threaten, reprove, 

reprimand, repel, expel, drive or chase away 
with blows or threats. [tumour. 

^srpr, riR^CT} zw^^, ^rNt, the virulence or pain of a 

^9r$^;, VP^y ^f^flWtV^y virulent^ sore, paiiiful. [balcony. 

^st^) f^!^» ^^< a reprimand &c. the bar of a door, a 

Wft^, cWPr, ^f^W, fiTttT, to drive cattle, to threaten &c, 

to spring game. 

^stn^s f9fy a dancing with violent gesticulation, [warm. 

qsrs, f^rsi, ^, '•rt^/, ^, a father, heat ; venerable, hot, 

^^5iW^, Thj^, ^iitWf? iw, the juice of the sugar-cane or 

other saccharine juice, a sort of treacle. 

ist^f ^V^t^f to warm, heat, make hot. 

^fsiftfl, ^ftt^f ftt5ftrr^91, CTt«n, choleric, cross, peevish, 

captious, shaggy. [time. 

^rt^;vtf*r^. wt^^fl^* — C3<it4t<l'^r of or .belong^g to that 

^^^f ^^ftt^f W, a s^pe,'o.bJ6et„4esign» intent^ pur- 
pose, meting, moral. 

^ 219 

it^, y ft ^ ^ t l^ ^ t y , ilW1l*irw, identity of object, acquisition 

of a habit, the fixing of a thing in the mind. 

WrtW/, ^^BWil, identity. 

^% ^^—m^^Pfttf ^W^t, such, like, similar, same. 

v^» >t^, Wif a tune, a key-note. 

«R1, ^HtM4, l^tc^ ^, the threads of the warp in cloth, 

nfte, ^eawUK^W . sf^fftrs, ^ecvrv, a Tantrist, a scholar, or 

one well, versed in science generally ; men- 
tioned in the Tantras. 

W^, %^p^, ^W, >nri*ft^, burning heat, fever, warmth, 

pain, smart, distress, woe, affliction, grief. 

tl*W, w f^, ^topr, ^vfTBT, nWfjP ^^f ^S^pr, ^ST*^' 'k^* 

to heat or be hot, to burn, scald, warm, to 
grieve, fret suffer or cause pain, affliction, 
anguish or distress, to persecute ; the sun. 

«m9i, vi^, c^fit, performing religious austerities ; an 
ascetic, a derotee. 

*WR, >*Mt*l, — ^prt^, ^^Pf# CtBt^, CTW^, to heat, in-. 

flame, ^cald, give pain, afflict, distress, pro- 
. voke, cause to heat,. 

^sti^^, csTirT?. thy, thine, [so far, so long, until, till then. 

^r^> ^vfwnr, «4^*t^» CI It ^ 4ft, all, so much, so many. 

vpv^, ^ff^ iit1%, the cast of retajl shopkeepers. 

wm, «Wl^,--«>ltfKr^Hai, ^^, «rsf, ?i, affected by or per- 
taining to the quality of inertness, mental 
darkness, tice, &c.; stupid, ignorant, iner^t, 
vicious, &c. 

vpi4t» ?i1^f >I]F^» night, dullness, stupidity. 

«PIW, ^BWt^» '^i^' — ^WI^MW 9t\w. ftPK, tobacco. 

^t^, ^^f a tent. 

^XWm, ^«C nr^, tl?t9, the betel leaf, the areca nut 

^St^ ^W1, — Kt^sffW ftrW, copper. 

^^£•1?, <tmf5r, wr^s^ftt, a copper-smith, a brazier. 

«n[^, iE]^» a cock, i. e. the copper-crested. 

Wj, %>vqir, "^^t% W, ^<5 tl^il, 55JPI, a high note or 

tone, a musical string, wire, goldthread, sa- 


220\ Vtl 

t m 

TOur, good taste; high (as a note)» goodU 
well-flavoured . 

«T1W, ^iwWi, WkT?, TiFi, 5^5? ^l^ftPfl, 0^% a saviour. 

deliverer, &c. a pilot, helmsman, a star, the 
pupil of the eye, the mystical Om. 

«t?RW, fWl fVnift?^j a wire-drawer. 

^5t?^, ,♦»!? f^, ^?«i, nrsrt, ?;^^, to cross over a river. 

save, deliver, -protect, preserve, get over a 
difficulty ; a float, raft, boat. 

«f3W/, ^/'TtfiW/, ^^[^JIW, the state or condition of more 

or less, greater or less degree of a thing; 
difieren6e of progress, &c. proportion, an in- 
creasing series.' 

^v;, ^i}^tfvl» ^tv>l/, "viACI^) fluidity, unsteadiness, fic- 
kleness, tergiversation. 

«t^% mCT, nrra? uPi, %^t^, 5fft> a star, planet, pupil 

(of the eye,) an octave^ alto in music, Durgti. 

«T?T^I1^ V9|, the moon as sovereign of the night. 

;5nrwti«f, i^rrajifPi, 'siWWj-^'WW wf, the iris or pupil, the 

starry region^ a stellar orb. 

^tf?^, ^^if?wSt^, ^, a female deliverer, Durgd. 

^?t, ^T?«nr, '^^itHit'r?, made of wire, made of gold thread. 

^tilP<i/, f^, til^'Ttf^, youth, youthfulness. 

^5tf^, t^?tf^, a lawyer, logician, sophist, a philosopher 

of the Nyiya school. [snake. 

^#/, ^t?FS, ^RH, iK Garura, Aruna or the dawn, a. 

«pr, ^^tt^? •tft^^i, ^f9ir?7 "Rf, iwtvT, ni^*^^, ^fPtfi^ 

PiH#* ^o^, rt»rt, ^t^, ^^?t*, ^W ^rft^ ?w, mu- 
sical time or measure, the beating of time, a 
clapping of hands together or against the 
arms, a short span, the open p^Vm, a sort of 
cymbal, prolixity, a ball of thread, a clue, a 
clod, yellow orpiment, the palmyra, toddy 
or palm juice. [meat. 

^fi^, W^^f ^, a bolt, latch, lock, lath, yellow orpi«» 

3W^«, ^M^difiiftf^ ^ffwr, a fan formed of a palln leaf. 

nm 221 

ttirar, ^it^*0ltv^ %ivtfiPi, palatine^ fittntd from the palate. 
iWt, IWBWl^T^'f, ^ill^WH* ^y w^f a lock, padlock, 

a story in a building, $ilehce. 
fpmr, ^^V:^ c^ a rest in, music, the close of a strain. 
tnSt, ^WKf»*W^Rrt. ^»1W, •rt*? ^*»?TW, a clapping of 

hands, a stunning, a patcb,^ a mending, the 

mountain Palm. 
in^-9l, ^t9Jrt^' the palate or roof of the idoutlu . 
«t^91, ^>?PW, ^PFW* ^fit, ^WW«T the palm 4>f the hand, 

or sole of tbe foot, the .roof of the mouth, 

the crown of the bead. . / [card. 

«W, ^«(? twi i:<Wt^' ftfil^ nor, gold thread, a playing 
^W'nr, irf4^, ^W??> to brush, dust, wipe off dust. 
t%i%^, ^d) ^^n^; afWnace, a small cooking place. 
f%v, fCT,^— ^, ^t^f^if bitter, fragrant; bitterness, fra- 

grancie.' • ♦ 

ftW, 1^,—^, ^i ^'ttjfe -in^W, ^!tW?^, hot, pungent, 

acrid, sharp, keen, pointed ; heat (pf spices,) 

pungency. [provoke, 

f^^ir-irt^' f^svf^, f^^^V^ , to -wet, moisten, damp, to annoy. 

f%t%^1, 3Fif^w^j*r«P</, 'WJ, ^^, paaeacej resignation, pa- 
tient sufferance, forbearance. 

ftf^B^, 91^, ^iR(t^9 patient, resigned, forbearing. [Muni. 

ftWl^, fif>3Wft, ^rt»r; a partridpe, the ¥ajur Veda, a 

f^, «rfiw^ ^vt4>rj tf ir ,: a lunar day. [an acid seasoning. 

feRrfl, t^^, — i^\l, "TBiw, the tamarind tree or it's fruit, 

Ps^'^p $fT?aj^, a sort of ebony producing a calking resin. 

1^» ^f^lf firW, a fabulous fish of enormous size. 

f%ni, ^*l%7t?$ ^>v^r9f^ darkness, obscurity, blindness or 

gutta serena. 

Wlm, f^WII,'^a(> f99, wet; moi$;t, damp.- 

f^s^, ^99^ a class of Hindoos nrtostly fishermen. 

fH^Oif Ww!§},?t, — ^Pwn, ^•wnr, ^«RW?, abuse, reproach, in- 
sult, disrespect, contempt. 

ftCftf^» ^[^Vtf^ns, titl, ^9f^'9^ "^rn^tfl)^, hidden, concealed, 

. jen^oved from sight, covered. 

ItejWWr, cWff, 1,t*r, ^l^tw^f fflrtt, W(X^, tlW, con- 
cealment, disappearance, hiding, a cover^ 
veiU cloak, sheath. [a brute animal. 

ftWJ^, ^W^tttt, <frT<t, ^W, moving crookedly, going awry ; 

fiw, «w/ ftrw, ^Tffc«r, ^z*^, W^, fWi^, sesamum seed 

and its pil, a mole or freckle, a small quan* 
tity, a moment. 

ftfW^, W1^, ^, '*ltrN,n^5C«W^, l<s0, <«r«rt^, a sectarial 

mark, a freckle, mole, a disease of the skin ; 
spotted, freckled, chief, pre-eminent. 

f^iRnvf, ^rs/vn^t^, f^fsr^, a short time, a moment. . 

fM, ^^819}, ^, an oilman. 

t^f^rgl, l^i'i^, fsc^^t^t, dotted, spotted, speckled, freckled. 

f^cvi^t^, i^^T|*v1, ?^<9Cir, much ado about any thing; with 

much fuss. [with milk. 

fiK^w^, Y^5«lff|^Hpnr, a mixed dish of rice and sesamum 

fUt^i ^n^^9 W^f rf^^i ^tPPT, ^fPii^, ^wr, to ^tay, stop, 

continue, to last, endure, tarry, wait, for- 
bear, stand, to live or dwell in a place. 

1^1» Ttf!(^* 1%J^9 permanence, stability, &c. 

1T^, ^, hot, pungent, shftrp, keen edged, in- 
telligent, acute, active, zealous, committing 
suicide, self-devoted ; an ascetic, a devotee, 
heat, pungency &c. passion, haste, hurry. 

^St^^f^i •ttiw, V^fS^f active, ze^alous, brisk. 

4)^^9, m^ir^, *lftR1, a sort of horse-radish. 

^Nflftl, ^'9t^[ftT7» quick digestion, strong digestive power. 

<hi, €1??, — ^CT?^, VtK, a cast consisting chiefly of 

hunters and fishermen. 

^i^^r;^, warm, pungent, sharp, keen, shrill, 

brisk, quick, urgent, energetic, much, great, 

excessive ; pungency, &c. 

^1??, ^^F^, shrill, sharp, loud. [tia. 

^9 "^X 9rw, a shore, bank, margin, edge, an arrow. 

«S5 ^^^ 

%^/ m^^Mfft, ^9^, fleet, rapid, placed on a shore, Sec. 

^^^, fn^f ^tflfHf finished, completed, ended. 

^, ^PP¥3ff tiif a place of pilgrimage chiefly near 

some sacred river or spring, a landing-place 

or ghat. [holy place. 

^Nfirtft, *<f«fflit,— ^TtSr, ^«ilHt«i^^,a pilgrim, one visiting a 
«, c^ ^Rtrt?^ r^w «W, «fir, but, or, and, also, more* 

over ; thou, (m addressing an inferior.) 
V!* ^nrf^^ «s^, incantations to injure another. 
Vf^f ^^rnr, — ^^. ^VU AkA\M, clever, keen, shrewdy 

active, brisk, strong. 

J^/Tfif? 'irWTrt? ^^trtf^, high, tall, lofty, 
chief, principal, passionate, hot; height, a 
top, vertex, a planet's greatest altitude. 

fj^, *t^, ^W, ^. '•Win/, 'w^wri, t![?, ^/, low, vile, 

vulgar, small, virorthless, despised, insignifi- 
cant, empty, void. [perfectly. 

\nF, ^4«t^4W, ft^T?1CT, contemptuously, slightly, im- 

«vvt7, l^T^f^/, — nriwrrf, ^4Cf«rt, ^twl, sense of worth- 

les6ness,'&c.; contempt, derision. 

^1#, ^W, %fW, WW, ♦It^^t, a leap, jump, skip; quick, 

clever, active. 

^?T, r«T77, — ^vr, *^, ^^v'if^, wrttw, 1%9^'*i» to break, 

cut up, abuse, criminate, dishonor. 
^f 'iWftrnrPr, ^"^a snapping with the fingers, a leap, 
^f \^f ^■It'!/, the mouth, the face. 
^^, ^% — JW f^W^, the silk mulberrv shrub. 
f*-WWl, tlftWT^, the silkworm. [gle. 

^^5^, W€^9 ^*?tt^, \'H', to flatter, praise, applaud, invei* 
V^-^, ^[«*?1,— ^?^ 3i?x Pirw, blue vitriol. 
^, ^T»— ^^'^J^, a limber tree. 
V' ^'^^ — ^^* ^'^' ^'^^ belly, the navel. 
^;fW» ^lPf^» ^;J^» — ^W^, ^Wl^, having a prominent 

navel, corpulent, abdominous. [up. 

^j;^^, y409i^f "1^, to shrivel, contract, wrinkle, shrink 

634 ^ 

?55, c*rftRm, ^«i^ttwr, ^^a^i? |^, uprotr, tumnlt, clangor, 

tumultuous combat. 
^^, ''Wtl, ^i*^, th^ long or bottle gour4. 
«T^, RUrt Piri^, a apecies of drum. 
1^^- ^*^» — ^W, »r^,^Wt^^, a horse, the mind, the heart. 
«IW^. ^wt, Wt^, a borse. . [t^ian, cavalry. 

^iW»T^, ^ «H*if ..— '^'^niif , riding on horseback ; a horses- 
fir^*!, la?**,— 151, ^Wft, a drill, gimblet, awK 
\S^<i-^«iW, fiwi, — n?!a«?<i, to bore boles with a drill, &c. 
%^f ' ^» — ^f ^rtf , a hair, hencil, a painter s or weaver » 

brush, a weaver's shuttle, 
^gitf, ^iT/, — 5^, fourth, the fourth, 
^f ifl^tW, t^WRil, wrt^*, ic^fm, a pair of scales* a 

weighing, ado, noise. [manuscripts, 

^•r*-, «srt^ — tP^ fiitnrrict?, a sort of prepared paper for 
^^, Pnftt^ nw^, ^liR, ^^, to weigh, r^ise or lift up, 
. elevate, draw water. [larity. 

vr^. i{iw» ^^ff a comparison, simile, equality, simi- 
^^4t, fs^ r?c^, the sacred basil, a species of duck. 
f^^f ^ f^, »r«T ?tPi, 'W*, ^9P9\, ^•ffJff, a weighing &c^ 

a pair of scales, the >^ign Libera, itesemblance, 

similarity, equality, cotton, [synonymous. 
«f/, 'Wt^, ^% »*^» like, similar, equal, comparable, 
^iT/wpr, 7|9t^^ir, the esteeming of different things alike. 
fir/NBar, ^«^Wf/^wt5^, a set of chimes. [bling. 

^^jTt^V, ^, ''»^3W, exceedingly like, closely resem- 
^^/t^jrrsr, ^wrwflr, ^ipjii^fwtT, a parallel case. 
\n, trr^/tfif?!?^. Pnil, chaff, bran, husk, refuse, trash. 
l^n, ^iRTCTtinr, f^\ to gratify or be gratified, to please 

or be pleased. 

\^, *trr?, t^, ^[f^1» ^V^. ^t^sr, fro?t, rime, cold, 

ice, snow, mist, thin rain; cold, frigid, frosty. 

%^, ^^. — W)^t, ^, silent, taciturn, erave. 

%il, ^m^. ^«, ^\v, pleased, glad, cheerful, satis* 

fied, gratified, happy. 
'^^S** %^* pleasure, enjoyment, contentment. 

ffivt^, Wl^p pleased, gratified, contented, happy. 

1^, fip^f CTJl^^W, frost, hoar-frost, rime, naoon- light. 

^. \Ht?» — t«i ?tfiWS nw, a quiver. 

^It, ^ r^, Wt^sr, a trunipet. [hastily. 

9<, i^n, v^, ^^9f^f swift, expeditious, quick; swiftly, 

^^ Wf, ^, speed, velocity, expedition. [fourth. 

^ff Wt^«f, ^^, a trumpet or similar instrunfent ; the 

«gr, «^, l%rqft, the mulberry tree and fruit, a balance. 

^irt 'ilW^ ^Hm, cotton cleared of the seeds. 

^ftr, ^flr^. — ^ftoWTRRr ^^, a painter s brush, a hair pencil. 

^^?, i^Z^f silently, in silence. 

wp|!p4t«i, «i*l^l*i, — wl^, «5tj, taciturn, silent, grave, [herb, 

«H, ^m, <r?, grass, straw, any graminepus plant or 

^•i^tf^, ^^T^f^, amber or other electric gem. [date, &c. 

««i»ir, *TF5 ^tf5iW«ilfi^^'P, the palm tree, palmyra, cocoa, 

^<iKt«r/, T^ltta^/, wild rice or other grain. 

^^fW, ^ff^^, the palmyra tree. 

^^, ftc^ <33[«i,. third, the third. [happy. 

^tl, 111, tl^^» pleased, satisfied, gratified, refreshed, 

^^, ^^V^1^» ♦t^K^^, ^"rtjUf, a sufficiency of food, the sa- 
tisfaction of appetite, pleasure, gratification, 
content. [s ens u al i ty . 

^^, ^^— t^Wtiffl, *^, fwr?»lfl, thirst, appetite, desiret 

w^, W^tf, ^^, ^?T^> thirsty, desirous, eager, sensual. 

t9€^, C4<^'4, to be or become warped or crooked. 

li^, r^tr«(rvc^, therefore, for that reason. 

cj^9r, vs9^,--Wlf$t, the tamarind tree or its fruit. 

n91«l1,ctFl, Rrnsv, a harpoon, tridetit, fishing rod. 

CTBi-^. «!tf^, w% «ttw7, «n5t<^. %^, c?^, ?9r, r^rs, ^1r, 

^nnrci, ^tat^R, %51, (sr^t^, ^^^, splendor, 
light, lustre, glare, vividness, heat, ardor, im- 
patience of affronts, fierceness, bile, vigour, 
spirit, rapidity, luxuriance, strength, energy, 
f/emen virile, vivacity, the active principle, 
pungency, sharpness of metals, freshness, 
power, dignitv, fame, fresh butter. 

* Ff 

226 rst^ 

R«Wr, tffiFWt firc^, the leaf of a species of cassia. 

rs9^, "Wftf tfW^ttf^, iW'st? ^TOfif^, wlRi5RI, ardent, ener- 

getic, active, high-spirited, luminous, splen* 
did, famous. [pungent. 

tOTW, ^!^, ^^srtT, €tj, active, energetic, bright, hot, 

toWw, «ltPn5, ajtftfe, whetted, sharpened, polished, bur- 
nished, [ing. 

vs^y ^3j5, ^j[y|, r^st^fi, crooked, warped, awry, squint- 

?:^^t^, f^rat^, to wet, moisten, make damp. 

rs^W, f^'STOW^ ^, three storied, having three stories. 

r^^ft^, «t*w «rtif, a wide-extended plain, [manner, so. 

rs^^f ts^, — nr^'SW?, such, similar, like that ; in that 

rssflk, f^% ni^ii^t, so, even so, in that manner ; such. 

nn^fPlFlj w«ilc*ft^1 — ^I^WI, a cockroach. 

r5«rl, ft?i|F«i, f^, oily, greasy. 

c^«fT«n, h(^S, WTO, fH<^M*wl ftrw, a soldier, a native of the 

Telinga coast, a species of red ant. 

TO»rtl^, c^TtV,' smelling of or stained with oil, oily. 

r5#, ^^ftr^, — ?R5^, an oilman, an oil presser or seller. 

i^9m, fnm^ ftrftfe tsR/, «rP55?, metalic, made of metal. 

^^f^?t?, ^rt"^, of or relating to the Yajiir Veda, studying 

the Yajiir Veda. 

^^!^ft?^, ^wrtiw^^, a follower of the Yajiir Veda. 

r^, tOT,— f^WHt?, ^^, oil, fat, unctuous matter^ 

\^59i9f, i3Pf ftW^, ^w^c^, P!T1, the Telinga coast, a soldier. 

rOT*tl, r>OT^ftflprt, — rs'T^, a cockroach. 

t^«i*^f»^, ^*i5f^> amber or some similar gem. 

rwt^, fi58P!Hjifl^, seeds &c. from which oil is expressed. 

raw, 'Wfti, 15^«i^^, a child, offspring, son or daughter. 

i:^?-1, ^•rf^^rg Wfc^^, the violence of a stream. 

rw^^i-'irr^, tt«^, ^w^, f^?^^, Pr^nr, to break, to change 

money for smaller coin, to dishonor, calum- 
niate, crimiqat^, abuse. 

CTtT^, ^^ ^Sta^ €t?, a mouldering bank or precipice. 

rat^, ^[SRT, 5^tM1, an ornament for the wrist. [house. 

**'*'» ^^f •tjmpSl, a purse, bag of money, the eaves of a 

at^ 227 

Wtnfr, ^ilW^, ^tft, ^WvtWl, rice-gruel, rice-water, the 

changing of money. 
CTT^^it, «y^<>^l, '9i'^\ ?E^, a stammerer, one who stutters*. 
WT*t?t, ^J^Wl, a bundle, parcel, portmanteau. 
U|4>i»ir, vit^fT^f ^^^, to shrivel up, wrinkle, shrink up, 
rat?, Wf, ^ftif, ^nf?, water. 
tsttfk, c^tyf^ft , — ^^, 3FiT^, the sea, the ocean, 
rsu^i, ivr^, ^firttil, a porch, arched gateway, portal, 

outer door, a porch near a ghat, a mound, 
rartw, wtW,— '•rrtt sfwt ^w\n, a rupee's weight, (pi 

gold or silver.) 
WWW, ^tWr, ^^t'T, c^tfw, ^♦lt«w, ^t?^, to raise a^^ 

weight* lift or take up, peel, strip, pull off, 

erase, root up, vomit. [dresses. 

CTWrt^Wf , ^^nctJH 5;^ ^, holiday clothes, high-priced 
rotw, f^n ^9(t^m, pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, joy, 

gladness, gaiety, vivacity. 
x^^, yt^H fi^sm, t»?ret, a weighing, weight. 
%SW, r«ft^, ^t?1, T*f9, ftk,. left, resigned, relinquished, 

'deserted, aban4o]ie4i wearied, teased, im- 

.pcurtqued. , ; [foifsake, avoid, divorce. 

«/«7, Um^, 'CtTWf to leave, relinquish, quit, abandou,. 
^/I^, ^rn> ftWRl, ^^^^, relinquishment,, desertion, 

abandonmei^t, the presenting of an offering or 

oblation to the gods. 
«rr^5 Pm^, relinquishing, abandoning, &c. 
mrtw, f^n^fft?^ to be left, relinquished, or avoided &c, 
^M\f ^9 w^» modesty, bashfulness, shame, ignominy^, 
^rf^, or^nflRf, — nf^Fi, n^rtf^, ashamed, bashful, modest.. 
^n. f^f l^c^ ^^f on affix, three, the third. 
3i|t, ^9 ni 9rtir ^t^ f^w RV> the three Vedas. 
3r«c?^, ^tL* ^'^[^^'^ ^» ^>^ atom, the mote in a sunbeam. 
^iV, 9V» — v?t^« ^[XTflr^, alarmed, timid, fearful, fearing^. 

afraid, impatient, hurried, in a hurry. 
^fff^9 Vf\f ^^% prjeservation, protection^ safety^ salva* 

tion, deliverance, rescue* 


228 tM^tH 

i»t5, iK^f ^^f saved, preserved, guarded, protected, 

rescued, delivered. ' 
oTtTt, ?^ipt?f^, 3V^, a saviour; deliverer, guardian, &c. 
^T^, ^?, "Wl, fear, terror, dread, awe, alarm, timidity. 
arifiT^, ^Ifirs, "iPirs, terrified, afTnghted, afraid, alarmed. 
3rt^, 3irffni1,— ^5?!^, ^5t^, •Wflrs, fearful, timid, timorous, 

shv, alanned. 
3rt^, jnpt ^?R[. fl Sanscrit precative : save ! deliver ! 
fir, f»^, f^« *t^ ftmrj? ^^ «rc!rr^ ??, three. 
ftK^i^, ^^c^? ^31 ^<i r?rw, tucked iu three folds, (as a 

Pundit s garment). 

fl^» «ff?^ f^*a?t 'J* W^ ^1fi the three spices> or dried 

ginger, with long and black pepper, [future. 

fff^st^f, ^4WtH^f^V^, the three tipies, past, present and 

^^, tH^Tl^Ht^?^, the three families of one's father, 

mother and wife's father. 

^^ra^, 3!^!mt^», f^*C4l^, the three principles of matter, 

existence, activity and inertness, the three 
sentient properties of goodness, passion and 
stupidity ; three-fold, thrice. ' [of matter. 

Drfl<tTSt^9 ^nv> Brahma as independant of fhe properties 

Prt^^, ^«fa?«>rw», the three worlds, or heaven, earth 

and hell. 

fjRf , Ts^St?, f^nr? *!?•!, third, the third. 

Tbw^, ^ WW nR^1, a deity or god as subject to birth, 

being and destruction. 

fSlW*ftt?, ^nj?, an infernal spirit or enemy of the gods. 

finptfiRr, ^^> the abode ofihe gods, heaven. [phere. 

ftf*t^ ^«f, ''rt^H, Swarga, heaven, the sky, the atmos- 

fifitW^t, ^WT^; ^^^, a god, a deity. 

fireurt, f^W?NKltTrt^5?t?, a vitiated state of the three 

humours, bile, blood and phlegm. 

1^^, f^iT^?, of three sorts or kinds. [forked. 

Pwai?F, ^flrts f«^ <iaf f?, three-leaved, trifoliate, three- 

f*^, cwt?1, "^ns nfw? ;*rrici?; a tripod, a triangular stand 

used in religious ceremoniesi 

ainr* 229 

ft[<3g, f^ r?^ 1^«W^, having three curved horizontal 

marks on the forehead. 
raPRrt, ^•rtim^ |[|U# ^5?^ -^^ f^, the three medicinal fruits. 
h^^, ftrw, — tnifr^«r, ^^^fiff3ic«f, the three objects of 

human pursuit or love, wealth and religious 

merit ; also other triplets. 
fefcuSr, fipjj TfiRT^^, Vishnu as the dwarf taking the 

three steps over the three worlds to the dis- 
comfiture of Bali. 
ft^3f, ^fC9? fs^T^ro^ JT^r^rW, having three bends, (as 

the images of Chrishna.) [worlds. 

fro?^, fSCTPF, — ^«t«n5jr*fr5T«i, the universe or three 
fesrf^, ^Hitft^rf^', fft*iW^ , the Hindu triad, or united 

form of^Brahmd, Vishnu, and Shiva ; having 

three forms, 
fiwwi. ?tfti. OT^1 ^, night, the Jumna river. 
r«,cm^, CTTW^JfWf^ fi^W, a lawsuit engaged in from anger, 

covetousness or infatuation, 
f^rsn^^, r55^v1 Wt^ fM^, Shiva or the three-eyed. 
f4'W, twW, P^^? ^^, a trident, three pronged spear, 

Shiva's crest. [dawn» noon and evening. 

f^*^JW/-1, •nft^ VKft^ ^*W^, the three periods of the day, 
f^rtzTtft, ftR^f^^o?? ^i^RI, a three year old heifer. 
^, ^f», ^TH, ^*»F?, ijT^^i, ^^, ^^rtwtsTHpr, «f8Wt? ^ipr/^, 

^9, ^, .loss~ destruction, failure, diminution, 

deficiency, defect, fault, crime, transgression, 

violation of promises and engagements, an 

error, mistake, 
carrt, flrft? f^, 'f'^? <tt^^/ ifPv^itfttaf?, the second Yug, 

the three fires, viz : the southern, household 

and sa^crificial fires, 
bicsrt^/, f3f^5^, the three worlds, upper, middle and lower. 
raiT^, ^t*, 5IJ, the bill or beak of a bird, 
ai/^, «W^, 'C^rt?, f^T^WiPJlP, the mystic Om ; triliteral. 
V/mv?, >n^, tWtWi, an extended plain. 
VX^, ^n, i^TW?, Shiva. 

230 «tvr 

aj/^*^, CT W*< f^ ^tR[ '"^T'^, a solar day containing part 

of three lunar days. [every third day, 

^rtft[^» rsc^itfl^j ^ f^^'nr ^ ^^tf^ W, tertian, occurring 

^, ^, — ""^rr^lfSs?, ^, FW, ?T^^, the skin, bark, a rind, 

integument, peel, husk. 

Y^cfff, CTTpff^f^Pt^ ^""^TS ftPW, circumcision. 

XPTCTpr, *n*naR, feeling, touch, perception by the touch. 

^yvciBir, •*'n*f4t?, '^^Ts/^, •*n»^5, palpable, perceptible 

to the touch, that may be felt. 

^19, 4^ilP^, W^f an imposition, tricky deceit. 

^vftir, c^5W?, thy, thine, {Sanscrit,) [hurry. 

^Rrt, W^t, «i^^1, speed, expedition, haste» quickness, 

\?T?, T3tr3, — ^^, ftwf, speedily, quickly, expeditious- 
ly, soon, early. [swift; ?oon. 

^r?^, C^^^, "ttj^ hurried, hastened, quick, expeditious, 

^, t^^^jrtf!* f^T^frsi, ?T«, a mason, a bricklayer. 
^rit^Wl, «t^, — ?Wff?r ^, masonry, the trade of a mason, 
tm, t)^,^^^, a bunch of fruit or flowers. 
Wr^fsr, ^^^, ^ 1T«^, to be startled, to stand still from 

fear or surprize, 
ft?, r'St^t, ^°f^, a row, rank, layer, [tottering, vibrating. 
trj^'-tPi, ^«r5/^?P»^, »i^, a trembling, shaking, palpitation. 
«l^^^, ^M^, «f?^, to tremble, palpitate, to be agitated* 

to vibrate. [a valley. 

<#, «rf^, — t»«i, ^W ftonir, a bag, sack, a pelican's pouch, 
tpj9l, 'tt^, w^, a bunch, a cluster. [udder.) 

^^tfiffl, ^IjR^rai, CTTftra, swinging, dangling, (as a cow's 
<ttf 'rift? «3rl, cvar^, m^, JT^, •fv, the bottom of a 

river, &c. a row, a shelf, a sect, a party. 
«tt*, ^, c^, r^^, ??, f^Jr, a pause, interval, stratum, 

layer, a dash in writing; stop, hush, stay. 

^ftw^, fl[f%^<i, f^^if, ^% r^^if, ^troj^, ^■'OT, WF^w, to stop, 

cease, stay, xemain, continue, subsist, last^ 
endure, live, dwell, exist, be, pause, desist. 

Wt>J1 831 

itpr, ttpr, ^f^, ^[t^, a piece, bit, morsel, a place. 

^tRI, ^rtjl, Cbl^liH, ipj/ji^^tfif? firiRTft^* a military post, 

a police station, watch-house, place of resort 
for thieves, a haunt. . 

^W, ^iTW, ^tr, »?, nvjfi, the hand, a paw, claw, taIon» 

fangr, a slap, blow, handful. 

^rpr, w, a pillar, post, stoke, block. 

uppT, f[?T, •n^?'^^, w9^9 V^» ftt^'C, to become calm 

or tranquil, to cool, forbear, desist, abate, 
decline in zeal, to slacken one's pace, settle 
as liquids, subside. 

^0^-T, Kt^ C^T«^<1T3|, a tnetal dish, a tray, a plate. 

^rrSt, <^fpi, ?t^^, a vessel, dish, pot, basin. 

n\n^, wprsf, inn^, ^rw^, to knead, tread, press, ram, 

compress, load a gun. [side. 

Wt^^, F<l?iT3rrac^r? f^ W^^p to settle as liquids, to sub- 

«, ^^, «f<J,— nE«1, T^. fViN, ^•iT/, f^. spittle, saliva, 

any abomination ; fye ! for shame ! 

^"T^, ST^^, Tt^i^, Tfai nf«^, to place, lay down, fix, ap- 

point, give a name to, to spit, spit out. 

tr^, w rtspT, f^lt5[^, to spit, to expectorate. 

«t5^, fN^, «clr? ^«rcifTOT^, the chin. 

^^, tl^, ^i1, a tuft*, cluster, bunch, tassel. 

^9*1, ^5^ ^«fK ^5 ^ ^F|^, to cut or chop to pieces^ 

to hack, to mince. 

^!^, t^?1, WT?rl, tl<i, a purse, a bag, a sack. 

W«^, ?T<R, *f^T^, to place, put, set down, leave with. 

WW, *rii??, ?tH, f*tti, *^v^, a collection, heap, lump, 

a whole or aggregate. 

Wt?, ^^sftrs ^Wf# ^c^n ^, the spatha or sheath of the 

plantain, the young ear of corn or grass be- 
fore it shoots from the culm or stalk. 
WT^I, WSj*-, ^iwi, few, little. 

WTfW, CTl^ ^v^^ fiPWprtif/^, plump, or swollen as grain 

or as the plantain when ready tp shoot from 
the stem or culm. 

239 f ^n 

WW-t, tttt^W, i^tt^f — 5*ti1, n'^, a tassel, . a bunch, a 

WWrt, %^f "^t^r^, ^{pi;, the face, the mouth. 

U^, iffif, curds, thickened milk. [a gadfly. 

^% ?¥, W^, ^FTW, tf pn, a tooth, fang, sting, bite, a snake, 
T**^, ^iifH?!^, Wrtti, to bite, to sting; a bite, &'c. 
^\ 'W, W^, ^, a tooth, a fang, a sting. 
^^^1, ft^n, f^^(9f a tusk, fang-, large tooth, [a snake, 
ir^, ^WStPsTKl, ^'S*, '^S^*^, biting, stinging; a hoar. 
^^, Pr^, jr;|j, nf^^, clever, dextrous, able, skilful, 

expert, acute, ingenious ; a scholar, a pundit. 
^P^% ^fiiPS^/S ^Wf^, ys\^% ^c^ 'm^Pi, the south, ihe 

right side, the right band, the abode of 

Yama; south, southern, rights (not left.) 
iff*F«rt, 5?Prt? r«W?r, f^jfj, n^s^, the fee or present to a 

brahnain or a preceptor. [from N. to S. 

T^F^it^T, art^«ilfl? ^9 irrt, the period of the sun's course 
W, WT^, ^ffSra, ^TW, ''rftiy^, burnt, scorched, singed, 

consumed. [afflict, 

ff^^, riT^STT, r^Hrjt^, to burn, scorch, calcine distress, 
TO1, ^«f^«i "RjRf f4C*W, unpropitious, (spoken of certain 

lunar days.) . 
«ff*W1, ^Btm\ tn^/, scorched or half burnt rice. 
V9f tPp, — ^^f 'tf^, JTS^ri, firm, hard, tough,^ stiff, stout, 

stern, brittle, 
iryi. ^^3^, a thick cord, a rope. 
Wft, ?^.^ a cord, string, thin rope, line. 

¥% ^i, 9r|t, rp5i, •swtj, f^5p-, »rpFR, i(^, T^'im ^*ff?t5y« 

. ^^W, a pilgrim's staff, a stick, handle, the 

trunk of a tree, a stem, oar, sceptre, a pole of 

four cubits, punishment, chastisement, a fiiiie, 

an hour of twenty-four mini^ites. [tiou. 

if%^, i?cti?^rt?, like a stick ; a bow, obeisance, prostra- 

^^t^, fSJr^, ift^fTsr, to stand still, stand erect. 

I#^ . 233 

>liniirtir« #t?rv, tttfl, staading still, erect, upright, 

7tiT4t«, fti|P6/t^, ^itvi^, the condition of a pilgrim. 

wort, w*. — ^ftiftmlt, «nin*, retiring from the worid, 

assuming the pilgrim's staff; a pilgrim, a reli* 
giouB mendicant. 

WV, fti4tv» — *1W^» WfNt?, f^fj^^t?, punishable, de- 
serving of punishment, liable to fine. 

W9f ^W» 'rt^ ^JT ftWOE, ntt (^rt^, given, bestowed ; a 

title given to Vaisyas and some Kiyasthas. 

«PW*|«i, Pnrt*l^iit^«/VCTWtw/^«j, an adopted son (given 

up by hii^ parents.) 

^» Pntfvimrt, ^^>/: given in marriage* betrothed. 

wwn(\, ^m^tn^^, an adopted son, (self-given). 

9^, 94|ti[T^, «I^C9T^, cutaneous or herpetic eruptions, 

ring- worm. 

^» W^ft^ 9f|, cf^, curds, coagulated milk. 

^nv, ^sq^, tfP9Sf ail Asur or demon, /an inferiial being. 

<?l. #T«, f^H, ^, a tooth, tusk, fang. 

«A« W^f an elephant. [v;ums. 

W|ii, ^1¥Y, ffXOi WVf\, the root or socket of a tooth, the 

ipi/, «« 9rc^^ %iil1|[9, dental, referring or belonging 

to the teeth. 

W19, inm, fl^f having large or projecting teeth. 

^(^, 9^ W^'^^f '^'Ipfl* pride, arrogance, self-impor- 
tance, severity. 

V^c^-^VT^, w^f ppr, to trample; tread under foot. 

W^j^n, 9^JW^, n^, to start at, be startled, retreat.' 

Vf^lU ^I^FIf ^, vif<n^, very distant, remote, far off. 

ii^^nrPT> |?^» ^t» farther, more distant, remote, youngest. 

W, ^Itftfc ^4(l)nBK94 ^^* ^rtlWl, ^rtT, ^wpfTf^, punish- 
ment, penalty, self-command, self-restraint, 
command of the pass^ns, &c. a boasts am- 
bition, wheedling, coaxing, 
^PfhPJW, '^Wr, ^n^^t^, ^f^S^lf ^H^^f t^» to sub- 
due, subject, reduce, tame, restrain, suppress, 
punish, reprimand, torment, dethrone. 

234 . H^ 


^n^f vtfli zw ^BVRt^ ^ ftrlw, a sere* jack^ a crane, 

Ki^9^, OT ^tc«r^iit^ «i|va ^ f^ic"n, a syringe, a squirt. 

ipf^9 kvn^f to sinJi, fall lower, sink down, settle. 

W^t*, irtfWf^, ^St^W^, husband and wife, 

i|W, 'Wf**^?, 'W^, ^itfir, pride» arrogance, self-impor- 
tance, boasting, bullying, deceit, cheating, 
hypocrisy, wickedness. 

m ♦*?!»« ^OW? lil, ^»«»1, ^W1, ^i«f, pity, compas- 
sion, sympathy, kindness, clemency, mercy, 
lenity, indulgence. [cious, merciful. 

f?1^» ^^itH, ^iRt^» compassionate, sympathizing, gra- 

9t%*9, ^^^O"^ favoured, compassionated, accepted. 

fjii, ^t^pr, •BPsr, ft^t^, to moulder away, decay, spoil. 

W^, Iff ftr*J,«riW« ^•rt*r«r, a species of long grass, a mat 

made of it used for building huts and fences. 

im, ^if ^^9 mouldering,, putrid. 

«^, ^^VPI invf^, fi^, poor, needy, indigent, distressed^ 

wretched. * . 

ifft, n^rsf f^, ff|f , ^RTf, 5TO?^, 'Ht^jfiw, a care, cavern, 

grotlo, glen, valley, a carpet ; modern, new. 

fi^, ^I5|wt?^ ^Wl[*twl, ^^'itf, ftaw, «wn, pride, arro* 

gance, self-importance, a boast, courage, 
power^ energy, splendour. 

9*^9 ^>nK t^*M, a mirror, looking glass, the eye. 

ff^, W^, — iftf^, ^Hwtt^, proud, arrogant, boasting, 

self- important, insulting. 

ijft, fV^, a bdle, a spopn. 

W^, ^ ^^> ^R«9 ^ the Cusha or sacrificial grass. 

W^, W^'T, ^mCTTFsr, W^, ^fif^ ?«^, <fW/w iT^w, to see, 

view, observe, survey, visit, appear, come 
into view, be seen. 

f^, ^fi> ^rtCTW^, ci^, ^% ^ im^tfif ff -mi, sight, 

view, vision, an interview, si^rvey, prospect, 
scene, a visit, a dreamy the eye, a philosophi- 
cal school or system. [meetiag^. 
iK^# V9i, nifiWfk^, a sight offering, a present a.t 

H^y m#t^9 <cnPMw, tashev, exhibit, expose, displays 

explain. [rent, visible. 

^lM9, l^ritVw^, ^9f!i%, «r¥Hf seen, shewn, exhibited, appa- 
W^, fsrftw, seeing, viewing, beholding,. &c. 

^ttir, ?n» T''^^ ^ sheath, scabbard, apart; por- 
tion, fragment, a party, division,, body of 
(voops, a heap or quantity, a leaf, blade of 
grass, petal,, a sail, duckweed, &c. the thickr 
ness of a board, &c. 

wn, ^PRJW ^fi*OT, ^iwt^v, soaking, heavy, incessant,. 

(as rain,) thick or heavy (as a road after rain.) 

WPT'-^iif^, n^, nPft^f IPW, it^, to tread down, trample, 

knead, bruise, press. 

iTliFS, Hfi^, ftfK t|f%«, fi#Vi« trodden, split, divided^ 

broken, full blown, expanded. 

9|It, 4t?, ^irvf^^ v^ivPiTl» a sort of sugar, a ball of rice ; 

boggy, quaking. 

W, AWKl •t^, ten. 

V^, W^ ^^1, ten gandas (in arithmetic.) 

f'^^PTl, ^^ *1T1, a small treatise oa numeration; 

>P17, 9«, ?W» a tooth. [different roots. 

iPf^, ^tursr l^t^, a medicament prepared from ten 

'"N* ^R^1» ♦t^f ^fw, |l»RWfe ^Cli t?W, a state, condition*- 

circumstance, situation in life, period of life, 
the wick of a lamp, end of a garment, &c. 

'rtlft'^, w4\^ff 'iprw, unlucky, destitute, forlorn. 

VH, tct^f^Biipr, pewter, zinc^ lapis calaminaris. 

^3 W?, «W1^, tSlttn, i^WMrfWlt, a robber, plunderer; 

thief, housebreaker, an oppressor. 

«^» ^>79tf "wn^, a deep place in a river, an abyss, eddy. 

wc^f fPRf ^irft, c*ttTt> to bum, be consumed ; fire, a 

burning, combustion. 

fT, ^9tfr, ^Ftvtw, a sickle, bill-hook, cleaver. 

Vt^ f3P, a ringworm, a tetter. 

wfttlifl, <«vaiV9, a reaper^ a coro-cutter. 


23flr 9ttn 

W\^^, ^fZW^f ^^^^, to reap, to mew. 

Wl*/, CT^^/, skill, cleverness, capacity, address. 

if t?, CT|5Wr«, wr?5it1%, Pr«^. TO, an oaf, a perch for birds, 

a fine, punishments 
it?-1, W, ?fsT, w^, ^, rij, ft^, a tooth, fanjr, serrature, 

the claw of a crab; forceps of an insect, bill of 

a bird, ward of a key, the chin. 

*'ni, irf«, ^u^m^ ^win?, ^rw, ^4. ^^, wprti. r«i?|t ^, 

Wtt^, ^irt, a custom, practice, usag«, conduct^ 
behaviour, way. method, mode, a staff, a bat, 
a clew, guide, the back-bone, a balk or ridge; 
punished, fined, standing,* upright. 
iftTt^, WTrtWt^ ^tWPr, IWr, ta stand, stand erect or still. 

^iflp, the chin, the beardr 
Wt^, wtfSw ^^, the pomegranate tree or its fruit. 

a rower, boatman, waterman, a balk, hdge« 
scale-beam, an ignorant person, the stop ( \ ) 
in writing. 

»t%l, W?1, mit, a club, cudgel, bat, bar. 

^T8f W, ?HR, ft^^, a tooth, serrature, tusk. 

if r«t«l, ^^it, ^l^*(^, having large teeth or tusks ; a boar. 

tft\1rt, ^?W9 f^i, large-toothed, having projecting teethe 

WWl, ift^,— W wr^ 3wnr, ?M!ii. iw^/, a gWer, donor, bo- 

stower ; generous, charitable, bountiful, mu- 
nificent, liberal. 

««t*5, 5Wft, ^Wr, a sickle, bilMiook, cleaver. 

WW, w/>^5]W, r^wtwf , an elder brother, a grandfather. 

ift^, ifv, aring-worm. [largess, alms. 

^'^* T^''^ ^ ^wf, W^, t^wt, a gift^ donation, preseat, 

W»W, ^f^WT^ fiirt^, ^^Jtflpw? fliPt, a deed of gift, a graat^ 

a will, a testament. 

ifP^, 1W*— '^rg?, a demon, evil spirit, an Asur. 

^^^' ? ??f ^'^^ ^ ^^^' ^ ^^^*y- [bountiful, 

^^^n^n^ti, ^Nft^ Wii, iitwx, exceedingly gmeroas^ liberal 

ft? WT 

. mon, spectre^ ghost, the troops of the gods* 

corn, a seed, grain of com or sand, a pearl, 

a gem, a sort of neck-lace. [bountiful. 

vr^. mw«t%, irt^n^N, receiving gifts or alms, liberal, 

?t^f1, f^vc^Klrs, ^f9, offered, given in oblation. 

W¥, ^■ffPi>5, ^rthw, fkcilRnr, vw/t? n^ 'rt^;?^ subdued, 

tamed, daimted, devoted, patient nnder 
privation or penance, &c. 
irTf%, ^^, *l?rivi, ^fWfl^4ff subjection, submission, 

humiliation, self-denial, patient endurance 

of austerities or privations. [pride. 

WW, ♦nm?1, ^«t^, iK a stamping violently, potency, 

m^Nt?, in^/. — ir^mT'f/, punishable, fineable, amenable. 

W^pr-^m^, •fW?^, •rtirtftn W«R, to stamp, shake off by 

stamping. [awarded. 

?rfH^, ^'ii'Wftrs, ftwiflW, condemned, fined, adjudged, 
wwr-^w, FWT, ifHT, wi^y WT^Wf ^Wf?H, '^Asinm^, to 

squeeze, press down or together, flatten, 
smoothe, stifle; quash, conceal, peculate, 
to subdue or govern the passions. 

ifWll^.Wttrwi, — ^prjr^imtf, the conflagration of a forest. 

^W, ^mSf ?^, W?t«n» price, cost, a rope, a girdle, &c. 


Wt^» ^Wf f^<B^ ^^f an ox, castrated bullock, gelding. 

fW^f wn^f — in, irft, ^i^9 ^W ^fff^^f a rope, string, 

cord, tethering rope, girdle, ribband, the flap 
or skirt of a garment. 

viwl, ti9t?, w^, a clown, a rope, a cord, a species of bird. 

WW, WlWfl, — ^y^;^, a species of drum. - 

wtftw, ^(kcfirn, ii?s IMi*, ft1((W^, a brat, a cross child ; 

peevish, changeable, capricious. 

Wt^, ^ir^, ^iffwiltit, proud, boasting, blustering^ im- 
perious, hypocritical. 

f^ff, intW^f ^'rtWWt ^HRW,' ^«lWT5r, n^. 

238 m 

U ^WltWii, ^rt^t*^, a gift, donatiOD, niip^ 
tial pr^seiit^ portion, inheritance, heritable 
property, danger, difficulty, loss, destruction^ 
trouble, a breaking, dividing, irony, a charge, 
allegation, law-suit, pretension^ tenure, debt, 
responsibility, a place, a cK^ite, reference or 
' relation to, a quittance, discharge, indemnifi- 
cation, [cent ; a giver, accuser. 

ff?^, W^ t«R, Wt^rtlW, Cft^f) giving, bountiful, munifi- 

fWf> ^9 ^irfPPWft, ^itf^, 'Wilt, a son, an heir, a kins- 

man who may inherit, a claimant. 

WX9ttf ^nimf, claimable, cognizable at law. 

Wiflf 'fttw, ft'rtN, nn^^^ ZtP'l^, ^tl**, «rt^Wtft, giving^ 

liberal, responsible ; a debtor, one in trouble, 
a defendant, (in a law suit.) 

Wtj-1, ifr, •fff, wt?1, a wife, a married woman*. 

Wwff in*ftF?1,— Prtt^, •ftPi*?, marriage. 

irrx^, ^Ft^, ^Pl^, to tear, rend, split, divide, crack. 

irBnTf f^ ftrw, *ttf1, finp, 'ifai. a sort of poison, quick* 

silver, vermillion,: the ocean. . [ness. 

iftflV, f^^"^, poverty, indigence, distress, wretched- 

Vtft, f^tft^f ^/l^vcitft* having a wife or wives, an adul- 
terer, [wine, gunpowder. 

WtW, ^^,irfif?1f ^ttW, wood, timber, spirituous liquors,. 

ftjRF, ^^» a doll, a puppet, Chrishna's charioteer. 

VtWtMt, itmA4t, cinnamon. [from wood. 

vnra, WtW^f — ^^M^, wooden, made of or produced 

WtW% ^iftiw, ^^f ^^ff "^fm^n, frightful, terrific, diffi- 
cult, hard, cruel, unfeeling. 

Wll^/> fF^f ^^/> firmness, hardness, stability, strength. 

fHJr^, iK%nvi, jacquainted with the Darshans, of en- 
larged views, [simile, an archetype. 

Rtiw, i«lfli«, %*lCT?,/irnK the tbipft elucidated, by a 

irt«i^ 9ilt? d^(^> split peas or othe^ pulse. 

Vtf^f VtffV !N|, the pomegranate. [Shddra, fisherman. 

ffr^ m^f l^FVi, hf^ ^f a servant, slave^ bondsman. 

IMfel fi3& 

^, <N|V, ^, a slave girl, maid servant; the i^ife of a 

slave or Shudra. [servile, slavish, 

«W/, tirtrtM5wi, Wt'i^, slavery, servitude, dependance; 

^» ^, ^^. a burning, a conflagration, idflammation, 


Vtrr, C*IT7Pr, ^t*ft^, to burn, sear, inflame, cauterize. 

f};^, "kf^tn, a place where the dead are burned. 

ft^, f^,— ^ff^ri, ^f^, c^H, <WF, a point, quarter, region, 

^ifle, part) party. 

tif^vff^, t^f^tn — 9^<av, the regent of one of the quarters 

of the vrorld. 

fiCT, l^ctt, — 9inf, •Itw, f^RKCv, to, towards. 

ft**^. flf^t ^Biw/ ^'iWt'T, ^*w» iWfrtt, naked, stripped, un- 
clad ; Shiva, a naked mendicant. 

fif^ffp^, *i4JiUC 1 l# ' Hf , a general view, survey, look round. 

Vi^n^. f^otf ^d^tn^f a universal conflagration of the world* 

ffm^ f^^iTf^ ^^, ^19, a poisoned arrow ; smeared, 

anointed, vubbed with. 

1Ntm«, ^9, H^f. ^tUm^, naked ; Shiva, Kill. 

W^n9t, ftffMT^, conquering the universe, invincible. 

fcfirfip^, ^WsiUfft, jmi, every quarter, every direction, eve- 
. ry where. 

Vf^^f ^f^y a wandering about, a roving^ voyaging^ 

t^^, W»#W1, generosity, a veish to give. 

9r-^ irP^lN, wr^/, desirous to give, generous, liberal. 

IWtw, wn^ fjt, xmn^ ^ *I1^, a virgin widow remarried^ 

or her husband. 

t^R, ^/WfllH'' ^fi, ^iic?t?t3f, day time, a day, time, date* 

1ini93i, ft*i*lWl, Br^^— ^jf, the sun. 

l&'T^fW, wt^ mft^f ^WR^, %«Milft#1, the spending, passing 

or lapse of time, a livelihood. 

fljf^nff, (lf4J!#|ii, day» daytime. 

fiff^nrt, ft^fiw n^rw, a day's wages, daily hire. 

t^. tiffir, — ^^ttW, "^n^t^f the sky, the atmosphere. 

Dnfi^ 9l^9 a day. 

fk^^P9, ^nf^» ^WH^n, daily, diurnal, proper for the day/ 

140 Df^ 

mtltW, flUwawjr, 'itftF*, of or belonging to the day. 

fW, ticnfm, 1^«W1CT, day ; by day, in the day time, . 

n^^l^f ^A the sun. [day, an owl, &c* 

ISntW, 'OftJI flfW cifftm^ •ttf , WWtft, unable to see by 

flro, 4^, ^Vl, ^liW, "W*, divine, excellent, beautiful ; 

an oath. [couragement. 

nn, «tf|«t, H^tntTf Ci7^» an oath, an appeal to God, en* 

Unit, ft^, 9^, a point of the compass, quarter, region. 

1HT^1?1, ^^^^ni|i1, lost, bewildered. [fate, destiny. 

flikf ftK^» ^(f^9 WT^SV, known, shewn, pointed out; 

fNW, ^prt^. ^*f a priest, a spiritual guide. 

ffm, viRl, ^5«tj¥, WPJif^, the performance of worshipp 

oblation or sacrifice, the preliminary cere- 
monies, the receiving of instruction or the 
initiatory mantra or incantation. 

ftf^, mimsr^Y, %m^pw, nmnnp, engaged in worship, 

sacrifice or oblation, imparting instruction, 
giving the initiatory mantra. 

ft^, Wt, — ftfl^, W^WIW?, an oblong pond. 

^, d^Tftw, — irfl^ {tf^, poor, needy, distressed, miser- 
able, wretched. 

ft^rnr, nnnwtif )Spn» a golden ornament, a seal, a certain 

coin, a dinar, a certain weight of gold. 

Kt^'^f ^N^ ^tCt, %^, a lamp, light, candle, torch. 

1Hn9, «wrw, HWf^, r^JW^, ^WWI?, enlightening, il- 
luminating, kindling, inflaming, beautifying^ 
perspicuous ; a rhetorical beauty, elegance of 

4t*Pr, rl1V7, «r^V«R, to shine, blate, be luminous or light.. 

#(^Wil, V^ ^^, a lamp stand, a candlestick. 

4t*ttf^, rmn^, brilliant, luminous, clear, perspicuous. 

WH^ ftti, — 4f^«T«, ifmPw, rwnfli^, v^ift^, lighted up. 

blazing, made to shine, luminous, splendid, 
inade clear, elucidated, 
•f^, WW, «nFW, CTl^/, light, splendour, brilliancy, 

effulgence, illumination, beauty. 



W^^pr, SrtfT,— tWH/m^, ^^ft«, rlWt%^, luminous, shin- 
ing, bright, refulgent, illustrious. [dent. 

^/wT^, rnt^nwr, «WfW, shining, conspicuous, clear, evi- 

i?tWPT, ^t^ west ^rt^racw, under bestowment, being bes- 

ift?l, ift^, m^% a light, a lamp. 

fm\ mw, ^ir, ^, long, tall, lofty, prolonged. 

^t^^^FT?. ZBW\^ «tf^ti, tall, high in stature. 

^lTO«l, ^mn i ^lft ft l^ , ^nm ^fyt, long-thighed, spindle- shank- 
ed ; a crane. 

ftifStl^, 4it#1«iaj)4), long-lived. [wise; a vulture. 

WipiT, 5?if^, ^If^^, ^, seeing far, foresighted, prudent, 

irt^j^^y ftf^, ^nrrs, f^f^rf??!, tedious, dilatory, slow, 


iJtHT-i"m»i, fT^i|T7t,r a sigh, a long drawn breath. 

W^*l, <WwfHf fwW, ^t^tt, a large oblong pond or tank, 

^taf, •nrWTT, «W?, in length, lengthwise. 

If ^.—% «^ ftrtr, two. 

^^, ^^^nflJi ^«rf^tCT ^< t^^?^, to milk an animal. 
^A^, «^5f f^ if^, ^4^^ Hf¥f, one or two, several, a few. 

fi^. ^t?1, VICTtf, irtl^wt, rtW, qj^, ^, a pain, ache, 

distress, poverty, affliction, grief, sorrow, 
vexation, misery, trouble, labour. 

V^* ^iAt^,— f|f^, ifQra, afflicted, in pain, distressed, 

wretched, miserable, poor; 

^4lt|, ^i^Vff, tl4t, inclined to evil, ill-disposed, ill- 
natured, vicious, malicious. 

^^('nr^, f^^ ^9T^, a time of affliction, a season of disti^ss. 

^t^-/» ^ 1^, ^If5«r9 ^% hard to be borne, scarcely en- 
durable, intolerable. [sumption. 

^i^nipr, 5T«r8ir, Prtirsi, rt^, rashness, temerity, pre. 

f?T» V^> fl^T^illt, f^«(W, ^»^, disagreeably circum- 
stanced, in pain or trouble, distressed, unfor- 
tunate; poor, needy. 

^yttt^ t^WTsr, an unpleasant dream, nightmare. 

^^»rf^, «r^«9, fltWlOhW , fffiiin, an impostor, a turn-coat. 


241 ^ 

fjl, t5»~^f?», #?. milk ; mUked (as an animal). 
JWIWPI/, ,^iff%f^, ff^Wf a sucking infant or other animal, 
f^^, fJHF, ^W?#1, laconic, brief. 
^-1, f^-1,— flWI^l, two fold, twice as much, 
fjre, ^f^, fl>ftCSI*1t!l, ftKl, two objects, a thing and its 

alternative, a dilemma. 

^^f i;firai, — ^^^IWff/, ^ftW, ^19%^, sucking, living on 

milk, producing milk, milky, milch. 

%ft^ vst^, ciTWl* ^<«r5tfir5 ■t^/ w^*i ^w, a sort of boat 

or ship, a windmill. 

^1^, t?^' V^' stubborn, refractory, turbulent, unruly, 

V^9 nrft, a sort of long trumpet, a celebrated giant. 

^1^1^, ^tspr, z^Vpff to fold, to double, to turn as the 

edge of a weapon, to bend. 

f?[^^, mt ^^St bad fortune, evil destiny, a hard fate. 

n«, ^i, rt^, ^WW/, ^Norft, wicked, vicious, unruly, 

impudent, severe, oppressive. 

fpnn, f<^*n, ^•NF, adversity, calamity, distress. 

^?Tt^» ^r^^» profligate, vicious, wicked. 

Wrtrif ^^f f^^f <^» ^n^, profligate, wicked, unjust, 

severe, tyrannical, oppressive. 

^nt^y ^^^(t^/, scurrilous or abusive language, abuse. 

^?W?f fji'nni, evil-minded, malicious, evil-intentioned. 

irt|«, ♦tW, ♦tPtt, ♦W, ^i, sin; sinful, vitiated, tainted, 

musty, putrid, rotten. [ved. 

^¥, ^rf%>ro, •ttf^J, very bad, very wicked, very depra- 

ra^, ^, ?rf^, ^^K/, abstruse, obscure, difficult, hard. 

w<f, ^^/, ^, difficult of access, a castle, fort, for- 
tress, tower. 

Wfe, Wi^, ijflfZB, wretched, miserable, poor, needy. 

w^fk, t9^t ?1f^' I^CSTSI, distress, hardship, wretched- 
ness, misery, poverty. [ill-scented. 

V^, ^5tT, ^S^* ^ stench, unpleasant scent ; foetid, 

^, ^^/, inaccessible, impenetrable, impassable, 


|ffi, ^^t^, a goddessi the consort of Sfaiva. 

ni, ^^(tKS, ^^iifitf difficult, hard to be accomplished, 

calamitous. [cutastance. 

9^7, v^ffA calamity, misfortune, a disagreeable eir- 

\^^» ^, ^jL» <•». ^•KS*, «1tW», ill-natured, surly, male* 

volent, cruel, tyrannical, unruly, wicked, mis- 
chievous, [earned victory. 

H^. ^^nv/i 9^>n U^, difficult to be subdued ; a bard 

^^m, ^9^A not easily subdued or suppressed- 

^fiT^, vw?, vn\^n ^ , U^^rtM, bad or rainy weather, 

a wet or cloudy day, a seasop of calamity. 

^, ^«R/W, ^»r*ni, scarcely visible. 

fJ^, f4*lRl. ^iftri, calamity, misery, adversity, danger. 

V^^f ^^^f il|twt«i, to tremble, shake, palpitate. 

l^, f^i#«» "si^fY, not to be abashed, qonfident, bold, 

shameless, impudent. 

f^, ^Mrtf^» ^^» f^, an ill name, bad reputation or 

character, obloquy, slander. 

f 4t%, ^P^'tt, obtained with difficulty. [tration. 

Tf(%^ ^W)t?, '•iHcrt?, injustice, impolicy, maJ-adminis- 

\^W\ ^5^ 'Rtn?, ^, a bad road, e?il conduct ; pro* 

fligate, vicious. [ated. 

f^, ^nfurtf, M^n, weak, feeble, infirm, impotent, emaei- 

ff^v, il^*2r^, ^, of a bad sort or kind, bad, wicked. 

^f%, fp<W — «IJT, ^mt^f f^, ^f ^<>^, stupidity, 

obstinacy in evil ; stupid, obstinate, wicked, 
crafty ; a cheat, a rogue. 

f^W, vjtil* ^^tV^f ^«. "m^KS, ^oifBwi, ill-disposed, 

wicked, oppressive, unruly, unmanageable, 
ungovernable, ravenous. 

^jOWtj. f^trnr, ^ftl*N5ff evil conduct or practice, self- 
denial, mortification. 

^«i1, ^iHtyvpfjTI, a wife hated or disliked by her husband. 

f^i^/, fV^ l*19*nw» a misfortune, ill luck. 

4|JV^/, ^Mw, ift^Pil, a famine, dearth, scarcity. 

\fq, cMl^ VI, ipmM|V, «ir^f infatuated, blinded by 


244 %^ 

pride, intoxicated with success or praise^ re- 
joicing in evil. [thoughtful. 
f^^, ^ftirft^, fJwj, sad, sorrowful, dejec^ted, anxious, 
f^jl, ^•rSl^ ''^rtfswsf , a cocoanut when soft or half ripe. 
V(^^ f«*?rFrft, ^•rfS^nr^, abusive, foul-mouthed, scur- 
rilous, [priced. 
5^/, '•rWl, T?Ttf;, a high price, dearness ; dear, high- 
W^K\, ^i«rpr, f^rrtt^, dull, stupid, of slender intellect. 

badly joined, cloudy, inclement; a bad join- 
ing, an evil connection, a compliication of 

faf^^i, ^^y9^p9 f^, an evil mark, unlucky sign, ill omen. 

^f^-/, f St**/, 'f^rt/, difficult of attainment, scarce, rare. 

^Wf ^^^9 ft^tW, f?W, inimical, ill-disposed ; an enemy. 

^wr^r, z^pit ^?T^« a dandling, a fondling, fondness. 

T«n«r/, fSeRT, ^W, riR^ft^, dear, beloved, fondled ; a dar- 
ling, a beloved object. 

ijfSm, ^H<1<, ^W3, a bearer, palkee-bearer, porter. 

^■C^, ir^4Pf^, ft^, an evil disposition; ill-disposed, 

vicious. [tressing, wicked. 

fj^, ^Fftn^r, tft^, ♦tt^fhn, difficult, hard, severe, dis- 

^< ^ftrjn,— ^^55?1, ^% ^/tW?, an evil act, a crime, 

sin, fornication. [cious. 

fjwfl, fj>f^, — ^*lt. ^^» wicked, profligate, criminal, ri- 

V^^, nw, ^3F?1, ^TO, ^•ft, sin, wickedness, crime, guilt; 

evilj wicked. [distress. 

V|, «!tTt, ^5^, pain, suffering, vexation, affliction; 

^, ^]^, — ^qj^ffSrPni, ^rsj, suffering pain, poor, afflict- 
ed, vexed, &c. 

fi, ^i •ITf^, ^ra% ft3Wt«W?«i, ^««, iw, vile, wick- 
ed, vicious, depraved, dissolute, impure, im- 
pudent, dishonest, turbulent, wrong, evil, 
improper. , [lainy, turpitude. 

ij^tftr, ^^it^, »f*^t^, wickedness, dissoluteness, vil- 

f ^w, tlw^CT^, difficult of digestion, indigestible. 

^ 246 


tTffit* fjt?f — ^"TOWtf. ^fPrcN/, impassable, insurmount- 
able, hard to be gotten over, unavoidable. 

f^f?, ^^W^t^Ht?, "^(^^^9 hard to please, nice, unfilled. 

^J^, CTt^ ^t^l? f^c*W, a coarse cloth made of double 

threads. [miserable, poor. 

f^» fWflf IJ^* ^^f disagreeably situated, afflicted, , 

fjntjr, ^WR, of both, of two persons (referred to.) 

fn*^* «RPit*t, «PR1«, W/< f^ ^ f^ v^f^TRf^, ambi- 
dexter, double-minded, having t^vo objects* 
eating or working with both hands. 

1^, ^, ^^, a daughter. 

f^prpr, ^t^ cimr^ l[^(cic:W9 under the operation of milking. 

^, Uir^, i^. ^. C71^. a messenger, ambassador, 

angel, spy, a procurer, pander, pimp. 

^, X^i^, ^^. a female messenger, procuress, bawd. 

n» ^Rvrflr^, ^ra?, ^frftc^, distant, remote; distance; 

far, afar, away. 

fW^, flWWT', ♦rfli^wKt, f^, ^9 far-seeing^ provident, 

sagacious, wise ; a vulture. 

^^Itfjr, 'nfti, ^ini/^W?, far and near, every where ; very far, 

very distant* , 

1^, ^n fkt^, a species of -excellent grass, bent grass. 

W, ^, 'vrrr'C, fSwn, Wtw «W«f^, ^ti^r, v^'ntr, a fault, 

guilt, blame, reproach ; to convict, condemn, 
confute, point out faults, blame, reproach. 

^^t^, f^HR^, occasioning guilt, reproachful. 

^j, fWflro, ^t^, condemnable, blamable, confutable ; 

a tent. [like. 

f^» ^^f W^9 W^^9 ^W, an eye, sight; in camp, seeing, 

'^Vft«, ^4cm^*4, a look, regard, survey, view. 

^, "W, ^^, ^TWf', i[T??f, WNr, ^w?, ft*, f|rj, r>¥» 

firm, hard, stifi*, strong, tight, tough, solid, 
fast, stable, fixed, sure, irrevocable, inviola-- 
ble, strict, resolute, accuratte. 

^prt4l, ftr)nvirf, ^n/irt^t, affirming, asserting confidently^ 

faithful to his word. 

246 m 


ffWt'Tf ffwpr, —^it^jFrt, <W/f , f^N^r, fW^Hi, firm p«saa8i<»^ 

assurance, conviction, certainty. 

^/, »yMt»j[ , ^Wiy visible, perceptibly, handsome. 

^, ♦fip^, '•Hwiirw, «r»;^, seen, viewed, beheld, ob* 

served, apparent. 

^^t, ^7^nrtr7, "i"^, seemingly, ostensibly, apparently. 

i^f ^f(^% ^S^m> an example, iUustratioiij proofs si* 

mile, metaphor, parable. 

ff^ 'iltCTW^, Mlt^\ wp^rw, a view, look, glance, regard, 

sight, vision, a scene, a prospect. 

f ficW?, wiCTT^^, ^rwtrs, an object of ais^t>; witfajm 

view, in sight. 

^rWl» Wilf c^5wft, the pupil of the ^e. 

f ci, «l^irTr5r,^wwW, apparently, seemingly, in pretence. 

ciF%|t, ^atfT^l, IT?* a vestibule, Qntranc^, poreh« 

vf^, cipn^t <>N?4^<tlWt , a temple, one who bolds or 

superintends the charakpdj^ 

W^, W^ftW, — ^rsn^^r, abwkrupt 

CR^, Ttf^ iltc^ ^f^c^, an illumination on the new 

moon of the month Kirtic. 

W«^, Uf^Pj^i, 'i^, r*ic4V«i, ^t?Ri% to give, present, grant, 

offer, admit, allow. 

W<w, w^9 '*i4Wl*«*,,5»pnr, to see, look, view, behol4» 

observe, spy, regard, visit. [visit. 

PW1, Tiff W5, ^RtCTWf^, 'ftwt^, a view, sight, look, glance, 

CR^rt^, WSW^i, evidently, plainly t clearly. [other. 

zi74tinrfit, ^^^^t^M, ''i^l^^f face to face; an imitation of an. 

^tttw, w^% ^cfTTH^, to shew, point out, manifest, dis- 
play, exhibit. 

W<tW, ^/, «Pf?8, perceivable, &c. one who shews, &e. 

p rfHi*iR , «^|«ii*iH, ''ifiWir «#t<%^K refulgent, resplen- 
dent, conspicuous. [ought to be given. 

OPrt, Ktn, «rt^, f^cW41?, a debt, gift, oblation, what 

Wff\, ^P9, T^^Sf^t offered as an oblation, given to 

Brahmins. [kiog^^iearsaaof fank;iur. 

w^f ^Wf • ^i St*, tfpPH^, it^, vif^ a god, dssmpn. 

toA 247 


tn^f ^t^ ^Vf9t, Chrishna*8 mother. 
ORfgjr, i^w, cloves, the clove tree. [grotto. 

cf^tT^^i ^m^nv4 winf , ft natural pond, cave, cavem» 
cvi^r^^, rm? "nf, ^Hf^ninr, thonder, a clap of thunder. 
wwi, iR?, ^t^, ?WH, a god, a deity, the clouds, the 

WWt»nr, ORt«f?, — ^>P|?5iT^, a temple, or image-house. 
ORf, w^Jrittf, ^w?^R, cw^rftlrtff^, deity, godhead, 

divinity, deification. [lands. 

rR9, ciR^, ^^?^> the endowment of a temple, temple 
iWWr, t^rnfir«, tWT*w, ^^, given to or by a god, 

some one (name unknown), something. 
W^BJff, yif ftrw, a species of pine. 
c?^, CiRC4^9, ^^, an angel or messenger of the gods. 
cnMr, ^?fftin, ^iNyv^ firmly believing in God, pious, 

religious ; a theist. 
CRf7)1, 4Nr?(srei, theism, a firm fa^elief in God. 
W'tW, » pH>WjHH*< 1, «ftm^, idolatry, image-worship. 
CWP^, tWil, a harlot, a courtezan. [ing. 

<n^4t; onm^/, ^^ftcytf^, an oracle, a divine word or say* 
ORWTW, ^*l«ft^ ^, %«^^^5frtN VfVjINi ??1, an idolatrous 

procession or carriage of sacred images. 
UtH^lfHi, %*wnwi, v^stf^, CH4siPr^, a demigod, deemon, super* 

human being ; descended from a god. 
Wfj, ♦rt^ *Prt^, a husband's younger brother. 
cmf^, ^ h Wtt i) iif^, a Rishi or celestial saint, a divine sage. 
vmif CiF^^m#4t, ^S^ ^(tW^, an attendant on an idol, a 

low Brahmin who lives on the offerings to an 

idol which he attends for hire, a certain Muni. 
OHRSfpF, ^m^iPV^nr, ^^ heaven, the abode of the gods. 
W^ipi, OTi^H, WiW?, — Jrt^, a temple, a pagoda. 
IWT. W^«t« 3W/, lW*|«n<«fXtt^' ^» a religious endoviN 

ment, consecrated property, &c. [the gods. 
IWUp**!^ 'fSJir, «5jt1|r, an infernal being,^ one who injures 
Vfti^ omnKv fit, iwri ^illWrw ift, ^#l"l4<t, Durgi, any 

iroddess. a oueen. a woman cf rank : madam. 

248 hn 

W?, ?PTOfTW, ^^, «1ftrttV, fit to be given, that ought 

to be given » due, payable. 

CW, ^f1*t% ^^, ^V9^3 Xt^f ^, a country, region, pro- 
vince, tract, spot, place, side, part of the 
body. [where. 

WW?, ^^f ^/t«» ^31, full, abundant, pervading, every 

apmP(«1, CTMtl^^lf*,— '^iflBrtP, ?tVtfiRFTft, a sovereign, king, 

ruler, governor. 

vnnf cwrns :^, the boundary of a country, a frontier. 

CWTW, ftOH, ''R/ WH, a foreign country. 

W^-?, cipWt^, W*l*!¥^*, wr^?, natural to or produced in 

a country, of or belonging to a country. 

<^» "tft?, ^^, the body, matter, material nature, 

stature, constitution. 

Wf^rt^, m^f "tft?^^, dying, death, the falling of the body. 

W?fhr, ^ifTBl^^, ^(^, ^nitllfj^, uneinbodied, spiritual, 

immaterial, incorporeal. 

g><^m^t^ , ^l*t^C¥W, ^rtl^, attributing spirituality to 

matter, a materialist [the embodied soul. 

tifft, ^*t|t^, "t9t?r|>9, «(t^, corporeal, material, embodied ; 

Ci^ct^l^sv, *l9t?9, TtWtr^7, born in the body, inborn, natural. 

bfs/, ^PJ^, an Asur, demon, titan, an evil genius. 

hrff, iffira^, f^M^, poverty, want, wretchedness, cring- 
ing, meanness. [mean. 

hp(Jt, ^^f f^i^, ^«i, indigent, poor, needy, wretched, 

b?^, ^^, ^^(r^^, ft?rW, 4'«15RP,t??T<t^, destiny, fate, the 

consequences of the actions of a former birth, 
providence, an incident, misfortune ; divine, 
celestial, religious, sacred, providential. 

Ibn^ m^ttftfy religious acts or ceremonies, as sacri- 
fices, &c. [teller. 

^RV, ^^9, an astrologer, caster of nativities, fortune- 

b??nrt^, ^^t^^ a divine impulse or interposition. 

^WWWt, bfft^,— ^^, ^»R^S providentially, by divine 

interposition, by chance, accidentally, unex- 
pectedly, from above. 

Ml. M9 

Vnt<Kr, ^vmiM, ftafcl4y^jprg9idM[tial».o&SM( accidental/ 


hahjacv te fiautQ; grants ]»y providence, 

cfaftnoe, l(iflrtoitbfi8« m 
Wipf;, ivfiit«^j|^, sijidd^n or abcijd^>&l 4«stb: 
^, 1^^^^. "mtnff a piroyidcai«ial ofreuiMiicii, aeci^ 

dent, disaster, oiishap. {judgement* 

bcrtlMKi, v^f^Mt^, a providential calaoiity, 41 .divino 

iUiif-/. cmfiwa, iiTT^, le^gtl^. i 

r?l, 5^, fi, -two. . .. [twice, 

{ifT93r, *I^^> ftNi^» ^^^^ repeated^ danbifid, double? 

t?rtlt, ^Wdt, ttteiie.of ayoloe, A:c. . - [a dilemma. . 
miltfri, ^flRif iiCRl^, ^A^t a piujliag^ o;r sgiicitiag two way s, 
«$|#9% "T^, tm, a double-desding person,; a mischief-maker. 

fliteniatixe, a ohoiee (Of -^WD* *'. ' -^ 

WP«W, ^rt?[t? ^ «t* ^'irtcfy aUD^^ iaving two stories, 

di^ohle-iockiiig, (a k W of pt^dttoi^ ^ .> 

i^nm#;vtiv, apfirti, f^ifPlM, awingiDg, oiscillatiog. . 
vn^, POBfif /* a tjiib^ice manfied wotnao. 
jxnm\, ^^tv ^rtf^icw, th6 OMoaaut &e. when ripe enough 

to have a doable ^axkL [fto. 

c?m-^, miRl, a l^wiBgtwg, osciliating, rockii^ to and 
Wnir, ;wur, Ji??r, »C«W,- rtnwr, to «vrtug, vibrate, rook, 

roll, tetter, wave. 
Wlirtt, CAM* 9 swing. 

mmn, c^fFsirf^, a swinging at random. [of Chrisbni. 
on^iqprl, ^F«vl«>3R,the swinging festival in commefhoratioa 
WWI, WrtW, WW, a fewing, litter, dooly, palkee, a joft. 
WWB*r, rvnt^, «r9rsr, to swing, cause to swing, agitate, 

shake, move, jolt. [to and fro. 

WWIPltw, .^»rf^i «t?Prff, swinging, oscillating, moving 
WItftWB, WWtH*, a palkee or litter bearer. 

««1, Pniri, S»irt, ^iM, *it*W,-^^v, a fault, 
..- .defect, blettrfsh, ^law/ mistake, error, dis- 
order,. sin,'^elRdne&, vice, • guilt, objection, 


250 Cftlt 

niconclusiveness, refutation, blame, aceusa* 
tion, defamation, calumny, disadvantage, in- 
jury, evil, unpropitiousness, unluckiness. 

CTtWjr, t^^, ^^fVi^, hurtful, injurious, prejudicial. 

WWWW, ^•I*IM^H, ' ^Wiff€t, vtflr|>P MStj, the scene of 

crime, a criminal, a diseased body, [abuser. 

WWfRW, Onw, v^3f^, calumniating ; a calumniator, 

Wl^'flU^, ^»!^TOif^, PT^W, charging with faults, imputing 

crimes, criminating, accusing. 

WW^-^Rfr, Wt^ W«^, ^•KW**', v<inr, f^wnr, <tiw, to crimi- 
nate, impute a crime, find fault, accuse, 
blame, upbraid, invalidate, weaken, confute, 
condemn. [guilu 

nm^rN, ^t^tWlb^, the expiation or removal of sin and 

Wff^^r5T» ^«W(CTP3i, ftw^, the scene of crime, a crimi- 

luil, guilty person. [nation. 

iSFt^twtftr, ^Vj'^ '•WHf ^, mutual accusation or recrimi- 

Cfrtt, ^WjT'Ct, PPipfl?, ^tM, ^fflpff, guilty, criminal, cul- 
pable, blamable, sinful, incorrect, fiaiulty, 
inaccurate, unsound. * 

Wt*!?, fWl?, 'wft, a second, a secondary. 

CftTjrt, fW?, ^^pr/, ^Rt?«^9, second, another^ 

iWfK, f^lfiri^ts^, y>pT, mlwvi^iM^ji ^, ftrerrr^, to milk an 

animal, to cheat, cozen, draw a revenue or 
advantage from, oppress. [foetus, embryo. 

WtfT, itlEl, '^, ^^▼, «f^, a longing, a desire, a stain, mark, 

xX'XSf ciTPP, ^/ ftrw, a couplet, a sort of verse 

Wtrt?, ^^nn?, ^^?^if?F, a second, a prompter. 

WWTSl, t^«*»* f^[%, ^J^J- double, two-fold, second ; again. 

«$1^, ^^Nfic^an ^m^RPal, ^, C5^1, «WI^, a race, running, 

pains, endeavour, exertion. [endeavour. 

t^^, W^^, WCfT WR, C5^l9|[«i, to run, hasten, speed, escape, 

Wi?T^, W^, ^T^, Ft^pr, to make one run, hasten, acce- 
lerate, impel, drive. [a messenger. 

r^^/, «WW?r, cirfj^, an embassy, message, the offilce of 

c^^^, lTji«it^?^, a porter, a door-keeper. 

CQitl(9 861 

ohrtW, ^••M, ^^f ▼iolence, outrage, tyranny, oppret- 

sion, wickedness. 

Wl^/, i^rtFt?, flint*, ^i^raii, wickedness, unprincipled 

conduct, villainy, violence. [tigue. 

Ci^W, ^nm\f <*tl%, weakness, fieebleness, infirmity, h>* 

^^9 ^flr^ ^^, a daughter's son, a grandson. 

ls% 9tt^f r<trv1, light, splendor, lustre, beauty. 

Sf«, •rtr^, •iHtafryl, dice, a playing at dice. 

ornn, ftf^, cih^, light, lustre, sunshine, heat 

W, ^NlRi, *t*fW?, ?Pi, *W, *rt*i^, vjif, fusion, a melting, 

liquefaction, dissolving, solution, fluid state, 
a fluid; liquid, melted, fluid, dissolved. 

^nt^, ^Mt?, fusible, malleable, soluble, dissolvable. 

^W, ^, •Wt^ ^«1[t1^, fWtwy tc^, 9itir$, ^^r, a things 

substance, matter, article, household stuffy 
goods, baggage, materials, a drug, a medica- 

W¥l, r^ftw*, '(frti, a grape, a raisin. 

3iwisi^1, jpR^ftj ^W, a vine. [vent. 

om^, ;s?^?i9, ^mtt^, a solvent, a flux for metals ; sol- 

W^«i, ^tirpr, to fiise, melt, disolve, resolve. 

^sttft, airt/, — ffspfl?, fusible, malleable, soluble. 

V, ^pn, — ^, *tTf , a tree. [rogue. 

9^, ^I^F^, iq#, m?r, fSi^, a scorpion, a bee, a cheat, a 
'^hj, T?1ftw, «iW, ^»l^, *fif», quick, fleet, swift, 
speedy, hasty, liquid, fluid, melted, fused, 
dissolved ; swiftly, quickly, 
'^cwi vrir, the branch of a tree. 
t:sn% ^^rtFf ♦Itlwt^, a measure of capacity. 
cajM^t^, *t?^W, Tt?n, the raven or carrion cirow. 

tKB!^, WTWI, a canoe, raft, any boat- shaped vessel, 

tub, &c. [injury, mischief, murder. 

V9f^, ^iMmckki, "^(f^tsu^ fllt^, Vf, malice, spite, envy, 
rai^, rW^— ^•^j^, Cl4t, ^ni>lH| t, '^^, injurious, hurt- 
ful, spiteful, envious, malicious^ sanguinary, 

ti 2 

^S9 ' HM 

«f . ^ 1^5 v^ fSiMv f^, ira^ a^tr of fitarinaOs, fiate «Qd 

female> man and wjfer a coupla; brace, any 
two*op|io8ctB8, .at .giffod'^aiid )&vil; ndisptitte^ 
strife I Ji^naivtl. . ; . 

t^^ ^W9ft, f^YB^dvl fcpokrKlBodie^ idis putatious> litigfous'. 

iRT, c^t>i, iMiivrf^^ ^1^^ a. fair, braces couple^ two. 

WTf , ^WRpiv Wfiwm, 3tandihg at the door 0t gat© ; m 
' doorkeeper. 

r^, ^^ 1,^* W»«; the .third Yug, dovl^i m8»rtwty> 

ijf, (Jtwrtj W, *|»t, itrmi n cJopr w gatr-iray, pw- 

sa je, entrance; a dooft g;ftte, window, a way> 
means, ' [count of- 

^nrt-*; .)#JW, C^*, by, tbroilgbi b^ »ni«aa6 irf; on ftc- 

fit, ^»— f?f> ^ con^os^. two, twice, d<wble* 

flwa, fj? fW, fit^Wfiftr^ two b^nds; having two hands. 

f^% WBrrai, f^^> double, two-fold. 

nw, ^'rafrs, ^^«i, n^, ^?«, 3^<itf^ (^ ?< t^ri^ e-boro, 

oviparous ; any oviparous animal, a biidi &c. a 
tooth, ^ mail of ^ithek* of th)d three fir^it clasfes^ 

min, kshyatriya or vaiB» 

I^Wt*?, 3[til^^iT^, ftW*t?, <t5?, of or belonging febrab- 

minjs, &c. mongrel t)f mixed breed; a rnide. 

'^RKptn, rar, 'fW^, ^'Tf, the moon,4^ birdef Visbnu, the 

serpent Ananta. [twofold. 

^^^^» I5» 1^» Wi(<r,i ftw^i, a couple, two; of two sorts, 

flpil?, <^CT? *f?, %»wWW, ^j, ^»w, *iWji, second, se- 
condary, inferior, next, different, other. 

f^S^f 1W, in two or three days^ two or three days ago. 

finr, ^»^«i, reduplication, repetition. [principled. 

fW*Ri1, ^ ^rtpt3f5t«, ^, belonging to two parties, un- 

ffc^, 5^ «Wa, *i8t&, ^fnr^, iM in two ways ; of two 

kinds; a dilemma, d^ubt, hesitation, am- 
biguity, [certain » 

ft[t(t^w|, ;HCTt5 J^^, ''(pPVfi doubtful, pr^arious, un- 

flmi^w ri ^ , viAM W^^9 ^9\^, f^m^H, to doubt, hesitate, be in 

suspense, to ponder. 
ftW; tatf id elephmii^ 

fl[*n?, flWW,'---i|tM«fWl^ biped, two footed ; man. 

ftlH; n\m ^ 5«» ^»»t« ffttH*, «j¥, JULviRg two. lieads op 

ftiouthft, two imed { ^berpeut, amphisbsena, 

aaartful/Q^'idebeHful ()i^!<»An. 
f^t ftft^ ait elepbfutit. 

nnp(^, <|!mnt4; taittblogy^ repetitiob. [soi:t$, iwofbht 
ftei»f^, ifi^fifc fllt»«ittff^, t»l<<#HHi > haYiog two fonns, oftwe 
ffi9^, TSirir, a bde, a large black bee. 
0*r, iwiw;^ fC^Tt^. ^> \^<ltl* an island, any land 

bM^een two watel*9, a continent, ' a division 

of the world, 
tfv, Itr^cvii^, l)r*^, malice, enmity, hatred, injurioui^nes^. 
nft^, ^^f^v to hate, dislike, bear malix!fe. {licious. 

nrft, Itjf, f^^rFffj. hating, hostile, injurious, envious, ma- 
ci^, r^«4t,*— %«, nrscWk malevol^it, malignant, mali^ 

ciou^ {a duplication, ddubt. 

^f i^9 ^*ft9|% ^vv^, a second of the same kind, 
nMi, iw^tft,^--WWWi*l^; ' *i|P«^*, anasserter ofnA^ 

gods tibati oner n poly thBist, an antipantheist 

or ^poser of the dcictrines of Bi^ahma. 
Cl>Mit^, HRRW, — l^^^ft^^H, uHWrtcw, a maintaining of 

many g^ddis, polytheism, an as^rtion of th^ 

distildction of the s6^1 from god. 
«W, I***!?, WT?pf, ''Jixirt^, t*c<Wf!r, ^%y VHt^, 1<H^, a 

doubt, dilemma, ambiguity, piin, double*- 

v^eaming, stratagem, a double resource, a 

reserve of troops, a twofold form or ^ate, a 

contest, a duel ; divided, split. 
1/^ ^9{Vpf^(^^, fifts, having two points, bifid, bideps. 
*l«, ^■NlJiy ^wHW^ ^«]inrtfip, having two objects^ am- 

bigaouti, admitti^ng two meanings ; a quibble, 

a pim, a double meaning. 
Ht(|[*, ^Wii|l*tf|?B> ^WHfiprfiW, occurring every other day. 

266 «d; 

ngpff ^trtvmi^, KWVf aprpffehensible, seizable. 

Hf^^, ^ftrtt, z^^, the earth. 

^^'\, ^ScVflRlic ^ mode of diuiniDg by sitting down at one s 

door with a threat of starving if not paid* 
irt^ Jtlj, UH/, wff;, Jf^^, <«fCTf?, deserving acceptance, 

retention, notice or animadfersion, appeben- 

sible, -assumable. ' 

«HfiU;^t4, ^ religious act dir merit, duty, 
virtue, nghteoii$ness Justice, religion, piety, 
the nature or property of aiding, characteristic 
or distinittive quality, natural state or disposi- 
tion, usage, practice, fitneisSi propriety, pro- 
per use or ap^libatioii of a thing, peculiar duty 
of an indi viduid, customary observances of 
crusty se(;t, &c. Yapda. ^ [meritoriously. 

K'it^f Wf«<te«f, 'r/t^jst, religiously, pJbusly, justly, rightly, 

trt%l, w^iCT[?t, 1^^, religion, virtqev rebtitude. 

Km^Vf.Jf^, black pepper. ' [justice, meritorious. 

.«^yp, ^if^f ^!f?ff% connected with religion, virtue or 

WfffttfA'i 'fPrtf , i^tfWMJW, ftmifrt'f a religious edifice, an 
. > AlQ(is^k6u3e^hospital» receptacle for strangers, 
.8p[!. a oouirt of justice* 

4i#Kfflt ^^^WT3J, ^n«n|ftr the great .body of Hindoo laws, 

including mocal, political, &c« religious duties 
andjurispEudence, hoLy er religious writings. 

M^l(^^ ^^fS0{^..^^f ;pHDsses9ed of rebgious merit, vir- 

. tiioui^* vK^Ud^spoaed- 
W»r1^, 'ffs^^t^^ W^t^,:ajiigej|t pjr code of laws, a ri- 

^. . , ■. il^ittil -erf, ofeftiryanceg, jj;»»pu4 of duties. 
. . . ; , ,.JS}?V».i» saint or holy p»mm^^ holy spirit. 
PClftPr31g,;I^FR5«rnRBt Jifaejy^tiPl ^^pitiinptock^; justice, 

in 257. 

^vv, ?fi^, r^M^Wl, a magistrate, a judge. 

'Iftft, 'rtft'^— «!t^, ^^P^, ^Wf^, virtuous, pious» religi- 
ous, just, honest, upright. 

W/, ^/tl/, ^«, lawful, proper, just, right, virtuous. 

^9f fiRrft, «lffti?^, ^re, «tn^, daring, boH,, impow^i 

overbearing, overawing^ arroganl^ proiid^ 
contumelious. j , . - 

^\ ^lii^^«i, *>#W, ^wt, ttt dare, challenge, In^ow;- 

beat, overawe, be overbearing; boldness, 
contumely, arrogance. [ther, midwifei. 

in^, Htdft, — ^^frt^, ^W^^ll^i a wet-nurse, foater-im^ 

^O^^n, ^fs^fftft^^/, C^W^, running, going fast; a i^^c^ 

sengQr, an express. ^^ 

'IT^^, wl^^, '•i^^tt^'f, to go fast« run, pursue, [fleetness. 

W^TW Y?1 ^7, V«frf^» ejipeditioQ, speed, runoinf^ 

wnn* c^» t^9 a push, thrust, shove, shock. 

^nfjlrt, 9Wlia^l4f an otl;er. 

/ strong, rob^uijt^ prockicing many young at 
a time, (spok.e4 Pi^Iy of the females of ani- 
mals); a dam. , 
^itil, ft^, — «|1^WW, 1*W1, .^Ulr a nourisher> regulator, 

father, providepce, Brahmd; nourishing, pos- 
sessing, &c. 

V\^ *t«^, ^ I*Wpit!W, illlLHiWf ^'T*^ 't^* nfWtlWt 

''^IIPT, 'fiWf ^t^, ©WtSWf^ 1^, a primary ele- 
ment, a ai6tal,. ore, mineral, fossil, a property 
of matter, an organ of sense, constituent part 
of the body, bodily humour^ chyle, semea 
virile, a gleet,, the pulses a verbal root. 

<tyf , C9intii, lMf^^« thi^ waste or ^ecay of. the yitsd 

funetions or bodily humours, a mortal disease. 

irf^flWr ^rt^cit^, ^F*, a cold, cough, catarrh. 

^Vft, "Wnn, the. alimentary juice or. chylei 

^n^ll^iV^^ itfiiifnE .nutrition, aottcisbment, a fatten- 


26d ffr 

^tt%C^47> ^^^^» ^V^t nutritive, nutritious, nourisbiog, 

fattening, restorative. 

^^, ^tt^fWitOVl, 'CTftB V •tjtWP, a mineralogist, mi- 
ner » assay er. [humours. 

i(T^CV?, 9^^FTf » a change in the habit of the body or its 

nx^n, ^^Tt metallic, metal, made of metal. 

tlT^innf^, Cf trr^» borax, (used as a flux for metals.) 

^tTi^/y ^[;;n^/^> theequilibriumof the humours, perfect 

health. [foster-mother. 

ftSt, «PW ^?t¥ CT 3|t> f8*WW, a midwife, wet-nurse, 

«t*t, ^W^^ «^1, rice imperfectly huisked or cleaned. 

frt^^-Y •ff^Vjt, an archer, a bowman. 

Wr/, ^'^i — ^m^ ^iit^^ «^«r, paddy or unl)usked rice, 

corn or grain in general. 

MSf/'^t^f 'Ct^r/^^PfTiW; ^%, 'Hwiirir, a soil favourable to the 

growth of rice ; abounding in rice or other 

fpTilfir, "rt/^^. rice and other grain, grain in general. 

<tn, Prt^tTT^? <eKV^ ^w^imyHi ^r^, w^, iHe steps of 

a staircase or ladder, a leap, a jump, a spring. 

ict^9, c^Ttf^l, w^. a runner, messenger, express. 

trr^f?Trt, iF^^ttit, quick, swift, fleet, running quick. 

KT^nr, r?i^, c^^ W<r, to run, to go with speed/ 

i(T^;vr^, TiP^TrrSt, running, moving with speed. 

<W, ^ "t^, ^.^ v<f%i i[nr, w^, «t^FW, frpg, Hfm, the body, 

a house, dwelling) spot, place, country, dig- 
nity, consequence, light, a ray of light. 

iflnW, r^^Ftyi, «W1, a sort of kettle-drum. 

trWI, ^,— W3I WHni ^tt3| ftrw, a water scuttle or basket 

>of close ratan work. 

Vif ^•J, ^"ftrtf W^/, ^i ^"WWf 'ifl^. fHa, Wl^c^ •W^ 

<3|C!tn1^ciPn, a deibt, loan, deep place» depth, 
frost, slight drizzling rain» a dripping, oozing, 
distillation, ofib^ring, a l6ak> hole or flaw in 
a vessel, a horse s paces, laxcellance, a quan- 

fk^ 259 

tity, multitude, a sort of stone, an end, limit, 

, boundary, garden fence, wall, hedge, the edge 

of a weapon, brow of a bill, a margin, brink, 

brim, the van of an army, [umpire, debtor. 

tnw, mn. Wlk, nnf\,^f having, holding; a holder, 

«r«7, to faave^ hold, keep, maintain, . bear, 
support, sustain, uphold, retain, assume a 
dress, wear, borrow. 

iM, perseverance, continuance in right, forti- 
tude, firmness, resolution, immovable reli*- 
gious abstraction, memory^ retention, debt. 

ttfjMW^, wWjt. ^ftnw^, persevering, firm, resolute, 

self-restraining. [the body. 

ttt^^t, Tn^ ci^, '^t^, a straight line, any tubular vessel of 

Tflif^, ^[JUPto, ^ly, sharp, having an edge. 

«m<t, «WS^, a custom, usage, practice, habit, 
course, fashion, rite, ceremony, posture, car- 
^ riage, gait, conduct, behaviour, method, way, 
plan, order, sort, kind, drops or streams 
of rain, a water- course, a section, chapter. 

i(tjtti, tm, ^9 a cloud, a sword. [follow custom. 

irtjrW^, f^/ ^Wtc^j ^rw¥^, to go with the stream, to 

tll4t4l^#, 4l4l<ini^» 'rtJttfCt, — **4|*i5|fw, following the fa- 
shion, going with the stream of custom. 

Ktifr, ^t^*irt1?, ^^, apprehensible, liable to be seized. 

'rtlW, 'jWw, ^t^, sharp, keen-edged, pointed. 

mtt, «^, «rt«» W^f an edge, a margin ; having, holding. 

HXC9, Vvt9, "n^, on shore, on credit, on trust. 

'tlfi^, U/TWt. religious, pious, virtuous, righteous, just. 

Knfp ^(ffRrtt?, W41if/, ^^V(f fl|?, ftrf«, apprehensible, 

deserving of restraint, fit to be retained ot 
upheld &c. fixed, settled. 

U^ ' nn^'fye, OQt upon it,, for shame, O fye I 


2Cd IJJlIt 


f'ri^ft?* ^|^i^t«yi»^>(niif f^nKl> eonteinpt, disrespect, reproach, 

censure. [cursed, &c. 

f!nr^, W^ir^, 'W'tf , reprokched, reviled, contemned, 
PdH. ^, 9it^in^, "ItV, slaw^ cautious; pacified, lulled. 
f^9, ^» deliberately, softly, faintly. 
^, ^f^, understanding, intellect, knowledge, idea. 
.Jtf^, ortc^tef , an organ of perception. 
<t^, W^^f^f hf^, a fisherman. [ous ; Vrihaspati 
^fW{f ^J'lWfT^ ^^T"^, wise, intelligent, learned, sagaci 

^VRt^, 4Wt*ttrti, wise, sensible, learned, se 
date, grave, deliberate, serious, tranquil 
quiet, serene, firm, steady, consistent, de 
termined, temperate, docile, meek, slow 
lazy, dull, headstrong, selfwilled, uncontroU- 
al>le, strong, powerful, jjealous yet calno. 

^, inn^f^?^(;^, deliberate] y,cooUy, slowly, sediately. 

fM^i il4t, ^^vtl/, a counsellor, minister, friendjy advjiser. 

«{«r, -^ itiwtinr* vtntli^ 9it?^, to wash clothes, to repair 

ormendjiets, &c 

\¥>r, if 1*m, to pant wiUi running, breathe hard. 
' ITS, <M^, 9/v, shaken, agitated, left, relinquished. 

^A, ^t^RlKV ^ ^n«, ^^, the long cloth worn about the 

loins, a bribe. 

ijii*, «lt»f|W?», a cotton cleaner. 

-^^, ^^l^rtlnrtUM, f^V^, to oard or clean cotton with 

the bow, to shake. 

r«, «rt^/> ^f zea), ardor, diligence, perseyeraoce. 

afft, '^f% ^«Wf, «Wti, ardent, pefsevering, imge, 

great, prodigious. ^ 

a^prtftf ^tic^ftn, sedition, rebellion , tumult^ uproar. 

^tft, W9^f tKWf a washerman. - • 

.^«, ^!t^» ^^^tt9> ardour, fervour, aeal, oppri»sion, 

jWft, «w^» ^w^f 'J'^X a concubine, a strolling wo- 
man, a female Vai$hnava, 

VfWfl'^^i v*^, vagrant, va8abDndi)l0dieijOw. 

^^ 261 

^Jpnir, f|»t^,— -*«:*t«, Vljf, a tnmult, mob, hubbub, 


*^f ^«tw?"nr»thebeatorcallofadru]n. [song. 

9f1, 4tc«3r JR*ftr, the introductory stanza or chorus of a 

^ ^it?, ^tf7l> ^«n^, a load, burthen, pole of a carriagef 

reflexion, recollection, thought. 

«[lWp, ilft^,— VRRH^, ?ttm«Wtf> ^n^ •!«, bearing a bur* 

then ; a beast of burden. 

l'^^^^' ?1WI, a king, a sovereign. [ing dish. 

Vrf>, «j^,— «J^«r*tra, ^w*1, a censer, incense pot, chaff- 

^^sr^, tiTl, — ^f^nnfpv, ^W^*f> the resin of the shdl tree, 

pitch, incense, turpentine. 

^, «nWPf, ^^Wrt, cir.5^, «3|, resin, incense, fragrant 

vapour, the rays or heat of the sun, strong 
sun-shine, a sabre. 

t^f9, H«ti|, ^t1^« perfumed with incense, scented. 

if. ^H,— ^ilfiRtn f^t^^ •nwrr^lflfl, Itm, ^W, smoke- 
steam, vapour, tobacco vapour. 

unv^, fM«tW9^^, Winmptv.^irflr* a comet, falling mete- 
or, the descending node, Agni, fire. 

nrstp, ipf«Iir,r--^iAN^fapiUarorvolumeof9m<di^ [pour. 

mmpr, ^n^jRl trt^^t the vmoktog of tobacco, inhaling of va- 

numf^, en, a cloud. . [ky, purple. 

^, ^anF9lirf^^< of a smoky or purple colour, smo- 

^ «t>, «t«t?R», lff*w, ^, •fTfrrfhpP, crafty, cunning, 

sly, knavish, mischievous; injurious, waggish; 
a gamester, rogue, cheat, the thorn-apple. 

f[W, W> — tw^i|f^m,.t!i^, dust, pollen. 

t|[W^, ^f^» ^<iv, anointed, smeared. 

iiwj, ^fi^ •rtlt^'f* ^5? ^» ^ ?rey colour, an ass, a jackal, 

an oilman ; of a grey colonr, grey. 

f9Ci, i|^,. flannel. [apprehended. 

^» ^nvn* tffV, tlft^y held, possessed^ caught, seized, 

^|l^ Wf^, l*ii!f^/, 9ic«t9, iit^, «ittf, ^'^j possession, 

a holding, having, firmness, steadiness, con- 
stancy, restraint, pleasure, tetisftictibn,. hsr 

t92 m 


pinesB, sacrifice, an offering, religions rite» a 
species of rerse, an astronomical Tog; 

'^ft^^y t^» f?>Rlt, 19^, firm, steady, constant, restrained^ 

satisfied, happy. [bold, insulting^. 

^k, ^^, — ^f^JiN?, •sr^, shameless, impudent, confident* 

c^rt^, wwWfhr, an otter, 

Vf'L vri^TrlC^II, a miich-cow, a cow with a calf. 

rnr, ^^\ Wrft?, fit or proper to be held, &c. 

nrrrt^, ^!^^» fN^, to think upon, ponder, meditate. 

W;, f^s^t "nRi, ftro?^, ^rtRl, 'rti^^t, t^raw^, steadi^ 

ness, firmness, seriousness, gravity, delibera- 
tion, coolness, patience, forbearance, endu* 
ranee, abstinence, temperance. 

^trt;, flF?» ^Wp'T, 'Wft^if, 'rf*^^ steady, cool, deliberate, 

patient, forbearing. 

nt^, ^/t^ ^(fn\ ^fff, alluvial soil, deposit after caiik 

V(\€W, tftwrn^tmiN, to wash, clean, rinse, clarify. 

rit^^> tW^* to pant, be out of breath. 

nnn* ^« >^» "(«1» ^ic^* illusion, deception, error, sus- 
picion, doubt. [linen. 

ntn, ^M, ^ cfVl^FT, clean, washed ; the washings of 

CTW1, WW, — ^I'WR^iWt, 3WP, a washeroMn. 

?<Wft, Wt^Pft, — ?wlt, a washerwoman, washerman's wife. 

ncWtw, ?FtPt^, Clh^, clean, washed. [ing-. 

lKV!\f ^t^l^, (SpniR, clean, washed ; a cleansing, wash^ 

Wtlrtftr, wit W^, washings, dregs. 

r^W, ^FW^ftK'W, a cloth half silk, half cotton. 

l^%, ^TVlAv^,. *lf|[^, washed, cleaned^ purified, clean. 

iC/tv, f^r^f^, thought or meditated upon, pondered. 

Vtvl, ilvif^Ttf f^n^, f^t^, one who meditates or con- 
templates ; contemplative. 

Vit^» l^f vn^, c^^, thought, contemplation, medita- 
tion,. reflection, abstracted contemplation. 

,t/T4t, ftAl^, nt^, thoughtful, contemplative, abstracted ; 

a devotee. [stract devotion. 

"TiWWt*, HtfcH, ^Nirf*rCT<, relidous abstraction, ab» 


#1, W^^, f^, i[M?, ftre;, ^[^^<w, f*n^, f«c4j, ft^ 

^^lE* ^tfl fS(m> certain, ascertained, fixed, 
firm, stable, permanent, continual, eten^l; 
permanently, certainly; certainty, ascertain* 
ment, logic, reasoning, discussion, perma- 
nence, the polar star, one of the twenty- 
seven astronomical yogs, a vasu demigod. 

»5i, jpnnr, — ft[C^ ^%\ "m^^nr^ •«, ^tI, an introduc- 
tory stanza or chorus. 

«?91, ^?t, id: also the longitude of a star. 

4f^m^ ^ff^, heaven and its inhabitants. 

lp»i-w, 'rrt, Vf^f ^^, ^*wr^, ^''"t, destruction, ruin, loss, 

perishing, death, degradation, a fall or de- 
parture from virtue, &c. 

IPH^, ip^^,— Pc^rw , ^^'^^ ruinous, destructive, des- 
troying; a destroyer. 

iW-1, fi#,— •Wt*, Pnpfsr, fr^, ^KW, \^, a flag, banner, 

signal, ^tandardf symbol, badge, mark, fune- 
ral pillar, iponument. 

W. %3Wft^, Wf^j ^m\^ ^ ^^^ ^^^ItH, the penis, 

a scull carried in penance. [land-mark. 

ffMt, ^Jpr/, %TO n?^, ^^rtiW, an army, a tree or other higU 

vmpit ^t^t^^ft* an ensign or standard-bearer. 

Mfv, "rv» 9^> a sound, report, noise, voice, cry. 

«l^, ^ni^t 'TCWC^ 9f^, soundedit. high-sounding, rhe- 
torical, poetical. [degraded. 

fim» ^^i*l1^ f^ ^» ^^, fallen, ruined, destroyed. 

Mpr, ^W9 "1^ found in general, inarticulate sounds 

HTVy ^n[^> darkness. 

sr, fknK CTt«c^ ■«?, no, not, neither, pre/, without, free 

from, un, less, &c. . [conversation. 

^i^Ht, ^rtt^, Ttwi, denial, neglect^ begging pardon in 
^^^t(|fb ^vni^iin, omitting one thing and doing another 

instead, denying, &c. 

264 nf 

'rt^, l^nR ftrW^ •IPl^ a brass pot or pan, 

ir^ar, n#, the mongoose or iohncumon. 

V9f Tt^, TtfaRncn; the night; by night, at night. 

W9^, fiPfW ^"Rflrnr ^fiWt ?tftiw tvtiRi^, a vow to eat 

only at night. 

'srop, ^^9 '«^ crocodile or alligator. 

^nF9, ^T?1, ^latnijf", a star, constelhttion, lunar mansion. 

Tflpar^ffs, «i^44t<l» — '^, the moon. 

^ ^»4Wl^ t ^5l?n^^> the starry region. [claw, talon. 

«r^, ^^,— ^Rrs 'WJWfir ^^r,trw, a finger or toenail 

7^, 9^9 9t^, the spur of a cock. [n»ls-. 

^^(319^^, ^79R, K^fCfTwti, a small knife for paring the 

•srfpnn, ^ffBf^t^, ^, a whitlow. 

K^?^» ^ttf^^ «1, furnished with talons or:claws. 

^^» 7<ftf^, ^tirav f^c^, tV/: also a dried shell fish 

used as a drug or perfume. 

«rfr, ^w^rt^nt^, a tree, a mountain, a rock, {mation. 

s^Wf, \^, ^RC«?, mean, base; cbntemptible, of no esti- 

T^tyrj^ fjwtl*, wi. ^/. a town, a city. 

^Pr, a|[ai, ift^t urine. {stoppinsr a boat 

w^, g i? ^ j»l(>tiic*iji ?^, a pole for sboving forward or 

ir«, f)(^, ^V, naked, unclothed, stripped. 

^ifiWI, 'iiiir^tflin ^Jr^rn, ^8rft^ a girl befoire. men- 

struation, a naked woman . 

nt^, ^TIT, '^^f if not, perhaps net, else. 

