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SacbatU eoUcgt Ubcac; 


R«tiv»i at. "j-^.^cjoi. 





As spoken by the Eastern Syrians of Kurdistan, North -West Persia, 

and the Plain of Mosul, with notices of the Vernacular of the 

Jews of Azerbaijan, and of Zakhu, near Mosul. 

Demy 8vo, price iSs. 























FEB 26 1902 












This dictionary is intended to bo a companion volume to the author's Orammar 
of the Dialects of Vernacular Syriac, which was published in 1895, *^^ treats of the 
language of the Eastern Syrian (Nestorian or Chaldean) Christians, who live on 
the borders of Persia and Turkey \ The dialects dealt with may be divided into 
four main divisions, as follows*: — 

L Tho Urmi Group, consisting of the dialects of several districts, which do not 
aspirate Tau and Dalath. 

a. (U.) The great plain of Urmi, in the Persian province of Azerbaijan, to the 
west of the salt lake which takes its name from the plain. 

h. (Sp.) The north part of the plain, which may be called the Sipurghan district y 
from the large village of that name, close to the Lake of Urmi ; the speech of this 
division is somewhat affected by the S&lAm&s dialect (Group II), as is also that of the 
small i>to{n ofGawilan between the two. 

c. The ^2am ofSoldtu, to the south of the Lake of UrmL This dialect is almost 
the same as that of Urmi, except that Azerbaijani-Turkish words are more freely 
used. In some of the Syrian villages of Solduz, Syriac has almost entirely given way 
to Turkish. 

IL Tho Northern Group, which is especially noticeable for dropping Tau. 

a. (Sal) The plain ofSatdrnds, in Pei^ia, to the north-west of the Lake of UrmL 

h, (Q.) Qudshdnis or Quch&nis, in Turkey, the village of the Patriarch Mar 
Shimun, with the neighbouring district, a little south of the Lake of Van. 

c (Gaw.) The plain of (xdwdr, in Turkey, a high tableland to the west of the 
Perso-Tm-kish frontier. This plain and the district round Qudshanis are called 
' Bayat ' or Subject^ being entirely under the direct government of the Turks. 

d. (J.) The district of Jiltt, a very mountainous region lying a little to the west 
of Gawar, and geographically belonging to Group III, being Ashirat, but philologically 
belonging to this group, as the dialect is practically the same as that of Gawar. 

' For an account of the reduction of spoken Sjriac to writing, roferenoe may be made to the 
Introduction to the Qrammar, 

* The abbreviations given in brackets aro those used both in the dictionary and in the 

[mJ i <? b 


III. Tho Ashirat Group, consisting of the Ashirat or Tribal (semi-independent) 
districts of Central Kurdistan, a series of inaccessible mountains and valleys lying 
between Van and Mosul. Over these districts the Turks exercise little more than 
a nominal sway, and the soldiers seldom penetrate them. The dialects of this group 
are collectively denoted by the letter K., and are specially noticeable for aspirating 
Tau and Dalath. 

a. (TL) Upper Tiariy to the north-west of the group ; and 

b. (Ash.) Lower Tiari, to the south-west of the group ; with Ashitha for its 
principal village. Indeed this place may be considered the capital of all the Ashirat 
districts. The dialect of Lower Tiari differs considerably from that of Upper Tiari, 
approaching rather those of the fourth group. The language also of the village of 
Ashitha itself is sometimes not quite the same as that of the surrounding district, 
although the difference is not great. Tiari is by far the largest Ashirat district 
Perhaps the most striking feature in its dialects is the frequent pronunciation of 
aspirated Tau as Shin. This is not so often done in the village of Ashitha. 

c. (Tkh.) Tkhuma, a large valley east of Tiari, south-west of Jilu. 

d. TcUy BaZf Diz, WaltUy smaller Ashirat districts, north and east of Tkhuma. 

e. (MB.) Mar Bishu; (Sh.) Shamedin; (Terg.) Tergawar. These districts are 
geographically quite distinct from the others of this group, lying as they do on the 
Perso-Turkish frontier, the first and third east, the second south-east of Oawar; 
but, being inhabited by colonies from Tiari, their dialects are closely related 
to that of their parent distiict, though they are somewhat influenced by the 
speech of UrmL Mar Bishu and Shamzdin lie in Turkey, and this influence is 
therefore less felt than' in the upland plain of Tergawar, which with those of 
Mergawar (or Mergawa ?) and Bradust lie on the Persian side of the frontier. Late 
events, however, have brought large mmibers of emigrants from the Turkish to the 
Persian side, and the dialect of Tergawar and its two sister -plains will probably 
henceforward approximate more closely to those of Mar Bishu and Shamzdin* The 
village of Anhar in the plain of Urmi, near Tergawar, is also a colony from Tiari, 
and retains several Tiari peculiarities of language, grafted on the Urmi speech. 

lY. Tho Soutlieni Group, which also aspirates Tau and Dalath. 

a. (Al.) The plain of Mosul, in which are found many viUages of Eastern Sjrrians 
who speak, with some variations, a language often by their brethren to the north of 
them called loosely, but not very accurately, the Al^sh dialect, from the village 
of Alqosh, about thirty miles north of Mosul. In this village, the reputed home of 
Nahimi ' the Elkoshite,' is shown the tomb of the prophet ; and in the neighbourhood 
is the famous monastery of Raban Hurmizd. In the town of Mo^ul itself, vernacular 
Syriac almost entirely gives place to Arabic. In several villages, however, to the 
south and east, as well as to the north of Mosul, Syriac is spoken; and many of 
the sailors on the Tigris steamers between Baghdad and Bu^ra may be heard 
speaking 'the Alqosh dialect' For convenience the symbol ' AL' is retained in this 
dictionary, as in the Qramnuxr, for this collection of dialect& 

h. (Bo.) The district of BoMan, in Western Kurdistan, lying on the eastern 
branch of the Upper Tigris. 

c. (Z.) The town of Zakku (about sixty nules north of Mosul), where many Jews 
are found who speak a Syriac dialect closely allied to that of Alqosh. They have, 


however, the peculiarity of frequently changing aspirated Tau into Simkath, and 
aspirated Dalath into Zain^ 

The present dictionary is intended to cover, in a greater or lesser degree, all these 
dialects; and it will be proper to state the Sovroea from which it is derived. A 
large part of the materials come from the author's own observation during five years' 
residence among the East Syrians, when, in order that he might himself learn the 
language, he noted down words as he heard them. This especially applies to the 
dialects of Urmi and Central Kurdistan, and generally to the verbs, a short vocabulary 
of which, with their meanings in English, he published at Urmi in 1891. He has 
also incorporated a large number of words, chiefly in the Urmi dialect, from a 
manuscript vocabulary compiled by Mr. Stoddard, a former missionary of the 
American Presbyterian Board, and the author of A Modem S^ac Qrammary which 
was published in 1856. Gratitude must always be due to this pioneer in the work of 
investigating the language, who had so many difficulties in collecting his materials. 
Most of Mr. Stoddard's words have been verified, and the meanings in several cases 
corrected and amplified, either by the present writer's investigations or by those of 
his former colleague, the Reverend Arthur Robert Edington, M.A, sometime Head 
of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Mission, to whom the author is indebted for much 
valuable help in various directions. Several new Urmi words and additional meanings 
have been received from the Reverend Sidney John Daltry, M.A., who has kindly 
placed a manuscript vocabulary at the author's disposal. For the dialects of the plain 
of Mo§ul, and of 2^khu, the writer has largely depended on the works of Sachau, 
Socin, and Lidzbarski mentioned below ; but also on some vernacular manuscripts of 
the last two centuries, and on the Gkwpels in the Alqosh dialect, published by the 
American Presbyterian Mission at Urmi some years ago*. Many of the Qudshanis, 
Salamas, and Tergawar words and forms are derived from the author's valued 
colleagues in the Archbishop of Canterbury's Mission, the Reverend William Henry 
Browne, LL.M., and the Reverend Francis Forester Irving, B.D. Lidzbarski's 
collection of vernacular manuscripts has also been laid under contribution for the 
dialects of Ashitha and Lower T^ari*. The handsome new version of the whole 
Bible (less the deutero-canonical books) which the American Bible Society published 
in 1893 has been much used, especially for words employed by the more learned, but 
not heard in colloquial speech \ 

* Ulustrations have been added troza the West -Syrian dialects of Tor 'Abdin and Ma'lula, 
taken from Prym and Socin's Collection of Stories {Der neu-aramAisehs Dialeki de§ J\w 'Abdin^ 
GOttingen, 1881), and from the works of Lidzbarski and Parisot mentioned below ; and also ftt>m 
the dialect of the Azerbaijani Jews, some notice of which will be found in the Orammar, Appendix 
II. I most also acknowledge the kindness of the Reverend William Shedd, of the American 
Presbyterian Mission at Urmi, in placing at my disposal the translation of the Sermon on the 
Mount into that dialect, printed at his Mission Press at Urmi. 

' This has long been out of print, and is now almost unobtainable. The author's much-prized 
copy fell a victim to the Turkish Custom House in 189 1. 

' All Lidzbarski's Tiari specimens are of the Lotetr Tiari dialects, and not of those of Upper 
Tiari which alone are here denoted by the abbreviation 'Ti.' 

* Literary and ecclesiastical words not used in ordinary language are noted by an asteriftk in 
this book. These have been reduced to a minimum ; for though this lexicon might be swelled to 
double its size by inserting a large number of such word», to do so would servo no usefril purpose 
as fiur as European readers are oonoemed. 

b 3 


It will thus be seen that the author has depended partly on oral interrogations, 
both in the plain of Urmi and in Kurdistan, — especially in the former district, the 
situation of which particularly lends itself to the acquisition of information of this 
sort, inasmuch as people from all parts and of every manner of speech are accustomed 
to resort thither, — partly on manuscripts written by Eastern Syrians of the present 
day in their own dialects, and partly on printed books issued by the various mission 
presses. But there are difficulties to be encountered in all three methods of in- 
vestigation. In the first we have the drawback that Orientals dislike to be questioned, 
and being, moreover, truly polite, are apt to answer rather in accordance with what 
they believe to be the wish or expectation of their questioner than with the real facts 
of the case. In order to overcome this difficulty the author has, as far as possible, 
been careful in preparing the materials both for this dictionary and for the Grammar^ 
not to allow his interlocutors to see what answer he expected, and rather to gather 
his information in the first instance from what a Syrian says in his ordinary 
conversation than from direct questioning. Again, when we wish to arrive at exact 
vernacular usage, we cannot put perfect confidence in original compositions by 
Syrians in their own dialects, and still less can we do so in translations made by 
them. There is a great disposition to indulge in a profusion of words from foreign 
languages and from classical Syriac, which they would not use in ordinary con- 
versation ; and in translations they are apt to render with an unintelligible literalness, 
and to import bodily antique or foreign idioms which are never heard in speaking. 
Books printed at the mission presses also, by the nature of the case, must contain 
many words not ordinarily used; and therefore the European student (for whom 
however such books are not intended) must not conclude that every form he finds in 
them is in vernacular use. 

In this connexion it should be observed that a large number of the non-Aramaic 
words given in this dictionary, though not marked with an asterisk^ are somewhat 
uncommon \ A work of this kind is apt to give a false impression as to the amount 
of the foreign element in the spoken language. If one counted the number of such 
words in a dictionary, they would largely outnumber the Syriac words; but as 
a matter of fact, the latter are as a rule in common use, and the former often 
-are rare. 

The present writer has endeavoured to collect facts, rather than to theorise on 
them. But he has given, as far as he is able, derivations and parallel forms from 
other languages. It is very difficult in many cases to know exactly how forms come 
into vernacular Syriac, — whether Arabic or Persian words, for example, come through 
Azerbaijani-Turkish — and therefore when a form is given in . any of these languages 
it is not necessarily meant that that form is the immediate parent of the Syriac word, 
or that that form is not itself derived from some other tongue, but merely that it 
occurs in the language named. The Azerbaijani-Turkish words are derived from 
oral questioning at Urmi; the Kurdish forms chiefly from the vocabularies of 
Garzoni, Prym and Socin, and Lerch. The present writer cannot hope that all the 
derivations given by him will be accepted, but he has given the best results which he 
could obtain with a limited library ; ai^d he t^sts that if some of the derivations be 

' These words have also been reduced as much as possible ; and an endeayour has been made 
to confine this dictionary, in respect of them, to words really in use. 


erroneous, the main purpose of the dictionary will not be affected. The words from 
Classical Syriac are given in their East Syrian form throughout \ 

A few words may be added with regard to the spaUing. There is much room 
for difference of opinion as to the best system to be employed. Many considerations, 
connected with the variety of dialects and the existing use by the Syrians of the 
Classical S3rriac as a literary language, have caused the missionaries in some cases to 
depart from exact phonetic principles. Where books are printed for the use of as 
large a circle of readers as possible, and where the readers speak dialects differing 
from one another in a greater or lesser degree, it is impossible to make the books 
widely intelligible if an exact phonetic system, based on one dialect only, be rigidly 
adhered to. This explains why all the missionaries have used silent letters more 
or less freely*. Practical experience has shown them that they can thus appeal to 
a larger number of readers. The only alternative would have been to print separate 
books for each small district, which would have been obviously impossibla Con- 
siderations of this nature no doubt appeal more strongly to those who are occupied 
with the practical work of teaching the Syrians to read their own vernacular than to 
others ; but it is for these reasons that missionaries have felt obliged, with whatever 
respect, occasion^ly tp depart from the advice given to them by European scholars 
for whose help they are deeply gratefuL 

In this dictionary the author has endeavoured to give, as far as possible, the 
different forms found in the printed books, with cross-references from one to 
another ; and the pgopqnciation is given in Roman letters according to the scheme 
printed below. In this way only it seems possible to intimate the true pronunciation, 
for an European reader often finds it as hard to discover the exact sound from Syriac 
transliterated into Roman letters without the native character, as from the latter 
without the former. If cross-references are in any case wanting, the reader may 
often remedy the defect by looking for 2 under ▲, for ^ under «a, for V^ sometimes 
under 5^*, for ^ under j^, for 9 under o, for a sometimes under J, for a^ sometimes 
under ?, and vice versd; and in the case of words from Arabic and other languages 
using the same character, when they contain Alap as the sign of the broad d, they 
will usually be found without Alap in their Syriac dress, and with Zqapa only. AH 
second conjugation verbs, whether triliteral or quadrilitend^ with their agents and 
verbal nouns, will be found under Mim. 

The proper names to be found in this dictionary include: — (a) men's and 
women's names now used, of which as complete a list as possible is given ; (6) New 
Testament names, and the most important of those in the Old Testament, especially 

* The present purticiples of yerbs ending in the lettert &&M»er» whieh in ClaMieal Syriac Uke 
PthAkhA for the last syllable, take Zlama in the Ternaealar. Thus &4p) Oa « hml NS. (Qrawumar, 
p. 81). It is unnecessary to mention this whenerer such words oocor. 

* The use of the final He in the third person pronominal aAx of the preterite (as m^ Iha) was 
adopted by the Archbishop of Canterbury's Mission, because in reading Classical Syriac the East 
Syrians always treat final He as Alap and give it no pronunciation. They already have the form 
•^ J^ in Classical Syriac, and pronounce it brll! (or in some districts br6l! or br6]4), and therefore, 
when the same form occurs in the Tcmacular it is spelt in the same way, and is pronounced by the 
Syrians in the same way. 

* The AL dialect frequently has |^ where others have ^ ; and the Turkish termination ^ 
is usually found in AL where other dialects hare ^. 


when the vernacular names differ from the Pshitta use ^ ; (c) the chief geographical 
names of Persia and Eastern Turkey, though not those of each small village. In the 
Bible names it has been thought enough to giye, as a rule, one reference only. 

The investigation of the genders of the substantives has given a great deal of 
difficulty. They often vary in different districts ; so that although the author has 
taken pains to give them as correctly as possible, it will probably be found that the 
genders printed here are, in many cases, at least incomplete. 

It may also be noticed that the Syrians' ideas of natural history and natural 
science are often very hazy ; and this will explain why some significations are given 
for the Syriac words which seem to be etymologically wrong. 

The value of money, especially in Persia, is constantly fluctuating. Thus the 
tuman, which a few years ago was worth ten shillings, is now worth little more than 
half that sum. And there is much confusion owing to the coinage of neighbouring 
countries, especially of Russia, Turkey, and India, being in common use, and to 
names of native coins being transferred to foreign coins of different value. An effort 
has been made in this dictionary to bring a measure of order out of this chaos, and 
the approximate value of the coins in British money as at the present date (1901) 
is given. 

The attention of the reader is especially called to the large number of regularly 
formed derivatiTes which, in order to save space, are omitted in this book. All 
vernacular Syriac verbs without exception form agents and verbal nouns, and all first 
conjugation (or Pal) verbs, with a very few exceptions which are mentioned, form 
causatives; also almost all these derivatives are perfectly regular in both structure 
and meaning. It seems, therefore, to be unnecessary to give them in full (any more 
than the various tenses of the verbs), unless there is any irregularity in their 
formation, or unless they have acquired a secondary meaning. In such cases the 
derivatives are given ; but otherwise they must be understood to be formed from aU 
verbs in the following manner. 

First Conjugation. As^ to hiUy makes (i) a causative .\yiy miiqtil, to cause to be 
killed * ; (2) verbal nouns i^ m. i, ^^ I 6, qt&l&, qtalt&, both = MUingy the act of 
hating; (3) an agent i^^ q&tl&n& in U. K., but ;^ qat&l& (or q&tal&) in Al. Ash., 
both m. I, and = one who JciUs^ with feminine A'i\\;i, j2h^>^ q&tltot&, qat&lt& (or q&-), 
both f. 6. [For the meaning of these numerals, see page xxiii.] 

From i^ verbs, as )^ to revedlj we have i^^y ^^^^ ^<m>^, ^>^^ or ;»^, magU 
(magl^ K. AL), gla-y&, gl^t& (gl^th& K. Al.), g&ly&n&, gal&-y& (or g&l&-y&). 

From ^ verbs, as xp to bore a hole (q.v.), we have similarly, J^pp, ^h, iiS^h, 

' In the vernacular Old Testament many proper names have been assimilated to the Hebrew. 
As the reference is given in this dictionary, it seems unnecessary to print the Hebrew form in each 
case. For the Pshitta names the XJrmi edition of the OT. ( 1859), and the New York edition of the 
NT. (1874% both in Nestorian character, have been used. 

* Not to catiM to km. But the causative of an intransitive verb has a slightly different meaning ; 
thus, ^iX^ to set (as the sun), ^>^ ^ cause to set. And some verbs (noted in the dictionary) have 
causatives irregular in meaning. 

' All these agents are frequently used adjectivally. The feminine plural is then the same as 
the masculine plural. The agents of those first conjugation verbs which in Urmi have a Pthakha 
sound in the present participle (as J^fs), retain the Pthakha sound as b4z&n& (U.). In some cases 
the form jN^^iji is also found in U. K. ; these are noted separately in the dictionary. 


^•3 or ;iif9, i:^^, mabzt (-z^ K. AL), bz&-y&, bz^t& (bz^tha K. Al.), b&zy&na (or 
b&z&nA U.), baz&-y& (or b&z-). 

Second Coi^ngation. First division. From jb^Sbo' to save, we have (i) two 
verbal nounSy ^^^b&lbo (in)p&rOql (or -q^, eap. in Al.) with no plural^ and used chiefly 
in the formation of the second present tense and in the inflnitive, and i^iiJko 
(m)p&riiqt& f. 6, both= ^ act of saving ; (2) an agent ;LdM^ [not Ibo *] (m)parq&n& m. i , 
one who saves [fem. i^-, and so all agents below]. 

Second division. From A^mip to wash, we have (i) fy^!^, it^^h^f (m)khal(!lll (-1^), 
(m)khalalt& ; (2) jL^^^f^ (m)khalilAn&, or usually in K. ft'V\.> mkhal^'l&nA. 

Third division. From .\yiy to cause to be killed^ we have (i) j^^Vap, li^>V»0 
miiqtall ('U% miiqtiilt& ; (2) ^^^ytsbo miiqtil&n& in U. &c., or S\\iiy maqitl&n& * in K. 
and usually in AL 

So from Aa^ctto to make light, we have :^^t^ji^ &c 

Verbs i^ and ^ have similar forms. Thus from ^jA^ to hide, we have l^6adf^ or 
^oad^ (m)t&shawl, -yl (Az. ;x^)y S^ii^ (m)t&sh6t&, ^ua^ (m)ta8hy&n& ; from ;»&|m to 
understand^ we have l^^^ or ^^im&Im (m)perm(iwl, -yl, A>i^io (m)perm6t& (-th&, K. 
Al.), |umM^ (m)permly&n&, or in K. Al. |um&|m mpermy&nA ; from ^^g^ or •i>»9^ to 
assemble tr., we have ^oV^io^io or ^- >(Hi»^, fi^^^^o^ (m)jam(iwl, -yl, (m]|jam^t& (-thA, K. 
AL), (m)jamy&nAy Ac. Some dialectic variations may be seen in the Orammar, 
pp. 101-105. 

Verbs ^ in all these derivatives, and in both conjugations, change a into ^, as 
^ pyftsh&, remaining, from *f^ to remain; and sometimes also verbs with medial ▲, 
especially in U., insert « (Grammar, p. 99). 

Further, a large number of words, whether of Syriac or of foreign origin, form 
abstracts in ^f^, in Sal. &c. in li^, as ;^9Mfft4i kindness, from )oh^ kind; ik^mJ^^ 
(§poi-y(it& U., spai-yOthA K.) goodness, from ^^ good* ; ik'V'^ ^ <>i^ of a deacon, 
from laoiic a deacon. These abstracts are only noted in this dictionary by the sign (|), 
and are not written at full length unless they are irregular in form, or unless they 
have a secondary or derived meaning. Many past participles, especially of the first 
conjugation, form these derivatives, as l^^Oftib need, from ^o^ub, past participle of 
M^ to need. 

By these omissions the space which would have been taken up by about nine 
thousand words has been left free for other information. 

The special thanks of the author are due to Professor and Mrs. Maigoliouth for 
many extremely valuable suggestions; as also to the Reverend Oswald H. Parry, 
M.A., the Reverend Y. H. Neesan, and numerous Syrian friends, who have 
supplied information of various kinda 

* The Mim in all these forms is often dropped ; see below, page xriii. 

' Forms with Zqmpa are often printed ; bat the author has found b j earefoUy listening to 
native speech that the Pthakha agrees with the pronunciation, as it suits the etymology. 

* This euphonic Zlama in K. AL is only inserted when It is needed for smoothness ; and some 
verbs often omit it when euphony permits ; thus }il\^y miglyinA or |L^^ migilyinA tr. i^i^. 

* Words in ^i«l usually drop the final Tudh before taking this termination, as | ii|H j amlnA-1, 
^^^JfMJ amtniyAtA. 




The words in Bonum clumieter immediately following the Syriac are for pro- 
nunciation* only, and are not intended as tnuisliteration& The rules of the Royal 
Geographical Society have heen followed as £&r as they go* ; hut the necessity for 
exactness in a dictionary requires the use of accents on the vowels (independent of 
stress)^ and the adoption of some letters and combinations which are not provided for 
in those rules, such as dh, q^ oi, h, t, s. We read : — 

i as in oA, pmdm. 

n as in f»o. 

a or i as io pat; or if before r, as in far. 

6 as in ^4)U. 

si as the vowel sound in height. 

oi as in tcil. 

an as the vowel sound in eow. 

p as in p<U. 

b as in bad. 

q=arab. j, a very hard k in the throat. 

ch as in diureh. 

r as in rose. 

das in dome. 

8 as in same. 

dh as tA iu this. 

sh as in shame. 

^ as in French ne. 

s a hard sibilant s, but in practice often 

e or S as in hem, her. 

the same as the ordinary s. 

fas In fane. 

t ss in time. 


th ss in thin. 

gh as arab. 6 nearly, a soft guttural aspirated. 

(=arab. J9, a hard palatal t. 

h as in house. 

A as in rule. 

h (in Al. words) as arab. ^. 
1 as in French Ue [for final italic (, see 

u or & as in hut. 

fi as in fuU (not the Gknnan u). 


w as in wind, [Bat w final is semi-con- 

i or I as in 6i<, sir. 

sonantal; e.g. dw does not form an 

jas mjoin. 

exact diphthong, bat the w has some- 

k as in Jdie, 

thing of a whistling sonnd.] 

kh as cA in loch, but rather harder ;= arab. ^ . 

y as in young (consonantal only). 

1 as in lane. 

z ss in zAra. 

m as in me. 

zh as s in ^pleasure, =j. 

The letters c (by itself), v, and x are not used. 

Superior vowels are very short, and are only inserted when absolutely necessary 
to show the pronunciation. They are not written merely to represent Schva. 

A rough breathing (') represents the letter x, but is only inserted where it afiects 
the pronunciation, either by causing a break or by modifying the vowel sound 
{Grammar, pp. 10, 11). The modification of the vowel by this letter is much more 
common in U. SaL &c. than in K. AL where x has usually little more than the force 
of I. 

An apostrophe (') is used to separate two letters when necessary, as when 811= 
msb, while sh=« ; or to represent i when it causes a break. 

' The pronunciation applies to the yemacular only. 
• Tear Book ani Rewrd, 1898, p. 3a 


A hyphen is used to separate syllables where there is any room for doubt; 
it does not mean that the word in which it occurs is to be pronounced as two 

In order to indicate the pronunciation of the vowels without ambiguity, English 
diphthongs have been as much as possible avoided, the only exceptions being at, and 
the imcommon au and oi; for final aw, iw, which are not really diphthongs, see the 
above table. 

It will be observed from the pronunciation given that a short vowel before 
a silent letter is almost always lengthened. 

A caution is necessary with regard to the final Khwasa of the Urmi dialect, 
which in this book is denoted by an italic t. It differs from final Alap preceded by 
Zlama in being pronoimced with a slightly hissing sound, which, however, has but 
little approximation to a guttural \ and is not in reality like the Qerman ch in ich. 
It is formed in the front, not in the middle or at the back of the mouth, and is 
distinctly sibilant'. It would therefore seem to be misleading to represent the sound 
by ' Ih ' or ' Ih ' as has sometimes been done ; it is better to represent it by a distinct 
sign of its own. When a termination is added on to a word having this final 
Khwasa, the sibilant sound drops. In Kurdistan and the plain of Mosul it is scarcely 
if at all heard, and the final Khwasa has the ordinary 1 pronunciation. It will be 
seen that some of the words which in Arabic, Persian, or Turkish end in i^, are in 
vernacular Syriac spelt with Alap and long Zlama ; the reason being that the final 
sound is not sibilant in those words. 

Aocent. This, unless otherwise noted, is always on the penultimate, even when 
the vowel is a short one. Thus on HffSt mAhiilA, the accent is on the short a. Note 
that two Syriac words are sometimes pronounced as one, and, for purposes of accent, 
the penultimate is to be reckoned as if they were one. In this case the words are 
vrritten as one in the pronunciation given in this book. 

Double letters. In the few cases where a doubled consonant is given in the 
pronunciation, it is to be pronounced twice, as d is pronounced twice in the English 
word mid-daif; contrast the sound of dd in adding. With these exceptions the East 
Syrians never double letters ; for example the second letter of triliteral verbs is not 
doubled in the pronunciation of the Pa'el conjugation, though the foregoing vowel is 
sometimes broadened by way of compensation ; and the consonant is therefore not 
written twice in Koman characters in this book. • 

It is to be observed that the writing of Syriac words in Roman characters is 
a matter of much greater difficulty than has been conmionly supposed, both because 
of the great variety of pronunciations in different districts, and even in different 
villages of the same district, and also because it is impossible exactly to represent the 
Syriac sounds by Roman letters, or rather, because to do so is very apt to mislead 
the European reader. The pronunciations here written are therefore to be taken as 
near approximations only* This is especially the case with regard to H and • (Pthakha 
and short Zlama) occurring in the same syllable with q or f (j», \), If these 
consonants be properly pronounced, far back in the throat and palate respectively (not 
in the least like the English k and i), the vowel sounds follow naturally; but the 

* The Azerbaijan Jews, however, aay ^^Alf for ^^m a Iking. 

* The termination ^i» has the same sound. 




English signs H and t are only approximations to them. The same thing is true of 
the vowel sounds which follow a rough breathing ('); they are then pronounced 
somewhat further back in the throat than the corresponding European vowels. 

Further, as it is impossible to give the pronunciation of every word in every 
dialect, one principal dialect is chosen, that of the plain of Urmi; and the pro- 
nunciation is always to be taken, unless otherwise stated, as being of that dialect. 
In the case of words specially marked as belonging to dialects other than that of 
Urmi, the pronunciation given is that of those other dialects ; and if the pronunciation 
of a word in other dialects is not immediately deducible by the rules which here 
follow, it is given side by side with that of Urmi. It is to be noted, however, that in 
second conjugation verbs, and in verbal nouns and agents, the preformative Mim, 
which is given in brackets, is not pronounced in U. Sal. Sp. Q. Gaw. Az., and 
seldom in J. ; while in K. AL Z. Bo. MB. Sh. &c., it is pronounced. The 
pronunciation of the feminines of adjectives and participles is only given if it is in 
any way irregular — that is if the feminine is not exactly deduced from the masculine 
by changing the termination ll (k) into l^ (t&), or ^ (&-y&) into &1 (6t& in U. &c., 
6th& in K. Al.)— or if the preceding vowel sound is modified. 

Bides for determining the pronunciation of other dialects, when it differs 
from that of Urmi 

(i) Dalath and Tau are never aspirated in U. Sp. Q. Sal. J. Gaw. But when 
they have a point beneath them they must be read as aspirated for K. Al. MB. 
Sh. &c.» 

(2) As it is not always possible to note in the body of the work the point beneath 
or above consonants, it may be noted here that all plurals in ik, and the terminations 
)i^*y ;(h4-') l^^*, 1^9 > Jk^ have aspirated Tau in the above districts, and that wherever 
(K or ^ represent Arabic (Persian, Turkish) c:> or .>, they are hard. See also Ofxunmar, 
pp. 278-280, 298-307 inclusive. 

(3) All substantives which in U. K. end in ji>f, in Sal. Gaw. J. Q. end in iSl ly&, 
with plural the same, but oxytone. See the table of plurals below. 

(4) The abstract termination ik^ becomes ^09 twk in Sal. Gaw. J. Q. [1^9 Az.] ; 
the termination ik^ is in U. often pronounced ait& nearly. 

(5) For a peculiarity in the sound of aspirated Tau and Dalath in Tiari and 
Zakhu, see above, pages x and xi. 

(6) JLong Zlatna. Verbs i^ and ^, which have the first long Zlama sound (1) in 
U. Sp. Sal., have the second (6) in K Al. J. Z. MB. Sh.; thus ^ they reveal is g&li 
and g&l^ ; )^ he reveals is g&ll (note the difference) and g&l6 ; ^ )^ he revealed is 
gllU and gl^ll (in Al. gUl4). So even o^ .&t» he heard is often in Al. shmd6. 

(7) In plurals the long Zlama is 6 in AL Az. Ash., and often in K. ; elsewhere, !. 

(8) In the pronominal affix e^, the long Zlama is ^ in Al. ; elsewhere, 1. 

* When any consonant is aspirated, or not aspirated, in the present participle of a verb, it is the 
same in aU the tenses, and in the causatiye. And the Mim of the second conjugation does not 
aspirate (in NS.) the consonant which follows. 

' In these three cases OS. has Tau hard. 

' There seems to be no fixed role in practics with regard to feminines in ^& where a vowelless 
consonant precedes; but the Tau is commonly aspirated in them (in the districts mentioned) if 
euphony permits; otherwise it is hard. Forms lijke ikjfmaS^ widhtA, ^ispo^ '&-wtldhtA, have 
Tau hard. 


(9) In proper names long Zlama is frequently 6 in K. AL Az., where it is 1 in U. 

(10) Firsi oonjugaJtion preterites as ^^ Jif^ae / leftf which in U. &c are pronounced 
with a short vowel (shwlqlf), show a tendency in K. &c. to lengthen it. This is 
especially the case in verbs a^^ as or^f he sang, which in U. is zmlrl, in AL zmlrd, in 
K. zmlil. 

(11) T?ie present participle (masculine) of verbs ^, of the first conjugation, is 
pronounced differently in different districts ; then ^ is usually pft-ish (or often p&sh) 
in U. &c., but j^ p&-yish usually in K. Al. These verbs will be found under the 
former form, with a cross-reference under the latter. 

(12) Rwa^a and Etodkha are given in this dictionary as having the same sound, 
and this is the case in most districts ; but (a) in U. the former is frequently pronounced, 
especially by the less educated, with a short % sound following, as shti^& for ^0^ 
shaq&, a market-place^ occasionally even shwlq&; (&) Rwakha in AL Az. is usually 
almost d, and sometimes also in K. ; this is especially the case if a vowelled 
consonant follows, as ^oa k6mft, hlack=^^ kam& U. K. ; but the feminine is kQmt& 
in AL also; (c) in SaL Sp. Rwasa and similar sounds (as ^ or ^) are usually 
pronounced Qgh, or, especially before t, 5, and when final, Qkh ; as h<i% nMney, zQghzi 
for zHzX ; :f^ to estimate^ matokh for ma^O or matiw. 

(13) Pthakha and Zqapa are in SaL Q. Gaw. J. frequently pronounced like long 
or short Zlama, especially in the present and imperative of second conjugation verbs, 
as AV» >p khilil, he toashes; often in the verbal noun as ^6^k» p^rOql ; in words of the 
form ^iaaif sh^m&sh&, ^o&' r6w&y&, fi^i^ p^rq&nft ; and so in many others as 9^ kh^ 
oney fi^ g^n&, 50u2, &c. In other dialects Pthakha frequently passes into Zqapa *• 

(14) The masculine present participle, first conjugation, which in K. &c almost 
always has Zqapa on the first letter, in a few verbs is pronounced in U. with Pthakha; 
as JJ)^, pronounced in U. 9&rip. These verbs are always noted in the dictionary. 

(15) For varieties in the pronunciation of plurals, see below, page xxiiL 

Kurdish and Turkish words given in Roman characters are intended to be 
pronounced according to the table printed above, unless they are included within 
inverted commas, when they appear as written by the authorities cited. This 
happens when there is some doubt as to the pronunciation intended. It may also 
be noted with regard to the Kurdish words quoted from Qarzoni that it is very 
di£Bcult in some cases to know whether he intends his transliterations to represent 

el, Of or ^' 

' In words like ^1^, ^SkfifCy &o., where two prouuneUtioiiB mre giTen — i)alAkhi and pAUkhi^ 
shAplrft and ihJLplri, the latter may be taken aa the more colloquial, especially in Urmi 

C 2 


aba. St. 





Am. ver. 









Az. CT \ 

az. tork. 
const, st. 
def. st. 
dir. obj. 

absolute state. 




Alqosh [dialects of the plain of 

American Bible Society's version 
of the Bible in the Urmi 
dialect; old edition 1852 
(Urmi) in two volumes ; new 
edition 1893 (New York) in 
one volume. 

Anhar (a village in the Urmi 
plain near Tergawar). 



in arithmetic. 


Ashitha and Lower Tiari. 

English Authorized Version of 
the Bible, 161 1. 


Azerbaijani Jews' dialect. 


Boh tan. 




colloquial, colloquially. 

conjugation, conjunction. 


construct state. 


definite state. 



direct object (objects). 


eccles. ' 






f. or fem. 

f. id. 




Gram, or 





imp., imperat. 




indir. obj. 






ecclesiastical, ecclesiastically. 



East Syrian, East Syrians, 

Eastern Syriac. 
European word, 
the feminine same as the 

the following word; fol- 
Garzoni's Gramvmaiica e voca- 

bolario deUa lingua Kurda 

(Rome, 1787). 
the plain of Gawar. 
Maclean's Grammar of the 

diciUcta ofVemaciUar Syriac 

(Cambridge University 

Press, 1895). 
grammatically, in grammar. 

in the same place, 
the same, 

impersonal, impersonally, 
indirect object, 



Jaba and Justi's Dietiormatre 



kurde-Jratifaii (St. Petersburg, 







Kurdifitan (Ashirat districts). 






Persian, person. 






legal, in legal language. 


past participle. 


Lercb's Fonehungen iiber die 


the preceding word ; preceded. 

Kurden und die Iranisehen 






avols., 1857-8). Thenumbers 



refer to the pages of the 


pronounce, pronounced. 





Lidzbarski's Die neu-aramd- 


Prym and Socin*s Kurdisehe 

ischm Handschriften der 

Sammlungen (St. Petersburg, 

Kimigl Bibiiothek zu Berlin, 

1887, 1890). The numbers 

a vols. (Weimar, Felber, 1 896). 

refer to the pages of the 

The numbers refer to the 


pages of the Qlossary. 


the Pshi^ta version (OT., ed. 



Urmi, 185a; NT., ed. New 

m. or masc. 


York, 1874). 


Ma'lula [see Parisot below]. 


Qudshanis (Quchanis). 




quod vide. 


Mar Bishu. 


Redhouse's Ttvrkish Dictionary , 


metaphorically, metaphor. 

(London, Quaritch, 1857). 














Noldeke's Orammatik der Neu- 


(i) the Revised Version of the 

eyrieehen Spraehe (Leipzig, 

English Bible, 1881, 1885. 

VVeigel, 1868). 

(a) the Revised Version of 

Nold. OSG, 

Noldeke's Syrieehe GrammaHk 

the American Bible Society's 

(Leipzig, Weigel, 1880). 

Modem Syriac Bible (New 


* New Syriac,' the vernacular. 

York, 1893). 


New Testament. 


Sachau's Skizze des FeUichi- 


onomatopoeia, onomatopoetic. 

Dialekis von Moeul (Berlin, 


the opposite of. 

Reimer, 1895). 


' Old Syriac/ the classical lan- 






06m. tiirk. 

Osmanli Turkish. 




Old Testament. 






Socin*8 Neuraramdieehe DialehU 



von Urmia hie MonU (Tabin- 



gen, Laupp, i88a). 


Pariaot's Le dialeeis de Macula 


Sipurghan [north part of plain 

[near Damascus], in the 

of Urmi]. 

Journal Aeiaiique, vols, xi, 

St. or Stod 

. a manuscript vocabulary by 

xii (Paris, Leroux, 1898). 




Stod. Gr. 

syr., Syr. 
Thes. Syr. 






Stoddard's Modem Syriac Oram- 
mar (American Oriental 
Society's Proceedings, vol. v, 


Syrian, Syriac. 

the dialect of Tur 'Abdin. 




theologically, in theology. 

Payne-Smith's Thesaurus Syri- 
actis (Oxford University Press, 

Upper Tiari 




the plain of Urmi. 




verse, or version. 


verbal noun. 




West Syrian, West Syrians, 

Western Syriac. 


Zakhu Jews' dialect. 


denotes that the word is eccle- 

siastical or literary, but not 



denotes that an abstract is formed 

from the word, as described 

above, pp. xv and xviii. 

When one of the abbreviations for dialects 
is placed after a form, the meaning is that 
the form occurs in the dialect named, but 
it is not necessarily implied that it is 
found nowhere else. 



The numbers i, a, &c. after the gender, 
denote the plarals, as follows : — 

I. For the sing. term. ^ or ;. substitate 
;.; as ^^ malk&, king, pi. ^S^ malkt 
(i^k^ in K. Al.). 

a. Substitate li^'L in U. Sb. MB., l^^'L 
in R. Al. ISAI (oxytone), or ;fiol in Sal. Q. 
Gaw. J.; as ;^ lib&, heart, pi. ;t^%a^ ViU- 
wit! U., [often colloq. Ubiwa-l], libi-w&tht 
MB. Sh., ikTLa^ libi-with& K. AL, ;Ma^ 
libi wi (oxytone), or libi-wiht (-hi feeble) Sal. 
Q. &c. (These variations apply to all the 
plurals in Itik given below.) 

a^ Substitute ;t^Z] ikZ, ;SA'{ot laiZ'); as 
^o»| akhdni, brother, pi. ^(K^o^i akiin- 
w&tt &c. 

3. Substitute ;&1, ikl, ;S1 (or ;|C); as 
^ dipni, tide, pi. iBl^ dipn&ti &c. [in 
Az. Ifl]. 

4. Substitute ;il, as a&'^V^ g&r&, fio6/;0, 
pi. ^^'^gdrinl (-n^ K. Al.). 

5. Substitute l^, the last consonant being 
doubled and taking Zqipi, as ^ piq&, frog, 
pi. ^9^ piqiql (-q^ K. AL). 

6. For the sing. term. iIk substitute l^, 
lil, ;B: (or Ifi) as above; as X^ yilikhti, 
i^rehief, pi. ;&LV yiUkhy&tt &c. 

7. Substitute ;t^t, ;ko, ^U* (of Ifi), as 
Xi^ sipt&, %, pi. ;ik^i^ sipwati &c. 

8. Substitute Itkk, ;SZk, J/kfiC (or ;flk), as 
j^ bakht&, troiyian, pL Jis&k? bakhtit! Ac. 

9. Substitute ;i^, ^fll, ^^ (or ;^), as 
ai^&^ d&rti, courtyard, pi. Ji^lS^ d&r&tl Ac. 

In this case l^^ of sing, becomes l!^, 
IBH or ;lkS'(or Ift^') ; as ;k^ b&'&UL, re9iid«<, 
pi. ;&Aia bi-w&tt &c. The Sal. Q. Oaw. J. 
corresponding forms are ^o^ sing., iS^ pL, 

as ;o^ b&'iiw& (parox.), pi. ;^&9 b&'iiw& 

In the first four forms, if there is no 
singular termination, the plural endings 
must be added on. 

For special rules for the plural, see 
Grammar, pp. 40, 41. The following are 
the principal forms: (a) all plurals in Itk 
frequently in U. drop (k while retaining the 
vowel, as l^ca^ lib&wa-t; {b) most disyllables 
in llf^ drop the point of Khw&^ft in forming 
the sixth plural and add an euphonic vowel 
on the first consonant, as ikt^ creature, pi. 
l^jihi^ biryitt Ac, but J|^ propheteee makes 
Its^ uwty&ti &c.; (e) polysyllables in ^ 
(which in Q. Sal. Gaw. J. are of the form 
l^^^ .kdsiy&, paroxytone) usually retain 
the point of Khw^k in IT. MB. Sh. Sal. Q. 
Gaw. J., and drop it in K. AL, as ffJb^ 
kdsiti, hai, pi. Ittiibi^ kiislyitl {iS^ib^ 
kiisiyi, oxytone), li^^ ktlsyithi ; {d) nouns 
in *J., in forming the first plural, drop the 
point of KhwisA, as ^ ri-t, plan, advice : 
pi. ^S» ri-yl; {e) nouns in 9 or ^ make 
their plural in If^ iiwl (-4), rarely l^^ 
AjX (-^), but in Sal. Q. Gaw. ;U^ Awi 
(oxytone). (/) nouns in ik^ iy&ti form 
their plural in l^t; {ik^-C K. Al.) ly&w&tt, 
iyiwithi ; but in Sal. Q. Gaw. J. the corre- 
sponding forms are : sing. ^^ tytlw&, pi. iSciLi 
fy&w& (oxytone); {g) many non- Aramaic 
nouns ending in a closed syllable with short 
Zlama lengthen the vowel in the plural, as 
«ft^&' r&yis, a village headman, pi. ^a^ or 
^1^1^' ri-jrist or r&ytst. In non-Aramaic 
nouns ending in a closed syllable the final 
consonant is often hardened in the plural, 
as ^00 qdnikh, a lodging^aee on a journey, 
pi. ;gla0 qdniql (-^). 


[The attention of the reader is ipeoUIly called to the daveB of derivatiree which are omitted 
in this dictionary, ae deecribed in the Introdaotion. All second conjugation verbs and 
their verbal noons will be found under Mim.] 

], I, X, the letter J^U &Iap» OS., f., pi. i 
(pron. Al&bi), in K. MB. a. This letter has no 
pronunciation of its own, but is used to hang 
a vowel on ; it is written ordinarily ], and so 
when final after 9, h; always ; after ^ whether 
medial or final ; and I when final after all other 
letters. In numbering 1=1, ^=11, ^=ai, 
i or 1= 1000, ^=: aooo, ]= 10,000. 

^ or 07J 6, i) weU I bah I a) Al. = fsr yes. 

1^ see 22uVjL 

ai ab Al. (poetry only t), OS. ^l, arab. %y>\, 
m. August, Lidz. 384. 

;ii i-wA, OS., m. i) ^father, pi. a or ^{, 
J&A?}, q.v. a) the name of several K Syr. 
fathers, now used in the name of churches, 
^1 ^&iD, and then pron. i-wL 

lai ab&, OS., Abba, Mk. xiv. 36. 

a )&i ib& V Sal.=:a jj^ U. bfyi b' dhng, 
of motion ; alongside. Intensified form of a. 

&^?{ dg&r, OS., m. Abgarus. 

X poi &b4d, arab. jd.I, ever; pai^ or asi ^ 
^poi hal &b4d &b&din (oxytone), arab. ^;JX>V1| 
for ever and ever; }i^pai eternity. 

^1 see 094^ 

^poisee poi. 

Jjofpoi 4b&din&-y A, f. i^, fr. prec, everlasting, 

l^^i 6dini, OS., m. destruction. Not common. 

Uf^iai ibidanilti, f. i) pers. J^I>1, a culti- 
vated or populotu place, a) eternity. 

Mb^ ibidast (proparox.), pers. turk. o^ JjT, 
f. I, a privy, water closet. 

t^i a-w&hl, OS. (pi. of 6t), parents. 

;&^j a-w&h&tt, or U^^ K. OS. (pi. of ^t), 
spiritual parents, the fathers, the patriarchs, 

;i^i a-wihiiti, OS.*, {.fatherhood, 

I ;^i abiini, arab. \jy\ (lit. our fiither), m. i, 
i) a bishop, a) in A), used for any high 
ecclesiastical dignitary. 3) U. = .«a&ca &2^. 

&^1 ibiir, f.=9ks^ 

ik^i abiiti Al. (^), OS., m. an iron instru- 
ment, Lidz. 385. 

M dz& K., f. I, or ^U«?i dz&n& K., m. i, 
a marsh. 

}ta\ abzA K., f. I, or ^Ib^j abziinA K., m. i, 
az. turk. ip.l, a buMe, an iron ring of a strap. 

asSbi abz4r&, m. i, i) OS. Al. a pioughbeam, 
Lddz. 386. a) U. a comb in a loom. 

^) kht, f. id., pers. ^ (fir. v^^water), green, 
sky colour, water colour, 

^l A-wl, Psh. ^i, f. Abi, a Kgs. xviii. a. 
;^ i^sd, see^JL 

;;?{ a-wtyi, OS., .or y^i a-wty&m, OS., m. 
Abijah, Abiah, Abijam, 1 Kgs. xiv. i &c. 

.^.^i a-wM 1, Psh.A,?j, m.Abiel, i Sam. ix. i. 

api ibib, Psh. ^, il6t6, Ex. xiii. 4. 

A\r?j a-wfghil, OS., f. Abigail, a Sam. iii. 3. 

9m^i a-wlhA, OS., m. Abihu, Ex. vi. a3. 

pboit^i a-wih&d, Psh. b-, m. il6tAuJ, i Chr. 
viii. 3. 

pbf?{ a-wlyAd, OS., m. Abiud, Mat. i. 1 3. 

ii.^1 a-wikhil, Psh. A^^ m. Abihail, 
Esth. ii. 15. 


^l k'Wi't, (knrd awi-ji, a nwnnfartiiry, 
Garz. 142), i) as adj., f. id^ tnAotoaf. 2) as 
subs, an inhabited place, a coUmy, 

;a^i a-wiliDi, OS., AhUem£, Lo. in. i. 

^ic^i a-wimelk, OS., m. Ahiwtdeek, idU 
used as a man's name. Gen. xz. 2. 

ahLai a-winadaw, OS., m. Jbimmdab, i Kgs. 
iv. II. 

^aiif^l a-wiii'am, OS., m. Abimomwi^ Jiid.iT. 6. 

biL?; a-wi'azar, OS., m. Abieser, Jodi. xriL 2. 

^ta^i a-wiqam, m. a man's name now ued. 

^^; or p^ a-wiram, -ram, O^ m. Abirmm^ 
I Kgs. xvi. 34. 

^^i a-wishagh, OS., f. AhiAag, i Kgs. L 3. 

.4f9;a-wish^, OS., m. Abit^udj 1 Sam. xxri. 6. 

b^S^i a-witar, OS., m. Abiaihar, i Sam. 
xzii. 20. 

^i or A9J the name of seTeral places: — 
(i) ^iisp ^.9 ^ a-wil bit malLi, or as Psh. 
'^i, Ahd beth MaachaK, i Kgs. xy. 20. (2) 
^uo Aai &-wfkl mayim, Psh. as no. i, Abd 
maim, 2 Chr. xvi. 4. (3) fin m ^^ a-wil 
mkhiila, as Psh., Abd mehdah, i Kgs. xiz. 16. 
(4) ^3^ ^i a. misra-yim, Psh. ^b^ % Abd 
mi$raim, Gen. 1. 11. (5) pJ^ A^a a. shitim, 
Psh. ^SfV^ ^i, Abd ShiUim, Nam. xxxiii. 49. 

XT^i ab)4y arab. tnrk. pers. sLJ, m. i, 
a fool ; as adj., f. fy-, fooHth, loquacious. 

jtHufi ablaq, f. id., arab. tnrk. ^jJbJ, pidndd; 
TBddi$h; red and white; as sobs., m. psoriasis, 

M An&, Psh. fmif Abana, 2 Kgs. t. 12. 

Jb6ti^ k}rkn(i9, OS., arab. pers. tttrk. jj^j.-}}, 

iMfrl Anir. f>H., m. Aimer , a name still nsed. 

Uim^ H}f(\k A1., OR, m. f , a sandstorm. 

^ HT) )^'*n 'l^'fr ^<V., (iwe ^l^^fk.), Ehmezer, 

Slbr( slrfA, \H»m, {jji\, m. a varisgated diawL 

jMAl Mtktk, fi^fM. ilyjX n miUstrMm, Jlume. 

p^lUfitirkhkWt OH.f m. Aliraham, much nsed 
fiirw nn M timii'M natfin. 

flAI AtirA, hirk. fK«rp. (^ v^« f. modesty, also 

^sj^i or ^. 'Tjjl . 06. 

Ffeh. sglya ^ Gen. 1^ 43. 
>i^ dcaau €&, m. JiraiiL 
'rfpit ahns^ L id., arah.. P^^^^ u^^^ ^ ' 

o^alnm. 06L b. 
mma's name. Also 

4i a^hL ink. knrd. U)^ poiL Isl^ m., pL 
l^Sjki agUklari m U. (tvk. pL, afao »ed m 
kimL, aghkr, PS. 282) bat m K. SJ. 2, flMslor, 

laasdlardy wWayt usiTirr. Docs not take afixes 
(see Ak^ excepc in AL (Lidz. 388^ 

* i • t •I 

2 ^ 


jbMM aghi-w^ Oa, m. A^simM, • 
still occaaioaalij ived. Acts n. 2&. 

4^5!;,: aghigh, Oa, «. J w. Xm. xxiT. 7. 

^2 (Towebl) AL=4^, Lidz. 389. 

1^2 aghaghft-jri, £ jfi^, 08^ m Aga^its. 

XaV^I agdi K.=Wk5i nou 2. 

9«^ ijbad AL, arak ^t|^^ Isn^ni^, flbstrs, 
Lidz. 430. 

jSoV^i agola K., m. i, m huA, jfani&. 
^V^2 aghon U.=od^ no. i. 

^2 aghwan, pers. ^y^^^ • mountain in 

SbV^l ighiini, OS.*, West Syr. S^l,^^^^^, 
TEL I, conflict^ eontsst^ esp. of the martyrs; 
^i aoL to strive for ike mastery, to compete in 
a contest. 

JbQ\MV^} aghOs^ds, OS., m. Augustus^ 
Ln. ii. I. 

bbV^i ighiir, OS., m. Agur, Prov. xxx. i. 

Ubhel^ aghiirsi K., OS., oypoV, m. i , a hamld. 

S'^Hj aghawat, pers. i^jlil, coll. pi. of ^. 

^Ji^ ighakhan, turk. ^L»lpi, m. a man's 
name now used. 

^ifinYj &gh&kh&Dim,turk. ^\»>Ui, f. a woman's 
name now used. 

Al.iigbi-yi=tf:,lq.v. -^iiighi-£U.,^tr. 

p\l or l^i igid, agldi, arab. jif, strong, 
rich, active, able. 

•4 fiki «yt chai, pers. c5^ ^\f a "ver 
flowing into the E. side of the sea of Urmi. 

AfV^i &ghil, pers. turk. J^l, m. i, a theepfold. 

;i:^i &gh&y4n4, f. jtift-, fr. ;^2, nMe. 

&fVj ^y^i j^unishmerU, revenge, recempenee for 

ilCfjQ t-tr& AL, OS. ilL^i (see &V), m. i, 
a hired eervani, hireling. 

U^^i agirti, Oa, f. 6, a small coin. 

n\l kgUtk, fern, of a:,}, A^i, f. 6, a miMrese, 
lady, landlord's wife. 

•^i aj&l, arab. turk. pers. J^Y, f. i, time of 

si^l^i aghlab, arab. turk. %^\c\, precisely. 

I ^i9^i &gh&14band, az. turk. jLi^.yiSt, m. i, 
a haberd4isher. 

*o^i^^ ]jl&8, arab. turk. (^)U.1 (fr. ^jJL. 
to sit), f, 1, a committee, a meeting, c£ .ft^V\y. 

1>S^1 see fi^l. 

^i Hjim Al.=^. 

JMJ^2 ijiui, arab. turk. cl»fc.l, f. a mA.erovod. 

i^\ aginA, or &g-, OS., f. i, or j&X,J ag&nUL 
or kg-, OS., f. 6, a large pot, bowl, trough. 

.foji^i ^h&s?, az. turk. ^lil, m. a man's 
name now used. 

^4a^| aga8tan=:e^a no. 2. 

&:!ik^2 >g^ ^'t kurd. aghir, fire, Lidz. 389, 
Lerch 8i. 

^}aghrAl. = ia2ks,<. 

&)^1 or &)i^} &^r, agar, or &);j 6gar AL, 

turk.^, pers.^^ kurd. 6ger Oarz. 244, if, 
even if. 

laC^j ighr&, I 1,1) a bei. 2) obetinaey. 

liHV^} aghra K., OS., m. t,pay, prize, reward. 

liS^i g4rt, OS. iSa^j, m. 2, a roof See &?. 

^^ lj&r&, or in Al. '}- ajiri, arab. i^Ul, 
i) rerUal, hire, interest. 2) a lease. 3) Al. 
jwy, reuxird. 

1 ^^i agirdag, pers. i^^az. turk. e)^, 
f. I, a rounct cake. Cf. ^^iV^. 

t^^iS^ Ij4rad4r, az. turk. ^b i^U.1, m. i, 
lessee, tena^ of land. 

^&\l or ;^ agriji, -ch&, az. turk. i-«^, 
f. I, a pruning knife. 

^1^1 igramch&, az. turk. ux*^, f. i, i)a 
thumb-ring. 2) a short dvb. 

^1 AL or ,^2 Al. agr&n, Uqran, f. id.,= 
^SbV^q.v. dear, Sachau 14, 36. 

fiSl\| agr&nt Al., fr. prec., deamess, scarcity ^ 
Lidz. 389. 

ibbiSAj &ghirp(is, OS., m. Agrippa, Acts 
XXV. 13. 

^&Vj igerti, OS., f. 6, an epistle. Used 
esp. of those in the N. T. 

.^^^V,| agfaitti Al^.^:^} Lidz. 388. 

gi 4d AL, fr. OS. Ij^l, this, m.f.=t9i, Mi. 
Cf. iyi?J, )5A*rt, Ac. 

Ij^ see *?1. 

2^1 ad&, cf. foil., m. daddy. 

2^ tda, f. mother, mammy. Cf. ^^. 

1^ &d&, turk. U»U f., pL in U. 1^^ kdlMai 
(turk. pL, cf. I^kJI), in Sal. 2, in K. 3 (but the 
word is rare in K.), an isiland, isle. 

taM ^^b, arab. turk. i^^l, i) f. good 
manners^ propriety. 2) as adj. with or without 
lim, polite, proper, li^ f. good manners. 

^f^^^ idih&nt 8h.=Mi this. 

e^) idd Sh., and ^^ id6h&nl Sh.=odir 
no. 2. 

f§pi adwi (arab. Sj^^\ medicines), pL onlj, 
aromaties, spices, perfumes. 

|o^2 idw& AL, pi. I, a lot (=sors). 

popi adum, OS., Edom, Idumea, Gen. xxv. 
30, Mk. ill. 8. tils- an Edomite. 

^oo^j adiiniyi, OS., m. Adonijah, a name 
still used, 2 Sam. iii. 4. 

joA ^»| ad&ni b&z&q RY. = Psh. jo^p d^, 
m. Adonibezek, Jud. i. 5. 

jBjk^fM^I adiini^q, OS., m. Adonizedee, 
Josh. X. I. 

XmBtfAo^l adiiniqam, m. Adonikam, Ezra ii. 1 3 
(Psh. >Mi%i^D, Neh. vii. 18 (Psh. poa^^). 

p!^^ aduniram, OS., m. Adoniram, 1 Kgs. 
iv. 6. 

^&o^ or %i adOrb^jin, az-, OS. ^^, arab. 
^\jBe^\, pers. ^IxjIk^I, the province of 
Azerba^n in NW. Persia. 

B a 

pyo^i adfir&m, Psh. jo^^l, m. Adoram, 
2 Sam. XX. 24. 

.^i i) Al. Mi or Mhi = 9i. 2) U. &di 

«>j ad^, also ^^, but *^| adi, La. iii. 28, 
all OS., a man's name, AcUdf Adaeua, some- 
times now used. 

i;^ mjk, and ^c^^i K. &dih& (for ;A 13^ % 
flow. (See t^, ^?c^, 2p). ^2 x&^ Sal. yet. ^i^ 
80 far. ^Ip^^ ago J already. S»sf^ ^2» vntkin 
a year from now. See 07&^a2kf^. 

;do..^2 idyfi, or ^ '2 idy^ yiim4 U. Tkh., or 
;m: ^2 idyfi y6m& Ti. Al. (cf. 9} above and 
>M^), in Tkh. often p6\l igyfi, in Sal. Qaw. 
)m»p92 adyfi, to-day. ^2 ^^ <Aw c^y weeky this 
time to-morrow. 

;a^ &tkh& U., rarely for ;apcir q.v. 

^ji see A>* 

j^{p2 ^^^ ^'i ^^^ ^ \2 ^^ ^A^^y causative. 

i^^ &tl6lt U., or i^9i idUli Al. K., or 
^Pl idlal Z. (cf. gi above and ;Xi^), tonight. 
Also ;^ 07L, "^ MH ba 1611, b&bit 1611. 

r^^l see 2^. 

p^ adam, OS., m. Adam, a name still used, 
Gen. ii. 20; a city, Josh. iii. 16, Psh. pHi. 

^pi Mm4, Psh. ^^, Admah, Qen. x. 19. 
^Ph &o^» see '?^. 
4bQiM^l adamfis, OS., m. adamarU, 
l^^Pi see 'at2. 

;Lpl id*a, arab. turk. U31, f. i, a olatm. 
^2 ^olL <o claim, 

&^ adar, OS., m. March. 

iHpi idr&, arab. pers. i^^Y, m. i, ^ Baghdad 
sore or * biUton* 

^S>1 see 'o?2. 

^Am&^I adermlikh, OS., m. AdrammeUch, 
2 Kgs. xix. 37. 

JboV^ik^i adramin^fis, OS., Adramyttium, 
Acts xxvii. 2. 

;&b'p2 idrana, f. j{^-, fr. 2b'p2i on« afflickd with 
a Baghdad sore. 

J^hp\ adri4, Psh. ^^pM, ^(^ret, Deut. i. 4. 
of2 see Vj,. 

07I &, i) interj., pers. turk. i\ and J\, Ah! 
2) U. Sp. Sal. (Aw,=foll. 

MJ &h&, i) OS. Ml <At>> m.f. 2) sometimes 
he, she, it. 

v&^\ & g& K, for M^ 2c;^I, i)now — l^pi. 
2) again. Cf. ey5^^.«4r. 


oori &hfi E. Al., m. i) he. 2) thai (iste) 

ioaii &h'wk, Psh. ioai, Ahava, Ezra viii. 15. 

poor! &hfid, Psh. booji, m. JShud, Jud. iiL 15. 

fgooil &h6-wi, fr.Mii odir, (x&b and ends (lit 
this and that). 

Moil f. 3, or &:^i f. I, &h'w&l, -lat, arab. 
J1^\, condition, state. 

^l &ht Al. Tkh., or ^ &-i Ti. i) she. 
2) that (ista), f.=^. 

j;072 hiy4, c^ )oii hill, &c. Q. Oaw., for ^, 
c^ >S2 Sec, fr. ;^i. 

JP072, «^MuBr2 hiyi, hiy&mfin, Qaw., imperat of 
^. See also ^. 

viufil &U o^i &hty& &sh&r lOiiya, as OS. Ex. 
iii. 14, transliteration of heb. njrw l^ rpPW 
/ am that I am. 

9^0/2, doll, see '07. 

t^^fl/i &hil, f. id,, arab. Ju»1, settled, having 
a ftxmily, middle-aged. ^- middle age. 

^2 &hak, pers. eUl , cemen/, lime. 

ii^\ &hl&, OS., i^o^oA, Ezek. xxiii. 4. 

tt^\ ahidfit*, heb. rSbr^, aloes, cf. ^iA<^|. 

J^i ah'K, f. id., arab. Ji^l, practised, apt. 

J^i &haU (arab. turk. JLaI inhabitants, pi. 
of Jjfel)i a native. 

^^i ahMi'iw, Psh. .9dyA2| m. ilAo^toft, 


Ex. xxxi. 6. 

^^1 ^l!w&, OS., ilAoZtftoA, Ezek. xxiii. 4. 

ti!?^i &hlyfim&, OS., f. Aholibamah, wife 
of Esau, Qen. xxxvi. 2. 

>iA*J ahaiim*, heb. D^[>n«, lign aloes. 

Xjsioti &h*maq, in Al. &h- (cf. dtual no. 2), f. 
id., arab. kurd. turk. ^j,'^^, foolish; or as 
subs. m. I, a fool. 

bikiboii asap&r (proparox.) U., now, this time 
(see^. Gf.eiS^e7i. 

A^\ Ah'rfin, OS., m. Aaron, Ex. vi. 20. 

^hoii &h'rman, OS., fr. pera. ^j^y!^, Ahriman, 
the evil principle in the old Persian dualism, 

iS^i &hit AL Tl Z., 6^1 &hat Z., ^?ri ihath 
Tkb. = ^. 

J^i^j Ih'tiyl^, arab. pers. tork. rW^^ ^^ ^i 
neeestity, need, 

i^l ih'tiy&t^ arab. turk. ^U*), f. fiar, 

plS^l ih'tirim, arab. pers. tork. J^\, f. 

oi i) E. 6 pron. long, (vocative); baa ei K., 
my father! 2)U. 6 pron. short, Oh! 3) 
ow (rare), turk. ^, hunting. 

|i| &-w4 U. K., Joi &-W& Al. Z.= Ji^i, i) this. 
2) he. 

Jbo^QsoJ y^biiliis, OS., m. EubuluB, 2 Tim. 
iv. 21. 

iSia^ iihrk Al. = ^ki, Lidz. 421. 

^92 ^gk U., indecl., turk. ^jl) a half- 
brother, also '02 $a^ ; ^2 J^ half-deter; 'l ;» 
step-father ; ^l ^ etep-^m/other. 

4^92 il^&gh, £.1, i) tork. kurd. j\*j1 Qarz. 
143, lit. a hearth (see jtk'r^), hence family, 
jpedigree, tribe, descent, origin; a generation; 
^&ojp '2 2ou7 ^'WA, I Cor. i. 28. 2) pers. p^^\, 
a large tomb built like a chapel, in Mussul- 
man cemeteries, a email shrine. 

90^0} 6giid, turk. c:>^1, pers. ^1, f. i, 
counsel, advice. 

&^oi 6ghiir AL, turk.^^, ^oo(2 augury, 
luck ; 'l ^ unlucky. 

£J^2 iijakhUl U., turk. j\»j1, f. 6, a «maiZ 
open fire-place. See 4^92. 

2^2 6d&, iida Al. K. Q., osm. turk. »l>j\, f. i, 
a room. In Terg. a room on the ground-floor 

po^P^l see p6»,^. 

Hi^l Mk\k Terg., a hay-stack, 

vi6l^,0h! Alas! 

t;^^ yuh&diy&, OS., f. Euodia (A. V. Euo- 
dias), PhiL iv. 2. 

foi &wii Al. K., or ^ U. = odir, A^ See ^. 

Jb6ei ft-wiis, with 6^ prefixed, (sf^ q.v.f), 
a formula for taking leave after a visit = Have 
you any bu^ness for me f See jk^fc^i^'p, 

2^SbAi A-wdrdi, turk. ^1, UJie inner or 
lower part of the cheek, used as a bag by 
monkeys,' Redhouse. 

Q^!ii^ lizl&g^ Al., a species of money, Lidz. 


t&pj;)pff2 fizmand&r E., az. turk. .Ui^jl, 
m. I, i) an orator. 2) as adj., eloquent. 

im^ iizinti AL, f. a window, Lidz. 386. 

^6\ih,0h! Alas! 

29^2 ttkhd&d6 Al. =: 29^. 

Jf0i dkhai, hurrah ! alia ! as subs, a joyful 
shout, Ezek. vii. 7. 

)^mo2 tikhch& U. (rather coUoq.), perh. turk. 
^\f ^ id. Nold. 165, so, so mue!^ such, so 
many; p li^^'l so great that. See Jt^Ma^. 

■fto^Vftj yd(ikhiis, OS., m. Eutychus, Acts 
xz. 9. 


JbifSUAi &-w6biw&s, water, eggs, and onions 
boiled together. 

.a.a1 6yibi, pers. turk. ^^y\, t J, juggling, 
trick, play, game ; '2 1^^ to juggle. 

{lOMMol 6-yiimb&z, pers.jlJ^j\, m. i, a moun- 
tebank, juggler. 

^LaI oimk, az. turk. Ujj\, f. long clothes; a 
petticoat, &c 

^ iikal, not Psh., Uoal, Prov. xxx. i. 

see ^al. 

^1992 Uchpi, m. sarsapariUa. 

^ Al., see '^. 

a^ iili, a kind of weed. 

4^ iil&gh, az. turk. 6)^1, m. i, a beast of 
burden, esp. a horse. 

Soi 61&d, arab. turk. ^'i^\, m. i, descendants, 
a family, children. 

^^^2 aldashi Al., turk. (j^U^, a earn- 
panion, fettowAraveUer, Lidz. 386. 

01^2 416 Al.=:ei^i«fp U., here lie is; so fern. 
iS^ iili, pL ..014^ m. See •i>9- 
dlttgh Q., Jwarts at cards. 

)bo2 ulai, OS., the river «72at (rsHjdaspesI), 
Dan. viii. 2. 

j^2 mtk (cf. ;^), OS., f. 6, a lamentation, 
eUgy, In pi. the Lamentations of Jeremiah. 

.fAiSol iilchC, turk. ^^^ m. f. i, a measure, 
e.g. a charge of gunpowder for a gun. 

^pbaiM ^ iwal mrudakh, Psh. '.^, m. Evil 
merodach, 2 Kgs. xxv. 27. 

;s^2 (ilsana, OS.*, m. i, affliction. 

^\ 6nia, pers. U^Y, m. cholera, 

^aio^X Umba U., az. turk. L»j1, i) topsy turvy, 
upside down (not common). 2) = ^i^i^, 
endways, 3) m. 1 , the top of the hip-hone, the 
hip, haunch, 

Vi^l iimtga, Psh. oj^, Omega, Eev. xxi, 6. 

p^^2, V^ie^l, see a^ao92. 

«A»d»92 ^milmiln, OS.*, tifuofiov, an Indian 
spice from which a costly balsam was pre- 
pared, Rev. xviii. 13 (Am. ver. ^Mfi»?). 

aMao92 iimid Al. Sal., also in Sal. p^-, S^, 
iimud, iimdt, pers. ju^Y, kurd. ^1, m. i, hope, 

j^»92 iimikd Al. (cf. turk. jk^jl to look for), 
an eye, Lidz. 387. 

X $i^l ilm&na, OS.*, m. i, a skilled workman. 

&aob2 umar, OS., m. Omar, Gen. xxxvi. 11. 

^2 un, OS., On, Aven, Num. xvi. i, Qen. 
xli. 45, Hos. X. 8. See ^ft^. 

•aI a-wan, (not Psh.) Aven, Ezek. xxx. 17. 

^\\if^ iw&ngaliy^n, OS., f. i, cvoyycXioy, 

^fty\\^to2 iw&ngalis^,OS., m. I, cuayycXian^f, 
evangelist, gospeller. 

6^1 Cbiii, Psh. di^, Ono, Ezra ii. 33. 
^Offtol yuniqt, OS., f. Eunice, 2 Tim. i. 5. 
^2 iinan, OS., m. Onan, Qen. xxxviii. 4. 
(gboX dsiya, OS.*, f. ovaia, substance. 

tHitaol Asiya-ya, f. jfc-, fr. prec, OS.*, suh- 

J^kib^ i-wisla Al., a reservoir, Lidz. 387. 

;&ft92 or ^isib^l Usta U., or Vr MB., pers. turk. 
^\zJ or \zJ, kurd. l:;^.^ PS. 346 and ^L^t 
(cf. l^isibX Al.), m. I, 2 (pi. rarely 2j^^2 ttstad! 
and in AL iistay^) a master-workman, foreman. 

{aAMb92 dstakar, pers.^Mi^t, kurd.jMs.»yk 
PS. 346, ostakar Qarz. 210, m. i, an architect; 
^&9-, architecture, skill. 

^2 iip U., rare in K. = ^ q.v- OS. K., i) 
also. 2) even. Often with ^ q.v. jS ^l, not 

^2 upa, arab. ii\, az. turk. ii^\,f.i,a sore 
between the knee and hoof of a horse, caused 
by fluid escaped from the knee. 

&»dei 6pir, OS., Ophir, Gen. x. 29, i Kgs. 
ix. 28 ; and so Psh. in Jer. x. 9, where Am. 
ver. has 9^1, Uphaz. 

^b2kA, pbiki, see '^. 

li^l see ^. 

Jboalaol uqy^nils, OS.*, oxcai^ff, m. i, ocean. 


iujiol 6qat, az. turk. ojy, f. i, landed pro- 
perty, estate. 

ib2 iir, i) OS., Ur, I Chr. xi. 35 ; ^'^p hoi, 
Ur of the Chcddees, Gen. xi. 28. 2) Sh., f. 3, 
wood (the material) ; a beam. 

&oi=:^LL to enter, q.v. 

2^2 a-war4, pers. turk. %\^\, m. i, a vagabond. 
Also 2£Mqr. 

2&92 (iri, OS. ^&92 (m.), arab. ^Ji, f . 2 (ddL- 
wati), a wringer, 

Sboasiboi iirbanus, OS., m. Urban, Horn. xvi. 9. 

\p&92 iirdag, kurd. turk. d^ly m. f. i, a 

9P&92 &rdii (rarely ^^- iirdiii), OS., fr. pers. 
turk. A^Y, f., pi. ^p- ^rdiiwl, in Al. Ash. sing, 
also fP&92, turk. e^^l, a camp. 

;lp&92 ihidkha, OS. J«lp&92, f. i, a packing 

.^hol ftrhai, OS., (7rAat, ^(iewa, Tr/a. 

;:c%b62 iirha-ya, f. jfr-, OS., a fMtive ofUrhai. 

Sbobol finis, turk. kurd. id., Russia ; ^al>-, 
a Russian. 

;|l6&o2 iirupi, OS., Europe. 

;i&92 iirz&, m. i, a maJtf, of men or animals ; 
^2 ^ a he-hear. 

^i&92 urzag4, cf. prec., m. pistil, stamen, 
pith; the central parts of wood. 


\oeM&92 ibrzambdg, f. i, a iom-bof/f hoiden, 

;Lb^l iirkh&, OS., f. 3, road, toay ; 1^^^ 'l 
the mUky way ; ^ ^A ^V^ to go to meei a 
person = xi&0 ik^; 9^1 ^ ^nf^in to exjpeet 
a perison; 'jS 2&^ to start a penon on a journey; 
..flf^b^ q^ JK^&^ khiBhli b'iirkhii, he went his 
way ; ^^ ^ to prosper intr. ; ^ ^^ «S»i to 
bear with; ^00* ^^^la da%fs journey. 

X^^hi^l urkh&chi, fr. prec, with tork. term. 
_»., in. I, a traveller, 

^&92 Mf OS., m. Uri, Ex. xxxi. 3. 

^boi 4riyi, OS., m. ^nViA, rryoA, a Sam. 
xi. 3. 

Xjf&92 4H-tl, Pslu Afb62, m. {7m2, i Chr. 
vi. 24, 2 Chr. xiii. 2. 

^&92 iir'im, Psh. 2!i:,oyi, ^nm, i.e. light, Ex. 
xxyiii. 30. 

&.^X dr^ta, OS., f. 6, the Old Testament ; 
properly the Pentateuch, 

^&92 drkan, az. tork. ^;VCl, m. i, a ^*r(A for 
saddle cloths. 

j^^l drm^, pers. and az. turk. ^j|l^ pers. 
also and arab. s^l, in OS. efiipb62, e)^b62, &c., 
(perh. fr. pfyAobboj, cf. foil.), the city and the 
plain of Urmi (Urmia, TJrumia, Oroomiah). 

;a^bb2 iirmizhni-yd K., or ^aVc drmijn&-y& 
K., or iL»- urmtn&-y& Ash., fr. prec. = ^ 
j^hol U. (see aa), a native of Urmi, 

l^}^l dr&i'i, OS.*, m. I, lat orarinm, i^pAptaw, 
a stole, 

>Ax^2 drishlim, OS., f. Jerusalem, Josh. z. i . 

^3001 OS., or du({ OS., flshnii, ashnii, a 
Kurdish town at the head of the plain of 
Soldoz, about 40 miles S. of Urmi (also called 

;Li9»2 dsh&ni, OS., m. i, i) Hosanna, 2) the 
Hosanna tree, a red willow used on Palm 
Sunday. 3) a man's name still much used. 

4s/koi 6tagh U., turk. dUj\ or j^ (which in 
osm. turk. is a large tent), f. i, a room 
[=2pb2q.v. K.]. 

t^2 (its, turk. pers. ^^ ,f,i, an iron, aflat 

l\ii^^ see V. 

{ 9U &zat, &z&d, f. id., pers. turk. kurd. ^UT, 
i) free, 2) as subs., m. i, a freeman; ilt^ 
kzkd^ti, f. freedom, liberty. 

^hml see V- 

JbdS^ or ^i izH(iB, &z-, OS., Azotus, Acts 
viii. 40. 

i^i azyat, turk. o^3l , arab. h^\ , f. i , torment, 

^i kzk\, not Psh., the stone Ezel, i Sam. 
XX. 19. 

«^ &zil, OS., irreg. verb, dropping A in 
first pres. (exc. 3 sing.) and imp., and making 
many tenses from the root &•& (Oram. 119), 
to go, Phbases : p^jbS 'i or p ^k^^jjf^ ^2 U. 
or p Jt^fd^ ^2 U. K., to go to meet a person 
arriving on a journey; ^S ^2 U., to go on 
horseback ; 22?^ ^2 to take a walk ; 2aJs 'l to 
go on foot ; oi^ HA^a .#0790^ ga-wii bizil^ It, 
he has bad diarrhoea; (^^) .ao^Twd^ «S»i to 
prosper, to go forwards. See ^^92, Ai. 

;2SU &dlna U. K. or iS^\ az&li Al. Ash., 
agent of prec. 

9^ izm& (cf. turk. ij^^ or »^\ removal of 
the skin), f. a sore on a child*s head. 

^fl Izin, arab. kurd. ^^^1, f. leave, permission; 
J^ ^'l I may, I am allowed, 

M izan, arab. turk. ^U\, f. i) Azan, the 
Mussulman call to prayer, a) esp. used for 

^5f| see 'o^. 


Ji kVh, pers. ^1, Alas I a.^ A <^ K., my 
mother ! 

QaiJ &khi-iikhi pi., fr. pers. ^\y f\, menial 
anguish, throes. 

;wi 4kh&w, OS., m. Ahab, i Kgs. xvi. 38. 

2^^ ikhdh4dh^(1) K., or 2991^2 ttkhd&d^ 
(sic) AL, or 2^^ khd4d^ Al. (khdh&dh^ OS.), 
i) together, 2) one another. Often with ^a, 
'^j '», prefixed. 

tJ^ akhiizat, Psh. ^o«>»{, Ahuzzath, Qen. 
xxvi. 36. 

akhiikh&-y&, not Psh., an AhoMte, 
2 Sam. xxiii. 38. 



t (U^ akhfina (usnaUy likh- in U. Al.), OS. 
(dim. of OS. ^), in Ash. sometimes khiin& 
(Lidz. 394), m. 2^ (pi. in Al. also lisLi akh4- 
w&th4 and U^i akhinwathft, in Ash. khiind- 
w&th&), a brother; ^&9- brotherhood. 

SomI &khiir, pers. turk. kurd. .^Y, f. i, i) a 
staUe. 2) a manger. Of. ^2 ^. 

}k^\ akhiithd, OS.*, f. 9, a brotherhood, cor^ 

;&(wi AL, see ^soi^. 

fli &kh&z, OS., m. Ahaz, 2 Kgs. xv. 38. 

J^ akhz^, OS., m. Ahaaai, Neh. xi. 13. 

Ufi ikhazy&, OS., m. Ahaziah, 1 Kgs. 
xzii. 40. 

^ akhiyi, OS., m. Ahiah, AMjah, 1 Sam. 
xiv. 3, I Kgs. xi. 29 ; Ahio, 2 Sam. vi. 3. 

plfmi akhi-&m, Psh. ^^m^, m. Ahiam, 2 Sam. 
xxiii. 33. 

^ at^ akhid kal, OS.*, m. Almighty, lit. 
holding all. 

pbo^ akhihiid, OS., m. Ahihud, Num. 
xxxiv. 27. 

.'?9iVf«*} akhif^, OS., m. Ahitvh, 1 Sam. xiv. 3. 

jftXim} akhilud, OS., m. Ahilud, 2 Sam. 
viii. 16. 

i^AMfMJ akhimiit, OS., m. Ahimoth, 1 Chr. 
▼i. 25. 

tfkv>f*j akhimelk, OS., m. Ahimeleeh, i Sam. 
xxi. 2. 

^c^ akhiman, OS., m. Ahiman, Nom.xiiL 22. 

jgi^.} OS., or^ OS., akhim'is or -&§, m. 
Ahimaaz, 1 Sam. xiv. 50, 2 Sam. xv. 27. 

(iLl khy&n&ya, f. &r, OS.*, of relationship, 

:fhLm\ akhin&daw, OS., m. Ahinadab, i Kgs. 
iv. 14. 

ya^A^i or "pir, akhin'im, -&m, OS., f. Ahinoam, 
2 Sam. iii. 2. 

^poAfM^ akhismakh, OS., m. Ahimmaeh, Ex. 
xxxi. 6. 

&^| akhi'Szar RY., or h^ akhi'azar as 
Psh., Ahiezer, Num. i. 12. 

'pj^i»4 akhiqam, OS., m. Ahikam, 2 Kgs. 
xxii. 12. 

^kfm\ akhlq^, m. Aehiacharus, a man's name 
now used, Tob. xiv. 10. 

piL»*i akbiram, OS., m. Ahiram, Num. 
xxvi. 38. 

^^\ akhir&, Psh. .1^-, Ahira, Num. i. 15. 

h6a^\ akhishiir, Psh. k^l, Ahishar, 1 Kgs. 
iv. 6. See SoMk^. 

X^M akhltdpil, PsL .1^, m. Ahitophd, 
2 Sam. XV. 1 2. 

«Aa^| akhch^n, i) Sal. Baz AL = -^a^. 
2) with ^ following, m 8ofar as, whenever. 

SikOA^i akhchiinta, i) SaL =: prec. 2) K. = 

.fA^I akhchl (perh. fr. tatar turk. jfjl only, 
and the dim. »»., Nbld. 165), only, just. 

^iiL4 akhlam4, heb. HD^nK^ an amsthyH, 
Ex. xxviii. 19 (Psh. J^!4^). 

^scJ^ akhmad, turk. j«a.Y, m. AJimed, a man's 
name now used by Mussulmans. 

JAiOml see ^eyl. 

i^oaoL*! akhn6khiln U.=.oi^{, by a confusion 
with .AAOi^. 

;^^ see ^{. 

^ U. K. AL akhni, or ^ akhnan U. (so 
rarely OS., Thes. Syr. 132 1), or .*3uv*{ akhn^nt 
U.=OS. ^ we, m. f. 

AisSm\ akhn^tiin Al.=.oJte^. 

^, M ^J«ljer, 4khir, arab. ^T, i) JTeB / to 
^ sure ! 2) Z. at last. 

iS^i, akhri (for iS^), OS. tf&^ (see aii), 
m. Aufiuin esecremen/, dung. 

^d kh&r4-yi, f. jtt.-, OS. 'iLl, 1) last, hind- 
most. 2) the fem. as Adv., JlnaUy. 3) the 
fem. as subs., the end. 

^aL^ m., ;kL^ f., kh^n4, kh6t& U. Sh. Q., 
or ;^i^l m., ;&a^2 f., khr^na, khr^ta Sal. K. as 
OS., 'or ^&^ m., Ikt^i f., khim&, khirtft AL 
Tkh. Z., often khina, kbita (so also SaL) or 
khin4, khit&, [in AL there is also a fem. pi. 
^2ky2 khimyathi], i) other, another. 2) the 
masc. as adv., again, after tJiis; well ! ^x }f6U 
U., the day before yesterday, or the day after 
Unrnorrow. In Z. ^al^ or ^aLa = then. 

;k^ see iishL. 

A^kfSu^ akhshirashyOS., m.Ahamerus, a name 
Btill used, Dan. ix. i. 

j^l akhUL, pen. csT, kurd. yakhta (< jakta/ 
Oarz. 109), m. I, i) a gelding, 2) a sapling ^ 
a newly planted tree with all its leaves 
cut off. 

^M akhtdn U. K. = OS. ^6a|; often 6&^l 
akhtii in K. AI, ,^h^4 akht6khfin, sometimes 
proparox. U. (by false analogy fr. .aao^), or 
^^ akhtdkh Sal., you, m. and f. pi. Not 
used when speaking to a single individual. 

&^2 ikhtiyar, i) arab. turk. kurd. ^Li^l, 
f. I, pleasure, choice, option, 2) turk. id., m. i, 
an old man; hence an overseer, manager, 

V^ ikhtilit, arab. turk. ^%j^\, f. i, 
mixing together, intercourse, 

J^!h(^ ikhtira, arab. turk. cl^l, f. i, a con- 
trivanu, invention, device, 

AB^ ihtish&m Al., arab. Ja;^!, good 
manners, Lidz. 392. 

a^ atid, Psh. &^ Atad, Gen. 1. 10. 

at;iim&, OS.*, Sroftos^ Srofiov, m, i, an 


A>U atalyi, Psh. ;fi^, AttaUah, Acts 
xiv. 25. 

;!C9&2^ a,\r^gk, OS., m. i, orange, citron. 

^ ! Tkh. Ash. Sal.= ^ q.v., perh. from i^. 

J, ^ Sec, ai, A-yin, Gaw., for U^, ^ Ac, by 
loss of fi^. 

^ ^y pers. (^1, Ah/ 1 Ho! often used as 
a reproach. 

a k-jk AL Z., l) rr Mi ^Ai9. 2) = .^ <A0. 

;y6y&, i)U.K. = «i,f. 2) RV. = »i Psh. 
and old Am. ver., Ajah, Gen. xxxvi. 24. 

9t^, ^^Sfi &c., see AU. 

bBu4 ^bd, inter), tinmc^ytii / Of. bdua. 


ft^ ij&d Al., arab. turk. ^1x2', i) a neto 
invention. 2) as adj., f. id., modem, Lidz. 382. 

)«^ igihi (proparox.) K., (for ^^X), 

2^ ida U. &c. Al. (Sachau 18), but !dh& K., 
OS., f. I, 3, hand, Phrasks : 'l^ ^ dexterity, 
adroitness: '^ 2^ or 2^1^ tdhi b'ldha, 

tdhawidha K., immediately ; iam A9 ^^^fl U. 
tddkh bit ho-ya, will you have time f i^ ^9^1 
M U. Idl U h6-ya, / shall not have time; 

;fija ^6^ ;\;;, i^ ^i (or ;:^ i^) idi I6 

m&tya Itr^ qr&n! (1^ m&chkh&) / cannot afford 
(or get) two grans ; ^6^1 H tS^ o^ ^^a^i 
iddkh gt id&tt la y&twa. May you he friend- 
less ! p l^i ^ jooik to have done with a person ; 
^'Oi^Sh^ •'^f^ (or ^j^) npill b'idii, it happened 
to him or he laid hold of it; p ^2 ^ t^ ,^ to 
prosecute or to appeal against or from ; q^ (L$ 
Jc^ip ^ ^2 A« cannot interfere in this; ^ '2 «^ 
to cease to support; 9^1^ **^^^ F^ ^P ^^ » 
9 ^2 jqp^ ^0 support, help ; A ^2 ^ f begin ; 
(^) ^2 ^a^iio to give up, give in, renounce: 
'l a2^4Pp to beckon; ^2 p^ at hand; p '^ by, 
by means of; ^ 'l ^ from. See Q^, .1|1, 

^1 ^hi K. Sh. (cf. OS. 2M f)> v:hich, m. f. 

^opt' idmi, OS. ^09^, m. I, a husband's 
brother, brother-in-law [dist. ^ImmJ^ a wife's 

^it^M^l idmi-yikt&, fr. prec., f. 6, 9, the 
relationship of a woman to her husband's 

^B^l idamtik, OS. Ifto^, f. 6, a husbands 
sister, sister-in-law [see jtHMi^]. 2) Lidz. 391 
gives the pi. (idmyathi Al.) &b female doves, 

M4 ^hi, pers. l^)!, kurd. y^\ PS. 284, 

cLi, ^sioh, j6, y6hi Tkh. MB. = ^ no. 2. 

.j;^ or .^ 6wi-C, 6wai :=z 4^,^, Alas! 

j^ iyi^, OS., m. Job, Job i. i. 

^ ^wka, pers. turk. J^^\, kurd. \ PS. 
347, f. I, i) an arbour, 2) Al., a room with 
one side open to the courtyard, 

.aJ see ^. 

%i tz, turk.^l, f. I, a path, track, traes, 

2^9%fl izwil, OS., f. Jezebel, 2 Kgs. ix. 36. 

2^*^ or ^f2 izgadi, both OS.*, m. i, c| m^t^ 
senger; e^p. used of St. John Baptist. 

.V)S^2 izar'il, OS., Jezreel, Josh. xvii. 16 
^- a Jezredite, 


^l iU, as OS., but usually iss^l \ik in NS. 
= cira, tlien, 
t>te\fl Huriya, OS., Ituraea, Lu. iii. i. 
A^2 itally&, OS., Italy, Acts xxvii. i. See 

?ryf\\;>2 italiqi, OS., Italian, Acts x. i. 

.mJ &yi K., 8I^e = ^. 

^ akh, rarely akh, in Al. Ma'l. 6kh, OS., 
also ^a Al. and ^lo q.v., i) a«. 2) abotU, 
nearly (esp. with numbers). 3) like, according 
to or as. With affixes e^^ ^| akh diyi &c., 
or in Ti. Ash. Al. as OS. of^i akhwathi (-6); 
also ^aa and o^Asoa khwath^. 

MB |f 

^1 ^ki, as OS., or ;^ *ik& Sal. Q. Gaw. 
and sometimes U., where, inteiTog. and rel. 
Before o{^ &c. often shortened to ^, as k^li 
(in Ti. Ash. ch^li), where is he ? So ^;> or 
^^ 16ka or 16ka, whither? ^^ m^ka, which 
icay, whence f 

^6rt\ft ikabfid, or as RV. 9oaa4 6kawiid, 
Psh. boAom, Ichabod, 1 Sam. iv. 21. 

Ii4^i 6ka-yuta, fr. ^i, f. 6, 9, locality, 
place f situation, 

lak^Ati ^kiptasi (see ^Ma) sour pounded 

\^t^r^ ikiligh, az. turk. jiL^t, ^A^ ^u;o, deuce, 
at cards. 

d4ia*i see 'A»a!. 

^ 61, turk. Jii, kurd. 61 PS. 283, also J^ 
PS. 320, f. I, a <rtt«, cf. .lil. 

:u 11, OS.*, ni. El, God; Au il, OS.*, my 
God, Mat. xxvii. 46, (Psh. .2^*4). 

i^|61&, OS., i) m. I, 3, a hart. 2) ^/aA, Gen. 
xxxvi. 41, (RV. '•!)• 

\Kn,. .0^2 J^ il iluh6 israyil, Psh. ^i 'l 
^^, El'dohe- 1 Israel, Gen. xxxiii. 20. 

:u ^.^ :u il bit 11, Psh. AuN^, El'hethel, 
Gen. XXXV. 7. 

^^1 6ligli Al., turk. jjbl, a month* s pay, 
Lidz. 383. 

Wfl see •^^. 

•o^i 6yalun RV., or as Psh. .^i, Ajalon, 
Aijalon, Josh. x. 12, Jud. xii. 12. 

«^ ildn, 1) rarely as OS. .^dl^i il&l, kurd. 


^J%\ PS. 283, but lliin Garz. 246, 56, m. i, 
September. 2) Eton (Psh. ^4), Jud. xii. xa. 

^^1 Hut, Psh. '^i, Eloth, I KgB. ix. 26. 

A*2 see .2i<4. 

A^ ilik, turk. elb, f. i, a waistcoat. Also 
Aae^; ishlik. 

J-al*J 6lchi, turk. pers. ,j^\ m, i, an 
ambassador ; lis^ an embassy. 

^2 ilitn, Psh. ^kM, Elim, Ex. xv. 27. 

fi\f2 ilana, OS., m. i, a ^r^. 

^k\.i ilpadm, Psh. ^^ jz>^a\?, El-paran, 
Gen. xiv. 6. 

;iri\,j ilq&na RV., see '^. 

,>y\,? ilshad^, OS., m. El Shaddai, God 
AlmitjlUy, Gen. xliii. 14. 

^i i\ki, OS., ElatK Beut. ii. 8, (RV. ^^U). 
j{^2 iltha Tkh. (in OS., a branch, dim. of 
;Af 1), ;>rorfM«f, fruit. Or Ai.= OS. ASl^. 
^2 ima Ti. = ^. 
;».} 6m& Al. Z. = .0.1. 

^u»»2 imim RV. or j^2 ima-yt old Am. vcr., 
Psh. fiio\, Emims, Gen. xiv. 5. 

^aaoifi Imama, OS., m. i, i) day (opp. night), 
daylight, 2) in pi. as adv., by day. 3) see 

^2 iman, or in Ti. ^2 im& = OS. ..^2, 
when / ^ V ^hen, conj.; ^2 ^ Aoti^ long f 

^2 or ^ua^ iman, -na Al., arab. ^U>1 , faith, 
belief, religion. 

.wDviMu^i 6mn6 Bo.=:,«ofa» ^i u^AtcA of them f 

^2 ina (kurd. ina now, whereupon, PS. 284), 
i)but. 2) yet; ^,.,^ aWiough,,,yet, 

^ in U. cr S-i 6 U. = foil. 

^i 6uJ (for -cj W? f. for m.), OS. ^ (m.), 
i) who, which, what, m. f., with or without 
a noun immediately following. 2) with p, he 
{slie, they) who, that (those) which. 

;UL\ en&.yuta, OS.* (fr. OS. W), f. 6, 9, 
gram, a case. 

mIi iyasun, OS., m. Jason, Rom. xvi. 21. 

■ft»lft>2 iskhaq, OS., ni. Isaac, a name com- 
monly now used. Gen. xxi. 3. 

is&khar, OS., m. Issaehar, Qten. xxx. 18. 

% t 

■Viybfi see ^mi. 

«. « * 

m. I, a jasper, Rev. xxi. 19. 
hJbhJ see % ^, 

llLifl Al. isira (OS. liLi^i q. v. or '2 or llS^f), 
= 2i»9Af U. = llS^fib E., m. I, a bond, fUter, 

^ or ;^ lp&, heb. n^^, HDK, an «;>AaA, 
Zech. V. 6 (Psh. j£iw»). 

p^ see ^ia. 

22f^ Ifiri K., m. I, a roek, cliff, esp. over- 
hanging a river. 

liAAfl Iqaniin, OS., Iconium, Acts xiii. 51. 

iSUtfl Iqara, OS., m. i, honour, dignity^ 

hh iyir K. Al. (sometimes) as OS., or hh 
fir U. K., m. i, May. 

h4 ^r, arab. pers.^Y, m. 2>enis, 

•ny&tl Srlkhd, OS., Jericho, Josb. iv. 13. 

«iklt2 irAn, pers. J[f>\, Iran, Persia, 

*ftfVbi<rtf> ir&piil!s, OS., Hierapolis, Col. iv. 1 3. 

.JS!L{ ^rat{, f. id., az. turk. ^J^\, fiawny, 
grotesque, improper, monstrous, 

.iS^ isht, Psb. <*&9$v Ishi, i.e. my husband, 
Hos. ii. 16. 

Jffk isb6, OS., m. Jesse, often now used as 
a man's name, i Chr. ii. 1 3. 

AxfJ see ^mJ. 

XiittbJ ishm&'il, OS., m. Ishmael, Qen. xvi. 
15, sometimes now used as a man's name. 
See 'tbl, 

iM it TJ., itb K. (ish Ti.), sometimes itb Al. 
(asnally it before ^ in K.), OS., also ^M ttin, 
Itbin, there is, there are; o{^ i^ ii Ii, often in 
AL m^ iti, he has, or rarely in K. he can ; 
9t^ it^ \ih h\ Q)^ Al.) or pifyi itl, it^, or oi^ ^^2 
iU, 'M, all K. Al. he can; l^aj^ M^ ts^t ith 
b*al&b& liwadh& K,, God can do, Cf. (L^. 

Ayl ro., ^ f., iyit, &yat Al. = ihii, *d42, 
Lidz. 395. 


pitsfl, ^i^, ^ &c., see ^t2. 

oM Ti. see i^. 

11 .^s^r^ 

Uf>^^tt^ ituta, OS., f. 6, 9, being, personality. 

i^tsfl Itya, OS.*, m. Divine being, 

^^yt^ iti-il, Psh. iXjA^, lihiel, Prov. xxx. i . 

^^ see ^f2. 

J^ itan, Psh. JJ, m. Ethan, i Kgs. iv. 31. 

^i akha, esp. Al., or ^ akh&, esp. K. Q^ or 
;^2 ikh4 Sal. = OS. ;^ or ;^hi, chald. feon, 
=;^A U., Atfre,=:h6kha Ma'L, Parisot xi. 502. 

^2ai akha-iya, OS., Achaia, Acts xviii. 12. 

Jbba^2al akh&-iqiis, OS., m. Achaicus, i Cor. 
xvi. 17. 

c^ ;j2, ;i.j, J>i^ &c., khili, ikhy4, Akhyat, 
Sal. Q. Sec, for o^ U^ Sec, See ;tsi. 

t^ Achigh, f. id., turk. j^\, 1) bold, 
fearless, 2) open ; clear, of colours. 

aaI &kh&d, Psh. &ai, Aocad, Gen. x. 10. 

^^ akhidni, OS., gk. cx<dMi, f. i , a vijyer, 

^a^^ Akiiki, m. I, c^^ or stone jilaced on 
the floor of an earth-oven (yioxi^. 

aoai akhuU, OS., i) m. i, a glutton, 2) as 
adj. met. devouring, as fire. 

j^kbal &kh(int& K. (dim. of iiU), here. 

m^\ &c., see ^|. 

i^X, ^l, %f^l, khlyi, kh^yA, khy4mfikh, 
Sal., imperat. of ^. Cf. 9^07. 

^\ akhin, OS., m. Aehim, Mat. i. 14. 
a^\ akhish, OS., m. Achishj i Sam. xxi. 10, 

^aAj and ^ai\ q.v. ichk&, ishki, by netath. 
fr. turk. uf^y f. 3, i) hed, 2) ankle bone. 

3) (/oor, sill, threshold, 

^^ ikhil, OS., i) to eat, consume. 2) met« 
to embezzle, esp. with ^. Phrasks : ^dt^ '^ 
(U.) or ^'i (K.) or ^ '2 (K.), to (Arfoten / 
^'2 or fi^MOTi ^1 or ^ ^2 fo take trouble or <o 
^ in trouble (see «aSJ ; ;2ii^ '2 to r^ff /w a 
j)ension ; IfoiJup 'l to eat ones words ; ^eo^ '2 
to break a fast by eating meat or animal food ; 
U^ 'l to be bastinadoed (turk. eU^ jLU); 
4ox^ ^2 to take bribes (turk. eU^ i::^^^)- 

3^1 or iiLa^2, ikhl&, tikhli, OS. '\ or 'i m. i, 
i) a fno^A. 2) a bookxoorm (Ht.). 3) cancer, 

4) itching. 

A^see V. 

c 2 




viif^L ^ &khil kh6rt (Tkh. V)i m. late enow 
in spring^ lit. eater of its companion. 

^^ ^ &khil qarsi, OS., m., no pi. (see 
;ft^), <A« Demi, 

^aao^SAl kMramsh^ U. K., m. f. 4, usually f. 
in U., eupper, evening meal. 

^igi or pl^, &chim, ch4-im, perh. fr. heb. 
t3DM, chald. DDK, arab. ^1, to shtU, to cover, 

^l ikmi Al. = ^ how much, 
^h ^h W^ Ac-i see 'xW. 
li^aa &k&r&dar, or Al. as OS. ilL^U (pers. 
term, .b), m. i, a htuhandman, farmer, 

;sSIa2 ikram, arab. turk. J^, f. i, revereTice, 
di/erence, respect, 

X^x^iel^l ikramchi, f. id., fr. prec., az. turk. 
i^)f\i reverential, reverent, resj)e€tful. 

laa^l see 'b^l. 

t«^ 41, f. id., turk. J\, deep red. See oiAx. 

-^2 B^ •^^ 

i^ il&, i) OS., arab. pers. ^), hiU ; after ,J 
or ^, yet, nevertheless ; ^ Hi except. 2) Elah, 
I Sam. xvii. 2, Psb. )^\^, Dist. iL\, 

^i^l see ^. 

Vfi!i>l il&kl (proparox.) U. (arab. pers. Si\ = 
but what? Nold, 166), especiaUy. 

t<a^|see al^. 

.li^ or i^\ k\hk'k\, alba-al (accented on 
first and last) U., pers. turk. JUl (fr. Jl hand), 
immediaidy, lit. hand over hand. Cf. l^ti la^J. 

«&9a^| alburz, pers. ^yJ\, a mountain range 
N. of Tehran. 

tq^i or lissf^i or >r, albet, albeta, hal-, 
arab. turk. pers. i:Ji, kurd. oJU, cf course^ 

A^Sj aljibran, arab.^^ ^^j^» algebra. 

>^\ alg«, f. 3, and jjjJ^J algijtA, f. 6 (fr. 
turk. J\ hand, and ^ crooked V), a small 
plough handle fixed in the larger handle 

»Mo^; see >\^^\. 

^2 ildad, OS., m. Eldad, Num. xi. 26. 

X }^\ alaha (usually proparox.), OS., m. i, 
God, a god. Phrases : eiS^ ^ Ti. h6 bal&, 
indeed: ;^ c^^ ;>i 14 bal6 16 V. = ^^ }^ la 
bal-16 Ti. ^i^ ^p a 14 hk 16 Tkh., indeed 
not; ^ almiGod forbid! S^ oi^ 'l 
alkhk ya-wili manyakht&, requieseat in poM ; 
(,oaoi.») ^f^ '1 a. miniikh (min6khiin), Good- 
bye, said to those who are departing by those 
remaining ; ^-, OS., f. 6, 9, Godhead, divimty, 

l^^i alhad&, f. id., az. turk. id. (fr. arab. 
iJa. ^ f ), special, particular, separate, indi" 

Ui^i alah&-y&, f. jt^-, OS., divine, God-Uke, 
of God. 

jt^} or U^i, alahit&, alah'ttl, f. 6, a 

^^>^i ala-w6rdS, turk. c^^j^Ul, m. a man's 
name now used, Deusdedit. 

^db^i or '01 &ldcha, h&-, pers. and az. turk. 
i^j^t dim. of pers.jir, kurd. 6Mk and 61uchak, 
Garz. 222 (he-, Lerch 84), f. i, a plum. 

JbdA09M alumiis, OS., m. Elymas, Acts xiii. 8. 

>!iio6^i &liimala Ash., perh. without catue{'i), 
Lidz. 397. 

$LocSi &liimpa, OS., m. Olympas, Rom. 
xvi. 15. 

^\ aldn, OS., AUon, Josh. xix. 33. See 
^2. ^9aa 'l alun b&kh^t, Psh. ;^> jfi^o^y, 
AUon bachuih, Qen. xxxv. 8. 

pA^i alwand, pers. Sa^\, a mountain of 
W. Persia. 

•Attf^i^^^^i OS.,IUyricum, Rom. xv. 19. 

fl/^l ilkhanin, Psh. ^-, Elhanan, 2 Sam. 
xxi. 19. 

*ftJA{ alkhfls, az. turk. ^j^lil, m. a man's 
name now used. 

^ iliya, OS., m. Elijah, Ellas, much now 
used as a man's name, 2 Kgs. i. 3. 

^1^ or ^, tl!-aw, Ibyaw, OS., m. Eliah, 
I Chr. XV. 18. 

J^ ilida, OS., m. Eliada, 2 Sam. v. 16, 

(RV. ':^). 

boif^ ilihu, OS., m. Elihu, i Sam. i. i. 

po,^ iUydd, OS., m. Eliud, Mat. i. 14. 

«it^ iUyiin, bravo I wdl done I 

J^Uf^ ilikhrap, OS., m. Elihoreph, 1 Kgs. 
iv. 3. 

^f^ ilik, turk. diLI, m. i, marrow. 

^■Ai ilim, Pah. % Elim, Isa. xv. 8. 

^kMr^ llimelk, OS., m. Elimdech, Ruth i. 2. 

Jifti^j ily&sip, OS., m. Eliataph, Num.iii.24. 

^>t^ ili'&zar, OS., m. Eliezer, Eleazar, Ex. 
vi. 23. 

if^ ili'am, OS., m. Eliam, 2 Sam. xxiii. 34. 


fjkf^ tlipas, OS., m. EltphaZy Gen. xxxvi. 4, 
Job ii. II. 

.^4^ ilipal, Psh. ,^JiA}, m. Eliphal, 1 Chr. 

xi- 35- 

boii^ ilipalhii, OS., m. ElipheUh, 1 Chr. 

XY. 18. 

\y<r\l iliplat, OS., m. Eliphalai, 2 Sam. 
Y. 16; and xxiii. 34, i Chr.iii. 7 (where RY.^i-). 

^^i ali^a, f. ^-, OS.*, narrouf, confined. 

^ijy^j ili^pan, OS., m. Elzaphany Ex. Yi. 2a, 

(RV. 'iij). 

^ifAu^j ily&qlm, OS., m. EUakim, 2 Kgs. 
xxiii. 34. 

;j{f^} ilishi, OS., m. Elishah, son of JaYan, 
Oen. X. 4. 

;^Cf^ illBh&w, Psh. ^, m. Eliashib, i Chr. 
xxLy. 12. 

\i^f\l tlishwi, OS., f. Elizabeth, Elishaba, 
much now used as a woman's name, Ex. Yi. 23. 

•pcA} iliBbi, Psh. M^i, Elishah (isles of), 
Esek. xxYii. 7. 

.iiMr^ ilishmi, OS., m. Eluhama, Num. i. 10, 
(Rv! i). 

j^ !li6h&, OS., m. Eli$ha, Eluhua, used 
stiU as a man s name, 2 Kgs. ii. i. 

\^^ ilish&pat, OS., m. ElithaphaJt, 2 Chr. 

xxiii. I. 

jttAj iliti, OS., f. 6, a sheep 8 taU, 
i^»Bb^\ alkimy&, arab. L«^t , f. alchemy, 
^pek^\ aliksan, russ., = foil., Alexan, used in 

U. as a man's name. 

Jbo^jii^fSM aliksandrCiB, OS., m. Alexander, 

sometimes now used as a man's name. 

^pjki9»A>i aliksandriyi, OS., Alexandria, Acts 
XYiii. 24 ; (H- an Alexaiidrian. 

^y^tyiv^l see «a|. 

^BfV^^iQ^I almiighim, or )aifio^{ algdmim, 
heb. i3^|Op« or D^bs*, dlmug or oZ^m «fTS«, 
2 Cbr. ix. 10. 

Xf^QM^I almiidam, Psh. si^om^I, m. Elmodam, 
Lu. iii. 28. 

OM^I alm&s, arab. fjJX\, i) m. i, diamond, 
adamant, 2) f. a woman's name now used. 

^2 iln&tftn, Psh. ^2, m. Elnathan, 2 Kgs. 
xxIy. 8. 

• i.«. 'I A 

ilas&r, Psh. '^^, EUaear, Gen. xIy. i. 
;i^l lYk Sal., OS., f.i, a rib. 
Hii^l Wm, Psh. "^i, Elealah, Num. xxxiL 37. 

see 2. 

^1 alpi as OS., or ;^i ilp4 Sal., or ^} 61pa 
Al., m. I, a Utoueand ; ^2 'l 1000 m/en, PI. 
lljJl^\ alpayi, arith. thcueands of units. 

N^ &lapbit, OS., the Alphabet. 

^^l ilp&'al, not Psh., m. Elpaal, i Chr. 
YiiL 12. 

aa^l alqdsh (-6sh Al.), OS., arab. jyJ!, 
Elkosh, a Yillage about 30 miles N. of Mosul, 
near the mountains of Kurdistan, close to the 
monastery of Raban Hormuzd ; in the Yillage 
is the reputed tomb of Nahum. Hence the 

is sometimes used in U. K. for 

/•- •♦♦ 

name i^ 

the Yemacular Syriac dialects of the plain of 

Mosul. ^-, or as OS. (k-, an Elkoshite. 

«^ «ai^ ilish w6rish, turk. ^J^jiy ^\ , trade 
(retail), peddlery, lit. taking, giYing. 

;^2 see ^^. 

«M^2 see foil. 

^HAJ or > or 'i^, iltikh, bil-, lil-, aU U. K. 

Al., in Sal. "^ 'iltikh, in Al. also <k^ Itikht 

= OS. fr^^i^, i) below, down. 2) followed by 

^, prep, beneath, ^i^ is also downwards. ^2 ^ 

from below. 

yrifif^^ iltizim, arab. turk. pUiJ^ on under- 
taking in writing not to offend again, a bail 
bond exacted by a magistrate; ^ 'i Aak to 
bind a person over. Lit. any undertaking. 



^fi>^ ilitma, fnUter and eggs slighfcly cooked. 

Jbits!^! iltlmas, arab. turk. ^j,«UilY, f. i, a 

i^f^ubissiki iltimaschi, az. turk. ^^^U:J1| m. i, 
a j)etitioner. 

i^N^I altipat (-fat), arab. turk. c;>lJbJ), f. i, 
a compliment, attention paid to a person. 
^} ama, Psh. ^, Amm€th, 2 Sam. iL 24. 
^ see ^. 

;i)o2 imi, f. I, rarely ^ ma as OS., a hun- 
dred: ^l ^l 100 men. In letters, jo. PL t^l 
imayi, arith. hundreds of units. 

^i 4m&g, turk. eUl, work, toil, care. 

2^1 am4jy arab. pcrs. ^UY, f. i, aim, mark, 
target^ lit and met. 

pjoi Ti. see &»i. 
pai»2 see ^aoor. 

9^2 imiid Al. = ^uMoi, Lidz. 399. 
•am| amdn, OS., m. Amen, king of Judah, 
2 Kgs. xxi. 18. Dist. Mo^, 

jgottl &mii8, OS., m. Amoz, fistther of Isaiah, 
Isa. i. I. Dist. j^omI. 

2!^i amiidl, i) see ^»^. 2) Al., arab.j^^t, 
a thing, Lidz. 399. 

;^!MftBi &miir&-y&, f. J^-, OS., an Amorite, 
Oen. X. 16. 
jb«V^^(4^| amfitistiks, OS., m. i, amethyst. 

i^9ffto| amziik, turk. d^lj a irpou<, <^ ntpple 
of a child's bottle. 

^ imln, OS., f. Amen, verily. 

X^i, ^1, amin, amin& (or km-) K. Al. as 
OS., arab. ^^\, i) sure, trustworthy. 2) per- 

t^u^i amtQ&-£, pers. ^<^U cf. prec, i) f. id., 
sure, certain, peaceful. 2) as subs., safety. 
3) as adv., or with a, securely, safely, 

kt^i amir, OS., fr. arab. turk. jf^\, m. i, an 
Ameer, Emir. 

^lL(»i amiral, arab. turk. J|;{^^ m. i, an 

&malk&, perh. pers. &L1, arab. JL»1, 
the name of a tree. 

^ im&n, arab. turk. ^^U, mercy! a cry 
of distress ; lit. respite, delay. 

lamina, i) K. Al.=;l2iU.0S. 2) Bh. 
i^i, Amana, Cant. iv. 8. 3) Al. = AJioi. 

iAftikpi amndn, Psh. %, m. Amnon, 2 Sam. iii. 2. 

^toiJ^i imin6 (proparox.), which cf them f 

Xttoj amnat, OS.*, gram, a memoria technica 
for the letters which are prefixed to roots to 
make the tenses of verbs. 

ioaoi amanat^ pers. kurd. turk. cuJUl, arab. 
23 U1, f. I, a trust, deposit. In K. iaiei 4mint4y 
Lidz. 400. 

hitt^ am4natk&r Al., kurd^U^U, m. i, 
a depositary, Lidz. 400. 

jbJ^o^m^i or ^1, ampipiilis, &m-, OS., Am- 
phipolis. Acts xvii. i. 

.ftoi^liffi} &mpli-ii8, OS., m. Amnios, Rom. 
xvi. 8. 

AI^S»2 impriy&l, m. a Russian gold coin, 
i) properly a coin worth about 32^.; but a) 
usually the half imperial, about 16s. 

X^itJlL^l impr&tiir*, m. i, on emperor [ver- 
nacularly ?^\y]. 

^1 amis U., by metath. for l^ q.v. 

;^\ amasya, or as Psh. ^f^o^l, m. Amaziah, 
2 Kgs. xii. 21. 

jt^i amaqti, OS., t 6, the gecko, a kind of 
lizard. Lev. xi. 30. 

&4el &mir, OS., i) to say. 2) to mention, 
teU. 3) to name, call. 4) esp. K. Al. to speak 
(with .1^ = about), •^i^ d'&mrin is used in 
K. to correct a mistake: ^LLa» >>»i? «^^^ 
Simon, no, I mean John. Used impersonally, 
. . .0^2 '^2 ^ ^ ^^^ p&-ish mir& ill..., he 
shall be called... In Ti. the pret. is mj^l 
midl, imp. ?oao2 mdd. 

&^2 'i^^^p ^^^' ^h Immer, fizra x. 20. 
&^| = Ao»l no. 2, Lidz. 401, arab.^U 
2f!k»| amr&zt, implements of husbandry. 

^J^i amrikhas, az. turk. ^Isi^l, m. a 
man's name now used. 

iliJkoi &merpil, OS., m. Amraphel, Oen. 
xiv. I , (RV. '^). 

^L^^ ameriq&Diy i) American, usually (ja- 


in ihii seiue. a) imported ealieOj caUon (the 
stuff). Cf. ^d^otp and ^. 

,ftt^i amitt, Psh. ^4^, AmiUaif Jon. i. i. 

^ &n K. Sal Al.» see ^. 

^2 in, OS. and kurd. ^j\ in both senses PS. 
2831 i) «/» ^ohether. 2) K. =s ^, or ; ^| . . . ^j 
K. OS., either ,, ,or. When the clause intro- 
duced by vl ends in an aposiopesis s\ ^ merely 
not, i^ ^ eurdy, Ct Isa. xxii. 1 4. 

^1, i) see (4. 2) see ^i, 

M ink, 1) OS. % /, m. f. (see ^f^^ for 
o» ^1 &C.). 2) Ash. = foil. 

^i ant U. Ti., or ^i an& Ash. Tkh., m. f. 
i) these. 2) sometimes, they (= ^). 

j^^ibc^&i see ^i. 

^1 iimbir U. Tkh., tark.^1^1, f. i, a Uore- 
roam, a granary. 

.« » ■ t 

ilmbarkhin&, az. tork. wU^lJ^ f. i, 
a warehouse. 

Jl^i anjikh U. AL, or ^2 ii^j- AL, turk. kurd. 
^\ only, scarcely, only just. 

^l inji (kurd. turk.^^^* ' a pearl,' Lerch 86), 
az. turk. _x^^ , m. an omameni in the form of 
a crescent hung round the neck of camels. 

.\^ft| angal (cf. arab. JlXjl shackles, turk. 
J5<>1 a rival, pers. ^jJUc^* to hinder, armen. 
argel, hindrance), f. i, hindrance. 

ffil^i ingl^ K. Al., or <aV^2 inglis U., 
English. Joi^ an Englishman. 

Ip^i andam, pers. turk. Jjj\, m. i, beauiy, 
comeliness, form, l^, f., id. 

Jboi^M^ andrt-iis or andr^-iis, OS.^m. Andrew, 
a man's name still much used. Job. i. 40. 

fl!wii%u»S>i} indrAniqds, OS., m. Andronieus, 
Rom. xvL 7. 

«fid anh6 or &nhi Al. Ash. = .f&i, they (ace. 
to Sachau, p. 8, fern. pi. only ; but this is an 
error, see Lidz. vol. i. 88, line 17, &&)• 

}sioki anoha Anh. fia, ami and, oxytone, 
Tkh., ^iml ndha Anh., t^l n6 Anh. = ^. 

Mfti an&sh, OS., m. Enos, Qen. iv. 26. 

J^i enz&lf, pei-8. Jp\, Enzeli, the port cf 
Resht, on the Caspian Sea. 

iniitdmiyii, f.* omto^, emaUmy. 

intyiikh, or as Pah. U^\^\ &n(yakhy&, 
Antioch^ Acts xi. 26. 

(^^^ &Dty^kh&-y&, f. X^', OS., a man of 
Antioch, an AnHochene, Acta vi. 5. 

jftQ^VI anttyikh^s, 08., m. AnUochus. 
Jbo^lb^AJ^I antikris(iis, or Jbol^b^^, OS., 
m. ayrixpurtosj Antichrist, 2 Job. 7. 

JbQb^J^i antip&triis, OS., Antipairis, Acts 
xxiii. 31. 

^\ = k\' 

^ kD% U. K. Al. Z., or .^i an^ AL, also ^^i, 
.•A^^ &n, an6h^, they, those^ m. f. 

U\ any& K. (not Ash.) Al. == ^\. 

^1 aniyi, OS., m. jEneas, Acts ix. 34. 

a^l an^hl U., tii^l iny&hi, ^2 inyih&nt 

.Ji^i an^6 Tkh. s .^. 

(s^} see ^^. 

Jit^ inylta Ash. s Ka q.r., purpose. Lids. 

&Aft2 ink&r, arab. turk. knrd.^l53\ (cf. ^^), 
f. I, cieniciZ, rrfusaL 

fii^ inaliiglyi, dmikoyia, f.* analogy. 

ob^fftbiU in&liisls, oMiXtMrir, f.* i) analysis. 
2) arith. nJe qf three, proportion* 

loiii ananqt, OS*., apayiai, f. necessity, Heb. 
ix. 16. 

;^i ananqi-yi, f. X^-, OS.*, dtmyKoUte, 

i^6i»i»i\ inittmas, i) 08., m. On esim us, Col. 
iv. 9. 2) £ a woman's name now used. 

■ibft&^,ft|i dnistpiriks, OS., m. Onesiphorus, 
2 Tim. i. 16. 

^i^ifMbAi ins&niiti (fir. arab. ^LJl a human 
being), f., i) a humane nature. 2) womanr 
liness (in a good sense). 

>Bu| an'am, arab. turk. aU>^ f. i, a gift, 
present; a prize at school. 

$ui ampi, m. i, i) as OS., the heron^ Lev. 
xi. 19. 2) also used for a wild gooss, and 
a crane. 

)B^| see 'u. 

4^2 in^ip, afab. turk. ujl^l, f., i) justice. 
2) a woman's name now used. 


.i^km; inqil^ Al., arab. aJLajI, be cffi Lidz. 

^2 inalii K. (cf. foil.), f., pi. id. or in Ti. 
Al. 3 or as OS. ^ nisht, a woman. 

l^l n&sh&y OS., m. I, in Al. 2 and 2^, man 
(properly = homo, but al8o = yir). See iS^ai^ 
and ^9^ . iif^f f< mankind^ also human nature, 
manliness, good breeding. <«ofa» ^2 (or <«0f«oi2C^) 
n&shi min^ (g&'W^), one of them; ^>o ^2 some 
of them. But the subst. is sometimes omitted 
and ^taiJM =5 id. ^2 is used absolutely at the 
beginning of a clause for each one, every one ; 
a plural verb of^en follows. 

^oa2 n&sh4n&, OS., m. i, manikin. 

i^l nlatki-yk, f. }^; OS., i) humane, kind, 
2) manly. 3) polite. 4) human. 

ey!!k^2 inshal-la, arab. turk. pers. iA ^ J^f 
please God, D.V. = ^ ;^«b «iJi ^2. 

i^\ m. JfA\ f. at or ki but ath in Tkh., OS., 
thou. In K. Qaw. J^\ 4tt, m. f. 

^\ atin U. K., athin in Tal, m. f. = prec. 

^no^) intiq&m Al., or ^aia^a ntaq4m Al., 
arab. turk. f«UjLj), revenge, Sachau 85. 55, 
88. 87. 

^ 4sa, i) OS., m. i, myrtle. 2) OS., Asa, 
king of Judah, 2 Chr. xiv. i. 3) Terg. cer- 
tainly, truly. 

isb2^2 isi-ut, or usually isoHb} isdt, az. turk. 
i^^\ ^ (lit. hot gn*ass), black pepper. 

aaibi asb&b, arab. vW«'^ m. i, i) an instru- 
ment, means, 2) in pl.^e arms. 

ioub} isbat, i) arab. turk. in^lJl, f. a proof {^). 
2) pers. c;>Lm\, a bold deed. 

X^i^^i as^\k, OS., m. I, iiawTos, a prodigal, 
esp., with ^&a, the Prodigal Son ; li^ dt- 

Jbo^iftok^i asunqri^ds, OS., m. Asyncritus, 
Rom. xvi. 14. 

Jb6ib\ asdB, Psh. JbdJb^, Assos, Acts xx. 13. 

2^152 oi* ^^h ist^da, istada, or ^V^, 'iHb 
all Al. K., m. 2, 3, master, see ?£^ft92; *f?^3 
my Lord, Sir. 

^^ii/bi is^iyiin, OS.*, f., pi. ;h^ is^k- 
yriXk as OS., stadium, the Roman stage or 

oOfiei^l istd-iqd, OS., Stoics, Acta xvii. 18. 

;ftaoV^2 istaksi, OS.*, aroixuov, m. I (usually 
pi.), element. 

tM^ci^i istak84-y&, f. S^, OS.*, elemental, 

^^io^^l istUmkhi, OS.*, m. i, arSfrnxof, 
stomach, 1 Tim. v. 23. 

^oV^2 Eee ^V^. 

^VV^2 o^ t^v^2 i4^1^» russ., m. i, a 
tumbler, glass. 

.gwij^V^p)} ist&khtyiis, OS., m. Staehys, Rom. 
xvi. 9. 

^^aaii^X see 'Mb2. 

i^kVb2 istl^, OS.*, f. I, oToX^, a long robe 
or garment. 

;ikv^2 istap&na, OS., m. Stephanas, i Cor. 
i. 16. 

JbojJU^ibj istapaniis, OS., m. Stephen, still 
used as a man's name. Acts vi. 5. 

22\fi>2 or '&Jbl istri, istri, OS.*, m. f. 3, 
darrip, i) a crescent, used esp. in K. of the 
Turkish national symbol. 2) K., a coin. 

;;V^aV^2 i8triiliigiy&, OS., wrrpoKvyla, f. I, 
astrology ; iil- iBtruliigiy&y&, m. an astrologer. 

?>witn\y,e»2 i8tr{iniim!y&, OS., darpotfofila, f. i, 
astronomy ; tJf istrdniimiy&-y&, m. an astro- 

y\>ji\ff\j^l istrang^la, OS., the more ancient 
character used by E. and W. Syrians alike, 
now only for the titles of books &c., correspond- 
ing also to our black letter. Not used as our 
capitals to begin a new sentence. 

^i ksljli, OS., f. Asia, Acts xx. 4. 

;fibib2, ^Ltb Ac, see JtUBpi. 

liLtbl, liLib &c., see ^i. 2bV^p 2!uib=^6^. 

22ufi>| asira, OS., m. i) Sirach; 'l &? Sira- 
cides, Jesus the son of Sirach. 2) * a prisoner. 

subl isyat, OS., f. a woman's name now 
used = Asenath. See ^iibl. 

^Aibi Bskk, OS., f. Iscah, Gen. xi. 29. 

Ht^l or A'> >8k(iU, -It, OS.*, f. a school, 

I iHS^Aibl iskdla-yi, m. i (common), and &r, 
f. 6, OS., a scholar, student, pupil. 



^df^tt&lb) iBk^lfy&n, OS.*, vxSktov, m. a Seho- 
Hum, esp. a certain Bible CommeDtary. 

^a4ft) or ^Maib2 iBkimk K., OS.*, m. i, i) a 
monasUe halnt Now commonly used in K. 
in the adjuration «AiM4^ .»&»? ^j^ b'iskimi 
d'marfihimiin, by the habit of Afar Shdmtm (or 
if the CatholicoB himself be addressed, s^^icdibp 
;m^ b'iBkimOkh qadishi, by thy hdy hi^bit). 
a) a icheme, plan, schedule. 3) arith. a table 
(multiplication &c.). 4) form, a2)pearanee, 

ii^l or a^ isk&li, skAli, turk. asCl fr. 
Italian, m. f. i, a pier, landing-place, jetty. 

b^jAibj iskandir, turk. pers. knrd. jjsSCj, 
m. Iskander, Alexander, 
h^i see %. 

n^l islim, arab. turk. pers. ^XJ, m. Idam, 

joHi^l see jojbl. 

• •• 

Xiioibi ism&'il, arab. Js^U^Y =g.\,yjnr>l, lemad, 
much used as a man's name. 

hioibi asmar, arab. pers. turk. j^, f. a 
woman's name now used; lit. dark com- 
plex ioned, cf. foil. 

I .f&Mitol asm4H, f. id., cf. prec., dark com- 
plexioned, auhum. 

«l$^&Mft2 ismargil (fr. arab. pers. turk.^^«.«l 
dark, jS'clayf), m. fine dutt applied to the 
bodies of in&nts. 

^1 asnayt, OS.*, the Eeeenes. 

&^l asn&par, Psh. M^2i Aenapper, Eara 
iv. 10. 

^oibi &8nat, Psh. tj^i q.v., Asenath, Qen. 
xli. 45- 

objbt as&s, i) AL Tkh., arab. turk. ^U!, f. i, 
foundation. 2 ) furniture. 

JtfU &s4p, OS., m. Aeaph, 2 Kgs. xviii. 18. 

^JUb] or ^ isp&h&n, pers. ^^U^-mI or '^\, 
lepahan, the ancient capital of Persia. 

^(fJftjl isp^gA, OS.*, irw^yyof, f. I, eponge^ 
Mat. xxriL 48. 
ISL^I see ^Aib. 

4^JUb) isp&n&gh, pers. arab. ^blL»l, turk. 
(iIUqm*), t I, epinaeh. 

a2ak») igp&niyi, OS., f. Spain, Rom. xv. 24. 

Jb^lftJ ispis, OS., dcnriff, f. I, asp. 

&|Ub2see (k&lM. 

iSHki^l asp&r& (cf. pers. .1^ a plough), f. i, 
the foothold or wooden croee-pieoe of a spade. 

&^^^l ispirt U., or ^fJbl ispir K., turk. 
c^^^Y, m. I, spirit, essence, alcohol, spirits, 

&4ibl ispat, i) K. (cf. A^2 ^^' ^ ^)» ^ ^^ 
at cards. 2) = fraib) no. 2. 3) adj., f. id., 
prosperous in trade. 

jospl, rarely ai^, isiq, yisiq, (OS. past •aV^), 
^0 ^0 up, ascend, rise, not of the Ban. i^JIst 'l 
to go up steps. Caus. Jojpii q.v. 

0^2 isqiti, Psh. ;:u:, Scythian, Col. iii. 11. 

\)^Mb2 iBqalat (fr. arab. L^ purple), f. i, 
a garment or ro6e (properly of purple colour). 
hii kakt, see ^. 

^1, OS., rarely ^^4^, isir, y&sir, to bind, join 
together, connect; j^xas ^Libl bound to a wife, 

1 Cor. vii. 27 ; )^ 'l to gird onesdf ; liiit U 
to put on sackdoth. Caus. &t^ 9*'^* 

2il&l or HLm, Biri, syari, m. i, i) v. n. of 
prec. 2) a girdle. 

ilUbi as&ra, or is-, m. i, i) OS.* (West Syr. 
^)), a particle, in grammar, esp. a eof^unetion. 
2) Al. Ash., agent of &^. 

^&4^ isarkhadiin BY., or ^m^^M^ sarkha- 
ddm Psh. and old Am. ver., m. Esarhaddon^ 

2 Kgs. xix. 37. 

^aHibi &8rin& U. K., m. i, i) agent of &j^; 
hence 2) often with ^i^, a bookbinder. 

l^ijbX see ^V^2. 

;M^J Al. = ^m, f. 6, mistress. 

;^66jbl see ^V^. 

M^i istlr, OS., f. Esther, still much nied 
as a woman's name, Esth. ii. 7. 

^{see V. 

^^^l or \ft or ^^ or ^^} istambdl, 
sta-, sta-, ifi^, turk. J^»>Il.»\ s ctr r^v vAiv, f. 
Constantinople, Stambul. 

.laai^J istlm&l AL, arab. JUicI, uss, ad- 
ministration, Lidz. 403. 

&^^ astir, arab. turk.jlLMl (fir. arab. /«• to 
cover), m. i, lining of a coat fto. 





l^istbi see ^V^i and ^a&<fsai.. 

aai&4^^ astarabad, pers. ^\i\pJ\, a city of 

jm4<a2 ^^2 ^^^ istamas, turk. wi^l^^l, 
unUy niUyy nolens volena, 

^\ Al. = ^, Lidz. 383. 

Jifll^i^jl ttlbar, arab. turk. ^Licl, f. trust, 
confidence ; ik^ id.; ^1 l&io a fiduciary/, 

I ^^ itdb&r = prec. 

.^ Up K. as OS. = 1^2 TJ., also, even; SL, ^ 
^ kp kh4 minan K. = '^ U., not one of us ; 
i^ not even. See ^. 

^iusee V* 

3i see 'I. 

^j see jDu^, ;:i9»l, aif»)p, ^ ^. 

1^1 ipM&, OS. ^j, f. lyon ephod. 

•0^0^ &pdliln, OS.^o&j, A2>cUy<m, Rev. ix. 1 1. 

^JM^dsl apdl&n!y&, OS., ApoUonia, Acts 
xvii. I. 

Jbb&dfl JbOfSi aptyiis piiriis, OS., Appii Forum, 
Acts xxviii. 15. 

JbobaOtS^i aptqdr^, OS., m. Epicwrus, Acts 
xvii. 18; ^b'-, OS., an Epicurean, 

i^ apali, OS., m. ApeUeSf Horn. xvi. 10. 

.a\\}} ^pilgh^n, OS., m. Phlegon, Rom. 
xvi. 14. 

qX$2 4pal{i, OS., ID. A2X)Uos, i Cor. i. 12. 

^ apin, OS. = ^J d], although^ even if; often 
answered redundantly by ;La or J^j ' y^* 

,f^i afend! K., turk. (^jiiil fr. avB^irrrjv, 
m. I, i) a gentleman. 2) as a title after a 
man's name = Mr, 3) Sir (vocative). In Al. 
Ash. p,^Aii Sir, my Lord, as turk. ^sii\, 

Jbcl^l apintus, OS., m. Epenetus, Rom. 
xvi. 5. 

^BUM^ J^i apis damim, Psh. ^^lofe &^, Epkes- 
dammitn, i Sam. xvii. i. 

•AftJ^ apsiin, or af-, pers. ^y^^i f. «tff7>0n<- 

{.f^ioaJ^ apaiinchf, af-, az. turk. ^yj\, 
m. I , a serpent-charmer, 

iboAxfi apises, OS., Ephesus, Eph. i. i ; ;:^, 
OS., an Ephesian, 

ibedatO^; apstntiis, OS.*, ayjtivBiop, absinth, 

X}^i6tubA\ apisqiipa, OS.*^ m. i, iniwmmot, 
a bishop. See $^\, 

^La>A\ apsarH AL, OS., kurd.^Li* PS. 344, 
m. I, a bridle. 

,ft»V>po?fc4Hi ap&prdditAs, Psb.^J, m. Epaphro- 
ditus, Pbil. ii. 25. 

^j aps4, OS., m. i, gaU, gall-nut, 

t^\ aps^l or af- Al., f. id., arab. J^l, dear, 
precious, expensive. 

dbiU ^paq» OS., Aphek, i Sam. iv. i. 

;^ta^ or ;th, iprtka/ -q&, or as OS. ^- 
iprlqi, Africa. 

yt^i apdm, OS., m. Ephraim, Ephrem, 
a name commonly now used, Jud. v. 14; ^- 
an Ephraimite. 

p^i 4p&rim, usually &£-, or ^oi dp&rim Sal., 
or ^J, ^parim K., or \i ^mparim Ti. (all pro- 
parox.), pers. kurd. turk. ^^Tor ^-, bravo I 
well done 1 

fy^^si &prat, OS., Ephrath^ Oen. xxxv. 16. 

;k^ aperta, OS., Ephrata, Mic. v. a ; iiL- 
an EphrcUhite, i Sam. xvii. 1 2. 

^\ dsbar, or ^^ h6shar, az. turk.^Uil and 
^LiA, m. I, an Azerbaijan Mussulman. 

Jl>92 ipta, a rope or leatlier strap in a plough 
fixing the ^ftJo to the yoke. 

S^l iptikh&r Al., arab. ^U^^ (see ^itoo), 
boasting, pride, Lidz. 540. 

t^i^i aptap^ pers. ijIdJ, f. i, a uxishing-jug. 

JZ^M^ asakhta, OS., f. 6, a cofjy of a book Ac, 
a codex, manuscript. 

T^(f^\ ist&ngi (cf. arab. eU^ narrow, and 
J^ik), i) difficulties. 2) esp. in a mountain, 
a difficult pass or track, 

*?-^^ istang^rish, kurd. ^^U-»l, a 
mountain in Kurdistan. 

fiv^^ see ^tbl. 

A^ afl, arab. J.«l, mon^ lent, principal, 

ii^\ asla, arab. kurd. tui*k. J.#1, m. i, nature, 
origin ; 'i 2&io of good birth. 

i'^ii^ asUhat, pers. cua^UI (arab. ^^\ 
setting right), f. i, i) furniture, often pi.; 



in sing, a piece cf fumilure* 2) in pi. alao 

J^ afU, arab. pers. A^\^ f. a woman's name 
now used ; lit. well-bom, of good ^milj. 

;2^ a^Uk-ya, L jK^-, fir. O^i, original, natural, 

^^ 89I&D, az. tnrk. J^\, m. a man's name 
now used, lit. a lion (for ,j)L«p)). 

j:iS5i arfini-yi, f. ;^. = ;ay . 

Ji^i a^nAp, in Al. asn&f, turk. i^U^I (pi. of 
arab. i^JL^ a class or a trade), m,i,a mechanic, 

'Mgit OS., see ^m. 
*^ " see Itoi. 

fisi^ ifpat, see t^t^i 

b^ isar, az. turk.^1, f. epHepsy, demoniacal 
possession (cf. arab. ifj-^Vj ; ^i t&^ epifeptie. 

2!^ ifdk Ti. Al., or as OS. ^oi, m. i, a bam, 

^ajol iqbal, arab. turk. pers. JlfSl, Lfortime; 
'2 ^ , pers. JljS^JJ , misfortune. 

^aub^ iqd&kh, carfrunc^e, Isa. liv. 12, heb. 

Jt^^oisl iqUlta (or 1?), f. 6, i) a «tn« etUting 
for planting. 2) a stick placed at the end of 
a rope to tighten it. 

^fitxooi iqlishqa, az. turk. »&iyT, f. i, a 
icindow, sash of a tmndow. 

iLoi aqla (perh. for ji^fi, OS. jiV,^ ; or 
perh. iit^ fr. 08. ^ to twist, Thes. Syr. 
2965 ; kurd.yil PS. 282, fr. NS.1), f. i, more 
often 3, i) afoot, rarely a leg. 2) a plough- 
handle, 3) in numbering, where motion is 
implied = ;4^, as (jfhi ^ e^ ;ik2 tilt tr6 iiqli 
U., he came twice (K. similar). Phrases: 
wdm }»\tTf ^0^9X0^ &qlu biplakh^ la, his bowels 
are open; iLai m^ly to open the bowels; 
pA? .«0)io\fi| constipated; wdm jt^Aa ^0^9X0! u. 
klit^ la, his diarrhoea is cured; ^&Sbfiu 6fo^; 
ttqlft yiqiirti pregnant [= ^] ; 4^M9 i^i 
(3rd pi.) the trigger cfa gun ; 1^^^^ Wf -crA^I 
IL hoyi brikhti, May his foot be blessed I said 
in XT. esp. of a newi>bom child, in K. esp. of a 
stranger arriving after a birth [in K. they say 
)ck^ ;o4 ha-w^ brikha, of a new-bom male 

child] ; iiioi e^ .<«hHP ^'"i^^^^ u. mikhy^li zoga, 
he died ; ,»ai^^i ci!^ ^as ;L&^ ar'& nifU a., his 
foot teas blistered ; (^ ^ iia\ .•vp b^ ilqla kl 
hd-ya, in that way it is possible ; ^A ^ m&khi 
rtiqla, to arraign, accuse; ^2 ^ to be a 
traveller, to travel; ^2 &^ iJo to backbite; 
^0^9X0^ »\i. p^ to stand up, rise up ; *l &^ 2&^ 
to lay by the heds ; .ttn^tt^i ^ ***tl^ XJ.tobe 
humble. See li^, 2&^. 

Jbbl^ aqiliis, OS., m. Aquila, Rom. xvi. 3. 

«au^ &qish (making in Ti« pret. and pp. fr. 
d^d, as ;xfld q'isha, Oram., p. 120), perh. fr. 
OS. «^ to freeze (cf. «^ NS.), to 60 odd ; 
in U. of things only, in K. of persons also. 
e^ jufl wfj^ libi qishli, he was faint hearted. 
See Ajuig. Cans. 1x9)0. 

2Sd ara, (turk. y the midst), f. i, i) dealings, 
2) a space, interval. 3) area, surface; 2ji? i&t^ 
(or JZhi^) 2am£ or sufface-measure, 

2&2 see 2&i. 

\.ihi see ^^. 

JMi^Mi&Qfiroj see ^, 

(s^, OS., see \. 

Xi^i erbil, OS., Arbela. 

^=^ see X. 

.^6^ arba, see (^^ua. 

;x3&{ arb4 (sic), OS., with fern. A7&I arbl 
K., arb^ Al. (OS. f. A^;),four. lu letters p. 

;afsisAi arb68hib& U. Tkh. Ash. AL, or ^ 
arb6shaba Ti. AL, ^m^i arbushaba MB. Sh. 
= OS. ^aia ;iabi, m. i, in Ti. 2^ also 4 esp. in 
U., Wednesday, 

..tfUJodia&l (^-) arbttnt^ TJ. Al., or em^- 
arbttnta MR AL, or ,^6^^; arbitn^hl Tkh., 
-h^ Ti., arbitn^ Al., arbithn^ Ash., all four of 
them, they four, m. f. So with the other pi. 
affixes. The forms in -t6, -n6 are oxytone or 
proparox. OS. MuiJa^ (^), ^-. 

.aaM arbl U. K., erbl AL, or '| irbS Sal. = 
OS. ^fia^i, forty, m. f. In letters yaas. 

a^M arbama U. Q. OS., U»i ^i arbi ima 
K., arb6 ima AL, or US^l xjfM arba imi Ash., 
or ^1 ^&^ arb& im^ AL, four hundred, m. f. 
In letters N. 

,«0i»4<A&?&i {^') arbant^ (proparox.) = ^019^2. 

p 2 


hjpA^i arbftsar U., arbaaar K. Al., as Oa, 
or hjpi^g^ arbA-isar Al. (sometimes), fourieeny 
m. f. (m. in OS.). In letters ^. 

.•fliaMa&l (^) see ^Moia&l. 

aoi^i ergiib, Argoby Deut. iii. 4 (Psk ai-), 
2 Kgs. XV, 25 (Rib. ^ij). 

^^H^l erj6 (cf. arab. turk. U^ request, and 
^^^ q.y.), 1 1, i) a regti^. a) great intimacy , 

^VwM eijw&n Al., arab. ^j^U pers. ^jj^l 
= folL 

*Aji ergw4n&, OS.* (W. Syr. ^o^M, TA. 
'•V^ij), m. purple, red, Acts xvi. 1 4. 

^ erjin Al., perb.=«^&^ (Lidz. 407). 

a?M erda K., arab. ^J, theJloar,lAdz, 407. 

^3^ erdabad, pers. .>b1^1, Ardabad, a city 
of Persia. 

A,^^ erd&wll, pers. Jrf^^i, Ardabii, a city 
of Persia. 

^o4M erdakbawik, &u<^ and Jhur eaten 

&fa^ erdashir, pers. y^^^ m. Ardashir, 
king of Persia = Artaxerxet. 

^^M ariigi Al., <AtdE;, Lidz. 406. 

po&i Arwad, Psh. ^, iirtxuf, Ezek. xxyii. 8 ; 
;:^&i, OS., an ArvadiU, Gen. x. 18. 

j^ap&i arOkhta AL, f. 6, half of a mules load, 
Lidz. 407. 

^U&} inrini, i) U., m. i, alms, charity. 

2) K., hndnsss, goodwill, Lidz. 406 ; 99M&29 
I pray you, by your mercy. 

^ r&z&, OS., m. I, i) *a mystery, hence 

3) a sacrament, usaally pi.; ^^ji to celebraU 
the Eucharist. 3) *a rite, ordinance. 

;M erzi, OS., m. i, a cec/ar. 

t^fiiii arazi, arab. ^1, m. i, a yeoman, cul- 
tivator of the ground, former. 

;^btM erzlbani, or ^- erzibanant, £r. kurd. 
1.^1, id.), or peril, for ^^^;iahi ? so Az.-jews 
'arb&gabin!,' id. i) adv. around; followed 
by 9 a prep. 3) sabs, pi., neighbourhood. 

jKteisee V 

X^ enin or in Al. ^ erzan, pers. ^\jji. 

kurd. erzini Gara. 80, erzin Lerch 85 (in 
OS. M =: low price of com), f. id., eAenp, m- 
expensive, cf. o&^. 

t ;l&i irkhi U. K. as OS., also '| or '| erkh& 
U.Al.,irkhin.,m.i, i)a^tt0s<, lit. a traveller, 
cf. iL^\ «ft9^ ^i^tobethe guest of to dime^ 
lodge Ac with. 2) Al., a passenger in a ship. 
^i^ f. 6, 9, a feast. 

;^hi irkhi U., IJA erkhl K.=OS. TA« iLs, 
f. a, i) a mtU. 2) the game 'M«ib on the 
mm: See 2&Sb». 

{^&| erkhi-yin, f. id., az. turk. ^^^1 
(armen. arakhini ' courageous '), confidml^ jo- 
cure, sanguine (with ^ = oiout). 

.yVlSJ erkhaligh, or .tt^^lM erkhaldq, as. 
turk. ^J^^^i 1 1, a Uned garment. 

\^ see MS. 

Jbc\ii irl^iis, OS., m. Aretas, 2 Cor. xL 3a. 

^e^&2 ar^imi, OS., m. Artemas, Tit. iii. la. 

«AfM^&i &r(tmis, OS., f. Artemis, Diana^ 
Acts xix. 24. 

^&2 Al. for '^ A«^(£ 1 See Jb^. 

^M aryi, Psh. ^\, m. iirte^, a Kgs. xv. 35. 

^&| aryi, OS., m. a, a lion. 

^&i arlyiikh, OS., m. Arioeh, (Jen. xiv. i. 

JbOfhi ariyib, OS., m. "AfHtos, Arius, the 

ibb^ Jbb»&2 ariyds p&ghus, OS., Areopagus^ 
Mars* hill, Acts xvii. a a. 

j^M aryita, OS. ;&9^&|, f. 6, a ZtoneM. 

X^, or .^&i as Psh., artl, Arid, Isa. xxix. i. 

^&2 iiyuut) m. I, i) a man's name now used, 
a) in pi. a fragrant grass or herb used in 
mince-meat &c.; perh. fr. arab. pers. ^\Mij, 
cf. )iuL& no. a. 

t^k&i aryana, OS.*, m. an Arian heretic. 
£.& see j^^:^. 

.f«VVo^&i aritmatiqi, OS., f. optB/itTiKfi, arith- 
metic : iJ^, m. an arithmetician. 

^& iracha, az. turk. »»>«^^ dim. of turk. 
%^yi, I, a fret-saw, a smaM saw. 

I ^iimmfi^Hi arkapisqiipi, m. i *, apx€Klaimros, 
an arehJbishop. 



t ^?4M or ^. arkidy&qiiii, -n&, OS.*, or ^&| 
ark&n, m. i , apx^^uucovoVf archdeacon, Thifi forms 
the highest subdivision of the presbyterate or 
second order. Thetitle is still in use. 

^bd&l arkdn&, OS.*, m. i, 6px»v,principaUiyy 
fwoer; a chief, 

X^ irichf (fr. lifi), az. turk. ^y, m. i, 
i) an intercessor, mediator, a) a championy 
as Goliath. 

Jboiya^l arkipiis, OS., m. Archippus^ Col. 
iv. 17. 

iboj^j arklli-iis, OS., m. Archilaus, Mat. 
ii. 22. 


4^i^ &r&ligh, turk. jiy, f. i, as subs. esp. 
K., middle, midst, mean; '1 ,#^0 b^ &r&ligh, 
thereabouts; 'l piAa b&h& ar-, hereabotUs ; 9 % 
b'ariligh d' (proparox.) U. K., amidst, 

^l = pi^ q.v. 

pui &ram, OS., Aram, Qen. x. 22. See also 
p^, and below. 

ctVO^? arm&ghidiin, OS., Armageddon, 
Rev. xvi. 16. 

t .(> A A 

aram&-it* (oxytone), or as Psh. ^i^, 
in the Aramaic language, Dan. iL 4 (AV. ' in 
Syiiac '). 

^^MriS irimiigh, f. a^j., (fr. turk. jm\j\ to 
mifis ?), barren, of animals, and also of women 
as a term of reproach. 

l^ft^M&l ermttnta U. Al. Tkh. (or in Al. jl^-, 
Lidz. 565), f . 6 = ^H^ rimdni Ti. = J^»^ 
rimttnta K. == {L09& q.v. liimana, sometimes K. 
as OS., a pomegranate, 

is^ arima-ya, f. i^-, OS., Aramaean, Ara- 
maic, Of. foil. 

iM6\ arm&-y&, f. j^, OS., Gentile, Gal. ii. 1 4. 
Ct prec. 

iatiif^ iremya, OS., m. Jeremiah, still much 
used as a man's name, Jer. i. i. 

X ii^\ ermila U., or X i^^ ar'mla K. as 
OS., TEL, I, a widower, 

ii^\ ermilti, OS. JZ^I, f. 6, a widow, 

^\9i^ p^ krkm n&h'rin, OS., Mesopotamia, 
Oen. xxiv. 10. 

i»itl^ erminiyi, OS., but in OS. usually ^\, 

a^l &rimn&-y&, f. iU- = OS. '^\, an Ar- 

aS &r&n, OS., m. Arawnah, Oman, 2 Sam. 
xxiv. 18. 

^uS2 see >a&&2. 

^9^1 emikw& Al, OS. ^|, f. i, a hare, 
Lidz. 408. 

•Aft&l amiin, OS., Amon, Josh. xii. i. 

Jt^'i &ri8, OS., the river Araxes, dividing 
Persia from Russia. 

.fed^?>^i &ri8^-wiilu8,OS., m. Aristchvilus, 
Rom. xvi. 10. 

JbbV^i aris^iis, OS., m. Erastus, Acts xix. 2 2. 

4b6a^l^\ iristarldids, OS., m. Aristarchus, 
Acts XX. 4. 

»A(j^f ersanis, m. a man's name now used ; 
pers. (wyL*.). 

M ar'&, OS., f. 3, earth, country; ^ip U^ 
U. a 2)otato, translated from french 'pomme 
de terre.' 

6^J^i ar'a, OS. (RV. marg. bi.& r'u), Ragau, 
Lu. iii. 35. 

i^xbi ar'au&-y&, f. ^-, OS., earthly, terres- 

j^i arp&d, Psh. ^, Arpad, Arphad, 2 Kgs. 
xviii. 34. 

PaaM arpakhshad, Psh. &fi-, m. Arphaaoad, 
Gen. X. 22. 

jjjji &riq, i) see »0^. 2) see J^^ to spit. 
Cans, of both 

\S&a&r&r&t, Psh. VM, Ararat, 2 Kgs.xix.37. 
«^ ^r^sh K. Sh. = aiif U. q.v., gait, 

t^Mo^&i or ;ft^^, irtadaksa, -daksa, 
OS., 6p66do(ot, orthodox, 

j(| ish, onoroat., hush ! 

b^iaal ishbiishit RV., but ^usaaai ashbashul 
Psh. and old Am. ver., Ishbosheth, 2 Sam. ii. 8. 

\9a{ ishw&t, rarely as OS. Vi« (^est Syr. 
Sjfa), m. February, In Zech. i. 7 (second 
form), Sebat. 



q ishwi Tkh., or s^xi ishwi TL = OS. 
Jax, f. seven. See ^isJL. In letters t. 

&igbJaae2 iehwaear K. Sh., or &i|p^|^ ishwa-isar 
Al. = itftt'ijr, aeventeenj m. f. In letters th. 

9ba«^ ashdud, OS., Ashdod^ Azotua, i Sam. 
Y. I. See laSa. 

;^aL| ^eaxl ashdiit pisg^, Psh. jt^' ^2, ii«^oc2 
piegiih, Josh. xii. 3, (old ver. 'iS ^ ij^). 

Soaci ^hur, OS., Ashur, Gen. x. 2 a. 

^o&oxi ^hwerm&, f. i, a eartridge-belt, 

h^^ ashlsMTf Psh. bdiM^ q.y., m. Ashur, 
I Chr. iv. 5. 

cajfif^ see ^^x2. 

^idd, e^ ^, ^u2 &c., ishya, sh^li, shisha Ti. 
for ;Lja, c^ It^, ;iuju, fr. ;^1. 

^Mttsj ashimiin, OS., Jeshitnon, 1 Sam. 
xxiii. 24. 

;Lxi ashina, tork. sj:^T, a town in Kurdistan. 

&^ &8hir, OS., i) ii«A«r, Gen. xxx. 13. 
2) Jasher, Josh. x. 13 (Psh. ik^^aS^, RV. ^). 

^ ishka, i) OS., f. 3, testicle. 2) = ^. 

I ^ ashchl K. AL, turk. jf^{^r. ^^Tfood), 
m. I, a {mcUe) cook •=• ik^ U. 

JSoiatl ishkiil, Psh. j\o\o, Eshcol, Num. 
xili. 23. 

^dx2 ishkil, az. turk. JSsll , f, purpose; means, 

9&Sajt2 ishkaprii Terg., a kind of cheese 
made by heating the first milk given by a 
buffalo, cow, or sheep, after giving birth. 

1 1^^ ashkir& U. K. or 'mi hashkari Sal., 
f. id., pers. turk.^l5G-l, kurd. 'askara' Garz. 
182, eshkera Lerch 84, i) evident, jjlatn, clear, 
2) a public example. Mat. i. 19. 

;^&^ ishkarta, OS.*, f. 6, an acre, 

^fi^^isej ishlatma, f. id., cf. ^SfSi^^, az. tork. 
»«dl1, aperient, purgative^ cathartic; as subs. 
an aperient, 

■\i\wT| see ^Xftl. 

(SMxj ishmat K., f. id., az. turk. o^^^l, i) 
middling^ tolerable, 2) convalescent, 

^ftx^ see '02. 

ixjfl !sha-y&, OS., m. Isaiah, a man's name 
still used, Isa. i. i. 

Jtlbe; ashp&z TJ., per8.j^T, m. i s:«f^ q.v. 

jSJUSbcJ ashp&zkhAn& U., pers. vlkj^T, f. i, 
a kitchen, Cf. prec. 

^oldxj ashq&l&n, OS., AshkeUniy Jad. xtv. 19. 

2!kxjl ishri, heb. itHS^, f. i, (lit. a wood) a 
wooden idd ofAstarte, Asherah, 2 Kgs. xvii. 16. 

isifxi tsh&rat, turk. pers. ksAsA, arab. i^l£»l, 
f. I, i) reference, 2) beckoning, a signal, 

;&x2 i8lit&, OS., f. 1 , 8, bottom ; Hjak '^ 9oU 
of the foot. In Al. also j{^ q.v. 

;£oc2 ishta, m., OS. (but OS. also ;&k with ^), 
fern, in K. Al. %2 ishit = OS. fy^, six. In 
U. &c, f. same as m. In letters, e. 

;isx2 shatha, i) (OS. '2) K. f., no pl.,/wcr, 
malaria, 2) MB. adj. lazy, 

e^fiotj, or with \, ishtd, ishtd, arab. tork. 
I41.ll, f., no pi., appetite. 

..flyjfaoAoejl (Js-) ishtttnt^ U., or cojis- ishtiintft 
MB., or •A^JSib^ sh^thlintiin Al., or ,*|^d^^ 
ishtitn^hl Tkh., -U Ti., ishtithn^ Al. Ash. = 
OS. •Mjsioe (both is), aU six of them, they six, 
m. f. The forms in -U, -n^ are oxytone or 

^ffiot2 see ^fioe. 

fioa ishtl = OS. ^fi^ or ^^fioe, sixty, m. t 
In letters, Jb , 

Ui^i^ ishtam^ U., or ^fi^J ]shitm& Q., or 
;2»2 ^2 ishit ima K. AL, or ;3»i ;&x2 ishti iml 
Al. = OS. ^^^, six hundred, m. f. In 
letters, ib. 

^&x2 sh&than4 K., f. ^-, fr. ;iJa, feverish, 

^ipii0^ ishtasar U., ishtasar K., or &j^kj^4<^ 
ishta-isar AL, sixteen, m. f. In letters, o*. 

,<0^^^aE2 K. AL, see ^^M^aE2. 

^ att U., ath^ R. AL, irreg. verb. (Gram., 
p. 120; see ^2, ^2, and l^), OS., to come; 
b^ '1 U. or &4^ '2 K., to follow; A ^J tiU U., 
th^li K. AL, / am coming, said by a man at 
a distance when called. See ^uu*^. For 
causatives see under lfy:c. In TL Ash. this 
verb is used pleonastically with the historic 
present in telling a story, as e^ fttip «A^ iftey 
seized him, Cf p^, ^. 

.^ij^ Bee a^. 



iK^t(4 ithbat Al. = Aoib, arab. ksAJ\, f. proof, 
Lidz. 493. See A9&. 

ik^ atdn& or Hi-, as 08., in J. Q. Sal. 
^itunkf as kurd. (jy:)1, (^tain& PS. 283), m. i, 

&o^ Atiir, OS., Assyria^ 2 Kgs. xv. 19 ; ^!^, 
OS., Assyrian, 

U^tii itAiky (fr. OS. U>i a sign), f. 9, i) a 
letter of the alphabet, a)* in pi., an acrostic 
psalm, esp. Ps. cxix. See jb^aaM. 

.ftiki see ^i2. 

^^^2 ithkarat K. (for ts^e^ ^, <^f> a'm^ 
[= h^ orl U.]. 

I^^i &tlf, turk.yj\, m. I, a ricf«r, ^^«ei7ian, 

^Si;.^ atliti, OS.*, m. i, d^i/r^r, a martyr, 

^ki &tim, OS., Etham, Ex. xiii. 20. 

iboft&i at&nds, m. a man's name now in use 
by £. Syr., not by Mussulmans, perh. Athenenis, 

Jboftfri &tinus, OS., Athens, Acts xvii. 16; 
(a; OS., an Athenian, Acts xvii. ai. 

^Ofs^ itanim, Psh. ;fs\\'}, the month Etha- 
nim, I Kgs. viii. a. 

JboH^^i itinasiyds, Oa, m. iitAananta, 
a name still occasionally used. 

id&2 fta'at, arab. iclU, turk. pars. oclkK f. 

;£^^Ai^ itip&qiit&, arab. turk. jUjI, f. 6, 9, 
alliance, union. 

.^^2 ithpatakh, OS.*, Ephphatha, be 
opened, Mk. vii. 34 (see .m^). 

2b'^i iltrA U., iithri K. (as if %), OS., m. a, 
rarely £ in N8., i) country, a) in pi. often 
foreign countries; hence ^lkol>^ ^ &zil 
riitr&-w&ti, to go abroad, 

;ix64 ich'i Ti. Sh., or 'i4 ach'a Ash., with 
fern. J4(^ ich4 Ti. or d^ ichi Sh., nine, in 
letters \. See U»^y ^>^. 

.fiaukj ich'i Ti. Sal. Ash., ninety, m. f., in 
letteis^. See .ax^, t^e^s^. 

;ilakiiisi ichamk Ti., or '^ ichimi Sh., or 
;2»2 •^'9^ ich& ima Ti., nine hundred, m. f., 
in letters^. See ^kai^c^ and ^kespUSf . 

Sifojci^ ichasar Ti. Sh. Ash., or ia^^JL&q ich&. 
isar Al., nineteen, m. f., in letters \*. See 
ijp^ and '91^,^. 

,t^k^ ichitn^h^ Ti., or ^0i4^qKiq ichithn^ 
(proparox. or oxytone) Ash., all nine of them, 
they nine, m. f. See <g>ii<Maift>V and 'a&xiK. 

a, i, OS., the letter A^ bit U., btth or 
b^th K. Al., f., pi. I, in K. MB. a, = 6/ when 
aspirated it ^ w, or it foi-ms a diphthong with 
the preceding vowel ; but if final and aspirated 
(except after Rwa^), it has an almost whistling 
sound, and is semi-consonantal. See Intro- 
duction. In numbering a = a. ii. as OS., 
but also «9 bt in Sal. Sp., sometimes in U., 
an inseparable prep. : in (see oV ), ai, with (see 
^il«, ^), rarely yor; in Tkh. Ash. sign of direct 
or indirect obj. = i2^, and everywhere used 
idiomatically after several verbs. With affixes 
w^ biyi, ftc. U. K. (or ,mi^ biyik U.), 01^ b« Al. 

bt K. (in K. when sign of the object), 01^2 ^^^ ^* 
(where ^ m^l often = a). — When intensified, 

aia OT^pa q. v., or in K. ^ m^l vIpI ibi ibid. 
— ^b $•!> kh& Vah&, one of this measure; 
^0ja *^Ao he sold it at two grans; ^boa *^ 
or ^01^9^^ ^ tr4 b'ntsin, n. tr6 biyii, April a. 
iii. see ka. 

^ bi, pers. ^, kurd. b^ Gan. 245 (so AL), 
without. With affixes ^^sn^p ^, of»» ^ bt diyik, 
diyt, ftc. In Compounds, ^ = 'less, as f&ai ^ 
shameless; la^i ^ improper, impolite, rude; 
t &V^ ^ (or &A-) Al. luckless; t»^ ^ bound- 
less; t(^^ shameless, noisy; I m!)^ ^ esp. K., 
worthless; X Ao^ ^ late, out of time, unseason- 
able ; l^^ ^ tired, esp. met. tired of a thing ; 
l^ ^ careless; |Jla ^ unwell, indisposed, 
displeased, angry; tl^ ^ helpless, without 


remedy; tl!^ ^ idle; t*^^ ^ toortkUss, at 
a didcount, cheap; }jbJj^ ^ endless, infinite; 
t Aa ^ still, quiet; X p^^ ^ or ^s^ ^ merciless; 
Ihox ^ stupid; X^ ^ doubtless; and many 
others, all with f. same as m. Many of these 
form plurals when used as Buhs. as ^ ^ 
careless people. See fiwa. 

1^ 23 b&-ij Baz, see S^. 
2&'p^ bidra, in Al. b^d- or bad- (Lidz. 410), 
for '2 fi^ I, OS. 2S'?2, f. 3, a threshing-floor, 

2p907^ see ^9ua, 

f23 b&-iz K. Al. TA. (cf. tsictt)), to spill, shed, 

^^a baU Ti., arab. OJb , indeed (lit. by Ood), 
often with ^. 

^ ;i^ pap^ d' Al., through, Lidz. 543. See ;32. 

&23 see &0. 

22(29 or 2iC^ bira, 08.^ m. i, sometimes f. as 
in OS., a well, 

t^ bH-ith K. Al. i) (OS. past ^a) to pass 
the night; hence 2) to stay, tarry, 3) to be 
stale, cf. (Sfsp. See ^^^ 

^ bab&, arab. pers. tark. bb, m. 2, i) a 
father, 2) U.^ooa no. 3. See d^a. 

;V^ b&bagl, pers. dLo, pi. only, the pupil 
of the eye. 

ooar b&bii K., cf. ^, m. i) in the phrases 
'9 01,^9 J^J^O my father / a) a man's name, 
not baptismal, but commonly given to one 
who bears the same name as his grandfather. 
Cf. ott. 

$M3a b&biinS, dim. of ^, m. i) a man's 
name now used, a) a term of respect used in 
addressing a man. 

2SSQa3 see 2a»x. 

^^ babakh&n (proparox.), az. turk. ^)l^Ul>, 
m. a man's name now used. 

;i^^ bab&-yiit&, fr. ^, f. fatherhood. 

|a^ babikS, pers. dbli, m. i, i) a male 
sparrow (lit. little fiBitlier). a) a man's name 
now used. 

as b&-wll, OS., Babylon, Babd, Gen. x. 10. 

Aaa babila, az. turk. sJbb, m. a man's name 
now used. 

.AAa? bibliyiin*, OS. a, gk. /3l^X^y, ike 
Bike. A- biblical. 

}S^ bibilta, f. 6, i) OS. ?», the pupU of 
the eye. a) Sp. the name of a small flat 


% % 

b&bas^, az. turk. ^<«*bb , m. a man's 
name now used. 

^a babir, pers. arab.^^., m. i, a tiger. 

90^ see ^SiA. 

{ficia babat, f. id., pers. 00b., middling^ 

X^ bag, beg, bek, turk. eb. , m. i, a Bey, 

^^ see^. 

X s^ blijid, f. id. (pers. b with + arab. Jl». 
earnest), attentive, intent, 

^9\^ baghd&d, OS., arab. pers. ^bJb, f. 

*^hl^ baghdadi, turk. (5.>)jJb , m. laths used 
in ceilings. 

^9i^ baghday^ AL, * Austrian or Russian 
money ^ Lidz. 413. 

fyi^^^ bagh-dakh-pat, OS.*, a memoria 
technica for the letters which are capable of 

9^^ baghdasar, az. turk. j^tSJo, m. a 
man's name now used. 

o^a bg6 Al., rarely TJ., or o2^ bgii K. J.= 
a or oi q.y., used sometimes also for indir. 
obj. With affixes, 07Q^^ b*g&-w!, -w^, &c. — 
Also ^ e7Q^^, ? dyo^a or ^ 2^=0^. 

$^ b&jAja (cf. %e^)> m. I, a reptile: 
an ant, an insect. 

X^^ baghwan, pers. ^^I^b and ^^L^b, 
osm. turk. ^;l^^b (see ^o*^), m. i, a gardener. 
Also X <f9-^^^ b&ghw4nch{, with turk. term. ^. 

•A^ bijw4n Ash., costly, fine, spHendidy 
Lidz. 412. 

^ baghiz Al., arab. {^,k»Ji , to hate, Lidz. 41a. 

^fi^ baghzi Al., arab. iJJb , hatred, tOrwHl, 
Sachau 144. 20, Lidz. 413. 



t p^ or 1^ bagzAd, -d&, f. id., turk. kurd. 
i^^jxj, no6Ze, At^A bom. In pL, a Kurdish 
fiunily ruling in Terg. and Sh. 

t^ seOiAiia. 

t2^ baglri, M-, f. ;&&., OS., 2ean, Mn. 

X 6.if^ bghirat K., pers. cy^ ^y = ^W ^, 
carelesa, lazy, Lidz. 413. 

;^, rarely 'ii, Mghcha, Mq-, turk. pers. 
»*^b, kurd. ^*a^., dim. of ^b (OS. ;i;i), f. 4, 
a garden; an orchard. 

2j}^ Vjeldl = 29^. 

X J^ &2k>^ bagl&r bag«, turk.^^. , m. i , 
U. a hereditary official, a mayor, 

"aS^ see yita. 

ti^a see ;JX^. 

&J^ bagir, OS. £thp., to he or become lean. 

hjjj^ b&jir, i) verb, chald. "^321, az. turk. 
j-»^l*.b, to grow intr. as flowers; to prosper. 
See hji^. 2) see h\a. 

aSH^ bigr4, fr. &2^, m. Uanness. 
«^^ or .i^, baghtan, -tan, OS. m. Bigihan^ 
E8th.ii 21 (RV.,^). 
^ see Aci. 

2j}o b&di, i) OS., to be delirious f to talk in 
sleep, to talk foolishly. 2)K. to lose the road. 
3) Ash. to break a promise, with ^, Lidz. 413. 

^ajol^ badiqb&l, pers. JLjIjlj^, f. misfortune. 

^pa b&dwan, pers. turk. ^;b^b, f. i, i) a 
sail (t). 2) a kite (the plaything). 

llioi^ bad-haw &, f. id., pers. \jAJji, un- 
governed, undisciplined. 

)oopa b&diiw&, m. i, i) a firebrand, Isa. 
vii. 4. a) a wooden poker. 

(i^ badw&-y&, arab. {J^sj , a Bedouin. 

X lU^badz&t, f. id., pers. i^\^Xi , bad natured, 
wicked; as subs, a rascal. 

1 9^*991 badkh^, f. id., pers. ^Jl>, of a bad 
disposition, of horses. 

ll^s^M^ badkherj, f. id., pers. rj^^.f thrift- 
less, exiravagant. 

^^ bidyi, fr. l^, m. delirium. 

^^ or ^pa badyi, b&diyi, pers. iJ^b, f. 
I, 3, a bowl, basin usually of earthenware. 

;i^^ see 'a^. 

^aa or ^aa b&dishi, az. turk. ^ym.>b, 
m. I , women's trowsers. 

^a? badakh Al., perh. = opi + ^p, well then/ 
Weill see/ Lidz. 413. 

i2^9a b&d&l, i) az. turk. J Jo, m. a man's 
name now used. 2) usually ^ ^auo, arab. turk. 
pers. J jl> , instead of, for the sake of. 

i\^ b&dil K., arab. Jjl>, i) to change; 
hence 2) to take the place of. 3) to fade as 
light or colour. 4) to be excelled. See A?^* 

a^ badlH, fr. prec, f. i, 3, i) a watch of 
the night ; 's ^ or ^ato or 's o^ K. Al. in the 
morning, 2 ) AL, arab. a) jj, a change pf raiment, 
Lidz. 413. 

p^, p^, p'l^ bad&m, b&d&m, b4dam, 
i) Al. but, nevertheless. 2) Al. then, therefore. 
3) Ti. dowly, gently. 

^^osfa badimjAn (oxytone), pers. ^^Ix^^b and 
^A>b, f. I, an eggplant ; J^jo^icib 'a a tomato. 

Xi^Asp^ badmast, f. id., pers. v:>.»#j), 

^odpp^ bidmishk, pers. cd » ■ ^ * > (fr. Xo 
willow), spirits made from a kind of willow 
called fii^a^af. 

Afi badan Al., an overcoat, Lidz. 413. 

.aa badin U., arab. turk. kurd. ,jJl3, m. i, 
a tcaU of a city. 

^aa Al., see ^pJ. 

X ^^ badnam, f. id., pers. AjSj , infdvMus. 

X ob^a? badnos, f. id., pers. (j.Jl> Jlj» (cf. ^ftJft), 
gluttonous, greedy. 

&i^ bidqar, Psh. &i^?&?, Bidkar, 2 Kgs. 
ix. 25. 

hjfa badhir K., OS., i) to scatter as sand 
with the hand or fingers. 2) to apply medi- 
cines. See ^>3». 

libi? see ^pit. 

.»&a? badri, arab. pers. turk. ^Jl>, m. fiiU 

X •V$?>? badrang, f. id., pers. eL3^*u. , of a bad 
colour, faded ; livid. 

Xp^^ badshiim, f. id., pers. ^j^^t ^**- 




^bolfcaa budshalwar, f. id., perB. ^|^JLwJl3, 

m * 

ojB, op, see a. 

epr ba, pers. u>, good! well done I 

^^ b^rjan, pers. ^;l*iU>, m. a man's name 
now used (lit. good soul). 

hHUft^ bahdgar K. Al., or 'o^bogar K., or 
iX^oosjp ba-wigar Terg., kurd. .1^-^^., az. turk. 

yy,t ^. I, stormy unnd; in K. esp. a snow- 

p 0^0 bo d', wherein. Cf. p .toja aud isoa. 

ip^vfjf see ^o»*a. 

l^Stfo^ bah{ira, b&-, Al., f. ;&&-,= ;&&op. In 
OS. only of dim light. 

p .^ b^ d', i) OS., conj. in thaty heeauae. 2) 
prep, .foj^ ,w^0 badlibC, bid-, b^-, or ^p ».6ra bad- 
dt or bid-de, / believe, I tMnJk. ;»lp ,^ bad- 
n^h&, tn mans opinion (rare). 

^aiooy? bih'mat, OS., heb. niona, behemoth, 
beasts, Job xl. 15. 

^0^ biman, pers. ,jU.uj, such an one. 
See ^. 

;&o^ bina K., kurd. b^h*n Garz. 231, f. i, 
sometimes m., i) breath; met. ^s i^iao to be 
longsuffering ; ^s ^aai wait a mintUe; J{)*^ oyjoj^ 
touchy. 2) in numbering, =:^^dk q.v. 

Xuej^ b^nim, pers. ^IJMi ci man's name now 
used (lit. good name). 

Jbop b&s U. R. or j^^a bahs AL, arab. c^., 
i) report, fame. 2) prep., followed by p, also 
^ ey,^ep basid', &c., rarely p JbopS, concerning, 
ioith regard to, about. 

Afiaa^ bth'qit&, OS., f. 6, a kind of leprosy, 
Lev. xiii. 2. 

bqp bahar K., m. i, i) turk. pers. ^U^, 
kurd. b4h'r Garz. 57, buhar Lerch 159, spring 
(the season). 2) pers.^^., a lineal measure 
= 5¥yw-d (see ;»^hp). 

&«p bihir K. AL, i) to brighten, illumine. 
2) to get light, to dawn. Of. >&epio and &cpM. 

2!^ bah'ra or bara U. K. (in OS. only of 
dim light), or ^7 bih'r& AL, m. light. 

P^Sota b^ram, pers. fS;-^.y ni. i) a man's 
name now used; dist. p^» 2) the planet 

^b'e;^ bah'rana, bar-, or in AL '^ hi-, f. **-, 
bright, light, himirums. 

;isbofa b'harta, f. 6, i) v. n. of ^^\ hence 
2) esp. Al. the daum. 

tstp b&hith or bahit Al. i) as OS. to he 
ashamed; to shams. 2) as arab. o^. to he 
amazed, with a, Lidz. 414. 

l^tsvfa or ^of^ bahati, baha- Al., f. id., fr. prec. 
i) astonished. 2) astonishing, Lidz. 414. 

;oa ba-wa, f. i, 3, a vineyard measure =jA|f 
^N ; a row in a vineyard. 

;!^09 or ^' biibiga, -q4, m. i, a tassel. 

(aoa see ^oa. 

^09 biibni U., russ., diamonds at cards. 

^09 b6gh4, turk. Lc^,, m. i, a buU; an ox 
used for ploughing. 

p^oa bdghdm, turk. A^y., f* i, i) a joint 
in a reed or of the body; a knot in wood; 
^p^lp 'a an armpit, Jer. xxxviiL 12. 2) a 
small lineal measure, about an inch. 

^0^99 K., see ^90001. 

&V^09 see aloop. 

^00 Sal., see Noa. 

ipaa bdd& (cf. pers. «^. rotten, worn out)^ 
m. a cripple, Stod. (?). 

Hp^ (also spelt i^jfoa) hUk\k, turk. Jb^., 
m. I, a simpleton, an idiot. 

l^poa see 'pt». 

,,kofoa boh'tan, l)6t-, or with \, arab. i * ; ffc>^, , 
tt district on the Tigris, W. of Tiari, NE. of 

903 buz, OS., m. Buz, Gen. xxii. 21. (\- a 
Buzite, Job xxxii. 2. 

2^900 bttzbanda AL, f. i, = 909099, Lidz. 

;Ll909 blizkhana, az. turk. lila^. (fr.jy. ice), 
f. I, an icehouse. 

^909 bdzf, OS., m. Buzi, Ezek. i. 3. 

IJI^ buzhiyi K., a mane of a horse. 


^M^ bttzma U., az. tark. w*)^.* f* '> i) a 
2)/at<, fold ; in pi. gathers; ^ipf&i ^mSd /o gather 
a dress, with dir. obj. 2) as adj., f. id. plaited, 
gathered^ kilted, 

\n9i or «J1- bikkh&gh, -akh, az. tark. ^U>^., 
m. I, under-ehifiy doubU-ehin, often pi. 

I^m^ bakhchi, turk. t^y,, f. i, a bundle^ 
a wrapper for holding clothes. 

liL^ or as OS. 22^^ b&kh&ra, arab. pers. 
)^lA^.,az.turk.^.,f.i, i) Bokhara, 2)aPeraian 
black hat. See jMoi. 

.t&l^ bdkhirl or ,^ biikh^ri Ti. Sh. or 
.^^9 bakh^ri Tkh. or ^^^ mikhiiri MB., az. 
turk. ijj^y. (cf. arab.^Li*. vapour), f. i, i) an 
iron stave. 2) Sal. a fireplace. 

;^^ bOkhdmi as OS., usually in NS. '^ 
bakhrina, m. i, examination^ searching. 

•k>m^ bilkhtan, arab. ^Iz^), f. i, slander, 
pi. rare in U., common in Al.; ^9 16^ to calum- 

X^Aii^^ bakhtank&r, az. turk. ^iXiU^. , 
m. I, a slanderer, 

\i99 bdt, turk. i^y, ,f.i,aleg of mutton, &c.; 
lit. the ifiigh of an animal. 

9^ b{it4, penis vironim (in OS. anus). 

^1^ see UM7oa. 

;^ bikya K. Al. (cf. OS. A>^ a canal t), 
m., pi. fJ^9 biiyi-^, a hole, a cave, lidz. 411. 

;L2oa bdy&khini, turk. wl»l^., f. i, a d^ng 
house, a dyefs shop, 

Xi^^M bo-y&chS, turk. ^^Ijy.) m. i, a dyer. 

^^099 see ItfJ^aaa, 

{.f^iMi^ biich&khcbl, az. turk. ^^^U^., 
m. I, a eu<2er. 

^OtA^ai biikhira, Psb. ^^, Bochim, Jud. ii. i. 

JlSHa^ bakhra, OS. m. i, 1) firstborn; 
often met. as {^o^ '^ Moses the first prophet; 
ts9^p 'a or U^puAp 'a Stephen the first martyr. 
a) * the EucharisHc loaf, see ;&aa^. — ;^- f. 
6, 9, birthright, 

afHa^a see ^^oo. 

;&^^ bukh^rta, OS., f. 9, or ;&^d99 
b&khurt4, f. 6, or iSHa^a q.v. (A« Eueharistic 

JSoa bul, Psh. «!IL2 .^ade^, the month ^1^, 
I Kgs. vi. 38. 

Haa htHk, for iS^ax. i) m. i, an ear of 
com = jl»!iaa{ . 2) m. 5, a wisp of hair. 

.^9ai^9fii btllbul, arab. pers. turk. kurd. J^., 
f. I , a nightingale, 

A'Vy btilb41&, OS., m. I, babbling. Cf. 

V^-^ bolig, turk. jl|^.» f. i, a great com- 
pany, a legion, regiment, 

^E^^ balg&ni, fr. ^^, m. energy; being 
busy or occupied; business. 

&^!^ balglir, OS., Bulgaria. 

XVi^BHj^ b(U(it&, OS.*, gk. /SovXcvi^r, m. i, 
a counsellor. 

^9009 biima K., OS., also ^09 in K., f. 3, 
an owl. In Lev. xi. 1 6 a night hawk. 

^&m2 ^9009 see ^MOn. 

^91^ or ^a»99 bttmba K., m. i, 1)=^^ a 
large mouthful, 2) a blow, a stroke. 

f^as^a biimbiiz (fr. pers. ^. base, root4-Jy> 
nose), m. i, snout, nozzle (rare). 

kftaia bi-w&sir, properly pi. of arab. .^b, 
kurd. 'maiaslr' and 'bavaslr,' Garz. 139, ro. i 
(f. in Terg.), i) hemorrhoids, piles. 2) Terg. 

^0^99 busama, OS., m. i, delight, pleasure^ 
joy fulness; ^9 p^ to take pleasure (tn=9), to be 

liLiboa Ash. =^09, Lidz. 419. 

^iab99 or ^A7 bUst&nH, bist&na, pers. ^h^i 
and ^.^,, m. i, 4, i) a melonfield. 2) Al. 
a garden, 

I f^ii h ib^ bttstanchS, turk. ^k'Ll^, m. i, 
a melon-gardener, 

^^99 bu^ I. az. turk. L»^., m. i, i) a plot, 
consjnracy, ambush; '9 l^so to lie in wait, 
2) met. crafi, u, Al., tursh.^jj , the fundament, 
Lidz. 412. 

b^ or h^^ bu^ar, bii^ir, OS., Besot, i Sam. 
XXX. 9 ; Bosrah, Isa. Ixiii. i. 

^099 buqA, bUqa Ash. Ti., f, place. Corruption 
of ^p f (Lidz. imt^ 413). 

E 2 


&jdo9 or 2i{- buq&r, -ra, OS., m. i, a question, 
Cf. ^tta». 

iSLb^ Al.=^Aa9, Lidz. 420. See also d^a. 
^ijooa bttqta, f. 6, a doU, puppet. 

Xhoa M-w&r, pers. turk.j^b, f. i, belief, 
trust; 'a poo^ wM b., probably, ;&9&Qa f. 

&oa AI.=ft9 in tbe prep, p Soso Vbdr d', on 
that side of, 

22JS90 bura, m. I, i) OS. (cf. ^), uncultivated 
ground; hence 2) OS. Al. afool^ Lidz. 412. 

;^Ua bftrja, arab. ^., OS. H^y m. i, 
i) a tower, 2) U. ^^ ca«<^ or rook in chess. 

^&a9 biii*ghl, tark. ^^M* m* I9 a 2ar^e 

iLhea Mnyk K.=: ^^p q. v. 

^hoa bdrini, kord. ^j;^., m. i, ajar with 
a handle, a jug, ewer, 

^S^ biirk, az. turk. cs)^., f. t, a hat (rare). 
^hca see 'So. 

