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The aim of this work is to provide the student and the 
general reader with a handy means of ready reference to 
the leading facts of the history of the theatre in the 
United Kingdom and the United States. The scope of the 
" Dictionary " is so far comprehensive that it seeks to give 
information about playhouses and their designers, the 
writers of plays, plays themselves, i)erformers in them, 
their critics, their scenic and musical illustrators, theatrical 
terms, and stage literature generally. 

The accounts of Playhouses are ranged here under the 
names of the cities and towns possessing them, and form 
short sketches of the theatrical history of the more impor- 
tant localities. All the more prominent theatrical architects 
find a place in these pages. 

In the case of Writers op Plays, the main attempt 
has been to supply a chronological list of their works, with 
the dates (where discoverable) of publication or perform- 
ance, or both. Only in the instance of the more notable 
dramatists of the jmst have biographical data been included ; 
in that of living playivrights, the details are confined to 
their productions. The foreign authors introduced are 
those who have become well known to the English and 
American public through translations or adaptations of 
their works. 

T ^ g T. 2) 



Pbrformbrs in Plats, whether actors or vocalists, or 
both, are dealt with on the same principle as the Play- 
writers. Of the living, no biographical particulars are 
furnished, beyond an occasional record of the date or place 
of birth ; otherwise the particulars relate solely to rblea (and 
especially "original" roles) which they have undertaken. 
Deceased players are treated, as a rule, more fully, selected 
criticisms being sometimes given, as well as references to 
biographical and critical authorities. 

Thbatrical Managers, as the producci*s of plays and 
operas, necessarily figure here; as do the leading Scenic 
Artists and Musical Composers, the latter ranging from 
the Avriters of operas and operettas to the providers of 
"incidental numbers" for plays. Most of the musicians 
included are English or Amencan ; but mention is also made 
of foreigners whose works have been produced Avith English 
librettos on one side or other of the Atlantic. 

Wrffers on the subject of the Tlieatro generally, or of 
plays and players particularly, receive due attention; and 
side by side Avith the historians, biographers, and critics 
will be found the pamphleteers and satirists in prose and 

In the ca^e of Plays, the endeavour, in general, has 
been to indicate the author, the date and place of first 
performance, and in some instances the date of first publica- 
tion. Sometimes only the title and the name of the writer 
are given; usually there are details of the first "cast;" 
and, in all the more important cases, record is made of the 
principal revivals of the pieces, and of the performers 
appearing in them. Special pains have been bestowed upon 
the stage history of Shakespeare's plays and of the other 
classics of our dramatic literature. Further, plays with the 


same title or on the same subjects are, for the convenience 
of the reader, grouped together. 

Separate entries are made of Charactbrs m PLAfs, 
preference being given, of course, to the most notable. Some 
are inserted only by way of illustrating the stage nomen- 
clature of the past. A feature is also made of First Lines 
OF Songs in Plats ; and some explanations are offered of 
Terms used fiimiliarly in connection either with plays or 
with the fabric or appointments of the Theatre. 

No claim to an impossible "completeness" is made for 
this work. In all its departments a careful selection has 
been necessary, and that has been made with a view alike to 
the limits of space and to the probable requirements of the 
readier. Nor is it pretended that the " Dictionary " relates 
the theatrical events of yesterday or the day before. No 
work of reference, not even an " annual," can be absolutely 
" up to date," Scattered over these pages are many 
references to the stage history of the present year ; but the 
object throughout has been to recoi-d rather the perma- 
neutly than the temporarily interesting. 

Finally, the mass of material collecte<l — very much of it 
from unprinted sources — has been so gi-eat as to necessitate 
condensation and compression to the fullest extent consistent 
with clearness and accuracy. As regai-ds the latter quality, 
every effort has been made to secure it ; but, in the multitude 
of facts and figures contained within these covers, it would 
be almost miracnlons if no misprints were detected. More- 
over, theatrical chroniclers often differ as to dates ; others, 
especially when they are autobiographers, offer none or few ; 
many indulge in a perplexing vagueness. In truth, those 
to whom the subject of this " Dictionary " is most familiar 


will be the first, one may be sure, to pardon any little slip, 
of omission or commission, into which the author may by 
chance have been betrayed. 

It should be added that the second, and concluding, 
volume of this work is passing through the press, and wall 
be issued in the early autumn. 

W. D. A. 

JUM, 1904. 


1. U Oxnpasna. Se« IMustful 

A. ^«nte An*. Soe Cii*nxi:<a 

Al. AthanctcrlnF.TALFOUltD'S'Aboii 

Aaron. A Moor, in ' Utiu Amlranlcni ' 
^.nlj baloitd b; Tantra, Qusen al tha 

Abaddnn. AiieTllaeaiaslnFi.uicit£'g 
'Good Womu In the Wood' (;.«.). 

AtmUIno, tba OrMt Bandit. A 
dnma aduted bj William Ouxur (q.t,) 
Ima tb« Oanaan ■ton' by Zichokke (tba 
origlBtl of M. a. Leiris's tals, ' The Brsro ol 
Venice '}. uid flnt pertonneii at New York, 


■on u tha heto, >nd bli 

The £«mii'itinii gMeTMriwUIUin Winter! 
" — * — ' — n fuotlou exploit by 

i^ht. It! clo^K ritnatkm pmenta tba 
wfaole draniaiia pertima on the ecane, ftnd, 

'When U AboBlnor Bat Jeffenon'! 
ralKhleTona plan had urtuiEed that when 
thli moment eboDid come the entire com- 
puiy sboald >Und bnmoTable and ipaecb- 
feo. AtalUno, hi! head darklT mnffied in 
Ui doat. for a wblls awaited the word. 
At lait he was heard to mutter neTeial 
tin**. 'Somebody ■ay-Where'i^baUinor'" 
Hiere wu no retponae, and the lunuw wai 
•Irady Id a titter. ThedOemoiawaeHnally 
broken by Allen UmMir, who loudly aiA 
eat, ' If TOD want to know whara'i Abamno, 
hen ha to,' and ttanw off hia dlaculaa, lUDld 
ibrlak* Ot lannhter." There are aeTonl 
Mber playi baaed on Zachokke'i itory. See 
BcajumHO and Veketuh outlaw. 

Abanaaar. O) A Jew In PlikchA^ 
'Jvnm' Iq.t.). (2) The ma^Iclui in the 
*arioa4 dranutiutlone of the itoir of 
AUddln {,.^> 

_Abb*n de Oaatro (V), See So. 
DcaoKio and UHOKtn Vow. 

Id P. DeconreoUeOtaell i 

on a nof el by Lndailc Hai^iy). adapted by 
Cliktoh Stuabt. and produced at Wallack a 
Theatre, Mew York, In IBSS, with 1. Ollbert 
In the title part, and Miaa F. Oencd (Mr*. 
Abbey) In the principal lemale rtU. 

Abbi de l'£p4e (Tbe); or, Il«af 
and Dumb. A play adapted from the 
Frencb of Bonllly hy W. DuNLAF (f.r.). and 
prodnced at New Vork In 1801, w(th Mr*. 
Powell aa the deaf and dnmb boy. Bee 
Deaf amd Dumb. 

Abb6 TaTidraail CThe): 

: of Lonla XV. A play fay B. B.. 
»K (a. e.), fltat perfotioedat the Lyceum 
a. tondon. on March 19, IBW. with 

r, and In 

enri Delemir, 


Theatre. X 

Mdme. Celeate in the title part (w 

alwaya a Jaionrito 

which aha took her . 

theAdelphIonDacenit>erl7,1970]. Thee 
alto included Uiai Hudspeth aa Xarie 
Rchan, Uiaa Kate Satlle aa Xd>ne. i- " 
yxtdour, and Vllllan ar "-- ' "-'- 
portion of tbe action wuvww >" >-u>ta 
Dilanir imaclnea to bate liappened in a 
dream. The JU^appean(along*lth JVdnu, 
de Pompadour and others) in the Tlaion, 
and acta aa tbe familiar apiilt of Deleour In 
TaHona adientnne. 

Abbarrille, Lord. The hero of Cell- 
DIRLA.>ID'a 'Faahlonable Loiei' (q.e.). 

Abbey, H, S. See New Yobh The*. 

AbbeT of Bt. Aag-oatlne (Tbe). A 

tlay by SOBKIIT Mbrrt (i-h.). drat por- 
irmed at PhlladelpbU la 17»7. 
Abbey Park Theatro. See New 
York THUxku. 

Abbot of 8t. Haorioe (Tbe) Bgnrea 
in Lord B(E0M'8 ' Majif red ' (g. r-X 

Abbott, Mr«, Willlani Mt BotoldV 
Actreas. died 1858 ; made her diHul bi New 
York in 18M, and married Abbott hi IHt. 
She waa the aecond repiesentati le in America 
of OmM llarkaaay In ' London Aaaniaiioe 

(a.e.), and anpported Charlotte 

Nibio-i Theafoe, New York, in UtS. 
Ireland'* 'New York " *" 

Stage -(IsaWi 
Abbott, WUUatn. Actor and <_._ 
Titer, bora at Chelaea in ITW, dUd 

aanU -> 

1. 8m -M 


Baltimore, HUM -. mnAe his d'hii at BaUi 
in 1806: appeared at ths llaymarket In 
IMU, ancl uain in laiO ; was engaged « 

panied Miu SuiiltiBun to Farli In ISZT ; 

went to AiDSTiis. nhere he met vitli HUla 

drcumatance*. He >rai the oriRinal per- 
fanner oC hoihair In "The Miller and bii 
M«n' (j.B.K^Mnr" Ctoudrtu In- Virginias' 

e played Falada lo 'Ths Dirtreiood 
Motber'at Coiont Garden la ISIS, Charlri 
Siir/ate at P»rl» in 1B2T, flum™ ' ' 

vaiuvii ui isou, ouo >.u..i{'l at Pl\llilde1p^flli 
In 1830. "Mr, Abbott," wruM HuUtt. 
"ne»er acta Ul." He waa the anthor of 
two melDdtaiDu : ' The Yonthful Dayi ol 
Frmlerie the Oreaf <fl.B.l and 'Swed3J|h 
Fatrlottam' iq.vX Bee 'Biaeraphy ol Hie 
Britiih Theatre '^ 08**) ; Gemnt'ii "Engliih 
Btue'llSK); Danalrliiun'i ' Itecollectlani ot 
aBAotot'OSesl: Bnnm'B' American StaRO' 
(IBTO); and the 'Dictionary of Nationol 
biography '<]!«£). 

AbdallSi. A trairedy hy J. Deup C j.t.\ 
prtnleil in 1S03. See Ocncsfs ' EngllMh 
Stage • (183!), 

Abdalla. Brother of the raliph, lo 
Mn. MiNLET's'Almyna'Cg.i',}. 

AbdBlIali. a)AriiaiaiterlnMi«iLKr.'8 
' Alini'vda ■ (¥,!■. ). (8) CapUin of the Fiirly 
Thiwei. in all the piecee founded on the 
oeli'known story. Ax ALI BxUA ; FonTy 


AbdelOiEeri or^ Tha ^ooi ~ 

Lee as the Ct" 

B«tt«ton ai flortUa, and Smith an Pktltp. 
The play l» based on JIatlowe'a ' Lnst a Do- 
minion ' (n.e. ). "Mia. Behn,"*aya Ueneit, 
" lui maile Mime consldemhleehiineci In tha 
flith art. anil improied the whole play. Ab- 
ifrtrutp 1b a slriklng character. Thcinitllnva 
of Zanaa are eTiiiently borroireil from it, 
but the two parts lUITer in OAn—Zaniia boa 
one object onl]' In ilew, nTenpe ; wherraa 
AMtla:rr is instigated n"t ™iv l>v the 

. also by Jealonay, am- 
C'Ths Knglkib Stasa'). 
— ' " - "injt ofVci, 

bitinn, ami 

AMibarr Is too nun m 

who ha* lieen conqnereiL — 

Ktttg of S/iaSn. To revenge hlnweif 

lattar, Abdtlaar bee 

id kllleil bj tl 
ahini -" - ■' 

nliTiiin't, who has aHHlled the cluu'tity uf 
ortOa, AMtlairr-l «ife. Eientnally the 
tm Is amaBslnated hy onler of Aidrlaicr, 
10 in the end Li Bhlln by tlie Kiwj'i other 
1. Philip, Bjid bla party. Sw Bkvemji, 

H. M. MiL.\£R't 'Mizepp*' bl-v.), i 

I. J. Byko>'3 hupli'Bqne of that n 

Adventarea of Four X 

and (firccled against Jamea'lL^i 

t^nly nsfer mi 
kingdom as tl 

puaine ine aeatji or nis itrouier ^nnrjes. 
The ■■licra"of the piece, which wu* pul>- 

Sce thb ■nioemphiaDnmatlca,' CiaiS). 
A'Beokett. See BeCUET and TuOHM 

A Beckett, Arthnr WlUiam. Bis- 

Ui44^ son al ^i'liert' Abbott t Uechalt: 
author of the following nlay" : -nulad 
KLuBen' (1872), -1. 8. D.'^atlTSX 'About 
Tnwn ' (unX). ' tya Strike ' (1SI3X and ' LonK 
Ago'dUg:!), all ol which B«e: alio, en«nthoT 
with J. Hulgrtme Mlmnson (g.F.) of ■ Fium 
hither to t<on ' (f.r.): hsji contrlbnted 
Ibvntrlcal nitlcisnis and other nrtldeB to 
tliu OriralaC Biuturt (1SI12-1), the Glomnrm 
(1805-11. a 'SatunlayJoatTUkl of Ratlru' of 
which lie waa eilitor (1907-71), lOatk (rmf 
Vi'hiU (1972), the RliMbnrgh Caiirane and 
Perlluhfre ^i{n-rti<Mr(lKTl-S). i^icA (since 
IHTi), the Suiulaii IYmm (" dTeenmin 
RecDlteciioiu"J, theTAeatn,£iindon&wiVrii; 

'A Beckett. OillMit Abbott, nm- 

matic wrilrr. horn LSIl. iliod IVM; outh<ic 
of tbe tullovinE dnunatlc pie«a : 'The 
The ArtlBfa Wlto.; 'llio 

and Ilia Klen,' 'He King Ir.coa.,' 'Kinq 
John- (bDrlnqiie), 'f.iini la Bl&d,' 'Tlio 
Klafric MifTor,^' Man-ned,' ' Tbe Man wkli 
Iliu C'ariice Kae.' "Ilw Umdlmnt,' 'Hucal 
Bmnu,' ■Tha]'>iKtlHnn,"ThaRarattotthe 
WDrkliiniHP,' "The Boof-HcrambleT.' "The 
Slamr:Bo TkIdb,' ' Mt Marfc'a Ete,' 'The Son 
of the Hun,' 'The Thtee liracea,' 'The 
TradeHnJBu'a Hall.' 'The Turned Head,' 
'Uafurtunnte Misi Bailey,' 'WaDte<t. a 
Brigand.' 'Tim Wonderfnl l.anip In a New 
Light,' ■ The World llndwgrounil,' anl • Tbe 
Vetlow BwnH :' the liln^l of ' Ajmea Ij.rer 
and 'Little UhI RUIIng Hood : '^nd, with 
Mnrk lAininn, ' Bon CiivBT do Bann,' 'TIw 
Chimes,' 'The Knight and the Rprlte,' 'O 
Cnulul,' •Ujien Mcaaoie.' 'Peter WtlkinB.' 
■ SardanapabiB.' and '!>t. Gevrce and the 
l>raeon,'-iUlol which «-e. A Beckett «aa 
also the author of 'Scenes from ReJHtrd 
Comediffs' (7.^.) and ' Qulniolngy ut tlio 
llritbh DmniB' (7.C.), SeoQui£E>'S Bu.1. 

X Beckett, QUbert Aztbnr. Bra- 
mntic iind mlscellnneoua wrltur, bom IHS7, 
did IHUI : son ol llillieit AhboU k Beckt^ 
(17. p.): wtutc tlic fiillowlng plays, bnrlewincjs 

' ' Chriitabal,' ' Dlunondi u\il 

lika OMmj,- ' Ch 

Haute,' 'Ace lO r>«i, uunm 

Clondb' ' Ljrt ^ tha Lfli(enJs,| 

„ Lending 

Huul*,' ■ Teitlbls HymEu^ 
u,' and 'An Utler Perrec- 

tlM foUowlBC, prodond ti tlw Oflnnan Beed 
aitBWanaiU : ' Tha Aiudent Britou,' ' A 
OtsMn» atoddnc,' ' A MonntalD Uclrea,- 
*OBe« la a Ontnn,' 'Tba Plimta'i Bams,' 
'Tin Spudih Bond/'ThD Hum TatuuU,' 
■ That Dnadfol Bar/ ' Tvo Foitor Brothan,' 
■nd 'Tha Wbied Duki;' alio tlis legend 
of 'Tba Whlla PUpim' (g.«.); the libnttl 
al ■L'Ombm' <;.■), 'NkToiurol&'fJ.c,), ■nil 
'11iaCaBtortHi»Fi]g[inu'(o.T.): uiil [yrici 
far ' CipWa Thai«« ' (q.r.) ud ■ La Ciiole ' 
Ca-C). Ha m put utbor (with W. S. 
liaba^ of 'Thf BiiHiy land' (^.r.), (nich 
C. H.Bm)d< "The SfeeidDnBeBaty '(;,».), 
(vlUi Clamsnt Beott) o{ -Muiy Hsspr 
Batonu.' af ' An Indian Puzzle,' and o[ 

Jtaitt fa a, BDCHiid.Va ' Dick Sberldsa 

in 1766,— AM isomDng the Hrwiui in Lord 

AbBi Drake. A druna In flia acti. 
..__... i^ j^uj, sximDKia (7.«.) (with 

. - tf.«-) ('...- 
_.jn Taylor) on Ida 
lunei 01 (oa rame nuns, anil flnt perfonned 
M tha llwatra SoT>l, Leeds, on Uctober 9. 
1814, trttb D. Baadmann In tha tltla part, 
■ndHn. Bandmuu u Aorterii, other rdla 
htSag taken by Un. II. Kh-by and S. John- 
aon ; lint nmonned In Landan at tbe 
Prlneeaa'a 'TbaatTa, on May ai, IBTB, and 
■nemrdi ndnced to throe acts. 'Abel 
Diake'a Wlt«' la the title of a rUy pro- 
daced at Her Majesty's Theatre, Richmond, 
Surrey, In January- 1B7I. 

Abelord, Canat. A character In H. 
V. CborleTs 'Duchesi Eleanonr' (q.c). 

Abalftrd and Beloiae. A drama hi 
tluee acts, bj J.B. Bdckbtone (j.p.), Hrat 
iwrfomed at tha Surrey Tbenlre. Lonilon, 

with E. F. SafUla and -— - -" 

Utie nirta, and other cL 

"O.'Smllt. D. Pitt, J. KtwYP, 

Mn. H. Uonner. and Mn. PilEwiuuun. oee 

Badntooe's ' Papular I>rBina9 ' (1931-7). 

Abenamar. Father at Alinahldc (?.r.), 
In DBTDIN'a 'ConcLBestol Oranada' Iq.n.). 
m. The Sntrecontot theatrical 

la In this old Scotch city relates 

■lun Qoaen Muv liilteil ths plr - - 
> ractfred t""- '—■-"■"- -•- 

:ti by Vate». 

1 with (estlTit 

I ohich 

hiblted. erected 

and entertained at supper, tha freadoni af 
the dty belni also oonlWraa upon them. Ib 
iris tlie Edinburgh company palda Tldt, bat 
In the Inletral a change had come mar the 
—'-" '' -•- -unicipallty, and tha acton 
1 from pnfonning. Thay 
1751, anil, bdng a^ln pto- 
a nooden bollding ontiido 

■nth little success. In' 1T«S W?liiam Fl^er 
and bii cirnipany played In a hall at the 

enconrageniHiit. At lait, in 1T§0, Abenleen 
obtainedilsflmtthmtre-bulitattlie bnclc 
of an inn in Queen Street. " It had," says 
J. KeithAnpn, "nol)oiB«; thepriceofad- 
mluiDn to the pit vaa half a crown, to the^ 
gaUoryono and liipenco; when filled, tha 

Another tbiatrs. with baiea.Has erected at 
about the luuno time in ithnt la now colled 
Chronicle Ijine. It wa* CDniiucloiI by one 

There la also recurd (in 17rfl)o( a theatre 
being"ran"ln Shoe Lane by Weit DigEes 
(f.e.). In I78S the bnildine in Queen Streut. 

after (17B5), a bouw in Monachal Street ™. 

latter Htabtiahmenl forma the subi'ect of a 
monograph by J. Keith Angus ('A Scotch 
Playhouse, 'l^G}.fromwhJchnioBtofthepar- 
tlculanlnthlaartictsaredeHred. StepW 

did not stay In Aberdeen long. In 17M one 
Bell Bgored a* leasee, in ISO! one Hamilton 
and later itlll came a Mr. Besnraont, a Mr. 
and Mn. HudEe, and a Mr. Fnser (1813). 
In 1817 the theatre patsed into the bands oE 
Corbet Byderfi^i.), who remaned hi poasea- 
sion till ISII. He was followed by nuuiagerr 
of the names of fianglsy and Adams, and 
by his widow, who afterwards married a 
member of ber company called Pollock. 
He dieil about US3, and Mrs. PoDock con- 
•liic-t^il the theatre nlone till IMS. She was 
:ded In teS0 by A. D. M'Nell (q.s.), and, 
L„ "' Price (fl.o), who, iilco 
irrieil one ul her ilaaEhten 
laband. The boonla Df the 

other by anch "stara" aa Edmund and 
Cbarlea Kean, Charles Maekay. John Van- 
denholl, J. P. Kemble, J. B. Booth. Sheridan 
Knowlcs, Miss OTfeil, T. P. Cooke, O. V. 
Brooke, Mrs. Warner. John Bannister. 
Dnnlcl Tenr, Charles Mnyne VonnE, Miox 
Helen Fanclt, Bamoel Phclpi, and Oiberry. 
The present theatre (Her Muestyii] woe 
built in IS't and opennl In Oecoiober of 

ater, by 1 


(g.B.^ (2) Diuchlflr of Barabai In M»lt- 
loWE'B 'Jow of Malta' (t"-V (3) Hand- 

playnf thatluiniBCT-*)- (4) Hardmaiii to 
iodu A ma in J. B. BUCKStoSE's ■ Flowera 
BtthByorwfCT.ii.). (61 A waiOng-mald In 
H, J. Bmos'a ■ PrincBW Springtime ' (o.b.). 
(6) Thi Icdy ^uroro Abigail is Brst ladj of 
tho hedcliamber In PlahCBI^S 'Sleeping 
BaralTinllie Wood'ft.o.)- See ALLSncK, 

nsiB hy 

AliliirdoD, W. L. Actor, bom 13TO r 
made hi* pcuteulonBl dllnit at Bsirut Id 
laSD, and lib London dCiul. an Oiornr firnnm 
in'Sli»doiiin>(»Or«iiCitj,'inlSa7- Sinm 
then ho hafl A^nred In ttifl original catta of 
Cleary's ■Mirage,' Nlsbst'i 'DoTothjr Gray.' 
Xoone'i ■DangbtBfi Sacrifice,' Slmi and 
PettJtt'B ■ London Dor bjr Dn;.' Sima nod 
BDchuun'a 'Engllib Row' and ' Blark 
Dondno,' Mn. Wylde'i 'Her Oath,' Mackay 
and Denbigh'a >TbB I.lfa we Lire,' Miu 
Borney'i '^id rConntf,' Kelth'e ' Iliub 

bell'a 'Siberia,' Jl 
Tettitt'i — ■ 

. ■mpolii"'. 
(KBoitri), 'The Broken lleladT.' and D« 
MillB'i 'The Loit Pwadlee.' lie bu alio 
been oeen M Dr. Rank In ' A DaH'e Honw ' 
(1901). and Csptdin Haictrtt in 'Caita' 

(Fanny Barton). 


dangbter o[ a priiate snlrller, tbougb iDmo 

ol Derbiitair*. She began her career M a 
flower-giri, being known to"tbe town "a* 
"Huegar Vtu.''^ She aftenmrda tiecaae 
■emnrtn « Frencb mUlIner, and thua ob- 
tained a tute for dno, and an aoiiualntuica 
with her employer'a native tongao, wtJch 
wen eTODtnutap of moch aenlcs to her. 
8be la a]io nid (o bale acted ■■ oookmald 
fn a familTi and to baVB gone throuBli other 
kad lea craditable expertenoBa. Her Bnt 
upeanniH on the elua ni made throngh 
Tlieophilaa Clbber.and »t the Ha] *-' 

>n the elaga i 

Dibber, and i 

. -i, 1T66. the ch 

fa tn ' Tbe iSanbnily.' 

beint! tba 
After fignr- 

nlve^ to Bath And to RIdnnond, wiioT« abe 
vaa engaged by the manager for Dmiy I^na. 
She appoarert at the lut-named tbuaCre in 
FiotBmber, 1750. In 17G9 she married ber 
mnaic' master, Mr. Ablngton : and, at tlie 

grated to Dublin (Smock AUaji Thealre). 
Thero ahe remained lot fire yean. " highly 
eateemed." BeappeariDK at Dniry Lane in 
170s> fllie vu at oni^o accepted tut the repre' 
x'ntBtiTe of tbe leading paiU In commly'-a 

SOBltion which aho occupied at thu thmit™ 
>r the neit eighteen veai 
imIierM u 

be beat remembe 

B Srst impci- 

Lady Bab in 'High Lile B 
nelly In 'Tbe ClanileBtine Ma 
.,..- :_ . -1^. Hypocrile,' 

Scarbokmgb.' Among her Sbakeapcamn 
p-irts ircre Dtiiirmma (1755), Btalrfa (ITSS), 
Portia (17M), Ophelia 0771-S), and OKrti 

t-I). Her other rAla iBClnded fliilria 

The RecrnitinK OfBcei' (ITU), Prince 
'- in 'The Rebeanal^ (USB). Lr-^- 

le Donbla tienler' lUM). 


■Tlio Provoked 

win "The 

J'lilly nmcvmmbe in O. Coi 
play (1790-1), (fidou. Saiviavr 
to Keep Him' (ITM-l)^ ifrf. O 

'The Way at the Worlii' (l?«6-e). Lady 
Tairalrv In'TbeProToked Ilnaband ' (iTBT -8), 
Jfr», Ford In 'Meny WItob of Windsor 

Srt«-70>. Lada Sadtife In ' The Doublo nal- 
nf {i;C9-iO>. iMda Brlty ModM in 'Th* 
Careleaa Uiuband' a7B>-70), Lady Froth ta 
'The DonblD Dealer ■ (i;7S-a), M.u Ilovdm 
if Qnality' (177S-4), iarfv 

Tin ' 


e Disri 



(1775-0), ij 

■Thna Weeks i 


I), Stnib In ' The Bettux' Stiatagem' 

and Bitam ii 
. Darlea 

'The Ino 

unflnod to 

Bof her. 

I her talenta. Uiat ahe ia not 
lemaiea of a Bnperior daaB ; Bhe 

1 Dcodonally to the eonntry ^rl, 

the romp, tlie hoyden, and the obambonnald, 
and put on the •ariooa aira, humoniB, and 
whimalcai pecnllaritlu of tbeiie nnder-parta; 
Bhe think! nothing low that ii tn natora i 
nothing mean or beneath her akiU wbleh 
!■ characteiltUcAl.- O'Keefe taatiaei that 

faicinating. and her apeaklng f^ca melo- 
dioua. HhB had pecnifar tiicka In acting ; 
one waa turning her wrltt, and weming to 
atlck a pin in tlie aide of her waiat. Me 
wu aliio oery admit in tbe eiercise of her 
fin." Dibdin records that "her taato (or 
dresa was nniel and intereating. 9ho waa 
coniultcd by ladlea of the fint dEatlnction, 
not from caprice, bat from a decided con- 
viction of her Judgment In blending what 
1CBB bOBotiful with what wan becoming." 
See Dariei' ' Ufe of Gnrrick ' (1790), IHbdln'e 
■Uiatory of tlie niage' (ITH), O'Keefe'a 
' RecoUecilDBa ■ (ISaB), nenerfa 'fineiiah 
Stage ' (IS331, Tayior'B ' Itecorda of MyLlfe ' 

iisas). Cfabb Enhinion'a 'Diary' (1880), 
Intton Cook's 'Hoom with the Ptayen" 
(IS31), and 'Acton and ActresBoa' (New 
York, ISiW). 


Abovi. A chuacter Id 
'Oroonoko '(g-o.). 

Abomellaae. Th« bero i 
melodramk 'Blue Bc«rd' {9.V.), 

He' ' " " 

BoanT' (j.B.) m Oib , 

in UUBNIND'B <Blna Beud' ({,>> 
jBoron Alumidiym il( Barbe BItut. 


Abomellqne tlie Second. PHnca ot 
nomblna In LuBELLi VBaNiEK's ' Buber 

L lint perfonDed a 

JCprU 4. ISisr wllh num » uie iiBrv, mm 
Oimddon u ZuJi'tna, Bedford u the 6alipk, 

ud Mm. Oner a* Zebridc; Brat r — ' ' 

In Nav York In 18^7. Tha roAin ! 
bad pmloiulT been tre&ted by O' 
hli -DbuI AIIt*' (g.B.). '■■-- — ' 


wu E. L. BIuK. 

■Dim/ (4)'AbonHB 
Knight '■ BnMrtainiDt 
brABTHua O'Necl, 



Id me " n&ma n»e, " u 
lo, uul Mlu B. Roberta 

Al>ont, Bdmond. The ' Rol dei Mon- 
t«nm' of tbbi ftUthor OSSS-IHSl) wu ttia 
lOnndatlon of Tom Taylot'a ' Brifnnd (LOd 
hla Banker' (g.c.J. See, al», Slmm Side, 

About Town. A ccmedT In three acta 
hi ABTUIIK W. A'Beckbtt <V'E^ Drat per- 
formed at the Court Tbeatre, London, on 
Mar li. 1873, wttb EilgBr Bmce u .<:.> ITalio- 
JfmvK. Cblppendaln, jnn., » 
MIM Kale Blabop, Miaa Ma 





MrrryH and J^iUfdn^fd arti tv 
I " about town." Tbe coiDetly vi 

Ttttatra, New Vork. on September W, 1(173, 
with b^ MlDDle Walton In Ulu Bishop's 

Above and Balow. A comic drama 
In taoacte, br Edward liTiRLiMO (a.c.i. first 
performed at the Lyceum Theatre. London, 
on Jnir in, ISie, with a cast including A. 
Wlcao, F. Matthena, Ke^ej, Diddear, 


Meadowg, and Miaa Falrbrother. In thia 

e'ace tbe action is carried on ^moltiuieoual]' 
tiro rooma, one "atwre" and one "be- 
low." See ACTOB Of An. Wobk ; Si.M 

AlR«-MiU6 lOr, IiDTS *nd Zmplra. 
A trafcedj by Dr. Joseph Tsapp (j.s.), 
founded on a " hlstot* ol the dethronement 
-' "-'- ■"'.■■ br Le Noble (traaaU.ted 


and Drat periormed at Uncol 

BrocPKltdie in the title' part, VerbmEnm as 
J'yrThiu. Betterton aa Maluimrl IV., and 
Powell aa Solyman. Abra-MfiU Inies and 
la beioTcd b; Pyrrhur, tbe jirand vizier i 
Mahirmet, the emperor, and Soiyman, bis 
brother, alio loTe her: bnt ifahoTott Is 
depoaediWid Sofsmaii reBigns her to Pj/rrhut. 
Abradatea and Panthea. (1] Atia- 
sedj by BOBEBTS, founded on a paaaaga In 
Xenophon's ' Cjropiedia/ and acted in 1770 
by the »cholar» ol StTPaol'a School (2) 
An nnacled tragedy by Joh> Edwabd9, 
pnbUahed Id IBOS, and fonnded. Ulce Ita pre- 
deceaaor. on Xenoplion. Abradalri [a King 
of Saslana, and. he being killed In battle. 
h<a wife PanlhM comnilta tuidde. See 


Abraham. The Hebrew patriarch ia 
the central Bgare In laiioiu old dramaa. 
(I) The atory of Abraham and Iiaac. for 
example, forms the aubject of playa in the 
Cheater.Coiantry.and Wldklrkner^ea. The 


I Collier' 


Poetry ' (miiacle-plars). (3) 'Tbe 1 

^ (mii»cle-pl_^ - ,. 

if Abraham's Sacriflce „ , 

tranalated by ARTHUR Goldinq (f.r.) irom 
theFrrncha) Theodore Beta, and pnbliibed 
In IGTr. {8) 'Abram and Lot' tlgnrea In 
Heaalowea W of the plays acted ty ■' the 

'Abraham,' a 'myatery,' was edited byJ. 
P. Comer, and pnbllahed In 1830. 

Abraham and Isaac. See Adrahih. 

Abraham Parker. See Addison, H.R, 

Abraham's SacrlflcB- See Abriush. 

Abraham Idai. A character in 'Tbe 
railon '(?...). 

Abram and IiOt. See Adclahah. 

It Garden Theatn 
Noiember 19. 1790, with .Mrs. Second ai 
M Harlley, Mrs. Martyr as KMp, Iiideiloi 

-t, Quick as Sir Sin 

Tttts, and Knight aa Ymiag Tctu. Old 
FhuriiJi and old Tnla are the gnanUans at 
Jllici tlarlitn. and each dealrea to marry her 
to his son. Ttut yonn? 7'tity martins Kilfy. 
i(<.< Har(fai/-» maid, thinking h. ' ' ' 

JTlm BarOey ii unltBd ti 


w DlTll 


1' [15a§). 

Absence of Mind; or, Wanted 
£0. A cjinediebta, BdapUU liy W. POEL 
fcntn tlie Germui of KuUobne. aod p«r- 
'LctoriiTliBltre, I*ndon, witli 

be wlupLar ud Mm. C. 

Id Olrmpio Tbeitre. Julf 

includlnK U 

,t Apoth 

■y (Thel. 


'Ri^ectcd Addre9s«9' {Jaii£3 uid lloiuc£ 
Smrill. Knd Sr«C imrfnnnBd at I>rutj lAua 

.„ it o( Itn pnidaii- 
«.u„. i.iaKoU]'. BunnLiter, JohnitunD.uiiI 
Knight were In tlls CMt. "The ■Ahtwat 
Apiitbecai?' irua by no means ui nrlginat 
chimetAT. u hs Btraiigiy rsMmbled the 
• Abaenl Man ' " (j.r.). 

AbientHanCThe). (1) Afammidto 
hum lican mitton bir Thomas Hru, (fl-c). 
and flrdt poTfonuod at GoTEmt Oftnicn cm 
April 38, 1764, with Ebnter, UmutiJl, Mat- 
toukih ud MiB Miller in the cut. (S)A 
farce by Isuc Biccerstiffb (f.i'.), pet- 
formsd at Diurr l«ne on Hvch It. 1763, 
irltii King aa ShaUaimia Ihe hero, Can- 
tbeiley aa W/lMnn. uid Mn. W. Barry ai 
ITacia. Shatt/rbrain la enuBKod to mnrry 
f facHi, but forRets all about the cereuiouy. 
i»i<] the livty takea thaopportanltf to esponw 
tr^Uifan, bar biisr. Tbe aatbor cunfessea to 
haiiue tahen tbe idea oT the fnxte from Ia 
Jlraviro'i " cbancter' ol Monalcu. (3) A 
fardcalGDmediatta in onoact.fnwlT adapted 
1>y (1. noBERratj.v.J from' Lea Abtencesde 
MoiiFilour ' {(.p.), and flrtt iwrtormcd st the 

Aba ant One <The). See WiOLi, 

Abaolate, Sir Anthony and Onii- 
-tkln. Father and too in t<fisniUA»'s 
'ttlvila'tj.r.). Sir Anthonp. mso IlEilitt, 
In " an evident copy after SinDliett'a klnd- 
liKirlcd and high -spirited Jlsttbixr Bram- 
ble" (a character In 'Uumpbrey Clliikor.') 
faplain AtaolvU, in lo.e nilli Lj/dia 
Ijiitin'itK {q.v,). maaqaerade^ ail ' Eujsjgu 

"Absolute the knave ia I (How)." 


"Abstract and brief clironialeB of 
the time." Hnmlet's dcacription of "tho 

tluyera" inactii.K-£. "After yonr death," 
e adds, "ynn werv better bave a bad 
epitaph than their (11 report while you Ute," 

Abu Haaean. An operetta, music by 
Weber, produced, "itu an Engllali libretto, 
at Dotty Lone In 1B3S. Bee ABort Hassan. 

Abndali. An Arab warrior in Hushes's 
' Siege olDaimacua'(5.p.). 

Abtidah : or, The Talisman of 
Oroemanea. A maaical piece by I. R. 

"lUaiof the denll.' and pmtluced at l>niry 
Lane Theatre. London, on April 13. ISit), nitb 
H. Kemble aa Abuiah, Unlay an PodloA- 
daUoA, and Mra. Bland aa ^nnniudf. "The 
baltada aung In It were set bv that eitia- 
ordlnary character, Mlcbnel Kelly" (j.r.). 

Abnaea: "containing botli a Comedy 
and a Traueily. perlomied July 30, ISM, 
befure the Kinga ot tircat Rrltaln Bod Den- 
nark, by the Children of Paul's." See Silt 
Thomas Muke, 

Academy <Tlie); or, The Cain- 
bridge Qone. A manoBcrlpt comedy by 
College, Cambridge ; "appesra," says W. C. 

Academy of Btnala. See FiRir Vonk 

Aoaato, Lord, in Otwav's 'Orphan' 

a p.). ia tatlier to Caalalia, Piij/dort. aitd 
rina, and jjuardian ut jf pninaiq. 
Aeoompiiehed Kaid (The). A comic 
opera, adopted from "Ia Buona FiglinoU' 
of Ooldonl by EDWARD Tons (^.B.), and flnt 
performed at Cerent Garden on Becomber 3, 
ITU, witti Mrs. MattockH aa f^innu the 
hsroine. Mattocta aa /wiJ DtUvvnir. and 
i-hater, Dibdbi, etc., in other parU. Founy, 
baroness, and is married to Belhmmr. 

Ac orlnston (Lancashire). The Frince'i 
Theatre here was built in 1882. 
Accusation : 
■ ide, A pi 

_ ^ I'ATNR (, ,„ 

French, and flmt performed at Dmry June 
on FebniHry l, 1818, with MI»9 Kelly as J/a- 
dannd'Angladr.RMta ITAnt/ladn. Wallark 

Cenal, tmi Baxtlej, Barnard. Knight, 
l'owe]l,andPen)oy_lDothcriiart8. Another 
Yonlen, entitled 'The PortrbUo' (a.o.), was 
bronphtDutatCoTent Garden on the aatne 
efenlng as a tardcal afterpiece. Tbe pliur 
wai prodnceil in New Yor^ In ISIS, with 
Mrs.l(atneaaaJI/ddanHir.inn;>ide. Hailltt 
wrote of 'Aeouaatlon' that -^the oldhlHto- 
rical niaUriali are rather scanty, conalBtlng 
-nly ot a narrative of a rohl>ery coiumittea 

bousclinld. for which n M. d'Anelndi!, nhn 

hutcl, was condemned on falae evidence to 
the gallva" 




Aootuinff Spirit (The) ; or, Th* 
Three TiSiTellare of the XyroL A 
dniu In three icta, b» W. K. SuiiR ( j.p.), 
flnC puforaied ftt tbe anclu Tbsktn, 
London, on Much E, IBW, irith M«d u 
£ris; nriTed U the Qnean's Thntn In 
M>r, IBei, with C. SannsU u Jlrie. 

Ao« of Olnbe (The)- A plmj in (1t« 
■Ma. liiutad bi Ahtuur SHJHLBr trom 

» deTrtfle' (Amblgn, 

b, inaax ud flnC pUved at ths 
... ^. _„__,__ ;m fai^ u, 

e Bojkl, Dulington. 

Achademloa, The ComadT of. A 
Vlnun&Ua work br JoBN BKELTOn (q.*.), 
•elernd to by blm in hli 'Qulude or 
Chapalat of LawreU ' (UZ3). 

'mperv merelir to 

„, .ronid or wonld not 

adopt hla tDtuiuar's orCbospf ■ Cooke di»- 
cnetlT ftToldsd th« dlfficulLjr b]r omitthiK 
kltoiethsr the line In irblcb ths diipotsd 
vord ocean." 
AahiUei. Ths Greek hem in i proml- 
lant penuDSga la Hvaral dnmatlc plecei : 
1) 'ichlUu; or, Iphigenlft In Aufia ;' a 
ngedT bj Abel Boier (j-b.). ttan«l»ted 

uigedT bj 
Irom tl» '_ 


Bogen u IpUatnia, u 
Cl^eamatTa. The on 

OIER (7^.). 

with Powell 
. Cibber 
real, M: 

The pb; wu rsTiie'l at CoTSnt Giirden In 
MinSTlTTS. nndBT the title o( 'Iphigenia.' 
It was printed in ITOO. See Victim, Thk. 
(3) ■Aefiillei ; ' so opera b7 JOHN Qii (q.e.), 
tnt performed at fcoTsnt OardeQ on Feb- 
rnuy 10, 1733, with Sftl»ar la the title part. 
Quia M l/ntmneOa, Chapman as Uly—a, 
ud Mill NorB HI Vtidamia. " This pieca, 
which li In the manner of the ' Beggar's 
Opera,'ii klndiemns relation of tbodigcuierjr 
alAchlOa^ Utwrnt. The scene lies in the 
coart of IiiKemoui. Achiliaia In womau'i 
clothes throDgh IbB whole play, and It con- 
clnde* br hla marriage with i>ei<iafnia," 

the subject. Gay did 'not manliest the inno- 
eancT to which he laid claim, nor shaw hlm- 
sflU either in wit a man or in slmplicitjr a 

— .. Gays c 

was Inoajiht ont at Coient Garilen on De- 
oemlMr l^ 1773, with Mattocks aa AchiUa. 
Dn-BellamT as Li/aimida, and Mrs. MM- 
todcaaa Dcidnmfa. (a)'Achme8inScTros;' 
an opera, tiaoslatM from Melastamo Ity 
John Boole, and printed In 1900. (4) 
' ActaUles In Scrroa : a diamatlc poem aj 
BOBBRT tlHIIK>E« lq.v.1. — AthilUl hl4 
flgured also in burieaqne. Af. in Kaunej's 

'lA Bella H<a«Dt' <{.ii.X uid B. Brough'! 

■Siege o(Troi'((.B.). 

AohUlOBlnPattlooate. SeaAcHiixn. 

Achillea In Soyroa, See AcHiu-ia. 

AQhrnan. Aa actor employed at Drarr 
Lane, mentioned bj Chnrchlll In ■ The lUia- 
clad.' and highly praised bj Hugh Kelly 

Aobmet. A chincteT In BAOWN'S 
' Barbaroaaa ' ({.v.). 

Aohmat, Mra. Actreas (nA Egaq), and 
a pupil of Lee Lewis-, made her Oni appear- 
ance In Smock Alio; Theatre. Duhlin. about 
iru, and was successful there In 'Ths 
Gredan Daughter,' ' Imolailo,' and other 
plajs. After her marriage she toured In 
the English provinces, and hi ITW made 
her dibat In London at Corent Garden aa 
Jutiet. AmoEut her other parts was Sir 
Harry WUdair, "In person," wrote a 
contempoTarj, "she la elegant, in actios 
graceful, but deflcient la force and anima- 
tion." See tbe'ThespianDictionary'(l!M6). 

AohoreuB. A character In BCAtiao.vr 
OlUBBH's ' Ciesai In Egypt ' fg.v.'J. 

Aohnroh, Janat. Actress, bom 1804 ; 
made her lUDuI in London at the Ol; mplo 
", playing i^y Stai '- 

■t Catch' 1 

1 Ladv A 

toured through t 

!vla -Lady Andlej' 

'MirricklB -The New Magdalen. 

■l» in 

LadyAuHUaia "Lady And ley '■ B™™?nnr 
"ercg Mirrick iB -The New Mr- 
id pl^lng,"lead" with f. I 


japearean a — — _- 

late " piajs {Ladj/ MacbetK Qvem In 
unlet.' Paviim in ' Lady of Lyona,' etc.). 
tween lS8e and lniO she enacted In Lou- 
n the (ollowlnB (and olber) original 
ei: CUiaeiitt in 'A Gay Ilusband,' 
\'rtta In Chambers and Little's 'Devil's 
........ _4,,„ n,lli,i,A in lluchanan's 

land Grundy'a 

' Scarlet Lettii 

' IHUair 
"Ir fn W 



undertook a 

I Oraod Theatre LiUng 

Egypt, where 

SUphaiiit dc II 
<g,t.).a^dat tl 

(o.r.). In 1303 she -'created" at theKuyalty 
the title raiti of ' Aldomdm' (j.u,) and 
'Cle'er Alice' (j.v). and at Turk's the lead- 
ing female part la W. H. Pollock's ' An Inlei^ 
lude,' In A. C Doyle's ' Foreign Pollcj,' and 
In J. M. Berrle'a 'Becky Sharp.' •' "— 


Idr Fields. In this pl«il tbs IniDrs ue 
Diftda " luLppr At lul b; tiarnni^e^" It w&s 
Bnt prioted In ITOl, (2) A ilnnclog enter- 
tainment at Drucy l^na In 1T2S, (3) A 
"■erenaU," [oandDd on ths moB slor; u 

■rordj tiy Joil.x Qaiii.c'), with odditionJI 
by Dryoen, Pope, uu tlughVA : composed 
■i CuiDoni, probably in 1720, uid pflrlonned 
tbers, probibly. In iTSt ; flrst pertonneii in 
London M the B&ymarltet In ITSi. in three 
iiet«,«ndwlthMlMArnoiuCiiln(eo; reri'til 
st tii8 Queen-H Th«trc, London, in Feb- 
nury. 1831, with Mra. CluiBr. m™. llnmbir, 
U. Segaln, T. Green, etc., in tlie cut ; hC 
IhTirj lAno by Macroady, on Febmary 
E. ISIS, with Misi P. Horton Ba Ac!', 
3IIn Romer u Oalatea. 11. PhUllpa aa 
PoltipKriaiia, and the i<¥neTy from designs 
iij- Stanfield ; at Nbw York in ISIS. «lth 
iin. Segnin \ at the Frlncera'a Theatre. 
London, in Ancost. 1860, nlth Vernon 
Blgby u Acit, llerr Fonne* &a Potapkc- 
mui. anil Mlsa Blanclie Cola na Oalalia; 
and at tba QaleCy Theatre. GlauDw, in 
ISTe. with a. Perren and Mulnme Holt in 
Ibe title parta, and lienor Foil aa Piily- 
vhttnvi. It ICO* Brst prated In 17XL (4) A 
Tiurlejqna o( 'Ads and Galatea.' by W. 
H. OXMEliRT (je.). wu prodnred at tho 
Adelpbl Theilre. I/indon. in 1K12, three 
days after Macready's production of the 
orfgCmU. fO) A travoaly by F. C. Burmnd 

S-eX entitled -Aeis and (lalaten; 
Imbla NjTOpb «ad tho Tbi ■ ■ 


Nynipb and I 

irriblo Troirlo- 
,..j Olympic The. 
\ysa, with Mlu 


It the Victoria Theatre, Oiturd, 

PALSaitAVE, ^rtlio n«eof children, frai 
with the Htotement that Vatte 

Aetni,b.ia „ __„ 

JTnrv. ra) Jack -teurii fitinrei in Mis. Su- 
SAHN* BowsoK's 'Columbia's DaDgbtec' 
AaooUna, A character in ' The Serf ' 

Acres, Boti, in IOiertdah's 'Rinda' 
( (ieacribed by Hiililt (i> "adialont 
(lesqendaol of Sir Jiidmc AatitthrtJi' ^q.ll.^i. 

"is B country' gentiemnn of liml™d?nta?* 
lifKnce. and incapable of acquiring, even by 

■wauisg by whjcta he gives larlety to bin 


Bj aptly utiliied. and hia ultimata pollroon- 

nlHc' indeed who coBld_taunt Jfr. Aerrt 
recorded in ' Don Juan ' how 

Aomliat (The). A drain.-i in four acta, 
fonnded by WILSON BiRRETT (9.I.J on ' ha 
PalUaose' of D'Ennery and Foamier, and 
Brat pBrformed at Iho Olympic Tlicatrc. 
London, on April 21, ISfll. with the unlbor 
M Lelphtu". MiM Winifred Emery ai 
Madtlinr, Cooper CIlllB aa LaMrtmin. and 
O. Barrett aa TUp-Flap. See llELrill^aoH. 

Across Her Path. A pla; in fonr acta. 
by ASME iRIsn (q-v.), founded on Miaa A. 

played at Terry's Theatre, London, on. 
Janoary II, ie»0, «l(b the nd:ipter aa ths 

AorosatheAtlantlo. See Home. 

Acroaa the ContlsBnt. A dnina. 
In proloKUB and threo acta, by Jame-I- 
M'Glosket f;.!.], played at tho Alfred 

ThcBtre, Londoo, in July, 1871 ; at Vii 

— - ■ March. 187° In /■ '- 

has played A^nei 

Act at Oxford (An). See Hjiimtb 

Act-drop CTlie). Thenama itiientnl 

artislic'atyle, wblcb la 


erica II i« 

of a play, la 
am to drop dnd 
lide of the iiro- 
crally called a 

of tho Wilder- 

ActtBon, tlie hontor changed by Diana 
Into a aUg. 1> the hero of B. Cox's ' Acbron 
and Diana' (J.c), and flgnrea alao in W. 
BROuau'a ' Endymion' (ff.e.). 

AotEBon and Dteuut. An tntertudo 
by KOBERT Cox, " with a paatoml atory of 
the nymph (Eiuiti, lollowed by the eoTcna 
conceilcd hnmonn of tlumstin the liunU- 
man, iTDMinal the abepheid. Sia-iina Simih 
Hn, and Jaha Sirabber ths seaman." founded 
on a pawage in tho " Melamorphoaea ' ot 
OtIiI, and dcscribscl in tho second edition 
(lAM) aa baling been perfun ~ 



riBull. To( 

Df SimpUlm 

I edition 

' WIU ' (lera), and in Che ta-ODd'a ' Collect 

Anting' aa a Frofeaaion. The ni 
of the flrat Gngliah prnf«sional actor i 
new! Bcarcoly ba said, not Itnown. I 

first profeMlonal pertonnaiicB in Engli 


kaom la £nglaiid at lout u far liack aa 

miiMchn* uid pl^ns ol the d^ ** (DonaX 
Ttw mlliuca betmoi ■■ tba Cfanich ukd tlw 
^Ucc- it, iDdMd. M old u It hu bssB 
InUmatr. Ths nonki Wf Inmwil Iba wmttr- 
iag MraUen, uul. it Ib Kid, did not dlBUa 
to compoaa wniti (or tbam la rinf. At laM, 
thf rapsnictrnmf bMana mch ln*t " wtcn 
and otfiH' ncsbnBdi" wm prDliitdlcd bj 
1 luilng Mcen to tin 

<1nn brsad to write Ibek 0*9 

piBT In tliHB themKlm. (3» Mouuties 
uul Utstehies ) The tint olErikl t««<i(CDl- 
iLon of the actor u a profesrionAl peraoa 
n* >udc. mppueotlT, bj-thi DukenfUlon- 
nster, who «>« iftcnnrdi (o iMcnnv ao 
famniu mid u inlamoiu u Ricliitnl HL 
TbB dalle tuul pl&yen attached to bli lioiua- 

nBHiCM. «n( them, aolnniMk, "on Inur" 

fnr thfric owa bencBt. Ollicn of the nobillt; 

jned hi* exuuple. anil eientUAlly actera 

. . . . al licence, to gl>e perlunuucM whei^ 
BTcr Rnd whenavCT their cmptujeri pm^ 
■nitwd them. Of Henn VII. ire Tend tlut 
be employed official "plarenof lEiterlndea." 
and Collier prints a dacameot, dated Kiutn, 
14M, ia -which tha artora acknnwledga Iha 
nflelpt of their pny for the half yunr. By 
lEiOff'' acting iiail Iwcorae an ordinary noon- 


Lbla *i 

tXLtlan," Iml 

cnmriilrroil by any meani t mpectal 
ation." Henry Vni. foltowcfT for a uroe 
hi* father** cxnmpla In malntalnlni; plaTon 
M conrt, ajid at one time n^olcud In two 
mmpaniM, Htrleil reapectliely the "king's 
But tuwardi the end of hia rDliii roproulre 
mcaiarea began to be taken Kith n'Rnnl to 
andftil.^ta thaBntaeblqrthoreiFn- 

lation nl ti 



■ ■ ciHInlon *il]i t 

:lnB"B ■olempne play, 
m to '^aaoleninillnni'* 


throngh ansoanclnv " a aolenipna play," In 
arirlent oppa^tlon to " a wlemn dlr)n> per- 
formed by the latter In honour of the de- 
oaied monarch. DuHncthaTelgnof Ediranl 
Che law ma often put in force againit per^ 
(onBcra. In M9 all play* were lupprened 
for a time, and anln. In tKI, the playera of 
the Munala of Dormt were eihoited under 
pentltieB not to perform eUBwbera tban In 
Uuilr employer** preienc?. Fl<o yean later, 
nniler the aniplcea ol Mary, all "playan 
Bad pipen " ware forbidden to " «ir.iii '■ «n 
the ^riHind tliat they were 

et aedltlonaand herci<iea''(L _ 

balBitbit thej wen anapwted ol 

iSl<< " taki' tMT pUy- 

lelowed, bnt'iialj on nqi.Iiiloii tliat tfanr 
"and all othnpUyn* thr<>iuh,'ui(h«dty^ 

petfDtnted nnlr "Ivtn 

StusTetUa' and mtlr m 

appfered by Iha nrdlnar;. Ik iKt «a* 

paaaed tha royal d«nwe lhniaIo>iin( tn tiwM 


^r^ Rrat loj*) 

j'iutJn«o'tUwpi*mBllhvl<':i~l." Thia 
apparently (ii^eetol liy tin' laiiw Incn 
Inlhanamlwr iif pmicHlnna) •.nm ■ 
yean alter, KKmbrth imuilol 
patent eier runcednl lo ih<' . .. 
patent empownlnii Liinl I.<-li-<'?ii'r'i 
ia produce mch work* v^ tln'v kt-^^rni. -- aa 
well,*' aald her MajMy, "I"' ''>■' wcrnttlim 
of ouriailnitnhjH't*. aaloroiir Hilaceand 

iST" ::;:.:..'; ' 

Teg»il«l tho dnuna. ii 

fenioD ol the acliv, 

■ nubjwi 


_.idMiddhwiixpn>t(>iitnl Riniiii*U he patent 
of l.^iTl, and an perwmtwl tli« iiUyi-rn an 
to Uy, nudaabt the fnaii,h>iii>a of tho 
enmity with which playKrl)Lht' au luni 
piiniieil the vhuls clan uf JukIIcc* and 

piinneil IL.. 

■■clty kniiihti." 

antharlUn objected In the Knrl nl 
aetarapetfunnlniiatthat lunn. A 
Bancmlt i> nid to hare lieco Inv, 
tbaatrit^ exhlhlUnnf, hut Ih" n, 
lallj won eartalnly not i'( tlint i 
IGTD UoaMin bail piilillahiHi lii< 'r.ii,..„ , 
jilmMiil lii«,ili<r«d»lni 


playen and 

Dlaewhen In'thli 

FloUl td.c). In inith. 1 
not wholly blamcleM, for 
atantly trylni to cnida tho 
InR ilnwn upon lIivniwlT. 
JuatlBable rlKuum. Thny 

Elacoi and cm daya whirti 
n'bldden, and thay wmdil 
which they know wcru i 
■- "■ -it MIddlrt. 

' (n.*.), wlilcli «a* IK'M t" Iw ollun- 
D Hjialn. anil wna iKTnnlliiKly mip- 
d. tliv iiiithnr hi'liiu pU: ■•:[ in duranca 




till the deaths had decreased to thirty per 
week. Thus it is recorded of the year 1625 
that the *' common players" were then 
fdlowed to come to court, because "the 
plague is reduced to six." In 1831 the 
churchwardens and others of Blackfriars 

getitioned against the performances given 
y the players in tliat place, and were told 
in reply that the queen (Henrietta Maria) 
was * ^ well affected towards plays. It was, 
however, enacted that there should be only 
two houses in the city, and that each com> 
pany should play not more than twice a week, 
*' forbearing to play on the Sabbath Day, 
in Lent, ajid in times of infection." This 
measure was followed, in 1638, by the second 
great published attack on the profession — 
namely, Prynne's 'Uistrio-Mastiz'(g.v.). in 
which it was indignantly recorded that 
there were no fewer than five " devil's 
chapels " in London. The players, however, 
had the Court on their side, and so all went 
tolerably well with them till 1647-8, when, 
the Puiitans beinz uppermost, the English 
stage was for tne time suppressed, its 
Totaries being described as no oetter than 
heathens, and intolerable to Christians. 
Many of the actors, we read, took service 
with the king ; others dung to their calling, 
and gave surreptitious performances, in face 
of the new law to the contrary, some of 
these representations taking puice in the 
houses of wealthy lovers of the drama. 
Many efforts were made to obtain the revo- 
cation of the hostile decree, but without 
effect. At length there was an end to the 
Commonwealth ; Monk made his entry into 
London on behalf of the second Cmirles, 
ajid he was at once besought to give his 
countenance to the actors. He did so 
readily ; and not many hours passed before 
the drama was again to be witnessed in one 
or more of its old strongholds. From this 
point onward the path of " the prof ession " 
was fairly smooth. In 1663 diaries granted 
patents to Killigrew and Davenant, and 
Kngtfs^ actors boeam o once more recog- 
nized and protected members of society. 
True, they still had their enemies. The 
authorities of London remained as bitter as 
ever against them, and we read that in 1700 
the lord mayor and aldermen issued an 
order, forbidding any playhouse bill to be 
set up within the precincts of the city, and 
declaring the theatres a public nuisance. 
Twenty years after, Dennis was found taunt- 
ing the players of the day with being 
*' rogues and vagabonds ; " and certainly the 
rule of the lord chamberlain was some- 
what arbitrary. The number of patent 
theatres in Limdon continued to be strictly 
limited up to 1S43, wlion free trade in 
the drama was proclaimed, and when 
naturally the penonnel of the profession 
largely increased. In Scotland, the history 
of the player was marked by very similar 
vicissitudes. Thus, in 1574, the General 
Assembly prohibited all plays founded on 
Scripture, and in 1597 the Kirk Session of 
Edinburgh fulminated against both players 
and their patrons. Much later—in 1715 — 
the Presbyterian ministers preached against 

the theatre at Holyrood, threatening to 
withhold from its frequenters the means of 
obtaining the sacrament ; in 1726, Antony 
Aston's theatrical company, arriving in 
Edinburgh, met with a like reception from 
the local clergy ; whilst in 1756, when the 
Rev. John Home {q.v.) produced his tragedy 
of 'Douglas' (7-v.), the Presbyteries of 
Edinburgh and Glasgow " excommunicated," 
not only nim, but everybody connected with 
the performance! Nevertheless, with all 
this, actors in ScotUmd could, it seems, 
always depend upon an audience, and they 
were never at any time so fiercely persecuted 
as players in England were by the Puritans. 
The annals of acting in Ireland do not begin 
till the reign of Elizabeth, during which, it 
is recorded, plays were performed at Hoggin 
Green, DubOn, before the Lord Lieutenant. 
The first Dublin theatre, due to the enter- 
prise of John Ogilby, dates from 1635. During 
the civil war, the stoge languished in IreUmd 
as in England, being resuscitated in both 
countries about the same time. The Smock 
Alley Theatre was opened in 1662, also under 
the auspices of Ogilby. The beginnings of 
the profession in America would seem to date 
from 1733, when, apparently, theatrical per- 
formances of some sort were given in New 
York. In 1740 there was a company of 
players at Philadelphia, and in 1750 it made 
Its appearance in New York, afterwards 
going to Williamsburg, Virginia. There had 

Sreviously been several dramatic seasons in 
amaica, where Moody, the Irish comedian, 
Slayed about 1745, returning by-and-by to 
Ingland, and sending thence a regular 
troupe, which performed in the island in 
1751. In 1752 an English company, exploited 
by William, and headed by Lewis, Iiallam, 
appeared at Williamshnrg, and this is the 
first combination of which wo possess many 
particulars. The troupe numbered twelve, 
each of whom.had one share (out of eighteen 
shares) in the profits, save Lewis, who had 
two shares, one as actor and one as mana- 
ger. The advent of the company had been 
preceded in 1750 by a declaration of the au- 
thorities of Massachusetts against the acting 
of stage plays, and it was followed in 1774 by 
the closing of the theatres in Philadelphia, 
in accordance with a decree of Congress. In 
1793 the Massachu.Hetts onler was repealed. 
In America, as in the United Kingdom, the 
early years of the drama were charac- 
terizedf by much struggling between actors 
and the law, the latter, when inimical to 
the plavers, being as far as possible defied 
or evaded. At the present moment the 
British player has no impediment placed in 
his way, the closing of London theatres on 
Ash Wednesday, which used to obtain, 
having been abolished in 1»85. For some 
farther details l>earing generally on the 
subject, see Actors ; Actrkssgs ; Salaries ; 
Theatres ; etc. See, also, the histories of 
the English stage by Chetwood, Collier, 
Dibdin,Doran, Qonest, etc.; of the Scottish, 
by Jamieson ; of the Irish, by Hitchcock ; 
and of the Ajnerican, by Dunlap, Ireland, 
Blake, Brown, Clapp, Pliclps, etc. ; as well as 
the works of James Boaden, Colley Gibber, 


Actlnr, Tho Art of. Sm a 

Aaior iTha 
of Pliying, ii 
anecdotes, crit._ 

Bttipled froni ' Lb Coia^itlon ' nF BomDn'd 
lie ^BiDto-Albins a^liX And publlahed In 
1T50, In the Sist pun tbe writer dlewuniai 
on " tbe prlDcipaL adTonUgei nblch ft pUyer 
I'Uf^bt to hme Fnnu nature," uid In tbe 
second on " th«B appliaiiceB vblch ptann 
DugbC to receln from ut." Under thetint 
head be discouei aoch nnegUoDi u wbetber 

Hludine. irbetber tenilbitlt]' £ the more 
[mpartwit to a performer la tragedf or In 
-hdwIt, wbetben- -" ■— ■■ 

. _ »(nrth7 "itTiliiil dDirnThat gaietj of 
comertjr.tbat no nui who hu not natuntllr 


qif recitiL^on, natnnl pLiying, 
pUiin^ bj-pli]', ttriBt]' uiil 
plByina, etc "Tbe wbole tboontlcaJ por- 
tion oI'Tbe Actor,'" njii Witliun Archer, 
"is filmply trvislaEad from 'Le Com<kilen, 
The adaptation, bowerer. ie. if not ui ubier, 

sriginal. Sainta-Albine daib fa '- 

pntcept than in example. Tho adapter, 

tho other hand, loBt no op "- '-- 

ing bin monl b:r rsFeren 

lay- v->miikM or 
of Playing. AnoT 

12) -A trealiuon t 

ifork, written hy tb 

and odaptud tu the PreienC State of tl 
Theatres ; ' pabllshed in ITAS, and indudii 
"linpacliu obMrroUona on the perfarmanc 

ler, perfection!, and defects " -' " — '- 

r, Woodward. Foots, Kara.-. 

-■ . Clbher, Mr*. Prltchurd, Mi 

Hairy. 1 

po[ary_ pbiyi 

Hatard, Palmi 
" ■ rd, Ml 

taalljr the hook of iTso. te-wrlttea 
ilonud. Ttie writer urmis. among other 
thl nn. that a. good actor onglit to expreu bla 
autbnea. not hli own, Idew : that ^e mnit 
hlnuelf feel tbe pualon ttiat he wootd lalse 
in otberi ; that any partlcnlar turn d[ mind 
ii of dlBdianlofie to him; that an actor 
oiiKht tn be diiferent from himielf on monr 
iKxaKloni; and no on. 'The Actor' wai 
readanteil Into French by Antonio Fablo 
flticotti. on Italian pUyer, under tbe title of 
'Dsnick. on lea Acteun Analola' (17W), 
anil thii work lujiMited to Diderot (j.v.) on 
cnaj (contrtliuttdlty him to Qrlmm a ' CoT- 


reiipondani% ') on which be af terwarda boiod 
hlM famona ' Parvloia Hnr 1e ComMlen.' 

(3) A poetical diaquialtlDB on the art of 
BCti ng, written by ItOBeaT Llotd 0133-inH), 
and publlahed fa ITAO. The anthoc beglna 
by laylnR down the axiom that acting 
drawa Ita perfwtlon from no obaerranoe 
of mechanic lawi. Tbeplayer'a — •--■— 

It ii noiC ouerted that 


Aud, flnt. In reference to deportment— 

The player la eibo[l«d not to attitndintia> 
and IS warned, further, agolnat OKr-uctlng : 

Coming to the Tolce, Uoyd obncrvea that 
it ia not enoogb It Ihouid be "niuuJ and 

"DespcralB heroines," wo aro told, nliould 

Equally doea Uoyd ceninre those wh< 

an<t be is not leu h 

From this the poet pa»i«a on to enumertt* 
acting InTla Uoui. One of these, he tell* 


Ths pnem tl 
Iwtwun thi! 

the Thtairr mngaiini 

tbs Whole 

unil made ipiu]' of WMialnDt',-nt 

Jnterapenwcl with Salect and t „ _ 

unptoB from tha Most PopolBr Tkludvi 
Plscei ; ■ pabUihed In IgZl, ud described I 
W» pnifaee u mUnly " a r8-«n»ngonient i 
3I[. Auvn IliU'B cvlebntal Eauy upou tl 
Illstriunic Art. ths puiltioni of that >b 
viiter being merely brouglit forwHTd. 4i: 

iir aentamher, 1879. 
o the Sla^e : limpUfyic 

B (^ned, 


Aator(The). Apl&fhyT.E.rEUBEitTOM 

^kj. ISM. wiUi E. C»Diplun and h£ wife in 
the chief parti ; since reconitructed by the 
BBtbDrmd E. Cnmptan, ind re-christeDwl 
■ Step-Brothers' (isai). 

Actorof AUWorkfThel: or, 
and Seoond Floor. A eomedietti 

_ .. 1.. J, COLIIAM {B.C.' ' 

Chuln Mathew 

(ff.o.)« MHllipk (,q.v.-), 
t rltaiptei: : prmlocsQ at 
" -■■'- Uathewi '- '■'- 

original p , . 

refused an engigciDent by Ve&Ti^nck, i 
manager, on the gnnind of hie Incompe 
teney ; so the former sets to work i 
Rppear before ths littler In a teiiety o 
cuuBCters. Including Si prompter, a Fnnd 
tmBHlian, an '■ ' ■ 

liruler, hb « 

a tut CuBChtDUl. Uo 

enntiuiiy aucavus nlmBelt. and Veiintpcek 
■dmlU bu csmpetency. The nuuUEec occa- 
ntea a flnt and the actor a second duDr, botll 
floor* bobu: rapmented on the eCace, as la 
'AboTeandlScloiT'tv.iu]. See ACTRESS OP 
All Wokk; Coxkmmi ; Tweltb Pre- 

Aotor'a Budget, Ths : "condiUnfot 
monologtiEii, proloEUvn. cpllof^ci, and tales, 
■eriotii auil comic, together with a rare 
collection of tlimtrlml iinocdatc and comic 
»ngi :" written by IV, OXBKItRT (g.c), and 
ininleil In ISia It had Uaen rrecednl In 
1603 by a nimllar work from the same pen, 
anUtlwl ' The Tlitatllcat ik-uiquet; or, The 
Actor's Budget.' 

Actor's Daughter (An \ A piny by 
Paul, Minnesota,' U.S.A., b 1^7. 

Actoc'a Betreat (The). An eitnira- 
Eanra in one act, by W, BRIIi'Cll (v.c.> 
and A. Hillidav (j.f,), flrst perfonnoJ at 
the Adelphi Theatre, London, on August 11, 
1304. with » cast Indndine J. L. Tmie, Paul 
Bedford, It. R«mer, and flra. Alfred Mellon 
(ftlisB Woolgnr). 

Aotor'a VTUo (The). A domestic 
' '- ' ■'inled by EDMUNli 

and drst performed at the St. Jaiaen'a 
Theatre, Manchester, ou October St, 18SI. 

Aotora are mentioned by BuitCEarEAiiR 
In ' Corialonus.' act v. ac. 3 ; 'Julius L'lesar,' 
nctlLw, l:'llamlot,-actiL»c.2; 'Ricbard 

Aatoni, An Apolo(rT for. Sea 

Actors, The Old, and The Belirloiv 
of Aotora. Ei4auy« by CUAKtia Liiui 
(q.v.). Suebis'EuuyaolEUa,' 

Actors al Freaco. A musical piers 
couiposed by J. lllewill. T, Cuoke, and C. L. 

Actors by Daylieht, or Pencll- 

llngs in the Pit. A wivkly illusiniie.1 
raEsdoILuiy, published in 1838-0, and con' 

Actors by Qaalleht, or " Boi " Iix 

the BOXOB. An iJlnBtnllcet periodical, 
published wet'kly In IKIS. 
Actors by IiunpliKht. See Behimu 

Slalnt ( , — — 
leir profession, and banish 
■evcml playhouKs, in which is fnliv set 


sh Slage'^flS^ the Boibnrgho 
1^), AihUe'a ' facsimile Re- 
iiiai nnd Ubidlev'i 'Old Buck 
UiscsUany ' (1373). 

by DayUvht (An). An 

adapbiticin of FoumlePs "Tlrlilate, ou 
nmndili. M. Tngfdie.' flnt performe<l at thL< 
Theatre. Lonilon, in April, 1971, 
'■•'•- Wood as -ln«( BnctyirdU. 
I as Di'llg, W. Farren bji 

^_._jd y. Merrin as Juitimau 

Burgiu ; played In New York In IWiS. ffeo 
art: COHI^v A.VD Trageuy ; Na>ce Olu- 


Actress, Life of an. Sea Life or 

tit ACTB133, 

Actress of All Work (Thai : or. 


funned aX iha Stiud Tbeotn, Ijondon, In 
JSia. with Mn. Edwin in tha title urt 
(Uaria}, whlcb wu kfWnnvdi pluad br 
Mn. DsTison, Mra. FitrwilUun, ^n. Tay- 
ieun, una Booth, MhB Clan FWiir, Mln 
Sninton. otc Wlddicomb wu the oritlaal 
t'redrrick. Tha pl«o (which WB» prodnced 
nt New Yorli in IHSO] ij on ■imilnr Iin«i to 
tbow of -Tho Actor of AU Worf (7,^.). 
Maria, m. connti? utnaa, is In ioia with 
Frtdcrici, lan of a muncer who rcfufiea to 
engage her DiilU (like MutUpU) she glTeii 
him proof of her sbllity bjuauiglng eetemi 
<liTer>e dharaclen, e.o. » conntry gawky, a 
lADdon actresfl, a deaf old lady, a literati 
flip, and an open-idugn. 

Latrea* ot Padua (The). 


New York In May, ISSi, with Miu Charlotte 
Cuahman in the title part (Tllbe) ; produced 
in London, at tha Haymaikot. in May. 1S5B, 
with Uiei Ciubinan, Howe (w Angrla), W. 
Tarren (ai AkIdU'd). and Mlu Reynold! (ae 
Catarma): also at the Tbeatre Royal, DnbllD, 

the Present Day 

tbs°yillniny'of hypocrisy 
I, and held up to publio 

AatTeaaea Snt appeared on the RnKliih 
■taga In 1021), when a tniupa of French 
playen, male and female, relying, no doubt. 

(ifieeD Heni 

la pabvnaga of thdr 

_ Marfa, essayed to El^a 
.1 filaeklrlars. Up to ihia 
na parts in the natlTe dramn 
1 H«n enacted Inraitahly by faoyi or 
itba, trained to the pmfeaiion by the 

irtered. Thns the em- 
, niat it 

i7by"oir ' 

e indlgc. 
hlned, he 

- «u*t ■■ 

not think they 
teady to tiy the •amg wain." Aa a matter 
of fact, tb^ reapparad a few weeks after 
at lilt Fortune uid Ked BnU theatres, but 
Inlly. IliBy were, bideed, to lax 
popalu- that the Master ol the 

vstion, and it l» not anrprUlng 
was reaented by the pbiyEoen of 

Acconlina to a leltflr addreswd t, , 

then Blnbop of l.ondon. by one Thoniad 
nnmde, the public were indignant. The 
French actresses wr — '"'' * ' — *-' 

from being i 
Keels. 'Til 

they had had 
Three yeua Uter, in 103! 
in Brome's comedy, "1 
{if.p.;, WU made to as; : 

. Laili/ Slra'ty 
ae Court Bej 

it iH not clear 

to what actreii 



tl»d all '■women-acion- 
adjecUiea as "Impudent,"" 

of fthodes' (e.e.) wu acted, at Bnttand 
HooH, before a paling aodlencB.wlthacaet 
which included Mn. dilemansa /anUf.and 
to that lady, therefore, most be accorded 
the honour of having been tha flr«t Kngllah 
professional actress. On Decemlwr S, 
urn. KUllgTBw gate, at the theatre in 
Vera Street, a representation of ' Othello,' 
tn which the rdle at Dfudenuma was per- 
formed by a woman. The occasion was 
"iod by a prologae from the |>en of 
s Jordan C^.e.), in which attention 
Lwn to the special attraction : — 

tlly fall to her : 

_ of her haying 

icrolne of Ol/irllo. and ft 
.t the part was token In 
Margaret tlugbea {1.v.\ 
ia dcmna of the company, 
[ipar, wu not preeent at 
for, writing about 'Tha 
.«,) which he nw at the 
January 3. IWIl, ho ds- 
the Srst timo that eter 
me upon the sbi^e." In 
be witnessed Ksnaston's 

u By this time the pr^ndlce 
len^ctors" had abated. Nay, 
louid seem, had begun to take 

S,ietlon to " boy«ctreuea " as 
r did to >-wamen«GlDn;'Bitd 
■o It csme to pan that when. In Uet, 
Killigrew and Darenant receiied a renewal 
o( the lettera patent granl«d ta tbem In 
1600, the documents Included permlsalon 
to place female parts in Iha hands of 
women. In 1064 ICIIti^rrew carried tho con- 
that year, he produced hia comedy, 'the 
Paaaa'a Vieiiiag- (im.J, with women In 


all UiB pnrta. ThKP'PT' »|» "t"!'''" Wtifc 

carded tliiMn 1673. -PhilMtef ind -.thur 
pluviiweH! reprewnUta iitUiicoln'-lDnFlBlili 
vndoT tlie niime coiidlCtoiii» Dryaen wnims 
proloiW* '' "' ' '" " 


m manied men of 1 

■ ■ >r iboL 


, , _, Je'D^s^Bcirtmi'. 

EUubeth Fkmn, >ibn. in ITBI, muried tli« 
Egrl of Derby; Louis* Bnintan, who, in 
leos, becune Countcu of Cn'en ; M1U7 
Bolton. TPho, in 1813, eroonitd Edwnrd, 
Lonl Thorlov; EUiAbeth O'NrIII, who, in 
isie, Dianied lUr. (•Jterwuds strWllliuD) 
B«ber (B&rt,); Knauinab Paton, who. !n 

Manluint (Mn. Xlibett}, who, in 1M4, 
ennuwl Bir WUllun Bootlibr. Bart. ; 
Halana Fanelt, who, in ]B£I, married Mr. 
^idtica_Slr^ Tbaodore Miutln _(Kt.)_^ (lio 

thiJLtliis S»u 

or'si'r"wTG»rdin>r; WtuT EeUrSiltMi' *b° 
married Vlicount Dunlo. and became 
fSmnteaa of ClMlcatty ; MiM Cor^tanco 
OilcbriKt. who wedded the I'ul of Orkney ; 
Sirs. Fwiny Btirlipp. who tmnl^X Sir 
<'harles Crecory ; and Itilwi Roslo Bootfl, 
wbu fspoiuvil the Mnrqnix of Ucadfort. 

AetH. The principal Kctioni into wliich 
Dlava are snllb ud: ^'acCs." In their turn. 

Greek dranus being atrealetl only by the 
interpeliHtion of the Charua. The flrat 
Qreelc play in which the Chorus did not 

ana in that the action hai no panie. T)io 
Bnb htatorical reference to "acts" ia tliat 
made by Horace in hia epistts'Ad PiKmes.' 
where ho dedajea tiiat a play ought iniari- 
ably to coniriat of Dtd " acta. Among F.nE- 
liiih dramaUati there ban )<een, in this 
tenpoct. the greatest direnity of liabit. 

JijLi lioon no aettleJ nijo- Romantio playa 
and comeiliBt haTo mngod train 6n acta to 
one. In modern comediea the three-act 
dlTlnion luui been larRcty adapted, whilit in 

jMn, mnnajien hare, oa occulan, dropped 


d FufTCHtH's ' Uon« 

Adah. A character In Lord BYRON'S 
'Cain : a Myxtory ' (T.n). 

Adalelaa. A priortms, in W. West's 
leniou of ■ Norma ^o.r.), W. B. OXDEItuVs 
■Norma TtSTeslia 'ft.r.), and W. S. UlL- 
BEBT'S 'Pretty Dniidesi' ((7. 

Adam. Serrant IJ) Olia 

Yon Like If (fl.r.)- "ThL „ 

Jdam, hnmbly Inra and coamely nurtured. 
ii no ioiigniacant peisonaEe in the dran 
and wo Sai in tlie healthy tone or 
mind, and in hla generoni hnirt. whi< 
under reiereea and wrong!!, Btill preiei 
Its cbariUhla t-jiit hi hia feiJr — -- ■ 

Bi in hla kmdty. Ihoogh [i , _„., _ 

delightful and inatmctlre contnut Id tlio 
chanwter of Jamut [o.r.], which conid luna 
bardly been acddentaL'^ Tlivre la a ttaiU- 
tjan that Shahaapeorehlmielf played ildaiH, 
and this la thought to be Eondmied by tho 
fallowing gtatement of Uldyi In referonca 
to the pnot'B brother: "All Uutt coidd t» re- 
collected from him el hii brother Will . . . 
waa the laint, general, uid Almost lost ideas 
he bad of haVing once seen him act a part in 
one of his own comedle*, wherein. baUut to 
personate a decrepit old man, be wore a long 
beard, and appeared bo weak and drooping, 
and ur-"'- --' ■■ ' ' - 

t,.v) b. 


, feble. at w 

..IS (or. 

rrifld by another person 

wvtQ eating, and one of 
' This would cerUinly 

grmite In Lord ilruos^a 'Cain: a Mystery' 
r.). Seo DejITU Of Adu(. 
Adam, Adalphe Obarles. A French 
coraponiT (iSOS-lasil), soma of whaw opanis 
and ballets bare been performed in FnTiflanit. 

Surrey Theatre. London.onFebruaryiB.lH02, 
with W. Creawick In the Mile part, Miss O. 
Paunc-efcrt as Belts Sanl, Miss K. WebHter 
as Diiioh Morrii, Vincent as AHImT Domii- 
Ihorar, Miu E. Johnstone m Mrs. Pa^trr. 
and C. Hice, VollaJre, Uaclean, etc, in other 
parts. (S) A dntuia hi (our acts, by W. 
HnwEl.1. PooLK, alio founded on the noiel. 
and Brat performed at tlie llolbom Theatro 
' Ixuidoa, oa Jiue ■!, 18^1, with Vt'. Bignold 


u Adam, sod Um anEhor, J, Vnllalre, R. 
Vemap, Mba Edith Joiilan. tlr... fn other 
partii ; aftdrwnrd* pUjod In 

n Boff: or, The Han wlthont 

■ * ''--■-' t,byE.I..BLl.V. 

»t«TT liy DnasUs 
»l at Ibo Surrey 

■1-,'iou.M &irH- 

unded on ■ 



iler, 3lri. ScniiiriHrMy. Socr'ata shiriiishi. 
Ilia IMorah ShorlliifM. 

Adam&nt, AbeL A cbuscter Id O. 
ALUxR-s ■ Seien Sl.tera ■ (j.c). 

AduDlaaaBdenfAn). A"™nilcope[» 
lU ciunera." wonli by U. Sjivilg ClikkB 
iq.v.), am^la ^>J Walter Slaughter, flnt pcr- 
ionnoil ftl thfl Opiira ComiquB, I«niion, on 
D«ember 13, IS4i, with Kliu Kmlly CroH as 
the DveActr if BrtrJa, Mlai Ocoty Klcbnrili 
u lAfu Mantrap, etc ; produced In Hew 
York in Noiembor, 1«S1. 

Adftmtt Edirln* American ar(«r. bom 

V.h'a., In ISSSl and bii last appeannce at 
Sun FrancliKO In May. KTO. be crsatcd. 
among otlior part*, that of Unoch Ardca in 

oridnil Id AmerlCi al Bnbrrt Landry in 
'Ttie Dead Heart; and ol tainKhorviUMn 
■TheSeil.' He was (or some time " leading 
man" at Booth's Theatre, New Torli. and 
hSs TepertoTT InidDded nil Iha elder rSttt In 
tnfnJy. JeSanon miMfl ; "The animation 
of bin huet, the nacs of hii person, and, 
aboie alL the melody of bis Toice, well fitted 
Mm fatUM itaEe- Whila he conld nnt tidrly 
ba called a Rreat artiit, be was sometliing 
often more bljiblT prlied— a bom actor, a 
child of natnrelf not of art, xwayeil by irann 
InpulH lather tbui by prenedltntlon. Hit 
JEiueh Atatn. u far as the rburaoler is 
relkted to (be stage, was a crontlcin entirely 


Adama, OeoTss. Fdlo* of lit John's 
Collnn, Cambridge (circa 17eD-.1!i}; author 
of -Tho Heathen >Iarlyr: or, The Death 
of BooratM.' a tiagody {17461 ; tiansUlor of 
the 'Ain![.""Klectni,'^'(Eilipm 
' AntlRone,' ■ l&Unns Colonoiw,- ■ 
ud ■ PuUoctetes ' of Soplioeies ( 

Adama, laabel. See Clifton, Mrs. 

pUysd Uamle 

Adamson, John. Translator (from the 
PortniiueHe) of ' " — ' — ' ''* " — ' — ' " 

I Inox de Caitro,' 

OlhtUo, Macl-r' 

i' (q.v.), originally re- 

Sresontfld by Noki 
i9t. in dressing for tho part, Nolios was 
~ the Duke of Monmoulh who. 

that the acloi mlehl the bettor 

' hlon o) the day, took 

Id belt, and buckled 

te the French fashion o) the day, U 

. : : .It, and buct__ 
o Nok<w;s side. .,^'Mr. NDkes,-M>y;> 

upon his flrst 

Addle, Mtb. (Fanny Hamilton). At- 
lTan.1,, bura 1116, died Jnly 4, 1876 1 ap- 
peared at the Olympic Theatre, Ijondun. 

Ptince-s's and the AdoipUi. 

Adding^n, Sir William. Chief ma- 
gixtralu nt Dow Street : diedisU; author 
of 'Tbo Prince of A^ra,' a tragedy (I7T4). 

Addf Bon, CBrtottB. Actress, bom nt 
Licerpovl in July. 18M; ihmKhter of K. P. 
Addison (g.r.): gained iier early eipcrlcnce 
in her birtiiplnce, and made ber lUbiit in 
London, at Nt. James's Tiieatre. in October. 
1SS8, aa Lad» Totiekn'ood in 'The Delie'a 
Ktratageln.' Mhebaa "cieMed" thetoUow- 
Ing parta: ..ttfiRd In Gilbert's '" ' 


Mt.' BtUa li 
IhTrtnxite ll 

IkU in Ilailiiiav'l ' Dadd* Oiu,' JTi 
-' — '- "-•— - "^nw L^ts,' AeUa 

..nth - ' ■ 

'Partner* for Life,' AhIA in uyran's 'fins 
FeaChen' Elhtl Craiimr In Byron'* 
'Alarrled in Uute,' Sri. AidnilA in 
Albpry'a ' Forgiven,' Prrp In Alben'a 
■Uriana.' VIelnria Coelo in Albery's 'Wir 
and Uo«Ti,' J(r.. Waaiiafr In ' CommltteS 
for Trial.' ilabrl AonHnicln Ilay'i ■ Mahel.- 

■ Honoor,' Ifofpsa in Boncicanlt'i 'Miml,' 
AniU Janrt in D. U. Bondcault's 'My 
Little Cirl,' Ladu Doilg In HiniiUon'>> 
- M.>ths.- tirt. lleltan In Mturgis'R 'Plckini 
Rp tlio Plcrea.' Lady Dettir in TboniaB and 
HtpphensoD'a ' Comnde^' JHu Jfochod in 

Hamilton's ' 

irrert,' JfoOnnu 

BiOamy la Clumben tnd U»le'i ■ Darti 
Careifoat,' JJuU IIM In Pinero'i -Svfwt 
lATBDdn.' Xarpartt ia ' Dreun Ficei.' Hit 
Bnat in FinatoV 'Ud* Banntltnl,' JTri. 
Greinllumt In -Hiuhuid ud Wlfi,- Ladu 
Canhw ia 'Tba I'rlngg o[ Sodet)',' Mid 

I Ml» Warden 

D ftppearec 

laAn /n^Itty _.. 

Mike.' MlM AddiaoB bu tin i 
the followlu, ■mang other ri 
irdAo-to^mla Sobertwm'i ■SocietT' (1908X 
iM In 'The Ctiriitmu Story' OSIl). Jfr*. 
CtafAifrt in Byron's ■Cyril'iSucMaa' ilK2), 
^erinnio 'Tfta Mi'rchantat Veolce' (BTM, 
<ltorfina Vaey in Lyltiin's 'Money' (1876). 

n Boucicanlt'B 
mee' (,iti77), Jufia in ' 
ClurTV in ' The Beaui 


), i»«. I.indtn In ■ A DoU's 
Houu'IlSMiuid Mrt. Staironic In Cham- 
bers'i • Oiptala riwHt ■ (IBBS). 

Addiaos, Edward Philllpa. Actor, 
bom laOB, died 1S71 ; [ath«r of dulntU uid 
Fumy AddiBOn {qr.'t; "creutod," Bmonc 
other ntrts. those ol A'uIArowu in Jerrald^ 
Mleut ol <3old.' Binaiain in TroHElitno'i 
' Ltadlni Btrincs.' Mamr Sitlc In Tom 
Taytar'i^Oofni to tho Bad.' Ptrey Eirkf 
ia Taylor'* 'Sheep in WolTii Clothing,' 
Fathtr VCtiry tn I^coner'i ' Fenp o' Day.' 

Albery*) adaplaUon. Amang his other 
rflct mu be mentioned Sir IWv in 'Tweirtb 
NlchtniSSl). Lord Priory In [nchbald'a 

• WlreaaatlMT Were' (IBM). JOHbfiafr in 
C<dlin*'('U|hihoUH'(1817), Coiutfeln'The 
'Way (0 get filMried' (ISST), Damat in "The 
lAily or Lyons' (1807), anil OoliflAuint in 
'Time wwfca Wonders' (1H73). SoeMnrley'a 

• Jonmal ol aLunilon Playgoer ' (iBSli). 

Addlaon, Fanny. Aclmv, bom in Blr- 

mlnghnminlieceinljeT.iai? i daoghtor oF K. 
P.AddlHni(a.c.>; mads her rl^tnit in London, 
«t Her Majeiti'i Tlieatro. In Novomber, 
lSM,Mthe heroine of Falconer's ■ Oonaffh,' 

[jlierpool, NewcoHtlD, Balh, and Bristol! 
."^be has bean Uio original renniaentatlTe of 
the followini; nla: Joitphtitt d» Jlra-arf 
mite in Boade'e ' Poobls Haniace,' Jf arUn 
yrafboU in Halilday'a ' King o' Scots,' Bow 
ZUrUa In llallldai's 'Little Bmly,' Ohhh 
jaUabilA in Ualllday'a 'Amy Boliwrt,' 
trhH la Ualllday's 'Rebecca.' £srl nf 
Manalt In aUbert'e 'La 
J-iyelit In Giiliert-s'Frlnin., 
In 'Ihe DuiiaeherTa, BUtrr Cell 
iaa'i "Light — ' ""- '- ' "- 

BoberUoD'a ' Onra.' 

AddlaoD, Henry Sobert. pf 

In IBSOi author 

lie, the Plover of Dui 

blalna.' and 'Marie, a Tale of the Font 
Nanf' (in l>Bn™rabe'« 'Brttlsh Theatre'): 
' Locked in with a I^y,' ' Sophla'a Snpper.' 
and ' 111. Arundel Street, Strand ' (In licy'* 
'Acting Edition'); "Tarn o* Shanler' and 
"Ths King's Seal' tlSW), 'The Klng^a 
Word- (ISaS), 'Abbd Vaudreuil' (isnufc 
'Whatl no Cib?' 'Who would he Mnr- 
riedT- 'Malice Piepenae.' 'Solon,' 'Abra- 
ham Parker.' etc. Addison Is said to have 
writtan abont sixty pieces for the London 

most siiccessFuUy illiutnting the popular 

AddlfloiL, John. ConijHuer, died ISii ; 
wrote the musk for tho Fotlovinn pleeea (all 
of wlilch see) : ' The Sleeplni Beauty ' (IBOS), 
"The Itoman Impostor ^asOS], ' My Aunt' 
(1813), 'Two Wordi' (1818). 'Freo and 
Easy' (I81S), 'Hy Uncle' (1817). etc He 
>™a also part auflior of the ninilc in ' The 
t'nnner'i Wife' (1814), 

Addison, Jonapli. Dramatic writer, 

IS the B 

tragedy (1713), i 

. „[iy (17155. all olwh 

Me alio helped Steele 1" ■ ""- - 

lomBdy (1. — ,. .- 

.led Steele In 'TheTeni 
Hnslood' (4.T.), and eootrlhnteil to tne 
SpicUtlitr (q.v.) a nnmber of critlclinis on 
the dnuna and dramatic works. "Addison," 
•s" W. J. Courthope, "had not the geniua 
dmmatist The grace, tbe Irony, the 
ncnt which EJTo bim sach 
ipacity in describing and 

d^d'no't''qDaTlh'''hlni for inuginatire sym- 
pathy with their actions and paiilnns. . . . 
AnylKNiy who reads the thirty-ninth papor 
in the Spretalor may we, not only that 

ditlona of tho IDnglish stags, bnt that his 
whole turn of thought dlnusMed him from 
coinpFohending the motfies of dninatla 

tmt), 'Ilckell OTU), Kpnmeel asiO). Aikin 
(IMS), and Elwln (ISST) ; also Johnson's 
' Llrca of the Poets,' Maraulay'a ' Kssays,' 

rarloiu reprints o( the Spttla 

fastidious raOn' 

' Morley, 

AddlBon, IiBiUrB. Actress, bom at 
Colchestor. IttSS : died IK-S ; nude her flrst 
appearance on the atoge at Worcester in 
1815. playing afterwards at (ilaagow, lUln- 
burgh, and Dublin. In Augnst, IH40, aha 
appeared at Sadler's Welis Theatre, where 
she remained for three years. In 184D she 
went io the Haymarkot, and In ISaO to Dniry 
Lane. In ISfil aba migrated to America, ap- 
pearing at Now York In September of that 
year as Lady Tiaslr, and at FfalladelphU In 
October as Lmly Mabtt in 'The Palrtcian's 
Daufbtei.' She was the flrst rcptssenUtlia 




of Maryaret Randolph In * Feadal Times.'and 
Idlian SavUe in * John Sarile of Hftyitead.' 
Among her other rClet were Juliet^ Portia, 
Jmogen^Lady Mad>etk, Miranda ( 'Tempest '), 
I»abeUa (* ^feas1lre for Measure '), Panthea 
(* King and No King '\ Juliana, Mn, HaiUr, 
Ifrt. Beverley, uid Bianea (* Fazio '1 See 
Brown's ' American Stage ' (1870) and * Die- 
tionaxy of National Biography ' (1886). 

AddlBon, ICrs. John (n/0 WilHamsX 
Vocalist ; appeared at Coven t Ciarden in 17^6 
mm Botetta in *Love in a Village/ and in 
other characters. She afterwards sang in 
the English provinces and in Ireland (as 

Addlebraixif Philander. A character 
In Dr. MiLLi.NUEN's 'Who'll lend me » 

Adela. A tragedy by ^Irs. West, an- 
acted, but printed among the author's 
' Plays and Poems ' in 1799. 

Adelaide. Danghter of the Count of 
yttrbonne. in Jeimison's play of that name 
iq.v.) ; in lore with Theodore . 

Adelaide. (1) A tragoilv by Mrs. Opie, 
privately played at Norwich on January 4 
and 0, 1791, with the author in the title 
part. (2) A historical tragedy in three acts, 
by UE.NRY James Pye iq.v.\ first per- 
formed at Drury Jjano on January 25, 18()0, 
with Kemble as Prince Richard, Mrs. Sid- 
dons as Adelaide, Ilarrymore as Prince 
John, J. Aikin as King llenry, and C. 
Kemble as Clifford. The prologue was by 
Southey ; the epilogue was delivered by 
Harriett Mellon (fi.r.). The play is founded 
on Lyttleton's '^liintory of Henrv II.' 
Addaide, sister of King Philip of France, 
is in love with antl beloved by Richard, but 
John tells his brother tliat Adelaide is also 
bdoved by Kintr Henry, and Adelaide, indig- 
nant at the jealousy of Richard, takes 
refuge in an abbey. She becomes a nun, 
and Richard sets ofif for the holy wars. 
(8) ' Adelaide ; or, The Emigrants : ' a 
tragedy in five acts, l)y R. Siikil (q.v.), 
performed at Covent Garden (for the rirat 
and only time) on May 23. 1816, with Miss 
O'Neil in the title part, C. Kemble as Count 
Lunenbura, and Young, Abbott, Murrav, 
Egerton, Mrs. Egerton, and Miss Foote in 
oUier parts. " If," says Ilazlitt, " there 
had been one good passage in this play, it 
would infallibly have been danmea. But 
It was all of a piece ; one absurdity justified 
another. . . . Count Lunenburf/ cannot marry 
Adelaide, because ' his emperor's frown ' has 
forbidden his marriage with the daughter 
of an emigrant nobleman ; and so, to avoid 
this imperial frown, he betrays her into a 
pretended marriage, and thus intendst to 
divide his time between war and a mistress. 
Hence all the distresses and mischiefs which 
ensue." 'Adelaide ' was printed in 1»I«, but 
without the opilogue (spoken by Mathews 
as .S'*> Fretful PUttjiary). It was produced 
at New York in IS 10. (4) A dramatic frag- 
sient, a^laptcd by \V. PoELfrom the 
of Dr. Hugo Miller, and performed at the 

Vaudeville Theatre. London, on the after- 
noon of July 5, 1S$7. It deals with an 
incident in the life of Beethoven. 

Adelaide of Wulflnsren. Anunacteil 
tragedy in four acts, ad]^>ted from the 
German of Kotsebue by B. Thompso.n 
{q.v.\ and printed In 1708. The heroine, 
unknowingly, commits incest, and in a fit 
of frenzy kills her two sons. 

Adelbert of Warsaw. A play pro- 
duced at New York in 1819. 

Adelffitha ; or, The Fruita of a 
Singrle Error. A tragedy in five acta, 
written by M. G. Lewis (^.e.), with inci- 
dental music by Kellv ; first performed at 
Drury Lane on April SO, 1807. with Mrs. 
Powell as the heniine, Elliston as Lothair, 
Raymond as Michael Dueai, II. 8iddons 
as Robert Ouiteard, and Mrs. II. Siddcms as 
Imma. Adelgitha is the wife of (Juieeard^ 
but, when very young, had been seduced 
by Georje of Clermont. Lothair is her 
unacknowledged son by George. In the 
absence of Guiseard, Dueae makes love to 
her. He possesses her letters to George^ 
and threatens exposure. Ultimately he is 
stabbed by Adelgitha, who, though forciven 
by Guiiteard, kills herself. Jmma is beloved 
by Lothair, 'Adelgitha' was played in Ame- 
rica, for the first time, in 1808. It was fre- 
quently revived : notably at Covent Garden 
in 1819, with Miss Somerville as Adelgitha, 
C. Kemble as Lothair, Macready as Duco^, 
and Young as Guiecartt ; at Drury Lane in 
1S23, with Kean as Lothair and Cooper as 
Ducat: at the Bowery Theatre, New York, 
in March, 1827. with Mrs. J. R. Duff as 
Adelgitha, Charles Young as Guiseard, Blake 
as Lothair, and G. liarrett as Ducae : at 
Drury Lane in April. 1823, with John 
Cooper as Guitcard, Wallack as Duecut, and 
Miss Foote as linma, Guiecard, Lothair, 
and Ducaa were all among J. R. DutTs 

Adelinda. A play by IIan.n.\ii Brand 
(o.r.)jprinted in 1798. It was adaptotl from 
the * Force du Naturcl' of Dostuuches. See 
Genest's * English Stage ' (1832). 

Adeline. A melodrama in three acts, 
adapted from the French by Howard 
Payne {q.v.), and first performed at Drury 
Lane on Kebruary9^ 1822, with Miss Copeland 
as the heroine, Mu>s Smithson as Countf»» 
Wilhihn, S. I'enley as Count Wilhvlm, and 
Cooper as Dorlin. Tlio Count, under the 
guise of an artist, has seduced Adeline, 
daughter of Jhirlin, a blind ohi soldier ; 
and Adeline, when she finds tiit* Count is 
married, throws liorsolf into a river, and 
ultimately dies on the stago. The play wa.H 
perfurmed at New York in May, 1822, with 
>IiKs Johnson in the title part and Mrs. 
Butten^by as the Countese. 

Adelle. 'The New York Saleslady,' in 
the play of that name (7.1*.). 

Adelmann. Mavnr of the palace, in 
Tom Taylor's ' Witiikind an ' his Brothers ' 


AdalicDTii: or TheOutlaw. Adiami. 

vith sontn. in three arta. by M. O. LEHla 
■q-v-), flTstporfannndibt DmrylAne.AlBy 4, 
1901. vUh C. Kemble u the hero, Batmond 
u CouiU Ulric, BanniiMr. jnn., u toSoieieh, 
Haett aa Uuffo, and Mn. Jordan u JniiofffiK 
.Jdclinom la (MpBCtid of haying klllwi hla 
UDde, ia arreataa, eacapen, and la outlawed, 
Jjodmrirlt dincovetn thut tho crime hai 
really been cominittud hj (Itric, and de- 

npjtvan.uid tjlric con^sua bLa ^ilt. Ilupo 
Is a minatreland "a good comii: clianctec' 

elphl; ( 

The Brothera. 

Into Bngllah by Beisard {1B93). Haole{iae3i 
Ecbard and othen iieSH), Bentley rn-x) 
Cooke (1T«), Patrick (1746), Gordon (Ufii) 
the older Colmui OTW, Cottar (ISSi), Rllej 
tlS48). OUei (18M), ftnr (1SB7), DbtIbi 
<1>>6»). Monun (ISEO. Bamett and Haydoi 
<.IS87), and Hawliiin (iSfll). 
Adelphi Theatre- See I,ovnO> 

Adlna; or, The BUzlr of Love. 

An Kntcliih ibfMod of DonlHtti'a opora, 

Thoatro, lirarpool. on Tobmary M. 1SS9. 
The horolneolihlaworkla the heroine alio 
of RErMiLDSUN's Kdaptatlan ot 'I.'RUiIr 
d'Amore' (;(.«.). and of W. 8. QiuiERT'abur- 
leaqno, ' Dr, Dulcamara' (i^-vO- 

Aditha. A tlrlnE-ironiaiiInTAi.FOi;HD'B 
burlesque, ■ Oodiva^ (j,r,). 

Admetua. King of Thesialy, In 
JSrrcER's 'Alceatii' (q.v.), and in Tii^ 

Admlrahle Criohton (The). (.1) A 
tmgedy by G. OlLLOWlv. prinlcfl in I»ai. 
(£) A play, Br>t perfonned at Urary Lane 

ainginjT, uancuig, ana lencinf^, eic^ fleiiaa 
supported by Mrs. Rot>lDion. Oib«rry. 
HullBnd,BndPen1ey. (3) Anvhptation of 
Uarriion Alniwonh'a atoiy, 'trlcbton' 
Cl>i37), perrorDied at the Adetpbl Theatre, 
London. (4) ' ■"- " '- * ' 

-. M. Bi _, 

I^di.n. Notol 
IrvioB In the tl 

Dnke of Tork-s Thealre, 
nber 4, IMi. vilh ri. B. 

ibrugh.Misa ISybil Carlisle, 

Adolphus, John. Author of ' Moinoini 
of John bannlnter, C'oraediau' (1S3B). 
Adolphns Etnd Clara ; or, Tha 

KiaphiaDramHtira'OBlS) "laat 


Adonla- The central character in the 
follow [ng piece* ;—il) 'AUonb:' ahnrleroQa, 
produced at the BUoo Theatre, New Yurk, 
on Septembers. ISiM. with H. K Diiey hi 
the title part: tint performed In tondon at 
the (inlL-ty Theatre on Uav 31. IHge. with 
Diiey in hli original riUc. (2) " ■ 


BUppoaed to be yiriaed.—AdBnit alio Bearea 
in C. DiBDiN's ■ Poor Vulcan : or, tTodt upon 
Earth' Iq-v.t, VUkScni and Danck's 'Pa- 
phian Bower' (q.c..\ and in f. C. Bt'B»AMi'a 
* Venna and Adonia ' iq-V-). 

Adonla Vangaiahad. A comedy in 
two aclti, nd.ipted frou'Lo D^gar hy Vin- 
VJLST Amxyrsi <g.B.). See BtriD Tmw. A. 

Adopted Child (The). A mnslcal 

Clere, words by Sahuel Birch (g.r,), mualo 
y ■rhoinuii Attwoodf^.c); finil performed 
at Drury lAne on May 1, 17B5, with Ban- 
otaler.jun., aa Mieliatt. Suett aa ItroTil. 
andTmemaniuSiJ-^erfraiuI. The ailopled 

atrcngth of certain paponi, Co bo the heir 
of the estate), beldbya'irnrrlr'iru/.ufwlilch 
Itfturd [h the atewanl. The piece Iraa pro- 
duced at New York In 17M, with JeSersou 
a> Jlieharl. 

Adoption. A ■ matrimonial mlitnre,' 
hyBrcHAKD MenuV (o.r.J, Hrft nerformcd at 
Tuole'i Theatre. Lcindon, on Jlay tt, isnn, 
with Mian Cicely Bicharda and Klisa M. 
llllagton in tha caat. 

Adoration of the Shepherda (The) . 
ThBaubjoctofpIayBin the Cheater, Uo.en try, 
and WiUkirk aerU. for annlyilt luid qno- 


Adraata; or, Tha Woman's Spleen 
and LoTe'a Oonquest ' ' ' " 

AdrastuH. KlngotArgoa.hiTiLFOtiimi 
■Ion' (S.D.). 

Adrian and Omia: or, A Wother'a 
VeiiKeanee. A play in Bvo an-, by W. 
lUMOMi (jr.). BrHt pr-rformecl al Cuvput 
Garden onNoiemher IS. IBOO.wlUiC.Kcmble 
and Mlu llruntim in the title pan>. Miaa 
Kmilb >v MuHlda (Mdme. nermont), Cnoko 
ai PrUiot of AltenbuTij, nnil Monden ai4 
toiinf i/ito»*A«in. AjffiilwrjThaii seduced 
Kad'Ida and reloaed to marry bee. Sia, 


igc. BteBli hit leglUinate aon Adrian. 
lum him dS u b«r own. Bj-snd- 
'ifntrff, Adrian'^ mather hbina tleail^ 
t to veil Orrila, danRllt*! of Sam- 

.1, UatCtdn confesaing 

la faotli U rslgued and —^ — , 

.... •-•- - loweA Katada. Tht 

y Kellr- IC WIS i>[o- 

— reriTeJIiU ,. ,. 

■ ■ ■ n,J. R.DD9iu/>nn«'>/J»<< ' 

Attenburg mtmii^ng to i 

Slay IdcIdiIhI aonga by K 

nnd Mn. U. i 
wlfi-alid plajed t* 
Adrian in Syria. 


fly John 1±oolk(j.».; 

and printed in IhOG. 

Adrtonk. WEfe to Anliphnlm o 
EphesM, In ■ The Corned j of Errors ' (ij.t). 

AdTtenne. I)an|[bt« of MAilclini, b 
BfBMAMi'a 'Proof (^.0.). 

Adrienne ; or, Tha Beoret of i 
Z.lfa. A drains b; U. Leslie i^.v.), Hn 
perfonoed at the Lycenia Tbwtre, LnndQii 

on Nu» 


■:. Mrs. Keeley ta Ouri 

otber partn. Adrienn 

nd liCfonTd lonoded the dnma produced 
«t tha Thtitie JI^BnoBii dd April 14, 1U9, 
with Bubel in tha UUe rtUt and Bvmilsr 
91 Jfi'dhofUKf. Thn^BrtotAdrititru became 
A gnat bioarlte with BMhel, and was the 
lait la which ■he appeared on the ataxa 
iat Cbarleiton. U.S.A., Docamber 17, 18EKI), 
There haie be»D Mieiat lonlonii of tbe play. 
(1) One. written by John Oxenford, and 
entitled 'Tbe Bdgning Fnvourite' lir.'.i, 
«u prodnced in iai9. (8) In ia53 Mlu 
T, DaTanptnt appeared in New York In 
as adaptation by herwlf, called 'Adrlunne 
the AdroB,' pJayinE tbe title r6lt. and 
<nppan«d by Mildge as Xie\onnet. In 
less Mdme. Blstorl prodaced hi London 
ui Italian arTanEStnent of the dtajna. 
In 1883 M(» AioiUa Jones (7.E.) appeared 
■t the Adelpbi as Adriai«r, witb Mm. 
BUllnEton an the Frinera de BouiUan, 
J. Blflington aa Maurire dc Saze. J. L. 
Toole an MidunMrt, and D. Flaher u the 
^IM. (3) MiM Helen Fandt appeared ai 

adaptatioa made by ber husband. Sir (then 

Mr.) Theodore Mahtih. Tbis lenioD hoa 

lately CIWl} been naed, by penniHion, by 
K eompaiiy headed by w. Fafren, Joiiiar. 
Mdma. Bwnhardt repreaented AdrJenne (In 
Trench) at the Qaletj Theatre, LoDdon, In 
Uay. IBSi nppDitedby Millie. Deioyod, 
aiHl HM. TnlBi Chameroy, IMendonnt, wid 
Talbot. (4) Id Dccembsc of the aama year 
Blilma. Modjeiika— who had already played 


Jdritnni (in a 'eniion by I1e:irV HBrHaN) 
at the Coort Theatre, London, witb Miaa 
Amy Boaelie ae the PritteuK de BmuOon, 
Mira Winifred Emery as the Dueluu 

used whon, [n December, i*^.^:^. Min Marie 
de Oreyplayed Adritani at the Olympic, 
with F. B. Macklln aa Sajt. V. Terry aa the 
AIM, and Mln H. Creaawell aa the Printta; 
■nd when. In Aptil, 1SS3, Miaa Wallli (.qx.) 
represented Aaritntu at a matiaie at tlie 

■ts in two acta, liy E. MoitRis, flrat per- 
--■-■- ' ■■ h IS, 1790, 

Sir Pen 


Sramliir. Shi/t and Mar-iM 

only In three acla, by R. BogB 
ided on Auier'a * L'Aiantnriin,' 

_.. . performed ai the Strand Theatre, 

London, on the afternoon ol June E4. IBM, 
with Mlsa C. iTonoTa and C. W. Somemet la 
till! title partK. and A. Elwood and U. 
ETL-raHeld In other rOfei. 


Adventurea in Madrid. A comedy In 
irteacta.byMra. P]X('f.i')..proilucedatthe 
.„,... , .^.. i..,(j, i^ „(,- 

. Ira. 
I. Mm. Ilnkceglrdle a< Laur 


'Pattaa de Monclie.' Hint 

performed at Dmrr lii 
IMO. with the adapter and Airs. Matbewsaa 
jra>r Blunt and CstAerJna Sri^t. Mn. ¥. 
Matthawa aa Mn. Wiuttaff, andH. J. Mod. 
tagii and Miss Fanny Janeplia in etber parta. 
It has also been pUyed under the title of 
' B-Lotter,' See SciuP 

intures of a I.ove-t.etter. See 
LKES or A Billet- DoL'K, 
mturea of a Niffht (The). {!) 

d at 

Drury line on Mnich 21. 1; 

aa MoncraSt. Palmenu //d^ii ji./.. Bannlater, 
Inn., aa SprighUv, BaildfUy «, lUapir. and 
Barryuoreaa^airAiK. "i'lu Lnlk" uf the 
piece, mya Oeneat, "ia UiUcti from 'Tbe 
Ci^ee-HoBaa PoUUcian"' vj.r.-j. (3) A 
oomedy in tbree acts. fann>]i-ir i>f Mrtrick 
HlLTOR npon the orlKlnnl nf 'I'nke'a 'Ad- 
»entorea of Five Hoors ' {q.i: 1 and Unit per- 
formed at the Lyceum Tlic.-itrc, Edlnbuish. 



nieatre, LonduD 

Melltax. an'd uiueg U. Wbl'tty. 
&. remr, ftad C. Bicb&nla. 

AdTentores of a Veatriloanlat 
;t1ls); or, The Koguerlei of Mloho- 

cihihlt Uu 

. It ir 

I d[ Alex 

lei phi, Lorn 

iMndm. li 

AdvantursB of Bicli Toiplm and 
Tom King-. See Dick TtrnpiN. 

lj7.eX Ukptsd, M Clurlei U.'s inGgntion. 
tron ft SpftRish comedy [' L<» EtnuEB<» do 
Heia Horu ') and produced it the IJncoln's 
InD Fleldi Thmtre In J&nuuiT, III0.1. vitli 
Betterton u ^n Utnrii/ut, llania u 
,Jn(i?jiio, Young hi Oclaci", Mra. Beltprton 
u Portia, ud Mn. Dft'enport u Camilla. 
Oetatio it in tuve with Poriia, mnd j4nluT>ia 
■ritta Camilla. For Hme cime h11 [anr 

idcntltTftnd other mliundenUTidlneii: bnt 
In the end eich p4lr of loTeni ii niada imppj, 

a~ ji, who BT the nioca plajed ki Whito- 
, not on1ypm<»dit foe being ■' witliunt 
■ woril at rimldry," bnt proterted that. In 

thins " I lAngbaine proclaimed it ^* one of 
tha bust plajB now extant for (economy ind 
contrlTUico," and Echard deicrihml the plot 
u "one of the pleauntHt ■torlea that erer 
appeared upon oar stage." The play, which 

{fiiiupTsissd) at the Haymarket in 1707, and 
InlLll mate comprcBWil) at Danv Lane to 


AdTentiirsB ofEalfanBonrCTha). 

pDrfaTmed at Lincoln'* Inn Heidi on March 

i. II. UI1.T0N, perlon 

Thoatre, .. 

A play, adapted by T. 

Dolpll'i ■ Fill de Coislie; . 

Che Theatre Royal, Newcaitle, \n M«.y, 19S2, 

-■•'■"'" '■lellneSlanhui--" "--•-- '-- 

f,l«n. (2) 



"AdTSTBlty, Sweet ore the uaaa 
of."~'Aii Vol, like It,' act 11. mr. 1 (Iha 
Jtiitc). Shakespeai 

to "Advetslli'ii: 

t milk, phUowpliy:" 


3 (/■>., 

AdTertlaement (The); or, A Bold 
Stroke foTsHuaband. (i)Aconie.lyby 

Haymarket Thoatre nu Auguit s, 1"7", with 
PaiBons.Kd win, Jackson, iaiuet,R.pB,lmer, 
VKl the authoreu in the isit. (21 'The 
Adrertliement' was the title of a farce by 
Ves\ prwiuccd In London In 17D1, and 
inXew YutkinlSOl. 

Advice acatts. A fan^o in one act, 
bj C. DixCE (a-r.). flnt portormed at the 
Olympic Theatre, London, on September 
W, IsaT, with W. Fanen ai Oilbody, F. Mat- 
thewi HI Eventidi. and Mn. Urirer as Jfri. 
£centuU: produced In Now York in Feh- 

Irat performed at the Princess's Thatre. 
London, an October 8. IMfl, with J. VIning 
ind Mn. Stirling in the chief parts. 

Advocate (The); or, The Lost 
Cbubb. A piny by H. P. Giutta>, per- 

A.dvocate'e Daughter (Thel. Thl* 
ly was [wrtormcd at fiiiinburgh Thcatro 
lyal in 1S;^7, with Henry IrFing as 

Adze, Andrev. 

horacloc in T 
Coichli In Pli,vci 

^_^^__ ^^^^^^ ,.1,'K= 

(j.™> "ile^llB hi 

JBKlethuB. King of Mycenn^, in P. 

.SKlamoor. The '■sail ihephcnl" in 
Pks Jfi>soN's dismatic fragment of that 
tuune iq.i.). 

JBlla. " A tiH^ycal enterlndo or dis- 
coorserngo trngedle, wrot*nn ble Tliomni 
Kowlele," and publlibe'l In 1777. Tljh H-ac 
one of tbo fabrications of TlluUisCmilElt- 
WN («.-(.). 

.Smllia. The abbeii In ' The Comedy 
of Krrors' (v-v.); wife of ^^no»(9.I.), and 
mothur of the two AnriplioU tj.i.,). 

.Smtliiu. A character In nonR'a 
'Siegoof Aqnileia'(<;.n.). 

', Dido Don( 

rEand Nash's '1'ra,[edy uf 1> 


Uido' (7.1.], and 

.ffiaeaE'a Bevenge. Sec Tnor'a Be- 

.SroHtatlon : or. The Templar's 
StralageiQ. A fane in two ntlo, liy K. 
1>1 i/}.i (</,<>.), lint performed at Corcnt linrdDn 


on October H», 17M. witli Quick M Quarto, 
XiH. Webb US the Widaic Orampui, Uonnor 
u Uifuall, Wswitier ns J>nic(un, Usvlea u 
C»nK aordDH.uid MIm B«riM as SupAui 
Itoftatvl- Qitarta, a bookaeUor, desires to 
nuTT the Widow, and bit iiL-pbew uid beir, 
GeoTfff, wlbhefl to prevent ulj doing bo. 
"•---■■ a Tomplir. aoggosta tint CaiMo'i, 

-_ the Udy ; ftod when Ke does, sbs 

(■Tonra Udi. Vuorla ratlrea, giiei Otai^t 
tm estate, ftDd Qtnrgi nnd Sophut mv mftrrled. 
" Mncii," njg Oeneit, " U Bid about l«t- 
looiu. [or wfilch there vu at that time a 

.Bsoliyliia. The complete worki of (hla 
creM tra^ writer (B.C. G3S-1HD ha>e been 
Caulated into Eogliih by Potter [1777), an 
aaonytDou anther CllOt}, Bnckley (1M8}, 
Paley (18H), Plnmpke (IBS3), and Smui- 
irick <1S7S); the ' I^ca Dramas' hy 
Blackle (1§M). See Copteston's ■ fuchylila.' 
See also AOaKEKMoX : Orestks ; Puquc- 


JBiop, the [abaliat. flguies In Coins 
Bud TttTOVau'S "Leo the Terrible' ll-v.). 

2BaoD. A comwlT in tiro pitrts, bf Sir 
Jauy Vi.iiiutoH (;.n.), founded on the 
* Esope ' ol BonrsBlilt, and prodoced at Drory 
lAoa In 1697. witb t'ibber la tha title ptrt, 
DogfieCas LtanJiiu, Harlandas Orsn«i, and 
Mn.Teniplaas£upitTOiua. i>iircAuidea1rea 
bU daughter £u}iAronhi toman? ..^'foj^; bnt 
■he lofec Oromtri, to whom .£»p eientually 
tnnsten her. The Bflli act. and the cha- 
ncter ol Sir Pdidtnu ao-stlye, are entirely 
Vaahrugb's. The play was printed in 1«07, 
--' --'- '- ■"'^, with a new second part, 

contdsting of Uiree tc 
•t l>ntry Ijuie in 1708, 

Lh Clbb 


with Clbber, jna., 'oa Sir Pdidariu. and 
MaeUin u Quaint; at CuvanC Garden in 
1711, "with sonn In tiuiiaDty:" and at 
ttnaj Lane tn 17S9. with Mussop, Vatea, 
O'^en, Palmer, Holland. Mm. dire, and 
Mn. Pritcbard. Bedueed by T. Sheridan 
to the dlmenalons of a farce, the piera 
tTaa prodoced Bt Dmry I 
llanjersonns .Etopan'' 
See LloiiT A.vp SiilDon 

JEaoji tn the Shades. See Lethe. 

JBtQjr't Crow. A play, porformed at 
Court In the reign of Edward VI., "where- 
in," Bays a contempomry wiitcr, "the 
moate part of the aclora were hlrda," i.s. 
dressed ai soch. It in mentioned hi 
' Beware the Cat,' 1684 (Fleay). 

.Saop'B Fables. A farcical comedy 
by J. F. HUftST (q.D,), flrit performed at the 
Rtrand Theatre, London, on July 19. 1K8B, 

d Farren aa Ormvig, 

jethlop (The); or, The Child of 
the Deasrt. A play In throe acta, by W. 
Dat<K<0 (i.e.), dnt performed at Cofent 

Garden on October 6. 1812, wlUi C. Kemble 

Miss 8. Booth a* Oronnifn, Bra. C. Kembla 
aa 2iM. Lillon aa BninuuMO/, Simmons as 
Mviapha, and Kgetton, Fawcett, and Mrs. 
Daieopori also fa the cut : Brat seen in 
New I'ork in 1813. AlramhtdlMlba MOliim 
that being the nastuned oharacter li 
imaaks and f 

Olympic Theatre, Limdon 
Mainr Limlna, Keetey as Caalain Camaar, 
J. VIniag aa Dr. Cleincnti, Jiliaa nuwalbar 
ai .Vdmr. TOttrviOe. and Miss Gaward (Mra. 
Keeley) u Uartlta ; produceil in New Vork 
In IS38, with Piacida as Limliey. The piece 

olF Mdiiu 

Affaoted Z.adlea (The). AcomedThy 
John OzELL(o.r.), Ktentity translated from 
the ' Precienaat Ridiculoa ' of Uoll6re (;.e.). 

AfFsotlonate Father (The). A comedy 
by JiHEsNEtsos, priDterl. with some usuyi 
by the aanie author, in 178d. See ' BiogniuhU 

Affeotlonate Son (The). A comedy 
■•'- - ■'— ■"^irinlodinHolcroft'a ■Tho«- 


Affinities. Adramalnfi'oai 
by Mra. Cihpbell 1'haeo (q.r.. 

Afranaesado. A play in (wo acta, by 

T. J. SEKLE, flnt pvrfumujd at Uoient 
Oardeo in 1838-S. 

:, The aneen of 

.__ jds. (1) A buriea- 

que of Meyer1ieer'» - I/Africalne,- wrltUn 
by F. C. Glrnand (j.c), and Brst per- 
formed at the Strand Theatre,<lDn, on 
T. Thorne aa Setiia. J. D. Sloyla aa VaKO 
di Oa-ma, U. 1. Turner aa iton Oiego. Miia 
Saynham aa Don Ptdra, Miss Elbe Unit on 
Don Alra, and Miss A. Swanborouah a« 
Inrc. (2) ' L'AIrloilne ; or, Tha Belle of 
Madagascar:' a burlesque in one iicE, by 


A&loans (The) : or. War, X,ov«, 
and Duty. \ play In three acts, by 
GKciBaE CoLHAN, jnn. (q,v.). the mnaic by 
Kelly igv.); fonndnl on a storj in >L« 


cut Indildinc Youne. LExton', Fnvcetl. J. 
F^inBr,Mn.riibbB,udMni.Uit(in. "Thla 

Ky," HBfa Ucneit, " l< a Hlraniiii oiiituio'if 
([«ijf, aimfldy, ojid opera." IC *a« pto- 

Aftsr. A dranu In one act by Scan 
71ATT1H8. tint perfonued nt tha VftudaTllIn 
Theatre, London, on tbo ftftcmoDn of Mv 
?7. l^T, with a CASt intTtndLnir Mbia Houhifl 
Kynj ; nriii-A nt tho VmidcTille hi KebrnarT, 
ISBH, Tith Ulu Helen Itarr; In the leading 

After All. a) A comnlr In thrcD uU 
■hy W. M. DL'CBWOMTH. flr»t perfnnnwl nt 
tlie Prince o[ WbIoi Tbrntni. 1 
October W. 1873. (2) A raudeiUle, 
V. U£!iritEZ(g.r.),niniii;li> A. Csl.i.,. . u.~v 
nerfurmed at the (Wat Comlqne Theatre. 
l^ndoB, un Decemtwr IB, IVia. (3) A play 
In a prolukTUe anil threu acts, AOfijrcHtM by 
l/iril l4!ttan'B ' Kugene Amn,' writtsn by 
FKKKNiii Will:* anil Pbederick LtMi- 
nniiHiE, and prodncnl at the TheUra 
Itoyal. Dublin, un Ortobcr T, 1001, with 
Martin Ilarrey ai Euerm Aram ; pre- 
»nti!ci at the Aienoo 'Iheotro. London, 
Jxnuary 15, 1001, vlth Martin Uairey at 

After fioaluean Hours. A comedy 
adapieil by AiiatsTis n*].! Cq.e.) {mid the 
UeriDnn orniiimrnthal, nnd flmt iierfonned 
nt [laiya Theatre, New York, on l>ctnbBr 0, 
1SS6. with a cant inFludinE Mlaa A. Behan 
iDiirit), J. Drew, J. Lewi*, ate. 

After Sark: a Tala of London 
Life. A play In (our acU, by Dion Boi ti. 
CAi'LT (7. t-X drat perfurmcil at tbe PtinrMn'i 
TheatiB, London, on Angnat IS, ISSS. with O. 
Vinlng an Old Tarn, Walter Lacy nt C/ianJat 
BtUiitglmm. Duminick Mnrray as /if<vv 
Momi,n. 1. Montagne ai Sir Gtora* M/d- 
hum, 1. U. ahora aa firmfon Chumliy. Mlsa 
Rwiii Leclrrrq aa Eliia, and Miss Trlasy 
Manrton aa Jiuia K|(r(Dn; flmt perfotmed In 
New Vorit at the HoveiT and Nil>lo'i Uanlen 
In Noiember, IMS: reil'ed at the Globe 
Thratie. I.ondiin, In May. IgTT. with i. 
Kyderu (Ul Tim,!. BlUliirton taChixalis, 
If. H. VIneent aa JlfwIAiu-irt, K. BlBhlon an 
JTcrrb, \F. J. HIUaaAnTnyaat.C.flan'ouit 

V. Terrisi an iled- 


nittin^m, Mias R. Coghian u Eliza. 
la K. Paltlwn aa Bitie, and MIih Knnnio 

jdio an Jack: 

1 tbe Pari! Iliealrt 

London, in Marcfi. 1S70. with C. CollelU 
nid Tom, UiM A. I^teinlwrn aa Roh. miu 
Miaa Stella Itrcreton wt Slim: and at the 
Princeu'sTboatniln Novemher, IHOl. Hitli 
H. NeTllle as Old Tom. F. McllMh a.', Sir 
Gtarnt. W. L. AbinEiliin ns Brltiagham, W. 
K Hbinc aa lUrtv. it. Baironl M Arm 
Jati. MiM B. Selwyn ax Ullza, and Miia 




After Itons 7aars. (1) A drama la 
oDa a<t, by Sidney Ghi'm>i (v.r.). tnini- 
lated from Scribe and Camille'a 'Le Mauvala 
Snjet,' and flnt performs! at the Follv 

a cast indndlnB E. W. Garden. ('8) A 
catnetlydiSDia in three acta, by Ahthtir 
Liw (7. eland Mrs. Uekbert Pl'rvbs, drat 
;ierturmed at Torqoay in Uctober. ISSd ; pro- 
iluced at the Criterion Theatre, London, on 
t:i« afternoon of Fehraaiy i. 1887. (8) A 
rotoedietla by O, Godfrey. PaTilloa Tbea- 
ire, London, December, 188». 

After Many^ Days. A comedietta In 
llie UlJt)e Theatre, London, on March 1«, 

After Karrian. A comedietta by J. 
Wilton Jones (g.c^, Theatre Royal, Leeda, 
April SO, 1875. 

Aftw tho Ball. Afarceinthreeacta. 
liy E. FEKHiiis, B. P. MiTTHEWS, and 
S, Doone; Urand Theatre, Margate, Oc- 
tober IB, 1S03. 

After the Party. A comedietta, 
iilentical In plot with 'Torty Winks' iq.v.). 

Aftermath; or, Won at I^at. A 
play liTBt perfomK^I at Wallsck's Theatre, 
Naw York, In ]>e(ember. 1SI7. witlx U. J. 
Montapioand JohnUUbert in Iha leading 
narta; revived at the Madiom Square 
'rheatre. New York, in April. Ia7», with a 
cut inciniling Steele Maakaye. J. Frankaa, 
and C. W. Couldoek. |2) 'Aftermaib;' a 

Kew York, September H, lis» 

After-Thonfchts. A one-art play by 
At'ouSTi's Tkoxa.1 (q.D.X produced at the 
^Iadi8on Sqnara Tlieatre. New York, in 

Acralnat Homl and Zolli. A play 
liy Jons Bale, Bishop of Ossorytdirra iSao- 

A gttl net thoee who Adulterate 
the W'ord of Q-od. A piny l>y Jou.H 
llALU Bbiliup of Oasory (cfrta 153OH0). 

Aaoimemnon. (1) A tragody by 
-CstiirLtis (ij.r.) ; ti»nslated, separately, 
into Kncllah by Boyd (l>st»), Syoimona (ISuS. 
Harfoiil (1831), Medwln a83£). Senell (1(1461 
llerU-rt (IMe), Blew (IMS). Milman (ISSS), 
Daviea (ISOS), Konnedy (1878), Cooper (isno), 
andHonheadasM); parfonned at Balllol 
ilall, Oxford, with F. A. BonsoD an ClyUni- 
uMira, ca) A tImgBdyby8KSE^*(B.c.liS- 
:»): adapted byJobnStudIeyaGIIS)lnAlei. 
andtine verse; tranalated by Newton (1S81). 
(3) ApIaya■cnbedtoI]E^RvClIKnui(J.t>.) 
and TlioiLul Dekkrr (g.e.) ; uted In ISM, 


(4> A tngeely by J*iiKS Thomson (o.p.).H™t 
MrrannHi at I>ntTy Imik on Auni 0. 173S, 
•nth Qoin Id the llUe part, Cibder, Jan.. M 
.... ... , Porter Ma^ttmnrtlni.uMl 

tiuedin dI jEMbyliu kdiI 
le ctuinicUir ol Jfefuonder 

...,ra HomBT COdTBHy,- bk. 

..... U <« uid that the dIIm* '■MTuigled 
Kith mch dllbcUlty tbrougb tJie lint night 

thkt TboiiiKin, 0- - ■■'- "— ^- 

irith vhom he 
deluT by telling I 
his diitreu had k 

I. Cibber 

Tounded uo t 

I, coming hue to bia ti 

lem how the iwett of 
dlMndend hii wig that 

AKamemnon Knd CaaiAndra; ori 
The Prophet and Loaa of Trov. 'A 

hurleiquB by EcmKKT Beecb (•/■".I. fl"t 

KrfonDfd at the Prince of WaloS Theatre, 
•urtHHiI, on April IS, l^oa. with Mini C. 
Pukea and 11. Bai^kslI iu thu Utlo ptiti, 
and Miss Julia llutlheiri as ClyUmitatra. 

AnunemDon and TTlTaiea. A 'hia- 
tiirc'^ ■' orewntHi and macUid befora her 


the Earl ol O 

Agatha. (1) A 

_„ .1) A pUy In three aet», by 

Isiic IlEMiEHHOK. Hnt pertomiHl at the 
Criterion Theatre. Londan, on Slay a. W9i, 
with Min W. Kmery ai the henine, and 
Hiu O. Xetberiole, Miu M. Uoore. Hlu 
R. Leelereq. Uinnie Terry, L. Waller, H. 
"■-" d C. Wyndham in other part! ; 

■Tfoi, and 

10 tbealre, on Detem 

filUND, Sadler'i Welii, Augnit U. 1903. 

Aratha. (1) A chnracter In H. J. 
BvaoN's 'Der >'roi«-hUlz ' ii-c). (3) The 
1-riunca in Uie Brutheri BaoLiiH's ■I'rank- 

Agatha Trlden. Kercbant and 
Shipowner. A piay in lour acta, by ¥.. 
KuKK. Bnt pBrFDnneil at the Kuyinarltet, 
October IT, ISU2. with Mra. lAngtry In the 
titia part, and other til'i by L. n'aller. C. 
^Uade, W. '1'. LoKiU. and Misa U. Unden. WlLU 

■ "W."-). 


"Am. aohs. pennrTi and im. 
priaonmaat."— ' Ma»>ure (iir Mwnre,' 
act iU. Bc 1 (Ctavdio). 

"Afre cannot wither her."— 'Aa- 

tony and Cleopatra,' act IL ac. 2 (£nr>- 

The deacription ia applied to Clfopatrti, 

"Ave ia aa a Inaty winter, Ht." 
— 'Aa Voa Uke It,' act U. sc. 3 (.Adam). 

AgoWolJvelmThe). ScePicuwicH 

Aged Porty. A "petite comeily* by 
JouH CoultT;<EI. drat pvrlumie-l at the 
PrhicMa'a Thoatre, London, on February %, 
\M, ttllb W&ltur I*ey ai Sir Uarry Wiiair, 
Oibcrry aa Davfirr. and Uiaa I'DrteKue aa 
Ladv Clinton (nlio played by Urs. Stirling). 

Agar, Captain. Son nl Lady Anr In 
MiDDUTO.Va 'Fair qu»md"(i;.c.l. "Mtddlo- 
ton." Bya SwiDbnme, " has no aecond hero 
like Captain Apr r, but where ia there uiolhei 

matlita of hb 
t. written 
■tay*!" ^ 

Aires Ago. An enterlainl 

and cumpoaeil for the nemuh 

.S.Gilbert (o.r.) and t^mierii , 

dacodhiNo'emW, 190): retired In IS! 

Ag'Baa, Kobert. Scenio artlit, dieit 
1B71) : notalile aa the Srat to paint moTable 
scenery In Kngbuid. He " is known," ny> 
Uutton Cook, '' to haie eieontvl Kenca for 
tlie theatre in I>oraeb aanlcn." "Aapoclmen 
o( bla work," wrote E. L. Rlanchard in ISTl, 
'-niay be acen at Papor-Htainen' Hall in 
Little Trlnltv lAne." See Walpole'a ' Anoe- 
«nfa' School of 

eomic drama in 
1*1 ■ • 

lilieatre, Londonron 

Decembor 11, IBM, with the adaptn- a* Sam 
Xaggini, E. Boxliy aa Ptrrariat /'epirfntio, 
Swan u Simm Sloubof, B. liakrr u i^ 
BiMn, Mn. Matmamara u* Arxh-ffn tUMn, 
Airss H. Uonlon aa Sopliimiiba, and Miaa M. 
(lliteru Clara Bifni produced at llartfln'a 
Theatre, New York, In IKSIi. San (a P.O. 
clerk) la norer lo happy aa when annoyinR 

nachloatiuna act alf tho 

' (iiei and 

leimly, and liia m 

'^%t tlio 

Aglh, Prinoe, fiEurea in M. a. LnwiB'a 

'Timonr the TarUr' iQ.r.\ and in Uxk;i- 
t-uRo and IIkuoks'b Inrleique of that 
draina {((.c). 

"ABineourt, AeinGoartl Know 
yenoEAginoourir' Hnlllnoof a.oni 
tn T. lIKiwooPa 'Firat Part of King Ed- 
ward IV.--- 

Asia. (1) A tngedy by Jorh IIOHie 

(aTf. (ouncled on Plntarch'a life of Agia, 
King of Hparla. bat malnlr flclltlona in in. 
cident. and flnt perlonnecl at Drnry Lone 
on Febmary il, i71;8, with Oarrick aa Lg- 
vtndfr, MoBsop aa Aijit, HaTard a~ '~ 

Pritchard, Mra. Yates, mTiea, ana iioiuuia 
in other chamctora. Ltigander, the com. 

beloted by ^uanlA'. who ia alio pnrmed 

E.entnally Av^lusritSt killed by hi/tandtr 




Thomas Gray, the poet, described the play 
as " all modem Greek ... an antique statue, 
painted white and red, friezed, and dressed 
in a nealigit made by a Yorkshire mantna* 
maker.'* (2) A tragedy by Alfieri (1783) ; 
translated into En^h by Lloyd (1815) and 
Bowring (1876). 

Afirlaia. One of the 'Three Graces' in 
G. A. 1 Beckett's burlesque of that 
name {q.v."). 