■f**. ^ 'HT, (a prohibitive particle:) no, not. 

ti^, ^9, 9^^^, a dancer or naty a mime ; curdled. 

irl«r, ^«/, Ttv^, a dance, exhibition of dancers. 

«(^f iF^> cvrrvl, 9tin^, a rake, one who dresses and 

acts so as to please loose women ; profligate. 

irf^, ^ir#f , vti, nt9 Umw, a dancer, a mime, a sort of 


'i^l, 'T^^, 1:^/1. a dancing girl, an actress, a strumpet, 

prostitute, strolling woman. 

'nJm?, n^rm?, ^^W!pf, abrothd, a house of ' fll^kme, 

"** ^Rif, a sort of reed. 

«N|r fi68 

'f f IfWlCf fW, wt^*, **H, fJK^^> to m0ve, attr^ 

dandle, shake, remove, fight. 
^» Kfl, ntlt, a cane, stick, staff; Inace, club, pol«. * 
^ff*** ^rjtil, — ^4i|^ CT*f, reedy, abounding id reeds. 
^, ^w^, ^3F, ^TO^ ^p^» ^^> ^tijr^, bowed, bent; 

crooked, prostrate, curved, humble, d^scend^ 

ed, reclined, reclining ; a nose ring. 
^m, iw^, ?itw, an excuse, pretence. [Iwmility; 

«l%, ^'H^t?, «rttw> ^iv^y a bow, salutation, prostfatkni, 
^-n, trfl> ncr, otherwise, or, but. [m#ft. 

^» ^1f)|#l^^ ftrw, a ring for the nose worn by wo- 
^, cjpiwi, <»r, a male river, 
'rtft, cgrwrft, a female river. 
'T^, ^. ^» ^. Bo. not 

inrfTt. 'snrtlpft, wsr^, — ^if^^wfinf^^ a husband s siAer. ' 
wiit, 'Mt^, irww, fresh butter.. [sent ^r re^f • 

Tj, ^rfl9T> HWTT, nu^UHlA^ a partiicle of doubt, dis-' 
'n*, ?< ifW, ^fiS, ttmr ^Mw, joy, pleasure, hippirtess, 

festivity, increase^ prosperity, one of Cu- 

vera's Bine gems, lodra'ft gardeo. {rity. 

^"^^^^ happiness, felicity, pleamife, joy, festi- 
^^ ihW %»ww, ^i<ii|tr9> a sort, Itidra*^* gardens ; 

rejoicing, making glad, 
'n^t. ^f^,*rt#ft,^Tfinr vpHit, «IW» iacreaae, prosperity, Pir- 

vatf , a hosband^s siiter, an earthen water^jfeiT. 
«cftr, f^, •IWaft^ joy, happiness, gambling. 
^rftrTt, «(4r, «t^ vf^nft, npf^, a daughter, a hbsband's 

sister, the goddess Pdrvati. i 
'rPw, ^wi«ip, the Toon tree. 

«rtR ^li^nffpiy 1%^ twfr ^^^5u ^rvnwpw?, ^ ftpw, 

repieing, glad ; one of Shivd's attendants, 
the speaker of a prologue, the pronounoerof 
a benediction, the Indian fig tree. 
w^J^im,' ^, flff^, iieuter ; a eoatich, an hermaphrodlile. 
I V • ^t^t*^*9itft9 a grandson. 
A, «rtft*, a grand-daughter. 

266 ^IPR 

inr, . ^Jjw, '•rt^', «iiwWW, wd^, new, recent^ infant; 

nine; priaise, panegyric,- celebration. 

T^ltf, •!$>?, the body. [birth. 

iTTTVIy ^*t4 t i>4*t t 4P c 'TO? fliFTO, the ninth day aftei* child- 

ifl^t. Ti'fl^, — mtW, fresh butter. 

«RC^?^, ^frft?«rt'«c^^^, very young, opening into youth. 

irw^, 'TC^W, — ^rir9f44tf^«(, a bride, new-married woman. 

inv, iv^fSn, the ninth. [nourable families. 

*<4<iT^i i, ^Kt^ ^^V*^' noble, connected with nine ho* 

inpil^, ^f^«4^1, l^Wt z^f a woman recently deliver- 
ed, a milch-cow. [a harvest festival. 

'^JtW, •Ti^ Wr/ttft, •W/^r'g^ ^vtc^r? ^, new rice, new com, 

wfhr, ^sw, — ^^jw, ^^ftpf , iw/, ^1^, new, novel, recent, 

modern, young, tender, fresh. 

^rvi, ^itlDw, ^vt^H. the atmosphere, the sky. 

int, €f^tv> in^y ^/t^, a bow, obeisance, salutation^ 

bowing, bending, a gift, present, offering. 

^nnr, ^ift^Wsr, c^t97, ftwift ^^'r, to descend, stoop» 

bow, bend down, become humble. 

tnr^rt?, «r<»K «rPi*»t^, a bow, obeisance, reverence, salu- 
tation, prx>stratian. ' [tationi &c. 

'nw;, 'rtpt?; W^J, honourable, reverend, worthy of salu-- 

unir, 4c#l^4'4){i, ir?c:ir!r, flexible, depressible, that may 

be bent down. 

iw, 'Wpni, ^a^^, fWft, 1*fi, bent down^ curved, hum- 

ble, lowly, condescending, gentle. • 

tfir, f^TCT^mtW^, ^R, *f5i, no; nine; justice, right, 

righteousness, virtue. 

sqRf ^'ra* ^- '^^'^. the eye, vision ; to bring, fetch. 

Wfl, ^^.,^^f^^, ^^, new, novel, recent, fresh. 

/sijr, '^^^v ^'^« ^ man, a;male, the humankind. 

•riF*, ♦iT*iWT*^fPr, -^Tc**? ii3«rl; hell, the infernal regi- 
ons, rorment, misery, punishment. 

Sl#t, •«*?>, ''wf^, '»r?RCTt^t/, ^l ^ ff ^ l ^ mr, hellish, infemaU 

full of torment^ tormenting, deserving of hell 

^nw^, 9t«l, ^TOw, a king, sovereign, gOTcraor. 
'HPr, iwtm, ^V^f soft, tender, supple, pliant^ gentlie» 

mild, humble. [moisten. 

^nnrt^, rFtn^r^^, ftratv, to soften, mollify, make tender^ 
^irft, c^twuY, softness, tenderness, mildness, &c. 
^7?nrt9, ^fMt, the earth, the habitation of men. 
^Jfiff , pm ins^fTTOI?, «nrpr, Vishnu's fourth avatar or 

lion-incarnation, a chieC a man of eminence. 
^!T^, ^Tt^, • a barber. 

^inl^, •feft^^rfrPi, t^4l^, 1>f%^, confirmed bj the testi-^ 

mony of others, ascertained, corroborated,, 
certain. [nails. 

^4 *lf|^lCM ^Vlf an instrument for paring the 
^CW?, — 4^M"ltr<ii^fd, the sovereign of men, a king. 
^1^, v^, a dancer, dancing-boy, mime, juggler* 
^fXi^, M\b}J[\. a dancinsr and sinsrine erirl. an actress. 

^A ^nr^r^r* dancing, gesticulating, acting. [neU 

w6rt, ^^ffanm, 4f«it#, a sink, drain, gutter, t|[ench, chan* 

^, ^^^» 4N, *tf|fTsf, sport, amusement, pleasure, a 

joke, jibe, laughter. ** 

^^^9 wl^l^pjw, ^f^, 9t^, ^tvt. ^''^^ ^•^^ devoted to 

pleasure, a rake, libertine, lecher; sporty 
amusement, sexual intercourse, the nipple. 

^ ^ ftrw, ^n*, ^tw, a reed, pipe, tube, spout, the 

wind-pipe, a hooka snake, a measuring rod, 
a water-lily. 

^^^f HtfiHPtv^ii rftSi, f^y ii mftt , the drop attached to a 

nose-ring, a bone of thearm or leg. 

^«l(^F^, ^viN, — ^SNirfy, the knee*pan or cap of the knee. 

^^, ^Sytf^f "WJ^, CT^t? fW, the honey or nectar of a 

. flower, Indian spikenard, the root of a spe- 
cies of grass. 

^*» '^t ^fftfff the arm or arm-bone. 

^ftl^, •!*, the lotus or water-lily. 

vrflp^ ^tf^, ^ if^wwitT i an assemblage of water lilie9» a 

pond abounding in lotuses. 


«rmirl. ^Jl^, •IflWfWt, a fowler,, hunter, bir4-c»tc9|ier. 
^4131^* ^^^^ ^^ r^R^, a kind af crow bow £roB% which 

the arrow is shot throuiirb a tube.. 
^, ^TPfr. mw^, tTf^n, a tube, the bafre^ «f a gwir 

the windpipe, ried arsenic. .[gl^re. 

wf9i^''9[[^^^^^, ^^^, 9inpr, to flash, emit flashes^ lighten » 
^m, vtd "Ki ^ ^srt%, a furlong or distance of four 

hundred cubits, [temporary. 

«n<3r, TH/, ^^rtt, ^?, perishable, transitory, tranoetit, 
^ H^ **ftf|Fi, ^fj», ^^* ww*^> ^», fi> •lif, annihilated, 

destroyed, ruined, routed,, remored, spoiled, 

tainted, lost, dead, squandered, debauched, 

seduced^ polluted, undone, vicious, diasobtte, 

dishonest, roguish. 
^^K(^, ^, ^'Nravi, bereft of uind^rstanding, footisbf spirit- 
less, without energy^ [man. 
^1, ^/fSViHr^, ^^ a strump^U harlot^ dabaiM^ed wo- 
^itfif, •l^, lk«, rf»tl*, knavery, rogdishAess^ profligacy, 

debauchery, turpitude^ polbitloD^ ioaolence, 

turbulence, sedition, 
wffi, ^tf^|^» snuff, any ancextng powder. 
^. w^^^ atwiw, enipkttic—TKO, not. 
Tl, «ivii ftsfl itl^ Cft^W 'W, r^^ fi^ofiM cr prohibit 

tive — no, not, nay ; a boat, 
nt^, ^wrt, ^art!*, ^nf^, no, not ; a barber, the navel. 
^TT^, im^, ^f^, ^tft, a waterman, a boatman. 
^^^, Hrt^^n, w^wnf. ^, to bathe, perftmn abtntions, 

to wash ; the menses, 
'^i %^Wfii, w?, a gallant, a paramour. [harlot. 

«ri*^^, Tt»cit?,— ii"»(it. ^gvhf a lewd woman,, strumpet, 
^*^, sitlfM^l, having a gallant or paramour. 
TW, 'rtftf*, ^^, ^•IW^. the nose, heaven, the sky. 
Ti^, ^nfiwFt? tiW r^wt, a polypus of the nose. 
^rtf9, 9nFic^ ftrwt^9 ^, (fenoCinjg cjpfaofi or oUertMive: or 

BO ? or not ? or what? . [thenose. 

x(\% ^tfH?n?, ^Prt> nsAalf bekogin^ to or uttered from 

^ft^lp^ %14*i l fi<g l ^ » bayitaga fine or promiMut nose. 

«nw3i, 'flwftWt^mflw, ww^nviHr lunar, betonging to 

the lunar mansions. 

^^, 1^ f^» a serpent» snake» cofaxa capella, ft race of 

fabulous demigods, an elephant, a species of 
grass. [flamta^ble gas, 

^^^f ^vtnrv f*i» ^Hi1f«ft, a volcano or opening of in* 

^^^ t^i^9 ^^Pf vermilion or red lead. 

. bekmging to a city or'town, town- born, city- 
bred, waggish, clever, knowing, intriguing, 
bad, vile, nameless ; a species of grass, a de- 
nial of knowledge. 1 ' 
^n^w^^ ^W^ h CM , an orange, 
^rr^tyi^* "t^ ^«t» aoquftintance with the tricks of cities, 

« sharpnessv cleverness^ eil&zeiiship. 
^t^, ^ftynil, mwtumi^ ^, belonging to a city; a 

softofeharaeteit, JV%^t', a clever, intriguing 

. woman/ a species of Euphorbia. [dras. 

^^fC9it7, nt^\M, PdtsUa or the tabode of serpents and hy- 

^^, Pia^, vm. ftm ) > U*^ f near, amed ; a naked 

travelling mendicant; 
^^. . «nfH^^,r^ivl^, a female .serpent or hydra. 
irtiF, ^,— ^/, ^^««Sr» a dance, dancing, gesticalar 

ting, Jumping; [l6a#. 

^rtmr, ^r^, ^p^, toidance, jump, vibrate, shake as a 
^Hff^, ^!^ a lukA or dancing girL 
^BrtFt^ftfl, ^r^,^, dancing; a dancer. 
^rt|flt ^v^fif^, 4^?1» daneing or frisking abont, jumping. 
im[, fl'ttVi* Uf^f. a back or private door for females. 
^, ^» ^1^' ^ dance, daneing, pantomime. 
^R1^, ^1^, Hlf ^^,.to dance, to act in pantomime. 
«n^, v^f^, »iHRf , ^tv ftrW, ^^wW* Vfi, a panti^- 

mime» fday, drama, dramatic writing, danc* 
ing; a dancer, pantomimic aCtor. 
«l^, HtVtAf ^i#ft, a dancing girl, a dramatic writing. 

270 ^n«K 

9r|^, wfc\, ^, a climbing shrub ; dwarf, left-handed. 

^n^-*^, M4>i9«l^«il9 a reel for winding silk. 

stl^, ^ A7t^9 to reel or wind silk or thread. 

snlfi^f ^^f «vTf ^, a childs rattle, a topr a bauble. 

^Tif ^9/7t|t, ?#f, dancing ; a dancer. 

^/» "^^ ^^/^t^» a dance, act or science of dancing. 

«Tt^, "fTRHc^ ^r^v, *ITR, to move, stir, remove, retreat. 

^n^, tIEfips '^tw/? 15, UisxHt, stubble, straw. 

writ, ^T^, w, W^, '•w, ^feOT Pwl, fi^mr «W*r Mjtf Jftif 

1^, the cuUn of corn' or grass, a stalk, a tubu- 
lar vein, intestine,,gat, navel-string, the en- 
trails, bawels, ablood'-v.essel, the arteries of 
the arm on which the. pMlse is felt, the pulse, 
pulsation, a fistulous sore, ^ahourjof twenty- 

,^ four Qiinutes^a bl^w pip^,>a tube. [pulse. 

^Brrflt^^tl, ^t^iBrt,—W/, a .physician, one who feels the 

«rr|tvi» ^^^» a goldsmith^ one who: uses. the blow pipe. 

Tpftujn, ^>i^!^» inappetency, loss of appetite. 

irra, ^tf%^,— ^♦tra/? ^i;^^, »». & / grandson and 


TW, «J^, ^rt^, «ttf^W#, "^NBRr ^1f*RttftK9^^ a lord, mas- 
ter, governor, protector, < the rope passed 
through the nose of a draught ox. 

^rtH, <rtf^,— -^^init, a kick, a kick backwards. 

^WIPI, ^^, '•rt?^, dependant on a master or protec- 
tor, subject, subservient. 

^1?, «rv, ^^, vt9, ^frtfityim, a sound, noise, roar, call» 

the dung of sheep, &c. 

'TBR', 3P[ ^m^, .TRiR,: ^lif^, it^'r, W^/ttT, to sound, roar, 

thunder, call, expel dung, (as cattle.) [jar. 

^rtiRl, ^tiRl, wniy a rammer for ramming down .earth, a 

vrprf^, '^HdV''^^ the nasal mark ^ over's- letter. 

TSrt, f^ ijftwr nrar, a large earthen jar. 

^tfSr^ ^n5,. ufars, made to sound, rung.- [goats.) 

^^* ^W% mr, a pellipt of dung (of horses, sheep or 

Ttwft, Tf/^*nr, wmm, ^Ampi, river-born, growing near 

^V(9' 271 

water; a sort of cane or reed, a kind of 
flowering shrub. [a mother's father. 

Trprl, 'iiPW, fSrHitc, irt«tw, many, various, different, divers; 

^WWl* 'iffWWif, ^f^Mi^ ^«rtV^. a distinction of Spirits or 

the appropriation of a distinct soul to every 
individual person. 

TfsrpT, fSrfj^tc, 1%w, various, divers, different. 

^rW«f, ^rtTt? '•rPRF ^^9 "^fC^, having different meanings, 

ambiguous, for different purposes or objects^ 

••Hl'jjtJI, ^/^finn, ^•iflp, ^wPi?1, strolling, wandering, va- 
grant, roving, unsettled. 

■Tt^, «rt5Pi3ft, a maternal grandmother. 

irt^, ^nvn^f the eulogium, praise, or benediction of a 

king or deity with which a drama opens. 

'TT'ifhl^, f^^f^swrtfir, ^WfM?^ OBftW, immediate ancestors ; 

a species of shrdddha or offering to the manes 
of ancestors on festive occasions. 

^nPn?, r^?^ Wi, a barber. 

wtT«r, ^•iwt^'r, ^^% «nr, to dismount, bend down, 

descend, pass off by stool. 

^(m^f ^tt^ ^?t^, %^f ^H% ^«rt^, to bathe another, to 

immerse, cause to dismount, unload, take 
down or off. 

Mt4t4t< , c4)^ff^, boat- shaped, cymbifofm. 

'^tcpr, ^Vl|[, ^«nt» low, situated beneath. 

iqti, '•W^tf, ^•rttl^, premature, too early in the season. 

^^^, ftSty ?^<ict!r, a waterman, boatman, pilot, helms- 
man, navigator. 

^Ttc^-rs, ^ttns, ^CT, down, beneath, below, under. 

Tf^T, c^l^l ^f ii /, navigable, passable in boats. 

•snf*, ^?Rr ^101^, wwv, ir^;^, the navel, the aave of 

a wheel, the centre of a circle* 

•srw, ^<rn,^«^, ^rft, ^ffPd, a name, appellation, title, 

term, noun, reputation, fame. 

Tfpn, ^WTi. ^iR^n?^, MIPS, bending or. causing to bend 

dowawards, depressing, named^ called. 

272 'nit 


ortsrsi, ^mr^^*^, the multiplication table. ' 

^nsr^> ^<t|^, — ^^</t9, named, denominated, called. 

^nwf?, ^<fJTC'*^» trf: also a name, appellation. 

in^T^r, iKWWsr, ^«iw, ^njBt^?^, r<W^, «aiw, to descetid, 

alight, light upon, condescend, bow, bend 
down, pass oflF by ptool. [Indica. 

irpRi, Pl«^ ^CflR «^, the (lescending roots of the Ficus 

^rtimi, f^</t9, famous, illustrious, renowi^ed. {launch. 

^rwr, ^^•i, '^•rpr, to eause to descend, lower, unload, 

iirtirt^» ^W^, a descending and ascending, purging and 

vomiting. [the names of the gods. 

«rprt^, ORTprcat^r'V^ ^, a sort of chintz printed with 

•trtm^astir, CipWWTWiR, refuge in a particular name. 

Ttwl, ^<W^, ^% ^^, the lower or under part, the 

bottom, the skirt. 

^rWI'W, ?W, ^W5, below, beneath, under, down. 

«rt?, tfrtf^, f^Wl W«?l, a guiding, directing, guidance, 

teaching, instruction. 

,trt^, fipH^, ^lf5(*f, "V^SW, lltc*lt ^[Wf, Trft, ^^^tf^t, 4ffP^, 

a guide, conductor, leader, chief, head, ge- 
neral, commander, constable, seiter, the 
central gem of a necklace, a lover or husband, 
{in amatory poems;) — leading, conducting, 
principal, eminent, chief, [leader, lover, &c. 

^rr?^, ^ 94xy<i > ^ , of, belonging or relating to a guide, 

.inf^, iii4t, ^Sfmtt^, ^f a wife or mistress, {in ama- 
tory poems ;) Dur^i. 

«rt3^, 'Tj^rtTW, T?5|J, infernal, impious, hellish ; hell. 

iqt?nlt, .^^ifiw^, •Ot^j infernal, impious, wicked, depraved. 

^t^, wftj Ptrw, an orange. 

^t?1^, caft^msr ^TN ftrw, an iron arrow. . / 

^rtimr^, P^. Vishnu as moving on the chaotic waters. 

irt?19<^ «Mt. Lakshnii as the wife of Vishna* 

^ificw, ^Wfjf^ .vtw 'Wy ithe;coaoanut^ , ■ ' 

Mt$(, f||, ^ii^iH,;womaiL, a female. (messtrual^ic. 

"^iKk^ itprfp«)i ^B#r/^ mk, the duties o£ women, the 

Pnmt S73 

lar stalk, culm, any tubular vessel of the bo- 
dy, a horse shoe. [sink, drain. 

^M* ^fl>i» ^ ^» wfifinntA n\^f a rivulet, creek, outlet^ 

^«T#» 9iw1, ^^Rt. if9, ^4^, a tube, a drain, a sluice, a 

fistula, a running sore. 

^H, ir^» "9^^ m% f^il, CTtF^. destruction, perdition, 

annibilation,Tuin, loss, death, slaughter, mur- 
der, removal, expiation. 

^Wr, , ip^, ^nw^, HW, CTt^w, to destroy, rate, demo* 

lish, slaughter, remove, expiate,, avert. 

WM*hy, ^rw/, — ^PM^, ^•iftr^/, perishable, destructible. 

^IPW, ^^t, ^i» Tf , iW? <tt?rwi ^itf^lc^, ruined, de- 
stroyed, spoiled, lost, removed, expiateidf &c. 

^^, "^tf^t^f ^w:«it1llf, beteft of an owner, forio9ir,4,eprived 

of a master, property or possessions. 

^tn, ^tJi^f^C snuff. 

'ffrt, 'TflSwl, itt?? ^*1f3[#ll, 4*^#ti, the nose, a tumor 

of the nose, the lintel of a door. 
^^11^^» 5IMRM* 9ftrtt» the nose, a door-lintel. 
^n(^, ^1^, WKf Sanscrit : it is not, there is not, not so. 
TtftP^ ^R^Hi^, an atheist, infidel, sceptic, [heresy, &c. 
^nfW/, i i>' «Ptci K, infidelity, atheism, rejection of theVeds, 
'nUf, T|, m, m^v ic?, ncf, not, certainly not. 
1^^, c^9 4»l t iK ^ WWif^ >^<t, ^^, to drip as water from 

wetH^lothes, to strip, to plupder. 
fip'^pr, iPWPitft ftrtirti^, ^Wran, 1^, to wring out, strain 

or squeeze out, express the juice of grapes 

&c. extort, plunder. [tortioner» 

IV^lftfl, C^4tli4ijlt, ^Hftjt grinding, rapafoious;^aD ex* 
flis, PU, t^,-^«^ WtW •m, ^tflnr, ;st^ : without,. 

free from, destitute of, out, out of, forth, not. 
1^^, €v)^, ^tiK^. ^rft% silent, noiseless, stilly dowQ^ 

cast, speechless. 
ftvnVt ^^FS(< 'Wr*, V^i^t complete, entire, finis^i^ 

uttermost, without remainder. 


274 . fkriji : 

fnmftrv, t^, ^mrw, i^,..ait«, * spent, «<»in{}l«tely fa* 

mished, exhausted. 

f>iw<4t» Pr|t, a ladder, staircase, flight of steps. 

&«*i«w, ^1^, ^lii, final emancipation, beatitude, hap- 
piness, welfare. 

f^»^^, '^fW^. f^?^, solitary, alone, private. 

r^rtirfit, ^^«, ^flf^, IR, «y», i^hole, entire, of one piece, 

seamless, inseparable, close, compact, well- 
knit, firm. 

fi'^^^. ^<tipr, WiW, ^rsHi, vjin, to go forth or out, exude, 

distil, drop; an exit, death, dying. 

ftiTit^, i^fe^H, a tingling or throbbing. 

^»>iT?r, ?nft^, w^firRra, pithless, sapless, unsubstantial, 

spiritless, destitute of energy. 

fViirtj<i, ^if^iM. f5r5t« ^i|, 1%rw^^, to drive or cast out, 

expel, express the juice of fruits, &c. 

r^t^^, ^«f5, ^rflrs, ^<«W, ^r«^, gone out, gone fortl>, 

proceeding from, expelled. '^ 

f^%7{fm, ftr^vs, i^fSRi. flowing or oozing outi trickling down. 

f^*^, ViTaV. ^»Rt< poor, indigent, destitute, forlorn. 

f^»^T» 'Rirt^/, '•WTT, w%, tt^TWl?, poverty, indigence, 

alienation, loss, forfeit or confiscation of pro* 
perty. [ciobs. 

f^»^^, ^RtCTPFf , i|^f*?l, confiscating, pfunderifng, rapa- 

f^r^, ^rfl^f, 'Tsrmr, '•r^r^', vicinity, i>eaTne$s ; near, 

neighbouring, adjacent: 
Piwifi<<pfB, ^ffW^tff, tfft?, in company, near each other, 

at hand, nearly, 
f^^, ^«W5, ^»rf!r^, near; towards, at hand, in the vicinity. 
f*r^i^1, ftnr"^, ^^lit-, penniless, poor. 
flr^w-^irrT, t«W? %T?1^'^*i, c*tT?»«^^^ «fr, to smear with 

Cow dung, tb plaister; a house so plaistered. 
''npf^lrt, ini^!|^«r^iM ftr«W, a sort of fabuious malignant 

beings destitute of head and shoulders. 
<^*^« '^i ^»i*Rr, <tr^, r>*, a mukitude, number; free 

from, taxes, and deductions, cleir. 

^^Wrt, ^g^w^ •ftHj'irtWi rt#^4Hf1, ^if%^. the iDotber.of impft 

and goblins; near, proximate. • 

Pr^^lW* , 9TWf, an imp, goblin, Riksbasa, young giant. 

f^HFR;, .ify, «9m9, a bouse, dv^elling, habitation. . 

f^r^r?. ^W^ror, f^rWK, l^Wl, fr»n. ^ii^<f?» an injury, offence, a 

hindering or obstructing, reproach, malice, 
wickedness, abuse, disrespect. . . 

f^f^n^, •tfirWf'^/WW^Pt^, Tt«rt, the payment of a debt, 

the discharge of an obligation^ the removal of 
a difficulty or obstruction, an issue or outlet 
for water. « 

f^r^, fsriif, — ^^, niNt, a louse, a nit. 

f^W, fnn. «?ff^^^^,f^rt^^nr,v5Prtt^irf^,pe^^^ 

niggardly, stingy ; a thicket, a place overgrown 
with bushes andchmbing plants, a bower. 

pTfa, tn, n^, k^, iri, '^iw, ^rstfSrs, ^P?5/^, dishonest, art» 

ful, insincere, wicked, perverse, low, base» 
vile; cheated, deceived, tricked, removed, 
set aside, dismissed. . . , * 

frfRs, <t«m,^«^, fimhn, ^nro, Pnjt, 'Rirrfil^/, dishonesty, 

insincerity, wickedness, rejection, removal^ 
reproach, abuse, poverty. 

ftf^pRw, ^w!in« <tt^. ^wi<t*r, inartificial, genuine, not 

counterfeit, unadulterated. 

Pwi» ^t^^9 .^iwiit^, ^jf^, ^W, JPR, ^^% outcast, des- 
pised, low, vile, bad, niggardly, sordid. 

f4C#^^, ^, ^mi, a house, habitation, abode. 

fv^, "ijiji^ *tf|pn^ ^, a pair of small scales or balance. 

T^^9^9 l^^<i-:-^«itfiF? •Wf, a musical tone- or sound, the 

sound of a lute, &c. 

ftr^Pt, 5lirft, a nit. ^ 

fiiftf ^, wr*l^, iFfR, ft^ftfe, ^P99 ^tfli^, cast away, thrown, - 

dispersed, rejected, given up, abandoned, 
deposited, pledged. 

ftrpip*!, wm, n^l, ^tr<, *fft|^ K^, a throw, ctffct, dispersion, 

an injection, ^a deposit, a pledge. 

Mm 2 

276 tfiwpf 

ftW^W* ^RHWR# CTifW, i(9t^, \^» to throw down> cast 

away» fling, scatter, disperse, sow seed. 

PMw*, ^ ^*lt87, the burial of a oorpse, iatermeut. [on. 

f^*f, tti^, ^^ft^n, short, low, dwarfish; a dwarf, a bilU- 

l^^r^ f^f^^f "vit^VI* without work, idle. [laadmark. 

f^^tn, ft^ ^^, a pit or ditch, a moat designed as a 

T^^tVft ^? f^nrt?, the voice or roar of an elephant. . 

f^rfttn, 9nr^ ^WT?, all, whole, entire, complete. 

l^flV, nJlfW^ ^ttiR^pr, wft, an iron foot-chain, fetter, 

pair of stocks. [or charms. 

f^^, vtl, «WRrt, speech, discourse, recitation of prayer 

f^frn^, ^Fl^, ^, ^hfTftn, spoken, uttered, declared. 

Hnin, H^t?. ^Wtftf ft^, ^W, ^^t^PW, f^nv?, cwf, a town, 

city, market, fair, high road, trade, traffic, 
certainty, assurance, the Veds. [gullet. 

firkin, V9m^, f^tipr, ^, to eat, swallow ; the throat, the 

Pr^ttv, nt^c^ ffvrl, the throat or neck of a horse. 

f^^iRtw, i«<ir, a horse; having a horse's neck. 

Pr% ^li^, iTir^m, *(v, ^^f^y obscure, hidden, profound, 

mysterious, close, strict, fast, tight. 

f^Jr, «Wf , ^% «yH weft, W^, ifftlW^, «tvrt, ^WRT/ 
' 7jn, ^1, ^/^^, a smiting, punishment; 
ill or severe treatment, persecution, confine-* 
m^nt, a binding, tie, mortification of the 
senses, &c. reproval, chiding, disfavour, dis- 
. couragement, dislike, aversion, deviation 
from virtue, impropriety. [ftc. 

fV y i ft4 , r«f49, tif^% persecuted^ ill-treated/ punished, 

Prjt^, f«r*fT^, — qpw, 'Ht'wtiW, persecuting, maltreating, 

punishing, &c. [tents, list. 

f^*^, irt^TI^, ^ij^^wPi*, a vocabulary, table of con- 

f^^, nf^, 9^, ^, a sound, a noise. [vient. 

f^. f^9 ^^nv, docile,, domestic, dependant, aubser- 

T^^WT^, ^^, W9^. f^^n^, to drip as water from clothes, 

&c. to distil. 

PrwTfr, v[ f^witis Pi^!t»^# wt^^ to wring dothes, wring 

Pns 277 

out, express juice from fruit, &c. to squeeze, 
exact, oppress, fleece. [blage. 

fli5fr, jm[y ^m:s, a multitude, collection, heap, assem* 

f^, f*^, — ^rSnm, t9im, alone ; only. [surtout. 

Pm^n, •n^ft, «^il, an outer garment, mantle, wrapper, 

f^WH^, ^<i, ^nw, ^, niggardly, stingy, parsimonious, 

illiberal, mean, contemptible. [lorn. 

f^r^^l, f^mft9, ^V^B^f friendless, destitute, orphan, for* 

f'f^fWf "iRVhft?. indivisible, reduced to its lowest terms. 

Pw, '^IW. '•irtftT, ^•Rl?, own, self, proper, belonging to 

one's self. [self-willed, obstinate. 

fWw^t4fV^, ^^if^d^HD, *CT%91, self-opinionated, dogmatic, 

f^mhSt, ^ttt^^ ^rSi, subject only to one's own will, 

independant. [following him on the pile. 

fim, •If^vt, ^, /. devoted to her husband in life and 

fWii, Iktm, — mt^ifk, one's ownself, myself, &c. 

Pmw, f^s*^, Pnin, still, silent, without sounci, close. 

W>, f*rP»w, n^r, certain, true. [severe. 

t''^* ^S, ^rtw, 'f'ltff^, cruel, harsh, unfeeling, strict^ 

fSr^-^irpr, wtf ^"t^pr, to weed a garden or field. 

fttTT^ n^f a weeding instrument. 

I^^tv, %^NW, %^, a soaring, the flight of a bird. 

ftww, ♦wtrfs ^WWW, •ITfl, ^Pk9f ^^ W1| the pos- 
teriors of a woman, the buttocks, rump of an 
animal, prominence of a mountain, gibbosity. 

f^r«irt*, ftw/, VRf«t, always, continually, eternally. , 

Oran, ^intnjr (49 vtff, a division of the infernal regions. 

1W|#, ^ns9, <CTf 1, ^pr, ^iiW/, <49T9lc^, ^/^ «Wr?, much, 

excessive, sure, inviolable, complete, unre- 
served; surely, clearly, certainly, of necessity, 
excessively, very, extremely, completely, 
entirdy, infallibly. 

f^iw^ m!|^/?flr'» ^nnnRi, fMl«, flpr, «rWlK^, 'rtrt, eter- 
nal, perpetual, constant, continual, incessant, 
permanent, fixed, invariable, regular, daily ; 
always^ eternally, continually. 

278 f^TvBI 

f^j^, *«tf%fftw? ^»wnj. ^J^ ftFirt, the constant daties or 

daily services of religion. [eternnlly. 

f^pni, ^^»^5?^», ^^<«ni^, constantly, perpetually, alwitys, 

f^^, f^**W, f^f 'it?, still, quiet, free from agitation. 

ftf^W^, ^»mc< fiw, ^ff?<l, <«Wt«i, a pattern, copy, type, 

sinoile, example, elucidation, illustration, 
description, proof, authority, record. 

PoK^, «Wpn^, ^Wtiw, Ife^, 'WR, shewing, elucidating, 

proving; a token, proof, mark, trace. 

f^nrrir, i!t^» ^[9^^^, W, heut, warmth, the hot season, 


ftrw, ^iM, hf^f^ ^♦tCT/ir^WWW, afinst cause, 
remote cause, the disappearance, cessation or 
removal of a first cause, the tracing or ascer- 
taining of the causes of diseases, a. certain 
treatise on medicine, correctness, accuracy ; 
an end, purity, purification, a request or de- 
sire for the reward of austerities. 

fsnrTKl^i^, wtfir^?^^, become a primary cause of disease, 

&c. . [bold. 

f^rwr?^, ^vftw, ^mr;, f^^?, hard, difficult, severe, fearless, 

l^nn«it, c^9i( 319 ftr*i^, a charm u^edby house-breakers. 

l^fST^rpr^, <2^:^»t?irt^f^1,.deep or intense and repeated 

contemplation of the Deity or other object. 

f^il^, ^vitHifH^, 9r«t^, ordered, comnnanded, spoken, said. 

Pw*r, ^Ttwi, ^<t1, ^cw<t, 5F!tiit^/, an order, command, di- 
rection, injunction, speech, speakipg, utter- 
ance, relation, a word of command, vicinity* 
proximity, nearness. 

t^rsU ^V^f '•TW31/. ^» sleep, sleepiness, sloth, a nap. 

f*agTW<t, f^Prf^, the overpowering influence of sleep, 

drowsiness, heaviness. .[drowsy. 

f^nvtf^, Hp«R9, firtf^. soporific, composing* narcotic^ 

Prdit<i, f^rzwt^, — "1(^, ^Jl^^, asleep, sleeping, drowsy. 

>t9m*^, f^T;sT9 ^fiam, a f alKng asleep. 

1^1^ 279 

f^rinnr, ^4rtf^» vt^tfr, the iDterruption or breaking of 

sleep, an awaking from sleep. [ful. 

r^srstPL firairft»r, '^RWfJffl, sleepy, drowsy, lethargic, sloth- 

fsrflins, *ifV9, ^^^' asleep, lajd asleep, dozing. 

^^> ^» v*i*ifpr, n^f. "^vd^, ^t^, a race, family, the 

head of a family, death, disappearance, loss, 
killing, destruction. 

r^^rff, Wf.fir, "m^f a gem or other treasure, a reeep- 

tacle, a vessel. 

^nn?, C¥t^, blunt, dull, wanting a fine edge. 

prf<, ^% inr, ^wftr^ ir, ^til?, ^ mVf. ^^:9, a gem, 

treasure, valuables, treasure. found, a trea- 
sury, granary, asylum, nest, receptacle, the 
ocean. [oas, 

fSrj, irtP^*', ^n*W?. 5*^f?i, pernicious, destructive, ruin- 

f^tf^f, . ynf , irt«f, ^^rt^, perdition, ruin, destruction, 

f^^, ^l?1t f^» ^i^'W, br«5, sport, play, pleasure, 

enjoyment, trembling, agitation, coition. 

finw, ?^* ^^^^^i, a sound, a noise, roar, bellow. 

Pm^, P*^,— •tjHWf* ^^i^Wff, reviling, reproaching, 

abusing, vilifying, &c. 

f^rw^^ ««^3FR, '^nntin, «fW weir, to revile, reproach, cen- 
sure, blatne, accuse, calumniate^ Vilify, trat 
duce, asperse. 

f^PW, ^irt^W, f^ir%T?,^wwt, reproach, censure, reproof, 

rebuke, blame, reviling^ slander, calumny, 
abuse, contempt. 

Prf^fs, ^^«, ^^^» ^•Wr,^l^t*«, ''W^, reproached, re- 
viled, &Ci evil, bad, base, low, despicable, 
indecent, improper, forbidden. 

t^H^, ft*R^, — 'WnF ttWC?* Vtn, ^IPSt, completely, alto- 
gether, entirely, merely, truly, really. 

JWi, f^m^,— aj^;, ^H, <1?T«?, i[«/1, ^Ki^t^sr, death, de- 
struction » ruin, overthrow, carnage, a fill, 
d^escent, an anomaly in grammar. [ruin. 

^*fOT, ^ipR^R^, W^^t to fall, descend, fall down, fall to 


Wi\, to make to fall, cauae to descend, precipi- 
tate, lower, throw or knock down, ruin, kill, 
destroy, overset, fling : an finonialy or irregu- 
larity in grammar. [killed, destroyed, &c- 

fir«lt^, ^mf^^, ^^, W% cast down, precipitated, ruined, 

f»Wt^, ^WftlRr •TRt^ wrt^ft?. a watering trough, a milk-pail. 

fvj^, n^,, ^% ♦Itl^, wi, clever, expert, skilful, able, 

active, eminent. [a close. 

f^ar^^, vinttl C^v, to be finished or accomplished, come to 

t^r^Tpr, 9|irt*pr»f^M1iFr, to bring to a close, complete, finish. 

(^RC> ?(^> «nrtfl<9, ^rt^^ '^, composed, treated of, dis** 

cussed, confined, fasteoed. 

Pnw, Pr(\n f«^, ^•Win^, ^J>U^, to be extinguished, ex- 
pire, go out, last, suffice. 

f^m, 9i^ir9< 3[9, HW, «r^, an obligation, a vow, bind- 
ing, confinement, a treatise, the sul^ept of a 

Pri^[¥, *t1, i^^rt, ^tn; tftcflVR, a binding, confining, com^- 

piling from other writings, a cause, origin* 
motive. [lexicographer. 

fknral, iPW^tj ^MQC^"^ ^R%W1BI^ an author, compiler, 

Pnm^ P^f ^^ Pww, fiBWf 'Wiiirt*. cessation, stoppage, 

restraint, desisting from ; ceased, having ceas- 
ed, appeaaed, forgiving. 

Pn^^ fUn, MV^t9ii% ^Pi^^itw, ^w^, wit4<^, wr, to stop,. 

put- a stop to, cause to ceasei, abolish, revoke^ 

rescind; forgive, quell. 
fliraini» Vffip ^lt3icft^> a dwelling, abode, residence, 
ftrnnr, TPwjrt, a residing,. dweUing or living in a place. 
f*rtf , 5^t »«•» . a multittide, a quantity. 
l%^-7, r^ml^ vnitf^, completion, fimishingi conclusion, 


Pm^ PrWW,— :^t|yr/ft^, ^m, •W^trt^ ^«rf, sl^l- 

tered. calm, close, aecurct safe, as in an aay - 
lum ; a sheltered place, place of refuge* 

Pr^t W^ ^% 1^* 'tftw, to extinguish, quench, 

put out, quell, to afford, supply. 

finrtPm, fWt^iTRW, ^♦RrSt, one who extinguishes ; pro- 
fuse, expensive, extravagant. 

fiRW, f*fti, a funeral cake or the offering of it. 

Pnnj«i, 'nt^Tpr, fsrrttnr >im^j^, c?rtw, to stop, prevent, 

hinder, oppose, resist, forbid, restrain, re- 
strict, obstruct. 

f«F3rt, fsrwr, ^•n^, prevention, obstruction, restraint. 

^^t^f ^?, ^nrt^ ^, •ft?l, a house, dwelling, habitation, 

a lodging, quarter. 

f^rtpSJ, ^•Wpft, residing, dwelling; a resident, inhabitant. 

r^4?, ^^, ^^;, titl, thick, matted, dense, shady, um- 
brageous, impervious, impenetrable, retired. 

ftffii^ ^^, ^^^» ?^» ^^«1?, engaged in, occupied with, 

busy, taken up with, entered into, devoted to. 

f^l^, 9tilf^ ^^^If^, the Brahminical thread, &c. as 

suspended from the neck. . 

T^nra, CTfi^, surrounded, enclosed, encompassed. 

PrpB, f^, #t«, ^fVu, Rfira, ceased, ceasing, desisting 

from, appeased, stopped, hindered, prevent- 
ed, made to cease, checked. 

t^ft^, tV?fs, ifpn^yl, cessation, a leaving off, a stoppage, 

abolition, suppression. 

riiC4H^ , mjp, ^\<^, ^mn '^^ wnnf^, Rt^, ^.1^, a request, 

representation^ address, a communication, 
message, complaint,^ petition^ an offering, ^ 

ft r g ^f S ^, «tPt5, «rtftfe, ^r9, 'mentioned, communicated, 

represented, made known, requested, offered, 

ftrr^^, mvt, ircTfwt^, ^/JW. ^biTTW, entrance, engaged- 

ness in, devotedness to, zeal, earnestness, 
an insertion in writing. 

1^14^^, l^rail *f«r, flf^, ^ an entering, entrance, an entry 

in an account or writing, a house, babitati«n. 

K n 

288 T^VQp^ 

f^> f5^f 'Hf^f €^' ^^^®> similar, resembliBg. 

f^np, «^, Pljw, secret, private, solitary, lonely. 

fiw, T^,-^^ ftrW, the Nimb tree, which has a very 

bitter leaf. 

f^rutt, ^^, irf^y immersed, sunk, drowned. 

f^na, ^tf\^f ^Wi, an* invitation, a call. 

f^na^, ^irtfpr ^h, ^rf^ cm, to call or invite to a feast, 

&c. : an entertainment, a feast. 

Pnnr, ^Iflnv, ^v^S<*^* exchange, barter, a change, altera* 
I tion, a succession. 

fWWf, ^9\9% tfrnrWR, ^, ^rf^^mr, ft^, ^•^•iw, a cause, 

reason, motive, origin, spring, source, view, 
intent, instrumental cause, a mark, sign, 
token, spot, trace, a consequence. 

Mn, f*rtiiwr,— W^;, va^, W^ for, because of, on ac- 
count of, in consequence of^ for the sake of, 
about, that, in order that. 

MipW, t^f ^n^, lt?1, qffij^ : caused by, arising from, 

on account of, through or by. 

firfiw, ftrpw,— ^? •I'W, '•rs/wf ^f% the twinkling of the 

eye, a wink, a moment. {a winking. 

f^NN^, t^^ fToFS ^% the closing or shutting of the eyes, 

fSr^f^, ^Rt^, friendless, forlorn, orphan, destitute. 

f^, ^t^, ^'Ct^, ^, r^^, deep, depressed, sunk, 

low, humble. [ing deep; a river. 

fVir^, 'in^^, *t^, *^, descending, going down, flow- 

pnj , mftjif Tt?TWt, the common lime, an orange. 

fir^f f«rst«, ''TTfni, f^^, ^•r^, f^S, ^Wl, regulated^ 

ordered, destined, fated, regular, uniform* 
perpetual ; constantly, incessantly. 

fSfirf*, '■rtnpn, ^/^, r«W^S ^*fm, a regulation, law, ap- 

pointment, destiny, fate, luck, good or ill 
fortune. [master, charioteer. 

fsiiw, ■»pnw#1, *ffB, ?HI%r, a ruler, regulator, governor* 

fr^nrs, ^«ntftc^, ^ttsi, ^riTtc;, unrestrained^ •unchecked^ 
^ unobstructed, unpre vented, free, self wIUmL. 

firfw, f>ntv, — 'rtwi, f^*(%, t^nw^, ^4l9t7> ?•«% *^ ^ 

pp*i»99 a regulation, ruie» law, eDgagement, 
agreement, contract, bargain, condition, sti* 
pulation, league, assent, promise, religious 
observance, vow or voluntary penance, c^r? 
tainty^ ascertaintnent. 

ftiPrtt*, wnfm, ^^?FHWF, regular, subject ta rules, stipu. 

lating» agreeing. 

ftwtflf^, PTfSn. — f^^% ^^%1f7f9, 4t^, f^$t^^ ^tf*1^ re* 

gulated, regular, subject to ruie,^ orderly, 
covenanted, stipulated, agreed on, appointed,, 
fixed, settled. 

ftSt^PP* PHW^I, ^rtw^, iVft, ftlrf^t, regulating,, superin*' 

tending,. &c. a regulator, ruler, a boatman* 
pilot, steersman, charioteer. 

fSwp, •Bwrrt, ^wtf^, «f«, ^tin% appointed to an 

office, constituted, commanded, eng^aged in,, 
devoted or applying to. . [manding. 

f^ipt'r, C4?9» appointing to office, constituting, com* 

fsr|^, WHWif, a million. [pugilism. 

f^fii, <r7t^, ^^tW^^f a close fight, wre&tling, fisty cuffs, 

fiirsi^l, •nw^t^ff, r^tiFl, ^^l, one who appoints to office,. 
* one who enjoys, a command^^r. 

fta?t«, ^iT^Wr, ^mm, fk% M tM iV^iW , appoinliment to of- 
fice, an order, command, a precept, a consti«^ 
tution, zealous application^ devotedness to 
an object. 

{^fC^n*it, rtfi^, ordering, commanding,, appointing. 

ftCTt»Ri ^^•«Pi*^*Pr, m% ^cW^r to appoifit to office,^ 

designate, employ, fix, destine to aprofes* 
sion, enjoin, eommand. 

fary^, m^^ff 'HT^, ^i3Wf,'not sharing, not inheriting, 

'disinherited, without a partner, single. 

f^ni^, ^VRtfftV, ^mr, unrestrained, unchecked, free, un« 

contrdled, self- willed. 

fNiripw, 9«k, ^/, Pm^m, W^ Pw^, pure, holy, fre6 

N n2 

3S4 fnim^ 

from stain; the casting of an idol into tbp 
water after its festival. 

finrs, ^Rflro^jv, '•IKIJ^i* excessively delighted with, ve- 
ry fond of; incessantly, constantly. 

Vfirni, Prer, ^im?** *«rt»W, ^•rf^wnw, »rt?l, incessant, end- 
less, unintermitted ; constantly, incessantly. 

firju-til, ^PWf?, ^^, f^rfSl^, f^^ni^, having no space be- 
tween, close, impervious, solid. 

Pqw?, 3WR?W/, 'tftWTV, without posterity, not agreeing 

(m g^^ammar), not following as a consequence 
{in logic.) 0"^- 

ftnr^lt?, ?W1, f^tftysi, security, safety, exemption from in- 

faqrtT^, ^^^?» ^^^* secure, safe, uninjured, permanent. 

f^*l*iP, ^€hr, ^*irtMt, independent, having no expect- 
ation from a given thing or object. 

0r?4, ^^•W, ^(^f silent, quiet, taciturn, speechless 

ftq[^f{^, Ttf)^, ^nv, independent, not under controul, self- 
willed, [or by. 

5qnif^» "^^ra^^, ft^, not possessed of, not afiSected with 

^Vlf, ^>(^» ^Vr, 9itw» 'i^^, not low or mean, superior, 

perfect, complete, entire. 

f'Rfff ''^19, hell. 

(^«f-9, ^ir^iRF, fiMn, ^iRif, vain, useless, fruitless, to no 

purpose, without an object, absurd* 

f^rppr, PrjfJ, — ^<l«|i, ^iWTf^, t^l^, ^BT?^, fiR^%, a defeat, 

subjugation, a restraining, appeasing, assuag- 
ing, a cessation, desisting from, driving 
away, expulsion, rejection. 

f^inr, ^tjTftii» ^Pt9» Pn^f defeated, subdued, restrained, 

calmed, appeased, propitiated, desisting from, 
ceased, made to desist, expelled, [suaging. 

i^iww, TAMii, ^rt¥tf^, subduing, calming, allaying, aE-^ 

P'^, "tt9» "^^^T^, quiet, peaceable, not quarrelsome. 

fiffWj^i, c«wt^, ^f|^<», %*:^rTw, to drive out pr away, 

expel, exterminate, remove. . . [poreal. 

f^nrt^m, ^t*J*iiI\^, wtfa, without form; shaBeleaa. incoi^ 

Pnrtfl^» ^1¥, ^il^f^f .%^^ltQ» id: also expulsion^ extermi* 
nation. [cealed* 

f^^f fP> *MF, ^1^, tl'V, solid, not hollow, close, con* 
rsrart^CDl, "imfQ, "in^lW, incessant ; incessantly. 
f^^% ^iilf^, ^^?* ^^ safety, in security, [houseless. 
f^rjT^> "^^ ^ > < f^0 ^i desert, destitute of habitations, 
Ujm\f . •^^«*, fiTjii, alone, private. [hand* 

f^nrt^-9, f^t;:!!, c^^c^, privately, m secret, aside, under- 
P^atw, W?rf^l, ^t^tfwyi, repelling, driving away, re- 
PT?m?. ^ijroWR, ^•rttn. a fasting, abstinence from food. 

Pqfhp^, w«w, wtpr, ^^WW^, to look at, see, view, gaze, 

observe, survey. 
t^*<?f ^^ji fi^ ^^C, ^rrfV9, the non-existence or denial of a 

god ; without God ; an atheist. 
f^tf, «im, f^i, f^mf^, without motion or exertion, quiet^ 

stilU fine, clear. [sary. 

f^HF^, c^VtW r^ni, one of the Veddngas, a Yedantic gk>s- 

f-^iRri, 45r^^tw; ^jw<, ^wrt. «fH«, '^tr«j, without a 

reply, confounded, speechless, silent, clear, 
evident, unanswerable. [cool. 

^HP^W, ^5WJ^;, ftW, free from heat, anger or jealousy, 

fsriPi, nf^^, ^, blocked up, obstructed, hindered. 

t^nwft, f^n<?, ■(f^t**^- ^•rt5pr«rTf«, bold, fearless, safe, se- 
cure ; security, boldness. 

UjMf, ^iwr, peerless, matchless, incomparable. 

f^jpc^f^l, ^^T<Rr, ^vi^, respectful attention, regard, respect 

f^nvf^, n«irpi7> directing, regulating, &c. a director, a 

regulator. • 

Rhpm, ftr<j^^. fTO#^, VfWw, f|[fPP9«i, 'sirnw^, ^^laWR. 

to ascertain, investigate, determine, decide, 
fix, establish, assign, appoint^ prescribe, re^ 
gulate, try, attempt. 

fiiH, firw, flr%, ^/T?, Prrti/iRtcrt^ ^w, certainty, 

ascertainment, logic, disputation, a complete 
sentence or one without ellipsis.; , 

286 nr4^ 

f^^ti^y f^3^/, solid, not hollow, unsplit. 

T^rtftK, n^^99l, ^SV^, a blocking up, siege, obstructionr 


Pr«t^, ^ft*fe, %^»nr, Prt^«, «f^, '•rfhs, gone or sent forth, 

produced, extractedr expelled, proceeded, 
issuing, arising from, past. [outlet. 

fk^^ f^^^, ^rm, a going forth, departure, an issue, 

fRfJOT, ^^, ^•nr tc<W, WR; «^pr ^^, to go forth,. 

arise, issue, proceed from, depart. 

tffftpr, OR 1^7, ft^TBT, te melt, to dissolve, to gulp. 

firfjn, tl^t<l^, '•W^^/, ^^, void of all properties, destr- 

tute of good qualities, worthless, useless^ 
t foolish. 

f^^fipr, irt?^, f^nr, to beat, to strike, to kill. 

pnf^"^, ^*t^f ^iMl^'d, a table of contents, catalogue, 

an examination, survey. [severe, bard. 

f^nf^, ^l«tilt9, <!tfnR9, a thunderstroke, a severe blow ; 

PrtN, «R/, f^nrfr?, f^«, uninhabited, desert, private, 


fk^0ef, t^ll^ir^, privately, aside, secretfy, underhand. 

Pniff^ Ti^W^f a complete conquest. 

ftlil%, •», w1^/#N, 'H^s", free from the infirmities of age 

or decrepitude. [dued. 

W^, •WW, ^«^t^, conquered, overcome, fentirely sub- 

l^nSt?, f^crr^f ^^, ^nv, Ufeless, inanimate, weak, lan- 
guid, exhausted. 

Pwf/, WPjW; «f^», unstrung, (as a bow.) ' 

9r(1, ^w%, mwj Wt?rt, •rtft? wr^Wff, a fountain, spring, 

waterfall, cascade, mountain- torrent. 

fN$t, *rra, ililt99^ l[t7, a mountain, a place abound- 
ing in springs, &c. 

?pn|1, certainty, ascertainment, a decision, 
positive conclusiob, inv^sstigation, an agree- 
ment, engagement, promise, settlement, en- 
actment, decree. 

' • 

t^^1f9, f^^^rtV9,ilecidiDg, ascertaining, leading to a con- 
clusion, &c. [rected. 

^v» ^^Xi^f *tf^» JKf cleansed, purified, cleared, cor- 

f^^% fif^^f 'WW, ^ftf^f v^ftflw, ftrfrw, settled, fixed, 

determined, decided, confirmed, established, 
usual, agreed upon, pointed out, ascer- 

t^'fC^, f^^T^, — ft^rnw, one who decides or ascertains, &c. 

Wf, fsrtj, ^, *i^, hard-hearted,, void of pity, merci- 
less, unfeeling, relentless, cruel, barbarous, 
inhuman. [trouble. 

fsiftf , 9V, ^RT^, released, free 4rom confinement or 

T^f^i, ffitf^f f^iPl^t 3Fr^lW«, ftf^'i, fixed upon, ap- 
pointed, nominated, appropriated, described, 
pointed out. 

fiwN, Pw^^, ftrwtww, m^;, ^nwn, ^*r|, f»c<f , an appoint- 
ment, appropriation, designation, testimony, 
witness, an order, mandate^ a description, 

l^fOh^p f^^^% ^Wt^'ttvr, f^mtiW, to ascertain, prove 

by testimony, establish, designate, appoint, 

ffntt?, PHi^. «TO1, nrw, ^\v, certainty, ascertainment, 

accuracy ; blunt, free of debt. 

t^^% T^VPn% f^WWW, ftj^, f^nww, flC* "••» '^ ascertain, 

settle, decide, confirm, agree, covenant^ 
bargain, give an earnest. 

W^, ^J\f ^€^f ^iRt«t, ^pm, ft^ftiri, shaki^n out, cast 

out, friendless, deserted, rejected. 

T^i, ^if|[?, 'VY'SnT^, uncertain, not established, destitute 

of proof or stability. 

f^nlN, ^Pi[w, ^<9, to speak, describe,' relate, narrate. ^ 

Pr^-'sc, ^99^, ftniWi ^i<*ii,^r^nn[, ^R9/V cwl, slavery, 

bondage, an obligation, engagement, seizure, 
an intention, pertinacious pursuitof an object. 

r^^, ^m, ^i rnv/T<t, loosed from ap obligatic 

freed, relinquishiiig the world from devotion 
to religious abstraction, &c. 

f^^, ?V'Wr^ not flowing, not passing away, stagnant. 

r«i4t^H, 5j5t^, fimfn^, f5^, to cause to speak, utter, dis- 
close or narrate, to extort from, to interro- 
gate, chuse, select. 

t^t^, l^t^i H,^» CTWifttl, extinct, extinguished, gone 

out, departed, defunct. 

fWt^i, iWftr, WJtf^f ^, '•W^, ^isw^tw^, <8nn^, P^, 

Pi«3rt«r, r^rtw, ^rwT^, ^nw^, ^ri?, fwrrr^Wr^, 

f^? ^4M1^*i, an extinguishing, putting out, 
quenching, qnelling, extinction, disappear- 
ance, the setting of the sun, &c. a depar- 
ture, refraining or desisting from, cessation, 
repose, final emancipation, union, associati- 
on, confluence, a blending, space, a vacuum, 
instruction in science, the plunging or bath- 
ing of an elephant. 

pn(T^ 'TC^r?^, V9t^, fwir, a sheltered place, place of 

refuge, a calm, close weather; sheltered from 
the wind, secure, close, calm. 

fartk, ^w^^, f^^Wt fs^iWtim, f^TMftr, ^'ifft^tir, censure, 

blame, reproach, a rumour, asseveration, af- 
firmation, decision of a controversy, absence 
of dispute or railing. [or put out. 

f*n^^, «ft«i^!rpWJ<i. ntS^i, ^«t^, to kill, cause to extinguish 

PrtrO, 1^l»W, ^% ^'^n^, acting featlessly or without 

[precaution, self-willed, rash, [expatriation. 

Prtf^, ^^^Rff, W?w?1, expulsion, ejection, banishment^ 

nrtPR, ^9^f ^*rt^, id: also indifferent to, without will 

or inclination, dissatisfied with. 

fWI^, tftfOTl, ' ?«rtpff ^^, ^rt^/, %*ft?, 'ft^^, ^wt?, ?w(i*ifli, 

^|f8; a livelihood, sufficiency^ competency, 
abundance, a sufficient supply of means or 
adequate provision, for the performance of 
any thing, means of accomplishment, expe* 

Mt 289 

dletit, materials, managdmentt accomplish* 

menty maintenance, support, 
f^rthpf* (SrtVim#, ^JWflWi ><*»IIW, a provider, tnaintainer> 

manager, superintendant \ effecting, accom**' 

plishing, supplying, furnishing. 
WlT^tf, ^rarrf^, wT^^tf^j providing a sufficiency, sup* 

plying a demand, furnishing. [&c. 

^rtt^wn, ^^rW^, a difficulty in procuring a livelihood, 
WSfa, 'FW?, t*^^' H^* overcome with fear or sorrow, 

distressed, senseless^ 
firflfi, iatart«»f¥i, earned, gained as hire or tvages. 
^^, ITf , ^1»Jt, easyk tranquil, in easy ctrcumstanceS| 

prosperous, happy. 

f^^^ ^, '^f , fi«afw, ^|W, ft?W, ^wfi^ift;, ^^, ^/, ease, . 

tranqtiillity, rest, repose, safety, security, 
ea$y circumstances, happiness, a cessation, 
desisting from, completion, accomplishment, 
final emancipation, death. [done. 

f^^, vn^^, f>f^, finished, completed, accomplished, 

f^^f>8, IW;, ftMfl, ^t**w^, 5HCVt^, ^f^9 fH^, an accom* 

plishment, completion, an approach, grati* 
fication, satis»faction, final emancipation. 

r^Of, t^f^i^f %*tr^^, fiiTt?, ^tirt, wages, hire, enjoymetit, 

marriage, «l fainting, swooning^ syncope. 

f^rr^fl, ^Wtfr, ^, {f^^sr, void of understanding, silly, 

foolish, simple, ignorant, uninformed. 

fW/«r, fSrt'ife, ^/V, ^Vr ^/^1. deserted, left, abandoned j 

an approved occupation. . 

flnA^^, Pwn, l^^t?, abuse, reproach, blame. 

f^n^, ^([^, f^i^%, ^^5' bold, fearless, undaunted, fa* 

miliar, not timid, secure, safe, free from 

f^»^# ^*5/«, ^»*Rrti, f*ri*w, f^/, ^uhr^, tiMf, tH<t«1K*t, 

much, excessive, fearless, confident, petma* 
nent \ a fulcrum, prop, dependanCe, point ot 
support ; excessively^ 

o o 

290 ^ Wt4 

fWWpr, ^rfiwtl^r^ ^e^. •Hf^;« ir«^, to be bereft of an in 

heritance, to be discarded from office. 

^»x¥t«f, wftft^, free from error or mistake. 

T^^^y im'Sf^S, sober, not intoxicated, quiet, out of rut. 

fsTO, -'•rf^, ,^fiW, f^i^, ^^rt^» not appropriated to 

one's self, not considered ones own, morose, 
severe, savage, brutal, cruel. 

Pnfsnf, r^r^Jtf^/, C^wr?^, want of natural affection or 

attachment, harshness, severity ; without na* 
tural affection. [nour, unlimited. 

Pn^n^f, '•Rtinwrft, "m-^ disrespectful, not giving ho- 

fM«r, •tft3l, ^^, ^^, f^^, pure, clear, clean, bright, 

transparent^ limpid, honest, fair or clear (as 
the weather). 
^^9 ^^» K^j <fTW, W«1#^, J^^9 to form, make, 
fabricate, frame, build, construct, erect, 
mould, dispose ; a manufacture, fabrication, 
production, &c. [chitect. &c. 

^?ftlH, f^W^^^ a maker,, fabricator, builder, ar- 

f^WH, 5^T<i, *fT^rpr, to cause to make, require to fa- 
bricate, &c. [maker, &c. 

r^afl?^, ??T?*, ?B^, *^^Pnpi, making, fabricating, &c ; a 

fSrifw;, •tRpwi, ^1^^, fkc^fSr$ ^j^rtf^, ^rfr^n, m^/?^, purity, 

cleanness, clearness, &c ; flowers or other of- 
ferings to a deity ; loose, not strung, desti- 
tute of a necklace or garland. 

f^ftfi, ^tTi^f ?ft^, f^, ^iT, made, formed, framed, built, 

fabricated, artificial, wrought. 

f^"^, rnwi, ^^5^8, ^^, ww^rsr^i ^< liberated, set free, 

released, loose, having cast the slough (as 
serpents, &c.) 

f^<^ ^f ^wfr, dull, stupid, heavy, inapt. [&c. 

l^C*fW, ^^ c^tfapi, the slough or cast skin of serpents, 

f^W ^^t«r^. «nct^, WW, ?f%? ^nt^, a going forth, de- 
parture, final emancipation, the outer cor- 
ner of an elephant's eye. 

M^^, tfrRil^*5F«,ip5i1, ^/t«r, ♦tfirt^t^, •t^pttK, revenge, killingr,. 

slaughter, a gift, donation, re-delivery of a 
deposit, payment of a debt. 

Wp!, 9fW, Jitivt^, fc*a jn, irf^, iJlut^, ^w»vf, *^e, "W, 

a decoction, extract, infusion, pith, quiutes- 
cence, gum, resin, mucus, juice, bird-lime^ 
a decision, conclusion, logical deduction; posi- 
tive, categorical, firm, tight, close, [indecent. 

fsTif^, Pni(^, — ^^R^^Pi^, shameless, impudent, immodest, 

f^T^, 1k^if9Wi\f ^^<itw, ^<^n^, wn|jro/t*, ^nfl^tT!j«i, wf, 

an extraction or drawing out, a rootiug or 
grubbing up, evacuation ofthefceces, of urine» 
sweat, &c. a burning, combustion. 

fr^lH, •N^tjW, diffusively or widely fragrant. [sical» 

t^TRPJ^, «tnWTW/, W^tf, «^«ii, causeless, capricious,whim- 

f^W, *W, ?R, irfsr, a sound, a noise. 

f^^^ff^* t^> ^nif^1[t^, a house, habitation, abode. 

f^n^nr, ^W^^t fJdW. absorption, final beatitude. 

fk^, Z^i% tk'Q, fvr^, caKrr^^frt^, encompassed, surround* 

ed, wrapt up, concealed, embraced, encamp** 
ed, having obtained absorpti'jn, iibsorpt. 

filial, ?tfil, 3WRt, night. 

f^r*lW?, Pwpn«f, Prtt*t1%, — ^rai, the moon. 

ftrttn, c^ff^tfllf, ^^ ^tfHf ic^?, Jt'Wn, an owl, jackal or 

other nocturnal bird or animal, a watchman, 
a night robber, a cannibal giant or goblin 
prowling about in the night. 

Prtt^, JfP^, WV1, iwH a female goblin, a street walk- 
er or prostitute, a lewd strolling woman. 

r^tW W, dsr^ft, a watchman, a night-guard. 

fsrfH, ?tftr, ?rtfiK^, at night, in the night 

f^rfvfv, "ttf^^, it^p^» sharpened, whetted, set. 

f^sri^, m^^rn, midnight, deep night. 

fMmii<-(t, slfil, iwrft, night. 

f^^f^, ^jrf^Tvflt, the fast sleep of men in the dead of night. 


8«a f^wrn 

^W/, ^t^tw^x, certainty, ascertainment, clear 
knowledge, a positive conclusion, decision, 
determination, resolution, belief, affirmati- 
on ; dear, certain, plain, positive^ sure, 
exact ; certainly, ' positively, confidently, 
resolutely, clearly, &c. [firmation. 

fjpvfVH, PrirtiW, f^^tV, an asseveration, positive af- 
tiwr9«pr, ^fSiHtPi, tflUl. persuasion, certainty, conviction, 

undoubted belief. 
f'FPlI^, «W^, *W«fjr, •fitf^, truth, accuracy, veracity, 

certainty, assurance. 

Pr*CTl, ^^, Tf^» T^* ^^^% immoveable, still, fixed. 

stationary, firm, steadfast. 
f^p*5«nr, ^, ^9^1^, not current, obsolete. 
ftr«vt?^, f«^<^?^ f^iMtf^, ascertaining, deciding, &o. ; one 

who decides, &c. [certain, sure, 

f^Tp*^, f^^% •ffjwrs, ^J, ascertained, certainly known, 
fHr*»^W l, fl[?^i fin^ff^wlt, acting decidedly, proceeding 

cautiously or on sure grounds, 
f^rt^5» ^3^» ^W^wr^Tf, careless, thoughtless, unconcerned, 

free from anxiety. [not porous. 

M^va. f kl*<»fi [ ^ > f^;:B«w/, faultless, pure, without boles, 
pTT^i, ''Wrt^lrt, f^^^iSt'^ inactive, motionless, without 

exertion, ' [piration. 

(%n*t^, ^«i^rs. «roTH» breath, breathing, inspiration, res- 
fiftWf W, a quiver. [man. 

fswsjt. «<i^, ^f carrying a quiver; an archer, bow* 
t^i; €f%«, ^"^^A^, sad, dejected. 
fV^, %^9i» v^t«r» dejection, sadness, a particular class 

of outcasts. [bidden, denied « 

W^K. wprl, Ttflr?, 'iPitf*, prohibited, interdicted, for- 
f^W^, «fnft^*tti77, the impregnation of the uterus, in^ 

jection of sperm, {a preventive. 

prr^, ftW^, — ?t?«i^rtlt, one' who prevents or prohibits, 
.frnpnt'^c* Tn% ^W^i a prohibition, restrictifon, preven- 
tion, denial or negation. 


l*rartir, tWi, ^Nflr^lfWjl, service, attendance, the takings 

of medicine. [gold, a neck ornament. 

fir^, i49 «r9 "i^ row ^< ^WWt? ftpW, a certain weight of 

f^n^^, 9^w^s$ ^^^f^Sf free from thorns, free from 

trouble or anxiety. 

fsv^, ^#irvijt, free from tribute or taxes, untaxed. 

fsi^^, Pnwitf%^» — ^^i^fl^t, ^t«ir^9l» unemployed, unoc- 
cupied with business, idle. [useless. 

f^rw^jT, 'Hfrf^, ^W«V, idle, not diligent, unemployed, 

t^ni^, ^^^f «Wt«i, f*r^^, f^wt^, fWtf, ftrPv^, t^;, 4^9/^, 

flRP, ^^Wi;, certainty, evidence, proof, de- 
cision, determination, appointment to of- 
fice, trust, belief; certain, plain, clear, exact, 
positive; positively, clearly, expressly. 

come to a point or decision, conclude, as** 
certain, believe, appoint, assign. 

f^^Bl, ^f^ftfc, ^riRl, "m^^n, 'iWnnr, diminished, waned, 

impotent, barren, without parts, indestruc- 
tible, [menstruation. 

ffa^mi. fsw#,— <I^5?WI1, ^wm, /. past child-bearing, past 

pi»W«i, ^f|rw9^, %WH, ^r? mn, "^^^rf, 'tfff, f^^c^f Pni"^, 

to expel, cast out, dismiss, expend, go forth^ 
place, deposit, revile, to blow as a flower. 

Adi^, ^lfi(^* fSwiR5/t^, expelled or voluntarily with* 

drawn from all family connections. 

fk^PB, ^?, ?^rt, i|ftF, deliverance, salvation, acquittalj^ 

clearance from a charge, &c. 

Ik^^lbm* ^fffi^, <tr^, not artificial, true, genuine. 

f%r^, WH^ ^f«, WT^i ascertained, plain, clear, posi- 
tive, [expulsion, 

prni^, t^i^, f^^nj% a going lorth, bringing out, exit, 

f^^M, ^, «rf^, ^1^^, t^^'S, gone, gone forth, de^ 

parted, brought out, expelled. 

PrtJW»» ^f^WtjW, f^MijT^, expelling, bringing forth. 

Orf^ngi, f^^"^, ^Pf«i, fimA, iiseleis, itaeflfectual. 

294 PWJ^ 

f^ir, f^, , ^TT/r^s, ^^j, '•rf^f^fti, ^tlW%, fixed, e^ 

tablished, occupied, engaged in, devoted to, 
religious, devout, virtuous. 

1W1, ij? vl^, JNfr^twT't, <afll, flWtf, TTPWtT, firm establish* 

ment in religion, devotion, religious auste* 
rity, belief, confidence, affiance, certainty. 

f^lN, ^^, cgwl^ ^/Ttt, spittle, saliva, a spitting. 

f^*?, f^^, 'fft^, ^^» cruel, unfeeling, hard-hearted* 

harsh, strict, severe, morose. [saliva. 

prrtr^T, ^^ctir; nfWlflr ^/t<nr, a spitting, spitting out of 

f^T«, «^^, •If^^, skilful, clever, conversant, learned. 

Pr^ff^, 'Wtfi, ^% tirfi, f^ntv, ^RWW, a completion, termi* 

nation, conclusion, finishing, fulfilment, de* 
cision, determination, award, settlement* 
sentence, order. [cides, ftc. 

f*M»^nq[, fW?^, n^/^, a judge, umpire, one who de- 

pr^W, ^WT^, fi«, ^rtfiri, ^^'•nr, done, finished, concluded^ 

completed, decided, settled, ordered, regu* 
lated, born, produced. [dy; a fixed gaze. 

pn^tvr^, ^R^9^, f^, incessant, without intermission, stea* 

PmW^, ^Wt^l', ft^, (iwnwj^i, .trftW •j?^, to accomplish, 

complete, conclude, finish, decide, award* 
regulate, fulfil a promise. 

fsf^ft^, f^W>jt^, to wring, wring out, squeeze, press out. 

f^fCn^^ Tt^, ir^, to rub or grind to powder, smash, 

tread on, trample. [dull. 

fW9, i!tni?ft^, 'W^f gloomy, dark, obscure, opake» 

fsr^cfWR, f^^, ^"Wj^i, needless, unnecessary, cause* 

less, groundless. 

pTjif, ^•WW, f^«f^, ^•WVi/, fruitless, ineffectual, need* 

less, useless^ unprofitable, abortive, barren. 

f^fj^, «r^, vrc, ^inT, «/t^, nature, natural state, pe- 
culiar character or condition, rejection, a- 

Pw?*!, ♦ft? ^«w, ^^ •ft^iT, to crosf or get over, fiad 

deliverance or salvation, &c. 

Htf 295 

Pnrtif ?W1, Ht?, ^rW, ij^, salvation, preservation, deli- 
verance, rescue, acquittal, beatitude. [&c. 

fVvT??r» ^^9VI, a saviour, deliverer, preserver; saving, 

ftwt?^, ^W^, iX^X^f to save, deliver, rescue, preserve, 

acquit. [quitted. 

f5|^<, jfiR, ^W, ^^, saved, rescued, delivered, ac- 

f^niif, "mwn, ^if9i9% ^^, unequal, uneven, unlike, unri- 
valled, peerless, matchless. 

Pnnni, CTt?, nrtsi, <tr^t^t(t«r, f^, obscure, dull, blunt, 

without energy, zeal or virtue, weak, infirm, 
flaccid. [dent, rude* 

f^r^l^t, f^%, ^rfn^, shakneless, immodest, bold, impu- 

f^r^'^W, * ^ ^^< f ^^ , PnS>?, Jjt^Fi, motionless, still, inanimate, 

senseless. [bankrupt. 

f^, f^nfsr, ^ttft, cv^flfTI, poor, indigent, destitute, 

t'^'^R', 1^ ^rtai, ^tlrf, a sound, loud noise, bellow. 

f*r^inr, irt?^, ^ii ?rM ^% to smite, kill, slaughter, mur- 
der, [guinary person. 

P^*, ^njw, 'T^TRWf ^Ww» a murderer, manslayer, san- 

ftfT^, Pnrt#, — ^idrnnr, an anvil . 

ftfft?, t^ftj, ^, frost, cold. 

P^ftJ^f iflr>**» ^4WI*^, to view, behold, survey. 

f^^^, ^(Tf^» ^fflp9» iW, placed, deposited with, entrusted 

to, committed to one's care, given. 

f^r^, ^r*Mt*t» ^fpftf ^jRHrW , fl'^^vtl, concealment, denial, 

secrecy, dissimulation, mistrust, suspicion, 
a secret. [mistrusted. 

f^rif^, imntf^, ^pft^, titl, denied, concealed, secret, 

fSr^t^, 'iWrW, ^ffs\, ^iWnr, denial, concealment, secrecy, 

reserve, mistrust. [mistrusts. 

ftr^^t^, ^i»Wt<^, ^iwni/ft, one who denies, conceals or 

^St^M, 15^;, »ff^, a^: like, resembling. 

*F, ^, ^Pr?1, Orv, ^nn^^ ^W, ^^^, ^V¥, ^Wc^, 

«c<r, low, short, dwarf, deep, vile, base, mean, 
common, vulgar; in comp: down« below, 
uader. beneath. 

296 <r]M 

^^, ^«ttft,— *ic^fltit. ftw, ^W, descending* going 

down, low, deep, mean. [foundation. 

*JtW, w, c^rry, the lower part, bottom* skirt, base, 

.^bt*lsr, ^fl^r^*, ^Wi low* minded, servile, base, of mean 

views. [at the bottom. 

^^, ^sftr^,— iR^fW, wii, below* beneath, down, under, 

'^hi, ^. '^(^I'^fj, slowly, softly, in a low voice. 

^, ^ffj ?t^, a bird's nest 

^ft^, fj«ft, a bird ; produced in a bird's ttest. 

^, ^fl^, «rt^, «W, tak^n, received, obtained, gained. 

^(^, ^^ ^r^Tf?* "T/tf , ^rtW, Ktr\, jtft, virtuous conduct, 

morality, justice, right, ethics, moral philo- 
sophy, an acquisition, acquirement, conduct, 

^ftt%wrt, ftt^^ftipf, a moral tale or discourse^ fable, &c. 

^flftf^/l, ^tfwttJl,— f?TOt<lcirw •ttl, the science of morals, 

ethics, political science. 

iiM%vt^,, ^«tt< ^^/^, just, righteous, moral, virtuous. 

^^, ftonw? ^*tafr^ ^J^^^, ijir^^, a woman's zone, 

a cloth round the waists a stock in trade, 
a capital, principal. [led. 

^?vT^, 'tfRT/'rt^, irf?1 4rt[^ ^1 Pttwci, being now taken or 

^tinl, 5iD^1. ^/t*tr?t, a receiver, a taker^ dealer, chapman. 

^?1, "ViMt^, ^% the taking of a thing, a taking up. 

1ft?, Wf, 'rt'W, ?w, water, juice, liquor 

^^, 9vft^, bloodless, destitute of blood. 

*1rtrt«, ^re?^, ''I3VPI1, ?CTt««ift^, without pollen, without 

menstrual evacuations, destitute of the qua*' 
lity of passion or activity, without fame. 

i^t^, V47, m, ^snf^, giving water, toothless ; a cloud. 

tftjPrfic, »WCB, 3^^, the sea, the ocean. 

^5Pl, ^iTO^, f^»*W, silent, speechless, taciturn. 

^ftw> V^^t ^J.f^^srr^, without juice or moisture, with- 
ered, dry, parched, napless, tasteless, insipid. 

*i1«*l*t**, f^^^Tf^, f^i»ft^, rapacious, impoverishing, 

draining, extracting juices^ &o« 


'ftw, ^ ^•f, ^im^'^i ^ ftf*«W, blue, dark blue; indigo, 

a blue sapphire. [a blue jay. 

''fwi, Wi, «ri?, Shiva or the blue-throated, a peacock, 
^hWffi^, ^, fM?, purple, mixed red and blue ; Shiva. 
^'tfiPM, TiWf. — ^^^tf^, the indigo plant, 
"sfl^t?, HP^, ftn, frost, boar frost. 
^[^, nrf^R^, — ^llt^nr, 4t^F^, «r5;W?^, to incline, bend, bend 

down; be bent, be humble.' [gether. 

^, ^irtf%, ^ftwrt, a bundle of any thing wrapped to- 
^. i:^W, ^^, a wisp of straw or grass, a wager. 
^f ^ ^r«?, ^^9, 1^^, ♦»<!, a pebble, piece of brick 

or stone, a muller, a stake, a gage. 
^•1, m^% c«fT*i, salt. [in salt. 

^1^51, rm^% CTT^I, «rnf^^, salt, saltish, selling or dealing 
%^f ^fl, — ^"tt^ftnt, purslain. [entreaty, 

^f», w^, ^Wf*, tffT^, praise, flattery, solicitation, 
^W, t'trffs, ^wtf^Ni, ^mif sent, ordered, dispatched, 

^, TWt?, tn^^l, corpulent, fat, abdominous. 
^Vjt, ^«^ fli|T, «rtt, the tongue or clapper of a bell, the 

windpipe. . [down^ humble. 

^^, C'rtirt'r, — tV9V^, TjJrt^, to bend, bend down, bring 
^snA. ^I^vf^^, lame or maimed in the hand, 
ivr, wSt^, 5Fiw/Wt^, '•t'^ftr^, new, hovel, receut, fresh, 

young, upstart. 
^'Wf ^ff^/, fitc^ *rtr?, certainly, assuredly, probably, 

perhaps; also a particle of doubt of* recollect ion y 

an expletive. [ancles, 

'r^t?, H\^ m^ ftW^, a somidrng omnment or ring for the 
"f* ^[?wr, *^» *'^ compes: a man, a male. 
^5, W1, ^ItW, a manslayer, a murderer. 
^/, 'rtP, ^^HPflft, a dance, a dancincr with gesture, ges- 

ticnlation, an acting Jumping, skipping about, 
^n, "^fe, '^*IW,— ?t«rt, a king, a sovereign. 
^[•niW, ftw^Brt?, i kings son, a prince: 
^H, •fJHWt, ItW, fir^*^ malicious, malignant, miir- 


799r n9lf^ 

deraus, destructive^ hurtful, iDjufiQUs^ mis* 

^^Pft ftff ^wn? PlTW, ^nX^ «r^/, Vishnu's fourth in- 

carnatiou as a man-lion, a noble, eminent or 
honourable man. 

c^^, c^tt^tVRi, a tame or pet animal. 

Pi^^, ftRl*i, ^t^Btft^ 'R*, to turn, turn back, retjtm, go 

and come, go back and forward. [ing. 

c^i^^itTt, 9t^tVt^» intercourse, intimacy^ %omg and com- 

nvW, -sr^, ci«(t, the ichneumon or mongoose. 

nr€7, sr^nr, <frt^^> %^$T7» to take, to receive^ to spend. 

m^^ '■rf^, the leg. 

r^r^FT, rR*>#Br,— ^<iT?t*r, to bait, limp, be lame. 

t^^ CT^r^— ^wr, ft^> naked, stripped, undressed. 

c«r®f ^, %^» a mouse. 

rr^it, wwl, cwt, — t^fSi left-handed^i^ 

c^5pwl, ?ttPi, a rag, a bit of cloth. 

c^?sf^, cr^/l, — C'rprW, wrotrw, a hyeena, a wolf. 

nwi, ^ir^Wtf ^, ^«1*t^t??F. acting foolishly, silly, play- 
ing the buffoon. 

C^^^r^t?, ^9, ^, a nausea, a vomiting. 

c^wf, ora, ^Wf^rcwi, a step. 

WfrTlf W^, — <«f, c^m lame, limping. 

c^ra, •J^, ifft^ii, an animal's tail. 

c^?1, ^r^, c?wl, a dancing boy ; left-handed. 

^^f ^/t?1, — X^% V^^» ^T^I'lTt* ^•tlwictft Rb^5#, desti- 
tute of leaves or twigs, pollard, lopped, 
shorn, bald ; a sect of religious mendicants. 

C^, ^ItiPlt, ^ar^, a female ballad singer or religious 

mendicant, a vagabond woman. 

c^/1, ^n^, a contemptuous appellation for Massalmans. 

c^«, ^♦n ftrw, a sort of cloth. 

Cnn, r^^,— ^ft«, ^Wrtt, ^, ^, tttn, ^«t5 CTHt, one 

who takes, a receiver, leader, guide, master, 
owner, a rogue, an inlet or branch of a river. 

c^tt^y 59^6ntt?F, ^ a hemistich or half stanza; balf. 

rvt^l 299 

vrt, nji, the eye. 
c^nn|[. i^ wm, a tewt, tears. 
^^^, CTflrnt^, — ^W!^^i, very near^ nearest^ aearer. 
t^^f T^f ^, a membrane or web. 
W*IWI, flwwl, •tWWf web-footecL 
^^^^f ^X ^*, the jaundice. 

<^» infhr» «!%, c^, a lime or lemoih [cle. 

c^9 RVi ^vwt^, the circumference of a wheel or eir* 
C^iftw, zntm, ^ntw, to excite, stimulate,, encourage, 

set on as a dog^. Sec. [new, young. 

^» ^l^lfN t^. 'rfiT, a lujnp of earth or dough ; 
r^^/, lifft^f, nearness, vicinity, proximity. 
hf^f ^?F, %«1f^r¥i^, a merchant^ shoprkeeper, trades- 
man, an Upunishad. [certainty* 
W/, ^rt^/, ft<H( l Q>^> eternity, continuance, perpetuity, 
brvt^t, ^nnti ^W^, an imperishable landmark, [art &c. 
^^r«JH/, VtW/> ^^1> cleyemess, skill, ability, eminence in 
W«r/, ^P9^f, %^mf, an offering* oblation, present. 
br|SrI^,brtirw,— ^ntw, CrSJP, ^t^^f causal, causing, 

producing, procuring, having a cause, done 

to accomplish an object. [cian. 

i«nrtf^, ^mwfic^^, ^«f^^, a Nydya philosopher, a logi- 

brf>9y, «l«fivcit^9 appointment to office, an appointment. 

h(49r fM ♦l^w WftM ^iflMft, the south-west qi^artet 

or its ruler, a daemon, a fiend; 
hm^^ f*Wl^, »i«;?tflW, a decision, clearaessv veracity. ^ 
bT%9, C])^rr^^rv f^vf^, the master of the mint, 
brf^, f Hi^^^m , ^mnttf a religious studen* constantly 

resident with his spiritual tutor. [belief, 
h^9 fsfWtf 9Q1TI w^t^JffW^p firm establishment in any 
^^nifllit, «it«tft9» natural, ^sing from the nature of a things 
^^H r< ^^, "^tPftM^f a swordsman ; armed with a sword. 
CTtWH, rWffJlf^n,— -^Wf*^ wmH#tH , feeding in a filthy 

manner, filthy, beastly. 
ci(17, 4t«, inrt, allay, base mixture, base com. 
vi\*H, mw, saltish, brackish ; salt or brackish water. 


300 W/« 

c^rr^rl, ^^5t^w, a species of custard apple. 

c^; ctI^, — ^, a boat, a skip» a vessel. 

^;*t3, ^, ^^1, ^'tWir, fwt?, a nausea, loatbmg, disgust, 

abhorrence, contempt, disrespect 
T/irrt;, ^«»T^, ^JreTf^ltiR, odious, ahQiRidabie, loalb- 

. some» disgustful, nauseous. . [vile* 

w/4, ^P9, — ^^T^/t, ^w, dwarf, short, low, base, meao , 
w;«rt, prw^, l4W, club-footed, fame. 
7/V, f^vf^^> Jt^^f ^^^» deposited, pledged ...placed^ 

' consigned, hoarded, accumulated. . 
^/^n, %*tt^, ^wm^, boaiding, sarioi;, accmniolating. 
Wit9t, ^V«t^f l^'l!^' igi^orant, stupid, silly, uninformed » 

clownish, awkward. 
^11^, ^,%{t?r, a vomiting, a throwing up, 
^/1*1, mrl, left-handed. 

ip4w ftwn, *f^, fi/, right, justice, equity, 
law^ righteousness, propriety,, fitness, truth » 
logic, examination, investigatioa, one of the 
six philosophical systems; like, resembling. 

^Itf9» PiFt)^, v^^tlffll^ a jiodge, logician, just reasoner. 

^/tf^f ^^> ft^t^ffi^ according to light, agxeeably to 

j;astice or equity, equitably, nghteoasly*. 

^/tlPltait vaiNti, writings on the Nydya philosophy. 

wrtff, WMjPi*, %•«•, ?Wtf^, rational,, right, proper, 

jttst, equitable, doing right. 

'T/tv, ^f^, ^9*1^ ftrtsr^, (irtnr^w, ^•rt^Pm, right, proper, 

iA, deserved, due, liJtigable, recoverable at 
law, a right, inheritance. [sufficient. 

^/tWi ^n^ ^'Wt^r, ^wi, satisfied, wealthy,, snccessfiri^ 

▼ifi, r**wf*lf !fWftRtl>, Tt!taptrt% 5^ ^f|r?1 ii^?l|CI, a depo- 
sit, a pledge, a mode of prayer. 

^^1' ^^* ^* ^^l^*, W^, bettt, crooked; curved^ 

hump-backed, stooping, lodcing downwards; 
a ladle. [less, litfle, tew^ 

^f "^^f ^^^ii^y ^1^, deficient, wmiting, defecttve^ 

«1f^ 301 

^'tfiRaw, ^Pftflrt,*-**WlnFW, less or more. 

Ij/^nfin/, ^tVOTA a ideficiency or excosii, less or more. 

•M^, •liji,— C«r^, wm^iW Wr, iPI, a row, range, rank, line, 
* a stanza of four lines of ten syllables each i 

in comp : ten. 
^W^t ^»»WT, ^?«i, ^Jl*W, to arrive at, come or reach to. 
•W, ^^, •ir?*!^, fj«, qfw, ^?W. «», fsr^, ripe, mature, 

concocted, cooked, digested, suppurated, 

substantial, of good materials, of mature 

understanding, intelligetif. 

•HP, •nn^, ^^•i, «iT% »rft?. irtm? ^s'^, ttwv ^w, w, 

^Pjjipr, ^wf, f%^^, drfww, a feather, Mdng, 
plume, a side, flank, party, partizan,' friend^ 
proxy, a flock, an army, a formight, a pro- 
position or side of an argument, - thesis, 
position, doctrine, inference, alternative, 
contradiction, opposition, a teply, law-plaint.^ 

nvfs, ^HfV^t •ttVRTttl 3111, the first day of the wane or 

increase, a pinion. [aid. 

Il«»ll«, ^^, ftr^tt^in, partiality, favouritism, eoUusion, 

♦''pnrft, w^u, ^isr«rrft^, partial, leaning or attached to; 

a partizan. 

*rt^t^, cwi^, •nw^0^lBr«^ winged, feathered, fledged. 

•f¥^/T«flt, •iWtsnr f^nwrHt, embracing the whole of a 

li^xx;^ or thesis. [plaint, a true bill. 

HWWW^ ^|^U"I4 ftf^ ^WT?^ fl^, the mark of a valid 

•|ipnn«, ^nw^irrr, ^^ crr^, palsy, paralysis, apoplexy. 

•hPtvntf ^W«tcw, ^ff5l9 on the other side, on the contrary 

supposition, otherwise. 

^rt^F^ t^«rft# W'^rinw ^^t^ ftf^r a ben -bird, a night with 

the days preceding and following. 

^tfinrtllf ^/t«r, mr/l, a bird-catcher, a fowler. 

^K**Xt«^ fm^, V|9» VS9rt<t nt^, Garara king of birds, 

a peacock, a swift horse. 

302 vtfrt 


•Wft, pn^R, •twftWif a bird, a fowl ; havitig wings *:c. 
*^ir, rji^lW? OTtii, CT^, ^, an eye-Iasb, the filament 

of a flower^ a thread, a fibre. 
^^> nil, ^«rtf^, a mound» bank, a trench and mound. 
^V%^ 9^, *IW, mud, mire, dirt, soft clay, sin, guilt. 
•fW, ItW]^, — •», ?flW> the lotus or water-lily. 
•IftW, 'Wrtf^, wr|V, muddy, miry, plashy, clayey, 
^ir, ^9f^, nrt^car^tt a grasshopher, a bcust, a line or 

circle of people seated to eat. 
*tw^n^» ^^^^ 'P'7» a flight of locusts or grasshoppers. 
ffW, pnr?tt CT*«*lWPl[f^, lame, halt, crippled, without 

legs, without the power of moving, 
•nnr, ^RPjiT, «W^, «H«i,ir?<i, to putrify, mortify, rot, moul- 

der, fall to decay, be musty, spoil, stink. 
•W,. TjfSrJ, 3TOI, ^, «Rrt, rotten, corrupt^ putrid, musty, 

tainted, spoiled, digested. [steep, 

^n^, «rr?^, ^7» to promote putrifaction, to macerate, 
^IFTft^r, ^FtffHqp ^w?, wet sloppy weather. [stench, 

^n^, ^ifH^Ft^, f^f putridity, putrescence, rottenness, 
^frt«r, "^i^/, ^^5t9/, obscene, scurrilous ; indecent talk, 

ribaldry. [lously. 

««1flj?l, 'iit^^ttl^, ^^, talking obscenely or scnrri* 
^/, •IftWT^/, digestible. [ripening. 

^P^t ^ ♦W rtwcf, under digestion, in cookings 
^% ^» ^/T* fiv^' ^^ arbitrator, an umpire. 
♦t#^, •ftmFHrtt?, •f*Rr«l 5^n[, five, relating to five, nMide 

of five, bought with five ; a tax of a fifth part. 
•t«C9tW, tirM^WtiF YTvRPf, a compound of five spices. 
«l#9rv, w«, «rf^, ^^, t^ttiTf, C'^ftwr, the five productions of 

the cow, milk, curds, ghee, uri^e and dun^ 
^<i9^t, v^n Pq;^^, a sitting between four fires in the 

burning sun as a religious mortification. 
^^, ^i|tU — >;^9 death considered as a resolution into 

the five primary elements. 
vtfV^nn, k^ Pic^, a medicinal preparatipn from the 

sprouts of five different trees. 

^ 303 

«Wfrt^, ^«rtft ^ tn, the five vital airs of the body. 

•tf^, •fWt, iw. CTW, ^, ^«^H, ^ ♦fti?, the five pri- 
mary elements. 

*(«^tirl» ^Vf^» ^^» an individual as consisting of the 

five elements. 

^m, ^Pff^y ^K^ ^n, fifth ; the fifth musical note. 

♦f«rflp, Wbai, ?T?W, motley, variegated. 

*MNrv, ^<^ ^, the five precious things, or gold, silver, 

pearls, chrystal and copper. 

^W^, ippr, 9^, Kima Deva or the Indian Cupid. 

n«^ft, fW, the hand ; branching out in five directioi\B. 

•{•^, fBt«^Ri •IlMW? «tPi^^R, these five,— the 

hearth, curry-stone, broom, pestle and mortar, 
and the water-pot, as accidentally destruc- 
tive to insects, &c. [the castor plant. 

*f«t^> n^^t cn^lMt f9f, digitated, measuring five fingers; 

«r9T^, i*m, ^rai, an assembly, a council.. 

nwtit, Win ^X^ curtail ^^irW, a custom in which five 

persons unite. [sign leo. 

♦f^pfirsr, Pt?, f3i% ^TfytW, five-faced, i. e. Shiva, a lion, the 

*tfpir9^. Wis, nKS^l^Hf the midst, mediatorsbip, arbitration. 

^ipjr, ^^^, 4tvi, a rib, the side or ribs, a cage, an aviary. 
^rf^?n, ftrtt?T?TfiW*W ♦RPirw, an almanack, a calendar. 
•1^ fbArv ^, h\, rm, f^ai, cloth either thick, fine or 

coloured, canvass, the field or canvass of a 

picture, an outer tent- fence, a roof, thatch, a 

map, picture, curtain. [the bladder. 

•i^, •i^,— ^#te*ft? v^f iW^jl, a squib,, cracker^ 

•l^9t?» f^viHf ^RRTT, a draughtsman, limner, designer, 

a weaver.- 
^l^^nr, !*W?fVfM'*, ^iT^, made of cloth ; a tent, a petticoat. 

a roof or thatch, a heap, collection, multi- 
tude, train, retinue, a basket, a film on the 
eye, a sandal-wood mark on the forehead, a 
* division of certain books. 

S04 ^fH 

«rfe3[, WW, a war-drum, a kettle-drum. 

♦1^, ••i^JTtif?^, ^'W^i to afford faciMties, to forward, to 

make a work successful. 

•lit, •l^t,— ^^^1^^, ^Wi*, \fir^r«, •rrsi, a slip of ^!oth» 

bandage, roller, list, edge, a strip of land, 
a quarter in a market {chondriac. 

p(g\f, CTpr, rsFl, 'HLS^^ sandal- wood, a field, a hypo- 

clever, expert, skilful, diligent, active, able, 
smart, shrewd, crafty, fraudulent, talkative, 
open, blown, expanded, hale, healthy ; wool- 
len cloth, [image maker. 

•i^T!, fttw?, W43jf^f^<Hi*, a painter, limner, an idol or 

^^, 'Pf^^W*^, a girdle, sash, belt. • 

•ft^, 'TO "Ptrw, palwal or a species of ciicumber. 

n^Tfw, 5^t« <t?rrir r<^, «U«i, to slip or fall in wrestling, 

to stumble, to be thrown. 

♦1^^^^, ♦n^^t^, to throw in wrestling, overcome, displace. 

♦«%; z^v^ ^, ?^^, wove silk, cloth, a bandage. 

♦t^ft^. ^Mt,— StW? «r<rW <t, the chief or queen among 

a king's wives. 

♦IT^, ^^3 fi(r*W, a sort of weapon, a two-edged sword. 

Wl^l'i^, •r5l f^trw, a sort of club rush, a pop-gun [peat. 

♦t^, ^T^, — ^tt^^i, ^^/?^, to read, peruse, recite, re- 

^V^, z^t^n, ^H, ^ ^€^, ^^, '9(t3PKf\, -r?^, to fall, fall 

down, drop, fall into disuse or decay, to in- 
vade, fall upon, occur, happen, lie, recline. 

•r?*, «rfe^t*, a neigjibour. 

•f?t, %W>, ^Sy ^Rfs, «1T*, "^wri, z^m, ^rt3pir, waste, un- 
cultivated, fallen; a lesson, reading, perusal, 
a throw at dice, an onset, attack. 

•tyt^, ^irrt«1^, r»WR, irtiR, to teach or make to read, 

to throw down, spill, pour, &c. 

♦f??l, W^/, ^T^, a pupil, learner, scholar, schoolboy. 

♦t^, CTIT^, f^W. 4»f%wi, i[«f;, WW, ^p9tfti ^<1ic5i, a wager. 

bet, stake, bargain, agreement, engagement. 

nil 306 

compact, stipulation, condition, price, wages, 
eighty cowries. 

^W^, ^wnt^, ^«i|[M4i^, an indifferent matter. 

^(PvnSy ^V, — nntf , f^i994ti» to be sold, vendible, sale- 
able, marketable. [ure, miscarriage. 

H^f ^T'^' Pnt^ ^* a eunuch, ablank in a lottery, foil- 

ntieitiv, ^iffnifT, any fruitless labour, useless or unsuc- 
cessful plodding or exertion* 

*ttrt, •ftf^/, |t^, learning, philosophy, science, wisdom. 

*if^ ftlt^f learned, wise ; a learned man, a philosopher. 

•*^/y PiraF? 31 v» IJl/ITjrtft aw ♦rtlwt*!, ^it^, any mer- 
chandize, a commodity for sale, the quantity 
for a given price, ferriage. 

^t7W» ^rf?W, ^l^» a grasshopper, a locust, a bird. 

n^f^f f^ft^t^, a spitting pot or salivary. 

•Wir, ^RPl ^^^tipr, Wr«r, mn, itmr, to fall, to fall down, 

to slip, drop, pour, pour out. 

#f99t^, ^tT^rmn, liable or having a tendency to fall. 

«r93[, c«i)ft% ^tt%9 a plate of metal, an iron hoop. 

•tit^, vn, ft^, a flag, ensign, banner, signal. [band. 

n(%, «l\« ^Vt^» a lord, master, owner, possessor, hus- 

^ifi^, i^Hft^f ^^f •W^^, ^•ni, 'j^/, i^, mi, fk, fallea, 

alighted, defeated, descended, bom, neglect- 
ed, uncultivated, fallow, laid with grass, 
fallen from virtue, abandoned. 

•if^cftM, •rt^fWi — ^'B['ttfirft, ^9 ^iW, /. chaste, devoted 

to or burning with her husband, a virtuous 
and affectionate wife. 

*l^n#> ^nR^, having a husband, a married woman. 

^(f^s^fU W^^tiRW fl^tflprt, a bride who chooses her own 


nw^, SW* ^'^. ^R** ^■rtjw, a city, town, colony, settle- 
ment, commencement. 

#fni» ^Pfff^, nv^li ifn, a foot soldier, a troop or platoon. 

ntll, Ontf^ ijff vt^f 7$t, a wife, a mistress, a femate 

owner or proprietor. 

a q 

306 •K^ 

♦Pr, w. •tW* ^^% "If*^, flifH, ^, ^^Httf^ '^tl[^f a leaf, 

blade of grass, the petal of % flower, leaf of a 
book, door or table, a sheet or plate of metali 
a sword blade or sheath, the wing of a Innl or 
insect, feather of an arrow, a letter, writing, 
book, lease, any vehicle, as hotse^ car, &c. 

^, ftPl, ♦fft, TW, ^^rttjtft, a letter, a writing, a bird, an 

arrow, a rider. 

•IM111*!, JJ^, at bud, a flower-bud. 

W, ^, m^, ft?1, W, a road) path, way, route> journey, 

passage, line of conduct, course, religious 
sect or sentiments, profession. 

•Wf*^, ^f5?1, ^nfwwil, a guide, a conductor. 

•rt^» ^tnt» ^J^» a traveller, wayfaring person. 

•jfiWTaf?, •tPW^, — ^fiiM^tM, an inn, baiting-place, cara^ 


♦ffttircv, ^t^ra^, Ota the road, by the way. 

^, •rti^, ^TOtW^, travelling, journeying, following' 

any particular sect. 

•W/", ^jreiw, •tf^W^/, rjTfftf ftl^ ^"iTft?, salutary, whol^ 

some, proper as diet, regiknen or medicine. 

•», pjn, aw, f^, Jx^, ♦«, njTt^, *mlr^, nt^,' v^ftr, 

•f^» ^, ^ttn, ^^••1, a foot, leg, step, pace, 
footstep, a mark, spot, scite, place, poetical 
foot or line, leg or foot of a chair, &c. station, 
office, rank, reign, employment, situation, 
stage of a law-suit, a word, inflected word, 
connected sentiment, thing, a number in 
arithmetic, the fourth part. 

•BF^, •Hff^, going on foot ; a foot soldier, footman. 

•Iiff^, ^fNt^i, ftirt?irT«, fallen from his station, dis- 
charged from office, dismissed, [path, way. 

♦«r^, ^*^ ^trfJI^ ^*Jtft, n<, a title, surname, road, 

•W5WI, •(!?, on foot. 

**W^f ^V^H ♦rflw? ?l, a stocking, pair of stockings* 
^^, ^pTj^, ^f^«rt«, fixed in zsi office or station^ 

«lM^ 307 

haTii^ or filling a situation^ invented with 
a dignity, reigning. 

•fUfl, "^^IWJ, a plagiary, plagiarism. 

^tm^f •IWtl^t*, a kick. 

^RtV, fttlft^y a footsteps print of the foot. 

•Wffii, •Brt^,— *«rf 'iWift, a toe. [foot-soldier, infantry. 

*int^-?ff, *m^^i>it^V, ^tf^R^r^, a footman, pedestrian, peon, 

♦W^, ap'*^, Wi ^% WPii ft^ »TtR, to praise, celebrate. 

applaud, to punctuate, mark writing with 
poipts or spaces, mark the cases of nouns. 

•Iftl4t, ^tifltar^t, 1^, a list of titles or offices, metre, 

Terse, poetical arrangement. 

•W< ^. ^fiWC^^, inr? ttrf^^lW;, VW, a thing, material 

object, the meaning of a word, a category or 
predicament, viz. substance, quality, action, 
identity, variety, relation and non-existence. 

«|R*fl, ?R>V fiCltflw, a placing or putting into office, in- 
duction, instalment, inauguration. 

^nrfnr, ^ttv^, a footstool. [or- ships. 

^, c^7t9 ^t^^f tonnage or measurement of boats 

•tvlir, 44^, a lamp, a light. [quainted with worda. 

^tWlU ^Vwi4i , "ni«, belonging to office, official, ac- 

n | ^t ftv»ii , WtCTftap?, wholesale. [nually. 

•lOft, WPlKf ''Fm^, at every step, step by step, conti* 

n*, ^,— Vriflf, «rt^, a title, epithet, surname. 

•Nhfc, <W, t«r*, ^^>t^ vnK9 5^, <*rft, a road, line, row. 

range, a ritual or manual of ceremonies^ a 
title, a surname. 

«IW, ^PW, ^ ftcw, WH tff, the lotus or water-lily, a 

form of battle array, ten billions. 

mw^f U ll , ^^^Ars ^9q«i, an unblown water-lily. 

•tV^, ^, ^1r, a bee, the sun. 

^rvilt^, »ft fiOPW, ^*, a ruby.^ [lotuses. 

nwPn, ^Wf^ WT"r!r» a deep tank, a pond abounding in 

«tf%4t, ?nfMt, ^S^vift it, an assemblage of lotuses or place 

abounding in them, a beautiful wcQuan* 

308 •WPtil 

^tiffi niftP, f^, ^fiftJt ^^f metre, -verse, poetry, the 

idiom of a language, a custom, usage, beha- 
viour, rite, tenet ; customary, habitual. 

vffr/caR, vftRit^, customary behaviour, cominon practice. 

^/^ttr^, ^(tH% to behave, act, conduct oneself. 

«fClfN, *<vct^, unprecedented, novel, unusual. 

♦nnr, 4x^f the jack fruit. 

•nfl* •f^' ^^* ^ road, way, path, route, conveyance. 

•nft, •rt'PF, K^tt^^, travelling, journeying, following the 

tenets of any particular sect. % 

^tl^, 9f«f, a snake, serpent, reptile. 

^W6f ^tt^f •!t?J^, a shoe, a boot. 

•n^, ^, the wind, the air, the god of wind. 

•iRw, WK, tl^l/f f^TiN, •tflt^, pure, holy, sanctified, pu- 
rified by austerities, undefiled, nice, clean. 

•tt, , %^, a clue, a guide. [prosperous. 

•!?«, •»^^.— V*. wi» ^f '^^» milk, water, prosperity; 

•Rr«rli1, •inrt'rtiil— «r<il#, ^m, a drain, gutter, sewer, a 

water-course, a tube. 

•WW, ^*/W, ^J1*, prosperous, happy. 

•ffid, vt^SSpHf & pice or ^ of an anna, money, change. 

^!W, vT^PRTf^, made from or^relbting to milk, as curds^ 

cheese, or butter. 

•OrtMt, fJW^f milch, giving milk (cow or goat, &c.) 

•nrTT, ^, <tn(t^, a going, travelling, marching, march. 

•RKt^, ^^f m, 9t woman's breast, an udder, a cloud. 

•KStfH, •icjtf^rft, — 'HJpi, the sea, the ocean. 

♦fjr, ^tPfS, f^f 1^, ^[f%9 %^, ^'•ttft, ^^llitl, ^WfT, 

taOr, ^rflRF, ^1"^^, "1^. «9ir, jn, other, another, 
different, remote, distant, latter, least, subse- 
quent, following, future, inimical, hostile, ad* 
verse, estranged, best, pre-eminent, exceeding, 
more, after; an enemy, a gnomon, in compos i 
addicted to, intent after or upon, ready* 

v|f?pm, ^p^, transparent. 

•fifftn, %«il«ti; another world, a future state. 

^tfftf, HHMiH f ^< [, another's, belonging or relating to 

«l3Pft7l» ^^jy<i^ < >ft41 lit, the adulterous wife or the 

faithless mistress of another. 
^tiTvar, ^1^4(9 c^FV, another man's wife or field. 
♦fW, •t?<t^,— "tiNl. fttw^, a trial, probation, test, 

experiment, ordeal. 
^tH^f ^w^rf"f, false hair. [another. 

•Im[tf1, ^Ahi vtfl, ^^^IDFI^, the shadow or apparition of 
^ffl^» vtcvRI vn ^ff, the eaves of a house. [subject. 
^tf^, ^tim, — 'iwiK t ** , dependant on another, subservient,, 
•f««i, z^ *ff|Kt7 ^^,. to put on clothes, to dress, pull on. 
^t?w, ^TTiH, by or from another. 
*t3iw, 4j|^t4l, a patch* 
•fjw, ^■nr/ai, i^sjwcv, ■Pjrcv, •U^Wctj ftn?, in another, 

among others, among enemies, about another 

world, in another world. 
^Iinl>, ^91 wt<rt, f/l^rn, another's wife, adultery. 
mmpm^, •nwtint^^r^, — i/WwU ^jl, adultery, adulterous 

intercourse with another's wife. [dulterer. 
^lyrtx^, ^/f^FVtft, committing adultery,, adulterous; an a* 
niopi, ftopr, dV^fr, a foreign country ; abroad. 
*fn, ftwi, but. 

•l#*iai^, 9ic9V4t#)V|4l, using a catch-word. 
*ti*n, ^^ti^, ^VC4t««, more and more, further and further* 
•tttp^^f^^P'"* y* ^^» — W^, ^ItWt, a wizard, a witch. 
ng^, "VfS^f 1^l?1> /• married before, twice married. ^ 
nfw, ^^, a festival, a religious feast. 
m^, vilM, subject to another, dependant, subservient. 
^liRNf, *(9>itVl, Brahma or the Supreme Deity. 
npi, ^^f ^W> ^nfr, c4^, best, supreme, sublime^ 

excellent, chief, great, exquisite, in compos: 

•On^fira, mnm, wic^ i«tfi^ ^^, God, the elemental ge* 

nerative Spirit or creative energy, 
^timtv, ^^NPi, ^ft^9 consolation, comfort,, happiness. 