;a2»Qo biir&kha, OS.*, m. i, i) a wedding, 
2) the marriage service book, 

^hta Al. Isfhsf Tkh. burk^, birk^, arab. e)^. , 
f. a 2>ool^ pond, 

-ab^ see ^J^. 

tf^^fi» bUrkchi, az. turk. jfj^,, m. i, 
a hatter, cap-maker, 

;&»&99 buikta (K. ^), OS., f. 9, a 62M«n^. 

^0609 biirm&, hl i, i) (turk. t.^ a twist, 
screw), a curl; ^s? ^Ll^ u«W ««< Aatr, Isa.iii. 24. 
2) a wcUer-tap, i.e. that which turns. 3) a 
thick rough woollen doak, 

^&99 Al.=^&»9 (see d^a), Lidz. 566. 

Afl buran, osm. turk. %jyj, az. turk. ^1^, 
(kurd. baran * rain ' Garz. 58, bohor * storm ' 
Lerch 159), f. i, storm, tempest, great rain, 

^&'^ biiran&, f. I^-, fr. prec., stormy, 

^iSoa biir&nS, esp. K., arab. /yl^^*. *"^ O W.» 
f. a dish compounded of tomatoes (or potatoes 
or pumpkins or beans or beetroot or beet- 
leaves) with garlic, curdled milk, and butter. 

M^ b&raq, arab. j^., turk, pers. ijyi, 
kurd. borak Qarz. loi, f. borax. 

«^ biish U. K. Al. or :^ blsh K. Al. MB. 
Qaw. Z., pers. turk. ^jL^^ 1) more adv. ; in K. 
sometimes as subs. ; in TJ. K. Al. sign of the 
comparative. 2) Ti. Ash. Al. many, much, often 
following a noun. — ipci '9 especially, or more 
subs, and adv. ; in this case the compound is 
more common than a.^ alone when qualifying 
verbs. In U. ^99 is hardly used except before 
an adjective or adverb, but in K. it is used 
absolutely; as ^ at»a K. m^yre than me=i^ 

.«AM U. 

• m 

.mx^ bush&-^, fr. prec. (cf. pers. ^<£^. pre- 
eminence), i) excess, abundance, multitude, 
2) as adj. excessive, abundant, 3) as adv. 

ii^t^pa bilshai-yiiwa U. (sic), Sal., m. i, 
or ;^9»^99 bdshai-yuth& R., f. 6, 9, £r. prec., 
abundance, excess, surplus, 

^^ or ^09 biishk&, b6shk4, russ. m. i, 
a tub, bucket, pail, 

Hx^ bdshala, OS., m. i, any cooked dish; 
pottage; soup with curdled milk and vegetabies. 

^^ see '9 6aA9. 

^^ U. K. but or P99 Sal. Az.-jews biid, (= 
p 0^0 q.v., cf. p .«^), for, about, concerning, on 
account of, because of, for tlie sake of. With 
affixes 0^p ^Q9 but diyi, &c., — ^ip '9 or }^p '9 
\Ai d&ha, dykha, or 2^ '9 U. or 2^ 9 K. b&t 
h&d4, h4dh^, therefore, on that account, p ^Jl '9 
for the sake of, on account of. ^0*^2 '9 b&t 
mir$='»2^ OOP unth regard to what I said. 

iisoa see ^^^09. 

<i^o9 see ^^«7a9. 

;i^09 bUt-ta, f. 9, i) pers. sJ^., a thicket, 
bush, shrub, dump of grass, 2) (cf. az. turk. 
isjjj joined together t) a sleeve. See ^&upi. 

10 baz, OS. (fr. kurd. ^. fat ?), f. Baz, an 
£-Syr. Ashiret district' in Kurdistan. 

^ baza K. MB. Terg., arab. pers. jb. and 
ttb, kurd. b&zi Garz. 142, m. i, a falcon, 

^ biza OS., m. 5, breast, teat, 

I191 baz&, kurd. o, m. i, cotton thread, 

^p bazuni (proparox.), perh. = ;j&;i4 ^1 
(cf. $^fo Al. 8.V. i»9f), i) l€ist year. 2) next 
year. See foil. [Niild. derives fr. kurd. (s4li) 
chuine = id. Lerch ii. 1 1 7.] 



^fO bz&ni, -n^ K. (perh. for ^iei at seasons, 
i.e. at an indefinite time, cf. prec), i) the 
year before last, 2) t/te year after next. — 'a ^ 
Ti. three years ago, 's 'a ^ Ti. four years ago, 

pxpbia baz&band, pers. tork. kurd. jLL).;b, 
f. I, an armlet, 

^^ojj^ biz6daghS, az. turk. _cb.jj, a hill 
in the plain of Urmi, bordering on the lake. 

^Mia see ^uno. 

^Lbfs bizii'a, fr. J^p, m. i, a bradawl, Ex. 
zxi. 6. 

}«^ baz&z, arab. turk. jl^. (cf. it^), m. i, a 
linen-draper, calieo-setter. 

JbSV> W^ bizaz k&libta, the name of a grape 

^^10 bizkhast, pers. cu^U^b, f. i, in- 
quisition, trial, esp. of the Last Day. 

^10 or ;ap b&zika, m. i, i) knrd. eJ^b, 
PS. 284 (fr. kurd. b wind, eh stomach), a pipe- 
stick or stem, 2) the brow of a mountain. 

iatoia see ^oa. 

j^ baz^ K., b&zi U., OS., to pierce, to bore 
a hole, often ^Lnjf '9, or with dir. obj. of the 
thing pierced ; to break into a house. 

iLff hizk, OS., m., pi. ^ biz'izt, a hole, 

M^ b&ziiza, f. ;&i- -ttzta, fr. Ma, piercing, 
as eyes. 

JO& b&z&q, OS., Bezek, Jnd. i. 4. '9^ d^= 
jbiBuio^l q.y. 

baziq, OS., to scatter seed, to sow. See 

&i9 baz&r, turk. kurd. pers. .hb (Lerch 154), 
kurd. J*b PS. 284, m. i, 1) a bazaar, market- 
place ; hence a) Al. trade, profits. 

&«ar bazhir or ^:fi or ^ja K,, see prec. f. i, a 
(oum, Lidz. 423, Lerch 154. 

&p b&zir, arab. jy> conj. n. to bud, to 

VSiff biizra, arab. pers. turk. jp (lit. seed), 
m. I, castor oil. Also \^&V> ? ^s* 

X ^&p bizirgan, pers. kurd. turk. ,jl^b , 
m, 1, a merchant, ^k^ f. merchandise. 

^LL&p bazirkhana, pers. s-^l^P. > ^* i > a co^tor- 
oil factory. 

.ftb^ baz&rt, f. id., az. turk. (jT^hb (lit. of the 
bazaar), poorly made, * shoddy * opp. ^a^ 

i^sm^ bikhdad^ AL, together; see 'm2. 

o^ or ^lI;^ bikhaw, az. turk. ^\Jp^-, m. i, 
a tether, tethering-rope, 

^ha^ bakhurim, Psh. ^Som ^, Bahurim, 
2 Sam. iii. 16. 

;ko^ bakhiisha, m. i, and iktoJi bakhiishUt, 
f. 6, (lit. as OS. a stirrer, see ^Lffo), a large 
wooden cooking-spoon, a ladle, 

t jV? bakhU&, f. ;&^ bakhilti, arab. turk. 
Jmust'., envious. See A^'iio. 

^^ma see ^9. 

;&^jL2Lf;pi bakhil^dta, f. envy, for 'auo q.y. 
bkhamad Ash. = pjaMto, Lidz. 414. 
or Jbma see Jbop. 

&93 bakhir, OS., to search, examine, look; 
to prognosticate. See ^ano. 

^&m3 see *&m09. 

^iL? see 'moo. 

Ap bakhish K., OS., to «<ir. See x^kauo. 

«atf&^ bakhshish AL, or ^, pers. ^JLJlJs^., f. i, 
a present, gift, backsheesh. Also ^fitfi Ash. 

J^M^i bakht, i) arab. turk. oj:^, f. /i^, 
Ziie^, good fortune. Also nIs, ^i^ and ^i^iwpi 
bakh4t, bakhtf^, bakhatth& Al. Ash., Lidz. 415. 
2) Terg., kurd. id., a pledge, agreement, — 's ^ 
faUing out (as relations); one who does not 
return an equivalent for a present; returning 
evQ for good ; unlucky, 

l&ofi^ or hii&^ bakht&war, f. id., pers. 
turk. ^bjr*. , fortunate, 

^bli^ bakhty&rl, pers. (5^Li.y*., the Bakhr 
tiari mountains in Persia. 

;2^ bit^ Al., (in OS. = sparks), stops, points, 
Lidz. 416. 

loba^ ba^ii-wa, m. bread falling on the ashes 
when baking, 

^kolV^ bi^wat, (arab. (jji^ to fast + v ^^9 
with 1), fasting, not having eaten; so OS. i^^. 

^ '>^A ? b4ta&, b&-, f. ;4^. batiltA, ba-, OS., 

idle, disengaged, unused; met, foolish, vain. 




J^\ar batil, OS., i) to be idU. 2) to C07ne 
to an endf cease, come to nothing, 3) esp. K. 
to destroy = «M^ q. v. 

^!SS^ bitlana Ti., OS., m. i, destruction. 

^0^ bitma, OS., f. i, a terebinth-tree, 

^a^^ barman, see '^^. 

;£oo2^ bitemta, (K. n) OS., f. 6=>o^^. 

^ batiD, OS., to conceive (lit.), tr. and intr., 
to be pregnant. 

t $i^ Mink as OS., i) or > bi^nd, f. 2>reg- 
narU, esp. of cattle, in calf, [^&ou\a is usually 
used of women.] 2) m. concejjtion; '3 ^from 
the womb; ^o!^ Ja the children of my womb 
{my [mother's] womb). Job xix. 17. 3) Ecbatane, 
the old name of Haraadaii, Tobit xiv. 12. 

I a^ batar AL, cf. foil., arab.^pij, ungodly, 
imjnotis, Lidz. 416. 

22k^ batra, f. 2&- biitri, arab.^., tvell fed, 
high spirited, wild (of an animal) ; cf. «v^\^ ; 
also of a man, in high spirits, 

^ b^, i) see s^, 2) see Ai^. 3) see p^toja, 

^ hi, i) see a. 2) see ^. 

^ and compounds, see ^. 

fa, 1) see ;is^. 2) a ^ or -a ;i. [or'ojii?] 
blya b', -ht, or in Sal. 's ^2 iba b', intensified 
form of 9, along, of motion. 2S»o)i9 ^ oZon^ ^/t€ 

^aua biw&, OS., m. i , a watercourse running 
under a wall (cf. ^1.00 1). 

^ai>7i b^buna, kurd. ,^^^-i^., i) Al. TA. a 
flower, general word. 2) Terg. the name of 
a certain yellow scented flower. 3) Sh. a 
woman's name now used. 

\^^ bibiy! K. = ;:^, Jt^laa. 

^u^ b6yab&n, pers. turk. kurd. ^bUj PS. 
288, m. I, a desert^ wilderness, 

hsua bibar. U. Sh. Al., turk. ^^-o, f. i, red 

^ see .V^. 

^1? l)^jan, m. i) see ^f^- 2) a watercourse 
in a vineyard. 

pga bi-yit = OS. ^ (lit. by the hand of), 
i) by of the agent, by means of, titrough, not 
common in R. Also p ip^ Vida d' in same 

sense. 2) Ash.= £i in, at. 3) Ash.=:(S^. 
With affixes ajg,p a^ biyit diyi, Ac; or v^jf^, 
,^a.23 bidt, Vida. 

\La b^4gh or in Ash. jai^ b^raq (Lidz. 
411), pers. jij^., turk. j|^., f. i, a>%, 

U^tup^ bidyuta,bid-, OS. ;&^^, (for ^9 tf^ 9), 
f. 6, tnA. 

lpoaf»a bihdda, pers. i^^.^^, frivolity , vaniiy. 
^a aoL to fiddle-faddle, 

;o^ see ;aua. 

•fS biz, turk. uj, i) m. i, an awl, bradawl. 
2) as adj., f. id., sharp, pointed. 

•p see f J3. 

I Za^a bicha, turk. ^^ , kurd. bizi Gars. 98, 

m. I, i) a bastard; hence 2) self -sown earn 
=U>^. See^. 

ijji bikini Al., a smaUflrejylace. 

bil, sometimes bll, for ^ ^ = 08. ^NtSjp ; 
or ^, ^ or ^ ben, bin, be Al., arab. ^J^,, 
chald. heb. P?; or ^u? b^n&th Al., OS.; or 
«*&ia or «*&ia b^ni, bini Al.= OS. .J*?» among, 
between, incltiding, nottmthstanding, in spile of. 
With afiixes d^ bill, (o7^L?, o^ b^n&thd, 
b^>n6, Al.),&c. «1.9 iL^ bila h\\,alway8 between; 
^ <^^ bil kill, in general, including aU, in 
sjnte of all; -aV^^ A^ biU 1 gan£ (or '^^ 
b^ui Fg. AL), by myself, alone; ^fiooHjo ^ 
bilan d-il6khun, or ^oao^^io ^La btlan ii-bil5- 
khiin, between us and you; •^^^^e ^iau ^*f 
between Joshua and Simon; ^o^2e J^l .^a^ 
between me and tliee Al. 

k^ii^ bll, OS., m. Bel, Isa. xlvi. i. 
.^!kf3 bilag, turk. elLo , m. i , wrist, 

JbaX-ar b^ldar, az. turk. .IjJb (fr. turk. Jj 
a spade), m. i , a digger. 

Aid K., see d^a. 

^ bim, OS., gk. /37/ia, f. i) the bema, 

a raised space between the sanctuary wall of 

a church and the nave, nearly = gk. <roXca. 

2) * rarely the sanctuary of a church. 3) * a 

judgement seat, throne, 

t^=»» r^> fJ-? or -us, nLs, see 
^Aahtj.i^ see under 


^ h^, arab. turk. jl^, f. i, mortgage, 

pudge, earnest money; 'a ^ak or '9 »\i. ^ to 
hold in pledge. Also ishjn^ b^shert, arab. 
turk. l»^ /^-s^.> ^* '* 

fuJ^, JS^, nyi ^ y y see under ^.a. 

&^ beyar, arab. ^b (cf. ISms), m. uncu^'- 
vated ground; as adj., f. id., unfruitful, 

^L^&ts birdni, OS.*, m. i, a mtVre. 

>iiL^ b^ram, i) see piiofa. 2) turk. pers. 
J^, m. I, a /east , festival, 

jaQo&ft9, ^&»9, see d^a. 

j09Ma Ash., see \aMa. 

jEfS see 1x09. 

I ;au9 bisha, f. J{>x- bishta, OS., i) evil, wicked. 
a) naughty esp. of children. See JUaua. 

;x^ b^sha Ti. Ash. = }^. 

^o^jcp bish&wana, fr. ^^^aua the Sal. form of 
^oxfa, m. I, a 6a^ or naughty child. 

^ b^shan, OS., Bashan, Ps. Ixriii. 1 5. 

^iu see ^ 

l>aEf9 bishta, OS., f. 9, evil, HI, misfortune; 
an ill deed; 

Cj^, L see a. u. bit, bit, b^t, also .^ bi, 
i) m., const st. of J^ q.T. ; used before a 
man's name = Iiouse of, comjMny of household 
of, as tAJkiAf .»^ 'a Mar Shimun*s household. 
2) a contraction of OS. i^L^i (=:NS. ^^); not 
used by itself. — Compounds : ^ ^.gibit un, OS., 
Bethaven, Hos. iv. 15; ^lu ^^ bit il, OS., 
Bethel, i:^- a Bethelite ; l^^iV?, 0S.*,j9ri«m/ 
^ ^ home; l^L^aa ,^ the place where cattle are 
collected before being sent out to feed; A^ 
IL?^ or '^51 K. Al. eyebrow, brow of a hill ; 
aiai^^.j, OS.*, m. a refuge; ^ ^^, OS.* or 
^••'a, or ^^p^ 's, OS.* (see also he\ow), a recess 
in the north side of the sanctuary of a church 
for the sacred vessels; ^^-^ Ti. the west; 
^i^^ see above ; ^j .^ or as OS. 'p ^^ K., 
the Epiphany; ;!» -51 Al. (or 2ft> .^ Lidz. 
447) with pi. 2, steps, a staircase; ^aS't ..^ Ti. 
the east; ix^sf^ ^, OS.*, prison; ^ib^ i^, 
OS.*, the south side of the sanctuary of a 
church ; also the mercy seat in the Temple ; 

Abom i^ bit khiirun, Psh. USal-, HeilJioron, 
Josh. X. II ; f^ ^ Al.= ^ life; &a^im ,^ 
Al. (cf. «ii|^) the top of tJiC windpipe, Lidz. 
415; Uf*v -? K^=i?»» <^ palate; ihj^ fy^ 
bit khisd&, OS., Betliesda, Job. v. 2 ; liL „f Al. 
a stable, Lidz. 410; 2^ fi^ K. as OS., or 
't,^ Christmas, a birthday; AjS'a^ i^, OS., 
the house of Jsraely Acts iv. 8 ; xhA ^ ^^^ 
rkhim, OS., Bethlehem^ Gen. xxxv. 19; i^^ 
^^, OS.*, the east side of Ou sanctuary of 
a church ; jj^mis ts^, OS.*, = Mbaal 2 Kgs. 
X. 27 RV.; ^iadb fi^ a guest-chamber, Mk. 
xiv. 14 ; ^"be^ i^ as OS. or '^, Mesopotamia; 
;fi^&oV N?' OS.*, a priwn/ ^s^ U. Tkh. 
or ^EbMjo Ti. binisani, b'nisin, m. no pL, spring; 
ibi9ip ..^ U. a child's disease supposed to come 
at new moon (see ^ia); i&A^ib .•;» Al. (cf. ^^i) 
shutting up, Lidz. 411; fuii^ or ^ ..jy or ^ 
ba'^n&, bi'^na, -n^ K, (or' ts^) eyebrow, forehead; 
JJ4. -gi or f^ bi'lai, bilai, -lay! K. f. (with pi. 
^illix^ bi1aw&th&) an upper room = ;^f\f Al. 
K., also ^^^ fi^ Dan. vi. 10 or j^^ fi^ Lu. 
xxii. 1 2 [or fr. kurd. bila, pei's.^^^b upper?]; ^ 
lHai. bit 'iibra, Bethabara, Joh. i. 28 RV. marg., 
Psh. as foil.; ;y. i^ bit 'iinyii, OS., Bethany, 
Joh. i. 28 ; p^ A^ bit 'iqid (or &iS^ 's) 
Psh. &fil 'a a shearing-Jumse, 2 Kgs. x. 12; 
^ ^ bit pagi, OS., Bethphage, Mat. xxi. i ; 

;i^ ..;» or 0)1.- or '^ bipelga, -gi (often 
pipelgt), bpi-, in tJie middle, or full, by p, amidst; 
&dJJ fy^ bit p'dr, OS., Bethpeor, Deut. iii. 29 ; 
ihl^ fyt^, OS., BeUisaida, Mat. xi. 21; i^i^ 
l^o^Lo or 2j;- or ;^o'2^ ^^, also iShf^ ^?, 
m. a graveyard; ^^p^ ^i^, OS.**, a sanctuary^ 
holy place (and see above); ^po^u^ b^risht 
(proparox.) U. m. 2^ 4 (pi. also ^ox- b^rash- 
w&ni) or ^bpo^u^ b^ram^shi K. m. f. 2\ 3, the 
evening, or as adv. in the 'evening; ^6 .^ Ti. 
m. I (rare) or j(^& .^^ birishta Ti. f. 6, a pillow; 
juox ^ bit shmish, OS., Bethshemesh, Josh. xix. 
22 ; ^10091 if^, OS.*, the baptistery of a church; 
^ ^ bit shan, or as Psh. ^-f Bethshan, i Sam. 
xxxi. 10 ; {a^ .aji or ^to^ .^ K. f. a hem at the 
top oft rowsers (see JtAts) ; ^b^ ^, OS*, the west 
side of the sanctuary of a church. See also 

Na see Ms. 

X&^ b&-yat U., f. id., turk. vs^lo, stale, 

t ;is^ Uik, OS. (^ K. but ^ in OS.), in Q. 
^ biyi, in Ti. b^shU, m., pi. t^ bati, also in TJ. 
U^o&^ or 3 batwatl, b&- (rarely b&-w&-i), or 
in Q. ;3ua biyanl, or Q^ b^tinl, i) a house. 
2) home, 3) a room with cm oven in ihefloor^ 
often ^An^^ ^i in this sense, opp. «\&o2 q.v. 

4) the pi. }&3 = a collection of buildings in a 
courtyard, a complete house, whereas the sing, 
often denotes one of the buildings, or as no. 3. 

5) as OS.*, p^a = part of an anthem answering 
to the Verse in English cathedral music. 
^9^^ iks^ Al. or {a^^^^ ^9 K. a prison (see 
under fy^) ; is^p ^s a cage. — Uso^ b^tuta, f. 

X ^is^ or i^^ bitdn or e&7 bit6, turk. ^^^. , 
complete, wMe, esp. of numbers. In arith. often 
redundantly, as ^a fiscLfive. 

lis^is^ see h^a. 

ti^ b^ta-y&, OS.*, m. 1, one of the liouse- 

t^is^ b^taJ, arab. turk. .ILj , m. i, a veterin- 
ary surgeon, a horse-doctor, 

t A»^ {&.) Uiilmil U. Tkh. or H- Ti. or 
^' b^tihnana K. Q. or aao- b^tilm^r U. or lifi- 
b^tilmari U., f. id., arab. JUlIcu-jJ (lit. property 
without heirs, so unfortunate), i) desolate, 
ownerless. 2) self-willed, iU-controUed, 

l^ bakhi, OS., to weep, cry. 

^Aa b&cha, m. i, i) pers. 1.^., turk. ^^ 

a sucker of grass, s}u)0t of a tree, a bough torn 
off by the hand. 2) cf. ^A»a, com that springs 
from self sown com = OS. ^io ^, Isa. 
xxxvii. 30. 

l^oQAs bakhiiwa, for ^ooa, fr. ^a, m. i, a 
crying child. 

JboAa bak^, OS., m. Bacchus a man's name 
now used. 

ISmas bakdra AL, m. i, a stick, rod, Sachau 
21 n. Qy. 'ta, cf. chald. "?.? to beat ? 

ia^ bikhya, OS., m. weeping, crying. 

X &kfA7 bikir, arab. turk.^^. , f . i , a virgin, 

32 pla 

Aaoi bachil Baz, see .\ail. 

^9A:fi bakhr^, OS., m. Bichri, 2 Sam. xx. i 

;io3 bkata, OS., Baca, Ps. Ixxxiv. 6. 

iiA^ bakht4, esp. U., (probably for ;io3 fern, 
pres. part, of OS. ^^aa to spin ; cf. OS. ^^Aas 
an hired spinster), f. 8, a married woman, udje. 

^&M^^ bakhtiint^ {^^ AsL), dim. of prec., 
f. 6, little wife, a term of endearment ; a Utile 
woman; a girl. 

^liss^ bakhta-yi, f. U^-, ^emxnate,womanish. 
^ bal Al., arab. Jj, but. 
^ see *1»3. 

i^ h\k, arab. turk. ^. (Ma'l. billa, Parisot 
xi. 499), without; also i^ ^; in Sal. aH l&V; 
in OS. ^ ^.— With affixes e^^ Ha bla diyi &c 

i^ bala, OS., m. front, mind, memory^ 
attention, heart; 'a "m^ (as OS. ^s ^MbQ or in 
K. ^3 a^» to pay attention, set the face or mind^ 
to resolve, purpose resolvjtely vfiih ^ or infin.; 
in Al. also with affixes, as oy^ ^io) in K. also 
'a e^ ^3us>!0 to pay attention to him. 

a^ haXk, arab. turk. 'iLy, f. i, judgement^ 
calamity, ruin, misfortune. See f^. 

i^ ball, OS., i) to wear out intr., to decay; 
to grow eld, in U. esp. of things, rarely as in K. 
of men. 2) be languid as an old or sick 
man. Dist. .sis. 

i^ bait, i) f. a white sheep in a black flock. 
2) see Aa. 

;!^ bila, I ) Al. a door, an outer door; a gate, 
Lidz. 417. 2) U. m. a fool (slang) = ilaZ. 

iJboi^ bal^us K., kurd. ^^^b PS. 285, 
m. I, i) a consul. 2) an European gentHeman. 

^Si;?!? balbat&, = OS. ^ and KfiX^ (cf. 
\ji\?n>), m. I, a spark, 

.\gi\y Ash. = . V>iNoi, Lidz. 418. 

;^n\.'7i balball (perh. = pers. Jl> bad + arab. 
JL) heart), pL, mean acts, meanness. 

.fift\n\? balbaluq, f. i, a black cherry. 

^uboi b&laban (fr. pers. ^;b^. high ; in osm. 
turk. it is 'a large drum,' Bedhouse), f. i, a 
small di-um. 



I f^tniSii b&14b&nchl, fr. prec., m. i, a drum- 

^^ bilig, to be 5u«y, or engaged^ arab. iUb , 
coDJ. ml 

^^^7 balgli, f. I, iraeef track of something 
lost, a due. 

^n^Ny balghim, arab. pers. tark. kord. j^itli , 
f. jphlegm, catarrh, 

p^ balad Al. Ash., arab. jJL) , a toum, city, 
Lidz. 418. 

|p^ balid, b&l&t, f. id., pers. tark. jJb, ae- 
quatntedf skilled, 

^^ bild&d, OS., m. Bildad, Job ii. 11. 

I^p^ b&Udchf, az. tiirk. ^jJb, m. i, 
a guide (lit. one who is acquainted). 

M^ balh&, OS., f. Bilhah, Gen. zxiz. 29 
(RV. ^,). 

P^^/^ baldt4, OS., m. i, an oak, 

;lbl3 hm% b&l-, or ikk^c^ b&ldwi, b&l- U., 
m. I, and ik^j^ b&ldth& esp. K. but b&l(i't& 
Al., f. 6, fr. .i^, i) the throat; ^9^ ^^ the uvula. 
2) (first form) AL a phial, Lidz. 417. 

^^VaV'^ b&liiw&n&, b&l-, m. i , a glutton, 

jU&i#ola see ^k^cla. 

^i^dls bl6q6 Al., cf. «ii\a, staring, Lidz. 418. 

^ioj^iy bilaqt&, or jfis^^^a^ hilbulaqti Sp., 
cf. .«i^5fpo, ^&»»M, f. 6, a loop, hutUm-hole, noose 
= 0S. jfiB^^;.. 

S^liy bildr, arab. turk.^^JLb, m. i, erysUil. 

^uS^ bilw&sh& Ti., m. i, afight^^^ q.v. 

,m1;i see f^. 

o^dAji or '7 balkh6dh^, bil-, AL, alone. See 
'J^ and oijpilisf. 

;Ll>k^ b41&kh&n& U., pers. ^U^., f. i, an 
upper room, a first floor, esp. when one side is 
open to the outer air. 

?ikf\\y bil^lti, OS., f. 6, a worm in wood. 

S^^ySy biltsh&^ar, OS., m. Belteshazzar, 
Dan. L 7. 

X^^ half, f. id., turk. jlh, distinguished, 
known; see foil. 

A9 bilS U., or A? b&lt Ti. AL, i) pers. 
tark. kurd. _b, yes. a) in AL with a negative, 
not aiaU. See M^. 

.^, ^^ Ti. AL, see '1*9 under (K»9. 

t2ia bal&-y&, esp. K. AL, arab. turk. b)b 
(pLofiL,),f. 1=;^:*. 

^Jitl;fi balib^ K., kurd. (.JLJb , a pillow, Lidz. 


•^A^p bilyiin, (mod.), europ., m. i, a billion, 

;}ft\»^-i see '^. 

.\ifty bily&-'al, not Psh., m. Belial. 

<Sf\? bilit, french billet (through russ.), f. i, 
i) a passport. 2) a ticket, coupon. 

^ baikh, OS., arab. pers. Jb, Balkh, a city 
of Afghanistan. 

^ bilich, i) Jb^. 2) to break out, when 
bruised, as an egg. 

}fi^ belk& U. (so pron. in pers. and az. turk.) 
or .r^l? belki K. AL (so pron. in osm. turk.) 
or 9ftl;fi balkii Ash. (Lidz. 4 18), pers. turk. iXL , 
kurd. belki Garz. 149, perhaps. 

^AA^ka b&l&chakt, dried pumpkins. 

^b41im K. AL, OS., i) to shut, to muzzle. 

2) met. to be^ silent. 

^a^ bahni, (cf. .ImI^m 1), m. i, i) flax stalks 
when trodden down. 2) tow. 

j^ b&Us, also ^ q.v., (cf. cbald. D^a to 
mix?) i) to bruise. 2) met. to oppress. 

■ftwyih^T blisti^s, OS., m. Blastus, Acts zii. 20. 

49 b&16 K., bill U., OS., to swallow. 

^^ bala, OS., Bela (=Zoar), Gen. xiv. 2. 

jboOo see Jbbj2k9. 

ili:^, ;ki>k9 bli-y&, bl^ti, I) V. n. of ^a. 
a) fem. form, met. a moment, Num. iv. 20. 


r-^'^j bil'im, OS., m. Balaam^ Num. xxii. 5. 

^)BL^ bil'im, arab. ^.jlL, m. i, a glutton. 

joika b&l&q, OS., m. Balak, Num. xxii. 4. 

^\^ biliq (OS. P. to meet, Ethpa. to desire, 
arab. jpb to be astonished, in conj. viii to 
shine), i) to stare. 2) met. to be proud. 

;a^ balqi, f. lif- balqt, i) arab. jL speckled/ 
hence 2) of horses, having a patch on the leg. 

3) of the eyes, perb. wide open, Socin 180 n. 
(cf. prec.). 

,^yt^ balqAn, pers. lilXJb, f. i, a balcony. 



fdi^fi balqiz, az. turk. jiJIj, f. a woman's 
name now used. 

jc^ or .x!^ blash, bal&sh Al. K., arab. pers. 
kurd. ^jiib 6arz. 157, i) in vain. 2) gratis, 
without paymenty Sachau 37. 

S^Ay bilBh&sar, Psh. ^'i\\y, m. Behhazzar, 
Dan, V. I. 

ft^ Bee ^^7- 

ii^ balta, turk. iJ^Jb, f. i, an axe, chopper, 

A7 hWik Al., f. evil (subs.), Lidz. 418. 

Xii? or ^ bam, bim, pers. ^tJ i) f. i, bass, 
in music; a low sound, a) met., as adj., 
f. id., torpid. 

j\ ^ i^ , taofio^, &La7, see '10. 

^ b&n!, i) OS. /o build, a) met. to eit^, 
profit. 3) to coo^. 4) U.,= ^ to number. 
See 21390. 

^ b&nt, pers. ^b, f. i) a Zacfy. a) a 
woman's name now used. 

^ b&na, arab. IL. , m. i, a bricklayer, mason, 

$f bln&, (perh. fr. pers. kurd. ^^. 8ee + 
^ I or rt lo I Nold. 169 1 or fr. ;s0p q.v.), 
i) here I am, a polite answer when a person 
is called, a) what? a polite answer when a 
person does not hear. 3) see ^sop. 

,fial ^ hinUnt, Psh. ^& i^, Benani, Gen. 

XXXV. 18. 

Hqsuij^ bambiila, m. i, i) an icide. 2) the 
spout of a vessel, jug, &c. 

I^fdcaiy bimb&shi K., turk. ^LJCj, kurd. 
LlLsM»j, m. I, a major in the army. 

fi^ banga, kurd. iXL PS. 387, m. i, a 6anA;, 
declivity, uneven ground. 

X*iif9 bin&jt, (fr. az. turk. tjx^. a place of 
living), m. I, a settler, one who lives in a place 
but is not a native of it. 

Ipxfi band, pers. turk. jjlj, f. i, i) band, 
bond, a) as adj., f. id., stringent, urgent. 
3) constipated; l^^ constipation; 4^ ^ ««79^i 
iiqld band 114, he is constipated. 4) in pi. 
swaddling clothes, Xj^ &^1 to swaddle. 5) K. 
for pj4 q.v. 

2^ banda, so pers. turk. jjj , cf. prec., f. i, 
1) a dam. a) ths frame of a loom (t). 

tifVyiii,'! bandiibiz, pers. jbjjLU., m. i, on 

V^o^ band6q^ Al.=;^^, arab. j^i^. , haxd 
nuts, Lidz. 418. 

I v>»9>i7i banduqchi, kurd. ^j^^sjj , e£ foil., 
m. I, an arquebv^sier. 

^tsjo^^ bandiiqt&, kunL e)jXL», f. 6, on 
arquebuss, small gun. 

b^xfi bandar, arab. pers. ^xij , f. i, a harbour, 
seaport; ^^ '9 b. bdshir, pers. ^^y .joj, 
Bushire, J&aL ^9 b. '&bas, pers. ^j^l^jJOJ 
Bandarabbas, both on the Persian Gul£ 

cH^hxj^ bandargi, pers. iITjlIj, fl=pree. 

jiooia ban^-wushy f. id., kurd. benefsha Gkrz. 
114, see ^x$a, dark red, violet blue. 

^t^oLi, ^ bnokt, bn6kln, Z., also ^i», i) in 
Hie morning, a) to-^rnorrow. 

ab'oiy bin6r& U., pers. j^jbj , f. i, afinmdaiian, 

«Zi9 see &91. 

iia bna-ya, OS., m. Benaiah, 2 Sam.xziii. a a. 

t (x^ ban4-ya or ba-, m. i, U^ ban^t&, b&-, 
f. 6, i) U. K. agent of ^ no. 3, a cook. 2) 
Al. Ash. TA. agent of ^a no. i, a buildsr. 

^acixjf biny&mln, OS., m. Befnjamin, a man's 
name now commonly ased, Gen. xxxv. i8. 

^kay biny &n&, OS., m. i , i ) a building, a) met 
edification, profit, 

^V.ii see under bi^, 

-ais^? .a9 see &?. 

is^ binyat U. K., pers. turk. ^Ljl>, kurd. 
beniat 6arz. 199, f. i, a foundation. 

l^^ see 2^. 

^axp banka, europ., (mod.), a bank (money). 
j^ ^ bin*iim$, Psh. ..aai ^, Ben ammi, (lit. 
son of my people). Gen. xix. 38. 

bJLiff bimpar, m. i, a crown. Cf. &#a9». 

^n^ or ep^Kfi ban6sh&, ban-, OS. fr. pers. 
turk. kurd. ijUij (cf. aboo), OS. also \j^ 
fr. arab. ^^ii\ id., f. i, i) a violet, a) a 
woman's name now used. 

vff^ esp. K. Z., .un^a^ esp. U. Q. bndshl, 
-^, -ii, (cf. OS. Az. ^ soul, self), by himsdf, 
alone. So the other persons. 

rCiua S 

jintf tMnt&, az. tork. ii^, t 6 (uc), a duve. 

■to* bu, i) U., pen. tork, knrd. ,_^, then 
cansatiye, iherefort, not bo emptuitic as t>^ 
Mi^ ; often nMd redtmdautly in an apodotii, to 
uisirer .). 2) AL on^y (often jk^o, following 
Um word it qnalifiee). 3) Afih.=)a3, Lidz.4i8. 

■Aa i) f. Bee jb«b. 3) = prec. no. a. 

1«9 bas& tJ. K., in Al. beaaorbisa, pere.,_^,, 
enough; with affixes ^a? ejvmghfiir me ftc. 

^p^pefidl-fS Sal.,Oa ^^^a?, f. 6, a pillow. 
Bee u?*ei. 

I^at^ see under A.M. 

1^0,0^ ba8im& or bi-, f. ^- basimt&, 
b&', pUtuant, agrtMhle, land, merciful ; in 
Al. Ash, tveii, proapenme. 'a i^, ^a4 
A'MiWT, (Aamt you [ao 'a ifi t am obliged 
to Imn], also in K. osed as an expresdoo of 
respect in addressing a superior; '» ^ ^^ 
rishfUch hfi-wl b., may your head be heaied (cf. 
>i^), an expression of condolence after a death. 
^p- pUatanineet, pUature; ^fb-^a^ b&simA' 
tfilch.atyour^uwreorcfMpoM/, said also when 
aTisitofceremouyorfriendship.not of business, 
is paid ; see also .ftpoi (M^iy) to which it is an 
answer = You are very kind. See under b^. 

i>4«t9 or 's basiri, hk- R. A)., OS. Aft? (pi. 
of iiA^), III. I, an unripe or tour grape, Job 
XT. 33 [in Az. of any grapes], 'a \^ to eat 
tour grapee; met. to be enraged. 

l^A^'biski, pers. ii£l>, turk. kunt. dU^ 
PS. 186, m. I, a lock of hair, a tuft. 

.ki)^ b&siltyilB, OS., m. BaeU. 

iijiXii bas&liql, or 'sf jS,*^ OS.*, gk. 
gaffAiKol, the Royal An^xem said in the festival 
evenisg serrice. 

•p^ b&sim, 08., i) U. impen. to he pleated, 
as 'a ^ 4!E 9*t«a bsimli It b', 7 uuu ^mmI tottA, 
BO all the tenses ; .-m^ x^ ia^^ i$3i nisht 
d'bibsami It biyi, men of good viU, Lu. ii. 14; 
^ >Mb9 .} in b&amUflkb, if you pleate, bo 
other pereoDS, and so pi.; ^fiX^^nba U. b&sm& 
g&nflkh, bravo I (lit. may it please youTwlf) 
=;ider«9 f^iV^j&nfikb basimta Ti. 2) to be 
healed or cured. 3) K. Al., as 08. Ethpa., 
to eti^; to be pU(ucmt. See ytfiu, ^nfctap. 

ao«7 bismi, OS., (TA. V) m-. nmally pi, 

1) pi. I, inoerue. 2) pi. I and 4, «ptee«. lAjif 
'at tkyine wood, Bev. sviii. 13. 

toe^, ^.^1009, ii^iaa?, see ^. 

T^'^'^j biBmil-ll, arab. 4III — >o., t'n fAe name 
o/Qod, a Mussulman formula. 

liuae?, rarely '07, biemara, bss- K. Sb., 
oft«n in Tkh. Sh. biz-, baz-, arab.^L.', kurd. 
_,U-J, cf. &ipib, m. I, i) a naU. a) esp. with 
i^tt (Ae poU itar. 3) the name of a grape. 

Npft? bismat, OS., f. AuAenMlA, Oen. xxvi. 34. 

.aupa b&sis, OS.*, gk. ^lurtr, f. 1, Stem, Ex. 
XKV. 31. 

b^lay bispfir, f. id., az. turk.jjj^-i', i) help- 
fid, useful. 3) a itiei used for securing a 
basket carried on the back. 

k^ b&sir, i) OS. Etbp., to be detpited. 

2) to degrade, humble! hence 3) to ravish. 
See ^9^ and kipia. Dist. &^. 

ifkft? bisr&, in Al. sometimes pisr&, OS., m. 
I, i)Jleeh. 2) meat, 'aj IJA loup. 3) Htf^ '» 
the name of a grape. 

$«&af bisnlni (pis-) Al., dim. of prec., m. 1, 
a little piece of meal, Lids. 419. 

#£»? aod i^mi trisr&iifc, -kjk, I ;it-, Ji^, 
OS., carnal, fethly. 

£109 bast, pers. o_j , f. I, a ;;/ac« of refuge, 
a refuge. 

li^f tustfi, f. id., az. tork. is-^, aequainttd, 
familiar, friendly (with »=«»(A), cf. H^mgu*. 

\^gb| bist&g, the iron axis of millstones in 
a water-mill 

ti*7 bistt, az. turk. ^j-a,, pera. o»j, m. t, 
an iron bar for an earth oven. 

^^.^Jgay biBti;-]rat&, fr. ;i.a4, f. fiumliarily, 

iak^ bastaki K., knrd. aU-J, MtftN^, 
Lidz. 419. 

)iim bistim K., dmely, genily. 

;^Bee J^. 
Ju see foil 

Jtf ba'i K. Al as OS. or Ifii bf>-yl U. biy« 
Ash., irr^. v. (Orun. lai) funning all tenses 



from Uo, but the i often throws back its vowel, 
as jliar for ^ ; the fern. v. n. is rarely &iia 
hj6ii] the pp. (abs. st.) is often used in K. 
AL as a present, as Uo h*6, b^, he wishes, 
(^9 bit, b*it for isi| ^ thou vnehest, ^iaa kb6, 
Al. = ^ ^ U. ^ wishes &c.; in Tkh. the 
pres. is often ^^ ;sau yipi, yip'4 &c. (Az. li^l) ; 
i) to wish, desire, wish for, seek for, sometimes 
with 9, usually with dir. obj., or with ^ and 
subjoined clause. 2) to ask, pray, ^^aio '9 
^ ^ to ask a person for a thing. 3) esp. 
AL to love. Cans, ^iabb q.v. ' See lm^a. 

^ b&'ij Baz, see ^. 

^ and 2^ ba'-id, bad^ AL, arab. juq , yet, 

i^\^ = A^oA^ q.v. 

oi^i^Jo see ^£<Xfi9. 

&di9 b'iir, OS., m. Beor, G^n. xxxvi. 32. 

Aai9 b'ur6 Al., arab.^^., dung, Lidz. 410. 

J^NAJg ba uta, OS., f. 9, i) a petition, request; 
a desire, wish. 2) a Rogation, a short fast of 
three days, esp. fToia^ '9 the Rogation of the 
Ninevites, three weeks before Lent. 

•19 bH'az, 08., m. Boaz, Ruth iL 19. 

I ^ biya, i) f. 4^to bit&, pp. of l^ (Az. i^\). 
2) AL m. I, a friend; ^9- Al., love, friend- 


;^ b&ya-& Al. Ash., agent of ^p = ;il^ 
bi-y&ni U. K. 


;i\i9 b'ilt4 as Psh., eyV» Vdl4 RV., heb. 
n^SD, Beulah i.e. married, Isa. Ixii. 4. 

see under ^19. 

Lifr b&'la, 08., m. i, Baal, i.e. lord, 2 Kgs. 
iii. 2 ; in pL Baalim, Jud. viii. 33. .^^jjji b&'U 
Psh. Alp, j^aa/t, i.e. my Lord, Hos. ii. 16. 

^^^il|L9 b'il birit, Psh. ;a^ '9, RV. with 
•^(41 ba'al, m. Baal herith, Jud. viii. 33. 

^^o^i^ b'il hamun, not Psh., RV. with Ai?, 
Baal hamon, Cant. viii. 11. 

4M?«lki b'il zwA, OS., so also RV., m. 
Beelzebub, Baalzebub, 2 Kgs. i. 2. 

jp b4'lis, OS., m. Baalis, Jer. xl. 14. 


.^J^ol|k9 b*il m'an, Psh. ^', RV. with ^ 
Baalmeon, Ezek. xxv. 9. 

&di^lk9 b'il p'iir, OS., RV. with Ji^? 
Baalpeor, Num. xxv. 3. 

Itf^^ii:^!^ b'il pribim, Psh. 'f^ '9, RV. with 
^kJcf, Baal perazim, 2 Sam. v. 20. 

,^^^ b'il spiin, OS., RV. with ^, Baal 
zephon, Ex. xiv. 2. 

?;\t\iTf ba'alshilishi, Psh. 2^i}^^i^^, J^ooZ 
shalisha, 2 Kgs. iv. 42. 

^&lx9 b'il tamir, OS., RV. with Ji^, Baal 
tamar, Jud. xx. 33. 

$s^ ba'na, OS., m. Baanah, 2 Sam. iv. 6. 

^iLi? bashd, OS., m. Baaslia, i Kgs. xvi. i. 

^409 bita, OS., f., pi. (as OS.) ^ bfl, a« 
e^^y ;i^aij^? '9 K. a «uw7 [see ;*^] ; ^9 ;^ 
spaion, roe. 

^ bap& (fr. arab. pers. lij good faith 1), f. i , 
gratitude, appreciation of a benefit. 

^^ (^a^) b6$a, az. turk. u^cJu^, m. i, i) a 
wooden ring, used in stables. 2) a stick berU 
into a circle fastened to the yoke of a plough 
and to the beam. 

&f«9^ bapnishir, by metath. fr.pers.^^*!^. , 
miUc and snow mixed. 

;N9XfAl9 b'prishiith& AL, adv. ajxirt Sachau 
38. See ;koatf.i^. 

}^ bapt&, (pers. oJb interwoven 1), m. i, 
braid on the border of a coat &c. 

^ bisa Al., coal. 

t^9^ bisiir, (cf. h^), disgraced; 'a p^L to 
do despite to, to dishonour, to revile, with dir. 
obj. ^4^ f. shame, disgrace. 

taa'9^ bafura, ba- U., or Al. as OS. 2^, 
f ;&^&-, little, less, inferior, wanting, smaU, mean, 
ik^' inferiority, indignity, shame; ik^&^^fbr 
the worse. 

a^ bisli, OS., m. i, an onion. 

> ^l » ^ », ? basli-il, OS., m. Bezaled, Ex. xxxi. a. 

^o^ biifma, turk. pers. k»^U, f. i, a printing- 
press; ^9 ^^ lyi to print a book. 

^uIm^ biismakyina, turk. pers. ij1^i.m»1> > f* i» 
a Printing-office, 


I^OM^ bfifmachS, iark. ^t^Jof m. i, a 

l&^ see 'a9. 

&^ b&i^r, OS., to 6« inmfficiera, to he want- 
ing, to grow less, to wane. See b^uo and &^aaj>. 
Dist. iufa. 

VS^ bft9ra, OS., arab. i,-«j , J?o*ra or Bossora, 
a city near the mouth of the Tigris. 

6a>^ basarat, cf. &^, pers. u:>^Laj, f. i, 
adversity, a reverse, 

|03 see ;m3. 

la^i b&qa Al., arab. ^., noti^, <A«n, «o, 
Lidz. 420. 

^ baqS, arab. turk. J»b, i) or ^ bltghS, 
in arrears, 2) Al. m. remainder, rest, Lidz. 420. 

;&.ia b4q^t&, (cf. arab. lib. a pile, mass 7), 
f. 6, a turban, 

}^ see V' 

X^a^ b&q&l, arab. turk. JlX., m. i, i) a 
fruit'SeUer, grocer, chandler; ^9p li^^ti^ avoir- 
dupois weight, see &^ 2) a tenant of vineyards 
and orchards, 

T^Ba Eee ;^Atti. 

^x^ltiji bJiqliish^, m, i, a pebble; in pi. 

^^Nflti^ b&qlita, rare, f. 6, ooU. pi. iifi^ biiqlt, 
(common), or in Al. i^£p (Lidz. 420), arab. 
turk., a Zar^« bean, a white broad bean, 

^oi^ biiqlin U., az. turk. ^^b, osm. turk. 
^^iijL), f. I, a flamingo. 

or ^aii^ b&q&m, bagh&m, turk. pers. ^. 
logwood, BraaU'WOod, 

i^Afi b&qsam Al., kurd. Oi»i.kj , biseuit, 
cake, Lidz. 420. 

JU99 btq&, beb. V^*, m. a half-shekel, Ex. 
xxxviii. 26. 

2Silfi7 biqr& or as OS. '^ biiqHl, m. 3 (f. in 
Al. as OS.), a flock, herd. See &?. 

{^IfiUmp biqr&-y&, fr. prec., m. i, a Wc/, 

X tig^^rty biqrachS, turk. term. ^ , m. i = prec. 

dCfMO^ Al. Ash. = 'm9. 

^JOtt baqta U., f., pi. ^ also ^Kilo* b&q6- 

7&t! and (?) ^ biqti ; or ^ b&q& Q. Tkh. 
Al. as OS., m. I, a gnat, sandfly, mosquito. 

&ai bar, i) pers. kurd. turk. .l>, f. fruit, 
2) kurd.^, , m. side, Lidz. 420. ^ ao^ Tb&r 
min Al. outside, prep. See also liia, bS<a, 

^ bar (Al. also ^ bir or ^ &7), constr. 
Bt. of OS. afiHa, m., pi. <Sp bn6, «on of, esp. in 
phrases and compounds, as ikSf ^ or «oj9<kiy &:fi 
bar shit4, shitii, one year old, f. id., (OS. similar); 
ikSafi 9^ &91 {l^ K.), contemporary, f. id.; so 
^ ^A^ &91 (so K. with 1^^) three years old ; 
9 2b'i^ &f|i a feUow'COurUryman of; 2&'i^ &91 
a home-bom person, opp. \Z»Tao; 9 ^ &:ji 
fiame«a^ 0/, see i^bsf below ; 9 |ua &91 OS.*, 
6^ov<riOf, consvhstanticd with, of one substance 
with; 9f'^^ «!», either an inhabitant of Tabriz 
or inhabitants of Tabriz, esp. U. (in K. local 
adjectives are used), so with any town or 
village ; oigpV^ «Ip met. the shafts of his quiver. 
Lam. iii. 13. Compounds : ^i ^ barabi OS., 
m. Barabbas, Mat. xxvii. 16 ; 2^} &91 barigir^ 
Ti., a lunatic (lit. son of a roof), but &419 
ihH I d'bar ig&ri, OS.*, demoniacs. Mat. iv. 24 ; 
^iLLl &91 Al. a crupper (Lidz. 420); .^Qi^eiji ^ 
bar bah'ldl, OS., m. a celebrated lexicographer 
and grammarian : his own name was Jyba^ ; 
UCia^ ^ or ULajp hij^, m. a steer (two years old), 
a btdlock, '9 ''a ti^^ a young bullock; ^^> &:ji 
bar d^n, OS.*, m. Bardesanes, a heretic in 
the second century ; p^ &^ bar h'd&d, OS., m. 
Benhadad, i Kgs. xv. 18 ; ;pk^\ l^, OS.*, m. a 
companion, PhiL iv. ^; ^j ^ barziU, OS., m. 
BarziUai, 2 Sam. xvii. 27 ; ;Lb4 hsf barzar^&,OS., 
m. I, seed, lit (opp. ;L&4 met. seed, descendant), 
often %&7 birzar'&; {^^pa^*^, usually Hm^ 
b&rikhm^ -yk, m, i = OS. ^gpL. &? son of 
parents-in-law, so un/^^ brother, brother-in-law 
(not sister 6 husband or husband's brother, see 
^fry, ^0pt2); ;i^»»-^? b&rikhm^ti, f. 6, wifes 
sister, sister-in-law (see ^^A^, ^^^^jM) ; ••'P't^ ^ 
bar^m^ OS., m. Bartimaeus, Mk. x. 46; 
jMoa^ &? bar tshi^, Psh. ^091 &^, m. Barjesus, 
Acts xiii. 6 ; ^&9 bir-nw4, OS., m, Barnabas, 
Acts xiii. I ; 1^ &:ji see J^oif ; t ^^ barn&shi, 
OS. (for I2 &?), also in AL ^29 &7 bir d'n&sha, 
in Ash. ^&7 bir n&sh&, m., pi. Inlia bn^nashi 
as OS., both sing, and pi very common in NS., 


ffMan esp. m a niee, alfio a fiuiii, morto/. ton of 
man (not uk the xuime of our Ix^rd in NS., 
for wLich ^nl^ ^oki or ^2^ cifbas ie used); 
ifif^ a9. OS., UL Gregory Bar Ifibranu, a 
famous W. Syr. patriarcL and author : ^Ss^ a? 
bar i^fja i, OS., ul SimeoD &r #Sa6oe (lit. son 
of the dyera;, a famous £. Syr. CatLolicos and 
martyr ; 2^^ &cjp a tidri- front (lit. eon of cLeFt), 
cf ^^ Us l«low ; ^M^ a^, OS., m. Bartumas^ 
a famous K. Syr. author, eometimes now used 
aa a man's name in K.; H^ a? K.,ooUar (lit. 
son of neck)=iS^ U.; J^alli^ a?, OS.*, m. an 
aUy; ^^ kjp or ^saqi Ahh. =r ;uaa«a a piUow 
(see ati^), J^idz. 567; ^ &9 l/arhhaba, OS., 
m. Bartahai, Acts L 23 ; 2Skax &? bar shura, 
OS.*, m. a Indu^ark; JSocl^^ l>en-hi K., for 
^iaf &9 (see ^ &9 alx^ve) the title bj which 
a man addresses his namesake, instead of using 
his Chriiftian name ; ^ti^^ &9 bar tdlm^, OS., 
m. Bartholomew, Mat. x. 3: iM^ &7 birtsara, 
a lunatic; ^A^^ Zia hn^raf^hah^OH., Boanerges, 
Mk. iii. 17. See A^ki. 

2fiS9 bara K., OS., m. i, t/te outside. See iLi^. 

l^ hkri, i) (cf. Xbit), f. i, 2, a dilcfi, a small 
channd. 2) Al. m. (see &9) side ; '9 x^ mkh& 
b., on /^ (me hand; ^s ow mo b., on tJu other 
hand; ^ ^9 a^ 16 b. d' Al. on that side of; 
p '9 ^^i^ Al. on this side of, 

2^ hart, i) as OS. to create. 2) K. to he 
horn; or to he, hecome, to grow. 3) K. to leave 
off, to hate done with, to let alone with ^. 4)^ 
impers. to he possible or fitting; ^ks ;^ U. 
(rare). K. or 'aa H AL, U bary&, lakh&ry&, it 
is impossible . 5) K. Al. to happen; ^ Ibaa ^ 
mk b'h&r^ min, what will hecome of 6) K. with 
2&a^, A^d^ &c. to rain, snow &c. See 2k3i0. 

llL^ see 2!^. 

2^aS9 sec (K&s. 

iM^ Iwiri'it (oxytone), OS.*, outwardly, 
Kom. ii. 28. 

^&9 berlia, (cf kurd. ^L^j wind), m. i, refuse 
of corn, ntraw &c. on the threshing-floor. 

^ai^ liarabii, f. a collection, gathering, for 
the poor. 

\(^&4i borbdg, kurd. s^fyj^.^ (pers.^j over, 
^'y» ^i^!>^ bride), f. i, guardian of the hride^ 

a woman who remains by the aide of a bride 
at a wedding, or a little girl who rides behind 
the bride on the same horse in the wedding 

^^e^ see oaa. 

X &92S19 barabar, sometimes in K. ^a^ks b&r- 
ambar (both proparox.), pers. tnrk.^]^, (in 
both senses), kurd. j^]yi PS. 285, i) a4jf 
f. id., equals like. 2) adv. together^ esp. of 
motion, alike, equaUy. 

a^a^ birbir, with a broad sound, f. id^ (see 
^aa»), loud voiced. 

X iL&i^ barbra-ya, f. U^^, OS., harharian. 

Jaji^a bargir U. K^ or ^^ bargU AL, 
turk,^^-5\b, kurd. J-^^^. Garz. 109, PSt 286, 
apackhorse; in Al. used of any ordinary riding 
}i€rse, a hack; a gelding. In U. esp. a had 
horse and met. a had man. 

^aa barid = paso to rub. 

2^ birda Terg., f. 2^, OS. 9, tpeeUsd. 

2'^^ berda, OS., m. i, hail. See >^ha. 

9^a^ 2jA? Ash., see ikaa. 

^^?aa bardan, pers. Jlij\j> (fr- jM a load), m. i, 
a load of cotton. 

X ^a? berham, f id., pers. j^jky,, confused, in 
confuifion; annulled. ^9 ^ to entangle. 

iio^ biru*a, OS., Berea, Acts xvii. 10. 

pbaa or k- b&r6d, banit, arab. j»<i.l>, turk. 
cy^.b, m. I, gunpowder, saltpetre. 

^^ ^ioba OT^ '9 briidakh baladan(RV.), 
-bildau, Psh. ^aX^ ^^, m. Berodach haladan, 
2 Kgs. XX. 1 2 . 

;U&9 bardza U., f. U^^- banizti, i) fr. 9^, 
dry, withered. 2) cf. rf?, stuhbom. 

l\6^, Jii^, see ^ao^. 

^o&9 bardya, OS., m. i, creator. 

^i^ birw^ka, f. btUter, fiour, onions and 
water boiled. 

^b&9 barukh, OS., m. Baruch, Jer. xxxii. 12. 

£(9^ biriila, OS., nu i, heryl. 

i^^ birUlkha, OS., m. bdellium. Gen. ii. i a. 

l^oha bruna (sometimes bdna in Al.), dim. 
of OS. 22119 (see &? above), m., pi. ^fai9 bndni, 
rarely ^fib brunt, sometimes in Al. (not Z.) 


Md^, [in Az. Bmg. |U&^ and ^&7, pi. lej^'ha] 
3(m, In OS. used in dim. sense; cf. {somI 
^6Sbp ii^^i^* adopHont Rom. viii. 15. 

^&4i or ^7 berwan&, bir-, pers. ^jUp.i m. i , 
an apron, 

^aa9&9 brum& or brtlnma, f. i, a Rusnan 
cloak or or^rcoo/. 

;0e&9 barilq&, fr. lUpor, a ttiff neck from cold, 
a sore on the neck. 

&9&91 berwer, tbe name of two districts in 
Kurdistan inhabited by £. Syr., one near 
Qudshanis, the other S. of Tiari. 

«9&^&9P berwardsh K., az. tnrk. ^^i)/^- » ^- ^> 
a suf^lower, 

«9&7 birilsh, f. i, 90up made from wheat 
and water or lentils or other vegetables. 

;i^ or ;l^ bardzha K. Sh., kard.jj|^^. 
(lit. before the sun), the ntnny side of a hill, 

|«£e&4i berwazhS, (cf.pers. u^lj^ negligent)), 
ro. I, a foolish tcUker, 

6^6ha see ^^. 

^b^ briiti, OS.*, f., no pi., a cypress or 
a juniper-tree, 

f^ b4riz, (arab. (^^j 1), i) to dry, to dry 
up, to wither, 2) met. to fear grtaUy, 

\n^ bar&z, f. id., (fr. kurd. j1^. a wild pig, TA. 
l\&a), stubborn, obstincUe, pigheaded, 

;^|p or 'jp birz&, birz&, fr. f^, m. dry land, 

t^^, «BD-, Us^, see &9P. 

{b^&^M&qi barkhiird&r, f. id., az. turk.^b^^i^, 
amiable; frugal; a good manager. 

Ictimh;^ berkhw&sh, f. id., az. turk. i^y^.t 
pleasant, suitable, 

;^&9 b&rkhtSy& ABh.= .mtsmALa. 
A;&7 W4&. (cf. d»M^), m. h a flower, 

i^^l^ ber^iU Al., arab. J^J*^., bribes, 
Lidz. 422. 

^ barl Al., see .m^&s. 

^ barlyi, arab. turk. kurd. aT^., OS. ik^h;^, 
afCfi, m. I (f. in Al. Ash.), i) a desert, wilderness; 
^9p wHd, of trees &c. 2) Al fFtainland, Lidz. 
421. 3) AL openfidde. 

\i.^ bari-y&, b&-, f. jiL-, i) OS. ouier, 

outuHird; ^ ffS^ Al. outside, 2) Al. Ash., 
agent of a&a, creator = ^^. 

i^^ birya, i) with f. ;&f&9 brlti q.y., pp^ of 
a&a. 2) U., m. I, a foal, coU = ^^s K. 

ipt&ai biridi, kurd. iJl^., nu i, a deep 

l^f&s see Ak^. 

^t^i^ bar4-{, also t&? [in Az. iLi^], often 'a^ 
in Al., outside, ^ ^9 outside, prep. 

;:^ki I. bHkh&, f. Ust^ brikhti, OS., ftlMfftf, 
fortunate, happy, cf. ^^aao. Phbabes : ^9&JUb 
jtfftf ^ ;Io4 may your journey be blessed, said 
after, not before, a journey ; ^ha ^4 ^9?^ 
may your feast be blessed, said esp. at Christmas 
and Easter ; ^xa looi may it be blessed! said 
by a friend to another of anything new belong- 
ing to the latter (cf. jlal). u. brik&, pp. of ^. 

^ha brtn K. AL, kurd. id. Garz. 145, f. i, 
3, a wound, 

^^f biryin, pers. turk. ^b^., m. i, roast 

t&^&9 brind&r K., f. id., kurd. id. Ghirz. 
145, i) woufnded, 2) also 9&^^ brind&rd, 
a man's name now used. 

jttkfiHai bar6t£, f. 6, pegs placed in the gpround 
for stretching cotton thread before weaving. 

;i^^ brita, all as OS., i) f. pp. of iha (see 
;:^p). 2) subs, f., with pL ;^:l^p biry&ti, 
creation, the universe, the world; a creature, 
3) the book Genesis, 

U^is.^ see A^^. 

^^ barik, (in 08. Az. with soft Kap), i) 
to kneel; ^&9a ^s to bend the knee, 2) to lie 
down, as an animaL [In Az. = ^ato.] 

^a? berk& K. AL, m. i, and Ut^^ berkthi 
K., f. 6, kurd. berkh Garz. 87, a lamb, 

^^p birki, rarely as OS. V bdrki, f. 5, 
knee, Phrasxs : 's ^ or ^s ^aa to kneel, but 
Iaa'^p lyi to be appalled by bad news (striking 
the knees is a common action on hearing bad 
news) ; ;L ^^ .i^^l^p birkikd kilyt ni, he 
is tired out, 

|»&7 see |ft&9B. 

^J»4b brakh'll, Psh. ^^^^, m. Baraehei, 
Job xxxii. 2. 


i^iia hnkhjkj OS., m. Baraehias, Mat. 
xxiii. 35. 

i2L^$9 UnJudi, arab. 4II djb, ti^ done f 

* • 

birldghin, az. tork. ^l^Jp., f. i, 
a tohiripocl, 

^lo& 4:^ b^ bir lakhai rii-f, Psh. .^ ^il^ 22o, 
iXe0r ZaAat rot, Gen. xtL 14. 

j^^io^ bermila Al., arab. J-^^» a barrdj 
Lidz. 422. 

i^io&itjp beimil v., pen. JW», m. i, a coarse 
tug = Xi;^, used for covering beds when they 
have been rolled up for the day. 

ip6!i^ or ^ib&7 ABh.=^&ia (see A^a). 

^fiS^ b&rani, kord. ^j^., m. i, a ram four 
yearB old and over. Or fix^ ) 

&aft$9 8ee &9^. 

2^&7 birinj, turk. ^J^) perB.O, m. i, brass. 

^fitfa barandiiz, pers.ujLJ^b, a river in the 
B. part of the Urmi plain. 

ikoft&7 bim6t, az. turk. ^j^jy.f kurd. ^y^jJ> 
PS. 286, arab. J»^i^., f. i, snuff, 

|esfft&4i Ijemiql, OS., f. Berenice, Acts xxv. 13. 
^hqt see &7* 

|;acl&9 bamaaha-ya, f. Ut^-j OS., At/man. 
j^ fills b&r&, OS., m. ^^a, Gen. xiv. 2. 

.^ka barili Ti. AL (proparox.), fr. &9, up- 
wards, up, 

^ihs^ see ^fiS?. 

«^&4i berpriish, pers. ^j^b, a city in 

lU^ b&riq, i ) OS., to flash, lighten (light- 
ning). 2) met. to have a sudden pain, to have 
a stiff neck, cf. ^oe&s, 9JB^f. See Jo^asp, 

lUSlls b4raq, OS., m. Barak, Jud. iv. 6. 

Ijo^ or ^91 as OS., birqA, berq&, m. i, light- 

^0^ birqa, OS.*, m. carbuncle (or emerald V), 
Ex. xxviii. 17 RV. 

9JB^f birqd, i) (i)erh. fr. arab. ^ to adorn 
oneself) ram (used of women). 2) (fr. ^^0) 
f. a shooting pain, a crick in the neck. 

\^:^^ha berqdl (perh. pers.^. at + OS. 

a^P^ q. v.), usually foU. bj p, opposite, aver 
against; cf. '&>. l^ f. o^iponiumy of place. 

X A^wea^berqiili-ya, f. jfr-, fr.prec.,c»ppowta. 

see Aksa. 

;i^2ici braqta, f. 6, a tonsil (fr. Ma no. 2 t). 

^Si^pi Ash., see &?. 

jax^f birshwa, OS., Beersheba, Gen. xxi. 33. 


99 see 91:91. 

d^io b'rashit, OS.* (W. Syr. 'a^), heb. 
n^9^3, tn </^ beginning, Gren. L i. 

J^99 bersha, OS., m. Birsha, Gen. xiv. a. 

fi^9? and ^2C3 bar, bra= OS. ^9? constr. at. 
of OS. ;k'^ (see ^^^a^^)! used as follows: 
i) ^93 of age, as ^9^ 9;^ $kh^ a girl one monik 
old. Or perh. we should write simply &91, the 
m. for the f. (see 93). 2) ^2ci is used only in 
Compounds. 29fi ^2ci, f. i, 3, (pL in Ash. 
Uti^'&i bretaiha), a glove; l^bsf 'a or ^, f. 
quartz [=9>a? l^a? Ash.] ; l^jf a, f. a 6att- 
socket; focL 'a, f. a halo round the sun; 1^^9 
a peg in the yoke of a plough to keep the Ail 
from slipping (there are two such) ; JSmi^ ^9 
Tkh. f. a halo round the moon; also= AoyiS .^^ 
U. (see ^^); ;ii^/s = OS. ^ ^a^, f. a 
thimble; iHp^ '3 a breastplate, Ex. xxv. 7 RV. 
(see under 9?) ; iLi '3, (=0S. % ^£?), f., pL 
ifa ^Slci an echo, a sound: a report, Rom. x. 16 
old ver. ; ^iba^ ^a, f. a Ttalo round the sun, 

islja hkrat, turk. cj>J;J, f. i, a cheque, note cf 
hand, order, 'a 9aL to negotiate a cheque, 

ik&t brat&, sometime in Al. ^ika^fi bftthi or 
;^&7 birta (Lidz. 422) = OS. ;ki^, f. with pi. 
;Sia bn4ti U. ^ bnatha K. AL, rarely U^ 
bney&tt U., i) a daughter, a girl. 2) U. the 
queen at cards. 

.^M^&9 bartakhtt Ti. Al. (proparox.), fr. ha, 
downwards, doum, 

^ i) see JCf3 or «^. 2) = foil. 

jca Al. Ash.= .j«3, but usually preceding 
a noun, as ^&p J» chief merchant. 

)sa bashi K., turk. ^b, m. Tiead, summit 

^ basha, f. id., having a white patch (on 
the forehead), of animals. 




^pSi^ bish^ AL, (cf. ^ or dCfa and ;i:^), 
better f adj. and adv., Lidz. 422. 

«» hksht, turk. ^b, a ieTm.=s chief; e.g. 
^3 Mkx^ A«cuf cook. 

HiX^ bashili, fr. foil., f. i, a mtx«^ meZori, 
80 called because it is ripened by being buried 
in hot earth while still growing. 

•!^p bashil K., OS., i) to be cooked, 2) to 
be ripe, to ripen, 3) met. to be warm; pp. 
met. hardened^ hardy. See Ajnui. 

i!ia9 bshil^, m. I, i) v. n. of prec. 2) Al. 

jliaqp bishla, m. flour ^ water ^ and butter cooked 

.^do b&shligh, turk. (>JLlb., f. i, i) a hood, 
2) K. Jive piastres ^=Sjg q. v. 

•^^ospi bashmagh, turk. j » .t. > , pers. jUjlj, 
f. I, a irAo«, 600^. 

X .f^^yioi? or ^a«- bashmaghchi, -khchf, turk. 
^ j." * " ■ *. , m. I , a shoemaker, cobbler, 

J^ bish! AL, f. jt^l^, arab. 2^, «^ty, 
Iddz. 423. 

laacf bashq^, f. id., turk. iJLlj, distinguished 
from, o(A«r than, separate, 

sxOBCf bashq&b, usually ^'-&p, az. turk. mUiI), 
m. I (pi. bashq&bi always), a jjiate, dish, 

^Uaa bashq&lan, turk. ^^iJLlb , Bashkala, 
a town in Kurdistan. 

^Bi, ^, see Stt. 

(K^ bash&rat Al., arab. i^Llj , good tidings, 
Lidz. 423. 

is? bit, in K. Al. often ^ bid, in AL Z. (even 
with ^ and ^ verbs) and sometimes U. K. 
9 b', (= ^ ^is it is wished that, or perh. ^ ^is 
he wishes to), the sign of the future tense, as 
«Si) A9 or Afl 99 or «^b A« wiU go. It is an 
invariable particle. It is seldom used in Ti.; 
in Ash. ^ alone is used before 2 or «, e.g. .^i^ 
d'azil he wiU go; so often Ti. Z. Az. [in TA. 
f^ is used, in Az. ^iV^]. See Grammar, 82, 
122 ; and see also ^, >^ ^2^ 

i^^ bat, heb. na^, m. f. i , a bath, the Hebrew 

^ pi. of jUa ; add : divisions of a chest &c. 
0&17 see iAXa. 

41 .a^Acius 

il»^^ bt6'il, OS., m. Bethuel, Oen. xxiL a a. 

|i^j^ btM&, OS., m. I, ffirgin (rare); 
Ut^, f. virginity, 

U^Sfct btttlt&, OS., f. 6, 9, a virgin, maiden. 

^ttf see iAA^a. 

i^fy^ bitaniy&, OS., Bithynia, Acts xvi. 7. 

^6sF and ^6or see j^. 

^rMu*4<a or ^- btakhmln, -in, arab. ^j^ 
(lit. at a guess), cf. ^tMbJf^, i) in my opinion, 
probMy (so kurd. JJbu Lerch 81). a) ^ 
chance. Not common. 

;I69 batly& AL, arab. ol> , a garment, eloak, 
Lidz. 416. 

^^ see ^.^ under d^a. 

A^6sF or \i^ Imtl&gh, -ligh (sic), cf. turk. 
jfLq 7, f. I, dough, mire, mud, 

^6sF batm&n, seldom ^Vf ba^min, turk. ^jlja> , 
f. I, a manned or &a<man, a weight of various 
kinds. The usual Urmi batman is about 
32 lb. avoirdupois, =8 haptas= 3,200 misqals, 
one-tenth of a load. The grocer s batman, for 
weighing sugar, medicine, tobacco, &c, is one- 
fifth of the above, being 640 misqals; the 
goldsmith's batman is 64 misqals. 

9Ais4^ btapqd K., (cf. Mfk), by ehanee, 

hii b&thar K. Al. Sh. MB., as OS., or bS>a 
b&r U. Qp SaL Gaw. and sometimes Al. Ash. 
[in TA. b^, '» b^, p 91^], after, behind, 
often with ^ prefixed or following, b^ drSSisa 
(or 's lUBa) hkri b&r U. ahoays after, always 
behind, intensified form. — With affixes 07^40 
bathri K. &c., ^9bio baru U. &c. after him; 
so other persons. In TL ^ drb'^ bathra d', after, 
l^^ bio (or ^^4) bar hadi, hid&khn.=:^ b4^ 
Al. (or ^j^or) bithar d&kh (dikh), afterwards, 
after this; 9 iL^t^i ithy& bithar Al., ftiilen 
behind ; ^» 2j»b^ bard6 d y6mi (sic) Ash., 
next day, Lidz. 416 ; p ^ b^o Al. after that, 

2b'^ bathr& K. Sec, 2b'£o b4r& U. &c, see 
prec, m. the back of a thing. 

.|^b'^9 b&ra-t, backwards. 

^^? batshwi, Psh. ^ft^&?, f. Bathskeba^ 
2 Sam. xi. 3, a name still used (now '^). 




\, I. the letter «lM2l^gamal, OS., f. i, in K. 
MB. 2, = ^ in go ; when aspirated = gh, a 
soft guttural somewhat like arab. 6, but in 

MB. Ti. often nearly = ^ ; with Majliyana (^ ) 
it becomes *^m^ jamal = j (English). An 
aspirated \ frequently drops ; cf. •^?, i^ii, 
\«». In Ti. \ often becomes ^. In non- 
Aramaic words iV^ and \are interchanged with 
in. In numbering \= 3. u. -V.= i) o&^Az. 
2) ^ Az. Al. 

\|^ja-ig Al., to aj)proach, Lidz. 424. 

p|^ j4-id Al., arab. I^, to strive, 

^ii^i^ as OS. or 'i, giiigrapiya, ji-, gk. 
ytoiypatpia, f. geography. 

A^d^^ or \ glulugiyi, ji-, gk. ytcuXoyia, 
t geology, 

;^&2^»e^ as OS. or '^ giibnitrlya, gk. yrcD- 
lUTpia^ f. geometry, 

fj^ ja-iz Al., arab.jU., to he allowed or fitting^ 
Lidz. 424. Cans. f3^ q. y. Dist. 91^. 

SbOfta^ ga-iyds, OS., m. GaiuSf Acts zx. 4. 

^j^ja-ik AL, to prod, thrust in, Lidz. 424. 

i!^ ga-il K., (in OS. to be in motion, past 
«2^and "^j^), to hod, intr. Cf. arab. _Lp ? 

.1^ ja-il Al., arab. JU., i) to seek, search 
for, with A. 2) to go about, to take a walk 
(Journey, ride), Sachau 23, 67. Cans. «^^ q.v. 

.AA^galtyiln, OS., m. GaUio, Acts xviii. 12. 

^^gilan, pers. yJkS, 9^ province of Persia 
bordering on the Caspian Sea. 

X»|^ja-im Al. = ^, Sachau 23, 53. 

^^ g6m& Al. = 08. >o2<I or *»^, ra. 1, 
a jnmd, cistern, Lidz. 425. 


jb|j2C^ga-is AL, to awake, Lidz. 425. 

^ga-ip, -if AL, (cf. ^), to threaten, 
Sachau 53. 

»fl|S, ja-iq Al. Ash., (cf. J)^, a^J^?), to tear, 
split, divide, tr. and intr. 

&^ ga-ir AL, (OS. past &XJ, to eammii 

b|^ja-ir, i) arab. (j^,jma^'i, mingere, 2) K. 

^«.. -^^^ see '^. 

ab'^gira, 1) as OS., m. i, an arrow; hence 

2) Al., a yard, about = an European metre. 

3) U., a lineal measure = 2 A^ = -^ ^!??. 

4) OS., also 2(^in NS., Gera, Jud. iii. 15. 
5)* heb. rna, f. i, a weight, a gerah, Ex. 
XXX. 13. 

a^ Sh., in the phrases : \ ^l ikh& jib = 
p ^^1 on this side of; a^ rajib = p fi^^ 
instead of 

^^giba, in Ti. Sh. ^^jiba, tn. 4, osoally in 
K. Sh. jfeV^ giita q. v., 7. = OS. jiV^ for ^Ju*^ 
(Az. also ^^), side (the first two forms not 
of a man or animal except in the following 
phrases, see ^I^). p ^^ ^ U. K., instead 
of, concerning, also lit. an the side of. In 
AL Az. ? ^ (or ? ^)=:j^ U.= » jCs^ 
K. Sh., to{= ghap Mai., Farisot xL 499; ao 
^oAa|^ gibkhdn Az., to you), p fyij^ K. Sh. 
(or p \), beside, by the side of, w p \^^ 
or 9 ^^ from, from beside ; fi\ oi^ lAgib& 
(proparox.), on this side ; ^\mi 16gtbi (pro- 
parox.), on the other side, over there, also abroetd; 
(these two also prepositions when folL by p, 
the latter also when foil, by ^) ; ^^mi X*r^ 
to and fro. Used after nouns thus : ^^&dl ^ 
from the neiglibourhood 0/ Urmi, or eoneeniing 

^^Jtba U., f. 3, j6bi K. Al., m. 3, arab. tnrk. 
^^.^^j^, i) pocket. 2) (rare) puTM. See preo. 

^CiJ^ jab&, f. a box, used for carrying honej 
and other things. 

^iHj, g&-wl, i) to beg, to be a beggar, a) K^ 
to collect subscrijftions. 3) Al., as OS., to 
eoOeet, to choose. See ^^». n. g&rbt, (cf. fo^ 
and rt^^n^ift), to foam up, boil over. 

MaaV^gab-b&t&, Psh. »^, Gabbatha, Joh. 
xix. 13. 


fd^ gibA, also \^ gipftg, turk. c^, 
pers. turk. cJ^ f. foam. 

9aj^ jibii, familiar for 

t al«rf, gA-wAyi K., fir. ^, ni. i, a beggar, 

jt^^aX^ g&-wfl8hti^ f. 6, the name of a large 
white grape, and raisin. 

^M^il^^ gi-wikh (cf. .«?4^), i)toh6 weak and 
ready to fall in or dowtfi, as a roof or waU ; 
to he drawn tn, at the stomach of a hnngrry 
horse, a) met. of persons, to be ruined. 3) AL, 
to fall doum^ tumble^ as a man, &o., Lids. 427. 

iLL^jabakh&ni, pers. tnrk. iiU.1.,^, f. i, 
an armoury. 

i^g^wi^yi U. Q. Sh. = ^etfSi^. 

A9>V,gwilt4 (-tha K.), OS., f. 6, i) anything 
moulded or formed^ a clod of earth, a lump of 
anything, e.g. dough, a) ereaiionf the untveree. 

$^ gwink K. as OS., or by metath. ^SfiV^ 
gn!w& U. (see A^a), m. i, i) an eyeibrow, 
2) the brow of a hill. 

.IgiSC^g&wil, i) as OS., to form^ fashion, a) 
A1., to mix, mix up, Lidz. 4a 7 ; Ij^^m^s <A9^ 
they fight. Dist. ^«li^^. 

•Ig4^ jabil Ash., arab. J^h^, == prec. 

•2k^gwal, Gebdl, Ps. Ixxxiii. 7 (not Psh.), 
Ezek. xxvii. 9 (Psh. -IgiSk^). 

.laj^jab&l, arab. J..**>, 1 1, i) a mountain. 
a) natural foreet ; a reed-bed. 

SL^aJ^JabU, arab. J^h^, f. i, a c^roM of catUe, 
a company of men. Cf. a^^. 

paiiJiJIUab&14bad, pers. ^UT J,*., a mountain 
in Persia. 

^gh&bin Al. TA. or ^L in Ash., arab. ^^, 
to be angry, to be eorry, to grieve. 

t <i«, gib&ni AL, kurd. ^IjlTand J^^\f 
(gav&n Lerch. 106), a shepherd^ cowherd, Lidz. 
4a8. See pof^. 

^ gwk, OS., Geba, i Kgs. zv. aa ; Cfibtak, 
Jud. six. 14. 

^^k^Vv gyi^'ftn. OS., Oibeon, Jodi. z. a. ^-, 
OS., a Oibeomte^ a Sam. xxi. i. 

&gX^gi-wir, fr. folL, i) to marry, tr. and intr. 

a) Al., followed by .1^, <M)net«m6ere. Dist. &q^. 

}22Ca4^g6r4 as OS., m. i, 4, pi. in U. also 

sometimes ^IB^iVw' ^^9- ^^ ^^^- ^' liC^i^^and 
'iU^ri^. Jor&, m. I, in Z. Ash. Al. Q. ai^ijgiira, 
m. I, i) a hutband. a) K. Al. Az. as OS., a 
man (lat. vir). ih.^ f. manliness. Dist. 2&«V^. 

2Sll^ gw&ra, m. I, i) v. n. of &gi^; hence 
a) marriage, matrimony. 

^^9^ g6riin& Al., m. i, a boy (so Ma'i. 
ghabr6n&, 'a man,' Parisot xii. 132). 

i:^&94;^g6H'il, OS., m. Gabriel, still freqnenUy 
used as a man's name, Ln. i. 19. See oo^. 

^ttA^kj^gi-wertmi, f. i, the name of a largo 
kind of raisin. 

fy^ g^ii K. Sh., fern, form of ^q. v.t (or 
perh. we should write ^i^^fr. turk. i^^y rump, 
cf. jd4^ = ? ^1^). 

^or ^gej, gech, pers. J^, see ;^, m. 1, 
i) gypsum, used as a white plaster for walls ; 
hence a) plaster, see ^ux. Cf. 2&'oa^^. 

^I^^gagi, m. I, a wooden spud, for weeding, 
•^j^gyift ««• turk. eUr , f. jealousy, rage. 
\^y^ jajig, kurd. id., f. cheese made from 
ISp, ipAtt, and oauft. See iho^. 

o^gigA = «ki daddy. 

;(£^o\^ g&ghttlta, OS., t Golgotha, Calvary, 
Mat. xxvii. 33. 

^l^gejkhak, pers. e)U»r(fr. e)U earth), 
m. mortar made from earth and gypsum, Ume. 

2i{oai^^gejk6ri, az. turk. t^y^uu lime. 
ili^gya, f.iaa;««y. Cf.iJ^'. 

)E|^^j&jim, kurd. j^jim, m. i, a carpet of 
a small and thin kind. 

^A^jAgin, m. I, a eoaree rush, flag. 

S^gcgini, gech-. f. ;^-, fr. ^, i) made 
ujith gypsum, containing gypsum, a) aa subs., 
m. I , mortar made with muA lime. 

&Ji^ jigir Al. K., arab.^^, <o quarrd, to be 
cmgry, to be provoked. See ii^. 

o a 


mX^jjk^ir, Lt, i) pen. tnrk. 5^ or^^y, 
tke lively often with j^o^. 2) with ;iAomy 
tatk.jCf^\, the lung. 3) both these = liver 
or lung dieeoMe. %,^^ veniureeomc 

iS^ jigir and JSi^^jigri Al. K, a^gijir 
U. <cf. ^^^)> arab. 5mk., f. anger, wrath. 

s « « •• « 

^i^4^.j^?^^^ pen. ^i^, a river on the 
eact of the Lake of Urmi. 

g/L^^A^ i) OS., m. God^ Gen. xzz« 1 1. ^p- 
a Gadile. 2) Psh. J^)l^ ^« ^od of fortune, Isa. 
IzT. II ; in AL 2^(Lidz. 429), Ziceit, fortune, 
Suchaa 89.88. 3) Al., see iJC,. 

aljad, anb. tark. jL, m. i, an aneeeicr. 

^jid, foil, bj ^, or in K. ^» (pen. Iji*. 
apart), i) heeid^. 2) esaxpi ; i^p ^ ?i^jid 
min dVmili, exe^ in verbs. 

l^gidi = ij^. 

JJS^AI., see ^. 

J^J&di, arab. tnrk. pen. iSU., m. i, 2, 
a highway, a road. 

2^j^id&, pen. U*., f. a, 3, a «pear. 

aj^g&dl, (perh. fr. ^^pi^w^), to 60 dirtt/. See 

jS^^g&diga, pers. j^^m. i, a male buffalo 
calf [See^i^.] 

l^^gdhidha K. Al, OS., m. i, i) string, 
yam, thread, cotton, 2) thread of a screw. 
PL in Ash. 2j^|^(Lidz. 429). 

o^jid6, pen. lu., f. i) the sore back of 
a horse. 2) a bhtnt knife. 

\i^or ^ gidiig, gadiik, turk. e)jf Qit 
a notch), f. i, i) a mountain pass. 2) a breach 
in a wall, a gap. 

^o^gkdilBhtA, f. 6, (pen. ^jXJI*^ milking 
+ lUvessel 1 or arab. (j«jli, nxdor), a milking- 
vessel, with narrow bottom and wide mouth. 

^Hi^ ghftdiy^ Al., arab. «lj^, m. i, noon; 
dinner, midday meal, Lidz. 429. Of. ijfSt^. 

iL^ gidyi, OS. ^ m. i, i) a kid (one year 
old). 2) cajmcom. 

rtr A.A1., see '^. 

jJr-.s4s.gidyitA, fr. i9^, f. 6, a kid. 

alf AwgdlU, by metoth.=:OS.a^AV,, m. i, ice. 

ad^aV^gdilta, i) feoL pp. of A^; henoe 
2) as OS., snbs., f. 6, anything twined or 
braided, a chain. 

^aLa^^gadishi, or AL aa OS. ^, m. i, a siadk, 
heap, stock, shock, haycock. 

A^gadil, i) as OS., to weavCy tie, brakl, 
wrraihe. 2) K. met. to wresUc See ^9^^* 

I i!Sa4s^gadala, gi-, fr. prec., m. i, a braider, 

iSais^gidlijfr.A^m. I, i) braid, braiding, 
weaving, intertwining; a trreolA. 2) a laik" 
and'plastcr wall. 

i2^a\ gdala, OS., m. i, i) T.n. of A^S^. 
2) string, thread, cotton. 3) the thread of a 
screw ; J^o^? \^ a shoelace ; ^9 \^ yam. 
[See JpA..] 

;:^>2^ gdalya, OS., m. Gtdaliah, 2 Kgs. 
XXV. 24. 

P3^ gadim, OS.*, gram, to abbreviate. 

^a\ gdama, OS.*, m. i, i) y.n. of prec 
2) gram, an abbreviation. 3) gram, the abmh 
lute state and the construct state; the latter is 
called ;xo\»? \ g. d'maldta. The £. Syr. 
take the definite as the normal state, and 
the othen as abbreviations. They call the 
noon in the definite state simply ^. 

^.^ghadin AL, anb. ^jJJJ, to tum^ intr. 

^?4sw gadsiman, OS., Gethsemane, Hat. 
xxvi. 36. 

^ai^gid'un, OS., m. Gideon, Jud. vL 11. 

Jj^ gadip, as OS. Pa., i) to blaspheme. 
2) to calumniate, speak evil of, revile. Alao 

b^gidar, pen^jJ^a river in the plain of 
Solduz, flowing into the south end of the lake 
of Urmi. 

ij^see e* 

IfH^gidri-yi, 08., Gadarenes, Mat viii. a8. 

«j^gadifih, i) Al. as OS., to happen, a) 
U. K. as OS., to stack up. 3) K. to strike 
heavily. See :tjf^. 

;xai|^gidsh&, OS., m. i, an accident, chance, 

;ais4s,gidsh4n4.y&, f. i^-, OS., acddentaL 

^9JkJi^<^<^* pers. 1j^, f 6, an aUowanee, 
Jer. xL 5 marg. 

;4^ gahi [not MB. Sh.], OS., pen. iCalso 
often vH^oT ;^ ga, f. i, but 3 in Al. Tkh.; 
pi. often, pron. gk-jl or g&-i, [sing, also in Al. 
l^oii^ gihita (and g^hita), Lidz. 430], time 
in Al. generally, in U. K. in numbering, as 
o»X^aL;..(aJ^) ance, once for all, ;f&^*bs {*isb^) 
twice. Phrases: oii^^ then, see aUo ^4^2; 
9^^^ kha kh& ga or l^ l^ ga-i ga-i or 
^j^^oAaL^ khakma ga-t, sometimes, occasion- 
aUy, See <sSa, j^aju, and ISa^. 

;S^ j4h6 Al. or ^SS^ja-yi U. [or ^q.v.], 
(cf. OS. ;4^, ^of^i to rest)), to be tired or 

^4$jaha Al., pers. kurd. i\j,j)lace, Lidz. 430. 
Cf. ;a\. 

peijj^jah'd, arab. pers. s^, f. quickness, esp. 
in learning, aptitude ; or as adj. a^, 

^ioiJi^Al. or 'J^Tkh., jab'w&, jihV&, fr. l^, 
ni. labour, trouble, fatigue, 

foJK ji^iz Al., arab.jW, dowry ^ Lidz. 430. 

t^ey^ jlbil, arab. turk. J^*., m. f. i) tnex- 
2)erience ; youth abstract and (with first pi.) 
concrete. 2) as adj., f. id., young, youthful, 
foolish, ^9-, f. 9, youthfidness, youthful 
folly. Fern. pi. adj. in Al. i^- (arab. term.), 
Lidz. 431. 

^^k 0' A gihena, as OS., or in Al. MfV^ 
gih&n& (Sachau 33), f. Gehenna, hell, 

t ^a^jik, gihen&-ya, f. &.-, fr. prec., of hell, 

^io^ghinta, OS.*, f. 6, a prayer of inclining, 
the name of certain prayers in the liturgy. 

)aMJ^^jihan&m, arab. «^> f* = h^- 
haiS^ Al. = aj^, Lidz. 431. Caus. &^i^ 
^eif^jah'sha, or ^itJ^ jahsha Al., jakhshi K., 
pers. arab. ^jS^*^, ni. i, a foal of an ass, 

ikfN^ j4hat, arab. turk. v:>4»., f. i, more 
usually ikj^i^ q.y., cau^, reason, 

^^o^see ;o^. 

o^ j6 AL, arab.ji^, m. weather, Lidz. 426. 

aS,g6 U. J. Sp. Al. as OS., or dV,gii K. 
Sal. Sp. Az. and rarely U., (see \), i) in 
(local); into (also o^, ^); within; opp. 
a q.y. which does not in U. K. so commonly 
denote place ; thus )Sff^ «^ m ths eiiy, but 

45 rehO^ 

^9Mb$j^ in truth, «9^1fa in affliction. But 
in Al. Ash. 0^= a and is not only local, also 
by, by means 0/ [= a^ U.], also the sign 
of indir. obj., rarely of dir. obj. [= il U. K.], 
Sachau 71 ; see o^s. «:^;^ga-wa gd XJ. or 
p aieSi^ }qS^ gaw& gaw^ d' AL, along, through. 
oS^^ or oV^^ or o^, b^, through, or from 
among ; «!^ i^of up to the inside of; o^ ia U. 
or bV^ j^ K. for the inside of; o2i^ towards 
the inside of, and so other prepositions. With 
affixes aieU^ ga-wi, &c.; and p aieSi^, p d^&^= o^ 
Gram. 176. 9 ^o^s among; in Ash. *ji»^^o^ 
b'gawath^h^ is among them (Lidz. 425). 

^oK^gi-wa, OS., m. i) ^ interior, inside. 
See Afl. 3)* a whole congregation, the whole 
world. For p ;o2l^^8ee oV^. J^ooIb bo g. AL, 
tfiereupon, thereabouts, during thai time. 

^Q^ ga-wa'it (oxytone), OS.*, inwardly, 
Bom. iL 29. 

a^, a^ Al. Ash. r= aooj^, Lidz. 426. 

^ai^V^ gub&, OS., f. I, 3, (also m. as OS.), 
a jnt, den ; a hole in a rock. 

;99^jiiba, arab. turk. L^, f. i, 3, a etocJe^ 
a mantle, robe. 

^Uo^gobalag, az. turk. ^y, f. i, a mush" 
room, fungus. 

\dV^giigh, OS., m, Gog, Ezek. xxxviii. 2. 
sk^^j AJ., turk. ^, offence, Lidz. 427. 
\ol)^ ja-wij, (= chald. W, or fr. turk. ^y^ 
a violent motion t), to stir intr., to move intr. 

^9!^ giija, i) m. I, a vine stock. 2) a 

portion. 3) f. i, (in U. g^'ja), a green musk 

«,^A1. = ^-. 

i^^Juj&U., see^aoa. 
^ai^^V^see >c^oV,. 

a^gAda, i) OS., chald. HTU, m. 3, 4, a 
wall of a house or field [opp. ^?ci, ;&ox]. 3) 
=TA., OS. \, f. a leather bottle or skin, chiefly 
used for making butter &c.; see foil. 3) OS.*, 
m. f. I, a choir, body of singers, one on each 
aide of a church, like ' decani ' and ' cantoris.' 
4) gttda, see a^^. 



J^o^ j6d& Al. sz preo. no. a, bat it is used 
for holding water [cf. ^m] Sachan ai. 

4? A. gfld-da, OS. Hit^l, f. 3, an inner 
coat ; a iunie. 

f^^jddC, arab. {j^y^^ JtM Judi^ a moun- 
tain range in S. Kurdistan, said by the Syr. 
to be that on which the ark rested. 

Jil^^gttdyi, f. ;Sr> for V (see ij^ and 
foil.), defiled^ leprom, 

|;:^^giidiya Tkh., f. S^-, dirty, unclean. 

^^^gdd&pa, OS., m. I, biasphemy. 

&to)^ja-wahir, arab. turk. pers. j^]^, kurd. 

jd-ah'r Garz. 152, jewahtr Lerch. 119, pers. 

j^jf, m. I, a pearl. %jf ;i^ Al. a jewel, Lidz. 


&4«^j6h&r, arab. turk.^^*^, cf. prec, m. i, 
esaenee of a fruit &c. 

{ &^&4q^ j6fafirdar, f. id., az. turk. .f^^*^, 

)o9J^ J&-W&, pers. turk. i^^^, kurd. jdwa 
Lerch. lao, m. fuieketlver, merewry, 

ao9J^j&wab, arab. turk. v|>^> kurd. j6-w&b 
Garz. 235, jewab Lerch. 119, juab id. 120, 
m. I (f. in Ash.), i) an anewer, reply ^ reeponee. 
a) an account rendered of a duty performed ; 
reeponsihility ; %^i^ ^&M> ^^ocuee, liom. ii. i ; 
9 ^ilToii^ to give account for. 3) K., a raying, 

^|oaV^see iuoL. 

Jti^jdw&ni, f. ii-, fr. JD^. fnercurial; 
containing merewry. 

&bo^ g&-wilr or g6-iir, turk. ^^iT, kurd. T 
^S. 331, Oiaou/r, infidel, a teim of great 
reproach used by Mussulmans. 

^UC^gdzi, OS., i) m. ly a wdlmU, sometimes 
a nut generally; ^a^ \ a nutmeg (lit. 
Indian nut), a) m. 4, a walnut-tree. 

Aob^Ms^ gAzibast, (fr. prec. + pers. o^ t), 
f. wdlnuie and honey boiled together. 

jU9a£^g6ziiD& Al., m. i, dim. of lioV^ Lidz. 


Itt^j^B^ f. id., az. turk. ijjy^, U a A m r 
colour, reddi^ 

J^M^goziktha K., fr. M^with kurd. term. 
(Kap), £ 6, a peppercorn/ in pi. Uack pepper, 

AioiiK^ g6zal, turk. ^j^ (lit. pretty), f. a 
woman's name now us^. 

4^f^gtLzligh (cf. turk. eUj^ spectacles?), 
a fly flciPi fly net for horses ; sometimes used 
for a Iwreee hit. 

^^Si^ gozan^ OS., Gozan, 2 Kgs. xvii. 6. 
^^V^gOz'd, OS.*, m. I, etoek, etem, Isa. xi. i. 
-•?^fir^"^^li Al- = ^1*0, to cry, eeream. 

*?^^ j»ib&d4 Al., (see ^^), m. i, quarrd- 
ling, strife. 

t^IiJC^ga-wiyd, f. &.', OS., interior, inner; 
^ii^Al. = foil. no. I ; £.^= foil na a. 

^^gk-^wi-t or '^, fr. oX,, i) within, in- 
wardly ; \^ or ^^ ^ within, or from within. 
^^ also = to the inside, into (it) ; ^ \witkin, 
prep. 3) as subs., the interior. 

^oS^ga-wil&n, f. an important village which 
gives its name to a plain north of UrmL 

>vA,gftyim*, heb. tyfa, Psh. fliSis^, Ooim, 
Nations, Gen. xiv. i R V. (so Az. tfu^nations). 

^oV^ jwln Al., (fr. kurd. ^^j^ together)), 
pi. I, a troop, band, Lidz. 426. 

J»e<A^chm&, or »oo9V,jttkmi,bothU.Tkh., 
or >»J^^giyim& Ti., (cf. at^), the flat ; %ko 
a blow with theflst ; \lyi to ?ut out. 

,^«S^g61, turk. 4/^f. I, 2, a pond; a lake; 
a puddle ; Le. a piece of water of any size. 

«^o|^Al. Ash. = *^a^, Lidz. 427. 

iloik, g&-wil (cf OS. ^} to reiject %\ to 
reject food, to he fastidious about. Dist. «2^|iS^. 

)2:^ or a2i^9\ gMi, gal-l&, pers. turk. uC 
^* 3> 5> a cannonrhaU. a) a huOet. 3) AL 
f. I = lii^q.v. 

A'^V. j<^l& or jttli, kurd. jAl Garz. a 73, jU 
Lerch 119, m, i, i) an article of clothing; 
a cloth ; a garment, rohe ; usually pi. clothee. 
a) pi. heddothes. 

iS^ jwali, pers. Jl^, f. i, a sack, hag. 

eH^oT aii^gBikh, pers. t^'Uf^m. i, rom* 

= i^oS^ Joh. xix. 17. 


t&^^gQlg&z, az. turk.JU^ f. a woman's 
naroe now used. 

^^gdlig&n, pen. ^Ujf(lit. rose of the 
soul), m. I, a red or wheel for winding cotton. 

t^Aw g^^^n* m. f. I, the name of a fish- 
eating bird. 

^&9^^ giildrd, kiird. ^jy^yl a riyer of 

2^oV^ galz&di, pers. i<>U|^ f- a woman's 
name now used ; lit. rose-bom. 

if^^ giili^ pers. ^^y f. a woman's name 
now used ; lit. rosy. 

^^^^^VvJ^^U^Q^ f. I, the name of an edible 
vegetable used also for making red ink. 

j^oV^ly&d, OS., m. Qdiaih, i Sam. xvii. 4. 

>>aA., ;SitV., see A'A.. AVk. 


\&tt^^ jOlmergy turk. ^Jyt* ^ ^^^ ^° 
Central Kurdistan, on the Greater Zab. 

^^0^^ gulistin, pers. turk. ^^IaJ^ f. a 
woDian's name now used, also a famous Ptrsian 
book ; lit. rose-garden. 

^•V^j^list&n A8h.:=:^, Lids. 427. 

2i^^gar&, f. 1,3, a>hiti-«tofM; ah&mtJL; 
pcrh. = i^*^q.Y. 

^^^ garini, f. jSft-, fr. prec., containing 
sianee, as fruit. 

^k^galpi, (OS. iji^, pi. only), m. 4, pL 
also ^Ik- gOlpinint, i) a Jin. 2) u wing, 

^SCi ^^gOlp&ni pt&si Sh., i) a butter- 
fiy. 2) a haJi, 

^^^gUlsubft, az. turk. L^^ f. a woman's 
name now used. 

t^Ai!i«^ jwal&q^ f. id., mdho o it^ genoky ; 
hUariims, rowdy, 

^^ galshin, turk. pers. ^jlD^f, a woman's 
name now used ; lit. flower-bed. 

;[^^ gQlti, f. 6, i) the eapiUd of a pillar, 
2 Kgs. yii. 16. 2) OS.*, an dUar^eloth, 3) 
08.*, a eowL 

^^ jCUti, f. 6, arab. turk. jJL.t or fr. 
i^fVv, a doth eaee for a book; a bag. 

p^ jiim, ai. turk. ^y^ (lit one who holds 

his breath under water), f. diving ; \lgm 
to dive, 

^^gdma, i) (turk. i^tk heap, group : or 
fr. OS. )B4^^or ^to cut off t), m. 4, a foid, 
Aeep-fdd. 2) AL, = ^, Lids. 479. 

x^^gdm^sh, turk. ijiUjC™*^*^!'^* Us^ 
as the name of a dog. 

;2kio^gamU, OS. \, m. f. I, 3, a eamd. 
\^ litt^ a thistU. 

)iiXioo^jwaml&ni, m. i, the name of a frame 
on which apples are fastened at a wedding; 
these are thrown by the bridegroom at the 
bride during the procession. 

jKl^Vkcr^unilthfi Al., f. of AmqI^, Lids. 434. 

^^gdm&n, pers. ^J^i, i, suspieion, doubt, 

1^^ see U^^baM\. 

t^&apo^ j6merd K. Al., f. id., kurd. <>/^i 
generous f Lidz. 428. 

\9&»^gamrag, turk. kurd. ^ijS, f. i, 
euitom, duty [see ^^orjs]. Also \^^. 

^LLV,9&ioVk, gtimragkh&ni, turk. i3U5]^, 
f. I , a euttom-houee. Also ^LLi^Js^V^. 

t.rt5\,9fcisVkgamrflgch«, turk. ^j^,m, i, 
a euakumrhauM officer. 

}^^f^ see ;a^&om\. 

JsM^V^ gdmsh&, rarely by metath. ^^V^q. v., 
.(cf. M^, ^^V^), m. I, a handful. 

Ao^V, gamti AL, (for ^i^V^ fr. ^l^V,^), f. 
a pit, Lidz. 426. 

,^gi-w&n, az. turk. ^^^f. 1,1) thorns for 
lighting fires, bramibiee, 2) a plant from which 
mats are woven =r ^&Mft. 

^9^jiin&, az. turk. uy^, m. i, mudin. 

^o2C^g6n& Al Ash., OS., m. i, eolour, Lidz. 

t^^ gi-wini, f. At, fr. eS^ (lit. within 
oneself), i) silent, morose. 2) as subs., a de^ 
thinker. 3) oapaeimu, 

lOft^V^gilmbftB, pers. turk. Xt^S] as. turk. x^S, 
kurd. o^PS. 333, £ I, a dotne. 

^Vk gftnib&kh&n, as. turk. ^UbiJ|^f: i, 

m suK^hwer. 

^^V^gangA, as. turk. My^m. i, a pipe of 

earthenware, wood, iron, &c.; a chimney'jnpe, 
a stave-pijye, 

22kl^o^ jttnj&r4, also in Al. '«J^ jinjar& 
(Snchau 83. 42, Socin 149. 42), fr. &^^^, m. i, 
torment, torture, conn, with OS. ^, arab. 
to drag ? 

oioj^^ usually ^t^ or ^ij^ giindim{l, gan-, 
gin-, az. turk. w*Ju5i^ f. a black grape, 

e^^V^guna Ash. = ^cp\, Lidz. 428. 

I Sae^^V^ g{lnakar, f. id., pers. .Otliirkurd. 
giinakar Garz. 115, (cf. ^4a>VJ, guilty, con- 
demned ; ^V^ a^ to condemn, with dir. obj. ; 
lik^ guilt, condemnation. 

;^oV^g{inkh4, OS., ni. confusion. 

^ao^ jw&niy4 K. (cf. pers. ^;1^ youth, and 
;mo^), m. I, a eolt, foal. 

(i^giinjk, OS., turk. u^f,y<avla, m. i, i) 
an angle. 2), also (mod.) f^p \^, a right angle. 

t;2iiSK^ga-wa-na-y&, f, jfc-, OS., universal. 

Jigui^V^gttny&bir, az. turk.^>-jS^ at right 

jti^fft^jwaniktha K., f. 6, fem. of J^aoJ^. 

pfoMft^V^ gUnmilzd, az. turk. ^ijy, a day*s 

j&ppf^AQ&^V^giinmtlzd-dar, az. turk. .bju3^ 
m. I, a journeyman. 

I^mo^ jwanqa, fr. pers. turk. kurd. ^;i^, 
with kurd. term. \i, Nold. 384, (cf. Ittiiyi), 
m. I, i) a youth, a young man. 2) as in 
kurd. a beau ; hence 3) in Ti. Sh. Terg. adj. 
(fem. ^' jwanq6), beautiful, comely. 

^dctto^ jwanqun& Al., m. i, dim. of prec. 
Lidz. 428. 

^oli^^goBa, see ^»9. 

.Ij&^ghUsl, arab. J^, f . ceremonial ablution 
(Mussulman), when the whole body is bathed. 

IXjsib^or ^^', giistagh, -akh, f. id., turk. 
pers. Jt^, familiar, bold, insolent. 

j^oj^ju'itha AL, f. 6, a pebble, Lidz. 426. 

^jbi^V^giipAB, (cf. i»^), menstruous. 

i^joS^^gopir*, heb. "^B^, m. i, gopher. 

X&4^ i*lft, f. id., pers. oAj., joined. 
^fjl to annex. 

48 rf^ia^^ 

l^oV. giipta, (perh. fr. pers. iii^ beaten 
together? or fr. OS. jj;^ cheese, rt. pV^), f. 
cheese ; i^^ \ cheese of goats* and ewes* 
milk; S^boio \^cheese boiled with W%s^. 

^b^joqa Al., arab. j;y^ or aS^, a regiment, 
Lidz. 428. 

I &9\^gur, f. id., shrill. 

biS^ ga-w&r, f. the plain of Gawar in Kur- 
distan, near the Persian frontier. 

heS^ ga-wir, fr. 2b'9\^, to grow, to grow up; 
tvSi^f\oiiffeik^gyfiv\ g{l g&ni K., he was pleased 
with himself. See &oVp, and dist. &a!^. 

So^^or, arab. turk. .j»., f. i, 02)pression. 

lb'fti^i)pl., 8ee'o4s.. 2) see ib'&^is,. 3) Al., 
m. a buck, a he^oat, Lidz. 429. 

looH^g^rk, i) f. id., kurd. ghawer Garz. 158, 
grey. 2) turk. s.y, prep., according to, in 
proportion to. As in turk. it follows the noun. 

Jlb'oSk^gAra U. K., i) adj., f. lis-, kurd. %j/^ 
great, large, big ; of age, old, elder. 2) subs., 
m. I, 4, a great inan, a nobleman, a ruler. 
^^fik p ^ItoVw ^^ ^W P^^9 ; \ a^ to pro* 
mote, ennoble, Dan. iii. 30. ik^ greatness, 
size ; authority, rule ; ^^^b^V^ pi^ to rule. 

^i&fi\g{ir.&l, turk. Jl;/^(lit see, take), the 
ordinary method of taxation in Persia, by which 
each head of cattle &c. is taxed at so much. 

^;&^ jiir'at, turk. oJ^, arab. il^, f, 
bravery, valour, courage. 

^ib'o^ jAr&ba, fr. a'^^, m. i, temptation, 

;io2k>aV^ giirgAmi, fr. ^b^s^^^, f. i, a turUo- 


(i^^ g<irja-y&, f. jfc-, a Georgian. 

.^.jBj^&oSk^gdrjist^n, pers. ^;L-*,^f. Georgia, 
in Trans-Caucasia. 

f SoV^ gurz, pers. j^f. i, l) a stick, dub. 
2) a pestle. 

;Ll&oV^ gArkhana, pers. turk. »3la*j^(fr. »/^ 
a grave), f. i, a graveyard, cemetery, 

;I&9\g(irya, OS., m. i, a whelp, a puppy. 

^boV^ gorin Al., f. id., kurd. ^^^ before 
mentioned, Lidz. 429. 

ai^boV.guriUL, f. 6, fem. of ^..boV,. 

a^i^K g^riktba AL, f. 6, a kind of silken 
material t Lidz. 429. 

;i&^ gdrm&, (cf. \iex%,jl^ silk or cotton 
thread), f. i, cotton wed. 

jBwo&9\^ giirm&misb, f. id., turk ,jl»U^, 
negative part., i) noi seeing ^ rare. 2) met. 
a *nouveau riche* 

i^Mb'^guramast, pers. c^wU s^^ f. curdled 
and sweet milk mixed, 

£ioi4\ giirimtha Tkh. = ;i^&^. 
^'6li^g6r&n, pers. J\j^^m. i, an ax-goad. 

;i&o2k^gilrn&, OS., m. f. i, i)* a baptismal 
font, 2) K., a large vessel for holding water 
or wine. 

^b'oiij^j6ran&, fr. SoJ^, m. i, i)an oppressor, 
2) a crying or peevish child, 

«^b>V, g{irang4 K., az. turk. ^j/^ f, i, 
a wood (silva). 

^ilbiS^^gi-war-na-ya, f. }i»r, a native ofGauxir 
(see b^. 

^^b'oX, g6r4nll-y4, f. &.-, fr. ib'oS^, jfreyiVA, 
somewhat grey, 

jl^bV^ gAranta Al., f . 6 = ^ib^. 

;to^[^bbV^g{irsatm&, az. turk. \%'-j^^ m. i, 
a deformed person^ a monster, 

Ib'b^is^ jttr-ri U., az. turk. »^^, m. i, kind, 
sort, breed, manner ; iS^b^j^ l^^^various, 

;6.b^gurta AL, pers.^/C OS. ib'^V^i and % 
f. 6, a brick, Lidz. 429. 

;i^boliK^ g&-werta = '«i q.v., f. 6, a female 
buffalo calf See^xX- 

^9^. g^sha, pers. turk. \^^, m. 4, a comer, 
angle, esp. of a cloth &c, 

^Aw g^hma, m. I, i) OS., substance, body, 
lit. and met.; the person, 2)* gram, a word; 
^ \^trarc£ 5y word, 3) see ^9\,. 

|;2ttx^ or (aair gii8hm&-y&, gashm&ni-jfi, 
f. iimr, both OS., substanHal, concrete (opp. 
^^oJb abstract), material. 

^Sw^V, i) see jft4s,. 2) see ;ik^92^. 

t>i9b^^ gUtriim, f. id., lean, weak, used 
of human beings; but lit. lean cattle (penai 
^j^lean + ^j cattle). 

;i^JK^gUt-ta, f 9, i) a baa, 2) a drop of 
rain, Ac, For ^^'i 


iSi^gkik, i) OS., G^o^ra, Acts viii. 26; see 
^il, ^&. 2) AL, jiers, jS\ kurd, j\S', pL i, 
a yard, an eU, Lidz. 431. 

^•J^geza, OS., m. i, i)* treasure, treasury, 
2) the Geza, a book containing special hymns 
&c. for festivals. See ^•9. 

lt)k^ jaz!, pL, arab. !:»., torment, trouble, 

a^ ghizib AL, arab. \^.nc, to be angry, 
to be enraged ; \ pp. angry, 

j^^Sk^fV^ gazgula, az. turk. J^^y (lit. rose 
of the eyes), m, 1, a gum made from the tree 

^•l^f^ gizgiz4, onomat. (cf. kurd. iThJ the 
whiz of an arrow, PS. 332), f. i, a top, 

lhA^6&^ gazdwanda, (cf. az. turk. y^^^sS 
a complainant), m. i, a complaint against an 

;S^b9«i^ gz{irta esp. K., as OS., f. circum- 

^^jizikh, az. turk. ^^^s f* ^ ctrcZ^ made 
in sand by children for playing * knuckles.* 

22lLf^ gizira, az. turk. jjfl m, i, one who 
gives notice to jniy dues, a parisJi beadle, 

l^^ jzira, arab. iA}^ (^i^- ^^® island), 
Jezirah, a town on an island in the Tigris, 
about 70 miles NW. of MosuL ^i^«J^ jztri AL, 
m. I, a native of Jezirah, 

22k^«V^gzira, i) m. i, a heap of snow, cf. 2b«i^. 
2) pp. of bjX,. 

;^&^«i^ gzirt& Al. = ;&b^, Sachau 71. 

;afjs^ m. I, and SaJ^ f. 6, gizka, gizikta, 
a goat, two years old. Also ^Aif^Gen. xxxvii. 
31 ; and iu K. with i^. Cf. ;^,S^ iaC^^ 

j>:A^ghazil& AL, f.= j^Sil gazdU, Lidz. 431. 
^f^K^gazmi, az. turk. \mjS, m. i, a watchman, 

;to&^gzim& K. as OS., or ;ifis^gizm& U. Ti. 
(usually pL), m. i, i) a threat; \^2^i to 
threaten, 2) an attack. 

I^f^gizmana, f. }»x-, fr. prec., threatening, 

^l^see 'SV,. 

A^fS^ g&zandai, az. tnrk. (jbi^ t the 
name of a round and large white grape. 


^fis^ see ;a\. 

bj^gazir K., OS., i) to cireumcise, 2) to 
cut down wood &c. See &«^. 

ib'f^gizra, fr. prec, m. i, a pilcy hea}). 

ib'iij^^gizara, pers.jjJ7m. i, a carrot, 

;N&^gazerta, OS., f. 6, pi. also l^^^ 
g^rati, an island. Rare in U. 

^«!^or lis^, gazet, gazeta K., enrop., f. i, 
a newspaper^ gazette, 

lis^gkLik, (cf. OS. •5k, to shear, OS. ;^fjs, 
wool), f. 9, a sheep, ewe, three years old. 

;^fjs^ see ;>ft^. 

;abJiK^ gakhuka (OS. -ukha), m. i, lit. one 
who laughs; hence i) a sea-gull, 2) a dimple, 

.^vAs. gakhzJ, OS., m. Gthazi, 2 Kgs. iv. 12. 

^^gakhik, but in Ti. as OS. gakhikh, to 
lattgh, with a or ^ = at; to deride. See ^|>^ . 

^a^gikhka, OS. '-9^^, m. i, laughter. 

^^ see ;io^. 

^ ji Ash. = ;», Lidz. 424. 

^ jai Al. = ^, Lidz. 424. 

;i^g<^ya, m. i, a joint of the body. 

f^see ;o4^and ^, 

;ibaXi^&e., see ^o\. 

;^, ;i^, see ;5^. 

t^tVfV, Ji^ir, i>ers. ^^ ^_^,..^, m. i, a 

^wi:. «ee \2^. 

f^^<P ^^g^ja h^rkt, az. turk. Jjy. »/ 
(fr. ws^ night), cf. ^^90, f. i, a nightcap. 

.fxaa ^i^geja qushJ, turk. ^y is>J^{Ut. 
niglit-bird), f. i, a bat. 

;XVV,gigU, m. I, as OS., or A^^giglt^^ 
f. 6, i) a circle f orb, orbit. 2) a ball or skein of 
string or yarn. 3) a spindle. 

aj^ see ?ljl^. 

|&9J^ ghayur AL, arab. jy^ = jca^a«jB, 
f. id., zeaUms, Lidz. 425. Cf. 2aJ^. 

Jlb'o^giyiira, OS.*, m. i, i) a proselyte (lit. 
a stranger). 2) a ^farcing,' or verse inter- 
ealated in psalmp, canticles, &c. 

^94^ jiiri pi., fr. bi)^, wrine. 

jbkA^&OfV^giwergis, OS., m. George, a man's 
name still much used. 

•jj:^ Al., see f 1^. 

•JJ^ jiyaz, arab. jl^a. ?, m. i, dowry. 

«A«^gikh{in, OS., Gihon, Gen. ii. 13. 

\^\ g^chag, az. turk. Gsls^ osm. turk. 

Jus5, f. I, a ford. 

1^ .1^ see :^ AJX,. 

;oa\fJ^ jilidqa, az. turk. iSjJL. perh. from fr. 
gilet through russ., f. i, a waistcoat. 

aii^gilanar, az. turk.^ULjTni. '» « ^>^^ 

jto^gilasta, f. with coll. pi. ^^JbUfS^, gil&st, 
rarely 6 ; or in Q. K. ^oJ^gilasa, m. i ; kard« 
gelas (an acid cherry) and karas Qarz. no, 
az. turk. ^iLJ^turk. jj^and ^\^^ a wkUe 
ch&rry (dist. prec.) ; with pi. 6, a cherry-tree. 

y^ see pl^. 

^ob^g^ma, az. turk. t^^i* <> 3i <> ^oat with 

tails. Dist. ^to^. 

likAMu^ gayimchadl (cf. prec. and l^)y f. i, 
armour, coat of mail, cuirass, breastplate. 

;&\gyana Al. Ash. = Jilli^q.y. 

^A^g^yasa, OS., m. i, a robber, used in 

NS. of the penitent thief only. 

J^^ uiji;:^ i^ see 'js^. 

a^V, i) gir, pers. jT, f. strength. 2) see foil. 

a-^or afV^or a^je or af^, gh^r, ghlr, shgh^r, 
shghir, all Al., arab.^, kurd. g^r Garz. 52, 
Ma*l. ghair (Parisot xii. 137), i) except. 2) other , 
another. ^ \^beside, except, other than. 

22LV^gira, (cf. pers. Ljfholding fast), cream^ 
not clotted. Dist. j^oan. 

2afV^ghir^ Al., arab.i^ = is^ zeal, cf. SoJk^ 
Lidz. 425 ; ^^ quickly; \^ox to be excited. 

JlfL^m. I, 2ft.a:V.f. 6, g^yara, g^y&rta, AL 
as OS., agent of bti^, an adulterer, aduUerese. 

9^ gird Sh. = 9af07 Gaw. = llLfVi K., at a 
loss, at a standstill. Cf. bll. 

-.^Al. = ^ajf ^. 


^iLJ^j6ran, turk. ,ji^, f. i, a deer^ gazelle, 
JS4:, j^i, for '.<or '^. See ^o*^, ;4^. 

;^. ^^ ;b«^^, ;i^. Bee 'S^V,. 

^Al., see 'e-^ 

.\^gl1, pers. Jf^ m. i) cZay. 2) rare, cAoZA;. 

.^\^jil, m. i) = prec. no. i. 2) sUUe-pencil. 

i^gala, az. turk. ii57m. i, a wedge ; a peg, 
a wooden nail, 

i^Terg., a^MB, gala, gale, m. 2= AV.. 

j^^^^galt K., i) alas I [esp. in the phrase 
fti jl^^ J^4^^K., an expression used by women 
on hearing bad news] = 9^)^^ gaM Sh. Al. 
(perh. fr. pers. JjT lamentation). 2) Al. Ash. 
(Lidz. 432), 'a vocative particle/ while b\)^^ 
is an * interrogative particle/ but is also used 
in affirmative sentences nearly =;4. 

J^llJ^jali, az. turk. &!»., m. i, a flagstaff, 
a mast; a pdU for knocking down walnuts &c. 

)^&^ gait, OS., i) to reveal, disclose, tell, 
2) to uncover; ^H^lj^ ,^9i^b rishu gilya, bare- 
headed. See i^^». 

;^^ jali, i) to wear out, intr., to he thread- 
hare, to fade, 2) K. = ^i^^^^^*^* 3) •^^•» ^rab. 
y*., to cleanse, wipe, Lidz. 432. See j^^y. 

>^ jaU Al., kurd. J\^, f. a grave, Lidz. 432. 

i^gila, OS., m. i, 3, 4, 5, i) grass, hay. 
2) any herb, 3) esp. with «^p, tea, tea-leaves, 
4) in Q. ^^is stacked hay. 

^ i^^M ndn^ Ti., fr. ;>$;^ no. 2, m. a 
seamew (lit. fiBh-snatcher) = \ i^ U. 

<i^ (see jl^, i^ and ^) jaliw Al. K.. 
arab. uJi^* to prey on, seize, plunder, snatcli. 

iiV$,ghalib U. Al. TA. = ail K., arab. s^, 
OS. .^i^, to conquer, overcome, 

a!^ jal&b, (cf. i^), f. I, a flock, herd of 
sheep or cattle brought for sale. 

t^x^ghalaba, gha- AL, i) agent of a!^, 
hence 2) invincible, Lidz. 432. 

Jwoa^ glabu, OS., Gilboa, i Sam. xxviii. 4 
(Psh. A\NV.^), xxxi. I. 

^ik^exi^ ghalibdta, or in K. *L khalibutha, 
perh. for ^abl!^, fr. a^, f. 6, i) victory. 


t-a^Al. Ash. ='4. 

?in\Vs^ ghalbana, i) agent of 
2) prosj>eroiis, Lidz. 432. 

^^ g41ij, (cf. OS. A^ to uncover, or OS. 
.M^kV^to stretch 1), i) to open tvide the mouth 
of a vessel or skin. 2) met. to he talkative, 

\>J^, "^^Al. = i^no. 2, Lidz. 432. 
A^ or A^ jalig, jalij Al. Ash., to cut of, 
Lidz. 432. 

;^\i^jalgh&, az. turk. litlL., m. i, i) an 
ajypendage, 2) a wig, 

^i^see 'la. 

i^^!iV^ galg61a, cf. A^N^m), f. i, a round 
plaything (J) Stod.; a cotton reel, 

•l^^V. golgsA, whirling, Ezek. x. 1 3. Cf. foil. 

AXNV^galgala, i) OS., also in NS. .i!i^, 
Gilgal, 2 Kgs. ii. i. 2) (cf. OS. J*, to whirl) 
whirling dust, Isa. xvii. 13. 

A^^galgalta AL, kui^. Jl^lTand JUlc, 
cf. Aoiie7, f. 6, noise, tumult, Lidz. 432. 

ailjj^jild, arab. turk. jJL, m. i, a volume, 
hook. Also laXjks^. 

j^^kj^jalad, arab. turk. jSL., m. i, an exe- 
cutioner, properly of a lower grade [see <«^^] ; 
2$X^ p l^^ the captain of the guard, 2 Kgs. 
XXV. 15. 

I ^ii,^ jeld, cf. foil., quick, 

i ^^ jeldi, or 2>ij;fi , pers. jJL. , i ) quickly, 
soon. 2) early. Often repeated, 2j>ii^ a^!iji^ . 
'J^ ^ long ago [dist. ^ 'Vv quicker than] ; 
ik^p^^ quickly, 

aai^gilda, OS., m. i, skin; leather, 
apXi^see a\i^- 
;a?U,8ee %V. 

a^ jilo, kurd. ^ PS. 293, ra. i (jil6wt), 
a bridle, 

^ii^jim, a tribal district SW. of Gawar. 
The dialect is akin to that of Qawar, Salamas, 
and Qudshanis, and not to that of the other 
tribal districts, ^o- jtlwayi, a native of Jilu, 

^o^jala-w&, m. I, a string in a water-miU, 
to lifl or lower the lower end of the ^X^, so 

2) a prize, ^ ^V^ .lax to conquer, tr. 

^i^^^al;^ jalbutha AL, cf. foil. f. splendour. \ as to regulate the descent of the com. 

H 2 


;|^o^ giluja, az. turk. ^^iT, f. i, a cot7 0/ 
carded cotton or ti^oo?. 

t iif^ gmia, i) adj., with f. A- gltiia, 
OS. j\g\\^, round. 2) as subs., m. i, a baUf 
globe, 3) in pi., j)repared wheat, 4) the masc. 
and the fern, as subs., m. i, f. 6, a howly i Kgs. 
vii. 42 ; a round lump, Zech. v. 7 RV. marg. 

I ;a^olV^ glalna-ya, f. &•-, fr. prec, round, 
orbedj somewhat round, oval, 

lb'o!kJ^Al. = 'a (Lidz. 555), millet. 

;^a^galuta,OS.*, f. captivity J.zek.\. i RV. 

-Aj:, jalikh, (cf. ^h^\ to hark the skin or 
a tree (cf. Az. ^tt^to tear). See '^. 

\l^ghalitAl. = 'lq.v. 

J\^galatij4, OS., C^a^a^ta, Gal. i. 2. ^li;- 
galata-ya, OS., a Galatian. 

A);,see J^. 

;IlV^galiya, kurd. Af^^^- i> i) U. K.J. (see 
^l!^), a valley, esp. if large and open and 
affording spring pasture. 2) Al., a mountain 
pass, Lidz. 432. 

oA^galyii, OS., Oiloh, 2 Sam. xv. 12. ;^- 
OS., a Gilonite, ib. 

|.fJ^gala-{, f. id., wild, undisci2)lined in 

i^LlV^glila, OS., Galilee, Mat. ii. 22. (^i-, 
OS., a Galilcean. 

^u^ gilyan&, OS., m. i, 1) a revelation, 
oracle, 2) the Apocalyjise. 3) the Transfigu- 
ration, esp. the festival, August 6. 4) a man's 
name now used. 

aul2k^ galyand, turk. yijj, a mountain in 

?tAV* ^ galisha. az. turk. ,^^1) (lit. long), 
m. I, a long onion; a leek. 

iim^jalal, arab. J5U., m. i, glx>ry, esp. of 
God, honour shown to a person. 

?^\"-V^ gal -11, bread baked with beans in it 
for the fast. 

)^\"As^Ash., valley n (?), Lidz. 433. 

t A^ jalaia U., rarely A-, kurd. J5U 
Garz. 94, m. I, a robber. 

^aj^or \gilandS, gkl-, pen. jjJlSI m. i, 
a scythe ; a large sickle, 

s^iXl see %V . 

^ .7: ^ 

>fift\]^ gilispid, pel's. xJL* JT, m. i, chaUe. 

aAis, or 'Jl,gil'ad, gal-, OS., Gileed, GiUad, 
Gen. xxxi. 47. ;2?-, OS., a Gileadite, Jud. x. 3. 

oii^ghaliq Al. ='L q.v. 

;fl^Tkh., see^ai^. 

^^\i^see ^a\4^. 

:bV„ JaX^gham, gham Al. (and ^K. TA. 
Lidz. 433) = 5BU q.v. 

;»J^ jima Al. = 'q Lidz. 433 ; see a-.. 

;»i^jam&, i) m. I, pi. also ^afi;^ jamiki, 
a twin. 2) a pair. 3) in pi. Castor and 
Pollux (Psh. ^!^), Acts xxviii. 1 1 ; esp. as 
one of the signs of the Zodiac. 4) Didymui 
(Psh. ^Its), Job. xi. 16. 5) see ^. 

;«fi^^gam6 K., giml U., (conn, with OS. jaj^ 
to cut ?), tofaU down as a new wall. See «^oX^. 

a.^ai!iK^gamidh K., OS., to squeeze tight. 

2aM^gimd4, i) f. id., great, big, large. 2) m. 
body, substance, size, ^p- strong. 

J ;ib9o^ jamhftriy&, arab. Ij^y^^^, f. i, 
a republic. 

j{>iboAQ^ gamiista, (perh. fr. arab. ^j^yjf^si 
Xyfi6s 1), f. dysentery, diarrhoea. 

ikb^ie^, rarely as OS.^^, gimurta, gmArtay 
i) or ;&a)po2k^ gdmertha Ti., or by metath. 
^i^K gurimtha Tkh., f. 6, coll. pi. i^^ 
giimrt, a live coal. 2) met. as OS.*, an 
Eucharistic loaf. 

\i^ghamit Al., arab. Ja«^? to sink or faU 
into with a, Lidz. 434. 

fttlC^ gamt, sometimes ^!m!^ g&miya in Al., 
turk. kurd. ^, kurd. i^ Garz. 98, f. i, a 
vessel, ship, large boat. »l*ap ^ a yacht, 

^L»^ jamedan, kurd. ^Ju^^^, a river in 

^.fAifMX^gamichi, turk. ^ji^jS^, m.i, a sailor, 

jMoX^Ti. Al. or 'J^Tkh. Gaw., gAmish, gamtsh, 
-mi8h,OS.;x^,m.i,a&ti^a/o6ua. [See^.] 


jt^EfAolC^ gamishU U. K., fr. prec, f. 6, a 
buffalo cow, 

^y see \. 
f. \ gamli-il, OS., m. GamaHidy Acts 

JAo^JJam, arab.turk. ju^, m. i , turn, addition^ 
total ; in interest, the amount, '%^^ usuaUyf 
mostly^ on the whoU, on an average, 

Att^j&m^ K., j&mi U., arab. iu»., to (UsembUf 
intr. Seedtf^. 

dM^jam^ Al., arab. aa\m., cf. prec, a mosque, 
Lidz. 433. 

«iap!C^g&me K., i) as OS., to sink, intr. 2) (or 
perh. ;a^ fr. OS. ^, heb. WD3) /o tTuign/, to 
press in a convex surface. 3) to swallow a 
large mouthful, 


^4»^jam&*at, also Al. a^jama'a (Lidz. 
433)) arab. AxU^, turk. e^ * « » ». , both f. i, 
i) an assemblt/, congregation, a multitttde, 
2) Al., people, men, 

&Mi!C^g&mir, (in OS. to complete), i) to fvXl 
cloth. 2) to tan skin ; hence '^ to he homy 
as the hand. 4) K., to strike, 5) Al. K. (cf. 
OS.), to reach the highest point, Lidz. 434; 
pp. perfect, 

^aoSi^g&niar, OS., Gomer, Gen. x. 2. 

liCao^gimra, pers. sL^lit loser of the road, 
because swift), m. i, an active beast of burden^ 
one quick on the road, 

^^aoV^gmary^, OS.,m.(?«maruiA, Jer.xxix.3. 

xaoli^^ see i&iMi^. 

jQoli^^gamish (cf. chald. fi^| to curve, bend ?). 
i) to squeeze, wring, 2) to hold tight in the 
hand, 3) to take a handful, 4) K., to butt, 

^abo^ gimsha, fr. prec. (cf. ^^), m, i, 
a handful, 

J^aoeS^ see J«>aBt4fli!^. 

^ jin, arab. ^, j;U, m. i, (pi. in Al. ^), 
a jinn, sprite ; pi. Genii, Cf. ^jj^. 

^, ^, see foil, and prec. 

$S^gkDk, or in Ti. Ash. i^i&nk, in Al. Aih. 

sometimes {uV^ gy&na, in J. g6na, turk. kurd. 
pers. ^;L. (Lerch 1 1 8), kurd. ijUf gykni Garz. 
90, f. 3, i) self; t»S^gan«, myself; ^or ^^^oX^ 
gauan, ganatau, ourselves; .o&^^gan gani, 
my very self; t"^? ^y own; .»&^3 or in Ti. 
f*^ or -.^f? '$^ I myself; e^ o^ c^ se-aT 
Ash . he wandered at random, 2 ) soul ; \^pSja 
at the point of death; p \ ^ax to annoy 
greatly ; ^^^i^ <*op b^jliniikh Ti. Ash., an ad- 
juration, by thy soul I [or cf. ^op] ; X i^ 
unanimous, 3) a person, 4) life, 

^i^K^gana, turk. kiLj, f. i, a sheep-tick, 

^iX^jani, arab. aIi^, f., no pi., a quilt placed 
over the knees of persons sitting round an 
oven (ab'oi^)* 

^ganl, I ) OS., to lean, recline, rest oneself, 
2) to set QA the sun. See ^s^. 

^ jini, f. id., fr. ^, haunted, 

a{^ janib,arab. «^\i^, f., as a title. Excellency, 
with affixes of 2 and 3 pers. 

^4^ g&niw, OS., to steal ; pp. as adv. by 
stealth, often ^auj\ ^?fj\. ^ ojoS^ \ to steal 
away from, intr. 


^aujifjambft, pers. i^ (lit. that which creeps 
or moves), m. i, a raft, 

^aiV^ gn4w&, m. i, i) v.n. of 4^; hence 
2) Al., a thing done iji secret, esp. a secret sin. 

I^aal^ginawa U. K. or ^gan&wa or ga- Al. 
Ash. Az. as OS., m, j, a thief, ^^l^ to steal ; 
^h\? ;Lh^l the milky way (see ;tacs), ik^, 
f. = prec. in both senses. 

^ai^ginwa, m. secret, secrecy, \,^ secretly. 
'^aj^ ginwi Ash., softly, secretly, Lidz. 434. 

i^i A="4s. gimbli akhri, (perh. for ^a .i^kaftlS^ 

wallowers in dung), a beetle, 

^\jiV^ gambilan, the name of a kind of 

j a2llau)k^ gabara, OS., m, i, a giant, a strong 
or gre€U man, a hero. 2) as adj., f. ikb- 
gigantic, strong. 3) Orion, Job ix. 9 ; in pi. 
ccnstdlations, Isa. xiii. 10. ^&^, f. strength. 

<kua^, used only in the adv. \^^ min ginwit, 
(= ^*2iiJ^1 cf. tsJb^ Ac), fr. ^, secretly, in 


i^J^ jang U. or ^^ shang K., pers. turk. eUj, 
kurd. shenk Garz. 93, 237, m. i, ntst, 

»^d^ jangal, pers. J5CL. , f . i , forest, jwngle, 
wood, thicket, 

^^^ii^jangaligh, az. turk. j^ilXL, fr. prec, 
f. I, wooded country, woodlands, 

t ^^*JUangaua, f. JJ^-, fr. .^, rusty. 

;k^^ganjapa, pers. lij^jifni. i, a playing- 
card, ;yS^f\i^ja^ to play cards, 

f&^^jang&ri, f. id., (fr. turk. .l5lSj, pers. 
.Ixift. verdigris), iZi/« colour, eolou/r of verdigris, 

^aiV^gandaw, pers. sJUi^f- i, « cesspool, 

\a4;^jandag, -ak, az. turk. (sJjj;^., f. i, 
a carcass, dead body of an animal. 

jS^aiVs^gandula (cf. OS. ;&&9&4^a ball), m. i, 
a lump of earth, a clod, 

t^^aj^^jindaya Ash. Al., f. £^', arab. kurd. 
(JjlI*., beautiful, gentle^ Lidz. 435. 

j^&iVs^ gandala, pers. Ujjl3, az. turk. JjjlC 
m. I, the Dame of an edible herb. 

^^see 'loX,. 

^a^Vs^gandan, pers. ^jSjSI, f. toU, care. 

Jbajjks^jindar, az. turk.^ijLi*., see ^, m. i, 
a vdzard, lis^-, f. sorcery, 

Ib'aj^jiudara, pers. %jSim^y m. J^an meat, 

l^iy^ gnaha, or in Sal. ouV^ gna, pers. kurd. 

sUJ, f. 1, fault, sin, crime; 'S^ lh:afaidty, sinful; 

a \^ poL to sin against ; ^ ^qoV^ ^? lo cast 

up a fault against. In Sal. .mV^guan = our 


oj^ janu, (fr. arab. La. to pluck ? or perh. 
44^ fr. ajK^), i) to seize, snatch, 2) to abduct, 
elope with. 3) ^0 ^>i/r«i€. 

2&'omX^oi!C^g&niiganq6ra,the name of a grape. 

^9j\gniina, OS., m. i, a bride-chamber, 

^oali^}k\\yfknk, m. i, agent of o^; hence 
a rchber, 

&oi^jana-war, pers. turk. .lyL., kurd. jena'ur 
Lerch 118, m. I, i) a beast, a living creature, 
2) a strange thing. 

•ji^^Ti. or f|o U. Tkh. ganiz, qa-, (arab. l:!^ 
OS. ^, lit. to hide), j) to gather a dress. 
2) to cron-ch, shrink, 3) to fc« cramped, 

;Nfi\gnazta Ti., f. 6, i) y.n. of prec. 2) the 
gathers of a dress. 

j]j\g^)aya, y.n. of ^i!^. See frwa. 
^auA, gniw& = ^ifa^q.v. 
;»d» .oV^ gn6 yumi, or ^ol JiV^gn6 y6ma Al. 
as OS., m. tlie west, lit. sunset, 

^oo^j^niman, az. turk. ^Usl*., f. i, a danoe 
with a song, 

^ janin Al., in U. (rare) j&nin, arab. Jy^, 
i) to lament wildly, to wail, 2) U., to rage, 
to be mad, to be in a great hurry, 

^see )^, 

I jidkiijins, arab. pers. ij>^t i) U. AL, f. id., 
nice, agreeable, pleasant, esp. of things. 2) Al. 
= foil., no. I, Lidz. 435. 

^feo^ ginsa, OS."^, lat. genus, ycvor, m. i, 
i) kind, form, genus (rare). 2) gram., gender. 

^\^t^\^^ jansUltan, turk. pers. ^lULjl»., f. 
a woman's name now used. 

I ? > ift>i\ ^ ginsana-ya, f Ji^.-, OS.*, general, 
generic ; gram., of gender ; \^ ^, gram., a 
common noun, 

aipjjk^ginisar, OS., Gennesaret, Lu. v. i. 

^m^jinaqa, az. turk. jl^ia^, m. i, a coUar^ 
bone, esp. with 2b'p^p. 

jZ^ft^i^ janta, turk. liuU and ciU., f. 6 (sic), 
a wallet, bag, hut2)sack, 

jZ^gantha Ti. Al. as OS. (rare in U.), or 
\giuth& Tkh., f., pi. ^u}^., a garden, 

•o^gas, europ., mod., m. i, gas, 

joX^gasi, OS., to be sick, to vomit, it, and intr. 

^lo^gisa, i) OS., ni. i, 5, side, ham, buttock 
(see uBA^). 2) pi., see JtoJ^- 

I ;&Affi^ jasusa, arab. turk. kurd. ,^jj^, 
m. I, a spy, 

X^^aH^^kmr Al., arab. .^.«.». , bold, Lidz. 435. 

)i,i^ gisita, f. 6, i)=;i^. 2) fr. UgS^, 

*au^ jasis K., arab. Jl»>, to spy, examine. 
See Jbjp^^. 


&i(p^j&8ir, arab.^.Mft., to venture^ to be hold, 

*i4s. gi8t4, f., pi. ;&V.gH i) OS. l^il^, a 
fleece, 2) a kid. See ^^«S^, ^^*K* 

^ ga'6 K. as OS., or l^ ga-yi U., or 
;i0 qk'6 Ti. as OS., i) to cry out, esp. in prayer 
or for help (rare). 2) to bleat. Caus. ^^^, 

;j$:j4'^ K. or ^j4-yl U. or ^^ Ti., (in Al. 
^yj^q.v.), heb. PSJ, (cf. arab. A^^J), to be tired. 
^o. ;;iis.jiy6 win, / am tired. aJCi^ AV.^ jil« 
limara, / u>a« ^tVec^ qfeaying. Caus. ^|f^. 

•j^Al. = ^ Lidz. 424. 


^k^apa U. or 'i;^ jap4 Tkh., (fr. arab. U^ ill- 
treatment 1), m. I, labour f trouble. '%^2^i to 
take trouble, to strive. 

^ji^gapi K. Sh., pi. only, az. turk. \^jS^ci. 
S^ threats, \<^ to threaten. 

;iV.gipa» rt. ^, (OS. Pa. to dig), or fr. OS. 
^kflV^, m. I, i) a cave. 2) a ravine, cleft. 3) 
A]., a grave, Lidz. 435. 

\i^^ see ^. 

j^4is,gipita, eee ;iV.. ^- 6, a cave. 

l^j;^ japU, (arab. JtU quick), in adv. V.^ 
Al., suddenly, 

j&^jipna, arab. aJ^, f. 3, a kneading^tray 
of wood. 

;4V.gipti^, OS. A»\, rt. ^, f. 6, a vine. 

^ gisa K. = OS. and TA. X= ^*.. 

^attS,jaq<ija K.,kurd.g^\»., m. i, a knife, 
Lidz. 436. 

&^ j&r, pers. ^\i^, f. i, a j>rociamati(m, 

lH^ gari, i) kurd. ^PS. 331 = a?aV,. 
a) a^^p \ g. d'khABhib, kurd. ^^y^ -./^ 
a mountain in Kurdistan. 3) K., kurd. ^^ 
tui-n (lat. vices), Lidz. 438. 

iSH^see 2&iV^aud 2^. 

a^jara Al. = 2^. 

2!»S^ghiira Al. Ash. = 2^, Lidz. 436. 

2i(4s^gira Ash., kurd.^^ ;3h^, Lidz. 436. 

2&i^ jart, arab. (j/^, i) to flow. 2) K., to 
j^u^ter as a candle. 3) to float, p ^&a \A1., 
met. to hapj)efi to a person. 

2fil4s,jira, pers.]^, arab. ^j/k>, f. i, i) a ration. 
2) a jyension, an annuity, 3) alimcny given 
after a judicial separation. ^^^ ^^ ^ receive 
a pension, &c. 

^aJ^^K. as OS., or '^s,U. Al., garw&, girw&, 
m. I, i) leprosy. 2) scab, mange; used for 
any skin disease. Cf. ^^^. 

^ajs^girwa, i) see prec. 2) = OS. ^&^, 
fr. pers. i^\j^m, 1 (sing, in K. only), a sock, 
stocking. See jl^^. 

^^girba, m. i, body; a large body; ths 
middle or crisis or most busy part of an affair. 

^^ griwa, m. i, coarse cotton material 


^'CV. ghrabi AL, (cf. a^), the left hand, 
Lidz. 436. 

^aj^^gerbya, OS., f. the nortli. 

^iJah^ i) gerbya-y&, f. Jl^*-, OS., noHhem, 
2) gherbya-ya Al, (cf. aa^^), Zephyr, the west 
ivind, Lidz. 436. 

j^a^ girwita, f. 6, a sock, stocking, with 
coll. pi. ^a|^ (see ^b!^)^ pairs of socks; 
with sixth pi. odd socks. 

t^iJaJ^^K. OS., or \V. Al., garwana, gir-, 
fr. ^a^, i) m. I, a leper. 2) as adj., f. jt^-, 
leprous, mangy. 

Xjfii^ gantg U. or 'J^^ g^rek Al., turk. ey , 
i) impers. verb, must, ^ji? \^l must go, also 
without p ; rarely '1? n^f \^. See p^. 2 ) ought, 
where there is no moral obligation (see <ai^o), 
as ^laj^ 00^ *oaip ^garag d'hawiwa lakha, 
tliey ought to have been here, I should have 
ex])ected they would be here. 3) as adj., f. id., 
with first pK, necessary ; not as an epithet. 

^^jerga, az. turk. eLk., m. i, i) a line ; 
'^ .ttip^ to (fo line by line. 2) a verse of poetry, 
or of a chapter. 

;»Qi^aSk^Al. =:'&oV,. 

;I^^aV^as OS. or (x-, gergusa-ya, -shaya, f. 
£»r, Gergashite, Gergasene, Gen. x. 1 5. See ^SSl)^. 

.,a4>^ jarjinki AL, kurd. db^^V' ^ ^ 
fours, Lidz. 437, 

i^i;^ jeijer, OS. >Sl\4K. (fr- ^. •»>>> *« 
draw), f. I, a thire*hing-maeMn», a sort of 


sledge drawn by horses, buffaloes, or oxen, 
rouud aud round the pile of corn-sheaves, and 
fitted with knives which cut up the straw. 

li^.^.jerjara J. = 2^oV.> Socin 124. 7. 

i^^ gergar^ Al., (fr. ib'oVJ, nobles, Lidz. 


p^Jarid, arab. ^, cf. foil., i) to strip off 
leaves. 2) to scrape, rub hard. 3) Ash., to 
undo, loose a string, Lidz. 437. 

p^ garid, OS., i\to scrape, 2) to ^ace, 
rub out, erase, 

l^Hi^iTkdk, m. I, i) v.n. of pa^,. 2) = foU. 
no. 2, f:0 called from the manner of weaving. 
3) K., met. a band of raiders, 

2j}&!^jerdi, m., pi. id., i) a frame for weaving 
carpets, 2) a carpet tooven on a frame; see 

a^^jirdha Al, arab. ^, a rat, Lidz. 437. 

2p&V^gerda, csp. in U., m. i, i) a net, net- 
work, \^lh!^ to cast a net, 2) a cobweb. 

i^^ 2^&^ or ^h^ jarda ^ali, cha-, Al., f. id. 
(pern, tiji^ fourteen + JL. year), fourteen 
years old, 

.fCi.^ l^^gerda qdit, for 'tip \, (fr. OS. 
^isoa a 8i)ider), f. a cobweb, 

a^&^ girdab, pcrs. turk. v^j^see l!L^, 
f, I, a whirlpool, 

>^^^gerdab{ili(cf.prec.,orfor^ ^>^)> 
f. a whirlwind, a strong wiiid, said to be 
prevalent at harvest time. 

9?^gerdil, fr. ?^, f., pi. ^ftjilo?^, i) a 
gouge for gouging wood. 2) pumice stone, cf. 

9P&^ girdu, pers. ^^y, cf. ^o^, f. rice or 
com boiled with butter and lop. 

t^6p&)^^gordul Tcrg., jyorridge of coarse meal 
cooked in wutor and mixed with jto^, = •k&auf , 
but the grain is ground in a handmill. 

•op^s^ girdfin, pers. ^jj^, f. i, i) a cart of 
a vrry rough sort, used for bringing home the 
harvcbt 2) a cart-load used as a measure for 
straw &c, 

;I>^s, ginl^ya U., pers. \^J, f. i, a rou,nd 
cake, a small loaf. 

iL^ai;^ gerdila, (cf. turk. J^a bucket t), 
m, I, a wide-mouthed jar used for storing 
cheese, treacle Ac. Also jl^pajk^gerdilta, L 6 

^a^ gardana, m. i, i) agent of ?^- 
2) one who works a gouge {opb\), 

;&a^s^ girdau4 Al., turk. ^^^^pers. h^J^^ 
neck, throat, Lidz. 437. See foil. 

•^>a^ gerdambagh, az. turk. cl> ^j^S^ cL 
prec, m. I, a necklace. 

.»^aaaa^see 'j02p&\. 

|e7Slli^jara, arab. turk. kurd. -. lt»., cf. *t*^, 
m. I (jarahi), a surgeon. 

oaliK^gariw, to starve, intr. Cf. ^o^:^. 

baJC^garii, f., pi. ;|o-, a iceazd, 

o5lA,^gir6 U., pers.jj^f., pi. ;^5-, i)plUdge, 
paum. '^ -^e^ to lend on security, 2) earnest- 
money, arles (= ^oaii^K.). 

lihi^, ;ii\, see ;3iV,. 

23b^g&ruda = op^no. 2, 

.ftO^see o&\. 

jft.oaV, see 'a!\, 

^a^ais^girAch^, fr. ^aX^, m. i, a scratch. 

;i6aX^g4r{ima, m. i, i) K.,OS., a roUtngpin. 
2) U., an axle, cudetree, 

^AoaX^ garwana, i) K., m. i, see o^, 
2) agent of oali^^. 

^aAoa^ girwaiika, russ., f. i, a weight used 
for tea &c., =88 misqals, about f lb. avoird. 

t^ioaJi^garAsa or gar-, f. ji^ gadist^, g&r-, 
(cf. Jbai^, Jb^'^), coarse, large. ^^aV^&bf 
oi^ ^L\y zHt g. bifkhan^ li, he is exaggerating. 

j{;tt>6aK,gartl8t4, fr. Jb^, f. 6, a handmiU, 
worked by two women. Mat. xxiv. 41, 

;ilbaK^g&nipa, fr. *i^hS^, m. i, a wooden shcvd 
for taking ashes out of an earth-oven. 

;2lba^jariipa, f. Jl^ jariipta, or ;i;6a;^j&r<iU, 
f. HXr jarut-ta, fr. JiaJ^, ^ajf^, i) sliding. 
2) the fem. form jl^baj^as subs., f. 6, the hank 
or dope of a hill. 

^KoaS^ girushi, fr. «&^, m. i, a shaft of 
a cart. 


f&J^^gerz Al., perh. fr. arab. yj^fi-^ accidental, 
Lidz. 437. 

tfil^jaraz Al., turk. j^^, dried fruitSy conr 
dimenU, Lidz. 437. 

>t*^gerzimi OS., Gerizinif Deut. xi. 39. 

-ai^^girikh K., arab. -/, cf. foil., to feU, 
cut down, 

^^jarikh K., jarih AL, arab. -.^ and ^y>, 
to wound. Cf. e7SiiL and ^S^. 

^ilaj^jirba Al., arab. •.^, a wound, 

^M^jirkbi K. Al., kurd. id., a piece of 
money worth about 6d., Lidz. 437. Cf. ^^s.. 

\^ jarit =r A^ to dip; also met. to commit 
a faultf to trespass, 

^a^^ jariya Al., arab. hSa^, f. i, a ^'W, 
maiden, female slave, Lidz. 436. 

fe^aV,, lOf^, see ;ah\. 

^a4^ gharibaya Asb., stranger = ^&jb q.v. 

bb^aV^aud Jbb»&b^a\ grigur, griguriyus, 
OS., m. Gregory, a man's name now used. 

^aJiks^jarima or j&-, arab. turk. kurd. ^U^) 
cf. >>a^, f. I, a Jine, penalty, 

^ua^jaryana, m. i, i) agent of 2^j hence 
2) in ^\. floods, Isa. xliv. 3. 

;taV,Al. = i^j, Lidz. 436. 

^ii^or V^a^garich, -ij, = ^^l to scratch; 
met. to be rapacious, 

^b^gerchkg, az. turk. eU/Tf- ^> the castor 
oil plant ; \j^ 2b'f^ castor oil, 

t^^j&rchC, az. turk. ^^;^, fr. a^, m. i, 
a crier y herald, 

ph^ garim, i) (in OS. to cut off), to he 
silent, Stod. Gr. 180. 2) K., to roU dough 
with a roller (cf. ;»o&\). 

^lib^ genua, OS., m. i, a bene; l^^ \ 
backbone ; box ^oii^Ao^^^germii shor, an outcast, 
one whose hospitality none wiU accept. 

^oMa^ germuna AL, dim. of prec, m. i, 
a little bone, Lidz. 438. 

^^germag, f. i, a new musk melon, green 

Xi^^^grimagrim (proparox.), onomat., f. 
noise of thunder Ac, 

^ttea|^girma-wl, az. turk. jU^, f. meat and 
wheat boiled together. 

.fiif\a»$\ gram-mat!ql, OS., f. grammar, 
ypafjLfuxTiKTi. ^^ -qiyaya, a grammarian, or 
as adj. (f. Jt^-) grammatical, of grammar, 

$»^germknk, f. JJ^-, OS., bony, of bone, of 
the bones, 

iL^ >3$\ grampila, or as OS. ^^saV^grim-, 
m., or iLi$ ^ai^jerm^ fSla Ash., ivory (lit. 
elephant's bone). 

^2(\gran K. or 'S^j AL q.v., f. id., pers. 

^\5, kurd. gran& Garz. 108, dear, expensive. 

Jbalis^ garis, OS. Pa., to grind with a hand- 
mill (j{>ibba^), to grind coarse. Cf. .tt>y\^w. 

^a^g&rsa, OS.*, m. i, an adder, basilisk, 

;fi)aV,see ^Sbh!^. 

iji&^grisiya, Greece, Acts xx. 2 RV. marg. 

;i!^fiS^ 08. or ;L^!kJ^ girasaya, girasina, 
ni. I, a Geryesene, Mat. viii. 28 marg. 

j^aV^ girsitA, (fr. Jb^^), f. 6, coll. pi. 
^a^gii-si, a dried split jyea ; in pi. split pease, 

^afta^girsika, m. i, a xcild pear. 

Aaii^ gar6 K., gftr! IT., OS., i) to shave. 
2) to shear. 

^ai^^ g&rip, OS., i) to sweep off ah & flood ; 
to shovel away, esp. snow. 2) met. to over- 

^a^jarip, (arab. <>-i/^ to sweep, cf. prec. 
and A^a^), i) U. K., to slide, dip. 2) K., to 
rake away, esp. mud. 

;^i^5J\grapinga, russ., m. i, a glass jug. 

b^^griptar, f. id., pers. turk. j\:L$p\ taken 
with, afflicted with a disease. 

^aj^jirqa U. or ^o^i^ jlliqa Tkh., nz. turk. 
jjfc., m. I, a small copper coin. Cf. .M*a^. 

bii^garar, Psh. bais^, Gerar, Gen. xx. i. 

lb'aKK. = lfi*,no. 3. 

jt^pai-ish, OS., I ) to draw, jmll. 2) to last, 
of time ; to prolong. 3) to distil, I^rases : 
^ 2^2 \ to withdraw support from; liLib^ \^ 
to take j)leasure, Eccles. il 3 ; iii^ \to be 
angry: ,^^a^\jlo draw back, resign; »&> \ 
(or 'p A^) to have a chronic pain, to suffer; 
^abp \to suffer from a wound; ^fl9\to sign 



far; & »yfMr4 \ to^oibe^nni/A tol:e/>aivu(see.^; 
f^ \or ^ \U> t4Mkt one 9 fancy, caplivaU ; 
i^ \^to travail, to he in labour; ^ocu* \ 
to tak0i an aec'funl from a steward &c.; JLa \^ 
to It luxurious; Xf«A ^^Jo mount guard; 
&i^ \to $ttp a^fide, t'f keep <ftU of; ;«aM2^ \id« ; 
p 1^1 ^ ^^,to jnU up vdth; ;L&ap \tj take 
a diseate («o any specific illDess; ; ^^ \^to 
take time (e. ^. l^ib i^^ \to take three hours) ; 
i^$Li^ \to be zealous; i^o^ XU. or \ 
i^fflSLd K. to mount guard ; ;2^ ^ to take 
apltotograph ; •P^ ^io smoke U. and some- 
times Q. K. (so all words for pipes ; see ^/kx). 
Hee «|^. 8o a^a jiliik^desjHiir (Le. giving 
in); Si.? ;jj*ill, re*erw (Lidz. 438); ;«^SJ\ 
loiUp a comma (written I in Syriac). 

^9«&^y >ioaK&j^ girshiin, -um, both OS., m. 
Oershom, Gershon^ £x. ii. 22, vi. 16. 

ifioaK&^ girshiin! Al., OS., Carshunie, i.e. 
Arabic written in Syriac letters. 

a prison^ Lidz. 437. 

dj^i^ jishjish, kurd. gesh, Garz. 257, 258, 
ro. \i a foci. 

^^^^ gizliagizb (proparox.), bubbling, purl- 

&oai£ gasbur, OS., Geskur, 2 Sam. ziiL 37 ; 
but ;Iaoa\g8huraTa, a Cftthurite, Josh. xiiL 13. 

J ^aba4s.ghashima Al., f. 1^ ghaahimti, arab. 
kurd. Mir^, foolish, stupid, duU, Sachau 13. 

^sX^gishan, OS., Goshen, Gen. xItL 29. 

i t^^ or ^ gizhana, f. ^', cfl ^ and 
%^, dizzy, 

^bpoa^s^ gishnishe Tkh., pi. only, osm. tork. 
uS, black pepper. 

^x^gisbir, OS., to bridge, rare. Dist. h^fiifs. 

liL^ gishr4, as Western OS., (Eastern 0& 
X), m. I, but 2 in Ti., a bridge, large or 
small. Also ^^^a^gishirta, esp. Ti., f. 6. 

.ftdo^^^gashtC, recreation, pleasure, 

iJ^g^t Al., arab. ^^, almost, Lidz. 431. 

i^^gat, OS., Goth, I Sam. xxi. 10. Zli^, 
OS., a Gittite. 

^f^V,gtlt*, not Psh., heb. 1^91, GiUitk, 
Ps. viii. title. 

Sis^gatar, OS., m. G ether. Gen. x. 23. 


?, I. the letter ^^^ dalat, OS., f. t, in K. 
MB. 2, = (i; when aspirated, dh (us th in thin) 
but it is never aspirated in U. J. Sul. Q. Gaw. 
Az. p falls in many words, e.g. pM» and 
compounds, ^^, pNboi, ^pM», 2p>^, JipkH. 
j^ fn>quently becomes f, esp. in Al. Z. (Gram. 
338); in Az. it sometimes becomes A. — ^ is 
sometimes pron. t, esp. at the end of some non- 
Aramaic words, as p)l fizad or 4z4t; in a few 
words it is replaced by \ ; in Az. it replaces i^ 
in ijfi = ^1 to come. In numbering 9 = 4. — 
II. d', OS., often t? esp. in Sal., an inseparable 
(tarticle, i) prep., (also in Z. ^^ didh, before 
iiounH), of, but often omitted as j^5^ ^o) f^ 
a ^tV of shoes. Used also in dates, as &iafa 
l^l^ in the year 100 [see S], With affixes 
%^ dlyt U. K., 91^9 die Al. Ash., sometimes 


ffr^p didhi, -^ in Ti. Al. TA., [in K. AL often 
pleonastically, as ojl^^ h^i after him; so with 
all preps. ; and after subs, as cjl^^ o^J^ ^ because 
of his hunger^ The 2 pi. in Ti. is ^j^ 
didh6khii or 099*9 didhkhd. In some com- 
pound preps, p is pron. t, esp. in U., as 9 
minit = ^, 9 eyli^ 'illit (AL ilit) = ^ p 
q&mit = pSja ; and in Az. in all combinations 
like l^lp oifofa bronit il-h& = ;4^;p oiyo&s.— 
9 is used redundantly to enable several prepa. 
to form affixes, as ^p ^i like me; and also 
between all preps, (except a, \ and sometimes 
in K. Al. others) and dem. prons., as 1M9 ^ 
ikh daha, like this. So in ,^lp ^ l^si more 
than to me, — ^p od^ (f. ^p ^) au diyan (ai d.), 
he {she) of ours is used by a wife (husband) in 
speaking of her (his) consort, as it is not 



customary for married people to Ofe names 
either in addressing or in speaking of one 
another; they use a periphrasis such as the 
above, or .yi,»«iyp &o&a, ^quof ^!Ca, or often 
simply o^, ^i Sec, 2 ) rel. pron., who, thaty whicUi, 
whom, the other cases being expressed by affixes 
added to the nonn, as ^^Of <»^ Aw^? ^ ^^ d'rigii 
twin, he whost servant I am, 3) conj., thai, in 
order that; often used redundantly to introduce 
oratio recta ; because (esp. Al.). 4) Ash. Ti. Z. 
= ft«7. In the first three of these senses, 9 is 
i-eplaced in Az. by «^ 

ijt di, sometimes in Al. de, turk. (^j, come 
now 1 he off I ijt Xjt Z. hither and thither, 

2^f i) da, interj. now! 2) dh4 MB, for 2^07 1, 
this, m. f. 3) dk U. now=lai^. 4) ste pM». 

^2j7 diwa as OS., m. i, ;i:^i^ dy^ta as OS. or 
jt^a^j^ diwita, f. 6, a wolf, ^'^ ^^j^ fox and 
geese (the game). 

^2^ da-ij, ft*. V^^. to seal or mark a pile of 
wheat at the threshing-floor. 

Imi^ diha = 2j^ + M 6e ^/ Also ^^ ijf. 

;cftlHba-ah4MB.=:2^no. 2. 

oi^ see op. 

j^62^ see 'oop. 

;a4? d^k&, dika, (see ^2), whence f 

^ip see ^9. 

22k^2^ da-ira, arab. turk. i^b, f. i, a circle, 

^l^ I. da-ik, <oy^ to the brim. 11. d&-ikh K., 
chald. heb. ^, arab. {^h and (s).>, <o trample, 
strike, Caus. ^f ai^. 

^2^ d&kh U. K. Al. or ^ip dikh. Ti. Ash. Al. 
i) = ^2p. 'p 0^, an expostulation asserting 
a fact which is denied ; ^2^ ^p Al. how now? 
what are we to do? 2) second form = ^2, as, 
like, prep. See ^ 

tta2^ dikhi or JI;ma2^ U., ^i^^A- dakhtinti, 
-{it&, (perh. fr. ^ip pron. dakh), haw; p ^^ cm 
conj., so that; ^2 .^^2^ trAat sort of men? 
ik^^f^^ f. quality, 

J^^ see »1V>- 

Xi}^ dA-im, i) see )h»^ a) K. Al., yerb, to 
remain, to be prolcnged. 

^ijt dimi, OS., m. Demos, Col. iv. 14. 

sl^ da-in, i) OS., to judge, 2) to go to law, 
(also ^p ^). No caus.; di&t. ^pi>. 

Jb}p da-is Al., arab. ^^, to transgress tr. 
(lit. <o trample), 

j^lp da-iq, (OS. past ji>), i) <o make Jim, to 
grind to powder, beat small, 2) Al. to thresh, 
3) to knock, beat, Cf. ^2^, dda^ttpM. 

&}p da-ir, (arab. .b to go round), i) to turn 
inir,, return, with t^ or ^ = to. 2) met. to be 
converted, to rej)ent. First pres. hlp, liilp Al. 
Sh., 22L^ U., &c. Pret. aii^p did U., 07^2^ d'ir^ 
Al. Caus. &^, in Al. b2ai>. Agent ;ib'2^didtna 
Sh., \^ d^rani U., liAp da-ar& AL; v.n. l^l^, 
Ushl^ dara, dirti (see foil.). Cf. &9^. 

;&b2^ d&rta, f. 6, i) v.n. of prec. 2) a leqf 
of a folding-door, Ezek. xli. 24 old Am. ver. 
Phrases : ^p iJo to resolve; ^p 6ikbl^ Ash. next 
year; ^00^9 e7^&2^ K. Al. next day (also '^ ^¥»^, 
'.»p Mfl^ d^rath y6m4, daritin d'y.), Lidz. 441. 

a2^ da-ish, (OS. past «^, but chald. B^, cf. 
oipxp^), 1) to tread, tramjyle on, tread down. 

2) met. to bend down tr., as old age bendi 
a man. 

6j?. &»J?, see 'sip, 

^p diba, f. I, 3 (m. f. in Q. as OS.), a bear; 
;)&92 ^p a he-bear; 'pp ifi^ wild grapes, 

;»> daba, i) arab. aj.>, OS. lao^, f. piles, 
hemorrhoids, 2) pers. u>^, a powder-Jlask. 

3) pers. w.>, m. i, one who is ruptured or 
maimed from a fall, &c. 

^ d4b&, arab. turk. 2jb, m. i, a ufiTc^ fteojC. 

I ^p dab&gh, arab. turk. p\j^, m,i,a tanner. 

Also t<f9>^> dabaghcht, az. turk. ^j^^,^- 

iLUer^ dab&ghkhlini, turk. ijl^b.), f. i, 
a tannery, 

orl^o^p or oriif- diigha, -qa (oxytone)=«M9p 
Ml, interj. catch hold/ take hold/ 

2^^, 2^^b9^, see 'cop. 

ifS^p dw^rk, OS., f. Dtborah, Gen. xxxt. 8. 

l^p dib&ra, (in OS. a wasp), m. i, a horse- 
fly, a gadfly. Also U^^hi^p (in OS. a bee) and 
Utt^^ dib&rt&, -rita, f. 6. 

^^ dabAshi, f. a^-, fr. aap, sticky, 

I a 



^a I. da-wikh, OS., to sacrifice, ii. dabikh 
K., arab. ^, j, to cut up animals. 

^iLsp dyukha, m. i, and Jt>M3^ dyilkbta, f. 6, 
both OS., a sacrifice, an offering. 

\!fh dbabit Al., see ^^p, \3f. 

;fiua> dabiqa, f. j^- dabiqta, OS.*, gi-anu 
intransitive, opp. l^lvpo. 

j^j^ dibita, fr. ^^, f. 6, a she-hear. 

iia^ diwili, OS. )i^9 f.. often pi. i^^ dibli 
as OS., a cake of honey, eggs, flour, and butter. 


pp daban, az. turk. ^bb, f. i, a shoe-tag. 

^py 4ts?> dos, dofa Al., a track. 

jx^h da-wiq, OS., i) to catch, hold, seize, 
take, take held of, grip, handle, Bometiines with 
a, in Ash. with au9 or p!^', ofLf^ o^ U^^^ 
dwiqali b'lda, he took her by the hand. 2) to 
stop tr., cui^ '? to restrain oneself, to he temperate. 
3) lo hire, often with ,>^;\ti, l^Jta &c.; hence 
liaifa ^fiuap dwiq4 b'haqa, a hondservant. 4) ^0 
corresj^nd to or together. 5) <o /aX:6, /a^« 
prisoner; to surprise a fortress. 6) <o celebrate, 
keep a fea^t. 7) <o A:ec;;, Arecp /o, often with a. 
8) /o uphold, 9) <o contain lit. and in orith, 

10) MB. to pickle in vinegar; Itaubp UL^ijso jnckles. 

1 1) in pass. ^0 hefroztn. Phrases: ? 2^2 '? 
(or p 2L2s'?) <c; A^/y>; ^J'? ^0 am/ JC,^e '? 
to do line hy line; ^?oAa '^ U. or 2^ai»|bi '^ 
K. to ^tt'cA; together intr.; ^ ji^r\ ^? to co^ 
u}) a fault against; >^k^ ^p K. to make excuses, 
to find an excuse for flghting &c.; iIjOm ^p 
to &6 m lahov/r; p ^ ^p to protect; .*6oBaa ^p 
U. to icrestle; JJof^ ^p to Titea^ur^; ai^ftyS 'p 
to muster y enrol ; $qao 'p to wioA:^ a/j excuse; 
^b ^ 'p to read from the beginning; J^s^ 'p 
to ^et; ^o& ^p or ^^ao& 'p to lake one^s turn, to 
take turns; Ji^ 'p to pay attention; ^ 'p to cast 
up against, but «2kib .fpo^ ^p to Aave a claim 
against, to have av>ght against a person (so Az.); 
oV^ ^p to he in pain; p ^am. ^p to supplant; 
p ;^^ 'p to restrain; p e7JSafta0aJa 'p I J. or 
p o7JS»autji 'p K. to be in the way of; p 2aajt^ 'p K. 
to do honour to; .looiijo 'p U. or .lao- K. to 
mount guard, see atai^; p ;^ 'p to/// the 2)lace 
of; ^ V^^ '? ^^ ^^^^ '^'/^ ^^ shoot; ^a4^.tsb?p 
duq janukh Ti. Ash. hold hard! cf. oyA^p; 

^Buap ;I&^ siryd dvrtq^ ^or^/y afflicted with 
illness ; ^2 ^fisfiif^p dwiqti^ shati, mcA; (f.) of 
a fever. See ^ai>. 

^Ifiqip d6qana, m. i, i) agent of prec. 
2) Aap ^p d. d*kul, AlmigJUy = Aa j^fm\. 3) arith. 
a multiple; I'iol^ jc^s ^p tAe /e(Mt common 

si^p I. dabir K. i) as arab. ^..> to /tve, 
survive, Lidz. 442. 2) to feed, to eat one^sJUl, 
See aa^. 11. dawir, to lock, holt. Dist. h^^. 

25ci>, fr. prec, i. diibra AL K. f. food, 
livelihood, lyovtnder, forage, fodder, n. d6ra, 
m. I, i) a wooden bar, holt. 2) a long piece 
of wood hung from the neck of buffalo bulls 
to keep them from the females. 

^a^p dwiry&min, OS., fr. heb. D^Ojn na^, 
the books of Chronicles; histories, i Kgs. 
xiv. 19. 

jE^p dabish K., fr. foil., to stick intr. 

;3s?^ dyusha, OS., (TA. '», m. i, honey, 

;»> dabAsha, da-, (OS. J?^> pi. only), m. i, 
a bee. 

fis^p dh&bit Al., see ^4^, \^, t^yia, to he 
settled or established; pp. regular, well ordered. 

\p dagh, or in K. ;lp dakha, pers. turk. db, 

m. I, branding, cauterizing; a scar, brand; 
'p Im» to brand with dir. obj. 

J^p daj, az. turk. -..>, m. i, a seal or stamp 
for marking com on the threshing-floor. 

\ A^ digdig, az. turk. eJ^, cf. \^^, 

\5\.-? digdin K., pers. ^IjlXj.), a tripod 
over a Are, for holding saucepans, &c, 

oS^^ dig6, (pers. j.> two + jU ox), f., pi. 
^§0^^ dig6*wi, a plough or cart for two 

^oV^^ dagun, OS., m. Dagon, 1 Sam. y. 5. 

J^^ or ^h dk'il (not \y), OS. ^p, to look 
intently at, to see; to observe a commandment. 

^^ daghal, arab. pers. J^, m. weeds. 

likiij daghaia, da-, OS., m. i, a liar, cheat. 

i^Jb^p dagan^, az. turk. {s^lfl, f. 1, a duby 

Pp dad, pers. turk. .>b, m. justice; as inteij., 
a cry of distress. 




a^^ d&d&, i) (in OS. a frieDd, uncle, in turk. 
«^^ a grandfather, a title given to dervishes), 
ni. father, daddy , colloq. 2) Al. (or j^, Lddz. 
443), OS. 2^, heb. T?, pi. 2, the breast 

ijf^ d&di,kurd. v5i)b| (.mother, used vocatively 
as a term cf respect, ^p ^1 aloe I 

^8l?> ^^?> see ;3ft»p. 

bp> dudd, cf. 2^^, m. a man's name now used. 

bp^ didu, kard. ^jb = ^j^^. 

j{^bp^ dadttlta, f. 6, a row or string of beuds, 
figs, &c. 

Jboio^pj didiimiis, m. DidymiLs, Joh. xx. 24. 

^6|»^ diddna, m. i, a poker, 

jbdatpp^ dadishCi K., OS., m. a man's name 
now used. 

s^\ d&d&n, Psh. ^'^, m. JJedan, Gen. x. 7. 

lip daha Al., kurd. daha Lerch 125, now, 

^07> da-wa or dah'wa, OS., also in Al. Ash. 
'jy d^, m. I, i) gold. 2) a gold coin of any 
country, a pounds sovereign. See JUso^. 

;a9er> da-wanaya, dah'-, f. iU-t OS., golden, 
of gold. 

j^off? Al., see j^oop. 

^ooi^ da-win, i conj., = OS. ^07^^ (P. to be &t 
or oily), to cement with grease. 

^obrp dwSna, m. i, i) v.n. of prec. 2) U.=: 

^•T^ dah'Jb K. Al.y arab. kurd. Jj».), f. a wood, 

|&k«b^br^ d41Uzt&, arab. uJU.>, f. 6, dim. 
of foil. 

^ai^ dalan, pers. ^^;.JUo» az. turk. ^^^U^, f. i, 
a covered entry, dooruxty, porch. 

i^p d&h*n&, pers. ^JA^, m. i, a bit of a 

hfi^ dahir Al., a following, train, attendantSf 
Lidz. 444. 

o^ i) do, (perh. fr. pers. ^^ two), f. a match, 
equality in a game or fight ; love of fighting. 
2) dho MB., also Mo^ dh6ha MB., for o^or, 
that, dem. pron. 

Ifi da-wt or Ifi^ d6-t. arab. pers. t^^, kurd. 

y, 'diu' Garz. 69, OS. ti$i, buUermilk, 

sour curds; also a drink made of sour cords 
and water, with salt ; or from what remains 
in the churn when the butter has been taken 
off. See i^ibio, l^,.^. 

\lbp dd-agh, OS., ra. Doeg, i Sam. xxii. 9. 

^o^ d6ba, OS., m. i , honey and sugar mixed ; 
clear honey run from the comb. 

&^9P see ^oop. 

^9P see ^oc7op. 

I&a^p diibar, rarely l^-, (fr. turk. tX^^^ a 
trick), i) adj., f. id., doubting, disputing; 
^^p oi^tobecU variance with. 2) subs., more 
commonly ^9-, doubt, difficulty ^ dispute. 

aSks^p dubara, i) OS.*, m. i, act, deed; in 
pi. life, manner of life. 2) see prec. 

;^&aop dttbrina, m. i, a theep two years eld. 
Cf. 'f^. 

;t;^9P see Jtpap. 

{.^J^9P diijal K., arab. turk. kurd. JLk> = 
;1V^P q.y., ni. i, liar, deceiver^ Antichrist. 

i^t^p dagla (so TA. Az.), in OS. and rarely 
Al. with ^, cf. «^a>», m. i, a lie, falsehood ; 
'pa falsely. 

Xi^^ffP dttglan&, fr. prec., i) adj., f. jU-, 
lyi^g* deceitful. 2) subs., m. i, a liar, 

^qV.9? diigma (sic), osm. turk. im»Sjj, az. 
turk. i^^^y m. f. I, a button. 

^oV^o^ d6ghm&, indecl., of the same parents, 

opp. ^9^ ^i A^i (pi. >oV,o? ;fi>aa-0 « 

whole brother. 

^^pitl^^p dAgimdiigim, f. id.,turk. ^^sS^^t 
adorned with buttons. 

)Bfft^9P d&danlm, Psh. «k&&9?> Dedanim, Isa. 
xxi. 13. 

Aab>9p d{idast, (pers. j.> two + o«»^ hand), 
m. I , a plane worked with two hands. 

&^9P dud4r, and \i^^9? dud&rag, (pers.^j^ ; 
cf. A^?\ a folding-door. 

l0io^ MB., see o^ no. 2. 

^oro^ dohiin Z., still, again. 

^br9P d&wani K., or ^oarp dw&n& U^ or in 
Al. as OS. M9? or M09? dilhini, see ^«p?, 
m. I, i) cement made firom grease, a) AhfiU 
(subs.); oil for lamps. 



&^o9? du-wadar, pen.^^^^, m. i , a pitchfork, 

i&o^ aDd Holi d&-w^l&, dariili, or in Al. 

i^^^y 'it d6hfila, da-, Lidz. 443, tork. J^b, 

kurd. Jj»^ PS. 306, but da-ol, Qarz. 261, m. i, 

a large drum. 

1.^60^ da-wulach{, turk. t5fj^> m. i, a 
drummer. Also ^a^bo^ da-wiilchS. 

l^^o^ dawttlta, f. 6, dim. of j^oop. 
^9P see ^Mofop. 

|f^p ddz, f. id., turk. jy , i) right, just, 
equitable. 2) of lines, straight; of angles, right; 
of fractions, |>rop^. 3) loyal, fiiithful. — ffp^iop 
<U par, e.g. of a bill cashed without discount 
or interest. 

{i^V^f^p dttzgdn Al., f. id., turk. [jyj^^t 
emooth, levd, plain; in good order. 

^j4)s.*9P dCizganligli, az. turk. ^^\^j^^, f. i, 
a plain, a levd place. 

;iLIf9P d(izy&kh&, az. turk. %jtX^^^, f. i; a 
garment with an open bosom, 

^o^ d6khw&, meat, wheat and ISp boiled 

lal^o^ or a>- do^alab, -lib, or 'kop, pers. 
v,JLl»jj, i) adj., f. id., voluntary, keen, ready. 
2) subs., m. I, a volunteer. 

^o^ da-wid, OS., m. David, a name still 
much used, i Sam. xvi. 1 3. 

1^0^ d4-wida (-dba K. Al.), OS., m. the 
Psaltery esp. the liturgical Psalter which 
contains litanies, collects, and psalms. 

oi^9P, s^^p, ;L9? dAli, dAwin, d<ln&, &c., 
TJ., here he is, here I am, here they are. 
Sec ei^oor. 

jtH>9? see Jtp2p. 

l^^p diiki, abs. st., f. 4 (in OS. m.f.); or 
;&A9P dakta, def. st., OS., f. 6 in K. Al. (no 
pi. to def. st. in U.), place, room; £^^p 'p 
abode, lodging, in Mat. viii. 90 of birds, a nest. 
Phrases : i&^ io^'p d.'iqt^ \k,there is no room; 

.fto^fi^p dttktii ila, it serves him right; 

.^aj^thm^^ 'p daktd miichikhtil ila, id.; 
6^ 9§^»ai^ *e796o9p dCiktii mabyiinl \i, he is 
missed; ^ 'p ^^ to make way for. 

jkSkApp dakhrani, OS., m. i, i) a saint's 

day, a holy day, < ipp. 2p &» q. t. 2)* a memorioL 
3) a sacrifice or votive offering. See Va^^ 

Ha^P see ;aop. 

^p dol, az. turk. Jj^, m.i, a stallion; any 
animal used for breeding. 

i^o^ d61a, ra. I, i) K. Al. TA., OS., a bucket 
= ^0^ 2) OS.*, Aquarius, a sign of the 
Zodiac. 3) U., az. turk. Jj.>, a receptacle from 
which com drops on to the upper mill stone, 
a hopper. 

ilSfp dula Terg. MB., m. i, a vaUey, esp. 
a large valley. 

;a^99 dalb4 K., OS., m. i , a plane-tree. 

^9P diil&ba, pers. turk. v^^^* ^' ^9 <) ^ 
spinning-whed. 2) esp. in pi. a water-whed 
turned by oxen, above a deep well. 

4a>io^ or ^j» or "^j, d61abchi, dolapcha, dU-, 
dal-, turk. %j^^y^, f. i, a cupboard. 

^*o^ dol&ghi, az. turk. £1^^, hands for 
confining sleeves at the wrist, or trousers at 
the ankle. 

c^9P see e^i»op. 

^o^ d61ch4, az. turk. i^j^, f. i, a buchei. 

i^*9p mk\k, OS.*, m. I, divorce; ^pp ^i^ 
a biU of divorcement. 

^o^ d61ma, turk. iJL^, f. i, a stuffed 
eatable, esp. vine-leaves filled with pounded 
meat or rice. 

;|^9^ da-wilta, arab. 2Jj.>, pers. oJj^, f. 6 
(sic), i) wealth, riches. 2) K. Al. government^ 
the State, Lidz. 442. 3/ K. Al. prosperity^ 
good fortune. — ^p 'p ^ thanks to A\; ^p ^ 
^9«&po ;^h mm d. d'al4h4 ^ d'Hshiikh K., 
thanks to you. 

IpjM^^^ d61atmand, f. id., pers. kurd. 
SI ml !j J, rich, wealthy. 

;to9p d{im4, OS., Dumah, Isa. xxi. 1 1 ; elae- 
where Psh. '9b or 'oi'. 

^Splaio^p dttmb&lani, az. turk. ^3L^^, 

X >Vj9^9? d&mdg, f. id., kurd. d^j^, engaged, 

(io^p dtlmy&, OS., m. i, resemblance, likeness, 
type, shape, form. 

^^^p diimayik Ash., kurd. id., cU last, 
finaUy, Lidz. 442. 

^^^ ddm&n, m. i, i) tark. y^^u^y^^fog, mist. 
2) turk. ^j^^^t A rudder, helm. 

X*A^ diin, f. id., i) AL, arab. turk. ^j^, 
wofniing, inferior. 2) Terg., arab. id., fat, of 
Bheep &c. 

s^i, ^e^, see '007?. 

^^^ diina Terg., pi. i and 4, a clearing in 
the snow, for feeding sheep in winter. 

^^^ dttmb&, f. id., (in OS. a tail, cf. ^?), 
taiUess (sic). 