Afflaura. A "tragic-comedy" by Sir 
John Suckling {q.v.\ acted at " the prirate 
house InBlackfriars," probably, Fleay thinks, 
in 1637; first printed in 1638, and after- 
wards with Suckling's other works (in 1696). 
Aglaura is beloved both by the King and 
by his son, the Prince , whom she secretly 
marries, but whom she afterwards kills, 
thinking him to be the King. She there* 
upon dies. In the original text, most of the 
characters had riolent deaths — a fact which 
no doubt led Suckling to write a new fifth 
act, in which Aglaura only wounds the 
Prince^ whilst the King repents and dis* 
penses justice all round. The play api>ears 
to have been performed in both vetHions. 
Pepys. writing in 1666. called it 'moan- 
nothing of design in it.' Brome, on the 
other hand, wrote verses in its praise. 

Agmunda. A character in Hannah 
Brand's 'Huniades' {q.v.), 

Agnes. (I) A play by Victorien Sar- 
DOU (^.r.), first performed at the Union 
Square Theatre, New York, in October, 1872, 
with Miss Agnes Ethel in the title part. 
See Andrea. (2) A play by Robert Bu- 
chanan (^.v.), adapted from Moli&re's 
'L'Ecole des F^emmes,^ and produced at the 
Comedy Theatre, London, on March 21, 
1885, with Miss Adelaide Detchon in the 
title part. Agnes is the name of the heroine 
of Moli^re's play. See Pinchwife, Mrs. 
(8) ' Agnes ; or. The Midnight Marriage : ' 
a melodrama, periormed at Bath in March, 
1823, with Miss Dance as the heroine. 

Agnes. A character in Oxenford's 
▼ersion of *Der FreischUtz ' (^.v.), and also 
in BurnaND's burlesque of that name (g.v.). 

Agnes Bemaner. A play in two acts, 
adapted from the German by T. J. Serle 
{q.v. ), and first performed at Covent Garden 
in 1838-9. See Tournament, Tue. 

Agnes de Castro. A tragedy by Mrs. 
Catukrinr Trotter (afterwards Cock- 
bum, 9. v.), founded on a French novel of the 
same name, translated by Mrs. Behn ; and 
periormed at Drury Lane, in 1696, with 
Mrs. Rogers as the heroine, Powell as the 
Prince of Portugal^ Mrs. Knight as Elvira, 
and Verbruggen as Alvaro. Agnes is be- 
loved by the Prince, and he in his turn is 
beloved by Elvira, whom, on his marriage, 
he has cast off. Elvira, desiring to kill 
Agnes, kills the Princess by mistake, and 
accuses Agnes of the murder. Agnes* in- 
nocence is established, but in the end she 
is accidentally stabbed by her lover, Alvaro. 

Agnes de Vere ; or, The Broken 
Heart. A drama in three acts, by J. B. 
BucKSTONE {q.v.), adapted from the French, 
and first performed at the Adelphi Theatre, 
London, m November, 1834, witn the author 
and Mrs. Keeley in the cast. 

Agnes SoreL. An opera, of which 
Gilbert AAbott A Beckett {q.v.) wrote 
the libretto, the music being by Mrs. A. 
Beckett. It was produced in December, 
1835, at the St. James's Theatre, London, 
with a cast including Braham and Miss P. 

Agnes St. Anbin, the Wife of 
Two Husbands. A drama by Miss 
Pardoe, produced at the Adelphi 'Theatre, 
London, in January, 1841, with Mrs. Yates 
as Agnes, Yates as Dareourt, Mrs. Keeley 
as Mdme. Dareourt, and O. Smith and E. 
Wright in other parts. St. A ubin and Mdme. 
Detrcourt are jealous of a mysterious under- 
standing between Dareourt and Agnes. 
The truth is, Dareourt is the repository of a 
secret confided to him by A gneit— the exist- 
ence of a former rascally husband of hers, 
thought dead, but not so, and now threat- 
ening the heroine's peace. In the end the 
▼illain is shot, and the St. Aubiiu are made 
happy again. 

A-Gra-Ma-Chree ; or, Pulse of my 
Heart. A drama in five acts, by Edmund 
Falconer {q.v.), first produced at the 
Theatre Royal, Manchester, in March, 1875, 
with the author as Dermot. 

Agreeable Surprise (The). (1) A 
one-act comedy, translated from Marivaux, 
periormed by schoolboys at Islington, and 
printed in 'Poetical Blossoms' (1766). 
(2) A musical piece in two acts, by John 
O'Keefb {q.v.), first performed at Dublin 
under the title of 'The Secret Enlarged,' 
and produced in London, at the Hay market 
Theatre, on September 3, 1781, with Edwin 
as Lingo, Bannister as Compton, Mrs. Webb 
as Mrs. Cheshire, and Mrs. Wells as Cowslip. 
It was produced in New York in 1787, and 
again in 1706, with an actor named Lee in 
the part of the widow Cheshire, 

Agrippa, King- of Alba ; or, The 
False Tiberinus. A tragedy, translated 
from the French of Quinault by John Dan- 
cer {q.v.) ; first periormed at Dublin, and 
prmted in 1675. "It is," says Genest, "a 
dull play in rhyme. The plot is intricate 
and very improbable," being based on the 
resemblance of one Agripj^ to Tiberinus 
King of Alba, whom he is persuaded to 

Agrippina. (1) A tn^edy-in rhyme, 
by John, Jx)rd Hervey ; not printe<l. See 
Walpole's 'Anecdotes.' (2) An unfinished 
tragedy by Thomas Gray (1716-1771), con- 
sistmg of one scene and a portion of another. 
Besides the heroine, Nero, Seneca, and 
Demetrius the cynic were intended to be 
among the dramatis personce, 

Agrippina, Julia. See Julia Agrip- 




Agripyna. A princess in Dekker's 
*01d Fortunatos' (q.v.\ beloved by the son 
of the Eiiiff qf Cyprus and by Orleans. 

AgTovaine of the Buefol PMa, 
Sir, figures in E. L. Bulnchakd's ' Three 
Penis of >ian.' 

Agneoheek, Sir Andrew, in * Twelfth 
Night'(9.v.)i is *'a straight-haired country 
squire," in love with Olivia iq.v.), lie 
appears first in act i. sc. S, where he says : 
'* I'm a great eater of beef, and I believe 
that does harm to my wit. ... I can cut 
a caper . . . and I thmk I have the back 
trick simply as strong as any man in lUyria." 
In act it sc. S he tells us that life " consists 
of eating and drinkins;." *' He is stupid." 
says Gervinus, ** even to silliness." Among 
representatives of the character may be 
named O'Brien Cq.v.\ Woodward (q.vX and 
Bodd {qv.\ Of O'Brien it is recorded that 
he once played the part so comicallv as to 
make one of the sentinels (whom it was 
customary then to post on each side of the 
stace) fall down upon the boards, overcome 
witn laughter, woodward, Boaden says, 
always sustained Sir Andrew ** with infinite 
ilroUery." Of Dodd, Charles Lamb writes : 
" My merry friend, Jem White, had seen him 
one evening in AaueeheekyjMdt recognizing 
Dodd the next day in Fleet Street, was 
irresistibly impelled to take off his hat, and 
salute him as the identical knight of the 
preceding evening, with a *.Save you. Sir 
Atuirew. Dodd. not at all disconcerted at 
this unusual adaress from a stranger, with 
a courteous, half-rebuking wave of the 
hand, put him ofif with an * Away, Fool.* " 

Ahasuorns. The King, in Elijah 
POLACK'8 * Esther, the Royal Jewess.' See 
King Auasukrus. 

''Ah, Chloris! that I now oovld 
sit.*' First line of a song in Sedley'8 
•Mulberry Garden' («/.».). 

"Ah, fadinfir Joy! how quiokly 
art thou past P' Songsung by an Indian 
woman in act iv. sc. 8 of drtden's ' Indian 
Emperor *(7.r.). 

''Ah, how sweet it is to love!" 
First line of a song in Dryden's 'Tyrannic 

" Pains of lore be ivecter Ur 
Than all oUwr pleaaurct arc* 

Ah Sin. A play by Bret IIarte (q.v.) 
and Mark Twain {q.v.\ performe<l in Ame- 
rica, with Parsloe in the title part. Brander 
Matthews commends **the spirited and 
characteristic trial before Judge Lynch in 
the last act" 

"Ah, sure a pair were never 
seen." First line ox a song in Sheridan's 
* Duenna ' (q.v.) ; adapted by Linley to an 
> air by Michael Ame (q-v.). 

Ahmed al Kamel, the Pilgrim of 
liOve. An opera, music by C. S. Horn 
Iq.v.) (the libretto founded on Irving's * Tales 
or toe Alhambra '), produced in liew York 
with Miss J. Wallack as Aldegonda. —Ahmed 

is the hero, also, of H. J. Byron's 'Pilgrim 
of Love ' (q.v.), 

Ahmedoolah. Agent to the Mahan^Jah 
in Tom Taylor and A. W. Dubourg's 

* Sister's Penance ' (q.v.). 

Aholibamah. One of the two women 
in Lord Byron's ' Heaven and Earth ' (q.v.) ; 
in love with Samiasa the ang«3l. 

Aiokin, Elinor. Actress; has played 
in London the following rdles : Mrs. Jluinbe' 
low in *Garrick,' Mrs. Maiaprop in 'The 
Rivals,' Mrs. Candour in 'The School for 
Scandal,' and Mrs. Hardeastle in ' She Stoops 
to Con(iuer,'at the Strand Theatre in 1886-7 : 
also. Miss Grantham in 'The Liar,' and 
Elizabeth Jones in Frankfort Moore's ' The 
Maytlower,' at the Opera Comique Theatre 
in 1891-2. 

Aickin, Francis. Actor, bom in 
Dublin ; died 1805 ; brother of James Aickin 
(q.v.)\ gained his early experience in Ire- 
land : appeared at Drury I^ne in 1785, and 
remained there till 1774, when he went to 
Covent Garden, from which he retired in 
1792. He was at one time manager of the 
Liverpool Theatre (1703), and at another 
time part-manager of the theatre at Edin- 
burgh. Wo read that "he had a good 
person, no inconsiderable share of Judgment, 
a sonorous, distinct voice. He succeeded in 
the impassioned and declamatory parts of 
tragedy, insomuch that from his being so 
often cast in that line, his intimates in the 
green-room nicknamea him 'Tyrant Aickin.' 
Nor did all his merit lie in tragedy. In 
serious parts of comedv, such as Sir John 
Flowerdale^ Stoekwell, etc., he had a pleasing 
harmony in his tones, and a precision of 
expression which jp^ave force to those cha- 
racters." Genest, in his History, gives a list 
of over eighty characters assumed oy Aickin, 
including the Ohost in ' Hamlet,' Jacques in 
' As You Like It,' Stukely in * The Game- 
ster,' Aboan in 'Oroonoko,' etc See also 

* Secret History of the Green- Rooms' (1790), 
Hitchcock's ' History of the Irish Sta^re^ 
(1794). ' Thespian Dictionary '(1805), and the 
' Dictionary of National Biography ' (1885). 

Aiokin, James. Actor, bom in Ireland ; 
died 1803 ; brother of Francis Aickin (q.v.) ; 
first played in the Irish provinces, and after- 
wards accepted an engagement at the 
Edinburgh Theatre, where he remained till 
1767, latterly performing most of the leading 
I^rts in tragedy and comedy. In the year 
named he l^came a member of the Drury 
Lane company, to which he continued to be 
attached (with occasional appearances at 
the Hajmarket) till 1800. He was for some 
years one of the deputv managers of Drury 
Lane. He was "considered," says Ger est, 
"a respectable and useful actor," having 
"an ease and manner which wore very 

Eaffreeable and natural." "He generally 
leased, and never disgusted. His forte lay 
1 the representation of an honest steward 
or an affectionate parent." For an account 
of his duel with J. P. Komble, soe Boadon's 

* Life ' of that actor (1325). See also • Secrol 




History of the Green-Rooms ' (1790), Jack- 
son's • History of the ScottUh Stage * (1793), 
Uenest's 'English Stage' (1832), and the 

* Dictionary of National Biography' (1885). 

Aida. An opera by Verdi, produced, 
with an English libretto by HE.NKY liERSEis 
(tf.t).), at Her Majesty's Theatre, London, in 
February, 1880. 

Aide, Haznilton. Dramatic writer, 
poet, and novelist, born 1830 ; author of the 
following plays :—• Philip (1874). 'A Nine 
Days' Wonder' (1876), 'Die Fiedermaus,' 
adapted (1876), 'All or Nothing' (1880), 
'Cousins' (1882), 'A Great Catch' (1883), 
•Not at Home,' libretto (1886), 'Incognito' 
(1888), and ' Dr. BUI,' adapted (1890)-all of 
which see ; also, some pieces performed 

Ai'eule (L»). See Hidde.\ Ha>d, The. 
Alka. A character in * The Black Crook * 


Aiken, George L. Airerican play- 
wright ; adapter of ' Uncle Tom's Cabin ' 
(7. F.) ; author of ' The Old Homestead ' (tf.v.), 

* The Emerald Ring,' etc. 

Aimee, Maxie (real name. Marie 
Trochon). French actress and vocalist, bom 
1852, died 1887 ; made her first appearance 
in America at the Grand Opera House, New 
York, on December 21, 1870. From that 
date till 1887 she was frequently heard in 
America in opera-boufi'e and comedy. In 
1887 she produced in New York ' J a Belle 
Poule' and 'La Marlolaine;' in 1878, *Les 
Cloches de Comeville ; ' and in 1883, * La 
Princesse de Canaries. ' In 1884 she figured 
in New York as the heroine of Jessop and 
(Jill's 'Mam'zelle' (^.r.), playing the part 
in French-English. 

Aiznwell. One of the beaux in Far- 
QUHAR'S 'Beaux' Stratagem' (q.v.); suitor 
to Dorinda (daughter of Lady Bountiful), 
by whom he is beloved in return. Sec 

Aim worth, Lord. A character in 
BlCKERSTAFF's 'Maid of the Mill ' (q.v.). 

Ainsworth, W. Harrison. See 
Admirable Crichton, The ; Jack Shkp- 
PARI), etc. 

*' Air, a charter 'd libertine, is still 
(The)."-' King Henry V.,' act i. sc. 1 
(Arehbiihop 0/ Canterbury). 

"Air, into thin air, Are melted 
into."—* Tempest,' act iv. sc. 1 iPronpero). 

Air-baUoon (The). A musical drama, 
printed in 1784. 

Aircastle. (1) A rambling talker in 
FoOTE's '(Cozeners ' (q.v.) ; drav^-n from life, 
Gahagan (author of a ' Life of Mrs. Siddons') 
liaviug sat for the portrait. (2) Uncle of 
£flt and Claritga in OX£.\FORD's * Billing 
and Cooing' (5. r.). 

Airey , Mrs. A widow in A. C. Trough* 
ton's ' Shameful Behaviour.' 

Airey Annie. A burlesque by F. C. 
BuR.NA.SD (q.v.)t written in travesty of Mrs. 
Campbell Praed's 'Ariane' {q.v.\ and first 
performed at the Strand Theatre, London, 
on April 4, 1888, with Miss M. Ayrton in 
the title part, and other rdles by iMiss A. 
Atherton, A. Chevalier, and W. Edouin. 

''Airy tonsries that syUable 
men's names." See "Syllable thy 

Airy, Sir George, in Mrs. Cent- 
livre's 'Busvbody' C^.r.), is in love with 
Miranda (g.v.). 

AJax. A tragedy by Sophocles (^.t?.); 
translated, separately, into EngHsh by 
Theobald (1714), Jackson and Howe (1714), 
Burges (1840), anonymously (1871). and 
Mongan (1881); played at Oxford before 
James I. in 1605. (2) * AJax and Ulvsses : ' 
a play performed at court " by the children 
oiWynsor" in 1572. — Ajax is a cliaracter in 
B. Brouoh's ' Siege of Troy ' {q.v.). 

Alabama. A play of American life and 
character, by Augustus Thomas (q.v.), first 
performed at the Madison Square Theatre, 
New York, on April 1, 1891, with a cast in- 
cluding J. H. Stoddart, M. Barrymore, 
E. M. Holland, Walden Ramsay, Miss May 
Brookyn. and Miss Agnes Miller. C. W. 
Ck)uldock and E. J. Henley afterwards 
replaced the two first-named actors. 

''Alabama" (The). See Spiifire, 

Alabaster, WiUiam. Dramatic poet 
and divine, bom at Hadleigh, Suffolk, in 
1567, died 1640; claims a place in this 
volume as the author of a trage<ly in 
Latin verse called 'Roxana' (q.v.). Hi» 
poetry was hyperbolically praisea by Fuller 
and Wood. See Fuller's ' Worthies ' (16C2), 
Wood's * AthenflB Oxonienses' (1601), 'Bio- 
graphia Dramatica' (1812), W. C. Hazlitt's 
'Early English Literature' (1867), Colliers 
'English Dramatic Poetr>'' (1879), and the 
* Dictionary of National Biography ' (1885). 

''Alacrity in sinking:; I have a 
kind of."—* Merry Wives of Windsor,' 
act iv. sc. 5 (FaUtaf). 

. Aladdin. The hero of a famous nursery 
tale, and the central figure of a large number 
of dramatic pieces. Among these may bo 
named : (1) ' Aladdin ; or. The Wonderful 
Lamp:' a pantomime, music by Shield, 

Produced at Ck>vent (jarden on December 
5, 1788. (2) 'Aladdin ; or. The Wonderful 
Lamp:' a melodramatic romance, first per* 
formed at Ck)vent Garden on April 9, 1813, 
with Mrs. C. Kemble in the title part, 
Farley as Abanazar, Grimaldi as Ka^trac, 
Miss Bolton as the Princegs, and Mrs. 
Davenport as the widow of Chinff Muitapha ; 

Produced in New York in 1815. (3) ' Ala<l- 
in :' a romantic opera in three acts, libretto 
by George Soane (q.r.\ music by Sir H. 
R. Bishop ; produced at Drury Lane Theatre, 
London, on April 29, 1826, with a cast in- 
cluding Horn, Sinclair, Harley, Browne, 


Mn.DKTl»n,uJ UiaaStaphBia (Ala-ldin). 
'" It ma not isry (aTDunbly notfTed." says 
PUncU, "ud ttu Jslidmji wnrMlng of Mlsi 
Stophsn* coold not ucnrg for <[ mo» than 
a llngoring eilitcnce of b few nights. Tom 
Cooka, tha Inder of the orebbstm at Drur; 
Luie, mot Brabwn in Buw Street, ftod 
uked him how hla op«n (- Obemn ') wu 
■olnE. ' UuniBcently I ' raplleil tlis pmt 
tenor ; and luldHi, in & fit of what he used 
to call fnUoofrmuiy, 'Not 1a speiik it 
profanely, it will run to tho Day of Judg- 
nunt!' 'My dear telloi',' t^aini^ Cooke, 

■ that's nothing 1 Ours has ran Bve nighU 
aftcTvuda t ' " (4) ' The Wonderful Lunp 
in a .Now Light ' (^.i'.): a burlesque hj 


■ Aladdin ; or, The Wonderful Lamp ; ■ a 
hocleiiiue by Alhert Sxitfi iq.t.) ud 
CHiRLm KenneV (?.i>0, pToducnl at the 
Lyceum Theatre, London, on Angnst II, 
IMl. On this occuioD. says KdmuniT Yates, 
" Keeley played the nus'^'ui' and itnpaTted 
■ui:h pBCidlar emphasis to the line, ' Yes. 
here's the place, and there's the blasted 
cedar I ' as la bring down the housp." Mrs. 

r was Aladdin and MiM Woolnr 
lifAddour, and A- Wicjui and Widdl- 
rnmbwereolsalnthecaiit. (6)'A-lad'in the 
Wonderliii lamp:' a burlBSqne nrodnred at 
Nbw York In October, 1 an. (7) 'Alaildln:' 
B panlomhne by J. Miudison Moiltok 
(v.D.), flrst perfDimed at the PrlncesB's 
TlieatrBi Landiin,onl>ecinDbera).lR'i6,wltli 
H. Saker as the hero. (8) 'Alwldin; or. 
The Wonderful Sawopt' a burlesque liy H. 
J. BYRON(y.F.),firitHTfonnPdatlbeBtTand 
Theatre. London, onJSaster Hondav in April, 
]«ei, with Miss Marie Wilton in the title 
nart, Mis» Cluu^otte Sanndera oi tlie SuJean. 
Mill E. Bnfton as Oidrouftiufour, Ml» F. 
Josephs as I-droi,3. Clarke as " 

Xeeley n 


« as the ifidme Tvantay, and Miss 
naw C^TSon, E. Daniers. and U. J. Turner 
in otiier parts ; reiliedat the Strand (rerised 
liy A. CheTaller) In Stnitember. ISSH. with W. 
KdoolD OS the Wuloa: A. Cheialler as Aba- 
naiar. Miss A. Atherton a« AhuUlia, MUs 
U. Huntley as r/tor. and >llss 3. Vanghan 
as the Saltan. (0) 'Aloddlo; or, ^le. 
quin and the Itronze llorse : * a pantomime 
lijf a. SoUTtR (fl.o,), New Eosl London 
Theatre. December M. 18a§. {10) 'Aladdin; 
or, Harlequin Shoeblack : ' a pantomime by 
F. W. oaxxs (o.p.l. Marylobone Theatre, 
landon, December 33, 18TX. (11) 'Aladdin; 
or, Tha Wenderful Lamp ; ' a burlesque by 
F. W. Oreen (g.i.), CharlaR t^oss Theatre, 
London, December 14, ISTI, (IS) 'Atoddln; 
or. The Wondarinl Lamp:' a pantomime by 
E. L. BuNCHiRD. Drury Lane, I>DCember, 
187«. (13) ■ Aladdin, and the Wonderful 
Lamp;' a nantomlme liy II. Spur. Astley's 
Theatie, London, December, 1B7<. (14) 
Same title; pantomime by J. M'Ardlb. 
Snrrn Theatre. I,ondan, DdcembCT it. 187(l. 
(16) A barlaaqna drama in three acts, by 
hoBERT Rkece (j.s.), flrst perfomed at the 
Gaiety HuatTe, London, on December !1, 
IWI. with Ulas B. Farran an AlmUin, Mi> 
K. Vaogban w DailrviilbadKHr. E. Ti 

Dailiviilbadinir, E. Terry ns 
V. Boyce as Sa-Sli, and J. J. 

Dallas as H'M-i'inif. (16) 'Aladdbi and the 
Flying tSenlus:' burlesque eitntaganu, 
Pbillisnnonle Theatre. I^ndoD, Denmber 
20, liisl. (17) 'Aladdin;'a pantomime by 
J. Douglass, Standard Thutre, London, 
December, ISSa. (18) ' A-ladd-hi and Well 
Ont of It:' exCntTagania by B. i^MiTB, 
Folkestone. January, 1889. (19) 'Aladdin 
and Wonderful Lamp : ' a panlotaiiDe by H. 
tEKXAftn. Crystal Palace, Denmher, 188S, 
(SO) 'Aladdin: or The Bancy YoDng Scamp 
wbo Collared the lamp : ' paJBtomlme by <J. 
Tmobn, Ortnd. Isllnetun, December, isao. 
(El) ' Alaililin ; or, The Wonderful Lamp : ' 
■ pantomime by P. Lochb, MorylebOBe, 
December, 18SS. To this list may be added 

ntomimea on the aoblect of ' Aladdin ' by 
t. Dciinuss. at the Standard Thealra 
8871} ; G. H. GEORDE. at the Albion (1873) ; 
. L. BLUiCRjkRP, at the Imperial (1^78) ; 
U. SPRY, at Banffer's (18;S) ; the Uruthgn 
Orinh, at theCrystal Palace (1880); F. 
W. GREBK, at tba MaryUlwne 08St); L. 
CURRNCIJ, at Blackpool (1HK.1) ; G. Con- 
QL'EST and H. Spry, at tha Surrey (1884) ; 
E. L. BuNciiiRD. at Dmry Une (ISSG); 
R. Reece. at Sanger's (18SS) : (9. Thor.n, at 
the Pa'llinn (lew); T. Kimbdile, at Alder- 
shot (18l«) ; and T. Craven, at Hollonay 

Aladdin at Sea. An oitratagonia by 
I. ZivowiLF, (o.r.), first perfornied at the 
Publlil Booms, Caubome, January 2£, 1893. 

Aladdin II. An opeiettn, words by 
Alkreii ThOhPsON (j.B.i music by lleciS; 
Urst performed at the Gaiety Theatre, Lon- 

Jdsoby OS the /-- — — -„-,---_, 
To;.1o as Ko-KK-Kn, Sl«y!e as Oiati 
<J. Ljall aa tha JfcwimftrBnco-, 

Aladln. A character la Browk' 
baroBsa- (^.r.). 

AlaBam. A tragedy by Fri.Ki 
■ '"—-■-- printed in : — 

< uken 

TBls.' The author 


< of the I 

wit"h Miss E. ItobiOB as tbe heroine', Jmu 

Alarbaa. A " dramatic opera " by " a 
gentleman orquality,"printed ml709. 
Alarooa, The Tragedy of Ootmt. 
-'-- — ''leu by Brnjahfn Disraeli, 
:unsaeld (1805-1881). and pub- 
ik form hi HUB. " Yean havn 
Down away," wrote tlie author In his dedlca- 
tery epistle to fjord Franda Egerton. "since, 
rambling in the sierras of Andalusia, . . . 
- ■ ■" - - ■ If thatstroDdo 

t AlaiuisJ. 11 

^rV o^f : 

ling ii 



Hi to me rife with ill the matcrli 
B tn^tc riramo, And t pi&Dne6, ojt 

liowevBT, vaj4 Dcit plnced uuon t 
lUlAnpisti, lS8s,*^onit wjuuspi 

dun. with 
■o, sil9> AgnM 

>[ Itu 
•t the ' Conda 

the King. Duttoa Couk 
(allaKi : " The traiiedy I 
nld thirtaenth-ceDtuiT bt 
AlstccM,' ... of which admlnbta Engllih 
lenlons have been pablifthod by Mr. Lock- 
hart ftnd Sir John Ilowting. . . . Tlia pUj it 
Dot &bflolut«]j without pavsaues of genulna 
dnni&tle rslue. T)is siory la Indeed so im- 
presciive one. , . . From &□ actor's point of 
view Alamt la a aliowr kind of part, with 
plantf to nay and to do in it. and a tuEB- 
elenrr of those opportm ' ' 

the plftTBrs." The acent _. ._ 

and Ihe Count Alani^ la fn lo>« with 
the Infanta. Ho ii, however, loved ' 
by the Ijucen Mothrr, tn sacape 

iloith he teturna. In the iDteml 

a^/'^n Wpain' 

t lady la Itiipi 
□riaaaervDjit la 

ike love to bin wife; bat 
egnable, and the klhg 
iliould be munlerul. A 

I happily 

f the play u niaii«t-armi 

•Alarcoi' -waa revived at the Crj'st" 
Palace In Jnno. ISTU, with E. H. Brooka i 
^Inmu, Howard Kumll h^ IheXiii?, J. I 

nncT'Miu'L. Moo'dle in' the principal fcmJ 

Alarminff Satirlflce (*"' A fan 

af the HaymarkeC Theatre.' London, on Jal 
""1.1MB, with the author an Baft rictff -a pai 

..,...___,_.. — ■"■-"■, E. Bnrtu 


iMri Sipretapplf. Bi 

ippnaad tohavadlu 
th» old Renllenian 
Um prapartf to he 

10 City 

of Antwerp, " with the vai 
and valuruaslleedii of the Iai 
A tmL-icomedr. not dlvide^l into a 
"actaiT probably In 1599" {ineayl. . 
printed In 1003. It liai been attrihu 
conjartoisily, to Lodge (u.b.). ThB rio 
taken from ■ A Tngical iUatory ol 
of Alltwcrp'(lMI)). 

"AlaramB, Exouraiona." 
direction vitv fioqaent in the hlntorlcal 
playa of ShakflapiMrv. It applion to tho 
aaund of QEbtlng bebhid the gcenea, and to 

See Button Cook's 'Book ol the Flay ' CISTS]' 
AlOiBOO. A tmsedy b^ Sir MARTi.y 
AnruRR !JHBB (fl.r.), ptrfotmed tn New 
York in IBM, with Cooper as .Hofcg and 
Mn, Barne) aa AntanOui. It bad been 
put In reheanal at Covent (larden, but the 
llconior COeorgfl Colman the jananti) in- 
ila tod upon so many aidaionsand altdrAtlonJi 

In aplta of t^e cntreatlea of Colonti Wal' 

Iha statu bergoir : Altuca is pardoned, and 

The piece was eiBDtaally plajed at tbu 
Surrey Theatre. 

Alaaco. A character In Shesidin 
Bnuwles's 'Rose of Arragon' [;.!.). 

Alba. A Latin play performed In Christ 
Church Hall, Oxford, in .1UD;>, before King 
James, Warton recotda that "ti»o men, 
almoat naked, appearing on the stage, gave 

E™iur!"™Th« kin/ it la related."™ m 
weariifd by the performance, that he would 
Iain liave retired before It was halfway 

Albanlas, In Dhtden'b 'Ali'Ion and 
Albaniaa' (^.r,), la intended for James 
Uuka of York [afterwarda James U.\ 

Albany, U.S.A. The first profwnional 
porfurmanco avar given in thia town took 

uelniE provided by n company from Nl^w 
York, fncluding I^wls Hallam. jun.. John 
Ilcnn'. 10.1 -Mws Cheer. The flr»t theatru 
Mia oftaed In Qfwn Strmt In 191), nodw 

entnallT ImTislonned 
incocDarcoea. ini»usiid18tlni|i«tiiBl]i, 
tbe Dallisi Stnat Amjdiltliiatie ud tha 

OUfert. Bothwi 

9t Ampbltli 

tUlnd tor .. 

Tba Odemi (mltarmrda tha Broadwaf ) « 
iHMiuNl In latl, uid la ttaa tanDwtnp ;r 
tha Huanm wu anUrged. In 1851 I 
Onat Btnsb Theatre ns reopenad u 
Uuatn, uul. bacomfng ■ concert hall. i 
■ucceoded in I8Se bf tbe OaJety. 1 
Attdtna of Mnalc, opened In lees. < 

■• — ■ ■' •- '" W7" ~ -■—• 

i[jMon Stn 
m isaa-lhe yeir la wl 
vaA " invuareted." All the [eading acton 
Df the Ian hnndred T^rii hii'e ]>erfarnied 
la AU»UT—!ot aaiafle. J. B. Booth. For- 
mt, ud Bdrannd Keui, In Vi2i ; MacreaJ;, 
ItSJ ; Mdme. Celeste, 1S2D; Ctiarl« Kean, 
mil Charla and Fanny Kenlile, 1S33; 
Mlu Cimhrnan, lt«tS ; etc., etc. See U. P. 
Pholpa-ii ■ PlBjem ol & Century ■ (1S80^ 

Albangh, John W. Actor and mana- 
ser, boni al Italtlmore In 1837 : made hi* 
atbut there In ISU, and afCermrdi acted In 
all tbe eUaf dUe* of Amatloa. In 19M bs 
■naiTled Hta* Mair MtCeheU (q.e.i. and In 
IBM m In muiasement at St. LouIjl Id 
IBIS be beeune uanaget of the Iceland 
OperaHonaa.Alban]', to which poll he attei- 
waidi added that a[ manaEer of the Natliinnl, 
Wanhington, and the UoUday Street, Kalti- 

in J. ttHEHiDAH kxawLES's play of that 
namolo.c). The latter roappean in the bnr- 
lewiuea ol Kkowles's ■ wIQlam Tell ' by F. 
TaUuurd, H. J. Byron, and h. Backingham. 


Albert and Adelnlde : c 
' 1 of Conataaoy. A ro 


a Hon W Mdms. de Of-" •" *■ 

totmod at Corunt Garden 

:ludlnj; Incledon, 

Kmery. and Mcs. Job 

Ijindnn. in II 
In 1837 ; and 


a In 

!j IS19. 

. Kha 

cdonary ofT-liulc' (187B), tha 
o[ National Blnjnspby ' (lS85), 
na -jnenof tboBolgn'O^efi)' 
Alberts GaUea. A play hy Tfiohai 
(BTwnnn In y.) ami Wemtvohtk Shitk 
leii by Henslowa ai bolnK 


^t«d in ]«K. See Fle_. 
" ■" ■ Drama'USfll). 
Albertl. A tragedy in flio acts, by 


Alberto. Son of Alonto and Ommfiida 

AlbertuB WalleQateln, late Duke 
at Frldland, ud Oeneral to the 
Bmperor Vardlnand II. A traecdy 
by Bsnsif OLArrHOBNE (q.v), acted af the 
CAoba " on the Bank Side " pniWbly in IflSg, 
and printed in ISW. "Tbe pint is merely 
htHtorJcal ; tbe diction ii good '' (- BloEraphla 
Dnnatlca,' 1SI2), 

Albory, Jamea. Diamatic irritar, 
died Auguat, 188S ; wrote the (ollowlng orlgl. 

(■Two Thorns-) (1871). ■Apple BloBwnu' 
(1871), 'Tweedia'a Rlrtta'tia^l), 'Forglren' 
OHIZ), ■Orlana '0373],- Will <rf Wi« King 
Kino' (1873), 'Harried' (1873). 'Fortue* 
(18731, 'Wlfi and Oown' aS7«X 'IMde' 
(1H741. 'The Spendlhritt' (IS7S}, -Ttaa Man 
In Poueaiion^ asio), 'Jacki and JUIa- 
(IgSO) ; alao, tha foUowlnR adapEaUoni : — 
'Pickwick' ('Jingta7 (1SI1\ • eini Doml- 
"" "hieCri«l>'a878),'Duty'aB7B). 
■ " -'■ ~ ttia MiM 

Icome, IJttla Stranger' 

rof tbe libretto 

of 'The Spectra Kniibf (7.P.) I and patt 
anthor [wl£h Joesph Hatton (^.b.) ) ol 'So. 
20' 'The Vicar' (o.r.), {with Sron- 
Bon Howard) of 'The OliT Ixire and Tba 
NaW(o.B.), and (with J. J, RiUey (7.p.»of 
■ChiBaning'(7.v.)and -Doctor I>aiy< (o.e.V 
"It la In hia beroinea," aayn one ol bia 
crltiu. " that Mr. Albery'i Inaisbt Into Ufa 
._ ,.__. ..._„ ■_..-. „,j jj^ [^ .^^ 


Hah glrle, not pretending to 

^nC gennine, pnre, and' time. Many 

work'ed out [iJifffiv Grant. 

edie, ottt. ... In ChaiiB 

. .fladily preperred, and the 

ralnabla an a atudy of chscacter. 



U<>. Tl .... 

tbe main Idea [■ utaadily prwerred, and th< 

' ("London Society,' vol. i 

See. also, Arcber'a • DramatUU of To- 

Alblna. n) AcharacterlnKETNtiLDS's 
' Will ' {'/.II.). (2) The heroine of DOl'QL** 
jEBROLb'a ' White Milliner' (7.11.). 

Alblna, Connteia Salmond. A 
tragedy in three act<s by Mn. Cov.', 

bSroino W " " 

wi Edwaril (t/ Sojntrut. ami P.ilni< 
dOfrt. Eduvnl and Gondibrrl are 1 
with Atblna, and £dMn ii^ in Ion 

idAlilna, (TondiVrt and EpOa p 

her fnti 

that Albina Is 
hartal ' ' 


Albion. Ad Interlnde manUoned liy 
Ulrkiaiin, and probably Identical vicEi 

Albion ; or. The Court of Heptime. 
A maiiquo by T. Cuoke. tbu iceiiii ot which 
i> l^d "uii the Britiih k&b." II wu 

Albion and Albanina. An opsn in 

.._ — .^..j '---^'less.Bjidprintifdin 


utian being in ■ gre^t cooitsmaUon, It iru 
perlonueilhut aixtimBn." "tCitiu mraDt," 
Ufa Oeneat, " na m aBtire on (ha Whins nnd 
Bapablican^ and u & psneQrick on Chorlu 

■anted under the chuacten of Albion uid 
^ttaniui." Arehrm ii Oaneral Mdnlc, ud 
London is perBoaifled under tha nBma of 
^ngoMla, Sco LanKbRine's ' Drasuttic Pasta' 

Albion Knlffht. "A mery Plaie 
bothe pj'tby luid iilennnt," entered nn the 
titalionen' Irtioki in t565-ti. it bi luppoHed 
to hale Iwen the plS]' porfonnrd beforo 

Sueen Ellnibiitli at Chrbtmiu. iasi-0, and 
lacribod aa of "laiih matter that tlie 
Blayen viere cmnmandad to leave off." It 
wenii to hBTe been intended ■' to iUustrale 
ruid eofoTce tlie liiht mles ol coTonnnent 
tor a >UU,'- and it, aavs Payne doUier, '■ tba 
□nlj BDOcimeu of the kind In our lanKuue," 
AlbfiiH Kni/il,l is a penoniUcatlun olSof 
Land, and among tlie other prmnx nr 

Albion Queens ; or, The Death of 
KarrQaeen of Scots. A pbiy by JuUN 

Albion Theatre. Sea London TuE' 

Albion's Tilainph. AmamiuebyAuRE- 

"by the kW^ Majesty and hit Lonis." ^n 
■the HundajrafWr Twelfth Night," itfSl-!. 

of &\t mamina. 

Albavlne, Kins of the Lombajda. 
A prose tragedy by ijlr Williih Dave- 
KAM (o.c), printed In lOBl. The »tory la 
to ba founinn Cailon's -l;old«n I^'nimd.- 
E-ydgate's 'Bacchas,' UellBfonuit 

of D 


IH, figbti witb /"amdint, and allowi Mm- 

■slf to be (lain. Faraiine then kills IlXodo- 

AJbn, Annie- Vocalist and actress; 
played the lltlii rOIx In Clay's 'Princen 
^uta ' when that opera vas reviied In Lon- 

In Collier's 'Dorla' (i].d.) in I^ISO. Bbewu 

logo' ol 11. B. Delia Porto (lOOSJ, end act. 
by the Ecntlemen of Trinity Colleffa, Can 
Inidgfl, riefore James t. dnnnjt his yjeit 1 
that nnltenlty on March a, lOlt-S. Atb\ 
tnaiar i* an utmloger, who has the pa»i 
m tmnalormlng. '-* " — '■ 


ingi. which form tha basis of the play. The 
play was rerired at Lineoln'a Inn Halda in 
February. lOea, with (Pepys sayi) Angel 
(o.r.) 03 Trinealn. Dryden wrota tbo pro- 
logue on thlK occasion, and in the conns of 
it accasud lien Jnnson of baTlng bcon in- 
debted to ■Albnmoiar'for his 'Alchemist' 
<7rr.>. Tha pumedy vajt afterwnrdfs sitered 
by Katpb, " no very uiat4<rlal cban^" baing 
made In the plot, but the language being 
"altered la^Uy for the worw,"'^ -The 
Aatrologer,' as Ralph called his production, 
was produced for the first and only time at 

I. Slv, Si/lcm 
etc.' 'Albnmaiar' was rerired at Dmry 
I*no in Octobtr, 1747, In April, ITIS, and, 
allerertbyWr— ■-'■ '- ■- 

r— -n throe acta, by Jakes 

^ettsr.r (q.n.), first performed at the Hay- 
market on Augnst 10, 1S24, with W- Farron 
as fioii rAriftopArr rozoifo. tho Alcald. and 

principles, but of strung 

Alcuitara. A comic opera In two niiii, 
worils by K. B. Woni.F. niu»lc by Jnlins 
Eicliberg. performed at the Connauglit 
Theatre, London, on Koreniber 1, 1S70. 

Aloaiar, The Battle of. Sco BiIttls 
OF ALcAZAiL, The. 

Aloeate. An opera written hy Tonus 
GEOituB SMOT.LETT {^.p.) for Hfch. then 

di (be ilJugrecaUe lUntlDctlon 

Df helnit kttiidk»t liy Smollett In hli utire 
•ailed '^e Reproof ' (i;i7). 
Alcestia. (1) A Irageilibj Ktmpinra 

Sq.v.); twutoted, wiAnlsl*, Into EnELlab 
w Bdnrdi (lB!t\ Banki [IStS). NeTins 
ClKtD, WilliKiu (1B71), Bniwii% as:i\ 

a iSH, 

_« ncorded. w... , _ 

Orack for ttra flnC Uma in 
Andnir't CoUen, BrBtlfunl, 
188^ CB)AtmrlMC 

In tha oriElnal 
"-gland at St. 
CB) A bnrlaiqne of tha ' AlceatLs.' In 
b; I^CUiR STTRKE. wax pnbli9lt»l 
m laiO. (3) A burlesque of the above, by 
Vuncia Talfourd (g. p.), entitled • Alcrntli, 
tbe Oii«iiul (<trDDR-Ulnd«l Woman,' «a« 
flrrt perfonned at the Htnuid Theatre, Lon- 
don, on Jnlr «,IB60. with Mn. LeiRh Mamr 
in the title put, H. Knnen *■ Oram, W. 
T^rren aa Herouba, an d Cmnpton aa AdmttuK: 
played M Hew Vork In tha same ymr, and 
nilTed at the Marylabone Theatre, London, 
In ISea. <4)A lyrical play, entitled 'Al- 
Maun.' and aitantBil by HE.-IRT Spiceh (rom 
tlia French of Hippotyte Lncas, who had in 
Ilia tiun adapted from Kuripldsa, wai flnt 
peifomied at the St. Jamea'i Theatre, 
London, In January, isas, with Mln Tui- 
<lenhofl In the tlUe part. Htnart an Uereulit. 
sna Barry Snlliian an ^ifmrriK. The raasi- 
«al accompaniments ciinalited of aelections 
from Gliick'i choruses, arranged by Hlr 

AIcastlB II. A tmgsdy by Alfieri. 
translated by Bgwring (1S:U). 

Alohemtat (The). A comedy In Bn 
Bits, by Bkx Jo\MaN (^.r.). flrst acteilin ISIO, 
■uid printed In quarto two yoaia aftarworda. 

-were Lowiii. who, acconUnji to the aaUinr of 
'Kistorla HiBtrJonlca,- "played ifainnion 
nrlUi miEhty applaunei" Burboca, Annin. 
and Cooke, who probably were yace. (n.i.), 
DnumirT (q.i.), and Do! Owinwn (q.s.) : Con- 
ileL HemlnRH, Ortter, Underwood, Tooly, 
■nd ERgloitone. The charftcteiB, Id addition 
(o those already naiasd, indnde ^nantu, 
Jtaprer. KihItIII, Lan-ail. Sir KnieuTt 
Jfomuion, llamc Pliant, I 
S^'rlu. a ■ - '"■ 

•A1bnmL_. „ . _ 

'The Alchemist.' doclaiing— 

I 'The Alchemist' 

and Trihtiialion Wkoleiw 

that arcunatli 
'fl "maiftorpieci 

s befon 

' Albai 

ontlnned," aayi CuDixlnii 

at AieBMoi 

xaa till the theatiw 
' the flnt plays 
nd, with 'The 

forms us, conitltuted the delight o( the 
town." Pepys raw a performanre of the 
tHimedy on Aiumst S. IWt. when, probably, 
Mobiui wan Fna. Winterslial! St.blJc. Lacy 
wtaaniat, Cartwriglit Mainiivm, Bait Sari)/, 


Mm. Corey DnI, and Mrs. Ratter Damr 
fliant. The piece was revived at Dniry 
Lane In Kebniaiy. 1109, with Dot omitted, 
PInkethman as DtudB", Cibber ai S^bUr, 
Kstconrt as JfamMon, Milla an fiUrly, Powell 
as Faa, etc ; at Covent Oarden In December, 
3><D, with cibber. ion., aa Dnigger ; at 
Drury I^na In Slarch, I7U, with Oanick 
as DngtitT, Macklin as Faos, and Mrs, 
Macklln a* Dal; at Dmry lAna In March, 
17&3, with sereTBl chaiacten omitted : and at 
Druty Lane in Octabor, 1774, with JeHerson 
na Jraminoii. The comedy was played at 
Drary Laue on April 10, 17S7, asa ^rce, with 
Doddai Drtu>nir,ValmeT as Fate, J, Aickin as 
Sui>Us,andMrB.Uopkinsasi>af; butOenest 
records that the play had becomf ■■-- 


Ha'liri/mlCn. in'FBbrm 

callod'The Tobacronlst'd/.r.). '"TheAI- 

ot thin anther's comedies, though I think it 
does not dcscne Its ropnlatloD. It contains 
all that is quaint, ilreary, obsolete, and 
hopeless In thia onco-fomed art. but not tbe 

filden draanu and dlnppolntments. . . . 
here is. however, one Elorioiu iicene be- 
tween Surly and Sir Saieurt ttammim, 
which is the finest eiampla I know of dra- 
matic Bopbistry " <' English Conio Wrlt«n *>■ 
Alolbiades. a) A tragedy in heroic 

MedbDOme. and Mrs. Dany in other parts. 
AlcMail'i is beloved both by DtMamia, 
Qaeen of Sparta, and bv Timaailra. Uh 
lores tlie lajit-named, una whan DtidBmin 
discovers the fact she poisons her rival. 

Alonueon or Alomeon. A play per- 
formed at Ciiurt by St. Paul's cbnir buya 
In December, 1573: 'Euripldos restored' 

Alcmena, In Drtdrk's 'Amphitryon' 
(S.B.). i. tha wife of AwipAiffjwn (.j.b.). 

Aldsbolla, in MILhaN'M 'Faain' (a-s.), 
la a lady of whom Dianco i.q.v.\ wife of Kiuio, 

AldeKonda. Princess nf Tniedo, In 
'Pilgrim uf Love' (7.*)- 

Aldermaii (Tha). A comedy In throe 
acts, adapted by J. .Mortiher from tha 
French ol Baniire \bA (.'apendu, and first 
performed at Ilie Criterion Thentie, London, 
on the altemwm ol April 19, 1SS7, with G. 
Barrett bi tlie title part ; revlfed at the 
Novelty Theatre. I^oodDn, in November, 


d In Auieri 

e AMen 

II, as ' Worth 



Aldgate, Mr., Un., 

Bt BelUlr, Dear BBltLmun, and Id ISie 
■■ntoreil lUrj wrvlca g( Kilmuncl Kc4B, whom 
ho accompanlcil to England. Then he 
Htudied [or Ihe lUge. auAian hln Mbul, 
liowever, at the Mud Thntre, BaJtlmure. 
Ma Bnt sppcared in London, in ISSt, at the 
lloyBlty Theatre and iwOIAtiio. HewnsaeM 
■een at the Coburg and other metioplilan 

and Iri«li proiincea. At Bel 

ho ■|>ptan 

ia partu, bealdcs thos4 Enej 
r, MaebtVi. jtoran CTitni 

e-). Italia 

- nuko'Jpi 

ItDtpDEs'), tiain^ri ('The HJi 
(■ KisTTo'). iind Jfuiiire CThe 

■tmck me." writes Mri. Keiidal, " that he 
bad lot gome •pedea of_well. 1 will not my 
■nenlnK.' hut aUama of nmt Inti^UiEPnca'' 
(■ Uramatli OcdnlonH.' ISK)). See ' Memoir 
uid Thmtrlcal Ciner of Int Alilrldgp, the 
African RdikIdii' (IMO or IBM), and tbs 
At/If mm m for ItiiS ; abo Browo's ■ Amerioin 
Staee'fltj'D), Drakc's-AmerliannioRraphy' 
tm:-!}. and I>uttun Couk'a 'On the Stage' 

Aldridffei Mrs. See SliNosdv, 1j.oi. 

Alesslo. The "mtrrj- Swlsa boy." in 

Alexander, Oeor(r«- Artnr and thaa- 

hli Lon 

Thomliill. and Sile-io in ' The Amber llmrt.' 
beside* "rreatint!" ru^'iriw Id Willi'* 
'Fan,it,' In which he aubsoouently played 
the title part. Wltbln the name period be 

ordinal casU of ■ Won hy Uonuuni.' ■ Uond- 

pUyed In f 

upany. In ISSB. at Terrj'ii, bo 
F»in [n 'The Oranddre.' From 
i9n, to January. IWl.ho wanlDimw 
»i urn A'cuUe Theatre, where he produced 
and Buored in ' Or. Bill,' ■ The SlrnKglD for 
Lire.'and'MnnlightandShadow.' InJann- 
ary, 1B0[, be becameteiioeaf tbe St. Janiw'K 
Theatre, whare he haa produced the follow- 
ing playa, enacting the principal male part 
In each;~'A Day latharia' (IMl), 'The 
Idler' (IIOII), 'Motl«re-(lltai). 'Lord Aner- 
Iw' (Iflfll), ' Forriyanaas ' (1381), 'Lmly 
Wludermere-sPan'^aeeS). 'Kit Marlowe' 
(1833). 'Liberty Hall' <lSM), 'Tha Sarond 
Mra. Tanqneray ' (ts93), * The Masqueraden ' 
(ISSl), 'Guy DinnFllIe' (1X0.^). 'Tliu Import- 
ance of heinc Earnest ' (lijUB), ' The Triumph 
1' neBb). 'The Dirid«d 
MlaoRynlit ' (ISDTi), ' The 

of the 1-hll 

Way' C1S9B}, 

Prlmner of Zenda' iis. 

and the Butterfly' (IS 

Knowledge 'ai(97>,' The 

• The Aniliiuinador' as«). * A 

(Ism -111 Daya of Old' (1800), 

of Ilentzau' (IMO), 'The Man 

(19O0), ' ' "-'■ ' ~ 

, ai nor 

The 'Tree of 
A Repentance' 


of the Wiae'(ISOO), 'The Awi 
hic'flMIL), 'The WiblomeH'UOni), 
and Francoaca' (too!), 'I( I were 

SOOa), 'Old Heidrllwrg' {ID 
imiial ' (lUM), and ' Katurday 
0BW1. -" -' -'■■-'■ - - "- ' 



Monday ■ 

: wWh Me. Ue liaa'al 
St Jamea'a 'AsVou Like It ' 

Nothing ' (Benrdi'al-. la.'M). Uohnaappeiirad 
in the couru) of hU cHtMI aa Ronuo, PoiU 
Anmiu, i>ajt Cfrmr df JJeuan. Armand 

iin.l l'a«»ion'), 
irld'), I--rKl>f]/ 
J, Oll/nniC Tha 

uiMm'i. Qlaaira 
r. H. Mumy. 

Ted plndo he wan accunnted apecially 

Kuodaa/)nndi>i) In 'Guy Manner- 
Ine' (7.ii.>, and JialcUfr In 'Thn Heart of 
Midlothian '(f.r,). In IMS he became man- 
ager Df the Bunlop street IbutreiLHugOW, 




"Which he carried on for seren years, along 
irith the Adelphi, Edinbureh, and the the- 
atres at Dumfries and Carlisle. In 1829 he 
obtained the patent for Gla8«>w, built a 
theatre for himself, and, says Peter Pater- 
son, ** continued from that period until 
vittdn a few months of his death a course 
of profitable management, which enabled 
him to leave his familyin a position of com- 
parative aflSuence." The same writer says 
of Alexander's performances in Edinbursh 
that "his powerful mind, free from tne 
cares of management, enabled him to per- 
form an extensive range of characters with 
great ability ; but what contributed as much 
as any other element to his success, was an 
excellent taste in dress and invariable cor- 
rectness in reading." See Jefferson's * Auto- 
biogmphy ' (188&-00). 

Alexander, Sir William (Earl of 
Stirling). Poet and statesman, bom 1567 or 
1568, died in London, 1640 ; was the author 
of the following tragedies :— ' Darius ' (1603), 
'Croesus' (1604), 'Julius Geesar ' (1604), and 
'The Alexandriean ' (1605); all of which see. 
They were publish^ together, under the 
title of 'Monarchicke Tragedies,' in 1607. 
Alexander's collected * Worxs ' appeared in 
1637. ** His tragedies," says Orosart, " have 
'brave sublunary things,' if laboured and 
dull as a whole. See Rogers' * Memorials 
of the Eari of StirUng ' (1877). 

Alexander, Campaspe, and Dio- 
flrenes. See Alexander the Great. 

Alexander and Lodowiok. A play 
founded on an old tale, and first acted in 
January, 1597. 

Alexander and Statira. See Alex- 
ander THE Great. 

Alexander and the Kingr of Egypt. 
See Alexander the G reat. 

Alexander the Qreat. The famous 
conqueror of antiquity is the chief person- 
age In many dramatic pieces; notably (1) 
^exander, Campaspe, and Diogenes:' a 
comedy by John Lyly (q.vX •• played before 
Queen Elizabeth, on Twelfth-night (1581), 
by the children of Paul's '' and printed in 
1584. The plot is from Pliny's 'Natural 
History,' bk. xxxv. chap. 10. Lyly was 
perhaps Indebted to "a ballet, entituled 
An Ilistory of Alexander, Campaspe. and 
Apelles, and of the faythful fryndshippe 
betweene theym," printed for Colwell in 
1666. •• This play," says Hazlitt, " is a very 
pleasing transcript of old manners and senti- 
ment. It is full of sweetness and point, of 
Attic salt and the honey of Hymettus." 
Collier describes the play as " certainly one 
of the best of Lyly's productions," prais- 
ing " the force and distinction with which 
JHoffenea is drawn." " Some interest is also 
felt for Apelles. who had fallen in love with 
Camwupt while employed by Alexander to 
paint her portndt. . . . Campaspe also be- 
comes enamoured of ilpei^«. . . . The main 
plot is varied by the introduction of some 
of the Grecian sages and philosophers." 
'^ Apelles and Gampaspet" lays Fleay, " seem 

to shadow forth Leicester and the Countess 
of Elssex. . . . Alexander, of course, means 
the queen, and Hephsration, 1 think, Bur- 
leigh. . . . Diogenes, I think, means Lyly 
himself." See Warton's * English Poetry' 
(1871X Collier's * Dramatic Poetry ' (1879), and 
Dodsley's 'Old Plays.' See, also, Apelles. 
(2) * The Rival Queens' (9. v.), by Nathaniel 
Lee; (3) *The Amazon Queen' (^.r.); (4) 
A play by T. Ozell (9. v.), translated from 
the French of Racine, and printed in 1714. 
(6) An opera, performed at Lincoln's Inn 
Fields, and printed in 1716. (6) ' Alexander 
and the King of Egypt : ' a " mock play," 
"as it is acted by the Mummers every 
Xmas;" printed in 1788. (7) 'Alexander 
the Little:' played at Co vent Garden on 
May 2, 1791, with Quick, Munden, Mrs. 
Webb, Mrs. Martyr, and Mrs. Pitt in the 
cast (8) * Alexander the Great ; or. The 
Conquest of Persia : ' " a grand pantomime 
ballet," " composed" by J. d'Egtille (music 
by Kradnski Miller), and performed at 
Drury Lane on February 12, 1795. *' The 
scenery surpassed everything before exhi- 
bited on the English stage." (0) ' Alexander 
the Great in lJttle:'a"grana tragi-comic 
operatic burlesque spectacle " in one act by 
T. DiBDiN (q.vX first performed at the 
Strand Theatre, London, on August 7, 1837, 
with Mrs. Stirling as Roxana^ Miss Daly as 
Statira^ and W. J. Hammond as Alexander. 
(10) * Alexander and Statira ; or. The Death 
of Bucephalus : ' a tragedy *' for warm 
weather,'* written by Dr. George Wallis. 
and acted at York, Leeds, and Edinburgh. 

Alexander the Great in Little. 
See Alexander the Great. 

Alexander the I«ittle. See Alex- 
ander the Great. 

Alexandra. A play from the German 
of Dr. Richard Voss, first performe<l at the 
Royalty Theatre, London, on March 4, 1893, 
with Aiiss Achurch in the title part. 

Alexandra Theatre. See London 

Alexandrsean Tragedy (The). A 
play by William Alexander {q.v.). Earl of 
Stirling, printed in 1605. " The groundwork 
of thLs play is laid on the differences which 
arose among Alexander's captains, after his 
decease, about the succession. . . . The scene 
lies in Babylon, and the plot is to be found 
in Quintus Curtius, Dioaorus Siculus, Oro* 
sius, etc." (« Biographia Dramatica'). This 
tragedy drew from Dr. Andrew Johnston 
the following epigram :— 

" Confer Alenuidrot : Mao«do rlctriclbni armli 
Mngnus mt, ScoUu camiliM major uterT" 

Alexina. (1) Wife of the hero, in Theo- 
dore Hook's 'Tekeli' (a.r.). (2) A cha- 
racter In Reynolds's * Exile' (q.v.). 

Alexina ; or, Tme unto Death. A 
two-act drama, by J. Sheridan Knowles 
(q.v.\ performed at the Strand Theatre, 
London, in 1866. with Miss A. Swanborough 
In the title r<M«, and Miss M. Simpson* 


Thome, raraelle, Tnrtiei 

Alexis. .., - - 
■ Fslthful Sbepherdr 

afaB^herd Is FletCbEB'S 

, (2) ' AleniB- Paradlw ; 

irlvstelT e 

-dh SoptoniLvr u, iiM-J, imi uiil iiipk hi uxiw 
ence. "In tlie W&rburtnn Hit it ti tailed 
■ Alviios ; or, Tbe CliastQ ti&llant '" ( Flcaj). 

Al&vouTite, KiDK. A chemctec la 
Pijl.nch£':1 ' Forlnnlo ' W,i.). 

Al&eii. The »orli>i of tills drnm&tlrt 
■wtn tnuHlatcd Itara ths Italian by CbatlH 
JJojd In laiB, url K. A, Howrinic In WTfl. 
Kngllsh Tsreltnia of Altleri'a Autoblogiuphy 

Bpp™"«' 'n 1810 

I II.: 

Alfbnao. Ths Duke, In W. Torso's 

■|.ucrezlaBi>TKlm'(g.ii.),andinL. Bt'CKINc- 
IKM anil H. J. fitiuui's burleuine on Uub 
•Bliject (./.«.). 

Alfonao, KlnEof OutUe. A tragedy 
Id M.Q.l.iiWi!) (7,0.), Ont por- 
f armei! nlCoTentOBidenon Januaty H-.iatn. 
witb H caat Indndlns U. Johnaton, Cooke, 
Mntray, Sin. I.ltchfleid, and Mm. Johnston. 
Ortino, accnaed of treuon, baa been Im^ 
primned liy Atflmio; and Orriiuj'i aon, 
CruarjD, secretly mairled to Amelrora, 
cbLuibter of /(funu, town tenecance. He 
is BbDut to kill the King, when be is blmaelf 
stabbed by Oriiiui. »bo abw dira. Tlia 
tmiiedy fis BnE played at New yock In 

Alfred. See Alfred TiiE Great. 

Alfred and Emma. An unacted pbiy, 
dateil IBOd. and founded on the ' Red fnia 

Alfred the Great bos been the t 
'Knrnln- rirr Aitmlnn:' a Mtin 


Bucks {tboreai.loDee of the Prince of Wnles), 
on AUEQit 11, 1740, and pcinttxl in the earns 
year. The occailDn iraa the aelebcatlon itt 
the aonltereary of "' " 

inale, (he fantuna pattioUc aonj; * Uole Dri- 
annla,' ** of which Honthey aoiiTlt wonld bo 
* the politic*! hymn at tfau coimtTy as Ionic 
- aba malntAlna her political power^" An 


opera, called 'AUrad.' I 

ThomHin and Mallet'a work, waa pBrfonnei 
at CoTent Garden in iris, with Mn. Ame 
and other vooUiita in the caat. Tbeoiaiqns 
waa afterwarda dramatlxed by Mallet, and 
producoa at Dmry Lane in 1J6J. nlth Garr '' 


. Thia Ti 


a tragedy by the aatbor of -The t'rlcndlr 
Rivab ' iq.ti. printed in 1763. (S) ■ Alfred ; 
or. The Manic Banner : ' a dtama In three 


. Brat parfomisd 

traeedybyJOHNH(iHR(f.E.^ ,. 

at CoTent Garden on Janoaty SL, 1T7S. wllh 
Lewis aa Alfred (King of En^and), Aickin 
as HinmuiT (Kins of the Daoee), Mn. Uarry 
as Htluliwida (betrothed to Affrrd). anil 
Mrs. Jackson iis.R(inu<GOiiBortto//i'w»ar). 
JithrAtwida Is a prisoner In the campot liin- 
ptiar, who hivvft her. Alfred, di)i)pilaed as v. 
bard, penetratea thronuh the llnea, and make* 
hlmselfknown toft/idnpido. J£unfx,iaitoiie 
of ElhtUirida, ae«k> to kill licr, and AlSrtd. 

. rentnaliy ara rennlleifT (7) 'Alfred the 

Greab;*aphLyin tbreeael«,bjMn. KauCTT, 

lonnecr at Norwich In IJay, ir" — 

Alfred t 

, The Entl 

Isaac VdcoCK, toonded on the ' Alfred ' O/.o.) 
of U'Koefe, and flnt performeil at Covent 
GardenonNoiemliet 3, ItKT, with Wardo aa 
Jtfrfd. 'Serle aa Ovthrum, I^weott aa Gsij, 
Slus Gonard aa flnriUd, Mn. DaTenpurt 
aa BrrtM,and Blanchard and Miss Kelfy in 
other parts. ^t/rff,diBBnl)U!diia a minstrel, 
Tlslts 0uf Arum's canip. He is dlsFoicred ; 
£lmilha, who loies him. sets Are to the En- 
ehantnl ijtandard ; the Saxons mab in. and 
the Danes are snbdned. tiai) and BeHAa are 
a neatherd and his wife, in whose oottus 
Alfrrd bama the hLttorical cakes. tEo 
play was flrat performed at New York in 
Vebmary, 1!)^ (8) ' Alfred the Great ; or. 
The IWric't King:' aplay byJ. SbehidaS 
KNOWiJis (7.1.1, prodnceil at IlmrT ' 

ISSLiillh J- 

Huddnrt as 
Mi«fl Phillips B 

iLcriuiily In the title part, Situ 
j;i»,r.7ft. Cooper as OiK/inim, 

<rMhs Fancil 




Horace Yfimn as Dunu^ft F. Vining as 
Oddune, MUs Herbert as OtwUh, Miss K. 
Nelson as Elamth, Miss Hughes as /na. and 
Miss Stephens as Maude. (12) * Alfred : ' a 
play by Martin Fabquhar Tuppbr iq.v.\ 
performed at Manchester* with waiter 
Montgomery in the title part, and Miss 
Henrietta Hodson as Bertha. (13) ' Alfred 
the Great In Athelnay : ' a play in flte acts. 
by Lord Sttratford de Bbdcuffe, printed 
in 1876. See Battle op Eddimqton, and 
Christian Kino. 

Algrerine Slaves (The). See Stran- 
gers AT Home, The. 

Algronah. See Cherokee, The. 

Alhadra. The heroine of Ck>LERiDOE's 

Alhambra (The); or, The Three 
Beautiful Prinoesses. A "burlesque 
extraTaganza** by Albert Smith (9. v.), 
first performed at the Princess's Theatre, 
London, on April 21, 1851, with Mrs. Koeley 
as Sir Rupert the Jteady, Miss Vivash as 
WiU'</'the-Wupt Flexmore as Aemodetu and 
Al Djaco, Harley as Husuin Baba^ Alfred 
Wigan as Sir Deeverado the DaunfUu^ 
Keeley as Sir Toby tke Timoroui. Miss Car* 
lotta Leclercq as Zorayda. and J. F. Cath- 
cart. Miss Murray, and Miss M. Keeley in 
other parts. 

Alhambra Theatre (The). See Lon- 
don Theatres. 

All Baba. The hero of a well-known 
nursery tale and of the following dramatic 
pieces :— (1) * Ali Baba ; or. The Thirty-nine 
ThieTes (in accordance with the author's 
habit of "taking one ofif")': an extrara- 
ganza by H. J. Byron (9. v.), first performed 
at the Strand Theatre, London, on April 6, 
1863, with H. J. Turner in the title part, 
Miss Polly Marshall as Oanemy F. Seymour 
as Caetim Baba, Miss Ada Swanborough as 
AbdcUla, Q. Honey as Hauarae, E. Danvers 
as i/oMan, Miss £. Bufton as Cogia fofra, 
Miss F. Huehes as Zaide, and Miss C. 
Saunders as Morgiana, (2) ' Ali Baba ; or. 
The Forty Thietes : ' a comic opera in four 
acts, written by Signor Taddet, composed 
by Signor Bett€«ini, and produced at the Ly* 
ceum Theatre, London, on January 17, 1871. 
(8) 'Ali Baba. and the Forty Thieves' : a 
burlesnue by Gilbert Arthur 1 Beckett. 
Crystal Palace, December 21, 1871. (4) 
* Aii Baba k la Mode : ' an extrataganza by 
R. Reece (g.v.), first performed at the Gaiety 
Theatre, London, on September 14, 1872. 
(6) *Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves:' 
najitomime by John Douglas, Park Theatre. 
London, December 24, 1878. (6) ' Ali Baba 
and the Forty Thieves : ' nantomime by J. 
B. Chatterton and H. P. (iRATTAN, Sadler's 
Wells, December 26, 1881. (7) * All Baba ; 
or. The Forty Naughty Thieves,' burlesque. 
Theatre Boyal, Birkenhead, May 14, 1888. 
(8) « Ali Baba ; or, A Night with the Forty 
Thieves,' by J. B. CNeill. See Oimber- 
land's plays.— ^/t BaJba is also a prominent 
personage in various other pieces, for which 

see Baba, Ali; Forty Thieves; Op£.\, 

Ali Pacha ; or, The Sigmet Binar. A 
play by J. Howard Payne (9.V.), produced 
at Covent Garden, October 19, 1822, with 
Farren in the title part, and Miss Foote as 
the heroine. Charles Lamb wrote of the 
piece that it ** would do." adding that 
Farren's manner was "even grand," whilst 
Miss Foote *' greatly helped^' the drama. 
*Ali Pacha' was first performed at New 
York in May, 1823. 

Alibi. A character in 0*E£efe*s * Toy * 

Alioe. (1) Sister of Valentine, in Beau- 
mont and Fletcher's ' Monsieur Thomas ' 
(a.vO- (2) Alice, in the anonymous ' Arden 
of Feversnam ' (9. v.), is the wife of .^Irden. 
In LiLLO's play she is called Alicia. Alice 
is a leading character in (8) Lewis's ' Castle 
Spectre' (9. v.) and (4) Oxenford's 'Porter's 
Knot* (q.v.). She is (5) the fiancee of 
Amaudr in B. Lacy's 'Robert the DevU' 

S.V.), and (6) daughter of jRtp Van Winkl&i 
the plays and oj^ras on that subject. 

Alice GKrey, the Suspected One;- 
or, The Moral Brand. A domestic 
drama in three acts, by John T. Haines (q.v.), 
first performed at the Surrey Theatre, Lon- 
don, on April 1, 1839, vrith Mrs. H. vining 
in the title part, and E. F. Saville as Cadger 

AUoe in Wonderland. A "musical 
dream-play" in two acts, adapted by H. 
Savilb Clarke (with music by waiter 
Slaughter) from Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's 
Adventures in Wonderland ' and ' Through 
the Looking-GIass ;' first performed at the 
Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, on 
December 23, 1886, with Phoebe Carlo as; 
Alice, S.'Harcourt as the Hatter and Tteeedle- 
dutn, W. Cheesman as the Mock Turtle and 
Humpty Dumpty, etc.; revived at the Globe 
Theatre, London, in December, 1888 ; at the 
Vaudeville in 1900; at the Camberwell 
Theatre in 1902. 

Alice May. A drama by Edward- 
Fitzball (a.v.), played at the Surrey^ 
Theatre in 1852. 

Alice Fierce. See Alls Perce. 

Alicia, in Howe's 'Jane Shore' (q.v.\ 
is the mistress of Lord Hattinga. It is 
related of the King of Denmark, who, in 
1768, went to see a representation of * Jane 
Shore,' that "during the performance he 
fell asleep, and remained so, to the amuse- 
ment of the audience and the annoyance 
of Mrs. Bellamy [q.v.], who played Alicia. 
That haughty and hapless beauty was not 
likely to let the wearied king sleep on ; 
and accordingly, having to pronounce the 
words, *0 thou false lord !' sne approached 
the ruyal box, and uttered them expressly 
in such a piercing tone, that the king awoke 
in sudden amazement.' See Alice (2). 

Aiidor. A shepherd in Planch^I 
* Young and Handsome' (g.v.). 

Alldoro. Tho t 
' Clniii-relln- (q.v.}. 

In ti>« > 

formlnBC _ 

uvi palili3li«J ii 

Alindt. (1) 

(2) A cbknKter 

l)»rdy'(j.p.). S 

Alius. The 

.B phUo- 

S.D,), Brat performeii bE. tbe Stianil Thi»ti 
Illy to, IBO, with Mm. Sllrling In tliu til 
purl; r-' — '-^ - ■■■' "--•->- — •" 

e Slarytebone The- 

Cvunlrj Wife- (i.e. 

Aliva and Herry. 

mpta, by '■— BRowii." I 

ry lADe on Ubv ~ 


bikI Hn.BUnd ''ltaiMn«l,"uTiUo]ti>u, 
■' with mnt« Bt d door/ (3) A farce In »o 

jiiuuMiiBiu, x, il. FByne, Mn. UiKsr, Bnd 
Mn, Humb; In the cast. &w All Alive 
ANIlMRltHT; Sh*hf, Ldue. 

Aliva oi Sead. A nlay odnpted by R. 
iI*i,Llrura thB -KdwiQ Brood- ot Ch»rlo« 
Diclieni, Bnd flrrt perrormsd Bt St. George's 
Msil, London, In Mbt, 1S7S j rarliad nt the 
Park Theatre, l-aadoa, in Uay. 1880, with 
\f. Uowell ma IMwiii, Miss Bella Cnthliert 
Bi Opinm Sal, Mlu Ali« Bayner u Htltna 
jMnJliu, and Mln Stella Brereton u Hot 

Il*Ly ^7.e.) (rom Iho 'lot 

BaiTitre, luid Bret performed at the Fifth 
Aienue Theatre, Now York, on January 41, 
JSTS, with Mln Clan Muiris b9 the heroine 
(reprraentoil in Paris by Mil lie. Pieraon), 
BDpnorted liy Mlas L. Diets, ftliaa F. Daren- 
peri, and L. Jauen. J. Lewis, U. ClBike, and 
C. Fisher. 

A]kalomb. .lifter of (7aiKni. in F. 
TiLFOUiui's 'OBnum, the Slaiu of Love' 


Alben. Ths swe abepbard in JoNSO.Va 

Un. SaVeBpoit in the «wt. Saa Q. Jf. D, 

All about the Battle of SoTkliiK ; 
>r, Xy Gtrajidinotli^r. An eitrata. 

. by F. C. BuiiXAMi (j.p.) and A. 

'- - ), first performed at the 

n, London, on An^at 7, 

All Abroad. An operuttB, written by 
^RTiii'K Law, iMjmpoEifla by A. J. Caldicott, 
ind Hrst pertomiod Bt the I-rince of Walet'a 

All Alive and Heiry. 

All at C ; or. The Captlvs, the 
Coffas, and tils Cocoatina. AmuBical 
meiodrama by Major Mir.i.n-r anJ l,i.<ii. 
tenant Wilcox, peiform 
Tamar ou December S9, 

All at CoTontry; „, 

LaoH-h. A mnalcal farce m ono net, by 
W. T. MONCBIEFF (7.rJ, first perfoniiM at 
the (Hjinpio Theatre, London, on Januarj 
8, IBW, with RusBell Bi nwiofAr/ ; revlvti 
■1 the AdBipiil ■ - ■^■ 

hoard H.U.H. 
I^ve and 

IE the chaTBctorfl Bra Sraat- 
bit, Aiinilr, Livtlp, Gabblraia. and JledlaiL 
The piece WBi Snt playi-d ai New York in 
1843, with John Fisher aa Timothy. 

All at Sea. (1) A camedietla by Sihhet 
GhUKDTto.B.}, BntperfonnedattheTlieatre 
Royal, Mancheitcr, on Aa^ruat B, IBT3, with 
W. n. Kanda! and Mra. Kendal In the prin- 
cipal poita. (2) A maBlcal Bketdi. words by 
Ahthub. LAW(g.n.), mnalo byComoy OraiD, 
produced at St. Georire'A Uall, Loudon, oa 

All at Bizea and BevaiiB. A fares 
nlavod at Drary Lane on March SI, \»2St, 
with Gattle. Jones, Listnn. Ilariey, Uia. 

All Fools. A comeity by GEanoB 
ClUPMAS (f.F.X faande.1 on Terence'i 
' HeRutontiniomuienog,' "uiostlllielywrittoo 
in I«n3' (Fleay), played at Blackfrlui and 
before the king, and pHnled In lOOA. It la, 
"of conmo," aayi Fleay, "a Temodelled 
form o( -Tlio World mna on Wheels' [aa 
ChBpnmn Hnt entitled his play] of July, 
I6Ba." "The style," aaya Swinbarae, "'is 

limpid Bi 

dittloBue bIwb_ _ ...-_--. -. -.--- 

times relieved with delicate toochea of high 
moral and InteliectnaJ l>oauty ; the plot and 
cliaracten eicellontly Htted to each other, 
with Just enough intricacy aiiri (uineaa of 
Incident (o tnisUIn. without relaxation or 

q>Mtot(ni." Hie iloty tunia mainly upon 


the derice bj whEch SuCanio, a kntibt. <■ 
led t<i BppniTe of tlje maniA^ of fus von 
I'aUriB witli OnUiaua, on tbe enppoilUDit 
that the onion Is oo\y iroagliuTy. and In 
feigned but to bllad another kniiht nuned 

tunio, lilt 

led, and !• racund] 

le play, mosi 
maaa Fooli.' 

tbe prindpiU cboraeterB are made 

All for Fame : or, A Peep at the 
TfmeB. A cocoic sketf b in one net, by A. 
truERRI (o.c). Drury Lane, May IG, ims 1 
■iBscrtbed by lJulti>n lu "« lempjirar)' wtlre 
on tbe prevailing ra^e for Infantile actors." 
AU for Oold ; or, Fifty KUlloDi 
of Uanay. An adaptation, by FaiNCia 
EoPHI»s. of Eugeno Suen 'Jolf Errant,' 
ori(rinally produced in AuHtmlEa, and flrat 

Brformod In England at tbe TboatTO Itoyal, 
nningham, July, ifflS ; produced at the 
Soney Theatre, London, lu IKSL (ft) 'All 
foi Qold : ' a dianm in throe actK, by 
'CDEiiiiv tikirFLTJis, Britaonlii Tlientie, 

AU for Hai. A dianiE by J. Pai^ 

OBITE SlHFBON (g.v.) and H. Uerivxlb 
(g.vA flnt performed at tbo Mirror Thwtie, 
Ixradon, on October li, 1BTG, with J. Clay- 
ton as Hw^^ Trrmr. Ctaatord aa l/vrd 
SdmiaU, Min U. Coghlan aa Lady Van- 
Oen, MIn Caroline Hillu Jton iiinrri, and 
Hnrua Wtgan aa lladfiird. Hvgh Treair 

_. L_ . — „..j-.,_,(g ^^ ^m j[,. 

bmlitAkan, and 

Xdendait, btlong tba (iUs and eetates. But 
Uv(^ lotei Ladv Jfaridu, and Ladu ilargden 

belieiBi b> is an il 


to the Kairotd for hli brotfae 

onable plana. Jfar^ 
■All for Her- was 

I^ed in tbe Enk'Ii>h pr<»ln«<i In 1S76 
irlili John Clayton aa Trevor, Miaa Annii 
Baldwin u Ladg Maritlea, NiM Cfcraller ai 
Maruttitcr; A. Klirood ai Lord Bdtndalt, 
■nd H. Maion aa Rad/ord ; and again In 
M77. with Clayton a« Trtixr and W. B. 
SroD^ham a> Afnvdafe. At (<la4£ow Miss 
IdOlM Moodk* ma tho Lady Manim, and 
"W. MaeUnloah ns Radjord. Tlie piece 
m* anenrarda potfonnnl in tbe country 
with Fred Oonld aa Trivor. In lasi it 
-wu rerlted In the KngllAh ptailncea and 
AiDeilca.wltb Mrs. Kendal aiisdvJfaridfli, 
W. a. Kendal aa Trtmr. J. E. Ikidion as 
Badfard, 3. Oune u Bdntdoff. and A. M. 
Ueniion aa CoL Damer. The rSli of Trevor 
-was in tbe repertory of Leatur Wallacb. 

AU tar Himaelf. A drama in three 
formed at tbe Almandra Theatre, LiTurpuol, 

All for Dove ; or. The World WeU 
ZiOBt. A tragedy by John Drydes (q.t,). 
But acted and piinlol in ia:3. Tho original 

met indaded Hart as Anlonif, Mohan a* 
Vrnlidiui. Clarke aa DaluMIa, noodman aJ 
Alemi. Orllfin as SrnipKn, Mrs. Boutoll 
ai Vlrapatra, Mn. Corey aa Oceania. Tb* 
play was reTiied at Uncoln's Inn Flslda in 
Felirumy, I'M, with Bettetton aa .dHlMW, 
Mrs. Barry as CUtpatra, WUks aa Diila- 
brlla, and Mrs. Bntceglnlle aa Octaria; a* 
Dmry Lane In December, ITIB, wltli Booth 
aa .ilnionv. Mrs. OldBeld aa ClMjKMra, and 
Mrs. Potter aa Oceania (aee Darlea' acconnt 
of this performance) ; at Dublin In 17U-B> 
with Barrj aa Ant/my and MUa BeUamy aa 
rii-oiNtIra ; at Drury lAne in February, 17ITi 
with Mra. Watnngton aa Cleopatra ,- at OraiT 
■— ~ '- "---'- "" with Powell as ■— 

.( Covent Garden in January, 1T7S, with 
-arren ax Dolabtlla; at Dmry I^ne in May, 
ISH. with KembiB bb A-uloaa, Barrytnnra 
a llolabrUa. and Mm. Slddons as Cfcouatra ; 
.nd at Coyont Garden in Mar, nV>. with 

17A8, with llallsm In tbe «iiC. Dryden 
dtals in tbia play with the bdjuh aubjad as 
that of Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleo- 
potm." Whllat, however, the elder poet 
'' dllFuaed tbe action of bla iilay oior Italy, 
Greece, and Eeypt." Dryilen laid etmr 
■cene in the dty of Alexandria. Monc 
Dier be "contenU himiKlf with the con- 

of introducing tbe inridenU of tlie war with 
Cnetus Tompey, the negotiation »ilb Le- 
pldns, death of bis first wife, and other 
drcumaliuicea whicb, in Kliakespwre, only 
tend to distract onr attention from the 
main interest of the drama" (Sir Walter 
Scott). Dr^den, aayi Salntabnry, "omit* 
wbateier In the orinnnl atonr i> abocklns 
and repnlaiie tram tbe romantic point id 

view. . . . The beat -■ " ""■-■ — ■ 

cannot, of conrw, 

with the beet pleo ,__. . . 

but the best pasncea ol this play, an,,, 
what la more, lb general factun and atyle, 
equal, with a certain tlme-allonana!. the 
best things o( Uaumont and Fletcher, and 
' m tbe beat things o( almoat any 

h tmgediivi nave Shakespeare." 


, elphl 

.„, an January le, IHSg, w^th 
■, H. Bererley as Boreiu. Mn. 



>'labctt aa Aiirria, Mrs. 
and Itlhu A. Taylor as Ini. 
and "phnntoms" arelntroi 

AU for Honor. (.1) \" 


SaEnn. Pridt, ClaHany, Aduiati 

... „. Liaminff- 
ty • uithotil > learning, 
tttunir • vKUKg ■ HOT ■ lEOmtiv, AU-/Br- 
miHfV, GTrgoTii OraetUit, MmniliH, Moaef- 
leu-aiul'friiiuUtit, ITillinH ■ witA ■ (At • luw - 
tBimi, A'if*D/-iK«*T-Bii(-^f'-tA<-lBiF, Sir 
iMKrrtaet LitiiuHia, Molkrr Croat, Judat, 
iMtti. Uadln AdmimiUaa, t'lrCui, ifiiiRi:iJlv, 
mml VAarilg. It hu bean doKclbed u " dds 
of tlis mine elahoi&M uid 1dto1>«iI o( onr 
Hi*ir Mtinli. Tha dunctan enuged In It.** 

iLumbtir, ... It pnfvufli tn npreHnt ' tha 
Dunnen of man ud luhion of tha world ' 
ftt the ilita when It wu prtnlnced ; but It ti 
BnyChlnc IidI a, picture olniuinan, uid tha 
Kutlior directii nl> Mlaek In variona ynjt 
uminst ATuica. On the title-paga h« tonnB 
bli work It 'pltltal comedy, nnd In Ui« 
pnilnKtie he toUi us thut ii Is almoit a 
■plsuant trnccdT;' hnt It liu no preten- 
Btona tn he conifdered ono or the otbar" 
tl)™niatto I'™''T'L J8) * ™"'e'ly '':' 
t.>nned Vt tbe Itaymarket In JuIt 1^ ISW. 
rick ta Ida. Ilanry 

n PiiikfTbert. w. a. 

; At. P., and bar Ilfo in 


>r, the C. 

...e pecttJiHons c 

pnipoalii nf ber old Inmr. GmUd. Kicnt- 
(ulfs', Ctralil !■ unmuksJ: the Captain it 
able ta refund hii thetu by marrying tlie 
Ticli Hplnaler, Mi— White; and Ida regains 

All for tha Better; or. The In' 
faUible Cure. A coioedyby P. MA.iniAa, 
actc[| at Drary Lane in i;03. and printed in 
tho MDie y«T. The ariRin*! csai inclndod 
llnnband. Wilks, Mllla, and Mri, Rogers. 

AU Guilty. A play Brrt psrfonnBil at 
Bnrtoa's Tboalro, Neir York, on Oclobor 21, 


*11 in a Bustle. (1) An nnarled plav 
Vy Phincis LuTHriM, printe.1 In ITSS and 
)4W>. {2) A "proludo,^' iiLayod bi America 

AUinaFoK. Seo Who's Whot 

All In Ooad Huinpur. A "trifle" In 

llrKtperformailatthcltaymarketTlLiittre on 
Julv^. llili. with Baddeli-y un CAn31-.11 and 
H, hUmar as Squire Oairl^rain. 

All in the Sark ; or, The Bank* of 
the Elbe. A farcical c.mieiiy, by J. R. 

nn. in July, IS'A with a 

Knrilfy. 131a ml 


All In the IJoTn« : or, Blaok-ey'd 

Buaan. .A mmlc operetta, fcmndfil on 
I)nii^lii» JiTTnlJ-B play, with lyiica by TOK 
JejiKOUi, and muaic by Mayor Luti (,q.r.). 


Sroduc-od at the 'Saiolv Tlii»tn?. Londnn. on 
loiember ^. 13S1, nllb Miu Alice Cooka ai 
IMti/ Ha^oirir. 
All In the Sampa. See BliCK-eved 


nttaeSlBht. (1) A I 

t Oarden nn April » 
irfiwu. abnter, Uts- OreoD, anu otbcn in 
the caot. 

AU In the Wrons-. A eamedy by 
Author MttB phi: (v.c), oirlniEsoinvChlngta 
tha 'CiKn Imaglnalra'or UgUvTP.aiid Urst 
Iirodnred at l>nirT Lana on Jnne IB. 1781, 
with Vatas as Sir John llaUiH and Mrs. 
Tatea u BtHiida, Foole wrote and spuke the 
proloRite. "Tba Intention ol It," taya the 
' Blotirapbia Diamatlcs,' "Is to brine l«- 
Cather Into ona piece, and Tapresent at one 
liow, the TBrlons affecti of the pamlon o[ 
jaaluuny bi domentlE life, acting on different 
dlniniitionii and different tempers, and nndar 
different drcDmnUncea of bnsliand and wife, 
lorer and mialraiis." The comedy was Qnt 
played at New York in 17tt§. 
AU U Fair In Love and War. A 

Dt sold that e-listeaeth." 
t Oold that ailatera. A 

All !■ True. On Jaly A, 1013. Sir Henry 
WiiMon wrete to his nephew : ■' I will enter, 
t^n yuu , , . »tth what bath bappenoil tbis 
week at [the Olube Thaatre on] the Uank- 
■ide. Tho kinifa players had a now play, 
calleil AUiM Tnif, reprewnttaig someprtncl' 
pal pieces of tha reign of Henry tba Eightb, 
which was set forth with many eitcaordliiaiy 
circumstances of pomp and tmlHtr. even to 
the matting of tha aWe; the Kniehts ol 
the Order, with their OeoTges and Oarter, 
tbo KOardi with their embreldared coats, 
and the like : sufficient. In truth, within a 

while, to make 

not rldlenloui. . 

a mask at tha Cardinal W 

certaio caonoiu being (he 

some ol tbe paper or othiir atalt when 
one of these was atopped. did light ou tue 
tliatch, where, being tboagbt at Bnt but an 
idle smoke, and their eyes more altentire 
to the show, It kindled Inwardly and tan 

King Henry, making 
a W^av's boose, and 
; shot off at bis entry, 

-■•■ ■-— • 9wlfll 

This'-All is°Tru6' lias bewi 'ihonrtt" by 
some to be identical with the ■ Henry VIII.- 

£m m« me you know ma ' of Samutl 
owley. It may, buwcrer, as Collier Hug- 
geati, ba>e been "aquitti differpnt piece 
fonndcri on history." .Sir tha ' fiiogiaphla 
l>nuuUlca'CUilD>abi>,Ue!(itv VilL 

All fB Vanity. Bee Cv^iica Defeat, 

AUHlHteken ; or, TheKad Couple. 

A comedy bs tho Han, J»HPjiHnwiHU(o.r.). 
first perromsd >t the Thatre Itojal un 
necember S8, ie«r, with Nell Owjnns «nil 
Hart u Miridatni PJtaidar—tiie Duul cunple . 
J'Miibir kod Jfirida "wn in lo'e with 
each DthBT, bnt protail ■^ainit nuurlnge-" 
TtiB lonoer bu promlml marriiiEe to t^i" 
UdlH, bnt. bETinB muussd (o lock them 

in & ranlt. ho declinn to Ir' "— ' 

they each roUe'e him from . . , . 

Tiila bae two loTem — PingaiiUr uiil a le&n 
jnan. Shs refuses to majry I'lTtgniilrr till 

I them up 
a uut tin 

Qaick, Alcktn, Furon. Mra. Mattoclu, Mlsa 

All Pleaa'd at Last. An nnonrmonB 

eomedy. sited uid printed In Dublin In I7S3. 

AllPIat;or,TheI}lBBniae*. Aplaj 

• BosciM AnElicanu* ■ (17M). 

All Fouled. An unonTmans hr 
dateil ITai. Sea ' ItiuKiaphia Diauutlca. 

" All that BllBtera la not Kold.' 
'?LlerFbuit ol Venice,' act li. fc 0. M 
dlelon, in his -Fair Qiianel/actiL k. 1, 1 

See i 

AU that aiittars la not Oold. A 
comedy mUpUd tioin the French by Thomam 
and J. M. MoRin:* (a. r.) and tint performed 
at tbs (ilf mpicThnfra. London, on Jannarr 
13, lasi. with W. Farren aa Jm-t yjiiiit, 

jnn., as Fnifrick flam, Mrs. StlrUog u 
MaHha OMu. M1« Lonbo Ifonrd aa £ndy 
"-'— ^ tfabmdU^li, and Compton -- "''^ 

Tuinkle. IiOdw rakrio, married t 
rK*. la pnmud by a " wlekad bvonei^ ana 
U la danger of tilling a Tictim to bii wiles, 
wbsn JTarUa, • pretty factory idrl, baloTed 
by Stephen, ■OGaoda in opening the lody'a 
eyei to her loin'i filaity— only, howaier, 
nj eompromlalng her own frood name. Her 
iBBocaoee bdng aetabtlalied, Rha marries 
S^Aat. Ttda rilece la aometlmea called 
' The Factory OfrL' It was flnC played at 
Rev York in Marob, ISSl, witb HU* Ooa- 
'rt and Darldse aa 


■nd U. DucKwriBTH upon Carl lAnfe'a 
' Eln Toller Elnlal,' and Hnt performed »* 
New York on Seplembor S. 1610; at tba 
Olobe Theatre, London, on JanuHry3<,tSai, 
with H. Paulton In the leiulinji part; at 
the Elephant and Caitle Theatre in 1891, 
with L. Rlgnold ai chief comedian. 

" All ths aonlB that vere, wera 
forfeit onoe."— ' Meaanre (or Rlooanre,' 
act IL ac, g Uiabrlla)— 

who wrote tbat "TotuB miindm Bflt hia- 

wax placed oier the portal uf Shakospeare'a 
thsaire, the tllube. In the old play ol 
' Damon and Pythias' (15[i:i|, a character 

cereoin kyndc of stn^ plale ? wbereaJ) 

I. an otlier in'an oSar, eche playlnee 
arte," Ueywood, In bla 'Apology for 
■a' am) wrilei— 

All the World'a a Sta^o. A (an» 
by lajiAC Jackhan, drsb purfitrmed at Dranr 
Lane on April 7, 1777, wltli a cast uiclndlng 
Paraona iJHgaery). BaddulBS, Palnier, 
Farren, Klim P. Hopkinn (Kitty Sprightly), 
and Mrs. UopUaa. Tho hamour appsara 
to hare been derivod from the proceedlnn 
nl liiaKru and Kitty, who are stae«»traeL 
The farce wai first plajcd In New York in 

All TowB Kept. A play by Captain 
DnwNES. "printed and prnbably acted.' 
rays Gene.l, "in 1713." at Smock Alley, 
Dublin. Four of the chamcten tow ap. 
parently Impniallila th!ng>. bnt faronnblo 
rJrcamntancea at laat admit of "all (owi" 
being " kept," and all ondi happily. Among 
the wriwuF are UtrcuUi 11. Birington) 
and PaHhtnia (Un, Bellamy), 7V>i»Ir>o 
(E. EWuglon) and Ariomana (Mrs. Neale). 

bowera." Firal ^ 

' Faithful Shepherdesi' (f.n.). 
a Fair In lora; or, A KatoH 


for the Lawyer. (I) A farce In two acts, 
by J, TuBiN (7.C,), Hrst perfomiad at CoTont 
Oanlen on April W. isca, with a, cut ill' 
eIndtniF MBnden. mocett, Itranton, Mn. 
St. Lwer, and Mm. Mills. Tbe chlaf part 
!■ tluit of SftennWn, prubably plajcrf by 
Mnnden. (8) 'All's Fair '- ' ■ - "— 

aet pliiT by JoH.v BHOUOHiii (o.s.}, altered 

froiD 'tba Page.' and produced in 1363 at 

irton's ThwSre. New Yort (3) 'All', 

AU'b Loat by Liut. A tngedy by 
'ILLIAH ItowLET (f.T.), loonded Hrtly on 
The Untortunntfl I«»or« ' (noml S) ; Mted, 

William Rowlet (7. 

'The UDCortunnM Ix»<»~ (uu.., 
nya Fleay. at Che Cockpit circa 

Vbrenii nrm 1633. anil printsd'l.. . 

Tsar. Pepya mw it played at the Red Hull 
InMucb.lMl. TbgDUin plot litajcen from 
Uitory, ths enb-plot (lAngbalna Bri) from a 
iioibI. Tbt chief chaiKtm-, Jtodonguc, King 
of Spain, aeducei Jaointa, the duirhter el 
tall gcnenl. JnUanut: ana th* lut-wunad, 
In nnnge, Joiiu Mttfynumen, King of the 
Moon, Bfld pnia him on the Spauiah tbroDO. 
Mvlf/mumen dealrei to marry Jadnta, is 
reacted, puti out Jvlianv^ eve*, ai ' 
off Jtuinta't tengne. Jaeinta !■ Af tc 

inpUiy Mm. Pii 

one called 'Tlio Coni|uc!it of Spain ' (9.11.). 

All's One : or, One of ths Foure 
Plates la One. aalled A ToTkaliire 
Tragedy. SeeVOKKSLiiRE Thsqedy. 

AU'b Rieht ; or, Tha Old Sohool- 
fellow. A coiuin Interlude, flr«t pcrlomnNl 
at the Uaymiirket on Jnns IS, 13^, with 

tdy called 

All'B -Well that End. 'WaU. 

eoraody by Williih Sfiakeupeare U 
Bnt printed In the folia uf 10S9. and 

bably Identical with --- ' 

• Lore's l^houn Wi,.iiii, .. un,u *„ vi qd. 
In hi> ' Palladii Tamia' (IfieS), mentloni 
anjons the plays of Shakespeare then no. 
pular. "'All's Well,"'nysViimlnill, "Is, 
I doabC not, - LOTe's Labuura Won ' recast. 

In both !< the Labour of Love : that which le 

the growth of a daybeins lost In the earlier 
play. Moroorer, no intelligent pecson can 
nad the play without beini struck by Che 
contrast of early and lata work hi It. The 
matt formality u( the rhymed talk between 
BrUta and the King ]a doe. not to eCianette, 
but Id Shakespeare's early Ume: so also the 
end of the iiUy" ("Leopold Shakupere '). 
Fleay ( ' New Sbakspere Society Traniactians,' 
tBTt) belleiM that the play was the work of 
two widely parted periods, and that IC took 
Its present form In ifloa aerrinns (' Shake- 

(' Sbakeapuore Jabrbnch') are also et opinion 
that It is an early work re-handled. 6u the 
other hand. Delim and Dertiberg attribute 
U to Shakespeare') later yean, the iBtCer 


sstgnlng It to in03. Tlie ni»fn nutlino of th 

9). Wo read that "OiletCa, a | 
daughter of Narbon, bealecl Ih 

demanilirf Baltiamo, Count of Be 
to husband. The counle, being 
against his will, for dusplto Bed U 
and loved another. Lllleeta. hii 
pulllcle fuumle uiosnes to lye 
hlubsnfl in place of his lovei 

ilde of t- 

felicltle." This al 

bementlonciil, has uf late 
basia of a comic opera called 'tiiUetCe't^.D.). 
In 'All's Weir the CounlfM ef JtinitOlim. 
Fanlki, and the Ctoim are wfiolly Shako- 
■pcare'B Invention. '"All's Welt thai) 
Ends Well ' U.' says Scbloinil. " the old sWry 
of a yoDng maiden whose love looked 
much higher than her eiBtlon. . . . Love ap- 

r[s hera In humhle guise : the wooing 

aided by a redprunal inclination, to over- 
come the prejudices of birth In this piece 

pUlnhnnesty of the king, the Riwd°natured 
Impetuoiity of old lioji^t, tha maternal 
Inirmgeuce of the Csunlm to Urlina'i 

Tbu style of the vv^lo Is mure eenlentlonii 

fancy ciiuld nut with propriety liave been 
employed on such a subject. In the pas- 
sages whore the hnmlliatine rejection of the 
poor Utteiia is most painfully affecting, tlie 
cowardly ParoUii steps in Co tha relief of 
the spectator. The mystification hy which 
.., .._.,_.__, j,.,_ -■- --,)nlstan- 

vonted. They oontal 

u revive 
1 March, 

ily. If Shaki 

with Oi 

iSard B 

CiDim, niakes as Dumain, Mrs. OiSacd 
as Itflcna, Mrs. Steel as the Coiinluj, 
Mrs. Dunslall as Xariann : at Dmry I^ne- 
In Jannury, ITtl. with Mills aa Bcrlnaii. 
Cibber. jnn.. as Pan^i, Macklhi as noicn. 
andMn. Wolfington [announced] as fftfena 
[see Davios' account of the perfurniance] ; at 
Covent Garden in April, 1T(6, with Woodward 
a> ParBUv. and Mrs. Pritchard as Biltua ; 
at Dmry Taho In October, 1763. with Palmer 
aa Bcrlram. King ax PHToUa. Mn. Palmer as 
Udnna. and the Clmm omitted ; at Covent 
OardeDln November, n«2,<nthShtit«r as the 
CIiniTi, and MIssMocklhiuii/fMa.'Bt Covent 
Ganlen in December, V72. with Lewes as 
Bertram ; at tha Haymarhet i;il!ererl \>y I". 
Pllonl in Jnly. 1786, with Uannister, jun.. aa 
FaroUei, Eavin 09 Chicn, Misa Farrun a* 

Belerui. uid Mn. Inehbold u the Countai ; 
■t Drury Idne tn Decsmbcr. ITM, *ilb 
Kemble M Brrtnm, Bumliter, jun., us 
Clsicn. ud Mn. Jordu u Brtnia ; at 
CoTent Ouden (adutod bj J. P. Kemblf ) 
Id M«j, 1811, with D. Karable u ^eTfrain. 
Zbvcett u PareOtM, llDDden h Zo/iu. 
Blaucbard u nnm, ud Ui*. H. John- 
■ton u BeUna [Fftwcett la aald to havs 
baeo hlned, ud to bkie dedtsd to nuaa 
hii put): &t Sadler-a Wdla In 186!, wIU) 
SUDUel Pbelps ui ParMti. Se« ths ' Shake- 
■paue Jahrboch ' C^ol, .vfl,) uid ' fih»kip«rB'> 
Libnrr' [pt. <,]. See, algo, BEKTOUIi 
Helena i LirEU ; FuuiLua. 

Allan, Ohftrles. Actor ; bia plkTed, 
BmoDR orlrinal part«, Jfr. (Voh In 'ThB 
SAncine Oirl' (IS91) and JVp. Plouidcn ' 
■The Plowdem' (laM) ; Jfi ■ 

IT of tha People' 

XorUn KiU in 

People- nSBS) ; »lso 
liaJi: 'Tha Menj 

Ticket' {?-»■)- 

Allcaah, Lord and Lady, uia cha- 
iMIsra not onlr In Aubefs ■ I-'™ Dtayolo' 
iiKl ita Kngll»h Toruionj. I.ut niao in the bot- 
lesques of 'Vn Dlaiolo ' hj H. J. Byiu)?t. 

Allclack, Captain. A chanKter In 

Allcraft. SoeSOLOHoNSiMORDiE. 

Altdove, Urn. A vidow In Biylt's 

Alldroaa, BoBOiui. An actoT-manaini 
InG.CouuiKjmi.j'X Y ■£-(q.v,). 

"Allegory on tha bsnka of tha 
Nile, HeadstxooK oaan."— Shebiuih, 
■TlioiUtal.,' »dt Ui. M. 3 (J(r». Malapnp). 

AUeftre. Tha deioted nenant of PWdp 
"'-'-■ '- ' N Bad Shirley's tragody 

IB ft. p. 

of the 1 


dramatic piecea en 
• Howkiah ■ (1796) . 
Allen. AndrQw(Jackaon% Ameriiran 

the title of ■ Father of Uie American itagB I ' 
"wai mare famoBi ai a cook than 03 a 
player," am lAUrence HuCton. See Ad.ei. 
UNO and Fbclp>'i 'playen of a Century' 
Allan, BailMra. Sm Bulbars Allek. 
Allen, Farmer. AduuaclerinSEAOE'a 
moIlBnniaOD'i 'Data' <;.>.). 

Jee Jeffeiaoa'a • Antobloginphy ' (18a»-B0). 

Allen, Mra. OlarUn (Mm. Laconihe 
wUCoomhl. American aclrcM. died 1361 ; 
made her d^I at New York. In ISlfl, u 

AUendEda. A comedy in three acts, by 
V.aai fiiiLLFons and a. B. Bukgin. p«c- 
fonned at the Strand 'J'heatre an the after- 
noon of Febroary U. 1B93. 

Alleyn, Annie. Actreu, boin at Bnid- 
fnrd, 1660; mado her ilibut in OlasgOB In 
1871, aod her lint arpeanmce In London on 
July 13, 1891. Mhs wan Uie orlKlna] repre- 
aanktite or the beroEnea In Hamilton'* 
' Shadow Sceptre ■(8,e.i(;olenuui'« ' Wedded. 
notWiie(l'(7.K\and Benuid'i ' Prlnuowa ' 

Roialint (-Lole'i Laboar'i Lost^. ItabeUa 
(' Meunre for KIciuiub "), and uie chleE 
'■legitimalA "nUu. 

Alleyn . Edward. 

Thnmal Na-<h is found writing o[ him, In 

Eiopa, thoflc tr^fn^ilnnB aJmyrod before 
Chml WM borne, cuuld e'er porfurme mora 
In action than (amoun Me<l AUen." Id 
l&es he married a etepilaughUT ol Philip 
Henalowe {q. vX whose partner be becaiue. 
In tha followine year ha iotaad Lord 
Strange'A actors in a proTlnclal tear, ra- 
tuminE to London in 1&M. and perfotmlng 
there till Vitn, when he "left playliis for 
a time." In MOO ha buDt, In conJoncUan 
with Heailowe, the Fmtnne TbaUre (].«.}, 
which waa thmiiQpon ooeopied b* the Iioid 
Adinlml'B eompaay, headea by AUeynhtm- 
self. In leoti he porchaaed the eiUte of 
Unlttlch, nnil dght years later b«an the 
erection of the ^' CdIIbcb of God'i Glft,- 
-'-'-'- •— -"ane >o much tc ••— •" ■-' 

i consMod of a muter, warden, foe 

-, sii poor brothom ' "' "" 

and twelte poor scholars 

impriiing, in additic. .„ 
itate, propetty In Lambeth 
i(c, and the Fortnna Than 
Ileyn had obtalued t1 

dan^r ol I 

tbe Ihilwlcfa 

, ._ .f^i 

fnehold io 1 810. 
again, thn Ikdy 


It 19 certain tliat ho plnyea Earabai, Tum- 

ilrnniM. bdiI H h thoui^ht tbnt be plated Or- 
laitdo ia the ' UrLondo l^noao' of Greano. 
T. UaywDod TToCe ot him, ip hit ' Apokigr 

I Malnter Edward Allen." 

■tupes, and RokIda for a tonKm 
WT> : " He «ai the Itwwini uf c 
aciini to the lite that he inaik 
(Hpeclall]' a mnjntick uat>) to bee 
Bakac wroU of him and Bnrbag 

■we the like." 

I Jonion'i UibDta t 

lUrlpllhuilbrdtdAllUtM winL 1*1 

See Fuller'! 


_ f Kilw»nl 

Alleyn Pap 

AUejn' (itHi), Ci.lllei'ji ■ Alleyn Papen' 
<]MI), and Heualowe'i ' Diary,' edit. 1S1&. 

Alleyne, Slaa, opened the Globe 
Theatre. London. In October, ISia. with a 
retlval uf 'The Tamlna of the Shn.W(s-».), 
in irhich she plajed SaiAfri™. Thf» was 
f oltowed by the pradDction ot ' Ratt/6 ' 

Bea £o!ii>OK TEiexTUCa (Ulobe). 

Allf&li, FrlnaesB. A chaiacter In 
Pij>CHtfa ■ Yellow Dwarf ' (3.1.). 

AlUnKliam, John Till. ]>raraatle 

merchant, and bronght np to the law ; wn» 
the aollior of (he tDllowijig_ple«ii (.q.v.) — 
"Fortune-s Frolic' (179B). '"ris AllaFaicB' 
OSXl), ' Th» Marrlaio Pronii»e' (1608), ' Mra. 
Wi^ns' (1803), ■KM.rta of 6ak aSM), 
'1^ Weatharcock' (ISM), 'The Romantic 
Iotct' (1S«), Md 'Who WlniT' OSWSl;— 
alH the lepatad anthor of ' Independenea ' 
dKffi nod ' Tranxfannation ■ (ISlo). both ot 
whlcli see. Thers la a Te[er«Dca to Allinc- 
luira in Boailen'g 'Life of John Kemble' 
nnoi). See alio the 'Biograpliia Drsnia' 
tica' (18121 and Ceneit'a 'Rm-llnh Htami ■ 

AlUna-ham, 'WiUiftin. 

play (q.v.: 

Bhhy Manor,' e 
See SEfMOUB, Mrs. 


tanner " In J. ^, Johsstone's dnma of that 
name. (2; IFiif AUnat K bmdiord ot the 
ilnsn, in feTiULiNo'a -John Fulton' (a.o.). 
1114 wife It named Oraa; bi* wn, Oliver. 

Allow me to Apoloelae. A farea 

In una act. by J. P. Vooleh («.!■.), flirt 
performed at the Otyiopio Th&itn;, London, 
on Octobar 28, I§M>, with G. Coeke an jSr 
Pittr Fcdijrrr, Compton aa GolioA. Oott, 
Mra. Mnrray aa Fanny Fairlott, and MlW 
Adiina u Mary Myrtle. 

Allow me to BzplBJn. A farea by W, 
S. (JrLBERT Iq.c). sltered Irom tha French, 
and Brat parformed at the Prtnca ot Wale*'* 
Theatre. London, on NoYonibBr4, 18(17, with 

Muwey, Miu Augonta Will 
Blanche Wilton. The plotti 

In J.£ 

AUaorta, Alexander and Baahel, 
Character! in J. B. Jou.sSToHE's 'Oil* 

AJlapioe. (I) Abigaa AUtaia in serraot 
to CoiutaiKt In Pn.csi's 'Mlur of Khor»- 
dltfh.' l,S)T<iiyui(lClemialiiiaAUiiiictim 
characteta in T. MOBroN's 'Way to get 
Married ' Ci/.i.). 

AUthere, Ladv, flrnrea in HCBHAIf 
and JowEs'a ' Fay o'Hra^ (q.v.). 

AH will, Ziady Amaiantlta. A clti^ 
racier In FaLqrave Siupson's ' ttchoo] tor 

AUwortta, Iiady, in Massinoek'S 
•Now Way to pay Old DBbla'Cj.c), is atim. 
mother ot Tna AUavrO,, and o.antaaltj- 
nianiea Lord Locct. 

Alma Uater ; or, A Cnra for Oo- 

--*-- \ play in threo acts, by DlOW 

Iq-v.}. firat pertomiaa at the 


as Wiidfirt' F. "VInijig "m GiiiiT M^^C 
Olofor aa the If'ideu rmtuM, Miss Charlea 
aa UUy VaUirr. Webater aa Pliant, and 

Bilnd^ aa Coiinl Favi. Sir Samuel pain 
off with the tfidmi. and Lilly gitet her hiuid 
to Wildfire, Sir £cimucff Kapagraca eon. In 

E reference Co Gradvi, the peiLuiCic Pliant 
i a Btndent, and Cornif Fati a swlndlliu 
man B.bDut town. The comedy win Birt 
played at Now York in flocombur, 1812, with 
J. BroQEbam an Cininl Pani and Mrs, 
Brouehatn la IMly. Count Favt waa In tha 
repertory of Lester Wallacli. 

Almachilde; or, The Lombarda. 
A play timt perfotiuuj at Kow York la 

Almaoka. A tcninlD character In 
■Koielty Fair'(9.o.). 

AlmaffTO. (1) ASpanlnh rnptaln in 'n- 
larro' (i/.r.l. (2) Friend ut Alntcv.ia Shg- 
RlDUf li»OWLES'S 'Bou ot Airagua' (fl.ii.J> 


Almaiilde and Hamet. . 

lirioteil In 1801. Md foandvd o 

Alm&nac (The). 

nded on Ih^aan'i 
play perTonncd at 

IXcaUALD'S ■ Child of X»to™ ■ (q.v.}. 

AlmanzoT. <1) A aUinh In Mn. 
MAM.Ers ' Aloiyn* ■ (g.c). (2) ThB bero ut 
DntUEys -Canquent of Gnnwlii' (7.1.), in 
love nitb JhnaAidr (o.r.), and llie D[iinn«l 
of OroiwflMiV (I.F.) In Bockinghun's 'Be- 

bim: "Uli not only the acioti eftecti of 
Almantt/r't Toloar which nppeftT to ua UK- 
nsUiBl, bnt alio the extntordiiAry piln- 
irlplei and motlTsi by which those SMiiiuns 
art gnided. . . . The oxtmiaKWiee of acn- 

Almar, Q«arre. l>nimatlo writsc ; 
nuiuKn of Sadler'* Welli Theatre (1S33-S) ; 
Author of Uis tDllowlDg. amaog other pl«« 
(or theatan:— 'AtaiGiill,- 'The fi>(tl« of 
Badamonr/- Belildere,' 'Tfae Blnck Enule.' 
' The BuU-Flghlor," ■ The Cedar Chest," -The 
duinaal-BDmBT,' ' Cinderella,' ' Clerk of 
Clertenirall,' 'Croialng the Line,' 'The 
Death-Lisht.' 'Don Quiiota,' "The Barl 
of Poteiij' 'The Eill Ejtb,' 'The False 
](eT,"TheFb»B^Kr,"Oalp(lTda the Oon- 
dolier,' "Th* Headnnan at Vienna.' 'The 
aoad-liwkini Fellow ' 'Jane of the Hatrhet.' 
' The KniRhta of St. Jofan,' ' Lucroce BorilB.' 
■The Mountain King,- ■oliTor Twl»t,' • fett- 
!«(■ Pool." Pedlar's ArTe,"PerlnDt Lcclerr.' 

teal, Biun in CaLH:t.t'H '^panlah Barber' 
tj.tX llOLCHOrrs ■Folliea o( the Day' 
he-), FA'nCKTT and Terry's 'Barhor of 
SeTtllB' (jr.), FUxcir^'a 'Two Hgnrnw' 
(7.1.). andVoRTtMEIt'S ■ School of Intrigue' 

Almeldft. A chaiacter hi ' Black Beard,' 
pUyed by Mn. Doff. 

I opera, the "sorda by 
vzlod at Driiry Lajie In 

ticanada in CONOBEfE 

Almerio, Sir. A character in 
• King IWnc'e RauehWr ' (•;.!.). 

Aljnerda. The deposed en 

rdB : or. The Rival Xiiiir>- 

ul prtnl. 

Almeyda, Quesn of Oruittila. A 

tmm-ly In d>o ai:ta, by Suphia Lek {j.r.V 
Mrst perfurmed at Dmr? Ijuie on April 
9), lim, with Mrt Siddoni an the heroine, 
Koiiilile a« AIuiuD. Wruuihton as Onutiijm, 

the DiUiIropbe fiuin Shirley'a 'Cardinal' 

Alrotda. A traimdr by MriHE. Celisti, 
anMciteil by Voltaire'i 'TuncrAle," and 
flrn performed at l>mry Ijine on Jannary 
12, 1771, irltli Mra. Barry ni the heroine, 
Barry as rniimrf.r " 
Alkln as OrbaaMan. 


Amf^ph, a 

came the anUiDreu hiiJI been clril 
dn-lnic hi* Italian tonr; "by the 
Inlniltablo acting of Mia. Ilany it had a 
mn of ten nlEhla'' ((leneat). l)nnin call* 
it "purhape the moaC laaullerable uf the 
tiagsdlea of thi* time." 

AlmidB,^ Ihe lioroino of WtlM and 
Biiu>AM>'s burluwiuo, ' Paw Chiudiau'(7.B.X 


Almlffhty Dollar (The). A melo- 
ilnmia hy W. Woon, producod at Baroaloy 
on December 13, 1883. See MIUUTY DOLUli, 

i character In Puillips'b 

■ ■(?."-)■ 

ilrtna. A mock tiajteilyliy Arthur 

te'.), flrst perfonned at the EuyalMr 
ndon, on 8ept«mbar 10. 1787. 

ID penuin (Mr. 

Almlrtna. , 
M[rHPnr(. ■ - 
Theatre, 1 

'■Thh. piece wa, _ . 

John Palmer), with the aid of wooden or 
pnlub"RrdtigtirBB"CB[o((tuphUi Disnialics, ' 
18131. The Ides, howeier, had been n.*eil by 
Foote In hia ' Ttiigedy-i-U-ModB ' h-r.) 

Almond, Mra- Gtaore«(RDimaBomer). 
EnEliab opera ebiHer. bom 1814, dloil 1808; 
made her flrat a|ipearanc« at Carunt I Union 
In Octnlier, 1830, as Dtima Clara in -The 
Duenna ' (a.r.) ; waa the orielnal repraienta- 
tiTO ol XtHina In Biaham's Kngll>h reraloa 
of 'Pra niaiolu' (IBSIi, ol Kolia In Bamett'a 
'Mountain Hylph ' (1884). and of fair 
Soiamoail In It^ett'a opeu u( that n-inie 
(1337). eUe married In ie3fl, and left the 
*tagu la iaa2. 

Almond, Prtnoe. S™ of King Phil- 
bert. In Pluich^'S 'tiood Woman In the 
Wood ' Ca.B.). 

Almoat a lAto. A drams in nix acta, 
adapte<i by Ettik IIRNDeRsn:i from a noiel 
by Caborlan: performed al the ataniUnt 
Thealre, New Vork. in IBJ8. «ltb Chttriea 
Lederoq it4 Juia de Uonntval ; pmducfiil at 
the Court Theatre, Liverpool, on Nofelnlwr 
0, 188?, with Eben Plymplon J^f JftUt; 
te'lted in ISED at the Foople'a Thcatni, 

N(w Yoik, Kltb MlH Maud (InnKer an tbe 
berolDS, JnnV. The lifo which Is almuBt 
ratrlflcecl i! that ol Jula, who ia talnoiy 

AlmynOi ; or, The Arablsiii Vow. 

A traiedT by Mm. Manlev lo^.), first per- 
forrawk at the Haymacket on ItKember IS, 
17M, with M™. Rsn7 Si Atinyaa, Mm. 
Eraceglrdlo u ZomJia, llcttcrton H9 tlia 
Caiipk^AlmanMiir. and WfUB as Jftrfaita. 
The Bloty la t^fcon from 'Tho Lite oI tha 
Catlph Almanioi' and ■AmbUn Ntchla.' 
The YO* 19 that which has hwn mada by 
A\mhaior on account of the InBdoUtv ul his 


Bhall be excciit«d oi 

Alone. A [Irama In thr«a acta, by J. 
yiLQTuVE SmraoN [g.i.)and H. C. Meri- 
v*LE (O.P.), flnit penormed at the Conrt 
Theatre, London, on October 3S, 18T3, witb 
Oeorge Blgnold Ul Cotontt CAoUici, and Mlu 
UttoD, Mlu D'Beme, Clilford Coopar, Edgar 

ie JfcadoKV, MIbh 

Bmw,' and Alfnid falabop in othnr' part*. 
" A father baa bean catiankad from hia only 
danihter nnder a falu bdwt In hat miioon- 
dncc, and bu afUrwaidi become blind. 
The iboghter introduce* benell nnder an 

and hooaekeeper, and ultimately anccseda 
In conilncing him of her innoccnco." 

Alone In London. A drama In a pro- 
loEiie and four nfti, by OonRHT BUchinin 
iq.v.) and Hinmun JiV (9,0.). first per. 
lornicd at riiilailclnhla, and aftorwardB at 
the Opera nouio, New Vork, iu BeplemI— 
1SS6; drat — ■" — ■" ■- ' — ■*— -' ' 
mIm Amr 

MnBIM. _ — 

Ricliard Bidetifi (Mlu Jay alterwarda 
plaved Anni4, and Mine L. Qonrlay Tumi ; 
penormed in the English pioilncaa and at 
Uie Snney Theatre, Loadon, in 138T : rerlred 
at the Frbice«'s, London, In December, 
IWI, with U. Nerille as BiddK -' " ' 
Abingdon as Imltllfe, Miss E 
Tom, and Mlsi M. Elmore aa At 
Alonso. Kin»: of Naples, in -The Tern- 

d[ Ferdinand (a.vX ITe fiRurea also in the 
Bhouqhs' ' Enduintcd Isle' (a.t.). 

flrat performed at Rnir; Lane nn Febraiii? Z7, 
17T3, with BeddiEih in the tltla part. Clinch 
ae Albtrto, and Mri. Barry as Ormuiiidn. 
Vdatco, a minor rharacter, was played by 
JeSe[aon"tliaa»t"(,)< Alonio la aecretlj 
roaTTled to Qnnitimia, and Albtrla Is [nn- 
known to JIowd) their eon. .lEnuo la led 
to beliere bli wife ii nnlaltbtnl to Urn, md 
nnbllclT accamn her. AOmto challenniB 
bim to fight ; Onm'iinda nuhea between the 
combalanta, and then staba honolf. Nhe 
explains evsrvthlng to her hnsband'a latii- 
factlon, and thi^n din. Horaco Walpole 
•■^ais : "The lanEUase la aa poor as the 
plot." Daian aafs: Althoogh Abnua li 


the hero, bo doea not appear till the play 
is half orer, and when the piece came to 
nairly that point on [Man^h flj itoddlsh waa 

nnhapi>y mistake may not ba mtscouatmed 
Into a wUlul neglect of Ida daty, be moat 
humbly bega pardon of the public for tha 
diaappolntinent.' The public forgaie liini, 
.... 1 — 1 1.._. wa&\y on bis next appoar- 

(9.0.), (3) Miss Lee's 'Almeyda' {o.r.). 
and (4) YouNQ-H 'Beventre- (j.t.) (fc A 
Y. , — knight lu SlIKItTn^^'s ■ "■' 

Ky Charloa H 


ance of Jloiitn In ' Pliarro i '^ tho 'iratcl 
(6) Son of the ffiiio n^ .,lmi™B, and husband 


of Anagon'Cg.u), 

Alonio the Brave and the Fkir 
ImoBiue. A ballad in M. O, Lewis's 

ul 'The Monk' {nvi\ on whloh 

. i.j 1 ,. "-piems: 

by T. 

(l) -Alon 



N (7.B.). performed 

a play performed 
f3) •Aloniotbc B 

-•1 'Alon 


' at the Col 


Coient Oan 
HI the B 

,_, a pantomime pro- 
ceed at the City of Loudon Tbealro In 
ISOl. (5) ' Alonio the RisTe and the Fair 
Imagine; or, The Spectre Bride:' a 
"IcEeniiary romantic melodrama" by H. 
M. Mru.'EH(;.e.), (6) ' Alonio the Brare ; 
or. Faust nod the Fair Imoglne:' a bur. 
by F. C. BCHSA-TD lo.e.. 

USA-TD (ij.e.), first per- 
C, Combtldse, In lasT. 
Ts, besides ttiose men- 

foriglnally played by tho authiw), & 
BoTcn, By(o. Pipo de Clayo, and L 
Marlia. In this traiealy Imoiliia t 
the place of Marguerite in the B~ " 

yields to tl 

B the absence irf 

templerjbutin tt 

■Unry is foraiTen, and Faust reti"s.''"°c5> 
■ Alonio ajid Imogone ; or. The Dad. tho Lad, 
the I/ord, and the lAM:'a burlosqueby W. 
W. iUAD, Her Ui^if's Thaab«, Bicb- 


TDDiuI, April 17. Ilt6». (8> ' Algnio yt^ Bnn. 
ind IB Fajrc Iinugone ; ' burtemue by S. M. 
HMtBlSDK. Aleianiira, LiieniooJ. April E, 
isre. (B) ■AlaninUie Bntsi'aburleiqDa 
1fl> H. T. CMVKN ((,.rO. 

" dumti brig&nd ' in the play 


Alpankoniff, Der. 

d Nature' {q.v.] 

• Kncijrinion \j.v.,. 
AJphonae, KotiaiaiiT. 


deity la W. Droudh'b 

See ilon- 

Alslioiiao. (U Klmc of ITanlea In Beau- 
KONT uid FLRCREB'a^ A Wile (or ft Mgnth' 
(«.».). (2) y»thor of ^linda (^.r.) In Bkait. 

aOKTUldFLETCHER'S'PllcTini'Cf.I'.). (3) 

A prince InCOKottHVB'S'Moomlng Brida' 
iff^v^), nurrifld to Aitntria (q.p.). 

Alphonao, Kins of Naiilaa. A tra- 
ndy by G. Powell, perfonnedatthe Thest™ 
itoyal In 1001, irltb Jtowmui oa AlphontPt 
Mn. BmeeglnUe an Fraiua, Powell m Fcr- 
rffliand.aiidllaiuitfortuOgHn'o. jlIpAaius 
dadn* hit dMuhtcr, Urania, to marry Fcr- 
AMnd. Piinn ol ThBuOr- But (frania 
ia kbeadf DTlTfttelT eontncted to Cfsario, 
gaaanl of napln. Thi ' 

Alplloii>n«i Emperor of Qermany. 
A tnuedr ucribed fa Oeougb Chafh^ih 
<7.v.), acted at BlnckfrUn In tesfl. and 
prinlcd In^lSM. •■This playr" "ap an 

or^cliacd, Earl nf CamwaU,wn to King 
John, and tiruthar to Hflnry in., who nan 

HUH time that Alphonana, tba tsnt'b Kln^ 

"MaT nut thii," lan Fleaj, "be the play 
oJtodbfHBnibiw'BarTyofCDrnweirr. . . 

ThaatMhntlonol Itaaathonhip by MonRley 
to Chapman In lOM, hu not fbe sUgbtesC 
valnc. . , . Wood and WinitanleT. wltlt 

It is* MachiaFctllan reTenge-pla]>, and hai 
moch Gorman In it," 

AlnhonBOB, Kins' of AiTaKOi><,TIie 
Oonueal Hlatory of. A comsdy by 
BOBE&T GbBMB (i.i>.). printed in liBB. 
AMumiia, Prince of Arrasoo, Is In eiile. 
Imt ThJIa aadrtinR the Km^ nf SapUi 
ualnit tha lunrpeT of hli ratber'a crown, 
■o diiUncBlibM fiinuell that tbe King pn> 
ntM* to grant Mm uiytblng. He uSjt [or 
vul obtauia the thnne of Arruon, but 
aftarwardi tealnu It In order to fight with 
Bnltan Jniiraffie for tha lOTerelgntr of tbe 


Alpine Said (The). A TaodoTlIIe by 
BsitjAHin Wedster (^''O, muaic by I^ee, 
flrnt perfoTDind at New York In February, 
, with Chippendale as Sv^ and Mrs. 

1&41. with Chjppend 
Maetler aa BoKtic, 

Udiwn t4qoa! 

i a. t!-'yian. 'mTm V° B^^ougKM'™* 
rliB. T. WhlflBn,^V. J. Lo 

in Di KOMI'S play n[ thiit ii 

W. Bhoiiqh's 'Caliph of Bai 
H. H.MIL-iEH'S'Bsmiecido' (i 

- ■■ -Iq."-), i 

Beece's ' Perfecl 

Alaatia. See SflirinEor Alsatu.TiiB, 

Alaauce. A cook in J. Poole's 'My 
\rUe:-V.-IMWIleT (i.o.l 

Alacrlp, Uiaa. "Theheiro«" hi Bur- 
aovKK's comedy ol tbat nanio (j.c). 

Alaopt Mrs. Actren : eldest daughter 
of Mn. Jordan (o.i.) : chriatened Fnwceg ; 
and married to a Mr. Alsop, of the Ordnancs 
Office. Eventually she went on the stage, 
and In laiS appeared a( Corent Uanlun a« 
RuKiliHd. Hulltt then wrote of her :"Un. 
Aleop in a ittj nice little iroiaan, who acta 
her )wt Teiy aenalhiy and cleverly, and 
with a certain degree of arch hnmour, bnt 
'no mora like her mother than we to Her. 
cnlei.' When we xay thii, we mean no die- 
parngeuient to this Lady'a talents, who la a 
real acquisition to the stage in correct and 
chaate acting. . . . ilor tdIcb la clear and 

son she is small, and hsr lace la not prepos- 
aAAalhg- Her dellTerj of the spoechea was 
correct and eiceUent as far aa it went, but 
trilhoot much richnesa or powar. IJvely 
good eanse Is what she really uosseasas 
V A View of tha Kngllsh Stiga '). Mrs. 
Alsop made her first appearance in America 
at New York In Notoml«r laso. aa li«nna 
Vtalnnle In "The Wonder' (7. v.) and Jfarirs 
In "Hie Actress of AU Work' (^.r.). She 

Altamlra. A ti»*edy by Benj 
ViCTUB {it. c). intended for reprojwn'-" 

17M:rev0ied in 1788, and printed In __ 

was founded mainly on an episode In Italian 
history, with bints from the ' Philander and 
SUria'of Mra-Manley. 

Altamont. a) A jonngConoese Inrdln 
BOWF.'S 'F'air Penitent' fi.c), marriad to 
CatUla(q.r\ (8) A character In • Forty and 
fifty' CJ.1-.J 

enUtlon In 

Altar of Revenge (The). Sc 


Altamaat. SeeALTEKiiu. 
_AltemlTa. A timEedj' In rti)'i 


ol tile cbatBclsn 

Altimire, Queen. A ctaunclw In 
GlLBEHl's 'IWaeo ol Truth ' (9.E.), 
Altenberg-, The Harp of. SeeHisp 

Alternative (The). A comeilf acted 

Altophil, Duke. A chuactei In ' Tbe 

Jtotina, in lhl> pii 
Hn. J. £. D\^. 

VsUack in tbs tltli 


• hiBloTT " " nhcired at WbSte- 

Alv&T. A chiuHcter In CoLEntDae's 
'Reinun<e'(}. Sir □. Imumont is Bid 
to havob«ontho"'oTigln»l" of it. 

AlTKro. Tho lo»er of Amri in Mra. 
CuCKBIflol's 'Aeneedo Castru' (q.E.). 

AlTimar, Bartrnnd, A dinractsr In 
OxKM'-ultD and U. Wtui^i's ' A Lila Chue- 

Always Intended. A «im«l)' in mm 
Mt.hy HomfE WiCAN{o.c.),lIr>tpprform«l 
nt tho Olympic Tli«tni, London, on April S, 
ISWi, with tLo itullior m Jlr. Projiet. Mac- 
Inn aa JTiuIidr. E. F. F.dRar as CAarlu 
Csiutanl, ud Mini iSheriOan lu JTn. Mart- 
KtU; reriwl at tbii l.jFeum ThHtrc, 
Ijoniion. In Octulier. Ib8§. with Fnnkan aa 

, The Spaaiata Inanlt 

A tjacedj bjr A. 


Im. 'iatnor 


. Clirlniaii. Tultalro'i 'Al£' 
m alao tianslated 'bj Dt. t'ruiUiu Bud 
n-Ullam SotDenllla 
Alzama. Atra);edTb;AHTKUB.MDKPar 

leil Bt Coi« 

Garden on 

feDrnaiy -a, ins, tnxa smiin Id the tltlB 

C, BeuHley oe Don CarlM, Hull na ifmrrs, 
IlaiUey aa Orrflciiui, and Mlsi Miller 
as Omia. AliMina and OnUana are the 
cbildTcn of Oratia by the laat inca of Pero- 
Onufn ii now the wifa of Piiarra, the 
cooqneror of Pom, who. ignonnt of At- 
nna-i identity. ..... 

Atx^ipia Btahfl 


^at U 

entionoUv kill 
He iH. hoK 

J rer. pardoned by the conqneror'a son, DiM 
Cart—, who U in loie Kitii On-Nana. The 

nnder the title of ' Peru Belonged.' 
Amabel, Prlnoa. ScePBt.iCEAiuiiEr. 
Am&danlThe). j 

and Miss Sulla Majtini 


ca.tsot Oiibert'.-no'bert lhe»BiII'(fBBSI 
Tlioinu.on'i'ColnmlinB'ClMln), Sola's 'Wat 
Tyler*^ (IWW), (illbert'a 'Thaipis' (ISJl), 
etc Of laU Tears she has niutalncd in 
l.>indon the foIluwlnR original parts: — 
MiiHt. Diibini in 'Uur Dlia' [18S«\ Doarm 
Tra/ara In ' Mynhrvr Jan ' (l>iff!\ La Clta- 
'n 'Captain Thdrtse' (IBBnl, f 
11 ' MhicI Mnrlan'(1K!l1>- "ri. ' 

yaiehia ■Tho'Ooijen Vb 

" ml LOilu Alicia in 'Marjorie' 
Lady Alleiuh in ' i^ lHavulo' 

;, Qneen of the Ootha. 

n,. uupiibllshed In^L-ij by Juus IIUGUES 
Ij.v.i, written in leso. 

Amalta, KiB>. Actreu : mode her 
London if^liutBt the .Sum'y Theatre in ISUO; 
was la UiB orlElDal casts o( Byion's ' Little 
l>r. Fkust ■ (IST?), BTion'ji ■ L Sonnambnlo * 
(ISJS). Msri'Bte-s 'Lady ol Lions Married 
ami E<etttfHl'(lB7S\ B>nin'B 'rnrle' (Ig'tl), 
ll;rDD'g'HaiiainineHenian1'(lSTU), Ryrnn'l 
'Pretty Esmeialda' (Ih-TM). Iluniand'8' Bal- 
loonacj ' (lfi7S). ' (lipid ■ (18S0). Ueece's ' naif- 
Crown rUnoioniiH- (issu). Clnrkfr. 'Adam- 
leu Eden 11882), Ben^a 'La Cosaqu* 





Q884\ C. R.J Tamer's * Handsome is th&t 
Hanasome does ' (1888), etc. ; was in the 
reTivals of * Brighton' and *Dombey and 
Son ' in 1880 ; appeared in Dmry Lane 
pantomime in 187S, 1874. 1881. 

Axnana. A dramatic poem by Mrs. 
EuzjLBETH Griffith, printed in 1764. 

Amanda. (1) A character in Gibber's 
'Lore's Last Shift' (9. v.). She appears 
again (2) in Yanbruoh's 'Relapse' (q.v.), 
and is "interesting." says Hazhtt, "espe- 
ciaUy in the momentair warering and quick 
reoorery of her virtue.'' See Worthy. She 
figures also (3) in Sheridan's *Trip to 
Scarborough' (9. v.). (4) A character in 
Robertson's * Play' (q.v.). See Amandus. 

Amandus and Amanda are characters 
in Despaez and Cellier's 'Carp' (q.v.). 

Amantha. Daughter of Colonel WcU- 
tingham in Shee's ' AJasco ' (q.v.). 

Amantliis. A character in (1) Mrs. 
Inch bald's 'ChUd of Nature' (q.v.), and 
(2) C. J. Mathews' 'Little Toddlekins' 
.v.). (8) The Lady Amantkit figures in 
ilbert's 'Broken Hearts ' (q-v.). 

Amanuensis (The). A play by John 
Lynd, performed in New York in 1888. 

Amaranta. Wife of Bartolus (q.v.), and 
brioved by Leandro (q.v.), in Beaumont and 
Fletcher's ' Spanish Curate' (9. v.). 

Amaranth, liady. The Quaker 
heroine of CKebfE'S ' Wild Oats ' (q.v.). 

Amaranths. A character in the Eng- 
Ibh versions of * La Fille de Madame Angot ' 

Amarillis. A shepherdess in Flet* 
CHER'S 'Faithful Shepherd' (q.v.), in love 
with Perigot (q.v.), whom she 
▼ain to lure from Amoret (q.v.). 