31Q ^WQM« 

ffjmr^, nt^9 ^^ a8cetk« an abstract devote^. 

9t9<rt^9 ^^^5f^ ?Vy Cin, an atom, the smallest particle of 

matter. [supreme Spirit, 6o4« 

^^f39tVl» J^f ^>nfNt9^, Brahma as soul of the universe, the 
^liRtT, ^tt7>if rice boiled with milk and sugar. 
•Omtf[, tit^^RFfi, the whole period of life, Ufe«tin»e, a^e, 

long life. 
«t?prt^, ^fi fiw?t •f?wt«1, an excellent or sublime object* 

the chief good, the divine Being, Spirit. 
^tiKt^t, ^tjmt^f^T^C?, with reference to the chief object* 

t. e. God, spiritually. 
^tjs^^, ^^^f^ the supreme Being, the high God, Shiva» 
^"^« ap^^, ^V>^» successive, proceeding from one to 

another, descending from father to son. oae 

behind another. 
^tjP'W, l^ft^p WR, "^^f^!^ lineage, regular descent, or- 
der, continuous arrangement, successive 

ranks, &c. [by report. 

♦fiW?t?, ^^f^tVft^S^pVR, ^iRA IW, ««rt^, traditionally,. 
<(|ivti(t^ ^f^ffffs, ^ifte^rt9, communicated from father 

to son, traditional. 
•t9C9rt7, ^K^^^> another world, a future state, futurity, 
^tjprtn, ^^1, Wt^7, a parasitical plant, a parasite. 
^^, ^^tf^f a battle axe, a hatchet. 
•WW, <1![^,— ^^nft «*? Ife^, ^ ^^ 9(9, the day after 

tomorrow, or day before-yesterday. 
^tjF^f w:^fV^ff ^^9731, mutual, reciprocal, alternate^ 

interchanging; mutually. • 
«Q(tf, 59 UvHn, a certain religious vow, a sacri&cial 

sword or scymetar. 
•tjrRR, fScw, w, «rsf% r?j«, power, energy, force. 

strength, valour, prowess, a going out or 

forth, a sally. [valorous, 

♦tttwft, ^^^t ^sn^f powerful, strong, actite, brave, 
•tjPFtV, "Iftmt^, iTJ^frt^, ♦W^fpSt', possessed of power or 

influence, dignified, drawn or led by another. 

•IftBftr 811 

•Wn, tT'cJl? !*• ^1*<< > ^H '> *«^/1fr |< «Jiir!fC, pollen; 

dastk fragrant powder, an eclipse. 

^I^> f^nr, ^^t9i, having tlie face averted, ayerie, o^^ 
^ posed to. 

^'m?* *t|t9?, fVf^y a defeat, repulse^ failure pr loss of a 

suit at law. * [dued, cast in a suit. 

♦Wwft, ^tflw,— ♦WW, fW, defeated, conquered, sub-» 

♦W^, wit* •Ift^tm fjt^i, ^m^, to dress another, clothe, 

trim, deck, harness, caparison. [preme. 

•firt^^U, •UWW» •tSPWr?, the Most High, God, the Su- 

♦titv, ♦fc;? wfwtvtvw, a living at another's expence. 

^Pft^^f v^Ct^» ^f^^l!*' contemptuous, despising others. 

♦UM^^f 4Bft«t*ir, •|^if4l*fn«i, f¥f)ifl ^rt^'pr> to return, to 

come i>ack, to revert to. 

•nrtfW, ^Spntw, turned back, returned, reverted to. 

•W?l^ ftRW* ♦tJW^, a turning, returning, reversion. 

ntt^n, ^nm?, t[T?^, ^^<rT^, a defeat, overthrow, discomfi•^ 

ture, repulse. 

♦t9t^9, ♦tsrtftri, ft3rl» orercome, defeated, conquered, cast; 

♦tiRW^, iRfnTV» ^^nN/T^, a change of mind, change of 

religious faith, conversion, repentance. 

^tttH^f iari1> fSiCi^f counsel, advice, detiberatioii, plan. 

♦t2t^» na^HflU, coimselling, advising. [flowered; 

^tf^l^, ^^Ttrra, ^, oouiiseUed, advised, . defiled, de- 

♦QRf % ^it^, ^•W, ♦t'WKt, devotedness to ; devoted to, 

intent upon, zealous; a follower, votary, 
zealot. {others. 

tft^fVt ♦Rn ^N^lft^ «r^Pt, a refuge in or dependance on 

*tjtV, fsi^, ^t?1, defeated, vanquished, overcome, sub* 

dued. {as painting, perfuming, &c. 

•Iflw^, ^IWflJ tW ^sw*!"*!*, decoration of ;the person, 

•ift^Hi^HI, t^*lii, ^•tt?, blf^r, a contrivance, plan, inven- 
tion, machination. [commendation. 

vff|(#l^, djvt^, erfWtiPfl, a mentioning, commending, 

♦tl|w*» WftPTf ftiiWf, a walking for pleasure, a walking 

round, dalliance, amorous play. 

312 •Ulc^ 

ftf|[W?f ^f(^f^f complete. or entire decay. 
^^» Mt^p <n^, ^» a surroundipg ditch or moat. ' 
•rill^Vy 'l^^trrs, 9^, counted, enumerated, calculated^ 
•f^fM, Wr»f mB, csr^«, ^Sm, c^^^, known, understood^ 

sought, enquired after, gained, obtained, sur- 
rounded. * [acknowledged. 
^^1^, ^ttV> #^» received, accepted, assented to, 

•tftjf , ^Rttrt^» ^t^ft?, ^, •rtifft?, hw^sj ^ftwt% ^. ^"tW» 

^9R, a taking, acceptance, assent, a wife, 
family, servants, dependents, retinue, the re- 
serve of an army, the sua near the moon*8 
node, arpot, origin, stock, fund. 

WflHr, ^, ^?» 'JW, ^tWt^, a bludgeon, an iron or iron- 
bound club, a pike, a spear, a glass vessel. 

^tJiif^f ^wwl, ^ntt^t, vt^vily, 'ftwt*- ^<i, ftiwfn, acquain- 
tance with, knowledjge of, privity, introduc- 
tion to, enquiry. [dependance. 
^(fi!F^fi, PRl, ^^tfRly service, attendance upon, respect 
^tfSFRTf, 9rt^^?^, causing to know, introducing, ac- 
quainting, [tendant, follower, servants 
•If^irt?^, CTTpRr, %»fT5W, ^^^, 5|^/, attending on ; an at- 
^l^rfii^, «it^, VR^, acquainted with, privy to, in tima^. 
•If?wpf, ^, CTf, ^l|Rt!R^, clothing, dress, a garment, 

a train, retinue, attendants. 

•Ift"^, ♦tfirfipB. ^'nff, Wfi^, Wl*^^^, covered, clotbed, 

involved, surrounded with, attended by. 

^Hitl^ffl, ^/^^ft^, iitsn, fn^, ftrMf%, a partition, boundary, 

separation, a space, a conclusion, completioQ, 

♦rtSlP?!, 'it'rt|>iP, •tfirfir^, ^•^^j ^tfl^, ^^, bounded, limi- 

ted, defined, excellent, good, polished, clean, 
clear, pellucid. 

♦rtlw^w, iiMs Pwt^, «rw**» •ffl^tlf, ^fipil^ Tfip, ^rt, a limit, 

boundary, section or division of a book, dean-- 
ness, clearness, neatness, transpareQcy*. an 
acquittal, a space or break in writing. 

•rtSntw 313 

^IflPnr, VHt^fVt, w^9 a family, household, attendants, 

a member of one's family, an attendant. 

^t)iitM» w^, ft^sjfit^, CHIMJi^H^I, a complete idea, 

comprehension, accurate knowledge, deteo 
tion, conviction. 

•rtlWW, 15*t^» W^t^, WW «prt*i ^% to give a complete 

idea of a matter, to make to comprehend, 
acquaint, inform, eonvict. ^ [changed. 

nr|n«, ^PT, n9f ^iRft«^%, curved, bent down, ripe, 

^tf|n1%, ^imt%, f^RFt?, a bowing down, a change, altera* 

tion, transmutation. 

^Vlf f^nitf, marriage. [monial. 

^^IPf, ^ttft^^, the performance of the marriage cere- 

•tflnm* ^Rfra94tf^, ft^tl, ^¥nT«?i, a change of form, 

state or quality, alteration, transmutation, 
the result of a chemical process, [discreet. 

^Hi^MiMt, ^nr^, ftw, provident, prudent, forecasting, 

*ll|[^iv, ^€9itSt n?, width, breadth, circumference. 

^<M, f^ittl^* married. 

n1|«m, ^iRPi? Hi, trwl, ^»^, cjnl, ^, great heat, agony, 

pain, distress, anguish, sorrow, fear. 

•ItlWt^, f^» 'Hft^f^, 'sit^^, extreme delight or pleasure^ 

gratification, satisfaction of appetite, con« 
teotment, plenty. 

^tf^MW, f^i#ri, cw^. f^rniR, relinquishment, abandon- 
ment, desertion, an offering. [doning. 

^tnmn^p ftn%, fT?tf^1> relinquishing, quitting, aban- 

HUmn, ?wl, Wt>, ^rr«?^» complete deliverance, rescue, 

salvation, protection, self-defence. 

^IflRVt^f ?iFr, f^^fV, a saviour, deliverer, protector. 
«fl%ait|t, ftrwuw, iwWr^, saving, rescuing, protecting. 
•I^WPr, ♦Jfiwl', f^iftnr?, ^<irtt^, exchange, barter, the re- 
turn of a loan, &c. [mentation. 
^iflonRl, f^^f^n, r«r, reflection, repentance, regret, la- 
^lOnt^y ^Itt^ Vt^, ^ltft» the putting on or wearing of 

clothes, clothes, garments, appareL 


814 *lflWt 

•fllWW^f ^•firt^, **t 'WW, to eletfa^, dress, deck* 

•rf|«<w> *P*r^?^, ^msirl, ftw, tt running after, pur- 
suit, consideration, thought, reflexion. 

«lTJ(Bl> n^j tRSPJjCwtw, a circumference, periphery, the 

sun or moon's disk. 

^•Iftt^nir, •fiWWt^r;, ^, wearable; clothes, garments. 

^IflWF, •Ifjrw, ij*!", 5Wtl. •I^, quite ripe, nature, fully 

digested, complete, finished, clever, shrewd. 

^tnn% nwiK^, a stock in trade, capital, principal. 

"vlfl^n^, *PI. VTTI^iK a foe, enemy, antagonist, a high* 

wayman. [turing. 

•fll^W, ♦W^t 'S^fil* ripeness, maturity, digestion, ma- 

^t^l^Jl^, ^trtaR, ^rtjl, '^nrT^Jl, a^Wi, ^i??, ^i^sw, order, ar- 
rangement, regularity, method, arithmetic ; 
in order, regularly ; splendid, elegant, pretty, 
•fine, neat, excellent. 

*|fjt^fnw, «rt^5«1 ^<^1, V^, ^^, «WW«i, a keeping, ful- 
filment, observance, preservation^ maintaia- 
ing, nourishing. [much, complete. 

^lVt< <3fflW, ^, «r5?, ^MW, filled, full, fraught, abundant, 

•tQiv^, Wt^f ^/V7, to relinquish, abandon, shun, avoid. 

•Il^i^ ftfw?, «rRwfr, «rRwnr, iwt*j»<l*, ^itW, •m^'lj *t«lRHrl, 

^Wm«W^, «PRr«i, exchange, barter, requital, 
recompence, return, change, vicissitude, per- 
mutation, succession, lieu, stead, subslitu* 
tion, change of topic, reciprocity, reciprocal 
acticm, interchange, a chapter, section, &c. 

•Iftpl^, «flWP^ ^% ^•«>^l^fH, ♦flgr? X^ 'rt^'W, to re- 
quite, recompense, change, alter, exchange, 
transpose, succeed to, supersede. 

nfmtCt, «fft;9T?nF, <ffft1^rOc, requiting, changing, &c* a sub- 
stitute, successor. 

*tf!nc^> Tt^> <i^f ftf^iTCV, in lieu of, instead of, in exchange 

for or succession to. [der, n^pMach. 

•rtlmv, t^rW, ^^fW4 an accusation, charge, ill'-i^port, ilafb-^ 

^^f mn?» ^^n^ accusing, alasidefiiigr veproachins. 

.♦miN tits 

«iAit9» Wr, tHtWif^ a dependmt^ follower ane of a 

family, a household, fapiUy» train ef atten- 
dants, retinue. [compassed, married. 

•f^rfv, vrnf^Rit^s^ ftftf^, attended by, surrounded, ei^ 

•tflCTPri, ^, amcnrot, fwt, WW, wit^ prndence, cautioD^ 

pain, anguish. 

^HinHr np^sn >9ti«i, the disk of the sun or moon. 

^Illnm, ^n^oRX ?^,. to serve out, distribute or help 

to food, carve, wait on. [fences 

^If^ni^^ z^% c^9^» to surround, wrap round, enclose^ 

^1r^^, ^rtfiS'Sn; ^^, one who carvei^ food, one who 

helps or serves out portions at table. 

^tflj^f iVit^, a religious mendicant, a pilgrim. 

^nn, ^swtfl, ^iWP!» ^WWH, disresp^t^ disregard, irrever- 

ence». cqnteropt, a defeat. 

•IflNFpit, ^FWf^WR, ^^I'fW, ftpW MtQRI ^^R* PHW, conver- 
sation, discourse, speech, a glossary, compila- 
tion, an appointment, engageipent. [engage. 

«(f|nt^» ^»Wl*W, 'Wp'?^, to speak to, converse with, agree, 

^^^f^ 1^^^, . ^^nrnf^^ ftjl, nr«, disrespected, disre- 
garded, despised, affronted, conquered, van* 
quishedft overcome, defeated. 

«l%wt^, %*IC¥T<f, the posseasion or enjoyment of property . 

^tf|«r, fMO^, ^^, a wandering about, an error, mistake.. 

*lf|^, ^, ir«, corrupted, deflowered, degraded, fallen. 

ff^nmni, nw^^Pm, t^^, wandering, roving about, err- 
ing: a mendicant pilgrim. [planet. 

ftffa^H, WW., cwi, JgoR? •«, a circle, globe, the orbit of 9. 

«|QPPI, PipnfiSf f< any sweet perfume, perfumed unguents. 

fft«r^, nt^l, ^t, ♦Ifiw?, measure, admeasurement, calcu- 
lation, capacity, guage, weight,, depth, » 
measure. [sures. Sec. 

«lQpir«t, •Hlwnw,— ««W, trslWflf , who weight pr BB«ar 
nflmnw, ss^ «it«i, to cause to weigh or measure, &c. 
nf|Bl% «1^, nflAnr* meaawed^ defi^44 Uouted, bound- 


316 •tUftH 

♦fflCTf , Ht^rf^, ^P^, ^^, measurable, finite, calculabls. 

•ffs[««, ^^tt'lTfirt, — ^r^[^, ^«, cleansed, purified, cleared 

ofi^, paid. 

^^S9, ^^^^v, well dried up, completely dry. I 

^tflri^, ^R«, ^tirt, %P% a complete end, end, limit, border. 

•t^R^IK-w, wW^riR, fiT^H, «r*l3Pnr, «rftirt^, payment, the 

clearing off a debt,Tetum of an obligation, i;e* 
compense, retaliation. [exertion. 

^t|r<i|>r^ ^Ot^, t^%\f toil, labour, fatigue, pains, endeavour, 

^e(4t, %^^, c^T?t^, taking pains, using exertioDp 

laborious, making efforts. 

^^attSi ftVt "^nnWt wearied, fatigued, exhausted, tired. 

^^n^, f9l, an assembly, meeting, audience, court. 

^^t?, ^^1/, ^iipn, ^W^, ¥WR1, ^^t?, ^'I'l^tirt^, NjWfinft 

W«f^, ^ftFtf^i , ^wftpr, ftt^TO, ^% fk^, «rw, clean- 
ness, purity, clearness, transparency, accura* 
cy, a cleansing, purifying, polishing, refining, 
ornamenting, illustrating, acquitting, repair* 
ing of buildings &c. neat, clean, pure, nice» 
•evident, clear, upright sincere, accu^te^ 
intelligent, clever. 

-•Itlwtit, TWMrtilt, ^FTRdftfl, cleansing, purifying, acquit* ^ 

ting, repairing, &c. 

•IIIP^ pTfpi, «^ '•rt^jir, ^lE, \^^f?^' cleansed, acquitted, 

&c. superfine, clear, ornamented. 

•Jl^W?, «r^, •IflnW^i, ''Rt?^, width, breadth, space, room, 

dimension, extent. [shot, catastrophe. 

•rtj^Shn, ^¥, ^W9\, rW, an extreme boundary, limit, up- 

•lH^^^rtpr, wpf, wifzw% ^f^, a moving, flattering, vibra- 
ting, agitation. [respect. 

«l?|rj[<i, ttn^, ^i[^t^«i, to confute, disprove, repel, dis- ! 

•If3r^[^, fncf^, laughed at, ridiculed, mocked. j 

•ifllPWR* ^^ •ffw?<i, ^RtHiWT, i?^i«iim, ^^<rT?*^, to take 

physic, to embrace, adhere to, adopt opinions^ 
to put on as ornaments. [1^^?» disrespect* 

^IfJro?, ^tRi, ww^i, ^wpTif a confutationi disproof, repel* 

•f^ 817 

ftfSf}^, ^Nrt?» flwrft?t ^J^i 'Ji^pw, confutable, refbtable^ 

despicable ; a bracelet. 
••llHtf , •Ifl^tn, — ^ftaw, c^'^, t^, *^, laughter, ridicule, 

pleasantry, raillery, jesting, mockery, mirth, 

sport, pastime. [&c. 

*if|nn9i9, ri)^» v^, a jester, buffoon, mimic ; ridiculing 

^^^fHk^y ^i9^» ^nl|Pi» clothed, clad, put on as a garment. 

♦tiNF% ftof^ wtn^ tfWt^t^wiffr, to try, put to the proof, 

prove, examine, tempt. 
*tfNlf "W « fitF9l9 fti:^i^, <tnit^, a trial, experiment, exami- 
nation, ordeal, proof, test, temptation. 
*(tNt?, ^Rf^ic^Tv, c^lt^/?^, a sword-sheath, attendants &c. 
•WW* t^? ^t^;, TWf , ^, fl^tt, 'Wim^, harsh, serere^ 

cruel, unkind, insulting, scurrilous, abusive, 

rough, ru^ed. [more. 

*IC7, vp^sm, ripr, ^iti, after, afterwards, further, further- 

^*Ciiv» ^9?rf^, ^{vtfit* dead, defunct ; a ghost, spirit, goblin. 

•«il^, nnwft, — ^^ l< l ft 4*1 , ^v, on the morrow, next dayt 

tomorrow.^ [seen, absent, 

•ttstw, ^1^, 'ff^rt^, ^witWt**, invisible, imperceptible, un* 
*t^» ^n^y transparent, pellucid. [the Paldsha tree* 

^^ «trcl, fl?t9 *rv, <1irH^w» a leaf, the P&n or betel leaf, 
•t«i*tW1, •t^^J^, — ff^ ^ty» ^ hermitage, an arbour, a hut 

constructed of leaves, r. 
•*^-^t P^jrt, 5l[icfi Wiirr*r, ^wWi/1, ♦Jp&rt, ''wSt, ir|j(??t, 

9rwt(%, ^'nr, ^nr^, the joint of reeds, grass or 
com, a joint of the body, knuckle, knot, gibbo- 
sity or elevation, a section, chapter &c. the full 
and change of the moon, &c. the equinox, sol* 
stice, or entrance into a sign, a /estival, a 
holiday, an opportunity, occasion. 
^ptm, rH, Fl^, a mountain, a hill, a rock. 
fn^fif, CIHHi^f, •tt^tftyl, mountain, alpine, mountainous^ 

a mountaineer, [ment of the full or change. 
•rtilfilf 51^, ^wnwn « ^«wi *|ir, a knuckle, joint, the mo- 
fl^, ^^^RfiF^, the day of a festival. 


ff^, ^» ^. a bedstead, a bed. 

nis^$^^, W^Ft^, to go or rove about, waoder, trarcl; 

a perambttlatioQ,. peregriAatioii, tpur, pregrees. 

fpCs p ^lir^» VR^» w\^, a limit, boundary ; to, as far 

as, unto, until. 

eiiT^nitY, vnrtfai, 4hn, a finishing, conclusioi), end, limit. 

nirtM, ^etr«, ^ittt, ac«K^, ^l[T^* obtained, gained, fiotahed. 

concluded, completed, enough, sui&cieDt, to^ 
luntary, willing. 

nwftf^, «l1f«, ^f^, ^«>S^' f^?^, acquisition, repletion^ 

satisfaction, willingness, readiness, the ward- 
ing off of a blow, &c. 

•N/T?, •(!*, •ftj^, •fiF^I, aw, «^^ww? 'ftu'jy, «WT?, rota- 
tion, turn, succession, regular order, a string 
of synonyms, a manner, an occasion. 

^ftflfB, •rt/t?ftTl,— ^»^;^, supplanted, superseded. 

•I^rtwinr, ^R^cuWT, mn, to lowk attentively, gaze, suiv 

▼ey, examine. [unsuitable. 

'^fW9y f^rftv, ^ftv, prohibited, cereraonially forbidden^ 

•f^/f^, «t^)^^ift? ^rvTfl^, ^flm, stale, not fresh, tainted, spoiled. 

^^¥l, ^t«?1, a rib. [flesh, straw, a sloping edge* 

em, ^9/«vr W^, ^^f ^, a minute, a certain weight* 

^fiF9, Pitmr, the twinkling of an eye, a wink. 

•tir«r, irt*^, flesh, meat. [ladle. 

eprt, cnm, i)4t, coral, beads of fed amber or wax, a 

♦Wt%, a«l niTW, an onion. 

e|irTV9, ^isttftrfl, virftm, a fugitive, a run away, a deserter. 

ewpr, •Wft?'^,— Wt3fj^, 1^^^^, to run away, flee, escape,, 

take to flight, desert, elope, abscond. 

etHtWPV, WV vtff *fiiCTCf^, , running away, in the act of 

fleeing. ^ [eloped. 

•nrTIrs, ffff^ vr^ ^l)!itct|M, run away, absconded, fled, 

•Wrfr, f^xft^f ttf , straw. [cruel. 

^fsirv, ^tar, "l/t^v, f^f a leaf; green, unfeeling, pitiless^ 

enn^, ^^ f^mr, a tree bearing red bloseoai»» (Btttesi 


n^ 319 

^Ittfif •tWf^WHft fl, hoary, giey*headcd« gray^haind» 

wrinkled, old. 
^Htnn, ?M9l, i!W, the wick of a candle or lamp. 
•I^IW^I, «f^Mt9l, a silk worm, a chrysalis. 
•KT7, inw, i^tfir, 9t^, to decay, to rot, to be impaired* 

to suffer injury. 
*l9lf^« As, W9l, *l^» injured, decayed, impaired, rotten* 
•1*^, ^'icvj un, a body of troops, a regiment. 
•HR, ^sfir, ^nf^ •it*, ^m, a sprout, shoot, leafy twig, 

a branch. [trifles, carping. 

♦nn^tP^, ^faft Wtitcrt, catching at straws, objecting at 
*lirf)iv, ^tira^, covered with young shoots, 
^f •lift,— 5tc^? <« V"r, wiW, a district, canton, ham- 

let, a lizard* 
•llitsnw, wtfir fm 'W9t^^^ a village, a country village. 
nit^A, ^^, mwtif rustic ; a countryman, a rustic. 
*flW, ^ icmy, a small artificial pond. 
*Hw, 0tT^t f97, irt^t^, to enter, to fit into. 
^^9 ■ffWpnw irt^» ^^*Wfllf, ^WWl, an animal, any 

livnig being, a beast, a goat, a sacrificial 

victim, a subordinate deity. 
•NM, «W«M» the nature or condition of a beast. 
•Wt^, •P"StCT,— 'fNOF, ^Kj, ^ww, •f^PCH, behind, after^ 

last, afterwards, subsequently, westward. 
«rvt«m, w^^ufl^ •ij WW ^ijt, after-regret, repenUnce, 

remorse. [lowing ; a follower. 

^Ptnwfitf ^(^j;^f w^» situated or remaining behind, fol^ 
» l*gW4^1 , ^<*1*J5S«il, (kd, after-'thought, reflexion, 
nfwf, vjm, l^Rl, the west, western ; after, behind. 
#lpvi|1, «r^» 4Ti9*n^, the western quarter, tetanus or 

locked jaw. 
•ifHutii;, ^pilAliif «, facing or looking to the west. 

«f^, ftcw "imttr c^t«1» a basket of vegetables, &c. laid 

f>nt for sale. 
^«f9Ml, MR |r^, a slight shower. 
nntft, ^^, kPiv^ a grocer, druggist^ petty diopkeeper. 

820 4mr 


f^npBff ^'Tjjsw, '*i'frtl4, ^,*ic*liw, repentance, ngret; to 

repent, regret, 
i^d^, fifin, "mc^, first, the first ; first, before. [step, 

•n, ^^p •Wft^, ♦ftirf^flp^f, a foot, leg, footstep, pace, 
fft^, ^^*^, a quarter, a fourth part, a Pie. 
fttt^p ^t«tf^» ^rt^, jw^, a footman, a messenger, a 

watchman, a guard. 
•rtit*» *t^^, solder. 
•ff«^ m^% ^^, ft^, wr^t^jW, ^<l, to obtain^ get, 

receive, procure, possess, acquire, find, suffen 

undergo, enjoy, to reach, to arrive at. 
•It^^, «tW^, 'itw?, due as money, to be obtained or 

received. [one who should receive. 

^«f^» ^irrf)(9Tft, "trnrtft, an heir, successor, creditor, 

^'•itt^* «rtf^^^, rot^tt^, w^t^, fiwt^, ^ifw, ^^n^9 to 

cause to obtain> enjoy or suffer, — to procure 

or obtain for, conduce, induce, reduce or 

bring to any state, condition or place. — to 

bring into contact. 
'^IV?, ' ^(9tC€ ^% admissible to the same rank in society 

or the same place at a public feast, 
•ft^^f ^> ^^» •W/npait^^fi^^ Wtii?, dust, ashes, manure. 
^f nn^, ^'^nfH^ t^Ji, five. [delivery. 

^V^, cm^t^ ^mi fiRT, the fifth day after a woman's 
^I^ir, vrnM^ Uictc^ l^^^, ^\% a medicinal prepara* 

tion, an infusion, decoction, 
•tt^f t^tt^t^ w, a goad, whip, cane, twig, an incision 

for inoculating a person, &c. 
•ftflfti, ip< ftrw, 5JN[N ftrtt , a poetic metre, a mode of 

Wlfkn, n?9 a fence wall, a balustrading of brick. 
^S*t ^m* ^^^, a rib, a side of the body. 
^t<t, ^fflf^, an almanack, 
•ft^, •frif, — ft^, ^ft#, m. 8c f. a he or she goat. 

•fWT?,— 'rifl? «^, iwitt^, the width of a river* 

an inundation. 

•ftwr Ml 

«r«i^, W»r, *ni^, ^nn, ^iil^, ftrwt», a cook- 
ing, digestion, ripeness, maturity, a perfect- ^ 
ing, twist, twisting, winding, screwing, turn- 
ing round, whirling, writhing, a circular mo- 
tion, revolution, eddy, collusion, cheatery, a 
scheme, intricacy, perplexity, an entangling, 
obstruction, a humour or boil. 

•tffMW, t% ^ftwu W, a turn-screw. 

•WWff, 'W^ ^3F» w^, «r^fprt, an eddy, a circular motion, 

a wheel, collusion, decep<ion, cheating. 

♦rt^9ir-^iir<r, m<i, i^fnrftvr, to take, to seize, to have re^ 

course tpr to make use <>f a thing. 

♦IpFft, <3J^ W, the petals or corolla of a flower. 

♦IW«i, ^•ff^nl ^, unwillingly, reluc&ntly, against one's 

will. [purate, fennent. 

n»n, ♦IflW^ ?4ir, iwr, <r»W, to ripen, grow ripe, sup- 

«tnnrt, ^m< a whirpool, an eddy. [vague, 

•tpp^fsl, c^fiW, ^iP^, intricate, perplexed, contorted, 

♦IpWTfl, •!>, <W, artful, insidious, sly, designing, [fixed. 

♦It^W, •Ift^^, •», tt3f» ripe, mature, digested, concocted, 

♦tt^arl, •Ittfifl,— r^^, (ffWtnw, washed, dean, cleansed. 

♦tWI, •!&•», •al, wtTi, ntr»1^, ripe, mature, digested, 

cooked, twisted, &c. a tumour. 

•fnptfjl, •rt^W rW, grey or hoary hair. 

•iWtw, ?WF, •rtl'im «HI^, «^ W**, CTtft^, to cook, cau«e to 

ripen, twist, Screw &c. [admitted on allsideS. 

♦IffWtt^, np^ »rW(, ftt?, '•^, mutually agreed on, settled, 

•ftw, mpffy PnHttM, for, for the sake of, because of. 

*ttK •n<fl,— -<W»<, W^, ^/«W, a wing, pinion, feathet, 

plume, the fin of a fish, a fiui. [cleanse. 

•tt<«m» «»Wt«nr, •lfii«?«r, m^ifir, to wash, rinse, clean. 

•ft^, •»#, WfW«r, a bird. 

•rtjt, •IW. *n^^^, a feather, plume,' quill. 

•It«r. •mt^.—'Wi^, a turband. [idiot, fool. 

«irifi|-% ^iw, 5|f, C^WT, mad, insane, foolish j at madman, 

S A " 

922 ^^It^ 

^nw^, vit^nr, '^f^, to perceive, discover, fohaaxi idea. 

♦ttwl, 1^^ ftPW, i^f^R, rock orfossil salt. 

•n^, «ft^«W^, ^«ifil^* ^JHC, ?^pr^, coacocting, pro- 
moting digestion ; a digestive, a cook. 

«tt?7, m^ ^^> to cook, dress food, concoct, digest. 

<JtW[-1, •fnstW?, Pt^t^, f^^, the hinder or back part, the 

stern, rump, posteriors. [in wrestling- 

^•It^^-^irpr, "W; ^St^, ^^^^t^, to winnow grain, to throw 

^n^, •P'PWff, ^wnw, f^Wlt, the back or hinder part, 

the rear of an army. 

^n^t, 9lt3R9, ^7^> a wrapper or outside garment. 

«ttcf, ^T'^, ^Kf, f^vitf^, behind, after; afterwards, sub- 

sequently ; lest, for fear that 

^t!»t, ^i^y ^^f a brick kiln. 

^n#, ^St^OTW, ^W, \i^, a low fellow ; low, base, mean. 
citttvopBr;, •M^l^c^? "rat, Crishna s conch. [elements. 

«tt«^^^» ^i^^ljsT^^, composed of the five primary 

<^, '•Tt?, «TO, fi«*fWT, f^, wit, «rr^, ^f^^nirv ^j^iw^, 

• WW, CTJCT?^, Vf\^% Kt^/lfif? nt^, breadth, 
extension, a throne, stool, board, washing- 
board, terrace, altar, a fold or layer of clothes, 
an earthen well-hoop, a cocoon, silk, a sort 
4)f hemp, a sack of load of corn. 

^•tiWr, ^^, ^NtTW, a city, town, a mart, seaport. 

♦n^, •Tt?T?U?? ^TfSw, a ferryman. 

^Hii, i^^X, cleverness, skills expertness, eminence in* 

^ffiWpn, ^flWft? ^*ft9 ^ic*n^1, the ceremony of falling on 

knives, &c. in the month Chitra. 

♦ft^^, ?twt? ^r^ft^ iSff the chief or crowned queen. 

«wl^, ^««rtv/, ^<f5«^, );4ii(f^, rainy -season rice ; pale 

red, pink, rose colour. 

•n^, tinw ^, the trumpet flower. 

♦n^, w?W», *Pf, ^^f a board, the boards enclosing 

a native manuscript, a lease of land, a belt or 
sash. [of rents -&C. 

^ii^# 1[t|5» *tPWJ ^33^, a manager, agent, coUeotor 

•tt«^ 323- 

nh ' ^"rtn^ ftw^» ^t^Prtf^, ^(ttv, ^^, ^c«? ^, ^R*f?Wit, a 

sort of fine mat, the plant from whkh it is 
made, any thing flat (as a plat6 of metal), a 
valve, a rafter, one of a pair, arithmetic. 

•n^fir* ^^ ^1 f^<f^^p a large boat for carrying mer- 
chandise, [a rake. 

•IT^, *t3r, ayir, w^f a lease for land, a patent, a wrestler, 

•n>, ^V^R", ^?l, a reading, perusal, repeating, recitaly 

lecture, lesson, a text, a particular readmg. 

•tt^, ^VW^, ♦t^f^l, a lecturer, a public reader ; read- 
ing, perusing, repeating. [ness of style. 

•tt^iw, •t^'Tj^Wf, the order observed in reading,, correct- 

^ti^Jf, f^W^, ♦WPnrl, a reading master, teacher, school- 
master, [tuition. 

•tt^, ^Vt^WI, frW, a causing or instructing to read; 

•tlHW, ^W?^^, ^, rcl^tft, a school,, college, seminary 

of learning: 

ntM^, ztti% FW^, to send, delegate, remit [text. 

•trarwt^, «rf5 ^±r^ •n*, the right or wrong reading of ar 

«trf>«, ^VTf^, f^tftFS, caused to be read or studied. 

•n^/, '■iVTsrwT'^/, ^J«»ftF5, worthy of perusal, legible; 

•n^, ^, "fffl, a coast, a: breast-summer. 

♦fTT^-'^wrsr, 'iJtct^tT^s^, fii^, fir ^'f , 'Wtf* ^<nw to lay or 

throw dowB, to spread out a mat or carpet,, 
to lay as eggs, to gather fruits or flowers. 

♦ff^, ♦ftSt, a canton or quarter of a town. 

nt?t^» ^ ^f a hamlet, a small village. 

•rr^Wf*, <«f •tt^tw Pnrrft, a neighbour inhabiting the 

same quarter. 

•ft^, ^5tVr, <t< the betel leaf. 

•ftft, f:w, the hand. 

nt^^'% ^ft^ft^,— f5r^T, a taking by the hand, a form 

of marriage. [appointed ritual. 

•ttftl^t*, fiwtf^ #, a bride wedded according to the 

•ftPPft, "1^ *W, a small conch used in ceremonies. 

•ft^R, ^t^ 'Wt*, the rac# or descendants of Prfndiu 

324 iiri^ 

^ttnjt, flwl, t*tww, 3W^, ^ ftPW, wan, |>ale or yd- 

lowi«h white ; red chalk, a species of jasmine, 
•tt'^f ^Wft, the proprietary priest of an id<d. 
*ltf^9/, f^/t, learning, scholarship, wisdom* 

^\ ♦tttj^, — Pf^ ^3P*^» ^^^* T* ^^W^» P*fe» wan, whit- 
ish ; the jaundice, a certain plant. 

♦tt^filW, . <^, a rough sketch, a waste book. 

•ff'twwv, tr*9l CT<f, to be sketched or written in rough. 

♦n^, ^W^f?5r, •tar, tW^, iiri?>, ^W, a fall, a leaf, note, 

writing, bill, draft, a bank-note ; thin, 

•IWWf *tt*t, ^^, ^n?t«l, sin, guilt, crime. 

•IT^, •It^ft, ^•WjT^, sinful, criminal, guilty. 

•n«ftpi?1, ^»fffl^«rftfW, a palliass, a thin mattress. 

•tt*ff'^> «H^ fiirtir, one of the six schools of philosophy. 

♦ft^, ^nw/aiw/? ^"fe", <W?1, a dole, a ration of food, a 

waste-book. [a mat. 

•rt!Wr, ^iciciIf^^, ftfT^,to lay or fling down, to spread as 

•tfwti ^Ht?W, ^{fiwt, #W*f1, <Pfj1, ^1^, a beginning, preface* 

preamble, plan, desi^n^ rough sketch, mus* 
ter, specimen. [luted. 

*1twr-1, »5H, ^•l, ^iJP, thin, fine, leaow slender, light, di- 

•tr«l, ^n, fv, the leaf of a plant, blade of grass or a knife. 

•IW^It, CT*lt*l1, web- footed. 

^IWn, ^iw ftrw, '^«twt^, Heoi, ^tp, hell, the infernal re- 
gions, a hole, chasm, a calcinatory for metals. 

Hi^ht^ffl, «^f*ir, ^^, a fountain or spring. 

•ttt^ ^, '^^/wf, little, diminutive, petty. 

«tft«, f*fs, t^^, spread out, extended as a mat^ ftp. 

•rrfiw/, ^'Rfl, a fallen or depraved condition. 

<tlt^/, 5R>Jhf, ^1^, devotedness to a husband) chastity, 

•ftrol^, H^ft^tf^^t? 15^, a wreath or crown wcmh by a 

bride on the day of marriage. 

♦ttlWftn, wpffHstw, fttftt, ^^tSt, a fox. 

.•nrs^iw, f5 ^•^, the common duck. 

♦ffSr, ^tt, fifPl, cwn, a letter, note, epistle, writing. 

•tT^> ^^6, irrti, w^ flmnr^nnv, «nin9Nr,a precinioe. dedi* 

Tity, a Ivge aquttic aniniali disposed or tend, 
ing to fall, .falling frequently or iiabitually. 
^tf^Sff^ "^f ^^rtjl, a welj, a deep well. 

Wrt» <il?> ^Ikl/, 'iWi i't ^Wftrtf* wiftitl^ 
ftHrtft tw^*^, wt<f/, a vessel, receptacle, reci- 
pient, cup, plati9» dish, jar, any saprificial ves- 
sel, the channel or course of a river, a king's 
minister or c0^n8elIor, any .on0 entrusted 
with an office or commission, a person, the 
body, propriety, fitness, an order, command, 
a leaf, a dance performed by a man and wo- 
man, a bridegroom, tn comp: fit, capablet 
adequate, worthy, deserving, an object of. 

^ttarH, %^f|^^, «lft*ltil991, capacity or fitness for trust 

or office, trustworthiness, patronage. 

•ft^I, ^m, HW% a stone. 

^^# "W^ ^^f the stone or gravel. 

«tt^, «W, 'iftw, 4t3r, water. 

*ltM9, ^^ HT^ provisions or ezpences for a journey^ kc. 

^fiwtft, •nwifWt, — ''^^^ lt*t?» the sea, the ocean. 

•IW, ^% •Wf'rr^f^, ^^wm^^ ^(fw< a foot, poetical foot 

or line, a leg, pace, step, a quarter or fourth 
part, wind expelled backwards. 

nt?«^f ^•ICT^^, «r<i«, ft^, cringing, fawning, servile^ 

prostrate, submissive, bumble.. 

ftvnf, ^^ 1tt?^» to break wind backwards. . 

•ftw, fip, a tree. 

•IW^IIC, •WPWrt W^, the lotus-foDt. 

«ftvf^9f1t, ^, ^^» ^$» ^ ^hoe, slipper, boot, stocking. 

^mf^^yi, nn Pf%vifn% n^, ftir^, to step, walk, proceed. 

♦IWJ^i ♦fl^, fRlt ^•tW*^, a boot, a shoe or slipper. 

^tncni, ^^r^RU .vtVMt ^^ffvpd, obsequious attendance, 

cringing, fawning, flattery, [trace, vestige. 

^fflnv, *l7f^, ^n^, a foot-step, print of the foot, track, 

?flVlff9» ^f^$ *infi^ a footman^ foQt-soldier, in£Emtry» 

32C ^tm 

•tWWT, •flift*^, to stamp with the foot. 

ntwrt, <tr|,— ^IHPlW, wj^, ^Ht^, a shoe, a slipper. 

^m/» ^ttif ^^ln^l^ wi, water for the feet offered to n 

guest or superior. [suck, &c; 

«fpr, 3R[<n:?;? 9tiintt^«i, tst^, a driDking, drink, dose, 

^tT^iHI, W9, Vff% drunken, sottish, drinking excessively. 

nR^, ^t'^W**^ ^ ui\^ ftn^, a small covered boat, a 


^511, ^ W^ «it^?, ftrt^ r^W, Wf^m? nrw, a solution, 

any sweet drink seasoned with fruits, &c. the 
foundation of a wall, a certain aquatic plant. 

•fWnv, w;tef , m, devoted to drinking, sottish, drunken. 

*ft4t, nm, ^It'^WtW, ^SFom, water or other liquid fit or 

proper for drinking. 

«tPJ1^?wrl, •frtl^jl, — M\f\^f wrtMt, a waterman. 

^^?, ^tt'TOt^/, iWi fit for drink, potable ; water, [pid. 

♦rrSt^l, *lt^^;l, — ^?[»r, W|?1, diluted, watery, serous, insr- 

*1TW, ^Ftc^, f^^, to, towards, in the direction of, at. 

«Ttf;, ^If^, a traveller, passenger. [religious fast. 

•fWl, ^♦nrtCTj ♦(jRcT c%t9M^i1, the first meal after a 

•fW, 'W^,^W?W, '•W, sin, wickedness, vice, crime, guilt. 

•tW^, ^p[i?tl^/, ipmEvnn, ^*ft«, an evil planet or destiny, 

ilUluck, calamity. [in guilt. 

*rt*WT^, ♦Jt^WNt, — ^^t(if|*4t> sharing m a erkne ; a partner 

•rt^fcst^, ^5!¥ tfift, the small-pox. 

^•ttVl, ^Wjm«r, f^, sinful, wicked, profligate, depraved. 

*ttPUr, ^<?t,— ^WtW^, ^M?T€t, fji, sinful, wicked, highly 

wicked, most wicked, criminal, guilty. 

•tt«ftirr^^, •tt^'hJ^,— fji, ^VUt^r, m. &/. wicked, abandon- 
ed, criminal. . [a knuckle. 

•Wf 5^' ^% *^® joint or knot of a reed &c. a joint, 

•tW^, ♦tfir»t3W, ^11% cleansing, purifying; a purifier, fire. 

•ft?^, ^ffe^f purifying, cleansing, purificatory. 

^t^» 9*^^^, 7^,^ W, . cutaneous eruption, itch, scab, 

ring- worm. [pid, silly. 

^nn, '•wr, ^, ^Witw, base, despicable, low, vil^ stu- 

♦tfiNfiW 327 

♦lt?*t^i ^*lPrt*, ^IWtirt, servile, cringing, iiaiwmng, obse* 

quious; a sycophant. 
4lMlf ^Wt^, a pigeon. 
^9T» ^tfitv, rice milk and sugar. 
^Wlf ^nv, ^9, nfff ^, the leg or foot of a table, &e. a 

stem, a stalk, a situation, rank. 
^tt^f fk^ntt, tl^OH, the anus, 
♦njr, ^ft? ^^, «rw, rw, ^^Hc^, ^, ^rt^^ltj, the farther 

side or opposite bank of a river, an end*, limit; 

over, across, beyond, far, through and 

through. [clever, free, 

fftj^, -sflw, WW^, ^Wf able, capable, active, expert, 
•Itl^r, iwtf, f^<gp, ^, •rf^^; ^^ ^e^ltj^n*, skilful, expert, 

conversant, welUversed, studious, going 

across, crossing over. 
•«?<!, »w«f^««r, %*rttCT? •fifM' Pil^ r¥t«R, to be able; 

the first meal after a fast. [ability, 

•n9««MF, ^ffiwTV, 'W^/, an object within ones power, 
«ni^, ^if^ *tt?T Ktir, if in one's power, even if, though 

able &c. [viency. 

•tnnfll/, ^4t^T«1, vMf dependance, subjection, subser* 
«fl|[^i9, •l?CTW 'irit^f ^l*c«iW^#, relating or belonging to 

the next world. [vering, carrying over. . 

ntjir, ♦IT?1. ^3W, ^NSflRF, quicksilver ; extricating, deli- 
«ft|nif%f, *1iRl^. ^/f^nft, adulterous; an adulterer. 
•IWWW'/, •RnB^OR, ^iWwl?, adultery. 

<i u »n W^ » "'■i^otw, •npnipiTtt?, ^Rw, CTtwttt^w, spiritual, 

relating to the sublime Spirit^ excellentr 
leading to or procuring absorption. 

traditional instruction, continuous order or 

succession ; traditional. [next world. 

< 1 WC< {| | f »^ , mm^ ^frttft belonging or relating to the 

npm, "prt^t? ^tV9 ?rfW^W9, the son of a Shddra womaa 

by a Brahmin, any adulterine offi»priog. 
«n9P<ri(9r, •l9^•<^f^.iarmed with a battle axe. - 

328 vKO^ 

mjfey^ ff cwan, ^inlh^wt^ ^Pivtw, an adulterine, a bastard 

son by another s wife. 

^ItHf icntf. 'vWff* qoicksilver, mercury, ability, power. 

•n?t^, •«? f ^t^ CTl*, W?l, a ferry -boat, ferriage. 

#tTimf ^tmrt, a dove, a pigeon. 

«IT?T^, '^fStj ^vi ^, 911^01, ^n?*n9, the hither and further 

sides of a river, a river's banks, the ocean, 
the sea ; through and through. 

•tW?^f ^% 'R^f PI, ^n^^f, itWW, a crossing over, applica* 

tion, study, totalily, completeueBS. 

«ttf9irP5, ^1^ ^ Uv^f the coral tree of Paradise. 

^n^^l?/, 1^^^ ^^^> ^^^ paraphernalia or property of a 

new-married woman, marriage gifts. 

1inK>>lft^ , ?|^. ^i^s^^f V^f gratifying, gratificatory, sa- 
tisfactory, delighting ; a remuneration, a 
complimentary present. 

♦nf|Bf , ♦O^ — '(fwf , W^, ''WW, iWf , 'Wf^jr, »w/, a spec- 
tator, one of an assembly, an attendant, 
a servant ; relating to an assembly. 

^KW^ff ftjwt?, f^nirt, MW^Ufii, ViRn, ifffirt^, abuse, re- 

proach, scurrility, defamation, harshness, 
severity, violence, an assault, misdemeanor. 

•It^/, ff<^ f^ft, fiil^VSl, «rnnp, separation, division, a 

being separate, distinctness. 

•tW%, •Jf*rf!^, arw^, ^n?, J{[f^4inifV^, jt9\, earthly, ter- 
restrial, earthen, made or derived from earth ; 
a king, a prince. [a festival day. 

^tf^, *F^9^/<am;, ^'R, relating to the lunar festivals ; 

♦tpW, ^«iwnft«r wPip^l, given as fees at festivals. 

^wCf, •tfCww, — ^ll^V, possible, within ones power. 

^^t% ^CWH ^KKt9\^, tent, ^, the side, a side, verge, mar- 

gin, bank. [friend, attendant 

•W^f ••t^, — ^^, flPT, ^(fn, a companion, associate, 

^lNt1^» ^^J, a rib, a side-bone,. 

•ttnf Wfw, t^^tpr, aside, privately. 

•Itft*, t^trt^, 1^, ^j^, ^cr, W^*, the heel, the back. 

* the rear of an armvt a violent woman, (whe- 
ther from rage or liquor.) 

•ifit ^•iW'wlt, v^f^. i^^i ^i^t imt^ ^wfSf 'wr, ^, 'ysfT?, 

a nourisher, protector, keeper, a flock; herd, 
drove, swarm, a sail, ?aU-cloth, the copulation 
of beasts. [bouse, magaziiie. 

•f*9j^, rtr^/? ^, Vt^t? a corn-rick, a stac k, a store- 

•r.5|^> Wlil,?W^, a cberisher, protector, guardian, keeper^ 

groam, cowherd; preserving, supporting, &c» 

♦rf5fWii?l r;K— t*it^;^«j, if^T<J«i, an adopted son. 

•rpff^, fV4^, i^»*ri, a pahnkeen or Indian sedan. 

•»T^«, nn, CT^n, •«!, a plume, feather, wing, quill, the 


•frsnr, 3|^ftc^, <rt^, beet root, abed or bedstead. 

♦ni?, «3^, rtt^^l, iW«i, l??t*l, <J5^, Wt^^. to nourish, sup- 
port, maintain, educate, bring up, cherish^ 
protect, preserve, defend, to tend cr feed 
cattle, to keep, fulfil, to observe, obey. 

^w, sfiw, t^rm, ♦mT, iftrr?, ^t?, ^im, supported, sca. 

domestic; a twig, a sprig, a corn-rick, hoar- 
frost, a time, turn, rotation, spell, 
^ff'rt^, ♦ffTTl,— ttft^jj ^l^^^^ii", the thatched f oof or cop- 
ing of a wall. [away, a deserter. 
•fftitiw, ^Wt^nrt, ^f^, fleeing, running away ; a run- 
♦fWt^, Vt^ ^31, V3«i, j^n, to flee, run away, to nourish; 

maintain, keen,'guard, &c. 

rapt?, •tfjprt^ firw, the point or sharp edge of 

a weapon, the tip of the ear, a corner, a line^ 

irow, range, a mark, apot, stain, a causey. 

ridge, raised bank, a bearded woman, the hip 

or haunch, a measure of five seers. 

♦fTCTt, ^tftw^, an infusion, {in medicuie.) 

♦n^d^, %i^, ftp?t<i, ^^^^^, to turn up, overturn, subvert. 

♦fi-f, jm, WW, ^U, npif; *j, a fetter, rope, tie, a i*et, 

snare, noose, toil, a side; a margi.u 


♦W-^, ^'P, ^i, a die or dice for playing, 

♦fPWI, ^^ ^Rtirt^, a digression, irrelevant talking, 

*tt^p ^^, — ^Wt^Wil, a ring for the toes, [climbing* 

•fW, ^m, v(^^, dice, an ear-ornament, a foot-rope for 

*Wt*fHt, ^tfWtfc, Pt^p^, ct^;, side by side, near; vicinity. 

*n^f ^3 ^'rtf^ Whf ftr«^T?^, VW, •rNIt, w, a frame, oae 

who extracts the juice of plants &c, a fowler^ 
hunter, one armed with a net, Yama. 

^tW, ^FtCW, *^^ fifc^, tw^tw, ^, near, towards, to one 

side, out of the way, aside, on shore. 

]Wti, TOrtRi^^* v>pft^, <cr9T?9, heretical, impious, hy- 
pocritical J an imposter, &c. [weight. 

*fW^, «rt?, ^^ftirl, stone, a stone, a stone used as a 

•ffft4t, «rw?r ^iw^ ^m, a mason's hammer^ a pick-aze^ 

V a stone-cutter's chissel. 

•nr«, ^w, •TH, dice for playing. 

♦TWjH, ft^?«i, 5|?R, to forget, to err, to stray. 

♦fWirt*!, w^, m?^, to walk, move, go on, stir. 

♦ffijl, ♦tlCTtjl, — fr^, forgetfulness, want of recoUection^ 

♦ftftf , ♦rt^, t^, a mountain, a hill, a high rock. 

-^W^l,' ^Vtf%, ^^t?|t, the brink of a precipice. 

•tt^tft-iri, ^t4Sts, 59t?, mountainous, mountain^ hill ; -a 

mountaineer. [tobacco. 

f^«r, wjftnri ^ ♦It^^^, X^% to drink, suck, smoke 

f^, CTTftFif, %^ the black cuckoo, the spittle coloured 

red by chewing the betel leaf. 

fttw-«f, Ptwvt, — ^»Tfir>, ^WfR<, tawny, yellowish-hrowii^ 

J*1«^, ^^ iwrl, the concrete rheum of th« eyes. 

f^ll^, ^, the abdomen or belly. [ral, a crest. 

f^, «r|^^, irffjw, fvpi, a peacock's tail, a tail in gene* 

W*5T> 5W*nftr, irr?|>» ^«artfr, sauce, gravy, sauce mixed 

with rice-gruel. 

Wf^, ^,,*Wt^, PT?^, to go behind, fall back, recede* 

retreat, desist. 

t^npn, ftvi, ^^tajft^, slippery* smooth, sloppy, wet, slimy* 

^(^^f ^, ''l^ •rw. to slip, to shde. 

^^ 331 

f^lftft, CTW/S ♦WtWf, •fff, ^ctl ♦t'vt^^itwwnnf, the 

rear of au ^nny, a ship's stem, e horse's hinder 

PifR, f^, <W^, Ht^p to rep^l, to cause to ga back or 

desist; the stem, hinder part, rear. 
f^lCft f^ 1*W,— •Pv^, •tqr. JfWWCT, b€ihind> backwards^ 

after, afterwards, by and bye. {inf another. 
mitfHflt, «t]n^, 3Rt^ one bebtud another, one follow- 
f^ffir, ^^Fftf^ c^Y^f to card cotton or wool. 
l^irVf ^f ^W^^> a bird-cagCi any cage, the thorax or 

cavity of the breast. [out, punish, chase, 
f^t^t 3rt9«i, vTTPr, to beat, strike, beat down, hammer 
(^, ^, fni^ f*V^, a sort of thin cake or bread. 
^^^f OT^C^tf^ ^iw, a riee-gruel or ground rice mix* 

ed with water, 
f^, n^, vTct«i, a raised terrace or portico. [race. 

f^, 1H|t^--9tttii^» l^, a stool, an idol-pedestal, a ter- 
fH«it^, Ww? m^. fir^. Shivas bow, a trident. 

ball; globe, lump, mass, block, piece, quantity, 
mouthful, afuueral cake; deformed, distorted. 

(Hfi«t«r, l^r^^, the offering of a funeral cake to ancestors. 

IHmtf , eftSWlCV*, Waitfl^, ^•t^, partaking of the fu- 

neral cake. , [a ootquean. 

fH^hJl, ^^rt«rfi!in ^?t •UPwi'if a lazy censorious braggai*, 

IH^, ^1^, ^>nr9, a father. [Bramha. 

fHvmC, t^l^ f^* 1V» ^ paternal grandfather, a name, of 

f^, iR9, f^ranr, in co»2/» : a father ; a father's, paternal. 

fir|9< ?1 ftF?l, ?( ^;,-^-«tt«, funeral obsequies, offerings 

to ancestors. [property, patrimony^ 

f^ipr, b W f « ft / m » %«itft» «WVr, paternal or hereditary 

tiri^tw, ^m Wf^, tilft, Vai?rtci!?^ •rw, paternal rela- 
tions^ the moon'a waqe in the month Bhddra. 

r^^lf^, ^ Yama the regent of death. 

f^«|[|n, ^^^^jp^. t*WtPw|iWt>, «tft, the line of patent 

ancestors, a paternal ancestor. 

19^ ^S^ ■ ' 

I^tf^ sfniftTM, ^«^Ft«r, the evmiog twilight, evehin?^ 
f^^^» %i^^9 a c^met^ry, place of burning or burial. 
Pfs V, f*CTts t5t?i, a paternal uncle. [forefether«» 

f^ctrt^, ^i^ijf^s an ancestor, ancestors^ progeuitor^t 
f^^. «rt9, bile, bilious humour, |:all. 
r*W3T, ^fi^firw, brass- 

f>l3ix, f*l^inrt[^ paternal, of or relating to a father. 
t^W*, ^ntlE.inr, »1^^1, ^^, ^'ft. a cover, Jid, top» m 

wrapper, covering, dres^, a cioak. 
f«fl^, ^t?*!, '•wrtTlPf «rt?«i, to put on clothes, to dres«. 
PWtirt, ^31,^^, thirst, drough\ desire. 
ftW*, m^ftfiT!, f^tm^,— ^f^^. t^, atbirst, thirsty. . 
TW«itTl, Pwtfii^, ^^ ^ ftrt^, an ant. the small red anL 
fn^jw, f*t^^,— ^^^ fJcrW, the long pepper. 
f«t<^, 'T*'* ^^, the holy or sacred fig iree. 
f^flrtRl, •«Ilw,T«ff3r5, ^, a footman, a messenger. 
tHstir, nfr iF?t«*, «5i CTe?> to give or cause to drink waten 
t*W?1, ^w Pirw, a giiava. 
l^f?W1. ^tt^^tnr, a drinking glass or cup, a tea cup. 
f^r^t^, ^^, •trc^run* thirst, desire to drink. 
1*W, . ^, — ^C^lf<ft» ll» an unfledged bird, ypung animaK 
f^fW, W»I^, — ^WW, the spleen, enlargement of the spleeow 
pm F, c<sr5, a fi^nd, imp. spectre, malignant demigod. 
T^tf^ *f8W, TT^. 3FV, flesh, meat. 
T^«. ^1^. a flea. 
f^«^, ^«5. ?F;*fpf, ^W, ^, ^, ^^, ^W, tnf, ^, safiron» 

cotton, a crow, a spy; cruel, wicked, viie» 

low, stupid, foolish. 
I^«i, ^1^, to grind, rub, bruise pouft^K [meatiu 

f^^, ♦W* ?^^f Jf^^X a cake of flour or meal, bread, baked 
^vfl^cr, «f)«i. rt^CK, tabeat, strike, hammer out, beat dewti» 
^^, ^9> ^ffiTiv*, fH|t, Ft3M, the back, a page of a book» 

side of a leaf, a seat, stool, chair, an HqU 

pede»tal, a terrace. 
m:ir!frr, f4t «raT? ^pf, places where Burg^Ks worshipped* 
"^^i f*< W*Tf ^^t^f t«rt^, PrwT^, to ache» smart, give 

^ 333 

pain, to httrtt harrtss^ periieeiite/ grieve* dh^ 
tress, torment^ to bruise seeds, express oil, Sec. 

^1, \i^, V^f t^p VtWflE, ««, pBin^ smert, anguish, 

torture, distress, affliction, 
^f^, fiftt^, ^»?, tjf^^ W^rtflnfc ppinqdt in pain, dis* 

tressed, afflicted, ill, sick. 
^ frirair^< •rr»fi» •ftir«, *nr«^. fftW» yelUwr, drunk 

(as a liquor), quaffed : a topaz, safflover, yeU 

low orpiment, turmeric. 
^jM^ l[^3|l, turmeric. 

'ft wit?, fti*^ 1T« r^rw, a mixed metal, yellow brass. 
*ft^^, *f^s^<^ 5^^ Picn^, irP* PiPW» a specie^ of ye:low 

sandal-wood^ a yellow topaz. 
^f^^tnr, f , ^1?^, a name of Kmhna. 
^, ^2f. CTiil, ^t^W, ftW, ^#\ ^^t plum r>,, full, 

large, fat, fine, close, smooth, polished. 
^fyn% ?w, wtlJ'Wt? Wt^ r<rw, a cold, a cough, a disease of 

the nose. [breasts, 

•ftnrt^t, ^^^, /. having a large iidder, having large 
^f^f ^^^f—"^, CTl^l, f^% plump, large, full lusiy* 

smooth. £a cow s first seven days* miik, 

«ftaw, ^«, ^K1, '!^'«i firw «Pj^ ^7fT^<, nectar, uuibrosia, 
*?Ji|, itj^-^ni, a young bird. 
^^^'Wf ^^ f*t«?tftl>1 riTW, the large black ant. 
^tm, l^f ^, the spleen ; yellow. (gender ) 

^9 tl^o^^!!^* ^» ^^ c^m/): man, a male, masculine 
T^» ^g^rai^, manlike, manly, masculine, as or like tlv 

masculine (jn grammar.) 
^^ftnr, tJ^nflFi^, ^jr «t^,the pudenda^ the masculine gen- 
der (tit grammar)^ 
^J^'V^t ^tf^» il^>X nVf virility, manhood. [harlot. 
♦{;»«•*• H^t^, c«rt, /. going to men, loose, wanton ; a 
^•m^, w%m ftEmr, acermiony on a mother's conception^ 
^*^« ^ff^> n^t, Tirilifty, manhood, semen virile. 
^CfW« ^n, «r4^, to wipe, wjpeo^E^ rub. [pus^ 

^» t|v, Kntf^, matter from a sore, pnralent matter. 

334 ^ 

^t 5JWT, «!»?, 4^;, Vf, w*5ft% ^i?, a capital or 

stock ia trade, a hoard, heap, wealth, four of 
any article, as flowers, roots, &c. 

•^4t, trftnrt, *h>?t, a packet, a small parcel or bundle. 

^fi, 1^> ^W» ^'t 'f*** a button ; low, mean, small, 

little, youngest. [&c.) 

^r?R, ^lir^ifit^, to breed maggots or insects (as an ulcer, 

^nj?, wm?, ^I^^, a pond, ia tank. 

^, ^;j?if, the feather or feathered -part of an arrow. 

<J<t^*l5, Vj, ft?^^, ^W^, i^tut^, ^ flmrirt, eager, ar- 
dent, attentive, ready, active; minute consi* 
deration or investigation. 

^, ?t1^, ^•?, z^^f ^rw, a heap, collection, quantity, 

number, a row, line, train, flock, &rc. [nent. 

^^9 V^3 ^t?, '^•R. trrR, a bull, in comp : excellent, emi- 

^1^, ^n^f an animal*s tail. 

^^, f^mtf^, to ask, enquire, interrogate, question. 

ntf , ^^, ?tt^, »JHi?, a heap, collection,. quantity, [dant^ 

^«firpr, ^1^^, firt?, increasing to a heap, much, abun- 

♦t?^, WfT, ipR, to bum, scorch, burn away, be burnt. 

n^ft^, «^«rnfr, <t^ft 6a i ^ <ft< > , the white lotus, the file- 

phant of the S. E. quarter. 

*I^V, Vf» ^^f ^rffiil%, ^, ^j^, ^CTTW, moral or religious 

merit, virtue, purity, a good action ; virtuous, 
meritorious, righteous, pure, holy, beautiful, 
pleasing. [ous, meritorious, g-ood. 

ijH/Tlw, «jti/:^«,— fnft(%, «T^?s^rtflri, holy, religious, virtu- 

^^r9% €t«fifTT,^iitCrt^, a holy place, place of pilgrimage, 

the country between the Himaflaya and Vin- 
dhya mountains. [ligious acticms. 

^/WSt, «clPw, «rt%nfr, leading a holy life, practising re- 

^«ilTW» 'Wf^i ^J. holy, pure, religious, virtuous. • 

'^fV^t. TJJ^/^w^ ^f '^^^^ 5iq[«^j «Wr flf^, a holy day, 

the first day of y earl y rent payments . 

^?t, tttWf^, i[\\. wrt^, ^, holy, pure, good, virtuousr 

full of merit. 



m «ltn<l, «f^, to plant a tree, bury in the ground, 

to fix, set up a stake, &c. 
♦tinl, w, csprtitwr, a division of an army, a squadron. 
*^«i, •^11, ^i^, •niftwl,— ^P««t»l^W« ^ «tPwi. a 

doll, puppet, smali image, idol, the image of 
. an object on the eye. 
^ VTf, awt*. t^. a son, a boy, a male child. 
•I«B^«lrt^, *i«pnnil^, sons and grandsons, posterity. 
tpBWm ^ »w(*,— CfiUtf*m;1. «^. W^. male oiBfspring or 

posterity, a male child, a son. 
•|;r«wt, ^em, ^t^. *3J8*, a daughter, a doll, a puppet.' 
t^, f|l«, ''/I, ^^f^!^* a daughter, a girl ; m. ad}.' 

having a son. [a son, filial. 

n^i •tflHW^, *Sm^, ycvt, pertaining or proper to 
*ft«sri, »WP(T«i ?tt, a sacrifice to procure a son. 
*l^, <3;w*, 5^, ^tti, a book, a volume. 
^llRI, 5j*r^ "WftrH^, mint, (the plant.) 
«I^. Ph. •fji, but. 

*^t, Vtm ^?. ft«, f*. ^t3Wt?, again, a second time, but; 

on the contrary ; in con^ : re, returning, again,^ 
twice, frequent, &c. [quently.* 

<tinl«n, ^rdwT?,?]^, again and again, repeatedly, fre- 
"•r^*** ""t?. '<^'. again and again, also. [recurrence." 
^j^i « j[!M H *i , *m\^, c*?1, a return, coming back or agam, 
^fWf^. 'lfpii?,^f*%^. "^t?, again, a second time, 

over again, another time. 
<janpf%i. ♦pt^^W, ftnffip, repetition, tautology. 
«j3T3P«ttw,, f¥??1 ^^, a rising again, resurrection. 
^i«Nl, WOW, ^t^/, 5?rt«f P^. a second birth, regenera-^ 

tion, recovery from dangerous sickness. 
•J^"^, -fWltlljS^^. a relenting, renewal of pity, &c.' 

a second .marriage, a ceremonial on the ap- 
pearance of the menses in a new married 
woman. [finger or toe nail: 

^jWai, 'wKmi, VfW^, 'T«J, regeneration, a second birth, a' 

9BQ . -^JtJ^ 

^p^. ^^. fiif^^^^f^^, 1^ tivice^narrifd wemai, a Mn 

gin widow reipArried. 
<J^, ^J^'Jt?, ^t?» 4Wf^, again, yet again, moreover. 
^^. ^^» ^' a man, » male. 
•}?• ^^?* ^. *f»V"*'» a city, town, a place, house, re* 

eidence, dwelling-place, habitation. 
^t, ttswt^ ,— ^r<t, ^5, «tpf, ^rtf . «t>|flW» in <T»nt, be* 

fore, eastwards, fprmerly; pri©r, eastward. 
t?*^» ^>rrtt. ^^^, ^«t% goipg before, ftfeeedittg, 

going forward ; a i^ad^r^ 
^iW?, ^Vf Indra sovereign of the gods. 
^9^> ^n^^<9^, ^f^4t, a matron, one having husband And 

children living, a housewife. 
^0m??<i, «!? «^ t?t^lRF Iciflit Ptrw, a *m6de of religious 

service, including prayer, sacrifice :&e. 
^pret?, «tf5*tfiB, ^f«, ^nw, «rfe^«i, |t»«mt?, advancement; 

promotion, honor, a reward, remuneration, a 

donation, a royal gift. 
♦tS^rtjr, *la^a«5t?,— ^f?rtf , ^wnn^, proper o? deserving 

to be houored or promoted* 
•^St^, ^rftr^, <«f5*n^, ^5^f»r«, honored, promoted, re- 
warded, &c placed in frotit, facing an. enemy* 
^r?^lti[^, «rmJf ^nf, an houdrary dress, 
•(j^^, Wj.'i^W, before, in front. [family. 

^jHJt, ^^» ^^st, a matron, housewife, mistress of a 
♦iw, ^*t^^, ^^^tst, situated beforp or in front, &c. 

staying at home, [plete, fell. 

♦rjl, •rt^flCT, ^m\n, ^ssn, before, formerly, long ago, com- 
^% ^W^vHt^, ?tr>f, ttttQsr Ar^TPT Jf Uxm, ancient* old, 

stale; the Purinas or sacred- Poems, [pacity. 
^irt^^, ^I<^1i*r4i5, ^<45t^^, old, ancient; a measure of ca* 
^«Tf«, •Jt^^m, ^^«FW, history, tradition,, apcient story. 
^StCT^^, tt^^, «1i?Nr Mt^. •ttj'nO, an anLient stoii^ 

hgend, tradition. 
*fSf, ^5t^, ^t, a city, palace, habitation, building, 
^St«ft, Hl^, "9^, an enlrail, a gut. ,. . .* 

• *imf 337 

^Jf^, PtiS, ^ ttie fcBces, ordure, excrement, dung. 

V» W%1, ^j thick, coarse^ 

^^» ^[Jrt% 'rt^f^i 'l^/^f*!^ 'ff^, TH, #mit, »lWft«^, ff 

man, a male, mankind, a generation, God, 
the Supreme Being, 6prrit,'the soul, life or 
the sentient sou}, a S^nkbya philosopher. 

♦flFWt?, «ri^;f3F|rt', ri1<f , *l7i human conduct or exertion, 

manliness, courage. 

If^**' ^jw i ^^y ,— fi i4tfiH ji*»r?t, ^pw4jT9. successive 

generations, succession, lineage, [courage^^ 
T[3W^, ^•^, 5^rt5^, ^ft^. manhood, viriKty, manliness; 
^WTfr, Pwi, the male organ of generation, the penis. 
*JIWT< tis i i ti r# titeiit ^ , ^n, ^^, the four objects of hu* 

man life, manliness, courage. 
^ nn t w , WT^r n^f, Pi*, an excellent man, Vishnu, 
ncjt*, ♦prt^,— ^«<trtt, i£r«^, preceding, going before, 

chief, principal. [in ghee* 

^rcTtvH, ^#? f^9 fiiriir, sacrificial cakes of meal steeped* 
^rr?tirlt, ♦fRrtf^,— ^iwp, *1W ft, a family or dogoiestic priest. 
^nrn#, ^4^1?, ^4f^, preceding, in advance, placed 

before or in front. , " 

^t«W, t3rti?«tp, ^, #!^, ^^«^Tirt, ^fIWt3f , iiW?tirt^, ff^vtir, Bonripi^ 

lation through pleasure, delight, joy, any in^ 
sect infesting animals, a wine glass, goblet, a. 
sortof stone, a flaw in a gem,yellow orpimenik 
«tiif^, ^flf%, ^^/tjtf^, %irfifi. overjoyect delighted, ex^, 

cessively pleased, joyous, gay. 
^, ^"nf^, ^W, a sheaf. 

•pfpr, Wttn ^rm/, m?tPr, 'WlW^f, T3t, shrivelled grain, . 

rice-water, brevity, a compendium, abbrevia«i- 
tion, despatch, celerity. • 

^Jtk^ fit^t^nti, a sort of cake or sweetmeat. 
^Jt^f^w ^» ^» & shoal, sand-bank; strand, island. 
^tfmm, ^(t^> cm^y ^ bundle, bale; package. [fatten. 

^n, ^nm, ^«i, ^^^ 914, to nourish, nurture, feed, 

u u 

8W ^K^ 

fftawr, the sky, heaven^ atmosphere, waien 
a IptQs, a pond, a Uke, an arrow, the blade or 
^aUiC of a sword, tbe tip of an elephant's 
trnok* war^ intoxicatioD, union, a cage, a port 
or haven^ dancing, a sort of drug. 

^1^4^, vrHi; a pond, lake, pool, tank. 

^1^, ftvi, ^B^» ^^ much, many, eminent; the feather 

of an arrow. [fattened, fat, plump. 

tl^^, < t f ^i»» t l i ^ » ^ nourished, cherished, fed, well-fed, 

%rkr . «f**d«l», 'IWV. ^n«, iflw, f^^^ 

ment, support, aid, succour, relief, plompness* 
good condition, increase, prosperity, thriving, 
a prop, shoar,bank, abutment, reliance. 

♦fi**, nffcr,— «ftntinf , n^^m^ cherishing, wpporting, 

fattening, nutritious. [^n, the menses. 

^[^t ^f ^CP^f ^^9 a flower, speck on tbe eye, expan. 

^t^9 l^'W ftWPTt ^t V^f Cuvera's chariot, a flower^ 

a speck on the eye, a calx of brass, coppens 
or green vitriol. [madeva* 

*jMWfr •IT'^* — '^^ having a bow of flowers, i. e. Ci- 

^^Vf^> ^'^%9ini> a presenting of tbe open hands 

full of flowers. [author. 

^^^, ^t^t%, VffiVl, a chapter or secttoo of a book, an 

♦J>f«, 'IpnC' 'tt^trs'Si w4t?, in flower, covered with 

flowers, ripe for enjoyment. 

^tfH?j^^;M^lt, — Wif5, /. a woman during menstruation. 

^^ jnj;, f^rt*iW, a book, a manuscript, a volume. 

.^VL (^« ^<ni[, c^fhnCt, a shoar, prop,/embankmeat. 

^ I W' '^^^ ^rttf^^, pus, purulent matter. 

^» , ^^1^^^ ^^* ^^* ^^^f «^t^^^» *^fW, a mul- 
titude, heap, number, quantity, nature, pTo« 
.perty, disposition, tbe bete), 'die jack. 

,*plf,, ^"^flw, 'itltJf^, w?v, worshipping, servings Jio« 

nouring; a worshipper. [worship, 

*l^, ^n^^f CTJpr, to honor, respect, venerate^ serve 

^^■^R^,'%*ttWH villlilff a worshipper, adotit. 

"^jVtf ^r^» cM» ^>*Vt^> worship) adoration^ homage, 

respect, honor. [priest. 

^Wft, n48|4tif«i, a worshipper, an crffieiating or temple- 
^!mf, «S«/?— 11*^. "m^f, '•IWJWt*, worthy of worship, 

venerable, honorable, respedtable. 
^> tflt^^, a menstruum or flux for metsJs. 
^, f|ft3f, ri% <l^rf*. 'frm, pure, holy; clein, ^leangetl^ 

winnowed &c. honest, tru*, sincere. 
^, tlUf«, nVam, Jtmf, ^^, Wl. »wl> purity, Stoctity, 

purification, truth, sincerity, putridity, stench; 

musty, putrid, coiTupt, foetid. fpotiierb. 

♦f^^rt, ^tl^V^, *fT^^ firt^. a civet or pole cat, a kind irf 
T^^^i f!^^* X^^^ ^ stench, putrid 9cent, foetor ; foetid. 
^V^, ^Irftft^ ^nn fSR^, 4nirtnW, the mif8k*<^eer« 

the flying or stinking bug. 
^, fli^, 1P^, a cake, bread. 
nf^ yfr^ cy, pus, matter from a sore, putridity, 
^f , ^.— fwtstt 1^^, a/sort of cake fried in ghee. 
^f ^X^^, iwc^^, ^^1!^?, a lake, a piece of water, the 

cleansing or healing of sores and ulcers^ high 

or full (as the tide.) 
"^jrt, t^ncWwi, iRnrcif , ^^^^, I'^W^, a mode of draw- 
ing in and retaining the breath as a religion^ 

act, a citron ; filling, fulfilling, completing. 
^» tfH ^^ V^> ^^^^^ ^P' choked op. 

f^nrt?, to fill, tbake up a deficiency, fill np, stuffy 
load, charge, to mnltipiy (in numbers,) to re- 

• • • 

crui<, Cisniplete, aeoompl ish, finish, to become 

fciH, to heal as a sore; com pletton, compleikent. 

f{W» ^, 'rtltti, ^i^Jrtlt ^/v, ft%?' fuH, complete, peHect^ 

entire, plenary, copious. ' • 

i^S^n^ Ijjf^. ftr?n??f. W^v ^rtift^, irtftcrir ^% *?t^, to stop 

up, fill up a cavity, to <?ompIete, to retrievOf 
teplace^^ mdke good what is' deficient. 


n», CTfW,.«1, thiek, full. [perfect, entire. 

^4, V?l. 3^/^, iwtti, ^itif, full, filled, all, completed, 

^'ft^p ^<^«f,— tiflCTS ifftiwrt, ^TTOR^ iW^Stt^, a vessel full 

of rice presented to the priest at a sacrifice, 
one of . clothes and ornaments scrambled for 
by the guests at a festiral. [full moon. 

^^, ^m«, ^f^'an,— ^If^lt^ ^*l»^ f^, the day of the 

^t<^, ^srl IWiCV n ^^, a monthly sacrifice on the day 

of full moon. 

TS^, ^tW» ^SV( W, any act of pious liberality as dig- 
ging a tank, building a temple, &c. 

^f^t «^, «ft, 9Pnf^, fullness, repletion, completion. 

first, former, prior, initial, previous, prelimi- 
nary, preceding, foregoing, ancient, east, eas- 
tern, fronting; before, ago, formerly; the east, 
-ancestors, forefathers. 

^<», ^ ^S'ftlt, 1W» t^» ^•i^, preceding; by, through, 

with.. . [duced; ancestors.. 

^t^ CSUt, ^^, f^Cilt9, elder^ previously bom or pro- 

^JlFT, ♦t^ ^f^f ^ ^V, the preceding day, yesterday. 

^^bfH, «rT^ fif^, <trt^/, ^Vtm, the east, the east country. « 

^NiM^, ^tV9^f "^^ ^» fate, a prior obligation, a pre- 
liminary engagement. 

^^¥» «Wrt, 4t#>t*jjrt^, c^tf^, wm iJiwW, a propositi<m, 

assertion, thesis, the major term in logic, ihe 
first half of a lunar mpqth. 

^^iR» l^n|IHitin[tf^, forefathers, progenitors, ancestors. 

^fi^f «W^, '•Wf^^/tf, as before, as the preceding. 

^|^<?^, ^49(7, 4ttj^> preceding, previousl}^ existing. 

«^6ilf, ;«rt^itV> ^9C41^, a former plea, former assertioB*. 

^MUt ^4^ivl, ^vrirr%, speaking first; a plaintiff. 

^|^I|[M, flt^ «r^^t^, fnBil^,.the first part of the nij^,.* 

last night.. > |1<mg time. 

^S/^% ^MN'^K ^^fMNb f>recedmg or foUi^wing; of a 

v^ 341 

^nNft, 1 >#»t^unt , from former times, of oM, from ati^ 

tiquity. [the forenoon* 

*P<n|, fJNCT? ^jW^, the i^rst or early part of the day, 
^ ^lSt?,~«t^, 5^/W9l^««t» eastern, easterly, east- 
ward, situated to the east. 
^ ^4, «rWCT, 5j^ctt, «ni5W»c«, before, in front, pre- 
viously, formerly, in or to the; east, eastwards/ 
^(t^rt, •rt^, ^twn/, on fhe preceding day, yesterday. 
«f#, tirfer^, 3F?«ain, jfiFS, mixed, rubbed or brought in 

contact with, touched, smeared. 
«3r^, ftwwi, «W, a question, enquiry, interrogation, 
♦faw, f%f, t^, ^sr/, tws, tir«, separate, distinct, 

different ; apart, ^side. 
^W^ %«\, separately, severally, distinctly. 
^^nWw, ^'Jttr^t?. US^f ftc?W, ^mpft, of various kinds, 

various, diversified, multiform. 
•Jt*l*, ^y—VK(^, \ ajt^^, the earth, the ground, earth. 
<5[ftrft»lp8 rrf^^Wf,— ?tW. ^1^, a king, a sovereign. 
^^, (M^ife^, tfe^, rice wetted, parched and flattened. 
•Ti^ , WiPPJ* ?ft«i Uv^f a drop of water or other liquid, 

the porcine deer. [sought.. 

^, ftwtfiw, m^f asked, interrogated, questioned, 
•J>, ■!*«» •t-n^ V<t, f^, •ft^, ^i^% the back, a page^ 

side, surface, the rear. 
<^i«, •Wtrs, nw, behind the back, behind, in the rear. 
•|im*»lW, ^f » g*Wl^<IH4 , ^d^Wf , ^^WW, a backbiter, 

whisperer, slanderer. 
C^, T^^tc^W Wtti?, ^, ^W, *«tfe, W^, a screw, a spiral 

motion, a twist, intricacy, perplexity, a deep 

laid scheme. [perplexer ; wtriotfte. 

c^fet^, ^» ^» •ItWW, •ft^^tV, a schemer, pkHttr, chesit.i 
cJ^ir, npi cir€^, CTt?t^, Wi^, "6^1**^, fVr, to «cr6w, 

turn a screw, twist, fo perplex, entangle, raise 
. diffioulties, cheat, plot, scheme. / ^ 

ci^ >npptf»^ ^^* 1*^^^ perplexed, intricJite, spi- 
i, ♦o ; ;- lal, tortuous^ disingi^niious, artful, cheating. 

342 ^ttii 

ivfipr, ?sf^rt5rff> nN^» to card wool bt cottoft. 
lfi^% ^^TR 99^, to tlrink, drink in, smoke tobacco. 
Wi^f t*W,-- -^^» an owl, a screech owl. 
5^, ^, ^, the b^Uy, the womb, the fcetus, pregnancy. 
t^*5l, 'Tf^WS, ^^iW^, an abortion, miscarriage, [flux. 
W%CTrt ^ IWWI, — '•rf^s, ^««Wi*r?, a dysentery, dianhcea, 
^•ifeiJITI, ^ror? Wf^, ^t^tf»r, a griping, griping pain. 
1*1^^, r*t%^n<,-^^f^>f ISlflr '^H; ^^JffM? Pif Rs, recovery or 

convalescence from a dysentery or flux. 
W^. ^t?^, ^% to beat, strike, hiammef. [carriage. 
C^i^e^^T^, 9t^tnT*i» to procure an abortion, cause a mis* 
W^»r^, c^i^t^, — ^^<Rn»f|r, very gluttonous, devoted to the 

belly ; an epicure. [pulent 

W^, w|?1,— "^'J, ^ff^^ large-bellied, pot-beHied, cor- 
w^, i:^?1, — CAoiifi^Piftfi ^*I? flcpw, a sort of travel* 

ling basket or portmanteau. 
T^, it^, ^Ft«n, a wicker basket; a box, H chest. 

gluttonous, gormandizing, ravenous, inteofr* 
perate or nice in eating. 

W31, c«T^31, ^•tt, ?pfeTf, ISifetl fifiPW, a basket, portman- 
teau, a young buffalo, a sfort of sweetmeat: 

PW^, <»Wf?^ c«rt^, '•^iflwt*, ^^, a sloven, a spectre. 

t<l^^, <i?^<'1, "^^fK^^yf- an apparition, a spectre, a slut 

W«<t^, «<1^^*^,— ^•ffli^. a slut, a slattern, a flaunting 

and sluttish woman. 

x^tc^, ftnrtKT?, the female pudenda in the lingam. 

^?, »«RWT^/, Wf, ftt, ^[jic^ttt/ v^ir, drinkable ; drink, 

water, milk, a sucking caMl [beXutiful. 

WW, Pr«l<i, iw|i, inif, ^, clever, crafty, fraudulent, 

W^, •tftfffii^, \^, TOt°*, m**ffH%, «W, a bird 8 egg, 

a blown bud, Indian spikenard, a luorp of 
meat; a muiicle, a sheath, a scabbard, i* ^^ 

X9tH% wn^, ^ii^/4^t ^, wii*rt; •l^, td grind com &c. 

to puk^)^ pound, masb^ cftew, mafitieaite ; 
4^rftttfe?, aftfknttage. * ^ ^ , :^rr^ 

Jk"' ' '^^ 

grinding paints or other' substances on. 
hiif\f cui^nv, (H^, a staircase, flight of steps, a ladder. 
^^THi Vflti, the sacred thread. 

paternal, ancestral, patrimonial. [bile^ 

suited to demons or gpblins* 

xn^Sf ^c4'«»w?1, <iR5l, ^^rtflit fV^ ^*, ^^J^^f tale- 
bearing, whisperings information, defamatioQ^ 
backbiting, depravity, cruelty. 

W1» ^% nplil, a son. [whitewash* 

€^f ynsft^^ ^f^PHU the plaster of a wall, a coat of 

i^tCTT^mt^, 1^^, id^, ^^, to wipe, rub, dust. 

cnirt, i?f«i^w, the wrist. 

cni^, ^nl^, ^mar, a gut, the entrails. [hips« 

rw, P'vr, •ttlti ^RP^. the posteriors, the rump, the 

X^td^lf ^, iffk^ an insect, a yorm, vermin. 

int^% ^ISF, U^mWp V^^V^ ^tuv, (inrtt^ ^^, deformed, 

maimed ; a beardless boy, a youth. 

^•imi, tMpW, tW, the fcnus. 

c^t c^^> ^>vl» the foundation of a house or wall. 

tm9\t vt^^f^^l iff, a woman with a beard*. [inflamed*^ 

^^ItT^t W^, ^9Pn ^<w, iQHir, to burn, be burnt, parched or 

(*it7l« W, ^n«ll, iQiiV, burnt, roasted, parched, smarting. 

WtTPWWrt, ^^ff, f^*ttWf wretched, unfortunate, luck- 
less, of an evil destiny. 

Wt?t^, iftlt^f *3|^» WW, H^H, ^iftH|t*1 ^^, to bum, 

foast, fry,ito scald, to sear, to inflame, to set 
on fire, to try by fiery ordeal. 

Wt^lHill, Wf^, vnl^lf burning &c ; an incendiary. 

wn, ^l4t, ri^, 1t^, Wt?, Wtfl, ^W?, a boat, a ship, an 

-oar, the young of animals, cloth, the foun- 
"J I t , 4#tion or s^ite of a house. 

c^Q^^, ^?, to bury, plaA^ set, fix-in the ground. 

344 rtlj 


a steersman/ a mariner, seaman, boatman, 
rower, the master of a vessel. 
«»tt3l, ^rtRw, *W|t, r^rt?, •Iftr, a seaman, a waterman, an of- 

ficiating priest, a foundation, a district, canton. 
C^t^i(t^» sr^^pf^'^n^, a shoal of yonng fish, small fry. 
t*rw, ^^ «tt^ ftrw, a low cast of Hindoos. 
X9tm, ir^^Pltw, «*^»!iiw, the young of fish, small fry. 
WT?1, i^^P'l, cs^tr, rRrt, a quarter, a fourth part, a plant- 
let or young plant. [the fire, 
c^ttft^t "^ ^ ^7 tn^, to warm oneself in the siin or at 
Wt?[<i-'irt^, ^«i, to fill, to load, to freight. 
c^tTOTl, c^, CT^Wl, a kind of harpoon.' ' 
wn% ^(fB^fWr, «rw^, «?^t jw^f ,*rt?[«l, to feed, rear, bring 

up, cherish, maintain, protect, support, up* 

hold, sustain. [tame. 

WW» ^% ^f^, *tt«rt, a maintenance, support ; domestic; 
WWt«i, ^Bf?t<i, •W**, iTirt^, to cause to be maintained, to 

recompense, to retrieve a loss, [tector, &e. 
Wtil, WTf , — «rf5*tt«RP, 1W^, a nourisher, supporter, pro- 
WW;^«1, iW^<i, ^n«RF^, an adopted son. [tainers- 

Wff/^^, ^^, ^^/w, "M^i, a household, family, re* 
t*tW^. 'tT'/^ ^^'^t tr^, to dawn, become light, appear. 
l^^% ^v ^^T^^XK CTtf ^^ ^m ^fR?, a lad from five 

to sixteen years, a boy. 
&i\i^f ^^•i, 'TT^m, ^ war, <£rt^«i, ^^, to arrive at, reach* 

land, to inherit, succeed to, devolve upon, 
i^^n^, Frtt^, ^^, ^8wt?<i, to convey, carry to, to land. 
t^^m, ?<ll*,— T«rei1, ^tlt, ^rrft, ^itfWt, m.&f.^L grandson 8t 

granddaughter. [worshipper. 

cnilHv^, TtTtjnitt, fl^irf«jQi9, an idolator, an image- 
1*41 ••#'#, flm^, WWW ^tl, repetition* tautology, 
e^^^^, flni?t? »WPT, the son of a twice married woman by 

the last husband. 
C^7f ^Mp(w4!Vf ^^vttitf f^^, ^wm, belonging to or livuig 

in a town, city, civil, civilized. « 

c^ljtPw, ^^I'^ttfinvi/ ^irtH^nrtinP, one wcH reaJ'intlie- 

Puranas, a believer in the Purdnas. 

c^W, ^rw, X^f^f rw, ^wn, ^^^t^% manhood, 

virility, manliness, the measure of a man. 

Wt^, ^^ iit^, the month of the sun in Sagittarius. 

^^flfw, ^rt^jnw^, ^i^, nutritious, nourishing, fatten-^ 

ing, advancing o^ promoting nutrition. « 

Wir?1flt5/, ^tV9W, ^iWCTjr faF?l, ^Wwn^flu, onc^?, family 

priesthood, priestly duty; priestly, belong- 
ing to a fnmily priest. 

^t^, fiplfTO, — (2t^>vv, '•ti, ^r»,'«rrtni^, flrrlflrs, ftftW, manir 

fest, displayed, evident, apparent, notorious, 
laid open, spread out, unfolded, dishevelled. 

1^, an introduction, preface, prologue, 

prelude, a poetical fiction, a treatise or its 

subject, a section, book, chapter, an affair, 

circumstance, event. 
«t^, ^W^, «fT<rtw;, excellence, superiority. 
<ff9fSf?i, ^wftfB, %lt^i5, ^Pl^ K^tftRi ^1^. made to excel ; 

the .surplus produce of a pledge. 
«plttl, ^, ^j, wiT«i,, ▼if, ^5irf«-f^ ^^*-, %^, <«r«Ct^, ^5^, 

V^, nft, ^tvc^ trt^, tall, high, strongs robust^ 

stout, large, stupendous, excellent, best; 

excellence, greatness, the trunk of a tree,. 

the stem of a plant. 
a?Ft9, CTl«f, iW, 1^^, ar^, ^31, Uc^, iflt^, a kind, sort, 

species, manner, method, way, a variety, a 

diflference, a similitude. 
<sf^rt3rF9?, ^R^lfttr, ^W, ^»R/, another sort, kind, way, or 

manner, &c ; dissimilar, other. 
<sf9t3rrac?> ^*»i*c^, ^RjT^II, ^irfW> ^*^c«, in a different, or 

other manner, otherwise, indirectly, ob-* 

scurely, ambiguously^ [era. 

«|9tW» ^n|^1*> <<rf^ ^^isr?, "I^, a- long time, a noted time or 

«PPM> ftpt^w, zwP^% ^f^f **cif4, ^^, %vi, ^tf^, ^nru 


34Q «M% 

tation, discovery, disclosure, publication^ 
revelation, appearance, light, lustre, illumi- 
nation, expansion, opening, diffusion, per- 
spicuity ; open, manifest, expanded, blown. 

9ipr, to shine, . appear, illuminate, manifest, 
display, elucidate, utter, disclose, reveal. 

4j^ff1iitf , ^WW,— «rrtJ^, «WV, ^Sp capable of mani- 
festation, &c. visible. [licly. 

dS^WlW, VWIW, "^tek, openly, plainly, Bxplicitly, pab^ 

4j^FtW^» «nn^^, «njWsi, ?n#^^ «t*fpit^, «P5flr^, disclosed, 

revealed, evident, apparent, manifest, visible* 
conspicuous, open, blown, expanded. 
4em^t, "Hdrs, ^9, nt^^iiiH, appearing, shining, radiant. 


tfpfK 9tti, ffftl'tl, ?rttl, isr^Tflv* a section, chapter; scat* 

tered, interspersed, spread, published. 
^pft^^, «Wts, wtmn, 5ft^„ PfMfl, tw?, extent, length* a 

section, chapter, decree at law^aidecision* a 

chowri or cow- tail whisk. 
tfp?l^3Hr, «f^tw, ^^^» V<^, tWfft^vliW^, to mention, speak, 

say, tell, declare, explain. 
«^, wt< wtw, fSr?F, ^j, ^rwftw, ^iw, ?T»tf5w, ^«, ^nwtf , 

f^nv?, right, proper, reasonable, accurate, 
certain, real, true, genuine, sincere, upright* 
unadulterated, pure; certainly* really, ac- 
^^fRsf, ^^•^^ ^ft^> 4Wft4F, '^Stff, 3FIW ^RWtH, rights 

proper, just, pure, genuine, true ; the true 

object of a plaint at law. [upright. 

^t^'itfi^f it«ttW6p, ^cTWw» iw, just, righteous* honest* 

ttff^ 'iWrt, ^Riwt^^ ^wti, wff ^fipi, irtf»j '•if^pff, origii^l 

matter or plastic nature, the female principle 
in creation, nature, disposition* temper* na- 
tural state, habitual conduct or tiharaGter> 
a crude ncnra or verb, a im^tipIieK^ 

^^^iWsili, ^<l4«l«i ^vfdfi*, eSected by nature^ natural. 
4ff, ^Vr» c«0, ^tKt^t excellefit, emiDent, superiof, 

chief> principal. [frame. 

Wf(t, ^iTlfj ^iCKWt^f, vtt#, the fore^ann, part of. a doot 
^Wn^ %fff9f, ^ff9V, ^"1^^* ^^ attemj^t, effort, com- 
mencement, beginning. 
^ftV» yftm, ^^M, begun, commenced, attempted. 
«tfiMt, ferfhc^l, ^rWilPr, ^wprw, a service to obtain 

some divine blessing, the taking of medicine. 

^nptji^, 4lt«^^n«l44, exhalent; that which exhales. 

^tl"¥WR, ^ts^r, •tfjwjw, xm^^s to wash, rinse, cleanse, ex- 
piate, [jected. 

«rt^, Cl4)l9, H^tjffr, WW, throw*, cast, projected, in- 

i8nw% WW, f^, ipwqr 'V^, a throtir-, cast, throwing off. 

projection, propuision, injection, the shares 
in a |oiat stock. [clever. 

^t^f ^» ^» ^> ^^^* pungent, acrid, keen, sharps 

gf ^jW tft ffi , %^^Wt1%, i^f*9, a Strong light, flash, glare. 

^t49ff^ ^i^V^f penetration, acilteness. 

^^/P9, tCt^, ^**Pft, famous^ celebrated, notorious. 

0^, ^9t^ ^l9 ^^f the upper arm measured from 

elbow to shoulder. 

4^t9» P^f Wfil^ai^ divei'giiig, standing out, gibbous. 

cr^t^ort^'^^, ^9^, bandy-legged, having the knelbs di- 

' vetrgeni or far apart. 

cr^, «fRl¥tflW, WtfV9, f^wNr, 'rtf'W, ^^^^ •?▼, bold, in- 
solent, audacious, impudent, shameless, con- 
fident^ intrepid, wilful, haughty, firm, ready^ 
able, strong; haughtiness, boasting, pom- 
posity, [magant. 

trtl^, «i">i^, ^nfHvl, a shameless woman, wanton, ter- 

**Wf » ^f "R^* #f1nr, ^, «r5?, V^f ^» hard, firm, diffi- 
cult, steady, serious, much, excessive, abun- 
dant ; pain, privation, peuancCi. 

cNMif iim> straight, honest, upright, sincere. 

3^ <si«il 

pending a balance/ a xein, rope, halter, con- 
finement, captivity, a captive, prisoner, a 
man or beast in confinement* 
<«t$^, «{t??wT«i, *?^, ^^W^ wife?ft, ^WfSflrt, a lattice, 

window, balcony, a summer*house, a painted 
turret, a balustrade, rail, railing. 

«r^, frf%^, ^[jRt^, ^yi-<*. yr^ftsi, ^^^, ^% *N, boW, 

confident, presuming, headstrong, fierce, ter- 
rible, furious, violent, passionate, intolerable, 
insupportable, acrid, pungent, hot. 

•ff^T^W, iTWr^/, ^31 Pfirs, «rfiw;, common, vulgar, popfltor, 

public, notorious. [toriety. 

^^^, WF^^, «st1*ifili» activity, alertness, currency, no- 

,tri?l*r^, (ftftwK, ^i^?t^;, ^Wf^%, current, notorious, com- 
mon, customary, moved, stimulated. 

^M?, ^rfirfti, «WW, rm^«iT, ^t^^ nfiR, notoriety, common- 
ness, publicity, a publication, declaration, 
manifestation, the grazing or tending of cattle. 

<erf9» ^fj, "^"t?, ^^c^, much, many, am{:^e, abundant, 

sufficient. [tion. 

(Sfnr9^, Rmt^FT^, one who asks.or proposes a ques* 
^«rWf^«, titl, covered, concealed, disguised, secret, 
. clandestine, retired, private. 

0^[\^ti, ^^?%, CT?5T, to screen, conceal, cover, hide. 

^Rii, people, subjects, dependants, land te- 
nants, peasants, ofi^spring, a person, individual. 

«W^p5. 5* '«^P5> Pwt^, ?t*, Wtm«1, *mt^, Brahma, 

or his ten sons, Vishwa Karm^, a king, a 
a prince, a son-in-law, a butterfly. 

«t^sR, ^^^, ^|;tt, iRT'T, to blas^, take fire, bum. 

<tr«i, ««Wt^.— nRw, ^% fk^, learned, intelligent, 

wise, sensible, clever. 

^[9n, fir^r^ flfjnvi, ?fC¥^, an assignation, appointment, 

sigi», tcjseti, hint. . . t « 

^t^ If^i 'Vjn^^ intelligence, undentandine, Svas v«t£r 

-ffw, ^IW^If^w, ^, /ani^tft, prostrate, humble, bending^ 

inclined. [tion, prostration. 

t«r^l>S, dtf^iflr, — 'nn^t?, ttrPi^t>9, a bow, obeisance, saluta-^ 
«r«, C^Wj^tfi? ^, ^5^t?, the mystic syllable Ooi. 
«r^T, Mff, ^?t^, ^rrtftirsi, ♦rtlrs-f, ww, ^ifil, lovcaflRac- 

tion, fondness, regard, friendship, intimacy, 
familiarity, acquaintance, concord, union^ 
agreement, peace. , [timate^ 

•tf^ft* 'i^St'^t, ^Ntlit?, affectionate, fond, friendly, in- 
**»«. \9, ruined, spoiled, lost. [pectfuL 

«r«iT9t, Hirerlt, jrfriw, bowing, saluting, prostrate, res- 
«f<itfiwl, ^Vs^. f^, W'ft, Tf, 'n^n, a tube, tubular vessel, 

vein, a water-pipe, a conduit. 
«rnt5fr, «^, ^■ff^^jtr, ?tf%, ^rtrt^ff^, a water- course, drain^ 

issue from a pond, a continued series, a habit, 
custom, the course or stream of custom. 
^«it*f, X^f ^tfTJ, wt%, destruction, perdition, ruin, loss* 

attention, fixed thought, deep meditation, 
effort, stress, energy, regard, an object of 
desire, access, entrance. 
0Wkf <Ht^^9 fr^, ^t^, ^, a request, solicitation, en* 

gagement, agreement, a place, situation, a 

spy, an emissary. [rence, prostration. 

sSfft^ttNS, 'WJ^T?, ^nv- "2t*»W, a salutation, obeisance, reve- 

<trPifi!^, wrW«, «tf^, ^Pt^, «ft^, ^itfs. f^Mw, delivered, 

consigned, entrusted, placed, fixed, deposit-* 
ed, obtained, received, acquired, acknow*- 
ledged, decided, settled, determined. 

consecrated fire, cooked, dressed, made, 

done, constructed, composed, sent, throw)}, 

entered, approached. , [docile, tractable. 

^tenf, ^vn^f Tfst^^ amiable, agreeable, submissive, 

^t^f^, ^tpO, iw, Wl^, ^RWwff, • >rt^, ^, cilai, dj^, 

ardor, zeal, courage, high spirit, jealousy of 

360- ^rttc^ 

irank or power, dignity, majesty/, power^ 
heat, warmth, splendour. 

*P5t?W> ^O^* ^^. \Ttf«r?1, ^, cajoling, insidious, perfi- 
dious; a deceiver, imposter, cheat, knave. 

tf^itiPil, ^#^» W^, deceit, imposture, fraud, imposition^ 

trick. [reached. 

«^H3i«, ^ft^ wr^, deceived, cajoled, deluded, over- 

«ffsBfc d|^, 5f^wr, i[^j, 1^ ^/tf^, every, each ; a prefix : 

back, again, to, at, towards, with, against. 

^fl^mf, ^f^^Hlr^tt, V^nr, ^••nr, Ww, finrr?^, return of 

a kindness, retaliation, revenge, an effect) 
result, remedy, preventive, sdleviation, re- 

4Ml^^> fiwj^, ftJKf «fft^^^, fSMfl^, ?/1^9^VtV, ^iPr», ad- 
verse, opposed to, contrary, opposite, reverse, 
inverted, contraty to one's wishes. 

tflf^iff^, ^*M*li ^ %*wt5jjr ♦fIH"tT^, fr^tjw, dsifkin, ^nw» 

Htfl, 5ft, '^•tpwi, a return of kindness, &c. 
revenge, retaliation, resistance, an effigy, 
figure, image, reflected image^ reflection, sha- 
dow, picture, reverence, worship* 

^«rf^%«, ^ItTl, Wf5^> ft?f^ l^r^ttSes, W^, diinniBsedf 

sent, despatched, rejected,, repelled, opposed, 
resisted, calumniated. [wards. 

ififfsftv, iifftfst ^f^ %it9*rr5r, flying backwards fend for* 

4rt^«tiF, ^ fR, — 4li(v;»H, 1^, to return, to come or go 

back, to retrograde. 

*ff*5F5 4^2tf,— r^fSt^^, a spitting pot. 

«tfB2?-«i# ^irwt^, WW5?*i, ^^, 5W(^> a receiving, accep- 
tance, the receiving of gifts by a brahmin, 
the gift itself, assent, approbation, consent. 

«rf*lt^, JTt^w, ^H^f T^n(\i% m^ ^t^ra:^ ?t?*i, a smiting. 

killing, resistance, opposition, a back stroke^ 
a blow given in return. 
^^Ift^tTlf <rf^ftir» «n^, a reflected image, shadow, shad^ 

image, picture; statue, impression, facsimile^ 

4tflngir, ^l*t3N/» «tf^t^^, oppoMtioa, ttaretsing. 

'ttf^nvr ^Vi ^^t^^f the fore part of the thigh. 

^JftW, Pnw, ^rtti» f^niW^^> ^n\% 'ftWA ^% a promise, 

engagement, assent, agreement, an admission^ 
acknowledgement, declaration, a testin^ony, 
deposition, law*-plaint, a wager, a bet. 

€rt%wt^, firyB,^in|ty , U"^ o^fte , promised,eDgaged, deposed 

to, affirmed, declared, ice. [missory note. 

^t^smt^n, fSrvrtWH, ^♦t, a written engagement, bond, pro- 

i9fs&«|^ar, ^RTt^, to cause or oblige to declare^ promise, &c. 

«Sffm, ^, "smmft, a key, a picklock. [by a look. 

«f Rpppr, ^^rtwj .^n^^ W^f to return a look or a word 

giving back, return^ recompense, exchange. 

•arftift^'C, WlTtW^ft'T, to cause to give back or return, 

4tfignff, ^l^(^ft^nSy ^^W, subject to be returned ; a pledge, 

a pawn. [verberation. 

^fRi^pr, ^psrt^-*!*, «nroPra •W, an echo, re-echoing, re- 

<rf«^'«kt, «n<i)^, a great grandson, sons grandson. 

«Jt%P?r<, ^?^. t^f^W?, a substitute, representative, de- 
puty, attorney, exchange, commutation. 

^Sf^fPU •tr^ «rt«it^jrt, a mutual deposit. 

<Q%9|V^ "q, ft^tft^, ftiW ?t^;, an enemy, adversary, op-. 

ponent, a contrary proposition 

«|ft*f^, ^i^^if,—^m ^•nf* f^ftt, the first day of thft 

, moon's increase or wane. 

»ril^, 4t^?, <«rc^W, ♦IfiiiFir, acquviition, ac- 
quirement, success, accomplishment of aa 
object, advancement, promotion, fame, re- 
putation, knowledge, certainty, ascei'tatn- 
ment, de^ionstratioo, assent, acknowledge^ 
ment, conviction, acquaintance with. 

fected, accomplished, proved, demonstrated* 
obtained, known, ;pToinoted, advanced. 

35a «W?Bwt€t 

«rR5*ttf', IJrt'^, wWt, ft<m*i«i, ^w^^^i, irt?^, to demon* 

strate, ascertain, cause to acknowledge, to 
promote, give success to, effect, accom- 

€t^<Wr/, wt^v, «K?IH[ ^^, ascertainable, &G ; the meaning 

of a word. [benefactor. 

firRWR?, ?W^, WT^I, protecting &c ; a protector, provider, 

«rl%*fW«r, Z9m% mt^ ^<t«fs. ^% ?rv«i, m\^^. to' nourish, 

provide for, support, preserve, succour, pro- 
tect, observe, keep, fulfil. 

«rRi€f^, iTid^K ^x1%f?r? ^srf^ ?»;, a particular exception 

to a general prohibition. 

«fE?5wr, I ^^'TtfiF, :TOrF5 •ttl%, ^IfiRWiT, a reward , remuncra- 

tion, punishment, .retribution, retaliation. 

«rfinw, «rR5W5r, — ^^, <2ffiiff5T, an answer, reply, echo. 

tftftiTO, ft^, Ptwc, t^r^TK^I, an obstacle, impediment, hin- 
drance, resistance. [obstruct, impede. 

^tf^ivr, ?t^, r^nrtj^i, ^^t^, to hinder, oppose, resist, 

€f^«r, fwRRJFJJ, iw«f, ^'T^t^, of equal might or power, 

able, adequate, powerful, 

€fRRt^/, ^?, an answer, a reply. 

«ff^^, ^^, ferr^, ^•ffe, a reply, answer, defence in 

law, litigation, a remonstrance, [litigant. 

isrfis^, ^l^ff3^T<?t, ftcst^, a defendant, respondent, pleader, 

«rRRT^, €rR5^t«(^,— f=r^it?^, f^^rtP, wilt, resisting, opposing, 

preventing ; an opponent, a defendant. 

«fRwt^, f^^^^t^, *fT^, neighbouring ; a neighbour. 

«tf%f5w, «fRwi, 'TW, ^T?1, ^?rf, a reflected knage, re- 
flexion, shadow, image, picture, resemblance^ 
counterpart. [carved. 

<tf%ftfir5, Tjitit^, ^<tfSr5, ^^, reflected, shadowed out, 

«MI^«i, ^tTCT? «tt% ^OTpnr, W^ w<^, to look at the 

speaker, return a look. [idea. 

^JftCTfr, fRRrt^55t^, ^rt|^, an opposite notion, a reflected 

^O^c^'nr, '•R/«rt ^^, '•nj'CPi^, to think differently, ta 

gather ideas from reflexion. 

€ff%cjtic 35S 

tffsrit^t, «rt^5ntw, — r<MW, vW, ^^W4^, f3w|t«, receiving 

or giving ideas from reflection, opposing. 

*fe¥!, lflK> wt^r, W^, rwi, «WX, «fTW/, understanding, 
1 intellect, wit» a conception, idea, light, reflect- 
ed light, splendour, dignity, audacity, bold* 
ness, confidence, impudence. 

•tfti^rtftni, €rti, ^f^ffr<r, ^pf^, ir^, c^iRf^, irf^fe, witty, 

intelligent, wise, bold, confident, impudent^, 
dignified, arrogant, proud, haughty. 
«Jft?^t^, ^^, *t|i^, an answer, reply, defercCi 
€ff^, iit|9, a surety, security, bondsman, bail. 
«lt%3n-^, ^ff^finr, 1^,*!^*, a reflected image, an images- 
likeness, picture, an idol. 

^t^'ft^* ^•iWj, iT^f ^"J^^* ^S^f ^JWrffr, ♦tft^, ^Jf«ftf*t, 

a likeness, resemblance, picture, image, a. 
deputy, representative, a transcript. 