1^^^ d(imb&g, az. turk. u^^^, f. i, a smaU 
drum with one face, struck with the fingers. 

I i^h^^^p dttmbAgchf , az. turk. j^j^, m. i , 
a drummer. 

I^e^ d6nig, f. id., az. turk. u^^, rebellious, 
with .^ = against. 

^^? danyf, or ^j^ dinyi Sal., [Ma'l. tiinya, 
Parisot xii. 1 26], arab. turk. pers. kurd. LJ^, f. 
the worU; HL ^I^ '^ d. bir&y^ la, it u rain- 
i^9»' ^?? JtMOM Tkh. evening twilight; IsaI ^p Al. 
the evening draws on. 

J h^^p ddny&gir, f. id., pers-^^/tJ^, worldly, 
usually in a bad sense. 

i^pp dany&-y&, f. J^-, fr. ;ae^, of the world. 
Dist. prec. 

;me^ d6nq&, f. id., az. turk. iJuj^, burly, 

;^^9, Jbof AL, see A*?, y*h 

^PP diisakh, az. turk. ^^^^t i) U. Az., 
f. I, a prison. 2) U., m. i, a prisoner. 





X ^i^Jb^p diis&khchi IT., az. turk. 
m. I, a prisoner. 

^Lik^? diisikhini U. (for 'U69?), az. turk. 
ijla.>.L*j^, f. I, a prison ; 'p 0^2^^ to imprison. 

X .f^^Ll^^dusikh&nich(,az.turk.^»}U^L.j^, 
m. I, a jailor. 

Xi^Jbo^ dost, pers. turk. kurd. \z^^y, m. i, 
1) a friend. 2) AL TA. a lover. 

^^p dapn&, OS.*, m. I, a eojin, mummy 

^^P daqshi Al, TO. I, a branch. 

&f ^ d&-wir, (fr. OS. b^ to go round), to 
thresh, to tread ou4 com, as oxen who go round 

a heap of corn, treading it with their feet. 

Dist. h^y 

be^ d&w&r Ash., turk. i|^» m. i, a mule, 
Lidz. 443. 

b^^ in the phrase hppio bop ddr ^m&ddr Al., 
round and round; foU. by p, a prep., Lidz. 443. 

2b'^^ i) d&r&, or b^^ diir, arab. turk. Jj, 
(TA. bj), f. 3 (pi. in Al. ^•-, Lidz. 443), a 
pearl. 2) K., m. 4, the gums of the mouth; 
pL same meaning. 3) d(ira Ash., arab. i*^, 
a parrot, Lidz. 443. 4) OS., Dura, Dan. iii. i. 

2b'eM6r&, i) U.,=2b'H&r& K. Al. 08., arab. 
j^, m. I, on age, generation, period, era, 2) Al. 
turn, Lidz. 443. See be^. 

^b^^ ddrbin, pers. turk. yj^jj^t kurd. ^j^j^ 
PS. 304, f. I, a lens, telescope,fidd'glass, opera- 
glass, spy-glass; a photographer's camera. 

XX^^p diirag, az. turk. eU^^i m. 1, a cross- 
bred animal, a mongrel, hybrid. 

pbpp ddrd, turk. ^j^, m. dregs, lees, sediment. 

^i^p d^k, f. I, or in Al. i^j^^? dikrikthi, 
(perh. fr. rt. ^b^ to tread, cf. ^bpjo), f. 6, an 
elegy, a religious poem, a hymn. 

jb^^P ddrkas, not Psh., f. Dorcas, Acts 
ix. 36. 

•\0b^^ durmfig, az. turk. dL^^, ni. i, a morsel 
of bread Ac, a smaU portion. 

|.fiob'e^ d6ram(, az. turk. ^j^j^, m. i, a 

^b'e^ d6rini, m. i, i) agent of bf ^. 2) cf. 
o|^b>» and %iiio, a bread-roller. 

ipAbop see 'b^. 

i^b9p dOrsUi, OS., t. DrusiUa, AcU 
zxiy. 24. 

^b^^ d^rpl, usually turpC in N8., az. turk. 
^y^^, m. I, a file. 
ibbop see ib^^. 

;sb>^ ddriahi AL, OS., m. i, investigalion, 
Lidz. 448. 

^^PP d^riahki, az. turk. dL^y, f. i, a 

^b^^ d&rtmi, az. turk. t^j^ (fr. turk. 
dUJ^^ to poah), £ fisrious driving. 



akop or aftop doshab, pcrs. i^lJt*^^, f. i, 
esp. Sal., sj/ruj), treacle, from grapes or honey. 

|.faaxep doshabchS, az. turk. ^J^'^^^J m. i, 
a 8t/ru2>'Setter, treacle-seller, 

sSiso^ Fee ^V^^ 

^^9p dutan, OS , Dothan, Gen. xxxvii. 1 7. 

^ or %fp, also ^f^, ^f»p diz, diz, dizin, f. a 

tribal district in Kurdistan, ^f^p a native 
of Diz. 

l\jf diz4, turk. «)^, f. the name of many 
villages, esp. of a town in Kurdistan in the 
plain of Gawar, a Turkish military and frontier 
station. il\^ a native of Diza, 

fl^^f> see AsftA?. 
\!^> i^^^$ see f^. 

i^odt^ dizp(il, -ffil, perp. J^^, a town in 
8K. Persia. 

^^ K., see \p. 

^Lfmj^ dakhikh& Al., OS., m. dusty Lidz. 444. 

.lfM> dakhil, az. turk. J^^, i) a money 
gain. 2) an offering, ^ ^o^> (see JlI^) 
way / be your sacrifice/ used by suppliants. 
3) concern, affair, Cf. A^poso ? 

i^> dakhl4, f. grain, com, meal. 

^^ dikhn&, OS. ^9^, m. millet, 

jZhjlm^ dikhnita, fr. prec, f. 6, a grain of 

j^p dakhis K., t4khis U. (in K. the sound 
is often between the two), chald. on^, to thrust, 
pierce, with a. See also •o^^* 

^p see p and 2;^. 

;:? and ;:> diya, d^y4 K. Al. = ^J?!. ^ '? if 
when. See also ^. 

^^ or i.^ da-y^, -ya, kurd. dai Garz. 180, 
d&, d6, di, Lerch 124, 127, 130, f. i) moUier, 
mammy, colloq., a term of respect in K. Al. 
in addressing an old woman, ^p ^\ alas! 
2) see ^^, 

i^^ see As?. 
^J see V.J?. 
;^^ see ;»-.?. 

;o\t? digw& MB., a rake, 

l^ d6da, i) m. i. 3, a Aatoil;. 2) Al., 
or aJt^, see 2^^. 

2a2p dyada U., m. i, a pavm in chess. 
;?9i»a didwa, talm. ^^J"]^^, m. i, a fly. 

»?>f?, 3^^?t? &c., see ?. 

Jtobbeala diyadCirus, OS., m. Diodorus. 

a^^ didl& K.= ;^a2, Lidz. 439. 

d.Ma-yiiK.= ;:L ^^.A^ior^^A-^inteij., 
my mother! 

iL.^ d^wa, OS., m. I, a devil, demon, evil 

SblS^^i\fu^ diyiitr&pas, OS., m. Diotrephes, 
3 Joh. 9. 

^A»^ diwan, turk. pers. y^\yj^, (=^? Al.« 
OS.), f. I, i) judgement, judgetnent'Seat, 2) law, 
lawsuit, ^p aaL to go to law; ^oidbu.? ^p q^ Pi^i^ 
widli d. d'khiimputi, ^e went to law before the 
heatJien; ^ ^p o^ ^ft2 itlt d. *iim, ?ie has a law^ 
suit against. 3) Ash. a camp, Lidz. 439. 
4) Al.= ^iwnup. 

;ftQ*> d6wana, f. ;i^-, OS., possessed of a devif^ 

X h^^p di w&ngir, f. id., per8.j^1^^, litigious, 
fond of law, 

$^Cfp diw&nkh&na, pers. turk. i3lj:'Lj^, 
f. I, i) a judgement-hall; hence 2) a sitting- 
room, a drawing-room, because justice is 
administered in a governor s principal sitting- 

ixL.^ dewan&-yay f. ii^, fr. ^p devHish, 
demoniacal, Jas. iii. 15. 

}^6^p dlwanta, f. 6, a shaft or handle of the 
ark, Ex. xxv. 13. 

^faA^Ofcp dydpatkhtn, OS.*, iimvxwt ^ ^P" 
tychs in the Liturgy, the list of persons 
prayed for. 

f^p see ^. 

lip da-y&z, f. id., az. turk.jU^ shaXhw, lit. 
and met. ; unle(Mmed. 

vjf?, ^•f?, see t?. 
ff?, ^.t? &c., see ?. 
^h Bee ^2^ 

;Afp dika Al., or fi^p d\gk K,, or ^0^9 
dikilkd Tkh., arab. kurd. eb^, kurd. dike!, 
dikelok (dim.), Garz. 68, m, 1, a cock. 




J>:L> daila, f. ^i dalU,= iiA> K. q.v., 
thinned ovi as trees or plants, gparse, 

i^p, i^^ dili, dy&la &c., pp. and ▼. n., i) of 
A>:, 2)of^J?or^>. 

Af^ dilak, az. turk. eLb^, m. a man's name 
now used, esp. by Mussulmans. 

jtia^if ? Bee ^?. 

^j^ d6m U. or ^^ dima, az. turk. ^^, m. 
land under euUiv(Uion,btU not trn^olecf, depend- 
ing only on rain. 

1^^ d&-yim U. K. Al., or pl^ da-im q.v., 
or ^p da-yiman (oxytone) K. (so Ma'l.dh&yman 
Parisot xi. 503), or ^^ da-yim& (oxytone) U. 
K., arab. ^b, kurd. ' dMman ' Qarz. 210, turk. 
UJb, i) adv. every always, 2) adj. constant, — 
^^ perpetuity f continuity; ^ik^Mups Jbr ever, 

^^ see 5B*>. 
^^ see 5B*?. 

^&>^p diyami^riin, OS.*,didfifrpof, diameter. 
Also ^Vp^? dimatrun. 
t»t? see 5a.?. 

;&fd dina Al., m. i, i) as OS.=«A»p. 2) as 
TA., arab. ^^^, religion, belief, 

^> d^na, or ^^ dinii Sal., arab. pers. turk. 
^.3, kurd. d^n Garz. 1 27, m. i, a debt, ^p I&m 
or '^ 22lj0 a creditor, ^^ o{j^ tSfl he is a d^tor, 
he oweSy but .^ ^p o^ n^ 2 A« t« the creditor of, 
(also in Al. with ^). ^p^^tolend. ('^)'f^ok 
to borrow, 

|;u> d6y4n&, OS., m. i, a judge; in pi. the 
book of Judges, 

|baj»^ dayindar Al., az. turk. .Uj:^.>, kurd. 
d6nd&r Garz. 127, = &ajjk^ 

JbOfibo^p dyinCislyCis, OS., m. Dionysius, 
Acts xvii. 34. 

;LL> d6n&D&, f. nx', fr. ;L^ tn d^; ^ > 
^ ^9dk jaoiM A« owes five tumans to; as subs. 
a debtor. Also, with pers. term .l>, |&pAi*> 
d6u4ndar, and in Al. tbaj^p q.v., f. id. 

I^ftb^jifp dtnsis Al., turk. i«iUj.>, m. i, an 
infidel, unbeliever. 

hif^ or l^^ dinar, -rft, OS., arab. turk. pen. 
.ljLx>, a denarius, penny, dinar. 

see Jblp, 

l^^ d^k, OS., m, 1, a wild goat, 

jifP see jalp, 

^p daiqa U., f. iia-, but oftcner Jt^> daqta, 
i) = U*mja^ smaU, minute; lomp leup in small 
pieces. 2) subs, a dwarf. 

^dfiL> daiqdn& U., f. Jix-, dim. of prec., very 

skf^ (rare), see ba?. 

2!L^ d6r&, OS., f. 3, rarely m., a monastery, 

^e^p or fi^ dirwang, -ga, kurd. \s^\^jJ^, 
f. I, a grassy place. 

^hlp dly&H, az. turk. kurd. (jXi^ PS. 306, 
Garz. 136, m. I, a present, offering, 

Xt^iLp d6r&ya, OS.*, m. i, i) a monk 
(enclosed), see pb'. 2) an abbot, a prior. 

l^AMiikf^ da-yirm&nch$, for ^&i.^ turk. 
^J^^^t m. I, a miller. 

^ i^4L> K. AL, see ;^b2p. 

jifp see xip. 

i^lsA^ ^^ deshi bakhtatt, f , no pi., a^t m/ 
sprite supposed to haunt pregnant women. 

i^p dlyat, arab. !>.>, turk. cuj.>, f. 67oo(2- 
mone^,a fine paid to the relations of a murdered 
person by the murderer. 

J^p d6t&, OS., f. I, a kite (the bird), Lev. 
xi. 14. 

^^:p or 'Jf diy&tiqi, dya- (n K), OS., gk. 
diaBriKfj, f. feitom^n/, covenon/. 

^^ I. {dik, f. id., turk. db.>) steejt. n. dikh, 
also ^^ dakh, Ti. Ash. Al=^^4; > b^oi <Am, 
o^ ^Ao^. See ^2^ 

;a^ dakhS, i) U. K. 08., to be clean or 
cleansed; pp. t clean, pure, 2) K. to sear. 
See ^ato. 

^p daka, az. turk. 1^, m. i, the fist, 

^^ dkon Al., arab. ^^, tn order that. See 

lis^^p tkh&rta, fr. &^^, f. 6, remem^nitu^, 

oTlko^ dikhwath^ Ash. Al.= ^e4; see ^2. 
,fAi see ..A2^ 



^^ dki AL, lltat is, namely^ Lidz. 444. 

^^4^ dikake K., vegetables, 

i^j^ dik&na, arab. pers. turk. kurd. ^^u^, 
f. I, 4, a shop; a stall in a bazaar. 

Ibaoa? dikandar, pers. .IjJl^, m. i, a shop- 

t-aoa^ dikanchC, turk. (cf'li^, na. i = prec. 

^^ takhir (but Az. ta-), OS. (In OS. chiefly 
in Ethp. ^p;k 2, whence the / sound), to r^mem^/ 
pp. aforesaid, or with fyi^ of blessed memory. 

^d dakir (= OS. aybs, see S^p), to At^, to 
smite with the fist or hand. 

2!k3p tkhara, m. i, i) v. n. of a^a; hence 
2) remembrance, 

2a[dp dikhra, OS., m. i, i) lit. a male, 2) 
a ram, 

^oa^ji dikhruna Al.,= lfL>,^, 

^afkdp dikhran&-ya, f. £mr, OS., gram, ma^ct^ 

a^ dla, OS., i) prep, without; with affixes 
ejL^a i!Sp dla dtyi, toitlwut him &c. 2) conj. lest, 

jS^ dila, OS. '^?, m. w;oo/, «»/<, thread, 

^^ daU Al. = AV,? (verb), Lidz. 444. 

a^p d&lab, az. turk. l^'3\^, f. adj. 071 heat, 
of mares. 

^^p see 'o?. 

{t^> dalag, arab. turk. e)2^, m. i, a barber, 
(lit. a rubber, a bath servant). 

2ai^> dalda, az. turk. tjJb, f. i. a shield 
(not lit.), protection, a shade, covering, screen. 
See ^^J^>». 

^ai^> daldaligh, az. turk. j^tjJIj, fr. prec, 
f. I, a sniuf comer, 

a^> dalu Al., f. Jd., kurd. ^^, insane, mad, 
Lidz. 444. 

2a[^d^^ daludira Tkh., kurd. ts^yi^, = 
A07? q. V. 

;^«d^p see '^^erp. 

;ild^? dalupa, f. ;3- dalUpta, fr. ^^, /^aA:t'n^, 

J &o^;^ dilawar, pers. turk.^^il^ (lit. an active 
man), m.i, an eloquent man, a talker, a gossip. 

X^^p dalkhag, az. turk. dli.), m. i, a clown, 

^d dalya, cf. )^^, m, i, a sprig, Ezek. 
xvii. 6, (or fr. turk. Jb id), 

tikA> dalila, d&. i) with f. ^- dalilta, di-, 
K. Al. as OS., = iLjf. 2) Al. met. small, little, 
mean, Lidz. 444. 3) OS., f. Delilah, Jud. 
x\i. 4. 

J^is^i dalitha, da-, Al. Ash., OS., f. 6, i) a 
vine. 2) produce, fruit, 

j{34^? o^ ^^ dilchakta, dil-, az. turk. el^» 
f. 6, i) ^A« tongue of a pipe or flute. 2) the 

|A^> dalal, 2^> dalala, m. i, i) arab. pers. 
lurk. J 5 J, a broker; a pedlar, hawker, 2) a 
Iierald, crier, 3) AL, arab. id., a lover, friend ; 
as adj. charming, Lidz. 444. 

^^ dalam4, f. id., az. turk. ti^, soft, 

;\iS> dalmatiya, OS., Dalmatia, 2 Tim. 
iv. 10. 

l\iY\jf dilmanj K., turk. ^jJl> or ^llit, 
m. I, an interjtreter, 

;^> dalmanuta, OS., Dalmanutha, Mk. 
viii. 10. 

^p see ^07?. 

Ji>? dalip, OS., to rfrtp; to Z^aJfe. See .d>a». 

^.? see ;^od. 

6s^d see p. 

p^ dam, pers. turk. ^^, f. i, i) Tkh. used in 
counting, time (lit. a moment) = ^4^q. v. 2) in 
the phrase JZ^o«aqr ^oao> damukh basimta (b&-), 
goodbye, rare. Cf. ^aacaM»a. 

^p or ^p dam, dam a, turk. kurd. i^b fr. 
french 1,m. i, i) drauglUs. 2) a draught-board, 

^Mp dUmi, OS., to be like, to resemble. See 

ho9io and ^^. 

» ii ■ ' |t • » 

^^ dima, OS. ^a, m. i, blood; pi. samb 
meaning. Phrases: ^ap ;f9« blood-mo^y^ 
6^p . 'p &iM Al. avenger of blood, «m^9&m ^079^ 
o^ dimu (m)nikhrikhli, he hOived with emotion. 
liLio rt^oi^j dimu moira, one who though hand^ 
some does not 7>2«a^. iSLifi .^ot^iM}^ dimd 
qoira, obstinate. mA P9^o» ^^ ^^ rkhk 



ilimi (in)quwimlun, tJiere was great hlaodalied. 
'^ )^\l zalta d'dima, df/senteryf cf. Mat. ix. 20. 

i^p damagh, az. turk. dLo, f., i) appetite, 
denirey health, 2) a disease of horses arising 
from their not having their accostomed barley. 

^d damigh, cf. foil., i) U. to be bttmt, 
seared, 2) Al. to stamp goods, to brand. 
See •\^p9>». 

^^> damgha, turk. U.»J, f. customs, duty, 
income of customs (lit. a stamp, mark). 

|^y^> damghachi U., tark. ^LiUJ, kurd. 
dam&nchi Garz. 151, m. i, a 2»^lican, tax- 
gatherer, customs-house officer, 

^^ato^ dimdiig, az. turk. ejPu*.>, m. i, a 
beak, Cf. \.>m>^. 

^aM> damdamS, nz. turk. ^^a mj, m. i, 
a /oo^; as adj. foolish. 

^AiJoa«> damdama-yiit&, cf. prec, f. gabble, 

{.faaoa«> dumdamacht, m. i, a fool. 

aAo»p dama-wand, pers. Jjj^^, a mountain 
near Tehran. 

{.iAbbAop damdrchi, turk. ^jy^ (fr. j^^ 
iron, Az. &om>), m. i, a blacksmith, 

f. I, a smithy. 

^oAop dmuta, OS., f. likeness, form, 

^aacdM»> damkhushuta, (perh.= * a pleasant 
time' fr. >j> and jco^), f. a farewell, goodhye. 
'^ ^ak to bid farewell, 

Jb6^hikj)D^ dimatriyus, OS., m. Demetrius, 
Acts xix. 24. 

^»^ daniikh, OS., i) to go to bed, to get into 
bed, to lie down, lie. 2) to sleep. 3) met. to die. 
i) to stop, as a clock, pp. in bed, asleep, abed. 

«xa»> damkash, pers. yjL^j^^, f. i, tJie top of 
a samovar or urn, on which the teapot is 
placed for the tea to draw. 

^uqp dimana, f. j{^-, fr. ^, bloody, gon/. 

iii^ dhamana Al., a lease, 

{baoae^ dhamandar Al., m. i, a lessee. 

}^^ or Jif^jf dimit& (-tha K.), OS. l^woji. 
f. with pi. as OS. fSt^ dim'i, a tear. 

^^ Al. or 'i^ Tkh., damis, tamis, arab. ^jm^^?, 
to sink, 

j^&Mp damans, OS., f. Damaris, Acts 
xvii. 34. 

^^ d&n, OS., m. Dan, Qen. xxx. 6. 

*> dan, pers. turk. iJb, see foil., m. food for 
birds, chickens &c. : esp. bait, grain with which 
a trap is baited, 

$L^ dana, i) pers. turk. kurd. ^b, see prec, 
f. I, rare in sing, a grain, 2) a berry. 3) 
used in numbering, as ^^ ^| ima d&ni = 
100 units, 4) A1.,= 0S. ;»>, m. i, an earthen- 
ware cask, or t^at, Lidz. 445. Dist. ^^. 
See iJa>*>. 

^> danwa K. Al. Terg. TA., OS. ^ep (q. v.), 
pers. s^^, a tail, esp. of a horse. 

^> dang, turk. eU^, f. i, i) a weight, a 
counterpoise. 2) a weight used by goldsmiths 
and silversmiths, = one quarter of a misq&l. 

1^^ ding, m. I, a womanU headdress, 

X^^ danga Ash., kurd. ^S^\^, m. time = l^fi^, 
Lidz. 445. 

^o^^ dinj&mli, az. turk. f^^^ m. i, an 
apparatus in the form of a moveable screen 
used to conceal a man's body when he is shoot- 
ing quails. 

2aA> daiida, az. turk. \Sj^, f. i, the name of 
the pai-t of a plough where the share is fixed 
(a piece of wood). 

^&9aA> dai.durma, osm. turk. k^ji^, az. 
tuik. %jkj^Xi^, f. 1, an ice (the sweetmeat). 

;^^> dandikta, (or ^ AL), kurd. der.dek 
Ga!-z. 157, f. 6, coll. pi. ^^ (see ;»?), a grain, 

;&aA> dandanA, az. turk. ,jjj.>, m. i, a 
fulcrum, pivot. 

;lip diukha, OS., m. i) the Ejnphany, See 
js<a. 2) esp. K.. a man's name much used. 

;^j see '*o?. 

Xup dani-il, OS., m. Daniel, a name still 
much used, Dan. i. 6. 

|\^> danfagh, f. id., az. turk. .^Laj.), 
hold, im2dident, shameless, 

}ixjf dinta, Tkh. or j^^? diinta Al., (= j^ft^, 
f. of ^^ Nold. 165 1), now. 

K 2 




;&> duntha A8h.,= ^^ no. 4, Lidz. 445. 

^2^p see ^^Mbp. 

b9V^> see ^Mbp. 

i^Mtfi)^ see ^»{sibp. 

j»Sbp dasti, pers. turk. i.x^«o, f. i, 8, i) a 
haiidf company/ f society, 2) a class (general 
word, also at school). 3) a number of thiDgs. 
4) a suit of clothes. 5) gram, a conjugation, 
declension. 6) a section, 

;i^jf dist^ m., and Jifis^^ distitha, f. 6, Al., 
pers. turk. ,-1-0, arab.v::^^^, a kettle, a cooking- 
pot, Lidz. 445. 

\tssb^ dastig, pers. eJLJL^o, f. shavings; fire- 
llgJUers of any material. 

|iX&ib> dastag, pers. kurd. eU^^ PS. 305, 
m. I, an accomplice, e^p. one who lets burglars 
into a house. 

tifibp dazg&, dasga, pers. turk. «\Xk^, f. i, 
1) a carpenters bench. 2) met. possessions, 

2iuV^^> dasgird, (pers. iurk.ylxL^ held by 
the hand), f. i, a door-handle* 

S9Mb> dastur, f. i, i) pers. turk. kurd. 
jyLi^t^, also in Ash. \ib> Lidz. 446, permission, 
leave; 'aa lawful; ^p0 i^ contraband, illegal; 
a a!i>^ i^J^) to ask leave. 2) a squirt, syinnge, 

^b^Mb^ dasturkhan, pers. ^Xja^Sjl.^, f. i, 
a long table-cloth, for use at weddings &c. 

^Mb> dastina, pers. ^A-*^, immediately. 

>^Mb^ Al., Eee l^j^. 

\ fi>^^> dastalat, f. id., per8.i^)li»o, optional 
[in Az. subs., authority^ 

^Ssbj^ dairmal, rarely dast-, pers. JU.?..>^, 
kurd. dasmal PS. 338 b, i, i, a napkin, towel. 

^a da*^ AL, arab. \x.>, to curse* 

ba^> see ^«. 

;qX> da-wa Al., arab. i^j, kurd. dawat 
Garz. 184, dau^et Lerch 124, f. i, 3, a toedding 

;qX> or ^oV^ da- we, d4-wt, esp. K. Al., arab. 
kurd. {jy^^y f. I (often pi), pi. in Al. ik'}L- 
i) htrife, fight, war. 2) accusation. 3) judge- 
ment, lawhuit; ^ ^ aoL to contend with; 
f ^f ?aL to get justice done to, to plead the cause 

of. 4) matter, affair, story, history; 4^^p^ 
Al. what is tJie matter? 5) Al., arab. 'Ia), 
a petition, prayer. 

X fg >fO^' > da-wich^, az. turk. ^jgi^^, m. i, 
an adversary, enemy [Az. f^ol.^]. 
\f ^ see ^i.^ 

^p d4*ikh, so Al. (Lidz. 439), but elsewhere 
more often ^'ikh, i) as OS. Pa., to extinguish. 
2) as OS. P., to be extinguished; hence 3) to 
abate tr. and intr., as a swelling &c. 

^a \k'i8, OS., to indent, prick, pierce; to 
stick fast, with a ; o{^ l^? *aioiS4 <1^^ ^^U 
he died. See^i^. 

aj»a see &2p. 

fia.^ da'ith K. Al. OS., but dk^ (sic) U., to 
sweat, perspire, oy^ j^p d'ith6 11 Ti., he is 

}^p U. K. or i Tkh. Al., d4thA K., d&t& U., 
dttha Tkh., detha Al, OS. J{^p, f. i, but 8 in 
Tkh., (in OS. m. f.), i) sweat, perspiration. 
2) K. sap, resin; 9^07? ^p indiarubber, eaout- 

a»js^> see ^f. 

;il> dap&, OS.*, kurd. dep Qarz. 94, 261, 
f. I, a board, plank; a tablet; a movable dab 
on the altar. 

^^ dapa, az. turk. ij^, m. i, a weai^s beam; 
or a weaver* s comb for tightening threads. 

;^ dipna U. Al, OS. % l s, the side eep. but 
not always of a human being or animal =jtt9i^ 
K.; see ^ajk.. ? 'fl? or a 'aa beside, p > ^fr<f9n 

jZ3> daptha Al, f. 6, = ;^i Lidz. 446. 

b^a daptir, daf-, turk. pers. kurd.^:J^, 
f. 1, a copy-book, note-book, record, register. 

^b&S^ daptarkhana, daf-, tui^. pen. 
iJlayiij, f. I, a registry, library, mummeiU- 

^0^ diqa, arab. jli.>, m. small fuel, 

^> daqi Al, «cHm, imtnediately, Lidz. 446. 

^oudp daquqa, OS., m. 1, a stone pesth, 

t^joifnj^ daqiq&, or dk- i) adj. in K., with t 
Jia- daqiqta, da-, OS. 't^p, small, tiny, minute 
= ;fiu> U. 2) subs., as arab. turk. aXJ^, kurd. 

ills.-! e 

daqtq Gara. 387, m. i, a minvU (of time); 
also a minvU portion. 

iti^njf diqlat, OS., m. the Ttgrit, Htdddeti, 
Gen. ii. 14. See,^. 

}i^i diqni, or Al. TA. as OS. '> (Lidz. 446), 
m. I, a btard. 

Suf^ diqioU E. Sh., fr. prec., f. 6, a tmaU 

&9^ d&qir, i) to Uhteh, with a. 2) U. to cost, 
to be loorlk. 3) as 08., to attack, knock against, 
bump, with a. 

l^J or 'i diqra, dUqri, fr. jirec, buUiny, 
beating with the head, a> a buffalo, 'f }yi to 
bump, butt. 

Infj d!qat, arab. iSi, inrk. hi*lj, f. care, 

)iaf daqti U. i) f. of U*'^. 2) Buba. f. 
a smaJi portion. 

1)^ dart, 1) as OS., to pour, scatter. 2) to 
pttl, aet, place, give; pp. witb or without JtfO^o, 
lying tiei. 3) to contribute, e.g. to a bishop's 
fii'stfruits, to tttbteribe, pay money, with i^ 
of the pnrpose of the contribution. 4) to bring 
firth prematurdy. 5) esp. Al., to aend. 6) to 
east, cast firth. See i^^. PhbaseS: &af'f 
A'Wt\< Al. to make a fahe it^ met., to go wrong; 
Sm^ '; to slander; 1^1 'f to begin, to take to, 
underttUce, to take upon oneself, vith ^ or a aud 
T.D. or subs.; &ai O-i 'r to lay by the Iteela; 
lH &^a 'f to delay, adjourn, to connive at; 
jLL^p oIl. 'f (or witb ■aaii K. kc), to imprison; 
i^'p to proclaim; t^i!^^'t to shoot or east a 
net; ^ .^ai 'f to trust in; iW '? to cry for 
hdp; ^; '7 to plunge, as a horse ; Q^ 'f to 
ttartle; m^i^ 'j to make a moat; J^&f]S 'p to 
start or «M off a preon on the road; ^ 14*4^ '» 
to importune; ^^ 'f to lay a snare: J>Xi 'p 
to give battle; Hi 'f to cry out; ^.b' 'p 
Al. to advise; f iSaL xif 'f K, to gainsay; 
S^tyt '; to mock; ia ^iHx (^nls) '9 to send 
greetings to; Jx^ '9 to take root; .^^^e* '; to 

IS^ dara, m. i, l) pers. turk. kurd. Jn, 
a gaUoies, gibbet. 2) K. Al. 0S.= i&^ 110. i. 
3) turk. y, a valley, gUn. Dist. til^. 

)iii> dar'fi Al. Ash. = 1SC,!>> i. 

i^iii d£r'£ghf;j, az. turk. ^Ul ^U, ni. i, a 

;>&> derba U. Al., arab. turk. jj^ f. 3, 5, 
a wound, sore, ulcer; '? ^^ with dir. obj.= 
^bjM to wound. See «&i^. 

J9^ dirbi Ash., arab. y^> f- (TA. '> m.), 
a way, road, Lidz. 446. 

i^b> derbt, OS., Derhe, Acto ziv. 6. 

;a!ip dar&bi, pers. ^L), f. i, a railing, 

{b^&p ilarbadar, pers. turk.^^ (lit. fcom 
door to door), m. i, a vagabond, tramp. 

;&ii see '•if. 

^b> derbinfl, f. A-, fr. }>&>, wountfni; 
having ulcers. 

f*9i^ derbend, pen. XD^, a mountain in 
Central Persia. 

1J.SJ or J^f diraj, daraja, aiab. turk. i^ji, 
kurd. pl^j PS. 304, m. i, i) a degree in 
geography. 3) a mark in school. 3) a step 
lit. and met, a stair. 4) ron^,- ^^ 9^ 
to ennoble, 5) antb. a denomination of moziey, 
weights &c. 

(ii^f I. derghfi, m. i, i) 08., degree, con- 
dition. 2) a step, stair. See Ilkp, ><•«. n. 
derga, also e&^i, K. Al. Terg., pers. tnrk. kurd. 
iVji, m. 5, a large door or gate; in Terg. 
sometimes used of an; door. 

;^!>>, ^ or^^- derg&b£n, -w£n, -ni Al., 
K., jters, ^bilLi, kurd. dergawan, m. i, a 
porter, gatekeeper, Lidz. 447. 

W^b> see «ibi. 

&K^9 dergOshta, OS., f. 6, a cradle. 

;\i> derghiyi, f. &.-, OS.*, of degree, rani; 
gram., with }ix, a noun denoting office. 

pb> derd, pers. kurd. turk. jy, m. i,pam, 
ill, ache, disease. See a&V,. 

^?>?diidyiQ.= Jb'»f no. a. 

fi^b> deidtina, f. JI^-, fr. r^f < aching, in pain. 

t*bjb> derdlrl, f. id., az. tuik. c*,ly, wW. 
as a youth. 

t ^^!>>, rarely ^-, derdaih&r, -shir, f. id, 
pei-e. J^J) cf. v^^> consttmplivt, pining 

JB^^ dirim, arab. tuik. ~^, per*, kurd. 





j,.^ PS. 304, f. I, a Persian powiul^r^^ hafta, 
= about I lb. avoird. 

^aoe7&> derham&t Al., (fr. arab. ^^^ to pro- 
duce), fruit, produce. 

tjboyb> der-baq, az. turk. J>,J (whicb in 
pers. = against), f. i, an accusation; 9^9ht^ 
to accuse, — ^9- id. 

J-ajdoy&> der-baqcbf, az. turk. ^J^J^J "i- 1> 
an accuser, informer, a * sneak/ 

libp derwd K., kurd. id. Garz. 51, outside. 

|)^&^ dariigbil, pers. ^y^^^, ni.i,the servant 
of a village master, 

;9o&> derw&z&, U. or liab^ derbaza K., pers. 
jjVj..*, m. I, a gate of a city or courtyard. 

|-aio&> derwazachi U., az. turk. fj>'*j^^j^i 
m, I, a gatekeejyer, jxyrter, 

|jue&> derwish, pers. turk. kurd. jj^J^;^, 
m, I, a dervish, 

^9^ or )^&9&^ see ^a»^ 

|Mb9&p drikst, f. id., pers. turk. Oum^^, i) 
straight, right, true; 'aa indeed, 2) straight- 
way, immediately, 

tjt9Sj dir(isb, kurd. ,J^yj^, m. i, a scam}), a 
unyrtJUess fellow, 

;x9&a drusba*, beb. nOTTn, Pgh. ;^^, sought 
out, Isa. Ixii. 12. 

^6&^ darusba, OS., m. i, a disjmtant. 

l\hjf derza, f. i, a bundle; a sJieaf of com &c, 

J*»&? derzt, pers. turk. kurd. l^i^i ni. i, 
a tailor, 

;Ib>=: 2b'4 q.v.; see ^. 

jcoIb> darya-wash, OS., ra. Darius, a man's 
name still used. Hag. i. i. 

.M.i>d dara-t, az. turk. c^l.U, ro. silk (tbe 

^6a*&a drikbiina, OS.*, m. i, a daric, ^dram* 
an old Persian coin, Neb. vii. 70. 

^^p darik K., in OS. soft Kap, to heat doum 

^!»> darak Al., danger, Lidz. 447. 

^&> K. = ^b>, see ^. 

^&^ darcbiu, pcis. turk. ^^^.^^b, m. i, 
cinnamon, frequently used in tea, 

>jb> see ^ojba. 

^b> derma, az. turk. k^j, m. i, a Aem, 

^b>, usually in U. ^b> derman, -n&, pers. 
kurd. turk. ^jL^.>, m. i, i) medicine; o>iiob> 
e^ ;^i dermanl ab6 li, <Af« f« the medicine to 
cure him, 2) any chemical; esp. paint; ^ 
k\i ^a /o j^atn/ a door &c.; 1^9 6>^ ^p or i39(sp '^ 
K, gunpowder, ^) rarely, poison. Of. ^b]^. 

j.faj;iob> dermancM, turk. ^^js^L^.^, m, i, an 
apothecary, a chemist, 

jOQ4Mob> dermsdq, OS., Damascus, Acts ix. 2. 
;Io- OS. Damascene, of Damascus, Gen. xv. 2. 

^b> derna, OS., m. i, a w?orw or maggot 
infesting tbe bead of sbeep. 

{i^b's drang, sometimes dirang, f. id., pers. 
turk. c^j, kurd. drenga Garz. 54, of. ^ba^M 
and A^bato, late, behind time, unjmnctual, 

l^^j or '9a dirinda, dur-, or in Terg. iMb^p 
durand&, pers. turk. »jJ,.i, m. i, i) a beast of 
jyrey, a wild beast. 2) met. a wild, barbarous 

j»b> ders, arab. turk. pers. ^^, f. i, a lesson. 
Of. ^b'a^. 

A&b> AL or 6^hp U., ders4(oxytone),der8&*ai, 
pers. oc^L-;^ (lit. in tbe hour), immediatdy, 
at once. 

fiOb^a drist Asb.= Mbebp, Lidz. 447. 

;ib> dra*& i) Al. Q. Ti., OS., m. 4 = ;ii.b> 
U. q.v. In Q. tbe pi. is Ijl^H^ as U. 2) Al. 

TA. = foll. no. I. 

^b'a draya, cf. prec, m. i, i) tbe Persian 
yard or metre, about 39 incbes. 2) K. = foil. 

^b^b'a drana, contr. fr. ^b'p, cf. two prec., 
m. 4,. an arm. ^p ^^^to sign a deed &c. 'p ^ 
id. ; also to cheat in weigbing. .^oraaiiJb'p.^ 'ill 
drananii, in his arms, 

)>^^p deqiilta AL, fr. kurd. ^v^j a trouser 
%, Lidz. 447. 

fi^bf derpat, az. tuik. o^^i f* i» opportunity, 
for doing barm. 

^»7i*>, for Niib> q.v. 

|^oi)b> derqul, usually followed by p,(p€rh. 




hybrid word, fr. OS. Aaiopi^ against + pers. 

^ in; or else for OS. oi^^tSp &c,; cf. .l^on^) 

against; in Al. opposite, ^o- f. opposition, 

|;^oub&> derqula-ya, f. j^-, fr. prec, i) 
adverse, opposed, 2) as subs., an opposer^ 
adversary. ^^ f. 02>position, 

ix^p darish, OS., to argue, dispute, quarrel. 

^S»p drasha, m. i, esp. K.; and ^j^b'd drashta, 
f. 6, esp. U., i) v.n. of prec; hence 2) an 
argument^ a quarrel, 

^bh dartA i) OS., f. 9 (darati) a courtyard; 
in pi. premises, sometimes used for a house, 
i.e. buildings in a courtyard or courtyards 
(cf. ;&i). Dist. ;khl^. 2) Ash. (or 'bl^]) f. 
a halo round the sun [see ^o^ ^ia], 

l^oa^jf U. Az. Al. or 'i^ K. Al. or t^^ Al. 

dishmin, dizhmin, dishman, pers. turk. fj^^, 
kurd. dizhmin and diishmen Lerch 130, 132, 
m. I, an enemy, [Az..*5ft»9e9am^ enemies^, as adj. 
inimical, at enmity. ^9- K. AL, f. = foll. 

ics^^iicxj^ v., 'xj K., dishminayuta, dizhmin&- 
ydtha, f. 6, 9, enmity. 

j{^^ dishta U. K. or >^> dashta Al. Z. Az., 
pers. turk. o^.>, f. 6 (sic) and 8, a plain, open 
ground, level ground, open fidds; '^ Q^^ 
wildfiovoers (also 2b'9\.^ ^a) ; ^pp ^2 sometimes 
met., a thief, 

.fisxp dashta, az. turk. ^j^^, m. i, a melon" 
field, not irrigated. 

^fiocp dishtA-ya, f. i^-, fr. i^ q.v., wild, of 
flowers; of a plain, 

U^p datan, OS., m. Dathan, Num. xvi. i. 


Of, the letter ^07 he or hi, OS., f. i, but in K. 
MB. 2, = A; in words from arab. pers. &c. it 
represents in U. K. either -. or « (see <«•) ; in 
all dialects 07 and «m are mucii interchanged in 
such words. This letter frequently falls (e.g. 
)oo7, ^M^), and is almost always silent at the 
end of a word. In numbering 07 = 5. In 
writing 07 is an abbreviation for OS.* ^^ oi^ 
that is. 

lot h4, OS., lo ! behold ! see! frequently added 
at the end of a clause for emphasis. For ^ lot, 
^ Im see ^, poi. ;»} ;^ = ;» here I am, Gen. 
xxii. I. 

^07 h^ K. Al. and sometimes U., hi U., for 
^dr^l, cf. foil., i) yes; implying that the other 
speaker is right, whereas ^ implies that he 
is wrong. vH^ ^ Ti. (lit. yes by God) indeed. 
2) see ui. 

IjBi ha-i K. = prec. 

%^lui ha-ij Al., cf. ^ejM, to be moved, 
stirred up; of the sea, to become rough, 
Lidz. 449. 

-2* ha-J, turk. ^,1) Oh! Alas! 2) hi! 
J^ see Acfr. 

ikldt hana, (for OS. M M behold this?), 
take hold ! catch hold I 

blei see &jl1. 

a^j rarely ^ hab, liaba, arab. turk. sl*^ 
f. I, a pill; >tf\,\y> ^97 aperient pills, 

^ K., see ^ei«. 

^^ hiwt, but hibi, h^bi Al. (Lidz. 449), 
kurd. jc^» bivi and ivl Lerch 96, Gkrz. 
133/252, f. I, hope, trust. ^ '07 agi or ^ 
a 'vfa or a ^ota at^ (or with p K.), or e^ 6^2 
^'ai or ^ ^ai ihp to trust m. ^073 ai^ to be 
confident; 'ai fy hopeless, desperate, in despair, 

^*s^ ha-wil, OS., m. Abel, Gen. iv. 2. 

A307, ^0^307, imp. of A^bC. 

^JboiA habas, i) or ^^ Thabas, adv., arab. 
C^>c. in vain, to no purpose. 2) as adj. (f. id.) 
futile; ^9- f. vanity. 

uBx9e7, ;a907, ;cDJe7 U. K., or % Al. TA., habs, 
habsa, hapsa, ha-, arab. turk. kurd. (j*i^^.», 
f. I , a prison. 

jaai habash, OS. «&:ju», arab. ^j^^^^j i) m. i, 
an Abyssinian, Ethiopian. 2) (. Ethiopia, 



I^JP see ^ and 2^. 
$^ Al. = ;aof . 

^07 hagbi Al., tark. t^^^, f. i, a saddle- 
hag, Sachan 12. 

^cl^jp or ^M^9e7 hijiim, hdjum, arab. turk. 
^y^t f. I, an attack, onset, assavU, ^ui «ae^or 
V ao^ <o attack. 

}^^ haji or in Al. .^r ^^J^ arab. turk. Z\^, 
pers. turk. also ^yt^* ^ Mussulman 2^^9^'"^i 
properly to Mecca. Used as a title before a 
name, often as a compliment. See also \!i\\, 
^ ; and ^ibeaytMM, ^popoo. 

^or h'g&yun, heb. J^^JH, not Psh., m. 
Uiggaum, Ps. ix. 16 RV. 

hiLci haghar, OS., f. ffagar, Gen. xvi. i ; ^Ib'- 
a Hagarene^ HagaritCy Ps. Ixxxiii. 6. 

2SllV.?r bijri, m. i, i) arab. turk. Ij^^ a stall 
in a caravanserai. 2) arab. f/^i <^ hegira, 

t^0i hajat U. or ^i^J^oj hajita Tkh., f. i, i) 
arab. iS*, kurd.oc*** PS. 296, see also N<^, 
causey reason, 2) esp. in pi. (he subject of a 
liook. 3) an accusation, 4) K. an excuse, 'm ^b 
to make excuses; to find an exeuse for fighting 
&c. 5) arab. a^I»>, a matter, a thing. 6) an 
item, 7) an instrument, a vessel, weapon &c. 
p ^07 A^^ because of, on account of. See ^V^er. 

p9! had, in Al. xL had, arab. turk. X», m. i, 
a boundary, limit. ^ ^ C^ii^ Al. surpassingly. 

1^6, and ^^4 had4, h&dakh, (fr. OS. 2^c^ this 
f. ?) i) thus, so; before a noun, such; p 2p4 
no that; l^m iL or ^^^f f;^ so much; > % ^a2 ^ 
«aA^2 / c/o not know mv^h English, 2) this, 
used alone without noun ; hence ^epo K. Al. or 
'or ^^ or ^07 J^ K., rarely l^ai ^ and ^^^ ^ja U., 
therefore. l^oj b^ after that, afterwards. 
See ;ap^, ^, and foil. 

i^Qj hadhe AL, (OS., f ), //«>, m. f.; i^vj ;ja or 
^ ^0 qa hddi, q&di, Sal. therefore, (also with 

2^^ I ) had^ Ash., OS., arab. c^Ju^, to lead, 
to go on. 2) hadh^ Al., arab. {j'jJtt to be deli' 
rious, to talk nonsense, Lidz. 453. Dist. prec. 

l^oi or lail^ai dha, dha-aha, both MB., this 
m. f. ; see 2por, lai^oi. 

|2^pe7 hadada Al., Ash., arab. ^\j^, m. i, 
a blacksmith, Lidz. 453. 

lai'^ai dhihi AL, for loi ip^ ?, thus. 

a^p^ hidud, (cf. arab. turk. jj j». impetuous ?), 

m. I, a charger; a pedigree horse; a good 

Ipoppo! Tkh. and ^aa- Ti. had-duda, -adk&, 
arab. turk. pers. x*x*, m. i, a hoopoe, 

btS^paer see 'b?07. 

odt^ or ;c^oai^ dh6, dhoha, both MB., that 
dem. pron. 

tsbppai hadusat U., az. turk. Ou^^Xft, f. i, 
a border. 

^p6i and ;:ac^ hidh!, hidhiy4 Ti. MB.=;:^i 
now. Dist. 2^4. 

^pot h6di K. AL, kurd. (JXa\ ehdi Garz. 83, 
91, but {jx^ PS. 336, gently, slowly, softly. 

^juL^aor h^ikhan6 K. Al. = ^^1 Lidz. 453. 

x^^o! hadakh = l^ai. See ^a. 

;adc^ hatkha U. K. Z., rarely 1 in U., or 
^ador hadakha in Tal, thus, so, such = l^oi, [^ 
or oAoi Az.] ^ ^97 ^0 that. ^2 '07 5I» «ud^ a 

p^oi hadim AL, arab. ^J^, to perish. 
^^&j hadam&, OS., m. i, a limb, member, 
1^0^^^ had4mayiit4, f. membership. 

bjoi or ^M h4dhir, h&- AL = St^ v. and adj.; 
pp. liLpai h'dira U. K., ready, about to, with inf. 

Jbd^bpor hidriyiis, OS., Adria, the Adriatic, 
Acts xxvii. 27. 

b«i.b>07 h'dar«zar, as Psh., but EY. h&ppm 
h'dad'az4r, m. Hadadezer, Hadarezer, 2 Sam. 
viii. 3. 

e^ (see ^, OS., i) au, Ihc; him, often in 
U. K. after a prep., as 007^ ^ min dan, from 
him, also in K. Al. when dir. obj. of verbs. See 
I OOP, ^Qfil, and ^ u. i. 2) 6, that m., lat. ille; 
rarely the, (as very commonly in TA., where the 
pi. is ^i or '\ foil, by a doubled consonant). 

;ec^ ha-wa i) arab. turk. pers. Ajjk, m. f. 1,3 
(m. in Q.), air (dist. fo«i), weather; in Al. often 
bad weather. 2) J Al. cf. arab. {SyA, favour- 
able, nice, pious, good; or as subs, advantage, 
good, Lidz. 451. ^^ kindness; ^^N^o^io 
m'ha-wuthiikh, if you please. 

looi ha-wi, OS., t)tobe, supplying all tenses 
of the substantive verb except pres. and pret., 



but ^ l»oi will is often / toaa ; loot ^ (for 
1^2) = there ueuaUy is. 2) to become, to be 
twrntd into (also 1^ l^i)\ to be made or done; 
a looi tNjf liAi,to?uU will become of 9 3)^0 happen, 
come, come to pose. 4^ to be bom, also in this 
sense, ^»o4 «j|3l; ;(m>?? ifooi bom in the house. 
5) to be possible; (^oi i^ or It^oi i^ U h6yk, 
h&-wl, it is impossible, it will not do; but 
(m^i a God forbid ! ; ^ loai ^a or p ^e^ ^ 
perhaps; Hjtu, ;ooi £9 U. = i^aa^ ;^l ^^ K. it 
can be taken, 6) foil, by a, to belong to. 7) K. Al. 
impers., foil, by a, to ^ able; see 6^2. 8) used 
impers. in fern, for to have, thus, ^^^tj^oH looj 
wil&li lib& r, he had the heart (or irUention) to; 
l&aL ^ qH ;oai wil&ldn kh&br4, they had 
word; q^ iH looj ^pdito mddi wil&li, wJuU has 
come over him ? — The 07 often fjedls ; thus 
^ j^ 16w! = '* ^, ^ui ^ 16wilkh = '* ^; 
and in Al. ^ooya ka-w6 = '^ ^a and ^4 6^ is 
often pron. bit&w^ ; so p ^o^ i!$^ or p loaj ^ 
Jest. Second pres. oy^ ^o^ biw&y6 li ; pret. 
q^ ;^ will (often h'wd^ Al.) ; imp. .^o^ vrt ; 
T.n. ^o^, S^im vfiyi, w^t4; pp. ilovj wiyi, 
but usually in Al. ^0^7 hiiya. — ^e^ wa is added 
to some tenses of verbs to make a past or 
plupeiiect, 3 pi. ee^ w& ; see also loou,, — In 
K. Al. Sh. MB. the imperfect of the substantive 
verb is lidj loaj w^wa, with fem. loaj liaj wk-wk, 
pi. lici «e^ w^wa (sometimes ^e^ ooai w6w& 
in Al.). See ^epb. 

^2^ }A'A AL, inteij., bah I 

^2oc7 see ^. 

^^m hUbi, arab. pers. Luk, f. i, i) a wiU, 
2) a bequest, used when property is left away 
from the heir at law. 

}Qi httb&l^ish, f. id., az. turk. ^juI^a, 
bequeaihed to a single person (not the heir at 
law), when a testator leaves all to one legatee. 

^00907 httb&n&md, pers. i^Ui.^, f. i, a will^ 

^991 Al. = 4^007. 

^o4 h6gk, cf. \eopo, t^^> °^* '> steam, mist, 

Ifii^ h^gk AL, cf. f^, a dancing-chorus. 

]i^o9i h6ja, (in Al. ^907 h^j), arab. turk. 

^j^ (P^*)' ^' needs, toantSf necessaries, 
necessity; 6^ ^^907 oit^l Al. he needs. 

P^9^ see \a!. 

iS,<^m hiiga-ya, OS., m. i, a speUing-bock. 

^eqr hdg&n, az. turk. ^jSy^, m. i, a furrow; 
a portion left to be ploughed. 

^o^ Ugkxik, f. Sx-, fr. fi^o^, vapoury, 

i^907 hajat, arab. ii*, turk. o^ (see ^JJs.*), 
f. I, a deed, an acknowledgement of a debt, an 
acceptance, a lease, contract, receipt, note. 

peo7 hdd, OS., India, Esth. i. i (|?7 q.v.). 

^907^907 hddhdd, arab. turk. XmXm, f. i, a 

^^9«7 Bee ^ojfc, 

^^907 or '001 hiid&kh, hd- Ash. Ti., adv. there, 
over there, on the other side; also as prep, 
where foil, by p. '07 St otU of the way I be off I 

See ^06^007. 

;c7 od7 6h&, i) Z. this m. 2) Tkh. Mo^ m. 

^qe^, 070^, see ^e no. 2. 

^ee^ au-wa Z., he. 

\9[X^ od7 6-w&h& U. or ;qroo od^ d-w6h& U. Ti., 
thai m. See ;e. 

•bo4 or Jboe^ h&-wiiz,-wuB, arab. pen. turk. 
\^^, f. 1 1 apod, reservoir. 

^9od^ au-win U. or ^e^ au-wiin U. = o^. 

^0907, ^907 &c., see 0^907. 

^^oe^ wotiin Al. Ash. = ^frf you are, 
m. f. (sic). 

•o4 ha-w&z, pers-j^jT, f. i, a tune, air; ;^ 
'07 to strike up a tune; ^019 aaibi a musical 

l9^ h&-wlz& K., fr. arab. jl* to collect t, f. 
a place for sheep in summer. 

^^907 hiizi-ya, f. ^', OS., a Huzite, the old 
name for the inhabitants of Chuzistan (cf. pers, 
\\yM\ Ahwaz) in SW. Persia. 

;Lo9i h6kh& Q., here uw are = ^^9 U. 

hi^oai h^tar or ho-, az, turk. ^lk»., f. i, 
a hyena. 

^6ai hii<, Ho ! Zech. ii. 6. 

.*eo7 see •iao7. 
• i» 

;:iui m. 1 (csp. Al.), i^ f. 6 (esp. U.), 


w4-y4, w*U, i) v.n. of laoi ; henca a) Mng. 
3) birth. 

Aibatai^ h^yiqlntQa, OS.*, a jadnlh, 
hyacinth. Rev. xxi. to. 

Xt^il bi-wi-f, f. id., az. turk. is\j*, pers. 
(C,La (ir i^Ua, u'tl<', rvde, vntamed; vteaiting' 
Uii, of words. 

«^^, &p>^fll, ^a>f b; &c., Bee si^sbf. 

lii^m w^tln Bo., $ou are = ^frt. 

^^far hUkm& U. or V khttkmil K., arab. 
fS^, m,t, i) power, authority. 2) a firman, 
an order. 3) sometimes coucrete (in sing.), 
tht auihoritiei, the governor, with either a sing. 
or pi, verb. 

jjoA^BF hakmini U. ('• K.), f. ^-, fr. prec., 
having authority or power; potoerful. 

^^ see.^. 

.^««or]2i«<^Ml,h61&,Bz.turic.J^, i)f.i, 
a lop (the plaything), a) in pi. (no. 4) =: 

A«rfr or V 1-v. bawjkl or ha Al. K., m. 1 = 
^eeil, ^ Lidz. 451 ; .^oriia \ai id. 

J^4 h&-wil&, f. I, i) arab. iJI^, a miO- 
eharmd. 2) arab. pers. id., money on deporit. 

o^^, nSfoi, ^o^for hW, hfllfi, btilflkh &c. 
Al.; or 'o4 b611 &c. Ti.; or o^e^, n^'o^, ;i.on 
h61i, hdls, hSta &c. Q.; or n^.^, oili-, &«-, 
..M-, bdll, hSI&, h6-with, hd-watb Ac. Tkb.; 
or ai^teT, AS-, N}-, ^ &c, bfilt, -li, -wit, -win 
Ash., here he it &c. =«i^f p ftc. U.; Gram. 78. 
[.fi is Bometimes added to 3 sing, and 3 pi.] 

^ii^o^ UMl. (of. .^<^), az. tnrk. J^, f. 
ihinly, hoeiey. 

^por bflll, tortcjlk, f. i, a large peach. 

iSSvH hfil&ia, OS.*, m. I, a hulala, one of 
the at portions of the Psalter. 

)• o4 bd mfi Al. Ash., (=)»-|-edr), immedi- 
ately; to much, Lidz. 451. See Ji. 

ifts^M^ hflmlnt'fls, OS., m. Hymenceui, 
I Tim. i. 20. 

S*^^ hflmantA, first, at fira, first of aU, 
rare. Cf. AtM^ort 

£•1^, .ffiJi or .ei4a4 b6n&, b&n^, Q., here 
I am, here they are; see €^9«i. 

^MT bona, 08., m., i) mind, a) «>t«bMn, 

74 >10CD 

prvdenee; 'bf -Ik^l to nuble a mistake, to do a 
thing badly; ps^ i^ xnfio^ b6n<i \i pMm, 
fiedoeenottmderitand; •ai^oJo 'l^t** (or'ct^) 
npilt b'bdnu (llidttu), he underitcod it; A^ 
.•otfM^ ^ to go out ofoK^e mind, 

^im H-wkai, f. J&-, fr. ;*c^, aerial, of 
the air. 

^9^ h&-wang, az. tnrk. eUiLa, pen. and 
oem. tui^. ^jU, f. I, a mortar for pounding 
drugs or firing sbells. 

} Sl»pi b6n&ni, f. Jfi-, fr. ^o4, mhm, prudent. 

Ufet hiln&r, pers. turk.^^, f. i, AOi. 

t^UfOT hOn&rband, f. id., pers. A^iJfi* 
and JlIj^:*, iktiftU. 

^901 hfls^n, pers. ,^^^.i.a, a common name 

.^1.^901 h&s^t, the usroe of a grape. 

Hibo^ Bee '^oot. 

l^^Bf Bee 'si. 

^a^for hiiparktjrfi, OS.*, gk. iimpx!", t. I, 
an eceleeiaatieal province. 

tfka:^^ b7ilpatyiiqii&, OS.* (W. Syr. 
jiai^fer), gk. viradiiiiioMii, m. I, a aubdeaeon. 

a^aii hSf&lii, arab. pers. ILb^, f. j»itMf*e«. 

;b«i4 b&qfl, (OS. '^ m.), f. t, a rung of a 

jof or bfiqfi K., araK tnrk. pers. tl^, i. i, an 

t«aa9^ hdq&b&z, perB. tark.jVj;iJ&*., m. i, 
a conjurer, juggler. 

Mm blir, OS., Mount Sor. 

iiii htwir, az. turk. jlj», 
O""- 158, 173, and y^, i) f. 
hdp; 'oj lif to ciy for hdp. 
Help I Cf. -.i.BT. 

ib'«A bfi-w&r&, see 1. 

ib'^ blir&, az. turk. «•»»■ m. 
charge; 'at *'^i.Jo attack. 

\^o4 horig, sz. turk. dj,^ , f. 

rope, tether ; 

.f&for hdrt, pers. Inrk. \Sji^> f- 
a) a woman's name now used. 

kord, arira 
I, a ery for 
a) as intetj. 

[, an aUack, 


place where an animal it 
) akouri. 



Pi|AoSoor h^mizd, OS., fr. pers. i^\, ^J^j^, 
^J^ &c., m. fformizdf Ormuz, the Good 
Principle in the old Persian dualism, opp. 
^hail; still much used as a man's name. 

ft^&^er hiirmat, in Al. hd-, arab. Ij^, turk. 
\:ju^^f see p^^, t reverence, pdUeness, '91 j^ 
to be polite, 

2&'&oo7 htirra, i) Ash., mist, fog , Lidz. 452 (cf. 
arab. ij!> heat ?). a) az. turk. sty^, m. i , a glutton. 

aooi h6sh, halt / to a donkey. 

|«9or hdsh, pers. turk. ^J»yi^, f. ««n«e, con- 
eeiauenese; l^^ id. a^ot ^ t^ncon«cum«; i&m 
^or cofMcum^/ i^^poi ^ a trance. 

^oi h6sh4 Al. Ash., arab. ^J»^i a covrt- 
l^ard, Lidz. 452. 

SJMoi hdshd, OS., m. Oehea, Hoehea, Hoeea, 
Num. ziii. 16. 

Axo«r see ^m. 

;4^ h6t& fm OS. ^), f. I, i) a gulf, abyss, 
chasm. 2) Al. a cave, a hollow. See ei!^oo7. 

I^A^^o; or ;l(k9e7 hatkh4 K. MB., i) with 1^ 
prefixed, in that direction. 2) with 'lo prefixed, 
from that direction. See ^peor. 

f ^ haz, arab. turk. ia» , f. enjoyment, pleasure, 
^f^ ^gl (or with a) to take pleasure in, to be 
pleased with. 

h^f^ hiz^r, arab. turk. jj^-«^, f. presence; 
j^^S^fj^ hiziir^kh, yowr Lordship. 

^7> ^^Vy see ^•... 

Sf^ h&zir, in Al. ha-, i. adj.|, f. id., arab. 
jj\^, i) ready; ;&9b«^ without demur. 
2) present; pi. in Al. ^^ hazirin, arab. 
^^^j^l» , those who are present, n. verb, K. Al., 
i) arab.^^^.» conj. iv., to prepare. 2) as arab. 
coig. i., to be present, to be ready; foil, by xiaJs 
to come into the presence of, 3) arab. id., to 
guess a riddle, Lidz. 453. See &f qpo, &j?4im. 

&tor or ib'iof see %07. 

A4»«9r hazrat, arab. i,..a»., f. majesty; as a title 
His Majesty, His Royal Highness, 

^^ifi hakh'ar, OS.*, a memoria technica for 
the letters 07, «», j^ &• 

9i^ip ha(-t^ OS.*, m. i, a thisOe, 

^61, OS., fern, of ed^ q. v., i) ai, she, her, it (f.). 

2) if (in TA. 1, cf. l^C^l), that, the f.— <n^ d,Ma 
p,m6t he heard the fact that . . . ; cf. ^ .^ep. 
^07 ht, turk. ^, Hif=^*loi. 

*oi hai i) see .ftior 2) or ^4 h4-f, f. a/^pre^an- 
sion, consciousness, t^loil^^^tt^^ail have 
no knowledge of this matter. 

M h&yi, arab. turk. L^^, f. bashfulness, 
i^vi hiya Al. Gaw. = 0*07 (Lidz. 449). PI. in 
Gaw. ^oMbe7 hiyamun. See jjl*. 

^07, A^, see .•ao7. 

ACJU97 li6bat AL, arab. i^Jk, turk. cia. .», f. 
fear, Lidz. 449. 

Jtf * see V,|*. 

ei^i^, ;0^i^ ^a, also in Al. ^ Jh ^^k 
(proparox.), then, at that time; ^epo migk,Jrom 
then, after that; ^07? btfo (&5ai) Ti. Al., after 
that, then; ^oip p^ Ti., before that; ai^Sa^ ^ono 
thereafter; p ^07 Ash., u^A^n, if; p ^07^ a^ Ash., 
in order that, so that; p ^07^ J^ Ash., until; 
^07 ^ tn <tm€ ^)a«<. 

Im 2^97 h^i ha = turk. c^JuiU + Im, interj. 
away I go on! get on/ 

1^61 &ik Z., this f. 

l^iOi, ^^i,u| ^yah&, -&ni = *d7 that yonder, f. 
Also ^ ^yii, ;ot^, ^ot^. 

oto7, ^y cl6! hiyu, h^yA or hayd, hay6 Al. 
Ash., (see iUn, ^L), arab. kurd. ut^, i) come/, 
used for imp. of ^1 (see ^), but not verbal 
forms; so ^07 H do not come. 2) = «biM q.v. 
let, often foil, by p, 

«A»o7 h6w&n, in Al. he-, arab. turk. pers. 
^^Iw^, f. I (also m. in K.), an animal, beast, 
a living creature; often a tame animal, e.g. 
a horse unthout vice. 

lHo^ hcw&r4, f. ;k^, az. turk. >;}^^», 

li^ai or li^ hi'za, hiz&, az. turk. >f^^»>> f. a 
glut, surfeit; indigestion. 

hifoi or HHfOi hfz&r, -ra, az. turk. ifjt^ m* 'i 
a wooden bolt, bar, beam. 

m07 see *o7. 

^otJ^t ai-y6ha U. = «^ /Aa/ f. 

;>k^o7 h^kla, hi^kla, OS., m. i, 3, i) a 
temple, 2) any one of the divisions of a church, 
eep. t/te nave. 

L 2 




A^^^djf 6karat (proparox.) K. Terg. Sal. (see 

.2kt.4 h^l, az. turk. J^^»y m. the name of a 
spice with which tea is often flavoured. 

iLot hWi, in Al. TA. hi-, m. i, or ;^:^ci, 
^^, jE&^oT hilit-t4, hiM, halti Al. Ash. or in 
Al. with h, f. 6, arab. turk. 1.1^^., craftt deceity 
a tricky Lidz. 449. 

tfiSi^ and t^^of hil&b&z, -g&r, f. id., az. 
turk. jbiJL», pers. ^\iiJL»; also |^&!i^e7 
hilt&n&, or in AL hil-, f. jfii-, cvmningy crafty y 
Lidz. 449. 

ot^ Q. Gaw. Az., see e^ ^2 (under ^072). 

^aloT h^y&m& Ash., (perh. fr. arab. ^Ijl day), 
m. timey space oftifMy Lidz. 449. 

Ikf^^ UmkatiJky OS., f. 6, 9, faith [=;^2 
Az., arab. ijUl]. 

jtfiMkor h^mant& (ik), for ^{fpo, i) f. 6, a <ru«^, 
a thing entrusted. 2) AL, adv. confidentlyy 
Lidz. 450. 3) in safety y i Sam. xxii. 23. 

^or hln*, heb. r»7, m. i, a Ain, Ex. xxix. 40. 

^ aiyin U. or ^^ aiyiin Al. = ^ in both 

;2kiii.^, &jiA..d^, ^9^1^=01^07 thm. See 
i!ifitft &c. 

^4 h4-yip, or ^ h^f Al. TA., arab. i-X.»., 
i) inteij. to^oi a pity!; in U. usually q^ V 
With Ij., alasfcr . . . / 2) Al. grudge, iU-wiU; 
injury; ^ ±^ f^ j^ to^m^ to ihaime. 

t^ct h!r& K., ^ V^ bird Gaw. = 'As, Sh., 
arab.^^^^, at a loss, at a sto/ndstiU. See S^^* 

^blm hijkrty pers. {jj\jy kurd. ari Garz. 87, 
^U, j\jjk PS. 343, 346, f. I, hdpy assistance. 
Of. hf6fiOy hioi. 

J^^ h^din, f. id., arab. turk. kurd. vjj^-j^, 
wonderingy beurUdered. 

^ hich U., pers. turk.^^, no, ncney nothing y 

never, certainly noty not at aUy with negative ; 
m{i^ ^ nevery or ;«i^ ^^i ^ ff. ^ hich 
kh& minan, not one of us. 

^<4 hik Al. K., with f. .^ h&kd, pi. ci^ 
hkkdyStopf wait! Lidz. 454; ^ ^^ or ^01 

^01 h4ch&, az. turk. i^U., m. i, i) a limb. 

2) a tributary of a river. 3) a branch of a 
tree. 4)0 forked stick. 

{^EKfAor hakSm, in Al. ha-, turk. pers. ^r*^ 
(for 'SCa.), m. I, a doctor, physician. ^^- 
healingy a cure. 

t^h^^ hakim TJ., or ^L K. AL, arab. turk. 
^Sl^, m. I, a governor, rider. 

^iiio^ot hakimkh^n^, pers. iil»>^.^Xi>, f. i, 
a hospitaly infirmary. 

l^^^ff hichpiicb, (see ^, ^^), nonsense! 

^6t hal U. K. Az. or S^ hil Sal. Al. Ash. 
Q. Z. or ^07 httl Sal. Al. [^ TA.), for J^ Im 
(cf. X107), i) prep., rarely 1^ ^6f, until, up to; 
with numbers as many as; ^l ^ how long ?; 
^k ^ 80 far ; fLg, SScs ^ for three years 
from now, but . ..Sit ^?i ^ vnthin three years 
from now; ^pl Aor hitherto ; ^ ^for a time; 
IfH^ ^oA Ae7 how often; Sit ^^ott ruarly, with 
numbers ; J^^Sit halkis, up to, until; J^ . . ^ 
both . . and. 2) conj. with or without p follow- 
ing, untU, till; before; while; also in AL 
9 ^ Sfp, 9 0^ hilid AL, since (temporal), 
Sachau 65. Disi Sa^. 

Sm hal, in Al. TA. h^, arab. turk. kurd« 
Jl^, m. f. i=«^o72, state, circumstances, 
condition of life, oy^ i^ dso K. u}hat is the 

Hot hala, in Al. ha-, arab. turk. ^l», i) as 
yet, yety already; iipl '07 Sal., id.; (.kif '07 
h. bit4ya, whUe stiU coming [so Az. with 
finite verb, fiA^ '07 while thou art]. 2) Al. 
immediatelyy Lidz. 449. 

i » <^ \ tf n\n t Sp., f. 6, = jUooXs. 

^:jL^o7, ;i>aSit, see "^2; also 6d^<i7^i alhalbet 

1^07 balaj, arab. turk. ^!Sl», m. i, a eotto9^ 
teazer or carder. 

S^ U. m., or S6Sit Sh. m., or XS^C^ 
Tkh. f., halahal (proparox.), halhal, -lt4, pers. 
Jl»^, noise, tumult. See ,^\\NV>^. 

^07 halwa, arab. turk. ]^JL», m. a sweet- 
meat made of treacle, butter, and flour. 

^fo^o7 halwazni, blacltherries. 

iM.o^e7 halw4-S, f. id., az. turk. c^Ui*, pale 
yeUoWy j)ale orange colour. 


i^oi m. f»A^ot f. haliikli, -akh AL, cf. o*or, 

;^d^4 see ^2. 

atyr^aKo! haldkishkish, az. turk. ^jt^jS^ 
(cf. jca), f. a noise made to frighten away dogs, 

^ii^^6t halwalink4, f. id., impulsive, mer- 

2^1^ hil6rl, az. turk. pers.^ (see 2&a^), f., 
i)whey. 2)=\^q.v. 

yi;^ halAttyi, pi., a cartridge-belt filled 
with 9fo. 

.^of hill, OS., m. /r«Zt, Lu. iii. 23. 

^aA^ halyun AL, arab. ^jj^-JU, asparagus, 
Lidz. 455. 

>a;f^4 hallm, pers. ^^JL^, f. a dish of husk- 
less com and meat, less cooked than ^&^. 

^^ h41ik Al. TA., arab. eUU, to perish^ to 
he ruined, Lidz. 455. 

^^ h^Uk AL, fr. prec, poison, Lidz. 455. 

fL^Sor halak Al. TA., arab. us)^, destruction, 
rutn, Lidz. 455. 

«ft9^^ see ^. 

^^ hilil, Psh. ^or, HiUel, Jud. xii. 13. 

|A&r halal, arab. turk. J^, lawful, good; 
law abiding. 

m^ or 'c7 haUQa, h&l-, pers. iJ^, m. i, 
a tulip. 

t:^ct haliliiy&, OS., f. i, HalUlujah. 

^fr hilma, az. turk. i»l», m. i, vapour, 

^Qi hiltni, OS., f. Helena, sometimes now 
used as a woman's name. 

■\iiiNcy halnakhil, az. turk. J^ JU., in 
every way, 

«ft>^ halis, OS., = 'EXXdf, Ilalys, Greece, 
Acts XX. 2. 

U^o! htkiqk, in AL hal-, arab. turk. pers. 
, f. I, a ring, link in a chain ; ii'6 ^07, az. 

turk. i\j tJd^, a door-chain and staple. 

^Id^^ halqana, i) f, jSi-y fr. prec., annular, 
in the shape of a ring. 2) OS., m. Elkanah, 
(RV. 'l^j), 1 Sam. i. i. 

2^4 h&laqti, f. 6, dim. of M07, usecl of 
round rings only, not oval. 

77 >\ ^gn^anco 

yaai ham, not Psh., Ham, Gen. xiv. 5. 

poi ham, i) also in AL Az. xiqr, pers. turk. 
^, also, both, in U. K. preceding the word 
which it qualifies, in Al. sometimes following 
it; poi.,.p6r or pojo,,,p6j both,.. and; 
•^ pot Al.=:^ even if; o^L pei Al., folL by 
negative, not one. 2) = ^ loi (cf. S6j), since 
temporal (prep.). 

poi him, interj., get on, gee up (to a horse). 

^61 ham6 AL=)0dy. 

^<ft h4m& Ti., ^07 Sh. Ash., kurd. Ua PS. 
345, pers. ^^Ua, i) therefore, then. 2) folL 
^J ?. if J provided that, Lidz. 455, 

^^a»4 or '07 h&m4d4n, ham-, pers. ^V^tr 
Hamadan, a city in W. Persia, Ecbatane. 

thi^6r hamiiwar, pers. tark. Jij^jk, i) a^j* 
f. id., level, smooth. 2) adv. slowly, gently. 

^«»o7 hamz!, pL, the name of a vegetable 
with a white root and a grassy sprout. 

^•Mdy hamz6na*, f. id., (see p^ and ^lai), 

^•^er htmizmin U., f. i, a u^ord; theol. 
the Word = j{^ (then m.) ; ^^^or Afauo to 
speak deliberately; 'd> ^\ to eat ones words, 
or [also 'd| -^^^ or 'd| aa&] <o prevaricate, to 
take back one's promise; 'vta by word of mouth. 
See pi»afio, 

IbaoMt^or himizm^ndar, f. id., fr. prec. with 
pers. term.^b, i) capaUe of speech, rational. 
2) loqucudous; eloquent, 

^m hami Tkh., although. See ^<^. 

2^Qi h4mayil, arab. pers. JjU*, m. i, a 
scarf, sash, girdle; a sword-belt, 

^iovj hamiy4n, arab. turk. pers. ^j^ - » \; f. i, 
a long purse. 

ifftfito^ hamini AL K., kurd. ^J^^.^Jk, again^ 
Lidz. 456. 

i^o! hiimal, in AL ham41, arab. turk. JUi^, 
m. I , a porter, carrier. 

p»9f hiimam, in AL ham-, arab. turk. pen. 
J^l^y f. I (m. in AL), a bath-house, bath (not 
a bath in a bedroom). 

l^fAioi^ hilmamchJ, in AL ham-, turk. 
^^C», m. I, the kee^ier of a bath, a bath- 


^^ hkmin, OS., m. Haman, Esth. iii. i. 

fMi hamin U., or ^fr himin SaL = ^ftw K., 
ituUed, eertamly; imp. of ^ip^ to beliere. 

JBBor bam&Bhfi (proparox.) TT., pen. tnrk. 
»A..», almayt, ever [Ax. jiiw^]. 

t;^4 haniJishft-7& TT. or Jaodr bamfiah&-l 
TJ., f. &I-, h. prec. perpeluaJ, eonAnuoZ. 

^.ttapor faamishtl Al. Aeh., ojroin, Lidz. 466. 

Jf4 haul, OS., irreg. T.(OraiD. 133), f(>;'^MM. 
Many parts of the verb suffer metathesia, see 
Ifi. In R. it is need impenonally, as ^ Ifi l>^ 
bit hin^li, / »haa bs ^Mied; A "^ Iji^ aUW 
II, / toatfieatei. See 9^ ^. 

IfA h&nt, (&. OS. $4 tbial), a term, added 
for emphasis to dem. adverbs as ifiii^ii. 

£n hin& E., knrtl. ^U, A«Zp, Lidz. 456. 
Dist. Jt)4. 

J^a^iA b&Daglit& n., as. turk. u^, f. 6, g, 
ajoie, apart. 

X^alt^vi hin&geht, az. tork. ^^d^, m. i, 
a joker. 

J^ii^ hingilt& E., f. 6. a handle. 

ftp hind, i) E., kurd. IxJl enda Qarz. 50, 
54, to many. 'e> V f^V ju«'< tearody. Also 
if^afT hindt. a) see e^wr- 

«*ft«^ ^ap hind j^-wAzt, tork. 1^^ j.:^ 
I ) = aipy Jlo^a nvimeg. 2) a eoeoanvt. 

fiap hiod&d or in Al. '«| imd&d, arab. turk. 
jU->I, f. I, kelp, atnttatue. See foaa. 

f ptp aa 08., or ftp or .^a^ftp hindfl, hind, 
hindQstan, turk. x^, per?. ,jU— jJjl», f. India, 
Ilinduetan. ]Lof- an Indian, llindu, but J^^ 

^^n hindm, OS., Hinnom, a KgB. xxiii. 10. 

^Lior hantpi, ax. tnrk. uL^J.*, m. a man's 
name used hj Mnssnlmans. 

i^p hin^'16 J., thi» = inl. 

$tp U. or lap U. Tkh., hio-n&, hin-nl, tork. 
^Vjk, lohat do you call it t used when a name 
has escaped one's memory. 

iip hina I1Y.,=.^ Psb. and old Am. ver. 
Ilena, 2 Egs. xviil 34. 

■a^ has, tntcrj. itopl tur» abouti to > 
ploughing team. Cf. Jo^ito. 

a^ or aap harab (ha-), hiflib Tkb. Al., 
arab. tork. v^— *> ""■ <*" aeeotaU, nooning, 
biU. 'm £if innvmeral^le. See an.. 

9ft^ hasA = ^b^ (so kurd. j.-* Lerch 89). 

l!t>B9r see '^. 

^dr hasin, arab. knrd. fj-,^, m. a man'a 
name much used by MoBsulmaiia. 

t.f.i&?i haa&ni-f, or ^ s&n&t in E. Al., f. id., 
kurd. aanii (Qarz. 14a) and has&nai, i) eaty: 
'to tUp Al. eaaiy. 2) AL loft, aofdy. 

t^^Cci^ hasrat, turk. u:i;«», arab. !,->», 
1) sabs^ f. yearning, unfidfilled deem, eaget- 
neii, greed; ^ 'ei «^to yearn for; )i>^ id. 
3) as adj., f. id., greedy. 

Jaa^^ hapQpki Ti., onomat., with kurd. 
term.t, m. i, a hoopoe. 

ga$Bi h'pakht^ OS.*, f. 6, a ' Continvatimi,' 
the second part of certain anthems. 

Ai^, }iip, see 'om. 

itiiii see 'ti. 

jt3di Hapta U., haM E., pers. wuL*, f. i, 
a weight = about 4 lb. avoird. 

l^idfT haptar^ Al., a ftoU, Lidz. 457. 

Afgdr or '4 ha^il, h&|il TT., arab. turk. J.^U, 
(see Afj^, ^^^ttf), t. I, produce. 

islt39r haftrfi, arab. turk.^^«A», f. i, a straw 
mat, matting, put under a carpet to protect it 
from the earthen floor. 

i^^ hasar, arab. turk.^La^, f. i, i) a totosr, 
an earthwork, a fortijied place, a) a common 
name for a walled village, esp. if built on a 
hill, z) Sal a KaUed,field, &C. Cf. b^. 

•a^ haq IT., or {aI khaq Tkb., haq Al, 
TA., arab. turk. Ja., i) f. id., right, jtut, tmt. 
a) subs., m. right, juitiM, deeertt. See J4^4> 
3) Al.=foll. 

lam b&q& TJ. or ;s^ baqfi E. (in Al. haqi), 
cf. prec., m. i, trngee, reioard, priot,pay, dvai 
a fare; a charge. '^ or '.^ A]. *n truA, 
Lidz. 457. 



^o! h&qt, az. tark. ^Juk, m. a man's name 
now used. 

^$^9^4 h&qiit4 (sic), fr. jo^y f. 6, 9, justice, 
right. In Al. '97, Lidz. 457. 

^4 see J^^. 

^of litq&-y& Sal. = folL, Socin 12 1.9. 

6^^ haqyat, arab. turk. knrd. I^Mk^, pers. 
o^lXL, (see ;jf^ ^opp), f. I, o story, tale, 
narrajtive^ account. 

boj har or her, pers. tork. kard.^, i) jtutf 
eertaifdy^ exactly, undoubtedly; a mark of 
emphasis. 2) in any case, 3) only, 4) with 
a negative, esp. in K., never, certainly not, 
Phbases: o^ bai, ^ bo!, ^1 &^ the same; 
^^ 061 h6i the same book; 061 ioq b^ U. the 
very same; oq^ hai to the same (so any prep.); 
p ^1 &^ at the same time that; ^i b^ at the 
same plaoe where; ^& &^ at the same place; 
p ^ Ml even he who. See f)k^&^. 

2!»o7 bar&, az. tnrk. 1^, f. i, a ^poc^ &etu?00n 

AftOlb'^ harawd, interj., az. turk. Jj^i^, 
^M up, to a boffalo or ox. 

A*2&^ har'il, Psh. ^l^m, heb. ^n, upper 
oZtor ()), lit. fnouTU of God, Ezek. xliii. 15. 

^&97 herb&, i) arab. Jb^^^^ f. i, a javelin, 
a short spear. 2) K.,m. i, met. a threat, usually 
pL; o]^ ^07 .1^ to threaten him, (or with ^). 

^Mi herban4, f. jl^-, fr. prec., threatening. 

V><» h&rig E., or in Al. as OS. V><ft hirigh, 
to think, consider. 

^^ hadg U., az. turk. «rV^' ^* '> auction. 
^^ or «^- hergaz, hergiz, pers. turk. i^, 
nol cU aU, never. Cf. bipr. 

t.r9V.^> har&jchi U., az. toik. ^^^^^, 
m. I, an auctioneer. 

libo! herwk K,, 1) in vain. 2) gratis. 

);?e&5]f hirddiy&, OS., f. Herodias, Mat 
xiv. 3. 

•A^pe&^f hlrfidiy^, OS., m. fferodion, Rom. 
xvi. II. 

lA^&of hlrftdis, OS., m. Herod, ICat. ii. i ; 
^cf i^9 d'blt h., the Herodians, Mat xxii. 16. 


^Ae; hiriiini, OS., pi. only, spices. 

Ptx$^i .A&4 h&rdn alrashid, m. Harun al- 

jLoHoj h&r&w&sh, az. turk. i^^]^, f« early 
rain; also ^07 22&^. 

t}f&07 herzi, pers. az. turk. ij;^, i) f. i, 
a lewd woman, a prostitute. 2) m. i, an imp, 
a mischievous hoy; as a^j. mischievous, idle, 
^^ mischief, misehievousness. 

XhaX^ herz&k&r, pers. ^tj^h m. i, a 
meddler, an interferer; ajidgetty person. 

};fiuV&> har&tiqi, OS., gk. aipcri«etfc, m. i, 
a heretic, ^4^- f. heresy. 

(jt^l^ haritiq&y4, f. A.-, OS., heretical. 

;a»&4 h&risi, arab. pers. l^m,^, £ i, a dish 
made of meat, pounded wheat, butter, and 
spices, more cooked than ts^i. 

X^h^ h&rip, t id., arab. i.Jb^, (cf. ^&1), 
sharp, intelligent, 

Xp^^ hiram, f. id., arab. pers. turk. J^, 
unlawful, prohibited, sinful. Rarely 'L, (In 
Al. ^2lL hadLml) p^i l^l thievish, 

>i&'^ har&m, arab. turk. ^^, f. i, a harem. 

^h4 hirmi, as Psh., (RY. jm-), m. Hsrmas, 
Rom. xvi. 14. 

^&4 h&rml, as Psh., (RY. My), m. Hermes, 
Rom. xvi. 14. 

lAfi^^ herm&ginls, OS., m. Hermogenes, 
a Tim. L 15. 

^!^9r har&m£& Ask, knrd. l^L^ a ne'er-do- 
weel, Lidz. 459 ;= folL 

}2^^&> haramzidi, pen. tnrk. %^\y^^, 
m. I, a bastard. 

X'^^^ h&r&ml, arab. turk. ^]/»y m. i, 
a <^>/; cf. p^^, 

tObfjo^ hermts, OS., m. Hermes, Mercury, 
Acts xiv. 12. 
lAM&or see ^&of. 

a{4 h&iin, OS., m. Haran (the man), Qen. 
xi. 31. SeOi^. 

Jb^o! haris Al., arab. vj^* ^ *^ ^^ pMcet, 
Lidz. 458. 




Jbhai hirs, az. turk. (jy^j f. i, anger, rage. 

Jb^oi haris*, heb. D^n, m. destruction, Isa. 
xix. 1 8. 

^Hai har^k, fr. Jbhfp, m, i, a bold dog. 

Jb^&cr hirlsis, OS.*, gk. atpiais, f. heresy. 

X j^^bai or '&f hersis, 'ersis, f. id., osm. turk. 
j^X^f shameless, impudent. 

l^hfp hirs&n4, f. JU-, fr. Jb&s7» furious, 

}^^h6i herpiita J., f. 6, g, a joke. 

jL^ai harish AL, i) arab. ^^JA and {J^, 
to make discord, to brawl. 2) K. (Lidz. 459), 
kurd. ^j^jjk, to be dashed in pieces. 

t;xi6i harasha, f. ^x-, (cf. arab. ^^JA mad, 
foolish), spirited, as a horse. 

«07 or «0T hish, hish K. Al., kurd. t*, yet, 
as yet, now, stUl; while yet (see Hai). Also 
«2 ish Al. p ^0T while conj. 

^61 hash4, in Al. hk-, arab. turk. Lll», 
God forbid! 

^07 hashy &, arab. turk. lj^L»., m.i,a border, 
edging, esp. of lace. 

X SUX07 hishy&r U. K. Az. or { aJ« shy&r Al., 
f. id., pers. .\ , .t.,», kurd. .Lla PS. 344, catUious, 
watchful, careful, with ^ = of; '07 poL to toam, 
charge ; ^ 'm ^opi to beware of with a to take 
heed to. — ^9- care ; ^ lis^alxfp aauL to guard. 
Cf. fspp. 

X^^ hishak, f. id., az. turk. eLJL»>> of 
animals, without understanding. 

ilxAXffj Sal., see 'xi. 

^tJLftts^r hashmtnit*, and ^t^a*, heb. n^S^DS^, 
^OB', Sheminith, the octave, 1 Chr. xv. 21. 

}ixoi hashta Ash., f. matter, thing =tiij^, 
Lidz. 458. 

^^c^ batik Al. Ash., arab. qUa, 1) to reveal, 
report. 2) to be dishonoured, Lidz. 455. 

^^07 see ^po;. 

e, I. the letter eo wau, OS., f. i (wau-i), in 
K. MB. 2 (wau-aw4tha) = w (not v) ; prec. by 
vowel, it makes a diphthong; also used to 
form the vowels Bwasa (9) and Kwakha (e), 
both = ii, though the latter in E. Al. often 
inclines to 6. e replaces i^ in the Sal. term 
^09-= ^^9-, and in Az. plurals, as IcSJai = iBsiBi 
fset/ it replaces « frequently, as in verbal 
nouns of the form ^eoad^ U.= f^oad^ K. Al. 
(or rarely ^oadi^ K. as Az.), Oram. 102, and 
in other subs., Gram. 320 ; it replaces a silent 
letter in ;^eo& q.v.; cf. ^laae &c. In numbering 
0=6. n. pron. H (e.g. l*fh^o iiprish4), and; 
often omitted and sometimes redundant 
(Oram. 188); oj^ n^mo ai^ ;o^ it came to pass 
that he died. 

;e wa, i) inteij., arab. turk. \j. Oh! uxmder- 
full 2) K. Al. = 007 that, tJu, he. 

tfao wila, OS.*, f. I, a veil in a church. 

^2o see ^e. 

JaX^o wajib, arab. turk. s^^y i) impers. 

v., ought, implying moral obligation (see p^ 
\9\) ; .Slip oT^L 'e w. il4 d'izil, he ought to go^ 
it is his duty to go; ^9mI 07^ ^e U. (^«^ 
K. Al.) w. \\k qat^ikh (iMkh), you ought; ^o ^o^ 
Al. = 6{i^ ^e. 2) subs, adj., right; 'e ^ Vie/i^st^ 
too great; ^e ^ 2pe) too much; ^o H improper, 
— ;^9- f. 6, 9, du4y; ^o^ias in duty bound. 

^9 waj, arab. pers. kurd. i.»j (lit. face), 
f. use, profit. See ^. 

^5Vw9 wajuw^ (sic) Ash., arab. y^j, things 
needful, Lidz. 412. 

P999 wadwad, f. i, i) a cuckoo; sometimes 
2) a lioopoe. 

e7o=;o no. 2 ; also Imi U. 

^079 wah'ma, ai*ab. turk. ^y kurd. ti%j 
Qarz. 91, m. i, jeopardy, fear, aj)prehension. 

1^^079 wah'mi Al. Ash., f. id., cf. pi-ec^ 
astonished, confounded, Lidz. 414. 

eo i) see e. 2) wo Al., UuUo! 

;oo, ;oo K. Al., see ^o^. 





c^^e, kOOo, ^f 90 w^tUf wdwin, wuwit &c. 
Al. A8h.=ey^^ &c. or ey^9p &c., often nearly 

^p waz^ Al.^ ganders, Lidz. 414. 

}&ft«^ wazir, arab. tork. pers. pu, m. i, 
i) a riJwV, minister of staie; a governor , pro- 
consul, Acts xiiL 7 ; a town clerk 2) U., the 
queen at eheas. 3) bism^ 'o on ambassador, 

^9^ wazn&, i) turk. ijj|^, f. i, o cartridge; 

a reedJUled with gunpowder, 2) OS.*, m. i, 
a font, 

{p^^ wahid Al., f. id., arab. turk. ju>>j, 
^y begotten. 

Ifi^, i) wakhabi, pers. ^j;:^^, tnMc<«, crwp- 
tn^ things; esp. worms (the disease). 2) 
wahsb^ AL, arab. tark. «jil»j, ti?t7(l beasts. 

^e or ^ w&tan, -t4n, arab. turk. ^j, 
f. I, birthplace, domicile, one's own country, 
Cf. ^V«». 

*o wai, i) also |Io wayi, both OS., us>e/; 
as sobs., m. i. Rev. ix. 12 ; ^ ^ 1000 is me, 
also with ^ ; see a»p, oos. 2) Al., Hi/ 

l^^ widhk pidh4 Ash. =r lomis 2^2, 
Lidz. i. 169''. 

^e wizi, (mod.), m. i, a vise of a passport. 

|«l*e w^l, az. turk. Jjj, i) m. i, a <rt<an<, 
neer-do-weelfVagabond, 2) adj., f. id., awkward, 

^o w^ll m, oCLo w^l& f. U. Ti. Al., with 
pi. ;Le w^n4 U., ^oi^^ w6U Ti. Al., there he 
{shcy it) is, there they are; ^V^ wel&kh, 
Hullo there/ 

;Lo w^n& K,=zfLi lt^6i=:^ I am, Dist. 

JtiLo w^r&n, pers. turk. ^J^j, i) f. i, ruins, 
a deserted place, 2) adj., f. id., desolate, for- 
s<iken, of places. 

«j^^ w^rish, see ^s^2. 

|.lfA^ wakil, or in Al. H- Lidz. 415, arab. 
turk. ^ySy, m. I, i) a deputy, agent. 2) an 
advocate, attorney. 

^ftA^ waksa, europ. (mod.), blacking, 

^ wil K. Al., uniil, Lidz. 417. See 9d^. 

0)^^ wal6 Al., i) with f. oH^ wal&, pi. 
wal^ = ei^e &c. q.T. 2) interj. to/ behold! 

^p walwil, Psh. iii.1, BY. iHf^^ ^o^, 
Lucifsr, Isa. xiv. 12. 

i^o^9 walw&l&, arab. aJ^j> m. i, a cry, 

^e w&ltii, f. a tribal district of £. Syr. in 
Kurdistan, (i-, or 1^09- w&l(w&yA, -tiiw&y&, 
a native of WalttL 

X,^ w&lf E., arab. pers. turk. ^\^, m. i, 
a Vali, Oovemor-Oeneral, 

peij). ^o wall '4d, arab. pers. Jl^ ^\^, m, i, 
t/ie Vali Ahd or eldest son of the Shah; 
generally, an heir apparent. 

^o wiUyat K., or (Up wslkjk Al. Lidz. 
417, arab. iSt^, turk. oo^^, f. i, a valayet, 
province of a Vali, 

•foi^ walkhdn Al.= «oaoS *e, woe to you, 

U^p wal&t& K. Al., fr. t^o'i, f. i, a country, 
Lidz. 418. 

^ w&n, turk. ^^1^, Van, a city in Asiatic 
Turkey near the Persian frontier. 
^^ win!, russ., spades at cards. 
^ see ^i^mo. 

};&oib9 wasw&s&, f. id., az« turk. i^j^j, 
importunate, teasing, 

A^9 wasta Al. = ^iMbe2, Lidz. 419. 
ybp, 6^9, see '^o. 

t2k^9 w&d4, OS., m. i, i) a set time, an 
apjwintmenty also '9^ ^^ or in Al. 'op ^^. 
^od»p 'o^ UTttAtn tihe days appointed, 2) a deed, 
agreement, contract. — ^9- f., id. 

j!^^ wilA, m. I, i) K., siUc, 2) U., a patch, 
remnant of cloth (but when sewn into a garment 
it is iU^i») ; in pi. patchwork, dotVs clothes, 

^9 w&ni, OS. ix, f. I, an eu>e, four years 
old and over. 

^ftJ9 wapsf, OS., m. Vophsi, Num. xiii. 14. 

^»^9 wa^ly^ Al. TA., f. 3, or i^^ wa^yat U. 
f. I, or i^xP wa^tyat Ash. (Lidz. 419), arab. 
iLl^j, turk. kurd. c:^ m.^^, i) a will, testament 
(not used of OT. and NT. ; see ..nd^p). 2) Al. 
Ash., advice, command, see ^oao [cf. also Az. 
;ey9io alms; with aflSx ^920^910 thy alwui]. 




ii^^ woBlk, m. I, i) Az., as arab. ^y^y 
ajointy limb, 2) U. K., a nerve, vein, 3) AL, 
perh.=:;^^2, Lidz. 419. 

(ja^ waqtya K. J., arab. tork. L^^, an oke, 
the TurkiBh pound, = 2f lb. avoird. 

fiufi^ waqat or in Ash. Jt^9 waqta, Lidz. 420, 
arab. pers. turk. oJji time; see ^. p ^e «^ 
Ash. whenever. [So Az. frw9 m.; ^e edjr ^Aen/ 
p crNM9 wakhtit, U7A^n conj.] 

ho w&r, or &ep ;t»^4^ matota d'war, m. 
hoeing com &c. ; banking up a melon-bed. 

iHq widL E., f. id., squinting , egmrU-eyed; 
Ae e;!^' '^ni wir6 K., one who squints, 

2p&9 werda, OS., m. i, 1) a rose. 2) a man's 
name now much used; so l^b^ werdi, a 
woman's name. 3) "^ a book containing hymns 
&c. for festivals by George "Werda. 

j{>ft6p&9 werdiint4, dim. of prec, f. 6, 1) a 
bush, 2) met. bloodshot eyes. 

Sb^ofi^ wara-wds, f. i, a leather strap which 
joins a buffalo whip to the handle. 

2&'o&e werwara, f. i,a machine to help children 
to walk, ^ ^yVVy^i 0T^e&o werwari qityi na, met. 
he is very weak. 

pbo&'e w&r4wird, pers. ^jy^j^i f* thought. 

t^iSfb waraz& Al., cf. foil., m. i, a vine- 
dresser, Lidz. 421. 

taX^Ho warzag&r Sal., pers. ^U^^, m. i, 
a farmer, husbandman. ^09-, in Sal. /arming, 
husbandry, in U. (same form, with ^o-, cf. 
loomxoa) maintenance, mode of life. 

Mo w&rizan, az. turk. ^^j^, f. i, i) grapes 
spread for drying. 2) the place where raisins 
are dried. 

l^h^ warida, wk-, OS., m. i, 1) a vein; 
a sinew; an artery. 2) a root of a tree, 
Job XXX. 4. 

;&&o wara8&, arab. turk. CjJ^, m. i, an 

^fi&'e w&r&q&, or sometimes in Al. as OS. 
;jahp, arab. turk. j^, m. i (f in Al. K. as OS.), 
paper, a sheet of paper. 

^e washm^, m. i, an agate, Ex. xxviii. I9» 

.iAxp washnf, Psh. *^2o^, m. Vcuhni, i Chr. 
vi. 28. 

dtix9 wash^, turk. j^j or jLiij, m. i, 
a jackal; a lynx. 

^6sxo wishtS, OS., f. Vashti, Esth. i. 9. 
«^ see ^e. 

f, the letter ^4 z^n, OS., f. i, in K. MB. 2, 
= z ; with Majliyana C^) pron. as « in pleasure, 
=j (in this book written zh). t is frequently 
interchanged with Jb and ^ (cf. l&o^f). Li 
numbering « = 7. In NS. words from arab. &c. 
having in the original 3, (^ or J9, as well as j , 
f usually takes the place of these letters. 

U zi U. or fj zh!, zhe E. Z. or \J» zhigh Z., 
kurd. (5* PS. 311, Lerch 138, also, too. This 
adverb is an enclitic, and is often used with 
.Sol or a\ preceding, s^l% Irni^ol this one also. 

1% see ^f . 
l\\ see ^. 

;?2f see ^f . 

\2f see \f . 

p2) z&-id, arab. ^\^, to increase intr., to grow^ 
to become great. Cans. a*«» and pjab. 

p2f see pf . 

pi\ or poii zk'im Ti. MB. Al. =^\ z&-ip 
Tkh., arab. ^, to push, to push down, to thrust. 
Cans. ^f^. 

^2f, ^2f, see '»♦. 

^2f zina, OS., m. Zenas, Tit: iii. 13. 

x^ zk-h Al., (OS. past x\\ to move intr. (lu 
TA. to fear, cf Apt). See ^9«». 

j)2f see 3x\ and >i2f. 

Si2( zair U., i) to sweU intr.; i& ^ i&If 


dropsical. 2) met. to be proud or haughty y to 
be jmffed up, Caus. ^p?. 

6^ za-wa, OS., kurd. %^\j, the river Zab, 

*^^ zodty OS., m. Zabdiy Josh. vii. i. 

.»>;i4 z6d^, OS., m. Zebedee^ Mat. iv. 21. 

,^o?f zwiil, Psh. 1^), m. Zebul, Jud. ix. 38. 

«A^o;^f zw&liin, OS., m. Ze^on, Mat. iv. 13. 

1^4 zaMn, f. id., pers. tnrk. [jyi\, weak, 
feeble; \ 2^2 id. 

i!i6:^\ z&-wiira, OS., m. i, a bou^. 

^99) zabiit Sal., f. id., arab. lu.L#, holding 

^f za-wakh, OS., m. Zebah, Jud. viii. 5. 

^\34 zab(, f. id., arab. tnrk. ix^, suhjecty 
under authority y under control. Cf. ^jiio, 

\lf\ K. Al., or V^ Al., or A^^ Al. zabit, 
dhabi(, dhibit, arab. ia^, i) =^ii» to mbduCy 
loke by forcCy conquer y usurp, 2) to stay or 
fix firm, 3) to ravish. See \9*^> '^^^y ^4^* 

I ;\94 zabtiya, K. Al., (arab. IAjU police), 
m. I , a zaptiehy gendarme, 

l^k zabiri Al., pers. kurd. J^-^3j, a basket, 
Lidz. 461. 

iiaij zibla, OS. '^, TA. '^t, arab. Jj), m. i, 
I ) manure, dung, 2) mess, littery as ashes, &c., 
dross, 3) a dunghill, Cf. t^^, tV^^* 

^i zA-win, OS., to 6uy. Cf. ^. 

^k z6ni, OS., m. I, i) esp. Al. Ash., time^ 
season: sometimes ^f or ;&7f ziini, zwiu&, in 
K. Al. ; ^«a m dtie season; e^4 ;^ o^ the wrong 
time; \ ^ for a time; 'f pii contemporary; 
> p) K., Zo^ year=^p ; 't ia kttl z. (% .^aa), 
always ; 't ^ or '0a or % ^aSl ^ ^^ a^o, /or a 
long time past, 2) gram, a tense; >f^X> ^t z. 
datid, OS., the future tense; Pl/ap % z. d'qa-im 
OS., the present tense; &^> 't z. dawir, OS., 
M^ l>af< Unse, See ^i^dBoS. 3) Al., with pi. 3, 
time =:lo^m numbering. 

^M^^ z6nana-ya, f. In^, 08., seasonable; 
gram, temporal. 

Ji?f zibiq, i) to struggUy wrestle, 2) U., to 
jn^ up fuel in an oven. 

U^Bj zahqiy ir, prec., m. i, a pUe offud in 
an oven. 

|Mb>&i;pf zaberdast, pers. ou«#o^j, i) m. i, 
an athlete; a conqueror in games, &c. 2) as 
adj., f. id., brave. 3) overbearing, 

\J see h, 

\( z&gh, pers. turk. ^, OS. ^<A^f, m* 
copperas, sulphate of iron. 

(^ zig& U., z6g& K., or a zkgk Ti. Al., 
OS. % m. I , a beU, \ i^ to ring a bell, 

fi} zaghi, az. turk. ixh, m. i, a cliff; a deft 
in a rock. Dist. prec. 

«1^ ztgili f* i» i) a protuberance on an 
eggshell. 2) a pimple. 

il^) z&ghil Al. Ash., to cAea<, deceivCy Lidz. 

tii^(i zaghlUa Al. Ash., m. i, agent of prec., 
a deceiver, cheat, ^^9- f. deceit, Lidz. 461. 

iV.»(»)«hagirAl. = i^. 

22k!^( z&ghadl, m. i , a cra^, cave. 

pi z&d, arab. turk. A*, kurd. z&di Qarz. 112, 
222, m. I, often ^l,, foody provisions, esp. for 
a journey. See 2^*. 

lp\ zkdi, i) az. turk. 1^, m. i, an injury; 
a crack, 2) as an affix, turk. pers. i.>jj, 
son of, 

ijf\ z&d^ Ti. (in Tkh. U. If zh&di). i ) K., as 
OS. 2ad( to throw, 2) K., to cauM to rebound, 
3) U., to cZean or ^om cotton. 

t ;^&^p( zidiiwa, U., or ix6^\ or ^ii^ zadu'a, 
-ya, K. (in Al. z&d-, Lidz. 462), fr. J^i, m. i, 
i) a coward, 2) as adj., f. jl^, cowardly, 
fearful, frightened, 

;ioS^p( z&d&w&n&, f. )iX', = prec. 

j^9f zdati, [Az. >2kV^f zd^la, cf. 1^], fr. 
jj^i, f. 6 (pi. rare), i) fear. 2) danger y peril, 
% 2^ ^^^2 a dangerous road ; '<a dangerous. 

ja6^\ zadiiq, OS., m. Sadoe, Mat. i. 14. 

t^9^4 or ^bpi zadiiq4-y4, z4-, OS., m. i, 
a Sadducee, 

t^^4())zhadi-ya or zha-,fr. 2^f,m. i, a coiton- 
deaner or teasery with fern. Ji^'y f. 6. 

t ;af^4 zadiqa or zi-, f. j^ zadiqt&, sa-, OS., 
righteouSy just, holy. In Az. '4 and j^. 

M 2 




Garz. 281, OS. ^t^f, gk. C^C^tov, m. i, tare, 
loUium, usually pi. in U. K. 

2&V« K. or 2&V« ^'9 zlyura, zjAri, fr. &!♦, 
m. I, a twtUing, jprotuherance, 

^f zil, zil, arab. ^, i) diding; % ^ to 
«2ufe, as boys at play. 2)X straight, direct. 

^f, {sl*f Al., see o^f . 

^^ see >i2f . 

^f see f . 

^4 z^na, OS., m. i, armour, 

l^f zyana, i) pers. kurd. turk. ^b:, m. i, 
often pi., miaeliief, injury; ^^9- id, 2) Al. 
afield, Lidz. 460. 

^i see xfi. 

.ilf za-y4, f . id., arab. pers. cLi^, annihilating; 
as subs., m., tiHi^, wasteful destruction, 

;L4 zai'a, m., i) a man's name now used by 
E. Syr. 3) Al. = ;;i*4. 

.^f zip, OS. Ziph (Psh. .^f in Josh. xv. 24). 

^\ see ^u, 

^f and ;&fl2f zy&pit, -ta, E. Al., turk. 
kurd. oJL^, arab. liL^, f. with pi. ^Ik- 
zy&pityath^, a banquet, feast, 

^fiiff ziq4 Al., arab. jfj^, a shirt collar, 
Lidz. 460. 

a^f see &:(. 

t22ui z6y4ra, f. ;^&-, fr. &2^ l^nmd, 

|\2kff zlr4g, f. id., pers. turk. kurd. e)o^, 
i) cleoer, (umte, 2) agile, active, energetic, 

^4s.&ff ztrjam, pers. J^A)* m. i, a small 
tray or salver, esp. for a samovar or urn. 

^fa^f zirzamin, pers. ^^s^^y f< i| a eeZ/ar. 

^^f zy&rat, arab. i^ly, pers. turk. ^\^, 
f. I, i) a pilgrimage; %p l^a^p a ^oaZ. 2) a 
sacred place, a place of pilgrimage. 

j^4 z6t4, f. I (in OS. m.), i) an olive-tree; 
;fi^'f p 2&'^ or as Psh. % ts^p \, the Afount of 
Olives, 2) Al., olive otlLidz. 460, = %p j^laqoU. E. 

^4 zak, az. turk. ct);, m. alum; also the 
name of a drug used in making ink. 

^\ z4kh6 Al., OS.*, to overcome, conquer. 

6a\ z4khd, turk. kurd. >».l:, a town in 
Eurdistan. See Introduction. 

|2&'oaf zakur4, OS.*, m. i, a unzard. 

^9Af zakhiithd Al., OS.*, f. victory, Lidz. 

J^i z^^, OS., m. Zacchaeus, Ln. xix. 2, 

isk\ zak&yA, f. i^, OS.*, i) victorious, 
2) innocent, 

^f zikir, arab. turk.^^, f., i) recitation 
of prayers. 2) much speaking, garrulity, 

^AA^f zakisk4, russ., f. i, a snack or whet 
before a meal. 

.•AAi zakri, OS., m. Zichri, 2 Chr. xxviii. 7. 

^&^f zkharya, OS., m. Zechariah, a name 
still used, Zech. i. i. 

|.^f see ^f. 

Sf zi, si, also z^ (so Az.) or s^ in Al., or in Al« 
^f zil as OS.; £ in E. Al. JR z6, s^ [Am. ver. 
iif m. «;2^ f.] ; pi. oSi z6, so, E. Al., but ^^f 
zimdn, si- U., go ! imp. of .^f 1 ; ^9^ St &e <7^/, 
(in TA. ^f). So in Al. Ash. a second pret. 
c^ ;ooi y^ or c^ ^e^ ^91, zilw&l6 (or z&w&l^), 
zilwali. See ey^f . 

iJj zU&, OS. % m. I, i) a reed; %? ^^lii 
a reecfpen. a) sweet calamus, a spice. See 

fiaSf zilbana, OS. '^^t, m. i, penis ani- 
malium, vulgo vironim. 

ej^), aHl, ^^\, zal6, -a, -iikh Ac. Al. Bo. 
Ash., used as a pres. of i^fl; see i^t. Also in 
Al. ^f zilin, or ^\ zUin / go, m. (f. ^t zil&n); 
(s\»f zilit tJiou goest, m. So ^9^) H do not go. 
In Bo. m^ zane, we go, 

la(^^ zalhk, az. turk. J^ and Jj^, f. disUke; 
^ ;Sf 1 ^ .»o^4 / dislike. 

0^4 zalii XJ., az. turk. jij, f., pi. ^0^4 
zaliinyati, a leech, 

^0Q^( zMuma, fr. ^1^, m. i, an oppreMor. 

(io^9 zliimyi, fr. 'p^^, m. i, oppression, 

{^f or ^) z&lim, f. id., arab. turk. Jib, 
i) cruel. 2) E. AL, wicked, unjust. 

5h^f zalik, (cf. heb. 3^ to extract f), to put 
out the eyes ; to tear, 

^di^f zilik&, m. litter; a small fragment of 
wood, straw, &c., a mote. 




X^i s4-w&l, f. id., oz. tark. Jl^), antagonistic^ 
cppaeed, antipathetie. 

iS^f ziil&, az. tark. Jjj, m. i, 5, i) a «^rtp6, 
streak; sj^ft J^^t striped, 2) a r«n< in a 
garment. 3) pers. iJjj, a river in Persia. 

c^e) z4-w&l^ E. Al.,=c^ lioi \^l, 2 pret. of 
^A, he was on the point of going, 

^oSff ztilm Al.y arab. turk. JLl^, cf. ^\, 
1) as adj., f. id., wicked, 2) m. f. injustice. 

»f ziil&n&, f. i^', fr. iS^f , striped^ brindled, 

^9f see ^ojof . 

ifCi^f ziim4r4, OS."^, m. i, a Gradtud, verses 
of the PsalmB sung between the Epistle and 

99^9f or p^^f zUmriid, zimriid, turk. pers. 
.>^, m. I, i)* an emerald. 2) sealing-wax, 

^9f or ;|- ziin&, -1, OS.*, gk. C^vtjy m. i, 
a girdle, 

JbdftOf zdniis, gk. C<>^^*) m. i, a «(m«; ^^% 
TJ. or ^ofMiMi % K. the torrid zone. 

iSa^f ziin4ra, OS.*, gk. C<^vapiop (dim. of 
C»pn)t m. If eccles. a girdle, worn by all the 

Jbof ziis, OS., m. Zeus, Jupiter, [Not in 

^o( z6*k, OS., m. I, 1) a vowel. 2) esp. 
in 1^, fadings, passions. 3) Al., an earthquake. 
4) Al., movement, motion, 

^9f ziipi, OS., f. hyssop, 

^9f z&p&n, turk. (jl^, f. i, a «Ztn^. 

bet, &ef zAr, z6r, i) U., pers. turk. kurd.^jjj, 
stiref^ih, force, 2) as adj., f. id., strong, oppres- 
sive, terrible; hence 3) stiff ab hair. 4) as adv. 
very, ey^ f'\7 ^^^^Sof z^r gardsi bi^kh^n^ 
l!, he is exaggerating. 5) Al., arab. turk. id., 
dander, calunmy, fcdse witness. 

.l*^&9f zdrbawll, OS., m. ZeruJbhabd, 1 Chr. 
iii. 19. 

i4&^9 ziiryat, arab. Jb.S, turk. oo^j, kurd. 
vi)j! PS. 309, f. I, offspring, generation, 

^&9f ztmk, pers. ly.*, az. turk. U^j, f. 3, 
a 2>t/M, a chanter, as in bagpipes ; much used 
with a drum, esp. at weddings, having the 
same scale as the chanter, but with no drones 

attached. ^ ^i^ to piety the pipe; also met. to 
waste one's breath. 

t^&9f z4rnfich(, az. turk. ^^;j» m. i, 
a jn2)er, 

;Uf AL, see ^f . 

iLJj zhikhwa E., kurd. id. (lit. from [your] 
self), an ironical reply, that is your opinion^ 
no doubt. 

l^k zakhtra Ash.,= i^t, Lidz. 462. 

T^\ z^khla, OS., m. I, a crawling locust^ 
a young locust, 

^f z^him Al. E., see foil., to he bold. Cf. 

I ^f zakhm4, f. ^ zakhmi, (in Al. zah-), 
cf. fr^o/f, i) U. K., bold, energetic, 2) Al., 
see foil., difficult, 

£SM»4 z4hmat Ash. Al.,= t^^vm. 

fi^^Lllf zkh&plat, pers. kurd. oJLA^ Gku*z. 
258, kurd. also ^^dLiij^ PS. 299, immediatdy. 
See ..fisld^x, ..fiAd^fio. 

22kM4 zakhr4, arab. turk. ij^'^, f. victu€Us, 
food, provisions, ecmmissariat, equipment, 

^\ z4ti, scctrlet fever or measles. 
.ff, *f, see .^f . 
^f , ^f, see ^f. 
i.\ see ^ii^. 

Off ziw, OS., m. Zeeb, Jud. vii. 25. 
jCLi^f zibaq Al., arab. kurd. j^t^ Garz. 185, 
mercury, Lidz. 459. 

.^^\ z^bar6 Terg., = A^p^, but the grain 
is broken, not ground. 

a*^ see 9l\, 

^a*( z6da-i, fr. prec., m., i) increase, 2) 
met. family f offspring, 

^a*t z^ani, m. i, i) agent of ^jt; hence 
2) arith. a midtiplicand, opp. ^at**?* 

;^f zi w4 Al., perh. = turk. pers. %yj, mercury, 
Sachau 89.95. 

Jp9ff ziy^a, arab. turk. i^b^, m. i, increase; 
fragments left after eating. 

^otf ziwan&, arab. pers. ^|^, kurd. zlw&n 



Garz. 281, OS. ^t^f, gk. C^C^tov, m. i, tare, 
loUium, usually pi. in U. E. 

2&V« K. or 2&V* ^'t zlyura, zyur4^ fr. &j|f, 
m. I, a sweUtng, protuberance, 

^f zil, zil, arab. y}^, i) diding; '% ^Jo to 
«2tcZe, as boys at play, zy^siraighly direct, 

^f, {sl*f Al., see eAf . 

^\ see >i2f . 

^4 see f . 

^4 zena, OS., m. i, armowr, 

l^f zyana, i) pers. kurd. turk. \^\^ m. i, 
often pi., mischief , injury; ^^9- id, 2) Al. 
ajield, Lidz. 460. 

.i^f see Jbjf . 

.ilf za-y4, f. id., arab. pers. p\^, annihilcUing; 
as subs., m., loaste, wasteful destruction, 

;Lf zai'a, m., i) a man's name now used by 
E. Syr. 2) Al. = ;;i**. 

^9 zip, OS. Ziph (Psh. Off in Josh. xv. 24). 

^f see ^u, 

64!^ and ;&fllf zy^pit, -ta, K. AL, turk. 
kurd. oJU^, arab. SJ\^, f. with pi. ^Ik- 
zyapityatha, a banquet, feast, 

^fiiff ziq& Al., arab. jf^, a shirt eoUar, 
Lidz. 460. 

^.f see &Jf . 

|22uf z6y4ra, f. ikh-, fr. &2^ proud, 

|\2kff zir4g, f. id., pers. turk. kurd. e)^, 
i) clever, acute, 2) agile, active, energetic, 

^i|^&ff ztrjam, pers. f\^jf m. i, a «maiZ 
tray or salver, esp. for a samovar or urn. 

^fSi^f zirzamln, pers. ^^s^/^y f. i, a cellar, 

^^f zyarat, arab. i^bj, pers. turk. u:^^;) 
f. I, i) a pilgrimage; Sp 1^9? a <7oaZ. 2) a 
sacred place, a place of pilgrimage, 

j^4 zet&, f I (in OS. m.), i) an olive-tree; 

^Nl'f p 2&'9V) 01* ^ ^8^* ^* N?? %) <^^ ifoun< of 
Olives, 2) AL, oZt'tT^ otlLidz. 460, =%p jlaqoU. K. 

^4 zak, az. turk. ct);, m. alum; also the 
name of a drug used in making ink. 

^\ z&kh6 AL, OS.*, to overcome, conqu^, 

6a\ z^Lhii, turk. kurd. j^.!:, a town in 
Kurdistan. See Introduction. 

Il&'^df zakura, OS.*, m. i, a wizard, 

^^\ zakhiith& AL, OS.*, f. victory^ Lidz. 

Ji^k z^<k, OS., m. ZacchaeuSy Lu. xix. 2. 

i^\ zak^ya, f. ti^, OS.*, i) victorious, 
2) innocent. 

a^Af zikir, arab. turk.^^, f., i) reciUUion 
of prayers, 2) much speaking, garrulity. 

^AA^f zakiska, russ., f. i, a snack or vjkei 
before a meal. 

^AAi zakri, OS., m. ZicJvri, 2 Chr. xxviii. 7. 

^&4* zkhary4, OS., m. Zeeharidh, a name 
still used, Zech. i. i. 

X^ see -l^f. 

Sf zi, si, also z^ (so Az.) or s^ in Al., or in AL 
.^f zil as OS.; £ in K. Al. J!^\ z6, s^ [Am. ver. 
;2^ m. ,^& f.] ; pi. oSf z6, so, K. AL, but ,^« 
zimdn, si- U., go! imp. of .^fl; ^9^ St 5e <2^/, 
(in TA. x^\). So in Al. Ash. a second pret. 
vfy loci ^\ or c^ livi \%i, zalwal^ (or z&w&l^), 
zilwali. See eAt. 

2>if ziia, OS. % m. I, i) a reed; %? ;a>kd 
a reed pen, 2) sweet calamus, a spice. See 

^la^f zilban4, OS. ^^^t, m. i, penis ani- 
malium, vulgo vironim. 

c^i, ey>ii, ^9^;, zal^, -4, -dkh &c. Al. Bo. 
Ash., used as a pres. of JSfl; see ^9. Also in 
Al. ^f zilin, or ^\ z41in I go, m. (f. ^f zilan); 
(s\»f zilit thou goest, m. So ^9^) H do not go. 
In Bo. ^f zane, we go, 

;^4 zalh&, az. turk. J^ and Jj^, f. didihs; 
^ jSf 1 ^ .fO^^ / dislike, 

b^f zalii TJ., az. turk. jJj, f., pi. p^il^k 

zaliinyati, a leech, 

^DQ^i zaluma, fr. ^1^, m. i, an oppressor. 

(ioo^$ zlilmyi, fr. >:i^f, m. i, oppression. 

{^f or ^\ z41im, f. id., arab. turk. JIJ», 
i) crud, 2) E. AL, wicked, unjust. 

^\ zalik, (cf. heb. 3^ to extract )), to put 
out the eyes ; to tear, 

^a\f zilik&, m. litter; a small fragment of 
wood, straw, &c., a mote. 




^\ zalira, i) arab. JLi», to oppress^ with .^ ; 
to be crud to, to bvlly; to extort, exact vjrongfuUy, 
with dir. obj. ; pp. cruel; see ti^. 2) OS.*, to 
tarite the vowel Zlama (see foil.); ^^ >io^f 
give Alap a Zlama ; pp. having Zlama, See 


^f zlama, m. i, i) v. n. of prec. 2) OS., 
often pi. with sing, meaning, the vowel 
Zlama : — iaji$ '♦ or ^oi \ short Zlama (-^)=l/ 
^aJ. '♦ or ^9dd 'f /on^ Zlama (-;^) = J or e 
(see Introduction). 

^f zalama AL, m. i, i) agent of ^oj^i. 
2) arab. l\\, a fellow, 2)er8on, Lidz. 462. 

l^j zllan, f. id., az. turk. ^j5Jj, i) rubbed 
smooth; cf. A** . 2) met. crafty, tricky, 3) a 
smooth knuckle-bone used by boys at play. 

^\ zkU K. z&li U., arab. aJj, <o crac^. 

;i^f zil'a, fr. prec, m. i, a crack. 

^^ zalpa, OS., f. Zilpah, Gen. xxix. 24. 

^f zilpi, dried 2)ears and aj)ple8. 

ja^\ zaliq, cf jAo«ao, \!i2^0o, \l2^^, i) <o 
«tor«. 2) /o ZooA; on with longing, 

^9fiok or'aabf zamar, pers.^.;^^, f i, stores 
of wheat &c. for the year. 

X^\ zamun, see ^f. 

$&b»f or^ttft zmiimi, sm-, both 0^.,Smyma, 
Rev. i. II. 

\») zamit, cf \0o0o, /o,/^ to <A6 brim, 
to fill full, 

X ^\ z&min or ^\ or ^f, arab. turk. ^L», 
m. I, a surety, bail (the person); ;4^am^ aoL 
to make a treaty, give a pledge, 

^^k zamir, arab. pers. . *..m.^, f. conscience. 

^&fMf zmlrt& Al., f. 9, = ;^a^f a song, 

^\ zamik, arab. eUj (tr.), to be sullen or 

X^\ z&min, see ^f. 

^\ z&min Al. Ash., arab. kurd. turk. (jt^, 
m. I, tim^, space of time, Lidz. 463 ; \^ once 
upon a time, 

^i zimir, OS., to sing, 

&sp4 see &^of. 

2!kSof m. ly ;^kof f, 6, zm&r&, zni&rt4, i) v.n. 
of &kp). 2) a song, [Az. ;&&9»4]. % ^fioo to sing 
a song; %p aoib^ a musical instrument. 

i&i^ zamara or za-, OS., m. i, a singer; 
with fem. ;&&- f 6. 

p^&Mf see >♦. 

.f&M4 as Psh., or% RV.jZamH, zim-, m,Zimri, 
I Kgs. xvi. 9. 

^4 as Psh., or% Ry.,zamr&n, zim-, Zimran, 
Qen. XXV. 2. 

2a\^f zmergd4, OS.*, m. i, an emerald, 

6ctof zimat IT., az. turk.Ob«^, f. i, conscience, 

^f zin4, az. turk. iJj, f. 3, a slough, marsh, 

^\ z&nt, OS., to commit fornication, 

;a..4oo ;2i ^f zn& 14 mtakhm&, OS.*, m., 
gram, the infinitive mood, 

«^9a&4 zambiil, pers. ^jj^J, a mountain in 

&9a&4 zambur, arab. pers. turk. jy^jj » m. i , 
a wasp, 

;&&9a&4 zamb&rt&, fr. prec.?, f. 6, i) the 
name of a game ; one boy distends his cheeks 
and another slaps his face to make the breath 
come out with a noise. 2) air-bubbles in 
dough or bread. 

;n\'in4 zambalaqi pi., az. turk. j^L».h, a 
somersault, U l^^ to turn a somersault, 

^f zing! pi., armen. dzung, joints of meat, 
above the knee. 

,^^f zangiil, az. turk. 4>X3), m, 1, a 

.\^f zanjil Ash., a chain (see t^^^), 
Lidz. 463. 

^4 zangan, pers. ^^1x3), a city in NW. 

.\»4^i4 zanjapll, arab. turk. J^^^.^z^, nu, i) 
ginger, 2) a river in the Mussulman paradise. 

tf ^! zinjirwan, pers. uijj^j i^-^j 
a chain), m. i, a jailor, 

t-e^J zinjircht, turk. ^^^^^-^=prec. 
}6^^f zingirti, az. turk. i/JOj, f, 6, a smaU 
cluster of grapes or figs. 

iMf zinda, i) az. turk. iJlj), m. i, a spark, 
2) OS.*, m. I, a maniple (the ecclesiastical 

2m4 zanda, arab. Jljj, kurd. ijjj, m, i, with 
2a*2p, the trrist; cf prec. 

f<13l% 88 

;&9ttf zind4im K. 8h., turk. pers. kuni. ^^jJ;, 

^^!k^« viiiularilvl, jh>iijl ^^X>j w Om^»J^> the 
I'iviM- ^m ykhn^h U|hJiau iti situated. 

^4ik% i^iuhav Al., kunl.^L^, earty foresight^ 
Liib. 4t>j ; ^ \fwr4m$iHtfy iaking thought for, 

^Jk^9Af ziudrti, f. 6, an iron liook on a 

(X^ z4n&-yA, z&^ OS., m. i, afomiecUor, 

^^\ ifi4nyftt&, OS., f. 6f fornication ; or 
lu Al. ^}. Liik. 463. In Az. is6x\, 

1^\ tf4nit4, OS., f. 6, a fomiecUresSy proa- 

^^ Kinoht pi., az. turk. ij^J, plunging^ 
kicking an a horse ; % i^^ to plunge, 

||U) z&nan&, f. jfift-, (fr. pers. turk. ^ a 
woman), effeminate^ womanieh. 

\}^n mxkwky f. J&-, fr. ^f , marshy ^ hoggy, 

\m\ z&iH[4 K., OS., m. properly the fleth 
under ifis chin; but loosely the larynx, 

^^ zanat, arab. ajjj, turk. oJ^j, f. i, an 
orfiamt^t, trinket; as coll. subs, ornaments, 

^\ AL, see ^ii^t. 

ik^\ z&'dpi Al., (in OS. adj., hard), a blow, 
Lidz. 459. 

fcj^t z&-wir, usually sft-wir exc. Al., first 
coiij., OS. M^f, to grow or become small, Cf. 

{aStb^f usually siira, in Ti. also s'iir&, in 
Al. Z. also zur& or z'iir4, f. ;i^, OS., (in Mai 
oz'Ar and ez'iit Parisot xii. 135), smcdl, little; 
of ago, young, junior ; ^9- youth, childhood. 

;lb&o&^f s&riin&, (zur- Al. Z.), dim. of prec, 
very little, tiny. 

;:^i zk-yi U. Q. Tkh. or ;Li z&Yk Al. or 
^t zk'k Al, (perh. fr. rt. ai^f Nold. 53 ? or fr. 
OS. and TA. fis} Lidz. 459 ; cf. annen. dzag, 
the young of a kid), the young of an animal 
or bird; a chicken, cub, whelp &c. If^k \V^» 
of a hen, to hatch eggs, 

l^i or »Af^ z4'ip, f. id., arab. cJUju^, 
weak, ddieaJte in health. 

Af^\ zapir&n (oxytone) or as OS. ^^, i) 


arab. turk. ^i^Acj, kurd. zafr&n Garz. 281, m. 
I, saffrtm, 2) arab. jjUbt^l^j, the residence 
of the W. Syr. paiaiarch, near Mardin in 

}^\ zkik, no pi., fern, of i:^\, 

;jl4 zapl,fem. eAy,chuhby, plump. Chubbiness 
is a mark of beauty in the East. See ;^f . 

^skt^i z4pi6k4, russ., f. i, a receipt^ aegtut- 

22vdf zipra, arab.^, (cf. ^fto, pa^; and 
OS. &i^f to be foul), m. lenten food in which 
meat is put (lit. defiled). 

j^a^f see ^tb, 

^2vdf zipr&na, f. j^-, fr. la^t, spoilt or defOed 
by having meat inserted. 

;^f ztpishk&, russ. spichka, m. i, a match, 

^idf ziqa Al. Ash., OS., f. i, a leather hag or 
skin, Sachau 21. 

;ja^ zaq&, az. turk. tJj, i) as adj., f. id., 
big, large, 2) a name given in the boys' game 
of knuckle-bones to the chief bone, 3) met. 
powerful, xrvfiuenHal, 

P^l ziqdm, arab. ^yj, m. i, i) poison, 
2) destruction, 3) <Ae oleander, 

i&'^^if zqdra or sq-, OS., m. i, a vxh, anything 
woven or knitted, 

^f ziqt&, (cf. lk^i)j m. i, i) Al. a spike, 
point, Lidz. 463. 2) a tent-peg, 

^^ff zqip4, or sq-, OS., m. i, a eross^ 
(usually only of our Lord's cross). ^9- f. 
crucifixion. See foil. 

s^\ zaqip, OS., i) to crucify. 2) to write 
the vowel Zqapa, with dir. object of the con- 
sonant; pp. having Zqapa, 3) K., to rise 

jjka^ zq^pli, or sq-, OS., m. i, i) v. n. of 
prec. 2) the vowel Zqajxi (-!_)= <J in^Aer. 

aj^f z&qir, OS., to weave, knit, 

X 2!ko4 zaq&ra, zk-, OS., m. i, a weaver; with 
fem. ;i^\ f. 6. 

if^ ^^t zaqra gerdi, (lit net-spinner), 
2j^&B ^^JA^ z4qra q4dt (see ipoyti), f. (pL id.), 
a spider. 



jttof ziqta, OS.*, f. i, a goad. See Ah>*- 

&t zir = &ef no. i. See ;^. 

2^ or 'i^ zh&rt, pers. (j^lj and i^lj, OS. i& or 
^f, oZm/ ^ 2&i <m^'520, Stod. Gr. 144. 

l^\ zkrif az. tark. I^lj, m. a (frtS or dtUh 
between ridges in vineyards. 

J!k4 zar&, i) arab. i,3, a very Uttls^ <^ joi, 
a whit; usually \ ^) hence 2) a little ray. 
3) K., f. id., smaU, 4) K., f. id., pers. ^j, 
kurd. vCjj PS. 310, zer Garz. 114, yeUaw, 
6) Al., f; id., gigantiCf large, great, Lidz. 463. 

^^2&'4 zaraniira4, (mod.) fr. prec. and pers. 
i.*l>, c£ ^flt3\n^y, f. i, a mteroacope, 

abi zerb, arab. turk. v^, m. i, strength, 
force; esp. a (2ot(7. 

^Hi xar&w4, arab. turk. *il^, m. i, a giraffe, 

;LL9&'( z&r4bkh4n&, pers. turk. iJlik)^, f. i, 
a mint. 

;;ii9&4 zerb&n&, f. ;^-, fr. ab^, strong, 
powerful ; of a battle, hot. 

fr#9&4 zerb&ft, pers. oib^j^, m. i, tissue, cloth 
woven with gold, &c. 

}\S?f see\a.f. 

\|^i zarig K. = \fb' q.v. to finish. 

;Sk^&4 zerga U., f. i, a short spear, used by 

fihi zargi, f. ;JVi^ q.v., OS., rare in NS., 
ydlow, reddish yellow. 

^f 4 sarig^ K., fr. prec, yellow heads. 

iSt^^h zergUlta Asb., (cf. ^^%), a slipper, 
Lidz. 464. 

X^&^k zergAr, pers. turk.^^ ^^'jj g^^^)» 
m. I, a goldsmith; a coppersmith, 2 Tim. iv. 14. 

jUVj^t zarigtA, i) f. of ^&i q.v.; hence 2) as 
fubs., f. 6, coll. pi. t^^ z^gl, a y«Z/ou7 heard. 

l^b\ zerd4, f. 2^ zerdi, pers. turk. ^j^, yellow. 
^9 'f the yolk of an egg. 

41 ^&4 or ^Ipbi zerdaw, pers. ^\^j), f. hile. 

^^^bk zerdabM, az. turk. J^.J^^j, m* tlie 
name of a yellow flower used as a dye. 

i^pbi or ^pi\ zerdttsbt, z&radUsbt, both 
OS., fr. arab. pers. yz>J^2^jy m. Zoroaster. 

;?9A^&4 zerdAchdw&, pers. turk. v^>^3> 
m. turmeric. 

^^&4 zerdina Al., f. jSk-, = l^hf. 

;ap&4 zerdn&-y&, f. j^-, fr. 2p&4, huff, yel- 

^o^&f zriiw& E., f. i, a leech [= 0^4 U.]. 

l^eS) zarfiy& K. Sh., m. i, i) a long hox. 
2) a wooden stand on which bedclothes are 
piled by day. 

jt^9&f zr^tA, fr. xi\, f. sowing. 

^ido&f zr6q4 Al. or ;i9&4 zerq4 AL, arab. Ui^j, 
i) glittering. 2) hlue, Lidz. 464. 

f Jj zariz U., chald. VI], to prepare, get ready, 
tr. and intr.; to arrange ; to arm; pp. }met. 
clever, able. See '^. 

«M&4 zerkh, OS., m. Zara, Zerah, Mat. i. 3, 
(EV. «M&'f in Gen. xxxvi. 13). 

iLbk zerkh&, m. i, i) a partridge. 2) a kind 

\JJ z&rit, OS., i) to scratch. 2) to rule 
lines. 3) to %orite hadly, to scrihble. See \&^. 

P^b9 zir^, or '9 as OS., fr. prec, m. i, i) a 
line, (lit. a scratch). 2) a tittle. Mat. v. 18. 

&^&f zlringir Al., kurd.^XJj^ , m. i, = &V^&«, 
Lidz. 463, Garz. 93. 

\^b% zarip, f. id., arab. turk. iJbp», 6eau- 
h^ii^, elegant, stately, glorious, gentle. 

^i\ zarich, also ^^ i) = \i\. 2) K., <o 
6« squeezed out as water. 3) K., met. to he 
over-ripe. 4) met. to have diarrhoea. See 
^J*» and ^f&^. 

9A&f zerchA, fr. i^\A, f. scratching. 

^hn ziring, f. id. = ^&»f. 

^&4 zemigh, or ^&f or as OS. l^ zemi- 
kh4, m. I, and jl^^^f (j^) zemikbta, f. 6, p«rs. 
turk. ^^j)i kurd. zemik Garz. 93, orpimsmt; 

arsenic. Used as a depilatory, mixed with 
lime and ashes. 

x^^ z&r^ K., ziri U., OS., to sow. 

^h^ zar'a, OS., m. i, seed met., descendant. 
'^i^seed lit. 

;^&'f zara-y&, zi-, fr. xftl, m. i, a sow$r; 
with fern. jt;.Jk.&'« zar^t4, z&-, f. 6. 




j)&f zarip K. = \, to fell, throw down, 

;iS&f ziq)i = ^k fem. adj. 

;i&f zerfa K., arab. tark. u-i^, f. i, an 

Jt^&f zerpikta, f. 6, a pimple, 

Ifi^&'f z^rapat, turk. vi^tj^, arab. ii}^, f. i, 
elegance^ tact, wit, humour, lis^- f., id. See 

t^fi^Sf) zar4patch{, tark. ^j^\^, m. i, 

JB&( zariq, (OS. ri-meaning, to scatter : 
hence to scatter light, so) to rise as the sun 
or a star ; also met. of our Lord, Heb. vii. 1 4 ; 
of the day, to dawn. See Jt^^p?* The y. n. 
^&'f often =/A6 east. See fi^^ and below. 

^d&f Al. = ^do&f . 

A^&f zerqita, kurd. zerkek Qarz. 273, m. i, 
a wasp. 

^a» ^&'f Tkh. or ^ol % AL, zr&q yiimi 
(y6m&), m. the east, = ^d..? ;;i«b'f (;0&'f) U. 

&&'f z4rar, arab. turk. kurd.^^, f. i, harm, 
injury, loss, tsJi^ \ = turk. j^ jj^ never 
mind ; in K. also ^ fr^ % z. lit b&. &fi»f |^ 
^ (or with 1^) <o m/ure of a personal agent ; 
... % aol fo tnfUTtf of an impersonal agent ; 
%e ^io loss and gain. 

2S»&i AL, see i&'f no. 5. 

«^f z^sh, OS., f. Zeresh, Esth. v. 10. 

^oe^f zarishk, pers. turk. eU^;* OS. *tt|FK&f , m. 
barberry ; the seeds are used for flaYOuring 

^^f zirislik E. or ^^t zirich Sal., lead (the 

Nf, i) z4t, see is\^, 2) z&th Ash. = pt. 

;&f zata K. or ;&ef zw&t& Al. (Lidz. 461), 
fr. ^\, Uf^*^> f. I, a caA« for children. 

&&f zt&r, Psh. hiX, m. Zethar, Esth. i. 10. 

«M, the letter (^ khet, f. i, in K. MB. 2, 
\)-=.hhy pronounced like Scottish and North 
German ch but rather more guttural and 
harder; in some districts, esp. MB., extremely 
guttural. It represents, in words from arabic 
&c., both -. and ^ (see 07). 2) in Al. in some 
arabic words it is pronounced midway between 
«r and the ordinary •*, as arab. ^, and is then 
transliterated h in this dictionary ; this sound 
is not heard in U. K., but is used in some 
words in Az.— In numbering -. = 8. 

iL see ^. 

\|iL kh4-i(, (OS. past \J1), to sew. Cans. 

^1., ^1., see 

^jl kha-ik, i) (OS. past ^ and ^, soft 
Kap), arab. eU , to curry a horse, to scratch 
2) met. to tickle the ears. 3) AL, to deceive, 
with ^. Caus. ^^P* 

p^ kha-im, (OS. past ^), i) to be or become 
warm, lit. and met. (e.g. of a battle); ^ c^ ^ 

khimU khim& AL, it became hot. 2) met. to he 
angry; also a ejB&a 6ii ^a^* lie was angry with. 
3) impers. ^&»^ ^^ iH let not the Lord be 
angry, Gen. xYiiL 32. 4) to be in Jyeat, to eon^ 
ceii?^, of animals. Caus. ^auMsb, ^a^. 

^ see ^. 

^il AL, i) ha-in, (OS. past ^ or ^), to have 
mercy on, to pity, with 1^. 2) kh&-in, arab. 
^l», cf. ^^.M*, to deal treacherously. 

A^ kh&.ip U. Tkh. or ^ khSpip Ti., (OS. 
past j9u1, rarely ^), to bathe, wash intr., in U. 
usually of women (see ^m&). Caus. ■4jHy. 

&|1, i) kh&-ir, (OS. past ^), not conunon 
in U., to look, gaze, take heed, with a, «lf , 
or .^, also in Al. o^ or 0^= at, to ; Ti^^ ^m 
to look askance. 2) ha-ir Al., arab.^l*., to be at 
a loss, with a ^=-for ; cf. l^^i, Caus. &fMap. 

TpLff khiba AL = 0^. 

^L kha-wi, chald. KSn, cf. ;2?9^, to be dark 
or darkened, lit. and met.; of the eyes to be 



sau khababa AL = 

|;>^oau kh4wu^, m. i, a disturber, 

i^ooL khabiild or kha-, see Aguio, m. i, one 
who feels cold, a chiUy jjerson ; as adj., f. jl£^ 
khabalta, kha-, chilly. 

Sbou kha-wiir, OS. a^, Uabor^ 2 Kgs. xvii 6. 

^^ kbabiish4 or kba-, OS., m. i, i) an 
apple. 2)* the knob of a candlestick, Ex. xxv. 
31. 3) ;^4p '.. Tkh. the cheek. 4) ^^i? -, 
trunslated fr. french 'pomme de terre/ a po/o/o. 

^oou* kbwtisby^, OS., m. i, imjyrisonment. 
See fi^nar. 

^^ khabusban, pers. ^l^^, a city of 

j^xoaL khabusbta or kba-, fr. ^k^, f. 6, 
1 ) an ajyple-tree, 2) Ash. AL, an apple, Lidz. 


\au kha- wit, 0" OS. to shake, beat), i) to 
mix, mingle tr. and intr.; pp.Jj arith., mixed, 
compound, of fractions. 2) met to interfere^ 
intrigue, 3) met. to spoil tr., mar. 4) met. 
<o trouble, disturb, 5) to temper together. See 
■ VJm^ . Masc. y. n. ^if^u khwa^a, tumult, con- 
fusion; ^ohp '•• a storm. 

ft\? «l khotu, m. confusion. Often ^\>1 ^\?u. 

;^92^ khabatuta, see \n.l^, f. diligence, 

^*- see 

i^ klmbiba Al., f. j{^- khabibta, beloved^ 
Lidz. 468 (OS. ^-). 

l^f^ khwi^, OS. f^idu, arab. ^t^.^, m. i, 
i) a coXre made of flour and honey. 2) hot 
bread cut up with butter added. 

;^idu khabi^, cf. prec, m. i, millet grueL 

};Ju. khw^a, V. n. of ^. ^9^? - U. Tkh. 
or ^9pp 'm Tkh. evening tunlight, 

Uil kha-wikh K. Al., OS., i) to mix tr. and 
intr., to join, to introduce into; hence met. 
2) to darken, obscwre, confuse. 

j!^ khydla, OS., m. i, usually pi., pain^ 
tliroes, pangs, esp. of childbirth ; ij^ «^ or 
'm ji^^ to be in labour, to travail ; i^ol 'Z ^p 
to conceive iniquity, Ps. vii. 14 ; d^^^ ^^9 

^^i^9^ dir&n 'illii khyiilii, pains came upon her, 
I Sam. iv. 10; .!^ 'Z Js^piia to cause to bear. 

&fL khola, OS., m. i, i) a rope. 2) esp. 
with )^liti^p, a linear measure =16 ^^p or 
metres. 3) with ^^&q;a, a square measure 
= 256 square ^f^p = ^^P >^^' 

9X3^ khiblii, arab. J«» (lit. a rope, cf. prec), 
OS. 3V-i\j», f., pi. ;AJ2io- khiblttny&tl, a creeper. 

^, I. kh&-win, (cf. OS. Ethpa. to be torpid), 
i) tobe damp. 2) of a colour, to become dark, 
cf. ^. II. khabin Ash. Al. = ^. 

jaou, ;iaL habs, -sA, Al. TA. = 'ae/. 

Jb^ h&bis Al, arab. ^^y*^, to take or keep 
jtrisoner, Lidz. 580. 

j^ kha- wis, OS."^ (lit. to press), to write 
KhuHJLsa (see foil.), with dir. obj. of the con- 
sonant ; pp. having Khuxifa. 

l^fmm khw&^ OS., m. I, the vowel Khvxisa 
(^) = i as in french, always written with *. 

see jn^. 

L kh6quq, OS., m. lldbakkuk, Uab. i. i. 

M khibir, arab.^^^, to find out, discover; 
aikfau a unawares. See ^omM. 

• baL kh&-w&r, OS., m. H^ber, Gen. xlvi. 17. 

22c3u>, I. khiibra, arab. turk.^^, m. i (in 
Ash. f. 4), i) if^ormaiifm, news; ^» ^ 6^1$ 
/ have not heard ; 'm ^ uninformed, ignorant; 
a'a^vl^ t^lhe is privy to the matter ; ^mp ^4^ 
a newspaper, magazine ; ^ '^ ^ without the 
knowledge of. 2) a word, common in K. Az., 
less usual in U. 3) a vote, opinion; 'm pLa loaf 
to agree. 4) a price asked or offered for a 
thing; *o79&au .^ j^ to stick to f he price named. 
5) a thing, matter. 6) a request, command, 
advice, &c, — ^^&a^ khCibrukh (also oilf '»), 
interj., true/ (lit your word [is true J). — See 
^0007. II. t ^^^^ U. Ash. Al. TA. as OS., 
also I i&fHf khdra K. AL, m. 2 (also 4 in Ash., 
I in AL), a companion, fellow, also of inani- 
mate objects. — lifk^ K., f. companionship. 

Ib^baL kh&-wardar, f. id., pers. .1^^, i) 
watc^^tU, on the look out, informed, aware. 
2) inteij., look out / out of the way 1 

Xl^f^h^isfL klidraway^ta, fr. l&au. 11, f. 6, 
companionMp ; 'm Jja companions. 

N 2 


lyo^ khjiiruB, OS., f. Hdrcn^ Qen. xiii. i8. 

^.^ak^ kh&berchi, turk. ig^j^t m. i, a new^- 

ikh;^ kha-werta U. {-thA Ash.), f. 6, or 
}ik&au khwerthi K. AL as OS., f., or li^h:?^ 
kMrtha Al. Ash., f. 9, or lish^ kha-wiirt& 
IT., f. 6, fern, of ixu* n. 

nil kh4-wish, OS., to enclosej shut tn, shut 
up, stop ; imp. aoo^ khwdsh, in Al. khdsh. 

I, ooffL &c., see 'sam. 

» •* » 

^ hij Al., arab. "j^, the Haj, the pilgrimage 
to Mecca. Of. -is^c^ 

fi^ khiga K., OS. '^, m. i, domcing, festivity, 

a^ kh&ghaw*, heb. ^, m. i, a locust 
or graisshopper, Lev. xi. 22. 

.4^ khag6, OS., m. Haggaiy Hag. i. i. 
i^ AL, see 2?a^. 

^(^ kliagit, OS., f. Haggithy 2 Sam. iii. 4. 
^» ^» f«i^» (see V) Al., = fesw. 

1^^^ kh&jily arab. Jm., i) <o start with 
fear &c., <o he starUed or astonished. 2) <o 
Aav0 cramp. 

:^ijj^ khijl&, fr. prec, m. i, or in Al. )^^ 
khajl^ (Lidz. 472), shock, starting, eofifusion, 

^ had AL, see ^. 

^ kh&, (kh^ Sal. Q. J. Qaw.), OS. jfL ; with 
f. iL. khdhi K. Al. J. OS., but in Ti. Ash. J. 
often dh& or diy&, in U. Z. same as m., i) one. 
2) some onCf a person, one thing. 3) a, an, 
not inserted so often as in english ; ^ ^ 
ii^l a certain man, i.e. a particular person. 
4) the only one. Phrases : ^2 jt^j ^m> some 
six men (so any numeral) ; **&^9 '•• twofold; 
^ ^ibflb^ ^»^ fivefold more than; e^ '•* ^m «om^ 
times; ^^i 490 ^oa ^m AL how much more 
precious ; ^ 9irx»^ ^\ 'm, 2!»oV^ i^ not so great 
as I thought; ^ SL ot ^ma 'm, <m/e hy one^ 
every one; ^J^ 'm one to another (rare); 219 f ^ms 
once uj)on a time; ^i^ 29^9 with one accord, 
of one mind; ik^ta at once. Compounds: 
^^ 2L. (a;;.) K. Z. or 2&o^ iL. K./or a while; 
t^bpiLU. (^' K.) several, a good many, a great 
deal; i^^ai ^, pron. nearly kha'Hsha, for ^ ^ci 'm, 
such and such, thus, ^m ^* fi^X^mch and such a 

verse; ^p^ iL so much, such an one (see Ipai) ; 
2&> '^ a slight (adj.), a liUle; ^ '^ Ash. = 
^aakM below ; ^ '•• or ^oj^^* see ^ma^m* and 
;a^ below ; ft^ 'm, Ti. a few, a little, some^ 
what; ^oft '•• K. J. a few, a little; &>o '» a 
certain amount of, or as adv. tn part, partly ; 
^^ ^m IT. or ^a^K ^«* TL a few, a litOe ; j&oAik ^^ 
Ti. a t?er^ few. These are UBoally proparoz., 
being treated as one word, and a noun follows 
without 9 (as ^2 |^&> '«* several men). See 
also ^a»^, a»a-, oaaos^, ^^9^, Aft^^> 

^MA^kM, ^^, &A&k*pkM, &C. 

2]^ khadi, OS., to be glad, to r^oiee, with a 
=a<, ot;er/ pp.} ^^(u2. Dist. x^, 

;^^ kh6shiba U.Tkh. Al. or ^- khdsh&b& 
Ti. AL, in Upper Ti. also kh^hab&, or ^aoqi^iy 
khiish&ba AL Sh. MB. SaL (all often proparox.) 
= OS. Jaifa^, m. I, 4 and in TL 2S i) Sunday; 
lit. the first day of the week. ^^9^ ^» or ^« 
^oMib Low Sunday, the first after Easter. 
2) first two forms, also asfpS^ khdshib, esp. K., 
a man's name now used. 3) the second form 
in pi. = boiled raisins. 

^aapf^ khoshibu, f. a woman's name. 

ijfL. khdh&dh^ K. as OS., khdiU16 AL, i) 
together. 2) one another. 

U^ojfL kh&diir&, OS., m. i, 1) a traveOer. 
2) a vagabond, a beggar. 

;^9^ khaduti, OS., f. 6, 9, joy, gladnese. 

aiLl K., = \. 

i^ khidhya K., = OS. %, m. i, the breaM. 

^^, i-^ Q., Bee Its^. 

Ik^^ khd&-yiita, OS., f. 6, 9, unily. 

^^ khdl'a Al., h. x^, m. i, cabbage. 

^^ kh&ch4, fr. SL with turk. dim. »». , [or cf. 
mod. armen. kich, id.'i], also ^^ K., a few, a 
Utile with pi. or sing, noun ; ralher, somewhat, 
^t^ 'm almost, nearly = ^xJl }iQ^ K.; also used 
with other tenses of «2^, Oram. 162. See i^flm. 

^^^ kh&chiina, or jl^- -ttnti, dim. of 
prec, a very little. 

^ia^ khakma U. Al. &c., or ^ofi^ kha-chimA 
Ti. (see ^^^s^), or ^^ khadmi Al. (Saohaa 1 1, 
70), some; ^ia^ ^» some of our soldiers; 
;j&ofM^ ^M ^f these few words. 

pj^ kh&dim K. AL TA. Az., arab. ^, 



^p^ see ^MA?^. 

^^ or '; khidama, khS- Al. K. [TA. ^o^], 
arab. tark. ^^\j^i m. i, a fnan-forvatU. 

fiobayy khidhmat, khidmat K. Al. (or -mit Al., 
Lidz. 473), also V ^^^ ^1 cirab. a.»j^, tark. 
ic**-, kurd. khilmet Garz. 246, f., i) eervicey 
attendance; help. 2) affair ^ business, 3) o^^. 

Jiio}^^ khidamta, kh6-, U. K. Al. or }^j^ 
khadimtha K. or JZ^L. khd4mtha Sh., -ta Al., 
also khadamta, kh&d- Al., f. 6, a maid-servant, 

t ;a?-. khdinaya, f. jIh.-, OS.*, gram. singtUar; 
in pi., arith. units, ik^ f. gram, the singular 

j^>l khad^, esp. K. AL, arab. ej», to fold 
^py gather up, wrap up; to wrap oneself. 

&iqp^>: khidesar U. K. or M>^?^ khasar 
Q. Sal. or ^^]t^ khad^-eser Al. (Sachau 28) = 
&iqp^9M OS. (m), eleven, m. f. 

...ei..^&bM>^>: U. or '^ Sal. Q. kh&desarttnt^, 
khasar- (both oxytone or accented on es, ds) 
or .»J^^&i^>^ khadesartn^h^ Ti., aXl eleven 
of them. So other pi. affixes. 

&>1 kli4dir (-dhir K.), i. verb, OS., i)to go 
round, go through, often with dir. obj.; to 
make a circuit, 2) to walk, go; to wander. 
3) to travel, to go a journey, ^) to be a 
vagabond, to beg, 5) K., to turn; met. to 
change one's mind [so in Az. A$^^ 'm to be 
reconciled witK], 6) of doors to fold intr., 
I Kgs. vi. 34. 7) Al. = bjl, bfqr. See &>^. 
II. AL, adv. around, Lidz. 473. 

2!»?^ m. I, and lish"^ f. 6, khdar4, -rta, 
i) V. n. of prec. 2) esp. m., a waVe, promenade; 
a picnic, excursion ; ^J^^^lto take a walk, to 
make an excursion, 3) esp. f., course/ ikbL^a 
^6».p in course of time. 4) esp. m., manner 
of life, living, also in pi. 

^o'b>l khadirwanl, pL, as if fr. pbawL, see 
&>1, in Ash. by metath. ^i^^ol (Lidz. 473), 
i) neighbours, t/iase about one; environs, netgh- 
bourhood; ^^^on every side. 2) adv. around, 
about 3) prep., foil, by ^ or «^ or pron. affix, 
and often with ^ prefixed, id. 

^bjfiL see ^. 

93 f^Au\CU» 

^'9mL khadran AL, adv. around, Sachau 
81. 18. 

;^bl^ khderta, (fr. b?^1), f. 6, i) a shirt- 
front, much worn in Sal. 2) the lap, Neh. v. 1 3. 

: ikiL kh&t& (-thS K. Al.) as 08., ^S^ khly& 
Q.; with fem. ;k^ khUk U. Q., khadht& K., 
khathta AL (Lidz. 475), ;tM>?^ kh6t& Q. (some- 
times) = l^jh* OS. (see folL), new, fresh, 

;kj^ khdet4 U., khdheta K. (the OS. f. of 
prec.; for iktsj^), f., with pi. It^lSkj^ khdet- 
y&ti U. (in K. khdhety4tha), the New Testament. 

jLQiL kh4-hish, pers. ^jL^\j^, entreaty. 

om, i) see.»OM. 2) see d^o^^, under, 3) khd 
Ash., (oL kh6 K. Ash., pL), imp. of ^. 

loL, I, see ;^. II. khfi-w^ Tkh., h&-w6 AL, 
arab. [jj^, i) to keep, gather together, receive 
into a house. 2) to remain. See l^Jo, 

leL kha-wa, OS., f. Eve, still used as a 
woman's name. In Al. \^, Lidz. 468. 

;o^ see X^^. 

|aoM khiib, f. id., pers. turk. y^, good, 
pretty, esp. as interj. 

^9^ khttbi as OS., in AL often ^ khiba, 
m., in Sal. f., love, effection, ^90^ khubiikh, 
your health! (cf. ^9^ pa), vt^ ;f^^jieaL ^^ kh. 
shmite li, a quarrel has arisen, Dist. ^o**. 

^sol khoba, OS.*, m. i, tresjxiss, debt, 

^9»» khiiwaw, OS., m. ffobab. Num. x. 29. 

^^ khuya, OS., m. i, darkness, dusk, 
i^ '»* ^&i until dusk, 

Xi^^ khiiyana, f. J^xr, fr. prec., i) dark, 
dusky. 2) met. obscure. 

bJla^ khiiby&r, az. turk.^Lo^, m. a man's 
name now used. 

5bA9^ khulim*, heb. Eri>3h, Pah. i^, 
* Bands* or * Binders,* Zech. xL 7. 

^la^ khttbina, f. J^-, fr. ^9^, loving, 
&79»» bubir Al., arab.^^, ink, Lidz. 580. 

m^ khoja, m. I, i) AL, arab. pers. turk. 
kurd. i^]^j ft title of respect for a merchant 
&c,; also ^o». 2) U., an eunucK 

;^4s.&* hiijyatha Al., (cf. t^o^i), ornaments, 
jewels, Ac, Lidz. 451, Sachau 85. 58. 

;fi\o« khttghtha K. AL, OS., f. 6, a circle. 

Jl^oL khoghta, fr. prec, double teeth, back 

ipaL khoda U., arab. {jifj^ (cf. Jboooj), m. i, 
a large vessel for water or wine, a vat, water- 
pot, wine-jar, 

l^'^oL khodabanda, az. turk. sjj>lj^, (cf. 
pers. jJ)j^jJ». master?), m. i) a mode by which 
a man sometimes addresses another. 2) two 
shdhis = about f cf. See «oix. 

^^9*9po.L kh6da-w^rdi, az. turk. c5^j^» 
a man's name now used, Deuadedii, = OS. 

I^b^p^ khiid&ri, f. id., pers. a^^^, i) selfish, 
thoughtless, 2) self sown, 'm ^%i to be inatten- 
tive, not to stick to the point, 

ld^o» khddra, OS., m. i, the Cycle, a book 
containing the variable parts of the services 
for Sundays and holy-days. 

}fi^oL Ash., see ^lob?^. 

^^^am khudat&, OS.*, m. i, i)^renewal; esp. 
used for the renewal of leaven. 2) the feast 
oi dedication, Joh. x. 22. 

;o^ khdwt, often ^o^ khiwi (nearly) esp. in 
MB. K. (in Az. ^o»), for lom (abs. st.), or Al. 
as OS. ^o^ (def. st.), Lidz. 468, m. 2, rarely 3, 
i) a snake, serpent. 2) met. the flexible part of 
a buffalo-whip, 

;i^oo9»» or J^oom kh&wa-wita, khiw- (nearly), 
= OS. ;!^oo», f. 6, fem. of prec. no. i. 

^dfo** khiLzdaga, fr. \jf9^, m. i, harm, 

p ^f o» khwazi d' Tkh. or ^to. khwazik Ti. 
or ^f9»» khiizi (without p) AL, Sachau 91. 108, 
kurd. (sJ)^ (also khiizi Garz. 33, 50), tooiUd 
that, oh that, 

9A^apfOM Al. = '»i1m. 

;Ufo» AL, see ^f^. 

a^ibfo** khiizistan, pers. fj\z^\^, a province 
of SW" Persia. 

^oL khokha, az. turk. ^^^ (cf. OS. ^ a 
plum), f. I , a peach, 

);^<^ khUkhta, f. 6, = J{,\(w. 

2fk^9»» khU^ra, m. i, i) OS., a stick, staff*, rod, 
sceptre, 2) (cf. a>^) a pesUe. 


.»9»» or om khd*, khd, i) pers.j», disposition; 
see ^psf, 2) interj., Ah/ Oh! tush! 

^d.. kh&-^, pers. ks^^ Khoi, a city in Azer- 
baijan, N. of Urmi. 

^o» khtwt, pers. {jj^, f. tkejvrstfruits of the 

i^oL khfi.-w&-ya, f. ;«^-, OS., a Hivite, Gen. 
X. 17. 

^^ see ^o». 

^o^ see ^oo». 

^9»» K. in the phrase ^ha^»» khu^ba b'rishi, 
blu£ on my head ! said by a woman on hearing 
bad news. 

i^o-, i) khwila, OS., Havilah, Gen. x. 7. 
2) hwila AL, arab. J^l, squinting, Lidz. 470. 
See «^^. 

^9»» see ^x*aam, 

jZ^iAo.. hiik^tha AL Ash., f. 6, = 6^07 Lidz. 


^oaom, ^iiMA^ K., see ^007. 

i^ol h&wal Al. Ash. = 1^007?, Lidz. 452 ; 
41^0^ khawal! Ash., v)otdd thai I were ! so other 
persons, ^9^0^ &c., Lidz. 470 ; ^9^? ^-^ ^ ^<>t^ 
do you do? ; «^o^o .1^ circumstances. 

^^ bill, i) (also '07) Al. = Aoy. 2) J = 
}\»o» no. 2. 

^^^ as Psh. or 073^0^ as RV., khttld£, -da, 
f. Hvldah, 2 Kgs. xxii. 14. 

^^ see ^ and ii^eSom. 

^a^V khi^l^ma, i) K. Q. Sh. AL, arab. turk. 
J^, kurd. kholam Garz. 246, m. i, 2% a man- 
servant. 2) OS.*, m. soundness. 

Pt^^ khiQma^a, OS., m. i, a sand-lizard, 
a cliameleon, 

t^iSo^ khalm4n4, f. j{^-, fr. ^, thick. 
(TA. ^if^.) 

;^V Sal. = ^. 

^o^o- khalqi, (arab. UU form, cf. Jt$ikL), m. 
couTitenance. ej^ Ihib ^ajotS^ or ej^ '^9^ ^^ 
khtilqu srili, kh. musrili, his face fdl or he 
disfigured hisfoAse. ^OfSd ^oj^t^^ sad. 

|Lci^^ khalqan4, i) f. !>&-, fr. prec, cross, 
jyouting, ill-favoured, 2) m. i, one of the men 
who go to fetch the bride at a wedding. 



^^ see i^o7. 

^^^, Bometimes ^i^ q.v., khttmcha, khUn- 
chi, pers. %»^, f. i, a smaU wint-vesBel, ajar, 

Xhsc^ khiim&r, arab. turk. .U», i) f. id., 
dnmken, 2) f., a woman's name now used. 
^4^^ f. sickness caused by hard drinking, 

hipom khAmir*, heb. "^O^n, m. i, a homer , 
Isa. V. 10. 

«^ khiin, turk. pers. ^1^, m. i, a hread- 
tray, of wood. 

^o- Ash. = ;i(w2. So Mai. khdn (Parisot 
xii. 132). 

1^^^ khUndak&r Al., kurd.^lSjjy^, m. i, 
a SuUan, a ruler ^ a governor ^ Lerch 113, 
Lidz. 470. 

*&a9aom or .»&aAOM khwankarS, kurd. .l5Ci» 
PS. 299, khttntk&r Gtirz. 211, pers. {jj^ Jj>^, 
UL I, a weight = four batmans, about 128 lb. 
avoird. ; used for treacle, raisins, butter, 
honey, &c, 

^^ khtinch&, i) see ^a^o**. 2) f. 3, dim. 
of s^i pers. turk. wjl^ and wJ^, a small 
bread'tray of wood. 

$iom khttn-na Ash., a pitcher, jar ^ Lidz. 470. 
Cf. prec. no. i. 

^^, i) khdsi, f. lib-y az. turk. ^^, short 
necked, 2) Al. bi^sa = j^, 

(ib^ khiis&-y4, OS.*, m. i, r) pardon^ 
absolution, 2) atonement ^ propitiation (also 
pi.). 3) the mercy-seat, Ex. xxv. 1 7 ; see 
also Xa. 

^!Ca9»» khilsrana, OS.*, m. loss, want, need, 

ik^^ khiist^ Sh., f. 6, a poplar. 

&om khdr, OS., m. I/ur, Ex. xvii. 10. 

&fto kh&-wir, OS., to whiten intr., to become 
white. See boMab. 

N • 

I&'am khiira, OS., m. i, an adder's hole, 
Isa. xi. 8. 

2b'^ khwara, f. ;^b-, OS. \, white ; in pi. 
white garments, Key. iii. 4. ^^ •*e79a^ unmanly, 
cowardly ; 'm 2!>o\ the name of a mountain in 
Persia; ^m ^?f^ a silver dollar ; lis^om tt^^^ 
a hiatus, a blank in a book ; Ji^p lb'o» the 
white of an egg. See ^fo«. 

\b'oM kharag, pers. cs)|;j», f, i, i) a dose, 

2) food, provisions, 

^b^ khiirga K., az. turk. 1^^, m. i, a 
half-brother ; a step-son, l^oS^- relationship 
of half -brothers, &c, 

^ba« khdija K. or ^b«^ khftrjin U., 
pers. ^j^f^j^, f. I, a pair of saddle-bags. The 
sing, denotes not one bag but a pair. 

j^^ khikigthA K., fem. of aS,ba«, f. 6, 
a half-sister, a stepdaughter, 

X^^^ khArd or khdrt, f. id., kurd. vs^*, 
az. turk. ^j^, i) U. brave. 2) stem, strict. 

3) Tkh. fat, 4) Al. Ash. strong, violent, ik^- 
power, force, Sachau 27, 59. 

t^xflpbo.. khwardiqna (= constr. st. of 2b'^ 
+ ^^), lit. white of beard, m. i, an old man 
(a term of respect), an elder, a greybeard, 

l\6^oL or ^fbol khoruza, khoriza, az. turk. 

^jysy^t f' i) whooping-cough. 2) croup. 
iLof^h<^ kharQmnaya, f. )i^-, Greek, 
Jipb^ khttrilsh, f. id., arab. [^J^, eager; 

itching lit. and met. 

Illibo- khurzayi K., pers. u^lj^U., m. i, 
i) a sister's son, a nephew (in this sense only). 
2) a daughter's son, a grandson. 

jtH^tbo.. khurz^t4, fem. of prec., f. 6, a sister's 
daughter, a daughter's daughter, 

|\b9»» Al. = pbo.., Lidz. 471. 
^92^b9»» see pc\^. 

ii^oL as OS., but 'd« RV. kh6ra-ya, khfi-, 
f. jIh-, a I/orite, Gen. xiv. 6. 

^bom kburiw, OS., Horeb, Ex. iii. i . 

^b'o» khura-l U., kurd. id., i) in vain, 
2) gratis, unthout price. 3) tvithout cause, 

^^o.. khwarik, cf. \b'9>*, f. i, cancer, gan- 
grene (lit. eating). 

{;^0Abo» khwarkosa, lit. white of locks, 
f. I, an old icoman (a term of respect). 

iobom khurma, pers. turk. kurd. U^», f. i, 
i) a date, 2) a palm-tree, 3) a woman's name. 

aa»^9»» khiirimabad, pers. .^lAl,^, the name 
of two cities, in W. Persia and on tlie Caspian. 

^abb9»• Al., see ^of. 

^6m khwarn Al., kurd. ^j^j]y»^. food, Lidz. 
471. Cf. \b«b.. 



ilbo^ kharnlUya, f. jl^-, Psh. Ib'oi, a 
Iloronite, Neh. ii. lo. 

UhL^ khwama-y4, f. JZh.-, fr. 22;^, whitish, 

^b'oJl khorasan, pers. ^L«]^, KhoraMU, a 
province in E. Persia. 

|;^2^&^khwarp&tli, f. id.,(Ht. white of face), 
innocent, hold, cor^ident. 80 turk. Jj^ jl. 

Jb'b'o- kh{irar&, corruption of i^^^l, m. i, 
i) a girdle, Ex. xxviii. 4 RV. 2) colloq. for 

frk&9»» see ^&o». 

;i^&9^ khdrtS. Ash., f.,perh. = ;&&0ALi(lz. 4 7 1 . 

;&&o.* khwarta Ash. = 2^00^ .^, see Xa 
(lit. the white disease )). 

9(s&o» khwHrtd, the name of a white grape. 

AOm khiish, i) indecl. in U. K., (lit. suffer, 
imperat of OS. ^, let, sign of i and 3 pers. 
imp., with or without f following. In Al. the 
pi. is oaeo» (Lidz. 471). 2) i.e. Jid»a, imp. of 
«^fi to go, 3) J pers. turk, ^y^y gl<^ijoyf^i 
kind, agreedtle. ^^ Itsl 'm K. vxHcome I ^^;^ 
^'m to he ^pleased with. So Az. z^ti^,^p:^6m» 
[= ;n} ;^] you tcish; and hence Az. aax^ (fr. 
pers. Jl-J (^j^) o hyjyocrite. 4) Ti. Ash. = 
^OMfi>k under (with affixes). 

^^ kh^h4 AL, a nest, 

.?Lcd» or 'oL khdshdw, kh6-, pers. ^[J»y^t 
f. I, the juice of raisins cooked with treacle, 

\p^ixom kh^shandam, f. id., pers. turk. 
Jsj\f^y^, heautiful, x See p^l, 

a^oL, laafioL, oaxom, see 'a?-. 

aom, i) see aLcAM. 2) m. i = foil, (common). 

^o» kbdshi-wfi, OS., m. i, tJumght, idea, 
opinion, purpose. 

|«x«axd» khdshh^h, i) f. id., pers. ^^i^^, 

polite, courteous, 2) as subs., f. politeness ; esp. 
kind inquiries after a man's health, ik^- id, 

l^opLOm khushhal, f. id., pers. turk. Jl»(jl»^, 
joyful, glad. In Az. oi^^om blessed is he, 

9dtOM AL, see jLOm, 

t'^stom, i) or ^oL khiishi or khoshS, pers. 
^^, m. I, delight, pleasure, 'm ihm lieaUhy, 
salubrious, as a place; luxurious, — H ^^ol 

vfy lisl khoshiyC la till, / was homesick, ;^^, 
f. gladsomeness, joy ; '•* aoL to take pleasure, 
to take one's ease, 2) OS., m. Hushai, a Sam. 
XV. 32. 

^^ Al., see %, 

fyif^ khiishta K., hii- Al., f. 6 (sic, Lidz. 452), 
excuse^ pretext. Also t^^> Lidz. 26. ^^ Ji^^ 
to make an excuse. Of. fr^sPr, iiXoj, 

ojisom K. (ojspiOMTi.) &c., see ^o»^. 

;ik<^ khdtama, (in K. and OS. khiith&m& 
although a Pa. form), OS.*, m. i, i) the 
blessing, henediction at the end of a service. 
2) conclusion, 3) a seal^ sealing, 

•^ khaz, sometimes khas, pers.^, m./tir. 

1%L khazi, OS., 1) to see, 2) to look, look ai^ 
look on, consider, su to 2k thing. 3) K. AL, 
to find tr., get, all with dir. obj. or a or .Ij^. 
4) to suffice; l^ et^ lajl this unU do, 5) in 
pass., to appear, seem ; to slww oneself; rarely 
to seem good. See l6s^ and lu»», 

«^2«M khza'il, OS., m. Uazad, 2 Kgs. viii. 8. 

^fi;. Al., see 'ttk-. 

?!^, ^99-9'y Bee '^-. 

lo%ff khizw&, OS., m. 4, i) a frision, appear- 
ance, 2) shape, form, fashion, countenance, 

X;i69L kh&zi^wa U. or ^Ibt^ kh&zuy& K., fr. 
IfL, m. I, a sltarjy-sighted person, 

ik^f^f, khazApa or hhi-, f. Jt3-, -^fiptA, OS., 
rough, shaggy, 

2b'9«M khz&r&, OS. %«M, m. i, a pig, hog, 

;n&9«m khziirti, OS. %•», f. 6, 9, a sow, 

^iL khazi-ya, kh&-, OS., fr. ;«1, m. i, a seer ; 
with fem. ^iL khaz4t&, kh&-, f. 6. 

jL^^ khazin& U. K. Al., f. i, or ^fi;» kbazn& 
U. Az. (cf. TA. ^fi^X f- ii 3» or }b^^ kh&ainti, 
kh^., kha-, khi- Ash. Al., f., (pi. in Al. lik^f 
khiznatha Sachau 33, or khuz- Lidz. 474, also 
khiz&n^ ib.), arab. Ll>j^, 1U», and 2JUik, i) a 
treasure, 2) a treasury ; also 'm fis*3 q.v. 

^2k(ifM khziran, OS., m. June, 

jt^fM khz^ta, f. 6, i) v.n. of ^tl; hence 2) 
sight, 'm ^ at sight, at a glance, 'm this 
notable, Dan. vi. 5. See liM^, 





HiL khSz&l&, i) az. tnrk. ^, m. I, dry 
faUen leaves. 2) arab. turk. pers. iSh^, f. i, 
a gazdU (AL \). 

^{1 b^im AL, arab. j»i», (0 ^*rd, &incl, 
Lidz. 454. 

^^ kbz&mi AL (for kb^&ma), arab. Xoj^, 
m. enmity y Socin 144.20. See ;b^. 

{ }i^ kbizin&, turk. ^.^^ kord. |»i»., m. f. i, 4, 
a ih'iMman, rdcUian, relative male or female. 

^4^^»y khizm&-ydt&, (= l^^*if whicb is 
rare), f. 6, 9, rekUionship, kinship, ajfinify, 
eonsanguinity. In AL Ash. ^f^^*^ (kurd. c^U^) 
and fiJL*^»y, Lidz. 474. 

6c|p»y K. AL, see ^a^. 

j6»^ kbzimti, arab. t»hj^, kurd. ^.i^, t 6, 
a ringy asp. a nose-ring, 

t&Aiob«^E. Al., see"!^. 

oy or ^9^ hizDy -n& AL Ash., arab. ^^, 
^rrii^, mourning, '^ a&i <o ^rievf. 

JL*;., 9Jy, see ;&..t... 

}&^»^ kfaaznAd&r, pers. tark.^bfJj^> m. i, 
a treasurer, book-keeper, cashier, 

jfii^ AL Ash., see J&ktM. 

J]»l kh&zip K., arab. cJ^9, i) to tumble 
down as a house. 2) to push down. Cf. 

jo^ khAziq Ash., OS., to gird, to tighten 
a £prth, Lidz. 474. 

io^ khizaqyi, OS., m. Uezekiah, 2 Kgs. 
xriiL I. 

X^lfjatlf khazqi-il, OS., m. Ezekiel, Ezek. i. 3. 

&^, ^&tM, see &f07. 

Q^ khfiti, OS., to sin, do wrong, commit 
a fault, (with a or Jij» or i^= a^atr»f), used of 
both trivial and of serious errors ; to err. 

;^ khitl, vheat ; coll. pi. of j^fVr <1*^* 
^ khtah&, OS.*, m. i, = jl^rV- 
oa^ kh4tiipa K., f. S^ kh&tapti, OS., 
i) ravenous, rapacious. 2) subs., a spoiler. 

iii0^\« khtapy4 K., OS., m. i, seizing, 
plunder, violence. 

ib'oa^ kh&0r&, (OS. lisb-), m, i, a pounder, 
a stick used for beating clothes or wool when 

;^&^ (or C) khatdrt& or khft- Ash. AL,=: 
i<\,9>i, Lidz. 476. 

i:^ kha^yft, usually kh&-, OS., m. i, 
a sinner ; with fem. gmr, f. 6. 

1^ khtita, OS., f. 6, a sin, fault, wrong. 

jJA^ khititA, OS. #W, rt. V-» f- 6» coll- Pl- 
Q^ as OS., i) a com of wheat. 2) a weight 
used by goldsmiths and silversmiths = ^ ^ 

= J ji;uQ&^ = ^ :^> =r ^ iioAy. 

^ kh&tip Al. K., OS., to snatch, seize, 
plunder, carry off*; to rob, 

&j)pl kh&tir U., OS., to bray in a mortar, to 
pound; to beat, smite. See &^M. 

JA^^;: see 'ft^. 

^ khi^-y!, OS., irreg. v. (Oram. 124), imp. 
.^^ or .^^ kht, khyf (f. J. kh6 E. ; pi. ^^ 
or ^ifm khimiin, khyi- U., o^ K.; sing, also 
6^ kha Ash.), y.n. (L, jtfJl, or in Ti. ^, jfiJL 
kh&y&, kh^t4, khy&y&, khydti, pret. oi^ or in 

Ti. ^>v* ^^^^ ^7^i^> pp- ^ ^I'^y ^ (^1'^ ^^)' 

f. S^ khiti, agent ;i:i kh&yini, but ^ khdy&'& 
Al. Ash., i)to live, 2) to be saved, to recover 
of a sickness, to save one's life. Cans. ^ q.r. 

t(L kha-y&, f. jt;^ kh^t&, OS., i) living, 
aUve, lively. 2) met. raw of fleslu 3) met. 
running of water. 4) saved, in a state of 
salveUion, ^ik^, OS., f. life, livelinesSy being; 
living creatures, an animal (in this sense spelled 
liso^ in HV.. pL l^c::^ khd-w4th&) ; Uveiihood. 

^ kha-yi, pL, OS., i) life. 2) salvation. 

iL khiy& Q. Sal. (where pi. .^m^ or 'L 
or ^') Amadia (where pL ol kh^y6) = o»ar. 

A^ khi'U, Psh. ^1, Hiel, i Kgs. xvi. 34. 

^ji^JL or pJL khiy&wand, -w&n, pers. ^l>l^9 
m. I, on avenue. 

A^^M* khiy{i(a, fr. \U, m. i, sewing; a stitch, 
^dJL kh&-yikk&, fr. ^u, m. i, a currycomb. 
^AmL Al., see '»ef. 
li^ khiz& Al., smaa sand, dust, Sachaa 8. 

In Az. 9fm. 

Jt«khizi{),az.turk.^|^(]it. root),f. i JamHy^ 

belongings, little children, baggage, chattels, 

ixft^ Al., see )UM. 





;^ kh^yk^, m. i, with fern. £^^ Mi4iyk\rtiy 
f. 6, both OS., a aewer, one who sews. 

.f^ kh&y&^t, arab. Ik^, az. turk. ^J»i^, 
m. I, thread, esp. of silk. 

J^ kh&.yin, arab. ^J\h., cf. ^, i) adj., 
f. id., rebellious, treacherous, with ^ = <o. 2) 
subs., in. I, a traitor, a treacherous person. 

% * 

^fL see ^Im. 

^^ kh!ch&, az. turk. ^^, f. i, 3, <^« spoke 
of a wheel ; the different pieces from which 
the solid wheel of a Persian cart is formed ; 
in I Egs. yii. 33 a nave, hub. 

daJl kh^kii, fr. ^L», m., pi. ^^fd-, a evrrycomb. 

«lfM khll, arab. pers. J^^, t i, a muUitude, 
a company. 

^ khiy&l, or in Ash. AL. kh^y&l (Lidz. 465), 
arab. pers. JL^, m. i, thought; mind; dis- 
eretion; purpose; tijti^ alx^ (or U^) tem- 
perate, moderate; o^X^ ^ms ii^taoL self-willed; 
'm 1^4^ to change one's mind; ^&i flL Q^ >^ 
/ cannot conceive; ^ ^if^ *m^ 9f^ khryM6 
kh^y&li r Ash., he made a wicked plot against. 

iLL kh6U as OS., (in Sal. '^ khUa), m. i, 2, 
i) strength, power ; 'm a^ to do valianily, or 
with .^ to put constraint on, to force; ^m &? * or 
/^ h^Si^ (pL ^^-) a mighty man; '«? QaoL 
men of violence or mighty men; ^m ja^\ to be 
strong; ^m ^1 (Adis, .^gifiao) to bear a strain 
or weight, but ^* il^ is also to siiffer injury, 
or to make an ejff^ort (also ^m l^) ; ^ms UTttA 
difficulty, only just, scarcely, or aloud; ^ma 
^4^1^ please God. 2) an army, host, esp. in 
pi. (no. 2). 3)* gram, accent; emphasis, 4) a 
miracle. — Abs. st. ili^ khil*, i Kgs. x. 2. 

I ^\iM kh^lana, f . Jtx-, strong, able, powerful ; 
emphatic ; SaiLL or^i powerful. [Also in Al. 
A4, Lidz. 465'.] 

fiSL khty&l&n&y&, f. S^-, fr. JiL, mental, of 
the mind ; abstract. 

iCLL, $CL^, see $CU. 

}^, ;^^\m, see "l^or. 

^ kh^ltin& (^ K.), f. ;&-, OS., mighty. 

see ^j^. 

l;^ khaim& U., f. ^ khamta, = 
^ifj^p^pper; ik^ioJfa earnestly. 

^aJl kh^m& Q. Tkh. Al., arab. pen. turk. 
l^, m. I, a tent. 

i^9mL, <y<^M^ SaL Q., see JJL. 

X^HL khdy&m&l, az. turk. JUl^, m. i, a 
flatterer. — ;i^»-, f. coaxing, flattery ; '•• a^ <o 
flatter, coax. 

^, i) see ^jl. 2) see ^. 

^ kh&-y&n, az. turk. ^^, £ i, tiA«a< anit 
ehc^ mixed, unwinnowed wheaJl. 

;LM.kh6n& = ;i&.*2. Qo Az. pother. 

|(siL khiy&nat, f. id., pers. turk. o^L*, 
arab. ajL», see ^, rebellious, treaehenms. 
ik^, f. treachery. 

j^ seed]!. 

MM* ^Ji., see 19 • 

;[^ hya^a Al., OS., m. a girdle (in TA. a 
fetter), cf. f^ 11. (In TA. there is a verb ^i^^ 
to fetter, Lidz. 467.) 

&(1 see b(^. 

hJf^ or ^ kh^r, j) arab. turk. pers. knrd. 
j^, m. I, profit, benefit, advantage, reward; 
;4^|^ 'ma for the love of God; ^J^ expediemL. 
2) AL, arab. turk.^^, no, not so, Lidz. 467. 

22kfM htr& Al.> = ^07. 