Amaryllis. A character in Buckinq« 
HAM'S ' Rehearsal' (q.v.), 

AmasiSy King- of Enrpt. A tragedy 
by Charles Marsh (q.v?), first performed 
(Oenest says) at CoTent Garden on August 
82, 1788. The plot is whoUv fictitious, being 
In no way indebted to the narrative of 

Amateur Acting. It would be diffi- 
cult, if not imi>ossible, to indicate the origin 
of amateur acting. In England, certainly, 
the first the monks who per- 
formed in the ' mysteries' (q.v.) and ' miracle- 
plays ' (q.v.)— were, in every sense, amateurs. 
And Uie example thus set in the church 
was by-and-bT followed in the schools, at 
the universiUiBS. and at Court. It is well 
known that Uie first English comedy, ' Ralph 
Roister Doister' (q.v!), was written by 
Nicholas Udall, a master at Eton, for 
representation, in private, by his scholars. 
An early amateur performance at Cam- 
bridge—about iei6— has quite an historical 
interest, owing to the presence among the 
actors of no less a personage than voung 
Oliver CromwelL (See Tactus.) Under 

Elizabeth and the two first Stuarts, the 
masque (q.v.) came into vogue among 
royalty and the aristocracy, and to the 
fondness for this sort of work we owe 
Milton's 'Comus' (q.v), written for pro- 
duction at Ludlow Castle in 1634. the 
" cast " including the sons and daughter of 
the Earl of Bridgewater. Queen Henrietta 
Maria promotea manv entertainments of 
the kind, and we read later of the Princesa 
(afterwards Queen) Anne being " coached " 
for a performance of Lee's ^itiiridate«' 
(q.v.) bv Joseph Ashbury (a.v.), the manager 
and actor. It is also recorded of the princess 
that she took part, in 1675, in a representa- 
tion of Crowne's 'CaUsto' (q.v.). In 174& 
' Cato ' (q.v.) was played at Leicester House 
by the children of the Prince of Wales, 
araisted by young members of the nobility. 
Prince George, afterwards George m., was 
PortiuM ; Pruice Edward, Jviia ; the Prin- 
cess Augusta, Marcia; and the Princess 
Elizabeth, Lucia. Two years later ' Othello ' 
was given at Dniry Lane Theatre by a 
company of amateurs, including Sir Francis 
Delaval (q.v.) and certain of his relatives. 
This was a highly " fashionable " a£Fair, the 
patronage being very distinguished, and 
the expenses running to about £1000. In 
1773 ' Venice Preserved ' was performed at 
Kelmarsh, the seat of Mr. Hanbury, and 
among those who appeared was Mr. David 
Garrick, the nephew of the fapaous actor, as 
well as Mr. Cradock (q.v.), a noted amateur 
of the time. But surely the most magnificent 
amateur of those days was the Earl of Barry- 
more (q.v.), who, besides being an actor of 
apparently varied ability, built himself a 
theatre at his seat in Berkshire, and there 
superintended a succession ox dramatic 
representations. In these cases the profes- 
sional was mingled with the amateur ele- 
ment, some of the leading actors of the day 
being enga^^ed by his lordship. There was 
another private theatre at Brandenburgh 
House, Hammersmith, and here the Mar- 
gravine of Anspach (q.v.) made numerous 
appearances botn as author and as actress. 
Worthy to rank with the doings at Lord 
Barrymore's were those which took place 
between 1770 and 1808, at Wynnstay, the 
seat of Sir W. W. Wynn. These, we are 
told, " wore on a scale of great complete- 
ness," and included such senous adventures 
as certain Elizabethan tragedies. Among 
notable amateurs at the beginning of the 
century were Sir Thomas Lawrence, Captain 
Caulfleld (who appeared at Covent Gsj^en 
in 1802), and the remarkable ' Romeo ' 
Coatos (q.v.). The last-named made his 
d^ut in London in 1811, and had the dis- 
tinction of being burlesqued by the elder 
Mathews (q.v.). Captain Hicks, Captain 
Tuckett, and a disreputable joumaUst 
named Gregory, all had, as amateurs, a 
certain amount of notoriety in their day, 
and the first-named was even once seen at 
Covent Garden (about 1837). Probably the 
most distinguished company of amateurs 
ever seen in England was that organized by 
Charles Dickens (a.v.) for performances in 
aid of the proposed Guild ox Literature and 



T, in thfl bloittspby 

hlmwll Ui« but unBtaui actor ot bia day. 
Ifo WMM Bupported b; Mmrk Lemon, John 
FonUt, «na other ir«U-known ponom, for 
vhom the Bnt Loid Lytton Ttote ' Not » 

eapedaJlT sDoceuful In'-flie Froien Deep' 
lq^.)uid-TbaUtytIioatB'(g.T.). Notabls 

Iter In leiH, when 
>.) ud Mlu Wftllti 
ij.v.jwtnmifpottei (In 'Al You Like It') 
lir % nnraber of non-prateulonab, iDdndlnir 
iWT&Tlor, Hermui Merlnla, lion. Lairlg 
Winglleld, ud othen. Still more reoeotlT 
there hAre been repreientatloni Id London 
of ' The IWa ot Troy,' dnututtlied (rom 
Homer, and of "Die Story of Oreitei,' 
■duited from lEscbilus ; whiliC thecorapuiT 
beided br lady Archibald CiuopbeU hu 
nade popnlar lome ouMuur perlomiuicei 
of 'Tlie Fkltbfut Mliepherdeu^ li.c.} end 

' Bockel' <?.«.). Among other dlatinguubed 
imatearB of our own time bsro been Sir 
Chatles Yonng (q.t.) and Lady Moncklon 
(j.r.). the latter nl whom Joined the regular 
Blue in 1B88. It la Impossible even lo men- 
Uon the namea of the amaleur clnbi which 
hays come to (be front so prominently of 

notable ia that of the 6ld Stagers, wiilch 

U^hl^Dlc fn^Tat'canleThury year liy vear. 
Fev Eugliib raglmenta haie been mtboDt 
thalf h^trlnnl.^ Din, and ipeclallT 
a tha eSorts, from 

at tnuieaqna ha<e always hi 
lUng. Of^nlieraltT "amaK 

tbeatrlcala" aomethlng ii 
heads of C*M — 

:i. Elliott 'a ' 

r Fantomime Behearsal 



Amatourv and Actom 
(ar» bj B. B, Peak- ■ ' - 
at the Lyceum Theai 
S9, 1818, with Harle: 

B-inj, 1 ... -. ,. 

Mumncap. Fearnun aa ltul«i, um .<ii» 
Lo'e as llary Hardacn: pUyed at New 
York In Beptember, \SSS, with Booth aa 
jrulliKnp; and reTiied In London In 183T 
witti Reeley aa Mufirmp. 

AmftiatdA. A cbaiacter In ' Zembacca,' 
played by Hra. DoS ig.t,). 

Axa*atm Queen (Tha); or. The 
Amonra of ThaJeatrlB and Alex- 
Aiidar the Great. A tragl-coniedy In 
heroin lerse, by JOH> Wbstos ; printed fn 
1M7. The story li from Qnintua L'urtius 
and Stnbo. 

Amuoni(Tlie). (1) The title otmaika 

g;^.). first 

led respectively in IGTS and in II 

eladiOB Miss B. Letlorqo. Miss Lily Han- 
hnry, MIm K. T«rIis^ ^liss P. lirowne, 
Weedon tiros.mtlh, F. Kerr, and W. Q, 
KlIlottiproducedBtthelfcemn, New York, 

Amhaaaador, (The), 
four acta, by JOHX Ul.ltKR 
CralRie). Kt. Jamen's Tbeatn 

Ho nuns (Mra. 
London, June 
■ T'rry. H. B. 

Inlng, U. V. Esmond, Uiia 
Hlas ray Davla, In the cast. 
Ambaaaador from Below (An). So* 


Ambaaaador'B Ladr (The); or, 
The Soae and the Rtno-. a rnnuinUn 

(Lady'siiiabtlA OuM). 


(Xi A eomie 
by Gilbert 

isle by Anbet ; 

as Kami, aarnear, Auoers opersi, witn 
libretto by George Lodeb, was performed 
InNewYorkloJannary, 1851. (8)Ano[«ia, 
libretto by B. Reece (v.c), perfonned at 
St. Oeorge'a Hall, London, in Decomber, 

Amber Box (Tha). A a 

printed in T~" 

■ ait\ 

luljr I, issrl 

r, Beerbohm 

Amber Heart (The). A 

-'■ in three acts, by A. C 
flrst performedat the LyceL_ _ 
in. on the afternoon of July ' 
■■ ~" TorryasBr ' 

J.S.lVillard... _ 

Grahame as JfiraAcU«, and other rlUitb* 
in M. A. aiSard, Uisi II. Fonyth, H. 
;mWe, A. BeBnmont,andF.Tynra; retlfed 
the same theatre in May. 1SSS, with Mlaa 
— '^ ' i J— I pirt. O. Aleinnder as 

a) A drama 
fiiuter,'lBsi,'with"a cart Including E. F. 
1 opera, ailapted by H. F. CHOBLEr 

' ""i,C 

La Coranto, Mrs. 

(B) An o 

W. Vincent Wallace, first 
Her Majerty's Theatre, ' 

7 28, 19S1, with Mdme. 1 ^ 

n as Mary, J. Sims Beeies aa 
dinrT. and Santley, Patey. and 
'— '- —— parts. (3) / -' 

by HE:«Rr Savile, perform 
neatre, London, in 1882. 

Ambient, Mark. 
matic writer; nart-anthc 
(j.t.X 'The A 

le victoria 


snail,' -A Little Bay of Sonih: 
Song Uttlo Kingdom- {190S>-. m 
ibcr of ths Druutic Stodrnt*' Soc 
I. mud uppcared in »ienl of t 

AnLblsQoiu Iiovsr (Tlia). A turn 
bt Hlu 3hbudu(. foondad oo Rttnta 
• BeanoH Errenr' (a,B.), ud uMd ftt Crow 

StnatThHtie, Dabltn, la 1781. 

Ambition; ot, Uorla Mienot. A 
druu In three act*, by Thq9.M*yhkw, 
Bnt perionoed at lbs HaTmukeC on Sep- 
tember 19, 1S30, Hitli Miss F. II. Kelly u 
the horoinB, itnd other charoclen by Vinlnd 
" -er. {2rAir— — 

dacsd a 

le Throoe mc 
' at New Y( 

Ji ths Earl 

>Rr>. at. □• 

id'Mn. Holt 

London, December 1(, 1S70. 

Vai ■' Ambition should be made 
■toS," *ee ' Jullu Ceear,' act 

Slave CTba) 

QvneronB TLeveage. A ttuoit; by El- 
KiMif SEiTtK t,q.p.). acted at the Theatre 
Boi'al, and printed In 1«H. 

AmbltlouB at&teamftn (The); or, 
Tli» EfOrBl Favourite. A trusilT by 
J. Crownb (a-tp,), performed at IheThestre 
Boral in 1«T9. and printed in thatjsar. The 
ambition* atatesman !• the ComtaHi of 
France, and the lo]>al favourite hla aon, the 
Duie of VendOne. Vfnddme fa en^^ufed to 
Lmiite de Ouitt. bnt ths CmUiMe cr-'^— 
to make LoKiu think hi ' 
her, and. In piqus. f ' 

Ambitions Btepmother (The). A 
tragedy b*KiCHOUS Rowe (7.1.), acted at 
Lincoln's Inn Flalda la 1700, and printed In 
that Tear. Theorigliul cut included Mra. 

S^Sbii, hvr aoD ; Betterton ai' Mtmium': 
VttbntgeatMATtoBnm: and Mrs. Bnce- 
Ijnlle aa AimtlrU (dauriiter of Mcmnna and 
wUeotArtannHV ,lifaK7»t Is the heir 
to tfaa UuoDS of Penla. but ArUmua, ths 
Unfa aecond wile, deairea her nn to auc- 

oommltlinE anidde on the death of hla irite. 

Ambitioiu'Wld.ow(Tbe}. A "eomle 
antertalnment " br Wiluah Wott, •nil- 
gested by an laddfnt in Johnaton'a ' €hTy> 
ial,' and printed In ' Poetical Amaiemenia ' 


Amble. An niher In MusmoKBI 'A 
Haw Way to par Old DebU ' Iq.v.). 

Amboyna; or. The Craeltlaa of 
the Dntota to the BiiKllah Har- 
ohaats. A tragedy by John DavuRN 
(f.D.), acted af'the Theatre Bo7al"lD IBTS, 
and printed in that }»r. The urlDlnal caii 
Inclnded Hart aa Temrion, KlDhun ai 
Beaunuiat, KynMtonaa Harman, iun.,Un. 
MarshiUl aa YiabiTida, and Mra. Cory u an 
UngliAh mmian. The piece la hi Sie acta, 
and "thouich printed originally In preaa, 
abonnda In a Und of bastard blank tsch, 

thought worth prindu aa such." It la 
baaed on the barbaritiss pnctlKd by the 
Dutch upon the Engllah aettlera at Am- 
boyna, in ieZ£. In 1071 the British OoTem- 
msnt declared war aulnit the Sntch, and 
ras with Uie Ttaw itf making the campalKD 

_ ad written li 

Ytabinda li an Indian lady, betrothed to 
Captain Tmerton. The atohr of her rape la 
■aid by Langbalne to faaTs been berrowed 
f rom a noTefhy Clnthlo ObaldL Beamnonl 
la an English merehaot ; Harman,imt^ Om 
aonof theDntcbgOTeraor. ^Walter Scott 
described the puica aa " beneath erlUcUm," 
and "the wont production Dryden eiar 

AmbTolae, Michael. "Ths millei 
. ir_._-.. I., FitzBAtl's diama 

laina. A play by Jo 
■tperfonned atKlb! 

Derwent Watoi 
Ambrose Oei 

Ambrose Qivliinett ; or, A Seaolde 
Story. A melodnuna in three acts, by 
Douglas Jerrold (q-r.). flnt performed 
at the Cobnrg Theatre, Ixindon, with 
Cobbam In the title part, Daildge u Xed 
Grayling, and Miss Watson as Luey t-alr- 
.... _..i..,.^.. ... reviled at New 

.ny sa .1 mbmn. 

actde as LaM, 

puiiUahed li 

cl Mn. 


n the se 

h Mrs. J. r 

Ambrose, Uiee. A comedy actress, 
well _known on the Dublin iliuie abont 

Mack'lin'a 'Loia 'n la M0.I0' (7-r.). Sev 

AmDS-aca, IjC 

Odlxosell's • Bath 


Amcotts. Vino But. 
Hovembec, lesi ; aaUrnc s. 
quiBbed,' ■ comady ; '.Tha Lo« 

«bd ■ PolBonad,' Eiircs 

part anlboc 

■ Pentht . .. „- 

of tlia Olympic Theatre, London. 

Am elf a. In O'Keefe's ' Wild O&ti ' {ff.n.), 
b tho wife oJ Sir Gcorgt nundcr (q.tX 
Th« nuoe n( s chanctvT in (S) W. H. 
, 'Woodman's Hot' (a.c), (3) J. 
"Inff of tbe Alps' (j.r.), 

CabEI- (9.11.). "t to 1 
nuuuier^bTj. F. Lan 
the FrencEi Tlnatra 
Lcnilon, in 1732. Soi 
peored in tbe piece. BeeSi 

IB of tbe Alps' (j.i 
id (S) ' The Subbc 

opea by HrSBT 

. the Uaymuket, 

Ajnenas lor ^imiihhi ivitu biio 
Kerry Pr&nka of Moll Out-puTie ; 
or, The HuiBOu™ of Soaring. A 
lomedy by N«tiia»iel Fcelu (i.e.), aotod 
at Bbicklrkra, both by Piincs Chnrlpa'a and 
bj the ladj EUiabetb'a " aeirimtii." Ac- 
«DTdlngto Lkngbalne, thli ptay wag written 
a» % ipeclei ol apology far tfaa lack of 
nllantiT towudi tha nlr sex ahum In 
Fielrt'a 'A Woman's a Weatherdock ' { 

__— <l appomntlj b«fora NoTeiubcr, 

Idll. find nnt printed In leiB ; tliera )i alio 
an edition ot 1630, The m^n plot concenu 
tho luie nffalrg of Ingrn and tadv tlimor. 

aha I 


Per/ict and her hnabani 
and a widow. MM Ciif.purM is onoof the 
'int hai Uttle in m; or do. Tha 

AmeiUiDr. A chmDcter !n F. A. M:IR- 
lULL'B 'Madua Hatter' iq.v.), 

America. A"mask" In one act, hr J. 
L biSDGR, written In IBOG, bnt not acted. 

America, 7oung'. Sea Youna 

America Disco vered ; dt, TAm- 
sbhv the Indian Chief. An opera by 

American (An). A plav b; A, fi. 
H:LVEN, the hero of which ii Ahialiam 
Lincoln (represented by Sol. Smith Ri 

rlcaaCThe). ClI An adaptation by 

IH DHL! (J. B.) of D nnia».«i ' L'Ettan- 

l^ra,' prodnced In America in 1S74. with C 
F. (.'onhlan, Mini F, Davenport, and Miu 
Jeffroys Lowii in tho chief partn. (3) A 

Sy in three acta, by Joskfii Derrick. 
t porformed at the AtoiAndra PalacE, 
Jnita IB, ISSi. (3; A plv In tluee actt, by 


G. SI. Wooti, first perfnrmod a1 
Theatre, Clasnuw, April 11 
play in (our acta. 1)y Hen: 

performed at the Winter Garden , 

pure, on January 3, IJWl ; fimt performed 
In London at the Op^ia Comlqae, on 
September 20, ISDl, with E. Compton an 
ChrxtUipher Newman Ithe American), Mlu 
E. Robins aa Claire (CamtesH de dntnO, 
UlH Bateman (Mra. Crowe) as the MarquiH 
de BtlUgariU, Mtis L. Montie u Mr: Beard, 
Mlu A. Dah'oUai aa Xcimi/. etc. 

Amerjoon, The Fair. 8eo Pair 

American Bride (An). A comedy, 
drams in four acti, by Sir Willuh Toiino 
and MjitTRics NoKL, fltst performed at the 
Lyrio Theatre, London, on the aflemoon of 
May 6, IBM, wltti MiM Janatto Sloor ai tha 
bfrolaa{3Ulta DaramI): revived at Terry'e 
Theatre in October, 1S93. 

American Captive* (The); or, The 
SioKBof Tripoli. A jlay bif Jjibes EtU- 

Amerioaa Cooain, Our. See Oru 

AMEnios Cousin. 

American Ortt. A play, fonnded liy 
Georob Uoej on G, Manriile Fann'a novel, 

, with H. T. Cbanf rau 

New York In M 

American Heroine (The); or. In. 
eratltude Punished. A pantomime 

anil Hrst performed at Iho Hunnarket tJpera 

American Indian (The); or, Vlr- 
tnesotNature. Anunactt^playinthrue 
acta, by JiHEa UaCon : loundad on a pucm 
by Mre. Morton (of Boiiton, New England), 
called ' OnAbl : or, The Virtnei of Nature :' 
and printed In 179S. 

American Lady (An). AcomodjrbylL 
J. UrRa.v Iq.v.). first performed at the Cri- 
terion Theatre, Ix)ndDn, on March 21, 1S71, 
wItbMra. John Wood In tho title part (Crur- 
aina Ornillt), tho author ox Harold TriKui, 
D. Fuhcr aa Sir Saniomt Tritan, J. Clarki 

aa Shrrv. J. H. Barnea aa Grpf 

UI99 Jane Rlitnold aa 

theatre In December' 137 7, with C. Wyndham 
Bi Uarald. 

■Dd MlB* Mont- 

opera, perfon 

cnmic opei% In 


_. .. _ s;, ISll, with 

ru, Longro re, Un. Muuataln,Mn.Bland. 

Theatre. London, 'i 


Biahnm. Johnstone. Mittieoa. Misi KsU;, 
Ihimon, Knight, Oxbeny. etc, in the out. 
Americana AbroSid; or, NoMHBiid 
Hotiona. U) A fudol oomedr in two 
■eU, ^ B. B. PEjUUt M.S.), flnt perlonned 
>t tns Lyoanoi Thwtn. LoDdon. on Septum- 
bar L ISM, with 

nw. (S) 'AnialQUu''AbnwI:' a~*dniu 
1^ TiCTOBiKi Siuwu, KTitMo originally 
In French, then adapted to ths Amerioan 
■Ian. ud flnt performed (in EnglUh) at the 
Ijcsom Thiatre, Kew York, on December 
G, lam. with Hlu Qeoisla Caywi, Min 
ESa Shannon, Mn. C. Walcot, Herbert 
Kalce;, ud W. J. La HoTne Id the prindpal 
Iiaita. Tha Americana abroad Cfn France) 
an a mUUomulre, hta danghter, Ma iil»c«, 
and a Tonng artiaL Tha niece, a heiieu, 
dedrei to be lored. for haraeU alooc, snd 
[intend* that aba haa lost her mone^. 
Xoring the aitlit, who la poor, ihe 1> about 
M aTow beraelf, when an Intiiirnlna French 
baronoB leadi her to beliere chat her lover 
la a fortane-hanter. In the end. the utiiC 
and the heinua ara branght together. 

AmeTlcana in England. A diamatle 
piece by Mrs. Sl'slvnjI I(awiia><. 

Amerloans in Paria; or, A Oame 
of Dominoea, A corned^ in two acta, by 

HSSnr HCRLBUT, perfr -■ " "■-■■--■-•- 

Theatre. New York, on 
lerterWalUckasJfc— '■ 
3laTenport ae ^m^ui 
Jforrii, and Miu QwmDD 



AmsHeans Soiued (Ills), in a Cora 
Awthe 8pl«an. A dnraatic piece, dating 
from aboDt ITTfl, and Inclodlng among Iti 
pemnuBStary.apaniHii Aumnn-, aluatlcw ; Innkeeper i OniHairr, adeii-'ia; 
Trim, a luber ; Srim, a Qiuker ; uid fuf, 
a "tole representatlia.' S - ■ ■ 
■ American llieatre ' (1S3!). 

Amarloana Strlka Home. Sea 
Fedeku. U:IT]i, The. 

A character in 

t Dunlap'B 



Aniberat, 3. H. Actor and dmmntlc 
writer, itoro in London. 1770 ; dieil at I'Jiila- 
delphla, U.S.A.. In 1S51 ; Hnt apiwared on 
tha itaKe at the HarmaAet In July. 1817 i 
was aftetwarda connected with Aatley's 
Ampbitbealn, and ta 1837 made hta Amerl- 
-■-■— -t New York. Among hia Ihea- 

SalUoaa were 'AlmoraB and 
_e Attack o( the Diligent ' 

itical con 
Hamet.' ' 
-"ill Jon 

__. 'The Black _ 

Battle of Waterloo,' "The Blood red Knight, 

'The BlOod-iuuDDU DBnnur, 
iHTBelDn o( Bnnfa.' -The Bi 

■The Denth of Chriilopher," 'Dor Frois- 

rtlit7.' 'The Death ..' "-'- " ■' 

1 Foithleea Fiieai^' 

'• The Fall of MlwoionEhf,' • 

' ■Napoleon,' 'Heal Uta In 
Shipwreck of the OroBTenor 
' ' The Six Slmpletona,' ' The 
miier BiaiK,- 'The Three Haglo Wanda,' 
'Tlirea Blind Kyea,' 'The Three Cripples, 
■Tlppoo Balb,' 'Tha White apectre,' and 
■wnl Watch.' Ireland deecriboe Amhen>t 
ai "a nun of moderata talent and great 
eiperieace . . . inraloablo ai a proraiilar " 
('New York Stage"). See, al», Browo'a 
^ American Stage H'l^'O]- 
Amidao, SeeAnaGLINitCRi'DlLadiea'X 
Amla, The gentle ehepherden In BE.f 
JOfisuN's 'Sad Stieplierd ' (g.e.}. 

Amilie; or. The Love Teat. A m- 
manlic opera In three acta ; libretto by J. 
T. Bi[»ES iq.v.), mnelc by w. M. Itooia j 
flr« performed at Coient Garden Tlientre, 
Lonifon, on December 1, ias7. with Mlaa 
Shirred in the title part; Bnt played at New 
York In October, ISSS, with Mlaa Shirreff 
In hat orlainal rMt. A ttareetj by B, A. 
BiUES, calteil ' Amy Lee,' was produced In 
New York in ISU, 
Amtna. The heroine of BeHlni'i 'Ia 

iula' (jr.r.) 

a Ml), Rapi: 

ipeia({.ii.). See BitowN, 

._ jaatotal drama by Ton- 

Tasso (a.v.); Iranilated by Fnuu»-a 
ReyDoliIi (IBZ8), Dancer (1^00). Du 
.IJsdi, Ayre (17S7X Stockdale (1770). 
Leigh nunt (tSSO). A lenlon by John 
iinlion wai played at the Theatre Royal 
10119. (S) 'Aminta. the Coquette:' a 
nlc upoTA in two acta, mnilc by Ilownrd 
oier, pettorme'l at the Hayraarkot. with 
ait including Wolu, Harmon, II. Currl, 
d Miu L, Fyno. 

ftjnintas. An English open, complied 
Tenddcci Iromthe-ltaUsiiDf Motoauaio, 
il Roll^a open, "The Royal Sbenherd' 
!>.), and acted at CoTent Oanlen on Decent- 
r 15, 1J«, with a cant including Beiuhold, 

Amintor, tnEEiimoNT and FurrcnEB'i 
■Maid's Tragedy' (ij.r,), la btttolliod to 
Aijialia (j.n.), bnt marries Emdnt (q.P,), 

lluUtt Bays of him that h 
irruiiolate cbancter; bla all.,....,, .> 
loytlty to hia prince, who hiu betntyeil n 
diiiionoared Mm, U of a piece with t,.. 
tyranny and iniolenoe of which he b made 



of O'Keefe'9 ' Agreenble Soc- 

AmonK the 1 . . 
tuo ftcta.Tiy John UROL'OHiH Iq.ti.), nrai, 
mrturmiHl nC the Prini^s of WaleJt Theatre. 

Stimnd Thentre, London, on Jolr K, IBW, 
vith J. S. Clarke u BiAiaoUia Janti, njid 
S. J. Tamer imil Itlisa EJteaor BiirMn in 
otbar parts. 

Amor, Julia. A chantctpr in >T. 
IiGHO.V'a ' Love snil CharitT ' (q.r). In the 

bdoYetlby Prrignl. See AiuniLLis. (2) A 
■pricbtly widuw la SuvrnE'a ' Kiial Modea ' 
iq.-eX (3) Achamctertn OXBNFOBD's 'Icy 
Hail' (j.B.). 
Amoiita. An aiUptiktlon of Ciibnlka'a 

Ihv Caaino, New York, in NoTeiabor, ISSS, 
■with F. II. Colli In the chief male tiart, and 
the Miaaes Pauline Hall and Madeleine Lu- 


y I^e Theatre, London 

Of Little Britain. 
._ liaatlc, and operatic ln- 
•LiscKfi (i-B.), prmluced 

, .- , :ni.hi 

fido (bin cook), ^nilth aa Itluttrrimr 
ji of the gnsrd), Mm. BlanJ u 
In (the qaeen, in It '"- " 

1SI8, » 

Coqiutinda (tha qaeen, inloie with ifouf- 
nntlg), and Mra. Urgec ai Matlhhalafn cbam- 
bennald,inlDTBwl!hBlujter(>(u). "ThoK>>i 
■sea Utaltando and the Queen Bitute. He 
disohareH llaaiUindo. The Quern aeei the 
■" mil jriifKdiufn together. Shr -■-'- 

tap mnbs the </uei 

Saa^tnndo ataba the jLin,7- 
JtBottando. All the dcsul persona cume to 
Ufa aaaln" (GaneaC). "Tha Bicellent acting 
and einglne »car»l fur the piece," otjra \U 
nntliur, " a popularity it ceold never other- 

tlon of 'Bomiiji!iWa Furioso.' wlttwhich it 
ia unworthy comRH'^'Oli-" Bet Plancbe'B 

Amorous Fantaame (The). A tmi^. 
amiedy by Sir Wili.xam I.owKit, tran^ilatpd 

and printwl In 1000. 
AmorooB Qallant (The). See Auo- 

JUt (The). See YDfNGER 

. It waa aftenrarda re 
title- paoe. under the 
id Lailj.' 

lame of 'The 

Amorous Oiontna ; or. Love in 
Paatilon. A «medy In heroic vem. 
adapted by JoiIN Hultf.kl In.t!.) from tha 
■ Amour k la Mode ' of CotnelllB, printed in 
1069. and reprinted In lOTfi aa ' The Atnorou* 

Amaroos Frlnce (The): or. The 

f he plot ^ haaed ■ 

vel of tl 

on Daionporfa'City NiBhtcap^(o.r,i. Th» 
■' nmoroua prince " la named Prrdendt, and 
debanchea Cforit nnder a promlaa of inar> 

Itoiaat, Qncen of Blthynla, and her iadln. 
who, contriving to he captural by the 
Thnuiana, return tn Bitliynia dlaguised aa 
Amaaoni, and proceed to teat the Udellty 
at their reapecilie •poBaos, The King w 
found conatant to liiaan/ ; but two orhLt 
nulilemen bate on nitair of Rnllantry with 
their wivea, "not knowing Ihmu to bi> 

Amorous Widow (The}j or, Th» 
Wanton WUa. A comedy b^lHUMAsB tT- 

Dsndin ' {IflesV to whith Beltercon added an 
nnilerplot. Tbs piece was first performeil 
at Uncoln'a Inn Vlelda in 10?0. with Mra. 
Bottertcn aa Latlu Layeeek, the "amoruDa 
widow." and Mis. Long aa Jfn. BrUOe, " the 
wanlea wife." fietterton waa iioHtnare, 
Smith Cunainghant. Lady Laycoek en- 
dvavonra to entajigle both J^ovemore and 
(hitniagham ; but Lawmore is Intrlgninjt 
with JVri, itritcfi;, and Cunnin^ibim la aliui 
pre-engaged. The comedy waa aftiirwarda 
condonaed Into the torco of ■Bamaby " 
Brittle' (a,B.). SeoMiY anoDeckmbek. 
Amoa Clark. A drama. In a prologne 

it the ^nai 

s Theatre, London, 

jtfifdr^d Clatering, t - 

Cfowrfno, 1. Ryder aa Sir Jioburt Clareriaa, 
and a. Ugnoldln the title iiart ; iirwluioi 
at the Academy of Mnile, New York, lu 
1HT5, Amoi (the nnacknowledaed nephew 
of Sir Miibtrl. and the rtwl heir to Ois 
lianmetcy aisnmoii by him) in In lovo with 
.s-r ni,brrfi daughter XiMml. who is her- 
-ir In love with and heloied by Join 
Vlatfriag, Aeuu'i h^.brotluir. In the eul 

tnr tbe sake uf MU:Irnl, eoalaata 

nith Mildrtd. 

Amour it la HodeCL'); or, Lova A 
l»ICode. A lirceintbruut', truisUIeil 
Iram tbe Fieocb bv <l( Is bellaiiHl) atuil 

LOan Uauilits (I-es). Sea Lost 
iffSKKte (Tbe). Soe 


Amphitrao. A cnmedr bv Plautus 
(B.C. K4-1S11. tnnalaUd lato fed(il[.b br 
Kcbinl tlOM), Cotike, Thornton (li4n). Wu. 
nor, Colman(17Wi-74), andSauyOwy. Soe 

Amphitryon; or, TheTwoSoaloa. 
A oomedr by JoHK DHruB.I l-rt.). Uritely 
bued upon the ' AmphitTDo ' oi riHutiis luirl 
■Amphitnon' of MoUire; flnt iwrfunneJ 
<witb mnalo br Hastr Pnreell) >t the Tbeilro 
RoTtl la UW, kwl printed bi the nme year. 
The oriciiul out Ineladed Betterton as 
jHpMer, Xee %a Mmury- Bowman >■ PAirbru. 
WllUuu u ^mtAiCnwn, Nokes u Siiia, 


I, iXi ^ 

Monif «t i« i*A«^iMn 
Bail Hn. Butler u mahi. tds piece 
"Tery taToarsbly retafted, uid contl 
Ions ^ be what is cmlled a Btock-play, 
mia ravlred »t Dniry Lane In Sop" - 
1108. with Powell an Jupitir ; at Dm 
in Septemlier """ 

December, I'M. with Wooilnard u &>|j<i, 
VtlnmaaMenmrv, Ma. Yam ai^tcmena, 
and Mn- Ctlie tx PluBdra ; at Dnir; Iabb 

-■-"— ■- " TrlthHeddUhMJupifcr, 

, .larmon ta Mn-euiy. J. 
I An^itrj/on, l^nonH ai Oripui, 
fliu* iDuanu^lnnnia. and Mfis Pope aa 
Ptiadra; at Coient Oarden (alUniif) In 
llatdi, 1773, with Wmogbton aa Mrrtvry, 
"Shatar aa Oripat, Mattocka ai Amphitrjfony 
Xn. Haitlay a» Aknuna, Mn, MatttHka aa 
riiadra: at Corent Garden (adapted bT 
Mbdln and otfaen as ' Jupiter and Alcmena ) 
In October, ITO ; at Drary Lane tn May, 
-Xltt, witb Kembls aa JupiUr, Palmer as 
;9u<a, Barryiuura ai ifentirv, Mis^ Farrea 
«a .^IgmHa ; at I>nii7 lAse (reduceil tn two 
aeta) Id HoTunber, ISSS, with Conptr as 
Jtt^Otr. I^poiie usgria. Harley aa Mrtairy, 
Ari-heiM AnaitiUtvoii. and Mn. W. Weit aa 
Aleimna Ibi thla Tardon Orip«t wsh cmiltd 
KiratfVi, an alUratlnn allgmatlinl by 


trym, MIh Utt 

AitnmA, and 

fflgbtOD as Sofia, D.' Fisher aa AmiUu' 
- 1, Mlaa Uttonas PAmfn), Ml*a Dyas ai 

— - — J »■— '^tapbenr — ** -'- 


._ -,ir Walter Scott aays 

that "althouEh loterlot to Motiin, and 
accommodated to the gnu taataofttaaMien- 
taanth c«ntun, • Ampbltiyon ' la one of tha 

... Id the scenes of a higher cast, Drydsn 
far outstrip* botb the French and RtHuan 

AmpUett. Theanthorolalarcecslled 
' The Astronomer ' O*"*). 

Amphrlaa, tlte Foraakon Sbep- 
hardeaa. See Pelopiea and alopk. 

...jPtinoe««'iTiisatra,Loiidon. . _., 

laSE. with Domlnick Mamy as Kr. Satci- 
inolon apfnaur. The other pnrti are Mr. 
and Mr: CniMn0on Claiftr and Mr. Hit- 

aahaok. 'Dem 

Amurath. A 

In ' fir,). 

Amy Bobaart. (I) A dnma in lonr 
acta,byA.HiLLiUiY(g.Ti.). founded gnSeotfa 
noni ol ' Keullwoitb,' and Hrat perfomied at 
Dtary Lane Theatre, Loudon, on September 
— 1H70, with Mlaa Mellson in the tllte part. 

mIbs Fanny A , 

T. C. King aa Vanta, J. B. Howard a. 
LeiwUer, Fred Vokes as Flibbercigiblifl, and 

n as QuriJi Eliaviettt, 


t, with Mlaa Wnllla In the title 
"wks as Janrl, Miss Kate 

Vaughan (who, souie yoara altar, played 
Amu In a re'lTOl at the Ualety) w FIMtr. 
tijiSbrt, J. Byder as I'amey, and II. Sinclair 
as LtictittT : at nrury Lane In October, 
IBH, with MfM L. Wllles ss Amu, W. 
~ ■ Uiur ■ " — ■' 



by Mlaa L; 

I Pataman : 

Mlaa H. Coieney as Ptibbrrti^M, etc. ; at 
tbeAdalpbllnJune,lB7<>, wlthMiaaNailson 

{followed by Mlaa Lydla Fool 

par^ Ulsa Pr* "'— " 

aa VanKy, U 

El Priceas Lriatlir, W. Mc Intyre us I'nnKVi 
F. Mellieh as Suuki. Miss li!. De Witt ai 
Amt, and Ulsa I'ageos Qucn jaiiabtlK Sal 


I- (S>: 
K IN'J HOUSE (7.O.). pi 

1880. S« Little ahi Robsaht. 

Amyutas; or, Tho Impoullile 
Dowry. A paWonil iT»in» by Tuohas 
K>M)OLi-n (7.C.), acted &t niiilchal], and 

BintedinlBsS. •• 0[re Oauikt," ta,jt Leiith 
list. '■ to the irltty fchalar, Thomu Ran- 

plflMBnt ffknt'Ici," Si^ ' BLo^^pbiA Drama- 

tloi.' Seesl30FIC1II.ES»EI'UEiU)t33,TIIE. 

Amyott, 8tr Walter uid Z.iidy 

B valine. Tlis IpsdinK pe— — ■ — 

LOVELL"! ' WifS'B SMTof (7.r.l. 

played at Bath In ISSG. 

RONS ' IlesTcn uid Earth' (f.n), bela*»d Ij; 
Jaiihri, and in love witli Aiaiiii, tlio uigd. 

Ann-niAB. A deacon or Anutcrilam, ij 
Ben Jossos'3 'Alcheiuiif(j.B.). 

AnBTchy; or. Paul KauvBr. J 
dnma in 6'e ut». by MiTEEu: Mackati 
{n.i;.l, first pertormed in AracritBioiiw?; flr» 
•-•■ 'n Bngland at tbeElepban 

1. Terriu in tba titla 

r:, Miu MUlward u Diane da Deaujnonl, 
SstUIs a> Bimari AOnt llaiimc, A. 
Stirling aa Gcairal DrIaroeAe, etc. TliB 
■cane U laid in trrance In 17M, at tbs tiiuB 
Dt tbo lie lolu Lion. 

Anato, King- of Assyria. A pUr 
ronnaBd un Vmuns upcm of 'Nabucco.' 
DTodnced at the City ol Lomlun Tbwtrs in 

Anatole. (1) Tbo doke In Lecocq'a ' Ills 
olB»cholor»'(9,iT.)- (8)ThB wanliS Jlnff- 

tKHIctt, in PALOIUTIt S[IUW>N'S ■ Gcnp ol 

Paper' Ca.c.> 

Anatotnist (Ths); or, Tbe Sham 
Doctor- Atarceln thtBBaKt»,bvEDwAHi> 

SavesscROi^ (q.t.), piodnced at Lincoln's 
Inn I^elds In 1«D1, and printed In that 
vcar. Old Gtrald deiirei to marr? AniKlial 
Manghter ol the AKtor. "tbeatiatalDlge"). 

Oin"" iil «"ant to rotinff B(raW,a;__ ,__ 
tenda to be a doctor. ' Tlie Asatomiit ' ni 
n'lied— reduced to two act^ and with tho 
Bactor u a Frenchman— at Dntiy Uwe in 

NoTember. 1713. In 17U it wna played in 
America vith tTariam (^.v.) aa Critpiti. 

AncBBtresa (The); or, TIlo Doom 
of Baroatetn. A luBlmirama in two acta, 
hy Mark Lemos (j.p.). first porionncd at 
Ihe City of London ThualrH on April i7. 

Anchor of Hope (The); or, Tha 
Seaman'a Star. A drains in twoacts, by 
Euw*Rl>.-iT[EiL1S(i («.B,). dtst perlormed at 
wUti the tMltua u ^tinAam Mata. Ueni; 

jnburgli, in 1360-8. 

t Day (The). An anonymon* 
.... _t Pirtol, . 
;t. by ;4ir CHABLE9 Vi 

Ancient Tiroes. An nnacted inmi 

piece is illmlnticc'ot tbedomeitir manner 
and amuaeniBata at tbe fifteenth centnry." 

song. a> Hubert B 


words I'T (iEUHCE LODEIt (g.r.), niuaic by 
Kdirard Loder; petfoimed at Ksw Yorlc in 
January, IBSl, 

Anderson. Dayld, Jonmaliat, «u 
diamatic critic ol Ihe l.nndon Sturrltman 

jo.7t. in I 


Anderaon, David C, American actor, 

■ — '-•■ *■■■-'- "—th on his flrrttoar 

itrmlia (IMH). (See 

-lootha.) AmoBahU 

Ptbmiia, ihe Friar 

t, and Father Jotct ' 

___ ^ Clarke calli him ■' 

KnlBl gentleman and actor."— Mr 

ipanied Edwin 


moat noblbla parta wen f-«imrv<. III. _ 

In ' Romeo aDd JnlloC,' and Father Jotcpk 
rRicbelienl. Mn. rnarke calli him i^a 


Anderson, Ellzaheth. See SAcmEKS, 

Anderaon, Jamea. Iriab comedian ; 
at difliirent times prompter of tbe Park 
Theatre, New York ; itage-nMUUtger of the 

Chatham Garden Theai 

Tim, (TRoutke 

Anderson, James S. Actor, bom 
at (llaisgow. isn. died l>ja&: abUined his 
early prafeMlonat cipeilence at Kdlnburgh, 
Glaagow. NottlniEbain, Newcastle, etc- In 
18H. iwi, and lEUMI, he was concerned in tiie 
tunacsmant ot tha LeiBeater, Oloaceater. 
and Coellenham Theatre* mpectlTely. He 
made bis fint appearance In London at 
COTant Garden Theatre on September 30. 
183J. a» Florilrt in 'The WIntar's Tale." 
From that date onwardA, Anderson played 
the loUowing ADiong many " original " 
parts : — ^> i^alentine de Grey in Knuwlos'B 
' Woman's W!t,' IK Mavprat in Lytton'a 
■Blcbellen,' Ferr.atido in Knowles'g ' John 
of Procida,' Charlel Coortbi in BoncicAnit's 
■London Aesnrance,' fujriuj In Griffin's 
■Gisippnl,' Earl •Mrrtovn in Browning's 
' Blot DB the 'SentdMon,' tbe " aenetai; ' 


In Knowlu'l ptif of that nune, Sldn< 
Courlotat in SnlllTUi'i 'Old Love knd Ih 
Now,' ituJtard Caur di Lim In HkUidsj 
pUrof that name, and .Auf land Jrwinf 
Uiedn ^ - 

Batiy DtinitBn in ' Tbe B«ad to Bi 

(DnrT I^ne, lG4t-3). FauIconMifli In 
'King Jobn' (Dnuj Lane, IM3-3), PotihH- 
mui in ' Cymbaliue' lOntj Luie, lMS-3). 
Jasg (CoTent Uaiden, 1813-1), iJamlcI (Ke<t 
york, IMll CJitiuh Jrilmuu (Baniiarlwt, 
ISM), ilmu;< In WnUna-i ■ Ctviliiatian ' 
(iltniid, Loadon, 1SS3). ^k Xbs [Drunr 
IJuie, tB»), /ocAiing (Drur; lune, 1SIS5X 
^nlDHH In ■ AnLanr and Cleopaln' CDrmr 
Lane, 1873^). ifcrciitto (Drury Uus, inij, 
eU, Aadondn appennd in the tJnlted 
States in IMl-S and in the KnKliah pro- 

le«co of Drnrj lAne. In 18M he b«^an bla 

again in IBM, LtM.l&SS, and laifl. In ISeS 
he andurtook tbe joint nuumftement ol the 
Sutroy Theatre, and in 1H87 he Tliited 
Auitialia and btber "lonigD parta." >«■ 
' IE in Londuu in Isus. lie <rai tbe 
■ and Sun.lifne.' ■ Schamjil 


AtuvuUt CAnotif ™C An Actor's Lite ^. 
Andenon, Jane. S«e Oebhoh, Mbs. 

dliparaging remarkB which he was reportpd 
to baTe mado eoncemin); AniBtica and its 
PGOpLe, bo had a hostile reception, and waa 
loread to ntlM from the Ideal Mage. Ha 
next vent to Boiton, and, later, again ei- 
KVed loBot In NewYork, but with no bettor 
t^rUuie than before. 
AnderBon, Huy. 

hoH.iaoloT^and made hcrd^biilat l..mla. 
appearlnic at the saine plan in I^'cbniarv, 
JSfe, laBiaata (' Ptxlo'i Jinultu: (Shail'O. 
ud Julia (• Tbe HoDrbback'}. In March, 
ISTfl. abe ma aem at St. LonU ai Fauliii 
DrLidiapiaa, and nt New Oilnuu u Mig 
Merrilea; in Seplember. at SU Fmnclico, 
M AirUtiUa rinioraar'). In Jujnarj', 
IBTT, tba placed LaSy MadHA at WaahlnR- 
■ - -d in Sotember, ]g7&, itoUii in a 
_Jaa of 'La Fillede BoUnd.' Her 
Impcnonationi « .. ~ . . 

never won IWp Lady.- At Iietmlt, in 1680, 
■be played /en in talfnard'i tnueciT, and 
at iVoy, in 1581, (iaiaica in W. S. OilTwrt'i 
■ Pygmalion and Galatea.' Hrrflnt appear- 
ance Id £ngbuid waa mode at Ihu Lyceum 
Theatre, London, In September. IxiX, as 
ParlAmia, an ituiuaptlDn tuUoirerl <d 
October by Pavlltu DoAapMa and In 
December by Galalta ('PygmallDn' and 
Oalatea'); In January, 18S1, by Clarica 
(' Comedy and Troeedy ') ; in Nofember. 
lasi, by Juliit I In Febmary. 188fi, by Julia 
C Hunchback ') ; on Angnat W, 1S9S (at 
etratlord-Dn-AvoD). by BouUBd ; in 1)181 (M 
Nottlnaham) by Htrmiviu and Ptriita In 
■The Wlnlei'a Tale,' and In May, 18S7, at 
Li' fifnneu In 'Failo.' See Miu 
ADdBnon'g -A yew Meinoriei' (1888), ths 
memoirs by J. M. Knrrtr <1891) anct W. 

York, 1880), and tile Thralrt for 18H6. 

Actress _.._ _. ._ _ 

London, IMS ; tiie Bvtuloul i 
Mdma. Vuetris : made bsr dAii 
market Theatre. London, on t 
appaarad In New York In 1831 
•Tbe Barber,- lAOa in 'The : 

as Jlsiiiu In 
oC Bei- 


r r^ Navarr, 

land'* ' hew York Stage ' (I8fl7). 

Andenon, ICra. OpIiaU& (nM Folby). 
AmerlcwiactreKS, bora 1813, died liSC2: mad* 
her diUnil at Boston, U.S.A., In 181B, ai 
Cora'(chlldhi'FixUTo'(j.e.X Shewasfor 
many years ttaa chief attraction at tb* 
National Theatre, Boston, nnder ber fatber'a 
mauagament. Uer last appearance In Naw 
York was as .7anc5Ai>nUune. 1811). S«* 
traland's 'New York SUge' (18117) and 
Drokc'i 'American Biography' (187Z). 

Anderaon, William, American actor, 
dii)dBtI>hihid^lphinlDliW9. " of («r a career 
of painful Imgulsrlty, ending In Indleence.* 
Ludlow de«:rlbes him as " a good actor In 
bi'itty chuBCteii', trnEOdy villalnH, and th» 
like.'' lie married Kuphemla Jefferson. 

AndeTBon , Mm . Willlani ( F.nphemia, 
d.-iiifihter of Jflffcrson " the second "). Ame. 
rlcnu actress, died 1K11 ; n mombor of ths 
ciinipany of the Park Theatre, Now York, In 
1816, and of the Cheitnat Street Theatre, 
PhlUidelphia, in IS17. Sbo married WiUiam 

' Personal liecollectluna,' sha "reached it 
high placo In public taronr." Winter saya 
she " is remembered on tbe Btaga as correct 
and pleadng." 

Anderton, Sarah ICnuerl. Actress, 
boni at Sheffield; mado her d/bul at New 
York In laao na iadii Teaili; appeared u 
Pauline In 'The Lady of Lyona'at Phihi. 
deiphia in IS£D, uid aaJaliti at Boston la 

ttothal' at Drary Lane in IKS, and Kaph/i 
in Fltsball's'NItocrlB'at thesama tbeatra 

Audover. Tb« theatre bere wu Bnt 
opened at Eul<i, 1H03, by Tlionitoii. 

Ajidi£. Attueilir [n Terse, by WiLLItH 
DUNLAP ; acted in New York on March 30, 
3798. with Hodntinioo in llio title part. 
HiLlinni aH Wai-hington, and Cobi-er an Bta iid; 

founded en the itoty ol the Afajor Andr^ 
who <ru banged aa a ii>y In the American 
var A fritiniTol his. named Bland. ia, haw- 
eiar. of the two. almost tlie more prominent 
chuacter bi the drama, la which an EuKlish 
ladr. betrothed to Andr6, alio Gttnrei. Dnn- 

,,,-. , ._, _. SUIHEBLmD 

Edwards 'Fumande (<].i.J. 

Andrea. (1] Daughter at the Baron di 
' Torruia in J. Fauihave Sihfsdn's ' Marco 
Spada' iq.v.y (SJ The chief "knaie of 
liosrta"ln Sirrcs's ' Baraarat ' (;■«.). 

Andrea. A drama In (onr acta, by Tic- 
TOR1RN Hahdou iq.t.), practicaUy identical 
Kith hii ■ Asnes-iv-B-i. and pertarmed at the 
Ojmntae, I^btIh. on March n, 1S73 ; flnt re- 
|iiesenl«il in London nC the OtHira romlquo 
In May, iSTa : adapted to the EnElisb stuice 
b<r Cbarlen Ueado nnder the title, Hnt nl 
•JaaloQij' (/I.e.), and aftcrtards of 'The 
Counli^a and the Dancer' (;.s.): and 
■darted to the AToerlcui stage (bjr L, 
Mchanliion) as ■Anaelma' (^.i.). and (by 
Stoole Mackaye) ai ' In Spite of All' ({.v.}. 

Cool In 'London 

the King oj Biarit in ' ;uieiuoiu ' a( Kbh 
York In Igjts, and Bcrtucelii Faluni In ' Ma- 
tlno Fallen)' in IMS ; and appeusd at PhUa, 
delphlalnlSlS, "IncertnlniaucyserTanta, 
fidioty lootmen, and olHqaloiia Talets. mich 
u Fav. I'rip, and Cool, we hare i»rulT," «»s 
J. N. Iwland, "aeenhia equal." 

Andrewe, Q-earo'e S.. Actnr, bom In 
London. ITOH ; died in New York. April, leofl; 
made his first appouance at Mancbuster In 
luia-io .. r-^i*...-i..'Adoliitha;' ■ - 

nerlca tn 

^, and luade IiIa drb\^ 
---wBoiA • — 

■a he 

appeareil In New Vc 

Zttirt Uiiint-rpun, ai ,_ .,., 

and In vni made his flrat appenranca at 
Philadelphia aa Lord LvmO'remirt in ' The 
Way ot the World.' In lSIS-7 be wm a 
metnbor of tbe eompan j at the Park Tbcatre, 

Andrew-B, Jamea Petit. Klnjtlitt 
at Qoeen ISquarc, Wcntwinstcr. died 17 
part author of 'The Inquiiitor'(rj.r.;. 

and M.C. for Bewdloy ; •rsa the auEhor of 
the tollowing pieces (aU of which aee):— 
' Tbe Conjuror ' li;7«}, ' The Election ■ (177*), 
■BolpheEor' iM'i\ 'Summer Amusement' 
(with •Vr. A. Milsi. 177D). ' Fire and Water ' 
flisa), -DlBgimtlon' I17S1), -The Baron 
KlnkrerTankotsdonipraklnEatchdem ' (17S1). 
■The Best Bidder' [178!}, -The B«>a- 
ratlan' (1784), "The RDChuited C^atlD' 
(1786), ' Better Late tban Nerer ' (Kith Frede- 
rick Raynolda, ITM), and ' Tlie Mysteries n( 
the Castle ' (with Frederick Heyoolds. 1785). 
"This gentleman," said the 'Blonaphia 
Dnniatlca.' " is a dcsler in Gonpowder, but 
hia works. In^ tbeEr effect, by n< 


deficient In point of force and splendi 
OEfford, In his 'Bariod.' devotes a at 
passage to Andrews, of whom Dnttnn ( 

writes that lie " was leas successful witl 

plavs than with bis proloimes and epilogues, 
which, althoaab tawdij and vulgar enuagh. 
laden with slang and with gross csr^- 
tares of tlie foibhs ot the day. were s<i 
Bkilfally delirend by the pupnlar come- 
dians, Lewis and Mrs. Mattocks, as to com- 
mand great applause." Hco the 'Thespian 
Dictionary ' (IB05), ' lliopapbla Dramatlca ' 

SHIS), Bemarirs ' Betrospeetlons of <1<^ 
lage ' (1S30), Taylor's ' lEecords of Itly 



a. A comedy byTEKENCE (j.t.): 
1. separately, into English by an 
n hand (about liM), KyfHn (1683), 
1 asH). Ooodlnck (ISao). (Jardiner 
llUipB (IBM), Qlles (ISMI). Barn 
ock (ISin). Mongan (l)tȣ), and 

Ills comedy that ■ Jacke Jugeler' 

boroB, A "blegraphical" farce 
Ma. said tobewriuen byOovemot 


Engii'sh V Ilickle (ISBi). 'and'a'n 

/,ig„j (2) A tragedy tra 

'-"-■' ine'^by J, C 


or. The UerobaDt'i 

.aiiaromajka : or, xne jneroDaofB 
-Wita. A tiwedy by "J. 8.," luundodon 
the itoryol Pliu«ii» Id Sldney'i ■Areaclia' 
(o-c). ucribed to JiHES Suirley lq.i.}, ud 
Brstprintfldtr"--' — ' .•-....,. 

acbiovi]edged drambA. 

in PUNCHfc . , , 

Se»' (■i.v.i; figures aljo in W. Bboudh'. 

the titl« to a onp-flct pieFo^y kosG Nek- 
ton, playod «t IhB Vaado'llla ThMtio, 

r. Impletie'a long- Suc- 

, „ Heaven'B late BovonBo. 

An wionyraoM tnigedy, tonniled on the life 
of Andronlcui In Fuller'i 'Holy State;' 

Brinted in lesi. "It 1b a fi«Tce attack upon 
la Purltani, and a glorification ol tha 
Stuart dynaaly." 
Androniona Comnenini. A tragedy 

SJ. WiuoH, unacted and prioted in ]8M. 
i> founded on U» latter part of the forty' 
tUUhebmttot OibboD'g 'BDmsn Kiaplre.' 

mlmut u utnordlnati as anytlilng to be 
tDmd In TODiaiuw." 
Andxonlciu, Tltna. Ece TrTua An- 

JLaiy Blalce ; or. The Irish Dia- 

'Letianiio da Paris' l^.n.) by b[UN Bouci- 
UVLT (J.T.) : played at New York In ISM, 
vlUi Mn. Bondcaolt as tbe hero : produced 
at the Adelphi Tbeatre, London, on Feb- 
rmj 10, 1UI2, u 'The Dublin Boy," *ith 
Hn. Boucicaalt in her original part, Mlai 
laidlav a* Mary Blaii, BlllingtoD a> 
CaptoiB Sab, Kmery aa G<neral ttaln. and 
Mn. BllUiutoiia«I<a(fv JfoHnliov.- ru'lied 
at tbeOiii&ABatra, London, fnNoiember, 
inOiWithlSiMiBondcault, lnn.,as Andy; 
at the PriDca'i Theatre, London, In Nuvem- 
bcr, ISBt, with UiH Clara Jocks ai And),. 

Andr, Handy. See Uandt Awdt. 

AnKBdoHlnnltd.'). ApIajbvMM. 

BtRRiJLRE and PuiuvlER. lint pertomied 
at the ThMl» de Ambigu-Comiiue, Psria, 

March i. JSBl, and Hferal times adapted 
to the Engliith utaiie. Sen Angel or 
IiEiTn : AMJEt, OF Mii>N[ai[T ; Sfihit op 

AiiKel- Actor : angaced u a bar br 
Itliudes, for the Duke'i Theatre, Uneoln^ 
Inn Flslda: employed afterwardi, under low comedian, tpedaltygawl 
In French pert*. "We hear aotmng of 
Lim," «/« Donin, "aftui loTS." 

Angel KlnK IThe). CD * 

. phiy 

Mlnait' (!.«.'). and played' at tbe Oreclan 
eatre. London, on May So, ISiil, with Mn, 
arles Dillon In the title part. T. Mead aa 


" Z* 

Alfred Kayneraa 

Theatre. L 

— ■ - lllnnln I.h. t.iHo Ti„ „ 

a> Mar, 
Annl of laliiiKton (The). A Iirca 

br E. L. ItLANCItARU, liSS. 

AnffslofOUdniKbtCEhe). a) A ulaj 
by John Baot'OHAii (i.e.). adaptetl from 
•L'Ange de Minnit' (g.i.); and Bnt per- 
fornied at the Priucfu'a Tbntre, London, 
In February. 18«2, with Mian Marriott In 
the title part, O. Jordan a> Albrrt Wrm^r. 
J. B^der aa CoIbtuI Lambrclr. J. (). SHara 

Von. "shsJ; produced in New York in 

Ang^l g 

n condition that h 

on whom she [the Angtt} ae 

nd then he appcala 

trorn''"L'AnBe"ii8' Wl'nult,' 
and T, H. T.act. Hee A 

iKOtof theAttia(The). A eerio- 
? drama in one act, adapted from the 
:h bf TSOHAS MOHIO> (a.B.l, and first 
at the Princen'i Theatre, London, 
. , IMS. irith Waller Lacy aa Uicliail 
Mamut (an apprantlce} and MIsi Emma 
Stanley aa JVorulk (a milliner) ; em pUyed 
at New York In lM!'>_*^^_P^°nt(i i^^^^* 


LeaUr Wallack. SeeLoCiaoX 
AnKst or Devil. A drama in one 

SJ. STIKLINO Cor.VE ii-i.), adapted f 
ime. do Qlrardln's ' Uno Kemmo 
deteats Son Mari.' and flnt performei 

fn O. A. i BECKETfa ' Queen'i 


Wit,' ia the title of an operetta by CiiAHLES 

Lbcocq {q.v-\ pttfonnad at Drary Iado on 
Beplember Sa, IBiS. 

U nltlnuU-iyiiniUd. Cgiicnva ia old to 
hata iketcbDd Mn- Bra(»glr(lls(q.ti.)in the 
chmcter of A nfttlieoi ana blmjHilf in tliftt 
ol Vokntiiu. (a)Th8 hmoino of FinquHAR's 
'ConaUnt CoudId' (7.1.) and 'Sir Hurjr 
WildolT* Cf'V-)- (3) Tha heroins of Mn. 
CEinrUVTLK« 'GiuDciter' Wv.'). (4) iJsnna 
'n 'The StuaenU ol 


AnsQlloa ; 
Irom M». Lonnoi 

anlzote i 

I Petti- 

inoi'i utoTT. ' ThB FamalB 
printed in 175H. Steele 


AiiKeliii>i. (1) A comic opem li; Mart 
OoLUSMiTii. utnl in tlis KD^Iisli pniiinrei 
inisut. (SjAconiLHlyiiitbreeuU.nd&nted 
by W. COOf BR from Diiuau'* * 
]>e]lata,' and Hnt p«r[omi«il I 
..... ™ -■.re.London.on Mmy 

le Miuiiia 

OUlmora, i\ 

■ O. Uomfrs] 

__inde, F. 
1 M!» E. 

AnKeltna- (1) Kaofilitpr □( Lortt Lcir 
in lUUUHO.NT and tXRrrilER'B 'Elder Bi 
1. {2)Onii 

Dhydkn'b tragical 

ir futhi 


■called, In Iots 
tquenrling u a 
<D. (3) Jnse/Ciut. 

In (4) T. U, IlKliilF.'a 'Ueill'i Mgunt' 
ft.B.l, (B) fl. WKIKTtlfa 'Old QentlMnan' 
M.c), nad <B) W. miuLDH and A. QjlLLI- 
DAV'3 'Pretty UuncbTsnkBr'U.O'}. 

^eellno le Li«. A dnuna In one »ct, 

J.'fllii>1'j<(I.(i.). BnlperfonnKlatthe 

e, I«nilon, on Seplomber 

St. Jan 

firflt pm^om 

tu Uiu RnclLih Hid Ainorlcsn ■i»;o uH^m 
the loUowina titiea:-(l) 'Angrin, tha 
Tyrant of Padua,' prudnced at the Victoria 
TliMtre, London, la ISU. (S) ' Angrlo ;' x 
tragody in toar actL liy CiiAnLES Beu>e 
(q.s.). Bnt ptitrmafa at the nlynplD The- 
atiB, Lanrlon, on AuRint II, IWl, with H. 

mrdna ^tarina. bls'Vue ; Mn. StlrllnK aa 
1.11 Tiiht, bis anpnOBKl inlitraia ; >V. Forren 
Ol Jladaffe- and DIddear aa U.,modi:L t8) 
'Tlie Actreu of I'odua' (ISa^) iq.i.). 
Una.i'n ' Anfielo ' WM prodocwl at Npw York 

'Tha Co- 
■ D( Julie, 

Tfiht. the actreM. whom Jn-irlo nnrmaa 
with hia attention!, Ii In love with Rodolftl. 

AnKelo. (1) Dpputy ol tlie UtiH nf 
Vienna, In 'Mcaiare for Mhuutb' (i.t.); 
be ia hetiotbed to Mariana {g.D.). but makes 
iBwlen propoaala to Itabella (l-c). Ilailltt 
aayi of him that "be leemi to haioa much 
greater poaalon for hypocrisy tl 
BUitreu." (S) A goldimlth in 

medyoIEiTon'Cj.r.). (3) FHei. . 

la BEAttHUMT and PLb^rciiEn's 'Captain' 

Sv.}. (4) AchancterlnBuoLonAii'ii 'Bel 
emonio' (q.v.). 
Anselo.theTyrantofPadiui. Sea 

Anffela and X.i)ClflBr> ; or. Oourt- 
■Up and ConSTBvea. A farce by E. I.. 
BUNCMiRU (.I.e.). Dnt perloniiDd at thu 
Bo;nl Manor numw Tlieatrv . Chelsea. nhouB 
lBBS-9, with the authiir ai /;riijn>iiin Sriat- 
(foiu, an itinerant lendor ul mntchea ; pro. 
duced at tbs Olympic Theatre, t-ondon. ou 
October SS. ItUl. with tr. Wild tm Bri-mnCeni: 
prodDceil nt New York In 1S57. with Jama* 
Bogeralnlhe chief port. 

"Ang-ela and mlnlntars of praoe 
dsfeud nn."— ' HuruleL.' net i. nc, 1. llaiH- 

mllty, ■ Seruu and M. 

;, Madame. Soo Fille de M*- 

" Angry Boy (Tlio)," in Jos«ON» 
'AlchoiSaf Cq.T-S. U Katlritt, tha brother 
al Daiw rUanHi.v.). Thia character unp- 
piled l^ciidan with an ettectli* reCurt to a 
tamark ol Pltt'i. " Althouib,- anyi Mark 
~ ' "Mr. Flit rarely loithlitempiir It li 



le woulil lio mnrh lictter CKCupleil 
oTMCtlng hIa iilays. ■ PmbaUy I 
aid ItlcUanl IlTinnU-y; 'and the 

fa^ that 

ahoidd,' Hold ll.-_ 
flnt I ahall enilnaroi 
' Angry Schoolboy.' '' 

Ajikub, 3. Kslth. Pmmatic and nili- 
celianeoua writer, b.<m at Atwrdcn, IMS; 
anthor of '(Send Thirty Stamps' [>/.v.V 
' By this Token ■ (7.1.), and ulhor dmiaatlo 
plecaiMwdlaaul >A; 





(the old Theatre Boyal, Aberdeen) (1878), 
*(niildTen'8 Theatricals' 0878), * Theatrical 
Scenes for Children' (1879), *The Com^die 
Fran^Lse' (1879), and 'Amateur Acting' 

Anibal. A character in *La Maijo- 
laine ' (^.r.). 

Anixnal Masmetisxn. A farce in three 
acts, adapted from the French by Mrs. Inch- 
bald (a.v.), first performed at Ck>Tent (Htrden 
on Apnl 20, 1788, with Quick as the Doctor^ 
Mrs. Wells as Comtaneet Pope as the Mar- 
md$ de Lancy, Edwin as Lajleur. and Mrs. 
Mattocks as LUette. A Doctor keeps Con- 
itanee^ his ward, under lock and key. desiring 
to marry her himself. But she is in Ioto with 
a Marouiiy and he and his senrant Lajleur 
gain aamission to the house in the characters 
of a sick man and a magnetic doctor. Much 
fun is got out of the magnetizing scenes. 
The part of LaJUur was in the repertory of 
both Jefferson the second and fourth. The 
farce was first played in America in 1703. 

Animals on the Stagre. Ilorses, 
dogs, etc, have figured on the boards from 
"tune immemorial"— not only as "proper- 
ties," but in reality. Plays have been writ- 
ten for them, and some of these still hold 
the stage. At one time the "equestrian 
drama,'^ as it was called, " flourished " 
indeed, and it has not yot wholly dis- 
I4>peared. To trace the origin of the appear- 
ance of animals even on the English stage 
would be impossible. Pepys speus of wit- 
nessing in 1668 a performance of Shirley's 
* Uide Park,' in which homes were brought 
before the audience. In 1727, when Shake- 
speare's 'Henry VIII.' was rerive*!, a 
mounted champion figured in the corona- 
tion spectacle. In 1803 Astley rebuilt his 
amphitheatre, and it was then, says Dutton 
Cook, that the "equestrian drama" became 
an institution. In the same year a dog had 
figured at Drurv Lane in Reynolds's * Cara- 
Tan ' (q.vX and had been so successful as to 
receive the tribute of the managerial rap- 
tures. In 1811 Colman's ' Blue Beard ' was 
brought out at Covent (larden with a troop 
of horses— a spectacle satirized at the Hay- 
market in "The Quadrupeds of 9*i®<Uin- 
burgh ' (9. v.), and at Drury Lane m *The 
Quadrupeds ; or. The Manager's Last Kick ' 
iq.v.). In the prologue to the former, it 
was said— 

** Daw Johnnr Ball, . . . 
Your tMte. rccoverad half from farelni qaaekt, 
twkm alrincB now on Eoslish horaei backs. 
WhUa avarr modem bara majr rmiaa hU nama, 
If not on lafting praUa, on stabla tuna." 

In the brothers Smith's * Reelected Ad- 
dresses,' published in 1812, we read in the 
parody on Coleridge— 

" AmU tha firaaki that modarn fiariifcm incttoii^ 
It griavM ma modi to ma Uva animals 
Broiuglit oa tha itaae. Orimakll has hli labMt, 
Laurant hla cat. and Bndbuiy hb pig. 

more than one of Boucicault's dramas, and, 
as Percy Fitzgerald reminds us, ChUperie, in 
the opera, sings a song on horseback. In 
'Claude Duval' (Stephens and Solomon) the 
hiffh wayman makes bis first appearance thus. 
' Mazeppa,' to the representation of which a 
horse is essential, is still seen at intervals ; 
an elephant has played its part in 'Bound 
the world' (^.r.); a donkey figured in *La 
Cigale' iq.v.); sheep have b^n emploved 
in comic opera; and the presence of live 
animals is, of course, frequent in pantomime. 
Birds have often appeared in plays, as in 
Tennyson's 'Fl&lcon,' for example. See 
Dutton Cook's ' Book of the Play ' (1876) and 
Percy Fitzgerald's 'The World Behind the 
Scenes '(1881). 

Anjou, Margaret of. figures in 
F&Ai«KLi.N's ' Earl of Warwick ' (q.v.). 

Ankaretrom. A character in H. M. 
Milker's libretto, 'Gustavus III.' iq.v.). 

Anna. A comedy ascribed to Miss 
CUTHBERTSON. and performe<l at the Hay- 
market, for the first and only time, on 
February 25, 1703, by Palmer^ Bannister, 
jun., Wroughton, Suett, Mrs. Jordan, Miss 
Pope, Mrs. PoweU, Mrs. Kemble, etc. 

Anna BoUen* 
Virtue Betrayed. 

See Anne Boley.n; 

*The Dog of Montargis ; or. The Forest of 
Bondy.' has, as its title indicates, a dog for 
Its hero; whilst in 'The Hindoo Bobber' 
there are two dogs. Horses are introduced in 

Anna Maria. The " maid of all work " 
in T. J. Williams's * Id on Parle Fran^ais' 

Annabel. (1) The wife of the hero, in 
Miss MiTPORD's 'Julian' io^v.). (2) A cha- 
racter in ' The Man of Ten Thousand ' (q.v.). 

AnnabeUa. Sister of Otorannt, in 
Ford's • 'TIS Pity she's a Whore ' (q.v.). 

Annapolis, U.S.A. The theatre here 
was erected in 1831, and opened by J. B. 
Booth, under the management of Thomas 

Anne Blake. A play in five acts, by 
Wes TLAND Marston (q.v.), first performed at 
the Princess's Theatre, I/>ndon, on October 
28, 1852, with Mrs. C. Kean in the title jpart, 
C. Kean as Tkoroldt W. Lacy as Llantstont 
Addison as Sir Jotteph Toppington^ and Mrs. 
Winstanley as Lady Toppington. Ani\e 
lives with the Toppingtont^ who are induced, 
by pressure in reference to a mortgage, to 

EromLse her to JAani*ton. By a device she 
I brought to think that Thoroldi whom she 
loves, and who loves her, does not care for 
her, and she accepts Llaniston ; but in the 
end the lovers are made happy. The play 
was first performed at New York in Novem- 
ber, 1852, with F. Conway as Thorold and 
Mrs. Mowatt as the heroine. It was revived 
at the Standard Theatre, London, in 1861, 
with Miss Marriott in the title part. 

AnneBoleim. (Tonsortof Henry VIIL, 
and central figure of the following dramatic 
works, each named after her:— (1) A dra- 
matic poem by Ue.nry Hart Milman (o.v.), 
printed in 1826. (2) A tragedy bv G. H. 
^KER (q.t.\ printeil in 1850. (3) A panto- 
mime by Nelso.n Lek (q.t.) produced at ttie 


Cl<7 of London Theatre at Christmu, ia», 

kDlvil(DEs'(y.i'.), Hrat performerl at the 
Royalty Theatn. Lonauii, un S«ptamber T, 
lS7i, with E. DaiHera in the dUe i*rt, and 
nther parti by tliu 1I«IU Muore. Mljis 
Emma Cbamben, Mlsa Kate l'tilllip>i, and 
MIu H. Cuirni-y. (D) A tibitorical plar In 
lour actH, by H. Dodsiik, Hnt perlorined at 
'ictoria Theatre, London, on March SI, 


IS tbe herulne, 6. Uom as Earl n} 
fHirny, liyrlo BeUaw u Ptrey, Ulu CarUslo 
M Jsnt Sevmata, Miss a Henri a* iM^y 
liathfort, A. Cecil as Ciamii, EieriU u ^r 
J. Balrva, Conway ai J'niiufi Wfilon, C. 
Uarcourt aa the Etna, and A. Matthlaon ag 
SirT.Wvalt. -AnneBo1eyn,-"writBBDaltDn 
Cook, ■'jiuniorts to relate history In lilank 
«ene. Little nwaunw bu been Lad to in- 

ioltl«l to 

o flctitiou: 

le Boley 

is iniieed a dnunatii; veraLon of the 
iHioks." Mce BoLEix, AkxK, uid Viuxua 

Anae, Lady. Widow of the Prince of 
Wales in 'Richard in.' (7. 1-.), alb^rnnla 
nairinl to Bicbara. Vor the tnmoux wooing, 
Bcv act I. go. S. Lady Attnr appears, ni 
course, in the burlmiuea of ' Riuliani III.' 

by SBUIY, 8IIHL1NU CUV>E, aod UlB-ViNI). 

Cornell* in four acta, by Hosmn Fiassen. prr- 
f urmed in the orisllial Dutch at Che Imperial 
Tlieatre, I^mdon. in June, ISW, with a cast 
IndndinE Miwi Catberlnu fkcnmians (in tho 
title part), J. llaapebi, W. »an Kuylcn. etc ; 
adapted by Ci.emest Scott I/i.t.). and per- 
foniied at the Prince of WiJei'ii Tliuitre, 
Lonilon, on November 1. 1880. with Misa 
(Jenefiere Wuil In the title part, Ediiar 
Umce as nrrbert ttiitiftl, J, FernandeJ aa 
Dlrttn. Mi» (■. Urahanio ' -" "-■ 
^ V«,.™flrf. iui,l il P. Hockton as Jon 

..„ jiyB8,V«nif,J.Forbe«-l 

,j Kotnraatl, and C. " " 

Anne of Aoatria i» one of the prr 
in tl. RICK'S "Threo MusketOBts'i'j.r.). 

Anne of Q«lerBteiQ. A pUf , 
pertonuiHl at Neiv York I 

Annarly, Frank. The hiTo at M*B- 

jtt, and a 

HeadE'S ' Wandering 

Annette. The nani>' of n chamcCer in 
a) PAvriE'a 'Mnid and the MatJpie' (q.r.i. 
and (2) COLMUt Junior's 'Blue Devils' 
{n.t.). (3)I)aushler.>( J(aOi.o..andafHance.l 
to fAri.doii.ln WtKE's -Poliah Jew' and 
L. Lewis's 'Bella,' 

Annette: or. The FmitB of CriniS. 
A play ptoilucod at the Nstloniii Theatre, 
Ne» tutk, in I'iM.-' Annette' Is the title 
vl m opnn bjr C. E. UoUIt tg.i.). 

Annette and Lubin. A comedy- opitI 
tn one act. adapted by (.'. Uiuui.-i {'i.t.) from 
the French, and flrtit perfamieil at CotenC 
Oarden un October s. 1TT8. with Miss Brown 
and Mn. Farrell hi the title parts. Anuttif 
and Lvbin Uie together on the lisnks of the 
Seine, knowing no wmni. Thpy are rudely 
enllghtencJ, and for a time fear that, being 

marry ;'but the lonl of the manor procured 
tor them a dlapeneation. 
Annlvareary (The). A farce, in- 

flrat iwrformed at Coient Uardoii in March, 
Annoptiel, In nEAL'HiiN-T and Flftf- 

Annot. DDach 

J.T. iiAiMa's'Wi 

dy' (7.e.), is daughter 

AOin AUUau in 
the Loku.' 

Anodj^a. Dc. A characto: 

Anonrmone. Theoaptaint 
Guards in Punch e's 'Ooldan F1 

Anonymona letter (Th 
medy in tbrea acta, by Mahk Aj 

Lyric Theatre, London, on the a 
iUj e, I8SI, with a cast inclu< 
Vernon, I.. Waller. E. Lewin. 
Mi^■s V, V 

darin'e Pangbler' C7-e.). 

Anotber Drink. A burlcutne on C. 
RlUDll's -Drink '(pj.r.), written by 11. S*V1LK 
CUHKE (fl.t.) and i.Ewrs CLinus (j.t.). 
and Hnt pertomied at tbe Folly Tboatre. 
London, in July, ISTB, with (J. W. Anson 
u C'lUjirau and Mdme. Dohiro as Ocrvaire. 
Another QIuib. Seo DnL'Muaii'a 
Anaell, Un-i actress, wua the third 

In or after — 

and tbencofortb acted as - I>in. Ansell. ' 
She played both in London (at Dmry l^ne, 
Covent tJarden, and the Baynurket) aoii 
the profincea. Among her parts were the 
n.,..,. Ir. ' Hamlet,- Haraanl of A iijerr [' Earl 
'Ick'l. JTawIaiie ('Cyrus'), and 
'■--■■'- " — ■— '). Acontempnmiy 

lii.vcfa (' CanUa Bpeetn'). A contempnmiv 
rri'ter doMribei her acting a« " apiriteil, 
ut genetally too elaborate ''t' Thvspuui Dlc- 

Aneelli Mary. Actress 1 made her 
Mill at the Grand, Islington, in April. 
8U0; has played In London tbe foUoivlDg 
'original" parts ;—J(Mi> In 'A Month after 
>alH' (1891). Iiui in 'A Mighty Error' 
iS31),a"a"cn 0' Bora in ' Walker. Lrm.lon ' 
IsD-ikand Sanhia in 'Fast Aaleen' (1S92): 
.Iso. Baiiailine in 'All the Comforts ol 
IamaHlsai> Laym lo 'Giingolte' (IWU}, 

i- (0.0,) o( Vlctc 
In Sow York, U 

Syba Hanlwick ln;TUo BDokiiiBj(W(lK>l). 
Fandtrptimp In ' Brighton ' (138^- 
AuBslma. AplBV, loandsd by L, BiCH- 
■- '--■•-.c,)o( Vlctoric 

Mad^gn Sqoare TbeMie, li 
■with Miline. Jsn'-"- '- •' 
The pleci 

Auselmo, Brother, <n Ozenfobd'9 

' MonHslery of St, Juit. ' (j.n.), !■ the nuns 
eilopttnl bj the Emperor Cbarlea V. 

Anson, O-eorKeWUll&m. 
nC Montrose. t«CD(1iinc1. on NoTcmber -li, 

appeaxeii tia tho stjige in December, iatV5, Bt 
tbe Theatra Roy&l. Edinfannh. and mads 
hf* dibut In the inetropoliB u the Olympic 
on October <, 1873, as Minadab In Bpoo'e 
*SnnT Gnpefl/ Among bli other original 
ratatrvBugHtt In Beece's 'Richdieu Be- 
drau0d,' Scum Qoodauin tn Taylor's ' [Ady 
Clanouty.' i'icard in 'The Two Orphana.' 
Sir Homird (n Albary"!! ' SpandthrHt/Moiiifn 
In Gilbert'! 'Broken Uurtu,' Aibi flaaut 
In Wllto'» ' Ellen,' Coupcau in 'Another 
Drink,' Commandtr Jarbi in 'FemanJe,' 
Oubbint In Birron's ' Conrtship.' Tupman in 
•— - -'■ •- T Pickwick.' Wiuhi—— 
Id Lots and tbe New 

ta'WilL9'i'''Jiiana,'L''ainir(Aa Sroim In Reece 
and Thorpe'* ' Oot of the Hunt.' ^>r Joiialt 
Mvijgeridnt tn Grundy's ■ Dnit,' Joft Vinton 
In Bamand's 'Sliuiacer.' L^tdgtr, M.P., In 
Qoi|[Tw't 'PaTKnu,'7[etnn» Timbi In Smi* 
■Wlae Cblld.' JVr. ZJomfnic In Colllns'ii 
■Rank and Itlchu,' SfptimuM WroJitb^ In 
Pattltt'a 'Spider'* Web,' Dan BTantHirp la 
Jone* and Hemuui'a ' BtnUnca Butterfly.' 
Sidnry aOnan tn 'The Priiata Secretniy,' 
Dr. CnKri In ' Callfld Back,' SlaUr in 
Gmndy'a 'An Old Jew,' and Sthaarli in 
amndv** ' Bnnch of Viulole.' _ Among 

■Mnch Ado' Q^H). Biintrr in 'Kew Men 
uid Old Acrea' (1870), the Jfajor In • Henry 
Dnnbar ' (IBTT), Fanm in ' Kancy Sikaa ' 
0878). anmaUi in ' The Ufa of an Actreaa ' 
(lS79i, DKCord in 'Tlie nr*t Night ' (ISTB), 
Mtthrmnit la 'Adrienne IiKoa<renr' (lAHO). 
the Ootfrnar In • The Critic ' (ISSD), Ptltr 
and the Apothrcary in ' BoDieD and Juliet ' 
iit.Si\ Brlgaril In^Fron Fron' (1881), if™ 
PhanoT in "The Palace of Ttnth' (UaiT. 
VncdtMi in 'A Lucky Dog' (laai), and 
Seek! in ' Caato' (18M}. 

correspondent " In 'The Battle of the Alma 
He wat tor many years treamnir of th< 
Adelphi Theatre, Lonilor "- ■---'-• ■ 
US5, the Diaiullc, F 

Ajoapach, Elixaljeth, Uarsravliie 

of. Daughter of fonrth Earl of Berkslagr ; 
bom 17HI, died 18iS ; marTled. In ITOT, the 
■Iith Earl of Craren. and. In IJ91 Christiui, 
Marimve of Ansnach : wrote 'The Som- 
namlinle' (i;;9), 'Tha SUoiaturo Ptetore' 
(1781}, 'The Sllier Tankard' (1781). 'The 
Anxilan Paatoral' (I78S), 'The BtUne 
Fenat'(lTBi), "TheTorkahira Ohoat'ClTM), . 
'The PrincsM el Gaorgla' anw), 'Pnn la 
Boots' (1TB9\ -Nonijad' (IsSiJ. and 'Lo« 
lnaConrent'aMU),aUor«UGh*ee. She 
nlao wrote two pUya in Prendi, ' la Folle do 
Jour' and 'Abdonl etNomjad.' and trans- 
lated into Ptencb 'She Would and She 
Wonld Not ' (f.D.), Her'Memoln'appeaied 
In ]im. Sea alao tha ' Blngraphla Dta- 
matica' (1812), Oenent's ■English Stage' 
Haas). andWalpole'i ' Letters'^ (IfiSB). See 

AnateT, F. Two ntorles by this writer 
—■ Vice VerB»-(i,r.)Bnd' TheTin ted Venui' 
(g.F.)— have bsen aOapted to the stage, 

Antarotlo ; or. The Polo and tha 
Traces. A " bonflonnerle musLcale " by H. 

B, Paw(1b(?,b.), fliBt performed at the Stmni 
Theatre. London, on December m. ISli, 
tn E. Terry ki Faklel, H. t^x a* BmiiOt. 

C. Marius. Miss Lottie Venne. and Mln 
Angelina Claude. 

Antenor, A Trojan 
' Troilus and Creultla ' (g.c. 

Anthony of Italri Bt., ia 
pLASCHt's "^Sevcn Champion* of C 

Anti-Boaciad (The). Sea Boscfm), 
Anti-Theatre (The), f^ Tiieitre, 

Collier, "almighty power, and, aft^r ralalng 
two dead men, and dying himself and coming 
to life again, ho giyes away lo four credulous 
kln^ what are called the fonr kingdoms of 
tha world. . , . Enoch and Kliat arrlte to 
dimroie the claim of Antichrist to be tlie 
Mewlah. , . . The four kings conient to listen 
to the 'proof* dI dlnnitiiuan,'Bnd annrgD- 
ment Is eommeneed, between Enoch anil 
Ellaa on one side and ADtichrist on the other. 
. . . Atla*t EnDchaad Ellas DhaUeBgeAntl- 
chrlsb to make the dead, whom be had 
before laised, eat. BlUi bleseea bread In 
the Qame of the Trinity, and, marking It 
with a croH, reigaire) the dead lo' ta*ta It ; 
but they turn from It with fear and horror. 
. . ■ The proof l9 qnlte conilndng to the 
fonr kings, and Antichrist, In a fun, draws a 
iwnrd and killi tham, as vail M UDcb and 

. Thu Archangpl MIcb 
the 9.irao i^iccntion un . 

Antidote. a> I'Sdv A 

Boms' (a.B.X uid (3) the™ Is b Mr,. 
Antidote in Pocock's ' AnytlUnK New 

AntfKitUIaati tHie). Bee Heibess, 

inetun pnnceu; Heroine 
unatli: ttutka ;— <1) A tr»- 
\ {q.v.) ; truiBliLted, lepa- 
tiell dSTa), Mangui 0830). 

lately, into EngUib _, - 
lomew {ISM). (Smpbell d87a: 
A tmulfttlOD br B. Wbld 
fonnsdat tbe CneUl Pilue 

1880. ffl)'AiitigDns,theTh 

■ (agaSy br Tboku Uat (q.«.X ((H">d«d 
BoplKiolae, Saueck, atn, end pnbllr'— ' 
un. (3) A tiiiiidjbj ALVifii: 

publlihed in 

Ouden iliawlre, LoodoB, in Jenurj. ihd, 
iriUi Hiu Tudcoboa in tiw title pert, uul 
ba bUiai M ^(freon, tnit iritb tbe ^d 

tatlon ma iritncaaal by Kil*ar.C Flti- 
OeiKliI, who wrote u( it : ■' Tli« music Turj 
Bne, I tbougbt. It wu horriUl; ill mng 
br K cbonu In shAbbv tuEu, who loulifd 
much moTD Uko dirty luilierB Ltun Tliobnn 

Sun tbdyt) reiipvctable uld gentlemen. 
r. rnodDDbDa Mt an a, luerble eunp-attxil 
in the middle, uid leolioa likn one of Fl&i- 
-■ ji^^rywell. ----- 

.. its inu*. ™_ , 

Tbe truedy iTBi pUyeaiit Dublin in March, 
ISIS, with Ulu Helen F&ndt in the title ptrt ; 
■t Pelma'i Open IIduu, Mew York, in April, 
ISU, with O. Vandenbaff u Ocon, Chaninu 
Bi Hcenvm, uiil Miu CUrnnili>n m tho 
heroine; and &t the Cryittai Palace, In 
December, 137K, with Min Ooneiitra Ward 
In the Iniltng rite. De Qnlncay dearalbed 
Hiu Faacit'a AnliMne aa "IhoiBoit lanlt- 
leu of U redan marblN." "Whatparfectlon 
at Atbonlu aimlptDre [ the noble flcnre, 
the lordly atma, the ItneDt diapery I What 
an unTeilinE ot tbe Ideal statueaqaB 1 . . . 
Perfect she li in fonn : perfect In attitude." 

8S) A hnrlciqna by E, L. tllANCIiiHD (j.c), 
rat performed at the Ktnnil Theatre, Iad- 
don. In Februarj, IMS, with O. Wild aa 
.ilnlifoneandU.Iiall a* Crcen. 
AnttKone, tlis Thebaa Prlnoew. 

iq.T.-l to 

by Lf' 
-_Dke away with hla infant liitoj. . 
Miat in llEAUHO^rr and Fletcueb': 
moTDus LleDt«nant'<'j.<.). 
AnUmoiiT. IXi A ilmncter in 

DIBDT^'B ' Will for 11.8 DM.i ■ (7.P). (2) An 
old bachelor in J. F. Suiiu'a -LeBaan far 
Antiixotia. Brother of Anw^ph^ (^-v-). 

Autli>aha*. a) A tragedy \ij Jom 
MoTTLET (g.*.), BnC perfonned at Uncoln'a 
Ina Flelda on April U, Vm. with Syanin tbe 
title part, Hi*. Sermoiir aa Stratonite, and 
qnio u SrlrucAiu. .anKoekuj, aon of ^u- 
(Aiu (King of Syria), [a in lora irith 5(ra- 
reniK, hia fatbe^a wife, and she with blm. 
The kins orerbeara their nititnal dsclata- 
Uons, and aurrenders Stratonltt to hia aon. 

AntlochuB. fl) King of Antioch in 
■Periclo»\(n.r.). (E) Al^nhianeomimndec 
in WiLKiN5a ' Egyptian ' (i.b-). 

Antlooime theareat;or,Tlie 7a,tal 
BelOiDaa- AtragedybTMra.J*nEWi»KtiAN 
(q.a.). Brat perlortned at Uncola'a Inn Flelda 
in irn, with Powell aa tbe hero. Mm. Barry 
ai Ltaiiet, Hra. Bowman aa B€rTnia. and 
Booth aa OmubUl. Antioehfia haa aednred 
and deaerted Ladlce. He marries Btrmia, 
danghter of the KIni ot Eirypt, who lorea, 
and la lovod by, Ohmidti, an EByptlao 

to Leodiet, anrprlwe Brrtaine and Ormada 
togctber. Onnada kUI* himaelf, Lcu/iM 
polBona hemelf and the king, and Brrtniee 
retuma to Egypt. 

Antipholua. Tbe name of two hrothen 
("of £^0™*- and "of SyntcuaB"), twin 
eonn o( JSjeun, lu ' The Comedy of Errors ■ 

aiEotdd ngt b« dlHieibUi'e tut b; inHi.' 
jlnttpAeJui 1)/ AiJttaiH ie married to ifdrfdnn 
(V.i.). It la the likeneaa between the twina 
which caaaea moat ol the embrcffilio In tbe 
comedy. "Metten," aaya Schlegel, "are 

■' written In coapleta and dlrided int 
acts : an unpubllihed qnuto manmcrlpt, 
formerly In tire Leo Wailey Collection, near 
Canterliuty " (W. C. Ilaalltt). 

AntlpodsB (The). (1) A comedy by 
R[OU*Ri>Huo>n<<?.e.}. acted ■' at .Ssllihury 
Conrt, Id Fleet Street.*' in josa, and printed 
Id leiO. " PmjTFiiu' haa atndied Manderilla 
and other writers of tra>el>, tUl ha ii becomo 
Tho Iiocfor, 

UUing him 

..,..__ . ,t they 
podoa unJor l^og- 

Bb then giiea hli potEent > atTDng ■leeplne 
poUoD, Mid ceareji him to the house ol a 
lord. When Ptrtgriat mkM, a pUiy Is 
Bctad b«fa» him to reprBKiit the majineni 
of OtB Antlpodea. RvenrChldg ia dons 
truy to what li nnial ; ti 


wlibe* them to ureit him ; a lawyer nrsaoi 
Oil fee* ; a dUisn makes a comiilalDt of a 
gentleman vho will not onoliold him, etc, 
4t0. AttheooiMdtuImof the play, J'frc^TM 

■nd Down* of Uts :' aplarin tbiee octi, hr 
Tom TlTIAB ({.■.), ant performed at the 
Bolbani Tbeatn on Jane 8, 1867, with MI99 
KUen Ten7 m Kaddine. Mrs. IlDynioiid as 
Jfn. Avnunir, Hiu C. Saandet* as ifiiHn 
(a pDom), J, VolUire a* ScyntoHt, E. Price 
U Bern. Bam Stron^avayi, and 9. Emery a* 
IhKiJinitertd Jet. 

AntlpodeH, Tba XIdk of the. A 

Botentafe »o named figures in Cxnsra 
' Chronoiiliotonttiologoa ' (^.t.^ wl,ftprt t,o 
b describod m ept.>rinir -'i™ 
■ ■ ■■ TheQaa 

;rinE -'wall 

7 (The), fl) * 



HHjkCKERLI „ _. .__ 

OKk-plt betore May IS, lOM, and printed In 
IMl. ''ThepUTinsreTlsedberaropublla. 
tion.the HenB beina changed from Venice to 
PIga, and Bnro'a chaiucter being altered In 
lil.l and t. S" (Flmfy " The oharscter of 
the AntiqnarT. who cannot sndnre anything 
bntwbatlaDld.iianadiDiTablehlnt, eriginJ 
In Els emcation " (W. C. If ailltt). The pisce 
is ladudrd among Dodsley'g. obi playg. The 
name oi the Antiquary i.('«(ini™{ff..i.). (8) 
A manical phiy, adapteil by D. TRRItr (n.D.) 
from the ouvot of Sir Waller Sicott, and flrsi 
prodnced at Corent Garden on January tS, 
13», wltli LlitOD as JoimiSaa OMbvrli (the 
antiquary), Bmery aa JidSe OehiLlref, Blan- 
ehard u Caiam, Dunuet an Loml, Terry 
falmietf aa l>er<t OltTuUbin, Abbott nil Hcatr 
ilaclBtyrt, Farley ai Snundnv 3luctltiae*il, 
Chapman u Sir Arthur Wardour, Mrs. 
Faacit aa Elmtth 0/ (he Craiabfirnfoot, Allsa 
atenhena a* Mi- Jiabella iTonfoiir, J- 
Matthena as Ui'n Jfarfa Jfaefnfvn, 
Mrs. Da'enport aa Mlf Griulda ulilA' 

fnraie.1 at Mew York In May*! 18=2, with 
C'owell u ObOutk and Maynooil as Ochil- 

AatlQuitr. A farce in tiro acts, "by a 
joang gentleman of the Inner Temple;" 
nnaeted, and pabliahed in laos. ''Tba 
object of tt wiu to rldicole tlie laate for 
antlnnity, 1 ' ' 
lenirth*.* I 


9 the ' Blogmphia Dmmatlca' 


Aatoine. The dumb aallor-boT in W. 
J. Lucu's ■ Death Plank' (3. c). 

Antolne : on, Iisa Trola Epoqaea. 
See Piar ind Pkesent. 

Aatoinette, The heroine of Offem- 
BICH'S 'La Cn;iile'(9.B.). 
Antoinetta, Uarle. See BiMtiE An- 

Antolnatte Sinnd. A comedy in 
three acta, tranalatea by EB^E8T IViHBES 
(j.tF.) from the French play of the aame 
name by Raymond Deslandea (Commie 
Fran(alae, Septomber SO, 18851, and fltat 
perfonued at the Mt. James's Tbaalre, I»n- 
don, oa February 13, ISM, with Mr* Kenilal 
in the titlepart, W. H. Kendal aa ^enri da 
Tuurrfl, J. fiare as OmmU d* Prijond, J. 
H. Barnes an /firnnid, Ulaa Linda Dieti aa 
Jfaris df Pri/ond, etc ; performed at Boa- 
ton, U.S.A., in March, 1B7T, with Mias 
Eresaon as Sntointtte. See Keefsakk, 

Antonio, (V) The " merchant of Venice " 
In 8i[AKiSFBA.Be'a play (rj.r.), whoso bond 
with ahvlock forms the main baais of the 
dmma. He makes hla entry hi the flrat scene 
of (he play. Seblegel characteiliea bis 
"melancholy and aell.aacrJflaInR«iDanimity" 
aa"alEectlngly«nblinjB." (S) The "aeacap- 
t^n" Id 'Twelfth NIght'ta.i.}, vho aayea 
Sii/aMiiaa (j.n.) from drowntns on tbe coaat 
oflllvria. {aiTbonsnrpIngbrotherof the 
rightful Duke of Milan, In 'The Tempest' 
iB.i'.). <4) Father of /'rolou, in 'The Two 
Qentlemon of Verona' (j.r.). (O) Kinsman 
of PctnuKw.inBEAtMO.viBnd FLElCHEn's 
'Chanees'(a.v.). (6) The steward, in Web- 
aTEK's'Duclirjs«otMal(y'ft.ti.). (7) Father 
of CnrfM (o.t.) and Clodio (q.c), In CiBBCK'a 
■ Lo'e Makes a Man' (i.e.). 

Mra. Siddon . _ 

hbi father Co Jtattris 

■tabbed by A< 

Antonio, Son. A poor nobleman, 
' "■iouiio(a.B.),in"— ■ - 


Antonio and Uelllda. A dmma by 
John MitHSTO.i (o.r,), acted by the children 
of St. Pant's In or before 11X1!. and printed 
Intbatyoar. lAmbsaldofCliisplaythat "the 
■Itnationol .iBdnjji'oand /.imo, where jlii- 
druffio, Dnke of Geoea, banished hli country, 


■irilh the loi> of a ten aDpposed droimpil. Is 
cOKt upon Clio torriloi; oi hi> mortal oDeniy 
the Ouki qf V'lnier, wUh no attendanla but 
lAtcia, an old nobJelnan, and a pace, "ra- 
■embln tbit of Lear and Kent In that 

aucribrji the play as "a tri^dy a. 
■Idernble lotce and pathos, but In the i 
critical partB the aulboi [roqaenlly hr 
off. or (Ugs without any apparent ra 


f nrther, the tx 


_ in by M*H3ron, 

the title n[ ■ AntoDEi''* Bevenie.' This alio 
wa» acted by the children of St. Paul-a {In 
]«»), and printed In 1«03. lAinb nyi that 
" the prolopiB to the Hcnnil part, tor Its 
, — . . J .^p t^B traric 

baia pnoided 

if prapantlon which It 

wied one ol thm 

: Pelops' line, • 


■a hlEhly 

Fleay, "Will, a nj.onRu lu. 

like Sbakoapfares ' UamU 

' Unffman.' KerenKe plays 


Antonio and T&Illa. 
Bribed to Philip MiMIni 
mumicript of vhlch li so 
been deatrojert by Warbi 
IE wsn probably an ulapli 

n hu 

ir' play, 

fodlelan (Ra' 

Beven^e. See Amomo 
A tngedy by Mart, Conn- 

. .. Id pnblinbed In 

It WM wprinte.! la 15B5 unilet the nai 
•Antony.' Its "most romarkablo feal 

Antony, Uark, in Shakespeare's 
■Jnllns CiMSr' (o,i>.). la mainly retuatkable 
lor bis woll'known speech oier tho body ol 


_d Cleopati 

tragody. "u. .n...u,ia, »,i 

"TO observe a mixture of RTcat qualiti 

veaknrx-ief. and rices. •loTent ambitluo, 

ud ebullitions of maitnanlmlty— wt! see tilm 

noH sinking into luxurioim eiOoymeat, and 


manning: hiinscir to noolDtlona net nnwurthy 

o( hlnmrlf, which arc always shiuwrKked 

■{ninsl tbe udactioiii ol aa aitliu wamAu. 

It Is 

ited with the Roman c(u- 
speaks ol "Iho Irr^ular 
Eraodeur of the »ottl of ilaFk AnUrnii." 

dnunatist by hlstoiy, and he has but em< 
*"■"■' ' " "'1*14 cnlours the irregular 

I of the t 

igsiBSt all 

but himself." Antonv 
.. _ P....UU.D,.., ^^.^.icter also In the Coon- 
t«sg of PEiiniiDKB's 'Antonlus' (q.v.). In 
Dadiel's 'aeapatra' (o.n.), lo Dbiiies'b 
■All lor Lois' (o.o.). In 'Cie " " 

(q.v.). uid In •* " 

the NUe ' (q.v. 

Antony and Cleopatra. aiAtragedr 
by WlLLTiN 9llAKE9PEiliK (q.v.). entered In 
the StatlDners' B^gister under datu May to, 
IBO§, and first printed in the (olio of 11133. 
The Countess of I'emliroke had printed in 
l&Ol her tragedy of ■Antnniu*' (q.v.), and 
Daniel had published In isai his tn^dy of 
'Cleopatta' (a.r.), but Shakespeare owad 
notliln; to either o[ these plHys. his chief 
authonty being the biography ol Mark 
Antony In Roger North's tianslatlon ot 
Plnlaich's •Lives.' '■■Antony and Cieo- 
patts.'" says Schiecol, "may in sums insa- 

'Julios Cfpsar' (fl.r.)— the two principal 
characters of Antony and Auguttua are 
equally analalDed in both pieces. ' Antony 
and Cleopatra' la a Triay of great extent; 
the progreia la tesa innple than in ■ Julloa 
Ciesar.' . ■ . The principal personages are 
moat empbaUoJly dlstlugoiahed by Uneit- 
ment and coloonnir, and powerlullf arrest 
the imsgliiiitioiL'' Coleridge donbted " wbe- 
thoc the ■ Antony and Claopatn' is not. In 
all exhibitions of ■ giant power in its itrenEtli 
and Tigour of matntity, k lormidabte rlTalot 
' Macbeth," ' Lear." ■ Hamlet,' and • OtheUo." 
. . . This play abonld be perused In mental 
contrast with 'Borneo and Jnllet,' as the 
lota at puelon and appetite opposed to tha 
loio of affection and instinct! ... Of all 
BbakespeatB's liistorical playa, ■ Antony and 
Cleopatra' la by far tbe most powerfnl. 
There is not one in wUcb he has followed 
history so minutely, and yet there are few 

strength so much, perliape none in which 
he expresses it more atrongly." Coleridge 
adds : " If you vould feel the joilgment as 
well as the genius of Hhakespeare in your 
hiurt'e core, compare this astonisliing drama 
with Ilryden's • All (or Loio ' " (o.o.). " This," 
■ays tiailltt. " Is a <ery noble play. Though 
not in the ttrst class of Shakespeare's pro« 
dnctlons, it stands sett to them, and is, wo 
think, the Bnest of his historical plays, . . . 
What bo has added to the acted alary In 
upon a par with it. Ills genlns was, oa it 
wore, n match for bistory aa well as nature, 
and conid grapple at will with dtber. Tha 
play . . . presents a fine picture of Bomau 
pride ana Kasiom tmemlloence. , . . Tha 
characters breathe, move, and Hie." Thedrst 
revival of tbe phiy. Biter tbe RcstonUlon, 
ma in JS41IIU7, 17511, when, ailupted by 

Cipell and Qftnick, It iru prodoced by tb* 
bucr >C Ihnrr Laoa, Oarrick wu the An- 
tony and Mn. YmUa tbe Clropalra, and tbe 
nrodactlon bad & ma ol iLt niRhtg only. 
Th« tragedj wu next lerlisd at Coteat 
Uuden In Noierober, 1813, hailns been 
prepared for tba purpoia by J. P. Kmnble, 
who lnt«nwlat«d nbulo pauases from ' All 
lor Lo'e.' C. M. Voudk uuTMn. Fiiacit 
than ptayed tba Utle parts, Mn. Sldctons 
luiing d«clli»d to peiform that o[ Clfih 
nUro, on tbe gtoimd tbat ">ba ■hnnld 
liata beraelt it aha were to play it as it 
«Ilght to be played." Abbott vu Oeta- 
vIvM and Tnrr Vtntidi'ut. Yet another 
^»"'g"" of Sbakeipeaie and Dryden wai 
nodncad at DmiT us* In Noiember, ISSS. 
wlUt Macnadr u ^atonv, and Brindal, 
IHddaVi and Q. Bennett In otber parti. 
Tha flitt Amerion perfonnance ol the play 
took place at New York In April, 1810, with 
G. Tandanboff as ^nlonir and Mn. Bland 
u CIMwtra. In October, 1819. Pttalpg re- 
■land tta text to onKOnnlty with the oH- 
clnaL abd npreientsd the tragedy at Rad- 
J^aWai*. with hiuualf aa tba hero, Mia 
Qljn It th* betoiiM, H. Uanton aa Pom- 
aaMH, and Q. Bannatt u £iw»artiuj. At 
iha Standard in Hanh. ISSS, Heniy Mar- 
■tan wu the jtnlsny. The play *ag i«pre- 
■euled at the Broadwu Theatre, Hew York, 
In Xareh, ISS0, with Edd]raa.lntDnir, J. w. 
Howe aa (Maeiut, Mdine. PonU ai Cln- 
VQtra, and Mra O. C. OennoQ as Cliarmian. 
In ISoe it waa rerlied at Manchester by 
tSuwles Calysit, who played Antony to tha 
Ofcmttra ol bis wifa. In May. 1887, it waa 
nrtoad at tba Princess's, witb H. I^ralna 
u Antony, H. Forrester as Orfariiiu, E. F. 
Ednr as Pompeiiit, and Mias Glyn acoln 
•i Vltopalra. It waa next nproduced at 
Drnry Lane in 187S, whan the leudlne rila 
mn nrtorawd by X R- Andenoo and Hiu 
WaDls, Catar bdns played by H. Sinclair, 
S»otartm to J. fiyder, Bth by Hnwari 
Boaaell, and Chtrmian by Miss Edith 
Stoart. The text had been edited and re- 
dnoed to four acts liy Andrew UaUlday, and 
tba seanery waa by W. E. Be'erley. la 
UM the tngedy waa represented at the 
Pclnoaaa'g, Condon, with Mrs. Langtry as 
Gttpatra, O. Cogblan aa Antony, F. K. 
Os^ai aa OA)s(m, H. SUrline as Enobar- 
t«i, B. Linaina aa Pnuulnui, Ulis F. Iiur 
aa bctmia, ud Mlia A. McNeill as Char- 
■strt. ' Anton and Cleopatra ' hai been 
•aretal timaa frarieaqned : first by F. C. 
BOMAiiD, at tbe Haymarket, in November, 
laat, nnder tbe title of • Antony and Cleo- 
patn; or. Her Blory and Hia Story, teUted 
b a modem NDo-metre,' the chlei parts 
bAw taken by C. J. Hatbews and bis wire, 
Conpton. B(»en. Clark. HIsa Fanny Wrl)ih t, 
and Mils Caroline HiU; next at Jenwy, 
In JB70, by J. F, Dbapeb ; again bj F. C. 
BuBiiiBD. andei tba title or "Onr Own 
Aatooi and Cleopatra" (g-v.): and ijaln, 
br W. SlFTE. Jan.. nnder the title ol ' Hdlle. 
Cleopatnt' igt-)- See AntONI, Mirk; 


(8) A tnledj hi tbjnaa, by Sir Ciurles 

Skdlet (q.t.), acted at Dorset Garden in 
JST7, with Bettertoa aa Anianu, Crosby as 
Thyrtui. Medboume as Canidiui, and Mrs. 
M«y LeeasCfcopotro. Mrs.Batletton.Mn. 
Hnghes, Mn. Olbbs, Saiidtord. and Harris 
were also in the cut. For the plot Sodley 
was in no way indebted to StuLkespean- 
Thurtni is in loTe with CUopatra ; Attony 
is jealoos of him, and orden him to be 
wblpped. Canidiiu protest! a«Blnst such 
(reauoant of an ambaasador Thmiu and 
.^nConv fl^t, and tbe former la kUlad. (8) 
A (cagedyby Hbhmt Baooks ; nnacted, and 
printed among tbe anther's works aT78X 
(4) A bnrlettaln oneact, hj CHARI.a UBL8T 
(g.s.X Snt porformad at the AdolphI The. 
Ae, London, on Norember 7. ISK. with 
Wright ai ^nlonv, "a oantleman In town," 
and uias Horray as Cuopatra (a grlsatte) ; 
rarired at tbe Adelphi la October. 1843, with 
Miss Woolgar aa CHeavatra; produced at 
New York &i IMS, with MitcheTl and Mrs. 
Timm. To this piece Selby wrote a seqael, 
caUed (C) 'Antony and Cleopatra Marrieii 
and Settled,' produced at the Adelnhl on 
December 1 t»t3. with Wright and Miss 
Woolgarin the title parts. 

AnyaldoB, Harqnla of . Tlio major- 
domo In PLAfliBS'S ' InTislblo Prince ' {q o.). 

It ikt Lyceam Theatre, I. 

on Juae 1, ISIS, " with Charles MathewH laa 
:Si«nipinai<>n1 and a Miss ' Polly' Macslialt, 
who played aserrant-ilrl {Biiiai inhnitably^ 

gdmnnd Yates). Hiss FitiwUllam waa 
a Margarit HonmbaU with wham Smp- 
KnflioB (j.o.>~*ho la ready to "swop" aay- 
loE (or a change— is in loie. Harley waa 
tha PauJ noneuEaa and Ura. Leigh Mum 

™ uS 

„, i MlBDLEIOS , 

1 by Fleaj to 1S2S. acted a 
-^dpna^edi[r "'"' ■"^-- 

V Pl' 

says Swinbnnie, "but the wo^kmaosblp la 
hardlT wurtl^ of Uie ntaterlaL Mr. Bnllen 
ingenioasly and plaoaibly suggests the part- 
nsnhlp of Sbirley In thia play, bat ttia con- 
ception of thecbaraeterin which bediaeenu 
a nteness to tha tonch ot ttie Ie«er drama- 
tist is happier uid more original ttian socb 
a compansDD wonid indicate." 

AnytUnir NewP A musical laree in 
two acts, the words by I. pi>C0CK (17.S.X the 
music by C, Smith : flnt performed at 
the Lyceum Theatre on July 1, 1811, with 
__. J. .. -,nny Traniit. Among the 
nfoh BiMU and Jfrt. Anti- 


ApsBoldea. Brother of Jon« in 
ndaplatlona and burlesques o[ Tha L 
Diyaof Pomprii'W.B.X 

in oua act, by WiLUtii Baacoa 

as Mr. Tippitji. Mn. Alfnul Wifsan ax JUri. 
3'ip^'ru. SljD.Kecley a^Jflimenlina, uid J. 

Aiiellea. A chancier in : 
ftnilcT and CiLnipaKpa' (-/-c.)- 
bIdBb tho aong beginning— 

ApemantUB. A "clinrlisli phllasopher" 
In 'TlDibD gf Athens' (q.c); first seen in 
met L tc, S, wliiirB he ''conieB, Uropning 
alter all, iliwontentedly, Ilka hlmaU?' 
BehlenI, Id hii 'Dramatic Art,' nien to 
' ' tbs luCDmpinblB nxne [act iy. k. 3] where 
tho ctdIc Apemantiu vliiW Titnua Id the 
wlldeniesa. TtieT haie a urt ol compcti- 
tliin with each otlier In tbair trade ol mWi- 
throD}'.'' "Tim Bool of DioguneB," u>i 
llaxlltt, in tho ' Chatacter^,' "appfiarfl to 
ha*c tiecn neateil on the lips of Apemajitiu. 
The qhnrliah profoHlon o[ mlanlbrDpy in 
iiio cynic is contrajited with Llie profound 
(eellBB of It In ■^^ " 

A^ewell. A chararK 

the Duke of Ueioiublro'i 

AtiIqIui, Uisa. Sen UirruEivg, Mn», 
ApocryphoILadlaBfTha). Acomedy 

'■Vhis play i9,'a> many otheca of her pieces, 
Irragulnr and aDflniBhi!(l,tuidlii diiidedlnto 
* -~ ■* — '"' ~3t Induced to the 

Apollo flgvrei in a Iqt^ namtwr of dra- 
matic pieren. UHlKtbecbiefperaonageinthe 
following :— a) ' Apollo Hhroving ;' a comedy 
vritten by Willi ui HiwhiNs, BChoolmaatcr 
ot llwUeleh, In SnSolk. for the nie of hia 
K-holan. and acted hy them nn Mroie TUhi- 
(lBy,l'-ebroKY0.lflaft-7;prinlediBia!T, (2) 

■ Auullo tnni'd HtroUer : or, Tliereby hangs 

■ Tale ;' aburiettahySlr JotlN ULDMIXON. 
Iltat petfurmedat IheRoinltyThiiatre, I/in- 
llou, on December 3, 1787, (3) 'Apollo iH 
Kew Yotk :' 4 local ntlre by U[0> Bouci- 
CAULT (q.bX proilnced at Burton's Theatre, 
New York, b December. 1S64, with Barton 
u jMj&Ur, Apolln also plays a leadlBB part 
In O'SAHAfi 'Midas' (g.i,).()iu>-£S'H^pld' 
(o.e.), ItECKBrca 'Son of the Sun' Iq.v.'i. 
Ton TaVLOlL'H ■ DioEenes and his Lantern ' 
('(.c), II. J. Btno^^ 'Urphena and Eury- 

Adonls^' ig.vX It. REECL'ii ' Piomethena ' 
{il.v.), and the same wriifrt ' Romulus 
and Romns' (g.c), in which he is "a 

and Interposing In If See the fDllowiag 

JkpoUo AoA UAplme. Tbe legend ol 

■ subject has sogtiBiteil 

(SI A masque by i. HvoKBa Itl-v.), set U. 
music by PcpOBch, and perlonned at Dmry 
Lane in 1718. (S) A Pantomime by Joil.i, acted at Dmry jAOe in 172!i. 
(4) A panlominiB.wrltlon by LEnis TOEO- 
llAl.n (q.r.\ and composed by Rich, per- 
formed at Lincoln's Inn Fields In 1710. (B) 
An openi. printed in 17)M. 

Apollo In New 7ork. See Apollo. 

Apollo Shrovlnf. See Apolij). 

Apolloturii'dStrolleT. SeeAPOLLO. 

ApoIlo'H Holiday. ISee Affeu. to 

ApoUodoraa. A character In Professor 
AvruLS's 'i'irmUlan'Cg.e.). 

ApologT for Aotora (An), "con- 
(oin.ngthrMbrlefetreatlJHM: ]. Their Ar" 


if fqrty-alx pages, of w 
, ii'ellmlnnry. It has been r 
ate yean by the Shakspero S 
I Somera' ■ C«1I"-""- -■ ■" — ■■ 

of Traeti' 

Apology for the Life of JjLi. Colley 
Cibtier. Comedian^and Late Paten- 
tee of the Theatre BQyaI<Aii\ "viich 
an llittorical Vitw of the Slnije during bia 
Own Time, Written by Himself," and pub- 
lished originally in tUD. This dolishtful 
mitaage at gcwrip and critlciam was m- 
prlnled iD 1741). in I'M, in I75S, in l«iZ 
fedlted by E. Belkhamben), hi liise (in 
Hunt's series of aulobiogiaphlps), and In 
ItKffl (edited, with noiea and sappletocnt, 
by R. W. Lon'D). It lins been bicbly 
ptalsHl by the bent Juclgca. Swift, It U 

up all night to read it: whereupon, on hear- 
ing whicTi, we re.d,Cibbet»b«I tars ol Joy. 
'■ Von will allow," said Boswell to Dr. John- 
son, ■'Obber's 'A]»)logy' to bo well done." 
■'Very well dune, to be sure, sir," rmilled the 

Haalitt di»critwt Cibber as " one of the 

most amn^ng conombs . . . teeming with 
animal spirits, uniting the selt-HnHidency 

Apoatats (The); or, The Moors In 
Spain. Atianedy in flieacls, byRirilxRD 
SUEIL (j.c.)— the overture and Incidental 
music by Uwhop—flrvt performed at CJavent 
Garden on May 3, 1817, witb C. Kemble as 
Biineva, Mlu O'MBill u FHiriiulii, Murray 

Ai>Pius AND vmni>-[A 

ttft Toniig "•!._ 

r, In hb 'm 

DUtt, I 

ZtnMe ' 

u Aleartx, Murakdr u i' 
Tjf^irt iitetm. 

hlnlnxu — 

utifuL- irnwyo. ■ Mooi, ' 
u u Ion wiu norimdt, tba duightar of 
AltartI, tad IbtIiik a'ed bar life la pro- 
Bdwd iMT haad. But tlM King of Spain 
d«cnM(ltttiB HooTiluUniuTTa Cbrli- ' 
tin ludar pain of dcUh, uul Hrmri/a, 
for the Mks of Fbiriitda, becomea aji apos- 
U(e to Uirall^on. Bti^U^^lh Paam, 
goramor ol Onnidn (who loTea Flonnda\ 
•nd i* tik«n prlwDor, whtUt Florinda, to 
mm Ua Ufa, muilea Pttcan. Utmt^ it 
nacoed bjr JfaJuaiioUiar Moot; Paeara ia 
UUed, FhriiiA» die* of tb* poiaon (he hu 
tkkan. Mid JTfliHiRi comaiita anicida. The 
fawedjma ant i3v«l in New York Id IBIT, 
wittiUn. Buna aa Ftarinda: It waa 
Torind tliete in WO, with Un. 1. B. DdS 
u Flarinda, I. R DoB aa Maite, Marwood 
■a Pnara, uul E. SlmpaoD M aciMya ; In 

wilh feootta aa Ft 

•Kiu, and ualn with H. WaU) 
«»,- alao, at tha Manlabone T> 
■doD, In 1S9E. with M'Kean Bnc 


in the title pait. (2) -The ApoiUle ; 
Atlantis Oeitroj'ed : ■ a tistndy Id fl'e ai 
brJOHM Gilt, printed In 11^" 

Apoatlea (Tlte) dsura in ths thlrtjr- 
llltG and f ortlettipageiuits of the Co'entrr 
' ' The Hol]> Spirit descends upon 
me Jen, obiervlng Its eSect 


■■Mnste"niean8"Mwwhie." SeoCollior'a 
• Dramatic Puetry.' 

Apothecnry n%a)i tn ' Borneo and 
Juliet/ reappeara bi the burteaqnea of the 
tragedy bj Uowuna and Haludiy. 

the FMagenlaa Theatra, Eieter 'Channa.'' 
This was an attempt to ridicule Sharidsa'i 
moBody on Garrick'a death. It wag printed 
in irA. and waa attributed to l^uaid 

" Apparel oft proclalma the m&n 
(The)?'— ■Bamlet.'^acti. ac i (Poioniui). 

AppultlonCTha). a) A lomedy trana- 
latad tram tha ' UoateUaJrla ' of Plantas by 

itjieTlonned i 
n September » 

". by J. C. 

. .,.0 Haymartet 
1T»4, with a ast 

IT, The Sham 

Johnatone, Hn. Barlowe, 
Cknp. (8) 'TheAppaiitlon 

Wedding :' a comedj by "a , 

Oilord/flrat peifonned at Dniry Jane aa 
KoTember M, ITIS, with Norria aa Sir Tri- 
tnm QetlaU, Pack as FletmU, Keen aa 
DmibutUj Booth as yoonic WiifonI, Bnwman 
,. „.■.„ . .. ... .^ j,^ ^j ^^ 

'r Tritlnim to Aunlim, 

rtlford, and k(«pa S _ 

biDce. Tbe "a|naiiIloB~ la that ot old 
Wtlfard to the knWit. who haa lornd hi* 
name to a deadrTMiHlt asslat* lurtUm, 

Appeal (The), An anonymosa trafedy 
In thtea acta, prodnoed at Bdlnbnrgh in 
lais, with Vataa as Bt^n-l, Kn. Rwund 
ai Iitrl, Mn. U. Slddona aa Aritlli, and 
Patnam aa FOtilane. HOttri. aocnaed by 
Itbtt of the murder of her buaband. in- 
•oluntaritT confesses hia nllt, on wblch 
A ri'llr. wdo la betrothed to EtIuUanr, boo 
ol IMnrrl, - dies wllhoat apeaking." ■ The 
AppMl'wasallfred from 'The WItoeaa,' a 
play printed iu the ' Bejected Theatre.' 

Appeal to the Haaee (An); or, 
Apollo'a Heoree. A dtamaUc and mn- 
sical prelude, written by Jimes CAWnu.!, 
and jjerformed at the opening ii'aef end prc^ 
Tiucial theatres, being produced at one of 
them. In ITH, under the title ol ' Apollo'a 

Appeal to the Public (An), by Johx 
OxBxyoRt) (i/.t,). wu performed at New 
York In IMS. /Vlix itiwnuirj/. In this play, 
waa In the repertorj of Leater Wallack. 

AppsLntnoe te Anlnat Them. A 
larcebyUra. I xcHBiLoTl-a.). Brat performed 
at Cotent Oardan on Ui^ber iS, ITSS, with 
a caat Including Qnlok, Sdwin, and ottaan. 
The plot toma on the namber of hands, 
through whieh tt" "- — " — '- -' — ' -- - - 

Among the 

Cloiatby (a 

t Lard Li^Ouad, 

Lakv Mary 

by (a oonntij nnUgnian). FM (a 
maid), Mill Aim, Lad^ LottaU, and 
Mary Magpit. Tha ideoa was rerind 

K gmrgoN (fl.vX Brat per- 

,. „.. iq.v.), a 

led at the Strand Tbcatre, Iail , ._ 

May 28, 1800, with J. Clarke as llantvonury 
de Cwrey Plantagm/t Puf. H, J. Turner aa 
Jfr. Caruv Pil^Ui, I>ar*aia aa Vincent, W. 

" " lOfb aa Ptorfrf. Poffltor aa Pot. 

. Button as Jfrj. llwebrav. Mlaa- 

" Appetite had g\ 

it,"— -ill 

Applanl. A obaractoc <1} in TlinHP- 
soN'a^Kmilla Uolotli' (u.p.) and IS) in 
■Ths Woman of the People' iq.t.i 

Apploai in Crisp's 'Virnlnl*' (j.t.), 
diftora from the j()j;"(M o( othor dramatist* 
in that ha olTera marriage to rirjinia. Ilea 

Applna and Vtrginla, The famou 
atory o( which Applns, Virginia, and Vlr. 

S.niui are the leading peraooages. haa been 
ramatlted In Uie following works :— <1) 
* A^pjuamid Virainia : ' a " tragical comeily. 


(•ceorcling to the titl(vpago)J^l« IItbIt b: 


LhU Gonfltancy. tn wUh' 
uf raiaer lo oe sulue at ber owne fathera 
buidB, tbau to bo defioimd hy the vtchad 
Jndca .Ipi'tu." This work, whkhw&gpijntod 
in letS. is not dirlded Into acta. ui5 li, in 
fkct, !«■ of > " tn^ul comad)' " tlwn of e, 

monl pl*r. b«liig » "inpilf >-i--.i • 

1,1- LDdsUegoiy. di -rr 

1 tnuedr 67 John Wkbstek (j.' , 
hj Fiekf to eirga 1008, printed ii 

hlitoiT and klleEoiy. 03) ' Appiiu and Tli- 
ly Hulitt as 

ueilbsd b;- 

ovuHiua, solid tngsdy, cut in a framework 
of Uie most approied models, with little to 
bbune or jpnuw in it, sxcepi tha affecting 
apeedi of F^piniui to Kif^nia Jnit before ha 
klUshn." The play wai afterwards adapted 
bj BettertOD. and ptodneed at Uncoln'i Inn 
nalda In WO, as ' Tha Eonian Virgin ; or. 
The Unjust Judge' <?.«.). Betterton wan 
Virffinivt^ Mrs. Betterton Tir^nia, and 
Sairis Appiia. Characters called Coia/orl, 


-a **Tice" cidled Haphamrd^ who auppliee 
what mar be called the comic element. As 
speeimans el the anachronisms Ln tba work, 
]| maj be mantioned that " Virgiaia and 
heTDotber go to 'chnrch,' and Virajniiu, 
likea aemid orthodai belleier, eiplalns Che 
cnation of man and woman according lo 
the Book ol GenealB.'' rirn'u'ui, at Ti'r- 


"Applaud thae to the Terr eaho, 

I woi55,"— 'M»cbeth,' act r. sc 1 

Apple -Blosooma. AcomedybyljitntS 
Albkhy (q.r.), flrat pertoniied at the Vaudo- 
Title Thenlre, London, on September 9, 1B71. 
with W. Kirren as Captain Prnrvn, LinRayne 
as Tom Peniyti, T. Thome a) the Grfot 
Bagfft, D, James an Bot /Voul, and Hiss Amy 
FawBiltasLTBuivProui; played In the Eng- 
lish pro¥lnces In isss, with Miss G. Warden 
as Jfnny, ¥.. S. Ooflon, M, M. Mellor, and J. 
H. Btaen. Tom. Uie Caplain'i ton. Is Id 

Apple Tree Inn : but the Captain opposes 

tn sea. Meanwhile the Captain. fS^^ 111 
at the Inn, [e so admirably nmeed by Jtnnu 
(whom he does not know as his son's sweet- 
heart), that he determlnei to adopt her as 
his daughter. In due course Tom returns, 
and, after eiplanatloiu, the lo'ors urs made 
happy. See Bidos THE GREiT; FaouT, 

Appleb?, Thomas BUton. Actor; 

made his i[»t apueai&nce on the stage at 
Dundee in UWe. his London tUiut taking 
place in 1874, He "creoted" the lollowing, 
imane manv narts -.—Sadlove. in Bouciciknl?ii 

I, strikes 


'Applns:' a tragedy by 
(9,v.}, performed at CovenI 
«; lT6S,_with Sparka aa 

'Virginlua; or, The Fall 

nsao). (9) 'Virgin- - 

by J. UOWAHD Pi 

i'[7-e-j> by J.SRERioaN 


Virgiaia and ' Jiiae, 
id Vininiia, leeqne 

praaents It to Appiai, (3) 'Apples and 
Vlrrinla;' a trageto by JOHK DRSS19 {o.r,), 
jirodnced at Drui? I^ne on FebmBry G, UOH. 
■with Booth as Appiui, Mts, Kogora aa Vir. 
-ginia, Betterton as I'lr^'niut, and Wilks as 
Iciiiiix. "It was," eays Dutton Cook, "a 
hopelessly dull tragedy, which not eren the 
united eierUons oI Ituuth. Wilts, and Bet- 
terton could keep npon the stage for more 
thiD four nights." It was lute tlds play 
that Dennis Introduced a mode of prodnclng 
stage thnnder by means of "troughs 01 
wood with stops In them." "Whether," 
Bays a contemporary writer, "Mr. Dennis 

know not, but it is certain that, l>elng once 
at a tragedy ol a new author, be fell Into a 
snat passion at bearing some, and cried, 
f^Sdeatolthatismy thunder.''' See, also, 
IMbdin'a 'Hiatoiy ol the Stage.' (4) 
■Virginia'{s.ii-).byHENRTCai3PaTM). (6) 

11 — 1 . _i ••-■•- JOBW MOHCRIBF 


Applea. A comedy in 01 
Julian Sturcis (g.c), perfomi 
broke Hall, London, on Noiemb 

"Applea even ripe below."— 1)e*c- 

l£OMand Flctciier, ^alentlnian ' (*>ng). 
Appletree. A character in FAHQt'iUR's 

Apprentice (Tlie). A farce in two acts, 
.. . .. T(^.ii.).anit performed at 

oUjer parts by Vateo. 


and Misi 

__ . .. ... s. BelUraJ aa Firffinio. 

The failure of this play was altrCbute.1 by 
the author to e^Iieridan, who had deprived 
It of ita Bftli art. In this Crageily ipjniu 

In the end UiVvs poi^wn. (6) 'Virginia' 

was by Garrtck, "The intention ul 
farce," says the " Biogiaphla Dramatics 
entirely to eipoae llio absurd pnaaii 
preralent amongst apprentices, and 
young people, who assemble themsel'*' 
under the title of Spoutlnft Clubs.' 


Apprentice's Pr 

1768- Dick 


sS(The). A play by 

and THOM19 II Ri- 
1 the books of Che 
April §,iiiM, "Muat 

to Acton. See ArriNO 
"ApprobAtion bom Sir Habert 

Stanley ix praise in 

' Cure tor tbe lieartacbe, 

ise indeed."— -MoHtijs, 

A (7.t-)> ^"^ perionned at the Bay- 
. Aucuit K. im, wKb Buinlirt:#r aa 
iJS, Dn Bellamy a* CmnI FOIalrt, 
anuDato. CnJIi 

unf, but bound by J 

IT Bi^alo, nnlsat ha 

whowever maniea 

Dm Btifiilii, , , 

and Ediriii as Dato. CnJIin it la lota wttt 
the Ctount^bul bonnd b; hei bther's wUI 

Dow. the CounC. 

penoDalM kd aitrolager, 

.-rrtiiEl I r— 

to glTB m; in faToor of tbe Count, 
and Is tben laogbM &t, u an April rool, tor 

April P0II7 (An). AcomoiWiaDneact, 
adapted ([ram a naralette) by J. P, HunsT 
Cq.^X and uroduced at tbe Olimplc Tbeatis, 
rimdon, on AplU 6, 1880. 

April Fool; or, The Follies of a 
Nlffht. AfarcebyI-EOS*H.DM'N«LLi<fl.ri,), 
Brat perlorm^ at Copenttiarden on April 1, 
ITSfl. TliB atory was naad by Johnson in 
hbi -Country Iahbs,' MIditleton in bis 
■Mad World.' Bullock In 'Tba I41ip,' and 
Kenrttk In ' Tha SpandtbrUt,' all of ubicb 
■H. <S}'AuAprllToDl:'afar<:einoneact, 
liy W.BR01.'CH(s.«.)andA.HitJ.lDAY{o.r.), 
tint performed vt Drui^^LAne on Apnl 11, 
liW4, witb MIm Lydia Thompion aa Mann 
OhlM-ct. and R. Koxby and U. Itelmoie In 
Dtlier pBits. liee Davenpoht Dunb. 

AprllBaln. A romeil j In prolopie «nd 
Inu Hi:ta. bl LFJMAHU H. UUtKAU (f.f.), 
lbs TbeatiB Boj'al, Keadiog, 

n, IBSO. 

April Bhowen. A comedy In tbn» 
acta, by P. Buheii and CI. H. Bellamt. lint 

eimni-Kl at Terry's Theatre. London, on 
oaiT 24. HMD, nltb a cast Including Mlu 
M. Millett, MIs> R, Noireys, W. Eierard, 
1^ Waller, and A. Cherallsr ; rerl>od at tbe 
Comedy Thoatra In April, 1800, with Mlsa 
M. Millet and W. Eioiard In their origlnill 
rslw, NnlconibB (lould, Reerei Smith, Mlai 
A. Hagbea. MIh K. Bmnton, etc. 

April the Fint. Klnn of Tumloolery 
in I'tASCiifeii ■ Cymou and Iplugenia' (j.p.). 

Aqnarinia Theatre. Sue London 

AqaUa, SeTBflno^del'. AyomiEPoet 


In Tom TaVlur's ' 

A tmgedy by Bichaiid 
,),Hnit performed at Co fenS 

Uarden on March 

u Ibt Anb. ^fednor, and other parti 
by Farren, LewiSi Wionghton, and MIsb 
Ycmnge. Alatnur, who 1« in lofa wllb 
tStapkjnv, and believei himself to be the 
Mm of Ilarod AKrIppa, comaa irom Antbla 
la Judn to claim the throne -. but, dla- 

Arab Boy (The). A drama hi which 
Mdmo. Coleste appeued HCcsiufDlli, both 
In England and America. 

Aiubbo. A character in Bevholdb' 

Arabella. The helresi in EmoHT'a 
'Honest Thie.ea'(,,„.)- 

Arabia Sitiena ; or, A Dream of 
a Dry Year. A tragi-c )niedy by W. 
Percv (10)1), preaeired In manuscilpt In 
the Dnke of liavon.liira'B Ubmry. 

Arabian Nl^ht (An). (1) A comedy 
adapted from Von Moaor'a ' HarooD al Oa- 
sclillr by AUQUBTIN iDaly (g.e.), and Hrrt 
pcrlurmed In ^ew York In ISTO, with Hii> 
Ada Rehan (Knto Spinkki Miai Catharine 
Irfwia, C. Iisclercq, and John Drew In the 
cut, (2) ' Tbe Arabian Nighta 1 ' a comsdr 
>ulKpt«d by Sid:(ey OituHDY from Ten 
Moaer'n work, and first performed at the 
Globe Theatre, London, on NoTember t, 
ism. Kith W. S. Penlay as Jothua Giiii- 
brand and Miss Lottie Venne as Ooia Colons 
Mrr; proibided at Daly's TbOBtra. New 

idlMra. CUberl 

Arable, Captain. Brother of Jitci 

tnd son d( Aldtrmr' '—'■'- '- " •>- 

folds' -SpeculaUon 
Arac, Son ol R 


Arailt, Id F 
a, In OiLB 

. or. The Conqneet of 

'" "-■'—'-* -'—ma in threa 
.t.), Hrst 


uctooar zv, ibsa, witn a cait Including Mrs. 
Vales, Vntes, aatlUe, J. Webster. Lyun, and 

Aram, Eaeene. Sue V 

Araminta. a)WitoofJJ 
and friend of dariiM iq.v.).i 
'Confederacy' (fl.r.). See tlnifE. iBjJro- 
minM, inCoKflHEVE's ' Old Bachelor' (o.n,), 
la la lore with VainioM (./.s.). <8) Ara- 
minta, in Whiteiieah's 'School forLorars' 
(9.0, JB In Iota with Madely {q.c). 

Aramla. Oneof lbe"thnemusketeen" 
in C, ElcE-Bplay of that nsma (o. c.) : also 
flmirea In J. and IL Paulton a ' Three 

Arauaa, SolLe, in ToaiN'9 'Honey. 
moon ' (0. t,\ is tlie husband of .Tutiana iq.v.). 
Leieh fiuaC >ald tlu>t In no character did 
Elliston display his skill in dry humonr 
with sndi felicity u In tlds part, which 
was "sltDgether his Hncat perfarmaace" 
{'Critical Easaji.'liWT). Of EilmondKean'a 
Arania llailiti sold that It was "the least 

brillSant of all 

and no Dnke. __ .._ 

dliinity, and <vu deacianC In 

lerily withont 


0.) King ol Iboris, In Beiit- 
rrcREit-s ■ King and No King ' 

„.-, jccM."MysHiidllt."Hpainlrd 

In Korgeoiu, fant not aUurini coloan. Hi> 
inliieluriiiUH pretannlona and Impatience u[ 
vnntT^lictJon are admliabtr dlrfplayed, . . . 

If-nlUuid flercs^mpetaa 
' 1 war and in loie. ' 
101W1S99 and punne 
I chatactfT adml 


,. . (6) Atbaca in 
a cbaiacter in BucKsniNB'a ' l^st Daya o[ 
Pomppil' (B.C.), 0XE.>t0BD'3 adaptation of 
the WDB Btory (g.g.). and KEECE'a tinrlesqae, 
* The Vury lut Diyi ol Pompeii ' iq.t.). 

Axfaitration; or, Freo and Guy. 
A [arce in two Bf ts. liv F. RRV\rii.n<i M.i- V 
fltst perlonned 


Araadea. " 
to thit Coanteaa 
field hy .ome ni 
probably in IK 

Wood " haio br 

h ripcech by " the Genlna or the 

probably mitten by Lanes. S«o Mnuon'a 
edition of Mllton'a ■ Worki ' O^i). 

Arcadia, The Connteee of Pam- 
liroke'B. frnmlhiii roaancubySlr Philip 
tJiDNET, "J. S." took hli'AndrDioanii'ln.s.), 
Shirley blB'Arcndia'Cn.n,). Glapthoine his 
'AixWDs and Parthenla' (^i'). Beaumont 
and Fletrhor theli ' Cunld'a Be>enK« ' (a.vX 
and K. MoTRan hia 'Pblloclea' (f.i.). "it 
ma fmni ' Arcadia ' that Shakei>p««re de- 
liteA the namea of aonia of his chaiactBrn, 
■och as Leontf. A nligonui , Clcomrnci. ArcAi- 
damui, and Xopia." 

Arcadia. (X) A paatora] play by James 
8Bmi.BV <B.i-.>. proBenled at Court (Hoai 
think!) in 1B33, and ptinted in tMO. TIis 
plot la founded on Hki V. Niilney'a ' Arcsdia ' 
h-vX '■Inthi»pliiy"aayaDyca."thechlBf 
incidents in Hiilnej'a famonirotnancean: not 
unHkilf uUy dnunatlied." Daiitiia, Oynaia, 

r, ,- ,1.,.-,.. pyr^i, Xuiidonu, 

, iainelOJtt all ilgnto [n Uie 

a operetta, worda 1? E, L. 

.r.),perfo .-.->.--.—. 

JfmrcAifji, JVofwi, L 


1 in IslS, with Miss U. Cofi 
idianPaatoroKThe). Ai 

Arcadian Tirgin (The). A play h; 
WiLu*)i UjivGriTo.t <i.D.) and Ukmh 
CUKTTLKtg.i'.), act«d in lyaa. 

Arcanes. Friend of Cnwitone Cjt.), li 
Bral'mii.vt and FI-Etciieh's 'Laits o 
Candy -Cs-r.). 

Archu. Cmom! of the Mnscovlte». ii 
BEAt'HuNT and FLETcirEK's ' Loyal Sub 

(after oiperieuce on 1 
lish proTinchil DtBee) I 

the Scottiflh and Eok- 

IiroTintUil itaee) at Dniry Luno In 1T9J, 
yfocAr. ttee Ihe-Theepian Uietlonaty' 

Archer, Francia. ft"" n'i»—i™"'-i" 

PlRQt'RAll s ' Htaax' Si 
oGhcT being Vitevunt Ai 

Archer, Pranlc. Actnr, bom at Wol- 
ilngton, ShruiHlilre ; made bl» profearional 
dibut at Nottingham, and, after engagi?- 


" original " parts :— . . 
■ ^ew Macdalen.' Wilfna 
■WriDUB-,' Burrh'li ll! 
Mephiitovndff in tifllier 
Ci/r in tee'a ' Bmnded,' 


in .. 