W«IW, ^^, t^^^T?*, W^^^, strenuous ex- 
ertion, endeavour, wish, desire, resistance, 
retaliation, revenge, comprehension, a taking 
captive;, acting right, acquiring new virtues, 
accomplishments, &c: active, diligent, stre* 
nuou&, resisting, retaliating, revenging. 
Cff^nt^, ft^rt/?, ^T*^* ^^^ai^t, opposition, resistance, 

counteraction, a counterpart, co-operation. 

co-operating, answering to, counteracting; 

aco-adjutor, partner, second self, competitor, 
crfvjn, *Rf «f5n5 1^, ^?, an echo, reverberation, reply. 
0!f^sw^, «rf^» <tt^nffir, an imaged likeness, representation^ 

a substitute, representative. 
«tf^B»^-V, »r^, \»r/, ♦ff^Rft, tfT^rt^,. like, resembling, sub- 

istituted, representative. 
t-w, iTKt, ^r^tjltftni^, f^t?^. fsrn^, a blocking up, 

obstructing, besieging, repelling, opposition^ 


354 «r^i^ 

«fl%W^, ^?^, ^r^<1 CT<n, a written reply^ a transcript, 

a copy, counterpart. 

verse, inverted, contrary to the natural 

course or order, against the hair or grain, low, 

vile, base, depraved; an inverted order, &c. 

^f^OTfrs!, ^^9srl ^tz^ ifidrW^mt^, bom of a woman of high 

by a man of low cast. 
cr^/t7> ^» vtn, a catarrh, a cold. [mise. 

ar^o^, ^wiRs, «fRwi, ^fNstj, an assent, engagement, pro- 
^rlsS^F^, ^t^, f^lirs, promised, assented or agreed to, 

accepted, engaged by promise. [nied. 

«rf^ftr^, ^tfjfs, 'irtft^, ^♦f^^, forbidden, prohibited, de- 
«rfec^^, ^^^,*»rft^,^*t^, *fl|F5/T^, a prohibition, for- 
bidding, denial, rejection. 

0^K ^<rtt*, 'wi'*. «w^, wt^^?, w^^rt* ^♦R^?t 

W|^ ifTH^, ^fW, fame, renown, celebri- 
ty, reputation, approbation, commendation, 
consecration of an image, endowment of a 
temple &c. the portioning of a daughter, 
completion of a vow or ceremonial, &c. 

^rfisflrs, 3J5;T5/T*fW, ^<^*n5, ^nnt^. famous, renowned, 

celebrated, applauded, consecrated, honour- 
able, wealthy, endowed. 

«f5%l, •l^ftfs "^vm, ^^'\^f iRTsr^, a cloth skreen, the 

outer curtains of a tent. 

tfff^pnf;, ^pvrtTT, lit^vsn^, a<:hameIion, a lizard. 

^R>*^Ht*i, M'^^c^t^'^twiHiitfl "*i1'R«i, a vibration answering 

to an exciting cause. 

^ffR^^ RTtfif^, t^TTffiri, fir^tH^, ^, ^», 9tjcc<i7 •fflrw^ irt^» 

opposed, resisted, struck, hurt, killed, des- 
troyed, spoiled, reflected back, smitten in 
return. [resist, strike, kill. 

«t%^«nr, «r51? *f1ra:^irT3<i, ^^^, ^t^w, to return a blow, 
Ctt^Bl, U?fWf f^c^TCI, an opponent in conflict^ a resister^ 

obstructer, hindered 

€M;ir 355 

4ft^*^, vij, ^Wit?«P^ PTT, revenge taken for an injury 

received, retaliation. 
^rtN» ^nm, ^nf, a limb, a member, a part. 
«f<Nt3t, ^tf^S99i, •ffiiirW, ^^n?, %*Mil, ^^-^j^^ff, a return, 

recompense, retaliation, remedy, medicine, 

the effect of a medicinal remedy, alleviation 

of disease, a result, penance. 
«rSf^w7, ♦If^nTtrft?, ^^m? ^^n? ^cn?, demanding revenge 

or retaliation, remediable, curable. 
«NHM, t??<i, iFt^, ^IW^^I, to regard, look upon, wait for, 

expect. [looking for. 

9t9lw\, '•JC^f^lt '•ipr^r «t«;Hl, expectation, a waiting or 
«f*tft, nPvJT f^, the west. - 
ttSt^, 'Jtt/T^rt^ff , 'T^s^^r^, f fife, «^«, famed, renowned , 

celebrated, venerated, known* understood, 

glad, delighted, gone, past. [knowledge. 
«f<tt*, 55<r/1t%, «f5t?, PniP? wt«r, fame, renown, notoriety, 
^r gt lEjypr, f<5rw< 7PW9, ^t^, believed, admitted, allowed* 
•t^f, ztW^f^ ''■^, ^fiB, abundance, wealth, prosperity. 
€ft:«W, ^»4l4t^ , «t^ if% a goad, whip, switch, cane. 
4^, V9f 9iV, given, presented, bestowed. 
€rwi, TT^tfnil, ft^tl[Wrt, /. betrothed, given in marriage. . 
W% *fPw, •f?, ^"'i^ij^, aRi^ western, subsequent, 

successive, following in regular order. 

4^/W, ^ftBrac*tt^» '■^, '/^. 'fWT^^, ^«, perceptible ' 

to the senses, sensible, visible, clear, plain, 
evident, obvious, before the eyes, present. 

0mpW^f *^W*t, 5Tjc^tt5r?, evidently, clearly, sensibly. 

«r5/^W»^^, ^FffEt, ,an eye-witness. 

«r»i^iFiWt«i, tfera^Prt^i, «t{:^ftHr, the evidence of the senses, 

the organs of sense. 

«t^/W?, <«^ ^iWF?, •«rfiw<r, f>^, every letter, literally. 

4sr9/wf^, '^fiS9«HlHWtfirs, proved or established by the 

evidence of the. senses, palpable. 

^f^SWf «BWft«?» ^rt%W^^, A^ ^^, an organ of percep« 

tion^ the extremities^ every part. 

386 0^rt^ 

€i^S9f "^f^f^y iWfJO^f contiguous, bordering; the eountry 

of Mlechchhas. [excuse. 

^S^f^W^f ftrW ^?, 'irt^tWl, a special plea in law, an 

tfTSPiT?, ^•t, ftnrt^, sin, separation. 

«Ri1*wi-^, «T^, ^CTW, 'W*!. ^m^, knowledge, recol- 
lection, recognition, an idea arising from 
reflection. [counter-accusalion^ 

<tr5/%nrt^, ftQrf«(^^/? ^r^t^/, <ttv^^, a counter-plea, 

«r^/ir, f^nrt^. ^•rnfl. «t^, wt^, ft^, ^/^^, ^a^rt^, ft*^, 

C^, <efc?t«^, belief, faith, credit, confidence, 
trust, knowledge, apprehension, usage, prac- 
tice, fame, celebrit}\ the termination of a 
word, a cause, motive. 

tft^/flrs, f^tSff^i PWtwrai, believed, confided in, trusted. 

«r5/?t, ft**!^,. «t«W?t. trusting, believing, trusty, faith- 
ful ; a believer. 

«f^;^, <srf^5^, ^, a defendant in law, an enemy. 

«rs/^, f^^ XM^^f to restore, return, deliver back« 

«t^itf, «sr^f^. f^fc^, daily, every day, day by day. 

t£Rrt^*if ^^> ^^?l ^^, to draw . back or pull in a 

contrary direction. 

^it<;pr, pRV^n. '•?^^?, ^tf^l W<i91, ^^^, rejection, 

disregard, denial, refusal, disallowing, dis- 
missal, refutation, disannulling. [back. 

«^rt^^> ^I^St'tipr, ^T?^, a return, turning or coming 

*^iWTi ^^^3 'Sff^'W W^l, resumption, taking back, 

retaliation. [lished, warned. 

itrsilf^^, wr?tMF, «2jx?tf|r5, ^tit^, spoken by an oracle, pub- 

tfj^rtcipn, w?^ ig^icin, bf?^4t, jm*r, w<, ^•iTjrt^ cFsn 

an oracular saying, divine warning, impulse, 
revelation, information, warning, caution. 

«r»rt?W, ^^c<l*J*ir, a recommencement. 

^RTMIi vj^lf 'Sts;?, '*iW^1, hope, trust, confidence, en- 
couragement, expectation. 

iK^SV^, ^S^rtfirs, ^•Mft, ^^, hoping, ezpectii^, waiting 

or looking for, dependant 

«r5rt*W, f^%^» "^l^* »«8^f contiguOTS, proximate. 

resumption, collecting the though ts, abstrac- 
tion, restraint and mortification of the senses, 
an abridgement, compendium, paradigm.' 
€f«/R», 0%r9t, — «rl%w^, a reply, rejoinder, answer, de- 
fence, [before the eyes. 
«r^/^, i!"5t^, "•^, ^ntWTCT, now, now-a-days, evidently, 
m^ntm, ^f*t5l ''^Ipr^, '^iW/^'rt, a respectful reception, a 

rising up to^receive one. 
«r|i^*tf , <t^rt(f^, ^r», «l«,^'i¥^"«, reproduced, prompt, 

ready ; the product in multiplication. 
«\/<Wt?, ^•WK3Ri*ff??rtf ^•t^, fW>n a return of kind- 
ness, gratitude, g^rateful returd. , [twilight. 
«r|i^» ^^^» <srt^t^Fm# the dawn, day-break, morning 
0^ff^ ^9* "^n^y an obstacle, impediment, hindrance. 
€fc«/^, «« ^^f ^f 'WW, every one, each, every. 
«trar«^/, flP<»l^, credible, worthy of credit or belief. 
0VI, ^mS, ^ «rw^, first, prior, previous, chief, principal. 
«r«m^, «r<tcii, — «3ft^,^^tc«r, in the first place, previously^ 
«f«in99, «WCTt^»nrP^,— ^l< «•»• an embryo, a foetus. 
«W1, tW, ^f^fl?, ^<rtf*, custom, usage; habit, fame, 

celebrity. [important. 

«rfm, ft<;t9, ^ WHfV^ , famous, celebrated, illustrious, 
€nf, irW, unw, ^W?, <#r : giving, bestowing, confer- 
ring, yielding. 
«wf4fs«i, utiilWc? WH^ f^TW, the ceremony of walking 

round a person or object, keeping the right 
hand towards it, as a reverent salutation. 
tfffV, ^n, ^rf^, ^TiftRf, given, conferred, bestowed. 
^SW^, '^f Vi», «rtSw;, «r«;w, ft<trr«, clear, manifest, 

evident, elucidated, illustrious. 
«W^, VtK^, x^% W^tt^, wm^, to see, view, shew, make 

known, declare, point out, manifest. 
^pH^, ^^^, ^^w*f, i^an ^URc^lPi*, an offering, ce- 

ramonial present^ medical fee. 

S58 0A^ 

0i(\^t ^rt% f^Rqrn, ^^, ^«^Tiff, a gift, donation, the act of 

giving, offering, &c. 
trlt^f, ^rf^, *l^, a lamp, light, lantern, taper, &c. 
^l^Mv, 1fc^«rR, ^•i, to make to blaze, stir or light up, 

cause to burn brighter, make splendid, &c« 
^fTffl, vr^^, frtife, proud, haughty, elated. 
€icipi, ^iw, ^t^RI, ip, ^°^, a district, country, spot, 

place, part. 
tlti?iR^, ^5^-Jt, the fore-finger. [of the night, 

crww, ?«rftJi5, ^^itcws ^f? f'PSJ^^* evening, the first part 
€finr, ^, t^«i, war, battle, a tearing, a rending. 
cf^Cfsr, cat*, ^, principal, pre-eminent, chief, noble. 

reverse, inversion, opposition, extension, ex- 
pansion, dilation, extent, expanse, prolixity, 
copiousness of style, abundance, quantity, a 
heap, delusipn, a trick, deceit. 

ttnf««, €W^, ft^t^, expanded, dilated, prolix, treated 

of at length, &c. 

«r<flr, crtti, i?^, ^i^, obtained, poor, needy, afflicted* 

€W1, «WR; a place where water is given to trarellers- 

«ffHat5fT, f*WT«rCT? Pro, a paternal great-grandfather. 

€ft^til, wlwj <J«l, a great-grandson in the male line. 

€r^, TSwI^rs, ^tft^, ^rhrrt^TOf blown, expanded, cheer* 

ful, gay, smiling, sparkling, glad, encouraged. 

«f^J(lr5, «fn^^, «J^^f«i^, ^inwT^, expanded, spread, open, 

blown, in blossom, gay, cheerful. 

«rt^, ^^, ^T^^, a speaker, an eloquent man. 

«fwir, «fjfir, Tt^l'tjsl, a treatise, discourse, eloquence. 

«W#^, ^iftf*r^, ^WTiRF, ^, deceiving, insidious; a de- 
ceiver, a cheat. [imposture- 

«rt»Tl, «r55t?«»1. ipnrl, deceit, fraud, swindling, imposition, 

•tiW, '•n^^tfi^ ^rt^/315^, ft^^t, a connected discourse, 

treatise, narrative, tale. [cent. 

<ttS, r^ttwoit^tir ^tin «Pi^«i, race, family, kindred, des- 

«R^, 'Rlt^, CTOtfr, 'iR^W^, ^i^, f^n>9, a commence- 

4t^f^ 359 

ment» undertaking, an entering upon a bu- 
6iness» excitation ; entering upon, ready« 
appointed to, constituted. [tor» stimulus. 

^NV9, 4C91«9> OF^^t exciting, stimulating ; an instiga- 

•4vr, ^OfW^i, ^•WW^i, ?rcw« «rt^ to begin, com mence, 

embark in, enter upon a work or action. 

€1^^^, CF^t^, <stc?t«n>cl, a stimulating, exciting, instiga^- 

tion, subornation. 

^t^^f ^lt^» to grow in size, grow fat or wealthy. 

*W, ^HRpr, lift, '•Ititi^, tfTF^, '•TiW, Strong, power- 
ful, superior, victorious, cogent, valid, sub- 
stantial,' violent, obstinate. [man. 

0V^, VfW^, a termagant, violent and self-willed wo* 

«Wb"P, ^WRr^W, •ttfjw^lft*, explanatory, expository, sig- 
nificant, technical. 

^t^f WlPif a rumour, report, insii)uation, current story. 

cr?t«r, ^m, ^^, coral, a sprout, a.young shoot. 

^nt^9 f^ir*nt^, ^^l%, a temporary or foreign residence, 

lodging, sojourn. [resident. 

^nt^, ♦rtl^, ftOPRrttf a traveller, sojourner, temporary 

-«m!^^ tjf^, ^wtm, <ct9l.lW9f^9T?, ^^tt^i^«t^, a stream, 

current, flow, course, train of circumstances, 
traditional custom, immemorial usage, the va- 
riations of weather, amoving line of cattle See. 

«r«tiF9, rtnv, ^«lf^?1, 99, carrying or flowing ofi", flowing. 

«tft^, ^•»3PW, ^rtftiW, ^?<t«, ?rt*W, ^WTt, entered into or 

upon, embarked or engaged in, understand- 
ing, pervading, thrust into. 

tfCtt^y f^^% •tt. ft", ^^^f cleVer, skilled, conversant, 

eminent, learned. 

«ffW» f^nrajtf^. ^^f f^TRi» •t^f •tf|WlH«, awake, wak- 
ened, vigilant, roused, stimulated, compre- 
hending, convinced, convicted. 

tffV, <etf^, 9i?ni, ^v^9 having commenced or engaged 

in, beginning, about. 

fWt9, ^mWtf c^Et^t ^ comtneneement, entering 
upon, effort, inclination, tendency, predilec- 
tion, excitation, excitement, stimulus, insti" 
gation, urging, intelligence, a current, course. 

<rCT«1, ^WR[ «m«r, 'm^pf, «rft«l, ^«C/?imr, an enlrance, in- 
troduction, commencement, intense applica^ 
tipn or devotion to, persevering adherence 
in J [a pursuit, &c, 

eKTl^, nrftFT, ^^«r, «rwr, to enter, penetrate, enter into 

etWWl, ^Ijrtf^in, CRSTf'nil, nflBrt^W, one vf ho convinces, 

awakens or excites attention^ 

tlWt^t, •tfiWK, ^^, «t^. \f*, Wt^tW, wsm, conviction. 

demonstration,.a soothing, quieting* appea;^ 
ing, persuasion, knowledge, understandings 
intellect, wakefulness, vigilance, attention. 

etwr^CT, «rwt€t— <lftwt*W, CTOtf^, «itmPrin, convincing, 

calling forth ideas, arresting attention, awak- 
ening, exciting to vigilance. [menta^ 

€tnt^» ^M^ vtsTT^, 15^> ^o convince, push with argu- 

0f^f ^^^» gone on a pilgrimage. 

ef^pin, ^^€4v^ir^yt, ^ft^?, a pilgrim, an ascetic, a tra* 

veiling or mendicant devbtee. 

enn, ^•If*, wrfflr, ^, ^ni^«^, Pl^nft, birth, produc- 
tion, a birth-place, source, the generative 
cause or basis of a thing, an operative caass 
of existence as father or mother. 

«i^, $^» rm, light, radiance, splendour, lustre, glorj. 

ct^Ft^y ^, 5^, ftf^¥R, wfUf/JTR, the sun, the moon ; 

splendid, radiant. [dawn. 

«rvt9, tfft^WW, "^(W^, «r|nr, morning, day-break, the 

er^rt, ^(ffXVf C^W, *l?iaw, ^m% majesty, dignity^ 

greatness, power, magnanimity, high spirit, 
a high and jealous sense of honour. 

«nBt^, ^""f^m* a celebrated place of pilgrimage. 

«rf^i ^ff ^f ^'^/f Wnft ^«<^«f distinct, different* 

separated, severed, divided, broken* 

cdltT 861 


€19, ^, iiPWft, v^, im, rpitP(*t, a master, owner, 

lord, governor, sovereign. 
«|«, tPTTOI, ?tiRr, '•nflW^/, 5f^, greatness, power,. 

supremacy, sway, government, lordship, so ve* 

reignty, dominion, 
^•'^j ^f^f ^Tfinf^nW, lordship &c : a playing the lord 

and master. [voted, obsequious. 

<WV», ^iJUlTWj ^rfil^t ^^^, ^|V|4^, loyal, faithful^ de- 
*^^, ^, ^, VT3?t, J^f ^, ^^t^, ■ttfif^, ?tWtftl^, «ftll4t^ 

much, many, important, great, high, lofty, 

gone up, ascended, governed by a sovereign, 

ruled, become great. [the like. 

^1%, •f^twt^w, ^^rtf^, affix : et cetera, and others, and 

€mpf, ftpw, CT>i^<«x, ^ww;> Hn:^, •it^/, fifw^, •irtf,. 

^r^prtsr, a difference, distinction, disparity, 
inequality, separation, a severing, di:5crimi- 
nating, a surname, a nick-name. 

€hW, ^6«rt5r», JWfin^*, ftC¥tw, '•rfSirt*, elated, joyful, in- 
toxicated, thoughtless, precipitate. 

«nnr, w^, ^t^, joy, delight, pleasure, rapture. 

cprat, firW «l^nTc2Ft^1 ^ a beautiful woman. 

«r«rl, ^t^'C. ^^'^^ '•PSJ?^, iR^?, ^nraiT^, true knowledge, 

accurate perception, consciousness, a know- 
ledge of the soul's identity with God. 

^rf^t, evidence, proof, testimony, attestation^ 
demonstration, authority or warrant for aa 
opinion, an instance, example, a witness^ 
€W^*t3i, Pnp^Nnai, gjf^^ttr, a voucher, an affidavit^ a de- 
position, [proof.' 
*I*W1» «ftrt«Wtft, »it^)lt?^, one who gives evidence or 
«tm«1«^^, Jrt^WnfH l^fswrrt, m. ^ /. a maternal great 

grandfather or great grandmother. 

<W?, ^HW*»^ 1, tpr, F^, ^if , ^♦fW, ^•rtW, inadvertence, 

carelessness, precipitation, error, confusion^ 
Yuin, misfortune. 

a 1 

362 «rm«4 

.^rxt^f ^ctttKX^, ^f^CT'Jf, ^iw, ^•KglJ careless, inattenr 

tive, inadvertent, thoughtless, mad, ruinous. 

dSift^^f «2prt<iWtft, :rT^, giving proof -or evidence, testifying. 

48rISr^, «fsrt«if^, ^swt^i, proved, established, authentic. 

«r5t^, if^, zvs, dead, defunct, deceased, departed. 

tfP'^rt^j^T^/^t?!, vrt?, from the mouth of, byword of 

mouth, verbally ; verbal. 

«r^fRfi5, ^«, ^«rBtRr5, overjoyed, elated, pleased, happy. 

«K??» ^<1*tw/, «r(%*fW^, «W<l^V, capable of proot 

probable, demonstrable. 

tfTOTf, CTCTwt?, ^^^* 33^3WtTrr«f, urinary affection as go- 
norrhoea, gleet, diabetes, &c. [from. 

.^nfft^'^fin^^. ^?<i, ^«?«t, to liberate, free, save, detach 

€fCTnr/ ^, ^Wt*r, great joy, delight, pleasure, happiness. 

<2R3rt^, ^srf'f^. 3rrsrT9«r7, elated, glad, causing delight, de- 
lightful. ' [austerities, &c. 

«f^, ^f^, <^<3i, ^*i/^T^, holy, pious, purified by religious 

^ft5, ^«(/5^rt?, ^^«t»r, '^rf^ir?!^, ?f c^^1, persevering effort, 

great labour, exertion, care. 

«r?t^, ^«r^^ ftrw, any place of pilgrimage at the con- 
fluence of two rivers, particularly Allahabad^ 

«f9R, <tiR, 5^^, «1XT^, P^e, ^pEr'niW, ^, a going, de- 
parting, a march, attack, invasion, motion. 

«fxrt^, ^, ^(^55, z0^, gone, proceeded, departed. 

«r?T^, rer^l, t^, '^t^Tffl. »ft, ^^?t^, ^*r, ^'rfW^rwn, an en- 
deavour or desire after, bias, passion or taste 
for, love, diligent exertion, ardent pursuit. 

ifiTSt^, ?;j€t, «tmfir«, ^^l, ^^, ^^wrft, diligent, ardent, 

persevering, solicitous, desirous* 

«ff^, ftf*f^, 'STT^, «if^, f^fir^, «J^/, endowed with, pos- 
sessed of, resulting or arising from, excited 
or occasioned by; fron^,' on account oC for, 
because of, for the sake of. [tible. Sec. 

,^t^m, ^'^tT't^, 'Sf^^rf'ftir, capable of excitementy suscep- 

^r|^, .w*t«iv, a million. [thor, exciter. 

«fC5t^1, «r|1^'(^, tSR^^, PWf^H, a m^oyer, instigator, au- 

f^. «ltl^<i. W. \^, KCVt^^. an effort, 
exertion, act, action, commencement, en- 
trance upon, main object, end, result, conse- 
quence, application or use of a word, an affair, 
matter, text, authority, example, illustration, 
principal at interest, the effect of magical rites. 

€rc?t^» ^•ttW,<t|Wf, «r^nt?^, causing, ej^citing, stimu- 
lating, promoting, advancing, 

ifTCIOTW, I5^5tf^?l, «r^^, CtfiPP, wrwT^W, id. a mover, insti- 
gator, moving cause; sending, ordering. 

a cause, occasion, origin, motive, incentive, 
object, necessity, use, advantage, an affair, 
undertaking. [occasion, proper. 

tKirWft?, W^?*^, 'S^^, ^^5^, necessary, suited to the 

<rcinw, ^•rpi'n/^, ^fr^, jJ^ik^, c^irj, necessary, suitable, 

proper; a capital or principal, a messenger.' 

cfirf^, '!9f^9 ^pftf^f said, spoken, mentioned, declared. 

^?, V^tTW, 5ijf4^^tt, r<^\% IT^, ^^, «rtr<l ^j<i, ^*T» ^t^% 
. ^^^5^, the end of a Calpa or universal des t ruc- 
tion of the world, destruction, annihilation, 
dissolution, decomposition, resolution, loss, 
fainting, death ; vast, excessive. 

€W«1, ^«rt?rt1, ^iR<^ ^t^/, ^wrnn?^tw ^f*W ^w, talk, con- 
versation, unmeaning or incoherent talking, 
delirious ravings, &c. [herently. 

€ t^Wk^ , ^^» "^^iW^'l^rt, delirious, raving, talking inco- 

«f5rt^, ^fjrrit, 'iPlW^^t^, speaking, conversing, discours- 
ing, talking unconnectedly or deliriously. 

^m^9 ^^FStSlc^ V^n^ 79/, a plaster, salve, ointment. 

^Bf^t^* W^rs ttrw^ 9ft*fpr, 'JWPr, to dress a wound, ap- 
ply a plaster or salve, &c. [bait. 

^TOTtV, ^?1, 'rt'i^, f5, desire, covetousness, a bribe, a 

«n*^PC, ^li^**! 'WH, f^t^X m^^% to praise, extol, pane-: 

gyrize, celebrate, applaud, flatter. 

364 «r>rt 

"^M^^f, «M^/, — ^ff^^ WW/f ^Rtt 'H^^^ praisewof* 
. thy, laudable, commendable. [flattery. 

<M'^1, Vtt^y tl^t^^^, ^?, praise, commendation, applause, 

«M*^, t»«iT^^, ^tw, praising, celebrating, applauding. 

«f»W^, ft'^p^,rst^tiW,«1t«iClrt^*l,«ft1^P■«^^ destruction, slaugh- 
ter, removal of disease, expiation of guilt. 

€t«nf , ^, JPTO, ^vr, %*»|np, ^Nift, c^^, fi^, ^irfl?, prais- 
ed, applauded, approved, excellent, good, 
suitable,' fit, happy, wide, broad, spacious, 
capacious, roomy, airy, vast, unconfined. 

<tf^% «r^/^, *^, '^r9f ^tcn?, clear, evident, authentic. 

cr<ir, ftrvt^, ^^^, a question, enquiry, interrogatioii, 

proposition. [breath. 

€htt^, ^(r|^;t^, n(57, expiration, respiration, breathing, 

0^^ «r*i?, ni?, •rWWirl, ^wfiR, wtro^, affection, love, 

regard, over-indulgence, leniency. 

crkl^ Ikvt'i^* one who asks or interrogates, an enquirer. 

46r>, «rtH, c«r>, ^jm*, ^'iflW, •l^nrft, chief, principal, 

best, preceding, going first Or before ; a leader, 
chief, conductor, partizan. 

**-1, •tCT? A'^1k% ^, a page of a book. 

•fjns, ^R^^rv, ^iVH^f W4\UfH> «Wfin, «w» ^Wtsns, ^R^riw, 

f^r^/, 'ns^t, attached to, enamoured, fond of, 
zealous, engaged in, conversed about, treated 
of, obtained, gained, expanded* opened, con- 
stant, eternal, everlasting ; eternally, ever. 

€N^, <frtt^» ^[^t¥, 3ft^, Tt^^w;, ^R^^, a topic, subject 

of conversation, dalliance, fondling, tender- 
ness, attachment, affection. 

«fw, f^ftf ^tm^p -twi, ♦», ''RW^f, ^riwr^t, wr^, 

a topic, subject, introduction, mention, a 
treatise, a sentiment, passage from a book, an 
insertion, association, connection. 
«finr9fif1^, ?F^?t^, conversation, discourse on a topic. 

^rti, «r^«tft, ^mflf^, w^wpr, «^,f*N«r, ^[^, wwjw/w 

v^ ^n, gracious, favourable, kind, com** 

m^ 365 

plaoe&t, propitious, pleased, delighted, clear/ 
clean, bright, pellucid, frequented, {as a road.) 

«W, ^NT^/T^r, ft?^, aw, ^•iRl, mfis, ^•bi, ^•^, childbirth, 

parturition, yeaning &c. birth, production^ 
offspring, a fruit, a flower. 

*W^, 4^414 W?, a lying-in chamber. [calve, &c. 

<WK> ^^ftiR, w^rt^, ftnrr, to produce, bring forth, yean, 

<f^, ^»rtfW, «n?, er«t?<rt5f ^uictrprM, ^, CT*', dimensions, 

extent, width, affectionate solicitation, speed, 
icelocity^ [violently. 

^W?*/, f>t^, ?«rr^7, suddenly, unexpectedly, forcibly, 

grace, favour, kindness, propitiousness, a 
gift, present, pension, reward, leavings, rem- 
nents of an offering, life, breath, welfare, 
clearness, brightness, cleanness, pellucidness. 

<P!WC*t^, ^f^Kvr^St, •l?^; ^ft''ti[Hjf» a pensioner; enjoy- 
ing favours, &c. eating the remnants of offer- 
ings, iiCr feeding on another's leavings. 

<Pitfi^, "^(^J^, ^•R^rpi, f^ W, favoured, treated gra- 
ciously, graciously bestowed, &c. 

«W^, ^^IT', ^^CRPj;, shewing favour, gracious, kind. 

<f^mi!Ni, ^?[^?[^, an honorary dress. 

€Wnr, ftw/t^Ff, w^^l, decoration, embellishment, dress. 

«riitf^» ^Dni, 9i«vnr, l>rttl, ornamented, decorated, embel* 

lished, accomplished, finished. 

width, extent, expansion, foraging, publicity, 

fame. • [extend, spread out* 

cmr?^, <f|r*t^, «rt1«pr, ftwT?r«i, to open, expand, .unfold, 
«n^, «WiW, V^, ^r^ftrs, Wi>^, ft^/ri, ^1^«, clear, evident, 

plain, current, noted, famous, celebrated 

ornamented, adorned. 
«|W^, f5wt/tft, ^^, fame, celebrity, notoriety. 
tft^ «it^, ^ilfHiFt ^nli a mother, a spreading creeper. 

36fi €f)^im 

cfij^, «it5, ^^♦ff , Tiorn, brought forth, engendered. 

€W5i, «mR5^,— ^«rfMt«i «rin ^trtnf w aft, ^Rfirft, *<^H4>8, 

/. recently brought to bed, having had a cbild^ 
€f Jif5, tSf ^ ^'em, r?|if5r, wr, ^«11^, ^iif^j, a bringing forth, 

yeaning, &c : birth, production, offspring. 
cfJTif^ *I7^> ^^' ^'^^ ^ flower, bud, blossom, fruit, 
cpjf^, f^l ^?^»r, ^ta ^'i^ *f^^, *fw, the palm of th«t 

hand hollowed, a palmful, a handful. 
€f^, ^1fft<i, Pwi,. Jrf^, ^tJj^, a stone, rock, gem, jeweU 

a bunch of flowers, a nosegay, 

cr^t^, ^t«, ^«rt^>t^, «r^, ^^^/r^f, ^^. ^w?, '•PW?, men^ 

/tion, relation, introduction, a topic, a story» 
a passage, an occasion, opportunity. 

^Wt^^, ^<tt^M^, %^^it^, an introduction, commence* 

ipent, a prologue, prelude. 

crvtRrI, ^f^, ^CWftt^, ?r<;5, mentioned, told, related. 

«lit^, f^^nr, ^rs, ^^rfi^, ^, •twft^, «pi®Pi^, ^&^* 

finished, completed, prepared, ready, prompt^ 
willing, present, at hand, t^aid, revealed, de- 
clared, praised, eulogized, advanced. 

«rf p «W,-r-*ft3|, ^t?R^lff , WtTi, l^^W, ci^i^, «rt?«l, *Tti, ^, irt^ 

^^ <t<®9 ^, *lf?m^ ftW^, a set of utensils, 
suit of clothes, a team, width, breadth, a 
volume, section, mountain table-laud, a mea^ 
sure of quantity. 

«r^«r, ^rf^'T^I^, 631^, vt^r-Jit^, the march of an assailant^, 

a departure, setting off. [patch. 

<r^^, CTTtT, ^*R, 1^1% to cause to depart, send, dis- 

€ff^, ^t3, t^i^^ <sf?t^, gone, departed, marched forth. 

€f^f^, fij^f^^, 'Sf^ftpj, open, expanded, blown. 

^fC'^l^, ^^%1 "tH/ ^|ct^, ^^^, f^ww^, to winnow corn^ 

to open or expand as a flower. 

^P^% «Rl**> ^^. ^"^^ ^^^» «i5it^ J, to ooze, leak, perspire, 

make water ; a spring, a fountain. 

^rjrt 'JJi, ^3i^/T^, urine, the passing of urine. [repet 

«tl^^>5T?<i, ^"m, W^^% to smite, wound, kill, defeat 

crt^ar 367 

*W- ^, a watch or fourth part of the day or night. 
*f^, t^t^, w[^f^?1, a watchman, sentry ; keeping watch. 
«R^ injl, WWff JTt?^, one who beats, a striker, smiter. 
«?rfi ^vt^, ^9nn, joy; gladness, hilarity. 
*ffRr, ^irre, ^'HRPjI, a blow, a stroke, a smiting. 
*RrT?<i, Vtj% ^'nr, fW6^, to beat, strike, smite, flog, 
tnnjit, nijPlTn, ^t?tPr?1, f^ft[?1, ^rs^, beating, striking, 

smiting, flogging, killing. 
«tf^, f^r?w, cff&^r, rfll^^, ^*l?>»5, ^n^*!, ^«rw?, shot ag 

from a bow, sent, dispatched, suitable appro- 
priate ; a sauce, gravy, condiment, 
cf^, f^» vllirs, 99, beaten, struck, smitten, wounded. 
0^, vrv^, ^f'TS, glad, rejoiced, pleased, happy. 
<fa[fiwi, ^ vw\< «P«, rfsrtt, a riddle, an enigma, a puz- 
zling question. ^ 
^€rt««, ^iwl, Wf, ^, <fK height ; high, tall, lofty, 
crr^, tfttit^, 'Sfitt, ^f , former, prior, olden, east; before. 
<rW?, WS1, W^f «Tf ^^f** **«?? wi^«rt*t?r, a fence, inclo- 

sure, surrounding wall, a rampart or mound. 

^tt^t ^, ^•'•^rs^ ^iri, common, plebeian, vulgar, low. 

€rP5T9l, ^^Vn, c?tc^ ^ fip^T ypT W, former or olden time,. 

the crisis of a disease. 
€n^w, ^i; 5fnw, fate, destiny, luck. [gency* 

€tT^Njr, "^s^f ^^^^» ^t^f^, ardor, zeal, cleverness, pun* 
^^nw^, %<*ff^?[^^P#^irot^, previous non-existence.^ 
^?IWg/, WRf, ^TtTW, PTt^, iftRsr^, H^\ vs%\% ^^, pomp» 

parade, show, bustle, arrogance, ccmfidence* 
effrontery, boldness, insolence. 
«tW^, ^'^f WiR" ^tc^f, as before, 
^ff^tf^, ♦rtRTI, a previous state, former condition. 
«nw*i, ^■riftnn, a court-yard, an outer yard. 
«n^/T?, ^'WCT? ^f^[5t?, a former trial of a cause. 
.crt'ifl^* ^^^8^* *l^Wf looking eastward, having the face 

turned to the eastward. 
tfTTft, ^^^f the east. [crepit. 

«rtft^# ^X^p ^n(*ffrT, ^% old, ancient, olden, aged, de- 


368 «tttVt 

£rtffl^^*1, iftf/. ^l^rt^'TWI, tradition, ancient story. 

^rr^, ^^^9 ^*T^, antiquity, old age. 

«rt^» t^9 ^^* a fence, wall, hedge, ioclosure. 

0XS^ ^1^;, f^W, plenty, suflSciency, abundance. 

«tt^/, •fjtt^ ^^ft? ^4irf*W tipt, the country South and 

East of the Shardbati . 

«rW^/, ft^ 'f^? ftP<', ^^ r<r«, 3n5 ftrw, a form of 

marriage by gift, a particular sacrifice, a 
peculiar penance. [clever. 

«rtw, *tf^«, ^fw^T, f^^\ learned, wise, skilful, sensible^ 

<rt«l^» ^?^> WVS\, honest, upright, sincere, liberal. 

^ Vf^9 ^^^ T^rvt^, the joined hands open and hollowed* 

<i1>)(f^(^t?^, r^?l^» a judge, a magistrate. 

41^, f^rntT'T, ^T9 , #9, breath, vital air, life, the soul. 

CTT^^^, «l<*<t"l***i, to take away an animal s life, to kill. 

«rtwr5?f, «ft«WT^, — ^^, ^^^f flft^^rH^, murderous,. dead- 
ly, fatal, mortal, destroying life. 

€rfw/t^, #t?^^ft*r, Wji^, the relinquishing of life, death. 

^•iTBTt^, fier?^» 'Tt^, a husband, {so addressed by his wife.) 

€rtW<i, #wnr, "W^m «nrw, ^W, the staking or hazarding^ 

of life, great exertion, strong effort, zeal. 

€rt^<sff^, f^tV^, ^971^, dear as life ! resembling life ! 

cfT^^f^ti, cR^^tji ««rftirtr5 ^srrw, the consecration or ina- 
nimation of an idol. 

€rT<ifinr, fSsfinw, WitPi, voc. beloved of my soul ! 

<(t<i^^, 'nSU ^v, animated matter. [like the life. 

tfrt^mr, ^rt^i^WPr, -*fir?w, tft?^w, dear as life, very dear> 

«ft*i^, ^'^twi f9l, murderous, deadly, mortal; a murderer. 

tffHft'^, tft^'TtM, i^;1, an injury to life, murder. 

«rt<iTKrj, 'riN "tft?, a living body, the vessel of the soul. 

cn^iTfJJ^, '•i^sftr^, ^«rtfif, one dearer than life, a son, &c. 

«n«ltTff, 'C/t^'f're? ?n[«n?«l, a mode of breathing during men- 
tal prayer. [ing, an animal. 

^^, tS^W, ^•^^tWl, «nr, living, vital ; an animated be- 

trtWM, «m<iHt?,— ^TlSp!WT«f ^V, a husband, (^so addres^ 

by his wife,) i. c. lord of my life I 

«rtw, ^ifW ti fil , the dawn, the morning, [after sun-rise. 
«rr»i?rt«r, ^rnnt ^ f? ^% the morning, the two hours 
^Tf*^/, ri^?t«;, ftjRW, ^^f^* contrariety, opposition. 
*nt%vn/, frtl^, ^9W^1, security, suretiship, bail. 
^ttf^CTW/, ^^•tft^/, ^rfti^r, contrariety to nature, opposir 

tion to the grain. [confidential. 

«ff«/fiw, f3 in| t> < f< *r? ^ , P«rm/, pertaining to faith or trust, 
^tT'ffiw, ^JR, ^•rtf^, ^5^«i/, first, prior, initial, belonging 

to the first, having a right to priority, entitled 
to precedence. 
«rTfJ^, «pn"f, ifPf^l, ^J??, '^^r^H, irftnl, a manifestation, 

appearin<r, coming to light, rising, eliciting, 
a vaunting, ostentation, greatness. 
<fiftv^, «WPW, ^r^, manifest, clear, evident, elicited. 
«fWP1, tfpnfjW^^^Br^ ^?Jn«», the span of the thumb and 

«ft^Ct"T/, caflW, ^t^, pre-eminence, superiority. 
«fT^, ^, ^n^f *t«n, i«W^^, a margin, shore, border, 

end, outskirts. [road, a desert. 

«ffY?, ¥f dn^ n^f *f^, ^rt>, a long, dreary, unsheltered 
«rt<t^, flrt^r, ^^'T, ^•rw^, finirt^, w^, wwT^, to obtain, 

find, get, inherit, acquire, cause to obtain, 
procure, occasion. 
^^, Ti, ^•ttftirS, firf^^, fifrri, '^^, * obtained, gained, 

acquired, (ound ; prefix : possessing, afiected 
with, arrived at, &c. 
gfT^^f ^T , i(s5, rtf^, dead, deceased, defunct. 
€fr«l^pani[, Wt?5^, ^#BT?5^. adult, of age, arrived at the 

age of legal responsibility. 
tffr^CTl^^, ?W?"ITP(^ '^^ ^1W wi, arrived at puberty. 
«flf^, ^IV9, ^•t^, ^f^if acquisition, possession, profit, 

gain, benefit, advantage. [tainable. 

s(t^f9 Vl^55^, 'iP^Ntir, «J^/, heritable, patrimonial, ob- 
«rt*W/f ^[M rw tf,T^, the expansion of a flower or of the 

mind, gladness. {skreen, a shed. 

crt^S ^«ft? ^, ''rrstsT, wrf?t, an outer garment, r 


37a «rt^ 

\ . ' 

Jft^^, crstfTTi, <fir^f^WR^, exciting, stimng up, stimulate 

ing» instigating. 
€rt?5i/, irW^V, r^apJr, strength, power. [a speeifieation. 

^W^, «srtlt?— ^^^8. ftr^ fwt^nrii a pressure of busiiieas^ 
^^^ ^PT^W»J, ^^*W«l, rainy, wet ; the raind. 
€ft^^, Wfji^, Fff^^, '*<t«^tf*f^, ^?^, fenced, skreened, co- 
vered, defended ; an outer garment 

4fwift^» "traifira, «prT*»3W, ^rfWpT/, ^r^tw «rnt^, c^JWi» 

Vf^ <sW«i^PT?it *ff^^, well-founded, approved, 
founded on evidence ; a president, chairman, 
the head of a trade, a learned man who sup** 
ports his opinions by reference to books, &c. 

«(WW/, ^^f5l, ^Jftt;:/^, 5^8^, f^*ft*9f>ift;, authenticity, cre- 
dibility, probability, practicability, evidence, 

«tt1f, «ft?«,— f^*^ \f^ 'W%, n?, ^/, f^, almost, nearly ; 

in compos: abounding in, like, resembling. 

«rn«^ ^l^mc^'W?, ^iif?r^T°*t«», 41«t«jj*c^, ^i\, «rtT^. al- 
most, nearly, mostly, nearly all, largely, a- 
bundantly, frequently, generally. [ment. 

^rfjrf^p^, ^^PrPl ^sTM^ spaf, a penance, expiation, atone- 

«ITl%^, Ppft?^ ^/^ 'Wfl, nearly all, nearly, almost. 

<srn[^, w^'Sy ^«, begun, fixed by fate ; destiny, fate. 

€tt?nir, ^^naR, ^R^t^, a beginning, a commencement 

plicating, supplicatory ; a wisher, requester, 

solicitor, suitor, candidate. 
«rt^, *rtw^, '^TP^, ^'ifsr, to ask, desire, supplicate, pray. 
^^, «rt^t^, I^JR^, mg, ^•^, a request, prayer^ 

petition, supplication, desire. 
tfTf^rf?^* ^Hf^, *twftnt, a petitioner, one who prays, &c. 
^erwv, •tft'W,, — ^^i, ^itw^f fate, destiny, predestinatioo. 
dfWT, v^<i, 'irtrtir, an eating, a meal. 

«ri*t^/, ^^, ftvs, ^m?, ^^OT^. ^'^^, largeness exteat, 

capaciousness, excellence. 
«rP»ff, WrtR^tft, cvt^l, eating, feeding. 
«rt^W, .^vllfll*!, WTW?i a palace, a temple. 

<tt9, fticrf ^f^^, the forenoon, the morning. 
ftf?, CTTf^ttor, ^, «JCTt?W, beloved, dear, amiable, agree- 
• able, grateful, pleasant. [saht« 

^3*?*?, W^IWf «fC^t?«|5Pi amiable, exciting regard, plea* 
^^^VlVf, ftRi^ttt, 11ri?t#t, saying agreeable things, 
dtw, f^fi, '•nrt^, ^'T'fl, satisfaction, fulness^ satiety* 
4t^ ftra, pfitir^tR, ^^, ^ii, beloved, esteemed, satisfied* 

happy» pleased. 
4N%, ^tvf, nn[, «f^, %fi, 'iWff , ?f^, «f^, love, affection, 

esteem, regard, gratification, enjoy ment, plea- 
sure, satisfaction, 
tfftfiwtw, nn[9V, <tr^ft, ^^^f»r, loving, affectionate, kind. 
IV9. #i|^, "n|[, a nail, a peg, a pin. .[see, discern. 

C^tw^, ^4(iit<^4, cf?*!, to view, survey, observe, behold, 
C^Npr, ^pR, Zf(pnf «np, to hang, be pendent, swing, shake- 
W^, CiTtWt, a swing, hammock, travelling litter. 
c<2rt, i|^, fH'ITF, ^i^^tt^t departed, deceased ; a ghost, 

spirit, goblin, spectre, fiend. 
zeth^r^, tirwt^,---^«wr^*|?litRiMi1, ^Rwrf«fip?1, funeral ce- 
remonies, obsequies. 
Wfis^rfi, ^, Yama or the regent of death. 
Wfw, •TjWtCT, in the next world, in the world of spirits. 
zttB^, i?^4t, the river of hell or Hindoo Styx. 
C(2fii, rwr, tfT^i?, ^*^^m;, ?^, ?fi, ipHI, love, affection^ 

attachment, tenderness, intimacy, friendship, 
pleasure, enjoyment, pastime, sport, fondling, 
caressing. [acquaintance. 

r^rit, rfWi^, fln, •tfirf^, loving, affectionate ; a friend, 
C^nrpr, r«r?^, — f^% ctrW, m. &/. dear, best beloved. 
Z^t9^, ♦ff*T^, ^'WtOW^, n^WW^, ^T^ wirar, to send, des- 
patch, give orders, command, appoint, de- 
legate, instigate, cause. [mander. 
t^ttPf^f ttWF, ^Ofl^, one who sends or orders, a com- 
znt¥^, •n>T^, frWTftRJ, «rctiTW/,' ^p^W^, ^«, sent &c; a mes- 
senger, ambassador, apostle. 
*»!M^, ^ilWPW, to send, order, command, direct 

37a . tfw 

wr», "wsn rwr^far, greatly beloved, outstripped. 

z^^f, ^«, ^^;, tftif, a messenger, servant, slave. 

CsrT9, 9f^> ^mrftni, said, spoken, declared, uttered. 

C«rT^«i, ^%f^i9m^fvv^% 'W^, ^ftWR ^?<i, to sprinkle cere- 
monially, to slaughter for sacrifice^ immolate. 

t«rw^, 11*7, c^tt'P'i ITlrt ^*»^Pfjr, sacrificial, requiring to 

be ceremonially sprinkled.. [incitement. 

C^fptiFit^, irs;^ «?t^, «r|Rff, effort, exertion, a stimulus, 

tfrt^-'Tt^, ^vni^f irar^itWl, an instigator, stimulator, adviser. 

taiftt^, ic^^, ^ttTt, fixed or buried in the. earth. 

l^fftft^, ftopt^, «^^, W"rt^iRt^, abroad, absent, away 

from home, sojourning in a foreign country. 

tfttfTO«1f^^ ^1 V^'^sl,- r<«if«tst^P5rTfiNt, a woman vrhose hus- 
band *is absent or gone a journey. 

Wi¥, "^ifirt^, ft^iTfirs, f^, ^tfirs, w81, U^^^, "^fditfB, adnlt^ 

full grown, married, old, arrogant, confident^ 
controverted, disputed. 

a married woman, one from the age of 30 to 

35 years, an amorous female. 
c«.J^, ^^. ^^Tt^, <t<*1^, ^t?r^?W, Rrj^i, enterprize^ 

zeal, rashness, an' affirmation, a ccmtroversy, 

investigation. [fig tree. 

ttWf ^■nW. ^^9 the holy fig tree, the wave-leaved 

tt?, V'^, «n55, \^, v^i^y ^^mf^, c«?«i, resri, ^^cw ^r^, 

irw^t^nrcwrRr, fw, ^^, wit*i?, fW 'w, "w. 

'JT^?^ WT^, a jump, leap, plunging, diving, 
floating or swimming, a sending or directing, 
a raftr float, the diver bird, whatever goes by 
leaps or jumps, as frogs, monkies, sheep, &c. 
a declivity or shelving ground, a piece of wa- 
ter, a basket for catching fish, a protracted 
accent, an enemy, a sort of grass. - 

lt^«t, Tprjrre^tW, tt^^fiJ^s, a monkey, a frog &c. what- 
ever moves by leaps. [plunge. 

t^f •r^pr, ^ finrt ^^, %^ w^ to leap, jump, gattop^ 

ftrtw, ^i1, ^••w, 1^<^f fll^, a deluge, ^ood, inuiida^ 

lion; to overflow, inundate, suffuse, sprinkle. 

*?!• ^t^f ^'V, WW ftrw, the spleen, a diseased «n«^ 

largement of the spleen. 

^, ^irt^, wrt*!", ^/t«, TW, ^W, <«i^, ftw'*?, jumped, 

overflowed, suffused, sprinkled; a gallop, leiqp, 
a skipping or capering, a grave accent. 

^^f f\J% ^f •» ^^^* ^t^^, to fail, miscarry, to 

disappoint, to mock expectation. 

^FVpv, WtSi^r ^^^f ^^ cause to fail, disappoint, balk. 

^F»*, ^/< ma^'^, ^PRW, tilVI. f'^Pnrt, ^t*^, ?jC failing, 

disappointing, balking, delusive, pretending, 
imposing ; a rogue* a cheat. [ment. 

^Wfl. •JjiW, ^%f a position or thesis, assertion, argu-* 

^sfipn, T<^1^» ftWlW^, 'Pt#», VR1, ^V51, «rH»^, C5j|«lH; 

f^WttiWs, <1^«Pr,^'lWV»t id : also— a sophispft; 
deception,delusion, trick, fraud, illusion, stra- 
tagem, treachery, failure, disappointment. 
i^,_ijtinjt^, ^K^, ^WTf. penniless, poor. 
^i^il^, r^j^^, disappointing, failing. 

^spn^, ^5f?T^,— ft^;l, ^vns, ^»i«r^, ^'W*, unsubstantial, 

tinsel, slight, weak. [speckled. 

^,^, ^^r^tfSTrt, c^5, ffefti^, a straggler, a dilemma-; 

^,^St, ^,f*?t,— ifB, ^^ aw ftrw, alum. 

IPPS^, ^TF, '^f^, chrystal, quartz. 

1^, •tmi^ f^rw, a peculiar game at dice. 

iP5ft^. •W^, ^, V^ 'fl^rt, a twig, a small branch. 

^ar, •t53r f5c»w, ^|W1. <19f*nfli, a grasshopper, a cricjcefc 

a locust. [P^^ty shopkeeper, 

^il^irl, ^ftgt^n^^, ^ n*i/!, a pedlar, retail dealer, 

55^?t^, ^^ytPr?1, — ^5T^^, ^1E^^, loquacious, talkative^ 

garrulous, voluble. [p^U««* 

9^1, ^> ^^ iSftni^ iiV9, the hood of the cobra di ca- 

^^Vn, ^^9 ^9 — ^t a snake, tlie hooded make or 

cobra capella. [a commencement. 

^f^9 f^9 ^» ^^f "^i^t a machiciation, artifice, snare, 

W^9 fsHij^, '^fi^, clean, clear, limpid, transparent. 

V1^9V^«i, n9 ^% ^Trit ^^» to assume consequence* 

to brag, to boast, to look big. 

^Wf ^fWtfffi 'W/, ^•W, W9, i^Wftf^, «fC(l«l«r, ^*t#l4, 

^^ilflnr '^S!^ c^?, ^^'^ '^^ fr"'^» produce, 
result, consequence, effect, advantage or dis^ 
advantage, utility, benefit, sense, meaning, 
quality, property or virtue, gain; profit, in- 
terest on money &c^ reward or punisbmenty 
success, a ploughshai'e, a spear or arrow 
head, the blade of a knife, the second term 
in proportion. [slate, a ploughshare. 

imv, vt*f, Aini^ ^» ^^, a shield, a writing board, a 

Wi#, vt#, carrying a shield, armed with a shield. 

ntnt, 1V^<» ^"'^^ f in reality, indeed, that is to say, in 

other words. 

WVtf ^WWt3St» — ff^9(, 4SrBt«^, t^^5««r^, ^ffl^tWt^, fruit- 
ful, yielding fruit, advantageous, beneficial, 
giving the fruit or just reward of an action. 

mpf, iCTWeir, ^i«iiir^, ^ Tt^, ^«rf^=r, ^, to bear 

fruit, yield, produce, to succeeji, prosper, re- 
sult, ensue as a consequence. 

npiWy iPWl,— fl^^, »rt^«R¥, fruitful, advantageous. 

^ipj^, "f'f/, r^PCTT^^, a harvest, a crop. 

9«[^^, ^CTR «f5[tW^rt3r« «tt«rrOTR^ ?t^;, passages of the 

Veds, treating of the consequences of works. 

ma, »f ^IW^RT, ^^tft? ^2f^ i^?, ^rst? ^, 'm(^, a 

com|)ound letter, the head of a dart or arrow, 
the bowl of a spoon ; abounding in fruit. 

wmtWf 1|^^» a moving by leaps, springs or jumps. 

wrii, Wl, C^nwrftr, a stone for grinding paint on, &c : 

thcf pudendum of a cow. 

^f^, ^Wt^^rt^FT, •rtv •It^f w'ff tflf bring finrth IhiH^ 

nake fruitful, fructify, cause adiravtager (a 
mix or grind colours &d. on a stone. 
9iif9ir, «ltvmtv, ^flT^, success or failure^ advantage or 

disadvantage. [a feast, a banquet, 

^Wft?, ^Wft?.— ^c^S "W ^m^, V9tm, a feeding on frmta^ 
^Fdrs, iMf^^, fruit-bearing, fiUed with fruit, [say. 
^(fii^< Pn^T< "Mt^, on the whole, in fine, that is to 
^rflpr, ^«Rt^, utiiSR^, fruitful, advantageons, profitable; 

fruit- bearing, in fruit ; a spear or arrow head, 
the blade of a knife, a ploughshwe. 

iWrtT9f ^ft^rt^F, ^rft^sf, WV9, «nf^« ^W7W^, the natunil 

consequences of actions, recompense, benefit^ 
profit, success, accomplishment of an objects 

^, ^ttl, the red powder u^ed at the Huli festival. 

^5/*-^ wnrcprl, ^fSi, the Huli festival. [mockery* 

^fi, 'tft?, ^art^, ft^K^, a jest, joke,^ banter, raillery^ 

^/1, v^, tf*^f a jester, banterer, wag. 

^^ ^itir?t1, ftnl, '^nnqp, H^ir, ^/< f^^, •ttf?f, loose, 

slack, lax, flaccid, insecure, useless, ineffec'* 

tual, pale as a colour. 
^«, ^/tn, an overplus, make- weight, allowance. 
^nF« ^^f the belly, the belly of a pitcher. Sec. 
^W, ^wf, ^p^, WW, a snare, trap, noose, net. 
^W^, CTl'W, ^«tt?, ^sRtpr^ a machination, device, a com- 

mencement. [commence; 

^W«r, ^•R, ^^, ^rnw«i, to leap, jump, prance, skip, 
^m, zm%\. ll^» *#r9> a blister, a bubble, a hollow 

tuniour, a pufiy swelling. 
^f^tT^ ^ipr, ^iT?'^, *fWf'^, to become tumid, swell, blister, 

be puffed or hollow, to rise as bread, &C.. 
^T*IV Wt^, ^, a blister, bump, tumour, spun^ swelling. 
^I^rpr, ^«Tt^» ^rrr#9 ^^, to puff up, inflate, distend, 

fill with air. [tumidity, elasticity. 

^^f^n4t, *#9¥t^, iF«n^, puffiness, hoUowness, spunginess, 


^ipi^, 'fflf, W<f andofic, loop, slip4chot, toil, 'snarek • 

^W, ^til, fWHt ftffW, 1*?f ^53prt, ^Wf, 'wr, a chink, fis- 
sure, cleft, cbasm^ split, an interval, inter«* 
' stice, aperture, open space, vacancy, a frac- 
ture, a rupture. [subterfuge. 

in^FTI, an«^, f«r, ?/m, an imposition, cheat, evasion, 

Vt^, ^•nnTO, ^\^ ZffV, a fasting from want or sickness, 

f any powdered substance. 

wpjt, «r^WiW1, i?»Rl, %*n?, c^^W, V*, f< '^♦W, de- 

ceit, imposture, illusion, fraud, an imposition, 
trick, stratagem, subterfuge, any powder, an 
allegation, assertion, position. 

W t ^ t t^^il , ^^»^» a knave; knavisth, roguish, perfidious. 

«IW, ^^ 7^^^ p<ftrw. a red powder. 

^tSw, ^^, ftR?<i, ftj[<i, ^W^, ^, to crack, chap, split, 

break, burst, break out in ispots or blotches. 

'in^-l, f^, ^5^, ?W[« a crack, chink, peep-hole, vent. 

Wt^, "evsfX^y fi??rt«», fti?T?«i, to crack, split, cleave, &c. 

^t^, ^^1, ft?, ftFOf, a fissure, rent, crack, split, 

^t^, tfe?T^, fwr?% ^t^'r, to cleave, rive, tear, divide. 

^^fifh^, ^, t^, raw sugar, inspissated can^ juice. 

'ffsl, ^^5r1,— rtt^n, f^j^r?, a net-buoy, the float of 

a fishing line. [arrow-head, knife-blade. 

^W-1, «rtW«»^t««tfiHr ^^1?^ t»r.^, ^t^W? w, a ploughshare, 

;?W»rf^, ^% ^fir ftwt?^, to plough. 

^^W^tt^, ^t^TT, ^Jjpr, to leap, jump, skip, prance. 

^Wl, ^Ft*,— ^irfWS ^t^rfW? ttti, ^ft, 5JPlPi, ^f*, a small 

board, a chip, slip, strip, slice. 

1MM, lWm??WCT? ft^ 'ftn, the second spring month. 

^^, • ^fir^ ff ^, cracks and fissures .in the soft earth. 

^M, f^i ^9, a chink, a crack) an opening. 

1^1, a prop, lever, shoar, a bamboo used to 
prevent a woman's escape from the funeral 
' pile, a stitch or sharp and sudden pain. 

^^•U, V^9 ^•WHf, a prop, staunchion, .stay. 

• I 

T^ 377 

flPfl, ^lt^9» Tt^* ligiit'Coloured, pale, faded. 
W¥, '^Bf, ^, ^«»1, fil^, a spack, particle, atom, drop, 
fwl, t*Wl, fl0,^, ♦t^t ftcn¥, a sling, a species of bird. 
flKtu, |]C •!>, ^^•^^ artful, clever, ingenmus. 
ft», ^ft» ^^'f, '•fHt^^r, '^%i^x ^•W, a revolution, a cir- 
cle, a round-about way, a disappointment, 
any adverse circumstance, 
ftsj^l, ^1^, ftfWpr, i[?^, ^^^,«jsrcir^'r,Tsii<i, w^nr, to turn, 

change, alter, veer, turn or move round, re- 
volve, return, to refund, restore, to wander, 
rove, travel about. [dering, &c. 

T*3rft?l, twPiin. •li/^, a traveller, rover ; roaming, wan- 

ftqt^, T^?^. ^T^, T^fpft^, T;^^'. returned, come, 

brought or given back. [article. 

ft^, ^, «ri^ftfpr, a revolving, turning, the return of ah 

fiPirt*,, ^iW, ^^itnn^ ^^, CT<W, ^iR/m?qr«i, to cause to 

turn, circulate or revolve, to give back, re- 
fund, to plaster, to alter, change, -41^, to 
prevaricate, "«i«^ to receive or take back/ 
•rt^^ to recover, resume. 

fiWt^irl, CT^tPnn, 1T^^?1, a plasterer ; plastering. 

PKj, n«rf , ^^(^, '^JW?, *l?St?> again. 

T»J i ftPJt4), ^[^fi^trs, ^^^fM^r W»^, a drizzling rain, a 

whispering, a whisperer. 

^|]97, ^^9^9 to blow with the mouth or breath. 

^^, ft^FT, TOf'T, to pierce, penetrate, pierce or pass 

through. \a9 a serpent. 

iNnr, f?*»» h^^f ^ W«^/ to sob, breathe short, hiss 

«^, ^^t?> — flE% ^199* a crack, fissure, vent h(/le, space. 

9^^> Pn^y <T7^»i to hoot, halloo, call to, bawl» shout. 

^, fWj, oirw, «Pii ftrw, a drop, a solvent or men- 
struum, a kind of m^lon. 

'^^9 T^> ^f^f 'S^f 'WFT, fl9^ W«^, ^P»=i|t^ ^t*H 

f^7,f^irr, to burst, break, burst open, .e;s- 
pand, swell, boil or bubble up, to gush out, 
to emerge, break forth, to pierce, to 



378 *jt 

i5%1, ft?K, fSc^Pra, ^^f split, torn, pierced, open, blown ; 

a straggler. [cause to boil, &c. 

ijJt^, f^Wt?*!, ft^^» tJ'S'T, ^WPr, to ^plit, tear, pierce, stab, 
'P^^t ^Jt^w ^f^/t<r, ^^, a blast of the breath, the 

act of blowing. [exorcise ; exorcism. 

^?t8r, wpr, ^iff ^% ^^^TT, ^ wryt^, to kindle, exhaust, 

^% ^r9 t^^f ''^fj'rt^. ^?^» fr^^f ^1W» ♦^pr. to be ex- 
pended, spent, exhausted or finished, to 
waste, decay. [entirely. 

^J(t% '^SJ^% ^?T^» fr^l^fr, to exhaust, spend, finish 

^% T^» H^* ^^<^ ^^» ^^« * flower, mineral flowers, 

a bud, blossom, the menstrual flux, leprosy, 
a cataract or film on the eye. 

^tfft, |«r<tf^, pure or powdered chalk. 

9si<tff9, v<<l^9, flowers of sulphur, brimstone. 

W[^^9l, ^(H^, "^llf^m^, $I97I» neat in dress, foppish, 

priggish ; a beau, a fop, &c. 

w|t, ^« cakes or nuts of flour fried in oil. 

'SJrt* w^^, ^•ti, wt^»n#ft, 5j5*ftfi>, ^ihi, ^♦fpr, the se- 

cundines or after birth, a bump, a swelling, 
. an eruption ; tumid, spongy, swollen. 

^pf, ^♦f^, ^rtnpt^, ^n^ptf ^trwi ^^» ^!?^» *® swell, 

become inflated or turgid, &c. to rise, fer- 
ment, to strut, look big, to blossom, blow. 

^Jrtw, ^Ij^ft^^ffT, 'iJpfPTf ^*fR» to blossom, bloom* 

cause to bloom, cause to swell, inflate. 

^fmSt, it^n*. 'JfhOTt^, ^rfswi, infTOl, cNt?, expansive, 

elastic; elasticity; expansiveness, sponginess, 
tumidity, a swelling with pride, haughtiness. 

^^, 1T^> a film, speck or cataract on the eye. 

it«-1, M^PT/? 9T<ifin, n|fsrir» ^if^«>1, the bronchisa or gills 

of a fish, a spark of fire. 

^, ftifira, <sf^rt^ ^cr^rrflrQ, open, blown, expanded. 

^ilTstof, djp^l^^nT, ^^iltSt, an expanded water-lily, 

a fop, a beau. 

^"^ inF^^m, the report of wind expelled backwards. 

t9W 37d 

«b|r, f^N^, 9TWt«» ^, peHnilesuBr poor« contemptible. 
^f]V|t, ^tPs^ 5n» a pimple, carbuncle, small boil. 
Tf^, WWH, ^^ ^,,the lungs, a whisper, a whispering^. 
^^m(M, 9tt^ 39^, ^E^^» ^ whispering, [flatter, seduce. 
^ffSnw, WfpT, \«rt^, to coax, wheedle, cajole, inveigte, 
t*^t^, ^F8nr, ^'T, %>^, to swell, rise, ferment, spring up. 
J*Hrt, C^^n, >*1*ft^, '^i, «n, ^irm?, the lungs ; spongy, 

puffy, blown, light, hollow, 
rtwpl, tiBf^,— 3W1, •W^, a sprig, slip, twig, switch, 
rrt t, ^^, a skein or reel of thread of silk. 
r^-1, ^,3mt, foam, froth,.»spume, scum. 
WPi, ^5, ^, flritw ftcw, raw sugar, inspissated cane 

juice, a kind of suear- plums. 
ClPf^ir, «hwri, WT^^, foamy, frothy, covered with scum. 

n^, again, back, back again ; a peril, reverse^ 
obstacle, disappointment, a scheme, plot, a 
winding, round about^ compass. 

Vf9^f *ffi»ni, ^t«IT^, given back, returned in trade. 

^^9^9 \?^, ^W^t ^'^j 4H*-*, W^^, WtfH?1 vit^sT, to turn 

round, spin, wind. veer, return, rove, ram* 
ble, go about, take the air, to lurk, to skulk. 

Wjrsl. f>l«W, WfS^f ^^, ^^ ftnt, a change, altera- 

tion, a variation of notes or sounds in music. 

V8ftif, a variation, transposition, vicissitude, 
perversion, con/usion, disorder. 
cvm, CT>, — ^^ttn, v^9» a jackal. 

•Itai *nirW, a turn, revolution, circuit, voyage, 
a walk, a return, a reverse, a dry measure. 

Vft^ it?1 frrP'M, ww,^«^, ijt^, ^?r^» ftjrpf ^1, 
si;v<r, ^1^^, to throw, cast, fling, throw down 
or away, to pour, spill, shed, overset, toss, 
displace, to squander, dissipate; -9t^, to 
put off, adjourn, to waive, give up« 

380 V"IX<^ 

rwl, W^r«,^t?l^finw^,^f^, thrown or cast away ; a 

throw or cast, refuse, leavings. - 

rtrpr, P^t^-'^W^,— ft^^, tiw, ^F^srt^, 35^ ^% %^. 

3$Tis«rf7, to pierce, stab, transfix, run through, 
prick, scratch, to undermine, to card cotton» 
to season food or sauce with spices, &c. 

C^t^pr-^'rt^, \^H, ?*Wf, to sob, heave, breathe short, 

C^t^-1, #MR,Wt«^,. hollow, spungy, light; the lungs. 

liFt^l, f<% f^l, fissRF, a drop, spot, stain, sectarial mark. 

rBFP?, Pnpt^, Wl a weeding instrument, awl, spatula. 

C^Tl. ftc^i^, 3p, ''•t^, a boil, tumour, scratch. 

t^m, c^njl, ^^, qfW, the lungs, the bladder. [kc. 

r^W^, ^r5^,'iit'^f««r, toswell, become enlarged,distended, 

i^«rt^, ^(<lt^, ft^t^, CTt^<i, to cause to swell, &c. to ag- 
gravate, fret, aoger, provoke. [&c. 

cvt^, Wf^"^#5^, a blister on the skin from a buim, 

C^f^, ^nw^ilt^, ^^Mf^f perquisites of office, arails, &c. 

^» ^f '^ a wife, a son's wife ; used also as a vocative 

in addressing any respectable female. 

?^^<i, ^48, ^fWn, r3Ft^, ^RW^, the groin, the hip, the 

piTbic and iliac regions. 

v«i, ^, cm^j, f^artfif ^•^, ^«f5, CTWfi, Ih, wtL» race* 

lineage, family, kindred» pedigree, parentage, 
the spine or back- bone, a bamboo, a flute, 
pipe, fife. [a race. 

^"""I^* ^^nn^^> ^^'■l^^* founding a family, continuing 

^««>m, ^y» t «t>g , ^mv^f born of a noble family, of such 

a family. [race. 

T'Wnp, '•itfi^^SW, ^pnwp, a progenitor; producing a 

^*^^» 7^^' ll^'"^* having or supporting a family. 

^^«ICTff«r, 4t0? v^s wPri nm ^, ^5^?, bamboo maana, 

(so called.) [nealogical table. 

^•*trt*i, ^#, ^'^iFRfK^at^t, a pedigree, genealogy, ge- 

V(- 831 

V^f ^^f ^r ^ fl«te» fifef P*P®» whistle. 

^**^K?, r^5^«(l|t, ^'^^ a flute player, GrisHna. 

T"i)7, ^^z, — ^(^ra, c^aRH, lineal, descended froiDf be- 

longing to a race or family. 

^, ^M^, 99, a crane, a heron. 

?iw*iifir, fHp(^ ^W/ ^^f Wf^, VR, w^, to prate, prat- 
tle, chatter, talk idly, speak. 

W^, ^^t^ ^n, a heifer, a young cow. 

^5|pr, m^, ^f^W#t, ^<rw^, talkativeness, prating, chat- 

terinsr, idle talk. [pectation; 

^^ftw^rwi, ^trr»tJf, tir«rn vsm, vain hope, fruitless ex- 

^^ffl, ^T^inF,^rt^lgarrulous,talkative,pratihg,chattering. 

?W, 9f^4fa WTW, ^ff^t^, fit to be spoken, proper to be 

mentioned. [a great talker. 

^nrt, ^fn9, ^^^9, ^wr. a speaker, a fluent persop, 
^ ^*. ''^/i the mouth, the face. [murmur. 

irwTT, ^i[iwpr, ^^^Tft", to talk much, grumble, mutter* 

crooked, curved, bent, deformed, distorted, 

.awry, tortuous, winding, intricate,' adverse, 

cruel, churlish, perverse, dishonest, 
^inffi, fWwpl, ttjtfTi, squint-eyed, squinting. 
^3F1, ^#,— tn^lt^, 'iw^wi. a goat, (male & female.) 
^^, rf*, ^rs, 3Pir, itrf^^wf. «i^ii»rt, crooked, bent, &c. 

cruel, adverse ; a remainder, overplus, arrears, 
^capt^, ^t^ipi^, VKn, l/i(wi, an evasion, equivocation, 

a double entendre, a pun. 
^W, '^!W^, — ^f f^, X<f^, the breast, chest, bosom, 
^icwtv, ^i^, ^#fii4l, the female breasts or bosom. 
^'FPrt^, ^W "W wt^, vtf^^/, hereafter to be mentioned 

or described. 
^Mt, ^fps tQI, a small sword or hanger. 
'^Mp «r^ f w, ^rPf, the turn or bend of a river, ia reach. 
^ft^» ^iF, wfi, *tPP*t?1, crooked, tortuous, winding, 

bending. [the egg plant. 

iWt ^1f ^^Jtf ^ ^W«r, tin, calx of tin/lead, cotton. 

U2 ^ 

^M1, tim* vtH. 9iar, ttf^Tcr^ viir/, a speech, sentence, 
word, voice, discourse, language, a rule, an 
aphorism. [censurable. 

'^arftv, vt^, t^vitft proper to be spoken, litterable, 

^IB?KI, ^^rifr,— f^^, ^Pf^s ftwtiC,discord, wrangling, squiU>* 

bling* disputing^, altercation. 

^sf^^, ^irtvt^, ^^4l^» obedieat, subordinate. 

1^, ?1^i,^**wij[, ;cr«w, ifpCT, a calf, a steer,- a child, 

any young animal. [veiling boat. 

nsr?ri, 'nWfflprf^ ^<< c^ivi ftrw, a Budgerow or tra- 

^9 <Vl, ft^, '^fi^f '^iRW/, ^W^, rW^» a thunder- 
bolt, a diamond ; bard, adamaotine, impene* 
trable, cross, crosswise, forked. 

'4j|T^^H, OR^tiif^, iiPi^TW, a clap of thunden 

^•Itft ^ fW,,— ^aiffil^i 'ii^ tai, Indra, t. e. wielding the 

thunderbolt. [and resolute. 

^sflW fOWK ^mr^ nt^, one small in size but hardy 

^91^, c^fnvt^ vf^ f^n^, the chalcedony or opal. 

^««, ^fiTSTi^, fit ^^ttw, a Jcnave, rogue*, cheat, deceiver, 

a jackal. [upon. 

^•7, i^t^, ^^^, to cheat, swindle, deceive; impose 

^•«ri, ^tWj^l, ilf^, i^Ftfii. swindling* fraud, imposition, 

deceit, deception. [cowry. 

^, ^ft^K ^^, J(9 ^, the Indian fig tree, a single 

^irt^, ^^, — ^irc^ tliiti ^Vi, a pill or bolus, a ball. 

^^1, wjww., m^ wv^f a small oar or paddle. 

w, ?W. *IWI# ifW, VWH, 911(99, a rope* a b^ad, a 

rosary, a sort of knife, an import, excise. 

^» ^1^97 ^IW^» a Brahmachari after investiture. 

^, ^11^ CTtw "W» if1, ^"R^A ^1^*, i«r, ^iW, yea, 

indeed, truly, actually, verily, true, right. 

^J^tJl* W, frauft, banter, mocking,, waggishneas. 

^■^tj^l^lfl, ?l^» ^\^. a wag, bauiterer, mocker. 

^f ^*", «PW.^it, c«>, iRt, IW». 'irt^Ml. lafge, bis, 

great, spacious, important, supreme, chief, 
nobl^, w^thy, elcter, ^eoipr ; very, too. 

t« 888 

irprt, wi^, ^iiMt, «T<t, a mare, the nymph Ashwin/, 

a female slave. [logical being. 

If^tft, ^??PTO, — «W^^Rrj ^ submarine fire, a mytho- 
^i7?t^» •tfVl^lir mtf, the gallant of another's slave<-girl. 
^f^, «rWI, ftl^lf^, misfortnne, calamity personified. 
^Vfl. *p, ?^, rif*^, a spear, javelin, harpoon. 
??^, ^iRH* — '^w ^nwT'f J^^lt^ t^il^W, a fish-hook. 
^W\f ^^» cakes of ground pulse fried in ghee. 
^f^p ^^* t^lR, ^ifflPHtSwl, ^itlrtttirt» greatness, grandeuc, 

assumption, vaunting, vain-glory. 
?ft, ^. trf^, a ball, pill, bolus, a gingerbread<«nut. 
^, cm^t, ^tfliFtinF 3tW^> t resident officiating brah^ 

min. [prate, chatter; 

?«5^, TW^pTT, W^, to mutter, murmur, grumble^ 
^* ^^» ^^^/» great, large, severe m a toound. 
^, ^Wl, w^, a carpenter. 
^4P, ^tft«/^, CTntft, a trader, a merchant. 
n^, Pwrttt, WM, a part, portion, share, dole. 
n^, v«W, •t^«;TW, fiwt^ ^J[^, to share, dole or portioi^ 

out, distribute, divide into shares. [sheatbv 
1^, «m^9. ^''^^C^Tw, the Tal or palm shoot, the bamboo^ 

'^» Vl^' ^^^^^^^ *% ^"V^* tP?'^. castrated, emas- 

. culated, impotent, defective, crippled, dock- 
ed, circumcised. [substance., 

^f ^/tV» 'npt, ^vt^, ^^ : as, like, similar ; a glutinous 

^^» ^r^f. 15t ^W» "It^. tH«, a calf, stefer, any young: 

animal, a child, (a term of endearment.) 

^^iTO?, ^«"»F»|^,-^^ -nw, '^9^f m.Sff. a steer, a heifer;. 

i|t.9r9, W, ^wf, itiM irfi ♦tfjfSi^ ^rtw, a year. 

^^^m, nrT^if^, ^?T^, fond, affectionate, kind. [form. 

^V^^ f5r ^n^i;, ^n^, the face, countenance, visage» 

^f^, ^^, ^iiv, if^HT, to speak, say, tell, declare. 

^?r^/, ?W, irt^«1t«f, 'fcn?^ bountiful, munificent, liberal. 

^T^>t^n^9 i4)«rBt^rr«, imprisoned, bound, tied, 
^tened,confiiied, restrained, stagnant, shut^ 

384 tr^i ' 

close, firm, squeezed together, staunched, 

stopped, confirmed in a habit or vice, &c. 
?«W, ?^v«11«r«^ 4t47, a stiptic. [ration. 

iX9^f nmt^, afl3icted with a cold or checked perspi- 
V^f 9[^/1,, murder, slaughter, an execution, killing. 
^t(7, srt;^, ^It^v, to kill, slay, murder, smite, wound. 
?tn^, ^Kf, — «?t?«it^, ?J^^?, deserving death, worthy of 

d^ath, vulnerable. 
?V^, 'TtFWt^, a promiscuous or reciprocal slaughter. 
?f5(^, ^€t, — ^♦Wt^,?'^1,murderous,sanguinary ; a murderer, 
^ificj, af^wftRRft^f ^^^, deaf, hard of hearing, stunned. 
^Ir ^' — ^* ^tir\, ^«i? ^,*a woman, a wife, a son s wife. 
^ ^•l/, ^t^^> W^T, ^^j '^fR-, ii5r«l, a forest, desert. 

wood, grove, thicket, an uncultivated place, 

or one full of weeds &c. 
^CTi»S, ^'(FT?^, — vi^, ^?<i/^T^, ^?«i;c^3TPni1, wild, sylvan, 

travelling or dwelling in forests. 
^nn«, wp9t, ^jrc<irt*^^nr, wild, sylvan, produced in a forest. 
T>r<rc^, ^^rr?nr, an entrance upon the life of an ascetic. 
^^^rftr?, Wtf^CT, f*!^, the Indian cuckoo, 
^nr?t^, ^9^;^p(it, ^^t^. residing in a forest : an anchorite* 
' 44irt<j<i , I5?t^, ^y^ ?T^? fJRpW, a wild man, the ouran outan. 
^Hirt«it, ^, ^T?t?^, Crishna. 

VqrpH, fi!<T, ^tS^tf*, the lion or king of the forest. [&c.) 
4«<jiltf l, rtWT^ ^^Mfr, forest-adorning, beautiful (shrubs 
/5'r''^> *Pnf wnrtii, ^^fk^ w |cwjr ^^ wc^, trees bearing 

fruit without flowers. 
^1^, WpSt, ^HT?<*/, ^«i/W*t, ^>5t^, wild, savage, forest; 

a hermit, an ascetic. [a thing prepared, 

?«rl, ^nr^ft^lft, «f%« ^, a preparation (of food, &c.) 

'^Tpr, S'?^, ^?«i, Psr^«i. ^ir, ^wtW 3WW, to make, manu- 
facture, build, fabricate, frame,mould, to pre- 
pare or cook food, &c. 

?^t?, ^1%,— '•niitirsi, «r«if, <f'at?, intimacy, friendship, love, 

afiection. [a mistress. 

^tf^> aff, ^W, Wf wrt a woman, a wife, a beloved wife. 

7&f\^ 385 

^?1, wntt/T^, wild, sylran, belonging to a forest. 

f^,^ftr*R', a fastening, knot, bandage, roller, 
belt, siring, custody, a mound, fence, em- 
bankment, regularity, a knuckle, a parcel o( 
ground, a piece of land. [&c. 

^*W, 'rirJTit, a worshipper, one who compliments, 
€f«i"pi ?F?<i, 'Ht?.-**, 'nrw?, ^m, to salute, to pay re- 
verence or respect; a salutation, reverence, 
bow, prostration, worship. 

^'T^, 'nr^, «r«iW,'Ut?t«Rl, ^^, ^ttc^? ^vrcsT anrsTte^?*!, a sa- 
lutation, bow, adoration, worship, praise, flat- 
tery, an introductory ascription of praise to 
some god at the commencement of Poems &c. 

?^n5t9, ?V, — ^^iP!/, ^^tT, ^irpf?^, ^?T^;, worthy of res- 
pect or praise, venerable, adorable. 

^Nt, ■^(f^'lti*, "TJ^^^ 5PTirt^, i parasite, flatterer, a cap- 
tive, prisoner. [in confinement. 

5^^?!^, ^WST^, — ?^T^^, 'wi^JfjH «ra, a prisoner, an animal 

4h51*IWI, ^T?rt^, a prison, a jail. 

•fftj, ^^^, ^J^^, ?^, IW, bonds, imprison- 
ment, confinement, custody, a tie, fasteni'ig, 
hindrance, obstruction, close connection, in- 
timate union as of body and spirit, the body; • 
bound, confined, fastened, tied, shut. 

5r<^, c^rpT, RTt^nr, ^^^-sr, w?r<i, wi^, ^j f^^% 

.tT|t, to tie, fasten, bind, hinder, obstruct, bar, 
close, shut, confine, imprison, enclose, gird, 
impose a tax; bonds, fastenings, fetters &c. 

^rtft, ^fff^tt^rf^, a pledge, pawn, mortgage. 
^r^sTB, ^W^5tii, — ^j^l'K^H, ^i^5f5,*f|t?^t^, bound, confined, 

pledged, embodied, connected with the body% 

I, ^W^^?, — ^stjT^n?, a prison, a jail. 

^, a bandage, ligament, roller, gafter. 

?r?vr, a stipend, salary, wages* ^ 

cc c 

386 wr 

^, •f^ijv, ^♦It^. a captive, priteuar, feloft. [I»ti«|. 

1^. ^n "^(tit^. «Tf^. a friend, eompaqion* lunsman, re* 

^^* fSOTSt, ^itlftirw, W^. friendship, intimacy, ac- 
quaintance, relationship, [less. 

^^ri rir»4r-»i, f wi, f9S7i^7, unproductive, unfruitful, child- 

Tlil. '•i'psfl, trttt, ?^1./ barren, sterile, unfruitful. 

^^/•. 'msv, WW*, ^wt^, sylvan, rural, wiUJ, sayage. 

^p^n, W'tSfT^^, a deluge, a flood, ^ overflowing of wator. 

^♦pr, ^ r»?^^, 15^. rsrr^lH, to ^ow ^eed, to weare, to 

plant. [flesh, a sowbg. 

Vfy, ^Ki, m*pq ^. ^tfr>p% fat, tl^o marrow of the 

^1, "^if W?, the body. [father, progenitor. 

^«1, ^w<t5, qrt^^, w^nj, ^^jrif. a wwer, planter, 

^^, "^ W^f a large mongqose. 

^^f %t?<i to vomit, throw off the stomach, to retch. 

7(fif, '^,—VM^ 4^^f ^^f an emetic Sk vomiting, the 

substance vomited. [g^hing out. 

^^^. ^f ^wn WTtl^? ^|f«r»ii?H, a vomitii^fr, spouting up, 

??», '•it?*, ^n5^W?^w?if, itl^, age, time of Bfe, youth. 

^?«aCT, <l?irr^, ^St^R^sf, the allotted period of life, age. 

^?l, fwsft^, an egij not impregnated. 

^'Sft^, ^??f ,— ^^. Wi^^ftPl^. c«l?, ^w«i, young, in the 

prime of life, middle aged, mature. 

^^, ^5t?F«t/, Wi^'TM^, youth, manhood, prime of life. 

^^, ^gi^, — ^^^^W?, ^^tt?, ajir : of such an age. 

^5^/, WTH^HS, wmftl^, *fl^WT<t^. ^^. ^ttt, of the same 

age, cotemporary ; a^ contemporary, comp^ 
nion, friend, associate, confidant. 

^?t5, irf^, ?t?, ♦FZR, a buffalo, air, the wind. 

^, «r«fTT, tiwpT, «rfew, <jrtvVt, in^ •tn, 'ft*, c««». 

^W, a boon, gift, blessing, promise, vrisk, 
de.^ire, request, choice, a bridegroom, hua* 
band ; in compos : chief, excellent, best. 
^•. ??^,— ^HC^l^'fs r«t9, wwn, ^«t^, rather, or nn 

ther, but rather, in preference, b4lt, though, 
nay, on the contrary. 

11^ 'if^pm^f ^t^^lif a ttiftef , a beatftv 

^fffttf nikwsi, a field or plantation of P^n orl)etel. 

^W^t *^, ?W^*f> a oander, . 

^^f 1?^.-*-?^^, V^H^i. a goo.<e, a wasp. 

^% fWf PriW«i. w^r^j^i, fiF5j«i, nr«fT?«t,<trftW^ 1^n% fw, 

^n^(t^, to betroth, to promise in marriage, to 
make gifts, give Earnest, to appoint a repre- 
sentative ; a freckle, a fence, a screen* 
^^, ^Mt?t %W5b; 4 » l4t? , eligible, proper to be chosen. 

^w, «r»nr, ^^rt?^, ^tPf^'Mm^, %»ttnw,\ propitious, 

favourable, granting a prayer; a benefactor. 
?3nn, ^n, ^t^, rrl^, a girl, virgin, maid. [damsel, 
^•ftar, 'T^fitltt^. z\^^, a bridegroom, one betrothed to a 
^jmJt, ?C9ir 711^?, an attendant on a bridegroom. 
^srt, nvim, r^tgl, ^r^iSr, a hornet, a wasp, a goose. 
??n^. «^, WWn, ^, a harpoon, a spear, a fish-hook. 
^f\. ?J«r^.— "J*?, "^^ m. 8s f. a hog, boar, pig, sow. 
^Jl^-^, ^•T'f^, ^f>, a cowry, money. 
'^f^n^, ^^ir^rPi^, ^^ftf^, wtjtfiff, served obsequiously, 

waited on, honoured, adored, 
^flwirl, ^^tfRl, r?t«inwi, respectful service, honour, obse- 

q^itoud attendance. [flowers, &c. 

<tf|W<i, ^rinfsr,*!^, to fall or shower down as rain, dust, 
^ir^» l^l^rm tfT^9TW, the rains, the rainy seai^n. 
^t, C^l, ^rVR, ftnm, best, most exoetlent, dearest, 

most beloved. 
^BMr •»?*3(n»*5 ^^W^fi, Varuna the god of waters. 
tt|W^ ^V^, ^JT, ^*.f i, W^*?, ^'ft?, chief, principal, 

pre-eminent, choice, desirable^ 
X^^ i^Jwrit? 'flif , ^<, ^^, «r^<i, a class, tribe, number of 

similar things, a section, a square in numbers, 
^^f^t^^^^f^i — t^it^^ w€t^is, classified, become a class 

or genus. [&c. 

^1^, t(^; «lP8t^, belonging to a class, tribe tfr genus, 
,, ^/ipr, ^^53**, f^'T, f«f^t^«i, to abandon, forsake, 

avoid,reject,relinquii^, oensur6,6XO0pt,exp6l. 

.38B tf^ 

^nRt?, Pr^ir^, ^^ft^, ^i, censurable, exceptionable; 

improper, wicked. [birds, &c. 

^ftf«, *^^/^, f5^, r?^, rejected &c; refuse, dung of 

fb4<^H5j, ^^^«i, c>n'irtjr, ^«t/Tf^, ^ft, '•w?, ^» 

OTf, ^^, %^, ^llt^ ^< «mi«i, a class, tribe, 
cast, order, colour, die, tint, hue, the hous- 
ings of horses, &c. a staining of the body 
^ith coloured unguents, a theatrical dress, 
beauty, lustre, fame, celebrity, praise, a letter, 
syllable, property, quality, the fineness or 
pure colour of gold, an arithmetical quantity. 
?<^, ^^?T^, ^^, tj«i^«W, ^w, ^%, W%, a perfume 

for the body, paint, pigment, a bard, pane- 
gyrist, poetical encomiast, describier, the stan- 
<lard of gold ; belonging to a tribe or cUss. 

to describe, detail, delineate, narrate, relate, 

to praise, extol, eulogize. 
^^, f^^, f^Vif ^^, ^^^* a description, relation, 

narration, praise, panegyric. 
^^firWI, aFfin> ^^S'l^^r, an alphabet, the series of letters. 
^*f^?»"fiiftW wff^, PiWt^?, a mixed cast; mixed, mongreL 
^^, riF3i^?, CTtt^, 5r9j5t?ff, a painter, scribe, writer, 

a religious student. 

TW?, ^iJ^, f^, «n^?f^1, ^rtt, to be, exist, 
subsist, belong to; fixed property, a mainte- 
nance, livelihood, profession; fixed, stable, 
stationary, abiding, staying, remaining. 

^vft?, ^f^^»^,— Ttt^/, ^'ft?, possible, probable, likely. 

^^irt^, ftwprt^, #^^, 5^^"*^^, «tw^, being, existing, alire, 

extant, present, ready. 

?W, ^rt"^,— ^t*t, *if«ra1, ^«i, ^#, cs^fl, a wick, match, 

candle, lamp, a paint brush, a ruled line« , 
't. ^5^, ^*wr, been, become. 

— ^_ 

1^7 389 

^f' ^>t^ Iftlt, affix: being, existing, fixed, &c, 
?^, iltm, c^tWW^ ^, ^, a circle, globe, ball, sphere, 

a marble, bullet, ball of earth, a pea. [lid. 
^* 5niW, — n«r, irt^, fijjj ^^, a road, path, way, an eye- 
^R^, ^It5tf^?1, ^RWR^, 'Sr^^tW^, W^«ili|, causing in- 
crease, promoting, augmenting, growing. 

^, ^t^, "^^ *n«^, ^W ^«^, to increase, grow, 

thrive, improve, prosper. 

^nf^tf, 4t^«fi?, capable of increase or improvement. 

n^'T, ^^'nt^, ^fiw¥, «n?ti|?, ^t(#f^, 5iF€tf^, increasing, 

growing, thriving, prosperous, rich, aug- 
mented, accelerated. 

5ffiW, ^?^, Ws, ^wt^,^ri;2rt^, ft^tilRJ, increased, thriven^ 

prosperous, grown, expanded, extended. 

^•^. ^^tTf^m. ^1W?, WT'^tai, K^ ^r?t1^?1, enlarging, in- 
creasing, growing, improving, prosperous. 

^?. ^tiR nr^» *lW?r- "^ CTW, ^< ^TO/^ Pr^ft;, an out- 
cast, baibarian, one of a degraded tribe or 
■occupation, a stupidly ignorant man. 

W, Wfti ^f^, 3TO1, armour, a coat of mail. 

^, ^^, — ^Wt^^, 'P^, ^ftr?, ^i*t«i, mailed, accoutred; 

a Cshyatriya, an awl. 

^K ^rf^, c^lWri, a fish-hook, harpoon, fish-spear. 

^, inf^* ^'J?. ^r^. m?'5Tf^ ^^ «jfiitlt«rfi, a year, rain, 

raining, a great continental division. 

^^8Mf, «^, ^raint^n, ^TR/tRr, annual (plants, shrubs &c.) 

^•1, ^ri^t^, to rain, fall as rain or hail, to shower. 

?^f«, w'^iwn,— wrfif^, ^ilir'^'fgt? ^, a birth day,, an 

anniversary. [rainy season. 

wi, ^r^nrs, Wffe^'Pff , rain, a shower, the rains,- the 

^iifs, CTtWw WW#^ •rpT^f^, wWc^? ^t%«nr ?3(, a dis- 
ease in the feet of horses appearing in the 
rains, an outer garment for the rainy season. 

?^t^, ^^^K» rainy, showery. 

w'l^, ?ifr«t,— ir^55f, ^^, m. 8s f, a frog. 

^. ^^, — '^V^y ^W^'WIW, of a particular age,— old. 

890 vtn^ 

^zrt^^, ^sjv, frWt^i, WtWWJ, hail, a hail-st<Mie# 
^, ^^m ^» ante?? Pwi, a peacock^s tail or crest. 
^, v^y fMtr^t, V^'?' ^ peacock. 

strength, might, power, energy, vigour, force, 
violence, an army, forces, a chessman. 

iwr, > »W^1, W?^ff^ «tf , an o«, a bullock. 

;ct^, ^p^, ^^nr, to speak, say, tell, propose. 

Fprs, «r5^, powerful, strong, stout, lusty, 
solid, firm, valid, substantial, authentic, pre- 
valent, violent. [reus, courageous, bold. 
vn\v, ?9f^ — *lfMMt^, ftw^, ^^it^aSt, Strong, powerful, vigo- 
^pr?, ^TTt, ^^«i, ^?ia^^, a bracelet, an armlet. 
^»?^«, zzT^r Wf^^, surrounded, encircled, encompassed. 
^9rwt, ^|tHJrr«r ?^ c«r^, ^iJvSi W ftirw, a flight of cranes, 

the black crane. [dendum of the cow. 

Z!V^9 5W1^ f^i'W, t^ft?nitf*r, a sort of split pulse, the pu- 
^«n*>^?, ^, x^mKf, ^^mt?, ?it«Tfii^«t^, violence, force, 

oppression, vialation, rape. [speak. 

Q{frt^, 55Tr5f, ^^^ H^f^, to cause to speak, teach to 
^(Trtftl, ?^i^fl", ''IW^, conversation, chat, discourse. 

^f&r, wwtw« ^Kj <t«, t"ri, ^7\^, ^»«««i, rmftTi wfc 

Wfrt, a sacrifice, victim, oblation, offering, 
the folds of the flesh about the navel in stout 
persons, (especially in women,) a wrinkle. 

^Iftfinr, •t*f^ rat^^^Wt^ ^fllf^Wfil *^, predacious, de- 
lighting in sacrificial places ; any bird of prey, 
a vulture, crow, &c. [a crow, a crane. 

5tRf«^, ^ftwt'^TRIIt, 5pt^Tfr, feeding on sacrificial food; 

^ftfir, ^, w;. ) "rf^sssTr^, rsar^t, ^rt?^, powerful, strong, 
^TR^, "^l^* i able, vigorous, gallant,, bold. 

^*W, ?*rt<— ^«W, ^1F, ITPTSI, a bull, an ox, a bullock. 

5W^, ^^^, — ^w, ^W»K, to boil, simmer, bubble up- 

^(Wf ^CW9 ¥t^, T^, the bark of a tree. 

H'^W, ^fclT*fT, i^t^, to heat gently » make- to bofl. 

t mn 001 

^m, ^^^^|[^» tepid, liikeirarD)» once boiled*. 

^. ^^> wcwff?, beautiful, captivating. 

^. ^ftf , ^tr, the iMt of a bridle, a bridle, a rein. 

^(Hfs* m^C^ ^«^!%, a horse's gallop, a caater. 

wiW, %^m«, «^^ ^f^^ Irtfrl, a white ant, a hillock of 

earth thrown up by ants or moles, an ant-hilL 
wm, r^«t, ^^9, a cowherd, herdsman, milkman, cook. 
^WV-1, fir?-t ^-1, nf^ntf i«P!^. w. <Si'/. dear, desired. 

beloved ; a lover, one beloved, a husband^ 

wife, mistress, friend. 
^iit» WW\, firt^^ffHR ^% a creeper or climbing plant. 

subjection, thraldom, coniroul, submission^ 
authority ; captivated, enthralled, aubdued, 
subjugated* tamed, submissive. 

T^i, ^fTsrvt^i, under^subjectioD or controuK [tion. 

^'TOl, ^^^r^l, ipw, «?9?rt, controul, subjection, subjuga- 

H*MI*IW, ^Ti, lift^, ^^if, brought uuder controul, sub- 
dued, tamed, dependant. 

^^^l¥j[% ^•mww^i, CTJ^, iWBif wtsil W^r, to subdue, bring 

into subjection, to fascinate or subdue by ma« 
. gical charms, incantationsi, &c. 

^^t^ ?T V5,- •^T?l!f3, iffir^ Witl^, ii^l'r, Umft^ '■'Ifit 

subjugated, subdued^ conquered, tamed, dec* 
pendant, submissive, obedient; a retainer. 

vts, ^rniw, ^mt^, U^, w;, 'ms, ^^i Rt^, subjects 

obedient, docile, tame, humble, coatroulable^ 

governable ; a dependant, a slave, 
ipf^, ^f%, — ^, ^inp^, a dwelliag, abode, residence. 
^HWI^, Tfnw?. If J, <ty, a dwelling-house. 
^PW, ^«w?^, ^?w, ^^^'W, ^55R, f^«r, i|^ y«^, ^, to 

dwell, reside, sit, sit down, sink, subside,. 

clot, coagulate ; clothing, dress, a garment. 
^nPnn, iT^W, — iWftTtW ^i!^st3ft, PRtnt, dwelling, residing, 

reJdent ; an inhabitant. [small-pox. 

^'W* ^'nrv, bai hn^ W^X tho spring months, the 

892 IT'T 

^l^nit, Tipqt^ JW, an orange colour. [flesh, a sittings* 
^Wl, - ?*t1, irf^^^^'W, ^^tw*!^, fat, suet, the marrow of the 

«JW^, arPi^f^ •iTt^* fiwT^, ^^lt<j^, to seat, 
cause to sit, settle, people,- establish, place, 
lay, fix, flatten, compress, to lodge, drive a 
nail, set a stone, to precipitate, make tosub* 
side or sink, to coagulate, to candy. 

^Qnul, f^r^t^, residing, dwelling, an inh^itant. 

?^, JWft ^ riR^, nzm ^^^, iTS, K^, Pw, ^V, wr, a 

kind of demigodjtbe tie of ayoke,a gem,jewel, 
wealth, a thin?, substance, matter, water. 

^^^3 ^^?1, ^'rit, — •ffMt, the earth. 

^^rt?1, ^^ff^ 'K^S *^' t%f%?[ ^ttra ^ ^m^, a ceremonial 

pouring of oil on the wall of a house. 

vnSf t^TCTt^^ X^> habitable, inhabitable. 

^lf%, ^«t?, iifw, ^t^n^fPr, •?!?, «*?, a town, village, ha- 
bitation, the pelvis, the womb, the abdomen. 

VKf ^nrt< TSP^S, ^HfR^y fWt^, ^j, a thing, substance, 

matter, materials, ingredients, utensils, stuff, 
baggage. [is to say. 

9^1, ^«rt^s, ^^^rss, ^^, in reality, in fact, viz; that 

^9V^f ^^^rlsi, 'Wrss, in reality, in a word. 

^W!5l, •W^'51, W^, «ff^, 'fs;^, substantiality, mate- 
riality, reality, fact. 

?1, ^*t?, W*f, cloth, clothing, a garment, dress, habit. 

3131^, ^, gt^^t, a tent. 

^^^f^siff, ^^rtfSr, r^^(t?R:«irs «tf, foppery, dressiness, 

pride in dress. [warehouse. 

^''t?, ^5ff, ^t^ W*ll1Wl, a tent, a draper's or clothier's 

^^, ^TTt^t? W«T, ^t? ^?^, 'l^, ^Hlf^ ^^, 5"*!^, 

cjrstfiTjr-ffai^, %t^^, 5«R, ^% ^9 fe^, to carry, 
to bear, to draw a carriage, transport, con- 
vey, to flow, £oat, sail, pass by or away, (as 
time or a river,) to circulate as the blood, to 
blow as the wind, to decay, to wear away. 

^(^f ^^l^^* ^^I!^' ^^> ^^^^ ™^y ^^ carried &c. porta- 
ble, flowing. [width of water. 

'm, vtwrsr c^* y(^, ^5|WS ^nr, a fleet of boats, the 

^pf, f^m^f Wl?T^, ^*K, wn^.nt^lflftt^^, ^'JT^, to impels 

urge forward, row, steer, guide a plough, to 
spend time, carry or transport goods, d/aw a 
carriage &c. to waste, lavish. [vish. 

HtPnrt, Ftltf^lrt, ?/?*^; impelling, urging forwards, la- 

?rf^, ^ ^, — m^, ^ «j;f^, l^f f*rf^, an account- book, 

a book, tract, register, record. 

^» ^1^ — ^^f "^^rsTBfWCf, ^/, ^tf?^, pre/: without, 

outside, out, out of, outwards; external. 

^f^^, ^/, ^flrc?[ir, external, outer, situated without 

^jf, cvm, ^«i, C^^, a raft, a float, boat, vessel. 

^t^, ^Mt, nw, ^innwfl, a sister. 

^t^SW, ftcipit, ^ ^^1«lS, ^FCTf? iT^^ ^iW, a stranger, a 

foe, one not connected by consanguinity, a 
preliminary ceremony. 

4f^Q i fa>^ , ^Rr^Stel?, ntfWWTfl*, the organs of action, 
^finw^; ftcw, ^ir/lft^, a foreign country, the outskirts of 

a town, or viUage used as a privy. 
^I^tft?, t^ ^^ ^^* ^ gat€> an outer door, an entrance, 
^f^^pn, ^Nft? ^<1?, ^5?^, an external covering, the outer 

flowing garn>ent of the Hindoos. 

excluded, expelled, external, past, gone, 
beyond, irrelevant, careless, inattentive, 
^rt^^, *W«, ^?t#t, *tjTff5, f^?^, ^t^^ftTl, ^tfifw, im- 
pious, blasphemous, scurrilous, averted, ceas- 
ing, desistinif from, turning back, unpropi- 
tious. [exclusion. 

f^'tiW, f^nrWW, to expel, exclude; expulsion^ 
^•Ifirirw, ^/, *l, the outer surface of a thing. 
^if^^ ^«#tl m^ CTI, ^•tt1n[ ^*f, the epidermis or skarf- 

skin, the outer bark or peel of plants. 
^«(t9|«, ^JV»it«il*?<Wt^, a book-binder. 


3W. \ft» ^f<». "W^* ^irf^«<ir, ;>rc/: mat*, nfttty, giwt. 

loti'g, numerous ; very, exceedingly. 
«if^t*twj i|^mf*f^,~fe?[^lftw, «t#t^, of l<Hig3taiidi9g» chro' 

Bic^ ancient, old. [dMt 

sn^, ^f?, ^^^c^^, f^9, much, niafty, numerous, abun- 
^^vW, V^pif, iRC^^T, abundance, plenty, pltirality, mul- 
tiplicity, [servant. 
Zfpr4^, ^^?iJ^t, — W^Jt, «ftw, wise, knowing, prudent, ob- 
Wftfl, ftftK, '•npr^tfl, ^t^ W^ttl , ^ttltS, various, mani^ 

fold; in many virays, often, oftantimes. 
^f«r«, m^^il?, ftWl ^Fwt^^ft^, populous, proline. 
^'^^m* ^f'Hn, — •J^i^Sfrt «^«, / prolific, having borne 

many children. 
^tW^» ftfftlft, fii^tfii^, continuing many years; perennial 
^Vf<^i 'H^ttf^, ^^rt^Ti, f^iWH\, of many kinds or sorts, 

variwis, multirorra. [attributivie. 

^RffW^, ^f^S ^Wtr^f? «K\^ iWTH, a compound adjective or 
^^r^jf, ^mc^^ ^ rif*(k, having many wives ; apolygamist, 
^^^5t«t. ^^iFtw, 5tpB9t5l, ^t^, garrulous, talkative. 
'^W^(^, trsf^m, Ww?^, 'TtTtwW^, affecting, tbuching, 

piercing to the quick, comprehensive. 
^|lft, MHU<5f «Rf, polysyllabic, of many syllables. 
919^, wt^rifT*, 9(9^, multiform ; a camelion, a polypus, 
^i^'ft, ^TWC^rt^ctit, TPTWPfil, ^C*«*tff^» assuming many 

forms, many-shaped, multiform. 
^^, ^^fl(^, ^c^^, Um^, much, abundant, prolix. 
^, ^rfl, ^ort^?;^«i? ^iift^tfs, fire or its deity. 
^f^^, W^^l, ifT^^ffflr, a god, a deity. 
ft^» ?il^^, ^iWi, ^wWRW^lPt, ^WJflw, insatiable, in- 

saitiate, voracious, ravenous, gmedy. 
41, r4^?f^c^w ^, or, either, perhaps. 
^, ^tsciT^, ^VlVy ^^, rheumatism, flatulence, eti« 

thusiasm, a dancing girl. [attonpt 

it^W, 'irtwi/, ^rfM^f^, ♦f^*!*!* idleness, letity, a vain 
«t^9t, ^rwfll?1, ^wpr, windy, flatulent, gilly, idiotic. 
ltlH» ^%^> ^^> ^>ir^/» a clttseU 22; tat^er/ect: ttxuBmgl 

1^ < aos 

^i^^lrt, ^iflR, <^> ^t dwarf, {>igifty> short. 

^\^f ^%>l> — ^f^r«» ^''m, insane, mad, foolish, idiotic. 

?t«^, 4Wf, — ^f^ w»W9, ^^vcan?} a lake. 

?t^, It**^,— l^, ^tJpr* ^•^^'rtCT? ^ifiw t^^^i, a circuiti 

tt whirlwind, Che last day of Pans. [sieve. 

^rt^W^i «M/ ^rt?7> %nnri ^tfY^» to winnow, to toss in a 

i!%, ^^W, ?rpi, ^''t, n^, a fathom, six feet. 

iw, Vies? w%, ?aRl, W7, 'fWlj nw, ^trtt«?*i f^^, a car- 
rying yoke or cooly-lathe» a crooks bend,turn« 
ing in a rix'er, a ring for the legs. [foppish. 

^t^> fiRt* f^m, ^*l]<l(^1 bold, audacious, impudent, 

5tvr, -^w W^'^i CTT^«r, c^w^, ca^^^, to be crooked, to 

bend, turn, bow, bend down. . 

iwt, ^W, tStH, rt^, •rt5P«lfl, %mi^i ^, bent, crooked, 

awry» sinuous, winding, foolhardy, obstinate. 

h^f ?W1 ♦rr«^» •WW, ^fW^, #?«^i to escape, survive, re^ 
* main, contiauei live. - [veraoce^ 

hn^ ?Wli fkmn, escape, safety, refuge, rescue, deli- 

h^t^, ^«wwna[<i- jw% ^^ ww^ wn ^h^, #*w, to »ve, 

preserve, protect^ defend^ extricate, shelter^ 

screen, uphold, spare, revive, refresh, 
iwi,^ . ^fllt, — 5Wrn» ^WW, barren, sterile, unproductive. 
f ^, f^^, *KIV^^, ivft, a share» portion^ lot, allowance, 

distribution, a dug, teat, the haddle of a tooL 
t^, 1^^ ^JW, ^"R, ^tftwflir^ to share out, distribute* 

portion, allot, divide into shares, dispense. 
f|^^> nwn, "^r^r, ^mv, a partition^ allotment, portion, 

share, a blot, a stigma, 
flf^lrt* ^tt!fin\ — ^, ^WW, low in stature, short, dwarf« 
ft^i|» "Vft, ?R^, ^^^ti, a ball, shot, pill, bolus, pebble. 
T^«it ?1 «rt9l» — ^09, a weight of stone or other material« 
4f^« ^fin, an sdlowance on money, discount. 
^if^Vt^-' ^n^ ^S^^t^j bereft of the tail, tailless, 4ocked^ 
ftHt. Vfiffy €9t^<r, a dam, a binding, stopping, &c. 

. * . VBW, ^tf?f# HP! %SW, Ji^^*"W, to bind, fa9t#i, 

30» K^ 

ters, directed* expressed, meaftioned, wotthf 

of being expressed. [p^ti. 

^fflf^fft, ^KltWWl, ^f^f(%> a master of Uaguage, Vrilias- 

^rre. IJ*ttt, ?fttr;1, an exolanation, an expositiofi. 

41M-I, ?JWT, tfrtT'ir'r, ^^nr, to explain, imfoldr cause to 

speak; [sprig^tly^ 

z\^Vif ^JWU** ^5f^rft, talkative, garrulous^ chatteringv 
^ift^f *«^, ^^^, Ti;]^,*ltRf*, expressing, expressive. 

verbal, vocal. [joined. 

^i(tf^, %V» "irtfir^y mentioned, expressed, declared, en« 
^flwl, "tt**, H, H^, the young of an animal. 

fit or proper to be^ expressed, predicable, 
attributable, declinable (as an adjective,) con- 
temptible ; a word, idea, meaning, predicate. 

^It^, wr, *f<^ ^^» to pick, choose, select, to sort, 

separate from. [&c. 

^itf1» f^'^y ^«1^, %^rt^, a t^hild, cffspring i selected 

^itF?, CW?«^5T, ^•^iw?, a calf, a steer. 

^rw, ^«^. ftww, ^, <lT<rt, ire, m/3fWA, a thunderbolt, 

sound, speed, a wing, the feather of an arrow, 
ghee or clarified butter, a falcon. 

'^HR, W^^y "rtf w«^; ^iR, •tt^, to sound as a musical 

instrument, to strike as a clock or bell, to 
pain or suffer pain. 

irnr<n, ^W1, — ^/, ^rtirnrt, music, a musical instrument. 