22kL khiylkHl, arab. pers. turk^L^, f. i, 
a cucumber. 

i^ kh^yara Al., i) agent of &2^; hence 
2) a stargazer, Lidz. 467. 

^9P&J1 kh^rdii'&, pers. U^^, f. i, a good 
wish, a blessing, Nold. 1 35. 

ajL9&iIi. kh^riishir, per8.^jj^, f. i , a funeral 
feast after a death. 

oiL^ kh^rkha, pers. turk. ily^^, m. i 
(kh^rkh&-hi), a weU-wisher. 

p&fm khir&m, OS., m. Hiram, 2 Sam.T. il. 

9^al. khiy&rtii, cf. l!^^, f., i)a wild cucumber. 
2) K., on ornament worked in a stocking in the 
shape of the letter s. 

^M*, i) see ^. 2) kbit, OS., m. Beth, Gen. 
xxiii. 3. ^^ a Hittite, 

j^ kh^t4, OS., i) f. of ^. 2) E., t 9, 
a midwife, 

?^ khicha, (cf. ;e<% ^ or perh. fr. OS. j(^ 
by metath.), m. i, 4, an armpit. 

9^i^ kh&kandaz, pers. jUjI e)l^ m. i, 
a Jlre-shovd, 

^,p^ K., = '».. 
^ioa^, ;^oaM, see aa^*. 
;^90^ Al., f. 6, = jb-A*.*! Lidz. 454. 
^V^ or RV. % khkili, khar, HachOahy 
I Sam. xxiii. 19 (not Psh.), xxvi. 3 (Pah. i^^fOM). 

see 9i» 


« t 

t ;a^ khakimi (or kli&.) K. Al. TA., f. j^ 
khakimta, kh&-, OS., wim, 

;^, .,Aa-l,.faAi Al.ABh., = ^fi^^Lidz. 472. 

^»^ kh&kim K., b&- AL, i) arab. S^, to be 
or grow perject. 2) ^ >ir>»^» to rtilJs, ^ the 
mastery over. See ^a^mJo. 

see ^MA>*. 

^ khikhlmth&, OS.*, f. 9, wisdom, 

tajAM see ^iIsm. 

ifkOiM khch&r& AL, a crowd, lidz. 472. 

.11, jlil Al. Ash., see ^oj, 

j\l kMli, OS., to be sweet; 9 fi4 pSja 'm to 
please; pp. % sweet; &l^ l^i skilful. See i^^, 
Av. Dist. A^l. 

HL, i) kh&l&, OS. '<^, m. i, vinegar, 2) K. 
Al., OS., m. 2^ or in Al. 2, a maternal unde = 
;ob^U. 3) h414, see A*«^. 

^1^ khiliw, i) OS., to milk, 2) to give 
milk, 3) K., met. to get money from a person. 

ii^K., = a^. 

a^ kh&lab, OS., arab. turk. uJL», Aleppo, 

^a^ khiilw&, m. I, i) U. AL as OS., milk, 
fresh milk [= (^ K, Sb. AL]; '^9 i^ a 
sucking lamb, 2) K., curdled milk [= £^ U.]. 
3) juice of certain plants. 

Iki^ K., = ^. 

6^ kbiilwini U., f. jl^-, = OS. tljM,, 
milky, laeteous, lactifenms, 

ia^ khilb&n&, OS. ^-, gManum, Ex. 


• .i*» 

2^ kliUd&, m. I, i) OS. V* a mole. Gf. 
2y\yi9. 2) eart^ from a rat-hole. 

jZ^^pJb:; klial&dit&, OS.*, f. cancer, 

b^ kh&lii TJ. Al., m., no pL, or ;ib^ khildwA 
U., m. 3, = iiL no. 2. 

;fLl b&l&-w6 AL, arab. A^ = ;^«. 

iifL, baliiy4 AL (or b&-), f. 1^9^ -l^tbft, 

X^^:^ b&14-wichl Al., fr. ;fiSll, m. I, a 

A'^ kbliiia, OS., m. i, 4, i) also '^ N?. 
a wedding fiast ; generally a wedding, 2) a 
dance at a village feast. 

l^f^ kblOlta, fr. .1^, OS. )2kA^ f. 6, 

a hole in a river bed or pond, formed by 
rushing water. 

^^ khalw&n, OS., arab. J^^, Hakoan, 
formerly a metropolitan city of the E. Syr., 
also called «m^ or .m)L q.v. 

^b^ khiliini, dim. of )X1 no. 2, but without 
dim. sense. Cf. ^oki, ^i^mi, 

\ii^ khiii^a, f. ;k^ khittsti, i) = li;^, 

tight, tauL 2) met. .^rm, stable, as power, 
3) met. ;^^9^ 2^2 miserly, 

iko^ khalwat, turk. pers. \£>J^, arab. i^, 
i) f. id., private, secret, 2) as suba., f. privacy; 
'ma in private, 

;^kik^ khalwatkh&n&, pers. wUj^, f. i, 
a private room, 

-fts^L khalw&tl, cf. ti^o^, privately , secretly, 

^bti: khaliziini, OS., (W-Syr. "2^), m. i. 
i) an oyster, 2) a sea-dug; a snail, ^) a crab. 

J^ khlakh or ..^ kh&l&kh, OS., Halah^ 
2 Kgs. xviL 6. See <a1m. 

|if^ khilikhin&, boiled millet meal and 
water, millet porridge, 

XX. khalkh&l, £ i, i) arab. pers. JWU, 
an anklet, ankle ornament, 2) az. turk. id., 
a white band of hair round the neck of animals, 

ii^ khilkhiU, ai. turk. J»U, f. i, <b trvcp 
of horses ; a crowd, Cf. «lfM. 

A^ kh&lit, or in AL \ ghiHt, arab. JaU, 
i) to make a mistake, err, oflen Ai^r '«•; to be 
deceived. A^ eH \r^ ^^^2 &rkh& kUitl<^ 

o 2 




'iilC, / lost the way. 2) to wander, cbiefly met. 
3) to misa a target. (In TA. OS. to mix,) 

S^ see 6^. 

Pf^ khilfli, m. I, a mistake, error. 

t U<iis^ or ^aj^ khiltttny&, -inyi, m. i, = 
prec. ;ft^9-, f., id. 

;L^ khiltanft, f. &L', i) fr. A«i^, ntM^oJl^n, 
in error. 2)'— ^fis!i» no. 2. 

.f!!^ kh&li U.y pen. tnrk. ^\j, osm. tnrk. 
also ^l»>, f. I, a earpe< of superior make 
[= io^otii] ; opp. Jt^&d. 

J A» khily&, (pp. of i^ q.v.), i) K. Sh. 

Al., fresh milk [=^al^ U^«/l'^-] *) ^'j ^'P* 
/tticd, Lidz. 477. ^i^ sweetness; sweetmeats. 

)^J^ kh&licha, turk. i^U, OS, dim. of 
ifliil q.v.^ f. I, a rugy a liUle carpet. 

■fVfVi khaliU, az. tnrk. ^JLL>, f. the name 
of a white an^ red kind of grape. 


ti^ kh&lipa, arab. SJ^, m. 1, 1) a Caliph. 
2) a bishop esp. of the Armenians. 

i^ khilip&y cf. ^L^, f. I, a beehive made 
of osier. 

^L^ or $kS^ khil^p&, khl^pi, esp. U., or 
$l:S, 'J^ lkh^p4, likh-, arab. ujU., m. i, a 

}^^ kh&li?, f. id., arab. ^l»., i) free, 
aequittedy innocent. 2) met. unmixed, Hev. 
ziv. 10. '•* \^ <o ^ acquiUed. ^m ^1^^ to 
acquit, ^pt'? ^•^ t'^ e/ean hands, Ps. xziv. 4. 
)^9- f. aeqtuttal; innocence. 

^^fH kh^ll^i, arab. LaJ[s^, f. i, croton 

I j!^ kalaU Al., arab. J^, permiUed, law- 
ful; of animals &c., clean; lawful property, 
lidz. 455. 

jilnWi* see ^mAo. 

^1^ kh&lim, i) as OS., to dream. 2) to be 
asleep. 3) (cf. OS. Ethp. to be strong), to be 
thick; pp. thick, strong, and met. of the mind, 
dense; ^\*» iSHlj^ clay ground, i Kgs. vii. 46. 
— Seex>V^- 

^m^ khilm&, as OS., or »aV khttlma Sal. 
Bp. AL, m. I, a d/ream; 2i»W '•* a m^Alfiiar«. 

L see ^ImAo. Dist. ^ud^ agent of >^. 

khilmat (or ^^a^ -mita Al.) = (Mo^ . 

}&AfiiM!iM khilmatk^r (kurd. id. Qarz. 246) 
or ^^ K., m. f. I, a minxsier, attendant, servant 
of either sex, but not used of ordinary domestics. 

j^o^L khlamti, OS.*, f. marshmaUow (t), or 
purdane. Job vi. 6. 

fi!^ kh41&n&, f. jSi-, fr. )>L., made unth 

j^ kh&16 AL, arab. Ai», to give; to make 
a present to, lidz. 477 ; see AmAo, mAm. 
)BLill, ?A > Am , see >^ no. 3. 

frill or M^ khal'at, khalat, in Sal. ^ 
khll-, f. I, or i^ khalet& Tkh., f. 8, or £^ 
khali'ta Al. (or -lAti Lidz. 477), or j^ 
khU^'ti Ash., or j&4~ l^^^ti Al. (Sachau 13) 
[pL in Az. )i^], arab. XjJL», pers. turk. out-, 
i) a robe of honour . 2) a present^ gift, s) ui 
pi., met. mental gifts, talent, 1 Cor. xiv. 16. 

^ kh&lip, OS. Ethpa., to be changed, to 
change intr. See A\n*o, %a!iMaoo. Y. n. ^l!^ 
an offering; ^^iIm or ^» #. ^qr, or ^m ^ = your 
servant I, if you please / 

$CLf kh^Up&, OS., m. i, a wiUow. 

^k^see >4Am . 

p ^C^, p ^iga, or p ^CC instead of. 

.41^ khalp^, OS., m. Alpheus, Mat. x. 3. 

^»di2u kl&p-shm&, 0S.^ m., pi. ^- khl&p- 
shmaht, a pronoun. 

j^ khalif, i) to press, squeeze, bind, tighten; 
pp. tight; ^^A» e^ met. in low spirits. 2) to 
press upon, throng, lay hold of with a. 3) to 
gird, to be girded; ^eugb ^* to put on sackdloth. 
4) as OS., to press on, to strive, to be zealous, 
often «^^*. 5) to urge. 6) esp. AL K., arab. 
^jjl», to escape, also in pass, and also o^ «; 
to be acquitted; pp. a fugitive, a remnant. 

7) Al. Az., as arab. conj. iii., to save, deliver. 

8) Al. Ash., as arab. conj. yii., to finish tr. and 
intr.; to attain one's end. 9) i^^^ii^ ^« to 
conspire. See^fi^,^!^. 

^Lm khalas Al., arab. ^^» salvation. 

^ U. or 'V SaL, khiU^i, khid- (both 
proparox.), arab. 1^X», in diort, finally . 


«tt^ khMiq K. Al., i ) also %^ AL, arab. ^}lty 
io look lit. and also of fruit, to look up, bolt, 
2) to mrround. 3) arab. j;I», toereaie. 4) 
to be created, 5) met. to form fruit as a 

Al., Ui^ Ash. = ;d^. 

khilaqyi, OS., m. UUkiah, 2 Kgs. 
xvui. 18. 

^ly khilt, or with \, az. turk. )aJL», t i , 
i) drosSy dregs, sediment, 2) K., tobacco juice, 

j^ or as OS. JJ^^, khalti, kbiltA, f. 6, a 
Aeath, scabbard, 

;£^, i) Al., see }^»m* 2) see prec. 

j^ kh&lta, OS., f. 6, a matomal aunt. 

6tt\L kh&ltii, f., s= prec., a term of respect 
prefixed to the names of old women when 
addressing them or speaking of them, esp. 

SUt^ kh&ltttnUl, f. 6, dim. of ^L, 

^i\f, i) see %e7. 2) f. jt^-, fr. 6^, fmxed 
with dross, also with \. 

)Bu kh&m, i) OS., m. ffam, Qen. vi. 10. 
2) I Al., f. id., pers. turk. J^, unused to work, 
or lit. immcUure, crude, Sachau 39. 

^ kham, also in Al. ^a^vi >>$w fi*^^'^™* E^^^i 
arab. pers. turk. 1* and 1^, kurd. ^, f. i, 
care, troiMe; |)bu ^ cardees; )bu i^ to be 
in trouble; or to take trouble with 1^ or ^ = 
Jor; opoi^ ki^ to care for him. 

poL khl^m^ K., arab. U», to keep tr. See 
^alio: dist. <lioL, 

^ khim&, OS. ^9»», m. hecU, 01^ ^ khim^ 
li, it is hot (the weather). 

^ioL h&mid Al. Ash., arab. Jut^, to praise, 
Lidz. 456. 

9Mh|» khamA, kurd. y^, m. a man's name 
now used. 

I ^^^ kham&«& or kh4-, f. U^^- -mii^ OS., 
sour, }^^ somewhat sour, 

ik^^wbf khamii^ti Al., fr. prec, f. a sour 
dish dressed with vinegar, &c. 

&Qi0b* khm^r, OS., m. Uamor, Emmor, Oen. 
xxxiii. 19, Acts vii. 16. 

};a&QMbL khamAm4-y&, f. J^-, sour-sweet. 

^9Mi^ khimilti, fr. J^oL, i, virginity, maider^ 
hood, girlhood; youth, 

ik^hoJioL khamkhw&riit&, (fr. pers. turk. 
.1^ ^ careful, sorrowful), f. carefulness, 
advertence; ^m p^gl to give diligence. See ^mIoh. 

p;^ khmifi, by metath. fr. OS. a;>>= 
^>;:iomkhat&inTi.,(8ee\u),f. i, 3 ( OS.), 
a needle. — See J^od^. 

9\Hb» khm&td, f., a plant with a broad leaf, 
used in flavouring. 

Xlii^ khamim& or kh&- E. AL, f. j^, 
-mlmUL, 0S., = ^flb^ U. q. v., i) hot, uarm. 2) 
fervent, strong, 3) quick tempered. 

$^ khimy&n&, OS., m. i, a father-in-law. 

jb^ hamts Al., arab. il.->»i», fricassee; 
mincemeat, Lidz. 456. 

iSCfioM khmlri, OS., m. i, 4, leaven. 

A«^ khmtshiyA, f. j^-, OS.*, fifth, esp. 
used for fractions. 

^sLo^ khlimk& Ash.s^da^;^ by metath., Lidz. 

^ mMm Al,, see ^. 

.1^1 kh4mil, i) as arab. J.*^, to be patient, 

to endure, bear, with dir. obj.; to restrain 

oneself; to bear patiently with, with a or .^. 

2) to stand, stand still, continue, 3) K., to chat, 

talk ; to be entertained or interested. 4) to be 

continent. See ilMuto. 


}ikom khmilt&, f., i) V. n. of prec.; hence 

2) patience. 3) contineney. 

^CkiOBOmm AA., see Of, 

L kh&m^ K., kh&ml U., OS., to be leavened. 

See jiMu.M> ; dist. ^. 

^jpl, i) khamif, as OS., to be so%tr, to turn 
sour. 2) AL, h4mif, met. to be angry, with 
^ = trt^, Lidz. 456. See^Mbjp. 

^o^ or ^om khims, khmif, OS., Emessa, 

^^Mff khimfi, fr.^ttl, m. i, sour food; boiled 
vegetables and vinegar ; sorrel, (in OS. bean 
meal), j^fty i^ sweet sour things, 

AVV^wb. kham^aldti, OS.*, f. 6, autumn 
crocus, Isa. xxxv. i. 

^, I. kh&miq U. K., to stink, to putrify, 




to go bad; pp. putrid, .ft^S '•• met. to be 
hated by, ii. h&miq Al., arab. Jh»» , to rage, be 
mad, Lidz. 456. See jho^. 

Uko^ khimqa, fr. prec, m. i, putrefaction, 
going bad, bad odour. 

l&oU khlmra, OS., m. 1,3, 4, unne, 

l&om, khmara, OS., m. i, an ass, a donkey; 
^p ^m a pelican; ^A^i^p '•* a trestle; ^mp ^bj 
a nUUstone turned by an ass. Mat. xviii. 6. 

Gfiomf see ;n&mu. 

«&Mu khiimri Al., f. id., arab. {jj.^, wine- 
coloured, Lidz. 481. 

;is^ai^ khm&rta, f. of VLi^, f. 6, a she^ss, 

Us^^ khimirti or in AL 'ia^ (Lidz. 481), 
OS. ikkb^^oi^, liLo^ and i^i^^, f. 6, coll. pi. 
ihio^ khimri, a bead. 

^abol khiimsha, as OS.; fern, in K. Al. Q. 
«t^ khamish as OS. (also asoL AL), in U. 
same as masc.,^i?0. Li letters, or. 

^aapsaaoL kbiim8h6shib& U. Tkh. Ash. Al., or 
^- -shaba Ti. Ash. Al., or ^aaapoL khiimshu- 
Bh4b& MB. Sh., (=0S. ^^ *«; or '3 ;ijal), 
m. I, 4 (esp. U.), 2^ in Ti., Thursday, 

,t^^fyA6aooL khiimshunt^ U. Al. or odrN-, -tii, 
MB. Al, or ..f^£s|«w khfimshitn^h^ Ti., -hiTkh., 
-n6 AL, -thn^ Ash., = OS. ^ofk^^abaL (i^), aUfive 
of them, they Jive. So the other persons. The 
forms in -t^, -n6 are oxytone or proparox. 

^^TftT>^w see ^auaou. 

u» khiimshf, OS. ^', fifty. Li letters, ^. 
\L khiimshami U., or liiaooL, khamishmi 
Q. Al. as OS., or ^2 '^ khamish im4 K. Al., 
also l&i iaaaL kh. imi AL, Jive hundred. In 
letters, ^. 

rf«yjfs&9aai^ U., see \oaeo^. 

^ifttyirw khiimshlisar U., -shasar K., (as m. 
of OS.), or in Al. ^i^pAjbou khiimsh&'esar,,/^/2e0n, 
m.£ In letters ei». 

rtAiafioaau* see ^^uAioaoob^, 

i|oflto khm&t, OS., Hamath, Nam. xiiL 21. 
i^k' of Hamath. 

^ioa^ khimti, OS., f., i) warmth, usually met. 
2) esp. anger. 3)* poison, Ps. cxL 3. 

l^ccm khmata, OS., f. 6 (khmayati), a mother- 
in-law (husband's or wife's mother). 

jt^see liaJf.. 

i^ioL kh&mta, pers. A^, f. 9 (khAmati), a 
maiden, a young woman of marriageable age. 

^^oou khimt&n&, f. jtjii-, OS., warm, choierie. 

See j^. 

^ khau, i) U., pers. turk. ^l^, m. 2, a 
khan, a nobleman. 2) K. AL, turk. id«, f. i, 
an inn, 

^ kh&ui, arab. Lla, cf. ^i^, to be happy or 
conJtenl with. See ^imM». 

^ kh&ni, az. turk. ^l», f., a woman's name 
now used. 

$L khana, OS., f. Anne, Anna, Hannah, still 
much used as a woman's name, i Sam. i. 2. 

^ khina, arab. turk. II», m. henna^ a yellow 
flower and dye much used for dyeing the hair 
and hands, on festivals, esp. at weddings. CL 
the curse ^oSui^ ^ H f^^fy^i^p ^ ^^{^ 
khazinukh khin& d'khitnutiikh 14 kh&zit 
b'ainiikh, may you never see the henna of your 
wedding /, Socin 119. 

$L khknk, i) OS. 'L, m. i, a lap; ^^juL J0«9p 
dwiiq kh&niikh, hold up the skirt of your eoai^ 
to receive something in it; hence 2) Terg. 
a saucer. 3) Ash.=p no. 2, Lidz. 466. 

^aw khanwa Al., m. i, i) = ;9r9&4» q.v. 
2) a knuckle; in pL esp. the children's game 
of ' knuckles.' 

9O * 

Q^ khingt, in the phrase ^- 2&^ to startle. 
(Cf. OS. 1^1^ to make to groan )) 

iV\iy khin^giU, pers. j5U», m., the name 
of a flower used for dyeing. 


^p^^ kliangaldl, turk. c^jiSoU (Ut the 
Khan has come), m., a man's name now used. 
;&^\j^m khinjiliisi, mandrakes. 

hS^ khanjar, arab. pers. turk. kurdyjc^, 
f. I (m. Al.), a dagger ; ^ 'm ^ to pardard. 

jbpjuh khandaq, arab. pers. turk. JfJUL»y £ i, 
a moat, a large ditch; a canal, 'm i^^ to dig 
a canal Ac. 

loxm see ^um. 

^Ai» khnukh, OS., m. Enoch, Gen. v. 18. 


• • » 

^oiM kh&n^man K. MB., pers. ^L»3U., 
m. I, a small store-room, a closet, larder. 

•mL kMn&n, OS., m. Hanun, 2 Sam. x. i. 
£ja^M^ khnttqt& A]., see /Sd. 

jE^ow khinttqtA, fr. dbuu, f. 6, i) the neck, 
fi^^ 'm an isthmus. 2) anything which 
strangles; hence a sna/re. 3) K., a head 

;k^ kh&ni^tA, (lit. anything bent, fr. OS. 
^ to bend), f. 6, 9, a loam. 

l^itL khanz&d&, az. turk. 1 j1pL»., f. a woman's 
name now used. 

\|1 kh&ni(, OS.*, to embalm. 

^ifsi kh&nim, pers. turk. JU, f. i (kh&nimt), 
a lady: this is also used in addressing or 
speaking of a lady of rank. 

^Mik&M khfinimj&n, pers. ^L». ^L^, a woman's 
name now used. 

^OHul kh&n!q&, OS. ^oL., m. i, the hand of 
a yoke, the rope which goes under the chin of 
an ox. See ^ba^^A. 

;^ khinki U. Sh., OS., the palate. See A^a. 

^^aL or as Az. .^^ju khanchi, -ch! Al. Ash. 
= ^^; so '»>a '^ little hy little; ofy a^ ^m 

\.Au. or .jaLl khdnchi, -n&ch! K. AL, turk. 
jja^l^, m. I, an innkeeper. 

^, ^^ofl, see ^auju. &c. 

X^^Lm khnamt, f. id., az. turk. _a\jl^, rekUed 
hy marriage, ^9- f. affinity. 

^ khan&n, m., i) OS., Annas, Lu. iii. 2. 
2) or as Psh. ^, Hanani, i Kgs. xvi. i. 

\$1L khanan& K. AL, f. jt^-, OS., merciful, 
compassionate, Sachau 24. 

$Lm khn4n&, OS.*, m. earth from the tombs 
of the martyrs, used at weddings &c. 

(uL khananyi, OS., m. Ananias, Acts v. 5 ; 
Ilananiah, Neh. iii. 8. 

■ibflitfiiM khn&nishii, OS., m. a man's name 
still much used. 

1^ khilmp4, f. S$- khiimpti, OS. heathen, 
also as subs. — ^9- f. heathendom, heathenism^ 
the heathen. 

;;3ulkhiimp&y&, f. fi^-, OS., heathen, heathenuh, 
of the heathen. 

M^ kh&niq, OS., i) to strangle, choke; to 
take hy the throat. 2) to drown tr.; to he 
drowned; to he flooded. 3) to hang (execute). 

^ttaL khanqA, f. id., (abs. st. of folL), as adj. 

\L khanq^ti, f. depth. 


2^ khis, OS., used with 1^ or ^ thus: 
(kSf }? (^^) ^^aio j^ or A^f 1 ^j or 1? ^ or jSJ^ 
or iiki^ ^ far he it from you to got; ^ 'm 
or ^ ^m or esp. ej^ '^ Ood forhid! (so other 
persons), also .A ^ j^ Idi&sli II &c.; JbL 
iiM^^l^\ ^ ^ God forbid that I should go. 

Jb^ his AL, (see ^om), arab. ^J^, whir, 
noise, Lidz. 457. 

SLpL b&sib Al., arab. cyii-», to reckon; also 
^^, Lidz. 457. See asboi. 

^ftbiL hasb^, haz- AL, arab. i >.,.», reckoning, 
thought, opinion, lidz. 457. 

}pj^ hasad AL, arab. j.^.^, envy, Sachau 
80.7. U^^ f. infamy (=0S. 2^), Lidz. 483. 

■ftijrftiv khiskhis, f. id., onomat., hreathing 
hard, short of breath. Gf. iginibnio. 

l.A»jbl kh&sls, arab. turk. i,,.,^..^, m. i, 
a miser. 

laSilfA^ khasfdi, kh&-, f. ;i^&-, OS., lacking, 
with p ; ik^' f. what is lacking. 

fr^AM see ^. 

^fipL kh&sikh, OS., to keep hack, spare; to 
grudge; to forbear; ^ ^m to save a person 
from; ^ «pAip '^ to spare or grudge a person 
a thing; o)b^^« to re/rain; pp. miserly. 

\^ kh&sil K. Al., OS., to wean. 

j^ftJl, i.e. ci^ j^, see J^m. 

»\ftiy khasli, OS., m. Edi, Lu. iii 25. 

^Ay or ^ hisn, hisin AL, arab. ^j^m^, 
beauty, Lidz. 457. 

Jj^ khisip K., perh. by metath. fr. Ji^, 
to invert. 

^ khisir K. AL, OS., i) to euffer loss. 
2) to fail, run short, to fall short of, to be in 


toarU off with aor ^; pp. lacking, 3) to grow 
less, to shrink, 4) to be missing. See %^^Lio. 

&4^ khasir Al., arab.^;^..^, a fault, defect, 
Lidz. 484. 

^ &i^ kh&sar qinl U., the last hatelted; 
met. the youngest horn, 

^^ or ^$i>o^ khas^rat, kh&-, arab. r,L^, 
pers. turk v£^-, f. i, loss, want. Ai. ^a* ^mSo 
to injure, cause loss to, 

;kTLi>L Al,, i) hasr^tba, (fr. arab.^^...j». to 
sigb), sighs. 2) khasrathft = prec., Lidz. 580, 


^ kbipt, (in OS. to cover), i) to incubate, 
brood, sit sa & ben. 2) to faU in as a roof. 

^ kb&p4, m. I, and S^ kb4ptli, f. 6, a 
wooden peg in a plough, keeping the ^ftJb fixed 
to the beam. 

^ khapli, of. ^, i) ra. i, a hovel. 2) adj., 
f. id., confined, close, stuffy. 

^ khapl = ^, f. a ducking hen. Cf. ^. 

2!»Q^ kb&p&ra K., fr. &Jm, m. i, a pickaxe. 

^&o^ kh&pdt&, f. 6, a nightmare. 

^^ khdp^tb& Al., f. fog, mist, vapour, 
Sacbau 13. 

JLjiLl khap&kbap(proparoz.), arab.lS» (iJL» 
to be agile), quiddy, unexpectedly, suddenly. 

X i:^ kbipyaya, f. j&-, OS., barefoot; of feet, 

^ kbipU, rare in U., often in K. kb&fil, 
in Al. .Ifl^ gb4fil, arab. JjLp, i) to hesitaU, 
forbear, neglect, to be reluctant, to refuse, with 
infin. or ^ and infin. 2) to be crooked. 3) to 
turn out of the road intr. 4) K., to sleep slightly, 
to doze. See .\j»y. 

<^^y khaplat, arab. IIAp, f. reluctance, 
.ijJu khapni, OS., m. Hophni, i Sam. i. 3. 

Jb^ AL, = j^. 

JfL Ti., see sL. 

qp .ftyi^ kbipff ba, f. ffepheibah (Psh. has 
.iA^jV^ in Isa. Ixii. 4, vi^ .j^^ in 2 Kgs. xxi. i). 

ul khapiq, heb. P?n, chald. p?n, (cf. OS. 
and NS. Ji^Lf»), to hug, embrace; oijf^l '•* 
to fold one*s hands. 

;o£U khp&q&, i) Y.n.of prec.; hence 2) lap, 
embrace, the arms, bosom U. 

&jJl kh&pir, OS., to dig, esp. ylneyards dng 
a spade's depth, opp. &{». 

1 221^ khapar& or kb&-, fr. prec^ m. i, a 
digger; with fern. ^&-, f. 6. 

;i.i^ kbiperti, (fem. of OS. iH^ id.), fr. 
&|fLl, f. 6, an excavaium. 

j^ see ^. 

;;^ kh&8&, I. (TA. as OS. f^ for |^^), m. i, 
i) the back; ^^ &^3 behind him, backwards. 
2) loins.^^,m. 2, girdle, belt. Phsaseb: 
a ^M ^ to take refuge in; bo^»»J^ t^ I have 
no one to help me; 'm &j^ to run away; 
^ 'm9 2&d* to appeal to a higher court ; p ^m .o^p^ 
(or ^oy^) to support, side with, protect; ^j^A 
o]^,a i^^^to gird one*s coat on; i4^ ^m an 
eyelid; ^mp J^i^gf (or ^e&J^^or in AL 22k^) the 
spine, backbone; $i Aie^oae ^ my back is 
broken, said by a man on hearing bad news ; 
the ^i is placed absolntely. 

^^ kh4§1, arab. , <&», (in OS. to dig out^ 
esp. the eyes), to castrate. 

^ Al.,='j9, Lidz. 556. 

laraijb ;^ kh&9& serb&z, (=arab. tnrk. ^l» 
special, also imperial, + 19^)> m. i, a body- 

.9^ khisiw Al., i) to press. 2) to try. 

^ kb&^id (in the tenses § often becomes «), 
OS., or in Baz by metath. 9^^, to reap, harvest. 
In Az. J^ (see p). 

}2^^ kha§id&, or kh&-, fr. prec, m. i, a 
reaper, harvester ; with fem. ^^, f. 6. 

2^ khizda, rarely khisdi, fr. ^^, m. l, 

X bp^ kbis&dar, fr. ^ with pers. term, .b, 
m. I, a definder. 

&o^ khisiir, OS., f. Hazor, Josh. zi. 11. 

^L^ khaslni, OS., arab. ^^a-^^, f. i, an 
adze, a small axe. 

^^ kha^yat) turk. Ofji^lw, arab. i^^<A»» 
f. I, character, characteristic, trail. 

^^ kh&^il K., basil Al., arab. J..a» (eee ^^, 
J^j^), to complete, to finish tr. and intr., to come 
to an end, to grow up, Lidz. 457. — See 




Jl^^ khasUtha Al., arab. IL^, habits, 
ctuioms, Lidz. 483. 

p^ kh&sim Al., arab. ^,^a^ , to he at variance, 
Lidz. 484. 

^^ see ^U. 

&»& ^o^^ khi^^n t4mir, Psh. a^ ^ q.y., 
Hazezcn tamar, i.e. Engedi, Gen. xiv. 7. 

^^&^ khi^D, OS., m. Uezron, Gen. xlvi. 9, 
Earam, Lu. iii. 33. 

d^ob^ khisriit, OS., Hazeroth, Num. xi. 35. 

2^b^ kh84rk6da, OS., m. the catd above 
the liver, Ex. xxix. 13. 

^b;^ see ^t^m, 

;&&^ hsirta or hzirt& Al., f., = &^, a defence, 
Sachau 80.15, Socin 146.15. 

^ Al. Tkh., = ^. 

X ab'oal kli&qilr&, fr. &9I, m. i, a &oa«<^. 

;i^ khaqlA, f. 3, 4, i) OS., aJiM, 2) a 
column of a book. 3) a stripe, 

;)oA4>^ khqaldmi, OS.,= ^^p ;>kia^, JoeZ- 
dama, Acts i. 19. 

.fiiV baqnl Al., f. id., arab. ^j>U», true, 

\L kh&qir, (in OS. to boast), to honour, 
commend, recommend/ to glorify; to boast, 
glory, to be proud, also e^^.*, with a=<2f, in. 
Agent ikHoL khiqr&n&, f. jt^-, as adj. boasting, 
boastful. Fern. v.n. ;&&£u khq&rta, praise, 

llLtimf, khiqr& TJ., fr. prec., m. i, honour, 

^ kh&r, sometimes boi h&r, (fr. pers. kurd. 
tnrk.^^ an ass, or pers. .1^ mean, low), m. i, 
afod, doU, 

laLl khari, pers. l^l», m. nZ^, the material. 

xhL kh&ri, OS., eacare. Of. lh^\, 

2^ khir^ Al., see fi^iS. 

.^aJl kh&riw, i) OS., to he destroyed, to 
deteriorate, to be spoilt, to spoU intr.; pp.| bad, 
wicked, corrupt; [so »^ i^^^ agi to iUtrtat 
Az.] ; -a> ci> ^&^ kbryiiU (or khruli) libl, / 
do not fed wdl; ^pN^ ^^ khriwi b^tiikh 
Al., a curse on your house I; .9^ H^ theol. 
incorruptible; v.n. ^SL corruption, corrupt- 
ness. 2) AL, sometimes = ^n^jp q.v. 

t^sSL kh4r&b&, arab. turk. kurd. lA^, 
m. I (in Al. f.), i) a desert. 2) a ruin, a 
deserted place; a ruined building; a desolation, 
3) a^j., f. id., desert, lonely, deserted, ^^ f., 
a desert, ruin, 

t laLf khirb&, indecl., OS.^1 (lit. rained), had, 
evil; grievous, 

^9^ kherb&, OS.*, f. i, a sword, ^M? '•• 
a ploughshare, 

i^^hL kherbiih&l&, kurd. »la^^, a moan- 
tain in Kardistan. 

t^sL kh&r&bl, or %, pers. (PJ^^t m, i,= 

♦ .«* 

U^f^h^ khirb&-yftt& = ;i^^&v (see ^s&y), 
f. badness, 

\ 2?a?a^ khirbandi Al., kord. ijjl^ (cf. &1), 
m. I, an ass-driver, Lidz. 486. 

4k&M kherj, f. 1, arab. tark. pers. ^^W, i) 
ftrpefWtf, expenses; see ^^pcfi. a) tox, tribute; 
taskwork; ^^p 'm fxAl tax, capitation tax; 
'm^ l^^tak a taX'CoUeetor, 3) a levy of men. 

j^&il khirij, arab. ^^1 to sjtend, expend. 

V^ai:^ kh&rlij, i)|, f. id., arab. ^ (lit oat- 
side), outlawed, cast out, cashiered, 2) cf. V^&ijft, 
war indemnity, tribute, 

^^i^ khergiil, OS. :Sli^, m.i,a locust, 

lAi^ khergfiz, f. id., az. iuTk.jS^, barked, 
peeled, diseased, maimed. 

A^^kherjligh or ^4,^kh&rjiy6 Al.(Lid». 
486), tark. jl^;*, arab. ll^, f. i, often 
pi., expense, expenses, money to spend. 

&^!L kh&rfijat, f. i, = Vv^ no. 2. 

l&A^&y kbird&kir, pers. ^l^.>^, m. i, a 
skilled workman, esp. a skilled cabinet-maker, 

^^^ kherdil, often in K. Al. as OS. i^p^ 
kherdl&, arab. J.^, m. mustard. 

f^b^&i^ khirdariiz, az. tark. j^i.3^, f., the 
name of a grape. 

^^h^ khariiw&, OS., m. i, a carob-pod, 
St. Johns bread. La. zv. 16. See JbLi^. 

;4^9V^&.» khr&tt^tik, fr. \hm, f. 6, a joint. 
Cant. vii. i. 




^ab&JL kharukha, fr. ^^, i) m. blight. 2) 
adj., f. Ji^- -iikhta, scorching. 

;h6yL kh&rupa Al., f. jj^^ -(ipta, = ;i*S^, 
Lidz. 488. 

&o&wL kherwar, pers. turk. .1^^ (lit. an ass- 
load), f. I, a weight in TJ.= 25 batmans of 32 
lb. avoird. each, esp. used for weighing wood, 
elsewhere = 100,000 misqals. Also b«^. 

ibo^ khirura, f. ;ik&-, breMng the jpeace; 
esp. used of bad housewives. 

^^9^^ khniry^ Ash., miUeiy Lidz. 488. 

^KoaJl khiriisha, OS. j^oa^, m.i, the t/^oat. 

esjjLo^ see ^ac&»•. 

faJl khariz, i) OS., to put in order, put in 
line, arrange, 2) to set up type. 

fSL khiraz K., or ^a U., arab. turk. ^^, 
f. enmity, hatred; a grudge, 

^fa>^ khirza, m. i, i) arab. j^, a eharm^ 
written on paper. 2) t!ie unlaid eggs of a 
killed hen. 

l&^fSL khar&zdar K., or ^a U., az. turk. 
j\x^i^, m, r, an enemy, 

^iiL kh^azan, az. turk. ^n^, f. i, a buffalo 
whip; ^m ^ to whip up, with dir. obj. 

^9^ kharkhasi K., a girdle, eaah, girth, 

khirakhir (proparox.), snoring; cf. 
and foil. 

UL^yL or 2^^ kherkhira, -ar& K., f. i, or 
;lsyLkL kherkherta U., f. 6, tJie throat, wind- 
pipe, in Al. ^baab^, 

^^ or i^^ kherkhat, khirkhit, i) K., 
upside down, 2) U., inside out. 

\yL khari(, OS., i) to scoop out; to put 
out the eyes. 2) to gnaw, 3) U., to nick with 
a knife (see Jba^*). 4) to turn with a lathe. 
5) AL, to pluck, puU down, Lidz. 487. 

t\2ll or a;^ kharat, -ta, fr. prec., m. i, 
i) a turner, 2) a lathe, 

A;^ khirfa, fr. \yL, m. 1, a groove; a 

po\^ or ^o^b^ khirtihn, khiirtiima, OS. 
^^kL, arab. pers. tuik. (^j^^^> m. i, i) an 
elephant's trunk. 2) the ankle-bone, 

^LaS^aJl K. Q. m. I , or j(>aio- U. f. 6, kharifmani, 

m w 

-nta, coll. pi. ^jtto-y rarely with ^ for \, some- 
times also \y^, i) a pea, 2) f. form, a 
goldsmith's and silversmith's weight =12 

JaL, OS.*, const, st. of 25^1, 2 Kgs. vi. 25. 
il!L., ^-, see '^i. So Az. .^!L last. 
$ly^ khiry&na Al., OS., m.i, a eofUroversy, 
dispute, Lidz. 485. 

A^9m* khris^a, russ., clubs at cards. 
J^aJ.kharip, or'<», = foll. 
I^L: khar!p4 (or khi-), f. jt3- -Ipti, OS., 
sharp lit. and met.; pungent; met. fervent. 

^a^ khnpathi Al., the foolish Virgins, 
Lidz. 488, perh. fr, arab. u-i^. 

$^ see {^5.:. 

^yL kharikh, OS. £thp«, 1) to be singed* 
2) to be parched, or dried. See ^bJl». 

^^ khirkhi, i) fr. prec, m. i, singeing, 
2) K. = ^i». 

r^ see ^^3-.. 

or &2LI kharal, kh&rar, az. turk. JKl^, 
f. I, a large bag for grain or flour. 

p^ kharim K. Al., 1) to be under a vow 
(cf. OS. Aph. to dedicate). 2) to be prohibited 
(cf. OS. Aph. to prohibit, and foil.). 3) to 
repay for loss. 4) to bore a hole too large. 
5) ^^a* Al., to bin, to defile onesdf, Lidz. 487. 

^SL, ^2L:, see p^m. 

^a»f khirm4, OS., m. i, i) a curse, a ban; 
a vow, 2) a consecrated, devoted, or accursed 
thing; ^m aoL to devote to destruction, with 
dir. obj.; ^^? ^2 the man I have devoted 
to destruction. 3) a forbidden thing, impurity, 
4) Hormah, Num. xiv. 45. 

%fiio^ khirmun, OS., Uermon, Deut. iii. 8 ; 
ix- a Hermonite, Ps. xlii. 6. 

^Lf, khermani, OS.*, m. t,an adder. 

^$LL see ^^^l. 

^ kharan, OS., Haran (the city). Gen. 
xi. 31, Charrar^ Acts vii. 2. Cf. Sdi. 

^^&y khim^, m. I, a spindle. 
^^ khirnik, az. turk. eU»», f. i, a bouH. 
jbaJl khiris, i) to set ihe teeth, = OS. Js^L. 
2) K., <o nesde in a comer. 



^a«» khirsa, OS., m. i, aeab^ mange. 

^LL khers^ Al., arab. fj^\ , dumb, Lidz. 488. 

$ii!kL kher8&n&, OS.*, m. i, a roekfuh. (In 
Isa. xi. 8 RY. misprint for ^)09mJ».) 

;^^ Al., f. ;b-, coarse {^), Lidz. 488. 

>AyL kh&rip, as OS. Ethpa., to be or become 
eharp; pp. sharp, pungent. 

|;2l^ kbirpA, fr. prec., m. i, i) sharpness; 
pungency. ^^ AL, id., Lidz. 580. 2) a sword, 
a weapon, a sharp knife, the edge of a sword. 

^&»* khirp^ K., fr. prec.), f. starvation, 
disease brought on by hunger. 

jt^&l kherpUsht^, az. turk. i^j^y^, f. 
brick-work (built with lime) with recesses or 
arches in it. 

jbaJl kb&riq, i) (for Jki|l ?) to be ruined, esp. 
by water ; hence 2) to be shijnorecked lit. and 
met., to make shipwreck; T.n. ^^ khraqa, 
ruin, shipwreck. 3) K.,=\^, to nick with a 

^^ khirq&, arab. turk. IS^, f. i, a ehild^s 
apron or coat; a ragged garment; a woman's 

b!L, see i^aL. 

^^ khersha, i) OS.*, without understand- 
ing, dumb, Jude 10. 2) cf. U*^, met. barren 
of trees. Cf. ^yL Al. 

^^ khirsha, OS., m. i (usually pi.), sorcery, 

l^xiuk khar4sh&, kha-, OS., m. i, a wizard, 
soothsayer. ^»- £ sorcery. See hxy»*. 

l&AxSL^ khar&shkar, fr. prec. with pers. 
term, .li^ m. i,=prec. 

$x^ khirsh4ua, f. ;^-, but in Al. j^-, wild, 
of fruit &c. ; barren; 'm l^lts f. a sycamore. See 

NfcawL khershat, as OS., or NyioSwL kharusbat 
RV., Harosheih, Jud. iv. 2. 

Hx^ kharashta, kha-, OS., f. 6, a witch, 

X^s^ Al. ABh.,=pb^. 

;^^ kherta, OS., cf. iL^l, the l being elided, 
i) subs., f., no pi. (borrows that of ^^^sLll), 
the end, termination. 2) the stem of a ship. 
3) adv., also '^a, finally. 

, m. I, 


t;k!L. barathi AL, arab. 
ploughman, Lidz. 458. 

Uittsf., 1^, see \&^. 

^ khishi, sometimes % as OS., m. i, 
i) suffering, sorrow, care. '.. iljguBao to suffer; 
'm aai id., or to be sorry. 2) fadings, jMSsions. 

^, i) kh^shi, az. turk. iJL»., m. i, a large 
bag or sack of coarse material, for canying 
straw &c. 2) see Uot. 

^ khAshiw, OS., 1) to think, reckon intr.; 
^fiouLs in my opinion. 2) to reckon tr. 3) to 
esteem, honour, 4) to devise, invent; fyau* 'm 
to devise devices. 5) to consider with dir. obj., to 
set ones mind on. — y.n. I^^dL khshdt^, thought, 
reasoning, ^9&l? ^ km4 d'kh&shwit, eooceed- 
ingly {o{^ ^^ ^^^ ^a he is very good) ; tf ^^ 
;d .^ a,&» hich la khshyiili qa, / thought 
nothing of. 

•ffoa^ khishbdn, OS., Heshbon, Jud. xi. 26. 

^^as,. khishbuni, TJ. AL, or 'a^^ khichb6n& 
K., = OS. {laaK^, m. i, i) an account, reckon- 
ing, a tradesman's bill; '^ ^^ AL, exceedingly. 
2) the table of numerals; counting. 3) AL, 
a piot, plan, Lidz. 488. See jUx. 

;oau khashwi, (fr. arab.^^JL». stuffing)), m. 
old cotton wool, 

l^dxl khash&wd, OS., m. i, a thinker, a 
contemplative person. 

a^sL kh&shiil&, fr. A|;l, m. i, a pestle. 

j^dxl khishilM, f. of prec, f. 6, a mortar. 

^Kdil kh&shtishi, f. j^. khashashti, OS.*, 
i) gram, passive, opp. 2^09!. 2) the object of 
a verb, the accusative ease. 3) subject to 
jxjLSsions, Acts xiv. 15 RV.; ^ '- of like 
passions with. 

,Mfl kh&shikh, OS., i) to be worthy; to 
deserve, with ^. 2) to befitting, to suit, become, 
often impers. See wy»y. 

&lx^ khashkh4sh, arab. turk. ^la^JL», f. i, 
1) a poppy. 2) laudanum. 3) gall. Lam. 
iiL 19. 

tx^sl khashim, f. id., (fr. pers. ^.jl^ rage t), 
faclish, ignorant, stupid. 

fL^iOfSiL kh&shimiina Ask, fr. prec.yo0y. 

p 2 



^1^ kh&shlEhi pi., cooked beans or wheat, 
with the water poured off. 

^ khishk K., pers. esLJL», dryness, 

^^ khashik, (in OS. soft Kap), to be dark 
or darkened lit. and met. The hard Kap in 
NS. fr. foil. See ^i^o^. v.n. jt^kL* khsh^kt^, 
also o^ ^* (or lo/isj) U. K., evening tunUght. 

^ khishk& as OS., or ;skxf^ khiishk4 Al., 
m. darkness; ^x^mM (or sometimes ^x^ alone) 
Al.j early in the morning, or as subs, dawn, 

t^Lkxy khishk&na, f. S^-, dark, 

:^ kh&shil, i) U. K., chald. i^n, to bray 
in a mortar, to pound, to thresh with a flail, 
a) K. Al. as OS., to mould, devise, forge, 

A?- khshiM K., OS. '^,i.6 (often pi.), 
jewel/ry, jewels, ornaments, 

$d»xy khishmond, OS., Hashmonah, Num. 
zxxiii. 29. 

$aLf khish&na, sometimes as OS. %, f. jt^-, 
suffering, sad, baleftd, 

&^ kh^shir AL, kurd. yf^^, a woman's 
dress, Lidz. 489. 

^x^ khisht K., pers. v:>jl», f. 3, a small 

JtaiL khasht&, i.e. JitLS, used as v.n. of Ati 
to go. 

;6sL khath^ Al., (cf. iLL., I^fiw^), 1) to be 
abased, 2 ) met. to be absent-minded; pp. absent- 
minded, Sachau 23. See ifyM, 

^ khata, OS., f. 2% a sister, Dist. U^^. 

^^■l kh&tiin, pers. turk. ^jjAj^'y f., i) a 
woman's name now need. 2) Ash., a lady, 
a woman, Lidz. 476. Cf. .yOJSMfi. 

jt>&b/^ khatiinta, f. 6, dim. of it^. 

;»fiw, i) khtha-ya AL, m., v.n. of ;fiw. 2) 
kht4-ya K., f. jlM-,=;i^4^ lower, inferior; esp. 
in the name '•• i^^ of the church of Mar 
Sawa in the valley of the Great Zab. See 
^^ and ^b, 

tt^^ khityari AL, turk.^L;»l, m. an old 
man, elder, 

it^tsL khatldsh, pers. ^jt^\i»>, m, i, a 
carpenter's instrument for drawing lines, 

p^ khatim (khathim E. Al.), OS., rare 
in U., i) to finish, 2) to seal, 3) to give the 
blessing in church. 4) to say grace after meat 
5) to stop, quell a flow of blood. 6) to be 

|^^^ khitna U. K., khithna Al. sometimes 
K., khishna Ash. Ti., OS. ^^^, m. i, 2, i) a 
bridegroom, 2) a sonrin'law,brother-in'law&c,i 
i.e. the husband of a daughter, sister, or any 
near female relation; ^ ^m e^ it^oj he made 
canity with, ik^ f. matrimony, wedding, 

h^ khatir U., OS., i) to boast, 2) to be 
proud, arrogant, mih^= towards; ^^, proud, 

&^ (or 2bV K. AL), rarely h^ (so TA.), 
kh&tir, 'Vk, kh&tir, arab. turk.^l», f., i) sake, 
usually in the phrase ^ ^m ^oa U. or ^ ^w9 K. 
or p ^M 2& Al. A8h.,ybr the sake of, on account 
of 2) favour; '•^ a^\^ or '^ ^ok K., to take 
leave, 3) K., good name, reputation. 

&4^ kh&ter, f. id., arab.^^i»?, failing, e.g. 
missing fire as a gun, breaking as a sword- 
blade, jamming as a cartridge. 

{am^S^ kh&tirjam, f. id<^, perh. pers. 
• ^I^^Ia., i) certainy swre, cov^ident, with as 

of, 2) as adv. indeed, Harely with \. 

^6^ Al., see ;^a«•. 


\, the letter ^A^ tet, t^t, f. i, in K. MB. 2, 
the hard t, transliterated t, pron. by pressing 
the middle of the tongue against the roof of 
the mouth farther back than the teeth. In 
numbering •V = 9. In Greek words r usually 
= \, ^ = ^. In all districts \, 6^ are often 

interchanged; in Az. they are pronounced 
almost alike, but elsewhere quite differently. 

;^ E. Al., see a^. 

ajp;, I. ta-iw, or ^ t^wi [so TA.], (in OS. 
sft^ to be well with, impers. to be glad; cf.^), 




irreg. v., rare in U., Gram. 124, i) tobe worthy intr. 2) met. iofall asleep. 3) Al., arab. x^W, 
to cost 2) to deserve. 3) with ^34^, to compare to print. 4) to settle^ fix, Prov. viii. 25 old 
with intr., to 66 eqtud to, Eom. viii. 18. Caus. ver. u. U-w^ K. AL, OS., to sink into sleep, 
;4^ q.v., ^p^, or ^vV^* ^^* ^^'^^ Ash., to to faU asleep. See ijV^w. 
annihilaU, destroy, Lidz. 490. ;iaA; to'a, OS., m. i, i) a rfte, stamp. 2) a 

-jpi^-ikh, i) tocom« to an etkf, as a fight; signet; heuce 3) a precious stone, jewel 
to subside, as a swelling or flood. 2) to press when set. 

«a|^ t^biq Al., (arab. ^j^ to cover, shut), 
to yaZ/ m, faU down, Lidz. 493. 

;aas; or 'is tab&q&, ta-, arab. turk. UA>, 
m. I, i) a fi^ory sAorey. 2) a «A«e< of paper. 
3) a layer, stratum. 

Jbbfkjd^ tiwariyds, OS., i) m. Tiberius, Lu. 
iii. I. 2) Tiberias, Joh. xxi. i. 

^:j\ t^wat, or as RV. 69^^, Psh. .^iiml ^aia, 
the month Tebelh, Esth. ii. 16. 

dN^a^ see foil. 

Ai>; t6t&, OS., (see ^), f. 9 (U-watI), ^roorf, 

(^otm. Caus. 

A&; see ^. 
JZ^a; see ^p^, 
;ib2^ see ;a)\. 

j^2V^ ta-6 AL, arab. cl^, to o6e^. 
Jjp; t&-ip K., (OS. past ^), i) to /<>a<. 
2) to U7a/6r. Caus. ^^ijVP Q*^-> ^^st. Ji>^. 

1^ ta-w4, i) a4j., also a^ taw in Al., f. 
Jfti- t6ta q.v., OS., ^ood, beautiful, fine ; iL^l 
1^ 6ucc«M. 2) as subs., a good man, a saint; 

, . ^. 11 . , . f, J. . . X .xi abstract (also m pL): vtrtue, benefit; a good 

euphemistically m pL, spirits, faines. 3) with , . , . , , , . . / v 

a. .* «. . . \ T/- a 1 deed; tAao in. m., good things, possessions inxe)\ 

affixes, .^^ &c., see ^so!^. 4) K. Sh., v.n. ^ *^ ^ '^ \ /» 

^see^ijp;; dist. ;o>;, .iai;. 

^ ^iba, OS., m., i) a report. 2) as prep., 
concerning. Rare. 

&o3>; tabdr K. (or 'is Lidz. 493), turk.^.lt, 
m. I, a battalion; a troop. 

i^9siSt^ see ^ooA^. 

«m3^ t&-wikh K. AL, OS., to cru«ft, &rutse, 
dreoA; in pieces, beat. 

a^; t^bakh (in TA. .Jb^), kurd. ^, m. 

;^!^ toy^» OS.*, m. I, a (f«r. 
lofa^^ t&blb, arab. turk. i^g^^i m. i, a 
doctor, surgeon, physician. 

ey^4V> «4^^^, see ^o^. 

N\fn\p t&byat, turk. o « ^ ^.L, aiub. a ■ > > U, 
f. I, character, characteristic, 

jy,?\ twltA, OS., f. 6, i) * a (/oe. 2) Tabitha, 
Acts ix. 36. 

aA^S twiUta*, OS. ^f^^, lat. tabella, f. 6, 
i) gram., a table of verbs &c. 2) an a2tor slab. 

Aa:^ see A2V;to. 

.^\;, I. XkU K., (ilbi U., i) U. K., to «tnA; blessed be the man; 0^2 \ blessed be he; with 

b'sh^nd V\6t, esp. K., welcome 1 ; 
A \ aal (or with ^) to ^rao^ toeZZ, to benefit, 
to do good towards. 

J^ Al., see ^%is. 

&:^ l&ghar Al., a weights 256 kilograms, 
Lidz. 216 n. 

^ \M Al., = ^ ;i^ in order thai. 

Hofii^ ^'14 E., arab. aI^W, mt7/0<, Lidz. 495. 

^0^ t^h'll K. AL, kurd.^lJ, pL i, suffering, 
torment, Lidz. 495. 

^9fiL tahir AL, arab. ,^, to cleanse. 

2S{«^ ^'r&, esp. AL, OS., m. noon; as adv. 
ai noon. 

^5^; AL, = ^^'o7^, Lidz. 495. 

^So^^^iiharat, turk. kurd.v:;^l4^, arab. i^Li^, 
f. I, cerenwnial ablution 

;^ {k-yfd K., OS. Ethp., to ^ roasted. See 

;«>;;» ; dist. ^, ^. 

^oa^ ta, Psh. j^ M, Tob, Jud. xi. 3. 
^b^l \ td aduniya, not Psh., Tob-Adonijah, 
2 Chr. xvii. 8. 

^^ tuwa,0S.,m.^0(x2, ^ooi things; blessed- 
ness, good fortune; ^ \ blessed be; ^i^ \ 




affixes oy>oV t^cli U. K., -1^ Al., or c^i^^ 
(wdlali U., or in Al. also .*or^a>i ta-w^ (Lidz. 
492) blessed be he; A }k^ ^^ ^ <^ blessed; 
p \ vHmld that. 

^6\ tuwiya, OS., m. Tobias, Tobiah, Ezra 
ii. 60, Tob. i. 9. 

\^cS^ tawit, OS., m. TobU, Tob. i. i. 

;f»a^ t^wit&, f. 6, a bead. 

t ;l?oV t^ w&n4, f . j;^- 1^ w4ntt4, OS. * , blessed, 
happy; often as a title, Jbe^oJl \ Blessed Paul. 
Also ; $&9^ tdtana (not as title). 

^ey^ ^uh'm&, OS.*, m. I , a race, people, Gal. 
i. 14 RV. 

Jb66^ ta-wiis, arab. pers. turk. ^j^jlL, kurd. 
ta-iis Garz. ao6, OS. ^^o^, gk. ra»r, m. i, a 

^^ ta- w^th Al. (or ^o!^ Lidz. 493), fr. U»^, 
cf. ^^&o(K, Arabic, in Arabic, Socin 127.2. 


Ji^oS^ i^\t, see .•^o^, f. a parrot. Also 
;j^i^ ta'tik^ Al., f. 

}>^o\ tiitita, f. 6, a flat bead (in OS. a 
bunch of berries &c.). 

t$^^ and >i\;^\ tutan&, -n», f. jt^- 

^b^d!^ ^ii^put*, heb. H^fi^^, aphilacUry. 
See ;^^. 

^ffO\ twita, fr. ^o!^, f. 6, a cu<2e<, A»6a6. 

JbottfAo!^ tdkhiqiis, OS., m. Tpchicus, Acts 

XX. 4. 

;f^'2 «Aa^ tAkas razi, OS.*, lit. ordering of 
the mysteries, the consumption of the Eucharistic 
species by the priest and sacristan after the 

ii€\ ^la AL, apendliy (see i^o^), Lidz. 493. 
a^ tola, turk. J^IL, m. backgammon. 

a^o\ tulab, arab. v^^, m. i, a biU; an 
answer, account; see a!^. 

lU^ tul&za, kurd. id. (cf. «^Vv»0* ™* i> ^ 
foolish man, one who does a foolish tliing. 

p^ torn Terg., perh. rt. >3i^ (cf. ^ioc^), m. 
an ambush set for foxes, a hut built of snow, 
or a hole dug in the earth and roofed in with 
snow, in which a man stays at night, and from 

a hole in the side shoots the animal, for which 
a bait is laid. 

jS&o^ see J&^U^. 

JbolL tiis, russ., m. the ace at cards. 

?»>V<ftV^ \6ykni, fr. Iji^, m. i, a question, 
petition, rare. 

^o\ t^p K. or Jo& t6p TJ., osm. turk. ^^ 
or <^^, kurd. t6p Garz. 106, az. turk. ^^jS, 
a cannon. 

Jb\ tdp or ^p,=;ilo& no. 3. 

^ado!^ t^p&diyiin, OS.*, m. a topaz, Bev. 
xxi. 20. 

^^ tupkh&na or^o& t6p-U.,turk.ijU^, 
kurd. jJ PS. 299, f. I, I ) an artiUery yard. 
2) a cannon factory, arsenal. 

t^^ (iipcht E. or 'ok topchS U., turk. 
^y^^, m. i, a gunMr. 

£Ai6i^ t^piktha Ash., dim. of J^, f. 6, a 
pistol, Lidz. 493. 

^ca^ top^&i OS., m. I, a flood. 

^c\ X^ei, OS., fr. gk. iwor, m. i, i) a 
type, pattern, example, form, 2) arith., a sum 
or eocample. 3) a figure of speech, metaphor. 

X (^^ \^8k-yk, f. jtH^-, typical; standard, of 
weights &c. 

|;aA#^ (usan&-y&, f. J^-, OS., typical, 
figurative, metaphorical, florid of speech. 

iSklo!^ t^pr&, m. I, i) a tail. 2) met. the 
bottom of a class, a dunce. 3) Al., pi. 3, = 22l^, 
Lidz. 500. 

;i3^tiiptha E. as 09., or'%Al. (Lidz. 521), 
='o\s U., f. 6, a drop. 

^^ tiiq& Al.,=^(s, Lidz. 493. 

l&'^t^ra, OS., [Az.'9^], m. 1,4, a mountain, 
hiU, hill country; Ifi^ ^ (see &?) a moun- 
taineer, or mountaineers, esp. in U. for natives 
of Eurdistan ; iii^^ wild, of flowers or animab 
(see jlpt?). 

2&a&; t6ri E. MB., f., or in Al. as OS. 2J»S 
m. time, while, = ;^q.v.; \^ or \ 2^ for 
a while; \ «dr then. 

|;Ib'^ tdr&yi, f. j^-, OS., mountainous. 

JbMik^ t&dLnds, OS., m. Tyrannus, Acts 
xix. 9. 




t^ik^ ^ft-wash Al., arab. (^\j^, m. i, an 
euniich, Lidz. 494. 

(ai^ tUshyi AL, OS., m. j, a mystery, 
Lidz. 502. 

^o>^ AL, see ft^oea^. 

;^ see ;»J^. 

Jbi^, Aa^, see 'ts. 

^^^ tkhiini E., ('(k Lidz. 496), fr. ^, m. 

^aoJ^tal^hiin&y^K.,cam<o^W, Lidz. 496. 

l&'cbAy t^^iira, OS., m. i (esp. pi.), pileSf 

^'**', tikh&U, (OS. '^ m.), f. i, <A^ «pfocn. 

tikhim K. Al., m. trappings of a horse ; 
arms, Lidz. 495. 

^ t^khin as OS., also in Sal. ^k, to grind, 
esp. in a water-mill (opp. «i&^). 

;L:&; t&kh&n4, ta-, with fem. jt^-, OS., also 
I jT^tuS^ t^h4nchl with turk. term. ^, m. i, 
a miller, grinder, 

t;i;i;tata,ni. f. 1, a baby, 

;>y^tit&, m. I, i) a speck, see ^W; ^ ^ 
speckled, 2) a stud, Cant. i. 11. 

Jb^^ \\\A^, OS., m. TiHks, 2 Cor. ii. 1 3. 
|;a&^i\9^ (i(rark&, OS.*, m. i, a tetrarch, 


^ Al. K., see ^jij. 

au^ see al^. 

;k^aJ(^ \6h<xik, OS.*, f. 6, 9, ^rac^. 

?iV>A,\;p see ;ifl»\\. 

th^ see ;da*^. 

;»f^, tiz& as OS. or ;«4^ t^a, m. i, anus, 

-^ see -2V;. 

A^ t^ta, m. I, as OS., more commonly 
J^^\,\ ti^il^ta, also ,^,V\ tH^t^i ^- cataract in 
the eye (cf. ;>;i^). 

tai^ t^ya-y&, f. jl^-, OS.*, arab. J\\>, an 
Arab, Arabian, See (a!iL, 

lU^ iimk, OS., (also ;»- Al. OS.), gk. ri^fi, 
f. I and in Al. Ash. 4, i) price, cost, vahte. 
2) with or without lifio,dear,expensive,preeious; 
U^^ f. dearness, scarcity, cosUiness. Dist. ^0^. 

^•Mb\ timiin, OS., m. Timon, Acts vi. 5. 
i*M(^9 tlm^, OS., m. Timaeus, Mk. x. 46. 

$it^ tim&n&, f. jt^-, fr. ^ao^, precious, dear, 

jboUj/o^ tlm&ti-ilB, OS., m. Timothy, Acts 
xvi. I. ^ 

;Lv (ln&, OS., m. i, i) mud, day, 2) 
mortar without lime. 

fiL\ tinina, f. A-, fr. prec.,=OS. (i^, 
mfuddy, dirty, 

^ AL, see xf^. 
^ see ^|V; and S^, 

^l(>^ t&-yip&, arab. AJbl^, m. i and also in 
Al. 3, pi. in AJ. sometimes 2kJ^^ tayip&t, a people, 
nation; in pi. the OentHes. [Az. p^lk m.] 

^ see ^b4,. 

2^ tyar!, OS., pi. (lit. the sheepfolds), the 
principal tribal districts of the E-Syr. in 
Kurdistan, consisting of Upper Tiari and 
Lower Tiari; the principal village, Ashitha, 
lies in the latter. 

UL^ t^ri, OS., m. i (rarely f. as OS.), 
a bird; •m^p \ the hoopoe, 

(k4^ see \. 

^ibA^ t^hsi, OS., gk. ro^ir, m. i, i)* order^ 
rule, esp. in ritual; rite, 2) the book con- 
taining Liturgies, Baptismal office, &c, 

^^ t^ f., one of the smaller £-Syr. tribal 
districts in Kurdistan. 

ii>; or ^ taU K., tali U., perh. fr. OS. 
S^b^il, to deep, to go to sleep; pp. adeep. 
Agent in U. $^, ? iiN> »» 

i^\\k, i) for ;fi;^ q.v. a) Q. K., also 
j^^ J., ;^ Al. K., ;h. Al. J. Z. (the latter forms 
fr. kurd. \J id., the former perh. fr. OS. «lv»), 
for, = ^ in all senses exc. sign of the object. 
With affixes 01^, f^, o^ik &c.— ;4bo ^ 
why ; ;>^ ^oqr Al., to desire a thing (also lit.). 

Hs^ ^i\k, I) K. AL, or ;llWi OS. i^, 
f. 5 (m. in Al.), a shadow, shads, 2) Q. 
see 6^. 

ajk>^ talib, arab. ^Jli*, i) to ask for, require 
(see &aa»), with ^ of the person begg«d of; 
absolutely, esp. AL, to beg, 2) to ask in 





marriage; fem. pp. a betrothed woman, 3) to 
borrow^ 2 Kgs. vi. 5. — b^ \ K., to take leave, 
cf. i;AS,.y. Agent in Al. t^L^ a beggar. 
See ■i\\y. 

a!^ or a^ or a^ talab, t&lab, tillab, i) 
arab. v^, cf. ■*i\oi>y , leg. demand, requisition, 
2) Al. Ash. as prep.y also a^^, after, in search 
of, for the sake of Lidz. 497. 

;iwoa\^ talMta, for ^ad^?, f. 6, espousals. 

yrnNy see ^. 

f^, 6i^ &c., see H^. 

I^sd^ taliibi, fr. ai^l, m. i, i) a suitor. 

2) a beggar, 

£ao^ iiiihik Ah, f. 6, a betrothed woman. 

Ho^ mi, OS. j!^, m. I, dew. 

HS^iNy, ^lulani, f. ^-, fr. prec., dewy. 

«ev^4o^ see ^^tS. 

^9^tl iishi, f . Jt^- (lUsht&y cringing; cunning; 
one uho talks little. 

?nYo\\ see ^aal<^. 

;^^ t^ly^, OS., m., (lit. a boy), a man's name 
sometimes now used. 

^^, i) see ^^. 2) K.y young lambs. 

3) Al. TA., boys, children; cf. prec. 

Jl^AV t^ita, OS.*, f. 6, a girl, maiden, Mk. 
V. 41. 

ii^ K., see i^. 

*fa^ \k\\m Al., OS.,=^f to oj)press,iU'Use. 

;»\2^ tilma Ah, fr. prec., m. i, opjyression, 
Sachau 33. 

;2a^, i) see ;te^S^. 2) or ^qM^ or 

;<ftai^K.,= '» Hi^whyf 

i:^ t&14ni U., see i^, 

1^ til4n&, U. Tkh., f. ji^-, fr. i^, shady. 

f^Alk^ tilanita, (see ;%), OS., f. 6, a shadow, 

n%px\\, (ilistm, arab. pers. turk. ^mAV, OS. 
^ftftiyVv^, m. I, a talisman. 


^i^ tilpa, (=0S. fjC^A.), m. 5, i) an eyelid, 
2) an eyelash. 

iLii\ \\o\i\ik, OS., kurd. ^ PS. 318, 
m. I, a lentil. 

^ taliq as OS., usually '^ q.v. in U. Al., 
i) tobe lost or destroyed, to perish. 2) gram., 
of a letter of the alphabet to lose its sound: pp. 
silent. 3) impers., met. .^or^Si d^ irtyly (liql& 
(tl.ytilu, he was dazed, he lost the thread of the 
subject, he lost his head, — Agent fin\)^„ '^&, 
the linea occultans, a line drawn by the £-Syr. 
above, by the W-Syr. beneath a letter to show 
that it is silent ; more properly Hn\y^%>. (Dist. 

^Vy see ^acsfi^^. 

jZJiK^k!^ t4l&8ht&, turk. ^>k, f., pi. ;^ t^lusht, 
a shaving. 

&c., see '^fi^. 

tlhoif^ tttm'&, f. ;y t^m'l, OS., undean; 
lis^hoS;^, f. 6, 9, an abomination. 

4^, ?i^ Al. Ash., = V 

t,> ivi\,iny tiimtimini AL, (cf. arab. tV»t^ a 
barbarian), m. i, an enemy, Lidz. 498. 

| % i ftY>y fiLmser, f. id., unripe, iU-tasting, 
Sio^, jiaS^, see Jaiy, ;»dy. 

jAiai^ or % tiim&, tii-, arab. pers. jlJ», i) 
f. avarice; ;^o-, irf. 2) AL, adj., f. id., = foil. 

^aAJ^ or % t^m&k4r, tii-, f. id., pers. 
^lXaL«I», avaricious, ik^- f. avarice; «ljb \ ?^ 
to make a gain out of, 2 Cor. xii. 18. 

*^i f^, see 'j\. 

a^k^ tamir, OS., i) to bury. 2) met. to 
sink tr. 3) met. to hide. Also ^a^. 

jkmSi^ t^is^y OS., to dip tr. and intr. ; to be 

$^ t&n4 f. I, and j;;^^ \\in\ik f. 6, cf. ^&?, 
/^ waist. 

t^, -o^, see '^. 

;a&^ tiiutiln6 AL, cf. ^^A^, arab. <;W;W, 
mtmc, Lidz. 499. 


^ K., see 'fii. 

;u>i tiininS, OS., i)* f. jli»-, a«i/cm«. 2) 
Zelotes, Lu. vi. 15. 

^ \\mi^, i) or \ tiimp4 as OS., f. jl^aS; 
^iimpta, unclean, rare; met. uncked, foul; 
cf. .4t\^^, ^fbi^. 2) m. I, dirty cotton, before 
it is cleaned. 




Ui^ iiixipaD&, f. J&-, fr. prec. no. 2, littered 
unth cotton. 

^i^, usually ^k in U., in Al. Jbi^ (Lidz. 499), 
Usi, tis4, t&8, (OS. ;i^ and ^a; m.), f. i, 3, 
a fnet€d botd or cup, 

^ftA^ t&si AL, bright J shining ^ Lidz. 491. 

ia^ t^U Al., f. 6, dim. of ;i^, Lidz. 499. 

l^ t<^'^, esp. K. AL, i) AL Ash., to err, 
VMnder, stray, as OS.; pp. in error (so ^9»^ 
error). 2) K. AL, rarely U., to eeek, desire, 
march for, look for, with &4*^ or »^ or dir. obj. 
See loAyM. 

^^ \'^mi, OS., m. I, bait (lit. food). 

}^^i\ i*^ik, tilnt4, (in OS. a burden), f. 6, 
fruit; produce, 

;i^, ;k^av t'iipi, tyup&, = ^. 

J ^ida^ \ky^nk, f. ;{i-, for ^li^, fr. ^, fruit- 
ful, productive. 

^ see ^^. 

»^ t4'ini as OS., less often by meta'.h. s^ 
t&m^ K., tiiml U., to tasU tr. See ^si^^, 

i^ \kmi as OS., or in AL % \^mk (Lidz. 
491), m. I, i) taste, flavour; ^x^ \ an after- 
taste* 2) met. discretion, behaviour; \ 2&m 
discreet. 3) Ti., a sliglU breakfast, a snack, less 
than jt^ai^. 4) pL in Al. by metath. ^j^ 
tim*^, tasty things, Lidz. 498. 

;aai^ tam&ni, f. jl^-, fr. ^aA^, <a«<^ of food 
Ac, (in OS. tasteful, in good taste). 

J^eS^ tilmt^, i) f. 6, breakfast. 2) f. 9, a 
tasty morsel, a dainty. 

^ ^'in, OS., i) to carry, bear a load or 
fruit ; lk^9J9 Iffi^ bearing the ark; ^ ;SA\ 
iaden unth grapes; ^ S»io \ to be thankful to, 
to tJiank. 2) to endure, suffer; of land, to sujh- 
port. ^ K\. Tk,,= ^ to be pregnant. Agent 
in AL ii^, in i^\. fruit, produce, Lidz. 491. 

iLi^ tan& (in Al. t^), OS., in. i, i) a load, 
burden, cargo. 2) a weight used for com, 
rice &c.= io Urmi batmans, about 320 lb. 
avoird., or for grapes = 7 or 8 batmans. 

* Jii; U'ip, (fr. arab. Uk.mJ^ or OS. Ji^i ?), 
l) tofM, bend, plait, double. 2) to be bent, 
to hang doum. 3) to overthrow. 4) <o gather 

clothes, to kilt. 5) of the day, to draw to an 
end, Jud. xix. 9. 

;ii^ \\\)k, it, prec., m. I, a fold, flap, 
^ see^?. 

^ tap^ K. AL 0S.,=^4. tipl U., i) as OS. 
Ethpa., to stick, adhere, cleave, with a^to; 
to fasten on intr. 2) to be lighted, kindled; 
a o^ ^ ;c^* the flams set fire to; £^ ^ 
^ 6iL wrath is kindled against us. 3) E., to 
wrestle. 4) K. AJ., to catch up, to come to, 
to catch hold of 5) to banter, tease, with a. 
6) to urge, press upon, with a. *j) to be 
catching, infectious. 8) to HI use, with a, La. 
iii. 14. y) ^ 0^ ^ / uxu tired. — v.n. 
&J^ chaff, banter, badinage. See f^i^M* 

;ik^ tip&, (OS. ^5V pl)» m. I, 5, a dot, point; 
a full stop. 

^ t^pd K., turk. jA^ and yA>, f. a title- 
deed for lands. 
Jb^^ AL, see ^^. 
;kb^^ see ;ts^3\. 
,m|A^, Upikh K., to bruise, strike. 

ij^ t^p&yi, m. I, i) OS. % or 1^, tfte 
shoulder of a mountain. 2) <A« projection in 
a fez, to which the tassel is fastened. 

X^^y «lf% (ipil, -il, more often \, arab. 
turk. JjlL, m. i, an infant, a baby, 

Jb^ \kpiB, to be breathless or warm, to faint 
from heat, 

;aav^ tiipqa, a wooden bowl. 

ibfi^ \ipir, arab. J^, of. foil., i) to cope with, 
attack; to put the daws into. 2) to stick to, 
in this sense also hfk q.v. 3) with 2^2, met. 
to interfere in. See ^pi^ 

li^ (ipr&, OS., f. I, 3, a fiat7, claw (in TA. 
by metath. d&^, pL 4). ..joi^isiis^ \^ qari( 
tipratd (lit. a nail-biter), a churl, a miser, also 
\ 2^1 akhil t. 

lls!4!^ or ;^h^3^ \^V^Tik, -Mi U., fr. prec., 
f. 6, a claw, 

jUi^ t^P^<^* ^' ^i ^ cutting of a vine. 
14^ AL, pee 'tcS^. 

joi^ or Jok taq, t^q, pers. turk. jU», m. i, 
an arch. 



^JB^ (aqa AL, arab. j,\^, pi. i, under-gar- 
mentSf lidz. 500; Sa^p ^V> *^ ^^ ^^ 

(s^ t&qat, tark. oJlb, arab. LSlk, f. 

2^ t^rt, (in OS. to beat), 1) to whip up a 
horse &c. ; to drive. 2) to row a boat, to sail, 
to set sail. 3) to pUmgh; tk^ i^ \ to 
pUmgh a field. 4) ^ \ or in Al. %^ \ 
to take one*s ease or pleasure, Socin 145.49. 
5) to hold one's course, Eccles. ii. 3. 6) the 
imp. in Al. = x^m let; ^ip ^^ let us go, 7) 
a&'o^ \ Al., to spend one*s life. — Agent in Al. 
(,^ a salary, Lidz. 501. — See liS^. 

^aa$^22k^ ^irk g6rik, evening tunlight. 
^994^ (rabz^, OS. ^9^^, 'Mtf^^ &c., 
turk. ^sy>j^i Trebizonde. 

^^ t&rid as OS., in Az. and sometimes in 
Al. ^^is q.y., i) to c^n't^ away, drive out, 
banish. 2) to persecute. 

ipbS^ t^rdd Terg., a fuel-cake cut with the 
spade from sheep's dung. 

99)9^ ^rd, kurd. t^, f.,pl. If^, a noisy woman, 
a hussy, a shrew. 

Jb^l6h\ tr&'As, OS., Troas, Acts xx. 5. 

.^t^9\ tr^galiyiin, OS., Trogyllium, Acts 
XX. 15. 

Jboio^o^ t^pim^s, OS., m. Trophimus, 
Acts XX. 4. 

^9^ trdpu^^i OS., f. Tryphena, Rom. 
xvi. 12. 

^9^ tr^pis^ OS., f. Tryphosa, Eom. 
xvi. 12. 

X ^9&V see %is. 

-^ I. tarikh K., i) (cf. arab. -^ to 
prostrate, chald. rno to be tired), to sprawl. 
2) to feel iU. 3) to 6e quiet, n. tirih Al. as 
arab. ^J^, to reject, Sachau 88.83 > ^^ ^^^>^ 
prematurely, miscarry. 

Jbo^&^ tertiyAs, OS., m. Tertius, Rom. 
xyi. 22. 

Jbdla^&^ tertil^, OS., m. Tertullus, Acts 


Jt>6&!^&^ terUrds, OS., Tartarus, 2 Pet. 
ii. 4 marg. 

JdLf^ t^riq, arab. turk. jpj^, f. i, a way, 
method; eB]p. form of religion. 

^bA2\ trakhdna, OS., Trachonitis, Lu. 

111. I. 

>j\\,y>^>y t^m&trim (proparox.), grcwUng, 

Jb6ib^ Ursds, OS., Tarsus, Acts xi. 25. 

iL!^, j^Ji^JAi Al., see '(k. 

^^ t&rip, i) as OS., to dash, strike, dask 
in pieces; jl&ia \ to d^ish to ike ground; 
oi^P^ ^ \ to smite on£s breast. 2) to beeU 
up eggs; to «^r, ^tr up. 3) to ^Aroto in 
wrestling ; to over<Arou7. 4) Al., to knack at 
a door, with iS. — y. n. ^3^ meat that has been 
stirred up in cooking. — See i^p^, ^^ 

0^; terpa, OS., m. i, i) a leaf lit. and of 
a book. 2) a branch, Neh. viii. 15. 

\^9id&4i; ^erpdj4g, m. i, the name of a 

Xj^ terpil, OS. .^^S\, gk. rpi'^yXXor, 

^&^ terpini, f. A-, fr. ik!^, leafy. 

^^ t&ris, cf.^^&), to be or become fat; pp. 
tf(it, or as subs, a failing. 

jbaA^ ^riq K. Al., to wander, Lidz. 502. 

^2:^ tilr&sh4 E., OS., or ^h^ ^lAk U., 
m. I, quercus sterilis, Thes. Syr. 1529, Lidz. 
502 ; loosely a bush. 

^ ^i, OS., to hide intr., to Atcitf oiiMe(f. 


;aad^ tishwd, fr. prec., m. i, privacy, secrecy; 
\p }^ a baclsinting tongue, Prov. xxv. 23; 
^^ privately, secretly; p '^ AL, unknown to. 
In pi. secret places or secrecy. 

Ja^, j(ia£^ AL, see «9(k. 

j&K>; see ^[tl^. 

(kaev^ tibht, or %, arab. turk. caU, m. i 
(in Terg. f.), i) a Iray, dt^A. 2) a portable 


«, the letter ^^6^ yad, OS., f. i, in K. MB. 2, 
i) with EJ1W&9& = ( as in french (hat for final 
Khw&f& in U. Bee Introduction). 2) = y con- 
sonantal. 3) often comhining hoth sounds as in 
9ga ht-yld, where the * first serves for Khw&f i, 
and then as a consonant. * is frequently inter- 
changed with 2 and o. In numhering .*= 10, 
|»= II &c. 

-tt Ash. Tkh. Sal., = t^ 

^ ya, i) OS., Of vocative. ;!&» (, = abL 
q.v. 2) AL, kurd. pers. b, = ^, lidz. 381. 
3) Ti. Ash. Sal, =^ that, the I (see ;o). 

^ yt, yef, denying a negative statement, and 
implying (esp. in U.) that the other speaker 
is wrong, opp. ;ci q.v.: ^^l t^ :^-«^Sf! J^ 
1^ &zit ? y!, bit izin, You will not go, wiU you J 
Yes, I toiU go. 

&f 2I y&-ir, OS., m. Jair, Jud. x. 3. 

o^ ^ ylli Sp., pret. of ;^. 

^ y&nt, OS., m. Jcmna, Lu. iii. 24. 

b^ y4-ir, (not Ti. Ash.; see ^&»), i) to 
hazard, to venture, to be bold, 2) see &^. 

a^i y&rah, inteij., arab. M;b, (lit. Lord !), 
heigh ho ! Mon Dieu /. 

;&9&2:, ^&'i:, see 'C 

«^^ or aifhlf U., or «^} K. Sh., y^rish, y^Hsh, 
^rish, osm. turk. u^j).^, az. turk. (j^, f. i, 
gait, manner of walking, 

JbiBfL y&-w^s, OS., Jebue, Jebuei, Josh, xviii. 
28. (^, a Jdmsite, Qen. x. 16. 

^ y4bl, az. turk. ^.b» m. i, apaekhorse, 

^ y4-win, Psh. % JaJbin, Ps. Ixxxiii. 9. 

jb^u ya-wish, OS., Jahesh, i Sam. xzxi. 12 
(in xi. 5 Psh. has ^t*^)* 

laua^ and ^oA^a^ (dim.) yabish&, -shuna AL, 
fr. jqu, m. I, a raisin, Lidz. 388. 

i2V9u y4w&l, OS., m. Jabal, Qen. iv. 20. 

i^ yMi, OS. ^^, m., a kmd of grass with 
long roots. 

^, iiof &c. Tkh. Ash., see ^. 

•«3Lau ya-w&q, OS., Jabbok, Num. xxL 24. 

;l9&9^ y6rdkh4, OS., m. i, a mandrake. 

% A 

ya-wish AL, OS., to dry, dry up; to be 
hard boiled of eggs ; pp. J dry, 

^BfL y6sb& Al. Ash. as OS., m. dry land; 
the shore of a sea or lake, the bank of a river. 
Dist. ^qI. 

jt^a^u see '^, 

X^ jAghi, az. turk. ^b, kurd. J\ PS. 
282, i) m. I, a rebel. 2) as a^j., f. id., 
rebellious ; ^ik^^^ ?9^ ^ rtM. 

X^ U., or ^ K., yigtn, yftqin, arab. turk. 
^j^, certainly, truly; ;^ certainty. 

l!La J^ y&ghlf q&ri, az. turk. %ji JJb, m. 
black grease used to smear the &ce of a man 
who is to be put to shame for some ofience ; 
cf. ;(sa pOCk. 

^: ya-ir Al., OS. h^, to hire. Cf. tik\i. 

;k^9^ &^ yaghar s4h*d(it& (sic), Pbh. 2Sl\; 
^ibp, the heap of witness, Gilead, Gen. xxxi. 47. 

^?t ycdg&r, m., a man's name now used. 

liLo^ yidWi K. as OS., i) or ;i^^ 
ya^(iw4 U., fr. xjfl, m. i, an acquaintance. 
2)*, also \ as OS., m. i, a wizard. Cf. foU. 

I i:^^^ ySduya K., or li^^^ y&t4w& U., or 
^9^ yadd'a esp. Al., cf. prec, clever, talented, 
knowing, crafty, skilled, ^i^ knowledge, craft. 

JS!^^ y&dhati K., yat- U., f. 6, OS., a 
female aequaintanee. 

^^^^ yaddt^n, Psh. ^^hi, m. Jeduthun, 

1 Chr. xvL 41. 

2^p4 yadldi, OS., f. Jedidah, a woman's 
name now used, a Kgs. xxiL i. 

a^a^ yady&di, OS., m. i, a chameleon. 

eil^p^ or ;jir yadidya, Psh. l^pti ^' Jodidiah, 

2 Sam. xii. 25. 

.^^ y4dil, (^ K. AL), by metath. fr. pi^ q.v., 
i) K. AL, to bring forth, bear a child. 2) to 
lay an egg. Caus. i^p^ip q.v. 

^e2ip^ yidli-wiin, az. turk. ^^^ (JSj, m. a 
mixture, lit. of colours ; sweets, sweetmeats. 

j^ yadh^ E. Al., also y&d^ or yid^ Al. 
Ash., y^i U. Al. (but with d in other tenses), 





jkih^ Sh., OS., irreg. v. (Gram. 125), v.n. 
masc. form with a, ^a^a bidoiya U., bidhaiya 
K., bidaya Sh., fem.^jte^a* (below), imp. ^a^. 
df (in Tkh. dhi) or in Al. ^^ idhi, in Ti. 
x69f idhA, to know, sometimes with a; to 
discern. The pp. (^j^ diy& (f. jt^>. dit4), or 
in Al. Tkh. ^^ idhlya, often = acquainted (foil. 
by ^ = with\ or vxU Jcnown^ famous^ so prin- 
eipal, also Jiaxd, appointed, 9et, or as subs, an 
acquaintance. In the first pres. the p is often 
silent in Sal. Gaw., as ^fl yka = ^pl / Jctiow 
[so in Az. jI<=;LaJ!, A^=:j.^ ^, ^o^^= 

In Al. ^fa^ ^ is pron. ky^din, k^din^ kidin or 
kyadin, Sachau 45, 46.— ^f pi ^a ia{ 4t ki y&fit 
(U.), it is yowr affair (so all persons). ^ J^a* 
dill, in reply to information given, / under- 
stand. See ;»?o». — Cans, s,^, '^i^, &c. q. v. 
Agent }^pi yadha'& Ash., yada'a Al., TA. ^<, 
t$jL^ yadhana K., y&^na U., acquainted or 
an acquaintance (^&9jlaJl or in Sal. li^a^^ 
yandwd, knowledge)^ fem. v.n. SS>^ ifi^J^) 
d^ta, knowledge (OS. and TA. i^^). 

li^a^£. Sal., and jti^^, see prec. 

oil y&, OS.*, «/aA, much used at the beginning 
of a letter, written with three dots above and 
one below, to denote the Triune God. 

aovi, OS. rt., see .Isovi. 

;^i?^ ya-wal&h& (proparox.), OS., m. 
Deusdedit, a man's name still used in E. 

^Si. y&-wil, irreg. v. (Gram. 126), OS. past 
a^, the 1^ being added in NS. in some forms 
only, in first pres. only in 3 sing. (.1?5^, ;?eil, 
k^ &c.) [so Piz.^ot, tscffoi, ^is^ai] ; masc. v.n. 
in U. Sh. ;^o^ y&wd, in K. Z. ^(^ haw&, in 
Al. Az. ik^oj. hwali or ;?<^ ihaw& (Sachau 53), 
all with '^a if a precedes; pp. ^at^ jAwk 
(f. Ji^oif yiwilt4) in U., but in K. Sh. ^01. 
h!w& (f. jfti-), in Gaw. fypm>^ hdyi (f. j^^^^ 
hyAta), in Al. Ash. Az. i^ou. hwil4 (f. ;^- 
hwiltA), in Sal. ^^ai^y^wi (f. jft^or jft^oj.. ydkhUL, 
hytlkhta, see Introduction) ; imp. tia^, Aaoy, 
^ci, hal, haldn (=0S. TA. 4197, 0907); pret. 
in U. Al. ^pi^ yiwili (-W AL), [with fem. obj. 
in U. Al. 0^ ;3ot^ or 'oj^ yAw&l!, yiwall, also 
in Al. o^ ^aif ih!w41* or hwilal6], in Al. Ash. 
also oi^ovi hwil^ and wiU, iu Sal. e^ ^oi^ 

yaghli, in K. J. Z. TA. o^ ^ov. hyuli, i) to 
give, (usually with A, whence the superfluous 
»^ of this verb ; rarely with a), to bestow (with 
klji.), grant, ascribe, give forth; ey^^oa \ to give 
forth the voice, a) to inflict, bring upon, with 
«ljb or p ^ha. 3) to appoint. 4) to seU; 
^^ts S^ \ to sell at one tuman; iaJ^ \ to 
exchange for bread. 5) <o6ear fruit. 6) used 
to form a causative, as ^^i^ao^ «>^^ U., he 
caused him to be loved. Fhbases : /Ko^^ 2^1 \ 
(or with S) to submit to; ^ o^ \ Al. to make 
for, to go towards; A lk^bol^\ to magnify; 
^iS^'fc to venture with infin.. Acts xix. 31 ; for 
other phrases with substantives, see the latter. 
— No Cans. — Agent, ^aii y&w&n4, in Ash. 
i^a^. y&w&U [Az. ;LJ*]. Fem. v.n. O^ai 
yawalti U. Ti., ;Jia<l^.haltA Tkh., ;!ii?o,^yiwalt& 
Al. (or ^oi walta), &p^ y6t& Aah. 

ooyi y4hd, OS., m. Jehu, 2 Kgs. ix. 2. 

;e^ iwa, (3 pi. 00^ iwa), he {Ae, it) was. 
Also to make an imperfect, as looim ^iC%p 
bipr&q^ w^, he was finishing; ;ooi» )&iflfK sha- 
pirt6 wa, she was beautiful; but ioci ^ '^ 
bipr&q6 win w&, I was finishing. See ^4* 

•^loe^ y&hu-4kh&z, OS., m. Jehoahaz, 2 Kgs. 
X. 36. 

^90^ Ihdd, OS., f. Judaea, Mat ii. i. 

l^^oif ihada {p K. Al.), OS., m. Judah, 
Judas, Jude, Gen. xxix. 35, Jude i. 

^f ip^dii. y^da-lt (oxytone), OS.*, in the Jews' 

|;^^9oi.., il^^ait, both as OS., or ^p9«i», 
yAd&-y4, ihdd., hM-, f. &.-, {p in K. Al.), Jew, 
Jewish; ^^9- f. Judaism. 

t^^ooi^ yiidit, OS., f. Judith, a woman's 
name now used, Judith viii. i. 

00^ see loof^. 

?o9oj^ yih&wi, m. Jehovah. Compounds: 
ailkf \ y. yir'i RV., (Psh. lu^ ^&i) Jehovah 
jireh, Gen. xxii. 1 4 ; *«4 '^ y. nasi, (Psh. '1 ^&»), 
Jehovah nissi, Ex. xvii. 1 5 ; po^ \ y. sh&lum, 
RV., (Psh. ^n!lkx j^aAo), Jehovah shalom, Jud. 
vi. 24 ; ow ^u or ^ '.. y. shama, (Psh. ^&io 
i^4f»4()i Jehovah shammah, Ezek. xlviii. 35. 

>9S;o«i^ yihftram, Psh. p^6m, m. Jeftoram, 
2 Kgs. iii. I, (Psh. W in 2 Chr. xxi. 3). 



^ovi. yahttflhwi BV., or as Psh. Jcjadu 
ydshwa, f. Jehosheba^ 2 Kgs. xi. 2. 

\lxo«»I y&hibb&p&t, OS., m. JehoshaphiU, 
2 Chr. xviii. i ; or ^so* }nbhapa( old ver. as 
Pfih. ill I Kgs. xxii. 8. 

^6i^ yahani, (see ^), ihit. 

^ y&hfif, 08., f. Jahaz, Jer. xlviii. 21. 

;o2 yaw^ K., = Ifci ^2, ^ ti, (Aer^ is, 

^io» y&'&w, OS., m. Joab, a mau's name 
now used, 2 Sam. xx. 7. 

A»2o» yii'il, OS., m. ./oeZ, a man s name 
now used, Joel i. i. 

^2a» see ^. 

«&'}b» yii ar&sh, OS., m. Jairui, Mk. v. 22. 

«io» yii'&sh, OS., m. Joash, 2 Kgs. xiii. 9. 

^^ y&bawa, OS.*, m. i, jubilee; r^^^ 
laa^^ jubilee trwnpeU, Josh. vi. 4. 

.^ttft yfi-w41, OS., m. Jubcd, Gen. iv. 21. 

^a» yiid, OS., i) see*. 2) f. i, ajoi, atitUe, 

;I^o» see 'oo(». 

loof iw^wi m., ;iof iw&w& f., K. (not 
common), =;o^, )oo (see loot). 

1^%^ ytizbashl K., turk. ^b j^ (^v^i 
a hundred), m. i, a c^n^urum. 

dBpto» yiiz&daq, OS., m. Jozadek, Ezra iii. 2. 

«»Of, ^o» twftkh, iw&khn (the last oxytone 
and U. only), or .(juif iwiikhnt Tkh., or «M*ot 
Iwikh Ti. Al. Ash., or ^Of iwikhn Ti. (oxytone), 
%oe are. See 9{^, 

^la» yiUcha, az. turk. 1^^, m. i, thin bread 
or eeike. 

ydyada, OS., m. Jehmada^ 2 Kgs. xi. 4. 
Jf, r^y see ^^a^. 

« . 

»o» yiikhlam4 Al., turk. i^^jj, a parade, 
muster, Lidz. 386. 

^o» ydkhan, OS., f. Joanna, Johanna, Lu. 
viii. 3. 

^L^ yiikhanan, OS., m. John, Johanan, 
now much used as a man's name. ^^mAjo \ 
y. mimid&na U. or ^^^eisp y. ma*mdana K. 
OS., John the Bajvtist. 

}Am/^ yfikhsa U. Az., turk. i^m^^, or, 
or else, 

XSfUbm^ jTilkhs&l, f. id., turk. J.«i^^, needy, 
destitute, in want, friendless. 

yAy^khin, OS., m. Jehoiachin, 2 Kgs. 
xxiv. 6. 

ya^tiii^ y^y&qim, OS., m. Jehuiakim, 2 Kgs. 
xxiv. 6. 

^i-Jf, ^^^» see 6^. 

^^ see «»«». 

§ia4a» or &9- as OS., yukhi-wid, -war, f. 
Jochabed, a woman's name now used, Ex. vi. 20. 

^o» or ^o» yAk&g, -ak U., az. turk. diS^, 
m. I, a wooden stand on which hed-clothes are 
placed by day. 

i^ot, yikkhanya, OS., m. Jeconiah, Jer. 
xxiv. I. 

i^ see iiau. 

i;^6m yiiliya, OS., f. JuUa, Kom. xvi. 15. 
Jbot^om ylily^B, OS., m. Julius, Acts xxvii. i. 

^om yttlp&n&, OS., m. i, 1) learning, 
doctrine. 2) a sect, Acts v. 17. 

p6m y^m, OS., abs. and coustr. st. of foil, 
i) in Z. nsed absolutely, = folL 2) in U. K. 
only in compounds as p^t^ killyfim, dailtf, 
every day, p6m^ idyA, daUy. 

^ol yAm4 Ash. Ti. Al. Z. TA. as OS., or 
>»a» ydma (under influence of prec.) U. Tkh. 
and sometimes AL, m. i, 3 in K. AL Z., 4 in 
IT. AL Z., i) a day^ i.e. 24 hours; see ^ii^i. 
2) sing, only, the sun. See ^^. 3) in pL 
met. age of a man. ^a^2 \, ^&»2 '», also in 
K. 'm2 ^e«a the day after t<hmorrow or the 
day before yesterday, also (in narration) the 
following day; shortened to ^ in the phrase 
^ ^oM^ goodrday to you, Socin 180 n.; 
(;^£l) ^o» ^ ^ or ^oJjo ^i^eli ^ on one of 
those days, one day in narration ; ^b» p6m!^l 
(so also Az.) = >9o»^2 t<hday; ^o2 &4^ ^ol 
Al. or ^»aft S^a U. q/^ some days; 'C^ ^imi 
^ '&. ^ ro l>ro{an^ (A« {«> of, Ps. IxL 6 ; ^6m 
^oA (or 'aci), or 'o» ^ ^o» or 'o»o ^6m J^Aa or 
^0*0 'dii or '6S '6^ ^ or oppd^ 'o* or ^&^ ^^o^: 
or ^& Jif '&. or '&i '&. ^ (ia%, yrom time to 
time or (last three forms) yearly (Jud. xxi. 
19); f^6mp tw* a yeaWy saerifiee, i Sam. 
XX. 6 ; '& ^0* a year, j)er annum, Jud. xvii. 10 ; 


^oja0b» ^* all thy days; ^oA ;j^o»? ihs.'^ ^* 
<U every yearns end; j{^p '©•* a /t*/Z year/ 
'&. ^ £;S^* ^Aree /t^W y«ir«/ '&. ^ '&a* m 
process of time; ^& ;1^ a^^* the spcice of a 
month; ^o» ^^ l^il these many days; ^sb' ^ 
p &^ 'ct> long after that; so ^o» absolutely = 
/or several days; '& iSkOJb Aii^* once m ten 
days, Neh. v. i8; '&p ^&^ /^ ever; ^^1 
^b» ;qr!? a5ou< this time. — See 2&a«*, ^a^, J^^. 

^o» yiimaran K., OS., for % p6^, m., a 
man's name now used. 

^Of twin, also in K. $2of , $2oor, $lom iw^na, 
w^na, haw^na, / am, see ey^; the fern, is i^ 
iw&n, also ^20f iw4n& K., ^2o^ w4na Ash. — 
^ ^1 an^ win, it is I, I am lie, 

^ yawau, OS., i) m. Javan. 2) f. Greece^ 
Gen. X. 2 &c. 

$oil yona, OS., m. f. i, 3, a c^cn^. 

^o» yiina, OS., m. Jonah, Jonas, a man's 
name now used, Mat. zvi. 1 7. 

A^f dol yona-it (oxytone), OS.*, in Greek; as 
subs, the Greek language. 

^b» or 'oi ytinja, yo-, turk. ^y.y f. i, 
clover, dried or fresh. 

^alo»yiinad&w, OS., m. Jonadab, Jehonadah, 
a man's name now used, 2 Kgs. x. 15. 

9A0I yond, az. turk.^^3^ i f«i a woman's name 
now used. 

^o» yuniya, OS., f. Junia^ Rom. xvi. 7. 

laol yon&yft, f. £^, OS., GVeei(;; ^o:^ of Uke 
Alexandrian ^ro, see 1^. 

^ol y6nan, OS., m. Jonah, Jonas^ still much 
used as a man's name, Jon. i. i. 

^iufloi..b ^2 ^fol y6nat iliro rkbdqim*, the 
silent dove of them that are afar off{^), the 
name of a tune, Ps. Ivi. title. 

jt^oil ya-wint4 AL, f. 6, fem. of ^o^ Lidz. 387. 

^o» yunatin, OS., m. Jonathan, still much 
used as a man's name, i Sam. xiii. 2. 

;oo» y^t, OS., Jose, Lu. iii. 29. 

jbbV^o» yllstus, OS., m. Justus, Acts i. 23. 

JbbAfibo» yiistpiis, OS., m. Josephus. 

«teQl yosip, OS., m. Jonph, still much used 
as a roan's name, Oen. xxx. 24. 

^b» yupt, OS., f. Joppa, Jaffa^ Jon. L 3. 

^o» y&pand, OS., m. JepliMmneh, Num. 

... ^ 

Xlll. o. 

^ajbOfe see ^aiau. 

2fiLB9k» yilqr4, OS., m. i, a weight, load^ 
burden; in Al. in pi. baggage^ Lidz. 405. 
.\i \ pal to 60 hurdeTisome to, 2 Cor. xii. 13. 

^filLoo* yiiqrani, f. jt^-, heavy, weighty, 

|&^ y&-war, turk. j^b (lit. an aide-de-camp), 
m. 1, a major, 

iboi yaur! (nearly), turk. cf;jb (lit. young 
one), m., a man's name now used. 

)e475o» ydro'am, OS., m. Jercboam, 1 Kgs. 
xi. 26. 

Xtlji^ yiirgh&, az. turk. is^jy,^ m. i, i) 
ambling ; jog trot ; \i^io amble, to jog, 2) an 
ambling horse. 

pbom yiird, turk. x^, f. i, a habitation/ 

^p&dft yiirdn&n, OS., m., i) the Jordan. 
2)* met a font. 

S6h6^ y^ir^p> = 2io&o2; ^^- European. 
^Of&ol or ^o» U., see ^&a». 

t^&9« yiirkha (so also TA.),=:OS. )&&92, 
m. I, length; l^^ id. See ^a». 

>9&'o» y^r&m, OS., m. Joram, 2 Chr. xxii. 7 ; 
Jorim, Lu. iii. 29. 

;i9bV yiir&qa K. as OS. or la^oL or '6^ 
y6riq& U. or U^^hl yardqa Ash. Al. as OS. (so 
kurd. jjj^b PS. 347), f. jJttt-, i) green. 2) Kwci, 
JX1/0, Rev. vL 8. See jb^. 

;lb&9k» yiirqani Al., m. green (subs.), Lidz. 

;^&o2 ya-wert&, az. turk.^, f. 6, a yovng 
female buffalo. C£ 2&o». 

ikkh^ ydrtana, OS.*, m. i, an inheritance, 

^k^ yosha m., usually f. 3, the name of a 
large bird like a goose, inhabiting the lake 
shore; but JixoL y4-wisht& Al. (or y6wiaht&, 
Socin), = ^atuif a redrlegged partridge^ Socin 
127.2. Dist. ^. 



|f«o» y^hlya, OS., m. Josiahj Josias^ 2 Kgs. 
xxii. I, Mat. i. 11. 





\ilat^ see \kKbti:. 

:Sxol see ^on. 

j^Of twit, but in Tkh. twith, or ^Vff twltin 
U., iwlthin Tkh., or ^A^Of Iwithini Tkh., 
masc. ; and «^df iwat, but in Tkh. iwath, or 
^^^«r iwatin U.,iwathin Tkh., or ^iKOf twathlni 
Tkh. fern., Uum art. See ^i^, 

pkc^ j^ikm, OS., m. Jotham, Jud. ix. 5. 

p«f yazd or yezd, pers. jpl, f., a city in 
Central Persia. 

p&4^«^ yazdgerd, pers. o^/o^l, m., a famoos 
king of Persia. 

Xiko^ y&z&i>a, OS.*, m. i, a borrower, opp. 
^9010, Isa. xxiv. 2. 

»^«I Al.,=t^2, Lidz. 393. 

iSjI y&zip, (esp. Ti.), OS., to borrow. Cans. 
^«o q.v. 

^L4 yakhd&n, pers. ^^Ijl^, m. i, a box, 
chest; a large carpet bag. 

X 2^ ikhidi, OS.*,=foll.; t^^^ my darling 
{my soul), Ps. xxxv. 17. 

t;:^ lkhid&-yi, OS.*, i) f. &r, ofdy 
begotten, often as subs.; an only child. 2) 
solitary, 3) m. i, a hermit; also used some- 
times for monks in a monastery (see p&). 

&0Mu4 or lH- yakhmftr, -r&, OS., Bnh.jy^^, 
m. I, an an/elope, a roebuck. 

^w yahn^ A1., turk. .<l^, a AcuA, Jteur, 
Lidz. 394. 

|^fftii4 yakhsir, kurd. yakhsir and yasir 
Garz. 109, 242, m. i, a captive, prisoner; 
also &fftt ^^ ^' — K^Jf (^2) «^a!S to carry or 
take i^nfien) captive; 'ta ^\n^ a spoUer, one 
who takes captive. See j^. 

^ ya-ya, az. turk. {^, m. i, a furrow, a 
newly sown row. Also J^a iy&. 

;^ ya-yl 8p., irreg. v. (Gram. 126), v.n. 
^, jlU; imp.t*; pp.|f«»; agent ^iil y^yina ; <o 

^ y&-yagh, f. id., az. toi^. ^, helpless, 
not energetic. 

iJl yaiUgh, turk. ^^b, f. i, a tMmnifr 
^ftj y^, m. a wife's sister's husband. 

^ yek&, f. id., as. turk. iJo, big, large. 

&§^ or t^^ yikj&r, -rl K., kurd.^U. db 
(lit. once) Lerch 118, Nold. 168, entireiy, 
quite, very, 

jfj^^i jekk'j&ti, fr. Ja^, f. largeness. 

1^ yak&n&, f. )t^, pers. turk. i.jUo, i) 
only begotten, only as a child; ^^la^ my darling, 
Ps. xxxv. 17. 2) Al., separate, Lidz. 394. 

: j2^ or 29;2k: y&li, fr. OS. 2^ or arab. JL^, 
m. I, i) a ^. 2) esp. Al., a son. 3) a cAtli 
esp. in pi. 4) with 2S'ol«9, an infant. 

i^ y&li U. Sal., OS. past Hi (E-Syr.) or 
:^l, to lament, wail. Cans. 2^ and f|^; 
the v.n., pp., and sometimes pret. imp. and 
agent are formed fr. ^, Gram. 126. 

2^, ^, see 9{^. 

J4^ see -A.. 

j^ y&lid, OS., (see ^^), i)to ^r children, 
sometimes absolutely; .900^ ^ oH pA^? d'lidla 
q& yaqd (or ^a^), tcAom «^ bare unto Jacob, 
Gen. xxxiT. i. 2) to lay eggs. 3) to 60 bom; 
also in pass. — Rare in U. K.; the 2 pres. is 
01^ 2^>kfa bil&d^ It. Cans. 9^ q.T. 

292^, alo^, ;i.^, see )£, ^o^, ;(^. 

2f^ yald&, OS., i) a man*8 name now used. 
2) K., usually '* i^ or '«. ^, Christmas. 3)* 
6tr<A, Mat i. 18. 

;&>^ yaUd-t4, OS.*, f. 6, a tronion tn child- 
birth, a mother. 

o{^ ili, sometimes in U. ^Aoyif ilin{, with 
feni. 01^, tMi^ Hi, -inl, A« t>, #A« is, it is; 
opif od^ it is he. For pi. see .»«|A» ; see also 
^, <Ko», imO*, .^(Sft. The point under Yudh 
usually drops if a vowel sound pirecedes, with 
or without 2, and the Tudh coalesces, as 
o{^ ^i n&sh^ W, he is a man. Gram. 95 ; so in 
other persons, ^, imO* &c. The Az. forms of 
the substantive verb are m^, 9/^, ts^, «a^ (t), 

X 2^0^ y ilddi, OS. *, m. I , a father, i Job. v. i . 

ip^ yal^hi K., OS., m. i, a boy; e^ in 
pL, children, 

^m^ see.»«iA». 

)lb^ y&ldni, dim. of 2^:, m. i, a HtOs boy; 


also ^bV mni and ^o^ yaldnka in Ash., 
Lidz. 382. 

;h^ or ': yaiapi or ya-, f. Jga- yaltipta, ya-, 

1) OS. (but usually ^^l: in OS.), c^«w, acw<«, 
given to learning, intelligent. 2) second form, 
OS.*, a learner, 

f\I or %^ yaliz, la iz, arab. JoJ orjJ conj. v., 
to hasten intr. In U. usually %^ q.v. 

Of\^ or ^9«^ yalzu or -zd^ or in Ash. 9*4^ 
Wzil, fr. prec, f. haste, 

t,^ or 4^ y&Ukh, y41ligb, az. turk. cVL, 
m. I, a glutton, volupttuiry. 

l\^J^ yalkhiiza K., m. i, afod. 

.•mI^ yilkbS, az. turk. ^J^-y f. i, a herd of 
horses, a stud; a drove. 

£J^ yAlikhti U., az. turk. jJbb, f. 6, t) a 
handkerchief, often with ^s^p, 2) a towel, 

A2 y&l{, pers. turk. JU, m. i, a mane, 

J^ see ••^■i)^. 

;^^ Uidiiti, OS.% f., i) birth, 2) (A« 
attribute of being begotten. 3) genealogy, 
Mat i. I . 

.t,m^ M (oxytone) K. J. Al. Ash. or .yinfliA? 
ll^ni J. or ^^ il^ Al. or ^ Ina U. Q. Sal. 
Sp. or .»ju ini Tkh., they are. See oyi*. 


^i^ yilkan, turk. ^;5Jb, m. i, the sail of a 

^a^4 yalma, m. i (or in K. f.), the face, 

J^ yalip, OS., i) to leaim; hence 2) to 
become accustomed to (in K. of persons also). 
)i6 5u| \ to learn fluently; iS^^oa \ AL, to 
learn Syriac. Caus. Ji^ and Ji^ q.v. 

.l9Jil^ yilp^) az. turk. d^Jb, m. i, a/an. 

\ ^ to ybn. 

jg!^ yWi?, (OS. past^j tr.), i) to dw/rew. 

2) to 6e distressed, to be anxious, See^^^. 

*o^l^ yalfd or -sd^, fr. prec., f., pi. ^o^ 
yalsdwi, distress, trouble, 

}X y&lt&, fern, of iL, f. 8, a girl. 

^ y&mt, as OS., also ^ m&-yt U. and ^\ 
iml MB. Sb., to M(?ear, toA« an oath (with a= 
(^ a person) ; i^9?i^ \ to swear falsely. Inf. 

^!i^ Itmayd; v.n. j^ m6ik (in Ash. an oath). 
Caus. ^2m», ^, and t^; Oram. 127. 

X;iif yima, i) OS. TA. % f. 3, a mother. 

2) Terg. the first milk given after beai-ing. 

3) see a^ooi. 

^ y&m4, or Al. as OS. %, f. 3 (m. in OS. 
Al., rarely elsewhere), a sea, a lake; Joib^ \ the 
Red Sea (lit. sea of reeds) ; \p i^sea-weed, 

Jb^aaalyambris, OS., m,Jambres, 2Tiin.iii.8. 

\o^ or ^ y^m&g, -&k, turk. eUj, f. i, 
food; a *dish.' 

^oMb see ioSkm, 

X(a»^ yamay4 Al., fr. ^, m. i, a sailor, 
seaman, Lidz. 399. 

^k^^ and ik'^iOf yim&-yiita, yimiita, fr. ^, 
f. 6, 9, motherhood, 

tc^ yamlmi, PsIl ^om^S, f. Jemimah, a 
woman's name now used. Job xlii. 14. 

$^ ykmink, OS., f. i, 1) ths right hand, 
right (opp. left) ; \p ^ the right eye; \p ^^^ 
the right side of thy face; thy right cheek. 
Also \p i^fl the right hand; 'J^ or \ ^ or 
^^^ on the right hand. 2) a cubit. 

fl^ yamtn&-y4, f. j^-, OS., on the right 
hand; right-handed. 

l^^ see 'io^^. 

jCfM^ y^mish U., turk. ,jiU^, m. i (y^mlsbi)^ 
fruit, e.g. grapes, apples &c. 

i^ yamla, OS., m. Imlah, i Kgs. zzii. 8. 

}foi yamn^ Al., arab. Ll»j = ^^^ ; }!•% Al. 
= ju»f or = ^EfiOf?. 

^^jo^ yams^ K.,= )^ ^2 he can. 

j^ yamti Al., fr. ^, f. a lake, Lid£. 399. 

^ yan, kurd. ^^, or, or else; at any raie;^ 
Ml . . • af either . . . or. 

)it see^^fAii. 

^a^ yangchiHy^ Al., turk. c£^^^. 
Janissaries, Lidz. 402. 

»AuI yinis, OS., m. Jann«#, 2 Tim. iiL & 


J^ yansh&p*, heb. ^^}l, m. i, (he grmi. 
ouH, L^v. xi. 1 7. 


yas, turk. ^b, f. lamentation^ mourning. 

Vi^B^ yisdra IT. or 'I Al or l^l Al. or ib'orib 
K.,= 2b'^i OS., m. I, a fastening ^ bond, band, 

l^^ jasakh, f. id., turk. ^jL^j forbidden, 

t&ij^ or 22k^ Al.,=afft.4> Sachau 33. 

^fMoJi y&smin and ^al yasamin, pers. turk. 
J - » -^2; jessamine. Also ^ooJi y&s&m&n, as 
az. turk. ^L.»U ; this form is also used as a 
woraan*s name. 

jo^ (bo also TA.), = ^. 

laibJ. yasr^ Al., arab. (.<^^, = ISloi q.v., the 
left hand, Lidz. 404. 

.\j'Cftf isra-yil, OS., m. Israel, Qen. xxxil. 28; 
^* lis the Children of Israel. ?I\\ift> Israelite. 

^3J^ yabas, not P&h., Jabez, i Chr.ii. 55, iv. 9. 

jt^jO^ ylziqtha Al.,= ;;dii, a signet-ring, 
Sachau 60. 

^ yaal, Psh. X.^, f. Jael, Jud. iv. 17. 

;^omlu or ?j^*ytt\» as OS. (but OS. pi.), yamd^^ 
-Isa, arab. l^g»«), m. i, i) both forms, rhubarb. 
2) second form, with Ji^p, K., a vine-shoot 

;jlu yani, arab. turk. kurd. ^jl»> , lit. it means, 
so / mean, thtU is, that is to say, much used in 
translating from one language to another in 
giving the equivalents. 

m^yaniQAYf.,=9iii^^,Iknawhim. SeeJ^. 

^om^ y&q^i OS., m. James, Jacob, still much 
used as a man's name, Ja. i. i ; (a- a Jacobite 
or West Syrian, so named from Jacobus 

;f yapt, also in U. ^ payi, in MB. as OS. 
^1 ipi, i) to bake. 2) met. to harm, injure. 
Caus. ^ or ^ip U., ^ Sal. Q. Oaw., ^ K., 
^Mo Al., Oram. 127. Agent $^ a baktr; in 
Sal. often in constr. st. ^mJS ^ japy&n lakhmi. 

faAolI yapOnchf, turk. hj^jAj, f. i, a large 
hair doak without sleeves. 

xjL japl, Psh. Jfift, Japhia, 2 Smd. t. 15. 

«.5klu yspr&kh AL, arab. ,^j^,=:M^^ 
Lidz. 405. 

Jaa^ jipidiqiii, tork. JJllAj^, f. glue. 

^ y6ft (the / feeble), OS., m. Japheth, 
Gen. V. 32. 

-.^ see '«u. 

|S^ yas&r, f. id., az. turk.^Lo, of. OS. ^ijgf, 
stvhbom, obstinate, pugnacious, esp. of dogs. 

lij^ya^ra, OS., m. i, mind, thought, imagin- 
ation, fancy. 

^ yiqid, OS., to bum intr. ; pp. sometimes 
absolutely a burnt offering. See ^. 

^pi4 yaqd&n& as OS., or ^a^ yttqd&ni K., 
m. I, fuel, esp. wood. 

^^ or as OS. l^^ y&qand,-d&, gk. v€uu9$os, 
m. I, a jacinth. 

X^^otii y&qttnd&y&, f. j(^, OS., of jacinth. 

llb'dA: y&qiir&, also % in Al., (both OS.), 
f. ik^, i) heavy, large; ikbot^ 2^2 met. 
oppression. 2) met. stupid, slow, dow ofspeeA, 
duU of hearing; ^p \ slow of heart. 3) 
honourable, weighty. 4) eamett, grave, serious, 
5) Al., precious, costly. 6) burdensome, troubU- 
same. — \ ^al^ a nightmare; ^i^&«ik ^^1»^ 
iiqlii y&qdrt4, pregnant. 

k^ y &qiit, arab. v£>^b , a ruby. 

^^ y&qt^n, OS., m. Joktan, Gen. x. 25. 

2^9fii» see ipomO. 

lliLiiL yaqira or y&-, K. AL, f. ;k^, OS., 
i) honourable. 2) of ihingB, weighty. 

^Hf yiqn&, (fr. ^ja q. v. to be green), m. i, 4, 
herb, grass. 

&fiu y&qir K. Al., i) (as OS. ^ir, &#•!) to 
be or make heavy. 2) AL, met. to trouble; H 
^^ liLak, never mind. 3)= &|0 q.v., to affirm. 
Caus. ib^. See h^. 

^ yfiqshin, OS., m. Jokshan^ Gen. zxr. a. 
hti AL, see ^&». 

^ y^, turk.^, f. plaos, space, room. 
9^ yariw, Psh. ^, m. ./arefr, Hos. Y. 13. 
a^k Bee a&2». 

jb^^ yerbd, OS. ;l-, arab. tork. *^ » m« i> 
a jerboa; a coney, Lev. xi. 5. 

9&^ yerd, OS., m. Jared, Gen. t. 15. 
^f ^yiHiba'al, Psh.^f ^ m.J€nMagl, 
Jnd. vi. 32. 


l^bal Al., see ^bo». 

Iko^ ykr^tk, OB*, m. i, an inheritor, heir, 

;ko^ yardtha K. Sh. (see $2u, i^i), kurd. 
Uj\j PS. 347, 'iarii ' Garz. 154, f. 6, 9, a jest, 
a joke, 

«»2u y&rakh, OS., m. Jerah, Gen. x. 26. 
Ijf^ jkrkkh6 Al., = ;^^i, guests, Lidz. 407. 

;1^ yerkh4, OS., m. i, a month; 2&'ep^? ^«. 
a lunar month. 

I ^(^^ yaHkh& or y&-, f. j^ yarikhtA, ya-, 
fr. ^a:,=OS. ^bi, long; Jt^^ eyj^l met. rtcA, 
powerful, abo thievish; jt^t^ «)9^ longskjffer- 
ing (see v^). 

:t;IiA»aJ. yaiikhii4-y&, or y&-, £ ;iJ»-, fr. prec, 
sometohat long, oblong, prolate, 

^5: yarikh, (OS. past ^^ and ^^), i) to 
lengthen intr., to 66 prolonged, to get long, to he 
tedious; ^oll ^hiL yarkhS khaiydkh, long life 
to you ! 2) met. to lie doum, to stretch oneself. 
Cans. ^^ q.v. or in Asb. Al. ^a^jp. 

^^ yerld, f. id., turk. j]^, indigenous, 
n<ttive, bom or grown on the spot. 

>sa:(80 alsoTA.), = >sjS. 

^SL yar&na K. (ylrin^ Q. Sal.), m. i, also in 
Al. h^ jkr, m. 4, pers. kurd. j\j, kurd. (jc^b 
Garz. 89, i) a friend. 2) AL, a lover. The 
fern, in Al. is li^^, Lidz. 406. 

Jal y^p, =.S2&', to roost. 

ja'^l y&riq Al., OS., or Jol^i r&-iq (q.v.) Tkh., 
to be green or livid. Cans. ^&». 

^iu^ yerqi, OS., m. i, i) a herb, grass. 
2) greens, vegetables. 

^^ yerq&n&, OS.*, m. mildew. 

*?> see «J3^. 

^^ yirit, OS., to inherit ; to take possession of 
an inheritance ; to be heir to, withii^ Agent l^khl 
an heir. Cans. ^|>&», in TA. M^^, in Al. ^a*». 

;khl AL, Bee ^&... 

;i.9^^ y&rtAthA K. AL, OS., f. 6, 9, on 
inheritance, a possession. 

^dia .^ yashwf bniiy not Psh., Ishbibenob, 
2 Sam. xxi. 16. 

u yashb^, Psh. ^^, Ishbakf Gen. zxv. 2. 

;oab yashw&j OS., m. Ishua, Gen. xlvi. 1 7 ; 
;Ie- a Jesuits, Ishvite, Num. xxvL 44. 

*oau yashwl, OS., m. Isui, Ishui, Gen. 
xlvL 17. 

s,6au Ishd, OS., [Az. J^^oau], m. Jesus, Joshua, 
Jeshua, still very commonly used as a man's 
name. ^ kfi ^» Joshua the son of Nun; the 
full name is almost always given to this Joshua, 
and formerly it was used in full as a man's 
name. — X^' isbd'ayi, i) a Christian (rare). 
2) a Jesuit. 

.?^^&k^ tshiiyiw, OS., m. Jesusdedit, Jesu- 
jabus, a man's name still sometimes used in K. 
(lit. Jesus gave). 

^b9au yishiiriin, Psh. A^<ft>, Jedwuron, 
Jesuron, Deut. xxxii. 15. 

* • 

y&shm&q, turk. jh*Ml\j, m. i, a yashmak, 
a lady 8 veU worn in Turkey &c.; by the 
E-Syr. women worn over the head and brought 
round to cover the mouth, but not the noee 
and eyes. 

^l4 yashpi, ro. i, or as OS. oifa^ yashpi, m. 
jasper f Ex. xxviii. 20. 

&b see ik»fl. 

sftjl y&tiw U. E. as OS. (but ^ even in K., 
iS in OS.), or a^l &tiw AL MB.; imp. ao(K m. 
^ofi^ £ td, also W (m. £) U., tdkh SaL (see 
Introduction) [often ^^ ^oSk], pi. ^06^ tfiw^, 
or in U. ^«^6<^ t&yiin and M^ots tfimdn, in 
Sal. tiimdkh ; in Ti. the imp. is ^^» s^otn, tA 
tiw&, pi. ^^..^6^ t^w^ tiwi, (Gram. 128); 
i) to sit, sit doum; pp. sitting; of one lying 
down, to sit up, 2) to dwell, reside, UvSy 
sojourn, encamp; to stay, abide. 3) to Ke 9m 
snow, all as OS. 4) Al., to cease, stop. — 
Phbases : .fM^a \ to travel by sea; ^Mi^ki \ 
to drive in a carriage ; ^oib klj^ \, esp. K., to 
ride on horseback; p ikoaa \ to succeed another ; 
jl^ ^ ^» AL, to awake; ;^9^iw» ^* AL, to &e 
dethroned. Cans. a:j^ U. K., '» Sal. U. Oaw., 
'mo Al. as OS., and ^^. Masc. v. n. ^tik 
ty&w&, a dwelling; fem. v. n. j^i^ t6t& K., or 

ftud. ty6ta U. 

I ^9^ yatdroa or y&-, also AL as OS. } ^l^^ 
yathm&, m. i, an orphan; ^ \ berea/ved qf. 


^6^ itun U. K. (but ithdn Tkh.), or olK^ itii 
Ti., ithii Tkh., or ^^»^df Bo. q.v. or ^Jkooof 
Al. q.v., you are, ye are, not used in addressing 
a single person; with a pronoun ci^l oft^l 
akhta 6ta Ti. See oi^; ^IK^ ^ in K. is 
pyash^tiin, in U. -itiin (both proparoz.), ye 

&f d4 see ^lA&jo. 

^Xi see ^oXi. 

hkf ylt4r, as. tark.^Jo, f. a woman's name 
now used. 

J&'s^ yatriy OS.*, m. i, a hauhdring. 

^S^^ yatrdn, OS.*, m. Jethro^ Ex. iii. i. 

>4.&4^ Itr'im, BY. )4&tt Itir^am, Psh. >^ihf I, 
Ithream, a Sam. iiL 5. 


^, the letter Jia k&p, OS., f. i, in K. MB. a, 
= the cnglish k; when final, if disjoined, 
written ^, but if joined to the preceding 
letter, ^. The initial and medial forms are 
never written alone ; the former is joined to 
the final form, as ^ (cf. ^119, ^) ; ^ does occa- 
sionally so stand alone. Aspirated ^ exactly = 
^, no. I, q.v. With Majliyana (^) ^ is called 
^ ch4p, = ch in church; the sign is written 
either above or below, and on all forms of 
the letter. ^ is frequently interchanged with 
\, rarely with ja. In numbering, ^ = ao, 
;a=ai &c. 

-a, i) k' Al. Z. TA. and also (before 2, «) in 
Sal, = ^9 kl U. MB. Sp. Sal. As.,=^l 1 Tkh. 
Q. Sal, also in Az.\ [thus ^^9a^g6dl,(A0y do], 
the sign of the habitual and historic pres. and 
imperfect, not used in Ti.; ^i ^ he goee, he 
is accustomed to go; lim .St 1 ^ he used to go. 
It is not used in U. K. with negatives, but in 
Al. ^a a is used both for future and habitual 
pres. In Al. the Zqapa of verbs ^ sometimes 
falls, as i^l^ kithy& = ^(kl ^ she ecmss; t«|A 
kizi = ^%\ ;^ they go; «i^ klth6 = «^i 1^ ihsy 
come. [InTA.lSsk(o^la)=s^2; ;oi^=;MrStl; 
so ^IN^ / am, ^^&^ they are, ^oi^ / was, ^^ 
thou wast Ac, Lids. 38a.] a) kh* Al.,=5^|; 
;^i^ khicalbft, like a dog; ^^l^ khdidi, Uhe 

^ see prec. 

^f ^f^X^ {<^ Xii)t ^, -te &C. diU chit, 
chin (ch&yin), chl, chikh Sh. TL Ash. (but not 
village of Ash.) and also in Anhar (village 
of U.),=^, i^9^, ^^ &c; perk for Jt»». 

iSi .i»j^ Ac, ehtoT dh (cf. « for 4^ in TL, Oram. 
ia5; andcf. 1^ Jis). 

^ . . . ^ chl, whether . . , or^ rare. 
;&, ^, see *i.J. 

a^ k&-ib AL, i) to hide. 2) to bend, bend 
down tr. and intr., cf. Jjii, Lids. 465. See o^Aiji. 

)^)a ki-ij Ash., to press, squeeze. Lids. 465. 
^ ch&-id, to invite. Caos. ^i^jp. Disi. p^^. 

f^ ch&-iz, i) (cf. turk. iJr^ ft scratch t), 
to scratch, a) = Jbf^ Cans. ^^. 

f )i k&-iz K., fo be imporiwnaie. 




:S)& k&-a, I) as OS. .Ifdl, to measure, a) 
<o^ to (As &nm. Cans. iNirfcy. 

JS^ ch&-il U.,=JS|s q.v. K. Q., i) to tost up 
dice, a) to ^ ready /or baiiU. Cans. iV|^y. 

>f)i k&-im, (OS. past la^ and ^i;^), i) to 
6e Uadfc. a) met to fo gwSUy, to be eonmoted^ 
cf. ;sas >!«&. Caus. >iifip q.T.; see >OTiirm. 



t jk^ klni, f. X^ kIntA, OS.,/iijr, tipr^Al. 

4^Al^ klnA-lt (oxytone), 08.*, JMt%. 

Jb^ or 9^ chi-is, -iz, (cf. tlitxi^ t)» ^ wrge. 

J)i ki-ip, (OS. past J^ sometimes Ji), to 
bow, bend down intr.; met of the day, to fo 
fotr spent; of a sound to fo few. Caui. J|^ 
and J^ q.T. 

m a 


;kl» k!p4 as OS., also in Ti. Ahh. "a, m, f. i, 
(f. in OS.), i) a sUme; ii^t;^p^Aajewel, Prov. 
xvii. 8 ; ^&J ^a hewn stone; ^ '^ 41^ met. 
to $hdve a matter. 2) K., a rock. 3) m. 
CephoB, 4) a draughUman in the game of 
draughts. 5) a weight in weighing, stones 
being often used for this purpose ; a plummet; 
'a« 'a diverse weights, Prov. zx. 10. 

t^iif kip4n4, f. Jt^- and jj^, fr. prec, stony, 
fuU 0/ stones, 

jfiilft kipt4 Ti., f. 6, = iklf. 

b^ ch4-ir, to he angry or offended, with 
^ = with/ pp. angry, displeased, Caus. a^^. 

«)» ki-ish, i) U., to pay, to be paid; caus. 
«Ajj» q.v. 2) K., see ^ji. 

(k)» ki-it, to ^7 away intr.; to (fry up. 

eoA kibib, arab. turk. vW^ m- i> a i^6o6, 
meat cut up into pieces and grilled on a 

2^ k6di, f. I, i) OS., the liver; ;k^S^ '^ 
the gaU, 2) Ah, in pi. the bowels, entrails; 
met. the heart, Lidz. 469. 

t ;^?9^ k6d&n4, f. Jt^-, fr. prec., bold (in OS., 

£0^ chabakhta, az. turk. ^U, f. 6, a 
healed wound. 

^^si|2 01^ *tf ^312 or 9^ chibiik, chibiiq, chfib-, 
turk. tjj^iJ^9 f. I, a pipe, usually about a foot 
long, for smoking broken or cut tobacco 


^6ai kkUl, Psh. A^a^ Cabtd, i Kgs. 
ix. 13. 

t M^, JfiltaiA, or as OS. a^l^a^ kablr, kbiri, 
kabidl, all Al., arab.^^-^^ i) great, 2) of age, 
groum up. 3) much, many, 4) more. 5) as 
adv. very, very much. 

&fAa^ kabklr, see &J^. 

^bloA k4blan Ash., a sheath, Lidz. 470. 

X^ kihknt (Ash. ^- Lidz. 470), az. turk. 
and kurd. ^y^, f. i, a female cook. 

;&?» kw4nt4 (-th4 K.), OS.*, f. 6, eccles., 
a hood. 

bad, i) k4wir, az, turk.^iyCf* i> the name 

of a grass with a taste of onion. 2) kibar, 
a knop, I Kgs. vi. 18. 

&aa kwar, OS., the river ChAar, Ezek. i. i. 

25b^ kibra*, heb. TH^, f., with ^p, a 
measure of distance, Gen. zxzv. 16, perfa. 

;:aaa kw4ry4 Al., OS. kaa, perhaps. 

6^ha^ kibrit, OS. ;^, arab. turk. CaJ^, 
m. I, i) sulphur, brimstone. 2) esp. K., a 
match, matches, t^^ sulphureous. 

doa ka-wish, i) as OS., to tArtMf m. 2) as 
OS., to intercalate a day in leap-year or a 
thirteenth moon ; j&baa j{3^ leap-year. 3) Al. 
Az., to dismount from a horse, to go or oohm 
(iotm, Sachau 33, 52. 

t ;jaa kwash4 Al., f. j^-, «<0ep a^j. 

4^ or ;i^ ch4gh, -gh4, kurd. gl», m. i, 
a season. 

lo^ k4jawa, pers. %^la? and sj-, f. i, a 
pannier, for carrying passengers. 


ii^ ;&o^, see 'aa. 

22(1^A chigar4 K., europ., f. i, a cigarette. 

aa, I. kad, as OS., also in Al. poa kfidh q.v., 
i) when; after that; while; although; often 
used pleonastically with pp. or with v.n. and a, 
or to introduce a clause ; in Al. a redundant p 
often follows.— 0^ ^utj aa when he was risen. 
Job. xxi. 14 ; ^i^ ^ since, temporal conj. 2) 
if, in case of; ^H ^ ^ or if many, or at the 
most, I Cor. xiv. 27 ; ^ .a*^ S^ Jki>i^ a^ 
if I perish, I perish, £sth. iv. 16. n. khad 
Al.,=^{, Lidz. 472. 

2aA kad4, az. turk. %sS, m. i, aflat cake 
made of flour, milk, and much butter. 

ih^ kid4, the crop or produce of one's own 

o^ Ash., = oi^p f^\. 

2p9a4 kadiid4 K., m. i, a hedgehog. 

^aa kaddna, (OS. ^aa m.), f. i, a pitcher. 

i\^^ kadkhiid4 K., f. id., pers. Ijl^j^^ 
rich; lis^i' ^'y ^m f^ches, richness. 

p 0)^^ khd^gid or ghd- Al., = ^ like, as, 
Sachau 34, 35, Socin 155.83, Lidz. 472. 

&^ chid4r, az. turk.^U^, m. i, a horses 
fetter, always used in Persian stables. 




b^ chadir Al. Ash. f. (Lidz. 430), and sb'aa 
ch&ddl U. K., m. I, 4, tark. pers. kord^^^l*., i) 
a tent, tby^p ?t\^il a tent-maker. 2) a long 
eotUm overall worn (blue) by Mohammadan 
women in Persia, [not usually by £-Syr.], and 
by Armenians at Van &c. (white). 3) = a&lito 
q.Y. 4) a sail, 

i^ilaA chiidr&ligh, az. turk. j^lx^, m. 
hUick or Hue calico from which women's 
overalls are made. 

;^ Al, see \. 

l^ kah!, pers. »0, f., no pi., a lettuce, 

Xa^ k^h^la Al. Ash., arab. J.*^, ^n«, 
noble (of a horse), Lidz. 473. 

Xl^ioi^ k&na, kah*n&, OS., m. i, i) a priest 
[the usual word for a Christian priest is ^ 
q.Y.]. 2i»o\ ^a or Qo^p a&'^V^ At^A priest; 
^a> ^^ chief priests. 2) pi., the book of 
Leviticus, — ^^^ f. the priesthood, including 
the episcopate and diaconate. The 'priesthood' 
is divided into three orders, and each order has 
three subdivisions, thus : ( i ) ^&I&^, ;^>)<^<\\,w, 
;i6t^i; (2) ^aa:p^M, d^ttft^ii^iat, {^; 
(3) ;abo9(, ;»iiIi^oort, ;Ib&jBt. The subdivisions 
marked with an obelus are now obsolete as 
separate classes. — li^ot^p ik^h^Jugh-priest- 

^^ kihang, az. turk. di;^V, f. i, a sharp 
pain in the loins. 

ikvt^ or ^ k4p4 Al., arab. UL^ m. a cleft 
in a rock, Lidz. 484. 

b^ k4har K., condition, state, Lidz. 473. 

iab'op k&h'r4b4 as OS., or a^of^ k&h'rab Al., 
(Lidz. 473), kurd. pers. b^ilS^ f. a^nher. 

X ^k^^ or 'b^ or ^&^ or ^&4o ch&rgibh&, 
rarely ch'har-, also char&g-, chlh&rg-, indecL, 
pers. iJ^^.rL.*i or ^^., a^ruore, fhur-comsred, 
^d iSHfiijk arith. ^Qtiare root. 

%fh9ic^ kih'riz, pers. jj^^ f. i, an under- 
ground watercourse or aqueduct, a tunnel for 
bringing water. 

;?^&4e or ^&^ chirchdwi, rarely ch'hir-, 
pers. ij^l^, turk. »^^> m. i, a frame of 
a door, window &c., a easement, 

ikhkbH^ see ^&e« 

osbe^ see ^aA. 

^ see «^. 

^ chii K. Al. Mai. (Parisot xi. 503), rarely 
U., kurd.j^ PS. 294, any, no, nothing,:=^fp . 
If a verb follows, H must be added, t?^ 99 
nothing; used also in Al. as an adv. after a 
negative verb=a< aU: .»9^ ^ 2^^o^ a^t?^ ^ 
14 widl^ sMa (or ^d&) chd mind!, he did not 
hunt at aU, Sachau 67. 

OA chd, az. turk. «», f., a sound used to 
encourage asses. 

0^ k6 (rare), = \?ei^ q. v., a dry tree, 

^oa k4-wl, I. subs., in Sal. k6wl or k6w6, 
= 0S. ;U^ (OS. pi. ;5a), f. 2, 3, i) a r^eM 
in a wall. 2) a window, esp. if small, in wall 
or roof, i.e. the opening, not the glass. 3) K., 
with 2Sk?>p, a bolt-socket, n. v., i) as OS. 
Ethpa., to be seared, burnt, cauterised. 2) Al., 
=;oM. III. contr. for It^^i ^, he is. 

^^ k^b4, az. turk. tJjf, m. i, 4, a border, 
hem, Jlounee of a different material from the 
dress &c. 

Mca^, ^^^, = 'aa q. V. 

^^ k^bi K., kurd. ^Jty, a gazelle, Lidz. 468. 

A^^^ chiikhat, pers. ix» y>**> f* ii a taAy, 
nick-stick, a notch cut in a stick for keeping 

^ufi^ k^b^b^ Al., a dish of soaked and 
roasted wheat, rice, and minced meat, Lidz. 468. 

t ^oe ch6ban U., or X ^ shibina, sh^-, Al. 
Tkh., pers. turk. ^jUy^y pen* (jW^> kurd. 
stw&n Garz. 206, shew&n Lerch 137, m. i, a 
shepherd. See also ^>a\. 

^^ k&Bhk as OS., m. i , and j^^ kd wishti, 
f. 6, a footstool. Dist. |K^ 

is^oa see ^o^^. 

^«A, i) see ^(^«A. 2) Al., perh. eheep 
without horns, Lidz. 468. 

|<^^^ chOghal, f. id., (perh. pers. Jj»*. 
Thes. Syr. 1690), meddlesome, complaining, 

&^<^ chugdr, az. turk.^y$^ f. i, ahearp; 
a lute. 

yS^9A k%drd, -it, turk. ^jyS^or is>-, m., 



i) sulphury brimstone. 2) (also iu sing.), 

poA, i){ kud or kUd, f. id., pers. xS'i 
Nold. 40 1 y blunt, dully obtuse lit. and met. 
2) Al. Ash. Az.= Aa [in Az. Al. al8o = p »^, 
but often in AL a second p follows]. 3) AL 
Ash.= a^. 4) khiid AL,=p ^i. 

^dkpoA see pot^A, 

«p«^ k4.widn& U. AL, f. (sic) i, or ^p«^ 
ki-wina J. (Socin 1 22), f. i, or ^^9^ kiidhanja 
K., as OS., m. i, (OS. rarely ^^), a mule. 

tikho^ ch6dan&, f. Jt^-, pers. ^Ll (cf. pJe), 
gay, joyous; somewhat conceited, 

;a>aa see ^doa. 

Jt^>^ kiidhant4 K. as OS., and £x^oa 
k6dint4 TJ. AL, f. 6, a she-mule. 

J&poA ch6dar, az. turk. .b^', m. i, a seiUer 
of sheep. 

fi^b'p^ kadrat, az. turk. s^^j^y^ f. ill-will, 
a grudge, enmity. 

l^^ kd-wl pL, pers. %jJ^ manure, offal, 

|\ooa kii-wag, az. tnrk. fS^j^, m. i, an 

fOA k6z U., az. tork.j^ f. i, live coal; red- 
hot charcoal. 

fi^ kiiz&, i) K., m. i, a sheepfold. 2) OS., 
arab. \jS\ a bottle, pot, pitcher, 3) OS., m. 
Chuza, La. viii. 3. 

^fOA kOzbS, Psh. ^ib^A, f. Cozbi, Num. 
XXV. 15. 

{.fAi^A kuz&cbl, az. tork. ^jy (cf. ^foa), 
m. I, a potter. 

&«^ kiiz4r, az. turk. .jy, f. coarse litter in 
the threshing-floor ; refuse of wheat when the 
ear and chaff will not separate. 

M^ chiikh, i) kurd. ^j^, a mountain in 
Kurdistan. 2) AL, arab. ^j^ (see ^»«a), a 
cloth, Lidz. 427. 

;lo^ k6kh&, also in K. ^Loti k6kh&-7&, in 
Sal. ^om^ kakhw4, az. turk. l»^ m. i, <^ 
head-man of a village. [See tA^b'.] 

iL^ m. I, and ;(m*^ f. 6, chiikh4, chttkhta, 
CI]). K., arab. g^, turk. uy^, (see «moa), f. 6, 

a e/ooA;, an embroidered jacket* 

NJ»9A see fiwsoA. 

jt^..^ kttkhta U. Tkh., perh. fr. OS. ;^b9A, 
f. 6, a small store-room, a closet; an inner 
chamber; cf. Jlimo^^. ^^p l&L^ the infnost 
parts of the beUy, Prov. xxvi. 22. 

t A;9^ or a;Sv9^ k^t&> Ic^tti, pers. «Lr(8ee 
A^oa), m. I, a dwarf, pigmy. 

ti^oA kdta-y4, f. J^-, fr. prec, dwarfish. 

\*^ kiwi, f. id., kurd. id., wild, ill-bred. 

y^oA MB., see ^oa. 

(.osk k6ya, fr. l^, m. i, 6umtn^, searing, 

^ea k6yar, russ., turk. .b^, cavioflre, 

^ea k4-wich, see ^ea, i) to migrate, move; 
to be a nomad; to travel as nomads. 2) met. 
to die. 3) to &6 taken aioay, to be removed. 

X ^aa kdk, f. id., az. turk. K^^,able-bodied,fal, 

^ea k6ch, turk. pers. ^j>, m, i, a nomad 
horde. Cf. .»aaoa. 

;aoa k6cha, i) fr. prec, m. i, a iiomacf. 
2) kurd. s.^^ f. I, a ^r^e spoon; a ladle, 

4^ K. or ^9i^ U. chAch4, jiij4, pers. 
«.*.•*., s^lvft*, &c., m. I, i) a chicken, 2) the 
young of an animal. 

;a^ or ;^aa kiich4, -j4, pers. turk. s^^ 
f. I, 4, i) a ^n«, street. 2) a ^uar^ of a 
city ; a block of houses. 

^oa k6k4, turk. e)^ m. i, a rooty ^^? ^a 
liquorice; oiaoa jti^^ to <a^ root. 

^oa or 'a^, or in AL 'a^ (Sacbau 15), 
k6khwa, kikhwa, kakhw4, OS. ^oa, m. i, 
i) astar; l^vf^^'^ Lucifer, seei^oi^^; isAi^^^ 
the pole star, 2) an asterisk. 3) afvUslop, 
asterisks being commonly used in Syriac for 
this purpose. 

^o^ kdkhwana, f. ;{^-, = 0S. (i^^fi, 
sidereal, stellar, of the stars. 

X!^^ chdch4g4, turk. kurd. dLsw^^, m. i, 

ogoj^ chiw4chii, (cf. ^o^ and pers. ^^^ 
a sparrow), f. i, twittering, chirping, 

^Ua^a chiichiin4 K., dim. of ^, a very litUe, 
trifling, smaU, 

jt^-^oa k6chit4, (perh. fr. ;^«a no. a, from its 

shape), f. 6y a woman 8 headdress of a style 
now old-fashioned. 

J^A^oA kochikti, az. turk. eU»^ f. 6, a 
large wooden spoon. Of. ^^oa. 

^^ kiichiki Sh., (kurd. eU>^a cavity, 
also a room PS. 330), m. i, a smaU fireplace. 

^^A chiich&n4, (cf. pers. y^y^ a sparrow, 
%j^y^ a chicken), m. i, a magpie. 

\ f ^oa kdcharl, f. id., az. turk. KSj^Si kurd. 
kocher Garz. 369, cf. ^oa, migratory y nomad. 

ik^oA kiikerta, f. 6, a suUry night. 

jt^^ kakta, (cf. OS. ^OA or ^^a a cake), 
f. 6, mt^ bread. 

JSoA see »^. 

.^o^ chol, turk. pers. kurd. ^j^, m. waste 
groundf wilderness. 

Ij^oa A1. Ash.,='jd q.v., m. i, a slave, 
Lidz. 470. 

I j^oA chola, f. i^'y shameless; witty. 

a^ cMlk or chtilft, turk. J^, m. i, 5, a 

^^ chdll, az. turk. j^, f. 3, a washing 
place in a stable Ac. 

)^CA k614, az. turk. liy, f. 3, i) a building 
in a vineyard, a cottage or summer-liouse in- 
habited during the vintage. 2) a booth made 
with branches. 

^Na^9A kUlbitfn Al.,= ^eM\'% no. i, Lidz. 


t^*9e chdlagh U., f. id., turk. jV^, lame, 
halt, maimed. 

^9^ kill^ft, az. turk. uLy, f. i, a woman s 

JZ^o^^ kdlUkhti, OS. iLb^ (cf. A-^oa), f. 6, 
a cabin, hovel, a tumbledown room. 

^^oA kttlttng, turk. eUi^ m. i, a stone- 
mason's tod for shaping stones ; a pickaxe. 

;^^ see ^Ia. 

;^^ kiil&la, OS.*, m. i, crowning, a 
ceremony at marriage and baptism. 

^^ see jS^A. 

^oA kdlan^ K., kurd. ^j'ityJ, m. i, a street, 
Lidz. 470. 

127 r^MQA 

jc^oA kdlash, az. turk. ^j^J^ kurd. ijXf 
PS. 332, m. #<rau; (whole, dist. ^i?i|^ chopped 
straw), stubble, thatch. 

A kom, arab. ^y, f. i, a coinpany, muZ^i- 
<u(20 of men &c. 

^OA k6m4 Al., arab. lj»y, a heap, Lidz. 470. 

^^, i)t kiim& (in Al. k6m4, Sachau 13), 
f. j^- kttmti (so also AL), OS. ^^ (TA. 
^), black; the fem. as sub8.= tfj^oc^M at cards. 
^5a ;f9f U. cojyper money. 2) Al. (oxytone), 
=. ^ Aa, t£7Aa^et9er, whenever. 3) see ^a^ 

.^OA ch6magh, see JI^oa. 

j.^oA k6m&g, az. turk. eU^ f. Adfp, 
assistance; l^- id. 

{.f^i^^ooA komigchi, fr. prec, az. turk. 
^j^S^y, m. I, an auxiliary; in pi. auxiliary 

jt^oA ch6maght4, turk. jL^^i f- 6, a stick, 

&QMOA kdmdr, turk.^^^or^^^^^^, m. charcoal; 
^2^9 ^A coal. 

^.fA&oMOA k6mdrchl, turk. ^/^y, m. i, 
a collier, a charcoal-burner, 

chomalan, f. i) a sudden death, of 
human beings, a) disease of fowls, sudden 
and infectious. 

X ;^^ k^mni-yft, f. Aa-, fr. ^^, blackish. 

t;k^^ kump4t&, f. id., lit. black of 
face, guilty, asliamed, so turk. iJ iSWi- See 

^2!k»oA kttmra, OS.*, m. i, a priest. 

j^fioo^A ktimtlti, f. cummin. 

^ kwan Al., cf. arab. ^^ uxmld that. See 

^^ chiina, f. 3, an inkstand. 

^ ka-w4n&, or in MB. ^^ ka-wl, f. i, 
a snowdrift. 

^^a^ chflngi, m., a kind of coarse grass, 

Jm^ kdndi, i) pers. xS, m. i, a fetUr. 
2) pers. id., a nave or fdloe of a wheel, i Kgs, 
^>* 33- 3) ^ ^^ of dough, made ready to be 
rolled oat flat before being baked. 

• \ 

%\ \ 



Jbottf&^A kdniqus, OS.*, gk. x^'^''^) ™«9 P^* 
a choenix, a measure, Kev. vi. 6. 

^a^^A chttnki, pers. tork. «^^, because, 
since: ? often follows. 

jZ^a^oa k6iiiktha K., f. 6, a veil, a napkin, 
towel, handkerchief {cf, jUioaI). 

t;i>6A kAsi (k6- Al.), i) f. id., pers. turk. 
u*^jjj beardless, smooth faced; hence as sabs, 
a) m. I, a yotmg man, youth, 

j&oo see ^cA. 

{ ^\^&aa k6g&g&lin, az. tork. ^^^.JLjCl^m. i, 
a mummer. 

^oa kiisiU, OS., f. 6, a Aa<, cop. 

^kfi>9A kiisp&, (in OS. a spice), m. ground 
flax seeds, from which oil has been extracted. 

t fi.^ chtijk, f. ;|S&^ chiita, cf. ^, i) smooth. 
2) met. flattering; ^ ^Jv^^A^ aoL to flatter. 

t^k^A kup4, i) a4j., f. jt^^A kapta, in Ti. 
;ka k&pa, f. jt^-, fr. ^Ja, 2at£7; met. 2otoZy; ;»!» 
^9A unev«7i, u/> atu2 down, undulating. 2) 
subs., m. I, 4, a keyhole. 

^oa k6p4k, turk. eb^ nu i, a ^r^« (2o^, 
a mastiff. 

iik^ m. I (f. in AL), or A^o^ f. 6, k6p&l&, 
-Ita, also in Al. 'oV,, 'al,, >, ^o^, pers. Jb/' 
kurd. k6p41 Quiz. 205, i) a shepherds crook, a 
wdUdng-stick with bent handle. 2) a crutch. 

^oA chop&n, az. turk. ^^l^^, f. i, a (Aoti^ 
or leather band on a waggon or plough. 

^os^ kup&8h4, fr. lasfM, m. i, a hem, border. 
Cf. ^ola. 

^j^oa k6sa, (also in Al. f|^f, Sachau 19), 
OS. ^oo, m. hair. See ;[^QA&a». 

boa see &aa. 

&^ kdr, OS.*, m. i, pi. also ^V, a eor, a 

as'oi see ^^. 

a!»^ kwar4, (in OS. a beehive), f. 3, aflou/r- 
bin, a meal-chest. 

ab'o£» kdra, I., OS., f. 3 (in OS. m.), i) bdhws. 
2) a kiln, forge. 3) a furnace, n., m. i, a 
he-goat, three years old (cf. abboa and ib'oa). 

1 2b'^ or ab'b^ q.y. k(lr4, kttrr4 (but in Al. 
k6r4), f. ab-, pers. turk. kurd.^^Wtm/. 

ab'oa ka-wira, m. i, and ;^boa k4wirt4, f. 6, 
a sheep, two years old. 

t^kottftfibda kdrapisqdp4, OS.*, m. i, a 
chorepiscopus, xttfxn-aricoirof . See {mvx 

^fft^A kiirabash K., m. i,=JbOMbQj, au^Aite 

\b'9A see ^boa. 

\b'oa k6rag, az. turk. (sK^ a ^^ tre^=ttft. 

t\J^ chArig, f. id., turk. eJ,^, fiekU, 
light minded, volatile. 

\J>9a or ^ok chOrag, ch6rag, az. turk. eJ^^ 
(in osm. turk. a cake), bread^ rare. 

;^b^ kiirja, az. turk. s^^, f* stewed vine- 
shoots boiled with pounded wheat (2p&ift) and 

|.f9\b*oa or ^oA chiiragch^, ch6-, az. turk. 

fj^jy^t m. I, a bread-seller, baker. 

;LlfAV^b'aa or 'oA chdragch!kh&n4, ch6-, az. 
turk. iJlik^^^^^, f. I, a bakery, bakehouse. 

;:^b9A kiird4-ya, f. i^-, OS., Kurdish, more 
commonly ^911. 

^ijb^b9a kArdistan, pers. ^jL?.*.*^^-^ f* 
Kurdistan; ^a^p 'oa Persian Kurdistan. 

^b^ kiir-h4n4 Al. Ash., OS., m. i, tTZneM, 

^fb^A kdrzin, OS., f. Chorazin, Mat. xi. 21. 
^*b^ see boa. 

;ifhoA kMak Tkh., m. i, the foal of an ass. 
dubaa see a^^a. 

^b'9a kdr4k, turk. ft)^^ m. i, bellows, Jer. 
vi. 29. 

^;>>a see \bea. 

^b^ or ^b^ kiirk, kdrk4, turk. d;j^kard. 
kurq Lerch 105, f. i, a coat lined with skin 
or fur. 

lab'oa k^rakha, OS., m. i, a shroud, en- 

boabda or Vy- k&rkiir, .r4, az. inxk. j^j^, 
f. I, a kind of eagle, perh. an ossifrage. 

t^iMabip kark4m4n4 AL, OS., paU adj., 
crocus coloured, Lidz. 487. 

\.^boa kdrliigh, f. i, fatigue, trouble. 


^&9^ kurmi, f. id., as. turk.i^^ i ) wiihaui 
a note. 2) with a amdU note, miulhnoaed, 

^b'^A k&rAmishk Terg., kard id., a uaUr- 
rat (sic). 

|ib&'oa k^risA, OS., m. i, a large sheet of 
paper folded into several leayes for binding. 

ifftS^ k^rsi, arab. turk. ^y^t f. i, rarely as 
OS.* (£bb^ kfirsjA, m., pi. in K. Ut^ito^ 
kAr8&with& as OS., 1) a seat, a chair. 2) a 
throne; a judgemeni-seat ; a see. 3) a low 
UMe arranged over an earth oven (a&V^")* 

fifbli^ kiirasta, OS.*, f. 6, the hook of the 
burial service for the clergy, [See 2p«AS*.] 

a&jB&oA k6rq&rl, az. turk. isj^yl ^ hlind- 
mans hujff^/ Hind Harry. 

ab'&^A k(ir-ra, i) pers. ijy, m. i, a marshy 
place, a dough, mud, 2) see 22f^ 3) a foal, 
a colt, less than a year old. 

«^9A or ^h^ kMsh, both OS., m. Cyrus, 
Isa. xliv. 28. See Jboboja, 

U^b^ churt4, az. turk. jy^, f. a second 
chance; when a gambler wins, and does not 
take his winnings the first time, but gives them 
back, they are so called ; or when a loser loses 
all and is allowed a second chance. 

iLb^ \Artk, f. 6, a heap of manure-fud, 

;&bod see a&'oa. 

a^b^ k«irtil&, m. i, a puppy. 

^is}^ chikritmi, az. turk. i^^> m. i, a 
rniare, trap. 

«oa k&sh, OS., m. Cush, (son of Ham, and 
the country), Abyseinia, Ethiopia, Gen. x. 6, 
a Kgs. xix. 9. d' an Abyssinian. 

^^ kdshi, i) OS., m. I, a hand-^ndle, 
Prov. xxxi. 19. 2) see ^oV^and ^fo At^«&i». 
Dist. ;»«&. 

«x«A kiishi, OS., m. Cushi, 2 Sam. zviiL 21. 

^^ kflshkl, (of. turk. Q)J^y3 a summer- 
house), m. 2, a grape'room, for hanging 

^^ kAsh&p&, OS.*, m. i, lit suppiicaticn; 
the name of some of the longer prayers in the 
Liturgy, said by the priest kneeling. See 

.^fioi^A kttshtJ, pers. ^y^, f* wrestling; jo?^ 
^oA U., to wresUe. 

2&'&xoa kasht&r&, az. turk. i^jf, m. i, a 
joiner's jack-plane. 

\k^ or ^&r kot&g, -&k, turk. oU^ f. i, 
i) a blow, a stroke, a rap, a beating. 2) foree, 

9its^ AL, see ^. 

\e&oo k6tiig, f. i, a brasier. 

^ftf^oa kiitln&, OS.*, fir. x<r^^ ^* <> ^ 
shirt, tunic. 2) an alb. 

f &^ see \fi^eft. 

la^oo k6tik4, az. turk. oU^f. i, a briek- 
layoffs hod, 

;$^d^to ktttlAth& K., = }f^SA. 

;»^«A k(ithm& K., OS., f. i, a bloi, blemish. 

.i^ kAt&n, i) az. turk. and kurd. ^Ij^ 
f. I, a large plough, opp. ^aJ. 2) Al., a 

J&>oa ki-witr& U. Tkh.,= OS. l^k^ (m), 
Thes. Syr. i860, f. i, 4, i) dinner, mid-day 
meaL 2) noon, 

*m%^ chizikh = ^. 


ILa Sal., see I^oa. 

^^A Al., = ^^ Sachau 46. 

&^Ama chakhchiir Q., m. i, trousers made of 

•^^ kikhil, OS., to paint the eyesL 

^L^ kikhli, OS. V> m. i, kohl, eye-paini. 

tUmQi chikhmA, az. iork. tt^-^i f. i, catarad 
in the eye. 

S^ittM^ chakhm&r, f. id., az. turk. jy^mu^^ 
odd eyed, squint eyed (of men), with eyes of 
dijff^erent colours (of animals). 

«MMba|^ ^^1., see tCUDBA. 

&^ chikhtA, f. 6, a stony place in a 
vineyard &c. 

Ai^ chikhtini, f. j|^-, fr. prec., sitany. 

p^ kaU, as. turk. iJ^C^- 3> a leaf of a 
folding-door, i Kgs. vL 34 BY. a) uaed in 

^ chai, pers. turk. <jU^ m., i) tea. a) is' 
proper nameei a river. See f^. 



^f <?, re Ac-, »• fe- 

^ k4-y<^ K., to fWMve, put atide. 

^u^ ch6b(i, cap. K., in AL %^ kurd. chebu 
(«ur/. I o3y 6ravo / ur«2{ ^/on^ / 

^kf^ chiban, az. turk. ^U^> f. i, a 6<n7, 

^^ chaidan, pen. ^^lJ^l^ f. i, a ieapotj 
moro commonly a ieorkettle, 

i^V kiy{il& U. Tkh. or j^ k^U K. OS., 
m. I, a mexiiure; ^*a Mjf^ to measure; 'a 2^^ 
to aound at sea. 

Jbdta klyQn, OS., C%to#, Acts xx. 15. 

taSiA.^ clia-yiir&, f. ;&.&-, fr. S]^, n^y, 

•p. ffi, BOO f]a, f t^. 
.•^, -^, see fe. 

^^ cb114, neo j^. 

•1^, 91^ Ac, SCO )a*J. 

a:^&;V kiliyArkA, OS.*, gk. x«X^ixor, m. i, 
a chiliarchf AcU xxi. 31. 

|jbi^ cbiliH, ass. turk. (jJL», ui. i, a miser, 

^ifA ktni or y»^ chtm Ti. (diet. ^) or ^ 
kam U. (not common), pors. turk. kurd. S, 
imlii^l.i i) little, a little, mmiewhai^ less, seldom, 
a) fcanting; (^U4) *^ "m^ without nmder- 
stamlintj: l^%\ i^o ^ifA ;;^ neither more nor 
Itss; ^^t ^^(^Oyfo/ litUe faith. 

im^ ktnia, i) OS., f. the Sfven Stars, the 
rUiailfS, Job ix. 9. a) Al., a lamp, Lidz. 466. 

^•r^ oliimA, as. turk. ^»^, m. i, a sod, 

^%^ cbtman, |H»n. turk. ^j^j^* m. i, a ^rass 
JieUi (not oncUwxl), a tneadow, a t^rassjf place, 

^ ktn, \H}T», turk. ^^, f. 1, Aolf, mtn^e, 
a yr^hfe, <t»iiiii(wVy. ^ 'a itty^ or 1^ ^a ?yliii 
/o ^mtr II ynK/c/<* itj/ciifM<. 

^ cbin, 1) |H)ni. turk. ^jt^t f* CAifia, tlie 

country and the material, see <ai^ a) 
turk. id^ m. I, on ^poM^dtti. 3)9 («!•» v9)» 
■ee ^. 

^ china, i) K., onomat, m. i, a metqmi o , 
gnat,= ^ Al. 2) as. tork. sJL^, f. fflmming 
or picking cotton, 

i:^ kyana, OS.*, m. i, i) notefv. a) 
substance; ^ '^ h^ of one ssJbstanee mik,ss 


i^2i^ kyan&-it (oxytone), OS.*, naiuraU^. 

,fi^ chint, pert. turk. ^J^t^ nu i, a eUa« 
cu|i, eJiina. 

^ kyana-y&, f. jS.^, OS.*, nahuroL 'a »aia 
gram, a common noun, 

i..aLA chln&cht, az. tork. ,^1;^^., m. I, a 
gatherer of cotton. 

V^*e Bee '*ft. 

t ^UfA kinS,n&, f. jb-, fr. ^, vtndMffHB, nt- 
vengefid, censorious. 

j(^ kiuth& AL, f.,=:^i Sachau 90.100, 
Lidz. 482. 

lAfA kifl, f. id., az. turk. (j»^ i) left- a) 
seum crooked, as when two thinge are tacked 
unevenly together. 

jb^ see Jb]^, 

^tt^ k!s& K. as OS., also 'f^ chl8& XL, m. 1, 
and j^a^ kista U. K., f. 6, a jpurM. The m. 
form usually denotea a large purse* Diat. 

SA k6p, arab. turk. uJlX f* (ui Aah. m.), 
i) health, 2) |>2ea«ur0, efyoyment; a debauch, 
3) uftTZ. Phbasbs : f 9JLii k^pftkh, as you uritt 
(or in Al. 'as); 2!l!ip JLi oa Pira wills/ {Xi ^^ 
displeased or untoeK; ^ «i&i j&ac^ ^^^^ 
k^pdkh piaht^ la mint, you are angry wiik wns: 
JuA «^or in Al. Jua ^JL (or ai^) <o et^fajf 
oneself; p^sA^Al.,to amuse/ 4|ua ii$ ;^l 
he was pleased (with astoM), Aa toofc iUia 

fJL^ diaipaz, pera.^ (^ l», £ 1, a lat^poC 

txoMa^ k^pkhush, f. id., ax. turk. ^J^ymX^^ 

i) in good health, healthy, weU. a) vohtpiuous, 

pleasurt'Sceking, ik^ f. good health, pUasmm. 

i^ or a^i^ k^piya, -at Al., aimb. mX 
turk. O.S-, f. = Jba na 2, Sachau 89.89. 



kf^ cb&yir, i. i) az. tark.^U., toeedt, roots 
ID a vmejard. a) K., tiubl>le land on which 
a second crop has come, too small to mow. 
II. verh, see h^ 

^•A k6r Al. Ash., kard.^^^ in the phrase 
P 'aa tuUahUfoT^ Lidz. 467. 

afiSlfA kir4, as. inrk. %jSy la, i^a beam form- 
ing the body of a plough. 

I fe^ chayirchi, az. tort ^^y^U (see ^\ 
m. I, • we^dtfr or de€m0r of a vineyard fte., at 
the time of digging [at other timet 2^]. 

JbA k^y f. I, opportwMiy; 'a jLsji^ ai^l Me 
2a7u2 it ready for digging > 


^ k^big, also 'A, as. tork. tuX f- 
too^cAtfu^ in vineyards fto. against thieves; 
'a <x^<o mount guard, 

X,^Bkik^l^ k^higcht, also'iB, az. turk. ^j^xaS^ 
n. I, a wateh0nan, 

^jukobA see '». 

ft^ see (k)». 

^» *^» ^^» «• fe- 
^i^ chfti, pers. tark. oi^y, m. i, eoltM), 
chintz^ printed cotton. 

|«4(La chits&z, pen.jl-,7i>,^, m. i, a eaUeo- 

^, ^ see^e- 

;^ chak&, knrd. chek Qarz. 93, m. i, 
armour; in pL weapons^ implements, inetru- 
menle. See ^a^^* 

^ kicht, or in Ash. ^, )j^ kachA, ki-, 
Lidi. 47« [TA. Jadi], kurd. ^ PS. 327, 
kech, kechya Garz. 146, f., pi. 3 in K. Sal. 
Al., but in U. i^, also in K. ;&- kichyitl, 
-tha, i) a daughter, girl, 2) K., an old maid, 
an unmarried female. 3) in K. a married 
woman is sometimes thus addressed. 

^ chich& U. Tkk, kurd. chichek Oars. 59, 
m. 2, the breast; see )k«la. 

^ kik& U. K. or l^ ch&k4 Hi. or »UL kik& 
Al. Az. as OS. E-Syr. [W-Syr. ^], m. i, 
tooth; ^» aJM^ U., the gums. 

;^ ch&ki, i), (fr. pers. turk. e)l» a rent), 
m. 4, n j}0€ket'hoJe, 2) a plaster (medical). 


a k&kii,m., (kurd.k6k6 brother, Sfs a title, 
Lerch 100), i) father, daddy, rather familiar. 
See ctaA, 2) a man's name now used. 

jLoA^ k&chaklin&, f. i, a funeral feast held 
three or seven days after a death. 

^6a^ ch&kAch^m. i, or in MB. Terg. «ou or 
&t6^ ch&kAsh, m. i, ch&kiisbth&, £ 6, turk. 
^t^^f pers. kurd. i^>^) az. turk. ^J^-, a 

jCIUaa kiUdUL, turk. pers. J^ f. 6, i) a 
single leek of hair when the rest of the head 
is shaved. 2) the top of the head, the pate, 
scalp, erown, 3) a cock's comb, 

^iioA k4kAn&,=oaA na i. 

iU^ kichttntA Al. K., f. 6, dim. of ^, 
Lidz. 472. 

l^boA^ ch&kdrki, m. i, a locust, 

«bA^, }ix6^ see ^oA^ 

^moA k&chikh (also in Ash. .^a^ and ^aA, 
Lidz. 431, 472), to be tired, wearied (with d= 
of), to be faints 

^^^ kakchA, m. i, a mole; a rat. 

ifAjk chtkall, pi., old Aoes, worn out. 

} j^ kfich&l&, f. i^, as. turk. and kurd. 
J^X i) ^^ properly from sores on the 
head. 2) met, bare of trees. 

]UX|^ Ash., dim.of pree., lids. 472. 

^oA^ see foil. 

.t^rtt^ chekmiUl f., or in K. ^oaa chekml 
f. I , a top boot; in U. with pi. 6 for odd boots, 
but coll. pL ^a^ chekml for a pair ; as. tiR'k. 
im»X^ = osm. turk. u^Vt^* 

laSo^ kakri, i> OS., iiL i (or in AL f. as 
OS.), a tedesU lit and met 2) the name of a 
bitter grass. 

^ kikti U. K. or jfia^ ch&kta Tl, fr. Jft^ 
f 6, i) a tooth of a comb, a cog, a prong of a 
fork; ?^9iMp ^a U., a comb in a loom. 2) 
iSHio^W^ 'a a ' tfAiifvA frtte ' distributed on Fridaj 
of the departed (see Ase^^) at the diurch-door, 
Socin 82.20. 

Iiiakil, i),iifirtp6. 2) as subs., finrtjM 
fntit. Flee |fa». 

s 2 




.^ kfil, OS.y written without Towel or point 
(00 also with affixes and in compounds), in AL 
K. Z. often ^, p^ U, kad, aU, every. With 
affixes 01^, ^ kail, kolan &c. (neyer ^^^Xa) ; 
Jit^ 01^ (Eometimes ^sp ci^) aU the house^ the 
whole houee; JiJf 061 ci^ oS thai haute; ^ 
]t4 every house; ^&a .^joiSa kUl^ bat! (some- 
times in AL Ash. as OS. ;i^ Xa, not in U.), 
aU the housee; ^aao!^ kiil6khdn (proparox.), 
you dU; ,fJ^ ai^ «oi»^ ^ min kdU bush spol, 
the beet (so all superlatives). — p i^ or ^ ^aa i^ 
or p ^ 1^ whoever; ^ ^2p i^ howsoever; 
^ ^ or y ^pA» 1^ wluUever; ^^^p i^ of any 
kind, aU eorte, any youpUaee^ come what may; 
p :^^ .^ or in Al. Ash. p ;» i^a (often pron. 
kil m& d') whenever, a$ eoon as; ^^p ^^ the 
whole duty of man, Eccles. xii. 13. 1^ is 
sometimes omitted^ and e.g. ^2 (with pi. verb) 
stands for every man, 

i^ chill, knrd. . J^, a mountain in Eur- 

^ kill, OS., i) to stop, stay intr.; in AL 
also tr., = i^Aip q.v. 2) to stand; pp. standing. 
3) (0 JtomI ou< for, to take one*s stand upon, 
with ^. 4) to continue in, with .If. 5) of 
the eyes, to he dim. 6) to consist, Col. i. 17. 
Phbases : ;L ^^ .^^"^ birk&kii kilyi ni, 
he is tired out; *oi^oaa i^ k. bshdpA, to stop 
short or to stand ow^s ground; HciC^ ^a to keep 
a promise; 6iL i^^^| 'fiqlft klit^ li, his 
diarrhoea is cured; A^^S^ ^a or )EfaJ9 ^a to 
withstand; ^^^k.^ .Ij. ^ kll '&1 kUtiikh, 
tftofui upright, Dan. x. 1 1 ; t^p .Aa, uf. 

m kalA, i) K., kurd. iJlJ^m. i, a MK^eiZ^- 
<ree. 2) see ^foti. 

jCiilft chili, m. I, i) a root esp. of a tree; 
^1^ Mifi to take root 2) K., met dead of winter, 
height of summer. 

i^ chili, az. turk. Jl», f. a hollow or 
depression in the ground. 

iic^ kali, I) or j^ kili, both Oaw.,=:j£i^. 

2) TJ., az. turk. iJL$^ m. i, 4, a buffalo buU. 

3) see J^ 

i^ kail or % q.v. K., f. a hawk. 
l^ kla'l, OS., f. Chios, I Cor. i. II. 

^iia or a^a chiliw, osm. turk. s^^t^, az. 
turk. and pers. yt^j f. rioe soup with eggs &c 

9^ kiliw, m. Ca2e&, Num. xiiL 6, i Sam. 
XXX. 1 4 ; jioH a descendant of CalA. 

)al^ kalbi, OS., m. i, a dog. 

j^^ala chalbakhti, f. 6, i) a heai-rash. 
2) a weal, a pimple. QL .iinN^io. 

{.fSLia chilibi Al., turk. ^^^^, i) m. i, a 
gentleman. 2) as a^j', f. id., gentlemanly^ 
polite, beautiful, noble, gentle, 3) following a 
name Mr., Lidz. 432. 

j^^^^ kalibti, ki-, or as OS. Jt^ kalbti, 
t 6, a bitch. 

^6a^ or ^<k- kalbitiin, -In, m. i, i) arab. 

turk. ^J\JLi]S, ^j^;:^, OS. Ib^^ pincers, 
forceps, a) esp. with 1^?, a fang, tusk; an 

^^ kilig Q., diamonds at cards. 

X^^ chalig, pers. turk. d^U*, m. i, a 

^^ chilij, to «et^, to ro6. 

J^ia kilag, az. turk. eLlC^* ii danger. 

la^^ kiligadi Ash., very, extremely, Lidi. 

{^^^^ kilajdj, az. turk. ^>»JiC f- cuniM 
fntZA;, eggs, and butter cooked together. 

Xt.^ kaldiyi, f. £.; OS., Chaldean; an 
astrologer; now esp. in Al. used for an East 
Syrian Uniat, united to Bome, (see is^^^ib), 
ik^ f. astrology. 

dli kiia U. K. AL or ol^ chilli TL (dist 
folL) or dia kUft Q., f. with pi. ;t^6-, = }^ 
See ^taScib. 

e^ chiia U., az. turk. JU, f., pL ;f^, 
a 6tMA. See prec. 

oi2iia see aiia. 

^^ chlftbini, cf. ^1^^, m. i, a switA. 

t^ola chiiaji, fr.^, m. I, a Mf«ir, m 



yi««b«> kOlOntan (proparox.), =^, aU of 
us, by false analogy fr. ^^^b^. So the other 



;k9^ kalotha Al., turk. pen. »)l^ f. 6, a 
cap, fez; 1^9 ^a a eapfid ofmmuy^ Lidz. 477. 

f^ or f^ or in K. fa« (q*^*) chaliz, ch&iiz, 
shiriz, \) to pierce. 2) to put out the eyes. 
3) K., to fade dighUy, 4) to thrtut a person 
through, with a. 

.Jka k41akh, OS., Calah, Gen. x. ii. 

J^ or ;^, only used thus: ^p 2^ or 
^ JC^ or ^u i^ kal^ d qand or k. q. or 
kal& q., pers. turk. iJiC T^a., pi. ;pk^ kaliyi, 
a {oa/ of sugar, weighing usually 1} haptas, 
about 6 lb. avoird. 

^t\a klij4, m, I, a young male hiffaXo. 

Cf. i^. 

^j^t^A kilid&n, OS., m. i, chalcedony, 
cornelian, Bev. xxi. 19. 

|;or\a kliw& Al.,=^c2Min, Sachan 25, 59. 

^oAa ktilyiim as OS. or p6mp^ kddy^m 
Al. (or ^a a;) or iS»^:^ kfUy6m& Ti. OS., 
^kooAa kalyiimi Tkh. Ac, daily. 

..^A^ kaly^n, OS., m. ChUion, Ruth i. a. 

i^4^ klili, OS.*, m. I, a crown, ehaplet, 

^1^ kilim, turk. ^^, f. i, a carpei of 

inferior make [=j(tAf &J ; opp. .f^]. 


j^rl^ rarely as OS. '^^, kilita, kiillUL, f. 6, 
a kidney; pi. met. f^e inward parte. 

^ also in AL j^ kalik, -kA, arab. turk. 

dll^ OS. )a1^, f. I, (m. in Al. OS.), a reft, 
supported by inflated sheepskins; ^a i^ to 
make a raft. 

mK \ 


^!^ kilki, as. turk. i5^ m. <A« «mm){ 0/ 
the cotton-plant; eilk rcmnani, i.e. the worth- 
less part left over, a bit of which is put in a 
Persian inkstand. 

t^i^a^ k41&kb4n& Al. K., koid. Ji^, 
m. I, a rafUman, Lids. 477. 

ix^al^ kalkOshti, (cf. az. turk. jTbead), 
f. 6, a cap worn by Syrian girls, with a string 
under the chin. 

i3>^ chalikta, f. 6, i) a germ, eeed. 2) a 
lean little cow, 

^oiia chalma, az. turk. UJL., m. i, a kerchief 
for the head, an eye-band for children. 

^o2ika k&14m&, az. turk. and kurd. kalam 
Oarz. 109, f. I, cabbage, kale. 

^ and »o!^ kl!m4, kl4m4, OS. ^ali^i, kurd. 
Jj, f. I, the wooden bars of a yoke which hold 
the necks of the oxen ; see jiiLju. 

&^aM)kA k41ambiir, az. turk. jy >,»i^, m. i, 
a poplar of a certain species, [=;(^ K.]; 

cf. »^:^. 

(k^^pbii^ kalm4Bh4dat, arab. uI^jlJI 2jlC 
az. turk. u:>.>l4^ i-^u, f. profession of faith 
by a convert to Mussulmanism. 

l^ kalnl, Psh. A^, Cdlneh, Oen. x. 10. 

ihtSk^ k(il4n4-lt (oxytone), OS.*, entirely, 
generally, universally. 

iSl^ kttl4n4yA, f. j^-, OS., general, umtfersal. 

jbk^ ch41is or Jb^ ch4mis, = ««»ipi^ (cf. 
JM^4^, f^fii), to be sore, as the eyes. 

>W^ k41isk4, az. turk. iSC^\f, fr. russ. 
k6lyask&, (cf. caldche, calash), f. i, a eooe^, 
carriage; a charioL 

I^QAfti^ k4lisk4chf, az. turk. ^iX«Jl^ 
m. I, a coachman; a dutrioteer. 

j^ ch&lt U., ch416 E., to disjoint. 

^ chilip, chald. n^, (cf. OS. J^), I) to 
split, cleave, chop; to cut cff Sk branch; j!^ 
IIk^ to split hairs. 2) to open intr., to be 

|iig^ chilpi, fr. prec., OS. ^, m. 5, a crack, 
split, deft. 

a4^ kilpat, kurd. cJUT PS. 328, but 
CaAIT J J. (Leroh 105, kulfet, a child), f. t , 
i) a family. 2) a wife, used by a man in 
speaking of his wile to a stranger, and vice 
versa, as it is not polite to use X:^ on such 
an occasion. — |any^ ^a the solar system. 

^SH^ kalqldAn, OS.*, Chaloedon. A-, 
OS.*, on upholder of ike Council ofChalesdom, 
a < Mdchite: 



4 chalish, (fr. turk. j>»a1U. to be busy), 
f. I, trouble, labour, industry; ^a iJa to bestir 
oneself, to endeavour, to strive, 

Jtik^ kalash K., kurd. ^^'HS PS. 329, kalesh 
Garz. 103, f. I, a dead body, corpse (in kurd. 
of an animal). [In Az. = a&^ body (general 

kilshi K., OS., m. i, lime; in pi. chalk 
stones (TA. 'l^). 

jt^ kilU, OS.*, f. 6, a linen veil at the 
Eucharist &c. 

^ kalta (.th4 Al.) as OS., or j^ chalt& 
1^., f. 9, or pi. ;^:^klj^ kallati (-th& K. as OS.) 
or ;B^ U\kt\, "(cf. c^), i) a bride. 2) a 
daughter 'tn-law, 3) generally, used for the 
wife of any near relation, a sister-in-law (wife 
of a brother) &c. ; used also in K. of a betrothed 
woman before marriage. 

f^(K!ia chaMk, i) as osm. turk. e)Ld», a 
rice-field, 2) a rice-stalk after the top is cut. 
Sometimes ^ aa az. turk. d^jJL:*. 

^1^ ^ see py^ and )a^. 

^ chim U., turk. (Jagatai) ^^ Nold. 168, 
quite, very, entirely, often standing by itself 
at the end of a sentence, also before adj. and 
adverbs; ^ &er id., very emphatic; ^!» ^ 
id,, also absolutely very much. 

^ or ;»^ kima, kiima Al. Ash., (for^^l), 
m. 5, i) a mouth. 2) met. an edge, a bank 
of a river &c., a shore. 3) an opening, 
Lidz. 479. 

^ km& as OS., also ^J ikm& Al., how 
mvxh, how many, how long (also ^h^ ^o), how; 
f^j^ ^a how good; ei^ ab'^ ^I^a how great 
(or taU) a m<m he is, — p 'a in so far as, as 
much cu, inasmuch as, as long as, however 
much or long, but foil, by ipoi jcoei or by l^i SL 
the more . . . the more; ^^^aos many of us 
as; p^A ^ as long as; ;oei» jlfoa^ ^a km& 
d' kchikh^ wi, sinee he was tired; 6^9 'a ^i 
&kh k. d'bfiyit, as much as you wish; ^a ^i 
p iH^as great as; 9 ^$&^^a ^| aa often as; 
^l^!^^A as quickly as; iasL^ a exceedingly ; 
iff. ^a ^i these many years; 'a al (or i^e\ ^a ^m 
&c.) how much more, less &c. 

^ chim& K., a Utile; see a^. 

^aoa see o^na. 

^ chiim4, i) or 'J^, m. i, 3, a wiUow, 
reed, osier. 2) Al. Z., a to^, «2«mm«^ 

22kaMa chtimb4r&, az. turk. «>^^«*>, fr com 
arranged /or tkreMng. 

^a»a see ^aia<^. 

0^ or Loa ch&m^ K., chtimt U., fr. OS. 
epe^l, i) to' ^ extinguished, to go out SM Sk 
light. 2) met. <o ({t«/ ^sroioob 0|\ m^ioA chmllt 
b'sh6pA, he died where he stood. The fem. of 
I pres. in U. is Im^, *^op?4 (>ag, *^S*fe) *c., 
without « ; the Agent is ^^aa. 

^9^4 kamiin&y OS., m. cummin. 

xoMo k&miish, OS., Chemosh, i Kgs. xv. 7. 