CaliKTl In )1. A. Jones's 'llanl Hit.' and 
Alginwn Briteaari In 'Cbristlnn.' His 
otnei prliu'ipal rOItt haie lieeu ; Puli- 
MBM In 'ThB Winter's Tale" (Manchiater, 
IWfl, Apfma<>titii in 'TImon uf Athana' 
(Manchihiter. l»71), Jutonio in -The Mep. 
cbant of Venice' (Mancheiter, 1B7I), Claa- 
diiit in ' llamlet ' (Crystal Palaoe, 187% Zortl 
rtanniffant In Hobertaon'a ' Moclety ' (Prince 
of Walos's Tbfatre, London, 1814). Fans In 
Ecade's 'Maaka and T^cea'(Banie theatre. 
ia76), JVinw PtrocOy in Robertson's 'Ours' 

' ■■--■— isin), Duitt de Ganramui in 

• 'Olyoipio Theatre, Ixmdon, 
Jdinliurih, 1377), Counl de 
e Two (ftphans^ (Olympic 
- """ '— ' •^-fime In 

., , — „ ,.ont in 

I lAdy of Icons' (Lyceum Theatre, 
'"-, 1888), Sir Oeofnu In'Onr Boys' 

' Duke's 1 

I, aamitt (1 

id Theatre, London 

Aroher, Thomaa. ActoTund dnnBtlet. 
bom Bt Iteth, 1780: died IHtS: tbe 9<in nt 
a wtlclUDaker, and tisined ut Bath snd Blr- 
mfaflh^Tn - madii hia djfbui at Dnity ' 
u ths King In ' 1 Slag " ' 

au tba King tii'l King Story IV.- 
-jt apimnd In Amnkk In isn n< 
. Bomty, Hair Turk, and dpaud Arch SCieet 
Tbwto^ PhllidiMln twftti Majitiwl and 
Walton) In ISS). S« wai aAomnla a msin- 
har of HIh SmKluun'a En^b companr at 
hria. Alt«r tondng with h[fl own truupe 
In Balglnm and Qsnoanr. bs rstnined to 
IhnTTlua, appearing there In 1S39, and at 
CoTantQatdenlnUU. Hewai the (irizlnal 
nf (Mmiw In Kninrles'H ■ Calm DtKcchns' 
(ISSB), and of OiAr in the same iirlter's 
•miiUniTUl'aen}. AmanghKothnrMu 
•*-ia of JWmti, Bav—-- "'—'■■- 

('Meanue (or Maasnra'), 01) 
Slbara'], H^anv Thunder ('Wild 
JmAit ClOwKHiCVlTgltai ' 
nthor of ' ' • " 

-e'tg.v.), "Blood Bbjral' (g.v.), "The 
ck Doctor' (jr.i.), 'The Daogbter ol the 
Eknent' (ff.vl), 'Don Cnnr de Bamn' 
„..,), 'The Ihnn^lon- (o.n). 'The KLng'i 
fianaoni' (g-v.), ' MargnaiiCe's Coloun ' <n, c). 
•Bad Cap^ (a-B.), "ftree Bed Men' <, 
and other plecBL Edward SlldlngtolUtbbi 
•tory of ArehBT; "'Plajriun Applta Clau- 

book.uul peraelTcd al 
had been perf-'— '-' 
Bn»d. Appiai 

llbetaUI; he r« 
plebeians Cati/a • 
tnondng "' — 

^ Licton, follow me.' CtouJiiu . . 

client), ru lioar mom of this case to 
mortow'CBtnittlne olE tho ttAge prmpovtl; 
in Enman iMhlonJ." See Genesfs ■Hislorj 
of the 8la«B' (ISM). ■Theatric*! Timia 
(^7), and Slirling'a -DniTj Lane ' (laslX 
Archer, Iba. Tbomaa. 

.. of tL 

lew York, in 

Viik Thoatre, 

plajed Adrian m * aiirnu ' at iH>aton in 

I^, LaerUi at Baltlmote In 1S31. 

Arolier, Wllllun, anthor and Joar- 
nalirt, bom Usfl, baa iinbllahid (benldei 
■ '-a aitidea ajid prafacea to playa) 

EUfilJi -UVIT7 jmng^cLor uiu -uauufier 
(1881). ' Abont tho Theatre,' e>»f a and 
atudlai(I«SCO,'Maa]uoT FaceaT a SlailTln 
tha pncbolon of Acting ' (1SS9), ' WlllUm 
Chariea MacreadT,' a menwti iVOB), 'Tba 
Tbctfricsl "World"' (laos-s;), and (irith 


'. Lowe) 'The FaihidnnOle Tragedian ' 
): hax emitted ■ilenrik Ibaea'a Proae 
os»,' tmn^latocl bito Kniillah brhlnwelt 
-irh^n /iflivi-oi V ^4«tf^Dalatea Ibaen'a 

I Ibaen'a 'Pear 


Oinf(^TP-la"<' """?*!"*«' 
[neeOmcKBAMial: has tiani 
BranJas' "A Visit' (u.i..); 
critic of the London J'.no™ (rom may, iBiv. 
to October. ISSl, and bn* written the dra- 
matic notlcea of tbe World since March, ia». 

Arohern (The); or. Th« Uonn- 
tEdneera of SwltEerlaad. An open in 
three acta, (onndod liy W, Dunup (j.b.) 
on the play calleil ■ Helvetic Libert; ' (q.e.) ; 
perlonoed and printed at Neir York in ITDS : 
alao called ' Wtlliam TeU : or, Tba Archen.' 

Arcltle Iiovell. A drama In four acta, 
adapted by F. C. BurnaM) (v.n) from ttaa 
Doel of the aame name by Mra. Edwardaa, 
and first performed at the Royalty Tfaeatre, 
London, on May 10. l«-4, wilh Mlaa H. Hod- 
Sim ai the heroine, MIm I^. Thome, Mlia 
MOKGla Brenoan. O. Rlgnold, and T. B. 

I,-— -- jn IM7. ind pn>- 

bablr acted at Uiloril In the same year. 

ArolLlteat (An) finiras in Pllnch£^ 
' Birds ol ArivtoDhanea.^ 

Ltllv in 'The WrltlnR on the Shnttti. 
izm-), Patima In 'Aamodeiu' (lS6aX and 
ilardrtn Crrffaa in liyron'a 'Mlu Eily 
"l§8n- Hhe wa> alao In tha llrA 

O'Connor' (1§8 
cadt of FlUball 

ind appeareil In ro'tvalu of Smith'a ' Valen- 
Ltne and Orson' (18A5). llalnes'* 'Fall and 
my Partnpr Job' (j»I), and planchi'a "In- 
Tislble VrlDce'(1^9). 

Arden, H. T. Tlio i«™ de ttAWre 
adopted by II EsnvTh[nH*BAHin>Lli(j.«.). 

Arden of FeTanhnm. (1) A pbty by 
anunluiown writer, tint printed in IDM nndn 
tba fnll title of "The lamentable asd tnia 
Tneeilie of SL Anlen of FarenAau, In 
Kent, irho was moat irickedlyenrardaiedibf 
the motns ot his dialoyall and wanton wifa, 
who, for tba love aba bare to ana Hoabla, 
hyred two ' denerat rnllliu. BlackwtU and 
Shi^bBg. to kiU him. \VheraIn la aliewad 
the great malice and diKlmubitlon of a 
wickeil woman, the unaatialile deeire of fll- 
tbie Inat and the shunefull eml of aU 
murderen." Tbia drama, whtcb Flesy la 
inclined to njurllie to lies, and whicb, ha 
thinks, '-there ia some ground for attrt- 
bnline to Kyd" (q-f-), waa founded on tha 
iletalfa of a crime actually committed at 
Ferenham In KK, and refarrad to In tba 
Prlry Council Reiilster for Utl, where 
'■ Anion" is Bpelleil "Ardemo." In 1S78 


MlrhAel/ which appati^(1;r dfvaiitlm] the 
murdor, and to which ' Ardcn nf FoFeraham ' 
e KiioMblng. Tba iMter wnik wtu 
i in ISW, iraa, ud 17T0,~lii tha 

Dd nu trtth ft pnlftee In whleb 

the adltor, Juob, atronglj urged tha dainu 
of Shikenwua to tha >Dtbonhlp, ThD» 
■clallDB, vhlch haT0 been renrded lomB' 
what [aKiDiablT by A. C. gwlDbarne (ae« bfa 
■ Stady dI ShaiEopean,' 1830), are n^acted 
bj the Utast edltoi ot tha play, A. H. 
Bullen (ISSry, vba, howeTer, lan •' It <■ In 
tbe higheat ilegrea probable that 'Arden' 
vai one of tha plaja which rocairad c-or- 
rertlon and terUlgn from Bbakaipeara'a 
haud." The Quartrrl(r Sniac aayi at the 
unkBDWD writer that, "whoever be wan, 
he not only poHeaied Incomparabty the 
gnabwt inirely ilramatlc gesliu which had 
Tevealeil itaelf la tnoedy antorior to tha 
periml of Shakeipetra^ moton actiTity, bet 
ha eiaidaad. In conjunction vlUi the wnten 
~^ie Hcbwl of which be vai the npraaan> 


Terjr maikBd Id 

lopmeat of papiiliir tracadr " (October, IBSH. 
Donne, In bla ' VMay ' on lb* lulijact Can), 

_ .-.■■■(lasix ■__. 

nalateil Into Uen 

wk ia " 

, jIv few nla " " 

century of 

tDonilMl upon EnEllah life and mannen." 

Bee the critidmu by Ifulltt and by litmb 

(' Eneliah Di»niatlc Poeta "- --- " -■-- 

' Shakeapaaro'a I'tbIbmum 

«f feienhani ' wat 

In laaa (by neck), anil attain in 1840. (2) A 

n, founded by tlGonois LiLw {o.c.) on 
of UOi; left nnHnished by him, com- 
Elatfid by Vt- John lloatlly, and fltnt per- 
mned at Drury Ijuic on jDly IS, 1I6B, with 
UkTanl u Ardm, Bniuby aa Itoibi, Packer 
a* Srcen, PhlUipH aiBfnrf TiU. VaOEhan ai 
SkaJMuff, WIgnell ai Miduiit, Marlaij Mlaa 
Barton, and ^ficto by "a yonait gentle- 
voman." In tlilflp1ay,^fjw, wifeof ^nf^n, 
iDTa) JTortv. and puts pobim In her huabuid'i 
broth ; but Ardtn diallkoi the tute of the 
broth, and does not •wallow It. Miehatl, 
Anftn'i HTTanC, then plots with Slack nil 
and SAoirliai/ (hired by ffri»n,an enemy of 

Aricn-t) to mi: 
from London : 

but tl 

m liUtled li 

aoftoiiDd tha chuiicWr of Alicia," and that 
"Moibti taken a more leadlnc part In the 
murder than he doe* In tha al<l play, LUlo.' 
ha adda, " haa borrowed a conaidemble part 
olthedlalogaa." The play (nxluceil lo three 
■CU) ma reilred at Cerent Garden on April 
M, UK, probably with Uolmin aa Arrfgn, 
Harley » MoAv, and Kin. Pope aa Atlda. 
It wta parfonuBd at Badler'i Wall* In ISSZ. 


ThBForaitof. Thof»Mtaof 


our poet added wrpenla and 


OtMt While, •■ withuul giilng it locality. 
. . . Thi^ra ahepberdi, and Conrt-foola. aad 
£n£llah bed^-prieitj, and Uona, and gUded 
aerpent*, and palm trHi, were jcrin' '- 
getber without the illihtsat aaemlnK 
craltT.'' Charles iMtab. ' 
Colar)d|[i ' ' ~ 

illihtsat aaemlnK Incon- 
uno. In bla prolocua to> 
•a' tq.v.), allnilea to 

The French forest nf Anlpn lies near th» 

croy. »pen^, la hIa'CnIln Oout.' apeak* 
of ICai '^ famuufl Ardeyn." 

Ardenno, Poynot. The "cliatccfll- 
bnmer" la u! Alh'ii's dniiaa of that nams 

Ardent. A cbamctcr In J. T. Alu.vq- 
Biu's 'Uearta of Oat.' There ii (2) an 
Alfred ArdctU In H. WlGA'i'a ' Chumlnx 
Woman' (g-r.), (8) an Arnold ArdrnC ("b 

■^ Va"t''and'i ■^.v.). (4) a Prrcy Ardent 
in lloLctCiil'Lr'9 'Yriih lletteu' (u.r), and 
(6) a Sir Edicard Ardcnl in Di.NCE'3 ' Mom- 
Ins CaU'tg.r.). 

Ardenton. BIIbk. The barnlne o( 
Baile Beiuiarii's ■ I>umh Belle ' ('i.e.). 

Ardonrly. (I) narrirl 
^hflr^tcr In KUWAH"^ ""' 



Ai-ea Balls (Tha). Afarcohyw.BRoiinn 
',q.v.) and A. llAl-LI t)AV(o.r)., Brat performed 
It the Adelpbl Theatre, London, on March T, 
ISU, with 1. L. Toole aa Pitchrr. a police' 
' ,1 Toner, ft ioldlor : B. 

U. Chapman ai F'ntlopt. The aonc ot 
■A NoiTible Tale,' written by E. L. Blan- 

LC title of ■ I 

(q.r.). The piece vai prodaceil at tha 
Comdy Tneafre. with Linn Lena ai ISUhrr. 
RatlHnd RarrinEton u ToiirT, ii. V. Uawtrey 
ai WaUtt Cha&ii, and Miaa E. Ererleisb 
aa I-taclnpr. 
AraUiiuMi. (X) Danghter ot 

a in BCAUHOM nnd 

htlaKter' (q.r,). (2) A nymph of Man* 
W, liKCit'aK'a 'Endymion' (j.v.). (S) A 
irach'i in EIHS's -Member tor Slocnm' 

Arflralna and Partbenla, 

HRMtr til.APTU( 




Mad printed in 1639. The plot ia founded 
on tne story of the two lovers in Sir P. 
Sidney's * Arcadia.' Ampkiatut^ Demagorgas, 
and the Oueen c/ Coririht figare in the piece. 
Pepys, who saw it three umes in 1000-1, 
fpeaks of it with some faTour. 

Arffentile and Curan. A legendary 
drama in five acts and yerse, by William 
Mason (g.v.), founded on Warners * Albion's 
England,' and first printed In 1707. The 
motto is from Beaumont and Fletcher's 
prologue to * The Captain'— 

** This is nor comedy, nor traftdj, 
Nor bistoiy." 

Argentine. A character in B. Web- 
STBB's * Wonderful Water Cure' (9. v.). 

Argus. A character in 'The Barber 
of Serille* (1818) jq.v.). (2) Argus, the 
Brmiant-eyed, is *'King of the Peacocks," 
in Blanche's fkiry extravaganza so named 

Aroyle (The Duke of). A character 
in Tanous dramatizations of ' The Heart of 

Midlothian '(9.0.)- 

Ariadne. The central figure of (X) * Ari- 
adne ; or. The Marriage of Bacchus : ' an 
opera by ** P. P.," acted at Covent Garden 
*^by the gentlemen of the Academy of 
Music," andf printed in 1074. (2) * Ariadne ; 
or. The Triumph of Bacchus :' an opera in 
three acts, by Thomas D'Urfey (q.v.), un- 
acted, bntjDrmted In 1721 in a collection of 
poems. (8) * Ariadne : ' a dramatic poem 
in five acts, by Aldant Wallace, printed 
in 1820. (4) A play by Corneille (q.v.), 
adapted by J. Oxenford (q.v.), and first 
POTiormed at the Princess's Theatre, Lon- 
don, on January 28, 1860, with Mrs. Mow- 
att as the heroine. Miss Fanny Vining 
as PluBdra, Davenport as Thes^u, and J. 
Byder as (Enarus. The author " has altered 
the locale, and given a dinouement of his ovm, 
making Ariadne drown herself as Sappho 
did, by jumping from a cliff." (5) A bur- 
lesque by Vincent Amcotts (q.v^.— Ariadne 
also appears in Burnand's 'Tneseus and 
Ariadne^ iSt.v.), and other classical bur- 

Ariadne. A character in Murphy's 
* Rival Sisters '(9.v.>. 

Ariane* A drama in four acts, founded 
by Mrs. Campbell Praed (^.v.) on her novel 
entitled, 'The Bond of Wedlock,' and first 

Krformed at the Op^ra Comique Theatre, 
tndon. on February 8, 1888, with Mrs. 
Bernard Beere as the heroine, H. Neville as 
her husband (Henry Lornax). Leonard Boyne 
as her lover (Sir Leopold d'Aeosta), C. Manus 
ai her father (Chevalier de Valence), Miss 
IJanra Linden as an adventuress (Beetle 
Steinbodt), etc. ; produced in New York, with 
Mrs. Beere in the title part, in November, 
1802. See Airey Annie. 

Aribert. King of the Lombards, in 
Davbn ant's *Gondibert' (q,v.); father of 
Bhodalind (q.v.). 

Ariel. (1) An airy spirit in Shakespeare's 

' Tempest ' (q.v.). He first appears in act L 
sc 2. He sings "Come unto these yellow 
sands " and "Tull fathom five my father 
lies." in act i. sc. 2. and "Where the bee 
sucks, there suck I,*' in act v. sc 1. " It is 
evident," says Qervinus, "that Shakespeare 
intended to give to jProtpero't fovourite 
messenger the united power of all elemental 
spirits. At one time he api)ear8 as a sear 
nymph, swimming and careering on the sea ; 
then as a fire-spint who sets the ship on fire, 
and dimbs like licking flame up the mast ; 
then as a spirit of earth, buried for Protpero 
in the frozen veins of the earth ; his ruling 
nature, however, as his name implies^ thai 
of a sylph, a spirit of the air. ... He in» 
formerly in the service of the witch Svcorax, 
for whose 'earthly and abhorrea com- 
mands' he vras too delicate: he slighted 
her behests, and she confined idm, ' by help 
of her more potent ministers,' in a cloven 

{>ine : . . . but, after twelve years' painful 
mprisonment, Prospero'e magic power set 
him free. For thia oenefit, the restoration 
of freedom, the highest Ar(el knew, he gave 
to Prospero a service more suited to his 
gentle nature " (' Shakespeare's Characters '). 
*' Shakespeare," says Hazlitt, "has, as it 
were by design, drawn off from (kUUian the 
elements of whatever is ethereal and re- 
fined, to compound them in the uneurthly 
mould of Ariel. Nothing was ever more 
finely conceived than this contrast between 
the material and the spiritual, the gross 
and delicate. Ariel is imaginary power, the 
swiftness of thought personifled. When 
told to make good speed by Profpero, he 
says, ' I drink the air before me.' This is 
something like Puel^t boast on a similar 
occasion, * ril put a girdle round about the 
earth in forty minutes.' But JnW differs 
from Puck in having a fellow-feeling in the 
interests of those he is employed about." 
Longfellow tells us how 

" Ariel In the cloTen pine tree 
For freedom 
Groans and slglu." 

Ariel is the " magic pnge from Shakespeare's 
magic volume," in the Brothers Brouoh's 
'Enchanted Isle' (q.v.). See, also, Bur- 
nand's * Ariel.' (2) Spirit of the ether in 
Lord Byron's • Manfred ' (q.v.). (3) Spirit 
of the air in Planches 'Vampire^ (q.v.). 
'4) A character in J. Oxenford's ' Bape oi 
*he Lock '(g.v.) 

Ariel. A burlesque drama by F. C. Bur- 
NAND (q.vX first performed at the Gaiety 
Theatre, London, on October 8, 1883, yrita 
Miss E. Flarren in the title part. Miss C. 
Gilchrist as Miranda, Miss P. Broughton as 
Ferdinand, W. Elton as Caliban, and H. 
Monkhouse as Prospero. 

Arietta. A character in Planch^ and 
Dance's ' Puss in Boots' (q.v.). 

Ariette, in/The Appeal' (q.v.), is be- 
trothed to JStheUtane. 

Arimanes. Ruler of the evil agencies 
in Lord Byron's • Manfred ' (q.v.). 


Arlnette. A cbamcUr in ■ Tho Llttla 

Aiiodante and Oenevora. AnBimny- 
■110129 plaj, " iheniHi heto™ hor MsJMtle on 
KbTDtuTurad&le," 1582. bj " Mr. Mulcostsi'a 
children." and rrol«b1y (onndea on 'Ths 
nUtory of AriuJunto and JenBu™/ trans- 
tatcd from ArioHto by Puter Be'erley, uid 
pultLLdUed abortly bctore ttia pUy voa acted, 

Arioma&aT In Down^ * All Vowa Kept ' 
(^q-B.), maniea TrivotUo (q.p.)- 

Arlon; or, Tho Story of a Lyre. 
A bnrtinqiie by F. C. BUHNIND (j.t.), fliTt 
performed at flie Stiand Tbeatro, I^ondon, 

E. Tnry, II. Panlton, Mn. Baymnnd. Misi 
A. ThonuDH fAriim}, Miu Top«y Venn, uid 
Uln B. Cullen. 

Aiian ; or, A Iieap for Iilfe. Son 
Plowkas. T. y. 

Ariatraua. A "»portiiigparty"in H.J: 
Bino>'a 'Urpliuua and Kurydlce' (q.c). 

Ariatldes- A "Jocninr raiolatlDnliit 

ArlstlppuL, , _. 

ao[iliBr. A dnma la 
HiNDOLl'II {fl.c, ) ' ■ demonitntiiel le proTeing 
ttiat quarter, pointes. and pottlee, &rfl vntpe. 
tlmeH iiecefl»ry &utnon in a ncboiiLT'B li- 
brary," and '■ pnfuooled in » private shew," 
The Mens lin In the L'nivBnity of CUDbridge. 
'■The piuco contains a conilderBble decree 
of humane." It wu flnt printed In lOsa 

AilBtooraoy. A play by BIlo^soN 
Howard Iq.e.}, tint perlormed at Fnimei's 
Theatro. Now York, on (fotembor 11, 1892, 
with a ca>t Including Mln Viola Allvn, F. 

it pQrfornied at th 

Criterion Theatre, London, on March S 
18«, with a oert biclnding C. Wyndbao 
C Oroiei, U. de Lango. J- Q- 'Xislot, I 
>.,._...,__ -....^ >• >i "'saA.llBghe 

and Miaa E. Foi 

ArlBtodemna. (DAmonodranaprinteil 
*- •"■'- "-- filial negi«ter-_0^)„<2) ■ 

. ,r- aa«)- (2) A 

. , jlated by Favelli from 

ijian of Monti. »ho ha.1 fouuiied it 
fourth book of PauBanlan. It was 

inACily In prow. 

Shepherd. A tragedy by As>E, Connlmii 

-f u''iriMei. - n..t n.:[od, but priutod 111 

complete work* o( 

Cioi'iis; Fii'oQS; I'Lurts; w»sM. 

AriatpphaneBiThaEtiKllBb. At 
ni^istlg.F,). "Foote," writci Clenest, ": 

butnt. .--r - --, „ 

wa> entlCM'to that i^meaiatlon from hi* 
wit, and though, like Artitopbaiiea, ba did 
not care vliat tie nid or whom he attaoked 
to raiio a laugh. Foots brougbt en the Macs 
real petsona nnder Bctltloni namei, Ariito- 
phaoei real penona with their real namee." 

Arkanaaa TravQller (The). A play 
by ypEBCEIt, first pertumiL-H at New Vorfc 
about 1^71,, with F. 8. Chanfmu aa Kit. 

Brander Matthewi, 

jt reioarkable, but 

) stolen from him. and he the 
m by whom be haa been robbed. 

Path,' and first perfonned at the Theatre 
Royal. Leeds, in July, lS7B,1rith C. Kelly aa 
Artieright, Steele Abickaya aa Pctrr Haya, 
•• ■=■ — tnd aa HiUinA iaiMsn, and MIh 
irryaa Jfnr^rfl Itaya; prodOEed 
llube Theatre, Ixmdon. In October 
and Ulaa 

Helen Bar 

at the Globe Theatre, Ixmdon. In October 
of the name year, with C. Kelly and Ut 
Helen Barry In their origlDBl inrts. Emery i_ 
Filrr lia'jr', K. W, Garden aa llilHah Lav- 
ton, and Misa Daly aa Xaneyagd'.; played at 
the Prince's TheaEre, London, on Jnly 18, IS8S, 
for the benefit of C. Kelly, who aiaumed 
hia original r(ar ; rerirad at the Prlnoe of 
Walee's Theatre, London, on the af tamaoa 
ol February 11. 18SS. with E. 8. WllUrd ai 
PeCer llayti and with Mixa Banv and H. 
Ferrand In their origlul parts. ATkictiolit, 
nliihit trading aa alwrber, secretly inreniii 
and compteCefl a abinnlng.machine, which 
Jforffrirrl, histigaleil by her falhor Prltr, 
destroys. Hor hnahand. fndipianC at her 
conduct, caata her ofl, and In due courra 
rioea to eminence and l>eeomm. Sir Bichard. 
Margarrl, who by-and-by retnms, la enabled 

me {L'). 8eo LOTE ' 

hcmian Glri" Ui.vX She BBurea hi, and 
gives the title to, the followlns bnrleaqnei 

'--- nperawn ■AriinHTor.'ITiBP— ■ 


of the opera MU "Ariine: 

and Vicii-"—' ' - " 

the nrothi 

'- April, ia.11, with Miaa 
Ahuihc, cMi ji'viiif, ATlaa P. Horton 
dcfu. Bland aa Amhciin. Burk 
DirUihnnf. U, Bctfrirrl as the Ol 
and Mm. L. .s. flucklnghnm Ha I 

(8) ' Ariiuo, thB I*>1 Clilld ; or. ■. 

the Policeman, and the Polar Bear,' by H. 
llELLiKaHAX (ii.i.) andW.BEST (o,v.).Srat 
performed at Sfadlefs Wells, London, on 
July £1, iVn.—Arlint is aha the chief eba- 


j»cWr In W. rt. Gilbert's "Merry ZlngBra' 
M.r.liind II. J. Bjron'a 'BoliBinUn Qjuir 

iLEIi-u Ell's 'Mail Loter'Cs.c.)^ 

Ajnoada, The. " A ronunca of 1688," 
In live Kta. Hrltten fay H. lliHrLTOI' and A. 
UinitiB, and tint poiiunned U Drurr lAne 
Tbeatn, LddiIdd. on September 12, 1388, 
with I^oBBTd Borne bb tbe bem. M!u Wjnt- 
iMd Eaurr u tha beiolna, Lnigl I^bUcbe 
uttia "tIIIbId" r* Spulah douX Hiu A. 
VMMniuqiiten£htal>tCh,Kid otherrMu 
" — u E. Braca, ■"'— " ' "'" " 


„. a. Mis K. Junei, M 

lton(uI'aii>r).eM. iDonealth'- 

■dMited Irom th. — 

br Wilkle Collliii. and llrat ^ 

tba Bnwlwn; TbeUre, Tie" York. In De- 

^ A Talpt In B*vt 
□D Adrlano de. 


Itmatic who belloTcd himself lOTereL^ of 

AimftHd. <1] Chernller ds T&udny, In 
OiE.iFOXD'« "rvo Onihaoa'{g.ii.); In loie 
•nth HrarwIW (i.<:\ A character in (B) 

fniKUKO COYNK'a ' Uld Cfaattsn ' (q.T,), uid 

(3) tbadtamxjf 'The Violet' (g.s.). 

Armaiul; or, The Peer and the 
Paaaant. A play In five acts, by A>"St 
COKA MowiTT (j.n.), flrsl performeiS at the 
Puk Theatre, Kew York, on Jieptembor 27, 
IS(7, vttb D*T<niport lu thfl hero and the 

pUfed in London at the MarylebonB Theatre 
SB Jone IS, 1B40, with Darenport BJiit Mn. 
Mowatt Ib thair octgltwl [wrth H. T. Craiea 
■■ Loail Zr., J. Johnstona u liieMrlieii. 
3. W. Bar u DtOa tTAiitin, and MIib M. 
Oliver u JaqiuUm. 

Armeart. A dnmatlc poem by MtRT 
Anjis Cboss (George Ellut), pnbUihed in 

Armlii) Bobert. Actor and i 

bora area IMS, died nrco 1011 ; apprenticed 
to a goldnnlth, bat afterwards proUi^ and 

fnpllof IU(:haidTkrlh>n,Uiea(itor(g.F.). In 
arlton'i ' JntiandNewtomof Pntntoi]!' 
(Ifiil), Anoia Is called Tarlton'a '■^opted 
Bun.' Ha appear* Co have made his dAut 
at Che Globe. "He Is bellered to hare 
joined the lord chunberialn's ptayns in 
11198, and to have accompanied them to 
Scotland In the folluwing jt»i." It ia also 
thought that ho played Che part of Donberrjf 
In ■uccesidon to ltd Brat tepreuntaUve, 
WUllam Kemp (n.e.). In IWS he Bgnrad 
anums tbe actors to whom Jamea L gianted 
hli pMent. In leio ha was a member of the 
orli^al cast of ' The Alchemist '(g.T.). He 
al« plarad Jlot. JTotHrdoIe in ' Tha London 
ProdJva' (q.t.). m 1M9 ha pnbllibed hU 
play entiUed, 'The Two Maids of Mora 
Clscka' (O.F.J. 'The Valiant Welshman' 

S.i.) is also aUributad Co hlra. Id John 
arleg' ' l^roarEa of Folly.- Armin Is charac- 
terized as " hoDUflt " and " gamcflome," l«!<tl- 

his public worth. 3«B lAngb^ne a ' Aociiunt 
of Ifao English Ununallc Poeta' (leoi), 
Payne CoUIer-s ' Principal Acton in the Plays 
of ahaliBspeare' (IBW), 'DlcUonarr of Na- 
tional BiogiapbT^ (UHSV and Fleaj's ■ lllo- 
gniplilcal Cbroucle of ma English I>rauia ' 

Armlnlna. A tragedy by Willi** 
P«TEHSo>, "cast" lor perfonnance, but 
not acted ai3B-40). Palaraon. u James 
TbomwD's amannansls. "had copied oDt his 
principal's 'Edward and Eleanam' (;-".), 
and, as 'Aiminlus' was In the same hand, 
It was forbidden, as bdng prDbabljr an 
eqnally objectlonabls pleee In the same 
authurl The prohlbltlau applied to Patenon 
ifltable, - ■^'—^ 



snbBcrlptlon and gtined £1000 Iw it, n<^ (or 
the reason that It was a good, bnt becanse 
It was a forbidden, drama" (Domn), (3) 
'Annlniusi or. The Cbampion of Liberty:' 
a trageil)' by AKTHVn MlfRFUY (.•/■':), 
printed in 1708, fant not acted. 

ArmlstloefTlie). AplaybyJ.IInniRD 
PtYNE {.1.'-). Bnt performed at Cba Snrrey 
Theatre in July. ISZi, with John RooTeas 
Pelrr Smint (j.vX and Mdme. Vestris as 
iTitullr. Tha part of PfUr was a faionrlle 
with J. B. Knckstone (7.S.). Of late years 
the piece has been played under the name 
of ■ Peter Sminb.' 

rmoTel of Lvonease : or. The 


.._ .. bV \V. HERON tlltOWNK 


December ;k 

Armourer (The), fl) An opera, words 
by ItiriiiRD CuHBERUND (i.e.) and music 
by Warner, Hmt perforaicd at Co'cnt Gar- 
den on April 1. 1703. with a cast Inclndlne 
Quick, Monden, Incledon, Blanchard. Faw- 
cetC, Harley, Johnstone, Mn. MaHyr. and 
Mrs. Harhine. "riieArmoarer'iiasfonndeil 
on • couUc iipem which Cumbetlond had 
written on the sn^Joct of Wat l^ler. Ilia 




licenser objected to the work, however, and 
t>ie author accordingly remodelled it. (2) 
An historical drama, by R. Dod<k>n, Bri- 
tannia Theatre, London, March, 1876. 

Armourer of Nantes (The). An opera 
in three acts, libretto (founded on Victor 
Hugo's ' Marie Tudor') by J. V. Bridoeman, 
muhic by M. W. Balie, first performed at 
Covent Garden Theatre, London, on Feb- 
ruary 12, 1863. 

Armoiirer's Danflrhter (The). A 
fairy extravaganza by H. T. Arden (9.v.), 
first perform^ at Cxemome on August 11, 
1866, witli W. Corri as QUes and Miss C. 
Parkes as Mark, 

Armourer's Escape (The) ; or, 
Three Tears at Nootka Sound. A 
melodramatic sketch in two acts, by J. N. 
Barker (q.v.), founded on fact, and first 
performed at Philadelphia in March, 1817. 

Armroyd, Job and Nell. Characters 
in Watts Phillips' ' Lost in London ' (q.v.). 

Arms and the Man. A "romantic 
oomedjT " in three acts, by G. Bernard Shaw 
(q.vX first performed at the Avenue Theatre, 
London, on April 21, 1894, with a cast in- 
doding Miss Alma Murray, Miss F. Farr, 
Mrs. C. Calvert, Yorke Stephens, B. Qould, 
and J. Welch. 

Armstrong:. A character in Colsian's 
•Iron Chest ' (q.v.). 

Armstrong:, John. Physician, drama- 
tiut, and poet, born at Castletnn, Roxbnrgh- 
nhire, about 1709, died September, 1779 ; 
author of ' Tlio Forced Marruige,' a tragedy 
(printed 1770). 

Armstrong' the Shipwright. A 
play by J. T. Haines {q.v.). 

Armusia. One of the heroes of Flet- 
cher's ' Island I*rinccss ' (q.v.), in love with 
QuUara (q.v.). 

Army of the North (The). A melo- 
drama by J. R. I'lancii^ (q'V.), produced at 
C-ovcnt Garden Theatre, London, on October 
29, 1831, vtith Miss Tavlor (Mrs. Walter Lacy) 
in the principal female put. 

Armytaffe, CliiTord and Harold. 
Characters in SiMS'S 'Lights o' London' 

Amaud. (1) A Norman minstrel in R. 
Laci'S 'Robert the Devil' (q.v.). (2) A 
character in J. T. Uaines' ' Idiot Witness ' 

Amcliffe, Sir Harry. The husband 
in Tom Taylor's ' Unequal Match ' (q.v.). 

Ame, Michael. Composer (bom 1741, 
died about 1806) ; son of T. A. Arno (q.v.) ; 
wrote the music for the following pieces 
(g.u.):-'The Fairy Tfele* 0768), 'Hymen' 
(1704), * Almena ' (1764), * Cymon ' Q767), * The 
Fathers' (1778), 'The Belle's Stratagem* 
(1780), 'The Choice of Harlequin' (1781), 
'The Positive Man' (1782), and 'Tristram 

Aine, Ifiss. Daughter of Michael Ame 
(q.v.), and vocalist; made her first appear- 

ance at Drury Lane in 1795 as Polli/ in ' The 
Beggar's Opera' (q.v.). 

Amei Thomas Augustine* Hus. 
Doc. Ck>mpo8er (bom 1710, died 1778) ; the 
librettist as well as comp<.»ser of ' Artaxerxes ' 
0762), 'The Guardian Outwitted' (1764), 

♦ The Rose ' (1778), ' The C^ontest of Beauty 
and Virtue' (1778), * A Pasticcio ' (1773), and 

* Phcebe at C^ourt' (1776) ; also the reputed 
author and composer of ' Don Saverio ' (1750), 
and 'The CJooper' (1772)— all of which see. 
Dr. Arne wrote the music for the follovdng 
dramatic pieces (q.v.) :— ' Rosamond' (1738), 
'The Opera of (fperas* (1733), 'Dido and 
-ffineas ' (1734X * The Fall of Phaeton ' (1738), 

• Zara ' 0736), ' Comus ' 0738), ' The Judgment 
of Paris ' (1740), ' Alfred ' (1740), ' TheBlind 
Beggar of Bethnal Green ' (1741), ' Britannia ' 
0743), 'Eliza' (1743), 'Thomas and Sally' 
(1743), 'The Temple of Dullness* (1745), 

• King Pepin's Campaign ' (1745), * Neptune 

Prince' (1771), ' Elfrida' 0772), ^Achilles in 
Petticoats' (1773), 'May Day' (1775), and 
' Caractacus^ (1776). He at various times 
vrrote incidental music for ' As You Like It ' 
(1740), 'Twelfth Night '(1741), 'The Merchant 
of Venice' (1742), 'The Tempest' (1746), 
'Romeo and Juliet' (1750X 'Love in a Vil- 
lage ' (1762), ' King Arthur ' (1770), ' The 
Tender Husband,' 'The Rehearsal,' 'The 
Rival Queens,' etc. Dr. Ame was appointed 
composer to Drury Lane in 1738, retained 
the post till 1742, and was reappointed to 
it in 1744. He was the brother of Mrs. 
Cibber (q.v.), and the father of Michael Arua 
(q.v.). See Catgut, Dr. ; also, Grove's 
•Dictionarv of Music and Musicians ' (1870), 
and 'Dictionary of National Biography' 
(1885). See Abel ; Juditu. 

Arnheim. A character in Ix)rd Btron'^ 
* Werner ' (q.v.). (2) Count Arnheim is one of 
the pertoncB in 'The Bohemian Girl ' (q.v.). 

Arnold. Son of Bertha, and deformed, 
in Lord Byron's ' Deformed Transformed' 

Arnold. The name of the author of a 
piece called ' The Secret ; or, Nothing ' (1807). 

Arnold, Charles. Actor and vocalist, 
bom at Lucerne, 1854 ; Joined the stage in 
1872, and, after two seasons at New York, 
had several years' experience in Canada 
(1874) and at San Francisco (1878), followed 
by a visit to the West Indies (1881) and a 
tour of the United States (1882). His first 
appearance in Great Britain was as Tony in 
' My Sweetheart ' (q.v.). He has since ap- 
peared as Eugint in ' Erminie ' (q.v.), Hant 
in ' Hans the Boatman ' (g.v.), and the hero 
of ' Rosedale ' (q.v.). 

Arnold, ComeUns. Author of 'Os- 
man,' a tragedy, published in a volume of 
poems 0767^ 

Arnold, Henrv Thomas. Dramatic 
writer, bom 1840, died 1876 ; author of ' The 
Armourer's Daughter,' 'The Belle of the 
Barleymow.' ' Bluebeard,' ' An Injured Fe- 
male/ ' Nell Gwynne ; or, The King and 


Arnold, Sra. 

tbe Actress,' 'Princesa niarmin;;.' 'The 
Itight-FnU Helr.'etc. ; best known unilertlie 
p«odonjui o! " H. T. Arden." 

Anioia, Kaittliew. Poet and proBo 

miter, born im j author ol ■ EmpedoclM 

<m Gtim' (UU) and *Hflropa' (lijSb). dni- 

*»*4lo_poenu (0-*-)' Bbo «J» hlii «uay on 

Iwftnich fN>]r in London ' (I Irish EsaajB 

■~ - 4 MIBO Wtl'B thBtt- 

f oU Matt Qaiclle. 
Vocalist : a great fa- 

Amold of Bsnthnraen, in Beau- 
mont and yLFTCllRK'ii ' Bfefmr"* Dii^h ' 
(T-c), diiguinea hinuelf as a IWEguc and is 

Arnold of Winkolried j or, Th« 
PlKlit of Sempootk. A drama in Are 
•eti. bT MiHK l.EHDN (g-^'i. llrsC perfonoed 
mt the Surrey Theatre. London, on July, 
1830, witb a cant lanlndlng Butler ai the 
lioro, D. Pitt. B. Hornier, and Mrs. B. 
Bonner. It la written In blank Tene. 

Gomt Oudan Theati 
ont hia ant opera thai 
*-- «d Harjlflbn- 


inndneed lareral buriettas, 

bat Irani irfalcfa his loans soon compelled 
hUB to rellra. The foUowhig Is a list 
of tbe drams-tlc compositions for wlilch 
b* fnmlslied mQiic :— ' TTie Maid of the 
Mni' ATM), -aoHimond' (1787), 'The 
PortiBif (1770), 'Mother SMpton' (1770), 
•Tlie Son-lB-Ldw ' <1770), ' Simmer Amuse- 
swot ' JlTTB), ■ Firs and Water ' (1780). 
■3%e Wedding Night' (1780), 'The Vilier 
^Wlkud' (17B0), 'The Dead AUre' a7SI}, 
'The Caitle ol Aodalnsia' 078!), ' Harioauin 
tto«ipp^' 0^)> "r«o to One' n7M), 

■Tnfc'ud No Turk' n7E&). 'The Sloie oi 
«aaolk' (1786), 'Inkle ud Tarico' (1T87). 
•rRwEmand^uicUin' (1739), 'The battle 
of Hexham^ a78B), ' itew §ptiii ' (17M)), ' The 
Buket-Haker- p7KI), 'The Sarrender ot 
OiUi' (1791). 'Harlequin and Fauftaa' 
rmsy, 'the children in the Wood' (1793), 
•AnldBobln(]niy'(17M\ 'Zoriiuki' (ITW), 
•The Monntalneen' (17»), 'Who Pays the 
Backoninsl' (ITOfr), ' toTeani) Mean ' (17BS), 
•Bacniu Dar' (17Mn, 'The Shipwreck' 
ATBS), 'The Italian Monk' (1797), 'False 
and 'Tree' 07»a), 'Throw Hiysl '- " 
Dmi' (ITHV 'The C4inbro-Br"~ 
* 061 ; or, TTuwe-Bncereil Jack ' 
Berlew' nSOl). "rlie Corsidr' ,..~.,, ...o 
Veteran Tar' (1801). 'TheSixtT-thlrd Letter' 
QKe).aad'TheFairiBa'Beiel»'OB0I). Bee 
OiOTo's ' Dictionary of Mu^Gud Mnsidana' 

Arnold, Bamuel Tomee. Theatrical 

Bamoel Arnold ; bora 1774, died Auinst Ifl. 
18M; joined his father lu bnllduig the 

Lydcnin 1 


which hi 

e English 

P, J L. Arnold w , ,«. — 

years manaaer ol Drnry I^ne Theatre, He 
married MaUlda, dimeter of H. J. Pye, 
tbe laureala, and, In etiUabcmtlon with her, 
wrote the comedy cnlled '^la Prior ClMm 
(1305). HewaBa^theanthoroltbeloliow- 
ing pieces :— ' Anld Robin Oiaj ' (17B4). ' Who 
Pays the Heckoaiagl' (17M), 'The Ship- 
wreck ' (1709), ' The Irish Legacy ' (1797), 
■Tbs Veiiran Tar' (1801>, • Fotd Deeds irfii 
rise ' a«»), ' Up all Night '(laoe), ' Britalo'i 
Jablleo ' (isoe), ' Man and Wife ' (ISW), ' The 
Maniac' <1810), 'plots' (tSlO), and 'The 
Americans' (1811). Hailitt wrote of hlul: 
"He drxut not get a single gllmpH of life 

nadripta, , . . His chiractem are 
lows of a ihade; but he keeps a .... 
:t ioTentory of bu eoenery and dretana. 

any of bin competltore ; he succeedi from tbe 
perfect Inalgnificance of his pretensloiu. 
__j ._.._ ._ _«__j ., ,g]| downright 

Arnoldo, in BEtCHOXT 

afflanted to Ztaofia (q.t. 

I of tbe (.'onntry' ('j-i.; 

Around the World In Elg-htr 
Days. A play produceil at New York fn 

Jtrne, 1S3S, a 

,, in Howe's ' Tamerbine,' 
o XoHTict (fl.B.), but (on»d 


" ■ Mi-r-)- 
An-ah-na-Foffne ; or, 'rne wicl 
low'WeddlnK. A drainabyl>io^ ""tc 
CAULT (7.r.), fint pcrl^irmed at the Theatre 
Koyul, Dublin, on NuTwnber 7, 18S1, with 
.1, .h Ol ,1., ""(, EignolJ «« 

r. The Wiolc- 

is Shan 


(in London) at the Prioci 
Marcb Ifl, ISOS, with Mi_ 
tbe title part, D. Boodcault 

Irst performed 
's Thentre, on 

ilnlck Mnrray aa Micliail Fttns 
lenhoff as (As JTCOut, KlissM- OUrcn.. 
ny Pmar, and F. Charles as JTolgr Coffin; 
performed In America at Nibln^i Garden 

i, with T. H. Qli 


rapniBented In Paris, at the OaieW, a 
la Foite, on lea Nocei Irhuidalses.' it was 
reriied at the Adelphl in St-plember. 1807 ; 
produced at Nihlo'a Theatre, Now Yorlt, In 
ISee. with MisB Rose Eyllnge at Arrah and 
Domlnick Murray as ^fcFnii; n»<Ted at tbe 


tialt'tr in June. 
Unuclnolt. Shi 

s Adelpbi in 

ADgiut, me, with J. C. WllUuoBi 
Ulu Miegia Hours la Skaun uid Am/i ; 
nnrodneecl ftt f ^ ~ '^ 

¥irlt. ij - 

I at the Orand Op«n Hdiuc, Nsv 
179. with the mnUior In the cut ; 

nxiiou w. the AdelDhl TbtH.trB. Landon. In 

July, 1B89, with a-. 

M. Borke u Jtt' 

In 1387, with 0. 

MlH f 

1, H. 1 

O'Graelg.A. Sacra u AumiM, C. Anhroril 
as 'Funti ud Min A. BohIIo a> ^nnu- 
BancT UDTle; holda that II " li In the 
Snt two acta eleTerlT coniilnicted and well 
written, bat the istamt does not pan into 
the third tet, which i> weak and almined, 
though It ii ■DppoTted hj what ia nrnnl to 
b« the gnVit ' unutional ' eHect of a dimb 
up ui liy-corerod tower wall (■ Jonrnal of a 
London MareiM'.'lWW)- SeeBETWEEK lOO 

lent of IiondoD (The?. A 


.), nu?ntion«d Yiy the [ormor 

Arraiffumeat of Farla (The). A 
nuuqaa by OEonoR PEELBIg.c). npreuntod 
tMfgre quHm Blliabcth, by the chUdren 
t>f her chapel, bclore IhXi, and nnony- 
TQOUly printed in 1581. fnincltNwh{g.«^ 
writing in 1H9, m™ >*■ " 111* opinion that 
this masqne diaplaycd Feele'a "pK^nant 
aJe!it«iity of wit and manifold yariety of 
iniention, whorein (ma iudlce] be gooth a 
step tityond all that wilta." The work, ao- 
coiding to Ckillier, " sHiice* mnch facility 
In the use of ths Engilah }aiigat^,- hot, 
"hi pohit of InTOntioo, doea not deaarte 
WlDJ extraordinary degrae of prsiie, aln^a 

Pselflhaadons little i "— ' '~ 

snd put into aneeabl 
the apologns oi the ' 

d Bowing 

iwing Terae, 

-— „ It of Paria.' 

-. le of ' The Analgnment ol 

Paris ' from tha drcnnutanoe thu, towiida 
the doM, tha Tiojao ghephard la brought to 
trial befuro Jotb fur haiiDg adjudaed the 
Bpplu of dlBcord to Venoa.^' ''Colla and 
llnbbluol In It are, of cuorae. Bpeaiar and 
ITarvey . . . Ulrgon, 1 think. Churchyard ; 
}-aria and (£oDne. LaU^eati-r and Ijuly Hhef - 
fli-ld; ilitlen bolugthe Coiuitosa of Kuaux" 

Ar-Blvala (Tie). Seo Rivals, The. 

Arranffa (L'). Soe WlY TO lUE 

ArTOwainith, Wlltiam. An M.A. of 

f ambridKB : author of ■ Tho Kefonnntlon,' a 
i:<:niiKiy (1073). See lAngl>alnu'g ' Uiamatlo 

Arsaces. A character in Mottlgy's 

Arsaces. A tnueiiy by Willi jvh Hod. 
f.m : not acted, but prtnt«l in 177B. It li 
[jund«d on the 'Etlo ol Uelutulo. 

Aivenio. "A dead take-In," ia 'Tha 
Fhlloaophar'i Stone ' (g.c). 

Arsinoe, Qneea of Crpme. An 
opera written by PBT'BKM0TTEUX(7.n.), and 
romposed by Clayton, perfonn«l at fimry 
luie on Jannary 16, 1709. This waa the 
Bnt e9ort to anabllgh, in England, opera 
on the Halian modeL "II thii attempt," 
■aid tha compoBor. "aball be a means of 
brln^g thli Dianner ol musio to ba naed 
in m; native country, t ihall think my 
■tndy and palna Tery well employed." Mn. 


)r. The I 

Art- a) A drama by Chables Reads 

(i),v,), adapted from Fmimier'a 'Tlridate.oa 


Lyceum In May, 11 

Art and Artlfloe j ( 

Love. A drama in flya , .^ 

BHOuanxH (j.s.), produced at New York 
tn June. 1S60. Ai tha preface says, " the 

of hii trade of blackai 


Jfaliyi and Mrs. Couwn^ Alyti 
le author playing JfuriW Wylae. 

Art BDiI Love. A dnunatln sketch la 
one act, by A. W, DUROUlio («.e.). first per- 
formed at tbe Op4m Comlque, Laaijon, oa 

TheutrBi London, on tbe afternoon uf June 
U. 1800, with .Uiis Wallls (Mrs. Lancaster) 
and Arthur Stirliog in the cast. 

acta, by tlie 
Bomctlia to 

Art and Nature. A comedy Id flva 
' ' the Bar. Jahes MillEk, owinB 
' Arlaqnin UauTaee ' of De 
r' of RoDsaaau, Bad Meliite, 
J drst performed at DturyLaneon Febmarr 
11, 1739, with Oriflhi aa Sir ^Bion Dupe, Mrs. 
Mills a* Flatninia, Mill) ai Trvtmort, Qntn 
ajilTourt^, BndCibber,jDn.,aa Jaiio. The 
piece "*rai damned," aayi Oeneet. "on tha 
ttnt nigbL Tha lemplan had taken an un- 
roasonabla prtdniUoe against Miller for hia 
Carceol 'The CoSea-Rouaa'l^.n.], and seem 

*' Alt ia a power that will not b9 


dallied."— {"LETCHEit'ti 'UumoniDs Licu- 
Art of ActiuK, An Eaaayoa the. 

A dlKOUtM In pri^M'. Iiy AxKOS HILL Iq.c), 
optadng with Mio ffc?rt""" "~ """" ■'■■-- "— ■■ 
dnmauc prinf iiik- " i: 
iUimilatiim, - " ' 



ipiingi Within h[B 
mind, which foim (hnt puMion. when 'tlfl 
utdeileiKd, ami jiuLur&l." The writer tben 
proeeedi to njihiln, In dalai], hott an octgr 
■hoold sxprH,i jm. grief, fear, uiger, pity, 
■CDn. bMted, joa]ou»T, wgnder, Inie ; con- 
elnding with a. scrlea of queBUona and 
^^^os,THtf J™ "^ "■■ •= * ™™J'- 
Art of ActinK (The). "Parti. De- 
Titiiw Bdln from a New Principle, for 
taocabtg th* Fuiloiu In t Natunl Mui- 
MSr. An EBk]r of Oeoenl Uae, to Tboae, 
_i„ L ij ,„ Pnblic, and ta tba 

Ad^rtol, In Puticnlar. t 

IfblBt IV Cin|nhrnill]|l WD puiVBH, 

jLMi mn Crw n i^jrci* bohft Ow I'M. 

Art of VaDasemeiit (The) ; i 
Trandy Expelled. A farce In one i 
by CtuKLOnx Chirue (j.r.), "perfora 
oiM)aaltheCcHic«rt..n>omin Vorkbuildlnii 
In 1730. Ilila fans was a bitter satire ._ 
FlMtwodd.tbemanaserof Drurr Iadc, with 
_.. — «_ rt..^. K.^ gonnalled, and wi- 
the piece as Saul 
Is TbeupbUas Cihbt 
s. Charke heraelf. 
"Alt thou poor, ret halt thou 
Mlden alniaberB F " Firatlinegfaiioiig 
In ' The Plauaat Cornell; uf I^tlcat Olii- 


n la ' The Itaposture 

Artaxamlnoua. King of I'topia, in 

Arluiea, Perettl aj 

:Bt perlonoed 

Tuoducid ai 
i ariaxa-zei, MIh Brent 
Arlahiim, hallDE klllsd 
JCI3U, icwu ui Larow the gaUt on bli nn 
Atbawi. wliom be also aceiUBi of srirHnr to 

Sison ArtaxirmM, Artahmu hlnuelt bong 
tills ouie ales the guilty penon. Eren- 
tnall)' Arliiliatui la banlaliM. Artaca ti In 
loiawltliVanifaM, thsiirtero' ' 

with I 

— [periineat,lDi*Qi 

impoeed "after the Italian m , 

litotira tuteftd otapuken dlalt^^. 
uv, nfl read, " crowded man; of Uie ilrfl 
th florid dirifdoni, psitlcularljr thoM In 
tpart of JfanJjiTvc, which he composed for 

qnsntly retired in the latter •ears of the 
t, and Ihu early years of the present, 
itury— nnliLblyat CoventUaidenln 1831. 
ih max SLetTiR u Umidant and BiBham 
ArlalMinni. (S) Anopcra tranBlatedfrom 
itaataila by joii.f HOOLE, and printed In 

I. SonofVfm 

' Amtiitions stepmother' iq.v.). 
Artemlaia. A cbatnctec 1 

lOrt, and hos- 


Artful Cuda. A larcieal , 

F. C. BiJH.v*ND (tt-vX adapted from 

Cie' by MM. Dnm and Labiche, and 
first perfunoed at the Gtlety Theatre, 
London, In Febmary, un, with J. L. Toola 
as Spierr Sunifard, A. Blubop as Sir Hart- 
cult iili<.rilsiali,lL Westland as FnJFlutler. 
Allss llendunoh as the Cowiltu AMtrMi, 
and Mn. Leigh as Jfri. SutHford ; reilTed 
at Toole's Theatre, Londoa, In March, I8». 
BuMtl'tprrfi8"awBafciiBnt' *' " ' 

fDDdaeis lot diasipatlan, 
his wife, viniu (he Cmnit 
ailveoturess. and lose* a Hood deal of money 
at play. The Corinlru'i friends are ill 
swlojleni, and, tlio police entering the 
house, these "artful cards" pretend to be 
engaged in mnslcal peif ormances. 

Artful Dodfffl (The). A fane In 
y E. L. Bli!~ ° - 

>IBTCa, uvx. 
rith a foolish 

'OH, a Polish 


,.„ Hist piTf.>nQij J at Liu- 
m Februoi; 11, 1J17, with 


Ifecne u Wiatiift, Mra. Bngera u Mti, 
Wiawi/t, Mrs. Knlgbl u Lady Vptlart, 
Ura. ThonouiKl iwi DftiTuia. kod Elno^a 
sa Sir ttarry Freelovc. The piece bu two 
conciureot plota. Tbe flrsl hu to do with 
the eiUsvu&nt doinga of Hn. Wlnvife. 
]n order to rare her of tbem, Winsi/' 
pretend* to 1>o nearly ruined, and hli wife 
nt once offers to retire Into the coantry. 
ThP tdeu of this wan ukea from Sbirlev's 
-Lady ofPleasnro' (o.p.) The second plot 
'"1 for its centra i-adj/ Cpilart, who is 

Hfltfuta, woo u tn lOTa willj, and now 
roanles, Sir Hatry. This notion {■ borrowed 
from ' The Connterfelt Bridv^room' (f.F-)- 
Among the Dtber chancten are Siaelntta, 
fra-ai flaA. and Decotr. all of which see. 
Altered by Cohnan— the epiHida of Winvift 
sod bla ipoiue being wholly omitted— 'The 
Artful Hoiband' waa repmdnced at tbe 
lUVDUUket OB May is, 17TS, nnJer the tllle 
«f 'The Female CheTaUer,' the new title 
helne »iigg««ted probably by - — ■-^- 

Cheraller dEon, th 


.t Covei 

. Oanlen, 

TiVEH.NER Iqr,), inteniled . .. . 

■Ttie Artful IIns)>and' (q.v.\ and flnC pet~ 
foiined at Lincoln'! Inn Fields no December 
3, lil7-tB, with Mra Roeen as Lady Abitnt, 
Bollock. Jan.. a* Sir Frandl Courlal. Koene 
^aa Lord Alatnt, etc The "artful wili'" <■ 
LtldaAhKnl, who, ncElecled by hi 
band and jiunood by Sir Francii. ai 


Sir francit shall be dlKOtered iiiakriig 
Ut her at a place of asaif^ation. L-trd 
iiF'f Jealousy Is aroused, and Sir Praacii 
EUulu to marry a girl whom be has 

Artblope. f 

' Unfortunate Loi 

A chajHcter IdDavem^n 

Arthur ; or, TfaeHI-didcUe-dlddlBa 

-of the SAag. Ilunry Morley. writhifi in 

hla -J.mniBlofa Londt" '" ' - ' 

itate of April, ■ 

'latBoer,' under 
Apru, loou, ^ys : *' There Is an 
» In ulvertliementa of a burleiqae 

lArtiinr; or, The Ui-dl^dlo-diddlcs'or the 


Arthor, John. Actor and ilrauiatlst, 
filed April. 1772 ; performed at Corent 
Oarden and Drury Lana 1»t.<reea ]ra7 and 
17GS, and at Dublin hi 1758-0, " tn 176U he 
ncens (o bate been manaeer of the Bath 
company." Among bla characters wen* 
^Anfa^ TouehiUinc. Fnlimiui. ShaUwv. Si: 
lluijk Ecani. Stephano (Drydon's 'Tempest' 
i^rndttKi/t ('iSe "'■■ ^— >■-'--- ' - 

(Drydon 8 'Tem 
d Badielor'J, 


F^lli CTbe Double Dealer'), ^eni!> ('Tha 
Boani' StmUeem '), TrappanH C She Woold 
and »he WonSl Not t, Mmytrap (' The Con- 
fedSTacy'VBtc. Hawaa"aTarygaod soplai 
of nature in Bome pecuBaiiUea ol hDmoar' 
(Geneit). He waa alan the author of ' Tba 
lucky lSlKOTery-(a.vO, See DaTie^ ' Dra- 
matic MlscelLuiW'll7Sx-<), the ■ Blognphla 
Dramatica' (ISIS), and Genest's -Engliah 
Stage '(tssa). 

Artlmr, Klnfr, Tlib famous legendatf 
monarch has beeu the leadins persona^ In 
many dramatic nieces ;—(l)'Artiiur'B Show :" 
an interlude, mentioned by Jaitice BhaODW 
In -King Henry IV,.' pt. i. act iii. so. I: 
"very popular in Shakespeare'a ajre," and 
probably SasBil on Malory's 'MortairArthur.' 
fa> 'The Misfortunes of Arthur' (IMT) 
(i/.r,). (3) ■ The Life and Death of Arthur, 
KSn(i of England:' a play by Riciuiu) 
H*TH»w*T (s-u,), "acted by tiie Lord 
Admiml'a seryanta " at tlie IViso Theatre In 
April, laes. FloaysngiKstathat this maybg 
lOentidal with 'Arthur's Show.- (4) ■ King 
Arthur; or. Tho British Worthy:' a "dBt 

KUenrr Purcell. acted at the (Juoen'i 
eatre In 1691. and printeil In Ihc sama 
year. "This play is a kind of sequel to tba 
'Albion and Albanina' of the aiime author. 

are borrowed from Ti 

aerial spirit, and Orimbald.!. 

only well dLKOlsed, bnt exeni 
handolaiiSer" (' niograpbhi 



The play and mnalck pleaa'd t 

dnced at that theatre in a n 

and with Kembls and Uisi Furen hi iba 
principal rtUi ; it waa seen at the I;ycwim 
Theatre, London, In July, tBS7, when Put- 
celt's Diusle wai given, and wlien the cait 
Included Pearnian, Thome. Phillips, Misa 
Paton, and Mlaa KeUy -, and there Is further 
rocunl ot its bting performed at Drunr 
LaUB Theatre in November, 1S41. when the 
part of PliUiiltt waa taken by Mlsi P. Hortos. 
(S) -Arthur, Monarch of tbe Brituns:' a 
IraiTBdy by WiLUAH EiLTon: not acted, 
but printed among tha author's poetical 
works (1 778). CSl^KlnB Arthur ; or, Tho 
Days and Nights of the Hound Table:' an 
pitraTHgnna by William BuouQn (q.t.\ 


Miss Wriiht as G 

__. ..juise Koeiey as the 

K' ■ I as Ou.-w»m, Miss H. 
unwlDi, Miss Bomer aa 
Melfn, and Compton as Sir ifey. In tbia 
piece Gvintvert, before shn Is wedded tn 
Arthur, is captured by Cheidrie, Ibe Sakon 

Iniader, from whom, li(in-..ri.r. aha <o n. 

cajttured br (be aid ol 

I Arthur : ' a 

9 by J. CO¥I^S CUB (O.B.). 

LjUDni TbeltK, LondoD. Juio&ry 12, lltas. 

with U. Irrlnf u JrUur. Ulu K. Tittt a. 

Lycenni Tbentrg' 

^ ■ -- - Finiu _, 

, J. Forben-Babcrlian u LnHMlaC, 

r. Coaper m Monlrtd, H. VklanliBe u 

itima, Mia O. Wan) u JTor^n Lt Fag, 
Mln AihmU u Ulalw. etc (8) 'King 
Arthur; or, lADnoelDt the Look, DiO' 
ent tho Rqous, uid the Knights of lbs 
Bonod Tkbfe, and other Fornltun : ' a bur- 
lesqna bj W. M. Akmuhsi.— KfH[i Arllmr 

I Uiant- 



^^^'^P.v «P'.^, '" 

Bechett'b barlesque ' King John (nith the 
banetlturihe Act)'(<i.n,}. 
Arthur, The KUfortnnea of. See 


Arthur's Show. See Arthch, KiMO. 
mliph at Itmsilem. ia 

Article 7 (L')- Soe Shvlock iBD Co. 

Artlole 47 (I-') I or. Breaking the 
Ban. A drsma Id three acU, adapted Irom 
the Prencti of Adolphe Belot bj bsHRY L. 
WiLLiAHS (a.D.), uia produced U, the Fifth 
Aienne Theatre, New\ork, on AprU S. 13TI, 
with H. Crisp u Duliamd, Q. Pukei u 
MaiiUer, L. Junea u DtliUe, J. !«*!■ u 
F-tain. D. H. Harking u the Judge, MIh 
Clan Horrii as Cora. Mlai Linda IHeCi u 
JfarMBi uid Mn. O. H. OUbert as Jfdmi. 
I>iiAanKl. See COHx. 

Artlole 231 (LO. SmList Bisav, Thc 

ArtUloa (The). (l)AflTe-utconiedrb)' 
HrL CuruvitB <o.c.), flrrt p«1onned on 
October 8, 172S, with Mn. Yonnirer la 
ZiwiB, HlUa u X«( FrKman, Utl Uortoa 
u OKdEb, Wilka m Sir John Framan, W. 
WDkaia fMnteeU, Mn. ThuimoDd aa Mn. 
B4adleu, Harper u 7iiUv, Mra. Oldfleld 
M JTre. W<MHIt, and Ormn u WateAitt. 
So lawer thin three "uUBcM" are nude 
M* at In this plaj'. One I* that which li 
adontad b^ Lmini, who ha* been seduced 
bj Skt, bnt who, bT peraoadlng him he is 
peboaed, indncei bbn to main her, and to 
band oiar to his brother, Sir JiAn, not odIt 
Obiria, bnt the eMat«s wUch he has wrong- 
fallrwtthheM from bhn. The second iii3- 
toebthatotJWniKa ^ ' 
eanlas oK the widow . 
whllM (be Utfad : ' 
WaUUtt in Older I __ 
mine ftom her hnibud. Tbia lut utlfia, 
howner, doea not micceed. (S) A < 

UnwU, who, bj rnmnn of It, 
■idow Btaditu from TaUy; 
[d la that adopted by Mu. 
M to allow of her loTer es- 


Artlpadladea. The klnpt in n*MEL'M 
■Dodlor Bolus ■ Ij.r.) ; In lo»e with Fuosf 


Artiet'B WIte (The). A "petlla 
eoroodji" In two acta, by OIlIiert AiiBoTt 
i Beckett (o. I.), But perforatd at the Haj- 
market on July 3S, 1§38, with J. a. Uuckidxi* 
u Andrea, the artlat'a serrant. The title 
rflis, Lady CliarlBtteaennml, fiat fHaieA'bf 
Mlu Tajlor. The cometly was prodiited at 
the Park Theatre, Kew York, in ;^pteinber, 

Arte BJid Kearti. A prose corned* 
in three acts, by 11. B, CoorKB. adapted 
frou Julian Hawtlionie'a storf ol - Faulme,' 

Arundel at. , Strand : 117. See On « 


Arva, The Knight of. See KMOUI 

Arvedaon. TbefortimeteUerln Anbefs 
'(ituia'us IIL' 

Arrlda. Friend of Oustarns Tasa, lu 
Siu>ou.E*a play ol that nanie (v.d,). 

ArvirBKUB. (1) Younger son of CvbJm- 
line, in SIiak?epearo'a play (^.i>.). _ <&} A 

Arrlragxta and Phlllcia. A play In 
two paria, by LODOWiCK Caklell (o.h), 
acted at the Cockpit and Hampton Court 
in lua, and printed in 163B, It waa rarlied 
at Unooln's Idd Fields In 1072, with a pro^ 
logue by Dryden. 

Aa de Trdflo d.*). See Ace OF Cldbs. 

Aa Good aa Gold. A comedietta by 

C F, COOHLiN (i.e.), Hr-' — ' -• -■ ■»■- 

Lyceum Theatre, Londt 

Aa In a Olaaa. See ODKjk.Ha-ODTUro, 


In four *_ _. 

F. C. Philips' noiel of that name, ana am 
performed at the Op^ra Comlque, London, 
on May 10. 1SB7, with Mm. Bernard Beere aa 
Lena btmxrd. H. Standing u Captain Itir. 
tinbrai. C. Marlus as Count i>rom>ro/, A. 
Bucklaw aa Algie BaifiaT, and Ulsa Era 
Sothem as Mia Vytt ; played In the English 
proTinces In \m1, with Miss L. ViUlcrn aa 
Ltmi: first produced in America at Fifth 
Arenoe Theatre, New York, September 10. 
1§87. with Mrs. Langtry aa Lena; rsilred 
at Manhattan Opera flunse. New Voik. Mo- 
lember 14, 1892. with Mrs. Beere and C. 
Mariu» In their orlglmil rilei. and W. Barry- 
more as FoTtitibrai. <8) Anuther adapta- 
tion, by T. Sidney, waa ptoiiuced at Frome, 
„ ._,.i„ 1. . . 1^7 ._ Two other 

produced lu America— one, by L. MaBSICt 

In lew. 


Ab it Should Be. A jilay lii w. C. 
OULTON (q.c). BtBtterformed nl ths Hiy- 
mlTkat The&tro oo June S, 17iM, with Fawcll 
ind Mm. PoweU In tbe cut. The ^ol li 

Fidael d^Mres to marry hid dauahWr Cttia 
toLord Mfffrim, but In Ihttend abe espounoa 
ber lofer, Winworth, Tha pl&y wan fint 
psrlonDedinAmericaiulTOL UeaSPiiuiLE. 

I Iiarge aa I>lf i 

'■» Theat™, Lonri 
ake u I 

, by Hebbli 

at tba asymukaC 

Buvk^tone, Comptbi. 

Mrs. Buckingham, ii 

Am Senr am 


acted at Gout in IW 

a tab 1e Kandarlu P 

it Udo 

- _ — liTi'. TlogEet as Sir Abel .liiuptt, 
H. Lee al CAlDri>7\'erbniRRen u naTUea, 
Betterton u £<t>I, Mm. Unicnilnllfl as 
OriniJn, Mn. Bur; aa £un>^i'ii, Puwel ai 
t*(jj<r, and Bowman as Sir Pert, Jack 
BiarricaCAforii, tothodlKaBtof h" " 
Sir Ab*l, wbo iaa himielfpromiiit 
HflrfifW nfulecla h[« wife bi ' 

Ifpropitaed to bet 

AsTouXilksIt. A cometljr by WrLLiAX 
SHiHESPEiIiE (j.o.), f oonded, aa reganlB the 


aimaiyn (wnnig^ BiCribcd lo Chauwr). 
. JC^HCt, TBUchtUrM, and Judn« are Rbolly 
the creatloD of ShaksBpeare, wbo alio modi- 
fled Lodge's •ton in certain dBtaila As the 
play ii not mentioned by Morea In hta ■ Pa]- 
b& TamlB' (UW), and w one of the lines 
In It ('• Who erer lored. that loied not ab fint 
dglitl") Is quoted (roni Mariowe's ■ Hero 
and Le)uider'(alaapiibliahed in 1608), it may 
be ununed that the irork «as not written 
till after tbat date. The reference to it In tha 
Stattoner'a Beglster Is mppoted to apply to 

referred to the fctwral between the two 


tv waa acted at Driiry lAno an adapts tlon 
A. caUed - . 

. . . in, and PhaAc were omitted, 
whIM paasaitea Imm 'Hicbard n.,' ' Mach 
Ado about NiithlDg,' and 'Twelfth Niibt,' 
together with the Tnterlode from -A Mid- 
mmmn Night's Dream,' and Unci from the 
adapter's own pen, were Inaerted. Among 
many altcntiad, Jaeqiut waa represented 
aa making I riTo to Cefio.and marrying her in 
The adaptation was pDblliibod hi 

Ronalind, Orlando^ Crlia^Jacquat and Adam 
appeared aa Camilla , Vinoiyil io, Julia, tlaretl- 
lut, and Fidelia reapectiTely. Shakeepcarif's 
linea weio occasionally used, bnt generally 
re-wrltlanDrampllBedinnroso. InUtiaTcr- 
sloD, alio, Jaegaei, as Mantllai, bos wlt- 
combaU with Celia (as Jiitia). and pain off 
with her at the close. In ISM George Sand 
translated and adapted the play to the 
French stade, lollawuie both Johnson and 
"J. C." in making facqvrt the lorer of 

t Lane In December, 

with tfiihi >< 
fiui, Mm, I 

Und; at the same thistre in October. 17-.., 
with King as Tmiclinunr, Palmer aa Orlando, 
iln. Dancer CMn. Barry) [the flrat to alng 
tho Cuckoo Song, taken from 'All's Wofi 
that Ends WeU^] as Jtmaliad, and Mrs. 
BaddelLry aa Cdia : at Cavent Garden in 
April, tTTt, with Q. A. Steiena aa TaueA- 
fbme. Smith aa Orln ixfo, Matlncka as A mint, 
and Mrs, Bolkley (Mrs. Bamsford) as Jtofo- 
l>nil;at CbesametbHItreln Janoaiy, ITTS, 
with Barry as Jntqvet, Lewis as OfiandOt 
Rbnter as Tauehttatu, and Mrs. Mattocks as 

1779, with Qnlck aa Tmichtlaae, Hendennil 

at thekay'msrket hi July, 1%, with Edwin 
aa Totiehitone, Bensley as Jaeatif, Bannis- 
ter, inn., a* Orlando, i. Alckln aa iidatn, 
and HIbb Frodsbam aa Romtind ; at Dmry 
Lane in April, 17!i9. with Palmer aayocauef, 
J. Alckln as the banished Dakt, and Mn. 
Siddona aa Rmalind; at the same theatre 
In April, 17S7, with Kfmble as Ortaadt 
and Mrs. Jordan as Boialiv,d; at CoTeut 
Uarden in Febnuuy, IISSl, vibh Alcldn as 




Jacqws and Miss WalHs as Rotdlind ; at 
the same theatre in November, 1789, with 
Harley as Jacquett Holman as Orlando^ and 
Mrs. Pope as BosaUnd ; at Drary Lane in 
May, 1797, with Bannister, Jan., as Toitdi- 
ttone, Barrymore as Orlando^ Miss Mellon as 
Celiat and Miss Pope as Audrey ; at Covent 
Oarden in October, 1805, with Fawcett as 
Touchstone, Kemble as Jaeguee, C. Kemble 
as Orlando, Blanchard as WUliam, Miss 
Smith as Bi>ialind, Miss Bronton as CeHa, 
imd Mrs. Mattocks as Audrey ; at the Ly- 
ceum Theatre, London, in September, 1811, 
with Miss Doncan as Roiolina and Wrongh- 
ton as J<icque» ; at the same theatre in 1828, 
with Miss Jarman (Mrs. Tcman) as RoM' 
lind ; at Dmry Lane in October, 1842, with 
Macready as JiKguM, Ryder as the exiled 
Duke, Anderson as OrlaTioo, Phelps as ^dam, 
Keeley as Touehetone, Mrs. Nisbett as Bota- 
lind, Mrs. Stirling as Celia, and Mrs. Keeley 
as Audrey: at the Princess's Theatre, Lon- 
don, in Febmary, 1845, with Miss Cnshman 
as RotaUnd; at the Hay market Theatre, 
London, in November, 1845, with Miss H. 
Fancdt as the heroine and J. Anderson as 
Jaequet; at the City of London Theatre in 
1845, with Vandenhoff and Miss Vandenhoff ; 
at Dmry Lane in January, 1850, with Van- 
denhoff as Jacques and W. H. Angel as 
Touchstone; at the Princess's in Febmary, 
1851, with Kean, Alfred Wigan, and Mrs. 
^ean; at the Marylebone Theatre, London, 
in October, 1854, with Mrs. Wallack as 
Jlosalind, Miss Cleveland as Celia, Edgar 
OS Orlando, and W. Wallack as Jacaues; at 
the Haymarket Theatre, London, In June, 
1855, with Barry Sullivan as Jacques ; at the 
same theatre in September, 1856, with W. 
Farren as Orlando, W. H. Chippendale as 
Adam, Compton as Touchstone, Howe as 
Jacques, Miss Booth as Rosalind, Miss M. 
Oliver as CeVa, and Mrs. Fitewilliam as 
Audrey; at Sadler's Wells, London, in 1857, 
with Mrs. C. Young (Mrs. U. Vezin) as Rosa- 
lind and Phelps as Jacques; at the same 
theatre in September, ISiSO, with H. Vezin 
as Orlando, Miss Fanny Josephs as Celia, 
and L. Ball as Touchstone ; at the Maryle- 
bone Theatre. London, on April 24, 1861, with 
Miss Marriott as Rosalind; at the Princess's 
Theatre, London, in February, 1862, with 
Miss 0. Lederq as Rosalind, Miss B. Le- 
dera as CeUa, Miss M. Harris as Audrey, 
Widoicomb as Touchstone, and J. Ryder as 
Jacques ; at the Queen's Theatre. London, in 
Febmary, 1871, vrith Mrs. Rousby as BosO' 
lind, W. Rousby as Orlando, H. Marston as 
Adam, and J. Rvder as Touchstone ; at Dmry 
Lane in December, 1871, with Miss Nelson 
as RosalindL T. C. King as Jacques. J. B. 
Howard as Orlando, and Miss F. Adoisonas 
CeUa; at the Op^ra Comique, London, in 
Febnxary, 1875, vrith Mrs. Kendal as iloM- 
Und, W. H. Kendal as Orlando, A. Cedl as 
Totichstone, H. Vezin as Jacques; at the St. 
James's Theatre, London, in Februarv, 1878, 
with Miss Ada Cavendish as Rosalind, J. D. 
StoyleBMTouchstone, H. Forresteras Jacaues, 
and Lin Rayne as Orlando ; at the Hay- 
market Theatre, London, in 1879, vrith Miss 
A. Neilson as Rosalind; at Manchester 

in 1879 (two performances), vrith Miss Faudt 
and Miss Wallis alternately as the heroine, 
L. Wlngfleld as Orlando, Tom Taylor as 
Adam, and H. Merivale as Toucfistone; at 
the Imperial Theatre, London, on February 
25, 1880, vrith Miss Litton as Rosalind, Miss 
Helen Cresswell as Celia, Miss Svlvia Hodson 
as Audrey, Kyrle Bellew as Orlando, Lionel 
Broueh as Touchstone, H. Vezin as Jacques, 
and w. Farren as Adam; at the same the- 
atre in September, 1882. vrith Mrs. Langtry 
as RoscUind, and in October, 1882, with Miss 
Calhoun as the heroine ; at the Gaiety The- 
atre, London, in April, 1883 (matinie), with 
Miss Wallis as Rosalind, J. H. Barnes as 
Jacques. W. H. Stephens as Adam, C. Groves 
as Totichstone, and G. Alexander as Orlando ; 
at Coombe House, Kingston-on-Thames 
(foi^st scenes only). in July, 1884, vrith Lady 
A. Campbell as Orlando; at the St James's 
Theatre, London, in January, 1885, vrith Mrs. 
Kendal as Rosalind, Miss L. Diets as Celia, 
W. H. Kendal as Orlando, J. Hare as Touch- 
stone, H. Vezin as Jacques, J. Maclean as 
Adam, and J. F. Young as the banished 
Duke [incidental music by Alfred Cellier] ; 
at Stratford -on -Avon in August, 1885, 
vrith Miss Mary Anderson as the heroine ; 
at Charlton Park, Middlesex (forest scenes 
only), in July. 1886, with F. Rodney as Or- 
lando and Miss A. Leighton as Rosalind; 
at the Crystal Palace in September, 1886 
(matinSe), vrith Miss Marie de Grey as 
Rosalind and H. B. Convray as Orlando ; at 
the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, in Octo- 
ber, 1888. with Miss Wallis as Rosalind, 
Miss A. Rose as Celia. Mrs. E. Saker as 
Audrey, Forbes Robertson as Orlando, A. 
Stirling as Jacques.Vi. Farren as Adam, 
W. Mackintosh as Touchstone ; at the St. 
James's Theatre, London, on February 24, 
1890, with Mrs. Langtry as Rosalind, L. 
Cautley as Orlando, F. EverUl as Adam, 
C. Sugden as ToiMistone, A. Bourchier as 
Jacques, Miss A. M'Neil as Celia, and Miss 
M. Xea as Audrey (in this revival the 
Masque of Hymen was represented] ; at the 
Shaftesbury Theatre, on the afternoon of 
June 18, 1891, with Mrs. P. Campbell as 
Rosalind, F. Worthing as Orlando, Nutcombe 
Gould as Jacques, and Miss A. Leighton 
as Audrey; and at Daly's Theatre, London, 
in April, 1894, vrith Miss A. Rehan as 
Rosalind, Miss S. Carlisle as Celia, Miss 
Catherine Lewis as Audrey, W. Farren as 
Adam, and J. Chraig as Orlando. ' As 
You Like It' was played at New York in 
July, 1786; and again in June, 1796, vrith 
HaUam as Touchstone; in January, 1850, 
vrith Burton as Tow^tone, Chippendale 
as Adam, and Miss Cnshman as Rosti- 
lind ; in June, 1853, vrith Wallack as 
Jacques and Miss Keene as Rosalind; in 
1869, vrith Mrs. Scott Siddons as Rosalind, 
Q. Clarke as Orlando, and D. H. Harkins 
as Jacques; in May, 1879, with Miss Ada 
C;avenaish as Rosalind, J. Gilbert as Adam, 
and Miss Effie Germon as Audrey ; in Sep- 
tember, 1880, with Miss Rose Coghlan as 
Rosalind, H. M. Pitt as Orlando, and 
Osmond Tearle as Jacques; in 18S6, with 
Mdme. Modjeska as Rosdlind and M. 


In IS87 (ft tha 

vlth MIn Boh 

LA Jtotalind; In IBW, iilUi Looii 

_ Orlando ud Mini Hula Wsln- 

Wright u Jtoialind; and In lBSO-90 <ftt 
IMT'i ThenCn, New York), with IOh Ada 
Bahu u JtoHitmr, John Draw u Orlando, 
Q. Clarke lu Jatqua, C VMitt u Adam, 
and J, Lewis [LB rowArtoru Lthlacaat appcand 
at the Ljcenm. LondoD. In IBMi ' At Von 
Uke It' WH) played entlielj ij women in 

Miae k Selvra as Ciilia. "In i]c>'ne ol 
8hal[««pear8'8 plajs," nj» Tom Tajlor, 
"are romanre. dmmat and _poein ho ex' 
qulillelf oombined ai In 'Ai Yon Like It;' 

n and woodland hnntei-. 

ebundnBlr irith loTe-maklne and so uuona 
Om aanoineu of lU plar with tha (erToni o[ 
lis WMion. When eua ahall we look for 
BOGD happr hannonUtng of two mouda of 
IblljF, like that of Jacjua, the bltti Moitl- 
mantallat and crnlcal Eplcnrean, with that 
of ToHcAirom. the aententlana ibooter of 
uharp holtfl, the Ikenaed whtpper of affecta- 

I. them 

le time : 

„..^ ^f deflpotlo l^Jnitice In the 

niniper, with phtlonophlE nae of adienit;. 
uilnniHtabtestudTol nature, In the Billet 
IT BO luilnglip nultad adTeaturoc 


■, wit. h 

alfectlon, a 

. high 

tDlnloe Rentleni . 

and |ood aenie, u Stuueapean In 
jtBtauna oodCaJtar so manied lore's Jest 
and eameat a* In Jbitallnd and Ortnndt t so 
beantltoll; hnrnght ont the doTotlon and 
laithtnl serf Ice in an, in contact with gnte- 
fni and protecting affection In Tcinth, as In 
Adam and bli^oong master? "Tome." 
■ara MIh Helen Fftndt (lAdr Uutin), "-As 
You Like It ■ Kenu to be enentlallT as mOEh 
alove-Doemaa' B^mea and jQllet, with thin 

death. It i> fia full o( imagination 
■lad mpluro of Che tender pamion, 
hupuMienon. lie generositv, Ita 
Ko ■ h«Lne-Ilke alia,' Indeed, come 
by, an in the tale ol those ■■!«- 

■oTorthrow.' All Ii blended Mo 
barmaninns mnaic. which laakea th 
lUnib, hnt ncier makei It athe." 

BR.iUMO(iT an 
Curalo- (a.r.). 

1 sa. laaa, with Hia» 

Thea'. .. .... 

Florence Mairjat 

Ashbury, Joaepli. Actor and llu»- 

trlcftl uianaj— ■ ' ~r„_j__ ..„s. ji.ji 

ITSD : «u r 
tbe armv ; t 

□t Dablln CbBtle Id „. _ 

' mant at tbe Boiteratlon, and in lOM 
ippolnted depntr muter of thenrola 

ik part In 1660 In tbe aeiEim 
tie lor tbe king ; wia mads » 

„_ Thoitoe,jrit 

don company which induded wilka. "Br 
■kUful management, and b; enconraglnic 

EtimlBlnE histrionic talont, Aabbnrr,' ny* 
utton Cook, " ■eenred (or the IhibUn itagw 
a ETBat repntetioo. He blmMlt was an eZ' 
oeuent actor.'" •'lhadnottheplaunre,"iar» 
CheCwoodi "of knowing thIigmC man bM 
mi the latter part of liia life ; yet, notwith- 
eU-ndlng hia frrcat ime. I hafe Been bim 

action- ' - - 1 Itare Been him arqiiit him- 
eelf in the part ol Cartlrtt, la ' the Com- 
mittee," «0 well that bii joars no»er utrade 
apon remembranw. And his persoa. flcnie, 
and manner In Don Quij-oW were inimitable * 
Kee (.'hotwriod'a "(leneml Uiitory of th* 
Staeo' (17<(I>, HHchnick's 'Historical View 
ofthe Irlsii Stage' a''SO\ and Oeneita 
' Knglish Stage ' (1332). 

Aahby Uanor, 

>h^ in 

Aahfleld.Farmer.inMoRTOK's' Spewi 
thaPloag)i'(n.r,). is thehnsbanrl of Iionu, 
and father of .^luon, AihfiiUl. "BehaT* 
prattT " is hit furodrite exhortation. His 
wife uthelody wbodiaplHysBDmnchantlelT 
as to what her neiehlioQr, Mn. Gnin4r 
(t.c.1, will say. Leigh Hunt said of Emeryi 
ithfitti that it WES ■' niiLnly and attncUis 
ctf respect "('Critical Essajs,' 1807}. 

AshfoTd, Chaclen. Actor, bom at , 
nirmingham, IS.W; uuule hia flrst appear- 
ance on Che Mage at Nottingham in 1871. 
Ilis London diifrt.t took plucaln April, ISTT, 
at the Olympic Theatre, as Wrlih in Reade'a 
'Scuttled ship.' AmoHB liia other "ori- 

enal " parts are JCf iiluiif In Lococn"» ' Sea 
ymplis ' tmbiUard In OIIenhaoh"s 'towilo.' 

cBEE"s ' Spanish 



iilangf^to,' M-anuftr in Solomon's 
UniaL' and Siiluilat In Bucaloj<ei"s 
lui rSolts.' In 1S7T he plarcd 
. Birrr in ' The Porter's Knot ■Althe 

Middltwict in ' Our Bojt ' 

AaUay, Henrr Jefferloa. Actor, died 
IBM; luda hi* SAhI M OIukow, and 
first appaued in London In iseo. it the St. 
Juna^a Th«atra. where he remslned (or tiro 
yon. 8nlM«iBenUT he plaTed a eeiea 
yn* «iiMeiiKOt it the Adelpbi Theatre. 
ereatiu, uioiig athw nuts, that of William 
InBm^i'Dom.' At ^ Criterion Theatre 
he «!■ the origtnal reprewntatlie ot Qeofrcy 
Oenton in 'The Great DiTorce Cue.' Jotkia 
TtMi in ' Pink I>oniinoe,' and similar r/ilri. 
He kIso "created" the parts of the Jfar«>ii 
di Pont SaiU In ' Madame Pa>art,' the Sue 
da I/iia' Ollrette.' Don BratUro In ' Ma- 
Dokk'SrataAm Sifaihi ' The Menr Dachesh' 
Tatmnd in • Falka,' J^ia Frimitif \o • La 
Coeaqnc^' Sir Mvlberrii MuUitt in ■ Indiana,' 
FaKuur in Beece'g 'Boblnaoa Cnuoe,' 
Jtr. t>. in Cotilord Dick's operetta of that 
name. Waiktr SUv In 'Vetah,' Lmii XF. 
in Willi's ' Pompadour,' Bioovatt In PUn- 
Qnetle's ' hoi Jones,' and Col. Smnlmro In 
Flauqnetla's 'Captain Thir^se.' " 
■sen Id the prottocea ^- "-- "■ — 

Aahmore, Klaa. Sea Sfabks, mbs. 

Aabore&ndAflont. A nautical drams 
In three acts, by C. H. Hizlewood (o.i.X 
flnt perfonaed at the Surrey Theatre, Lon- 
don, in ISM, with J. Femaodei as NevUm 
Saniard, T. Thome as Billu Bilberry, and 
Hiss a. Pauncefort u AuiA RiryjroK. 

Aahton. The Ashton family. Incladlng 
air Wittiam and his vife, his ion Henry, 
and his danghter Lvey, Sgaia In the 
^ __^ 1^ dl ^mniBrmoor,' 

I of ' Lncls 

hero of Pineto'i 


J. W. C*LC1UFT'_ _ 

((.».), H. J. BrRON's 'Lncia dl LsmmBT- 
moor' Qmrlesqne) (j.i.), Pauikate Sihp- 
AOK's ^Master of Rafenswood' iQ-v.), uid 
B. UERlTil^s ■ BaToniwood ' <,q.t.), 

Aahton. Bobert. Dramatbd, and 
na^Te ot toiand ; anthor of ' The Battle 
of Anchrim ; ot. The Fall of Mondenr 8L 
Ba(h'aTZ>>,andannnactedcomedT, 'LoTe 
li the Conqneroi.' 

Aalnarla. A oomedr bT Pucrtrs (ac 
m-lM), tranilated into Eoellsh blank Tetae 
by Thornton, Warner, and Colman (17(»-T4). 
See also the •anions by Cotter (1817) and 

Aak no Qnaationa. A borletta in 
two acta, by Cbarles SEUir (a.v.), adapted 
from Bayard and Plcard's 'Mathlai I'ln- 
nllde ' (Vari^t^. Paris, ISST). and flnt per- 
fanaed at the Olympic Theatre, London, on 
OctobarM,IS38,irit]iW. FBrrenaaJraMuu, 
Oiberry aa OimNtt, and Mn. Orser. eelby, 
and nunc In other part* : flnt played at 
Hew Torkln 1M7. 

Aamodmu. The chief persoiuc* In 
the foUowinc dramatic pieces : (I) ' Aimo- 
-■ — ■- New York:' a "saUrial sqidb,- 
>d at New York in April, 18M, wltti 
Id the tUto part. (8) 'Amnodeaa, 



le Little Demon : or. The Derll's Sha 
imlcdrainaintwoacts, byTHOHAsA] 
|.ti,\ adapted from Scribe's 'Pai 

[ig°t'i'a el 

with MiH O, H'>ds<in In that part. (3) 
• Asmodens. ths Dortl on Two Sticks j or, 
:)1 Friendship; ' a bnrlesque pro- 

AdelphI theatiB, u>iiuaii, on 
), with J. L. Toole In the title 
'ooljcar as Ikin Cieophat Zan- 
. Paul Bedford as Dm Fernando, and 
Min Kate Kelly, Miss Mary Keeley. and 
Hiss Eliia Anten ia other parts. 
Aamodana. A character ta Albert 

April S6, 1 
f«t, »■' 



n IB Massinoeii's 

Aapaola. A tragedy In three acta, t 
Mn. HuQHBg, printed in 'Moral Dranu 
intended tor Private BepreaeDtation ' <17« 

■ <i7eo). 

Aapnala. A character in jroimsoiCa 
•Irene' (7..-). 

Aapatla. Thebetrothedwifaof Jminlor 
{a.D.).lnBEii.'HQ>Taiid Fletcuer's -MBid'a 
rrai:edy'<j^p.). Her death giies the title to 
the play, ^ailitt says that the character 
is " a beautiful sketch of reigned and heart- 
broken melancholy." I^mb obeenes that 
character eqoally difficult. 


■rith Bettna, of being m 
jhe too Is a slighted wanuu, mimu aj uio 
nan who had once engaged to marry her. 
It is artfully contrived that while wn 
, we respect her. and she descends with- 
Aapen, Houaa of, See HousB OF 

Aapan. (I) Uila O, Atpen is the hem 
of Batlx BBK^ARD's ' Nervons Man ' (f-v.y. 
^lArHnrrvjlspcnflgnresin 'TheQaiette 
Extraordinary. ' 

Asplo. A character in Morton's ' Edn- 

•Late In a 


Asprand. A tragody performed at the 
Salisbury Theatre, blarch §), ISM. 

A.a.S. A farce In one act, flnt per- 
formed at the Lyceum Theatre, London, OD 
April 13, IS&3, with F. Matthews as Dingeaet 
ffunter, Mrs. Macnamara as Jfri. ifunter, 
and MlHS Wyndham as Sophia: revived at 
the Criterion, August is, 1887. with W, 
Blakeley as Dieyrna. 

Aaaaaain (!>'). See IIlisii-Monet. 


As8-aHH'inatl0Q. A Hcrio-coiDia ei- 

rDr[uc?''ptlvi!ti!]y at Oranea Uiiui'ueoi 
Wlnasuc, on JaDoai? SO, ISIO. 

AsB-DeaJer (Tlie). A cnmedy tnns- 
InWd from I'lantni by HiCHiHD VtutHES. 
ftnU printed in 177* ; ■■ laten from a Qrcsk 
ulay called ' OuBCoB,' Riittea by Dsmopbi- 

Asioni'blyCrhe) ; or, Scotah BefoT- 

matlon, Acoiocdyby"a3tot»BBnllcmrin" 
(Dr. Archibald PiMainni), writfen In 1662, 
and firsC printed in 1721 It wu reprinted 
In 1760, and Oeneat hold! that "it !a clear 

GORilHhBod by more than one 

"■vcro satire on the Presbyterj. ... 
re episode which enliii^in the play. 

Aasignstlon (The]; or, Love in 
a Nunnery. A cnmeijy lo Hvo acts, by 
John IUivuen Ig [.), flrat porfnmied at 
the Theatre Boyaf in 1072, with Mobuq an 
tlie ItulK ef Miatua, KrniL'lon aa Fn- 
dtrick (bis son). Hart ai Aurrlian, Bart an 
CataiUo, tkrtwright aa Maria, Mn. HeeTO u 
Avaniii, Hayuei u Bmilo (;.v.).Mra. Jamei 
u 5apArDn(a, Mrg. Marshall aa iMcrcICa, 
Mrs, Knapp as B(motita. Hra. BouUll as 
Jtouro, and M«. Coje a> Fmlella. "It 

Dryden in bh preface (IBIS). Langbaine 
endcavonra to ehow that it owed lome- 
thlng to the 'ItoaianCoiniqne' of Scatton, 
bnt tialntahnry rharactoriies the charge as 
" prepoatergui." Headds: "Almost all the 
Incidcatsaro forced, the charactera are feebly 
marbed and hardly at all worked out, the 
k la node ' oc ■ Tho Mock Antrologer,' and 
the >0DE ' LonE between Lore and Fear ' is 
almost the only redeeming featnre in the 
play." The scene (aatirlied hi the aocond 
edition of 'Tho Itcbeoniar) In which 
J^drrick pretends to be ill, Is in act It. 
■The Assignation' was reii'Bd at Drnry 
lAQB In July, 171fl. (13) 'The Assignation :' a 
comedy fn Bve acts, by Sornn Lee !?.».), first 

The tMt iDClailed EUiston. BannleUr. 
WronEbton. □. Kiddoni, Mathews, Miss 
pope,^rB. U. Biddone, etc "Itwaa cinly 
performed once, the public thinking that 
much of the eatire was aimed at pat>lio 
characterst and therefore natutnllv evincing 
displeasure." (3) ' The Amignatlon ; or, 
Kght at lAst : ' a mnsicaJ piece In two acts, 
hy Fisueit, first perforated at Drtiry l£ne 
on December IS. fsiS. The cast included 
Ki^ht. LoTBgroTe, Mils Kelly, etc. In 
this piece a Snrdsh lady has two admlreie, 
BO lite each other (hst she cannot dlHin- 
Buisb one from the otlier. (4) ' Tho Assig. 
nation; or, What will my Wife aay?' a 
draoin In two acts, by Oilbert Abboit i 
JJeckett (g.-n.), flrjt perfonned at the St. 
James's Theatre, London, on Hepli'mlier 2», 
1637, with Harley, Miss Allison, and Mdme. 
£ala In the cast. 
AjBlulce (or AsBlneso). A cliwn or 

t pbyed by C 

AssomniolT (L*). The English dramn- 
tiutlons u! this faraons work by M. Zola 
have twen numerons. In 1B79 there appeared 
two plan called ' L'AssommDir i or, The 
Cnrse of Drhik'— ana by V/. SlDKKT, at 
GlasEow.iaAnput : tbeothetbTJ.FOOTS, 
at Dewsbnry, in Sept«nib~~ " — --.»- — 
Engliiih adaptation*, see tt 

' l>4^I.Tn*m..''T>iwtroTMlhT 

1 &pt«mbar. For other 


was produced at the Olympic Theatre, Kew 
York. In 1S7D. with Miss M. Urancer as 
Otrcauf. Mies Emily Eigl a "' 
as Virffiait). 
" AsBums a virtue, if 

a (afterwards 

4 lUamlct to 
Assumption of tha Virgin (Thel. 

AstartB, in Lord Brno^i's 'Manfred' 
(o.v.). is the laily beloted ly tho hero. Sha 
mcnres inAllECKETT's 'Man'Fred'a)^n» 

Aaterla. (1) The queen's confldante in 
DitYiiEN's ' Secret LoTe ' ( (2) A cha- 
racter in J. B. COTHE's'AJl for Lore' (d-B.). 

Astler, Hamilton, actor, was in the 
original oasts of • Rsirangod ' (JSSl), OllberfB 
'Fi.Msrty's Fairy' (ISSll. 'Cupid in Camp" 
(I89«r, Niibot and Bae'e 'Coosin Johnny' 
(IES4), ' The Bkolelon ■ 0687). etc 

Aatley, Fhlliii. Eqaestrlan and thea- 
trical manager; horn 17*!, St Newoastle- 
nnder-I.yme : died in Paris. 1614. The bod 


. became, we are told, " rongh- 
and breaker-ln." After leelng Bernce 
ul. ha uhWned his dlscharKe, and gave 
" "^ ishipatlamV-"^—" 

the trade, bat 

la vaiiouiparta of ttaepr 
addutg to oia means by 
1770 be urected in Lin 

daytime. The building, enlund 
ai.u uiiiiiiiwtBe bnproTed, wai uiiied"nta 
Amphitheatre BloinE Hoose," and openod 
in 1791 for BTonlng repreBBntaUoBB. Two 
years aflerwardi ABtley was impilKin«d tor 

not baring a lie* "-' "■"' 

granted to b^ 

rodecorateil his tt .. 

RovnlOrove." I^lcr be established a dicns 
at Fads, but, the Rerolaliuu luterrenlng, It 

iru LDloimed oF tbe deatracUcm g| tlie 
BajKl UroTe br Bre. Ha pnuapUy engaged 
Uie Did LfMDio lot hit pBtformuicwi. and 
tiMui to nbnild bli theatre. Xbii inu 
id In ITM, uid in ITM teduistcnsd. by 
'--■-- "Arttoj'iEoyilAniphUliBstre.'' 

•ntaiprSM In t&iour ol b 


. ... _ . The rerndt of bla laboi 
Olympic PkvUIhd, bnllt on ttis . 
eiistuig Olympic Theat" — ' " 

burlottaa, puitomlmeK, 

D eKb^bltiona 

By t: 

o the V 

eiO.OW. In ISlt be Irt tha pavilion ta 
Elliatain, and two yean &ft«mnis be died. 
Bin laii (di^ Uil) wo* alaa a celelirtttud 
efinvtrian performflr. QiswlfeiiideiKtibed 
u "a minor aEtresi of mach merit." la 
' Brcordi ol a Veteran- we road that ■' Poor 
-""-■■ ... — jf a < Inoliodilo wat 

ir In Its hlrtel- 

IdAriiniued totalk ot a ' knUodil 
«ppad HaleiandeF'i barmy, and wbe 


lect..' I_. , 

vorda that he Innrlably miaapplled. ' Pl's- 
tUeroai' ha alwaya nibstlCuted for 'pntll. 

he iboillii be a rniniid man, lor bli banea 
ale mnat tveifmnulv." Hm Do Castro's 
'Momoin' {IKl), BmyleJ's 'Thefttrea ot 
London ■ (18SS), and ' Dictionary of National 
Biography ' (1385). 
Aatley'a Amphitheatre, ^ioe Lo.n. 

Aaton, Anthony. Actor, dnmatlst, 
nad miicellBneous wtlter ; was educated as 
an attonitT, and b«(»me an actor towards 
tha end ol Uia rslgn of William III. ; (nie 
amndeal and dramatic enlertalnment, called 

"Tha Uodle*,' In the Engliah pronnues, 
ud is 171T pOTtormed at (he Olobe and 
UaiUnronch taremi in Fleet gtieet. Ue 

nddfTbaatra In 17^ In ITaB^o'iMt" 
Hsoad and apoke againut the pronoeed bill 
for teBnUtlnic the ataKa, and botb petition 
and (peech ware printed in the lame year. 
Cbetwood, in bli 'History' (1718). ipeakn 
ot Alton u "traTelllDg still, and as woll 
known as tho po«t.|>on« tliat «rr)es the 

Supplement to CoUey Clbber, Em., his 
Lliea of the Famont Actora and Actresaoi ' 
(IT(S). He alM wrote ' Lora in a Hurry,' 
comedy (about ITOD]. and ' Paitora ; or, 'Tha 
Coy Shepherden' (1711). 'TbeFnnl'sOpeca; 
or, Tha Taal« of the Age' (printed Bboot 
nn) la attributed to biiu ; It irtu uretaced 
by "a aketcb ot tba life of Mr. Anthony 
AftOD,' See Chetwooil's ' lllrtnry ol the 
Ktaie' (1141)!, 'Tbe Tbeapian Dictionary' 
(law), and Qenoit'a ' English ;:jlaga' (lUii). 

Anton, Jonepta. Diamatitt, Jonmallst, 

■CODBCience.' a roniedy (1G15) ; 'Betrifau- 
ti»a JmUdo,' a tragedy; and 'A F'amily 
Story,' a comedy. Rls other prose works 
related naainiy to Manchester. Bee 'Dic- 
tiDoary ot National Blogiapby ' (ISSb). 

Aaton, WBlter, Author ot 'The E«- 
itoralion of King Cbariei tha Second : or. 
The Lite and D«ath o[ Olirer Cromwall,' an 
□nactad boUad opera, printed 1733. 

Astor OperaHonfle. SeeNEWXOBX 

^Antoroth, Spirit of Are 

AstrabeL Danehler of Bmao. and 
uirried lo £frnWo, in W. DUMjr's 'Italian 

Aatraa. The name by which Aphba 
ig.B.) is alluded to by Pope (in bla 


Mrs. Behn herseit adopted the 


- - -. D'Urfd 

AatTiea; or, True X^iva'a Mirror, 
A play by LEO.'iiKD Wllla.n, fountiad on 
D'Urffa romance, and print*d in Iflil. (3) 
*ABtrieaAppfla4eil:'adnmatJc piece, trans, 
lated by FRtNCia OLIvtBl from tho Italian 

AstragaliiB. "King of tho Alpi" In 
BtJCK.iIO.NE'S drama of that name (5.0.). 

AstraBO. A physician In DavE.-iiM's 

AntroloKer (Th»). Bee AUjraAzta. 

AstrouDmer (The). A farce by Awn- 
L^TT, pifrfonticd at Wolverbauipton in IBOi. 

" At heaven's s'ates ahe clapa her 
winga."— 1-ri.v. ' Aleianikr and Cam- 
piWpD.' "She" is tbe tart Su SBAKE- 

At Home. (1) An anonymous farce. Brat 
pertormoil at Co«ent aanleo on February 
XS, litis, with Uatbewa as Ilomio ItaalaU, 
LiatoD as Captain I>a>A, and other parts by 
Blanchard, Farley, Emery, Miss S. Booth, 
and Mrs. Diienport. Captai-a Diuh gais 
an "At Home," at wbicb Matbews burlesqued 
Ill-known " ' " ' •-■-'- " 

by €ai]UX3 ManiEWi 


At IiBst. A plaj by Paul MEBRnT 
g.B.f. flml pertonoBd Bt WallBck'i Thtalre, 

cut IncIua'iniE Letter Wnllock, C. 'F. GiiEh- 
lan, M[u RosB Coglil&n, imil Mlu Etfio 
OBnUQE. (3) 'At Lft«: or, A Nb" Life:' 
rtnuM, by 1. CiAHEXCK. Ormt Orinuby, 
Septemlwr IJ. 18M3, (3) ' ' ' 
dletta bvH. Ooi'oiT and 
Bristol. Much 10, ISSfl. 


The cnarKt 

(a b&rrist«0. 
Atalanta; or, The Three Qalden 

Adp1«h. a hnrlB»qiio by FB^^C1S T«L- 
eoiia.!} Iq.T.). entlllad, In [nil. ' An Kntlrely 
Now ClMsical Love Story, originftlly eug- 
Reited by 0»ld. undor the name, ar rather 
apploation, 0( Alalnnla; or. The Three 
Oolden AppleB.' and Srst pcrrDnned st the 
Haymukst Thntre, London, on April 31 , 
IBsr, with Ulu M. Oilier !□ the title pi 

ton u raidagoffai . 
in my pait.'' writes Mm. Itancrort in her 
nemoln. The place wan rerlied at the 
HaymarketlnJnJy, 1870. (3) ■Atalanta;' 
a traTeity on the mme anbject, by Q. P. 
HIWTHKY (D.r.), was produced at (ho Strand 
Theatre. London, on November IT, 1858, 
with W. F. nawtrey u Sclutaut. Y. Wyatt 
u Iliptanirmt, Flomlng Notton aa Sonraui, 
T. Squint ui/^mocAui, MlH Alma Stanley 
afl Aphrodite, and Miea M- Linden aa Ata- 

AtaJanta is Cslrdon. A dramatic 
poem by ALr.EHKOM CHiRLES Swinburne 
<a.v.)i pubUahed in 1664. Lowell layi of 
Uda work tbat "the ehoming a theiDD 
vblch ^Khylua had handled in ons ol his 
lost tragcdiei 1> JnstlSed by a certain 
.ffiudiylean flaTour In the treatment. The 
chomi bni often an imazinatlie Uft In 
it| an ethereal charm of phrase, of which 
It la tbe bieheat prBiM to say that It re- 
Greek trafiediana like an eagle." 

in 8HiDWELL"9 ' Sullen 

Ixiven' iq.v.). Sir Robert Howard l> lald 
to liBTa been tbe original at (h!a character. 
(8) Sir Harry Aiatt. and hia son, flgure in 
CiDBER's ' Doable Oallant' (j.v.). 
Atar Gull. A play founded by O, 

snil Brit iK^rformed at Che Itojal'y Theatre! 
Xondon, on NoTember 1!, usei, Intb a cut 

Wnlea^ Theatre, Ixindon, on 

isas, with il. J. Montagu as 

Adonii Ficktrten, W. Blakelm aa Sir 
n ifiiidutc, W. J. nill as Larkiiu, Miss 
An AcHlson an r^du MaiMuic, Mi» 
lla IViiton aa Eniily Urtrpraa. The 

.^ir Martin ilaydaJre has inrented, 
rhich inakea eTerybody sneese at tba 


Innslaled Into ( 

Athetat (The); or, 
Part of the Soldier* 
comedy by Ti 

Ehaiacter In Kkn^ET'S 

The Seoand 
FoTtnno. A 

l<i.t.\ flrsl par- 
d printAclln 1BS4, 
_ It was tevl.ed at the Theatre Boj^ 
with Underbill as the liero IDaTedrciCi. Bet- 
terton as young Seaupiini, Leigh as old 
Beaugar^, and other charaeten by Mia. 
Barry, oto. " It la not a bad play," uy* 
GeneaC, " bnt Tery Inferior to ' The Soldier's 
Fortune' Ion, 1. . . . The epilogue Isa cut on 
the city and the H-hlg8." 

Atheist's Tragedy (The); or, Tba 
Wnniat Man's Beven^. A play by 
TouanELii (fl.r.). acted, probamr. 

ilbXtli S\ 


helps Cliarle- 

then TLUinies hU son Rauuird to Ghari*- 
monCi ladyloie. CaitaMla. Then, Charlt- 
mint boing »uppOB«l to be dead, lils [ather, 
Mmtjirrfrt, raakoa a wIU in fsionr of 
D'AmtlUt, who thereupon kills him and 
takes hli eatatea. Eventually, Charlsmmt 
rotama: Bmuard diea, lyAmvmi aontden- 
tally killa himself, and Chartemant and Cat- 
toMla are united. The —•—•-• •--- '- 

do with the loio affairs of Lm 
wife of BclMftl, and is taken 
BocfSCflo. See Che Iltfroipec 


largBly from 
ioa SecuM, 

Athellng, Edgar. Soo E 

Gill ATHB- 

Athelney, Dr. and Ted. 

A colonial 


Browne, firat performed at Drury tane an 
Fobmarr B7, 17S0, with Oarrick In the titlB 

H>^a. and RoKS. JefFerrion. etr., in other 
characters. Thyra, daughter of AiheMan. 


Athelwold. n) A trngBdy by AiRon 
Bill I^.p.). Ant perioraiBf »t Drary L»oe 

the trns pmrt, Mra. Boot)) as ffi/nVI, and 
other Tei64 bf MUIh, Theophlliu Ctbber, and 
Mn. CDiber. HUl had dnlt irith the Mb- 

■ <a) 

id Miss H. Fftudt aa Et/rida. 

Athalirold. (1) A characUr In MxaoN's 
■ EHrldR ■ (7.5.)- (8) Earl of NorthumbBrlBncI, 
In adoptalioti* of ' Catherine Howard" <().«.). 


!, MaereaJT aa ThBol, 

Wuije u Crnrn, Andenon , , 

Boire as Lj/au, Mmcready, after reading 
Ul« work. wroM (Jannaiv. leas): "No one 
<»a1il ballerfl 1C to lie oy thu antbor of 
• ■-- ;' it has nothing of It bat ita facdta 

AtlMDlan Ooffee-hoaaa (The). An 

oatatona, and ■oppesecl by the aothn™ of 
the 'Blognphia DranutiFB' to he Identical 
with the nleci" called 'The New Athenian 
Comedy ' ^n "The Dritlah Thwtre '}. 

Atherly Court- A play by Johm 
EHounimi (a.P.), pmducal at the Union 
Sqnan Theatre. New York, in January, 
I6T3, with Mark Smitli an fanner Grace. 

AtherBtone, Edwin. Poet and dramo- 
K«, bom irsa. difti !S7e; «m,ta thioe 

liieiance of Tbehw,' 

Atberton. Alice. Ai-Itom. died ISB^; 
KppeartKl In London in the lolLowInK parts : 
—Tttn/ln U. PaolCon'i -The Babes' (ISM), 


MsHotd's play of tl 
tn l^weetlSpUy 01 
Chtvalirr In Bainani 
Cam J-ariwlnCol! 

,Ca<(»ln 'Cycting- f,_., 

■od Clienll*r'( bwleHiue (1SS8). ifVint* Mat- 
Arc In Wamnand Kd'tnln'B ' Onr Danglitan' 

Ssai). Ladf Bettn Vant in Thomas and 
vrrfn -A Nlgbl's FtolfC (ISOIX J'Pi in 
■ Hmw Hie Boatman ' awi-«), Clair^itr In 
-Trooptr Clalrettc' (1S9% Riibn in -Binki' 

(13M), and Jaw Shore in Ricbarf-Hemr'a 
' Jmoty Jane Shore ' (l«a4X 

Athlete <ThB), See Ma.i asd Wife. 

Athoa. Oneof the "three mnsketoen' 
In C. RiCE^ p]»y of that name (7.1.). Bs 
dRurea also in J. and II. Paulton's bni- 
losqoe, 'The Throe Miuikot-Deara '(?.».). 

Atkina. A^tor and manager at BellUt 
and tiewTj, Mm. Siddonn. dmry. and 
other acton and aotreaaes appeared ander 
hisanaplces. See 'TlieTheapian Dictlonarj* 


Atkina, Sd'n'ard- Actor, bom ISIO^ 
died April S, i«83 ; made Ills dOv* in 
London in ISSl, at Drurr Lane : played 
Pelyvhtmai [n 'Ads and <;a]atea' at 
the Olympic Theatre. Triindon. In ISeS; 
Autotyeui In ■ The Winter's Tala' at 
Drury Inns, In 1878 ; and the foUowlnB 
original narta: — 'aain Dallm In "Tha 
Ticket of Leave Man ' at the Olmide, In 
isoa; Hand Nicho'liruH In 'Black and 
H-bite' at the AdelpM, In isa9: Jforol In 
'Corinne' at the Lycenm, In Jnly, I87S: 
Waraitli in Dn Terreani' ' lAet of tb* 
Batona.' in the same year : and Sawiai Mikt 
In 'The CeWctlie' at tho Mirror, In 13711, 

Atkins, Urn. Actniaa and TOcalM; 
dangliler of Mrs, H'arrell (o.c); apnplli^ 
Itantzlui, and admired at Bath before sba 
nuute her d/fxiC in London, at tha Btj- 
market. In I70T. t^ho mu afterwarda en- 
BBKcd at Corent Garden. See 'Ibe Tba*. 

Lt ., 

lesques of ' Itoblua 
Atkinnon, Joseph. DramatUt,boniin 

Ireland. mH -. died I31B : waa for some tlnw 
in the army; anthor of 'The Mnteal In- 
ception.' a comedy mm, ' A Match lor a 
widow,- an opera (1787), an' " — '- " 

rheip'lan Dictionary '(ISOS). 

Atkinson, Utaa. ActreAn ; made bar 
London dSniC at Sa-Uer'a Wells Thaatre In 

let.' She afterwards appeared there In 
the following parts ;— Tho Qwea in 'Pari. 
clea- (ISM). Birmime In 'The Whitai-< 
~ ■ ■ (ISSSX Kalhrrinf In ' Tho Taming of 
h™.w'naM). otivia In 'TwelfUi NJghl' 


— , -.- In Taylor's 

• Fool's KeTenrn ' (ISaS), J.i"rlnM In -Wer- 
ner' tiseo), Emi^o in 'Othido- (IMl). 
PorKa In ■^iollus Ciewir' d-l). Gontrit In 
' King Lear ■ (isei). and K!(,rv, in'Piiarro' 
(lBfl2). 8heirasaIa0i<e<.'Tiat tlL^NeirWart- 
minstHf in laoa as «'' i^ir.inri-i™ in 'The 
Trial of Bffie Deans,' 


itlTlne, bora lOOfi. died IBSB ; preiamably 
iha antJior of the muiDscript Latin trsfed; 
called 'Homo' (g.v.). He beld sucFeniTsly 
the lirinn of South Wnmborough In Hainii- 
■liln,u3lillphiOifonlabLrea'»7-8). He 
vnite two l^Un posmi. See Wood's ' Alhe- 

Atonement. A TomBntlc drama In > 
proiogae and tour actq, fnUDded on Victor 
Bugo'i 'Lea Mle^TabLes'{ii.c.) by W. Mirs- 

; pjajeii at Manchester Id 1( 

Fceach ot CteWlun. See TuVu.u. 

JLtroalona OrimlnailCAii). A force In 
one act, by J.PjiLaiLAVBS[HrsoN(g.r,),ant 
performed at the OlympEo Thestro. London, 
on February IS, lS67i vith a cn.^t includinE 
J. Claj^n, MrH, Stepbens, Sliu Any 
Sheridan, and Miss r" ■' — 

adapted by SlN> 

Stephens, ] 

Attewal, GeorBV. Actor i a member 
of Henilowo'a company, and perhapt the 
father of Hugh Atwell fj-c). 

Attio Story (The). A farce In one act, 
}iy J. Maddisua Mohton (an.); playeilal 
UruFY lAoe in IM2, -with Selby u Captain 
Cartniu, Keoley aa Onbriei /"orfcfs, Mn, 
Eelby as Mri. Carbiiu, and Mn. Kecley as 
Mn. Poddy ; performed at New York in the 
lollowlng year, 

AUUa, the Iiaat of the Houb. A 
lirama perfoimsd at the Bowery Theatre, 
Mew Votk, In April, IS3i>. 

Attwood, Thomaa. in 

Dished the music tor ■ The Prisoner ' (17M), 

■ The Mariners ' (ITBS), ■ Caemarron Castle ' 
OTitS), 'The Adopteil Child' (1705), 'The 
Poor Sailor '(nsDj.'Tho SniniiBlera'<17»e), 

■ The Month of the Nils ' (Xim, • Tlie Dovtl 
o(nI,'(171«),'A Ubt at flomB'(17HS), 
'TbaCaatlB of Sorrento '(17TO\ 'The Red 
Oroai Knlgbta' OlM), 'The Uld Clothes- 

■■"7?Lr " ^ - ■ — — 

Dai''(IKa^ and ' The (Siiow ■ (ieOTJ." See 
' DictSooary of Musia ' (1979). and 'Dictionary 
of National BioRraphy'dSBi;. SeelUCAfS, 

At well, Hugh. 

le lielunEeil also, at one tim 
T. Howliypnbllshi 

fhe name is spelt", 

itel"(7.w.). Sea'The ,_._ , 

ind Collier's ' Dtamatio Poetry ' (ie31-7B). 

Anher, Bantel FrancoU Bspiit. 

k French coinposor (17M-1S71). some o( 
nbose operas Imve been performed in Kng- 
and, both in English and Italian ; for ei- 
J ... . ,v . ...„, .pj^ i)ia,olo' 

AuberKS d«a Adreta (!.>}. Sea 
BojiD^iDB Inn. Tue; Robkut Macure; 


Anbert, UrB, To this lady is ascribed 
'Harlequin Hytlar^pca' iq.v.y, 

AahlHi Kra. Aalhor of ' The Men; 
Maaqneraders ' (?-ir-)- 

Anbrsy. (I) AiiffuiM ArUmji is tha 
heroine ol dJUUKiiLU'D's 'Fashionable 
Loner' (q.v.). (e}jradaTn( J utnv is a lead- 

ing charactsr in P. Edwiiuis and L. Wal- - 
LACK'S ' Honour before Wpalth ' (f.e.J, ^> 
Mr. and iln. A ubrrg are cbaroctets In ' A 
Curious Case '(g.D.). 

imber. 1870, at tbo Conrt ■ 

of Snx*( 
tha Siat 

of CelUer'B 'Nell Uwynne.' 
ig the other rUtt she has played an 

- New Men and Old Acres,' and Ptdn lu 

Waltkil Scott (^.c), pnbllalied in 1S30, 

,.), pnbll. 
Ing tbe hi 

on which it is founded. 

Auction (The}. A farce biTiiEOPRiLita 
ClBBER (q.t.). adapted from Heldlng's 'His- 
torical Register ;' played at the Haymarket, 

Auctlonof PictiireBtThel. Amono- 
iguB by SijiLEi. FooTB {q.v.\ glien by 
im at the Havmarket in Aprii, 17*3. In 
IB course of this entertainment, which was 
sotiro on tha preraillng rage [.■rlhe an- 
quB, (ho comedian Introduced imllatlons 
[ several pnblic chamcteix, including tha 
inton* Orator Henley. 
Andley, Lady and Bobert, flfur* 
_.l the lartoui dramatiiatioin of Miie 
BKADbOK's 'Lady Andlcy'a Secret' (a.t.). 
e also Binong; the prTunuB ol H. J. 




been performed in England. See Ckiale, La ; 
OiLLETTF. ; Grand Mociul, Le ; Indiana; 
Olivette; Mascotte, La ; Miss Decima; 
Poup^E, La ; ToLEDAD, La. 

Audrey. A country wench in *Ab 
YoQ Like It' (a.c.X She first appears in 
act ill. sc S. ^ I am not fair," sne says, 
"and therefore I pray the sods make me 
honest." She is beloved by WiUiamj bnt is 
esponsed by ToucJbtone, who descrioes her 
as "an ill-layoared thing, sir, but mine 

Aufkit, Mr. Achilles. A character 
In B. B. P£AK£'s • Lying in Ordinary ' iq.v,\ 

Atifirarde, Amy. Actress and yocalist, 
bom 1868; created the rd/0 of Lady Annt 
Jemingham in A. Cellier's ' Doris ' Cq.v,) ; 
has played in London Lydia in Cellier's 
•Dorothy ' iq.v,\ Madame Lange in • La Fille 
de Madame Angot ' (9. v.), etc 

Anffier, Bmile. The following works of 
this French dramatist (1820-1889) nave been 
adapted to the English stage : ' CignS ' (1844), 
'L*ATentnridre 0848). 'GabrielTe' (1849), 
'Le Gendre de M. Poirier' (1855), 'Les 
Fonrchambaolt' (1878), and 'Le Mariage 
d'Olympe' a807)-aU of which see. His 
' Lionnes Pauvres '(1868) was adapted under 
the title of * A False Step,' but was refused 
a licence by the English censor (1878). 
••M. Augier," says Brander Matthews, 
"inherits the best traditions of French 
comedy. He is a tme child of Beaumar- 
chais, a tme grandchild of Moli^re. He has 
the Gallic thrust of the one, and something 
of the broad utterance of the other ana 
greater" (' French Dramatists of the Nine- 
teenth Century'). " M. Augier '' says Dut- 
ton Cook, " is nothing if not didactic ; he 
is witty and eloquent ; the stage is to him 
something of a pmpit, and he finds in Paris 
attentive and adminng audiences of his 
moral essays by reason of the striking illus- 
trations that accompany them " ('Nights 
at the Play 7. See Barbjstkr, The. 

AufiTors, The Uask of, was performed 
at Court on Twelfth Night, 1622, and again 
on May 0. 1622. It was by Ben Jonson. 
''Prince (Charles," says Fleay, "led the 
aufurs. The prototype of Vangoose, the 
Bntain bom, who sneaks all languages in 
ill English, ought to oe discoverable, oat I 
cannot discoyer him." 

Auffoata. (1) The name nnderlwhich 
London is personified in Drydbn's ' Albion 
and Albanlns' (9. v.). (2) Mother of Gus- 
tavns Yasa, in Brooke's play of that name 
(a.v.X (8) A character in Taylor's ' Our 
American Cousin ' (9. v.). 

AtLffusta; or, The Blind Oirl. A 
dramain three acts, first performed at Drury 
Lane on January 14, 1823, with Ck>oper, 
Knight, S. Penley, Mrs. Davison, and Mrs. 
^V. West in the oast 

AuflTOfltas Cnsar. A play printed in 
1667. 'Augustus' is the name, also, of a 
tragedy by Edward Biddle, one act of 
whkh was printed in 1717. 

Auffxistns and OxQielmoe; or, 
The V illaflrers. A melodrama by W. A. 
Holland, acted at the Haymarket in March, 

Aiild Acqnaintance. A one-act play 
by Joseph Dilley (q.v.\ first performed at 
St. George's Hall, London, on March 2S, 1878. 
with a cast including F. H. Macklin and 
Miss B. Henri; revived at the Vaudeville 
Theatre in 1880-1. 

Anld Langr Syne. (1) A comedy- 
drama in three acts, oy G. L. Gordon (g.v.), 
first performed at the Princess's Theatre, 
Edinburgh, in November, 1877 ; in London, 
at the Park Theatre, on May 27, 1878. (2) 
A play in one act, by Lorma Leigh, Lad- 
broke Hall. London, June, 1891. (3) A 
comedietta by Basil Hood, Prince of Wales's 
Theatre, London, November 5, 1892. 

Auld ICan and his Wife (The). An 
interlude by Sir David Lindsay, printed in 

Auld Bobin Gray. (1) A musical 

Siece in two acts, by Samuel Arnold {q.v.), 
rst performed at the Haymarket Theatre, 
London, on July 29, 1704, with C. Kemble as 
Jamie. Miss Leak as Jenny ^ Suett as Robin, 
and other parts by Fawcett, Miss De Camp, 
and Mrs. Bland. The piece "ends with 
Jamit^9 return, rich and faithful, in time to 
prevent Jenny i marriage with the good old 
man." (2) A oallet, first performed at Drury 
Lane on May 13, 1814. (3) A musical piece 
by Jonathan blewitt. (4) A drama in 
one act, adapted from Tnenriet's *Jean 
Marie' by George Boy, and first performed 
at the Imperial Theatre, London, on Sep- 
tember 22, 1883. See Daddy Gray. 

Anlnlaria. A comedy by Plautus 
(B.C. 254-184); played before Queen Elira- 
oeth at Gambrioge in 1664 ; translated into 
English blank verse by Thornton, Warner, 
and Ck)lman (1769-1774). See also the trans- 
lations by Cotter (1827) and Biley (1862). 

Aungrier Street Theatre. See Dub- 
lin Theatres. 

Aunt Charlotte's Maid. See Our 
French Lady's Maid. 

Aunt in Virgrinia (An). A farce per- 
formed at the Park Theatre, New York, in 
May, 1828, with Maywood as Jfrt. Clatter- 

Aunt Jack. A farce in three acts, by 
Balph B. Lumley (9.V.), first performed at 
the Court Theatre, London, on July 13, 1889. 
with Mrs. John Wood in the title r6U^ and 
A. Clecil, Eric Lewis, W. Grossmith, Miss B. 
Filippi, and Miss F. Wood in other parts ; 
proauced in New York, at 'the Madison 
Square Theatre, on October 81, 1889, with 
Mrs. Agnes Booth in the title part, sup- 
ported by J. U. Stoddart, E. M. Holland, F. 
Robinson, and L. Massen; revived at the 
Court Theatre. I<ondon, in November, 1891, 
with Mrs. J.Wood, supported bv E. Righton, 
G. Giddens, II. Beeves • Smith, Seymour 
Hicks, Miss S. Vaughan, and Miss £. 




Auntie. A *' farcical piece " in three acts, 
by H. J. Byron (q.v.), performed at Toole's 
Theatre on March 13. 1882, with J. L. Toole 
as Bunny, Miss Emily Thome in the title 
part {Mrs, Draaooner), and other rdUs by E. 
W. Garden, E. D. Ward, J. Billin^on. Miss 
Winifred Emery, Miss Effie Listen, and 
Miss Eliza Johnstone. 

Aunt's Advice. A comedietta, adapted 
from 'Lirre III. Chapitre 1/ by E. A. 
SOTHERN (q-v.\ and firat performed at the 
Haymarket Theatre, London, in December S, 
1861, with the author as Captain Leslief 
Howe as Arundel, and Miss M. Oliver as 
Mrs. Arundel; revived at the Shaftesbury 
Theatre. London, in 1889, with E. 8. Willard 
and Mrs. Willard as Captain Leslie and 
Mrs. Arundel. See Book m. Chapter I. ; 
Novel Expedient, A; Subterfuge, A., 

Aura. A character in Johnson's ' Coun- 
try Lasses.' 

Aurelia. (1) Duehtu of Pietro Jaeomo 
in Marston's 'Malcontent' Cj.v.). Hazlitt 
says that "the part of Aurelia, a dissolute 
and proud-spirited woman, is the highest 
strain of Marston's pen." (2) Aurelia, in 
Mrs. Centlivre's * Peijured Husband' (g.t>.), 
is in love with Count Bassino. 

AnreUo and ICiranda. A play in five 
acts, by J. Boaden (q.v.), founded on M. G. 
Lewis's novel 'The Monk,' and first per* 
formed at Drury Lane on December 29, 
1798, vtith Kemble as Aurelio, Mrs. Siddons 
as Miranda, Mrs. Powell as Agnes. Barry- 
more as Raymond, and other parts by Ban- 
nister, jun., C. Kemble, Wewitzer, Archer, 
Mrs. Bland, etc Aurelio is a monk, with 
whom Miranda has fallen in love, and 
whom she attends in the guise of a boy. 
When she reveals her sex, Aurelio recipro- 
cates her affection, and, being released from 
his vows, is enabled to marry her. Agnes 
and Raymond are in love, and the adventures 
of Aanes in a nunnery form the underplot. 
*'A ludicrous circumstance," says Genest, 
'* took place on the first night. In the fifth 
act, when Mrs. Siddons took the child from 
Mrs. Powell, there happened to be some 
hissing. Mrs. Siddons, not liking this, made 
her exit more rapidly than usual. In her 
hurry she struck the wooden child so 
Tiolently against the door slio was going 
through, that the head came tumbling down 
the stage. Mrs. Powell had to say imme- 
diately, 'Immortal power, preserve my 

Aurenniebe ; or, The Great UTogiil. 
A tragedy by John Dryden (^.r.), probably 
acted m the spring of 1G75, and printed in 
that year. The first cast included Hart as 
Aurengzehe, Mohun as the Emperor, Mrs. 
Marshidl as Nourmahal, Kynaston as Moral, 
Mrs. Cox as Indamcra, and Mrs. Corbet as 
Melesinda, The scene is in Agra in 1660. 
The Emperor desires his son Aurengzebe to 
resign to him Indamora, the captive queen 
with whom both are in love. Aurengzebe 
refuses, and the Emperor thereupon con- 

nives with his other son Morat, and AurengT 
zebe is put in confinement. Hourmahal, the 
Empress, loves him, but he rejects her ad 
vances, and she attempts to poison him. 
The Emperor and Morat quarrel ; the former 
makes friends with Aurengzebe, and the 
last-named defeats the forces of his brother, 
who dies of his wounds. His wife, Mele- 
sinda, commits suicide ; Nourmahal poisons 
herself and dies mad ; and Aurengzebe and 
/ndamora are made hiu>py. Da vies describes 
the piece as the author's "last and most 
perfect rhvming tragedy. The passions are 
strongly depicMd, the characters well dis- 
criminated, and the diction more familiar 
and dramatic than in any of his preceding 
pieces" ('Dramatic Miscellanies '1 "The 
verse used," says Scott, "is of that kind 
which may be most easily applied to the 
purposes of ordinary dialogue." It is in 
this tragedy that wo find the weUknown 
description of life — 

" When I oonilder life, 'tis an a dieat," etc — 

which is placed in the mouth of the hero. 
" Nor," says Scott, " is the answer of JVoiir- 
mahal inferior in beauty" — 

"TU not for nothing that we Ufo ponue," etc 

Praise is given by Scott to the lines on virtae, 
also spoken by Aurengzd>e — 

" Bow Tain if Tirtue, which directi oar wayB," etc. 

' Aurengzebe ' was revived at Drurv Lane in 
February, 1708, with Powell as the hero, 
Betterton as the Emperor, Booth as Morat, 
Mrs. Barry as Nourmahal, Mrs. Rogers a& 
Indamora, and Mrs. Porter as Melesinda; 
at the same theatre in November, 1709, with 
Mrs. Bradshaw as Indamora ; and again at 
Drury Lane in December, 1721, with WUka 
as Aurengzebe, Mills as the Emperor, Mrs. 
Porter as Nourmahal, Mrs. Oldfield as/iuia- 
mora, and Mrs. Younger as MeUsinda, See 
Prince op Aqra. 

Auricomous. A character in Bouci- 
cault and Planchj&'s 'Babil and Bgou' 

Aurora* A character in Burnand's 
' Olympic Games ' (q.v,). 

Aurora Floyd. This noTel by Miss 
Braddon has been dramatized several times, 

in the form of Q) a play by C. S. Chbltnam 
(g.v.), producea at the Princess's Theatre, 
London, on March 9, 1863, with Miss Amy 

Sedgwick in the title part, H. Vezin as John 
Mellish^G. Belmore as Stephen Hargreaves, 
and R. Koxby as James Conyers. (2) A play 
by B. WEBSTERjJun. {q.v.), first performed 
at the Adelphi Theatre on March 18, 1863, 
with Miss Avonia Jones as the heroine, 
John Billington as Mellish. B. Webster as 
Hargreaves, and Paul Bedford, B. Bomer, 
J. L. Scfton, and Mrs. Billington in other 
parts. (3) A play by W. E. Suter (q.v.), nro- 
duced at the Queen's Theatre on April 4, 
1863, with C. Sennett as Hargreaves. (4) A 
play bv C. H. Hazlewood Iq.v.), first per- 
formea at the Britannia Theatre on April 
21, 1863. (6) A play by J. B. Ashley and 

n In AOKiui, ISBS. 

Anatar. Spirit ol the itorm, in Lord 
Btbon's ' Minlred ' (q. r.). 

AoBterlitE. (1) Caloitel Avilerliii la a 
cbuscter in C Seut':^ ' Maroelllns ' (;.!■). 
di Sergeant Autterlitz Scurei. Id Mra. 

Aiutevllta ; pi, j-db ooi 
Srtde. A molodrama in thru a 
John Thomas Hai.-ces (g.-c.). Brat penonuwi 
Bt tlie Ouoen's ThoiLtre, London ; pliiyeJ at 
NSR York In Jsnuiry, ISiB. Sos Itiuii on 

AuBtiUt Actor and nuuuMT ; perlanned 
Bt Drury Lang undsr Ofurick 9 nunueDKint, 

ie adopted by tLo Lord 

"lajfi' ' 

36. Among har paita 

AtM, Sailna, Diana Venum, Lvey 
Btrirmm, Oara (' The Duenna '). nnd AbbUo 
VVaiea"}. 6m IreUnd's 'Mew rurk Stags' 

Atiatralift; or. The BnnhraiiKera. 
A dnma of CoIonM iUe, by A. U. .'Stanley 
■nd W. AKCHGa {g.v.l. OreciiD Theatre, 
London, on April IH, 1S«1. 

Autboi (An) Sgurea in l»usenft-s ' Mr. 
£uckstaoe'aVuyiij:eBuuud the Ulobe'd.i.}. 

Author (The). A comedy In two acts. 
■bj SlHUSL FODTE (3.1.), 0»t performed at 
tfrnry Ikw on Febnuu; fi, 1761, nitli Foota 
>!— ■" ka CadiKiUadsr, Bnnaby aa old Cape, 
Bom u nana Coft, Yat«> u Katnfi, Mra. 
CUn u Itri. Ca^uoAoder, and Miss Barton 
u ArabtUa. Tonng Cape ia an author and 
In lore with ArtMla, whom ha is not rich 
•tumgh to nuiT. BebeHetoa hla father to 
ba dead, bnb old Cape "dlscoTeti biinseU." 
■ad U» iDting couple are nniCed. In tills 
^•oo Foota ptmrtiayed. In the petsDns □[ 
Cope and Vaap (f.e-), the relatlre poidlJons 
hdd by the writers and the publLshera oC 
(be time. Aa Mr, Cadtcallader, ha ga<e so 
perfect and » Indlcrous an imitation of ■ 
Mr. Ap-Koe, k weU-known Welsh KenCle- 
man, (bat the latter applied for and ob- 
tained tha intervention of the lord chaio- 
hertiin. Tbe piece was tintt plny»i in 
America In 1797, with Hallam as Cadwal- 

Author and the E 
ptinlBd in 17U. 

Author's Fares <The), and The 
Ftaasnren of the Town. A piicc ificca- 
mm bj Uesax (g.e.), produced al 


the Haymarket in March, 1730, and aimed at 
the preTailinii crate for Italian opera. lAiek- 
Uii, the antbor, writes a "farce," caUed 
■The Pleanuros of the Town.' Ha dabs » 
*'x puppet-show," and expreoaea the hoptf 
that it will oipel opcis and farce an they 
have Bipolleil Itagady and comedy. "On* 
ol the acenes lies in the Court of KotueUK. 
Signior Ojura, Dan Tranidio, Sir Fanieat 
C-miek, Dr. Ontor, Mitrmeur Panteminm. 
and Jfri. Socct pay their respects to A'on- 
unie. She thanks them aU, bat giiea tha 
preference to Siininr Opern." Among tl»* 
chancters In the farce nre Mri. Momyaaiyl, 
Witmorr.BookKTiiilii.Marplav.ete. Wilmim 
sajs ; ■■ When tbe thalreH are puppet-ahown 
■nd the comedlana ballad-slngera : wboO 
fool« lead tbe town, wou'd a man tbluk to 
thrive by his wit r If you must write, write 
Nonaenae, write Openut, write Enterlalu- 

lanafffr. He rej«:ta it without reading 

S>es the ifntuijfir aod the players 
D. At tbo coQcIusiou Draiiiaiick 

" Authors' NiB'htB." It is not certain 
when Engliah dramatlets began to accept 
the ■'oTorplos"Df adaj's receipts as a por- 
tlon of the payment [or their work. We nod 
tliat in 3613 Robert Dabnme (a. r.) received 
for his ' Bellman of London ' (q.n j and 
"the overplus of the secoad day:" and it 
would seem, from a passage in L>enham'a 
prolnguB to his 'Sf'pliy' (7.0,) — produced 

" ^ " was cither the secoad or the Ihlnl. 