VtWt?! ^/^ one who plays OD a musical instrameiit. 

^tve^, nvftt^, a sacrifice in which ghee is offered. 

lt^> V^WXiif *r^f f^c*lir, a market-basket, a species of corn. 

^rwfsr, z\^, wiFitf f^n, ^4i^ m?^, -iw ^* w«r, to play 

on an instruhient, to beat a drum, to slrik%^ 
bell, to sound, <b1owy&c. 
^, W^, •f^t, ^«ftR<», «1^, a horse, 4 bird, a sky- 
rocket, squib,' a wager, stake. [panael. 
irri[» ^t^> Vi^t^Bvl^ff , the arm, a partitioii wall, a door 
V^f ^^^--fWBitit. an ornament for the arm. 

iQTtw 899 

VW^i ^ft^f HMFTf to desire, wish, losg for, incline to, re- 
quest, [request, 
^it^p, tlEl» •^N*^ f^^^K^f a wish, desire, will, propensity^ 
'm^, ^, ^<, a toad, way, passage, [grind paint, &c. 
?t^, ^*tii^,Vi^, to pound, reduce to pulp, rub on a stone, 
ixSfti cW^^ltHt* a woman who rubs things on a stone &c, 
irttm?^, W^t^, Vftff a robber, thief, highwayman. 
?t^, «tf4llHl«, a betel-box, a species of small fish. 
?t^!*r, ^^?l,^riN, achissel. 
^tffelrt, w^, ?^, a string, twine, a sort of cord. 
31itR, ^f '^Ptfpff ^it^» ^rtpnt •tt^^tfii, ^rr^, ■rtJft, a house, 

habitation, residence, family dwelling, home, 

a metal cup, a drinking vessel, a garden, a 

mace, a^rod. [roads. 

^n^, •rWw, ♦W^ftSt, wt^tt«, travelling, infesting the 

?T^, !5tV^ttT9, ^;m, a betel'box, discount on notes &c. 

iT^, ^rtw, '•rw 'Ml, ^, Kt?, '■[#11, <sftrRi ^r^ir^ ^''^ 

^vtf^ li^, a frame, a fish^dam, a weir, a mar- 
gin, edge, selvage, a column or half-page, the 
outer covering of a mango- stone, 
it^, ^^, ^^*i, ^/t<i^, m^f %1^, •Htcw^i, to grow, 

thrive, increase, abound, spread, extend, jut 

out, become prominent, rise above, exceed, 

' to help or carve at table. [ded, expended. 

^Vnf ^jftWtH, W^f ^irt, prosperous, overgrown, exten* 

^Itl^l, ^t^^t^'T, ^(t^^tftr,— W, wifl^ ^•rf^, subnrarine fire. 

^WRPW/, more, increased, exorbitant, dear, 
turgid, prolix, redundant ; growth, enlarge- 
ment, excess, abundance, overplus. 

41*!^, ^^^«i , ^iftPlUflr^, owftw, %w^, «Rt^gM, ¥^^, ^B*tt*Pr, 

%r^ IW«I^, ^Wr, «rft*fPR, to augment, 
enlarge, multiply, increase, to raise a price, 
enhance, cause to increase, extend, to exalt, 
ttiagnify, enrich, flatter, to excite, to reutoiNd 
a carcase, throw out, to prolongs to promote- 

400 niftv 

5«VRlf§, ^firilw Vtt?, ^st^msif, ftwti ^[^<?^ tedioQ^Ly, with 

prolixity, much at large. 

^tf^, fire?, f fl;, ^wfii, ^w/^, ^/Wf, an increase, augmen- 
tation, improvement, an advance in price, the 
interest of money. 

a house, a family residence, a home, a staff, 
stick, rod, a plot of garden ground, an advance 
of grain to be repaid in kind with m^erest. 

itt^-sf^ W*?1, ^, 5Wt#*t, a broom. 

^^€t, ^f^, ^l^t ^f^*W/, ^'R, ?^, increase, excess, sur- 
plus, redundance, prolixity; prolix. [cess. 

Tt?t4TfH, '■^^•r?, ^"rrfic^/. excessively, importunately; ex- 

V% •»?, R[*^^? ffi*fT^, •fffir^^'rtc^ JWWI^, an arrow, dart^ 

versed sine, the influence of an evil eye, a ma- 
lignant incantation. 

^•11, m«? f^Ptfl, the male organ of a child. 

^tf^, '^'^t^ f^«*fwf^Tfj? c^^^, the hire or price of weav- 
ing, jewelling, &c. 

^<i^, ^PWtft, r^mlt, a trader, trafficker, merchant. 

^IftW, ^rt^?, ftf^T?, trade, traffic, commerce, barter. 

^lft?1, Tt^if,— iffW,^^, a banker, merchant, trader. 

Tt<t, ^W,^^, ^W^, speech, sound, a word, language, 

Saraswati' or the goddess of eloquence. 

?t«, TRT, ^t?^^, TCqr f^^tir, air, wind, gout, rheuma- 

tism, flatulency,. hypocondria. [with wind. 

ST^ft"J» i1^*t, — ^^t^3rt^4^, rheumatic, gouty, troubled 

it^^irv, ^m, ?t1tirr^f^t^^, bypocondriac, mad, ^flatulent. 

^n^9^, ^^rT'TO WC^ C^Tl, the wind-colic. [spirit* 

^Wlf , ^f^ '^RP"©?!, ^, wind, air, an apparition, vision, 

?t^n^, .^^9 c^f^, a species of sweet meat, sugar-plums. 

^rw^, ^^l^t^, ^l'^» windy, tempcistubjiSt boisterous. 

?rst*1»1» ^tW?, ^9!!^, ini^l, ^m, «Vijn*, airy, windy, 

hysterical, light ; a swallow. 

^tftv, ?t\1rt».— ^tMf^«. ?tfRrt<t5»,^|f^,aFisii^ from wind, 

flatulent, gouty, rheumatic^ stormy, windy. 

^, '^f '^flwf, ^, ^tWWf^, a candle, lamp, wick, 

a wand, rod, a dtick of wax. [foolish. 

^1?^, ^nwn, %1^, WMI, f^Wrt^, insane, mad, crazy, 

^i1, ^Iwl^ Tt?, ?|t?, WftW, .PWRT^St, a strong wind, 

a gale, a storm, a hurricane, a boaster, brag- 
ger, vapotirer, liar. [affection. 

Tt^MKr. Win rBi^, '^It^, fondne&s, caressing, tenderness, 

^•W^, WHtWI, i:Wt, a cow-house, cow-pen, cow-pasture. 

^» ^rp*/, ^1^, f^B'W, ?W?, C19, ^irtt^VW, .iJ^W, a word, 

a sentence, a contradiction, dispute, enmity, 
reproof, an ill name. 

^(t99, ^^^f ^/^> speaking ; a speaker, player of music. 

Tn^, ^tvpr, to play on an instrument, to strike as a clock. 

^riirf^iA, fi94, 4nt^4|H, reasoning, an argument, discus- 
sion, disputation, [cloud. 

Tfwn, •trw^, ^llpf, cw, wet weather, a rainy day, a 

^tif«rU nrw, c^tt^, ^tft^f id : also gold or silver lace, tissue. 

^W^fihf, <2ft^, ^wf^, rainy, arising from rain &c. 

^T«pifr9WW, 4if^#t4l^ ^ ftn^, an ephemeral insect. 

^»<t^4iif , ^^, finw, f*8trl, ^^si^^, a dispute, quarrel, con- 
troversy, argument, disputation. 

^Wff, ^f ftrw, CTit? •ttf, an almond, a ship's sail. 

^ctiR4t«*?1, ^iit^, almond-shaped, oval. [sic. 

Tff^r, ^, — 5nCT? «r<Ct^ 'W. the key-note in Hindoo mu- 

^ct^, ^irf^ •JP^'^ ^f*W, ^cPra, ipPi^, made to be uttered, 

extorted, sounded as a musical instrument. 

7tfi|p9l, 9ft^/1, ^Vlt a snake-catcher, snake-charmer. 

speaking, asserting, quarrelsome, litigious, 
pleading; a plaintiff, accuser, suitor, ex- 
pounder, the stater of an argument or thesis, 

^tiTfy ^ i^tvf^, a large bat or vampire. 

^ffsff^ ^nnrt, any musical instrument, music. 

9TW/99lf ^tOTQi, ^, a musician, a musical performer. 

^iwvr«, 1 "(W^H '^n "W, a concert of instrumental mu- 

'^XCfSWPlf i 8ic» a burst of many instruments together. 

£ e e 

402 ^n 

^W, ftnrt?*, «rft^W5P, ^f^f hindering, obstructing, pre- 
ventive; a hinderer, &c. menstrual pains. 

^'Pr, Pnrt?w, ^f*!^, ci^w, *t»l*, ^fr, to hinder, pre- 

vent, resist, oppose, obstruct, impede, clog, 
detain, to frustrate, to render ineffectual. 

^«r, >tf5l^,— ?lW^, Pnttrir ''■n^, opposition, hin- 
drance, obstruction, prevention, detention. 

^W, <frJ^W«, 'Wl^, f^JtW, iji^, V?, <F5if, an impediment, 

prohibition, opposition, &c. pain, danger, 
a sandal, clog, wooden shoe. [of Crishna. 

^^, ^wi *<<l^^«<m^ ^fW, songs celebrating the birth 

^V, 'ft^, wRrs, ^^l«^, fr^tV, submissive, subservient, 

tame, captive, capable of obstruction,&c. [bore. 

^rfr, ^rt^Pil^ wr^if, a flood, a heavy sea, a high tide, the 

^^«rf ^, ^^«r^, a hermit, anchoret, brahmin devotee. 

TR?, ^W, «r^, ■ITtrhl^, an ape, a monkey, a baboon. 

rtn\\. ^fVWfMvtm, «l\^^4pn^, the union of vowels 

and consonants, spelling. 

^tt%, ^, WWT, a vomiting, a throwing up from the 

stomach. [knot. Arc. 

ZVW^. ^K^y ^Jh^, t«J>/W, to bind, fasten, conine, tie, 

7i\mj, %5t^, ^nrt(t?, a relation, kinsman, friend. [one. 

^♦f, ^^, ^W, — f^fS\s a father; used, in fondness, to any 

Xtncf, ^♦ft?^% ^%— fjtttfl^'irrrw -W, oh father! fa- 
ther! (an expression of pain or surprize.) 

Jt^t t^WW^, f^sl, father and mother, parents. 

?t*W, fwtp^W, ^l^f^fl, sowing seed ; a sower, seedsman. 

?ri#, iftW^w, wiW?, an oblong pond, a pool, a lake. - 

Itlf^^ ^If?^* ^n^, talkative, garrulous, loquacious. 

^, w?n?T^|W ^fTfWr, via CTW, sire, sir ; a gentleman. 

^W, ^/, ft^tfhs, Vn^, ^*mr, Jic^ar, left (not right), 

contrary, opposed, reverse, inverted, unpro- 
pitious, averse from, beautiful, pleasing. 

^t«r^, ^jjtinwp, an emetic ; causing vomiting. 

^% ?W<i^,^5m^ 5rp>«it, ^^ f^«t1, m. S^ f. k brahmin 

and brahmin^. 

m$ 40$ 

?tw, ?Wftf,— «C^t^, 5t, a dwarf; short, pigmy, dwarfish. 

4l^iwi»*f l, ^f^ a[t, a woman with handsome eyes. 

^IW, #Eilt9> ^W i[W fW «f1 ^np>, a woman, a person 

who beats a drum, with the left hand. 

JtH\^, ^9(llnwBf Uw% >c< the doctrine of the Tantras, he- 
terodoxy. [Tantras ; heterodox. 

^itm^, i/tfm, ft#wirw<1 , a Tantrist, a fo)k>wer of the 

^«l, ^ ^t^,. PuNr 'ffr^'^Ft^, an open airy spot, a pri- 
vate place» an aperture, [gaseous. 

?firat?, •TttPw, "^iX^, belonging or relating to wind, 

^nw, H4MfHf |t?, sriP^cvt^, relating to the wind, sacred 

to the god of wind ; the north-west. 

Vpij, ^ItlPSf,— ^tiP, iifli^. ''Ifti, m. Sff. a crow. 

^, •fW, ?r«tf , mp^, •Wftin. wind, air, hypocondria, 

the g^od of wind, a spirit* [the N. VV. 

ft»CTt«l, W*^CTT^, •f^W ^^WBB ^W, the quarter of the wind, 

^'tMflf, 'priftlrt ^f^m^ ^«^, a whirlwind. [wind, &c. 

intJrv, ft f ^^ ft ^ , ^Tt^» hypocondriac, troubled with 

llfWHW, •fwrt, ♦fWt^mf*, a fan, the act of fanning. 

Itf^s^sf , ^ff^^,— •rt^t^t, ^% feeding on air ; a serpent. 

HV-t ^^^^ •ft^, l^Wl, hypocondriac, insane, crazy. 

"inT^k, adayof^the week, a turn, spell, rota- 
tion, exchange, vicissitude, time, an occasion, 
a multitude, quantity, flock, a liquor-vessel, 
water, a row, a tier, a column, half a page: 
9t!p:9tv, ^in? t^tvipi fliPW, a tray, a large wooden dish. 

^tii% ^it^ ^•i, Pfn:^>nr, srt^t^n, ^twr^, ^i^t^, ^iwr, 

Mfn, to hinder, prevent, prohibit, forbid, dis- 
allow, to repel, stop, check, thwart. 

^ttimr, ft'rt?^ ^JJiqrt?, twice, again. [often, frequently. 

irif mr, mwtj,— *t^»^. 'l^^, again and again, repeatedly, 

^t^BWWl, «fWt^ ^tW^f »«?, certain parts of each day 

considered unluqky and unfit for any enter- 
prize or work. . [woman. 

^QlRlt, ^titW^i — r^n> a harlot, a prostitute, a common 

104 ^nrt^ 

?tirr»PrPr, ^5tf?**r— tT^?, *n^, the sea, the ocean. 
^?ttil, StJf^, f^, a portico, a porch, a verandah. 
^W?, ^''ninr, n^, again, once again, once more; 

^^t ■'T?^. — 'W* 'rt^* ^f » water. 

'^tflrr'Wf, ^jwW, — ^^^y ^^p a tortoise. 

^fi[^, «i99t^, ««i6u|r, 5R^w, aquatic ; a fish. 

^tflw, wwr^-^W, ««rtjt, "W, "T^ ♦ftf , produced in water ; a 

snail, a conch shell, any biralve shell, a lotus. 

^flw, «TOf, wr^, w^i giving water ; a cloud. 

^^, wrw?, ^lit* ^^t a spring of water, a frog. 

-^y wil»r«r^^, 5Wt§, ^^^Frr^r^w, •IW, a water- 
pot, milking-Tessel, the foot rope that fastens 
an elephant, a spell, a turn in rotation, watcb, 
time of duty. 

the west, spirituous liquor, the 20th lunar 
mansion, a festival on the 13th day of the 
wane in Chaitra. [gunpowder, 

^cRWf, ^tt/aitrt' |<3?; ftrw, "wit^ fWi« ^'<w\i ^'^^iifts, 

^rc^^, ^^Jfl, ^^^, once^ one time. [exchange ; for. 

^c?, <tt«rRr, ^rfiapw, W^?, in turn, in rotation, ia 

^irn* ^"^fc?, apor^, •j^u alternately, in rotation, oftem 

repeatedly, again and again. 

4tC«tlt?t, »tk*lltStJ5', TrtW^^ ^^ttf*Rn, ^^f t^tttfl, having 

twelve doors, mendicant, begging from door 
to door ; a palace, a mendicant, a beggar. 

<lUt4tft, ^W^;, TT^^i, i?f*l^, gencfral, common, frequent. 

^t^t ^Wt, «R?^, ^Vf, ^VT«, ^fWr^t^'^nr, *f^, VWf9» 

a word, report, rumour^ tidings, news, mes- 
sage, information, relation, account, narra- 
tion, warning, conversation, a livelihood* 
occupation. [commeBit. 

^ft^, c«ff|r«, TirW^, ^^, an envoy, messenger; a gioss^ 

'^\^ft fW<^, f?P5t, old age. 

^rfijtir, i;ir^, ar^ij^ TO^I, a wild sheep, a wether^ 

^^f^, ^/Wc<^V ^tHi?K^rW<t4t, a usurer^ money-lender.. 

tw 405 

?Tfiw, ^rf^W^isN, «rP»^5i5 ^n^jc*?. «rfi5^«« WW ^l^, year- 

ly, annual, belonging to a year; a yearly 

pension, &c. [pati. 

^tf^^^/, ^31fWTl, morality, ethics ; derived from Vrihas- 

?m, ^^^% Pr^, cfiin, f«i, 'wjOTtar. ^iwnfinr ^, wT, an 

infant, child, boy, lad, a colt, hair, a lock of 

hair, hair on the privities, a horse's tail, any 

tail; infantine, childish, ignorant, uninformed. 

?tf^, '•RirW, c^f*l?1, fM^, J|<t, an infant, child, boy, lad, 

a fool, a blockhead. [a child. 

^T«i^, f*rMt#^, n?ftrgt?, childish, infantine, relating to 
^twpr, ^ww? ^♦f ^«^, to be seized with fever, (spoken 

of an infant.) [twilight. 

^WntrW, rw4t?t?ir, ^iw«< purple, the colour of the 
?t«Pi1t ^mcwt ^ V^f a fever, (in a child or infant.) • 
^Wrt, CT1W1 CfVl, 5^/1, 3|hW^, ^CT?, a female child, girl, 


young woman, a female, a woman, a bracelet. 

itwr^, f5[«tf^, ^^, an ill, misfortune. 

^WPwt?, t^iTj Rwsr, W^^W«<1|«i, b«^^, things pro- 
per for or peculiar to children, pupillage. 

^^Tft, ^Wt ^rtfllf? 'iwrmft^ <^, ltc?3[ *rwt, f*T^1, the leaf of 

the plantain, palm &c. in its sheathe, a single 
leaf of a door, sand. [young girl, sand. 

^tfiwi, CTt^ -4^^ nim'9V%\ #♦ t5!^?5i, a female child, a 

^I%in, f>t^>ftl»i9, sandy, abounding in or made of sand. 

VfmH, f^^5pr, Pli4, aj<t a pillow, bolster, cushion ; young» 

ignorant, uninformed. 

5itt*nr*^ ^ fw, — V(S ^ft^^^, a teal or wild duck. 

^rtt. ^*, — Tif^^, 3WRr, sand, gravel, grit. 

^TiihP^, i^i^fl ^<tnr cvr^lir ^W, sand and lime, mortar. 

^Ttn^, «|f»lc^f^r&?tWfS wj, ^TOf«, a crescent, new moon. 

^. ^»^, ^"Rt^, ^i^r? «i«i^lPi ftw^, poor, destitute, 

forlorn, bereft; a bucket. 

Vi9f, M"l4|4i^1, cipv/tT, infancy, childhood, youib. 

^rmmrt^, <£fT9t9f#7 cv(«7, breakfast, the morning meal. 

^M, ^••f, W5^, Jjipft, a bamboo, reed, flute, pipe, fife. 

406 ?mfst« 

ictk;-1, ^rtfSf* ♦W, «i?l, st^le, old, stmking. . 

^n^« ^> ^» ^^9 ^ residence, dwellings abode, a smell, 

perfume, scent. [parel. 

^^ V:^ — ^^. a garment, clothing, cloth* dress, ap* 
^tvi9, ^(ffsrVI^ «tt?rf^?1> dwellings residing; an inhabitant. 
H|^«iMr1 Tl «if^f^, — rw^^rtfvl •titWfi^^, a woman dress- 
ed and waiting to receive her lover. 
Ymrcf » ^vpan:^, f^nrt7iat^» habitable, inhabitable. 
-^pm, «1tai, ^«?, ^^^, ^m ^% ^*3i?1 •WW, WF, a 

plate, dish, vessel, box, receptacle; to like, 

approve of, wish, incline to. 
^rWI, ^^» ^i|t> '•il^TPi, ^PR1,^'^"^«i>ft1, iw1» in^, a wish, 

desire,choice, lust, an inclination, propensity, 

apassioa for, a^d^gn, intention. 
Tfiv^, 4)ie(^l4)««, vernal, belonging to the spring. 
zttd, fi^, f^AKalJRir i«f«1fw, a day, the sieeping tmge^ 

ther of a couple' the first night after marriage. 
5Ctnt, f^FW, «roiT, ^, ^^, ft^, a lodging, temporary 

residence, place of abode, a nest, haunt, lair, 

an encampment. 
irtntfttlCf «p5, «rPwtS T^, "HWII, a man's temporary resi- 
lience while away^from home, a dwelling 

house, a sleeping room. 
irmfNn, tcr^, fSicHt, living in lodgings, residing from 

home ; a teipporary resident, a stranger, 
^(fvt^, rlMY, ^fwt^f to p^ume, scent, smeU. 
^, ^^, <^^. «tr«^. «^ ^ ^, stale, not 

fresh, old, clean- waahed (clothes); a chopper, 

a small hatchet, an adze. 
wtflro, 'SWt^* JPfJ** ^^' l^W*, ^Vttlfinf , perfumed, 

scented, spiced, seasoned, steeped, infiised, 

clothed, dressed. 
iCtUnr, ^it*,— <npPr?i»fii>Pr?l, dwdling, residing, inhabiting- 

Teal, genuine, substantial, material, deter* 
mined, substantiated, trae. 

I*t 407 

^itvr/, ^Wf,— f^^W^, fit for a residence, habitable. 
^itv» ^.* 1^» a house, dwelling, the scite of a dwelling. 

?TM, vt*f, w, ^wP, %aiR, ^cw, dW, t^fl||l^, vapour, 

steam, reek, spray, tears, rheum, mention, 
relation, a trace, the least trace, an atom, any 
thing ; any, the least, the smallest. 
^I*^H^#, wr^, volatile, flying oif in steam« 

^t^f W?mf , CTtl^, #rl^, ^ Wt^^lfr, ^Wrtip, carrying, 

bearing ; a porter, carrier, rower, waterman, 
a horse or other conveyance, a horseman. 

'I??^* ^t^?^» — fif^rf^til^, WW ^irt^'T^, to turn back, to 

return. [other conveyance. 

^W, tt^, Vit CTl^^l^. a carriage, vehicle, a horse or 

^T?w, ctI rtupr, mt ^W^f ^V^* to row, steer, carry, bear, 

clamber, climb (as a plant.) 

4K4l4tfr4 , Kit^, fr»|tri*, a grappling ; hand to hand. 

^fljift, ^FTV, wr, f%^«N owl, ^l^fi^. n[t^f#, an army, co* 

hort, body of troops, battallion; /. facing, 
flowing. [outside, out of doors. 

^Tf|?, ^iftTC?,— ^miv/^C?, 4Hrflftfr,^tl^/,without, out, abroad, 

^nt^wpr, f^^W, t»f<pw, the address or direction of a letter. 

'^^f ^» — ^» "^^9 the arm, a fathom. 

4T^^» ^^^ll^i, 7W, the shoulder-blade, the arm-pit 

^mj;, ^Hf^» f1^irtf9, *m*fir, a scuffling, wrestliBg, 

hand-fight, fisticuff^; pugilism. 

^t^/, ^iftftPW/, «rtfj(r, «r5?, abundance, plenty, muki-' 

pHcity, enlargement, size ; plentiful, many. 

^f» ^fK^f ^cWfe^, ^wv/^, ^T* *^ ^ carried, &c* 

external, outward, superficial. 
^tCCT. ^tf^» "^t^f out (to ease nature;, openly. 
5ilTrf1^, wi|Wiit^Wft^, ^f a privy, a place to case na^ 

ture in, the outskirts of a town, &c. so used. 
4W.5R»!i <, C^tttfRE, P^v, a going to stdol, evaluation. 
fifWt, C4f^, «|Kf9 Ytw, a tail of hair. 
pMt, Pd^ m^ftlff ^"itf, shelled |iulse. [eye of a needle. 
A^, ft t(, — ^n^ot, ?^ a perforation, tM»«, ▼est, incision, tho 

408 nnnt 

Kvr, nwT, Mlv^'4, tlOT, f^<t 5^rt^, to pierce, perforate, 

borc» tap, ^tab, prick, thrust undermine. 

Pnnr-'nt^, riw, ftORr, to sell, to vend ; a, sale. 

fiRFJf, «PJf^, <tfHtf3^, ftr^^t^, blown, expanded, spread, 

opened, open, bald. 

T**^, Wt9, ^^f ^?t^^, ftfii, f^rapi, «r^ti, '^Rpry, ^^, jeo- 
pardy, danger, fear, awe ; formidable, horri- 
ble, hideous, distorted, deformed, changed in 
form or appearance, huge, large, beautiful. 

fippn, tNtft', '^'t^^ ^Rrs, "'Wflj, ^, ♦tf , ft^t^, T^, ^i\ 

isiw, rfi^^, agitated, disturbed, troubled, 
distressed, confused, confounded, defective, 
imperfect, .maimed, impaired, out of order, 
decayed, withered, waned. 

f^FOTtW. ^"rt, c<Jtn, ^«1«i, maimed, crippled, deformed. 

ft^^ft> ?> l[C^ft5?» '•TW fvrWTfl f4f*W, having defective or 

impaired organs or powers. 

1^^^» ^^^^ *t^/T«t?/, ^tJfX, f%3i% ^^,. 5RCTB[, optional, 

admitting two forms (in grammar ;) an alter- 
native, option, doubt, suspence. 

to(i»W, c^n^*J^ «^st9, ^TRTi^?, ^ffiW, ^^f^rt^, admitted 

as optional, chosen as an alternative, in sus- 
pence, in doubt, undecided. [blown. 

ftr^f^. ^ar^vr, cf'itt^, opened as a flower, expanded, 

ft^e, ftr^w;, fto^s^ttJ, ^fPiNR/, i^lfrrr?, saleable. 

ft^t?, «Pifiit«?, ^^«W3 'iR^/^n, ^^iir, ^wvi^, ft^ry, iww, 

WT^tww* ^iM?FNN WT^tffi;, a change of form, 
nature or quality, alteration, transmutation, 
transformation, deterioration, depravation, 
spoiling, fading, a dangerous symptom, an 
accumulation of bile or other change of natural 
humours, disease, sickness, passion, feeling, 
emotion, a transition from the quiescent state 
of the mind, the fatal change fmmediately 
preceding death. 

ri«WH«/. ♦tflrfitt^frt. Itfl^hwi, fWitm;, tmchangeable- 

ness, incapability of change or deterioration, 
immobility by passion or emotion as of the 
Deity. [precedes death, 

fnrt?c?t^, ^ilflc. ir?^^^^ *ll^W, disease,the change which 

totit, •Ift-itWtft, irtfti nft^it^ ftc^Tf , producing or un- 
dergoing a change, &c. [deterioration, &q. 

Hflrt^r, ^tnxn. ^tm f^t? ftw •nr?, capable of change or 

ft^wai-wm, t^\*, ^JWn^rt^r, evening, afternoon, twilight. 

ft^W. .fW?, ^^T5^» expansion, the opening of a flower. 

ft#, ft»?,-«wl, sale, a sale, vent. [ter. 

ft*Mt, aWfiCTTT, f^^'i?, buying and selling, trade, bar- 

fi^, ^ifiprM; ^% the funeral cake offered for one des- 
titute of surviving relatives to do it for him. 

fi4t9«i, W^f Omt^^, T^T^» to scatter, throw about, spread, 

sprinkle. [sprinkled. 

Prfr<r. M^%, fl?^, scattered, spread about, dispersed, 

ft^. . ^/m^. «tut. irr.1. Pwr^, 'r^. '•wfi. imr. 

rjt^lt, ^*wtw, f^, r4?F#, changed, altered, 
transformed, impaired, imperfect, faded, dis- 
eased, sick, distorted, deforined, estranged, 
alienated, filled with aversion or disgust. 

^[^, 'itvtcn ^iPT/ftl, ftiWW?. ^1*, ^i^l, change, trans- 
formation, distortion, depravity. 

fiy^, ^srtRtfWr? , fitPiir, variously done, not uniform. 

niapv, "r^, ^, ««W, ^^^, power, strength, authority, 

energy, valour, prowess, courage, heroism. 

nrapft, ftirw,— ^«i^. %, 'ff^iSt, powerful, able, cou- 
rageous, bold, daring, valiant, heroic. 

t^aF9'^3 CiW, r<3R, a selling, sale, vent, [able, marketable. 

fwRT^t?, ftraTT,— CTf>?t? Wt^/t ♦Ifi^V, saleable, merchant- 

faiapfr, r^rt^t selling, vending ; a vender, seller. 

nraft, fillt, — CTF1, CTft^l, sale, a sale, vent. 

fnPl9, cm, ^ffftwvi, sold, disposed of by sale. 

nmi^f^ ^I3ft?1, ftiififs, •ift^, played, having played, 

danced, joked, &c. 

Ff f 

410 ft<*«l 

ftcaFSl, Pi#?#tff , ^f41f9, ^N/iffrtt, ft seller, a salestnah. 

ftjf^ ^RJt^, Ww, ^, ^»t^, W^^i, overcome by fear, 

surprize, agttation» shame - or other passion, 
confused, confounded, lost, bewildered. 

ftjtV* <4t9, ^i^fV. fatigued, wearied, exhausted. 

UPn[, tns, TT^> #ir» ^VTdf, shrivelled, withered, decayed, 

old, wet, moist. 

f^^, 'itrtfel, WbwWT?, ^» iwtf*, wetness, dampness, an 

oozing with matter, suppuration, [zy, silly. 

W^f^, W9J^f f^nnr, ^^, scattered, thrown, sent, &c. era- 

f>iW|f , ^^, %tf^, agitated, disturbed, anitious. 

ftC^W, Z^fm, ^«T4t, rpnsF, a throwing, propelling, casting, 

scattering, dispersion, confusion, perplexity, 
distress of mind. [scatter, disperse. 

nr*^^, c^BflfiT, ^^, YTtw, to throw, cast, sead, shoot, 

f^rvtv, 9t99«1, vn^» agitation, distress of mind, anxiety. 

f*trt?1, wm 'WW, 'wwf^ ^, a discord, (in music.) 

fttyt^,\ ^fT^fi, firt%«, ^IWRT, famous, renowned, praised, 

celebrated, spoken of, denominated. 

ft^rtf^, «rfiiflK, WH, fame, celebrity, notoriety, renown. 

f^^t^. fwf? PfTI ^^W ♦IT^W, iW f ^^, ^5Wr, »i9W, •RR, ^W^ 

^n^ ^% to be deteriorated, to alter for the 
worse, to change, alter,fade, decay, apostatize. 

to spoil, vitiate, impair, deteriorate, deface, 
ruin, mar, seduce, debauch, violate. 

r^^» T<^, — ^fwt?, fiRW, ^«wr5ft^, 5^5^^, 1k^, date* 

. rioration, ruin, a change for the worse, apos- 
tacy, a rupture, quarrel. [ruining, &c. 

fl^firpft, PnrW*, iP'Wtit, spoiling, vitiating, seducing, 

ft^n, "1^, Ti^, UnWf 4 foe, adversary, enemy. 

^^, c<M, tflfi|«, ^«1^«, ^^f > CTt?, 4)f^f1t^/ f^nrf^, de- 
parted, gone, disappeared, severed, separated, 
parted, dark, gloomy, obscured; a span. 

&^ft?/ ^\\^f ftW5?» ^W(^, «rrt, departure, separation, 

disappearance, a parting, relinquishing. 

f^P^^ .411 

U^n, WN w^ flwn w^f ^*wwi^ w*^, f ^t ^^» to cwi- 

sure, reproach, vilify, abuse, hat^e, abominate. 
ftflAlv, ^ipR, wt\, ^WI, 5J#, ^W, »ift, falleu» dropped, oozed, 
. removed, loose, dishevelled, melted, putrified- 
fk^nit, 41(H«lD, «nc^1v/Vf departing, setting off, separa- 
ting, [proached,^ vilified, 
t^^, ftiTf^, l^rf^, defamed, censured, abused, re. 

ft«^, ^^wiTv, fi, wr, ^, ^iwwi, ^«rtw. flr*5^ ^jrow. ft^t?, 

worthless, ill-disposed, evil, bad, spoiled, per- 
nicious, unpropitious, injurious ; an evil quality 
or disposition, vitiation, deterioration. 

ftc^tf, tSWW, ^m, ^^•fM, «r^iww, ftcjrtK, a mixture, con- 

fusion, ruin, a rupture, quarrel. 

ft^, ^, tf«*, ^tTm, FWtf, 9% "1^, war, battle, a com- 

bat, an image, idol, shape, form, the body. 

'Aw^, ^RT^, ^*IV, an occurrence, event, misfortune. 

fi^^, ^RI^ •W, ^•rt^, fJTji^f^, %^*tf , ^•W, happen- 
ed, occurred, befallen as a misfortune; an ac- 
. cident, calamity. « 

ftWB^ Vliniffti ♦rtlPit^, ftwRi, a long span. 

1^, ^, 1^ ^Ptfel lA, a measure of land, twenty Cot- 

tabs or from 80 to 87 cubits square. 

^Wt^ ^Wt, 'Wt^, *R5, r?!, ^rt, a hindrance, obstacle, in- 
jury, hurt, destruction, murder. . [impede. 

ftlrt»«r, nc^ ^% mvi,^W^fnr, to hurt, injure, kill, murder, 

Awt*, f^'^^n^, «rt*^, ^W, injuring, killing, destroying, 

opposing, &c. [wind, a whirlpool. 

liOffn, ^Itl^, ^«fiC» ^ftW^, a whirling round, a wl^irl- 

flj, IKW. ^n^, ^*tt5, ^•ftT» a hindrance, impedi- 
ment, obstacle, obstruction, opposition, dan- 
ger, calamity, misfortune. [ed. 

PH^f^ ^^, ^f obstructed, prevented, hindered, spoil 

t^% ^% ifv, ^nRnK, a scent, smell, smelling. 

ftRH, fr^, ^^^, ^1l'' '^^ eminent, superior, excel- 
lent, learned, wise, clever* able, skilful. 

WP^, 9^ ^, WW, the itch, scab, ringworm. 

412 W*ai 

,ftwr, ^^Pi^> ^rfwfirn^, ^r;ki^, r^iTtflr, ^••/, •tfijrt, 

V(V^, 'tf^lf^t irregular conduct, disobedience, 
perverseness, fickleness, unsteadiness, Satilure, 
a slip, dislocation, sprain, strain, wrench. 
U^m, Wtprl, ^, •fWjl, a slip, a false step. 

fi^t^, f^nfiirs, ^vfw, i6^, ^i>»r, ^f^?, iifti?r«, ft*^, ,'^» 

Pimi, slipped, moved in a wrong direction, 
bent, fickle, unstable, unsteady, unfixed, dis- 
located,displaced,perVerted,ruined, contrary. 

PifUif ftni?^, wj, ft^tit, ^tttctfj frii^, iR^wrtT, PiM^t 

NMtV, ^/t?, investigation, examination, de- 
liberation, consultation, discussion, disp'uta- 
X tion, reasoning, enquiry, an opinion, deter- 
mination, judgment, decision, a trial at lav. 

ftPtJ*, f^t?^1, ^/T?^, ftw*, t^mt^, a judge, one who 

investigates, &c. investigating, reflecting. 

rw?«i, ^«ttW? f^nm% ^^% t^c^^^ ^^,,ftwt«pr, to investi- 
gate, examine, reason^ discuss, judge, decide. 

nr^T!PJpl, '^If^, ^ft^rtT, a rule forjudging, a logical apho- 

rism. [cussed, judged, fltc. 

f^Mfys, f^lk^, ^^, f^^, examined, investigated, dis- 

r^BTfft, ^/t?^, ^5?W5, discussing, investigating, judging. 

ft^rt/, fir^Nt?, f^!f^W/, deserving examination or en- 
quiry, &C. cognizable. [moved, unfulfilled. 

ft'^tfira, 'nfPff^, ^^% 'ipp^'', displaced, unfixed, re- 

f^trpfft, icr^rtf^ "Tt^, straw, rice or barley straw. 

WM^^Jrt, ^••r?, 'inr?, w, \«r, Tt^, ^#, wWf, doubt, 

uncertainty; an error, mistake, obstacle, in- 
terruption, any untoward circumstance. 
Wfcl, ft^l?, Wf^^^Pt? *«l^l<<r, ^WJWy ^^^, 5HrHl(^#, ?flR, 

35^, f3piw«i, wft^^rtlt, ^irpw, surprize, wonder, 
astonishment, a variegated colour; parti- 
coloured, spotted, speokleid, varieg'ated, va- 
ried, painted, ornamented, gaudy, splendid, 
beautiful, beautified, elegant, handsome^ sur- 
prising, Vonderful» astonishing. 

fiMiv^ s^^^> Wtn, 9flnr, ^rpn^< full of wonder, sur* 

prized, astonished, variegated, spotted, &c^ 

ftft¥t, ^W^^, 'iwt, iipncT^'Ti, anxiety, care, careful or ma* 

ture consideration, deep reflexion. 

ftfiFf^, 9t^,inf^, %fl[V, ^f^inf^, anxious, thoughtful, full 

of care, well considered, maturely weighed. 

ferfi^, «W«tt^ ^«n^«, ^fi[F5, f^at^, '^Rtfti, carefully sought 

or laboured for, closely investigated, enquir- 
ed into, ascertained, deeply engaged in. 

ftft^f^, ^tf^?i i'99n, fvni% ^w» wir, ^% fJRW, ^w«(tt, ^Jw, 

op?, a cutting off, exxrision, a cutting, dividing, 
fracture, rupture, loss, destruction, disap- 
pearance, limit, boundary, a caesura or pause. 

UHwyif f^% ^. Ww, VTWl, ft^^, T^» ^^' ^'T^* 

parted, divided, cut, separated, interrupted, 
portioned, shared out, scattered. 

ftciinTt ftnrt^, flwt^, ^f'WRl, CWHM1, PR^, ^fim, f&^^rtft^;, 

^j}tf^, ^, ^WRTW, ^rtj^, a separation, divi- 
sion, disjunction, parting, removal, absence^ 
disunion, variance, interruption of friendship 
or love, a space between words, an interme- 
diate space, a chapter, section, division.. 

P^vSt, ^¥^ ftrW, a species of nettle. 

^[^917, n^7, Jfprsf, to scatter, strew, sprinkle, knead. 

Alt* 7f*^» a scorpion, a centipede, the sign Scorpio. 

f<WnT, ftV?W, ♦ff^, to spread out, lay down as a mat 
^ or carpet, to strew, to lay in beds or layer3. 

ftwfrt, IVI, ^■Itw?^, 'nfit^/t?^, a bed, carpet, floor-mat, 

&c. any thing spread out to lie upon. 

fWRT, finw, f^rtfW, solitary, private, lonely, uninhabited. 

f^mdf ^m, ^% a spurious birth, bastard, natural child. 

UoKf, ft»i(fiqn, *1^|vn>r, conquest, victory, triumph*. 

f^Vfl, f^, 1%flt f){C"l9, Durgd, the 10th of the increase in 

Ashwin^. [phant ; a conqueror. 

flnrf^t Anf^, ^tftti, victorious, triumphing, trium- 

Um9, ftf/^t^l^, lightning. * 

414 Vittt 

ftvitQ*^* wtw* tnw/flmt^^ ^HVf 9 basBf^bolni, bastardt 8pii* 

rious» hybrid, mongrel, of mixed breed, 
rsnrtf^, ^9(^setm9, f^uc^f a different kind or species. 

f^wlt?, ftc^, ^^, War, ^wfWt'r/, ^w, pBw^, ^, ^uPrt?, 

%r^, l^v, fwiHj, iftw, ^•jft^, ^prrt^ fi^w, of 

a different species, dissimilar,unparalleled ,ez- 
cellent, great, excessive, wonderful, various, 
mongrel, base-born, improper, hateful, hostile. 

ftfll4^, ^tiwcinpl, a desire of conquest, emulation, rivalry. 

Ml(^!lf» ^tjmcinp, desirous of victory, emulous, invading. 

McRi, ^Tft^^, ft4rT9, W^9 subdued, overcome, conquer- 

ed, famed, wafted. [open, expanded. 

RBfRrs^ ^tl^^l^fHfl, «Prtf|WJ, yawning, stretching, spread 

ftiwst, «F|t, fMTWvi, a conqueror, vanquisher, victor. 

fm, l^fti, f^^« wise, experienced, learned, skilful, able. 

ftwfi, 'rtrW liwn, «lWPr, l^iWIFr, %^^W^, the communi- 
cation of intelligence, information, a repre- 
sentation, a sentiment, a declared, opinion. 

I^ivtv, wvn, ^, fSlBlpi, ^irt5;t*nr, known, understood, no- 
torious, celebrated, famous.; [ness. 

ftwrci, ^r^^> vprtftti, ^Fit#t, one who knows a thing, a wit- 

^rgnrpr, vm, science, learning, knowledge of 
books, (especially of law books,) wcorUlty 
knowledge as of painting. &c . or of the mecha- 
nical arts, an idea, a conception of the nund. 
f^WWr, «lWr, <tr«?«i, tt^% ^fn^, to make^known, in- 
form, declare, publish, describe, explain, de- 
monstrate, [demonstration. 
Pnn'^m, cr9r>P9i1, i^n^t an advertisement, information, 
Pam^, VTW, ntiRtv» cognizable, comprehensible, 
ft^, WW, w, fttJI, f^, ^ ^f, excrement, dung, a cata- 

mite» a varlet, rascal, rogue, cheat, a Vatsbya. 
ft^, rt^ftm> ^ ^W, ^%, CTfrt, \^9 ^^i^t ^jtt^> WWWf 
^^^ f^^r^lC^, j vile, vicious, unprincipled, seditious, 

Unruly ; a rascal, scouadieU villain. 

npn 415 

ftl*t, w^, w^Pf, «nRr,t^S[«lti'' ^ ^^f^> bunch, cluster, clump, 

a new shoot, a keeper of pathics. 

f^^^rnFfii, ^^, ^^Mt, rascally conduct, villainy, fraud. 

Hi^^, wm ^% black salt, (used medicinally.) 

f^?, f^, ^^•i,fW«^, ^fft^, i|^, W9, discomposed, con- 
fused, confounded, fascinated, intoxicated. 

fiiTW, CT^, ^5^f , ^tVl'J, m^^fv^f Wiff^, t?rt tniw, to af- 
flict, distress, vex, tantalize, copy after^ imi* 
tate, to assume a character or dress. 

f'rVT^y ^ttr, crt, ^*nv^, aflSiction, distress, imitation, &c. 

^TTI, ^nr^9 ^m^» a sheaf, a porter's pad. 

ftW^, m<rnr, ^^^ a cat. [ble. 

ft^ff^iT, 9r9fk93[% to mutter, murmur, grumble, mum* 

fti*f, ^firtjWt?, fwntw, ^JW, deformed, distorted, ugly. 

f^, V, f^^, WiP, ^r: wise, knowing, clever, skilful, 

acquainted with, versed in. 

f^** f^nt?, ^Vl«, a detail, circumstantial narration. 

f^^^« ^nt^^ff ^^, to debate, discuss, reason upon. 

U»^, ^tifflftr, ?T^[ftc?rt«i, ft^, ttvn, a debate, argu- 
ment, controversy, contention, dispute, cri- 
ticism, refutation. [spread, diffused, 

f^^ra, ^r^, f^iM9, ^rrtl, stretched, extended, expanded^ 

Twt, finw, ^nrv, '•wwt^, false, untrue. 

^^f^% f^WVn^ ^^, ^^s ^•fn, »t^, t^'lrt, to give alms, dole 

out, give, bestow ; an alms, largess, donation, 

flror*, t^WFflfrtfr,^%w^,giving alms,bestowing,doling out. 

T^«^ ftWF^, ^(^trt?«r, >i^, ii^in^, ^ffir^, investigation, 

discussion, reasoning, deliberation, an infer- 
ence, conjecture, supposition, doubt. 

f^^R^, Piww, ^it?PS5nr wtn, ^tf?^» f^, to reason, discuss, 

weigh, deliberate, think, suspect. 

fnm, ^?7 f^m, the second of the infernal regions. 

1^P8f%, f^^l^ iMliff^^f^wH, a span, twelve fingers breadth. 

fWfr, wV(ft, ^frt, f^rvfp, an awning, canopy, the warp of 

cloth, an expansion, extension, spreading out» 

P(9n, ^1%^ ^nt^ cleansed from the husk or chaff. 

•416- ftW!M 

f5Ri^, fta^, ''^'•iRls ^^nw^f fcwtt, »i, ^, displeased, 

dissatisfied, discontented, reluctant, unwill- 
ing, angry, piqued, offended. 

U^f fst^^^l. ^siPl^fW, ^trt, ^^, ^iW^i. ftiw, having the 

thirst slackened, satisfied, indifferent to, dissa* 
tisfied with, disliking, disgus^ted, nauseating'. 

fi^^, ^«Rn, "^Rlf^, ^'Wft, f «i1, indifference to, dislike. 

distaste, satiety, disgust, antipathy. 

wealth, property, substance; gained, acquired, 

. discussed, judged, examined, investigated, 

known, notorious, famous. [science. 

fjRil, Pff • — ♦Ttf^^, "It^wfr, wisdom, acquaintance with a 

f^% ^vTfr, cS^, impudent,. shameless, bold. 

rw«, V^f ^ftBW, fti?ip«i, «W^. Wl'st^, •fti^, cleyer, 

sharp, shrewd, skilful, knowing, learned, wit- 
ty, intriguing, amorous, lecherous, lustful; 
a libertine, intriguer, a scholar, [versation. 
f^nrni, i^rtl^* a woman of insinuating manners and con* 
Un% fRi*i,^i^'r, to be torn or lacerated, spli% tear, crack. 

ftifii, ^r^pw^, Pi<t^, vT^, wf«f, cfl«rt, ^, fir^, iwftit? 

^^, of an opposite or adverse party, inimical ; 

a sort of basket, split peas, parings, chips, 

cuttings, a cake, mountain ebony, 
finfl, ar!f, ^t^it, a garden rake, a harrow. 
ft?t?1, ftf^f4#*4i, ''ir^jft^, ^JfTTtir, ^im^/^, against or contrary 

to rule, irregular, improper, rude ; rudeness, 

a!n incivility, improper conduct. 
ftTt?, ^WTR? ''^'rfiii^^, permission to depart, dismi»al, 

leave, leave of absence; retiring or departing 

in health and peace. 
Unftf f5Wt?tft«, •nftratft^, asking leave, having obtain- 
' ed leave ; a present on departure, a gratuity. 
f5WT9» c^?1» ^i^» a rent, split, laceration, chink, crack. 
tWtS^l, w«», ffeyt«i, ^r^, %<1?«r, to tear, lacerate, mangle* 

rend, split, cleave, hew, plough, root up; 

ftlW* .417 

1^A% f0lti^,''-'lSlS^'WVlf^ 1^ an intermediate point of 

Uie compass. [known, declared. 

^rt^ «t^, .^l^lfl^ii <^9f«1i9, knowing, <acquainted with, 

r^iK 99), 9l?t torn^ lacerated, scratched, rent, cleft. 

f^if?, «rv, ^^^P^* wise, clever, intelligent, learned. 

f<f^9 f^ww, ^WmfU W<tC>, ?fiw, vroift, v^, blaming, 

finding* fault, censorious, suspicious, face- 
tious, witty ;t a detractor, a wag. [tance. 

ftOFl, nf0f% fl QPr, a distant or foreign country, a dis^^ 

fiW*, •tjcrtt, 'Srt^fWP, «it*, of another <}ountry, foreign, 

strange ; a foreigner, sojourner, stranger. 

Urn, C9tYl, x^fif9» perforated, bored, pierced, penetrated^ 

ficvf, "Vmfir. fttfn^^ wisdom, intelligence, erudition. 

tiwt% ♦fPw^ «5t^^, intelligent, wise^ learned ; a sage. 

fiA^f ^9, f^^lfN, ffj^, bated, persecuted, ii^ured, mal- 

treated, maliciously pursued. 

^n«, f^cfkf^, — •W^^ttfit^'PWIIiWtWH^f^riJ^j^wi^, enmi- 
ty »• hatred, iyiidice, angry abuse, persecution. 

ftrvi), Wtw^, — ^'^^'P^* ftspwgf , tjf^f -fiNtftfW, ^ft^, ma- 
' licioqs, bating, injurious, persecuting, cap** 
tiou9, difficult to please, dissatisfied. 

Tto^ ^<ft»c ;> i»^# . f^^«tt^, f*4«p«ft, hSt, a malicious or 
X captious person, a persecutor, an enemy. 

f5ifmf^, #W. ^^^, ^Wt*^^, <tfl^, existing, existent, 

: extant, present, ready at hand. 

Pwrt, rttftn/, •niWW* wisdom, learning, knowledge, 

sQience, philosophy, a magical pill or bolus. 

ftf/t^mr, r*imnj, fiif/Wt*,— ^^^n^, ^% a college, a school. 

f^BVlVt^, PWl!fl«, ^Vt^Rs, a teacher, tutor, instructor. 

PWiWPr, Pftpl, ^^Wrr, ^Vt^lfrt, teaching, instruction, tui- 

' tiori, communication of knowledge. 

PmSXtt JM^^nVfL'^y. an order^f demigods. 

f^/TVt^,. fin8i)9^:«f|sr, learned^ wise, literate, proficient. 

^/H l^».«^IVt^, lightning, aflsish of lightning. 

Uniftai,: C!l«mt1^;^,!fiasbes of foiked or streaked lightning. 

Unarn^ :«MAABlt.sp)»mlour.:glar9jight. ^ 

. . ■ • * * 

4|8 fm 

tioDt'a flowing, ooziag^ melting, flight, re- 
treat, escape, intelleot, eensute, repraach. 

causing to melt or run away, putting to 
flight, acting the mimic, jesting, jeering. 

fiw, Wfm, tr(ii9, <WTf^9, liquid, fluid, melted, flown, fled. 

f^spr, ^Wn, coral, a young shoot, u fabulous tree. 

ft3S^. ^/W, CTll^, •fllBW, raillery, a jest, joke, jeer, Jeer- 
ing, mimickry, ridicule, mockery. 

Umi^f *tf}(ft*T9» ^% jeering &c. a jester^ droll, mimic. 

f^nRHnr, t^*Prarif ci¥,malevolenoe,malice,spite,pf rsAcutlon. 

ftX-l, ^nnVf #1^9 ^/^» a kind, sort, manner, form, rule. 

n^fft, ?^1» nrtl^itft^, a widow ; without a husband. 

fiUPl, ^ir#irt^, WcfiHRf fi»iri, apostacy, heterodoxy, de- 
viation from the rules of sect or east, [ing, &c. 

f)n^, ^ipr/«s^, w«^MiM(, apostate, heterodox, deriat* 

ft«t^, mff^^ctinp ^Nn, fti«i|b, Tut, Ood as ui^rersal legis- 
lator, providence, Brahmi. 

f^lP^f ^^1i\j *s**j*lf^» ^itliPf, ^rt^l, f^lW^, ^Ml|i^# w^W^ 

^i^V W. fWr, v^, Itt^, a law, rule, order, de- 
cree, statute, ii^unction, precept, an ordering, 
commanding, enjoining, settling by law, re- 
gulation, an action, ritual observance, ordi- 
nance, form, manner. * [tion, iujunction. 

f9|iit^^, ^I^^U^, W^S^, leg:a]ity, lawfulness, institu- 

f^nnraf, fiiWt4lv, w(^f VXW9, f^^stiv, ^WW'W, an ordi- 

. nance, obe who consigns, delivers over, in- 
trusts, deposits, fixes^ secures c/t makes sur^ 
enjoining, commanding. 

f^^cnn, fltf%* ^/^^ftir, an evil custom or habit, ill-eottducL 

ftflc, w^f ^M^r'm?, frtfc, #ifl^WI ^•lOP'lt^f^l^t,^*!*!! 

^w^ ^, ^f > ^9[^tp frj\, 09Utf 'rtn, tf#fli, 

^fs, Bfift a sacred precept, prescribed obser- 
vance, rite, rule, formula, form, statale, 
injunction^ or^en deoiM. cammafid, a snored 

- f^MtV 4If 

text or citation, fete, dtetiay, luck, an act, 
ietion, form, manner, a sacred writing* the 
law, Brahmin 

ft\* ^^f 9^» the moon, camphor. 

tl\^ f^f-'^'^^iftVtf ^ ■^ WIH, «iV, agitated, shaken, sbakefl 

out, trembling, tremulous, abandoned;, left, 
Relinquished. [destitute* 

t^, ftjw, flit, Wt«ni|)^. agitated, distressed, afflicted^ 

ft|«r« tSW^f Rifhu or the ascending node. 

f^^^i fty^ -^# w Hi i, nfi, «iDre/t^, a trembling, shaking, 

agitation, relinquishing, abandonment, &c. 

P*^# t^llf*» ^RUf^, ^nvn» •tW^I, wi^^f^, upheld, sus^ 

tained, held, seized, withheld. 

ftwit ^#1/, *rtl/, ^/^Cf f , ^/iTftttf , ^tvi<lT, ftfilf^ ^, to be 

done, upheld or prescribed, what is to be done 
or practised ; a prescribed observance. 

ftri. fSwH, ciw, ^ ^NWtnir, destruction, enmity, aver- 
sion, disrespect. [hoi^tile, averse* 

t^^, ^Ww, wit?, f^I^tr, ftnw, destroying, penishiDg, 

^«w, ^m«, ^ ^4N|^, ^aF, bowed, bent, stooping, pro* 

strate, humble, submissive, crooked, curved. 

tlfi(%,- flrt?,— ^-^JBlfti, ^^•«*, CTPWW, ftf^, SWW?, 0^^ 

PWWW, ^t^t%, ^Wiw^, humility, modesty, 
submission, compliance, mildness, affability, 
decorum, decency, propriety of behaviour, an 
obeisance, reverence, apology, humiliation, 
^treaty, supplication, humble solicitaticm. 

humble, modesty submissive, yielding, tracta- 


ble, compliant, suppliant, afiiaible. 
nmffi «^/, ^iPni/, perishable, destructible^ 

flP^ «^ ftf 1, ft*»TU «^. fW. ?^» ?J^ «» destroyed* 

rmned, spoiled, corrupted, perverted, fallen* 
^rverse, vicious* artful, dishonest. 
r«IU ^■WBl. «•» VflWB»» without* beside, save, except 
Umfm, tm fffnw» Wtm^^ to |>lat» plait or dress the hair. 

420 nirfht: 

fimtif, (ir^jl '^rhr, a fialseor assumed naitie« ' 
ft^nfit, ta«t/twt?tCTit, bearing a false or feigned name, 
fiprt?^, ^\t^n, ^i[, ^m^^, Ganesha ; hnmble, yielding. 
fjRTSTPf, ^^55|t^, 'ip^i, ease, facility. 

utter destruction, annihilation, ruin, perdi- 
tion, loss, death, murder, slaughter, the close 
of a strain, (in music.) 

fiiH|i*< , ^nQ[«i, m^wr, fi«lt^, to destroy utterly, bring to 

ruin» aunihilate, kill, murder, spoil. 

fSpcprtNi, ft^W/, 1 r 'V, 'WR, Wirflt?, ^^flfTjt, ftirt/ , destruc- 

.Oi^m^, f^^nir?, ) tible, perishable, tending to rain, 

capable of being spoiled. 

fitirrtt, r V, V^, irt^W, destructible, &c^ destructive ; a 

destroyer. [to decay. 

ft^trtt^, ¥*^rtl*i, •n^/irtK, verging to ruin, spoiling, going 

Pwrm^ff, ^nsn^'^, ^Wvrwi, involuntarily. 

ftPTWW, «rwtf^*, «rft*ttW, 4tc^«RF, ><W^rN#M^> conclusive, 

deciding the judgment; a decisive argument* 

ftPr^tiRI, Pwt«, *m'W, PnWW «rm^; a logical conclu- 
sion, decision, decisive argument, proof. 

ft|^r»fr5, ♦rjw, ^••r, ^nw?, •tt?t, f*^t,^*Wt^, a fall, fall from 

office or 4iguity, fall from innocence or vir- 
tue, calamity, evil, pain, distress, disrespect. 

Hrf^nnr, ^fl^irtT, •tfii^f^ <sffi5^ii, barter, exchange room, sub- 
stitution, stead, requital, return, retaliation. 

WPfcst^, ♦Wft^t^, CTpr 9CWC1C1 Apr ^^^RRrt irt^'ff *nwft- 

c^f^n? ft^^sl, an appointment to office, appli-^ 
cation or appropriation to a particular pur- 
pose, a giving in expectation of remunera- 
tion or return. [ing, gettliBg: 

W^«(?, f^W??, f^Mftf, certainty, assurance, an aseertain* 

ff^tv, .^, 'Ilr'''^'^* ^^*4hp5,^RT«PBr, Its, AiciAnr, fti, «[jflNr, 

^itf'TS, .i{Rf9, humble, • modesty unassuraiiigy 
placid, meek, gentle, compliant, yieldingt 

1km' 421 

tractable, of subdued pMsions, well-behaved, 
decoraus, decent, well* dressed » adoroed,. 
handsome^ taken, led, conveyed, punished, 
chastized, humbled, weli-trained. 

ftc^, "fWK5>^, ?WI, irflWl*, ^IWW»/*WP*?, arulcr, king, 

leader, instructor, guide.- 
ftt^s 'SJW/, f^i ^» "IW, ^•IWA w;, governable, tracta* 

ble, submissive, humble, flexible, exoraUe,. 

adorable, to be humbled, &c. [mence. 

'^^^'H?, f< 3^, ^5«1, joy, sport, play, eagerness, vehe* 

^» tr^# WI^, ^^, ^f^, tfeij, •tflr, * ^W?, ''^^^Wj WW/ 

CTH, a drop, atom, scrap, a sp6t, dot, mark, 
point, comma, the characters o^ and ^^ the 
part of the forehead between the eyebrows. 

^^^Pf, rf^, VBW^, ^ftV9t^, to pierce, perforate, bore, pe- 
netrate, to pain, gripe. [cholic. 

t^*^, n3»PP, r*r^^, perforating, &c, griping pains, the 

fir^/^, wn^^ ?t^*i, ^rTWT^, wi^fiW, ^^*t^, Tl^^» *M^^t ar- 
ranged in order, dressed, adorned, placed, 
fixed, deposited, pledged, delivered. 

»WT^, ^*Tfic, ^n^, ^^, orderly or artificial 
arrangement, adjustment of the dress so as 
to adorn the person, a dressing of the hair, 
an assemblage, collection, deposit, pledge, a 
scite, place, receptacle. [oblique. 

U^Uf, ^w, CTTP>?T^, i^, ripened, matured, twisted, 

ft*W, «FI, ^ft, fifft^Tfift, fi[^f|t^, fiRW;, an enemy, adver- 
sary, opponent, disputant ; hostile, adverse.' 

UH% f^V?» toiifprjir, a sale, a contract of sale. 

fiwn, ^♦f*!, •t^i/ltftRrt, ffcr, a shop, stall; market, feir. 

ft'WBt^, ^^fWTWf?, the surmounting of a difficulty, &c. 

I^^nn^f TRTIR^, surmounting HilBcukies,- escaping from 
' • cStlamiti^s. ' • [adversity. 

'^W%, ft«1S{, — ^•t?, ^^f a misfortune, accident, calamity, 

ft^i WtSt^W; ^% a bye-road, wrongs road, evirway. 

4» (NMH 

1SH«ll4^> ^fimHf f«iiif if! an «TiI wa^i TiciaQs, oerrerse. 

unfortUDEtd, distraseed. afflicted^ suffering ad* 
tersityt ioat, de8tix>yed, spoiled. . 

ftn|Ni» ^Iti^* ^iPi» ftvfVft "if^H, contrary, re^ersev j^positCt 

adverse, hostile, repugnant to ; oppositieD,&c. 

f^nftRb f^f^ffWf nwvif against, in opposition, contrary to, 

?r?F^» contrariety* opposition* reverse, invert- 
ed order, &c. hostility, repugnance ; vast,huge. 

fialse assumption! as of false for true, imagina- 
ry for real^ &c. a false conception, an attribat- 
ing falsely, an erroneous assertion. 

fwt^^ •tijntUt wt** ^ip^, 'W'w. ?3pi, ^<t, ^^i^, ^•iHf 

npftl,^l*ti^, a ripening, ripeness, maturity, an 
unexpect'Cd result, an occurrence, the natural 
'.or moral consequences of actions, moral re^ 
tribotion, distress, poverty, calamity, ruin, a 
change bf form or state, &c. indigestion. 

f)ntfNl» ^iK^l^i lit sore, kibe or blister on the foot. 

Pfittti V(, vt^nr, flf7, a forest, wood, thicket. 

f^, ^Wtl, *», fW» «r|p, ^^ft^, «*?, huge, vast, stu- 

4)endous^ greats large, much, deep. * 

f9iir» ^ttmn, Am, a bnUiman. 

abuse, contumely, insult, reviling, reproach, 

censure, a retort, retaliation, 
tei^, ^l^# Wf f?» deteriorated, inferior, bad, distant. 
fter^ttCt, f^fUfBf 0%jp^^ moving in a contrary direction. 
ft<tft9t|t, fdnSf ^ifVf^t ^"WWt?^ '•^^P ^^* opposed to, 

acting against ; an antagonist, a specific. 
ft«rt%«tWi, WlW, ^IWP*, ««t^Wi ^r^l^# a dispule, objcc^ 

tion, remonstrance, obstacle, opposition of 

iafcefesitsi dtsgra<^i Ice. [adispnte. 

^^m^i Actm*f»*^f^irt, I^Cf^ dispotetio^ Yimgling, 

M^BTf , ^mi9f t mUm, ^% «iK wr. UBfeeb^^, dislikMl. 

disesteemed ; sio, teafmi^fre»siaA^ cfjme. 

flwn, flWHw,— -fltyi. i/< Ori^t «•«» unproductive, froit^ 

less, abortive, Tain, useless, ifieffectual, }dle« 

(^v^m, (^trf, iDeffectually, uselessly, to fto purpose. 

ft^t nnpAiv, «r^^» expanded, op^n, blown. 

f^^¥t, ^l^lti 'Nit. ^1i|1> ^ vi^i^ <Q ispealCf a desire. 

Utfir9, ?ne3niFt« f^n? , ^|t^«, requiied or wished to bo 

spoken, wished, desired. 

ftn^. 9fc^nf9, desirous of speaking, wishing to say. 

Pw?, ftn, <nl, fin, ^,a burrow,hole,chasai,oave,reae|s. 

r«jf^, ftwif5f?1 'i^'r, fits, ^*n, ^/Mrt, f>#<, to tell in de- 
tail, specify, narrate, describe; circumstances, 
partieulars, a detail, description, relation, ^x^ 
pianation, exposition, gloss, comment. 

Uvt^, lt?«r, «rt^ ^^. WtfW tt^^f to relinquish, leare, 

desert, abandon, quit, reject, except. 

Ww, W^wC <Wlw, it^, - fWW, '4lswt*, t^W, changed 

in colour, discoloured, bedaubed, reddening, 
blushing; one of low cast, a& outcast. 

f5rT», ^, ^, 5W, irt^t, miw, ^, a dancing, a going, 

turning or whirling round, an errQir, mistake^ 
a heap, collection, assemblage, multitude, i 

UvH. n^, 117, f<si, "VffW, crippled, incapable of exertion, 

weak, helpless, not under controul. 

fitm^, fSni, — ^9sw, naked, unclothed, without clothes. 

fnm, ft^w,— ^nw fipw fl^, ^W^/i %«IW» exile, banish- 
ment, desertion ; naked, unclothed. 

ft«IV, ftRitV* ^9i^* ^^T9^t ^twn, a dispute, quarrel^ brmii, 

wrangling,a lawsuit,eontro¥eniy,aD objecthm. 

ft9tir9, f^Kinw, 9«if(, dbputing, litigating, controverting. 

^nfti Pmtf^f ^JWtm, ^HtWt^/ flWV, disputing, litigious, 

£Mitious, quarrelsome, disputatious, contro- 
veraial ; a plaintiff, .complainant, opponent. 

ft^nqv, f^K riwf¥, ^^(ftrpi, connected with or relating 

to dtsputesi &o. oaptiQui, litigiQus, &c. 

424 ftcmF 



fwW, «rt? ♦rtlt^, ^fi?, marriage, a weddings imptiato. 
ft?tf?^, ^» ^*t5[<lf, married, wedded; . 
ft4»?;, fetiFWT^/, ^>«i?p^, marriageable, fit to be married, 
ftftv. ftrn^. ^irtilt, nf^qr, ^•i;, fpw. itor, ftnfi^, ftFtfj^, 

V^n^t «pUtary, lonely .desart, deserted, pare, 

. holy, separate, detached* di^^tinguished, dis- 

orimipated, judged.discriminating, jadipious. 

ftrf^H, 'tW«W?, ^W%' various, diverse, many, multi- 
form. . [losopher. 

U^K, cri^l, ^rfi% a god, a deity, ft learned maa, a phi- 

Pr^, f^Wtf|F5, 4!WP^, fins/^p, •tWHt^, detailed, narrated, 
' , particularized, amplified, displayed, made 
maoifest, evident, expanded, extended. 

f^^, ^rtWIf.St^n, «i^«t, an explanation, gloss, exposi- 
tion, manifestation, display. 

VKfM^. l^^St^* revolving, whirling, xoUing, turnii^ round. 

ftcw, ftc^WWt'T, f<C^F^, ^fth, ^ir^'^ftB^t?, 5Wlf<, ^W^/, dis- 
crimination,, judgment, the faculty of disch- 
g^ minating, power of discerning good from evil, 

conscience, abstraction from worldly afiairs, 
religious indifference, ascetism. 

te*#t, *|^f'^ ^»R^ft5t?WF, ft^^^, n(n% i^^flt, discrimi- 
nating, discriminative, judicious; a judge, a 
, sage, an ascetic or abstract devotee* 

discriminating, distinguishing, judging, ex* 
ajnining into, reasoning, reflecting, thought- 
ful, rational, civil, polite; a^uperintendant 
t*CTR, f5i^5g^,R[yt?M,to deliberate, reflect,4esign,judge.&c. 

,f^5wi, ^WFi^f5nFt3, '^^'W^, wi, w^^. ^, jnpf^ii^jnt^, 

^^Sjrpr, t^K^ittc, ^^«2ft?, ^wp'CWi, discrimina- 
tion, reflection, thought, deliberation, con- 
sideration, examination, investigation, enqui- 
ry, trial, judgement, inference, supposition, 
persuasion, deliberate opinion, design, pur- 
pose, a sup^rintendance, overlooking. 

ftvtfSW 426 

nnfi^,^i^,Vtft«, examined, investigated, pondered, &c. 

f^tin^^ ^, rcut^, a female^B amorous affectation of indif- 

fereDce to dress, &c. amorous dalliance. 

ft^» tjf^^, 5W5?, involved in calamity, distressed. 

ftVsP, Uf¥W. tr"tf«, ^!if%^, V^fH^, divided, separated, por- 
tioned, shared, parcelled out, allotted. 

TiC€W9, Ulster •«? W5 ^, a son born after the division 

of bis deceased father's property. 

f^f^, 4^f?, ^*"f. ^^, a grammatical termination or in- 
flexion, a division, portion. [to share out. 

finwR', fJrWt^, — ^^°^^, ^"t^, to divide into shares or lots, 

^^, ff^, a thing, substance, matter, wealth, 
property, grandeur, loftiness of mind, mag- 
nanimity, elevation of sentiment, supreme or 
superhuman power, final enwapipation. 

fw^?, ''^^t^, Vrhat may be appropriated; property. 

r4r9<i«1t4t, iR^^>inrtVl» rich, affluent, grand, magnanimous. 

fwt, fiwtif, ftRg,CTlTO/, light, lustre, beauty, marriage. 

fror^, f^^W?. fii/, ^iRt, the sun, fire. 

fiwt^, ^^f T^, f^Wt^, f^, a share, portion, part, lot, 

a division, allowance, a fraction. 

ftwt^f ^^» ft«lf5r?1,««r^t, dividing, sharing out, allotting; 

one who receives a share, a sharer. 

f3r¥tw*, W t <> l j t, one who divides property into shares. 

f^ns, tfO^t^^l, fJiTtfi^, dawn, day-break ; married. 

fir¥T^5f, fJt^lt,— tR^^T^, ^ CirW, rich, wealthy, powerful. 

RwT^'n, fJCTi^Tl. '•w^R, «nTtf, nflwr, w, ft^^l, discrimi- 

nation, perception, a seeing, discovering, con- 
viction, examination, discussion. 

Pwt^nit?, FiCV^, «lfiWi9, discriminable, distinguishable, 

discoverable, Liable to conviction. [bawd. 

fwm^s iftfai, ^flWt, WVI, ^1^, nig^^t, turmeric, a harlot, 

f^^iWfW, ftc^ft^, ^■njj?, 'tWt'ifiwi, •tl^WtP^, f^WW, discrimi- 
nated, marked, perceived, seen, discovered^ 
proved on evidence^ convicted, judged^ 


426 f^^t 

(%mt^, fl^ivr, j^iRtW,a twofold proposal,alternative,option- 

r^^STft^, f^wvf, ^^9, doubtfol, optional, declared, spoken. 

f5i1^f, Wfl>«, tl^^, ^^/, ft^t3?^5, Prt*^«, divided, separated, 

distinct, different, discordant, contrary , con- 
tfadiotory, scattered, dispersed, intermixed. 

ft^^, ift»<i, ''FirtT^P, formidable, fearful, terrific, alarming. 

ftf, ^^iHt, (^/, fF, •», ^f^, ^N?, gwi, omnipresent, 

all- pervading,eternal, firm, solid, hurd; a lord, 
sovereign, owner, master, God, Brahma, &c. 

U^, '•iPimf^, ^•'ff*, «JnN/, r^tW?^5^, divine or superhu- 
man power, affluence, property, glory, gran- 
deur, the ashes of cowdung. [pompous. 

f^t^prnr. tiftnt^jT^, t««4H, affluent, glorious, splendid, 

ft^^«i, '•i'Wt?»^fiR1,rfWT, ornament, decoration, trinkets, 

jewels ; to ornament, decorate, dress, adorn. 

f^'S, «j^, .Wf|»^ l^ftf^, ^^»rnr«, ?1*F5. held, retained, 

upheld, sustained, supported, maintained. 

ftPW, ftwp?, •IttTv, ftrt^,^n?fr5;, f^rflpn, a separation, 

division, distinction, difference, contradic- 
tion, a scattering, dispersion. 

^Wft, Wi'^rt;, iff, an error, mistake, a doubt, 
apprehension, whim, caprice, capriciousness, 
wantonness, female dalliance, the power of 
love, beauty, a whirling round. 

f^IC^tM, ^W^r, ^4, Ipi^, *r8, f^yif, foolish, senseless, 

faint, faintish, insensible, drunk, transported. 

fW|t^, ^Jt^, ^•tJf, an emersrency, misfortune, calamity. 

I^^^f ^ftnJ, aro, mistaken, erring, flurried, alarmed. 

f2r5t%, w, iPW^, error, confusion, precipitation, flurry. 

ftro, •W^^f fWft^,'»R/tt^li^, ^-^jir-f^, averse, oppos- 
ed to, hostife, contrary, of a different opinion. 

P^, ^^P^, ^'Wfif, ^NTiff%, ^swt'T, disinclination, dis- 
like, disapprobation, a different opinion. 

I>PR%, ftsRli, — ^ift*i|wi«it, ^iR/^T^, f^jr^, ^^^[\% fWlV^ 

UM%f f^Htp inattentive, absent in thought. 

filftv 427 

thinking of something else, otherwke- minded, 
averse, dissatisfied, bewildered, perplexed, 
sad, brokeD-bearted^ disordered in mind. 

turate,rub, grind, pound, compress, trample 
down, subdue, destroy, kill; friction &e. 

ftW< n^% l^f f*?f^» ^*f 't^. ^«» regret, repen- 
tance, after- sorrow, dissatisfaction, dislike, 
displeasure; sadv dejected, sorrowful, anxious. 

ftl^, RBUirt^, r^?^, penitent, sorry, dissatisfied, &c. 

fam, W^^f, '^^ W^, ^(i* wsrt^, cl6ar, transparent, 

limpid, clean, pure, white, beautiful. 

ftiTl, <Rf, irtind^, ''^•fs?^*!^, insurance of ships. &c. 

nwtsi, 5i<l1HiiWl, a step-mother, (the real mother being 

either living or dead.) [carriage. 

fiwpr, wwt^, IM, «n|t, the chariot of a gojd, a car, vehicle, 

fwt^t, ^% t5t?tn^, ^tFt?, iT|^, a wrong, bad or bye- 
road, an eyil course, a brush, a broom. 

fSnjK ft^pr, on^^cfT^, liberated, redeemed, pardoned, &c. 

ftff*, POTITW.— ^Wf*, ^W?, ^H, 'Vtt^ liberation, release, 

liberty, redemption, final emancipation. 

tSnm, nntvs^ 15t^, «l^55. '^^iv, fascinated, bewitched, 
"^ deluded, seduced, stupified, confounded. 

fto<^, 'iwrw, firf^^, turning away from, averted, averse. 

f^Cilt^, ^^^, 1PV^> a redeemer, liberator, &c. 

f^CTt«^» ^Tsfr, ^«?H, iTOPPj^, toYelease, liberate, free, re- 


VfCtrVf «rt?1, ^^, IJ'tf^' •^^''» fascination, a bewitching, 

deluding, seducing, tempting, stupefaction. 

f3c«j$t, ^CTO9 wiTft? ^f^»^»«i, a spouting up» gushing out. 

Pr^, ^« ^/» «iW. ^1, «tR5|(^, Wft, IS«. the disk of 

the sun or moon, a shadow, reflection, irnag^^ 
picture, a bubble* 

f«r» WW,— ir« Pirti, wnt^, a species of gourd, 

nn^I^t}, rihn^, Ptwff^, ITWl, convex, round, ruddy^ red. 

ftfH^ f«4f^i^tV(, %^t1lF9| reflected^ shadowed out» 

428 t*rt 

fniTf^, 9^B^<T)r, having red or ruddy lips, rosy-lipped. 

f5?^t ^•TFFP^, ^«at^, the sky, atmosphere, the heavens. 

tSRj^.^irt^, fffiT?^, to bring forth young, to calve, litter. 

f^^, f^^^,f^?#t, separated, disjoined, disunited, absent. 

ftc?, U^^^, *ff?«i?, marriage. 

HlC?!^, Ut^, ftff. fW^^, '•ITOWftrf^, ^fUTOlttl^ disunion, 
, separation, disjunction, absence (of lovers), 

departure, death, a label, a prescription, a se- 
parate entry or account. [(as lovers.) 

fSreirt^, PiWt ftt 4 t, — Pqfijt, fi?f^4t, m. Sff. absent, separated, 

^c^?> ^r^, ^1^^;, odd, uneven, ill-matched, unsuitable. 

UT9f '•lifi, <^» V«, ^^, 'i^^^^N, displeased, dis- 
satisfied, disgusted, vexed, ruffled, teased, 
annoyed, averse, indifferent to. [disgust. 

ft?^, ^>r^f^, 9^1, displeasure, dissatisfaction, dislike, 

ft?5W, *l[W, «t^, Pr^«i, to compose, write, compile, con- 
struct, build, make, fabricate, prepare. 

ft3Wi> fsT^jrewi, ^^rpn^af^ 7f\m ?nf?/ nw, €t^ ftrw, a 

woman who has ceased to menstruate, a sa- 
crifice made on renouncing the world, a cer- 
tain place of pilgrimage. 

ftfs, fk^, fl^JW, ^/T^, ceased, relinquished, stopped, ha- 
ving ceased or desisted, desisting from, aban- 
doning. [pau:^e. 

ftjf^, f^Tfftf, ^^fjrPl, a cessation, desisting, stopping: 

9^, 9nF, private, retired, remote, alone, apart, 
wide, rare, of infrequent recurrence, occur- 
ring at distant or repeated intervals, relaxed, 
loose, thin, delicate, fine. 

f^nrcvr, z^^tXM.I^vc^, secretly, underhand, privately, apart. 

f^, ♦tt^n, '•I'^rt^, ^SWl^ff ^^rt^, i^rw, insipid, ill-tasted, 

nauseous, rank ; an ill taste or flavour. 

•ttaifN^I, ^^ff , ^sftlCTj f^% separation, part- 
ings absence of lovers, distance, cessation^ 

f^lPV 429 ' 

forbearance, relinquishment, loneliness, be- 
reavement, destitution, a lover's lament. 

f^f ft?rt^,-.^ra^, '•nrw, ^*n*, f^cirt^, deserted, for- 
saken, destitute, bereft, lonely, absent, sepa- 
rate, (as lovers.) [is absent ; deserted, &c. 

ft?<^4t, ftrytftrft, ^/^, a female whose lover or husband 

indiffereuce to the world and the pleasures 
of sense, absence of desire or passion, disre- 
gard, dislike, disapprobation, disrelish, dis- 
gust, slander,calumny, reproach, imputation. 

ftjt^Tt, wt^MP, fqw, ^^^^n^ift, Rwir»/t^, fw^^r?, filled 

with disgust, nauseating, disrelishing, calum- 
niating, &c. dead to pleasure, &c. 

r^jtn WW, c^^;, y<R:^ ^w^r^, '^nnrti^, «r^T^i «wt^if%y 

^fzifr, splendour, beauty, a life of ease, dignity, 
&c. freedom from care, an appearing, manifes- 
tation, a shining as an object of admiration, 
- ' Brahma or his first progeny, a Cshyatriya. 

ft?WR, «r*M^, vm^9^, ^< «tT?^, jns V€\^^% to shine, be 

splendid, to live in ease, dignity, &c, to reign. 

ncjtflRf, ^TftHs, ^fW^, rtr^lflri, manifested, displayed^. 

exhibited to view, splendid. 

ft?twrt^, <fr^WrR,iftriBm^,rWfl?«iiMf^fti, shining, &c. excit- 
ing admiration, appearing in a beautiful form. 

f^3l^, «T?c^ wr^f^vrn, jm, ^f*^, «Wti, a part of cen- 

tral India, a king ; huge, large. 

Uff^p ' l^^,'Frf«,f<<aft^,^^, ftTY,^?^M, «tt^, rw, a cessa- 
tion, a desisting from, cessation from labour, 
rest, repose, a vacation, recess, adjournment, 
leisure, spare time, a pause, a space. 

^^f9» ^n, vomited, thrown off the stomach. 

ftfjftp, TW, ft^. ft^, Brahma', Vishnii, Shiva. 

^•f?, ft^, opposed to, hostile, reverse, con- 
trary, absurd, &rtful, disingenuousi insincere. 

430 nmr^ 

evil, vile, nasly, unlucky, bad, unfortunate; 
a misfortune, opposition, quarrel, dispute. 

deformity, opposition, dislike, an enemy, op- 
ponent ; hostile, adverse, deformed, hideous, 
ill-shaped, ugly, monstrous, mis-shapen^ 

f^ii4E, ^f^{, C*t9c»^ a diarrhoea, a purging, a looseness. 

f4r3^^, TOW^^ft, 'ItiW, cathartic, purgative. 

Prc?5ir, ir»r5rt*f ^«J,^?TO«r, to evacuate by stool; a purging. 

fiORrrel, f^l^t^, ^srf^^nw, f>^(^, an opposer, hinderer, dis- 

puter ; quarrelsome, litigious, disputatious. 

RCSt^, ?!t^^, ^Wf?, ft^, iwi, "l^^, *fr^il ^5r^/, «rT^;, 

PTW^, ?/tWT^, "Sf^^W, ^irt^, a quarrel, a dispute, 
discord, litigation, enmity, animosity, oppo- 
sition, contradiction, a hindrance, obstruc- 
tion, resistance, check, restraint. 

Wcrt't'. f^Wt^,— <«rP5^'W,^JRftirl, ft»fW,opposing,&c. quar- 
relsome, disputatious, litigious; an opponent. 

ftW, ^1 ftps, ^?1. ^^T?, wn*f?, a hole, cha^m, rent, fissure, 

lair, cave, cavern, ravine, a valley, a lake. 

f^"5tr, differing, different, other, excellent, un- 
equalled, marked, select, elegant, handsome; 
a distinction, a state or condition without an 
assignable cause ; full well. [at shriddas. 
f^m^^t <t«7t#K onr xst^fy gifts to a Brahmin and Brahmini 
fw^, PWffl, — ^^Pi*^!!, ^^'n^. loose, not joined,unconnected, 

not made to suit or fi[t, joined, connected. 
-^VmW^f ^^V^^,Uwv^,'VwnftBi% to overstep, to transgress. 
f^iV, H^, ^r^^ar^, shameless, impudent, immodest* 
'5w[^,-^'Tt^> ^•^^, •t^W*!, ^|tw^ ?p1|rit1 1\M% WX^ ^% ^T^» 
. to allot* deal out, to separate,arrange, dispose, 
to distribute, bestow, to rob, spoil. 
f^VfHv, T9tNf9, i^t^, ^i^c^^, lamented, bewailed, mourned. 
fiPRt^, n^t^tf, — ^^ir^, fish which leave the rivers after 

heavy rains, and axe found in ponds^ &c. 

ftWfttR 431 

ftwr, i^% ^rtw, fet^«i^, delay, tardiness, loitering, pro- 
crastination, a retarding, delaying, &c. 

Pwr^^, i*V^^, ^t^f to dally, loiter, delay, procrastinate. 

Tvi(fW9, l[fiw,ftiri,Jr^,«i^'H,^1*rei, delayed, slow, tardy, slow 

(as music,) falling or hanging down, pendant. 

ftn^, m^'Wi, ^W^nn, dallying, loitering, procrastinating. 

Uwt^ iPivfti, f^^m, ortiF, the dissolution of the world, 

destruction, final, absorption. 

f>m\% Cllc#tf^ , iV^V?, cit^RTtf^, a lamentation, loud naoum- 

ing, bewailing, complaint. [plain. 

%W*nr, Wt?^ W9% V9[9f{% to lament, mourn, bewail, com- 

Um^, iFVRrtIt, Wt^, lamenting, mourning, bewailing. 

Umn, 'WCTW. ^rpnif. aft?l. ^1^^, ntltflt^ ^*t^^, *»rl, ^tt, 

enjoyment, felicity, sport, play, pastimcplea- 
sure, amorous dalliance, wantonness, a cor<* 
poreal indication of amorous sentiment. 

fwit*t. X^, ^«rt^ftr«, aft?T^n^,«l^^, happy, eiyoying, sport- 

ingt dallying, wanton, sensual. [rowed. 

f^fti%5, wt^?1, WtrtfV, striped, marked with lines, fur- 

Um, ^••Wjrt, «Ctiuf^»1, ^rtWftr, tf^^ 5Rrt, a division, allot- 
ment of labour, &c. adjustment, regular dis* 
tribution, orderly arrangement. 

rWlhr, ^flv^,^*«fif9,dissolved,melted,disappeared,peri8hed. 

f^'^, "vi^fiRr, f?^, trt^, ^rt^9, obsolete, extinguished^ 

forgotten, erased, wanting. [parted, dead. 

f^C^rt^, f^fik, fViTt^, Jj'a, private, apart, uninhabited, de-? 

PtCTt^ ' ^ , ftr?t^<t,Wi^,to view steadily, look, survey,behold. 

PioitT^, Wft^, w^. W^, «[*^, to agitate, stir op, churOf 

to roll or wallow on the ground. 

n^mw, ^rs/?, ^;f«3N, •tfJtwnft, ^/fivtv, f^^tft^, ^fft^, ^ifel, 

an opposite course or order, in version, re verse, 
a wheel for raising water ; reverse, opposite, 
contrary, backward, against the grain. 

f^umliW, ^vn iSf^^ ^W*^* «n^, bom of a father inferior 

in cast to the mother. [wave, undulate. 

f^GCHtsR. cft>R; V9K, %«i«Pr, to BwinK, oscillate, wasr, shake. 

432 nipit 

fiW, a^w, ivn, the bel or wood apple. 

I^r^, ^^'^ ^^' ^ swarm of ants, &c. a swarmingf. 

fW%, 'ftf^^, ft^?, f^Wif, fearless, bold, safe, secure. 

ft^lflrs, €t«, vW, ipictt, ^irfSj^rft^, alarmed, fearful, suspi^ 

cious, suspected, mistrusted. 

ft^/, fwi^, W^* Pr«^5*ri|, free from paiu or distress, 

having the dart extracted from the wound. 

f^tn, C^tT^f^^^^ the 16th lunar mansion. 

firttjf, ^tf^^f f^W/W, •l^, •«r^, wise, learned, famous, cele- 
brated, eminent, confident, bold, presuming. 

ft'irw, ap^, <tpi^, <«r^tf5r^, large, wide, enlarged, extended. 

Wl<t, 'i(|;?,?t*i,^t%t,3;ftr not crested; an arrow, pin, needle. 

'l^^^y ^tl, distinguished, select, superior, 
desirable, good, excellent, eminent, noble, 
elegant, polite, genteel, inherent in, havmg, 
possessed of, endowed with. 
WW;, xms, ^*%^^ ^R'W^^, ;bi/^T^ *rtf, requiring to be 

discriminated, accidental, not inherent ; asub- 
stantive or worddiscriminable by its adjective. 

fkn%, ^f|^^» ^^^f t^^» ^^^ 1^/^T^. ^. ^^^, clean- 
sed, purified, corrected, (as a writing,) clean, 
pure, holy, virtuous, pious, humble, modest, 
compliant. [writing, &c. 

T2|«f%f ^T^> ^tfiwtjr, purity,* holiness, the correction of a 

ft^^, ^t?^» ^^> "ffW, dried, dried up,- withered. 

ppfE^, Z9H^ ^^» Ttii7, purgative, cathartic. 

f3|i^, '!iR^,aFira^«,^a^<1pfel,^;T^«ifiW^ unrestraia* 

ed, unfettered, disorderly, jangrammatical. 

ft«f<*, ^iPW, ^«^nt«fert*, ^^^, disoifder, irregularity, 

confusion, perturbation^distraction. 

ftrtv, cwr, '■WW/, ^^^^s, «rcw. ti^i, .«wt?, ?;ftwF, ^•w?, 

^W, i^^?, t^, ^N^/, ^■wt^^, a difference, 
distinction, variety, dissimilarity, peculiari- 
ty, specific difference, quality, a sort, kind, 
manner, species, identity, amendment <Mr al* 

ft«S 433 

leviafion. of disease,, particulars, circum- 
stances, detail; other, different, distinct, par* 
ticular, peculiar, speciai. 

T^vn^f VBfi^, «tcw9, %trtft, 1^, distiosruishing, special 

fying, particularizing, discrinriaative, charac- 
terisitirc ; an attributive, A sectarial mark. 

ftPW^, ft«W^ «^t!»i ^ttWKW twwit*, tMltR», ^^^. a 4i8» 

tinctive quality, predicate, characteristic 
mark, attribute, epitheC, an adjective, an ad^ 
verb or qualifying sentt^nce. 

Hinv^tv, 0tmr^% fa^JI^ , discriminable, distinguish^ 

able, tp be discrit^inated. [ly. 

T4rW3t, ^fk^w, particularly; peculiarly, espedaHy^ chiefs 

fmft^, 4IVt, f^CTt^, distinguished, discriminated. 

ftrw/, ftcw^, wirfhr, «^v«Pf, mcmf9, %f«flc, distin- 
' guiihable, requiring to be particularized, &c. 
a 8ob$tantivev a pvedicelte, attributive. 

t^t^, KWf^r, ^mn^tM^f'^ free-from ^rief or soiroiv. 

ftr^rflnr, ^tinFf^^i nit^ ^n, ^»^ Oni^, to free; from grief. 

T^c^«nr, «W«I, to purify, deanse, correct a -writing, &c. 

f^mv, n^^ ^^7, 9it*tf^, an adoro^ing, embellishing, 

a setting off to advantage. . 

fHynw, ^5WfV, <hrt»i1^, a dryirfg,^exsiccati«n, dryness. 

r^^anr ft'^tf^, ''t^, ^, "^sp^t, ftWv, ^^flWf, ^^^fkWf ^, 

?f9np, A^fiift, trusted, roiifided m, patient, 
' tranquihfinii, steady, humble; lowly^ minded, 
rested, reposed, excessive, exceeding, much,^ 
' ' ^festive, jocular, phiyfaK - 

f^enr, fintt^r, f^vC^9,cr^V> trust, cDnfidem!e,.hilarity, fes- 
tivity, mirth, affection, affectionate enquiry. 
PMnVf ^trsr^irv. rested/ reposed, refreshed after fatigue, 
ft^ttfi, fi«IW,^-*-'ft?W. «rwnn, 1IWW, f^ rest after fa- 
. 4igue^ relazation, repose, refreshment, leisure, 
• ^ a recess, vacation; . [affluence. 

ftS, ^48r¥, iH^ff^f^^f bereft of splendour* glory or 
fkSf^ ttn^Bft^nr, W^, cr^, reno wndd , famous, celebrated. 



434 te^/ 

^mli% ftwpr, flinr, Uvst^^ separation, distance, especial- 
ly of lovers or of husband and wife, disunion, 
disjunction. [all, universal, entire. 

ftir, 9ftK, fiiCTt^, ^, ^t?t?, the world, the universe; 

fSMtv», JjWra ^Jjm ^J5f?r, uPr, ^i, a hound, a dog trained 

to the chase, sound, noise ; vile, wicked. 

flwRPBil, wO, wSt^ ftww?, the sun, the artist of the gods. 

l^tt^V, ^r^^, f)rnit, hard to please, dissatisfied with 

erery thing. [universe. 

fN'TW, fiwnnr, fiir<''nr,~«rtf^^,tMf, Shiva as lord of the 

rwft/t«f^, ^ffifiifftift, all- pervading, filling all things, [world. 

f4»<v«, ft'^^ip^,-. .«i<f*.«^j^, all-deceptive, deceiving the 

fir^vsl, ^Ri3t, irCt, fM^, the earth. 

tV«% WW3r^,^sr?, 5!<?n«?t, assuming or existing ia 

all forms, panlomorphous, universal, omni- 
present* [faithful, trusty. 

fJwtfim, fJww,— f(a|w. ftnttiWt^l, trusted, confided in, 

fXnr^^jPwkl,— wf^^^ttif^,^r?a^ God, 

the creator, BrahmsC. 

ftHW, f^iwi, ^^, a widow, a trusty female. 

f^'itX^f cf^nr, f^«atV, trust, confidence,'^faith, credence. 

fWt^^«, ^^^, treachery, a betraying. [tor. 

Hwrt^WT^W ^ irr&,— ^J, treacherous, betraying; a trai- 

fwrwr, «r«;?^^, ^«5r!rii«^, to believe,^ trust, confide in. 

ftwrofir «t^ f^?, a ground of trust, matter of faith. 

.^Wttfit, «ri5;igt, a^?«r,^5, trusting, believing, trusty, faithful, 

honest. [trust-worthy, &c. 

fWf /, fiWPr^t?, — fiwit'^^tJ!, ^TO/^nirt, worthy of confidence, 

• Wr, «t?i|, wi. ^?H, ^«it«l, poison, venom, water, gum, 

myrrh, the fibres of the lotus-stalk, a red dye. 

Pwm, ^tf^f *Wf5^, ^ffWI. poison, venom, virus, virulence. 

fm, Wt'PHjiF, vtft«, dejected, sad, sorrowful, pensive. 

T^^f ^^» ^^f ^Vf a serpeat, a poisonous snake. 

ft«^, f«^;,— tWi^TW, >ff/w«W, ^W*, deadly, mortal. 

ftnvf, Wl, ^♦f^wj f>ftF*^5i^, a serpent-charmer or pro- 
fessional ourer of its bite, &c. 

^^» fW» ^9f ^9^9 frt^«*,1^[W,^»iW, »J^wt^, 
^>lf^» ^>i|5> ^>lf!H9, calamity, danger, distress, 
pain; painful, difficult, hazardous* trouble 
some, evil, violent, unmanageable, inaccessi- 
ble, rough, inclement, unparalleled, unequal, 
alternate, irregular, intermittent^ odd, un- 
even ; very, excessively. [mittent. 

f^:iav^, ^tm ^% 47t1^[9Tnif ^, a violent fever,, an ixditn 
f^nnm^, ^^^/, cjWt^i absence of health ; unhealthy, 
f^ninnffy vtirt^, vWf^tt^r, temerity, rashness, darings 

»rt'^i1i^ ^, •!», «K?twc, 1^^, tf^iv, ^rt;, ^/t?, 
W«nr» 0W> ^^. 't'll, '^f ^;t1i^, ♦fft . an object 
of sense, sensible quality, as colour, form, &e. 
a thing, object, object of pursuit, study op 
* desire, &c. wealth, substance, business, trade,' 

worldly occupation, office, employment, aa 
affair, occasion, occurrence, topic, matter, 
a law*suit, a refuge, asylum, a country, pro; 
vince, place, the element in which a thing 
moves, a house, home, a lover, a husband. 

1^997, ^iT<t?i «PiWt^, relating to, about, treating of. 

f^l^W, ^•'Hflw ^^rfTt%, ^^, worldly business, attach- 
ments, &c. office, employment. 

a^lttw^, 5w<|Swi>^, ^|>^, ^«rtf*i, rnffiw?, in place, employ- 

ed, busy, engaged in business, occupied v^ith 
an affair, &c. furnishing objects to the sense 
.or understanding. 

fkmity ^fWtflts Wntitf I'^itjaiH, engaged in business, hav- 
ing worldly pursuits or engagements, &c. 
worldly. [cerning, about. 

^rec?, «nnn, i^ni, ^*tc?, in relation, in regard to, con- 

fSrera^ «timiv, poisoned, mijced or smeared with poison« 

f^V% ^, *^, ff^ Wi ivory, the horn of an anima];. 

the tosk of aa elephant, &c. a tooth. 

fSwW^ Wtf*» «*»* ^rtwl, ^feniW, !»IWWR, dejectiam. madness, 

lownesa of spirite, want of energy, disap* 
poitttmeht, anxiety^ regret. [virulent. 

ft«W, f*^rt«l, tWt,— ^^t»>l|^i ^«llSt, poUonoufii venomous* 

U^^ »witf&lft^Wt«l, ^^IH^^t?, the eqo inox. 

Xt^n, tff^WCTt^, HAWAII, ft^tj, ^flW», the first astrono- 
mical yog, the diameter af a circle, extension, 
an obstacle, hindrance. 

f^¥. ««^ ^7/9 1[^1^» >m|9mK, the hardening of ce- 
ment, &e. constipiltion, urinary obstruction. 

fi^r. ^,^«TPIW, Wft, c^r^, ^|^fk,.55W?l^, a tree, a seat, 

stool, chair, eouoh, a handful or a seat of 
Cusba grass. 

fJif^ ^«?t^, compulsory, or unpaid labour, an impressing. 

f^il, «isr> ^» ordure, excrement, dung. 

f^^, "iilt^rYt^tcjrii ^ i^iTtf^ the 3un's entFance on a new 

sign after the equinox. 

fiw«^, ^Ht^f^ Jft?, calamity, danger, strait, difficulty. 

ftinrtf r ^'if » ftwt^, r^^, ^^^rffe, ^I'Witwif *W^f , ^wtt^, a 

dispute, quarrel, contention, contradiction, 
murmuriDg, breach of promise, disappointing, 
deceiving, deception. . . [muring, &c. 

ftTVtwt, ^v<i{^^» 9f9f^1, disputatious, contentious, mur- 

fK^\ fvn% — Vt*W# CT^iT, it^v, to spread, extend, ex- 
pand, diffuse. 

fw«f, fTT, ^/t^, ifWf if'if^^r, flrfii^iiitai ^<, piw, a gift, 

donation, relinquishment, abandonment, eva- 
cuation by stool^ the letter », emancipation 
from matter. [reject. 

ftirtpr, ^^f ^«i, fir^iii^r, to make an pbiation, relinqubh, 

flpH«i, »q«i, ?/t^'r, ^T^, to move, extend; spread. 

r^^&^l, Wt*ti|iP^, ^•f^rrf, WTii?^, the^sym]bitomof a disease, 


fi9^» Oi^. — ^/t«, <er^?«. .diffused, extended, spread. 

ft^i, Prrt^, «i^ n^StlfJ, offered, given, relinquished^ 

abandoned, expelkd, cast off w out. 

flRBTf Vtfllf.«Wti» .?tfe.^*,^^aH«lir# ^Itfir, ^tt^ «WfJ^ 
. . ^V»f ^I* Swi^5iK^W,. extension, expansion, 
enlargemeatsproUxity ,diffu8^ness,am pi i tude, 
ptbundaBce, plenty, sufficiency; extj^nded, prq- 
lix, copious, mucbi abundant, large, plentiful, 
sufficient, ample,. ^any^mimerou^* . . 

fntXp ^fW, «fmi. vifn, T»/^f«i/j pRu^, ftc^nnr, 9«c«r3r 

HKiT)^, e^ tension,, diflfusioo^ ampli*^ 
fication, prolixity, a dejtail, detailed narra* 
; . tion, divergence, tbe diameter of a circle. 
fiWtl^, U^% ^f^^f f5rfT?r, W9it?, <«n^S, to describe in de- 
tail^ Sec. to specify, enlarge, dilate, to spread 
, out, ^extend, expand. 
fWtlt, 4Wft, spreadmg out, ampUfyiftg, enlarging, &c. 

f^% «tJHfli^, n^3f dWt?'. «mv. ^m extended, sprtad* 

. spread out> expanded, enlarged, wide^ ample, 
large. [a cic?!?. 

T9f9, ^rnt^, ^nvn ^^ifCi^» id: also the diameter of 

fi^^^, r<rt«itt«, V^ TOPW, with open moutii, gaping. 

f^r^'V, ^ff^^l^, tremulous motion, (as of the limbs, &c.) 

fP*f^, ^fWf ^t^iW, evident, manifest, ope^, clear. 

Uz^i9-^, fitr^t^,— ^<»,^;^,aboil. imposthume, pustule. 

f4^?, ^H*W/WPT, Pri Wi, ^ W^t surprize, astonishment,. 

wonder, diicourag^ment, copfu^ion; 

f^^«i, ^iw, nt^i% to forget, to lo?e the recollection of. 

UPm, piS^f ft^ir, ^^, surprizcjd.. a%tomi^ed, co-- 
founded, disconcerted. [mistaken. 

ft^9 ^W^, nfW, «B|^, forgotten, in an error, out, 

f^^f^, w, Tgn, !<#, m\% a forge ttuvg, mistake, error, for- 

getfulness, oblivion. . . 

T^mt^ Vtft^^ «t9, insipidity, tasteljssspess, a good.taste. 

fwrtf, ^K!^, ^^tpi. ^^/1, insipid, tasteless, [the sun, &c. 

ft^^, f^arir-JT, — n^, cot, ^mSi, a. bird i a fowl, a cloud, 

Usf?^^ vnit^^m^^ft^, to smite, kill, burt, impede, &c. 

fiflOWf ftftJ^,— «^?r^, ♦rti^, ^^FW^l, to tdke a walk or 

airing, to wander, to go.abirat. 

43d mf 

ftf^, ^PTO, 'iltljtw, gladness^ jdy, pleasiil«p« delight' 

PtC"^, fj?^^, •rtlt^pf 5fj[^, to smile, laugh g[ently, laugh at 

^in> f^riT^, ^^?, a marriage, a weddings nuptials. 

fiHW, ^f^fl, ft|«f, ^/tf«r, perplexed, bewildered, confus- 
ed, confounded. [torted. 

ftrtf*f«, ift^, ^^«f, D^, Pnn^, a gift, donation, given, ex- 

p[?pr, 'fifT^v'FPi, 'fil^f^, iret?, the morning, the dawu, early. 

PHTPT, ^irt^M, ^wlt'i*, *^/, the sky, the atmosphere. 

fti^f c^f^, ^31» ^W^, C7fir, «Nl, a walk for pleasure 
y or exercise, a tour, trip, ramble, a roaming, 

play, pastime, sport. 

ftfmv, Pi^,— w?tf^?1, *»Wf?t, cwnft?!, taking exercise, 

walking or riding for pleasure^ playing, sport* 
ing, moving freely. [dicule. 

ft^t'T, ^f^^t^;, f<^^, a smile, gentle laugh, laughter, ri- 

ftl^, ^fF5, «ftC3|TV, fit, proper, right, orderly, Decesaary. 

n^^, 9^, bereft, destitute or deprived of, without 

firrti, ^, vt^, ^f9, ^?T*Or, agitated, troubled, disturb* 

ed. alarmed. [survey. 

ft^^, W<R, ^^CTt^'r, to see, perceive, behold, view,. 

^, '•rtfSr, 5t?1, ^'Wt?^, a seed,, plant, source, origin. 

^tl^^STI, ft^y f*tf^,- J?WT^«ri, a seed-plot, seed-bed. 

ft^^, ^mtm, ^«mF?1, ^rrjl, straw, stubble. 

fSf^f ^3W, l^, a \yave, a ripple. [cause. 

ttH, ft9i m^, w, wtfie^riW, a seed, origin, source, 

^» ^«W?<l> t^ «r^rt, *IV. ^i, 'Tf?, ^^, 'iWflW/l, ^Ml, 

a cause, origin, spring, source, principle* 
seed, kernel, fruit-stone, sprout, semeu, al* 
gebraic analysis, the mystidal 9. 

^Itin. ^ ^W1, — 5T?dfrKl, a seed-plot, seed-bed. 

4)91^11, ^RVf^/1, arithmetic, mensuration and algebfa* 

ft9[s(, ^«rl ^«iT7,>t^T'r 9?<i, to fan, to agitate the air. 

^Jrtl^[iwr, ftit,—'m\fff^ijf^p a progenitor, ahorigines. 

ftm^, i^f i^f w^n% wn i^, a seed-sprout, shootrlseed- 
^ lobe or cotyledon. [from a family. 

'ftv, ttnx^^f ^m, %«?, produced from aeed, sprung 

^ 43f 

fN, ^mtT/ 1^P<ft» the Indian lute or guitar. 

it^f ^, "Wr, Wfira, gone, past, tranquil, quiet, tame. 

tnt^U JcmfH^ft^, ftlWftHT, free from passion, of subdued 

passions. [terrace, a stall, shop. 

<lflt, •«, r«*<!, c#, ^^, a road, a row, a line, a front 

^i^^^f ^^^y ^^tf • ^?, ^•5'» disgust, abhorrence ; disgust- 
ing,, cruel, mischievous. 

9ICOT, ^HIT^, r«r9, a hero, warrior, champion, 
valiant man, an actor, mime, one eminent for 
any moral excellence, a Tantrist» heroism, (in 
poetry,) the sacred domestic fire of a Brah* 
min; bold, valiant, brave, gallant, powerful, 
strong, robust, eminent. 

fhn, r^/t vtr^, f^ant heroism, valour, courage. 

%n^, W|^, ^tt^y, a warrior's belt or zone, a girth. 

4t?Tr^, «rc?9 l^p anr, chief among heroes ; a wrestler. 

^it?c^fti, ^^^ Wrw, ^n, an ear-ring having a stone 

between two pearls. 

4||nm, ft«n^ c^tvl, VttV cwtN, a distinguished hero, a sa- 
crificial horse. [terodoxy. 

Itivn, ^it^ft^, f^Pnf, the observance of the Tantras, he- 

^t^9 ^^flt5[IW^. a Brahmin whose sacred fire has been 

extinguished through impiety or carelessness. 

^ftW\, ^tt^, ^l%^<^3|f^, a matron, a wife and mother. 

^tftmr, f^ *t^, to kneel ; a kneeling porture. 

ffif, PW, ^t^f t^aw, «Wt*», cw, ^, viiF, heroism, va- 
lour, bravery, courage, energy, spirit, power, 
might, semen virile. [robust. 

'^5Nir3rrn, »tt^, ^unff, heroic, courageous, spirited, strong, 

^, ^,— ^^«^, %?*, V?f 'tfn, CTW, the breast, bosom, 

chest, stomach, heart, courage, spirit. 

^i^t ^^wy. I'rtr^, Orai^, fW?, courageous, valourous, 

\9Vn^ H^^n^* ' spirited, daring, undaunted. 

\wfi^ 9^1^, #W]i1, the breast, the stomach, the maw. 

JW^, 9^, f< TP^H, a powder, powdered sugar. 

440; . i^ 

^^wi^-^5irpr, ^5|Kit^,— ^*^rtlf1 WW,. to «trut. ftti&, sweB 

with self-conseqaence. 

^W^, vn^, v^^ 99r«i, to bark as a dog. 

^WR; «ripr, f^^R, Tgyi, to close or shut as the eyes, td 

go out as a iamp« to be extinguished, to be 
stopped or filled up with any substance. 

^^vt^, fsr^t^, ^?I^ ^^, ift^wr, IJH', to extinguish, put out, 

fo fill up with rubbish as a pit or well, to 
stop, cover over, close up, to shut the eyes. 

fmi^t, ^^. f^f^t a bubble ; stunted in growth. 

V^< ^15, «(«rf^, a bubble. [derstauding, genias. 

^,: ^«rnr, ^, an idea, thought, apprehension, nn- 

it??^, ftc^CTl vj[^, to- understand, perceive, 
feel a sensation, know, infer, ims^ine, think, 
suppose, suspect, design, intend, remark, 
note, weigh, consider^ examine. 

fjurpr, ^wt^t^, fw?^, ^Fnwtf, «rwJ^, t^wm, wW^, to ex- 
plain, describe, relate, denonfttrate, cause to 
understjaind, convince, persaade, instruct, to 
impprt, express, mean. 

^«*!l, ''R«rm[4^ CTtCT?^«W? ^jrt,.^5^|<l8«Wl, the redress- 

ing of a grievancojan enquiry into* 

^ftfif tf^ ^^^ the understanding, sense. [sibly. 

^, >rc^^l%, *nft*«, ftra •Wgr, I thinks perhaps, pos- 

3^, ^Tf? f4rw, a sort of pulse called Granu 

^'1, ^^, f^i, odd, ag^, gtreat, (toe orfinger.) . 

;j^, TOK,'f.ant, iYTtrrn(,'to sink, plffBge, dive, dip, 

drown, overflow. [swamp. 

^, ^, inrrt, WfK^% an immersion, an inundatioti, a 

5^, «^t^, ^t«r, to immerse, piunge, dip, squander. 

?Tt«Wtt Iftfir,— ^W, «ttft^^, old age, agedness. 

ff^, . i^^/li WfltTi, ^Etfi9^« an inandatiibn, the drowning of 

Jand, five gandas. 

^» t^^, ^.^fcnft^, old age, an old wmnan ; /• old^ 

aged, inundating^ overflowing. 

^ 441 

||» MN^ ^WW. ^^^'j t'HW, ft[^ <4«Uflll, knowny 

understood, perceived, felt ; Buddha, thet 9th 
incarDation of Vishnu, 

7^, cw^ wpr, €r»i, ifRi, jn, ^^M^, CTT^r, intellect, un- 
derstanding, genius, judgment, sense, saga? 
city, wit, perception, an idea. 