J&'^oMa see ^(saoa. 

f^ kimkhl, pers. turk. li.^, sUk clothes, 

;^r\Ma chimt;it&, f. 6, a wtMet, hag. 

;ik9k^km&-yiitA,0S.,f., 1) quantity; a sum 
of money. 2) arith. a quotierU. 

t.\iaa kimil, 1 id., arab. turk. pers. J^ll, 
i) perfect, complete. 2) adolescent, ackdt. 

•ftkfMa kh&mis (sic), OS., m. a man's name 
sometimes now used. 

^baa ch4niich, i) = dQQa, to fade, wither. 2) 
met. to collapse as an inflated ball.- 3)=< 

^^iMa chtimch&, pers. 1 1^, » f», m. i, a spoon; 
!o jSp ^a ch. dli khaldli, an interrupter 
of a conversation, lit. an unwashed spoon. 

l^ioQ ehimch&, fr. ^^ no. 3, m. i, matter inr 
the eyes ; mums of the nose. 

b^aM^ chimchdr, (cf. turk. kurd.j|^l^ mod t), 
f. I, a stench, a bad smell of greasy pots and 
pans Sec. See ^s^mam. 

^o^Ma chamch&m&, pen. ^L^, m. r, a sleep 

^ioi k&mil, arab. J^ i) to he perfect; pp.| 

perfect (esp. Al.); jS^^^ jV{Iwbi Al., mt^t rtrA. 

2) to ^oto tfp, to reacA puberty. 3) AL, to 5^ 

fulfilled, to come to an end; of time, topeus. 

4) Al., to 6e satisfied. 5) AL, to ma^ «ip a 

full number. See 


.2iM^ kamil Al., inh. JU^ OMnp20<um, thai 
which makes up afuU number, Lids. 480, 

^yoA k&m&ni, pen. turk. ^uTand ijLX 
m. I, a joiner $ bow used for boring. 

pAi^ k&mand, pers. iark. si^, m. i, a nooee 
or rope for catching horaes. 

t^h^ kimand&r, pers. ^\jJl^ (cf. ;Loa), 
n. I , a 6otoman. 

^^jMo kamanchA, turk. kurd. t^uC dim. 
of ^jlS (see $»«&), f. I, aJiddU, violin. 

«^^bka^ ch&mid&n, pers. ^jUj^t^, f. i, a 
leather hag, 

&Md or 35^0^ k&m&r, -ra, (in AL liic^ or hiix^ 
Sodn 137.4, Lidz. 481), arab. pers. turk. kurd. 
70s. JfiSMK^, m. I, a girdle, a mulh, heU. 

ilLx^ kiimr&, pers. t^jf, m. i, a block of 
manure fuel cut with a spade. 

l&aA km&ra K., m. i, = AtMA. 

^i^ k&m&rband, pers. xi^^^ cf. &aa, 
m. I, a girdle, 

:t»A kamish, OS., to fade. See ^^. 

ib'dctta kamitra, also Ash. as OS. ^»^, m. i, 

p k&n, pers. turk. ^l^ f. i, a mine ; a 
quarry; an exeavation, 

^ kani, OS.*, m. i, the base of a yessel, 
the foot or eockei of a mast Ac, 

^ chin4, f. 3, i) home lit, and also met 
in the children's game of 'touch.' a) a diA 
used in the game. 3) the holder of the disk, 

^ ch&ni, pers. »jI» % a huik, 

lia chan&, az. turk. 1.1^ osm. turk. iX». 
(pron. cheng^), L i, 1) Ae chin, a) MB., 
the cheek. Cf. jbadA- 

^A chang, i) pers. oU^, m. i, a cymbal. 
2) t, pers. id., eti^, of a joint 

t^ chaDg4, pers. dU^, kurd. changi PS. 
396, m. I, i) a handful, ^^r^V^ '"^ milyi 
changA, 62. See «Vi^^ a) MB., <iao AafM(/U«. 

A^iS^ or Ix- chang^h, -sh&, f. i, a iu^^. 
.i^iA chang&l, pers. turk. kurd. J5!jl», m. i, 

i) a fork, 2) a ^fishhook 3) used for any- 
thing forked. Cf •^^^um. 

2ik}^ chingir4, kurd. chinger Oars. 257, 
m. I, a rag; usually pi., rage, taUert. See 

m^ Dk 

^^i^ chingirini, f. jl^-, fr. prec., m m^#, 
ragged, tattered, 

i^ kand4 K., pers. vJljX^ m. i, a ooUey, 
(eip. if small), a ravine, 

ab'^pj^ or ^Ai;^ kandiir&, kind-, kurd. gttnddr 
Garz. 69, f. I, a green emaU muek melon before 
it ripens, opp. iS^> Also i&>px}K^. 

JS^ or ^ kand&l, kand&l&n, az. turk. JIjjl^ 
m. I, a knoU, a small htU, a steep place, 

{.A^ kandll or kantlS, az. turk. jJjj^ 
m. I, a countryman, villager, rusHe, 

^^^ see JSpjA. 

^ kin^b, OS., m. I, 3^ i) i^m^ a or ;«^ 
December, ^£La ^a or a ma January; ifo^ 
December and January, 2) a man's name 
sometimes now used. 

A^ k&nib4 K. Sh. as OS., m. i, or ^^ 
kknilatk K. Sh., arab. ^^\S, f. 6, a small Jire^ 
place, a hearth, 

(x^aA knttshyi, OS., m. i, a synod^ meeting, 
committee, [In Az. jlxp ; ^f^ 1^ (for 'VpF)= 

i::s^aa knttshy4y4, f. j^-, OS.*, gram. 

i^^aa knttshti, OS., f. 6, a synagogue, 

Jbi6^ kinttshti, fr. «|a, f. 6, a besom, 
broom; JI^^S ^e ^a ^ t?^ •^ ct legal 
I^iraae for 1A0 whole fwmitwre of a house, 

;;^ knlz& Al., f. ^f- knTsti, fine, thin, 
Sachau 13. 

t^9J9 and ^- chincbin, -ni, t id., kurd. 

^KfAAg^ chinchini, cf. ^gH4^ '^^ prec, f. i, 
a violin, fiddle; a psaltery, 

\^ai^ kank&n, az. turk. ^^IXjX m. i , a digger 
and olfonar out of weUs used in Persia for 

%^ ktn&ktni, also 'aiif, turk. USUj, (fr. 
peruTian kina shark), m, i, jviMitiM. 


1^ cbariikti L^ /. 6,s^ a cJ^ with 
kuril. ierin, (Knp). 

^ kriAn, OH., Canaan, Ex. xir. 15. #»-. 
OH., a CanaaniU. 

i^ kimpi, r r, i)* a «7tii^, 2) apiwmath 
of iho Temple. 3) * a livrt, all at OS, 

iMtf^ or jfia^ii clianqMhti, -ishti (el tiirk. 
jAjLl^ top-mafft), t 6, atop bough or ftroiwAy 
l0fi. xvii. 6, Ezek. xxz. 14. 

^ kinar, i) pen. kiird« tiirk. ^LX ^ >» 
(m. in K.), iide. 2) as adr., otil of <iU isay, on 
on^ #t J0, a#fc2e, opart, ^a jk§^ (o J^p a«»i^ 
to keep out of, 3) Al.,= i^tA. 

^g^ cbinar, pers. turk. kard. J^f aiab. 
.Ll#, m. I, the plane-tree. 

l!Li^ kiti4r4, OS., f. i (bat in Q. as OS. m.), 
a harp, cithern, lyre. 

^409 kinrat, OS., {% BV.), the lake of 
Chinnereth, Num. xxxiv. 11. 

«|a kanish, OS., to tweep (in OS. also to 

^i^ kinshi, OS., m. i, a crowd, muUiiude; 
an aseembly; ^^^ 'a a eowncU, 

{^Ki^ kandsh^, k&-, m. i, and jbai^ -shta, 
f. 6, fr. a^ a nveejjer. 

}i»^ Al, SCO ^AfA. 

f^do^ see «^pjA. 
«Ai see ^. 

j^ kas Ti., interj., AujA/ be quiet I 

j^ \i\%,^j^qf^ q.v. Seldom used alone 
except in Ash. Z. 

IfL k4st, OS., to cover, sometimes with ^ ; 
v.n. i^, S»siA a cover ^ lid, Caus. lAk^is q.v. 
and if^t^* Hoe ^j^^* 

JftA k/is4, OS., m. I, a cup, chalice, esp. at 
the Kuolmrist. See ^ka. 

M^ SCO )*iA and ^ka. 

A^ kAnih Al., arah. ^.m^X <o !/«tii, Lids. 
4H3. See akftAM. 

kash Al, arab. v^» ^**^i Lids. 483. 
kAsUkht4, fr. foil, f. 6, t) a pruning- 
khife, a) ri mnmm*t chiml; an iron imtru' 
ment with long handle for smootiiing mud walls. 

fciflkh, 0&, to 


'khta, 06., L 6, « 

.dM kea(, knrd. ^^-^keri Lock loi (fiL 
heloTcd), Jb«r Sewsrwmee, Tc 
a term of respect oaed in. addrcHBg a i 
also in speaking to kdies of high nnky Jfi 
(Lidz.Li67^ C£.«M&*. 

a^ai^ kiiln, FdL >^ tibe month Oute, 
Xeh. L I. 

; JLftA and :.^ kislan, -ni, AL A^ £ id., 
arab. J%^ {et ^^fom\ Uay, mdalaU, UOk, 
484, Sachaa 82.29. 

:fMbt^ kisniti, I 6, ccIL pL as OS. {Sb^ 
kisni, a precious Home, ajaed (in 0& eoni). 

f aib^ kisrd, also khisrd, arah. iSjS^ pers. 
m. Choeroes, a man's name still aome- 
times used. Li AL 22^^^ Lidx. 484. 
^!uai^ (or %1), a large turban, Lidx. 484. 

.»&i^ kasaH, az. turk. fj^^,in a few toofde, 
in ihort, 

Jtft^see jWb^. 

^ cha'6 K. or ^ cha-yi U., i) cL ^t, 
and A«^, ; > V i A^, to 6« smooth. See ^i^. 2) 
Ti., see rtk- 

;ak^ k&'b4 Al, arab. turk. ^^ pi i, t^ 
anJde-joint; a knuckle; in pi <^ gome of 

9ff^ k4'ba, arab. t^, the temple at Mecca 
to which Mussulmans turn in prayer. 

^ chi'id, to cut, whiitie wood fte. with 
a knife; to carve. Dist. p2^. 

^ see ^1^, ^. 

^ ch4'if K., =:^^ q.T., i) to thrust. 2) to 

^, Ji^ see ^ at the beginning of this 

I J^ kip, f. id., arab. iJi^\,fdst, doss, ti^ 

^ i) Ti., see ik^ 2) AL Ash^ see 


^ k&p^ K., OS., to coffer. Also ^f^. 

^ chap4 or ^d ki^k Ash. or as OS. ^, m. i 
(f. in OS.), I ) a handful. 2) tfie hand, the pahn 
of the hand; ^ ^ lo elap the hande. 3) a 
turn. 4) the hottow of a sling, i Sam. xzy, 29. 

ifA chapl, chap^ Tkh. Al., pers. turk. kurd. 
^^^{cli^), the left hand, thelefteide, theleft. 

M^ kapglr, pers. tnrk. ^^-^^^ m. i, a 
strainer (an iron spoon with holes in it). 

J^Qj^ ch&p&kh, f. id., az. tnrk. »^l»9 
scai'red on head or &ce. 

;h*oJ^ chipUkhta, cf. prec., f. 6, a sear, 

:^6^ chipiilay pers. iJL^, m. i, a stap. 
^A iJn to slap, 

&ola = 'jd q.y., catnphor. 

tab'b^i k&piir&, f. ^b-, OS., i) adj. un- 
believing, ungodly, 2) subs., an apostate, infidel, 
heathen, unbeliever, 3)*, gram, negative, tk^ 
f., = foll. 

(.b^^ kpttry&, OS., m. i, apostasy, infidelity, 
denial esp. in religion ; ungodliness; qff^ence. 

^^ kipfish^, cf. ix|i^, ^^, m. I, a hem, 

iAs^ kapiyll Al. Ash., arab. l^S, f. i, a 
towel, napkin, handkerchief, (with arab. pi. 
IL^, Lidz. 484). 

f^A^ k&pik, ross., m. i, a kopeekj one 
hundredth part of a rouble. 

t A^a or in Al. H- ka^tl, -]&, arab. turk. 
^yjS, m. I, a bail (the person), a surety; 
^ >^^ >^ttK to take bail for, 

^k4» kplp& K., f. J^sh, (rare),= ^ See J2:^. 

^^Ji^ kapch4, (pers. turk. i.^JD or ^^$1= 
kurd. ^jmJjTS, 328, a spoon, ladle), f. i, 
a garden trowel, 

fjAJA chapk&nt, turk. ^j^^t f. i, an over- 
dress or a^brt otUtfr eoat worn by women. 

Jkfikia chapchip, onomat.,^;9^*fi47 the wings. 

A^kipil, = .M*. 

.l|Ld k4pil K., rarely U., i) heb. hps, cf. 
.IsUs, to wrap, fold, do%ible, gather together. 
2) ir, .\.tf>, to ^0 5atZ 

|«lkA chapil, f. id., pers. turk. J^, unclean, 
esp. ceremonially or morally ; dirty. 

1^^ or Aia chapl!, az. turk. jl^ teft- 
handed. Cf. ^. 

tiiV'ljfc or '^ chaplakh, chip-, f. id., az. 
turk. ^y^, poor, needy. 

ti^k^ chapla-ya, f. &-,= ;^aa. 

^ kllpin, OS., to be hungry; pp.} hungry. 

l^^ kipn4, OS. %, m. i, i) hunger, 2) 
esp. famine, scarcity, Us^ id. 

JiM^ kapant^, f. 6, i) an arch over a cradle. 
2) K., sour rhubaH>, 

U^$q^ kyiis&, OS., m. menses, 

As^^i^ kyds&nitA, OS., f. 6, a menstrucus 

X bk^ chap&r, turk. .bl^, m. 1, the post, maU; 
a postman; a posthorse (also ^^p If 9^)' ^^ ^i 
to post, to go post haste; ^90 .St) to post, 

&Jia ch&p&r, pers.^^^, f. i, i) a hedge, a 
fence of any kind. 2) an earthwork used in 
war. '^ i^ to fnake a fence Ac, 

^fA k&pir, OS., i) to deny, renounce, re- 
piddiate a person, with a; sometimes impers. 
in pass., as ei^ ik^^ ^Li ^f bit p^h4 kplrti 
biyl, he shall be denied. 2) to be offended^ 
with a, sometimes 6^^, = a<. 3) to ^ an 
apostate. — ^c^^i^s 'a k. b'g&nii, to deny oneself; 
«flf^l^^ ^&ka self-denial. See ^fs^, 

Xb'^b^ kipird&r, az. turk.^l.>^i^ cf. prec., 
m. I, a revHer, eurser. 

$LhJ^ ch4p&rkh&n4, pers. sJU^IjU., f. i, 
a post office, post station. 

|.*A&k^ chap&rcht, az. turk. (c^^^« m* <i 
a postman. 

Xid^lSi^ kpem&kh^m, OS., f. Capernaum, 
Mat. iv. 1 3. 

jEfa k&pish K., i) to return of their own 
accord (cattle). 2) to be reunited, as friends, 
to agree together, Lidz. 485. See j^^. 

lifi^ kiptt, pers. turk. wJ^ pounded meat, 
boiled with herbs. 

h6i^ kaptiir, >k&ofi^ or ^IS- kaptdrtm, 
Deut. ii. 23 Ac. 

t^^ kifknt, f. id., az. turk. ^\^, of good 
quality, opp. ^hea. 




}jtii^ chaq, = Jti4( no. i. 

loQ Mqiy f. pA' chiql, az. turk. s^, cross- 
eyedf aquinitng. 

Qiao chaqii, turk. ^\u^, f., pi. ;^2ld-, a pockO- 

}A^m chaqch&q&, az. turk. sJ^^, m. i, 
i) the name of two pieces of wood in a water- 
mill, one attached to the f^ q.v., the other 
joining the first to the upper millstone so as 
to cause yibration. 2) a raJUU for scaring 
birds. Cf. .M^rv>io. 

m chaq&l, turk. JIa»., m. I, ajackaX. 

chaq^a, az. turk. JU», f. i, green 
fruit, esp. unripe apricots, 

.at^A^ktt^ chaqlaq&di K. Terg., .az. turk. 
^^j^i*.i i) a bright-coloured bird rather 
larger than a starling, often called the ^hee 
catcher, * 2) the name of a grass. 

JAioaok chaqmaq XJ.| or »,Wi»5 Al., Lidz. 431, 
turk. j^l», m. I, i) flint-and'Sted, often 
'a tks^. 2) the lock of a gun. 

|,^^i3bofiia or }«aAiMtt^ chaqm&qchC, -s&z, osm. 
turk. ^^^^wA^JU., az. turk.jL*-, m. i, aflint- 
and-sted maker, for guns &c. 

ioiLae^ chaqr^&, az. turk. tS/^, m, i, a 
small bird frequenting the lake-shore. 

sA see !uA. 

&a, rarely 22ka k&r, -r^, pers. turk. kurd. .1$^ 
m., i) effect, benefit; &a 2&» effective, heneficidl; 
&a p^ to affect, to he strikitig, to make an im- 
pression, 2) business, work [=&>&^ Az.] ; 
80 in Al. &a jfax to arrange intr. See ^. 

2&A k&rl, i) as OS., to be short. 2) K. Al. 
TA. as OS., to be sad, sorry; often impers. : 
vi^J^iLi^isg bit k&ry&lt 'all, / shaU be sorry 
for him, — pp. J short, sad; )L^bp ^&^ hasty; 
jt^&A 0^2 poor. See ^ep. 

2!k^ kara, f. a&- kar!, pers. kaid,j>, deaf, 

lifik see «&ft. 

2fik^ ch&r&, pers. turk. i^U., £ i, remedy, 
resort, aitemative. See ^. 

fi^lSHa see /S07&A. 

aj^, I. k&rib, arab. y^, i) to be angry, 
indignant, grieved, foil, by .^ = utM. Agent 

;ia&ia and pp., angry. 2) K., to qtugrrel. n. 
k^iw K., OS., to plough. 

Js^ kerb&, arab. kurd. a^^ £ i, anger 
(sometimes in pi.), rage, raging (alao of the 
sea) ; ^a ;^ or 'a aaA to be angry. 

J?&A krlw&, OS. ^2l!a, £ i, i) a furrma; 
'a iJo (or ^ a^) to plough with dir. obj. ; met. 
Jl^oL 'a ^» to plough iniquity^ Job iy. 8. 2) 
faJdovo ground. . 

jL^ia^ kerb^lft^ arab. pers. «^^, Kerbdah, 
a famous Shiah place of pilgrimage near {he 
Euphrates, where Husein was killed. 

1^^ kerVlM (or )^-), pers. c^^b^ ^ 
pilgrim to Kerbdah, often prefixed to a Mussul- 
man's name as a title. 

^^K., = ^bofft, Lidz. 486. See a&A. 

iV^ika ch&r&g, pers. kurd. e);l^, pers. osm. 
turk. (S^|^-, az. turk. (s)/^t £ i| i) a quarter^ 
a fourth. 2) a lineal measure = \ 2^!»^ about 
10} inches. 3) a weight = a quarter of a 
druggist's batman (see ^fici), about i\ lb. 
ayoird. ; or a quarter of a goldsmith's batman 
= 2 )^, about 2|oz. ayoird. 4) the ordinary 
Urmi b€Uman, about 32 lb. ayoird. 

(kjksj^ kerg4, az. turk. i\S^{. 1, a weavers 
comb (?) for tightening threads ; also used of 
other weaying instruments. 

fi^^ karig4, az. turk. and kurd. %S^, £ i, 
a sleeveless jacket worn outside a cotton coat. 
Cf. ^(SftJ. 

^^!L^ see 'bca. 

&aX,^ cherg&ch&r, az. turk^^^^r^ £ >• 
a hook or dress-fastener, 

i^l^, more commonly ^^a^ kiijili, -zhAM, 
az. turk. J\j^^£ i, a crab. 

2^&A cherd&, £ i, a iM^efaiUtf M in a field, 
larger than folL 

lySkSf^ kerdi, m. i, or t?&^ kerdi, m. i, pers. 
%^, a garden bed, a plot. 

ijfhA kerd6 K., enowshoes, 

li^&ft or jb^&A cherd^h, -Aq (the latter 
always in pL) U., turk. jl^jl^, £ i, a booth 
made with blanches ;— ^^^'a^p ip^, thefeaet of 

bi^P^ kerdAw&r, pers. ^l^lC m. i, « targe 



wpade and chain, used by two men in making 
rows in melon-fields. One digs and the other 
draws the chain to lighten the digger's labour. 

f^p&^ kerdiiz, cf. 2^&^ f. i, a spud. 

^p^ see 2^&^ 

&iajjif 9i^ kerdl&'mar, OS., m. Chedar^aomer, 
Qen. xiy. i. 

Ji^^ see \?&e- 

07^ kar6 Al., as OS. Etbp., tobeiU; pp.| 
^4f&ft krlhii^ iU, and gram, d^ective as verbs, 
or weak as consonants. 

(k^SL» krahat or kr&'at Al. K., f. id., turk. 
oufei^arab. lj^\^figly, ahomiruMe, detestable, 
Bachau 37 (or A^-, Lidz. 486). See Xi&a. 

l^fkQ chirwt, niss., spadee at cards. 

^9&A kriiw&, OS., m. i, a cherub. 

t jad&ft k&rAb&, f. ^ k&rttbUL, fr.aa^ angry, 

t^^ih^ ch&rw&d&r, pers: ^blj^U., m. i, a 
caravan^ritfer, a muieteer. 

foo2J[a kir&w^, turk. Jiy^, f. i, ederff (as 
in osm. turk.); or a leek. 

|;)o&Akiriiz&,OS., m. I, i)* a ptmcher,^ 
^ij^AJp. 2)* a crier, Dan. iii. 3. l^^, OS., 
f. 6, 9, a preaching, message, but usually a 
litany; ^ifS?^ ^&9fo&A the Oospd according to 
St. Matthew. 

iLoh^ m. I, and g^h^ f. 6, chAr&kh4, 
-akhUL, turk. J^U>, a leather sandal. 

tUi^ k&rAy& K. Al. (or 'i^ Lids. 486), f. 
ika-, h. 2&A, sad. 

atfohi^ kirwlsh, pers. turk. ^y^^, kurd. 
ker5shk Lerch 100^ 'kerresh/ ib., f. i, 
a hare. 

aao&^, i) ch&r^ki, a woman's AauH. 2) 
ch&riikh&, see ;»o9a. 

^&4 kerw&n (in Ash. ^&i^), pers. turk. ^U^ 
and \\j, f. I, a caravan, i.e. any number, large 
or smally of animals on a journey carrying 
goods or persons. 

^oSmo&a kran&lflgtyft,OS.*,£ i,xpoi«Xo>^ 

|^^o&4 kerw&nchi, as. turk. ^jryf^ ™« '» 
a caravan-driver. 

EMo^ kerw4ns4r&, pers. turk. (^j^L^ 
or j\S, f. I, a caravan«0fia», an inn. 

X^fAlLiii^ kerw&ns&r&chi, turk. ^jfi}/^^^/^ 
or ^j\S, m. 1, a caravanserai-keeper, an inn- 

&9&^ kirdr, arab. pers. j^p, f. i, half a 
million, five hundred thouswnd. 


iM&A cherkh, pers. turk. ^j^, m. i, i) a 
windlass, puUey. 2) a wheel of a machine or 
of a water-mill (parallel to and underneath 
the millstones). 3) the screw of a steamer. 

-^ see ^^. 

t^&ft see V 

I^^Jli^ cherkh&chi, i) turk. ^»i^, kurd. 
^j^jt^ PS. 295, m. I, a skirmisher (lit. one 
who wheels about). 2) one tired with working 
or walking. 

;LL&A k&rkh&nA, pers. kurd. turk. ijU^l^ 
£ I, a manufactory. 

^$^ chrakhpl, pers. b dl^ or iJ|b-, m. i, 
a large wooden * candlestick,* or rather a lamp^ 
stand, standing on the ground. 

^Hiu&l^ cherkhp&l&k, pers. eUi ^y^, f. r, 
a baUoon. 

^&9 kirf (or 1^ kir6 Al. Az.), arab. turk. j^ 
£ I, hire, rent; (in Az. a reward), 'as joy^ (or 
in Al. '^ 2&1) to AtW, ^aa i^o^: to let. [With 
affixes in Az. ^iS^ (AWr retoard.] 

t^y W^S, Bee '^(k. 

^&A k&rl Ash.,=:.fft^ Lidz. 485. 

;I&^ kiryi Ash., a brook, stream, Lidz. 485. 

|U&g see '&x(k. 

^^ kirlm, arab. turk. ^^^ (Ut. munifi- 
cent), m., a man's name now used. 

JbftX^f'htt, }i\idif&A, see 'ib&». 

&I&^ kiry&r, i) kurd. J^t m. subtlety, 
craft. 2) Al., sale, Lidz. 485. 

X i>4¥A kra-yat, £ id., kurd. sL>4^bad, worn 
out. See (k«y&A. 

^;a<^ keryat, OS., CAmi^ i Kgs. xm. 3. 

j^ii^lft krit&yi, F^h. t^i^, the ChereOdtes, 
Dayid*8 bodyguard, 2 Sam. xx. 23.. 

T 2 



^aA kknkh K., OS., i) to go rounds to be 
wrapped round, to surround, beset. 2) to close 
a Yolume or roll. See ^^^ and ^|am. 

^a^ cMrikh, fr. prec. ?, to climb. 

^>La kar&k Al.y=^Xj\must verb. 

;a&^ kirkhA, OS., m. i, a roW of stuff; a 
volume, a scroll. 

t^lii^ kar&kM, kA-, m. i, an enskrauder, 
witb fern. |^-, f. 6. 

;&&A kerkh4, pers. iJ»^, a river in Persia. 


^AikA ch&r&k&, cf. \&e> f* If a quarter of a 
brick &c. 

^aA&^ or ^^ kerkidtn, kerkad^n, OS. 
^pAft^, pers. ^jxi^m. i, a rhinoceros; an 

^<^^ see 'boja. 

l^tf^'^at cbircb&wt MB., = ;|^ailk, h^aiix, 
sleet {cf. ;Ahaio'i). 

l.iA^ cbercbC, az. turk. .^r^, m. i, a 
pedlar, cadger, hawker. 

^^A&^kercbib&n (cf.^auA), az. turk. ^^L^^ 
m. I, a large boil. 

la^A^ cbercbida, az. turk. iju^^«», m. i, 
a^i< uJM^^e of wood for beating down the woof 
in a loom. 

Xiu^a^ kirak^sh, az. turk. ^jLS\^{8ee^h^)^ 
m. I, a caravan-^>wner, a mviU^oprietor. 

&i^^ kircbita, f. 6, a hidn/sy. 

^si^ kirkicb!, pi, (fr. per8.^irfruit+ ^ ), 
cf. ^&f &9), fruit-seeds or sUmes. 

«9Ma&^ kerkmiisb, Psb. \dGii|p^ Carcksmish, 
2 Cbr. XXXV. 20. 

^^ (for ^&o4) cb&rcb&ngi Al., kurd. 
dU»^U., on aU fours, Lidz. 437. Cf. )!^. 

iiLQ>gt cbirchiris az. turk.^^^, (see &d^&^), 
f. I, a ea<<oti-c2eaner (the instrument). 

|2»$A krakbt&, f. 6, fr. ^j^ a mitre or ^ur&ofi; 
a headband; a diadem. 

^&^ kirligh, az. turk. jJ^ fl i, on over- 
shirt, House, smock-frock, pinafore. 

p^ or pifA or >s4i;^ k&r&ro, kiram, karam, 
arab. turk. pers. ly^f., i) mercy, pity. <^ 'ft ^ 

to have pity on (see below). 2) Al. A8h.,s 
p^i, Lidz. 487; hence a gift, a mark of 
honour, esp. a feast; in this sense also ^¥^ 

f. (cf. >s^m). >4* 'a H^ ^ ^v^^i^ ^ JF^'''*^^'^^ 
to; A 'a pi^ to do honour to. 

^&^ kerm&, OS., in Ti. % m. 4, i) a vine- 
yard. 2) in pi. (^'^)» the name of a village 
on the Upper Zab. 3) Al., a garden, an 
orchard. 4) li^^p 'a an oltveyard, Jud* 
XV. 5. 

^aAcberm&, m. I, i) part of a handkerchief 
wrapped round the forehead. 2) the string of 
a top. 3) Ti.,=prec. 

I &^^ k&ramdar, f. id., pers.^)jL«^ merei' 
ful, kind. 

•fftp^ kermiz Al., = '&jb. 

^LfAo^ charmikha (fr. ^hoi^), az. turk. 
L^^^l.^, m. I, a gallows, lit four nails, 
a cross. 

^^ or i^^ kermil, kennl&, OS., i) 

Carmel, Josh. xix. 26. 2)* groves ov fruitful 

fields, 2 Chr. xxvi. 10. il^iio- OS., a Carmdite. 

^&^ kirm4n, pers. y^S, a city and province 
of SE. Persia. 

eiujo&^ kirmansh&, pers. «\jLSU^a city of 
W. Persia. 

llst^hA k&rmit-t4 Tkh., see p^k, I grace. 

^!Ls^ k4r&ni-$ K., pers. (^U/T f., pL h^ 
k&r&nit-yC, a trumpet. 

2Sfi^&^ chamiq&ri Ash., a halo round the sun. 

jbiL^ ch&r&s, pers. u^, f. i, a wine-prese. 

U^&f kls& or U^Si (Mak Ti. or )iba^ k&sA 
Al. Z.,=OS. Jibk^, f. I, 3, i) the bdly. a) tks 
womb. 3) the crop of a bird. See ^^ 

ibO|Jbdioto^ krisflpfistyus, OS.*, m. ckryso- 
prasus. Rev. xxi. 20. 

iboSi^oto^ krisatUiis, OS.*, m. ehrysUite, 
Rev. xxi. 20. 

Jbe^^'^ kris^&s, OS., m. Christy Xpcot^* 
(Usual word jlfMo.) 

t ;i\lb^ kristyinA, f. j6i-,0S., gk. xpunlamn, 
Christian, the usual word, (see (^^^see). 

ij^li^ kirsiU, kurd. J^^ dim^ of Iwrsef 

or asses. 



^i^ or % Ti. or '^ Al. Z., klsani, cha-, 
k&-, f. Jti^-, fr. ^&a, gluUarunu, greedy. 

^hc^ kar'A or kar&, in Ti. chari, (=rOS. 
^SCa and ^&^ curdled milk), m. i, buUer, 
fresh btUier, nuule by patting JtAJp into a skin 
or earthenware bottle and ghaking till the 
butter settles on the top. See H^ imaso. 

J^ chirip, perh. onomat., i) to dash tr. 
a) U.y to drink or eat with a dash. 3) to whip. 

li^^ cherp&-w&, az. turk. ^c^t i^ i| 
a switch. 

^^ kerpich, pers. turk. kurd. ^>X f* >> 
i) a 6rtcA;/ fa^fiV^ 2^^ to mofa 6rtdb. a) dia- 
monds at cards. 

;&&1&^ charpirti, aa. turk. i^b^l^ri f. 6, 
4X)11. pi. 2^&^ chirpArl, a ^toi of a gun. 

ajfi^ cherqad K., az. turk. A^, f. i, a 
bride* s veH. 

2b'&^ see 2!l^. 

;jc&9 kirshft, az. turk. &.^, f. i, 3, a dodge 
for bringing home the harvest. 

ox^ chershd, kurd. uJLl^U., pers. s^JLjA^ 
and i^^^U., m., pi. ^jfo-, a v^ used by women ; 
o wrapper for bedclothes. Cf. ^^1^ 

ifiox^ see ^. 
m^hq^ see i^V.^* 

^&^ kirsh4n, az. turk. ^L^, m. paini for 
the face. 

^4;;^ karat K. Terg., arab. i^ f. timo; used 
in numbering, = }4S^ q.y. See /s$4 '*^* 

^p4 ch&rit, i) to slip out of ptaee. 2) U., 
to go qj^BBSk gun, to fire a gun. 3) K., to toar. 
4) U., to wander from the road. 5) to ^rink 
from danger &o. See \^. 

;^&^ k4rt4, OS., f. 9 (kir&tl), a load, burden 
lit. and met. 

;&&9 kirti K., m., perh. merehanduey wares, 
Lidz. 487. 

ikiLf or '^ klrithi, cht-, both K., = OS. 
;^&^, f. I, a herb, perh. a leek, Num. xi. 5. 

;^o&&^ kirt6p& U.9 fir. german karfoffel, 
m. I, a potato. 

^ik&^ or mr kertlgfa, -Ikh, pers. A^lC 
f. 1, afile. 

^^&A or ^2 ohertik, chir-, onomat. 1, m. i, 
a snap or fillip of the fingers. ^^ )^ to snap 

jc^ kish, interj., i) kish/, to scare birds. 
Cf. jcajEM. a) pers. turk. ^jS, also in K« ^ 
kish&, cheek / at chess. 

iSi^ kashghir, OS., 8LTBh.jJL:Xf, Kashghar, 
a city in Chinese Turkestan. 

,m|;a k&shikh Ash.,s=«M^, Lidz. 472. 

JA;,** kshtU, f. »«V kshTt-tA, (cfl A^yc^i, 
P^fSUi, perh. same rt as OS. ^^ truths 
heb. 05^), goody morally ; holt/ ; Af^ ^^** 
a good old age; lis^^k^fliA p^l to do good to, 
with A or «1^ ; jtS^xa 99! <o cio ri^A<. 

2!JltaE^ Al., f. ^kb-, OS., striving, energetic, 
Lidz. 489. 

1:^ kashki, az. turk. iSiiS, f. fiMoi and 
com boiled together. 

.^^aa^ kashk^l or kesh-, OS., m. i, a serrice- 
book containing the ' propria' for ferias, while 
the Vi^^m contains those for festivals. 

^ifAJB^ kashkinA, cf. Iajb, f. pounded wheal 
and meat. 

^^ k&shil Ti., (in chald. to be tired; cf. 
tW> Ji^pftjp), to play. 

^^oa^ cheshm&g, pers. cJ > » ■ ^^ (fir. ^^ an 
•eye), m. eye-salve, eye-medicine. 

&K^)oaBj^, kishmishti, f. 6, rarely ^tt'oaq^ kish- 
mish, f. I, pers. turk. ^JLt^S^coU. pL ^jfuSat^ a 

IhMo^ chashmiti, fir. pers. i^Aj^., f. 6, a single 
eyeglass; coll. pi. laao chaahmi, a pair of eye- 
glasses, spectacles. 

^ k&shan, pers. ^Lll^ a city of Central 

,(jM chashnS, i) pers. ^^i^l^, m. i, a sample, 
pattern, form, reeembianoe. a) fl i, also A>uo 
f. 6, the cap of a gun. 

»l|La kiship K. Al., arab. ^JuiS, to reveal, 
to lay bare or naked, to discover, to be discovered. 

X i^ chat, f. id., az. turk. c^, arab. vl*^ 
tough, dose, hard lit. and met 

It^ kaU K., = «&i^ U., 1) £ id, odd of 



nxnxuivrh, 2) met one standing aloof; a 

k AL, puss/ Yocatively, Lidz. 475 ; 

Ut^ kata, OS., f. selfsoum com. 

qt^ k&tiw (in K. AL kithiw), OS., to torite 
with one's own hand (see 9(Aip), to enrol; to 
describe in writing, Josh, xviii. 6 ; to aUot in 
writing ; ^ ^ikijl ^ ^a to copy from a book. 
Fern. pp. a writing , a hook. Maso. v.n. ^ k» 
as OS., a booky letter, writing, the Seriptiwre; 
ike letter of a thing, opp. the spirit, 2 Cor. iii. 6 ; 
in pL playing-cards; ^pjji ^i^ the Bible; 
iL^^^p ^IfA power of attorney. Fern. v.n. 
ji^ii^ a writing. 

t^i^ kat&w&, k&- (i^ in K., ik OS.), m. i, 
a scribe, copyist, writer, with fern. H^-. 

^A^ see {ofisA. 

^bqi&A kt&-wiina, OS., m. i, a tract, pam- 
pklet, short letter. 

aiwood^ kithb&thtl AL Tkh., £ 6, a writing. 

^io ktabkh&ni, pers. tork. iJl^U^f. i, 
a library. 

{.^^LlsSo ktabkhinachS, tark ^lil^.liS', 
m. I, a librarian. 

li^ kitwa, m. I, a (Aom, thistle; i^^9 'a 
a 2ar9« thistle. 

ji^AA ktOlti, f.6,a|N)fctiptft0; a hedgehog. 
t ^a4 chitiin U., f. id., turk. ^^^sj^, diJieuU, 
hard; ik^ot^ ^^ias to take pains. 

t^ois^ kitwani, f. jS^-, fr. lotsA, thorny, 
having thorns. 

&o^a chatw&r, as. torkji^W, f. i, an old 
coin =17^ shahis, a quarter-roMe. 

XlUt^ kitftri, f. ;j^&-, harsh, rough^ 
voured, astri$igent. 

^(k^AA kt^t^ c£ lit^, a thistle. 

^tsA or ^tt^ k&tim, ki-, Psh. ^i^ CMttim, 
Kittim, Num. xziy. 24 ftc. 

&t^^ chatir, pers.^^z», m. i (ch&tirl), aw 
%ufnbrdla, parasol; a parachute; a sail. 

j^&A kt^ti U., kth6th& K. AL, k8h68hi Ti. 
{;ki^ TA.), f. 6, a hen. ^^» 'te (Ut. 
Egyptian hen) a turkey hen. 

^ kit&n (TA. J^A^) as arah. ^IS^, or fkh^ 
kitiii& as OS., m. i, i) calico, cotton (natiTe); 
of. folL 2) a cotton sheet. 3) cotton wodL 
4) linen. 5) a linen doth. 6) in pL Jkae, 
Jud. XT. 14. 

^&A kt&n&, m. 4, the eotton-plani; see preo. 

J^ k&tip, k&tif K. Al., i) Al., as arab. 
cJLi^, to bind, fetter. 2) K., met. to be dried 
tfp, as a pond. 3) K., met to be unaUe to 

b^ katir, i) IJ.,=OS. &^, to tie, tie up; 
to bind, with a = to ; <o fM the hands. See 
h^ &^, «^&a^ ^<^- 3) K., to tnereoM. 

ib'fi^ kitr4, fr. prec., m. i, i) a hnoL 2) 
a bond, band. 3) met. a riddle. 4) a bundle, 

t i&'i^ kat&ra, ka-, f. tf^S-, fr. &(^, i)inoUy 
as trees, gnarled. 2) met, of men, testy, 

X ^!»A^ kitr&ni, f. j£i^-,=preo. no. i. See 2&^. 


\ I. the letter f^ l&mad, OS., f. i, in K. 
MB. a, = {. It is frequently interchanged with 
b, sometimes with ^uo, ^ rarely with other 
letters. It falls in some words, as in Ata, 
^ao&lAi, Aa; and see below (Oram. 330). In 
Az. .^ often replaces ^, sometimes j^; thus the 
term, i^^ becomes dli, and £»$ house becomes 
b^l&. In numbering <^=30, 22^=31 &c. 

II. OS., an inseparable prep., i) to, for; for 
the use of, belonging to; myi^ after its hnds 
ilaio^ according to the number; ^on )^9^ 
for a few days; ^^1m^ 01^ loa^ he ettahUsked 
him as king, 2) at,:=^a; on; so ts^b^ii iJS^ go 
down to meet him; il*} ^n^ ^9^ ^ on the 
east of Bethel. 3) by of the Agent, and 
therefore used to form the preterite of Terhl 




(Oram. 85) ; so : David had a son .\\ffy^ 6y 
Abigail; in Al. in adjurations : ^^{o l^'^ 
hy God and yowradf. 4) sign of dir. obj. 
(very common). 5) in dates : ^oi!^ li^\^ ffap 
in the year 100 of the GreeJts,^ 211 b.o. ; 
^IftwNssA.D.; ^i^ic^ ^p ;Sifa in the fourteerUh 
year of the king; ^h^ 9^9 on the fir^A of the 
month; ^a^2 ^^ the next day (rare) ; ^^^a 
^^Itki^ '*^^? ^ eecond day after I came; 
fAot. li'^jS ifpii eeven days henee^ Oen. vii. 4. 
6) Al., = «1^ ahoiU. — For ^, ^i is sometimes 
written, as *p6» «^] = ^»^; and in Al. ^] or 
•If =«1^, the two prepositions being much 
confiised. — With affixes, (i) cq^ It, 9^ 1&, (never 
^^, dr^), ^^ liUdi, ^ hin (^ Wnl Ti.), 
^o2{ 16khiin (Az. ^, Ti. 6s^), ^^^S Iftn U. 
lii Az. MB. Z., «e^ (^) 16 K. (and so U. after 
•AAi^) &c. ; these are the forms used to express 
an object pronoun in close connexion with 
verbs, and in the pret. ; but the ^ is omitted in 
the pret. of verbs ending in «^, ^, & [not in TA.], 
and in Al. Z. after 6^2 q.v. and in the first 
pres. as mf^^!^ q&^lit^, and everywhere after 
2 sing. imp. and 3 sing, first pres. of verbs 
ending in S, ^, h, and in all verbs after i eing., 
(Gram. 134, 179); or (ii) oi^2) ^^9^1 '^l '^^ 
&c., with 3 pi. i*e^2 iUf often in K. *^l iUhl, 
-h^ ; or (iii) ei^ &c., q.v. — J^ is not used alone 
with affixes in U. K. when = to, of motion, 
but «AA^ must then be prefixed ; thus cq^ Itsl 
if^ftA^ ttli Ikislf, he came to me, but ^&6A '2 
he came to Urmi, — ^^, .^, ^^ &re often 
used redundantly with imp. — iM ^^ ^{» 
whence have you this t 

-S lA, inseparable prep., (perh. for l^, cf. 
J^, or for 07)^ to this), towards; .^^^ifH 
Ux{kai^Jorward8 ; ^f^h^^, ^\i^ l&bar^, '.&!, 
backwards; i^bj^ l&-ar'&, earthwards; j^^ 
fiS^ towards the eity, in the direeHon of the 
city (not always of motion). 

a li, OS., 1) inteij., no. a) adv., not, see 
folL ; often used redundantly, as 1^^ Up jliap 
or ^0^? i^^ to forbid to give; before a subs, 
it makes a compound, as j&A^^ £! disobedience. 
In Ti. MB. Sh. absolutely in the phrases «fi p^^p 
iS nothing (e.g. in answer to fr^a ^poM what 
do you want f), H ^a no one; in MB. these 

are pron. as one word, n&shal&, mindili, the 
penult, short but accented. — iS , , , iS neither 
...nor. a :S ^l — iia without. Dist. 4S, 
see ^. 

^ 1^, or perL ^ for .?r H (cf. OS. e^=mfi H), 
or for fi^a H, or see Oram. 163, used in U. K, 
for prec. before pres. and impf. of substantive 
verb, and in all verbs before the tenses derived 
fr. pres. part, except first pres. in a subordinate 
clause; but in Al. Az. only before the sub* 
stantive verb. , Dist. oj^, see ^. 

^;^ lib&, Ub4, esp. E., or ^fy (sing.) Al., 
kurd. Ubt Qarz. 150, m. i, deceit, a trick, 
treachery; ^ ^ j^ to deceive. 

$a:^ lib&n&, U; esp. K., f. j^i-, fr. prec., 
tricky, cunning, deceitful. 

^pi2i see '9^. 

ifiaH la-iidl Ash., = i^h, Lidz. 503. 

\fi Ik'it, (OS. past S^), to curse. Cans. 

^^ VAk or l^kA, OS., in Sal Q. and 
sometimes U. ^^ ltk&, see )ai*2, whither, [In. 
Az. p ^^ Ukit, tc^A^re coi\j.] 

|^£i lA-lq esp. Sal. Al., f. id., arab. turk. 
jji.flUing, deserving, comely, elegani. l^^ 
f. 6, 9, merits, deserts esp. in pi. 

;^ii l&khi U. K. or ^^ I'akhA Al. or 
^a^a l&khAni MB. or ^ikH lakh&hinl K. or 
^4a;^ likh-h&nl K, i) U. K. AL, hither. 
2) v., Aensysr^iq.v. 


£L^^ or .^^^ liltikh U. K., or ^«^ 
Itikht Al. (OS. 'ifi), below (whether there is 
motion or not), as adv. and foil, by ^ as prep. 
See A^^^2. 

pfi l&-im, arab. Ji, to blame, reproach, 
rebuke, accuse, rail against. Cans. Pf^. 

Mii li 'iim as Psh. or % ^o^ RV., Lo ammi, 
Hos. L 9. 

ihfiS l&si'A, OS., Lasea, Acts xxvii. 8, 
jafi li-iq K., arab. jl t, to stick. 

K^SOmOI fdX 



^9& a \i rdkhimi, RV. 'h li^, Psh. l^ 
ij^^ifkl, Lo rahama^ Hos. i. 6. 

«J^ li-ish, (OS. past &S), to make dough, to 
knead. Caus. ^ae^^ and it^. 

6k^ Ik'it K., arab. vHJ?, to trecu^ doum, 
trample [=^2^ Az.]. Cf. ^^6^. 

^ lib&y OS^ m. 2, i) heart, a) stomach. 
3) tW«n<ton. Phbases : ^ 1^^ to encourage, 
with .^ or ^0 (so ^ ^079^ «2^ to ^ encouraged; 
^p piff^viL hie consolation); ^ ^ >^ >i>2^5^ 
(or ^) uf./ ^ .loK to take hearty to be en- 
couraged; ^ ^ disheartened; ^ .^ to &« mm2/ 
^o ^ i^* single-hearted, i Chr. xii. 33; 
?j^>\m *er9ai^ lib& khlisi, m^^ homesick; ^oroai^ 
22k*iji U., merciless; ^^ ^eroaj^ trnpetuou^, 
' touchy,* timid; ib'oM ^47991^ tmrnanZ^, cowardly; 
IfLaSw aotoc^ libii wtr&, unco?uctou5, insensible 
(bo ^iia^*^9aj^ libii wiri, he was in an ecstasy) ; 
^9A 0)^ E., moody, melancholy, morose; ^eroaj^ 
cq^ ^Mffid libd ptikhlt, he was pleased, or he wore 
his heart on his sleeve; m^ a^ *oi^a^ 1. qidli, 
he pitied (see ^^oi), or A« t/Tox fervent or 
enthusiastic; «(^oV^ •»er9S3h^ 1. gwilt, A« ti;a« 
fastidious or Ae too^ a dislike to a person or 
thing; oy^ ;il^ ^ libl bimkh&y^ 11, my 
heart is heating; ^^a^ ^h ^ i& ^t^ ^9?t' 
iddkh matula 'ill rish lib&kh, do not trouUe, be 
at ease; vi^ ^^^o ej^ lib! (m)germiishl li, he 
will not aUow it to be done; ey^tl oya^ libi zill 
K. Al., he felt faint, or with .^, .^ he desired; 
cq^ jbS o^ libi pishlt, with ^ he uxis not hearty 
with, with a he set his heart on, he valued 
greatly K,, with p he feared lest; ^ ej^ un- 
feeling, cold towards a person ; oy^ 2^2ll» ej^ 
libi mray^ 11 (for ^na^), he has a stomach-ache, 
or he is vexed, or he is unwilling to do it; 
p ^ ^^naoo to displease; ^ oj^ af&« khrydli 
liht, I do not fed well; e^ s^ ^ I was much 
frightened; ^ oj^ ^ / was tired; ^ t^^^A» 
to tickle the fancy; Jt^^te e»!^ ^^\y .0793^^ 
libd bitl4b6 11 m^khiilta, he is eating with a 
zest; p^oi^ &^i or p 01^ tf^i he intends to; 
p vff^ ^^ to intend to; (^) o^ a^ with 
^ or ^, also o^ ^ a^ (or ^) to take to 
heart, trouble about, pay attention to, consider; 
^ oia^ 1^^ to put it into his heart to; ^ ^ 
by heart, extempore, as a speech ; ^ ^ .Iak 

(o^ ^) to learn by heart; ^^A99^ cq^ a^ A^oi^ 

Al., At9 Aear< stood still with fright or wonder ; 
^ ;3i;r»> (l^C,?'^) brokenhearted; "^ p^ (;&) 
^M^ AL, with what intention f, why f, Sachau 

83; ^9=»V» ♦i=^^ ^ q-v-; ^ 1^^ ^* ^ 

man after my own heart; oyjLJ^ in his opinion 
=^^p.»9pi{9eep.»m); p ^a^ to steal away 
unknown to. Gen. zxxi. 20. 

^ E., see ^oS. 

&>a^ Iwadar TJ. Ti., fr. kurd.^.+A?, adv. 
and foil, by ^ prep., outside, out, out of, apart 
from, contrary to, otherwise than, 

Iwiita, OS.*, f. incense. 

Iwibhi, OS., m.i,a vestment, garment; 
in pL raimeni, clothes; ijfS?^ ^* a vestry, 
2 Kgs. X. 22. 

iMigL^ see 50^. 

^ lab6, OS., m. Lehbaeus, Mat. x. 3. 

I. liwikh, (in OS. to hold, catch), i) 

to catch fire, ignite, flash, dart out as a spark; 

to bum tr., with a. 2) to attack suddenly, 

fly upon, with a. n. l&bik Al., arab. dUJ, to 

disturb J confuse, Lidz. 504, 

^, (kaoCi lab&k^, -at, AL, arab. i^, f. 
wickedness, misery, confusion, Lidz. 504. 

^ l&bU U. AL, rarely K., or JigCL labil Al. 
(Sachan 30, 76) or ^ Ubil J. or Ago* m&bil 
E. TA. or Aa^ n&bil E. AL Z. or ^| n6bU J. 
or 1I90A n6bil Al. [^oi TA., ^^ Az.], 2 coig., 
= 0S. Aaoi (rt. .lau), the .^ or ^ for pre- 
formative ^no, to take, carry, lead, eonduel^ 
take away, take up; to receive pay; to lead 
as a road &c. ; l^p^ ^ tojilough; ^ ^ to doubt; 
01^9^ af^4^ he died; 9t^p ^La Ha^ self- 
wiUed. See &»!&■■> . 

^^.^a^kaCi U. f. 6, or ^09- E. Q. m. I, kblib^ti, 
-w&, turk. ^jJLJ, coll. pi. If^, a roasted pea. 

^ l&w&n, OS., m. Laban, Qen. xxiy. 29 and 
(= Psh. ^) Dent. i. i. 

^i^i^lydni, i) 0S.,f.Zt5naA,Nnm.zzxiiLao. 
2) OS. Saa^, m. i, a large brick. 3) heb. ^jap, 
m. styrax, poplar, Gbn. xxx. 37. 

|;i^ nb&n&, f. jt^-, fr. ^ hearty, of good 
courage, bold. 

ly^n&n, OS., Lebanon, Ps. xxiz. 5. 



»v ^^^ 

lib&s, and in Al. ;aa^ lihsk (Lidz. 505), 
arab. turk. (j.«LJ, f. i, dress, costume, 

^ia^ Bee ^^, 
^^3^ ]abf!,=ib&attj^. 
^, ,,kA, h^. -iA AL, see hi, Ufa. 
2^^h:^ Iberqiil, see '&a, in or into the 
presence of; before of place, opposite, also ^ ^. 

ja^ l&wish, OS., i) to put on, wear, [in Az. 
absolutely to he clothed]', ^?^l ^M^ clothed 
with an ephod, 2) Ti. AL, (to put on aimour, 
hence) to fight, also a&^ei ^. 3) met. to clothe 
oneself with, hence of the Spirit to inspire. 

i^ Iwishti, Az. '^, OS. '^k., f. 6, doih- 
ing, apparel. 

«079&fta^ Ib&rii U., or 07&^a2^ Ib&thH K. (so 
other affixes), or 2&'£a^ lb&r& IT., or ^!»£a^ 
lb&r&-i U., or &£a^ IbSr K., back, backwards; 
also with % but then often less definite, in a 
backward direction. 

1^ l^j, f. id., turk. J, emulating; ^ ItfPi 
to rival; ik^ f. rivalry. 

f^ llgt, to lick up, lap. Cf. ;a^\ 

a^ see aia^. 

£i>^= ioS^, Ps. xxzii. 9, perh. fr. pers. Aj^i, 
a for yiio. 

9 fi^ \g6hi d! AL,= JbA^ or A (not only 
of motion). 

oi^, o>^, o^, see oV,. 

;^ UgUwk K. Sh. MB., m.i, a bridle, 
bit. See a^, ^olV^. 

4^* l&giz Al., i) = »aS. 2) arab.^, to 
strike unth the fist, Lidz. 505. 

^aJ^ lighyiin, OS.*, lat. legio, f. i, legion^ 
Mai xxvi. 53. 
^ see ;^^\ 

A^iV^ or A^V^i or '^ 4.* laglig, -Ug. h^l 1-, 
turk. eUJJ, arab. j4^, kurd. legleg Qarz. 112, 
haji L Lerch 88, f. i, a stork. 

j^\X\> lagl&gt4 AL, f. 6, = prec. 

Xi^ lighim, turk. pers. ^, f. i, (m. in AL), 
a subterranean passage, a tunnel, drain, sewer; 
see also ^n^, ^ i^9^ ^ lo undermine a 

»a^ or |£S ]kmk, m. i, i) U. (gee foU.), OS. 

^oV^o!^ and ^a)^, pers. Jjtl, turk. pers. aICJ, 
arab. turk. jX, a bit, bridle; ^ Uf^ ^ to 
put a bridle on a horse. Hence 2) K. Sh., the 

>iit>, ^. >^ or 'i^ ligUmk, WgUmk 
or la- or lijimi Al. Afh., m. i, = prec. no. i, 
Lidz. 505. 

^ ligkn, see foil., turk. ^^, m. 1, a basin 
with strainer for washing hands, a pot, a bowl, 

)i\$, i) lagni, also as OS. ^Lb^liiqn&, q.y., 
(OS. also ^^), lat. lagena, gk. Xayrfpof, f. i, 
a vessel, ewer, 2) laghni, OS., a thorny plant 
eaten when young, root and stem. 

;^l^ llidakh& K., (see ;^l), hitherwards, 
towards this way. 

^i^ rd&kh& Ti., (see 1^1), hither, = ^iS. 

;;tt^a^ or '^a lidiqiyi, OS., Laodicea, Rev. 
i. II. 1^ a Laodicean. 

lih\^ K., see ^o&p. 

0^, iH, see »^ 

;c^ l&h& U. K. m. I, or ^Wi 14h't& Al. f., 
= heb. chald. ^rf} ?, (cf. OS. 19^ to flame), a 

l^ lah6 K. Al., or ;^ liiryl U., cf. prec., 
irreg. y. (Oram. 128), to flame, bum; to be set 
on fire or alight; to be angry, also ?3&aa ^; 
^ dr^Mb»>' ^A^ l^ her bowels yearned for; 
y.n. UtiV. ;:^K. Al. Ikji, Yhkjk; jtf.£S 
U. 'c^ K. AL Uik, rh^ta. Cans., see ^oyi^o. 

(k^ 14h'g&, OS., m. I, gas, vapour. 

^oH l&hidh K., = ^ei\)p q.y. 

^^S Idn, OS. .^, see A. 

f^ or l\^ l&h&z, -Z&, or in K. fifH lihizA, 
az. turk. ^\X, m. i, i) a 2ev0r. 2) a crowbar. 
3) a pendulum of a clock. 

^^see j^iS. 

>ffi»ftftq>\, ^oMiAaei^ see ^Ai^. 

^4^ lahin& AL, kurd. ijlL, cabbage, Lidz. 

^42^ l&h&n&, f. J&-, fr. ^, bright, flaming. 

Mi AL, see ;4^ 

jK)^2a^ m'is, OS., f. Lois, 2 Tim. L 5. 

.^ ^, ^9& li^, see ^i& 



;?^ mwa, I) or ;ii> Hwa K., kurcL m.wi, 
m. I, a fleece; lambs' wool, 2) vol, bieatings, 
first milk of animab after delivery. 3) K. 
Terg., a compound similar to oa^^xl q.v. 

^01^ lydwi, OS., Libf/a, Acts ii. 10. ^- 

(ail^ ICiby&y pers. turk. i-^ji, f. i, afreneh 
bean; or a haricot bean. 

6a^^6^ lyiil)er(in&, Libertines^ Acts vi. 9. 

iVf!^ l^g^> heb. J^f m. I, a log (a measure). 

^(a!!i 16ja, (fr. kurd. j*. day, sun, light f ), m. 
splendour, brightness, glory. Cf. \\\yiff. 

f$^^ liigh&z, (cf. arab. jjl) a dark saying, 
reproach ?), f. mockery; irony. 

po!^ lud, OS., m. Lud, Qen. x. 22 ; Lydda, 
Acts ix. 32 ; Lydia, Ezek. xxx. 5 (so Psh. in 
xxiii. 23). 

ilp^ l&diyi, OS., f. Lydia, Acts xvi. 14. 

li^ see ^tS. 

^660^, ^d^, see ^eol^. 

f^ lib, OS., Luz, Qen. xxviii. 19. 

} ;\ai 1&-W&Z&, rare in U., f. ;&f •, thin, lean. 

l\^ liizi, OS.*, m. I, a tamarisk-tree. 

(^ lukha, f. I, i) 0S.^ a to6^; ^^ 
^ftjpp the tables of the covenant, Heb. ix. 4. 

2) OS.*, the title on the Cross, Job. xix. 19. 

3) Al., the flat part of the back between the 

2]^^9^ Al., see '«J. 

\o!^ Idt, OS., m. Lot, Qen. xi. 27. 

jjft^ 16t.t& (-th4 K.), OS., f. 9 (16t&ti), a 
curse, ban. 

*oi^ llwt, OS., m. Levi, Qen. xxix. 34. % ;2o- 
a Levite; a deacon (rare). 

i^ liiy& E., interj., good/ so be it! 
^o^ la-wln, pers. ^jj^t a river in Persia, 
^o^ liiy&t&n, OS., m. Leviathan, Ps. 
Ixxiv. 14. 

^^ mkh, OS. ^, see ^. 

^a^ luk&, i) pers. liy, m. coUon picked 
before it has ripened naturally. 2) Az., there. 
80 ^a^M thence. 

•^9^, i) 16khfln, see^^. 2) ]6kan, see ^^dJ^. | 

^oAo^ lilkma, az. turk. %^j^^ m. i, a hUno 
with theflst. 

£ao^ lOkta, f. 6, on udder, udder-bag, 

X^^ lul, f. id., az. turk. ^, ^, esp. of 
animals, sometimes of men. 

jHo^ Idla, m. I, i) turk. pers. iJ^, a pipe, 
tube. 2) as kurd. lulia Qarz. 106, the barrd 
of a gun. 3) with ^ok^, [but also ^p ^ii^i^^ 
liiliqi d'pa-ya = kurd. lulia p^ Qarz. 59 (fr. 
b or t5^ foot)], the shank; the shin-bone, 
Dist. A^. 

^oH see ^o^o!^. 

«^^ or {^>^ liUiga, -ki, fr. iSa2^ with 
kurd. term., f. i, i) a reed or tube on which 
cotton is wound ; a rcU of wool. 2) a wooden 
jjipe used to carry off a baby's water when it 
is lying in its cradle. 

^fotfo^ liU&hln, az. turk. ^^^, f. i, an 
earthenwarejug,jar,ewerwi\h spoutand handle, 
esp. for washing. 

^^o!!i 161u, arab.^p, m., i) a pearl. 2) a 
man's name still sometimes used. 

l^d^ 1614w&, pers. %^^, m. i,a hinge. 

bJLi^^ l&llpir, az. turk.^l.^.jp, f., a woman's 
name now used. 

{a>^ see At^o2^. 

;fii^9^ see Ao^. 

^o!i 16m&, arab. turk. ^, cf. p^, m. i, 
i) blame, reproach, fault; ^ '^ 1^^ to re- 
proach. 2) an accusation. 

^^ K., see ^99. 

^o!^ 16m&n&» f. ^-, fr. JmoS, reproadtfuL 

^ = ^0^; see»^. 

^d^ 16ni pi., arab. turk. ^ (sing.), §ori$, 

Xih^oH Al. or t^^oH U. l&-wand&, -dl, (cf. 
turk. JlSJ a volunteer soldier, in pers. a fool 
or a poor man), m. i, a robber. 

;ibo2i Idsa, used only in some villages of U., 
m. I, a clod. 

2SllV^9^ Itts^ii, OS., Lystra, Acts xiv. 6. 

ibbfO^^ liisiyfis, OS., m. Lysias, Acts 
xxiii. 26. 

l&siniy&, OS., m. Lysanias^ Lo. iii. i. 




;i&^ see l9^, 

)\\>^ ldl&, m. I, a 6u// three years old. 
Dist. i^^. 

it\v>^\ liilti, f. 6, a cow three yearn old ; but 
in I Sam. xyi. 3 BY. a heifer. 

^^ mp4 or 'o2( ?, (fr. OS. ^ to join), m. 
cotton used for joiDing threads when they are 
broken in weaving. 

;0^ Idqa, OS., m. Lttke, Col. iv. 14. 

p^^ see 'a3i^. 

^^ Idq&ti K., OS.*, m. I, a lexicon. 

^^ liiqiyi, OS., Lycia, Acts xxvii. 5. 

iboto^ l^qtyiis, OS., m. Lucius, Acts xiii. i. 

;Jktt9^ l&qaniy4, OS., Lycaonia, Acts xiv. 6. 

a^^ Idrl Terg., f., no pi., cream cheese or 
^{2ecf whey. See a&o^. 

^&A|^^ limst4n, pers. ^^li^^, a province 
of W. Persia. 

Ul^ 14-w&sh&, turk. pers. ^J^\jS (cf. Jifi), 
a flap of thin bread, about 2 ft long. 

$if^ lOshlLni Al., = 's^, Lidz. 507. 

^o!^ Iwath Al., as OS., = A, j^, (Iw&t 
Ash., Lidz. 505). 

I *No!!i ]6t{, arab. pers. ^J»^» m. i, a vagabond, 
raecal, disreputable person; lis^ lascivious' 

^kftH 16tk&, russ., f. I, a boat, skiff, wherry, 

^C^ lazg&, adj., quaking, trembling. 

p^ \kzim, arab. turk. kurd. ^H, i) | adj., 
f. id., with pi. same as sing, or else ^^ 
lazlmt, necessary. With affixes, ^iS, ^oM{^ 
laztmC, l&zim6kh&n, necessary for me, you Ac 
ik^^ Al., energeHeaUy; ^i^^pi necessary 
things. 2) as impers. verb, must, also in Al. 
p^ (= pf^ ^) ; ^f i^ ^ 1. d'&zin, / must go 
(or ^^ ^ or o^ '2^), so "^ 01^ J^ it is not 
necessary. See \$^. 3) in Al. as a personal 
verb, to be obliged, with ^ and a v.n.; to have 
to do a thing ; to be necessary, pp. thankful, 
under obligations. 

ts^ lazat, turk. i::)jj, arab. ijJ, kurd. lizet& 
Garz. 159, f. I, i) luxury, delight; ;&^»^a^ 
pleasant bread, Dan. x. 3. 2) a condimenL 

fj j l>t Bl — mi. 

uiy^ Ikhudhi K., Ikh6dh6 Al., = OS.^o^d^, 
alone, by himself. So the other persons. 

(.^oJ^ Ikhiidayi, OS.*, gram, personal of 
pronouns (lit. standing alone). 

t^ioJH l&khiim&, f. j{^, l&khOmta, fr. ^, 
fit, proper. 

^ \lkht, not Psh., Lehi, Jud. xv. 9. 

ikJ^, ':S, see ;iA.. 

p^ l&khim, i) OS., to fit, suit, with ^; to 
be proper, pp. } fit, suitable. 2) Ash. as OS. 
Pa., to fix the eyes, Lidz. 506. 

^ttM^ lakhm& as OS., sometimes fcJ!^ likhma 
Al. Ash. MB., m. i, i)bread; a loaf 2) food, a 
meal; a feast (Dan. v. i) ; ^ ^qi ot^2^ at^ to 
make a meal, to sit at meat. l^bfrJkp '^=foll. 

^1 p^ Ikhim api, OS.*, (lit bread of face), 
m. shewbread. 

J^JiLb^ lakhTn&kh&ni, = ^am^ + pers. term. 
ijl», f. I, a dining-room. 

$^i .fMkM^ lakhml abdna, (for 'Jmm}^ or perh. 
for ^a^ oimm^ f lit. bishop-bread), the name of 
a flower. 

;ftaoM$ lakhm&ni, f. Sx-, fr. ^icJ^, giving bread. 
Dist. '«^ agent of P^. 

^pL^ lakhpi, m. I, the side of a mountain, 
a slope, a ledge. 

X^ lakhti, OS., f. i, 6 (sic ; m. in OS.), a 
hollow; esp. the hollow or palm of the hand. 

A;^ or q;^ lati, hitt, i) f., pi. ;^, a shallow 
in a river &c. 2) adj., shallow lit. and met. 


;:i^ lt4kh& Al., (fr. arab. JJ to smear), 
m. I, paste, Lidz. 506. 

^0^ l&(ma, OS., m. I, a pistaehio-nut. 
^fi l&tl, arab. xk), to lick, lick up. 
t^ see»^ 

JH, i) see ^. 2) =.»cf4^, see A. 
^ U., 1) = ^ a) not I pres.,= ;^. 
(^ la-ytl or Ujk, OS., f. Leah, Qen. xxix. i6. 
^, i^, see 'A. 

^lAf!^ or ,^iaA liUbtb, OS., gk. X^Sam, 
m. Jrankincensef Rev. xviii. 13. 

u a 




*e^ see .^. 

o»^ llwin, a district in Kurdistan. 
9^ and in Ash. ^^, = f!il, ^%^. 
^ liz&n, f. a large E-Syr. village in 
Kurdistan on the Greater Zab. 

A^^ see \ii. 

a2\A litrA, OS.*, gk. XtVpa, m., = A>^b q.v., 
a pound weight. PI. ^^V^* 

iLlS, i;^, ^ Ijs^ji, Hy<^, ly^, v.n., pp., and 
imp. of i^. 

ctf^ see ^. 

b^, ,^ UkU, 16khiln, Ti., = ^a>S ; see A. 

^qa4 or ^o2i or '^ l^kiin, 16kiin, lak- Al., 
see ^, ^h i) perhaps, 2), also ^p, lest. 

ij^ U\\, or in Sal. i^ lil!, abs. st., (in Z. 
^ lal),= OS. A> (whfch is for AJ^), def. st., 
arab. iJLJ, m. f. 2, in Al. also i, (m. esp. in Q. 
Al. as OS.), night; ^ p ^2 a thief, also a bogey; 
'^ «2^ to spend the night; ij^ ml^U Ti. Al. 
(or 'ifc» or ')ji^ Ash.), in the early morning, — 
See :^^%iy ;i.^fiw^, Jb^. 

^iL^ see » AA. 

^o^, dim. of ;iA, in the phrases ^il^J^ 
bl6lunl(.n6) Ti. MB. Terg., or 'A» mUldnl (-n6) 
Ti., in ilie early momingy morning twilight. 
These are also used as subs., = twilight, 

J^ UU, arab. pers. ^JLJ, f., i) a woman's 
name now used. 2) the name of a star. 

mXi^ or .*^ l^la-l, Ulai, or lai-, az. turk. 
(^y {S% steep! sleep I ^ said by mothers to their 

Aft^ l^lak, turk. e))LJ, f. i, a Ulac-tree, lUac. 

^ see pp^, 

M^ limiin, turk. ^^^^, f. i, a lemon; 

^^ link, kurd. LlJ, m. i, a large earthen- 
ware jar for holding wine, containing 15 or 
16 batmans' weight. 

iboftf^ linds, OS., m. Linus^ 2 Tim. iv. 21. 

.fju}^ l^ui Ti.,=r^; see A. 

^, j?^ Iy&p4, lydpti, v.n. of J^; ^ 
Idpin, I pers. of first pres. of Ji^. 

;^, ;i^ lya^A, ly&9t&, v.n. of_^. 

i see Jtui^ and >aii, 

- •» 

liLS or lii^ lira, turk. i^, m. i, a turkish 
powndf a gold coin worth about iSs, 6d, 
oee ■^ ^ ■ ^w . 

jCf^ lish, OS., Laish, Jnd. xviii. 14 (where 
RV. du..:^ la-ylsh), i Sam. xxv. 44. 
it^ see :tfi. 

:^ Idsh Ti. Ash., = ^^. 
^x^ Uahi, OS., m. I, 4, dough, 
M^ see ':iS^. 
6s^ see ^J^. 

fr^, OS., iTt U., l&th Ti. Al., nth Tkh. (lat, 
lit, before A), Idth (sometimes Id) Al., sometimes 
Idsh, lash in Ti. Ash. (Lidz. 504), Ut in TA. 
Az., for ^fi )^, there is not; also used for he 
{she &c.) is not there or here; ^i fiy$ / am no 
more J Ps. xxxix. 1 3 ; with infin. it is not possible; 
ii\i^ 9^ ts^ he does not need to go, or it is not 
his dtUy or inclination to go. For other phrases 
see i^»L In Al. cq^ 6^, ^ ^^ &c. are often 
pron. iSte, l&t&n &c. 

;^9^^ Idt&yiita, OS.*, f., gram, negation; 
^p negative. 

^^ litin U., = ^»^, (not before A). 

^ lak, arab. pers. kurd. eU, m. sealvng- 
wax, lac, 

i^ laka, leka, turk. iXJ, m. i, a stain, 
blemish, blot. Of. ^a^. a ^ atji to blame, 
2 Cor. viii. 20. 

?\>S l&chaga, f. i, carved work, carving, 

fi^ (rare) or jt^tSb^ or ^ l&chig&, -gt&, 
lichak, kurd. eU-^, osm. turk. j^^, az. turk. 
fdX, f. I, 6, a white cotton veil thrown over 
the head, worn by women. (In Al. 51^ or 
^ or ^, Lidz. 505.) 

22U9A>^ lakh&m&ra, OS.*, i.e. liSi ^ ^, the 
name of an ascription of praise in the Daily 
Offices, said by all the congregation. So called 
from the first words. Lit. Thee, Lard. 

^i^ AL, see ^aaJ^. 

^ l&kiz U. K., =f^ Al. q.v., i) to make 
signs, nudge, poke. 2) Al. K., to wink; also 

;«aj^ likz&, fr. prec, m. i, a sign, token, 




Rkikli, (OS. p. .^ or ^, both with 
Boft Kap, and Pa. «^ with hard Kap), to Uck, 
lick up, 

^ lakh, OS. ^, Bee ^. 

h9^ l&chin, turk. kurd. ..y-^^, m. i, i) an 
eagle, 2) a man's name now used. 

AfAi^ Ikhtsh, OS., f. Lachisk^ Josh. x. 32 
(RV. 'S). 

^, hfi^, see »t^. 

^ also in Al. ^ lakin, lakin, arab. turk. 
kurd. ^Jx^^ btU. Also ^o. 

jbA^ Ikis U. R. not Al., or Jb^ kis, (rare 
exc. in Ash. Z.), perh. for ^ l&jf^ to the side 
of, i) to, esp. of motion, chiefly with affixes 
(see below); more rarely = a simple A. ^2 
•laS^JbA^ 0^ he came to hinuelf, he came to his 
eeruee, 2) at the house oft in the eoxmtry 
ofy in the possession o/, beside^ near, at, with, 
amongst (=french chez). 3) compared with, 
4) on the side o/, taking the part of, With 
affixes 0^ .Aa^^ Ikisli &c.; 3 pi. «e^ «aa^ 
IkisU U. K. So «Aa2^ ^ or Jb^ ^ or JbAio 
from, from the presence of, from near; ^\ 
j^a^ ^ to go past (i.e. not to stop) ; ^!^ ^i 
.Aa^^ ^ sureti/for N, unto, Qen. xHv. 32. 

lakis, rare, towards; see prec. 

see ^fOi^. 

ubbfOAi^, rarely J^fi^^mj^ liksis, lih'ksls, OS.*, 
gk. Xcftf, f. I, gram, a toord, a reading. 

.^ffti^X rarely ^aoi|^ liksiqiin, lih'k-, OS.*, 
m. I, a lexicon, dictionary, vocabrdary, 

\l^^ 14k4ta, (fr. arab. xSCif), m. f. i, a 

prostitute; sometimes a lewd man, 

^ Z., see ;^^. 

I )^ \Ak AL, OS., m. I, a foci, Lids. 506. 

X i^ 141a, I. subs., i) turk. pers. Ti,m,i,a 
guardian, tutor, male nurse, 2) f. i, a female 
nurse, nursemaid (not a wet nurse), ii. adj., 
f. jl^ lali, pers. turk. kurd. J^ dumb, 

A^, ^^ Ull, liliikh &c, Ti. 6a, (by re- 
duplication of S), I myself, thou thyself Ac; 
also sometimes as in Al., by me ftc. 

^^.^A^' UlibM&n, as. ta * ^Im J^, (of. 
.\a^), f., the name of a 

Jf^ lilitd, OS. (cf. j^, f. Lilitli, the night- 
minister, Isa. xxxiv. 14. 

^ lim, az. turk. J, f. slime, 

^sae ^a^. 

>oi!^ see p^, 

^2m^ Imini, OS.*, gk. \iiiiiv, XcfuW, m. i, 
a harbour, port. 

aM^ see «^. 

oMi^ see CM. 

.1»2^M& Imii'il, Psh. ^l^, Lemuel, Prov. 
xxxi. I. 

^oM^ see ^A* 

;^ liimz&, (see l^ and ;fa|), m. i, the pulse 
of the wrist. 

p;^ liimti, OS., arab. k^, m.i,fsU, 

^, '»A. inf. of ;y:. 

^a^ lamk, OS., m. Lamech, Gen. iv. 18. 

» ♦v* 


iLo^ lmani,OS.*, whyf. Mat. xxvii. 46. 

ImC^ or (ii^ lamB&, -s&y&, f. ;^, (tork. 
•.«j or 1l or i.^») Qermany), German, 

•itjbk^^ lamsistan, pers. turk. ^\7,»-l, f. 
Germany ; often also Austria, 

$ke^ lamp&, europ. (mod.), cf. foil., m. i, a 
paraffin or European lamp (opp. t^^ a native 

l^^ lampidi, (.dh& K. AL), OS.*, gk. Xi^ 
was, -aha^ VOL, I, a lamp or candlestick in a church. 

^bo^ lampar, az. turk.^^, m. i, a jntcf^/ork, 
a wooden four-pronged fork. 

^»S lamis, cf.^i»?, i) to suck up, 2) to Hot 
with blotting-paper.—^^ U^^i (;&- K. Al.) 
w&r&q& lamf4n&, -nt&, blotting-paper, 

^ Ian, OS., see 1^. 

^^C^ lang& or in K. ;^a^ lingi, pers. turk. 

^,lame. a. ^^e)^ f^ fi^ hobbling, 

^ft^ langar, pers. tnrk.^^xJ, m. i, an 

haok\!!^=^\^ &»d^, m. Tctmeriane, 

^Aai^ lanka, m., a kind of doth, 

l&m l&si, az. turk. ,ja^, a row of cut gnss, 
rarely of cut corn ; ^ l^i to mow in rows, 

(kaAftbi liskirt, turk. vs^^lCj, m. i, satin. 




;^^9^ see 'c^. 

J^^ lulal or .lljk^ lilil K., or .l>kjk^ lilal 
MB., or in Al. Ajl^ Til as OS., adv., up, upwards, 
above, up above; exceedingly. See ^c^ Foil, 
by ^, above prep. 

^a&^ more commonly ^ooi^ la ^&, la- wilsa, 
fr. j^, m. I, the jaw, 

&is$ la ^ar, OS., and &fi^ lazar, m. Lazarus; 
still used, esp. the latter form, as a man's name. 

\^ Al., by metath. for j\!^, Lidz. 504. 

«tt{d^ see 'i^, 

klj^ of k^A^ l&l, amb. pers. turk. JjJ, m. i, 
a garnet ; ^ '^ a kind of grape. 

.\i^ see Aa!^ai^. 

i^ laid, i) f. ^, see ii>J. 2) AL, ir,:^, 
dark blue (qy. red T), 

W\\ see .^«^ai^. 

^ax> see 2»\>. 

^iJji linat, or by metath. (for an euphemism) 
(S^iif n&lat, arab. a-uJ, turk. vTaJLsJ, vulgar 
turk. and kurd. nalet Garz. 181, f. i, a curse. 

Jb^ la'is, OS., to chew. 

3^ lap, az. turk. e^^, entirely, exactly. 

^ see Al^. 

^ lap& U., f. I , I ) (by metath. for Hi^ q. v. 1) 
a uxive. 2) az. turk. tJ, a weight used by 
goldsmiths and silversmiths = 2 ^i§\^ = \ 
j|^uo^&«^ = ^ \iubio. 3) AL, kurd. 1^, a 
handful, Lidz. 507. 

^9^}^ lip^gi f. mould on the surface of ink, 
vinegar, wine &c. 

i^batl}^ lapldut, Psh. bo^^flS, m. Lapidoth, 
Jud. iv. 4. 

}^k^ locha, az. turk. *^^, f* id., idle or /ouZ 
talking, gossiping. 

Ji^tl^ lap14p, cf. »di^^d^, m. I, a mum62^. 

};ii^ lap4na, f. ;({&-, fr. ^ no. i, having 
waves, wavy. 

!i see ^. 

^ l&pt, arab. xiJ, <o gobble uj), to eat 
greedily, to lap up. 

ibb^j^ lup9 qiirs, az. turk. ^^ ,jaA1, m. 
sweetmeats, sweets. 

^ lapish AL, ^ap T&,no more, 

^ la$a AL, a box on the ear, a How, 
Lidz. 507. 

}ai$ laq, f. id., az. turk. ^, i) rotten^ as 
&i^ 6gg> oddled. '2) met. addled, addle-headed; 
used also of bad honey. 

^d!^' ]4q4 E., l&qi U., chald. heb. P^ to lap, 
lap up. See ?ri\y. 

iifiC^ laqab (or '^), arab. 1^, az. turk. 
also LtAjt}, m. I, a title. 

>ja^, >ja^, see p^. 

p^tij^ or >3aa9^ liqum, liiq&m, az. turk. v^UJ 
(cf. otiS), m. 1, a nickname, aUas. 

\^ laqit, i) Al. TL, OS., to gather, pluck 
flowers; to reap. 2) to peck, as a bird; to 
snatch up. 3) U., to embroider. 4) U., to 
weave in patterns. 5) Ti., to run away as a 
horse.-^^Ai&tfor^ ^^S met. a babbler, Acts 
xvii. 18 marg. 

^V^ l&qta, fr. prec, m. i, eTnbroidery, work- 
ing in patterns. 

t^i^ iCiqtana, f. jt^-, fr. prec, speckUd. 

.hSu^i see .\\\\. 

;o2iii^liiq1^4, az. turk. sJJLaJ, m. conflagration, 
burning; a spark 

[^ fi\h?i liiqlaqi^!, f. a wild goose; a erane. 

pjB^ laqilm, or in Al. pa^ liqim (Lidz. 507), 
= ^. 
pjoS, pJB^, see p^. 

^Ji^ liiqn4, OS.*, (see ^s^), f. i, i) a vessd 
for oU used at Baptism ; with this oil a little 
of the ' holy oil ' from the p^hja is mixed. 2) 
a laver, Ex. xxx. 1 8. 

^pS^ U. f. I, ;k9r K. f. 6, 9, 14qirdf, -&thA, 
(turk. kurd. (j^^ a word), a joke; also ^tt^i^i^. 

&^ lar, pers. .^, f., i ) Lar, a town in S. Persia, 
the capital of Laristan. 2) a Lar hen firom 
that province. 

OL^ see 2&A. 

lii^, liri, oftener a&'^ lir-r& K., = ^^. 

W^ lerzig, az. turk. eJj^, a danee at 

^&Ap^ laristan, pers. ^j\jl^jH, f. Laristan, 
a province of S. Persia. 

K^A 1 

iS^ Bee l!i>. 

«Sli8hABh.Ti.,= ft^. 

1^ laahS, pen. tark. i^^ and ^Y, knrd. 
ylJ PS. 335, Iteh Garz. 103, f. i, a body, 
axetam. Cf. o^. • 

Mh:^ lashkhftr, ^x%.jy^ ^J^^, m. 1, i)a 
m/(ure. a) met. a ^luMon. 

a^ llBhtm*, heb. DZ7< "i' *> " 3<^^^ or 
on ofxd (t). 

^ liohini, OS., m. i, i) a tongut. 2) 
language, tpeeeh, diaUet s li^ "^ U. aerimony ; 
i^i4. 'i cid Syriae; j^siaofinp '^ U. or ^f^f "% 
K. venwmiiar Syriae. 3) a tvedye or tn<7o( of 
gold, JobIi. rii. ai. 

I otPCLsa 

I Juji^ liaUt]&ii&, f. ;;■.-, OS., i ) loqtiaeiout, 
dtfftut, voluble, glib. 2) eloquent. 3) as subs, 
an orator/ in a bod Bense an evil tptaier. 
Pa. cxI. II. 

Jfu> Ushiotil, or '^, fr. ^w^, f. 6, 1) a tUtoe 
of the ark, a tenon or proftctio*, Ex. xxvi. 17. 
3) the elapjMT of a bell. 3) Ae tongtu of ■ 
mnsical instrament. 

S^ Ushiti AI., = f^, Lids. S07. 
ei^, «&;&, ^.ft^i &c. Ah, Bee a^. 
*»^ Al., Be« »Ma^& 
I A.ft^ lattn&yfi, f. jU.-, «urop., Latin. 


ju, tlw letter »,H mim, OS., f i (mimt), in 
K.MB.a, = m. In anmbering ^a = 40. The 
initial and medial forms are not written alone ; 
the former ie joined to the final form. Wben 
words are repeated for emphasis, the first letter 
is changed to mm, bs i^ ;^S^(!lofAM, baggage. 
Jaw >ul a man 0/ tome »ort. >u sometimes 
falls; see fieapl, •^oa, filti, Vf», t"^^^, 
^uk&a ; and in the 2 coDJ. verba in TJ. Ac. (see 

'», fbr^q.T. 

^ ma, eep. K. Al., i) aa OS., tohatf hovif; 
9^ tib what ii itt [=^ but not quite ao 
polite; sometimea also as an exclamation of 
aurpriae] ; fiip 9^ Ja tohal hatl thou to do with 
uet; ;i;S 9^ te what dotl thou heret; |m 
fl^V^S e^ uAaf it the matter with the feoptat; 
iif^ ^ to uAoi have I to do with jvdgingt; 
•1^ ^ (in Al. pron. taiM) whatt, eht; tHi 
why! [Ax. tia and fia]. 3) = ^; JaS ^ 
how many (not Interrog.). 3) Al., foil, by ), 
thatvAieh; p^.^ uAateDer; ^^fi»b^^ 
after he Mb.— See ;a.o^, ^ass, p^te. 

jle mi, i) OS., = }l«l, 1 a&un<fr«i,- rare 
except in the forms for aoo, 300 && and in 
the phrue ^JL^ ^i» ^^ welcome!, and the 
name Ijt^ 'w a bmous cborch in Jiln ; 'tea ^ 

(or simply 'm^ Mat. xiii. 8) on hundred/old. 
a)* a century. 3) Q., f., = ^. 

pTlp m&bid Al., fr. ^1, lopertevere,lAdx. 386. 

^Ja m&-ij, I conj., heb. ns, anb. — ^, (o 
dieeolre. Caus. j^ or Jm aw. 

&^f» m'lgir Al., arab.^^, to let on hire, 
Lids. 389. 

.M^ m'agrin Al., fr. .^1, to be, become, 
or make dear, Lidz. 389. 

r^ m&'id Ash., I conj., to turn, Lids. 508. 

^ia m'adib K. Al., fr. apl, i) to eiviiize, 
to leach mannert to, a) to torment, ehaeliit. 

jlpV (m')adid, to incite teereiiy. 

i^fiie midl7i, = 1 ^, hene^irward: also 
<n^i^ 'u m. Ib&rl U., or 'a^r^ m&dilbirt U., 
or 'a^ ^p« mdlyi Ibiri U., or 'ia&t^ midUm- 
b&ri U., or &4^ J^pM mdlyA I'b&tbar K., or 
&£;^ iifim m'h&dly& Ib&r MB. Cf. .^..w. 
^aM. }&!i«^ if^he within three dayt. 

^t^ (m')adrin, fr. &fi, to he i^fflieted or to 
infict with the Baghdad tore or acMma. 

J^ap m&-wl v., T.n. of }Mf . 

Sft^see kutt. 


• •V m'aziD Al^ anib. ^^!, cf. ^2, to permit, 
Lidz. 393. 

«|» mi-ikh K. Al., i conj, (OS. poet. ^), 
to tmeU, = ^.Mib. 

;,if, «2e U., tee l^. 

fu^ mikhy rarely m&kh, in Al. m^kh or 
inikh,= fui. — ;0Oi»?J ^» this day week; this time 
to-fmmrauj (lit. as to-day). 

^V m^ka, aa OS., or > mika SaL and 
acanetimes U.,= ^| ^, i) vchenee, 2) by 
which tcay. In AL ? '» = ^aa^^ ^ ^/Vtrni, ^om 

^2e (^i») makha U. K., sometimes m&- in 
Al., or liio mikhi Sal., or l^l^ ^ min dakha 
AL, i) hence; '» ajj ft« off I 2) /Aw iwiy, 6y 
this route. See ^. 

;C:S^^ m^khalti or ml-, OS., f. 6, food, 

^^ m&khil, also in AL .1^ m6khil, OS. 
Aph. i^oi ; cans, of il^i, to cause to he eaten 
or consumed; also to cause to eat, to feed; 
l!Lb9 ^^^^ '^ to feed the body with meat, (TA. 

Ha^ mikhU, OS., m. i; fodder (TA. i^s^). 
i^te see .^. 
i^^ see a^iao. 

^^ Sh., ;»«> U., |»^ K., ^ SaL, mam!, 
m&-, m^-, mi-, also in AL ^oto m6m6 (and 
sometimes U.), to swear tr., to adjure, cans, of 
^, OS. fieoi ; agent ^iuM» &c. an exorcist, 

&9M^ see &OMM. 

^{» m'amin, arab. ^1, i) K., to he peaceful 
or tam/S, 2) AL, to entrust; to trust a person, 
with ^. 

&^2» m&mir, i) caus. of &»i. 2) Ash.TA., 
as arab.^1, to command, Lidz. 401. 

22Jl»i)p mimr&, OS.*, ro. I, i) speech, 2) a 
division, section, or ' hook ' of a treatise. 

^2o m&n& as OS. or by met. in K. Al. $ii 
&m&n&, or ^l Az., m. i, i) a vessel, hasin, dish, 
howl; i^^? ^» a quiver, 2) AL, in pi. luggage, 
belongings, things, Dist. fi^, 

&AA^ (m')ankir, cf, h^ly to be shy, to fear. 

Jij^JM ra'anip AL, arab. (^.JLjl, to blush, to be 
ashamed f to resist with ^, Lidz. 402. 

ib2» ma is K., i conj.. (perh. fir. arab. 
to feel, tonch), to measure, Lidz. 509. 

I, ^fjcMb^, see 'aso. 

32)b^napi IT., cans, of ^. 

^fo ma- is, i conj., (OS. past^ and ^), to 
suck. Agent ^^>io m^sana, a suckling. Cans. 
^Mo q.v. — See ^. 

;iij^2» mais'iz^ TL, or ^f ol^io m&zt&ztl U., 
f. 6, or ^ij^ mis'izi U., in S. part of U. plain 
;Qaoo mish'izt, £ a lizard (lit. goat-sncker). 

;02e maqa or s^lo maqad, or 2^ai^2o mi 
qtidri, all AL, i) everything that^ folL by ^ 
2) Aoto miicA, Aoto many, how far; see l&abH. 

&^ m&*ir AL, i conj., OS. past hao, to he 
bitter lit. and met., Sachan 82.31 ; impers. y. 
^ 22Ljo / am afflicted, Lidz. 509. 

2&ab for ^Mc, See 2^ 

•• • • »• 

2»'ap miri, OS. ^2^, m. i , a spade. 

^&^ (m>rgij U., or d4s>i» m'ergish K., 
(fr. OS. «^& to feel ?), to he numbed with cold 
or pain =: ^!». 

^f &{» (m')erzin, fr. ^•&2, to become or make 
cheap, to cheapen. 

^hio (m')ermil, OS., cf. ii»&2, tobe or make 
a widower, or widow. 

Ji|&i» see .Ida^. 

^&j» see ^cjpo. 

^2» see 600. 

(k2» ma-it, i conj., (OS. past t^), to die; 
pp. I dead, as sabs, a (2ea(2 man; ^^t^ dying 
(subs.), 2 Cor. iy. 10. Caus. ^tosp and i^|Mp q.y. 
— ..Nijo ^1 &n& m^tin is used as inteij., I pray 
you, I assure you; so other persons. 

i^^ mi-at, OS., m. Maath, La. iiL 26. 

;ft.^ AL, = lfy». The fern. ^IIn^ m&thy& 
is also found in Tkh. Ash. Sh. 

y)i\nir» mbaghbish AL, (fr. kurd. ^*,\^ 
a gift, cf. juxMai), to present, give, Lidz. 41a. 

hjj^ (m)bdjir, i) to grow tr. a) to bring 
^P' 3) ^^ prosper tr. See A|^fi. 

^jfois mb&dil K., i) to change tr. a) io 
surpass. 3) to hide the light, as a cloud. 4) 
to take the place of See ^>9. 


^^ U. or ^910 AL mbid&l, mb&-, usually 
foil, by p, arab. turk. Jjl^, imtead </, far the 
sake of, an behalf of because af See ^^. 

i^ps^ mbadl& K. Al., fr. H^^ momdng 
twUighi, early in the morning, 

&>attD mb&dir K., to spiU tr. and intr., ta be 
spilt. See hj^a. 

&fp» mb&liir Ash. AL, i)=r J^c^uo. 2) to 
pluck, gather, Lidz. 414. 

&fpttf> mab-hir K. Al. Az., i) caus. of &fp. 
a) = foU. 

J^«^ (m)bah'rin or (in)birin (sometimes &) 
U., i) to shine, ta be bright, to receive lights 
to be enlightened. 2) to enlighUn, to make 
bright, ta shed light on, to bring to light, 
to cause to shine, 3) to light a caudle Ac, 
4) to dau:n; impers. ^i^oy^auo the day broke, 

^oBuo (m)b&wm Sal. = ^^ (rare). 

ii^asls see ^a*. 

&«|m see &«ki?M. 

f^K^ (m)bazbiz, i. with thin sound (in Sp. 
pazpiz), fr. «{3, i) to squirt milk from a cow. 
2) to drop as water, n. or Jbf^n^ or fiait^ 
with a broad sound, fr. iL^^, i) to make a hole, 
2) to goad, 3) to peck al, 

jo^K^ (m)bazbiq, fr. jip, to eaet abroad, 

&ipii^ see 'msf^ 

js^ (m)b&ziq, to scatter, esp. seed. See j>p. 

.i^^M (m)bakhil, arab. J^., (of. i^), ta 
envy, with a. Agent | ^^^^1^^:?^ as adj. envious; 
;k^ f. envy. 

Lga» (m)b&khir, i) to look, search, testy 
examine, prove, 2) K., to cense. See &ya. 

1^ (m)bitil, OS. Pa., [in Az. with A.], 
i) to stop tr. 2) to bring to nothing, frustrate, 
annul, invalidate, make idle, abolish, put away, 
stop, put an end ta, 3) to trojto tr. 4) to 
cumber. See A^ti. 

^^d\?M (m}btt(rin, fr. lUl^, i) to grow /at, 
to fatten intr. and tr. a) met. to be haughty 
or shameless, Sachau 54 ; to wax wanton, 

^l^aip mabyich, fr. )^, to bear a bastard. 

m mabyin (of. folL), to seem, appear, to he 

or come in sight, — ^^^ ^i^ ^ l^li mabydut, 
it is not in sight, or / cannot find it, oii^p 
6{iL ^^^ dUkti maby&ni li, he is missed, 

^^aM mba-yin, i) Al., cf. prec, OS. Pa., to 
thaw, Lidz. 411. 2) U. K., arab. ^b conj. ii., 
very rarely = prec. ^^^ ^1^ ^^ ei^v*"^ 
the ship was like to break up, 

^Luaip see ^Lauo. 

A^iaup mabyit, i) caus. of toJjp, 2) to faet 
absolutely, to eat nothing, 3) K., to keep over 
tiU next day, ^) to be stale; see ^p. 5) Al., 
= (kjai, to S2)end the night, 

^ K. TA., see V^\ 

l^^ (m)balbi, (fr. i^ 1), to dig, ;&if ^^^ 
(m)balbl kikl, m. a toothpick, 

\yV?iD mbalbi(, {ct^g^sfiie and Kp^), i) K., 
to 6« dazzled, 2) AL, to sparkle, Lidz. 417. 

•l^^qiM (m)balbil, i. as OS., also .\vj\?iff, 
i) to mix up, confuse, confound, make untidy, 
2) to babble, ta talk cortftisedly; to speak iifi- 
advisedly; cf. jVa^oa, &a&aM. 11. i) = ^&:^, 
to grow q.y. 2) K., to blossom, 

^^ (m)balbi9, (fr. arab. JIj, ,j*t-^')» 
to fUTtniUe. 2) tabs beautijul, 

.ljfli^9» (m)balmil, (cf. .Iji^:^), to &0 confumi 
or un^y. 

«ft4^;j&M (m)balis or -Fis, (fir. «ft^, to eAeio. 

\fi\?w (m)balqi(, (cf. \yV?iD or jo^ t), i) 
to be dazzled, 2) to 6rfaib, as clouds. 

^ttio mbin^ K., i) to cooib. 2) to take 
cowMsl, advise. See ^. 

&fi9io (m)bampir, fr. &ii9, to crown, 

Jioi^ (m)banqil, (perh. fr. OS. ^ to 
purge), i) to drink too much, 2) U., to drink 

ysifmo (m)b&8im U. K. or '?» AL, i) as OS. 
P. Pa., to please, give pleasure ta, 2) ta heal, 
cure; p ^ff ^ato to condole with a person after 
a death. See xumi, ^a»Aa. 

>i^aip mabsim, i ) caus. of ^sjpa. 2) to j^^^soaa^ 
eontent, cheer; m^ ^aio or ng^ 'aio to et^oy 
onese^, to make merry; W^ 'aio to speak fetir, 
ProY. zxri. 25. 

i) to 

&9«^ mbaimir K. Al., arab. 



fuitZ. 3) met. to dday. See 2&MiAa, &ioto. 
Wben Jb has a vowel, its proper sound returns, 
as ^fMOK^^otto mb&simri. 

&4M (ni)basir, i) as OS. P. Pa^ lo iet/^uf. 
2) to hwBfibh, 3) to dishcnour, disparage. 
4) to ravish. See &ftai, S^aM. 

^fflib mabtir, i) caus. of ^jpa. 2) spree. 
See Vyiy. 

^iKftoM (m)faasti, fr. jbAs, to he hold, not to 
stand on eeremony, to ventwre. 

Ipip (ifip) mab'l or -bl, caus. of ^ ; mS^'^ 
^eP to charm, please. 

hoiBfss or &Aaiio mb&-wir, mbi'ir, 1) as OS. 
P. Pa., to glean com, grapes &c. 2) mei. to 
swup auxiy, remove; also &4^ 'ato. 

^s^fss (m)basniio, fr. ^^, to pmU. 

^ysno (in)b&9ir, as OS. P. Pa., to diminish tr., 
ZMsen, toA:^ atiwy /rom, lower a price. See 

&^aij> mabtir, to cause to lack, with dir. obj. 
of the thing needed ; to cause loss to; to forfeit, 
lose, cauB. of h^^ See ^foip. 

jo^ju^ (m)b{iqbiq, OS., i) to htMle. 2) to 
break oiU, as waters. Also .ntymio. 

&ttaio (ra)b&qir, or in Al. '?», OS. P. Pa., 
i) to a«^ a question, inquire, with ,!^ of the 
person interrogated (also ^), and sometimes 
of the question asked. 2) to ask^ request, to 
ask for a thing or person, with ^, (less common 
in U.); v.n. ik^ypio a question, inquiry ^ in Al. 
a request. Phbasjes : 9 Ju^ 'ato to greets to 
ask after the health of; p jai^tao ^ato id.; ^ato 
^oJ^oc^ (^) ^ to greet us, to ask after owr health; 
i^hia ^a» to inquire of the Lord. 

6a» = &^aio. 

^tto or '10 m&bir, mabir Al. Ash., = &;uap, 
Lidz. 388. 

26010 mabrt, i) caus. of i&s. 2) K., to hegei. 
3) K., to hear children ; to he delivered. 4) to 

^k^ (m)berbt, i) fr. ^b', to ^roti;. 2) K., 
to Aan^. 

f7&auo (m)berbiz, fr. «2a t, i) to seotfer, SfHVoe^ 
tr. and intr., to 6e scattered or dispersed. 2) to 

squander, waste. 3) totot m i^to. 4) to hretJt up 
type or a schooL 5) Al., to aftmr tJt ixaosf. 

&99£?tt9 (m)berbir, l with a broad acmnd, 
also ^i^Satt, OS. &4a, i) to roar. 2) toottodk, 
a«Mif7, /a2/ vpon^ with a. n. K^ with thin 
sound, i)=»ln\nift, to speai; t<2^y. 2) to ilectf. 

&f &aM (m)berkhish, fr. jiys, to sltr/ to stir 
up, excite. 

^&a» (m)b6rtin, fr. ^ia, to hud, Vossosn; 
to cause to blossom. 

^aato (m)b&rikh, OS. Pa., [in Ax. i conj.], 
i) to bless. 2) to marry, i.e. to perform the 
marriage service. 3) Al., to give m vMrrieige. 
4) to congratulate, greet, visit; p iSja ^aio to 
congratulate a man on huying a new house; 
p 2p^ ^a» to vist/ Oft a feast-day. T.n. jl^fiiis 
tAe marriage service, or with }i^^ a AOUJ0- 
warming. Of. ^&9; dist. ^aa b&rik. 

^aau0 mabrik, i) caus. of ^§0. 2) met. to 
humiliate, Jud. z. 35 RY. 

^k^ mbersim Al., arab. ^^mj,, to smtZs, 
Lidz. 422. 

kttfoipmabriq, i) caus. of ktt|k3. 2) tojpoluh, 
make hright. 3) as OS. P. Aph., to he bright^ 
to shine, flash, glitter. 4) to hwrsi into sores; 
V. n. Jt^^oip a M>re or (r^A< spot on the akin. 

«l^y^«jiw or il^ mberqil AL, fr. .laaiiki 
(cf. Aaij&a»), to &0 or place opposite or ft^/bre. 

x^a» mibrish Al., = x&atto. 

.1|^ (m)b&shil, or '^ in Al., OS. P. P*., 
to cooA;; see »2k^. epLofikpor 'ato to spesik ddtber^ 
ately. Agent ii^iladiM, in Al. a cock. 

&|a» (m)b&8hir, arab.^^., i) U., as avrnb. 
conj. iii., to do skilfully, to manage, to he skU' 
fid, active. 2) Al. TA., to preach, preach the 
Gospel. 3 ) K . AL, to give news, to tell, atmtnmee, 
with a or dir. obj. 

b^aio, bi^aie, see &fici. 

a^ mglb K., fi^ ngib Sh., = ^ ^ ^ 
instead of. 

;^ (m)g&bt, OS. P. Pa., i) to e«oos0, ssisd, 
ebe<; pp. eZecl, e^nce, />r»etoti«, aeoepiakU. 


j) to pluck, gather flowers ; to glean, ^»a^ 
^fe^iefp a babbler, Acts zvii. i8. 

aj^ip^ (m)gabgib, more commonly ^ij^^i^i 
fr. ^^, i) tofoam^ to form a ecum» 2) met 
to prtUe^ Fb. xciy. 4. 

&9S^ magwir, 1) cans. ^iS^. a) to give in 

\\\\^ (m)gajgy, or in K. >A>> mjagjig, 
to erawL 

o\^ (Sal. '^) majgii, mij-, f. (no pi), also 
S^^S^i^ majgttnt&y f. 6, 1) a bladder. 2) an 

&}^^ nigagir K. AL, to quarrd, argtu, 

p^ mijid U. Ti. or 'f» mijid Sal. or A^^ 
mijit, arab. S^, kord. ca«^, indeed^ eeriainly. 
Used both in question and answer, as — f 91^ 
^if^ Q. Indeed? Ans. Tiw, reaUff, 

1^ magdi K., (fr. OS. 2^to go np), f. i, 
a road, way; o{)^S^ •i^*^ ^1 Tmagdi, he went 
hie way, 

2>!^0, I. (or ^Lie) mgh&d^ (mkbi-) Al., arab. 
U^, cf. ^^^^ to dine (at midday), n. (m)gadl, 
to make dirty, defile; pp. dirty, tmelean, 

pV^ maghdd, OS., Magadan^ Mat. xy. 39 
RV.; Megiddo, Jud. 1. 27. 

«^y^ maghdiil, OS., MigdcH^ Jer. xlyi. 14. 

^^^ see a4^. 

i!^>^ maghdal, OS., constr. st of >^^^ 
me^^^k,m.,awateh'4ower,M%gd6l; (translated 
ti^W^ 2 Kgs. ix. 1 7).— ^:^M^, OS., Migddt^ 
gad, Josh. xr. 37. 

^.^^ magdily i) cans, of Al^- a) by 
metath. for OS. ^^>2i^, cf. J^?\, to freeze tr. 
and intr. 

j^^ maghdiai, OSm f. Meigdalene, Mat 
xxvii. 56. 

^.^^ maghdin AL, i) cans, of ^^. a) to 
turn tr. 

J^ (m)gAd]p, as OS. Pa., = 4»S^. 

x^^l» mgadish AL, to coUect, lidz. 430. 
See 01^. 

•4^«4^ ngihj^ Ash., = foil., Lids. 430. 

9f^ ngahid K. or pi^^ ngihid Al. (Sachau 
26, 49), arab. x^ conj. iii, to qiuirrel^ diepuie, 
(with ^ = 11^). 

9f^ ngahiz Al., (cf. fo/j^), to buy, purchaee, 
Lidz. 431. 

o^so, b^, see oV,. 

aoA^ U. Al. or ^^ K. Al. (m)j&-wib, n^&-wib, 
arab. yy». conj. iv., OS. 9^i, i) to anewer, 
reply, 2) to teeti/y against, sometimes with a 
or A^. 3) to make an exeuee, 

A^^ m&g&gh, Oa, m. Magog, £zek. 
xxxviiL 2. 

^o^io (m)g6gl, (cf. OS. a\9V, prattling), to 
prattle, coo, crow^ as a baby. 

^ej^ magwir, i) cans, of &oSk^. 2) to increaee, 
3) to eocaggerate, 4) to magnify, honour; 
.»0raiX^^io to boast; l^i^ '^ to do great thinge^ 
Ps. cxxvi 2. See ib^ ^». Dist &a^. 

{|a^)(^ mghiishii, OS., m. i, a mague^ wiee 

1^ majix Al., 1) cans, of «|^. 2) to permit, 
Lidz. 424. 

iV^^io mgazgiz K., i\ (perh. for 3^^^), to 
be feverish, to skiver, to shake, 2) = 4^^, to 

^4^ mgazydti, OS.*, f. loss or want of 
children, bereavement^ Isa. xlix. ao. 


&^ magzir, i) cans, of h^, 2) to inform 

M^k^ AL, see ^amo. 
^^ AL, see pefgfs, 

^f^ magkhik (bat -ikh in TL), cans, of 
^^. ai^iift '\^ to smile, 

iftMy^ AL, see '^. 

.^^4^ and i^- migldl, -diyi, turk. ijs^^, 
(fr. the Sultan Jl^^ Xt^)> m. i, i) usually 
with l^L^, a Turkish dollar,Yrorih four Turkish 
qrans (see ^^) or twenty piastres (see «^^p), 
about 3s. 4^. ; both coin and name are used 
in Persia. 2) = ^^mSbeX^ ^> or pifps^^ V 
a Turkish pound, = ^^, worth nominally five 
Turkish dollars, bat really about i8«. ddL 

z 2 


tl^ (in)jiyiz, fr. f4s., to dower, to give a 
dowry to, 

^f^ U., or .leAjp K., or ^^, majyin, machyil, 
maqyin, to bloomy sprout; to cause to hioom; 
of the hair, to grow; to bring forth; met. to 
cause to flourish; v.n. jl^k^ majyanta, a plan/. 
See •^Jo. 

.2^ m4jil Al., i) cau8. of .!^i$s.- ^) ^^ <^T^ 
about f lead about. 2) /o scatter, Lidz. 425. 

«1;^ or '» mijal, ma-, K., arab. turk. Jlx^i 
f. I, i) time, 2) opportwnity, ability, 3) 
respite. 4) «ea«(m of the year. 

i^^» (m)gali, as OS. Pa., to lay hare, uncover, 
open, disclose, reveal. See i^, 

i^ maglA, OS., rt. Ji^. ">• > (^- »« OS.), 
a sickle; 'to 2}^ to reap; ^io Imi to reap well. 

i^i2^ majli, i) caus. of ;^. 2) to soften 
tlie coDBonants \, ^, and «, x. Agent ^Sf^$^ 
U., fi^' K., the sign Majliydnd {") which 
makes these consonants = .., ^, and j respec- 

A\V\w (m)galgil, (OS. to roll round), i) to 
he or nutke round, 2) to remove dirt or grit 
from raisins &c. 

ij^i^ (m)galdi, i) to remove ruins. 2) to 
put in order, tidy, clean out, 

-4i^ (m)j41ikh, to strip of bark. See -4$^^. 

^^!i^ majltm, perh. fr. arab. i^y^, i) the 
name of a star. 2) a man's name now used. 

«A,Xj^ majlis, (or in Al. ^ip, Lidz. 510), arab. 
pers. turk. u*'Jbr*, f. i, i) a committee, council, 
2) a company of guests at a feast. 

^(^ol^ (m)ga]mij, to mix tr., to crumjyle up 
in one's hand. 

^a!^^:^^ mijMpi AL, arab. v-lljur*, an oar, 
Lidz. 510. 

A^ magilti AL, f. 6, = H:^, 

^a^ see lne^> 

...^tt^, *V^> Bee 'li^. 

)i^^0^ mjamjim AL, = ^Uk»^. 

^■)i^ail^ mgamgim, onomat., i) to hum, 2) 
to moan, wail. 

?iiiw\y or ^li^ majmihi, majmi, arab. /w^ 
m. I, a tray, a salver. 

JJM^ U. or -iM^ K. (m)j&ml, mjam^ arab. 
«.»*., i) to assemble tr., gather tr., store up^ 
collect tr. 2) to take in, entertain a gaest ; to 
take up, defend. 3) arith. to add, with 1^ to. 
4) to bring in, introduce to an assembly, Nom, 
^* 15* 5) *f^ '^ U., to dear away, take 
away at table. Agent ?i2i>y^io (m)jiLmiyan&, 
the rearward of an army, Josh, yu 9. 

^fub^ see ^1:^. 

^ m&n4 E., OS. ^, f. i, a shidd. 

^1^ magni, cans, of ^iS^ ; l»6m 'ic met. to he 
idle, to he unthout work. Agent in AL |iaj(^ 
the west. 

Oi^^ mjanib AL, arab. i^, :>. oonj. y., to hold 
aloof, to turn away, Lidz. 434. 

.■ji\%> (m)gambikh, fr. .MsS^t, to faU in^ to 
cave in, to he ruined. 

iSgol^ (m)gambil, i) to rcU intr., roll aver. 
2) to stagger. 3) to rcU a piece of mud in the 
hand. See 1^1 Aaj\. 

4^, rarely^- (m)gangiz, -gi?, c£ ^4^, 
i) to dislike, abhor, loathe, shrink from, with 
^ or a or inf. ; pp. loathsome, hatejkd, abomin- 
able. 2) AL, to refuse, Lidz. 435. See lis^t)^* 

^^ (m)jangin, jfr. i^, to rust, canker, 
corrode tr. and intr. 


&l^^^ (m)janjir, to torment^ torture, scourge; 
to he in pain. See la^o^. 

' ^^i^ mjangir Al., to whet, sharpen, Lidz. 385. 

I»9j4^ see &pjAiM. 

>m}\i\y magnatis, OS., gk. \iBo£ MaymiTis Ac, 
arab. ,j»J»Lju, turk. ^jm^Ua^, m. loadstone, 
magnet, magnetism, 

^t^aSi^ (m)gampir, to boast, to he proud. 

Of. hfAp. 

jg^l^^ mganis K.,(cf.OS. ^[^aV^ contempt; or 
OS.^ to loathet),=iJ^. 

i&^ magsA K., m. I, a siclde. 

JBx^^ (m)ja8i8, to spy out, examine. See 


im^ magista, or in U. m&-, fr. ^aJ^, f. 6, 
a rnnaU tickle, a reajnng'hook. 

i^^ mag^i or magi, cans, of ^or i^sSk^. 

;^ maj'i or majl, cans, of ^J^or y^; to 
tirSj weary, irauble tr. 

\€^ (m)g&wit (also &), cf. OS. \\{F. to 
be in pain, Aph. to vomit), i) to hieeough. 
a) to eructate, • 

**>^ {m)gapgip, = 4e4^. 

.l|i^ maghpil Al., = Ji|uji. 

hij^ or ^i magar, m&gar, pen. tark.^^x^, 
cf. &)^|, except conj. (also as a prep.), unle$$; 

also p i^. 

Ih^ nugrt, cans, of 2^; v.u. lUii^ an 
issue of blood. 

s^^ (m)j4rib, arab. v/** coig. ii., i) to 
try tr. and intr. 2) to tempt in both senses, 
to te^, prove, 

a^^ maghrib Al., arab. s^, to $et, as 
the sun. 

\9&^ (m)gerbig, to die; used only of dogs 
or bad men. Cf. \oi. 

^h^ (m)gerwin, = OS. 41^ (cf. ^i^.), to 
have leprosy, to be or become a leper. 

«A7&^ see Jbob^, 

i^hS^ mjerj^ J., to torment, = ^^^, Socin 

124.7. Cf. 2^^. 

)■^^0 (m)gergim, onomatt {d. >Bby^as), 
i) to growl, roar. 2) to thunder. 3) K., to coo; 
cf. ^oi^oV^. 

^i^ (m)gergi8, i ) K.,fr.x>^ <o ^rmd 
coarse. 2) U., fr. ^o&V^(cf. ib^hij^), to grow 
intr. 3) to level down with the hand. 

&^^» (m)gergir, (cf. kurd.^^ip^d^^i^ 
thunder PS. 320), i) to rattle, creak. 2) to 
whiz. 3) K., to crackle as fire. 4) K., to growl 
as a dog. 

j^s^^ (m)gergish, fr. *^, to drag tr. 

to discolour. 

l^^ (m)gerwl, fr. o^, to starve. 

^9^ maghriibJ, arab. Lo^jl^I, f. i, a 
latticed window. 

(m)gerwis U., fr. ^e^, i) to grow. 

grow up, increase; met. to prosper. 2) to 
cause to grow, to bring up, to nourish, educate, 
foster, 3) to make great, enlarge, magnify, 
extol, exaggerate tr., make much of, promote; 
91^ ^\^ to pride oneself, to puff oneself up, 
4) to be made great Ac, Fern, agent i^^lt^$^\w 
a nurse. 

^^^ mjirikh K., to wound, cut. See ««»^. 

^^)^ (m)garil, to roU, wallow. See Ayfc^w. 

Pi^ majrim, (cf. ^^), to fine; sometimes 
generally, to punish, 

^^» (m)germil, = ^^^, to wallow, roU 
tr. and intr. ft>Vy^\io ^oioj^ oiC^^^jil kh&zindkh 
g6 dim&kh germilit U., May I see you roUing 
in blood (a curse), Socin. 

M&l^ (m)genni8h, fr. xan^ i) to take in 
the hands, 2) to crunch. 3) to shrink from 
doing a thing. See ^. 

Jbj^ magrl, cans, of ±^; v.n. j^^ 
magr^ti, or in K. AL j^>». magr&ti (Lidz. 436), 
a razor, 

A^^ magrish, i) cans, of ji^. 2) to pro* 
long; to be prolonged; to defer ho^. 

d^ mgish Ash., in, at (t), lids. 438. 

d^ magish K. and «p^ magyish, (OS. j^, 
j4^ j^I), to search, feel for; to grope, to touch 
with the hand. 

Ji^^^ (m)ga8hgish, to pelt as rain. 

i^e^ (m)ga£hgizh, or ^jUj^ (m)gazhin U., 
or ^j » \i > mg^zhin K., cf. ^A^ i)tobe dizzy or 
giddy; of the head to swim. 2) to intern/^, 
3) first form, to ferment, 

oq^ (m)gi8hiq U., to look, with a, \ or «!&» 
ssat or on; p )1&^ ,lj»^ to look for, expect; 
cilj^i:^'\^tobe humble; VS^\s{l^^) 
to look out at a window. 

h^fiifs mgishir K., to becotne pale from sick* 
ness. Dist &y!i^^. 



^^ mdi'in, i) Al. TA., cf. ^^, to lend, 
Lidz. 440. a) see «iM^at. 

&i^ tee ^pm. 


^^ mad-bkha, OS.*, m. i, i) an altar 
[Az. inazb^yah, arab ^.x»]* a) the eatkciuary 
of a church. Of. gk. Bvauurr^piw which has 
both meanings. See AmiS. 

al9>M (m)dablib, i)\J., to he dauhteminded 
or hypoeriiical, to equivocate. Agent | ;>a!^>to 
hypocritical, unstable , double-faced. 2) met to 
be much patched. 

jti^9M (m)dabliq, (fr. OS. J^j^ to join t), to 
sew roughly f to tack^ baste. 

^a^ap madwin, = ^^^a>ap, cans, of ^^^?. 

^lifipajp madwiq, i) cans, ofjojjf^. a) to fasten or 
join together. 3) to compare. ^) to let on hire. 

|S9>M midabir or t^?^ md4bir, both Al. 
Ash., arab. J^ju», m. i, a vizier, governor, master , 
sub-governor, Lidz. 442. 

isajp midbar, m. i, a rope or <«Mer for 
horses' feet in a stable. 

S^aM (m)dabir, or ^>m mdabir in Al. Ash., 
OS. Pa., rarely S^a^ madbir, to govern^ manage, 
lend, lead, provide for or with, with two dir. 
obj. See is^. y.n. iishs^hm, 'if^, board, food. 
Agent ^^2k9>M a governor, head, ruler; ii^ 
a dispensation. 

I^i^ip^ madwerta, a place where flocks are 
eoUeeted at noon; met. a retiing-place. Dist. 
Y.n. of prec. 

^^ madhbit Al, i) caa8.of *9p^ a) to 
make, mend, repair. 

\iA>> or ^- (m)dagdig, -ik, fr. \ A^* 
i) to trot tr., to make to trot, a) to strike, beai, 

^Lo (m)dagil, as OS. Pa., i) to lie, to teU 
a faUehood, with a = to, often i^l^^ '^. 2) 
to deal faUely (with a^againet, with), to 
disappoint, Dist •^>V^ 

p^ midad (or ^)p AL), arab. turk. pers. ^x», 
f. I, help, assistance. Also 'loj and f^fi. 

l^^^ madadchS, az. turk. ^j^Sj^, m. i, a 

^a^o mda'in K., = OS. \9ipi, to pour oil or 
grease into, to grease. 

o^ madu, a conj., i) Ash., as arab. v5J^^ 
to delay, Lidz. 510. a) U. K., to find time to 
do a thing; ^^ ^ \6 madwin, I have no time. 

3) to take things quietly, to do at one's leisure. 
No preformative Mim. 

^9^ mdikmi K., m. 1, the mouthpiece of 
a pipe. 

ho^ Al., see &o^. 

;&&9^ see Itsha^. 

^j^ madih Al., i conj., arab. ^Sj^, to praise, 
Lidz. 511. Dist. ^j^. 

^M, i)seetajjp. a)Ti. Ash.,=tV0^-^^^« 
«aio made, OS., Media, Dan. y. 28. ^^ 
Median, Mede. 

^if^ (m)d^win, i) OS., ^^i^2, to be pos- 
sessed, to be mad. 2) to madden. 

5L»ajp madyikh, madyik, cans, of ^{p i. and u. 

.\ajp madyil (Az. A^)> >) caus. of «\^. 
2) K., to beget. 3) to make fruitful. 

^^ madyin, fr. {L^, \)to borrow; HoLa '10 
to borrow on tJis security of afield, Neh. y. 4. 

2) to exact usury, Neh. y. 11. See ^2^. 

^ajp midyan, OS., Midian. iH- Midianite. 

;^^ mdina, OS., arab. ^IjJll, f. Medinah. 

tif^ mdin4y&, m. i, and j^-, f. 6, OS.^ 
a citizen, = jE^p* Ja. See foU. 

jE^^ md!t&, OS., (Ma'L mdhinchi Parisot 
xii. 140), f. with pi. ;a^- mdlnitl (K. Al. 
mdhinathA), a city, town. In U. '10 alone 
constantly = the city of Urmi. — '>o ^ sing, 
(pi. id., see &?) a citizen; or a town-bred man, 
opp. jl^ .oa. 

JtLif^ madyiq, cans, of js;^ 
j^ajp madyish, cans, of di{^. 

^^ mdikhi, = OS. Pa. ^p, 1) to clean, 
cleanse, purify/ Y.n. ^4?^ the draught, Mat. 
XY. 17. 2) to prune. 3) K., to cauterize. 

h^^ matkhir, i ) caus. of ^p. 2) to remind. 

3) to commemorate. 4) with mf^, to consider. 
5) to mention, make mention of, with dir. obj. 
or a ; pp. aforenamed. 

^^ madil, (cf. OS. jfi^? a thread), to drive 
the shuttle in weaYing. See iV>y». 

jSaaji as OS., or ^i madala, ma-, m. i, a 



A9^>M see A»M. 

so^^ (m)daldin, fr. i^p, to protect as a 
shield, to screen, hide, 

A^>M mdalil K., i) also «\^^>» mdaldil, 
OS. Pa., to thin out trees or plants (cf. i^?). 
a) to epoil a child, cf. i\^\\ift. 3) AsL, (cf. 
*12(>), to market, bargain, Lidz. 444. 

tiH^ madlimi, m. i, a Grange-looking 
thing or man; a scarecrow. 

^^(m)dMip, = ^J. 

i»pf see *?jJo. 

^^ (m)dimi, as OS. Pa., to Ukm, cotnpare, 
make like (with a, ,!^ or ^ = to). See J»^ 

J»^ madmi, i) cans, of ^^. 2) to Kken, 
compare, mf^'», with inf. to pretend, with a 
or 1!^ to imitate, 

^^ (m)daBiigh, i) U., to sear, 2) K., 
to take custom or dues for merchandise, to levy 
duty on. See ik^^ 

\>»>M or ^2" (m)damdig, -dik, fr. Xm^f, 
to peek. 

Pjf^^ (m)damdim, i. with thin sound, (cf. 
^J?)> to bleed tr. and intr., to cup, u, or 4Mu^>is, 
with broad sound, i)^^^. 2) Al. Ash., 
to howl. 

^^madmikh, i) oau&of^iu 2) top%U 
to bed, to lay down. 

^ajp madomkh&, OS., m., i) lying down. 
2) copulation, 

^^ md&m^ K., Oa P. Pil, or ^>m 
(ni)dam'in = 4M»j^>to, to cry, shed tears^ weep. 

^ m&din, OS., ni., Medan, Oen. xzr. 2. 
^j^^ see 'n». 

\J^i^ (m)dnndin, arab. ^.>, to turn over, as 


;:iftaab mad^nkhi (^ K. Al.), OS., in TT. m. f, 
in K. f., in Q. and usually OS. m., pi. i,ihe 
east; ^io ^ eastwards, from the east; (ahl^ 
^lop north-east; ^lop ^ikbiiM or 'lop ^6\ft morn- 
ing tunlighi; 07&(^ ^to (or in pi.), also in K. 
^ 2&i V ^^ ^y broke, 

iLx^ mad^ukhiji, f. j^-, OS., Eastern, 

jkjiji madii ia Ash. madli^ or in Al. TA. 

^010 m6d6, or in Al. ±jff mM6, in Sal. Q. Qaw. 
^M midi, OS. Jb>o}, i) cans, of xjfl. 2) to 
inform, make known, declare, teU, show, uxxm, 
teach. Agent )kk.jM> inadiy&n&, arith. a de- 
nominator, opp. 

^^ madikh, usually ma^, i ) cans, of ^^. 
2) to put out, extinguish, 

ji>o>to (m)daqdiq, OS., to break in pieces, 
to make email or fine, to bruise, to grind to 

&>» madir, or in AL &2aab«inad'ir, i) eaus. 
<^ k{^. a) to return tr., render, repay, to bring 
or send back, to avert, turn back or away tr., 
draw back tr.; ai^^io to ansu^er. 3) to vomit, 
bring up; to be sick, 4) to translate^ 5) to 
convert, pervert, subvert, 6) with ^ or H^ 

(Josh. vii. B) to run away, also lit. to turn 
one's back, 7) with or without oi^ A^, to 
consider, recaU to mind. B) to restore; C^, 'to 
i^9P to restore to an office, Oen. xl. 13 ; 0^2 ^10 
to recover one's dominion, 2 Sam. viii. 3. 9) 
to change; ^ifiauo* mf^ ^ijf9^ he changed 
/iff name to Jehoiakim. 10) m^^» to turn 
over intr. 

iff^ (m)d&rl, OS. P., i) to winnow. 2) to 
spread, scatter as dust. 3) to ladle. See 2}^. 

2&'>M mdari Al., injury, harm. 

2&'^ midri K., OS., m. dust, earth, soil, 

iff^ midribs «&pAM. 

^&>to (m)derbin, or in Al. a^^ mdirib 
(Lids. 447), fr. !»&>, to wound, 

\jh^ or «^&>M (m)derdigb, -ikh, chald. 
PT\, to scatter, squander, break in pieces, 

pjh^ mderdim, and St?&>to mderdir, i) 
K., to stutter, stammer, babble, drivel, jabber. 
2) Al., first form, to revile, quarrel with, with 
^ or a. Lids. 447. 

i^&>M (m)derdizh, rarely j^, (fr. OS. «^> 
to rabt), i) to pine away, to be consumptive, 
2) to fainL 3) met. to be sad. Also in pass. 
in same sense. 

»f &>M (m)derwid, (fr. OS. 99^ Pa. to shake), 
to ruck tr. 

^&>M (m^lei-win Q., s= ^^>m. 


^&9^ (m)dermin, fr. ^^9, i) to apply 
medicines to; to heal, a) to poison; agent 
;uM&^ a physician. 

^9^ (m)dariii U., to roU dough. Cf. Ji&o^ 

^apAo K. or ^- K. mdrangiD, mdrang^ fr. 
^&p, to be or make late, 

;^&'^ madr&sa, arab. iurk. I^jXj*, OS. 
^Stp^M q.y., f. I, a school^ ecUege. 

^jij^b^ or «li^ (m)derqil, fr. Asatt^^, to 
oppose^ to he against, rare. See Anw^nw. 

*>?9» ?!**>?% »«« '?*»• 

;s&'^ madr&8h&, OS.*, m. r, i) = ^&a». 
2) a doctrinal hymn, 3) a commentary ^ 2 Chr. 
ziii. 22. 

^&9M Ash., = ^^, Lidz. 448. 

xpjE^ (m)da8hdi8h, = x{^, to tread down, 

^>M mdashmin Al., fr. ^9, to make an 
enemy of. 

^>to mdashin Al. Ash., (in OS. and arab. 
to give), to begin, commence; liii)^ ^^ to begin 
to say. 

;4po or ^M mkhk, maha K. Al., perh. = ;4 ^, 
i) what. 2) why, also '10 ;^; 9 ^10,= p ^, 
a« long as, all the time that. 

\ij» see ^epo. 

f^4^ (m)h&gt, I ) as OS. P. Pa., to meditaU; 
to meditate on, with dir. obj. or a. 2) as OS. 
Pa., to spell. Cf. A'Oor. Agent $i\j^ *a half 
Zlama(i), a slanting stroke beneath a letter. 

y^dpo (m)hajij, cf. JjA, i) to fidget tr. 
2) to excite, incite. 3) to cause to tingle, to set 
on edge. 

yaii,^ (m)hajim, arab. ^^.x*, to be stiU or 

^dpo (m)hagin U., = Xjt^. 

^^ m&haj&r, az. tiirk.^^«t^ (fr. arab.^^ 
to shat in), f. i, a railing of any material. 

I^peyjp m^h'dS, arab. v5J^ (lit. guided), m. i, 
the Mahdi, the expected restorer of Islam. 

!^^ m'h&dir K. or ^spo mah'dir AL, also 
m'h&-, mah-, to prepare tr. and intr., to present. 
See &jp4, &f4. 

;eepp mah'wi, i) caus. of l^m* 2) esp. K. 
AL, to beget, bear (i.e. of either parent); to bring 
about, engender; hence ^juoopo mah&y&n^ Al. 
K., parents. 

\^9po m'ha-wig K., fr. A^j^i ^ atV before 
the fire, = ^<«Po. 

^ jLok^epo or fiio^ m'httmnll, f. ;{^- U., jliiab* 
K. m'hdminta^ -ant&, i) K. AL, pp. of ^^. 
2) (Mim remains in XT. &c.) trustworthy, 
honest; faithful, with a=ito; sure. 3) a 
believer, a Christian; believing. [The pp. of 
^^ is jLp^epo, which in U. &c. drops Mim.] 

&^dpo m'ha-wir AL, fr. hiai, to cry for help, 
Lidz. 451. 

^K&oqao m6rish4 (proparox.) U., (lit. from the 
beginning), i) also ^mb, in the morning as adv. 
2) to-morrow, cf. Scottish 'the mom,' 'the 
mom's mom,' german ' morgen.' 3) subs., f. 4, 
morning; ^ao^pa^ every morning, Ps. IxxiiL 
14; '10 ^ Jdffti tfie day dawned. 

JKoopo mahflt, az. turk. c:^L», m. i, cloth 
(the material), brocuicloth. 

i^dpo m'hazil AL, arab. J/^^ ^ mock, deride, 
despise, Sachau 81.23, Socin 147.23. 

&f^ m'h&zir K., s hj^. 

o^ .*oy» m^4, or with ej&^a^ lb4ri added, 
thencrforward [or ^at^ ^oi» odjp ^]. See c^^. 

&|M^ m*hdzii* Al., <o j!>u< on the mizar (&«jo 
q.v.), to veil oneself Lidz. 508. 

^dpo m'h^min K. Al. as OS., = ^dpo(m)hamin 
U., q.v., to believe, trust, with a = in, or dir. obj. ; 
^^Mucfpoj^ ^ to persuade; v. n. jt^aMi^dpo, see ^^^ ; 
imp. ^ffpo K. Al. Terg. or ^^ U., as adv., 
indeed. See ^i»iiO«^. 

t^&Mudpo m'hdmni, OS., i) = ^iMb^oepo 2 and 
3. 2)* m. I, an eunuch. 

^iu»»5lpo m'htoninan, OS. (lit. we believe), 
f. I, the Creed. 

a^flpo (m)ha-yir, cf. t^i ^ ^P* <»«*«<, with 
\ rarely with ^; with &^ to follow and 
help, I Kgs. i. 7. Agent ^fiSt^> gram. 

^5lpb see ^fpo. 

a^spp see ^ai^. 

pB^^Bo (m)h&kim U., see 


^^6t0 or Sim mahal, -41, arab. pert. turk. J^ 


and iijc^, f. i, i) a province, region^ diitriet. 
2) respect dae to rank. 3) also H^, in Aah. 
i^, in Al. i^^ m&Iial6 (Lidz. 51 1), a suburb; 
a street; a quarter of a town. 

Joa^^ (m)halbiq = ^lapo or ^&mI9. 

:^^ (m)hal-hil, i), (perh. fr. OS. &or&^), 
to stir upf incite, provoke. 2) to mortify as 
flesh, to be rotten or futrid. 


M • 

no. a. 

> • 

mah'lalaU OS., m. Mahdlakd, 
Gen. V. 12. 

«&2hI^ Ash., see 'mss, 

^9po mah*m^ Al., OS., to neglect, forsake, 

^^epp U. K. or '«ip AL, m&h'mikd, mah-> 
arab. ^j.^^, m. a man's name now used. 
Of. ^Meyoio. 

foM^ m4mflz, arab. turk.u^^, m. i, a spur; 
'10 ^oib ^ <o «ptir a horse. 

pfo^ (m)hamzim esp. U. Ash., fr. ^i»ui, 
to sj)eak, talk, ted, with A or ^ . Agent $i^6po 
voluble, glib, eloquent, «&fi^ 'epo double-tongued, 
I Tim. iii. 8 ; v.n. j^fMd^ a byword. Job 
xzx. 9 ; a speech^ v?ord, 

^o^ = ^om4po. Cans, in U. ^epo m4h'min, 
to persuade, 

\b^aao9fto m^h'mandar, turk. pers. .bJU^, 
m. I, one whose duty it is to see to the enter- 
tainment of a guest, esp. of a foreign guest 
on behalf of the Government. 

^4pp m&hini U., pen. turk. «jUj», kurd. 
iJL^ f. I, on eaecuse, preUxt; '10 Joc^^to make 
an excuse. 

^dpo or \cipo or ^4ps m&hang, m&hag, -ak, 
arab. eLa:^, turk. ek^, also turk. qU^^, m. i, 
a refining-stone, touchstone. 

j^^ (m)handish, to hesUaie, to be shy. 

^oi&dpo (m)han-hin, fr. ^di,tobe j)leased with, 
to be pleasant to, to please. 

Jb^^ m'basis K., cf. J^, to turn a horse ftc. 

h^ppc or 2!^ m&pdr, -ri, or mWp- Tkh. Sh., 
or '«» m&khpiir Ti. Al., kurd.^^^Ai* PS. 337, 
mafur Garz. 261, f. i, a carpet of the best 


^^ m&pikh TI. Al., (fr. OS. ^i to return 
tr., cf. OS. jfiaikv Tomit), to be sick, to vomit, 

^^epp m^h'^iil or in Al. '.jo m&hsiil q.v., 
arab. turk. J^^«.ar*, f. i, i) product, produce, 
frudt. 2) met. result. See \^. 

.^^ (m)b&?il U. or 'Lio mhM Al., arab. 
Jmaa. conj. ii., i) U. AL, to bring forth, beget, 
bear (lit). 2) AL, to gain. Agent ^^^ 
arith. a factor; l&'^V^ji^ '10 the highest common 
factor; v.n. Jl^^^ho a generation. See ^^» 

h^^ (m)ha$ir or '^ mh&sir AL, mkh&fir 
Tkh., arab.^^.A», i) to besiege (sometimes with 
i!ijb). 2) to wcdl a town ; to fence in. Cf. &^. 

)difpo Al., see lam. 

If^BA (m)h&q! U. K., cf. ^epp, to teU a story, 
relate, narrate. In Az. to speak. Cf. tiuaai. 

&0P0 m^hir K. Al. TA., i conj., to seal; pp.| 
fitted, adapted, skilful as OS. See boyoio and 

ga9&5^ TI., = '-». 

4p&^ m*herdip K., (fir. chald. ^li], so heb.), 
i) to fall in as a roof or wall. 2) to throw 

Jtl^&fipo (m)herdiq, (cf. arab. rt. jfju^ to beat, 
break), i) to joke, to piay boisterously. 2) K., 
to beat up eggs. 

^^Mpo (m)her-hlm, to neigh lit. and met, 
with Jijk =ybr or after. 

&)^&fipo (m)her-hir, (cf. OS. Mr to quarrel 
noisily, to yelp), i) to burst into laughter, 
2) to crash, 

«^&5lpo m'herkiBh K., to feel elightly ill. 

^aLXiih^ m'har sh&lal khash baz, Psh. 
(:p^ ^91 &j^, m. Mahar-shalal-hash-baz, Isa. 
viii. I. 

^Mpo m'hershin K. or 'jto (m')er8hin Sp., 
i) to be or make muddy. 2) to be broken. 

X &&opp m^tir, pers. turk. kurd.^ji^, m. i, 
a groom, ostler (lit. any attendant). 

^&&opp mdtirkhini, pers. turk. kurd. 
%j\^yi^, f. I, an ordieslra, music at dinners, 
sports, races Ac. 

im m&, or in Ti. AL m6, i) = t^^* ^^^ 
not before a subs. 2) Ti. AL, why f, also ^sbH, 
^ ^ Jb4As9 (Sachau 83.41). 



^of m^vrk AL, arab. ly^ffruU, Lidz. 510. 

.^ioAo mA'aw, OS., Moab, Gen. xix. 37 ; ^- 
a Moahite. 

a^ioip see £4s9^^* 

;e2oao Sal., ;e2oap Qaw., v.n. of ^fi^nM. 

^2oAo mu'iM Al., pickleSy Lidz. 510. 

e)> ;^2ok> mkh^li K. (-sh^lt Ti.), e^ ^^^iok) 
(j^2oAo) miijil! U., pret. of ;s»». 

J^oAo mub&, f. id., az. turk. b^, plenltffd. 

A^oao see Aa^. 

{ata^Ao miibashir, arab. turk.^L^, m. i, 
an overseer. 

^oAo miija, i) OS. ^oao, m. i, a calf; 
a bullock, also Jb'^fi^ '» (Jad. vi. 25) ; ^9 ^10 
a faUed calf, 2) Ash., arab. 9r>^» ^ toave, 
Lidz. 510. 

^j\&o miighdiU AL, timber, Lidz. 430. 

fiuV^oap see aV^ooao. 

{.fAXV^oi mdghUchi Tkh., or'ttt) maql&cbi 
Al., kurd. t^ilLi-* PS. 338, turk. '«-•, m. i, 
a rdbher, 

hS^ see LdM. 

lik^oAo miijr4, az. tnrk. t^y^, m. i, a haXf 
usnally of wood with iron clasps. 

|9»e7is^9Ao see ^xoao. 

^6ao mild, i) = «^oao. a) Ti. Asb.,=r&bio2, 
imp. of &»i. 

i^oi moda, arab. pers. iJuU, m. i, a /ar^« 
c{««^ or platter; a milk-pan. 

ij^ modi, i) OS., to confess, acknowledge 
a person, sin &c., with a, A or Jij^ ; /o praise. 
2) to profess, with dir. obj. 3) to shrive, 
confess a penitent. Agent (K. form) t^?^ 
a confessor for tbe faith ; Ik^ confession of 
martyrs or penitents. 

{a^>^ mfldabtr, arab.jSx*, m. i, a coun- 
sellor. See &7>M. 

Ji^^oAo mddakbil, arab. tark. pers. Jj»Ju», 
f. I, a perquisite, percentage. 

^96^ m&dt U. Ash. (or ^p- Ash. t, LidjE. i. 
167'), m6dt, -dhi Ti. Sh., or before nouns p6» 
m&d, (perh. for ^jf ^ or ^pl ^), whatf; 'to 
f o^ «fi^? wihat relation of Simon is het; 

<i^o^l9iiL'» K. or Tm ^0^2 K.,what is tlte matter 
with you ? or what is that to you f 

^^bao mttdyi, or ^poio mildy&n (^! some- 
times follows), or ^ ^i, oao ^I &ni m6n (md), 
or ^dto mdyin (or -win) Ash. (Lidz. 390),= 
f ^al ^^oM, what do I know? how can I teUt 

|&»^oao miidir K. AL, arab. turk.^x», m. i, 
a de^mty-govemor, stib-govemor. 

;aipoAo miidink&, knrd. modenk, m. i, amber; 
the mouthpiece of a pipe. 

Jk^ci Al. TA., see ±^. 

l^^oAo or .fOj^^oAo miidi'l, -hi, arab. tnrk. 
^i*, m. I, an adversary, antagonist, rival, 
competitor, accuser. 

^^ojl^oM m6d'&niit4, OS.*, f. 6, 9, a prefaee, 

(k>oAo miidat, arab. i!L», pers. e:>Ju», f. I, 
a while, a space of time. 

Jl^vfci m6h6tha Al., OS., rt. acu, f. with pi. 
jpare7C^ m6h'w&th&, a gift. 

^9oroao mdbiibat, pers. oj^a^ (arab. rt. 
c^« to give), f. hosjntality; ik ^10 pal to be 
hosjntable to. 

A^oyoao see hvtoio. 

6^«o m6h1at (in Al. also J^ and t^ 
Lidz. 511), arab. XJL^y pers. CoV^^, f. i, 
i) respite, delay ^ time, reprieve, leisure. (Sn^ 
^» J^ I have not time. 2) forbearance^ long- 
suffering, Rom. ii. 4. 

ptoo79^ mi^bamid, OS. ^if^, arab. xij^\ 
m. Mohammed. X^^- a Moltammsdan. 

W^^ or '^^ or ^oao m&h&fil, miiha-, 
m6-, (Az. «^^4pp), arab. turk. JJlc^, m. i, a 
sheriff's officer, a policeman, 

bold m6h'r and in Ash. 2^^ m Wr6, pers. 
turk. kurd.^^^, f. i, 3, (pL also m6hiirl), a 
seal. ^» ^ika ;.^ to «ea/ a letter; 'ts )Lm 

2&'oroao m6h'r&, az. tnrk. t^y^, t. i,a layer 
in a mud wall. Walls made of mud are built 
a layer at a time, each about 18 inches high ; 
and each layer is left to dry before the next 
is added. 

pfj^^ see \ 



ik^^ muhirta Ash., f. 6, = &c7tto, Lidz. 511. 

Jbkbojci mdh'rUb U., die, dice. 

Il^&croao m6h'tij, f. id., arab. turk. ^^:>^) 
needy ^ poor; ^js^- f. neeeseity. 

a4s.^9Ao or OfVy,^ miiwajib, m&-w&jib, arab. 
turk. c,A*.l^, f. I, salary, wages. 

^o^ Ash., see )»?oio. 

«f toto (m)wazwiz, ononiat., to buzz. 

^foio m6zl&ti, OS.*, rt. Af 2, eoneUlUuiona; 
the signs of the zodiac. 

t^Ufoio m6zp&n&, OS.*, m. i, a lender, 
opp. ;sof». 

jif^iM or «iif«- miiziq, earop., f. i, musie. 

|^9ju0f9io miizq&nchi, oem. turk. ^^IjU«^, 
m. I, a tniMtcuin, bandsman. 

iL^ milkbi, OS., m. i, i) the brain, 2) 

^L^ or ;iau»^, (kurd. ^;jU^ lofls), f., 
used thus : — 1»^ t^oHliKi ttl&ll mdkhabnf, 
^ pitied me; with ^j^ or 'a i!ijb for the (iffix, 
he pitied the men; iHm f^isi^ ^^aal/^ mukhab- 
niikh bltayf la, I pity you; ^ ^m ^ q^ di>i ;ik2 
the people pitied or spared. So other persons. 
^ ^^ as adv., unfortunately. 

2j^-^ mttkhdi U. Sal., ijf?^*^ miikhdid^ 
AL, = 2ppmIo, A^oAjo. 

{)BA«»9Ao mttkhkim, f. id., arab. ^»Xs^,^rm, 
fo^uf. Of. ^bisimM. 

;iloM miikhaDa, f. i^-, fr. ^»oi», yti/l of 

pihf>eto or ^97^ in&kh4ram, mfih-, arab. turk. 
f.J^. Muharrem, a Mohammedan month ; in 
Persia the month of mourning for Hasan and 

A»^ mUkhti, fr. ;»om, i) the brain. 2) ike 

Jbkif^ mikkhatis, az. turk. ^^U^^, m., a 
man's name now used. 

& k*^ milkhULr, f . id. arab. turk. .l:Lje*, having 
choice, discretion,opiion; having absolute power ; 
'm hf%^ an ambassador; '>o \^ an agent with 
fuU powers. 

•a^oio see •tsism. 

^tto m6tiu, arab. kurd. ^y^t m. i,=:^«. 

;^, 0^ ;^oio muya, miiyili U., pp. and pret. 
of litxtio. 

^oM AbL, see ^?aM. 

^^, oit^hA^ Al., = ^2, 07^0^2. 

^oao m6k&, m. i, i) a load. 2) a weight, 
= )u^, I o Urmi batmans, about 320 lb. avoird. 

^oAo miikab&, m. i, a large basket, to cover 
things ; see ;aa»». 

^9^0 milkakhi, OS., m. i, humility. 

»1^^ mwakil AL, of. X^o, to depute, 
Lidz. 415. 

^oso Al., see »^2to. 

22ild^ makra, m. i, a heap of stones. 

a^ m(klk, m. 3, sometimes i and 2, a bam, 
granary. Dist. A^oio. 

li^iom m61ad4 {^), OS.*, m. birth. 

t^^oM m6idan4, OS.*, m. i, a fatlier. 

^010 (m)walwil, (cf. 0& Ji^o^^ howling), 
to wail, cry, howl; to cause to howl. Cf. 2^. 

|^i|^^ miUi-yim, f. id., arab. ^^X^, serious, 

^^ mUlk (also Ajp in Az.), arab. turk. 
pers. elL»» t 4, landed property, real estate, 

^>b» mMikh, Psh. ^|, i^oIocA, Moleeh, 
2 Kgs. xxiii. 10. 

fioi^^ mttlkani AI., OS., m. i, a promise, 
Lidz. 513. 

]S^^ mdl-li, turk. ^, m. i, a moUah, a 
Mohanmiedan minister of religion. Also j^^ilip 
miU-li; and in AL j^ijp (?). 

J^ AL TA., see ^; (so agent lal^oie 

l^ftdA^ mttltanf, pers. turk. ^LJ^, (Le. of 
the city of Multan), m. i, a term of reproach, 
a renegade. 

^^ mdmi, i) OS.*, m. i, a blemish. Lev. 
zxi. 17. a) K., turk. j^, a candle. 

haem see Jwlii. Dist. ^iio^ie. 

j^fMoi m6miU U. as OS., f. (pl.^ m6miU), 
or ;iioi m6m&tha K. as OS. f. (pL id.), or 
^IsJs m^tha Ash. f. 6 (v.n. of ^ei), an oath; 
^ ^10 ihm under an oath to; '10 iljb ^1 to perjure 
oneself. [Az. ^^feA thy oaths."] 

T a 


}^9>^ or 'mm mttmkin, mimkin, arab. tark. 
^j!^^y i) adj., {, id,, possible. 2) subs^ pot- 

{ JM9A0 mibn&s, f. id., fr. gk. ^fiot% captioiUt 
cavilling, cen8oriou8,fatdl'finding, 

Attoso momi U., to mew, Dist. Jwoao. 

j^9Ao miimti, f. 6, tA^ soft part cf an infantas 
skull Of. jUioiM ? 

^4^io)o see JU^oM. 

J^ m&n, az. turk. ^^^, m. i, a senseless or 
2a<^ person. 

MO see ^poio. 

lioE^ty^ Sal., see i^fic^y». 

|)Bf^^ mibiajlm, arab. fir^, m. i, an 
astronomer, astrologer. 

^oftoM (ni)wanwiii, onomat., i) to whiz. 2) 
to rattle. 3) to rustle. 

^&ft9»9Ao Sal., = ^A^coQo. 

i^ft^ao see jU&ojao. 

^9^0 miin&t&, cf. jK^sm, benefU, advaniage, 

U^^ m^iBk^^af^ q.y., arab. ^j^, !&•> a 
man's name, Moses, esp. used by liussolmans. 

Jboibcio (m)waswis, arab. {j^j^y onomat., to 
squeak as a moose. See^o^^ao. 

^9^0 m{isSy&, OS., Mysia, Acts zvi. 7. 

la^^^ musiyib, az. turk. <^U*^ m. i, 
a groomsman at a wedding ; there are twelve 
of these, and their duty is to invite and wait 
on the guests. 

l&'dOfiboAo miisiq4r4, OS.^ m. i,=.»ajub«oto. 

I "ft^^ miksalim K., arab. turk. kurd. JL.^, 
m. I, a deputy-governor. 

JdL^OM Al., = •Od^. 

af oM mwa'idh Al., OS. Pa., to promise. 
Cf. 2a&wO. 

td^tt mdp, Psh. »A|i)p, Memphis^ Hos. ix. 6. 
^oso m6p6 AL, caus. of ^. 
«i3Lj^oso Al., = ai|bo. 

^^ (as TA.) and ^om md?^, mwaf^ AL, 
arab. ^^ co^j. iv., i) to ^Mtw by wM, to 

bequeath. 2) to enjoin, commission. 3) to 
commtftu^ a person to another. Cf. i^, A«»^ 

^e^oAo (m)wa^$, onomat., to tffAtn«, ye^. 

fiij>^9io see ooao. 

«^oM or t^- mdsily -al, OS. fr. arab. J^i^^li 
turk. Jm^*^, Mosul. (H^- or ^Ix^ E. Al., m. 
a native of Mosul. 

^oi AL, = ayttp. 

{.fib^pub^M mtiqdiisS, arab. kurd. ^y*jJu^ 
m. I, a pilgrim; a title much used by £. Syr. 
and Kurds (Garz. 207) for those Christians 
who have been to Jerusalem. Cf. -iVj^y *p«pdo* 

jacaoio (m)waqwiq, onomat., i), (cf. arab. 
iJjj^ whining), to whine. 2) to bark, as a fox. 
3) to croak, Stod. 

X ^^ or (KJjb^Ao mdq&yat, f. id., arab. turk. 
sli^, anxious, careful (lit. bound). 

J&^9Ao mdqastr, arab. ^JILL*, m. i, i) a 
prisoner. 2) a delinquent, wrongdoer, male- 
fador. 3) as adj., (f. id.), guilty, condemned. 

&JB^ see &y&p. 

J&2l!i^9Ao m&qarftr, 9Jnh.JjL^, eontinuoudyf 

2Sk9Ao miiri, i) OS., gk. ftvppa, m. myrrh. 
2) Psh. li^ieep, Moreh, Gen. xii. 6. 

1^^ see ^2&». 

iSkOM myiiri or md-, OS., i/yro, Acts xxviL 5. 

^»» mdrabi, -reb&, arab. turk. 13^ tcir*' 
kurd. mraba Garz. 118, f. i, jam, preserve. 

aH^h^ mflrgh&b, pers. v^;>«> ^ town in 
Persia, in the province of Fars. 

^!»9M^ m&rld, or -it, arab. turk. ^\^. i) m., 
a man's name now in use. 2) f. i, object of a 
wish, aim, intenHon. 

^p&'oM miir4dkh&n (oxytone), turk. ^\^^\^ 
m., a man's name now in use. 

^9^^ mdrdk^ or -kai, OS., m. Mordeeed, 
Ezra ii. 2. 

I b^h^ or '&ip murd&r, merd&r, f. id., pen. 
turk.jy>^,uneleas^,fUthy; i^^^ftt ^1 a corriMi 

oM m&rdashikr, f. id., as. turk.jj^g^, 
useless, bad^ a term of abuse. 


^&bio mdr&n, OS.*, gk. ^por, m. ehrirnn, 

Sf &419 (m)werwir| onomai., i) to whir, i) 
to have diarrkcBa. 

^Sk^ miir&khif, arab. pers. {j^^y ^-9 
i) hcliday, vacation. 2) permisiion, leave, 
'io a^ to ask permiseion to take <m^» leave 
after a visit of ceremony ; «^ '10 agl to diemiee 
in peace, to let go; Jt^9JA ^10 wH Imoj the aeewMy 
UHie diseolved; ^» oH ;^ ^S»^ the eehool 
broke up. 

inborn miiriyi, Psh. ^'om!, Moriah, Qen. 
xxii. a. 

)B^OM A1.,= )B^. 

;^;»9i» or J^{»9Ao miire^i, turk. f^^^ ^, a 
woman's name now in use. 

^afajiS^ mikrqftz&b, s ^&rio. 

^^010 see ^hotm. 

•Mih^ mdrshldin, kurd. ^jX^jy^ a moon- 
tain in Kurdistan. 

6^^ mdr&t, i) OS., Marah, Ex. xv. 23. 
2) see p&oM. 

^^oso AL, = (s»&io. 

|d{^ mdsh, f. id., az. turk. {^y*, osm. turk. 
^J»ytt fociish; delirious; eHent, not t€dking. 

^9^0 miisht, as OS., or S^^ mibhOl K., 
m. MoeeSf a name still much used« Cf. ^010. 

^^Jls&o see j(M*9dO0. 

Atof^ mikshami, arab. turk. m Z a •, f. 
tWtaru660r (clothes &c.), mocibfUajA, oil- 
eloth &c/ 

l&Mic^is mdshamir IT., (ssliSja^atts EL, see 
^Modo), deeolate, eoUiary* 

liU^ mflshri U. Teif^. or in MK and some^ 
times U. 'app madir&, pen. J^U, m. i, « fot7, 

ibt^ mOshti U^ pers. iork. \^,^^i ula^, 
m. I, i) ajiet* 2) a handfid. 

^s^x^io or 9iah- or si^- mttshtab&, -bt, f. id., 
arab. turk. i , i ft ■>, deceivod, doubifid; ^» ^ 
to cheat. 

I^f^r&x^ or \^ milsbt&htd, m^j-, arab. 
turk. Ju|J:^, m. i, a chief moUah (see i^Seis). 

I thlhSL^ mOshtirf, I ) f. id., fk*. arab.. ,4>SA^ t 

Nold. 401, longing, demring, anxioue, with 
infin. ; ^k^ f. longing, desire, anxiety. 2) arab. 
turk. (jy ^^i m. I, a purchaser, oustomer. 3) 
arab. turk* id., the planet Jupiter, 

;4^ m6ta (-shi Ti. Ash.), in OS. is,m. i, 
cImuA; ^10 &(pp OS.*, worthy of death, appointed 
to die (pi. 'mp ;|qjl9 Ps. Ixxix. 8) ; ^lop deadl/y. 

;6^oso Al. Ash., see l^t^^. 

9^oao Al. TA., see 41^. 

^A^oie m6twi, (^ K., (k OS.), m. i, 1)* a 
part of Noctums said sitting. 2)* a division 
of anthems in the burial service &o. 3) K., 
(also ^M0), a congress, parliament, council. 
4)* aseat; ^^om «} the chief seats, ^y situation, 
position; habitation. 

oft^ or ^tto or ^^^ m6tii, -(A, mik(& TL 
Ash., (=4i;ii»t), ti7Aa<f ofu>hat sort? 

X^nSi^ffito mtttliu^, f. id., arab. turk. ^jik^, 
absolute^ as power. 

Asi4^^ miitalat, arab. CaIju, f. i, a triangle. 

^4^tto m6t&n4, i) subs, (s^ in OS.), m. i, 
a piagus, pestilence. 2) a^j., £ j|^-, rmufy to 
cUa, at the point of death. 

X^h^^^ miitafarip K., arab. turk. wi^^iki^j 
m. I, a sub-governor (under a Vali). 

^09 see \0». 

^iMsee As«M. 
Itesee ;a^0». 

lA m&zi, pers. turk. t|^, m. i, on appotvbsr, 
a whet before dinner. 

>s2^ K., see pai^. 

^2fM Al., see lit^m. 

a^, a^ see aoim. 

\7fij> U. or ^fM U. or it^j^ A). mazlii(, 
(m)zabtin, mazbit, fr. \af, i) to •u&eiiM, to 
6rt7i^ into bondage, to nuike sui^jeot, to have 
authority over. 2) to «of|^Swo<#, to take by 
force. See also An^ump and \7^ 

.ly^ mx&bD E. (OS. Pa) or ^^ (m)sablin 
U. K. (in Tkh. msab-^ c£ ilst, to manwre tr.; 
to litter. 

^hs (m)iibin, Oa Fk, to mB, with mszfor 
a price. See ^. 


K^, Im mizi, or as OS. TA. ^ mazigh, 
I 60oj., to mix esp. hot and cold water; y.n. 
in AL mza-a, in U. mzaja and mzagfaa ; agent 
in AL mazi-a ; fern. v.n. jCk^^ a canfadiam of 

ik^l» or ^&b mazi, fr. prec., kol and ecld 
water mixed. 

i^» K, ft^,- K, .ee 9^ 

2^ mazada, ma-, arab. tnrk. jU^, m. i, an 

▲piw mazdi, iofrightet^ cans, of x;^\. 

MTU* maz-hab| arab. tork. v^aj#, m. i, a 
rdigion^ ted. 


y»m^ or plim mza'im K. or ^ooi^ (m)z&nin 
U., OS. poikt to defile or put huUer or milk into 
lenten food. Cf. ^m, ^ooro«. 

iaporiM mzah'mit K., fr. ftiioorf, to trouble, 
torment, annoy. 

•no mazu, tork. pers. •jU (lit a nut), f., pL 
If^-f a marble for playing. 

Xs^ mza-wig K. or > U., OS. Pa. J^oi, 
(cf. tf^of), i) to join tr. and intr., to aseociate. 

2) to marry. 

U^im (m)z6zl, to howl; cf. ^oam, j^ftg». 

^toftf see i^^^ho. 

x^ mza-w^ Ash., fr. xfi, to ewing oneeelfy 
Lidz. 459. 

^0mit9 (m)zakhmin U., to be or make brave; 
to bestir oneed/. See ^au«. 

&yfij> see &MftJo. 

S^^jw (m)za(lit, also ^, conn, with Jii^ 1, 
(o /a^, etare, 

^lif mazjdd, less often (as Az.) ffo mazid, 
i) cans, of 9li. 2) to increase tr., rarely intr. 

3) arith. to multiply tr. 4) to add to, with .!^ 
or A^; to get in addition. sV to go further, 
proceed^ with inf. or with • and another clause, 
both as OS. Jia>o]; '^ Ui^ ^ ^^ God do 
so and more also; i^fLaljf^ '10 to call frequently 
or again; ^ooj^ {&^ ej^ 9t*^ ^^^^ ^'^^ ^^'^^ 
again. 6) to exceed, also met.; to abound. 

7) p ^l^aiB 'm to miiftfci. 8) to ham inorv lAois 
enough^ Bath iL 14 ; to leave over, Ex. x?L 20. 
9) met. to tmproiv, profit, benefit tr. and intr, 
I o) to prevail. Agent ^a^iop arith. a micl^plter, 
or as adj. usrful; v.n. ^^^^ifop muUipUoation. 

i^^m mzida, i) OS., fl i, 3 (m. in OS.), 
a 2ea(Aer 6a^, a complete sheepskin used as a 
bag. 2) see l^ubio. 

.-*«» mza-yikh Al., as OS. Pk.^, to eorry m 
procession, Lidz. 460. Cf. ^MiOf . 

Xi^nii mazyim, cans, of >s2«. 

Ji^nii mazyip, i) TL, cans, of iS«^; to lend. 
2) cans, of *d2«. 

a^ mazyir, cans, of &2f. 

^p«(o (m)zakzik, i) K., to prod, prick. 2) 

(cf. arab. d} attennated) to &0 or kcome po^ 

f^f» or «^^(m)zaliz, (OS. f96i or OS. f$ t); 
cf. f^il», to startle, disturb, annoy. 

2!»oio«» mazmura, OS., m. i, a psalm. 

\foim (m)zamzit U., fr. \9p«, to^SZ. 

>S0»fao (m)zamzim, onomat., OS., to n'li^, 
sound, as a hoUow vesseL 

^^ see ^0^09. 

^«» mazmin Al., arab. ^jZ^, to let, hire out, 
Lidz. 580. 

^^im see 'mm. 

(SopfM mazamat, arab. a.aJu», t reproving, 

^ok^ (m)zambil U., to (ear clothes. Cfl 

^(^fM (m)zangir, or in K. &«a^ anid ^^^ 
mzanzir, mfangir, (conn, with OS. )^f a bell t 
[d NS. ^•], cf. kurd. zangel, a sheep-bell, 
Oarz. 106), to r»ii^, to ettnik, as metals. 

^pA^ mazandiran, pers. ^^LxjIjU, a province 
of N. Persia. 

&a»^ (m)zan-hir, (fr. OS. h^^^l to watch t^ 
i) XT., to ca^ the evU eye on. 2) K., to wonder 

^im (m)zanzil, (perh. for «^0» fr. J^), i) 
v., to tear clothes, = 1^^ 2) to break. 3) 
K., (perh. fr. the action of tearing the clothes), 
to weep laud. 


^¥o (m)zan]pir, arab. Jij; 1, i) tohe mdky, 
2) to 9U)dl. 3) to iwagger. Cf. &la^. 

&ok^ (m)8&-wir, cf. &o&^, 2&oM, to diminish 
tr.y to moile $moXlf to lessen tr. 

2Sl[iiij> maz^ or maztrft, OS.*, gram, dimin- 

^^^ (m)8artin IT., = boS^^fM. 

^^^ (in)zapzip, onomat.), i) to to^tp, 5ea<. 

2) U., to Mi¥2/. 

^f» mzaprin K., fr. 2^f, to pti< fiMa< into 
lenten food. Cf. )Boy0». 

j>]^f» (m)zaqziq, onomat. f, i) U., to fre 
a&ail«n up. a) E., to &ur«< f'n/o laughter. 

3) K., (cf. OS. Jt^9d»; and ;m a wine-skin), to 
sound as wine in a skin. 

•ttlnfM (m)zaq1iq, rt «ti2^«, chald. P., OS. 
A ph., to drizzle. See «tt^t. 

\7&^ (m)zerbit, = \ao&0». 

^&^ (m)zerbin, fr. a&f , to 56 or moibtf strong, 
to strengthen, to prevail, with »\ ^ or <^= 
against; to be steadfastly minded (Rath i. 18); 
to urge strongly, with Jijb ; to strive, speed. 

I^iap see ^Sim. 

O&f^ (m)zerdin, fr. I^&f, 1) to he yeUoio. 
2) to have jaundice. 

tfM^ mz&rdt, Psh. A}^, Mazzaroihy Job 
xxxviii. 32. 

9^^ (m)z4riz, (cf. n\\), to get ready, prepare. 

;# &fM (in)zerzt, (fr. OS. ^t&t^^ ^ ^ shaken f), 
i) to &6 effected by news ftc, to he moved. 
2) to spread news. 3) K., to <<ar< with fear, 
to &0 startled. 

««»«&f» (m)zerzikh (rt. «•»&«?, in heb. Qal to 
burst forth, hence to rise as the sun, also of 
leprosy), i) to break out as sores or tears. 
2) U., to put out leaves, blossom. 3) K., to 

\fi^ or 9}k^ (ni)ifirsit» -ich, fr. A^i, ^^;, 
i) to scratch. 2) met. to tm<6 (ocffy. 

)Bf&^ mxersim K., i) = pmm* a) (ef. 
heb. Dlt to inundate), to ybU from a height 
as water. 

&f&^ (ra)zersir, (cf. OS. 2i»f lamentation)^ 
i) to 6ray as an ass. a) to loMp dUmd. 

j^Ski^i mazr^ti Terg., f. 6, a top (the play- 

^^fij> mazrich, i) caus. of ^j^t. 2) to press 
out juice. 3) to Aave diarrhoea. 4) U., also 
V>ii*, = ^|^fM K., to glitter; cf. .aljdfM. 

\»p&^ mzermi^ K., fr. \»t, cf. \0»0», to 
«u>e^Z, fo 6« 6Zotrfi out. 

;I^>'fip mazraya, arab. turk. IsjIm, m. i, an 
arable field; as coll. subs, cornfields. 

jsj^iap mazriq, i) caus. of ^^t. 2) K.,=^&ii0. 

kfci!^fM> mazr&q, f. i, a ctM^ton for spreading 
dough on before baking. 

;iMM mizti K. Q. OS., misti U. Az., or 
l^fo miz^th4 Al., f., with pi. 6 in U., ^ miz^ 
k.Al. as OS., ;fjip miziz^ Q., also j^fiL«y 
mizatyathi Al. (Lidz. 51 1), a hair; ^i^iM Ji^ 
('10 Jl^) to split hairs; or6>f9 ^ ^fi ^ n<i< oim 
</ Ids hairs shall fall. 

{^J^fM miztani, in U. mis-, f. Jix-, fr. prec., 
hairy, hirsute. 

yi m&kht, OS., i) to beat tr., slay, hit, 
strike, smite, sometimes with aorC^,; to stamp 
tr. and intr.; a 9{iui^» to hit one's foot against, 
2) of the wind, to blow; so met. of thunder ftc; 
;L (^M^ ^>' rami bimkh&yd ni, U thunders; 
o^ ;L1m7 ^tt&gi f( lightens; 4^ |!^ ^^^ t< t« 
stormy; ev^ ^109 )^^ '^^^^ ^ ^ pltigus of 
locusts. 3) U., to cfo a thing eagerly or strongly; 
so jloibi ^» to jeiwf a strong wind, Ex. zv. 10 ; 
to put or j>2a«0 quickly; to eat or drink hard; 
hence 4^2 '20 to encleavour. 4) Ai., to seize. 
5) AL, to spring. 6) to />m<, ^, fasten; to 
pitch a camp ftc; ^Mi«^ 'm to enio^. 7) to 
play any musical instrument, wind or stringed, 
sometimes with a, to hlow a trumpet &c. 8) to 
tn/fte< a disease, wound Ac. 9) to wear 
ornaments, i Pet iii. 3. — Hm^ &aa| 'm to jtotv 
tip com, Qen. xli. 35 BY.; «2k^| ^to to hinder; 
(J^i^ 'm al, to start, see of. For other 
phrases with 1J0 and subetantiTes, see the 
latter; see also .lia, si^. — m^^ |i^&^ 
(.Ai «^ A^) qarti mikhyini, mkhit^ li lit, 
I have caught odd; y.n. jIh^ mkhML, a ftloio, 

;^makht, OS., i)caii8.ofJ^. %)forsm9S^ 
quicken, bring to Ufe, give life to. 3) to save. 


yi^tf ^W 

Agent ^Ui^ U. Al^ fiLic K., a saviour, as adj. 
saving, life-giving. 

euap makhib, OS. 9^, 90U., to love, like; 
pp. ^a^r^ beloved, in Al. llkmoto; iL^ milkh- 
biitha Al., love. Agent ^am» a lover. 

^uio makhwi, to darken tr., cans, of ^. 


\auM (m)khabit, i) OS. Pa. \ff., to incite, 
persuade, urge, sometimes with Ai ; to stir up 
a fight or a person, with a =1 against; to 
provoke, with a. 2) as OS. Ethpa., to strive, 
to he industrious. Agent |^3mJo earnest adj. 

2ka:M (m)khibil U., or '> Al., i) Al., as 
OS. Pa., to spoil tr. 2) U.,al8oJ^aui»(m)khablin, 
to be cold, of persons ; to take eoid. 

&9I10, 1. mkhk'YnTAl.,fr.lh^,toaeeompany, 
associate with (Lidz. 471), as OS. Ethpa. n. 
(m)khibir, cf. ^, i) to ask after the health 
of. 2) Al., to tell, Lidz. 471. 

&^uJo makhbir, i) cans, of &gbl. 2) to an- 
nounce, tell, warn, inform; v.n. ^&^u» an 
alarm; ^kfuao l^tosowid an a/arm. Num. x. 5. 

J^ifJ^iJiiomkhajkhij Al., to surround, go round, 
Sachau 26. 

ij^ see ijfii^' 

ij^pMip = >^^c6j0. See 2?^2. 

&jJlit AL, see ^cim. 

S^mIo, I. makhdir, i) cans, of S>1. 2) to 
surround tr.; lif^oc jl^p^ ^^ <o 6taZ(f a waU 
round the city. 3) to tum^ turn round or 
upside down tr., fo change [also ^ ^2jl ^10], <o 
overthrow, overturn. 4) to 9naAr« to revolve. 
5) <o poM round at table. 6) to translate. 
n. mahdir Al., = St?«iM, to jfrepare tr. 

i^>lii9 (m)khadit, in AL mkhathith (Lidz. 
475)* i) ^^* Pa., to retunc;, make new. 2) Al., 
to renew oneself. 

lomii^ makhwt, i) cans, of ;«^. 2) AL, OS. 
Pa. ^oL [cf. Az. l^La in pass, to be seen"], to 
show, point out. Dist. ^fu^p. 

pomio mkhdd Al., = p^^ ^ 1, since temporal 
and causal, Sachau 39. 

$ULio ;nkh6yan&, f. j^ OS.*, gram., of pro- 
nouns, demonetraHve ; '» >hc an adjective. 

I^amAp makhOsti, f. 6, a hook with handle^ 
for taking up pots from an oven and for scrap- 
ing the sides. See jux. 

hcJp makhwir, as OS. Aph. &o»|, i) oana. 
of SoJL. 2) to whiten, cleanse. 3) to u^tewask; 
to plaster with white plaster. 4), (cf. OS. 
laot^ white metal, tin) to tin saucepans. 5) 
K. AL, to be white, Lidz. 47 1 , Mk. ix. 3. Agent 
;&b'o^ afuUer. 

*SOmM MB., =: ^^09. 

y^T^iiip AL, see 

;k6^ mkhm, OS., f. with pL )&M> 
makhw&tl (-tha K. OS. AL), i) a plague, 
visitation. 2) a blow, a wound. 

luJp makhzi, i) caus. of )«^. 2) to Aoto* 

\jf%f» (m)khazdig, to hurt, injure^ trouble. 

Cf. fk^!f9^m. 

P^M see )V^* 

^Jf» (m)kh6win U., fr. ^ by metath., to 
become dark. 

2a»lto mkh6d&, OS.*, united; '» ^lot, gram. 
a diphthong. 

\f^ makhyit;, cans, of \^. 
^amM makhyik, caus. of ^J^. 

X)}if^ mkhUi, fl ^ mkhilti, OS.*, poor, 
lean, miserable, weak. 

^9i|Maj>makhyim, caus. of )s2^; to warm, heat; 
to scorch. Also ^1^, ^10. 

^»Lio (m)khayin, arab. ^jL», cf. ^t^Jl, to rebel, 
to deal treacherously. 

JV^ makhyip U. Tkh. [=«^i|L^ Ti.], cans. 

^Mip makhyir, cans, of Sjl. 

^aiMip mahk4 Al., arab. iXL (cf. Vf^), so 
Ma'l. abki (Parisot xii. 1 36), to «ay, teU, speak; 
6^b'9Jb3 ^10 to speak Syriac, Sachau 30. 

:^^ (m)khachkhich, (fr. 08. A^ to dig! 
or ^ to scratch?), i) to search. 2) to pick 
the teeth. 3) to pick out with a knife. 4) to 
^9»a«& the teeth. 

^ifikJlM K., ^4b0 U., mkh&kiro, (m)h&kim^ arab. 
JCL, i) to govern, rule, often with «, t^ 
2) to eotiM to rule, Dan. ii. 38. See 


2) arab. JK>>, conj. iv., to make firm, establish. 

3) to affirm. See "p^m^k^, 

A^ m&bal AI., arab. turk. J.^^, pi. i, time, 
seamm (lit place). See .^sfto. 

>^mM Ai,, see > li^k). 

i^kMtp makhl!, i) caus. of iil. 2) to make 
to he desired. See it\i»». 

iLjp makhl&, OS., f. Mahlah, Num. xxvi. 33. 

2j^l> (in)khaldi, OS. ^, cf. ipii^, i) to 
dig, burrow, undermine, 2) met. to search, 

•««1m^ makhldn, Psh. ^oAjq, Mahlon, Rtith i. 2 . 

fltfV i to (m)khalkhid, cf. 2aX«M, to undermine 
by water. 

A^Nm^ (m)klialkbil, cf. .\Ni.», i) to tiFa«^ 
a%oay as a flood. 2) to ^ about to fall as 
a wall. 3) to eat away, 

\Viiy makhlif, to deceive, caus. of \!^. 

AVmIp (m)khalil, i) OS. Pa., [in Az. i conj.], 
to focuA tr. and intr. (dist. ^m) ; met. to cleanse, 
cleanse oneself; ^2^2 'mio Al., to totuA oim'^ 
AoTuftf of: ;5a .V^mIp a toothbrush; agent in 
Ash. ^VICmIo a clout (see ^te iImIo). 2) Al., cf. 
2^0^, to marry, give in marriage, Lids. 478 ; 
dist. .\V>». See ^^>Ma. 

(kli:^ m4kh&l-Ut Al., arab. is>M^, perh. 
food j)repared with vinegar; '109 iZLic aeiduiated 

yi^JLto mkh&lim K.,= >iil, to clfMim. 

yi^Mie makhlira, i) cans, of >i^. 2) met. 
to harden the heart, Ex. viii. 32. 

^^ il^ khalm&nfk, for ^10 .V^mIp, m. a cUnU, 

^» (m)khalin, OS. ^, cf. ^^, i) to 
strengthen. 2) to become strong, 3) to ^n- 
courage, 4) to ta^« courage, play the man, 
also oiiS^'mIo. 

Amm makhll, i), also in Al. J^^ mUud^ 
(Sachau 43, 47), arab. ^JL», see J^, to give 
presents to, to bribe; to give, present, 2) to 
forgive; ^ fi\»jts makhllU, a formula of fiune- 
well said by an inferior to a superior. T.n. 
j^ViV„y makhl6t&, forgiveness; 'm a^ to say 

j!^ mkh&lip K., OS. P. Pa., to change, 
alter iv,', see «s^. 

» makhlip, i) caus. of «s^. 2) to 
change; miS^'» to diiguise oneself, 3) to eao- 
change tr., with a =^for, 4) to interchange tr. 
5) absolutely, to change one's mind, 

^j^ (m)kh&li9, i) to squeeze, press, 2) esp. 
K. Al., to save. 3) to aoquit, 4) to let alone, 

.Hy.ift mh&liq Al., i) to (Araur, e(U<, (/WtMcr 
au^ay. 2) to propose a riddle. 

^^ makhlat, not Psh., f., i) Malidlath, 
2 Chr. xi. 18. 2) the name of a tune(1), 
Ps. liii title. 

iXaf mikhilti (ik), or in AL jp, Lidz. 521, 
OS. jS^^b^, rt. Ama, f. 6, a fine sieve, 

i^oji^ i|i^^ makhlit I'ftniit, the name of a 
tune (f), Ps. Ixxxyiii title. 

^aoLss (m)kh&mi, or in Al. ^Lts mham6, arab. 
, i) to keep, preserve, maintain, 2) to hold 
up, support as a nail. 3) Al., to protect; ^j^'^ 
9 ^a^ to take refuge with, 4) p^ '10 to beat 
back, parry, 

^^tto^ (m)khambin, cf. ^, to be or make 

fio^ mkhamad, arab. xiMr\ but usually 
pjiofllr^ftD in NS., (in Al. m^amad Lidz. 511), 
m. Mohammed. 

P^SBi^ Al., =: ^C|M. 

&9MhIj> or &ifH makhmiir, -mar, pers. ^^.^i:*, 
arab. pers. J^j*^, kurd. ^}j^^ Qarz. 271, m. 
vehet. See '10 ^^^ 

«;^"*f makhmikh K., without Mim pre- 
formatiye, fr. ^Jo, to sniff about as a dog. 

>Bi^f»^ (m)khamkhim, i) K. as OS., to get 
wetrm, 2) eep. to Aao0./iw0r or malarta. T.n. 
j^oLio^, esp. ma2aria//rafr. 

.Iftptaip makhmil, 1) caus. of ^^' 1) to 
Aeep toaittfi^. 3) to postpone, defer. 

x^mi^ makhml, as OS. Aph., i ) caus. of JifbL. 
2) to /ea«ef» tr. 

j^, i) makhmif, caqb. of j^il; ..^fVI^ '• 
to frown. 2) mahmiff Al., fr. arab. ^|*«a 
coig. ii., to roajf, toaet. 

f makhmiq, cans, of MifL\ mjji/m to 


mait oneself delfsied ; f IS4^ ■ ■ f )^j^ '" to 
eaitie . . . to be detested by, Ex. v. 21. 

in^ see Sow-w. 

^^ makiint, i) K.,caas.of ;^. 3) U.K.,(o 
mite, long for, with ^, ^ or iSci; pp. actively, 
anxi&usfor, longing far. 

b^tflw (m)khaiizir, 1) to noagger. 2) U., to 
he angry. 3) K., to threaten tojight. 4) K,, 
to growl. 5) to raise ihe feathers aa a bird. 

yifiaw maklma-yim, RV., or aa Psb. 'p^i^, 
Mahanaim, Ota. xxxii. 3. 

yifi-ap as Psh. or p^ RV., roakhDlm, 
mnakbim, m. Menabem, 2 Kgs. xr. 17. 

;aU mkb&e^ K. A]., ae OS. Pa., to/orgive, 

aipiio AL, = ii^, Lidz. 457. 

JBigalw (iii)kha8khis, ooomat., cf. .ihjia^f, to 
breathe hard or lAorf. 

&9...IP makhair, aa OS. Apb., ■) caua. of &^. 
1) to deprive, bereave, with ^ = 0/ or with two 
dir. obj. ; to caute loss to. 

Jf^ makhpl, i) cans, of ^. 3) (0 ooerlum. 
3) OS. p. Pa., to cotier; to blittdfold. Alao jf^. 

^ii^i see iaiant. 

Ji^a^ (m)khapkbip, arob. h^^.*^ t, to fed 
faint, from heat. 

<l^_ip makhpil, i) caua. of>^fl. 2) \J., to 
hetitaU; «sp. to be rebutant to do or tell « 
thing (=^i^ K.). 3) to turn aside tr. 4) E., 
to inditce sleep. 5) E,, to strike vnawares. 
6) tor«/uj«,^fiear,with^or with iofio. alone. 
7} A]., to be careUtt about, to negletA. 

i,^ or ]S. mali'sfll, -U Al., i)=A*5W. 
1) interest, utury. 3) («n«/!f, proJU. 

^t^Jf makh^fls, f. id., arab. tark, ^^ya^i*, 
especial, special, particular. 

^^ Al., see ^ifo. 

AjgjD m&kbipni, (arab. rt. ,^y^^ to be firm I), 
f. I, the front eflhe thigh: ihepart of the body 
below the stomach. 

bgiw see '•OS. 

Jir" Al» Me {a«r. 

■oolie mbatiiq Al., arab. ,ja coiij. ii., to 
assure, Lidz. 457, 

.?3..ij> makhriw, i) caus. of a^. a) (o 
^wi'I tr., d£Stroy, injure, corrupt; to batlar or 
undermins a wall; ^ ^ '» (o co/umnwM. 
3) abaolutely or of^&ft 'u, to (i«al corruptly. 

jBf 3^ (la)kberbis, by metath. for Jj^vl, 
to push. 

vH^alia K., or 'btlpM U., mkberUq, (in)her-, 
(cf. di^, Jb^oSuSoj, and OS. jUafa&ii- a button- 
hole), to clasp, button. 

J9^ (m)kherbiBb, 1) U., = amM. 3), fr. 
d^I, to mix up, 

^^ (m)kharij, or iu Al. V^-ie makhrg 
(Lidz. 486), ={^^, to spend, pay. 

ij^w (m)kherdj, fr. b^ by metath. I, t) 
to surround, sometiinea with ^, to go round, 
to put round ; to sit or stand round a table ftc. 

3) to cling to, aa a creeper. 3) to coil. 4) to 
wrap uj). f iiaai 'u to hug, enArace. 

Jj&laa (m)kherzip, Ir. Jgl, to puA, push out, 
east out, thrust down or away, drive on, maie 
tofaU. See A9&»». 

^^^ (m)kherkhit, fr. \^, to ^naw, rUbbls, 
hollow out. 

^iL» (m)klierkhjch. fr. 08. ^^ id.1, to 
^naii& the teeth ; a{^piA'.jB to gnash upon him 
with his teeth. 

&y&lB (m)kberkhir, onomat., cf. k.&», arab, 
JJt and^^jyi, i) tontore. z) to gargls. 3) to 
ripple, pmi. 4) to flow, as tears. 

\^ mkhfirit Al., = \^ no. 5, Lidz. 487. 

J^^, (cf. I^), see 6^. 

9 ^», I. (m)kh&rikh, as OS. Pa., to iing«: 
Bee 9^. n. mh&rik Al., arab. eljlfc cot^. ii>, 
to tftr up, move, Lidz. 458. 