By-and-hy the third day isme to be in- 
tariably dovoted to the playwiieht. and 
eventufllly several ilays wore asogncd to 
him. '"Thofllat that bad two nights," wa 
are told, '■ was Southern ; and the Unit that 
had three wu Rone." When Goldsrallh 

t reduced his '^ Good.ruitureU Man," the 
hird, aiith. and ninth performances wers 
"appropriated to thenuthnr."and thorceult 
was £400. "Anthora' Nights" - ' - 


nalic Poei 

IB Play' 


rir'sTale' (7.S.). 

nibea himself as " 

ittil}iciu " moat charming of ro^aaii," 
■» " the aly hnavery of Auiolgciu haa 
f in it thttt Is crlmina] ; heaven is hia 




accomplice. ' If I had a mind to be honest, 
I see Fortune would not suffer me ; she drops 
booties into my mouth.'" Autolycu* also 
figures in W. Brouqu'S burlesque * Pcrdita' 

Automaton (The). A piece played at 
Niblo's Garden, New York, in 1838. 

Autreval, The Gountess d'. See 
D'AUTREYAL, Countess. 

''AutTunn hath all the suxnmer's 
fruitful treasure." First line of a song 
in Nash's ' Summer's Last Will and Testa- 
ment • (q.v.)— 

" Short dMja, sharp dajn, tong nli^ti eome on Npaea ; 
Ah, whu ahall hide u ttom the winter*! facet 

'' Autumn leaves, autumn leaves* 
lie strewn around us here." First 
line of a song in Dickens's 'Village Co- 
quettes' (q.c). 

Aux Print emps. See Six Months 

Avalanche (The) ; or, The Trials of 
the Heart. A romantic dnma in three 
acts, by A. Harris (9;«*)« Ant ]>erformed at 
the Surrey Theatre. London, on October 8, 
1854, with Creswlck as Frangoit Martel, 
H. Widdicomb as Pierre^ and Vollaire as 
FlathenhavMHn ; produced at the Bowery 
Theatre, New York, in 1855. 

Avarice and Ostentation. A comedy 
*• from Goldoni," printed in the Theatrical 

Avengrer (The); or. The ICoor of 
Sicily. A drama played at the Lafayette 
Theatre, New York, in August, 1826, with 
Burroughs as John di Procida. (2) 'The 
Avenger:* a play by George W. Lovell 
(7.t\), first performed at the Surrey Theatre, 
London, in 1835, with Butler in the chief 
part. (3) * The Arenger ; or. Love's Trials : ' 
a drama performed at the Bowery Theatre, 
New York, in September, 1850, with J. 
Wallack, run., as Blackboum, and Mrs. 
Wallack as PhUip, 

Avengrer's Vow (The). A play by 
Charles P. Clinch (a.v.), prodncea at New 
York in February, 1824, with Maywood as 

Avengrers (The). A play bv Bichard 
Penn Smith, performed in America. 

Aventuridre (L*). A comedy by ifimile 

iq.vX by H. St. Maur under that of ' What 
a Woman' (g.v.), and by Edward Rose 
under that ox 'The Adventurers' {q.v.). It 
was performed (in the original French) at 
the Prince of Wales's Theatre, London, on 
May 11, 1880 ; Miss Genevieve Ward being 
the Clorinde, Miss Hubert the CilU, H. 
Beerbohm Tree the Monte Prade, H. Wigan 
the DariOt M. Marius the Ihm Annihal^ and 
U. St. Maur the Fabrice. 

Aventurine. A character in C. Z. 
Barnbtt's 'La Polka' (9.r.>. 

Avenue Theatre. See London Ths- 


Averay, Bobert. Author of ' Britannia 
and the Oods in Council,' a dramatic piece, 
printed in 1756. 

Aveuffle (LO. A drama in five acts, by 


performed at the GalW, Paris, on March 21, 
1857. with Laferri^re as the son and Menier 
as the hunchback Doctor. This work has 
been a/lapted to the English and American 
stages under the titles of ' Blind,' * Dupres 
and Son.' 'Fortune's Fool,* 'Four Stages 
of Life,' ' Struck Blind,' and * Taken from 
Memory,' all of which see. 

Avocatd'unGrec(L'). See Retained 
FOR THE Defence. 

Avondale, Lord. A character in Mo&- 
Tox's • School of Reform ' {q.v.). 

Avonmore, Lord. A character in 
Falconer's • Family Secret' {q.v.). 

Awakening:. See Tears, Idle Teabs. 

Awakening (The). A comedy in three 
acts, by Arthur Benham {q.v.\ first per- 
formed at the Garrick Theatre, London, on 
October 1, 1892, with a cast including Mt— 
E. Bumey, Miss V. Featherstone, Miss N. 
Boucicauit, U. Waring, Sant Matthewi, 
and A. Elwood. (2) A play in foor 
acts, by C. Haddon Chambers {q.v.\ 
St. James's Tlieatre, London, February 6, 
1901, with a cast including G. Alexander, 
U. B. Irving, Miss Granville, Miss JuUe 
Opp, Miss G. Kingston, and Miss Fay Davis. 

Awakin g>. A one^ict piece by Cabipbell 
Clarke (o.vl), founded upon the ' Marcel ' of 
MM. Sandeau and De Courcelle, and first per- 
formed at the Vaudeville Theatre, Lon^n, 
on December 14, 1872, with John (Jlayton as 
Victor Trrmaine^ IL Wigan as Dr. Merridew^ 
and Miss F. Brough as Conttanee Tremaine. 
In this piece, a father, having accidentally 
shot one of nis children, loses his reason, 
and, in order to "awake'* 1dm from hii 
melancholy state, those about him make 
believe that the catastrophe was but the 
creation of a fancy diM>rdered by brain f erer. 
See Tears, Idle Tsars. 

*' Away, deliffhtB ; ffo seek some 
other dwelling-?' First line of a lyric in 
Fletcher's * Captain ' {q.v.). 

Away 'With ICelancholy. A farce 
in one act, founded by J. Maddison Morton 
iq.v.) on * Un homme entre deux airs,' and 
nrst performed at the Princess's Tlieatre, 
London, on March 18, 1854, vrith David 
Fisher as Windsor Brown^ and other parts 
by U. Saker, Miss M. Daly, etc.; played at 
Burton's Theatre, New York, in the same 

Awful Bise in Spirits (An). An 
extravaganza by Tom Taylor (q.v.), first 
performed at the Olympic Theatre, I/>ndon, 
on September 7, 1863. This was a skit on 
the "ghost" manifestations of Pepper and 
Dircks, who wen burletqued as Kepptr 


lAlhlnB} and Quired (H. W<nn1. Amane 
1118 otbti ptnoaa were ths BltaSina Han vf 
lAndenlmrg (Miss Hngbes), JlicAardlon't 
GAort (K. &)0Ur), ITm. Teal (Mm. Stephens), 
Motty Bnnm (Miss I.jdta Foote), tbe SAokis 
HJ sHabtptart {It. NeTille}, etc 

Axallw. AcliamctsTtnBowE'B "Tuner- 

d. AilaptBi 

umciiy ('J. 

Ayliff,Mra. A 

^ tfae origlnia 





n, horn 1803, 




Aylmer de I& Boche, in StOWB 
' Templar' (b.v.)- 
Aylmer, Uaiffaret. Sea Elmohe, 

Aylmere ; or, Ths Xentlah Rabel- 
lion. A traced; by R. T. Conrad {q.v.\ 
flrat perlonned at Iho Fmnklln Theatr*. 
Kbw York, in May, ISll, -willi Fnrrsst as 
Aytmrre {iarft Cade). Thp piny was att«r- 

1, The Oaatla of. See Cistlh 

lesworth, Allan. 

Ma M-vt 

Osei), "Yht Late laiDented' (iset). 'The 
Craaders ' (1891), ' 4 Bohutnian ' (IKM), • Ao 
American Bride' OSai), -Tlie Orient Ei- 
p[»9 '(1393). ' Tbe Laukei's Carnival ' (IBOO). 

(RcoUandl. S 

eatricaJa,' by Ji 

Ayra. WlUlain. Tranilator of Taaao's 
■ Aiaiutaa' (g.vj, aod of ' Marepe,' a tragedy 

Attbs, JunsB. Author nf 'Saneho at 
Court' M.o.), and 'The Kiss Acrcnted and 
Betiini8d'({.c.). See ■ Tbe Britudi 'llieatre.' 

AyTBhlre Tragedy (The). Sbb 

Ayrton, "WlUlun (bom 
ITTT -, died 18U), vaathe ■■hononi 
and mniical cnclc of llw Montii 
bom lau la imo, and moM 
miuiaal notioM for the JEnnHiK 
■ ■■ Bar Ui 

Librarj'' (liBlJ and 'Sacred Minatrelay.' 
See ' Imperial Dictionary of Blocniphy ' and 
' Dictionary of Miuic and Uaaiaanii.' 

_. iymarket in ISSt, 

has played Sumn aaunUord in a retital of 
UeyHDod'a ■ Woman KiUed irith Kindness' 
(1^7), tha title parts of ' Alrey Annie' (a. o.) 
nnd ■Trtla-li-T^ca' {fl.cA JJ/n. CAri«!»m 
In Jones'a ' Dancing Girl ' (q.v,), etc 

AyBCona-h, Oteorge Edward. Dra- 
malial. dioirOclobot i*. llW : son of Dean 
Ayscoogh. and at one lime in the aimy ; 
waa the author o( ' Semiramis,' a tragedy 

K7A} (q-^.). He also edited the works of 
rd LytUeton (IVJl). See tha ' Biograpbia 
Dramatic* 'QSIS) and Geneifs ■Accooul of 
tha Xnglish Stage' (1S39). 

AysoauBlii Samuel. Libradsn and 
index-maker, bom lT4fi, died 1804 ; was ths 
" ■ ■ iplle a cr----'---- '- ="'- 

-1, in tbL . . 

i rflinarkahle paBsifces 

wDius, printed at the end of aa edition of 
the dramatic Tork* publlihed In 17IM. Tbe 
[ndoi was af tarmnli pabliahed lepanitaly, 
and waa reluaed at Intvrala imul anpor- 
acded by the ■ Concorduios ' at Mn. Con- 
den Clarke (q.t.). See Hioboli' ■Uberair 

Ayton, Btchard. Dnunatlat and rnls- 
I Ibo^anthor 

Magaiia/, toL xT See, alao, RendezyoUS. 

Aytomi, 1711110111 BdmoiiBtouiie. 
Poet and prose writer (lgt»~lSfla) : author 
of •Firmllfan'miii), wUchaoa. See, alao, 
the ' Ufa ' by Martin (ise?)- 

Azael, ths FrodigBl. A dmna, 
fnuodedbyF.. FITUULL <<2.i>.)on 'L'Enfant 
Prodicue'nf Scribe and Aaber, and Unt per- 
formed at Drury lAae Theatre, London, on 
February IB, 1351, with J. O. Aiideraon la 
the title part, Vandenbofl H Seuien. Mlaa 
F. Vlnlngaa JepMtU, KmerTta Annnapliit, 
and Mn. Walter tKcy u JVriM ; nroduud at 
" "w York in Jone, 1861, idth F. Conwa" " 
i&. .luUf, tbe'aonoi AmteH, andco 

of JtphUle, whom he larea, fa llTinc a happy 
pastoral life, when, by the arts of AmcaoptaM 
and Si^U, he la lured away to Memphia. 
There, being fuand in the Sacred Tifmple, 

and, niter many vaadorings, la indncedbf 
a dream to return to his homo. Some of 
Anbei'a music waa used at Dmry Lane^ 
Edmnnd Yatea refera to the play, in hii 
■ Becdlloctioni,' as "a tolerably dcae rot- 
lion o( the a^ripCoral aCory, in which John 
Cooper played a high priest with much 
pompon/ unction." "ai A b«rle,qne of 
'Auk'l- waa prodnccrl at the Olympia 
Theatre In NoTember. 13^1. 




Azasiel. An angel in Lord Byron's 
' Heaven and Earth ' (^.r.), beloved by Anah 

Azdma. A character In Gilbert's 
• Palxice of Truth* (^.r.)- 

Azixn al Barmeki. A romantic drama, 
produced at the National Theatre, New 
York, in September, 1858, with Mdme. 
Ponisi in the cast. 

Azor and Zemira ; or, The Maffio 
Rose. An opera in three acts, by Spohr. 
adapted to the English stage, and produced 
at Covcnt Garden Theatre in April, 1831. 

Azor, Prince. See Beast, Tue. 

Asncena, a fdpsy, figures not only in 
the English versions of Verdi's * II Trova- 

* Azucena ; or. The Gipsy's Oath,' was pro- 
duced at Bamum's Museum, New York, in 
February, 1865. 

Azurine. A spectacular play, produced 
at Niblo's Garden, New York, December 26, 

Aznrine. A cliaracter in Plancu^'s 

* King Charming' (g.o.). 

"Bab, Lady." A maid-servant in 
' nigh Life Below Stairs ' iq.v.}, who adopts 
and is known bv the name of her mis- 
tress. She reads only one book, *' which 
is Shikspur." 

Bab-Ballad-Monflrer(Tlie) ; or. The 
MsrsteriouB Musician and the Duke 
of Die-Guisebury. A burlesque by 
Frank Lindo, introducing travesties of 
*The Ballad-Monger ' (^.vOand 'The Dancing 
Girl' (q.v,\ and first performed at the Op^ra 
Comi(iuo, July 30, 1892. 

Baba, Ali, the hero of the familiar 
nursery tale, figures in Cqlman jun.'s 

* Forty Thieves' (q.v.) and A Bfx:kett'8 

* Open Sesame ' (q.v.). See Au Baba. 

Babble, Jeremiah. A character in 
PocoCK's * Anything New ?' (q.v.). 

Babble Shop (The). A travesty, by 
Edward Rose Oj.v.\ of ' The Bauble Shop' 

%' p.) : produceci at the Trafalgar Square 
eatre, London, on March 30, 1893, vrith 
A. Playfair. W. H. Day, J. Willcs, and Cyril 
Maude in the cast. 

Babblebrook, in C. S. Cheltnam's 
*IiCS8on in Lovo' (q.v.\ is nicknamed 
'The Newspaper,' because so full of gossip. 

Babes (The). See Babes in the 

Babes and Beetles. See Babes in 
THE Wood (Tom Taylor). 

Babes in the Wood (The). TUs 
familiar nursery tale has been the subject 
of many comic plays. Among these may 
be noted (1) *The Babes in the Wood:' 
pantomime by J. B. Buckstone, 1866. 
(2) *The Babes in the Wood and the 
Good IJttle Fairy Birds : ' burlesque by 
H. J. Byron (q.v.\ first performed at the 
Adelphi Theatre, London, on July 18, IBM, 
with Miss Woolgar as Sir Rowland Maeastarp 
J. L. Toole and Miss Kate Kelly as Tommif 
and Sally (the babes), Paul Bedford as 
Snu'th (the first ruflBanX W. H. Ebnme as 
the Family Physician, and Mrs. Billington 
as Lady Macawar. (3) * The Babes in the 
Wood : 'pantomime by G. 1 Beckett (q.v.\ 
Covent Uartlen, December, 18<57. (4) '^The 
Babes in the Wood : ' pantomime by G. 
Lander. Sadler's Wells, December, 1878. 
(6) 'Tho Babes in the Wood:' pantomime 
by T. Mead, Elephant and Ckstie Theatre* 
London, December, 1873. (6) 'The Babes in 
the Wood : ' pantomime by C. BiCB, Gorent 
Garden. December, 1874. with F. Cfould as 
Sir Roltingstone, J. Wainwright as Orub- 
grabber the Greedy , Miss Annie Goodall as 
Walter, Miss C!atherine Lewis as Photbt^ and 
Miss Rebecca Isaacs as Mother Bunch. Ct} 

* The Babes in the Wood : ' pantomime by 
G. Merion, Greenwich, December, 187ol 

(8) * The Babes in the Wood : ' burlesque by 
O. L. Gordon and O. W. Anson, Piinee 
of Wales's Theatre, Liverpool, April, 187T. 

(9) * Our Babes in the Wood ' (g.v.\ by F. C. 
Burnand (1877). (10) 'The Babes in the 
Wood :' pantomime by Frank Hall, Phil- 
harmonic Theatre, London, December, 1880. 

1) *The Babes, or Whines from the 
ood: ' an extravaganza by Harry Paulton 
.v.), first performed at the Theatre BoyaL 
inmngham, on June 9, 1884 ; first produced 
in London at Toole's Theatre, on September 
0, 1884, with W. Edonin and Miss Alice 
Atherton as " the babes " (Dolly and TesHeX 
Ja. Broueh as Bill Booty, and Miss G. Huntlej 
as Jialph Heckles ; revived at the Novel^ 
Theatre, London, in Januarv, 1886. with W. 
Edonin, L. Brough, and ^liss Atherton in 
their original parts, and Miss H. Vernon 
as Ralph; again revived at the Strand 
Theatre, London, in February, 1805, with 
W. Edonin and Miss Atherton, D. James as 
Bowland Butt re, J. J. Dallas as Booty, etc 
a2) 'The Babes in the Wood '.'burlesque 
oy G. Capel (q.v.), Douglas, Isle of Man. 
July, 1884. as) ' Tbe Babes in the Wood : ^ 
pantomime by G. Thorn, Grand. Islington* 
December, 1890. (14) 'The Babes in the 
Wood : ' burlesque by T. Bamsdale, Alder- 
shot, Surrey, August, 1891. (16) 'The 
Babes in the Wood : ' burlesque by M. ByaM 
and B. Wyke, Rhyl, Wales, September. 

1891. (16) 'The Babes in the Wood and 
Bold Robin Hood : * pantomime by H. 
Lrnnard (q.v.), Oystal Palace, December, 

1892. (17) 'The Bonnie Babes in the 
Wood : * pimtomime by T. Craven, Park- 
hurst, Ilolloway. December, 1894. (18> 

* The Babes in the Wood : ' pantomime by 




kvmun Thcalre. Lun.1 


parforiDHl ■! 

R {»-n.X lir.t 

, jl the HiynHrket TbHitm I jix- 

4aD. on Mmrgnbn' 10. IMD. with J. &. Ruck- 
(tone t» Jtrmiak Bftlr. H. Coniplun u 
jSlUtO, Cbippenitela u Ute Sari ti/ Latritlni. 
W. Furen uf'mit Jttuktm, Ul» A. Sailg- 
vlek u £<»fv AJon'Ai ItuAIan, and Mn. 
WUklniu Jfn. fitcUs. "AiBntperfonned." 
■«iy« HsDiT Horlsj. " lb* oUy »«» * good 
de»l lonnr tbm 'Huoletr' " T( wu pec- 
(orrasd lor ths Snt timg In America nt Cbs 
Nsw Metropolitan Tbeatn. Now Vork. ' 

April. :— -'■■- ■ " "■--■" ~ - ■ 

liilll V 

I Mr,. J 

1 Mn. Kendal a 


BalU* TDRiBr u 

u Fntnt UiM Tarsi 

iUraa. ir. Uer 

Babst. A rhvacMr In Dmoi^s ' Boni- 
facio and Brfdgetina' (^.r). 

Babil and BUoo. A "fMitutical 
Hnwctaelfl in •[(;bt*en ta1i1«LUi. dltided Into 
flta uta and a proloialal acene," bj DIOM 
f)0IICIMULT(7.l>.)Uld J. B. PlINChA (g.r.). 
flnt pnlonnoil kt L'orent Garden Theutre. 
Idudan. on Aonut H), laT!, with Mlaa 
Annie Sinelair u £ifo«, MrL Howard Vaul 
«* Miitiffrii. Mlu Helen Bhttu frinciu 
iVirlinlfnmr. Joneph Uau an Fhaailii 
fPrlnois ol mifltlal. L. Brongh u J uriannut. 
•Dit Wiinwriiht L> Thhmoimo*: rerired at 
Ilia AlhUDbn in 1IH3, wAh Mlu Cnn- 
Btance Loaeb; and Han? PanlloD In tba 

BabiUard. (1) A bombunller In B. B. 
Peaee's ■ <;am(ailable Lurli;inEe ' («.t.). (2) 
A chancier in Offe.v[ucu's 'CtooU' Iq.'-). 

Bablola. Anopem In three acta, written 
111 UM. Clalrrille and Oaatlnna, camposed 

S Lament de RiU^ and flrrt perlormed at 
9 Banllca FuUlma in Jaaoai?. 19T8 ; 
nodncnl, with Ubvatto hj B. Bkkcr (q.v.). 
at tba Prlnn'a Theatre. Mancheiiter. on 
March 10, 1ST0, with HIu Pattls Utome 
Id the title part, H. Uallam ai JIain, E. 
RoMnUial aa Ciuiniir de Frriannux. rniit 
\r. a. Bedronl, J. E. Beyer, and U. Collier 

Babr. <1) A farcical comeily In three 
acta, by B. SocTiR and F. IlKnBKIiT. Alei- 
andraTheatTa.Banthend.JutrlT.IMM. (2) 
'Bahy ; aWaniini to Heinietista i ' a fnrce 
In ona act, b; Lujr OKKViue. founded on 
fine dI Mas Adeler'a " Elbow Room " etorluj 
Ttaeatre Boyal. Brlglitoi). Octoliar 31. t8ea ; 
plajfil at Terri'i Theatre. Ijindon. In April, 
isai, aa ■ The Bab^' <8) ' Babj i ' laica in 

;. by J 

Babylon, Neir. See New Bjdvia^. 

Baccarat; or, Tha KnaTa of 
Hsarta. A plajr bf W. E, Bl'TKR (j.p,!, 
tirst petfurmsfl at fiadler'i WelLa nn Alitriin 
t. 1»IU, with T. Mead Ba HmtHll (the chief 
Knaie of Ilearta), Waltvr Joyea an llt»ri, 
MiH> Marriolt m Batiarat. Ml» E. Beau- 

MlH L. Willmi 
Captain • 

BaoQaatorpai Baaa di. 
■teanier In Itia lirutlier* h«-ji.--3 •:■••■ 
chsnl«<l Ijile' (>|.c.). 

BaoobB (The). A tnndy CnnaUted 
froni Euripld«ii hy R. Pottuil (ITSI;. Hee 

B aeehanaltanaCTha). A Iraircd)' tmn*- 
laled from Eiiripiden by MlCH^KL WuD- 
HL'LL(17S!). !SoH Biixii.e. 

Bacohidei. A comedT translated from 
PlBDtus b; TflORMU.t, WIHNER, and CUI' 

Bacchoa. the End ol wine, dRireii in 
W. Leu IN Uki>e a - Cupid in Lundnn ' (u.r. 
H. J. BTilo^■8■_C«plrf and Pujche" (.,.p,: 

Etoc* by "a J. 
miinRuB, umiiir lue nom dt avim ol • Pel- 
hum Uardwlck' (q.r.): flnt perfnnneil at 
the Lyceom Theatre, Lr>ndDn, on NuTembtr 
13, 19£3. with C. i. Mathewi ae Itarry 
Jaljtr.ani other parts hy g. Matthews, 
Bnail Baker, and Ui» Prancei Huahei ; 
produced at Waltack-i Theatra, New Yntk. 
in Jinuarr, 18M, with Leoter Wallack aa 

l/indon. hi May and Juno, 1^ with C\ 
M'j'ndham ai Jiuprr. 

Bachslor'a Buttona. A farce In one 
act. by K, 8TiRLiNa(7.i!.}, first perfnmied at 
the Stmnd Theatre. London, on Klny S), 
19X7. with Mn. Htlrllni ae Ktnilv H'r»un, 
who, durinx the piece. BHumee the charac- 
ters of a fenule romp, a niaid-ofivll worlc 
{iMIvi)iiti>j>i), and a ■portiman. Tlio pl«» 

'" AugnAt, IflSO, with. Mn. Vi. Creawlck aa 


K farci 

hy O. L. 
Lhe Prince 


Bdotaelor's Wife (A), A romerty b 
FREDEnicii Watson in c.l, urformed ■ 
Burton-n The&tre, New York, i.n Juiout 11 

e. London 

£nmilr)i, H. R Cooi 
unJ C. Coete, Miaa K. Mnnroe. 
Owrnne, Bnd Mlu M. A. Victor 
pans; ie>ivBil a,t the Op*i» i'oa 



I A plfl-r ttHUHlated 
Ana ; unacted, but 
■ para^ardB 

BaQbelorB. Tlie Island of. 


Baahelors' Wives ; or. The Sng 
llah at BrnMolB.An opeirtu, the wun.. 

,« (q.v.). th«" music' by K 

..._. , id lit the Lyceum Tht 

London, on July 10, 1B17, (2) 'Biiclielon' 
WiTei : ' M, tarca in three uctii. by F. Bous- 
PTELD, Btttind Theatre, London. December 
16,1866. SobBiCHELOh'sWIKE, A. 

" Baok and side go bare, eo bare." 
FInt lino of a Hong in Blihop I^TILl.'s 
'Qaiomer Gurton'a Heedlo'lj.r,). 

Tbe »0BK, uys Wiirton. "Uaii a rein of 

oiiwct to have been in»pit»d by tho 
^DiptabeieTsgeuf thDHtlm<Ki."_ Wbether 

Is not Dorta^"" Ttyce. "in bis 'edition oj 
Skelton's vorki. prfnta a iHinB, tery niinllBr. 
which be uerlbfi io u, date turller than 
that ot the printing ol the comedy. The 
dlflerenoa between tbe tvo sonKs are, Bin 
Bobert Belt, " reir curloui and intereatlne, 
but tlie moftt HtHbnE point of rarlance ia 
the omiidon [In Dyca'i rerslon) ol the tene 
referring to Tfh, Gunmer Ourton'a maid, 
vbleb onNSflta the probability that the Bong 
nay havebeen orlEinally an InilepemlEnt 
composltlan, of which Ulnhop Still availed 

SaoklaFlToUiaDtea. Ace 


ot Crabtrf,. 

BacldnK the Tannlnta. A farce by 
G. L, GOBIiON (v-f.). produced nt the Op^m 
(Jomique, LoDdon. August T, 1876. 

Backwoodamiui CThe); or, Tha 

Qameoook of the Wlldei 

producnl at tbe Park Theat 
on March 1£. UiH. with Marb 

Baoon, Sella. American writer, bora 
1311, died IMifl i aathor at -The Bride ot 
fort Edward,'adraniaOa3B)i alioof 'The 
PaUoBuphy dI tho Playe uf Shakipere lln- 
fulded' (inb.-!). "She died a Innatlc": 
RGrant While, "andlbi" ■ " 


and Mhl ¥! 
Bacon, Ji 

ftecoUections.- Alio, 
: ol 'The Amail- 

wtiltfr iLni) poet, born liOO, died 1783 . 

of Brumhor (Siiaaei) and rector o( Balden 
(Oifurdihtre): author ot the foUowlnE 
playa (j.n.):— -The ■I^M,' ' Tbe InrigniS 
uuiU,' ' The Trral ot tbe 'TU»-KlUen,'~Tha 
..._i „...,.. , ... It,' all primed 


publlibed In i 

II Ethlcl.' 

.Siie 'Blocraphla Uramallca' (ISlt), V 
■Bibliotheca BrlUnnlca' (1SI4}, Oemna 
■English Bta£e'(lB32>, and the 'blctionarv 
of National Biography ' (lEBS). 

Baoon-Shalcespeare ControTcrn' 
^heX The theory that Francis Bacon. 

of tho pUy's hitherto ascribed to WUllam 

Delia Bacon (j.a) In Putfwn'f Jfojjiuftw 
tor January, ISM. It wu afterwarda elabo. 

PhUoBophy ot ghak><pere'a Plays Unfoldad' 
fXSXl), fur which Nathaniel Hawtbonie wrotd 
a preface, without, howerer. approrlna tbe 
"pbllnsDphy." For some yean the tCeorr 
languished, but It was once more adrocated 
by Nathaniel Holme* hi '_The Authorship 

D^d Klegancios of Francis Bacon, Ulasrntod 
and elnddated by twiBBges Itom Shake- 
speare'dassx TlienlBlBaocame'Thearaat 
Cryptognm.' by Ignatius Donnelly, who 
argued that Bacon's claim to the plays wa« 
ancerted by that writer In the form of a 
cryptograui tunning through the text of the 

anbject may be namod^The Bacon^Shake- 
upearo IJiiisstion,' by C. Blopea (lt«S), Bit T. 
Martin's 'ShakHpsare or Bncon'^ (18SS). 
lVig»too'» 'Kacon - "■---■ — ='-' • 




(1891). Mrs. Pott's * Bacon and his Secret 
Society ' (1891) and ' Did Francis Bacon write 
** Shakespeare " 7 ' (1893X Owen's 'Bacon 
Cipher Story ' (1893X and ' The Shakespeare- 
Secret,' tranmted from the German of 
BdwinBormann by Harry Brett (1895X See. 
farther, the books by W. H. Smith (1866 and 
1884X Mrs. Windle (1881). W. D. O'Connor 
OSSeX C. C. CatteU (1888X E. Reed (1891), 
Q. James (1898), O. Loosen (1893). T. S. E. 
Dixon (1S05). Mrs. OaUap (1900), G. C. 
Bompas (1902), and Lord Penzance (1902). 
The controversy is thns summed np by 
Blebard Grant White: "It is as certain 
thai William Shakespeare wrote (after 
the theatrical fashion and under the the- 
atrical conditions of his day) the plays 
which bear his name, as it is that Francis 
Bacon wrote the ' Novum Organum,' the 
*Advancem«it of Learning,' and the 'Es- 
says.' The notion that Bacon also wrote 

* litus Andronicus,' < The Comedy of Errors/ 

* Hamlet,' * King Lear,' and * OtheUo,' is not 
worth five minutes' serious consideration by 
any reasonable creature " {AtlatUie Monthly^ 
April, 1888). 

Bad Barirain (A). A comedietta bv 
Stdnet Grundy, played in the English 
provinces in 1879. 

Bad Boys. A comedy in three acts, 
adapted by Clement Scott (q.v.) from MM. 
Gondinet and Civrac's * Clara Soleil ' (Vaude- 
ville, Paris, February, 1886X and first per- 
formed at the Comedy Theatre, London, on 
April 29. 1885. vrith C. D. Marius, B. C. 
Oarton, A. Roberts, £. Rose, P. Compton, 
Mias Violet Cameron, Miss M. Bell. Misa 
TUbnry, Bfiss C. Grahame, and Miss L. 
daremont in the cast : afterwards trana* 
ferred to the Op^ra Comique. 

Bad "Lot (A). (1) A farcical comedy in 
three acts, by Habrt Paulton and " Mos- 
TTN TBDde,'' Opera House, Northampton, 
June 24, 1887. (2) A play by Chablbs 

Bad Penny (A). A drama in one act, 
bj W. LB8T0CQ. first performed at the Vaude- 
ville Theatre, London, on the afternoon of 
July 18, 1882. 

Baddeley, Bobert. Actor, bom Qt is 
said) 1782; died 1794 ; was at different umes 
cook to Lord North and Foote, the actor 
^tf.v.), and afterwardli valet to a private gen- 
UaoKO. During his travels with the uist- 
named he aoquued a knowledge of foreign 
hingnages wmch was afterwards of much 
use to nim as a performer, enabling him to 
take " broken-Euglish "jMiia with much suc- 
cess. He upeared at Drury Lane previous 
to 1761^ vnuch year he played at the Smock 
Alley Theatre, Dublin. In 1763 he again 
vent to DrniT Lane, with which theatre, 
and with the Haymarket. he remained con- 
nected Ull his death. He was married to 
Sophia Snow in 1764. He was the original 
representaUve of Canton in 'The Clandes- 
tine Marriage,' Ftdmer in * The West Indian,' 
Dr,DrHid in * The Fashionable Lover,' Spmee 
In *The School for Wives,' iKvy in 'The 

Trip to Scarborough.' Mo^et in *The School 
for Scandal,' FrcUck in * The Humourist.' Me- 
dium in * Inkle and Yarico,' Crotchet in ' The 
Box-Lobby Challenge,' etc Among his other 
parts were Sir Francit Oripe in *The Busy- 
body' a761-2), PoUmiut (17<»-4X Dr. Caiui 
S76S-4), Surly in 'The Alchemist' (1766-7). 
rainworm in ' Every Man in his Humour ^ 
a767-8). PapiUion in 'The Lyar' 0767-8X 
Fag in • The Rivals ' (1776-7), Komp in * The 
Author' (1781X Puf in * The Patron ' 0781), 
and FhbUUn (1789-90). Wewitser says that 
" the first character ne happened to appear 
in, it was necessary he should wear a sword. 
Foote, seeing him thus equipped, imme- 
diately exclaimed, * Ha, Baddeley, I am 
heartily glad to see you in the way of com- 
plete transmigration-^you liave turned your 
«p»<intoa«iM»rda^eadv!"' Michael KeUy 
says: "He had a habit of smacking his 
lips always when spei^dng. In allusion to 
this, Charles Bannister said to him one day, 
* My dear Baddeley, everybody must know , 
that you have been a cook, for you always 
seem to be tasting your words.' *^ In * The 
Theatre ' (1771) we read that 

" Baddeley can never mlai 
A croudilng Frenchman or a flattering Swla ; ** 

and Huffh Kelly, in 'Thespis' (1766), Is 
equally Battering about his *' foreign foot- 
men." On the other hand, Williams, in his 
' Children of Thespis ' (1786), speaks of the 
actor as being *' slovenly " and *' rushing 
through his parts." By bis will, dated 
1792. he left a house at Moulsey *' to be 
used as an asylum for decayed actors 
and actresses," with a provision tliat when 
the property was worth £360 a year pensions 
were to be bestowed. He also bequeathed 
money to the fund for the relief of indigent 
persons connected with Drury Lane Theaiare, 
and £8 per annum for the purchase of cake 
and wine to be dispensed to the Drury 
Lane company on Twelfth Night— a cere- 
mony which is still performed. See Genest's 
' English Stage ' (1882), Dutton Cook's * Hours 
with the Players' (1880), the Theatre for 
September, 1880, etc. 

Baddeley, Sophia (n^ Snow). Actress 
and vocalist, wife of B. Baddeley; bom 
1746, died 1786; is thought to have made 
her d£but in 1764, probablv as Cordelia. She 
appeared at Drury Lane tn 1765 as Ophelia, 
and in 1767 as Desdemona and Dame 
Kitely; and amons her other parts were 
HerOj Jettiea, Miranda^ Olivia. Celia, 
Portia ('Julius Caesar'), the Lady in 
'Comus,' Mrt. Beverley ('The Gamester'), 
Leonora ('The Revenge'), Statira (^'Alex- 
ander the Great '), Julia ('The Rivals'), 
Jtotetta ('Love in a Village'), Clarissa 
'Lionel and Clarissa'), etc. She was 
he original Harriett in 'The School for 
BaJcM,' Miss Marehnumt in * False Delicacy,' 
and Miss WiUoughby in 'A Word to the 
Wise.' Boaden says that as Imogen " her 
beautiful countenance used to excite the 
greatest interest," while George III. and 
Queen Charlotte were so delighted with 
her Fanny in ' The Clandestine Marriage' 
that they ordered Zoffany to paint her in 



ar. Hqgh Kelly. In "rhespi*,' 

An > linger she vas popolu at Boneliiell 
and Vftuih^ Urr raonl lireKnIulUu led 
t{i lisr being fepuated trma tier hnnbind, 
and stia wu m citrataguit in niDaejr nat- 
ten thai sbe InqoenU; bu) to Bj from bar 
crsdilora. In hor liter jB»n she took to 
ilrinklng laodinum. Ihs quantlly sbe eon- 
Huined being, uts Wilklnwin, " incredible." 
TowacdB tba end alie becum, phjidcBlly, > 
wreck-a ltd allnded to lir Awnin <<j.n.) 
in hi» ■' pMBi." ■ Tbe Children of Theipis' 
<1TBT). Sbe left tboLDnd(ni>tualnl7ei,iinil 
her tut ippaanuweB were at lock in 17S3 

Buldeley'i -lileoioin' (tTSV). VvilkinBDn'i 
' Wsnderlng Piil«ntee ' oVw). Galt'i ' Ijici 
yers' (lasi), Geneal'i 'Engllsl 

'Honn with 


Baddelar, W, St. Olalr. Author of 
., ...11 — ,__ poetical dtanjan;— ■Oeorge 
if BnckiogbBm' {18;S), 'The 
opthali' flBTO), and 'John 
( }<o ttbambeitand ' (ISIO). 
Badeer, Saulre. A chani^tfT in 
mtniNG's 'Dim Qnilotelo England' (I.e.), 


BaSrouIbailollr, tbe Frfatta, flgn 
plajB on the iubject of ■ Aladdin ' (qn.. 

Farren. Diddar, Uoiklns, Sbalden, and 
Jlrs. Walter Lacy. 

BBKatelle. (I) Tbs talet In J. 

O'KKEVifs -I'onr Soldier' (^.r.). (2) A 

d. afte 
._ , .n B»lftK BERHAR. _ _ 

MR[)'B-ML Mary's Eno'C^.D.}. (8)a'c1 

ilellnlits in practical jakat 

A ebanctar In J. M. Moa- 

TU.V9 'Qrlniatuiw, BagBbaw, and Bradshair ' 

B&eabot. A thief In FjingusAR'i 
' Beaux' SCtstagem ' (g.t.). (2) Baron Bag- 
thot, in PLANCBb'a 'Puss In Booui' (a.c). u 
■' Great Grand Iluntnuan and Lord Higb 
Camokeeper." ^ 

Bailey, AbraliBio. Lawyer, aiid 
DuthoT ol ' The tiplgbtful Slater,' a come(l]r 

Bailey, IKaater. flgnra In E. Stib.- 
LINO'S ■Martin Cbutilewif (j.c). "Tlw 
chaps calls ine Old Bailey and XupBoaU' 
(act L «. 6;. 

Bailie (TbB' t" ■ P"'<°''>B°' Bgurg la the 
■ Oocbos J» Come»li]e ' ii.v.). 

Bailie Niool Jaxvie. See Jutie. 

BallifffThB). A ci 


Brouohton. Tbea 

died 1S.S1: pDbllslied the lollawjng :— ■ A 
Sorieg of Playi,- inolnding ' Count BwtL' 
■ The Trval,' and ' Da Montlort ' OMS) 1 ■! 
Series of Plaji,' including ■ The ElecUon,' 
' Kth*ald,' and 'The eeeond Harriaga ' 
C1W2) : ' Mlacellaneoni Flaya,' loolDiQiig 
' Bainer.' 'The Conntrr Ian. and Tm- 

The Iteacon ■ (laii) ; ■ The Mnrtyr' (T8M) J 
The Bride ' (IBM) ; and ■ Dianjaa,' inclod- 
Inn ' Bamiero,' ' Tbe Alienated Manor.' 
' Hcnrlquei.' "The Separatlgn.' 'TheStrip- 
cralt," Tbe llumkide ' ■ThoMatoh/ 'Th« 
Martyr,' and ' The Bride '—the tiro lul 
bein^ reprints {18.10]. Of tbe aboia playi 
(all at which see), the follnwing luisWn 
iierformBd :— ' U'unstanliOB Paleologas ' (re- 
cbriitened ' Constantine and Valerb ■), ' Da 
Mnnttort,- ■TUB Election.' 'The FamUr 
legenii," " Hstted^ ' lien riquei^' and ^'Sjp^ 

ecsrcrlf seem vltbin tbe reach of a female 
writer" ('Kecollectlons'l. ■■Mio BailllB," 
Hrnte llaalitt, ■■has much of the power and 
spirit of dramatic writing, and not the Ism 
because, oji a woman, she has been placed 
( the rortox of pbllDSophictL 

could not write, excepted Miss B^llia A 
compleCa edition of tne plays (and poema) 
was published In IB^^l See Genert'a 
' EnjIiah Staje.' 7ol. ylll. { IMS), the " Annnil 
negmter' (]U^l),and the rarions biographical 
SaiUie, St. John, PhratdM, died 

ITIS: irathiir o[ -Tin 
Boillle, John. 

mu. !■ to be fa 

if Tnrkcy In ROWE'9 

m of Tnrkey In 

(2) JfKlilo fl 

iiutotypB, (hs aoUiDr nd- 
I [n tliB Rouinnoi ot Paul 
Indr^ Ic SiiDTuile ' (q.e.). 
Baksr. Actor ; Ht Bath In 1320, when ha 
plairsd SpatUrOailt In - The Youns Qukt ' 

plaTsd ^polterdoiA In ' Ttae Voiuik Quker 
(FrtirDUT XBL uid XorJOU Id ' Usury VUL' 
Upril WX Of the It"— ' •'— 

vhea Btkar hod 

Vjifoafe AnnHu;1u prom 
one ayllBbls " C Ths EnttlUb E 

e lattn tnipanaiution 

■Wm^.' ' Amr L«e ' (IBtS). ■ New Voil: ii 
IStS' teftemnU eipanded into 'A OUaM 
U Ne* Y«k,' j.T.i, and lino adaptod ' Luia 
and Monler' (q.c.) to tlie Amertcui abtga. 
Sao Broim'B ' American Stage ' (13T0). 

Baker, Betay. See Betsy Bakek. 

Baker, David Eraklne. Bom In 
Lonilon, iTM, died 170J ; i» beat knotm aa 
the anthor ot the ■ Companion to the Play- 
hoiua,' (\ puUiahed in 17"' — ' -— 
wardi edltai and tapatiliah 
Utla of 'Biaciapbbt Dcanut 

■lan'CT'i-^ud tmulaf^Irom'theL 

n couMdy in tm acta. "Ilia Maid ttia Ula- 
fereaa' (o,!.). Th* ' Blognphla Dtamatlo ' 
(1783 and ihQBiTi that ha ma at ana tima 
1b bnaiiwH an > iQk-throwMar, bat fillad, 
na la alao mU to ha>e baen a itralHog 

ffir«r. SeaKlchoVUteisirAnecdotaa^ 
t-is), ' BluiBphl* Dmnatlcs ' (ITSI and 
IBIS). Watt'g ■ BlbnoUieca Brltaanica ' (I3»), 
and the ' JUctlonar]' uf National BloEraphf ' 

, *l1ia Unaa of 6b- 

Baker, Benrjr Barton. Antbar 

ter, Benrji 

"The LondiiD 

Bakar, Kra. Theatrical monaEer ; wi 
in earl; lite a dancer, hut nUemrS^ o»ne 
thealnM nt Canterbury, Kcichester. Mail 
atone, TenhridEe Wells, Faienham. De> 
etc. Sae T. ftihdln's 'Momoin- (1S27 
tirimaldl'a-I.lfe'(I«IS),and Dattwi Cwt 
' Book ol the Plau'dSle). 

Baker. Bobert. Anther of 'Tha Ma 
HoiiK,' H burleaqoB ballad opera (t7S7). 

Baker, Thomaa. Dramatic oriter; 
- ■ The Humniirot the Aga'(i7»l)j 

aiOOL and - Tho 

■TanhridgeWalka' {I70S), ' 

(ITOiVlfimpttead Heath', 

Fine Lody'i Ain' (17(0). Bee ' tiiugraphla 


Bal Coatiim4 (I>el. A farce piayrid at 
the Olyoipia Theatre. New York, In l<H[^. 

BoIaclaTflL. A dtama in three acta by 
J. B. JuIlKstuKE (a.rX tstandnnl Theatre, 
London. Jona 10, laVlJ. 

Balaralra; or. The Fall of Tuuia. 
A tragedy hy It. ailEIL iq.v.), Snt per- 
[Drmeil at CoTcnt Garden hi ISia. with W. 
C. Macrauly lU .ImurotA. and Young, C. 
Kemble, Ttny. and Mlai O'Neill in other 

Balanoe. (1) JuiHh Balanct ia htber 
ot Svlria bi FMtquUAtt's 'Recrnitinr 
ctmrn-- iq.vx (2) iff. CaunliT Balaiut is 
:ter in V. UtI's ' Chopi of the 



Balauae of Comfort (The)l or, To 
Marry or not to Marry P A "pelltH 
comedy" in two acta, by tt. J, Ravhom) 

BJi Frank 
DimpU, ilL... __. . 
(S) ' The Bahuice 

Mr«. Honev as ifri. i>>>rnn, t 
Balance of Comfort:' a "pel 
hy Bayu: Behniru (g.r.). B 

IS E. Chaplin ; fl] 
,ora,«u av .— /otk In T-' - 
Jordan as Tifrrington; ro' 
Uiymarket in l&H. 
BolderdBBli, The Boi 

in II. J 


Balderatone, Caleb, (lie old servant 
of Edgar of Racemimd, flgurea in Pal- 
ORAVK amraoN's 'Moitor of RaTenswood' 
(I.V.), J. W. CiLCiUFT'a ■Bride of laia- 
mermoor' (q-v.), and U. C. Merivalb^s 
' Baieaawood ' (q.v.j. 

BAld-win. Tutor ot TTuIIo and Otto in 
BtuuMu:<r and Flctckkr's 'Ulwidy 
Brother' iq.t,). (2J CViunI Baldirlii, ia 




Southern's ' Isabella ; or. The Fktal Mar- 
riage ' (9.v.)« is the father ox Biron (9. v-)- 

Baldwixi, Josepli. Actor, bom in 
London, 1787 ; made nis first appearance in 
America at New York, in ApnL 1816, a« 
Sam in 'Bailing the Wind.' He died in 
1820. Ireland says he ** posseMed consider- 
able merit as a low comedian" (* New York 

Baldwin, Mrs. Oliarlotta. SeeWAL* 
STEIN, Mrs. 

Bale, John. Bishop of Ossory, bom 
November, 1496, at Cove, Suffolk ; died 1563 ; 
was the author of the following dramatic 
works, printed in the years named : — * A 
Brefe Comedy or Enterlude of Johan 
Baptystet Preachynge in the Wylderaesse, 
openynge the crafty Assanltea of the Hn>o- 
cry tes with the gloryonse Baptysme of the 
Lorde Jesus Christ ' (1538) ; * A Tragedye or 
Enterlude, Manyfestyng the chefe promyses 
of God nnto Man, in all ages of the olde 
lawe from the Fall of Adam to the Incama- 
cyon of the Lorde Jesus Christ' (1588); * A 
Brefe Comedy or Enterlude, concemynge 
the temptacyon of our Lorde and Saver 
Jesus Christ by Sathan in the desart ' (1588) ; 
and * New Comedy or Enterlude concern- 
ing the Three Lawes of Nature, Moses, 
and Christe, corrapted by the Sodomytes, 
Pharisees, and Papystes' (1558). In his 
' Scriptoram illustrium majoris Britanniae 
Catalogus' (1548-59), the bishop claims, 
further, to have written plays on the fol- 
lowing subjects :— * Of Chnst when he was 
Twelve years old,' * Of Baptism and Tempta- 
tion,' ' Of Lazarus raised from the Dead,' 

* Of the Councells of Bishops,' * Of Simon 
the Leper.' 'Of the Lord's Supper and 
washing the Feet,' *0f the Passion of 
Chryst/ 'Of the Sepulture and Resurrec- 
tion,' ' Upon both Marriages of the King,* 
'Against Momns's and Zouus's,' *The Trea- 
cheries of the Papysts,' * AgiUnst those who 
adulterate the Word of God," Of John 
King of England,' *0f the Impostures of 
Thomas Becket,' * Corruptions of the Divine 
Laws,' and 'The Image of Love.' "His 
dramas," writes Bishop Creighton, "were 
moralities, or scriptural plays setting forth 
the reformed opinions and attacking the 
Roman party. . . . The plays of Bale are 
doggerel, and are totally wanting in de- 
corom." For biographv, see ' The vocacyon 
of Johan Bale to the Bishoprick of Ossorie ' 
(155SX the Memoir bv the Rev. U. Christ- 
mas prefixed to the ^Select Works' (1849), 
Cooper's ' Athenie Cantabrigienses'(1858-61X 

* Dictionary of National Biography' (1885X 

Bale, Mr. A merchant in R. T. 
Weaver's * Red Rover.' 

Balfie, Michael William. Musical 
composer and vocalist, bom at Dublin, May, 
1808 ; died October, 1870 ; " composed, at 
ten years old, a ballad afterwards sung by 
Mdme. Vestris in the comedy of 'Paiu 
Pry,' under the title of ' The Lover's Mis- 
take,' " and while in his teens was employed 
in the orchestra at Drury Lane ; made his 
dilnU as a singer (baritone) at the Norwich 

Theatre, as Coipart in *Der Freischnts' 
(about 1826X afterwards studying singing 
abroad. His first opera ('I Rivali di se 
stessi ') was performed at Palermo in 1830. 
In 1835 he sang at concerts in London, and 
in the same year produced there his first 
English opera, "The Siege of Rochelle' 
(a.v.l The following is a cnronological liat 
01 the operas produced by him in London 
after this date:— 'The Maid of Artoia' 
(1836), 'Catherine Grey '(1837X 'Jomi of 
Arc,' in which he appeared aa Theodort 
(1837), 'Diadeste' 0838), 'Falstaff' (1888)l 
'Keolanthe' (1840), 'The Bohemian QtiV 
(1843^ 'The Daughter of St. Mark'a844X 
'The Enchantress' (1844), 'The Bondman' 

§846), 'The Maid of Honour' (18471 'The 
iciUan Bride' (1852), 'The Devil's in it' 
(1852X 'The Rose of CastUe' (1857), 'Sata- 
nella' (1858X * Bianca'(1860X ' The Puritan's 
Daughter ' (1861X' The Armourer of Nantea ' 
(1863X and ^ Blanche de Nerers ' (186^ * H 
T^lismano ' (0. p.) was brought out in London 
in 1874.< Baue wrote, also, 'The Sleeping 
Queen,' an operetta (g.v.X He was in the 
original cast of John Bamett's * Ftoinelll ' 
(a.r.X Earlv in life he married Mdlle. lioa 
Rosa, already well known on tiie Continent 
as an operatic vocalist. In Angust, 1889, 
Mdme. Balfe (under her hnsband^i manage- 
ment) made her English dibtU at the^r* 
ceum as Amina in ' I^ Sonnambida,'andm 
March. 1846, she figured at the same theatre 
as the heroine of her husband's ' KeolanUie' 
(g.v.X Balfe's second daughter. Victotre 
(successively Lady Crampton and Dncheas 
de FriasX had many successes as a prima 
donna in Italian opera, both in London and 
on the Continent, between 1857 and 180O. 
See Kenney's ' Life of Balfe ' (1865X Barrett's 
'Balfe and his Works' (1882X 'Dictionary 
of Music and Musicians '(1879X ' Dictionaiy 
of National Biography' (1885X 

Balfour of Barley. John, figures In 
Farley's ' Battle of Bothwell Brigg,' and in 
Westland Marston's 'Strathmore' (9-vl). 

BalL Bdmnnd. Author of * The Beaotl- 


BaU, Edward. See Fitzball, E]>- 


BaUi Lewis. Actor, bom at Bnilth, 
South Wales. October 31, 1820 ; appeared, 
as a child, with Miss F. H. KeUy, Aldridn^ 
and Mdme. Celeste : was trained, as a yonto, 
under S. Butler, R. Roxby, Charles Bice» 
and Prince Miller; and plaved TouehHont 
to Miss Faucit's RoMlind^ Mamoorm to W. 
Farren's Dr. CantwtU, and PiHol with 
O. V. Brooke. In August, 1852, he opened 
at Sadler's Wells (under Phelps) as the 
original Matthew Fogg in Dalirs 'YounK 
Husbands,' and afterwards played snch 
parts as FlueUen in ' Henry V.,' Ommio in 
* The Taming of the Shrew,' and Co9tard in 
' Love's Labour's Lost.' In June, 1858, Ue 
began an engagement at the Olympic, 
during which, with other thinips, be 

BALL 10 

"enatti" Mr. Bnady In VooJeft'Twia- 
•OM lUe,' and Mr. Dout In WlUluuii ' Fn 
wrfttoitoBrawne:' atUl Utar, tt the Hair- 
laboiw, ha pUied Jaet S/umari to Tom 
BatMrtWR'* BhutUn. Aftra this cum a 
aaooDd wgymant at Badln'a Wella, and 

iMjnu to JolnlBg, la IMI, Bdward Coma- 
-uM oamadr KRDBur, tn ooineetlon with 


Aattny, ^dan, 5fr Ouraa TAunder, 
Jtibrt ArmUi, /«* TTanSiirry, old £«r 
«M, i>m DmilM. HaritalU, Tom Naid 
air AttOmg AMxai. Sir Pitrr TtaOt, a> 
9ma, \teMtm"cxta.aBK"Jiihn Middlrli 
'i 'True Lo«B'(<r.B.X i'DfrMi 
■ ■ iS Itratt Jon 


The Slay- 

U (Til*)- A eomadr in flte 

OBaBiOlCHAriUN(a.t.)ua JlHRS 

jf.*.), Hcnuad in 1K2, acted " at the prl' 
kOBH in DraiT boa," aad jtrlnted m I 

p«ii»iHiiii AiLtonlo, "pacMi 
to the Cltf o[ Milan, In lottar- 
CaM ii Alinrnd' (3.1." ' ' 

rt...X who wa. "port 
CoDOOB. and for man; : 


cailcatun por- 

.. the Cit; of 
jean dlncted the 


Ihe SaBit d'acEiDn hai baei 
irholly to tha " Tiriet* - hoi 
Hon Hlth the drama beaam 

<H lata raara, In 

ilna 'proportion- 
'mt'i ' Book of 

BalUA-lfoiivsr (The). A romi 
rii7 In ona acU adapted by Sir Wu 
Bttaiti aad Wiltrb H. Pollock, 
niKidare da BaSTllle's ' Oringoire ' (ojl) 

Btal paifonnad at tba Hannarket The , 

loodso, S^>tembar U, ^T^irith H. B»r- 

DBWkn ■> axum 

»A £au(: Bnt , , 

Abbo^a ThaBtia, New Torli. Jannary It. 
IMG. Baa-BawTlVVPt. I..actULae. l: 
"Ttiaaa ama ballad-mougen. 

BaIlBd>8liirsr (The). A miuical 
aomadr-dnaia Id ttaraa acta, b; Ton 
Cmtb* («.■.). Oalatr Tluatr^ HaatlDga, 
Jaljr U. IJSI ; Blepbant and Ckalla Theatre, 

lia) bdonga to tba ipbaia ol 
Ikui to tbat of diama. On tha 
It bu takMi two forma 1 it bu 
■sdaa of appondaga to operatfo 
la, orft baa been a aepanls Item 

uB, ujuaun, on uie aftamoon ot Noiombar 
It, 16S8, wiUi Chariaa Olennefu Dr. eiynn, 
Coariea QTorea aa Aubrey fit^oha, Forl»M 
Dawsm aa Cmtain Canunm, aam Wllit- 
taker aa DavU, Mm florenea Wood aa 
eroei WmtKora, Uiaa Oabilalla Ooldnar 
aa JfiM Ken, and MIbi S. Vanf ban aa Mn. 
JUppmiaU ; rarirad a( the Stnud Theatn, 
Loudon, in Felireary, IBM, with Oeorn 
Olddau M tba doctor, Alfred Maltbr aa 
FUijtlm.Ki— E. TenluaiOnuf.MiuBoae 
SakcT ax JTrt, Rippendalt, and Forbei Daw- 
son and Ulu GoldnoT in thair orlfflnal parta ; 
first petformed In America In a«)temb«r, 
1S88, with a cart Incladlng; W. H. Citm and 
Hairj Brabam. 

BalloonAoy; or, A Pllg'ht of 
Fajioy, An extrmracanEa, worda bj P- C. 

Bl!R.1iSD (O.F.) and H. P. erEPHE.fS (O.B.), 

muelc by E. Solomon, Srrt performed at 
the Roralty Theetra, London, on December 
1,1879. wltbacaatlnclndlngdharleiarotaa, 
PhUlp Dai, H. Sater, P- Deimond, Miu 
Amalia, MJu M. Wllllanu, and Uiu Edith 

Balta, J. S, Actor, bom in England, 
1798 ; tint appeared In tondan In IBB>, ai 
Fictk In -The Hunchback,' and at Mew 
York In ISSS, M Vapid Id ' The Dramatist.' 
Be left America for England in 1840, and 
died at Dablln in 18H. 

Balthaur. 0) A nierchaot In 'The 
Comedy of Errora' (q.c.]. {2> The name 
adopted by PnHia Id ' The Merchant ot 
Venice' (g.c). (3) Sertant to Santo In 
•Borneo and JalM' (q.v.i. (4) Serrant to 
Don Pedro In 'Much Ado about Nothing.' 

E) FBther of Juilatut, Vdante, and ^nnumi 
ToBiN'B ' Honeymoon ' <3.g.X 

BoltimoTS, 0.S.A. The Adetpbl 
Theatre wan erectud in 1830 for Booth and 
DuS, bnt, lays J, N. Ireland, "In conae- 
qaaoce of Iti poor location, it aoon gained 
the nnenriable Utle of the Mnd Thutn." 
It was opened with a performance of ' Isa- 
balla,' wftb J. B. DuS and Mr*. Duff in tha 
chief rOla. Aboat ISSl It was Iea»d br 
tbe elder Bootb. 

BalurdO. A character In Mibstoii's 
' Antonio's Barange ' (q.t-)- 

Bambinl, The Karqula. Achaiaclar 
in ' Is nila du Tamboor Ma]ur'{g.r.). 

ndnma, onlr tba 

notable axamplea 

Bambooalo, Knuik. 




Bamboozling:. A farce by T. Rgerton 
AViJ.KS, first performed at the Olvinpic 
Theatre, London, on May 16, 1842, with J. 
8. Balls as Frank Bamboozle, A. Younge as 
Sir Mamutduke Meadotcs, Homer as Doiley. 
and Miss Daly as Emily ; first performed at 
New York in March, 1844, with Barrv as 
Bamboozle, and revived there in December, 
1850, with Brougham in the cast. In this 
piece *' a young married lady unexpectedly 
meets her unc^ at an hotel, and, in order 
to explain her husband's absence, prevails 
upon a stranger to take his place for half 
an hour." 

Bampfyide Moore Carew; or, 
The Gypsey of The Glen. A romantic 
melodrama in three acts, performed at the 
Surrey Theatre, with Bayner in the title 
part, and Dibdin, Pitt, Vale, Almar, Asbury, 
and Osbaldiston (the Gjfpaey) in other partis. 

Bancroft, John. Dramatic writer, 
died 1606 ; author of * Sertorias,' a tragedy 
(1678-OX Two other plays— • King £dwara 
the Third ' (1601) and 'Henry the Second, King 
of England ' (1602), both of which see— are 
ascribed to him by different authorities. 
Both are to be found in * Six Plays written 
by Mr. Mountfort ' (1720). See Langbaine's 

* English Dramatic Poets ' (1601)/ Biographia 
Dramatica' (1812), and Genest's 'English 
Stage ' (1830). 

Bancroft, Sqiuire Bancroft. Actor 
and theatrical manager; born in Surrey, 
May 14, 1841 ; began his professional career 
at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham, in 
January, 1861, his first rdU being that of 
Lieutenant Manly in Bayle Bernard's 
' St. Marv's Eve' Cq.v.). From Birmingham 
^hence he paid short professional visits to 
Cork and Devonport)he went successively 
to Dublin and to Liverpool, where (in ' Court 
Favour ') be acted for the first time with his 
future wife, Miss Marie Wilton. During the 
four years and four months covered by his 
provincial experience, he played no fewer 
than three hundred and forty-six parts, a 
complete list of which is given in the Theatre 
magazine for August, 1888. When Miss 
Wilton became manageress of the Prince of 
Wales's Theatre, London, she engaged S. B. 
Bancroft, who made his London (Ubut there 
on April 15, 1865, in Wooler's ' A Winning 
Hazard ' (7. v.). At this theatre he " created^* 
also the following parts '.—Mark in P. Simp- 
son's 'A Fair Pretender' (1865), Captain 
ThittUton in Byron's * War to the Knife ' 
(}Sas>\ Sidney Daryl in Robertson's • Society ' 
(1865), Qtrald Goodmn in Byron's ' £100,000* 
(1866), Anfjut Macali$ter in Robertson's 

• Ours' (1866X Captain Hawtree in Robert- 
sou's H^te* (1867), John Smith in Gil- 
bert's ' Allow me to Explain ' (1867). Beecher 
Sprawley in Boucicault's ' How She Loves 
Him '(1867), the Chevalier Browne in Robert- 
son's 'Play' (1868), Mortimer Wedjripood in 
Yates's 'Tame Cats' (1868). Jack Poyntz in 
Robertson's • School* (1869), Talbot Piers 
in Robertson's 'M-P.' (1870), Mr, SpeedtveU 
in Collins's 'Man and Wife' (1873), Bob 

BUwUt in Byron's 'Wrinkles' 0876), Sir 
George Omumd in Scott and Stephenson's 
'Peril' (1876), and Count Orloff in Scott 
and; Stephenson's ' Diplomacy ' (1878). He 
was also seen at the Pnnce of Wues's in the 
following r6let:—Tom Stylut in 'Society' 
(1868), Hugh Chaleot in 'Ours' (1870), 
Sir Frederick Blount in 'Money' (1872), 
Joseph Surface in * The School for Scandal^ 
(1874), the Prince 0/ Morocco in ' The Mer> 
chant of Venice' (1875), Mr. Hongyton in ' A 
Happy Pair' (1876), THM in 'Masks and 
Faces' (1875), 2>a2Z^ in 'London Assurance' 
(1877), voidBUnkir^sop in ' An Unequal Match' 
(1877). After hii marriage with Miss Marie 
Wilton (1868X S. B. Bancroft became co- 
manager vrith her of the Prince of Wales's 
Theatre, which they vacated in 1870. to 
undertake the control of the Haymarket 
At the latter theatre he created L(nrd Henr^ 
Trevene in Sardou's ' Odette * (1882), Jean 
de Siriez in Sardou's * F^lora^ (1883), and 
Tom Jervoise in Pinero's ' Lords and Com- 
mons ' (1883) : he was also seen there as 
Harry Svreadbrovj in 'Sweethearts' (1870)» 
George Clarke in 'The Vicarage' (1880X 
Fouchd in T. Taylor's 'Plot and Passion' 
(1881), Tom Dexter in Taylor's 'Overland 
Route • (1882), Dr. Thornton In ' Peril ' (1884), 
Faulkland in ' The Rivals ' (1884), and Henry 
Beauclere in ' Diplomacy ' (1884). In 1889 he 
was induced to return to the stage, to play 
the Abbi Latour in a revival of watta 
Phillips's 'Dead Heart' at the Lyceum. 
In 1803 he reappeared at the Garrick 
Theatre, I^ondon, as Count Orlof in ' Diplo- 
macy.' and in 1894 (for a benefit) as G. Clarke- 
in * The Vicarage ' (7. v.)- In 1897 he received 
the honour of knightliood. See * Mr. and 
Mrs. Bancroft on and utf the Stage ' (18SS> 
and 'Actors and Actresses' (New York, 

Bancroft, Lady [Marie Effie Wilton]. 
Actress ; daughter of Robert Pleydeli 
Wilton ; born at Doncaster about 1840 ; 
played children's parts, first on the Norwicti 
circuit, next at Manchester (where she ap- 
peared as Mamilliue in ' The Winter's Tale," 
Hymen in ' As You Like It,' Fleance in ' Mac- 
beth,' and Arthur in ' King John,' etc.), and 
afterwards on the Bristol and Bath circuit. 
Her London dibut was made at the Lyceum 
Theatre on September 15, 1856, as Henri, the 
boy in 'Belphegor,' and Perdita in W. 
Brough's burlesque so named (9.V.X She 
was engaged successively at the Haymarket 
(1857), the Adelphi (1857-8), and the Strand 
(1858-64), with occasional appearances else- 
where. In April, 1865, she became co-lessee 
and manager, with H. J. Byron, of the Prince 
of Wales's (formerly the Queen's) Theatre. 
London. In April, 1867, Byron retired, and 
in the following year (December 28), Mis* 
W^ilton married Sauire Bancroft Bancroft 
(q.v.). She and ner husband remained 
managers of the theatre till 1879, when they 
left it to become, in January, 1880, managers 
of the Haymarket. Here they continued 
till July, 1885, when thev retired from 
management. Mrs. Bancroft hus " created " 
(besides Brough's Perdita) the following 


Brougb'" ■( 

AdelpM: CuM In 'Capid ud Pajcbs' 
Qii-I). At tha Btnnd: Feppo in D. J. 
BTnui'i ' Mud mud Uie MupU ' [IS&8), Ra- 
Mgh In B»Ulfl»r» ■KenBTworlli' (i«6S), 
Jutlrt Is HnlUdsT'i -Bonwo ud Juliet' 
nmiAeitrt iaV.-Itllaard-* ■Tell' (I8Sa), 
rarTln Bnon nnd Tnlfonrd'i ' UtUer Bod 
hli Uen' (ISBOJ, ^loddut la Brron'i bur- 
Iwqna (ISn), Srimrolr* In Brnni'i ' Euns- 
IBlda ' USBI), JTvlwia-CesHlifli In Biron't 
Ulta raijr O'DnmoT' OSBl). At tba St. 
JuM^a; GiirUt In BnDgh'a ■Onal ?en- 
laUoD Trial 'fUMX At tbe%tnuid : OrpAsui 
In Bjnn'* ' Orphani lod Bnrvdke ' (tse!i). 
y^rmet In Traa^toa'i 'Unlimited CddH- 
dancv' (IBMX Maivtrta in Brnm'a burleaque 
nsM). At&aPrtneaotWBle^B: Arufuia 
Brron'i '£>1 Boonambnlk' (IBU), Suhtuui 
in R SImpwin'a ■ A Ffttr PMtcndar ' aM6], 
Jfn-iMiMMirlBBj'ron'i'Wu'to tbeltnlta' 
(IHQ, Adoar In Bttdii'i ' Lncta di I^mmei- 
moor' {ISStX irnud BtOeiinalm la Robert- 
•m-B 'Sodetj' (1B«), irflMa i)™ OioMnni 
In BiTOD'a barleaqoB 0S8E), Alw Barlow Id 
Hrnin'i 'filOftOW (18M), ITflrs ArUrn in 
Robartaon'i -Oan' <lsao). />a% £cc(i( in 
Robertaan'* ' Ciate ' (ISei), ^labinfa 
Crvittr In Baadnalt'a 'How 8lis La'ea 
Ulra' (1SS7), itona /VmawAnH In Bo- 
h«nw>a'i -Mai' (leee), ifr*. ioiwi™ In 
Yat«a'a'TamaCati'(18es).XaDTii> %Aflia 
BobwlHn'B '8cbDol'(19a9]^ Cecilia Znina- 
UDilH Id Rnbsrtaon'B ' M.P.' (1870), Biancll4 
Ltuullt In WUkie CoUlna'a ' Man and Wlfs ■ 
(insX Jmny A'sTtAeott In W. S. Oilbert'a 
' RwoKlhiiarlii ' riKH.\ Wialfnut Pfnnr In 

0874X . - 

Bfio&'a 'WtlnkleB'tlSTe). 


piper „ 
"""Tortft in 

_, , „ Bmsartl 

C BmU'a ' VleusB;e^(lS77k uul the Covn 
ZUa iB Scott atndltapbflnion'B ■ IHplomBc* ' 

SSIB). At (he HnnnBTket : foM Jtim in 
anand'a ■ Leaaini ' (1681), Xody Walker la 
Budon'a'Odatta' (lBaI),ltiB Oountat Olaa 
Boutanf Is BudDo'i 'BMon' (liSi), nod 
JrlM MUflebitt In Plnan'B ' Lonla and Coni- 
mana-(tis3V Hba lui ilao tspnaeated tba 
B LTcaum : Viratnla ia 
■n At the Strand: 
' (1858), atrlrudi In 

At tlM Frinoi of Walas'a : Oeorsina Vtiev 
in IjUan'B 'Hon**' <IB7!), i-mfu Tnuu 
ilfSta, Lady FranUln In Lrtton-a ■ Money ' 
<iniX Ay WtJUtatim in ReBds'a -Maak* 
and AocB '(I87B]. Pir< In BonclcajUt'a ■ Lod- 
dot Aanniisa ' (in7), amer Oraatroiik In 
T. Tftyhn^ ■ Unequal Hatch' (1877), Wan In 
Bsckitanif I ' Good for NMliing ' (187a). At 
tlwBvinaiInt: JVn.&h'^tlnT.TulDi'a 
'OTBriaml BontB' OBUt, and iddv Acnry 
Alijte im SoDtt ud Stapbauoa'a ' Diplo- 
■BkCj' <1BMX Bba Teunsand In tbo laat- 
nuned part at tba Qanlijk Itieatre. London, 
In IBM. and In ISM aha rrajiiivBred at an 
afternoon prrfonnance ai Jf ri. HtygaTih In 
■The Vtcnraga' (j.rA See 'Mr, anil Mr*. 
Bancroft im and ull the fila^i!. writUn b; 

(NewYi - 
for Jan 

Bamd, Cnff, and Buff; A V-tary 
SialoKue between. " Demo b; an ai. 
cfllent wit, and laUily acted In a abaw;" 
printnl In 1616. On the title-pua ot to* 
J -j>..._ ,,„ y„ dblocM la 

id edition Hno T«r, Uw db]o(1M 
tniLiJect 'ExcbliutB Wue al the Secaau 
Hand.' and the "Bhew"laBa]dlahBTelaksii 

EtBc« "in tba Eamooa nniienltla at Ckm- 
Bandanna, Ura. A chArscler in A. 

Bandit (The). See F.Dnn lxd Akok- 

Bandit Kinff (The). A nelodnmain 
Hie acin, flnt olaved In America, with Mia* 
Maria UUItcrde aa K'll^mah ; nrodnctd at 
thequeen'>Theatrp.Manchrator, September 
Itl, ls95 ; at the Pavillun Tboalre, London, 

Bandit Ucrchant (The). Sea Uxlo 

Bandit Of the Blind Uine (The). 
A ploj ><y M. M. MlL.\LR(a.p.), performacl 
at the Bow OCX Theatre. New York, In IMS-O, 
wllb Cary and BUnchanl In tba caiit. 

iIojB.1, "1th KynantoB sa Don AnlmUo, 
WlIlLuna aa Lim Frmaiul, Mra. Barrer aa 
Xawra, Jodiob Nokea aa Mrmrra. and 
Griffinaalyim. The "Ud;"lg2Atcm,who, 
being aiiapected by Antonio of nn Intrigue 
iillh Fcmand, aeuka relnga with llrparra. 
Meaara't boBCand. Leon, leader of the 
banditti. ■ ■ -■ '-■- ' 

i l3 

from Shirlev-a •: 

Cflmr. (8) -Tl 


.. , by Dr. 

at Cerent Garden on Detolwt 

rsi , and condemned at tbo flnt nflrforiD- 
, Altered and re-entitled 'TheCaitle 


Snada, and Mia Harper ai 
■waa hlfh' •"' ■■ 

Coront Oiudea'ln 17^, 17W[and isM.'Abo 
at Che Havputrkst on Jnly «. 1884, and at 
the aame thnire (for a " nln")on Scptembn 
13, ISM, with a caat Indndlnc Weiaa. Bnok- 
atone, I'orapton, Chippendale. W. barren* 
LoDlae Keele]', etc. Tbo hnmnani of tba 
piece conaist niRlnly In f,Td>>uinife'« 
chancinir noaltlnn and clothci nlth hla ler- 
•niit PrSr^Uo. Ilo 1.1 in love with Victoria. 



Daniel Bdward. 

umI, Genoim* ; " "" ■"'" 

Actor, born at CukI, Germiuif ; . . 
pnfwdankl lUbut, U tbe ua of slgliteen, at 
the OouTt Ttntn of New StrelLU. . Attar 

coiuldenbiB gxpnienca on U 


Gftrden, New 
f SAj/toot. In 
IS appeared at 

ring "liicli 

adaptation from tba Q«. 
In the Statai far a (air 
IiB pl^ad HmUet and < .. . . 
■r^lM- Hia flrat appflaranca ia l£aglADit w«> 
-mids at tha Lyceum Tbeatre, Laadan. on 
Jebnuiry II. IMS, m NareCiti. He next 
"cnataa" the part of Vyvyirn in lri>rd 
Xntoo'l'Blgbttul Holr- (licaoin.Ocl.iher 
a.lBea).ud «aa aftemnl seen u OOirlUt 
<LyGeDni, Notembei' 30, 1I)IK> A ilalt to 
AnatralU aW «■ foUowed bT a toar In 
the United State* (ISTO-l), and by a second 
■ toLoadon(JQno, 1871). whore, In July, 

.. J .. ^ J/aurtrmna In Tom 

_1tb' (j.B.)- Altera 

in pertonnancei in the 

ime. In February. l§7a. 


n March. ISSa. U. E. 

pleoa whic 


^jinmbiB tha alorssald dual Hlle. In ad- 
ditiDD to this piece, the foUowlnit plays 
by n. E. Bandmann haie bun patlotmed 
In England ;—' Only a Player ' (187S). • Toni'ii 
Iteienae' (1874). "The Crou aiid tlio Ctei- 
eent'flSTH), ■Madeline Morel' (is:a), and 
■ Marie Jeanne ' (1)179). 

BondiDBiiui- Palmer, Srs. [Mllly 
Palmar). Actien. bom at Luicaster ; made 
bar profaadonal dAut at UTarpool whsn 
lomteen yean of ua, bet fint appeaianoe 
In London taUng plaee at the Stnuid Tbeo- 
tn Ib Morember, ISH, wbon iba flgnred u 
J^auHneiB 'DeliateOronnd'd.s.). Attbs 
Strand >ha lemained tUI the end of the 
IWt-fi Hawm, among the parta "created" 
by ber beiogtbove ofirrf. BviMe in Craien'a 
'One TreeHlll' <b.v.\ laura Qoodnian In 
faiaella'i 'Orou PnrpoHe ' (j.c.X and Eta 
In Wooler^ 'I*nrence'i I-ovs Suit' (g.v.). 
Si Ootobn, ISM, at the Olympic, sha wna 
tiu Ont rapreisntaUee of Orocs DK)itr '- 
-Tom TayloPi play, 'Tbe Whiteboy' '~ 

and In December o( then "■- 

Oract Hantawoy at the 
theLyoenm, In no — ' - 


doe' (}.».}: and In October, 1808,* 
original Bveline In Lord Lytton'i ' BI| 
Hdr'ty.n.). In February, ISOt). aha mi 





On 1870-1) 

. ._JolS«))l. 

jn the United alatel^ appearing na Btalrite, 
fivTlia, Pauline Cljuij uf Lyons'), etc. 
Her London renlrH wna made In July, 1S7S, 
at tbe Qoeea'a Tbeatie. In February, 1873, 

she played Lady Maclvtli «t the PrtncBM'a. 

English proiincet, Mrs. Bandmun impet- 
BOnaled Ophdia, Dudemona, Mn. llaiUr, 
and iMdy TeaiU. In April, 1878, at the 
Adelphi, ihe was the orlf^nal Vaicntiiu In 
'Proof (7.n.). She atlerwarda rerldted 
America. Sent to Oarmany, by-wid'by, for 
tbe beneSt of her bealtb, aha learned tbe 
lancuage, and in December, 1S85, pUyed 
LaduTeaiU in German at the Beaidonx 
Thutre, nrcsden. fietuminff to England 
in ISSS, she reappeared at the Olympic, 
London, on May i, as jjodu JfiuAiU to the 
Maebtth of £. S, WUlard. In 188S itae 
added to bet repertory the " Mary Stuart " 
of Schiller, and In April of tbe following 
year played tbe title part at Uie Oisad 
Theatre, lalington. In IB&S ahe appeand 
for the d»t time an llaiiUl, a T«lt which she 
baa since performed f ery trvquimtly both in 
London and in the English proTlnces. She 
baa adapted to the English stage (1«K) Che 


in the 



BtuiK>i Pranole C. Actor, bom in 
Virginia. 1337 : ma-ie his diliut at n ubing- 
.onln \X.i : Brat appeared in New York in 
18S3 at l:aora Keene ■ Tbeatro : was ennged 
Lt WaUack'B in 1808-9, and at the Winter 

ington in 1865, and at New ,— 

00 Tom in 'After Dark'). In 18e« he played 
ifam pMffoUjF In ' Little Em'ly ■ at Nlblo'a, 
and the fluie(t^.dJ»i in ' Patrle' at the Grand 
Open Honse, New York. Among his other 
porta may be mentioned Antotaj, Sardaamr 
juful. and D-xn'i Vruet. 
SanirlaB, Joa. 


character In Oit- 

BERT's ^Bandail's Thumb ' (Q.r.y 
BEUiim, John. Noiellst. bom ITOS, 

'Sjlla' aeSB), "The SergL-snt'. Wife °{18B7),' 
' Damon and Pythlat' 'The Prodigal.' and 
■Turgnnloi.'allof whicb BBS. See, alao. hi* 

Banished Dnka (Tha) ; or, Tba 
Inteedy of Infortuiuitus. Apolitical 
pamphlet, written In dmmatlo (orm, and 
paMishod In IWo. It is directed a«tlnat 
)iiDeBlI..whoflgure9a3flD'RJnuf. Inforlu- 


the I 


I Duke 

ccorrting 1 

ll-cX produced at N 

Bmiisluneiit of Clovro (Til*). A 

limiHlT bT BlCaiBD CCHDEltUKD (g.t), 

[KlTn.bntDDtutsd. "Omluti^wy* 
.■'lilDlOTewltb.fVii0i. HelilnlaiB 

nJlio, tlw d&Dgbtar ol Ciem. Hs 

rImU Uw nlldUtioiii of Clodta. Stia 
iiutlntaf CMiut, wbo !■ bar brother, to 
tmPmgi. ClOUtu kill* roltimniw. think- 
liur blm to b« Fnai. dtdia itftba harHlf. 
P^uffi l> Ulkd OflitiDI- Clodiu ay* of 

Sm Om ' Blogimphik 1 

Banlator, John. Mndcal comnMsr, 
boni leso. dlsil iltTe 1 wnta diuId to Dr. C. 
IlKTeout'itiuedy of ' Circa ' (1670) ud (In 
conJancUaa oltb Palhun Hampliray) to 
'liaTampaat' (1070). 

BanlatoT, Bev. Jamea, ppbUibed tlia 
foUowlllc tnUlHtAtioiu from RuHnidu : — 
■ Ipblnnla In AoIIb,' ' 
mod 'TroAdea,' mil in IT 

Sknker (Ths). An kd&pttUon b; 
J. SCHOKBUO (.q.v.l of Mlu Bnuldon'i 
fiOfflL ^Haary Donbftr* ig.v.), prodDC«d wA 
Nav York In Jane, 1B80. 

Banker of Bonea, The. A plkj pro- 
dnoad at tlie lAtofatte Tbetti«, Nair Vork, 
In Notomber, IBSfl, with MKrwood and 
Walrtaln In the cut. 

Baaker'a SaaKhMr, Tli«. a) A 
druu by W. C. Fosteb, prodnoed at Horth 
Mhlaldi, Kn H. IS;e. {S} A comedy bf 
at the Unloa Sqiuu 
In 1S78, mtb Charli 

mla put. Hlu Satm .ibvvli; m uis line 
tOU, Hin Hand HnrriiOD u Jfri, £rtnni, 
J. K Polk w irojAiiyUn PA^ifH. W. T. Le 

e Theatre 

e In the 

, fSlowln„ ,_ _ 

adapted by J, ALBKitT to.v.) to tha Kngllib 
iitace. and prodnced in London aa 'The Old 
Lore nod the Nan ' (s.v.y, 

BKiikeT>a WU^ (The). A play pro- 
dnoed at the Broadvar Theatre, Ifew York, 
In Mar, IBfit, with Mia Caihman u 

Bankrupt (The). (l)AcomedTlnthrea 
acta,bT SjkMDEL Foote, flrst paifonned at 
ttaa Hiranrtet Thaatre, London, on JolT £1, 
ITT^wIth a mM Inclndljic tba aotbor a* Sir 
JM<rf JUtamitUr, 3. Aikln, Ura Willlanu, 
lira. IvkM, Hlaa Ambroin, lAmaib, and 
otbai aoton ai JToiyAi, Pillage, and Bt- 
WWW- Iba thraataned Danknptcj at Sir 
JMtrt—mU to haTe bant taggfled by ■ 
caatampotBfTiDctdaBt In commerdal drelea 
—la not a laadlnf faatnnof tha ^eca.bnt 
brinii In miope and JEunir«, whoae adTlce 
litnfHdbnti^actedbrWrJtolwt. Margin 
ia a pilnlar. (S) A domartlc dtana pnr- 
dncad at the Bioadwajr Tfaeatn. Mew Yml, 
m DMMnbar, lau, wUh C. ttibar and W. A. 
CbapnuB In the oaat- 


iCatioa of Bjoutson'a plar. 

Creswlck appeusd) and ' The Si»n Kins ' 
(for Iia AOrldn) ; al», two burlaaquM— 
' Old Maid* ud MoMard' and ' Ye Doleful 
Wlnea of Windsor '-and a Tolnnw entitled 
■All About Shaknen' (IMt). Sea 'Mo 
tlonarr ol NattonalStOpaphr' (IBU). 
Buika, John. DnmaUc writer, bom 

leNei __, 

tollowini flie-act tnwedlei— 
ii«a' (IBJT). 'Hie Deslractlon 

ot IToj' 0*T8), "llie unhappj Faionrlto' 
flBfiSk 'The Tnnoo — * '^ ' ""*^ ■■.*- 


Onat ' (16e«}-all oI whi< 
'ApoloKj' (17*"' — ' 
Stage' (ISIS!). 

Banka of XUl&mey, The. See Eilt 

Burner. A chaiacter In Buckstons's 

Bannlan SBiy. A miulcal antertaln- 
ment In two acta, worda by Georqi 
Bukwer. mnalo b;r 8. Arnold : fltat per- 
tonaedattheThaatraBoTal, UaTmarket, on 
Jnna 11, 17M, with a caat including Fawoatt 
^Bateh), Suelt (AsUy MxiM), and Mn. 

. . . jindon in 

uH'i/lln'TbeOratora.'at the Haymarket 
iq.v.y There be diitlDgulahed hluKll ai 
an imitator of TendDcd^and other alngen- 
After alnglng at Banalagh and elHwbare, 
he appeared at Dnn Lane in 1707. going 
thence to CoTent Oarden In 1782, returning 
to Dmry Lane In I7SE, and Joining the 
Boraltf compani in 1767. Some cotuitrj 
angsgementa loHowad, and then sundrr 
appearancea at the " lAue," the " Garden, 
etc. Tha ' Theaplan Dictionary ' uyi"bla 
Tolca wu a itrong clear baaa, with one of 
the moat eilenalie talnttoa arer heard." 
IHbdin held blm (» be " In many reapacta 
anperior to any alnger that perhapa ever 
■had. Thebodyandiolumeof •olFawhleh 
he poaaaeaed were only equalled by Ita 
■weetneaaandintereit." "Ifla SIrudyl'Tbe 
Quaker*), etc., were gcxid,''MiyaOenint: "Ua 
Oilfhin and OrJmtaU were excellent," See 
tbe 'Theaplan Dictionary' (iSK). Geneat'i 
' BngUab Stage > (IS32), Mbdln'a ' Illatory ol 
tbe Stage'dBOO). and Adolphua' 'Memulr* 
of John Bannlater ' (lasa). 


ChirlH BuiDUtcr ; bom Kt DcpUord, I'M, 
dteU in London, ISW: &pp«»d at Uniry 
lAna M eulr u 1TT£, tnii made hla n-i[ular 
rfiVvt ftt tlie Hajpmuket ia IITS, u Die* in 
'The Appnnllcs'tg.B,); apmand at Drnry 
IiMia In Uw Mtna jttx uZopAna In ' Ma- 
homet' (a,i.), and at Corent Gaideo In ITTR 
u the Prince g/WaiatB-iamrj IV.- Ha 
next plBTad at Blimin^iun. retotnlng to 
toiro to " create ' Dtn Fenlo Whiiktrandot 

fcTtaeCHtic')at I>Turr Laoea>Tl>). Amnng 
a other original parta were Dabble In ' The 
Humouri»t,'SMu( In ' The ViUami Lawrer; 
laUe In -Inkle 'and Varico,' Sir i>a>'uf 
Dioutrt in ' Wa/i and Meaoi,' Qonlibtrt in 
' The BalUeot Heihaia,' AnMnln -^'d Sang, 
Jtttk Lnle/iet In 'The Boi-Lobby Chal- , 
lenir,' SuftctMr Damenaxid In ■ New Uar 
at the Old Market/ Wilford in 'The Iron 
Cheat,' JToUcy In "Tbe (^tle Spectre,' and I 
Ao2aiula la "Ilie Uoaofmoon.' Uix other ' 
porta included jKman'nil'Spaniih Batber' 
and ■ Fuillea of a Dny '}, Briit (' The Double . 
Dealer '), Bfn (' Lo>e lor Lore '), Bran r The 
Confederacy ■), lAaardo (' The Wonder \ 
Scrub (^Tbe Beani' Strstageni "), TraiaanA 
(•She Wonid iui<l She Wouldn't'). Sr An- 
lAong Abmiule, Taay Lumptia, Bab Acrii, 
Coloiul Feignma (-A Itolil Stnike tor a 
Huaband'). JTaiTtelCThe Bu^ybodv'). Job 
nornbeny (-John l)uir>, Ur. Pa'uilall 
(' Heir at liw ■), and ilr. 0«a,".( (' The l-uor 
Hentleman ■). ilealaoplaseaHomH, Sfty- 

InlH07hebegan'thedellrei7oI adra'mattc 

BaDoiBtar, J. 

Ftigard in 

i' Stmtaaen:' (IBTel 
., — The Paor^entienun' 
:tam in 'An You like It' 

the anthof ' 

M7 i made h<« <f«bi 
nd placed aftorwarda i 

i follDO 

Baltimore iii 
York. He wai 

r. Banniater," 
the Unit In- r, 
aothor. , 

IT it b< 

Itodieaii wilh an fnatantaneoos 
•' Bannislsr," >a>i llallitl. " did 
of blnuelF to take puHseAaiun of 
on O'er Ua ordinarT 

'Calm SUlua' (a.vX 'EnglaniFi Iron Da]'i,' 
'The Gentleman of J.yon.' (g.n.), 'Infl- 
dellty' (a.e.), 'The Marrlan Contract,' 
'Marrell. the Land Biinte' I7.F.), 'Piam- 
metlcua." I>ntnani ' (g.r.). ' Robert Emmett' 

»B.). ' The Two SpajBards ' I'l-r). and ' The 
andorlnE Jew' (q.v-t. Uu also adapted 
"ntu9 AndtonlFUj? See Ireland'! 'New 
York Sta£e ' and BrowD'i ' American Stage.' 

Baonlater, Kra- N. H. (n^ Oreen). 

dibul at Pictaburg, Pennajlrania, In IBIT. 
She wai long known at the Bower; and 
other theatres aa Mre. Stone, but in 1(137 
reappeared in New York as Mrs. Bannleter. 

imedianon the itaige. Let I 

Bajmfatar, T, 
inthor of -Ueraldit 
Theft f( 

I>raniatlfl writer ; 
_ Ordeal' [1B71). 'A 
, ■MinUikonldentiti* 

distress, or of gra.e indiffi 

and he 
not go I 

dreta, lie"a mV „. , 

tottabie. He let his prraonal character 
appearthrouKhianJilwasonegreatchann i 
of bi« acting. . . . His SCruft, liis Son-in- 
lar, hla part in the ' Urandmother,' hla . 
Auiolyau. hii CiJ-.u'l FrirmiicU. and his 
»ra/ttrin'TheChlldmniotheWood,'were 1 
alladmirBble"C(JnPla>.going-). ■'Ihaie 
aeen,- a.)a Boadcn. "no mctor at all near 
hitn where he was fully hImHir." "Hewaa I 
UiB bert actor on the stage," »aya Oiberry. I 

CiyOi), Leigh Hunt's "■Performera" of Uie 
London ThcatTu' (ISO?^ Kelly's -Seminii- 
cancea ' (IS^I. Olberrv s ■ nramotli- llin. 

is murdered in a.. .... -,. - „ 

appears In the scene follon'Ing. 

Bantam. (L) Ca;itafn and Mri. Aintant 
are characters in J. M. MORTON'S 'Oouiiii 
Ijuiihliin'Cf.i'.). i2i NiduJatDanlamOeant 
In DoL'SLlB JerroLD's 'Tim* worka Wen- 
den' tg.v.\ (3) Sauire Baalam Is a eha- 
ruter in T. J. WiLUUis' ' Lian.alayer ' 
(q.v); and (4) there ia a Squire BuiilaDt 
InCtLLIEIt's 'Dorothy' (g.r.). 

BantsT. (1) Jfr«. SoiiIt ii a gay widow 
in J. V. MiLLiMJiUi's ' Ladiea at Home' 

a.r.). (e) Mri. and .¥i» Bintir Ogam in 
. T. CfUVE.1'» ' My Preserver ' (j-r.). 

Bantry Bar. 
Q. N, Bki-nOLDs. I 

i Interlu 


Kl!ie M i(.% Mr,/' 



Baptism B.nd Tempi atlon, Of. Two 
Tomedlwbjr Bishop Bale (ij-d.). 

Baptista- F&thsr .•[ EaUurirui and 
B^nnw In ■ The Timing of tbe Shrew ■ (j.F,). 

BaptlBtea. See Tyrannical Govekn. 

BarabaB' ,_, - 

MARLOWK'S'JeWDt Mftlts' (q.cA 

I^mb bu Mid of li[mtlut Mulo' 

■ ' doei not uptuch m near to SbukenwaTe'i, 
u hii ' Edward the Second' doei to ' R[cbard 
the B«amd.' BaratuLt la v tqaiv mnnHt^^r 
brouEbb la with a Urge ihId 
_, ■henbhle. HekUlalni 

whole m 

In uport, poiMJOi 

or two earltat mlgbt bare been pU; ed before 
the liondoDen ■^b* tfaa mjti cdrhiuuiiI,' 
irhen ■ isnnal pillage and muucra of the 
Hebrew! had been prafltnul; rssnlved oa 
in tbecslilnat." The part ira* in tho reper- 
loty of lidtnund Kean, who. it u reconled, 
lelisTed its monotony b} IntriidurlniEa aong ! 
(Q) BaraMi Is n cbomcter In ' The liiint of 

Bftradas. Favourite of loals Sm., to 
Xord Lttto^v's ' Biohoheu ' i.q.'c.), 

Bantrk JohnBon ; or, The Blind 

■"" ■ ■' *- -- - Wl. I>y WILLIAM 

Thest™, l*ndon 
N.T Hli'kiin th 


K. JFJIOHE. flnt psrfi 

. Sin. H. Vlnlng to 
Bancho turned 
piny, by Jrhone 


, Lnnd 


Baibaxa- A Fbametcr in COLUAii's 
■Iron Cheet' (g.i.). Oiberry uys thai 
"Mln Poole, ones plijiug iinrAnra. in the 
■cans vhera ihe put* from Mli'trrd before 

.... ...., _i...- .,, . , r,o,„ by the 

Poor Willonl 

inJly erery liaBOni 

by Cbarles 


Indaded by Allan Itamaay in bli '-Ta-1^b1e 
Mli«llony' (1T2<) and by Blehgp Percy In 

BarbKrosBa. A tisEedy by Dr. 
BaowsK (a.c). flo't pcrfonned at DrUTy 

Achmtt^ MoMop aa Bartiaratta, llavard aa 

Ul» Macklln ni Irtnt. ^rAwt 'la 'really 
litUm, the »n of the King of AlaiBri 
whom Barborti99a^ the corsair, has mardi-TDd 
and detbroned. Ilnrbfti-oim bu hlr»l a 
crnoln Omar to kill Srlim: but Eelim baa 
sloia dinar, and. by means of a rinE. pnaiea 
himaeU oB upon Barbantua aa a friend of 


mother of Srliia, The play waa reilTed at 
Dniy L«ne and Corant Qarden In ISM, with 
Maater Betty aa Adimel; and at Drury 
Lane In laiT, with Rean ta Aelimit. It 
waa playsd in New York In 1703, with Sir 
RlGbard Cnuby fn the chUf port : at the 
Bowery In AogDit. ISie, with Booth, jun., 
u Bariaroiia and Cluinfmu aa Sadi. 

nil b'y ATtfm'rfMAiTHigo!" 

utdc by F. Walleratoln; SrsE 

perfunned at Drury lAne on SoptembBt 22, 
1S77, with Ibo nulbnr. Mhw II. Corenoy, 
ItliiH C. Jocks, Mlu SiembrldKO, and E, J. 
GMrgoln Ihe<s3t. 

nd LadoTle Holi^ry, Paris Vi 
t pertonDsd In America at 1 
n July. I8«8 : flnt perfon 
at the St. James's Thea 


libretto, at tbe Oaiety Theatre. London, in 
Jniy. INTO, with Mis* JnlU Matthews a* 
Boulollt ; in the Engllih provinces in IgTT, 
with MlHi Patti Lareme a> Bauhltt ; at Ihe 
AienaoThistre, London, Jnne Ifl.lBSS, vith 
MiM Florence Rt. John as BnufpUr. Miw 
Lottie Venneas FAmivrte. Mlu MaHn n»I> 
aa tbe QHern, C, Marius 

I. T. 0. 1 

It, J. J. Dallas as tbe King, and A 
aa Sapphire: rO'lied at 
Theatre. London, on Jnnuai 

» tba 

with Miss 


Barbeand. Landry, Bgurs n in ' Fan- 
cholte' {q.r.\ • Fanchon^ (?.n.). 'Tlie timsa- 
hopper 'fj.F.). and otlior EngHsb renion» of 
Oeorge Sand's 'Fndelle.' 

Barber, Jamea. Uraroatio writer ; 
author of 'The Ulock law of Martinique.' 
' la Dame de St. Tropoi ■ (KtB). ' Jonathan ■ 
(1M6). 'The Memoln of the DeiU' (IMll, 
'Rebeeoi,' 'Tlie WtoTer of Lyons' (I84»), 

:1udLn|r Terry, Tal<^. ^t'rench, 
f. Cooke, and Mrs. Bower. 

with Neville oa 




fort I«ottexy. A farce, adapted from * Le 
Barbier Chatelain.' by T. J. Thackbkay, and 
first performed at toe Haymarket Theatre, 
London, on September 8, 1828, with Farren 
in the title part (Frittaei Blindal as Colonel 
jyOrtMbern, Mrs. T. Hill as the Counter 
Olivia, ana J. Reeve as Fetert. 

Barber Bravo (The). A play per- 
formed at Princess's Theatre, London, in 
1846, with C. J. Mathews in the cast, and 
in the same year at the Bowery Theatre, 
New York. 

Barber of Bagdad (The). (1) A 
farce by E. Fitzball iq.v.\ first performed 
at the Surrey Theatre, London, Kovember 
20, 1826. (2) An opera by Peter Cornelius, 

Eirformed, with an English libretto by Rev. 
AKMADUKE E. BROWNE, by studente of 
the Royal CoUege of Music, at the Savoy 
Thei^, London, December 0, 1891. 

Barber of Bath (The). An operetta, 
words by H. B. Fa&mie (q.v.), mudc by J. 
Offenbach (9.V.), performed at the Olympic 
Theatre, London, on December 18, 1879. 

Barber of Seville (The). (1) Under 
this title, Beaumarchais* comedy, * Le 
Mariage de Figaro' (1775), was translated 
inte English by Mrs. urifllths, published in 
1776, but not acted. Then came (2) COL- 
MAN's adaptation from Beaumarchais, en- 
titled *The Spanish Barber' (q.v.), and 
performed in 1777. This was revived at 
Covent Garden in October, 1818— "with the 
addition of one scene and many songs," says 
Genest— under the title of (3) * The Barber 
of Seville : a comic opera in two acte,' with 
Liston as FMaro, Jones an Count Almavivat 
Fawoett as Dr. Bartholo, Simmons as Argut, 
Blanchard as TaUboy, Mrs. Dickson as 
Jiotina, and Mrs. Sterling as Marcellina. 
(4) 'The Barber of Seville' was the title 
given to an opera— dialogue by Fawcett, 
lyrics by Terry, and music by Mozart (from 
*Le Nozze de Figaro ')— brought out at 
Covent Garden in 1824, with Duruset as 
Figaro, JonvB ea Almaviva, Fawcett as Bar^ 
tholo, and Miss M. Tree as Botina, (6) 
Rossini's opera, *Le Barbier de Seville,* 
was performed at the Lyceum Theatre, Lon- 
don, in 1824, with additions by Mozart, 
Fioravanti, Dibdin, and Phillips, and with 
Chapman as Figaro. Bartley as Bartholo, and 
Phillips as Alinamva. See Marriage op 

Barbers at Court. A play, performed 
in America in 1837, with the Keeleys in the 
leading parts ; at Niblo's, New York, in 
June, 1843, with Burton as UogtJUsh and 
Walcot as CharUs II. 

Barbers of Bassora (The). A comic 
opera in two acts, l)y J. Maddison Morton 
(o.v ), first performed (with music by John 
Huliah) at Covent Garden on November 
11, 1837, with Leffler and H. Phillips as 
Mtistapha and Kadib, the barbers ; Miss 
Shirrotf as Ikda, and Bartley as Mahmoud, 

Barclay, James M- Author of *A 
Lesson in Love,' comedy (1836). 

Bardash. An effeminate footman in 
Leigh's * Kensington Gardens ' (q.v.). 

BardeU v. Plokwlok. (1) A farcical 
sketeh in one act, founded bv John 
HOLLINGSHEAD on thQ trial in * Pickwick,' 
and first produced at the Gaiety Theatre, 
London, on January 24, 1871. (2) An 
operetta in two acts, words by T. H. GEN, 
music by Frank Spinney, published at 
Leamington in 1881. See Great Pickwick 
Case and Pickwick Papers. 

Bardolph, in 1 and 2 * Henry IV.' and 

* The Merry wives of Windsor,' is a corporal 
in Sir John Falstaff's company, and in 
' Henry V.' is promoted to lieutenant. 

Barefaced Impostors- A farce in one 
act by ** John Doe. Richard Roe, and John 
Noakes, Esquires,'' first performed at the 
Theatre Royal, (Xnterbnry, on August 15, 

Barefoot, Little. See Little Bare- 
foot ; Mitchell, Maooib. 

Barford, B. Author of *The Virgin 
Queen,' a tragedy (1728). See Pope's * Epistle 
to Dr. Arbuthnot/ lines 55, 56, et tea. Bar* 
ford had displeased Pope by utiliang the 
latter's ** sylph " machinery in a poem called 

* The Assembly.' 

Barker, J. N. American dramatist; 
author of * America,' a masque (1805X ' Tears 
and Smiles' (1807), *The Embargo* (190S), 
*The Indian Princess' (1808), 'Maimion' 
(1812), *The Armourer's Escape' 0817), 
^Superstition' (1824), and *Uow to Try a 
Lover ' (not acted), all of which see. Ireland 
characterizes Barker as "one of the earliest 
and best of American authors " (' New York 
Stage '). See Dunlap's * American Theatre ' 

Barkins, sen. and jun. (1) ChA- 
racters in Blanchard Jerrold's * Cool as 
a Cucumber' (q.v.). (2) A BarJdnt, 9en., 
and a Barking, jun., ngure also in W. W. 
Hartopp's 'Eclipsing the Son' (q.v.). 

Barksted, William. Actor and poet ; 
belonged, in the reign of James I., to the 
company known as " children of the queen's 
revels." In 1606 he appeared in Jonson's 
'Epicene,' and in 1613 in Beaumont and 
Fletoher's 'Ck)xcomb' (1618). He wai the 
author of poems called * Mirrha ' (1607) and 
•Hiren' (1611). See Henslowe's 'Diary,* 
Collier's 'Memoirs of Actors in Shakespeare's 
Plays' (1846), and 'Dictionary of National 
Biography ' (1885). 

Barlow. (I) The Rev. Wm, Barlow is 
' Vicar of Bray,' in Grundy and Solomon's 
opera so named (9. v.). (2) The BarUnu, in 
H. J. Byron's * Hundred Thousand Pounds ' 
(q.v.), include Joe, his wife, and Alice. 

Barmaid (The). A comedy in three 
acts, by Qeorqe Dance (q.v.), first per- 
formed at the Comedy Theatre, Mancheeter^ 
on August 31, 1891. See New Barmaid. 

Barmecide, The. A "dramatic ro- 
mance " in three acts, by H. M. M ilner (q.v,). 


first mrionned at Dmir Lane dd N 
a, ISIH, wlUi II. Ksmble as Oiafar. 
U. JohiiHboDO u i/aroun Al BokI 
Otkbt iu iaido, Huric. as fiuodni 

BettsbtOK*! 'AmoiODi WI^dw' (g.e.), with 
■agnwUdiu tnin Has. Cektlitbe's ' Arti- 
flcB^ »nd linnn ' Greaowlch Pirk ; ' SnC per- 
fonbed at Corant Oudsn on April IB, 1781, 
vfUi Onlck H Airniilv, Hn. Uattocki ok 
Mn. SriUla, Edwin u Jfrrmy, uid other 
Mrfdnnsra aa ZciMnuin, CludjKi^ and £<idv 
Prutc ; parf Drmed In America In 17S7. 

BanuibyBiuln. The atoir by Chula 
Dkkens ba« tonaei ttis bnila of, and pvsn 
the Utie to. the fallDwing dmnatio plena :— 

S> AdnRKoUc drama Id three acts, ndnpted 
J C. Selbt (g.r.]and C. MELVILLl^ and 
Hnt perfonnea at the EDcliah Opeia 
Uauae un June 28, 1B41, with Mlu Fartes- 
eue in tbe title part, Mra. Selby as 
Mr: Jludgi, Oianb; ai Oabriel Cord™, 
Mn. Qnn^ aa JTri. Vardat, Mian Plli- 
Jame* a* DeUg VardcTi, Bolwan a> Onnf- 
jrey Biavdali, Balbr aa Chater. Searlo aa 
BSmm TapffftU, B. Sndtb %a Blaet Evok, 
and MrL Hanii aa Mig/n: played at tho 
Chatbam TbMtn, New Vork, In September. 
IBM, wlUl Bira. C.Thome In the tftlB port, 
C Tt^m as Stack B^gh. Klrby u oh! 
AidH, and Un. Blake tx Mti. Rudse. <B) 
Another tei^on wan pTodocod at tint 
AdalphI In Decamber, IMl, with Talee as 
Ckoi&rand Mia Miggt, tin. Yat« aaJVrt. 
AkIh, MIn CbuUn aa Bamais, Panl Bed- 
ford H GoMal, ^'O." Smith aa Bagli, and 
Bdwatd Wiicht aa TamertU. <3) A play 

A pia; bx Wattb Phillips (q.vA and P. 

VlKllia ((■.),flnt performed at thePHncna'e 
Tba*tra,I,aBdDB^aaNDT«nbBrl2, lB6fl,with 
Htaa Katlutliie Bodgen in the title part, 
ttSm Anniata TbMUpion aa Duas Far'/fi 
B. Calbaam ai TmirtU, C. Hantm 
Kadfiivk, J. O. Shore aa Sir JoAnOA 
Hn. John Wood u Mitt Mimi, etc. 

WjnB.elc, ^i 

See abo DOhVI V^RDEN. 

Barnacle, Ben. The bo'ann li 
TBEis and SOLOMon'S ' BUIee Taylor 

Bkrnard, John. Musical dlr«cl 

hi> time, orchei 
l«ne, the Ijien 
London tbcatrea, 

and *o (orth. 

jninplltd moalc ___ . .^_ 

' Macbeth,' ' Comaa,' Byron' 

BamAtdino. "A diaaolute prifloner" 
in -Meunre for Meaanre' (q.v.). Hailitt 
dfwribvs the eluacteT aa " one of the SuDst 
(and tbat'a aajing a bold woidj In all abake- 

[!I!°°^e prodacSS^ ol 
la,' Byron'a ' Mnnlred,' etc. 

■peare. He la what he ia bv nature, not bj 
circuinatHPce, ■ rarelesa, retkleae, and fear- 
less o( paat, preaent, and to come.' " 

Bamardo ajid Fiamats. A pi«« 

Krrormod at the Rose Theatre on October 
,I5BS. See aenaloo-e'i -Diary.' 

Bames, Betty. See n'oRKKiN, Mas. 

Barnes, Oharlatte. See Conneb,Ur«, 

BamSH, Jamea, «hn died In 1B38, <n» 
"an admired pantaloon in Orimeldi's time" 
(Diitton Cook), 

BameB, Jolkn. Actor, died IMl ; made 
bis lUiiit at the Haymarket In Igll ; flrat 
appeared In Amerlun in isiCi. at the Park 
Thmtre, New York : was manager for a 
time ot the Blchmond Hill Theatre In that 
city. " He was tmly eminent," aaya Ireland, 
" in anch chamctera a* Sir AnlAmy AbmluU, 
Sir AM Bandy, Lord Duierln, Coasv, etc.; 
and In Old Baptd, Brummagem, lietph, aad 
JiimierHn we haie nerer seen hia eqoal' 
(' New York Stagey Among bie other parts 
were Sir Peter TeaiU and Lingt. See 
Brown's 'American Stage." See. al», 

Barnes, Urs. John (Mary). Actress, 
bom in London. 1780, died at New York, 
1804 ; made her diinit at the llaymarket in 
1811, lUid appeared at Bmry Ijujo in ISlfi. 
Her Hrat appearance In America took place 
in ISie, at the Park Theatre. New York (aa 
Juifal) ; ber laat, In IBSt, at Philadalpbla 
Cas Liuty Raiuiaifli). " She eioelled prin- 
cipally,'' tayi Ireland, "In the Toathliil 
herolnea of tnigedy, thongh leu ladlea baie 
giieo ua high comedy with eanal Bniali, anit 
no roffulah Doy waa eT«r better penonatail 
than by Un. Bamaa. In melodnma anil 
paotemlnia bet action «aa alwaya gneefnl, 
ndrited^ and correct " {■ New YoA Staee '}. 
AioaDg her characters imeSvadne, PentUa, 
jitiKfitfn. and the dumb Havoyard. She wa.1 
tbemotberof Mn. CoDaBTfg.i.}. SeeBrown'a 
' American SUga. 

Barnes, J. H. Actnr ; made hli sIjieb 
dfbut at the Lycenm Theati^. London, m 
No'ember, ISTI, in -The Bells' jg.e.). 
He has aince plaied the followins orlnnal 
part« :— ToDlain Lticii in Halllday'a ' Lady 
□( ttie Lake' aSTI), eordm XodAnrt la 
Byron'a 'Old Soldlan- (IBTa), S»ft«« Ow- 
vUle in B^pet^ 'American. I^*' (ISTU 
Emriia Barrer'a 'Uothet' as7B),X«iniid« 
Smrmmt bi Slmpaon'a 'j^lafa' (ISTB), 
£iw JUnt In WlUa'a -loUnthe' (iSBOi 
Ca^atn Onatrf in WDla'a 'William and 
Snaan' OSSD}, SUfhm CHnUn tn 'PlDck' 
(l8Bi), JKeAard OrcAanlwin In Uuohanan'a 
'Stom-Baatoi' (\SS3), JOfUvd in 'Antoi- 
nette RInnd' (ISSe), Phtdatpet in Ulaa 
GraiesylSltocrig- {IBffi-i. Mi^hul Dennit 

in Je'rome'a %ise of Dick Halward' (18M), 
and Proreaaor Jogram In ■ Roaemary ' (ISOSJ, 
J. H. Bame* haa furthered figured in London 
aa CAaleau Senaad in '^Tliu Corstcan 
BroUien' (1870^ Sir Uieeiter Dtdleck In 




•Jo '(1876), the Duke in *Lacrezia Borgia' 
(1879), Captain FiUHardinge in ' The Iron 
Chest' (1879), Peter Fletcher in Byron'a 
•Uncle' (1879), Henry IV. (1879), Batfanio 
in • The Merchant of Venice ' (1879X Frank 
Troy in *Far from the Madding Crowd' 

S382X Macduff in * Macbeth' (1882), Eeeex 
•Elizabeth' 0882), Pygmalion in •Pyg- 
malion and GkOatea * (1888), Jnoomar (1883), 
Claude MelnotUln 'TheLady of Lyons'(1884X 
Macbeth (1886), Tom Cooper in • Shadows of 
a Great City' (1887), Nicolai JSeigoff in 
•Siberia* (1887X Brian PiUaerald in ^The 
Mysteries of a Hansom Gab' (1888). Pierre 
Lorance in • Proof ' (1889), Geoffrey Blount 
in • A Conrict's Wife ' (1890). In the course 
of 1874 he played ••lead" at the Theatre 
Royij, Edinonrgh ; in 1875 he accompanied 
Miss Neilson to America, afterwards touring 
in Canada ; in 1878 he played Julian Beau- 
clerc in •Diplomacy' m the English pro- 
vinces ; in 1886 he "created " at BirminKham 
the part of Harry Oakley in 'By Land and 
Sea ; ' and in 1888 he paid a second visit to 

Bamett) Alice. Actress and vocalist, 
granddaughter of Uenry Kemble (q.v.); 
began her sti^e career at the Prince of 
Wales's Theatre, Liverpool, in April, 1879, as 
LUUe Buttercup in • H.M.S. Pinafore' (q.v.). 
In November of the same year she went to 
New York, where (at the Fifth Avenue 
Theatre) she created for American audiences 
the part of Ruth in * The Pirates of Penzance ' 
iq. r.>. In 1880 she returned to England, and 
took up the r6le of Ruth at the Op^ra 
Comique until the production of • Patience' 
<o.v.), in which she was the original Lady 
Jane (1881). She was the first representative 
of the Queen qf the Fairiee in • lolanthe ' 
(1882). and of j>ame Courtlandt in Gilbert 
and Can's • His Excellency ' (1894). 

Bamett) Benjamin. Actor; brother 
of Morris Bamett (q.v.) ; was playing at the 
Lyceum Theatre, London, circa 1855. 

Bamett, O. Z. Dramatic writer; author 
or librettist of the following pieces :— • The 
Phantom Bride' (1830), 'The Youthful Days 
of WiUiam IV.' (1831). •Dominique' (1831), 

• Victorine ' (1881). ' The Dream of Fate ' (1838X 
•Oliver Twist* (adapted, 1838). •Farinelll' 
(1839), • The Loss of the Royal George ' (1840), 
•The Bohemians of Paris' 0843), •The 
Christmas Carol' (adapted, 1844), • Don Caesar 
de Bazan' (1844). •La Polka' 0844), •Mid- 
night* 0845), •Mrs. Caudle' 0845X 'ITie 
Minute Gun at Sea' (1845): also, •The 
Bravo,' 'The Bell-ringer of Notre Dame,' 

• Bier Kroeg,' • The Banks of Allan Water,' 
'Caesar Borgia,' 'The Coroner's Inquest,' 
*The Catteran's Son/ •Claude Lorraine,' 

• Fftir Rosamond,' • Hugh the Gypsey.' 

• Linda,' • Mariette Duval,' ' The Mariner's 
Dream,' • The Pearl of Savoy,' • Quasimodo,' 
•The Rise of the Rothschilds.' •Swing,* 
■The Skeleton Hand,' 'Stella Rittersdorf,' 
•Titus Caesar,' 'The Vow of Silence.' 

Bamett* John. Musical composer, 
bom July, 1802 ; was the son of Bemhard 
Beer, a Prussian, who, settling in England, 

took the name of Bamett Bamett. John 
Bamett sane, as a boy, at the Lyceum under 
S. J. Arnold, and, having studied under C. 
£. Horn (9.V.), began to write for the stage 
in 1825, when Peake's 'Before Breakfart* 
(q.v,\ for which he had provided music, was 
brought out at the above-named theatre. 
After this came his share in • CTharles XIL' 
(1828X * The Camival of Naples ' (1830X ' The 
Pet of the PetticoaU' (1881X 'Olympic 
Revels ' (1831), and other pieces. In 18S2 he 
was made orchestral director of the Olympic 
Theatre^ under Madame Vestris, and, while 
there, furnished music for many of her 
productions. His more important works for 
the theatre include • The Mountain Sylph ' 
(1834X 'Fair Rosamond' (1837X and •Fari- 
nelli' (1838X aU of which see. His minor 
productions include the music written for 
' Blanche of Jersey ' (1837), • Country Quar- 
ters.' •Court of Queen's Bench,' •The Deuce 
is in her,' 'Married Lovers,' 'Monsieur 
Mallet,' • The Paphian Bower,' ' The Pictu- 
resque.' 'Robert the Devil,' 'The Soldier's 
Widow,' 'Two Seconds.' 

Bamett, John Franois. Musical 
composer, nephew of J. Bamett, bora 1838 ; 
author, among many works for the 
orchestra, of an overture to * The Winter's 
Tale' (1878). 

Bamett, Morris. Actor, dramatist, 
and musical critic, born 1800, died at 
Montreal, Canada, March 18, 1856; made 
his ddbiU as an actor at Brighton ; in 1833 
he played at Drury Lane, appearing as Tom 
Drove in Douglas Jerrold's 'Schoolfellows' 
(q.v?) ; in 1837 he was at the St. James's 
playing Moneieur Jaequee in his own piece ; 
in 1842 he was again at Drarv Lane : ui 1843 
he figured at the Princess's in the title cha- 
racter of 'The Old Guard' (q.v.); and in 
September, 1854, before going to America, 
he gave some farewell performances at 
the Adelphi. He wrote the following 

Pieces for the stage:— 'Tact' (1830), 'The 
ellow Kids' (1835), •The Spirit of 
the Rhine' (1835), 'Monsieur Jacques' 
(1836), 'Power and Principle' (adapted, 
1850), 'Lilian Gervais' (adapted, 1853). 
' The Married Unmarried' (1854) ; also, ' The 
Bold Dragoons,' ' Borrowed Feathers,' * Cir- 
cumstantial Evidence,' ' The King and his 
Croney,' 'Mrs. G. of the Golden Pippin,' 
' Richard Turpin and Tom King.' ' Supper's 
Over,' ' Sarah the Creole ' (' Sarah Blansri 'X 
' The Serious Family,' ' The Yankee Pedler ; ' 
with B. Bamett, ' Out on the Loose' (1850X 
and, with C. J. Mathews, 'Serve him Right ' 
(1850). G. A. Sala describes him as "a 
remarkably clever man— a Hebrew of the 
Hebrews, with a pronounced musical faculty 
and extraordinary powers of mimicry'* 
(' Life and Adventures 'X 

Barney BraUaghan. A play per- 
formed at the Park Theiitre, New York, in 
January, 1S31, with Master Burke as the 
hero, Placide as Weatherproof^ Mrs. Wallack 
as Judy O'CaUaghan. 

Barney Rourke. A play performed at 

tha Olympic Tbeatn, New York, i 

loNafioBalThe , _, 

tember, 18M), ondar the Stut title ol 'Fti_ 
tnite'i Wblnu,' irith B. WUliuna u Barnty 

Bumnm. Phineaa T. TheMrical 
muuger tad geneial entreprrneiiT ; born at 
Dubiin,C<nnectlinit,Jnlj,lgIO; mm lessee 
ncceulTelT of Nlblo's Ouileii (isas). Vau<- 
haU Okrden (ISW-IX Lyceum uid Mnseam, 
Pbibdelphi* (ISIRX Wlater Garden Theatre, 
New York (after ISBi), etc. It «u under 
his auspices thst the Bateman chililren (j.v.) 
appeued in London in ISSl. ftee his Auto- 
blognphr (lasS). 

BBmnm'a MoHeiim. See New York 

Bora wall, Qsorn. See George 

Baron (The). A comedv " from Calanio " 
b* FixKy Hau;iioiTi 
iWtriial r ■ ■ - 

i«'",V.J! " 

Baron,! _ 

according to Langbaine, in 1630 ; aulljor of 
•Mina.'atm«*ayl^,p.). Winttanloy. in hia 
■ Liiei of Ihe Gniliab Foetn ' also ascHbes 
to him 'Don Quixote: or, The Knigbt of 
the UI-ftTonrcd 'Conntenance,' 'The De- 
■tnictlOD of Jerusalem,' 'Deomm Dona,' 
*Ortpat and Hegio,' and other drotnntic 
pieces. See lAOfbalne, Winrtanlej', Phll- 
llpa'e 'Tbeatnm Poetanxm,' ' Blographlca 
]>nunatlca'<lgl!), Halllwell PhilKpi's ^Dic- 
tlonarr of Old Pla^a ' (IMO), ' Dictionary ol 
HaUonal Blognpbir ' (1S8SX 

Baion OoloBh- An opera-bouffe in 
two acta, adapted from Maudce Ordonnevi 
and Bdiaond AadfSn's 'L'Onde Celestln,' 
with additional nnmberi by Meyer Latz ; 
lint perfomMdat the Star Theatre, S»snsea. 
April It iwfi, aad proiloced at the Ttafali^ 

vfth E. J. Lonnen in the title part, and 
other (Aamcten by Harry Panlton. Scott 
BotMll, Ftank WjM, Miss Florence Perry, 
JUii Syiria Qrey, and Miaa M. A. Victor. 

Baron Xlnkvervankotadorapra- 
kinca'tohdem, A musical comedy In 
three acts, founded by MtL£S Petes An- 
OKEWe (g.i.Jon a noielby Lady Craven, and 
lint acted at the Haynucket on July 3, 1781, 
with DiHM u the Baron, Edwin as Pan- 
abus, aaH^PalmcT, Wewitier, Baddeley, and 
Mrt. Webb In otlier part*. Van BohrAam, 
B tndMOiaD, propOMs that bit son Franjcl 
■hall many the Aimn's daughter Citil. 
The Aaron indinantly refaaes, and locks 
hli dani^ter ap ; Dnt C»iI,who lores fratuet, 
wcapea bom dnnacb and the couple are 
■acretlj married by Patiglou, the cnrats, 

Baj«n Bndolph. A wrio-romlc ilrania 
In fonr acta, by BHonsoN Howard (q.r.). Hmt 
-* -t tha tbeatn Royal, Hall, 

Augnat, IS81 ; prodnced at Fonrteentl 
Street Theatre, New York, In 1S87. 

Baron's Warer (The). A play In oni 
act, by Sir CHtRLsa VotTNo Iq.v.), In 
pertonned at Scarbotough, February 7 
IBSI, by the author and Lady Moncklon 
performed at New York In Jannary, laST. 

comic opera in three acts, written and 
composed by Cotspord Dick. Boyoltv 
Theatre, London, October !,, lS»i. 

Baronet ^he). A comedy dnima by 
Theatre Buyal, Bury,'on July 3, ISBS. 

Bojonet Abroad (The) and til* 
Rustio Prima Donna. A mnaicol 

ilrama in one act, by V. 1. Hohnk. Brat 
performed at the St. James's Theatre, 
].uDdon, on November a, ISM, with F. Mat- 
thews as Sir Fitfiii Gran, the baronet, and 

byTHOMisH _ _ 

(n America at the Park Theatre, New York, 
In 1838, with Miss E. Tree aa Ctorinw. Mn. 
Maeder played Clariti In New York In 


(nft Wtlford). 


Man,' CharlotU In 


Man,' Chariotle In' Man and Wife' (1TW-70J, 
JimUu in ' Ooss Purposes,' Ifi.. Har^tail& 
in 'She Stoops to Conquer,' Julia in 'Tlia 
Bifals,' and irfMw in "rtl for Tat." Among 
her other riHM were Cordttia, Portia (■Men 
chant of Venice'), Roialiad.Bnttrict, Viola 
Dame Kiulii. Imngtn. Mr: Ford. Mrt. F(uc, 
Mri. Oakttiwhe Jealous Wife'), Ijidy 
Towaiai ('The ProToked Husband'). Ladit 
Betty kodiih (-The Careless Husband'}, 
and Uspiitita ('She Would and She Wonld 

Barrett, GooTKe Bdward. Actor, 

brother of Wilson Barrett {q.v.'): bom 

Hecember, 1349, died 18M: made bin d4l>at 

the Theatre Royal, Durham, in 1888, 

■-^- "" in Bed,' and hail acted 

.1 towns before, in IS7t, 

'. the at. James's 'fheatre 
-. Brmni in Bobertson's 


„. ,_.ulthBOA_ ,,. 

[i/.r,). After a ilsit to India, ahere be sun- 
ported C. J. Mathews, he came back Id 

opera, 'Vert Vert' In.r.y Ifo afterw 

made snccesaea aa /hiH^* In 'East Lyune' 
(?.D.)and the UAoiI in a travesty of ' Hamlet* 
?.c.). AfteraTlait to lni[- 

London, whero ho &ppB&[«d It tbe Crltvrlon. 
tbe FDlly. uid the Globe. He wu la Uw 
orikibul cut! of M&ttbl»a'a'Uu7'i Sifift ' 
Qavjaai BMctfs ■«» Uan'i TUi-(187T). 
UDder hli brother'^ DUauenient at the 
*■* ' " " "'id tbe following paiti :— 

JaiJta In ' The Sil' 
■Clvidlan' (13B3), Hal Boadm In J 
•Ghattertun^ (Iggti Bob Aikim In 
Colour Sergeuit' (1SB4), flRi CAiU>lr. .u 
■ Hoodmu) Bllnil' (18SS), rn&ulotian Tuoot 
In ' Hie Iinnl Hanr ' ns86), and Dii* I'lm- 
prnil/ b 'th« Nuble Vig&bond' (1880). 
AmonK othei puts created hy liioi In Lgn- 
doa aro-WK-rM in ■ ChrlMln*' a987), the 
title nllr in • The Alienaan' (IBS!), PenfMn 
in ' The Golden Band ' (1 887). Samutf Piota^ 
In 'The Oolden Ltdder ' ntsn. Dawln ' Ben 
My Chno ' I1BB8), (7iildihuh Jot in ' Uood Old 
TSniM'fiaBin, Dtek ZKKUng in 'NohwUjk' 
(ISSS), OoMfl In 'Tha People's Idol' (1890), 
>j™.j^tn • Tbo Aorobat 'OanX a* rro' 

n 18S1, (Monti i)anuu io 'ThaLuly 

«t I^ona ' at the Globe in taas, Piterin 'Tbe 
tKnuigBr' U (he Olympic In IS91. Orinnfitgw 
M 'Uaml' (i-v.) A the Prfnoee^s In 1381, 
sod Don VMfbnmilM &t the Hvrmarket in 
IHK- In (be later K>entlei. he appeared In 
the Rnglliih piovliieea u Briikct m 'Pink 
I>DmliHM ,' and (he BaiUt in ' Lei Clochea do 
CorneTllIe'to.i.X Heiraione of therepTo- 
.nntatifeaDiSCr^faiipfiTVnitln 'The Bonk- 
iB»lier'(7.B.). In 188") be plaieiiln America 
at u mQIaber of hli btothcr's company. 

Barrett, Oteorge H. Aelor, son of 
Giles I.. (i;.d.); bom at KieUr, 
ITM: (Ued at New York, 1860; appeuwi 
.at the Park Theatre, "' "-'- '" 

In ISM-S : and bade larewHll to the sta<(s 
at New VoTk in the latter yMr. He hu 
the fsther of Oeorglna and Mary Barrett, 
and waa familiarly Ieduwh aa " Oentlsman 
Ooorge." IrelanilCNew York SlaBe') de- 

criiniqatinK actor." Among his beat parti 
were Sir Andrtie Affiudifck, FlvU ('^d- 
aummer Night's Dream'} and Bvbadil. 
Barrett, Hr>. OeoTse (Mrs. Henry), 
"hlladelphla, 1901 ; died at 
^ appeared on tbe utajEe in 
" ' --adancFr; married 

I aa 'Lfliiia Bardy; 

U.S.A.. viae 

(Q R. Barrett [n 


SThe Joaioiu ** nv t, iMiiy t c\ 
oanlar, and Clara Daaglat C 
the lines of ^y, gracefui. 
cnmvdy ihe bu been >ialda 
drsland. 'Hew York iJMge'}, 

and at 

Barrett, Oilsa lAonaxiI, actor, after 

Brforming in the English prorlncea, made 
I flrst appearance in Ameiicftat Boston, in 
1796, aa iiansfr in ' TheSnapIclona Huaband ' 
iq.v.). He made hli dduf In New York (a> 
Don Felix In ■ The Wonder ') In 1797, actinE 
there ai Ute aa 1808. He died in ISOB. Ha 
waa the tatheraf Oeorge U.Barrett (a.i.). See 
Ir«luiri',> 'New York titane' and iBruwn'a 
I SUge.' Beniard's 'Becollec- 

. ipll 01 Macklin(s.c.),anii 
made her dAiit in London a* Portia, fiba 
waa known In EoRland aa Mn. Slien. She 
first appeared in Americs at Boston, in ITBT. 
ai llrt. liiKrIry in 'The Oamester' (o.r.), 
and played at New York ttaeatrea in 1798 
18:^1, and issn. She died In 1832, Ireland 
('New York Stage -} calls her "a ■killul and 
accomplished actress." See, alio, Brown'i 
'American Slage'tlH-O). 
Barrett, I^orence [Lairy Brannigan). 

isse : 'ueordlng to another. In 1838 (at New 
York), and. according to a third, in 1S3B (M 
PalersOD. New Jeiaey, U.3.A.): made Ma 
pioteuional dOut at Detroit, Ulchlgan. in 
lass. ThencohewentlflPlCtibnrK,Bt.Loula. 
Chlogo, etc. 1 and U lait. In ISSO, (o New 
Yo.k, where he made hli flnt appearanca aa 
Sir Thamat Client In ' The Hunchback.' 
Id Febmary. 18&7. he began an engagement 
at the Metropolitan Theatn, where lie waa 
aeen in SDch pacta aa J%rlul in ■ A Winter'* 
ISlo" and Foffin In ' OUror Twist.' In the 
autumn of 1858 he went to the Boston 
Mutenm, opening aa frrderidi Bnnnbl* 
In "The Poor Gentleman,' and reuiaining 
ttaore two years. afU'r wlilch ho mlgtated to 
the Howani Atlienieum In the aame city. 
Neit came engBcements at Philadelphia. 
Washington, antl New York, at the last- 
named of which ho tlgared as Iw/o. He 

New Orleans, where he reiireiP B^edal? 
(g.r.), pUying the chief chaiactor. During 
a iwaaon at San FrancLico. In 1887-8, ho 
appeared as ifiHife^ Iniuan bevisitod Eng- 
lauil, and acted tor all nlibta at LlvBrpool 
aa BarnM, Xiekard III., and Claude Vrt- 
nolle. In Jannaiy, 1869. be became, for a 
time. ca.mana|[er with John HcCullogta of 
the California Theatre, San Frudsoo. In 
187D ho appeared as an actor at ffiblo'n 
Gardeu and Booth's 'Hieatre, New York. 
At the last-named house he played LroHltl 
in -I'be Winter's lUe,' and was the flnt 
represcntatlTe in America of Jamet Hare- 
b/!l in -The Slan o' Airiio' (j.b.). For 
twelve months he diteciert the Varietiel 
Theatre, New Orleans (1871-2), In 1871-3 
ho appeared at Booth's Theatre, New York, 
as Cauiiit In ' Julius Cicsar '—a perfomanne 

1ST7. In 1878 he "createil 

the title' nut in Howells'i 'Vorlck's Iy>ve> 

(q.11.), and In ISSl tliat ol Siug ArUntr in 



PhilMlelphl>,reriTliig the place i 

tW( to Liradoa In IBM pnwniWd him, &t 
tba Lnenm, h TBriek UpiU lij uid aa 
JUeMtn <AiitU SSX At Now Yottln lesT 


He died 

oAM ' Artjin anil Actreosofl or jvew loric 
ir cTiticInn, WiUUm tVlnWr'a 
[ the 8U«0' (wcond ieriesX 
-.uansucn jSirreM,- nr8 Winter, "wrii 
alnji WRiiidGUcHuli' Gne in tbe feliFlt; 
wltb irlileb OS cnaped hia author's Ideal, 
■adtbeSdaUtTwitbwhicb heconvcyod It. 
. . . No flcuTVfl bftTe Htood upon tbe stage 
that m man ihinily iDdliltfuBllud. more 
dMlnetmon tornhUble, more r«dl1f n>- 
nwmbend thu ttaoaa ol Caaiut. HartifU, 
yeriek, ImOMo, ud King Jainu V. e/ 
SeMlani, u prewntsd bjr lADience Barrett. 
. . . H« Hw them ooiopiehensliel]' ; he in- 
Twted himiwU with thdr lUiUiet perKDnall- 
tie* : ha mide them Mttul men. whlls at 
ths mme time ha niitiilned the elomenC of 
charm In tht>m by poetry of treatment In the 
espreialon of thulT' cliaracten. To that 
oToap bo added. In tho namo lofty fipliit, 
ZnA with tbt - " ^■" - -*--- -' 

name lofty s, 
iklU, tbe flgni 

SanattiW. A. Musical critic; d 
of the libretto ,il ' Moro' ('/.".) (iaS2) ; ' 
a'Llfeuf Mkbael WilUiuu Balfe'OliS 

Halifax in 13G4. appearlDg 
Leeilfl. Liverpool. Xotting- 
bam, Aberdeen, and other provincial centrea- 
UailnK married Mlu CamUnD Death (q.-n,), 
be loured wltb her foe some jeare In 
*£a*t Liuiie' and other pieces. His first 
f^gpfifjfj,,- ^- ' --'-- — - ^t ..... ._ 

too Lata tiiMi 

ITilb'i '. 

Tom Rutiinmm li 
iMaae and ti 


Um tOllO^DETWl 

'naatra.Laedi, «l 

b*r ISnilh'Mnci 

. . _e produced 

Shore' {j.v.i, plaring .Henry 
In liYl he auumed Ibe 
— ■ ™ Royal. Hull, and la 

he opened on Ni 

._ .o abont Nothln 

vUcbbe played Btncdict. September 
~ 'm lewiB and manager of tbe 

naatre, London, when he benn with an 
adaptation ol Sardoa'a ■ TemanSe,' In which 
be npraantad Ptmerol. Here, too, be 
tgattA u tbe first reprvientatlie o( I>t 
Cmrev In B. J. Byron's 'Conrtiblp' (18791, 
— " "- In 'Aimo asd Jnliet' (1°'"' 

10 original Fria 

Join In WlJIs's 
ISel, Wllion Bar- 
t. undertook the 

■ta'nwt). In June, 

bating left tbe i;oDn. nnn 

'-' meat of the Princess': 
he retained tor Sve ye 
M«.red flnt as llenn de Sarlvryr 
lu-Prou ' (1SB1) and John Slrallm In 
Id Lore and tho Kew ' (IBSl). IhaD 


ounea BUdceasiDn of original rSIa— Harold 
Jrwi/'offf in 'The Lights o' London' (18S1), 
Jacl Utarnr in 'The Romany Rye' (ISSi), 
W^rid J^nwibi -Tbe Silver KfnF'(l«a), 
Claudlttv, In the drama so named (i^\ and 
(7Aarierton in tbe one-act playio named (last). 

self In the title part (October. 1884); alter 
which came some further " creations "— 
Lt«iM JuniTii In Lord Lytlon's 'Junius' 
(IS8S), ./set YeiiiiU In -Uoodman Blind' 
(1885). turd Harrv Beniiult In ■ The Lord 
llar^ ' (IsM). and CTiYg in tbe play so named 
OSSej. Barrelt's next London maDugemeub 
was at tho Globe Theatre, where Tie ap- 
peered in 1887 as the original Frank Thorn- 
Xillln "TheOolden Lad^ler.' and tn 18S8aa 
Ctandt UrlnoUr. In May. 1388, he began a 
- ■■ tton of IheT^. 

ton (l£gS). In f)ecember. 1890. he became 
lesaee and director of the Olympic Theatre, 
openina it with 'The People's Idol' la.eX 
In which ha was tlie original La<.rmci Si. 
Aviirty. I!ere,bil8»l, be ptayeil the name- 
part in 'The StrangeF,' and two original 
r«e<— the name.partln 'Father Buonaparte' 
Oi.v.), Lonit aSphranT In "The Acrobat' 
iq.v.\ and alwi the Jf(»r In 8. W. Mitchell's 
one-act drama n named (v-c)- During sub- 
•equent proTlneial tours he ptoyed, in 1801, 
OlAelJO ; In 1891, tbename-pait In ' Pharaoh ' 
(g.s.Jiandln ISM, Prti In 'Tbe Manxman' 
(b r.). While in America, In 1805, he pro- 
duced ■ The Sign of tbe Cross.' in which he 
was the original ifareuf Superi»tt-^^ rrWs 
first plaved by talm In London In 1S9S. 
Wilson Barrett Is the author of the follow- 
ing dramatic pieces (some of tbem named 
almve)! — ■ Twilight ■ (1871). 'Nowadays' 
(1889J. -The Aorobat' (1801). 'Jenny tbe 
Barber' (1891). 'Hhaiaob' (iat»2). 'Tbe 
Mansman ' (IflW). 'The Sign of tbe Cross' 
(IBM). "1111. Christian King.' in ' ' 

e Middle of Jo_ 
re<l (.l»(l.<l). 'Tbe , 

1,' in 

Clement Scott, of ■ Sister M^mT 0886) : wilh 
B. A. Jonsa, of ■ Hoodman Blind ' (188B) and 
'The Lord Harry' (1688); with Sydney 
Omndy, of 'Cllta'(188«l ; with (;. R. Sims, 
of 'The Golden lAdrler' (18S7); with HaU 
CWne, iif 'linn My Chroe ' (1888) and 'The 
Good Old Times ' (1889) ; with Victor Wld- 
netl. of 'The People's Idol' (1890); and 

BBjtTloAde (The). A d 

iXlBS- °q.c: 




Barrie. James Matthew. Dramatic 
and miitcellaueuiu writer, bom 1860 ; author 
uf the following plays: — 'Ibsen's Ghost* 
(1801), • Walker, London ' (1892), * The Pro- 
fessor's Love- Story ' (1892), ' Becky Sharp,' 
an adaptation (1893), 'The Little Minister' 
(1897), * The \Ved(iinK Guest ' (1900), • Quality 
Street' (1902), 'The Admirable Cricbton' 
(1902). and * Little Mary ' (1903) ; also part- 
author, with H. B. Marriott-Watson, of 
' Richard Savage ' (1891), and, with A. Conan 
Doyle, of * Jane Annie ' (1893). 