^j^^pvt^, WTHt; «|f%9, intelligent, sagacious, aage, wise. 

firan, «B:^rfi5f . ^iffjt. WT3I T^Kf , an organ of intellect. 

fjffi firw, C9^(1, a bubble, vesicle, blister. {a sage. 

f«» ^ff^» ^(^v, the planet mercury or its regent, 

fwtjr. ^^» Wednesday. 

f^i^l^. X'^f ^'rfir,— 5ft^|p?3r Kn, the texture of stuffs. 

I'^'T, iQif^t^, ^^nr, to weave, knit, sow seed. 

^|[«rf<r91.^^, ^T^, ^^1, a weaver, a seedsman, sower. 

?ww, ^ ^W?, a web, (of cloth.) 

V^* frt1»135rt,— wr*^,'^?^, wild, sylvan, rural. 

^in, CTWC^J ^^, ^^, appetite for food, hunger. 

Tvf^^,^^, — ^<^, CVWC^%9, hungry, eager for food. 

^9^9!l, VfC^nfl, fkmt^, a desire to know or understand. 

l]f^^« WC4i%#, fiiVt^, desirous of knowing, &c« 

^IRI, ftw ^ nflm^, '"^♦wf ^tlm^, an inch. 

^, ^9^f ^i^% a gimlet. 

f|B|9-» fW tftW wsr, >rt<i, wftlrt nf w, HFft^, to stroke an 

animal, to rub, fret, chafe, to stroll, rove, stray* 

jftt^ WW, ?t^/, vn, speech, talk. 

jn, ^.— W^nfifjr ^^, «5, chaff, hu«k, bran; 

^*f^, ^if^t^V^, ^^, grown, increased, nourished. 

^, nw, 'J^W, Trcwtjtm, ^W, f #f^TiTi| ftrw, a wolf, 

jackal, hyaena, a crow, turpentine. 
V, ^9Wt ^nft, vftT, a tree, shrub, plant, [creeper:* 
*1f*M, ^Wfl, a parasitical or creeping plant, a 
^fiKfp i^f ^tV^f ^fS^* ^"^^ ^^^* ^^^» ^^^^' wickedness. 

^^ ^ni^f wj^t^i^, mt^mp, ^vtvtiwv, ?flM, wi^, ^wri> 

selected, chosen, approved, preferred, ap« 
^pointed* covered, screened, defended, en- 
doRad» surrounded, served, attended. 


443 T^rtfir 

a selection, choice, approbation, appointment, 
a request, solicitation, a hedge, fence, enclo- 
sure, a surrounding, encompassing, covering. 

^W, ^W, fi, "^St^, C^tW, ^TW?, ^^, ^n^?. §tft. •!?/, W^n, 

been, having existed, dead, deceased, past, 
gone, round, (in form;) disposition, nature, 
practice, custom, metre, verse, a circle. 

fr«. ^^^^ f<WTf?rt ^^, ^Wft, «RiR, «Wt?, ft^?, t(%CW, 

ct^t?> <£tcvr, KV^t VT^, a narration, account, de- 
tail, particulars, intelligence, news, report, 
a topic, subject, circumstance, story, -tale, a 

^^, ztf^, «Wwi, r^^R, fW^k, #K^<tT?, ^/TW?, ^, i^ffii, 

qfffwnr, V^, t^f%, ^/T<ti1, ^CT? f^«i, a pen- 
sion, grant, maintenance, support, stipend, a 
livelihood, means of subsistence, profession, 
' wealth, property, estate, being, existence, 
a gloss, comment, explanation, exposition. 

V^p ^^, "m^^^f ?/< '■i*^, t^n, •l^, in vain, idly, 

uselessly, to no purpose ; useless, vain, ab- 
surd, idle, false, blank. * [nonsense. 

^fTTvrt, "^pfiWB Tt^/, '9[^f^ 3wri, an absurdity, idle talk, 

f^, ^fit^. ^T5. ^^» ^- ^fsiilTR, ?>51, encreased, en- 
" larged, large, grown, full grown, old, aged. 

f«^t»i, ^?1*. ^^/, old age. [old age. 

^^r5l, ^tt^, %wRj, "l^tflt, increase, greatness, opulence, 

^t ?Tn?t, 1^, ^tf^, an old woman, old age, increase. 

^W^*, ^*T^,: — ^^, ^fWtH*, the thumb, the great toe. 

^jrtrrjt^, increase, augmentation, growth, ve- 
getation, prosperity, success,* promotion, pre- 
ferment, consequence, extension of power or 
revenue, accumulation, interest on money, 
advance in price, enlargement of the scrotum. 
^VUSt^^, ^Wtiw, ^nuctif?!, a monev- lender^ a usurer. 

cut <443 

fvmi||Et, '4nRi(/^9, ambitious, aspiring. 
^«, . . clidt, vi^, l^!t> ^ stalky stem, foot-stalk, a nipple. 
^. ?11^, ^W?, ^•i, ^5^, 3FWW, ^m\, a heap, quantity, mul- 
titude, assemblage, congregation^ company. 
^^3 ««4t ^, the sacred Basil. 

T^rnw, «r<T^, ^ufJc^tRs, w?«, ^mr?, c«fir, ^^, ^utt/, mwi, 

irpvifs, a chief, head, leader, a god, an immor- 
tal; chief, excellent, eminent, best, respec- 
table, reputable, handsome. 

^9, 49 "(8 rvi?, ipr vi^^^, a thdusand millions. 

^P«W, v\ *^,fiwl,nirt Wt*,^i»?tft, ascorpion, centipede, 

the hairy caterpillar, the sign Scorpio. 

1^, •tjwcyfl, «rt1r jtT^. w^, W, c«r>, %«», a bull, the 

sign Taurus, a strong man, virtue, jnoral me* 
rit ; ift comp : excellent, eminent, best. 

Tirp, ^inrit^, cart, a bull ; in comp : preeminent, best. 

V^* ^cfl, ^«t ^•T, a Shudra, the lowest cast. 

^^^, ^f ^^rl, il^MP5«, ?WW1 ^m<H, a female Shddra, 

a bvren woman, the mother of a still-bom 
child, a marriageable girl. 

5[rk, CTW? wmw, ^, rain, a shower. 
^, ^f «^. ^^. ^sft^, '^^, w^^, great, large, 

important, huge, stupendous, magnificent. 

fT'^tfil, •tW 5?, ^?W^/, the planet Jupiter, the preceptor 

of the gods. . 

or€7l, Un^, ^^tv, a narration, detail, recital, report. 

cf^9^, • C^'^T^f to become awry or crooked, warp, bend. 

tftHtp *ni4. ^W[?, 3P' '^'•'» * shoot, sprout, pimple, pus- 
tule, a mongoose. 

tt^ilt rlc^,— tr€, ^, <ti^, dwarf, short, low in stature. 

rf ?i1f c4cv> — ^PC^* d^titute of a tail, tailless. 

r^^pan, CVt*t« ^» the rind of fruit, integument, peel, skin. 

C^«r, ^t^Wt^r ^^i^* ^1» t5t5, «Wtf , riwi, swiftness, ce* 

lerity, velocity, rapidity, impetuosity, speed, 
haste, im|>etus, a streaxxi, flow, current, a 
straining at stooL. 

444 inSt 

tvt^, ^^t f^> ^1 spoiled^ marred, faulty, vieioai. 

K^^R, W*t, — 'nRTf v^^trft, »1«IW, swift, fleet, impetu* 

ous, active* [go swiftly. 

pnrsr, »»in, t^^z^.^X^vt^^.n^X^.to flow, hasten, 

n^^fVKf ftvn, ^^^Tli, not rapid or quick, slew, dull, 
' inactiveiT [pressed. 

CWt?, f<^tcw^ ^wfl'jft, ^"rtwyu, forced into service, im- 

W^ttft, ^^IWjW, ttfifirt tn^, an impressing or forcing to 

work, a putting to compulsory labour. 

C^^, ^«|jSt, ^t<T#, the egg plant or its fruit. 

W^l^1, 'WF*!?^ ^3^ of a purple-colour, purple. 

c^, «r^, rw, a frog. 

WWl, tH^, left-handed. 

ronft, CTC^ ll, a tadpole or young frog. 

wwt^rw, fkfi$t Kt\ Uv^, 5?T^Wr white -brass, bell- metal. 

CTT^, Bwn, ftiP? ^, to sell, vend, dispose of. 

cwPnr|,ftajqr^, fwoFsl, rWtlJ, selling, vending; a seller, 

salesman. [sissort. 

tw^f WK, ^[tr^^frt itwpr* to pick,' ckoose, select, 

c^it, ^^, a mongoose, weasel, ferret. 

W^, w^, — ♦tflrt^i'f ^t^lTtli, a wrapper, an outside co- 
vering of cloth or paper. [fellow. 

n^, CT^,~^^^, m. ^ /. a son, a daughter ; iw. a 

w||!ri, riVt*^?1, fWft?, «tfii?1. a vagrant, a widower, a purse. 

l^fi, wSt, JV, a strina:, cord, rope. 

c?f, sirtT^r, ^t^, w?1, Wirt* It^, «awi, a fence, hedge, 
' party -r wall, circumference, circuit, a tun, 
roll, winding, a scheme, collusion. • 

w?', Dr?w, ^tTjc^i^, «7t^, ^ri^ti'T^, /J^f^^' ^^, to sur- 
I . . round, encircle, invest, enclose, entwine, 

impound, imprison, re-examine, re-?onsider 
cifl, ^>itq[^, nirl, a screen, fence, enclosure, pound. 
C5is?r«r, TW«i, rw^. H?l^» ♦f^/^, tp traverse^ ramble, walk 

for exercise, lounge, r6vc, roam, travel. 
Wf, ♦iwwr t^,r«tw, Pr«t?, ^1^ -^ ^nters, irons, a 

pair of tongs, the* p' he head. 

Rf il, .^ri^. cftj. ftPlfl, ^m, ^li, ^1^, pyesuflttipg^ for? 

ward, overbearing, jjuttipg out» oyerbangipg^ 

rising above, excelling, emiQ^nt, good. ,^ o 
l^SX^, W^, ripFT, to strike^ heat, strike against. 
w4 f<S^, «lt, ft'T/^ w«l* w«^, ?f^«, 5P1. a plait or 

braid of hair, a tail, queue** 9> atrean, currei>t> 

tbe branch of a river, th^ciu^ux of. livers. . 
n«. ?*^, f?*f *W, a pipe, or .flute, a bamboo, [dealer, 
c^vt, WW^. ^•nfr, ^?P, a banker, merchant, trader, 
ri«, r^, — ^^r^«r*li, 1^» the rataa, a reed, a cane. 
cw^. ^R5, ^^;, ^rfW^, «rl^CTir, wages, hire, fare, reward, 

recompease, oonipensatioii. - 
r^^^M, v«, f^WP ftrw, an evil spirit, daemon, fiend. 
<?V1, «lt^i f^i, in comj» : verged in,,aQqtiaiote4 willi. 
i^, . «»ft, >iwtl* »t? "»l. Hwh !»M*, a Ve»d» w sacred writ- 

ing, philosophy, science, knpwledge. 
W»nri, •IT^I, ^^, iM^li, fitt,. m^^* itW. pain, smart, 

, ache, agonyt torment, torture, distress, per- 
• ceptioB,jsexisatim, feeling. 
CTrfrtr, hs?, ^^?w^9, CTtVi rs^roft^i, . perceptible, that 

: may be known or felt, sensible, sensible to. 
rmv, ?n?Fifitllr l?, the sciences appendant on the Vedaf . 
xvajft, cwtwc4«l, studying or professing the Vedangas. 
cmtV, ^n? %W W^» the Vedant or speculative theo]Qgy. 
r^d, aftfirn^inft, a Vedantist or follower of the Veditnt. 
wfi^, t?i&,--«^ftf^^ft^ ^wa^fir, 1WS, t^, «?ti, an altar. 

pillar, terrarce, platform, stool, bench. ^ 
n^t flOllrVi f^^t fVi cQmp : knowing, acq^uainted with. 
t<tav, cw,— ntv, '^*^ve44l»,. perceptible, that may be 

I tfeU or knawn. 

min, ^un, ^^t^l/ftlt a hunter, a fowler.. 
W.. ftpJ|r»f*?» 55??r* ^, vsi, a ppforatiop, hole, boff, 

excavation^ >dep^h, the link of a chain. 
wtpr, ftsR, cvt^, riW'c, lSt( ^^, I'W^R, ^St^^PT, to pef- 

forate, pierce, bore, penetrate, excavate, &9. 
^%jpiic^, ser^to^^ wound. , - 

446 runt 

c?^ Wtrl,— «Wt, Hi?, Brahmd, Vishnu. Tahort 

t^^, ^, ^, #^, ^f ahole, excavation, depth, a scratch, 

x^^v, ^••R, ^^T^» to tremble, to quake; a tremor. 

CT^fnr, ft*ft5^, ^r«i»;, VPTRT, «r, *^rrtnt?, buying and 

selling, traffic, commerce, a trade, calling. 

ri^rt^t, ^^7, ^917^, a trader, merchant ; trading, dealing. 

CTjfh, ftr«wi^, ftninrii; wr, ^»v, ?tiw, ^tft? rw, cfi^, 

«WPT, W^^Ttowir nrc |[«r, to go out or forth, 
issue, exude, arise, proceed, shoot up, stick 
or jut out, slip out, emit, throw, yield, be 
proved by the event. [in wealth. 

WJ/W^'T, ^Pffl^i^, ^^pr, to overhang, jut out, increase 

nn, fl^, the Bel fruit. 

cnnpt?, r^tTl ^tnc^ ^ai, a lancet. [wood or stone &c. 

tenm^ n^^, — v^m, a baker's or pastry-cook's roller of 

t^f 9199, 9t9f irflRPt, time, tide, time of day, (an qffi.r 

to words of time,) a jasmine. 

xmrit t^WVt^, ^^ fim, sandy ; a species of fish. 

tW, ^, ^ft^f l«r, ■Htqr? ^nl, a dress, habit, guiae, 

disguise, ornament. [dress. 

rr<M^1, Jrtsitfir, ^< ^ fH i lft , embellishment,om^ments,finery, 

cmirT^r;, ^t^, an ornamental garland, a chaplet. 

n«^, cwt^v^, ^TfTitiril, an ornament for the nose, a nostril. 

n^, ^i^c?^^, fVf qii, dressed, ornamented, disguised. 

€?trsr, «tr, ^t^1, a house, a dwelling. [prostitute. 

cn/t, ^ii^, VnSi, ^f«i^, a courtezan, harlot, strumpet, 

FHm9» ^^^^» a house of ill fame, a brothel. [gum. 

nk» ^iil^, ^«Vf^P(, birdlime, glutinous matter, size, 

n^^p m^f tir^w, «>$tv,^tfR, ^^^, ^W, to surround, 

encircle,enclose, invest, wind or twine' round, 
bind; a girdle, zone, belt, &c. 

nfkv, • nf|l^>' 7^if^» v^7, surrounded, invested, girt, en- 
closed, &c. set as a jewel. 

f^rTfl, TtP^, ^1, ^^, stale, rancid, old, stinking. 

W?1> f*^,»^f|i^?, a wedding, a marriage. [father. 

CTH^, «iwwi? PW, Ijw^ f^, a son or daughter-in-law s 

<^^(t?1» ^ft^f a palkee bearer. [less/ 

^^f ^^> lt?1» «^» 1^. a book ; except, betides, ua-. 
iwPvTs, fiwwf, fl^t^'wpt, differently or variously applied, 

(in grammar,) optional. 

amazement, agitation, confusion, di$compo* 
sure, distortion, defectiveness, an impaired 
or withered state, unpropitiousness. 

ti^tw, 9rv/t9t«i, 'n^W^, the evening, afternoon. 

wt#, i^rrw4hr Wiw;, the evening offering. 

^W», ft^ tct>l, 'tft?*!. ^. the paradise of Vishnli, Vish- 
nu himself, Indra. 

i^f, •f^'iW, fi[*r^, ^^Tflr, ^cv^, ^^t a change, tramfornia* 

tion, depravity, deformity, aversion, disgust. 

hostility, unf>ropitiousness, an adverse con- 
dition, pemiciousness, worthlessoess; unpro* 
pitious. adverse, hostile. [fear, &c« 

^^/, nFlv, WW*, agitation, confusion, overpowering 

^^ft3|/, fSrtlPar^, rnwi, p«1w, variety, variegatedness, or- 
nament, beauty, &c. [of garland. 

^^9?^, ^nm. if«, irm ftc^, a flag, banner, ensign^, a kind 

i^, ^?3l— CTjraW, ^irt, a paddle or short oar. 

^?^, 9f«i, yirtv, >pv(7t7, an assembly, a sitting, a club« 

a company, a hooka-bottom. 

^<4^, ^4^^,— rr^^/^, ^•^tiHT, a flute player. 

^i^^, ^'•iT^Wr^, a lute or guitar player. 

%^<l/, ^liftwl, ^'CT^fSl, falsehood, untruth. 

^TOf*?^, ri^^ wt?1 WWl, ^•li^^, a hired labourer or ser- 
vant, a hireling. 

^^^*. ^fJ9^^ ^, ItWi^ ^m\, the river of hell or Hindoo 

Styx, the mother of the R^kshasas or giants^ 

r^vtt^, n^Hf^, wt?t*, C^tH99, one who serves a daemon 

or familiar, a conjurer, magician, a kings bard 
or musician. [a daemba. 

H^tMt, W^, nramn it^ ^tMHk, magic, intercourse 

44t '^-mW' 

Hwi, ^«f5m W'tW, cxccsshre or ngibg tbirtt. 

^«m, l^W*.— «^r, ^^r, ' cttnfting, cjraft, i^btiltr, 

sharpnes;:, clerarnei»» itokilL [ Vedas. 

^ifilf^, cictnm, i:?7(^^ ^, skUful in or enjoiDed by the 

i^ff ^^itthHf, fUffrS, «pr, learnings wisdom. [joiorner. 

iiW4t, ^?wt^, — ^^tl?^, •tireipnt?, foreign ; a foreigner, so- 

i^/-^, fWif^'W, ^t?r<WW^, mrwnv a physician; medi- 
cal, relating to or -well read in the Vedas. 

^«f/»^, *lt|rfip, f&ft^mflraw J^C, medical science, phy- 
sic, a medical treatise. . 

kMXf f^rfi^f fl^iPf'rai,; lawful, consistent with law,Tational. 

\wVf nf^Ct^, ?tT?nf1, widowhood, state of widowhood. 

k^^f IWW?, KTf*^?51, VTW^/t^, heterodoxy, aposUcy ; 

heretical, apostate. 

Hn?, w«t "iivt^v^r^, foolish, ignorant ; an ideot, a fooL 

^fTtPw, if«^i(,cifirnr^*destroetive, atheistical, [reverse. 

%f»(fhi;, «ftRwi;, fVWjr?, v%:vir, contrariety^ opposition, 

^if^9, n^n mv^f a half-brother by a different father. 

t^^A ^f^i'W* tiwi, greatness, hugeness, importance. 

hwO, ^<riWtj,5i«l, U'ni, a change of colpur, canvplexion 

or character, a deriation fvom rules of cast. 

^<^» ^»^> Yama the regent of deaths death. 

f^, nuptial j relating to marriage,marriageable, 

(as to affinity;) a 6oa or 4aughter-jn* law s father. 

^W?, i-^f, irfirfl, i^J^p wealth, grandeur. 

Hv^Hi;, U!^f ^mc^ctt^, aversion, dislike, inattention to. 

\<m9, fewrcani[>— ^rwOfflBt ^m. fWm ^t^, a hal^brother 

tit sister by a different mother, [tioi^sness. 
i^«;, fnl, U^if^p ^cr«nr^, av6r2^ion, dislike, unpropi- 
^^^/f f^9^^1, inutility, uselessness^ vanity, futil;ty« 
k?Vt^?^> ^unj^c^, skilled in grammar ;. a grammarian. 
k^» *H^, ^tfsf^p v^p hostility, enmity, revenge, he- 
roism, prqwess. , [pleasure. 
^^7V/, ^1, ^smtjif fHf^' disgust; nausea, dislike, dis- 
^aw» ^^HV^tf, ^R^tiCtf • not relajtedi; not § f^titre. 

ftftM 4UBI 

WiA ^1^. W «fit» a disagr^able Mate. [cant* 

^Ht^h ^Sn^hr, 94t* an ascetic, ilevi^tee, religious meiidi* 
bqrr^/ ^VPT/«fVeedoin frcmi pasaion or <ii»orliily attaofcmaMa.* 
^. il<r»~f3[^,"Pj. fiwni,arl»^pr, twfU ao etie«y , foe» adver- 
sary; hostile, viadictnre, psveagsful, spiteful. 
^^^f* ^^i s6V9t, ugliness, deformity. 
^^^v^^/, ^vnrvy, f^ivna, contoariety, disparity, adifbrei)ce. 
^tfn, r^«>r, to pierce, run thraagb, eater, penettute. 
^t^% "^m mt) the irst lodiaa JiUMth of Aries. 
ht^, ^m, 'nm, fms\, mmm, eao^eaes, goodness, 

urbanity, gentilit^^ pecuiidrity, yalidity. 
bnflRP, tp^ Vnn^, one 4>f the six Darskaaas or f hiloao- 

plMcal a^steTM of tkit Hiadooa. 
^v^h '7819 l^» the Uiird or trading a^d agfiettltural east. 
^^^^f ^> ^1^ Are or the god of Are. 
c^w/, ^i»!W, ^isisfWa, ^mANW, W?, %*-^*t4, ^WV ittequa'' 

lity, voe^enness^ severity, rigour, difficulty, 

calamity, solitariness. 
rnf|P9, m^|f)kf, of or relating to the affairs of life. 
^^^7. f^l^'lt'nP) a VtshnavHe or devotee of Vishnu. 
w*W, ^»1WW, tfclW, ^w ifi^^y ^9^9 fit%w, ^^M«*, •iT^fT, to 

sit, sit down, rest, dot, curdle, sink, settle, 

subside, alight, perch, to suit or fit. 
r4ii%N«, Unit, a parting piresent to a guest, 
^f, ^f^ntl cat^;, fit or intended to be sat upon, 
cftsi, f^dn, i^, «rf^^, « callous or unprincipled persofl, 

a villain, a rascal ; insolent, rude, 
dtaifl^, n^mfll, cS^ltflr, rascality, villsMy; rudeness. 
cf|^<»4> ^ ic^, nv, a foot<«stalk, a stem, a nipple. . 
Z^tWS, f^f^t ^f ^^O^flf ^<i, ^^» stupid, dimple, silly, 

ritstic, sheepish ; a blockhead, a he^goat. 
c^T9ta^, ^ifrtfsl, ft^, stupidity, rustieity, simplicity. 
c^t«l^ nnc, c«iiri,r-cai^» ^|llmi» vtf , a burden, load, bale, 

pack, package, triiss, a charge, affustc 

L 1 1 

4S0 trmlkt 

C9]^n^, ^, c^itjl, a cargo, lading, freight; ioa^« 
WWtIt, .c^1?1, — 3jf^, vfiRH^, a porter, a carrier. 
nVp ^^ c^T^ ^m >;f^^, a black alluvial earth, 
nm, f^» ^9^117, ill-tasted, ill-flavoured. [man, bail 
C^rrH, «rr^, ntn^, intelligent, sensible, shrewd ; a bonds- 
ntir, «pr, zT%, ^^nifv, ^«R<vt^, intellect, understanding, 

sense, wisdom, knowledge, perception, com- 

prehension, sensation, a notion, idea, opinion, 
row, mvH, Wf^rtF, ^^t knowing, &c: signifying, 
cwnr, w^^^, ^^w, '•i^^ i[«^, cwr, to know, understand, 

comprehend, perceive, feel a sensation ;• the 

ceremonial waking of a god. [a paradox. 
CfrarStv, "mcmf, Pr^, "v^^mv/, incomprehensible, abstruse ; 
nT^m, 'H^i'ft^f ^^f intelligent, wise, sensible, able. 
ntf^, «ilf^, <mt^, made known, jjublished, declared. 
nt^^7 ^ f^t^t V(^f to sow seed, to weave, to knit. 
r^Tvf, ^#Tinr?, woody, forest, abounding in woods, 
cim, ^9, r9t99rt, dumb ; a stammerer, lisper. 
nt^pr, nt^nt^, to stammer, lisp, to make a noise like a 

dumb man. [waist. 

C^, ^ftcii ^, ^(f^^H, saw-dust, an ornament for the 
c?t?W, CTPl^, wtirt, — cwnw, .a hornet, a wasp. 
nt?1, t»«», . ttftr91, Mt ftc^, trt^r; nirw, a sack, a bag, 

a bean, a species of rice. 
t^m ^t^X, ^«1, ^9Vf\, ^t?wr, an^ P[WH, a speech, saying, 

sentence, word, a language, a lie or liquor for 

dying, a glazing earth, 
pltvi^, ^^77, to speak, say, tell, mention, observe, 
nm^y >ftn^» ^^Pf, to call, call to, send for. 
ntww, ^WttSfi, 'iWt^, discourse, conversation. [cry, 
C^T#, VT^I, ^rr^x, Kf^, a. language, speech, phrase, note^ 
C^C, Ai7, a Buddhist or follower of Buddhism. 
V5P, ^i, «r9r«|f, f^'i, ^iwj, ^$f^, «r*f Pf^, apparent, clear, 

manifest, evident, distinct, specific, indivi- 

,dual, expressed, uttered, disclosed, revealed. 
Wtff^li^ ^Wfir*/1, ^^ttft, arithmetic. 

frt^, WW, sm xw/t9, ^cm ^t^ff, an individaal, « persoDv 

a man, a case or inflexion in grammar. 

^^InPT, ^NRp^H, f^rf^nrst, individuality, distinct existence. 

^;^, 'RW^, 'TO?i, '^nSf ^rt^, eager, ardent, zealous 

impatient, agitated, alarmed, affrighted, per* 
plexed, bewildered. [plexity, &o. 

V% ^CB% «ft<PiX, ^?t^, eagfemess, ardour, zeal, per- 

vw, Pnw, ^tf^, ♦tfiiftH, 19% TJFS\, n^ '^, v^, f^, 

^«f«, ft^WtW, "•wRP'il, a joke, jest, sarcasm, 
witticism; irony, doable- meaning, pun, dis^- 
tortion, a cripple, a frog, a spot or freckle; 
misplaced, distorted, sarcastic, ironical. 

Vffj». ft^, nRfTH;, ^Wfiptl, distorted, garbled, ridicu- 
lous, sarcastic, &c. [words. 

?rwtt^, ft^W, nr^, a jeer, punr, joke, sarcasm, play on 

VWfp wimw^f nrt^vw, a sarcasm, irony, cdvert expriear 
* sion of contempt, &c. . 

^S^fWf •tt^» a fan of Tal leaves or feathers. 

vaf ^, «r¥W^, Wipp, 55^, wtw, «^^, il^, making clear or 

plain, diistinguishing, indicative, expressive €^ 
passion or feeing, exciting, producing efiect. 

^xt|»r, WP«i, ft^, r«i^< "mtn ^^% ^tf^, a mark, sign, 

token, spot, a consonant, (in grammar,) sauce 
or condiment, the beard. . [figure. 

^;W^1-^, ^^r¥*f, nf^, sarcasm, irony, a rhetorical 

^yf5^, ^•JWr, ft^lC?, ^fShrfiJ, a misfortune, calamity, re- 
verse, reciprocity, reciprocal action. 

repugnance, opposition, contrariety, reyerse, 
change, alteration, inversion^ inverted or re- 
trogade order, transgression, violation. 

JS^fwSi, ^Rftmft, «f!%f»r, ifiiw,- reversing, inverting, op- 

posing, transj^rressing 

^rftttV, Vl^^/W,— ftj^f, fir^, ^^fHts, ^•tt«5[V, agitated, 

alarmed,disgusted,annoyed,afflicted, troubled. 

^VftdnP, fn, expected, virithdrawn, distinct, different 

lioldiag» tbe absence of a thing or an inference 
tkerefrom, an inverse argument, diffi^reiiee. 

HrfflK^M; ^K«, f)R1^ except; execptia|r» besides, without. 

VfKffI, fiimv, separatuig, distiiiguiahing, excepting. 

KAf^, vil^, — TfPiwr^si, •iJiRif, <if99n» ^«**»m Rwi^, 

sffjrtwtfl ^rtfl, trade, barter, rautuatexchanee, 


reciproeal action,, mutu^ abuse or blows, kix 
V#i» W, f^fk%, ftf'R, 1^: ^rtSif^i*, past, gone, with- 
drawn, withheld, excepted. 
9i^dt9, ^rs, rnri, besides, except^ without. 
1[;€N|7> ^^Wf ^•'•tWi, WCT« ^••Ttflf, ^PlW, ^WVW CTT^, 

a portentous calamity, presage, pertant, sa 
comet, earthquake* ftc. disrespeet, contempt, 
the seventeenth astronomi<vd Ytag. 

contrariety, opposition, varietian, reverse, in- 
' version, inverted or retrograde order, pei^ 
Terseness, deviation from, violation of. 

W^t^tVf *f^H)V» sensible to or capable* of pain. 

aWt, ^^y t^iRl, VICTtf , 3iPf. ^, pain, smart, soreness^ 

aehe, agony, torture, distress, alarm, kAr. 

%Sf^9 ^f^^f f«f^, 4^9, pained, hurt, sore, distressed, &c. 

^^^•WPf, W. ^JW, «t^«>^, 'TWI, apretence* deeeption,craft, 

fraud, dishonesty, a name, appellation. 

Ms^mfiiy wnStf «r^#9, >rtinniw, a deceiver, impo3tor, a 

denominator, that which denominates. 

^iW«, fHK, f*Wjt«, opposed, contrary. 

ii/W«fW, ^n^l^t^r sfjii, subtraction of numbers; to subtract. 

^T^Pfir, tt*^^^» ^^> ^^ ^^f ^ dividing,, division, se- 
parating, cutting in pieces, anatomizing. 

V^tt'^, ^tW» ^'W?^, ^W, ^rWFBR* "ffl. ^«^» a parti** 

tion, screen, fence, something intervening 
between two objects, intervention, tnterpdsi* 
tion, intermediate space,. distance, covering, 
a covering, ooneealment, disapgrnmiefl^ 

^mm, f^amf ^nt^i*, v«fH#» ^ctvn; tbeptrsos w thitiv 

vrbieii sepfura^te^ or iaterv^nes, a partition, the 
septum of the Bose^ 

vwntlff* ^WKtif,— ^Vtr*. "^KtH^ ^iWpW. intervening, 

intermediate, screenings concealing &e. 

vm9» irtinnr. suitable to intervene or lie betwe«!i« 

vort, wpn?,r-^(^» W, vt«ttir, ^tftw;, apirfep?, ^®^, 

^ffftiitVf ^•-^f V»tir|, i^fH^t W, profession, 
occupation, calling, trade, traffic, barter, 
commerce, effort, exertion, industry, perse» 
verance, a plan, device, trick. 

ViniV|V*i, ^itf^w ^, ]^» a factory* a fair, market, &c. 

V^mid, ^9, f3nr#, ^/Htl^* a dealer, mercbant, trader ; 

secular, following a trade, &c. 

a k(w, statute, rule, writtea dedsioo,. pve»» 

eriptton, established custom* teMt, a separ^ 

tion, a placing apart. [ment, 

Vilff^, ^Ftuit, f^9i[9f* a court of law, a place of judg- 

^/^i|t^, ^;«ct9.— ^^ r«?. ^^tK9, to be decided «t 

law, proper as an object of legislation. 
^rtfW#, ftttnwv rwa?Rft, a lcgislator,.expouttder of law; 

legislating. .[interpret laws. 

V3iH1»m, f4tft^ ^^, fSrut^ wt^tw, to legislate, to enact or 
Vfft^m, f^ifRflNfH, a written opinion or legal deeisioft. 
^f^^^, f^^lUp "^(ttHp frjqi, f^f ftnr. settled,, decre^d^ en^ 

acted, arrai^ed, invariable, separated, dis- 
tinct, [to usage, litigable. 
^P^^, ^fW9Vf-—'^(t^i^, ^f\^f customary, agreeable 
V^?^ 'Wff » f^n?nw, f5[5tj^, '•iWt^t, ft^f an umpire, 

arbitrator, judge, plaintiff, the introducer of 
a custom. 

custom, usage, practice, rite,ieeremony, cus- 
tomary observances, idi(^m, ac^tion, conduct, 
behaviour, a lawsuit, professkNii^ business. 

454 tt^im 

VCTO*, ^rutft, — ^^rtFtU, |tf*», acting, customarily, in the 

habit of, practising, bringing' into use. 

^V^?T?v> *f^lT^/, $t^v, one past his minority and admissi- 
ble to proceed at law ; acquainted with usages. 

a/^m^^i ^t^WCV, customarily, by common u^age. 

' 4)4ft f >4^ , ^^tini4tfvc1^> calculated for use,&c: customary. 

^mrtt;^* ^mrflr^, v1%^, ^S^nv^» established, brought into 

use or practice, common, current, customary, 
usual, old, second-hand. 

customary, usual, practicable, fit for use, to 
be observed or practised, actionable at law, 
passable, (as a road,) tit for wear; a garment. 

Vtf^, «r«tnnf^, V^*Prftr-li, ^mr^, interposed, put be- 
tween, parted, separated, covered, concealed. 

V^l^,^lt^t|9, i^f%9> done customarily, practised, used. 

^^iFt?, fornication, adultery, a change of 
state, situation, owner or master, a straying. 

«!*FTft, ♦n?iftfl(^, •r^, ft^W^rt*, ^mft, adulterous, 

erring, straying, following wrong courses. 

«t^Wft*^, ^^iW^ftfMt. Win, /. to adultress. harlot, jilt. 

Wp ^ffff^m?^, l^'W, Jf^, ^Pii a spending, expense, 

expenditure, diminution, consumption. 

^C;?^pr5?, ^/?^A, — ^^^•l, penurious, miserly, stingy, sordid. 

V^A^, Virt,— ^&?tf«^?1, ?R^tir, ^Vs\, extravagaiit, expen- 
sive, lavish, generous, liberal. 

^ofins, ^1, %?nr, expended, spent, consumed; dissipated- 

V9t^, ^Jjt<l,^*t5l^, t*rftp^;niade an article of expenditure 

or consumption, expended, consumed.* 

?f^, f^nr^t"^, useless, vain, ineffectual, unmeaning. 

^ifiSt^, ^yfi^a, ^if?, iw, ^R^^, ft^fH^, ri^, ^Sp?1, ^, ^i, 

f^^f ^tt^f irtTSfl, improper, offensive, disa- 
greeable, unlucky, unnatural, contumacious, 
seditious, mischievous, vicious, addicted to 
unnatural crimes; a pathic, pain, torture. 

xn<( 455 

Vit^, t*^, "K^tifi^S, P^imfts ^W^ttV, displeasure, dis* 

satisfaction, impropriety, viciousness, unna* 
tural lust, sedition, mutiny. 

Vpr.. •rt^f, Wtw, fSWf, vice, sin, calamity, misfortune. 

tfw^ ^^, ^^,^t^, vicious, unfortunate, distressed. 

'^^ ^» ^^«, ^«, ^n^, ft^, v«, %»/^, ^/fK»t«, 

%i^, ^fikEWy agitated, distressed, troubled, 
perplexed, confused, bewildered, annoyed, 
ruffled, displeased, impatient, eager, busy, 
inverse, reversed, separated. 

W^<|, wns f5^t •ITI, grammar. 

^Ifwra. ^n^,— •tft^W, ^nFH, i^^wi/, Piwt, change of form, 

distortion, disfiguring, deformity, mimicry. 

WJ^, ^VP^^,—wm. %^^ft«, iwv, f^, troubled, per- 

. turbed, disturbed, agitated, distracted, con* 
founded, perplexed, bewildered. 

Vff*, t*^, ft^W, deformed, distorted, disfigured. 

^««rt, «^;, tR*, fiwiw, «W^, WtrwT^, a comment, ex- 
position, gloss^ statement, representation, 
commendation, eulogy. 

TTT^rr^, ^, 9f)ra, ^«r^, <<n"H^, declared, stated, said, ex- 

, plained, expounded, commended, extolled. 

^xtttrpr, ^^tt^,^4V|,an expounding, explaining, stating,&c. 

^mnsVi, ^<^, .«P1*W, explainable, capable of statement, 

commendable, worthy of eulogy. 

VW?, «tRwi[, 'tt^^, ^^^ftftf ^^. Wtf , ^^, an obsta* 

cle, impediment, hindrance, a waylaying, in- 
tercepting, cutting off, danger, &c. 

^tfnn€t, crf^^9, obstructing, hindering, opposing, &c. 

^/t^ 4W, wir, a tiger. 

^rw, ^, 1«C fiww. ^> 't«, ^f an excuse, veil, arti- 
fice, deceit, pretence, stay, delay, loitering;, 
discount, deduction, a make-weight, over- 
plus, interest of money, usury. 

WM, f>wcT, r^w, tardily, with delay. 

VT«, ^ffiWTH, ^nv*^, #^»w, a fowler, a hunter. 

4£6 VM 


^^nf^» ^tffv* nr^, ili, sick« diseased^ induposed. 
VR, ^vPlfPK *^t^ vn*t9 )lt|[, that among the five airs 

vhicfa is diffused through the whole body. 

.^ifpx, «ni^, iff^, cr^^t^^ «flt, 4'^, >iT» ^»c;"» 

«rt%*fnw, 9SC\^ ?rtl, ftWW, spreading, extend- 
ing, diffusive, comprehensive, embracing the 
whole of a plea or argument, alUpervading, 
governing, (in grammar,) followed by, power* 
ful, prevalent, influential, having ascendance, 
haughty, OTer-bearing» forward, impudent, 
much, many, long; a protector, supporter, 
lord, xnaater, an accident or inherent quality. 

irit^W^. ^^^^ artMif, t^rwt?, W, ^X^i^ dr^, influence, 

sway, pre valence, di^ffasion, spread, haughti- 
ness, overbeariag, forwardness, impiidettGe. 

irt^R* fiw?^, ft^qw, ft»?^^, nwpr, swr, ww^, Wi^, tfffv, 

w^» Pl^ftWt^, ^n^, •rtpr»OTB^ t^'r, to be dif- 
fused, pervad-e, sfrefad, overspread, extend, 
• to occupy •space or time, to reach, last, con ti** 
Hue, to surround, to infest, swarm, abound, 
increase, to govern, (in grammar*) 

7it*fliF» V^y tl^f t^*t9V^, to murder, kill, injure; malice, 

a wish to injure others. 

^rtft?, «tt%. ^If^W, ♦fflWt; 4tf3rfSir»c, an affair, 
matter, business, profession, occupation, of- 
fice, operation, transactiOF), process, under* 
taking, action, effort, endeavour, practice, 
usage, trade, barter, ^conunerce, int^course. 
^^•Itltj ^#fl|t, ^J?»ffft,f^rf^.^«»,a workaMtn^ tradesman ; 

acting, transacting, trading, busy, occupied. 
VtW^rt, 4«<^ li^ ^iSt,' ^Wl^WltWt, a termagant, vixen, a 

foi'ward or officious woman. 
^rt^» ^TOWft, V^ ait-diffosi^e, omnipresent, expansive^ 

vt^4 •rtlir?, 3iSr^, f^^f ^^i(^ •(ti«, 'i^^' n#«%, «rf«/ 

W*W, «l*1(1T^, Ntfrt^/Wr, pervading, diffused 
throughout! filling, orerspread, pervaded, pe* 
netrated, filled, full, encircled, surrounded, 
obtained, fixed, placed, celebrated, famous. 
?ftf^, sp6r<fft, f^^. •ffl^^, ^TWtft^ trt, ft%t?, omnipre- 
sence, pervading, fulness, an inherent quality, 
attribute or property, diffusion, extension. 

vw/, •til}; tffcw;, ^wtw, «f^^, ^mit^, wUr, ftfrr^r, perva- 

dable, permeable, penetrable, governed, (in 
grammar,) amenable, subject to, comprised 
in, dependant; the subject of an attribute. 

IftlW, twPT, Wirtft, tRiF'rt^, ^T^, f^^nftWJI, %flfe?1 tl^if, a 

surrounding, encompassing, screening, going 
round, choosing, appointing, the rolling up 
of a leaf, &;c. backwards. 

VW^, f^rcft^, r^, -an appointing, disposal, division. 

VT^^tfl*, riflW?, ^W?<it^, calculated fbr' common prac- 
tice or use, &c. fit to be observed or practised. 

weil*8creened or fenced, surrounded, unco- 
vered, excluded, removed, excepted. 

^/l^fjv, chosen, appointed, surrounded,rolled 
^back, praised, hymned, removed, excepted. 

iV9f, an appointment, choice, selection, illus- 
tration, example, exclusionr rejection, ex- 
emption, surrounding, &c. praise, eulogium. 

VHr, 1W ♦IllWt^, «C^, a fathom, two yards. [lested. 

Wgm, i{«T^. ^^f t^» afflicted, distressed, pained, mo- 

VtmCf fj*» ^•tW, x^^f ^t^» vtfkf %'ip^, qf^, distress. 

trouble, vexation, affliction, suffering, pain, 
ache, sickness, illness, embarrassment, perse- 
cution, molestation. (.^nce, « 

VW^p 1^, ^^«t«tl«, afflictive, distressing, kc. a nui- 


4«a v*m(f 

^jWTfnr, ^a<ir, ^/t*. ^ir^Njtft, z^wf, ^ «<ii^, fw; ^^ 

^sv, fatigue, labour, exertion, athletic exer- 
cises, manhood, manliness, business, oecu* 
pation,adifBculty,impassable defile, a fathom. 

snake, a beast of prey, a vicious elephant, a 

king, a rogue, a cheat ; wicked, bad. 
^rtf^t^, 'C^lf ^^/1» a snake-catcher. 
^UP9, ^;tf^, f^^ITir, diffusion, spreading, extension. 
^irtn^f f^^f ^Ittt bewildered, confused, perplexed. 
?Jt>iW, ^^?ThT, ^WW/, confusion, perplexity, loneliness, 

solitariness. [the Purins. 

^/lTif«?|t, •Jjt*! •friw? ^Wnr, the seat of one who recites 
Vt^^, 'rt^lj ^ft^^, ft|^, smitteu, repulsed^ confused, 

alarmed. . [lion. 

^;t?f^, ^flWf , ^/W«, repulse., defeat, obstacle, inter r up- 
VPFt?,: VRjfts,- ^It^/, ^5^? ^jttHf •Mf, voice, speech, a word^ 

a mystical word as om, sioar, bhur, bkuvah. 
^f^, ^sii, 9(^, uttered, spoken, announced, 
^tivsv, fir^wV?, %«^^tii^, reverse or inverted order, ir- 
• regular arrangement, confusion. 

opposition, resistance, obstruction, prohibi- 
tion, contradiction, independance, the follow- 
ing of one's own inclinations, disobedience, 
the doing of what is prohibited. 

ffMif*, ♦ttttiw, ^5r<j«i;, •rw^vr «pr, •«? ?5^, ^, ^^^^Ttii. 

•t'r^f^, ^•^T», science, learning, critical 
knowledge, the formation of words,derivation, 
etymology, signification, meaning, advance- 
ment in learning, improvement, proficiencry. 

fWw; P^f •tPi^, «rf^, «r5, versed in, proficient, leam^ 

ed, derived, formed as a derivative word, 
begotten, generated. (ing words. 

^••WW, ^f4^mv9, n^^, perfect in kndwtedge, form- 

****IW; »r%n<rr v^^, improvable in setenas^ deriiraUer 

a multitude, flock, phalanx, line, military 
array, logic, reasoning, investigation, manu- 
facture, a making, the body. 

W/W, '■iffH, ^«f!*, the sky, atmosphere, the heaven. 

^» f^n^^ ^f^ 4^f% X^» ^^^ district about Agra and 

Mathura, the scene of Chrishna's adventures. 

prw, ffMTBf, OFir^, ♦rtj^ir, to go, move, step, rove, travel. 

3^, ^C*^^, a, boil, tumour, carbuncle, pimple, bubo. 

2», ■tt^ftf?^ f*r?ir, %1?Wtl ^HX^, WiTtR. a religioMS 

%'ow, a voluntary penance or other supposed 
meritorious act of devotion. 

3*» <fiftv|l, ^Wfr, making or performing vows, &c. 

2W, •WPWBT, •t?WTVl, wtc^ witt% ?rt?*i, C^, fBRTtfiBpr, 

V1^, flw, Brahma or the all-pervading es- 
sence, the first cause, the Veda, sacred knovr- 
ledge, the practice of austerities, a Brahmin. 

jmns, €f*r^«tir, jwnflu 'Wf. Ww, the state or condi- 

tion of a religious student, devotioa to a life 
of austerities, ascetism, abstract devotion. 

5«irrfr, ?^, «r«rt«l#, ^•l*, c^ifr^*, a religious student, 

one who continues such through life, an as- 
cetic, a Pandit learned in the Veda. 

JH^^, r4'«(5r^3ftf|f^, a mercenary or hireling Brahmio. 

JW«P^, ^irtirwpr, <^¥nrt^rw, the knowledge of the all- 

pervading Brahma, a persuasion of the idea- 
tity ofthe sou} with the creator. 

^nfWt^f «^7twv> one possessing the knowledge of the 

soul a^ one with Brahma. [ma ; Vishnu. 

ywx, JW^Tf^?, ftai, relating to or connected with Brah- 

3f"W^» ^"nVBJ. the true doctrine of the AH-pervadmg. 

5HW. 3V»?, fWw, ^•Wiff, CTI^P, divinity, deity, ideotift- 

cation with Brahma, final absorption. 

jj^W^f^f >Pfirt. the palate or roof of the mouth. 

^pf9% JWrt? W/fpr, the crown of the head* [mnt, 

3[ifbfV, vi^^nR^l^, the ghost of an unmarried Brails 

460 j^tff 

jt<|t^yw » ^vtir^ f^^> Jthe ipvestigating of spirit orat- 

certaining of the true nature of God. 
nf<t^ 99 f3(rn, the Burampooter riven 

^m^9t, IciT^fWf , CTffwwrrtt, nirt€t, professing to pur- 

sue the kuowledge of Brahma, speaking of 
Brahma, a follower of the Veds^nt system of 
spiritual worship. [ing the Veds, &c. 

5?if^, tm(ntt^ n^i^ CfhR^il, saliva sputtered in recit- 

J£9it^, <4«lll«H, knowledge of Brahma, monotheism. 

i[^ft^, ^rv*ttfl( ^, a sacred sage of the first order. 

j[i|r9iT9, pTt? in^. the heaven or world of ^rahma. 

7W99, r^^rt^t^, the study or teaching of the Vedas. 

j[m, f)l^n^. f^PC^v^, Brahma or the operative creator. 

3pft*, jy^f—J!9tf "rt^, ,«f^« «Wrt, thi^ f nergy or wife 

of Brahmd. [verse. 

rat^> Vt^f f^, the mundane egg, the world, the uni- 

jsytf^Rt^, ^Kffirsi fSpriHf a vainglorious identification of 

one's self with Brahma. 

3r>lf JCWt^fnw, r4^TC*l*Htj ftrw, a professor of the spiri- 
tual worship of Brahma, a mod^ of marriage. 

rm^. «r^ ^< f^<sr, a brahmin, one of the sacied prdjer. 

j[t4nt, JIM^J ^, a brahminness or wife of a brahmin. 

jwn;, f3i«r «^t^? WT. 3^**' 'fj* ^^^ condition, quality 

or duties of a brahgnin, ^rabmiuship, brah- 
minity, an assembly of brahmins. 

jpW^jf^ f^f^ jpW^> a brahmin engaged >n secularities. 

Jt9f^r4, ^Mifii ^^f^, the hour aftd half preceding 

sunrise, dawn. [th^ jthread, &c. 

J^/, ^•nnwtfi^Ff^^ftfift^ Jf^^* a brahmin uninvested with 

jftTi, n^, 9^, ftf modesty* shame, bashfuloesft. 

^tf^f ^f^nif «v«ttf^» tt^f modest, bashful, asham^. 

ft^> ^^^<n^/, ^^r?;, rice ripenpig after th^ rains. 

jw, J^X^f — '^'f 4»^«|f^W, ^/T^^Tt)???, faking, able 

to speak, articulating. 

^T^f <Ht^il ^< l^ ^ ^, land fit tft be yipffi y^ ripf. 

m 4fti 


wp, "f^^f^* nnw, %*n?w, ctHw, ^w^. ?iai, ^wr^, at- 
tach^ or devoted to, serving, pious, engros- 
aed by, worshipped, served^ divided, por- 
tioned out; boiled rice, food, a zealot, votary. 

w^iff^, 'nwt?!, Vf^TI, a .merceaary, one who serves for 

bjs food. [crite, false wx^jshippcar. 

^Npfii^, ^Pt«nr^^ W9, ^^Vf\^\^^, hypocritical ; a hypo- 

»f^, WflRpflVit, "^9$% asm, CT?I, ^^^^, WW, ftv^t, ^^, 

devotedness to God, zeal, strong faith, divine 
worship, service, attendance, hoooage, .%t- , 
tachoient, a fracture, divi^ioQ, part, portion. 

JRPil, ^, |5t "5#5f. a danoing-boy. 

9WW, «PW, w^nj^w, ^wnr, an eater ; eating, devouring, 

vorai^ious, ravenous. [tion. 

VW. *M?r, tVBPr, !«ftj, to eat, devour ; a m^l, refec- 

^9^ lPWU—V9t9pft9f '•nr, Kt^S m^itfl, <ltW, edible, cat- 
able; food, com, pasture, prey, &c. 

ntf^, W. ^, fame, glory, excellence, greatness, 
prosperity, fortune, strength, vigour, divine 
power, omnipotence, effort, e^ertion^ beau* 
ty, splendour, knowledge, yirtue, moral me- 
rit, absence of passion, religious tranquillity, 
love, desire, a wish, pudendum mjiiliebfe, 
the moon, the sun. 

v^nn, Ot^ f^TVf , a fistula in ano. 

WOT*-, w*ipf, — 4^JTt^^^ ftPw, Wtwtfii«,?wt^,ir^fiwif«r, 

ihtf« illustrious, gloriQus, splendid,, beautiful, 
vigorous, omnipotent, divine ; God. 

sf^t^ vd,-r«>f1, #nrn9, a siatei, a woman in generaL 

W%, <f%», VTWl, 1^, mamf fj<lf^, f»l8. broken, frac- 
tured, ton, defeated, d^wgarded,, despised, 
wretched, afflicted. 

4d2 ^ 

%^t?1f ^v^^Kt^^f^^7^» disappointed, discouraged, spiritless. 

VlPc, •f'FWfe, a breakingTf splitting, tearing, 
a fissure, chasm, breach, diviig;ion, breaking 
off, disappointment, interruption, discomfi- 
ture, rout, cheating, swindling, dishonesty, 
fraud, disease, the palsy, hemp. 

mw^, twr, ♦rjTV ^f«i . ft^, ^t^^, to break, fracture, de- 
feat, dispel, disperse, ruin, undo. 

•W?*, ^fflfjwt,- *«n, v;?, ^ncw? aicnin foriW, dalliance, 

loose toying, wanton gesturesi 

irflWI, v^, — <t^, t'lwpr, in, nw, ^nv^, ^ftn?, ?f, ^^w*t, 

«fil<n, W^, ^f^, a fracture, breach, division, 
separation, deception, a trick, disguise, dis- 
tortion, hint, wit, irony, repartee, dalliance, 
toying, gesture, attitude, capering. 

^f^f t5*# ^Ri^f ^> ^> f^TtwnjJt, 'P*?, ^^ «f *, bent, 

crooked, distorted, fraudulent, dishonest, 
crafty, swindling, mouldering, dissoluble; the 
bend or turning of a river, a reach. 

•flR, ^♦ftw, PR^, *iJW?r^<i, to serve attentively,* wor- 
ship, adovfe, honour, pay homage, shew res- 
pect or attention, [attention, &c. 

WK^f . "mf^, ^^ttn^j CTTI, adoration, worship, service, 

iFarRt?, ^Ifl^r^?, w/, »!^, venerable, adorable, honour- 
able, respectable. 

vwrt^, ^•rwr, ^/W;, wrw, honourable, right, fit, proper. 

^^Km, ^<Tt^Fi?p, nrw, ^?^?t?<i, serving, waiting.on, ob- 
sequious, attentive to, devout, pious. 

^wrt^, ^WWtT, receiving worship, homage, respect &c. 

^f9lM, ^ti^, 'Tpn^, ^5tw, 1^, f^lr^, ij^ WfTT, to break, 

fracture,demolish,destroy,dispel, allay ,soIve, 
adjust, compose a difference, change money. 

w«ft, «NI5?, «TW1^ni1, breaking, changing money. 

^» WtlS, rwitWI, ^f ^^V^f a warrior, soldier, comba- 
tant, a goblin^ an outcast. 

f^tf 463 

a philosopher, a sage, a learned man, an ene- 
my, a panegyrist, encomiast, a king's mes^- 
senger ; best, excellent. 

^^mis, i^^fi ttf^i jtm«n %^nftc, mpft, ^w^, a titU 

giVen to certain Bengal pandits, a philo86<* 
pher, a teacher of philosophy. 
fF^, ^^ iR^^^ ^W, •Rpnai, «rfi5K^r, gabble, nonsense,- 

an tiinpty sound, an echo. 
^» ^^ Vt? r^^ rww, a sort of heavy lumber-boat 
^^, W^jfy — ^^^, n^, <ff^i»^, ^S^, an imposition, de- 
ception, fraud, swindling. 
«^^»w, V)iiw:if;w^^«*».*W^,to relinquish from fear, to flee^ 
V?9tv, 9Jr^^^, 0vr^, ostentatious, imposing, swindling, 
*>^^>t*», 4^4^17, to uabble, babble, talk nonsense. 
V«iir, ^tnr, in^ ir^ir, to speak, utter^ compose in writing.. 

^1^^, '•T'** l^f ^^ author, a composer. 

m% wpt(, !pi» c^\t% w^, «wnRP, ^i v*ftl»r, deceit, 

imposition, swindling, a wile, a jester, buf- 
foon, mime, actor, dereiver, cheat, dissem-^ 
bier, hypocrite, pretender; pretended, hypo- 
critical [upon, mimic*. 

Vii7, «r^^, vn^f VB^i to deceive, cozen, impose* 

^^, m^, V^, imposition, a swindliag. mimickry. ; 

«%9, 59%9|, — cnn^, Wi ^n^t^, deceit, imposition, inter- 
ruption, impediment. 

^if«it^, ?Wt? Wi% ^?5^t^f to buzz, to hum. 

^nim, good, excellent, rirtuous, pious, purej^ 
polished, gent^eli respectable, humane, pro*^ 
»perous, lucky, propitious ; welfare, prospe- 
rity, happiness, good fortune. [tages.^ 
^vfltV9. «3^it^, good and evil, advantages alid disadvan-* 
^jrt>pr, TARf^Hrfr^t ^>v^ ^, f^, a throne, home, dwell* 

ing-house, home-stead. 
inj^ filPV, a species of wea^. 

464- %ff ' 


^f ^pv, nfW, <wi, Ji^'^rHtf *w, ^'P'nw, ^w, Wr; being, 

existlsAce, the place, means or state of being, 
birtb, the world* welfare, prosperity, posses- 
sions, Shiva. [noup's. 
W^, rsW?, ^sw^t?; ^^t^PWir, fhine, ybors, your ho- 
WW, *f?, t^, ^•ff^, OTt, Plfftr, a house, dwelling, abode, 

production, birth, being. [nour. 

W^, 'fWf^, WW7, thou, (ri?^tfc(/ii//y,) Sir, your ho- 
W?T^, 5^, ^n^tit, Pdrvatf or Durga in her pacific form. 

that may, will or must be, to be or become, 

possible, probable, likdy, incidental, [py. 

Irf3|^-1i 'Wrt*^, ^f^f welfare, prosperity ; prosperous, hap- 

Wftiri**, TOI f^, ^^ifiRFfr, about to be or happen, fu- 

turef ; the future, future time, 
•ftirmrt, ^^^tw, a prophet, predictor of future events. 

fifpl, ^•ff , ^n<i, WW, that . will be, likely, 
certain, fit, right, proper, true, auspicious, 
prosperous, happy, polite, i*elUbehaved, gen- 
teel; existence, being, result, welfare; well. 

V9fSl, t'^.V^X, f^^^, politeness, urbanity, condescension. 

Vrjt, >V1, %^^^f a gimlet, an awl. 

Wf, aiTH, "Wl, '•itsw, ft?, fear, fright, alarm, terror, 

dread, awe, peril, danger. 

WIKtr^m, 'Wtfirs, fearing, dreading, (from experience.) 

WfWir vin^r^,— "rrwnw, wt?, ift»«i; terrific, alarming, 

frightful, dangerous. 

VWI*, «|W, ^iPTtf*^ *», fearful, timid, cowardly. 

^, ^t*^, ^irt, w?, ^^W^, FW, full, complete, mncb^ 

excessive ; a load, weight, pressure. 

wr^, ^fSitwi% ^*, ^'T, wtw, fiww^, *{<• f w, ^n»w, 

to fill, make up a deficiency^ WToIp stop up, 
charge, load, stufiT, load a gun, mftintaxii;' 
support, nonttsh, terminate, be foil, abound. 

«l^, «iw;,— CTi^, ^; *nwi, wage*, hiftiiiriahiienaneer 

•jWftiR. rt»»»2t*», Kving 6B wages ; s Kirdling. [n»«h*. 
tJTJk *" ^^»fl^ fti^, *t«, a ftkylatk, a weafet. a propel 
\nt0, •*» *^W*, tmai r«r*W, a skylark, i proper name. 
wrjRr* *«»*!1< *'« *rtl* ^«. ti»1?-nwtf», full, brimful. 

\igh, (as th* tide,) full, (As th6 taoevt.) 
9pA, ^(Ht, «iNW, ^^«r», Uvtn, *i1ip», t^.^, h*p«. e<pe<>. 

tatfOD, encouragement, trust, eotifidence, re- 
liance, faith, firmness, resolutiott, courage. 
^tptti(, <«Ht*tf , W^. f^oll of bope, valiant, intrepid, ft«. 
•in, ^^, rjrttt, vftr, •tf^jf*' »^' f"B' complete ; a 

*earg<y, load, charge, fulness, accunii^tion, 
•W^, \Jfltn, the stoppiig or filhng up of holes, &c. 
•art*!, ,CT«»T,^fij, wage5«, hire. 
•Wf^, ^iftf^ inqt c«h^n Iff. *ra/« t2f^, a inking from 

orerloadiog, accomulated misfortufnA 
m^, «ivr, »«r»rnr, to parch, roast, fry, bake, scorch. 
% < i ii| ^# » IH l, *n«Wtirt, a frying pan. ^ f potted, &«. 

•^*, t*!t*i*!Nf, «rfiwi«i;, proper to be nourished, to be sup^ 
Vifil ♦»!%, ^, -iffiwtiW, 3WV, a husband, the master of a 

house, a lord, supported, wonrisher, protector. 
%^. Wt*!t, ♦tl?f^«r«l, a load, complete cargo, fulness. 
%^9m, r^mpr, ft?^, "sm', •ni't'T, to reproach, vilify, 

scold', abuse, repnyv'e, threaten, menace. 
%<Sn*t\, Wj^t?, PW, abusive language, reproach, abuse. 
'rwii tf^. tf3(«Fsrr^^ ftpW, a lance, an arrow, the 

ttarfcing nut. 
H*5Wl flK«lt, ^5*. *«l». a' beat. [rail. 

^1^, ?(t»v»,4(t«rt*ttt*i w«»r, to bark, (as a dog.) scold, 
<«nrTf. •inrn/l, insipid, vapid, tasteless', diluted. 
mMi* *t''^9t% ^Hvi, a smith*s beDoM^s. 

. #i|«rtW,' ^Wrftlft, boggy, soft, plaishy. 
W^, ^h^f ashea. 

mti lii» «wi. t^**. ^Jf. 4rfs*r; light; splendour, 

Wttty, th&Mm, ashadovr. [friend. 

«|^ <IMr ^* ^>ir4lff # arbf other, kiocman, sfcquaiutance, 

ir n a 


46« VH) 

vt«, m;, ^ the price of goods, yalue, cost, [or plait 
4X9, ^(3t, nm, ^, mixture, alloy, adaUeratioD, a fold 

<t»pr, nw?t^, •n^ ^^, ft^rpr, vgmn, ^icvcv ^'^ ^«i^ to 

fold, (as cloth or paper,) to mix, adolteratct 
interpolate, &c. to vary notes in singings 

^W, vmn^f •It^, a roll, fold, plait. 

^Smn, Wi»^, iW|>», ^«c?Tf^, mixed, alloyed, adulte- 
rated, sophisticated, interpolated. [ebb. 

^t^, CT^I^f ^^r '•rpPt^'i, Pp^, a ball, marble, a weir, the 

^t^, «fi, c^f*, ^^, "^R*^, VB JJ^^fPi, a deceiver, im- 
postor, juggler, buffoon, a pitcher. 

Vt^f^, ^wpr, iVWfr, to deceive, impose upon, mimick,&c. 

mV^% vtit^it, iPt*, «rii»'r|, t^^, ?t*Nqrt, imposition, 

swindling, deceitfulness, ^ guile, mimickry, 
buffoonery, juggling. [sury. 

^t^, vttiT?, c^tt^, <RT^9, a store-room, magazine, trea- 

^Stf^, ^^, WSWtw, a case, a razor-case. 

^tt55, f*as*t, frft^m, derision, mockery, sport, jeering. 

WT9p ^^9 WW/, ^«^?5, '•iVrPT, a dependant, one fed 

or maintained, a hypocrite; hypocritical, 
• mercenary. [rise or after sun set. 

^Jt^ft'T, ^WlHC?? ^'sWi, '•iTf? •tf5R«i, the time before sun 

"m^ "^^f ^^f f**t, ^^K9i, ?Tt*»CT? Itipnfl. *W?^, a part, 

portion, share, part of a whole given as inte* 
rest, partition, distribution, luck, fortune, a 
zodiacal degree, flight, running away ,escape. 

^^, ♦fwpT, ^^^M, to escape, run away, flee. 

V^TO, fta{*timr<i, HftH Uvn, devoted to the service of 

Vishnu : a Vishns\vite7 a celebrated poemi. 

^W?, ^ c^ ^rt^t^fT^, a place where dead cows are cast. 

W^rtVTf*^, '«(*^t'Pt, ^rWrt, having equal shares ; partnership. 

vtfMt, VTf*tr^ft — ^PSta ^il,a sister's daughter, a niece. 

WWr^, ^tf^frU,— vf*tiSt«3jn, a sister*$^son, a nephew. 

VT^, ▼^lUUl, ^•'^, irtft, *rt*, fortunate, lucky, partaking 

with ; a partner, sharer, sharehol4er, partaker 
in a succession, an accomplice, comrade. 


W*?*, •rtrt '^f the river Ganges. 

^rwi?J, •mtP^, ^Wtw, a fugitive> a deserter. 

V«r/, ^St, ^WW, W«v, W<*?, i^^Wmw, fate, destiny, 

good or ill fortune, chance, luck.; to be shared 
or divided, &c. bearing interest. 

wtW/^pr, W^;^,— ^^^11^, ^WrPW, K^» W^iw, fortunate, 

lucky, prosperous, wealthy. 

^fl/^ ^^/,— ^mfti?1,??ifiTR, nf?t^, unfortunate, un- 
lucky, wretched, hopeless. 

wt^;^^, TW, vtfl'W, WT?, the course of fortune, risk, 

Vf5f/v^1, iftW^, ^*tW*TFJrt, a risking, running a risk, 

venturing, trying one's fortune. 

Vt^r/Vt^Tjl, WTC? t^fiiin, 1*^'?, running a risk, venturing. 

^(W, miRP nai ftw^, ^fsn, f^«, hemp, the leaves of 

hemp used for smoking. 

WW^, ^1^, ^'f, w^/1 w^^f rsT?'^ , ^^'^9 ^>rH^, tSi^, 
5^T^, U^tj\^, fwww ^^, fan rsm^, Owflrfi fti<nr, 

STTT, ^ 'R^, ♦fWH, f^wt^, irwfi^ ifRnn ?t'€^, 

to burst, break, crack, shiver, fail, become 
bankrupt, to break, demolish, destroy, dis- 
pel, interrupt, quash, put an end to, adjust, 
undo, deface, separate, to change money, 
reduce, (in arithmetic,) to compose, write a 
translation, compile, spin, twist, plait, to 
walk through long grass or mud, &c. 

vtW*. tWW wr, ^59nw, wPTOjrt^, the breaking off of 

friendship or of a habit. [a sotl 

^BtWV, "^tft, — cJHti?1«i, addicted to smoking hemp leaves ; 

^nw\f ftcv,^^^* \i^f <lf^f a rupture, breach, fracture ; 

unfortunate, wretched, broken, fractured. 

vtiff^, <f^. ^*f^, •ffW, change, small coin. 

i9tAr^#, c^itii, stupified with hemp leaves ; a sot, 

WW^, ^tJPP, a divisor, (in arithmetic.) 

«tipr, vr^'T, ?[w(iit^, wvft^, %m^, «w, w«w, fj% tb 

bake, fry, toast, parch« scorch, roast, inflame, 
caleine, to share, to divide, (in arithmetic.) 

46» «t«t. 


plate,ftc. fit. trustworthy, deWp H for pffie^teN 
^Itvm* vnRlt^tx^l. fitne^f for office or tru^t. . 
vr|, GM) «nt> ^. an elder brother's wife, 
Vtw, W*Pft9» ^>v^» ^^» IM. divisihle, shu'eable ; a dm* 

deod, ahare, portioD. 
wH, nn^W^f TtPp. a panegyrist, a royal messenger. 
%ii\, wtsttkiLfk^if^mi^.l^, the; ebh ojc leAux tide. 
vtl^sw. «w; vw/oi^nfif vnn^, a sutlor, 

•rSt# ^"WM, •fWl, ^^'^.f ^^, a lime or brick kiln, fur? 

nace, still, the way tb9 tide obba* 
«1^c^wi, \v9\9{^ the afternoon. 
vt?U c^ftTt,' the rent of a bouse, the hire ef a thing, a 

renting, hiring. [cenary. 

vr?tf^, C7?t^, ^in^l, ^44ft*, a renter, a tenant ; mer- 
Vi% ^Q^i vtv(, m. a trumped up story, a deception, va« 

ppsitioQ, pretence. 

a vef^seU pitcher, pot, cup, plate, case, razor- 
case, the bed of a river, a capital, stock, mi* 
micicry, buffoonery, a professional jester. 

inill9, vtflt^,— c^tt^, mnw?, a store-howe, magazine, 

store-room. [caterer, kitcben-steward. 

^niftf i^nmf 'nvw, w/trrWf, j^ store- keeper, butler, 

Ws, 'sri, ^iWt R^, boiled rice, 

Vt^V, <1f^,^4t,«f%*tt^, a huabsi^nd, maiotvner, proridle^ 

Wt^, cm, mun, brightness, splendour, resplendence. 

vrS^, ^ninv^, ^ivcwi ^v« «t«, pertaining to qt wc^ 

changed for boiled riqe. 

^fiRrt, vt^fl.— ^WRtn, one who secves (oir his food. 

in^-^, ?^ nDltisrt9» tb^ Indian month of the su^ ip 

or the second of the rainy |e«son. 

Wt^rfinn, ^f3nrt# one who husks. ]{ice^ in a^ naftr tar. 

•nnr-^TH, Kt^ ^pw, to p^und or husk rioftin a qiortw 

«t^. «[ifr, j)f^, Pfi^. the Sun, li^t, A «i3r Qf 

•W»r, Hlpmf ^iw, to reek, th? ow up steam, craporate. . 
•Wm^Wi, lEWWfli «wrt, ^^, mouldy, musty, fusty, stale. 

^^nHim, «rn?, ^n^w, ftw, «w^ «tft? r*^, 

Vt^^existenoe, being, birth, production, the soul, 
H being, living thing, thing, substance, reali- 
. ty, probability, the world, a state, condition, 
I cin^umstance, predicament, natural state, in^ 
nate property, temperature, nature, disposi- 
tion, conduct, usage, treatment, manner^ 
stjition, office, meaning, the abstract idea of 
a wovd, scope', spirit, design, intention, pur- 
pose, a atale or affection of the mind, emo* 
tion, passion, love, amatory sentiments or the 
corporeal expression of them, wanton sporty 
female infidelity, gesture^ movement, mo- 
tion, act, action, famiharity, intimacy, friend^ 
diip, instruction, superhuman power, a sign; 
omen, symptom of disease, steam, reek. 
fiwBn, ffttw ^IC4MM#, ^W^wfl*? t WRlWN, the ex- 
ternal expression of amorous sentiments, a 
finger who excites the pasMons, a gesticulc^ 
tw ; susceptible, easily moved. 
«||I|9, a pbgiary, plagiarist. 
iflHI f€«s, fNP», Vf iqt^, fJpm, ipw, ta be thought- 
. £il, dejected, appreheni&ive or anxious, to 
pondes, think, medttftt^ on, reflect, fear; de- 
jection^ anxiety, &c. adornment, decoration. 
VlWVlk. %ClM;ftlf,9iC^^i iifSrt, fic^iwt, anxiety, care, di*^ 

quietude, concern, apj)rehension; doubt, sps- 
inv% to fauUer through fear, to stagger, to be 
Qonfnaedt amaaed ordiseomposed. 

470 %nw 

wttjt^, f^^, 'T^^, ^3f V. amazement, confiision^ disi^. 

. composure, a stand, non-plus. 
W^CTtW, f^ftre, wwfpr, without confusion, readily. 
«fTT, ^jwt^l^, Wtt«WT«i ^^, ^^5Wr,. ?tt*nW»R, to con- 
vict, to prove a char^, to h6at or steam. 
Vt^, '■rf^^fff, «t^^T, a scope,. object, purport, 
^far^ivr, ^rra^w*-, ^m^. almost or nearly future, likely. 

vifira, fr«Tfif«, %f*«, r^««, c<prtlif«5P, wri^, iw;i[, thought- 
ful, anxious, careful^ solicitous, pensive, sad, 
affected, moved, convicted, proved. 

wtit, ?tf1 f^w, Uxt^n f^% future, about to be, what 

is to be, ordained, predestinated. 

iFt^, fi^'Tt^, ^Jir, mr^, ^, ^<^, Wit^i, %«Wt?, tending 

or disposed to be, happy, right ; in comp : 
being, becoming what it was not before ; ex- 
cellence, happiness, welfare, advantage. 

Wt^f ^i^» t^^^, ''IWVbR^, a comedian, actor, harlequin. 

•tw, T/t?,^^rrr?, «rt%^m?, W^;, as, Hke, in the manner 
' of, for, in the view of, to the end that. 

Wt|f» !*t?^, «? WttpT,a threatening, terrifjing, &c. [ing. 

vr^/t ^^?> V^f^, probable, future, necessarily exist- 

^m, ciPt'C, ^^Pft^if^, ?^f3[^«r ftrw, wrath, passion, an- 
ger, a sister's husband, a species of wild cat. 

Vtfinft, cT^tll, /. passionate, wrathful, indignant. 

^^,^^,^79,^^1 a load, burden, weight, a yoke 
or sling for carry ing .burthens, a c barge, trust 
. conferred, delegated power or authority, res* 
ponsibility, office, station, consequence, per- 
mission, leave, trouble, difficulty, perplexity, 
malignant influence or incantation, an evil eye. 

Wti% ^It^, tIfF ^«^, ^t^, iFin^, ^Tl W^^, to augment 

figgravate, be heavy or weighty, press heavily, 
to consign, commit, entrust, invest, refer, to 
throw responsibility or obKgation on another. 

^il79# ^in^nr fic^, "9% the Mahkbhitrata, aa actor, nume. 

vtiOTiC «f<lC^ ^^ Uff^f Hiddustdn'or India proper. 

WSrSt, ^<t, ^Fijpf*, w^t?w/ ?rtW«cir^, speech, the goddess of 

8peech»eloquence,dramatic recitatian^a quail. 

^^^9, ^tlrt» a bearer of burdens, a. porter. 

VT?1, mrt, 'H^/c* r*t^onw«?1, a scaffold, scaffolding, 

reference, &c. [charge. 

vUWFng, wt*tw. •Wf^rfv, loaded, entrusted with, in 

vrf^, f^l, ^n9f9, a porter; bearing burthens, &c. 

^f V^Wy tllP, T^r ^?» ^* ^«. ^Jffff?^, heavy, bur- 

densoroCf weighty, lusty, big, momentous, 
serious, steady, sedate, sad ; a porter. 

WW^ift, ^i^cii;ft3F?,^if5BRr,a selling high, wholesale. 

Vtirl^, ,»ffif Hirt^, a quail. [oftheVeds. 

^n, ^. vrnn» a wife espoused according to the rifua) 

^^tjt^lt, ajT^.^Vi.'it^^tRF i^f, il, the forehead, for* 
tune, dt-stiny, welfare, good; proper, tigbt^ 
. . excellent, good, honest, upright, neat, clean, 
hamUoibe, elegant, pretty, genteel, gentle, 
.fair, fine, (as weather,) convenient, favounop 
ble, pleasant, in health, well, recovered ; well, 
well done, very well, do so, yes. [santnessk 

vtar^, ^9^, 9it9^/,: excellence, goodness, honesty, plea* 

VTsictl^, 3|CVt>Pl, "1/9^* luxurious, sumptuous. 

vtiRffH, ^^ WW, nr? ^^,«WRf tcju^to appmye,like, k>v«, 

accept, chuse, prefer. [goodness. 

^t^J^, ^VM,^^^,%^5RV.welfare, advantage, excellence, 

Wn^, ftf^ftr^, ^itf^i, «Vt^5Rr, good and evil. 

^tw, WtiFP,—- f^*^«iiftr«, tw, a bear. 

mnt. <ir99 iwi 9^ a husband*s elder brother. 

^WW, VW, ^CT^, to speak, talk, tell, converse, utter. 

^tH, ^Wt,^*^« t^ ^t^/» «rt^, a word, speech, language, 

vernacular dialect, current or vulgar tongue. 

•Wt-^CT, ^tffi Tt^PRi ^/TlWaf, a law plaint. or other writ- 
ing in the vulgar tongue. 

Vtif^f nv«1, l^ntVf a dispute, suit at law» pkunt, claim. 


vm^, ^iftrn%, f^c^i a plaintiff; a daimat. 
%\^^\ 9f^ ntipf, to send to, to se&d a mieyita^ 
wSt, ^, 5W*; ^T«lHtf speaking, conversing* 
im;, ^SNfI, ajpiir.f^fii, a commentary, armotatiottr gloM. 
%tH, ^1, wtftl, WWrt, •l^^ ♦l^, a wish, desirt, ligb^ 

lustre, splendour, a vulture. 
W^, ^ ij^ •^'W ^^ <r#^f 'WJ^if^Tp^f to float, swim, 

to overflow. [appe»ing, floating' 

vt^mpc, 9Mm^, tfvrnm^, «nr? ^^'^f luminous, shiaiis, 
vnnr, '•■ii'i, t^*ifiiw wi ^i^rt^, ^Swjt^* nc< ifinrt ^*Wt 

^^nc, to launch, set afloat, cause to float or 
swim, to bear down, (as a torMat,) earrf 
away, deluge, to waste, spend lai^slrly. 

«t«ltf^i n^m^, '«rtttt^9,%ftf^, sweeping. fasafloddoT 

torrent, ) profusertafish,^asteful,extra^agaiil 

%tmf arfir, ^tt^ncipmlt, the sod, a st0iie-^Btter,«teulptor. 

overflowing,&e^cataneous;(erttptidn); vessels 

comiQg down the river, laden^ with corn, &c. 
irMimw, ^l4)9t^, the rain9, the time when corn and other 

vessels arrive froin the up-country. 
•t^> ^W^^» — ft^fK^f PW(^^ ^, shkutig, luminous, 

resplendent, iUnsirioas ; thier sua. [metidietif 
Hw^, t%^,--irs9, 9ivit^, a beggar, petiitioiier,»#efigievfi 
1%W^, ^mr, to beg, a^ atixiS'. [f<)r »el!ef. 

ftinpt, 1%^, ^^, alms, a request, a lifggiflg, a petitioc 
Anvts?, ^ A^,— ^siariit^, ^^ffl^wv, )iv£g Oft alm#, leadiDi 

a mendicant Ufe« feitf 

t%i?1^, f%Wtl^*ftWw, to travetabcHit begginfgV ®^' 
l ^fsiwl>» l ^cwi#, irr%^gtfT|t=, feeding era aims. -T'^ 
l^Wfl^, f^nnft?, — W*ft^> a feeding oik'SABniJiM|0' 

of what is obtained by b«ggmf ^!* ^^^ 
(^n^-v, *<ll|j1ii9, «#, a religious mdnttteaifP^ 
f)i««j[t, «a7, mwm a beggar, a meiMltaiP^ 
t%sR, ^una tif^'r, ^♦tfw, ti>' be wtft, iki^ 

sink, (as pafmr.) -? ^ 

*ir?e 473 

fM, 1%^» — ^^^ttC 'f^^f wet, moist, damp, clammy, soaked. 
t%«pr, Ffc^ l' H , to wet». moisten, soak, steep, slake. 
t^> ^y ^ \ ^% \^f ^ house, a homestead. 
%^tin^, ^ r^^t^^ ^<f)^ ^, the raised floor of a house. 
f^, CBiTT'n!]^, r7?1, a crowd, mob, a fence, an enclosing. 
ftrysr, fii4c^ '^T^tw, tlr«R, to approach, close with, visit. 
ftf?f*r, «rt^^, ^vt^ ^Wt*!, Hmt^, to bring a boat to shore, 

close with, bring near, cause to approach. 
fW9, $t^, ^n, f^, a wall, thickness of a wall, a way^ 

quarter, point of the compass. [interval. 

f^?» >r^/f^f ^■ra9t the middle, midst, centre, inside, aa 
1%^, Wwci, — ncKS, between, within, amidst, in, into. 
I^ft, ^mv^, ^fn, inner, inward, in, comprized. 
f^Bt9y ^WC?, f^5W^, i^WC^y towards, to ; aside, apart. 
W^» ^^rt. ^» r^fl^, f^, <t^>\^. Wff > ^W> C*fT«, ^t^, 
^<3t?, Tiinir, a wall, breadth of a wall, a breaking, 
tearing,diYiding.a rent,fissure,something bro- 
^ ken, fragment, broken jjart, bit, flaw, defect, 
a part, place, asyliim^ opportunity, occasion. 
^^BW^, 1^, Wt^^, fini^,^^r^, c^R, ^t^f flnn?^, to pene- 
trate, enter, pierce, run through, perforate, 
break off, separate, divide, split. 

separated, divided, split, broken, torn, rent, 
open, blown, apart, asunder, parted, distinct,, 
different, other; a fraction; else, besides, 
without, except. [differently, apart* 

RnR, ^^\, r^^lCT, distinctly, severally, separately, 

f^nnn, tfdW, ftr*r«, a distinction, a difference. 

f^n^, 1sf^7(9, ^^;, a physician, a doctor. 

^, ^tf5i, — ^^Rti^H, aitif, feair, dread, terror, panic, alarm. 

^^, sft^,— ^|qp, im, ^R^nr^, afraid, terrified, alarmed, 

frightened, timid, shy, fearful, cowardly. 

^im, «?t^^, imw, CTt?, V?, terrifying, terrific, dreadful; 

awful, frightful; fear, horror» terror. 

^Stff^, ^tRny 1^9 dotage, extreme age, i. e. 77 yearg» 


474 f|»w 

4IW3m, r^ ^ ftm, i^» a hornet* [pusilhtnimoos. 
^-^, ^^J^-^,^— vir^Ni, ^wtip^, timid, fearful, cowardly* 
^\ Wl^^Vtw, v?tW9, to put in fear, alarm, terrify; 

horrible* frightful, fearful, terrific, perilous, 
^ihj, •Ifl, virfnwi, fMl, ^, ^T^l•l, horror, terror, horri- 

bleness, the property of inspiring terror, &c. 

Shiva, a goblin; frightful, terrific,' horrible. 
4% %irf, ^IBI».^^^- the belly, the intestines', 
^f^, 1*1^, abdominous, pot-bellied, corpulent. 
«^ ^1^, — ^, ^WEtit,hunger ; in Qomp : eatingjeeding on. 
wJ, Vl^.— 'f^W. ^Wl^?, nrwpw^p, hungry. . 
%9, ^«WT?, trf^, tWiw, ^^, «fNI, ^»i^, eaten, having 

eaten, devoured, swallowed, enjoyed, in- 

eluded, comprized. [meal. 

vq^/V, ^^siri^, — ^^^, orts, leavings, remnants <tfa 
^59ir, f^^ ^9Sfft^f fktpBf, ^ cir<^, to add to a capital 

stock, or to what is paid off, to adulterate, 

interpolate, foist in, 
^npntff, '< w ( ft »f W , ^KVt^, an enjoyment or suffering alrea- 

. dy experienced ; having enjoyed .or suffered. 
%^t ^>n^» ^^tcvt^, a meal, food, possession, occupa- 
tion, usufruct. [impose upon. 
fW, nrftt 5W^, ^m^f to suffer or enjoy, to deceive, 
^vt«4t, ^^^3 Vfil4t, swindling, imposition, hypocrisy. 
VQ, f)F9srtW, ^97. ^IW>B, crooked, distorted, deformed, 

curved, bent, stooping. [carve. 

^, ^^» fV, ^, the arm, the hand, a bending, a 
^«r, ^v, ^{mni,— ^^, a serpent, a jsaake. 
fjiwrw*, IJi^fH^, ^«wf5,— ir|?, ^^, ^twf, a peacock, 

an ichneumon, Garura. 
w««r, 4liai nr^^, fsntw, to interpolate, foist in, adulterate. 
^jbRnr^nr, ^tmn fh^^ ^f^^, to be amazed as at some 

wonderful relaiion. 
;|irf^i9v, ^«, the shoulder, the shoulder-blade. 
^M, V9Vtk, vnfT9,'^m>f, a meal, food, refection. 
^yf^» ^S^tcm^ ^r^f to enjoy, to experience pleasore. 


^tv, f^nis^i ^«i, ^^1t^, to treaty 6&tert^n, feast. 

^, i^^^TR, %^, WrM, «^^ m\. ^w;«, ii^Wfl, extir.-. 

patioD, wreck, p^4ition» subversion, revere 
sioD, a rescmding, iovefting, upsetting. 

V^, f^T» Tf?^' ^ bubble, a bubbling, whispering. 

%>^^>?W f ^ ^i^f T^?*^' ^^ l^ul^^l^ up> ^o whisper. 

^«iir, vtaR", ^Jit^, CT^Rk to broil, roast, bake. 

¥Rc, iS^, fScifft? ^f , a widow's garment. 

^[W, ii«*^, frit, wr, «»t^^> CW^, b world, sphere, heaven^ 

the universe, water, rtiankidd. 

^^» "^vft*, ^9m, the atmosphere, sky, ssther. 

^^T7, n^St!^ JV^, the hea^^n of the sagei. 

^Tt, •f^flnfi^^. ft^,^Wt9,^fll^, mildew,smut; mildewed, 

hollow, without substance, internal, (disease.) 

^S-W?, mt^W*, «tfiW, a boost, boasting, swaggering. 

" fff»jt , ftnw, ^«f ^W*Wi boastitig, swaggering* ostentatious. 

^, 1^ ftrW, a sort of brown s^igar. 

^n, fSr^J^, iw, f^^, CTff, t^W, ff^, a forgetting, erro<*, 

mistake, oversight, blunder, slip, transgres- 
sion, fascination, deception. 

^^. f^> f^rip ^<^, to mistake, omit, err, sin, forget. 

^. sjvPnrt, fin«rt!FS, blundering, erring, forgetful. 

^W, JW^^i, rst*«1 OWT, »WTw, jNt^, to cause to err, 

misguide, mislead^ delude, inveigle, tempt, 
seduce,flatter, cpax, fascinatie,deceive, cheat. 

^nqitf^, ^, ^JPft, ^ a cheat, deluder, sorcerer ; insi- 
dious, &c. [stratagem. 

^g|4(1, ^^» snrHt^, l^,a spring of water, an incantation, 

^, Sim, ^jfl^, Soot, lietmp- black, grain, corn. 

^, ^ c^^tmfS}^ ^, chaff, hran, husk ; -P7«w, to inter- 

polste ; -c^fttw, to bribe one to silence. 

¥, •JfWt, ipi, wrt, Wf^, ^t^f^r, «irtw, the earth, 

land, ground, aplace, scite, base, birth-place, 
residence, the lowest hell. - 

^, vtll, c^RT, land, grouad, k field, plintation. 

ipf^, ^WFH,— *|fitiH ^'N*** aa earthquake. 

470 «fi» ■' . 

^4rm, aiftir^w the globe of tkeeavth, geogfapbf* 
^P6?> VK^ ^^» momg on land ; a land animal 
^|wnF9, ^f^^ ^|]itrtt^»arnpbibious» living on land and water. 

W?t**f, «rl*t^ Tlf^ ^W, 5TOPWW, been, p:one, past, 
become ; a phantom^ malignant spirit, ghost, 
goblin, demon, imp, apparition, virion, an 
existence, living creature, being, a class of 
demigodsi the five elements, matter of fact 
or the real state of the case, (in law.) 

^]i91«i, "^rit^Mlv, the past time, (in grammar.) 

^smsm, ^l^itf^,— ^fRi ^"^^y possessed of a demon or 

evil spirit. [demons. 

^<^1, t^ffWs— ^ WHftf^, expelling or casting out 

¥^8^«t, ^^v^f — ^^l^tft, f^, Shiva as lord of the demons. 

^nft^, Wv^, ^^tf|ntWl» a slut, slattern ; sluttish. 

^W^, c«fWFt?, Wwri, like an evil spirit, ugly; a sloven. 

W9«r, ^, ^[fMt, the ground, the earth. * 
' ^^BWrl, <t^W» WC, f^f JWt, the elementary or vital prin- 
ciple, the human body, Shiva, Brabmd. 

^|[^5tm. ^TBX Tfhn?, possession by an evil spirit. 
9T^t9, ^iTirtpiT^, an agreement with matter of fact. 

^,^ iwnRi, 4"«ifjr, ^(Piirtfi^'iii, «w, i^^tRi, w^, affluence, 

weal th,succe88,grandeur,superhumaii power, 

birth, productiop^ ashes. 
^flwt^, vr^, ^ftnpCnw, J?^, aflluent, wealthy, grand. 
^«rw?, ^W*^,- •'jn^n ^#t?Tf^, amphibious, living on 

land and water, as the tortc^se, crocodile, &c. 
i^pf^p Jttf^, al>rahmin, i. e. a terrestrial god. 
Wy, ^r#8, f^, a mountain. 
^, Wf^, ^W^,— •tWtiW^, ?twl, a king, sovereign, 

prince. [king, to govern. 

ffWR, fWr ^% m IWir, to perform the duties of a 
^» ^^f ^f^^» .W3I, ^, jt^, w«n, ^twrt, the earth, 

earth, soil, land, ground, a scite, ground, 

baser a country, a district. 

T» in 

ftlP9^» ^Mtv^t^pr, an earthqwke. [tliettrical drets.^ 

^m, ^(nrt«» mc^» a preface, preamble, introduction^ 

ffiw, ^rflwrf^^W, ilCiiH> 'tWIt'^f' WR '•f , earth-bom ; a 

vegetable, the planet Mars. [ist.^ 

ftSMtft, ^fftcut^, «rvi, living by the soil ; an i^cnltnral- 

^^rn, ^flr^n, — ^im, M^^tl^, a king, sovereign, prince. 

^F^rl^ ^» 1[t^} A spot of ground, situation, . place. 

^Mf "^TW, tf^^f iR9» prostrate, falling down to, born. 

vlip^ ^wi*»K4, l^/» w1/, ^pw, tl^C^t?, ^^, •iw, touch- 
ing the earth ; a man, mankind, a cultivator 
of the soil, a skulking thief, a blind man, a 
cripple. « [peatedly. 

^, ^npi, ^rfiHP, ^J^\^ much, many, exceedingly, re- 

^t^^» ^tiW(9,^Ujrepeatedly,frequently,again & again* 

^-vtii, mfv^ci, ftllHl, a boast, a boasting, bragging. 

^, ^, ^iPw, «!?, ^, 'W, ^rtft, much, long, many» 

abundant, excessive, important. 

^)«W9, f^V^ l^m, the bark of a species of birch. 

^pit^, Tff^f yf^sctn^ the earth, the habitation of men. 

^^, Wit^, sftfl, a fountain, a spring, an enchantment. 

^9?rl, ^^1^ ^mfM, /. wearing ornaments, &c. 

^«i, ^il«l4lfif 'HT*!, ^apt^ 'iwr^, WIW, lo put on jewels, 

dress or ornaments, to decorate oneadif, shine 
in finery, &c. [decoration. 

^^» ^1> — "^mi^lfitt a jewpl, trinket, ornament, dress, 

^4t9, ntv4^!r, capable of or requiring decoration, &c. 

wit*i, ntvpr, • 'Ttirt^, to adorn, deck, dress, trim, capa- 
rison, [bellished. 

^n^, ^ni^, ntl^, adorned, ornamented, decked, em« 

^» ^f imi ^ bran, chaff, a husk, integument. 

T^'H!"* *f^'» ^W, prostrate, bowing down. 

v^, ^^¥, i«f, ««|Jf;, ^^'I'^'P^, a cultivatcfr, man, man* 
. kind ; touching the ground. [king. 

^^rtff, «Dn ^tftvtjt, iml, a proprietor of land, landlord^ 

^^9 W9Wf a frown, contraction of the brows. ^ [land. 

^f •rfi^vx titf , «ttl5» ^* ^ precipice, mountain table 

47A nrfNrttl 

bee, a wasp'^ a sort of shrike, a golden tase, 

a leeh^r, a libertitie. 
^Wt?, wnf 1^, ^<^ t'l^t a goldeo vase, gold, cloves. 
*wflr, ^wWiR^, — WCWWi, Tlrtii, a cricket. 

^^> 7^» ^^^ female bee. 

^, iftfSbn, c^^nr» ^^l^nr, nourishment, maintenance, 

wages, hire, a capital, principal sum. [vant 

^[^v^f C<^5|ft^ living on wages ; a hireling, hired ser- 

^;, fTf , •tl^d^tiPP, r*tt^; ^^, a setvant, slave, dependant. 

vvl, r^^s«r, wi«i;, wages, hire. 

^> ^^l^tf^, *7, ♦tW^I, t^'l^, a whiriwind, hurri- 
cane, eddy, whirlpool, giddiness. [ingly,&c. 

^, «W9, ^f^«nir, much, excessive, abunddUt ; exceed- 

^. «tsn, iit9(jrr«, baked, fried, parched*' 

x^tm, xm^^,—1kw^f ^if:^^, cvsrpr, to make faces, 

mouth, grin, mock, ridicuib. 

€99, sr^,cm.iwi:^, afrog, a cloud, a disgnise,false ap- 
pearance, play, pantomime, a religious habit. 

cVti^, t^jit,— 4|t.9ix t^en, a species of sible-fish. 

V9^9 w^f ^, ir^, a mime, actot*, player^ female frog. 

CVf91» «M^, ^ simple, foolish; a simpleton. 

Onr, n^tvw^ ^^l^^r^, ^^ a mouUiing, making faces, 

mocking, ridiculing, mimicry. 

CWft^r, H»«r, f^tw ^, inh ^\ •tf*r'n», t» mitke faces, 

mouth, ridicule, mock, mimic. 

pmm, t«9>ii m;^?^, to send, dispatch, shut, (as a door.) 

Wirpr, •tfit^, V% ^^f t^ nw^, ci^t^, to send, shut, 

implicate in. [meeting. 

t^, ti^,— ^^<»r, imrt^, a present at meeting, a 

cv^, ftiv, Tit^Pt^ ^qn, to meet, visit, go to see. 

wl(^, flwfWT!, 5f!tirt«^^, meeting, visitiig; one who 

meets another, a visitor. 

t^f sft^st^^jrt, 'Hpfr, a meeting, a visit. 

tvr^?t^, tjrtn tft^, going do^vn with the tide* |ter. 

KnSttrsn, nR^,-^iripraiv mnH fnarvi^ a sutler, a victdsl* 

tKt9fi. 47$ 

TOfw, Uiirr, ftWR^ ^i^wr, ^«fttMM, to meet, approach, 

visit, lerweigh, reconsiden [fellow. 

c^BTI, en, i|^ a sheep, a rara, a blockhead, a stupid 

cv?f4t, i#8i, stupidity, doltishuess, sheepishnesa. 

cvft, C94t,«nwl«i»i^f a ewe, a mound, dyke, embankment. 

cv^Tl, <9llw|, a pander, a pimp. 

cwfr, riKf, iwir, penetrable, divisible, distinguishable. 

WW, flRff^t, fiRtwpTiF, WnWT^. fitt5iiW?5, a factious or 

contentious person, a sower of dissension, 9 
schismatic, a heretic, a traitor. 

ci», fkvS, XMK, ^^/, Piftj^, fiwni^f , f>Wif, rtwa, «wi?, ^, 

aif. ^vjmWf titi«rwi, 3wr^ *^^, ntw, 1^, a 

perforation, penetration, piercing; incision, 
separation, dividing, rending, breaking, dis^r 
persion, disunion, disagreement^ dissent, dis- 
sension, difference, dissimilarity, distinctipp* 
a kind, sort, species, a mystery, secret, a 
purging by stool, a divulging, reconnoitring* 
spying out, knowledge ; else, besides. 

cwfv, nnciR9, nm^f cp^, ^, fim^, ^^twti, sowing dis* 

sension, &c. piercing, purgative; an incen^^ 

diary, tale-bearer, an adjective, a nickuan^* 
C1WW14, f)R«pmt^, discrimination, knowledge of difr 

ferences or distinctions, &c. 
iiWii|4), dnv ciT^, discriminating, discerning in^vt? 

duality, viewing the gods as distinct, 
^wr, ftfR, cff^, cwtspr, itti^, fhw, UmWt fiiPW ^Ww, to 

pierce, bore, penetrate, transfix, break, rend» 

tear, divide, distinguish. 
wfl, CTW, ftria^, ftw, wj, iw, <w, piercing, distin? 

gutshing, dividing, separating, dissenting ; a 

spy, tell-tale, tale-bearer. 
V9wm, W9 ^^sv, iR9^, to be alarmed or confounded. 
cvsflM, mi(i|, ^91111, a hornet, 
cvjt, WV1 fftnim, a long trumpet, 
cwqnri, cwitw,— ^« vip, the caster shrub. 

480 rttMt 

WW, wt^. *fWW» lt^« ft wft, a float. 

V9m, ^1?^, nii» 1f^, a dart, a lance, a raft, a float. 

V9Wf4t, fr^, nm, magic, sleight of hand, delusion. 

VW9m, im^ms, — ^tr, a drug, medicine, medicament 

hiWf fv^Pfiff, a collection of alms. 

Wl^, ^W^w, WtW^f ^(t99f "Wl, Hwj VVVf ^Wf, horrible, 

terrible, terrific, dangerous ; horror, terror, a 
terrific manifestation of Shiva. 

hnf^9 ^^» # "^^f Durgfif or the terrible ; a female 

devotee of Shiva. [of Shiva. 

^VfltraF, # ^ninsTy f^ljvr?, a society of female devotees 

viT9H, Vif^f dull, (as a tool, &c.) not sharp. 

cvnp?, n# ftnv, a species of weasel or ichneumon. 

€Vt^[flflr, ^«1tlCi #t^rat, i|pi^f a famished condition, in- 
anition, extreme fiedntness. 

cvtVI, tn?^, Wj^, #*J^, '^rt'Bt, an eater, glutton, one who 

suffers or enjoys, a husband. ^ 

nft*^, ^wfw^j^vi, ^Wtfn,^inr,*«^^^^rw;, pleasure, en- 
joyment or sufiering,possession,use, usufruct, 
occupancy, food, an offering of dressed food* 

CW^f^, ^nt^9, the haram or female apartments, [ing. 

C^^tn^, "Ht?, the body as the seat of enjoyment or suffer- 

CVt^, 'S^f f*^t^^ ^^» J*WR» •It^^, to enjoy or suffer, 

undergo, to possess, obtain, get. 

fl9t^h^9 ^^fm^t vp^f , yielding enjoyment, pleasurable. 

C^«t^, %«TCiii ^fWl, the infernal Ganges or river of hell. 

ril^414, ^^»tWW^, wn9Vit* "^» W^» ^#*f *niw, en- 
joying, suffering, seized of, occupying, pos- 
^ sessing, dancing, singing. 

CVt^l^t^f ^l|t?, ^Vi^,, the body as the seat of sensual 

enjoyment or suffering, women*s apartments. 

cvt^, ^^9 1^1, ^. niv, t^«W, a deception, imposture, 
« cheat, snare, bait, temptation, lure, stratagem. 

t«t«ltw, rit^9it1^,\iim,^[ii^rw, to cause to enjoy or suffer^ 

to mislead, deceive, ftc. 

cvtfH4t, itvti %^i a king's concubiae. 

•S|f% , 491 

V9t^, ^jiffittr^w/ ftnijjtt^r^, f< enjoying, posseM- 

. ing, suffering, sensaal ; a snake, 
mw, trtt;, ^[ttfjwj ft^, «innw?r flnnr, eatable, to be 

enjoyjed or suffered, pleasurable, to be (oU 
lowed by enjoyment or suffering. 
V9t^n, c^ri, cwnft, a harlot, a whore, a concubine, [ver. 
WT^lTfic, •tt|Wrr?tc^^ v^, a loan to the use of the recei- 
WW, '•nftj, ^TtJ. a meal, feast, banquet, treat. 
vsvn, ^9W% ^IW>, to eat ; act of eating, food. [food. 
CVIM^tf, cvtw.— ^rw;, ^w;, eatable, edible, proper for 
cvmfiwrt, W^, ^^, legerdemain, sleight of hand, magic. 
IVWflrBl, f^rra«l?rrjt, «f1Vrpi^, an entertainer, host, sup- 
porter of others. [gods, provision, &c. 
CWTW, WC4 I WC1 un ^^^, offerings of corn, &c. to the 
^VWPW^, '•nr?^, ^^s, chyle or digested food ; eatable, 
cvmrrt, ^9^4tir:9^X,<49TV, eatable; food, a table-companion. 
rvf>, irtwl ^f%^ ftc^W, a sort of red blanket from Bhotan. 
^^T^FW, ^ft, ^J^ftmr, a trumpet, a kind of boat. 
CWTjfinri, «|t?t??, a trumpeter; blowing the trumpet. 
wrrt, ^, ?W, f^^Tt?, a peel, rind, te^:ument ; blunt, dull, 

obtuse. [pot. 

tBVn* WRftfTl, %^^% a bee, an auger, drill, a watering- 
CVttrt. ^ •W, foolish, stupid, ignorant ; the eye-lashes* 
c^9, W^t^W, ^f^t the morning, the dawn ; early- 
CWfrt, ft'TO'. 'rt^nisRU, forgetful, sceptical. 
r^f*^, ^>5KiNt?, ^»hf^^, ''Tf^, <li[?V5t^ftfe^ «^flP, f*l?, re- 
lating to evil spirits, supernatural, demonia- 
' cal, elemental, material ; Shiva. 
vi)m, ^WifiTf, ntfS(?, ff^Jfir^t?, the planet Mars, amber- 
gris; earthly.terrestriai,of or belonging to land. 
C^fil^, ^firtl, ^tinf, ^t^, produced from the ground, be- 

longing to land ; a landholder. (mory. 

vrwr^, ^wrrw^^i, «^ j\Mn, to ^study, commit to me- 
"■wnv^, ^i^, ^ritftr, iT'i; a- fait, a fall from virtue^ 

depravity, ruin, loss, destruction. 
viwft, i^rown, contraction of the brows. 


4fifi mti 

a misconceptipn, error, mistake, blunder, 
oversight, slip, forgetfulness, a whirling or 
going round, an eddy, whirlpool, whirlwind, 
a turaer^s lathe» a potters wheel, a roaming, 
wandering, respect^ credit, reputation. 

J^«l, VPfff. f?«l, igjrr, W3rt, W(9U to wander about, roam, 
. ramble, traverse, take the air, perambulate, 
turn round, whirl, err, mistake; a tour, turn, 
circuit, ramble, voyage. 

^^, •f^i^Bml, travelling, wandering, roamjing, roving. 

3prf^rf^f f^f'TTl, mistaken, erroneous, mistaking, &c. 

jpU,' y^, — ni^, W^9 m. Sff. the large black bee. 

a whirling or going round, an eddy, whirl- 
pool, whirlwind, a lathe, potter's wheel, ver- 
tigo, dizziness, giddiness, fainting, a swoon, 
stupor, forgetfulness, error, mistake. 

3pft» 9|rf^?1, ^f^, whirling, revolving, &c. a sceptic* 

ji. ^Il, ft«t^, vni, ^, ^i W, ^r», ^5tW, fallen from 

virtue, depraved, corrupted, dissolute, vici- 
ous, deflowered, defiled, ravished, violated, 
seduced, obscene, degraded, deposed, fallen 
from office, displaced, superseded, parched, 
baked, roasted, fried, toasted. ^ [rv^pter. 

^9, ^ift^9tjt, ^^99, a ravisher, de61er, violator, cor- 

^^tTl, ^^,^H^, depravity, a fallen state, degradation. 

3[i1, I5%vtf^4t, ^^f an adultress, a strumpet, a violated 

or dissolute female. , [religion. 

Siw?, l^V^rft, f^Wl, depraved conduct, heterodoxy in 

Jfit^, ^fl*'»^ ^^» depravity, pollution, villainy, vioc. 

jil'Wt «n?t*Wt» jealousy of a wife. 

3[T«9, f^, fHVii^, bile, the bilious humour. 

jrtir^, WWtftr«if45flt'^f'f5^» splendid, shining, gaudy, ele- 

gant in dress, ^c. decorated with ornaments. 

lt^> ¥t^— <4^ f^ffHtv* a brother, friend, kin. kindi!pd« 


jt^^t, ^t^^lj^f JWIf viir-1, m.' % /' ^ brolfcer's sol 

and daughter. [of a brother: 

jrw, Jl^frti— -^FWJ T|^*T!*» «»• 4r/ ***^ ^^^ ^^ daughter 

^vns, ^t^tj^^f, f|^. a. brother's son, an enemy. 

5^» Jtv^^ii, ^gWjr ^^^^^Pf a brother's son ; a brother^, 

brotherly, fraternal. [roving. 

vr», S'?^^ I^'*'^, •rti^, mistaken, erring^ deceived, 

Stl%, yi, wi, imrt, fiWTffl, w«W«1, ♦wlr^, error, mis- 
take, blunder, delusion, ignorance, a roving, 
roaminsr, wandering about, ftc. 

3fWP. 3pr«inf, 1*, 'fmsi, 5W^Wt«Hi, causing error, occa- 
sioning mistake, fee. a cheat, rogue» a jackal. 

m, P^caRi ^^mtur^^, the eyebrows. 

«^,— f^i^ c^H9 ff^^irs, a frown, look of displeasii?e» 

forbidding aspect. [wards. 

w?*n. PR^ ^nw, ^•t'f, a frown, a glance, a look to* 

mn, 9|^«rt4t, a fcetus. embryo* nnborn child. 

fl«ij, a|^,^il<iftii|?p, €»i^^tt9fpnf9, causing abortion, do» 

stroying the foetus. [abortion. 

V^fvn, »iW w #ji i, a destruction of the fcBtus, procured 

«Vir^» ftfrl VXnM ^^tri, a frovfp, contraction of the 


•»• . • 

>i^» 1^, h^, a ladder, a species of harrow. 

'i^p ^f^' ^ marriage crown or diadem. 

M^, Vf^, ^ntcm^, to churn, to agitate a liquid 

flW T9k*W, W^ nm, ^WBJ Vf PuP^i iW^f^'W^t, an 
imaginary marine monster representing tbt 
sign Capricorn, one ^fCuvera's treasures, 
deceit, deception. 
wrpt9>—^^^f the Indian Cupid, whose em- 
blem is the foregoing animal. 

4fj*R« ^^^^9 "^t ynJ» rw(5w, rtrtl'fiirw, f *rtsi» the nectar 

of a flower, a bee, the Indian cuckoo, a spe- 
cies of JauDiBe, the filaments of a lotus. 

484 . Wffn 

wwfnt, «i^«a» ^^f the ocean. [head*drese. 

ir^t ftit^, 1^, Hri"PW1, a crown/ diadem, tiara, crest, 

'RW, ^*tC"lt^^ 'fHwi, ^, an opening bud. 

a^fflP^, v\^, ^♦W *t^, a fly, any winged insect 

vn, ?9,.irr^» sacriBce, oblation. 

«W, lfif^»T.^» sunk,immersed,jplunged,dived, drowned. 

inl, ipn ^^ar, the tenth lunar mansion. 

welfare, prosperity, happiness,. good, good- 
fortune, a propitious act, the planet Mars, 
carefulness, prudence ; fortunate, prosperous, 
lucky, happy, propitious, auspicious. 

wn^, ^^V?* f^^swft, doing good, beneficent, benevolent. 

irWI^^^ * ?flnr,— •fjPWtC^l ^n^Vn vnr, to congratulate. 

to felicitate. [thanksgiving. 

HWI^, ♦<?PW/Tn flwVl, tS»CTnp/, well-wishing, felicitMing* 

a»W«f^?, ^I'Stirri?, Tuesday. 

JlWilffS*!, ^«CT?t1*, ^SW ^^/ WWPnF fiiRrt, ^tV^t^X, the 

ornamenting of a place with garlands on fes- 
tive occasions, festivity, a preliminary cere- 
mony, an invocation, religious action, con* 
gratulation, good wishes. . 

^^ff "Wr^f «mw, ^«rr?^, HC^rtW, ^V, ^tPn, auspicious, 
propitious, confetring pleasure or happiness, 

pleasing, beautiful, agreeable, pious, pure. 

iraf^Ttt, f^^ift, ^^Rii^,, benevolent; a well-wjsher. 

3Rf»^, ti^F^,t«rnF^,f>?«i,tobe wrenched, strained, sprain- 
ed, bent, torn or injured by violence. [tec 

m^, WffTt^,ct^^,to wrench or pull violently, strain, 

irtR, WR,— ^^^'TT', %pf, 5?^, VM^ ^^f ftrfti f^e^, to 

bathe, sink, be. immersed, plunge, dip, to be 
drowned,, be overwhelmed with trouble, &a 
to be wholly taken up with. 

jwt^, ^Wft^, — ^^9 1^» ^Wf, ^y^. to immerse, plunge, 

dip, sink, drown, overwhelm with trouble, 
, &c. afflict^ distress^ destroy. 

iPl 485 


WW. ^««C ^^^ '^' ^^^ ^^ '^* marrow, pith, sap. 