^^^makhrim, i) caua.of >)^. 3) as 08. 
Aph., to OKOmmumcoto. 3) to curse tr. and 
intr., to onatAenwUue/ ia paas. to be aeeuried, 

4) K., to lay under a vow: a^ ^ 'h to 

)f^ (m)kliermt, i) to tots in eleep. 2) to 
gather hay in a coek. 

dM&^ki (m)khemiBh, 1) U., (cf. Vf)> <<> 
Au^. 3) to ooJ quieHy. 


xj^^Jo mkherpLsh Al. K., i), also '\!^ 
mterpish K., or jqp^io (m)kherbi8h U., to 
search cardetdy, 2) AI., to seize, take hastily^ 
with a, Lidz. 488. 

«^^ (m)khiri8h, and ^^^ (iD)kher8hin, 
i) as OS. Pa., to bewitch; to he a sorcerer. 
2) second form, cf. ^&^, to be barren^ as a tree. 

ts^Lio Ash., =r\pJlito. 

a|.lto and SfSi»ji^ mkhishiw, makhshiw Ash. 
Al., = 4H^, Lidz. 488. 

^uuM (ni)khashbin, fr. 4^^, to reckon, ntmi- 
bery count, estimate; ^ 'mM to put to the account 
of: ^ ;^ol ^mio to imptite iniquity to. Agent 
^uguuio arith., the numerator, opp. U^^, 

a^auip makhshiU&, OS., m. i, a wave, esp. 
of a rough sea. 

«ty>.ip makhshikh, i) cans, of ,«yil. 2) to 
deem worthy, with «^ = qf. 3) (0 think JU; to 
resolve to do a thing. 4) Al.,<o jE>r«/b',Lidz.488. 

(m)khashkhiBh, i) onomat., arab. 
to rustle, rattle, 2) to be faint or 

;^^ makhth^ Al., i) cans, of ;i^. 2) to 
abase, humiliate; to lower, bow tr. 

6^^4^ AL, see tsp»jo, 

^ m&tt, I conj., OS., 1) to arrive (with .^ 
= a< or with dir. obj.), to come; to be sent; 
to reach, come to, attain to, 2) to be ripe or 
grown up 3) to catch up, come up with, 
overtake, with «^. 4) K., to wrestle. 5) to 
hajyj)en to, faU to a person, with «^ or |ij. 6) 
to comprehend, apprehend, to take hold of, 
*j) to arrive at a conclusion, decide, Phsasxs : 
^ ^ ^ orj^l !dl mtiU 1', he got possession of, 
or power over; or he could (xjford; ^^ j\)0 A^ 
or ^9^f2 '^ '9 bit m%& liikh (tdhiikh) K., you 
will have time or ojyportunity; C^^ .f!kJL» Q^ J^ U 
m&tt khiyali hal, I cannot conceive or imagine; 
^ 2^J^ Q^ to be received by, to reach; ^j^ 
ofj^ o^ ^ kt&-w& mtili ridi, he laid hold of 
the book, or he received the book (or letter) ; Q^ 
0^!^ m. Tgini, to be driven to extremities^ to 
lose patience; also impers. .tiii^S )•«{» jS,\i» 
nitit^ w& Ig&nd, they were sore troubled^ Acts 
iv. 2 RV., cf. xyi. 18. See Q^ and jSj^. 

^, AL, see Ij^, 

^21^ or ^o^ (ra)ta-il, (m)t&-wil, irreg. t., 
(OS. A|^ to walk about for recreation), to play 
intr., sport. Gram. 132 ; y.n. jt^Ai^o AL, Jl^ol^ 
Ash. U. and jfi^A^ ( i conj. form) a game. Gaus. 
«^j!V^ maf; iL 

;4pi0 or 9j!V^ or ^if^P matiw, ma^'iw, matyiw, 
in Sal. matdkh (see Introduction), i) cans, of 
:pf^. 2) to do good to. 3) to make worthy, 
4) to put a jnice on, to estimate, 

^f^ m&t^d or m&fiw K. AL, (perh. for OS. 
a1^ ^ or a^^ ^ what report 1 Nold. 162), how f 
why? whatf [Az. ^^ m&td; hence Az. 6^M» 
m&tiit = p ^^ as, conj.] See •ft^oAo, Jd^. 

^^a;^ Bee C^p;^, 

±^ K. or '^ U., mt&b^, (m)tiLbl, as OS. 
Pa., to sink tr.; to settle, fix, Proy. yiii. 25 BY.; 
met. to destroy. See J^A^. 

jj^k^ matb&'t&, cf. Jol^, f. 6, a prtVOtVi^ 

&IP^ AL and &y^ AL, mtihir, -hir, arab. 
^^^ (lit. to be or make clean) and jJ^, to 

h^fi^ ma^har, mod., arab. ip^i f, purgatory. 
Cf. prec. 

)o^ (m)t4-wi, as OS. Pa., to boil, roast. 

See ';•»;. 

«^o^ see ^fi^, 

«^ matikh, i) cans, of ^{k; ; hence 2) met 
to make peace between or with, to reconcile. 3) 
to put out a fire. See ^^. 

..V»>;n» (m)takhtikh, fr. hS^I, to crtuA, 
6rutM; to stamp; to break in pieces, 

\nV;w mtah?il AL, fr. arab. J.^^^^ (cf. 
.^cim), to help a person (0 get, Lidz. 495. 

&y^ AL, see &fA>. 

J,V^ matyip, OS. Aph. JifM* ca^ <>' 
J2&;. a) to bring to the surface. 

^ib^a^ mUJoB Al., as OS. P^, to emnmge^ 
regulate, Lidz. 496. 

.1^^ Ti., see .^ms. 

z 2 


1^ matil AL(7), OS., cf. i^, to sliode; 
pp. 3N\^ shaded, Lidz. 496. 

iia^ mitili, kurd. matal Gan. 243, (cf. 
OS. i^ a weight, it. .^T, Nold. 381 n.), 
t I, a Mdd, buMer. 

ai$V)» vaa^h, arab. tark. t,.,lW^ in both 
feneet, t i, i) eo>tUienU, wbjed of a book; 
abo ^ai». 3) dmre, rejuetl, purpose 

olVJ* mfttlib, i) cauB. of aik^. 2) to give 
in fnarriage, to betroth a woman. 

ofi^ ma^lfib, arab. turk. y^^ I b ^ (lit 
desired ), m., a man's name now nsed. 

i^^ (m)taliz, c£ ;«^«l^ ?, to spoil a child, 
to pamper, to bring up delicaidy; pp. deUeate. 

.^iAV* (m)taltil U., I), (fr. OS. A^ to 
oorerl), to adorn oneself. 2) cf. *^>i0, <o «pot1, 
pamjter a child. 

ii^ mtfil-li*, (OS. sing. A^, pL i^), 
f. I, i) a tabemade, a pamlion, Mat. xvii. 4. 

2) a booth, a ' cottage in a vineyard,* Isa. L 8. 

.«iVi» (m)^Hq, osoally ^i» in U., i) to 
destroy. 2) to lose. See Jt»!^. 

IfsSi;^ U., or ;^ K. Al., or ^jW;io, (mHfimi, 
mt&m6, (m)t(imin, OS. Pa. ^ or ^^ i) <o 
d^Ue, to make dirty. 2) to ravish, debauch, 

3) to count unclean, Acts xi. 9; pp. (io^^ 

^■ajyi^ji^io m(iim(im Ash., to sccld, with .li, 
Lidz. 498, (=^&V0?). 

iipl^ (m)timir, = &m>^ /o ^ry; met. to lay 
a snare &c. privily. 

J(^^ AL, see ^iliVo* 

^^kl^ mtangir K., i) = ^fAo. 2) to ticL 

AViy;» (m)tiinUl, (cf. OS. :^;ft to be heavy, 
Ethpa. to hesitate)), i) to delay. 2) to 
be late. 

^Ii^!^ (m)t&nt;iD, onomat., to buzz, hum, 

Jl|^ mt&nip K. (the OS. Pa. is tr.), and 
^(b4;io (m)tiimpin, to be or make dirty, as 
the eyes. 


)^Vp mat;'im or matim, i) cans, of isJjj^, 

2), also ^aA^ mt4min K., to taste betd, to be 
rancid; v.n. I^ai\a0 AL, a spoonj Sachan 13. 

^i^ mafin, i) cans, of ^j^. 2) to load a 
baggage animal, often with object omitted; 
also 22Lato Ai ibL>^ '10 to load the ass with eons. 

.%ao Al., = a^. 

^^ mtap^ K., (in U. with A.), 1 ) as OS. 
Pa., to stick, join tr. ; v.n. &ki^ a join,' joint, 
2) to light tr., set on fire (also a ^^ \»). 3) fo 
uf]^ with a. 4) to teeu^, dofifer, with a. 5) 
as OS. Pa., to fit tr. See ^. 

»i3^yt^ (m)(fiptip, onomat., i) as OS., to 
flicker. 2) to tiTtiii:, twinJde. 3) K., tofl^Uiet. 
4) K., to cJop. Y.n. ig<%F^w a momemi, 

%fii^ mfapir K., i) to incite, 2) to stick, 


ih^ mii^ri, i) can?, of 2^. 2) to gsMop 
tr., to drive tr., sometimes with a or in 

22i\i» mitra, OS., m. f. 1,3 (f. U. Ac, but 
m. in Q. Al. as OS.), rain. 

a9\)p or rarely ^6^ mitrib, mitrib, arab. pers. 
turk. kurd. v>^, m. the race of gipsies, % fa-, 
m. I, a gipsy; a dancer, a street musician. 

,.,ySy;^%i (m)terbikh, fr. H?^^* i) to knock 
down. 2) to die. 3) to faU suddenly. 

|.ft>'^<\y mH^b&s, az. turk. ,^\j^k^, m. i, 
a buffoon, jeUer. 

xgl^l^ mterbish K., = jqp^M no. 2. Cf. 

Xiy^y^*) (m)tertim, OS., to murmur, grumble, 
grudge, complain, with «ljb = against, 

^^Vp m&trin (no preformative Mim),= 

^SCVp matdb, rarely \tM mitr&n as OS., 
arab. J\^, m. i,=;vVrt\Vii» a metropdUttm. 
In Al. (but not in U. K.) this title is given to 
all bishops, owing to the suppression of moat 
of the suffragan sees, and the survival only of 
the metropolitical titles. 

Sffi;^ mt&rip Al., OS. Pa., with H^^^ to 
clap the hands, to applaud, with ^ of the person 
applauded, Lidz. 502. See J^. 

\m;io (m)terpit. i) fr. ^^, to move. 2) 


a moment, cf. At\1\ig ; m,p A\jl\y^tft the twink- 
ling of an eye, 

^^^ (in)terpm, fr. ^&^, to he leafy, to bud^ 
to put forth leaves. 

^jfi^ (m)^Bhi, as OS. Pa., i) to hide, conceal. 
2) to ptU away (not only for concealment); 
v. n. 1mJk&^, in k\. provinons, a etore, Lidz. 502. 

jcoab^ mtiishwiBh AL, (cf. ^^, i^ox^), to 

i^if\» md^-tat, OS., m. Matthat, La. iii. 24. 

^ mi Al.,s=^. 

;;& m!y& U. K., or ;::«» miyk Al. as OS., 
(iu TA. i^), pi. only, u^a^er. ^10 2|io watery; 
l^lp^ioadroitnese; lkli^^^» modesty; liLb^p^io 
soup, broth; ^io ^ Ji^ to learn fluently; ^ti 
'tti AL, met. to sell for an old song (?). 

^ ma-ya, pers. wU, m. i, i) capital, in 
trade. 2) earnest-money. 3) az. tark. id., 
a stake at play. 

^ see ^ and ;^.4p. 

a^ Sal., see aj^. 

^see 9^. 

pLjp mld&d, OS., m. Medad, Num. xi. 26. 

^ai*^, or in Al. ^-, m^4n, -&n&, arab. tark. 
^UL> (lit. an open place), f. i, i) a square 
in a town, an open market-plaee^ opp. the closed 
streets of the Eastern bazaars. 2) a race- 
course. 3) the range of a gan. 4) the name 
of a mountain in Knrdistan. 

▲>ijp Al., see JbpAo. 
*9i^ mlhi Al., =:.^. 

t;4.djo mi-yiit&, i) a4j. and sobs., f. ^ij^, 
mayttt-ta, OS., mortal. 2) Al., fr. ^, qualifl- 
cation, Lidz. 508. 

•fM m!z U., i) pers.^^, m. i, a table; 
'» Aj|^ U., to clear away at table. 2) =«Afi0. 

&^» m^zir A]., cf. bf^liv, m. i, a woman's 
veil, Lidz. 508. See f &^. 

«M|M see '.a*^. 

;^ mikha IT., tark. pers. ^.^, m. i, a nail. 

% • 

i^lfio mikhlig, pers. eUri^, m, i, a c/ot^/ 
also the name of another spice used in tea. 

|&^^^ mikhag&r, f. id., tasting of doves, 

M m^khin Ash., an exclamation, Lidz. 508. 

M) m6kh&n4, tark. pers. kard. %j\jkt^ (fr. 
^ wine), {. 1, the bar of an inn, a drinking' 
shop, public-house. 

t ffl>V>ip m^khinichi, tark. ^lilir^, m. i, 
a publican, an innkeeper. 

;^bV0 mitiilint, OS., Mitylene, Acts xx. 1 4. 
^SlVo 8ee 'Vp- 

:;i;^bi8&^ or > mitr&pAliti, OS.*, gk. 
fufTpowokiTTis, m, 1, a metropolitan. Commonly 

^ mikhk, OS., m. Mieah, Micaiak, 
Michaiah, Mic. i. i &c.; renders Psh. ^i^ 

\.^ m!kh&-il, OS., m. Michael, Bev. xii 7. 

;^Af«o mikab^ Al., f. a large basket ased to 
cover food to protect it from mice, insects &c, 
Lidz. 508. See ^om. 

(^ mlkhkyi BV.,= ;a^ Neh. xii. 35. 

.ia^ mikal, Psh. .Id^, f. Michal, i Sam. 
xyiii. 20. 

.\jo miyil, f. id., arab. Jll^, wishing, in- 
clined to, desirous of. 

«1jo md, f., in Al. alto myila Lidz. 509, 
arab. tark. pers. J^^, inclination ; ^iop ^^ 
odana d'm^l Tkh., a hypocrite. 

O^kfio mila, I. OS., m. i, 4, a mt^= 1500 
9*^9 [Az. -^j. II. i) f. id. in U., bat in K. 
Al. f. jfiit^ milUL, (fr. pers. U^ the sky), Idus; 
sometimes also green ; or^^oib Ajb ^10 K., Sorrow 
on him f ^ff«io>2^m. mkhithA&n&K., /am 
struck blue/ said by a woman on hearing bad 
news. 2) AJ., as sabs, blue, indigo^ Lidz. 509. 
m. kard. iJL^, a river in Kardistan. 

K^ m\li\k, OS., MaltOy MeUta, Acts 
xxviii. I. 

a6X^ milltds, OS., JfHetus, Miletum, 
Acts XX. 17,2 Tim. iv. 20. 

IH^ mllini, f. j^., fr. i^, Uue, bluish. 
^^, f. hlueness; also green (sabs.), e.g. grua. 

l£^ mllini, pL, must, wine from 15 to 20 
days old ; after 30 days it is iSm^. 




it\i» milna-ya, f. j^-, fr. A-ao, bluish. 

;bum see yaso at the head of this letter. 

^, ^, see ^te. 

^oMuiab m^m^, pers. turk. ^jy t ** m. f. i, 
a monkey, 

I (Xcto^ m^miin4-ya, f. Jli^-, fr. prec, a;n«A, 
like or 0/ a mon^rey. 

{ $i» miyana U. K., or t ^um m^yanA Al. as 
OS., f. J^-, tra^y, = ;;£» 2ai. 

;L» min&, pers. U.^, f. i) ^^9. 2) a 
woman's name now used. 

aL» minab, pers. v'^^* & ^^° ^° ^^* 

.iiJ.^ mln&-i, f. id., (cf. pers. Ll^^ and i^ 
q.v.), rfarife ^recn. 

Jb^ see Jb]^. 

jfrfM mis U., pers. turk. ^j^j^, m. copper. 

I &aAtM misk&r U., pers. XL*, m. i, a copper- 
smith; a tinker. 

hjpl» myisir Al. Ash., c£ aibl, 2&*au, to take 
^msoner, Lidz. 404. 

^Lt:p m6p^ K., cans, of ^. 

;^9^ K., see U. 

^ see^ji. 

&flu^ Tkh., see ytLMo. 

^uio myaqir (Mim retained in U. &c.), OS. 
Pa., to honour f reverence; pp.J reverend, used 
as a title for both priests and laymen, honour- 
able, precious, (rarely iSLbuao, f. ^&iji-, fem. pi. 
;iXti', as OS.). See ^. 

^^n^ (m)yliqrin U., cf. prec., i) <o ^ or 
make heavy, eore, or burdensome, with Ajb=r/o; 
to t<?et^A dovm, to be weighed down; ««oq^j09»M 
^jM (m)yUqrinun mint, tA«y were too heavy for 
me, Ps. xxzyiii. 4. 2) met., with ^, to harden 
the heart, to be obstinate, to refuse. 3) of the 
eyes, to be dim or drowsy. 4) of a fight, to 
56 hot. 

&^ see b|^. 

I &fM or likfM mir, -ra, K. AL, turk. kurd.^^^^^*, 
m. I, 4, a lord, prince. 

XiiLi> moira U., f. ;ik&» maita, 5tMer lit. 
and met., = 2&*^ ; ^10 .*C79^]^ on« tr^ though 
handsome does not please; '10 ^al^ acrimony; 

i^ '10 discontented; ^9&*)p p^l to 5« in hitter' 
ness, or with .^ to ^'ere sorely. 

t&o^l&fto mirakhdr, pers. turk.^^j^^ui (cf. 
bQto»2), m. I, i) a head groom. 2) a master of 
the horse. 

f2La0 m6r&z, m. i, or in Al. &^ q.y., a girl's 

Xl\^ mirza, pers. turk. V|;^^» m- i» i) a 
«crt6e, secretary. 2) a man's name now used. 
3) as a title, following a name. Prince; pre- 
ceding a name. Esquire, Mr.; lls^-- or )^^^»t- 
a scribe's duties or office. 

JbOtoftSLto see Soto^laiito. 

^hJp m6rikh Al., = ^a^ ; with or without 
^lej^, to be long-suffering, 

ISjj^^ mirpai^ U., pers. ^jl)^^.^, m. i, a 
genial of division. ^' 

Ja^a^ or ai- mSrqasib, -z&b, pers. t^Ulj^, 
m. I, an «a:«cu<ton«r. See a^. 

fy.%Jo Al., = 6^&9b. 

ik^lfM mirat, [Az. .ibiSltMj, arab. vl»l^^ui, f. i,. 
I ) a bequest, an inheritance. 2) U. as as. turk. 
an unclaimed inheritance. 

l^i^i^ mlratg&r, per8.^^x5j^.jM*, m. i, an 
heir; ;^- f. an inheritance, heritage. 

AfAo mish, pers. yjL^, k^, f. i^fog, misL 

^ulo m^ha U., kurd. turk. % ..t > • and ^^4 
Lerch 161, [in OS. an oak], f. i, 3, a wood, 

A»2XfM misha il, OS., m. Misad, Mishad^ 
Dan. i. 6. 

fSfAo mizhu, (cf. pers. ^^Jl^ sheep), m., pL 
;jf^, a lamb suckled by an ewe not its mother. 

X }»^^ m^hiima AL, arab. f^y^^ t^^iAafV^, 
unlucky; a wretch, Lidz. 510 ; cf. p^. 

^^ mish&kh, OS., m. Meshach, Dan. i. 7. 

tf^duap meshachS, turk. i^i nfr r -r, m. i, a 
forester, woodman. 

^ m^sh&n U., pers. turk. ^^a"-a^» oi- iMth^r, 
lit. of a dried sheepskin. 

;»(,» mishini, f. ;£&-, fr. jcjo, /i^^, mtjiy, 
(iar^i hazy. 

luuap m^sh&na, f. ;|^-, fr. Puo, wooded^ syhan. 

^ see Nj^. 


Ifyi!^ ii)6th6 K., -Bh6 Ti. Ash., or ^, f^d^ 
m6yi U., or '» miyi Sal. Q. Qaw., or ;n^ m&th^ 
q.y. AL, or Ji^qm m6th6 AL, or ;m miti Sal. Q. 
Oaw. [Az. ij^io], OS.^^I, irreg. y. (Gram. 13 i ), 
with v.n. f^9^.Jp m6thiiy6 K. Sh. MB., If^ 
maw6 U., )o2aao muw6 Sal., ^2o^ mauw6 Qaw.; 
pret. o^ ;^9M muih^li K. &o. (miish- Ti.), 
miiyili U., bat o^ ^loao m{kli Sal. Qaw.; pp. 
;I^2^ miithy& K. (mUshya Ti., mdya U. &c.), 
with fern, mftth^thi K., miish^sha Ti., miiyit& 
U., mdt& Sal; imp. in U. «^ m^, pi. ^S^ 
m^mdn, but reg. in K. (m^thi, in Ti. m^hl), 
in Gaw. mi, mimdn, i) cans, of ^. 2) to 
Mng, fetch; [^^ ^^lis Az. remember], 3) 
to bear fruit. Agent ^iyjp m6th4n& K. (m^sh- 
Ti.), i:S^ m6jink U. (ml- Sal. Q. Gaw.), but 
A^^ m&thy&n& Tkh. Ash. 

1m^ m^td, y.n. of ^ q.v. 

ip, see NciM. 

^dD or ;$JM macha, az. turk. t*.L», m. i, 
* muecle, 

l^ maka, az. turk. iX*, m. r, Indian ecm, 

ibjp Ash., = Jbjp, Lidz. 467. 

A» mk&bir K., to call to prayer. 

see jK|LaM. 


p oi^^AM mikhd^gid Al.,='pA. 

\i9^ (m)chiidrin U., fr. A^, i) to veil, 
2) to wrap up, 

IffM (m)kawi U., i) OS. P. Pa., to sear, 
2) to heal a burnt wound with oil. See )oa. 

V,o^ mki-wij Al., = ^, Lidz. 468. 

\b^ m&kiig, turk. dlx^ and (s)pC», m. i, 
a ehiUtle, 

^^ajo Al., i) see ^Ob.^. 2) = p ^ ^ 

^09^0 (m)ch6ch!, onomat. 1, cf. o|^«e> ') ^ 
cAtrp, twitter, 2) to tf^uAiiS; as a mouse. 

(kS^die m&kiil&t Al., arab. i£>!i[^SL», thingt to 
eatf foodj Lidz. 394. 

X ▲09JP machd, f. id., cf. )i^, |X^, tmooth. 

9 oitK^ Al., = '^. Also '^ ^ mikh- 

i(^ mchaziz K., or fo^dio (m)chachiz U., or 
Aio (m)chazchiz, onomat. ?, /o spuiter, frizzle 
as meat in a frying-pan. 

f^fAio (m)kazkiz, cf. prec, i) to apuUer. 
2) K., to whine. 

«mM see M^ajM. 

iS9b«ai^ mik-khMa, m. i, or in Al. i^Ai!^ 
m. I, and ^H^^-a^ f. 6, mak-khal&, mik-khOlti, 
(Lidz. 474), cf. A^, OS. iLokip, a hone inetru- 
ment for applying eye-paini (koh£). 

uy»j)o (m)chakhchikh, cf. ^^fM^I, i) to 
shiver in pieces, 2) to crash. 

Jb^f^jo mch&khis K. Al., arab. f^^^Jer* conj. iv., 
to reprove, scold, rebuke, abuse, revile, 

agAfib makyib AL, to throw, Lidz. 465. 
See alA. 

^^ machid U., or 9>|)^Ai|p misgafd K. Q. Sh., 
or 4\9ii0 m&zighdh& (rarely mas-) K., or ?4^ftM 
misgad K. (or i^), arab. turk. Xx**^, kurd. 
mQsgefta Garz. 189, a mosque (cf. 9^). 

pi{9Jp machyid, cans, of p^. 

^^ machyiz, cans, of f ^, 

I ^ck^ makikhi, (usually m&- in U.), f. j^ 
-Ikhti, OS., i) meek, genUe^ tender, kind. 
2) element, fine (of the weather). 3) soft. 

\^ machyil, i ) caus. of »^^. 2) K.,=:^|^. 

J|9Jo mka-yip, -yif Al. TA., fr. JLa, to take 
one's pleasure, to enjoy oneself, Lidz. 467. 

&i|^ machyir, caus. of &J^. 

&fai» mikhir, OS., m.Machir, Num. xxvi. 29. 
;2b'- a MaehiriU, 

Mio mikikh, for ^, under influence of 
^Afdip, (OS. past. 5^), to 6e tnee^, gentle. See 

4^ (m)chakbin,(fr. kurd. ^jUSC^ armour- 
bearer; cf. )aa), to arm oneself: to arm 


^^^e^ (m)kachkich, =^K^ or WV^, to 
ct«<, toar in pieces, 

^gkAM (m)chakchik, onomat, i) toHek. 2) 
to creak. 3) to elidL 

^dft^jp or ^^ q.y., machkin, maahkin, i) to 
blister, 2) to pridt tip the ears. 


6^ mchakis K., = 

iau0 miuchikik, f. 6, a dender uralking- stick, 
(fir. ^9^0 with kurd. term. f). 

A^flD see .Iftte. 

i^Ajp makli, i) cans, of j^ 2) to <(op tr., 
detain, withhold, 3) to j)lace, make to stand, 
ml up, mi firm. 4) to stupend an official^ to 
inhibit a priest. 5) to excommunieale, 6) 
to forbid, prevent, hinder, retiet. 7) to prtmnt. 
Bom. xii. i. 8) to keep away tr. 

^gJiajo (m)chalbl, = ^..9^10. Cfl ^o^^ ?. 

fgilajo (m)chalbiz, to (cuto, to^yfc. 

M^gJiAAo (iii)chalbikh, cf. J^moa^ and h^^^, 

I ) to 6eaf with a switch, to 6t>cA. 2) to Aave 
weaile, to smart. 

^ft^AM (m)chalch!, i) U., = h%wiv t, to soil, 
make dirty. 2), cf. ^JIajo?, to 6ea< gently. 
Agent ?i?gNj*> (^ switch. 

.y>V>w (m)kalkil or i^f^Aic mkalkit K., cf. 
Ax^^diAAo, i) to sob. 2) to^xint. 

tl^aio mkalil AL, as OS. Pa., to marry tr., 
(lit. to crown). 

Ji!^AM mkilip AJ., arab. cJLl^ to fo'tv cnesdf, 
to labour, to take trouble, lidz. 479. 

yMAto makim, OS. Aph. ^ei, i) cans, of 
)9]». 2) to Uacksn. 3) K., to convict; ^s^^ 
9i§k^ m^ miikimll patb6 K., ^ convicted him. 
Cf. U^^poA. 

if^ or viw^ macbmt, i) cans, of ^ or 
esf^, 2) to put out, extinguish. 

haioAio see ^jajo. 

AMAip mikmik, pers. eL5C* (arab. rt. dL» to 
suck), m. I, a sandfly. 

^AMd» (m)chQmchl, cf. &AMaio, to soil,'make 

^Bi^MOi^ (m)kamkim, i. fr. p^, 1) to make 
black, to blacken. 2) to be charred. 3) to 
smoke, e.g. hams. 4) to parboil, n. onomat.9, 
to caU aa a goat to its kids. m. Al. K., to 
rage, to be angry, Lidz. 480. 

pAmom (m)chamchimy i) to throw, Imrl, 
fling. 2) to east out, cast cff, expd, make an 

&Aiaaio (m)chiimchir and 'iom (m)chanchir, 

cf. ^•^^A, ^AMM, ^^^>^> ^^^>^- '^ ^^ ^ ^^ 

Am^ mkamil K. AL, to mafo perfaet^^s, 

i^MAsb. See A\ni^ 

• • « 

S^ttAAo (m)kamir, i) tojperMciil^ 2) to drive 
out. Cans. a^Maib makmir. 

jooa^ap makhmash, Psh. j^-, Miehmash^ i Sam. 
xiiL 2. 

^ makan, sometimes ^10, arab. tark. ^UCi, 
f. I, a 7;/ace, station, residence, dwdUng-plaee, 
'io aoL to frequent a place. 

>\jty (m)chiimbil, to hang; to let dawn, 
lower with a rope &c. S$i^ '^ to pout. 

&ai4^ (m)chiimbir U.,= aaj^m, to toor. 

ilJ^kM (m)cbangil, fr. .\\if>, i) JJ., to be 
curved or bent; to bend tr. and intr. 9) K. 
AL, to roU; in Ti. to (i{< orer. 

^^^4^ (m)changin, fr. .^, to nn^, e/oiU;, 
jangle. See foil. 

^^4^ (m)changir, i ) = prec. 2), fr. 2^2^ 1 
or fr. .\\if> 1, to tear with the claws. 

ji^i^AJo (m)changi8h, cf. jm^^, to swing tr. 

and intr., conn, with AajAao? 

&>iM (m)kandir, chald. *^?3|, i) to roS, 
ro^Z at&ay. 2) JL, to tilt up; ^ *ef^jL^^i0 to 
Me^ occasion against. Gen. xliii. 18. 

•lokjAM (m)chanchil, i) toibu>e£a5oti<, «&aile/ 
to drive to and fro. 2) to bestir oneself, to be 
troubled, to strive. 

^nfcty (m)chanchin, onomat., cf. JHH^» ^ 

a^AM (m)chanchir, 1) IT., to tear tr. and 
intr., = &J^AM. 2) = hAioAio, 

jEajAtt (ro)kankish, fr. Jcp?, to dro^y to 

mkis, see jba^. 

)o, sometimes JMsb m&kis, mi-, i) irreg. 
cans, of ifA. 2) to shut a door. 3)= foil, 
no. I, 3, 4. T.n. jfiftipip or ^10 a canopy. 

^piie (m)ki8l, i) as OS. Pa., to cover, hide, 
sometimes with ^, see prec ; fat^ ^piis («fti^) 
to put on saekdoth, Jon. iii. 6 (or in pMB.); 
;^j^i^ i>»^ ^aio to cover the altar with tears, 
Mal.ii. 13. 2) esp. AL, to be covered, Sadiaa 36. 


3) to array, 4) to blind/old. v.n. jZh*^ 
a cover, ltd, a veil, 2 Cor. iii. 13. 

l^ftAiD m&khB&y OS.*, m. i, afuhUean, tax- 

aupajp (or JL-) maksib, -p, K., to give or take 
tfUereet, See a^. 

a£^^ maksab, arab. s^m,^, cf. prec., f. i, 
interest, weary. 

■a>(\ftii» (m)cha8cbi8 K., onomat., to equeak 
R8 a mouse. 

.^^M maksil, arab. J^ cf. ^^^, to he 
lazy or indolent. Agent ^Vyr^y lazy, 

JL^pojp see aoAiM. 

^j^jp mach'i or macbl, caus. of )i^ or ^^ ; 
^ ;^ljl 'jo <o en^recU tlie favour of, Prov. xix. 6. 

Jbjp U. or ^10 K., makip, m4kip, i ) caus. of 
.^{a. 2) to lower, 3) to bow, bend tr. 4) to 
humiliate; to subdue, ^^ ^io to bow intr. 

;|Ato mk4p^, ^0 cao«r, = ;aa. 

4f^^ (ni)kafkif, onomat., rare in U., i) to 
hiss, 2) to breathe hard, 

y\'\^f\io (m)cliapcbip, or by metatb. if^l^ 
(m)pachpich q.v., i) cf. ^, to dap, 2) to 
beat water, 3) onomat. 1, to chirp, 4) to roU 
in a baU as ants. 

iii^ makbptia, Psb. j^H^I, Afaehpelah, 
Gen. xxiii. 9. 

^l^klAM (m)cbaplin, fr. .Ika, to deJUe, make 
dirty; to be defiled, 

&|iaii makpir, i) cans, of hfA, 2) to offend, 

^^^Jajo or ^^oMj (m)cbaprin, (m)cberpin, 
bothU., 1) h, hH^, to make a hedge, 2)=r,f&^. 
3) met. to be crowded. 4) second form, to put 
branches on a wall to prevent people entering. 

^^llAJo mkapr&nA, OS.* (fr. h^A to wipe), 
m. I, i) a purijicator, a clotb nsed for cleans- 
ing tbe sacred vessels at tbe Encbarist a) 
the antidoron or euiogias at the Eacbarist. 

ajo (m)k4pisb, 1 ) cf. jcaiA, «iA, xlino 
i, to gather tr., collect tr. a), cf. 
i, to hem, stitch, 3) K., cf. xte, to drive 
before one (sheep &c,), to bring home. 

,nfvtriitt (m)cbaqcblq, onomat, i) to kmock 
stones together, 2) met to talk idly, 3) K., 

to crackle, 4) Al., to flicker. 5) \J.,to chatter 
us tbe teeth. 6) to quack. 7) to quarrel, 
8) to be a windbag as an orator. 

^Sf» makir MB.,= ^l^iAjb. 

2^AM mikri, arab. and az. turk. ^pC*, pi., 

a^^ makrib, i) cans, of aj^. 2) to 

Aio mkerbit Al., to roar. 

^fr&M (m)ker-hin, to roar as a fire. 

fj^Atf makriz, as OS. Apb., i) to preach, 
proclaim, often with a of tbe thing preached ; 
^Pmm '10 to preach theOospel. a)*, cf. ^A^toia, 
/o say the litany, 

^j^^aidJo (m)kertin, i) to blight, 2) to euH 
as lambswool. 

^j^ (m)k&nkb, as OS. P. Pa. Apb., to 
shroud, to wrap up, 

ii^ makrich, to wring or pineh off, 

^&M (m)chercbi, = ^^mam. 

S^i^ (in OS. to scribble) or ^ or (k-, 
(m)kerkit, -id, -it, to tickle, ;^ ^m to tiekU 
the fancy. 

&9&^ (m)kerkir, i), cf. ifU^ to make deaf, 
deepen, 2) onomaX,, to giggle. 2^) Ml,, to purl 
as a stream. 

Sg^&jiie (m)cbercbir, i) to chirp, 2) to creak. 
3) to cry out, to scream; p ll^li^ ^^V* ^ 
insult. 4), cf. a&A&^, to dean eotton, 

A^&^ see S^iats. 

p^^ mk&rim Al. Ash., i) arab. A^conj.ii., 
to honour, cf. p^, p^i. a) esp. to inmte 
to a feast, Lidz. 487. 

^j»&Aio (m)kermikb, fr. ^j^, i) to roU up, 
coil; to dose a volume or rolL 2) to wrap up. 
3) to eut the navd of, 

^2i9Jo (m)kermin, ^. p^tobe merciful or 
pitiful to, to pity; in pass, to obtain mercy. 

dfipb^ (m)kermisb, fr. jojp, to wither. 

▲j^ macbrt, (cf. OS. Jbfx to slipl), to 
plaster, spread^ smear. 

il|2i9Jo (m)kerpil, fr. tXia, to wretp, drsee. 
^^Ait see ^ii^is. 

A a 


^^^ (iij)kerpi«h, fr. jfajo, i ) to gather up. 
to stare up. 2) to carry nff^ mceep away, aver- 
whelm as a flood. 

li^^Aio Bee ^a 

a^&^ or ^a^ (m)cbenhd, or -iw TJ^ fr. ob&^, 
to veil J wrap up. 

J^&M mkertil K«, fr. H^, (or cf. heb. 
^3np» gk. KDL^akot, a basket), <o tn<^trtfi«, (o 
ton^2e. Also ^^ 

dOM makish, i) cans, of «2a. 2) U>pay a debt. 

j^yajp makshit, ct )Va», tojutt^y. 

aofas^ (m)ka8bkish, OS. s^\, to cry ' ki$h; 
to scare away birds, to set dogs on to fight. 

Sftf^ maktiw (K. i^), i) cans, of at^ 2) 
to dictate. 3) to compose, write a book &c. 
4) to €nra?, Acts T. 37. r.n. A'4*^a*'i^*'i^<>^> 
Ex. xyii. 14. 

A9*9io (m)katkit, i) to ^ (fry with thirst. 
2) to crackle as a dry kettle. 3) to sob. 

^ifAio (m)katlin, fr. hcsa, (cf. .^(K&ajo), to 
tangle, to be in a tangle, 

pi^ mikht&m*, heb. ^^9?, m. a golden 
psalm (?), Ps. M title. 

.lio mil, i) arab. turk. JL», m. i, property 
of any kind (cf . ^^^^\ possessions, goods, wares, 
money, riches, finances, often pi. and sometimes 
(leg.) coll. pi. i^^I^ m&lyat, vTaJU. 2) Al.,= 
A^2ku, Lidz. 512. 


i^see Mom. 

i^ mali, i) cans, of i^, also ^^lao. 2) see 

i^ m41i, I conj., OS., i) tofiU, with two dir. 
oVjj. or with one and ^; pp.| fuU; Jtt^ ^ij^l 
busy; lk'9'^ fuUness, or that which fills up 
a gap. 2) to load a gun. s) tobe enough, to 
suffice; to content, with «^; impers. in K., 
;^ii ^ Ai f 2 i m&ly4 min d&h4, encugh of 
this. 4) to set gems. 5) to &< filled with, to 
be full of, with dir. obj. 6) to be fulfilled or 
accomplished. Fem. v. n. ik»^ fullness, also 
a setting of gems. See )^Mip. 

;!^ m&la, i) pers. tork. iJL», m. i, a 
plasterer's trowel. 2) az. tnik. id., a poisonous 

;ii» uiira, OS.', m. I, afivoJj Lu. vi. 48. 

^t^ malakha, mi-, OS., m. i, i)an angel; 
^tL'^{pl'^p\OS.^,anarehangei. a)* a 
messenger. Mat. xL 10. 

.ft^tim malikht, ma-, OS., m. MakuAi, 
MaL L I. 

f^iim or &^ malakhlta, -khti (or mAr), 
fl 6, fem. of |ai^. 

^pikM mli-im K., (cfl arab. ^ to aoSder, 
turk. j^.^ solder), to tin sanoepans. 

i^9$<»(m)161i,fr.^?, to carry. SeejSAis. 

^^ (m)labin, fr. ^, to Ai^oMm^ eomfori. 

JoXap malbi, to «e^, with a = a/. 

ao^ malibar, OS., Malabar. 

a^ia malwish, i) cans, of ja2i. 2) to c2b(^ 
cfresf tr., with two dir. obj. or two ToimadhH. 

^^ SQB j^^. 

^^ m&lig, I conj., OS. ^-, topHuek; to tear 
the hair. 

\>X> (m)^ilii fr- 4wA ^ gl^Uer, gUsten, 
glister; to shine. 

:ri\yw mligim AL, arab. J^ conj. iv., (see 
^o^), to bridle, Lidz. 505. 

j^^ malid, i) cans, of j^. 2) to fttj^^. 

I &^ m&ld&r Al., f. id., kord.^ljJU, cf. ^, 
rich, Lidz. 509. 


M E. Al. or )di^ U. Sh., mal-hi, mall, 
{iS^ Sal. Q. Oaw.), cans, of IfH or ^^; to 
kindle, light, bum tr., set fire to. 

^t^ mal-hid U. K. and o^ci^ (m)l&h1t U., 
= ^^ K., (arab. c^, cfl OS. ) J^, rt m^, 
and OS. denom. v. ttk^l^ to pant), to pant. 

>wf/Ny and )s4&m mal-h&m, mer-h&m, i ) turk. 
^»^JL», arab. ^Ajm^ knrd. ^«^b^ PS. 338, or 
mrih'm, meljema Oarz. 277, f. i, ungynesU, 
ointment. 2) first form, m., a man's name now 

bile malA as Psh., BY. '^, MiUo, Jud. ix. 6. 

iL^ maliikh& or m&- K., f. S^, saU, a4j. 
The fem. also as subs. salL 

\bi10 and p^ mil^, -U, arab. J^^ m. a 
sodomite, or as colL pi. sodomites. 



^(m)16l!, i), cf. IdH'i, to glitter. 2) U., 
(c£ arab. J^JU weary ?), to be weak. DUt. 3\n\io. 

)so)!m mla-wim K. AL, = pp, cf. ^oS ; pp. 
^^Xap rnldmi, Socin 159.42. 

p^l^ see )soXij0. 

^si^ malwishi, OS.*, m. i, a rign of the 
Zodiac; in pi. the Zodiac, 

;l^^ maliit^, OS.* (Aph. past part of 
OS. deDom. yerb fr. (ko^, rt. io^), lit joined, 
'»^ ^^ gram, the eoneiruci state. 

^&9\i9 miliitiy the eoft hair ofgocUs, growing 
under ihJJb ; doum. 

^^ (m)lazliz U., fr. OS. »^t cfl f>4», to 
dieturbf annoy. 

J^ m&likh K. Al., i conj., OS., i) to he 
ealt. 2) to make ealt, to scdt. 

;^ milkh&, OS., £ i, i) ecUt. 2) ealtpeire. 

Ijul^ or ;i:^ milkh&.w4, (or > AL, Lidz. 
513), arab. t^^^^c^?, m. i, a large fork, esp. 
made of wood for use at the threshing-floor. 

^.;^4» (m)lakhlikh, cf. ci^«i\io, .am% to 
mwff aboiU, as dogs. 

^14^ raalkhim, i) cans, of so^ 2) to Jit ir., 
frame. 3) to compose, write, as an author, 
v.n. jt^MbAtt maHduunta, f. 6, a composition, 
work, writing. 

I ^LIm milkhani, f. A-, = ^-oito. 

\^\y*^ or ^' (m)latlit (with a broad sound) 
K., fr. ^, to lap. 

,^ mal^, az. turk. ^^, f., the name of two 
kinds of grape, yery juicy, white and bUck. * 

10 see i^. 

ip maly&, OS., m. Mdea, Ln. iii. 31. 

•^oA^ milyiin, europ. (mod.), f. i, a miUion. 

«(^ malyiz, i) cans, of «^. 2) to hasten 
tr. and intr., to be urgent; pp. headstrong, 
swift, met. urgent; ^tj^^ eamesUy^ quickly; 

\^\y malyit;, cans. of. 1^2^ 

t>^Ajo mini, f. l6kr mllltA, OS., raJtional, 
gifted with reason and speech. 

ij^, l^i^::^ Al. Ti., see )iA. 
vAib malyim, cans, of pfi. 

^«i^ malyif, i) cans, of ^. 2) to afflict, 
trouble, pain, oppress. 3) to force, urge, press, 
constrain, importune. 4) to be at trouble or 
pains. ^) to be in trouble or pain. 6) to 
struggle. Gen. xxy. 22. 

d^iap or i^ malyish, malish, cans, of i^. 

(s^ see .Ifto. 

^^ m&lik AL, i conj., arab. oLU, to gain, 
possess, Lidz. 513. 


l^fi m&lik, i) arab. tork. eUU, m. i, a 
headman, only in some yillages or districts, 
superior in rank to a )mOa or Jb>t^h q.y. 2) 
OS., m. Malchus, Job. xyiii. 10, (EV. marg. 

lai^ m&likl, fr. prec., f., the name of a grape. 

I^jklk) malki, OS., m. i, i) a king (also at 
chess, and in U. at cards), a sovereign, an 
emperor. 2)^ the' holy leaven ' in the Eucharist; 
dist. 2&iMb*. 3)* the priest's host in the 
Eucharist. — ^9-, f. 6, 9, kingdom, kingship, 
royal estate; ll^^a^ ^ to rule, reign; ;L&4 
^of the seed royal. 

atkljp milki, OS., f. Mtlcah, Oen. xi. 29. 

)E»^2kap as Psh., or BY. V, malkftm, mil-, m. 
MUehom, 2 Kgs. xxiii. 13. 

.fAltp malkl, OS., m. Mdehi, La. iii. 24. 

1^^ muMyi, f. i^-, OS., royal; see ^u&Ai. 

^•(aI^ malkizdiq, OS., m. Mdchizedek, 
Gen. xiv. 18. 

xiab^al^ malklshii, OS., m. MdchUhua, a 
name still used, i Sam. xiy. 49. 

^^!^a$» (m)laklik, arab. dJ, to prod. 

\ fi'9imNy malkim&t, t id., as. tork. OyJd», 

^^$M (m)lakin, fr. )Gk^, to stain, spot; to make 
a blot on a paper Ac ; met. to defle. 

;^\^ malkti as OS., £ 6 (pL 9 in AL), or 
H^^ malikti or m&-, f. 6, a 9110011 (also in 



^h^i^ mUmlrf, arab. \Sjt^ JU (cf. ^\ 
m. I, a momofdy (lit goyemment property). 

A a 2 




or by metath. ^&^aa^ m&lamal, l&malam 
(both proparox.), f. id., pers. JU^U, fuU to the 

)Ei^»!^ (m)lamliiii, or in K. y^^om mnamnimy 
onomat. f , to talk thicks to mumble, to mutter. 

^^i^ or ^^^ nialanj, m&lAj. pers. JL^, m. i, 
a plcuterer's trowel, Cf. '^*- 

^j^ or Aji^ {m)langin, -gil, fr. fl^, 
i) to 66 or make lame^ to lame, 2) to limp, 
halt lit. and met. 

.fti>\ftyt» (m)la8li8, fr. u^, i) to chew, 2) 
to gnaw, 3) K., to gnaeh the teeth. 

.si^ ml&'ish AL, (cf. OS. jt^k^^^ birdlime), 
to poUiUe, Sachau 79.3; 

j(^i^ malati, az. turk. U^U, f. mud u$ed for 
making a roof, put on nearly dry ; it is corered 
with another layer put on wet. 

J^ maHp U. K. Az., or '^ Al. as OS. 
(Sachau 11, 42, 45), or »^ai moHp AL, i) 
cauB. of Ji^. 2) to teaeh, instruct [see l^^iaap]. 
3) to persuade, induce; to suborn; so ^ ^10 
iS\fy m. min lisila, to dissuade from going. 
Agent I ^Uil)j> a teacher, master (proparox. when 
vocative) ; ^^Jl^ teaching, doctrine. 

Hji^ malpi, to mimic, imitate, taunt. Dist. 
j|l!Vm, cans, of sf^, 

^1^ mil&pa, az. turk. i,.^JL», m. 1, a sheet 
for a bed. 

dili^ (m)laplip, cf. ^%\i^ and ^oIm^, i) 
to munch, 2) to mumble, 

j^^)bM see ifti\ftVi>. 
ja!jfi see nVt^. 

;a!iip malqi, i. cans, of ^. 11. arab. UJ, 
i) to strike, 2) to meet, 

P^i^ malqti Al., OS., m. i, pincers, 
Lidz. 507. 

itt!^ii)i4o (m)laqliq, i. arab. jJLiJ, i) to 60 or 
make loose; hence 2) to rumble, to rattle. 3) 
Stod., to shrink as boards, n. = >XVX^w, to 


(s^ik» milat, arab. Sl^, turk. oJL, kurd. 
meUta Qarz. 192, f. i, a people, nation^ race, 
a nationality^ f much used of different races or 
religions in one kingdom. [Az. j|&^ pi.] 

j;»1m milti, I. r) OS.*, f. with pi. J^ and 
Z^iio mill, milali, gram, a verb; ^ik^A^lp *» 
the substantive verb; see AVift\v>, ^fti^M. 

2) OS.*, tbeol. <A« Word, then generally m., 
bee ^fipcy. II. f., i) = OS. jt^ q.v., a String 
of a musical instrument or bow. 2) a ding. 

3) a bow for beating out cotton. 

X,f3a fi^ milat b&shi, turk. ^LdL*, m. i, 
a peoples advocate, an officer appointed to 
represent a community in courts of justice. 

is^i^ (m)latlit, fr. tsfi q.v., to trample, 
tread down [Az. 5^^ir>]. 

^^^s^ milatshm^, OS.*, f. a participle (lit. 
verb of noun). 

^aoo see ^scMo. 

Pfc mami U., see ^l». 

^^ or j^^Mp mamij, mamyij, i) caus. of 
^JsJ^. 2) to dissolve tr. 3) K., to teaeh how 
to suck the breast. 

^jf^ mamjil, perh. for i\\ty, to make haste, 
Lidz. 389. 

bepofib K. or hofietp U. mam-hir, mamir, fr. 
arab. J^ f , to linger, procraetinate; but &;^ 
in Al. is caus. of h^. 

oMo see oMdao. 

f oMo see foaoopo. 

^oMo mamdna, m., i) OS., i/ammon. 2)U., 
see M^- 3) U., = ?a\4¥ 

t&oMo mamiir, arab. turk. ^^L», m. i, an 
overseer, a steward; leg. an officer who watches 
a defendant, pendente lite. 

«Mp mamiz, 2 conj., i) arab. ^Jk^, to have 
a slight fever or cdd, 2) U.,=^^. 

.MMdp mamikh, (caus. of «•}» but not in caus. 
sense), to atneZZ tr., to «cen^, with a. 

Q^ mam(i, i) caus. of ^. 2) to Mrul 
a letter &c, 3) to 6rtn^, toA:«, carry, carry 0^, 

4) o)^ ^io to make merry. Gen. xliii. 34. 

5) to 6rtn^ fortjoard, produce, bring forth. 

6) ^ i^l ^10 to Ae(p. Also in Al. Q^, )Mo», 
16^, and ^, Sachau 26, 53, Lidz. 512. Agent 
^i\»aji a tale-bearer, Prov, xviii. 8. 

&2|^ mamtir K. Al. (no primitive), i) as 
OS. P. Aph., to rain tr. and intr. ; lit^ '>e to 
cause it to rain. 2) to be damp. Cf. ^^VP- 

^t wy Hum jil, fr. Aju, tobtor mate blue or 

f^ioM or itiMp mamyit, mamit, OB. Aph. 
^^i, i) cans, of ^)e. a) fo ^ (9 tfeoM, ^TI, 
exfcute, ilay. 

tiiH mSmachi U., ax. turk. u.UU (lit. 
little mother), i) f. i, a midwtfe. a) m. i, 
an aecouehmr. J^^- f. nidwifery. 

X i^ajtif gee '•». 

^ law m&mliikb, OS. Aph. mJ, i) cam. of 
<^9«; lo i?HMk ^«n(fa. a) toAumMo, AumtZuX*. 

J^tae mamli, i) caua. of 1^. a) to make 
eujieient, to makt ihift with. 

£i^. OS.*, Bee iUlm. 

.M^wp ranmlikb, i) cauB. "f i-^" i) to tatt, 

t^Smw mamlakat, arab.ijij.».4, fairlr , . 
f. I, a courUry, tingdotii. 

aSiaip matnU, OS.*, m. i, niord, tpeeeh, 
ityle, dialed ; aneuat/.thettt; '»f iiaib parte 
(f tpeeeh; '»j jUi do^utfnt, Ex, iv. 10. 

Juo^ (-u^) mami or mam'l, cauB. of ]m, ^ua. 

jUD mamif, in U. mamiz (cf. arab. fonna 
,_^ and J. to suck), 1) caua. ofj^ q.v. s) to 
luciJe, t/ive suek to. 3) (OMMtw/), a«a sponge. 
Fern. Agent llt^fiif (in Al. .^^mp mam9initb&, 
Lidz. 509), a Ktt nuree. 

tjjpif mmuX, 1) caua. of l^; hence 1) to 
enable, mate able, make eapaUe. 

iiait see SspdM. 

liiaif mamri, OS., Jtfamn, Oen. xziii. 1 7. 

ffieap mamrid, i) cans, of f^. 2) to Jix, 
to make to stand Hiraight. 

■^^Mip mamril, i) caus. of^^ 3) met. to 
(r«K badly, to afflict. 

xyeif mamri, 1) cans, of ^.^m. 2) to hurl 
it., as a pain, to qffliet, in AL to iiyun; 
f ^')o fo diepteaee. 

iMob Ash.,=:Q^, Lidz. 513. 
■-t«wp mamttkb, i) cans, of •^. 3) to 
hend a bow. 

^ man, written without vowel, 06., trAof, 
whomt m. f. aing. pl., = .Hw; f ^ he leho, 
any one who Ac 

^ mio, as OS., (written without vowel 
except when it takes affixes, as a^ mini, 
^ mini), also '■» esp. K. J. Al. [and M'al. Az.] 
even before 1, -, i) front, out of, of: ^ ^ 
}xa^ one fifth; ^t ^ ^ one of ihe men (see 
below). 3) »ome of; Imif ^ Aa^t eat lome 
of tAt«,- fiip alone or ^jh J^i or ^ )iit Hit 
tome of ut; iiwf ;& t& minQ AI., for tome 
ofthem. 3) villi, ivijithatoith. 4)tAan,fnore 
rAon, sigu of cumimi iiioii .^ .^^^ better than 
me; A^i^p ^ ^ 6etl«r than you think; ^ ^ 
.«jba fpoi mill kiiliv &««/ 99*9 flX. ^W r&be 
la minukb, it it too mveh far you; ^ jL JaS 
.^Mf ..>U» »U n& iLilii ilVAblinkii 'ami, tA.iy 
ai-e too many for ui to figld againet; ^ ^^ifo 
to be too tirong for. 5) tinee, after prep, aiid 
(foU. by f or ^9) conj., from ihe time that, 
beeauee; }J^ ^l ^ six month* ago (in U. 
osnallj 'pia ^). 6) by reason of, becaute of. 
7) via, fiy teay of, nlsoelC,^; A^^thalway; 
.fioWl ^ via Urmi; ]iti thit way. 8) at; 
i^^on the righihand, V? la^ff ontheright 
tide, g) before inf. to at not to; ;2i)j^ ^ so 
(Aot he ebouid not go, [but iilao afUr going, 
see abuvej. 10) by after a passive varb. 
Phaaskb: .^ ^^uf Ui then/: ^^ty .|^ j^ 
/ ontnot speaking to you: 9 I>4 ^ u>il/MUt the 
knotdedgeofSuia.iy.iA; jL )b«1«. ^ J^i&to 
(Ae AorsM m-e provide by Thomat; ai^hqlkjtm 
m^Ht paying fiyr hit own board ; ^ sap^ 4^ 
JvoiA ('^) libLj fo o/TM im'tA him for a penny 
a day. Mat. xx. a, 13. See A^, &««, >i^, 

^ Me J«wa, i^^M. 
jU see Jde*. ;il«. 

^SM AW. 

^^man^K., OS.,=;pr., tonumfttr. Dist 
^. Pp. abfl. sL ;p mul, if«H<, numAsrai, 
Dan. T. 35. 

.1^ manl-U, OS., m. Stanaen, Acta xiii. i. 

)^ (m)nabt, OS. Ethpa.. lo prophuy tr. 
and intr., to/orwttU. [In Ai. 1 coai. with 4k] 

.^up manwl, 1) cans.0f.i9l. a) to utter. 


m. I, 

manbar, arab. turk. 
pulpit in a mosque. 

ov^|)p man^ K., caus. of o^. 

db^i^^ manjiiq, az. turk. fjy^, ni. i, in a 
water-mill, an iron plate into which is inserted 
the lower end of the axle of the millstones. 

&t2^ mangir, -gir, cf. arab.^iJul, m. i, a 
rakey harrow. 

l^i^f^ minajim Al., arab. A^f^i m. [in TA. 
pi. 4], an astrologer^ Lidz. 514. Cf. &?>^oV« 

iSi^ mangana, kurd. id. Garz. 265, gk. 
fioyyavoVf m. 1, i) K. Sh., a screw, 2) U. K., 
a 9crew press. 

jifA^^ manj&niq, arab. turk. jf* s.*^> OS. 
j&fft!^, gk. itayyaviKoi, m. I, a haUering-ranhy 
an engine of war. 

&^ mndgir K., to eat the meat off a bone, 
to gnaw. See &^. 

aj^ mangir, i) caus. of ^(^. 2) fr. &J^, 
to rake, harrow. 

^^^^ U. Ti., '»^^ Sal.; mangisht&n, 
mttngtL-, both proparox., again, over again. 

&^^ miuajat (rare), arab. il*.lju, tork. i£>-, 
f. I, a lamentation for the dead, 

2j^ or oif>3Jo mn&d6 K., arab. {S^\j, to call to 
prayer. Dist. 2^. 

ijfsso mandi, 1*1) caus. of 2^. 2) to throw 
[so Az. also], u. Terg.y f., a herb used in soup. 

.^pjap minds U. Tkh. Ash. Al. [^aoap Az.], 
or )d^ mid! Ti. Al. (TA. m^d^ OS. )sj^, 
talm. ^^9, m., pi. 4 in U. (mindiyanl), in K. Al. 
^pjSjp mindy&n^, in Ash. Al.Q^- mindan^, in Ti. 
J^io mid&n^, i) a thing. 2) money ^ property , 
belongings, ^ects, often pi. ; ^10 2^ rich, or busy. 
^)anything; with negative nothing{eBp. K. Al) ; 
^10 ^^ or ^^ '10 8ome sort of a book, some 
book, any book, or with negative no book; so 
with a pi noun. See ^, ^. 4) as adv. at 
aU; ^» '» somewhat (or in Al. )daM alone). 
5) U:, foil, by ?, that which [=? ^ Al.]; ^ '»^ 
whatever. 6) of importance; ^o^ '10 iL^ or^2 
miri d'khA mindl^i he said he was some one 
of importance; ^L ^10^ fysis^ khshiwt d'mindt nk, 
men of repute, Qal. ii. 2. — cpi^ '10 ^ thai is 
a different matter. 

;^ajLab mandila, OS.*, gk. itap^fjKiop, m. i, 
the chrisom or white baptismal robe. 

p^iio mn&dim Al., =^p^, to repent, with i^= 
of a thing. 

;f ajjjp see .»aaM. 

4>i» Al., = *flJ^no. 5. 
;S^9baAap mandriilta, kord. J<«jjl», f. 6, a 
smaU stone roller for smoothing flat mnd-roofiEu 

«&aaap mindrish K. as OS., but usually ^^ 
midrish K. Az., or i^^io midri U. Aah., also 
«^a» mibrish Al., and .^ft&x^aAp or ^ midrish- 
t4ni K., I ) again, over again, from the beginning, 
2) yet, stUl (not temporal), 'io ful yet, never- 
thdess; often answering ^. 3) with negative, 
710 m^yre. 

l^piip or iSifo manhl, manl, caus. of l^ or 

bo^M man-hir, OS. Aph. b^\, i)* to com- 
ment on, explain. 2) Z. Az., and also Tkh. 
in the form &%p manir, to light a candle. 

^6»io mniikh, OS., m. Manoah, Jud. xiii. a. 

.fdoLo or ^- mn6kl, -kin Z., = fis. 

^foLo (m)ndnl, i), conn, with ^oaI, to 
beseechy beg, with .^ or a. 2) E., fr. )ol, 
to mew. 

lUoMiji min6r4*, heb. *^f^, m. i, a weaver's 

;^^<uM minorikthi Tkh., f. 6, a top. 

l^9iip manz^, f. id., arab. JjJlju, kurd. 
m&'z(il Gkrz. 220, out of favour, despised. 

sP^ (m)nazwin, fr. ^ofk, to be thin or weak, 

.If •sap manzil, -zil, arab. turk. J^JLa, f. i, 
i) esp. U., a lodging, eamping-piaee, lodging^ 
place esp. on a journey ; ^10 a^guL to lodge. 2) 
a room, chamber. 3) a stage, the distance 
travelled in one day. 4) the range of a gun. 
5) a railway station. 

^^ or Af- manzal, -z&l Al. Ash., c£ prec., 
a house, dwelling, Lidz. 514. 

^^ manzil, fr. >^9&, to gather, fester. 

^•tto (m)nazniz, (cf. &^9&, 9&9&, also kurd. 
(s)j^^ alowhummingPS. 341). (o«a6ort«AtfM 
as a child. 

S]^ manzir, as OS. Pa., i) caus. of ^{l. 
2) to train up as a bishop-eleet. 




^Jl» mnSJshk U., OS., fr. ^^, the late, pre- 
fixed to the name of a dead person. Not 

y^ifiio ron&khiin, as OS. Pa., to raise firam 
the dead. See )BUfl. 

^ai^see >ukMio. 

<.t».f» mnakhnikh K., arab. ^^, to pant, 

lAMfjM see JbAi». 

S^ mankhip, OS. Aph. J^i and Pa. (Thes. 
Syr. 2339), i) cans, of Ji^. 2) to shame, put 
to shamCf hwmtliate, 

tf^^ K. Al. mankhith, cans, of A^. Agent 
^&M|sp the deseerU of a hUl, 

^i^>^ manikhtan^ AL, see prec., head down- 

Q^ mant^ Al. TA., = Vj^ and ^. 

Jilj^ man^ip, i) cans, of ^as^. 2) to drop 
tr. 3) <o sprinkle, 4) met. to prophesy, 5) 
Al., to dean. 

^, i) m&n{ U. K. Az., or ^» manl AL Ash. 
(TA. m&n^), or ^» mint Sal. Qaw, (=^7 ^1 
f. for m.}, who f whom f, m. f., sing, and pL ; 
^p whose t; p^»he who, 2)* OS., m. Manes; 
i!Lr a Maniehean. 

,fiio mn(, not Psh., heb. ^?^, Destiny (per- 
sonified), Isa. IxY. II. 

iaio miny&, i) m. i, ajar wiib wide mouth 
pointed at the bottom, a) K., a kHmi(f), 
Lidz. 514. 

i^ manyi, OS.*, m., with pL ^^ mntn as 
OS., a pounds La. xix. 16. 

.M|j«> or «m|^ manyikh, m&nikh, i) cans, of 
^^, 2) to rest tr., to contort, give rest to, 
Z) to pull down a chnrch. 4) to put away sin. 
5) = ^^, to rest intr., esp. U. AL Ash. 

^ifjjp manyim, OS. Aph. y»^\, cans, of ^i. 

^.fjjo see ;ai^. 

^ufttp miny&ni, OS., m. i, i) a numiber, also 
in gram. 2) in sing., the book of Numbers. 
See j^. 

tSlm minyin&yi, f. &r, OS.*, fr. prec, gram. 
ofnumber^ nwnerieal ; '» ^ a nmmeraH. 

5Hpi» (m)naknik, fr. OS. Ji^it^l I, to groan ; 
to be disquieted, Cf. juauo. 

fUf^ (m)nachnich, fr. a^, cf. *1a^, to tear, 
to worry as an animal. 

JbA^ mankhis, rt. obuba 1, OS . Aph. Jb^\, 
to rebuke, scold, reprove. 

S^jObflULSp manchistir, mod., f., i) lit. i/ati- 
ehester; hence 2) imported edUoo, cotton. Cf. 

ioAM mankir Ash., = hoA, Lidz. 521. 

^^AJM (m)nakhrin, OS. t^> ^^ ^ or make 
a stranger or strange, to estrange, cf. |»&AOft ; 
o^'sM to pretend, dissemble, to he a stranger, 

ik^jiom m&n&mftUL, (fr. pers. ^ /), f. egotism. 

^^ (m)namin, fr. 'pi, to he ox make damp. 

)B|^ (m)namnim, i) = prec. 2) K.,= 
^alttlao. 3) fr. xuMft, to splice timbers. 

1^ mah-n&, OS., m., no pL, manna, 

\s3jfhf mln&sib, f. id., arab. kurd. turk. 
w^»»l:^, good, suitable, eoncenient, 

^^ibLe mn&siin OS., m. Mnason, ActsxxL 16. 

S^pm mansip, arab. uJUJ, to drain off. 

^ inin6 AL, i) verb, arab. ajl^ to prtneni, 
stop, hinder, Dist. ^. 2) subs., arab. ajL*, 
an obstacle, Lidz. 513. 

tli^Lo mn&'il AL, (see ft^, ^u^), to curse, 
Lidz. 518. 

X4i» mnA'im Al., arab. ^ oonj. iL, i) to 
hen^, to treat wdl. 2) to present a person 
with (a), Lidz. 518. 

Juap manp&kh, arab. JLu, OS. ^L^, f. i, 
heUows. Cf. ^. ^ 

.l|ls]p mampil or manpil, OS. Aph. ilf|, 
[Az. ^$4, but'Y.n. J^V^ <^ ^^']» i) ca^- 
of Ji|l. a) to throw down, overthrow, 3) to 
dethrone, often with A^4^ ^ &c., to degrade, 
4) to drop, let fidl. 5) AL, to a6ato a price. 
6) with ^ to cease from, Jud. ii. 19. 

)iSbip mamp&'ft Al., arab. Imkv •, profit, uss^ 
Lidz. 522. C£ lUft. 

a^ man^&b, arab. turk. s^im',; m. i, qfiee, 
place, posL 

H»jup maofdr, arab.jj^^«ju, m., a man's name 
now oommonly used, (lit TietcMioiiB). 


J^a» see .Iamm. 

b^ue mansir, (rt. .^ to ooze, distil ?), to leak, 
let aiU. Diet. &^. 

cL^oiic or ^' manqilsli, -sha K., (cf. ojol n.), 
m. If the steel (flint and steel). 

^jaaip manq^l, arab. Jiju,.turk. JLs.:,^. m. i, 
a chafing-dish, also I&'^a^ *». 

.A^ttitt (m)Daqniq, i) to stammer, hesitate, 
read badly, 2) to sob, (cf. OS. rt. joaX to 
sigh 1). 

^9»!p manqii^ K. Al., i) cans, of^fi^. 2) to 
take away, 

&oup manqir, i) cans, of &fil. 2) to vaccinate. 
3) to tattoo. 

Jimio (m)naqi8h, to embroider, Ex. xxyiii. 
4, 39 RV., cf. aj^ I. ; met. to fashion curiously, 
Pr. cxxxix. 15. 

a^ab see &ipap. 

ifioM min&rft, arab. turk. i^Ijl^ OS. 22a», 
m. I, (f. in OS. and Al.), a minaret, steeple. 

&|k&uo or ^laitt (m)namir, with a broad 
sound, OS. ^1, kurd. jJ^j, 1) to low, of 
buffaloes and camels. 2) K., to roar, of wild 

^fiio mnashi, OS., m. Manasseh, Manasses, 
Qen. xli. 51. — (x- a Manassite. 

;bpM manshi, = ^; al&o in Al. in cans, 
sense, as OS. Aph. ,^\. 

if^^aaip, or .a-, see ^aao. 

Jiaoaaih roanshiiqt& (or in Al. ^», Lidz. 624), 
fr. «iif&, cf. Jia^aa, f. 6, a kiss, 

I b^aaap manshur, f. id., arab. «^ .f. ; •, remark- 
able, distinguished, 

ai&^l^ptt, or -a-, see ^^oa^. 

Jlyiap manship, i) caus. of Ji|i. 2) to leak, 
drip, 3) to squeeze, 

frjjD mauat, russ. mony6ta (used for any 
metal coin), fr. lat. moneta, m. i, a rouble, = 
^^^ taken in U. as = 3} qrans. [In NS. 
but not in russ. used also of a paper rouble.] 

Xfif mint&, i., also esp. in Al. i>i» minat 
(Lidz. 514), arab. i!Lt, turk. pers. Oui^, f. i, 
pi. 6 in IT. (sic, but rare), i) thanks; some- 
times adj., thankworthy, i Pet. ii. 19; ^'» ^ 

to thank; ^oup ^ao thank you, = ^a^ft? ^o^ (so 
other persons). 2) in pi. benefits; A '» 2^p to 
do a favour to; ^up yax Al., to do good, u, 
as OS.*, usually j{^ q. v., a string of an instru* 
ment. PL l^ mini, stringed instruments, Ps. 
xlv. 8. 

}Aaap manti, i. fr. prec, 1) to prosper tr. 
(sometimes with ^) and iutr., to be or make 
successful, 2) rarely to thank, with ^. ii. 
AL, = Q(^, Lidz. 512. 

t^ikup minatk&r, f. id., pers.^SCiJL*, thank- 
ful, grateful, 

^ioM minting, az. turk. ^\zi,m, m. a bride's 

^s&tti mant4sh&, i) az. turk. ^7 is, m. i, 
a kick (of a man). 2) kurd. id., a dervisKs 

^p» m&st, I conj., i) as OS. Pa., to wasfi 
clothes; fern, agent Jialsbi a ufosherwaman, 
often with ^5|^?. 2) to have menses, 

y^ m&si, pL, arab. (j.*L», slippers, Cf. Vaio, 

^iip masi, i) Massah, Ex. xvii. 7 (Pah. 
>if), Deut. vL 16 (Psh. qou^). 2) Al.,=Oa 
^Mip, m. I, a goad, Lidz. 514. 

;kx^ mMihk or m&- K. AL as OS., or 
l^Jfio mkaiihk Ti., or j^uM m&8^t& U., rt ^m, 
f. 6 [masa-y4th& &c.], a balance. 


, see 

X^^ A^ masaw bapl, OS.*, m. hypocrisy, 
respect of persons (lit. taking in face). }&t-, 
Uid, Cf. 'a 

eyaibJ0 AL, see ^oam. 

\aajj> see ft^ft^. 

^;^au|^ Tkh., see ^\», 

^ium ms4b^ K. [in U. (m)s4pi], (fr. OS. P. 
to be satisfied, Aph. to satisfy ; cf. OS. ^^ 
grace after meat, also compline), to say grace 
after meat, to return thanks. 2SCi^ ^Am id. 

AguBJj> maswt, cauB. of ^s^ ; to satisfy with 
two dir. obj., or with a = mth, 

i^jju^ U. or A^ K., usually mazbit (-i(), to 
prove, affirm. See t^^ where the s remains. 


.^^^ ms^il AL, arab. Jjb^, to oBsign, grant, 
Lidz. 529. 

pojAap mas-hidh K., i) cans, of pe^b. 2) as 
OS. Aph., = penb, with A^ ; also ?ipM^ msahidh. 

^o^pjo msahim Al., fr. ^eito, to partake. 

^oftM ins&-w6 Al., arab. ^jj^ conj. ii., vi., to 
liken, make equal, to be Wee. 

^oftM see ^oj^. 

&oftM see &al»fM. 

ii^^^ (ni)sazgir, cf. &^«ib, i) to reconcile, 
to he reconciled, with ^ ; to mail)0 friends tr. 
and iutr. 2) to agru, consent, etijmlaie; to 
arrange a price. 

•M^ m&sikh Al., i conj., arab. ^«^, to revile, 
abuse, Lidz. 515. 

ji<AM maskh!, i) cans, of iJb. 2) to ma^ 
tD^, to water, 

iL&» m&sakhliy m. i, a trough into which 
flour &lls after being ground between the 
millstones of a water-mill. 

&aui^ (m)sakhbir U., see ^ul, &auio, to visit, 
to go and see, often with A^ ; p ^a^ilaA ^^ to 
greet, to go to ask after the health of 

k;<Aap mas-khir or maz-, arab.^^:*^, to mock, 
laugh at, deride, with a. Agent in AL K. 
l^lfiLi^ masikhr&ni, a jester, Sachau 74. 

2!Lftjp maskh^i Al., arab. yi^**^, m. mock-^ 
ing, derision, scorn. 

|2SLlftjp maskh&ri, arab. iyk"^, m. 1, a 
mocker. ^^9-, f. 6, 9, a jest, jokey mocking, 

^^Jlojip maskh&rat, f. i, a laughing-stock, 

?a^yA» masfim, i) caus. of )a^|^ a) to 
in^TMf &nn implements. 

iSi^Aib mas^, arab. turk. 

m. I. a 

ruler for drawing lines; alao a card with 
strings stretched across it, which if placed 
under writing-paper leaves the impression of 
the strings upon it so as to guide the writer. 

^yAsb mas^ Al., i) caus. of &yb. 2), 
arab.^Pa^, to rule, rule Unes on, Lidz. 531. 

omt^ msa-yib Al., arab. v^L* coig. ii., i) to 
let go, loose. 2) to leave, Sachau 26, 53. 
Dist. ?2&. 

iau^pM ms^bir K. AL, i ) as OS., to bepaHemi, 

to endure, wait, 2) to entortotn, amtoe, Lidz. 
525 ; cf. A^. Agent | J^&am^oi as adj. patient; 
l^^ f. jTottence. 

lAfOM see i^^ioib. 

)BUAap see SBUbMi 

^fAM masyin, caus. of ^l&. 

fifibi m&8tn&, pers. kurd. ^jt*^^ ^* '> ^i^> 

SfAtp masyir (in AL &^«e), caus. of htpi. 
[In TA. &^ = &fi>l] 

ifOiio msi-yir AL, cf. ^^^ib, to travel; to take 
a walk, Lidz. 526. 

jCu&ao see ^(ktoiM. 

pAi^ or d*A£^ msakid, -it, Terg., = \aib 
nos. I, 2. 

^AASp maskhft, an iron hook for taking pots 
out of an oven. 

AffikOJo maskll*, heb. 7*^^, a skilful psahn, 
Ps. xlvii. 7. 

^aA^ maskin, i. OS., to 60 or make poor or 
weak, to impoverish, to be in want, u, to hush 
tr., caus. of ^^. 

^^^ maskAn, arab. turk. ^^x -. ^, m. i, a 
Aa6tto(tan, dwelling; a lair. See ^Aib. 

l^iajbM miskin&, f. jfii- -klnt&, OS., poor, 
needy; as inteij. poor fMowl ^10 \!ik to k 

&Aftio ms&kir Al., 1} to destroy, 2) to &0 
destroyed. 3) to /om. 4) to &« /o«<, to cft«- 
appear, Sachau 18, Lidz. 531. Dist. ^aik 

AAftM Terg., see pAi^. 

;2kfti0 m&sili, i) arab. turk. Jju, m. i, 
a parable (see i^AM) ; a byword. 2) K.,=^\fti». 

^\i^ or ^M msal6, ms&- AL, i) arab. Xm* 

conj. 1., ii., to comfort ; to take courage ; to amuse^ 
2) = foil., Lidz. 532. 

i^Ajp masli, OS., i) to despise. 2) to rtject. 
pp. reprobate^ contemptible, a castaway. 1^4 
jSJiAsp to 60 despised, 

"n^immMunAl., i)=zp!^ 2), arab. JL«, 
to fo/tUe, ^r0e</ to bid farewell to^ Lidz. 532. 

^)yM mUsilan U., or )}kAss q.v. K., arab. 
turk. pers. Vju, for example. 

or X4fti>j» masim, masyin^ i) caiuk of 




Pl^, a) to set tr.; see jXa. 3) to present 
for ordination, 

.MMiao me&mih Al., arab. ^^^ conj. ii., to 

i^ttAM> masmikh AL, i) cauB. of ^ua^. 2) to 
9top tr., with ^. 

^o^ (m)samin, fr. ^ip, i ) to poison, envenom. 
2) to die suddenly, 3) met. to be in great 
grief; to cause great grief to, 

^ytt ift » (m)BainBik, arab. eUi^, to wander 


JAioibsia masmiq, i) cauB. of Jnok, 2) met. 
to shame, 3) to toast bread Ac, 4) to heat 
red hot. 

^yM (m)B&iit,= ^b no. 2, to snuffs candle. 

a^iftijp masnid, i) cans, of ^f/k, 2) to bear 
up tr., to support, 

aiftjp masnad AL, arab. j ; ,,„•, tru^; ^ 
^^»to trust in, Sachau 82.25. 

Aijpjj^ (m)8anBil, cf. «\jdjj&, to descend from 
fiather to son. Dist «!^^. 

piAsp mas'id Al., arab. juum, to be happy, 

i^Aio (m)s4pt, 1) to deliver, yield up, betray, 
2) to commit, entrust; both with a, \ ^ga, 
9 i^tB, or in K. p i^i jc& or p 2^)^ = to, 3) to 
commission a person to do a thing, with same 
preps.; to order goods from a shop. 4) to 
enjoin, command, order, with A. — la^ip &k^ 
a pledge; agent fil^£^ a traitor. See t^; 
dist. ;jI^. [In Az. f^^o^.] 

jdLfodo (m)8&piq, OS. Pa., also jxp^ maspiq, 
to empty tr., to pour out. See Jifi, 

jo^ m&siq, or in Al. ^«e m68iq [TA. jti^Aap], 
OS. J^i, 1) cans, of Jti^i. 2) to raise, take 
up, throw up, bring up, take upstairs, 3) to 
offer a sacrifice. 4) io levy a tribute, raise 
a levy. Agent jLoftJo as OS., the ascent of a 
hill, a slope, and in Al. tAe east, 

.Idodo (m)s&qil, i) to adorn lit. and met; 
to dress tr. in new clothes, 2) Al., also to 
adorn oneself. See *2koik 

ildftjp misq&l, arab. turk. JIJUU, m. i, a 
weight = about | oz. avoird. The misqal in 
all the different weights (goldsmiths', grocers', 
Sec) is the same weight. 

^fi^pkao (m)saqit, fr. fisACb, to be, become, or 
make lame, 

lik»!c masri, cans, of 2&&; e^9»» ^10 or 
071^4 ^^ ^0 ^ ^^• 

X^6io (m)B&rig, or in AL j^ ms&rij (Lids. 
536), I) OS. Pa. 4,?*, arab. ^, cf. ^iij^, 
to saddle, 2) to make a wooden saddle for an 
arch, in building. 

9ij^&jp« (m)sergid, i) fr. ^b', to totter, shake, 
shiver, 2) K. OS., cf. 2a\&oft, to make a 

^^^ (m)sergin U., = \&ai» no. i. 

^oT&i^ (m)ser-hiw Al., OS., to hasten. 

misrinj, i) az. turk. ^j^*^^ m* ^^^^» 

cement, 2) a piece of wood in a stable in 
front of the manger. 

;Bft>fijftao (m)8ersim, cf. «Ma>&ft, i) to stiun. 
2) to have a headache, 3) met. to traubU^ 

&^&jp« (m)ser8ir, onomat., i) to scream, 
hiss as a serpent 2) to howH; to roar, 

^^^ (m)8arip, OS.*, lit to braridi out; 
gram, to conjugate, dedine; to be corrugated, 
Cf. ;^bQi&. 

J&A» see ^. 

jB^Aip masriq, = JB^, to comb (not in caua. 

;oa>^ misirqi, OS. ^^kO^ap, m. i, a larg^ 
comb for carding wool; but Xa^ibif or ^1^ 
misriqti, mas-, f. 6, or in Al. ;o&Aip mas^A 
(Lidz. 537), a toilet-con^, 

^^^ see ^(K&l/fl0. 

X iKA«> mast, f. id., pers. turk. vr^,.>*, dninifc, 
^tp^y; cloyed, sated with food. See ^ajo^. 

j{^ mastd, OS. (but usuaUy j^ in OS.), 
pers. turk o^U, kurd. jjU PS. 336, f. sour 
curdled milk, made from lop which is mixed 
with heated milk, and then allowed to cooL 

+ V- A^-^jp mistthil Al., f. id., arab. 


worthy. Also .^N», Lidz. 531. 

^&&Asp mast&r&ny pers. ^j||; ^^^^^^ f.,= Aam 
with butter added. 

^iiD or ^ m&'l, m&-yt, i coig., = OS. xim 
(past ^), to chum. Cans, i^om; y.n. {Ins 
m&y& or in U. jUiJo my&y&. 


^Uap ma'in ALy= ijL, also its caus., Lidz. 387. 

;^ or ^ m'ab^, mab^ E. Al., OS. P., to 
mcell intr., and also tr. in NS. 

j^goip m&-wid, i) cans, of ^; a ^&^^ ^^ 
to keep in bondage, Ex. vi. 5. 2) to work tr. 
with dir. obj.; y.n. ^^sf^ia an oj)eration, a 

&3LJJ0 m&-wir, in Al. m&bir (lidz. passim), 
[Az. &9aMp], i) cans, of ^giL; i&'^js ^» to eauee 
to pass through fire, 2) to pose a thing over, 
to ferry over, (with ^ = over). 3) to spend, 
pass time ; 6s6Sk^ '» to spend the night faeting, 
Dan. vi. 18. 4) to remove, take away; to depose 
a king. 5) to bring in, introduce, lead into, 
with a or o!^. 6) with A^^Ujci and dir. obj., to 
jyrovoke to jealousy; ^^^ 'aa '^e to provoke 
to love, 7) to overlook, take no notice of, pass 
by, Acts xrii. 30. 8) to bear fruit, rare. 

ajj^ m'ajib, arab. v^, to wonder, to be 
surprised, with a or .l^ or in Al. ^ = at/ pp. 
in Al. wonderful. See q^. Cans, a^^ m£jib, 
to amaze, 

^Q$^In&jAn, arab. turk.*kurd. ^^^y^^y m* i, 
a venereal tonic, an electuary, a love potion, 

%j^ m'&jiz K. or ^^ (my&jiz U., see fA^, 
i) to annoy, vex, trouble; also %ij^ m&jiz. 
2) V,,tobe uncomfortable or in pain, 3) K., 
to be tired, with a = of, 4) to toil. 

2^110 mid&, i) arab. turk. kurd. %Sjl», f. i, 
the stomach. 2), OS. ^ip, m. i, esp. in pi., 
fruit, fruit-trees, Dist. 2^m1». 

a>ij9 (my&dib, a>kp m&dib, fr. arab. vJl^, 
i), or = a^te q.y., to chastise, a) to torture. 
See a>L 

^>jjo m'idid AL, see 2^0^ to lament. 

^Sfi» m'&dil Al., i) to make straight, 2) 
met. to improve. Ste^. 

Ik^^^ m'idldthi Al., fr. prec., f. justice, 
Lidz. 391. 

^abiw m&d&n, arab. turk. ^^Jlsl^, f. i, l) 
metal. 2) a mine, quarry. 

jk^ki^ m'iidin&*, (fr. arab. Xa to number), 
ra. I, arith. the numeraior,:=z ^uaauio. 

;i&'94» m'tldr&nft,f. >^-, OS/, gram, auan/tary. 

}^^o4» m'fth'dini, OS.*, m. i, a recorder^ 
Jsa. xxxvi. 3. 

loijp mkwi Al., i) caus. of ItX., 2) to eurse, 
Lidz. 385. 

j^^^iio miid&li, see i^^ok. 

Aoiio mi-wil, arab. ^}jji^, an axe, 

jfik^iio m'tlnti, milnti, f. brains, intelligence. 
Cf. h»9s» 1 

jstAio m'&-wiq AL, arab. jU, to delay, to be 
kept back, 

|A9fljp m&zdl Al., arab. Jj|^ju», removed, 
dismissed. See ^^, 

»\\;mw seei^AOM. 

^ see ;)». 

;Ziip m&-yi, OS., m. i, mUraQ. In pi. the 
intestines, bowels; the womb, Ruth L 1 1 ; met. 
the heart; ^ ^vi^:^ ^^o& p^iaL qidlun m&yfl 
'ill, Atf yearned for, Qen. xliii. 30. 

ai|idp m&-yib Al., arab. m^> cf. ^auS^ , <o put 
to shame, Lidz. 381. 

^9^4^ (my^win, fr. ^pul^, to cloud over, to 
become cloudy, 

l^fiio m&yid, caus. of ^{L. 

ob4» see ^bUo. 

i\iiw m'a-yi( AL, arab. J^U coig. ii., to cry 
out, to call, with dir. obj. 

^fjjp m&-yin Al., = ^&jo. 

jBLfkif mi-yiq, i) caus. of jb{L. 2) to distress, 
to trouble, cumber, inconvenience; cf. oflu^. 
3) to squeeze, press. 

&iguiJ0 m6qir Tkh., (irreg. caus. of &^), to 
take root. 

&f4M m'a-yir K., arab. ^U coig. iii., cf. hi^ 
1) to measure by the eye. 2) to make a toeighi 
or measure, 

jifim m&-yish AL, i) caus. of «|^. 2) to 
neurit, feed, provide for, Lidz. 384. 

l^ mklii, OS., m. Maachan, Gen. xxii. 24. 

Jiiap AL, see «li0. 

«1^ or in K. .1^ m'&l, m'il, or mill, mil, 3= 
.V ^f across, from over, from the top of, from 
off, away from, from. See also foU. 

B b a 


•liiji const, st, and iLto def. St., OS., lit 
enlramoe; only in the phrase ^00^ iliap ma'fil 
yomi, (or ^), or ^do^ ;^bip mila f. f ^ omitted), 
nrelj ^ ^^^, m. Carnival before Lent ; with 
Hix^f, before Advent So jiM .1^ K., 
Saturday evening (i.e. oar Friday evening). 

fyi^ mkl^ AL, i) caoB. of i^. 2) as OS. 
Pa.y <o raise, exalt^ lift up. 

i^^ (my&ldi U. (sic J.), tork. ,>.j1jJU to 
deceive f eheat. 

Xpt^klf malum, f. id, arab. tork. ^^^»^j 
eertain, evidenl,tDdl known; ik^tec^aia clearly, 
liXiip milana, OS.*, m. i, an entrance. 

joi^ (myaliq ('iio Al.), i) arab. ^ji^ to 
hang. 2) cf. iriAv, to give barley and straw 
to a horse. 3) as OS. Ethpa., to fight, to find 
an exeuM for fighting. 

ji!^iip m&liq, i) cans, of jbl^. 2) to light 
a fire, with or withont 21^91, Lidz. 398; 

jkO^i m&'alaq , (cf. arab. tork. jLm suspended), 
f. I , a eomerioult. 

lUtLm milaqi Al., kurd. J^ju., the liver, 
Lidz. 398. 

Aiip ma'ttltA, (-th4 K.), OS.*, f., i) the 
festival of the dedication of a ehurchf also called 
Itt^^ «pa0 q.y., four weeks before Advent, 
being the day when the £. Syr. go from the 
summer chapel into the nave of the church for 
the daily offices. 2) very rarely, Palm Sunday. 

^AiM K., ;I6ml1I0 U., m&m&, m&miin4, i) kurd. 
ma'm Garz. 60, m. 2, a paternal uncle, = ^. 
3) a man's name now used. 

pMk&w m&mid, as OS. Aph., i) cans, of p^. 
3) to baptize. Agent ^^>Md)p m&mid&n& U., 
or ^^Mai» mi«mdh&na K. as OS. (with half- 
Pthakha) ; ^10 ^L6^ John the Baptist. 

oMJjp m&mii, knrd. m&'m6 Garz. 281, m. lit. 
uncle, but used as a title of respect prefixed 
to names of old men, and in IT. used (esp. 
vocativcly) of bishops without a name added. 

Jl^pbML^ m&m{idit&, OS., f. 6, baptism. 

^oMLiiD see M^* 

^ioLo (my&mil, =r A^. 

»1mjj0 mimil, i) cans, of .ImL. 2) arab. 

^y^s^ conj. iii^ to bargain, barter; to vaUMe, 
appraise; v.n. jS^aokp in AL, dealings. 

i^kMkb mamla, m. i, businefs, dealings, esp. 
in connexion with interest ^ao aol to trade, 

.OMJAp mamiq K., OS. Aph., i) caos. of 
JtiieL; hence 2) to deepen tr. 3) met. to do 
thoroughly; ^\n ^» to revolt deeply, Isa. xzzL6. 
4) to dig deep. 

&»Jap m&mir, i) cans, of ^soL. 2) to buUeL 
3) U., to people, colonize a country; all as 
OS. Aph. 

^a»^ mimar, arab. turk. .Uju*, m. i, a 
master builder, an arekUeet ; ikf- f. orMisetmn, 

ijkttiab ma^mri, or '» tf^, OS.*, m. a dwdUng- 

i^ mink Al. (ladz. 509), or in U. K. 
iSsip or«.iI-, minayi, m&n&-(, arab. turk. ^yj^t 
kurd. manS Grarz. 247, Nold. 393, f. i, mean- 
ing, signification. 

dcmiao m'anqish Al., to starve, Lidz. 403. 

;ila4» m'iisya, OS., m. Maaseiahy 2 Chr. 
xxviii. 7. 

&^ m'asir K., as OS. Pa., to tithe,^^ 
iMbiM U. with dir. obj. 

iSubJdp m&8&r&, OS., m. i, tithe, a tenth part. 

} JLi» ml'ap Al., f. id., turk. i-jlju» (fr. arab. 
-JLft)» favoured, forgiven, Lidz. 404. 

&fLi» m'apir Al., to jest, joke, Lidz. 404. 

lilaiiD mi«pr&, OS.*, m. i, 1) the outer 
Eucharistic vestment, of the form of a square 
sheet embroidered with crosses ; the material 
now used is unbleached cotton. 2) a nibOf 
mantle, cloak. 3) a veil put on a child's head 
at baptism. 

^liw (mya^l, to raise difficulties or factions; 
v.n. jZh^^im a faction. See l^. 

;&&^iap maserta, OS.*, f. 6, a winepress. 

I^^^nkp m4q{il, f. id., arab. turk. ,J^ijtA» 
i) ncUe, honoured. 2) as subs., m. i, a 
nobleman, chief. 

^^«4» (mytlqlin U., fr. ^ta^*, to be or make 

lijiao (myirt, i) to paUh. 2) met. to make 
upf forge, 3) met to finish a business well. 


4) Al as arab. cfjc, to border a garment, 
Lidz. 406. y.iu iUi^ a patch (see ii&^), a 
clout. See 2il. 

i&itp m&rl, i) caos. of iil. 2) <o rotn tr. 

;?&Aap m&^rwi, OS., m. the west; '» ^ west- 
loards, from the west; ^»p ^uo»4^ eouth-ivest, 

j^^iio (myerbi^ to to$» intr., as a sick man 
in bed ; to he restless ; to wallow. 

(a^ mi^wi-yk, f. }U', OS., western, 

&4f^^ m&ripat (in Al. ^i^-), arab. SJ^jl^, 
tnrk. kurd. oJ^ju*, f., i) good manners, jioUte- 
ness. 2) knowledge, 

^aSkiio m&r&k&, arab. i5^, f. noise, disturb- 
ancCf tumult, 

^^io (m/erpil, i) as OS. Ethpalp., to roll 
over, to faU on one*s side esp. when stunned by 
a blow. 2) to die. 

ofj^ m4riq, OS. Aph., i) cans, of ofpi. 

2) to allow to escape; genenHy, to save, hide ir. 

3) to jmrsue. 4) to hasten tr. 5) ^is^i^ » 
= % ^^9 to smile, 

ili9&4» (m/erqil, (in OS. to involve, twist), 
rt. ^isSL, i) to delay, stop tr. and intr. 2) to 
abide, remain, be permanent. 3) to wait for, 
with A or Ajb. 

^jf^Xifi merqil, cans, of prec., to delay tr. 

9^ m'&sh6 Al., i) = ^, to sup. 2) to invite 
to supper, 

Ikkp m4ta, f. 9, i) a grape, 2) met a 
pimple, pustule, 3) see ^Mo. Dist. l^. 

j^AM mit& or m6t4, fr. ^jio, f. 6, a chum, a jar 
used for making butter. 

t&;pi4^ m6tabar Al., f. id., arab. ^,;«^, 
well known, worthy of note, 

t^ioap, or in Ti. ^-, m&t&l, mit&l, f. id., 
arab. turk.^, at a loss, at a standstill, 
idUy nonplussed, with N^ or p^for; ^10 ol^ to 
be at a loss, 

^Jf^^i» (m)'iltqin, fr. jb^, to 60 oU or ancient, 
to grow old, 

l^ map! U., ^ mipi Sal., caus. of ^. 

p^kio or 9i|lbo mp4-id, mpa-yid Al., i) arab. 
jU, to get, find, procure, Sachau 43. 2) of. 
ia^jjl, to be present, to appear ^ Lidz. 538. 

^^ mpi'ich K., i) = ^ji. 2), cf. ;s^^, 
to take a handful, 

^^ mp&'il K., to pick grapes when ripe. 

A^^ see ^Sk!^, 

^^fj^ mpajpij Al., to search, Lidz. 540. 

P:^ K., see >iajto. 

j^s^ok^ mpa-wij AL, to repel, Lidz. 539. 

j!^^ mapdkhlti, OS.*, f. 6, = ...ii^, Jer. 
vi. 29. 

jt^^ K., see ^l.A. 

}^c^ mapttltA, OS.*, H. Aii, f. 6, gram. 
the particles a :p :o :^; a ease formed by 
these particles. 

3o^ or ^ok» (m)p6pt, -bl, onomat., i) (o 
bleat, 2) to moo as a calf. 

&ok» see SoUao. 

&^i)o, a&'^ see ^iepo. 

^^ mp4zil Al., to interfere, Sachau 86.61. 

•f t^ see 


A^fiiw (m)pakhil, chiefly U.,=il^, to forgive; 
V. n. jt^Nykw a bribe, i Sam. xii. 3. 

.MfLl^ (m)pakhpikh, i) fr. ^^, to breathe 
hard, 2) K,, (cf. OS. ^tsl to be weak, thin 1), 
to be loosed, 

&gJbo mp&khir Al., arab.^^, to boast, Lidz. 
540. See &»ftJ2. 

\fS^|ao (m)piltpit U., onomat, i) to whisper. 
2) to mutter charms, Cf. ^tei», xtaete, AsS^Jm. 

>i^Si^ mptitrim K., i) to graft, with flX^= 
tfito. 2) to vaccinate, 

(sjOfA^ or as RV. NyAaifiip mapibshat, mapi- 
biishit. Psh. 6ce^^, Mephibosheth, 2 Sam. iv. 4. 

.^^ mp4-yigh Al., OS. Pa., to cool tr., 
Lidz. 538. 

p^ see pXLo. 

«m|Jm» or «M^ mapyikh, mapikh, i) caus. oi 
^2^. 2) to cool tr. 3) met to of^peoM. 4) K., 
to ladle, i.e. to cool a hot liquid by tossing it 
in the air with a spoon. 

^LIm mapyich, caus. of f {k. 



&|Jbp mapyir, = a^^* caus. of aJL^. 

j^Jbp see a^. 

5^^ and ^|Jb0 mapik, mapyik, both U., cans, 
of ^2^. Dist. ^4oi». 

^oAJbo (m)pachkin, to go had as gum. 

i^^ibo mpichil K., = foil. 

«lfl^ mapchil, i) cans, of 1I2J1. 2) to iwist 
t r. 3) met. to change^ alter , pervert, turn aside; 
^fMcpf ^10 to take back a promiu; to pre- 

^^fi^N^ (m)pachpich, i) = «^i^^^. 2) ono- 
mat., = VM^* ^^' ^t^' 

aalbo (m)p4kir, arab. ^^si, to consider, to 
lookclosdy at, with a; to think, Cf. ^af , ^ai^^. 
Dist. &^. 

>i^^ see >i;a&iM. 

^ or d^^ mp&16 K., or '^ (m)i^Il U., 
mpftl^ Al., sometimes in Al. as OS. Pa. 4^^ 
mpaligh, to divide; see .^J. (ittsu ^Ito to be an 
astrologer; j»^ «&fi<^ ^Ito to divide into two 
parts. Agent ?i!^\j>^, jSf^^^ arith. a divisor, 

%M^kiap maplikh, i) caus. of «Jii. 2) esp. to 
ti««. — e^^M <o exercise oneself; x^i ^10 to open 
Me bowels ; 2!L»^^ $^^^^ a taskmaster, Ex. y. 6. 

\!^Jbo (m)p&lit, OS. Pa., [in Az. i conj. in 
these senses], i) to put out, expel, 2) to bring 
or take out, extract, deduce, 3) to exact, with 
«!^ or ^ =from, 4) to carry out of a place. 
5) to hatch, bear, bring forth. 6) to give out, 
distribute. 7) to take off a ring, &c. — ^^f^ ^» 
to acquit; 2&'opi^ ^10 to bring to light; ^a»oi ^10 
to juggle. See \!^. 

t^^A^ or «a^- miplis, -lis, f. id., arab. 
turk. (jJUu, bankrupt, 

a^ mapalti, OS.*, f., = j^odM>. 

^^^X^ (m)paltik, fr. ^aAi, to stammer. 

.a^^iio (m)palti8h, or in K. ''&4bo mpertish, 
fr. «^, to grope for, fed; to search. See 

.Igao^, ^»4mJ^, 5^|bs4», see ^aIm. 

^ (m)p4nl, i) K., (cf. OS. P. to turn 
oneself, £thp. to look back), to walk cautiously. 
2) U., to destroy. See )jJl. 

4bo (m)pambil, = 

>i>a^ (m)pandim, or in K. ^i^ mpadim, 
fr. ^9jJ, i) to dam. 2) to be dammed, to swell 
as water. ^ 

ii|k)o see ^ftlM. 

^^44» (m)pampikh U., OS. *.4»M, to swell. 
f^bijbo (m)pampikh, (for ^&|to rt ^&J to 
rub ?, OS. ^^), to crtmble h*. and intr. 

*lfL4ibo (m)pampil, fr. A^ ?, i ) to reef, stagger, 
stumble lit. and met. 2) met. to 6e ravu/M 
or intoxicated, Prov. y. 19. 

Avo^ (m)pa8il U., = stpk, to step. 

Saijbo (m)p&-wir (or &) U., = kjJk, to yawn, 

&ilap map'ir, i) caus. of S^k. 2) to Mporoto 
wool with the hands. 

l^iio (m)p4sl, OS. Pa., to deliverj save. See 

A^ or ^jfi» (m)p&9il, OS. J^ and ^^ 

1) to cut out clothes, to shape, 2) to engrave, 
to carve an image. Caus. ^^ mapeil. 

^^jjbo mpasin AL, to praise, Lidz. 543. 

^^ (m)pa8pi9, onomat., i) U., to hiss. 

2) U., to snore. 3) K., to whistle. 4), cL^j^, 
to be asthmatic, to wheeze. 

«cijbp, JBLfi, and oif «e mapiq, m&-, m6- AL 
Ash., i) as OS. Aph. Ji^i, caus. ofjojfl. 2) to 
take away, 3) to &rtn^ ou^, bring forth, lidz. 

afitfbo (m)p^id U., = pjbi K. Al. q.v., i) to 
command, order, bid, sometimes with a of the 
thing ordered, and ^ or il^ of the person ; 
to give instructions; to appoint. 2) used fay 
interpreters for to say, as 01^ Ij^dfiSbo ^ N. 
(the person whose words he is interpreting) 
says; so turk. (>^^.. 3) imp., used by a 
host, or an inferior, enter, sit d^mm, oblige 
me, &c.; so turk. ^^,. 4) K. Al., to visit, 
to go and see or look at. 5) K. Al., to set in 
order. 6)* to miss, 1 Sam. xx. 18. f ) to send 
a person with a message to (with «ftA^), or 
to «e?»c{ a message to, 

^ja!k^ mapq&ni, OS. (ft. «tiAft q.v.), m. the 
book Exodus. 

digLlM mapqi, to burst open tr., caus. of dak. 
>»ifii^ or liiafM^ (°^)p^<lPiq> ^^ <^ broad 


sound, fr. dak, i) to crack open tr. and intr. 
2) met. to laugh loud, to burtt into laughter, 

jEigtfbo uip&qish K., to dean. 

ih^ maprl, as OS. Aph., i) caus. of 2&i. 
2) to multiply tr., not in arith. [see ^^.tto]. 
Agent ^M^ in K. AI. OS. the Majrian, a 
W. Sjr. dignitary, second to the Patriarch. 

liiki map&r4, f. i, a emaU box for paper. 

^Js^^ibo (or^^) K. AI. mp&rij, mp&-, i) arab. 
^jh, OS. A.^M* lo please oneself, to take 
pleasure, 2) to look on esp. at a show, to look 
at, with »^, in AI. with o^. 

«|^&jbo (ni)pergi£, or <aVv-, i) to Jat ouJt right 
and left. 2) to destroy completely , lay waste, 

^^jbo rop&rid K., i) £r. 2p&$, to cover with 
a curtain. 2) OS. P., to separcUe threads in 
weaving. 3), cf. ^oo^lki, to spread laths on. 4) 
fr. i^^, to pound wheat. Dist. f^. 

ta^bo or f^^^ mpariz K., fr. fof&J, to fast. 

^f a^bo (m)perzl, see l\^, to cut in pieces, to 
crumble tr. 

«M.^Sbo mp&rikh AL, arab. ^yi conj. ii., to 
breed, Lidz. 545. Dist ^^ 

^&^ K., or ^^$ao IT., or P^A^ao K., 
mperchim, -in, mpachrim, fr. ^&i q.v., to 
wedge in. 

^aJi» maprim, cans, of p^k and folL 

;jp&^ (m)perml, fr. p^ q. v.Y, to understand, 
comprehend; to be skiUed in, with a. Cans. 
^&Jbp (or ^fjf) maprmt, mapinnl (rare), and 
^&Jbp, to explain. Agent l^ajioa^ a wizard^ 
an enchanter. 

;i&jbo see jj&Im. 

\f&^ (m)perpi^ fr. ^pl, i) to wear out. 
2) to tear in pieces, to tear. 

^Mbo (m)perpil, for "1^ = heb. i>)»nn 1, 
to intercede; to beseech^ beg, pray^ implore, 
with a, rarely with ^ ^^4^. 

•ftbf^^ (m)perpis, i) fr. Jb^, to scatter, 
squander. 2) to destroy. 3) to take to pieces, 
to break up. 4) with ^o2ijK, to break the peace, 
to fight. 5) Ash., to a«ib a question ; to search 
for, to seek, Lidz. 546. See 

Jf &4ii» (m)perpt, OS., to nnM. 

&^&|io (m)perpir, i. pron. thin, OS., cf. 
2&i^, i) to spin a top. 2) to ti^Afrl, 6ranJi</^, 
^UTtW. 3) K., to u^rench oneself away. — 11. (or 
i^4^6o) pron. broad, onomat., i) to snort. 

2) to bleat. 

jEf &4bo mperpish K., fr. jl^ ?, = obbf &4bo. 

^j^.&^ (m)per9in, i) U., to 60 crisp, as snow, 
a) K., to MutT^. 

jB§Jbo (m)p4riq, i) to save, redeem lit. and 
met., as OS. P. 2) as OS. Pa., to remove 
tr., to toA» atoay. 3) to finish tr. See jb^. 
v.n. faffkio (m)p&riiqt&, f. 6, a rtmsom, Ex. 

XXX. 12. 

Ajf^ss (m)perqt, fr. sak, to crack, snap. So 
OS. .i^M^M. 

«^Jb9 mp&rish K, =r ^&^. Dist. «^. 

HfM^m mperahikh AI., fr. i^atfl, cf .«xtao, 
to spread, spread open, to stretch oneself, 
Lidz. 546. 

^&^ (m)per8hin IT., £r. «&|, to pav0, make 
a floor, = jL^k». 

i^^ mapeHi, (rt &!& to be frightened 1), 
f. the hankering fancies of pregnant women. 

.^a^ see foil. i. 

^t.&^ I. (m)pertikh, (= OS. ^&», rt ^&i 
to rub; cf. ^o(k&i, Jft&i, ^lftS»), to crumUe 
tr. and intr., to 6reaA; m pieces. 11. (m^rtik, 
i) to jftp ,/Voffi the hand. 2) to shrink back. 

3) to escape, recover oneself from, with ^ 

^&|io (m)pertil, fr. .^ to (icm< tr. and 
intr.; to icrtiui a clock; to ctcW as smoke, 
to urAt'W. 

«^a^ K., see 1i». 

jK|bp or j^Jap mapish, mapyish, caus. of Jt{k ; 
^Lja ^10 K., to (oibd /<0a«e 0/ one remaining. 

HF^ (m)p&ahikh, as OS. P. Pa., to rend, 
tear, split. See hf^* 

A^(m)p&8hit, i)U.,a8 0S.P.Pa.,to«lfvlc* 
out tr., sometimes with a ; (A^) a w^l 'iat to 
stretch forth one's hand against, lay hands on. 
a) K. AI., to MiMi. 3) to ^tv. 4) AL, to 
dismiss, let loose, Saohau 69. See J^|k. 

\)rAy mapshit, i ) caus. of \9^. 2) to see 
off on 2^ jouruey, to escort. 3) K. Al., = prec. 
no8. 1,3. 4) to carry out of a city. 

XMKktf (m)pashim, = ^^^. 

^ttacjbo U. AL, also in Al. ^x^, (m)pashmin, 
mpazbmin (see prec), i) (0 grieve tr., distress, 
2) Ah, = 'fLj^f to be sorry, with A =for. 

jcjbc^ (m)pa8hpish, i. i) onomat. , = \4\,Hir». 
2) Al., to jingle, clink. 11. i) as OS. jqco^, 
xJLoh^l, to rnelt, dissolve tr. and intr. 2) to 
reduce to pulp. 3) to mortify as flesh. 4) Terg., 
to sleet, to snow or rain lightly, 

jo-jckio (m)pa8hiq, i) as OS. Pa., to translate, 
interpret; |Of^i l\r\i ^^ to translate into old 
Syriac, 2) K., to stretch oneself, 3) K., to 
make straight. See ja:^^. 

^^kLo mp&shir, as OS. P. Pa., i) to melt tr. 
2) to digest tr. 3) to chew the cud. See ^. 

i^fbp mapit Al. Ash., caus. of &k^. 

}i^ mipta U., pers. turk. \:jJu, freely, gratis. 

;mm mpathd K., as OS. Pa. (but i^ in OS.), 
to spread out. See icA. 

ItfJko maptl, as OS. Aph., i) caus. of ;^ll. 
2) to widen tr., to open wide, enlarge, 3) to 
spread tr. 

«^M» maptiil, arab. y}j:Ju», m. i, wire, (cf. 

i^fbSip miptl Al., arab. ^si.^, m, i, a mufti 
or teacher, Lidz. 515. 

.^Mab maptil, caus. of .1^. .IL ^» to change 
ona's mind. 

6464bo (m)patpit, i), (in OS. to make small, 
cf. ^^), to pull wool, to tear. 2) K., = \J\^. 

Jt^^ mpitish Al.TA.,= dt>i, Sachau 87.76, 
Sociu 154.76. 

^1^ mist, I conj., irrcg. v. (Gram. 128), 
i) as OS. Ethp. Aph. (pp. only in P.), to be 
able; can; pp. able. 2) with dir. obj., to be able 
for, to be able to do, 3) to prevail, with a 
=zover; to be stronger than, 4) impers., ^ 
^i^ it is possible, 5) K., to attain to, with »i. 
— In U. K, this verb often forms pret. and 
v.n. fi-om^^ q.v., and first pres.^, ^^&c,, 
imp. ^d» mCif. In Ti., and also with H in 
U. K. Az., the pp. abs. st. is used as pres., 


with pronoun affixes, as |^ ms^, ^ m^a (sic), 
^^^ msit, .»6^ msat &c.; so ts^ i^ limfdt, 
thou canst not. See l^. — ^^ |^ m^t kttl, 
OS.*, almighty, omnipotent, v.n. jIm^ m$6t&y 
pouter, ability; .»fi^^ ^i as far as I can. 

^^ m^bih Al., arab. ^^^, cf. .^a^, to 
meet in the morning, with a, Lidz. 528. 

69^ m^abith K., OS. Pa., absolutely, to 
prepare bread for the Eucharist. 

oj^jc, see folL and «m^. 

;o7j^ ma8-h6 Ti., or im^jo masi U., -96 Tkh., 
caus. of lai^. 

07^7^ Ash., see «mm^. 

ao^ msdb AL, = JbAio. See ao^, Jbo^. 

}^o^ masiikht^, f. 6, afire-shovel. 

^o^ (m)869i, i) chald. pv, to cry out, 
howl, ydp, whi7ie. 2) K., to beseech. 3) as 
OS. to chatter as birds. 

^^^ msa-with K., (;k Al., Lidz. 528), cf. 
l6so^, to speak, talk, chat. 

^^ masib Ash., arab. 1^ conj. ii., to direct^ 
guide, Lidz. 530. 

auj^ msahib AL, £r. au»^, to make firiendM 
with, with dir. obj., Lidz. 529. 

^o»^ (m)8akhwin, fr. l^^^, to get fns^ to 
clear intr., to dear up, 

«M^^ m§ahih Ash., arab. ]1^ conj. iL, to 

establish ov get at the truth of a matter, Lidz. 
530. Cf. -.^, -.^. 

* \ *t ^ (m)6akhlikh, fr. ^^ 1, to have sharp 
pains or spasms, 

IsT^ (ni)i^h9), cf. iMM^?, to examine^ 
question, look into, try, prove, search out, search 
for; pp. with tf, unsearchable. 

;^^ ma?tttbt4, OS.* (W-Syr. '»), rt tta^, 
f. 6 (sic), 1) a raised step ox platform. 2) ths 
dwarf wall in front of the sanctuary of a 
church. 3) a ^base,* i Kgs. vii. 27 &c. 

Jk^^ see ^190. 

jt3^^ see ^aSy^. 

^ssf^ m^ibat Al., pi. of arab. A;>i^4, mtt- 
fortunes, Lidz. 514. 


a^^m8ayidhAl.,<oeate^,Lidz.525* Seep2t. 

j^^ roa^d, i) cans, of p|j^, = OS. Aph. 
?tffi- a) OS. Aph. ^U to peep ai, 3) to lie 
in wait for. 

y»t^ ma^yim, caos. of pl^. 

^^ masyin, or ^^ ma^in, cans, of ^|^. 

Jif^ ma^yip, i) caus. of J{^. 2) to wring 
liquid out of a cloih &c. 

^^ ma^yity aod in Al. Ash. (k^ or (k^ 
ma^it, m&fit, also -ith (Lidz. 525),= A^]^, with 
^OT ^, Not in caus. sense. 

is^ see ojo. 

ii^ ma^alft, az. turk. iJLa^, f. i, nuUerialf 
stuffs in all trades. 

i^^ (m)^t, 1) OS. Pa., to pray, often 
llsil^^ j^ [in Az. both i and a conj. in this 
sense, with i^=/or]. a) OS. Pa., to sei 9k 
snare. 3) to pitch a tent. 4) OS. P., with A^ 
to give ear. See ^^. 

i^^ mafli, i) caus. of J^. 2) to bring 
down^ cast down. 3) arith. to reduce fractions ; 
to caned fractions when multiplied together. 
Y.n. £S^ the descent of a hill. 

vij^ Al. Ash., see J^^. 

^iH^ maflihat, arab. a a'^ ^, turk. v::^.- 
(lit. business), f. i, advice, counsel; V ^» 
with i^, to advise tr. (or .^ ^10 «^op^), but with 
Pi,, to take counsel. 

^> m^ilikh K., -ih Al., i) K. as OS. P. 
Pa., also ^\^ip m^alkhin K., to chop, a) K., 
cf. prec., to take counseiL 3) Al., arab. JL* 
co^j. iv., viii., to reconcile, appease, makefriernds. 

ki ma^liyi lakhm& U., f. the 

«\}i^^ (m)9alil, i), cf. A*Sa, to become sober. 
2) met. to get uM; to receiver, come to after 
a &int. 3) K., of water, to boscme clear (so 
OS. Pa. but tr.). 4) K., (cf. OS. P. to ring), 
to neigh. 

}^^mi9mi9,,(arab.v>U^^^ acrimony), 
cross, Hl'tempered. 

j^^ ma^mif , no Mim prefixed, to be h%uhed, 
to hush intr. 



^jjjjp see ^j«io. 

«^jA^ (m)8andil, cf. «^aA^, i) to make to 
stand up. 2) to stand firm. 3) ^0 hcmg the head. 

ofj^ft^ m^andiq Terg., fr. ^opA^?, to sit 
with the knees gathered up to the chin. 

^1^^ (m)§an$il, (fr. OS. .^ to ooze ?), i) 
to flow, 2) to pour out. 3) to offer a libation. 
Dist. Aftift^. 

J^j^ (m)ean9ip, (perh. fr. OS.«l}^ to beat?), 
to smart. 

;C^|^ see Ifs^ho. 

i(x^ miffkyk, OS.*, m. i, a mediator, 

^^, Stod., for ^^. 

aij^ (m)8&'ir, irreg. v. (Oram. 133), form- 
ing some tenses fr. &pS^ (but not i pros.), 
OS. Pa., to abuse, revile, call names; v.n. 
;&&S^ 8&rt&, I conj. form, for ^l^. 

j^S^ m^&'ti, OS.*, f. the midst, Col. ii. 1 4 

^1^ (m)^pt, i) arab. \JL» conj. iv., to make 
clear or dean; to purge; to strain water; to 
strain out, with dir. obj. See Q^ . 2 ) see •^um. 

ik^ mi^, Mizpah, Mizpeh, Gen. xxxi. 49 
(Psh. ^00^) ; or (^^ maqpyi as Psh., i Kgs. 

XT. 22. 

Ji!j^J^ see 'aao. 
jf^ see xamio. 

^sfff ^t^» ^S^ °^^< mifir, ma^r Al. Ash. 
(&^ TA.). arab.^;-^-., = ^b^, Lidz. 515. 

^i^ (m)9erbl, fr. ^^ Y, <o drench. 

^^ masrikh K. Al., as OS. Aph., = ^}|^. 

} ;:!(^ mi^ri-yi, £ A^, OS., ^^;)<tan. See 


^S|^ or as Psh. pfb- mi^ri-yim, mi^rtm, 
Misraim, Oen. x. 6. 

^j^^ mi^, OS., f. Egypt. '»? aC4; a 
turkey; ^»^ ^^^ a ftiriby cock; ^o^ J]^^ 
a ksrkey hen. 

Jj^^ K. AL, or ^ U., m^arip, (m)^-, 1) 
IT. K. as OS. P., to refine metals ; to test, prove 
lit. and met., sometimes with a. 2) Al. Ash., 
arab. ^^, to spend. Lids. 537. See Jj^^ and 




Jj^^ ma^rip, i) caiu. of J^^. 2) AL. = 
prec. no. 2, Lidz. 537. 

I J2»^ mafrap, (Az. -af), arab. tark. s^J^^^j^, 
£y i) U. K«, use, uiefulneu; iL^ (., id. 2) 
Al. K., tpending, expenses; money to spend, 
Lidz. 537, (Ma1. ma^rfifi, Pariaot xii. 136). 

&^S^ (m)9erfir, arab.^^.#^, c£ 2&^^, to 

Ak^, a^^ AL Aah^ tee a^^^. 

**^. *i**, we W 

;aif see ;«itt0. 

;^ oritt, see 9^ ^. 

^am (m)q&bl, i) (o (/am up water. 2) (o 
co{£0e< inir., aa blood. Bee ^. 

{.^^ouai^ miiqbiil, f. id., arab. tark. 4^t^» 
(cf. ^^m), acceptable. 

t t:9af^ mttqw&.ya, f. jd^, OS., If aecabee, Mae- 
eabean. ifl&p9 ^i^> looaely, the Apocrypha, 
the deutenhcanonical books of the OT. 

i^gMip mttq&bil, arab. JjU^, opposite; rare. 
[Cf. Az. 9 ^¥^ mqablit, instead of.] 

^jfoss (m)q&bily OS. Pa., i) to receive, accept; 
pp. aco^}table, 2) to approve, believe, agree 
with a Btatement. 3) to permit, siuffw a thing, 
io consent to do a thing, to bear with a person. 
4} to entertain a gnest 5) with fiifp, to con* 
eeive. Cans. Vjrty mtlqbily to make acceptable; 
to inflict, with ^^on. Agent |ft^ka4a»* a 
humeral veil worn by the deacon who holds 
the paten while the priest communicates the 
people from it; in Jaa. iii. 17 RV. as a4j.| 
eaeily intreated. y.n. it^:iJ»o* a banquet. 

pM^ mtlqid Al., «o long <u, perh. = foil. 

^ AL, see ^ ^. 

ffd^M m&qid, in Al. also as OS. ^«e mdqidh, 
cans, of p^. 

^^)^ miqldOnlyi, OS., Macedonia, AcU 
xvi. 9 ; fk», OS., Macedonian^ ib. 

yi^im (m)q4dim, i) OS. P., to anticipate. 

2) K., OS. Pa., to get up early in the morning. 

3) to seek early or diUgendy, 4) to come before 
or forward; to come or bring a matter into 
the prteenee of with Jb^ or p^ S) ^ 90 
to meet, to go early to meet, sometimes with 
f )lSf i^. 6) to go in front, go brfore, with dir. 

obj. — p 1x4 ^» to dimppoint; li^^hsf HI emm 
to fasten a boy betimes, y. n. Impaso aa adr. 
befor^and, and in K« AJ. (with '») in th^ 
morning, to-morrow. 

Mpjfaa (m)qftdqid, OS. ^ to cut up into logs. 

ij^im mqadir AL, fr. h^, to wwaswrs. Lids. 


b^iso miqdir AL, arahu jjUuL*, quamOtjf, 
amount, Lidz. 552. 

a^ (m)qldi8h, OS. Fa., i) fo mate kol^, 
sanctify, co n secrate. 2) K., to celebrate the 
Eucharist, also absolutely. 

U^^UM mftqdshi, OS.*, m. i, a sanctuary. 

^5ittb or Imai^ mftq-hi, -ql, i) cans, of ^910. 
2) to set on edge. 3) to blunt, make blusU. 

Intxo miiqwl, i) cans, of )o0. 2) to effirm^ 
often with i!S4i. 3) to strengthen, fort^, eom^ 
flrm, eetablish, appoint. 4) to eoinmand strieUy, 
with .i^ of the person. 

«..«4ao (m)q&-wikh K. Q., = .^AL, i) to 
rebuke, sccHd. 2) = foil. 

«»oisip mttqwikh, OS. P. Ethpa., to cry, cry 
out, damour. 

i^ofiNo K., ^f^ IT., mq&-wil, (m)q&-wil9 arab'. 
JlS conj. iiL, cf. i&ji, to promise. 

potash mtlqwil AJ., arab. JlS coig. yiii., Io 
command, Lidz. 550. 

poiffto (m)q&-wim, cf. p]ja, to happen, oeeur, 
with .^ or Af. s to; y.n. j6oo4a» on accident^ 
evetU, chance. 

^ooM mq6m& Al. K., qoma IT. Ash. Al., (lit 
it happens that, but p is usually omitted), 
perhaps; or as conj., in ease, lest, if perchance. 

;9afitto (m)q6ql, i) as OS., to caw, to croak, 
2) to howl. 3) U., to coo. 

^fiso (m)q&zid, see f^, 1) to guess. 2) to 

judge by the eye, 3) Tkh., to set onis fiwe. 

4) to look esp. from a distance, to gaze, with a 

= at 5) K. Q., to approach a great man, 

a holy place &c. 

4ao (m)qttkhqikh, onomat, (OS. Ethpal- 
pal of purling water; aralxiX^f), i)toeaMei 
2) to call as a partridge. 3) U., to shake in 
singbg, of men and birds, to warble. 


(m)qtttt, to dean wheat by removing 
email Btones See. This ia done by the women 
in the honaea, and ia quite diatinct from the 
winnowing, which ia done on the threahing- 
floor. See ^yk 

.iyab miiqti, i) caua. of .syk a) Al, to 
ehang€, divert, Lida. 553. 

\^^ (m)qtttqit, i) = .aaa4a0l. a), or 
^\n\ f j a ft, with a broader sound, fr. J^ to 
divide, eui up, hew in pieces, 

^^Vi*^ (m)qtttrin, fr. &^, 1) to be hunek- 
backed, bent, crooked. 2) to bend, arcK^ 

^fj^te mqayid Al., arab. x^ conj. v., to be 
careful, Lidz. 548. 

^ifttp see ?M9ip. 

^t^imaqyin, i)caua.of^lB. 2) = ^^ 

Jb^ (m)qayi8, i) arab. ^U (of. Jbl^), to 
measwre; to compare. 2), see ib|0, to gather 

ap maqyia, caua. of ibja. 

no maqjrip, cans, of .ajM. See iniHio. 

^^ maqyiff, =^. 

ifiab maqyir, caua. of h^ q.y. See ^^ip. 

^ (m)qiichqich, = VV<* 1^0. a. 

i^im, i) (m)q&li U., OS. P. Pa., to roaei, 
parch, b<ike. 2) Al., aee \\tm 

i^im mtiqli, i) caua. of i^ (dist. J^). 
2) met. to make to run faet, to haeten, Stod., 
aa arab. Xi. 

ibUi mtlqlA Al. Sh., rt. Jin, f. i, a cooking^ 

a^ttM miiqlib, 1) caua. of aj^ a) Aah., to 
bring back. 3) to pervert. 

;^^^ TL or lolifM mqiilb^, (m)qiilbiz, (0 rott 


o^u^ and oj^ mqftlii, mttqlA Al., aee el^ 
to cleanee, to bathe, Lida. 555. 

qA^m (m)q&]tt, i) chald. tf^^, to emdU. 
2) Al., of the heart, met. to be if^/lamed. y.n. 
A>X^^ curdled pottage; that uMchie curdled. 

|.,^2kiapAl., aeen^^kV^M. 

.1^ (m)qiili], as OS. FtL., = .ia^M no. i. 

;i^h» mqiils^, OS.*, Reverend, aa a title. 

j{^ mq&l^ AL, to quarrel. 

;(l$^ (m)qiilith& AL, fr. prec., f. 6, a 

J^ (m)q&lip, as OS. Pa., or ^fX^ao (m)qiil- 
pin, see Ji^, (o atrtp ^ bark, to ped, to AM 
peaa &c.; pp. ;^^tmjlaked, Ex. xW. 14. 

^jliNfjaft (m)q(ilf in, <o lan^aft^ Jade. 

.191^ (m)qiilqil, i) U. OS., to lighten, ease, 
leeeen, aometimea with ^. 2) to get lete. 3) K., 
(cf. OS. Aph. and Palpel to conquer, despiae), 
to JighL 4) Al., aa OS. Aph., to haeten (cf. 
Aalti). 5) U., to crack walnuta. 6) AL aa 
arab. JllS, to tremble, to be disturbed, Sachau 
91.109. 7) as OS., to make little of, to bring 
into contempt, to despise, 

)M^ IT. Tkh., or ^i^ 'n., maqim, m&qim, 
OS. Aph. yi^i, 1) cans, of ^|0; hence 2) to 
raise (alao of the dead), to cause to stand up. 
3) met. to make firm, establish; to perform 
a promiae. 4) to found, institute, set up, set 
on foot, appoint, make, place, 5) p ^ ^10 to 
defend; pfa ^» to present a peraon to, Lu. 
ii. 22. 6) to rear, grow ir,, raise treea Ac 
7) to keep, obeg, perform a command. 

^aoip maq&mi, arab. L*IJL», m. i, an air, 
mode in muaic. See imtms, 

joyBM^ao (m)qQmqim, i)\J.,tobe downhearted. 
2) K., to crack, rumble; cf. ym^tm. 

frMttb maqimat, arab. i^Uu, f. i, i) a mode 
in music, i Cor. xiy. 7 marg. 2) the title of 
a book by Mar Audiahu (Ebec^eaus). 

f|dip mtiqnia, caua. of i|b; ^(^aiji ^10 to pout. 

S^A^M (m)qiintir, i ) K., fr. ^js, to tie. 2) U., 
to bend. ^) v., to stretch onese^. 4) to push 

as mqipia K., fr. «*iii, i) to gather m. 
2) met to fnanage, govern. 

.aoa^ao (m)qiipqip, OS., cf. J]«, to duck aa 
a hen aitting. 

jtfoM mqipiah K., aee w|f^n, 

jpp mttqi^ caua. ot^fi. 

cc a 


* • 

maqia, Tkb. Sh., m. i, or li^ab maqftsta 
K., £ 6, Fee aap, arab. tiirk« kurd. ^iJU 
aod ^JojU (in both senses), cf.^|o, i) scissors. 
2) snuffers. 

p^M mtiqsad, -at Al^ arab. XmJu^ purpose, 

jy^^tto (iD)qii9qi8, fr.^20 q.y., (0 ^fieoit m 
pieces; to bruise. 

&BH0 or &0O10 or &!^9io maqir, mdqir, mfighir, 
OS. i^Laisj rt aiaa, m. i, a e^t«eZ, a graving-tool. 

&ab maqir K., i) cans, of &J0 in all senses. 

2) as OS. Aph. h4k ^o make cold, to cool tr. 

3) met. to annoif. 4) to dig tr. 

a&ttp mtiqrl, i) cans, of ihja. 2) as OS. Aph., 
to teach as a schoolmaster. Agent t^^'*? U., 
I^&ab K., a sehoolmaster, teacher; or as adj. 
legiJUe; j^J&ttp ^Ul0 a /!e^'&^ Aarui. 

^attp mtiqriw, i) cans, of a'^. 2) as OS. 
Pa., to offer. 3) K., as OS. Pa., to celebrate 
the Encharist 4) K. Al., as OS. Pa., to bring 
near. 5) Al., as OS. P., to approach, with i^. 

^&^ (m)qerbin n., = prec. nos. 4 and 5, 
(the a from ^H^). 

J9&^ mqerbish K., = ^&^. 

^&^ (m)qerdikh, i) K., (cf. OS. )L^ 
noise ?), ^o clatter, to make a noise, cf. foil. 2) 
K., (cf. ^bja or OS. -JiJ 1), to be old. 3) U., 
to be an orj}han. 4) to <vi«uf down, trample 
(in OS. to beat with the fist). 

ajfhato mqerdish K.,=:prec. no. i. 
^^jaSs, ^aLojp, ....^iiap maqrikh, maqikh, 
maqyikh, cans, of ^^, ^J0. 

J^^iabb mtiqrit, cans, of \^, but not in cans, 
sense, i) to cut with scissors; to shear, dip. 
2) met. to keep IxMck part of a price or debt. 

^&ao (m)qer(l, (perh. fr. OS. A^ to go 
round), to roU up. 
yiQ^^ see ^&i»o. 

^|i3b0 mftqrim, i) cans, of ^^. 2) V.,to 
lose a game. 

mIp&^ (m)qermikh, fr. .mIao, i) to smash, 
break up. 2) to crumple. 

\y&ftiD (m)qermit, (in OS. to wrinkle, arab. 
ioj^, cf. \itt0), to be in pain, to have colie (lit. 
to have an internal wrench). See foil. 

^&d9o (m)qepnich, or by metatfa. 
(m)qerchim, or oBohhio (m)qermish, fr. 
cf. prec, i) to wrinHe. 2) to cfvimpU. 

see prec. 

(m)qemiz, fr. ^a, to crouch. 

A^im mqarip Al., to jest, joke. Lids. 558. 

^^00 mqerp6 Tkh., fr. ^ i) io ffoiher 
a dress Ac. 2) to gather up a curtain fte. 

^^an (m)qerpikh, OS. .^, i) to bt^ei, 
hit on the head, a) met. to wound, tkoek, 

af^^ (m)qerpish (so also Az.), ^cahass. 

^^ U., or j^»diD U., (m)q&ri9, (m)q&ri9, 
see ^hja, to squeeze, crush, hold fatst tr. and 

^attb miiqrif, i) cans, of ^ko. a) esp. to 
quarrel, dispute, contend, squabble, sirwe in 
argument, to go to law. 

Ik^^^hp maqtlri^dti, see prec., f. 6, 9, a 
quarrel, dispute. 

\^^^ (m)qer8in, i, see l^i^, i) to 
sting, prick as nettles or thistles. 2) to shrink 
back. 3) to beat with a thistle, as a cure for 
rheumatism, n, see ^^^, to sweep. 

»i9&^ (m)qerqiz, cf. an^ms, i) to pack, 
pack up. 2) to get ready. 3) to gather up. 
4) to economise. 5) K., to peel walnuts. 

^&^ (m)qerqim, onomat.1, cf. xdJU^ 
^[ttaotto, to thunder. 

dy^&ao (m)qerqip K., perh. fr. jfiA^i&i^, i) to 
butt. 2) to be old. 

&fi&^ (m)qerqir, OS., onomat., cf. &9&V, 
i) to caw. 2) to croak. 3) to bubble as a 
water-pipe. 4) K., to crack. 5) K., met io 
quarrel. 6) met to be disquieted, as the heart» 
Jer. It. 19. 

aj^^^ (m)qerqi8h, cf. %a^tao, i) K. as OB., 
to shake, rattle, 2) K., to mix up. 3) U., to 
pick raisins. 4) U., to crack walnuts. 

.1^&^ (m)qerti],=«^NaaJo. 

attp maqish, cans, of atfi. 

ajoac maq&sh, m. i, i) 6h.,=s^^, so Ex. 
XXV. 38. 2) smaU forceps. 


&>S4m9 K., or 'x4*^ U., mq&zhdir, (m)q(lBhdir, 
to darsy venturty to be bold; ^^ao to have 
dominion over, i Tim. ii. la. 

jKautto (in)qiiBhqiBh, cf. momi^ chalcL B^'E, 
i) to pdi, as rain; i^mffou^ a etorm, 
pierUeoua rain, a) IT., to bubble. 

6jat^ and ik^ maqit, mfiqjit, cans, of (k|0 ; 
l\^^ '» to run a ship agrotmd, 

^^ mftqtU Al., i) or .^^^^ Al. TA., lidz. 
654, arab. JilJ, tojight, 2) to try. 

&S0 see «&». 2&10. 

jjitjo m&ra, OS., see foil, m. i, a, (also a* 
in Al.), i) lord, matter, a) esp. owner, 
poseeesor. 9 ^10 addicted to, = fell., Prov. xxii. 
a4 ; lyVf ? ^^ A dreamer. See ;(ko&», i^, «&». 

2&» m&rt U., mar6 K. Al., OS., const, st. of 
prec, also &» ro&r Al., poeseeeing, endowed 
with; prefixed to any subs, it makes an adj., 
as ^ 2&a0,= $iio, watery; ^o^ l&i a,^ more 
precious. — Sometimes a superfluous ^ follows. 
It is used unchanged for fem. and for pi. ; but 
it is often omitted, and the subs, used alone, 
as iiL J|^^f (A^l l9i\ this road ie dangerous. 
Ifiii '» Zeus, Acts xiv. la (as Psh.); X4 'm 
a householder, the master of the house. 

l^ mar& RV., = ;&&t.&^, old Am. ver., = 
^ ^$^&» Psh., f. Mara, Ruth L ao. 

liha^ or 2^910 mar'6, m(ir6 Al., arab. Vjm, a 
mirror, looking-glass, Lidz. 516. 

:^fLf mir&w, Psh. ;^al, f. Merab, i Sam. 
xiv. 49. 

^f^ mrkhk Al. TA., as OS. Pa., to grow tr., 
bring up, educate. Agent f^^io* a nursing 
father, Num. xi. i a. See folL 

^&S0 merw^ AL, i) cans, of ^!^. a) to in- 
crease tr., to enlarge, magnify, exaU. 

^ys merb&kh, f. i, a den, cave. 

;ia&S0 merb'i, OS., m. i, the womb, 

V,&» or ^j^ mirij, -ch, i coig., 08. ibfis, 
i) to rub, crush, pound, a) to press out juice ; 
to squash; to tread a winepress. 

{^&» or f &ip merj, merch, ax. turk. ^^ f. i, 
a bet; '» joy^ to bet. 

^&M merg& K. Al., OS., m. 1,4, i) a pasture, 
meadow, a) in pi., ^$s?>^9 ^^® name of a place 
in Kurdistan. 

Aj^ or p&^ili m&r&ghi, OS., pers. U]^U 
a town on the £. side of the lake of Urmi. 

^&M merj6 K. Al. TA., arab. l^, to ash, 
ask for; to beg, beseech, with ^. Agent )i^^ 
a beggar. 

^&S0 mergid, i) cans, of a^!^. a) to toss 
to and fro. 3) esp. to have fever, to shiver 
with fever. 4) to shake tr. 

&^&4p merg&-wir, kurd. j]y^^ PS. 339, 
a plain in Azerbaijan, close to the Turkish 

hti^^ merg&z&r, kurd. ^i^ a mountain in 

l&tV^&io m&rgir, pers.^^i^, m. i, a snake- 

^a^ mr&gil Sh. MB., as OS. Aph., to walk, 
go on foot ; to dismount. 

j^\&ip marigU or m&- K., OS. i^&», m. i, 
a large pot or cauldron. 

jL^btH^hio mergmiish, pers. Lr«^-«»^» kurd. 
merg&mus Oarz. 93, (lit mouse-killer), m. 

^&» merj&n, arab. turk. ^^l^;^ m. i, i) 
coral or any red bead; often in pi.; cf. foil, 
a) an amethyst; or ruby. 

j^o^&M merginltA, OS., gk. luiftyapinit, f. 6, 
i) a peart [Az. ^oA^aSk^'^ your pearls], a) the 
name of a theological treatise by Mar Audishu 

\j^fis, I. mragrig K., = jb^&», to shiver, 
u. mraghrigh K. (also ^^mlfm U.), OS. \^, 
to desire, covet, yearn for; m^ ^^f & is i>iy ^ 
dimi (m)ri^khrikhl!, he heaved with emotion. 

V,^4kis (m)rajrg, (fr. ju»& f or of. arab. Ij 
to move, tremble), to crawl, creep, as insects. 

iiXj^ or «^ marish, i) cans, of jiV^S; to 
wake tr. a) to warn. 3) to stir up. 

j^&si mergishU K., f. 6, = ^&^ no. if, 
Lidz. 516. 

9^ mirid (also ^^a^ i ooig^ arab. Ojj^, to 
rub. See phme. 


^adb marid, 2 conj., cans, of ^Jb*. 

I l^h» merda, f. 2j^ merdl, pers. ^, kurd. 
merdi Garz. 122, i) bcldf brave. 2) energetic. 
3) generouif charitable. See Itso^hso below. 

2^&ip merdi, i) catiB. of i^^, 2) to reconcile, 

\p&iip merd&g, az. turk. e)^, f. i, a «^/, 

;^9?&sp merdata, f. 6, 9, i) OS.*, rt. 2p&, 
uMtruc^ton, eduetUion; ^10 ^ ignorant, 2) see 
2paM, holdnesa &c. 

^p&ip merdin (or 'to or 'Sap Lidz. 516), arab. 
^^L», Afardin, a city of Meaopotamia. 

vp&ip merdin, no preformatiye Mim, fr. l^&io, 
to he or moAv fro/c2 or brave. 

}&^&» or &^&M merd&r, mAr-, pers. tark. 
,b^, unclean^ defiled. 

h>jfhip merdir, no preformative Mim, fr. prec., 
i) to deJUe. 2) to die a natural death ,{yxBitidi 
of cattle &c.). 

^9ih^ merh&-w&, az. turk. L^^^ (in arab. 
and osm. turk. hail !), bravo 1 (sic). 

^C7 ^ mer-het&niki OS.* (lit. making to run), 
m. I, gram, a Jialf Fthakha, a very short a, 
written (like ^jo^is) with a line over a letter. 
See ^xAffio, 

p9i^ see poi^, 

pfp&c Ash., = pb^S^. 

b&ao m&rfi, OS., Merv. 

^j&ip merwt, i) cans, of loH. 2) to water 

^oSUb m&r6ghin, OS., (properly 'ol ..Sab), 
m., a man*s name still used. 

ta^&so mar^di, f. ^io-, OS.*, rOeUioue. 

^^o&M mrudakh, OS., Merodach, Jer. 1. 2. 
See ^po&a and '10 ^i. 

fo&ao mirdz, Psh. jfohio, JUeroz, Jnd. v. 23. 

Mftf &iip merwikh, i) caus. of «m^!i'. 2) met. 
<o relieve. 3) <o ^preaci, scatter. 

p6^ minim, Psh. •p^, Merom, Josh. xi. 5. 

^o&c mrumi, OS.*, m.i, the height; ^jooSUmo 
tn the highest. 

;;Ao&ao m&rAn&-y&, f. &.-, OS., a Maronite, 

X Ik^hii m&riiwi, often m&- in U., for ;Lo&ao 
fr. ▲&», sickly, invalid. 

{k^&Ao see ;|iiC». 

N9&» mirwat, az. turk. c:>j|y^, arab. i?/^ ff 
i) justice. 2) a woman's name now ub&A. 

l^^hi m&rdta, OS.*, 1) m., a famous Syrian 
father. 2) f. 6, 9, (pi. also ;i^o2(&* as OS.), 
lordship, dominion, authority; A'lo p^ (or with 
.Ijti), to have power over. In pi. dominicna, the 
fourth order of angels. See afiHaib. 

fS:» miriz Q. Tkh., kurd ^L«, of. ^U», 
(2eAre, re^t^e^t; in Tkh. a com^nt. '» ^ 
whatever I ask, as in backgammon when the 
stake is not previously fixed. 

ffiip see fl'&Ao. 

^i&ip merz&, OS., fr. pers.j^, m. 4, i) side 
edge, margin; the brink of a river. 2) K.» 
limit, utmost border. — '^ «j^ to step asid^ 
keep out of; p '10 or ^ ?f^ (or «if-) araumd; 
p '10 o^ Id merza d', on that side of. 

lnh» merzk, Al., i) caus. of l%&. 2) to please^ 
Sachau 84.49. 

\f2k» mrazig K. Al. (or ^^m), arab. ^j;^, cC 
\ f &, jof & <o procure, prepare, Lidz. 565. 

^fkfto mrazil Al., see ^^, to ilUreat, iUuse. 

jLchi^\^ merzangiish, pers. ^J»^\jj^, arab. 
{J»y^'t marjoram, 

t;Lii» mar&kha Al., OS., bold, Lidz. 516. 

\f^ merkhit, I ) caus. of \ff^. 2) to eany 
quickly, I Sam. xvii. 17 ; so c7A>^2 '10 to hasten 
to stretch out one's hands, P& cxviii. 31. 

P^&c (m)rakhim, in Al. mr&him, OS. Pa., to 
be merciful, with ^ = to; to pity. Of. ^1^, 
^>'. Agent I ^M-^kfto mrakhmani (so U. also), 
f. JSi", OS., as adj., merciful, kind, considerate, 
thoughtful, with .Ij^i = to, for. 

p^h» merkhim, i) caus. of ^&'. 2) to make 
friendly. 3) K., to put an orphan lamb to 
another dam, 4) =prec. 

^iLe mr&khif Al., arab. i^jm»j conj. ii., to 
permit, aUow, give leave, Lidz. 565. See f^&. 

^^Ifm (m)rakhrikh, = 4^4^* 

dtM&ip merkhish, caus. of jE^ii', but not in caus. 
sense, (cf. OS. P. Aph., to breed abundantly), 
to have a miscarriage; with dir. obj., to bring 
forth prematurely; of the earth, to cast her 
fruit, 2 Kgs. ii. 19 ; pp. one bom out of due 
time, an untimdy birth. 

&;^V mertA^, OS.*, in. i, a patriarch's 
pallium (obsolete). 

.V^w mftrit, t coqj., l) U. Ti., u OS. Ethp., 
to be baid, mp. in pp. a) K., to hnak. 

.■&10 TD&r, OS.*, m., lit. my Lord: title pre- 
fixed to names of bishope and lainta, and bo to 
names of churchea. Not need vocatively. mkcjk, OS., m., no pi., Lord, nsed of 
God only. Bee Ut«. — .A-^ttt^ 'h m. Eadlq&tan, 
Psb. ^;t 'w JehoctA Tiidienu, Jer. xxiii. 6 ; 
1*^ '», ^a^ 'a, >>«^ 'la, naa 'h, Ke under Jae«t>. 

IJ4.&W mriwi, OS., ifrnftoA, Ex. xvii. 7. 

xok^ .&B m&r biehfl, OS., a ]ai^ village 
on the Peno-Turkish frontier, in Kurdistan, 
peopled by a colony from Tiari. 

\t^ nuuTig Sp., cane, of \}!t. 

tfbp maryiz, fr. fit^ l) to arrange, fut in 
ord»rs Si^ 'te to tat battU in array, i) to 
put oitet^ m ordtr or m array 1 to gtl raady. 

— f&tt mrikh, arab. ^.j^ ">■ ^ata. 

\thi> iiiftryi(, cans, of \I!f. 

^U> maryikh U. E., or 9^ mirikh Al., 
08.Aph. 9>al, i)canB.of 9j^. 3) tolmglim, 
prolong, extend, draw oui; iii i3m^ '» to otU- 
live, Jutl. ii. 7. 3) to defir, put off, rmtand, 
a^oum, eep. with )^*b. ^ (^ '» [or a^] 
to be long-ivffering towardt. 

•pi-ilia maryam, OS., {.Mary, Miriam, a name 
fltill much used. 

Mfitf maryii, i) K., cans, of J&]S; bnt a) 
in U. = «lS, to tprinkk; ^f^ ^ ii^'ta to 
tprinide t&e altar witK blood. 

J^ii maryip, cans, of J]& 

•tifh)^ maryiq, cans, of •m}^ j4I> <u>d -b^. 

ti^&;9 martrft, mi- AI. K., f. ;£.&-, OS., = 

.MXr^ mtriahA OS., for % •&«, a man's name 
still need in K. 

i^fhif maryit, i) cans, of A.^ (in Al. ^^^, 
or as in TA. 4>tai»), with two dir. ol^. a) to 
dittriinUt an inheritance among the heirs. 

j^iku mrMi, a worm, Iia. li. 8. 

^hp merkiw, 1) cans, of ^!i. a) to pUtee 
a thing upon another, to fit together. 

J^&ip merkvi, m. t, t)* a taddU, Lev.XT.9 
BV. a)K.Al.,asOS.,bntusaally'^marikwa, 
a t&ip, boeU. See ;aa^ 

}^^ mrakwi, f. i»^$a) mrak6ta, OS., i) 
compound; arith. t^sHfM J^^iHt qit'&ti mrak- 
«], eompounti JraetionM. 3)* gram., used in 
fem. for Pa'el, Ethpa'al verbs, distinguished 
by the adj. fi^o^, SaaaL — '10 V<r ^pUd, 
Ettaph'al or Shaph'tl, Etktaph'al [theee names 
not being themselvea used by E. Syr.]. 

joi^hag rairch&llis, potaloe* and butter. 

i^lfm mrakrik K., («f. OS. Pa. ^>i t« soften, 
whence hard Kap, and cf. t^f), to boil food. 

^i^ v., ~i^ See ^iiaf. 

^i miral, kurd. as. turk. pers. JJ^, m. f. i, 
t) a biton, urUd ox; a deer; a pygarg. a) f., 
a woman's name now nsed. 

p^ mirim U. K. Ac, or in Al. Pi«A m6rim, 
OS. Aph. it^i (no P.), i) cans, of plS. a) to 
raiee, Uft up (with a in Ex. vii. ao). 3) to 
Ptagnify, exalt. 4) U., to bury. 5) to remove, 
take away, carry away; with 19U^, to clear 
away at table. 6)topromoU,adva$we; 9 ^^'10 
to make muek of, to do honour to; ^ SJ^ V 
to extend merey to; *4f^|j '»* to journey, Qeo. 
xxix. I. See iixiat. 

If^iif mermlti, OS.*, f. 6, a eeetion of the 
Fmdter, a svbdiTimon of a }^fw, q.v. 

*^if!uff mirmil&z, m. i, a moneler, a de- 
formed being. 

&JB&P mirimir (proparox.)^ tnrk. ~^^ cf. 
foil., t, 1) groiMng, murmuring snba. a) 
whiepering, cap. talking teandal. 

hif^ ntermir, no preformative Him, c£ &^, 
(OS. Palpel, to make angry), t) to growl, a) 
K., to be angry. 3) to purr. 4) to mutter. 
5) to brawl, ProT. zx. i. 

hAhi menn&r, tnrk. y^> OS. .AiOif, 
m. I , marble. 

JA m&rao, 08., fr. tSi, Our Lord, osed for 
Christ's name still more frequently than io 
English, almost as a proper name ; but it doe« 
not take farther affixes. Uwd TOcatiTely.s 



Lord ; and in NT. for 6 Kv/iior, e.g. Acts 
ix. II. — ^^2 ^M as Psb., Maranaiha^ i Cor. 
zvi. 22. 

^$jo (m)rangiQ U.,fr.^|$, to colour, to tinge, 

ajf^fio mrandish K.,=r ihxH ^ U., to plane. 

AS^ m&r4n&y&, f. &>-, OS., of our Lord, 
dominical. See 2^1^. 

Jb'^^io (in)ra8ris, arab. J^, to (e or fnaJce 
stiff as mud. Dist. ^&^&». 

A.&ao m&r6 K. Al., m&rt IT., i conj., OS., to 
he ill or in pain; pp. iU. ^SUm^ or ^!Lo 
bimraya^ mrkyi, in pain, oy^ (^&c v/a^ libi 
mr&y6 li, /^ Aa« a stomack-ache, or met. A€ t8 
unwilling to do it, ^^ ^io to be ill of a 
gieknesa, JtS^aLL^^ J^&Ao mrit& d'makbabti, 
lovesick, f,. Cant. ii. 5. See ▲smm. 

^&ap mar'& U. K., OS., m. i, illness, sickness, 
disease; ^10 «pX^ to catch a disease; |k&^ ^o Aeoe^ 
ac/(«, or met. trouJble, annoyance; fL^ ^10 tn- 
flamniation, Deut. xxviii. 2a. 

^&iip mar'! or mart, i) cans, of ^&', ^!i'. 2) 
as OS. P., to feed a flock, shepherd tr.; some- 
times absolutely. 3) met. to govern a diocese ; 
in K., to manage, generally. 

4.&ap mar'az, arsh. J^jj^, fine goaUf hair, 

ii^^ or ^&iip mariyi, arab. il^, m. i, i) 
a jxisture, moor, pasturage. 2) ]^\,fldd8 round 
a town, Josb. zxi. 23. . 

jl^&ip mar'iti, OS., f. 6, a diocese, flock met 

^&» see ^&Ao, ^^. 

;lL^ mar an&, f. JSi-, fr. ^&ip, t2/, sick, 

dsf&M seeixV^&Ao. 

;j2S;» mrap6 K. AI., or 'ifm U. (with f. ikifm), 
pp. ;3l9&ao IT. and rarely K., Oram. 133, agent 
^^y 1) (fr. OS. ^^ to loose f), to throw, cast, 
cast off, throw away or aMe, to letgo,let alone; 
to shoot (sc. l^t^), with a = at. 2^2 V with 
^, to remmru^ or /«< go, esp. a person ; abso- 
lutely, to give way, give in, surrender intr., 
cease; with ^, to seize, 2) to divorce, ptU 
away, 3) to give a respite for a certain time ; 
^Q» iiaJL ^ ^^ give us seven days' resjnte, 
I Sam. xi. 3. 4) to shoot forth buds. 5) to 
east fruit prematurely, Mai. iii. 11. 6) U.,= 
J&J&Ao no. 3. See ;}&' and foil. 

^hio merpi, i) cans, of ;j!{. 2) to loosen^ 
weaken, IT. 3) to grant a divorce, cf. prec. 
4) Ask, = prec. no. i. 

^^^io (m)raprip, OS., i) to flap the wings^ 
to brood, hover. 2) to beat hard^ as the heart, 
to throb, twitch, 3) to jinty. 4) to dangle. 

^i^^m (m)i-a9ns, i) 0S.^;», to bruise, a) to 
be footsore. 3) to Aaw an afr«O0M. 4) K.,= 
^bfrk^. Dist. Jbai&&». 

10^ mariq, i conj., OS., i) to cleanse^ scaur^ 
polish, 2) to suck dean. 

^^ m&rq&, europ. (mod.), m. i, a postage 

Jbob&ao m&rqus, OS., m., Mark, Acts xiL 12. 

jj^SH^ mraq^ Al., arab. %Sj, to mendj patchy 
Lidz. 567. Dist. sab. 

jahJd^ (m)raqriq, i) OS. Pa., to hammer out 
metal. 2) K.,= ^&(s&to. 

&^ E., or i^&M IT., m^ir, -il, i coiy., for 
bfo (OS. past hip), to be bitter; met. to be grieved; 
v.n. ibiLc (in pi) and ;i.h&c (in sing.), gaU, 
bitter things, 

^b&c mr&rl, OS., m., Merari, Oen. zlvL 11. 

«&M mrisb, esp. E.,=.\^. 

^$;» mrashwin Al., fr. jaaz&, to saddle^ 
lidz. 567. 

;&&ip, i) AL, (with ^) = ;^o&i.&Ao. 2) v., 
f. of i^Lii, 

;^&ao mkr\Jk, OS., f, i) esp. AL, a lady; 
a mistress; an owner, possessor, Lidz. 515. 
2) Martha, Job. xi. i. See ,m^hm, 

^ishia merteba, arab. turk. kord. i^J^, 
m. I, degree, rank. 

iL^tshif mirtiikhi, az. turk. %J^jl^y a cake 
made of flour, butter and water. 

«.*^&ili mertikh, cans, of .^!i'; y.n. S^k^hm 
broth, Ezek. xxiv. 10 marg. 

.f ^&io m4rt, sometimes in U. AL m&t, OS., 
lit. my Lady, a title prefixed to the names 
of female saints, but rarely except ^^ ^10 
St, Mary; not vocatively. See .A&do. 

ishifkhso mirt&mirt (proparox.), = ^^ 
no. I. 

^^^4te (m)ratrit, OS. ^ji, to trenMe, some- 
times with ^= oi, to shiver, totter; cf. ts^i^y 



^100 niashi, i) pen. turk. smIL*, ni. i, a ^xitr 
of longs (the pi. is several pairs). 2) see 

^ m&sht, I couj., OS., to wipe; p ;^2jl ^10 
met. to make suit to, Job xi. 19; y.n. Imm 
offucouring, i Cor. iv. 13. 

«^|zio msLa il Al., for ilVj) c^80 iS^jHo mash'il, 
fr. J^ox, i) to 'bfjLsy or occupy onesdf, Lidz. 
569. a) to ^6 7a^, to delay. Dist. «^|i(. 

;^ (or e^) mshab^ K., '9^0 Al., arab. 1^ 
conj. ii., i) to liken, make like; also ^paa 
inashb^. 2) Al. Ash., to he like [in Az. ^joap 
in both senses]. See ^pt, l^iio, 

aoLfOo see pokaao. 

&ef;Md0 mshohir Ti. AL, OS. Shaph. (rt. &op), 
= &op^aao, to he proud. 

..>jTrto (m)6habikh, or 900 Ash. TA. (Lidz. 571), 
OS. Pa., i) to glorify, praise, laud, with A or 
dir. obj. 2) to «ay (A« Gloria Fatri, See ^^jguk. 

Qi^foao mshot^ K., also ?>^\yw q.T., to hring 
ewes to &« milked. 

^^ msh&bil K., fr. i^, OS. Pa., of com, 
to j>tt< /or<A an ear. 

joabo msh&bish AL, fr. jcu q.T., to praise, 
applaud, Lidz. 572. 

&3i\yao (m)6haghbir, i)=&aMaao. i) to he 
almost ripe, of grapes. 

«4sll^ mishghaplt^ AL, = AN^l^f . 

\^Yy or &t2^ (&V^i ^^) mashir, mashyir, 
caus. of &J^. See ajao. 

.T^yy or a|ab mashish, caus. of aS^, but <a^^ 
mashghish of jc^. — 2^2 <i2^pe to 6ecAoii. See 

% % \ % 

, see 

A?s»(ni)6h&dil a80S.Pa.,or^^(m)8hadlin 
U., to entice y aUure, lure. 

^^jqiao U., ^jpbD AL, see ^a-ja». 

&^ (m>h&dir, OS. Pa., to send, (with &^ 
= for) ; to MfMf away; to let go. 

l^ifiao mshah^ AL, arab. L^, = ft oin'iw. 

popQp mash-had, pen. j ^. .ft •, Meshed, a city 
in NE. Penia. 

^«p4ado or t?«i>^ miah-hadS, mtsh-idl, pers. 

ijx^j^, m. I, a pilgrim to Meshed, a conr- 
plimentary title much used, esp. for merchants 
in U.; often prefixed to a name. 

th^vpBo mash-hur, f. id., arab. f nrV ^^ ^ a ^ 
famous, celebrated. Cf. ^&c70x. 

tK^^^MMo (m)sh&-wit, (m)shft-wit, rarely 
(m)8h&h'wit, = Ifpoo, to desire, wish; to covet, 
luH after; pp. desirable, goodly. 

&^ msh&hir K. AL, OS. P. Pa. (cf. 2S«»»), 
to keep vigil, to watch, also li^^^tioo pgiL. 
f^^^ao see f kdo. 

;oKM (m)sh&-w!, OS. Pa., 1) to spread tr., 
in AL intr. 2) to mo^ a bed. 3) to carped, 
^^ (fotm carpets in a room. See ^ox. 

^oxM mashwl, i) caus. of ^ox. 2) to «<reu;. 
3) OS. Pa. Aph., to level, make plain lit. 

;S.»oMo mshOkhti, OS., f., pL 6 or ;$^&» as 
OS., i)* a measure, a meteyard; ^»p 2!^ 
a measuring-line. 2) Terg., a rhyme ; rhythm. 
3) in pi. an acrostic, as Ps. cxix ; see li^of^i. 

^^ap mashuj^ Ash., = ^i^o, Y.n. of ^^.jp. 

^aoabp mish6k& Q., a sack. 

.f&ik^«M, or '»», or ^l|ia^ AL, rarely U., or 
'ft^ju^jo Sal., or all with If-, mishttltinl, 
minshill-, minshil-, mdnshiin-, = OS. Ay ^, 

boackp or ^jp mishw&r, m»- AL, arab. .Ljl<», 
m., 1) a apace, distance.' 2) a while, a time; 
^io ^ after a while, Lidz. 516. 

lUeaao, f. I, or ;k^, f. 6, m&shiiri, -rti, cf. 
&OK, a stepping-stone. 

sLoaas msh&-wish AL, arab. ^J»yi» conj. ▼., to 
^e disturbed, Lidz. 572. 

^ojao see (ko«paoi. 

«i^po m&shikh, i. i conj., OS., 1) to anoint, 
to rub with oU; see ^mjoo. 2) to onotnl oneself. 
3)* to meaaune, Isa. xL 12. u. K., i and 2 
conj., see ,mAaao. 

;:m mishkhi, OS., [TA. 'x^], m. i, i) oil. 
2) unguent, ointment, also ^0^17? V 3) darijied 
butter for cooking. '10 ^ to oi^ ZtiMicato/ 
^loy ^M^ a tofii a/t«0-<ree, Neh« yiii. 15* 

&2U4ao (m)8hakhbir, = jXmMv. 
pk^rsop mashkhid, (cf. OS. ^ to give, and 
2pb»s), to j>rMcA <ft« GkM|pe{ to, to ewm^tf^M, 



with dir. obj. or A ; or abeolaielT, to preach the 
Crctpd, to bring tidrngs; to announce, to preach 
a doctrine or a person ; v.n. ? ^ > ^ iy the Gatpd, 

%^ maahkhu f. U., or itLai^ -ni m. U^ 
cf. ^, the tunny mde cf a hiU, 

Vj,«ji muhkhit, arab. Ja^, <o eojcum. 

Xx^ikm masbakhat, az. tiirk. v=^ULlU m. i, 
a Bojoumcr. 

J^^.4m (ni)8hakhlip, OS. Shaph., i) to alter, 
change; in paia. to he transfigured; nS^^aoo to 
ditguiee cnesdf; J^aLa ^ m^^sa^ to give him 
another heart, i Sam. x. p. 2) arith. to reduce 
monejv Ac. pp., in pL, various. See J\i*, 

I ^Map miahkhana, f. j^-, fr.^Maav, otVy, greasy, 
prepared with buUer, 

&yia» mshakhir, OS. Pa., i) KL, to force to 
labour, cf. Ihmoan. 2), also ^Mpao (n])8haklirin, 
toUaeken, See &«s. 

j||^«jM (m)6hakli8bl, i) OS. ^ or ;2de, to 
become weak, 2) K., to fear, 

fms^mapo (m)8hakh8bikb, i) K., cf. prec., to 
fed iU or faint, a) OS. *n^, to crush. 

^%m9M (m)8hakbtiny fr. £m^, i) to make dirty, 
to soil. 2) to bliglU, 3) U., to reject food. 

.\^^>^^y or JJy mish((iligh, -kb, az. tark. 
j^»^, pers. %^t», f. I, i) the first bringing 
of good news. 2) a present for the same. 

Ipps or Sfiao msba-y^ Al., to send, lidz. 568. 

liJjQp masbay^ Al., arab. v£>ljLL^y dippers, 
Lidz. 516; cf. Vbsi. 

^>4M msbMin E., or 04^ U** v>>* ^^* 
(m)8h&din, msbft-, fr. i^hi, to madden; to be or 
go or make mad or foolish; to turn tofoUy; to 
be beside onesdf; witb 0^, to pretend madness, 
I Sam. zzi. 13. 

•M^ mashyikb, cans, of ^^, 

I^Laao msbikb^, OS., m. i, Christy Messiah 
(oBual word) ; also of kings Ac, the anointed 
one; 1^9^ anointing^ unction, 

t Aw msbikbayi, f. £^,08., i) cf the 
Messiah^ of Chrid. 2) eap. Al., a Christian 
(juV^&A is tbe usual word). 

^iMp mashyik, i) cans, of ^Js. 2) to bring 
down a swelling. 

masbyil, cana. of i^ ; 
Al., see ^uaa. 

masbina. europ. (mod.), 
a machine, a railway train. 

90 masbvip, caua. of J^a. 

L» « 

m. I, an engine^ 

as»> see &^ and a 

i^oao maabita, £. 6, ooU. pL ^ maahi ; alao 
in Q. K. ^ m&sba, m. i, pera. (jl*Ls ^ boanj 
^0oMib ^ red haricot beans. 

«Q0 mishk, arab. el — ^, mud^ 

^Sfo maabikb K., or •«^ab machikb U.y or 
<A^vy» majikb Al., usually 2 conj. in U. and 
I coDJ. in K., [in Az. >-> Naab, agent ^Lli«^], OS. 
P. .Mdixi, i) to find, find out, invenL 2) in 
I conj., to be found, to be present. 3) K^ to 
see, look at, [or cf. ^^ ?]. 

^ajao msbakik Al., arab. dLl conj. L intr., 
conj. iL tr., i) to offend. 2) to be tffemd&L 
3) to doubt, witb o^^, Lidz. 573. C£ ^. 

{.l^aop masbkal Al., f. id., arab. jlLft^, 
suitable, lidz. 573. 

i^l^a^bo (m)sbaklik, cf. ^amo, Io sew loomfy, 

to tackj baste. 

^sMmasbkin, i) = ^aAM. 2) OS. 
to give a pledge. 3) OS. Apb., to flood. 

^9M or $^a^ miabk&n, -na, OS., m. i, 
a pledge, an earned, a mortgage. 

;bdQp masb«kn& K. as OS. or $Aaps mtahiknt 
IT., m. I, i) a black tent made of goats' bair, 
much used by tbe nomad Kurds Ac. 2)= foIL 

ih^ ^ikaeo RV.*, or $:f\ ^asis as Psb.* maah- 
kanwad&, -zdni, m. the Tabemade. 

&9ddo (m)sh&kir, arak^pC^, i) to praias^ 
give thanks, witb ^', hence 2) to say grace. 
See a^x. 

^^laifM (m)8bak8bik, 1 ) U., <o shake^ totter, 
2) K., cf. ^Aaao, to weave loosely, 

il^M AL, see i!^teo. 
.laap see iliaao. 

i^ masbll, i) caus. of i^, a) as OS. 

Aph., to quiet, queU, stop tr. 

.S^giVf^ (m)sbalbi(, = 


p9i^ mBhal-him Al^ (perh.= OS. avi^l), 
to bum, esp. with desire, Sachaa 88.83. 

i.\Ti9 (m)Bhalikli and J!jkaA mashlikh, as 
OS. Pa., see «m1x, i) to strip, take off, undress 
another person, with i!^ of the dress and A of 
the person. 2) to rob, plunder. Agent 
|;Lll9bo Tkh., '^^ Al, "^ v., a robber; 
v.n. £0^900 spoil. 

Q^iiao (m)8halt!, i) U., (fr. OS. ;v;* to be 
foolish ?), to run loose, to run mad, to be riotous; 
to attack furiously, with a. 2) U., to starve, 

3) K., = J^,MD. 

A^^ (in)shalil, i), fr. i^?, to be quiet, 2) 
A]., arab. JJl*, to sew, Lidz. 575. 

:alR» mshalim K., OS. Pa., of ^olx, to greet. 

^Bi^jcab mashlim, i) K., cans, of xi^. 2) as 
OS. Apb. (see foil.), to become or make a 

{^Loiai ma8h«lm&n& K. as OS., or "lyM IT. 
(or ^^i^), or ^9» esp. Al. (Sachaa 59), mishil- 
m4n&, Biishl-, mdshil-, f. j^-, Mussulman, 
Mohammedan; in Terg. used of the* Kurds, 
opp. ha4l q.y. 

«5lx» (m)sh&lip, to didoecUCy put out cf joint, 

jo^^am (m)8h&liq U.,= jo^k, to cook in waiter, 

ejMobo (m)sh4m!, OS. Pa.*, to name, Heb. 
v. 10; pp. l^^sio (m)8hiim-ha. 

.mMim and ^vttftio (ni)sh&mikh, (m)8hamkhin, 
i) to 66 or make dirty or m%Asty, 2) to be 
trampled down, as com by oxen, to trample, 
3) met. to be untidy, 

^XfttCkp mishmishi, esp. Q. K., m. i, or 
jK^bttdp niishmisht& U., f. 6, coll. pi. Ifi^isaii^ 
mishmish!, arab. ^jl«JL^, i) an apricot, 2) 
an apricot-tree (masc. form). 

jjffiBo (m)eh&mt, fr. dioii, to wax tr. Dist. jmx. 

JMoab mashmt, 1) cans, of amk. 2) Ash., 
to hear, to pay attention, Lidz. 575. 3) to 
summon, i Sam. xxiii. 8. 4) to sound forth, 
5) to make a prodamation to, y.n. Akoaeii 
mashmata AL, or JfJase^ mashm^ti U. K., 
hearing, Lidz. 575 ; a council; a report; 

one mshAmir K., i) (OS. Pft. to dismiss; 
cf. &MK«fte, iSHae^), to leave iff; to forsake. 
2) fir. 2&MK, cf. foil., to blacken with smoke. 

sMioo (m)8hamrin,= prec. no. a. 

dooAo (m)sh&mish, i) as OS. Pa., to serpe^ 
esp. as a deacon, cf. ^wqe. 2), cf. hsosou^, to 
say the burial service; to cdAraie a memorial 
of the dead. Agent I^um^so mshamsh&n&, 
OS.*, m. i, = ^»Q9e, a deacon; A^- OS.% f. 6, 
a deaconess. 

jottBji mashmishy no preformatiye Mim, (OS. 
past «aab and joo), to grope, to feel ones way, 
with dir. obj. of the thing felt for, Isa. lix. 10. 

^i^aoo see ^kmsoo. 

"papei^ (m)8hamshim, i), (heb. Qal. to be 
stupefied), to faint, fed HI. 2) K., to throw 

Aeoasp see AseiMMo. 

^oM (m)shint, i) as OS. P., to depart, go 
away, remove intr. 2) as OS. Pa., to remove 
tr., to move from its place, to transfer, carry 
away, 3) met. to die, 4) K., met. to change 
one's rdigion. Agent in gram, as OS.*, ^ua^ 
transitive, opp. li^j^ 

;utp mishni, 0&, f. i, 3, i) a strop, hone. 

2) a grindstone. 

fiias mashini K., = »iiji, f. i, a goad, 
Lidz. 517. 

^yjdtt (m)shanin, or in Al. ^iae mshayin (Lidz. 
569),fr.^i*x, i) to tame, civilize. 2) toreeondU, 

3) to regain omis temper, j^) to be al peace, 
to be quiet, 

A|a^ (m)shanshil, rt Jils t, (cH Oa H^ 
flowing), i) to dangle, to hang loose. 2) to 
waddle. 3) to drawL 4) to be limp or languid, 
to droop. 

^iadp (or Jk|») mash'l or maahl, caua. of ^ 
or ^ik. 

poilM (m)Bh&bid esp. K., OS. ^^, i) to 
oppress. 2) to strike. 

;i|aap mtsh'izi (village of Ardishai in U. 
plab), f.. = ;i^^hs. 

^iaao mash'&l (or .^il^ or ^^^aop), arab. J«.t. <s 
m. 1, aflawheau, torch; a lamp etsrried on a 
pole at night. 

D d a 



^im (m)«hipikh, OS. P., to pew wU, wilb I Al. K^ »nJ>. jlL eonj. ir^ d a:a^ Miy, to 
or A^soft; to eatue to overflow; to thed ' "^ '^ '^'^ ^"^ "•* -—. -Ay- 

blood. See ^. 

i\ifw (m>ihftplip, i), ako ^, lo $ob, frei, 
mgh. 2) K., to Ug, implore^ with a. 3) AL, 
to dedre gr€4MUy, Lidz. 576. 

^ (m>bipiD, OS. P., i) to level with 
ft harrow. 2) of a flood, met. to overwhelm. 

k§ap nuuihpir, i) cans, of &|ls. 2) to oJom, 
beautify. 3) AL, to <reai toeO, Lidz. 577. 

^jfMiao (in)shaprin, cf. prec., to 6« or mafe 
beautiful, to beaulify. 

JLfl^ (m>hapiJiip, OS. 3$it, (cf. Ji^), i) 
to ^{u//, to jAuJ^ M« foet. 3) to ir/>2a«A in 

ip maahiq, caus. of ja^, 

ip maahq, a rah. turk. ^jJL^, f. i, i) drill, 
drilling, practice; ^10 ^qx and '10 ^•^ to cfn'tt 
intr., to practise otuedf, 2) a copy written in 
•chool. 3) a fframmatical exercise. 

lOBM msh&^i^ AL, arab.lXl (cf. ^itt), to tarmcTU 
oneself, to trouble oneself; pp. miseralie. 

lawif mashql, i) cans, of ;ax. 2), (OS. Aph. 
to water), to dip a red-hot iron in water, or 
yam in paste. Cf. ^Aoem. 

^LuiBo mashq-khini, pers. ijliuLL^, f. i, 
a drill-hall, gymnasium, 

il^uji mashqil, i) cauB. of AfiK. 2) to overlay 
with metal, with two dir. obj.; to (fecA;. 3) to 

jXnaf) mashqla, OS.*, m. i, a burden of a 
propliecy, Mai. i. i. 

.tt^^i^M (m)8hAqliq, fr. iA^, i) to «maW. 
2) to 2^m intr. 3) to 6« scalded. 4) met. to 
y?7M heavily. 

iH^ttiao mshfiqriq K., fr. jo^, to eat the 
intide of an egg &c. 

jq^iiao mshfiqahiq, cf. ^aa», i) to clatter, 
rattle, shake. 2) met. to roar tot(A laughter. 

kasf nu0h&r, az. turk. Xjla, arab.^JLJL*, 
m. I, a large saw used by two men in a 

kfif, i) Fee &\ao. 2) or '10, mashir, md- 

= leiik, Lidz. 569. 

(m)9hari, OS. Pa^ to begin, 
usually with infin. See 2aic. — 2^ ^'sas io 
begin ai the beginning ; A ;2i^ "m to appraiM* 
a place. 

ihaas mashri, i) as OS. Aph., cam. of Ak. 
2) to set, place, 3) to emirrtain, 4) to ji^Ee4 
a tent. t. n. iU&aas a habitation, 

A^^^ (m)8herbit, = Oa \a9L, to 5ea<, MCtle^. 

^p^ (m)8harid, arab. ^^ to Jlee, PtoT. 
xxvii. 8 RV. 

do^^^ab mashrubat AL, pL, arab. isylsj^JLa, 
(fee a^), beverages, Lidz. 578. 

ji^^ia^ mashriiqita, Oa, f. 6, a finU with 
a whistle mouthpiece. See jkao&x. 

mshariz K. Al., fr. tk^, i) to hnow^ 

to be acquainted with, with a or in AL 
2) to acquaint. 

^&9do (m)6hertikh, fr. .^, to sprasd 
sit at ease. 

;I&adp mashrya, see 

^xjfso or 'aao (m)8harik, (m)8ha-, arab. d/^v 

= ^M(, i) totoil^faW, <^f«, withaor^or^ 
2) met. to marry, to come together. Mat i. i8. 

.a^&^ao see Aa^aos. 

^^aep mashris, cans, of^^, with active senae 
to cause to bring forth, Ps. cv. 30; to swarm 

jshxia mashriq, i) cans, of iH&a. 2) as OS. 
Aph., to whistle; to hiss. 

^hiso or }9&M (m)8herqt, (m)cher-, i) to 
eraeifc, snap. 2) to crackle. 3) to explode. 

\i9&9do msherqit K., to jpte^, gather flowers. 

Jy^&fdo msherqip K., or Jbil&jao (m)6herpiq 
U. by metath., (fr. OS. ^^ to beat f ), to break 

^&9do (m)sher8ht, (in OS. to loosen), i) to 
be tired or languid, to tire intr. 2) to droop 
as leaves. 3) to 20< down; with «li^to Aon^ 
clofon intr. 

\y&9do (m)sher8hit, fr. \^y i) to Aon^ 
down, droop, dangle. 2) K., to &6 languid; 


to lie at full length, 3) K., to look down in 
token of refusal. Also cans, of all these. 

^^S^ao (m)sher8hir, cf. ^^se, IbosMt, i) to 
9poiU, 2) to fall as water. 

«^&9bo mshertil K., to roU. 


^frMp mashtl, i) cans, of JftJc. 2) to give 
to drink f with two dir. obj. 3) <o irrigate^ 
water. 4) to stretch yam on poles after dipping 
in paste, or the warp in weaving; cf. pMop. 
5) to dip a red-hot iron in vxUer. 

ib2Npao (m)£hat'is, OS.*, to lay thefoundation 
of to found; to establish. 

be^^odp Ti., or &e94*^ IT., mishtdhir, shtdhir, 
OS. Ebhtaph., rt. Sep, to be proud, to vaunt 
oneself Agent |;i!;e94a£ sht6hir&n& U. (Ti. 
'^i^qkoo mishta-wir&n&), proud; li^^ f. pridt. 

Ik^t^ mi8htiit&, OS.*, rt. ^Aoe, f. 6, 9, a 
feoMf banquet. • 

.*^oop niishti, knrd. ^^^iJL«, m. i, fodder. 

i^tMs mashty^ Al., OS., m. i, a drink, 
beverage, = jUi^ U. Tkh. 

^^ misht^khin Al., (OS. ^4^] to be 
inflamed with anger Ac, rt. ^), to sigh^ to 
snort, breathe heavily, Lidz. 574, Sachan 89.90. 

.^^ (m)8hatil U., OS. P., to plant small 
plants. See tl{^. 

;i4po4oc^mi8htam-h&n&, OS.*, of noans,gram. 
substantive, opp. adjective. 

>^4adp mishtamU AL, as OS. Eshtaph., rt. 
i^, to be fulfilled, 

^ijep or iiioop mishtan, mishtint Ti., = 
^fioi^iM, again. 

jo^aeo mashtiq, i) as OS. Pa., cans, of «0^. 
2) to silence, to put to silence. 

joisaio mishtaq Al., arab. tork. ^jItA^ (cf. 
jbji), longing, longing for, m^l^'ts m. iwin 
11^ Al., / miss him, 

ioo m&t, pers. tnrk. ci^L*, i) checkmate ! 
2) as adj., f. id., astonished; ^ '10 Ajk to be 
astonished at; tti ^ met. to die. 

Iki maUL, -th& K., -shi Ti. Ash., Oa, f. a^ 
pi. in U. often m&-w&-t, a village; often the 

country (opp. town) ; '» «ia a villager, country^ 
man, rustic, opp. }^^ ^ (see ^ui). 

liM Sal., see Its^, 

^Aop see ^c7Mo. 

;i2&)o mta-iw AL, = aot^. See a2<k. 

9^ matiw U. K. {k), or ^» mltiw or m6- 
Sal. Q. Gaw., or a^ci m6tiw Al. TA. as OS. 
Aph. ; also ;pftsic matyiw (esp. in cans, sense), 
i) cans, of at^, 2) to place, put, lay, set, 
assign, appoint; to make a decree ; to determine 
(also with eiala or n^i^» 3) to levy a tax, 
with ilji. =yVom. 4) K., absolutely, to camp, 
lodge, put up for the night. 5) to lay down, 
lay aside. 6) to lay up, store up, also with 
fit^' 7) ^^ compare, folL hy S = with, 8) to 
set right, prepare, Ps. 1. 23. 9) to add to, with 
.lj>i. 10) with aJa^bv, to faund,-^ l^l 9^ 
to lay hands on, ordain &o, ; i^ ^tsso to 
marry, Ezra z. i o ; ^otap Jt^ ^* theol. adoption, 
see p^igiL; ^jil^V^S ^^a^iM t^ I will make nations 
cf thee. Gen. zvii. 6. In some parts of the 
verb, in U., a is often silent, as ^^^Mp mat&kh 
or matwilkh, toe put. Gram. 133. See i^, ^, 
ih^, i^^, U^, 3ax. 

AH m&tw& K., see ^^€M. 

Xfh^mik\i^K.,toJind. See .17 i^. 

;^^^i^ mitbar-n<sh&nat&, OS.*, f. the 

^&» or 6^i<o mtabit, -pit, see fry^, i) Ti. 
Ash. AL, to look dosdy, with a or p^ = a/. 
a) Tkh., to make firm, 3) Tkh., to punish, 

^(Mb matbit, i) caus. of &?& q.v. 2) AL, 
to affirm, Lidz. 493. 

&^i^io (m)tagb]r, fr. &ia\^, i) to rule, 
govern tr. and intr. 2) to provide for, 3) to 
oversee, to manage tr. 4) to support. 5) to lead, 
guide, 6) to steer a ship. 7) to behave, eon- 
duct onesdf, also mfSi/io; v.n. ^&k|\i^ board 
of a servant &c 

;^&oj^tt^ mitdamr&ni, OS.*, with l^, 
gram, an interjection. 

^jrfiop mat-h^ Ti., or im^ matl U., i) cans, 
of Ifii^, ifiik. 2) to do as one Ukes, etp, 
with of^, 

o&js see o&^Ms. 


atfi^ (m)tS-wib, or ^&ao Al., arab. v^ (c^* 
^oSs), = pli^, to repent, 

S^o&M mtokhir K., cf. ^^^, to delay iutr. 

^fioo (or J^-) or ^^ (m)Uwil, (m)tft-, 
fr. I^odw, to have worms. 

t^o^io mtuiDay&, f. &»-, OS.*, everlasting, 

' J^ois^ matUshlakh, OS., m. Methuselah, 
Gen. V. 22. 

at&ao see albfriM. 

.m6s» matikh, i CODJ., OS., i) to stretch esp. 
a bow, sometimes with a) to hind tight 2) 
met. to prolong time. See ^(smao. 

iLti^ mitbkh& K., fr. prec, m. i, i) OS., 
a space of time, a time. 2) a machine for 
keeping caUeo straigJU during the manufacture. 

I ^4oomtakhm&,f. ;{i^4^mtakhamta,0S.*, 
limited, opp. absolute, yfnt^ definite. See ^f. 

iXiau*4>^ mtakhmil Al., or ^^ -min U. K. 
(cf. ^t»»4^, and OS. ^^ to define), to consider, 
think of, with dir. obj. or .2^ or a. 

p'^^ (m)takhnm, cf. p^, i) to he or 
make or call unclean. 2) to devote, vow, 
Mic. iv. 13. 

.*4^ mat6 (ik), OS., m. Mattliew, Mat. ix. 9. 
;2fioii matiy&, OS., m. Matthias, Acts i. 26. 

audoii matyiw, i) 8ee;l^ap. 2) K. Al., caus. 
of :9lis. 

^:sab matyik, caus. of ^2&. 

^dop matyim, caus. of ^2&. 

^fiop maty in, caus. of ^2^. 

a^iop matyir, also ^^ap, caus. of ^&. 

j^iop matita, OS., m. Mattathias, i Mace. ii. i. 

&A(iop see &Ap«. 

A&90 see Afioto. 

.^^ao niatil, i ) K. Al. i conj. (n\ U. 2 conj., 
as OS. P. Aph., to tell a story or 2>arable, some- 
times i^fioii ^tt. 2) as OS. Pa., to compare, 
liken, with a=zto; to descrihe. 

i^dop matla, OS., in Sal. '», m. i, a proverh, 
an allegory, a story. '» ph» or '» Aas to 
take up a jxirable, Num. xxxiii. 7, Job 
zxvii. 1. 

^fiop see Vf>. 

t\a^4^ mtalbil AL, to he exlravagafU^ to 
waste, Lidz. 497. 

^^ (m)talgin, fr. ^^, to snow, 

^^ v., or^^&i^ (m)talkhi9, (m)terkhi8, 
(cf. heb. )^np to compress), to pant. 

J^^ mutali K., turk. ^jLk^, a Turkish coin 
= ^ :k9^ (piastre) =102^, about \d. 

>»^4^ (m)talmid, 1) OS., to convert, muUM 
a disciple of. 2) K., to tormerU, chastist. 

Jb^^ (m)talmis U., fr. Jb»is, 1) to Im 
sore, of the eyes. 2) to umnlde, Stod. Or. 180. 