Barrinffton Rutland [George Rut- 
land Harrington Fleet]. Actor, vocalist, dra- 
matic writer, and theatrical manager, bom 
1853 ; made his professional d^but on Sep- 
tember 1, 1874, at the Olympic Theatre, 
London, as Sir Qtorgt Barclay in 'Lady 
Clancarty ' {q.v.). In 1875-7 he took part in 
entertainments given in London by Miss 
Emily Faithfulland in the English provinces 
by Mrs. lloward Paul. Thence he went to 
the Op^ra Comiaue, where he was the first 
representative of Dr. Daly in ' The Sorcerer ' 
(1877), Captain Corcoran in *U.M.S. Pina- 
fore' (1)J78X the Serjeant of Police in 'The 
Pirates of Penzance' (1880X and Qrotvenor 
in * Patience ' (1881) ; thence, again, to the 
Savoy Theatre, where he was the original 
Earl of Mountararat in 'lolanthe' (1882), 
King Hildebrand in 'Princess Ida' (1884), 
Pooh-Bah in 'The Mikado' (1885), and sir 
Dettpard Murgatroyd in ' Ruddigore ' (1887). 
In 1885 he liad "created" the part of Dr. 
Dozey in 'The SUver Shield' (^.u.). He 
was the judge in 'Trial by Jnry' at the 
Lyceum in 1887, Chrysog in ' Py^;malion and 
Galatea' at the same theatre m 1888. In 
the last-named year he played Mr. Barnes 
in 'To the Death' (^.r.) at the Olympic. 
In 1888, also, he became lessee of the 
St. James's Theatre, where he produced, 
in October, 'The Dean's Daughter* {q.v.\ 
in which he played the Dean; and in 
November, * Brantinghame Ilall ' iq.v.) by 
W. S. Gilbert, in which he represented Mr. 
Thursbj/. After this he was in the cast of 
•Merry Margate ' (q.v.) and ' Penelope ' (g v.) 
at the Comedy (1889). Then came the fol- 
lowing original parts— ^(/miraZ Brabazon in 

* The inheritance ' (q.v.). Colonel Percival in 
•A Chance Interview' (q.v.), and Admiral 
Vincent in ' Faithful James ' (g.r.)— all in 
1889, to which year belongs also his Chritto- 
vher in 'Locked In' (q.v.). In 1889 he re- 
turned to the Savoy to "create" Guiteppe 
Palmieri in ' The Gondoliers,' the Rajah m 
•The NautchGirl' (1891), Sir James Hanlniry 
in 'Bartonmere TPowers' (q.v.) 0892), and 
to play the Rev. W. Barlow in tne revived 

* Vicar of Bray ' (q.v.) (1892). Later original 
parts there were his Rupert Vernon in 
' Iladdon IlaU ' (1892), his Proctor in ' Jane 
Annie ' (1893), his King Paramount in ' Uto- 
pia Limited ' (1893), and his Ludicig in * The 
Grand Duke ' (1896). lie was in the orieinal 
casta of • A Greek Slave ' (1898), 'San Toy' 
(1899), ' A Country Giri ' (1902), * The Cinga- 
lee ' (1904X He is the author of two plays 
named above— 'To the Death' (q.v.\ and 

* Bartonmere Towers ' (q.v.) ; he has also 

written the "book" of ' A Knight Krrant' 
(1894) of ' Water Babies ' (1902), and of some 
other small musical piecra. 

Barrinfftozui (The). A drama in four 
acts, by A. J. Adair Fitzgerald and J. H. 
Merripield, Novelty Theatre, London, 
March 6. 1884. 

Barrister (The). (1) A play in two 
acts, adapted from the ' Gabrielie ' of Augier 
(g.r), and first performed at the Surrev 
Theatre. London, on March 1. 1852, wita 
Creswick as Claremont (the barrister), and 
II . Widdicomb as Yellabou (a lawyer). The- 
piece was revived at the Princess's on 
November 30, 1859, under the title of ' Home 
Troths,' with G. Melville as Claremont, 
J. G. Shore as Maitland, F. Matthews as 
Yellaboy, Mrs. C. Young as Mrs. Claremont, 
and Miss C. Leclercq as Mrs. YeUahoy. When 
the original play was produced in Paris^ 
Regnier played the title part and Samson 
the lawyer. The adaptation has been 
printed under the name of ' Good for Evil.' 
(2) A comedy in three acts, by J. U. 
DARNLEV and G. Manville Fexn ; first 

Serfonned at the Grand Theatre, Leeds, 
larch 19, 1887 ; first time in London at 
Comedy 'ITieatre, September 6, 1887, with 
J. U. Darnley in the title part (Arthur 
MaxivelOy R"d other rdles by W^alter Everard» 
F. Mervin, Mi^s H. Leyton, Miss A. Verity^ 
Miss S. Vaughan, etc. ; played in America 
in the same vear ; revived at \he Royalty 
Theatre, London, in May, 1890. 

Barron, Charles. See Moral Crime. A. 

Barrow, Mrs. See Bennett. Juua. 

Barry, Elizabeth. Actress, bom 165S» 
died 1713 ; is said to have been the daughter 
of a barrister (afterwards known as Colonel 
BarryX and to have been at one tim» 
under the care of Lady Davenant. Antony 
Aston says that, when the Earl of Rochester 
secureil her appearance on the stage^ 
she was "woman" to Lady Shelton of 
Norfolk. Certain it is that her dUntt 
was made at Dorset Garden about 1678. aa 
Qw^n of Hungary in ' Mustapha,' and that 
at first she was by no means a success. *' She 
was, at the end of the first year, discharg'd 
the company, among others that were 
thought to oe a useless expense to it." 
However, she appeared again in 1675, and 
thence continuously till 1682, when she ^ 
figured at the Theatre Royal. With that 
establishment she was associated till 1695, 
when she nuule her entree at Lincoln's Inn 
Fields. In 1705 she went to the Ilaymarket, 
going to Drury Lane in 1708, and returning 
to the Ilaymarket in 1709-10. In the latter 
year she withdrew from the stiu^e. It would 
seem that she was the first (listinguished 
English performer for whose benefit a per- 
formance was given. She was the mistres.«f 
not only of Rochester but of Sir George 
Etherege, and her moral character generally 
is described as of the worst. Among her 
original rules (which were very numerous) 
Were Monimia in 'The Orphan,' Belvid^ra 
in ' Venice Preserved,' Alcmena in 'Amphi* 

AmoBff her other nrti were Mri. Pcujr, 
OiutnEalluTint (' Henn VUL*), Ladg JfM- 
*rf», ardtlia <ln fhtif* 'lfx% PaiUltm 
<lKlnE ud No King'), Enilne ('Mold's 
TnKeay'),a«iBiilni<-AU tor Lots 'XKoHM 

i' Aleiuider tbe Great']. JTri. Frail (' LmB 
er Lore ') ■ml Lsdp jKaiii (' Ths Canlau 
Hiubuid'). "With ill her enchuitmenl." 
"wrltci Antonf Aatoa, "ChJa fine creatuTB 
vu not banibotiiB ; her mouth openloK 
nost on the right aide which she stiure to 
•Inw the othei w>r: ind at tituca com- 
Hdng bar face u If to hiTa her picture 
Snwn. Bha wu mlddle-ilud. lud JarkUih 
liilr. Debt (ree, uid wm todUferant plump. 
8ba had kmuinerof dnwins ont her words, 
-which raiMd bar. ... la inugd* ibe wu 
^"Piniin and aqgtut; in comec^ alert, ea«7, 
mndgsntael: pleuast in herfaea and action, 
llUbig the atage with a Tarletr of gesture." 
" In ehancten of matueaa. Baia Cilitwr. 

ilarated dignity ; 
har nian snd'motiaD ■nperb and gracerallT 
majestic '; her Tolea full, clear, and strong, 
■0 that no Tlcilenca cf panlon conld be loo 
much tor her ; and when cUitren or Uniler- 
neeg ponessed bar, aha ivlMldBd Into the 
noat aSacUniE melodj and iDftnesa. In tlia 
art ol exciting pity Nie had a power beyond 
•U the aetnaaaa I hare ret seen." Drvden, 
In one of hi* pnb£ea, >p«I:i of Mrs. Duty 
an "-alwaja aiceUent. ' See Olldon's ' C'flm. 
pulaoii hatwea the Two SUgei' OTOI), 
^rtl'a 'HiitoiT at the Utage- (1711). 
jUton'a ScpiJement to T. Cibber'a 'Liiea 
ot Actot* and Actnaaei' iVm. 

(Jenest'a ' Engllah St 

Skrry, Salttt' Aetraaa, bom In Kent ; 
made her d^friil at Cerent Oarden Theatre 
tn AognM.IBTI.aatliaPrCiuiiMi'arli'nanuu 
fa 'ifibU and Bdon' • • - 
■he hat been tbe L.-. .., 
the teliowini: rd/u:— Quen 
Happy la^asTSk fdtIA D 

Bouciault'i ' Furblddt 
Uuntiti^/ont In "The 

'1870}, JUri, Jhalei- in 

iS»7j, and Clara In ' Held Aauniler' (.ISHB). 
■Ilie hat alhi anpHreil In tendon aa Ladu 

■Youlh- (ISbI), the Crnntf ITAulrmt 
In 'The ladies' Battle' (1E8S), JfoifiM Oh- 
pAam in'After-a88Sl.aBd Jio**«I'-"~- 
EainandMi or v<T«<ni>'naiiin ah> < 

ideaot ViiUnia'^asSS). She wm the 
ipnaentatlTa at Matt/ant In Tkylor'a 
^gbfs Wife' (Uiei*, ISTSX and of 
IT in 'QuTswold' (Llferpool, ISTTX 
Barrj-B flnl rUt to the UnlteJ SUIen 
Lid in May. 1S83, when ahe appeared 
luare lliMHra. New York, as 

at the Union Sai 

Marmnt In 'Arkwright'j 
IBM. abe "crealed'-at t 
Tlieatre, New York, the r 
" The Fatal Letter '{». 

1 April. 

iludes, lurther. Lady llacbtIA, I 

(-Taming ot the Shrew'}, Ladii Tfoilt, 
Li/dia Laitfr^itA, Ladv Oay BvaHker^ Sa- 
IniiTU (- A Scrap of Paper '). Laily Imbtt 
reait Lynna), and Mh. Sulkrrbiad <-A 
Leoon in LoTe'). She U part-author with 
Gua Thonna of A NlBbt'a FroUc ' (g.i.). 

Barrr, Ijudowlok. Dnmiitlc ntitor ; 
* of ancient and bODOarable family In Ire- 
land ; ■■ anlbor o( ' Ram Alley ; or, Uerty 
Tricks ' (a.v.X a comedj first pilntcil in leil. 
See Wood'* ■ AthaMB OionicDMa' (1813-10}. 
langbaine'i 'Dnmatic PoeU'(lflDl), WlilB- 
cop's 'List ot Engliah Dnroatie PoeU' 
(i:t7). the 'Bioaraphla Dmnalica' (IKliX 
OeDeit's ' English Stage ' (1S3!). 

Bury, Shl«L Actor, bom In Conntj 
Kildarc, Ireluid ; made hli rdfAuf In Aoa- 
tralia in IS&O. After cnnnlderable ei^pa- 
rlenre there and In the English pro*inccs. 
lie made his Brat bow Lo a London audience 
at tbu Prlnceu'B Theatre la September, 
1870, aa the Dseltr in Boucicaitlt'a ■ Hap- 

Ece' (o.r.) and Faddy Mvrp^y in 'The 
ppy Man" (^.r.). ThaaB were followed 
by uppcarancea In ' Peep o' Ilay ' (Sanut/ 
■ Tbe Colleen Bawn.' and other drunoa of 
Irish life and character. In which he snb- 
aeqnently appeared in the t.<nit«d States, 
Canada, and the West Indies. Returning 
to Kngtond in ISTS. he ii-aa the fint repre- 
BenladTo In London otJforHV Z>i'/_in -lie 

highly ■nocautui I 

" " "" ,)-a rOe 

London reilval 


Black ItoTer-(ri 

Doblln, WlD. 3i< 

de tlkrener^e' 
' led tor i ' 


by hia I 

In tho~(i 

BUBtalnedfor a long lime ^ 

Folly and Globe Tboittesand fa the oountTT. 

illowed bj hia Wild Jfurt™A In a . 

■ ■ Bushes '^(1880). 

3 was noE scon again in the English ue- 
ipolis tlU Chrlatmaii. I9ga. irhcn he figureil 

he repre- 
a ol ' liie 

u brought upas 

theitHae. Mixti'lnir wasmacleat theSmock 
AUey Tbwire, Dublin, In February, IHI. 


driiBlof UlsirrtBtMn- 
-ft tH paid ft ri^ng vlait 

aknick. till 17M, when fas wtiiit to 
Oiudra, where. Fur Uie next eJgtit yi 
WMtJiaacknowlHlRBdn—' -*-'- — 

to^SHblS.' Id 
Woodnrd Ui o; 
nblch tbey hwl bailt: uiJ 
two yean latir. itutad uotl 
■ uaw theatre nt Cork. Woodward returned 
to London la 176S, but BaRT remairKHl In 
masanmeot till ITST. wben he BpiKored al 
Um Uaymufcat. In tho mma yatr lie *iis 
Te-ennged at Dniiy lAne, with wfalch fae 
wM uucUUd till 1T7I, the rcm&inaor of hia 
nvfeaional career beiigi paHed al C'urent 
Qaiden. Re iru manieil £o Mn. Dancer in 
1T«J (lee CfuWTOKU. Mas,). XmaDg hi« 
originoi rOUi were Mahonut in 'Irene,' 
Koung Jwrol in ' Douglas ' Jlonan Id 
■The ratal Dii>«iT«ry,'7'a)ierfiJ In ' Almida,' 
Avtrry In 'The Fuliinnatile lAter,' and 
Kmnjer In "Tfae Oredan D«ught*r' (q.e.y, 
Hia repertory alao Inclndsd Lrar (1714-9), 
Unri, 1-. {n44-B), MadKtA inU-7), HaUpur 
<lJ«-7). l/<i>nA!E (17*8-7), ^nto.^ (-Jnlioa 
«;iHaf .' 1710-7). JI<:in«i(lT<§-i'). Ai'cAflnf ///. 
(ITSO-TT), Jaaniri CI77*-6), Ciutalia in 'The 
Orphan^ (174£~6), Jftdraonl tn 'The Fair 
Penilent' (17(5-0), Lord Tmmlu ia "The 
Proiokod Hunhand' (17«-T), tolAorto in 
' The Fair Penltrnt ■ (1760-1), Bajaicl 
(■Tamerlane'), Onenett, Pierre, tadJafitr 
h Venice Prenaned '), Captain Flmw (■ Tlia 
heCTultlng oai<»r X and CapUin Uachtatk. 
haTe trod the Rngllih atage lor ttiesB lut 
arty jeani, Mr. Barry waa nnqaeitionably 
the Ri'iiit pleailng, Since Booth and SVlika, 
no aebtr livi ihown the pnbllc a jant lilua nl 
the henj ur the lo'er ; lUrrr gaio dignity to 
the una and paaaliin to the otbar. lu bii 

Cmon fae na loU without awkwardness ; 
Ills conntanaiwe he was hondaoina with- 
out efleminacy : in his uttariDg at passion, 
•he langnage at ualtire alone waa comniDnl- 
ealad tu Ilia feelhigs of an audience. II an; deMned the cbaiactar of an nniiiue. 
certainlThadaJnstelaiRitolt." O'Kcale 
■■•• It as his opinion that Barry was '■ the 
BBeatsrbir in hUwalk tbat has appearedon 
... .. .. .. ^ " and Murphy wrote — 

Cbarehlll.lntha'BfflKlad/ . 

Ing. Kee Dalles' 'Lile ol (iarrick' (I7ts0), 
uTlchouck'* 'Irish Htago' (17BS-M), Kelly's 
- ■ ■ ■ OmSI, O'Koele's 'Eecoi- 
.JIWK. H '■- '"- " 

Barrr, Kn. Bpntneer. See Ciuw- 

Barry, ThomKI. Actor, died in Enp- 
lane). IM7 : IDOda fal* flrnt appearance in 
A nifiiia at the Park Theatre. Vew York, In 
liiSfl. M Uie hero ol 'The Htfangf-' "" 

rer of the Park fram 
icant-niaiuiger ol the 
... .1 ISM ; and afterwards 
manager of the now Boston Tbattr*. See 
Ireland's ' New York alage.' Sea BABBY, 
Mga. TuoHis. 

B&IT7, lira. ThoioBm. ActraaimodB 
her flrst appeanuice In America at the Ruk 
Theatre. New York, hi 1817, u /vJM, altar- 
wordu playing AstridcTB and Julfano. Sh* 
perrormed at Boston fai 183S-3S, and In I04I. 
rvtnmixl to the Pork, where ana played for 
the last time in lSt8. Sha died hi IBM. 
Sea Ireland B 'New York Stage.- 

BarrymoTe, Barl of. See 

Barrymore, Kanrioe. Actor: ap- 
peared atttaeBnymarketTheatralD IBSt-Sd, 
creating two parts-Dr. Basil Nerlk Id 
■Dark bays' asBt) and Paul Dntma in 
■ NaiUeida' (law), and Sgiiriiu also aaOmnC 
Orlajfia ' Diplomacy 'a&«).£r)tcrt r«isla 
■Masks and Fa«a> (1886), Ama Mao- 
aUirirria ■0\af(lSSi\Brtnwntyla 'En- 
gage.1 ' (tSBfl), anil LoMii rmieal In 'Jim 
tbcPenman'dSSe). In l!H>7 he played the 
tlllB part la ■ Lagadiro' (n.r.) at Niblo'o, 
New York. He Is the aathor of two dra- 
nutio pieCM — 'Honoar,' an odaptatioa 
(uai), ond'NaAleida'dSSe). 

BarrymoFe, WlUiBin. Actor and 
dramatic writer; made his d&tti at Dmrr 
Ijine In 1827 an Hainifrt, In -The liuetUla 
Chlel;' appeared in IIUI at the Park and 
Bowery 'Theatres. New Yoric whence he 
want to Booten, diing there in IBM- Ba 
was mnch esteemed in melodrama and stage 
. ...n._-.j_^j,,,. . 

I bDueand 

the maimer of tba gentle actor" (dhadea 
Lamb). Hnbson, in -The OM PlMgoer* 
(ItStDI, ipeakx of BorryiDOre as " Tfae l^rant, 
Murdorer, Uiurper o( the diatno. ... Ho 
was a sound, useful actor. . . . Yon will 
Bnd hli name in a highly respectable Una of 

his dramatic pieces were - M Hyder ' {ISiei, 
■The Fatal SDowstorm.' 'The Fontali 
Blaie,' -The Foalahs,' ■Qilderoy.^ 'Meg 
Mamock,' "Tha Secret,' 'A Slate's Ke- 
venee.' 'Trial bj Battle.' and 'Wallace-- 

Has. V 

Barryinore,3Cia.WlUlaai. Actrsas: 
" was known on the English stage ai tail; 

drumatlf. — — -- 

ritHtand> She plued at t£o 

Bowery Theatres. New York, in . 

BoaCnn from 1332 onwards. Botuining ta 
Enislnnd, she died In ISOS. 

BaraanU, TttnOtn. Usiey). Aotrctai 
of an Italian (auiiLy, and a linpll of Sr. 
Biimay ; appeared at Covent Garden from 
1T7J to 1778, ond at tha Uaymartet lo 17T7, 
She was tbe original rFpiwenlatlreof Lydfs 
IMnniiiih in ' Tha Rink.' and among 
har otbat farlt ware Futia (' Ueichaiil ol 

marriage attained disUnatloD as a melo- 

— ■' ' if the highest grade" 

' at t£o Park and 


«■), Jfr. 
"Bole - 

Fnrd ('Mnry WItm'). I 

Wert Indlu't.irri. /Void ,. 

Xodv FaneitMl (• TiM PnxoJuid Wife -). XA<fy 
JWnlvCTt* PmnkMl Hiubud), rftfow 
BtUmaia (■ Ths War to Kmb Him '). B«- 
eomidg ft widoir, ibe murled Biclunl D^y, 
iiHUUiCn of Um Hmock AJlejTImtns, Dublin. 
"■ind WM," nil aaatfC. " Iba Kniii. eapporl 
ofUitbotn. ShewusTer/goodutnes." 
(yKtats DOUldind her "i^plttil" In all 
Mn. AMnctOD'i pkrU. Se« OKeefoB 
sue* ■ (18»). 

Butbola, Dr. A chancter In ■The 
8p«"UhB»rler'(«.F.). See BtBTOI.O. 

Bartholomew, Anna ChBirIatte(ni(c 
Favernuinn). DtusUlit, d<ed IM^: Buthor 
ol-TheKinn; nr, The Fnrm-rs lUiiKnter' 
n9S9), Hid 'ft i* onl^r m; Aunt,' a fuca 

Barthalomaw Fnlr. A (unuedr br 
Ben Jokh>:( (7.'.). tit*l performed it the 
BobeTheAtre,1<ni]don, en Octnber^l. 101 4, 
br "the LBdr Ellnbeth'a wfruts'-the 
Imii EUntMth being the duutliU'r ol 
Jtnwi L The plar> ^-J* &liaiA. " «M 
mln}i a fiTonnte wtth tba peunjp," no 
doubt becuue of "ths rfdkole with which 
11 eoTere the PaiHun." "It VH reiUed 
hiinedlatelT after the Kwtontion, and wu 
(nqmntlf bononrad with ft n>r*I 

b* Chufea. irbtm •—■•■" 

crafttl* daliahtad 
Sum. vbkh ma, 1 

. with the cboncter of 
Indeed, auallently olarad 
_jd ftftetwuda hy >Iohe>.- 
Ajnoni tliB other jurtonm are Jokn lAttiar- 
mt, Wtii-tki-/sU LitUftrit, tiai-qMIUIaiut 
Buif, WiHuif, Tom OuorioiH, AtimpArev 
Whip*, Aiawi Ortrda, S^worlli, LatMor» 
XaattaikMd, SMKitgaU, Mmmeaif, Dan 
Joriu* Kiiaitm,TmMfaU, BriiOr, ^ibAir, 
PuptV, Dama Piirrcr>ifl, Graee WeUtmm, 
Jota Tnuk, ata. OKTonl eomnHndi the 
pbLT aa abonndlnii in " poaierful Mtlrs, no 
Inthaiilnwltftnd bnnwDr" ■' The cha- 
TBCten, BomeroBa ai they are, are all kept 
dtatlnet from one another." ' BariholomeH 
Fait' *u tortuBil at th* Hajmarket In 
Aanat, 1TD7, with Itnlloik v> Caka. Jofan- 
Bon aa Wa^e, FWk ai Bun, Keen as Junia 
Ownfo, Norrlaae LitlUwiCUillsa* Qaarlaiu. 
Booth aa tSdgtvartli, and Mrs. Porter ai 
Jfn. ir<iasm;at I>riiry Lane Id Jane, 171S. 
with JahnMO, MUla. aad Norria In their 
fanner pftrta. Hra. Ranndan aa LitUrmI, 
and Mlaa WllUa aa Jfri. W/lOvmi and at 
Dnaj Iahs Id October, 1T31, wlUi Clbbar, 

SI.. M Cota. JohnaoD fta beiure, and Ulaa 

BairtlaT, Osorn. Actar.boraatltiitb, 
ITm ; mads hia dfbtit there aa the pace In 
' The Pnrio,' In 1*M ho p!a:PBil Orlando at 
Cheltanham. and. remttlin^ Iho aaaump^on 
at Margate, ftttiaclccl the ailcniinn of Mm. 

Ill laoa, ramalnlin a awinbai of tiieuompikDy 

till 1804. when be want >o Ihe llaimarh't, 
aftarwania appearina at lariooa lowna In 
the proline**, aa well •■ at Dtdit LAne aa 
FaUinf, etc Ha next went aa alac*- 
nunaaer to the EoBllab ('pen Hania, 
rsaUnlng hia appointment In 181B. In the 
■ame sotr be appeared at the Park Thatti*, 
New Vork, aa kaMaf, and, fvtvnilu by- 
andby, waa leen at CoTent (larden (in isn) 
aa Sir TiAu Stlch and la other ctiaracten. 
Ho liHik his farewell of the alu» In lUS, 
and died In 1.46S, Dnrlnc hU Uter jMra 
" ho dcrlred hit i^nAlsat tame from hli 
penoaatlan of tlie Tateiana ol tha atafOt 
BDch aa Falitaf (In which he waa for man^ 
years onriialled), /^l^c«illI, Sit F*ta TtaiU, 
Sir AHOumg AbtolHtt, air Batid Dvndir, 
Joi TAniiiBTY, CDlofld Damt, Max Bark. 
oim.u.etc.' Of the hut-named ebatocter ho 
waa the Driiinal ennneot. Uibeny piaiae* 
his Old SiraUl, Sir CkriHriphtr Vnrry. 
Su'iaflie dr StiM Pirrrt, FiUkardinat'ma 
Cbeit}.Ji)t>im,JtitSUma/att,ttc BatllU 
wrolo of him. "Them la a thlnneaa In hia 
Tolce. and ■ plnrnpoen in hiapnwni, Delther 
of which ia to our Uata." PlaacM, on tba 
other hand, diaiacteilied him aa "ft 
aensllile, Dnaffeetad actor, wjttioat uy pt*- 
tenawntogenlaa, but thoronchlT depandabia 
to the eitent of bia aUUty/' See -Th* 
Thespian Dlctionaiy' (1801-6), Otbnrf* 
■ Drunatlis BlogTapby,' Inland'a ' New YoA 
Stags' (>SM), Brown'*'* ' — ■" — ' 

. Sea Babtlei, Mbs. Q, 

BoftleT, Hrs. Oeorre <n< 

aon). Aclceas, bom at LUerf 
died In London, 11150; afl 
aallaburyand Bath. made. 


appearing at 

DwiB. Ill IHO&, herilAH 

Lady Tavniii In ' Thi 

u.u^.^ Playing at Dublin ll 

.ppeared at Ootent (j--^— '- 

g year, being 

___ .._ ^ , --Ing afleTwardi «i- 

gageil for three yaan at Dmi " 

•- led a 

folio«in£ year, I 

Bhe mutied Qearsa BuCley, aod in 
. . . performed with him at the Park 

Theatre, New York, ber openinc part belnf 
thatof theheroinBin'IaabeUa'ig.g.}. Ton* 
in the Sngllab pio'lncea fallowed, and In 
tS23 ihs resumed bar position at Cotenfc 
-GnnJon. Aa a baglc actreaa aba ranked 
hillh. DonaldRon aayit that she " waa Formed 
by nature for the higher walk of her pro- 

fOcs, full, atronR, and melodiona Take. 
capable al any Intonation, and an original 
conception ut her aQthor." See Ireland's 
'New York Stage' (186(1) and Urown'a 
■American Slage'(1870). 

Bartoldo. A wealthy old ulsar in 

Baitolo, Dr., 6s»rea In tlio Tn'lona 
Tersiona and adaputjona of ' Thu llarher o( 

BartolozEl, Luoy EUEftbeth. Bee 


Barton' Actor, born <a Iflndon ; i 
|iU;iiig at BriKbton about Vmo. Bolb 
Sngland and ^utlnnil "ha onjojnl c 
^lurable Topute aM a leading actor in trODi 
anil in tbe better tange of malodratua. 




I In 

York Htago- (ISM) snd B 
Stage ■ (1870). 
Sortoa, VKony. Se 

BBrtonmare Towers. A comnl]' Id 
three acts, by RuT[.A^D BtnniKOTON iq.n,), 
Bnl perfonueil at Ibe Savoj' Thuatn;, Lon- 
don, on tbe altemoon of Febmanr 1, 18S3, 
vltb a out iDFludlDK tliu author. 

Barwtse'a Book. A eoniBdy in two 
acta hy IJ. T, CJtAVE?f (q.v.), fimt performed 
at the Thntra Roial. KJiDhur^b. on April 
JA. 1B;o; Brnt prodiicod in London at tha 
Haymarket Thaitra. on April ifi. 1870. with 
a cut including E. A. Soth»ni, W. H- 
Chlppenoale, U. Couinton, W. H. Kendal, 
J. B. BockBtone, Mlaa Kotierijiou (Mm. 
Kaodal), MiH F. Owynuc, and Mn. F. 

BaBelinpoBtor(A). AplaybfllQRiCE 

Bttabaw and the Bear. See Brvno. 
Bubful IrtBhman (The), by M* 

t tLe Ulympii 
. tragl- 


Bashful Lover (The). 
>medy by I'li.UP l>l«iS[NUEtt (^.b.), 
cenwii on May B, lUM. and acted at ■• tlie 
rivalfl houM in Black-Frrars." "11 wu 
■tramely well riMieiTed at lla Brat appeai- 
ace.Bnd contbined to hea faTonrita," It 
ai printed in IKf^ The bashful lanr li 
'eiuno, who, though enaraoDted of 
""'" *^' ''"tghtei of ffonf^a, dufiBnot 

1 bli 


■eliml, but nHCned by llarlmno. Both, 
howeier, are taken prisoneni. Ixirtaro 

SUTing reatored her father la hii iluka- 
om) renew" hli suit, and nor/ciwio, lery 
dlsintereitediy. adiiies Xalilila to accept it. 
Sha repllei by declaring hor Iotb Hor- 
tmie. Lvrrruii gires bar up: and Guiaaaa 
eonienta to her marriage wltti her ha«hiul 
loier, who. his brother hailnji jnst dleii, [■ 
nnw Duke Df llUan. Tbo play, allerod by 
Bnll, wai reilTitd at CoTant Uanlvn In May, 
1TD9. under the title of -|>lsintcr»l»l r.D>e.' 

Murray aa Qoiuaga, and Mra Tupe as 

Baahfol Kan (The). A comic ilrama 
by W.T,MDHCHIBFr(o.«.),flrat performed in 
1857. Bfr.rt.nfflonlatbe bathlul man. and 
Dinali frirnrMirlB tha girl to whum. iu^lrail 
by wine, he etentully Sndi coDmge to 

bigot in ■ 
Id ^Maniag 

niage of 
BaailiBOo- A booatine but cowardly 
lie Ih albuiiHl to by I'hiiip th 


UauQiAter. Jun., ai 
n Bier ai Clavdiiu 

deprived of hia la 

re on fioplenibet 
Simm Hatlufm, 
: tad Mn^ Ban- 

a CUttiii 

u relived, 
It Oardeo, 

oiiniulian BaBkolrmaker.' 

Basket -Maker's Wife (The}. Sea 
Dktil lu Pit, The. 

Basoche (Tha)- A comic opera in 
three SLts. hliretto by Albert Cami, 
RiuHic by Andr4 Meuager, pmluced at 
Opera Cooiique, PariB, May 30, 180(1 ; ""C 
petf"rr— ' '- ' ■■ ■ ■ 

d in Kngiaud (I 
■■- and El-0- 

I) at tbe 

Boyal Engliflh Opera Uouw. Lnndon. 
NovemlHT 3. issi. with Ben Dailai as 
CUnunl Marol, V. Kennlngbam aa LKreiUf, 
B. BiBpham as the Due Si Lanmienllt. W. 
H- Burgiin aa Louu XII., Ulaa E. FbUImt 
ai Maru d'AngltleTTe. MIbb Ludlta Hill as 
Ciyltllr. and otber parU by J. La Hay. Kim 
Eamif Lee. etc. ; flrat performed in Aineriim 
■t C'liicaKO in January, ISUS. 

Beiss. Oharles. Actcr, bam in London, 
ISIUI, »Icd In Canada. ie<U ; made Ilia Bni 
ap]«orance in New York nt Park Thi»i™ 
In Au(;u>I. IMS. aa CofoiKl Zlai«a> In ' Th* 
Lady iiC Lyont.' 

Sasaot, Count, in CmBKR'a 'Pfo'olted 
Husband ' (o. r. ). Is « swindler, with no tight 

Baiset-Table (The). A comedy br 
Mr.. CEXtLlVHE (i.e.). drst perionocd at 
Dmry Lane on Norember K, ITOS, with 
Mn. ClldUeld as Lailu KtrrUrr, MIUb aa 
Lord WortMn, WiUu aa Str Jama CdKrUy, 
BickentaH ai £014711 lArrlu, Mn. Bogets 
u Laifi; Luev,iadXa. MounEfort a* rabrfa. 
Lad!/ Smllrr (who keepB a tnatet-lable) 
1. i..i™=.i ij, ifln, pl-DrfAjy, but allghta blm. 

i^rtly eopon 

7.™_maTTie« Wy"' 

Baaslannsi In ' Titiu Ai 


Bauino, Oomit. The " peijured lin«- 
buid" in Mn. CENTUtUE's play of that 
nunc (q.B-). 

Bamoon. A ««tFaat o[ Cantala, Id 
' Buys' Opera' (j.b.)- 

Baatkid (The). (1) A trsii»iy. prlntsd 
In 11162. Bjid altrlbaied to Cosmo Mimiche 
<7.r I though Oetiwt glTBi r™«JO» lot 

byBoimiT Lot 

appdHTDd only i 
eraphiB Diamatiui j. 

B&itien&adBaatienne. An operetta, 
tnnsic by MoTart. perlonueil, with Kniliah 
Uhntlu, nt DaLy'g Tbuatie, London, In Ds- 

BaatlUe (Tbe). A one-ict piece from 
the French, Unt nniormed at the Hn- 
ninrket Theatre, Lonilun, in Decemher. 
1S4S.<rllh Mdtne.CcleiteBiAinaii. Wehitet 
u FricaiutfB-i. anil H. Hnll »t\ Louii XI V. 

BaatloD, Qeneral. A hliml leteran 
taCoui*N,jun.'s, 'WeHy by Night' (i.e.), 

Bfttaille de Damea. s«e Ladies' 

Batchelors (The). Sss IlAciiELORa. 

Bate, Henry. See Dnai-r.T, HeNBr 

Bateman. Ellen. Actwi< 
I H, L. ands. F. Hateman (^.b 
<r Kale Bateman ia-v.) ; bum a 
'" • '- ■"■'■ iM-ted In A 


Kn gland 

uanied and left the atage. 

Bateman, H, I>. Actor am 
aaaiuger. bom 1813, died Marcn, iisii: 
made hli dOut U New York tn December, 
IBW, u Mt. watm In 'Old and Yoaag.' 
He wiaaam at theAdelphlTheatni, Landon, 
In June, IMS.aa0aHditHMin(aB old Welah 
harper) In hi> wlfe'ii dnuna, -GenildlDe' 
(q.c). lie beoum lesaeo and nunager of 
tlia Lyteom Theatre, London, !n Smtaniber, 
Is'I. retalnins (he posiKuu anti] hie death. 
lie wai the father of Kale, Ellen, Isabel, 
aiul Virghila Bateman, alio! ichjcli see. 

Bataman, laali*!. Actteu, daughter 
erf II. L. andR. ?. Hateinanlg.r.}: bum In 
dnrinnall, la^i appeared, at a child, at 
Uer M^enl^'a Theatre, London, a« JJij^rj/ 

original parte played l;^ 
vere those ol Qiuwn hwttr-ruu aunu in 
Wllle'a -Cbarlei L' 081^}. Kulk Mtaiaiti 
In Wllle'a ■ Sngene Aiam' (1S73), JfarJ* la 
Aid^'e ' PhlUp- (lHr«l and Thikia in Willi 
and PItuetald'* • Vanderdeeken' (laTa) ; ulia 
toTther Hgnred there aa Julia hi 'ItlcheUen' 
(1873), OphtUa (1871), Dudtnunm (1870), 
Utitia JTardi/ In -The Belle'a Htratuen' 
(1876), Jtannttle in 'Tha Lyons M*U- (1877). 
andZadirJnncfn'RlchardIII.'(187;y la 
IStH) she played Julia, and So^ia In 'The 
Road to Ruin ' (<i.t.), at Radler*! Wells 
Theatre. In 1883 at the AdelphI ah* inu 
the original Rulh " — ■•'• '- "• -■ 



Sum,, in 'Ifa 



9.F. Bateman 

""T '"i rf?" 

-■. 'f*^L!, 

ade her_ P™- 

d In Neo 

isillle, V.S.A 

vay lueabre in December, Imo, with iier 
rounger >iBl«, Ellen Cg.t-). plajlBg Jtick- 
iBojid to Ellen's Jlichar,! Jlf~Tag la her 
unit Pie»U [In ■ Tlie Spoiled Child % Portia 
" •■- SAwfrmt, and Artaxamlnoai to 
'--•--■ ippoaring also an Ladu 

r Bomboiteji; 

I the 

epeare, eie.. ami Bome cmmcnt on tlieir 
rwrfonnance* may be read in Henry 
Morloy'ii ' Journal o[ a London PlayBner? 
•■Though the vounger actor," wrotiTllor. 
ley, "Uaa pethapa the more *'■ 

I farcical play 

g Cnnple'l ■! 

ew ot Lbe 
Ll acting." 

L. I)lanchanl)at the Sx 
■uiiiuuii, la *The Young Coupie' and In 
Bayle Beniitd'a 'The Old Style and the 
NcH' (g.T.). In the same year they re- 
appeared at tho BnmdHay. Neiv York. In 
l&VI Kale Unteman wai sraa at tlio Winter 
Ifarden in Hat city ae VfraMhi' in her 
K"'.fj1.".''. 1 ''■'.'''' ''■""".'^<"'' ""I ^0*- 

in the lant-name 
["Find (he child hi 


' B. L. Klnnchanl.] 

Jinnary. 1BS5, Hbe knpiuueil thai. _ 
Julia in -ThH Hunchtiulc' (i.e.); In Mar. 
aa Bianoa Id Mllnnn's 'yoito' (7.P-): nod. 

j_ T -jjJn-aUdw. At Her Miiji'iiyi 

^te flgDr«d mfl JtuUt 

Thiktn. in : . . 

In BhitBspaua'i ttuedi'. In ISUO shs 

-> — ""iltfa Qsnleii, Naw Yurk, 

"arlhenia. etn., and 1 

Xccember, linU. beloDgi lisT Bpposnnce 
M Cbs Uiymu'keC aa Pirlrn In Dr. 
Motenthal'H tn«edr (i.d.X nnd to Jane, 
JBW, ber crwtion thetB of tha nMoot J*a™ 
Warmr In Tom l^lor'a plaj » nuned 
(q.t.). lo J'n1;r- 1371, aha wu the original 

S lady MarlKlh. in 
Jo' to.B.) »nd Oufi 
J put) la LiiTd Tenn 

ST3 (At LLTerpooi), nf 
DnbmiTE'i ' Bitter Fi 
London, «he plf 

S JSmUia in 
Jfatji (hoc 

.._ . , ... J ISJT Qacen Jfflrpaul in 
'Bidurd III.' iq.c-), uid Saralt Leaon 

Ser oriiiinal TUrt) in "rh« Disd Socnt' 
.».). Whon, la October, 3S7B, hor toother 
opened Sutler's WfUi Thcntra. Mi>a Bate- 
man appeareel there a.i UcUn MacffTrgor la 
...... A._. J j^ ^j (^ April, ISBl, ihe 

■- "• -It of Margaret 

tlrement Mlu 

n thers as the r 


rviU of I 

liorn the orlKlnil repra- 
■entMlTB of Mri. lijtnu, In • Karin ' (\f»y, 
18M). and of Xri. lirrnfrtt in 'Payid' 

Bateman, Bldney Frances. The- 

liKBshter nf Joseph Con-ell {i/.t.) anil wife 
of B. L. Batfinan («.i>.): bom 18i5, died 

dicectot'ot Sadier'a Welb Tlieatre. wliirli 

TirrlulB. Bee cojino.x, 

The TJnbttppy Uar- 

.._»_. ..-. t Uarltioloniuw Fair in 

Angiut, ITOK, wlcb Dogftet ui &>irnHt>. 

JiiRS, Epw;>itD. 

plckporkel. Bgurei in variouH aiUptationa 
of DiCKEXa's ■ Oilier Tiriiil ' (i-n.). 

Bates, Wlllinjn. Actor; (or Ktnia 
time coDiMCted ab Drur; Lane ; made iui 


; Hrxt appeared 
Yurk in WUa ;See Ueniard'a 'Hoc. 

Bath (Somenotihln). The aarliert 


If the ( 

unicipal ai 

la in Bath ai 

a dly « 

tlon, Bath, like erair other huja 

- - — , proliably had kncnrn many. 

'-"--» would take place b 

,.-_ .. J large room that ooold. 

be rented ; the Town Ball would, aln be 
itiUalile for the tiatter elan of entertajn- 

The repreesntaUona v 

t of It lu 

t rmnlai cheaCm in Bath wi> 
(buiitbr ■ ■ — 

. The fit 

.i referanea to 
Che Bath Stan u it was in Vt& may be nmA 

in Defoe'B 'Tour through Great llritain." 
In 173B tbe theatre made trny for the afore- 
said hospital, and thereafiBr, (or a time, 

a large amrtment below the Assemblr 
Rnnnu (nLlkfl "Mr. Uimpton's Th«tre'7 
and in a Hlmihir rooiu lu Klumaesd Street, 
of which latttr we hear notfing altar 1T6I. 
In I74S John Palmer, a local brewer and 
tallow-chaniiler, made public pmpoaala for 
the etectioa ol a new theatre, with the reanlt 
that a aultnble building was aracted In Or- 
chard Street, tbe openinir taking place in 
0;:tol>Br, 17M. Durine the aeit atly-Hte 
ycani the drama Itoumhcit eiceedln^y in 
llatli, than at the height of its proapeiity 

■uScred from riialiy 
the reTlred Assembly 
rer, he eventually took 
ILS enlarged In 17SS and 
'. In 17«e Palmer ob- 
it patent gisnted to K 

Palmei'a enterpt 

OTorTThe theati 
Teconjitructcii in 
tained for it the 

Theatre Royal. 
Dimond, the iat 
manager about IT 

Hail) t»ok place 

in 17T£, and EUlslonhi 

w a Maionia 

soa. In thia 

ia nlsce dUnit 

Eilwin and 

bulanu at Bath, where 

dm In \lii3. when hhi sona dlfipoisd of their 
iroprietorlal rights to I'oionel Palmer, a 
'in of John Palmer. The theatre was than 
nanaged aiicciiialieiy by Charlton, Bellaffl)' 
1S27), Barpetc (i&aa), Woutds, backed irr 
ifacpcady (18M), Davldge (IMOJ, Newctrtnbe 
ji<l lledfor- ■■■■■■• •^— 

Jn UatZi had Ivecn wrvvd by 
■whirh ■■mppotteil" the famous ■'nan 
■rItIiiB mciMnlwlT from London or elH 
wlun. In 1S&4 C J. Ibtluwa rnuil Mdmi 
laeanm oompanj, pnilndlu > nainbcr d 
jUdIUt aicunioBi from the matropoIL 

, . audca Bo^rUoD, Arthui 

Mlrilng, WilUun ud Cleorga Kignold, 
AiOiazWooA, J. P. Uithcart, ud lo on. 
In April, IBB^ tbaThmtn Raind ns Imtned 
down, bat Ic wu nMeOlty rebuilt ((rom tbo 
deiUni □( C J. Pblnni), nnd Dpetinl on 
Htuch t, 18«3, wllb tt proJuctioD ot ' A Mlil- 

Cogblu wu tbe Utoulriui and Mbu men 
Tbttj the Titania. IM muiacers hH'e In- 
«liid»l Moea 1. n. Chate\ U. Nelsim 
XlDSOa^W. Dock CUMi B. KUla and P. 
XMnon (uat). P. KanyoD (ine), F. >~Evbe 
OSTA p. Kmeiy (UM), and Wimun I^oIa 
(ISU). For tnrtliiT wtloulan, Me Iilain- 
mring^ ' Anna]* ot Bath,' ' Munldpei Ito- 

1- of Batb,' Oeneat'a 'Englbib Stags' 

-Its --——-• 


1 EiTta details of BatS theatrlcali 

! 1776-7, )7»~8. and i78»-13WJ|, and 
■TM^ath SU«e,' by Bcliilla S. Pentay 

B*tIi(Tlia)2or, TheWsatem I.a>a. 
A comedy by TnoHAS if'L'Hftv, tint per- 
tonned at Drnty Lane In 1701. witb 
tin Vtibrawen u Oi'Kian HryBubnd (lbs 
nateni lau), Clbber u Cmb. Mrs. Rogeni 
aa ^topAi'Dnio. Griffin aa Ltrd Loetchace, 
ud Hn. Knicht ai Lj/dfa. Tbe flrat icens 
blaldiBltwKing'aBtch. CVaO -'aiharp. 
vlttad eonstn iDllaw," passes iilioHlt on 
ai a oaptain of miUCia, and marries QUIian. 
Sol*rwia, who i* In lo'e irith Trantport, 
U miniod to Lard IdKcAncc, who bos an 
IntriEUe iritb i«dta. See dlHlLE, SiB 

■ Bath ITninaiBkBd (The). A comodr 
by a*BR[EI.01>lMlSEIj((7.r.), first perionned 
at Uncolni Inn fields on Feliriun' S7. 1736, 
wltb Mn. Exlelon m Lady AB\btaer, Mrs. 
Bollock aa UMria,3lT1. Vincent as JTonorio, 
Babitnea<I«nl IffKBun, Walker at Count 
Friaun, Bdaton aa Pmtder, Hn. Lefw aa 
Mitt WUiu, Hlpplsley u Sir Capiiou, 
WhilU, Bjan m ^gUlg, and Mn. ^ker 
u Owro. Odlngseb "meaBC by tbe title 
to imply tbat bo riad described tbo humoms 



BathildB. A ohuoclAT in Guttui'S 
'BenMaiii' Cn.v-}. 

BatUnSi A farce in one act by JahIs 
BnUtON, iTnt parlomecl at tbe OlympU: 
Tbcatre, lAndoD. on Janoary 31, 1M2. ami 
plajed U the Olympic TheHtre. Naw Vark, 

pUcations aridogfrom tour people gettioK 
Jieir ciolhei cbanged vhlle bathlni;. 

BatblDK Olrl (The). A "comedy 
open" In tbreo acta, liliretto by Bvi'cht 


IILDHES, Diiiii!i: by Eci 

Vork, DO September 


Bathos, Sulky, See Battle OP TOE 

Batifol. A chaTBCIer In MtLTBT und 
Mi>SKLL'a 'LBfii.'llDK(>rmajide'(f.F.). 

BfttUolfl. A chuactor In K. STiULiuc'a 
'Indnitry auil iDdolince' i'l-v,). 

Battlda. The " old woman ot tbe 
eaiem" la Diddin Pitt's 'Jertay Old' 

Baton, Colonel. A chancier in ■ Lore 
in the East- (j.e.). 

Bnttaina, Scott Jtratnatic writer: 


Play ' (liioli). 
Batterahy, Ure. Seo Stjciuey, Mrs. 
Batterasa, Korval de. A chsractcr 

In Cuv.vEona TAU'DtlUJ'S' Leo Uje Terrible' 
Battle of Acstlum (The). See Ser- 

Battle ot AIcoEar (The}, with 
the death of Captain Stukeler. An 
anunynious bbtoriail tragedy. acl«d by "tbo 
Lord High Adminl't semnts,~ and printed 
in 15M. Mu^y MahomBi, K^ of Baibary 
is dethroned ht AlidUmrtrc, Ilia UDde, and 
uka Bjil from Sibailiau,Kiiig ot Portngal. 
Stuttlty, '■Marquis of lrelBDd,"loreed by 
streaa of weatber to land In Puringal, Is 
induced to join hia forcea with thoae of 
Sibartian against AbdUmtlie. Tbe battle 
of AleuEar takaa place, and S^»utian and 
the two Moorish kings arc slain, Btukeliy 
dying of bis wonnda. Shskeapeara ridienles 
ApoJisaieDt thiB play In ■! HenrrlV..' act 
" - ■ It bas alKJ ■- — ■ "-— 


ttan' from this tragsdy. 


clo>«ly by pBwmges in nnd 
Peele. Malo.i.', loo, bell 

tbe author u( the play. 

Battle of A-UBhrtm (The); or, Tha 

Fail of St. Bnth. A tmgedy by Hubert 

ABHTON.publlalieilBbontI7ST. Itdescribea, 
In dramatic form, tbe defeat of tbe Irish. 
nnder the French general St. Ruth, at 
Aughiim. ConnnuEbt, in July, lODl, by the 
royal forces undol Uencml (linklL'. 
Battle of Auaterliti (The). A play 


Battle of BothwaU^BrlKK IThe). 
1 Mortility? 

r. itdinMil . . 

Sir WnlWr .Sl-oU 

nt perinnneil at 

ttie aathoi aa Jolkii Bat- 

Jaur nf Burlcy. AhhoH u Jlrnry Morlm, 

Uanuet u J^nl EmndaU. Bluiclunl u 

Jfnjor DtUtmlia, Emerr ■• Cuddit Iliad- 

I, tin, IHTpnputt as Lady Mapjarrt 

LDd intrtKlnccd Aoten 
with llnprood u 

oQiiKi. The pliiy 

ChoTy C 


Battle of EddlnBton (The); or, 
Britiata Liberty. An hlitiiricaUrsfieily 
jn Ibrm i£t«, liy JuilN PEVir. printeil In 
37M. »nil am pBrtDrmeri nt Corcni Osrden 

u King Uamld, Mtu younie i 
lin. YHte* u EdH-iiui, ■nd^Imer nna J. 
jUcUd in other t>ut<- It la (l«ir»l that the 
cUlua d( J/oruM and Kd^r ' ' 

lined by tbe nuirrlsce at Uw 

loTing £(lw<iia. nluui th 

,„„ .le offar.and llanli 

HittHnmi htm to death. He in pardoned 
throUEh the tiitercBuiliin of Malihla, and, 
J/iruQ helng killed at the bettlnnf HastlnKi. 
£dfiar !■ pruclalmed king. Uee WILUui 

Battle of HexbamlTIie); or, Says 
of Old. A. iiIav 111 thn« »ct!>. hy Colhun, 
inn. (./.p.), tlr.t perromed (with music liy 
in. 6. Arnold) nt thp HaymailiFt Theatre, 
on Aaenitl], ITiS, with Hanniiler.Jun.. ai 
OoH^ibtrt, iln. r.oodall M Adrliw, Rdwln 
B> GrajBry Vvbbiiu, Mn. HL Ketnhle ai 
OatcaMargant, with J. Aickin, R. l>a]mBr, 
Bannliter, and Baddeley in othn jMrtn, 
Cimiiilitrl. a suppoHm- of the hunne nf lAti- 
caiter. bM leukoma and hecome capUIn 
<it a band of mbben r and his wife Adrline, 
uxiaaatalDA hy her serrant OiiMi'iw, aocn 
in unrrh of him. Meanirhilo. ^(cu £ar- 
fHirrf. iletealfd at the battle nt Mcxhaui, 
(all! Into the handi ol VmuHbtrl, who, when 
he knows who itio Ii. ttnuns bar >afelT. 

The nhiy wan iwrrnnnnl at tlie Jnhn Strwt 
:rheatn, Kenr Turk, In OeCnlMr, ITVO, wllb 


Battle of Lake Obatnplain (The). 
A play produced at the Ur«en Strift 
Theatre, in Albany. U.S.A.. in 1^1.1. In 

BatUe of Life (The). 

Lcleb Slurray ns Alf'td llraihleld, f' 
Viinng a« Michael Wardtn. ltTM,1i>irs u 
SiiiliXey, and MIm Daly 

drama in three BiU. by E[ 

flmt perlonoed at tha Sutrejf ^eatre. 

by EnwiKD Stiklikq, 

- tliB Sutrey Theat— 

L, In January. 1347, with B; Webb 

Urn, Mn. Vitiine an Uariim, Mt*. E. F. 
HarUIe >■ Orate, J. T. Jobn»n aa Affrtd, 
MlME.TerreyaaCbmrncv.etc. (8) In Iba 

Bt'^he'aty d( London Theatre, with Mn. 
R. Banner » Cliiirncj,. (4) An adapta- 
tion «u performed at Nuw York in the 
name y«iLr. (6) An ailaplation in three 
acts, by C. DiLKKNU.Jun., was Bnt per- 
fumieil at (he Gaiety ThealTS, London, on 
December SO, 1873. wltb Mlna Carllala ai 
Jfnnon, Mill C. LoHbr aj Gract. Min K. 
Farren aa Clrmrwv, J- L. Toole ai Ben. L. 
nmufrh u Sntfcft™, and C. Uarcaurt aa 
illeharl.—(e) 'The^ttleol Life' na the 

aiMayafclMS. (7) -The 
t* l^be^trei. 

Tlu-atre, U'ndu 

Urerpool, Angnit e. 

BatUe of Heziao 

Battle of New Orleane (Thel. 

W. wai, Tith ('. KerablB at 
II., Wanla ao P'l/r lAr Gmil, 
r part* bf Etierion. Boniiiet, 


Skymand. ButleT. Keeley. (). Sniitli, Mn. i 

Battle of Bmlnnoor (Tha). a) A 
■hort [&rc«. unacted, Bnd attrlliutad to tha 
Dnke nt Buckingham (1707-14). IC nai 
written In ridlcnii ol tbe E&ti of faTcnbam, , 
Junes U.'iaetieraL (S) Adrunalnthna I 

•f G.'alii 

1b (our acta, by JoKN Wil 
performed at llie Duk«'s T 
on Slarcb IS, VSSO. with a . 
HIn F. Brongh and Clarflnn 


■e in tha 


set," played a. 

Hajmariiet,* oo Jannary 1, nsi. In thefonn 
ol a tew acenn Introdnced into 'Turn 
Thamb ' (f.B.). Tbe cont«ntlan li betwaea 
CbmmniE iVqltnind, Sfillttr Ballot, SaclifrT. 
Flirting FrilMt, etc., and the object '■• ••— 


Battls of Waterloo (The)- A mlit- 
tary melodrama In tbras aula, by J. H. 
Akhehst (if.i.)i perfomed at Aitlcy'i 
Amphitheatre.— A drama wltb thia title ma 
performed at the lAfayetU Theatre. New 
York, In May,]eS8,wlth lilDloch aa Sapolurn. 

BatUe Boral (A). See Tfirud op 

m Mr JohnTamb 
at ihe Haymarfcat in I7^. 
Bayal:'acomedTln three ai 
MaTTHIM?), Brat performei 
■ndra Thaatre, Llrerpool, oc 

A fan 

BaHIedore and Shnttlecook. 
play by Conwai EDWABDia iq.t.). 
Banlile Shop (The). A play in (o 

actr. by llENRT A»TH<IH jDN£a (1.<!.\ At 

un JaDoary it, 1S83. with C 
ham ai Lord nirs6™nt. s. 
Sf«iM,Jf,P.,C.W. S 
W. II. Day ujrii». 

e Eibtr, 

Lady KaU P/ei 

I 'mIh 


Amt per- 
Bandla, Bnataolie. See Bubuchb 
Bavarian Oirl (The); or, The Blaok 

] BaToe. The antfaor of the mock tragedy 
which flgnrea b 'Tha Hehearaal ■ (d.bA and 

I the iwototypeol iVfln -'rheCritlc'^-C')' 
The diaiacter, ai orlitinaJly diawn, waa 
oiled BiUoa, and waa Inteiiiled to rldlcnle 
Sir Robert Howard iq.r.) : but. before the 
production of the piece, " Bauet" waa aub- 

I aCltnted for •■BHImi," and the satire waa 

I turned mainly against Jobo DiTdea (q.v.', 

playwrights of tb 

tioDil re 

Bazt«r'* Ti*f«d7. A play, a 

Bay of Blseitr (Tha). Tbe part at i 

ITench of Mailw 

Bay«a* Opera. An"opera"byOAnBiBi. 
ODIKciSELS (i/.vX first perd.rmeil at Dniry 
Lane oa March W, ITSO. with Clliber, iui>. . 
aafiavi. " This," says the ' UlDgiapblaUra- 
matlCK.' "t> one of tbe many miiaical piece* 
to which the ■ Bagni's Opera ' gate birth.' 
In tbe eontee ol it an opei* Is rehearsed, 
including chaiacteraot the name ol Contafe, 
with tail daogbter Dabxda, and his aertant* 
Batioon and <DnHcil(r<i; PantmiufiK, with hla 
dauehler Farcia, and bis ehlol mlnlgter 
HaHrquin; Tragcda, and larioua others. 
Tragida iraa played by Charke. 

Bayly, ThomaiHaynei. DramaUit, 

produced the [oIlowlnE plecea for tbe stage: 
-Perfection' (18X0), 'Comfortable Service' 
(IRSe), ' Forty anJ Fifty' (1B38', ' How do 
you ManaiteV (I8S6), 'One Hour' (1838), 
- The Dnughler ' (adapted 1831]), ' The Britliih 
Legion- (ISM). ' tir. 6reenHnch ' 0838), • My 
Little Adopted' (1838), 'The Hpltalflelda 
Weater ' (1BS8), ' Tom Noddy's Secret ' (IMS). 
' You can\ marry your U raoJmuther ' (iSSS). 
'The Bariacit Boom,' 'The Culprit,' 'The 
Ladder of Lotb,' and 'The Swiss Cottace.' 
all of wbicb see. See. also, the ' Memoir' 
preflied to his ' Worka' (1841). 

Hayumrket as Glatii In 'The lAdy ot 
Lyons;' played afterwards at Brighton, 
DubtlD. and Ulasgaw, retiring from the 
■tsge In ISM. He waa at one titnr- stage- 
manager of the Theatre Royal. Lllasguw. 
Among his chief parts were Charlri Svrfao', 
MedMi, Al/nd Ealyn.Joha JTiUntavC .Still 
Wateri'), Uaaktliaw (' Nevvr loo Late 
to Mend'), and Sdnai'roid (■ Delicalo 
Ground'). From 1873 (o 1803 he wa.i the. 

he has cuntrll>utffl to the Tli'airr magnrine': 
and his booli on 'The (Jlangow .Stags' 




anoe at the Liverpool Amphitheatre, and 
her London d/but at the strand Theatre, 
opening in ' The Artist's Wife ' (7.0.). 
iMtnming to Literpool, she went thence 
to the Ac^lphi, London, where she played, 
witih other parts, Oeraldiru in * Green 
Boshes' (g.r.). In 1854 she joined the 
Olympic Theatre comnan v, and was incladed 
—AS Mrs. Mildmay— in the original cast of 
'Still Waters ran Deep' (q.v.). In 1866 
she married Walter Baynham. with whom 
she acted at Brighton, Dnblin, and Glasgow, 
leaving the stage with him in 1864. 

Bayswater, The Duke of, fignres in 
G. 1 Beckett's ' Last of the Legends ' (q v.). 
See Duchess of Batswater. 

Bazan, Bon CsBsar and Bon Sal- 
luste de. See Don Cjbsab. de Bazan. 

B. B. A farce in one act by MoifTAGU 
Williams (9.0.) and F. C. Burnand (q.v.)t 
first performed at the Olympic Theatre, 
London, on March 22, 1860, with Horace 
Wifpan as Bob RattUt, a retired prize-fighter ; 
F. Bohson as Benjamin BoUnn^ an agent, 
and Mrs. Stephens as Mr$. Puneheont the 
landlady of a pablic-hoose. * B. B.' are the 
initials of Bowrin^ *'a mild and somewhat 
timid gentleman i"^* who, arriving at an inn 
in Northamberland, is, to his norror and 
discomfiture, mistaken for *'the Benicia 
Boy," an American prize-fighter who was 
a source of great interest at the time of the 
production of the piece. 

Beacon (The). A musical drama in 
two acts by Joanna Baillie (9. v.), published 
in 1812. The piece takes its name from the 
fire which Aurora, the heroine, causes to be 
lighted every night on a rock, as a guide to 
her lover, Ermingard^ should he return safe 
from the wars. 

Beacon of liiberty (The). A drama 
founded on history, and produced at the 
Covent Garden, on October 8, 1823, with 
Bennett as William Tell, Egerton as Gestler. 
Miss Foote as Therete Cfell's wife), and 
Yates, Duruset, Abbott, and Miss Love in 
other parts. See Tell, William. 

Beaconsfieldy Earl of. Benjamin 
Disraeli, bom 1805, died 1881; author of 
* Alarcos,' a tragedy {q.v.). 

Beadle of the Pariah (The)> See 


Beafirlei Sir Harrv. A sporting squire 
in COLMA.N's 'Jealous Wife' (9. v.). 

Beale, Thomas Willert ["Walter 
Maynard"]. Musician, bom 1831, died 
1894; author of 'The Enterprising Impre- 
sario '(1867) and of a volume ot reminiscences 
called ' The Light of Other Days' (1890). 

Beamish. (1) Mr, Bouneeby Beamith 
in C. SKLBV's ' Chamber Practice ' (^.r.) is 
an •* embryo barrister." (2) Mrt. Beamish is 
"the lively friend" in CJoyne's 
•Man of Many Friends' (u.v.). (3) There 
is a Sir Pertgrine Beamish m H. LESLIE and 
N. BowE's 'Orange Girl' {q.v.). 

Beanstalk. A farmer in Douglas 
Jerrold's * Bent Day' (q.v.). 

Bear a Brain. A play thus entitled 
by Uenslowe, and attxiouted to Dekker 
(g.v.X was performed at the Rose Theatre 
in August, 1599. "Another case," says 
Fleay, "of an old play of doubtful aathor- 
ship." The title is obviously corrupt. 

Bear and Forbear. A " trifie," adapted 
from the German, by S. Bell. 

Bear-hunters (The); or, The Fatal 
Bavine. A melodrama in two acts, by 
J. B. Buckstone (9.0.), first performed at 
the Victoria Theatre, with the author as 
NieoUm, Davidge as Muskito Bluebelle. and 
Miss Watson as Aline ; played in New V ork 
in 1829, with G. Barrett as Caribwt and 
Mrs. G. Barrett as Aline. 

Beardi John. Actor and rocalist, bom 
1716 (?), died 1791 ; made his stage dibut at 
Drury Lane on August 30, 1737, as Sir John 
Loverule in • The Devil to Pay ' (q.v.). He 
was engaged there till 1743, when he ap- 
peared at Covent Garden as Macheath m 
*The Beggar's Opera' (q.v.\ At the latter 
theatre he remained tUl 1748, when he re- 
appeared at Drury Lane. In 1759 he married 
(en secondes noces) Charlotte Rich, daughter 
of the manager of Covent Garden, of which 
theatre, after Rich's death, he undertook, 
in November, 1761, the mans^jgement. He 
was the original representative of Havh 
thome in Bickerstafrs Love in a Village' 
q.v.\ in which part, on May 28, 17677ne 

ade farewell to the boards. His first ap- 
pearances as a platform singer had been 
made in the periormances conducted by 
Handel at C!ovent (harden in 1786. " To form 
an estimate of his abilities as a singer, it is 
only necessary to remember that Handel 
composed for him the gr^t tenor parts in 
'Israel in Egypt,' 'Messiah,' 'Samson/ 
' Judas Maccabaeus/ and ' Jepthah.' ^ 
Charles Dibdin says : " I consider Beard, 
taken altogether, as the best EngUsh 
singer. He was one of those you might 
fairly try by Shakspearo's speech to the 
actors. He did not mouth it, but his 
words came trippingly from hiv tongue; 
he did not out-HerodHerod, but he begot a 
temperance that gave his exertions smooUi- 
ness ; he never outstepped the modesty of 
nature, nor made the judicious grieve. . . . 
He was very valuable as an actor. In the 
' Jovial Crew/ ' Love in a Village,* ' (Tomns,* 
and * Artaxerxes' he gave proof of this in a 
degree scarcely inferior to anybody.** See 
Dibdin's * History of the Stage^ aSOOX * The 
Thespian Dictionary' (1802-5), Genest'a 
' English Stage' (1832X Grove's * Dictionary 
of Alusic ' (1879X etc 

Beardinfir the Lion. A comedietta, 
bv Charles S. Fawcbtt, Prince's Theatre, 
Manchester, February 25, 1884. 

Bdamaise (La). A comic opera, li- 
bretto by MM. Leterrier and Vanloo, 
music by Andre Mesaager ; first produced in 
England (with libretto by Alfrko Murray) 
at the Grand Theatre, Birmingham, on 



' IT. ISM. with Miu Florann 
tie hiroiDi (Ja':qtullr). Miv 

lain' Pfrviffnac, J. J. D«llu u Pompi 
E. J. Lonnen u Oira/a ud S. Huiwui 

Besfa not BeBata. A fuee b; H. M. 
MlLMBB, Aral perforined at ths Coburg 
IDatte, London. In 1S£2 : placed at >e« 
York iD 18CT, with PlatiJo u SaapaU. 

Bfloat and tho Beauty CTha); or. 
Bo BoBe without e. Thorn. A bur- 
l««qa« by P. C. Blilu<AM> (q.v.), Snt per- 
formed at the Rovalt]' Thoaus, LDndon, on 
October (, 1M». 

B«at, Job. A policeman in P. Bit's 
•Ooght by Uw Cuff' (?.».). 

Battta. A domestic drama In 


Mln BKdIe Bnnier na Ribecca Wat. Miu 
S. Tangbui aa UelKtk, Leonard OuCram ai 
itonwr, Hmry Vernon as KrolU George 
Bnjrhn ai Morttiugard, and R. Santar aa 
Dr. Wat. ■ ■•- - -"— -'■- "■- 

«ugiut, ISTS): and as JTori' In 'The 
Oman of the PeopIe'(s.r.)at the Olympic 
(Aagiut, isrs). 8be alw created the tme 
character at 'John Jaiper'a Wire' (a-r.). 
From 1B«T until h«r death, Hdlle. Beatrhv 
waa a creat (aTonrtts with PTOTlndal play- 
goen, la wb»e Intereltl ihe bronght and 
I held together a " company of comedlana " 

Kiclndlng. at one time, T. N. V 
!h a--'—- - — ■■"- — 

y of the marrisd life of / 
a the basis or tbeoccou 

onsBquently, ■ BeaU' tornu 

Be&trtce, Kile. [MarJe Beatrix 
KndaL Actrew, danghtsr of the Cbeia- 
Uer Blnda; bom_aC Lucca. Aogiut, 1839 : 

9, Paris, and made 

dlad far London. December 

catad at the Conaerfatolra, , 

bar (BTlieit appeaiancw on the stage at tba 
Od«an and the Vandeiille In that^ty. She 
inde her i»ut la England (and aa an 
EngUah-spaaklng arUit) at the Haymarket 
<iT>ctober S, 1864, aa the heroine of Fanny 
Kambla'i-MdIle.daBellelile'Ca.c.). Tbla 
WM foUowsd by her Urt. HalUr al the lame 
tluatra In Noraraber, in which month ahe 
the ariilnal Hilda in 
J seen at the Lyceum 


ir' (9.P-). In the English proi 
itmwed In IBBT aa Mary Siva 
y Kemble's mr^on ol Schlller'a 

■be at 

e heroine of Paigrare 

U the original ffrue 

otaCrtma'fv.e.}. She anbaeqnently figured 
la the netniadia aa Madame Cauiodi 
la>OnrFTiNi&'rq.«.)and In ^na in Pal- 
naTB Mmpaon'i 'Broken Tltt'fq.v.) at the 
Mymptc (fin); u the (nWnal ftngUHhl 
Blaruht deClMtuIn 'The Sphinx' (o.D.) and 
— re in 'Froo-Fron' (q.v.) at the Hay- 
. - - j(qyj„or%tlt iff Mimtaipim 
noar' (g.n.} at tba Qloba 


tCe 8annden) n 

a of iu nutmtb. This tmnpe, 
after Mdlle. Beatrlee'e death, waa m^n- 
talned for many years onder tha direction 
of Frank Harreyfq.c). 

Beattr-Klnsstoa, W. Antbnr and 
lonnmlisr; wrote the libretti for the follow. 
Ing opera*:— 'The Beggar-Stadenl ' <18§4X 
■ ftiToli ■ (isse), • Irmengarda ' (IfeK). 

Beaa(I.e). A courtier in ' Al Yon Like 


Beau Anatin. A comedy in four 
acts, by IV. E. Heslev (».r.) and R. U 
Stevkisos if-r,), first perfarmeri at the 

H. ISW. with B.BcerbotmiTneln tba title 
cliaiKtar, C. BrookHeld ss MmUM (Ms 
valet). E. Maurlfe as AnlhotyMuigrate, F. 
Terry as JoAii Ftnicirl. MIm E. Leolercg aa 
ifui £ttli<ia Fuilrr, Kin- Aylwanl aa JBar- 
bura. and Mrs. Beorbohm tree aa DoTOthu 
jru^TTaH. la the piuluguu W. E. Uenlar 


lut abersfuseii blm, 

iTing bebarect generouBly tc 
«, who has pablicly Inauted 

aa pablicly In 

n April 1] 

Bean Brummell, the Kite of 
CalBla. A dmma in two acts, by Bm.n- 
CIURD Jerrold Iq.tX Brst performeU at 
the Lyceum Theatre, Land— ~ ' — "" 
l^e. with Emery in the 
formed at the Klfth Areni.. _ .. 
York, in October. 18S3. See Copy and 
PETiTFAin. (2)'B«BuBrummall:'acomedy 
by Clvoe FiTCH (g.r.). 

Beau Defeatad (Tha); or, The 
Lucky TonnwoT Brother. A comedy, 
partly translated from the French, ascribed 
both to Mra.Ptx and toaTHOMls Kaukkr, 
acted at Uncoln*B Inn Fields, and primed 
about 1700. 

BaBu Demollahed (The). See Buu 

Beau Ideal (Thai, t 


Bean Haah, the Kln« of B»tb. 
A eomedf in three 4ct9, by Douqlas Jer- 
ROLi> (q.c). Brrt pertonned at the Hsy- 
muket ThMtre, London, on Jul; 16, 163*. 
with W. I^rren In the title Hrt, VlninR u 
Drrlv. Shephenl u Wilhin, Strickland » 
Aid. Btrl'r, Bnctnlcoe u Claptrap. Webitei 
u Jack Baxter, Brindal u Lartruler Tom, 
Ukthowi u Aa'Aoi Mrs. Nlibetb u Bt- 

Bean's Adventures (The). A Itxtt 
bjr Phiu Beksett, printed in 1733. 

Bean'a Dael (The); or, A Botdter 
ftir the Ladies. A conedr bj Mm, 

coin's Inn Fields on October il, 1702. with 
Booth la Captain Brilmnn, Powell ■» Tnper, 
FleldboDse u Cartf-ai, Puk u Oglr, Rov- 
mui u .Wr Wm. Modr, Cory ui cWonii 
Manty. Mn. Piinca as Clonnrin, Mn. 
Lee ui Un. PlotirtU, and Mn>. Purt^r u 
£»i^ui. The dnfl Is between Oale and 
Mode. Borne o! the piece li borrowed from 
Beanohamp, John. 

; after i 

made h)i_ London 

Ink '(ISTSX aa Peium ; 
on- (1881? a. Mart,: 
. , 1886), a« Sir HampAnu 
The Dean'B Daughter' (139 

eDfi' (q.T.). Since 
le original ' ' 

rho Ligli^ L. ,._ 

rhe Silier Shield ■ (1886), ai 

1 ■ P8MX • 
on of Men.. .,^ 

aa Gen. Stanhope ;''TlsBilew ^j' aeai), »» 
Dr. Candy: -Jedhnrj Junior' (IBBflX a« 
Jtdbury, «cn- J. Bcanchanip has alio ap. 
peareil in reviv&lt of ' Hamlet.' ' RIcheiiea,' 
and "The Kwil'K BaTEn^B' (1880). 'A Mld- 
■ammer M»;>it'B l>nun ' (1880). -Proor '(ISSR). 
■ Leah ■ (18U1), ■ The Jealous WifB ' (ISOS). et«. 

Beanclerc, Henry and Julian. 
Brotheni, re«HK:11iely a diplomatist and 
suldier, in ' Diplomacy' (j.u.). 

Beandet, Iiouise. Actre« and tooi- 
Uit of f-rcnch-Spanish eitractlon; SHnic in 
America in 1879, aa a child, in jurenile IJ^ht 

pUjed the little' Dvehiu in 'The Little 
nuke' with Almie(ii.ii.): toured nith that 

nicmber ol the etock compajij at Baldwin's 
Theatre. San Fisncisco, where she niafed 
I^ady Macbeth, Ophilia, Detdemoni, Jcittea, 
Paaiinc DetchaptUei. Until {' Narcisse '1 
etc. 1 aCtarwuds starred in Australia and 
India, playing JutUt, Imogen, Jtotatiiut, 
Brairict ; appeared later as Fortia. Ariel, 
iMdy TiaiU. Jvlia (' llunchhaek ■>. I'ar. 
Ikcma, GUbrrte, Leah, etc. ; has represented 
Pmrla in Jakobowaki'a oppra, Elkalflh In 
McLellan'a ' Puritanla ' (1802), and Progrnt 

toured with her own company in t'rench ' 


open bonfTa till Maj^^ ISW. ^She has been 

Mr. Uydi 
Model '( 

Beaufort. The name of three cha- 
racters in Shakespeare's plays : (1) Henry, 

VI..- and (3, 3} John, Earl of Somerset, anil 
Thomaa, Duke of K.eter, In ' 1 Henry TL' 
(4) £eai<A>rf. in Ml'HPnY's 'Citlien' (g.i.). 
Is in loTe with ind belofed by Jforio ITiU- 
ing (B.B.). 

Beaoforts (The). A play adapted by 
Charlotte Blrchp(eitler from Bulwer^ slorT_ 
'Sight and V— ' — ' • 

[.' trunsUled Into S 

Beaafoy, Lord, In RoBKnTSON'a 

■ School' (?,[..), i" inlo.Bwilh and beloTsd 
by BeUa ({.n.}, whom In the end he marriei. 

Beansard. Captain- Xa-lir I>unM'* 
lover in Oiwii's ■ soldier's Fortune.' 

play by H. 1 

Beaamelle. Daughter of Ra 
wife of CAaroInisin MASSINOKRaii 
•ratal Dowry '(g.i.). 

Beaumont, Allen. Actor : 

[1880), M> Henry .Aucii'Jand in *lmpn]M* 
:iS8S), John Mabrl in 'The Bocltet' (ISSS), 
AbdaUati in 'Our Dlra' (188«), Ranuff in 
'The Amber Heart' 118871 and Rofier nf 

land In ' The Private Secretary ' (1884). and 

of Venice' (1870). 'The Belle's StrBts«em' 
(1881), ■ M.P.' (188S), etc. 
Beauznont and Fletcher. Faincis 

appear to hare become acquaint«d abonfc 
1607. They soon grew intimate. Anbrey 

■' Then 

leof friendship between them.. . . 
[1 together on the Banks tide, ni 
" '^e playhoune, lay together . . . the 
'""— — ' cloake. etc., between 
■ heir joint labours U 
:> the latest critidam. 

game dnathi ancl 

; nUye, i 


date of publicatron :-' The Knight of the 
Burning Pestle' (IBIS), 'Cupid's ReTonge' 
(18I6\ "The Scornful Lady' (ISIB), 'The, 
Maid's Tragedy' (IBin), 'A Kin* and No 
Kmg'(10in),'Philastor'(10a0), 'Four Plays' 
id "The Coicomb'(ie47). Thew, 

. other plays . 

the I 

nnilec thali 

■Comwliea , . 

Fletclxr ware pabllihsd in folic 

am dmlt with 

' Comwlieti uiU Tngedin' of Jlcaun - 
- ■ ■sllrii 

Hawud, uid SinpHn (ITW), b* 0. Colmui 
«BiI oUian O.Tte3.hj_a. Wa&i (lait), bj O. 
DtrUj <1SU), b; A.I>TC« aSU-S). u"! bjr A. 
B. BnillaiODM). CetMiniiltbeirpliTawe-s 
adlWd lor tha ■Uanuld Beriai'by J, St. 
,__=. — •. — .™., "rtaeted iiMiijM h-om 
ibllAtd b]> B- Onll- 

1 In — ■ 
„ Flrti 

'o*try.' SchlegeVs 
ntnre,' Balbm'B -Lit*™. 
■ lAinb'* ' DnunAlle PoeCi,' 
If KUnbeth.' Leiitb Hnnt'i 
id FUHf.' S. T. Caleiiilge'8 
Cokridg*'- ■" — --" 


vtEarIf, thftt BiMimciot'a 'main b_ 

*u to comet thi arnflowlngi of Mr. 
nndwr*! Kitte,' ud Dirdeo declvn tfaM 
BiujiuDt wu '10 aceunla a Judn of 
plug ' that Ben Jcnuon ' nbmlttsd ul bli 
niriUnii to bli camm.' Ultla weight can 
In M&dwd to thew itaUmmti j bat tha 
■Un ttadltiim that Etaamiiont wamnpsrlor 

o metcbei. 

, — n. In tba molt 

■riari tba* wrote toiether Beatun 
—'— '-^_FUlchar;a,J>c*b_ In mi 



dlaiona aad apilidit^ Tepartw" CDIC' 
Boat and PMeber," «til« /, A. STmondi, 
"weta not diBinatWa ao mncka* traat dra- 
Wtlo rhetorldaoB. ■ . ■ Thalr rhdorlc poa- 
■iiwimial ibaiiii ADd,whatIjmoie.ltBait( 
ttiair i^idea ol tha ramantto nttair than the 
atiletlr tia^ or eomlo mathod. While 

tba poatlo toocb eomsatatlielT lame. . . . 
Vb^ I haiB taimed dnniatln rhalorlr, 
Ba iDPPnaad to nnniBa dianatlc poetiv, 
tHbajrad Baaomont and Fletehw Inte tbeli 
mort lOTlau bnlta aa nlajwrlfbts. Its 
Irani ol abaolnle *hicei1t]p led them to 
Tiolatfl tintb. propria^, and probibitltir, 
botta In tbab bUea and th<dr Eb>--'— 
Vhat tba Fnnch writan «aJl «n, 
... ., - i of tha 

Uajiie. Ileiridird. Duiiel— 


A. Brome, Keati (wbHs ■ Rirdi of Pualon 

before -The Pair MBiil of the Inn," -/"c.l^d 
A. C. Swinburne (Sonnet and ' In Che Bay,' 

Beaumont, Pranola. Dramatic writer. 
Bnn of Sir Fnncli Beaumont. Jiutice nt tbe 
Common Pleas : hgra lis*, died io London. 

comiDoner at Oxford in IBM, and in leoa 

which, in Folimarj, Ii 
'.Miaona.- Ue alio w 

; Silent 

rhythmiaj 'Letter" ._ _ 
.luuxiii. HIS poeDii were published in 16iu 
■nd 1M3. »ee U. C. Maoaulaj-B ■ Vrancie 

Grosort in the 'Nmlionu Dictionary of 
Biography' (13S5). and A. C Swinliume in 
the ' EncydopiEdiii Brltannica ; ■ also, lbs 

Sietical praise of Benuniont by Ben jDnsun, 
, Uoywood, O. Duilel. and Wurdiiworth. 
aoe, further, Deachont ind FlkW-UeH. 

Boanmont, Hra. Da Jsney, as. 
treaa, after appaartng at CoTcot Uarden, 
went to Amanea, BCDrisE at PhiUdelpbia 
tn ino aa /(oAdta In the^Fatal Marriage,' 
and at Kew York in 1814, maUne her dJSut 
inXuphntlauidlCoxaiana. "Her/nMIo, 
Madtmt Clermonf, Jane fihon, ete-, were 
jataj isonaldered very inpoHoi parform- 

« ™__.._ .. ■jjjj. other pacta 

, Jfri . UaUfr. 
. Her bugband, 

handioine and ibowy in pemin " (Pheipe). 
He nude ht> aAul hn New York in lgl« aa 
HoUa in ' Plnrro.' 

BeaiUprfi. (I) Son of rcrtalf^ne aod 
brother of Zaann, tn Beiukont and 
FLmcHEK'a ' Little French lAwyer ' (q.i.). 
— Thla anraame baa bean bone by a num- 
ber of other cbarutara tn EnEllab playa, 
notiLbiy in (B) .^dricniu da BfaupH In 
LcSLire 'Adrienne,' (8) the Bann it 
Baupri in Maddison Morton's ' Haaband 
•- "-■•— ■ (4) Honor* di Braapri In Bitte 
I's ' RobwplerTe.' (6) Oicar da 
_.,,. io Tom Tih-Oh's ■ Het^IbutlDn.■ 
,d (6) C" ' - - ■ - 

jDBii]r DonuaeTea very anpono 
ancea" (belandX Among ner 
niH bo named Ladj/ Macbeth, J 


(aU of wbie 

BeeLurepalre. Jone 

do. The bBroLnai of heides ■ uouuie 

Beanaeant, the rejecled lotor of 
Faulinr, in LviTOS'S ■ Lady of l.yona ' (q.v.\ 
figures alto In all the trsmtlei o! that play. 

Beaasex, 8lr Brian di 

in J. M ^ 

1 'RighU 





Beaatlfnl for Bver. a) A itna In 
one act. bj F Hir (?"-). fl™t performed st 
th« Prince of WalB^t Theatre. Lirerpool. 
In September. )S«a, wltti a cut Lncludlng 
T. Thome. MLu Newton, and Uisn KelU 
OoodaU. (3) A farce b/ O. S. UaDOSON 
(j.B.i bronght out at the e-amj Theatre, 
London, In October, 1MB. 

tntlial Hald6e; 

performed at — 

LoDdon, on Aprjl «, 16U. wltli Mlia K 
Oliier M the heroine. Miss Mnrray ai Lor.. 
£a(«nun, and O. Belmore an HfpeTOdo, 

Beautr. A plav b* Q. F. RaifE (9 i.)> 
performed at W^lack's Theatre. New Vork, 
IB ISSC, with Min Agtiea Thomaa In th« 

Baantr, The Birth of. Sea Birth 

BoftntT. Tha Xaatiae of. Baa 


Beanty, The Trlmnpha of. See 
TaiUMPua OF Bk«utt. 

Beauty Abroad. A plar b* CLiNTort 
SiUABT (j.n.). performed In America in iisuB. 

"Beauty, alaal where want thoa 

' Lonking-glaai for Loodon and Eoflluid' 

Beauty and Booty, A play by 1. 
D. Phillips, performed in Amerfca. 

Beauty and the Beant. A nunery 
tale which has been dramatiied In many 
forms. In 17S1 tliere wag prHnUH ■ 
comedy called 'Tho Beanty and t 

by J. B. P 


t (g.c.: 

e Fr«acb ol the 
Amonj acted plecea ■ 
: a)'Beauty and the 

t Garden on ApHl ... 

Uadame Vei<tria aa Beaulv. W. Harrfun aa 
the Beait (Prince Azor), J. Biand as Sir 
AUgale J'ump, Huley as ^oA» QuiU, and 
Miss BalnCorth as Driaalinda ; flnt played 
in New York at the Olymplo Theatre In 
1843. (2) A fairy burletta, played at the 
Bowery Theatre, New York, In IMS, with 
Wallack, juo., aa the Btait. (3) A panto- 
mime by H. J. Byron (j.d.), proilnccd at 
Co*ent Oarden on December 3tl, 1802, with 
Mrs. Aynaley Cook as FHna PcrJeH (the 
BeaatX and Mlia L. Laldlaw as Btauty. 
(4) -Tbe Beast and the Beaoty' (ij.r), by 
F. C. ButtMiND (at X (C) 'Beanty and the 
BeSKt ; ' pantomime by E. L. Blakchard 
(o.r.X Drury Lane, December, 186ft. (S) 
■Beauty and the Beait:' pantomime by J. 
C. BRP.HNtN, Creenwidh, December, 1871. 

(7) 'Beautyand the beast,' by the Brolhera 
Ohin.1 (o.e.), Princeea's Theatre, London. 
Decimber, 1874. 18) ' Boauty and tbe 
Beast :' pantomime by F. W. GREEN (j.e-). 
Paiilion Theatre, London, December. ia7T. 

(8) 'Beanty and tba Baait :' ptnlomlisa by 

B. WtLDRH, Park 1 

tr«, London, De- 

camber, 1876. (10) 'Beauty and the Beast.' 
pantomime by J.T.DEK.tvto.r.), Mary lebona 
Theatre, Decemtier, 1884. <11) ' Beauty and 

HutHts and WlLUAM T*at)LBY, Dniry 
I«ne, December, 18M>. (12) ' B«an^ and 
the Beail : ' a boHeHtie by WaLTEn SriiiT. 

29, 18M. 

Beauty and tha Xonatir (TheX 

"Beauty, arise, shew forth thy 
grlorloUB ahlnlnB"" Flnt line of a 
MnK in -The Pleaaant Comedy ot PitlaDt 



Beauty la a Trance. A play by 
Jou.N FoKU tn-tX Butersd on tbe booka ol 
the Stationers' Company In Sf^>tember S, 
1053. anil among tbe drama* deetroyed by 

Beauty In DlBtreea. A tnuedy, by 
P. MoiTEUJC (q.c), acted at Uncoln'i Ina 
Fields in ISM, with Kit. Btactvlrdla aa 
PtartntuL, and other parts by Verbm»en, 
Betterlon, Kynaaton, Mta. Prince. Tlrs. 
MoflrB,andMra.l)arTy. Tbe play was highly 
praised by Dryden in the proloKue. 

Beauty of Lyons (The)- See Lanr 
ot> LYONa ; Pehoubou, tub BkllOws 

Beauty or the Beast. A farce In 

perlurmedat DmryLBnelnNoTember, 1803, 
with a cast includLng Misa Bone Leclercq aa 
Haiy. Among the cliamctera are ir>dil«v, 
Uiffgini, Wiff^nJ, and Fiffffiju. 

Beauty the Oouqaeror ; or, Tha 
Death of Karc Antony. Tha title 
given to an altered Tenlon of Sir ClURLn 
Bel.lby'b ■ Antony and Cleopatra ' (j.r.). 

Beauty's ToUa A farcical c 

Miriam Cla* 
uiFuw u Kaiuv, aau u. Glddeni, W. 
Kdonln, Q. Mooni. M. Ross, MEu M. Whitty, 
Kllss A. Ooward, and Mrs. Dion Bonclcault 

Beauty's Trlomiih. AmaaqoebyT. 
DutFET, played In prfiste, and pnDled In 

Beauval,' Horace do, Tb» here of 
'The Poor YoBng Uan ' (;.!.} 

Beaux' Stratagem (The). Acomedy 
In Mvo acts, bT OEoRuE J-.RquHiB (j.e.t 
tint perf.>rmed at tbe Ilaymarket on Iilui:fl 
8, 17U7. with WUki as drcker. Mills aa .,4iin- 
KiU, Nonli ai Senit, Bowen as Foigari, 


, Ij liiely, bintliD( 

tnll of poi>e uid Intamt. Tbt mi 

•od AQmMl^ i* ft perpetwd wniuwment lo 
tbe mild." TtM phr wu peTformed in 
*-' "~- -Ml Mm. Abington u 

.v-j- u mv TcrlTed Kb ua tlitT- 

Qjolr, 1847, ■ " ' 

h J. B. Bnckrtoae 

; kt tbs Barmukat In Juinuj. 
•WD, Willi W. H. Chippsndale u SuUtn ; 
■nd U the Imperial lluatre, LondDo, tn 
Baptanbvr, UTB, with Mia UUon u Jfn. 
Mbm MSu Merrick aa Airindo, Miu C 
AddlWB ai Chem, Mn. SttriisK ■■ Lady 
atmitiflii, Llonal Braiuh a« Servb, W. 

Varren a« Amur, E. F. Sdgai u AimtKll, 
J. aTdar u Su<I«, W. H. Dennr u Pretnian, 
3. BanoMw aa Fitaaril, Knrth u Bcnifaa, 
Md K. BbUsw u CiWkI. It wa> performed 
-■---"-" !n 1787,1'"" 

A Ka* York In 1750 ; again. In 1767. with 

Boanx without BeOlee. A [area by 
DiHD DittLCNG, aeted at Pnlembuteh, Va. 

BeaEley. Samuel. Dramatic writer 
and ardiilMt, bom 17W, died OclobBr, iSii ; 

old. Hia pittea iat the stuH Include 
• PtTe Hours at Bdchton ; or, Tba Bcurd- 
iBg Houie'aaiU 'bbe JealaUH!',(lBie), 
•Old Cnitoma' (iSiei. 'My Uncla' (1817), 
■Fire and Water' dslT). -Jealonn on all 
BIdca' (1818), -PhilandertnE' (1824): also, 
•Badulonr Wiin.- 'The BnJl's llead,| 

*Knijchla or the Crou,' 'The lyitlery 
Tkkat/'LoTe'a Dream,' "Tha Scapegraee,' 
•The Steward.' and the libretti ol three 
tmeiaa— 'The Oneen ot Cypmi,' 'Robert 
Ilia DerlV and 'lA Sonnanbnla.' Rii 
work aa as atthltect lar largely in the cnn- 
■tneUoB at theatrea. He deiinied tbe 
Ljeeiun, tha St, Jamu^i, the City of London, 
■nd two In Dnhlln. aa well aa tha Btnnd 
fiDnt of tha Adalphl and tha oalonnade of 
Dnrr LasSi Sea tha OmUmum'i JVn^uliw 
for IBS and ib&l, and Flanebf ■ ' ReceUee- 
tioni'(lS7l). Baailar, aecord ing to PtonchB, 
•' mffered omildeimia} a ahort time belora 
bl> deoeaasiand. hIa mtnol iptrlti odculonal lir 
fomklng him, he one ilaj wrote oo melan- 
ebolT a latter, that the Iriernl lo wbom It 
vu a<tdr8»tuJ, obacired, io liii replf, that 

, chapter of Jcrcminli- 
■t chapter ol iiainueL'" 
n f pitaph— 

Bib6. See BETiX. 

,e, Mr. Bertrand Baga- 


Bscoeley, Urs., made her first iippeir- 

Iq.t.]. She wu "tbe elnglngni^rei) and. 
soubrotte" o( Hallain'a eompajij'. 

Beohsr, Lady. See O'Stlu-, Eliza. 

Beaher, Martin. l>rBnwtlc "titer ;: 

maBlic Herculei.' ' In Pnwie3''i<m,' 'Numher- 
9, Duke Street,' 'Palnles* Dentistry,' 'A 
pDotic PropoBal,' 'Bulo Brilumla' (18T0), . 

, and DIra. Croasley. 
°- '■—""•"■■■■' -nd Scott's- 

Beck, Mr. _- 

Characten in SiK. 

Becket, Andrew. Anthac of 'So- 
cratea.- a dramatlt poem (isoaj. 

Bockot, ThomaiB, ChmicoUnc of Eng- 

land Bl 

reiKn i 

long lUtof Engliih 

the Snl of whkh there is any rec 
' Of the Impostures of TT 
wbli:h Blihop Ba1e(j.v.}i 


Uecket,' of 


, .. D (e.a.), pabUshea 

(3)WahaTeth«-ThamaikBer'^ — 

H.' (?.B.) ot w. H. iitEunD (f.a.), I 

inl7W. (3)WahaTeth«'Thamai 

(g.D.) of Douaua JbRBolo Iv.tX pBrfonnad 
& 18». Nait (4) <»mai 'HeckeV: a HU- 
(oiical Tiafwdy.'by It. CiTTER HOLE, printed 
tnlBS^ AftertbiawehRTe(6)tfaa'ThDmai- 

). Rcrfcel ' Iq.v.) of QEOIWE DiULKY (./.C.J, 

'- •-X {fl)The 'King Henry 


•"■1. (7) The'" "■ 

pabUibed In 

. 1874, thoiL_ 
not printed till 1BS3. (8) The '6L Tbomai 
at Ontetbury' (o.f.) of AI'bbSV de Veke published (n 1878. Rnally (lOX tlie 
'Becket' ot Au-RED, Lord Te.nnv30N, 
printed In 1B34. An adaptation of this 
work, by E. Vf. Godivin. coniistlng inaiDly 
ol Lbe Kvnea relating to Jiatamanil da 

at 'S/aii Boxamond.' la Wnnlnro Woods 
Wimbledon, In the nummer ot 18M. 
with lAdy Archibald Campbell ns Am- 
M«vt, Baiaett Soa aa JJtnru II.. V. II. 
Macfelin a) BeeHit, Ml>s Maud »Ii1li 

Marntrn, ami Ml«i Oenevteve «ard as 
Quua Sltanor. Tliejiay Itself, srraniied 
broiiKht out on February 0. 1803, at the 

U iteiirti li., Miu 

t, HIn OaoeTleTa 

, r, Mi» K»ta Phillipi 

la Margtry, Mtiter Lm> Bjroe M Otofrcy, 

Beckatt, Hwrnr. ComadUn. bom In 
England ; ilied In London, October, 1880 ; 

». wbo, wfieneTor (my «ni»U part In 

unp of blA ptocoB requiT«d to be done witb 
fiB&tneM uid cerioljit;, woold err, ' Wbsto 
iilitUe Beckett T'" By&nd bybejoined tbe 

'(wrote Brauder Mmttbews) "eitcndi rcom 
burlesque lo mulodmnui, bicludini fSiTce 
and comedy old and Dew" {Scribntr'i 
Maaatint (or 1876). He was ipecially ei- 
csllent an Tans Inimpkin. Bob Acra. Qraixl 
(■ Money '>, and Mart UiddU C I»ndon Ai- 

u "eiceedlDKly comic, ai weU u refined 

'Iiion,' Haitarae in 'Tho Forty Tbieir».' 
the IfidoiB Tieankit In 'Aldddin,' Maid 

BeoUnKliam, Charlea. Diwnatic 
writer, bom 1699, died 1731; aolbor ol 
two hletoriraJ tiuedles (q.v.)—' Sclplo Atrl. 
canui' (171S) an? 'Jlenry tv. at Fiance' 

(ITIW ; alio • ■ ■ 

(1805). tbe • 

Beo^T Sharp, 
by J. M. BiHHIE fit 
Fall,' and Unt peif oimed at Terry'* Tbeatre, 
London, on Jnne 3, ISM, wltb Mlu Jasei 
Acburch in tbe title part. 

Bedof BoaesCA). A comedietta by H. 
A.JONESlf.i.yQistpertoriDed at tbe Globe 
Theatre, London, on January M, 18S2, with 
Arthur Dacie, Aithnr Wood, H. Hamilton, 
■nd MiHGoldoey In tbo caat. 

BedHi. Tbe heroine of J. U. Hortoic's 

□noact play, adapted 

Beddoesi TbomaaLoTell. Duunatls 
poet, bora 1S03, died DUfl ; autbor of The 
Bride's Tniiedy <ie2i), -neatb'i Jeet- 
Book, or the Fool's 'Trasedy ' (ISM. and two 

on.i •Torrlsmond.' His ' Poema' wore pnb- 

In 1890, wltb an intr<>iiuction bv Edmund 
Qoase See tbe • Dictionary of National 
Biognphy' <IS»5) , also Ijat Man, Tubi 
and Lova>s Anaow poisoned. "(X all 
the oiyrind poett and poetlculea who hato 

.-'...I -_ ^tg loHt maijic of tbe tragic 

Elizabethans, Beddoea." 

blank Ten 
II It we™ 

leu IndlSeren 
iidlnary kind 

. atyle- 

the beauty of bli 

fl, we Safe only to 

^7o^Tjf*o'i!?d. rf 
what be hiniaelf 

n and CyiU Tou 

Home. Bnl^Jdw 
ba> called ' a creeper 
attempts nothing pi 

like a deioled dlacipl*."' 
Bede, Adam. Sae ADUi Bede. 

Bedells, Jamea. Actor ; low comedtui, 
pUying "an circuit" in the woat ol England 
and Channel Islands ; Bfterwanls at CoTeBt 

BMTy(j.c)and Mra! -Jharlee Calrert (j.b.) i 

professional lUlnit a 

; made hU 

'(lB80),'Tbe Penalty' 

, „ ..„ .„,, Fortune' (1881), 'Her 

Oath' <189i). -The Life ve Ure' (18M), 
' Strsthlogan ' (iswi), etc • -n 

Bedford, PaTilJohn. Actor and looal- 
1st. bora at Bath, aboot ITBI ; died at Chel- 
•ea, January, 1871; made bla pra(*Mlana] 
d/Au(at Swauua. and, after considerable ex- 

r'ienco in tbe English proTtncee, appeared 
London for tbeTnt time on MoTmnber 1, 
1834, at Dmry I^ne as SawtAom in 'Lora 
in a Village ' {g.i.) to tbe itOKIta of hii wile 

Silas Qreen, died 1833). He ramalned at 
rury I^na ai ainxliu; oonedlu till 18SL 
when he mlftated in tbe saina capadtj to 
CoiBut Oarden, where ha flpiTod fa Tariina 
operattc reprosenUtioES. Be bann in IStS 
that connection with tbe AdelphI Theotra 
by which be la, and always will be, beat 
remembered. He was the oiiginal £1 uuHn 
io 'Jack Sheppard' (18S9), iW Codlia In 
StiiUng-s 'Old Curiosity Shop- 0B«), Sir 
Jneph Bovlry in ' The Chimes' (1844). Jack 
Oong In 'The Oieeo Buabes' (1815), «(». 
cAi'n Com In 'The blowers of tbe fonit- 

BUT), Vitaunt Chatta<imargaiui In -The 
arble Heart' (ISM), Otauc* Id Lamoo'i 

'Uedea- (ISliS). Dm Ftmando in An- 
UDilBui ' (IttBB). UrbBul In ■ Thp Dand Heart ' 
(1S5B), Baron Witz tn Bjron'« ■ Nymuli of 
tba Ltu-lalberf! ' (l!l59). Pilrr PantiU in 
W»tW PhUUpK'i ■Paper Wlnga' (1880), 
TkUUm, tea., in 'Mi Wlfe'i Mfld' {iMl), 

- ■ ■ ■ ^ <. ,_ . .>jgag)_ „ii 

_ it CMt of ' TbB Crown 

___.„d»' (laW), ■ Jfr. W«bat«r U Home' 
<1BU), 'Ntunber Mp' (ISM), Broach'! 
•BoiUrflde Tt»ToUBr»' (1864), • Loclter 
MKtchei'aBH). 'Lots and HanEerWlSSBh 
WMta Ptillllpii'a • Story ot '16' (iBBoJ, 
'PlpUn'i Bunl Retnat' (ISM), ale 
baildaa upeuing tn reilfali o[ ' Victorine ' 
(1M«, ; _^Bnttna and Ormn ^ 8MX ' 1 

Ids' (IBM), 'Blp Vui Wlnlile' QSeS}, 
otEan. In M«y, IHg, -' '*■- "■■■ 
llMBtre, Londoi], be wu 


the Simhin 

Stage '(USD. Ilia own ' KeeoUectlana and 

WuideriDsa' n^M}, uid the Era for Juiuuy 
15, lan. ^' Paul Bedford'a slu and rotun- 

Wrliht. mada him." sayl KdiDi 
"k tBTDOrltc with the Adelphi ; 
BTB him K raiion iT^fiY. lie h 
aUghlaat cUm to be can<dden!c 
Bland eierr part Id eiactly 
faahlon. had not tha faintest no„.u.. 
pnwoillon. ui<l ru rnncUroentally 
Mid Ignontpt. But In his «rLiei d 
UK ■Jollr Nose.' >nd In later >e 


bla aodal repTitat[on for faU-BnToured 
snecdotaa, and his pOBltlnn an Wrifilit's 

Bedloa, Captain WilUam, who mi 
tnpUcatedln the Popish nlot^i^f miartea II. 's 

iS^ii' -wu published" In IMl! Is nld'to 
have be«a the nnthor of a traseilj called 
■The K<conioinnlaiteil Prince' (j.o.). 

Bwlnioin Window (The). A fnrca 
perf onned at the Olytnple Theatre, Loadoo, 
on Manh 18. 1847. 

Bee and the Orang'e Tree (The). 
Ad extrntwima by J. R. PlakcrA (f.c.). 

Sroduced at the Harmarket at Cbriatntai, 
MS, with Hlbary as King Bloet, Hnilsoa as 
JVin« JmJBMe, Ctaik M fiaron ^mur, Mia* 
._,r_ "— nettaa the^nceu^imi/, J- Bland 

Bawta, Mln P. Horton as Uie Prineea 
nda, Mn. CanlBeld aa Caitnlta Kurtalote, 
d Mr). L. S. BncklDiltUD as the Fairy 

with Mrs. Tlmm 

H*KB!r ()REFJ"BAMt, Eolnpowd bT Wilfrid 
Hendali, and lirst perfonnal at the Lyrio 
Tbaatrt, landon, on October S7, 1B82. 

Beefln^on.Utlor. &DBDg)ish noble- 
man la s bnileaqne of ' The Boien' 

Baahlve (The). A Diniteal farce bi two 
acta, adapted by Dr. Millinqfj' (g.D.Jfrani 
ploanlt Le Brun'a 'Rlreaox d'Enimteiea,' 
and cosapoaed by Horn ; first performed at 
tbe Lyceum on Jannary V>. IBII. with a cast 
bidndiDiE Mathews, WnDch, LoregroTo, Mrs. 
MoDnlaln. and Miu KeUy ; played at New 
Vork Id 1811, and again Id 18il, with Barton 
and MIsaS. Cnahman in thacast. The title 
Is derlied from the name of tbe Inn In which 
the action takea place. 

ofSHtai._ ...._ 

^*th'";.c'i.''' ' 

Seerboluii Tree. Sea Trke, Beeh- 

Beere, Ure. Bernard (iU< Whitehead^ 

the OpJra Comlque, Lnndon. In 1877-8 

SI. James's Theatre where she appeared 
as e\ailta in ■Othello,' Lad^ SnaruyU in 
"Hie School for Scaadal,' Julia In ■The 
BlvalB,' and Oraet Hartaimv In ■ London 
Aisumnce.^ Hec flnl Driilnal rfile appean 
to ha<e been that of LaSy Mai'lonvilh Id 
■ Scandal ' (q.v), at the HovHty in 1ST8. In 
which year she also played In old English 
comedy at the CrysUl Palace. To I87&-S 
bcloncs a tour In the English provinces 
with Mrs. ('hlppundalo. On her rolnm tn 
town she "cieated." in March, K79, tbe 
part of Lim in W. S. ailhe-t's '(itetchea' 
(a.i!.}. SiDCB theD shu hu been the orliiiDal 
representatlre of tbe foUowtng chamcten : 
—Mr: Dmglat la ' QunpalpiInK ' (IB7fl), 
Saitgam in "Michael Stroliutt' (1881). iorfH 
Jfauds bi ' MlnU ■ 0881), Zhira ^ST Id ■ llie 
Promlae of Uay^ (lasn Jant Eyre in 
and Commona ' (1883), Ltaa Dapard \a ■ As 
In a LooklDjr.OLuB ' (1387). the heroine ot 
' Arlane' (1^), and Mr.. Aj^n^hnot In ' A 

"■ n of Ni - ■ -- 

baa all 
(18B8) and "li ToBca' (1BS9). Among the 
otfa--r parts which she has oDilertaksn 
In fandon may bo named L^/dia Lan- 

EuA (ISTS), Lady Trade (I8iex Jalia 
■The Uunchbttdk' (187B), CoixiUineti In 
"The Lore Chaae- (1879). Paulinr In "The 
Lady of Lyoni' (1S7»). Julir. In ' Richelieu > 
(187S), QtraUIni Id ' Green Busheg ' (1880), 
Priiucu da Bouillm In 'Adrleone Leisan- 
Trenr' (ISSl), Bdthtluba In 'Far from the 
MaddlnR Cniwd^ 0882), Ijody Ormmd In 
' Peril ' 0884X Julia In ' The Rl.ahi ' (1881). 
CounlcM Ziria In ' niplnmncy ' (1384), Pei 
Weilngiiin In ' Masks Rn<l Faces' (1888). 
Mri. SlrnJuM in 'Still Waters' (ISSS), and 
LaOii Oay Sfanlxr (ISVO). In 18ez-3 Mrs. 


BesBtOD, WlUIam, a > 
JaulM tbtbNkd of "t' 
-^poit bs naigned li 

Hrlurmuca in Anitnlla 
d^ in the Unlt«d Suts 

e?YOTk, u 
10 Fringe of 


)aTeiillep«rieniun.ciJ]cd"T]is Kine'iui<l 
QiiMa'a Voung Compuif." Wo teiui (but, 
kbmit INO, ha raeelTed oRti^liil Buthnrit; 
''to contbiD* tbe bcnuo cul]^<l £:>b]ihbur; 
StTeit Pl&>boiua " u ■ pltJtaoaM. 

BesBwlnr. (I) Landlord of u hotel In 
C. SELBVs'Bouiat »eTlUe'<o.c.}. (D) A 
chancier in Douous Jerruld 9 ' Weddlni 
Ooini' fa.e.y (8) A Mirrmt In Wiirs 
Phillim's ■Panl'i Betnm' (j.r.).— (4) 
Saechut Butwing, in SHiRLEV Brooks's 
~ lehtfr or the Stari' (o.r,), is a butlfT. 
'JMfla Btaaiing. in "Taming ■ Tiger' 



Aberdeen. Oct 
l^l'SlE Raphie 


(2) ■» 

t an alderman 
JIS Jkbrold's 

Babea In the 
by R. B. 

'Beau Nasli' (^.r.). (8 
ficurea in TON TaTLOb' 
Wood- iq.t.). 

Before Breakbat. A farce 
Peuke ti-r.). llrslperformeil, with 
John Bamett. at the Lyceum 
Loodon, in la25, with MatnewA as 'jre/ou, 
Koaley a» JoAn, Bartley as Sir Wm. Bufer, 
and Miu Undon u Faany. It waa played 
at New York in May, 1827. 

Bafore the Dawn. A play in one act, 
by IlENUY BlATT, Op^n Comlqea Theatre, 
Londou. April 15. IS&. 

Before the Uaat. A nautical drama 
in four acts, by PaEn. W. BROLiOHron, 
Olympic Theatre, London. March S, IBM. 

Besrrax my Neighbour; or, A 
Ropie'a alr'ooL Acomedyinlhreoacts. 
by T. Morton (;.v.): founded In part on 
Inland's 'Kephew,' and performed at the 
Hayntaiket on July 10, Ifbi. »ith a cajit In. 
dnding C Kemlile, Snett, Emery, FnircetC, 
Mrs. Mountain, etc. (2) ' Beggar mj Neigh. 
hoUT ; a Blind Mnn'a Boulfo : ' an operetta, 
adaptsil by F. C. BDB>AVO from ' Leg Deui 

Gallery of lllUBtistion, London, March IS, 
1B70, by T. Oenaan Baud and Arthur Cecil. 
BeBgar of Bethnal Qreen (The). 


BeEKar of Bmaaela (The). A play 



Ber8«r on Horseback <The>. A 
fane In twoacth by John O'Keefb (g.i.), 
Unt paiformed at the Haymarket on June 
IS. ITU, iFlth Edwin aa Corny ButUrevp, 
Parwms h Codgtr, Ban nlater. J un. , aa JTonuc, 
BaddelayasCoMv, B. Palmer ai SneuI.Mn. 
Webb aa Mrt. Summerj. and Hra. WeUa 
as Xancy Sutlmup. Codaer falla In lore 
with Sawji, and ooDsequeDtly allow* bar 
brother Corny (tlie baggar on horaeback) to 
take great Ubertles with him and hia booaa- 
bold. Mr$. Jfununmr la a stTolling aclraai. 
(8) 'A Ktmr on lionabw^k:' a comadr 
In file actsTby BOBERT HOLITUt M.v.), dm 

erformsd at tbe Bannsrket OB Hanh tl, 
IS, with Webiter aa pinion Faxatt, W 
Farren aa Morcaalt, T. F. Mathewa aa 
Baggi, Clark aa Spavin, H. Wlddicomb aa 
'-'• -— cither parte by H. Boa J. Bland, 
Mrs. OIoTer, Mra. Haymoni, and 

Mlu JaliaBenne 

BflBKar-Stndent (Tho). A comic 
oiiei*ln tour acta, music by Carl MUlticker, 

r-KiNHSTON, flrnt par- 

tba Alhamlna 

KTart as Cffui 


do L __._. _. . 

Theatre, Londun. on April II, ihh. wiia 
MIsa Fannie Leslie in the Utle part (Sinon 
BomamHiiih), H. Hallam aa Conrad. F. 
~- init.Miss Marion lloi>daBLaura,MlH 
i^'erona aa Stalumla, and Mlaa Madge 
~ intoi falniatiea, the caat in- 
g aiao Mlaa Marie Wiillanu, Miaa 
Stanley, and MIsa Emily Buiican. 
the opeta nu performed In the Bngllah 
_ — ,-„..-.„.. „ T—'T, being the Simon, 
f. a. Snaielle Ihe 
glna Bams the Lamritf 
< Slrphania. and Mlaa 
Counlui ; and again in 
y Frankleln, H. Braey, 
nia ; alK) at Wallah 

BeBBar'B Sanvhter of Betbnal 

Sreon (The). A eomody In threeffl acta, 
by J. BlIKKiD«K Knowlks (7.0-), "— ■ — 

J. Wll* 


beggar (Albert). Miaa E. 

— '■■-ir). Mi*. Knbfht aa 

"■ a* i<erd WHforO, 

. W. Farren aa old 

SmaU. Liston aa 

Tree as Bai (his daucbtsr). Mi*, knbfl 

JilirabeOi (hla witeX Cooper a* iord Wii, , 

Vlntngastord IfiUeuffAfcii. W. Farren aa old 

Jones as the HosKH.and Mra. Otgeraa KaU. 
The prologue waa written by Charlea lAmb. 
The play " -*- -'• — -' — ■— ■- 

tened 'The neegai of Bethnal QrBan,'aod 

Krf urmed at the Victoria Theatre, London, 
ISM, with tha author aa Ltirti Wiifard, 
Mlw Jarman as Ben. Miu P. Ilorton a* 
KaU. Mrs. Ei;erton u the Queen, AbboM aa 
jnungSrnaH.andChippeniraleasarap. It 
was hnt produced at New York In Decem- 
ber of the same year, with the author in the 
aboienamed part. See Bu:(D BeooiB or 
ilETEINll. Uheen. 

Bergmr'a Opera (The). A dramatic 
pirce In throe acts, written by Jojr:i Oar 
in prose, with alxty-aiae brief lyrica, ad^ted 




(by Dr. PepnBdi) to popular aini. Offered 
to and rejected by Gibber ^for Dniry Lane), 
it was accepted for production by John 
Rich, and first performed at Lincoln's Inn 
Fields on January 29, 1728. with Chapman 
as the Begoar, who is supposed to be the 
author of iha piece, and Milward as the 
Plover, with whom, in the introduction, he 
holds colloquy ; with Hippisley as Peaehum 
(fk receiver of stolen soodsX Mrs. Martin as 
Mrt. Peaehum (his wife), and Miss Lavinia 
Fenton as PoUy (their daufchter) ; Hall as 
LodcU (a JailorX and Mrs. Egleton as Luey 
Loekit (his daughter) ; and Walker as Mae- 
heath (captain of a gang of robbers). The 
robbera tnemseltes were represented thus— 
FOeh, by COark; Jemmu TwUeher, by H. 
Bullock ; Robin tif Bagthot, by Lacy ; Mat 
of the Mint, by Spiller; Ben Budge, by 
Morgan. Of the "women of the town*^ 
who complete the pereona. Mrs. Martin was 
Diana Trapee ; Mrs. Holiday, Mrs. Coaxer ; 
Mrs. Rice, Jfr». Ftoen : Mrs. Clarke, Jenny 
Diver ; Mrs. Morgan. Mrt. Slammekin. The 
piece was intended both as a "skit" upon 
the methods of Italian opera and as a social 
and political satire. In the introduction 
the Beggar says : ** I hare introduced the 
flimUes that are in all your celebrated 
operas: the Swallow, the Moth, the Bee, 
the Ship, the Flower, etc. Besides, I have a 
prison scene, which the ladies always reckon 
charmingly pathetic. An to the parts, I 
hate obserred such a nice impartiedity to 
our two ladies, that it is impossible for either 
of them to take offence [an allusion to the 
feud between Cnzzoni and Faustina in 1727]. 
... I hope I may be forgiven that I hate 
not made my opera throughout unnatural 
like those in vogue ; for I have n« recitative. 
Throughout the whole piece you may ob- 
serve such a similitude of manners in high 
ftnd low life, that it is difficult to determine 
whether (in the fashionable vices) the fine 
gentlemen imitate the gentlemen of the 
road, or the gentlemen of the road the fine 
gentlemen." *' No one," says Gay's latest 
editor (1808)> " could fail to see that Bolrin 
cf Bagehot vras designed to represent Sir 
Robert Walpole's unrefined manners, con- 
▼iviaJ habits, and alleged robbery of the 
public Maeheath was provided with both 
avrife and a mistress, to indicate to the 
public that Lady Walpole had a rival in 
Miss Skerrett." In Spence's * Anecdotes ' 
Pope is represented as giving the following 
account of the origin of the piece : *' Dr. Swift 
had been observing once to Mr. Gay what an 
odd pretty sort of thing a Newgate Pastoral 
might make. Gay vras inclined to try such 
a tbing for some time; but afterwards 
thought it would be better to write a comedy 
on the same plan. This was what gave rise 
to * The Besgar's Opera.' He began on it ; 
and when he first mentioned it to Swift, 
the doctor did not much like the project. 
As he carried it on, he showed what he 
wrote to boUi of na, and we now and then 
gave a correction or a word or two of 
advice, but it was whollv of his own writing.** 
** Quin," says Genest, *^had so happy an ear 
for music, and was so famous for singing 

with ease a common ballad or catch, that 
Gay was persuaded to offer him the part of 
MaehecUh ; but after a short trial he gave 
it up, from despiUr of acquitting himself 
with the dissolute gaiety and bold vigour of 
deportment necessaryto the character. It 
vras then given to Walker ; and the ease 
and gaiety vrith which he acted Maehealtk 
established his reputation." At the first re- 
presentation ** everybody concerned was in 

fear as to the ultimate fate of the play. Chiin 
afterwards said that it vras Ions in a dubious 
state ; that there was a dispontion to damn 
it, and that it was saved by the song, ' Oh. 
ponder well ! be not severe.* '* In one of 
the notes te *The Dunciad* vre read: **It 
was acted in London sixty-three [sixty- 
two] days uninterrupted [save for actors' 
benefit performances], and received the next 
season with equal applause. It spread into 
all the great towns of England. . . . It made 
ite progress into Wales, Scotland, and Ire- 
land. . . . The ladies carried about with them 
the favourite songs of it in fans, and houses 
were furnished with it in screens. The 
person who acted PoUy, till then obscure, 
became all at once the favourite of the town. 
Furthermore, it drove out of England (for 
that season) the Italian opera, which had 
carried all before it for ten years." "The 
total sum realized by the initial set of per- 
formances was." says Gay's latest editor, 
**£5361 16«. Of this Gay received for four 
author's nighte— the third, sixth, ninth, and 
fifteenth— £693 IZ*. 6d. He sold the copy- 
right of the opera (together vri^ that of 
the * Fables*) for ninety ffulneas, and con- 
sequently made in all nearly eight hundred 
pounds. ''^ It was said of the piece that it 
had made *' Gay rich and Rich gav.*' Rich 
might well be jubilant, for his proflto 
amounted to £4000. The opera was acted by 
children at Dublin in 1727 and at Lincoln^ 
Inn Fields in 1729. It was revived at Drury 
Lane in 1788, with Beard as Maeheath, 
Macklin as Peaehum, Mrs. Clive as PoUy. 
and Mrs. Pritohard as Luey ; at Covent 
Garden in 1745. with Mrs. C^ive as Luey ; 
at Drury Lane in 1747, with Mrs. dbber as 
PoUy ; at the Haymarket in 1 767, vrith Berry 
as Maeheath, Shuter as Peaehum, Bannister 
as Mat, and Mrs. Dancer as PoUy; at Drury 
Lane in 1777, with Baddeley as Lo^t and 
Mrs. Baddeley as PoUy; at the Haymarket 
in 1781 [under the management of Cokoan]. 
vrith the male characters bv women, and 
the female by men— Mrs. CfargiU as Jfa«- 
heath, Mrs. Lefevre as Peaehum, Mrs. Webb 
as XioeJInt, Mrs. Wilson as Filch, Bannister 
as PoUy, Bdvrin as Luey, M'ewitzer as Diana 
Trapes, etc ; at the same theatre, under 
the same conditions, in 1784, vrith Mrs. 
Wells as Maeheath and Mrs. Inchbald as 
Ben; at Covent Garden in 1788, with 
Bannister as Maeheath, Blanchard as PUeh, 
Mrs. Billington as Polly, Mrs. Abington 
as Luey; at the Haymarket in 1791 (for a 
benefit), vrith Mrs. Edwards as Maeheaih, 
Johnstone as Lucy, Wewitzer as Jfrt. Vixen. 
Bannister, iun., as Mrs. Slammekin; at 
Covent Garden in 1796 (for a benefit), with 
Indedon as Maeheath, MundenasPeotfAum, 


Un. Hartrr u Filch, Fiwwtt aa Lueu, tud 
Mn. DtiiMiIKfftw Jfri. Ptacttim; at Corsnt 
Oudan In 18U, with HlH Stnthnu uPnUy : 
It COTcDt Oardeo in UM, lot Hathan'bens- 
et, with the b«n«BcUreu JTocAuU ; at tbs 
I^ceum In tbe am* Tear, with Mlu Kelt; 
u£«uvuidMlHL.KellraaPi>Uu,- at ths 
Haymarket in IB£0. witb Hdme. Teitrlg w 
JIaeAMU, Tanr aa PauAuih, and Mn. C. 
Kemble aa Lucy (twelTS perlomanceal ; at 

additional acena." lepmenUnK Mairlebone 
Oard«uB BB thay ven aboat 1T£8 [Macbettli 
la betrusd bers Inatcwl ol In a UTarnli 
at tlia Ircenni in ISII, with Mlis Fords 
a* PMv; at St. Jamea'a In ISSS-T, with 
BraJiam aa MathtalK Mlu Balnforth ai 
/■sUu, Strickland ai PcocAum, and J. P. 
Kmleft^Fiieti; at t)is Lyceam Theatre In 
IMD; at tha Ijcsan ' 

Vestri* aa Laqi, UUa PiU< 
W. H. HarriioB ai ?'--' 
FiMi, F. ttaUbawi M 

:. HarriioB ai Macheath, 1 


;,«. OHUlbr a> 

Z«t^, and Mn. C. Jones an Mn. mi»i»i> , 
at tba Btnud in 1BS3. with Mn. Roward 
Paalaa Lubj/, HluKebecca Iiaacs aa /"oJlv. 
Laner ai JfocAeatA, and HaniMn a* Mat of 
(A* Mint ; at tbe Mairlebone In ISSa : at the 
Harmarket in tUM; at Sadleri Weill In 
18&SI at the Galetx In 1370, with Berarlej 
aa JTacAaKA. Mlaa C. Loaebj aa Prily, Mlaa 
A. TreniHlne aa Lvcv, Ayniley Cook a* 
Vat, J. D. HtoyLe aa FOdi. and T. Maclean 
as PsoMiiin; at the Aleiandia Palace, 

as Mwhn 

I, In 

, with Wilfred 1 

I. Palmer 

roi aa jjoi, maa Annie Goodall aa hvrx, 
Mlu ETeraid aa JTrf. /-HcAuin. and Mdme. 
Caie-AahtoB aa PMy. The piece has boan 
parfoRned in Ensland ol lat« years with J. 
^ma ReeTea aa Matheatk. There la record 
of tta being prodoced In Edinburgh in 173S, 
and it waa repraeented at tbe Nassau Street 
Theatre, New York, in December, 17M). with 
Thomas Keao a* Matkeaik. A burlesque ol 
It, written by Hubert Jat MoaiCB and 
called 'Tbe B^^ar's Uproar.' was bronaht 
ont at tbe Ktirrey Theatre, London, iD Majr, 
lalD. See Mu;iiEATU and Polly. 

BecK*r'a Fantamisie (The). Sea 
BEOHiiii'a Ofeeu. 



A dcBioa lo three acts, by O, DmniK Pitt 
\q.v.\ first performed at the City Theatre, 
CDndoa. on October IS. Itjll. wllb Sbepberd 
aa Jisterl BrigMma (the beitger), H, Wlddl- 
comb as Jemmy lAnk*, Mrs. fihepherd aa 
Mn. BrvjhlmU and Hra. K. Yamold aa 
Jane BriQlUiwU. 

Bsgrrkr'a Vproor (The). Bee 
Beooab'b Opetu. 

Beffa&r'*'WeddliiK(Tlie). A ballad 
opera in three acta, by Chuhles Collet 
(a.i.l, JlTst performed at Dublin and after. 
wards(in i;!»)attbe Haymarkat. Reduced 
to ono act. and entitled -Phebe,' it was 
playe.1 at Dmr? Lane in July, 1729, with 


Battor as PAcbe, Un. Boberfa aa Hunttr. 

"CliaunUr la the king of ths bscnn. 
HuiKo- la bis reputed son ; Phcie ii tHe re. 

Pluie are mulaallj in lote. Uvnttr tuma 
oat to be Quorvm't eon. Quanim saya 
Plubi ia not his daughter, an.l conaxnta to 
ber union with ItunUr. The Deggar'e Wed- 
dlnc la then celebimted. Qruv la tbe 
bridegroom, and Tib Tatter Uie bride " 

BesKan* Boah (The). A ttacl- 
cornea* , firat printed In lfl4T. Tbeui;h th« 
scene is laid in Flanders, tbe play is namsil 
af l*r a "oU-known tree, called the " BageatiT 
n the road betweenHnn- 
ton. It is aacrlbed bj 

Josy Fleicheh (9-c.) ud PhFlif Has- 
BiNoER iq.nX The Utter faTonra 1816 ta 
tbe dale of Its flnt performance; the 
[ormer, 18Z2. LAnglialne speaks of baTbg 

and l>owne3 mentioiis It aa haTiaa: bean 
reilTod between lees-lflSZ. Slight^ dbued, 
and with the title of ■ Tba Boyal Hen^iaiiV 
It was pUyed at Dnuy Lane In ITOfi, with 
a cast Including Wllka, Mills. BnUnck, Bat- 
conrt, Norris. Mra. C<a, and Hra. RoMn. 
In 178T the piece waa once nii>re"aduil«d'* 
Bad produced anliMS Tbe Royal Merdiant,' 
at Coient Uarden as a comlo opera, with 
Mattocks. Benaley, Sbuter, Yalca, and Mrs. 

by tbe Hon. -Klnn^rd, and entitled -The 
Merchant Dl Bruges,' tbepie» was perfanDed 
at Dmry l*ne in Decemtiar, isia, with Kaaa 
as Oaidn mores). Mnnden as FaihfunJ:i, 
Oxberry as Hig^n, Harley »a Prigi/. Hollaoa 
as Clauu (OerrardX Mrs. Horn ae OerlnuU 
(Bertha), and Mias L. Kell; as .TocuJin. 

Bee-one Dull Cora; or, How will 
it Bud f A comedy In a»e acts, by P. 
Reinulds (a.v.), first performed at CoTSnt 
Uarden on Pebnuiry fl, leos, with Lewis aa 
Jfodim, MiBB Smith aa Srlina. Pope as Sir 
ArOiur St. Albi/n, Brunton as Danreri. and 
other parts by Emery, C. Komhle, Fawcetl, 
and Mrs. Daienport ; flrat pUyed at New 
York in Noiember of the same year. 

Bmhid CThe), An opera by BegiNjUJ> 

"BehttTe Pratty." See Ashfield^ 

Behind a Saak. A comedy Id tbre* 
acts, by Berkard II. Dixon and Arthur 
Wood (q.v.), Bnt performed at tbe Boyalt* 
Theatre, London, on ManA S, 1871, with 
Mlu H. Hoflson.Mlsa Rachel Sanger.Arthnr 
Wood (as ■ country theatrical managerl 
Alfred Bishop, C. Jlockton, and F. 8«t- 

dranut la 

Bahlud tha Onrtaln. 

[our acts, by Geohqk Robbrth ij.ti.j, nraa 
-^rformod at tbs Holbom Thsatre, Iiondon, 

1 April 18. 1970, with a cost Including J. 

. ..._., --ihurWooiKroMpj^ 

Intyre, Miss Dea- 

Rilliogton (Bob 

170, with 
OJin), A 


Behind the Scenes ; or, Actora by 
LbrnpUe-ht. A ■■MTio-comlc barlaiqile 
barlelu'^^in gne aft, b; ChaULEs Seldy 
la.v.1, Hnt parfDRud tt the Stimnd Thntre, 
iondon, on Mptembn U, lesa, wltta ttia 
•athor u OiHMifiiiU, OiboTrr u Mr. 
fteamin JTiviM, Q. Cook* u Wmlf, Btn. 
5&br u J^- <St CtoJr. (2) 'BAlnd Uw 
ScoMi : ' ft Imrcial anaaij In thiM uM, 
adapted bj Fsux HoRtntd.v.lfroin 'La 
Ptoade la IMbntuta'(7.v.>,ud Bnt pei^ 

>d at BrooUn, ~ 

»,wlUi tbaan 

nd,- pnidnced m. 

Uw wort of F. MOBRU and O. P. HlWTOZI. 

Behind Time. A Urea in ons act, bj 
B. WKbtiTER, iiui. (o-p-), Bnt DBTfonued at 
the Adelpbl on DKAmber si, 1966, with 
J. L. Toob aa Jeraitialt Flat: 

B«hn, Aphnt, dtamatlc and miscel- 
latiiiiia miler, »aa the dan^btar ot Jobn 
JohnHO, a barber, and waa bapttsad {ai 
"Arfaia') at Wjie, Kant, in Jul;, ie<a 
Whea a cblld aha went to lira with her 
parenia at Swlnam, wban ihe became OC' 
qaalatad with Oranoaira {«.«.), the Indlaa 
Alel whom iba lUbBeqaeDilT made the bero 
Of a pniae rananc*. AbontlUOaharatntaed 
to KoctaBdi where ahe manled, abortl j after, 
wsrdi, a netefaaot sauei) Bebn, who died 
baton IMO- later cane a rialt to tha Low 
Coontilea on aecnt OoietBmeiit bnilaeaa, 
'ir wbleh, appanntlT, aberocetTed no ra- 

lie. CaitalB It la that, from thii 

lia deroted bsinlf toa Uterai 

Coort lite, aod abe 
onilntaace^ of _ pei — 

iltlraM the ac- 

, nectod with the 

inotablyEdwardBaienacroft, "with 

mri Edmund amxe. '■IherB Ii 

naaoB to bellere tbat bar relatloaa were 
van eloea.'* The Hnt plajr aha wrote wu a 
tntndj bi nrae, ' Tha YonnE King,' adapted 
from a Fnach itoiiF. Tba pliiji by her wbleh 
flnt Hw the fDotUibta wai -The Fixed 
Marrlace' («■■■)• produced In ISII. After 
tUa eane, la ancceadoa, 'llis Amaraua 
Prinn- (isllk 'The Dntih L')viir' (ts;s), 
'--tr'nmni. • The Boter ' (Wn). • The 
--■ (1B7T), 'The Town Fop ■(1817), 

It PaDcr' (1STS), a coDlinualloD 

tt 'The Barar' (HMl), 'The RoanaHxada- 
(UBt), 'The CKt kidniu ' (Itat), ■ The FalH 
Comii' a«I|. The Lockr Chance ' 0<»7>, 
■Bd ' The KmperorDt the Moon ' (1087), all of 
vUiAeea. She died la April, usa. atid alter 
upearad— 'The Widow Banter' (a.v.) (pn- 
diuedmO),aad 'The YoBnnr Brother' (a.e.) 
(printwUMO). TotbelatteraahortnuHnoir 
of her was pnflied. Her poenu bad been 
eoUactad hi U84. aod her noiala (with a 
nemoir) In lOH. Ber plajv wore brousht 
losetbar la minted form la ITO^. " Her 
■bbIbs and nTadtv," lui Edmund Ooue, 
"weranndonbted: DRpluaaieTerycaarM, 
*--* Terr llTBly and bmnoToui, while iha 
■ed an bdiqnlahle tanch of l!rlc 
" ('Dietionarj of Nailonal BLnitrapbjr, 

BbI Denionlo. A " love ilorj," In I 
icl», by John BBOlGHiM (a.n), (oBn 
ID 'L'Abbaje de Caatro.' aod flnt 


Charka, Hiia KlawoithT, 

tonoed hi AmaHos at Nlblu . , 

York, Uair IT. 1M4, with ndlci» .enrau 

aa Aapsla^aDd Boae BjtInEe aa tata. ' BA 

when he note blniaeU at the haad ot a band 
of ZInaail, with tha Tlew ol enforcing Ua 
claim to tbe band ot Lma (danibter ot 
Cavmrtall). Da la thoDEht to be plebeian, 
but U realty n{ noble bb-th, and, In the end, 
carries oS hli Udylore fram tha mldai 
Dl a maltitodo ol dangen. See Brokeh 

Vow, The. 
Belorlna, In 'Crmbellne' (at 


and Antirsffui}, bak 

BolmaoD, Darid. DrBmaUc writer; 
antbor of 'La Belle Boue' (IBiM). 'The 

HwJtolHarTland'dgHl and other nlr 

also, coaatbor, with H. C. Do Hill 

intbe end aa 

_ . _ Mllle. at 
Bcnauira hits' (i>^)_and ' Man and 
Ji ' (18»1X Hnd. with Fiankirn Fjlee, 
xeOirUL8ftBeblndme'(lSB3). See 


avoir. The rrinee In Plinch^'S 
Belch, BlrToby. Uncle o( Oliria in 

10 took 

Belohler, DanhrldBaonrt, . . 

llaB.A.deKiwatOifotdTn 1000, afterwards 
FCtUeil in the Low Coootrle*. anil died there 
n ISSl, tranibitod from the Dutch tha 
dramatic piece entitled 'liana Beer- Pot. his 
" ' '" Cirmedie of Ban ma and Set me 
18). Hoe Wood'a 'F^tl Oionl- 
:2n, Whincnp'i ■ Lfit ol Diamatio 
ignphia Dramatica ' ( t »1 3), 

lloDal Bicgtaphy 


BelcouT, in CtTHBEHUiin'B 'Weat In- 
dian ' (9.1 ), Is the son of 5ftK<*wYI and the 

fg.K} waa so anceasitnl In this jiatt (hat ha 
beoune known aa "Belcoar Lawl*,- (S) 
AitCaeA* Belaur, in W. E. SuTKR'a ' Flnt 
Lota; iq.v.), baa been tho betnilhed ot 

BolBaoB. A aonthBu^er 

and oatrap in 

Belflald, Ther 

Belfille, Ure. Actrmw : made her fl 
irM "lilajedagtud liueut bu^neeeinl 

Honrteh mropBoy." She represenlacl Br- 

Gkrden In 17U6, perfDriDed for n seasuii nl 
York, and died in 1707. 
BelfOrd. (1) Uajcr Otlford, In COLHIN 

Mdiit.Fb^aHti.v.). <2)' i'Ll'n on^Ifirirv 
Stl/ord KTO ctianEMn in uucbaniv's 

BoUbld, 'WmiBm Bowlai. Actnr, 
bom Mu BriiWl 1B2* 1 diad June & IWl : 
bagaa hlBprofauioiiA] coner in 184T> at the 
Tbntre Bon], aluKow> u 5>r T'Jionwf 
CUibnl In ■ The HnachliMk ' (a.*.), ud, after 
■am* sxparlenca tn tha proilnces, jnin«it 
rhalpa*! BODpUT at Sadlsr** Welh, London, 
In ISSl. Muting u 5ir ChirlM CnipJaiid in 
'Tba Pmt Oantlamui' (j.d.X Among Uie 
parta placed bj hlra at tbli thutre trsre 
Xvciwlo 'Tlmonol Atfaeni'(ISM),£vwn(iu 
ta "The Tandni at Ui« Sbrav ' (ISSU). F<Maiv 
In ■Taclfth ?<liibt' (1SGTX anidtriui In 
■C^bellna' (ItjjT), JJnut In 'Ths Clandrii- 
Vae MatTi«(r8-ciB67).ao<l Damley In'The 
Briiocrtta' {Mbt^ Wb And him In ISdl 
playing tha King la 'Ilomlrt' with the 
Kealu At Dmry I^ne. In the foUowItijc 
■- ■ ■■■ it tha Strand the part IP? 
nrord'i 'Stm'B AiriTal ' 

waa' tha original J/r. BulibU In 'One True 
IIlU'(f.>.)' Among hla othor original nUd 
oajr b« Dientlaneir Cairrmiitt in 'Monte 
Crlato ' (IBOB), 7/i;mio in Bnmanil'n ' Monian 
Onuite' (tSflO), Sir Jthn IInTtinglon In 
■■Twfitt Aie and Crown' (ISTO). fiandali 
In -Kanilaira Thnmb' (1H71). H'i*»iain In 
Bicbardi' ■ CnmwaU ' aula), and OM NMi- 
Hni in ' Old London' (1BT9). In lBTl-$. Kt 
the tialety, he played Jfr. />aiia In 'The 
UBiry.WlTeiDtWInilHir;' and InlGTStnnred 

tn eiiB Enpli^ proTlncei aa Mi 

For occMooal critlclimi on hi 
■DOM, »• DattonCoak'i ' Nighti a 

Belforest. Husband of Lisiduttia In 
TofasEUK'B ' AlUei«f> Tragedy ' (j.e.). 