9«t^.'iit«^,^>ra*l)TV>inward,lat?Dt,affec^^ the marrow. 

waited, W*W,l*?nf^. touching the quick, insupportable. 

W, * ^, VW, ^fWl, ^l*W, •wn, trt^, a raised stage, plat- 
form, pulpit, scaffold, an elevated shed, a 
table, bedstead, bed. 

>rsfw, m^, <Jfv. W>i, CT3wiR[t9^ 5^;, to cleanse, clean, 

scour ; a tooth-pawder, dentifrice, eye-salve. 

V9f% f^ff^' ^WTt^i to bud, put forth buds or leaves. 

^9ft, ^^"T^^Wf^f^^^* ati ear of corn, a flower^ spike, 

flower-stalk, a shoot, sprout, a branch-bud. 

irfif 9, nflfSl,— n^ ftrw, ii^^*l«it, Indian madder. 

V4*hr> ^^. a female ornament for the feet, an anklet. 

^^^* ^^< Mimmf beautiful, agreeable, pleasing. * 

«rt^. ^'W ftc^f a pea, peas. [petticoat. 

¥d3r}9Tt4^, UffTM ^^9, a spotted silk garment worn as a 

^i^; Pfifif f^CKT^I, a crown, diadem, head-dress, &c. 

^^f ^^^ICfH ^w%* ^^ ^n irm, the ridge of a thatched 

house, a large earthen jar. 

i9^9t^^, ^vtf^ill C9tnw, to sham or feign sleep, [shampoo. 

«d^^^, '^tfx wtir^,wiw f^^tw> to snap or crack the joints, to 

^9 i^s ^ni'lW, ^stpfiixn ^t?^» "rt^, a college, 

school, monastery, temple, pagoda. 

¥f^, wtft, iqwrn CV1 Vt*W ^•ttfiw fit't, a pestilence, 

. mortality, epidemic disease. 

W^ir, Vfiw, ^tWMi ttfict^ 4v|, the head-man of a village. 

arK, *H^» nWf ^% a dead carcase, corpse ; mortal, dead. 

a mortal bite, pertinacious perseverance at all 
hazards, a teazing, dunning. [bom child. 

iTTtf^fl, wl(i>4*i «fii^ f^t ^^^, /. having lost her new- 

^f^^^f ^^tfCCi ^fif(% the ridge of a thatched house. 

''^f *^w^?tlrt, — t^f ^^f brittle, fragile, rigid. 

«ift , il, WJFW «rtt«itf^ ^1^1^/ '*wj, 3j>p1, c<^, ^;jj, a gtem, 

jewel, precious stone, pearl, the wrist, the 
clitoris, the glans penis, the point of a needle. 


<Pi?jft%1. *t^ "m^ ^ f*Wt, a holy pool at Fenarea. 
Hft^?, I^rf^^i #«*lf>*t#*, a jeweller, gem-butter, lapidary. 

irft^r?, T(f^, ^itwtCTs tt^ ^w?t*i ftrw, cw ftr<w, the 

navel, a sort of woman's boddiee studded 
with gems, the country of Manipoor. 

irPi^w:, flwj r^, the wrist. 

•ftirPtnr. ^V^S «rwira^ <«f , a temple or house of gems. 

HfPflftft, fl**^» fl^VCTtft, ?flC5tJ, a jeweller, seller of toys 

and trinkets, a stealer of gems. 

W, iTt?» ^9 V^f rice-water, gruel, paste, starch. 

W'f wyp^» CTtV* ^■WWT?, *i^1, to overlay with metal, 

gild, plate, cover with leather or cloth : or- 
nament, decoration, jewels, trinkets, &c. 

^^•f; %«^^"4#t<St^ ^i|1%f*MWj ^^tfl^ W^« nrt^, a tempo- 
rary shed at festivals, an open templQ. 

derm, a ball, globe, sphere, orb, disk, a halo, the 
horizon, a wheel, circle, circumference, a 
province, district, region, a circular form of 
military array, a multitude, assemblage, 
quantity, heap, a round spotted leprosy^ a 
sweet- meat ball, the head.- man of a village. 

ifrft, vnrtv, v^, an as&embly, congregation, a body of 

people, society, gang, flock. 

n^, ^9 a sort of sweet-meat balls. [comfits, Ac. 

H^, ^i1%^ C5rtsit^Di^rvf^mir,asmallersortof thesame, 

11^^, OTf w*, ^4^, ^litf m. 8s f a frog. 

Vtil, n.![>>*v> ^nv, rust of iron, dross, scorise. 

ti^ «rt>l, «w?, 'N^w, n^, V5irt?, ftt*, ^flwn, wric, ^/u. 

a way, method, mode, manner, sort, kind, 
set of opinions, creed, system, doctrine* sect, 
habit, practice, manner of thinking or acting, 
purpose, wisb^ intention; simitar, like. 
WK9^^ ^r";pr?, "CTnic^tc^ ^^f^, a distinct sect, a schisBt 
law^, of one mind, of one sect.. 


m«i[, 1%vltl^» "V^s^, ^R;<sr^, another sect or ipethod» 

&c. alteration ; altered* otherways. [tary. 
Wfurft, n^^^rrfi, wft*Jt. *1<t, a follower, partizan, sec- 
^f^svn, ^fM^f^ f 4tf/T417;, the sentiments received and 

rejected, distinct opinions; apprpved and 
disapproved, liked a^d disliked. 
nm^. ^tmn "^iWif Hrt^ v^ ^iwn, approbation and 

disapprobation, diversity of sentiments. 
irl%, ^!^5t^. CTt^, fj^ W«r, «rfl^^ 3i«, opinion, under* 

standing, intellect, mind, conscience, intel* 
ligence, judgfnent, will, inclination, desire, a 
pearl. [brained. 

hTMev, irf^ffl, — f^f^. f^^V* deranged, delirious, cracked- 
Wf%9|^, \fM^f f^c^, wise, reflecting, sensible, judicious; 
^, •nft, i'^pt?,«W, a sect, party. [fonnably with, 
ncm, fi9fni(tct, HTjtf , according to, agreeably to^ con* 

flRiFtftw , ^tt^, vn^^, intoxicated, drunk, over* 
powered with joy, delighted, enthusiastic, 
eager, in rut, furious, proud, lewd, &c. mad* 
insane, foolish, raging, infatuated. 

ift^jq, «rirft?nii?, ^% ci^, irtt, envious, covetous, nig? 

gardly ; envy, rancour, a gnat, mosquitp. 

9^^r, ntWf m^f a fish, an avatkr of Vishnu. 

nvsufti^l, C^, %<T7, 9^, coarse sugar, sugar-candy. 

w^^/IW, W^ffWl •!*. the kingfisher. 

vm, «!t^, ^l«W*i, to churn, agitate violently, stir np. 

arftra, ^lMlf^4, fWii twfl, churned, &c; butter-milk. 

#W4^IH|ltf, wn, iRl f%? «%Pri^?w,'wine, spirit, ilk* 
toxication, drunkenness, insanity, inbtuatioiip 
enthusiasm, delight, pleasure^ joy, d^siret 
passion, pride, arroganee, a liquor flowing 
from the temples ef an elephant in rut. 
inpPp f^c;ff9i ^9ic» 9f)rt, a narcotic medicine^ an opiate, 

a confiectioner. 

488 ' ^ 

» * * 

ly through drunkenness ; an elephant in rut 

inpr, W9f^, nf. Ca'madevathe Indian CupH, the spring. 

•Tip^WW, ?rtWWv^irfV, a proTocative medicine. 

•nPrt. ^?1, *tTlf •tf^^. wine, spirits, « species of parrot. 

«W*rw, iWW?^,- irWW, *yMl«Wl, a drinker of wine or 

spirits, a drunkard. 

mnrrWi ^U ^f*« ^?1. highly rectified spirits, alcohol. 

artlW, Wf— t8Wt?W, ^Irt, wine; spirituous liquors. 

irBW^. mf/fif, — «r«f1, a tavefn,-a spiritor dram-shop. 

irft?, il^^^nnit?, ^'HTaiT?. f^», my, mine, my own. 

irWrtW, 1*, W*iftc^ T^f 'TWt^, overcome by liquor, in- 
toxicated. • [keeper. 

Wff^! '^> ^5?tfllr ^/THtft, a wine^iseller, vintner, tavern- 

iWX*f, 5g^*Wfrj irMif, a sot, tippler, toper, drunkard. 

>H/^, ^fiflrw; Hfetf^ i5?l,fermented liquor ready for dis- 
tillation, [tation. 

Wrfhi, mv^tt^WRP y; ftW^, a drug used to assist fei meu- 

«wmtl, ^^?rwt<r, WCRU rw, yeast, barm, froth. 

mntwl, ^^^f a tavern, a dram or liquor-shop 

' CT), ^•^IPf, ^?1 f^tt-w, bairns, tioney, the nectar 
of flowers, a sort of wine, the month Cbaitra. 

9|^, 5«Rr, Tf^'l^, ISJ^TCT^, a bee; a lover, the sweet lime. 

«r|CTt>i, Wl^T^, 1{T^^, a beehive, a honeycomb, a goat's 


irj^rt^ ^Wtl^^, a sort of Pyrites, honey-stone. 

'I^^^ yH^t^ jl , the nectary of a flower. 

WKtfHs, iHR?, iTOfl, a confectioner. 

lir^^f, «r|jifinl,— Jir?, zim^, a bee. [Iftmey. 

i?t[^ ir^V iffit «/t^, a religious oiffering of curds and 

*|*W» ^S!^ ^31^> ^' honeyed, mellifluous, sweet. 

'f^'rtft, t«^, the double jasmine. 

'^^H «rfcl\, filifirW5ft»ftrW, liquorice-stick. 

^^ ' tSri, f4r?,^rHiHr, w» , ^^v, tW^, tl^, sweet, pleas- 
ing, agreeable, courteous, mietlifluous, melo- 
dious; sweetness, syrup, treacle. 

wn^, MT^, tO'Sw^ten, to makje sweet. \ s 

inr^, ^, Krisfana asdestlroyierofthegiant.Madliu. 

VR«r, C^C99 9m*1t iHiifl*n(, the middle, 
inid8t» centre, inside, an intervjEtit common 
time in music, a rest, a sort ,of metre, tke 
waist, a horse's flank, ten thqusand billtons, 
'Wt^nr, iTfW Fl*|pr r^Wffli, concave, hollow i^ the centre, 

ated bet ween, within, included, inward, inter-: 
nal, central ; a mediator, arbitrator, .umpire* 

^iflRrs, b1*w, 5itMU^, '^^^Jf^^, ntfff , middling, 
moderate, temperate^ indifferent, ordioaryi, 
customary, not deep in colour ; an umpire. 

W/fiw, 'iRtif 1%^, nWift, ^mr^f, ^W ^ ^ « Tjr, of a 

middling sort, common, middling. / 

HW(, ilVipt*W, ^•^, 'rt^tlt, 'rt'TRj, middlemost, cen- 
tral, included, intermediatis, middling, mo-, 
derate, temf erate, ordinary. 

*««1, Wft — ^^WfiWI « wf^J ^W3rf^ ^«i|fll, «^irft ^mr/l, 

the middle finger, a girl arrived at puberty. 

WfStoi,. ^w6^, f^«l^ Jtfti, Ml«r, midnight. 

W/CTW, •Jl^, if^/CTWF, the earth, the dwelling of mortals. 

r</^. ilVfll^,— «rtW?, ^^ro/^J.^Wl^miW^, central, middle, 

inward, intervening, interposing, [terstice. 

«W^^, 9t?n9, ^FW, ^WjTif, the centre, inward part, an in* 

WiTfiit, •ft^t^f ftcjrtf^^^, »WtKJ, mediation, arbitration. 

flying off from the centre, centrifugal. 

tending to the centre, centripetal. 
«rWf, Any ^It 4irf9 C^^* mid-day, noon; oq^jf ; mid-d(Ly. 
WV, mw, 1VI6I, ^RB», 'iW, ia the midst, within, be- ; 

tween, in, among. 

w?Vkf 9«PIX, now and then, somfitin)es> pocMiomtHy^ . 


4SO nim 

mpn, ii«|^ ^«« f^inn^ Irt^ a soft of QfHitlttowi )kf«ori 
WW, vM^c^, ft weight of 402B!tew; r: . .-< 

W, VWr^tklt illlif ^^ ?^(^ ^'WMi^» .4rfl^ tbe mind, ub» 

deto&mdtttg* wammarft CDntaence, heart, 

iwelinatMyna. [gu»h. 

>m^ftft, ^n^» ^Ib V^WJ|% iaquietode^ ptM of mind, an- 

VW^m, «r^«#V> ^l«nt^^> #ift# puein hiowt, conscien- 

tkms, iflclined to. . . /.[eomlort. 

wmcrntic, f¥«9mpri VfM, eonyletiiUt bf miod^ aasuraoce, 
v^ttHWI, n^, red lari^miie. r. 

mind, attend to, re^ard^ admits think of. le- 
fleet ; thought,^ '^xerei^te of mindi reflection. 

mni'Vf^i ftfflt, the goddess ^ serpenta. 

aii^lw*^> ^9i9jie^i 'tf^, fVatlwi, tba demise of the mind, 

%he wish of the heart 

«Wt9, siiFlr>c^>RKr3{i|^i«nt^,T^ consciousness 

of pleasure or pain* fdonow, ramoma. 

V««1^, •vf^ll, «*», fJ*. ^«wt«. dtstsesscf mind, grief, 

a^, ft«?^^, c^ ^tlfMtlir^ ')(tip, sitnated in the mind ; a 

thought, design^ inienftion, wish, indiDatiM* 

an^, |(^mw, 3tnm^> WMi^im, inteUigettt; wise, atten- 

tiTe, pure-minded. [sloarly. 

aat^ ta^, "^tm. ^» aM, aKttIe;>miiin1)sly» taniily, 

a4Nl, lf^» *nni9/, tbe^amferslanding^ ianeUect, wisdom. 

a4Mt, ^(%apr, «t«» ^"tv* itnse, intelligent, kamed. 

a^. "fffftllr ^^> vai nK>n;a Minn or proidtet of ^ 

universe, the first Manu the IndiMii legistai 
tor, creator of the world and|irageAinMro£ 
mankind ; a mysticsi rtxm^ or incantation. 

aasi, aiprw— l^w ^w <t, m. 4^ /. * man, a wamn. 

ai|;a/, ^^» vf^. cara^ a man> p<irson« maaikind, people. 

wnswm, a <n<^init|i, ?1#ii, feedibf on. Hainan.flash; a. 

cannibal. . .: . .{tMBe of honor. 

( ' « 



wvikm, ^aMX^'1lmiesc^f*f^mK^ fixed 

.1 -AttoitfeBvdeiotedBSBdiof mind; close study, 
« Malous entcktogiiitd ^'soliemft, &c. ardour. 

inroved, choseD, chmce; saliftftaLCtory. 
lllvnMt, diilf l «*t ««W- pain of miad, grief, Jealousy. 

frottration af « dttigvi^ a pet, anger. 

«9vm/ J|«,IWWK;int«Higent,pfUdent, Wise. 
«PI1^, i«ftl, i«WP», ^WJ*^, engaged In, devoted to, at- 

.'' tevC»re, zealous,. ardtat in a pursuit. 

ncmWI^, arfifWsr, iiH»W> «^«*«>i^ itevot^dness of mind, 

appli<Atito» atiettHicm^' i fderoted te. 

*»!««#; »»Mtl*,^^ fl2*«' attentive, caWest, zealous, 

«innr«, W^ W H<T-r ,^W!yt^,ft^1t,to give pleasure,to grati> 

' " <y; gratiftcaticni eensfe pfpteasure, a sweetmeats 

mmm. ^Wi». t^* "^f ^ ^i^h, desire. 

WHflw;,— i^fi^ 'pif , in^f pleasatit, agreeable, 

charming, pleasing, beaMifnl, lovely, inviting. 

m#rr#>-^^it«* ^pi?, W».TW<tir, t^iPW, beautiful, 

lov^y^ amiable, engaging, enticing, winning, 

heart-ra^shing, captivating. 

flwflww;, ftFtj^tlr. •!»/, fwf , 2PF/, to be discussed, 

to be reflected on^ minded or regarded, cog^ 

, admissible. [sage. 

r, *t?tiH«r, ^tv, an adviser, counsellor, 

"^ ' ■ iifnr, a nidde ol'i^ligiofits invocation, a form of 

prayer, " a Ibrmtila sacired to any particular 

deity, a t^xt of tfacPVeda, a mystical verse or 

' incantation, a cbarmf. - 

. USti,.--^^*^, fiNdw/, ^mW. •W'K ^. secret con- 

* ' sultation, cdtispiracy, private advice, insti- 

gat»dn,'^p«(r8uasion, counsel, advice, policy. 

4^< t »t^W ;a<jqpsaiated wilfi charms; an advisef^&c. 

492 VtUft 

mrthri flM^ ia«m^ ^i>4l«3rftv, t^BUXRy, ad^aaldi^Tw- 
^,. .>qoiimg tbe nse of . channss i&cr droiahdb^ 

consideration, deserving of consultation. 
. nmW, i&9y . a spiritual preceptor or initiator. 
kA^, . i(a«tR» ^vrin^, ^t^ni^, consecnt€dbyxeligio«0.^r- 

mula, advised, counselled* 
. rft, ♦lilPrtfWf al««1tJi» ^wtw, €tit?afi a coatiseHor^ «id» 

viser, monitor, a king's minister, sta^€sma&* 
ir^, ^pnft9, irttt^, produced frdm churning ; buiter. 
^Hfyff ir^^i ^RtntT^f d[l^» to chum, agitate violent! y.^tir 

up, to agitate in conversation ; a4:hurn« 
in[?, <Nl, ^iw*r, ![?, ^, «W% ^, slow, tardy, lazy, 

dull, stupid, large, bulky. . . 

Hft^, T^^ti, Wt^, a churning-stick. 

qjtfft; 'nwr, ^^, ^, w, ?1I»r, bad, evil, vile, 
sad, sinister, unlucky, infomons, scandalonB, 
vicious, wicked, immodest, shameless, mis- 
chievous, nasty, dirty, idle, lasy, tardy, dull, 
sluggish; slow, gentle, mild, slow as a tune, 
cold, phlegmatic, stupid, foolish, ill, sick, lit- 
tle, small, dim; gently, slowly ; Saturn, 
ipv^^, V9t9^, the neap-tides. [stream, 

jf^l^, ^mvTs^, 'd^!!^' slacks water, a Slov and gentle 
iW^lJi^, ^1 ^?R, r^ srpT^, to dislike, disapprove, detest, 

hate. [hatreds 

?^Tt^-1, U%^ ^M, cn^vpr, dislike, disgust, disesteem, 
iR^, ^[[•fl'^JiW, «^&^n%, in a bad manner, ill, slowly. 
.H«U, ^% ftrW, a fabulous mountain, 
iwj-^t^, ^f^ «i?^ ^fcm FWrnpf, the space between the 

breast and the oavpl. . . [worthless. 

>M» ^^f, ^ ^9fM, ^iviNf, cheap, slow, sfatdc, little, 
imtfMt, ^ihwi, the celestial Ganges. [shame. 

v'^t^* ]0« ^W1, modesty, ba^hfulnea^, shame*facedness» 
vcXii, ^rtN; imt9, a^w or^ad4i2feBttM» inSigestaos. 

.JPVM>*1* W nii.mii6|i| i^e^i96nt;ifiattaitire;^sffCb^)ectMb 
.«TO, snvir* . <4t^MM« ^> one of the trees of Paradise, 
/ the conlrtree* [ham. 

>if^ vnXVUf ^f ^» vmlf a teii|ple» pagoda, h«Q8e, the 
aiNn, itf / fic>«i, 93«tii, a cymbal. [cal, tapering. 

irA(4t#l4, Wf6f^9 'JNrtfftt cymbal-shaped, conrex, coni« 
ir^, ^rrmt. a at^de for horses. 
siCTr, €tar, W*Kit. JNw,, slowly, sluggishly, feebly, 
ivr^nft, ^vt^m* f^ic*n, a apecies of fine mat 
jnt^, 9iirf, Klir, Crfmadeva: or the Indian Cufnd, la?e. 
^nvi, ^it9tii, OR *lSntc^ f^vtvi lf^ a famine, dearth, a 

period, of time or the reign of a Manu. 
iR/^, TW, ^t^,: ^iijilll, agr^ing, consenting to, con* 

formdbtte to. 
ipr0rt^, M^jvm, uod^ ccMMideration or disenraetion, A^ 
apjf , rit'i^, '^'^t HWC,^«rW»W» sorrow, regret, vexation, 

dislike, .anger, resentment, an imprecation. . 
w, ^iWi, •rtl^ liiBW, my, mine ; bee « wax. 
«K9ti, #ICitt, ^ 9fl, appropriation, claim. 

9^, ^^ WW, 'iww .«wi, wrtR? itwi %«*n[ r«if , ??a, 

ivtvi, ^i(fiM>r, appropriation, attachment to a 
thing as one's own, relative kindness or . cle« 
mency, love or affection to one's own family, 
&c^ pity, pride, arrogance. [madeoi 

a?, ^f Ufiky Wtm^, affix: full, fraught, possessed or 

jnwt, ^ii^ f9C<13i, the mocking-bird, the Mina. 

991%! in9, ftrdlt^, a confectioner. 

mm-'l^, iaii» ^w^tft^* foul, unclean, dirty,- filthy. 

91Pr, mijr nJIftSF?! j^ f5K^, leven. 

light,lustre,brightoes8^beaaty,flanie, a gnomon* 
nf^, yw^^j, ^ft^, wi. ^/. a peacock, peahen. 
u^ggii^ ^putf ]9inw, a chameleon, a lizard. 
Wl, ' lift, ^IWW 5(ftf^ <ftf«PW cjt^, contagion, infec* 

tious or epidjemic disease, plague, mortality. 
wm*f i^lM^t an emerald or perbsqpa a yeUow topaz. 


. death ; to die, ex^pife, pei^rt, ftiil» decnuse, 
wither, dry, up, ketl ocdoseM a wound. 

inrti >(Vf ^iVi !Wi ^nm* dtBA^ ftc. a co^se, dead car- 
case, base inet4t<ifr eoiai [of corn. 

nytiTy C^fWr vr«n«t>, a grnowsj, UMreh^me, magazine 

9Itl^, f%rri«,womout(soil,)ittipoy6rislied, poor, stunted. 

vmt?, «VM, m9t^, blunt-edged, diiti, not sharp. 

Vinvt*f, ^nrPtf, — iWf^> scurf, icrul^ dandr'uff. 

mt^ ^, WWW, ^nC f*» 'W, PW> ^rtl^l^Wt, soft, taild, 
. bland ; a rogue, a scoundrel, ahorse, a cloud, 
a coUyriam of'lamp-iblaGk. 

wifiaf; "ff^PP^ "^t^ ^ ft^PW, «MHf«r, Mack-pepper. 

^4M^f ^\^% ^nf^f a ray of Hgbt, a niggard, a miser. 

^nMkiM^ 3Munf9e<» sivjv, the milage dr delusive appearance 

of a sheet of water in a sandy eoii • [&c. 

idM^tit, 9]n|6<(l^ ftjn^^w, a circle of rays round the son, 

nlKvm^t, f^n^, ^rai, the SUB or moons 

^W, ^"^fS wi^ ^i "^fH^^f poof (soil,) unfruitful, bar* 

ren, impoverished. [wind. 

W*, ^, •I ftH W W* twnn ^Rft^t*, wind, atr, the god of 

i|^r9t«i, •HH wW nffi, . the North-west quarter. 

^IVMCtnn, ^^ftftv^^itv^, the bfeakisg of wittd backwsirds. 

V^f ^fni ftr*5, *l*f, Wi?W, fl^WH, a BMnkey or ape» 

a spider, the Indian crane. 

m^, c«}kfm, 5SW, w», ftl^, rust. [rusty. 

afi^/titirt, JrtWfl,— ''Wli ^w t i^<» , W^, covewd with nsst; 

mfv, V>ir?, iim/> ^t»n^)fk9, mortal, [kiad^ the eank 

«^/, «t«vsr«1>>ni5/ ^^*^(f^» mortal, eartU jf^ man, maii» 

^«#ijy, iiv«^t^,~^fni9> ^qnfiw, the earth bm tbesesidoMsa 

or habitation tof mortals. 

^4^(9 WWF, "f^, frwa, ^wr, ^jw,' *il w^ «iP. •Wllf 

^«i, to grind cm a stone; pound in a mortar, 
bruise, to crush, rub in an imMieftti stralst 
wiA the hand, to Arc(8h coni» to .ttam|rfet 
tread dotpn^ to subdae a&ciatpy» 

jnC 41^* nvMi^i, ^iw^ •rtiwi^ ♦•^•ifc fH|, rrtffli^ 

oo2e*esseDoe>any Tital part, tnember or organ* 
a secret, secret meaimigor pfarpMe, «89eBtMil 
do€trioe,8tgiiifieatKm, applieatien,seo8e,pur- 
port, scope, springf cavM^ aeaomil^ penraa^ 
iatere8t0{r con^rh ip a-lbiiig. . 
N«» ^S^tP9m, ^fffl, tvwpt* sv, prUSimtdly ieaftoed, verses 

in easent^aidoctrniestkno^n^ Mcrets ; a spy. 

^ttfn, a penetrsliiig or tonefaiB^ to the <|uick, a 
penetmtHig into seerets, Ike sowing of dis- 
senaioi^ lensre rttj^MiiensmS. [marble* 

9«9» ^tiv ^nJUf Ul t "Pti 'die rusilkig of dry leaves, &c. 

'wf^C*^' lite?? wv ci ^1CT> ^R'^f ^<Wti **lf* '^li^ v<t ^^PPI 
^tf ^* W T WM ^f i. wnH, a vital or vf^al part. 

nif"^*, iPiit^fe>'*BiWPlllWH*f v^lflrtwf, ^mWF* touching die 

vital i^Hrts, Wofmiiing or toaehiqg to the 
^aick, g^ing pain^ corrosive, keen, sharp. 

Mitft^r '(•'•r kept inviolably sec0et,Iodge«liA the breast. 

9vr(%9, ^nflRF, ^««lp, w«t^. mortal, deadly, wounding or 

afibctiDg a vitalpaf t, stmglng^ toddle qiiiek«' 

^«4riv9, mt^nofyf^f skewing honor or xespedtr civil, polite* 

9#li1t ^(^tt^f^i^f^^i^f 'Mvtf » W^f tespect, ktfnor, esteem^ 

repntation, rank, dignity, a boiftidary, Umit^ 
rectitude, propriety «f cond«et» stteadinesai 

^mrpnf^f , 9Mpv, hotiorable» respeetaUev^ eftecfned. 

^-% ivl|««, patieBCOr kindness^ end watfcr» iwrignatioBi 

wty w^, ^ii^f WN^.<fti; awfilft ^•ifWife> ^rvi 

«n«^a^, fiMi, dirti rdsk, dffcigs, tlvQis, atdi? 
iiieDt,excr6ttent,.aBy aoimalveblMieii as .ear- 
wax, siweat^ rheiiMm ftc. -a mAU dofil aii ii tyO 
omanMBt ibp«te attotan 
M^ therrciuse of riiM^ter siSlkig, tirass. 
MSf, ■i i i > Wl^ ^ttH<»»^^tk'*daatwya^ 
mnh; ^i«f^««mi^ialiiMttMr«Mple9{^^ 

496 vfrvt 

mm, ^, tftf produced frcmi fitth ; ptts, matter. 

WW, ^<i,¥rtJ^, w(^i U> rub, smear, to wipe, furbish, to 

grind, to thresh, to pull as the ear. 
wf^, «l^nwff^, a Gorn*thresher. 
KfRV, Mlfe^, l^^lK, f9^^[ft91, o<Kitiye ; costiyeness. 
qmiff, lftiy» — ^inwW, iMi intercalary month. 
Wfl, f «iirti, WMtiil, the gilding of a picture or of furniture. 
VFf, •iw ftrw, ^flpiNM w^, ^nw, the western Ghtfts; 

Malabar, a garden, the garden of Indra. 
t|ir?«, wn •l^ it« ^wfK WR, sapdal-wood. 
innnPwi, W?*rt^«^ ^, Wf^ Sctj ^, the south wind 

blowing from the Ghdts in Central India. 
W1, 'IW, ^Wfll^, r^^fiF^I, ?Wfir, ffW, tnv, 9^11, unclean, 

dirty, sordid, squalid; filth, sediment, dregs, 

scum, slag, dross, rust. 
wWWr. wt*l^, — ^W<i, to refine, clear, clarify. 

wM, wtfv, ^^. f^ft^, w^K9i> ^si^, f*nr, Hwi, ^iriw, 

Wt^, %l^. ntltf^, ♦tt*f^,^lrtt, foul, filthy, dirty, 
sullied, squalid, rusty, tarnished, faded, sal- 
low, sunburnt, sad, melancholy, sorrowful, 
turbid, wicked, vile, sinful. 

vile, wicked, cruel, savage, ferocious, hard- 
featured, of a sad countenance, crest-fallen ; 
Agni,a goblin,ghost, the black-faced monkey. 

Wira, f^Pti) f^cm, a kind of worm. 

Vf^, ^f the broken remains of rice after sifting. 

m, ^fW^W f^^, a scuffler, wrestler, boxer. 

WflJS, WB^W,— ^fPil,a scuffle, wrestle, wrestling match. 

nAr^, €i<lf>l> the Arabian jasmine. [bag. 

WW, wrtW^R iRlt^, a large leathern bottle or water- 

irt*; W^, — r«» ^f a musquito, a gnat 

Wfff, «rttt|i, — *"llN4t#^K <t4w§w, musquito-'ourtains. 

v(t, 5p|4r, ink for writing. [ing; a scribe, writer. . 

w*#<t, CTfiW, tm^, wn^, supporting biiudf by writ* 

w*ttl, ^wMt w. ^, ^*rl. linseed, flax. 

nH 497 

srftepr, «mrt^, 'il'SNn, ct<^, an ink-atand« a pen, 

9V?f ^>ft? firw, a species of pulse or lentil. 

ai^^, ^'iV'CfT^,^ ^f the small- pojc, a small cushion. 

ir^, vti, f^«it» a jester, buffoon^ sporter with foibles. 

JTOI^, ''^Wt^WI, — vtirft, buffoonery, jesting, sporting,&c. 

^M^, JWl,f*W»,^*f.^^, the head, top, crown, point, peak. 

ai%^ 99^1(79 iWl, the brain. 

9V, V^ Wl, whey, the watery part of curds. 

^W, great, large, bulky, important, sublime, 
chief, noble, illustrious, good, excellent, oppor* 
tune, much, very; the intellectual principle. 

«HFlt, ^itWf? ^«i1, CTtl^, N4rada s lute, the egg-plant. 

snj^, *n[^W, — C'Sfiral, v^l, greatness, perfection, urbanity, 

condescension. [Shudras, &c» 

aif<trt«i, «cir9 ;9f$rir ^i^i^n^* a remission of the land tax to 

W^f ^ff^f ^tcmT^T, to churn, to^agitate violently. 

vvciTpp, » 1 1ji» t fi l ^ ^Sf^^« ^ celestial region or paradise. 

w^fS', t<a|t i{f^, a great sage. 

w^HS, WI'W,— f&^rl^¥^^;, a prawn or shrimp. 

>iTt^nir,^ "fftffirfti, ^rtl^^rfij, large-bodied, gigantic. 

^9191, ^^ aiRf ftri^, Shiva the destroyer, eternity. 

if^twt?, ^f^? ^»WW?,^f?^T5K«m, great gloom or darkness, 

a division of the Hindoo hell. 

??TBR> ^\, ^Vl CTt^, W<ii1, ^W<, a great or excellent 

man, a merchant, banker, money-lender. 

«rftfll4t. ^tPiVf^'Wff^^^f trade, commerce, money-lending. 

iRTtwt^, '»^f^^» ''ffV, ?WW, very wise, having the know- 

ledge of spirit. 

vrt^ir. ^^fif ^?7, the fifth hell in descent. 

>HWl1, WT«n^, «^tn^T5r, irrH?. v^, generous, noble- 
minded, magnanimous ; Sir, your honor. 

si^tW^, WftW^,— fH?[ »^v ^, m. ^/. Shiva and Durga. 

^^y ^^W? ^iTfir, ^< ^, f ftW, any thing cqstly, 

costly apparel, gold, incense, agriculture. 

iRTt^, tff^Ct^, ^, «W^, great, eminent, important, vast. 

R r r 

498 >«[tCih?R 

irrPTJi, •fW^, a kitchen, cook-room. 

i r ^t^Hf , '•iRrt? •Wr, Wl? WW? iI^,f5!T, l[<t» a loud sound, t 

large dark cloud, a lion, an elephant. 
iv^f^;^, ^%f, death, dying, decease, the last steep. 
I^ftf^inll, iv^jr^v, midnight, the dead of night. [minded. 
JTft^'W, irt^?^t«T, «WTnftHi, liberal, magnanimous, high* 
^W% ?T«Jsrr^, ^^^. »^X, a high road, principal street, an 

excellent way, death or the way of all flesh. 
inrf^^^r^t.'r^WW/^, going the long joumey, i. e, dying. 
ajrt<fl, \*, OfTll, a litter, a dooly or light palanquin. 
«nO*tt^CT,^*ft^,— J^RT^rtW *tT5, a great crime, heinous 

offence, mortal sin. [or great crime, 

n^^tre^, JTCt^*?^,- J^^Xtf^ Wffjfv, guilty of a mortal sin 
OTt^lllw, ^^ CTT^, fiTKT^ ^/f^, a saint, a sage, a high per- 
sonage, a great man, a nobleman. 
^^*ft? *3;^^nvl,?t«rt,H^, a saint or holy man, a king, Shiva. 
ar^^fBi?, ^wvfT^, ftifirri^ a periodical destruction of the 

world, an entire annihilation of the universe. 
»rrr^, ^«Rpr. r53pjt, mr, strong, powerful ; a wrestler. 
ir^TW;, .ft^i^, «'^?, the mystical syllable Om. 
n^ft^, ^';? m ?tW ^^Uf the vernal equinox. 
im%, r4«w«i ^. fif?, ^tW9. ft^, a great hero, a lion, 

Garura, Vishnu, &c. [elements. 

HCT^, ijftl^, ^?,^Rl, Wf,^^JH, ^^^^, the five primary 
^^^^'l^, ift^8|, liberal, munificent, magnanimous. 
iRft'^fl'T, '«rfN6*IIuiftsrtf^^it«t*,noble,most excellent,eminent 
ai^Tlrt, ^mf^ "^f^n, il^t? ^^^ft?, ^^, worldly or material 

illusion, Durgd. 
ir?t^«r/, ^sfaif/.iBrt'f,^^^ ^rt^, very costly, precious; a ruby. 
urWi, '^i^rr^l^flif ^n? nm, the five essential sacrifices. 
^^1% ^'Wl, ^^ «rW ftrw, a wish, desire, a large car. 
J^^trW, ^KP( yWl, '•rt^ft^, a great king; Sir, your honor, 

your excellency, your ms^esty. 
9fr9t9lTf^9t^, 'ijjl^f 5oiF?B), a great king,, a king of kings. 
iR[t?t^, ^ifpi, v^^^r ?tftf, midnight, deep night. 
''^[IWijPi, "^^ ftrw, one of the divisions of Hell. 

it^ 499 

» » 

WW-;, ifj^f, '^Sf^^ dear, high- priced, precious, costly. 
''^?Wr» •W5'i» ^*f*» ^> G^ as the $uprerpe refuo;^^e, 

a sanctuary, asylum, a place of pilgri4nHge. 
>r?t«r9t, vtc^'Hirt^n, thejday of the change in Bh^dra. 
«RPi*, 1^^, «^wn^, w^ffiBflr W%rs ^frt, ^2 tnf, the foje^ 

head, a human bone, a necklace of the bones 

of the forehead, 1000 billions. 
•J^W*, c<f|?ltfi[i, ^rwPr, a gentleman, respectable persop ; 

Sir, your honor, master. [gteat courage, 
il?tifflr»i, ^ntffft?, "^^ 'ittr^'f a great outrage, yiolen t assault, 
^^W^ft^t ^WI/ffT#>, ftorft, WljTir/^Tirf » S,^?1, ^y daringly 

outrageous, daring, violent; au assaulter, vio* 

lator, plunderer, robber. 
«0rt^< iir^w, copulation. 

s^f^, 197^, 45Nir, greatness, grandeur, dignity, glory, 
iil^, TlirRit lit, irtTt, a woman, a female, 
sft^, inpT?* a buffalo. [to a buffalo. 

«rf^, w?T3wr», 4«t4Hl|^9, produced from or belonging 
lfi[*f # wRT'ff Jtfl^, ?Wt3 ^f^ft^ ijt, a female buffijilo. 

a crowned queen. [gle, &c. 

«ft, *|fMt, v^, the earth, the ground, base of a trian* 
ai^t^t inO^tm,— ?1W, 'r?<lf%; a king, a sovereign, 
«nfti^, ^fl|», «n?, a tree, a vegetable. 
«J^^»l^» cl?|!n, f^^g|,^» an earthworm, a worm, 
^ir?, *J».Wl, honey. [generous, liberal. 

«»Cf^» ^mOf ^r^<wSt, fW. magnanimous, high minded, 
IC^, ^ff^^ ^N» r?c«|^, Indra the ruler of Swarga, the 

Northern Ghdts. 
>ICPI, inr^J, — ft^, JShiva. [assembly of Vishnuvitc^. 
^iTt^^, hw^^FWTRTtar? VVTww, a great festival, a feast at a^ 
HC^IfflC, ^^, ^^, the great ocean. [pride. 

W^WJ, WWF, ^rt1,'«Rf^t?, final emancipaiion, a master,lord, 
»reflH^, 'It^Wt^mTMsf ^, ?i*^, a specific, garlic, 
irt, int^, ^<rt, ^, a mother ; madam; no, not. 
»t^, VBT, fi^, a woman's breast, a dug, a teat, 
'n^i ^n;«n ^^tirvt^, the pith of a plant, heart of a tree. 

600 imn 

irt^irl, j^CTt^. ^^rt, a woman, a girl. 

shamefaced, ignorant, inactive, effeminate, 
irt'f , •W^. ^Sw, apv, flesh, meat. 
m^^c*t^, irt*^^iPlti,"jrt^CTj *J«np <wi, a muscle. 
ar^J^f, ^•W?, CTft^, ^^, flesjiy, stouts lusty^ fat. cor- 
"^ pulent, strong. [ing on flesh, 

irt*^?, irt^^rt^, — ^Wtr^tWFP, ^Rwrm*, carnivorous, feed- 
iptR, arnirr, ^•i,*!^', to scour,rub,polish,cleanse,wipe, 
^fJfl-tttl, ft«P5«rt, Tfl?fc«»? ^irtflif, ^Tt^, a seed-plot, a ridge of 

earth round the foot of a tree fo retain water. 
«n^, «rrp?l, vi^^^l,— ^«&rw, ^si^nr, ^1, a spider, 
m^^, ^TTOf, iPfT^, ff^, a mango. [gardly- 

«^nf^, ^WfT^, V1<i, unkind, ungenerous, greedy^ nig- 
HW^, ♦ ^f^fTCTJ Itw. the seeds of cotton, 
ut?. WTTtriiSi ?it, l^'TOi, a weaver's shuttle. 
nt^XVf 'l^^Tc?, *fC5,^^rtW?, by the lump, for the whole, 

altogether, on the average, in partnership. 
ilt<^»-^«t^» CT^^, Ji^'r, i?nrT, to smear, daub, plaster, 

spread over, to rub in, anoint, to knead. 
m<R, ^A''S\^, «nft, butter. [&c. 

«rT«f^?l, vn% «!4tfi^irl, c»Wf^?1, a butt^rman, smearer, 
V^'^f ffX ^. ^^, an old woman, (in contempt.) 
irw, ^f *fit, ^;, a wife, 
irtirnf ^rrwiltwi,irv, ^^b^, self- applause, conceit, a boast, 

puff, boasting, puffing, vaunting. [puffing. 
^t<tfit?1, ^t^nUrft, WTfW^, conceited, vaunting, boasting, 
Wt^, f^f^? ^'RW/^rW, the first monihof the dewy season. 
Mtttf ifrtr irtc^r? •tWin, the full moon in Magha. 
Utanr, «rt^f^, — ^^r^T,f%«^t ^% to ask, pray, request, solicit, 

petition, beg. [licitor, &c. 

UTam, W^^, «trt^^, one who prays, begs or so)icits»a so- 
Wt«ffw,. ^5W, ^9!nw^?P, auspicious, propitious, lucky, for- 
tunate, [tition. 
^tWI, <ti<«i1, frt^ipr, a request, prayer, supplication, pe- 

v\^V9 501 

MtWPfp ftW«r*tTit^,to send or cause one to beg, 8olicit,&c, 

«tM-w, iv#,¥t9l,4^1,a$beir,scaffold,platform,rai8edshed. 

mftirt, f^|t, wifip, a bench, stool/ chair. 

m¥, if*^'!/, ^^, ?!W, a fish. 

irT<t, nftp*, ^*W *&, a fly, any winged insect. 

>rt^«t1, m^f%«1/1,— ^/?f*, ^«i, penurious, parsimoniou», 

niggardly, sordid, stingy. 
m%V\, ir^^fW^llIt, CTftm, a fishmonger, a fisherman. 
m^9t^, niAv?T9 a[t, a fishwoman, a fisherman's wife, 
irw, irw, «rwtt?,— Wf, ^mtf the midst, middle, cemre. 
^nwm, <3pr, avt^^, to clean, wipe, scour, scrub, polish. 
srr«Rl, «rt#<t?, ♦ffil^iPrtf, something requiring to be 

scoured, &c. [as a disorder. 

srnsRTl, ^^^/^/^97» inwardly dead, internally mortal 
mm\, 9flcipr, 79t^, the loins, the waist. [man. 

jfVSt, urtt, — ^•r^rtj, ^tfw, a steersman, helmsman,, boat- 


TO^It, ^iW^ ftrw, a sort of fine matting, a mat. 
arwtsrtf^, ^fiTOK^. W/^c«r, moderately, tem perately, 

middlingly, midway. [central. 

wWttft, ly'cxfira, w;^^, middling, moderate, temperate,. 
9rc9, src^/,^9C3r,in the midst,in,within,among,betweeo. 
¥f&, ^i^si, ft«rt, inr, slpw, sluggish, lazy, bad. 
mtt, ^f^^, ^, earth, soil, clay, sand, &c: the ground* 
irift^^, ^'f^f c^tWTfirai, a digger of the ground, a pioneer^^ 
m?t?1, ^RW, JfH?, *t1f^, earth coloured, brown, earthen. 
97T9, r9*tt«9.c^c^^f^>aplain,field,pasture,Bieadow. 
m^, cit^, ^^, buttermilk, sour milk. [on a plain. 
«t^, ^t^t^f — iti'.T^,«rtiflp, belonging to or situated 
MW^9 ^l^t?, out of doors, in the open air. [paste* 

irt?, wn,ifti,i«rit» a raft, rice-water, rice- gruel, starchy 
irTFT, "1^/ W^^^^Jf^fi^f tn^^, to thresh, tread out com,, 

to bruise, rub on a stone, grind, stamp, press, 

trample, beat down, flatten, make smooth. 
Htf^f, irtf*,— ftPW/, 5<«iW, W^, a back or double tooth, 

the gums. [kin, a childish man. 

nt^Z9, ^♦nnwwt^r; ^fw, ?tiwi< ?m, a ydath, i mani- 

002 « vf-^ 


ntft^ irtft V, — *lWBt<t, ITS, a ruby, a precious stone* 

9t^ , It^Ts OT» nmnr #f , whey, a thin sort ef treacle, 

checkmate. [naountaiqeer. 

irt^w, ^f i^^t>r, I?!?, an elephant, an outcast, a savage 

irnsvf^, ^f^F^» ^rnf^, a ^he-elephant, the goddess Parvat/. 

wtBir, iw l[«v, ^«^^ ^«^, W^m, to be drunk or intoxi- 
cated, become furious, rage. [hat 

ivT^BWl, f^mt^, vtBtir, an arch or its capital, a sort of wicker 

tn^WPft, n^r^, f^;|9i^, drunkenness, intoxication, a reel* 

ing, staggering from drunkenness* 

WWI, «rr^, — Winit, orCt, «lfv, «t3P, a mother, a goddess or 

personified divine energy, a cow. 

nWf 71^^; ^^19 CTt^, the small-pox. 

m^stw, iw^ snrt?, c«iim, to iatoxicate, stimulate, work 

up to enthusiasm. [or grandmother* 

Ht^twr, irm^^,- m^i W^swtW, a maternal grandfather 

irpn^, c^n^9 3^9, wft^, ^» ^vtft, a aot ; drunk, drunken, 

great, important. 

«tf*, «lf|WT«i, c^»f, ^W fC^P? ^<r?!tf|i^ •», WTT^, measure, 

weight, the tender leaves of the Palm, 

srfssf. irt^ 3{t^9 'rtm, a maternal uncle. [uncle. 

irR^f «rijrl-^, — «n^, ?rt^? ^, the wife of a maternal 

W^Vl, i^ ^^^ CTiT^ cfCt, ^4»T«r|, ^JPTH^s ^, a class of 

16 goddesses or divine energies, an alpliabet, 
a set of preliminary rules or axioms. 

itvn^, f^irrsi, a stepmother. 

m^^lTl, ^ft^f a mother s sister, materncil aunt. 

irra^, irt^^fl^, — ^Y* a maternal cognate relation. 

little,' the whole, a moment, a unit; one, mere; 
only, merely, solely, precisely ; at, upon. 

mart, Wn ^^^ uPr, «lf3im^,CTt^, ^WWS%*l%ftr5 c?^, a 

short syllable, metrical quantity, measure, 
an instant, a dose, a quantity, the horizontal 
stroke of a letter. [haughtiness. 

m^^'i^^f •li^iNtiBRJj^lif^ii^Wtlf ?nvy, malice,aTarice,pride, 

wtwi 503 

^^» hffif a chstritable collection, subscription, extra- 
assessment, [p^ak, pinnacle. 
aWl. nm^, ^•ll|WT^» f^i. •Jir, the head, top, upper part, 
^n^^n^l^, dTtl, ^iRTKf, headstrong, self-willed, rebellious, 
aft^tpr, ^tjntnfrs ?T^ W««f, UCV ^*dt»nr, t»W*, to interfere 

with another s concerns, to meddle. 
irt^rwRt, fjt^ft, iiWWf5€, head to head, to the very top. 
irt^tm, irt^, — wtwf f^tt?ww, ^ f'rftf^ ^•ft f^iri^, the ca* 

pital of a pillar, a wicker hat [quentiaL 
9T^rtvT^, cS^. tf^, RT^9, insolent, overbearing, conse- 
3rtir7, iiv«|Sl««#,^rait^, intoxicating^iu^briutiog^narcotie. 
^Vf^, %WW ftHPW, a tambout, a tabor. 
affij?, ^'i'^ Uv^, a sort of fine mat, a mat, 
mf#, ^w,^tf«f Prmni^f ^tftrn? fj^^i, an amulet, a charm. 
^^^» ^» Crishna. [ablfeness, mildness, suavity* 

m^^7, ir^iral, Uk9\i c^nvi^., sweetness, gentleness, agree- 
mvifiip, ^Kfr^ ^IW? ?w^ ftpft, mid-day rites ; proper oi 

belonging to mid-day. 

c^«i,'^^, vt«, honor, respect, rtok, reputa- 
tion, respectability, sullen pride, haugbti*^ 
ness, indignation, resentment, a pet, anger of 
lovers, a weighing* measuring, weight, mea« 
sure, value. [responsibility, 

^rtf^, . Hl'nrt,— -j^, f^nw, a vow, voluntary obligation or 

aff^^, '•rtws ^% w^tww ^p3m; •fWR, «wi ^iRw, mw f^'r, 

•JNi^i, «f <i,^«f^, HOI ¥9«i, |3|tw, ^nrw, to esteem, ire«- 
gard, respect, honor, venerate, ke^observe, 
mind, obey, ^bmit, b^e^^, ow^, acknow- 
ledge, agree or consent t^, tkotncide, allow, 
aduAit, offer, present, think, suppose, wish for. 
m^9\, f^cfii^llt, ^^«J>i, one who vows or voluntarily 

takes a r^ponsibiiity or /obligation upon 
himdelf. £gatory.» binding, &a 

m^rft?; "iviWf^t M^^ nm^ estioiftble^ honorable, obli- 
^ft^^, ^^S, ^^ amaq, human cteayture^ a multitude. 

604 JitKI 

irpnrtflpr, ^iwirt^ ^% to shame, disgrace, expose, dis- 
honour, [volition, scheme. 
irt^t l^^f ^"^If ^rt^«ft?, a thought, idea, wish, desire, 
irt^, irf^fiw^, — 'R^,^irr^«rTf5T??, ^Hfifftii;, mental, existing in 

the mind, ideal, imaginary. [temptible. 

Ut'ift'T, iwiRt», WJ^X, %^f humble, free from pride, con- 
arf^yt'n, ^1 #1 rwn, a vile woman, a harlot, 
m^, "mm, JTC^tr^f't, ^^, Ttn<«, fsTCTH, ^Wl^, regard, re- 

8ion,&c. a prohibition, forbidding, hindrance. 

persuade, prevail upon, convince, enforce, to 
mSLke to fit, to adjust. 

m^, 'i^t^tft, ft*i, ''y^i whiPP, arcHTWt«lt, proud, haugh- 
ty, sulky, sullen, indignant, honorable, res- 
pectable, esteeming, minding, regarding. 

i^m, ^9, sr^/, 7/(^, man,a human being,mortal, person. 

«rtw, «nr5l, ^i^,^»lt^<t^, JW, '•^•^^W, ^j^roi, badness, vile- 

ness, dulness, slowness, abatement, diminu- 
tion, an inferior degree. [admissible. 

aifc/, ^«??«it?, ^Jy honorable, respectable, &c. credible, 

3Rt*f, dt^, ^3WT<», t^% measure, m^surement, weight. 

Hfrv, rft^lT, ^1 ^\ ^^ 5pj^, to measure, survey, 

weigh, to guage, sound, fathom. 

Wt«W, W. WW?, my, mine. [a seal. 

Wrff, v^c^? ^wwf, ;an, a scab, the dry skin of a sore, 

wnr ntftf — nV$n, sft^T^, a maternal uncle and his wife. 

i^rf>p,Wiit^^, «i?il,«W«1, c^, W?1, w1, !itc«vT9, a fraud, 
trick, deceit, deception; villainy, wickedness, 
magic, a magical spell, illusion, fascination, 
imposition on the senses, worldly illusion or 
unreality of niatter, idealism, the personified 
creative energy of Brahma, ignorance, folly, 
affection, tenderness, attachment, love, sen- 
sibility, feeling, sympathy, compassion, pity, 
a woman. 

mtlA, 1^, t^fWtft «jii9si|e.l>9<M>j«irar»nM|fi9ia<». 
tUPr, WW twitw, ^^, to fa^QiMite^ <M«de. deetiv^ 
^nnir,. 4WRf^ ^i^ ^» «t^<9ftfl9k ^^ nagietl. jOhi^ 

sire. fasehl«titigk dflceplyv^, crafty, morldlj it 


a inagiciai>« a OM)tiMMr» [fnom jHusifm. 

dan clement ; a j^ggjler,. a cqiQii|er. 
Wt9, 4j«inf%% IMI^ 1^. iHwive>. 4iseiH^ve ; a decei* 

m?t 1^. gall ULe^ l^lQ^a. hiVl^aur. [ftc* 

mi9. Wfm, wt^lfi a plagoet. tpi^^Maie ^4^a«e. a sl^yecp. 
^^^1. ^;tl^# quan^laqana, w^ i^l^djf to fiKbt. 
WQWi, <IIW^»t*rft^,iW^^^ff»,W* WM^i WW^^^f *t^f to 

8tri)|e, amaie, bfa^» knq^k, mp, Q^igk pmiiiW 
.. kilk stejr,, deatray. l» W; a mack, discharge, 
ahoot, fire, to fiiblL wpoot glun4ar,,€ut off. 
vfiC^ ^«i^, tnm9f. W<. a, diftcuJitj, quibble} aatch^ 
na^ <l«Bri,«1tf%,ll,.«ronft^,^>a^t^ &c«qjb«ir 

;, cs^ptare, (dunder, 4ku bfti^n, c^al 
,,midonak [deroav, 

WTftlil^^ *a8IF>-'''*^**"'^''* 'fl^ mortel> fatal, deadly, muii- 
«!9rMl|> ^m^ l^nf^. a scuffle^ baltle^ elo&e figkt. 
miB^ ^Opiiapi^VtfHil vnwtw vtflit a pe8tileiice,epideimcu 
wtm, ^, ^iPniy. tba wiad, air,. vUal air. [search. 

m^^ ^% ^^ ^ road^ path, way, pi^ag9» sectioii, 
in^q,^ ««|nn, ^, ta smrch^ sieek^ e&<^iiii^ ask, b^« 
•1^,, wnfe>l!pi«». deiM^f kighrfricad, 
WlWi^ •fflWSl ^Hl^t, ^Whf^. WPWi ^^f, I^W, WW ^^, to 

fCo«r» rubi. polish^ furhsih, cl«an, cleanse, 
puiif y,, hsitbe, anoint;, varoiffh, ijripe, sweep, ' 

c^rofi^gi^^* [ed, &c. 

41^^ 1< WWtwt«;, n)|wnri[,^pa^dAatt)>lef TewaJ,,to be cleans* 

«n*W^». «ipii^^. «?^t. ai uwfll. wWwr*. bvusib, ijroom*. 

•Wfi* ••aNk W^t 1^Wt§& a9filvtI^^ pf|ipMMi(W^ . 

s s s 

60(5 Vfg^ 

^t^, ft^, <lwW, a cat, a polecat 

•t#5i, 556^, jft, fllf^wj, the sun. 

t^f 'JXJSI, CTWf^, gentleness, mildness, softness. 

wlfK ^R^iW ftrw, 'W^tl^, a cleaning of the person by 

bathing, anointing, &c. 

wfr, ^s, iw, 4H«tii1, a hero, champion, wrestler. 

srW*, ^cw^tWr, a flower-garden. 

c^n^, a necklace, bead-roll, rosary, garland, 
wreath, chaplet, the shell of a cocoanut. 

5tsrW!?[ 'W\ ?^, *IM^ W^, W^t, CTd, a seller of garlands, a 

florist, a gardener, the ratan. 

irpnrtt, WPrft^l, ^tn^il, wrestling, pugilism. 

utftl^, ^t#, — ^^rtK«tl|W?^, ^i/wt^t, a gardener, florist, 

* a maker and seller of flowers, garlands, &c. 

wTf*r8f/, *WW1, '*twff Tl, ^nft^K, CTtw, filthiness, dirti- 
ness, sordidness, squalidness, tarnish, im- 
purity, gloominess. [rosary. 

nvnff ^€t, «f^ *J7ftt|, ^rttt,a necklace, garland, chaplet, 

«rtWtT, ^?|^, i[|«itft(*li, wearing a neeklace or garland. 

ilts(;»rt. ^RirWtf^»fT3|, an earthen pot for embers, &c. 

irt«l^, ^i*H^, T¥, a challenging, daring, vaunting. 

Ht^f ' ^™rt? ftrtB, a sort of pulse or kidney bean. 

W^-1, 3^PW, — ♦!• ?ft ♦l^*!, a jeweller s weight. 

month (lunar or solar,) flesh. 
irl*!^(W, lOTrtif, ^rfVirt^f, an intercalary month. - [sleek. 
Wpfl^, ^ftc* ^3Fi5>», ^r«f, ftiFii, fleshy, pluinp, lusty, fat, 

ntf^, ntCT?, mnft c^^5^«rT*w, «wwt^ ^fw; n^i^Ttli^, «tf^m^ 

W^f r^«tW, ^^t^rrt/, monthly, befonging to 
a month, occurring or payable monthly, last- 
ing a month, hired foirthemonth; a monthly 
servant, monthly wages, monthly instalment* 
a monthly offering to ancestors. 

VtfUf ^«f^, a maternal aunt, a mother's sister. 

*^» * '•Tt? ^» V^f a film on the eye. a cataract 

1S»^w '507 

vtiffi,; Wfm Wt^f moiitbly wages or ^j^nd. 

wmx, C^. «nWt 5|tt^ greatncgs, glory, dignity, mag- 

. fianimity, celebrity^, praise. 
9it^, . sitMhi Xl^ ^^ ^fvft^f hij^aloe 8 milk, butter, &c. 
«tf^, ntV^f — fffivt«9, an elephant-driver. [Shiva. 

WCT^iit, f^, Durgst, the Shacti or personified energy of 
AffI, ^ li|«tn, ^ifaj, false, untrue; fjeilsehood, untratii, a lie. 
tii^, mv^t ftMf^, absolution, expiation, cqqclusion. 
t^, <tnnr, i|^, W9 f«w, ^Wfw, ^ ^«^, to subside, fiiil, 

wear but, be extinct, be exempted. 

Itft^, W9^^« mm, to dispel, efface, erase, sup* 
press, quash, extinguish, put an end to, ter- 
minate, calm, moderate, decide, settle,, oon- 
. . elude, part, separate, wear out, wipe out, 

e^^piate. [ing his purpose, secret, 

fll^^lwrt, *^^(Vi» tV^TI, 'Wiw^f, dim, expiring, conceal 
Prt^t, flkfct, — tS|^, ^iWt^ft. f|, ^w?, sweet, sweetrspoken, 

gentle, opportune. : [nessr of speech, 

tiil, . WiPr,— iftf^jr, c;9Pmil, . sweetness, suavity, gentle- 
fSr^, t^tW, Ht^^rtllr, sweetmeats, c<H{)fectionery. ^ 
A^q, il^^,59V,^|iil?, to sweeten ; seaBonable,opportune. 
fii^ HV/firs, ^V"Pt. measured, regillar, moderate, frugal.^ 
fll^^init, ^^fW/TtH, frugal, prudent; carefuL^ 
URIttff f4f^ , V^^f ^n/, regulated conduct, luoderation. 
.finHl, t^niretSt,— ^•I'T'Wt*, wvf^ w^^mft, eating mode- 
rately, abstemious, temperate. 
.flr{%9 <n^, ^l^^f measure, weight, measnirement. 
fiiigi, ft^,— ^, 9it^, iftl, a friend, companion, all^. 
flfOEil, ftwrPl, — ^PfBl. 'ifll, friendship, intimacy, ailianci^ 
fiFS^rw, #f«rtiw, l^nw, a name-sake. [syllable. 

pRnwHf '^fnn ^^^H^J "^n ^Rnr V, a rhyn^e or rhyming 
6p% •IT^I, fnCT, mutually, reciprocally, privately. 
1*»V» W,^ JrtPl, 1^, wtTi, ^'ijw, fJ|< twins, the 

sign Gemini, a couple, brace^ pair, male and 
female, man and wife, copulation, union. 

counterfeit; unlrtd, itelMety, unsubstantial, 
appaient, imaguiary^ IruMMllli useless^ f siiH 
ill fouDd^d, groyncHen; ftitteto^ a Me, an^ 
tnitb» deniaJ, a pretence. 

fatoe Tiew of thiags, btrdiy, athfeisA; 

4i«inim, «m?«i m. i^^mmri g?ouiiciito6fea»«rsittf^ 

doti, imaginary dai^n [^P^y- 

flkffftWk:^'f9l^ the denial of a ^barg^, aTalM 

1W1%, flll^r- ^f^^, ^rjp, ^W^IJN Wwipr,- supplication, ear- 
nest entreaty, prayer^ bumble truest. 
"••I, ap W^ ^^» ^il^f^if^^Wt*!, «rt|l%, art*Wi ^•ityv, union, 
•' conjunction,cohcord, sobietjr, consent, agree- 
thent^ uniformity, comparisMk^ * 

wt*i^» #w ^^f WW, ♦tt^WjU^w^iFtnt^^rtiW/^^*^*!, 

c*r, Wfli", ^•W/, flPlt^?, *rt^f^, W coalesce, be 

mixed, unit^, eome together, assoda^, join, 

combiae, enter into friendship/pinrtiiersbip or 

allianee, meet, visit, touch, c^raie it codlaef , 

suit, bgre^, tally, accord, resefaiUe, \6 cohere, 

cHng, eitibrace,tQfind,jg[et,obtain,fU{ in with, 

to happen, fell to, overtake, come up wilb ; 

' ' ^ nHioa; junction/ contact^ accessioit^ agree* 

ment, resemblance, reconciiiiftion, rhyme, a 

♦isK, a meetitig.- ^ • (Jagv Viriling, Sociable. 

ft0fp 9iM^ I l,^-*-*r Wt^Ttv^tfW^^rtlf, ^»W^, ' uttitiBjg, coal^ac* 

- *at^, «wi ^jr^; ^^, f>*^^, i»*r*!H, ti mix, 

ifaingle, adulterate, compound, Joib« unite, 
gtaft, cement,* a{)ply , clbse up, to bring abdat, 
ptocure*, recouctle, mediate^ oomparei jcd* 
late, to adjust, bhi^cktih Acbbatft, to fit, make 
tb correspond or suit, ftc. * 

rtif^ fllM^^ w^i 9if|l, 9l«f\R^t^ 

ttaited» c«Mlibiiicsd,cotaiieet6d withi' uiited f^ ' 
^tier, <teherent| fou ftd» Stained. 

lMt| <lnw« <4«ai r^nr^ to ta^ milled^ tiftio^, unite toge- 

iMitw, uwAtii^^ M mut^ cott^MMkU jumble together. 

ft^Rfllin^ 4Nlf^1# ^ ^Afin^ mixing with ; an intruder. 

Ik^t^ ^i|#^9, wtpif ^Pll i >U ftM^ a mixture, com- 
pound oaedieine^ n jtimM« ) ttut«d» ftc. 

<Nb ^nt«r, di^fdR«)rt, i^Rflr tkrlf, nlii^tiire> itm^rpolmtii' 

bni ^ femfly llam«. [unidh, inixture. 

Ardfn, ^VViMffi ^m% iad^ithifteticAl iKlflitic^^ chttnieti 

HMvniI» 01% «^f » It^. tl-lWr^i^ir, uiiity^ cdheord. par» 

n6tBbip,tnvedtig[atibti pf mix(»d properties,&c. 

ftni|«» 11^, 9r^» ^fc^Mt«^» ^^1^^» m»ed, tompounded^ 

jiMbleid tbgetber, promisenoiis^ adulterated. 

IWtWwrttl* Wf ^ •rttit Sl^ fliBf , *t^* ^^ WW> -^a mi*Sjl 

knguage Df dialect^ a jargon. 

9k, Hi*. 9J15tl. Off t ^, 'Pfm*!* ^4 »trtet, pleasant, 

Und, agreeable^ nice, gentle, seasonable, op* 
portQnA, spriikklAd, moistened. • 

Pr^lW, Mlt*, <qmll, sweetmeats^ iweet ituee, ft^wmtf^ 

1^, tKit? ntf^ f^r>lt,a sort of defttifri&e or t6oth'-pb#d6r. 

**, w^^;, W^, itiHi ItfM, a flsb, the sign Pbceb. 

INf'W, «m*«»»Ntt«l, *<;f , flttlt^rvir*. W*^, a follower 

of tfad MiTmlngs^ philosophy, an utnpitft^ 
mediator, afbitritor ; decidiii^ h different*^ 
iAveAtigatttig. [and deddei. 

1141^11 4)y, ibd"^, — f^ifWy, WrtWl^, to bfe investigated 

^tthlk, 9HH fkg^,Pt9i4,^SMf^, one of the six philosophical 

i^y*tett8, logical Inveistigatiob, examination, 
' retom^iiiation of dlist«rd&nt bpinionb, a deci- 
sion, arbitkttieto. ftl^, investigated. 

^itm^m, flMk, fmf|«, nttttlH, ^tdded, adjudged, ^t- 

wo ^; 

^, flpj^. ffl, mnrt^t a crest, cg^mn^dkAm, tifft 

^^, ft9. Vishnu or the liberator. 

^^, ^^y ^iftK a looking-glass, a mirror. 

^Jp* nrtF, ^,.^nPw©fS.^I?'^, a blossom, a bud. 

^fll9, 4hi^ fiC9^. ^^Vtf^, budding, in blossom. 

^, IW^i »t^'» ^» ^*«i ^nw, Prvi, f^, released, 

liberated, . discharged, exempted, acquitted, 
deli vered, rescued , ransomed, emancipated, 
free, open, loose, dishevelled, cle9r(as weath- 
er,) ceasedy.cleared up. [prodigal 

f>9^, «t^nfN,.^^ift, open-handed, liberal, generous. 

^1, ^Jrt^w,— Ji Pirw, Jit^, a peairi. . ._ [tcr. 

5»t«tt?, f ^tc^W^, — ^f», .CT ^Vipvrsig^ sku, the pearl-oj s- 

i;*WW, «^tl, f»wS>,— ?f#t8 WWti unstring of pearls.. 

^i^, WWf^» ^Itit ?rf1» ttW^» ,^» ,5rt^, CTJW,, freedom, 

discharge, liberty, liberation, extrication, 
deUverance, escape, acquittal, salmion, fi- 
nal emancipation or absorptioii. 

the mouth, face, countenance, front, muzzle, 
an entrance, aperture, opeuingt orifice, cobi- 
mencement, the first term in progression, the 
eye of a plant; first, chief, principal 

1!<^» V^ — ^(^» f^ww* scurrilous, abusive. 

fiRvt7l» iPVt^* ^^tsrt^tnc ^, bashful, shy, sheepish. 

f^c^tirt^t, f<Kft^,— wvWtwit, ^RWjrt, bashfulness, shyness, 

sheepishness, a shrinking from. 

^imrrft, ^wrWJ, 'wrt^;, foul-faced, ill-looking, ugly. 

'jKonRc^t, vtfMt, wt^, a hag, a witch. 

fl^l^ ^9^79 "Wlt^^ "m^ VP9 f^nfcr, a proqdse or threat 

in order to silence one, a gcig, a bribe, a gift 

^<jr, , 'i^t?^* f^ww, ^•rftnf5tft»^'W(, ^WF, scurrilous, abi^- 

sive, insolent, harsh-spoken; a ponch) a crow. 

. IjiWff »; r^t'rtW «f^ ^RC^ ItT^W^, dryness of the face 

through grief or disease. 

J^f ^T'f ^t,!**!^.),^ a rein. soaffle« biW a bmIk. . . 

f^ 611 

^, ^mf^fiT, ^ff , «^, ^PWPnp; iitttftted in the face; 

in the mouth, ready to be uttered, off- book, 
outward, pretended. 

5^, flte* F|^, fttjfrf ^ 5nflRi> f «w, ftj^, to face, look 

towards, be about to take place, approach. 

5<rt!%, ^'^filt?!, ■wwc^ wwt^^. 3^«1t^, a fire-visaged gob- 
lin or will-of-the-wisp, fire placed in the 
mouth of a corpse on the pile, sacrificial fire. 

5<tC*l*1, '•PJjtiC, •f¥^lt^, partiality, partial regard or 

distinction. ' [posite.- 

5*1^^, iWtWf^, :H^<rt#^, face to face, front to front, op- 

'^9, ^rmri^rtt ^^, a favourable regard, propitious 

countenance, (used as a term of flattery.) 

5<rw, fiwfts ^ft|ir"i|tr, a mask. 

v«rt^, Wi(P%, ^j|^^<, a muzzle to prevent biting, a mask.- 

vnxm, t^* ^'^» ^f^* slaver, saliva, dribbling. 

^^, cr^tw, '^m, a sprout, a young shoot. - 

5<Xf ^•itW/, <tWT, primary, chief, principal, pre-eminent.' 

fr^, f^, •ttpr, towards, in the direction of. 

fc^, ^^^, up to the brim, running over, overflowing. 

^* ^' — "" ftrw, a sort of kidney-bean. 

^^^. ^rtltv ^\ 1^1^, to thump, to beat, to pound. 

^ti?, Vf 9,— c^^tfvy 9tin, a large mallet, a hammer, club, 

bludgeon, mace, a dumb-bell. 

^ v«^f m?Tj5P, ^it^v, ^wnr, iri6nf , infatuated; 

deluded,bHndly attached to, stupid, ignorant, 
stupified, bereft of sensation. 

srim, ^^^f /• arrived at the age of puberty. 

^JFT, 5^^, — ^tft^, ^*?*i, ^?*rt?i*i, ^^f ^rtf ^•i, •Jf'Tf to 

liberate, set free, turn loose, disband, release, 
emancipate, to cast, shoot, evacuate, resign^ 
vacate, desert, forsake,' divorce, toclean, wipe; 

5ft Wtff wNrtf , WW, wft, ^pi ^ttlWii, a currier,* skin- 
ner, tanner, 8hoe'maker,basket-makeir, a cru- 
cible, a small dbcoanut. [upon. 

iww; ^hr^^tV'^ri, Wf^W; to imile, simper, look kindly 

Upl^I, «l^. ^FttR^ td Wf^k?J», ^Mfis^j 4is|q(;^te, break. 
5«f, ^«i,^«iftWT, an qi^fot^P.^spec^^ft^f grass. 
^i*, ^^r •W^» ta flow«l> to atMIc^: up ip^ flover» 

^fli grow }jqiyurisAU3i[. 

HMIf. ^(^. ti'^N^. t*W. » flo^we^#pik«!k ^ f)(»of com. 

^$, «9 c?t^, a am.aU bundle «r: ijoi^d for U^e head. 

5!^ 'ftir, ,^. ^, #»• a cQflf, stqpple, ^Hopper, plug, 

b^I)g^. a biiliti. handle, ||tiqt>J|gh7l»^iHile> th^ $»t 

f^. wifi^, vtiRtf*. vitmiH, a pojcter, ijarrier of bur- 
thens, a cooly; E^ng* 

f|(^ ^i(^VTf^,<«nr t^^, the cracking of t^e ^nger;i by pul- 

f>. ^ ^'ij^ ^'^ ^'^^ ^'^^ * »war4-hilt, handle. • 

^ «fi, '^r!^/ W^V a hai?(Jful,. tb^ ck«cjt»ed fist. 

. 9. hilt, plMg^ lid,, coY^c. [^ry.. boj^der. 

5f, fry», m^W.'^i. IfliPPied, p«oUard; the hfa^ a bcw^ft, 
^^.. ^«W. fl ^Df 9?tipeat of p^rphed ri^ ao4 ^Mgar. 

ff^'if, 1i5'i «W ^t^. ^W^. 'V* '^f ^'l'»'» ?"*'' ^^^ 
fipi»jp ci^ ti»e l^air ^n disgi^ce,, ifhave t|w^ hea<l,.t4 

lop a tjeet of its, upper branc^<(8,. to. p^rl^y, 

cover yfiih lei^ther or p9pei', to gildL {d^te^ 

oveiispreaf}*, ^xrap; tip, to t«i«t,^ tupi. tack, 

8h^t «t ciapfrkjiife* &c. [end. 

^ 'Sj^ffll. f^^^, %b, a stfu^ pollard, l^Qck,. log, a* 

JjlJlW, ^WtftcfV.^tl^lf, ahav|ng,,^c. ajbar^r, hair-cutter, 

ij^^yi^, "^mm, from epd to^^nd, a^ over,, ipcjfusively. 

^, ^, ?^«iP. flw »w?, BWch«4 ripSi. t*»e W«i«d h«a4 

of an ai)iB|jil. 

fj*.». «^^. vn«, c^it fW,^lW. tjb,Q b>ea4,. tjie forehead. 

a lopped tree, B^ti oc ti^^^nding node. 
-^:|, lEtf^, ^^It>n1f a barber,, a sbftvj^^ [pollard, 

^ ^jJ%f^:nT^w^, jwfi. «ha»ei^,sji9Ji^|^.J»a|4^jopp«d» 

ftn, 1^ «f?, ^«^^, WjJt^, t<%»|iiji«ft,the head ice, 

to lop a tij^„ tp^qflivpT^.fjy^rljiKf.gild, &c. 

fVV 613 

^, ^rHw^9 ^tKf 9^F9^, to shut the eyes, fill up a pit» 
/ to close aB a wound, shut, move on bingep. 

5«, 5*, ^•^, liW^, ^WJ ifftwi, ?[^5* a plug, a cork, 

a button, a cover, a coveriug, the offering to 
an astrologer^ the strangury* 

wW^, ^•fel^jl, ♦f^rnrsl, a loop, a buttonrhole. 

i|f^ ^wpr, ^ff^B shut, filled Hp, Sec. pleased, deligbted, 

gratified. [p^t^y tradesman- 

5*t, f^«fRi;t?t^<t/fircaFil, ^^, a grocer, a retail-dealer, 

5i, ^? ftrw, «t, a species of kidney *bean. 

f^?, CTi^pnr ^«rl, «;^«3r, ^^, a large mallet, an iron- 
headed club, a hammer, a dumb-bell. 

.wjat, '•iRra ^*«i^fft ^% cJrtT?, ^w, 11% 'iw, ^Sfj irfsnn 

ficm^, a coin, stamped money, a seal, signet, 

medal, cash, a rupee, astamp, die« impression, 

print, a mode of devotional intertwining of 

the fingers. [er, seal- cutter. 

?^Bt^* Ifsit^n?,— CTrt??TflSF f^nfiiw, a carver, engraver, coin- 

5^attr»«, iR5r^f|t?,tRti[^, pecuniary, consisting of money. 

;^:9li%^f ^*Y¥^, ^^> sealed, engraved, stampt, printed. 

^[vSTf^^, fT^n^, ^f«lKf impressed, stamped, sealed. ^ 

.^[3T^ai, Wt^iT9if, VHt a printing-press, stamping ma<;hine: 

ifcff^/ t&^?^, 1T<1T^, ^tPWl^RJ, ^r«fir5, sealed, stampt, 

cut, printed^ closed, unblown, 
irf^, «1^, ^*t^, wStf a holy sage, a semi-deified devotee^ 

an inspired philosopher, lawgiver, an ascetic. 
WSy^» ^Ifnrc^ ^1» a desire for final emancipation. 
vjfH, '^fjt^^f a desire to die, the point of death. 
5ir< ^3^' ^V^^^f iTfW^, lying at the point of 

death, wishing or about to die. 
^jnjimr, »^W, a legacy, a gift at death. 
Jr^[9ft, i^^ cw, a pipe, whistle, flute. 
99«l. fini,-T-^inf , a small drum, a tabor. 
5[^^, tS^y CTt^l, fjs, a pestle for cleaning rice in a 

mortar, a large n^allet. [death. 

9nmf, ^fl msl ^«mt/, deserving to be pounded ty. 

T t t 

614 l^^iW 

^^9 wflCTti, tke scrotum, a testicle. 

^^^ * ^5^^, fflt^CTW, ^% Wt^f castrated, gelt; a 

euQuch, a gelding, a wether. .. [g^d, cot 
jpromnr ^ ctW<i,— ^"^p^W W»^, ^J ^tW^r to castrate, 
^t^, ^t>»Klf> , ?1^> fist to fist ; fisticaffsi pugilism. 
If^r ^» 1^» the fist, a handful; a hilt, handle. * 
^^, tfTTtfCTt^, c?4t, ^rm, the conflux of twd riveis, t 

junction, rivulet^ [frequently. 

w^, «^^,^«SpiX, ^inwtf, again & again, repeatedly, 
1^, ^ ^» ^9^rt^, a period erf 48 minutes or the 1 5th 

part of the day or night, a diort time, i 

moment. • [demon. 

^, WW, H*^^/, It^, Wt^^, dumb; a fish, a ptupe/, i 
^, mif ^•rwpT. ^Wi^;, f^cms^ stupid, ignorant, foolish, 

rude, rustic, clownish, cold, phlegmatic. 
^^f ^ ^% ^t^ 9Pi, to make water, to urine. 
w^, n, — <e|^, «i|t, urine, water discharged. 
mmEr tf^t^^^i ^9 A suppression of urine, stmn^ry. 
w, f^ftft^, ^swwr, 'siWft, ignorant, illiterate, sttt]^, 

foolish, awkward. 
v4s\t ^^T^rsl, sr^, ignorance, stupidity, folly, ididey. 
^WE^If •?'Jf •WF vSCT? <fn^Rw ^**^5t?f, WfJf id : ior/i^ the 

first pui^ification Of oil, a tone or semiAoiie^ 

the 7 th part of the gamut or musical scale, 
f^, f^ ^^^9^s, oitip, a swoon, faintingfit, loM of seo* 

sation,' stupor, stupefaction. 

fallen into a faint or swoon, insensible, be* 
reft of sensation, fainted, swooned, speechless. 

fl^W^, f ^^ Zft^U epilepsy or the falling sickness. 

^, TT^, ^^^, ^0W%tW^, having shape of fignte, ma- 
terial, solid. 

^ ^, ^f^ ^. -rit?, ^irWf, ?i% uf^, «rfi«1,. substance, 

matter, form, shapev figure, a resemblance^ 
likeness, image, picture, statue. 
'^^p ^f4, itrrs^ff^ a painting, picture, portrait. 


died, possessed of visible form or shape, cle^ 

ver, skilful, accomplished. [mation. 

5^/W/ ^^1/^9 ^tl^fftfii ^^^r*l, a different form, transform 

ni, . iniv, n\n\, n^na irvi, tbf? head, the cerebdiam. - 

9g[]i(tf^pPlV« wRi?9 ?1irtf ffSart W ^fC^HTfl^lilW, a chsatriy^^ 

a king, a prince, a ttized cast half brdhmia 

half chsatriya. [(letters.) 

^/, «J<WWtctrtiitft» «, fe^, 4ingual or cerebral 

^, *% ^iiw* nr|» ^f^tiwi i^^s ww« ^ifi> «fwi, wif*, 

^Ofl^ ^, ^ftW» iR, rfjft, 4Wi?,'»it1lr,^iitlW. a root, bul- 

. . ; Ikius root, origiiu source, cause, foundation, 

. aboriginal i^ock, breed, the original text. as 

. distinct from a commentary, a principal at iqe 

terest, capital or stock in trade, aquare or 

Ciibe root ; original, radical, near, proximabs. 

m-1, ^«(f)ml% ^wm, the 19th lunar mansion. 

?*1» 1*W,-T-^R ftffW, a radish. 

^n, iV99/9^, f^9?«t9, founded upon, arising from as a 
. cause, having origin in, springing from a root, 
fw, TWPw,^ TOft^^tW, radical, produced from the root^ 
fwnr« ^A, a capital, principal, stock in trade. 
1^, ^^mf^, Wl,wtf^9t9^, fundamental, original ; a be- 
ginner, originator. [origin; an antitype. 
^^^91, ^ctfiims^. ^^t^, ^Tt^, become a source* cause or 
^CTt*^*ft^, ^^^tt5, '^CT^, subversion, overthrow, total ruin. 
HUT, WffK •i^,«inf,we,c^^, Wfl, •H;,aRr%. value, worth, 

price^cost, wages, hire; valuable, purchasable. 

f^l* W'r^, — ^^* ^ ^^^ ^ mouse. 
^f *rl,— 15ft, ^t» «twnr «f tw, a crucible. 
f *f ffii%*t^,^wx^l^f8nr^, a deer, stag, buck^ antelope, 

any beast, the chase. [dy deserts. 

if^r^pn^ sQP^f^^ ^^'V' ^^^ niirage or sultry vapour in san- 
?**^JJ^t 7**W, P^Wtsr, a jackal. 

stag-eyed, fawn-eyed, having deer's eyes. 

sift ' ^TOP* 

f 9mf%, fvnnr — 9^^ the mxislc of a species of 'deer. 

f«;, ^(f^,— ^«r; •fi»? ?m^1, VtT5^, deer^unting, the 

chase, game, sport. ^ 

wn?, tM, ^itt*. 3IW1, a hunter, a jackal, BrahmdL 

mrjTW, ^'Wf*, ^t^W*— ^'^f the lion or king of beasts. 

f^r^rn^l^, ¥f|R:^9 ^, a fawn, a young deer or antelope. 

imN^I, ^f»9 ^4|^, the fifth lunar mansion. 

fsttir, ^V, f^nnMf«, the moon. 

ff^^, i: rlfnri 't^^, "iirf^, bunted,chased,pur8aed,8ought 

f'lt, ^flf^, ^I^^T?, 1*ftl4t. a doe, the epilepsy, a des- 
cription of woman in amatory works: 

v«iT^, ^tirtfS? il^, the stalk or fibres of the lotus. 

W«^t#« *t4. ^^f a lotu8,an assemblage of water-lilies. 

9^, «f^^,— «rt$(, ^, earth, clay, mould, soil, ground. 

'^, ^?c«it^^, «r?1, f^^«i, dead, dieceased, defunct. 

vs^f^, njt^Virs, fV^«itU»l, nearly dead, dying, expiring. 

w$9m. ^w^irpr, given by one deceased; a legacy. 

«Wt?, ^t? t( ^fiV^Vi, Wf?1, a widower ; bereft of his 

wife. [deceased son. 

irs^n ^trt? ««'¥T^ irt^lrtci^f having lost a son, relating to a 

iTBtTfir, srit^t?;^, ^^^ almost dead, hke one dead^ 

w^W. ^K^itnqi <lfj^rtf ^WW^t, a person who gives tes- 
timony for one deceased. 

w*%, f^r nj% m^fkcvt^f death, dying, decease. 

wjf, i«rT^ftt?t^, w, death, demise, Yama regent of 

death. [mortal. 

f^sf9?, 99<i^9^» ^^9» causing death, deadly, baneful, 

s^^i ^?T^f%, a good or rich soil, fragrant earth. 

«9W» ^J^f a double drum, a tabor. 

^(^, t9Vs\, gentle, mild, soft, affable, kind, 
tender, placable,clement,peaceable,tractable, 
quiet,tame,6upple, pliable, slow/ dim, blunt. 

ij^w, ^Sw, IT*, a production of the earth,* a vegetable. 

»ij^t|, vm^^ WT, soft, gentle ; water. 

^jcjr^, ^f iR^, slack-water/a gentle stream. 

^€W, ^S^v1» a i^pe* a raiBin. 

^irf , •rTf^w,irnft?i,earthen, earthy, made of clay or earth; 

f^» ^, ^^?, uselessly, in vaiti, wisely. 

i^f «int9? vRRFt^. W^3 the center stake of a tht^esh.^ 

ing floor, a nipple. 
V(^p jtciit^, 9?i1, a femaJe, iat inroinan, a girl. 
CT^^, !jf^<rt, ^^pn^, "St^*- v^?, womanishness, un- 

manliness, effeminacy, girlishness. 
c>r^^4, mrHt«i» ^S^ft^f shame-faced, womanish, shy. 

^Cc^ ^, a woman's girdle or zone, a sword-belt^ 

the triple cord worn round the. waist bythift 

' three first classes, the 'sacrificial string of ^ 

brahmin made of deer skin, a fine sort of sack<- 

cloth, the edge or swell of a mountain. 

ciw, Wi^S?' — ^^ff ^'rt^^, a cloud, floating vapours. 

aniCT?tf6«, c?n»5t^t,— fiiff^ , ^f^, tmw, a flash of lightningf. 

n^HlW, imf^rr^, — «r^i^, ^f^r^w, low and distant thun- 
der, a clap of thunder. [ing of clouds. 

tsr^^, virtr?c<3ir4t, ^fff^, a succession of clouds, gather- 

Cir^sn, ^:i?irt mr?, ^fir«^, cloudy, dark, lowering, overcast* 

CT^fW, cwr?V, wwttaw,— ^^?^^RW, ^Wf^^, the gather- 
ing of clouds, a lowering sky. 

CT^tw, mr, covered with clouds, lowering, overcast. 

CT5;1. w,fts, ^^^, CTT5I, a chair, a seat, a bench. 

?:3rc^, I9m^\j gt, a fishwoman, fisherman's wife. 

nr^T!, ^^^^, cwn/l, ir^^Wti?, a fisherman, fishmonger. • 

cw%ir!, t^9i^, rvc^n,- ^ciri sr^J^f^, the floor of a house. 

rw, MKS^9[^ ^jl^^S, the middle, the floor of a house. 

rail, 5Wt^, fj^Mf^, 5^f^, a settling, adjustment, &c. 

C^f^, 1^, ^«^, 3it^? *«f^, to settle, adjust, obviate, 

remove a doubt, &c. [coloured, dim. 

CTf^, vw9f ?W, w^;i«f, '^f'^ clayey, earthy, earth- 

CTfl^, wSn, — f^arl, «rnil1, a kidney, a jar. [petroleum. 

tufJin^wr, ^flw i^8«R^ l[«nftf WX fSirW, earth-oil, naptha. 

HIS f BPt^ ' 

t^, 9t^» the frame-woidc of aa imtgp. ; 

cvrflf nvl9-^tV9l» 'Oiv»- a ram, a ali^ep. 
C^lt, rs^^.iar^, a ewe^ the female sheep. 

hammer; blunt» dull, riisly» stiff, starched, 

unwashed (cloth.) 
W9A, irrt>, ff^n, the gums, 
wg, t*i3f ,. *|initNj, ^«1. the penis. 
t^pg^, ^j^liK^ "^m^fsmf the prepuce or ^le^fcao. 
vn, V*t, wrt, ^Hft»t? W^aFi^ft;,?pjrpr, mMrrow.ftit, n)ori>ii 

oorpulency, serum, lymph. [pid. 

miU ^^^^fi|,1M,^ar7> dull, heavy, sluggish, slew, stu- 
nif^, ^^It^Ji^, l^W, the 'earth. 
nv* ^W, ^^rcivrifHr, a sacrifice, offering, oblation. 
Olldp <>, irt%, «?«irtl ^, wrtiWBI, ^^Wtll, understandiDg, 

quickness of parts, aptaess. ability, retentive 

power, memory, apprehension, coBCf ption. 

jpwtiQy ?rt^^, '^fmtv 3ISW f^^H, ^rtw, ♦flf't, p^ff^ 0^ 

good abilities, iretentive, haymg a good »&• 

mory, apt, quick, docilci intelligent. 
-SH^t, csiftc, — ^c«it^> the central stake of a threahing floor. 
OKf. ^If^, ^, fit for sacrifice or oblatipo, pure. 
x?Rl, wr, a wom^n s breast, the udder of a t>je|Lst 
CRt, $c«lt^, ajtfftl, a female, (woman or beast.) 
t5pfi|^i|rt, ^ij?1, <itfjp, shunning company, retired, bashful, 

shame-faced. [man, daug;hjter, girl, 

or^rt, OWR.— 3ft» #WW5, if?^. ^Ril, female ; a female, wo- 
ivw, f(^^npn,Mer.u a fabulous mountain, probably the 

high lands of Jartary^ the North Pole. 
wajfiy, Wffe?1, the kidneys. [ake^l. 

tsriwti, <^»? sTHififs ^nfif ,?5C«t^,«T?1,tbe back- bone or spine, 

^*f;, agreement, concord, reconciliation, peace, 
accommodation of differences^ accord, con* 
sent, accession, union, conjuQCtipn, aiixtaie, 
intercourse, society, coo^curispq* ^flPiil^^tr 

pilm^ 519 

PWif -^mnfiliy WfPrfl^ lilvnifV, €vrv9>i social, Aeetra^ 

comiDg togethei" ; a' reconciler, a professional 
cootracter of marriages. 

^^Tt iff^^i to meet, come together, join, mix, 
reconcile, to lay vfieb, unfuld, spread out; 
v.n. to spread,extend,to be found or met with. 

^9(Tir»a fair>an assembly^a piub,a concour8e,crowd, 
throng, mob ; thronged, cowded, close, join- 
ed, united; mixed^ &pacious^ open/ roomy; 
free, unrestrained. 

Pinfw, cmjr^, '^Vft^r to spread oQt, expand, extend, y 

xmtfk^ ^9fB\, «R9t, 'nm, UffHf an assembly; concourse, 

union, associatioti, friendly dismission. 

camt^ff^ at9/, Tvfti. 9injtf%, an agreement, accommodation* 

vf^f fv^. vn^f <SN9 9fl^, a ram, a sheep, the sign Aries. 

df^ntiv, wi\^ ^^^Vttf, a crowd, a hustling noise. 

nwm-^, WfTiw^, j\Mm, ^ttfftnrt, a shepherd. 

91^91* PCHl, — vtfltj ^ffl, a maternal amit a husband. 

owtit, ipJt> w^Bfirra ^ nt^ a film on the eye, the new 

flesh formed on the healing of a wound. 

W[, itVlf^ rsttr,^ «l^, ^t^^, any discbarge from or 

inflammation of the urinary passage, urine^ 
gleet, gonorrbooa. [charge. 

oir^Vt «f2JSt4«M9>^anVP, diuretic, producing urinary difr- 

oifi^fl, CT[ft^, — ^t5|fi*U, morbid urinary discharge. 

hm\ ' ^S1,^vtlft9f friendship, amity; friendly, amicable^ 

^, bvi?, — 4^» fifSRiWt?, a friend, companion ; of or 

relating to a friend, friendly. 

bi^, VPr, nx9t% f^^9 Tf^flVflf union, association, mar^ 

riage, copulation, sexual intercourse. 

CTt>*1, iW^, ait^^rot, a deliverer, saviour, redeemer. 

unw, f^^9 f^» ^% Vf\f final emancipation, salvation, 

liberation, escape. [cipation, death. 

tMtW% WQTf^t^H^^, f^> liberation from matter, eman- 

vam» ineffectuaU fallible, left, abandoned; 
afence» a hedge, the trumpet-flower. 

CTtiF, ^ciwfji ntfw^ rw, wj^, ^J^gff, mustachioes, whis- 
kers, a blossom, a nib, a point. 

Wjwr; ^^^^W'tfji ♦fftp ftrw, a small bird which sucks the 

honey from flowers. 

CTtw-1, rl^Ei, iR»9l, a twist, wrench, sprain. . 

WfTOiT-ww, f'TW^, n^^f dRtefr, WM«r, to wriag, twirl, 

twist, wrench, sprain,to 6plice,twist together. 

CTt5^, ^B«?^, VJt^f ^^ ^ti% ^i^f IpTV, 3fWf«r, VtP^'r, iET'l 

rst^R, ^^, to liberate, free, emancipate, relea^^e, 

discharge, forgive, deliver, extricate, save, 

to wipe, clean, obliterate, expiate, forgive, 

to peel, to shell ; final beatitude. 

CTt^Ti, ftn^, 5t?t^, a pair of pincers, tongs, tweezers. 

nf^OT, f^VfC^ "^fT^. the gum of the silk-cotton tree. 

V(V\f ^9vft ^cwf ^f\9t, the blossoms of the plantain tree« 

CTTFff^, ^JipSt'Wi, 5piii, a plantain. 

w \ \M , ^5ir, iW'itfT, irti^, to wipe, clean, cleanse, to shave. 

Wl^, %fT?r, *l^, ^'^f ^'f, ♦tprftprft, a burden, load, bun- 
die, package, an amount, sum, totai, wholesale. 

xirtt^, ^31 C9t^, «i^ vti, a small burden, a bundle. 

t:^, '^, i|^^^» ^> thick, coarse, dull, plump« sleek, 

fat, bulky, big, great, large. [cursorily. 

ciri^lCint'^, ftr?, ^iftWCH, in the gross, indiscriminately, 

CTtf^, CTWT^,vft[?t5^,aporter,carrier, bearer of burdens. 

nt?, cf%^, di^, ^^?^'sr, a twist, strain, bend, turninir. 

crook, an udder. [a dose. 

CTf^, ^Wf, ^ireiRr «rtan, a small packet, a paper-parcel, 

CTT^-WT, f??*!, ci*4, *tW^, ^Ptw, f^i^w, -flP?T5» w^r^. 

to turn* bend, crooken, warp, twirl, twist, 
screWkitMtna boattoiland, turn a ploiiffa, 
to return goods ^ran abate(nent of price or 
labour for an advance of pay, to wrap up 
in p^fJker^put up jnto a parrel, to overlay, 
cover with leather, &c. to plate, to gild. 

WW, .«<ltt ^» «rt?n. n^i pfm. • •••oK fo«t-8tooi, t 

roll or padiet a dose, a turn, twiat, ftc. 

CTPW, ttttjr«» 'i^f IL'*^ ^'^ ^^' I*^. a con- 
fectioner, a sweetBi^at» a 8pec}e3 of fattening 
medicine ; ddlighting, &c. . 

«nnr, WW^, f^' wim. m; ^«i, |W. to delight, gladdciw 

exhilirate, enliven, to shut, to close. 

Otft, ¥%, ^ .^REVil, shut, closed, clo^e ; a shutting, 

onff, mnft, a retail-shopkeeper, a grocer. 

cn?ri, amH cS^, the pesUe of a pedal. 

ort^r, cmcrtr itl^m nc^/Cff^^n ntlm^, tonnage, burthen. 

cmv, •ini^cihirv, wax, bee's wax. 

cnnvn. canfV^mv, wax-cloth. [a swindler. 

cw0nF, tMi, ilfft «n«9, a robber, plnnderer, free-booter, 

nrir«i, ^sMfH^* ^t^ Wi% to steal, rob, plunder, swindle* 

9r>i||4iiM, fascination, infatuation, delusioq, . stu- 
' pe&ction, loss of consciousness or sensation, 
fainting, transport of grief, &c. folly, ign;%" . 
ranee, worldly illusion. ^ [delusion, 

cwtc^f^f 1^' ^mt^t fascinated, stupified, under worldly 
twt^^w, itfSif 9» ^||t[^, causing stupefaction, &c. a sor- 
cerer, magician. [churning, 
rvtf^f a4^, ^9, wx^, an incantation, fascination, a 
CTffV, 9nril4t, Ht, M^> a Sannydsf or religious men- 
dicant. • [ated, charmed, stupified. 
orl^^srttt, wt^, — ^f «rtfWI, f^^n'r, fascinated, infatu- 
cmnr, ^% Vftf^ Nit ^, a gold coin, a seal. 
CTfflnft, 9rai, nc^vrtiat, /. charming ; a fascinating woman. 
t^ft, ^ic^h ^tWf fascinating, infatuating, charming. 
csh« ^« T!7^» honey, the nectar of flowers, 
ci^f^yv. Tt ftc^t ^^f ^» a pearl. [lence, defamation. 
t^\^fffs v<tifi» «t^9/, f^inrl. scurrility, abosiveness, inso- 
t^UtW, fJWiNit?. awf^, w^t ^/, ipf^Fiflr^, ^?f if|«, of or 

belonging to the mouth or face, lip^serving^ 
outwwd, pretended, immediate. 




cwt*, tJtf^^W*^ ^f^Sft^i a4ioiiey'-c0mb, af hive. 

resenie, sadneissr/gloom; gloominess. 
CT|«rj«, ^^ <l Wfl ^Ht» a ^€M of ^ilenae. {tacit consent 
r^^Jrtlf^, ^virw ^i^avft, siltot suiSeiance or acquieaceoce, 
t^^t ^l?R, ^, ^it9, ivtAv, sileA, taoitarn, graTe, re- 
served ; a bermit, ascetic. 
Wr'WCti «i«[«l^i^, 511?, a bee. [as a token of Iu)n6r. 

c>ri9Cftv, ^(^n ^'^ttM^V^nt a fan of fieacock'a feai^rf 
cii\tt> *n^^ ^^i Wit a bow-string, the chord of an arc 
1^, ^SJW. ^Jwi (^»*Wr VW|», radical, proceedingirom 

a root, of pare blood, of unmixed eztractioa. 
«i^«i-tv' ^rt*w flpvi, #ff, a sort of mat. [itm the crown. 
cj))fli, «^t^1%$^, f^ the head, a diadem, the lock of hair 
cii^Ww, ^ww, nn^, an asti'ologfer. ». 

JW«i, •t^rft^ WW, tp smear^ vto mb, to anoint.. 


IJlRtH, iRiC^1w/v,ft9t, Ciinftv/ dying, exp]iriiig,at the point 

of death, melancholy, disconsolate. 

irt^, «1F, f^, ft^l,C^I*|jP;^i»jnfii, T^iiH, Jfnif withered, 

faded, decaying, > sad, melancholy, dejected, 
grietedk discouraged, weary, languid. 

ITf^, t^rnw, nvif 3pf!ll»^ai^l1, melancholy; sadness, dejec- 
tion, languor, wasariness^ a witheriiig, fad- 
ing, flacoidness. [sad, cheerless. 

tW«f*i It f<t, ' ftwi, i^PtpiU vnwt^s downcast, dejected, 

tV^» l4iHWi^ir, nt94^, a barbarian, foreigner, one not 

a Hindoo. 

Wf I'^f — ^J«c?» ^nqww, adass of demigods fabled to su- 
perintend tliei tieasury and gardens of Ciiveit 
the god ' of weal th. . [ eased liver. 

^f^» ^fn^ti, cft^tftrw, the liver, liver complaint or dis- 

^w^^f, ^, 'wflff, ^, resin, turpentine, ineeny . 

^PW WffoT^, ^V19tir, pulmonary consumption. 

f^» wiTfrmpp, conaumptive; having diseased lunga. 

^^t^f w JPWJ, i^wm^ when, wheifcver, m soon as. 

wr, it« m% ^ ^^ to perfeffm law^oe, tp worship. 

1^ ^ 9lQ9t siacfificifig; oue for whom and 
at wbofif expence a sacrifice is ofered. • 
i«t, ^■nf9,T<^^4m» the.«ecoqd ofj the four Vedafi. 
Hlfc^ fliitf c^ iinQy, per^ining to. the Yajur Ved« 
^v> <n^« 94* ^> ^mRmtflk, a sacrifice* oblation, reli- 
gious wor^hifr. . [altar. 
fH^% Vt«nff i|^fi fi^t a saqrificial pit serviog as an 
^iii^. viirtif^iilfV'l^ aD<|iltar for sacrifice, [thread. 
wmj^ Wsmnft^f-^n^V^f the characteristic or sa<ired 
IW, vmt ^rf|« ^* ^^ W^, any essen^al article of 
, . a sacrifice, any part ol a sactpficial cere* 
mony. [longing to a sacrifice, 
^nil, sit^nfl^nif; ^n>9 ^tfV. sacrifisial, fit for or be« 
If, ^«rtsi(fl, ^^. 5rsi<, ^assilf*, ^Wf^lfiw, collected, a- 

massed, united, squeezed together, closed up. 
wm^t M^i^9iX an ^nasielliDg. 

fVR; '. ^^W, i^» ^«l^» ll»«H^, c#l#ft^., "i^fT, to coir 

lactt {^her together, to fold cloth or paper, 
' to bind, ,8f|uee2e tc^ther,. crumple, to furi a 
aaiU to amass,, to hoard. 
^l^» n, «R1» i^rhich, what, that, the, aa. 
IV. .an«.^ as inany as,- as much as, as long as. 

in[tcv, ciff|ta, wherefore, hence^ because* seeing, 
since. • [while, until. 

^m^p w^lff^$ — c«*ti(f«, wn^, as long as, whilst, 
^wim, ^inr, it^*^ •Wf/'S, as often as. 
W8fp vik\ 9i^, to endeavonr, strive, labour for, aim at. 
^g^, ^, — Hffiinn.^i^y v^» of subdued passions, con- 
tinent ; an ascetic, religious mendicant, 
ifit t^irt^* <W> ^H^, wa,xipf, •tfjWEf > IJWs a cessation, 

rest, pause, stop, check, controul, restraint, 
a space in writing, a syllable. 
n^K^in wnif^lW •Wjwtlw oiv, a nuptial prcr 
sent to a bride, nuirriage fafwirs. 

524" «tt| 

7JCS*, tM^, «9«1tf, a6 many' ak; sa mahy/ * 

li^T^t^'*^, ^•^i ftp^ c*W, a Utile, a few, very lUfle; only. 

^, «r?n!,«i|,c^,^;ir,'i;vtin?, labour, toil, applica- 

tion, assiduity, pains, diligence, care, effort, 
exertion, endeavour, energy, perseV^rance. 

H^fiTtti, ^fW^f %*^!^, obtained by lahbur, &c i acquisi- 
tions, earnings, [tive, zealous, &c, 

wSJ(t^, irsi^,— r^il^^. •ff^^, laborious, diligent, ac- 

UU, W^tc^, Wftrsr, where, in which, in what place. 

^^iW^f, mtrt?«i, «j^E. ^W, common, vulgar, mean, pi- 
' tiful, inferior. {for insUnce. 

1W1, iWTTflr, w SW?, rw^, where, as, -according to, 

^^t^t'^f c^"^ ^^> ^^ y^^ please; at will, at pleasure. 

Wnwfip^ » W t^^ «W?, in any wise, in any way. 

nK\n^, t|^r»!? c«wi?i«r, W^ ^w?, 'nw^'nc?, the close of 

day, evening, due or proper time; according 
. to the time. [sively. 

li«3Pir, wt'T^tl^, OFipnt, in order or succession, succes- 

iWt^^, ¥9^1, rw^rsJV'r, ^^t^, WtfiC^ CTftlCT', indiscri- 
minately, as much of one as the other, the 
same, so as, hither and thither, in all places. 

^«t?. Wtrtnr, m c^'sr^fTT^, whpre, in what place. 

^«rt^«n, vm^rct, in equal quantities or portions. 

iWtytir, tw^ ^*^, according to taste^ as you like. 

W\^p 3TO;,^yW, ^•IfV, ^1^5, true, real, genuine, right, 

just, proper, suitable- [diture, thrift 

Wt^;?, •tfii1&«^;ir, frugality, economy, measured expen- 

^^Xtf ^^'^^ ^^» ®* ^® ** ^^ proper, as is right. 

Kt^Kf, i[^rt*rRF,— 'ftvt^'rtc?, as far as possible^ to the 

ntmost of one's power. [likB- 

«^, • ihfrWTCj. CTir^ ^. as you please, just as you 

ic«P«f^, OTR W, t^^, -^i^t^s, «!?, according lo 
• one*s wish or pleasure* voluntarily, as one 
pleases, amply, abundantly ; enough. 

«^, - T^rs?,^w«w, ru?, «ng^, 'tprt, id : aUo enbugb, abun- 
dant, much, ample, many, sufficieot, various. 

WW¥<, tww '^•l?*» ^•fflfWi ^w, ^nfW^jr iW, as the case 

may be or require* according to circum-* 
stances, with the utmost rigour. . 

tWtfW, 1W^V» — Wf^ ^iW» 5fWlW^, as far as is pro- 

per or lawful; condiga. [until* while. 

W^f c^'^mf^O, rs^m^lHnr* since, from the time that, 

Wt • c^^n^^^pr* HPiFC^, when, at what time. 

^, *r/r«t, ^fll»i/T«',--tiP«^, •www. W«ff » if. and if, if so be, 

though, although, since. 

^1^> ^^e^. *RV^, cf^, agreeably to one s own will 

or inclination ; independance, wilfulness. 
Hwt^iifW^P^i ^, ^ih «• ^Tt^. ^«, 'll, *R, tl^Wl 
l^^nirf 11^, a machine, engine, implement, in- 
strument, tool, trap, a mystical character or 
cabailtstical diagram. [guish. 

^n^; m^, 4l7lt a cheeking, binding, pain, an* 

W^l, ^*^, tf^t c^WF^I, ^,^ W«, «lf?r«i|. pain, anguish, 

agony, torment, torture, suffering, punish- 
ment, toil, hard labour; 

19^, ^mv^* ^f^* **iTHf. m^jrifl^, instruments and ma- 

chines, diagrams and caballistical figures. 

irfira, ^^it^« ?i;, restrained, checked, fettered, bound « 

«lt. ^aiftmi, Pnwf^T?, tl4t, H^, ^wnp?, having a ma- 

chin6, &c. mechanical, projecting, ingenious, 
crafty, designing; a muncian. . [inch* 

iw, m\5 ftrw, fi!^^, barley, a barley-corn, ^half an 

ir^'W?, siw ftrw, nitre, saltpetre. [able, fixed. 

n.v^, ^^, — tw«r flj«f . f^?. ^W?, as it was ; immor- 

wr, 'iiti*, f5rap%, j^ipr^, nWt, nr^cw, an Arabian, 

Grecian or other foreigner, a mussulman, 
Arabia^ &c. [curtain. 

i[^(Pf«1, ^'^itTiT r^^^, ^^1^» an outer • trat^screen or 

9M, 9t^, ^t^l^ ^(19/ ^^, meadow or pasture grass. 

iRt^^, ^m4tft,vtit^, oval, elliptical, like abarley«com. 

ntv^, ^, wfl, a sour gruel of^e broken grains of rice. 

till, , «f9 ^, fn , boiled barley, barley food. 

nflfpr, ^fi*,— ^1* Clt^ ^>Wl, very y<xmig» youngest ; a 

WTj, n?^,— TO^iv fM CT t^ ?TOC?, 98 ofteo M» whenever. 

m, wr, n Wtc^« wb9<i, 9^ wkflit jtune, on which day . 

w;, w view? CTt^rrt ^!lt, At ft>?, or sown with barley. 

nM$ .^MW, ^?iff1«9 ^/f n(^, ^, Yama regent of deacth 

and judge of beU, death, ahrace^ja pair. 

m, wm, — ^f%^f ?t?W^ mt^. twins, a twin, one of a pair. 

fif9, iffvtit? lc^ ^l <4i;fr^r,tiMiF9, aUiteration, har- 

moniouB r^icurrence.of j^ounds, rhyme. 

nvf^VJt m^t-r^PS ^# a messenger of Yama or death. 

intv,. tftll» 9lti, 4 dagger, a stilletto, 

w^i^j wtWft-t-wjRFi the r^sidenQ^ of Yama» heU- 

^i, ftflft, #tWt ^,;renown,. fsime, celebrity, reputa- 
tion, panegyric, pr^iqe, eulogium. 

t^ifft^, l^» — ^it^9, famous, r^fl^owoed, iUnstrions. 

IPttfttil^ « «ttf^,— *f^^fCPif,.WWt^iJBir«nit, » {umegyrist, 

-ii ' eulogist^ flatterer, sycophant. 

lil, nwtw, •iWft, a sacrificer, w;orshiiqper, a priest. 

^i Pttt^, iifMlF* a stick, staff, ;Wf^nd> mace,, tdub. 

Wffcljj tlfefil|Vi?n> ftri». liqijiWccHroot. 

«1f 3[*^^^ ^"^ #• ^ V^, a husband's brother s 

wife ; begone ! a vaunt ! 

it^, w^tl* rice-gruel made of t;he hroken.grains. 

It^w, ftmr, WW, «r^ ^fi, Wf «W. ta go, nw^e, go by or 

away, depart, reAch to:. . [course. 

i^eftwtilt tritim, «tfW^ a going and c^mMig, inter- 

ftwi, JM#, %ll» a mill-stone, a, 8n|iiU^> ^bellows. 

iifk, vidpft, bc^el-nippers, nut-craekers. 

it^r, iw,c?tw,W,^.^««F^i»ftw aw, sacrifice, ob- 
lation, offering, act of worship, lime or other 
substance used to ripen green-plucked firuit 

KS^i <rt^»f^v^»a petitioner, suitor, candidate, beggar. 

mil^t l^irtitft9lt.fWt^, a living on alma, mendicity. 