3J^&)o (m)talip, arab. vJULj coi^. iv. (cf. •t^), 
i) to destroy. 2) Al., <o squander. 
ji^&ao see '\j». 

;e&^» mitilti, fr. i^tM, f. 6y a maxim, story ^ 


¥o^ (m)tamiz, fr. 9»»^y to clean, deanss. 

.ftL^tjjo matimatiq{y 0S.^^, gk. fuiAjyuirMcf, 
f. matJiematics ; It^, OS., mathematicaly or 
as subs, a mathematician. 

pio^ (m)tamim, [Az. with i^ ; also As. by 
metath. p^ 1 conj.], fr. p»^, i) to complete, 
perfect, finish (with inf. or sometimes with ^ 
and inf.), to fulfil, determine, confirm. 2) to be 
finished, come to an end, he fvlfiUed. 3) met. 
to die. 4) to hum up, 2 ELgs. xxii. 4. 

pts^i^ (m)tamtiro, OS., cf. >iA4o(k, to speak 
through tJie nose, 

^&» (m)tani, OS. Pa., i) to teU, amumnee, 
mention. 2) to tell a tale or story. 3) U., 
used also of any utterance, e.g. to sing a song. 
4) K. TA., to speak, talk. y.n. XA^ in U. 
a story, in Al. a word. See i§h^. 

^fisab matn!, i) caus. of J||&. 2) met. to 
bring to speaking terms, to make up a quarrfi 

^tue mitna K., m. hemp. 

A^4^ (m)tambil IT., fr. i^^^, to be lazy 
or idle. 

A^4^ (m)tandil IT., or in Al. 'j^, Lidz. 445, 
OS. .^>i>^2, to hang it, and iutr. 

.Hk&M (m)t&nikh, perh. for OS. ^i^i^l (cf. 
OS. £^4^ a sigh), to groan, sigh, ejactUate; to 
grudge, complain, Jas. v. 9.' 



a|LftfrM mtampir K., to climb {'i), Lidz. 499. 

f^4^ or ^^4^ (m)tantiz, -ti?, U., to sob, 
crt/f whifu, 

.^^fioo mtantil K., =«^?aA«. 

^4^ (m)tantin, fr. s^i^, i) [Az. ^<t>^4^] 
to smoke tr. and intr^ to blacken with emoke, 
to Jumigate. 2) to cense, to kindle a censer, 
to bum incense. 3) to 2>erfume, 

Jb^^ (m)tanti8, onomat. 1, to drizzle^ spit 
as rain. 

^^4^ see f <sifrM. 

&^^ (m)tantir, fr. h^, i) U. as OS. Aph., 
to shake about, 2) U., to shake the head. 
3) K,y to tug at, 

«^4>^ mtaniish K., fr. «^, i) to snatch, 
2) to drag, 3) to draw, 

atohio (or at-) mtasib (-zib) K., i) to uphold^ 
take the side of; to help, rescue. 2) to be 
bigoted or firm in religion. Also aj^i^, i conj. 

«l^&ao mtasil AL, fr. «^s^, to comfort, 
Lidz. 499. 

931^4^ mtaslim Al., = ^s^, >>V^- 

^Aop mat'a, arab. cIju, f. i, mereha/ndiee, 
wares; stuff, 

ei(Mp (oS^Jn^) mit'6, (c£ arab. pers. tark. ajli^ 
a temporary marriage), f., pi. i or ^^5- or j^, 
a concubine, 

ti^^M (m)t&lim, (TA. :a^), rt. ^i^, see 
^u\^A^, i) to educate, 2) to punish, 3) to 
teach with dir. obj. of the person and of the 
thing tanght ; pp. in pi. a trained bamd, €kn. 
xiv. 14 ; v.n. ;B>niVv><^ig an imposition at school, 
a punishment, 


,m^^ see foil. 

^&)o (m)t&pikh, i) to spill, a) to powr 
out, pour asoay. See ^i^, W^« 

^4^ mtapldr AL, cf. bi^Mm, &|A|, to think. 

HyNji^y mitpelg&ni, OS.*, m. i, arith. ^ 

.a^fioji matpiq, cans, of Mfi<^; p^ 'm to 
prosper tr., Qen. xxiv. la; y.n. Jit4t^ on 
accident, a visitaiion. 

jbpj^oo (m)tapriq XJ^ fr.jsk^, to be crowded. 

>Jfioo see AofisM. Dist. A^^. 

S^^ (m)taptip, onomat. to stamp, beat, 

«^4^ (m)t6tish, fr. M^ (cf. arab. ,jLg^ 
examination, and jc^^^^m, «frk&jflM), to search, 
seek; to examine, look into; jt^E^^A^ £x^i>ss 
a diligent search, Ps. Ixiv. 6. 

auB^ matqab, arab. i^Ss^, m. i, a (2rtZ/ 
for boring. 

iltfAtf mitqal, az. turk. Jli^.^, coMon material 
of foreign make. 

j^AN^ matq41&, m. i, i) OS.*, a shekel. 
2) Al. TA., weight, Lidz. 500. 

jti|»4^ (m)tfiqniq,=:OS. ^4^, to make neatly. 

jb^4^ (m)tilqtiq, i) pron. thin, onomat, 
to tick, click. 2) pron. broad, to knock, with 
a=zat; also spelled sjaiM^ in this sense 
[Az. also]. Cf. Ja^^. 

b^ for &i^Aop, cans, of &f &. 

2&fioli matrl, i) cans, of a&i«». 2) to motsem, 
wet; to water. 

a^^, (a^tM, see 'V»- 

«m7&4^ mterbikh J., perh. to beat, 

^&^to (m)terbin U., fr. ^&dw, to <nt«ar 
with fat. 

\>iis(m)tArigU., = \>i.. 

f^&4^ mtergiz Ash., to sfrtibf, ibtodk tr. 
against, with 9^, lidz. 501. 

^&4^ as OS., or ^1}^^; as arab. ^^, 
(m)tergim, -jim, to interpret, translate. 

^&4^ (m)terkhin, to bungle, to do badly. 

Jb^b^ mterkis K., fr. Jb^i^ 1, to «nti^ a 
^mdle, to <rtm a lamp. 

^&4^ (m)ter8i, OS., to provide, supply, 
with a = tcrtiA; to «ttf>por<, relieve, feed; pp. 
well fed, Jer. v. 8. 

A4&4^ see V^V» no. 2; v.n. ;Lt4b^ 
a moment, 

^&)o (m)t&ri9, OS. Pa., also with \, [in Ac 
I conj.], i) to make, do, fa^ion^ 2) to mend, 
repair, restore, heal, strengthen; to set or guide 
straight 3) to prepare, eUtire; to drese food, 
to trim a beard &e. 4) K., to Irsol, ae< toiCMmf#, 
with a or 9^. See^i^. 


jbbdoo (lu)tdriq U.. =«b^. 

A^b^ (inVerqiL C\^. .^^x : * »nundu; lit. 

md luvt.. ti* \' i^tfhinL with 3= je;. t-^aut: 

^S^ (luMonthin, to fv ittU' or wil:tc Tr:rs. 

r. ^•^b^« \) to fcio.v. sfitrh. biutf, 2^ iii«:c. 
i» /f« fittt'xl «'tV.4 ftnxillfWT. 

« , 


?e :<?<^: :■: r'x;^ 2/ met. to be 

31 rertir. i > ononmt.. <o Ac 
*ml:a tear. 

zi T.L='r?,iVh *. = 

6 EV. 

SL'^r-sh K^ cfl isMLX, to 

f ziit-tospiniti, OS.*, rt. 
:. 6 cnzi. 'sn zjnx; a letter mdded to tbe root; 

1. 6. O- a» ix 

►. p>. 


^%. \\w \\^\Wv M \\\\\u iV^ . t' I. lU K. Mix i. 

- H , wli*»u tumU U* vUs^Nnrckl. w:;tton y but 

J\»muhI t\» ll»o |»iv\-islu\^ Uttfr ^ Th* 

u» lo»Mio\ it |\m»unI to thf^ r,::**. ct' ^ *::vi 
,v 'VU\* U»Uvi ortcn ul'*, v*^* At ::v erd 

^ i« u«n:^tU jMvtu'uiwsN? CiKI: or ugh. lu 

;K \m\. O jvvh V^ H*is usisl as a pn-tix like 
k ti , l\«)' \v\^\U W^inuiug thus sci^ -i, 2) 
III, ;ii.the<f^. 

^ lit. OS., set' t^. 

M»;|i nu-ikh, (OS. past ^), 1) to rttt intr.; 
|»|i, (/inV^ or as adv. quietlt/, WoiWy, eauily^ 
iickhf (often iL^ i^)t whence fi^^MA cotnfort, 
I fi» /ft rrimfd; with ^, met. to be quit of, 
I to f/o out iiH a lamp. 4) to Jail into ruins 

u fh II roll. v.n. ^ cofnjbrt, re^t^ eonsda- 
'M. trtij*itr, rt'hasfy a calm. Cans. .Mg.iy and 


ji4Mii N(9r 'm*. 

^]|i na In, OS., Nain, Lu. vii. 11. 
AtMAU, l&i&, liii&, see ^fti. 

»> iii-in. '.L*^* post ai\ i) to MOci in aleep ; 

ibA. p 

A '^ ^'* ^JL* 

\^ -e.ipdiis. OS.. XeapclUf Acta xti. i i. 
^i .-r ^ rui-:?. fir. amb. ^^ or chald. fj? |, 


i^ niris, OS., m. .Vatiu, Bodl xtL 15. 
;:s^ .tlflL tSoLd, .k&>:L see V 'a. 
^ naw, OS., Sod, Is*, x. 32. 
^ nawi. OS., m. i, a irAi/tf loute. See Aaa. 

beu uwd, OS., m. the god Sebo, Isa. xlvi. i. 
! See ^a^o&. 

Q9S ua-wu, OS., the mountain yebo, Num. 
j xxxii. 3. 

J?«» nibud, or -ut, f. id., per?. j^.U, 
i) barrfHy unfruitful ttertle (of a field). 2) 
(^eUing the pooreet part or the worst aJUirv. 

v^Jbf^^u as Psh. or ^JiS- RY. nwuzerdin, 
-zaradan, m. Xebuzaradau, 2 Kgs. xxv. 8. 

t;L€^ ua-wuklia, OS., m. i, a barking dog. 

^js^^V^ nwixkadna^&r, OS., m. Xebuehad^ 
tieztar, a Kga. xxiv. i. 

^^ nabii'A K. Al. (Sachau 83.40), or 
;ik^ nabfiwa, usually n&b-, U., or ^^aa 
nb6'4 Al. (Sachau 59), or ^Loauji mab&'ias OS., 



or ^» niab-, for ^aoab, fr. Jai, m. i, a fountain, 
tvdly source lit. and met. 

2b'ba& see 2&ooft. 

Nba^, i) see poia. 2) n&-wiit, OS., m. 
Naboth, I Kg8. xxi. i. 

l^ nibzi, arab. tork. ^^^, knrd. nafi^ 
Garz. 60, m. i (usually pL), the pttUe, puUcUian 

.^ai nA-wikh, OS., to bark as a dog. Imp. 
iu Al. nukh, elsewhere usually nwdkh. 

•^ nydkhaz, Psh. ^^, Nibhaz^ 2 Kgs. 
xvii. 31. 

s^ na-w&t, OS., m. Nebat, 1 Kgs. xii 2. 

|;Iai nwlyi, OS., m. i, 1) a prophet, 2) a 
mau's name now frequently used, l^^- f. 6, 9, 

^0(9ft Dwly&t, OS., Nebaioth, Gen. xxv. 13, 
Isa. Ix. 7 (in latter, Psh. has ^o2^). 

;&^ nibini K., pi., kurd. ^j^, bedding^ 
Lidz. 519. 

if^ax nwita, OS., f. 6, a prophetess. 
»», ^, Bee Aa^. 
oi n&-w&], OS., m. Nahal, i Sam. xxv. 3. 

{^^ n&balad, f. id., pers. j l.>lJ, not 
acquainted^ ignorant. See pXsi. 

Jai n4-w^ K. AL, ni-wi U., OS., to weU 
forth, gush out. See J^g^ap. 

aal see &«&. 

;^&3& see ^^. 

fisal nab4t, arab. turk. kurd. oL^, i) m. 
augar-candy, 2) f., a woman's name now used. 

}^ nota and Ji^ n&-witi, f., pi. l^ (see ^), 
a small louse, nit; an egg of the same. 

^ naj^ AL, = }^, to snatch, Lidz. 519. 

a^ see au^. 

;a\|k see latn. 

^^ nighjA, m. i, 1), of. «V' tia&t, a sting, 

a^ or 'ft nijat, ul-, f. id., arab. Jlx^, i) 
strong, 2) as subs., f. i, strengtJi, life, 

2a\ft nigda, fr. arab. pers. jJu, m. i, the 
price jHiidfor a bride, dower, Cf. ^Ji4* 

oj^ K., = OS. 0^, defective verb, to dawn. 


Pres. part. f. l«^ nkU Ti., ;:o^ nA-ya, Tkh. 
Ash. ; second pres. oCiL ^ofi^ bin&y^ 1& ; pret. 
^ 0^ nil& Ti.; v.n. ;<^ n&h& and ;ik«iS^ 
n4th& Ti., n6th& Tkh. ; o^ ^/se^^ K., morning 
twilight, Gram. 129. 

^ nSjd U., or o^ n&zii K., arab. %j^ and 
ijj, to rebuke, scold, reprove, to command 
strictly, with a, 

il^c^ and iiotSL n&gh(yi, niq-, f. Ac -fljt&, 
cf. Q^, somewhcU bitter, 

bd!^ n&gh&r, m, i, a crane (the bird). 
«^ n&giz Ti., (conn, with tQ& f ), to bite, 

£J^ najakhtA, az. turk. JLb^, f. 6, a hatchet 
carried by dervishes. 

^ n&ghC, OS., m. Nagge, Lu. iii. 25. 

|ai(2^ n&jtb, £ id., arab. turk. i^^a^, i) noble, 
if good birth; of speech &c. refined, 2) as 
subs., m. I, esp. in pL, a nobleman, 

i^oju^ nghinikt*, heb. H^^^?^, stringed instru- 
mentSy Ps. iv. i. 

j.ftf\j najis, f. id., arab. turk. kurd. ^^y>j^y 
i) unclean. 2) met. bad, dishonest! lis^* 
met. dung, 

A^^ Al., = ^. 

jth^ n&giltha Al. (sic Lidz. 519, perh. 
tiSj- 1), arab. Ai*.b, f. 6, a youn^ lady of good 

^oS^ nijm&, arab. l^ls^, m. sorcery, astrology, 

{&^M^ nijimd&r, pers. .b j^, m. i, a 
sorcerer, an astrologer. Cf. ^Eijt^. 

{jbd^ nijins, f. id., pers. ,^^i.^U, ignoble, 
not nice, 

^i^fti^ nigistin (proparox.) U., (fr. pers. %\S\j 

or %j\j id., with pers. term. ^Ll^ a place), 
suddenly^ on a sudden, 

X &^, also l^ in AL, nttjir, -ri, arab. turk. 
j\S^, or in AL as OS. 221:^ nagiri, (Lidx. 519), 
m. I , a carpenter, joiner, 

&^ n&gir, OS. (but 4s, in OS.^ i) to hew, 
chip, carve wood, ctU; to cut (^projections 
from a stick, to whittle, 2) K., to gnaw. See 

22I1\a or 2flb^ nigi-a. nik-, cf. prec., m. i, 
a very little, a mite, 

K e 



J.«i% nigdran U., f. id., pers. ^,1^, anxious, 

2^ n&di (in K. n&dh6), OS., to leap, jump, 
spring, hound, Dist. 2^ ; Bee 2^. 

aoA nad&w, OS., m. Nadab, Ex. vi. 23. 

i^^ nadif& Al.,=r;i^, Sachau 59. 

^^ nidim Al.,arab. ^J^, to repent, Sachau 36. 
Also p^aio id, 

4^ niidif Al., = ^ no. 2. 

&al nddir, both as OS., i) to vow; to devote, 
2) K., to fall from a spout as water. 

2b'aA nidra, OS., m. i, 1) a vow, 2) an 
offering vowed, 

|Ni&9&ajk DSdriist, f. id., pers. \z^^j^\j, not 
right, untrue, 

;ai, I. D&h6 K. Al., OS., or ^A nk-yi U. 
(sometimes E.), to groan. Caus. l^pip and 
^oyiap. See f|^. n. by metath. for )f9i, to please; 
y.n. ^oi& and ^q». 

^4i n&h4, i) MB., by metath. for ^91, sing, 
for pi. 1, /A6«0, = ^{. 2) see o^. 

ao^ n^ib AJ., arab. s^f^^'*, to rob, pHunder; 
to take ca])tive, 

j^oji nahij Al., arab. ^^, to pant, Lidz. 520. 

^ail see l^, 

^o^ nihy& AL, m. groaning, 

22uo^ nahir& or na-, OS., m. i, i) a light, 
as the sun, moon &c, 2)* eccles. a taper, 
candlestick, 3) K., otZ &c, for lamps. 

^0^ ;}oi^ see ';*i. 

Xjavi n&haq U., f. id., pers. j^^b, unjust, 
wicled; wickedness, 

2!>e^ nah'rA as OS., also in Al. Ash. Az. ^} 
(Lidz. 520), m. 2, a river, a large stream. 
See Na. Const, st.* Wji n'har, 2 Kgs. xvii. 6 RV. 
PI. in Az. ;ob'o^. 

|af}» nahasli, f. id., pers. ^jIaU, unconscious, 
from illness. 

lisoi, Jija, see 0^. 

^isI^iU Al., see jt^. 

;m iiu-w^ Al., = ^oLo, <o mew, Lidz. 518. 

;b& nil, not Psh., No, Jer. xlvi. 25. 

^oi na-wa, 1) see ^. 2) pers. turk. LS, 
in the phrase '& aiil K. J., a few, a little. 

aoi nub, Psh. .mOa, A^o5, i Sam. xxi. i. 

^9A see ^&oft. 

^oi n6b&, arab. kurd. L>y, pers. o^^, (in 
grab, a definite time or period), m. 3, 4, turn 
(lat. vices), ^oi jti^p or ItfaSl '^ to take 
one's turn, 

Xb^ok n6bad&r, kurd. ^bsj>3 Oarz. 126, 
cf. prec, m. I, a watchman, keeper, 

^ok see Aa^. 

aa^A niibar, pers. .bjj (lit. firstfruits, cf. &a), 
f., a woman's name now used. 

.^kfioA niiberligh, az. turk. jpJ^^y , cf. prec., 
f. I , firstfruits, 

fi^ nd-wiga, dim. of kurd. ' nevi ' Qarz. 60, 
az. turk. %jj id., m. i, a grandson, 

^«\cA see ^iioi. 

jZ^oA n&-wigt&, fr. ;V^o&, f. 6, a grand- 

^oi niid, OS., Nod, Qen. iv. 16. 

ifiai^ ndh'r^, OS.*, m. i, light; ^90^ \ 
Light to your dead I a common salutation, esp. 
in K., on Good Friday and Easter Even, when 
the usual ^oi^ ^a^ is not said, because of the 
salutation of Judas. 

l^m^ ndhir^, OS.*, m. i, a comfiMtttory. 

Cf. &e^. 

^o^A see la&oft. 

^o^, M*4^, see 'at. 

\lU^ n&-wudl, f. ;&&-, fr. &o^, arab.^j^v 
timid, shying, skittish, as a horse. 

^di niikh, OS., m. Noah, Gen. v« 29.- 
1^9A niikh&l&, fr. A^, m. i, sifted fhur. 
^oL^ niikh4m4, OS., m. i, resurrection, 

;tH»o& nUkht& U., az. turk. t:L»^, f. 6, 
a halter, 

^^ see Ar^- 

^oft na-wiy4n, (cf. kurd.^ id.), f the centre, 
middle. With ^ following, in Tkh. Sh., amidol; 
also p ep*Qft^ 1 na-wiyana d . 

2m>o& see ^doa and jU. 

;J9^ u6chty&, the name of two districts in 


KurdiBtan : (i ) in U. dialect, = Shaniiddin Ac. ; 
(2) in K. dialects, = Tiari, Tkhuma Sec. 

^ci or ^^ see 'i», 

2!k^ai na-wichar& Terg.,cf. As^ (fr. 1^ + jW^ 
fourt), m. I, a grandehUd'a grandson, 

t^SHa^ nakhdl-y&, f. ji;.-, OS., i) strange, 
foreign. 2) as subs, a stranger. — ^^9- strange- 
ness; 9^so foreign countries; so ^la abroad. 

X^iA n&-w&k&8h, az. turk. yj^y, m. i, 
a porter or conw who carries earth &c. to the 
masons when building. 

Aa n&-wil, as OS. Ethpa. ^^i, to he or 

become weak, lit. and met. ; to /ac20 away ; to 

grow thin or gaunt, to pine away; v.n. iS^oi 

consumption, phthisis; ^^Im ^ »^ to /at2 0/ 

fatness, Ps. ciz. 24. 

j(;>^ol n&-wilt&, OS. Hok, f. 6, the beam of a 
loom ; the end of a loom nearest the weaver. 

^ol u6m&, OS., m. i, a nod, nodding; sleep. 

^^i nOmpi, OS., m. Nymphas, CoL iy. 15. 

^ n&n, OS., i); see^oau. a) See 
^ at the head of this letter. 

;i^ niin&, OS., f. i, but m. in K. as OS., 
ajish. See jij^. 

ti^ok n&-winj$, (cf kurd. ^j^y middling 
Garz. 123, 184 and ^j»JU mediator PS. 339), 
m. I, a mediator between an inferior and a 
superior, ik^ f. intercession, mediation. 

jt^oA ntinti, f. 6, i) seat of trousers, a) K. 
Al., dim. of ixoiy Lidz. 519. 

see 'aa. 

\.^^ok niiserdil, as OS.*, often colloq. 
ijf^^ mAserdt, m. the festival of the Twelve 
Aj}09ties, fifty days after Pentecoet, the begin- 
ning of the summer season (see ^&t>«as). On 
this day both Christians and Mussulmans pour 
water on each other. 

j^o& nu Al., arab. ay, ease, event, Lidz. 518. 

^o& see pA. 

^dft nd'am *, heb. DPb, Psh. ^ifA?, Beauty, 
Zech. xi. 7. 

Jdft niip, Pih. J^im, Nopk, Jer. xlvL 14. 
^i^&Joft see ^Ift. 

^atf^A n(iqb& Al., cf. ^itti, m. i, 5, a hol$ 
(TA. ^). 

^om^ or .lol^<^ n6qiil, n6ghAl, az. turk. 
^j^y^ m. I, a sweetmeat with almonds &c. 
inside. Often in pi. 

ikb^^ or 't^ ntq^rtk, niq-, fr. &fi&, f. i, 
ttUtoo, tattooing. \ p^ = ^^» ^ to^too. 

Ihs^ nAqzi, OS., m. i, a (2o<, j^oitU, <top. 

iia^ nAq&-y4, OS.*, m. i, i) a libation; 
a drinh-effefring. a) the mixed Eucharistic cup. 

Xsjfi^ or Ji^-, ntiqfin, .n& Al., f. A*-i 
or tpAjjs^A niiq^and U., f. id., (arab. turk. 
^;LaJu a defect, cf.^i^), imperfect, maimed. 

^fo&iioft Al., see ^o&is. 

J^^i nttqUL, arab. turk. aAuu, f. a dot, a 

&o^ n&-w&r, m. i, = 2&a, a yoke. 

boi n&-wir, 08., arab. .U, to <^y as a horse, 
to ^ skittish or re^ttM. 

2&V nibi, m. i, (f. in OS.), i) as OS.,Jire; 
'is a&^ to M< on fire, 2 Kgs. viii. 12. 2) met. 
a buUy, of boys. 

lUelk n6ra, OS., m. i, a mirror, looking^lass. 

i99^ nA-wi, OS. ^&9i, m. I, i) a branch, 
sprout. 2) a switch. 

fo&ol n6-riiz, per8.jj^^ (lit. new day), m. i, 
(he vernal equinox, the Persian New Years 

t^^ci ni-wirch(, fir. &m with turk. term. 
^, m. I, a yoke-rider, a boy who sits on the 
yoke of oxen Ac. 

t;i&V n^rin^, f. ;£&-, as OS., and t^i^^ 
nur4na-y&, £ iU, fiery, igneous, of fire. 

•ibjioi n6ras, pers. c/^j £ early fruit. 

^&&9A niirti, arab. pen. i^y, f. 6, a mixture 
of lime and arpiment, used as a depilatory, 
(in OS. arsenic). 

l^dk see Aai. 

^1^ nAzl, per8.jl>, az. turk. (^U, f., i) tricks, 
play, to amuse little children. 2) coquetry, 
trifling. 3) as wd^., charming, fascinating. 
4) a woman's name now used. — \ ^ to 
wheedle, eoguet, play with, 

tXj^ or f|l n&iig, -ik, U. AL, f. id., pers. 


1.1 VI 



turk. kurd. cshlj, i ) <Atn, wecA, feeble. 2) finty 
of linen &c. — \ ^^i^a^ libii n., impetttaus, 
touchy (of men) ; pSja\ susceptible to, e.g. cold. 

}&9a nazd&r, f. id., kurd. .l.>jU, indtdgedy 
spttiUy as a child. 

oa K., see ^. 

j ^ko^ nizw&n&, f. ;(^-, slender , tJun, in a dis- 
pai-aging sense ; poor, of corn &c. 

^^:fw4 nazkhatun, az. turk. ^^^U^U (and 
^^- ?), f., a woman's name now used. Of. ^p^^. 

|a*a n&zir, nazir, i) arab. turk.^li, m. i, 
a steuKird, manager, bailiff. 2) = 2&ajk, arab. 
turk.yjLJ, a promise, vow, 

X ^ja see \». 

a^ nizU, (cf. arab. turk. XJp a cold in the 
head ; see ^f^sc, &^), m. matter, pus, 

o^ts n4zlu, az. turk. ^U, i) with -a, the 
name of a river in the plain of Urmi. 2) f., 
a woman's name now used. 

^i^iA nizl&n&, f. jt^-, fr. t!^^, having matter 
or pus, festering, 

p^ or >ii^ niz&m, arab. turk. ^IkS (lit 
order), f. i, i) an uniform (also '1? ^^oj^id.). 
2) military service, government service, 3) K., 
a soldier. 

p^ nazm Ash., arab. Jaj, in military order, 
Lidz. 520. 

^^ nizma, f. i, a miry place, 

t^^ naz&n, kurd. ^,J^, i) m. 1, a fool. 
2) as adj., f. id,, foolish, simple, ignorant, 

fftj^ nizaniz (proparox.), f. id., cf. •»•&» 

b^ n4zir, OS., i) to separate oneself, 2) to 
be a Nazirite, 3) esp. to abstain from meat 
and marriage, as a bishop or monk, to be a 
monk, often o^'& ; to abstain from, with ^ ; 
pp. I a Nazirite, or (esp. in K.)=^&qa &^. 
iSce &•&». 

iHia nizar4 K., i) shady. 2) ^ ea«<€m 
/lee of a mountain. 

pomA n&khAm, OS., m. Nahum, Naum, Nah. 
L I, Lu. iii. 25. 

ikotX see 3oA&. 

&o.a nikhdr, OS., m. Nahor, Gen. xi. 22, 

}«biMft nakhush U. Al., or Im^ nakhwash 
Tkh., f. id., pers. JlJi^J, iU, in bad health, 
out of sorts. 

jt^^kMi, ^^9H(, see 'sua. 

^d^a nkhilut, heb. nf^?^, wind tnjlrtc- 
ments, Ps. v. i. 

22k{H^ nakhira or na-, OS. 22La, m. i, i) a 
nose. 2) a cape, j>romontory; esp. as the 
name of a hill jutting out on the plain between 
Urmi and Gawtlan. U^p \ Tkh., see ;!Se^ 

V ri^^W, i) OS., to sift. Dist. p^ 
2) met. to grow thin, 

iLi nikhl&, fr. prec., m. i,fineJlour. 

iiL4 nakhld, OS.*, m. i, a stream, brook; 
a mountain torrent, 

^ nakhim Ti. AI., as OS. Ethpa., to be 
raised from the dead. See IsLj^io. 

(ioLi nkhamy&, OS., m. Nehemiah, Neh.i. i. 

Jua n&khip, (cf. OS. Pa. to humiliate), to be 
put to shame, to be ashamed, with a or ^ = of, 
or with p and subjoined clause, f ^LLiy kom H^ 
16 wit binkh&p&f, for shame/ See also J^ 
and k^^Aip. 

;i3^ nkhipti, fr. prec., f. shame. Dist. JbiiM. 

&a n&khir E., nl^iir Al. TA., arab.^, to 
kiU, Sachau 47, Lidz. 520. 

^aL4 nakhdl-y& Al., = '&AOft, lidz. 521. 

ibf^ nakhish, as 08. Pa., to practise lottafc- 

AA nakh&sh, OS., m. Nahash^ i Sam. zi. i. 

}^ nkhasha K. Sh., OS., m., i)* brase. 
2) usually copper, 3) copper money. 

^aLa nikhsh^, OS., m. i, enchantnwnty divin- 
ation; an omen; \ p^ to divine, take omens. 

m4 nakhshdn, or as Psh. % m. Naaehcn^ 
Nahshon, Ex. yi. 23, Lu. iii. 32. 

ihcuA nikheshta as OS., or iku^ nkhfiahti 
RV., f. Nehushta, 2 Kgs. xxiv. 8. 

^&Xm|^ nikh^ht&n as OS., or ^&«^^ nikbfiah- 
t&n RV., Nehushtan, 2 Kgs. xyiii. 4. 

^M& nikhith K. Al. as OS., also by metath. 
M»^ n&thikh K., i) to go down, come dawn, 
descend, with a ; If^mio \ to diemount. 2) to 
lodge. Cf. ^^msm. 



;k^ m. I, or as OS. i3b^, f. 6, uatupa, 
-upta, a droj). Also in Al. j^^, '^, 
Lidz. 521. 

tib'b^ natiiri, OS.*, common in Al., m. i, 
and ;iv&o^ n&t<irti, f. 6, 1 ) a guardian, kee])er. 
2) a guardian angd, 3) masc., a uKUch, guard; 
a garrison, in sing, or pi., i Sam. xiii. 23. 

;ivb^ nturta, OS., f. 6, 1 ) guard, guard- 
ing, watching; \p ^^^ « waUh-iowtr. 2)* 
a prison, Rev. xviii. 2 ; see fius. 3) a charge, 

I ikJ^ natif&, n4- Al., (also $i.^), f. J^ -IM, 
fr. foil., clean. 

J\s na^ip, i) U., OS., to drip. 2) Al., 
arab. uJb>, to he clean, = J>1. See «iS^. 

;t3>^ n^apta, OS.*, f. stacte, Ex. xxx. 34. 

^(i na^ir, OS., to keep, guard, proieet, hide; 
to keep watch; to watch, observe, take heed to, 
walch/or; v.n. lii!^, l^^^i^, a charge, command, 
a watch of the night, a guard; ^&&>^p i^ 
a night to he observed, Ex. xii. 42. The pres. 
part. (OS. form, ^, pi. J$\i n&^r^) is used 
in const, st. : ;t^ \* a gardener; ^^^ \ 
(pi. also I, n&^er kursijt) a bishop* s successor, 
designated as such from infancy (very common ; 
in Afih. also 22klfV)» ^^^ ^** a porter. 

U^ natar&, nk-, m. i, = 2&oV- 

.4 DAi> pers* turk. {j\j or ^, f. i, a pijye, 

.fi or ^1 nt, (both OS., but only with imp.), 
a particle oft^n for emphasis added on to 3 
sing, and pi. and i pL of first pres. and derived 
tenses, as ^H^i^ pirqtnt, they finish [bo also 
Az.], and in Ash. to the pret So also ^^^2 
(or t»^2 tnt) is emphatic for tf^l\ and see 

X ik nly&, f. As I ) diseased. 2) pp. of foil. 
l^ na-yt, i) to grudge, keep back. 2) see^»«ii. 

iX nk-yk, i)t f. jW n^ti, arab. ^, raw, 
unripe, crude. 2) see oA^. 

la^ ni-yib, arab. tork. i^U, m. i, (pi. 
UFually n&ylbi), i) a lieutenant, detpuiy. 2) a 
subaltern. 3) a satrap, Dan. iii. 2. 

^ niw&, OS.*, m. I, a tusk. 

iSi^ ntgar, OS., m. Niger, Acts xiii. i. 

^;^oa or 'd.^ nayu9&, f. ;^- -u^ta, fr.^^, 
biting, stinging. 

l^^ or ^9«i^ niyii^, fr.^li, m. i, a bite, 

i^oa n&-y<it, Psh.i^Ad», Naioth, i Sam. xix. i8. 

•a nlyaz, pers, jLj, f. i, i) a reward for 
good news &c. 2) a request, petition. 

U^ nlzi, pers. turk. »^, of. OS. )a«4, arab. 
ejuj, f. 3, a 6ayone^ 

Xi;^ft see x^f*. 

dc^^ nizipiish, az. turk. ^^ %y^, bayonet- 
ting. \ poL to bayonet. 

«Mfl see «M^. 

jt^o^t^ nikhilnt&, dim. of ^, very slowly. 

|.ijulJi nyikh&n(, £ id., fr. ^T^, at rest, quiet; 
or as 8ub8.,= ;4k%ft-, rest, comfort, a resting- 


JbbV i^^l^8> OS., the river Nile. 

^ see^^. 

^ nim&, (pers. turk. ^ half), m. i, a 
half brick. 

^ and ^ ntn, nlnt, az. turk. ^j^, f. i, 
a hen-roost. 

;oifft ninwS, OS., Nineveh^ Gen. x. 1 1 ; iLi- 
a Ninevite; Ifi^p li^^^ the Rogation of the 
Ninevites, a three days' Cut, ten weeks before 

JboifA nlntis, OS., m. Ninus, king of Asqrria. 

}iLs^ see ^tt. 

t«Afi nty&8 AL, knrd. <^l^, m. i, a friend^ 
Lidz. 518. 

^Eb|A nisan, OS. (in both senras), m. i, i) 
April. 2) a man's name now used. \p 4^ 
Tkh., spring. See fiya. 

{ofttft nisniyi, fr. prec., m. i , wfteat sown in 
spring (of the best quality), opp. ^"Sxi^. In 
Terg. usually in pi. In MB. the fourth pi. is 
used for the sowings of different men ; other- 
wise sing. 

i^ftf^ ntst, f. id., i) (pers. v:>i.g) = ig not), 
vanisfiing, non-existent; \ ^^ to vamsk, 2) 
Terg., see 



u^Ukhta, or in K. ^^m, f. 6, treacle. 

JbMD^OfA niqadiioiis, OS., m. yicodemiu, 
Joh. iii. I. 

a^a^ nlquli, OS., m. Nicholas, sometimes 
DOW used as a man's name. 

i;aa niqiy^ OS., Nicaa, \^ t^f<^^, OS., 
the Nicene Creed. 

Jboi^oiA niqalius, OS., = Aoaa, Acta yL 5. 

ft\7^^* niqli^ii, OS., pi., the Nieolaitans, 
llev. ii. 6. 

boftfius nlqaniir, OS., m. Nicanoty Acts vi. 5. 

.g>f\Aiirift nlq&piilis, OS., Nicopolis, Tit. iii. 1 2 . 

&fi ntr, OS., m. Net, i Sam. xiv. 50. 

22^ nira, m. i, i) as OS., a yoke lit. and 
met. ; iJtu^ '%* Icmd ploughed by a yoke of oxen, 
I Sam. xiv. 14. See also &oa and ^&a. 2) esp. 
Q., a beam, 3) as OS., the middle beam of 
a loom. 4) a string for fastening the warp 
to the middle heam. 

l!k4 n6r&, m. oil 

;ik&^ ntrti, fr. asCfi, f. 6, the warp. 

^ see lauus. 

b^aacfft nlshabiir, pers.^^Luj, a town iu N£. 

;macf* ntshinqa U., or ^, fixf^ nishin, -n& 
AL, pers. turk. ^Llj and iJLlS, also in Al. 
as OS. ^Sfft, (the ;»- is kurd., Nold. 384 ; cf. 
^oV^), m. I, (sometimes f.), i) a sign, mark, 
note; ^1 lifio notable; \ l^ to make a sign or 
mark; with k^, to note a person. 2) a wonder, 
miracle, 3) an aim, mark, target, 4) Al., 
dignity, position, 5) a decoration from the 

isA niyat, or ti^ nita AL Ash. (Sachau 81.24), 
arab. i^, turk. cu-J, f. i, i) purpose, object, 
motive, 2) AL, mind, 

lU. Tkh., see oA^. 

;a| nlka, f. 3, 5, the half rump; the hip, 
Oen. xxxiL 32. 

6a§ see ^okr&j. 

I^ilbai nikhupi, f. j^- -ttpta, OS., shy, 
modest, discreet, bashful. 

4 nakayat Al., arab. 2j\i3y talk, u^ljo, 
f. injury, oppression, vexation, lids. 520. 

.1^ nachil, (perb. fr. «^, c£ \^m ; see 
^i^jad), i) to pluck, esp. hair, io pluck ^tp. 
2) K., to cut, 

:A,»^ nakamil, f. id., pers. J^l^, i) not 
grown up, of tender age. 2) vrnperftd. 

^MA niksa, pers. (j^jCi, m. i, a prick, sUmg; 

a goad. Acts ix. 5 marg. 

^SaX nakhip, i) OS., to be modesi, jAy, in 
a good sense. Not conmion ; in TA. ooig. ii^ 
«dai». 2) E. Al., to reverence, pay respsd ia, 
with ^. See also jLa. 

I ^ nakhpa, OS.*, sober, modest. Also 1. 

£^ nkhipta, OS., £ reverence, modestly, Heb. 
xii. 29. Dist. j^Imi. 

hoA nakir AL, OS. Pa., arab. Jo, to den^^ 
repudiate, refuse, with .li* or dir. olj. See 
^Atb. Dist. ^. 

1 22L^ nakh&ra or n&- U., = ^^m. 
1 2!LU nikari, f. id., pers. i^l^, unfit. 

Xi^k or 1^^ nacbari, -rf, pers. ^UU, 
(cf 2!k^), without remedy, helpiess. l^, f. 
necessity, helplessness, a state of things whick 
cannot be helped. 

i&^ see 1^. 

;&baaA m. I, and jt^o- f. 6, nikruni, -cLnta^ 
dim. of prec. 

«aai Eee l^^i. 

X ;:^ nakhr&y4 AL, I £^,=1 om. 

JiL^ n&l&n&l (proparox.), pers. turk. ^JiXj 
and sJU, kurd. JUIU PS. 339, f. lafnenlaiton, 
crying, distress. 

X'^ nam, f. id., pers. turk. ^, moist, damp. 

"pk nam, pers. turk. Aj, name. See ^nao. 

^ nkmk, pers. turk. i^U, a deed, list; 
chiefly in compounds ; see \ ^007, ^&fe&. 

^ai^tt and &is2^ n&magdan, -t4r, pers. 

^IjX^, f. I, a saU-ceUar. 

epM see ^. 

oMA nimti Ti., for om^I, toAy/ wherefore? 

ii^iof nimiin&, pers. kurd. ti^, m. i, a 
sample, pattern. 



^ JboMA namus, f. id., pers. ^j^^, osm. tnrk. 
^JL--, proud-spirited, ready to reaent ifiBtdts, 

U^onok namiisA, OS.*, gk. 1*0^10^, m. i, a law; 
esp. the law of Moses. 

|^<Mtt namasi-ji, f.jt;..-, OS/, legal,lawful; 
of the law of Moses. 

I pb'^Mft D&mUrad, f. id., az. turk. A^U, cf. 
p&ofto, unsueeestfid, not getting on, 

Ihea^ nimz&, m. i, i) = ;feu, ^im^ the jmUe. 
2) a pool of water; a tmaU fountain or weil. 

^Of»^ namima AL, arab. tQrk.I»g»>, calumny , 

l^Lo^ iiiiin&m, arab. kord. pers. ^O, m. i, 
a slanderer, hacJcbiter, ^^9- f. = prec. 

X fiaof niminA, f. J^-, = ^. 

^akyof nim&nim (proparox.), f. id., pers. ^,g2»e», 
splicedj as timbers, wood &c. (lit. half-half). 

o^jMft n&maliim, f. id., pers. a^Lu»U, 

l^ n&m&r, kurd.^^, m. i, an tfunucA. 

a2k»} niinr&, OS., m. i, a <t^er/ a leopard. 

|p&M& nimerd, f. id., pers. ^^U, cf. 2^&», 

pb&»} nimrild, OS., m. Nimrod, Qen. x. 8 ; 
rarely used now as a man's name. 

^^ nimrlta, OS. ;&&m, f. 6, a tigress; 
a leopardess. 

.fttft or ^f nimshS, nam-, Psh. .fWi^, m. Nimsfii, 
2 Kgs. ix. 1 4. 

^ n&n&, I. U., az. turk. ULj, f. i, i) a 
grandmother. 2) an old woman. 3) mammy, 
mother. 4) very rarely = ou no. 2. 11. (or fi^4), 
turk. vJlj and as arab. julju, OS. ^lu, f. i, 
(m. iu OS.), peppermint, mint. 

^^ nan!, az. turk. ^, f. a cradle w/tich 
swings, a liammock. 

^see ^. 

v,^ ;^ n&nlldkh U. Q. Sh. Gaw. SaL, peril. 
for '\ ^0! or = OS. ^ ^t^, may it be pleasani 
to you / said to one about to drink ; the answer 
to ^oaou. (see ^ou.). 

docd^ nan&gOsht, (pers. turk. ^;U bread -|- 
Oi-i'^raeat), f. hitad and meat, the food or 

equivalent provided at a marriage by the 
bridegroom and sent to the bride's house, 

d&& £, jl^ftou f. 6, n&nii, -tinti, 1) = ^ i. 
2) first form, a girl's or woman's name, not 
baptismal, given to one who bears the same 
name as her grandmother. 

iLs^ ninkh& and ^lu nin&, = ^ u. 

I IkU M^ u&siw bapl, OS.*, m., with OS. pi. 
'a J^afti nfisb^ b., a hypocrite; one who has 
respect of persons; c£ ^hi oubio. 

Ifti;^ nisbat, arab. I < ,>. >, pers, cx^, f. 
relaiion^ connexion (abstract), ihs^ affinity. 

|«ai n&siz, f. id., pers. turk.jL#\j, unwell, 
out of order, out of turns lit. and met. 

XiBkmik n&s&khchi, pers. ^Im^S, m. i, an 
txecutioner of the highest grade ; see a>^kj^. 

&bV^ ftod JbOf&bV^ nis^dr, -riyiis, OS., m. 
Nestorius. |^S^ or ttlb-, or as OS. |^&-, 
Nestorian. PL in Al. ^-, Lidz. 522. 

im% nisy&, arab. pers. iL«J, m. i, eredii in 
trade, '^a on credit. 

;&9»A} nisyiinA, OS.*, m. i, temptation. 

bMrftl n&slmii, az. turk. ^^.^^U, f., a woman's 
name now in use. 

^A nfisikh (in OS. to pour out), i) to turn 
upside down. 2) K., to invmi. Dist. .«^. 

jaA| nisk^ Al., a web, Lidz. 522. 

hjfA n&sir, i) OS., to saw. 2) K., to chew. 

22kfti| nisr&, fr. prec., m., i ) sawdust. 2) very 
fine wheat-meal (finer than 2^^). 

l^^ nas&r& AL, OS., m. i, a saw, Lidz. 522. 

^b&A} nisriikh, Psh.^!u^, m.Nisroch, 2 Kgs. 
xix. 37. 

iLh^ niserti U. K., f. 6, = 2i^. 

iub4 nc^t, in Terg. 'i nist, f. id., az. turk. 
Qi -» > , pers. ijJL«J, naughty, had; unlucky; 
lit. contrary. \ 2^2 harm, injury. 

ji n&, see j1^. 

;^ na'a, or as RV. pA nh'k, Psh. aii. f. 
iVoaA daughter of Zelophehad, Num. xxvi. 33. 

;^ uk-wk, OS., m. I , a raven. 
fj^«^, f^^^i, see fipAa. 

or 2I4 nil, nili, OS., arab. turk. kurd. 


I)€r8. Jju, m. I, a horseshoe.— i^ (^9^) ^ 
to shoe a horse. 

tr*7^^f n^band, pers. turk. j;*U), m. i, 
a farrier. 

&^ ni'lat, f. I, = floA^ q. v.— PI. in Al. ^' 
na*l&th&, Lidz. 518. Sing, in Az. jtfSo^. 

^ n&'im K. AL, arab. turk. ^y yes, 

;aa4 n&'m^ Al. (Ma'l. na'^mthi, Parisot xii. 
134), arab. i»«), f., i) gracey henefilj Sachau 
80.10. 2) prosperity y Lidz. 518. 

^ na'm&, 1) also as OS. ^ na'&ma, m. 
f. I, (f. in OS.), an ostrich. 2) OS., f. Naamah, 
Qen. iv. 22. 

j^ n&'mi, OS., f. Naomi, Bnih i. 2. 

^o4 n&'m&n, OS., m. Naaman, 2 Kgs. v. i, 
\i»^l is generally added]. 

fiooif nfmat, f. i, and t^^4 n&'matC, f., arab. 
4>» » ), turk. vz* » w ), pers. ^1 » «.>, Zuxtiry, 

^i^Mii n&'mta-y&, OS., m. a NaamathxUy 
Job ii. 1 1 (RV. '«4). 
;L4 see ji^ n. 
^, (cf. M&tto), see ;&fi^». 

^, i) see jJa. 2) n&pl, az. turk. ^U, 
earlocks, generally of women. 

j{^^ see 'liA. 

^^oJa n&pfi^ fr-^> m. I, a forked sUck 
used for beating carpets, flax &c, and for 
opening out cotton l)efore it is put in the 

.mfi napikh, OS., 1) to blow intr., with Ai 
or 3=zupon; to sniff at. 2) to gasp, pant. 
3) K., met. to lie, to tell a falsehood. 4) to 
breathe iv. and iutr. ; ;t>»ad ^aools \ to breathe 
breath into the nostrils^ Gen. ii. 7. 5)* to 
inspire, 2 Tim. iii. 16. 

liJk^ nap&kh& AL, m. i, i) agent of prec. 
2) a blower of a furnace (the man), Lidz. 522. 

KAi nyiita U., or '^ n6t& K. Al., both OS., 
pers. turk. 0.AJ, arab. LJu, kurd. nafta 
(Jarz. 100, gk. vd<f>6aj m. naphtha, kerosene oil. 

7*'i\$i nfilim, Psh. a^a&V^, giants, Nephilim, 
Gen. vi. 4. 

aiC^ napira, ua-, (cf. OS. Ms to roar), f. i, 
a trumpet. 

X ^Afl n&pikir, f. id., az. turk.^p<iU, fragUe, 
weak, brittle. 

^ n&pil, OS., i) tofaajM down. 2) to 
he dethroned or dismissed, 3) met to be cui 
down; downhearted, 4) met to faU. 5) to 
he situaied. 6) to happen. 7) to alight, 
from a carriage. S) to lie doivn. g) to be 
not to count. Num. yi. 12. Phbasbs : ^b^i^ ^a 
(or '9 hi) to start on a journey; hSci\ tofoUow, 
also to pursue; pSja \ or jtM^aofip \ to go before; 
.mot^ts^ \ to fall on one*s face; a\or «^ ^a 
to set on, to fall on .a person, intr., to betU, 
to press upon ; Jb^ \ to fall away to, desert to 
the other side ; p lat^ ^& (or \ia) to happen to; 
.»e79Pt^ ^ffyi^ i^pi^i Tidu, it happened to kitn, 
or he laid hold of it; .fOi^xs oi^fJift npili briabA 
(or .kor^Aoqp b'h6nii, or ^^), he understood ii; 
isai^ 01^2 oyl*^ npili ili liwadd, he had oceaeiom 
to do it; pp. (often with jS^ox oS^ or ^oaa) 
bedridden, lying; ^fi ^ tofaU iU a eeeond 
time. — See t^^fisp. 

JbJl n&pas, arab. ^jmij, f. i, i) breath. jl^dlU^^ 
\p a comma (written as a colon) ; \ ^ in m 
moment; \p ^A a perfimie box, Isa. iii. 20. 
2) met. a soul, 2 Kgs. xy. 29. 

«Ajl see^JiA. 

^ftJA nipsa, OS., m. carding wooL 

^6$^ nt&k, arab. u>J6, f. appetite, eap. in 
a bad sense; greediness; \ 2&a» greedy. Cf. 

^ nap, (Ma'l. nafa'&, TA. ii^), arab. turk. 
iUL), f., i) Utility, benefit, use. 2) intereet^ 

^ n&p^ K. Al., n&pl (rare) U., arab. aAS, 

to be usefuly to benefit^ to suit. 

^ or «Ajl napi?, i) OS., to beat carpeta, 
to sliake clothes, to shake off dust, to beat down 
fruit, to card wool. 2) U., met to otwr-acU 
oneself, to drink too much. 3) K. Al. OS., to 
throw, dash tr. 

jxfA n&piq Al. TA., OS., to go out, come om, 
depart, go aufoy. Caus. joifLae and nfnit q.v. 


lilA napaq, cf. foU., Lfood, provinonSf rations; 
^d»p \ daily foody Jas. ii. 15. 

fi^ill n&p4qat, arab. UAi, OS. j^aif and j^tt^, 
f. eocpenses, outgoings, 

;«9&S} or ^a^ or ^i^ or ^a^ or '14 or ^«^ 
niprilzi, nib-, nttp-, niq-, ntiq-, niiq-, m. i, 
a beak,= OS. 2&'oal and ;)eed (Thes. Syr. 2269) 
and ;\6tak (cf. tttft). 

jc^ npash, as Psh., or ctfi napish RV., m. 
NajMshf Qen. xzv. 15. 

^ noshi, I ) see op^o. 2) OS.*, $oul. 

X ?:iT^» n6Eh&D4ji, f. jt;..-, OS.*, no/iiraZ, 
animal (adj.), Jaa. iii. 1 5. 

«M44f n6takh, OS., m. Jephthah, Jud. xi. i, 
(so also Heb. xi. 32). 

A^ n6t41S, OS., m. Naj)htali, Gen. xxx. 8. 

l^ nia4, OS., m. i, a sparrow-hawk. 

;f^ na^iw, i) OS., to plant trees &c.; fern, 
pp. a plant; y.n. 1^^ n^oti, a jpIaiU, or a 
plantation. 2) Al., to set, place; to pitch 
a tent, Lidz. 521. 

t\^ or |.^ n&sagh, -kh, f. id., az. tnrk. 
dL»lj, tmioell, HI. 

.M^ nafih Al., arab. ^^, to warn, advise, 
Lidz. 522. Dist. ^gpi. 

^L^ na^& Al., i) m. i, agent of prec. 2) 
arab. jL^LaJ, advice, Lidz. 522, 

♦ t 




}»^ nfisibiti AL, = tsm^. 

Sfi^ n&fib, or in Al. % arab. 
destiny, fate, lot, portion. 

6^d|i^ na^ihat, arab. J m > ^ >, turk. cu-, f. i, 
advice, counsel, exhortation. 

;:»^ na^ikbi, f. &. -IkhtA, OS.*, excellent, 
noble; \!u^p \ the Strength of Israel, i Sam. 
XV. 29. 

b^ na^r Al., arab.^^.^ conj. yiii., to succeed, 
to be prosperous, Lidz. 522. See h^^. 

|;^b^ n&srayi, m. i, i) OS., a Nazarene, 
Mat. ii. 23. 2) a Christian, the name naed by 
Mussulmans, but in Azerbaijan only given to 
£. Syrians, not to Armenians. 

N|>^ nafrat, OS., f. Nazareth, Job. i. 45. 


U^ niiqi, az. tnrk, UU, m. i, a whale; 
any large fish. 

^, I. n&qt, i) OS. Pa., to make a libation, 
esp. with iia^. 2) met. to drink a great deaL 
u. see Jfibtt. 

aak n&qib K., arab. f,^Ju, OS. ^, (o make 
a hole in, to bore, to hcUow, make hollow; pp.| 
hoUow. Cf. JJtt. 

^usjf, i) niqbi as OS., also ^^ nigbi, m. i, 
the eye oi % needle ; cf. ^oa. 2)^ niqw& as 
OS., f. I, a female. 

99(4 niiqbi^, £r. am, f. a smaU adze for 
making wooden spoons &c. 

li^ niqw&yi, and t^aijoA^ niqbt4nay&, 
f. ^', both OS., feminine, female; lihj^ f. the 
female sex, the feminine gender. 

^^ n&qij E., = ttti no. i and 2. 

pi4 niiqd or ^4^ nfiqad, arab. pens. turk. jJu, 
m. ready money, specie, bullion. 

pak n&qid, as 08. Ethp., to 60 or become thin; 
pp. I thin. 

Ipui niqdh& "H., f. lis^ niqadhta, or 2^ 
naqldhd Tkh., f. ;ik^ naqldhti, or 2^ nqidhi 
Al. Ash. (Lidz. 523), fr. prec, thin, tender; 
of a voice, gentle. 

ii^ot^ see 'V- 

^^ n&qiif AL, fr.j^, less, Lidz. 523. 

^^icil see '«0A. 

^kotai n&qdshi, OS., m. i, a semantron, 
a board struck with a mallet to call to prayer, 
used by the Christians. 

fok n4qiz U., i) OS., to peck. 2) to shoot 
a gun. 3) = f|^or t|0 by metath. 

.m^ n&qikh K,, OS., to bruise, break (slightly). 

2ajba see i^ta^ 

\ak niqll, arab. turk. Ji3, f. i, a story, tale. 

I pj:|ilfAi n&qilband, fr. prec.,az.turk. julJUu, 
m. I , a story-teller, narrator. 

t Jfi^ nttqtp AL, arab. i^jto, a Mussulman 

>^ n&qli, arab. iJLSJ, fl i, <tfiM, = a4fl<. 
\ .^ ^niiqla (pron. in TA. in-), then. \ ^ 
Al., now, this time. 




iiiA niq8^= ^aaa, Acts xxvi. 14. 

j&iOi mq'th&, OS.*, f. a diamond. 

jjBft Bee am. 

dygl naqip or -if E. AI., arab. i»&i3, 1) to 
make a hole in. 2) to peck. Cf. am. 

(kti nkqpi-jk, OS.*, m. i, gram., with 
iiaO^, an affix pronoun, a pronominal affix. 

^ n4qi9 E. Al. TA., i) arab. ^joJu, to be 
wanting, to lack, to he few, to decrease; see^tfUD. 
2)1 adj., f. id., arab. ,ja5lj, wanting. 

&fii D4qir, i) OS., to chisel, engrave, carve; 
to hew. 2) Bielb.jAj, to drive a nail ; to fasten 
with a nail; to beat, butt, bump. See ^a^o. 

22tljb^ niqr&, fr. prec, m. buUing. 

;«o&a& see '^. 

$L^ niiqr&kh&n&, pers. wU^lii (cf. &»&), 
f. I, the place where drums are beat as a 

^is'^oa, niqirtS XJ.,=«p&ti^. 

jbBs, I. n&qish, arab. ^jl£j, to paint a picture. 
II. n&qish K. Al. as OS., but Sak (^ol, jia^) 
niiqi U., or jb^ q.y. in K. by metath., i) to 
attack, knock, hit, butt, gore, push (sometimes 
with ^). 2) E. Al., OS., to pitch a tent. 

lAOf niiq&sh, arab. pers. turk. ^\ju, m. i, 
a painter, an artist. 

aM^ or ^aa^ nfiqsh, -sh&, or ^xi±^ niqshi, arab. 
turk. u1a3, m. I, i) a painting, a painted thing. 
\ l^ to paint. 2) inlaid work, i Chr. xxix. 2. 
3) embroidery. 

^oxfe4 niiqshw^, pers. ^yJJ^, Nakchwan, 
a city in Russian Trans-Caucasia. 

X ^Aai4 niiq&shk&r, pers.^l5ClU3, = «a^. 

22kf nar&, (fr. pers.^ male), m. i, a male 
camel, Cf. ^&ft. 

t^lii or llhi n&r'&» OS. (i^hi, m. J,anaxe, 
a chopper. 

i>L\i4 K., also »1A: AL (Lidz. 523)j,nergtla, 
*gil, osm. turk. t\Sj\j, kurd. iJLJ^, f. i, 
a narghile or water-pipe. 

Jb^S4 or f\i* or .\a* nergis, -glz, gt, 
pers. turk. kurd. ^jJ^, f. i, i) a marigold; 
a narcissus (lit beautiful eye). 2) esp. a 
woman's name now used. 

.^^ nirgal, OS., m. Nergal, 2 Kgs. xviL 30. 
^pbk n&rdin, OS.*, m. J, spikenard; in pL 
spikenard plants. Cant. iv. 13 (not Pfeih.). 

;&^4.p&l n&rtakht& 17., (fr?turk. ^ id. and 
j{^4^ a board), f. backgammon. 

X ^2a nir&hat, f. id., pers. Ca»]^U, unoam- 
fortable, inconvenient, iU at ease. 

aA9^ nerwand, az. turk. *x3ji^> m. x, on «^. 

X*^^ n&r^S, f. id., pers. ^|;^» unio»2liM^, 
displeased (foil, by ^ = tc;t^). 

«M^ nirkh, pers. turk. ^, f. i, pries, valuer 
tariff, * quotation ' when prices rise and &1L 
.*&l nirl, OS., m. Neri, Lu. iii. 27. 

;Ia| niriy&, i) kurd. neri Garz. X07, as. 
turk. {j^, (cf. pers. turk.^ male), m. i, 
a he-goat four years old and over, also Jjfj^^ ^% ; 
^9AP \ E., a stag. 2) OS., m. Neriah, Jer.* 
xzxvi. 4. 

I^al n&rin, f. id., turk. pers. ^^9 fine, 

slender, weakly made, 

^^ n&rinj, pers. turk. kurd. J^J^, f. f » on 
orange (properly a bitter orange). ' 

^^'^ n&rinjkh&na, pers. liU. ^j\j, f. i, 
an orange-house; a conservatory. 

^&i ners^, OS., m. Narses, a man's name 
still used. 

^ai see ^&». 

Jbdoj^^ n&rqis^, OS., m. Nardssits, Bom. 
xvi. II. See jkA^&». 

jti-^"^ Bee ^fi^p&A. 
^ see ^1 and )^. 

^ n&sh^ E., OS., = ^ U., to /orsfel; *jS< '» 
to be absent-minded. 

^fa^ nishwi, OS., m. i, a snare, gin, made 
of horsehair, for birds and small animals ; 
\ 9^ or \ 2&^ to lay a snare. 

i^ nizhdi, as. turk. iju£J, m. i, a troop, 

*^ nazhdt, kurd. c^, turk c^Jl^ {fr. sa^ 
part of Arabia), m. i, a Aort-tailed horse. 

hj^ ntshidir, pers. arab. turk^^Lfti, m. 
sal ammoniac. 




jt^B^a nshaqU, f. 6, = jU»«iaio, a iS^, OS. 

boMsq^ nishkhfiTy (c£ OS. &ilfto(} to remain 
over), m. i, thiU tchieh remains in a manger 
from the preceding night. 

\^ n&ahit, OS., to Mn^flay. 

X^ nlUhl, f. id., arab. pers. kurd. ^U, 
inexperienced, fodlieh. Also in Sal. >if4- 

^uaf nishyini, OS., m. i, (lit. forgetfolneBs), 
a sign of omiseion (y\) in writiiig. 

^^a nshlpi, OS., m. i,JineJlour, 

X ;kgaa nshishi, f. jfix- nshlsht^, OS. % weak, 

^ n&shim, OS., i) to breathe in, to How 
softly. 2) to How the nose. 3) to inspire j 
of evil spirits, to possess. 

}^o^ nishimthd K., and as OS. jfitofa nfihamti 
or 'u, f. 6, = Jbkk no. i and 2. 

^, ;auc|, see ^sa. 

jt^ft^y ntshesti, pers. turk. it J .ft), f. starch. 

Jl^ nfiflhip K., arab. i^JULJ, i) to <£ry intr. 
2) to subside aa a flood. 3) to wither, to dry 

ju^ n&shiq, OS., to kiss, with ^ (U. onlj) 
or ^ or dir. obj. 

&|i n&shir, fr. foil. 1, to attack, butt, spring 

liLt^ nishri, OS. (TA. V)i ni. i, an eagle; 
^P \ an osprey, a sea-eagle. 

t^^ n&shariz Terg. MB., f. id., see f^, 
unacquainted, ignorant. 

t Jb5^d n&Bher, f. id., pers. P/^U, unlawfij, 

o&B or o^&B na8ht6, pers. U^U and v^'» 
cf. oai6Ml,fa9ting, not having eaten* 

hiss4 nashtir, pers. ^^jljl>, m. i, a laneet; 
^^i^P '% the barb of a fish-hook. 

p, n&t& U. K. Al., (n&8h& Ti. Ash.), also 
;^0A n&-wty& Q. Sal. Gaw., the latter with pi. 
id. but oxytone, f, pi. ^&1 n&tyatt or n&t- 
U., n&thy&th& K. Al., or ;i^^ita n'h&thy&thi 
Al., or ll^^ nithy&thi Ash., i) an ear. 2) K., 
a handle. — Phbasxs : \ dO^^ or \ .I701I to listen, 
pay attention; o^ ^(s| .^c^fAJAd bSa b&r 
n&ty&td pity^ 11, he will not listen to reason; 
l^p 2SLb2- ^ (oi* ^^9) K-f of necessity. 

9^ n&tiw Al., to take away (1), Lidz. 521. 

«M^ K., see (Km&. 

^ftd nit^&, (cf. arab. laft^ offspring), 
m. I, a great-grandeon. 

I^ftd natijti, fr. prec., f. 6, a greal-grand- 

{(sl'Aa see M* 

^ niULn, OS., m. Nathan, 2 Sam. y. 14. 

U^ ntanyi, OS., m. Nethaniah, 2 Kgs. 
XXV. 23. 

^1^ nitni-yl, OS., the Nethinims, Esra 
ii. 43. Also lid and 1;^. 

A..j,al|a or ^^ nitnTIl, nit-, OS., m. Nathanid, 
Job. L 45 ; Nethaneei, Num. i. 8. 

^us^^ see ^suat^l. 

&^ n&tir, i) OS., tofaU as leaves or fmit, 
also of hair. 2) to take by force. 3) U., to 
shake the head. 4) met. to fade away, die. 

2&'(4 nitri OS., m. i, i) fallen leaves or 
fruit. 2) met ^t f^ a very little. 3)* lye; 
nitre, Jer. ii. 22, gk. Mr/M»v. 

JE^ n&thish K., OS., to muttch; to gnaw. 


Jb, the letter if^m^ simkat, OS., £ i, but in 
K. MB. pi. 2, = «. In numbering Jb = 60, )I5= 
61 Ac, J^i=6oo. This letter is constantly 
interchanged with^ q.v. 

lib see ^9. 

^Jib si-iw, (OS. past ^fb), to grow M, to 
age intr. Dist. a^ipib. 


^{ib, i) si-id Al. Ash., arab. JL», io shut, 
stop, Sachaa 80.9, Bodn 153.72, Lidi. 525. 
2) see pmtb. 



•J& see fib. 
^Hb see ;^2fb. 

^2& sa-ik E. AL, to revile, abuse, call names, 

(s^li^ see bcJb. 

p^ s&-im, (OS. past ^), i) to ordain, 
2) to consecrate esp. churches or bishops, to 

dedicate, Caus. ^a^^ ^^^ ^*W 4*^- ^'^* 
^a^, in pi. the mark of the plural (lit. positions). 

;ilta sima (s^ma AL), i), OS., m. i, silver; 
rarely money, 2) See ^Sfft. 

^ sk-in K., to stand upright, or on fnc^. 

^^bib see ^ftib. 

;^26 s&t&, OS.*, f., pi. I or f ^J?> (properly 
dual) or ^'2fb satin, s'in, a bushel. 

}^ s4.w&, OS., i) f. Jjia- B6tA U. AL, 
-tha K., old. 2) as subs., m. i, cm old man, 

3) Al. K., a grandfather; see ^looib, ;^afi>. 

4) a man's name still used. See foil. 

;^ SW&, Seba, Gen. x. 7 (Psh. ;?«), Ps. 
Ixzii. 10 (Psh. and EY. ^). 

fisub s4b&b, in Al. a?ujb (so TA.) and «4> 
sabab, -&b, arab. i^, > .«», kurd. sebeb Qarz. 104, 
i) conj. because, since (not temporal) ; p usually 
follows ; in Al. ^m often precedes. 2) K. AL, 
because of often prec. by a, ^m and foil, by p. — 
lipo ^ib AL, u'A^^ 3) E. AL, subs., m. i, 
cause, instrument, reason, (cf. saibl), also 
&Aaaib sib&bk&r, az. turk. .iXl.^^, m. i. 

ilo^u^ sdgul, az. turk. J^^, f. i, i) the 
name of a flower. 2) a freckle, Dist. ^oVpib. 

oa& S&-W&, = iioatb, 

, Sibboleth, Jud. 

^dafi> sibaiit, Pbh. 
xii. 6. Gf. ^ax. 


ii6pi 8&w^n&, dim. of ^, m. i, i) esp. U,, 
a grandfather, 2) K., a little old man, 

Ih/^, i) s6z&, az. turk. u.,.^ f. i, a raisin 
of superior quality, or as coll. noun (sing.) 
raisins; these are prepared with the ashes of 
the plant 4w9i^&4f 2 (az. turk. eUjUl). 2) in 
pL, siibzt, pers. turk. id., greens, green vegetables, 
also ^o^ siibzawat, turk. i£>i«u^. 

JLI^ siibz&kh&n&, az. turk. liUi^^peiB. 
^]jiu-.», f. I, a vegetahU-garden. 

{.^jaiS siibzichi, az. turk. ^1^, m. i, 
a market-gardener. 

^foib sabayi, the SaheanSj Ezek. zxiii. 42, 
RV. ^0% Psh. ;ax. See ;.ax. 

$^atb see Vib. 

r^VSifh sibalg&, in K. s^-, pers. kurd. t^L^^^ 
f. I, trefoil, three-leaved grass, e.g. cloyer. 

^^yftTfti sibas^l, OS., gk. It^trni, Augustan, 
Acts xxvii. I. 

da^ s&-w^ E. Az., s&-wi U., OS., to be saUsfied, 
fUed with, foil, by ^ or a or dir. obj. ; ^^ *ib 
to have one' sfU of bread; ii^Jj^^ib to be satined 
with seeing; ^a» 'ib met. to be fuU of days 
(pp. sometimes absolutely, fiiU of days) ; l^isf^ 
l^ip siiya d'iq&r&, fuU ofhonowr; y.n. fj^ 
8way& and £^ sw&thi E. (sometimes s&w&'UL 
AL), or i^^ob sw^ti U., sometimes = oftun- 
dance; orMafi) il^l K., to ea< one's fill. 

&a& 8&bir, i) see &9^ and &lib. 2) as OS. 
Pa., to <ru«f, with a or ilf ; to venture. 

M>, I2fci4>, see '^. 

2M> 86r& as OS.*, or in Terg. iH^ s&rft, 
m. I, ho2)e. 

j^ox^&auj^ sdrtshii, 08., m., a man's name still 
used in E. 

ikhatb swerti, OS.*, {.annunciation, Oospei. 

;ishaib sw&rt&*=:22^ii^, Eccles. iz. 4. 

|£o& s&bit, arab. turk. cujU, i) proof 
2) as adj., f. id., proved, evident. ^4^^-, f. 6, 9, 
proof See ^aAio, \nft^, ^l9^2, ^a(s. 

;kaA s&bati E., kurd. om^, dl i, a ^r^ptf 
box, a chest, Lidz. 528. 

jt^ s6t&, I., (see ^), OS., £, pi. in U. K. 6 
(s6y&t!, -th&), in AL 9 (s&-witha), sing, also in 
AL bfi^ sotii (Lidz. 525), i) an old woman. 
2) a grandmother (see Mom), n. OS., m. 
Sahtah, Qen. x. 7. 

)t»M» s6tkh&, OS., m. Sabtechah, Oen. x. 7. 

^1^^ s&ghid, OS., i) to worMp, adore, some- 
times with «lj>. 2) to bow down, genuflect; 
to make an obeisance to (rare in U.). 

q\^ aegik, m., a man's name now used, short 


ab^ B&gu, Psh. 90^, Segub, i Kgs. 
xvi. 34. 

J^ sagl Al., i) OS.*, many, much, great, 
2) also stgt and sSgt, be q^f go away/, 
Lidz. 529. 

l)t^ Bagi'i, OS.*, many. Rev. xix. 12. 

t ^ai^ 8aglyan&-y&,f.j(;»-, OS., gram. j>Zura/. 
;i^9- f. plurality , the plural number. 
see ^s. 


see ^. 

sijim, (cf. osm. tork. ..^s**' string), 
a coarse woollen rug in colours (=.lio^ <1*^*)' 
2^ 8&di, pers. turk. %A^, f., a woman's 
name now used (lit. neat, unadorned). 

l^ sad& AL, arab. ijL», m,i,a pitcher, pot, 
Lidz. 529. 

po;^ sddm, OS., Sodom, Gen. xiii. 10; 
{ 1^ a Sodomite, a man of Sodom. 

^o^Jf B^iini K., m. I, a chair, 

^a^ sidlm, Psh.f^b^, Siddim, Qen.xiv. 3. 

ja^, ;iai^, see ^. 

&9^ sidr, arab. .ju», a lotus-tree. Job xl. 21 
RV. marg. 

2b' pi^ sidri, OS., m. I, a list, row, line. 

^b'pi^ 8idr&n&y&, f. Jdtr, gram. oritnoZ, of 
numbers ; of order (e.g. the adv. twice, thrice). 

(k>^ B&dat, f., a woman's name now used ; 
cf. 2^. 

»oA B&hidh, I. K. A1., OS., (also s&-idh), 
to bfar witness, testify, protest, with ^, ts^, 
Jbepi, a, or ^^to, against/ to charge, com- 
mand, 2 Tim. iv. I. n. Al. Asb.,=pi^ no. 2. 
— See pofftjp. 

H'^oA s&h'di, B&da {p K. Al.), OS., m. i, 
1) a witness; ^^^p ^ib (or ^i^-) a /o/m 
witness. 2) a martyr. 3) in pi., t^ martyrs^ 
antliem sung in the daily oflSces. 4) a man's 
name still used. — ^^^9- f. witness, testimony, 
good report, martyrdom, a rrferenee in a book ; 
;^9poi& ^oil to bear witness; .*«i4? '^ Isidiita 
diy6, for a testimony against them ; «iv»^p % 
or 2^9pp 'ib false witness. 

li^P^A sih'dti, sidti, OS., f. 6, fem. of prec. 

p^ or ^o0)b saham, p4h'm, pers. kurd. ^a.^, 
f. terror, fright, fear, with ^^cf. 

;^oi& or Jm^ simii, in Al. s&h'ro& (Lidz. 530), 
m. I, i) arab. pers. ^^m, cf. p^^^, a part, 
portion; % iLa jHirUy; 2b'9V^^ft a great 
number, the greater part, the majority; ^x^ 'ft 
the remainder, rest, remnant; ji^lHseMp 'ft grram. 
a part of speech. 2) AL, arab. id., an arrow. 

X ^on^ 8&h'm4ni, f. gi-, fr. poitb, terrible. 

?A«Mb sahand, pers. XL^, a mountain in 

b«i^ sihV, arab. turk^^-s^, m. i, witcherqft, 
conjuring; ^ft ^^ to conjure, juggle. 

2b'oi4> s&h'r&, Bkri, OS., also in Al. Tkh. 'ft, 
m. 1, the moon; cf. t»»a, fi^aa. 

«b4A s&liiri, az. turk. {jj^ir*, f., a woman's 
name now used. 

^bbo^ s&h'riini, s&r-, dim. of 2b«ift, m. i, 
a crescent, an ornament. 

I a^boyft si'hrkir K., fr. boift with pers. term. 

j\j, a magician, (or ^^ Lidz. 537). 

oft or o^, see ^. 

oft, i) see 9y. 2) sd Terg., a gentle wind, 

}bft sd, Psh. 02^, So, 2 Kgs. xvii. 4. 

.^1^ sik'41 Al., arab. turk. Ji^, m. i, 
=:2^2oa, a question, Lidz. 527. 

^^ = ^Ii^ft siiyi, pp. of Jaft. 

l^^ Terg., see 2ai9ft. 

liat^ sdhari, OS.*, (Ht annunciation), 
m. I, Advent, the fast of 25 days before 
Christmas, always comprising four Sundays; 
dist. 2 b 00ft. 

^^^ siibrina, m. f. i, a sheep three years 
old; cf. '9?. 

1 4^^ siiji, f. ^. si\ji, az. turk. U^, toS, 
deader, graceful. 

jj^oi s6giil, f. id. (see foil.), turk.^^JLS^, 
dear, bdoved. Dist. i^oiS^tft. 

J^^iL^ 86galt&, fr. prec., f. 6, a sweetheart, 
a lady-love. 

JlkfVjfft siigtta, OS.*, f. 6, an anthem said on 
some festivals at the morning service. 

^^ sa-w&d, i) Al., arab. ^\y^ (lit black- 
ness), cuto'votoi fofu// cf.foll. 2) Ash.,MK2e, 
tkeep, Lidz. 528. 

2^^ 8iw&d&, f. Ih.^, az. turk. ^1^, kurd. 



j^^Li#, i) latter, of rain, opp. xobaj; 'ib ^9 
the time of the latter rain, Zech. x. i. 2) of 
cereals, late^ rijyening after the visual time. 

2po^ soda, i) also '^ sauda (nearly), pers. 
U^, f. retail trade; 'to aoL to trade, 2), (cf. 
pers. \^ya love), m. eorUentmentf esp. in the 
phrase ei^ ^i^^ c^o^ sodi bitay^ It, he is 
jyieased, content, he feds at home, 

ipoib 8W&dh& Al., OS., m. eonxersationj 
Lidz. 528. 

^poib sw&dh&ya Al., f. j(t»-, OS., vernacular, 

\ &a^o^ (or ^oJ^) or ^li^j- s6d&kar, -g&r, pers. 
p\^y^i m. I, a shopkeeper f a chapman, 

l^po^ s6dan&, f. £1-, fr. 2po^, contented, 
feeling at home, 

l&'p^ 8&d&r&, OS.*, lat. sudarium, m. i, 
eccles. a veil, 

4^9a|^9o^ E&-wiijbiilagh (proparox.), pers. 
6!ll^. Kj^^i & <^^^y inhabited by Kurds, S. of 
the Lake of Urmi. 

2&o^ s&w^&, i) pers. tj]y^j m. i, a strap 
for a cap. 2) a kind of saddle, 

X^\^ see ^. 

.A9\^9»o^ sd-yiit g&li, az. turk. Jj u:^^, 
ni. I, an oleander, 

;il^ Buyikh&, OS.*, m. i, an extra pealm 
sometimes said at the evening and night 

;Loib swin&, m. 4, the edge of a roof; 
a coping, a rim, border, 

^^ silk (o7dAofi> siik& HV.), Psh. ik^,. i, 
Shocoh, I Sam. xviL i. 

^o^ s6k&, OS., Socoh, (lit. tents), Josh. 
XV. 48. Cf. Nooib and prec. 

X ;:,\A<^ s{ikala-y&, f. i^-, OS.*, gram. 
abstract, adj. 

^o^ sokan, arab. tark. ^^Ix^*, m. i, a hdm, 

^lAo^ sokini, az. turk. ,jl5^, m. i, a sail, 

liA^ sUkr6 AL, see fiya. 

Hota siil&, (perh. fr. OS. i^^, or fr. OS. 
^Qib refuse 1), m. 4, a dunghill; a dust- 

j^a^oto s&labas, OS., gk avkXafitj, m. I, 
a syllable (fr. accus. pi.). 

foaS^ stildilz, az. turk. j^jJ^, f., a plain 
on the S. of the Lake of Urmi. 

^o^^ see '\ib, 

t^9^ or ^- sOlt&n, -tin, arab. turk. 
^LkJLf, m. I, i) a Sultan, 2) a captain: 
.fAoX^ 'to a ship^aptain, a capUxin in the navy. 

j^oA^oa> or ^^^ sttlt&nita, sOlt-, fr. preo., 
f. 6, 1) a Sultana. 2) a sultana raimn. 

i2i^ siilayi Al., fr. i^^, m. amusement, 
Lidz. 532. 

^'o>^9>p» siil^m&n, arab. ^j\ %A»»if m.,=:«MoAxy 
Solomon, Both forms are commonly UBcd by 
E. Syr., the latter for the son of David. — 
^to ^ikk tat! s. Ti., a hoopoe. 

^u^9ib sftllni Tkh., a conduit-pipe, 

^Ub s&-w&lan, pers. ^j'itj^, a mountain in 

fjeH^ sulaqa, OS., m. i,the Ascension, In 
U. often colloq. 'to ai^ lit. bride-asoensiony 
from the custom of girls going round on that 
day dressed as brides. 

ji;^^ stilti, f. 6, = j^ofi>.— ^ftp ;)o&> the 
dungport,^ if^Q^tolp jlb^ Psh., Neh. ii. 13. 

«i^^ see ^oto. 

.fA^9ib sUlt&nt, fr. prec, the name of a 
grape. Cf. jW^oib, 2a«x. 

^^ see ^ftoib. 

^^ siim^qi, OS.*, m. a ruby. 

^^ stimbfi, pers. ^ imt, m. i, a ramrod, 

Jbopojx^ s&n-h&diis, OS., gk. <rvMdor, f. i, 
i) the book of Canon Law, 2)* a synod, 

S^^oto see 'ub. 

^i^bto s&ntikhl, OS., f. Syntyche, Phil. iv. a. 

I .a 91b B^t, arab. turk. ^^Ln (cf. Ssioto), m. i, 
a Suni Mohammedan, opp. ^i^, 

^^ sttnqan&, OS.*, m. i, need. fJLSi 
^kitx^p our necessary bread (Lord's Prayer). 

X A49ib siinat, esp. U., arab. iL^, turk. kurd* 
oJL.**, circumcised, 'to ^^ to circumcise^ with 
dir. obj. li^^ f. circumcision, 

Jboto see ^o^ and foil. 


;^^ BiiBl (properly constr. st. ; OS. and T A. 
^ota\ tn. a, also 3 in Al., a horm. Also in Al. 
Ash. ^^ or JbQft with pL i, Lidz. 528. 

ibohik^L^^ sibtp&tr&B, 0S.» m. SotipcUer, 
Bom. XYi. 21. 

1^^ sftsinS, f. id., az. tork. ^^y^, d^ 

IxoaJ^^ siipanmish, £ id., az. tork. ^2*1.*^, 

hrn^ttf^ Bdsilmb&r, az. tark^jiwi^^, f., 
i) a woman's name now nsed. 2) the name 
of a sweet-smelling flower. 

Jlitb^ sttsti, f. 6, i) as OS., a mare, 2) esp. 
U., the knight in chess. 

Jbt^M^ {ik) sttstlnis, OS., m. Saethenee, 
Acts xviii. 17. 

;&!kkreib (^Eqt) shim sdr&na, OS.*, m., gram; 
a noun of action^ a verb<U noun (as ' killing ' 
from * to kill '). 

Joib see ^. 

JbbkV^Ob^ syiip&trds, OS., m. SopaUr, 
Acts XX. 4. 

aSkk^ 8iip&r&, OS.*, m. I, tonmre, 

isCi^ sttpdl (so TA.), or in Al. Ash. '^ 
(Lidz. 535), arab. tnrk. i^Ju,, kurd. s&fr& 
Garz. 185, 261, m., pi. i in U. Tkh., 3 in Al., 
i) a tabte-^loth, 2) a tdUe setjbr dinner &c. 
(so also turk.). ei^ % ^ 'Ql s(ipr6 11, or 
% ilf a^ (or ^A^) to sit oi nMat, to be aJt 
dinner &c. ; 'ft jcum to My ^rrocd after meat 
(see Jaojo); ^ft ^^ to dear atcay, 3) with 
J2^p, a 6anA»r'« /o^ta, a hank, 4) Ash. Al., 
to620 tUeneiU, diehes &c., Lidz. 535. 

;Ll2Ci^ sttprikhani, az. tork. liUi^, 
f. I, a dining-room. 

|.fA2U^ sapr&chC, tork. ^^t^, m. i, 
a waiter, attendant. 

j^^ Al, = j^ft. 

^Qib siiq, OS. Ji^, imp. of Jti^i. 

&^ see ^. 

Soft siir, Psh. A&^, iSur, one of the gates 
of the temple, 2 Kgs. xL 6. 

2&'o^ = 2&aift. 

2i»^ see 2&ol^. 

2^6^ surgadA, OS., m. i, a calendar, 

|^o\&^ sftrgiin, tark. cf^^f m. i, an extla, 
ou^co^. ^ib ^^Itobe banished, to go into exile. 
% ^ to banish, exile, lif^^ £ exUe, banish- 

tcyb'^ s&r&hi, tnrk. ^y^K^t f. i, a decanter, 
fiagon; a small earthenware jug or earaffe, 
for drinking, placed on the table. 

&9&'^ sftr&-wir Sh., a flamingo. 

|^au•&^ sftrkhiin, f. id., az. turk. ^jy^j^, 
(fr. pers. ^j^ red), reddish brown, sorrd, 

i^^ siirtyi, OS., Syria, Ln. ii. 2. 

|^&'^, less commonly {^&^, sur&-y&, 
sttry&-y&, £ !{»-, OS., Syrian. This is the 
ordinary name by which the £. Syrians call 
themselves, though they also apply it to the 
W. Syrians or Jacobites. 

X ^&^ or ^^ stiry&n&, sir-, AL, (mod.), a 
Western Syrian, esp. an Uniat ; see ^^^a. 

^&^ siirmA, az. turk. 1^^ in both senses, 
i) m. I, a door-bar. 2) f., a woman's name 
now used. 

,fJsh^ s&rmi-i, f. id., az. turk. ^j^y^, 
deep blue. 

^b^ or fis- siirsad, -at, az. tnrk. \:J^jy^^, 
£ I, provision for an army, eommissariaL 

^&^ sOr^&pi, OS.*, m. I, gram, a con- 
jugation, declension. 

i^jft^ or i^^ sfirath, -ith, K. AL, for 
i^a&'^l (c£ *A&o6k), i) the Syriae language. 
2) ady. tn Syriae. 

Jb^b^ s&rtis, not TA.,Syrtis, Acts xxvii. 1 7 
HV. marg. 

|«& s&z, i) f. id., pers. turk. jL^ tn tune. 
2) as subs., osDL turk. id., a mandoline; or 
a l%Ue. 

X^A s&zband, az. turk. JlJL^L*, m. i, 
i) a tinker, mender of pots. 2) Stod., a 

XhS^ or tt^t* *A»igir, sazgirC, £ id., 
pers.^l^L.» and uJJy^, c£ &V^tAi0, reeoneHed, 
in agresmenif made friends/ ^k^ f. Mttfy, 



li^A Mzafj'la, pen. turk. ixJj^, m. i, 
i) a tJruinrfur. 2) a mandoliru^ayer, 

\*^ kkzinhf az. turk. (j^L.*, f. inlerecurae, 
tUalirujB. ^i» poL /o '/« affe/ktd (well or ill) to 
ft jjenk^ri, /o Aare tUalingi with. 

;^ fcftkhi, OH., i) to bathe, in U. uf-ually 
</f ijj<?ji only (hee Jjl) ; to take a hath. 2) U^ 
mffim, float. 3) tutt to be vxuhed or jfuri/Ud, 

\boaJ^ Rakhb6r, cf. kauJbio, i) adj., f. id., 
careful, 2) huhn, f. ear^, atterUton. ik^ f. 
d vinitaiicn; urgency, haste; carefulness, 

limt^ Hikliwa, 08. ^^, m. swimming; ^ib l^i 
to swim, 

\ ^J^ or % Bukhi, sa- Al., f. id., arab. ^s^, 
tjenert/us, Lidz. 530. 

];1j^ Hakh&-yA, usually sa-, OS., m. i, 
a svnmmer ; with fcni. jt^, f. 6. 

I iLJ^, Jt|\yg», BOO ^aA. 

oImI^ Hfikhlo, Qz. turk. j^^Lir^, f. keeping 
watch (on the frontier). 

Ji^ Bakhip K., OS., to invert, turn upside 
down, wferthrow, upset, 

M^ Hukhiq Al., arab. (>k^i i) to gnash 
i\w tti«;ih. 2) to rend tho heart, Sachau 79.1, 
Socin 144. 1. 

tM^ Ti. Sh., SCO «^s. 

^Ibtfj^ Miharin Ah, aral>. ^J^L^, m. i, 
magiciaf^s, Lidz. 530. 

I 6^ Bakht, f. id., pors. turk. c^-sr**, strong^ 
vetkcnwnt, obstinate in arguing. 

(k^ Bnhit Al., urab. o-sr**, to eradicate, 
destroy, to drive aicay, banisli, Sachau 23, 53, 
lid/.. 530. 

I ;iw^ 8akht&, f. id., pers. turk. ijl».Li*, apo- 
cryphal, false, 

^^Mft Hukhtiynn Tkh., ]H'rp. turk. ^jL^jl^t*, 
|»n-H. hImi 'Vw, It'nthrr; pn^jHTly a tanned skin 
Htti mt with a knife, 

Qi^ Hi'ilt, (in OS. to turn aside), to fall as 
a Htiir: to sinH>f», dart iim a bird, 

;io>|ft, HoniotinicB (esp. Al.) ^^J5 stdna, st-, 
OS. uMiallv 'V^2, arab. kurd. ^^^v:^, gk. ^rvXor, 

m. I, a pillar, prop, support; ft^? 'fb U. 
Tkh., met morning twiUghL 

j&bV^ sttinta, fr. prec, L 6^ ike mde of a 

i^, ;flo^VB>> we idib. 

^i^ Bafim, i) OS., to JU together flionea. 
2) to fall in as a well or roof. 3) OS., to siop 
or fUl up a welL See ^^V^* 

;^& sa^ini, OS., i)X m. i, Satan; a deml; 
often used in pi. for devils; iL^ devilrym 
2) Sitnah, Qen. xxvi. 21 (RV. f\^). 

^boiV^ see ^M&2. 

j^H^ or £ii^ satanita, satanti, I 6, a she- 

j^ satip K., i) as OS. Pa., to chop, 
split; ;ikfM 'ta met. to split hairs. 2) to make 
way as a ship. 

;kv^ 8itp&, fr. prec, m. i, a cleft in a rock. 

^^ satir Al., i ) as OS. Pa. to cut through, 
cut in pieces, Lidz. 531. 2) = &^ verb, no. a. 
See ^J^Aap* 


|;ila^ saterpa, 08. ^2l^=:^(Sft, Esth. 
iii. 12. 

^ see .«Ji&. 

tib, .»& si, 86, see ^t. 

l^, iHib, see \ib, 9^, 

ito siya, i) K., kurd. 1.^ or iL^I PS. 314, 
a flamingo, 2) az. turk. 1.^^, £ i, a lineal 
measure = \ i^^p, about 5 J- inches. 3) as. 
turk. id., a grocer's weight =2 punzasssSo 
misqals= about 12 oz. avoird. 4) az. turk. 
id., a goldsmith's weight = 2 goldsmith's 
punzas = 8 misqals, about i\ oz. avoird. 
[see ^fftofl]. 

a^ see 9^. 

^auib siyabu K. Terg., f. a kind of eeUry; 
the stalk is mixed with cheese. 

;d^^ajBb sebiita, OS., f. eld age. 

Xii^^s^ see 'alb. 

ailoufb Al. (cf. &auM) in the phrase w!^ l^l 
•iiaub theld sel^aran, we spent the time pleeuantl^, 
^^aub i^tjj) to entertain me, Lidi. 525. 


;ik&auj^ see ^^ and 

«a^ 8&-y6 K. AL, (OS. past A^), to make a 
hedge rounds to hedge in; pret. in Al. s^d. 

fi^ sy&gh4, OS.*, (so TA.), usually in Al. 
9^ib 8y& or sy&-&, m. i (Al. pi. sy&-^), i ) a waU, 
fencey partition, hedge, 'ib ^ to make a hedge, 
2) AL, an avenue. 

X p|ijb s^-yid, arab. turk. juL*, m. i, a {2e«cfn- 
<£an< of Mohammed, 

^J6 see p2&. 

^^Iib syah£, az. turk. ukl^^, m. i, an account- 

^OfA si-wan, Psh. ^vm, the month Sivan, 
Esth. viii. 9. 

i&'ofib siyuri K., = a&'oj^. 

^OM4b sikhdn, OS., m. Sihon, Num. xxi. 21. 

2b'9tMfib sikhiiri, m. i, a porcupine, 

^^ sly&khUn, az. turk. ^;l».l^«itf, f., a woman's 
name now used. 

fi^ Bit4, OS., m. I, i) a span. 2) K., 
used in counting, = ^4^. 

;^:Vr^ Tkh. MB., OS., see ^(sft. 

^ see ^)di. 

.li^ and ^i2Li s^l, s^l&w, arab. pers. turk. 
J.^^^, pers. turk. sJjL^ f. i, a flood, spate, 

?E^ib sim, az. turk. |»^wm#, m. i, a string of a 
musical instrument. 

^1^ see pA, 

Mfib siraiin, OS., m. Simon Magus, Acts 
viii. 9. 

2^,MJ5 or 2^2^ sy&mld& {p K. Al.), OS., m. 
in U. as OS., usually f. in K., pi. i, i) laying 
on of hands; hence 2) ordination, 3) conse- 
cration of a bishop or church ; dedication. 
4) a benediction, blessing, 5) an ordinal, 
6) confirmation, esp. with |^pdtt^p. 

l^aaJ^ E^ma?, f. id., az. turk. ^UjLm, i) 
licentious, 2) disobedient, 

J^Oiftb simti, OS.*, f. 6, 9, a treasure, 

;u9^utib simat bn^y&, OS.*, f , \\\to\,adoption, 

^ sin, OS., iStn, Ex. xvi. i. Fee ^^. 

rf^ see ^li. 


;uib sy&n&, m., i) y.n. of prec. 2) AL, 
dirt, mud, Lidz. 526. 

;Lft sin&, pers. Ll^, a city in W. Persia, 
whore several E. Syrians live. 

.iifib sin^, OS., Sinai, Deut. xxxiii. 2. 

Xj^^ or |ft^ sA-yis, -s& AL Ash., arab. 

^jmjL* (cf. ^Qftf), m. I, a groom, Lidz. 526. 

22lA|jb sisr&, OS., m. Sisera, Jud. iv. 2. 

^^ft stp&, arab. v,J,..>, m. 4, i) an 0c/^«. 
2) esp. M« sea shore, a beach, 

ikJ^ s^pi, OS., m. I, a sword, ^^9Ap ^i» 
a ploughshare, i Sam. xiii. 20 ; in the ordinary 
plough (^pJ) it is a piece of wood joining the 
beam and the 29*^ together, to strengthen 
them, ^ib^ l^W^ the power cf the sword, Ps. 
Ixiii. 10. 

■f A A e6p&-f, az. turk. ^\JL^, f. i, a 

aJ^ft see &J^. 

;fluib, jlSdJb sy&qi, 8y&qt&, v.n. of Jt^L 

2S4A s!r&, = 22llfA| no. i. 

2iLi^ s^HL, f. I, i) the sight of a gun. 2) 
a kind of stork frequenting lakes. 

iHltb, lishob sy&rA, sjkrik, v. n. of &^L— 
2&'sft^p 22ufi> = ^ &!lb. 

^ sA-yir&n AL Ash. (TA. ^), arab. 
turk. kurd. Ji^^^***, a journey, promenade, walk, 
Lidz. 526. Cf. ^fibts. 

^^ sika, arab. pers. turk. iXl., m. i, an 
inscription on a coin ; ^m l^ to mint, coin. 

;aijb or ^ sak!, sak&, (fr. turk. tTi^^t 
<if it be that,' Nold. 186), although (rare). 
p sometimes follows. 

qa4> sakik U., az. turk. ^, f , pi. ;<^b&^ 
sakiiy&tt, also jt^oai^ sakiinU, f. 6, a platform; 
a raised j}laee, 

2b'oa^ sik{ir& K., fr. &Aib, m. i, a <ey m t^ 
e^, usually with ^p. 

i^^ sikiit, OS., iSiM:«o<A, lit. tents, Gen. 
xxxiiL 17. ^9A9 ^ib B, bndt, OS., Succoth 
Benoth, 2 Kgs. xvii. 30. 

^^:^, f. I , (OS. '*>), and Ss^^, f. 6 (in Al. 9), 
skinA, skinti, a knife. 





; i^A^ salchla, f. )V- or ari OS. ;^a^ r.kLalu, 
pMinh, ttufid (fern, pi. in AL X^^^^, Lidz- 
530, who j^ivea aLiO ;^«2ka*/oCj/). , 

j^^MAi^ R&chmiti U., f. 6, (colL pL |2^ 
Mchmi), or ^oai^ sachma K. Q., m. i, az. turk. 
t%f^-, a urnaU shot of a gun. 

.Alb fikin, arab. ^j^, i) to he quiet or 
huefi^A; of a pain, (o ^ relieved. 2) K., (o 
eojourn. See ^iMM. 

Bikni K., fr. prec, m. ^ut^, siiUruiu. 
ykVir Tkh., but Mikhir J., OS. &ai&, 
arftb.^^5l-, to dam, JUL See &Aa». 
;H»i^ib flkhary6^, OS., m. lecariot. 
*^ik^ Bikrana, f. j(^, rough, uneven, 

{it9jb hikit, f. id., arab. cuX^, sikrU, quiet, 
at rett. 

t^ Hikta, OS., U pl- ^9^ u\i^\, i)apeg 
or j/tn of wood or brass. 2) with ^M?f ^ 
ploughshare (a flat and pointed iron). 3) 
a ejnul, Deut. xxiii. 13. 

.Sd^ see ^. 

;2U> H&la, OS. '4> and i^^> m. i, a 6a«to 
witJiout a liandle, but with a broad bottom. 

iLa^ Hi\k, turk. iJL», m. i, $, a box on the ear, 
a slap. 

j^ BiU U., 861a Al., (cf. OS. Ha^ seaweed 1), 
m. I, eaiid. 

li^ij^ Al., see j^^Aa. 

a^ H/ilib, arab. i^^Jl**, to jnllage, rob, sjhaI, 
with dir. obj. of things taken, or of a pei'Bcn 
or place robbed, or with a; to take captive; 
to fat/ violent handu on. Agent ^inVib (in Al. 
{ ^siii^) a roltltcr; v. n. Jl^a^Ub prey, spoil, 

hsC^ Hihibar, fretfti cheese ami wild onions 
cooked on a htone. 

A^ son ^. 

^>!i^ Huhhit U., europ., m, t, t?ie hiave at 
nirilH, lit. Holdior. 

^fii^ Mi\ heb. nSo, JSdah. 

«q\6 Mil we, OS., iiral). turk. \jjL^, f. a 

fio^\^ hih'ikut, f. id., az. turk. \:jSjLt, 
Hilrnf, tfuirt. 

jboAo^ silwanib, OS., m. SUTamug, 2 Oor. 

i. 19. 

ia^i^ sdoqjij OS., Sdeueia^ Acts ziii. 4. 

&o^ silur, f. hoaffrosi. 

,J^ sl^ AL, arab. ^^^ armf, toaopoiu^ 
aecoutremerUs, Lidz. 532. 

yxS^h sala|im, aperient. Gf. ^aJisl. 

.oAid sliq, OS., SeUucia on the l^gria. See 

;cul& saliqa, arab. turk. iiJL*, f. good 
management, natural cleveirmss. 

^fluSift, ^aUSta &c., see ^aub. 

yaL^ salim, f ) AL, verb, arab. JL» OODJ. ir., 

to deliver, commit, betray. Also ^ias q.T^ Lids. 
532. 2) subs., az. turk. JL^, f. i, epi demic ^ 

^i^ salam U., (arab. pers. JL» preaent 
worth), f. I, interest, uewry. 

^x^ slam AL, = ^i!iib2, lidz. 532. 

m^k^ s41amdar, pers. .UuJL*, m. i, i) ona 
tcAo borrows at inleresL 2) an usurer. 

^oM^j^ salmiin, OS., Salmon, Bath iv. ao 
(Psh. i^), Lu. iiL 32. Dist.^. 

;ftbMi^s41&miiu&, OS.,iS^ImofM,AotBZXTiL7. 

;U2k& s&l&mtni, OS., Salamis, Acts xiiL g. 

jMi^ salam&s, pers. ^^UJL*, f., a plain at 
the NW. comer of the Lake of Urmi. 

{isMi^ salamat, turk. pers. ^z^lL^f arab. 
IjJX^, i) f. u)elfare, prosperity. 2) as a^j.* 
prosperous, in good health, — ^&^9- f., = no. i. 

jt^to^ 8alumt& K., f. an u^nderchin, a double 

ttf^Lp sil&n&, f. JSi; fr. j^ip, sandy, of sand. 
;>\A*ft> silanithd AL, = jMokft, Lidz. 533. 
yai!^ sal'am (cf. arab. ^IaJL* a thin tail or 
long beak fj, m, i, a bald locust, Lev. xi. 22. 

£i^ sl^ta AL, arab. Im!L>», f. mercliandise, 
wares, Lidz. 532. 

3^ solap Tkh., arab. pers. cJLf,= 

)4a^ bilqa, OS., m. i, beetroot, beet. 

I ^^ salur, pers. turk. .^IL«*, m. i, a general, 





j{^ 8&lt&, OS. %, f. 6, a mall basket. 

^ sama U. Tkh. as OS., or ^ rami Q., or 
^a& Bam& Ti. AL, m. i , poison^ venom. 

^a& see }^o9iib and prec. 

^oK^ simi, i) pers. turk. ^, f* 3y & ^ l^oof. 
See 2&^. 2) Q.> ^^ ^' 

iaib Bkmi K., 8&mi U., OS., i) io he or 
become blind; pp. X blind. 2) met. to go out 
as a fire. 

jt^^yMO^, a^Nyhn^, see ^au^. 

yu &$^tt^ satngar Dwii, Psh. ^p4^a^y Samgar 
nAo^ Jer. zxxix. 3. 

2j^2^ Bimdt, pounded wheat and butter. See 

l^flf^MHb, i) smiiqi (in Al. Fmdq&, Sachan 
1 3), f. an- smaqti (bo also Al.), = OS. and TA. 
lixc^ (also ^fibofft TA.), red. 2) in pi. as subs. 
iumach^ rhuSf a bushy sbmb. 3) Al., in pi., 
a Syrian dish, perh. red beans (see ^), Lidz. 
533 ; in (^en. xxr. 30 red pottage (in sing.). 
4) a flamingo. 5) in fern. sing, hearts at 

} ffrti^wm 8m(iqn&-y&, f. j(S»r, fr. prec, redduih, 
somewhat red, bay, ruddy. 

^Hk s&miw&r, ross., f. r, on urn, samovar. 

ab'oMf^ s!m6ra, OS. ^^loijb, arab. pers. j^Z^, 
m. I, a sable. 

;&&oiaiib see 'm«. 

;b&>QM& P&mdtdlql, OS., Samothraee, Acts 
xvi. II. 

\»^ samit K., cf. arab. ^ » -, <o 6um intr. ; 
met. to jyit^, with «^. 

P^oib simti, m. i, flint, a flint stone. 

X ii^^o^ or ^- simta-yi, -&na, f. &.-, i^-, fr. 
Hrec, flinty, made of flint. 

i^^ioib smida (^ K. Al.), OS., sometimes by 
metath. 2La» ms!da or mzi-, m. flne flour, 
used for the Eucharist. 

^aop see ^ikttc. 

^^ samikh Al. Ash., OS., i) to lean on, 
rest on. 2) to recline, lie down^ sit. s) to 
delay. 4) to stand [bo Az. 2 conj.], Lidz. 533. 

^Anoi samka, or ^4*, OS., m. i, a socket. 

tf^^ see Jb, 

2X»9 simili U. Tkh., OS., or iLtdb smali 
Al. (Sachau 23), f. i, the left hand. [In Az. 
Ae^, = turk. 1.}^.] ^ft ^ on <Ae Z«/{ Aotui. 

Xi^iif 8im&l&-y&, f. j^-, OS., i) on the Uft 
hand. 2) able to use thel^t hand, left-handed. 

;^^ sImaltA, OS. jtf^ia^, heb. D^D, chald. 
ICoV^D or •^TO, arab. JL, f. 6, a ladder, lit. 
and met ; ^p jS^ipfsi Mt^l ^ /^ knows our 

I^ua^ sam&ni, f. jt^-, fr. ^, poisonous, 

m. I, a yellow 

pjM^ s&mand, pers. 

ifiMib s&m&n(, pers. J ; > ..», f., a Persian sweet- 
meat resembling ^o^. 


A • 

samiq, OS., i) to be red. 2) met. to 
blush. See tiupaaji. 

^m^ Bimq&, fr. prec, m. redness, ruddiness. 

l^k^uBuot^ simq&niiti, fr. prec, f. redness. 

&Mi^ s&mir AL, arab.^^^^ (cf. 2&Mfta), i) to 
nail, fasten. 2) met. to fix with astonishment, 
to astonish, Lidz. 533. 

&»ib or l&cib Bkmir, -r&, turli. j^^, m. i, 
a camel-saddle. 

^^hih^ Bimergil, = .M^&Mib2. 
^hioib samirmi, f. i, a plant, = ^^. 

^ sin U., arab. pers. turk. '^!^^ ro. age 
(years) ; age of puberty; ^ (^ of age. 

^b s4nt, i) OS., to hate, loathe, abhor; pp.{ 
hateful, abominable (^^9*1^ AniiW). Agent in 
Al. ;&j» or (a^ an enemy, Lidz. 533. 2), (cf. 
chald. IP to purify?) to snuff a, candle; also 
iab»; cf. looilb. 

^b snt, Psh. iL^ Seneh, i Sam. xiv. 4. 

;{^9su^ simbaltA (or in Al. j^- Lidz. 533), 
))ers. J ; ^ -'J kurd. J ; * > »>» PS. 313, simb^l 
Qarz. 189, Lerch 141, f., in sing, a half 
moustache (rare); usually in pi. J^&u^ nm- 
biili (-e) K., 2^%ia> simbulali U., a mouslachs, 
the whole moustache. See foil. 

o g 2 


iaSt^ 8imbil6 Al., arab. pers. <L\ > ; ..», ears of 
cam, Lidz. 534. See prec. 

\y-«^ samblat, Psh. '»6, m. Sanballat, 
Neh. ii. 10. 

;^[^ 8ang4g or 4k, U., az. turk. dlXjL«f, 
f. I (sometimes m.), a thin kind of bread baked 
on hot stones. 

.^^ sanj&g K., turk. jU^, pers. j;js^, 
f. I, a fag, 

.\j^ift> sinj&gh or -&kh, az. turk. pl^^^j m. i, 
a pin; ^tb imi to pin, 

?,ji\ifig» sinjlyl, arab. ^i-*,, pers. Jls^-^ or J^-^x^-^, 

fA« sweet fruit of the silver wiUow or {'i) jujube- 

a^a^ sangar, az. turk. XSii^, f. i, an 
embankment, entrencfiment, redoubt, barricade; 
^ib ib^ to throw up an earthwork, 

a^l^ sanid^ arab. jjLmi, 1) to lean against, 
with ^, \ or a, 2) met. to trust in, 3) ^0 
prop up, su2}j)ort, uphold, establish with dir. 
obj. ; jt^sA^o ii^aii stay and staff, Isa. iii. i ; 
pp.J met. steadfast, 4) to rest tr., refresh; 
01^ ^ib to refresh oneself. See a^fOMo. 

ol^ san&d, arab. turk. sj^, cf. prec, f. i, 
a guarantee. 

l9A/ji sanda Al., = s^iAsp, tru^, Socin 147.25. 

^iiopjib, ^suib, see ^. 

•JuA sindan, m. i, i) arab. kurd. ^jIjjlm, 
an anvil, 2) az. turk. id., a sweUing in the 

;o9dJb 8niiw& U., or ii^iS^ siniiya K., fr. ^, 
m. I, a snuffer, a stick used for adjusting the 
wick in a native lamp (As.^)< 

Jl^A^Jib suunit&, OS., f. 6, a swallow, 

b^aJb sinur (TA. sin-), f. i, i) turk. .^jl-#, 
a frontier, 2) terms of treaty, 

,^^ sinikh, az. turk. ^jl- (conn, with -a^?), 

a broken limb, a fracture, 

t ?>»tg> sinikhchJ, az. turk. 
a bone-setter, 

^^^ sankhirlw, OS., m. Sennacherib, 
2 Kgs. xviii. 13. 

i»p sauya, OS., m. i, a bush. 

, m. I, 

* H 

X*^ib see «i.aibo7. 

&fj^ s&nir, OS., iSmtr, Shenir, Dent iii. 9 
[= Hermon]. 

ji^fj^ snita, but j^ sanlthi AL, f. 6, i) 
= iaii, 2) Al. (Aonw. 
see ^. 

or ^^ sinsll. Ban-, arab. turk. ILJLm, 
m. I, i) a descendant; posterity, 2) a 

&ufl> sin*ar, OS., Shinar, Gen. z. 10. 

JA^ saniq, OS. Ethp., to be in wamt, to foanl, 
need, require, with «\i. or ^; pp.} in tooiU, 
neec2tn^, or as subs, a poor man; Ji^^Ufift 
things needed, want, 

Ji|fi> see jj. 

^i£b Eee Mi^. 

&9^&[^ or '10^ santur, sam-, kurd. santiir 
Garz. no, az. turk.^^:LJL«i#, chald. }^19?M, gk. 
V^i^ptoy, f. I, i) an organ, 2) a harp, 
3) also used for many other musical instru- 
ments, as the concertina, accordion, &c. 'lb l^ 
to play the organ, harp, &c. 

{^b^ioi^ or '»6 santiirchS, sam-, az. turk. 
^j^ " ■ ■>», m. I, an organist, harper &c, 

^^ sist, pi., seed of the herb f^, roasted 
and eaten. 

^hobJbA sistdrma, m. 1, poison, 
;i& sa a Al., f. i, = tsMb, Lidz. 524. 
.»j>^ sadi, pers. {JXm^, m., the poet ScuU, 

Xl^6^ Ba'iira, i) U., a sacristan, sexion, 
2) OS., a representative or chancellor of the 
Patriarch. 2) OS,*,anoverseer,aehorepiseopue, 

^ sai or s6, i) arab. ^yua^ zeal, effort, 
% aoL to vie, 2) az. turk. id., compeneation 
for disturbance, 3) produce, fruit, 

a^j^ sa'ir, OS., Seir, Gen. xxxii. 3. 

'^ 8a*ir Al. K., OS., i) to visit. 2) to do, 
to work, 

25Lii^ sara as OS., (also '^ Ash., Lidz. 527), 
m. I, hair, esp. of goats and camels, sometimes 
of men. Dist. folL 

j^&^ U. K., or Ikh^ Ash., or jfi^Aikub 
sarita, sartha, sartitha, OS.;^aiA», i,6,abarUy^ 
com; coll. pi. &^ib s&ri, or in Al. as OS. Aiib 
s'ar^, barley. 



;^9bk^ sirita AL, fr. b^ib, f. conduct. 

^ib sa'at, also in Al. ;isr sa'ati and ^^ si'a, 
pers. tark. oi^L.*, arab. ixL*, f. i, i) an 
hcur, 2) a tratc4, clock. See jUix. Phbases : 
^m; ^fi> (but in Al. «Mua ;i& or m^ ^fi>) /i^ 
o'clock (diBt. ;&fib ^abo.^ ^ve ^urf) ; l^ % 
o)^ U., or di^ jL* ^ib K., half-past one; 
Sai^ ^fi> ^o» what o'clock is it?; Si&f ^ ^fi> 
8. km4 114, id.; vH ^p 'ib 8. dmikhla, the 
watch has stopped; ^^ Ifi 'to (sic) = ^o^ ;&» ; 
^ib .»w b^ s.,= Mib&p, immediatdy; 'to 2^ or 
^ib ^m9 or 'to^ isskfor a season, 

X^i^ 84'atsaz, pers. jL^jl^L*, m. i, a 

;kft sipi, kurd. ^^ or l^, a mountain in 

^ s4pt, (in OS. to collect), i) to take from 
one vessel and put into anotJier, to draw out, 
ladle outf hail out, 2) K. (sometimes), = ^Jiiebiio. 
Diet. Q^. 

£fokto spidita U. K. Al., not Ti., f. 6, or 
ihkto sp&da, or iSi^toa pB&dty& Sal., = OS. 
;^9^ by metath., a pillow, bolster, 

^ofiUb, see ^^^, *oti^, 

^o^kto sipiiwA, fr. Jk^to ?, m. 1, a mouthful, 

^S^Jyb sipilrghin, f., a village and episcopal 
see near the mouth of the Nazlu river in the 
plain of Urmi. 


Hf^ sapila, i) OS.*, f. i, a sapphire, 2)} 
Al. Ash., f. J^' sapilti, arab. JJU», mean, base, 
miserable, Lidz. 535. 

;^^fei^ s&py&niit&, fr. ^, f. 6, 9, tradition, 

liLfto spira, OS., gk. <rtf>aif)a, m. i, (f. in OS.), 
an omelette; lit. anything round. 

f9&t^iib spiriiz, kurd. Vi^^^^i*, a mountain in 

^ai& sapma, m, i, a net weighted with lead. 

jbi$i s&pis, perh. fr. gk. arj^is (Nold. 380), 
to rot; pp. rotten lit. and met. 

;/bBJb sipsi, fr. prec., m. rottenness, 

ja4ib sipiq, OS. Ethp. and pp. of P., to be 
empty; pp.} empty lit. and met., vain (heAce 
l^^Of^to^ in vain) ; £a^ *^9^l idd spiqta, 

empty-handed; v.n. ^fiw, in Al. a vessel, jar. 
See JOLftoio, Jipbip, 

Lfib sipir, i),=OS. kaudb, <o expect, wait for, 
with ^ or tlf*. 2) AL, arab.^^, to travel, 
Lidz. 535. 

&kib 8apar, or M^ Al., arab. turk. kurd. 
jJu0, f. I, 1) a journey, voyage, tour; 'to ^ 
to travel, to go on a journey; ^p 'to a voyage; 
i^ha iLoQi ^^bkb sap&Hikh h6y4 brikht4, 
may your journey be blessed/ (said after, not 
before, a journey), t) time, =^ l^ti^, as turk.; 
so used for once, twice &c. with numerals, not 
only of motion. — 'to ^ ^par (proparox.), 
ihen,=. fl<^ ; 'to 07} &e&pir (proparox.), now, = 
turk. JL^.. 

2fi^ s&pri, OS.*, m. I, a scribe {in Az. pi. 

iSLte sipri, OS.^, m. i, a book, esp. of the 
Bible &c. See ^ and '^. fS^ ^* the 
book of the Kings, 

}>kV>Sub sp&rigli U. K. AL, m. I, and 
i^hJUb spirgilti Ash., f. 6, Lidz. 536, = 
OS. aXj^l and '^, a quince, 

^t^bjto sperwlm, OS., Sepharvaim, 2 Kgs. 
xvii. 24. ^o* a man of Sepharvaim. 

ik^lLM^ s&pr&yikti, OS., f. 6, clerkship, 
the duties or office of a scribe, 

;k^lLito sipri-yiiti, OS.*, f. 6, the writUn 
language, classical Syriac, = la^ ^ ^us}^. 

Xf&J^ sipirish, pers. ^l^, wrestling; 
games, at a village feast. 

{^&kib siparcht, turk. ^^^^JL^, m. i, a 

^M^j^see V 

j{3^ Bipta as OS., also in Al. ^$bto saptb4 
(Sachau 15), t 7, rarely 9, i) a lip; ^f^ 
l^h^ or '& *t*a^ to smile; ii$^ ^^^^ or 
^^^Ji^ tltto to pout, 2) an edge, ledge, rim, 
brim, brink; a bank of a river; sea shore; 
a binding on the edge of a garment, Ex. xxviii. 
32. 3) met. speech, 

^o^ saq&, arab. turk. j|L* (lit. a leg, cf. 
iai), f. I, a woollen gaiter, a legging, 

U^ raqi, m. I, i) OS., sackdoth, often pL 
2) OS.*, a sack, 3) Al. Ash., arab. turk. 
kurd. «lLi*, = foll., Lidz. 536. 

lakiflb saqaw, pers. ^U^, m, i, a toaier- 
earrier, Cf. prec. 

p^ saqid, (in OS. Pa. to make bitter), to 
be tired of, with a; to he grieved with ; to shrink 
hack from, met. ; to fairU met. ; *^ ^ ^fiub 
BqidU b'khayC, / am weary of my life; ^ 'to 
2aa3J^ 8&qid min liw&d&, to he tired of doing. 
Sometimes used impers., as ^o^ i^tsb H la 
8&qdalun, let them not toeary. 

2pii^ siqd&f fr. prec., m. weariness. 

litub sqtwa, OS., m. Sceva, Acts xix. 14. 

XKooii sAqfitA, f. *k^- s&qtit-t4, fr. \flii. 
crouching, squatting, 

j^^Ofi) sqapta, in K. -th&, TA. ;^.lafi>, OS. 
^oAibJl, chald. ^f ?9, f. 6, a threshold, ^ )^ 
Qib^A^atb mila 'ill sqiipthi K., Sorrow on him I 

&6ya& saqur, az. turk.^^L«*, m. i, a large 

\ai^ Bkq\\, L OS. J4|ub, i) to crouch, squat; 
of a hen to sit, 2) met. to die, used of a dog 
or a bad man, esp. of Mussulmans, also of a 
man who is killed in an accident. 11. Al. Ash., 
arab. Li^, to descend, alight, Lidz. 536. See 

\hp> sec fisfiUb. 

i^ftii6 B&q^, arab. pers. ^jL»», m. 1, a huUer, 

iloA s&qil, OS. Ethp., to adorn oneseif to 
dress uj), to jmt on an^s best clothes; pp.| in 
full dress, vxaring new clothes. See tlfcUMo. 

)Xttto siqla OS., m. i, i) adornment, 2) 
comeliness; ^£b^ i^l a goodly tree, Lev. 
lyciii. 40. 3) full dress. 4) majesty, glory, 

.\%nft> Al. or fis)iiito Al. sqalaj;, siqlat, ='to2, 
Lidz. 536. 

)9UB& saqim U., (vulg. arab. ^X-i to 
straighten), to blame, reprove, scold, 

siqma, fr. prec, m. reproof. 

sa(|iif Al., arab. turk. c_iL-*, a roof, 
Sachau 33. 

j^tuB^ or \' saqut, -&<;, f. id., arab. pers. 
turk. laJ^, lame, maimed, halt, 

£tub Al. Ash., Fee UJo^. 

230 Q0fiLl\JUB9 

1^^^ saqiitk&r, az. turk.^lX^iA^, m. i, 
a jobbing carpenter, 

&to sir, arab. turk. !!«», m. 1, a mystery, 
secret. Dist. &oub. 

2&^ s&ri, OS., to ^ or become had, to ds^ 
teriarate, to go bad, to he putrid, to mortify, to be 

sore; used impers. as e^2 ^ ^^^ {^^ ^ <M) 
he uxM grieved, angry; pp.| bad, evU, un- 
pleasing, unfortunate, disj}leased, or as adv. 
badly, sorely, miserably; ;tf^&fta amiss, Jas. 
iv. 3 ; «\f. 2^ to he evil affected to; (.^ pgi. 
or ^^ib to tlltreat, with a or .^ ; p ^^J^ ^m to 
displease, not to please. See Jo^^ ; dist. 2^. 

22kid» sar&, OS., f. Sarah, Gen. zvii. 15, often 
now used as a woman's name. 

a2k& or al^, m., i) s&raw, pers. vjr^ 
the head waters, source of a river. 2) com 
irrigated once. 3) the first arrack which 
comes from the still. 4) s&r&b, pers. vl, 
(cf. '*), mirage, Isa. xxxv. 7 old ver. 

99i& s^iw, OS., to deny, with dir. obj., 
sometimes with ^ = to a person ; to hide a 
thing from a person. 

2!»699ijb 8erb^& K. Al., kurd. (sj^^^, an 
adventure, Lidz. 536. 

tfsiaJ^ serbaz esp. U., pers,jb^ (lit. bare- 
headed), m. I, i) a soldier; l^^^^ ^ to 
serve in the army. 2) U., a pawn at chess. 
3), rare, the knave at cards. 

;Llf3ap serb&zkhan&, pers. ijU^l^, f. i, 
a barrack. 

lis^'^ serbazti, cf. taaib, f. 6, a button of 
an uniform, with a lion on it. 

\^^ serw&n, pers. ^\yj^ and ^J^, m. i, 
a camel-keeper or driver, 

&3ap serbar, pers.^b^-* (cf. ha), a boxj)laeed 
on the top of a load, 

IJ^SHi^ saraj, arab. turk. JTJL, m. i, i) a 
saddler, 2) a tent-maker, 

fi^h^ sergd, OS., m. I, a saddle. 

•^ho> Fcrgun, OS., m. Sargon, Isa. xx. i. 

Jbo^Vai^ and «Ai\&p sergiyus, -gis, both OS., 
iximSergius, Acts xiii. 7 ; the latter form still 
much iiEed as a man's name. 



{^^^&Jf^^&i^ sergird&n, pen. kard. ^;^«3/^> 
m. 1, a vagabond, ffagrant. 

p^ 8&rid, i), (cf. OS. i^^ a sieve), to sift 
with a coarse sieve ; dist. .l»fl. 2) to faU, as 
leaves or fruit. 3) K., to break. 4) to bud. 
5) to break out as emallpox. [In OS. to 

ai^&i^ serdaw, but in Al. TA. -dab (Lidz. 
536), pers. kurd. sJG^, f. i, a cod cellar; 
a water- tank; a place for keeping water cool. 

^s^lpaJb see '^. 

JbbaAo^&i^ serdttnkhus, OS.*, a sardonyx. 

«At^aJ^ serdis, OS., Sardie, Rev. i. 11. 

&dibp&i^ serdasiir, az. turk. .^«i*^^, m. i, 
a bitf a small tool for boring. 

tb^^ serd4r, i) pers. turk. ^i^^, m. i, a 
general in the army. 2) a governor. 3) K., 
a churchwarden. 

h^iUb saradar, az. turk. .^^, m. i, a lintd. 

iwbp&[^ serdrakht, pers. Ob»^^^« f. i, an 
orchard, a pUasure-grove. 

isxjfb^ serdasht, pers. oJlo^, f. i, i) head 
of the plain. 2) a proper name. 

^<iy&& s&r-had, in AL, -bad, arab. pers. tork. 
Xd^^, m. I, i) a boundary, bounds, Umit. 2) 
a district in S£. Persia. 

I^^&i^ ser-hang, pers. {^^Zh^, m, i, a 
lieutenant' colonel. 

aao^ sarCibar Tkh. Q., provision, arrange- 

\6hJ^ s&r^gh, OS., m. Sarug, Gen. xi. a 2, 
JSaruchf Lu. iii. 35. 

2po9i& sirw&da, pers. i.>ljy^, f. i, confroni- 
ing testimony, evidence; a charge constantly 
brought up; a thing cast in one's teeth, 

^o&i^ see p&ib. 

ixo^ sardna, OS., m. Saron, Acts ix. 35. 

$b&fl> siHinS, = ^o&oiM. 

^^Sjb srilp4, fr. S^, supping up. 

^^ serkh, OS., f. Serah, Gen. xlvi. 17 
(RV. ^«b). 

-ai see -J^. 
al&6 Al., see pcr&ib. 
^e^&6 see t^^&ibl. 

OM&i^ serkhiish, pers. turk. kurd. ^Ji>j^>j,^ 
(lit. drunk), m., a man's name now in use ; cf. 

\ai, ;f^^ saiit, sirta K., OS., = 'Sf. 

;b;M> sert&n& U. K., as OS., or ;^&^ 
8eitl&D& AL, Lidz. 537, m. i, i) a crab, 2) 
CanccTy the sign of the Zodiac. ^6>^ £^ K., f. 

.»^ sar^, OS., f. Sarai, Gen. xvii. 15. 

.»&^ 8&r2, pers. {jX^, a city in N. Persia, 
near the Caspian. 

iiiU^ Al, see .^!ub. 

;L!Lib sr&ya, as Psh. in i Chron. vi. 14, 
m. Seraidh, 

^&^ sirij& Q., or 'lb sar- Tkh., an earthen- 
ware pipe; in Tkh. also a cistem hewn in rock. 

2pt&^ sarlda or s&-, fr. p^jb, m, i, a large 
sieve or riddle for riddling earth. 

%P9f^ or '&aib sirldun, OS., m. i, saidius, 
sardine stone, eomeUan, 

Ia^^^ siry&kb K., thin branches, with their 
leaves stripped off, used for fueL 

^h^i saryiin, OS., Sirion, Deut. iii. 9. 

.f^jUb s&rM K. Al, or i^i^ sar&yi Al. Ash., 
pers. turk. ij\^, a paJaee; in pi. often with 
sing, meaning (cf. j^). 

^^ see U^hoib. 

^^> sirk4, turk. pers. iJT^**, m. vinegar. 

|;^9A^ Berkiil& AL, kurd. ^j^i bare- 
lieaJed, Lidz. 537. 

|.(k*a&^ sirk&-S, £ id., az. turk. (jl^^ 
pale red, 

joA^ serchiiq, a top branch. 

1^^ serkir, pers. >^^C^ m. i, i) on 
overseer. 2) a pretident, govemor-general, 
Dan. vi. 2. 3) as a title, His EoceeUeney. 
Dist. ^&oub. 

{2^^&i^ serkerdi, pers. turk. i^^^f^^ m. i, 
a commander, 

2b'o70M^ serm6h'r&, az. turk. iJkyMj^ (cf. 
2&0roio), f. I, <A« top layer of a mud wdl built 
in layers. 

i^A^&^ sermast, pert. kurd. o-»^ (lit. 
drunk), m., a man's name now in use. Cl«o< 



•«^ AiHiif, ftz. lurk. ^Vr*! ^' ii ^^ ir/i^«/ of 

li plough. 2; a jfffAujh with two nnall wheels. 

;aii^ n^rthkuk, ftZ, turk. ^^^^^ (^- 4>i;, m. i, 

^idb nkrM Ti., a/ghi. 

ifeni4khim, OS., Sarmchitn^ Jer. 
xxxix. 3. 

\jmi^iJ^ ami }^aUto2U» BerBamt, R&rasima, f. 
ill., |i#jr>«. j^^/^- an'J *-i-^-J^, i;ricWy, (/i«y, 
eifp. fr. drink ; the; firMt form usoally of a man 
kimficlf, the fM-c/iiid of the head. 

^tUh H^raifir, az. turk.^^.«^^y f., a woman's 
name now in une. 

\k4b%^ sarast, esp. U. Al., f. id., kurd. 
Ou^^, tru/e^ right, ik^ f. truth. 

j^oiflilb^ ser'amiidi, hyhrid word (fr. pers. 
^ and ?>ioi)i Jirtt baptised, when several 
children arc christened on the same day. 

] &>^jA^ ser'ask&r, pers. turk. kurd.^^Cx^, 
m. I, rt yentralissimo, commander-in-chief; a 
chief officer, 

jL^b Harapy = ^&9Jb, (or J!|^ fr. arab. \^j^ 
to (Minju^atr), f(rani. a conjugation, declension, 
tahlt'. of nouns, jHiradigm, 

S^, J^ SCO '^. 

S\J6 H&rip, OS., to suj) up, suck uj) as a 
H|H)ngt> ; to drink uj) the whole of; to swallow 
ujf, dwimr, 

StUh MirAp, m. i, a fiery serj)ent, Isa. xxx. 6. 
^iLtb HrApii, OS., ni. i« a serajJi, 
x^^ HorpUHh, ])orH. ^y^j^, m. i, the top 
of a still for niakinf^ arraok. 

^filft Haraptnia Al., m., = ;s&ib (sing.), 
Sacliau 91.10H. 

2SSaJ34> HoqWira Tkh., a halter, for horsoR. 

{\^&i^ Hoi-Magh, f. id., |HTtf. pL0^ (lit. 

wise, hut u^w'd ironically), cracked ^ strange, 
fiH^lhh, gawky, awku\triL 

jabA sari((. i) as OS., to awih, canl. 2) to 
gn*w lean; pp.* { mot. miM, empty as OS. 

I 2a^^ serqadi, az. turk. »JJ^«*, m. i, a 
pattern, mo'IeJ, a good specimen. 

j^AB^ serquiti, (c£ &«aib ?), f. 6, a heukei 
with a narrow mouth, for storing things. 

X in^ serqiyi, f. ji^-, OS., a Saracen* 

^^ sarishta, pers. oJ^, f. skill. 

^a»x^ sertib, -ip, pers. \.^j^, m. i, a 
general, brigadier-general; a fidl eoUmd, 

^x^ sert AL, f. id., turk. szj^, strong^ 

2p iob stada Al. Ash., see '\ibi, m. i,a meuier, 

;^pisib Etadta and stuta Al. Ash., fr. prec., 
f 6, a mistress. Also 'tbl istadti, -ati. 

lis^ sitwa, or in Al. Ash. as OS. '^ 
sathwa, m. i, winter, 

&^o^ sita-wur, kurd. jyys^^ a mountain 
in Kurdistan. 

XU^ Eitwa-ya, f. j|^-, 08. '4>, hSberfud, 
wintry, of winter. 

^bdob see \ft. 

X a&'oMb Btiir&, fr. h^ (verb), torn dwon. 

^I^Mb Al., = ^Odo. 

^^satil U., ;^o^i^ sitldq^ Al. (Lidz. 431), 
or ;!^V^ 8itl4 Tkh. MB. as OS., lat. sitnla, 
arab. JW.^ (cf. kurd. Jjl^* a kettle PS. 31 2), 
m. I, a bucket; a milk-pail. 

'aS^fyi sataljAm, az. turk. j»<xr^^» f. i> a 
co/J, catarrh. 

^oai^ see ^Mb2. 

Jbb^^ sat pi r us, OS.*, a sapphire. 

JS^& satiq Al., =\o& 11., Lidz. 531. 

&^IE^ 8&tir, I. verb, OS., 1) to ptdl dawn/ 
to 2ndl up vine-roots ; to take to pieces^ to take 
down; break up. 2) K. Al., to cover; to 
ivrotect with a shield. 11. subs., arab.^^i^^, kurd. 
^\jL,a PS. 312, penis, pudenda yirorum et 

Jb'^ft sitara, OS.*, m. i, a oorer^, covering^ 
protection; a hiding-place. 

2b' fi^ sitra (TA. '^), arab. turk.^^i^ m. i, 
a curtain. 

Se?*^ see 'V». 

X ;^b^A 8ater|>a*, i>ers. y^s.^, m. i, a Minip. 

;N^ib Al.« Fee f^p^ft. 


X, the letUr fy '6, OS., f., pL i (;jj 'i-I), 
but in K. MB. a (fi^k '^wfithi K., -Uil MB.) ; 
this letter hu in itself no pronunciation, bat 
frequently modifies the vowel which goes with 
it (see l). The modific&tion nukes Ptbaklia 
= tl, and gives Zlams Zogs a sound between 
f And tl (see Introduction) ; but in Al. Az. Ash. 
and often in Tkh. this letter does not ordinsrilj 
modify « short vowel at alL It usually causes 
tbe long TOwels to be pronounced farther back 
in the mouth (Oram. lo, it). In nombering 
j.= 7o, J^=7i &c., X=7oo. 

f ^ 'i-id, (OS. past pi, and in the lexicons 
p^, cf. I^), to weed. Cans, fipif). 

4a. 'ld& TJ., 'iAbk K. Al. Ma'l., OS., m. s, 
rarely 4, also in Q. i, a/tail.fittiral; properly 
applied to festiTsJs of our Lovd only, (opp. 
ItS^n a ssint'e day).— i!(9V.'i. U.= j[^» 'i. 
K., Eatteri Viii^ '%, U. = 1^ ^ K., 
ChriMtmaij ^ka lyii 99;^ 'idUh hi-wl 
brikhi, May your feaM be bleued! a commun 
snlatatiou on a featt day, esp. at CbriEtmas 
and Easter ; so ? '!• ^^aa lo vitit on a f»atl 
day; iOlA 'i. as OS., a ^Mival cf our Lord; 
iite '.>9-(*Jh^) ^-1 pilgrim feitiveU, Lidz. 451. 

A^U. 'Id&ni, fr. prec., m. i, a preaent on a 
fiatt day. 

t^ '4-iz Ash., srab.^^, to be neeeuary, LiJc 
381. 99^ V; iw what you need. 

lii. see Ui.. 

^^ see .Hi. 

.^^ '4-in Al., srab. ^ 

iv., to Mp, aid, 
attiat. Cans, .{up q.v. and ^fttf. 

.H]!> 'i-iq, (OS. past aI), i) to b4 or become 
narrow; pp.^ narrow, confined; jfiB|l. Jiaf^ 
umntofroom; jifdfl. .srf >f 1 tni««Wy. See )i^. 
3) met. lo be afflicted or distntted; lo be in 
a difflcuUy or in need; also as OS. impers., 
(.,^0 Ji^HiM^ 'iqli II (ili), / am (m») m 
a Urait, or / too* vexed. Cans. J^V- 

sji. 'a-ish Al, arab. u^U, to live, to be fid 
or nouritKed. Caus. juMp q.r. 

taf 'ib6 Al., = Ja*^, Lidz. 385. 

;^ 'i-wi AL, OS., m. i, a wood. 

>7l '&-wid, OS., (imp. gi^ wfld, but in Al. 
sometimes pf^ *wid, Sachau 35, also 'Adb), 
i) lo do; to act, deal intr., with A or «p. in 
K. a or sometimes 'pi^ = towaTd$, to, vnth; 
to make, commit, execute, jierform: to ^riches; 
pp. in AL a oreature; )f Au» li-t^ adoption, 
OaL iv. 6 BV. a) Al., to pvnieh. 3) to 
edebrale tho £ucbarist or a feast; to keep, 
obeerv a fast Ac 4) to bring forth, put forth 
fruit, leaves &c.; to yield milk; sometimes 
absolutely. 5) Ash., to plvek fi-uit 6) AL, 
toftii a tree, Lidz. 385. 7) to dreu, prepare 
a dish or sacrifice. 8)* to t^er, Ps. Ixvi. 15. 
9) of sounds, e.g.^'lilocryfMA/. 10) esp. 
AL, to do vnlh, manage with, with a or ^ 
11) for a caus., as 1^ ^j>p? -.e^^ ^3^ ^ b>t 
'dditlfln d'madirl khafi, thou thalt eaum them 
lo turn their baei. la) with o^, to prttmd 
to be, to feign onudf [of. the use of jUh,with 
a caus., as ^^^^.^ttiffAgin (AjH«//«iat]. 13) 
in pass., a l^tV^ *^ ■*f*'* ^"^ beeomet of. 
For phrases with substantives see the latter. 
— r.n. 1^, ;J>H^ wid&, wadti, a deed, a 
thing done or made, a work; J^^)^ 'l>(or very 
rarely as OS. J^i^ft 9^ w&d ld«y6) a thing 
made with handt, 

f^ 'fiw&d, Fsh. HL, Bbed, Jnd. ix. 30. 

i^^ >wid, Psh. 9K^, Sbed, Ezra viii. 6. 

t'^ '^di, OS., m. I, i) J. AL TA., also 
74^ 'ibid, arah. j,^, a {^man)»ervant ; a elave. 
2) Abdae, a man's name. ji<^ J. Al., f. 

ijfii, 'ihidi AJ., arab. Ul^*, = t>,oiaffa^ 
Sachau 86.61. 

^^j^ 'Ubdalkarim, arab. ^,^^^1 x^ 
(lit. servant of the Munificent One), lu., a man's 
name now used. 

fH^ifa^ or "^iai, 'ttbdal'li, arab. 4)1 Ju»« 
(lit servant of God), m., a man's Dame now 



*#rr.t;.*. '/ •i.* '^''ij-'-'/yj 'n ; * KiAl/> rJfcfH* LO" 

«r, G«s. X. 21. 

', '* .'; 

#^a^ 'fiifUjUi, OK., Ahadd<m, Iter. iz. ii. 
•#^'6'iijrf, Piih..JlAi, rn. Ahd<m, Jud. xii. 13. 
•^9^ '/>H, OH., rn. if/xit, Kzrs x, 26. 

XAit^ o'lifchij, OS., rn. A'Wfetta (lit. ser- 
vniif of JfrKijii), a rfian'ft nftine lit ill much nited 

^;^^ 'HriJiiialikh, pHh.^H', m. A*W- 
fiuUrh, i]iiir. xxxviii. 8. 

b^.^f^ "wifhi^^jhCi, OH.y in. Abednego, 
l)firi. 1. 7. 

; J^^L 'A-w(ir]&, (i^ K. A!.), f. ai^^ '4-wUdt&, 
()H.*y 1) f(rfini. active. 2) gram. /^ mJtject 
tif Ii vi*i'li, /^ rumiinattve can. 3) gram., in 
Vfrhfi, iiH4'fl for Pul, IV«1| Aph'el &c. (dcc \>t#, 
^lAko) to (liHtiiigiiiNh tlieiii from Ktlip'el &c.; 
ill all IIm'HI! miiiHOH opp. )smu. 4) an a^«n/. 

ab'^ak* hAiil, iirah.j^^, in. I, 3 (uiually pi.), 
1) a jfirrd, a) a ^wtatje^ jiUM, entrance, 
I Sum. xiii. 23. 

\Vi^ 'AwAii, f. litA; OS., transitory, 
fHiimimj away, 

iaL 'uha-y&. f. I, and A^ 'kh6ii, f. 6, OS. 
Jf^ or JtMa^, f. I, (« cloak, [In Az. ^^tal <Ay 
eltHik, I 

tiX^j^4J. 'AlK^dHl-lA, arah. 4)1 Ju^^, m., a 
nmii'N uamo now UMod. 

• * 


• • • « I « 

'iihiiH. iinil). ,j^l4^, ni. sibbae, progenitor 
ot'tlir .MiIminuU ; 11 mun'tf nHiiie now used. 

^Aai^ *ah)U)\ |H*r». ,c^U^, fr. prec, m. i, 
/i>tH* »/4iiAijr ^liut ^oo *9Pk), one-lift h of a qnin, 

aak 'a-wir, OS., (imp. htg^m wvr, bat ia AL 
-jr;, I to patMj pan onr, fom bjfj ctom; go 
CTtr, with ^, ^ or dir. obj. 2) io narpoMa^ 
outstrip, with i^. 3) to past dkrougik, with sm ; 
tl^S^a^ A^aL a wayfarer. 4) AL, fo leave, Ui 
4MjU/n^, he quit of, with ^ 5) to fvni mwap 
from, with ^ 6) fo pass away, fo befitiskmL 
7) to transgress, to break a oommandmexit^ 
with ^ or i^ or ^ or absolutely ; jjpMM i^ ^Jb 
to perjure omsdf. 8) fo come upon, take held 
of, with Ajb or a. 9) to enter, to yo or come m, 
with a J o£^. or ^^ (not dir. obj.), often spelled 
Sfi in tliis sense ; ^ ^jb <o erUer by a oertain 
waj ; JbA^ \. fo ^o in to, Phbases : 2!SgiL J^ 
A 16 'oriJf or ^h^ ofSL J> Uli war! (dcX 
/ eannof afford to,' pSja '^ to undertake, m€ 
about a work ; ^&| oS^^Sk* met. fo &« oAamcd: 
01^ iii«9C^ «orcoi^ libd wlr6 Ii, ks is nuensihie 
or in an ecstasy; ;^^^ &^ fo Aritikf of 
clothes ; iiaia ^^ to make a covenant; (kfJ^bi X 
fo ffrtM, contend, to be zealous or jealous, with 
^=for, of; lifa '^ or ^^dd \. fo yrmv old 
(FometimesasHtTi^ absolutely =oIi); ij^ts^&^l 
AL, they fight, they come to dose quarters, — 
See &i^. — ▼. n. l^^ w&Hi, an emtrance, 

^2!C9f yiiri-it (oxytone), OS.*, in H^brmo. 

X iifia^ yar&y&, f. j^-, OS., HOrew. See h^. 

a^ '&jib K. Al., arab. 1.,^^ conj. !▼., i) 
impers., to love, to be pleased with, to wisk/ 
J^ ;iai 'i. I wished; oro>^ q>q>a ^i in'iyibU 
1^ bg&w6 AL, if he will have him, Mat. xzriL 43 ; 
A ^ Of^ ^9^ bga-wiikh ^jibU It Al., in 
thee I am well pleased, Lu. iii. 22 ; oij^ oij^ ^1^ 
*jil)l6 16 AL, he deUrmined; v.n. i^«j&bA, 
loving, Sachau 53. 2) rarely = aj^ q. v., to 
wonder, often with a or «ljb ; pp. wondmfid, 
or astonished. 

^4^ 'ajab& AL, arab. v^i usondmfsd. 

^oa^ *jjbikn& Al., m. unU, pleasure, wisk; 
a mf^a^ j^ f do what one wiUs witk, 

;^B^ 'ajibiit&, f. 6, 9, i) a tooncfar, 
miracle, a) K., wonder, astoniskmsnL 3) as 
inter]., wonderful/, very oommon. — \a toon* 


;a^^'ijftb& Al., 1XU i, = preo. no. i. 

&o^ 'Aghftr*, heb. '^V, m. f , a erans, Jer. 
viii. 7. 

•^ 'Ijiz (also tj^Al.), kord. ^j^ Garz. 90 
(arab.^^ to be weak), i)Ti.,=fj^,toatmoy, 
traubU. 2) Al^ to tah$ trauhU, to toil, to be 
troubled. 3) Al., to be tired, with ^ = 0/ a 
thiug ; or absolutely to be tired, vexed. 4) Al., 
to urge, entreat, with o^. See fj^. 

I a^^ '4j&7ib, f. id., arab. turk. kord. i^lx^, 
wonderful, admirable. 

Ik^ifo^ see ':^. 

{ff^ *ajiz, f. id., arab. turk. kurd. j*.U, 
tame, inefieieni, weak; ^if^, f. 6, 9, armoyanee. 

Cf. 4^. . 

j^ 'ighl&, OS., f. Eglah, 2 Sam. iiL 5; 
^^ ^ an amethyet, lit. calfs eye. 

a^ 'ajil& AL, arab. iis^, ibtte, Lids. 389 ; 
as adv. in haete. 

•,^^\f *ighliin, OS., m. Eglcn, Jud. iii. 12. 

>iAV 'igWtm, (RV. >i^i), Psh. >ii^, 
Eglaim, Isa. xT. 8. See '^ ^. 

A^ '&j&]at Ash., arab. il^ (see ji^), 
f. I, a car, chariot, Lidz. 389. 

>i;^ 'i^im, arab. turk. ^»^, i) f. Pertia, 
2) as a^j*, f. id., Persian. 3) esp. in K., 
fooliehf barbarian. Cf. ^&oft^. — ;2is- Persian, 

Jkftjp^ 'ijamistin, pers. turk. ^l7i,><^, 
f., = ^i^ Pereia. 

^ 'id RV., Psh. ;lf^r^9 U^3H9, ^d, Josh, 
xxii. 34. 

2^ *id4, fir. f]^, m. t, a weed, 

Jpl 'IA6 Al. Ash., f., = ft^^. \. hi aeeus- 
tamed, Lidz. 390. 

2pi see 2^. 

2^ 'iidi, OS., I Adah, Gen. iv. 19. 

ajfL or fi^l Adib AL, = at^m. 

bp4» 'iidik, (so Psh. in s Chr. xiii. 22, bat 
•p^^^in I KgB. iv. 14), m. Iddo, 

;o^ see 6^^. 

2^9^ *adtid^ Al., (cf. p^), arab. jLf>it, 
a lament, Lidz. 391. 

^^ 'adAw^ AL, arab. Jjl^, m. on enemy, 
Lidz. 391. 

I j:i^e?i 'adm or % or 'f AL, f. j^ •alt4,= 
^pX adj., Lidz. 391. 

^^^ 'iidiilim, Psh. ^^,, AduUam, Joeh. 
xii. 15. 

tK4^'&di-wat, or in Al.^op^^'adAw^, arab. 
ijUl^, turk. Ksf^\xp, i) f. enmity, hatred. 2) 
as adj., f. id., unfriendly. 

.fp4» as OS. or ^pi 'Mt, adi, arab. ijs^, m., 
Adi; 'x .m^ Sheikh Adi, the temple of the 
Yezidis, about 40 miles N. of Mosul. 

^j^ or vl^ ^din, *din, both OS., JSden, 
Gen. ii. 8. 

l^^ '&dil K., or ^i^ 'adal AL, f. id., arab. 
turk. JjU, i) just, of men and things ; right, 
straight, upright, in good order. 2) adr. 
straight, straightway, 

•^ '&dil Al., arab. Jjl^, to be straight. 
See 1^9110. 

2^?!, for 'i, see 2^. 

Xi4\L -idalat, arab. aJU^, turk. cJLxp, 
i) i. justice. 2) as adj., f. idi.,just, true. 

pj^ 'adim Al. TA., arab. ^J^ conj. ii., to 
ruin, Lidz. 391. 

^j^ see ^^. 

^^ din&, U. K. AL, also in Al. TA. as OS. 
'f 'idinA (dist. foil.), f. 1, 3 (m. in OS.), titM. 
'Aa 'ihr from time to time; 'a» 'i- ^i as afore- 
time; X ^\^ to gain time, Dan. ii. 8 ; ^^«^ 
to take time; '^ ^^ or '^ *9ta immediately, 
then; ^^*h AL, now; '^^ always, or folL 
by 9, whmswr; vA^ Al., imtnediatdy; 9^^ 
AL, «;Aen conj. 

J*^ 'idAnA, f. *i-, fr. 2^, weedy, fuU of 
weeds. Dist prec. 

kix «&dat U., or ;isjfX 'idiU K., or ij^ 'id6 
AL, or ft^^ *ad&t Al., arab. ioU, pers. turk. 
kurd. v£>oU, f. I, a c%utom, p ^^ 9^ tt^l he is 
accustomed to; 'i- ^1 usuaUy; '^p ordinary; 
'^p ;i\t§ a mdgar fraction, 

l^pi, 'idU or 'iti, in Al. 'eta, OS., f. 9, 
('idati U., 'idithi K., '^thi Al., Sachau 15), 
the ChurA (the society : in OS. Al. also the 

a k^ 'tdt Aniya, 'It-, t J^, 0S.,< 

H h 2 


Pfii, 'ahid AL, arab. tnrk. Jl^, assurance , 
promise, Lidz. 392. 

^p«y^ 'ahM-D^mi, pen. tnrk. u*Uxl^, f. i, 
a treaty f agreement, 

2^^c^ ahid4, f. U^^^r •hidia, OS.*, aforesaid. 

l^ '&-w6 Al., OS., to howl. See ^aim. 

;^ *&-w4, OS., /voA, 2 Kgs. xviii. 34. 

la^iS. *iiba or 'ttb& U., OS., m. i, bosom. In 

Xiop{ ?9^ 'iiwid ad^m, Psb. '^^^ m. 
Obededom, 2 Sam. vi. 11. 

^I^bl. 'iiwadya, OS., m. Obadiah, i Kgs. 
zviii. 3. 

i^oS^ '&wid, OS., m. Obed, Rutb iy. 17. 

e^p^9i&. 'iib^iiia, = oy:i^2pa^, a famous 
Kurdish chief who invaded Persia in 1880. 

.^99^ 'tiw&l, OS., m. Obal, Qen. x. 28. 
\61« 'iigh, OS., m. Ogy Num. zxi. 33. 

^9t^9i&# 'iij&ba, arab. vW^i ^'^* ') avjonder, 
marvel^ miracle, 2) admiration, surprise. 
Also in Al. t^^t^, 

jpiL see toS^. 

^^9i&. or ;9p92'iid4b4 AL, arab. kJ^x&, m. i, 
(orm«n<, torture, Sachau 89.93, I^dz. 391. 

.f^^ 'iidi Al., wax-eoloured {}), Lidz. 386, 
Socio 128.7. 

if^^ 'iid!y4, kurd. kJ^^, a town in 

fy\^ 'Adalt, esp. U., (fr. arab. Jj^i: to be 
equal, cf. ^p^), i) togetlier; ^^^i all together, 
Ps. zxxiii. 15. 'j^ together of motion; ^am 
together (not of motion), or ajpar^. 2) one 
another, each other/ also with a, ^, ^, ^m <o 
(from) one another, 

*Sl^^'ttdrau&,OS.*,m. I, 1) help. 2) the 
name of certain collects at the end of the daily 
offices. 3) \rp ;kia see b^ p2. 

^ Jo7^*uh'dan4, OS.*,m. i, eommemoration; 
a record; '^p ;?^ a chronicle. 

f^'awdz, rarely ipoL awud, arab. turk. pcrs. 
f^j^ m. X, i) amende, indemnity, equivalent; 
^^ ^gjb to make amends^ indemnify, 2) leg. 
award, 3) prep, in exchange for, instead of. 

iLfc^ 'oziyi, OS., Uzziah, Ozias, 2 Kgs. 
ziv. 2 1 (see ^&«V«). 

A.901. 'uzil, OS., m. Czzid, Ex. vL 18 (RV. 

iLiL 'a-waya, OS., an Aviie, 2 Kgs. xvii. 31. 

^^ 'uya Al., fr. ^oL, m. i, a jackal. Lids. 


^o»aL see 'i . 

^ol see 'i and ic^, 
fioA^ AL, see It^^, 

p ^ ^ 'a-wal m4 d' (or better '0 AL,=arab. 
L* Jy , as soon as, 

j^cL '614, OS., m. I, wickedness, m/, trans' 
gression; a \r ^^ to sin against, or with i^. 

(icL '4-w414, OS., m. I, a transgressor, a 
wicked man, 

^a^ifS. 'ttlb4 AL, OS., f. i , a hushd, Lids. 397. 

^<^9&. 'ttlttl U. Q. Sal. Gaw., or ^ 'ilil 
K., or A^ «il41 MB., or A^^ I'il AL as Oa, 
above, upwards, up; the first three often with 
a, \ 'io prefixed. «l|k^ l^il Z., upwards. — 
All, foil, by ^, as prep. — ^^] \* upside 
down; also up and down. 

iSix '4w414y4, m. i,=iiiL, i Kgs. xzi. 10 

ixiiS^ 'iU4ml, arab. pi. Ui^, doctors, learned 

|&^*^ •iU4md4r Al., kurd. ^UJU: (c£ 
prec), m, I, a teacher, Lidz. 398. 

p^ 'ii-w4m (oxytone), arab. turk. 1^ (pi. of 
iJlU, cf ^), m. i) the common people, a) as 
adj., f id., vulgar, uneducated, ru^e. 

^ol or ^aL, see ^02. 

^^ 'um4 and 'd*m4, i) az. turk. L«^, 
f swdling eyes from longing for something not 
obtained. 2) m. cholera. See ^oj. 

^01. Ti., see ^»&.. 

^flMol. 'iimq4, m. i, i) OS., depth. 2) OS^ 
a deep valley, 3) as adj., f. id., de^. 

&iel# 'um4r, arab.^^.»^, m. Omar. (Al. &4i>.) 

&»el# 'umir*, heb. "^9^, m. 1, an omer, 

&»el# 'iimr, arab. turk.y«^, m., i) 0910 of 
life. 2) lifetime. See folL 



l&o^ 'amri, m. i, i) AL OS., a habttaiion, 
and esp. a moMuUry, a), U. K., a church 
(the buildiDg; cf. ;»k^). 3) AL, = prec., 
age^ Lidz. 401 (Mai. 'omrA, Parisotxii. 135); 
i»^ ci^^ ^ fmm his earliest years. 

^oi or ^ '6nk, 'dn^ Al. TA., arab. turk. 
^jy£> (cf. ^j|L), help, assistaneSt Lidz. 387. 

^^t ^fll> see ^ol. 

^cS^ 'Ani-yi, OS.*, fr. ^, m. i , an antiphan, 
the first verse of some anthems. 

j^H^el* 'unltil, OS.*, f. 6, an anthem; a stanza 
of an anthem. 

^oibel# 'ilsinan, arab. ^Ujl^, m. Osman, 

^^MAbl. or t^-'ttsminld, -lik-l, turk.^UlP, 
m., pi. Ifi^ or Iji^' or ;^A- Ottoman, 

^aUI 'd'isi, (mod.), m. an oasis. 

iii^ 't^p&y^, OS.*, m. I, the burial service; 
a fiineral, 

aaUei. 'aprA, i) see J&is^. a) OS., Ophrah, 
Jud. vi. II. 

j^oi. 'df, OS., m. Uzy Oen. x. 23. 

amoL see sahoI*. 

JSlatf9i&# see l&aottS^. 

aodSoL and aiy- '6qdb, -ib, az. turk. i^j^, 
f. I, skin, '^i^ skOfid. 

aLsoL '6qin& K. Al., m. i, = «a.&^, Sachau 
86.65, Lam. iii. 19. 

;^'&ol« Diz, see ^&&^. 

;?&el« 'drw&, OS., m. i, a raven. See A&ol. 
no. 2 below. 

jl^i^io&el^ Al., see jbao&Si*. 

9f&el« 'drtw, OS., Or«6, Jud. vii. 25. 

^ ^bol^'arjan, f. id., arab. tork. ^l^, naked 
(Ma'l. 'iryan, Parisot xii. 135). 

I j!S&el# 'drla, i) no f., OS., uneircumcised ; 
li^citbp '^ met. of uneireumeised lips, li^^-, 
f- 6» 9i foreskin; undreumeision. 2) Socin 
4*^ a rtJ^ur« (j^UoSp '^, perb. for ;[^&«&^ t. 

Hjo^^ *Arqil&, OS., m. i, impediment, 
delay. Cf. ^&Aio. 

22kxo&M 'ashii Al., arab. i*JL^ conversation^ 
companionship, conference. 

;%^ Al., see A^^. 

^ 'iz&, OS., usually f. i, a goat four years 
old and over, esp. the female ; If^p ^?Vv^ ^^ 

;& or ;}d.'azi, OS., i) also A^fL, Gaza, Oen. 
z. 19 ; ;2&«jb a Oazite, 2) Uzzah, 2 Sam. vi. 3. 

{a^ 'iizab, arab. turk. v^> ^* '» trrotA, 
scourge, trouble, punishment; pangs of travail. 
^i^^ f., irf. 

^•jb 'azbi Al., a compass, Lidz. 393. 

^ see ^1. 

;?b«v. •zAwi, Psh. ;£i%9H, heb. nsn^, for- 
saken, Isa. Ixii. 4. 

^i^ "zizil as OS., or li..;!^ 'ftzazil, m. 
Azazet (AV. (A« scapegoat). Lev. xvi. 8. 

^ 'aziy& AL, cf. arab. Aj^, TA. ;^, m. 
moumtVi^, Lidz. 392. 

•^•L 'iziz, arab. 13^, m., i) f. id., = foil. 
2) m., a man's name now used. 

;t^«^ 'iizlz& K. AL, f. ^&f- >zizti, beloved, 
dear, Lidz. 393. t*^^ 'iizizi (U. also) is a 
common form of appellation between friends, 
= my beloved. 

^4 'iziti, fr. Uh* f. 6, a shegoat. 

£a^ 'izikt&, fr. ^^ (the Kap being a kurd. 
term.), f. 6, a wHd goat; a gazelle. 

^^ *iizil, arab. J^, dismissal; ^^ ^ to 

^^ 'azil, i) as OS., to spin a web [Az.«!^]. 
2) Al«, arab. J^, to remove oneself; to give up 
doing a thing; to shut up shop (lit.), Lidz. 
393. — v.n. i!S^ = folL no. i. 

jS«i^ 'izli, OS., m. I, i) a u:eb. 2) yam 
before it is dipped in paste to stiffen it(see^*f). 

Hi^ 'izala Ash., m. i, also ^^ (»>f f^, a loom, 
Lidz. 393. 

^^ ^tL 'izli kiishl, (cf ^oa), f., pi. id., 
a spider. 

p^ 'izim Al. Ash., arab. ^j^, to invite, call. 

jdp»)b 'iizmish, f. id., as. turk. (^/^W, uxinder- 
ing, straying. 

j^^ 'izttqti n. OS., or '^ 'iziqthi K. AL 
OS. (or *lz-, *is-X or '^ yiziqthi Al. (Sachau 
18), or J^^ siqChi Al. (Lidz. 394), f. 6, (pL 
also in Al. Jfaf^ 'izq&th& or 'is-), a ring, a 


2&'»)b 'ftzra, OS., m., Ezra, Neh. viii. 2. 

i.^^ or % as OS., »zary&, 'tizarya, m. 
Azariah, 2 Kgs. xiv. 21 (Psh. )2«ol# q.v-)» 
I Kgs. iv. 2. 

k^ 'izat U. K., or Cs^ 'ezet AL, or l^ *ize 
Al. (Lidz. 392), arab. ija, pers. tork. uj>^, 
I I, honouTy p '&^ JbL^^ Al., = p a&'pj^i jti^^ K., 
to do lumour to a person, Sachau 18 ; also 

iM- see '1. 

^> 'itmi, OS. %, f. 3, «i!i« thigh ; 'i-p j^dai 
<A« hollow of the thigh f Qen. zzxii. 25 ; ^ 
\r ^ ^m to «t7it<« . . . hip and thigh, 

J ^ 'iitir, arab. turk.^CLi, OS. aSHi^., more 
often & j^ in NS., kurd. 'atar Garz. 137, m. i, 
a grocer, druggist (diet. 1^1^). The &V^ sells 
medicines, tobacco, sugar &c. ^Sh^p Jt&obN 
druggists' weiglU. 

h^ 'fitr (or with ts), arab. ^, or 2S\i^ 
*itra as OS.*, m. i, perfume: 

^o&^ 'itriit, OS., Ataroth, Atroth^ Num. 
xxxii. 34, 36- (In verse 34 RV. has '^) 

^ % or 'ai, OS., f. Ai, Qen. xiii. 3. 

fsui', I. '^wa, i), (OS. with a, but usually 
U^. [Ma'l. 'aim& Parisot xii. 127] ; tabn. eC']?), 
f. 1, 3 (but m. in Q. as OS.), a cloud, 2) met. a 
sponge, 11. 'oib&, but in Al. Ma*l. 'aiba, (Parisot 
xii. 137), arab. turk. pers. kurd. %^t^t m., 
i) shame, 2) a blemish, fauU, 3) pudenda 

X hl^^ '^bajar, f. id., az. turk^^^s^.*^, strange, 
curious, odd, ugly, 

^s^ 'ibal, Psh. .^, Ebal, Deut. xi. 29. 

Xia4,, f. j^-, I. '^w&n&, fr. U^, cloudy. 
u. 'oiban&, fr. ^iiX, shameful, disgraceful, 

?|i see p]L. 

Xi^ *6y&d&, fr. proc, m. i, a u^eeder. See 

;^ see ^mk.. 

fo^* '^waz, az. turk. :i^^, m., a man's name 
now used. 

fLLi, see h9^- 

^&ot&* 'iyfita, OS., f. Areturus, Job ix. 9. 

f«x see fjl. 

XCi;^ 'i|4m, Psh. ^rM^, JStam, Jud. xy. 8. 

.I4. '6y&l, arab. turk. JL^ (a pi. noun), f. i, 
a family. See «^i. 

)a2iklt^ *ilam, or as Psh. ^-, m. Ekm, Gen. 
xiv. I, x. 22 ; Elymais, (icr an Elamiie. 

b^ '6lat, arab. lL)U, c£ A^, f. a tribe, the 
gathering of a tribe, 

X^ 'a-yin, f. id., arab. turk. ^^l^, open, 
m4inifest, clear, 

^ see ^jL. 

m. 'ain& U., '6n& K. Al. Az., OS., f. i, 3, 
i) pi. I, an eye, 2) pi. 3, a fountain, spring, 
source, 3) AL, met. a side (or opening), e.g. 
of a pair of saddle-bags, Sachau 1 2, 46. 4) Al., 
^Jii^. — See ^aa. Phbases : ;L jkl&y i*eroi4* 
'aind biry&p^ nk, he is sleepy; .^x&o i^ i*eroi4' 
*ainii U qirshC, his eyes shall not be uAile 
(a curse) ; jt^fcus^ ,».ai^»4' *B,mtL 'iqt&, avaricious / 
£0*^6^ .»o7A&4i 'ainii pt(ikht&, generous; i*erM4* 
^^ qH 6^ 'ainii qitla 'fill, he saw me, or he 
cast the evil eye on me, «fjk4. Af. '{Q 'ainl^ on my 
eye be it, said by a servant on receiving • com- 
mand, (he places his hand on his eye), alflo in 
K. .iA4.o .»x&^ ; .ijuf. «& rlsh 'ain€, id,; .fjk4> «^ 
^o^ Usi (or Ia4p 2^2 ji^) Hsh 'aini (r. g&rt d'ai.) 
tildkh, Wdcome I (also with Af. or in Z. with 
oS^for jcj) ; ;Li9 ^ eye to eye; \.? i^ eye- 
service; 9 Jx4' P^ i^ kh&li q&m 'aini d', to 
please tr. ; p ^la ^^ ^o4 to seem good to (see 
^fa) ; jLis ^ to ca«< <A« evil eye on; Jbt^ ^^ 
an evil eye; \«p ^Xfa one having an evil eye; 
jLis may be used for with the naked eye; 
^oa4a 9^ 2&eii3L» thinkest thou that he honours f, 
2 Sam. X. 3 ; Qlfp ^^ U., a snail; e^^p \. 
cat*s-eye, the name of a grape. 

S^ as OS., or .^5^^- RV., Ingad, -gidi, 
Engedi, Josh. xv. 62. See &toft^ "fAS*** 

SofiiJk 'ind&r, or as Psh. ^^, Endor, Josh. 
XV ii. II. 

^ajui. 'iudina Psh. and old Am. ver.,= 
\^wiiiiii 'inmishpat B.V., En MiAphai, Gen. 
xiv. 7. 

jl^duf. '^nttnti AL, f. 6, dim. of U^, a IMe 
fountain, a spring. 



>^iftA^ 'Iny&D, OS., Enon, Job. iii. 23. 

\ttnMA> see ^p»t^>0. 

^t\\j|i,i 'in*ighltm, Psh. ^^, En EglcUm, 
Ezek. zlvii. 10. 

»lA^9&i.Jb 'inrAghil, Psh. ^^^p ^, En Eogd, 
Josh. zv. 7. 

jKMouJb 'inshmish, Psh. 's> ^«3^i»| ^7» iS%eme«A, 
Josh. XV. 7. 

j(^ 'iinti U., or M' 'ainti, '6nU K., or 
iifi> 'ayinti Sh., fr. ^u^, f. 6, i) a chimney y 
a vent. 2) U., a email vent or flue for the 
earth oven (2&01N). 

^ftfl* '1 84, arab. ^, m., a man's name now 
in use among Mussuhnans, = Jboau. 

i^u&(&^ 'is4b4g, turk. eb ^c***-^, m., a man's 
name now used. 

oe^ see «ftl#. 

^ 'ip& RV., or as Psh. ^ •pi, JS^|>AaA, 
Qen. zxv. 4. 

&kfi* 'ip&r, az. turk. iL^, f., a woman's 
name now in ose. 

jt^l see js]L. 

ooel. or ^ooel. 'iqft, -q&t, (fr. Jij^oOel., abs. 
St. ?), f., pi. ;^' 'IqAwt, (rarely ^), mtwry, 
affliction; trouble, inconvenience^ 

&fl* 'ir, OS., m., £r, Otn. zzxyiii. 3. 

{ iiljb'^yar, f. id., cf. &^, quick of perception, 

l^^ 'Iri, 08.*, m. I, an on^ a watcher, 
Dan. iv. 13. 

M^ see A]L. 

44 '^yiti Psb. ith., Aiath, Isa. x. 28. 


t^l see ^2. 

^ '&kd, OS., ilcftf, <S<. Jean d'Acre, Aecho, 
Jud. i. 31. 

;i«i+Al., = Jfai-. 

*iv»^b^, «o^4oaf &c., see 'sM#. 

&«Ai *4kbar, Psh. &4^ (see ^), ileW, Josh, 
vii. 26. 

^ or a W or ;Ua«&. 'ak&zi, 'akAsA, 'AkAzi, 
all Al. Ash., arab. :l5Cp, a stick, Lids. 394. 


y»ol see ^2. 

;&o^ see ^xbS.. 

^ 'akhin, Psh. &-, Achan, Josh. yii. i. 

uBkajf 'iiks, arab. (j«5u?, a picture, photograph. 

^uBiAJ)' 'tik&s, arab. ^^l^ (lit inverter), 
m. I, an artist; a photographer, 

;d^ 'tiksa, Psh. '^, f., Acheah, Jud. i. 12. 

&ifpd^ see 'sM#. 

&4^ *ichir, az. turk. .l*.La, m. i, a latch, 

^ 'ftl U. K., 'al Al (Sachau 31), OS., also 
in Sal. K. AL Az. t^ 'il, i) on, upon, over; 
;J^]p Afi 'tQ d4h&, hereupon; i^bMp eykw e/j^ If Si 
^ the word of the Lord came to, 2) abo%U, 
concerning, because of; towards (also of motion), 
to, to meet, 3) against; of *a debt, owed by, 
4) above, more than; ^ 2^4 ^^is twice cu 
much as; ^ ^1^0^*9 ^[i^ or .^ IfS^a^aLflve times . 
more than, 5) beside, over against ; 07^9^ .^ 

in his place; ^oVV *^ ^^* ^^ ^^ ^^ ashes, 
6) over, set over, responsible for, in charge of; 
incumbent on, 7) throughout, — "With affixes, 

1^, oiij. &c. (TA. vi^i &c.) ; ^ ii^ -m 'ai, 

along; p oi^ or in Al. ^^,sz^.^^jf ^ ^l 
to eat flesh with the blood, 1 Sam. xiv. 34 ; i^f 
^ ^p the sand on the seashore; lifl H^^is^ 
(^ ^ to divide the children unto Leah, Qen. 
xxxiiL I. — See ^^, 

\^ see.^). 

i^ 'iXi AL, OS. Ethpa., to ^ or become high; 
to mount, ascend; to be uppermost. See i^^, 


i^ *il6 Al., arab. Sl^, iUnsss, pain, Lidz. 397. 

I al^ '&]ib, arab. pers. v^SU, m. i, a general 
dealer, a pedlar/ also a horse-dealer, 

^ or ^|. *iUig, 'ilaj, arab. turk. koid. ^, 
m. I, a remedy, medicine, 

lil^ *iilw&, P^. '4, Alvah, Gen. xxxvi. 40. 

.»«li^ or ^|. 'alw6, 'il-, OS., m. an aloe. 

iiel^*]6'jkAl.A8h.,high,::sf^; of a voice, 
loud, Lidz. 396. 

Ho^ 'k\(dk, (fr. OS. ^ to enter), m. i, 4, 
a street; in AL, a lane, 

jt&oiL 'alOlti, fr. preo., f. 6, i) a kme. s) 
a passage in a boose or outside. 

p^ Al., see )ii2U. 


♦VtV • 

;jDo\i aluqa Al., OS., ni. i, a leech, blood- 

J:^ K.^ see ^ia. 

iflL *alC, arab. "VU, m. AH, son-iii-law of 

^ 'iU, OS., m. Eli, i Sam. i. 3 ; $ey^ is 
almost always added. 

Af 'ilaya, f. &.-, OS., high; the Most High. 
Also in Al. ^^^ M&y&, Lidz. 396. 

^Af see '2. 

j^\^> Mipa Al., arab. i^JLJU, fattened in 
the stall, Lidz. 398. 

kdtlL *allq, (iu Al. 'L\ arab. kurd. ^jAs. 
PS. ^i^, provender, 

j^ as OS. or $^ 'il!th4, -^th& K. Al., 
f. 6, an upper roomj a room on the Jiret Jloor, 
See ^ia. 

., A^, see JSo^el«. 
see A^>. 

}i^ •ttlalt&, heb. n^.^y, f. grape- gleaning, 
Jud. viii. a RV. 

Xibix '^Im, or in Al. p^^ 'ildm, arab. JLc, 
^j^9 f* 1} science, knowledge, 

p^ 'alam, OS.*, abs. and const, st., m. 
eternity/; 'i-p eternal; '^ ^^ or ^^^ ^^oh^for 
ever; ^^mXL 'i^* ^ /or ever and ever [Az. ^ 
^ua^'el# ^^] ; ^^9 ^9^^' «w ancient landmark, 
Prov. xxii. 28; 'i- ^ «nce <A« u;or^ ^^an, of 
old time. See aal. 

»o^ -WmA, OS., [Az. :B>Joi.], m. i, i) the 
world. 2) people, men; '^ ;ar&' a crowd; 
JH^^ '^ the houseJiold. 3) in pi., ages; laop 
jS^p generations of old, Isa. li. 9 ; 'ia 'i^ 
/or ever and ever. Rev. i. 6 ; ^JLp ^i ^saLd j^ 
6</ore <tme« eternal, 2 Tim. i. 9 ; ^ip ;^ ^ ;^< 
livethfor ever, Dan. iv. 34. 

^btt^ •ill&mut*, heb. nte^K, prec. by ^, 
6y maidens' voices {'i), i Chr. xv. 20 &c., or 
the name of a tune. 

t;ia^ 'almaya, f. ;^-, OS., i) lay, adj. 2) 
worldly,world'loving, z)* secidar, not monastic. 
4) in pi. a multitude, Isa, v. 13. ;>.^, OS.*, 
f. the course of this world, Eph. ii. 2. 

'almin, = )aXL q. v. ; '^ ^from eternity; 
Ao^ eternal ages, Eph. iii. 21. 

A«lf 'aimilta, OS.*, f., pi. ijfl', an adverb. 

^.iLoiL 'alm^&-it (oxytone), OS.*, in the 
way of the world. 

fioa^ 'alamat, arab. L»^, f. i, a scarecrow. 


*iaLil *aliq Al. Ash., arab. jIp, <o adhere, 
stick to; to hang intr.; to come to, fall to a 
person, with a, Lidz. 398. See ja!Sj». 

;^ *ilta, OS.*, f., i) cause, reason; ^ '%. 
occasion against, Dan. vi. 4. 2) the subject 
of a book, &c. See also )S^i. 

S^^ Sal., see '{. 

^ 'ilm, OS., also »jl 'im Al. E. [in Ma'l. 
'em or 'im Parisot zi. 498], i) wiih, together 
with, among, [a is used for with when no 
place is meant, as ;^2 'xtL ^^ ^he men, bnt 
^iao^ with tears, Iko^o^^ with difficulty']. 
See also ^, which is not quite so emphatic. 
2) iu Al. K. ^ often = .^, to. J&'opo lU^ x^^ 
fr(»n generation to generation, Dan. iv. 3 ; i^ 
^ oij^ it is the same as. — ^ ^ 'Hmk 'iim, ever 
with, with (emphatic). — With affixes, •vMf** 
epajb 'timi, -& &c. ; p oinj^ ('f Al.) often = XH^; 
^p ;^\| our feUow worker. 

toL 'Orni, 'ami, Tkh. Al., OS., m., pi. i or 
^ipftajk, a people, nation; in pi. ^^0 Gentiles. 

HL '&m& K., (% Al.), m. 2, or Jooial '&mA-w& 
U., m. I, 3, arab. Zs; a paternal uncle. 
See ^ttiM. 

Jbb^ 'dma-iis, OS., Emmaus, La. xxiy. 13. 

\al, 1) see '2. a){ 'amag, m. i, an overseer. 

^imI 'amid, OS., to he baptised; pret. p^fio&i* 
e^ °midli. jCf p9MkA» \* to he ba]>tised with a 
baptism, Mk. x. 38. v.u. 2pMi. *m&d&, baptism. 
See pABdjp. 

^aoai or '^ 'amadiya, 'amid-, arab. aj^L»jlH, 
A madia, a Kurdish town and castle in the 
valley of the §apna, in S. Kurdistan. 

^oQMi. see ^. 

^0M4b 'iimdn, OS., m. Ammon, Gen. xix. 38. 
^-, OS., an Ammonite. 

JboAoL 'imils, OS., m. ili7io« the prophet, 
Am. i. I. 

^cioi. 'iimdf, OS., m. Amos, anoestor of our 
Lord, Lu. iii. 25. 


\;a^ 'arndqi or 'am-, f. j^ -Uqia, OS. 
ZcuMi, deep; of a wood, thick; met. diffieuU. 

ab'ttoi 'amiiri, i) OS., Gomarrha, Gen. x. 19. 
2) OS., m. I, an inhabitani. 3){, f. ^ikS-, 
dtnse as trees ; thick as a single tree, lk'9'y 
f. a thicket. 

^9iMJb see 'm2. 

\»L 'amit Al., arab. in^ codj. iv., to busy 
orusilf with, with a or o^, Lidz. 400. 

fiXM' 'ilm(4n4, Tkh. as OS., or '»qi. 'Urn- 
Ti., m. i,Jbg, darkness, 

.^ 'ilm, OS., Ammi, (lit. my people), 
Hob. ii. 1. 

99AfMf 'fimiuadaw, OS., m. Aminadabt Ruth 
iv. 19. 

^ 'cmil U., (in OS. to work), to do wtU 
or skUfuUy, See ^^om, •^>m^. 

.lai 'amal, m. i, i) arab. turk. J-a^, a deed, 
ivork, 2) Ash., a remedy, Lidz. 400. 3) Al., 
a kind, sort, Lidz. ib.; 2^&J^^Shr ^ a sort of 
a rat, 

I iLix '&m&la, m. I, 1) a workman, 2) cUn- 
ning, erajiy ; also by metath., as az. turk., 
or 'i 'iiMimi, al-limi. 

'amil^y a cr<rfty man or woman, 

il^ *m&liq, OS., m. Am4dek, Ex. xvii. 8. 
;Ifiil-, OS., an Amalekite, 

;Ss^ see ^. 

^lAttof *iimanii-il, OS., m. Emmanuel, used 
as a man's name in K., Mat. i. 23. 

^Mfb 'iim8&, OS., m. Amasa, 2 Sam. xvii. 25. 

jti^ '&miq, OS. Ethpa., to be or become deep. 
See jojttiiap. 

9i3Mf 'iimqu U., f. id., (abs. st. of folL, lit 
de])th 7), deejK 

;&^tt4 'Umqiithi K., OS. 'a^ f, 6, depth 

iiof Al., see &J0O&M. 

&jpi 'amir, OS., to dwdl, inhabit, Uve, with 
dir. obj. or with a^in; pp. dwelling, 2 Cor. ▼. 6 ; 
in pass, to be inhabited; ^&&fMl. ^^p the 
inhabited world (or in Al. without |aop). 
Agent ^Skjoi an inhabitant, v. n. ULi^ a 
dwelling, habitation. See &i^. 

asljoi 'ikmr&, OS., m. i, wool. 

> or 

.»^ 'ilmrS, OS., m. Omri, i Kgs. xvi. 29. 

pi^ 'ilmram, OS., m. Amram, Ex. yi. 18. 

1^^ 'iimrau&, f. ji^-, fr. 2^, OS. ):&'- and 
;!!&'•, wocUy, woollen, 

i^^bol '&marat, arab. i^Ux, pers. i^U^, f. i, 
i) a dwelling, 2) a palace, 

^ioAf or ^1 'iimta, OS., f. 6, a paternal aunt, 

6it^ or ^I'tlmtu, fr. prec, f. aunt (vocative). 

^ 'an Al., arab. ^, with respect to, about, 
Lidz. 401. 

;i^ 'iiua, OS., Anah, Gen. xxxvi. 24. 

^ 'an^ AL, OS., to answer, reply, 

$^ 'anwitA U., or ^ 'inwitha K., OS. j(^, 
f. 6 ; or ^Jaf'inwi K. Al. Q., m. i [so OS. aba. 
St., f.] ; (in U. coll pi. i^ 'ftuwi), a grape. 
^jfp ^^ a wild grape, lff»^ -^p ^^ the name 
of a grape. 

&a&f, 1) see ^1. 2) 'iimbar, arab. pers. 
j^iJ^, m. amber, ambergris. 

I ajf 'in&d Al, f. id., arab. jU^, obstinaU, 
Lidz. 402. 

2^ 'ttnidi (K.-dha), OS.*, i) adj., f. ;kr 
'iinidti (K. -dht&), dead, departed, used only of 
Christians. 2) subs., m. i, the book of the 
burial service for laymen. [Cf. ;(ift&«A.] 

&taL '&nir, OS., Aner, Gen. xiv. 24. 

(is^'inyat (usually pron. as if ^l), arab. ajU^, 
pers. o^Llp, f. i, i) conscience, 2) K. Q., 
intention, design, 

^IJbaik •namlikh, Psh. Wi^wiV., m. Anam- 
mdech^ 2 Kgs. xvii. 31. 

^ "n&ni as OS., or in Al. > 'Inini, Lids. 
402, f. I, a eUmd, 

jojL or JiiL '&niq, -aq, Psh. tiaSi^, m. Anak, 
Num. xiiL 28, Josh. xv. 14 ; pL >k|fli.i» ^niqtm, 
Psh. tbaSi^, Anakim, Deut. iL 10, ix. s RV. 

jt^&f see )A^, 

h.6tfi^ "nitikt, OS., Anathoth, i Kgs. ii. 26. 
Jbbj^ Al., see OM. 
^ see U^hl^. 

AAx or oA^ Isii, both OS., m. Esau, Gen. 
xxvii. 15. 

l^&t^^ siriyi, £ J^, OS.*, i) teiUA, usually 
in fractions, t) in pi. tens of units. 

I I 


I aoft^* 'fiskar, f. 2, rarely i, iu AL 3, and in 
K. ^N&au^'uskerta f., arab. kurd. turk.^^xLy^, 
i) an army, host, 2) K. Al., often a soldier 
(first form) or the soldiers or a company of 
soldiers of whatever size. &aA4^ \!j^ to go 
forth to tear, i Chr. v. 18. — ^&9- tvatfare, 
Dan. X. I. 

^2k^Ai 'askaraya Al. Ash., m. i,=prec. no. 2. 

;kbL. ^&aA^ 'fiskarJ khwartiL, f., the name 
of a grape. 

^iVittf&ii see 'i 

^aaibx, ^^»^f see |. 

Ijbj^ 'iisas, often asas as if with 2, arab. 
turk. fjm^^»^, m. I, a night watchman, guard, 

JBL^ *asiq, esp. K. Al., 1) aa OS. P., to be 
difficult, to be in difficulties, 2) as OS. Ethpa., 
to refuse, to make difficulties, 

t ;aa^ 'HBqjk, i) OS., f. in K. J^u^ 'aaqthi, 
in U. iudecl, in Al. jfft^. 'asq^ or aa m.? 
(SacLau 8, 22), of people, perverse, froward; 
difficult; of country, rough; lis^t^ib^ pal to 
contend, 2) OS., m. Esek, Gen. xxvi. 20. 

l^jt^ 'isra, OS., fem. in U. as m., in K. Al. 
b^ 'iser, in OS. &i^, ten, 

aSkoi. 'asr4 Al., arab. \^.^, the left luind. 
Also ImI al, q.y. 

$9aAf 'isriiua, OS., m. 1,1) SLTiih. a decimal 
fraction (usually pi.), also ^^a^A^p ^^V9; 
^^ 49aAf 'isruni tiny!, repeating-decimals ; 
^€f'^to^^ ^juJCkp ^abobk Jive places of decimals. 
2)0 tenth part, 

«e^4^baAf 'isHiut6 U. AL, or .»5i4^?a^ 
•isritnehi Tkh., -h6 Ti., 'isritn^ AL (but 
*israthn<^hi Lidz. 404), *isriihn6 Ash., = OS. 
^oi^^iLibx Sec, they ten, all ten of them, m. f. 

The forms in -t6, -no are oxytone or proparox. 
t^AJ. 'isrJ, OS. ^b-, tujeniy, m. f. 

ik^^ ^iu^ 'israt nidiuata, OS., Decapdis, 
Mat. iv. 25. 

*eyuN&A^ see ^frAo&A^. 