Belfoiir, HaffD John. Clenfyman, 
bom lao^ ordained IfiZG, died 13£7 ; pqb- 

Dorict," two flie-act tnRediea, entitled re- 
■|iectl_Tel»'TbaVaniplrB'(lMl)and' Monte 

Belgravla. A ehaiactH' In Pluich£'b 

'New Haymiuket Spring Meeting ' (g.e.). 

BelisvB mm yoa A comedy by 
PiiiLir Mabsihorr [7.11.), Ilcenud in Mar, 
leai. and entered at SUtlonen' Uallln 
Septemlwr, ie6:i, and June. IWA, Thia wai 
one oF the playa deatroyed b; Warburtan'e 

'11^8 PI 


^ I oli ' 

An nITflcted lady " tn 

Kle(» of in'l» DniU in Vi-vnKVOH'H 'Pro. 
noked Wife ' (7 t,.\ (4) DauBhler of Mr. 
£iav4fi>rd In Mimriiy B ' All in the Wrong.' 
(S) Tbo heroine of T. Hook's 'Soldier's 
Betuni ' (g.v.;. (S) The heroine of J. Oxsx- 

Fonr's ■Bapoof theLock'tT.^). C7) The 
hprulneofw S.Oii.iiEitfa'Kagaged'jq.e.). 
(8) 1'he "ilaiey" in Byron's 'Uur Boya' 

BelUartna. (1) A tragedy by W. 
PH]LII^(g,Ii.k founded on hiitory, and flnt 
performed at Lincoln'* Inn Field* on April U, 
17M. with Boheme as the hero, Mn. BnXt 
aa Jltflfrd, M». Parksr ai FtUtria. Byan ai 
Jaiiinian, Qnln aa Btrmoaaut, etc (8) A 
tiageily nierlbvd Co J. P. Kembli (g.v.], per- 
formed at Hall lnlT73atidatYDrSliil7T9. 
(3) A tragedy by H. Dowmtm, M.D., par- 
fonned at Eioter, and printed In ITBfl and 
17!>2, (4)AKen8tfomaptByo(thlanania 
ttppeanHl in 'The Oracle^ In October 17. 
1/US. (8) A trageily. in fl>o acta and In 
by Mm. FjlUI 

VtVy Bta Is the heroine n( l! . ... 

"— Nelly- (a.B.). (31 Baron JjiUy and 

•■ ScU are iharactera In F. C. 

Lord Lorel and Lady Nancy 


Bell,ATohlbald. Sherlff-depnteof Ayr- 
ablre, Imm liM. died IBM ; published In lUt 
two tragadlos in Terse, entitled ' Count Clar- 
mont ' and ' Caloa Toianlui.' 

Ball, Ura. Hugh. DramaUo writer; 
author of ' A Chance Inteniew ' (1989). ■ A 
Lost Tbread ' (IHBO), "Time is Money ' (IS80), 
'A Joint Huiuehold' (1861). 'Nicholaon^ 
Niece' (1S8!), Tha Maiterpleea' (laSS), 
■ Jeiry-Bntlder Solneu' (1)1113), 'In a Tale- 
oraph Offlca' (IBM). 'The Great Bln^on' 
(ISM), ' The Bicycle ' (1898) ; also, eo^antbor. 
with C M. E. BruokHelit, ol 'An Uader- 
Rinnnd Joamey' (issa); and trauUlor of 

Bell, Mtmiie. Actren and dramatla 
wriUr ; was In tha original casta o 
' Estranged ' (1B81), 'Bad Boy*'(19SS), 'The 
Other Little Lord Fondleboy- (1SS7). etc, 
as well ai In tliose of the following plaos*, 
adapted by benielf— ' la Madame at Homef' 
(18S7), -The Da»otte' (1880), and 't«dy 
Urownc'a Uiaiy ' (ISSd). 

Bell, Poter. See Petik Bbll thk 

(1812], 'Mothers and Danghten ' a943), and 
'Temper' (IS4;) (j.b.): and two other dr^ 
uatlc pieces— ■ Doable Disguisea' aod 
' Comic Lectures \ ' and editor o( a rolomo 
of ' Songs from tbe Dmnmtlsta.' 

Bell In Campo. A tragedy tn twv 
parts, by M*BG*HET, Duchess or NBW- 
CASii.R(a.r,):nB»et acted, but prinlad with 
her other works In lOQZ. 

is a young Rarernoia, 




Bella's Birthday. A farce by C. H. 
Stepuknson ; Princess's Theatre, London, 
Janoary 9, 187S.—' Bella's Intended:' a 
comedietta by Edward Rose ; Alexandra 
Theatre, Liverpool, October 15, 1883. 

Belladonna; or«TlieIiittleBeanty 
and the Ghreat Beast. An opera in 
three acts, mosic by Alfred Collier, libretto 
by ALFERD Thompson, first performed at 
Ptince's Theatre, Manchester, on April 27, 
1878, with a cast including Mdme. Selina Do- 
laro, Federid, F. Marshall, A. Roberts, etc. 

Bellafirontf in Dekkbr's 'Honest 
'Whore' (q.v.), is, says UazUtt, *' a most in- 
teresting character. It is an extreme, and 
I am afraid, almost an ideal case. She gives 
the play its title, tarns out a true penitent, 
that is. a practical one, and is the model ox 
an exemplary wife." 

Bellair, in Ethxregb's *Man of Mode' 
iq.v.)t was probably intended by the author 
as a piece of self-portraitnre. Bellair is the 
name also of characters in (2) Mrs. Cent- 
litre's *LoYe at a Venture' (q,v.) and (8) 
Mrs. Cowley's * More Ways than One' (q.v.), 

Bellamente. Husband of Clariana tn 
Shirley's * Love's Cruelty ' (q,v.). 

Bellamine, in Smythe's ' Rival Modes ' 
iq.v.)t is in love with Melista iq.v.). 

Bellanilra her Dream: or, The 
Iiove of Shadows. A tragl-comedy in 
two parts, by Thomas Killiorbw (?.«.), 
printed with the rest of his works in 1664. 
(2) * Bellamira ; or. The Mistress : ' a 
comedy by Sir Charles SbdleyCo.v.), acted 
«'by their Msjesties' servants "at the llieatre 
Royal in 1687. The scene is laid in London, 
but the characters and plot are adapted 
from the * Eunuch ' of Terence. * * The parts 
of Lional, Eustaeet PiMuU, and Suenee 
correspond to those of Chcerea, Chremes, 
Boms, and Dorias. Dangerfieldtaxdi Smoothly 
are Thraso and Gnatho. Fluedria is tumea 
into KeemoeU^ a comic character. In the 
port of iTuiis, as Bellamira^ the author . . . 
seems to have had his eye on the I>uches8 
of Cleveland." *'He represents her as an 
imperious mistress, who governs and Jilts 
her keeper " (Oenest). Menyman is largely 
identical vrira Parmeno, and, as a very fat 
man, is contrasted with Cunningham^ wno is 
very thin. (3) ' Bellamira ; or, The Fall of 
Tunis : ' a tngedy by Shiel, first performed 
atCovent Garden on April 22, 1818, with Miss 
O'Neill as the heroine, C. Kemble as Man- 
/fdi, Macreadv as Amurath, Young as 
Montalto, and Terry as Salerno ; first played 
at New York in the same year, with George 
Bartley as Montalto and Mrs. G. Bartley as 
JBeUamira. Bellamira is the daughter of 
Montalto (governor of Tunis) and the wife of 
Manfrtdi (a Neapolitan nobleman). She 
falls into the hands of ^fnitratA, a renegade, 
who has superseded Montalto : but is saved 
by Timis being captured by the Spaniards. 

Bellamonde; or, The Kind's 
Avengrer. A drama in a prologue and 
three acts, by Edward Towers iq.v.) ; Pa- 
vilion Theatre, London, November 15, 1879. 

Bellamy, Daniel. Miscellaneous writer, 
bom 1687 ; author of * Love Triumphant : a 
Pastoral Drama for Schools,' and some other 
dramatic pieces for young people, pubUshed 
in The Young LadyU Mueellany (178SX Hs 
vras also associated with his son, Danikl 
Bellamy, clergyman (died 1788), in the com- 
position of some similar pieces included in 
' Miscellanies in Prose and Verse ' (1730-40). 
See the ' Biograpbia Dramatica ' (1812X 

Bellamy. Oeor^e Anne. Actreai, 
bom (according to her own statement) on 
April 23, 1733 ^According to Chetwood, in 
1727) ; christened " George Anne" by mistake 
for * * Georgiana : " daughter of Lord Tyrawley 
and a quakeress named Seal, who married 
a Captain Bellamy just before "Cieurge 
Anne s " birth. Through her father, ** George 
Anne," in her vouth, made the acquaintance 
of some notable people, such as Fox, Chester* 
field. Pope, and Garrick. She appears to have 
had some success in private theatricals 
before, in 1742, she appeared at Covent 
Garden as Prue in * Love for Love * (q.v,). 
She was engaged at that theatre for the 
season of 1744-5, during which she figured 

It was at this time that she undertook her 
first original part— that of Blanch in * Papal 
Tyranny ' (1745). Between 1745 and 1748 she 
was at the Aungier Street Theatre, Dublin. 
In 1748-50 she was at Ovent Garden ; in 
1750-53 at Dmry Lane ; and in 1753-59 at 
Covent Garden again. She visited Dublin 
(Smock Alley) in 1760-61. and Edinburgh in 
1764. At Covent Garden she figurM in 
1761-62, and between 1764 and 1770. She 
died in Febmary, 1788. Among the cha- 
racters she " created "—and they were not 
verv numerous— were Volumnia in Thom- 
son s ' Coriolanus ' (1740), Erixenein Young's 
•Brothers' (1753), Virginia in Moncrieffs 
* Appius ' (1755). and the heroine in * Cleone ' 
(1758). Her Shakespearean parts included 
Juliet [which she played, with Garrick as 
BomeOf at Covent Garden in 1750, against 
Barry and Mrs. Nosslter at the rival estab- 
lishment], Cordelia, Deedemonaj Lady Mac- 
beth. Portia in * Julius Ca!8ar,'and UabeUa 
in ' Measure for Measure ; ' among her other 
r6le9 mav be mentioned Marcia in ' Cato,' 
Leonora in ' The Revenge,' Almeria in * The 
Mouminff Bride,' Andromache^ and Calieta, 
For further details, see Genest's * English 
Stage ' (1832). •• We can say of Mrs. Bellamy," 
observes C. Dibdin, *' that she was natunU, 
easy, chaste, and impressive ; that as far 
as person, features, voice, and conception 
went, none of whico were by any means of 
an inferior description, she highly pleased 
and never offended." ** In the latter part of 
her life she went off greatly in her acting, 
and consequently could not get an engage- 
ment; but her dfstrens arose chiefly from 
her extravagance." In 1785 appeared *An 
Apology for the Life of George Anne 
Bellamy,' compiled, apparently, by Alex- 
ander Bicknell, who ''ingeniously worked 
up his materials into five small volumes, to 


tha umB vnir appBireil 'Memuinof Gatirgs 
Anna BeUus;, by ■ Geotlenirui of Cu'ent 
Girden ThMtn.' Bw tSso Hltclienck'l 
■triah SUn'(17S8-M), JaekHn'i 'Ri»Ctlib 
Btua ' (ITSs), Chetwood'i 'G«n>l IIIituiT 
of tbe SUffe' intW. Tuta wnkiiuon^ 
• MomoirB ' (1790) and ' Vf anrterlnp Patentw ' 
070E). and U'Keate's • atcoOeciiana' (IStS). 


wo WoddinK 
:h >'. Ramer) 
US), ' AprU Sbuwais ' <ia)tt>). 

Ballamr. ThomAa. Dramatic a 
raised iBTHMoa wriWr bora 17*5, ■HkI 1S( 
jiiitliur of 11 play calleil 'The Friends; 
The Den^'alent flanlen' (I7S9). See I 
■ Biographia Dramatlca ■ (I8ie>. 

BellamT, William Hoara. Ach 
hdroatCorlE, isoa: died In America, IW 
mads his F.ngUih <UiHl ai Sir Siaim Bo- 
•Mt la - John Ball.' sad hiii Amerlcfin <UI 
- " ir Yori, In 1837) as Captain Capp 

• • oland aowTltwii 1) 

Mtioiu ' old man. 
nsibta actor" CM 

Ballario, lnBEi<i)io:<TaDd FletCbE&'S 

■ Philviter ' <7.c), in the name auumed br 
Kvahriiaia {{I.E.). when she (liHuuiBes h»t' 
«ira«Hpfl(,o. (2) ArhalMWrTuVJCTCiR'S 

■ Altacolni' (j.r.). In lovo with the horgliiB. 

BellasU, LadT. Ths nidaw in 'Sir 
Ri^er lie COY^rley '(7.O.). 

Bellaaton, I^dy. A chanctar lu R. 
Jli'ciiA.VA.v'a 'SDphi*'(5.r.). 

Bollavolr. A chnnicl«r In 'The Piin- 
rusMi in tho To>iBr ' {i.D.X 

BoUo Affaire (La). See Litckt Hit. 

Bella Alliaace(tB). A mniivmimebr 
(I. A.SiLl(<;.i>.), producedatCaventGarileu 

Belie and the Boor (The). A play by 

T.J. WILLI. «9(7.r.). 

BeUe BeUe. Dantbter of Count Cotly- 
iDuUciIln U. J.BvitOK'a-IddyltalleB^e' 

Belle Clariiae (I>a). A drama in a 
prologue and tour acts, perlonn^d at the 

Belle H^line (La). A cnmic opera, 
lil-retW by MeHlmr und HaHvy, miii.rc by 
OReiibach (Parli, 1!M). of which there haie 
N*n «(eral Kntli-h vrRims: (1) bj 
Ciultl.ES Laxd KL.-i.\£T, ptvdaced at tbo 

n October ii. li 

DalstT, LonduM, u,. ui. 

Ulu inlia Matliewa iiv ._ 

TremaineasOrula, J. D. Staylsaa I'alrluu, 
Maelsui an Againxnuim, 8au(ar a* Mtmia at, 
and V. Wood a« Attiiittt ; (2) by F. C. 
BUKNAND. braogbt DDt nt Uie Albarabn. 
London, on Anp»t IB, ISTS.— A lenion wa* 
pl«yed III New York in Slay, 11 

with a cut Inclndinc Ml8« Kat^erlne 

Bogcr», F. n. Warde, and John McCulloogh. 

A n-tlHd lersion. entitled 'Fin MacCiHd,' 

was parformod at BoHten, P.S.A.. in Feb- 

mmry. ie87. with the author a« /Vn. MlM 

L. Tbomcltke a< Duril, and U. J. LethCdDrt 

u Philip Btidh. 

Bella Ii.H. (The). See Bf.llb IlftUiNBi 

Belle Lurette. Se« Lvkhttg. 

BallB Uaman. See Giir Wipow, A ; 

and Plll(.'El£S« PAD* GOV. 

Belle Karmande (LaJ. A "motlcal 

the (ilobe Theatre, London, on Janu 
lifiit, withF.II.Celliai.irmand.H Paul 
■■ Hpinanl, A. MaltbT aa Farmu^, I 
neaui Cook as Bali/o[, Sllaa K. Munrn 
KnlaMiiii. MlH Kate Leo u Titint. 1 
M. Darin u Uadamt Pondletanry, etc 
BelleafNew7ork(Ttae). Amns 

ItankiB aa Fifi FriaC r 

an Corn Aagitigtu, Miu P. Rdwtnlea am 
i/amJ. Hiu e: Snyder tt U • ■ - 

IdiaiMt Broamn. H. I 

ir u Xarjorif, Den 

re»l»«l at the AUelphl Theatre, I^ondon, 

Belle of the BarleT-Kow (The) ; 
or, The Wooer, the Waitrene, and 
the WlUlan. A bnrlesnue by H. T. 
ABDEs lav.). Orst perfonned at Cramoma, 
I.nndon, Septetnber S3, IWT, with W, Corri! 
MhM Corri. Uias C. Parkon, and T. U. 
Friend In the caat. 

Belle of the Hotel (The). 


:h Mini FitiwiltJHir 

re<1 St N'Iblo 

inatlne Afiu 
I ,vi™ orupu.., miu di-iilK >»ned flkatcha* 
If character (Scotch, Irlah. Vunktie, Froucb. 
in.l Ilalian). 

BeUe of the Season (The). A pla* 
l.y SUTIi-i). Hehon (U.II.), perfonnoir in 
New Voik in iBSi, with Uw anUwt b> 


Fturnice Upptrlon, tqppoTied hj Mn, li 
<)»n, ^Ils. f. W«l™l, A. H. D8»onpo 
\V. UsTldgc, C. WalcoC, Jnn.. etc. 

Belle Bum (La). A dranu in fo 

....... jj BEU3CO. Bnil fll 

.acts. Bilipteil by David BEU3 
pciHliiceil lb W^lBck'i TbiHtre, 

on Aprtl 
i Indian 

on Febnurr H^ ITW, with ITriiuxtiton u 
Sir Gtvni Tavckvaed, Lewti u DoriamTl, 
Quick u Xr. Htnlu. Leg Laire* w FlulUr. 
Edwin u tlia kactFonav. WewiUer u tha 
Fimdi nmnt, Mri. Sartlev am Ladu 
TfueKwoai, Mn. Mattocks aa Mri. RaekM, 
and Miu Ttmnga aa LiUUa Haria. It *Di 
fVTlnd at DnuT Lana In March, 1790, with 
Kambla u DerieeurU Baddelej u Hanly, 
B. Palmar ■• CntataU, Barnilatar, Jun., m 
Pbittrr- Mra. Kambla ai Lady Touchicoed, 
Ui» Papa aa Mri. RaCkta. acd Mn. Jordan 

UOB, witli UnndeD u Han's, I'nrliiT u 
Gnirlall, Jonai m FlaUer. Mn. Mattdcki 
■■ iln. JtaOttt, and Mn. H. Johnston aa 
£eM^' at Oj'dnt Gudao In September. 

L Aidcfl. and Ulii Bnuton u i^- 
. at l>nirT Lana In Jannarr, 1B18. wltb 
Dowton ai Hardy, Harlej ai J^ui 


■rr. Mn 

■ Mn. BaeJteU tad Mba Smllhioi 

aa LelUia; at Dnttj 'Imim In 

Willack. Ula Foota u tttiha, Browna aa 
nHtMr, Panla* ai SrOtorat; at the Lrccnm 
1> 1838. vlUi AreiD u fHUUr ; at the City 
o( London Theatia In 184«; at Sadlar'a 
Walla Thaatn in Annat, lg4S, with Mlu 
nupatrtok ai Lalilia, O. Baniwtt aa Sir 
Q iBrpr. H. Uaiaton aa OorlaHtrt, and Mi 

MmajtaairOiiorgi.^ , 

r. Matthewa aa Mr. Uardy. W. Ucy aa 
WtalUT, lira. F. Hattbem aa Mn. SaekiU, 
Jflaa Harbert aa LtUtia, Mlu C Addiaon 
ai Lady Toudntoiii, and Ktlaa B. Baftnn aa 
jriii oAr : at tha Stnnd Thaatra in lSTS-4, 
wtthW.Tanliiai i>>ricstiK.C. H. Stephen. 
Hinaairar^, H.Coi aa nuCftr. Miu Ada 
flmaBboioBsh aa Lttitia, and Miu Nellr 
BcomlT aa Ladv Timthwood ; at tha 
breMiBi Theatre In June. 1870. wltli H. 
Inlng aa tXurieourl. E. H. llrooke ai FlvlUr, 
W. Benllat an SacilU. B. C. Carton aa 
Vam, Ubn label Batenun aa LtlUia 
BMtdv, Hlaa L. Bnckalona as lAtdy TvhA' 
MMd, and Hlaa V. Bateman ai Mn. RackM; 
•t tba Lycenm ^eatre, London, on Apru 
10, 1881, with H. iTTtna aa Dorianitl, H. 
Bowa aa Bardy. W. Tnrin aa Ftulter, A. W. 
Pinaio aa SatiOt, A. EluooA at VilUrt. 
Hlaa Sophie Youdb aa Mn. Iliulrll. Mln 
Harnett aa Lady Tovehmod.tnii Mlaa Ellen 
tairj aa LtliUa Sanli/. Ibt eomodf waa 

Majwood Bi Lriiria; aC the Fifth Avenue 
Theatre. New Vork. In 1372: at Dalv'a 
Theatre. Now York, in 1898. with Miaa Ad* 

J. Lewis a> Old Hardy, and Mlu A. Prince 
a* Mn. RacHrll. 
Bellenden. TSaiar, Lady UarEni' 

--• — ■' Edith, flpire '- " ■■" 

' Bntllp uf BothttsI! Brljig ' (^.p.; 

Bellendon. A pUv, acted at the Roae 
Lonl Admlrai'a men" ('lliagiaphlaUrama'- 
Bellera, Fetti place. MiwellBncaua 
a trsKedy (1731;, and other works. 

Bellea of the Kitchen (The). A 
tarce performed at Niblua Theatre. New 
York. In Jaiiuaiy, 187*. with the Vokea 
family in Che principal pnrU ; pcrfnmied at 
tha Adelphi 'nieatre, Lundun. In Itils. 
BeUeB without Beaux ; or, Ladies 




Kelly na if", JloiftiMyiiiri. 

Balleterre, Maj-qnlade. The 
nobleman" in C. SRLiiv's drama i 
naiDe(j.T.). HI) daughter la named HorfEi 

BeUeur.inBEAKMONTand Flktchf.i 
'WlldgDoaa Chuae' (q.v.), U in love wi 

iolterino, AoIlTalia, as £rifinlDii Jliocltaf 
n ■ Turn lllm Out ■ (o.b ), Ilia Brat appear- 
__. ----- ---Hjh.tflge waiat llrlghion. 

""■ -' — ^" playeu /,ord 
' Ol-t-i^ hi* 

London dflntt took place at _, .. 

in December, tS7fi. aa Parit In 'Romeuauu 
Jnllet' (a.i,). Ifis flrat orlElnal part waa 
that of lord Firty In T. liyloi^a ■ Anna 
Boleyn ' (1870) ; he waa also In the Orst caaC 
of Rae'a ' Blrdi in tlielrLltUaNeataaerBe- 
flSTG). Bahaa since"crBat«l"thB(cdlDW- 
Ing parte:— ScJniiniAp In 'EnjnBcd' (1877). 
J"frcv Direrrl In ' light and Shade ' (ISJB), 
Ifanitjoln'ThaLorcfor the Manor ' (1880), 
Lw Chiltiml-am In -MInil' (1881), Bayliacl 
dt Carria In 'Moths' (IBSaj. aumphrry 
Goddard In 'BTBaking a Bntterfly' nggl), 
GiOrrt Fatifflum in -Called Back' (1881). 
Jaoput Romy in ■Civil War ' <18S7>, /"nfro 
In 'Loyal Love' (1887), /bonder In 'Hera 
and Leander ' (1£»], and Philip CarringlBa 
in ■ The Lights of Uotoe ' (1802). lie baa 
alao appeared In London aa Oirle in 'llanilef 
<lB78),CIarfibi-ThalAdTDl Lyona ' (1B7B}, 
Di BrHnghfit In ' RlcbeUmi ' 0878), GOiii 
In ' The Beans' Stratagem ' 087B). Frederidt 


e £nElish_p 

1 Yotli In 



le acured u Captain Duke in LloTd': 
\„\J. Il»u(!lit«' Co.r.X In 18»6 hi 
v fn - Ths Qaeen'a Sttklmta 
(!.D.)i.nd' Charlotte Cordar ' (j.v.X He wu 
wen In London In 13BT In ' Fnncillna' and 
'Cliatlotte Gorday.' and In 1899 in "Tht 
Ghetto.' ^ He Is the anthnr of Jwn dramatic 

LcHnder' (a.c.l, th 

BeUrn&rd, £.OTd. A duracki In 
Chowhe's ■ Sir ConrUy Nice' (I-d.}. 

Selling th« C&t. A comedietta br 
" -~t Secher. St. Qsorge'i Hall, Lon- 

' Er e, tsse. 

I. The iHlaln 

BellinBlUun (Henry) nnd WlUlam 
Beit. Authon oF the follow In e draniatic 

(USfi). 'PrinceH PHmruse 
and Jnan' (18S4), 'My Lo° 
■"-■ Gandy (1567X 'Hodd 

^^The^Llpht— _- 

, ra Conn»i'*(189sV'i 

I see.— U. BetLiNOHaH la the eoia 
n- of ■ niueheard Re-palred ' OMA). and 

Belliza. The"AmoTonsBi|;ot"lnSlUl>- 
WELL'S pla; of tbat name Ij-c). 
Ballman of London (The). A play bj 

Captain. A charac 
■E's 'Beau'i Duel' (3.0.: 

Bellmont, 8I1 WlUiun and deoTre 
Falherand«inlBA.MuBPHI"fl 'AUiEThi 

Bellmotir. A cbaracter in Mn. Pix'i 
■AdTontureiinUadrld'to.ij.). There la (2 
a Lord Deltmoitr in Toh'b ■ Acconipllaher 
Maid ' (q.c), and (3) a Widow BcU.bout ii 
Muurur'e ' Way to keep him ' (j.c). 

Bellawe, Henry Whitney, D.D, 

w. H. Abel, tfut 

Bell-Klnrer of Notre Dame <The). 

'" ' -'- ' '___ 'i.'^L* 

li"n*don TliMt' " ""'" 

or, The Huntaiaaii 1 
inBiodrama by TllOMl'sr 

1339. «lth CatUcart aa tl 

Bella (Xlo). A dia 

adapted by Lrofold Lewis (g.n.) tram 
Erckmann-Chatrian-a 'Le JuU Tolonala,' 
and flnt performed at the I^ceum Theatre, 
London, on Noiembar !S, 1B71, with H. 
Irrinit aa MalMai, E. W. Iriib ai Jfaiu, 
U. Crellln IMtandlai] ai Chriitian, Oastnu 
Momy aa the Jvagt, A. 'nippini ai the 
McnictUt, MiM O. Paunoefortai (&£*mM, 

and a, Johniooae ffaw; in Jnlj, isai,wlth 
W. Terriu as CKriUlan and MlM Winifred 
Emery u AanitU; in May, 1885, with O. 
Alexander as ChritHan ; In April, 1887 : 
in June, iSSBi and In SeptemlMT. 18M. 
12) 'The Balls: or. The Polish Jaw;' a 
drama ad^ted by O. F. RowE and C. W. 
BiRRT from -Le Jul! Folonais,' and per. 
formed at Booth's Theatre, New York, 
AufTuit 19, 187a, with J. vi. Wallaik aa 
Malkiai, R. Pateman aa Sr. Frani, and 
MlsalleilaPatemuiag jrarmtreC. (3) "The 
Bells of the Sledge : ' a drama in a prolo^e 
d three acta, adapted b* Horace AllbN 
im 'Le Jnif Polonala,' Tlieatre RaraL 

'-■■ ' -iblte, December Hi,I88I. (4> 

lU-eaqned and the Polish Jev 
or, Hathiai. the Mumn. " 

Leigh, Lanfublte, December M, I88I. M> 
■ Ti..b.ii. n.ii J ,^ thePoIi-"- '-— 

- .. - liaa. tl " - 

Mystery, the )^id«i, and tl 

M PauL ZEasES 

, February H, 187*. 
Bells of Eaelemere (Tlie). A drama 
In tour acts, by H. Pbttitt (at.) and S. 
Theatre, Lonifon, on JuIt SS, 1B87, with W. 
Terriss as Frank BtrrsfaTd. Mlai MiUwird 
as h'vftyn Bro/AfieUt, and other narU by J. 
D. Bereridge. C. Cattwriirhl, J. BsBochamp, 
J. H. Darafey, Howard feosaell, K. *! 
Garden, Miss Annie Irish, Mlsa C. Jacks, 

Belmont. (1) Si 

.. -..,.-j-, dtarta. and 

. . characters in Moork'a 

Cs.ii.). (21 Captain Bdmmt 

•Foundlini' (s.n.). (21 Cavlaiii Beiim 
Ogares in PoOLES 'Matchmi&ing'(;.ii.i. 

Belmore,AlIceandI.iIlie. Actresses: 
daunhters u( (ieorge Belmore {q.vX Alici 
JtELHOHE has played in London the fol- 
lowlTiB uridinal parti:— Lij in 'Hoodman 
Blind' (ISSi), A'coM in •CIIto'(1888X «'». 
/Vsj™ in 'The Golden Ladder' (1B8T), 

! Belmorb 

iple> Idol' (18901 
created " the f , 

■ISSO), e 

Iddder' (1887), i 

Vin '■ 


), ihddu in 'The Go 
.. Mv^ tfilk in "The PBDple'a 
Idnl' (181W). SoroA Stonim in 'Tommy- 
y.'^V- H.'^"™}-'^ 'Z^^^ Buonaparte ' (1881), 
lldlU. Flora in ' The Acrobat' (18011 Jantt 
in -Tha Beckoning' (1881), Itotaiit tn 
■Trooper CUntte' (18as>, anU Ada Smith 

in "The Shop Old' (laot). Sho placed 
Audrry Id ' A. Ian Uko It ' at Uifl Vriaco 
ot Wd«'B Iheatre, London, in Fvbmiiry, 

Belmoie, Oeoree tGeores Benjamin 
tJantin;. Actor, Tied In New ^ork. 
NuvembM 16, ISTi ; ippeanHl at the Marylo- 
bone Tbeatre. London, in December. IH6a, 

lug ma/ be named -.—Sifiihru Barffrcam ii 
■Cheltnun'B "Aurofa Floyd' {1»IW>, Jaat 
Vaau in 'The Deal UoBtman ' (1S>»), ChriiU 
filer CUppfrln "Tha Alabama' {lB6i), .Va 
Gadina K ■The F" - " ' 



dt RothmaU in ' The Willow Copse ' (If"- 
Bemy In 'Paul Lafarge' ^IS7o), Kiihltl 

1 Alberj;« 

-- . ,. (It ,. 

in Usees'* 'Ondlne' (ISTO). Andi 
ttnng In 'Dain Farm' (ISTl), Fridoli 

■oi«Ue' nan). "— --"- '- ■'■- 

'Pickwick' QSI.,. ._ 

'Cbarlei L' 0^^)i ■^'' A'evnan Soggi In 
HaUidaj'a 'Nlcbolu NIckleb;'(>S7M. He 
wai alio in the original cant of 'Ruth 
Oakley'aMT), 'An April Kool'yaw), "Tho 
O'Flsberlri' OSU), 'A Day Hi Reckoning' 
n««), 'Tom Tbnwber' (JbBS), and Tajlur'i 
'HandiomH !■ ai Uuidinma doea' (ISiOl. 
Olber raitt plaved Iit him »ere Bolt Lmit 
in ' Mary Wamer ' (18701, Sj/lrin*! In ' Fan- 
thette ' (lS7t), ZiUd In ' The Belr at Law 
(1W3), i>ict«rro(l«r in 'Janet Prid8'(l87<), 
and Spally in ' Tbe Lnncaablre Iah ililli). 
b> MM he mairied Miu Alice Cooke. 

BelmooT. A word occurring frequently 
1b dnioaUa nomenclature. For eiample, 
than ia a B^mmr in Bowe'b ' Jane Shore ' 
(f.s,), InCOKaRSTE'S'Old Bachelor' ta.s.), 
tBWaiTEHKlD'B 'School for Lonn' ii-T,), 
MdlDWALMtors'ITadigal'ti.v.). llisre 
'U ha JealoiuT' (a.t.), whllu Cimilan« 

Touch o'f NalSre'{?.°,).° "^^^^ * 
Balon, Petef (nVca ie7G-M). Author 

o( a comerly called - The Mock Daelliiit ; or, 

The French Valet ' l7-f.)- 
BttlpheKOi- -* cbaiHCter la DIbdin's 

BelclLeKOTi or. The MiutIbkb of 
tho Devil. A tragic comedy by Jons 
Wiuon, llceued in October, 16D(i, ai'led 
at DonetOudcD, and printed in imi. Tha 
deril*, flndlnK Uiat themen whoco to hell 
■■Beiallj comptain QM It waa their »l)ei 


. ^t Dmry I*ne .... 

Willi H4nniitflrasB(JpA«(w(ade>il), Vcrat _ 
4> Huoa (a woodcalter;, Un. Wtiihtao u 

Dami Sin (bla wife), Moody u nrmer 
WhialrOT, and Panoni as Juttiet Solemn. 
" ttooiethfitetifBflpbfffortf ' '' 

Belpheror. the Koantabanli. The 

hero of aereru £nellih dtamaa. adapted 
Iiom the ' Paiiliaae 'of MM. Dennerr and 
Marc Foamier (prodncsd at tha Oalt^, Parii, 
on Norernbat 9,1860, with FndBricLemalCrD 
Bi the hero). (1) ' BelpheiDr the Hoante- 
bank : or, Tbs Pride of ifiith ; ' ■ iria* In 
tbree acta bronchi oat at the Addphl 
Theatre, London, on Janoan la, 1S61, With 
B. Wohater ai Cba boRi, Hdm*. Celeate u 
Madeliiu, Mlge Woolaar ai Niiii, Uln Ellen 
Cbaplin aa Umri, " O." Smith ai Di RaUae, 
p. I^nltord aa MmtFouladt. WrUfal u Aiot. 
and H. Hugbes u JToitCteien. (2) ■Bel- 
pbegor, tbe lUnenpl : ' a drama u lonr 
acta, adapted by J. C0DBTHE1 {ij.v.), ud 
Unt perforined at tha Borrey Tbeatn, Lon- 
don, on Januaiv tO, 1851, with Creririck aa 
Btlrhrgcr, H.Widdicotnb as VieomttUmvU, 
Mlu Cooper ai Madelini, Miu Uudleberi 
aa Hrnri. and other parte by T. Mead IDe 
Bollac). and the Mlu« J. and H. Corenoy. 
<3) 'Belphegar, the BuSoon:' a play ia 
three acti. by TbouaS QloaiE and T, 
Uailes Lacy, flnt perloimed at the Victoria 
Theatre, LondoD, on Jannarf iT, 1^1, with J. 
T. Johnum as Beiphraar, Mlu Amelia Mercer 
as Mad'tine, J. Bradehaw ai iranmnnu, and 
T. Hilgia lU Friptn. (4) Conteiaporaoeona 
with tliRie three vend onB wan alounta, per- 
formed at the City of London Theatre on 
Jannary 20, 1891, with B. F. Savile as tha 
hero, W. Searia as tbe I>uti, and Frederick! 
Bii>iftDUae. (B) In April, 19fi«, an adapts 
tton in three acts, by CHiitLEi WsBB, »a» 
prodnced at Sadler'i U'ella Theatre, nnder 
the title of 'Belphegor, the MooatetMnk, 
or Woman's Coiutaucy,' and ¥tith Charles 
Dillon ai Bilplumr and Mn. DlUnn as 
mulrliiui. TJSa play waa remoted In Sep. 
tember to the I^ceom Tlieatre, with the 
Dlllonalntbeli original parte, Miss Barriat 
Gordon ai ZrvAynna i'lIiCnu, Miu Marie 
Wilton as //<iiri, J. L. Toole as tlilanon 
Fanfaronadt, J. Q. Sbnre ag Vitcount Iltr- 
eiiU. P. Stuart as LanreiinH (&e Hollar:), 
and Barrett aa tha Dvko do Umllaion. 
"" ' piece was revived at Drury Ijme in 

I. with Dillon in his original part ai 
- •■'-■"- - ■•-•dint. (8) An aJL,. 


as MadcUnt. (6) Xn aiiiip^ 

uLtiuii u, ...RARLKS ^'ECUTES and JOHK 

BBaoaHui, entitled "Tba Mountebank,' 
was produced at the Ljcenm on April 17, 
]36i, with Feebler an BolplifsoT. Mdlle. Bca- 
Irico as UadcHar. Paul Fnliler as Ssnri, 
and other_parla by Mlu C. Leclercq, J. 
Ryder, 8. Emeiy, and Widdlcomb. <7JAn 
adaptation by JOHM COLEHiN {g.e.).— The 
Mte ot BtlBheiKr has been played by T. 
Swinboome (Sadler's Wells. t^dOX B. 
NeTlUe (Olympic, 1878], and E. Compton 
(in the EnfilUih proilncea, 1BBe.lI).— Ver- 
sions of 'Bclphrcor' were performed In 
New York in March, iMI-ona at tho 
Broadway Tlieatru, with F. Conwar as the 
tasro. Miss Julia Bennstt as JladiUnt, aDd 


phefEar,' aa mrfanned at the Lj'uum^ yua 
wriitau by leicehteb Bl'ckinqham, uid 
produced iit ths ytnmd Th^atn?, lAniltrn, 
on Scptombei 9), IHSa, with MIu Cntbbtrt 
H JlrbAigoT, H. J. Tumei u iladrlint, ud 
J. CUrks u Ilay. 

Tbohu EUaiusOH; netei scMil, but printed 
in 17ST and 1729, 12) A laired dr»iii» by 
HUINJLH MORE (q-t.t, piintsd ("itb otben) 
in rm. Tha prrmma include Silumi, 
Danitl. conitiDn, utmlnf^rn otc (3) A 
dnnutic pnem hj HexKr Bl&t Mjlhak 
(g-D.), publiahed in 1623. 

Belton, Uary. The bcrnlns ol II. J. 
Btlios's ■ bnclB IJick's Etarling ' (3.1.). 

Belvawney. Friend of Chicwl Hill In's ' EBgBgod' (i-"). 

Belvldera. DiiafrliterorPn'ufdnd nile 

_. ._^... .._ .,. , ^. f^,.y 


lliouison liaB th 

BolTidere. Sds AtUAa, OsonoK. 
B«lTil. Friend of tbe tiero In Land' 
■Mr. H^■(^.^-^ 

In lo-e with K 

uior! and ht.ithet ol 
Brooke's ' BoainA' 

" hot a pli 
mTe'n fai 

Whit In Sm.'siyi CliulM Lnub, 


Bea. Bis. A ehanuter in ' Sweener 

Ben Bolt. Adrnmaln two acts, b.T.T. n. 
JoHNSTDNK (q.v.), Vrr-t pMrformed at the 
finnv; Tlieatre, London, on Marcli £S, ISM, 

cbaracUirs are 

l^tls part, WL 

, Il2T with Knn In 

,... a» Ciarin (MarUtV 

Cooper u Svdn, Mlu Smlthaon an BaMldi 
ancl Mn. W. Wsat aa Smnana. Jiailcl 
Duke ol Aqullalna, has bHn captureil hj 
fim A'aijr, and fnurniirr, his daughter, Is 

Sara«ii. HowoTtV, glie loves anri in brlotBd 
b; Chadtt, who peuetntoa Into Ben Hatit'i 

ilnR a ipy. I* 
itiM lakes pol. 
hltdieir. TTila 
Oh Oibbon'a 

In AuRust, 183». irilh J. P. Coois in "hi 
title part (Bra Buir(iiy>; rerl'ml at DrarJ 
lAne in lasS, with John Duuglau In ths 
tltln p*rt. 

Bendi.ll, Smeat A., bom iMd, be- ia;3,tliitatticalcrlUcDf theLuidoa 
Figara, and In iaT4 won sppolnl«d to a 
■imilar post on ths Londvn QitMrvcr, which 

Htrlmt snbjectii In the IMUv Snei, lh» SI, 
Jaiavtt Gairtlr. anil the Tktaiit magar 

1) Knd Blahardo. 

jianeatn me Buria,oa ; or, 'XIM 
IiOBB of the EuTydtce. A driima In 
four acta, by MilMTlMEfl ML'RDocil, Aral 
porlormeil at tha flreclan Theatre on June 
£, 1873 : revlred at the Maiylebone Thutra, 

Benedlok. A Tonne lord of Padna, (a 
'Miiph A.lo^nbontNothrng-(j^B.), "Whan 



Jobn Kemble played the i^t,', 
lAja Ladj Pofiucl, 'waa iSn 
by a craceful dicnity of dcaneaouiur, 
a .n»rlng bittern^ of manner! 
enilled, he did nut lauih ; bin Jea( 
aatlrc. He win a courtier and a aa 
Alacrcady'i B-riifdiit was a wholly dlBc 

Ufa wa^ a "port to him : tc 
game. He was. frem the crow 
tu the acdeuf hl> foot, all mli 

thmuKh the flnt aeene and Unghed away 

Benedlot, Sir JqIIub. Mnalcal com- 
poner, bom at Stuttgart, ISOi ; died Juna, 
1889 ; came to EnRtand tn 1H3G. mnductnl 
(In ISM) a nerlo of Ilaliaa comic operai at 
tha Lyceum Theatre (nndsr the manscamenl 
of John Mitchell), and, in 1S38, ooadnctad 
a terlea of Eagllah opeiaa at Dmrr l^iM 
(under llnnn). In IsEo he directed Jennr 
LInd'i coDcetta tbrongbont Amerlcs, ana 
iployed aa oFchaetral chief 

lighted bi 1871. Bee . 

muaic of the foUowliig opeKUi (or operettaa) 

tn Knglialx ;-' The Gypay'a Warning ■ naa\ 

• The %ridos of Venice ' nSit\ • Tha Cmn. 
dera'dStO), 'The TJlyof KULamey' aSM), 
and ■ Tlie Bride of Song ' OSHi), all of which 
ace. He ahtn cnntrihnted recitatlrea to tha 

in'ltollan at Uvr U^Jastfa in iSm, 




Benedix, Boderiok. The Germftn 
dnunatist from whose 'Cinderella' T. W. 
Bobertson obtained the idea of his * School ' 

S.vX from whose ' Ein Lustspiel ' R. 
Dchanan and H. Vezin adapted * Bachelors ' 
(a.v. and on whose 'Das LUcen' Q. R. 
Sims and Cecil Baleigh founded 'The Grey 
Mare ' (9. v.). See, also, Cousi n Jack. 

Benefice (The). A comedy attributed 
to Dr. Wild, and printed in 1689. In the 
first act, InvetUion and Furor Poeiicui 
discuss Shakespeare and other writers. 
The other acts set forth how Sir Homily 
obtains, by a stratagem, a benefice from 
Marehurehf the patron. 

Benefit of Hanffinff (The). See 
Smoked Miser, The. 

Benefit of the Donbt (The). A 
comedy in three acts, by A. W. Pin erg. first 
performed at the Comedy Theatre, London, 
on October 10, 1895, with Miss Winifred 
Emery as TheophUa Fraser, Miss Lily Han- 
bury as Olive AUingham, Miss R. Leclercq 
as Mrt, Cloyt, Miss Henrietta Lindley as 
Jfrc. Emptaget Miss Esm^ Beringer as Ju»- 
tina Emptage, Miss Eva Williams as Mrt. 
Quintan Twelve*, Leonard Boyne as John 
AUingham^ J. G. Grahame as Alexander 
Frater, Cyril Maude as Sir Fletcher Port- 
vood, Aubrey Fitzgerald as Claude Emptage, 
and other parts by J. W. Pigott, Stuart 
Champion, J. Byron, and £. Cosham ; per- 
formed at the Lyceum Theatre, New York, 
in January, 1896, with Herbert Kelcey as 
AUingham, Stephen Grattan as Fraur, 
Miss Elita Proctor Otis as Mrt. AUingham^ 
and Miss Lutbel Irving as Mrt. Frcuer. 

Benevolent Cut-throat (The). "A 
play in seven acts, translated from an origi- 
nal German drama, written bv the celebrated 
Klotzboggenhaggen, by Fabius Pictor." A 
burlesque of the German drama, printed in 
•The Meteors 'asoo). 

Benevolent Man (The). A comedy 
by Matnard Chamberlain Walker, 
played at Smock Alley, Dublin, in 1771. 

Benevolent Merchant (The). See 
Bnqush Merchant, The. 

Benevolent Planters (The). See 
Friends, The. 

Bengal Ti^er (The). A farce in one 
act, by C. Dance (9. v.), first performed at the 
Oljrmpic Theatre, London, on December 18, 
1887, with W. Farren as Sir Paul Pagoda 
and Mrs. Orger as Mitt Yellovleaf ; played 
at New Torlc in April, 1838, with liacide as 
Sir Paul; revived at the Adelphi, London, 
in 18.'i9, with Alfred Wigan and hiH wife as 
Sir Paul and YeUmeleaf, and J. L. Toole 
as David ; at the Haymarket in 1863 ; at 
the Princess's in 1870, with the Wigans. 

Benflrousrh. Actor ; mentioned in the 
* ThespULu IMctionary ' (1805) as " a favourite 
at Manchester," ancf as being " reckoned a 
useful actor." After a season at Bath, he 
appeared at Drury Lane in 1816 as Baron 
Wudenheim in 'Loven* Vows/ on which 

occasion Hazlitt wrote of him: **Mr. 
Bengough is an actor who shows consider- 
able Judgment and feeling, and who would 
Iiroduce more effect than he does, if he took 
ess pains to produce it . . . Yet the 
expression of natural pathos is what he 
seems to excel in. He treads the stage 
well." He ** created" the chief partin 
' Melmoth the Wanderer ' (9. v.). 

Bengt>affh. Scenic artist ; " first dis- 
played bis taste and skill" at New York in 
1836, in 'The Maid of Cashmere.' Ireland, 
in his *New York Stage' (1866). speaks of 
him as having "died in New York, in 
poverty, several years ago." 

Benham, Arthur. Dramatic writer, 
died 1896. Author of ' The Awakening ' (1892) 
and * Theory and Practice ' (1893) ; also, co- 
author with £8telle Bumey of ' Toe County ' 

Benicia Boy (The). See B. B. 

Benito. Servant of Aurelian (a.v.), in 
Dryden's * Assignation' (9. v.). ** Benito." 
says Genest, "instead of promoting his 
master's schemes, is a yery Marplot, but with- 
out designing to be so." 

Beni-Zonff-ZouflT. A banditti chief in 
W. Brough's 'Basselas' (g.v.). 

Benjamin Bolus; or, The New- 
castle Apothecary. A " comic tale " 
bv MUNDEN, the comedian (q.v.), performed 
at the Haymarket for his benefit, August 8, 

Bexijamin Franklin. A play by 
John Brougham (g.v.). 

Benjamin, Park. American poet and 
miscellaneous writer, bom 1809 ; author of 

* The Fiscal Agent ' (q.v.). 

Benmoussaf. A character in Dimond's 

* Mthiop' (q.v.). 

Bennet, Philip. Clergyman and poet, 
died about 1752 ; author of a farce called 
*The Beau's Adventures' (1783). See 
' Biographia Dramatica' (1812). 

Bennett} Gheorgre John. Actor and 
dramatic writer, bom at Ripon, 1800 ; died 
1879 ; was the son of an actor, and Joined the 
navy in 1813. Leaving it in 1817, be made 
his stage d^lmt the following year at Lynn, hi 
Norfolk. After some provmcial experience,, 
he made his first London appearance at 
Covent Garden in 1823, as Richard III. ; 
next year he was engaged at the Lyceum,, 
and in 1830 he went to Covent Garden, where 
he plaved under the management of CTharles 
Kemble, Laporte, and Macready. In 1841 he 
went with the last named to Drury Lane, 
where he remaine<l till 1843. From 1844 to 
1802, when he retired from the stage, Ben- 
nett played at Sadler's Wells under Phelps. 
Among his original parts were Conrad in 
i>>gan'8 *Der Freischutz,' Tormagnut in 
'Brian Boroihme,' Jifstlereig in White's 

* James VI.,' Fenton in '.rohn Savile of 
Hasted,' Douglast in ' Feudal Times,' etc. 
His other r6Ut included Henry VI 11., the 


terbu. Sir Tabr Btteh, PHUA, BtHat (' 
Kliu aod Mo Kins'], Batata fpucha., 
oifiUia-], Sir Jolln rtjaal fTba at; 
Mwlun') Hatttr WaUar {< Tbe Huuobbsck '). 
aaOut In PsTH*! ■Bnitu,' etc He iru 
tha uthorof tha lOUaHlBK plan; 'The 
Soldlart OtphKi' <!»••). 'Bailibntlon ■ 
fUSO), and ' JmCIU,' vhlch n«. Ser. also. 
Ueneat'e -KoglUb Blue' (ISSI); tbe Sra 
lot JdIv n, IH70; 'DlnlDnuT of NBtlooal 
Biognph)' ' <lSi») ; uid BEn^ETT, J [I1.U and 

Bennett, JamoB. Actor, died March, 
lB!i5 : moile bin flrM pcareulanat iippBanui>» 
In London at the Lioatua Theatre, un Mnrch 
IS. IIMt, u /ope. Among the parti wblcb 

^- "irnatad " "- ' '■■•— " " 

' ~. Bias 
m In WMti PhlUioB'ji 

SBM). He na leMI at Nlblo'* Tbeotre, 
BW Tort. In ApHl, 1871. a* ffltAnrrf /// 
In the latter part o( hia career ha wax well 
known, in the Engllah proilnoei especially, 
-H an unper«anAtor of the leading rGia m 
tha "legitimate.'' 

Bennett. Joaeph. Kluilcal critic and 
.dramatic wHter; aothor of the hbniUl ot 
■Mouon' (jBsS),'Thor»Hm'(iaKH,-DJanil- 
leh ' (l!tfl2^ ■ Jsanle Daani ' (1804), 

Barmw ; was the urigiDol o( Mutt dr Brllt- 
vrvr Id Planche'a ' Caught In a Trap,' lion 
iMoUa in Itoudcaolt'i 'Sctaool [or Hchem- 
Jng,' Mill Ractit in hli ' Young Ueana and 
Old Ueadi.' etc. Amuneher other parts were 
JbHSb'nd. if rt. Ontfcy In ■ The JeaCaiu WUb," 
CoMlaaae in 'Tbe J^ra Chooe,' v4nne 
Jfranilin In 'Proaented at Court.' Martha 
GObt in -All that UlitCen.' Maditim in 
' BolpheKor.' and Camilla In ijnlllvui'i ' Old 
Lore and the New.' Hhe wa> "leading 
Jadj" at .Mioicboster '- '— " -— ' — '- ' — 
flrat appeanuice in 

Bennett, Kra. Actrsu ; mtde bet 
Molesilonal dfbut in ISSl at the Gaiety 
'Theatre, London, aa I'uifanU In 'The 
HnnevninDn.' anil Jaiirt lln tha halcony 
.t Hadle/a 

•el)' ; the woe then engaged 

ork In ISSl a 

Welle, ■ ' 

to flay "load " at'the Surrar. 

"■•x-ined For all yean, appearing In popalar 

-n melodnuna. AC the fttmod Tbwtrs 

M olin reniwanted AldabfOa in a 

do' <f.E>-), and at the 

e played Louite In a 

,., -Ton-Kron'Cfl.*.! Her 

"oilglaal'' parte inelnde 6ra« Olund in 
•TtM TUlaga Porge' (ISM), -/M" in 'A 
BuramBi^rSrs-OWlX iVoroA In 'The Ple- 
beiam' (ISW). VicforMt I>itdley in 'The 
Gambler^ (18SI). etc 

Bennett, Boaa. . . 
Baooatt fai.>.)i aada bi 

Inclnded the harolnee of ' Like and Unlike, 
or tbeSiiten.' Annyin 'Ifight and Morn- 
ing/ tutj/ Jfi*)I<(os In ■ThoStatePrlBoner,' 
and Ban In ■ Tit for Tat.' 

Banaley, Bobert. Actor : had- had, 
apparsnlly. some eiperience in tbe Englinb 
proTlncea before, on October 1, 17W. be 
made hii^ Hrat (recorded) appearance in Lon- 
don. at Dinry l^ne ThaattH, ax Firm in 
' Vmlce Prawned ' (q.T,). At DmiT IaHO 
two )B»nt, nigratli^ in 
[o Corant (iarden. xoera 

yaan. In ills he wan at 

nd from that daU HU ITH 

about aqnally between 

September, 1767, 
he atayHl lUl i 
I>mry lAne for 
tendeil oiet long 
tb* Baymarkat, i 

he dltlded his t. .. _ 

that hauia and Dmry Lane. Via laib pro- 
lonlonal appeannea mi on Hay U. 17M. 

He had "crBated" tbo following (t 

many) rOlei :—XeTl'- •- ■" ■ ■ 


■Blfrlda' (1772), 'Sitim In 'Edward and 
Sleononi' ?177SS. HaroWin 'Ilie Battle of 
Hastlnga ' (1778). tha Sina In ■ The Jew of 
Lorabardy' 0778). ton( Olmmort in "Hie 
Chapter of AccidenU ' (1780), Ktuful In ■ The 
Natural Sou' (178IX Lionidai In 'The Fate 
of Sparta '(1788), and £ujU» di ~' "' 
in-TbeSurr—'- ■" - 

Surrender of Colaii ' (i: 

, aniloAo«r" 

Id that after ha retlrad 

M(to "TheFoi'lam 

(In -The Silent Womon ■). He » 

■een an Baaguo, VoUty, Brulm. lachima, 
Jaqfiei, Buftiii^UntA ('Klcbaril 111.'), 
ILibcrt CKina John'), Maolu ('Plata 
Dealer'}, ttood^ (' IVHintrv Qlrl';, and 
IliintytiooS ('Qood-Naturcd Man'V It la 

heUered that In oarlv II'- ■- "— 

tenant of marioM. and th 

fromtheilagehawumadi .. _ 

Tha exact datei of bi* birth and hi* death 
hara not been aecertalnod. TbtGetMeana,'! 
Hagaiine places the latter erent in 180(1. 
■• Beniley,' aaia II«v(en, "wae a gentleman 
and n acholar.- "I often met Benaloy.- 
writeaO'Keefe. "and found bim on eieaed- 
Ingly Tell .Informed, leoaiblo man. As an 
actor he was moat correct to hla wordi, and 
onderatuod hisauthor. IliB walk woe the 
svrioos and sentlmanti], and tery well It 
was for any antbor to get him u n new 

Clece." Qeorga Colman writea that " Bena- 
ly, who always maintained an upper raidc 
upon the stage, both in tragedy and comedy, 
waa respectable In all the ebaracten he 
nniierUwk, in spite of a atalk and a star*— 
B sCISneH ot monnar and a nanl twang of 
iT(nl«d his bdng m* 
am." Charlea lamb's 
well known : "Of all 
irished In my tima, 

tery ot berolc concep- 

lulogy of Boisley 

'■ — " irt, of tbt li— - 

Oi^Adr* 'UH of llim. UddODD,- "Th* 

«Wdi* ODRMMtoBW,- Um -DmiiiUc 

Avar' (UOQ, OllliUiid^ -DnnUe 

Imr' asoeX •BMDtdi cil a SMce 

B ■ (1810. aad tb* ' DtetkouT oTKil 

Bbignptaj- (IggSX Sae, sIhw lux) and 

[hDiurr lAiie 
ft^OBtol aetor. 8d»d bj bnlii 

manM Vininn, Sm tlM 'Tb«i[dui Dk- 
tianUT'<I806}ud ■ Blosisphlk Dnnutia ' 

Bflnson. (I) Z«ty uhI ilow Bnum 
Kn 'Ihe vniBgs Cuquettea' bi Dicke;'- 

L baTTistor, it t 

' To oblige 

. ta» J 

I TJmJion' 

Bensoii. f TKnots Bnbert. Actor and 
thuthcKl manager, bom nt A]rv»fnril, 
Hanu. Id ISM : tuvta bis Unt prDlsulonal 
sppokmiceat IbBLjcenrnThMtte, London, 
In UBl, aa i'arii In 'BoaaouidJDilpt' (!•'-)> 
■od ■Haiwvita hKl (ipnleiice witb com- 
paalsa tnTSllliui thranch ths Eni^igb 
prarinca*. lo InS b* imaed % towpvtj 
of Ua own, with whldi ba hat lioce 
tonad, m,T» tor miopu in London (iSaD-n, 
1900, Wil-ift dnrlu^whlch be prodoced 
■B>ial*t,"OUidl&'^CoriD)aDai.' ■Anton)' 
and OwmaluM,' < Itia Maretaant of Venice.' 
'Hbh VV 'Bietonl n.,' ■Twelfth Nliht,' 
■nMT»srt,"AaT[iii Like It," A Mid- 

■lia niilil ■riiBni.' 'TbeUerrT Wiieg 

ot WIsdaoT,' * nn TUnlnK of the Sbre'*.' 
M« 'TbaSlTCla,' himaril VpaariDgaa Aam- 
M, OdUlfa, OsrMaiwu, Anl<mv, Shvlock, 
Bmr^ T., itUM //., jrohnUo. CdlAon, 
OrlMiift, Lfmniar, Dr. Cafw, i*<lnicA>g, 
mad CarUtIn JtttMt. Bla prortoekl pro- 
dactiona bidnda (In addlUon to the aboTa) 
■Mulwth' 'Unnh *iln ahant Nnthlnr* 

Stoopa to Cosqwr,' ' The 8i 

Falata,' 'Bobart Hicdra,' 'Hie Conlflu 
Bratban-'ati:. Jaallatlbaahehaaiindar- 
taken > Miding Tilt. For manr Jtu* in 
meeesilon he nu prarlded the pregTamme 
U tbe BtcatTord - on - Aion ShakenKare 
feitlTili. Id Fohnun. Ifin, be appeared 
at the VanderlUe Theatre, Londun, u 


JiMiiHT Ib Ibaea'a 

— Un. F. B- BnuMi bai been aeta u 
London aa Orittia. fVatnwM. TiUmia, 
A'aUhcriaa In ' Hie Tuning ot the Shrew,' 

BantiTOS'lia. (I) FmoKa BmHrfUo, 
in Toa Taylor's 'Fool's Rateng*' ia.r,\ 
b tha wife of OaUtala Mitfltdi. tbalurd 
of Faeoia. (2) It CanU Briiiimlio i* a 
character in C. 8. CBettsm"* "Dinner for 

Bantley, Blohanl. Dramatia and 
mlacallanaoBi mitar, born 1708, died 1TB3 1 
aon ot Bkhaid BantlaT, the hmona acholari 
BDthor of tliraa pta]- ■■^- >■ 

■ ptan—'The Widiea'(ITei), 
OTVti, and 'TIw Pntpbet' 

BontlBTi Tliamaa. I>r»inatli; writer : 
aon of Dr. uentler, the icholar ; died ITiti ; 
aatborel "Ilia wiihea,' a eomadr; -Fbila- 
damni,' a bagadj ; and * The Prophet.' an 
opera— aU of which aeb 

BentlflT, Wklt«r IBaggl Actor, bom 
at Edinbnigh in IStV : made bis Bnt an- 
peaiBDCfl on the itan In New Zealand. Uii 
London ditnU took place at tbe CourS 
Theatre in Octoher. ia~J. when bn nlaved 

/.. S»»- 

. London, In ISIfi-7a, he Ognnd 
■s LarrUi, Maleelm (' Macbeth "), ClarcnM 



[nlSIfiba''ataiTad''ln So 

Mien, Oaudt JfiturW, 

(■Richard m.'). ifoniv ('Cbarloa L'), 
Axn'Jtu CQneen Marr'), hiaf (' Vandir- 
deckenj. TTi$lraa (-Lank XV\ Cliriitian 
("The Bells'), elc In ISJS he appearivl M 
■ - ■ ■ - ■ ,nf i„.Our 


be Haymarket o 

Eiib Jlon, Sir riWnuu Clifnr,, 
Iflading parte at SadlBr-a Wella. 

BenvoUo. Nephew of JToi 
friend of Bomro, In Shakeapears 
He flenres In DOWLIMQ'S traretty 
and Jnliet' aa Ifr. Bm Votio, 

Benyowsky, (Jomit. The 'MiMaoira 

._j rr ... .. ,i.,, worthr, wrilk'n by 

were printed i: 

William NlcholHi 

■nhject of a 

ivum jienirawikT; or. The Conepliacr ot 
untKihatka.' EnglUh ttanalatlona ot whicli 
m lunad by the Ber. W. Kkndeb in ITw 
id l>r BENJiHlil T "■ 

Enaliah piaya liaie bean (onndeil oi 
boa'* work : CI) ■ Kamtchalka i 
~ lei" Tribnte' (a,i,X "aid t. ' 

written In Crahles Kemdle (isil). and 
(8) -Banyowtky: or. The Eilles of Kama- 
ohatka.' a moilcal piece, adapted by Jjimk9 
Ke.xset(u.v.), and Ural patfotmed at Dmty 
Lane on llarcii 10, isau, with Bonnptt in tho 
title put, WaUack ai Stry/mwf, Uarley u 

TrittniM Stark (a poet). Sllu FooU u 
AUianaaia. etc. In thi" piece. BtngoKttv 
and Sttphanoffan liotb cnnnrintnrs Kgalmc 

< bin E 


le. In Che enrl 


t/mc'ky Hgaiai . ... 

KDil JtAdiuuia In Sljing rruu ii>ii»i.ui— n. 

Beacon, Otto. See MakE-BelIEFS. 

BsTEiTd, Potor- THMisUtor of 'The 
Tncle'i Will,' n tarcu (IMS). 

Berennria. Qneen, flgares In M.\C- 

'• Rlchimi Ccrut Ac Lion' (ii.'vX anil BiUTE'i 
^IWllunaji' (g-i'.)- 

i ot ERTpt, In Mm. 

BerenfoB. Prlno 

Beppo. A bntleaqaa prod do 
Ameiica 1^ W. P. FuiRE-tcE ft.B.). 

Beppo. (1) A ynnng gnatberil in J. M. 
Morton's 'Printetut »ii Huur-(s.p.). (3) 
A chamclet In Braov's 'Yaung Fm 1)W 
ydIdMho-)- (3> A herdimaii In AruiUN'a 

Serlnser, £aiu£. Actren, Oaugliter 
of Mn. O. BerlnRur (;.r.); made bet pro- 
leKilonnl d/lmt In IStW na Dm* TiplMi In 
Mis. Bnmett'i 'Little Lord Fnuntleroy ' 
tq.e.). She wu >]» In the lAindon cut ul 
Ker motboT'B iIthdu, 'Bobs' n«aa). Her 
oiielnat roll! bme tnclnded AiiAn in 'Ths 
New Boy' II8D*); i^nfs adm In 'The 
L«iii«' Idol,' Euphrmia Sdiaarlt In 'The 
»tnnge Adrentan* of Miu Brown,' and 
Jnitina Emvlagi In "The B«neBt of the 
Donbt' (IgSB): Atia Bleterdyii In "The Mr. CbiitellD.' Caitiopela In ' A Molhei 
ot Tbtee/ Gmji'anH In *Wonuui'B World,' 
Bjiil SUeJ In 'Tbe Ftm Pardon 'nnd Saiklrm 

played itmnFD at th 

' PypmiiliDii 

onier Nlgl 

_t the Tbeatre RoyaJ, OUngL .. 

Dmnatlc writer: anlbor of 'Taroii' (18^), 
' The Prloca nod the I'aupsr,' on ulapts tloa 
(IBDO), 'Bess' (1391), 'SnoirdropdHlO. "TliB 
Uolly Tree Inn/ an adaptation (IBRl), 
' l^alie'O^^), ' ABlt of Old Chplsea' (ism\ 
•Jim Belmont '(1900). and 'Penelope'to.F.); 
ro-anthor. with Honry HamUton. of ■l-hal 

original LillU Lard 1 

and afterward! "created" Cbe patti uf tbs 
Priaet and Tom Cnnly In • The Prince and 
the Pauper '(ISSDl .dpArudflc in 'Thntnirl' 
{18B0J, Harm In ■ The Holly Tree Inn ' (Ijai), 
and FioTimond' in ■ The Pllgrita'a PmgrPH' 
(isae^ She pUyed OJn/In -The llllntsof 
Hwiet^'taT-.llnmae.JiilitlattbBPrinc " 


LiTTOS's ' Rlcb 
king's attendan 

at _thD Theatrf 
The Sienr 

Berkeley, OeOTKe Xonck. Mla- 

cellaneon^ writer, bum 1703. dlnd ITDS; 
luthi.tof 'Nina,' a comedy (17B7). and 'Lore 
uid Nature,' a niniical piece (1707). 

Berkeley, Sir WlUl&in. GoTemor 

See hluiuTB 

>ide.walk merchant" 


the Strand liieatre, LandoD, a) (be cook In 
■ Lore In a VUlie.' In the (oIIowIhb year 
he wa» BroplDvea aa " KCond low coinedy" 
at Kadler'i Weill nnder Pbelps, retnralnK 
afterwaribi to the Strand, where he re- 
came engucemonta at Drnry lane nnder 
James AnderBoa and AUreif Bnnn ; later, 
Bernard was the FrrranAii In the original 
production of '11 Troratoro' (j.o.J, playlna 
„.k„- ,i_M.. p^rta in Ittiian anl 


. _..l com. 

1 comic Dpem 

ravelled tbrough 
wa« (tage-managc. .l l„o .t,„t<, 
I. Llrerpool- In 1ST3 he hepm 
ho (lalety Theatre. Olaagow, whr 
le years be maintained a atock co 
' nnuanal eidellonce, and nndertu 

ul reviralt- 


.r.) a< 

lessee also of the Then' 

tbe lllneu tg wliicb 

in !(«&. In ISM So 

Allein (q.i.). vho died In Irm. 

withor ol uiaml dnmutic a ^_ 

nolabl; ol > leraiun ul ' Ttae Vlcu- ol 

FrliaroKd ' 
BarnBrd, Ctiajrlea de. S«e UiuD'a 


Bernard, Tohn. Actor, bnni >t Porti- 

^^I at Cbow Mmbs in 1~I3 u Jtifrr. 
He KfterTSTdi joined tbe Norwti-lt olrcuit, 
Mwl nunied Un. Coopw. a meiiilier of ttan 

SwuiH«.Bnd in October, 1787, made hlafltiC 
■ppaaniice In London at Cuii>nt Uardon us 
vfrcAn-ln'TbeBuui'SlrBtaneoi.' In ITBl 
faalatt tbaiDetrapullsfarthe pn»[nce9, and 
in its: hi* vife died, t^m nai lo 1796 

ah<TB be married Uin Fixber) he wu at 
lent Oarden iraln, and In ITBI be 
accepted an American engaflement. ilLa 
aoal mt made at Neo York In Aningt, 
u KoAMncA in ■ The Boad to Bnin.- Uter 
In tbe year ho wsot to Pbiladelpbla. irbere 
he etajed lix Tean. going Ihenca Co Boaton 
In IWO. In laoo be nent Into partnerehip 
with Powara M the Federal Strwl Thwtre, 
Ilotton, remaining there till ISIO. During 
1810-17 be traT^led m the niMlei and 
Uanada. Hli laat appotiance was at IkiiCnn 
InAprtl.UUIimandaaTgltiiSl A contem- 
■HHUT cHUc wrote: "Bernard ba« repre- 
■enleit frMte. Jatt Menmil, Sir DrOliant 
/VMAion, etc.. with niEceie. Tbera Is a light 

nanoer that ii bappU; adapted to such 
parlA'' Bs waa the anthoi of 'The Poor 
B^lM! er, Uttle Bob and Uttte Den,' an 
oparatte <1TWX and o( a raw other piecei, 

^Uonel and WUUam Batle Bernard , both 
Dt which laa. Hti -BctriKpectluna <■! the 
Stage' wen poMlibed In IBM i larthar 
■ Bstroipeotlana ' appeared in the ' Mnn- 
hatlaa and New Yinfc Hagaibie ' (l8Sl)and 
T*llla'a-I>rainatloMagailae'(lSW-l). Sea 

-'— ' "■ hia DmmaUa' (IBIJ), Uenesfa 

(• ' (183!), Danlop'a ■ American 
.„ Irdaiida 'Mew York 8taee' 

. 'Dlctianarl of Hatiunol &o- 

graphj ■ (IB85). 

lonel. Actor, bom at 

^..i.t%.. Mvu* , miHi of John Bernard (Q-e.ti 
made his iM^l at Pbihulelphia In April, 

Bernard, Kra, dutrles (n/e Tilden). 
ActreM : made Iter dilntl at New York In 
1107, appdtred at Waihinglon in 1S18. re- 
turned to New York to 182S, and played at 
Philadelphia In 1391. Hhe died before lS7a 

Bernard, ICra, John (nit Roberta). 
Actreia ; died ITflX ; tint hU« of John 

State- (Um. Ii 

Bernard (a.r. 
Dublin (If80)...,_ 

BsTDard, Hra. John (n^ Fiahet). - 
ActreM ; hecond wife ol John Bernard {o.e.l; 
died at Boat™. U.S,A., in 1806. 

Bernard, Siohard. Clergrman and 
mlacollane<>ua writer, bom 15e6-7, died 
1&41 i publinlied n cumptele tranabitlun into 
Ennliahoi the pUya ol Terence (1SU8, 1«H, 

Barnard, Tlotor. Sen Oit of ihk 
Bernard, William Barla. nrametic 


a hnndred pieces, 

' Ca«o Baj ' aazn. • The Itetempgychode ' 
0830) 'The FourSiaten'OSSl), 'the Dumb 
Belle (1832). 'Etp Van Winkle 'rteSS),' The 
Kentucklan' {1H3S), 'The Mummy ' OSSs). 
•The Nonona Man" (1833), •Lndllo: or. 
The Story of a lleut ' Itsinn, ' The Fanner's 
Storj' 0339), 'The Middy Aahore' (18S6), 
'TheMana(H>utToim'<lH3«), 'The Yankee 
Pedlar' (ISSO), 'St. Mart's E'e' (lg37X 
•Marie Diicanne' (1837). "^hI, Uat leg,' 
{1B39>, 'The Iriah Attorney' (ISSSJ, 'The 
Boanllnic School' (IWi), •>S'— ->-- ■ 

■■-'—- 15), 'Th " 



Iron Mfti4'{18Si), 'The EriiOeniua'tlSSS), 
'A LtlB'a Trial' (18117), "His Tide of Time' 
(IBM). 'faiut;or. TboFateof MariuerlU)' 
(ISM). ■ Tbe Doge of Venice ' {1847), ' Lo.e'a 
SeTcngejHB^ 'The Man of Two Li.ea- 

Happiest Man Allie,' 'Locomotion,' 'A 
" ■ ■ 'The Old 

Practical Man,' ■ Itoboapleire,' ' A Splendid 
Inteitment.' 'A Htonii in a Teacop' 'Tim 
Woman- Hater,' and 'Woman'i FalUi' (all 
of wbich aee). He wis alao co-author, with 
Wesiiand Manton, of a play csJImI 'Th. 
Ion - (ism._^ H^y^Morley wi 

j, and thongb ha 

a Df reelTng.-* 
il ol theatrical criUcIsm 
lewspapen, and, beridfc ediUag 
'a ' RetroapactlDne,' was the anthor 
e of Hamuel LoTer' (1874). See 
the Time' (Sth nlit.). Km ne*a- 
^ ''','',*"«^'''l '?"■„?"'' 'Dlctionaty ol 

Kper (or Angiint, lS7(i. and ' 
itiwnal Biiierapby ' {taaa}. 


1 officer In 'Hmr 

and WalpolB'i -RasaX > 

' Worttlea, 
Moble Authc 

Barry- Actor, died jMrnarT, I'SO i " m^ 
eURtgM mt Drar; I^na In 1Ies-e. Fo. 
■ome ^ein he cbiedr plafed alDgintt parU 

ef uting. The Dranatic Crntnr aajs hi 
mts ropecUble in eoine parti, 

BerUiB. a) Dkoghler ot the Dnke of 
Brkbwit in BEAUMONt and Fl.GTCllER'a 
■Keogmi'B Biuh' (o.i.). (S) Diaabter of 
Calrb Platnmer in E. STinLiNQ's ^Cricket 
on tho IleBrth' (7.11.1 (3) A cbtncter In 
W. S. OiLBEBT uiil P. CLAT'S ' Gentlemiin 
In BlnFk' (i-r.). (4) A chuutoc In 'Ths 

Bertha, the Sewing Uachine Olrl. 

jiertniii ' 

A plsy by C: 


■ntti MlsB M 

___ nobility 

and puritr ot thi> tiSKlo drUDA." writes 
Min Andennn. "aJw»i tonehed the 
Budionce. The iwrlod it nlcturu l« clil^ric 
Cbarlennune. itUI on the tbrane. full of 
honoanbTi; reani. and the blood ot Ollrer, 
Hobud. nnd thdr nublo eompanlaiia iliowInK 
Id the valiant deedi of their aoni, and the 
pnre and coarageooa ohaiscten of their 

Berthold. (1) A rhatstter lo Katu- 
RiK's • Kredolpho- f^.o.l. (fl) Prinf Brr- 
thald, la BkoWM.NO'H ' Colombe'i Blrtbdny' 

Bartholde,_ UarJo.^ The heroine ot 

Bertoldo, Frtncs. Brolhpr of KIn> 
Boherto of Sicily, In MASSiSatR's 'Moid 

Bertram ; or, The Castle of St- 

Aldobrand. A tra«eitj in Ova acts, by 

.t Sadiei'g Wdls in 1M7. with PJielpa In the 
tlUe part \ retlTMl at Mary lebooe Theatre 
In 186,1, with Mrs. Wallack ai tnmin<. 
■■Imo-jiiu. lorlne uid Inied by an eiUed 
ruHiBn (Berlraisi, mairlM, In fib nbnence, 
Brrlram't enemy. Si, Aldobrand, in order 

' aire 

idilHl pi 

Bertram. (1) Coant of BonalllDa In 
'AU'a Well that Enda Well' (a.v.). (3) A 
conspirator in BtroN'S 'Marino Fallen)* 

ntmnl Bgnte>(fi) In '^Tbe Birthday'tv.ii.). 
(S) Wmrif and iueji Bertram an chtracten 
in tho Tariooi Tenlooi of Scott's 'Gd; 
Maniierint!' (j.t.). (7) There la a Prlntt 
Bfrlram In DR¥DE.V''a 'Spanlah Fiiar'(v.g.}, 
and <B) Sir SItphm and Pnderidt Bertram 
MB a eran aon ibbehlanus ew 

Bertrand. A character, ronpettirely, ia 
ai 'TheFooniUinaof the Forest ■ and (B) 
■The n-unun of the People' (./.v.). (ai 
There la a Dr. Brrtraad b Ladt DVt- 
rEatys' ■(?.!-.). 

Bertrand. S. O. EnRllab playwright. 
bi>rn abont IMa. died 1B87 ; author of 
T.mndJBther-ti aocli,' -Blind Jnatlce,' 'la 
Black and White.' 

BsTtuoclD, lerEkel. A chancier In 
l.<inl llTRoy'a 'Mnrino Fal!erD'(9.i>.). Oi) 
BrrlMteln Is the name of the " fiiol" in TON 
r«VLOH'a ' Fool'B Bevenge ' (j.j,). 

ea Bice, of dramatic Teralon* of ■ Beady- 
ey U,>rtlboy'(lii71) and 'Such a Oood 
' (1S80). and, with Walter r — '— 

;k,of -TheCbann'OSS)). 'The Ballad. 

BionsiT' (ISSTl. and aoma 'biaw"— " 

ConH^(ile^■ published In 1 — " 

, _ Hla noirel, 

Merrted,' has hei-n diamatiied. 
s«e, luso. ARHOREL OF LvoNEaSR and Mv 
Uttlb Uuu. 




Besexneres, Jolin. See Dalt, John. 

Bess. A play in three acta, by Mn. 
Oscar Be&inqeb iQ-v.\ produced at the 
Theatre Royal. Cape Town, December, 1891 ; 
first performed in England at Peterborough 
on NoTember 7, 1892. with W. H. Vernon as 
Joe, Min Esm^ Beringer as Nan, and Miss 
Generi^ve Ward as Bei» ; in London, at the 
St. James's Theatre, on the afternoon of 
June 12, 180S, with the above players in 
their original r6U$, H. V. Esmond as PhUt 
Seymonr Hicks as ilmfrro««, J. D. BeToridge 
as Dr. Wenham^ Miss H. Forsyth as Mrt. 
Wtnham, Miss K. Phillips as Keziah, etc. 

Daughter of the beggar of Bethnal 
Green, in Sheridan Knowles's * Beggar's 
Daughter' {q.vX Betsy is the name of 
ttie corresponding character in Dodsley's 
* ^ind Be^(ar of Bethnal Green * (9. v.). 

Bess, Queen. See Good Queen Bess. 

Bess, Starliffht, figures in J. B. Buck- 
stone's * Flowers of tne Forest' (9. v.). 

Bessie. A 


petite drama " by B. H. 
BROOKE (9. v.), produced at the Royalty 
Theatre, Lonaon, on May 1, 1878. 

Bessie, Blisabeth. Actress ; author 
of 'The Understudy' (1892X and co-author, 
with S. Herberte-Basing, of 'Gringoire^ 

Bessns, in Beaumont and Fletcher's 
* A King and No King ' {q.v. ), Is " a swagger- 
ing coward^something between ParolUs and 
JPo^fto/" (Haslitt). SeeBOBADiL. 

See BBSS. 

Best, William. See Bellingham, 

Best Bidder (The). A farce in two 
acts, by M. P. Andrews iq.v.\ first per- 
formed at Drury Lane on December 11, 1782, 
with Paroons as Sir Tedious, Palmer as Count 
Bam, Dodd as Lord Beauboot, Barrymore as 
Captain Standard, Baddeley oh Snare-' em, 
Suett as Inkhom, and Mrs. Wrighten as 
Mrt. Brocade. 

Best Intentions (TheX A play in 
one act, by Percy F. Marshall and 
Richard Purdon, Opera House, North- 
ampton, December 11, 1890. 

Best Kan (The). A farce in three 
acts, by Ralph Lumley (q.v,), first per- 
formed at Toole's Theatre, London, on 
March 6, 1894, with J. L. Toole in the title 
HJie (Price Puttlow), Miss B. Lamb as Mrs. 
Montavbyn, and otner parts by J. Billington 
iSir hotel Gage\ G. Shelton, Miss E. John- 
stone, etc. ; first performed in America at 
Syracuse, New York State, October, 1894. 

Best Man Wins (The). A farce by 
Mark Melford, first performed at the 
Novelty Theatre, London, January 27, 1890. 

Best People (The). A comedv in four 
acts, by Mrs. Fairfax, prodncea at the 
Globe Theatre, London, on July 14, 1890. 


Best Way (The). A * ' petite comedy 
in one act^ by Horace Wigan (q.v.), first 

performed at the Oljrmpic Theatre, London, 
on September 27, 1866, with J. Clayton as 
Erskin^ Speed, the author as Theodore Tonic, 
and Miss Lydia Foote as Alice. 

Bethlehem Gabor. A play by John 


Betly. An opera by Donizetti, per- 
formed with an English libretto at the 
Gaiety Theatre, London, in September. 
1870, with Miss F. Landa, Cummmgs, ana 
Aynsley Gook in the principal parts. 

Betraired. (1) A play by W. G. Wills 
Cq.v.), adapted from Sardou's ' Patrie/ and 
first performed at the Theatre Royal, Edin- 
burgh, on August 18, 1878, with Miss Sophie 
Young as Dolores, and other parts by Miss 
Ellen Meyrick, J. Dewhurst,T. N. Wenman, 
Carter Edwards, E. D. Lyons, R. Lyons, 
and F. Harvey. (2) * Betrayed ; or, The 
Vicar's Daughter : ' a drama in five acts, 
adapted by R. Mansell from Goldsmith's 
• Vicar of Wakefield,' and first performed 
at the Queen's Theatre, Manchester, on 
June 28, 1886. 

Betrayer of his Country (The). 
A tragedy by Henry Brooke (q.v.y, acted 
at Dublin in 1741 ; revived in 1764 under the 
title of *Ii\jured Honour,' and printed in 
1778 as *The Earl of Westmorland.' 

Betrothal (The). A drama in five acts,, 
by G. H. BOKER (a.v.), performed at Phila> 
delphia in September,'1860 ; at the Broadway- 
Theatre, New York, on November 18, 1850, 
with RichinsB, Couldock, F. Conwav, Frede- 
ricks, Davidge, Whiting, Mrs. Aboott, and 
Mdme. Ponisi (Constanza) in the cast ; pro- 
duced at Drury Lane Theatre, London, on 
September 19, 1858, with G. V. Brooke as 
Marsio, Miss Anderton as Constanza, and 
other parts by £. L. Davenport, Belton, 
Miss Fetheratone, and Mrs. Belton. 

Betsy. A comedy in three acts, adapted 
bv F. C. BURNAND (q.v.) from the • B^be' of 
Hennequin and De Najac (Gymnase, 1877), 
and first performed at the Criterion Theatre* 
London, on August 6, 1879. with Miss Lottie 
Venue in the title part, W. J. Hill as Alex- 
ander Birkett, Lvtton Sothem as Adolphus 
Birkett, H. Standing as Bedmond McManus^ 
G. Giddens as Richard Talbot, A. Maltby 
as Sam Dawson, Mrs. Stephens as Mrs. 
Birkett, Miss M. Rorke as Mrs. McManus, 
and Miss M. Taylor as Nettie Bassett ; revived 
at the same theatre in October, 1882, with 
W. J. Hill. L. Sothem, H. Standing, and 
A. Maltby in their original parts, H. Beeves 
Smith as Tatbot, Miss Eleanor Bufton as 
Mrs. Birkett, Miss K. Rorke as Mrs. 
McManus, Miss A. Hewitt as Mdme. Polenta, 
and Miss Nelly Bromley as Betsy; at 
the same theatre in August, 1888, with 
Miss Venne, H. Standing. G. Giddens, and 
A. Maltby in their original parts, W. 
Blakeley as Alaeander Birkett, Aubrey 
Boudcault as Adolphus, Miss F. Robertson 
as Mrs. Birkett, Miss B. Terriss as Nettie, 
Miss F. Frances as Mrs. McManus, and Miss 
R. Si^er as Mdme, Polenta ; at the same 
theatre in August, 1889, vrith all the players 


luit umed, we Mlu Sake! : M Oin widd 
tbmtn In Anput. ISSS, with W. BItk.Icr 
and a. Oiddeni u bofaie, Uln Jennj Itocen 
BMBctiy, D. jHDei,]un.,ui>aiMun, WalcoD 
Dala taSmphiu^. VklanUDeu Jr'!MaI>u^ 
Mln P. Fruca ms Mrt. JTuVanui, Mlu H. 
Stndholiila a* HtUU, ud Mlsa EUii JcfTreTa 
u JVdnu. Polenta; at tbe name tbentre la 
Decembei, lEM, with Mlu Annte UuibiH aa 
£<Uv, UIh C. Addiaun a* Xri. Itirkitl. 
Miia SvbU CarllBlD a> Mimt. PoUnta, A. 
Bishop u BirlHU. hh., Anbrsf Bgncliiault 
ai Birkttt, Jan.. J. U. Bunea aa NeManut, 
K. Donglaa m TdfADf. and J. Welcli aa 
Daiitim; alWjnilham'aTheatre, Julj, 1002. 

BetsT Bake 

rHalf. AfiLi 

.._N M0RTO\ (i(.r.). flist [«■ - 

PrlncuM's Thaalre, Ijondon. on Nominber 
13, JS50, Tith Mn. Kwla; In the tlUa porC, 
m1» Mum; a> Jfn. JHouKr, Keclujr aa 
MarmaduJa Xmatr, and J. Vininn aa 
Ownmv,- tint pl»ed at New yurk in 
Fahtnarr, 1B6T, with Burton aa JfuuMr, 
O. Jordan aa Cnimmii. Uisa VVeilon aa Mn. 
' " ~ t( ai &(<y. Beliy 




orioed at th 

■ laundrr ] 

57.B.}. Annttier musical settinE of the (an», 
y tawrouce Ilanrar. was l.toiiKht out at 
the iluon Theatre, Bayiwaler, in Februacy, 

Hotter AngoKTho); or.TliaLeKaoy 
of Wrong. AduunaliiiwDaclJi.ljyW'VBEBi 
Keeve. Brst performed at the Theatre Eoyal, 
Mouth Shlalda, Id f»iruaty 1988. 

Better Half (The), A comedieHa in 
■|» T. J, Wi 

anil Miss E. Job 

3etter Lkte than. Never. (1) A 

comedy by Wiu— " ~ — — 

(or > printte thi 

imedy by Wiujak UtviEa (n. 

pnfanued at Diniy Lana on Noiember 1 1, 
ino, witb Mn. Jordan M.Jiisiuta. Palmer 
u Sir CluiTliM ClumM, KemblB aa Sni-iiU, 
Bwldcley aa Ortmo. Mr. (loodall as Mn. 
fJurry, Dodd aa Flurrs. Bannlatur. Jan.. aa 
i^ttiiTantiij, B. Palmer as Paltrt, and Mlaa 
Pope aa Diar]/ (a maid). SaciUe (nephew of 
Grumpi la a aambler, and Auffutta. who Is 
In loTo with hWeodeaiour* to cure him of 

and fortune. CAouw has an intrieuo nlth 
ili-(, FluTTt- The piccQ waa pUjed iu 

Major J-'frffutO'ShaujfhnfOv. (4) A drama 
by Edwin Pilher, Middleaborouih, Rep- 
tembor B, ISiO. (B) A comedy by F. C. 
UUKSA.ND iq.p.y, adapted from ^L'Fomme 
qui Unnqne 1e Cnche.' and fint performed 
at tho Royalty Theatric, London, on June S7. 
ItiTl. with a cast Includina C. Kelly, F. B. 
Fjinn. W. Sidney, J. Banmster. Foabrooko, 
and Miaa tiaggle Brcnnan. 

Better LnokHext Time. Acomady- 
dniiiia In threo ncta. by BauiMLI) MooRE. 
Theatre Boyal, York, .May SO. IKTO. 

Betterton, JqUb. Sea Glotbr, Mbs. 

Bettarton, Iiord and Iiady-, B 

3rd and Iiady-, fiimre 

parta:— Jfri.Jurrfia In ' The CutUr of Cole. 
man Street ■ (1«81), /"orBo In -The Adien- 
turea of FItb llonra- (IMS). Oniciana In 
'The Comical Bevenga' (ISM), la 'Tha 
Amoroui Widow' asTift virffiaiii In -The 
Unjust Judge' (KTDXflcIimfd In 'The Man 
of Che ' (1070), f'torrlla In ■ Ahdelaier ' 


husband's death 

.. _ OpIirUa („..„ 

(106S), Lailn MaOirth (leaiX Qurcn Katkcriat 
in ' Henry VIU. ' (taS4), and the J>ucAui af 



at lciL9t fur a tims, her n... , . , ,_ 

ealamity no doubt haatuned her own deceaa 
Pepy.i was an ittuck by her performance a 
Ia<Mt, that It la by that name he rafera t 

■- "- -^ his 'Diary;' evldonth h 

;tlng (treaily. Calley Cibb< 
""— could ne' ' '-•" 

- - — JotClLl 

tlon of ail true Judges □( nature and loren 
of Sliakefpuare, in whuae plava aba chlaSy 
excelled, and without a rlral. When aha 
nuittcrl tile Htage. aeveral Mood actreaiiea 
were the better for her Inatmction. She 
was a woman of an UDblemlabed and lobat 

admired h 


Jatned tbe company wHh which TUiodqfl 
nopoDed the CockpiC In Dniry Iada aa 
a fluetn. Us iieemii to haia came to 
tba front at mtne. amnoK bis early partt 
Wng thoH ol Prritlri. Archaa In FlutcWr'ii 
'Innal Subject.' lirjloru Id Rowley uid 
JflddletOD'* 'Changeling,' and Mattilh In 
Uaiibian'i 'Bondman. When, In Jnne, 
1W1, MTOunt opsMd tba naw thaUn in 
Ponngkl Bow, Uocoln'a Inn Fields, irith a 
oonpuir knowa aa " Uie Dnke'a," Bvtterton 
was all "leadliw man," and la auppoBsd to 
bavs anisted him taigsl* In tho producUon 
of hi* ' Slesaol Bhodn ' (In wbicli Betterton 
■Oand SMviaa), vhich wai bronght oat 
vltli " new Boeoe* and IhicoratlDni, being 
tba Bnt that e'sr were Introdaced tn Eng- 
lud.' Batweao 1661 and 1M6, when per- 
fonnanoea ware temporarilr itayad by the 
Placiw, Betterton ms seen at Lincoln a Inn 

Mtreutia O-BBO, Boula In ' Tbe Dachesa oF 
Sbifr' (18W), flduv Vlll. (isaa), Hacltlh 
OHO ; aa w^ai in the foUoiring " original " 
■- - ■ ■ ■"leCBtlerot Coir 


•t'ClMl). flrfmaln "Tha Villain' 

0, Dca Bmrunu In ' Tbe AdTonturei of 
^ i'a«es),.'— ' ■>—■'—' '- ■■"" 

itaienant had died in 1( 


RaiTii (g.e.) as bli colleaguai 

nitb Betterton and 


"The idto choaen waa in Bnllib' 
Vint Street," where once bud ba<! 
nl Donet'a garden •■"! whoi^ ■■ 
emt hnUdinit wr- - 


I erected." Id thin 

\d alags appobitmenta," Bettsr- 
ton "(s aald tohaTe TWted Parla, by tho 
apadil eommuid of the king. In orctcT to 
obieTTa how tbe English thmtfe coiOd be 
ImprDted in the matlw of scenery and 
deconttons. If ha mado suck a Jonmey," 
obMrrai hia Utaat biographer (issa " it 
waa most ptobaU* abont this time.' Tha 
Dorwt Oarden Ttantra waa opened In 
Hcnember, IflTl, and Betterton continned 
to ha sasHiatsd wlCh tt till ]US£. Durlni 
this period be ■'cTWted' tbe following 
(with other) rtto/r Dnrimani In 'The Man 
ot tbe Moda'dns), PMlip If. In Otway's 
■ Don Carloa ■ (IB7flX ril"* w Otwsya ■ Titue 
Ud Derenlca' (tBTT), AMmy In Sedley'a 
' Antony and Cleapatis ' (leTT), Wiiimart in 
'Sir PaUant Fancy' miS), G^milcile in 
Otway's -Friendship in FashSon' (16781, 
FnnHiM la Lea'a ' ThoodcmlQa ' (IBSoi 
(BdiDiu In Drydan and Lee's pluy ao named 
nsTS), Cinar Borgia In Lee's phiy so nametl 
0680), CaiCofio in Otway'a ' Orphans ' (1080), 

I pU) 


(IMl), and Ja/irr in Ot*ay'» 
ved' (104^); t>e4ldes appear- 
I in bsienanl's adapUtlen 

d in ritaJ. ■' 

AeoDrdingly it was determined to 
two enterprises, reraovlng the 
nieatra Boyal. where they began 
In NoTCTober. Betterton ■ nartDr 
thii house Include 


Seauqard in "The ^._ « „^ ..__,._., 

In Bahn's 'Locky Chance' (ISilT;, Jupiter In 

«_..„,. . . — u,. ■ atM). king ArtAw 

OovbU-bralrr In Con- 
grere'a comedies so nametl (lOUS) ^ besides 
Hgnrlog aa OlhrBo (leaS). Arbacet In 'King 
and No King ' (1083), Jieiiii In Kocheater'a 
sdapbitiao of ' Valentlnlan ' (lest), and 
■^ '- ' '■■"-■ ' (IflW). In IBM 

I Khlpii 


lenturs of a friend. About this time Che 
managets ol the Theatre Buyol sought to 
i^uceerpensesby cutting down tbe salaries 
of the elder Dlavers, who accordingly aeceded 
and, fortified with a royj 
■ il, laSS, a bar 
. . the Tennis C .. 

Fields, and popularly known 

OS tbe New Playbanae. There they started 
with CnngreTa's 'Lore lor Lore' (v.I.h In 
which Betterton '■ created " ral«u(n«,bi* 
SDbseQuent original rniti including Sir John 
BruU In ' Tho Protoked Wife ' (1W7), jlffa- 
numnon In Qianrille-s ■ Heroic Loto ' (leW), 
and Orala In Dennii'a ' Ipbigenia' (lOW). 
In 1700 Betterton rBcelved the royal com- 
mand to asiume the management of the 
company, which had become somewhat dis- 
organized, lie occopied this position till 
17M, his original parts In the Inlerisl in- 
cluding Fainali In ' The Way of the World ' 
(17aDX Jfnnnm in Rowe's ' AmbltlooK StoD- 
mothor- {ITM), Tamerlaiui In Kowe'a play 
so named (17i)S). Horalio In Bowe's 'Fair 
Penitent ' (1703). and Sir TinuMy Tallapoy 
in Bowe's 'BlIer3'(i;a4-3). In the course 

FaUtaf In the drst ani1 tecond parte of 
'Henry IV,' (1700) and 'The Merry Wlrea 
of Windsor' 11703-4), Aiyilo In Ulldon'a 
adaptation of ' Meaiare [or .Measure ' (1700), 
Buunfain Lanadowne's adaptation of "The 
Merchant of Venice' (1701), and Jnlnny In 
'All tor Lore' (1703-lX March 31, IToe. waa 
the date ol bis last appeaJWUM at Lincoln's 
.__ m..j. ._j Ftam that day 

' Mistake ' (I7D&}, T/itKiu 1 

-- ,nlftndHlppDlltna'(1707),»o 

iniiu in Dennli-a ' Applns and VIndnit 
(170U).also appearing aa ArJanliTur In 'Th 
Maiira Tragedy,' JfuroM in "The Silel 
Woman," Dominic In 'The Spouiali Friai 

Bettenqn.*bo mpiw&red w 
SoKget, Mn. Bairv. and Mn. Bnce^rdle 
Kilo Id tbeir origliiHl parta 1 the nccdpU 
unonoMil, IC is uld, to onr GOO Kalneu. 
Be dlsd, of Boat, on ilprll M, 1710, and wu 
bntlail In WeMmlnaMT Abbey on Mmr S. 
Bs tod maiTiwI, In IMl, MU7 tUondenoD, 
who nrrlted blm. (S«e BBTTEBmN, Urs. 
moKlS.) Altbonch tba louliiuE actor of 
Ui dar. at no Umc Ct la aUd) dlChe noelTa 
ft latfJAT aalary than foar ponnda a week, 
Battciton ni the auttaot (or compiler) at 
the [oUowlDir adaptations, all of which 
■ee:— 'The AmoiiiDi Widow; or, The Wan- 
toD Wife,' wid -The Woman mnin a Jut- 
Uce ' (cfrw 1S70). ' The Roman Vlreia ; or. 
The Unlnat Judge' (1670), "The Kbtpiirb' 

Seao\ ■ nie PTDphatan-aewl^ ' KlnR Ueniv 
'.' (inO), -Saqoel to Ilenrj iv.'(i7iD), and 
"Ilie Bondman' (ITISX Pep^a hat manr 
retetencea to Bettntiin. On Natember 4, 
1081, he reDorde that In hta opinion, and in 
that of hia vife, Botterton i> "the beat 
— '-- '- the world." On Maj as, iOM, he 
"Saw -UiLmlett- done, eItIde^db 

tarton." ' ■' Belterton." writ™ CoUay Uihber, 

■ntot.'bot" with "t 'coSip'StSra !™n^ 
(or the mutnal aaslatance and illuitration 
o( each other's genlua 1 How Shnkaapcar 

may read and lino*— but with what htehBr 
nptnre would he ■till be md could They 
conceiTe how Belterton play'd him \ Then 
might they knowthr ' ■ -- .- 

Jc what the other 

._.. nly k 
1 thti mediun 

nnmlfled temper nf hjs Bnitvt. . . . Ua had 

of hli anditon, that upon hia entrancelnto 
eiery Mene be aeem'd to sciie apon the eyei 
■nd ean of the giddy and inadvertent t _ . 
Id all hi) Mliloqulga of moment, the itrong 
Intelligence of hli attitadE and ajipect dmrn 
jroo Into iniih an imp^ent gue und eagoi 
expectsUon, that you almost Imbib'd the 
aentlment with yonr eye before the «i 
conid reach it. ... I neter bBitrd s line in 
. tnigedy coma from llett^rton wheniin ray 
jodgment, my ear, and my imagination were 
not fully Batixfy'd, . . . Belterton ^- ' - 
inlce of thnt kinii which iiare mors 
1 terror than to tbe mlier paieior 
nore itrength tlian melody. 'The nt 
if OIlullo htau. " ' " ■ 



« of C 

The pmtoa of thin sxcolteat actor m 




initable to hli Toice. more, manly than 

and penetratinR aspect ; his llniba nMrer 

faairoiDny of the whole a commanding mien 
o( maJBgty, which Che (alror-£ae"d or (aa 
--^— pear calla 'em) the cnrled darlinoa 
lime eiar wanted lometbinK to he 
L actor as Mr. 

igbl to be recorded with the saoiB 
THtpecb aa Roacina among tht Bomona. £ 
haiH bardly a notion that any prformer 
of antlqnity cooid anrpasa the action of Mr. 
Belterton In nny of the occaaloni in which 
he haa appeared npon our atago." Bal- 
tarton, it may be noted. I> one of the cha- 
raclera in Donglaa Jenold'a 'Nell Gwjnne' 
(q.v.). .See Pepya' 'Diary,' Langbahie'a 
'Dramatic Poeta' (ItlSl). ■Roaciaa Aoell- 
canoa ' (1708), OUdon'a ' Life of Mr. Thomaa 
Botterton ' (1710), Cibbn^a ' Apology ' (17(0). 
Curil's ■ EuEliah Stage ' (Ull), ' Uie of Mr. 
Thomaa Botterton ' (17(0). T. Cibber'a ' Utob 
of the Po«U '(17Ga), ' Blsgtaphiia Biitanniea- 

STT7-17SS), Darlea' ' DramaUo Mlacellaniea ' 
7S4). Dihdin-a 'HlatOTT t" " 

hm\, 'Biographia Dramatica'(lSlt),Galt'a 
'Uto* Dt the Ployen' (IBSI), Q< 
Kngliah Stage' (ISH), >Dlct(ona 
fadonaI_ Biognphy' (ISSS), and 1 

nXSV), Qeneat'v 
'Dictionary of 

Lowe'a ' Betterton ' (IBBIJ. 

Batterton, William. Acti 
■• ■■ ipuiy with which Jo 

eopened the Cockpit 
rowned white awlmm 

Dg in tt 







Betty, Henry, A 

elly W.e.): bom in 

ctor, aon 
nr the m 

lalitry, but 

ttndy elected t 

he histrionic profesaion 

Barl^Toaaa,' but bit drit recnlar 
nent woa at Bsretord, where be r 

in Lond 

. . .. idffta 

. . .. __ -_„ — .. Alter this, bs 

played a round of Iwding "legitimate" 
parta in all the chief towna in tlia prorincea, 

^ivlng in 1810 an inrltaUon to ■ppear 

^mdon, which he declined. BU flrat 
in the metropoUa wai made at 
'den on December 98, 18M. whea 
uD •,•<> nsn aa Bamlit. BeprMentaUona 
nf Madieih, Ol/ullo, ItoUa, Alaaiidtr tie 
Great. Wiiliam TiO, and Clauili IfalnotM 
[allowed. In September, 1H4B, he acted 
at the Parllion llieatte. and in February. 
IMC at tiie Queen'a, whence be retuiaad 
to the Farillon. Hla last engagement wan 
at the Olympic He died in 1B97. Be* 
■Theatrical ifmea,' NoTember It. ISM. 

Betty, "William Hanry 'Wort. 
liHl ; diud In London, August, liH ; liiM 

la UiuMal hlatorr m "Ttw Infut Boa- 
dm." While he wafl rtUl Ttry yuung, liia 

Conn^ Don, IrelsnJ. vhete Ills (athar 
tnded u (ttnimr uid llBen-maniifactareT. 
nia boy wrly (bowed &i>titu<!<! tor learning 
•od ndtlng dniiuttlc verse, in whicti he 
vu encoungad and instracced by his 
Mcomnllshed nintlnr. A petfunnanco by 
lin. SiddonaM ll^ U »ld la have Bred 
him *lUi the det.iri< tn tread the " Uoanla,'' 
uid he made Ins dr',:ir, 
fi«Uut on Angii^t ij. laa 
Uia-Zan'(;,iJ or Aaron B 
ing there daring the auoe ok 
SaGa, and £omu. Uii a 

CMrdai on 

MfM tn ■! 

In tmln perfon 

Daoamber 1, ISM, the rMa belni 


lit OltT Koloeu 
Decemijer 10 

gnm Ukiiigi for the Mriod ■mannting I 
Bora dan JClI.tMO. Tttit yoDthtul player 
qidta Inmed the head of the pobUc : be wm 
|>nnated to Boyelty : tsd ou one occaalon, 
va >ra told, the Honaa of Commona ad- 

CMDbridge ( Jniy, 

Bath, hiA !aat appearance 

le Btndied Inr a lime oadei 

at ChtlsC'B College, 

Jane. ISll), irhfch 

ot Um Sari tif Sutx. In London 
Oarden) he Teappaued on Notoi 
ISlt, In hli old part ol Se«m, Hia ti 

a oStaJiied when he waa a prodigy i 
ongh he lem^ned on the metni- 
and proTlndal aUge (ill Anguat i. 

Iffi4{When he a^d lljt 

amptoD nieatie), he did not aroiue 

For the next fifty yean he lired in ret 
ment See ' LUe ot the Celebrated i 
WoDdnfnl Tonng Boacins' (ISM), Oeoe 
.«__.,_,. ^ , and the 'Diction 

Bettv; or, The Country BiuDpkina. 

1 baillBa farce by HENiir Caret (j.b.), pet- 
formed at Dmry Lone In December, Uii. 
, Battr Kartln. A farce, adapted hv 
A. HuAis (g.e.) from -La Cbapeau de 
L'Hoiloger' of Udme. Qlrardin, and SrM 
pettonned at the Adelphl Theatre, London, 
on Much B, IBGS, with Mn. Eeeley In the 
"*'■) part "Mn. Keelirr,' w— ■- " 

accorilingly, at J^T 

Mofembora _. 

Oow Street Theatre, Doblin, adding to hi* 
Ual of paita Haatlel, Prmte ArUur (■ King 
Jobn*), Tattend in 'Tancred and Sigli- 
mtoida,* and Ifreitcrick in ■ Lorera' Towa.' 
After thie came aniagementa at Cork, 
Watertonl, OWow (Siay and June, ISM), In 
BdinbBT|ft,andBimiliighani(Au«ast,18M), pet 
Ua eftorta exciting ''»ciai^''^aiid the ten 

tiua part. "Ura. Keeley,' wmte Hem 
UdtI^, "ia In force aa Betty Martin, tl 
'<i-^>eBaed maid of a choleric majar. She 
broken the honaa dock, and laHlcta 
tortnrea on Major Mchaut, not only by her 
tenon at the catutropbe, but by her fn- 
genioos eflorta to prevent Ita dlacorerr." 
See Clockiukek'8 UiT. 

Betwaen you and me and the Post. 
A burlesque ot ' Arrah-na-Podue' (q.v.) bf 
J. ScBONBKRO ; EuAhton'e Theatre. New 

Yotk, isae. 

Batween the Poata. A comedietta 
... .. jj|,(,„ bkll(i.d). Hut 

. ...idMi.'and 
repreaented at the Itovalty Theatre, London, 
hi November, 1B8T, with M. Coquelin In the 
chief part. See Man tiut HEsiTikTES. Thk. 
Baolah 8pK ; or, Two otthe B'hoy*. 
A farce by Charles Di.iCB (q.s.}, fli»t per- 
fanned at the Olympic Theatre, jJondon, on 
November IS, 1»33. *lth Mdme. Veatria aa 
Caroline Grantteu. and other parte by Mrs. 
Tayleure, 3. Vlolng, J. Brougliam, F. Mat- 
thews, Keeley, an<rW8bsler,Tnn. : Hrst par- 
formed at New York in Oi^ber, ISM. 

er, IBS!; tnmed by th 

..ja followed by a London rentrtc in 

18061 ha then appeared for twenty-toar 
nighta at Covent Garden and Dnirr Lane 
^tmiutelj. Later in the year he ad^ed. In 
London, to hia repertory the rtfaj of 
iUcAonl ///., Haritlh, Zanga In 'The 
Berenge,' and Doriliu In ' Merope,' Alter- 


) Oldham in I 

■ «i.d his " ■ 

e Adelj 


Aifrfd CoUirooke in Byron and 
It's -Lost at Sea' Iq.v). At the 
jlayed LatrUi to tbe Hamlit 
DE recaur, aftervarda returning to the 
Adelphl to"ctc»ta" Emat Oltndintung 
InByron'.'Prompter-aBoi'dSIO). Aflera 
"-— - veara' tour with the "Caile" com- 
bo reappeared in London aa the 
' "■ .mif Riplry in Byron's "Tlaie'a 
iTiumph' (tS73X Ue waa thsn seen aa 

(19T4-S]. Among subsequent pertorrnaneeg 
in tho E--' ... /; 


racter in tho pi 
ovent in 'Jullu: 


B jf^rc*^ 

■ SIplon 

Hearts.' niutx ibiv .j. u. /levenuge nas 
Beured In London in the original casta of 
'Mary Stuart' (18§0), 'His Vtile' n§81), 
'Taken from Life' (ISrtl). ' In the Banks' 

SliSa), 'The Last Chance' {ISSS), "The 
atbour Liiihta' aSSS> -The Bells of 
Haslemere' C1SS7), 'The Union Jack'aasa), 
"The Silver Falls ■ flBSS). 'London Day by 
Day' {IB80X 'Jeaa' (1890). 'The Enellah 
Bnse' (1800). 'The Trumpet Call' (1891), 
'The White I!oae' (18S2), 'The New Bov^ 
(ISM), 'Old Heidelberg' (1903), etc. He 
baa alao been seen In London in reilvala ot 



Gentleman' (IBTH), 'Tho Costlo 
RpBctrB'{0«rnu7i.lHlS.S)). ■Ailrianne Lbclpu. 
•Yiear' (Princr dc IlinilllenniSta). ■ Michelh' 
iJlacdu/y pssa). -Tho Shanglirann" {Kin- 
chila) (lUSd). ■ ll1«Bk-Ky«l Sunn ' (1BB61. etc. 
In -UBiel Klrke,' at tin VaaaevUle In 
I^^ lie playsd jlaron Bodnfy. 

the nrnjAthiea of his andieace. Wa pu- 
■lon for play la wlthoDl tho enthuibum ihkt 
mlgbt bUTe galniid for it Hme meaimra of 
respect. Tfas >pectatOT can only feel con- 
tempt lor ■ man who to readUj penniti 
blmielf to be dnpad, and eadnna lili inia- 
forCanei wleb »o lltCla (ortiCiulfl. StUI, 
Btetrbg la permlttsd one of thM« SKDniiliiK 
deatb-Kanei which hars kIwus been dear 
to tnuwllani," (B) Brcrrln, In A. MURPHT'S 
' AU in the Wrong/ la in fore THtb Jfchmiii. 

gl) BiHTtov, in ■The Viituoos Wife' (o.t.), 
the hnabuid of Oliuia. 
Bevwlar. Kra. Wife of " tba rauoe- 
atar" In Uuure'b play ol that nainc(^.c.l. 
Of Un. Slddnni'a aaaumption of this 
Ghatocbv Uailitt wrote : " We remember 
her manner in ' The Cameater.' when 
Slukrlry deetaraa bla toFa to her. The 
look, ant of Incrednllty and natonlabment 
then paaslng audilanty into centeiupt, nnd 
ending in bitter acim, and a coniulsiie 
bnmt ol langhUr, all glien in a moment, 
and iKfing open eierj morement of the ioul, 

S reduced an effect which wo sball ae'et 
»rf(et-" Charlotte Bewrity in Ibe aame play 
inelJiterlotbo hero, aodbeloroLl by Lixioa 

Beverley, Enaigm. The nnmo nniler 
which Capbiin AbiSttte In 'The Rivala' 
C/.t.) ia flrat known Co Lj/ilin lAnguM. 
Beverley, Henry. Actor, bom at 

hi* l^ndon 3/lnit at Cnient (iarden i'n^lSOO 
aa Dartd in ■ Tbe Kirala ; ' waa tbo original 
_. n ._ . s. CojTie;« -Allfc- ' — ' 

i low-comady part 
It London Theatrt 

"e Biography 

nnd hint described ai 
many tblnga t« forget, pnaacuca n 
ronuine humonr than hairtlie comed 
!.f onr national Ihealrea."'— HiB wife Ca 1 
t'bnpman) made her flmt appoaraiu-e 

Beverley, Henry Kozby. Actor. 

wm of William Deierley: bom ITM, dieil 
18Ki mado bla Brit prDfaulDnal appearance 
nb tbe tbutre in Tottenham Street, Ijindon. 
then called (he Begency, and managed by 
bia father. Ila ia beat remembemd for bla 
petfonnanceB at tbe Adelphi Theatre Id 
ISSS, whan ba enacleii ytu'man Saggi in 
'Xicholai NIckleby,' and bgured in 'The 
Dancing Ibrher' and other plecex. In l^oa 
be iieouiui leaiM of Ibe Victoria Iheatco, 


vinccM AccordiiiK to Jrjbii llj.l,' 
an-a'Player* and^ VlaywrighU' 
ley was called -The Heauty. 
ho waa so ugly, and was "tb 
omedian I eier aaw In my lift 
ilceptiog Uaton." 
ley, Kobert Boxby. S* 


Ley. Samuel Soxby. Sc 

Beverley, ■William [Boxby]. TlioS' 
trjcul mnDHSor: nriginally in the navy; at 
one time (IHlft-l^l) Iraaee of tbe theatre 
In Tnttcnbam Street, London, then called 
the Regency, wbare he Inlroiliicoii French 
playa and playere to London andlancoa; 
afterwarda diracCor of tho Theatre Royal, 
Mancbeiler, and later, of the theatrical dr- 
ciiitcomprinngSlilelila, Stockton. Durham, 
tinnderlajid, and 8catl>oruugh. Uia aona, 
Robert, Samuel, and Henry Uf.ii.\ warn all 
actora; bla aau William (.1^^ waa a weU- 
known acenic artlat. See Boxur, BonEKT 

Beverley, William Boxby. Scenlo 
artlat, bom islo dlHii IggS; aon uf W. H. 
Be'erley ii-v-V. is said to hare begnn bla 
'--'-' -^«r, under h'- 

.. (hat his fDr__ 
it Uie hlatrionlo ; and 

aa a painl 

inrg (altorwuila ^ VietorlalTheativ, 
I waa iDllowed by oneat the Prineeaa'a, 
under the managenieat of S. Madei 
lot From 18*7 to 1855 bo wr- -' ■"-- 

Plancbe. From tbe 
Drury I*no and Co'( 
tbe former during tl 
latter daring tbe an 

urkiDg at 
a period of 

a ol Walter Scott, and to 

r plays hi 

He^soYnrnlBbe.! the*! 
Ubutl Smith's' Mont B 
A tbe Egyptian Hall (II 

tind It.' <e) t^TGELE'S ' 

and (3) MiLES's 'Artince,' <4) J'ramua. 
Orerar. and tiarry Brca sro tbrea brothora 
(an M.P., a aoldler, and a lawyer) la 
U'BHiEs'g "CroaaParpoaea'Cj.e,). 

Bewitched. "A three -act fardal 
acream " by E. K. KlDQEH (?.o.), performed 
in America in IgST-S. with itol aniilh Ruaaell 
In the principal rfllt. The plot tuma on 
Uie dianu* worked b; a nondeifnJ amolet 

b CObmei ChiiUcui 

KfteiDDOD of Febnun' 1. )^'>. >>r Mrs. 
JJ<iniB[U-B««re uid Arthar Boarrbier. 

BUntxheiTDjibliotlii-um ; or. The 
3>wBTrof the Diamond Dell. A]iui- 

il»c«<l M the BriUiiniA TtiLitlre. Loalan, 

BlKnoa. (1) NMnms of Cauio in 
■OU)eUa-(7.B.). (2) Oaagbter at Jtopdifo 
ud iLilar dI JTaljkfrfne tn 'Tbe Taxalag 
-■ ■"- ""--r'/t"')- <3> A cbaiMter in 
■ tread 

iibfl prlDtniM *p*tb of pleui 
Ims mvlB the flr~~ ' 

, after i 

. (1) AtiuedrbyB.SlIEPHERD. 
uHu lu mt. <S) ' Bbinca ; or. Tbs 

.r acta, written bf I. Palurave milF- 

i (o.fA coinptiMtl hy M. W, Balfe (q-V.), 
I lint pettonnea at C^ivent Uardui 
e»trs on December e lew, vKb M1<id 
atRa Fjndaa fim'jAi, ^V. llarHncru ah For- 
Huto. the braio, aoil H. Corri and C. 

rl froi 

the I 

k drama 

!, and printed In 
iH'Ife of (;oi>niod> 

Blanca Tf Boontt. A ttugeils by N. P. 

Tliestre. %'ew'York, on Angiut -a. 1^7, with 
Mira Clirion In the title part, I'ladde u 
J>BfiWfi, and C. Meatafer ai Giutis. 

BirUrttB. Amntlcal farcein twoacta, 
dlalogae by J, K. JCROHE. Ijrica by Adrian 
Bas9, and mnalt by F, Ojimond Can- ; flmi 
pertnrmed at the Prince of Walea'a Theatnt, 
Lnidon, <m April II, IWS, witli Artbor 

by F. Kaye, E. Thome. Mi™ P. Drougblon, 
mm M. llylton, Mlia K. I^ftus, etc. 

Biaa, Jnatioe. A cliaractar in J, 
\T*uiER"B ' Factory I»d' (B.C.), 

Blbti and Tnoker. A comaly In ttm 
acta, adapteil from 'Tricoche et Cacolet' 
(fl.o.), and Hrat perfonned at the Claiete 
Tlitatre, London, on Angnat 14, 1S7S, with 
K broBgb and J. L. Toole In the title parts, 
and other r/Uci by B. Soutar, T. Maclean, 
anil MIn E. Farren. 

Bibber. (I) A tailor hi Drvdev's ■ Wild 
Gallant ' <g.r.) ; the ari»dnsl of Tom Thiinile 
('l.r.) in ' The Hahearsal ' Iq.t.). (2) A cap- 


BibbB. The name of foar chnracterri la 
W. E. KiTTEifs tjulet Family ( 
and Jfr>. Bantaba Bibbi. and Jfr. ami Jf ri. 
Batjamin nMm. 

Blbb7. The name of an aetor wbo »p- 

Kared at the Park I'heatre. New York, in 
■hniary, 1816, as Sir Areh^ UcSaraxrm, 
BUbieqaently playins KiclMrd lit., Sliv- 
lock, sir i-crlrnoi JfcSj/Mpionl, and other 

Garden as Sir Prrtinax and in other rOfc*. 
nnd Ilailitt then wrote of him that be b«l 
"a ereuC dml of tlut amiiiined decoram 

since the daya of Jack Palmer, has been a 
ditidtraium on the atace. In short, we 
have bad no one who looked at home >n a 
full dreaa coat uid breecbei. Besidea the 
more obiioua reqoiaitea for the stage, the 

SB-play of the new actor Is often eicellent : 
i eye points what he la going to say ; he 
has a tvry algniBcant stnile, and a ran 
alarming Bhrnp with hia .liouldBr»"CTIie 
Knglinh Sta^e.MsiSX Bibby atterwanis re- 
turned hhi attention to the law. ^ivland. 
- his 'New York Stage' (18M). apeaka ol 


I having 

..act«l a... 
! imitation 

E?edMlok Cooke." 

BibllothekarfQar). A fardcal comedy 
in foDr acta by Von MoaER, Eiiiilith ndapta- 
llona of which have appeared under the titles 
of 'TheLlbnuian-Cv.i-)Bnd'The Privalo 
Kucrrtary ' {g.v. '. It was perfonned. in tlie 
original (Jenoan, at the Bowery, New York, 
In Nofember ISM. and at the Opini 
Comiqae, London, on October W. isM. 

BtoepB, Fntnk. A medical student In 
T. P-iBHrt • Eugenia ClairclUe.' 

Blchs an Bols (I>a). See Black 

', dieil 1 

a Village' 

il Mall] 

, 'Th<! 


S7M), 'Daphne and Ariaiino' (I7e5>. -The 
lain Dealer' (1708), -Loie in the City' 
(lis;), 'Lionel anil aariiin' (ITne), "Tfie 
Abaent Klan' Cn&i). -The Boval Garland' 
(170S), -The Padlock' (1103), "The Hypo- 
crite (1768), "The Kpheslan Matron' (ifw). 
'Dr. Lail In his Chariot' (1709). "Ttje 
Candfe' (17B9). 'A School lor Fathers' 
(1770), '"ns Well It'aNo Worse ' (1770), ' ITie 
BecruitJne Sergeant' (1770;, 'He IVonld If 
he Cuuid^ (1771). and "The Sultan' (I77&) 
He also wrote an oratorio -Judith' Pl70l), 
and ia said to bate been the author o( ■ The 
Spoiled Child' lot.). See 'The Brltiah 
ITieatre,' ' The British AcOug Dtama.' Incli- 
boid'a 'Collection of Farces.' 'The Blir- 
graubia Draniatica ' (ISia). Uailitt'a ' Comlo 

BlckeratafraBniiaKAK oriWork 
for the TTpboldeTB. A tarca by Mrs. 
Centlivre (q.ji.), flrat performed at Drury 
Lane on March il, ITIO, with Korris, Uick- 
erstaff, and Un. Knight in the chief parts. 



Uncnln'a Inn Fluid* 
'■ It li, of come, foondfd on tbB Tallrr. 
'nw UnbiitfMl Doil txa pomma of both 
••lai. who laad nnlsn llfsi. Ths]' are 
bronf^tbaforeBicksnteS foreiRinliuttioii " 
fOanaitX Two of tbacbumctan ve c&])eit 
V and Coqnettt Lady. Tbe piece 

fOansitX Ti 

Btcknell, Mra. ActH8i.dl«I ITEI; wu 
tbeorl«ilul repteaentatire of Chrrrv in ■ The 
■B«»n»'Str»t«™n,' Jfiton in ■ Tlie Wife o( 
BaCh' (a.T.i. K>Uy in 'U'hsl d'ye uU iCI' 
Mr,. CiiJihU In -Three Boon after Mur- 
rlac*.' Lad^ Wrangli In 'The B«fDu].' etc 

MImi Pne (-Lon tor Loie\ JVfu Onydtn 
t' The BelapM'), Oilria (■ BccrnitlnK OlficsrO. 
Jddy SadS/eJ-'tbe Donbia CIiUlKnC'), Bad 
other narla. TbtTatlerCimaUpe^kt other 
a* havliiB '■ a'certaln grace in her roiUcilv." 
Hm Uaneit'i ■ EnglliS Slaga ' (ISST). 

laM. (2i 

.nealre Fhlladerpbiii,' SBptembtr 

—tS) ' BicjElen : ' a dromutir pl«e 

( KENDBICK JilKQ!!. flnt pcrfonnwl 

Theatre, ilmton. ir.ti.A., 

___5. J4)'ThB Bicjcle:' a 

comnlielta I)]' Mn. HiTUii Bij:LL(y.c,}, ur- 
[nnned at the Coined; Tliontre. London, 
March 12, 1396. See CtcUno and Laot 

BtddT. KiBB. Th8 h 

-_F, tlrsl pertonaed 
New Jar«y, U.N.A., Aug.i.t 
A play by LoL'is HARRiau; 

ItiUy. nil 

Bldetha Bent. A churacter in operatic 
and dmiiiatlc Totslona o[ -The IJrida of 

Bidlake, Kot. John. Muter of Pty- 
m.Mh timuimar School ; author ot ' Vir- 

f'l.o.i. (3) Amiflto Bifin 1> aunt to CJora 
in 'AwraTOtine Snm'^IV.i'-). (8) There In 
Kil-u BiSla III J. B. Bt'CKaloMi's ' Popplm 
tiia (jawtlou ' iq-t.). 


Biff Bandit (A). A innslixl tileco in 
one act. »ritiBo by Malcolm W'athon, 
tompinod by Waller Mlaaihier ; St. Geonta'a 
Hall, London. April 3D, IHU. 

BlBBonKn2a,(The). A farcical comedy 
In lour acta, adapted by Aitat'aTiN Dalt 

tint perfonnedatthemthArennaThaUre, 
New Vork, fn FebniatT, ISTfi, wiUi JaowB 
Lewia as Pn>f. CiutwcUailtr, Miu F. Daren- 
port aa Euf/rnia Cadicallader, ftlra. OUbatt 
an Carpliud CadieaOaiir, Ulu K. Bigl aa 
Vinit, and John Draw an Beb JtungUi; 
ny(rcd in Augiut, IBTS. with Msurice 
Barrymore a.i Bob. See UN 'CiunsE. 

Biff Pony (The), A oomlo opera, 
written by A. C. Wi(eEL£h and compaeed 
by E. J. Uarllniri proiluced in Jiaw York in 
March, ISHT, with N. C. Ooodwin in the 
title part and Min Lilian Ombb aa the 

Biff BlBB <The1. A nlay by 

___ „„..£L 

Blsot(The). ApUy liyF.C.UnoTR.par- 
foimwi nt the Lyric UaU, Ealing, Norembei 




BUbarry. (1) A plonibboy fn H. T. 
CBAVK.y's'My i-resenBr'ft.n.). (8) There 
la a Billy flillwrrv In C. If. Uaxlewood'8 
'Ashore and Afloat' (a.c.X and (3) a JTr. 
Bilbrrrii BgOTea hi J. il. MoBTO.i'a 'biih 
Tiger' i(,.B.> 

BlliooB Attack <A). 
act. by AltTHlIlHVool.(fl.B.) 
\l the lloDiom Theatre, 1, 

Btlklna, Taylor 

BUI, Bloodred. 

T, London, 

J. P. Adanu In the title part. 
Bill Jonon. Si^e AuilciiST, Q, 
Bill of £xehai]ffa. 


A comedy by 
Soyal, Brighton, 
September IS, UiTU. 

BIllofFarerrhe); ot, For Further 
PartlanUrB 'Bnqulis Within. A 
fan'ical akoli^h In one m-l. first porformed 
nt the Havmarkot on June IS, i&il, with 
Tarr/ aa 3euimM atiutt (a coUBtiy maiiafer), 




Oxbemr as Samuel Stinffo, W. West as 
Jiobin luutletrap^ Lee as Looneu MactuwlUr, 
aod Mn. Cbatterley as Cieely Homespun 
and in six other characters. 

BiU of the Play (The). See Play- 

Billee Taylor. A nautical comic opera, 
words by H. P. Stephens (q.v.), music by 
Edward Solomon (q.vX first performed at 
the Imperial Theatre, London, on October 
30, 1880. with Frederick Bivers in the title 
ptit, Fleminc Norton as Captain Flapper, 
Arthur Willuuns as Sir Mxneing Lane. J. 
D. Stoyle as Ben Barnacle. F. A. Arnold as 
Christopher Crab, Miss Kathleen Corri as 
Phcehe Fairleigh, Miss Emma Chambers as 
Arabella Lane, Miss Edith Vane as Susan. 
Miss Harriett Coveney as Eliza Dabbsey, and 
Miss Ewell as Jane Seraggs ; performed at 
the Standard Tbeatre. New York, in 1881 ; at 
the Uaie^ Theatre, London, in November, 
1886, with Miss Coveney as BUza^ Miss 
Bfarion Hood as Phoebe, Arnold Breeden as 
BiUee, Arthur Roberts as Barnacle, and 
Squire. Jarris, and O. Honey in other parts ; 
at Toole's Theatre, London, in August, 1886, 
with Miss EmUy SpiUer as BiUee, Miss 
Harriett Vernon as Thoebe, Miss Coveney 
as Eliza, H. De Lange as Ben Barnacle, 
and Arthur Williams as i7a/]!p^. See Billy 

Billiards. A comedy by E. F. Thorne, 
produced at Niblo's Garden, New York, on 
the afternoon of September 6, 1878, with 
the author as Sam Sample. In the course 
of the performance a ** match" game of 
billiarda was played. 

Billibarlo. A gamin of Naples in B.. 
Bw Brocoh's * 3faaaniello' iq.v.). 

Billing and Cooing. A comedy in 
two acU, by JoHX Oxen ford (^.r.). first 
iriayed at the Boyalty Theatre, London, on 
June 10, 1865, with J. U. .Shore as Sir 
Thomas Turtle, who, in the end, pairs off 
with Lady Bell Hvneycombe, Gilbert Easy 
marrying JuUa Stately, and Theodore Fret- 
Itif^ e^KMuring Clarissa Tantrum. 

Billingtony Adeline [Mrs. John 
Billingtoni. Actress; after experience in 
the prorinees (indoding an appearance as 
JuUk to the BArmeo of Miss Charlotte Cnsh- 
man), made her first appearance in London 
in l537 at the Adelphi, as Venu» in Selby's 
'Cupid and Pyscbe' (q.c.\ She remained 
at that tbeatre tBl Ifitfd, appearing in the 
original hon^an casts of *The Colleen 
Bawn' (Jfry. Crenan\ *The Life of an 
Actress' {ffuUm% 'Aurora Floyd' (Jfrs. 
PowUu *Hip Van Winkle ' (G'rcteA^nX *No 
Thoroughfare' (The Veiled Lady), Byron's 
* Babes in the Wood' {Lady Jiaeassar), 'A 
Woman of Bnsine— ' (Bom. Shrimpington 

3maUmeeeX and "Maud's Peril' (Susan 
TmpeHeyX as weQ as in rerirals of *Tbe 
Flowen of the Forest' (Cynthia), *Loat in 
Lowloa' (Tiddw DroffgUUkorpe}, 'Green 
Bn-be>' (Miawu), aad ' ¥xdo^ {AUabelUy. 
8beaftcrvBnla*'cnated''theraM0f JfrjL 

Boker in 'Formosa' (1869). Margaret in 

• Hinko '.(1871X Pragma in • Babil and Bijou ' 

8872X Mrs. Valentine in ' Bough and Boady ' 
874), Duchess d^Aubeterre hi • Proof ' (1878X 
lona Uessel in 'Quicksands' (1880), Mrs. 
Darlington in 'Youth' (1881), Dame Chris- 
tiansen in ' Storm-Beaten ^ (1888), Lady 
Sherlock in ' Bank and Biches'(1883). Mdnu. 
de Periany in 'Princess Georges' (1886), 
Lady Charteris in 'Mr. Barnes of Now 
York' a888X and MarU Anne \xl * The Grand- 
sire' (1889), besides appearing as Jfr«. 
Brulgruddery in 'John Bull* (Gaiety, 1872), 
Senna in 'Virginius' (Surrey, 1880). the 
Widow MelnotU (Lyceum, 1888X Mrs. Hard- 
eastle (Gp^ra Ck>miqiie, 1887), Mrs. Malaprop 
in 'The Birals' (Op^ra Comique, 1887). 
Paulina in "The Winter's Tale '(1887), the 
Nurse in ' Bomeo and Juliet/ and Daphne 
in 'Pygmalion and Galatea' (q.v.). Mrs. 
Billington has been seen in the country 
in the leading female r6le of ' Chained to tbe 
Oar,' 'Olive Branch,' and 'Bough and 
Beady.' ^ 

BilUngrtoxi) John. Actor, bom 1830 ; 
began his professional career in the English 
prorinees, and in April, 1857. made his 
London dibut at the Adelphi as Harry 
Mo ivbray in * Like and Unlike '(q. v. ). During 
the next eleven years he i^peared at the 
same theatre in the following original rdles : 
Walter in ' The Poor Strollers (1858), Dubtds 
in « Ici on Parle Fran^ais ' (185tf). Frederick 
Wardour in 'The House or the Home' 
(1850), Beaumont FleUher in ' One Touch of 
Nature' (1850> St. Valirie, father and son, 
hi ' The Dead Heart ' (1850), Owen Pereival 
in 'Paper Whigs' (18e0). Count ITArcy in 

* Magloire' (1861), Hsd Plummer in ' Dot ' 
(lBK),John MeUish \n ' Aurora Floyd ' (1863X 
Alfred Casby in ' Hen and C*hickens ' (Ift^), 
Mr. HaU hi ' A Woman of Bmrfness' (l>s64), 
Kit Coventry in 'Through Fire and Water ^ 
(1866X Ahmedoolah in 'A Kister's Penance' 
(1806), Luke BlomAeld in * Dora ' (IfaOT k Sir 
Ralph hi 'Maud's Peril' imffl), WaUer 
Wilding in 'No Thoroughfare' (1867); as 
well as in the original London casts of 
'The Colleen Bawn' {JIardress Cr^gan), 
'The Octoroon' {(kxirge PeuUm), 'Bip Van 
Wmkle' (Hendriek in the hut act), and as 
Modus in * Tbe Hunchback ' (1866). A mong 
other parts of which he has been the flmt 
representative may be named Gob Olire in 
'Behind the Curtain' (ltf70). Sir Pereiral 
Clyde in 'The Woman in White' (l-iTl), 
Jfarfin Gurder in * Dead Man's P'Hnt ' (l-f71 >, 
Mark Musmave in * Bough and Ready ' 0574). 
Gottfried m ' Gretchen ^^79)^ J>/rd IltJtketh 

in * The Upper Crust ' (l>i^))^ Ma//r-G^n^ral 
Mogador in 'Auntie' (li»s3), Jonah Pap. 
worth in 'Girls and Boy«' (Uivi2x Mr. 

Pappendiek in 'The Don' (Ir^K and .Sir 

Lovel Gage in* Tbe BamUnUlfS^).if^ifi^ 
figuring in tbe original l»ndon casts of 
* The JUt ' iCoUmel fudor) and ' The Butler ' 
(Sir J. Tracy). John Biliinston lias also 
been seen in London in the foUowina; parts : 
Joe Tillrr in ' Poll and my Partner Joe ' 
(1967a De Laey in 'Bory O^ore' (UM>, 
Harry SfanUym* ^walnj' {JiJMS),Mer€uti» 

WH)— r11 Bt tbe Adetnhi ; 
hin-TheGoldsn Plough' 

IV m ' Beta:r Bttker ' n'^}. 

(lani, JonoA C™ii^ 

haam. Major Trtlitmt In 'Cyrll'i 
<iaao),jrr. Cn«Rmvln'Beta:r BttH.. .. 
J(i*n /•.mAinfffclli 'Dot'(lS80X»nii "'"l 
Pmn UMir la -Odb TuDcb of Nature' 

BUllurton, Sra. IGllttbttb 

•elll. , 

.„ ,. -18, died 16-. — -„ 

■ell. flantiit, una HwlBriol Welt , 

Tonlliti Btaixteen miirrled Jamea UUIIns- 

her'ui^''u'ad°Dpanllc ac^t itDii^n 
In ' Orpbeai sad Y.arjAin.' and mwle ber 
Ijondun d(^^' at Cnrent Garden on Febrouy 

a 1786, ai HoKiUi in 'Iatb In k Village,' 
lor many nucwwiful apptaruiFea un tba 
•Ute and the pUtlumi, she went In 1701 to 
Italy, where she ane In leteral operas 


in pajnted with tbe aiuele 

, ''Hbt toico," write* W. 

nd ponerTul, and ber 

j1, aba was llie prima 

„, , d piaypjer'). Oitmiry n^a 

iihewaii"in IndlHereut actreaa." See Oi- 
berty'B 'Dramatic Biomapby'IIBIfi). 'Die- 
Uonai; of UuBlcr-nil Mniilrluiji>nA7in. 

BllUtar. _ (!) 
la a MnjoT BiUi 

BUlBtlckem Beware. 

OBtelana' (UnO). 
A hotel proprietor tn H 
rrin H. J. BtkO.Vs'Part 

BlUyDoo. A tarco In one act. h J C. M. 
Rae (f.r), first perTormed at the Globe Tbenr 
Ire. liondon, 00 April SO, lari.with J . L. Toole 
In tbe title part, L. Braugh na Dick Svoimfr, 
A. Ccdl u TheoptiiloA Sjintcr. and Mia E. 
Johnalone aa Smphina Wigi/ini. 

Billy Snivel. A (aree. played at New 
York in KOS, with 0. Orabwn as tbe beru. 

BUly Taylor. The hero of ' litlly Tay. 
lor : or, TheOay Yonng Fellow ; ' a bnrletk 
by J, B. BL'CK!)TD\E(7.r.), flrat perlonopd at 
tfic Adclphi Tbeatre, London, t>n ND<'eiol>er 
», IBM. iHlbJ-Reeveaatho hero. "O. "Smith 

Apjuhn as Kittu Sliao, (iallut as Cavlain 
f ^Kturinm. Handera at Jim Blocilira>f, and 
Sin. FitiwUliam aa Herri, Wagitnf(,hitiit. 
Cojt}. BlOg royhrr li alao the dilef chv' 

lacter In fl) a psntominifl written by G. A. 
Sau, C. K. Sala nVvN.i), and G. Ellis, and 

t the Oriental 

Bin, in DoL'GLis JEHnaLD's 'Hooie- 
keaper' (v.i'.), I» » wino-carriet. ToftHcia 
ana Supft// he aoya, " If yuu would hare your 
hnaband Iotd, wniship, bonoui. and reapect 
yon. never be without a cotkacrew." 