WSn^ mw^, wt^, 4«i(^^Rpi, tobegi^pray, solicit, wk. 

entreat, requfst^ petition, sue %, 

<mi6 ^62r 

^mm, 'iJJIt— ^ft^Wl, 1*^ f*«wir*, ropptication, a re^ 

quest, «iiil, entreaty, '&c. ' [for^ *c. 

m^^ it^;, — dHl#4tf , propel^ to be requested of prayed - 

9ni9, ^<R|t, nf^t an oflkiating priest, a sacrificer. 

mwFfl, fnlclfr^^ office; 

'WR, tprt ^w, HT'MR •ifP'', to perform worship, con- 
duct a sacrifice^ officiate as a priest. 

nmSi iwf^, icsi|*l|l^p lflii9» ^XMW^f one for whom a 

sacrifice is offered, sacrificial acts or gains'; 
proper for sacrifice. 

wftw, MVHf^li ^fl^ S"*** iW^i^W^, sacrificial, of or 

belonging tp a sacrifice ; an officiating priest, 
a sacrificer or institutor of a sacrifice. 

^, m>1.— n^, W^t, a stafl;«ick, wand, cane. 

w^f ccfv, ^ ^Vf^, gone, departed. 

^wn, «*i1, "^(^tn tppn, ^ww^rtftn, pain, agony, an- 
guish, torment, hard or painful labour. 

^t^nm, 9t9!,'#^ lTt,'fMlri, old, stale, spent, worn out, 

impaired, used, fiided, rejected; abandoned. 

wt9i, itt, — ^tf^nrtft, in, one who goes, a husband*s 

brotber^s wife. [ingand coming* 

««tft«, ^tipitiivw, ^fWitlt, a freqiiehting, intercourse, go* 

srt3ii, wr, <ft^, 4f^^, 4|flK^*l, Wljir^i, ^f^f <t^*rtiiw, 
^t^sn, 91% a goii^,' setting off; departure^ travel- 
ling, spending or passing away of time, a 
mafcb, jourtley , pilgrimage; it holy festiral or 
procession of idols; theatrical representation. 

proper oh^a' niareb; naarchihg, journeying, 

going on pilgf iibage, 'fit to set out on pilgri* 

' mage or a jouriiey ; attending in a procession. 

^It4tf 9t9f9t|t, 4NH^)4t, marching, journeying, &c. a 

pilgrim. ^ ^ [ous. 

^tpe^f ^Mf^, Mr, sit^/true, real, ^nuin^; just, righte- 
^lMi&» ^RM^, MAM, wif, ^sM; rcttdity , truths yoracity, 

justness^ rijithteMSness. '^ 

§8$ ^• 

jQfP. vt^,— n «nptl» n 9rt, as, like u, in the maniieroC 
1T^9» ^^K;,^i(tiTv,^r^, wilful, obstinate, independant 
it^f ^1^1 ^"tS^nf^f at carriage, vehicle, conveyance, 

as palkee, horse, &c. 
^f'^-^i •I'^f^ i>fw, w<tf>, ^rn^, WftJl, an animal or per- 
son drawing or carrying a vehicle^ a bearer. 
^pnjttf 7<t% "Hj^*^. the fore part, pole or shafts of a car- 
riage, [away time. 
)^t^ir, Rrt^, iw^^f to cause to go, &c. to spend or pass 
vr*r/, c^tM41i[, tl"*, requiring to be concealed, secret, 

dormant [out the awn, forced dee, lac. 
^rtw, ^ft^n^^t rcfir^ct^/, ■«, half- ripe barley, barley with- 
m^^it^-^, ^^^^ *Nir«, through life, all one s life, 
nm, 99fif^,rr^«,^, vqwtV, whilst,during,as long as, till, 

until; as much as, whatever, all, the whole. 
iffi'St?, ^rt^?, —^5* 'Rfjfnr, all, entire, the whole, 
mvn^, ^9 ^99, as much as. * [the country. 

iT^c^cn. ^9, ^^^ vnH, throughout, everywhere,* al) over 
irnr, «rn* a watch, the fourth part of a day or night. 
^tamff, wft, ^^, a gong, hour-druin, clock, acock. 
wt^Wf 7^/nr ^l^» a son-iu-layv, (daughter's husband.) 
itA9-W^, trf|t,rst^, a watchman, night-guard, [or night 
ftflff, 4V9 'tr^ff of or belonging to the watches of day 
ttlWt, ?!&, Pnnt^^, finttr^\ night. 
^ft^ff ?f#^ t^» the south quarter, the south. 
tlrf^, w CTt^, n ^Rp, who, (honorific or respectful.) 
fin^, 9T«c^9^^,a desire to perform sacrifice or worship. 
f9, ^, a pair of scales for weighing. 
f<9^, i^«rsr, n^^f, ft?l, an art, knack, habit 
hf^^ vt^t^, c^iR,.to measure, take dimensions, weigh. 
|>», flifirs, 'rfji, ^11, JT?, WMi, ^^i, mt^vrp, flu, ^ft«> 
^mr, joined, combined, yoked, united with, con- 
necte'd, possessed of, possessing, endowed or 
affected with, .pregnant -with, , attached to, 
engaged in, intent on^ occupied with, proved, 
concluded, proper, right, fit, lijBaBonable. 

Pr^^Wx* »i«wt^. 'TfWrrt. WTff/«1, |W*, v^ti; reason* 
ing, argumentt inference, logical conclusion, 
deduction, reason, counsel, advice, policy^ 
contrivance, a specification of circumstances 
in written evidence, the supplying of an el* 
lipsis, mystical expression, union, connec- 
ticm, propriety, fitness, usage, custom. 
^^mm ^ ntar,— ^swtw, ^» ♦flfP^ir, a senator^ counsellof^ 

adviser, monitor, one who gives advice. 

the four ages or successive periods of the 

world, a yoke, team, pair, couple, brace. 
^^ f^c^ ^^ ^^IfV ^x^>> the appropriate religious 

duties of a particular age. 
^pf^, |«t«t^, — 9!^, 49 vtcw, <ii^, at once, at one time. 
'gW, ^*»^f — ^ft. WtTI» 1^. tJftp, CTI^, 5nt^, 3nin?» 31 pair, |t 

brace, a couple, twins, a team, a yoke, a 

match, a mate, fellow, helper, 
^niv, fpii ^n^ipr, 5fw||«^ the end of an age, periodical 

destruction of the universe. 
|JR> 5^,— *^^JWf^, tSiitw, iit^t^, WR, ^Jrt^f to join^ 

unite, yoke, cement, to commence, over> 

spread, reach to, to be supplied or provided 

with, abound. [tified or comforted. 

1^, tX^r ^m ^ 1i]l X^^f to cool, become cool, be gra- 
t9, ^,iiv,f3[mk,.connected, joined, possessed of, full oL 
IjW, rtf*n^5rt, a shoe, (of leather.) 
V' f«l, — ^ti, *tt<i, ^H^, a herd, drove, flock, multitude. 
|«» ?5,— ?•!» "wHt. ^^fX^ ^n?, a battle^ conobat, figfalv 

contest, conflict, war. 
fJCVlA^ UTt^ a warrior, combatant, one who* makes war 

young, youthfttlv arrived . at puberty, in ^ the 

prime. of life, adults a young man, a youth. 

w*, ci| Ww <t, wrtt, /. young, adult, &c. a yonng gift 
^ xzx 

530 t^ 

f^, f^T. — r^^^, youth, youthfulness, adult age. 

f5?tv, 9t9tf ^^% ^f a prince, ail heir apparent 

^JW. IJV, ^•fPr, sing: you, thou. 

5«vft?, nWT?, ^l^rttj, i^f>i^; thy, thine, your, yours. • ' 

^» ^^. ^^wr?, a louse. [bound, a funeral post 

^% n^ ^^^<lf ?rft^ the stake to whicfe a victim i» 

iw, WW, wti Rrrw, pulse- water, soup, broth, porridge. 

w, f*^; ^ff9 RPTI ^, who; which ; conj : that. 

nr»r^, ^••^FfRF^CS, ffom the tithe that, from which time. 

W^TCf, w^W,—ti^^TW,^*5r, at what time, when, when- 
ever, as^ sooh as. [little that. 

ti^%^, ^ftn» *«?^f, ^ftfip^, whichever, whatever, the 

IW^, rtcc^,— 'Wc^prwt^. whoever, whosoever, any one. 

CTWpr, t%ftr,^t?1, whoever, whatever, [ever, whithersoever. 

CT^rtC^, WftrsT, — ^^,^3r, wr?, where, whither, where- 

IWI, ^, 4^^trr; W^rt;^, where, whitherr [down. 

«Wrtn*,'«ij'V^^flif*J.Wt5*, hither and thither, up and 

Wsr, ' ^nftC9,t4iat,in order that, to the end that, whereby. 

twin, ^^, ^^i till, until, whilst, ^s long as, as far as. 

W2W?, ?n{^, WW, of what sort, what kind of, as. 

V^r9, CT^, — W trwj, ^HK^ ^rt^, as, like^ like as. 

CKspTTKiR, s?t(jrf^. 9Ft¥t^/, indifferent, passable, middling. 

CTiRtwr^, vpmc^. ft^irWf, ^^Wl^lfji^, just as it Was, as be. 

fore, the same, as is just, agreeably to desert 

t^w, OTr^,«CTl^, whoever, whosoever, whichever, what- 

eviSr. • ^^ ' ^ [like as. 

r^n^, ip^^tf^n?, nm^, of What form, in what manner, as, 

wc?^-'f, tfWr^, rvsrsrt, ^ij^, las, since, because, for, for as 

much as. * [warp-rods- 

Wl, ' •Jrft, ^K^f ^T^rWir, a stock, capital, a weavers 

lii^f srr^, ^^^> measure, dimensions, depth, guage. 

l5 W^, ^^ 'T r^ai 5P?<i, ^HVi ^3M, to measure, take dimen* 

sions, to weigh, to sound, to guage. 

rtt^, wl^PTn,wtfftPnrt, ftr^t^, ^W, one who joins, &c. a 

provider, procurer, professional match-maker. 

wtj. Wl^, ^9^9^ j^, the tie of a yoke. 

V*fi?, €ftf^, ttvn »w?, f «(Wr, m ^w, TTf'Hi^nF? ^iti 

fSpwi!%W Vf^, ffcnj <wWW1f wrtfic, •It^^fH ipw, union, 
j| unction, uniting, combination, contact, addi* 
tion, mixture, connexion (as of cause and 
effect, subject atni predicate,) result, conse- 
.. quehce, fitneais, propriety, an expedient, ac** 
. quisition, a juncture, lucky conjuncture, the 
27th part of a.great. circle, feligious abstrac- 
tion, intense meditation'oq tbe divi&ity, one 
of the six pbiipsophicill systems. 
nt9rtV» ^ f^lif #in, a supply of materials to a bricklayer 

or other workman. 
ttt^tttW. wt^,— ^I^Pnru sRHitit, a: bricklayer's labourer. 
CTfffTT, ft^lf ^4,.^RmT,nwpr, M^, tosupplT or provide 

materials, maka provision for,, furnish neces- 
saries, BUperinteml, manage, set to work,&c. 
wrfttf^, f^rtr?^ ^ff*?1, 5T«ter?t supplying, furnishing 

. with, Ac. a superinteiidant, overseer, 
c^mpihr, tHt« ^tcrw4 ^•wrtl ^•B''^, a religious posture fa- 
vourable to devout abstraction. 
ratPtPrjl, f^J^l, ^FpFsan; a; light and wakeful eluraber. . 
vk\^^ \m^r Itit, VRP ^W/t^r it*, an ab3fract devotee^ 

an ascetic, a pretended devotee,ja weayer. , 
CTir^r, ana?, wW, ^w, i«ir, in, at the time of, through, 

by means of, together with.i:: 
C«t^/, ^^t|«. ^^^ "Wr ^nT, fiti suitable/ proper, suffi- 
cient, worthy,, clever; able,, capable, quaUfied. 
>i;9t^/>si, ^^^, fiursi, fitness, ability,^ suitableness, &c. 
nT^TTIf "l^^f t5<wprf^, aoQckle-shell, oyster-shell, any bi- 

! valve shelL .: . . i [maker. 

C9t«9, ritftf^vl, ,^9,.uiutiBg, &C. a profiessional match- 
VfX9m^ fSWpr, WT?R, ^ rarrt, to add, unite, cement^ 

m,atch ; .a measure of four co^ or 8 miles^ ? 

inrtWl, '^^tW^, firar, fMr?^; il^, a unioli,:addition, sup- 

L . - ply of materials, a negociating^of taaniagea.. 

682 Wlftiyiii 

JB^\ «M; fMI <49, ilt^, one of a pair, a matcb, a fellov. 

W1^, ^rtWtiW, ^1W, 1^, an agent, factor, manager, a 

negotiator of marriages. 

CTt^-'^ff^^ <wd{^f|W, flWt^, fiwt^, ftr^tflM, to join, cement, 

mix, incorporate, to pair, yoke, bring toge^ 
tfaer, to negociate, effect a bargain. 

CTt?, ?•» ^* '^•W ntt^, few <w, iw9, ^pciw, ir^» a 

pair, couple, couplet, one of a pair, a matcb, 
union, a pairing, cohabiting, &c. 
Wt?^, tSliit^, nt^tT^.^^V^ ?Fj^, ^/Ttl X^^t ^t^, m^f ^tw, 
irt«l ftwt?^, ^iW^, ^xn ^5t* W«T, to join, unite, 
cement, to commence, spread, take qp room^ 
reach, be overspread, to be supplied with, to 
spread a net^ to mend or patch. 

ctW, ?5» f?** ^'^^ ^» 'W^, CTl, ♦fjftwt ^*tTf^> •fiPW, a 

pair, a couple, a match^ a suit of clothes, uni* 
^n, connection, a grafting, patching, joining. 

ctW^» ftwt^, ^•^ ^% «^^RNi«i, to join, unite, connect, 

cement, add, affix, to graft a tree, to pair, to 
yoke. [broidered. 

t^tf^TV, W^ ''^^f ^^» united, cemented, grafted, em- 

nrti, fV5^[^ jw, the tie of a yoke. 

nrtiF-1, ¥W ^, ^riw^^, plowed land, a farm, a fish- weir. 

wt^'f, IMHWW fWrn ^ ?Hr«i, to yoke or fasten together. 

nrar, ^mrt^, ^cr7> f^r^, stock, capital, wealth, income, 

means, supply. [soldier. 

CTttrt, wt^— «i*3tw^, Wfl^, HRI, a warrior, combatant, 

CTW, «1? fiWT, ?«iwt5r;, worthy to be fought for. 

CTif^, *»^, w, ^jfi,^ ^^ ^rt¥j^ i^, 1^^ ^^ 

/9Ti^, pudendum muliebre, the vulva, the 
place of birth or production, a mine, spring, 
fountain, cause, origin, original. 

^tf^, ^irtfw, produced from the womb, viviparous. 

Wf^nill, w^Tt, 4t*t3ni[^, a lascivious person, a lecher, pro- 
fligate, debauchee. [tion. 

WJftf5?% ^u wnfiiJJ?', reiterated births, transmigra- 

1^9 638 

WWl/ Wtftfil.— ffW? «*f the yoke of a plougfty &c. 

iitft^, <t, CTfil, ^WW, a woman, a female. 

C^, itw, WW1, ill, lac, gom-lac. 

{^%9, «tn^, ^f^l^, logical, founded on reasoning. 

iiJW¥, y^^tw, derivative, regularly formed, (in grammar.) 

ct)|9, f^nitf H^tfir vnfCT «I9 ^» nuptial presents to a female, 

a dower, marriage portion. 
J^W, WP*i/, ^tnw? •WT^I, youth, manhood, maturity, 

adult age. [adult, vigorous, 

wj^f^fi^, i^^r^,— W^, 'ICTR, c^i?, young, youthful, 
c^^sriw, ^^iinqr ^, the office of a prince associated with 

his father in the government of a kingdom. 

?«9, fE!r^,itT9«r,?tii 9?^, to stay, wait, stop, reside, dwell. 

j% 9W, '^% a colour, die, paint. 

irv, lf(%9, ciit^V9< blood ; red, scarlet, tinged. 

.1, mf^9%blood- thirsty, sanguinary, fond of blood, 
irv^^^f^^fiinw, red sandal- wood, redsanders. 
iv^. lorj^f cvt9» a leech, a blood-sucker. 
9F9(^NI, ^^mft fitcv f ^ V^T?, spontaneous haemorrhage, 

discharge of blood from the mouth, nose, &c. 

a reddish eruption preceding leprosy. 

9W^9 ^unCTt^, fl^^ the smallpox. [with bloods 

V99f9, 79|V,— Vftimrt bloody, full of blood, coloured 

fvsit^, ^^ 9^ f^t9V9^, irfl(x W9^9 spontaneous hasmor- 

rhage, a discharge or flow of blood. 
Iff^^pn, Iffkifnn^ bloody, smeared with blood. 
V^^^'^lt^, clothed in red, wearing red colour* 
ed garments. [blood. 

irvrnAp, ^tr^ wnmiltfl 9xin ir^P^tt^, a mutual shedding of 
9rf^P>rl« W9fWt^, redness, rosinesa, a red colour. 
fCVf^n, wrirm^, red-ochre. 

nnw, art^i^, ^^, *ff|tt a keeper, preserver, sa- 
viour, deliverer, defender, protector, guar- 
dian, a watchman, a guard. 

,684 0M[^ 

1[W% •It'Ri^U^* t^'^^f ^€|f cf€W, VW^» •JM, ^fWWtW, 

to preserve, protect, save, defend, ward off» 

shelter, shield, cherish, take care of, tend, 

feed, support. [nibal imp. 

^fmm, , 9i^^ "^^n, vm^f a fabulous giant, goblin, can- 

1W1, «fte^tw**1, ^«l?, %W?. ^^» 5W€, preservation, 

protection, defence, salvation, security, res- 
cue, deliverance, escape. [proteg^ 
|1^, «tt^iv|f1iiv, ^f!^, preserved, defended, &c. a wardv 
?ftrBl, 3Wt^, ?t«tw> «^Wt^?F, a guardian, keeper, sa- 
viour, defender, protector, &c. 
?Ptf , v«tf^ ^ ^lf|?1 ^fWf the quick beating of a drum. 

iw^- wc, ^Rwv^f fw fiW 1*1/ wr, •pu iwf^ ^•'f c*f,^ 

99^, ^t>R, to rub the body, rub clothes, to rub 
out corti or seed with the hand, to sift a 
matter, to postpone, put off, delay. 

fW, t^nf W,^< ff, #til, ♦rtliti!, ^, a colour, tint, 

dye, paint, tin, sport, mirth, merriment, act- 
ing, dancing and singing. [painter* 

?»^, ?rw^, — ^TiP, ftaj^, dying, colouring. See. a dyer, 

iW^ft, ?W^tiw», — i*'5Wft, C'^if^ ?tF^, making sport, &c. 

colouring ; a dyer. [diness. 

9W^, Rj| f 4ftdi^t4 , 1^, a fine or glaring colour^ gau- 

fW^ftnri, tfciWfegf, ^^f4l?1, gaudy, glaring, shewy;fine, 

dressy. [painter. 

ItW^Aftv, ?w#it, — '^^9 WaRff, an actor, dancer, minie« a 

-iW^, 9Wt<l,— ?tp^ or; Ht^tt^, W W«^, ^^tfi ^W, to co- 
lour, tinge, dye, paint. 

iWW, cil^^p, ftiftj, ^wt^, 'WF, »!% memment, iun, wan- 
ton sport or gestures, dramatic exhibition. 

iriTftlr, ^^, fJS^y a stage, theatre, a field of battle, 

•«Wpf» ^FtTI, C^^i^. Vtn4t, sport, merriment, fun. 

irw^'mn, ^^tvif?, i«si;tii?, a hall fornocAe^jball-foom, theatre. 

'VWIftTl, inrRr,?ir9,^<^» colouring, &c ; a dyer, coloarer. 

?Wt9^, w^, vti; an actor, datvcer, mime, zany. 

nArn-l, Ikaiftflraf, gaudy, shewy, tawdry^ gay, splendid. 


Vftf mt9^, t>5i^tlt, CTtJjIt, ^tw, colouring,; dyii^t 

painting, exhibiting sports, &c. impassioned, 
inclined to passion. , [passion, impassioned. 

Vft^, '«it^, ?innF, .^tt^, coloured, gaudy, subject to 

?^, Pn(t<i 5fj^, *i^, «f CT<r^^ 5»w, 5Bwf^, t^pr* to 

make, form, build, construct, fabricate, com* 
pose, invent, to arrange, stdng pearls, &c. 

iwi, fwftf , *i['T^, .^*-«i4^i^^ i|W/1fi)m ^rpfl^, wrj|[flr, 
f4W^, ftit^f v^, v«iw^ orderly arrangement or 
disposition, decoration of the hair, the string* 
log of flowers,&c. making of garlands, adorn- 
ment of temples with 6owers, &c. at festi. 
vals, array of troops, a fabrication, makings 
forination, contrivance, invention, literary 
composition. [ser, author. 

IFfir^l, ftrw?^, ^nc^f Wf^^, a mak^r, fabricator, compo- 

slw, ^ffJTi. Prfiff^, ^P»W, written, composed, fabricated, 

made, contrived, &c. factitious, 

sm, ^Ri, ^•^c?^. •*»» ftwf^^ifcw ^^ «*i, dust, pow> 

der, the farina of flowers, the menses, the 
quality of activity or pasflipn or the disppsi* 
,tion to secularity. [woman* 

iww, iW*, — i<t^f ^WPft, a washerman & washer* 

jM^, 3m.?T?, ^W,nRI. silver, a necklace, ivory ; whito^ 

jm^, 3TfSl, ^CBl, night, turmeric. 

fORt^ir, f^mr^f^, m, the moon as sovereign of the nigbt^ 

jwrft^wn, •J^ ftrw, the tuberose species of polyanthus^ 

W'ft^*' wwff^^* ^phms •*? rrfldi^, swrnng, Qight<*%1U 

3nwi, jwPWIt— rin^^, ft^t^wt^tn, /. menstruating, men- 

struous, marri'ageable. . . 

jWt^ w9tf jUt, a rope,\;ord, line, string, tether. 

J^^, ^^, WTO?, t^fftf frwj, 9V7t9, «ni^, diee?^ 

ing, gladdening^ pleasing, exciting, moving, 
jovial, merry, colouring, dyeings apaint^r* 
dyer, a stimulant, ^provocative, excitement. 

XWlt-Virt, ^^nt^lS ^tl^ f^9 fi(<a, the touQh-hole of a 

686 ?ltf? 

tap^, ^if«Rr7,^tnt^*l9r?W^,pIea8iDg., charming,movingt 

affecting, exciting; a painting, colouringt&c. 

3^-«rt^, ^F?^, ^«R, «W1^, CTrtt^, to speak, talk, utter, 

declare, announce, proclaim. [fame. 

?i^, ^^, «R?R, <M9, talk, report, rumour, publicity, 

'H^f ^*rf)l? nf^, ^ri^, the roaring of flame ; spoken, &c. 

9?^-^^9 t^Y^f t^^f l^*l^» to run, go fast, speed. 

11% ^V, "nr> a battle, fight, conflict, war, noise, sound. 

V^f ?*iipw, — ^jpnn, V<«Wc3Rrl, versed in war. 

jnffK^ ^HW^[tW99,mf^tt^p victorious in battle, triumphant 

?«iv«r, *t?W^, ^W% f ^, a defeat, a rout, disorder. 

?«iV8r^, ^fitW 9?[^» to defeat an enemy, put to the rout. 

?nt>!*^1, HtW^lf^ I'B, a war-trump, war-conch. 

jtl, ^«t^, V9[ftw, Wr ^ftPfihrHW, ^W«lfW, for 

lorh, neglecting one's religious duties ; a man 
dying without male issue, a barren tree. 

ftil, ^mrt, f^^RI, /. barren, sterile, childless ; a widow. 

i^t, j^Cim, finnt, a woman, a widow. 

V9, "^tff^, ^ifn% ^It^, ^^'^» delighted with, devoted 

or attached to, fond of, intent upon, occupied 
in ; sexual intercourse, copulation. 

jrt*, a[tn«^^f,ft^?^^iKVt^,«N^,^*^^ intercourse, 

copulation, enjoyment, pleasure, desire. 

9MvVirt> ?t^m^»— iKN^'pf, copulation, sexual intercourse. 

9(W^, 9tiic<77, nfPf, Cdmadeva or the Indian Cupid. 

iWrt'W, ysit*'^— ^"^i ^WWf, f^Wf^^t'f*, lascivious, lust- 
ful, libidinous, fond of pleasure. 

?f^-9l, '%^^9 a small seed used by goldsmiths as a weight, 

a little, a small quantity, a grain. [pearl 

71, ?ft v^ «ntvtfir, a jewel, gem, precious stone, coral, 

n^^m, <ir^W, •rtl, coral. 

WV^tmf n lft7 ^tc^ T^^mmmf ^IMt, a mother of excellent 

children, the earth. [in gems. 

ilffir^ T| il^i-^4iPi flKcaFVli a jeweller, a lapidary, dealer 

Wfff ^i9f^?n^>ilft|^V» made of gems, abounding in gems. 

71t^> 9i|plji|f^i|^*tnrfT7,thesea, ocean,^ajewel*miQe. 

Vn 637 

j^^y «f*W V^ t^^, a string of jewels. 
jf^, .^|ii^, a short cubit from the elbow to the in- 
sertion of the fingers. [car, a carriage. 
J^, W^nr, ^w^ nX^, Wt^, a war-chariot, idol-car, a 
?WW?, WOPOF PniftlW. a wheel-wright, a car-maker. 
VOam, tfTfinr^^f? *j]5m? ^^ ^^, the annual procession 

• of an idol car. 
jntWf ^^f ?W? ^wira, a wheel or other part of a car. 
jAf IWii?, ^PH^trm, '»T?f*r. ?«^ ^[t*, a charioteer, a 

car- warrior, the owner of a car. 
?ttrl, dEf'W ^% ?Tw^W, a carriage road, a public street. 
jif^ ^Bpr,— TO, ?T^, f^«i, a tooth, a tusk. [elephant. 
?ft. ?¥ft1^i, f^t*»|>#, ^, having tusks or teeth ; an 
?W^, ^nnfif ^ft^ *?^, to cook or dress food, to seeth. 
?5. VOi, f^ca, «1T9, ^, ^W, WPr, a hole, incision, 

the eye of a needle, cavity, fissure, chasm, 
a rent, a fault, defect. [port, rumour. 

J^, ^, 'TW, iprapft, a sound, noise, cry, voice, re- 
^A\r^ , nf^ '•rt^.^'rf^nrfiw, called by the voice, uninvited . 
?ft, 1*6, flpr^lft, fiif^'Ri, the sun. 
?ft<t^, ^; t*?t«iw •n» Kprx, a harvest ^r crop ripened by 

the sun without much rain. 
^4t4 , ^rtir;?T?, Sunday. [ravishing. 

?ir, ncTtir?, fenr, o^ : charming, pleasing, delighting, 
^% ^^cirt^t, ap^91, **, bww, ^T?^,-^*fR», ♦tft, ^tTOR, 
^n% enjoyment of pleasure, sport, play, amor- 
ous dalliance, sexual intercourse, a lover, a 
gallant, a husband, Cupid, memory. 
J^H^f ?Wt,— ^, ^•t^, ^rt, wsriift it, a woman, mis- 
tress, wife, an agreeable or charming woman. 
?ir^1, ^i1^, ^^i^s a park, pleasure grounds. 
?«4r^, ?sir>— ^ir?, W?, 3»r»Wt, beautiful, lovely, charm- 
ing, pleasing, pleasurable, delightful. 
?9C^^f ifT*^;, 'PW-^hn^, lasciviousness, sensual desire. 
?r^1, ^^, W<f cw/1 ftrw. the plantain, an Apsari. 
^f^, -JWi, a small branch, a twig, rod, shoot. 


VK^f *t^< *^> lui eye-Iasb; a blanket 

ir^WI, «fflf*n[ ti^fy^ ^rHf^Kvv ?^» a reign or 

?f^t (^1^ ^^» ^ i^y of light, a 6un-beam» 

V^%, ^nt^, a touch-stone. 

ftim^tTA ?wt?n^nf^ ^, fif*. ^w, wc^tftj^, ?i»w^, 

flraipgif CTtt(»a fluidjiquid, liquor, water* moistore* 
humour* juice, exudation, sap, gum, myrrb, 
quicksilver, semen virile, pith, marrow, any 
mineral salt, a relish, savour, flavour, zest, 
taste, sentiment, literary taste, wit« passion, 
an affection of the mind, emotion* feeling, 
sensuality, carnal enjoyment 

V(W^, ICF^^t — ^1t?1,quick5i]rer, a mercurial sublimate. 

7^^, ll[9^» ^9|^ ftd^, Vermillion, a mineral eye- paint. 

7^m» V^f ^^9 ^ ^f blood, animalcule in liquids. 

'iit V^C4W,acquainted with taste8,&c, posses- 
sed of taste ; a. refined or sentimental writer, 
an elegant poet, analchymist* the toogue. 

?nwt, ?wi,— ftr^l, ftn, the tongue. 

J'nr, ^WW, W^, liff^B ^eiT, ^t?, "Bl, to taste, ta feattf. 

grow damp ; taste, sound, noise. 

^JlCMAkf, 1lr(, l&R, the organ of taste, the tongae. 

Vi^p W^ ♦tW^W ^W oi^ftl^, a preparation of mc^ 

cury with sulpher and salt 

tasteful, touching, affecting the feelings^ pt« 
thy, succulent, well-flavoured,savoury,juicy. 

9ir?t9, tflfl^ff^ ^inrc?t^, rheumatism in the joints. 

JTOff, •ftH* ^♦fsn tiT^, quicksilver^ liquid mercury. [See. 

1*1^, *^lii««i4^1, an alchemist, an adept in alchemy, 

¥irt «^ ^¥C?? f^ifrl, knowledge of alchemy, the 
possession of the arts of transmuting metaU, 
prolonging life, securing health, &c. 

nn 539 

vn, ^irt Vl^$ ^JM, iw, wfl, wet, jaicy ; ibe earthy 

a rope, a halter, a line, 
jerttfr, ^mm Uv^f a coUyrium or eye-paint 
wnn^ ^tti1«» Patdia or the subterraneouls world, the 

lowest of the infernal regions. 
IPmrv, r^t^lPi, WGsvjttr a drying up, absorption, suction. 
IWT^, ^^ ^•i^ fwifr, iiMlv, wrtw, cipt^tfl^ •IW^, ^twtn, 

to wet, moisten, season, cause to swell or 

tumefy, bring on suppuration. 
K^nft; €|V, ^» matter, pus, purulent matter. 

^rtf^^;, ^4tfirjr %^ ^fC^j ^Mff poison^ a poisonous 
medicine to preserve life, &c. elixir vitas, 
the administering of such medicines, alche* 
my, chemistry, a stone for polishing metals. 

Wrt^p V^» ^S^* ^^* juicy » savoury, succulent, deli* 

cious, pithy ; a mango. 

fdr, 9n^, ^,^ resin, turpentine. 

itfift, VilM^ ^^li,WOF, ftrvf), 9lij^, ^ft, possessed 

of literary taste, refined, sentimental, witty, 
humorous, jocose, droll, funny, merry, amo- 
rous, sensual ; a wag. [coquette. 

ifiRl, iWftrtil, ^TWW|J»I, ct|fnf^, /. witty, jocose, &c. a 

itfiiv^ <nw, Ifiv, sounded, rattled^ gilt, gilded, plated, 

Washed with a metal. 

iPft, «#, #l|« a cord, line, twine, a halter, a rope. 

iPgd^, W^, ^nrtflr ^tt^, the cooking of food, cookery. 
A, wm^tc^f "^^f garlic, a cive, chalot 
> •ft?1,*fini ^^."'rtlPijliquid mercury, quicksilver, 
the philosopher's stone. 

i^% pw^f^sr, t5*ir, «t^, «riW ^n, c^, ?«r, to stop, 

cease, desist, forbear, stay, tarry, remain, 

wait, stand still, to dwell, abide, live, conti- 

^ Bue, last, endure, to be, subsist. [bitant. 

1^ti$ «lrtt»ri1, («r^t*, residing, continuing, &c. an inha- 

W^. P^im, alone, privately, secretly, in private. 

540* 1rt*fj 

ment, solitude* a joke, diversi'oD, sh0w,mirth, 

a story, tale, proverb ; private^clandestine. 
»^ %m, T^m4, PritfiiB, ?W5, ft^, abandoned, qmtted, 

left, stopped, preTented; qffh : without, Toid 

of, -less, destitute of, bereft. 
fvSf fl(K7l, #nt9» a widow, a woman. 
|[|^.H, ir98i, t^r^^, sterile, fruitless, barren. [food. 

ft^, ?^^, ^"Wtf^ ♦W ^«i, to cook, to prepare or dress 
«t^, ?iTf^. ^#?» ^f a quantity, pile, heap, hoard. Sec. 
jt^, ^*fo ^f^f mustard, rape-seed. 
^r^, W, ^«jr, a tent. [dye. 

^\, rw.— ^f^TWf ?W, ^< tin. paint, a colour, tint, 
?f s*tftf, ?Tfln ftttiwt f?^, the coating or tinning of vessels. 
««x«, ?TW«.— ff^^^?WI nar, tin-foil leaf- tin. 
?T^, ^i^m, ^^f the full moon, day of the full moon. 
7t^^, ^nn^ ^^TPf^ 4t4t, a fabulous monster, a giant, 

titan, guebre, cannibal, goblin^ fiends [go. 
9t!>^, 7t!>PC^ iff 7lfHt, a female goblin, cannibal, a vira- 
?rw^c^«il, ^i^/Tj ^ ^^ fy^, tiie close of day, dask* 

evening twilight. 
jtMH, Wt««r, ^•R. ?iM, ♦ninr, 5?t<i, «tW ^^'r, ^af? w«w, 
t(T7^« V7^, ^tPT^9 to put, ^place. station, lay, lay 

down, keep, preserve, protect, defend, guard, 

tend cattle,& have,hold, possess, harbour, 

employ, keep, retain, treat, entertain, feast. 
j\itf% ^^^tWXirs c?9?,hire for tending cattle,guarding, &c. 
?ttwtii^, jv^^tsf^ ?WttCT? TO, guardianship, the office of 

a keeper, &c. [a clown. 

Tt^tt^f JW^^ i^^tm, 5W1, a keeper, shepherd, cow-keeper. 
?T^f*i, *WTi^ ♦11«i-i**"1, WW, the tending of cattle, wages 

given for it. 
J\^f xmK, rw, mu, ft^, fttw?: nw, w, ^, anger, envy, 

passion, love, lust, distress* a tune, musical 

mode, a colour, tint, dye. [the passions. 
?t^t^, CTt*»«n?^, ^^, provqking, exasperating, excitiog 

«tl«t« '541 

H^% vw^, to redden with anger, storm, rave, rage. . 

T^f ?t'ftw, — €#l*ltfll^9 WW^rthi, passionate, angry, ir- 
ritable, irascible. [angry. 

?t«rr% ^il^^ C9t*t|N9> blinded by passion, excessively 

J^% c«mt«i, to anger, provoke, irritate, incense. 

Tt^nffv, c^nl^, <r^ti, angry, enraged, irritated, furious. 

JtMH, ftpiCW, VTHT, a musical mpde or tune. 

JtfUf Jt^tVUf — VWf^f %5, ^9^, passionate, irascible, im* 

table, touchy, warm, vehement, virulent, 

"^tW^t ?^WTO, ^rt^mfti^, ^TV ««Sit^, C41Rl4t ^'IX, an unin- 
vited guest, an intruder, an imposter pre- 
tending to a knowledge of the secrets of 
providence, a species of fish. [paint. 

?t^-1, Kt9 IBV Um, ?W, ^% tin, a tint, dy^, colour, hue, 

^tw*, ^f^lt? ?tW*tai, tin-foil, leaf-tin, tin-coating. 

Ttw^avt^, ffW^m ftm^l^, the coating or tinning of vessels. 

^rw^rt^fiv^, TtwmsmTY, a tin-coater, a tinman. 

iT^r^Yf^, llu)^4% reddish, somewhat red. 

TTWIy 1^^% red, rosy, scarlet; tin. [raddish. 

TTTtmn, c^W$9 ^^ handsome but illiterate; a red 

?tWlfjir, T9ms, tm^^f red-faced, reddening with anger. 

Jtm% ?W W«^, Wtei ^<i, W'Wfn, to colour, dye, tinge. 

?Wf, ti^ ^ ^^. ^, ?wni ^^W^im. a bricklayer, a 

mason; in camp: royal, a king. 

IrtaRP^rl ?1 ^prft,— wt*? wm, a princess, king's daughter. 

?tai97, Ttwr, ^«lf^ ^StflfC9W9S ^•TTfir, royal tribute, 

state revenue, a king's taxes. 

f^r^ncfttl^, a royal work, government works, 
royal duty, official station or employment, 

?WftT, «lWftBj . royal,kingly, belotiging to government. 

4l«lffl«f ^tf^ ilpr, a king's son, a prince. 

immi, ^*lf^ if^ ^ C^lt, a royal family, a royal race. 

?t^fwpr» VTi ^ifnr niril, the science of government, civil 

polity, political science. [polity. 

IrtWW^, WI ^ ^HW f^^^, a politician; versed in civil 


TtiANI ^ ftnw,— ^n»twrtn«. «^»f*^ *«iWir , aeeession to 

a throne, a mode of ladiaii coronation. 

frtwl, ?WI,?W«r,— ^«Wif, ?WfiW1, CW mw, royalty, sove- 
reignty, reign, goyernmeqt, empire, sway, 
rule, legislation. [payable to the king. 

ftw«, ^^tPw ^i, ^«W< W^S ?HI1? iwx, a scepter, a fine 

^cWCTflf,^*!^ 'nn^idF^I, ^g^lftiF^il, treason, regicide. 

TWsrn, J[9^^ «JTW ♦l^, ^fft, a royal gate or door, a 

royal levee. [king. 

7t«W, fHf^ ^7/ ^^?t ^% the duties or virtues of a 

|tW«<t, ^gfrf^ ^t^'^. CT ^^tc? TWR? ^X W. a royal 

residence, palace* a capital city. 

ft«*f%, ?Wt? W^^f^art?, w«Mt>i^ ftwn. the duties of kings, 

politicai science. 

^rt«nr;, ^^tf%f ^'WW^,^!!??, a royal descenc|ant,a prince, 

^ a Chsatriya, [highway. 

?tn»W, ?ttPrt<f,~5R<OTWfWn*t|rsr»w» a public road, kingc 

king's son, prince, royal descendant, a ksba- 
triya, a soldier of mixed birth. [palace. 

ft«^^» ^<11%9 ^fift^, JtmtiF, a royal city or residimce, a 
9til^» Ttvrfcft, — ^^[nr^^rifSi7,akingsresidenoe.a palace. 
iTMmil* W7^^» pulmonary consumption. 
?t«Rn4t, ?tOT^, — ^•WHl, a queen-consort* 
jt^f ^^^ ^^^* 9^ r<c^> ft royal sage or niot 
ftaw#, 1W»,— ^•rt*? ^WW, the fortune or destiny of s 

king or the godd.ess thereof. 
TMf # ?r«ttKitapn f^ m W^It «?, proceeding from the 

principal of passion or secular ipclination. 
Ttvmvl, ^^tf^ ^(^tW mttf^, a king s court, a.royal assem- 
bly or council. [Jkc. 
jimi(t^ ^Wwt^t^^ ^CTRl, divine worship witii sacriices, 
7tW]9f W^IC97 ^^c^T.^i^ftcw. a sacrifice perfermad by 

Cbsyatriyas or by a unireral moMrch wiib 

his tributaries. . . [royal revenue. 

ft«ra» ^fT^H^ ^fliRV W9f^ the king a t^jrea or tribute, 

m S48 

IHT''^* ^ f^ fltrw, m. 4'/. a gander, a goose. 
?T«1, ^*tl^, ^^tfit 'W^x^, a king, sovereign, prince. 
?nir«rf^, iS'^tfs? ^n^t^i loyal, obedient to the king s wilU 
?t9fi(7t«F, ^^9 a paramount sovereign, universal king. 
?t«rt^, TW? ^•■n:*^, a royal genealc^y, line of kings* 
TtA, . c<it4t, ^44t, ^t^^t a row, rank, continuous liae^ 
?rtft^, ^w, *nro, a lotus or water-lily. 
?tA, Tt^, — ?nwit, a queen. 
?TW, ^<lfi5? ^r4^?,*ltfTO am, w^^, irtjtwf, ?nil. a king^ 

dom, government, realm, nation, empire, a 

region, dominion, reign, administration. 
?nir41f^, ^m^ cvn? ^/^ i^f the laws and constitution 

of a kingdom. (of government. 

?;«rtw, ownfic^rci ^^v ^?, a necessary part or member 
?nin%C99» ?tv«iC7 f^Y?t^« an anointing or installation inta 

the government* [of the Hooghly. 

?!?, ^^l^i.^twti <lPvi? dpi, uncivilized; the country west 
Tffff, ^rf^<st, Ffrr^, nideness, clownishnes^, unmaa^ 

nerliness. [the Hooghly. 

Vlf^f 7Tf^9, — ?R?Cirftf, belonging to the country west of 
?T^i, «tc^ PIT^IT^, a flight of steps at a Gh^t on a.river. 
V/^, IrtWnfil,— mlSwfW, ^«ttW, in the night, by night, 
?:tfiW^1, 3¥ip»W«i1, ?Pi;w, purblind, blind in the night. 
7T^, Vf^f f^"n, night, a night; by night, at nights 

prowling by night ; an imp, ghl)st, goblin, 
nocturnal prowler, thief, robber, a guard. 

TtftiCTt^, f^*fWi^^ «r««rWFW, ist?, w^, 4^, the night- 
' season, night* fall, a thief, robber^ night- 

prowler, a watchman, guard. 

?tnnNW,«rift, Wt^. a watchman, a night-guard. 

?Tartl, W «rT^ ?tftiCT CTfifrs ^ •«?, not seeing well at 

night, blind at night, purblind. 

?nct«, ^fMtiftc^ tSnn, a conclusion established by facts. 

?nrt ^Wtfif nw^, the cooking of food, cookery. 

?t^. f*nrw,«Mf, *t^^^t?, a sound, noise, sheut, howl, yell. 

644 y^ 

• • 

?W, ^*^**» ipl?t^? W/^ ^«l, pleasure, enjoyment, the 

hero of the Ramdyana. 

ftsffin. ^^. a hut, a cabin. 

?Wt|ft, ^5 ^f'il ftrw, a species of fine chalk- 

?tWW1, Htf^i? ft??W, a whirligig. 

?rW^^i|,''TO Uvn. the large beardless goat. 

tn^t ^^jrfjjthe monkey Hanuman, the friend and mes- 
senger of Rama. 

^tWR?F, •WW, ^iSt, the rainbow. [fair. 

fWI, ifCTtW W9 ^S^^a handsome woman ;/. beautiful, 

?Wt^, ?W^»?t?«i, ^W, a follower or votary of Rima. 

TttT?«l, jWft^lW iJ^WV ftn^, a celebrated epic poem 

of which Rama is the hero. 

?rtr, ^•It^ ^irw, ?T»fRrs, a title of honour, a prince. 

?T?fM, ^^^t?^ "W flK^, a spear with a bamboo polcu 

?Tljtt1«H?1, ^^^ carrying a spear ; a spearman. 

?t?^flnft, ^d,^/tf^?n,a vixen, termagant, violent woman. 

?tf^, ^,l«t 'T^, «rt#t,^ir^w»^, f|^, omisr mr^. a heap, 

pile, stack, store, collection, mass, quantity, 

ream, number, a numeration scale, a term 

in proportion, a fraction, a zodiacal sign. 
ftWrap, cwtt^ ITirt *«^ ^tiR^W, the zodiac or circle of 

the signs. [occasions. 

jtt^RW, 5irtf ^WC?W ■4l5Htv, a sirname used on religious 
ftf^Vt^, tlf6, CT^Tf^ »^^ v^, the fraction of a unit, a 

portion of a sign. 
itWwt^, ^rtfiftr w c^pr jtHra ^>W^fnrt^, the passage of 

the sun, &c, through a sign, 
^rtftc^^ ^ CTt^,— r^w^ jtf^tcs ^Wflfs, passing through a 

sign of the zodiac. [to heaps, abundant. 

?f?t¥j» ?1 ^, — ^^<W, ^♦tt^, ^r^. heaped up, formed in- 

jrti,''' ?iw, w^, FiF, ^^•n^, **f^,,iRf%^r^, f3c«w,^a 

country, province, region, kibgdom, realm, 
the desolation of a country, &c. inundation, 
plague, famine, any public calamity ; mani- 
fest, notorious, current, public. 


$^ 64$ 

Tt^Vf H wif^,— «Wi ^•lOR, the wasting^' rairtging or 

desolation of a country. [of Krishna. 

IfT, lit 91^ P(^, amorous pastime, the circular dancp 
?PWWI, i^ft^ft ♦^c*!? ifti w:^? vRwm, ^f*wiii, a religious 

sporting festival in commemoration of the 

gambgls of Krishna with the milk-maidsu 

?fwt*, jfwral wpSt^ cwi^w?, celebrating the foregoing 

festival or r&sj&trA. [of taste* 

iFTfY, imcwRvf ^^9. belonging to the sense or organ 
JTIF* ^^ ^»f^$l<F» the ascending node or dragon's head, 
ar^irw, wft^ ^W •f^* ^i^ *pjrrai,eclips^4, under eclipse. 
?i(9ff, ^nrc9? ^Vt(t7» the immersion of a luminary 

in an eclipse. [moon. 

jnprt^r, ?tl[^?^f1,— srf;wB«f <i^Wii. an eclipse of the sun or 
^«' ^n^^p iR, ^W^, hereditary property, w^lth. 
1%^4^«i ^ ??<i. Pt«tnnf!if m^% a succession to property. 
f?[#t,. "«#, ^V7(n[9tf^> possessed of or succeeding to 

hereditary property ; an heir. 

1^» ^'^^f ^^. «Ci;ws. 5^m4, ^R«?, w, empty, void, 

destitute, poor, purged by stool; vacuity, 
emptiness, a void, space, a forest. 

flnpr, %^» ^J^f ^ f e^. to slip, trip, slide, tumblct 

cre^p as a child, deviate or fall from virtue. 

f|w^^ V(^f W^f^ f «r, to be glad, to rejoice. 

^, ^l^tiH cww wi fiiw^, the soap-berry tree. 

%?X^ «ni. Hi^np, an enemy, foe ; hostile, inimical. 

^^ ^9'V» t|[^» evil, loss, &c. the soap-berry tree. 

Vi, ^^'•f ^t%, ^•fif?, ^WT^. ^m, •tt^, <l|, misfortune, 

calamity, ^vll, loss, injury^ privation, des- 
truction, sin, a sword. 

Ei^, . iftB.-^wm, «r«it«ir, iwt?, ^n*, wf, ^fiw, -wff, «<i,w, 

Cl)il, ^t«^,a habit, custom, usage, practice, fashion, 
local observance, rite, oeremony, method, 
way, manner, peculiarity, idiom, ' behaviour^ 
conduct, disposition, natural property, tenet;, 
maxim, carnage, gait, motion, agoing. 



Hf^f VWCtH^ bringing in or estaUitkifig a cnstom. 

1^, ^fit^, v^^f Ux^9 the white ant, a species of fish. 
'0ftK^, iNt, Lakshmi the goddess of fortune. 
1ttP-% *5 wm, %5^T*r, ^^. ^. ^e»t?, wf^, rough, astrin- 
gent, hard, dry, harsh, unkind, morose. 
9% ^, f^f ^A kan, thin, spare, empty. 
W^% WfW, ftrjw ^^^, to be angry, to be veied with, 
mtf t?[t^4V,^tf79»sick| ill, indk^osed, diseased, infirm. 

irl», ^, ^"rtftts «*Ni, *^, n»»^, nr«, ?^, '•l*^ *t*, 

A, ^i, ^«»i1^, *ftl, mwi, W?^, hunger, appetite, 
wish, desire, passion, a liking, relish, savour, 
taste, inclination to, pleasure, satisfactii^ii, 
approbation, application to, a ray of light, 
light, lustre, beauty, agree ableness. 

w9\, c WJir T^tii* HWW, bread, wbeaten bread. 

lrf)p9, fti|fH9,^ir|ci{4, wept, bewailed, lamented, deplored. 

VI, ^, mkl, f^ftV, shut, closed, blocked up, be- 
sieged, surrounded, obstructed, hindered. 

vn. ^, M^, 9Rl*<t, «fr«, the sun, Shiva, a class of 

demigods; Wrathful, furious, TcngefuL 

iratw, iWirWIwrW «fW ftW^, a berry used for rosaries. 

IPflni, 'iw, rttW«, «:^, blood. 

1W*», ?Ff ^,—wt^, c'rt^^, ^•fr, to plant, to sow. 

?Ff1, 5tCTjr ^^•■', Wt^w ^Wu ^, ^, CTW, ^^, the 

rafters of a thatched roof, seeds of pomegra* 
nate, &c.- a kernel, hair, wool. [to fret. 

3R<i, CTT«1W, W^ ^^ to be angry, vexed or displeased, 

*4, Wfif ?tWfiw, Wt^t^N, vexed, displeased, offeDded, 

enraged, angry, wrathful, passionate, severe. 

llfi, ^, c^^, capttt, anger, wrath, rage, fury. 

7f^^,c^l^««9#,«t^ti, provoking, enraging, wrathftiI,ragiog. 

f^f^^, rude, uncourteous, harsh,* abusive, current, 
notorious, traditional, of unknown or uncer- 
tain derivation, produced, sprung, bom, 
sprouted,budded,bIown,certaini ascertained. 

c»nr . £47 

if^tfJ i1 ••f , ^/*^»f1^l^ 1X9S, vAn ^m, ft word used in it 

peculiar traditiooal acceptation. 

9% ^♦ft^R&^ ''9?t? •tonr"lf^, the customary appli* 

cation of a word as opposed to its etymolo* 
gical notion, or where the origin is unknown^ 
as in words of foreign derivation. 

9^f ^RWji ^% ^(t*, flfiinrt* ^^''ir tflffi, r*)^, **T?, 

Vf^r, mfpi, ^;, form, figure, shape, appearance, 

semblance, an image, figure, reflexion, ob« 

ject of vision, colour, beauty, a manner, 

mode, way, species, kind, natural property, 

disposition, quality, grammatical inflexion, 

conjugation, declension, a unit, integer, dra* 

matic poem^ play, learning by rote; aff: like, 

resembling. [phorical, 

«*t^, ^•Iirt5». ^rtprpT, figurative, allegorical, meta^ 

»*t^» ^jrnrflw, a fop, prig, buck, a species offish. 

JW^Pi, lWti,-~i^«irjr, FT?, ^nwjftw, handsome, beauti- 

ful, symmetrical, elegant, having form or 
shape. [comely. 

nn^, iW?#,— ^it, «rpn^, / handsome, beautiful,. 
ii*n, 1i*,—lt<^?wwiw«, silver, wrought silver* 
W^, ri^^f/^an, ^W, ^W, a silver coin, a rupee. 
tj, ^^it^itc^ fCHT^, voc.ofeontempi, sirrah! sohot 
^» 5jar«j3[ ^ 'Wt'^ ^•it^ ^, a plane ;-l»«^ -UPtw^ 

or-^^, to plane. [a seer and ^. 

r99, ^^f^^, 9i«?t t^, a lax, looseness, a measure of 
cj«, •W fl^, CT«1, Wirt, Act, a stroke, line, streak, 

stripe, split, slit. [ed« 

cj^^t?, cj^t^ «<t*t?t, CTtflrrf, striped, striated, streak- 
ci^tVtlT; ^<^tc^ WKF^f the equator or equatorial line. 
CX^7# tW9, fsptm, purgative, cathartic, aperient; a 

purge, cathartic, expiration of the breath, 
qnnf, ^'rf^wtjl, wif, ncwPrnrW, '^l^i, a lax, looseness, purg- 
ing, respiration, breathing, droppings oozing. 

S48 wn\ 

RWW, ciW^.'*^ .«*^,to please, gratify, rejoice. 

n^-5j, va. •Utw, WW, 'Ml, dust, polleD, sand, an atom. 

^9^1 Cji^tf cn^, — ^4)^, ^ip, semen virile ; cyi, sand. 

r?^, ^[f^f the wards of a lock. 

ff^f j^nr, 'ir^wfi. the letter ir, or its substitute ( ^ )- 

C?9^, 9?«f>[?«lf% ^w*M, the last or 27th lunar mansion. 

C91V-1, 9i«nf, rm, ^i*t^iT9, a multitode, a resort, plenty. 

hf> K^, »F^. itf*, *i;]^4[t?[ Wrt^ «>, wealth, riches, 

property, sound, noise, the post erected in a 
pond when consecrated. 

JCrt^w, ijm% xnvs^, W«r, to plant, to sow. [crop.) 

ciTirt-Ar, bRt%9 Kt^;, planted, {applied to the winter rice- 

C$T^. "l^tei? mv, the hair of the body, hair of a beast 

lft9, 0^fw V3[t, f^, c?t^, ready •'money, cash, a pur- 
chase for casb, a slit, incision, blemish, taint. 

tfP^, '^fVi'^n tiiRWa ^. a cash-book. 

CJW^F?!. WW?#^, CTWWW, ^nPi?l, a ca&h-kigeper» cashier, 

treasurer, banker, money- chancer. 

Crt^-^in^* ^•K^^W, t^^*i, CTX^, ^wwtfi^ W^^, to atop, 

hinder, prevent, obstruct, ward off, with- 
stand, to bore, to paint or varnish trinkets. 

.n(t^?1».*!?'nii vr^ti, a painter or varnisher of trinkets. 

CfT^^f rvt^lt^t to an;?er, provoke, irritate, incense. 

Cjl^-^l. ^% WFT*IW,%2' '•^' furious, passionate, touchy, 
. morose, wayward, cross, peevish. 

.crt^. *9N» ^n^c* sickness, illness, disease, distemper. 

CJTWF?,. •?t?1«^5i, ^♦tv, causing sickness, unwholesome* 

C?T<t5W, W^, — ^f^, ^ww, ill, diseased, unwell, sick. 

nrr^Kt^t, 91^9 ^t^, ^[m, sickly, ailing, infirm, diseased. 

CjWI, C?rt^flff?1, — Irtflrs, «Ttf^, ill, diseased, sick, infirm. 

CitF^, ^•nttRT, IPftiPT??, '^'Ctw?, ^^, provoking appetite, 

stomachic, carminative,, pleasant, agreeable, 
palatable, savoury, relishing, grateful. 

rjt^, ^ICui t ifc^ ^w\ ^, •nr^rWt, «rf^«ww, 9nK%,a 

provocation of appetite, a stimulus, a gratify- 
ing the taste of others, persuasion^ approval. 

c?tinr, BWPr, fiwW^^, to.weep^ cry, lament, bewail. 

omct, «f^ii[9,f%nrTi9,a hinderer, plM»taructer»besieger,&c. 

ijT^-'r, flt^ ^«i, 'Wt^, «rf*^W, f^rcirtc, hindrance, obstruc- 
tion, obstacle, stoppage, blockade, seizure, 
embargo, prohibition. [posing, &c. 

ratw, . PiCTW, ^^^Pr?1, Z^^f stopping, obstructing, op- 

c?l^, c^^, ^t'nr. ^W=r» n?it?^. CT?«i, f^i^ic ^«i, to be- 
siege, obstruct hinder, oppose^ impede, to 
shut, staunch, stop, resist, fence round, sur- 
round, interdict, lay an embargo upon. 

Ht*t^, T^n, Wt^^fl, planting ; a planter, (of trees &c.) 

a seedsman. [stake, &c. graft, insert. 

t?t*t«i, ^mtffi Wtw. WllT^, to plant trees, &c. fix a 

W*fPi?tr wmf^fl, ^T^l, a planter, sowen, seedsman. 

C3rt^, CTff. ^<1, '^t hair of the body, fur, wool, nap, 

r!nir^% cttort «nw, the pores of the skin. 

73T^% cswr^f, — 5^ «ift« rsitdiji w4i«ic« ^^, m?3rn, 

horripilation, erection of the hair of the body 
from delight. &c ; rapture, a bristling up. 

C3ttmf^"», ^ufiH? ^trWfF#, ^R3, having the hair erect from 

sudden emotion, enraptured, delighted. 

r?t37r74t, 7^^itji C9rp9Ca4^, hairiness or a line of hair. 

nT?t^, 4tarBii1, Rrtf^ «CT^/, a seed-plot; planted (rice.) 

WW, im^. CTI% anger, wrath, passion, choler. [rave. 

ii\n% i:^^^, m^t^f to be angry or enraged, to storm, 

if[^% CTt^tt^, fNt^f to answer, provoke, exasperate. 

W^rW, nrft,— HFT^fiW, ?tWl, ^?5W,angry, enraged, wrath- 
ful, cross, peevish, waspish. 

jOrtfir^, s^'f(WM, the fourth lunar mansion. 

c?T^, 7^ ^Hf , a fish much used for the table. 

^^» sunshine, solar heat, warmth, wrath, rage; 
formidable, terrible, dreadful, wrathful, vio- 
lent, sharp, severe, acute. 
ii\Hfs l^flif, ?TO, madeof silver; silver. [hell, 

dial. ^ri9 ftm. a division of the Hindoo Tartarus or 

660 mitl' 

m^m, ^% Kf^, ^€n, ^m^/mw, to take, assume,to seize, 

receive, accept, obtain, get, acquire, know, 
penetrate, realize ; -^nii^R^, ^iit*nr, to fetch, 
bring ; -^«^, %>T^, to take away. 

H^ffT, «frfT< f9^^ «r^f^ wrfr, WW^, ^^f I^IW, to con- 
vince, persuade,, draw into an opinion or 
measure, prevail upon, instigate, prepossess^ 
induce, bias, wheedle, teach, explain, in- 
struct, \\ing, &c. 

ii^Tt'ft, «t^W?1, wnf-r, persuasion, convincing, wheed- 

iwrftfl, BPtjilfttirt,— 'Hftn, «t^^f|[1rt, vibrating, darting, (as. 

a serpent's tongue.) 

•W» f^»*i? Pnwc^ ^CT^;, ^rt%fft?, •w iiyj , ^;, tftf^Rnt«Tt» 

sign, token, a mark, butt, object, aim, a hun- 
dred thousand, an equal, a counterpart. 

PnKt^'^.^'n^?* a sign, mark, spot, token, badge, 
indication, symptom, criterion, predicate, 
distinguishing property, omen, portent, pre^ 
sage, prognostic, features, physiognomy. 

iW«l1, ^t«, '•IKTRI?, ^PTt^T, a metaphor, metaphorica) 

expression, synecdoche, metonymy, an el- 
lipsis, word understood. [sign» &c. 

iy^ i : y w , r^c^n H^^S^f bearing a distinguishing mark or 

•Nfr, ^Wrt, ®, ^fMf^f. ^, Lacshm/ the goddess of 

fortune, good fortune, prosperity, success. 

iNitft^, d^^> f^^/, abandoned by fortune, unfortunate. 

^^ft?t^, «NNv, — ^trpftw, HH4ti^, ®^, ^nWi prosperous, for- 

tunate, successful, lucky. 

*w;, •RR/, ^c^, finjf, i5«i«rt, i^ww"!, ■W5 ifhj, ^, ^i^jwf, 

a mark, butt, aim, object, sign, token, fraud, 
disguise, 100,000; observable, perceptible. 

•1^, ^^f^ ^ffT<lT<ir«, a staff for beating down fruits. 

^^f 1^, ^^^f a pole for shoving on boats in shal- 
low water, a boat-hook, a lever. 

C«N^ ^, a staff, stick, an iron-bonnd club. 
^^, ^tif» XK^f vitb, about one. 

Itf^f ^)V?9m, adhering to, joined to, connc^cted 
with, touchmg, in contact, intent upon, 
consequent, applicable, relevant, suitable, 
proper, apposite; the oblique ascension or 
time of a sign's rising above the horizon. 

WP, 4^f%i7, a bondsman, surety, bail. 

iiH^CT, ft^ ^«t^f ^Prwt*n|Np ^rw^ WPt, a written specific 

cation of a propitious time for a marriage or 
other religious action. [together. 

HWift, iiT^«nf^, ^^TO) ^(9t^f abreast, in contact, close 

^wn^r^^f mwiif\%^ a stoppage of urine, constipation. 

utirl; iitiw, yt^, ^^Wjrei, bwv, smallness, diminution^ 

levity, lightness. [woman. 

«pit94t, s^, ^■tf^ii>n? ^if or ^, a light and contemptibfo 

light, not heavy, little, small, minute, tri- 
fling, trivial, easy, mean, contemptible, short, 
(as a vowel,) imprudent, 
w^vpr, ^irtwl, ^ret*1, ^P^r, iRi?>, contempt, scorn, a 

low dpinion of, disesteem, a slighting, con- 
temning, despising. [dent, 
nipw, f^y "^^Wtf , weak, of small power, silly, impru- 
i|^[^, •IWf,^[^;, light (as food,) easy of digestion. 
m^^s ♦t^lfll^ ^i?, ^^rt^ff thrift, economy, frugality. 
^t^rwtiy ^ on^, ^^«1P, a slight burthen ; light, portable. 
m^^m^^ ^kj/l f«9 a skirmish, loose fight, skirmishing. 
fi^SV91, ^>3t9, dischargeof urine, act of making water. 
«niri*wt|i^> ^ ^^» red*pepper, chillies, capsicums, 
mr* Wif-^W^, WPff^R, a clove, the clove tree. 

!*aRn, f^wrr, ^sR/^ltP*^, i»f3it»!, to overstep, pass 
over, leap Qver,go beyond, exceed, to transgress, 
infringe, break, violate; fasting, abstinence. 
rt^tttft, mrWrl^f boxing, fighting, fisticuffs. 

552 «« ^ 

^^^ 3Wt, ^, ^RtWt ftBWtl, * .*WltT, .sliaDie,^ .modesty^ 

bashfulness, a disgrace, scandal, ignominy, 

affront, insult. [acaadalous. 

«nrt^, ^^«, f^^9« shameful, disgraceful, ignoipinious, 

inci1%9, 9^n^« — 9*trm4t,£^, modest, bashful, abashed, 

a^hamed• [faced, sheepish, 

irert^, ^/(f^* — ^•ftfw, ^5?1, modest, bashful, coy, shame* 
•iiRWSt,, 9iw4t^, — ^^PiPiij, ^'^^* modest, bashful, 
^^r^y "1131% fsiviWr, ^, shameless, impudent, immodest,. 

barefaced, bold. [blush, 

irf^, ^f^. ^trc5T?1, ashamed, abashed, coy, put to the 
mH^m, ^^-7, ^spr, to be suspended, hang down, swing. 
H^^^,. wn^, ^arR, to suspend, hang, hang up, 
W&^,, ?rifi.^, t^, perplexity, intricacy, a labjTintlu 

•l^,«St, »i%^<trHl,— ^«t^^> ^Jr*"' '^^ troublesome, vexa- 
tious, intricate, perplexing, sly, artful. 

^^^> ^> — ^^^ J^TPTst, lewd^ profligate ; aUbertine. 

•1^^, '^V^, ^«^, c?«i^, IV^ f:^^f 5JS ^^, ta shake, 

move, wag, vibrate, quiver, totter, be re- 
^>oked, to fight, to war. [agitation. 

WT^, ^M, ""^Pir, 5*W^, a shaking, moving, vibration, 

•l^t^r ^% ?w, ^*tmw:«r, a battle, fight, war, riot. 

«rjt^, •I?!!,— wwrt, a fighter, combatant, warrior. 

H^T'C,. ^^^, 55Pr, C?[m^, ^f\n, fkA^, |« ^^. to shake, 

stir, move, jolt, remove, revoke, go toinrar. 

W?t^, rt^^sfrtf%, ^^^» fisticuffs, scuffling, a scuffle. 

^, vtdt. qf^, a staff, pole, sticky wand, rod, club. 

irppT, CTi^ w<tt^, 5T? Uf«^, to lay a snare, bs^t a hook. 

^ri^, fSriia f4PW, «IT?, a kind of sweet- meat balls. 

M%, ""^n?, C^fir, a tossing about, agitation, staggering. 
^i?t^, Wl^^, r?«R, to reel, stagger, move unsteadily. 
^Wfrt^l, »i^f«if^?1, — ipyfj W^, c?»ir»?1,' fickle, wavering, 

unsteady, reeling, staggering. 

vine, creeper, climbing plant; to cding to an- 
other, to effect through another. 

witw, fttftw, n?ftrtc?tf«i, to creep or climb as a plant. ' 

•r^*t, i»^4^, mn^, butter. ' . 

n^, 5t»^. «?^* to cling, stick, acihere lo, twine about, 

u^rftlir, <T^^, sriwr, vynr, to cause to strck, to wrap or 

fold together, entwine. [a little. 

W, W. <WB, 55^, ^IWW, fW^*^ , ^mall, little, minute ; 

^^W, c?^^pnr, m\, cloves, the clove tree. 

^^, C^rrif Wtrfnt 9)W, ^1|>I9» sea-salt, rock or facti* 

tious salt, saltness. [brackish. 

^^tv, Wlj i j i ^ft P l^ SRI, salted, rubbed with salt, saltish^ 

*T?<iTir, ^PT?wtw,— «w^WiW Wf,^Pli, salt water; abounds 
' ing in brackish water. 

^, Wl^, tfNIf obtained, gained, acquired, re* 

ceived, got ; pref: possessed of. 

vr%, nVB, rjKC^I*^^, acquisition, profit, gain,a quotient. 

^r^f, «n^l/, «nf«, ^cmwir. ^rtw, obtainable, &c. gain, pro- 
fit, advantage, produce, interest, premium, 
discount. [lender ; ^aciou?^ 

T^rv^, i»r¥;rst*1,— ^vK flnrpl^nri, a usurer, money- 

^^, ji, irtfjf, ^iw«-, 4^ ftwnr ^»tWF, loose, libidtnous, 

lewd, unchaste, dissolute, lascivious, amo^ 
rous ; a rake, a libertine. (i»m, looseness. 

«f^l^, ^«, 9t>ft^m, lewdness; lasciviousness, libertin- 

H^, ^^^m, ^^tf^, a leap, jump, gambol, caper, canter. 

vi^^^rV, ^m^f ^!f^f & jumping about, frisking, gambols. 

<rv^, ^tr^^i ^^f to jump, leap, skip, frisk, canter. 

1^-1, W, ^, •lflr». «lf^, lojfcg, tall, hing, laid along, 

extended m length,pendulous,hafiging down. 

Tf^, tfW^f ^pvnr, to be long, hang down, dangle. 

iTiirn'r,. >t0, 3|aiflr^, iJrt hani:ing, dangling, suspended, 
: growing in length. [ness, extravagance. 

*Vt^, aiii'«1, ^•Wl, Tf9f% length, height, expensive- 

^ l^c^l tf ^ft^MtfW, ^mnPlTVIt tedious detail, boasting. 

>nrn^. "^rf^. *l(^« at full Jiength, laid along. 

iif^, ^iSrs, 9t^9K^ ffv* pendent, hanging down, dang- 

ling, extended in length. 


684\ ^mw 

^mr, fin; longwise, in length. 

wcirtw?, t^fin, ^fnn, corpulent, pot-bellied ; Ganesha. 

^V(V(HfWtfirf TM^, destruction, loss, dissolution, 
fusion, melting, ccmcealment, disappearance, 
final ab6oq>tion, an embracing, adberiDg» 
clinging to, equal time in musicand daccing. 

vqt^, fl^^f-^^rtlFS, ^mRN, .<|91^. ♦tfW^WIf ^. dis- 
solved, lost, concealed, dead, absorpt. 

mnl, 9nt^, ^W, the forehead, fate, destiny. 

•rHi^, ^fW, ^CTff?, ♦few, ^a^f "^f 'tNt, ^t?^w*^ ^ 

fi^rpi» beautiful, lovely, desired, coveted, hsog- 

ingin collops from fatness, dallying, wanton; 

amorous languishing or other external ex- 

' pression of sensual passion in, a female. 

tniSir, ^^ Otriw, ^if^, garlic, cives, 

vr9^, nA PlC^, a precious stone called cat*s eye. 

>f|t, ^^, ^1% n^f W^^^i/, ^**Ht«-*l, a wave, surge, 

billow, a whim, caprice, fancy. 

vrt, nfiFl,— si^. Wh, ^n^d, lac, the lac insect, sealing-wax. 

vrt^, ^> a gourd, a pumpkin. 

•fpp, trw, "W ^ifj, a lac or 100,000. 

»iT*tf , rtnff, '^'f^, l^^, fif^, ^ff*W, RW, iw^, w'. 

■lapl ^•i, •^Nt^, «r^»l¥ f^^, to come in contact 
with, strike, knock, strike against, touch, ad- 
here, stick, cling, to arrive at, reach, take up 
space, to hit a mark, to take root, settle, take 
effect, catch (as fire,} to happen, befal, to fit, 
suit, serve, do, answer, to please, meet one*s 
views, to close, meet, apply to,- to accord, 
agree with, to belong, irelate, concern, refer 
to, to require, take, be necessary, to enter 
upon, begin, to contend with, oppose» strive 
to injure, to give pain, hurt, stain, blot. 

•'•I^pi 566 

9(1% vrt^^/HK, <ctV» contact, effect ; joined, cloee, 

9f>fead as a table, &c. 
•nt^ft^, fliwpr, fjf*^, 1*^ ^RP*» Wll zf«T, cir^i^, 9ir9 wt, 

c^?lpr» to bring into coo tact, apply one thing -to 
another^ unite, join, add, to inflict, lay upon, 
to plaster, smear, stain, blot, infect, to pair, 
couple,; moor, bring to shore, lie to, adapt, 
adjust, fit, suit, mix, fasten, graft, fix in a si- 
tuation, to employ, set to work, to attri- 
bute, ascribe, implicate, appropriate. 

•rt^rtfinn, nn^r^, flnitftlil, a plasterer ; applying, bring- 
ing into contact^ &c. 

W^tjsrtfif, fiwitPT?rf^, »PW, in close or mutual contact,. 

abreast^ adjacent, contiguous. 

«nf*r, wtf^ffl, ifWr,— wwx, mfn, niftw, •ttiv, for, for the 

sake of, qu account of, towards.- 

•«ltf*f, Ut*^ — 5Ff>cm^, «nrl. junction, contact ; -nr^^, *Wpr, 

to reach, to come up with, overtake. 

»n^, ilfJW, ^1^1, ^^•^W, ^Jl't, ^f ^PTOI, lightness, 

easiness, facility, smallness^ minuteness^ in- 
significancy, alleviation, mitigation^, diminu- 
tion, a lowering or reduction- of price. 

•W&, • ^;^w*, ^nwrtJft* sparing, frtigal, faring hard. 

^nw^f t^, ^^^n^ UC^p a plough, a flowering plant. 

•Wrt, ^rft, ^jWf, ^»RRP^ fW?1, a cultivator^ ploughman, 

an ox used to the plough. 

^nwf^, VTit, ploughing ; a ploughman, husbandman. 

'nwvT, ^^UVT, — ^^, cvm, the tail of an animal. 

^rn, «v^, ft, ^9^9 shame, modesty, bashfulness. 

^WH^tJ*** «9*tT?fN, shameless, impudent, immodest. 

fWW; 'rtiR^ifn, — »WrHt*r,^f1,nK)dest,bashful,eoy,sheepi^h. 

fiWrt, 'flWi,— VW ictwi,«^,rice freed from the husk by frying. 

vifiMr, ^ffWp fln^, a spot, mark, sign. [reprehension. 

^rif^f I^T^Vt?, vt?^, reproach, disgrace, abuse, reproof, 

srtPfa, Prftpl,^^*^, «w»9W, reproached, mQrked, notorious. 


confusion, dtsordar, annnple* rumpling. 
fKl^,, jD«l*wff ^, a plaything, a toy^ a. top* [pola 

,911^, itat,— ^r^, ^, a Biicki cane, ttafF» aiace, blndgeon. 
•Wf^, IJfit^, ci[TpT, jqnn, to ^hake» agitate^ move, to 

. ware the band, to displaoe^ shift, remoTe. 

ilffi ttf9^!%^ft^pfV^^^f 'WtH, «tubbl^ a shaking, ftc; 

Miaken(»^di9placed. &c. . ..* 

9iT^. c«t1i!Mti tir^nr, a kind qf aweetniMt bsJIs» comfits. 

ft^, *rt*,— •nrW^, a kick. [caper; 

*TtH5-1, i;^. w^, ^^«t^, ^Pirf^i a jump, leap, spring, flounce, 

wt^^iCl» f|fT9» cS^t ov^leaping all boandSriD8oleitt,bo)d. 

•ftvr, iWP^<i, ^5^, ifl^wwr, ^•'ffw, tQ leap, jump, 

frisk, spring, flounce, vanlt, caater,. gallop. 

»rt^^, «R«iTV, iiwii^^, cm^rt, «TWftp»«l, aalted, dressed 

witb salt, of or relating to saU; a vender 
of salt, a salt-dealer. [saltness. 

. nt^Vf c^^rt;* iR^?>r» beauty, gracefulnes, Ipyeliaess. 

artv, ^IW<f^, «rtr«, wmt»/wi> ^ft;, ^rt«> gain, profit, ad- 
vantage, benefit, acquisition, earnings, ja" 
come, produce, interest, discount. 

9111199, cn^flV^n* ^Qn?> gainful, profitable, advantageous. 

WW^ fr^^>^V[^'^> living on interest; a usurer, mo- 

ney-lender. [ceas, gains. 

it^tfiW F, ^9air««r» %^tT«R, profit and lojss, degree of suc- 


iTpi 1, ^^, Vi% f^lti, slaver, dribble, saliva, spittle. 

•rpfF, ^fi^^«RjC1, iitw^, J*i«l1, OTWi strong desire, oov^- 

tousness, avarice, a lure, inducement. 

«f1iYnF^> >^m«nni^, (^^» inordinately desirous, greedy^ 

covetous, avaricious. [carefully; 

iQvnr, V^^s wf%iWF^fM^ ^it^t to caress, fondle, nourisb 

finprt, ^awtrt«>^i, f>wrt,OTW, rw«ii, ardent longing, ex* 

cessive desire, eagerness for, covetingi avarice^ 

an inducement, lure, allurement, enticement. 

«««iiifl.Mairii9.^f^^,Cin^,covetoua,(rr£edT desirous. 

4Ni Wt 

mf^^ ^ii^h9tm,h[jimn^, fitedestined, fatei, ariang from 
. r'r • fai;^; a pr^destiDaiiaii, a fatalist* 

«tlW» C9ii|9l«1^?««, QrvstVf ^3^, geatleness, sweetnest, 

lovetiDQss, pleasure, agreeableoess, pkasaDt* 
ness, flavour* [tbt|i> wofra^ 

•'twpfy wtPprU-i-T^il f^vif , fWlffefl, a slabberer, sputterer; 

^nnSp vifK — ^9 Tnvn» daacing, dalliance, wanton 

gesture or other it^ication of passion. 

fltfl, mi, vi^m, «if/lac» the lac insect, sealing wax. 

l*ww, jm, ftrf^ t%f1 ffsi ^n, «»itn, f*rftRi <iai, Wtf^int *ltu, 

to write, compose, record^tiraw, paint ; awrit*^ 
ing, written docttmenty letter, reeord, paper. 

^f . t»¥. •JIWIW, Yf . 9% «ffrN5. a mark, sign, token. 

pudendum virile, tbe phallus or emblem of 
Shiva, gender i^in grammar,) nature or the ac* 
ti?e power in creation. 

'*Wti^, t^Vfyrj*!, t^fffhw^pRP. a worshipper of the phal- 
lus or emblem of Shiva. 

t)i!^, ' evMI, Mtr^n;!, f^, iRi, a writing, document, lettei^ 

record, kandwriting* drawing, delineation. 

ftiW^, W^Wt?, — l^M4, vi^t fi^an?, a writer, scribe, 

painter, delineator. [(eriala^ 

l^T^'WW, Wtt^ ttC91«^9 ^t stationery, writing ma- 

fti'^, otPw, ^iP, l*f*T^, ^ifjfi fsrf^f , 9l^^, ^•5*, smeared, 

spread, covered over, tainted or infected 
with, closely connected or united with, 
thick, close, crowded, united* 

fti^fWI, CW^MI, •tWWf, web- footed. 

Pwn, WWi^t, iil^F9it¥, et^ji^ cupidity » desire of gain, 

covetousness, wish, desire, good-will. 

^^913, VQCV^ f^M, ^ftalM, coveted, desired, greedily 

sought after, united, engaged or involved in. 

t^f^, CVQ^ iiKVi|^#, coveting, covetousi desirous^ of gain. 

^ir, Qll^y ^rfiro, ^, ^ii0^, wif , if^r dissolved, 

melted, absorpt, absorbed in» intimately 
nixed or united with. 

B58 '^ 

<l*rt, •if^WW, «#M, fl^lTf ^!Wt?> W5r, play, sport, pas- 
time, diversion, amorous ddHance, toying, 
wanton sport, lasciviousness, a feraale^s a- 
morons imitation of her lover^s gait, &c. 

«rtr, * frtursr? ^ f!ic"W, a sort of flannel. 

wpr, ^S^M ^srtCT ttw^, •WRpr, ^•Pr, to hide, lie hid or 

concealed, to lurk, skulk, abscond, vanish, 
to elude search or disco^ry. 

tjjft^, lt*W, tl^^^. tP^r Itnnr, id: also to conceal, 

secrete, vc^il, suppress, dissemble. 

vrvTfl^j ^"Vf ^l^^nf%9> hidden, concealed, close, absconded. 

^, ^rt f^rm, a sort of sweetmeat [petticoat 

^ift, fM^9 ^^ firm, a coloured cloth worn as a 

t»t-1, ^tviP5 *ir<i, ^1*1^, a plundering, pillaging, cap- 

ture, plunder, booty, prey, spoil, peculation. 

^^^^'^n^s ^^^5?^* ^8*^ W^. ^?W» to plunder, ptUage, 

rob, ravage, forage, sack, ransack, peculate, 
squander, waste. [derer, robber. 

1^1^, ^♦BTtW, tpjft plundering, pillaging, &c;a plun- 

^f^tPrji, ^♦t^^, Pwr^tPrm, ^Vf^f ^^, a peculator, 

spendthrift ; plundering, &c. rapacious, lavish. 

•rf^?T?1, ^5^» — ^f f^W^ftf^, a plunderer, open robber, 

rapacious person, peculator. [waddiog. 

1^, rf^, ^t«T, a skein or ball of thread, a clew, a. 

Cif<7, to roll on the ground, wallow, tumble 
about, writhe or toss about in pain, &c. 

^, ^ 4rtr?<'«, tl1*r, tH^I, a small piece of stone, a 

pebble, a ball, a lottery ticket. 

vm^l, vmfiR(V^, a dealer in salt. 

H;*, ^iWH*^, tl'^, tSi^, , ^Wl>ra, faifw, •Ifiw, disappeared, 

concealed, obliterated, superseded, obsolete, 
disused, extinct, dropped, omitted. 

^jnfim, ^^fw% ^iWflf 'M^% to catch a ball or other thing: 

thrown to one. [greedy. 

', wt*t, f>wr, desirous of, covetous, avaricioas. 


^if, C'Vt'ft* ^ft^» ^tf^ntft, id: aiao a hunter, afowler. 

^pf^t n9m^ Kifl?1» hangisg in coUops, wrinkled, [by it. 

^f « Wt9?9fl, ^W(^ ^pn, a spider, inflammation caused 

^^nutvr 71 ^1, «l^?ait7 vt*i, a spider's web, a cobweb. 

^f ^% ^^f paBte, starch. [clak. 

CT49. liif^mr, w^aH, a writer, scribe, copyist, secretary, 

OTW, fWl fim f&gi ^^•i, W>l, to write, register, draw ; a 

writing, document, &c. [chers; 

W*«r«n^, IWl, ^it^^lai, «fiit<i*rai, written documents,, vou* 

t»T^pr^, •nt^ffi^wf Tt^wnFTW, one who signs a writing 

for another. [plement. 

OTtr^, fW<^ Rti, vt^cn ^H, a pen, style, graving im* 

mm, WP^f •«• tH5, tj«t, 5ii*<ri, W*f», writing, a writ- 
ing, handwriting, a mark, stroke, an account, 
calculation ; written. 

t5f<t*l?1, ♦ttlKi, fW^,*trt*lWtCTPnpt^Rrt, records, writings, 

written documents, reading and writing. 

CT«tti^r< •PI nvit^l^. written correspondence. 

WW/, Pm »iWt*W f»i^, proper to be written ; a voucher. 

tfm, vrt^,^, the tail of an animal, a crupper. 

c^, ?nvt9, ^V^9 a difficulty, obstacle, embarrassment. 

W% mtrftf 5BV,7t#|«i, m«1, r'ff^, nwit, a plaister, oint- 
ment, unguent, lime, mortar, a plastering, 
smearing, a rug or quilt, [terer, bricklayer. 

w»Pf , w^tPnfl,— «<rPRri, 'n^nPrm, smearing, &c ; a plas- 

ranw, ^i, ^t^R*. *TT^^, to smear, anoint, plaster, spread. 

c«ini, 5fV9> ifVil^ ''t*'if^, smeared, plastered, &c. con- 
nected by a membrane. 

cwt^ll, •tfWl, !*ftPtl, web-footed. 

CT*, W|,— «nft?, Tt?tift. a lime, lemon or orange. 

nw, 4w, aw, ^rf^l, agreement, unity, peace. 

wiP', 13JW ^spP'r, to call a dog. 

W1, Wii^, ^w^, .fll^, war, imff, ^^t'^RiW, a small 

portion, the smallest quantity, an atom, tinge, 
tincture, a particle, a spark. 

i^ec^, nmn^%.9ik^, to Uoki lap, taste with the toiqpie. 

urn on*. -■ 


€ff^» Wf^W^ t x , nf^f that may be lictood tor kpped. 
Wf9, • w, 'nsf9i m^^^ ¥^, a iMr$on» mafi, mankind, 

folky people* the world, a regioa. [usage. 
IjnUPUt <ertRriiic^» vi^t, commoiily, according to common 
{vrtmr, ippr, C^fin^ flfltflp^, to view, look, see, survey, 
fsn^^n^t vm, 4t«tl^ W^> a king, a( sovercfigii, Indf a, ftc. 
Cfif^v^. «^^f ^9^« a rumottT, .report, fame; talk, 
cinn^, 9iWf«W4ii("Wf fear of the world, dread of pnb* 

lio opinioti^ 
Rimim* C^.1^ ^nci?. ^* the business of the world, a 

procession,. fair« market^ concoui^e of peopie« 
^Bit^KTs?, ^tTCvrtv, Mm, bnolher world, futurity, hereafter, 

death; . [opprobrium. 

c^vWr^irtv, OTt^^t ^RnKt?r, public disapprobation, general 
WW?<i;;^?wtCT? *WT'Hr,^r^rft*,i|^i a concourse of people, 

multitude, crowd, throng, I^ge population. 
dnFft?, ir^/7 ^(tTift^, 7^^ <«t9, a habitatioii of men, a 

. town, a village* [woiid. 

Wl^tww , ^ftc ^ti^ ^9, the supposieid bttuad'ary of the 
«sit9ir, z^ c^nv, ip^, the eye, vision,, act of looking, &c. 

roll, wallow or tui^ble about, to plunder ; a 
tumbler^pigeon, a braid of hair. 

<vi^> nt^ vn'^rtQii ^^^$ a brass pitcher or water^jag; 

' hanging*, dangling, pendant. 

cin^^tf ^fmsif^, <N^1f^rt^, flap-eared. 

CTt^f'', CTl*i?1 W^^f ftwtT^r, ^9|iC» ^^iv, to throw down 

or about, toss, agitate, toiie or bang looseir, 
dangle, to&s or roll abo^it; (rollen 

cut?!, f^ll%«T? tfv? «ti, vi^t a small wooden or stone 

CTT1, si^^, ^ifl^i^^qR^, salt 

tm^» «i9^f9,^9^9 «ft . ^m^tmr UV^, sak, aaltiah, bradt* 

ish, unft!ui(ful*(liuid ;) h apeicies of costard* 
apple. [share of spoil. 

•iilwy ^^^ WflTi 4P«ir,, plundei?, booty, stoMtf floods, » 

mtvMT^I 061 

Vfy ^iraF7» ^Mf^f destruction, perdition, ex* 

tinction, Qblivton» disappearance, dtscontt* 

nuancet disuse, obsoleteness, erasure^ oblite* 

ration, disannulling, the dropping or omission 

of a letter, &c. an ellipsis, total expenditure, 

loss, squandering, embezzlement 

CW?f C^^/^f ^> a stolen article, plunder, booty. [See. 

^ins^ ^nr?, irw, destructible, perishable, ezpungible, 

nn97, ^f^tl ^n Kf% to catch a ball, &c. thrown up. 

CTiW, lii^, «fttftni. ^mtt ^iflW? t^rlt Wt^t «W?, in- 

ordinate desire, cupidity, covetousness, ava- 
rice, greediness, an enticement, lure, bait» 
inducement, temptation, an object of desire. 

wt^Mtj, ^t^\a CTtv wn, it^'il iW^, alluring, tempting, 

exciting desire or cupidity. [epicure. 

c«tV1*f(v, ftl^, qcvivi. covetous, avaricious, greedy ; an 

CTtvnr, CTWW^^T^,^^, «f|fil «Wpr, to entice, allure^ 

tempt, to incite, stimulate. 

CTW*, ^to;« Wllt^, fCVT^, a grasping, greed, greed- 
iness, covetousness, epicurism. 

^Kit, ^fit^'^fWf, very de8irous,greedy,covetous,eager 

after, voracious. [or coveted. 

rm;, zmswj Pr9?,^(^nif)i9, desirable ; the object desired 

WW, ciw, zh^f '^fft ^> tlw^ ^^^ *>*^ '^® ^dy in 

men or beasts, a tuft of hair, nap, wool, fur. 
nitii9^, ^^^> wtcir? v^» the pores of the skin. [lular. 
CiTt«9^n, ^sw^mjt ^Jft? flfopr?, full of pore.«, porous, eel- 
WW1, »rft?3r CTW|^, rrw, "fSplf^f covered with hair or 

fur, hairy, shaggy, woolly. 
^>lt9% piPn^,—^^3 f^% ^^f erection of the hairf 

of the body through fear or surprize, horri- 

pilation, a bristling up. 

Wltflg^a, w:?ff»f», ^ » if^'l JB«» having thehair erect through 

violent agitation. [breast to navel. 

wt^^n^, V(m^,—^^Xi^ c^lJf, the line of hair kom 


662 ^^ 

wWj ^PW<r, ^•Wi fNtf iw, '•W^; v^Pj^t WW, tremii1otts« 

sbaking, hanging loosely, sIack,flabby,lollisgt 
desirous, concupiscent, eager, fickle. 

niWf, ^ip^f ^ftwWF?^, piendant, swinging; a nose-jewel. 

IWW, 'uftf'W, I^Tjjt, ^^Nit, Wrt, desire, cupidity, eager- 
ness, Lakshtni goddess of fortune ;/.fickle,&c. 

cvrtf^, «1^, K^. ^FPvni, loose, hanging in coUops, flabby, 

slack, pendent, tremulous. 

tTtyf, ^*f^^ r^n^, ^JVt^Wftt ^TO?, eagerly desirous, co- 
vetous, ambitious, greedy, voracious. 

Wtj|, imi,— a»n, ^^ tN, irtnr? «tif . a clod, lump of earth, 
' a tuft of grass, &c. 

V^'X ^•Ri^, ^•itfl^ ^^'T* iron, any metal. 

t^UT* ^> — P^*In|, ?^, blood. 

CTflf^W. f^' •t^, ^r!r«T«, the load-ston^, [er: 

X»ft5^, C»fW?, — ^^wr^, ^PW?, a blacksmith, ironfound- 

iW^rtf^, CTl>1iii'i^ «ppr,chaly beate, impregnated with iron. 

CTttiri, 3tW1, ?^f Wtft^, red, sanguine ; blood. 

x* t lM ^ < l^> jtWff^, «n?ti, having the ey« red with rage, 

angry, furious, wrathful. [withanger. 

C»itfl[«5<. ?VW/, Jiwrj^, blushing, red-faced, inflamed 

ic^ft^, c«Wtrftl«, WR, V^l^, ^^nflPP. popular, vulgar, 

common, current, customary, human, world- 
ly, mundane. [common usage. 

c:«f|f^^9^» f^?Tft, ^(/^fT^Tsr^ a parting present, popularity, 

p^r^, 'Zxi\, c9^9, a ball for playing with, [iron scorie. 

l«v)7, c«it^, ^K f^in^, iron, a medicinal prepoatioa of 

«W, "ffi, ^^'W? Jintn f*B?W, fii5, ' <rtV, ^*^, one- who 

gives name to an sera, as Shaiiv&ana, &c. an 
era, memorial, token, fame, a wish, desire. 

*wi, ^ IWr, w|t; 9f(tnp% a carriage^ carti *cait*Ioad,' 

the 4th lunar mansion. 

«Wf1, •Bpi, ffPl^, ?* it cart, a car. 

^ 563" 

'fWiri, ^«R:?«t ftww, "im, a particular year of any 

f&ra chiefly of that of Shalivabana. 
^f 'l^JPc, "W^,— t5l» WMt, a vulture. 

oni^ /^W^r ^^f^* ^Wtf wr«» ^wff, fpv9» ♦n^?!**. 
tight, fast, firm, compact^ stift, bard, toughs 
rigidyinflexible, brittle, solid, durable, strong,. 
. T^id, able^ powerful, vigorous, capable, cle- 
ver, indefatigable, diligent,violent,vehementt 
apstere^ morose, illiberal, cruel, severe, 
. sharps stem, arduous, difficult, abstruse, ob- 
acur^, painful, poignant, [severity, rigour. 
«I9!^, Wi f?W?» 9tf^;, strength, tightness,, hardness^ 

i^, WfA, ^j ftaR, PWrrt, i:5rt»tPil, wf , wa^» ^^rjjrf^, 

C|^> ^^ power, ability, energy, strength, vali- 
dity, force, vigour, valour,, violence, severi*^ 
ty, \f orthiaess, liberty, option, permissipa, 
^utl^ority, warranty a female deity ^ the per- 
sonified energy or vvife of a. god, a apear. . 

■IRWT^, lipt^. ^P«W1» fia^. *trong, ^^ble, powerful^ 

mighty, energetic. [grain. 

«f9, 32^ iv^ %\ K^, the dour ojf fried barley or oth^ 

Wr TOUt?^ Pf^i^> 'ttW* <«ft»tWf. possible, practicably 

effectible; |he*D[ieaning;of a wacd^ 

%PK^, <*<»l*. t Ot ^jC^ ra«^ Indra^ bow, i. e^ the rainbow. 

•I^f^ ^ECV? f^«?». de^ervih^ to be feared, to be dreaded 

or sttspectedl. [Shiva. 

*m& ^SV, snni, f^, auspicious, propitiQUs, fortunate ; 

"nn* 'vc^, ^, 319, ^11^, «t|r, suspicion, fear* dread, 

fright, alarm, terror, awe, danger, peril. 

*IVtf^i'1R(i^''N«, «V, afraid, /nghtened, affrighted* 

alarmed, timid, fearful. 

•IRH, ^, 3Pi^, ^if^ifWrs, id\ also doubtful, uocertain, 

di^ubted, suspected. [gnomon. 

^ m,^^,^it«9,9i^» a javeU%spike, pole, st&ke, pin. 

5e4 «q«i 

M% "h<» ?F|, (49 «ra W, a conch used for IHiations/or 

as a bio wiog-horh ; 100 billions. [shell. 

«tiil-9, ijlc«rtr97 999^, a bracelet made from the cmich 

*WWj, »it<Tft, a shelUworker, maker of bracelets, &c^ 

Mfkt^, f*rw »w«iPPt«i ^, ^rsl, a poetical description or 

cla^s of women, an apparition, a fairy. 

•WW, ■W'ft, a porcupine. 

■rftRl, ■W'Ti, •W'r/i, — ^cmi5T«|^ ^^, the horseradish tree. 

•If^, ^ififr itWt^, ^wW, musty, stale, old. 

»fjt, tirJt, — ^T^ftJrt, zedoary or mango-scented ginger. 

•ti, ^% ^ff9m, ap, ^, f^^. tleceitful, ktaavish, over* 

reaching, swindling, artful, crafty, insincere, 
wicked, depraved; a rogue, knave, cheat, 
sharper, vHlain. [liision, ftc. 

•rJr^t, ^r#5t, f»Rl, ^Wl, knavery, craftiness, deceit, col- 

■f^-l, '»^, OT, ^:a» ^, ^lt^, small, minute, Ifttle, in- 
significant, thin, slender, [spare. 

«f?W1, "l^rt,— t%3rt, W, ^^, a canoe ; longVtall, slender, 

^^^ ^^ r4rn, the Bengal hemp- plant, hemp. 

■fn^RV, •rnf'rfiif^ wfir, a net made of hemp. 

^% ^9—^f f>'. ^^. a bull, an t)x, a hatura] w 

nuch or hermaphrodite. 

•W 1, i?W, wf, ^wt^, a clown, an ignorant bumpkin. 

MnM, ^S^^^> |t^, ^W? ^^Wf^. emasculation, impo* 

tencei, the state of a bull at liberty. 

if5, «W«, — ^•r^, <^^ ^WFJ? W« W^, a hundred! 

•wnf^v, ^!rw«ft4t, 4^< > nS14< w ^ , following many ways, em* 

bracing many doctrines. 

«t5«?^, ^4iic^^, CTCft, f^trt, a centipede; 

n^ni, ^f^Mf^ ^WM, the 24th lunar mansion. 

■ROTi^, ir^fiirTe, the climbing asparagus. 

n%j9i, •fsT^rfj,— ftftai TOW? ^Rt^^, rft, a floor-clbtb, a car- 

pet, chess*carpet. [pbr hundred, &c 

*Hl^, 'W ^fTitf» ^f^9 relating to or denoting a hundred, 

■l^. Ti% ft^ttP, an enemy, foe, adversary, opponent. 

^, i<r» «t^, fSi^ist, IW, enmity, hostility, strife 

•1^, "ftir«ini[, — 9r«ii ^, the planet Saturn or its regent! 

•ffarfl?, f tiwr? ^u flrt^, Saturday. 

'^^t, »H^««r^,— 4JW, <tnr, ofct, slowly, tardily, gently^ 

deliberately, gradually. 

«lff, f^, fteP9, a dot, a point, a cypher, the mark (f). 

«l^fi, fSF^f, ^^, inr9T#1» an oath, imprecation, curse. 

«wmi, fif^^<9 ^IWX, an affidavit or testimony on oath. 

"t€, ^^^» cursed, execrated, anathematized. 

•nn, IP' f^^» ^ ^^^^' aliorse's hoof, the root of a tree. 

*f^» ^"rft7, 1971, a corpse, dead body, carcase. 

<^R?t7, iRTt? c^TTfir, the burning of a corpse. [outcast. 

t^« ni^i^^Pt?, fii^m, a barbarian, savage, mountaineer, 

"n^niR, intn ^*m ^(^t v^t^jn, a superstitious exercise 

performed while seated on a dead body. 

^f Hf*, 'W. Pc^W, ??, ^IW;, ftrw/ ^, a sound, noise, 

roar, report, tone, voice, word, speech, a 
declinable word, a noun, &c. 

"nppy, iff^lt, ^if^9l, ^^, sounding, making a noise, 

&c. sonorous. [dictionary. 

■tfCTtw ^^•J^r, — ^^rf^fc^r, a vocabulary of nouns, &c. k 

*rv^> ^^f ^ft^ft^^f the ear, comprehension of words, &c. 

•rtfW?, *W^, a plagiary, plagiarist. 

•rtfWTfV, •WT*?. — Vf, a dhitu or verbal root. 

«HfT*te, ^Wrt^X, 2*. ^CTHt?, God i. e. he who is beyond 

the reach of sound. [sound. 

"I^tf, ^CTf ^Rffift?, the object or meaning of a word or 

•W, ^ViflWPTinf, r^W^J, 4l4C4Htllit ^W, ^%, ^<i res- 
traint of the senses, absence of passion, 
stoicism, ascetic indifference, derout ab- 
straction, quietism, inental tranquillity, pla- 
cidity, calmness, calm, quiet, rest. 

■fwl, Htfir, ^W, ^•PtJf, tranquillity, quietude, allevia- 
tion or amendment of a disease. 

ntf^, nvff ^TS\, iwfrf<t« T'W, w, x^fWpn, mental trai^ 

quillity, immolation of beasts, Tama. 

*^f 1)nvl,99 ^^,a pod, leffume; a species of Miniosa. 

6W «1*f^^* 

■ « 

*rv7, *ft^« Tl^, tl^, a bivalve $heU, a sDail. 

Him^^r t^f^^'^f a hawk or falcon. [repose. 

"fij^, ^^, f^zBl ^^'Tf f=f^t to lie down, recline; sleep, 

^Hl'^?? ^ ^y — l^rajt^tt?, ^'RWW, a bedroom* bedchamber. 

H?^, *t?C'^? l^^ff proper for repose, fit for lying down, 

^% f^;ST<frM, J^f ly^'^S down, asleep, reclined. 

•W1, ^WW •nr^ *?1 9t?, t^f^nn, a bed, a couch, a sopba. 

"^ ^, ^*«, '^ ftPW, ^J ftiivt^, an arrow, the bore 

or swell of the tide, a sort of grass or reedL 
cream, the scum of milk. 

nj9ft9i, f^rf^F^ "Sti 7^, a thick discharge of arrows. 

•r^d, $t^^» a lizard, a chamelion. 

»r5<i, ^<si% fitf8*n»i^, T^ftW^, a refuge, shelter, defence,. 

protection, protector. 

•ncHtfl^, '^j^rt^W,— 'itfiar^, ^«w«rft, ^wsitf^, ^"Wt^fw. a re- 
fugee, one who ta)ces refuge or shelter in 
another, umc^er protection of, relying on, sup* 
ported by, surrendering, calling for quarter. 

^^•, ^^WC^, ^«t?; ^t«t?, ?^W. fit to. be made a 

refuge or shelter, worthy of dependance ; a 
refuge, diefence, protection, protector. 

'tj^-^iW, ^ftpr ^^f^» ^iwtwir •» ^t^* the autumnal or 

sultry season, the two months after the rain^. 

't^wf^ *f?^W» — ^^iWr, a shower of arrows. 

«t?n/, 9f^;, a butt, a mark to shoot at. 

.*t|^-^if .^«n^ fkcn, a shallow earthen basin or pet-cover. 

fnrpnr, k^, a bow, y. rf. that in which an afrow is fixed. 

*Vft?, C9?,crtM^,4Em#,tbe.body,a material frame,matter. 

nftj^, *^, a reptile, a worm, «. e, creeping pn ihe body. 

*r|t3L^<i, «t^^, ^fsHiir^^, a staking or risking of one s Ufe, 

mortification or maceration of the bod v. 

niti»m ^ •rr5, — mi% W?^*rH, death, the fall of the body. 

■rjtj^fPP, ift«i^, 'fTOrt, f^^l, a wasting of the body, ema- 
ciation, thinness, leanness. 

'^tSlj^^, ^5«V«PitW ^tiKWifji ^^'^f ^ hostage. 

4|IKt '567 

^i^, «ft, «rwf8[?», *rt. «rt*, corporeal, bodily, having 

a body, material ; an aaimal, sentient'being. 

^"f^, fMt, ^, ^^TTf , clayed or candied sugar. 

^^ftyi«9, fW^ •IW, WJW « "P^flU^ wr, lemonade, sher- 
bet, a cooling beverage. 

•tilt, wr*, P«1, ?Tftr, wightv a night. 

'WV. •tW^fW, ^rf^, •Wr. a grasshopper, a locust. 

«mt-«, rtBi, «?, ^rw, r^. mtt, tumiv^ w, a javelin; 

dart, arrow, a skewer, peg, thin bar or rod, 

the ribs of an umbrella, the bars of a cage; 

A slip of bamboo, a match, a toothpick, a 

probe or boujee, a niler. 
■rSr, f^CTi^rt^fft^ a dry measure of 20 seers. 
n^, ^fAr^, ^91, ^, the wick of a candle or lamp. 
•W^. npiftrw, Indian fennel. {gendy. 

*ft9f, aWR, JRCTR, ^!te?^, by slow degrees, slowly, softly, 
1^, 4(1^, fT9, the scales of a fish, a flake, rind, bark.' 
^^nsvf , ^.^«^. scaly, covered with scales, flaky. 

■w/, r*Wf, v^, "if^, *n, c^lw, #t«w, ^irt^t, ^, '^iff, g^, 

a javelin, an arrow, an iron crow or club, 
a peg, pin, Blake, bamboo-rod; a bone, a 
poi'cupine, difficulty, embarassment. 

^kWtvnt, '4IMfli^^M OT^rtfim ^^f|[ ^tt^f^i iBi clearing of 

bones, &c. frbm the site chosen, for a house. 

^■nplt, r^«t7, ^^, a porcupine, frankincense^ • . 

■W, "W^, •wrm, — «lfiWW, a hare o* rabbit. 

■HW, 'Wpf, *p4t', — raf, t3ffWl%k the moon. • 

*Kf^^, ^pnf^, hard^s homs t. €i a natural impossibiKty; 

•nt^, ^i\f '«f1» repeatedly, frequently^ perpetually. 

M^fir, 9C^ ^nPf tb6 outer eat^ or opemn(g' of the ear. 

*W, ^!^^ eheap^ not dear, low- priced, plentiful. * 

^f <tltl*, ?Rr, ^ftt ^If a weafpon, sword, scymetar, 

atms, ai^ittor, a* tool, iinplSfnetlt, instrument. 

«fWI^*f!P». ^ a f Vtf n[ # , wnfwvf,' an instrument-maker, 

a cutler, an armoarer. 

^9^^» M^> — C^HTl, cim, living by arms s. e^ U'^oldier. 

W9 "W 

«rintt^ J\ ^t— ^il^» wieldiagr a weapon^ canyhig arms, 
^^rn^/tfg ^9^X1 f^ly the 6tu<}y of arms« military ex* 

ercise. [arms. 

Wjt» ^^> ^Jtl^l:^* amiedt accoutred, provided with 
'W, W^nt^, ^^f ^*itftl %^nf ^reiwllt* ^Bir, ^, grain, 

corn, a harvest, crop, fruit, the kernel, the 

edible substance of fruits, nuts, grain, &c 
ifitPtt^t, Kt^iV9, abounding in corn, fertile in grain. 
«fl«, «nt, ?nr, a conch, a univalve shell. 
4Wftl|t, 'WinJt,— 5;if«Ttt4t, WS^. a hag, female goblin, 

apparition, a slut or slovenly woman. 
Am. 9?^* a shell*ornament for th^ wrist, a bracelet. 
«h4l|tf "r^^» a shell-cutter, a maker of bracelets* &c. 
«h^9 «Ft<|^f ■l'*r4Mi, testaceous, provided with a shell. 
sfPi, tct^ffl^ 9iT?vt^, the edible part of fruits^ &c. the 

substance, kernel. 

•IPF, w^ ^^ •Ri ^t7nt>» "^t^t f^rw, 't^rtft, *rfi, an cscu* 

lent vegetable, pot-herb, greens, any edible 
leaf, flower, fruit, stalk, root, &c. used as a ve- 
getable, one of the seven Dwipas or divisions 
of the world, an aera, the sra of Shdliv^ana. 

«rtv, Vfftf ^^tpffv, a worshipper of Durgit in her vari- 

Qus forms as the female creative principle or 
personified divine energy. 

■TWIf JjSW^ 'W, aora ^ftol?? ftrw, a branch, a bought 

a branch or subdivision of the Vedas. 

«»t«t^«f? ^ ^?f ^•R^, ctj^, a suburb,, a village. 

'<ftiT*»r, Jt^p ^M. a monkey, an ape. 

^^9 Vff ^^JP^^nv 'tw^ ^^W. a tree ; an obserrer 

of any particular branch of the Veds. 

•H^f '^•-^•ift CTtW? *«ftctc? ^l, the dress of the Hindoo 

female, consisting, of apiece of cloth worn as 
a petticoat, the end being, thrown over the 
left shoulder. [ness, villuny. 

«^;, wn, *r^, ^^f a trick, deceit, .collision, crafti- 

"ft^f ^p "Wi ?V^/f^ Round, Yoiqe, s|>eech. * 

*«|l 569 

ftrW, a whet- stone, grind-stone, a whetting or 
grinding, a pavement, a paved floor or ter- 
race, a species of cloth. [lisb; 

«fl«i^, ^^rrsnr, — ^^jft?Rr«i, «rtlrf»r, to whet, sharpen, grind, po- 

•ft3R, f|t<J,^^, W¥, «rTt%^;, an enemy, enmity, hostility, 

hatred, resentment, strife, opposition. 

■ttRl, r<^, ^3f^^» white, of a white colour. 

•fpr, "WRi^, — ^[^wrtw? r*lf»*r^!M, an earthen dish or plate. 

■rnrt, ^ ^«iCH» ^, a weaver^s slay. . 

•TW, P^, ^'rt^^, WW, ^tWfr, ^, f^, fiiret^Vt allay- 
ed, appeased, pacified, soothed, calm, quiet, 
tranquil.peaceable, at rest; an ascetic,a stoic. 

•ttRf, "W, f^ipn, brtr, ^rt«iC3Ft^rrtl^rt^, wsT't;, ^irpfx, ^8»M*; 
^ilR, tranquillity, calmness, quietness, rest, 
peace, serenity, stoicism, absence of passion, 
indifference to external objects or impressions, 
quietism, cessation or alleviation of disease, 
a religioas ceremony to avert inauspicious 
accidents or procure remission of disease. 

•rt*f, ^W'^WPW^I, ^f a curse, an imprecation. 

•rt^WVf ^l%«WI, irjifiiTO, cursed, lying under a curse. 

*n^^, P*^, ft, c*tw, the young of an animal, a foal, &€. 

*ft^, *W/, an iron bar or crow. 

*ri^, ^ffpr^,^5t^x*nnlt?, wf^^ptiit, nominal, of or belonging 

to a noun or word, sounding, sonorous. 

■rtl^, 4tbr^*, ^4^T^9f "W^l^lft 'ttlCTVI, CT?t^S*i, of or 

belonging to words or sounds, versed in the; 
belles-lettres, conversant in grammar, &c. 

■ft^m, 9fipr,9(9,^?«i,dirty, dingy, dusky,dark-coloured. 

•fWI, IWt, irf^