&&fti see 'l, 

^&frAf *istrut, OS., Astaroih, Astatie, 1 Kgs. 
xi. 5. x^&do ^^ 'is. qdrnim, Ashteroth 

Karnaim, Qen. xiv. 5. [In Jud. iL 13 Psh. 
has ;iKi»^!-] 

^see V^^' 

iL^ *p!p&, f. jtA-, OS.*, gram. doMed. 

^ or ^ '&pir, Pah. &!!, m. Epktr, Gen. 

XXV. 4. 

l^^ or l^ and ^9^ 'apra, 'dp-, 'flp-, CJpkniA, 
Josh, xviii. 23 (PsL ^^^^ i Sam. xiiL if (Fall. 

iH^ aa OS. (so also TA.), or ^^, also in AL 
^f (Lidz. 405), '&pr&, 'iipra, 'ip-, m. i, murtk^ 
soil, ground, dust; %^ yl^\ ^om^ ^^ *u. tkhfit 
tlqlukh h4-win, may I be the dust under your 
foot/, a courteous phrase from an inferior to 
a superior, = ^9JX« .9^; ftn^N.. '^ clay, 

^^ 'ipr^n, OS., m. Epikron^ Qen. xziiL 8. 

t$^ 'iipr&na, £ j^-, OS., ear^Ay, mmtmI 
tct(A «ot/, fiia(/6 of dust or earfA. 

^^ 'afl, i) arab. La^ coxg. v., to he difficuUs 
pp. difficult, 2) K. Al. as OS., to resist, r^fius^ 
to be wayward, to rebel, with ^^againsU 
3).A1., to stick fast, Lidz. 402. See {^up. 

j^ 'asS, f. id., arab. turk. kurd. ^Ic^ e£ 
prec.,(fMa6ec£ten<, rebellious, wayward, obstisuttB^ 
difficult; ^^ ;slli^ a stronghold, 2 Cor. x. 4. 
^&9- rd)ellion; {^) ^ '^ aigl to rtM against, 

1 1:^ 'iisyi, f. id., hard, difficult. See i^. 

&a\^^ 'i?yun gwar, Psh. \«^, .fi^aum- 
^«^, I Kgs. ix. 26. 

^^ 'asapir AL, arab.^^LAP, pL sparrows, 
Lidz. 403. 

&^ 'asir K. AL, OS., to press out, wring, 
Lidz. 404, Job xxiv. 1 1 marg. 

&^ 'iisr, arab.^MAf , an age, generation, 
&^ see ^. 

and ikb^ *a§er, -ert^ arab. turk. kurd. 
, both f., the last part of the afternoon, the 

^ f. I, 3, or Stataii, f. 6, 'iqbi, -lt4^ or in 
Al. as OS. 'iqwa (but m. in OS.), i) the heeL 
^ ^^0 «ii7^ to supplant, 2) in pL, met. etepe, 
Ps. IvL 6. 

9^13^, *^ii9^, Bee 'ikX. 

lHacoL or 'joobL by metath., 'iqttbrii, 'ibttq-, 
rarely l&ui^ 'Oqb'ri as 08., m. i, a 


(kpiouL 'aq&baty K. AL, arab. I^Ip, turk. 
Ca^-, f. end; esp. as iDteij.,=&y}, toe^/ ai last. 

j^^ see ^2. 

dti^ or ^i 'fiqtq, 'iq-, arab. tnrk. ^yJi^, m. i, 
an ageUey a eomdian; a thry$oUU. 

t^ (bo TA.), or a (90 Ak.), or >^ 'aqU, 
'aqil, 'fUiilE, all K. Al., i) arab. tark. Jj^, m. i , 
tffisdomy undentanding, mind; opinion, w/^ f J^J 
mfii^ o^m. th61l 'aqili Frishi K., he tame to his 
tenses. With affixes also ey^a^ &c. (Lidz. 405). 
a) K. as adj. (also ^k* lifii), f. id., arab. JiU, 
ioisef = ipbliU^. f ij>^ f. wisdom. 

Hi^, see ^2. 

Jb^^ '4qildar U., f. id., az. turk.^UlsU, 
cf. iliaOw, wise, prudent, ik^ wisdom. 

&aL 'aqir, [Az. &dl], i) as OS., to dig up, 
root out, pluck up or out. a) to destroy. 3) to 
dig a well &c. See ^flulip. 

liHiijk 'iqra, in. i, i) root; '^ ^ from the 
beginning; J^p 'k* ^ K., (or oy<k»?), of necessity; 
^oV^A^ '^ aritb. square root; Jb^^p ^k* 
ru^ roa<; ^or^p^^'b^^ '^ the stump of its roots, 
Dan. iv. 23. 2), or afll^ 'iq&ra as OS.*, gram. 
root, stem. 

l^ '&qr&, f. ik^hj^is. •qerU, OS., ftarrm, 
unfruitful; f. also as subs, litai' or i&hfb'fiqra, 
-ri U., or li^as. •qirti K. Sal., (pi. ^(klCi^, )M> 
a (orriMi woman. 

^^ttj. or 'i or ^M' 'iiqirw&, 'aq-, 'iiqerw&, 
OS. $ik^y f. I, a scorpion. 

^&iif 'iqdin, OS., Ekron, Josh. xiii. 3. 
d', OS., an EkroniU. 

fk^ 'iq&raniy&^ f. ;£.-, fr. lidAi, gram. 
radical, of the root 

&L 'ar, i) arab. tork.^U, f. tkame. t) Ar 
(Psh. ^ in Nam. xxi. 28, ;|^&m in Isa. ;nr. i). 

ilLx. 'ira, m. to2«, eowU at a mill; the price 
paid to a miUer. 

Ibx 'ari, i) Al. as OS., to hold, hold together; 
to hold good or firm; to catch, to take, to take 
hold of, with a or a^. a) Al., of snow &e., to 
block, stop a road, Saohao 9. 3) U. K. (also 
^s; rayi U. Al.), to rain, snow (cf. OS. Pa. to 
freeze and Ma'l. rayyl ' rain,' vnlg. arab. ^, 
Parisot xii. 127). 4) with a thin sound ixi, 

iS»=t, to curdle. 5) AL, to bring forth flrait. 
6) to be held or stoj)ped. See JaJ^o and ^07. 
In Al. *&A9 ^^ = 'a9 ja:f^ to hire; and so for 
many Al. idioms see j$ap. — mmh^i 2&I AL, to 
$tari, set out; ^ 'w AL, to have trouble; 
9^1 ^k* AL, met. to hold one's hand, to stand 
fihn in a bargain. 

X^ see '2. 

j9fiLL 'ar4w&, OS., Arahah {hY. plain), Deut. 
i. I RV. 

^^ 'irba U. Al. as OS., but 'irwi (not used 
in sing.) K. Sh. AL, or % 'erb& U., or '^ 
(irw& Diz. (not sing, t), m. i, a sheqp. ^\f $'J 
diwi 'irbt, the game of fox and geese. 

ii^fi^^ *irb66mal& MB. K., fr. prec. and 
jb^ioib, leap-frog. Of. V^ <&m» ^^^ french 

Qif^Sil *Aribizangl, az. turk. ^^j^j^^ f- <^ 
strong teoman. 

^ii, 'ar&bt Al. Ash., ai*ab. turk. ^jS', or 
d^SlL 'arAbit U. (cf. Mb&i &c.), the Arabic 
language, Arabic, Lidz. 406. See dtU9^. 

Ipfd 'arilbiyi, OS., f. A rabia. I lli- 'krkUyi, 
(OS. (m.), Arab, Arabian. Both also '&'i. 

jf^&f 'irbiti U., -wtthi K., £ 6, fr. fa^, 
an ewe. 

t^^ 'arab&chf, turk. ^M^ fr. turk. 
%j^ (cf. JiAi^), m. I, a coachman, a carter. 

>^&f 'irbila, OS. ^f, f. i, a coarse sieve, 
used in a mill and a threshing-floor, finer than 


$afLL '4rab&na, arab.ijlj^, f. i, a carriage, 
coach, cart^ waggon. 

I .f^Hx 'arib&n4chS, = ..^ &1. 

^iib^iLL 'Aribistin, pers. turk. ^Jjl^^j^, i 

j^9^ riita as OS., also in AL '^^ 'aruta 
(Sacbau 29), f. 6, 9, Friday (lit. tiie evening). 
— In the £. Syr. kalendar most of the holy 
days are not fixed by the day of the month, 
but fM on Fridays, and are thus called, from 
Dec. 25 onwards : 90^4 ^hip \* St. Jamss 
the Lord's brother ; "tuh^ *khisp '^ St. Mary; 
^o» .^hip '^ St. John Baptist; Jb«&^p "L 
4bei^ St. Peter and St. Pami; ;iahip V 

I i 2 


?)^fefVyi9j the Four Evanjdists ; ^^p '^ 
Jboaksi^l Si. Stephen; ^ol^ i^^P '^ the 
Greek DoctorSy esp. Diodoms, Nestorius, 
Theodore; ^oib? ;v'Ay? '^ the Syrian 
Doctors; ^ i ^h»p '^ or ^6^^ ^p ^^ St. Awa 
or the Patron Saint; a^a^ f^^h '^ the Forty 
Martyrs of Sebaste ; i^^p ^^ All Souls' Day. 
If these cannot all be kept before Lent because 
of the shortness of the time, some are omitted, 
others combined. Other Fridays are : l^p ^^ 
Lazams, the sixth of the Fast ; ^p '^ Good 
Friday; l^pdp '^ the Confessors under King 
Sapor, and ^6&qx ^p'%>tthe Sons ofSalamone 
(2 Mace, yii), the first and third after Easter; 
and also ^07^^ ^^ Golden Friday (Acts iii), 
fisfp '^ the Seventy Disciples, «aiop ^^ 
•V^^ St. SergiiM, *^ *^p ^^ aSI. Mari, 
^X9^&^ ^f'^^ ^^p '^ St, Simeon Barsaboe, 
ii^lp '^ Elijah the prophet, respectively the 
first, seventh, eighth, ninth, thirteenth, and 
seventeenth after Pentecost ; and ^i\ol *hip '^ 
St. Oghin^ the second before Advent. 

J^ttoal 'aruqa K., i) OS., m. i, one who 
flees, a fugitive, 2) as adj., f. JZ^s- 'arQqta, 
swift, quick, 

f&^ *erz, rarely l\hi,, arab. turk. i^j^, f. it 
i) a petition; hence 2) a prosecution &t l&w, 
a lawsuit. Phrases: ^ ^2 ^^ 'erz itU, or 
tfJAox .*f &f *erzi shm2, hear what I have to say 
(used to call attention to a subject about to be 
introduced); ^ '^ ^aL to petition; ^ ^k* ^aL 
p 2a*a to prosecute or to appeal against or from; 
J^ tsJ^ \« 2poi a formula for ending a letter. 

j^i&f 'erzachS, fr. prec, m. i, 1) a 
petitioner. 2) a plaintiffs complainant. 

:S^'^ *irzila, OS. 'L, ro. and f. i, a booth, 
cottage, hut used for watching fruit &c. when 
ripening, Isa. xxiv. 20. 

\ai sec \l\i. 

^^ 'firy&, m. i, 4, a holy day, sainfs day, 
gala day, festival. 

}jlhA, 'aryani, f. itx-, i) rainy. 2) m. as 
subs., rain. 3) agent of 2^ (not Al. Ash.). 

X J*&L *arip Al., f. id., arab. c-aj^, usually 
i^lc, learned, Lidz. 408. 

j^a^L see 2&iM. 

ill see 'l. 

• mi 

£i^hi. see ^2. 

^SSi or % *arana, 'ir- Al., arab. J^, o, nam- 
ring, Lidz. 408. 

Uh^ 'as4, OS. ;i>h^ (lit. a bed), f. i, 3, a hter 
with a corpse on it [see (kqciJk]. 

^«AfA&L 'arsis, turk. j^U (see hA)^^=i^hmit 

Sb&^&f 'er'ur, Psh. f^o^, Aroer, Num. 
xxxii. 34. 

kda^'iip Al., arab. v.J^, knowledge, Lidz. 408. 

ikh^ 'erpa, OS., f. (himh, Ruth i. 4. 

;^^ 'erpila, OS., f., thick darkness. 

jbSLL 'araq, arab. turk. jj^ (lit. sweat), m. i, 
arrackj raki, a spirit distilled from grape-skios. 

jbal 'ariq, i) as OS., to run away, fiee, 
escape [Az. Jahl; so o>ah^ his flight'] ; oijSkJK^ ^0 
to flee for ones life. 2) K. AL, to run. 
Sec JbpJiSp. 

9uai 'erqu, fr. prec. (abs. st., for fkoa&j^ t), 
i. flight. 

^^^s, 'araqchtn, pers. tur)c. ^^^.^^aJ^, pi. i, 
i) a caul, network. 2) a small cap worn 
under a turban. 

.^£^1^ 'araqistan, pers. ^Ll^iJ^, a province 
of Central Persia. 

;&^'erta, OS., f. 9, (pi. 'ariti), a rival wifi. 
Also '^. 

^ 'ash^ Al., arab. IJLx, to mip. Aho 
^iio q.v. 

X2ab. >*8ha il, OS., m. Asahel, 2 Bom. ii. 18. 

;od 'ash&yi or '4sh- Al., arab. turk. '\jl^ 
m. I, supj>er. 

^jkLjoL 'ashiq, arab. turk. Jh^U, i) m. i, 
a lover, a singer of love-songs. 2) as m. a^j. 
amorous (usually in a bad sense). 

aJ^^ 'ashiryath Al., see foil., pi. rdaiicnBj 
kinsmen, Lidz. 409. 

l^k^uxL 'ashirat, f. id., arab. i;.aAg, turk. 
kurd. v::^e A c, i) tribal; hence 2) independmU, 
as the tribes in Central Kurdistan, of Turkish 
rule ; in pi. the tribal Syrians. 

}^ 'ashithft K., f. 6, i) an avaUmehe of 
snow. 2) a large village in Lower Tiari. 


^ 'ashin Al., OS., to grow strong, Lidz. 

jo^gx 'ashiq Al., arab. fjJLa, = Ji^ q.v., to 
love, to be in love, with ^ or dir. obj., Sachaa 
30. Also impen. as m^ JiyL he falls in love. 
[In Az. 3 oonj., to lust after, with a.] 

JAS± or jojgj^ 'fshq, 'ishiq, arab. turk. (jJLc, 
pi. I same meaning, love, affection, between the 

l^aai^ 'fish&qb&z, pars. j\ ^.i A^, m. i, i) a 
' ladies' man.* 2) adj., sometimes in a good 
sense, galUtnt, chivalrous ; sometimes in a bad 
sense, am^yrous. 

^ ;jifiba 'ishqana, fr. jtud^, m. i, a lover, 

;ia see Ifs^, 

^i^ *taba AL, arab. v^-^^-^» reproach, 
Lidz. 396. 

Pt^s^ see Ittif . 

lUh^' '&tiqa, 'at-, f. ^, -iqta, as OS., 
rarely jkiffia 'atiq (Mai. *ach6q, Parisot xii. 
135), old, ancient, former; '^ $a^ classical 
Syriac. — lis^ f. antiquity. jt^^ in Al. 
sometimes is the Old Testament (cf. ^^]^). 

a2L(4 'tttlra K. Al. TA., f. ;i.S-, OS., rich: 
in U. only of Dives in the parable. 
;>^V 'itla Al, f. rust. 

i:^it^ "talyi, OS., f. AthaXiah, 2 Kgs. 
viii. 26. 

6opA4. 'atamat Al., arab. imic, f. darkness, 
Lidz. 396. 

XlfftN). 'iitni'il, Psh. ^j^6^, m. Othniel, 
Josh. XV. 17. 

jb^ 'atiq K. (in OS. l^), to be old, ancient. 
The fiw fr. ifiu^. 

&H, bt4,, see &a^. 

;k6t^ 'icha U. Sal. Tkh. by metath. {=;ix>.l 
ich'i Ti. Sh., 'i ach'& Ash., ;xx^ tish'a Al. as 
OS.) ; fem. ^^l 'ich6 Tkh., Ajcfi^} icha Ti., .^f fi^J 
icht Sh., J^^ tisha Al., Ajcdk OS., in U. same as 
masc., nine; in letters \. 

;u» ^>4, see Itaxt^. 

^m^^oatts^ 'ichant^ U. (b^fi^- -tii MB.), or 
«5l4^^^^f 'ichitn^hi Tkh., or ^| ichitnehb Ti., 
ichithn^ Ash., or A«(»^diac^ (or ^aje^-) tishilntb 
(-tiin) AL, or «ol4^4k^ tishitn^ Al. (=0S. 
^9i^i^i^ &c. ?), they nine, aU nine of them, m. f. 

The forms in -t^, -t(i, -tiin, -ni are oxytone 
or proparox. 

^^f 'ichS XT. Tkh. Sh., or ^fi^; icht Ti. Ash. 
Sal., or *idc^ tish'i Al. (^- OS.), ninety, m. f. ; 
in letters^. 

;I»9(^f 'ich&ma U. (parox.), or ^i ^ft^ 
'ichtma Tkh., or ^ii^Lt^l ich&ma Ti. (parox.), 
or ^»if (k; ichtmi Sh., or ;u»2 '^^l ^^^^ ^^^ 
Ti., or 'iiii^ tish&ma Al. (parox.), or ;xx^ 
«l£2 tish'a im^ Al. (=0S. ;iJs J^^), nine 
hundred, m. f.; in letters j^. 

««(»ija9iA^ XT., see \cail^. 

h^sJLtt^ 'ichisar XJ., -Xsar (parox.) Tkh., or 
^6^2 ichXsar Ti. (parox.), or &if^J^ tish&sar 
Al., or &^ ^^a itsha'esar Al. (Sachau 28),=; 
OS. ^^^^ &c. nineteen, m. f. ; in letters \*. 

««iiA6oe/s&M see A«(»dsAAsMw. 

;f ia Al., see Ifs.^. 


J, the letter ;jl pi, rarely p^, OS., f. i, (pl-i, 
j>e-i), or in K. MB. 2 (p^aw&thi, pl-), = p; 
when aspirated written $, and = />A or / in 
foreign words, esp. Al. Az., sometimes K., 
very rarely in U.; in Syriac wonls only 
aspirated in diphthongs, as $L^d, $^^=d 
(but see M.), $^^yit or ll, $^, $i^it. 
J sometimes replaces m, esp. in words from 
arab. pcrs. 9cc. ; and cf. d^iiua, Uss^, te, 

l^^^ktb, Ji^a &c. In nnmbering J = 8o, ^ 
81 &c., A = 8oo. 

-a sometimes = a, in. 

4^J» K., see 

p^ K.,=:fiak AL, q.T. 

^^ pa-ikh, (OS. P. past A to blow ; Pa. 
^ to cool tr.), i) to cod iutr. 2) met. to be 



appeased. 3) Ash., to spread intr., Lidz. 538. 
Caus. .Mfbp and .MfJtt> q. v. 

liL^ik pa^ara, OS., Patara, Acts xxi. i. 

^^ p&-ik, i) U.,= tiail K. q.v. 2) AL, 
anib. eki, to redeem, ransom, release. Caus. 
^ and ^^. 

$ji2l pli-ich U., cf. ^^0^, $2^, (dist. ^), to 
insult with a motion of the hands. Caos. 

^2^ pa-il, \) to get ripe, as grapes. 2) cf. 
Ak, to take omens, to tell a fortune. Cans. »\^. 

.^d see ^. . 

ikif sec ;As. 

ijil pa-ir, i) see ^. 2) AL Ash. Az. 
OS., arab.Ji, /o^y awai/, to flee, to jmss atpay, 
Lidz. 539. 

lii'M pira, i) see aiCdI. 2) Al. TA. as OS., 
m. I , fruit, jyroduee. 

lii^, ^i^if^, see ^&a. 

xjil pa-ish, (OS. past ak), 1) to remain, 
stopy stay intr. 2) used, esp. in U. AL, in 
all its tenses with the pp. of verbs to foim 
the passive voice. 3) esp. K. AL, to become^ 
to be, = loai. 4) to be alive, to survive; to 
remain behind, 5) with ^, to fail cf, fall 
short of, miss. Agent X^^sJk p^han&, j)er- 
manent, abiding, Phbases: ^^ ^ ^i to 
remain in statu quo, to stay as one is; ?^A-i ^d 
to syend the night; {Lyei x^J piish bsheni, 
Goodbye, said by one leaving [the answer is 
^9JM l^\\) ^u^^ ii la pishl6 (pishl^) ban 
AL, we coufd no longer . . . ; ^ o^ a»1 ^*^^^ 
libil pishli min, or ^ e^ jt^bkd ^ej^Jua kepu 
pinhtv la min, 1u was not hearty xoiifh, he uxis 
displeased with; ^jcfd fSootf^ (or {x«3 alone) tlie 
remainder, — Caus. JuSap and Ajbo q.v. 

^^ pa-it, fa- AL A^h., arab. i^li, or ajil 
pa-id K., i) to pass, 2^S8 by. 2) to pass out 
of sight. 3) met. to pass away, to die. 4) AL, 
to turn intr. 5) with ^, to miss. Caus. 

;^2jl pata (in J. palia or pa, Sooin 124^), 
OS., f. 2*, i)face. 2) front. 3) surface; also 
in geometry a dimension. 4) a page of a 
book. 5) in pi. cheeks. Cant. i. 10: fco ;i 

6) presence. 7) met. outward appearance; 
jrretenee, 2 Cor. v. 12. See ^i >9oa, ^J &Oto. 
Phbases : jKama «&jk 2^ IT., dcuMe-faeed, 
hypocritical (K. similar ; so turk. Jj^ i^^) » 
^i >99La ^d or 's^ 'j /mm to face; p '^ p^ in 
front of; p 'fi ^PlP to oppose; ^^bi^^ '• eream; 
p ^S^ 2&P to importune; ^^9 ^sod^ Tkh., a Aeek; 


p 't l^ to have respect of persons towards; 
'dp ^%m partiality; la 'i -^^ to coun<«iiatiM, 
support; p '^ ^ a^ (or t^^) to copy from 
a book &c.; 'd .l^ to be a hypocrite^ or lo 
^ve respect of persons, or in Al. as subs* 
a hypocrite (cf. ^I9 aft^); '^ ;!^ Al., a 
hypocrite; '^ jtf^ox Al., hypocrisy; p 'i «lg«aB 
to respect the 2)erson of, to exercise favouritism 
towards, to receive a person graciously, to pay 
regard to a thing; p 'j ;ottp to importune; 
'dp ikotAJ^imporf unity; p ^d>9>eaotoc{tMr}3»^'fil/ 
p 'i Sjpab to «a^ nay to ; p 'd o^ &gk&aJo to insult; 
p 'd ^!tt^ to 7ni< to shame, convict; 'ip )2& 
modesty; ^ip ^Soto Ae^ tn esteem; p 'i )^ 
to intercede for; p 'd!^ ^ to throw in onds 
face, to rscrimtn€Ue; jl^^p ^t ^ m the open 
field. Num. xix. 16; n^ p^ .*o;^^2JI pitfi 
pshimla, his face fell; 07 (k2^ £i^ to determine, 
resolve, or with a or ^ to «e< <m«'« yhe* 
against a person ; ;^o&2^ ^?9^ «^ khaziikh 
I'udali bpatwati, /e/ us look one another in the 
face, 2 Kgs. xiv. 8. — In Sal. sometimes in 
const. St., as $0 Mjl pat miy4, the sttrface of the 
water. — See ^oJ, ^h^io. 

t^^^ pat ana, f. £1-, f r. prec. , sly, mischievous, 
impish; as subs, a bully. o^L ISUj^ ,^^^^lslj^ 
p&tanut{i bin'ar^ la, he is fidgeting. 

Jtu^ fabriq K., europ., f. i, a factory. 

^ paga, pers. »uIj, i) m. 4, a stable. 
2) in pL, if^, the name of a village. 

«^^ pajil A8h.,=i\flki?, Lidz. 539. 

^i^^ pighn&, OS., m. rue, 

22k^ paghri, OS., m. i, the body. 

^ iff^^ paghri qa."-!)!, a funeral feast held 
on the evening after a death. 

^^^Si:^ paghrana-it (oxytone), OS.*, m a 
bodily manner, after the flesh, 

J^iH^, rarely X^&^, paghriniyA, -nA, f. 
jS*-. ti^-i both OS., bodily, corporeal, carnal. 



Buabk padisM (oxytone), pera. turk. kdrd. 
iLl^b, m. Padishah, King, ^SAoA. 

^^ pUn& U. K., pdaoa or bd&nl AL and 
in Nerwa (in K.), OS. % arab. ^Ui, f. i, 
a plough; ^i 2^ or '% 90! (o fUmgh. 

)9ii'} .ai or as Psh. % Ik pidaniram, p. d'&r-, 
Padan Aram, Oen. xxv. 20. 

vA or Im^A or oiili p&, p4 b&, py&, pshaw! 

f4k see 2Mfl and prec. 

{^•^ fahimi, fa- Al., f. j^ -lmt4, arab. 
turk. f^^i^f intelligent, wise, 

|^9^«^ pah'liiwan, pers. turk. ^jJ^L^ >, 

kurd. pelaw&n Garz. 112, m. i, a wrestler, 
boxer, athlete, 

p^ f&him AL Bo. TA.» arab. ^, but in K. 
^lu^ pakhiui (cf. OS. ^b^jl to compare), to under' 
stand, remember; isl^^ibapfriSkAl,, to understand 
Syriae, Sacbau 30 ; v. n. ^eiL^ Tkh., remem- 

P9^ fab'm f., cr Ifm^ fih'm^ AL, f. 3 (Lidz. 
540 ; pL in same sense as sing.),, arab. turk. 
jt^, understanding, intellect, [So Az. p^ 


^ p&n, az. turk. ^^^lt m* dried manure 
used for stable litter. 

j^b>^i&o^ pihistds, OS., m. Festus, Acts 
xxiv. 27. 

boik pihir Al., OS., = &j^ na 2. 

lok see ^oaJ. 

;idi pii'a, OS., m. PtioA, Jud. z. i. See ;k*«l 

^oi py&bl, OS., £ Phoebe, Rom. xri. i. 

l^eJ^ or ^d p6j, p6cb, arab. turk. ^U, f. i, 
a battalion; a regiment; a troop, 

tij^ piija Al., a claw, Lidz. 539. CT. {talt 

^^9^ Al., see '««§. 

Jbdl^oi pyiigil&s, 0&, m. PhygeUus, 
2 Tim. i. 15. 

fj^ p&dl, pL, mucus of the nose. 

^^^ piidini, i) t, f* JU-, fr. prec., Aovtn^ a 
co/(/. 2) see JftpJEitti. 

Jtt?oi p&dis, OS., m. Pudens, 2 Tim. iv. 2 1. 

fiwii^^ padrat, f. id., as. tnrk. is>jiy^^ i) 

wholesale in trade; 'i ^i^ to seU wholesale; 
'tj±jfp to buy wholesale, 2) by contract, 

l\^ piiza, pers. kurd. j^, m. i, 5, i) a 
snout, 2) met. the tip of a knife &c. ; a spout. 

.^t^J puz(il, f. id., arab. turk. J^^^, evil- 
speaking, deceitful. 

1^\^ pdzani, f. jt^-, fr. ^toi, having a sad 
countenance, grave^ serious. 

iLa^ p6kh&, OS., m. i , wind, breath ; cij^ ^t 
p6kh6 1!, it is windy; 'ip ;^2jl pSja to wiud- 

^flb^ piikhiin, az. turk. ^^i^y^ > f> to^^meol 
made from unripe com parched. 

iL»^ piikh&la, fr. Jiyil, m. i, forgiveness, 
atonement, ransom; oiiL^ atonement for him, 

^d p6khana, f. jt^*, fr. ;»o$, windy, breezy, 

liLL^ pftkhar& Tkh., a conduit-pipe, a Hove- 

\oJ pilt, OS., m. Pftut, Gen. x. 6. 

^^ p&U Al., arab. l^ys (see ^^jkoj), f. i, 
a towel, napkin, Lidz. 539. 

x^oJI^^^V^ p&U'UK OS., Puteeli, Acts 
xxviiL 13. 

&itV«i or &i- p4|ip&r» OS., m. Poiipkar, 
Oen. xxxix. i. 

j.flfV^ P^t^prft, 08., m. PoHpherah, Gen. 
xlL 45, 

^aS piich, pers. ^u , nati^A^, eofiM to naught, 
^J ^fr fumtffiMe/ (rare); '^ fax to anmhUate. 

^oksee j^«l 

^9J piika, az. turk. i5^, m. i, i) cAq^ 
hen litter, 2) an empty cartridge, 

2^ pdl K., pers. tork. kurd. J^, i) a 
draughtsman at draughts. 2) the name of a 
small coin. 3) money, eoUeetivelj. 

^i§ pill, OS., Put, 2 Kgs. XT. 19, Isa. 
Ixvi. 19. 

tS^ p4Ugh4, OS.*, m. division, douhi, 

^^^ pOlid (in Al. -Adh), tork. kotd. pers. 
^^, arab. ^^, m. i, steel, 

Jb^^ek p61tb, OS., m. Paul, still used as a 
man's name, Rom. L i. VocatiTe* ^j^9k, Acta 
xxYi. 24. 

iii^a* ^.ikiiiui, M OS., bat oraallr '^ pil-, 
a. I, K«ri, &>i«ur. 

»i<^n^i* {r'jii(j»rplt, OS-, tu. tUycarp. 

£ai^ j/^ijiliti, «z. tnrk. cU^, f^ 6, coll. pi. 

»••« t/-^i(ii, OS., [Az. Jh«], m. I, 4, in AI. 2, 
ly nuAtih. z; «d^ <if a iword, knife &c. (eo 
|/lc, tii^f. 3/ ^'m of k jar. 4) an ojiettitit/, 
« A«£(, Kx, xxriii. 32, £.^«S '» p. pUmakLta 
'fr. £lw 9^ jMaS J/. u]/ndt down, cf. JU^& Ja^ ; 
IfH ff 't tht firtA ajiproaek af evenin/j; 
i^mfkf 't^attke word of a teilneu; 'S^ '3 iji 
to fid a l/nil'lin^ from one end to ttu other, 

3 Kg*. X. 21 ; '* Ao^ '« pmim to iptai face 
fi/aee; .wfafqiS; '■ tht Airt* ofhi» •ja.rmKWti, 
I'r f.x\%\n. 2; f 't A^* con«cminjr,=lieb. 
^tTTTl (I'»it, fciuilar/, Prov. xxii. 6. 

J^fl liUmiiui, f. St; fr. prec, goMing, 
tatirvj rajiulli/, voraciout. 

I>*^ pUiulA, m. I, iu Ti. 3, 1) a eandU, 
Utyer. a) a torch, firebrand, Jud. xr. 4. 
3), (cf. turk. ijjji a pruned vine-branch), 
a (/ud, tjirota, eitp. of viueD. 

Ik^ pIlriKa, az. turk. *^y,, f- 1. >) a weight 
UHcd by K''''ceni,= 40 uiiMialH, oiie-aixteenth 
of a grocer'* batman (hcv ^fMi),=about 6 oz. 
nvi'inl. 2) a wviglit used by goldHUiith8= 

4 luiHiialn (we <^aaie). 

««V^ pUntHii, OS., Poniut, Acts xviii. 2. 

;)l9S puii£-y&, m. I, 1) OS.*, a7i anncer. 
s) fr. ;ik, Jctirucimt. 

fiU^ plliiyuiiu,^prec. no. 2. 

bf^olj pyiiuliji ur pAn-, OS., I'hoenicia, Acts 
xw. .). ir^fA? '• OS., ift/rojJifnicia, Mk. 
vji. 16. Jia- J'hotnieian. 

.UAff pyAiiiks ur pliu-, OS., 1) Pheiiiee, 
AcIh xxvii. 12. 3)* thephoetiix. pA's, OS., f. Puah, Ex. i. 15. See Jla). 

Ik^ p6p&, pen. Uj.), OS. ;aM, f. rooin; 
food (a child's word). 

flf* I'. Tkh., 'Aj) Ti., 'I Sh., pupu, pipii, 
)i«pA, unumat., i>ers. ^j^ Ac, ■) a hoofot. 
2) M>metii)K's a niciw. 

X-tas prjpftkhti, az. tmL vV-ii ^^i^ ^^ 
(the n-ual tall black hat wo^ V Pemam). 
See i».oa. 

f^^ pnpita, f. 6, a fimjott, puM^iU. 

jftot^s^ pBpliTa!, OS.. SL PMitu, Acta 

fa«A fo<l*, m.! i) pL 5i also in AL 4, 
a notlril. s) Iq pi., no. I, kolu i» a bedure. 

i^as puqadi, OS.*, m. I, = fiilL ; a mftrie. 

^aaas pQqdiiia, in U. also <Aen pud- or 
pii'd-, in Al. pQgd-, OS., m. 1, a eommand- 
mtni, command, order. 

liaaa piiqari, arab. tnrk. J^ (pL in anh), 
cf. &><ri, m. I, a poor man. 

hoa pur, Pur, a lot, Eath. iii. 7 ; pL y^i^ 
Purim, ix. 26, a festival so called, FsL j^fft. 

liiai pa-wara, arab. i,l^, f. i, a Jbtmtam, 

U^^ piirghaj'i Al., OS., 

jft«Sfl plirus, not Psh., m. PyrrAut, Acta 
XX. 4 HV. 

Af.b^ or ji- purkhiiB, -sh, ax. turk. (.f^y*j>>. 
m. t,a kind of wAife/ox. 

Jua;&^, oftener 'kf purtan&, pir-, smns- 
times %hf or as OS. '^bfS, m. i, afita. 

iLiai or '^ pQryfi, pir- K., fr. 1^ no. 4, /^. 

Sfb^ see bas. 

;^&^ purcbagta, perv. ^^, kurd. percba 
Qarz. 107, az. turk. el.^^, f- 6, a loci of hair. 
Coll. pi. Q^'baS purch&gl, a head of hair, 
locks, ^bfa t^^^ curly-haired (as a4j-)> 

^h^ pttr ani K., OS., or ^el.- pOi'dnft Al., 
Lidz. 544, m. I, a reward, payment, 

j^£.b^ Al., Bee 'Sif . 

^boS p&nianiL, OS., m. i, ealvation/ pi. 
samii meaning [Az. t'^^]. 

A^&^ purshUnyi, in Al. fiaxb^ and 
^a>^ purslidna, pirsbona (Lidz. 546), fr. «^ 
OS. Jut&ft, m. I, difference, ditlinctiott. 

jiab^ purshana, OS.*, m. i, an tiering,' 
Siolfif '■ a heave-offering (tee juftaa); 'l 
Jtt>^:ppr ■> wave-tffering ; lln\» '* the prieita 
ho»t iu the Eucharist. 





lish^ piirUk, see fik^, f. sfieep-manure, 

i^i^^^ see \Soi. 

«9J piish, i) K. Q. Oaw. &c., also ^^J 
piisbin, knrd. ^^ (lit. dry weeds) PS. 290, 
m. tinder, 2) imp. of xjil. 

^JdB^J piishlji K., (cf. pers. ijty^ a coveriDg), 
f. I, a /ur&an, i.e. the scarf wrapped round the 
bat. Dist. jMafci, Ami. 

^9J pAshik^, az. tork. iX^^, m. i, i) a 
speck of dust; dust. 2) rtMish, chaff &c, 
3) a stick in a loom for pushing down the 

l;:^^ piishakh&y&, f. S^, OS,*, gram, con- 
ditionalf conjunctive, subfunetive. ^i ^\ the 
conditional mood, 

^9J see JMi. 

^9J p&shang, turk. eLuLi (see V^)> ^* '* 
a squib, rocket, firework, 

^fitt^J pftshaqi, OS., m. i, a transiation, 
interpretation, meaning, 

^xcl posht, europ., i) f, the post, mail. 
2) m. a postman. See &ilL^. 

;kc9J pUshta, = jbad. 

^Nx^J pashtiwin, pers. ^^U^jlij or ^^L-, 
m. I, i) a wooden bar for bolting two doors, 
Ex. xxvi. 26. 2) a sidepost of a door-frame. 

^(foEcl p6shtkh&ni, fr. MoJ with pers. 
term. k>l», f. i, a 2>o^ q^^,= ^&k^ though 
the latter is rather a poetiug-station. 

,fisx^ pUshtS, pers. ^^ljLj, f. i, a pillow, 

Ik^ piita, OS., f. madder used for dyeing;. 

;kts^ pat-t4 (or patat), arab. turk. pers. 
li^yi, pers. also iJ^, f. 9, an ajfron, a shaul. 
See ;v^- 

|.»&e7d p&z4h'rf, f. id., pale grten^ 

lapAfk pizanda, pers. tSjjJ, m. i, i) a good 
cook, a chef. 2) generally, neaty dean, 

;LU p&z'& AL, arab. e^, A«Z|>, assistance, 
Lidz. 540. 

;iii pakh& Al. Tkh. TA., OS., f. i, a «fiar», 


l;i^ p4khz&, OS. (W-Syr. '4), tiwn/on, 
lustful, lewd. 

^f^ pikhir, az. turk.^b, m. verdigris, 
copper rust, 

\h pakhil K., = t\\*o, to forgive. 

^aLgJk K., see poi^, 

^L^ pikhm& K., fr. prec, m. i, thinking, 
pondering, thought. 

lom^ see M^- 

liL4 pakh&r4 or pa-, OS.*, m. i, i) a 
potter, 2) aho {'i)2>otter^ day, pottery. 

2^ pikhiri m. i, and ik^ ptkhart4 f. 6, 
fr. prec, a potsherd; clay, earthenware; an 
earthen vessd (also ^ip ^^). 

iiJ^ U., f. of U^ See ^^oiJ. 
^tjj^j JbdtoXV^, see JboAa\i. 
t;l9M Pt^kha, f. i^ ptakht&, fr. .^,flat. 
iLiik^ pi^iikha, fr. mA^, m. i, a cake of dried 
manure. Cf. foil. 

JtH*ol^ p&((ikht&, f. 6, manure dropped by 
an animal, left to dry, and used as fuel. 

lisb^ i^X^Yik, OS., f. 6, a mushroom. 

,J^ pi^ikh, (arab. Jai tr.), to be flat, to lie 
flat; i^^,\flat. 

ilik^ pi^kha, fr. prec., m. flatness, 

K^ Al., = ;^M. 

(,f^ pa^ikbi AL, OS., m, i, a melon, 

U»f^ patim&, arab. aJvU, f. /Vi/t ma, daughter 
of Mohammed. 

&^ or l&^ pa^tr, -ri, OS., i) m. i, un- 
leavened bread, often pi. 2) as adj., unleavened 
(both forms f. id., Lev. viii. 26, Num. vi. 19). 

Jbote^ ptalaml-iis, OS., i) Ptofetnais, 
Acts xxi. 7, (Psh. boijb). 2) m. Ptolemy. 

Jbit^ or ^^Ao2^ or Jb^Xf^ patm&s, p&fi- 
miin, -mus, OS., Paimos, Bey. i. 9. 

iii^ Al., see ^iAA 

&^ pitir, I ) Bo. as OS., to end, finish intr. 
2) Al., arab. ^^Jti, to breal^aet, Lidz. 540; 
y. n. lishU^ breakfast. 

j^i\> patr&-w4s or as Psh. ^', m. Patrcbas, 
Bom. xyi. 14. 

Jbb&V^ piitrAfi, OS. (W-Syr. '#), m. Peter, 




still used as a man's Dame, but not so often 
for St. Peter as ;^2A.^iifax; Acts i. 13. 

I ^aj;^ pataryarka, OS., m. i, apcUriarch, 
varpidpxns* In Al. Ash. also ^^V^ pa^rik, 
Lidz. 541 (arab. turk. ebpaj). 

;Lla^^ p&taryark-khana, fr. prec. with 
pers. term. ijl», f. i, a pcUriarcKa house, a 

^see ^. 

(h p&-y&, m. I, 4, i) as az. turk. {j\j 
(in pers. a foot), the hamstring; the whole leg 
from the thigh joint downwards; tlie shin 
bane, p ^i )b^ to hotigh. 2) pers. «jI>, 
a socket, a base, 3) U., a buttress, Dist. ^iJkd. 
— ;^ ^i <o &e beaten. 

^1^ pftig^y P^g^) 2^t«^ ground, 

2!k^«d pig&ra, fi-y mod., m. i, arith. a figure, 
number, digit, 

a*k see ^2^1. 

ihlA pij&da, pers. turk. «^Lj, i) afoot, on 
foot, 2) subs., m. I, one who goes on foot; 
'd 9aajS a foot-soldier (or 'fl alone) ; pi. 
iji^^ infantry, 

2L$ paida AL, f. id., pers. kurd. Iju^, 
manifest, Lidz. 538. See p^. 

aM or iLii paidi U. Al., pMi or f^& K. 
Al., arab. turk. ijJU, f. i, i) advantage; 
profit, gain, use; 'fl 2&ao ua«/u2, advantageous; 
^iks 'fl 2&J0 profitable for much; ai^ 'fl ^»^ 
A« t« of no use; ^ 'fl aoL to profit iv,, but with 
a to make a profit out of. 2) Tkh. as kurd. 
faida (Garz. 85), interest, usury, 

oiilfl see oil. 

^9&^^ ^ pi bakhiriit, PsL Jf^hu, Pi- 
hahiroth, Ex. xiv. 2. 

^Offl piw4, russ. pivo, m. i, beer, ale, 

XiLt^ or 'oJ pa-yiikha, f. i^ -akht4, K. 
Al.; or \iL4 paikh& U., f. jfi^ pakhta, fr. ^jjil, 
cool. Dist. ^^^ 

^Offl piwakhana, fr. ^o^fl, with pers. term. 
%j\^, f. I, a brewery. 

;a^ pyiich^ (cf. ^^ ; conn, with ^ or 
}l^% m. I, <^e palm of the hand. 

aAo*$ p^wand, pers. tXJ^t f. I9 a grafts 
grafting; ^fl ;aMI ^ (or ^^ to engrafi a 
branch, with a or oS^= on, 

^ see ^2^1. 

t }L!^ U., see ^^o^fl. 

til, A^ py&-yi, py^ta, v.n. of ^. 

tii p&y&-y4 Al., kurd. Uj , = 2^, lidz. 538. 

^ p6ch, pers. turk. ^-u) (lit a twist), m. i, 

i) TJ., a screw, 'fl? iSai the female screw. 
2) met. diarrhoea. 3) Sal., an iron stove. 

see ^ik. 

see ^23l. 

I ^ paikh4, fr. ^2fl, insipid; met. foolish. 

^ pyaka, m. i, i) v.n. of ^2fl. 2) K.» 
(pers. esLo a footman), a pawn in chess. 

\aufl pichigh, i)| adj., f. id., one-eyed. 2) 
subs., f., a grass found on the sides of 

^aJ^ paikii, adj., f. id., pers.j^b,/Nitofn^ 
as a horse. 

A^ see ^ji. 

)^ pili, m. I, i) OS., arab. turk. J^, an 
elephant. 2) also ^ fil in K. as arab.^ tiW 
bishop in chess. See jliifl ph^^, p^fl. 

;^ piyali, OS.*, gk. tpuiX^, pers. iJUj, 
m. I, (pi. also Jb2)iZl ptyalas*, Rev. xyiL 1% 
a cup, phial. Also ^i^lA py&UL 

^ol^fl piliin, OS., m. Fhilo. 

Jbo^^ pilatiis, OS., m. Pilate, Mat zxviL 2. 

Jbc!^ pilitH OS., m. PhOeius, 2 Tim. 
ii. 17. 

i;^iH^ pmdalptyi, OS., PhikMpUa, 
Rev. i. II. 

^^ttJ^ piltmiln, OS., m. Philemon, Iliilem. i. 

jboflAffl pilipOs, OS., i) m. PhUip, Mat. 
X. 3. 2) PhUippi, Acts xvi. 12. jiA|t\fi^ 
OS., a Philippian, 

Jd^ft^ffl ptliks, OS., m. Fdix, Acts zziv. 27. 

jftft\\Vt1 piUlaghiis, OS., m. PhOoiogut^ 
Rom. xvi. 15. 



m14 p^limish, az. turk. J^.. \ . j (cf. ilk), 
hamstrung, \ a^l to havutring, hough, 

^A^ piiasa, OS., m. i, a paten. 

l;h6a^ ptl&Biipa, OS., gk. <^MXiS(ro^, m. i, 
a phtlosoj^ier. lik^- f. philoBOphy. 

tikia^ pili8Api-y&, f. ;^-, OS., pAtTo- 

Ir^ plyan, f. id., az. turk. ^L^, </run^;«n. 

9Af3 pin&, f. thick soup made of flour, batter, 
and water. 

jfeu^ pinkhis, OS., m. Phineas, Ex. vi. 25. 

t.fA&fl plnichl, kurd. ^J^u^^ PS. 291, m. i, 
a cobbler, 

t^Afi pis, f. id., turk. ,j«j, kurd. ,j«^, i) 
dirtyyfiUhy, 2) bad, wicked. 

JbJk p^s, turk. ^, f. I, a /», a Turkish 
red cap. 

:^^^a^ piBidyi, OS., PtWita, Act« xiu. 14. 

l\ta>4 pisirl K., (for 2^a -5^1), <A« #«i< of 

^ pi-yif Ash., pcrs. kurd.^U, autumn, 
Lidz. 539. 

^Ik see &j^ and Sjk. 

a^ plyar!, by-pcUhs, Jer. xviii. 15. 

f9&tS piriiz, pers. jjj^ or '-J (c£ foil.), m. 
Ferozes, King of Persia. 

;f9&tS pidizi, pers. turk. t;);^ or '^, m. i, 
a turquoise. 

^\6h4 plHiz&bad, pers. ^blJjj^-J, Ferozabad, 
a town in S. Persia. 

|«»^ p^riz, az. turk. jj^ (cf. pers,j|-J 
victorious), m. i, a giant. 

^M pirma or pinn&, i) OS., m. i, a 
censer. 2) see ^^. 

apfto^ piraxnida, gk. wvpofus, nvpofiida, m. i, 
a pyramid. 

t t9»M pirmachC, fr. k»^, with turk. term. 
_»., m. I, a /Aurt/^r. 

jbii see «]^. 

^XfS ptsbi, pers. turk. kurd. i,f,,.>, f. i 
(often pL), Irade, ^^!^ oceuj»a<ton, />2ace; 
'i a^ an qfiidoL 

^^Afi ptsbun, OS., Pwon, Gen. ii. 11, iden- 
tified by the E-Syr. with the Greater Zab. 

fr^ see ts.^. 

J^ see jM and ^al 

^^, rarely ;i.-, p^takht, -ta, pers. turk. 
o m?» l> (lit. the foot of the throne), f. i, 
a capital, chief city, 

^ picha, for ^siijf t, m. i, a crack in a wall. 

^ pichi, pers. turk. i^b, f. i, (A« calf of 
the leg. 

;af pik& K. AL, or ^itif piqiya Sb., arab. 
I^li, kurd. feki Garz. 1^0, fruit. 

epaJl or ;ai p&k6 K., or by metath. in U. 
^jk p&'ik q.v., OS. ^^, i) (o 7om Mirour or 
taste, to be insijnd. 2) K., met. to be didiked, 

£Ai^ p4chttkt&, f 6, a small loaf of bread. 

aii'9aJ pch(ir&, m. i, i) an ankle, an ankU- 
bone, often with i^ip, 2) K., die, dice. 

;4ra4, f. ;koi', OS. (lit. insipid). ikltK 
ikmt^ tita pakih'ti, OS., a sycamore. 

&faf or &Af pikir, pikir, arab. turk.^^Ci 
(cf. &albo, &9Jfr«), f. I, i) a thought. 2) a 
plan; '^ paL to determine, consider, think. 
3) discretion. 

d^ p&chil, in Tkh. b&-, (fr. ^ 1 or fr. OS. 
or kljj to twist t), i) to ^ crooked/ pp4 
CTOokedy perverse; ^^^aJ Sal to /oo^ a«ifcan^. 2) 
gram., met. to be irregular; pp. J irregular. 

a^ pichli, fr. prec., m. crookedness. 

^Lfy^pich&pich(proparox.), cf J^M^fWhisper' 
ing adj. 

&Af see &*aJ. 

Sai, I. pikhir K. Al, OS., i) lit to bind; 
hence 2) to Hop tr., to hinder, u. p&ktr Ash., 
to tif^, with a, Lidz. 540. See &AJb». 

^ pil, arab. osm. turk. JU, az. turk. Jb, 
m. I, an omen, augury, ^^ ^^ to practise 

i^, i) p&li, OS., to search for parasites. 
2) see^^ 

ikk pala, m. i, i) pers. iJb (c£ ^^)i a 
ladder-rung; a step or stair of a staircase. 
a!^ Ifi met. to stand up to, to fight with. 

K k 2 


2), alw in Tkh. >ikj, also jia*, ;^, kurd. 
pel, a wave. 3) Tkh., (also i^aljl, f. 6), coaZ. 

0^ pala, fr. ^?, m. i, a ;nVc«, part, slice. 
%}fLk ^y* 8trij}^A, 9treakij. i^ ;J6 to inform 
afjaiuBt. Sec ^Oft. 

\ 2^ pnla igli, <rinAl (/roM used in making 
earth roiifH, put between the laths and the 
earth (see ^op&j). 

;5. j^ pilita, OS.*, f. 6, a parable. 

;^)kg p^labe AL, kurd. J)U>, slippers, 
Lidz. 541. 

J^, i£^, or ii^ paU K. Al, less oHen 
p&ligh Al. as OS., p&li U. (but rare in U., see 
^V^Jjo), to divide tr. ; to be divided; pp. X ^^As 
Al., at variance; dovltfid, in doubt ; ;t»^ \A4 

.\Vk p&lagh, OS., m. Peleg, Gen. x. 25, 
J'halec, Lu. iii. 35. 

J j^ pelgA U. K. TA., also > pilg& Ash. 
Al. as OS. (Suchau 29), m. i, 5, i) half, 
ik^' id. (not common in U.), but sometimes 
a division, sluxre; lis^l^i^^ AL, half and half, 
on cqiiaX terms. 2) Al. Ash., tlie middle, (see 
'li^ under ts^a) ; 's ^oa Anh., about that time. — 
ISeforc A noun the 3 pers. sing, pronominal 
nfiix is added, in U. always m., in K. both 
m. and f., and so also in some other situations; 
as ^MM^ip «>^^ pc^lgl d'lakhma, half the bread, 
hilf a loaf; ^p e^ U. (1^- K.) pelgi 
(pel}<a) d'saat, alHO in U. pclgl saat, half an 
hotir; e)^^.»&^tr6pelgt U., m.f.,=e)^(^o.*&^ 
tro upelgi K., ni. only,= 2^ ; 01^1^ Jsi^U., or 
ey^^o ^fi> K., an hour and a half; (pi SC^c^ 
p^ v., or a^o ^ ^Sj. K.,= 3} years. 
lUii after nouns in ^, e is inserted in U. also, 
as c^^o li^^ hapto|K>lgi, a Jiafta aiid a fialf. 
— ^^ ^079^41 pclgu mita, ftalf dead. 

nS^^ pelgaga, fr. prcc, bi/ halves, Imlf 

^^ palu U., al>s. St. of ;^o^^?, = e^ 
fSoe^p pel^i dV^nm K., mid-lent, the fourth 
Wednehday Wfore Easter. 

♦><^\\y pi Indiana Al., fr. .^is, ni. i, contention, 
strife, division. 

tia^ or > pelgmyi, pil- AL Aih^ f. H^, 
fr. IPi^, middle, intermediate, 

oljl palu, i) see o^ 2) OS^ m. Phattu, 
Gen. xlvi. 9. 

o^ pilu, also in K. ;o^ palawi. Lids. 541, 
pers. turk. j)b , pillau, rice cooked with hotter, 

i^c^ palumi, f. j^ palamtA, fr. ysikM^ 

Jb9^ pilus, a small coin; see )6^ 

^^9^} pilusa Terg. Sh., m. i, an oah-apple. 

«9^ piliish, az. tork. v/«^^> m., in Terg. f^ 
i) dregs of wine; used grape-skins; husks, 
2) Terg., used tea-leaves. 

X ^oXit paliish&, fr. j^, m. i, a fighter^ one 

given to fighting. 

J^ palikh, OS., i) to work tr. and intr., 
to labour, to make, do, in AL with s. 3) to 
serve tr., with ^ bat with a:=,f6r a price; 
.^ ji^oV^ ^i to be in bondage to. 3) of a clock, 
to go. 4) AL, to gain, with dir. obj. 5) to tHi, 
cultivate, dig tr. [In Az. J^ = «m^, see «^] 
See .Adbo, Aj02. 

1;!!^ palakh&, pa-, OS., m, 1, a worker, 
labourer, with fem. &i\jt, f. 6. 

^i.\y see ^oJ. 

\12l pilit) OS., 1) to go out, come out/ 
with ^ to leave a place. 2) to result, ensue; 
so often =:«2li, to be, become. 3) to escs^pe. 
4) of a sound, to be heard, uttered, pronouneetL 
See fis!iil, \V5bo. Phrases : «e7^«4 ^ ^i 
p. min honu, to go out of on/is mind; ^l^ '% 
to be acquitted; ^ ^&9 A ^i or p^%togoto 
meet one arriving; Vivta^ 't to he brought 
to light; $sjbie ^S or ^^'^ to become bankrupt; 
^ el^ Ki^^Tf <*e79s& rishd bipla(6 It min, he 
understands a matter. — ^fasc. v.n. fifi^ a 
departure^ result, an issue, upshot, end, an 
escajye; jl^p ?V^\\3 late on the sabhaih. Mat. 
xxviii. I ; ^fiJLa^lp ;v^ the parting of the 
ways. Mat xxii. 9. 

9\!i|i or ^^^«1^ pal^u, -un, freuch paletot, 
f. I, a cape, cloak. 

AtAl^ l>alita, pa-, OS., m. i, a planet. 

;::k^ plitayi, Psh. V^, the PeteAitee, 
2 8am. XX. 23 ; see ^^»\». 


IfA^ palcbS, tark. ^li, m. i, a sorcerer, 
wizardf conjurer, omen-teller. 

^^ or ^lA^ palakan (proparox.), palakaoa, 
pen. ^J\^hh^ cf. i^, t i,a etaireaee; often in 
pi. of a single staircase, Acts xxi. 35. 

jl^a^kjl see i^ no. 3. 

i^, % see j^ no. 2. 

i^klil pil-14 K., f. a snap of the fingers. 
^i ^ to fillip or «nap the fingers. 

^palim, i)Al.asOS.£thp.,to^(2t<eor<«f. 
2) U.K., to be crafty, to deceive; pp4 deceUfid, 
wily, wicked: [In Az. the cans, is to offend, 

^alj pilma, fr. prec., m. i, guile, deceit; 
a plot ; a 'iL 99! to treat deceitfully. 

ib'^Mil^ palmiidt, OS.*, Palmyra, = &atop^ q.v. 

^ pilan, OS. ^, m. So and So; alao before 
both m. and f. nouns, as ^2 ^ 9^1^ (or without 
pk») a certain man, a particular man, such and 
such a man; jt^ ^ l^ ('9^) ^ certain woman; 
^iLg ^S M> many qrans. See W^, and Jfi^adli, 

^ palin, turk. pers. Ji\j, m. 1, a pack- 

^Qf^ ^ pilin bim&n, pers. ^;U^j u^*^ 
^, m. So and So; not used a^ectivally. 

|f9pxbl^ palandAz, pers. jj jij Vb , m. 1, a 
pack-saddle maker. 

j^H^ pil&Dit4, OS. j^H^ f. of ^, So and 
So (f.) ; not acyectivally. 

.to a A \ {y pilank&s, (pers. turk. kurd. ^jS Sk 
person), =^, m. So and So; not adjectivally. 

;&\f pilsi pi., OS. ^A^^J, fikm^y. Cf. Jboli. 

;ftu^ palsUa, pers. (^^, m. i, a heap of 
carpets; woollen material, 

\\\io!)k^ palis^iua, OS., f. Palestine. 

;ilj pira, or )^ p61a Al. (Socin I27\ 
Lidz. 539), perh. for f;^ by metath. fr. OS. 
i^(9J?, m. I, a radish. 

.Ifl^ pilpil, esp. Tkh. Sb., OS., arab. turk. 
Jiii, f. Hack pepper. 

U>fi^4^ pilpiliki Sb., = l^^ 

AA? pilpilta K., fr. .IJ^S, f. red pepper. 

^a^ palaqi, turk. i.Aii, m. i, a fiUek, 
a stout pole used to tie the feet of those who 
are to be bastinadoed. ^Is &^i to bastinado. 

J^ palish, (in OS. P. to break through, 
Pa. to despoil), i) to fight, sometimes with a, 
^ or ^"^ against or loiih. 2) met. to strive. 
3) AL, to break doum tr., Sachau 83.38. 
Socin 149.38. Masc. v.n. ^sl^ a fight, battle, 
war, dispute: 't 2^^ to give battle; 'i paL to 
^A<, to goto war; 's f*&4p or '% ^\ *to prepare 
to wage war, 2 Chr. xiii. 3. 

X^^ palasha, pa-, m. i, and ^- f. 6, 

i^ or *6t^ plbht, OS., f. PhUistia, Ex. 
XV. 14, Isa. xiv. 29. li^is', OS., a PhilisUne. 

(s^ p&lit AL TA., arab. cJLi, to eseapSf^ 
^^ no. 3, Lidz. 542. 

j^ pall& K., or '^ Sh., (cf. OS. 2^ laurus 
malabathrum), f., = &oato^ q.y. 

I^^slf piltik, f. id., turk. eUJb, cf. ^^^>^y 
stammering, having an impediment. 

^ pim& Ash. Al. TA., = ^^J, Lidz. 542. 

«1mA l)4ma], f. id«, pers. JUjI>, trodden 

f^^fit^ pampiiliyi, OS., Pamphylia, Acts 

11. 10. 

^.Ijbojl or H- pampal, -1&, az. turk. JL^l>) 
m. I, a big, l€Lzy, stout man. 

^ see ^. 

1^ pin& K., (lit a footstep, kunL eU^j), 
f^ = liia^ used in counting, Lidz. 543. Cf. jM. 

^ p&nt, i) as arab. ^yJ, to perish, to be 
utterly destroyed; also in Al. to grow less; 
^^ ^ 'j AL, to die. 2) as arab. conj. iv., to 
destroy. See ^^. 

^a&k p&nabad, -at, pers. ^bLjb or ^jl^j or 
^U-*Uj, f. I, a half qran, worth about ^d,, 
= 10 shahis. 

^ paiga, m.f. i. 3, pers. «^, i) the five 
fingers; hence 2) the sole of a boot or foot. 
3) a patch on a shoe. 

^ or in Al. K. ^ pinjin, -ini, arab. 
turk. kurd. ^j\^, pers. v;;lCli, m. i, a 


Ifiu^ U. K., or in Afih. &^ panjara, -jar, 
turk. kurd. »r«^i f. i, « unndow. 

I ajLJI pand, turk. SJJ^^ pers. jjlj (lit. advice), 
f. I, %Ack^ craft, unZe, deception; ^ 't aoL to 
deceive, i^ ^ pandpili, pers. J^jjlj, 
cunning, craftiness; or as adj., crafty, 

p^ pandu, or olfd 990^ pandd pilii, see 
prec, a crafty man, 

X^"^ pandakar K., f. id., fr. ?jJ with 
pers. term. .1^ deceitful, cunning, Lidz. 543. 

p^, rarely ^ pandam, -ma, of. >9ajJbo, 
i, \,a dam, weir, sluice, 

l^&po^ pandaua, f. jt^-, fr. pjJ, tricky, crafty, 

;V;i>*i see pjJ. 

^oUHf K. Q. f. I, or i^^ U. f. 6, pindiqa, 
-qta, coll. pi. ^^ piDdiqi, OS. Ze^if or 'll, 
i) a diestnut, 2) K. Q., a filbert, a hazd-nut, 

SA&it pan-liar, turk. kurd. X-U, f, 1, a 

tlftj^jJ pnii'il, OS., Penud, Gen. xxxii. 31 
(Psh. also in ver. 30) ; Phanuel, Lu. ii. 36. 

Jboik paniis, i) arab. ^^^U, OS. iia3k, gk. 
<l>av6s, f, I, a lantern, 2) fr. no. i, or short 
fcr JbaftJ\ib2?, m., a man's name sometimes 
now U8cd. 

JbOfV^ paiitiyiis, OS., m. Pontius, Lu. iii. i. 
;Ia^ 2)aiitasiya, OS.*, f. i, (payraaia, a 
l^hantom, fantasy, 

^ofljH* pantiqiisti, also 'i? ija, OS., f. 
Pentecost, Whitsunday, Acts ii. i. 

(Jk panya K. Sh., (in OS. evening, lit. 
turning), m. i, shade, shadow, 

A.jfil pni'il, see 'ojJ, Peniel, Qen. xxxii. 30. 
^9iA^ piny (iff, onomat., the cry of a partridge, 
Lidz. 543. 

^uij^ pmyana, = soJ. 

t .»all see ^liJ. 

^ pnn-na, OS., f. Pcninnah, i Sam. i. 2. 

jj^fOiJ pinqita, OS.*, gk. ttimi^, f. 6, i) a 
writing-taUtt, 2) a volume, 

3ii^ pit& Ti., fcm. of ^ q.v., i) quickly, 
sootiy early. 2) certainly. 

9Xfti pintu, ra., a man's name now used. 

Soih^ and &b ao^ pantM, -iir, french pantalon, 
m. I, trousers of European make. 

X^b^ pintt, f. id., turk. ^^i^, duUiA, 
siaUemly, dirty, lit and met. 

j^ pas (rare), = j^ no. i. 

;^a^ pisga, Psh. % Pisgah, Deut. ill. 17. 

X?^ pasad, m. I, i) arab. turk. .>L»J, 
disturbance^ disorder, 2) a turbulent man. 

Xi?o4 pa8&d& and p&- Al., arab. .^UiJ, 
corruptible, Socin 149.42, Sachau 83.4a. 

;^aA^ psidiya, Sal., = h^^!Ub, 


fM^ pisiiz [Az. Jboft^j], ^rB,jym^, f. i, 
a large candlestick or lamp-stand, 

^oibh p^{is4, (cf. arab. (j«jL,a bugs), m. i, 
a beetle. 

A^doii U., or jjS^ooii K., or «iki.Mf Al. 
pasUlta, -dtha, pisoU (Sachau 86.64), ^r. Sipk, 
cf. *li«x^, f. 6, a step, a footstep, ^^ *t 6y 
degrees, gradually. See j^ln. 

^oooil pasdqa, OS., m. i, a passage, section 
in a book &c., a paragraph, 

IhA^m^ see i&oJ. 

..^, Ai^, jXb»9, see _gi. 

^u^^Afi psillm, Psh. ^-, heb. CP^P^ 
gtiame«(?) or u2o2«(1), Jud. iii. 19. 

la^ks^ p&silqa, a present sent by post. 

^ pas^ K., p^i U., i) as OS., to $t^, 
walk, tread, with a = on; to march; )1&^2 'l 
tW. 2) K., to step aside, 3) to leave^ leave affi 
Cf. ^ss>^, 

jojBpk pasiq K. Al., OS., to cut^ abbreviate, 
contract, cut off. 

^fiUbf, i) pisqi K., fr. prec, m. i^ a flock. 
2) in pi., pisqi, piles, hemorrhoids. 

oaoJ pisaqu, fr. prec., m. one afflicted with 

^oxoibJ psiqshmi, OS.*, m.,pl. ;aiao- psfiqah- 
mahi, gram, an abbreviation, 

22vaJ = 'a. 

22ub4 pasra, f. i, or ;^&a4 pa8<^rta K., f. 6, 9 
(pasry&tha, j^asriitha), or ;^&9.Ad pisflrt& IT., 
f. 6, OS. i^^i^, the crop, or tmaU stomtick of 
birds; the gizzard. 



£^ pisti, pers. »jl»*j, f. i, a ntU. 

jtojl pastil, (in OS. a towel), f. a burning 
rag or doth. 

^ifj^ past&k, az. turk. eb^, f. i, a deevdeM 

^ K., or ;^ U., p&'ij, -ich, in Baz b&*ij, 
i) ^o ^ very uxLvm or thirsty. 2) to fear 
greatly, 3) to die suddenly ^ or nearly to die 
from heat &c. (with ^). 

;ai4 pa-wa U., or ^ pi-y& K., by metath. 
fr. OS. ;1iaL ?, m. 4, a branch lit. and met. 

I^oi^ p&<wan&, f. ^', fr. prec., having 

&diJ p*{ir, OS., m. Pear, Num. xxv. 3. 

2b'^ see aSoj. 

aa^ K., see ;aJJ. ^ 

^ U., see ^. 

ti^ P&1&, OS., m. I, a uroribnan, Zo^ourfr. 
^^9- f. wages; or u^or^, Za6<mr. 

|jlx^ pa'&14 or fa- Al., f. id. (sic), active^ 
practical, efficient, Sachau 80.1 1, Socin 145.1 1. 

jj>V\%^ palita, fr. iLik, f. 6, a female labourer; 
a diarwoman, 

^ pa*ir, 0S.» i) to yawn, gape, 2) U., 
met. (cf. Se^ Al.) to dawn, get light, to break, 
as the day. Dist. S]^. Cans. &ilib q. y. and 
^■».1 y ; V. n. ;&k&JiiS py&rti, Jatcn (also 
;:!?*>? 'sU.). 

};k^ P&P&, OS., m. I, i) a Pope, a) the 
name of a Catholicos, Mar Papa or Papas, 
oas Sh. Ti., see aias. 

^ol^ pipAch4 K., pers. turk. (j^b, f. i, 
a slij)p€r, shoe. 

JboSk papiis, OS., Paphos, Acts xiii. 6. 

t;^ papa-yft, f. S^-, fr. ^^ a Boman 
Catholic; Papal, 

fii!^ see ^tid under 6^0. 

ASk papas K., turk. u^bb, lit. a Christian 
or heathen priest, eccles. gk. irainrap (sic), OS. 
JboSk, m. I, the king at cards. 

liUkk p&par4, m, i, a foolish talker; one 
who drawls; '% Pf^^ to drawl, 

«^^ pApirdn, OS.*, m. i, jntpyrus, Job 
viii. 1 1 ; also ^fM, 

Jb6^ paprds, U., russ. papirdsa, f. i, a 

^^ pi^i, i) to escape, to be ddivered, 2) to 
shun, avoid, with ^; also ^ (-^ xjk id. 
No P. in OS. ; see ^^. 

^ pisi, m. I, a reed used for making mats. 

«^ pa$kh, az. turk. ^Ai, f. i, a redeemed 

^^ p&fikh, OS., to be glad, to rejoice; pp.^ 

;L^ pifkha, OS., heb. npB, m. i, i) the 
passover; in pi. passover offerings, 2 Chr. 
XXXV. 7. a) Maundy Thursday, 

i^ pafib^ Al., arab. A^L«i, an elegant 
style, Lidz. 543. 

;k^^ piskhftthA Al., fr. ^^, (,joy; 't ^ 
to rejoice. 

X .Mf^ pasth Al., f. id., arab. ^a^, eloquent^ 
having a good style, Lidz. 543. 

^^ pa^l, arab. turk. J^^i (see ^^»)t f* i» 
i) a sample, a) a season of the year. 

X^^ pifal Ash., kurd. JL«J, excellent, 
suitable, Lidz. 543. Cf. ^^l, 

a^ piflA, arab. J^^i, m. i, a cutting, cut 
of cloth ; a ybrm, shape, fashion, [In Az. 
a chapter as arab.] 

;ak see .mi. 

;af piq&, kurd. boq Lerch 153, pers. db, 
f. 5, a frog, 

j^ paqid (i are in U.), OS., = p^k^. Agent 
|^^a3i an officer, overseer, 2 Kgs. xi. 18. 

Xlioak piqiid& (i^ K. Al.), OS.*, m. i, i) 
gram, the imperative mood. a) an officer, 
overseer, ik^ f. an tffiee, oversight; ^^ 
^ ;4^9^oak to hate the oversight of. 

;olr^ paqiiwi, rarely as OS. )L^ paqu'i, 
m. I, an unripe grape, a uUd grape, 

«mj^ pqakh, OS., m. Pekah^ 2 Kgs. xr. 2$. 

.mok paqikh, OS., i) toUossom, bud^ Uoom^ 
2) met. to flourish. 

^Laf piqkhi as OS., or by metath. Jeuf 



pikhq&y m. i, i) a blossom, 2) Al. Tkh., 
a Jlotoer, 

^LhA pqakhy&, OS., m. Pekahiah, 2 Kgs. 

XV. 22. 

\i^ piiq^f; AL, arab. turk. iiAi, only. 

^^oj Sh., see ^. 

a^ p^qid or -t U., pi. p^ldt, europ., an 
envelope, a wrapper. 

|a^ or liLti^ paqir, -ra, arab.^^^, i) m. i, 
a fakir. 2) adj., f. id., 2H>or (Ma'l. efqer, 
Parisot xii. 135). 

j^ftq^ piqit4, fr. ^fid, f. 6, a tadpole. 

si^ p&q^ K. Al., p&qi U., OS., i) to ex^ylode^ 
hurst; o^ J^ ^»^^^ libd pqilt, met. he toas 
much frightened. 2) to go off m a. gun or 
cannon. 3) Al., met. to die suddenly. 4) Al., 
to break tr., smash. 5) to be broken in pieces, 
to be chfi. See sa^, 

;it4 K., Ut4 U., piq'&, piqy&, OS. ;iti|i, 
m. I, a crack, 


;&&a$ paq&rta Al., (cf. OS. llLt^, arab. ijji 
vertebra), f. 6, the neck Sacbau 37, Lidz. 544 
(paqirta Socin 127'). p 'i ^ /o behead. 

22k$ para, i) pers. turk.^, m. i, in K. 4, 
also in Al. 5 (Lidz. 539), a feather, quill, 
2) a spoke or 1^) a felloe of a wheel, i Kgs. 
vil 33 old Am. ver. 

l^ par&, i) pers. turk. »^b, kurd. »^ PS. 
290, a sum of money (not a coin), in U. Sal. 
= 3^ shahi, about -^j^d,, in K. = yV matali 
or -jV piastre, about -^d.'^ in pi. 2ai money. 
2) K., as OS., odd of numbers. See foil. 

2^ pira U., or l^ pii 4 K. Sh. Al. TA. Az., 
OS. "$ or '2j, m. I, i) a lamb. 2) U., 
(first form), a man's ndtaie now used. 

2a^ part, i) as OS. to abound, to be plentiful; 
pp. J abundant [in Az. firya, broad, wide\ 
2) to lance a boil. 3) to lei in water by a 
sluice. 4) K., cf. ^SaS, to get ligJU, to dawn. 

2&!i subs., see .»&i. 

^lik^l para-abad, pers. ^Ulj^, a city in 

^^ perj AL, arab. -^i, mitigaUan, Lids. 
544. See \aAio. 

;y^ and '^ pr4ghl, prighl, pL, OS. fS^fM, 

fi^a^ pergi, OS., Perga, Acts xiiL 13. 

;^ij Al., see ;^^ 

Jboiei^,^ pergamiis, OS., Fergamus, Rev. 

1. II. 

^&$ perg&r, pers. turk.^U^, arab.^L^, 
m. I, a pair of compasses. 

^ai p&rid, OS., to go away, to flee, esp. of 
sleep from a wakeful person. Dist. ^^Sko. 

2p^ perd&, I ) pers. turk. »^, m. i , rarely 5, 
a curtain; cf. ^^. 2) indecL, (fr. arab. ^ 
simple, single 1), not cloven-footed, wA-fooUd. 
3) Al., arab. i^, f. i, a half-load of a moley 
Lidz. 545. 4) AL, f. I, a sione, Lidz. ib. 

2p^ pirda, (in OS. a grain or berry), m. i, 
pounded wheat. Cf. ?p^. 

;o9a&jt perduwa, az. turk. c5<>/ii m« if a laih. 
These laid on timbers and covered with hay, 
earth, mud, &c., form the roofs of bonaeB and 
the flooring of the upper stories. Cf. p^lba. 

;a>^':4 perd6s& as OS. or > in XT., aimb. 
pers. u^^^j^i gk. napddtiaos, f. (m. in OS.)^ 
i) paradise. 2)* a garden, Eccles. ii. 5* 

9]hh see «&d. 

^aj^ per-h&d, pers. ^U^, m. Farhad, a man's 
name still used. 

f^^ or f^ pariz, pers. turk. j-uj^, kmd. 
paris Garz. 95, 275, f. i. fasting, a fati^ 
's loai or ^d aoL, = for&^, to fast. 

;i^ perwa, i) AL, arab, |j^, f. i, a fur 
coat, Lidz. 544. 2) U., pen. turk. tj^, 
f. fear, 

^bad prughiya, OS., Phrygia, Acta ii. lo. 

(i^oi^ prfij&-y&, arab. ^,y, OS. t^^ 
m. I, a bird just able to fly, a fledgeling. 

p^h^ pir^d, az. turk. ^, f. provoeaiiimp 
urginj, encouragement 

fo^ perw&z, pers. turk. j\^^^, flying^ fligkf 
of a bird. 

^ohs pr{ikha, cf. l^^t m. (ran. 

.9 .--, 


t;:.6^ pardkha, f. £^ -iikhik, OB., Jibing. 
jtH*o&i see ;Uk«&j and prec. 

lp;^kk piruia, f. j^- p4rat-«iL, fr. \§i, 
ravenmu, tearing, 

I ;^b&J pi^^yi K., or t ?:\;ty;ft)»o&J priitifl- 
^nta-y&, f. ;£»- earop., (mod.), Prote$tani, 

;i;ao&i p&rakht&, (fr. ^^ to chafe), f. 6, 
a akin eruption. 

t^o&i p&rilmi, f. 1^ -VimXk, OS*^ cuUing, 

^Afiob&i priimijiin, OS/, gk. npootfuw, m. i, 
a preface, 

$b&J pirAna, dim. of l^, m. i, a 2tM2e lavnh, 
a lambkin, 

l^b&k p&r(iq&, m. i, i) OS., cf. Jb^, 
a saviour. ^6hk p&riiqan, is a common title 
of Our Saviour. 2) cf. J»^, the tad of a final 
letter which distinguishes it from medials, as 
in ^ (dist. i). — ikf- t deliveranee. 

|.»&o&^ perw&rf, f. id., pers. (5;Wi <<^ 
nurtured, well h«pt or tended, 

^Ko&k pirdshi, fr. «^, (in OS. a separater), 
m. I, a hook-marker, 

}^6h3k p&rttshti, f. 6, i)a tablet, talle of the 
Law, 2) a metal plate, Ex. xxxix. 30. 

^o&i see ^•^i. 
;d^9&J pruti, f. a 2ufi^. 
f^ see f«7^ 

f$b^ p&raz K., kurd.j^ (which in pers. turk. 
is the queen, cf. ^f &J), £ the knight at chess. 

l\^ pirzi Al., arab. 1;^, OS. ^fM, cf. ;fiiM, 

;t5lls pr&z& K., (fr. persjU good), ^oocl lafu;?. 

;(aU p&r&z& K., kurd. «;^, although 

;l9f ^ pirzdya, cf. ;f ^, ^&^, 6re(u/ broken 
up in curdled milk. 

;:\i4 perzi.y&, f. i^.-, OS., a PerizziU, Gen. 
XV. 20. 

^f&^ perztn K., see f$>^, (A« queen at chess. 

A%M pn2l&» for '^, = TA. and OS. )2if &«, 
m. I, iron. 

;Lf ^ see ;i&f. 

.-ai parikh, i) as OS., to fly, fly atcay. 

2) K., met. to cross a river. 3) met., as OS., 
to sjyread iutr., to be spread abroad; to break 
out aa & sore. See «»pibo. 

;:^ par4kM, p&., or ^l&k p&rkh& Al. TA., 
fr. prec, arab. ^^i, m. i, a bird. See 

^y&l pirkhi, pL, dried herbs, fragrant grass, 
for soups Ac, Cf. ^l^&S. 

l^&k parkh&nith& Terg., (a fem. form of 
^Ik agent of ^^), f. 6, = ;iA ^..^i. 

Jt;.4ii p&rakhtA Tkh. Al. as OS., f. 6 (pi. in 
Al. IkL-hk p&rkhith& as OS., Lidz. 545), i) a 
bird. 2) in sing., esp. birds as a geuus. 
's 1^ ktili p., aU birds. 

1^ i^kM p&rkh& U\i, (lit. night-flier), f. 
(pi.* i^ Jf.'hk p&rkh^ Ult, but colloq. as sing.), 
i) a butterfly (sic), but more properly a moth, 
2), esp. with l^^Vv^ ^ ^' 

\^ p&rit, i) to wear into holes intr., as 
clotlies. 2) as OS., to tear, esp. as an animal 
with its teeth, to burst, to rip up; v.n. ^Si^SHs 

^^ pirt4, fr. \^, m. i, a <ear, rvnt. 

9V^ pirta, fr. \^t, m., pi. ;j9- pir^iiwl, 
a spendthrift, 

ibei^^hj^ per^ftnitds, OS., m. FortunahAS^ 
I Cor. xvi. 17. 

^&«V^ pr&tiirtn, OS.*, f. pretorium, Mat. 
xxvii. 27. 

;u!^^ see^tti. 

.fhk p&rt (sic), pers. turk. kurd. (^ (in 
kurd. a woman), i) m. f. i, a peri, fairy, an elf. 
2) f., a woman's name now used. 

f,^ K., see ;^oi and iQl 

9^94 piryid, pers. turk. ^b^, f. i, a seream, 
a cry of distress, 

tlS^p^^ piryidd^i, OS.*, gk. w^fnod^vnit, 
m. I, a chorepiscopus, 

I ;4f &a priha A1.,=;I^, abundant, Lidz. 545. 

Mfhik prls, pp. abs. st of Jb^ scattered, 
Dan. V. 28, Psh. Jbfi. 

^&J prlsi m. I, and imfU prisUL 1 6, (lit. 
pp. of JbjJ), a carpet of in&rior quality,:=>k^ 

jlaAe&i prisqili, OS., f. FrieeiUa, Acts 
xviii. 26. 




t Utt^ prl8h&,0S.,(8eejt9ii), m. i.aPharisee; 
\(*r, OS., of the Pharisees. 

ts^^^ prish4-it (oxytone), OS.*, jplainly, 

£f^ pirlta n.,=;&^ K., f. 6, an ewe lamb. 

^hh, I. p&rik, as chald. ^^ Pa., to hurst, 
stah. ojiftska ei^ ;at&d prikali k!s!, he made 
himself angry, n. p&rikh, OS., to rub, chafe; 
v.n. iiA^ fresh ears of com (= OS. JJ^afl). 

;a^ pirk&, OS. ^o^^, m. i, 5, a crumb. 

^&4 perchd, pers. turk. i^l> , m. i (f. in AL), 
i) apiece, a dice. 2) stuff, material. 

OA^ pirkd, m., pi. pf^ pirkflwi, a churl; 
cf. ^'^ I. ? 

£i6sib4 pirkUutA, dim. of ^aa^, f. 6, a Zt^ 

^&| perchin, kurd. ^»^ PS. 289, pers. 
turk. ^;;-J^^;yi, m. i, a tc«ty«. Cf. ^&^, 

*AuAa$;d praksis, OS., gk. irpa^ir, irpa^fis, 
the Acts of the Apostles. 

Jboh^^ prILkhirfls, OS., m. Proehorus, 
Acts vi. 5. 

)09il p&rim, i) OS., to cut, hew, cut down, 
cut off. 2) with or without ^6, to behead. 
3) to kiU, slay; to sacrifice an animal. — 
Xfpil ;^ .»o79fto4 honii U p&rim, A« does not 
understand; q^^ e{«a e^ ^&il primll bij! 
Trlsht, he cut off his head; v.n. &o^ an animal 
slain, flesh, meat. See Xip^. 

^i|} pirm&, fr. prec, m. i, i) a slice. 
2) form, appearance (cf. )!^^). Diet. }fc^^. 

9ito&4 permii, cf. )0&3, ^&^, f. understanding. 

^&4 perman, pera. turk. ^^U^, f. i, afvrman, 
an executive order, a decree. 

^&4 penning, OS., m. Parmenas, Acts vi. 5. 

|^^iJM5k^ pirmisydn, europ., m. i, a ^rec- 

60P&J1 (or ;&jp&il )) Al., f., pi. j^^ perm&thA, 
a shoe, Lidz. 545. 

^Ski p&r&n, OS., Paran, Num. xiii. 3. 

^^i^ pirang (usually oxytone), i) OS. ^i^, 
arab. turk. pers. eU^, Europe. 2) as adj., 
f. id.^ European. 

t^Si;^ prang&-y4, f. ;fc-, OS., fr. prec^ i) 
French, Frenchman. 2) European* 

j^^^ prangls, az. turk. 1^^, /Vancet, 
now used as a woman's name, e8|i. by 


ap i^$d prang makhmAr, peflUy»ak«xI^, 

^&A^$d prangist&n, pers. turk. ^^LuJo 
f . Europe. 

;aA$d prans&, europ. (mod.), f. France, 

Jb^ piris*, heb. D'JB, m. i, a gier tagie. 
Lev. xi. 13. 

«ib^ p&ris, I. subs., pers. vj^li, f., i) Ferma. 
2) /br*, a province of S. Persia. 3) Faris, 
the capital of France, n. verb, OS., i) to 
spread intr. and tr.; to gel abroad; to ecaU/mr. 
2) to unfurl a flag or sail. 3) Al., to la^ 
down carpets in a room. v.n. }fb^ in K. OS., 
a tablecloth, a table spread for a meal; in AL, 
in pi., furniture of a house, Lidz. 545. See 

;iba^ Al., see fi^^^. 

Jtbh^ pers4kh, or as OS. ^Jbh^ penkhi, 
arab. pers. ^^, pers. also eU^^^, gk. «i^ni- 
crdyyijf, a parasang or fitrsakh, = 6000 ^&f , 
about 3^ miles English, the usual anit of roed 
measurement, = JAJfi q.v. 

X(ifi^ p&rs&y&, f. A*-, OS., fr. Jbffk, a 

^h$ with e, fipersin, OS., fr. chald. TP^tf 
Uj)harsin, Dan. v. 25. 

jbJb^ pirsis, OS., m. Perses king of Peruu 
See Jbib&il. 

p^^, ;&a>^, see ^iii. 

jb^&jk persis, OS., f. Persis, Bom. xtL it. 
See Jb.Jb^. 

^^ p&rsit U., for ^^lik^t, i) ikeFermm 
language. 2) as adv. in Persian. 

Mjb^ see ^^^. 

jbsii p&r^ K. AL, p&ri U., OS., to pay, ^^W» 
requite; v.n. ^li^sCl U. K., fi^ Al. priyi» 
praa; ;f9f ^^i.^ A ^ pishlt piryA sAii, 
/ ujos rejxjiid the money. 


•^h^ pir'iin, OS., m. Pharaoh, Qen. xii. 15. 
jb^ijL ^i p. khapri, Pharaoh Hophra, Jer. 
xliv. 30; 6^ 't p. nlkd, Pharaoh Necho, 
2 Kg8. xxiii. 29, both=P8h. lil^^i. 

^L.^&|| perptikhin&, OS. ^^^ m. pur- 

JtxoA^ pirapOshti Terg., cf. ^&i, f. 6, 
with coll. pi. ^^iiki p&r&piiBhi, a tnou^flake, 
usually with ^^?. 

|jEfda^ pirplsh, f. id., pers. 1-^^, vxU 
acquainted, intelligent, skilled, cunning. 

^^ perper, OS., Pharpar, 2 Kgs. r. 12. 

tJiUl^ perp4r&, f., id., gigantic, enormous, 

l^hi pirpir& U. Sh., f. i, or J»9^^ pir- 
piruki Tkh., f., or iJa- perpirilkti Ti., f. 6, 
or U^ pirpiriiqa, f. i, az. turk. tjhji (cf. &il&^), 
a top (the plaything). Also ^olj\i q.v. 

^h!^ perp&shi, az. turk. tJL> »3 , m. i, a large 
snowflake. Cf. j^oJ&il. 

^^ perf, OS., m. Phares, Qen. xxxviii. 29, 
Mat. i. 3. 

;^^ AL, see d^&il. 

^o^&jt per^^pi, OS.*, gk. vp^tmov, m. i, 
gram, and theol. a person [see ^oko] ; face, 
^i ^ see Jlpo&l*. 

t;;:ib^&| per8iip4-y4, f. Ar, OS.*, gram. 

aAj^&il see d^&i. 

jt^^&f as OS., or ^^i pirsinta, piir- Al. Tkh., 
f. 9, a grain, Lidz. 546. 

^^ pir^at U. K., or ^jgJ^ per^and AL, or 
l^^ pir^ AI. (Lidz. 545), arab. l^, turk. 
viuJL^ and cu^, kurd. ojl^ PS. 321, £. i, 
an opportunity, occasion. 

dbail piriq (see •0&fbo), i) to finish intr., <o 
cam« to an end; ^^^ic^A^ vi^ JOt&i priqli 
rhamziim!, he finished speaking. 2) with ^, 
to finish tr., to 2aaM, a&«tatn ,/Vom, Aaiw ctotM 
withy depart or /a// away from, as OS. ; ^ 's 
^ 2a»2 to Aave doiM mth a person ; ^MP ^9^ ^bb&i 
pruq Idkh minS, depart from me. 3) as OS. 
£thp., to 6e «avei, to mm oneself 

Ij3^ perq, in K. often ferq, in AL Jf&| 
firiq (Lidz. 546), arab. turk. j^, f. i, difference, 
distinction; ^&^ f., til. 

^^ pirq&y m. i, 5, i) a erack, hole. 2) a 
company of men. 

.ibbfisai p4rq!yiis, OS., m. Poreius, Acta 
xxiv. 27. 

If^^ifi p&raqliUL, OS., m. the Paraclete, 
Joh. xiv. 16. 

2b'4 Ash., see lH^. 

«^ p4rish, OS., i) to separate tr., divide; 
19^ ^^o ^"h^ ^0f 't to divide the sheep from 
ih/e goats (or with i2^ or ^). 2) to m< apart, 
choose. 3) to 6« separated or divided, to 
separate intr., to sejxirate oneself, to depart, 
with ^. 4) to judge, decide, determine, prove, 
resolve. 5) to discern tr. and intr. — pp-t 
distinct, dear, of sounds and writing, different; 
see laCfaJ. l^^^^a Al., opor^. Dist. «^dbo. 

^Aaljlparash, arab. turk. ^J^'^i m. i, afarash 
(Hi a carpet-spreader), a policeman. 

«&| persh, arab. turk. ^ji, f. i» flooring, 
floor, pavement, carpeting. 

^h$ persha, cf. prec., m. i, a paving-stone. 

X'^^ par&shb&shS, turk. ^\^jk, m. i, 
a chief constable. 

^Qx&il^ AL, see ^aoacboS. 

ij^SU pr&t, OS., m. the EuphraJtes, Gen. ii. 14. 

;&&! pirti, OS., f. (m. in OS.), undigested 
food in the stomach, dung. See ;:s&aS. 

;&&! perta, i^ (fr. OS. ^^ to cut), f. saw- 
dust; ^&? 't scurf. 2) K. OS., f. 9, = jb'^i. 

oi^&l pertd, az. turk. jj^, m. a swearer, one 
who uses had language. 

;loAk&j see jAoA^&i. 

;:e^&| pertw&-y&, t. Ji^, OS., a Par(/«um, 
Acts ii. 9. 

^9d^&| pirt&k, m. i, a rush, reed; as colL 
subs, reeds, £x. ii. 3. 

^9tsh§ pirtdkhi, m. 1, = ^^ a crumb. 
Cf. ^(k&i^ 

;^6ishf pirt^ni SaL, m. i, a storm. 

^f'&f see Vtti. 

t;xi p&sh&, turk. kurd. pers. L^b, m« i, 
I ) a pasha, a) a man's name now used. 




^ pisht, f. a cat, pussy, 

U^ see ^•^, 

^ p&shi, arab. J^, pedere sine aonitu, 

29jaud see ^9 Nad. 

;oba& p48hiiw& Q. Tkh., fr. ^, m. i, a 6ZaeA; 
multipede^ foul smelling. 

f^ peshwaz, pers.jl^JLo , f. i, a procession 
to welcome or see off a guest; ^t ^iLa with 
great pomp, Acts xxv. 23. 


t ;v;i^rf pshfitA, f. jS^- -ttt-ta,=»;f*^, ««»pfe, 

j^A^ p&shttkhta, OS. ^, f. 6, a hancTs- 
hreculth, a span. 

;i^Mk, rarely ;ldxi as OS., pishiiw^, p^hd'i, 
in IT. p&sh*, f. jS^, lukewarm, tepid, 

^0^ pshflqa, f. J{^- pshtiqt&, OS. la^, 
i) 0a«y, pZatn. 2) see ^f. — Stiosi^ jt^ota 

^•xi p&sh&zSn, or jajL^txil p&shazink^, both 
Ash., a pair of saddle-bags^ Lidz. 546. 

^ p&shikh, i) as OS. P. Pa., to tear, 
disjoint, cut oMimder, puU in jneces, see ^migksc, 
2) perh. ^ ?, see jb^oad, to lie atfuU length. 

\;gk p&shit, OS., i) as OS. P. Pa., to stretch 
out tr. and intr. 2) to push forwards, stretch 
forwards intr. 3) Al., to give, 4) to go 
a long distance, to go forth, to travel, 5) to 
make a raid; to rush upon, with Ajb. 6) Al., 
to start on a journey, to be ready to start, to 
begin to do a thing, Lidz. 546. 7) K., 
to stand ujmght or straight, = jtifl. 8) 
K., to bring out, produce, — pp4* ^ OS., 
simple, single-hearted, easy, innocent-minded, 
generous; arith. short, of division and multipli- 
cation; of bishops, diocesan or wffragan; in 
fern, the Pshitta version; lls^^ ^(^V^ gram. 
the Fal conjugation, j^bau ^i Ethj/el. See 

o^ or e&- pisht6, -t6, az. turk. jLlIj, f., 
pi. ;^o- pishto-wi, a pistol. 

;92^^ (a^ pashy& d'diwi Q. Tkh., fr. ^ 
lycoperdon, puff-baU, 

^ti see 

;add pislika, pers. eU^, m. i, a lot; ^'t a&^ 
to cast lots for, 

^^A^ (or with X) }nBhk&zh&, m. I, i) a dasp, 
Ex. xxyi. 6 ; a silver ornament or stud on a 
dagger. 2) K., a juniper-berry. 

,Aaik p&sh&ki, az. turk. ftXjL>, m. auiumn 
grapes, late grapes, 

i^Axf pishkili, cf. turk. ^JL^, dung of sheep, 
rabbits Ac, esp. when hardened. 

Xks^ or d^- peshkesh, -fish, pen. turk. konL 
^jUSCjLf^, kurd. also ^J^^- PS. 291, f. i, a 

present [see xjehs] ; tribute, 

^:gk p&shil Ash., arab. JjLi^ to give m, give 
way, lidz. 547. 

yaai^ p&shim, (cf. pers. turk. kurd« ^^Ujl^ 
sorry), to be sad or sorry, with i^^fbr; to 
regret, repent; to grudge; pp.| sad^ 9orry; 
y. n. fyaatA sorrow, grief, repentance. Also ^tafka. 

^^ pashmi, az. turk. s.«Jto, kurd. 'pasma' 
Qarz. 105, m. i, a pair of red Persian tro users, 

;^ pazh4n& Al., a branch, Lidz. 547. 

^^ pishang, turk. dUjLi, f. i, a esatridge. 
Cf. V^aS. 

^ ^jM K., p&shi U., as OS. Ethpa., to bs 
lukewarm, Dist. ^. 

fi^fifsK^ pishpi6h%&, a kind of wiUow, from 
which spirit is distilled ; see ^aofs. 

jijfk p^hiq, (in OS. P. to make plain or eamj)^ 
to stretch; to stretch onesdf, to stand straighi or 
upright. See .niJbo and \|ll. 

&^ pashir, i) as OS. P. Ethp., to meU intr. ; 
to be digested 2) K., met. to be angrg or 
sorrowful, 3) met. to melt away, to vaniek, 

\<^yik or ^9- p&shar&g, -k, az. turk. d^JLj, 
f. gleaning, 'i ?gi TJ., to glean. 

;&&jq} pisharti, f. 6, a string used to fasten 
the waq) to an end of a loom. 

1^ pishtft, pers. CaJLj, az. turk. itA^i, 
m. I, the loins, the muscles of the loins; lorn 
of mutton ; the underctU of a joint of berf. 

2aJu^^x| pishtband4, pers. ji;.».?.A>, m« i, iko 
cover of a mule's load. 
e£oe| see oV^ 

^f piti, 0S.^ (pi. of OS. lk^\ pieeee* Gl 
(sSNiM. ;^ lls^ in ineees. 




l^ see ^Mi. 

;i^Jk pit!, OS., to be wide or broad; to be 
enlarged; pp4 wide [= Az. t^tik^, see ^\ See 

lU Ti., see jM. 

\^, ;^&)l P&t4g, pitAgi, az. turk. (^, 
m. I, a beehive. See jU^frJ. 

t.f^&)l pitigchS, az. turk. ^y^XL, m. i, 
a bee-keeper. 

^oXjMf pitghima, OS.*, m. i, a clauee, esp. 
of the psalms. 

ifV^iil pat&gti, see \M, f. 6, a honeycomb, 
nsually with ^j^^ 

oaJi patii, m., a kind of woollen material, 

lo^ pitwi, i), also in Al. ko64 patw&t 
turk. 1^, arab. ijyii, m. i, sentenee, judgo- 
ment; leave, permistion, 2) OS., m. breadth, 

t ;l9^S ptiikhi, f. jt^- ptttkhta, fr. «^ open. 
jtUf'si ojj^i or ;l9ftJ *a79a^ id! ptUkhti, libd 
ptiikhi, generous. 

ibo^k pitiira, OS., m. i, i) esp. Tkh. Al., 
a table. 2)* a paten for the Eucharist ; rarely 
the chalice and paten. — ^ip ^om$, = ^j ^^, 
ehewbread; ^\^ 't the table of eheu^Jtead. 

^o^4t Al., see ^efisi. 

«.*^ p&tikh, OS., \) to open, uncover; to 
pick a lock. 2) to write the vowel Fthakha, 
with dir. obj. of the consonant. 2^) to go off, 
as a guu. 4)* to utter. Pa. Izvi. 14. y.u.;liki 
the vowel Pthakha (4.), = d, Bometimes (esp. 
before a vowelless &) = «. — vi^ «Mfi^ ^^^^^ 
Hbii ptikhli, he woe pleased or he wore hie 
heart on his sleeve. See klk. 

lM»4>i p4takhti, f. 6, the treadle of a loom. 
jt^l^ftj ptilta, arab. turk. kurd. J^, cf..^, 

f. 6, i) the wick of a candle, a) a very l4xrge 
seretv. 3) a seton. 

hftJt see Sfisl. 

.S^ p&til, i) OS., to make crooked, to twist; 
pp.t crooked, awry, met. perverse. 2) esp. K. 
Al., to him intr., to turn the face, Sachan 46. 
3) to ujind a clock or string. See ^k^^s^, .^aJ. 

^^ pitU, fr. prec., m. i, i) a twist, turn; 
a^ iiih% or ^&| ^&| zigzag, a) throwing, 
wrestling; a throw. 3) short v)o6l unfit for 
good weaving, but used for ropes and inferior 

o^NjI patlii, fr. ^^, f. a stick for winding 


^i^i see ^9J. 

^fr^f pitni, or in Al.^S^ (Sachau 85.56), arab. 
pers. turk. JLLii, f. i, in Al. also 3, craft, guile; 
a plot, a crafty deed. 

^&4 patni, OS. ^ikjl, m.i,an asp; an adder. 

Xhal&4 pitnikir, f. id., fr. ^A^, az. turk. 
.l^iJLii, crafty, unly. 

^oft^ p&tisq&, az. turk. iJL«Jb, m. fine 
cotton material. 

&^ patir, az. turk.^^^Jtj, m. i, a poultice 
made from dough. Cf. 2&J^. 

2&'(kf pitri, az. turk. 1^, m. i, alms; 
a collection or 8%d>ser%piion tor a charitable 

.fhts^ pitrl, az. turk. fj/^jit m. i, a botde. 

t^hi^ p&ttrl, f. id., reddish. 

;kb^ p4tirt4, f. 6, = SNl. 

«^ piitish Al., arab. ^jtii, to search, look 
for. Cf. aLtt\3io, mttSim. 

;iii p&tiU K., or AM* pa|4^ Al. (Lidz. 
541), mod., m. I, a potato. 

^, the letter ]^^ ^i U., ^adh^ R. Al., 
08., f. I, in K. MB. a, = the hard s, trans- 
literated f, pron. usually like J^ (with 
which it is often interchanged), but sometimes 

sharper ; and it not unfrequently modifies the 
vowel sound, though not so much as a (q.T*), 
\, Jf. — In numbering, j|=: 90, ^^^91 Ac, 
^ = 900. 


^2^ sa'id, (OS. past j»^), i) to hunt, diaae, 
catch, snare J take captive. 2) esp. with ^^, 
toJUh; to catch fish. 3) to tcaich, lie in toait 
for; met. to catch a person unaicarea. See 

^l^ sa'ikh AL, to hit, Lidz. 525. See .i^. 

^2_^?a'im, (OS. past^B^), to fast; pp./a^- 
ing, Cau0. ^^* 

^2^ sa 'in K., see ^^, i) to hum in cooking, 
2) met. to he angry. Cans. ^^ and >^^. 

Mi ?a*ip K-i ') ^8 chald. Ethpa., to flow 
out, leak. 2) to dry up. 3) = ;^^, to he 
strained, as dirty water. — Caua. J^^- 

hl^ 9a'ir Al. Ash., (OS. P. and arab. ^U 
conj. ii. to make, create ; cf. ^^boJ;), to paint, 
draw; to engrave on a stone, Lidz. 526. 

t^li l&'it, (OS. past ^^), to listen, obey, pay 
attention, with »2^ ; in U. usually d^^ q.v., in 
Al. Ash. also ^^, fi^^. 

^^ 9a>w6 K. (OS. to wish, please ; with a 
to delight in), to plume oneself. Dist. ;o^, Ja^. 

^62?^ ?wa'ut, OS.*, ASiiftaoA; '^ ;:^ Zorrf 
^29?^ or ^2- 9w(i'im, OS., Zehoim, Gen. 

xiv. 2. 

^^ fabun, in Sal. 9^, arab. turk. pers. 
kurd. (j^.Ltf) gk. crdira>v, OS. ^9^^) m. i, M>ap. 
[^ ^o|^ ^ ^0 «oap clothes. 

l,fAi6ai ^bUnchS, turk. ^j^yLa, m. i, 
a soap-maker, soap-seller. 

t^da^ fabun&ua, f, JU-, fr. m^, soapy, con- 
taining soap, saponaceous. 

lis^j^ fwiitha Ash., OS., f. a matter, business, 
lidz. 527. 

.mS^ ^bah AL, arab. turk. ^^9 the morning, 
Lidz. 528. See .mSp^. 

j^^ see j^o^. 

J^i sd-wikhta K., f. 6, a pj'uning-hook, 

^^ R&be, az. turk. ^\^, f., a woman's name 
now in use. 

i:f^ fuya, Psh. ^9^, f. Zihiah, 2 Kgs. xii. i. 

\ia^ B&biya, arab. turk. ^c^^l ni. i, a hahy, 
an itifant. ik^ f. infancy. 

^i sa-w^ K. Al., 9&-wi U., OS., to dye, dip; 
dist. ;o^, ^^. Agent in AL as OS. t^^^ 
siiba a, a dyer. See &91. 

;iai^8ip*&, OS. Vx» «™^- f<-•^ ^- 3; •'■o 
in AL 1^99 or j^^s 9^Vt&, ?iib6U (or -tbi), 
f. with pi. ^^3^ fdb&tha; pL in Aah. alao 
i^9^ $iip6 (Lidz. 527), i) aflnger. See under 
d^^. ;ia^ ^Mto to sign (a letter), a) a hranA 
or «^ot of a vine. 3) a toe, usually with 
iLaif. 4) a spoke, i Kgs. vil 33. 

^^X ?7^'^°» 0^*> ™- Ziheon, Gen. xxzvi. a. 

&7^ ^bir, (arab.j.^w« to be patient, cf. folL), 
i) to feel at home, not to he homesick, a) to 
talk, chat (cf. .ImuI). See ^. 

a?^ or ya^ f&bir, ^iibr, arab. turk.^^.^^, f. 

l!La^ silbr^, cf. prec., m. contentment, or&s^ 
;:ki^ ^ ^ filbri U li bita-yl^, he is homeeidt. 

I ^^ see ^alb. 

{a«V^ stighir, arab.^^-fJL^, m. i, a young 
orphan; a minor in age. 

.»a\_^ or '^ s&ghri, f&khd Tkh. Sh., turk. 
(tf^Ltf, m. leather made rough, shagreen. 

joop^ §4duq, OS., m. Zadok, i Kgs. L 3a. 

2p^^^ $dida, OS.*, an emerald. 

^^ see i2^pf . 

;li|»^ see ^^n. 

JA^^ ^idq, arab. pers. jju«, m. Aoipa^/itA. 

^^^ ^adaqa K. Al., arab. turk. kurcL llx^ 
m. I, alms; an offering. 

tia^j^^mqji, OS., m. Zedekiah, a Kgg. 
xxiv. 17. 

2b>^ fiidra (so TA.), OS. ^ fr. arab. turk. 
jX^, m. I, the chest (of the body) ; hreasU See 

)^&;»j» fiidrlya, fr. prec., f. i, a «m<, wdstooaL 

6s^i see ^pA>. 

^07^ sahe K. Al. Az. as OS., or l^m^ 9&-yl U., 

to thirst, to he thirsty; with 1!^, to thirst for; 
pp. J thirsty. See l^^. 

aqr^ sah&b, arab. turk. i.,a»>L0, m. i, i) a 
Sahih, the name of any European gentleman. 
2) as a title,after a man's name,=i/r. C£*^i. 


^07^ ^hibi, the name of a grape. 
I h^ai^ ^h&bk&r, az. turk.^lXl»L«, m. i, 
a master, overmer. 

ta^iMSfr^ ^ahibman^ab, arab. \^ ^ ; t>T»L^, 
m. I, an officer^ ike holder of an office, a 

^^oafi^ sihibqiHb (oxytone), tnrk. pers. 

;ooT^ ^h V&, ?a-w& (dist. ^\ rarely as OS. 
iitn^ 9&h'y&, 9&-y&, or in Al. ^^ or ^oor^ ?ih yA, 
$!h'w& (Lidz. 529), m. tkirtl, 

^^ see loi^. 
t«7i, [ft,, see lo9i^, 

^or^, flh'ydn or saih-, Zion, iSton, Ps. ii. 6 
[Az. ^drj. 

^07^ fihat = fiUJb. 

^^07^ 8ah't4= iM>4^f T.n. of )or^. 

9^ sCi, lurk, y^ (lit. water), used in the 
name of several rivers [=^ in Azerbaijan], 
as 9^ ^kaioa the Eastern Tigris or Bohtan 

o^ 96, az. turk. jL#, f. i, pi. also l^B^ (9&-wt, 
fu-w!), anxiety f terror, fear; cf. ^e^. 

^o^ i^&-wi, OS., to be dry, to dry up intr. 
Dist. ^^, Ja^. 

ao^, also ao^ 96b, r95b or fdp, Al. Ash., 
(fr. arab. turk. i^^ 8ide),=«ft^ q.v. ^l ao^ 
Al., hither, here. So ae^ = JbAM. — With 
aflSxes, 01^0^ &c. ; also ^^r^t? ^«i^ l96b& dlyd, 
(Lidz. 527). 

^9y, I. ^hk, Oaw. MB. Terg., f. i, tark. 
kurd. i-u^, on rron stave, u. f^bi, U., m. i, 
a bachelor, an unmarried man, ni. ^Awi, 
OS., i) Zobah, I Kgs. xi. 23. 2) Nimbis in 
Mesopotamia. 3) See }*a^. 

{ ^9^ 9db&-y& = ^e^ II. ik^ the unmar- 
ried state (dist. ^(kOAaS). 

AJaoy Al., see |ia^. 

;fio9y f^b&Ul, OS.*, m. I, (A« jmponUfon of 
the Eucharistic locwes. See t^a^, 

lists^^^ ^dbif^thi Tkh., = )A^f . 

ab>9^ 9adr&, cf. 2&s»^1, f. 3, i) a skirt, a 
chemise, 2)* a tunie, Joh. xix. 93 ; a priest^ s 

garment, Ezra ii. 69. 3) a surplice, an aXbe, 
— ^» ^ a coat of many colours. Gen. 
xxxvii. 3. 

^070^ 96h'baty or in Al. Jau^^ ^tthb^ (Lidz. 
529), arab. 2.^JB^, pers. turk. oc^jg^ (lit. 
association), f. i, conversation, dialogue, speech. 

2b'o9^ see ^ib. 

1 12^)9^ 9iiz4n&g, az. turk. elL^^^ (f^* j^ 
and arab. dU.^ to be narrow or ^afflicted), 
afflicted with incontinence of urine, 

iom^^ Al., see 60070^. 

j(^9^ fa-wikt&, or -khti, f. 6, a baked cake, 

^S^see j^^. 

^9x, 1) fiiligh, az. turk. ^U, cf. .>^^, 
f. I, a question, query, 2) ^iilig, turk. J^l^, 
a water-meadow, 

069^ 9<ilA or 9UI, arab. turk. JL# (cf. n^j^), 
f. peace; '^p ^^ i^ implacable, 

is^9^9^ see ^!^. 

j^9^ 9&-wilti, kurd. 861 Lerch 142, f. 6, 
a shoe. The sixth pi. denotes odd shoes; the 
colL pi. is more common, ^8^ 8611, a pair of 
shoes; so ^8^ t^\ £L id, PI. in J. ^^90^ 
9a-wiil& and 9&-iil& (both oxytone). 

^o^ 9dm&, OS., m. i, a fast; l^^'^ Lent. 
See i^JM. — ^ ^i to break a fast by eating 
animal food. 

Xl^i^ 9i-w&n&, f. Sk', fr. o^, fearful, terrible. 

fko^ ^dna, az. turk. li^, i) m. i, a drake. 
2) f., a woman's name now used. 

^aeuo^ 96nibi8h(, az. turk. ^bii^, m. the 
colour of a drake* s head, 

hxo^ ffl'&r, I ) or as Psh. ^^, Zoar, Zoan, 
Oen. xiii. 10, (RV. ^- Num. xiii. 22). 2) or 
as Psh. &l^, Zoar, Gen. xix. 2 2. 3) OS., Ztior, 
Num. i. 8. 

«soi* A\,, see aoi*. 

^^ Ash., see ;ia^. 

09^ ^pi K., arab. turk. i3u0, m. i, 4, i) a 
jforeh, 2) on tmte-room, passage, 

^e^ fdpt, m. I, i)| arab. ^Jj-^, a 9^fi^ a 
my^ic philosopher ; hence 2) a &i*^o^ 3) arab. 
turk. £L#, a sofa, settee. 

U9x ^W^ Al., = ^^. 
>i^^ see j^S. 



4^95 9upith4 Ti. Q., = ;i9^. 

^^9^ 9iipn&, (cf. arab. v.J^ wool), m. i, 
a fleece, 

ail9^ ^up&r, OS.y m. Z<yphar^ Job ii. ii. 

22kS9^, ;il!kflo^, -!e^9r> see ^A>. 

^9^ ^ds, turk. ^ji9^) hush/ be quiet ! 

;^9^ sU§a, or f^9^i f. i, a «ca6, 5ca2e, seaU, 

l^^o^ 96^- wi, fr. Oj^, pi. terror. 

;L^9j^, rarely as OS., ^•j^ff s^i^tna, sa^y&n^, 
m. I, a comet. 

^^9^ fufita, f. 6, i) as OS., braided hair, 
a queue, a long lock of hair. 2) a tag or 
artificial plait by which girls lengthen their 
hair when plaited. 3) as OS., a fringe of a 
garment, Num. xv. 38. 4) cartilage, griaUe, 
sinew. 5) yam of rope. 

|«SM^9^ ^(isanmish, f. id., az. turk. yj^\^y0, 
tired out. 

bo^ sur, OS., i) m. Zur, Num. xxv. 15. 
2) Tyre, Josh. six. 29. ;Ib'-, OS., a TTUin of 
Tyre. (Dist ^i^boft.) 

;Iboy 9iiriy&, OS., f. Zeruiah, i Sam. xxvi. 6. 

;L^b9^ 9ursln&, m. i, a thistle, 2 Kgs. xiv. 9. 

^b>jp sdrat, pers. c:^^) a mountain in 

^P9^ f. I (rare), or lisb^^ f. 6, ^urat, ^iirt^, 
arab. i^^^, pers. kurd. turk. u:^2>^> kurd. 
sur^ti Garz. 58, i) an image, a picture. 2) 
farm, likeness; ^^ 2^,96^* ol^ to be formed. 3) a 
draunng, an illustration. 4) a description. 
5) in pi. ^fi>»^ surati, chronicles; a history, 
esp. of the bible, (but not the book of 

i^9^ kkh. Tkh., see poib no. 2. 

;^«^ ^otha K., but i^ta Ash. as OS. (Lidz. 
528), f. 9 (^a-watha), in OS. m., conversation, 
sj)eech, a word. Cf. ^9^. 

t^^ 9akh, f. id., turk. kurd. dU (TA. 4s,i), 
i) sound, weU, in good health, safe, unhurt. 
^ .ftcjofto^ honii f., mivm. 2) of childi-en, 
legitimate. [In Az. right, right-hand, adj. and 
subs., as turk.] 

iL^ saha Al., arab. iSr*, = ^999^*, ^ot/r 
A^aZ/A /, Lidz. 529. 

au*^ or a^^ s^ib, ^ahib Al., arab. turk. 

^^f.aX^, m. 2, i) a frieind. 2) a /orer, Lids. 

529. Cf. aqr^, ^OmO^, Acio70^. 
^j^ see 9>5-. 

;a^^^ fikhwd, (OS. ^ ro.), f. ^ weaiier. 

Cf. ^o-^. 

;;ii^ ?kh4kh&, OS.* (same rt. asjU^a), m. i, 
a section, esp. of the Bible. Each sect ion is 
considerably longer than oar chapters. 

t--.i9&khlK., f. id.,=:-,i. 

^^^ or in Al. ^ (Lidz. 531), fikhniy 9ali-» 
m. I, i) arab. turk. pers. ^j^^, ^ larffe bowL 
2) AL, a plate. 3) in Bradust^ the bdly, womb^ 

^^ 9akh&r, OS., m. Zohar, Oen. xxiii. 8. 

^&M^ see «a\^. 

i\^ see i!^M». 

^j^ see 3i^, 

jti>^^ see V^* 

'^i Al., see bV». 

S?***^^. 9itranji, pL, usually ^6^^, turk. 
^^^,kurd.^U^^PS.3i3,cA«w. j|^ jfr^f^ 
a chess-board. 

^^ i^twd, OS., m. Zibay 2 Sam. ix. a. 
Dist. ^0*1^. 

Ihshsu^ 8^bert4, fr. ha^, f. 6, an 06^ 0/ 
<ru«f. Dist. ^&&au^. 

a»^ sa-yad, m., a man's name now in use. 

1^^ see 92^. 

la^j^ s6d4 U. as OS., fddfai K., m. i, 1) 
hunting, a hunt, capture, 2) fishing. 3) jpny, 
^a7/26, venison, Ac. 

|2^^ ?^y^a esp* U. AL, OS., m. I, i) a 
huntsman. 2) a/owler. 3) a fisherman^ JUkmrm 
4) a cdtoA of fish. See ft^a. Fern, lik^ L 6. 

.^9^^ or as Psh. ^^^ sMdn, -in, £ Sidm^ 
Zidon, 1 Kgs. xviL 9. A?>i^ 96dni-yA aa 
OS., (see foil.), or (koa^ 96d{mi-y&, £ 
a Sidonian, Deut. iii. 9. 

A?t^ ?^dhnay4 K. Al., m. i, = a^. 

l^^ i^iwi AL, a stick, rod^ Sachan 21. 

-« see -.ijp. 

;>;^5 see 'ib. % 

a^^ see .^Mb. 

^^ see pl^. 



rfjc ^^ %Jje* 

^^ fin, OS., m. Ziriy Num. xiii. 21. 
See ^. 

^^ see 'lb. 

Sf^ see J2^. 

2b|^^ see 2&y^. 

^^ see b2y. 

i^f.^ see (k2y. 

^j^ ^ch, lark. -^L^, m. i, a gridiron used 
for baking bread in tenia. 

^^ or \gi^ such&kh, -&gh, turk. jf^L* or 
jl».L«, pi. I, a fringe of a garment. 

^^ ^It, (in OS. to incline tr. and intr.), 
i) to go doum, to descend; ^90^ j^ ^411 
b'libiikh, may it descend to your heart /,=: 
^o^ ^ q.T. 2) of the day, to 6« for spent, 
Jud. xix. II. 3) to dismount, get down from 
a horse &c.; to disembark, opp. «ii^). 4) Ti. 
Ash., used as the sign of the future, = A^f > ^ 
^•1 ^^ l&lin azin, / wiU go, cf. pyk, — ^Also in 
imp., as JA6mi ,^^ go up ! In Az. )^j^= i^^ ; 
see ^^. 

j!l^ silli, i) az. turk. X^, m. i, a block of 
ice, a lump of earth. 2) OS., f. Zillah, Oen. 
iv. 19. 

^ ^iw K. Al. TA., i) as OS., to crucify. 
2) to fasten an animal to a post or to the 
manger; v.n. ^91^ a halter. Agent in Al. 
^ ; ^9 '^ a Jew (so OS. ;ll4d)); but in U. K. 
}^^ is a tether for cattle. 

\2^ 9&ligh, esp. Q. Al., az. turk. kJLa, knrd. 
eUL*, cf. ^^^) f news, report, fame, rumour, 

f^ ^i, arab. turk. ^ (cf. J^^), U i) 
interest, advantage, a) rectitude; or as adj. 

ll^^ ^mti, (in Q. Sal. Oaw. li^^ sldwi), 
OS., f , pi. rarely 6 in TJ., usually l^^ (l&w&ti 
(-tlia K. Al., sliwA oxytone, Sal. Q. Oaw.), also 
pi. in Sal. Q. Oaw. ^^o^^ ^Idwi (oxytone), 
prayer; see ^^. j^ <^ a house of prayer, 
Acts xvi. 13 RV., a chapel. 

J^, I. f&likh K. Al as OS., to tear, jneree, 
chop. II. 9&lih Al., arab. JL#, to 6e worthy. 
See ««}^. III. 9&likh Ash., 8ube., = ^!^. 

.mS^ salakh, fr. prec. no. i (cf. OS. |I^ one 
who chops), m. I, a butcher. 

^L^ salakhani, for fiL.\, fr. prec., f. i, 
a slaughter-house, 

t2i^ fal&yi, ?a-, i), cf. i^^, m. i, one who 
prays. 2) Al. Ash., agent of i^^. 

^^ ?llw&, m. I, i) OS., a cross; ^? l^h,, or 
usually '^ i^h, Holy Cross Day, Sept. 13 (sic). 
2) OS., = foil. 3) cluhs at cards. 

9;u^j^ fllwfi, fr. prec, a man's name now 
in use. 

t;i^jj salili, ?a-, f. iS^- -ilUl, ^ee A^, 
sober lit. and met. 

ly^i ^limt U. pi., az. turk. JL«, «fmi7Z 
beams supporting a roof. 

^see 1^^. 

see %, 

^ 9alm&, m. i, i) as OS., an image, 
a picture, a rej>resenlation, likeness. 2) Al. 
Az., a cheek; a face, a surface, Sachau 15, 
Lidz. 533. [Cf. Az. ^ vpo^^ l^alm^t, against; 
^ ^fi^ to resist,] 3)* a page of a book; 

cf. ;^a. 4) pl. = ;&2i»^. 

^jfsee ^jp. 

^010^^ falm^n, OS., Salmon, Ps. Ixyiii. 14. 

Dist. >. 

^om\^ falmiini, OS., Zalmonah, Num. 
xxxiii. 42. 

iiiwS^ sal-m'na, OS., Zalmunna, Jud. viii. 5. 

see lb. 

4s 9I4, OS., Zdah, Josh. xviiL 28. 

>li>^ flipkh&d, OS., ra. Zelophehad, Num. 
xxvi. 33. 

^Sft^X, 9^9>^^f ^^ M ^^ *'?t^ filfakh, 
Zelzah, I Sam. x. 2. 

«M)f^ (imikh, i) K. as OS., to rise as the 
sun. a) Bo., met to bring forth. Dist. ^oii». 

I^lit^ ^mkha, OS.*, m. i, splendour, bright" 

Mio^ 9&inq, arab. turk. A«^» ^mim, fVfm. 

j^oBis,, ^*»».. i^%»^> we '1^ 
^i. see Jiiy. 

M m 


«oV^f or c2k^^ 0K^'^\ -ji. Xuxk. j^\^j f., 
pj. Ic^' K w*j iwi, /.at /I. '^ dCL^a to It in pain. 

lop^^ or trsi>, \A\, Al. TA. ^ ^induq4, 
ft'ln-, .'iiaLturk. j^ers. j^ju^, m. i (f. in Ash.), 
I) a hf/x, c/t^M, 2), efcp. with ^J^?, a coffin. 
- ^^^ 4^Q!p a Turki$h jMmnd. Soe ^pyAw. 

iLop^^^ (jt ^ sindijqkbana, $(iii-, pere. 
tJ^'tyX : ^, f, I, a pantry or box-room. 

JiopaA^ or ^ flinduqta, siin-, dim. cf fooaj^, 
f. 6, « /iV^fe box or c/f?^/. 

•H^'pXopaA^ or ^ findfiqtulaBt, sUn-^ az. 
turlc. _«i#^J j^ juLtf, (cf. kurd. tula a dog Garz. 
106), m. I, a ir<r<5<< fJoj. 

^y^fg^ KCiudAl, i) az. turk. ^\xi^, osm. turk. 
k^^jui^, cf. .^a^^, m. i,a chair. Not common 
in M. 2) OS.', arab. turk. Jj^jLi^, pers. Jjia., 
ni. nandal'wood. 3) the uame of a plant 
yielding a yellow dye. 

;ik&9Aj^^ Hiiiurtu K., f« 6, i) the top of a 
diataff, 2) as OS. ^, afisti-hooh, 

;Ls^,, Rini'a K., arab. Z T : g ^, a c{t«^, p7-a(«. 
J ;Li^ Bni'a, f. j?^, OS., crafty. Rare. 

^^ 9unum, urab. turk. pers. ^^jl^, 1) m. i, 
un idol. 2) f., a woman'8 name now in use. 

^^ Hail in, or in K. ^^2^ q.v., (cf. OS. ^u^ 
u bud sniell, cap. of burnt food), to scorch^ bum 
intr. (of food). 

^^ H^na, arab. ajL^, m. i, a ^00^ workman. 
;^lap ^jp a stone-enf/racer ; l^^p ^ a maacn; 
U^p ^X ^ carjieiiter. 

frJA^ Hrin'ut f. I, or in Al. AbIi. ^^ §an*a 
f. I, or jt^^ R<in6ta f. 6, (TA. ^^J, arab. Z*;^, 
jierH. turk. kurd. v:>«.i^, cf. OS. ^^., ^^«} 
i) a trade f good tvorkmanship. 2) K., an 

{&a^^ Hiln'atkur, pers. .IXiaJL«, m. i, an 

jt3^^ HilnaptH Al., f. commenlation, praise. 

\ •**»r.. ^*' -^t**. » '"^"^ commonly hJ^. ?in Jq» 
-^b, -kh, f. id., AZ. turk. j^^l^, bankrupt, 

'^ \!iil to becoifie f>anl'i*u2)t. Conn, with ^^Ub 1 
>^^^ OS.. Ree <V^^. 

ijp, m. I, 

2Sa^. siiiii-d U. Tkh., cf. fj 

£i^ finta. cf. .i^. f. fmohe (in OS. a bad 

smell >. 

^ja&^sa'ba AL, arab. 
exc^s^'rt. terrible. 

> 1. 


;i^aVr^ sarta L ., see AA310. 
*S^ §&p, f. id., arab. ^Ju», pers. turk. 
arab. turk. ^A^, aimpU, plain, 

^i sipa, arab. turk. \JL#, f. plmnm. $Ll^ 
^jf p m. a pUasure-seeker, voluptuary, tybariie, 

^^ sapi, arab. \JL«, i), (so Mai. 86fi, Pkriaot 
xii. 127), to be ekan, pure, clear; pp.| jmre^ 
plain, simple, clear; (s^^ ^ a dear contciemee^ 
a light heart. 2) met. to he distinei, as the 
voice. 3) to be filtered, as dirty water (cf. •A|^). 
4) K., impers. ^oix^ ^i ^^ (or t^) f&p6 
(^pya) ill Tshimun, / Uke Simon, Lids. 534 
(so ai-ab. conj. iii.). — See ^^ ; dist. ifik, 

^90^ spahi Al., i)=Mifl^; hence a) as kurd. 
spalii, m. I, a vrarrior, Lidz. 535. 

^Qjj^ spuny^, OS. ^, f. i, a dulcimer. 
&Qj^ 9ip^r, OS., m. Zippor, Num. xzii. 4. 
Ib'^J^ ^ipiira, OS., f. Zipporah, Ex. ii. 21. 

;^&9J^ ^piirti Ash. Al., arab. Ijy^t £ 6, 
aidfySyflute, Lidz. 535. 

;&&ol^ stipiirta, f. 6, a she-goat tliree years 
old (cf. OS. ^2S^^. a goat up to three years 
old); TA. ib'^ii (lidz. 635). 

X «Jl^ 9poi-£ U., 9pai K. (somewhat drawn 
out), rarely fojsly ^ah{ q.v., kurd. 8p6i (Qan. 

99) or sp^hi or sbaht, ic*"*^* LSt"*^ ^®' 3'*> 
i) a<lj., indecl., good; usually precedes a noun, 
its ;u2 'x^a good man. ^^? ^ the best ef 
the sheep. 2) adv. u)eU, thoroughly. 3) inteij. 
well/ good! — lls^J^ spoi-y^ti, goodnest^ 
benefit; ^ ^ poL to treat weU, do good to. 

X ^X 9pin& AL, arab. ^^, r^ecting, thinking^ 
Lidz. 535. 

^^ fiipni, OS., the name of a plain in 
Kurdistan in which the castle of Amadia is 

^^ ?pany&, OS., m. Zephaniah, Zeph. i. i. 

JJLt^ii& All&^ 


ii^l ^S^ B&pnat p&nakh, OS., m. Zaphnath 
Paaneahf Gen. xli. 45. 

aiig, see Ua^. 

hk^ $ip&r K., arab.^yL*, m., i) brcLSS. 2) 

hi^ or &fj^, 9ip&r, vipir, arab. tark.^^i^, 
f. I, zero, cypher. 

22^^, fipra, 1) OS., f. i, a sparrow; aj^^ '^ 
a parrot, Lidz. 535. 2) Bee l&^oib. 

l!L^^ 9&pr&, i) K. AL TA. as OS., m. i, 
morning; in Al. used ailverbially, = f n the 
morning, also ^, Sacbau 31, 36; ^d*p ^ 
dawn. 2) arab. turk. kurd. Li^, m. i, bile, 

l^^^ 9ipirt&, fr. 22kj[^ ,{.6, a hen-eparrow. 

^^ ?ipat U., f. I, i) arab. aJU, turk. oJL», 
an attribute; e^p. beauty, elegance, j^ ^ ii^Zy. 
2) as pers. is^ljL*, couiUfnance. 

^X. ?^P*^ ^•» OS. (li.^), care, careful- 
nees, 2) the early earnings of a pedlar. 

fsjt ?&9a, m. I, a lu-gocU tbree (or four I) 
years old, 

;ii ?^ U., m. 4, pL also ^1^^ ^a^n&ul, 
the dieek. 

^tS" W*h* Al-i = '^ »0' li Lidz. 534. 

^^^- 9^9^^> ^^' turk. ijL«^, 111. sallowness, 
paleness; or as adj. paZe. 

i^X^m ^^ JCfls 9^?^^) ^^ OS., m. I, a cricket, 

A^^ yiqlagb, Psh. 'ca^,, ZiJdag, i Bam. 
xxvii. 6. 

2j|^ fir^ K. AL, 1) aa OS., to toar tr. and 
intr., rend, cleave, separate; *^^^ it^ doven- 

honfed. 2) to be swallowed with difficulty, 

Dist. Ihib, 


p^\ pb^ 9erd 4zam, az. turk. Ji^l j^ (by 
metath., for arab. .Ju^), a high official, a vizier. 

l^h^ 9ird4 (RV. >^), Psh. ij?^^, Zereda, 
I Kgs. xi. 26. 

^o&^ ferw&, OS., m. balm, 

;iob^ 8rii'&, OS., f. Zeruahy i Kgs. xi. 26. 

j^bbb^ 9rdrit&, OS., f. 6, <A« land-crocodile. 

«mJ»^ ^irikh, i) K. Al. Az., OS., to call, cry 
out (also HJa ^) ; k> caK to, to summon, Sachau 
48. 2), (cf. OS. to inflame ?), to be mad or 
energetic; pp.^ mad. 3) to play. See «m|^^. 

;i&^fiir'4, Psh. ii^x^, Zorah, Jud. xiii. 2. 

I Jb;^ f&r&p, m. I, i) arab. v-jV^^, OS. ;db;^, 
a banker, money-changer; lis^- money givtn 
in exdiange. 2) OS. ^bbj^ (cf. foil.), a refiner. 
3) = 31#&I& q.v. 

A\^, i) f&rip K. U., (as OS. A ph. to sting), 
tobe pungent, 2) ^arip K., s&rip U., OS. Ethp., 
to be refined, as metals. See *^1^^, *^^^- 

Jb^ ^rp, arab. v-J^, f. i, exchange, rate of 

^pJlbj^ 9eq>a-idiw&n, az. turk. ^,1^.> ^^j^^ 
f. ^ileading, holding a brief to support the 

frjlb^ ^rpat, OS., Zarephath, Sarepta, i Kgs. 
xvii. 9, Lu. iv. 26. 

2b>j^b^ ^er^ura, OS., m, i,a caterpillar. 

X ^^bJ^ see m^^. 

»!^^^, ^^b^^, see ^^». 

ib'Avi^ ftliri, OS. ^ , m. I, <Aym« or savory. 

&<*>*». see 'Vt- 

db, the letter J«0 q6p, OS., f. i, in K. MB. 2, 
a very hard k (represented in this dictionary 
by q), pronounced in the throat It ia some- 
times interchanged with iX^, 4^, «•, and ^ 
In numbering ji = 100, Is loi &c. For the 
modification which m often causes in vowel 
sounds. Fee ▲. 

li q4 U. MB. Sh., qb Q. Sal., i) for; 
^ (^99 la because of. 2) to,^^. 3) sign of 
the dir. obj. of a verb (common). 4) by, 
of time : be here 2b' ^oa Im by noon; it will be 
ready li^ ifikAf In in ten months, 5) p In, 
often pron. qftt, conj. in order that; alfo, eap. 
in Sal., that of oratio obliqua. — With aflSxes 

M m 2 


orAua (=01^^ ^)j ^9 Ma qkttf qatukh &c. U. 
(^Ma is often proD. in IT. Sal. qa-$, ^4^ in Sal. 
becomes q&n), in MB. Sh. Q. ei^ &c. — ^o* ;^ 
^^isa Uwin qatukh, / am not speaking to you 
(cf. ^). See do ^. 

^ya qa-ikh, i) Al., to handle^ touchf hit 
( = 6^20), with «^ or a, 2) see M»ajo. 3) to 

^id qa-in, OS., m, Cain, Qen. iv. i. 

«^ld see Jitt. 

^AaaA ^{0 q&-il chiimch^ Ti., (lit. spoon- 
holder 1), f. a small basket. 

p]p qa-im, (OS. past 'pjo), i) to rise, general 
word, also of the dead and of the sea, but not 
of the sun; to get up; ojf^ ^ ^0 to awake 
intr. 2) to stand, stand up, also *m^i^\ ^ '^ ; 
pp. I met. voanion, of the eyes, Isa. ill. 16. 
3) to remain. 4) Ti. Ash., used for the sign 
of the future, = fi^, as ^ti ^aja q^min azin, 
/ toill go (see ^^). So the pp. = w/>// ^a^a 
^JStlf (or '^»fa sing, for pL), let us go; also 
^^^ 9MoyB qdmu d'salikh, let us go doum. 
5) Al., much used in narrative : *fn^ *p>^ 
.»5fJ^ JCf^ i^9i qiml6 hwila bakhshish ^Uhl, 
they gave them a present. — The sing. imp. has 
>to silent (qA), except sometimes in Al. as TA. 
Az. — Masc. v.n. ^alo; 'jb ^, OS.*, an ally or 
a monk; fem. jl»^M the resurrection; ^jop 2p^ 
Easter Day. Phbases : p ;^a3 o5k^ 'j» or 
p ^^ "js or p .l;iAO&> ^Jb (or ^&>^), to oppose, 
rebel against; ^^hjf^ ^uo^ an adversary; 
itsQO^ ^ p]ja to ascend the throne; p )i^^^^JBi 
to succeed a person in office; p l^J^ 'a to 
defend. Caus. ^fiiap, 'i q.v. See ^isf . 

dto ^ q&mu (usually oxytone) U., or .»pdto ^ 
q& miidt TJ. Sh., wAy, wherefore. The first 
form is often used as an inteij. in expostu- 

^20 qa-in, (cf. OS. .iijb t(/., and ^ii^is or ^e^ 
= gk. ftvvmos X),tobe or become green, pp.^ ^Lo 
^rreen, (hence l^^iftt grass). 

Jbla qa-is K., cf. «ftt^) ^^^^ ^) to assemble. 

2) to hurry through business. 

aa^V^ld sec ^^M. 

3) to set 

^ya qa-ip, (OS. past J4; cf. dinliito), i) <o 
cHuck. 2) to be in heat. Caus. Jifitip. 

^20 qa-if, i) TJ., to wink. 2) to be stuniecL 
^) to be bruised. 4) to be bloodAoi, 5) Al. 
TA., as OS. ^^i cf. ^atp and jAtf^ato, to ctti 
tm^ scissors. 6) to break slightly. 7) to be 
pinched as a finger in a door. Cans, j^gsp 

» A • 

&20 qa-ir, x. i) to dig wells &c. (opp. &|LL). 
2) to cAm^ oti<, carve; cf. &ai. 3) to ^n<< oui 
the eyes. u. i) K. AL, (OS. past h4)tobe cML 
2) K., met. to ^ tired of. iil AL, arab.J|ji 
conj. ii., to affirm, to assure; to believe^ to ho 
certain, Lidz. 549. iv. Al., OS. ^ff (see &^ 
to honour. Cans, ^bisp q. v. 

ixlo see 1x02. 

^20 qa-it, (OS. i^, 6^\ to fix in), i) to hU, 
knock against, bump, beai upon, with a or in AL 
oSi^, [Az. J20]. 2) to fight. 3) impers., met. 
..oroki. oH ^^0 qitla 'iild, he took it iU. C»U8. 
fi^ and fist^ap. 

Alp see A0. 

;^ qii-w&, (in OS. any receptacle, cf. folL), 
m. I, i) a mug, cup. 2) OS.*, a kab, the 

^auai, I. q4-wi, i) U. as OS., to eofleet as 
water in a pond. 2) to bail ofU, pour ouL 
Dist. ;o0 or ^. u. q&b^ K., i), (orab. L^ 
to collect with the hand) = i. i. 2) met. to 
be angry. See ^jbho. 

^6pja qab&hal, (fr. pers. y\3 an ocoaaioii 
-{■^91 ?), f. I, a great event. 

;k^lkopj^ qiib-hity&th& K., pL, arah. ^^, 
aboininations, evil things, Lidz. 549. 

{^9010 q&bul, f. id., arab. J^, aceeptoNe^sz 

2b'99LB qwur&, abs. st. of Itt^hvua, OS., f. l, 
a funeral. See (Kia. 

fi^^ qabiirgha, turk. *Jyyii, f. i, a rib. 

l^h^ q&biirgh&n&, f. gx-, disobedient, 

;^&99i0 qwArtA, OS., f. 6, burying; afuneruL 
;&o9L9 qlwuta, OS., gk. KifittT6s, £ the ark. 
p q&bz, 1)1, £ id., arab. turk. ^^fk^, con' 


stipatedy costive, l^ f. condipatian, 2) arab. 
turk. id., f. I, a receipt, (ukrunoledgemerU, 

ia4 qiibaya Al., arab. L»i, = £Jua. 

Hpja qabila, arab. turk. iJL.^i, f. i, a seel, 

^^^Ifua qabilflti, (fr. arab. turk. Jj\i capable), 
f. capacity, abUity. 

Jffij^ qii-wtt&, fr. ^, f. 6, a vessel iu which 
food is carried to labourers, a porringer. 

4M>9ua qw6ta, f. 6, i) OS., an upper garment, 
a robe, a) y.n. of ifa. 

^^y I. q&-wil, OS., i) to complain, with Ajb 
= against, about (a person or thing), a) K., 
to prosecute. 11. qabil K. Al. Az., rarely TJ., 

Aai0 or HoM q&bal, -la, arab. pers. aJUj, f. i, 
i) a job, work done by job or contract, a stipu- 
lated amount, a) a contract, deed, lease; 

l)kajig qibla, arab. turk. iLfj, m. the Keblah, 
or place to which Mussulmans turn in prayer. 

X b^V'irt q&baldar, pers. .bJUS, m. i, a jobber, 
one who voorks by the job; a contractor. 

Im^iajff qiblanama, turk. kurd. ft.AljiJLj or 
h^', m. I, a compass. 

' see 

A^, (in OS. to make firm),:=^ofi q.v. The 
latter form is perhaps preferable. 

Uaja qwaqa Tkh., for ^at^ji ?, cf. ^laitu, m. i, 
a raven. 

&a49 qa-wir, OS., to bury, inter. 

lHa^ qora, OS., f. i, 2, in AL 3 (in OS. m. ; 
cf. i^ooja), a grave. See fi^«a. 

;oLs^ ^9iaL|^ qyftrAt hata-w4, Psh.^? ih^, 
Kibroth hattaavah. Num. xi. 34. 

;^ qighi, see U^. 

^o^ q&JHJ&> m. I, a young sprout. 
.f^ qij{, f. I, a bitter herb. 
^ sec (koyB and I0. 

2^ qiidi, i), (fr. OS. ^ to cut, cf. ^tf^Mo), 
f. I , a log, a piece of timber. 2), arab. *LLi^ 
f. I in U., 3 in K., a misfortune, calamity. 
3) Al., = 2baji no. a (so as. turk. iXi); hence 

i^ 2^ high, tall, Lidz. 552 ; Ifin 'jb o<fr 
6 qiid& zAz^, «o muc/k money. 

IjfM and ;»i9 q&dh^, -z^, Al., arab. ^^^, i) to 
finish, bring to an end, settle, a) to be finished 
or ended, Lidz. 551. 

\^ q&d&gh, az. turk. (s)jlj, m. i, coloured 
cotton material, used by bookbinders &c. 

^^>o K. or ^;>0 U. q&daghi, .&n, turk. 
pers. y^^^Xs, i) as subs., m. (no. pi.) a pro- 
hibition, interdict, 'a ^odtb to make a strong 
interdict, Dan. vi. 7. 2) usually as adj., f. id., 
prohibited, forbidden, contraband; 'jb poL <o 
prohibit, to declare illegal, with dir. obj. 

tfftV^ q&daghs&z, az. turk.jLi^jJ, m. i, 
a maker of coloured calico, 

^6^ see p^im. 

^£0 xoj^ qdiish qUdshi, OS.*, i) tJ^e holy 
of holies. 2) the sanctuary of a church, esp. 
the space under the canopy before the altar. 
3) the most holy things. Num. xviii. 9. 

«M>tt qidikh, i) to join, dovetail, knit 
together; to join on to, to adjoin intr. a) as 
OS., to strike a light, to kindle. 3) to solder; 
pp.t compact, or with ^ adjoimng. 

^^ sec «ftf. 

Hfjfja qdlU, by metath., also in Ash. Al. as 
OS. 2^tljB qlidhi (Lidz. 554), gk. kkus, xXfida, 
kurd. kill Garz. iii, kilij Lerch 103, m. i, 
a key. 

1^^ qadim, f. id,, arab. turk. ^JJ, ancient, 
from eternity; p^a ^p^a *old and strong* 
(of men). 

liiib i^Mf?^ qiidimut sykmk, OS.*, m. f. i 
(sic), gram, a jtreposition. 

^Mf^ q&diroS, f. id., turk. ^^^xjj,^pm^. 
'$s ^ from of M; ^tts in (Men days; \i^^ 
qadimiyi, the ancients or Vie beginnings. 

Xi»f^ qiidima-jri, f. jC^, OS., i) initial. 
a) ancient. 

^aud qadipH, arab. turk. £iJ»i, kurd. qadif6 
Lerch 97, m. i, i) a woollen sheet, a) tdvet. 

X ^^ q&dlshi, often qa-, f. j^, -Ishti, OS., 
i) holy, a) as subs., m. i and t 6, a eaini, 
a holy one. In As. qMishi. Abe. 6t J^*» 
Isa. vi. 3. 





iika qadala, cf. ia'a^ and OS. l^b'a^, m. i, 
an earthenware jwt with four handles. 

akja qdala, OS., m. i, i) ths neck, 2) U., 
a collar, neckcloth, See^. Phrases: ^'lai^to 
entrust to the charge of; ^aicSku Ai ^ (or •^^) 
ta'in (shaqil) 'ill qdalii, to avow, iaJce the 
responsihility of; so ^or^^pub Ai, .9^ to make 
responsible for; ai^ *ai^^ ^ 'til qdalu ill, 
Tie 18 responsible for it, or (of a personal subject), 
he is dejyendent on, supported by, him; jti^p 
p ;^ajd to restrain; ^ ^hiaa ^pp to outbid; 
.»o7o^ajd ^ aoL to scamp a work. 

;{>^ajd qdalta, fr. prec, f. 6, i) a mxmntainr 
pass, 2) <Ae neck of a bottle. 

)0ajD qadam, arab. ^Jlj, f. i, step, gait, 

pS4 or ^ qam U. Z. Al., or »^, ?i^, ^ 
qim, kim, kani Al. Ash., or poa qum Al. Sal, 
indecl., used to form a past tense, as ^ i^ 'jo 
he created us. The OS. p^ is used in a 
similar way. 

p^ qadhim K., OS., i) to go in frorU or 
before, with dir. obj. 2) to come on a person 
unawares. 3) to seek early. See pj^iao. 

p^ qam [TA. qdm, Ma'l. q6m, qomma and 
iqdhum, Parisot xi. 499, 500], often with ^ 
or ^» prefixed, sometimes in Al. ^ ^£bo, OS. 
p^, I ) before, of time or place ; in the presence 
of; li:il'ti present at tlie Eucharist, 2) because 
of, from fear of, Phbases: i^pi 'jb ^ ago; 
ihfl ^jo at hand, of place ; fiik^^Ja near to death; 
^isS into the 2)resence of; 'a^ (oxytone) towards 
the front of; p 'jb (or p 'tm, p 'a ^) before that, 
conj. — With affixes epoajD, *a!o»pM qami, -mu 
&c.; p apoya (pron. qamit) = )0aJd; ^o^aud ^i 
/ am at your service. — Sec ^auo, taud, and foil. 

^ajji or 'jb qama, (OS. ^ajjji first), i) m., tJie 
front, the foremost part, 2) adv., also ^tS, 
before, in front ; 'a!ionxcards; ojpia^ .^jl (;^i) 
to make progress, to i^roceed; ^dfo^ laqa- 
mokliiin (proparox.), forward, or met. for tlie 
better, i Cor. ix. 17. 

hicio pya qdam uwatar (qdliam uwathar 
K. Al.), or qdam watar, f., more fully ^^ 
&is399 Ppjap, both OS.*, (lit. before and after), 
the boi^k of daily offices, so-called from the two 
choiifi who sing them. 

lis^ijd^ q^mdthi AL Ash., in the prep. ^ ^aS 
opposite, against, towards; p ^tS \^ (or 'tOli) 
to go to meet, Sachau 27, 23. 

t (i»S4 qam&y&, f. £»r (the f. often contr. to 
qamta, -tha K., -shi Ti. Ash.), OS. (A^^ 

1) first, foremost ; in pi. the aneientSj they of 
old time [Az. q4mdly^] ; ^..ciJLi^ q&m&y^ the 
chief or Jirsi of them, or before them, a) adv., 
usually the f., but also in Al. the m., (also 
)i^Sjcoo\fir8t,Jirstlyy beforehand, before; )A}^ ^ 
}>»ipj^ before now; ^ (i^ or ^ S^^ h^bre 
prep.; ^ 'jb «oa before, earlier than; 'm ^^ 
to foreknow; 'a ^from the beginning; 'tt» ai 

first, first, formerly, beforehand. — iL^^ f. 
priority; p 't^ S^i ('\^ Ac) to go to meM, 
also pSjoS ^^l or p J)»^ ^l; p ^t^ ^|^4k» io 
go trembling to meet, 1 Sam. xvi. 4; jay^ 
p oTfi^^a;^ U. {p 01^^ K.) to be in the 
way of, 

^^4 qama-$, fr. prec., in fronts forwards/ 
met. su^ccessfid. 

jt^ajji see ^auo. 

JUso*^, Jlio'^, see j^a«Jb. 

fi.p4 q&d'&, az. turk. clls, f. i, bruni. 

b^ qidar, OS., Kedar, Gen. xxv. 13, laa. 

xxi. 16. 

|b>B qadir, see foil., quantity; |l&f I ^Jtt 9;^ 
a little way; 'jb ^ in a few words, inport^ 
(or without a), Eph. iii. 3 RV., i Cor. xiii. la. 
ik^ AL, f. j}ower, Lidz. 552. 

ib'aj^ qiidr&, arab. turk.^jJ, m. i, i) K. AL» 
honour, estimation; p 'jo Jtii^^ or tlijb 'ja 9%4i 
^0 honour, do honour to. 2) quantity, omoiml, 
measure, ratio, projyortion; p ^ta^ according to 
tlte amount of; )m^ ^o!^ in sufficienJt numbers/ 
07&9JJI his full amount, what is enough for kirn ; 
^^9aa ^Sjs ibfpj^a double portion of thy spirit^ 
2 Kgs. ii. 9 ; 'jo o^ AL, so many, so mudk, or 
immediately. 3) K., arith. denomtnaHon of 
money, weights &c. 4) AL, faU, desUny, 
See U^ ^ and prec. 

liipjg qidri, f. i, i) U., OS., a cookm^f-poi. 

2) in S. part of U. plain, pottage. 

^&a^ qidriin, OS., Cedron, Kidron, a Sam^ 
XV- 33- 




;ab'p4^ qftdrinayft, f. JiU-, fr. ib'?^, gram, of 

A^ qdish, OS., Kadethy a Kgs. xy. 29; 
^iti&qi '«, Psh. ;4^ )a9&, ^. BarMa, Num. 
xxxii. 8. 

JK>0 qadish, to he holy, rare ; see ^m. 

;5i0 qah6 Al. OS., ^ qayi U. qay6 K., i) 
to be set on edge, a) K., to be blunt. Caus. 

l^aoM^ qah'M, arab. tark. (f. only) kurd. 
L^j 1) m. f. I, an okdvUerer, adultereis, 
2) adj., f. id., adulUroue, ik^^-, f. 6, 9, 

^9n^ q&h'biU, f. 6, an adulteress. 

loom q&h'wa, rarely qi-wa, arab. turk. kard. 
i^^, m. I, eq^ee. 

t^oom q&hVr.dan, pers. ^j^^ty^, f. i, a 

$Liom q&h*wakhan4, per8.i3l»i^, f. i, on 
ante-room, a lobby, so-called because coffee ia 
prepared tbere for visitors. 

l,f,^oom q&b'w&-(, f. id., fr. loom, etffee- 

Ifom see ^oiit. 

haua qabir Al., (cf. arab.^^ to oppress), to 
vex oneself, to try hard; to urge; to take a 
thing to heart, Lidz. 553. 

&5UJ1, ab'ov^, ,fbmi9 q&hir, q&h'r&, -ri Al. Asb. 
(Lidz. 653), arab. turk.^, kurd. fj^, f. i, 
i) violence, opfression, tyranny. 2) vexation, 
trouble; «i^ 'a it is a pity; ^ '« nS ;^2 he 
was angry, vexed. 

t ft^dMs q&bat, arab. turk. ia.**, i) ac^j., f. id., 
scarce. 2) subs. f. scarcity, dearth, 

^lb^ qab&t, OS., m. Kohath, Ex. vi. 1 8. 

oif qau (nearly) U., turk. jlj, m., no pi., 
tindtr, for lighting pipes, a preparation of 
cotton wool, fungus, thiEtledown &c., dipped 
in alkali water. 

6ja qd, as Psh., or Jb6ja qAs RV., gk. K» or 
Kitv, Coos, Cos, Acts xxi. i. 

9JB = 30^0, imp. ofpl/k 

;ofi qa-wl, OS. Pa., to bs estaUiAsd, to be 
or become firm or strong, to remain; in Al. 

with C^ to be stronger than; J^p-i firm, hard 
lit. and met., fast, difficult, energetic, earnest, 
determined, miserly, or often as adv. ; ^^ i^ 
to be sound asleep. So its^^ lk^9*^ q^yCiti 
d*p&t4, importunity. See lotm, 

li4 8CC ^3^* 

.ibo^&i^is qCi'irtiis, OS., m. Quartu^, Rom. 
xvi. 23. 

^a^is qdhk or qab&, arab. turk. aIj, OS. 
^^oyB, f. 3, i) an arch, a dome. 2) a shrine, 
Acts xix. 24. 

f^9i3 8ee foil. no. a. 

4bo9oyB qAbds, i) OS.*, gk. Kvpof, m. i, 
a cube; 't^^ l^a^ aritb. cvhe root. 2) f. i, 
a mortar (cannon). 

^A0 q6bf, OS. j|hL^, a spring (pi. i). 

t^oyB qiib^yi, i) adj., f. jl^-, arched. 2) 
subs., m. I, the ox nearest the axis when several 
are threshing ; the oxen go round in a circle 
and tread out the com. 

j^A0 qdb&li, OS.*, m. i, reeejjtion, aeeep' 

j:^«j0 qdU Al. Af>b., OS., lit. face, in the 
prep, p 'a^ against, oj^site; <n^y<yi\ Iqdl^, 
against him, opposite Aim,s 91^9911 &?, Lidz. 550. 

afiL^ejf see fi^«a. 

^A0 qdgha, arab. turk. \t^, kurd. q6gh&, k6- 
Lerch 96, 98, m. i, a notM, disturbance, fight. 

4^9i3 q<ij&, ro. I, i) Al, as OS. ^Ua, a 
weasel, Lidz. 549. 2) U., a badger. 

a^as q6d4, 1) see Ipola. 2) OS., m. i, 
a fetter; the stocks (in pi. or sing.). See 

jbAf poyB (or i^oa^- or 4bbo)qQdikas, -Ob, -qiis, 
OS.*, gk. KMi(, lat. codex, m. i, a /a6/e of 
contents, an index. 

^^9i3q(idmiU.,cr)09ub,j^^, i) yesterday. 
2) to-morrow. For distinctness 91^^^^ d'wirty 
that is past or lisi^ d'ati, (Aa< m coming is 
often added. 

;i|^9&p^ qfldriithi Ash., cf. 2b^, f. 6, 9, 
determination, decree, lidz. 552. 

i^P^ qddrat, arab. LjJ, turk. \s>jSi, f. i, 
i) power, permission. a) tiafure, fiolnraZ 


^^^ qiidiflia, OS., ni. i, i) holiness, esp. 
iu the name 'jop iL^^ ike Holy Ghost; so iSH*^ 
^jop the holy city, ^jop ^d* a holy day^ Neh. 
X. 31, xi. I. 2) the holy plcice, in the temple; 
a holy iking; }fi^^ ^?9^ ^he most holy things 
or thing, see jcoaud. 3) ^Ae Eticharistic species. 

^poo qudasha, OS/, m. i, i) haUowing, 
consecrating, 2) tlie Litwrgy or Eucharistic 
Service, esp. the hook; ^mVVyp "jo tfie Liturgy 
of the Apostles Adai and Mari. 

JbLk&xaoyB or .ftiiiAfttt qdchanis, the village of 
the Catholicos, iii Kurdistan, (^ix- or ^ILtui- 
qdch&ns&yi, -asn&ya, a native of Qudsluinis, 

lis^ x^^ qudash 'idta, OS.*, m. the Hallow- 
ing of the Church,:^ Jb!!ii>M q. v. — The ' propria ' 
at this season treat of the foundation of the 
Church. See ^oeuk. 

fr^or^is quh'lat, OS., heb. n^njj, the book 
Ecclebiastes; the Preacher, Eccles. i. i (RV. 
fioy^ iu text). 

I ^9oyB qiiwat, or in Al. ^i^ooja quwit4 [Az. 
;^AO, pi. I ; which also = a miracle], arab. ip, 
turk. pers. kurd. is^, f. i, strength, jjower; 
ik^' f., id. ts^^tS ^ti to become strong; 
'ja ^ ^l to become weak, 

•ofl qa-wiz Baz, to cry out. Of. ^oa» % 

l\^ quza, az. turk. \]yi,m, i, a cotton-pod, 

;«ouB i^, az. turk. %jy»!f^, unripe coUon in the 
pod (c£ Aa). 

^'•01^ qii-wSzin Al., arab. v^Jp, kavasses, 
policemen, servants of a governor &c., Lidz. 549. 

^f^is qOzmi, OS., m. Cosmas, 

.^AO q6kh, 1) f. id., cf. -Jai, ripe, of nuts. 
2) rare, az. turk. ^, osm. turk. jiy, m. 
smeU, odour, 

;.1ao q6kh&, (in OS. a stalk), m. i, 4, a heap, 
pile; 'is ^Mto to make a heap, Zech. ix. 3. 

\oa qa-wit Al., to jump, Lidz. 550. 

A;oo Al, or p;^ Tkh., q^ta, qija, arab. ly, 
m. I, a flock, 

p^cja qfita, i) kurd. quz Lerch 98, m. i, 
the womb, 2) J Al., kurd. cy^ pers. turk. 
%\3j\ OS. ;)ao. cf. ^OA. *^or<, Lidz. 550. 

aSk^oyB qUtb or ^^ia qilfba, arab. turk. «^ 
OS. ^f\.d, m. I, a ^oZe of the earth or heavens. 

lisb^^ see ^^^00. 

;i^^ qdt4*a, OS.*, m. i, an extra i^oor 
said at the morning service in the fast. 

1 1!\^ qtitra, f. 2&- qtitri, = aSb^ adj. 

;&&a^9i3 or ^o^9i3 qdtirt&y -flrti, cf. prec, 
f. 6, a /mmp of a man or camel. 

.»o49 or fOip q&-w!, qil- Al., Ash. (or ^ qai 
Lidz. 549), i) why, where/ore, Sachaa 37. 
2) very, as vulg. arab. ^jy, 

X iloJig (or ^^) see ioa, 

^^ q(iyam&, OS.*, m. i, setting up, jfre- 
servation, establishment. 

^a4 qiiwak Al., arab. (s)1^, hvMoJ, Lidz. 550. 

^^ qucha, (fr. turk. %^y large ?)» m. i, 5, 
the thumb, iija\^ 'a the great toe, sometimes 
in K. the ankle, 'a ^ to butt, 


^9i3 qiLchmi, m, i, a bridal crown, an iron 
frame draped and placed on a bride's head. 


oa, see 

j^AO q61a, or in Al. Ash. ^oa qdl (Lids. 
550), arab, turk. Jy (lit. a saying), m. i, 
1) a jyromise, an agreement; a conspiracy ; 
a covenant; ^jb 2ado an ally; ^ap ^2 a con" 
federacy; 'a j^^ to make a covenant, with ^^ 
or ^ = tm7A; lo{Hp S^p^ ^a p^ to profB89 
the fear of God, 2) a condition, 3) Ash. Al., 
a command, 4) Ash. Al., a respite. Lids. 550. 

X :^^ qdla, often qiil-la, also '^ in Al. Ash., 
turk. ^j3, J^m. I, i) a slave; ^ ik^^ jf^ 
to be in bondage to, to serve, a) a coolie, 
3) Al., a soldier, Lidz. 550. 

J^9i3 qiili, f., i)=j^a0, rare, a) a woman's 
name now used. 

a^9i3 qalb, az. turk. ^^J^, f. i, jmu, valtts^ 
estimation, honour; 'tA l^ honourable. 

a^ioyB qdlab, arab. turk. v^, m. i, i) a hook 
at the end of an iron chain, a) of bofTaloeSy 
ho)king, goring, 

^a^oyB qalba, OS., m. i, a bracelet. 

^^ or -\. qalblghl, az. turk. iLJ^, m, 
an nrmUt. 



j^oa qul&bl, f. id., cf. a^^, i) hooked, 
2) met. perverse. 

;^^^ Q^lig&y m. I, a baU of wool 

^^9^0 q^lj^> ^'9 i) kurd. dl^Jli, a metal 
bracelet. 2) ehafts of a cart or harrow. 

\9^9y0 qillflgh, tark. v>ily»> f*i i) service. 
2) a policeman e fees. 

i f9\9^^ qalaghchi, f. id., turk. j^j^, 
1) officious. 2) of service. 3) respectfid. 

^9^^ qiilttnj, arab. turk. ^j^t f* cdie. 

^ad^da qMiiDiy4, OS.*, gk. icoXwirui, lat. 
colon ia, f. i, a colony. 

I ^JHoJBt qjMk'tf f. id., turk. pers. v5^ (lit 
easy), bad, indifferent. 

6^^ qiilSna Sp., m. i, a toooden stand on 
which bedclothes are placed by day. 

£^^ q&Utd, fr. a^i f. 6, a female slave. 

I i^oa see H^. 

^a^oa q^ilasa, OS.*, (lit. praise), m. i, the 
deacons exclamations in the Liturgy. 

iboA^^ qulisus, OS., Colosse, Col. i. 2. 
i^t OS., Cohssian. 

^^ quia a Ash., OS., m. i, a lump; a piece, 
Liclz. 550. 

I ,^'00 see *AftH. 

;k^^ qulpfi, cf. JiXiji, m. I, an eyelid. lu 
MB. J. qi^ipa. 

i^^ii^^ qtilqiila, (conn, with turk. Jyi arm)), 
f. I, a diseased leg; gangrene. 

j^9Jd qttlta, (for 'a^, fr. OS. .1^ to trip 
up ?, cf. chald KJ>pn a snare), f. 6, a ^nare, 
a small trap made of iron. 

poja q&m, pers. ^i, Kum, a city of Central 

p^ qum, Al., = p^. 
^00 qoma, i)= ftofthw. 2) U. Al. Az., 
m., = jt^^uti. 

22ka»9Jd qumbara, turk. i^^^».», kurd. w^, 
f. I, a cann<m^6aS/ a &om6. 

j^^^ q&ro&j, az. turk. ^4^1 m. i, a 
|.!^^ qUm^&l, turk. JLu»^, 1) f* i, 

a sandy place, sands, a beach, a sandhank. 

2) adj., f. id., sandy, 

&i0oa qiim4r, arab. turk. .Ui, f. gambling. 

}f9&i0^ qdmarbaz, peis. turk. ;b.L»J, m. i, 
a gambler. 

M^ qiim&sh, arab. turk. (j^U-», m. i, i) 
strong cloth. 2) a good * coat ' of a horse. 

3) Al., in pi. stuffs, materials. 

£»oi9, i) see ^A»o. 2) Al., = foll. ; also^o<ji. 

jI^looyB qamti, or K. Al. as OS. 'oja qomta, 
f. 6, 9, i) stature, height. 2) Al., figure. 
3) a fathom. 

iSLatt^ see '»oja. 

^oa, Pi^oJa, see .Mioa. 

j^f!^^ qOnjiti, pers. ^S, f. 6, a comer ^ 

esp. inside a building, cf. i^u&aci. 

j^oftj^oa qiwandinus, OS., gk. xiVduror, f. i, 
danger, peril, rare. 

•D^oa qondiq, turk. JI^JlJlS, m. i, a f/uti- 

ItAOMoa or iAm- qondaqsiz, -klisaz, az. 
turk. jLJitjLjj, m. I, a gunstock-maker. 

fiCal^oa qiindar&t Al., turk. >)*XJ^» «/<oe#, 
Lidz. 550 (arab. pi.). 

^oa or \- or ^•, q6n&kh, -&gh, -&gha K. 
Al., turk. (jlj^, kurd. q6nagh Lerch 98, f., pL 
^-, ^9- or fyr qonag^, -q6, -ghe, i) a lodging- 
place on a journey. 2) a (/ay*» journey, a 
stage. l^H <*^A^? ^^ ^tco stajes. 

^.ioa qonakhligh, turk. j^U^, cf. prec, 
f. I (pi. also -ligi), a feast, banquet, dinner- 

^L&^^ qtlntepa, rt. «iV* ^^^ ^^^ inseited, 
m. I, a duster of grapes &c. 

^00 qUnyi, kurd. kint or q&ui Lerch 97 
PS. 326, Garz. 148, pers. ^^> m. i, a well. 

^^ or ^oa qdnchA, qo-, turk. pers. tj^it, 
m. I, a bud. 

^l^i^oja see ^V^ott. 

^J^^^ or &^ qiiu^ul, -iir, eurup., kurd. 
^.:i PS. 325, m. I, a coimmI. 

|L1^9^^ qttnsiilkhana, fr. prec. with pers. 
term. wl», f. i, a cofuu/iile. 
)^0M see Mian. 

M n 


Jboja see on. 

JbMf\,\\Qyf^af rai-ely 'oaouo, qustaiitiuds, 
qfiiis-, OS., in. Canstanline. 

>e>i.\oAu\piV^cb9Jd, rarely 's^ioja, qib^tina- 
polis, qiins-, OS., Constantinople. 

^9Jd qdsam, OS., m. Cosam, Lu. ill. 28. 

liLtaoja qUsra, m. i, or ik^oja qdserta U. 
as OS., f. 6 (pi. also iCsfUb^), arab. ir^» c^n 
earthentvare stetmng-jpan. ItsiSjb^ ^^j^ox (or 
Itfl'^oJa-) shamta qilfiratt (qiiseryati), f., the 
name of a herb (lit. pot-breaker). 

^oJEt Eee ja. 

^^ q^p^, turk. U^, m. i, in Al. 2, 
a basket with a handle, for marketing. 

l^oja see Jt>datj. 

Jbo^oJif qUprus, OS., f. Cf/prus, Acts xi. 19 ; 
^ikfl- qupraya, a Cyprian^ Cypriote Acts iv. 36. 

Sboal'^otfl qapriyanus, OS., m. Cyprian, 
bishop of Carthage. 

;i2kda0 qiipran&, f. i, i) AI. J. Baz, or in 
Tkh. $!kliji qtipraua, a booth, esp. in a vineyard 
&c. 2) U., a screen or shade for the head used 
by sportsmen when shooting quails, to deceive 
the birds. 

;JLfXdoa qapshina, OS., m. i, a quaiL 

jt^Soa qttpta, (perh. = OS. lai^^), f. 6 (sic), 
an owl, 

;^oa qo^a (1) Al., OS. ^&^oys, = ^[^oa, hair, 

22>^^, ;&&^atj, see ^iboa. 

la^ q^qa> OS., m. i (f. in OS.), an earthen- 
ware pot; a toine-jar, 

Jbdldda qttqlus, OS.*, gk. kvkKos, m. i, 
a circle, 

jjsi^oa quqilta, f. 6, i) tlie inner part of a 
wooden lock. 2) a ward of a key. 

J{^atj quqistii Tkh. Q., f. 6, an earthefiware 
jar with wide mouth, holding a quart. 

&aaa qttqta Al., OS., cf. ^oja, f. 6, a cask, 
a wine-jar, Lidz. 551. 

ib'^jd qdra, az. turk. Ky, m, i, a newly 
fonned or unripe grape, Dist. ibboa. 

\ialoyQi see \boa. 

Jboa see ^oa. 

;3&9Jd qdrba, indecl., OS., (TA. ;?-), i) near^ 
(adj. and adv.), nearly, 2) met. reZoM, ixibn. 
3) also as prep, with a, Jif, t\ and .1^. 

^a^ya qdrbabi pi, fr. prec, neighbourhood; 
^ju .f&La thereabotUs; ^n ^jb Aer^oicmto. 

p&oa qdrbILn, OS.* (cf. foil.), m. Carbon, 
an offering^ Mk. vii. 1 1 (Psh. ^•). 

^b^jd qdrb&n&, OS., m. i, i) an offering. 
(jty^^p) ^^p\f 'fl a trespass-offering; JE^^ao^ '«« 

a heave-cffering, see ^bod ; ^0^^ 't« a peace- 
fffering; iX'^^ 'jb a jreevnU-offering, 2) esp. 
the Eucharist, — ^tTS^n ^e^ha-win qiirbaniikli, 
= ^<y4\ii ^0^, may I be yowr sacrijiee /, a polite 


^^oo^b^ qdrbinyAt&, cf. ^b^Jd, ^^^i^, f. 
irroocimity, nearness, neighbourhood, aecess. 

{V^b'o^ qiir&gh, f. id., az. turk. f^)^, quick, 

sudfi, hasty; as adv. hastily, quickly. 

«^oS^ba0 qiirghdn, az. turk. ^^^yi^ (cf. osin. 
turk. ^Jyiyy^ a raven), f. i, a hawk. 

I ^^b^ya qiirghttnchi, az. turk. ij^j^^» 
m, I, afodconer. 

t^ph^ qurd4y&, f. &,-, OS., c£ ^Mbp&CA, 
Kurd, Kurdish, 

^>b9Jd qiirdnth or -at Al., or jK?^9^ qfirdit 
K., for l^l^&^yB?, cf. ^eo^, d^boib, Ao&L, 
Mb bid, (sabefi^, the Kurdish language; in 

\9ba0 q6nigh, az. turk. ^jiji^i OBm. turk. 
(jjyij f. I, grass-land, a meadow kept for hay, 

Jbobda q&riis, OS., m., Cyrus. Usually 
s^ da for the King of Persia. 

.mboja q^rkh, OS., m. Korah, Ex. vi. 21. 

««*b'oyQi, ^b^jd, Eee -Vboa. 

Jbb^ibda quiil^, OS., m. Cyril, 

^juboiQi q^irint, OS., Cyrene^ Acts ii. lo. 
(x; OS., Cyrenian, Mat. xxvii. 32. 

JbAuboyQiq&rin&B,OS.,m. QutWliU#,(7yfvntt<«, 
Lu. ii. 2. 



Jbofiu&9bO qUry&qus, OS., m. Cyriac, a boy 
martyr. Still sometimes used as a man's 

^&^ qtiryat, OS., Kirjaih, ^b\ 'a q. arba, 
OS., K. Arbah, Josh. xv. 54, (Psh. $a^\ 'a in 
xiv. 15) ; ^ '« as OS., or ^ 'a IIV. q. b'il 
(bu'al), K, Baal, yer. 60; ?Bf&^ ^t* q* y&rlm, 
(Psh. ^^-), K. Jearim, ib. ; ^ ^o q. san&, 
(Pnh. 2!^^ 'o), K. Sannah, yer. 49; 2iL^ 'a 
as OS., or h^ 'a RV. q. siprft (siptr), AT. Sepher, 
yer. 1 5 ; ya^bx^ti q. 'iirtm (Psh. ^&ii-)> ^* Arim, 
Ezra ii. 25. 

Xkfr4&^ qUryattm, OS., Kiriathaimy Qen. 
xiy. 5. 

^b^ya q&rmi, l) gk. Mpanot, Kfpafuop, OS. 
Jai^, m. I, a broken-motUhed jug, 2) Al., 
OS., gk. Kopfi6tf a irunkf tUm, Lidz. 558. 

jt^^^ qiirimtA, f. 6, = prec. no. i. 
^b'^jd or J&^ qdran, qUr'an, arab. turk. 
JLi, f. I, <A« Koran. 

j^b^ya or ^&9 qdmita, qir-, arab. Ijji (cf. 
^bjiji), kurd. kornet Qarz. 90, f. 6, i) a corner 
esp. outside a building, cf. A>\*ft»- 2) a 
comtr-alone, also ^jup ^^. See ^^9. 

ibbA|b^ q^inilliyiis, OS., m. Comeliui, 
Acts X. I ; vocative ^-, x. 3. 

ibofiab'^ q(irantU8, OS., Corinth, i Cor. i. 2. 
^N-, OS., Corinlhian, 2 Cor. vi. 11. 

^Jbb^Jd q^rs, f. id., az. tnrk. u^jy, fidl, 
ttolid as a tree ; of matter, hard, heavy, 

;ib^ qUr'a Al., arab. aj^, f. i, lot, chance; 
;ibb9Jd ij^ to east lota, Lidz. 557. 

jb^^^b^ qdirsttlta, OS. A^^b^, f. 6, an 
tllicw of the arm or of a stove-pipe. 

^^ quri9<'!iia, OS. ^^biji, i^^^, cf. 
^^iitto, f. I, a 6/f/€ thiatle, 

\^^h^ qur^in, turk. ^J^jyi^ a privateer; 
a pirate thip; ik^ f, piracy. Rare. 

;i^bo0b9ja qiirqiirti Al, = !&»&», Lidz. 559. 

^b^ qiirq&ni, m. i, a etomach-worm, a 

2!»b^ qQr-ri, i) f. 2^, obetinate, •df-wiUed, 
2) K., kurd. jyS, m. I, a young man, 
Lidz. 551. 

^i^^b'b^bO q(ir-r&y^t&, fr. prec, f. obstinacy, 

^boa qiirsh&, fr. «b^, cf. jUxebjb, m. i, <^« 
crust or <op of frozen snow. 

^oja qosha, az. turk. u^ji, m. i, i) lit. 
a jyair, couple. 2) a double ditch for water 
between ridges of vineyards or fields. 3) a 
double-bcmreUed gun, 

^oja q6shaj4, az. turk. tjsryi, f. i, a kind 
of flute with two mouth-pieces. 

I ^oxoa q6sh&n, (Az. ^-), turk. pers. ^^y^j^t 
f. I, an army, a host, l^^, f. military matters, 

I baAoxofii q6shiindar, turk. pers. ,\sjj^jjf 
m. I, one who has to do with an army, a 
military man or official, 

-at^ya see ;j^. 

ix^ q&shi-yi, OS.*, m. i, gram, the 
hardening or non-aspiration of the letters 

^9Jd qiit, i) = ^ooa. 2) K., also ts4 q&t 
or qilth in K., or ^ q&d Ti., or \^ qfit Al. 
(Sachau 80.9), arab. .kS, kurd. also oJ(PS.324), 
kut Garz. 180, cU all; usually with a negative, 
never, not at all; Aofio Mji or ajjre aj^ certainly 
not, nothifig at all, esp. in Ti. 

'fkoJtt qdii, turk. ^ji, kurd. ^Jy LiTch 98, 
^-5^ PS. 330 kuti Garz. 260, f. i, a small 
box, e. g. a matchbox, a snuffbox. 

^l see %f»», 

l%a q&za, turk. pers. kurd. j\i, m. f. i , a 
goose; a gander, «» 

Im Al., see ijfM, 

a^ qQz&b or af-, arab. turk. ^^Ac, f. f, 
i) wrath, 2) a judgement, calamity, plague, 

^%a see ^. 

^Jh^ta qizb&ghl, m. i, copper money, 

K^i^ qttz&gh, az. turk. dhS, fr. russ., m. i, 
(lit. cossack), the knave at cards, = ^alib, 

iMK«9 Ash., see ^. 

pp qazid K., (fr. arab. x*i to intend, seek t), 
to gaze at, to set ones face towards^ with a. 
See ^um, 

K n 2 



2^«0 '-/-x/li K., fv. prec, f. i, misajure, 

U^u9 '{'iz/^nk Tkh. Q., m. fun, a hoax, 
•*A«o fifizw'ifif \t*:T%, .^yjij Kcurin, a city of 

Koi0 q«7iiwat, Arab. U^, pi. tc>U^) f. i, a 

J •«o cr «^ qizi, -fH. arab. turk. (^'J, OS. 
ii0 qfizkyk il. K., fr. prec., a gorernment 

iia i\k'Akyk Tkh. Q., Aarm, a cata$tropke. 

Ji^ and ^k«0 qazita, -zta, fr. ^»o, f. 6, 
a goo$e, 

\^fo qizil, f. id., az. turk. Jj, i) ^^, 
Tfjif^^n, 2) black and white Uring twisted 
from wmA, 

AoiSfg rjizilozao, pers. ^jl Jji, a river 
flowitip( info tlio CaHpian near Kenlit. 

{jto^j^ qizilbaah, turk. (j^LJfj, m. i, i) a 
7'ernan (cDp. of Koldicrw), lit. red-liead, a 
name f^ivcii to thcni by Turcomans. 2) met. 
cltwtTy politic in a bud sense. 

^^ qazalagh, az. turk. d^lhli, f. i, a lark. 


A%ic^ (jAzma (or ^0), turk. t^JJ, f. i, a pick, 
pickaxe; 'n $^l Ijc to fell a tree with 
an axe, 

&ibofB qazQmp&r, m. i, a marigold, 

^ <iaz&n, f. I , or in Ash. ;Mls.«9 or jt^«9 
<liz^hunta, qizkh- (Lidz. 553), f. 6, turk. 
^\x^, also ns kurd. ^j\i, a catddron. 

} j^fB qazanj, turk. kurd. -)U5, f. gain, opp. 
bb'i; imgt9, ik^- i, earning of xoages ; wages, 

|jtta^fB and jemaU qazanjmisli, -unmisl), 
turk. ^^f^\y9, m. i, one who gains or earns, 
'if ^si /ri (/ri(;i, earn, 

;^fa, rarely ;j^- qazancha, -ja, turk.ij^U^I, 
dim. nf ^ (J.V., f. I, a copper kettle; a 

^fB see '»«0. 

q&bpa AL, arab. <^Jl^, a fotf, 
Lidz. 553. 

^pa^ qOkhrim, f. id., az. turk. <»/^Uf c'rSf, 

\o Al., see a^o0. 

^ qata, OS. '4 m. I, a tom-cat. 

K^ qit4, i) see Ar^, ^iV- «) #? '-" (ct 
^>JB ?). m. I, the lobe of the ear. 

s^ qa^iw, to put on, to dress oneml/wiikf 
to doih^ another with, with two dir. obj. ; 
y.n. jftrt^n qtota, a cloak, garment. 

bV^ qatii, OS. '4» m. f., pi. ;^ qitfiw! , a caH 
(used of both sexes). 

oS^, ^i«A&^, see 'aVB- 

^V9 qitu, OS. ci^ (m.), f. flax; flax med, 

;oV^ qfi^wa, m. I, a knitting-needle. 

Xi^i:^ qa^ula, OS., m. i, a murderer ; as 
adj., f. ;t^- qa^alta, killing, destructive, inwrder^ 
ous, fatal. 

J^ic^i qatttnta, OS. 'j^, f. 6, a kitten. 

2aQ\^ qitar&, Psh. 'V9, f. Keturah, Qen. 

XXV. I. 

;^lVJi q)it-ha Al., arab. ^JJ, a glass; a bawl, 
Lidz. 553. 

£»\n q^^ikhta K., fr. prec., a wooden baud. 
^^p^ see ;iV»- 

t\i qatiya, OS. ^i^V?, m. i, i) a ito^, rod, 
f^cA;, tfUTtto^. 2) met. a scourge. 

ai1ftf\pH qtispun, OS., Cteeiphon. 

iiUfV <ltii^i ^r* ^V*) ™* I) i) A handfid^ or 
ttco handfids (so also in pi.); AfV '^^ 
hundfuls, 2) the hollow of the hand. 

)^ c^x\\ik, f. 6, f ) = ;4^. 2) a 6ar in 
a loom at right angles to the warp, raised and 
lowered to tighten it. 

.^Ij^ q^til) OS., to kill, murder, dayf 
^jli ^^ K., a murderer, Oram. 34. 

;^!!V9 qitla, OS., m. i, murder, slaughter. 

^aV? qi(m&, OS., [TA. '4], m. ashes/ 
ifX&9 'a ashes on my head I, said on hearing 
bad news ; ^^^ 'u bad luck to you I 

;aVo qtttni (sic), OS., Cana^ Jo\i. ii. i. 



^ qk\6 K. Al., qiltl U^ OS., [x^a Az.], 
i) to ctU, ctU doum, cut off, take away, atop tr. ; 
to deprive, bereave, with ^=:of; p ^df 'a to 
despair of, or with ^; p ^^ ^a to behead; 
^ >\yi\ 'n to etU off from Babylon a name, 
Isa. xiv. 22. 2) to decide, setUe, come to terms 
about ; to be determined or decided; to resolve 
(also in Al. nj^ ^a). 3) to be cut, to break 
intr., to be torn or broken, 4) to be cut off, to 
fail intr. ; also in pass, with .^, to fail a person ; 
to be bereaved, 5) Al. Ash., to cross over a 
river, with a or absolutely. 6) to come to an 
end, 7) to chew, Num. xi. 33. 8) ^a lyi,= 
J^ lyia, to fall iU a second time. Fern. v.n. 
jtf>vV^ri q^t&, a clause; or, foil, by ^, loss of 
a thing. See .iV^p, i^oja, 

;i^^ qit'4, OS., m. i, but pi. usually Q^i^ 
qi^'Uti, i) arith. a fraction; t^i^p 'a a vulgar 
fraction; A^t9^ 'n a mixed or compound 
fraciion; \^^(^m^p 'a a decimal, 2) a fragment; 
a crumb; a piece; ^(yiff paL to cut in pieces, 
3) a plot of ground. 4) Al., origin, i. e. the 
place from which a thing is cut, Lidz. 553. 
5) cutting off, separation. 

SSyo qatip, OS., to gather grapes ; to get the 
vintage from a vineyard ; v. n. ^L^ vintage. 

lik^ q&t&p&, q&-, fr. prec., m. i, a grape- 
gatherer, with fern. jB^i-, f. 6. 

^:ya q&tir, i) Al., as OS., to tie in a knot, 
to wreathe, 2) U., to areh, to be arched. Of. 

likVJi q&tr&i i) m. i, an arch, 2) a^., 
f. i&<, (also \^), hunchbacked; arched. 

2iii^ q&(4r&, q&-, m. i, i)} a maker cf 
arches, 2) the backbone; oij^f ihi^ the joints 
of his loins, Dan. v. 6. 

2i\ig qi^ra Al., i) a purse, bag, 2) a con- 
tract, 3) with ^p,= prec. no. 2, Lidz. 554; 
cPT^Jlp 'a Jif ^4?^^ lying on his back. 4) a 
garland, u^eath. 

^ qai Al. TA., =*a0. 

;2j9 qd-ya, turk. lJ», m. i , a rocA;. 

^ see itm. 

\ aaji q^b, f. id., perh. fr. arab. vL^, vantsh- 
ing: 'o l^^ to vanish. 

q^bat, arab. L^, turk. KiA.»»t (lit. 
absence), f. slander, backbiting; ^ 'a a^ (or 
p ^a) to backbite, slander; 'ta &>1 to go about 
telling tales, Lev. xix. 16. 

|«ai^^ q^batchS, turk. ^^^7,>c, m. i, a 
slanderer, tale-bearer. 

\faqk-yig (Sachau 71), -yigh (Lidz. 547) 
AL, turk. fjAs, a caique, a small boat. 

2^, i) see a^MJub. 2) qaida Al., arab. 
turk. jL^, a fetter. 

ipio m. I, ;ki^ f. 6, qy&da, qy&dUL, i) 
v.n. of ^. 2) latter form, Taberah (Psh. 
^'^), Num. xi. 3, RV. liis^^ ib%rk in text 

jt^ioj^ U., or '1^, or 'i^ Al. K., q6demt&, 
q&-, qii-, rt. p^, f., i) the morning; or as 
adv. in the mo