Bingti. (t) Tbe driver of the 
A. RAUHIS's'Dninjr tho •■ Ylnaiom" ' (a.v.y. 
12) Dr. Ititigo Is a cbuacler in J. S. Cotne'9 
'Qooer SobJMt '(j.b.). and{3) /"aHf Binge. 
ILA-i Hgarea in H. J. Bt[10»'s ■ Cyril'a Sac- 

BinJcB the Barman. A farce in ona 

act, by J. KTIRLIM) COVNB C^-r-J. Arat per- 
fonneil at the AdelpbL Theatre, London, on 
February 13, 1»M. with Wricht in tbo tltla 
urt, Fnnl Bedford aa Jati Rolntma, and 

ptay'od'st New York in May ul the 'soma 

Blnrta. A chanctet iii Coouun's ' LodT 
Bloffraphla T^nunatioa. See Con- 

Fbavk Mahshall, music by SIgnoi Laura 
Boaai, flrjt pcKornied at the qaeenV The- 
atre, London, on January IT, 1S77. 

Blrbanto. Lieutenant tu Conrad fn 
W. Bnuitas'a ' Conrad and Medora' (q-v.'). 

Bircli. Samuel. Aldeimaa onddtama- 
tlat. horn 17H, died IMi ; was the author ol 
the followinE ataite pieeeii :—' The Morinm ' 
(1193). 'The Packet Boat' (17W), 'ThB 
Adopted Child' (170S). 'The SmngRlera' 
(IWO), 'Fiiat AHlecp' (1797), and 'Albert 
and Adelaide' n703>. beaidee other proao 
and lerae. See the ' Blngraphla Dismatico.' 

Bird, Bobert HootsomeTy, U.S. 
American dianiutlac ati3 mincefUuieoua 
writer, bom 1803, died 1S54 : anthor of tbs 
tullo^nK Inwedie«:— -The Broker of Bo- 
gota.' ' nio Ohidlator,' ami ' Uralooaa.' 

Bird, Theophllua. Anocturln Killl- 
inew'a company at Drary lane in and after 
IMS; "broke hli 1^ when dooeiug In 


Bird In « Oava (The), a corisiIt b; 
JiMta SniBLET (i.iO,Bcl«l at the Fhu-nli, 
ta Dnuy Lus, uid prinMd In IB33, with an 
Imlal iddnta to WtlUun PiTiuie {a.n.). at 
r ««tB. Tbfl title ia 
csDtnl , JDcident— />/!■- 

- SSlSiI, 

itheait^ the Diutr .y Jf. 
inm, bu OMn cgnfinod, by wav ol 
ibiR ber from her luiton, The pitkc 

flat Gu^BU io April, 17^- 
Blnt in tha Hand Worth Two In 
the Bosh (A). A play in Ihwu acta, by 
ISBDKRICBPhii.UfsW.s.), Brat perfomiM 
■t thaBnmrThKtra, London, nn Januarr 
IB, lSt7, irith Sbepberd te Itoderidc Praut- 
MrtAv ud H. Widdicomb as Capiat 
mark*; Brat pl^ed at Maw York In »ay 
a( tha Mma y«ar; replied at LlnB Ednln'i 
nMtn, Ne* York, in Septembm, 1870; 
nrlTed at tbe Globe Tbeatre. I^indon. in 
Septombar, 1E7B, with a caat Including J. 
Mniaiid*!, Shlel Ban;, and B. C. CBrton. 

Bird of Parodlaa (The). A Jnrta 
>aspt«d by ALfitKD Thomfso (a.e.) from 
■tha French, and first pcrtormeil at tbe 
Gaiety ThcBWe, Londcpn. on Jnna M, 1B«. 

Bird of Fuuee (The). A farce, 
pUywl at New ¥■'■>'■- '"""-i'l 

Blrda (Thi 


ji Urougbam 

oomedy by ABraTO- 
«d into EnKllab by 

,__..!). and HoKPnKISa*). 

tJ« BIRDS 01 ■ " 

BirdBi Beaita, and Flahea. : 

■ ■ ■ ■ it the aiy of L 

nnitmar ""' 

..-(anclful - , , 

Rib (j.».),Bnl pntonnedat tbe Haymarket 
on MoTMnber 13, 1S7B. with a cut Including 
Miaa Kathleen Irwlft, Mlaa Ella DieU, Mlia 
UuU Hsnla (aa tha tbiee "pretty little 
■BdCT hfrda"), and Kyrle (Bellew) and W. 
OordoB (a* the two " aaughty cats "}. The 
ehaiBcten alio indode a couple ot " old 

Birds of I 


Birds of AtI 

Feather. A pli 

, a (The). A 

[pariment " In one act, "lielnf 
ttempt to adapt tbe laid 'birda 
M. tv glTfnf them new namaa, 
new leauini, new aona, and aew ulea." by 
].R.PLAnrai(a.T.Vuat performed at tbs 
Ba;market on April 13. 1840, with J. Bland 
M tbe Ki'nn qf lie Binli. Tilbury an "a 
poet," Brindal a« "an architect," and Mlaa 
r. itortea aa tba J/^ingele. " Mf ambi- 

\riatophaoic dminn, 
itrtbnW to." 

A Duel ii 

Blrda of Prey: or. 

Dark. A diania bi Ihi - . 

ItOBERTSOM {q.r.i. A play called ■ Blrda o( 
Prey ' waa produced at New Yurk In IBM. 
'Blrda of Vrcy' ia al*. the title ot an 
oiwrqtta by Crosa and Hawkins, pertormed 
at Undderaauld in April, ISSl. 

Birds without Peathera. A mnBlcal 
piece, performed at the Haymarkvt on 
Octoberl, IS24, wilh a cast including Mdms. 

Blrdaeye, Adolphue. A clurartBr In 
L, KucKiNOBAK'a ' Don't Lend yonr Um- 
brella' (g.B.). 

Blrkett, Alexander and Adolphua. 
Father and son in BuHMjNl)-a ' UkUs ■ (i.<,.). 

Birklo, JamoB, ofthat Ilk. A cha- 
racter in MuBauVS ■ (Jmmund Brig ' (q.v.). 

BirmlnffhamfW'arivlckshlrB). -The Snit 

SUya perfonned In Blnn!n«ham were pro- 
need in buotba located In "The Fielda" 
(afterwarda Ten " ~ 


11 located U 


it building devo' 


stable," and 

.tsd in Outta i^treet. Tills 

Street, to which. It la 
) paid t^ oompanie* from 

a theatre In Mi 
recorded, tlidta V 
Loniloa ; tbta, h . _ 
Mathodlat chapel, and 

la bnul^l'r'^ 

ot Hmntlngd. .. . 

playhouse waa bnllt In New atieet. Thla 
was burned down hi lT»2,and rebuilt in ITSfi. 
Its Hrat manager. Vales, bad endeatoured 

In 1TTT t/^ r.1.«>,» > Uj.>,<rA fp^n, 11>*UBniant< 

spportsd by Burke he did ni 

M IkinitDn. The preaent fafads. 

mrflTtd the Urea of ITH 
Priaet of Walift Tlitatn, v 
— " — - irlRlnally 

froto 1780. bailni 
— —■ ■ '■»" The 

pare and simple. 

Oeman Reed" sort. 
became a playho 
ter its pnnent tl__. 
ta leiuee E, Swan- 

lAte in that year James Rodni* 
e]eaae,wliicb waa afterwarda held 

by his son, taptain RtKlfcers. The building 


Grand Theatrt (Corpontlon Street) vH 
opened In 1BS3. under the nuntgeDtent of 

prlfltoT, and so!d It In 1803 to Its prevent 
muu^er, J. W. TUTIier {q.v ). Tba )}u«n't 
Thcatn (Ranw Hill) wu opened In 18B6 u ft 
mnilc-hiU, but In tbe foUirlni jcx ww 
booght br Andnw MelTills and reoponad 
<alUr»ltentiDns)u>plft]rhoiue. Tbel«ua 
ma Mqnired In USS bj Cterance Souiei. 
The TKiatn RoyaL AMa Onu, wu opened 
In 189S. For (fia ouly ttantrlol >iiiiiJe nf 
Bfnnlngham, ■« tbe 'SMorjtai^ 

[IMor* and Deectlp- 
, pablighed In ISM. 

I ' of tbe city, pnb 

Pot delallB of more tecent youm OWl to 
1879). »a -The BlnnEniibun TbeUref bj 
T. Edg&r PemtMiton aSOO). 

BlnDlnrlutm Ki. de, In B. Boeca'e 

'Don'e Deiica' (g.v.), In In loie with and 
baloied bj Dora, 

Blron. <1) ^ loi^ In Bitlcndance on tba 
King tl/ JfaPtOTt, and in loie with Roiatine 
(I.T.)> In '!»»'■ Labonr*! Loat' (q,s.]. He 
nuT be aeceplad as tbe prutotjrpe at Dene- 
dickfq.T.). ''^Intblai:bw*cter,"ujg Walter 
Pater, •' wbicb la noTor quite )n Much irlcb, 
neierantto on ^perfect level of undentand- 
Ing vith, tbe other penona of the pla;, ve 
aes. perhaps, a reflex of Staakapere bimaelf, 
■rben bebuJnatbecomeKble to stand aside 
'« the Arst period of bla 
mi, tn SoutnsRN'B 'In- 

, .a the hoaband of the heroine. (3> 

Kui/au de Biron in " '' *"~ '~ '"" — 

poetry." (2) Binm, tn Souihbrn's _ _ 
liolla/ la the hoaband of the heroine. (3> 
' ' a character in 'Henri 

Blrrel, Andrew- Anthor of 'Henry 
and Ahnerli.,' & tragedy (ISOS). 

Birth. Acomedyin(hrMaGU,byT. W. 
HODERTSON (a-n.), dnt performed at the 
■m._._ D — ( Briatol, October 6, 1870, with 
u Jatt XandaU, J, H. Slater 


Earl of EagttelySe, 

larl o/l 

'Die Khre' (jp-X and p«r- 
lormad rtor copyright purposes) at the 
Thntre Hoyal, Ediabariih. on September 
18, 18»a 

Birth of Boanty (The) : or, Harls- 
qnin Willlaju the Oonotieror 
metorlcai eTtn*aganE4 by W, M. AKt 
Sanger's Theatre, London. Decemba 

AkbonK as .ilBuitons. 

Birth of Serlln CCh^ ; or, The 
Child ha.a found hi* Father. A 

tn.Kie.j.i>^dv, printed In leK.andattribnted 
on thp titli^ ijue to Shakespeare and Row- 
ley ('j.i'.). )a this play, Mertin !a repM- 
»'ntsi! aa the oHspilng ot the Dtra and 

net only with a beard and tbe facnltlea of a 
" t witti the t^t of prophecy The 



Br in a 
is the 

daughters of Dondberi, who ndshes them 
to marry two nobles ; Uiey prefer to be. 
come nnns. " BoHlay himself probably 
acted the clown, who is the beat character " 

Bifth of Teniia (TheX An opera, 
words by J. U. Hbhbert, maslo by E. 
Jakobowskl. Brst perfgrmedat tbe Lyceata 
..„ ».i.. ^„. Fabmaiy 12, 

Baldmors, I 



Birth*. Wife o! Cm (q.v.) In 
'Alfred tbe Great '(f.e.J. 

Birthday (The). (1) An "entertain- 
ment of threeacta," by Mrs. Penny, founded 
on 'The Spectator,' No. lis, and printed 
In a volume of poema 0771). (S) A musical 
iwmedy in two acts, founded by O'Keefc 

- jT 

il tbe Koyalty Theatre, Londoni 
In JulT, 1787. (4) A comedy in three acts, 
altered by T. DlBDlN (j.o.^ from Kot»- 
bUB'a 'Piatemal Enmity,' and first per- 
formed at Coient Garden on April 8, 1780, 

with Munden as CaWain flertroi " " 

■s Jot* Junt (his servant), 

CiToat (a lawyer), Mrs, Davsnpo 

Jforoi (a housekeeper), nnci H. Johnstone 

and Urs. Pope as the lovers (ffcnry and 

Emma), Tbe action takes place on the 

birthday of Captoinfieriram and his brother, 

who havB quairelled over a lawsuit, and In 

B reconciled. See FaiTEKNAi, 

usical pastoT&l," first 

, Waddy aa 


and Rbcosc'iltation. (B) A. 
n one act, by Qeohoe BjUicnopt 



BIrth-NlKht (The)j 

Birth of Hercules (The). A masqne 
by WiLLiiii SHittLET (, set to musioljy 
l)r. Ame, and intended for repreaentatian 
Dt CovenC Oardec in 1703. It was printed 

Theatre. London, on March 
L. Toole aa Tom Craalm ani 
ITdntund £arl^'rd. Amon 

and AUmio and Penelope Lnaeon. Tbia 
fares was anicested by some inTestigatlona 
aa to the house In which Chatterton died in 

Holborn-a bomie then ocrupled by a. •rork- 
tnc cmblBSt-Dukir. 

BirtbrlKtat. A drama In tour aiti, by 
JoHB DotCLASa (7.P.); Th™tro Boj.1, 
Baddeiotlelil. June 1, JgM ; Lyric. Hftmmsr' 

rra, In FioquHiB.'! 
■ lively, uncoDTentlt 

Blaootin. Tbe innkeeper !□ ' MadUDD 

Biaonlt, Ned. A cbuactar In 'Ui 
Boffir de CoTtrley ' (q.v,). 

Blaboii. Alfted. Aclor; appearecl at 
tha BoysllT TbeaCre, LonddB, £n 1810, ai 
iTufcv In Beeca-. ■W'hittbigton.Jon.'(B.l',>. 

UlPiTiHfi'aAiilnbii ' Little Robin Hood ' 
(0.*,). HIa otfaer oriilnBl nlla Inrlnde 
Oriw EawHUVli In aQbertx 'On Onard' 
(inA Aaracmi In Bsece'a 'Williain Tell 
Told Onr Again' (1878), Dr. Ilarliu, In 
BnnBDd'i ■ Onr Babea In tbe Wood ' (ISTT), 
AiJU In 'The Home of Damloj ' ilK''')- S>r 
Jehu MsuiiUv in ' Rsclaiiaed^ (liiSl). Mr. 
Smtt In ■ LonU »nd Commoni' (ISSS). Dr. 
Dilaneii Id ■Swoat Lavender' (issa), Jarf 

■ " ■ '- •■Pit Bml IJtUe Lord 

), AnMeaoon JtUian in 

_ (ISDO), Fcmri in 'TtB 

Violin Pliyen' (ISWO), a> Wa^ia^a AthUm 
tn ■ Batcn«"ood ' 118B0). the /fnri o/ Evtr- 
lAotn la 'An Ideid Huiband' (ISBS). Pro- 
/lUW Dowfa In Tbe Sqnire of Damea" 
(liW), Captofn OuietiAon* tn 'Bonmu?' 
flWl), uidUic Jlet. PerfffriiK Hinife in ' Tbe 
ThiiBClui' (18071 Air»d Biibop boi also 
maetod In London the fullowIoK. among 
BUT, suti t—AIM CAau»uil In ' The 
—'—'-- FkTOHTlto' <Boyaltr, 1BJ1> f an(a- 


Idbh In bjtod'' 
(UaMr. 18IB), J 


- ... - ni, Pm 

' (Open Comlqus, U 
In ^ Ttao Overland 

Ifcst, 18gi)*au mrfntoi* In ' Sf bool ' 
, — ,_jkBt,188SI.5irll'.On\nonin'Pertl' 

(Bunurket, ISM). Ut. Bearder. MP. in 
' The Ohttrohwarden ' (Olympit. 1880), Blort 
'- 'DMidi Dick' (TooIb'i. 18B7), Buxim 

leeSIXJiiiepk cKaadier In '"■ 


CliiHHUnain in 'Henry Vlll.' (Ljf. .. 

IBSS), Oloitar In ■ King Leaf (Ljceom. isoa), 
flirieU, Hn., In ■ Betsy ' (Crileiion, 1800). 

BlaliOP, Anna (BAiKIviire). Tocaliit 
and aotreea: lecond wile of »lr Heory 
Biibop (q.e.) ; made her London dfMit in 
July, 183A ; aanit in New York. In 1817. as 
tiiirfa di Chamoiini. 

Blshap, Kate. Actren : voa Ken ■( 
tho CKarine Cram Theatre, London, in 1888 
ae Alia narlnui in a revival of BvmB'a 
'OMfiOO.' One of ber euUwt ori^nal 

ptLTUintthAlol Aliee 
the lioyolty In 1370. 
of nhicb Ab vnu th. 
may be named (be 

Court Thoatte ; .KJ^iA ,.. — 

~ " (18T1), PiptlU In 'CreatnrtB oi 

'-•"•' ~ia Juiii Blair in 'On 

I, the strand Theatre: 

the Lina'OBm 

1 ' KandaU'a 

(isnj. a 

Gnarte (IBTl). Au u. 

£lien In 'The Lady o. , 

JonofAan wa^l lo "Tho Idla Prontioe 
(1879), and Jloiy ifoii tn 'Old Soldieit' 
(ISTS). At the Vaudeville: An Caimr 
dt Baian In 'Bny Blu mabUd' (187ft 
VioM Metmu in 'Onr Boya^0S7B). Wotal 
OmrA In -The Olill' (187S), Ada Rittn la 
' Castla. In the Air ■ (1876). Mavd Camerm 
in 'OnrselvBi' (1880), Margaret Sevtnu in 
'Cobweb*' (18S0k AUa In ' Jackiaodailll'' 
(JSfiO), CatTM in "nieUnVnof (ISSOV Mri. 
Popij/jah n in ■ Diiorco ' (1881), .Won/ Graliaar. 
In ' Tom Pinch ■ (IBSl), and Alia kerUra in 
'Punch' (1881). At tha Globa Theatre r 
BlanrJir Ingram in 'Jane F.yre' (lSe£). At 
the Vaudeville : JloK Mvmfii/ord In ■ Con. 
foiion ■ (18S3). Mlis Miibop has also been 
------ -indoi -■ • — ■- ■ — 



, _. J). Mn. P. Ymag- 

Aufftond In • Married Life" (Vandeville, 
IBSO), Jfn. LarUnai In ' Woodcoek'a UttiB 
Game' (QaletT. iSM). gabla Dalrympli Id 
■ Impruilenca '(Folly, 1881), and DoraTftom- 
kaiigh In ' Homo ' (St. Jamei-i. 1881). 

Bishop I Samuel. Head-maetor of 
Mercbuit Taylon' .School, bom 1791, died 
17116 ; author of ' The Fairy Benison,' an 
-Inde (1796). and pnrt-aiit)iot. with 
■ ■ ' The SeamiiB ' ((-»-)■ 

Woodward, of 

began to writ^- 
called ' Angelina.' peifoc 

, 1798,. died If 

iv ft dramatic piece 

,,,.._ Margate. 

Lppolnt«d compoBor and 
dqbIc at Co vent Gsnloa 
rblcb he held for eiftbt 

e Vustri-. Tho f< 


:■ (ISia), 'Harry (a Hoy' (1813). -The 
™..erand (ibi Men '(1813), 'For Kneland, 
Ho ! ' (1813), ■ The TVandeHng B-iys ' (I8H), 
■ Sadak and Kalaimde ' {18H). ■ the Grooa 
Allianca ' (IBH), ' Doctor .Sangmdo ' (ISli), 
■Tha Foreat of Bondy ' (1814), ' Tho Nobis 
OntlaW 0S16), 'Teleionchua' (1813), 'Tha 
Magpie or the Maid' {181M, 'John da 
BaA' (ISU;, ' Who vania u W^el' (19K), 


'The Hnmnrciiu lienteiwnt' (lEIlT), 'The 
Dnke of Sikoj ■ (1817). ' ThB Filher »nd hu 
Ctalldran ' (ISIT), ' The ninitriDuii Tni 

(181S), •Decomb. ' ' 

lutui' (laiB), " 


earE ol HidJothiui ■ 
t u Oilier' (1819), 
(1819). 'Tb« Onome 

B'CieiS), 'The AntlgauT' (ISIO),' The 
B of BoUiirell Bri|i' (ISW), ' BaniT 

■M^dSUriin' (isei). 'Clarl' (lM3).'Th< 
BeMMa ol Liberty ' (1823). 'Cortoi' a8M\ 

„..._. ,__,. ....... .^,.__._. T.. ^jr-... 

ChKlee X.' (ISM), ' Aladain ■ ll8S8), 'Tha 
KniihU of the Crou ' (IBSe). ' The Kogtiib- 
mui In India' (1816). •Vain tha Oak' 
(IMO). 'AdoUlde' (18S0), 'The Trroleie 
Fauut - ( 1S3S). ' Home, Sweet Boma X18S£). 
• The Mulo Pu ' (ISK). ' The B«lu Chair ■ 
OSH). ' Ae BftUle of Obampacne' (IStS), 
'The Boaniiee of a Dar* (1»». 'Yeln' 
<1gn). 'The Beucontre' (IBSl). 'Bncal 
Fdidtr' OSH). -The Doom Kia' (laat). 
' Manfml ' (lasS). and • The FortnualtUle*' 
.riHl). BlihaptnrUurwiateoririnalmit^ 
lot TU'lrali Dl the following iUiakeepMre 

riafB:— 'A Hldiumnwr Nlibt'* Bnam' 
1819), 'The ConwdT of Smm' (18W). 
'Twelfth Night ■ (ISSff), and -The Two 

trlbuted original miuie to ' The Farmer'i 
Wife' (1S14). 'The Maid ol the Mill' (181*), 
'Brother end Sister' (1816), ' Comu»-Ciai6), 
nering' (131B). 'The Heir ' 

u' (1817). and 'Zan 

.adapted to the E 

1S18). uid 

i'C181t), 'Don <Ho>i 

>nai7 of Miudc and &lu>iclaiu' (1870). 
lop, T. Vocoliit ; eaog at Nlblo 
IK In IBST; altorwarda 


D F. FlKLD, Totten- 
ham. Uctouer !5, It»4. 

Bishop of the Flaet (Tha). A m. 
bj C. A. CLARKE and K MoufLLUT ; Lnn- 
bei M, 1«S», 

Biamath. A chttntcter In 'ThePhllo- 
npher*! Stone ' (j.t.). 

Blapluun, David. Actor and rocaliat. 

bom in Ptiiladelphiai r" '-'-- ■- 

lUli. ans at funwrta 

ntaiie d^ftuttonk place at the .Saroy Theatre, 

n. in' 

i> in t 

u»l h< 

H'wblngton, U.S 

BltofBoandaKA). ApUybyHEMir 
... ^ ( , a„t pBrfonnod at 

.A., In April, laes. 

Bltai (The). A comedy by NicHOtia 
BowE(<;.iij,iin(perfoimedatUncoin'i< Ina 
Fields UD December 4, 1701. with BettertoD 
as Sir TimiMy Tallapgy, Pack ae Pinch, 
Terbraggen as CUrimaU.TIoolhiiMl'ritniUii, 
Mra. Barry as Mr,. Cl'err, Mm. Braceglrdfs 
as JTariniu, Mrs. Mountfort as Armlita, 
Mn. Lelih a* /.odu S(a^, and Leigh as Srifr' 
bltKrakbit. Hit Timothy has engaged bis 
danghter Anfftliea to Pineii, bat dlgcoTera 

handing oier Angelica to FneiuUg, Clcri- 

'• The Biters," says ( 

the Alexandra Theatre. _™_ ™ >™- 

tober t, 1ST3. with Miss Bat«man ai Jfn. 
GroAan, Miu Paancefort as a Ulster Snpe- 
rior E. H. Brooke u Uplm Travtn, and W. 
Herbert as Slaf-Surgctm SAdCo. 

Bitter Lore (A). See WiraAMDSTJTB. 

Slttsr Beakontnr (The); or, A 
Soverb'sm Uaiiw Landa. Adnmaln 
three acU, by C. II. Hah-kwoob. first par- 
farmed St the Britannia Theatre, Landan. 
on June 10, 1871. 

B ittar-S wests .' a Story of the 

'—-"-■— ' ^ sbjAl.FRKDPiRttY, 

Theatre Boyal, Cam- 

Vootliehta. . 

' tirst pe^ormed si 

] bridge, in Augost, 

I Bitter WronBCA): a WlTo in Huff- 
land no Wife in Franoe. A domiMtlo 

, drama, in Htb acts and seren tableaui, by 

I Gf.oroe I.AM]En and JoH.v DuuiiLUis ' 
StanOanl Theatre, London, April 14, 18il. 

I BitterbllBB, Ki 

Bittera, NEinoy. A domestic aerraot 
I InK.B.UKoiiGH's'Crinoiine'lI.B.). 

in BluKhard'i 

I Kra., In H. 



performMi at the Adalj 

Ion, on March i». ISee, with C. Fechter 
Hanricc dr Layrac, Miu Carlotta 
ircq as emily Milbun, Mrs. Leigii 
■ay as Rulh. A. aiirling as .St™*«i 
tm/l. E. Atkins as Davut MioiaSkat, 
ulmoro as Plalo. 
Black Anirna. A melodrama pro- 

Biaaon, Alexandre, Sea FaniLT 

play ascribed to Henry CI 


HOM act^fl by tbfl Lord Admlnl'B 
.e jeia, Clietllu «iu awii^tea by 
The Captive 


a, delA Croix KB Orr 
\t pujfld bj bluichud & 

jiiaoK 0eHkru ■ cr, . 
PrinCBB*. A uejodranuL 
J. <J. Ckobs, flnt puriannDd In 1798 

Bonl CSima, lo--' — ■-'"- " 

Xack Btar£ltdU 

hi bUskn, pEltbJ b; hit. 

CobtuK daniit, reeonllng , 

■t BuS Is ISIS, docribu IE u " a >ipeclAde 
irlth ■OBga, cumpllsd by Cross (rom Uie 
UitoIT oTUie baBonnrs In Amerlro. In 
on* of ttw ■c«D«> the whole alaga was uuida 
to npteunt Che deck of a nutD-of-nu-." 
nu pleca wu producml at tiev York In 
ma. (a)AplAy brLEHLiCL SiwrER, per' 
foniad In America. (3J 'Hsrloquln BUck- 
ImtTd ; or. Old Dune Trot uid bar Comlc&l 
Cat:' ADUtamlma al the City of London 
TiMatrarchrlstinu, 1S63. 
Black Book (The). 
Paukive miiroo^ (--'■ 
' Lei M^molTBi du . . . 
ftuiSilSSd), and Srst perlDnned at Dmry 
Lane Theatre, London, on Febmaiy 2, ■"" 
irttli C. J. Matbews aa WoV. Misa M. i 
u iTfna, and lloney, TUbury. "' - ' 

t, Sulby in othar parts; 

(jtattan aa Daou Aiftn. 

Black Bnainsn (A). A -nipUow. 
diafflU" b^AKTllUM Maithihon, perturmed 

Angiut Ifl, iWi. 

Blaokbut Comelv. A dnuna In three 
acU, by STKPIliMK FonKIsTEJt, "partly 
aitepted" from Whjte Melville's novol of 
tbat name, and Bnt performed itt the 
Gaiety Theatre. London, on tho aflcnioon 

the aothoreu. 

BldckCutle. See AMnERsi, G. A. 

Blaok Cat (The). <!) An " Oriental 
bnilesqae," ironli by C. M. BunNET. muaio 
by C. £. UdwoUs. ant periormed at Walaall, 
Jnlyai, ISUI: KlephanCuul Castle Tbeatre, 
London, AnRUHt 14, WH. (B) A play in 
three acts, by Johk TuDHUNftii (q.v.), por> 
d at the_Op^r» Comi_qiiB Tlicitre, 

. _ Op^r» Comiqii 

Loadim, nnder tho aoir' ' '' 

dant Tlieatie Sodety, .. 

December Siisn, with a cast indudlnit Miu 
HaU Oalna, Hiss Mai; Keegitn. Miu tiladvs 
Homfray, Hl«i Dora Barton, Alfred Bnck- 
law, CMudo Barnatt, and NcTtlla Hoone. 
The "black cat"— a iiwclnating divarcic— 
dlTBfta (0 hersalf the affectiDne of a yonng 
married painter, wDoee "qlfe therenpon 
destroy* berealt. 

Blaok Crook (The). (1) A faiiy oneco, 
" - rj <;{•}& nicUe ail BoL«7 

repreaentatioua ; nas i 

12. tH7D. and vitbdrai 

after 1^ performanoHB I vas afiain revived 

on December Vi. 1H71, and wrtbilravn on 

Febroary U, 1912. baiinj; been played fi7 

rived on Decambar 

'I& Bicho an Bois,' the moelc by F Clay 
and O. JaoDbl ; Unt pcrforued at the 

1S7S. withMlML-MoodloasAitfl', W Elton 
as Daivlilion ; reilied (re-amnged and re- 
written) at the Alhambm Theatra, London, 
on December S, 1S81. with Miss Constance 
fjuseby In the chief put.*nd other cbaractera 
by Miss Lizzie CooCe, Miss Jnlla Seaman, 
Miss Itate Sullivan. Harry Paulton, Henry 
Wakibani, W. lIar),-rcaTes, and L. Kelleher. 
Black DiamoiidB: or, The Idghta 
and. Shadows of Pit Life. A rfrnma. 

y Lou II 



d (tor 

rey Theai 

of M\r. Anicet-BonrEeols ud Dumanolr. 
CD At tho City of London Tbeatra, pro- 
daced on November 9. 1316; {Z) by I, V. 
BniDGEMAM (j.c), first perfonned at the 

leifl.witb W. Searle oeAndri, Miss VincenJ 

o[ ■ Fab'ian ' (g.i.). The " black d( 
Fabian, a Creole, and the scene is la 

Black DoK of WewKBte (The). 
[0H> Day, wT Stinii. a 

in 1*02. 

Blaok Domino (The). The title of 
■everal pieces, adapted from ' Le Dojuina 
Noir." an optra eoiBijin In three acts, 
wiitton by Scribe, composed by Auber, and 
Hrat performed In Beeember, last ;— (1) A 
mnsica1biirlettalnoneact,byC.J. Uatii e ws 
la.v.i. lint performed at tba Uljmplc The- 
atre, Londi^n, on January lit, l)u», with the 
author as Julio, Mrime. V»trls an Camilla, 

• The Black Domino : or. The Meidied 'Ball :' 

WiLKS (q.v.), first perfonncil at Sadler's 
Wella Theaire, Loudon, on Fehruarj e. 
13S^ wiUi Mia Vlnamt ii the title part. 



(8) 'The Black Doraino ; or, A Night's 
AaTenture : ' &n opera in three acts, music 
by Auber, words by B. Webster (s.v.), 
first performed at the Haymarket on Jane 
10, 1846, with Brindal as Lord Pumice- 
$Ume, J. Bland as GU Podrida, Mdme. A. 
Thillon as Jiuinita, Miss P. Horton as 
Paquita, and other parts by H. Holl and 
Mrs. L. S. Buckingham ; played at New 
York in July, 1848. and in 1852, with Mdme. 
Thillon in her original part. (4) A comic 
opera in three'acts, music by Auber, libretto 
by H. P. CHoaLBY (from Siuribe), first per- 
formed at Covent Garden on February 20, 
1861, with Miss Louisa Pyne as Anaela, H. 
Haigh as Horace^ H. Corri as Oil Perez, 
Miss LeflSer as Jaeintha, Miss Thirlwall as 
Brigitta, etc See QuBSif's Ball.— * The 
Black Domino,' a play by Bobert Bucha- 
nan (q.v.) and O. B. Sims (q.vX was pro- 
duced at the Adelphi Theatre, London, on 
April 1, 189S, with a cast including C. 
Olenny, W. L. AbiuKdon. Arthur Williams, 
Miss Clara Jecks, Miss Bessie Hatton, Miss 
Bvelyn Millard, and Mrs. Patrick CampbelL 

Black Dwarf (Tlie). A play, adapted 
by John Coleman and Charles Caltert 
from Paul F^ral's *Le Bossu,' and first 
performed at Leeds. See Wizard, The. 

Black Eaffle (The). SooAlmar, G. 

Black BLniffht (The) figures in the 
Tarious adaptations and burlesques of 

Black Man (The). An interlude, 
attributed to Cox, the comedian, and 
printed in 1669. 

Black or aolden. See Palmer, T. A. 

Black Phantom. See Will Watch. 

Black Prince (The). (1) A tragedy 
by BOQER, Earl of Orrery (o.v.), first per- 
formed at the Theatre Boyal on October 
19, 1667, with Kynaston in the title part, 
Mohun as Edtpard III., Wintershall as King 
John of France, Btfrt as Count Oueedin, 
Hart as Lord Delaufare, Abs. Marshall as 
Plantaaenet, Mrs. Knapp as Sevina, and 
Nell (iwynne as AUtta. **hoye" says 
Genest. *'is the whole business of this play. 
It can hardly be called a tragedy. . . . The 
plav has little to do with history, and that 
little is incorrect." (2) An opera-boufFe in 
three acts, words by M. B. Farnie iq.v.\ 
music by Lecocq, produced at the St. 
James's Theatre, London, on October 24, 
1874, with a cast including Misses Selina 
Dolaro. Nelly Bromley, Emily Duncan, SAd 
B. Holiingshead, J. L. Uall, J. Rouse, etc 

Black Beefer (The). A play produced 
at New York in 1847. 

Black Flasr (The); or, Escaped _,, , -, ,_, v « t «« 

from Portland. A dmma in four i^ts, Black Bover (The). SeelsiDORA. 

by Henry PErrriTT, first performed at the 
-Grecian Theatre, London, on August 0, 
1879 ; revived at the Olympic Theatre, Lon- 
•don, on March 17, 1892. 

Black G>od of Love (The). See 
Oraves, Joseph. 

Black Hand (The). See Fitzball, E. 

Black Hawks (The). A drama in 
four acts, produced originally in America, 
and first performed in England at the 
Queen's Theatre, Birmingham, on June 25, 
1894, with Colonel Joe Bruce as Arizona 

Black Hearts; or, The Klntr of 
Darkness. A drama in tbree acts, by 
E. Towers, performed at the New East 
London Theatre on May 30, 1868. 

Black Huerh, the Outlaw. A 
domestic drama in two acts, by W. BOOERS, 
first performed at the Surrey Theatre, Lon- 
don, with a cast including Stuart (as the 
hero), Dibdin Pitt, Vale, Almar, Mrs. Vale, 
and Mrs. Wilkinson ; played at Now York 
in 1836. 

Black Hussar (The). An opera, 
adapted by Syd.ney Bosenpeld from ' Der 
Feldprediger' of Carl Millocker, and per- 
formed at Wallack's Theatre, New York, 
in May, 1885. with Mark Smith as the field- 
preacher> and other parts by Mdme. Cot- 
trelly, Marie Jansen, Lily Port, De Wolf 
Hopper, and Digby Bell. 

Black Joune. A play mentioned by 
Henalowe as being in tne repertory of the 
Boso Theatre. 

Black Schooner (The). A play pro- 
dnced at New York in 1839. 

Black Sheep. (1) A comedy in three 
acts, by J. Stirling Coyne (q.v.), first 
performed at the Haymarket on April 22, 
1861, with Buckstone as Mr. Bunny (a 
philanthropist), C?ompton as Tom Shorter, 
Mrs. Charles Young (Mra. H. Vezin) as 
Bthel Maynard, and other parts by Howe, 
Rogers, Braid, Mrs. Wilkins, and Mrs. 
Poynter "The plottings of the * black 
sheep,' the dishonest lawyer and the 
hypocritical philanthropist, are the centre 
of action in the piece" (Henry Morley). 
(S) A drama in three acts, f oonded on 
Edmund Yates's novel of that name, by 
J. Paloratb Simpson (q.v.) and Edmund 
Tates (9.v.)> and first performed at the 
Olvmpic Theatre, London, on April 26, 1868, 
with C. J. Mathews as Stewart RotOh, Mrs. 
C. J. Mathews as Harriet Bouth, and other 
characters by Addison, Ashley, H. Wigan, 
J. Clarke, G. Vincent, and Mrs. Oaulfield ; 
performed at the Oystal Palace with Sir 
Charles Young as Bouth. (8) A "panto- 
mime pastoral," written by Andr£ Uafpa- 
lovich, composed by Cotsford Dick, West 
Theatre, Albert Hall, London, April 17, 
1694. (4) A burlesque written and com- 
posed by Frederick Solomon (q.v.), first 
Serformed at Brooklyn, U.S.A. — 'A Black 
heep:' a play in three acts, by C. H. 
Hott; Buffalo, U.S.A., September, 1894; 
Hoyt's Theatre, New York, January 6, 1896. 


red iplritii »nd but" iaJhn flrrt lino of 
tbe ciana luctl In tbo Incantation Kena in 
MiilUlBlon'i 'Witdl'd.B.)- 

Blaok Hcmlra (Tho). A comic opera 
In tlireo mU, written bj H. P. Briu'iiESa 
(o.v.), compoaed bjyiarian l-^col : Theatre 
HojBl, Torquay, riorerobor 6, 1899. 

Black StatUB (Tha>. A pantomltna 
pertarmeil at lbs BrltSDIua Tneatie, XaU' 
dgn. In UecBDibQF. 1874. 

Black Thorn (The), Anlaj ptodoced 
at Tliird Avenao Tbmtra. New Ynrk. on 
May Ifl, lasT. with J. J. Sulliran In the 
chief part 

Black Ttiltiiro (The); or, The 
'Wheel of Death. A diwna produced 
at the Adelohi Theatre. London, oith " O." 
Smith In the title part. Votes na OrMar, 

Black Weddlnif (The). A play 
entered at BtBllonora^ llaU In NovolnW, 

BlaokAorai The Widow, in Wtch- 
KKLT's 'Plain Dealer' (;.t>.), has been 
devcttbedbrMacaDlarafl "beyond quBntion" 
tbo ■nthoi'a beM eotnia character. "She 
a." be njM, "the Coantou In Racine's 
' PUdenn.' talking the jargon of £nx1l>h, 
instead o[ French, etacanr. 

BlaakamooT waahed White(The^ 
A mn^ioai piece In two acts, by UE.NBT 
B*TF-, arst performed at Dniry Lane on 
Febmarj- 1, 1778, with a cast inclnrlLng Mrs. 
SiddoBS, Kine, and Parsons (Sir Olittr Odd- 
Jliftl.— -The Biackamnor's Hewl' wan first 
pertormed at nniry Lane on Slay 16, 1B18. 
with ronton and llarioy in the cut, 




Chanctera in O'Kl 

- - !7-A 

ParmeT i 

t the 

I Betty. 

inia Theatre, Lon- 
Blaok-Eyed Sokey- SeeBiAciEV'D 
All In the 

Blacker'd Sai 

Bo^l^Jh*.*' (1) A unuua lu toreo acLa, uy 
DouGLis JSMMoto (q.T.), mfnestM by the 
well-known ballad hy John (iay, and flnt 
perfonned at tbe Surrey Theatre, London, 
on JnneS, 1819, vithT. P. Cooke la WiUiam, 
yomtter as Captain Cnialra, Yarillay as 
BaUhttt, mbdin Pitt a* Dagi/raa, Bogen 
a* Joeob ^f^wiff, Bnokitone as Onatbrain, 
'Williamaon aa Blue FrUr, Asbory as Sca- 
Ktrd. Lee aa Quid. Dowsing u Vam, Webb 
M Pliraghi/tan, Min Scott aa Sunn, and 
Mn Vale aa DoUy May/lavxT [the piece 


.-attbeCI.^ ___ 

atre^ London, In Jnna.lSM, irith C^e Ud 
Bnckatone In theIri>tikinalputi;itOofenl 
Garden (for the Brat Ume In two acta) with 
Cooke In his oririnal part and Miss Taylor 
(Mrs. W. luy) aa Suun ; at New York in 
1S4S, Witb-Marbleai H'U/ilam ; at I>nhUn In 

Mt J. aongenbeln -ai DUht: 
ilaD tn FebraaiT, IBSO. wfth 
lai ir<INamaii[| Hlas HirrleU 

. .. - ..m; at the AdelpU In Jnlr, 
1B6T 1 at the Samj in May, lass, with J. 
Itfder u WSliam and Mn. Bonner aa 
Sutan : at Bradford in lESS, with Hra. If nnn 
at.Williitm: at Sadler's Walls In ISet, with 
T. Swiiibuume as ITfUiuini ; at Brighton in 
1S6T, Hltb F. C. Bumand aa CVontnw ud 
Miss Kanoe as WiUiam ; at the Holbom In 
MTl, with a. lUEnold as WUllam and Mlaa 
JaneBinioldasSuKin; at the Duke's Th». 
otro in ifecembar. 1878, with Claranm Holt 
as ll'i'lJiam and Hist Ada Hnmy as 5<uaii; 
at the Adelphi In I>eceBibeT, 18M, with W. 
ferrlaa lu tfilUam, Ula MlUward aa Siaan, 
J. D. Beveridie aa Doggrau, C. Fatton aa 
Captain Croairrt. Oarar Adye as SalcMt, 
B. NichuUs as (JnaUirain, and Miaa Vane 
Fentboraton aa DoUy Mtufiawr. Captain 
Craiitne attempts to carry off Stisan. and 
Wittia in , to laTehla wife, atiikes the CaiMi^ 
who is Ida snpeiloT oaoer. Ba I* brongbt 
before a conrt-martU and oondemuaa to 
die : bnt OvMlras adtaowladm hla tanll, 
and prodaces a dlsetiun, which sham thai 
Ifilfiani, when he stnicE the Onilain, waano 
longer in tha king's MTTloe. IFiSiainlsthBi 
nciinitted. I>ownuff is ^a uncle of Acvon; 
OnaOiraia Is In loie with DeBs; Jateb Tub 
taalialliS. 'Black-Ky'dansan'waa adapted 
by W. O. Wills nnder the title of ' WilUam 
and Bnaan ' (a.i.).— The atory of Blaek-Byed 
Sosan waa made the fonndation of ^ a 

Ctomime called 'Barleqnln Blaek-Kyed 
,' written by Frsnk Tif '--' 

— ■ ' — 'itlhaH- -■ 


In December, . 

leaqned by F. C BOaKim in (3) the pl< 

anttUwl ■ The Latest Edition of Black- Ei 

Suian : or, The Little Bill that was lal... 

np.' This was firat performed at the Hoyalty 

t Bobson as Croutrei 


E;'d Hosnn ' (y.D.). Stt All iH the IKiwns 
and Blue-Eyed Sdsin. 
BlaakMars, Ths Theatre In. Bet 


BlaoklBK (Thol. A drama in flvi, acts, 
by Bl'tlkii SraMiorE, ptortuced at Ulrkun- 

._Bii3 (ff.i'.). prodn. . . 

uf Wlglit, fn Sapttnnber, ISST. (3) A play 
In tbres acts, by U. J. Stu<!.£V. AdElpM 
Theatre, UrBrpool April 27, 18W,— ' The 


Blackneas, The Maaqne ot, bj Ben 

J07flaoN<a.i'.). VM"pflt%niat«dat tbeCoart 
It was perfurmat. " with nnnaual maffnlfl- 
craice," at the coat ol £3000. the Qiiiwn 
(Anne)lien«1tUi1ctDgpartlnlt, ATcnlon 
from an oiij^nal mnniiHCript, reviflsd B-nu 
authentE^^tbd by the tir>ut, wan printed for 
tlia Shakespeare Society In 1S4». 

Blaokamith (The). (I) Ammticailar™ 

formed at 'the Vietoria Theatrei Londun. In 
Janitu?, ISM, with Miu P. HDrtoij ai Mia 
Primnta. The name of tha blacknnilh ia 
MacSivrt, and among the chuacten ar« 
Ladu Ptdigra and Saamjier (a aarrant J. (8) 
An Iriab ctramn by Fhed ALledeb, Her 
Majesty's Theatre, Cuilile, Jannory 90, 

Blackainlth of Antwerp (The). A 
witli Farren aa 

farce by C'RuBfE, 

d allorat...._. __ 

Drury Lane in October. laiO, and at New 
Vork hi 1S51. ilaliy: after aeienl yean' 

Blaoksmith'a Daughtar (The). A 
play of the Kllialielhan pflriod, refemd to 
by Stephen a oMon, in hia 'I'layi Confuted' 

BlaokBton^IllT.OaBTia'vit. Alawyv 

n Wir.LiiHjd anil UinztLi'a 'Cruel to br 

BladeBaneCThe). An interlnde, per- 
[oruied at the llayuajrket Tbentra in ma. 

Bladen, Uartln. Same tima cnmp' 
troller of tbe Mint, and afterwardn a lorS- 
»)inmiiaiener ut ttada : died llin ; author of 
' .tolon,' a tragi-comedi, In which is Inclnded 
Oipheua and KiuyJice,' a inanqne, per- 
lonnwl in^ 170o. Sm the ' Biognphlft 

Bladaa. See De Wilder. 

BlaKue. Hra. A vnearen In T. Hmr- 
nooD's 'King Edward IV.' (q.e.-). rfl) 
Aleilnadti Blai/aa U the "chBialier d'bi' 
Iniftiie " Id Jerbold's ' Uertmde's Cherrlw ' 


Blaise. iVSamoitoDnrnfOrrirudtiu 
a. niRHls's 'Forfflt el Bendy.' (B) A 
charMtet in Dahce'S ' Thy Lord ia not my 

Maid ai 

1 Our 

Blaize. Seriant to Banaitui in J. & 
BrcKjSTONE'a ■ Vlctorlne ' (9.F.). 

Blake, Anne. See AxsE Blake. 

Blake, Charles. Authnr of 'An 
HiitoricalAccoantof the Pniiiilence Stace ' 

Blabe, Uiss, TocaUst, after appearliuc 
with ma^fBn at Bath and Hristol, nia<U her 
London rtt(.ri! at tbe Hajmnrkel ■|^eat^e 
in SpptomLmr. 1821, &* Captain MaclieatJt In 

.t Lonibianciu 
.. " ballet-panto- 
mlm o ; ' tn 1814 Jihe bi'san an anngemeofc 
at tha Anthony Street TbaaU«. Her Sn*. 
mairlage wan with an actor, named Waring. 
by whom >be had a danititec who became 
inicceivdfely Mn. W. Sefton and Mta J. W. 
Wallack, Jnn. She matriad W. B. Biaka 
((I.e.) in 13S6. In 1830, and onwaiTl«i aba was 
leading lady at tbe Park Thwtee, New 
York, where in 1S31. she made a neat 
auccesa as CloHnda in ■ Cindereibi.'^ t» 
1832 «ho woi at the WinterOatUon Thaatra, 
where ahe was tbe original of Jean Id 
'Geraldine' and of Marila in 'Boaa 
Oregorio.' " As a general actresa," It has 
been aaid, "Mn. Blake hoa had few 
■nperinn, belnE almost equally nt boma Is 
tragedy, eoineJy, openi. or furoe." 

Blake, Thomas O. Anthor ol 'Tba 
Cattla Stwlam,' ' Lite aa it ie.' ' The Lonely 
Wave ol the Ocean, ■Our Old House at 
Home.' ' A SpnaklO); Lcfiacy.' etc. 

Blake, William RnfuB. Actor, bom 
In Svn Scotia; died at llonton. U.S.A., 
April 12, laes : maile tiix New Vork lUltut 
on Jul; IS, isU, at the Chathun Quite 


■rtiiutTe u fVr'Irrict DranMt in ' llie Foot 
(jsnUtmu).' In Aneuit, laM, be mairlMl 
Ura.WmrinB(MitisPluldeX Ue wsb muia- 
gn laceeasiTely of the Trsmont Tbestie, 
Buton, isn : of WfOoDt street Tbsatre, 
PbUtdelphlB. IBB), and, with U. It, WilJard, 
of Olnnpic Ttieatre, New Vork, 1837. In 
1810 ha went bo Bneland, and appeared 
n.% am HajmaikBt. Id the mtaa year he 
iNKSiiie itua-iiiaiiun of ths Walnut Street 
Tbeatn, ^Uadalpfilft, and In 1S4S he ac- 
-ceptsd the Itfcs podtion at the Broailiray 
Theatre, ITsw York. He m aflarwarda ■ 
menbet of Ibe Hock eampuilea at Bnrton'i, 
'WKllack'*, and lAiira Keane'a Theatres. 
Bii lait appeorance in New Yotk tag oa 
April Ifl, ISKI, UK aeofriy Dale In -The 
I^at Uaa;' his last appearance on tbs 
state ms on April 21, 1)163. at the Boston 
Theatre as Sir Ptttr Tn 
T A. Brown ha vaa tl 
called before the curta 
Incident which happenea ut fiosion, joaiu., 
in ll«l. "In certain charasters," saji J. 

u Rurai, Grefre 

According to 
it actor ever 

old J 

Xi<igitiii\, Sir PcUr Tiailf. Sir Woiot^hbg 
Worrett. Sir AnOumu AbmiuU, Oovtm — 
n — 1->. ..- '" iC perfecMo 

BiarlaB, etc., wen examplee of 

OU, OK.. W1 

, . _ :n Ihe line __ 

lie hu eier been excelled on tbe Mow Vorl 

luarda" {'New York Stage,' 18SS). Willlan 
Winter upeakH of "the richlf bomoroni 
Blake, ID nuhle (n his dlgnitf. so dim anc 

Bl^eley, William. Actor; wu in 
the oriirlBal casta of Bouclraalt'i ' How aha 
£<»e«^lm' I^r Abd UoUyar) in 1867, 
Bobertion'B 'Plaj ' {Badmia felUr) \a liOi, 
>ad TatM' ■ Tame Cab' <Vr. Tmutie) in tho 
llttAryev- Ue also appeared at thePrSlioe 
«1 Wales'* &* Jl*n i%>dd. ho., tn b r» 
ilnlof ■Sodetr' (ISSS). AtlhoOlmpie, 
'- ISTD, ha pl^ed Tunii in a redval of 

I erijcinl 

, and In 1871 created the ] 

Itai. wben bo loured in the original cait of 

Fafgntft Falnr ' 

roDrtven Dan' (U 

Ji 'Cupid in Camp' ^ „ 

Hgreula ' Faitbeibrain - (13S4), Bamabai 
BoBden la 'The Candidate' n«8E). Pttir 
JTuWu In 'Hie Man with 'Three Wiies- 

HSoifiinfn BMiUer In ' My Bonnji Boj ' 
tb» Omtrat in "The Beadlesi Man' 
Bei0inidn BuA in 'Pnon'e Hon.'Y' 
moon'OBBO), air.Sampnon raUgln 'Sow- 
tD( and Rmnlng' 0*0X Croriiirr™ Buet 
In ' Welcome, Little Stnuigor- (ISSO), Jf™- 
t>VH<- Sin>'rA hi 'Bnnbandand Wife'(lS91), 
ja^aA liuoTPt in '£Ui]rIock and Co.' US»U, 


and Jfr. /•oynifn- In ■ Tho FrinuB of Societj ' 
(IdK). ne w&i also aeen at ibe Criterion 
between 1981 itnd 1691. hi Vandrryump 
in 'Brighton' (Issl and Ism, BabAUbrvot 
in 'A Lewion of Lore' {1SB&1, Epkraim 
Smoolh in 'WUd OaU' (1880 and 1801), 
SmiUi in 'Daiid Oairick' (laBSl, Bablniflm 
Janti In 'May and December ' (1SS7), Mr, 
FuT^iital in 'Two Bosaa' 0887), dndrae 
If viic in ' The Bacbelor of Arts ' (1SB8J, JTr. 
Birtett in 'Betsy' <1S88), Poltw In 'Still 
Waters Run Deep' (1880), J^r. TiaJrU tn 
■Who killed Cock Boblnl' dSSO}, Hard- 

— (ISSOV Iteiuidt In 'Nina 

lAw'CUei). CraUmin 'Thn 

Bcboal tor Scandal' neSlX Sir CkritUiplUr 
BMbm la ' Ttie Critic ' (ISK), fT'iK^fonwidv 
in ' Haste to tin WeddW (' The Wedding 
March '}a8S2),Jr'LtidIn%otWater'(IW^ 
Hii more reoent arislnal put* inciode Conn 
OlenDeU in "The Wrong Oirl'(18MJ, ^^us- 
ffim In ' An Attist's Model' (18K). Duchtorlh 
Crabbe in ' The Chill Widow '(ISH). Commo- 

■o broadly hi 
rhe Road ti 

II in 'The Poor Genllems 

tired from the prod 
York Stage,' iSw). 

if ciiion about 18 

Blanoh. (1) Mece of Kioi 

i play. W the waltlng- 
41*j'm ■ Tmn Ilhut ' tn f^ 

BlaiLoh, John. Anthor of three uimetod 
comedlea: 'Tho Bens Merchant' ai'14). 
'Swords Into Anchors' (1726), and 'Hoops 
Into ^pbining Wheels ' 0726). 

Blanohard, Edw&rd Iiemui. Dra- 
matic and mlBCeUaueoua wHtur. theatrical 
MstorUn and critic ; bum December, 1820 ; 
yoonger son of William BUnchard. 

and it la bellen 

a thbt 


I, im 

spectife of pantomime* (under the ntna- 
Ct-ff^itm of 'Francisco Frost'). Between 

dramatist at the Ulymplc lliutre. vtliure he 
produced, amone many plays of lariou* 
tinds, those entilleil ' ADiela and LIle1fe^^* 
The Artful Doilge,' '_Ba,EM in tl "■ 

Stylei.' T 
Life,' all i 
works fur 

k Snkes 

which M 


■Her Diddle Dlddla' 

*Ar(adiB'a911),abnrl8»quBof -AntrgnnB' 
(IMSX 'Faith, faope, ani Cluirlty' (IS**). 
'ThB Cricket on oor Own Hnartb" (1848). 
'AWifa for an Hoor' CIS*?), 'Ad»in Bufl' 

Nob(>dT la Londor 
<Ura\ 'Tbe bniic^ ol Bertlea' (ISTE^ uid, 
nith CmiTilnffluun Bridfuun, tha libretto or 
'Ckiliik'(lB&}. It Is, tiowefat, DuOnl; ■* 
a mltar of nuitaniliiie or Chrlntmu ei- 
tmncuua tlut Bliuicturd will Hgare In 
dnmatlo unala. His adult work In tbii 
4l0pArluient began in 1S44. witb the prodac- 
tlon of 'Jack and tha BoaoaUlk' at ths 
Victoria. In IMS came 'King Alfred tbe 
-Great ' at the Olimplc ; In tbe sune jt&c, 
' Watt ior, The Birth uf the Steam-Knglne ' 
at ths victoria; in ISIS 'Willlani tbeCon- 

rtot ' iX tba Olrniplc, ' Lord Loret ' at 
SnrTaT, and ' The Und of Light ' at tbe 
Tlotoris; hlSSt 'Haileqnla Hudibrai' at 
Drarj Lane, ' Harlequin and the World of 
Tlowen ' at tbe 9nmy, and ' Cndlno, tbe 
- itofWatWalthaMarvloboneilnlSSS 
" ■ j' at Drnty Lane; in 

it 1>rury Lone ; In 1855 
i' at Dmry ijinei in 
1856 'The Fiibennan luicl tha Qonle' at 
Stdkf a Weill ; In 1S57 ' Uttle Jack Homer ' 
■t Drurr iMne; in lESB at Saillefn Welis 
■ Tbe Oolden Gooaa i ■ in 1303 ' Friar Bacon 
and John of Oannf at Aatloj'a; in IM* 
' Hop o" rav Tbnmb ■ at Drorr Lane ; and 
■0 forth. Blanohard continued In write tbe 
annual pantamime lor Dniry Lane (lome- 
tUnei aa "the Urothera Cirlnn") up to and 
inclsdins 16SS. In September, lesU. he 
died, na had produced, In addition to 
ordtnaTT theatrical plrjcea, " entertain- 
ment!" mch B9 'The Qupet Bag' (Igse) 
for W. B. Woodln and 'The Borcn Agea of 
Woman' (1S55) lor MIw Bmnu Stuile)'. 
Ynjtt on fratlj age be bad written on the. 
■trlcal matters for nrion* newipopen and 
DthDT pDhlieatiDiu, inolndlngthe An (from 
Ism and the London Dailv Teltsrapli (fnim 
ISei). lie was alao a coploui contributor 
to tbe 'Era Almanack' (fron IBtS). Hia 
■Diary' (from ISU to ISSS], edited bj 
Cletnatit ^cott and Cadi Howard, appeared 
in last. He edited Willoagbbir'a edltioa of 
BbakapoKre(lSeoX aawell ai aereial weekly 
nnJ montbly miscellanliia : and be was tbe 
iuthorofnamironagnlde-booka. Seo'Dra- 
raatlsU uf tbe Present Da}' (l»l)and tba 
Sra for September T, IBHO. 

BlanolUii'd, Thomcta, was, aaya Oe- 
fltft, "a Terr good actor in a certain line — 

•"The ^mer'— but lio ruined himiSi en- 
Krelr h; drln_kin{i^"_C EnjiUali Stage ' 

'by drinking ( 

jctlon with CoTBi 

In ITM. In ITW be appeared al 
In 'The Vlllago Doctor.' 

Blanohard, William, j 
at York, January 2, 1780 ; died 
May a, IBS,'. ; after »ome practic 
podtor. Joined s, troupe of Itkyi 
at Buiton, Derbyshire, In ITKS, 

fessional appearance as AUan-d-Dali In 
McNallj'i 'ttobln Hood' (o.n.j. He con- 
tinned lo " (tmll " till ITsa Hgnring In inch 
partial Amwa, Baitingi,l/oAario,AiAiiul, 
Yoang Sarml, etc He afterwards want 
into management at Penrith, Ueibam, 

D, iieinam, 
upland, with 
■ -■ :wich 

, ..,JtuallyJataL_ 

drcntt and making a ipecluin of mi 
iMfmlc parta as Lord Triniet, l^ullfr, eia^ 
His London dtbut waa maile at CoienC 
Garden In October, ISOO, oi £(A Acra and 
aa OraeU In 'The I'omplke Gate.' At 
CorentOanien he remaned for thlrty-foni 
Teara. U we except 1B3S, which he ipent In 
America (haTlng made bla iilml at Iht 
Bowery, New York, on Deeamber M, 1811, 
as ,^'r Abtl naiulg). Oxbarry (' Dlamatlo 
Biography 'l pniiea eapedalty Bloncbaid'i 
PaUmi-M, mtuiUa, Piiktol, Amudiak, XOaw 
and Sir Hiu> XtanM, and hi* JUlmo b 
'ThePadlooki'B-*-"— ■"" u-?..!— 


ot alt the dUermi 
jld men (La. Zoitl 

lltlm, DoOty, Colarul OliOoy, WuUtrlalt, 
' > '- - Ml one of "■ ■ '-- 


Jaw Fawbett uid 

thing hu 

WB, in a sketch appended 
u> i<i]u - 1.IJU unu BeminlBcancea of E. 1» 
Blanchard 0891), sais of WlUlam Blancbard 
that '■ aa an actor he waa nnrlTnlled In bl* 
particular cast. He had the great talent oI 
giiine importance to Terr trifling cbarao- 
ien.'^ '■ fie was a uunnerlst,' says Donn, 
"always walking tbe stage with bla right 
annbent.aaldtebuMiCiuasllag.'' Le^b 
Hunt praises especially his Jtuuttt In 'xhe 
Jealous Wife' and bis Grand-Chairau in 
■Tbe Cabinet' (o,c.). He "retired from the 
■laga in 1S3« without a leaie-taklng, and 
died verv soon after."— His Srat wife li 
described as ''a sprigbtlv actress and an 
elegant ipeaJicr." especially tneceisful ■■ 
the "leading iadiea" of comedy. RIa 
danghter, E. Dlsnclianl (Mra- Hamlltaa) u- 
peand at Corent Oarden. tbe HaymarkM, 
and othat theatres - notably, In 181*,^ aa 
Lmly Taantlqi. See Qeneit's ' Kngllsh 
Stage,' -Tbe Thespian Uictlooary,- 'The 
Annnal Bt«UtOT ' for 1836, and Leigh Dunt'i 
* Fafformen of the London Theatres ' (ISOT) ; 


Bianche. (1) A character InDnocauAU'R 
'Dnku^i Molto'(fl.t.),and io Bjron'a hur- 

e Laki 

I "/ .Dreon fleurea In the varioua 
lonsandbur^quosot'T- ' ' 
■ - • — " Lily nia 
. Muidg 

1) Lmlji Ulanclu, In 

with CQlonrl Slo'ml. (4) 'rtere 

la » Ladi/ Blanclie in W. S. OiLnKHT"* 
'Princess- (i.e.) and 'Princess Ida' OiibA 
and (6) a /Vi'nrMi Mlaache Bgureein ' Lo'ffa 
Telvgnph' (q.v.X 
BlanoliB- A comedy in t 



plwud Brnat — , _. 

Oamj. ind in laOl Joanj>f Am (q.v^ 


Blanohe, Ada. Actnas. daairbter at 
MiH Occl! Nott (Mn. Bsni Aiiaaa) : Dwifl 
irnr dibut, u a chUd. In 'LIttte Goody Two 
Shou-mt the Adelphl 0370}: pluyad J>dUv 
flamboTough in ' Ollvta ' on trior In Ifna ; 
flnred u i)andi»< in ' Clndsrelia ' at Drurr 
I«tw In t8TS-9; «u in tbe rut of 'Th« 
VIw dI Wakalleld' (i»c*) find 'Ai Yon 
ZJke it ' (Symm) &t tbs Imivriftl in 1879- 
eO: ud In 1880-Sl repTauntMi ttia Prjnofu 
■ wGooie' as Drmy ' " ' 

»; "Z'- 

at tha Oii«n Comlnue. 

In iba pnrincaB aa uja 

BondcaDlt, iu comio apen, in ntrcieu 

coni«dT. In borliaqno, and in pantomima ; 

Id tha lut-DUnsd Bbe hsa Hgared of recent 

the title I»n of "rh'aTalephonoGirl'Cf.v.). 
BlanobauulFeiTlnatte. SaeHAZLE- 

WOOD, C. H. 

BlKDohe de Saletrolt. A pUf in 

one act. foanded bf A. E. W, MISOM on a 
atoty by K. L. StcTenioD ; LadUroke Hall, 

Blasolia de Nerera, An opera Id 
lonr asta, libretto ffonnded on ■ Tbe Dnke'a 
Xcitlo,' ii.tO b]r JOBN BBOt/oBiH {?.T.), 
nniilo toM. W. Balfe, prodnead at Coteni 
Oaiden Tfaeatra on HoTembar n, ISU, with 
Hin Lontn Prne an Blancht, W. Hotrlma 
aa LoRiTdin, HIn Emma HennxHl ai the 
J>r<nM(M il< ODtuagnii. Miss Anna Hllei u 
SitlftM, and other parte bv H. Coni,Aynalej 
Cook. C. LfBll, mc. 

Blanche Pairrettn. A drama bf W, 
Caltert, adapted from Ch»rle« tiiblKin'a 
Boiel -For the Kins I'A'ew Theatre itoyal, 
Uiotpool. Ottober 6, ISM. 

Blanche Heiiot ; or. The Chertiey 
Ourfew. A damestlc and hletorlcal dTama 
In two acta, br albcrt Smith (j.n.). Bni 
Hrfarmed at the SnirsT Theatre. London. 
— "—— »i8r St, iMiji 
^na and n. 
Int plared 
. jf the ■ome : 

* local lonnd, lollowed ._ .. . 

mi an ''nenilc eirl who, In unler to gain 
timefat her layer's pardon to airl'S. and so 
mm bli bead from ' rolling on the Abbey 
maad,' elnn* to the dapper of the eooTiDoaa 
iMll in tbe beUry tower, and thereby attdowl 
her ohJKt.'' 

Blanche of BrandyviDe. An 
American "patriotic ipecUcle." Bnt per- 
(onnad at Hum Keene> Ttiealce, New 
Turk, on April ~ " 

llh Mn.It. Honner 
T. Hicks aa Bagh 
at Mow Yoi* In 
'ear. According to 

'1th Ml»9 Sarah 
Ltioy." Jefferson aa 

Srth Uope, F. Buigi an OitbtH 
Blanche of OhiUoa. See Faui, 

Blanche of Jersey. A tnualral romsnc 

and compi>3ed by John Itamett ; UraC per 
iorffled at the English Opem House, London 
on August 9, 18^:. wfth B cast Inctudln 
Brindni, Diddaar, Mlu Homer (aa tli 
heroine), and others. 
Blanche of Navarre. 

.t the ; 
n ^optember. 



I, with 

Mra. Shaw 

llihed lo London in tl 

Blanchetta. A diaractoT In 'The 
Violet ■ (q.V.). 

Bland, .Oharlei. Vocallat; son of 
Maria Tbereea Bland (j.v.); appeared at 
Coyent Oardan In April, ISM, as Oberon In 
Weber'a open, la iBSl he was ain^fng aC 

le Olympic, ai 

Bland, Dr., in H. Wtai 
and Fooa' (j-v-), correnpond 
Tholosoji of ' Nos Intlmcs.' 

e Dr. 

Bland, Jamea. Actor: son ef Maria 
Thereea Bland (fl,t.)i bom 17W, died 
July 17, ISSl : Bppuireii at tbe Kncliib 
Opera House (Uce urn), London, in IHM in 
Wintec'a 'Otscle' (^.i.), and allentards 
was eneaged at Ihurr une. In 1S31 he 
made, at the Olympic and In Plonelid's 

■Olympic DeTlls'.iff.i.). 

tbe following (unong miuyj 
■""""■ "" "ghler plec«a :— Orees 

part« i 
Bom U 

_ . . jdii/iina in * Pnaa In 
n AboiAeiiigue In 'Blue ueara' 
„ _ . Ill Soddi/ lif Ko-Land in ■ Tha 
eepmg htnuty ■ (inoi Sir Aldgate Punijj 
'Beauty and the Beast' (1841), Eina 
iitti In 'The OoldBn Fleece' (1S46), and 
le /lyonf " ■ ■ ■ — ■ > ■■• 

'(1W9). 1 

n Oienford'a ' Dice ol 

Terrible '(IS&Slf^wn In Lemon's 'K 
{ISHl. ITBvfaiidaniUIIiHallidaY'a' 
worth" (18MI). and Sir JoAn Itiag. 

Foatbay'aseo). Hla last (Anat- 

_.. aaTwirierlff flufMrtoHw In T. J. 

Williama'a ' Peace and Quiet ' [Strand The- 
atre, ISei). " Jamea Bland," wa Planeb«, 
"eatabliabed hi* tepntation aa the moaaieh 
of extniacania, In which dominion he » 
long axereuad k ' 

nrpasaed by tbe 

J. His training in 

subordinate chaTaeten nnder the iiestaetora 

hli tbrona. 

. latattetsnnc. 

of the regular drama Imparted to bis 


. , 'bile 
, the epigram, trebled the 

•tf °He made noofeort to be ■ fun^' 
bnt Bu JaaicioO"ly emgeerated the oipres- 
■lonof pasiion Inillcnteirby the mock-lierolo 
language he had to deliter, that while it 
bedime irrealstlbty cumie It nvyar dcgeut. 

rated to mats bnftoomry, but wm rwinow. 
leitged by tbe mciit futlillnut critic to bo 
■ adinlnble (twliog ' " (' RecuUectiims,' 131!> 
Bland, John. Anthur of ' Tha Song ot 
(Solomoii/a dnma (HUi). 

died I — , 

a aloget whan odIt > child of fonr ; Inter 
■be Bgond M tba BdtkI: CIniu (kftcnordi 
tha Snrreji TbcBtra) In paatomjaia ; thanui 
■he vent to tha Dublin Thcfttre, ntnrnhu 
to LoDdoD la ITSS to begin (on Octobor 24) 
K eoDBKtlan irith Dniij Luu Theatre 
which lasted nearhr forUr jreua. Her Gnt 
pftrt there wa* that of Ai^onio In Qrdtn'd 
■^BlchardCwordeLIon' {«.<.>. Intheiaina 
ItarstaeeangatBadlar'iWBae; ialTSBeha 
wu at I.lTentoul ; and Id ITSl Bbo appeared 
al the llajmarkHt, opening aa ffuiM** In 



^'1 Lut Htake,' JVina in 'The 
Mary Ann In 'The School for 
,' Madetun In 'The Bnirendor of 
d SaUv in 'Tti* Shipwreck.' In 
HA nunled to Hland, a brother of 

an (q.v.) and an actor. In IBit 

■no bcRan to gtrc Indlcstlona of mental 
weakosu ; a"benoBI" wai tendered to her 
in that Tear at Drary Iadp. and from that 
date tlir her d«th bIid UtkI in cetliemeut. 
Bobion (■I'ha Old I'lafgaer') layi that 
"Mnu Bland'i wm ime c.f thow flowing 
Tidcea which bare alwaii been my delight. 
Nptblng cunld exceed ita combined ease, 
power, and Bwcetneaa. . . . Mra. Bland wai, 
Id ihart, tba bait female dnnr of limple, 
pure melodic* we bana bad tinea I beomiH 
acquainted with the itage" OBUi. "She 
waa iirietlT a (inger," aaya Oennt. "but 
liad conaiiienble merit as an actreaa " 
('Bn^lah atoge'X IMwatd Stirling saya 
she wai "vary much liked at Dru^ lAne 
nDdsT Klliaton a manicemant. Rer ballads 
werealwajian atttactlantn the bills. She 
freqnantly Hin^ between the play and the 
taice. Old Engliab niusla and clear uttvf- 
aam of rnmbi. without the redundance of 
D fniqneDtl; spoiling 



Bland, Mifli. iiee Jordin, 31bs. 

Blanda, Bdtth. Actnsi ; has played 
is LondoB the following original parte : — 
£21ai In ' Carman ; or, Bold for a Song ' 
<lg7ID, Pnmjin* In ■ Tenns ' (lalW, PrinceH 
>teiusJ in 'Balloouej' OBni, Oandint In 
Ki^lsfa Tsrston of 'La Pllle dn Tambonr 
Ilajra ' (IBNi JEoM tn ' Clanda DicTal' (1881), 
Jf rt. ITaaatvlD ' <taita an Adren ton ' (1881), 
aad^Moflatln ■TbeFDrt]>'IUerat'0>rnr]r 
Lane, IBSS]. Sba has also bean seen in 
londoD M Barry naCyaTd In ' Poll and M; 
Pulner Joe ' (Globa, IBTtJX and aa Otoriana 
Leitringtii ' My ArUnl VoJot ' (18MJ. 

Blandford. (1) DtUnda Blandfori, in 
A. MtHJ-Hi'B'AllinthoWronB'Sji.r.l.isin 
loTe with £eiMrii» (V.V.J. (2) £ir /%ifv and 


[/nrj are characters hi MORTON'S 

J.S.). (S) """t Blandiili ts tha hero 
,C. CiLHOLB's 'Widow Winsome" (j.p.; 
Blangi, Sarali. The heroine ot •. 
Bar.veit'5 ' ISaiah Itie Creole' (^.u.). 

Blarney. (1) A lirama hj Auudb 
CutiliFil, priHlnced at the Theatre Royi 


Blarney, I^ady. A i;hiiracter In rer- 
■ions o( ' I'Le Vicar at WokeHeld ' (j.i.). 

BUmey,ThaOraTeaa£ SeaGkovKS 
_BIaa,GKl. Sea Dot OF Sa.muxine and 

BtaaenbalE', Berthold. 

osenllnT, - ^ . ... 

•Now Men 

Blaae. KLig of Diamonds In P: 
•VbUu» Dwarf V"-). 

Blaxer, Oaneral. A diaracter In J. 
E.CiBpEi.TEif9'ljiw and Honour.' 

Blaxei. A balllir In J. M. MOHION'» 
■Chaos bis ccmoAgaln-(ij,=.). 

Blazirte Burses (The). Abnrlesqna 
bjT. U. liuWL.ES. 

BlazinK Comat (The), The 
r -_ mi.- i^eautir- -" 

r The : 

A pUy b; 

f. DUI1UUHU'« 

•M<i at tUe lloymarl 
•li. It )uu been doai: 
[ madnea*. absurdity, 

:lL-d Kdlh sr 


Itroiies ol geului and 

BlaxInK World (Tbe). An onHnlshed 
nniHly, by the DvcBess ot NewcASTLK 
'.c), printed with her other works (IDfiS). 
Blacon, Z.ady. A character In ] 

-ie-B ProureM' (7-r.). "■ 

/j.iD uiaion li one iS the ptrion. 
I>LA^cne■s ' Who's your Friend!' 

Bleak Hoaae. A Doiel by Charlea 
Dickens (q.v.), uf which there haia been 
eo'eral dramatbatlons :-(l) ' Bleak House : ■ 
a drama by JOH.v Baoi'tllltM (q.v.), flrat 
perfonned at Wallock'a Tb»tre, New Vork, 
on October 13, IBM, with tha ontbor aa 
Sir Latater Oedloeli, Miss la,ura Keeno 
as Zody IKdloei, and Mn, Brongham aa 
HorlenK, O) 'Lady Dedlock's aecret' 

■Jo'^(,.p.),by J. p. BuHSETTUm). rtJ 
■ Bleak House : a dmnia by Georok I.AK. 
DF.Ri produced atthePaillliinTbaatre. Urn- 
duo, In Uarch. ISTS. (O'Dlcuk House: or. 

dacod at the Alexandra, ShuSeld. In April, 




187«. (6) 'Poor Jo' (q.v.\ bj H. Daven- 
PORT (1878X (7) *Jo the Waif* (q.v,\ 
(1876): (8) *MoTe On; or, The Crossing 
Sweeper' (q.v.\ by J. Mortimer (188SX 
afterwards known as * Jo, the Outcast ' (9. v.X 
and (0) * Bleak House/ by Oswald Brakd, 
Grand Theatre, Islington, June, 1903. 

Blechin^on House ; or. The Sur- 
render. An historical drama in three acts, 
by H. T. Craven (gr.)i first performed at 
the City of London Theatre, April 20, 1846, 
with A cast including the author. 

Bleeding' Nun of liindenburgr 
(The). See Raymond and Aones. 

Blenkinsop. A comic man-serrant in 
Tom Taylor's^ Unequal Match ' (9. v.)* 

Bliflly in Buchanan's ' Sophia ' (q.v.\ is 
a hypocritical suitor of the heroine and the 
enemy of Tom Jone$. 

Blighted Bachelors (The). An ex- 
travaganza by Nelson Lee, first performed 
at the Theatre Boyal, Livexpool, on March 
29. 1875. (2) 'Blighted Bachelors:' a 
**ntrcical comedy and burlesane," by 
Llewellyn Williams, Com Exchange 
Theatre, Derby, August 29, 1881. 

Blighted Beinff (A). A farce by Tom 
Taylor (q.v.), first performed at the Olympic 
Theatre, London, on October 16, 1854, with 
F. Robson as Job Wort, Danvers as Thctddeut 
(yjtafferty, and Miss £. Turner as Susan 
Spanker; first played at New York in the 

Bligrhted Flower (The). See Linda 


Blind Bargain (The); or, Hear 
him Out. A comedy by Frederick 
Reynolds (q.vX first performed at Covent 
Garden on October 24, 1804, with Fawcett 
as Sir Andrew Analyte^ Blanchard as Dr, 
Pliable^ Mrs. Davenport as Mita Oumet, 
Emery as OiU$ Woodbine^ and other parts by 
Mrs. Oibbs, Kemble, Farley, and others; 
first played at New York in 1805. 

Blind Beffg'ar of Alexandria (The). 
A comedy by George Chapman (9.V.), 
''most pleasantly disooursing his various 
humours in disguised shapes, full of con* 
oeit and pleasure," produced on February 
12. 1595-6, and published in 1598, without 
division into acts or scenes. It was "sundry 
times publicly acted in London" by the 
Lord High Acuniral's servants. 

Blind Begrffar of Bethnal Green 
The), *' with the Merry Humour of Tom 
Stroud, the Norfolk Yeoman." A comedy 
by John Day and Henry Chettlb {q.vX 
'* divers times pubUdy acted bv the Pnnce s 
servants " in 1000, and printed in 1659. In 
this piece the writers do not follow the 
well-inown ballad. A second and a third 
''part" of 'The Blind Besgar,' carrying 
on the story of Tom Stroud, were written 
hy John Day and W. Houghton in I601 
(see Fleay). (2) A ballad farce by Robert 
Dodsley (q.vX music by Dr. Ame, first 
fierformed at Dmrj lAne on April 8, 1741, 

with Berry as the Beggar and Mrs. Olive 
as Besty^ his daughter. The Beggar wishes 
his daughter to marry Sir William Morley: 
but her heart has been given to Welfora. 
who has rescued her from seduction, and 
the Beggar and Sir Wiiliam acquiesce in her 
choice. The former reveals mmself as iS^ 
Simon Montford, and presents his daughter 
and her lover with £5000, which he has saved 
from the wreck of his fortune. Among the 
characters is John Sly, a Puritan. (3) A play 
in two acts, by H. M. Milner (q.v,). See 
Beggar op Bethnal Green. 

Blind Beggaxu (The). See Deux 

Blind Boy (The). (1) A play, adapted 
by W. DUNLAP (q.v.) from Kotsebue's 'Epi- 
gram,' and produced at New York on March 
80, 1803, with Hodgkinson as Me^jor Suden- 
ham, Jefferson as Cartoa, Mrs. Hodgkinson 
as leabella, Mrs. Hallam as Fredencat and 
Mrs. Johnson as Theodore. (2) A melodrama 
in two acts, adapted by James Kenney (o. v.) 
from ' L'niustre Aveugle,' first performed at 
Covent Garden on December 1, 1807, with 
Mrs. C. Kemble in the title part {Edmund), 
Fawcett as Oberto, liston as Molino ("a silly 
fellow "X Brunton as Bodolph. Murray as 
Stanielaua (King of Sarmatia), Farley as 
Kaligt and Miss Norton as Jslvina; first 
played at New York in December, 1808, with 
Twaits as Kalig and Mrs. Twaits as Elvina ; 
revived at Drury Lane on June 20, 1826, 
with Miss Kelly as Edmund^ Dowton as 
Oberto. Harlev as Molino, Bennett as Kal^, 
and Miss Smithson as Elvina. See Charles 
Lamb's sonnet on Miss Kelly's performance 
as the blind boy— 

" WhAt pralae li thine, 
O SBlitraB of the poiiioni, artlet fine I 
Who doat our •oou asainsi our Mtue oomiiuuid, 
PhKhlng the horror from a lightleei (aoe, 
Lending to blank deformltjr a grace." 

Blind eat nxany a Fly (The). A 

Elay by Thomas Heywood (g.v.), performed 

Blind 0-irl (The); or, A Beoeipt 
for Beauty. A comic opera in three acts, 
written by Thobias Morton (q.v.), com- 
posed by Beeve and Mazzinghl, and first 
performed at Covent Garden on April 2^, 
1801, with Mrs. H. Johnston in the title 
part (Clara Bonito), Fawcett as Splaeh, John- 
stone as Sligo, and other parts by Munden, 
Incledon, and Mrs. Mattocks. 

Blind 0-irPa Fortune (The). See 
Second Love and Two Orphans. 

Blind VHearta. A drama in four acts, 
by Charles Collins, Theatre Boyal, Bir- 
mingham, December 17, 1877. 

Blind Justioe. A drama, in a prologue 
and three acts, by E. C. Bertrand, Theatre 
Royal, Wolverhampton, September 23, 1886. 

Blind Lady (The). A tragi-comedy 
by Sir Robert Howard (q.v.), printed in 
1660. The plot is taken from Heylin's 
' Ck>smographv ' lib. 2. ** The Blind Lady is 
an amorous old woman, who is inclined to 
have a seventh husband " (aenest)^ 

if MlMlC 


Blind Iiove. A pi* 

Klein, produced ^t the Ac 
IliiflBla, U.S.A., Uatch 


Blind H&n's 'Salt. A pl»c« per- 
formed &t the Olfm^lc '^(■tre, Hew Tork, 


pion TheMre, 

::tk indnillng Uln Kata 
AurBs, Liiiu Moore. Mlu C. Addtmn. 
Herbert StandliiK, Herbert Waring, C. Ful- 
ton, and U. V. Ksmond ; aftemrda per. 
formed In the English prortncfla. with H. 
Standing in hli original parC 

BUnd Stater (The). A drama In tom 
acta, by Paui. Mbbitt and Qeobqe Con- 
QUEST, produced at the Grecian^ Theaba, 

told. Aecii)iedletCa'byB.)Muiali, 
from ^Le BDtige0ir,'and Aret per- 
at the Oalety Theatre, Landon, 
m, hj MiM Kate Vangban, Arlhnr 
id C. Maiini. See JouoNET-a End 
B5' Ueetino and Odds utK EteK, 

i Fhilum'b 'Loat ia 

Blinkom, Iiord. A " 



a bnrlattaof 

BUaa, Kra. Slnsleton, in Btbon's 

Bllaaatt- Actor ; made hla flrat appear- 
aucalDNewYorklnADguMiim. He''«ai 
one of Uie beat of acton in a imaJt port, or 
mnoh obancter. Aa Br. Csitu, Dr. i>at- 
lowwur, Jeny Sneak, Canton, Shupfatl, 
and Bagatellt 6a waa perfecUon " (Ireland). 
Be ratoiiwd to England in VtSl. 

BllatoT. An apothecary in FnuiUfa'S 
■ Virgin romaaked ' if.*-). 

Blook. {I) A sailor In Smoh.ktt's 
'Reprisal' (a.c.v (S) A character In Dun- 
Lap's 'Where is HeT' iO,') Ebtntur and 
Marian Black tpTK inOXKNFORD'B ' Nelah- 
bonra'fj.i!.), (i) Tbeir, ii a Mr. PuneHlio 
Bite* in WooLEH's 'I'U writa to the 


Ben, i 


'Billy 'nij]or'{j.B.j. 
Blookbeada <The). 

id printed in 1783. 
n ojwm by Dr. Joseph 
1 at Swaniea, sValoa, on 

Blomaald, Lnke, in BuoB's'Dora* 


Blondel- (1) A mhutrel in MacNallt^ 
• Cicnr de Llon^ (o.r.). rtj) A t 
C. V. THOHreo-i's'Tho Bliade.' 


farce performi ,— 

Uonae, Aberdeen, Febraaxf b, IS 

.Blapdlnette._ "Uttla Bad ^Ing 


Blood tor Blood. Saa Shade, Tbe. 

Blood, J- J • Dramatic writer : author 
of 'Our Lodger' (1884), 'Twlit Kith and 
Kin ' OB87), 'Her 'TruaMe ' (18SJ), ' Skte and 
Fortune '0801). 

Blood-red Xnls-lit (The) i' o: 
Fatal BrldBe. A melodramatio Tu 
by W. BAKavHOIts (j.rj, perform 
London with W. Weat *a Sir floulan. _ 
Knight): flrM placed at New York In 
January, 1S!8, with Btchlnsi in the Utle 

OT|^ The Onnm 
repreaanted tha 

-, The 

\r Bowbmd (the 

Blood BoyKl; oTi 
Jowela. A play b; Ti 

8|.B.), In which the aolbor . 
ero, Ckilenel Blood; perft. ... ..„_ 

YorklDlS47- See Blood, COUinel. 

Blood will hare Blood, A play pro- 
duced at the Oifmpio Theatre, Landon, In 

Bloody ■Bnnqaet (The). A tragedj, 

EDted In ItSO, and ascribed to Thomas 
rker. but probablr written br Bobkkt irispawljln rhymed and 
partly in blank ri — ""- -"--j- ■- — 

guet''la thatglTe , , 

finding that Us wifol 

Englleh Stage ■(1838). 

Bloody Bonea. A character In Ot- 
WAi's ' Soldier's Fortune ' (j.b.). 

Bloody Brother (The). See Rollo, 
Duke or Nokkahdt. 

Bloody Duke (The) ; or, The Ad> 
ventnrea for a Grown. A political 

Kinphlst in dramatlcfnrm, directed Bgainat 
mes II., and printed In Imo. It waa b* 
tbo author of ' The Abdicated Prince ' ((.».}. 
Bloody Plot Discovered (A). A 
trajiceij, prinled in ITSO. anil attributed to 
one B»LL, probably, says the ' Bioiraph' 
DrainaticB,' tbe author o' "™~ " — ''* 

' ' The Beantifnl 

Bloom. 0) A ' 


EU H ' H&mnit 

.a>-iq.v.t. (S) 

leanx In T. ToWMtK-iD-g 

l^nl'B.' (S) Ja-irl Blvam 

M. LEKON'a "Groy 

the Sltund 
■JhMtrB m aeploinBf.r, ISBl. Dj a, caat in- 
clu.Ung Miu Uuabftll. Ml.-s MukcU, 
IlDdipMb. AtwDod, and J. ItoEen. (Z) 
■BJoomerlim; or, Tlie Follies 0( UiB I»r - 
a fare* bj J. H. NioKtisuii-K and O. 
AtlLLWARD, flnt perlonnsil at tbe Adetphl 
Thmtre, Lonrion. In October. IBSl, with O. 
fioneT and Mi« Woolgu u J(r. uid Jfri. 
Agrieoia Onen, PiBl Bsdford and Mt» K. 
iKtawUUam u JTr. ud Mrt. Fl^hty Bcviiee, 


„,.^.n^n, C. J. Smith w CSun< Xn 
"O." Smtth ai ^oAh Ainy <a pollr 
and »1lw E. Chaplin u SaJny J 

Bloomer, Lady Bell. A ihan 
Mrs, CuwlkVs •vftiKb !a the Man 
Thi ■ - ■ - 

CuwLKT's"'"\Oii.:b lathe Man)' (8) 
>Ibs Lmlf Bloomer In C.l.UiiaSvii'i 
jJowaget ■ (v-r-X 
Sloomflald, Lady. A charmcter In 

'•■' -'■lit.c). (a)i*f;---- ■"— 

> ot Si ■' ' ' 


ifi heroine ot 


Bloomly, Sra. (1) A yaniiE widow 
SELDT'B ■ trlih Drngoon ' (n-v.). (8) It' 
Blinnnlu {■ the "channinK woman In 1 . 
Wioui'scomedj'afthatiuuiiBCs.ii.j. (3) Sir 
ifoM and Alfffrnon Blo^tnlt/ are chnractefi 
In T. H. BiTLT's ' Yoa can'i loarcy yoor 
OrandiDotbsc ' (g.v.). 

BlosHom. (1) Mr. Bmjamin Bloi 

J. M. WORTON-S'""^- - '- "•- ■ 

Book?' <2)J!rCfu. 


_ Jttry Bloiiom In 
PocoCE's ' Hit or Miis.^ 

Bloaaom of Chnmlngrtcin Oraen 
(The^; or, ZiOTe, Biyalry, and Be* 

i -.1 .'v-.,..„V, .. — »tnone»ct,by 



,. , „,~, n, Simon Forqf, Strgtrml Toddyttcig, 

and tha MysUriovt StraAQer, 

Blot la the 'ScntobBon (A). A play 
in three acta, by KOBBKT Brownenq (^.s.). 
Bnt pertormed at Drun lana Tli«lre "a 
FehTDarr 11. 184S, with Pbtlpa H rAoroU, 
ierd TVerfnm. J. AndmoD ax Henry. Earl 
jr«Mo<in, Hln Helen Fandt u Madrid 
TruAam,H».8tlrllng aa Oumdolen rwAam, 
and O- Bannatt aa 0«ninl; reilved at 
Sadlsr'i Wall* on NoTamber ST, ISIS, with 
Phalpa hk hll oiriaal put, O. P. DkkuDson 
aaJTrrMnii, Btanniaa JuitJn. MluCoopei 



— — of these 

prndnced It tha OlymplB 
- - "— •■ " '°" with 

1 Mlu Adn 

Mlae Alma Mnrraj ■■ mhu(su. juq* &. 
Leighton an Suoidelm, 0. J. Fulton ta 
Traham. F. Bodaevai j/atMML& Wateler 
u A'utin, and Q. B, FoH u Otrmrizjmi- 
fonned at tha GsDtlaman-a Conewt Halt, 
Masehealar, March IT. 1881, with lUaa Hj^ 
Ham; aa MOdna, HiB Ada Wynkid aa 
Swndokn, L. Qtlrnt aa TVMkam, E. T. 
B^Boldi aa Aiutiii, and Uaitlii Bme* aa 
JhrtBiM; parfonnedattbaOp^nComlqae, 
London, on Jane U, 18H. wHh Miat Harris, 

ohaater,:uid HJlVs N. DeSUi 
at Liferpool. ander tha aUB[ 
Clnb, In January. iSM, i 
Mellon as fituiw/ilan. 

Blount. The name of a family la 
Shekidin KKOHTEa's 'Old Maids' (o.e.), 
cOTuiafinE of a rich JewellBr, fala wife, and 
bit sons John and Thomai. (3) Sir Ifeitrick 
Bbnint Is tha Uaplng awoll \ii I-oaoLTTTON's 

BlouxabsUa. Qium oT Attaouii in 
Pijscues • In.iiable Prlni»* (a-c). 

'■ Blow, blow, thou -winter wind." 
Hnt Use ot the Bonr aunir bj Amient in aot 

BIowforBlow. Adn]na,inBDnikiaie 
and three acta, bi H. J. Brum (i.a.), £it 
pecfnrmed at the BolboiB Tligatn, London, 
un SBptambei 5, U88, with Mia Lrdla Foota 
as Sildrtd and Alia Craddoet Hlaa J. 
RlKnold M) iiiulv AAd I,{iK<Dn, HIm BaUle 
Torner as Xn. Meulits, O. Honey aa CharUif 
^JToiv". J. 0. Cowper aa Dnimmimd, Pkr- 
Hlle u Iir. Onet ; retiied at tha Adelplii 
In March. 1870 : at Sadlar'a Weill In Mar. 
lasi, with MlBB I>ab*l Bateman aa MUdnd 
and .(ficr, Miu K. PatUBoo aa Ladt EUul, 
Ml» I.. Linden aa SiUy, J. 1>. BcTeridge aa 

Blow in the Dark (The). A como- 
dietta In one spt. by Thompson Tow!(ge.M> 
to.r.), firat performed at the Snrrey Theairo, 
London, In 186S, with Vollalre M Baroa 

In TraoNE 

[>ar the Bent' (o.e.l (2) 
I JfiM Diaat, SlncAord 

Bine Anchor (Ths). See PococK, 

Blue and BnS: or. The Qraat 
Uuddleborong'h Election. A comic 

eonjpoBed by W. L. Frost, and fli*tpcirformBii 
at tiie Bijou Opem ItooBC. Llverpnol. on 
Jannpj? U, IBtO: rrodnred in London at 
the Haymtttket on bepteiiibei 6, ISSl, with 
a cast including H. Si. Manr, Eric Lowii, 
Mlsa Enuly Thoruc, and MIsb Lottie Venn*. 


Blue and the OrkiT (The). Amilitarr 
drama hr Klliott Birnes, produced M 
Niblo'a Tlwtre. New Vuik. Mkf IB. l«8t. 

llMt parionned u 


Blue Beard. 

foUavinE (unong Buni} dnraatlc plecu: 
(1) ' Bine Beard ; or. The Fllaht at Barle- 
fluln \ ' puitomlms prodpced at CoTent 
ClanleDlnDeGamber,lT91. (2rBlue Beard; 
01, Femals Curlonity. ' H muaical enlertsln- 

it Drury l^ne on Jannor; 
' ae Aborndiqite^ Ban- 
PUHr, JUL » Hv ojuteaoae, Dowton as Ibrahirn, 
KdlT H Self m,Mn. Crouch M fotiiiu, Hlu 
D* CKiup u IrtHt, and Hn. Bland aa Btda : 
Int plahd at H«v York In 1S(K. with Tyler 
u .ItonKliaiH. Jeffenon u /AroAim, Uodg- 
ktiuon aa S^im, and Mn. Hodgkinton aa 
FaHma; lerlTed at Coient Oanlen on 
February IS- 1811, with Barrymore aa 
Abamiliqiu, Fawcstt oa Sliacabae. and Mri. 
C. Kemble a Irtnc (on this occaaion a 
troop of horaea made ita appeanwce In the 
eonrse n[ the piece, drawing down the in- 
dlgaation ot 'Vhe Dnmatrc Censor' and 
other Buthoritlea : aeaaeneat{; at theaama 
theatre on Jnne 2, im with Eceiion aa 
AboTotlwHi, Uunuet ajfiAncoAiic, Blanchard 
aa Ilmihim, and Mlaa M, Tree aa Fatima. 

Si) • Bine Beard : ' a barleaqoe bntletta 
one act, b; i. U. VzjMcat (q.s-'l and 
CBiBLKS IJiNCE (j.r.). first performed at 
the Olympic Theatre, London, on Janoaij 
1, ISM, with Mdme. Vestria aa Fleurrtu. 
Mra. Franlci aa Aniu, Mra. Macnamara aa 
■ " " ■ 1 aa CSAoo 

<Blaa beu^l: 


it the Lycei 


Beard I Irom a now point 

a bnrleaqaa extraTaj^anza by H. J. Btro.i 

(o.r.l, flfrt performed at t 
lAudon, on December 26, ISW, with Mlaa 
Emily Tborne aa iWim. Miaa Woolgai 
ralima, Mlaa Kate KeUyas SitleT Aniu 
L. Toole ai AI>Qmelig>ie, and Paul Bedl 
u S/vu-a-lat. (6) '^Bluel>eard He-Pair 

operatic eitraTaeanza in one act. adap 
bma the 'BarbeBleao ' (o.v.) of U. Meil 
aodL. HaUvf. by He->bvBelt-tnohah, . 

■ ^ediwith music by Offenbi 

lie Theatre. London, on Jun 
' "" ■• ■ u aa Kinn £'a 

[n America, arid 


iSTt. (10) 'BlaeBeardi'anei 
by R. B. FaRNIE. performed c 
hundred and •ereDtir Ubin In A 
flrat produced Id Ixindan on 8 
1874, at tha Charing Croat Tu«mi>, -.« 
LioM) Brongli In the title part. Mlaa Lydia 
Thompaon aa Stlim, Hiaa K. Irvln aa 
Fatima, HUa B. de Laodre aa Siiler Amu, 
Hiaa Alioa Atharton aa tha O-Suieaiae, Hiaa 
Topsy Venn aa iroMon. Albed Biat 
Ibraiim, . - 

aAinhandWIIli* Edmln 1 

Jiahop aa 

tCumral Zoup- 
itt! Iraiufetr^ 

a "pantomli 
n, Hiaa Venj 

Ime-bonile," with Ulii Thamp- 

Venn. Uonel Broogh. and Willla 
fidonin as before, Miaa R. Sanger aa Atinu, 
Mlaa Emily Duncan as BitUr Amu, Mlaa K. 
Irwin aa the CShaeaiaa, and G. Beckett 
aa /frroAJm.— UIbb Thompaon, Edonio. O. 
Barrett, 13. Beckett, and Brough appeu^ng 
in a " iLariequinade " aa columbine, down, 
pantaloon, harlequin, and policeman re- 
apactlrely ; transferred to the Charing Croaa 
TTieatre (now the FoUy) on October is. isifl. 
with Misi Thompaon, Brongh, Edonin, and 
Mlaa Venn in their original parta, Miaa 
Violet Cameron aa Palima, and Miu Ella 

BiJou, HewYork. InMay, ISS4. (11) ■ Blue 
Beard in a Black Skin : ' an operatic abaur- 
dlty by Mokton Williims, Norwich, June, 
187B. (lS)'BlueBeardandFatKmma:or, 
The old Man who cried "Beads";' bur- 
leaque by Frank Oheex, North Woolwich 
Oar^ena. Jane IS, ISTT. (13) ' Blue Beard 
Se-Trimmsd:' burleKine, Park Theatre. 
London, July, ISTT. a4) ■ Blue Beard He- 
Wived:' pantomime by John DquoLAs-s. 
Standard Theatre, London, December, 1870. 

SIB) 'Bine Board:' pantomlma by K. L. 
ILiNCHiRD, Drury lAne Theatre, Decem- 
.___ .... J. BeanidonaBrown:' 


by H. SpR 



— -' W. H. Htephe 
_., .. U. Terrott ai . 
lerldan aa Prina Sapphin 

the other Btrnma are Nutaitvit, Slifbadi 
(a courtier), Princtu Prrimnt, and Mopia 
?aahepberdeaa]. (6) 'Blue Beard.theGreat 
Baabaw:' burlesque by H. T. AHnR>, 
«rjalal Palace, March 29, ISBS. (7) • Barbo 
Blene' (9.1.), Mellhac, Ilal^Ty, and Oflen- 

flalety (1870). (8) 'Blue Beards' panto. I 
e by H. J. Bthoh. Co'ent Garden, 
— '■— "'-', (9) 'Blue Board, Ond- 

.,_ ^Pretty-"- 

la Oairlck Tbiatn, L 

L. (I'Ti'Blue Beard; or, 
ii^v iiiu4[u of the Dye^' a barleeqoe- 

I drama in three acta, by F. C. Buhnihi) 
(o.p.), first performed at the Gaiety The- 
atre, London, on March 12. 1S83. wltli Mlaa 
E. Farren as the BarimAbiniitlimr dl Sarit 

• Bfiiw, BdwardTerryaa J><<i(fWi>.andHlaa 

I Kate Vanghau, Miaa Onnle Oilchriat. H. 

I Mnnkhonab aodE. J. Henley in other urta. 

arch, leas. (19) 'Bine Beaid: panto- 
' mimeby HoRACiLENNARD.CryitalFalao*. 
December, 1S83. ^0) 'Blna-Eyed Uue 
Beard, the Masher Faaha : ' pantmnime by 
a. THOSn, Grand Theatre, lalington, De- 
c«mber, 188S. (21) 'Blue Beard;' '- 

H- LEMiinn (9-r.), Crystal I^lace, Decem- 
ber £2, 19M. (84) 'Blue Beard:' ballet, 
music by a. Jacobi. A 

was produced 

Alhambra Theatre. 

d at Nlblo'a Garden In 1880 b; 

diusatlc placat by 

1. V. Bridoeiuk ud T. A. Ti 

'a Child dI Nature.' and tint 
performed at the NoieKr Thaatre, Londo 
Eeptenber 11, 1887, with Henrr Naiilla 

JonaJd, u 

wood. Scott Bnltt, O. Caiminge, S. Calliaem, 
and Mlu Marie Stuarl 

Blne.BUlT. A Mrrant In E. StthLiKO'S 
'Ultla ^acfc Parlour' (q.v). (21 Diana 
Oingrr Bliu li a character in B. SnitLUICI'a 

Blna Blood. A pUj b]F Uadbuni I. 
BiLET. produced hi U.S.A. 

Bla« BoaiiXhe). A"fante«tic tarce' 
'- -' '.I, by Louis N. PiRKEnCjc' — ' 


October U. ISS. with "O.- Smith aa fim 
BinnatU, Mrs. Keele* ai Sttts BodHn. F. 
MatUiewa aa Admiral Tnmnim,»ad Mrs. 
Honej aa Fanny IVunnion. 

Bloe Jeaaa. A plax In fonr acU, b; 
JosKFH Artbub, first perTormed [n Eng- 
land at the Open Hooaa, Mertbampton, 
Febrnarj It. I89S: Shakeipeare Tbiatre, 
London. Fabraarj 38, IBSS. 

Blue XiOiWB. A brce ptoducad at New 
York Id 1S33. 

Blna or Oreen P A comedietta hj 
Uri. Uvaa Beu;; Comedr Theatre. Lon- 
don, March 11. ISIW. 

}med7 In 

Blna BsvUs. 

act, adapted by O. 
Patrat'l ' L'Angla 


the Court Theatre. 

IBM; prodncedatTerrr' ... ._. 

on Hanh n, IBW, with Edward Tetry aa 
Sobat Bonevdev, Harcouit BeattT a> Cyril 
StrawthvaiU, 0. Belroore ai the Srijln, L. 
KenTOn ai Bocti, Mlu Alaiea Lelahton 
aa ifri. Poundtr, Miai M. Mclntoah aa 
XiUltenl, and Miai Fajmr Broogh aa "Dr." 

comlo drama in one 
IB CoLMis, Jan., from 
I le Foa HaJiBDDabl*,' 

, jt COTent Oatden on 

April M, 17*9, with Fawcatt aa Migrim, 
Uosden aa Dtmitau, Knight aa Jamu, an ^ 
Mta. Qibba uAnaettt (danghtei el Dtmi- 
BU): flnt played at NewYork In ISOe, with 
Twalta aa Mtgrimi replied at the Oalaty 
Theatre. London, In June, 187S. Mtgrimit 
anbjeot to "bine derile," and contemnlatea 
■nldda. "brwayol noTelty," to "eoUTeD" 

Blna Qlaaa. A comedy In three acta, 
from the Oennan of Von Moaer, flrat per- 
formed at Fifth Aienua Tlieatre, Kew York. , 
on March 11. ISTT. with Mi» Fannr Daien- 
portai Btlic, Mlu E. Blilae S<vhit, Mm. 
E). H. GUbert aa llri. FUlchtr Bull, C. I 
Coghtan as Tim ifocm, J. Drew aa Reginald 
Basra, J.Branaham aa Oentral MacThundtr, 
J- Le^i^ aa Jiuiut Pappertheim, etc. 

Blaa J&okeM (The); or. Her | 
XnJestT'B Sarrice. A farce Id one 
act. bj SDWAKD STIBUNfi (j.r,), fint per- 
lomed at the Adaiplil'llieatre, London, on ' 

B. Sqden, first 

e Oaietr 

London, on May 11, 1B37. 
Blaeball, Beaale. A conntry gii 
C. H. HiZLEWOOU's ■ Jenny Foater.' 

Bluebella, Mian. A character 
' Wliaa bi Ad?erti9ement ' (i.e.). ,_. 
*«ifc flRUrea In J. B. BUCK- 
---' ---■(9.B.). 

MutHUi Eta, 


Blne-ered BIn« BMird. See Blob 

BBABU (20). 

Blne-ayed Snaait. A comic opera la 
three acta, foanded on Songlaa Jerrold'H 
'Black eyed Susan' (if. v.). libretto by 
Oborqg R. Sihs and Henry Pettitt, 
moaic by F. Osmond Carr, fint performed 
at the Prince o! Wales's Theatre, London, 
on February fl. isei. with Miss Nellie 
Stewart a> Sman, Miss Marian Burton aa 
waiiam, Mlsa Once Pedloyas ZMlv JCou- 

SKi-, Arthur Williams as Doggrati, Arthur 
berta aa Captain Cnmlra. Wa11ac« 
Brownlow afterwarda appeared aa William, 
and Miss Fbyllla Brooghlon aa DoUy. 

Blae-Ieeared I<ady (The). A "piece 
of absurdity. '^bj W. J. Bill, flnt performed 
at the Court Theatre. London, March t. 

VuJiCBifs • Golden Branch' (g.i.). 

Blueakfn. A character in the Tariona 
adaptations and bnrleaquea of 'Jack Shep- 

Bluff. (1) Captotn Xott Bluf la a 
cowardly brsggart In CosoRETEi -Old 
Bachelor' laiij. 18) Biu/la the name o( 
the mate In 1. Pocock's ' Boblnaon Cmaoe ' 
(j.n.). (3) CoplaiB Blu/ la a character to 
£. StirlinO'b 'Jane Lomax' iq-v.}. 



apar»-baaSa In two uK wordi br C. CfKBU., 
mniic brO-BlchanlHiaiCbalteDbun. April. 
187T. (S) A puiComlme bj FKun HuJL, 
Ttctorla Thaatrv, LondDD, Saonnbsr t*, 
ISTS. (TJApuitomlDM^B.SFBT.Susar'i 
Amphitheatrs, London, DeeaiuIier,1BS£. (S) 

mphitheatrs, London, Deeomber, 1BS2. (S) 
bDilcuae. Altxaudn Thntn, SboiBeld. 
UardilS.18a«. (9) A mnilol piece written 
br CiuitLxa E. FoaD, compoud bji !•- H. 
Iiubar ; Opara Honw, Bolumois, U.9.A., 
April e, ISJe. 

Blnndarer (The). A cwmadr, tnoa- 
l>l«d from UolUre, und printed iD Foote'i 
' Comic Tha«tre,' loL I'. 

BliuideilnffHelT(Xbe). SeeLTSls, 
H. P. 

Blunt. (1) Colona Blunt, In HOwakD'S 
* Committee (j.ii. ), ta a Bo jkliat •aUier, who 
mppeors In Khiout'I 'Honeab Tbieiea' 

li tbe : 

InB. J. 

■Volnnteen' (f.1.1 (8) Mnjor Blunt 
chaiMtor In C. J. fcUTSBWS'S * Adieni 

■ a Loie Letter' (o.u,). (4) Ji' ' 

•••- English ww-corraapondent 

fs ' MithMl atiogoff ' iq:v.). 

Bltu-t, Uaster Constable; or. The 
Spaniard's Night Walk. A comedy 
by T BO If 19 MiDDLBtON (o.i!.), acted b;tlie 
childnu of PsoI'b. uid pnnt»d In ie02. 

Blush, ttx. A charscter In H. WlOAN's 
' laming the Tmant ' (a-vX (8) Primx 
Blmh a a cbArutar in J, kinodoh's 

Blush Rose. An opan-bosffe. muilc bv 
-Offenbach, libretto bj G. D'Aaci, Theatre 
BoTsl, Plimoatb, May iS, ISTO. 



" Blnshlnv rose, and purple 
swer (The^" First line of a long in 

Blnshlngrton, Edward. The"haih(I)I 

_ ,_ .. . — imjj dnimn of that 

n a Piter Blathlag- 
I ' LoTer bj Proir ' Iq- ' 

_ Blnshenl^. The hi 



»o' (q.V.). 

il the giiard 

BIy, Nally. A ballet-giri in ORtTHDT 
and SoLOHOM^s 'Vlear of fin;' (q.v.), be- 
loved by Thamiu Mtrton. 

Birth, Mrs. The widow in Burnakd'S 
■ Colonel '(g.i.)- 

Boahdelln, KIdk. fn Dktdem's 'Con- 
qaeit of Granada' (j.v.)- 

Boabdil. An opera, music by Uorltt 
MoiEkawBki, performed, itltb English li- 
bretto bT Mrs. TbBTBir, at the Manhattan 
Open House, New York. Jsuosry 21, 1803. 

BoAbdU el Ohloo; or, The Hoor 
the Merrier. A bnrlosqne by F. C. 
BUR^fAMD iq-t.), performed at AsUey's The- 
atre, LoDdon. under B. T. Smith's menage- 


Boaden, Oarollae. Drwnatlit ; enthor 
ot 'Fatality,' 'Quite Con«ct,' 'William 
Thompson ; ' snd adapter ol 'Don Pedro 

BoAden, Jame*. DnmaUc and mti- 
callaneoni writer, bom 1781, died 1339; 
— .1.^ ^l u,g lollowing plays:— 'Oeir— 

— ■ ixm). •"■ — ■-"'- -— 

, 'Funtelntille Forest' 

ItalianMook a'BT), ' Tbe Cambro-Brlton) ' 
(ITOH), ' AureUo and Miranda' (17W), 'Tbe 
Voice of Natera ' O-tOSU and ' 'The Maid of 
Bristor(180ax BoodeDwasaUDtbeanthoT 
of 'A Letter containing aCritical Biamlna- 
tlenol the Papers of 81uken>eer« pnblisbed 
by Mr, Samnal Ireland' (ITvS). 'An Inquiry 
into the Aatheatldty ef the Vutous Pictures 
sod Prints of Shakespeus ' <1SU), ' A Life 
ol J. P. Kemble ' (lS26k > Memoirs of Mrs. 
Slddons'llSni, 'A Ute ot Mis. Jordan' 
0891), 'Uem<£s of Mis. Inchbsld ' <183S), 
and >On tbs Sonnet* of Shatespeore, 
IdenUfying Uw person to whom they are 
addressed, and elucidating seiersl points 
in the Poefi History' (1837). See 'Bio- 
giapbla Dnmatlca' (ISl!). 

Boadlaea, Qasen of Britain. A 
tisgedy by HuFKiNS, written in 
rhyme, and acted at Lincoln's Tun Fields in 
1CB7, with Mn. Barry a> the heroine, 
Betterton as dun'Msn (British genetol^ 
KyuBston 09 Pavliniu (Romsn general), 
'■--'■—' -- Catka, Hodgson as Dteiut, 
rdle aa Camilla, and Mn. 
(2) 'Boadicoa;' 

tngedy br RiCEURD OLOIEn (q.i 
parionnaa at Drory I*nB — " — 
17!>3, with Mn. Prltchard 



tlana), Mossop as jtneboHrui, Ha»srd OS 
Flamlnivi, and Mrs. Clbber as Vmutia 
(Wife to Outnnorti). Tbe story is founded 
on the 14tb book of the 'Annals' of Tocltiu. 
SeaBoNDUCt. (3) ' Boodicea Uniulhed:' 
burieBqneinoneacl,by WILMN J. EiX and 
PBED. J. Otlleti, Town H.ll, KUbnra, 
January 20. ises. 

Board and Besidenoe. A fans In 
one act, bjCoswir KDWituira Co.ff.),Hrat 
parformed at tbe Globe Theatn, LoDdon, 
on Octolwr 8, IDTO. Among the characters 
Auffu^at Fiti^Hddlt, TvmalAiui Tooilt, 

., Fiii/Uddi 

' UalOda andlVarHi 
(a maid). 

f , snd Smarf 

,.', PlTO 

insiral fsrce 

in iwo acta, written by SiMUJU. BexZlet, 
]nn. {«.».), with music by Horn, and Unt 
performed st the Lyceum Tbeatre on August 
lie. l$ll, with J. Smith as Captain Bel/ait, 
Miss H.Kelly OS Canrfiiw//«artf(y.WewiU><r 
as old Cexlrocf. Oibeny ss young Cvntroef, 
Mrs. Orger as Carofiw ITAtaCf/tW, Ln>a. 
grofe as fidget, snd Knight as "--——-* 

'. Bans B»mi«8n is-*-). 


flrrt prrfotiBi^d at th* HsjTiisrllet on Sep- 

"Webster, J. WeEnter, F. Vlning. I>. Bees, 
Mn. Stiillnc, Mlu P. Hotton, uiil Mn. F 
MBtUien (vo.)' AmoDE ttie clunctiin 
«n Aimur BuU^ and Mia Mary Mitt. 
iS) A eomeiii by E. Bbownk, playsd 
throiuhont the U.S.A. In liirv-ao, with 
KlMUInnlB Palmer In the chief put. 
8m Love for Mdmiv. 

BouMliae-Sahoal UIbb (Tlie). A' 

nniHiT aKribfld - -- '■-— ■ 

ticlut^ in 1TB7, 1 

.am Osiit&l: 

Boast of Bmin^strats (Tha). 
BlaT by Eicniitn UithwatE Cj.c.) a 
John Dai (a-c), artod la ISOi. 

, A Jew In DouaLjis JEanoLD's 

play by FitKD MAHaDE.t, i 

Bobadil, Captain, In Jonso.-is ' E>cry 
Man in his Huimmi' (t.".), las bully and a 
covard — a man o( "big vrordA and Ifttle 
fa«rt." Heladeacribedin (hecast o9 "a 
Aol'imaii"— "alreqaenter or the middlo 
«lile of Bt Paul's Cathedral, the cnuunon 
nuat ct cut caplijna, ahuperi, gnlla, and 
coaalpan ol eTSty desciiptlan," Ha i>, 
■uiBaiJitt, "thermlhen- -'"•■ -' — 
Bb extnnguit allMUition, 
■iidcow«rdloi.»roBnonterti . „ . ., , 
And Ma flnal dsfeat and eiponm, Ihmgh 
■icaedlii^ hnmonnu, no tbs mort aScct- 
iMig put CI On >tory. B. W. Procter pn>- 
gunaca* libn " vottbr to much tn the nina 
ntfaaat with A«u (q.v.), and PiHol (q.vX 
Mul PareOU (f.F.), and tbe CopptT CaplMH" 
(s-'i- The pait wu plavad in public by 
Cbutw me&nif"—* -^ ' 

i»ai highly cnlMd by Ldgh Hnnt. ■' Mr. 
IHduni'i Bobadil.' wrote fliat niUo, " had 
a iplrlt In It ot InteUectnal apprehenrioii 

beyond anything the eiliting atage haa 

BobBlinh, Tom 

man and his wife in 
Emigrant *(ij.e.}. 
Bobbin. The i 

i 'Popping tl 
iq.r.i, anu \ii) DUOUdU and 
■ijhillinc Dny at the Gnat 


(4) Mn. BaMin, in MlLEs's 'ArUHce' Iq.n.}, 
interlards her cnnremtion with phniaeo 

!• a wBltine-womHn in Lady DUFFERIN'S 
' Finasw' Ij.v.l. (_6) Jfn. IhibUTt is *i»o i, 
characldT in U. A. i Beckett's ' TTadea- 
man'sBsH'to.u,). (7j Tim tnd Mr$. Bobbin 
are among tnepfnonir of R J. ttAYUOND'ti 
■ P.S.— Como lo Dinner' (fl.t.X 

Bobbinn, Mr. and Urn. There are 
married eouplea ao Damed In (1) T. MoH- 
TON'B 'Gotobed Tom' (w-r.), and (3) A. 
C, TKotiaBTOS-a ■Viinii>kB I!ro«n' (i/.t.X 
(3) AJVr. £a&ti»ira]anBppeari' in MAJ>Diao.i 
MoBTOH's ' A Daj's Finhlng ' (j v.). 

Bobbo. An operetta In one act, libretto 
by J. T. TAKNEit and Adrcik Boss, laiuic 
by F. Uamond Can. Prince's Theatre, 
Manchester, Sopteuber 12. 1S95. 

Bobby A 1; or, A Warm Becep- 

?orest of lUoiiteaoaniiiii. A muiic 
farce, Urst perfonned at Coveot Clarden i 
December 1, IBIS, with Lisbon aa the beiu. 
B'Mnel Is a rostic. whom sonie banditti 
mistake fot tbe caplain they expect. 

Boblnette. A lady's umid In Fionm'a 
'CbamiiBgne' (j.b.). 

BobBtAT. A boatflwaln In J. M. 
WORTOX'* -Tho SpltB«' (q.v.). <2) Bm 
Bobriay flgiiri's In ' Fifteen \ can of a Brltiah 
Seaman's Lite- fa.vA (3) BiU Bobilay '- 
a chhrtcter in W. 8. C '■ "' " 

Boocaoclo. An op^n conilque in three 
acta, mnslc by Fratu Ton Bnnpe. Brat per- 
formed in England, with Uhtetto by It. 
Bhkcr ud B, B. FAmnnt, at the Comedy 
Theatre, London, on April «, isei, with MIsi 
VIcin Chmaron In the title put, J. D. 
Taylor aa Kelro, L. Eelleher as toUeriwA'. 
W. 8. Bidng as £«>nctta, Uonel Broui h at 
LambertueeS, Hlia Alice Banille as Piam- 
nutla. Mlaa Oarllngfonl as Pfrofulla, and 
Mln Kate UnnrM sa labfOa : played nt 
WaUadE's Theatre, Kew York, in ISSS, with 
Mlai Lania Mooib as Fiammtna. 

fThiit. A dixma In three 

Q (The)."-' The Two 


tg.vX {2) Body BodHn is ■ choncter in 
E. STiitLTKO's 'Blue JukeM' i'l-r.). (8) 
J'tUr Arfiin ia a. mniler t»11or in aELDY's 
■ Tatn in anil Done tor ' (j.o.). 
Bofffiy: "being 

CnriouB ISeliavigBr o 

A plajln llireeactii. byH. V. Ksbosd ig.B j, 
flisl pettotmijd It the St. Jamei'i Thiatre, 
Lo-aiion. on SopIenibQr ID, igB£, with tbe 
satliur In the title pejt lArchie Bulla luAau), 

imbwlinl B&tes.' 

Bohame, Authon; 

HS^^nn F'. 


Tilui AlUlrimicw, 

Bmru ri. In 'Riclunl UI.,' StiplorJi, tbe 
jEiiiif In ' Henl7 IVy Part 1,'CiHniu, Banqvo, 

'BophDnlBba,' the Mini; in 'The Mild's 
Tnged;,' Calo, uto. (Oeneat). He murled 
Mrs. SeTmoni ij-t.), the Mariamiu to hla 

Bohame (Za). See Bodeuians, Tbb. 
Bohoniia. A play by Prank Hitch- 
■Murilorh'), Hnt iwrf oroiml at the 
street Theatre, FhiledelphiL <S) 

_ nUandBelemvifl:' ftcomedyinthree 

acta, by AnTiirHO'NEJLLCo.r.), produced at 
the Boyalty TfaAtre, Lundau, on Jano S, 
IBli- (3) ']Ioh?mla;' & comedy in a pro. 
lo|;ae and four acta, ailspted by Cltde 
Fitch from ' Ia Via de Boheme' oj Henri 
Unreei and Theodore Buriire, end Urst 
perionned at the Empire Thenlre, New 
York, In March, IBM. Bee BonEUUns, Tus. 

Mi ' 

e, LoDdon, on Febmary 
wim niunay Carson an Captain IS4I- 
, Lewia Waller us Sorman Brooke, and 
aier parts by F. E«rlll, A. Avnosworlb, 
[aa Hnrence West, Miei M. MlUett. and 
[n. Cannings. 
Bobemlttn Qirl (The). An opera In 
three acts, librotto (adaptOil from St. 
Georie'ji ballet of -'nieCipiy,' iUelf hosed 
an a, noTel by Cpr.nntei') by AtPliFD Blkn, 
mnidc by M. W. Mnlfc (.q.v.). first per- 
formed at Dmry r.aDe Tbeatre on NoTem- 
ber n. 1S«, with W. Harrlion ai Thaddaa, 
XIh Balurotlh a* .^rftni, Miu Betta ai 
the OifV Quan. Hndion aa Flarittein, and 
fitrttton and Borani in other charscten, 
' one eabieaaanC tepreuDla " 
ad thoBeat nmrylAneon 

by the 

hu been perfoi 

llbretio, the op 


nt Drury Idne In May, ISHt 
Boea Company (by wblcli II 

With an Italian 

. LonJo^ ir 

Gill' waa burlMqued by t 
BBottOH lnl!m In'Arline'Cj 

Lout Child.' and by 

' ■"""- Merry Zlngaia' {q. 

?.,?.. ''oarden, 
-'liio 'Bohemian 

LLDEKT In \tet 
... .. ... .„.. . .j.r.). Another 

irareety, by n. J. BntON, caJled ' The Bo- 
hemiaa Cyorl, and the Unnpproaohabls' 
l\>\n' was Hrat perlormed at the OpSrai 
Comlqae Theatre, London, on January SI, 
ISTTi with Uiig Nelly Furren aa Ttunbteut^ 
Miu Kate Vanshan naArtau, MluM. Wait 
Ka (he Gijuy Queen. E. W. Ruycs as Count 
Amiin, K. Terry aa DevOlSoef, and F. 
Charles al Florttttin; the mugic waa by 
Meyer l.ntx. This piece was tianafened in 
July. 1877, to the O^ety Theatre, with 
Mise Amalla In Ilea of F. Charlel. Thors 

opera, entitled ■ The Bohea Maua Girl.' 

Bohemian Uother (The). 

by Haddocks, transUli-P '- 

and iH'rfoTmed at Bostoi 

i"i frnm llie French 

Bohamlona (The) : or, The BoKnes 
of Paris. A drama in three acW. by 
noWAltl) STIUUNO (f.r.). adapted from 
Boe-a 'Mrilerea de I'aiis.' an^ first per- 
fonosd at the AdalphI Theatre. London, ob 
Notemhor fl. 1B«, with Mrs. Yalea «a Luuiti, 
lltibrrt, " O." SmltH lU Jtrorm Huiiert(Cnot 
CnHvl, and Wrij(ht, Wieland, Mrs. Woolfdgo, 
etc.. in other parie. An AnellciiaUon of 
Sue's story waa produced at Skdler'a WoUa 
DD Norember 13, 1B49. under the title at 
■TheCrussBiwla of Life; or, The Scampe 
ofLondon'W.tu). Thle was foUowed by ffi) 
' The Bohemiana ; or, The Thleroa of Parisi! 
alio funnded on Sne, and flrat performed at 
the City of London Theatre on November, 
20. 1S4;> ; by (3) 'The BnbemUna of Paiia ; 
or. The Uysteries of Crime.' a dmma liv 
threo acts, adapted by C. Z. BjlB.iBTI (q.v.\ 
and first pprformod at the Surrey Theatt* 
on Noiember 27, 1S49, with a c&sl including 
N. T. H icki. E. F. Suiillo, Vale, B. Honner, 
Mn. K. Uonner, etc; and by (4) "Tha 
Bohemianei or, The Tbieies of Parla,' 
another adantatl^Dn. produced at the Queen's 
Theatre, December i, 1B13. 


t>n';ra Comique. LoDcloo. on February SI, 
ltJ73. with Miss Pattle Uieme as G-uiBmlU. 
(Z) An opera In four acM. the libretto 

de BohSma' the mualo by l-ucdni; per- 
f onned tor On fint time In England U the 



1B87, with y 

I AprU ti. 

Macdonsl'l M M' . — - 

"' PviU, B. Canninghani, A. a 

•■-1i Mrtoraidd 

, im, under 


(nndtut . 

«t CoTent Okrden In Odobei 
«i» title oC La Boh6ins.' See 
BohemlaiiB of Paris (Tho). Sm 

Bolm.HeunraeoTKe. BihllompliBr, 
Iwm i;i>u. died 1*84 : anthor of ■ Biogmpli j 
'ftnd DibLlaf;i«phy of ShAkcflpeorQ ' (liklaj' 

BoUIhk Water. A turciml coniBd»:in 
thiee iKli, by Julum Cito?t3 (g.d. nnt 
peHomiFd at Ebo Comedl' Theatre, London, 

Boispreau, EeotoT de, in Offen- 


le Fn>trt ' [g. 
Boker, Qoona Henry, 
iniler ; anthar oT tha follow 

itrothal' (ISM), 'Lronor i 

(1B&3). ■ FnniwMa da Rimln 

■ callwl "Tbe WlJon 

<l(*MI}i >Ik>, of a dUt ( 

iUrtiite: whlih beloL, „ 

>ot been pertannwL B. H. Stoddard 
I'Upplocatt'a aisRulnfl') >ui;b dF Boker: 
'He waa tbe creaior ol onr PueUc Drama 
vhicb becwi vltb 'Calajno*' and ended 
titib ' KMilpiDaTk.' That hU tniKediea 
■were eapablo of effactiTa representation 
waa known to tbone of ua who iaw Mr. 
Dafenport and Mina Dean in *Francesca 
4m Blminf' jean a«o, and ia known to 
those or HI who biLro since bud Mr. 
Suntt ud Mlai ITainwriebt in tbe nune 
plaj. Tha coBceptlon of hli tragedies and 
tfomedles, their aerelopnient, their move- 
ncDt, and their catitfropbes, are dimnatle. 
Poetleal, tber an not merwelghtad witli 
netij ; emotlDnal aad paulDnate. tbedi 
SuuEaan ii utoiallT fljnuatlTe, and the 
U^iierM Hsa ud iSla as tbe —■>■" 

«Tfginal." See Boker'B'Plajs and Poem 

Bokeii. A Jew in Sbirley Brooks'S 
■"Creole' ij.t.J. 

Bold AdTeTtiMment <A). A dno- 
locue b< lAt'is N. PuLKr.R, Sleinwav Uall, 
Xondon. Noremher IB, ISOe. 

Bold Beanohampa (The). An old 
iiIaT, not now in existence, but refatred to 
b ■'liie Knlibt ol the liumlnE Peatla' 
<loiq, 'TliaOi>bllni'(ieH),>ThePlayhoiiM 
to be Let' (UTS), and the pmlDgne to 'The 
I>nmb Wr' Onn. See Dodnlev's 'Old 
Plays' (irao) ukd dBoest'i ' ^iglbh Stan' 

Bold BuontDeera (The). SeeRaaiN- 

BoldSlckTuirin. See Dick Tdkfui. 

Bold Bra 
In twu av ta. ]i 

dolplii Theatrf. ''London, 
'^ — - -- ^abcrtarh and 

.._ Yales 

Fune (the drBEOons), Buckstone as Vcca 
Coeklru. Mrs. Vates as Jtorini, and Mrs. 
Fitiwlliiam as NinttU. 

Bold SBcruIt (Tlie}. Ad operetta, 
words by B. C. Stf.puek90> (j.t.), mntie h/ 
Frederick Clay [g.u.), flrst parlomiod at the 
Theatre Hoyal, Csniorbury, Anitast 4, \Bt» i 
reiiied at St. Oeotge's Uall, London, on 
July IB, 1870. 

Bold StToke for a Hniband (A). 
A coroedy by Mrs. CowtBr lq.t,\ Hrst per- 
formed at C'ovent Qardeu on Kebruary U, 
ITS3, with Lewla as Dan JtUio. Quick aa 
Don Catar. Wronghton as Don Carloi, 
WhitBeld as Don Circia. F,dwin aa Don 
Vinantio, Wilson as Oa»™r, Mrs. Mattock! 
as Ollria <daogbtDr of Don Caiiar\ Mn. 
Roblnsan as Viclaria, Mn. n'ii«on aa 
, (a m^d), and Mrs. Whitfleld u 


Juiio. Fo^Se 

She is secretly la late 

reason she disnuts Don Qartia by pretend' 
ing to tM a men, and Am rineenlfa by 
pretendios to be fond ol a Jew's harri. 
Julio lalli In loTa with her. At the ainela' 
don they are united" (Oenest). A sob-ploC 
has to do with the malrlmonlal troubles of 
DonCarlotand rielona. Tba rile at OUtla 
was sastalned at Corent Garden in ITM by 
MissWalliB,atDrari ■—'-'"■' •--"■— 
-■ "j.ent B% 

Mellon, at C 

•i and at 

Kelly playlne MiartiA ai 
In un bfMlsB Kelly (Mis. uioTer piayms 
JKatK*]. Ibe comedy was Teriied at tbe 
Fifth ATenue Theatre, Hew York, in De- 
eember, 1S71, wlUi O. Clarke ae Julio, L. 
James aa Oirfos, W. J. Le Morne aa OtQw, 
Hln F. Daienpoit as Oh'via, Miss C. Uonla 
aa Vietarla, iOm K. Clazton as MamOm. 
Oenest points out respects In whieb ttw 
antbor was indebted to Otwayi -AtbeM' 
and D'Urfey's ' VirtDoui Wife. 

Bold Stroke for a "Wife (A). Atarce 
in file acts, by Mrs. Centlivke (q.r.), first 
perCoimod at Lincoln's Inn Floldii on Feb- 
ninry S, 171S, with C. Bullock as Cnloml 
Ftignvta, Pack as OtodfoA Prim, Spiller •• 
PeriainU*. Bolloek aa I>iuE>Iiik, Knap aa 
Sir Pl,mp Jrodalote. Qriffln aa Sivwn Pun, 
Mn.BDlIodcaa.iiUH Liiia;ir<and Mn. Sent 
M^Mn-Prlm. Tbe'EdogiaphiaDramatica' 
Ban that "a acena or two" were written br 
JobD Mottley ( Prim, FtriwinUt, 
Tradeiovtj and Modibne are the guardiua 
of Annt Liittiv, who leest her fortune II sha 
biBTrles without their pennlBsion. Tber 
baie my marked pecollarltlea, butFMm- 
imU contrlTes to conciluie them all. ■fhB 
"bold stroke" is that which Frnffnu:^ 
makes when, by passing himself ofl! as Simon 
Pvre, he sets accept<iil as Anue't snltor. 
Tho comody waa rBtirod at Uncoln'i Inn 
Fiohls in 1718 and 1T18, at Dmt; Lasa la 

entOudni is 1140, at Di 

_. ■tDrmrlA: 

U Conat Oudra la 1T58 and 1T< 
n Lane in 17tS, Kt Coroit Gaidi 

U DraiT Lane in 17tS, at i 
1T7£. U DnrT IJUK is ITT^ 

Harmukat Id 
It ibeHaitimil 

u DraiT Lane in I7M), at Ibe Harmaifcat in 
1810, ■( DniiT Lui« In Ul>, and at Corent 
UanleninlBM. A f aw nan latar. a Ijrical 
vardon of the coned)', Btted wlUi raude bf 
John BanwU, and tnlmtDdng Bnbam in 
the prlndpal male put, «u prodDced at 
DnuT iJUia Tbeatra DDder the title of ' Win 
Ber and Wear Her,* bat had oolr a brief 
career. See PnB£. dlHO.i. 

Boliro, Don. Father of tha harolDa 
la Lecocq's ' Gi»fl»-GlroU' (;.p.). 

Bolaalma. Theglffj cU»IlD'VtJlci'<s.v.)- 

Bolinrbroke (Henry), Duke of Hm- 
ford, in UntKESPEieE'g 'Elchard U' (?.».). 
"Tha character ot Boixngbrokt^ aftenamrda 
" V IV., i* drawn,' »;■ HaiUtt, " with 
~ 'ant for occaalon, and ' 

naiterlj liand— patiant f 
n ateadUj availinc himi 


1, and aapiiiDE, encroaching b; 
1 alow def[r«e, batldlnc power on 

Ld cemeatiDg opinion bf power." 
:; or, Idfe for LOTa. K 
hr» acU, bi W. G. Wills {q.oX 
innod at the Theatre Boyat, i 
" "~9, with Chaiiag 

tor ("the 

FOBD's'IMy WellHpanl'(7.p,>. (4)Ab«it- 

awmln'i male in A. L. Campbell's 'Bvnt Da)'.' 

Bolt, Ben. See Be.^ Bolt and Jan 

In J. C. CROSS'S 1 


,, - ..lint parfooMd at tha Har- 

market IliBabie, Londea. oo An|n>t T. 1810, 
with Ualon aa fimmai Amtaitu (in loTS 


Bomiaittt iomp op aliTa *(0«neat> 'bod- 
baitev' plared tn New XaA in ISIS, was 
ra<rl<red at the Galet)', London, on Maidi 

T. Anderton aet tha bnrleaqne to 
mnaic. and prodnced it at Binnbuham under 
"- -"•- ■ tbetirut.' 

t, me uwTHJT. A. orama in 

by J. HoLKis Okotek, Qnean'a 

Theatre, Dublin, May 10, 1880. 

Bomboao. The henpecked tiniband o( 
Molina, in E. Snauiio's -Serpent ot the 
Nile '(a.!,). 

Son Soir, HonsleaTFaiitaJaii. An 
operetta pmdDced at Adelphi Theatre. Lon- 
don. In ADEoit, ta&i, with a caat InclodinK 
Uiai FitzwUllam. See Twice Killed. 

Ibinctoa aa 

„ Jjlrrf HinOitt. Klnu i ~ " ' ' 

TrolUy. 1 

aa JJaci/, ana L am aa n aa jeuamjf. 'ina 

prologue wu bj Colmaa. 

Bon-'Vlaa^, B&rtilome. A cha- 
racter In O. ALiuii's ' Jane of the Hatchet.' 

Bona. Slater to the French qneen In 

BonatibeD. Tnlorto Prina ^Anedln 
11. J, B>KO,\-B ■ PUgrini ol Lois ' Iq.v.). 

BonO-fide TrsTellerB. A farce by 

the Adelphi Theatre. JLoDdon. on October 

„.. ,.,,. _... „ „ ,,. ... ..-uiBed- 


ford (I 
In the ( 

I. with R. Bom 
■ Tripper), KeelBj, 

I, and Mrs 

faatODthologoi'(a.e.), IsEenei&lto the kins. 
bat, being itmck by that monarch, killa 

Bonaiparte. See Bconatahie. 

<o.r.). (_, __,, 

Bonavantofe, Baail. A soldier oE 
fortnae In G. AuuB's ' Guporda tha Oon- 

inn _.. 

•r-ss'- '^'•' 

o tho [oilo 

>t Baulmn in Bua- 

.. ...... (2) 

King Bonbcn in F. C. BUHSUHi's -Snow- 
dTDpa (q.t.\ (8) lladame Bonbon in Sbl- 
Bf S ' Poor NoblamKi ' (g.u.). <4J Madanu 
Bonbon in T. E. Wiuis' '&&frac)]u tbe 
Heprobate' Ig.e.). (B) Pri'ux Bonl>on. i 
oliMMtM in Pu^cnft'a -ThUow Dwarf" 
(J.B.). (8) Sir Pitrm a 
KANu'fl'Falr RoflUDond' 

Boncceur. Madams De. A chamctei 
In Selbt-s' Paris and PlBSsute ■(¥.».)■ (3) 
Picm Boncirur Is the " Tilings doctor" lu 
B. Webster's dnnw to nHmoil (J.c). 

Bonconr, Sir QeorRre, 
Father --' - '- " 


Dona, J esna. aervu ua Tooun ; 
bom is London, uiilituiIiedMCheB.A.M.i 

made bcr Brat prDfeaatomJappeuuuwKtth* 
Opfni Camlqna, London, Dn lU} tg. 1S73, u 
flnrlDK aftarmrdi In tbe Diigliul out ot 
■After AL' (o.P.). In IS7» She want to 
New York, wbers, on Decemtwr 31. abe 
-VM (for America) tbe oiiBlnaJ £ditA 
In 'Tbe Pint«i ol Ponionce' (q-c). Re- 
turning to Epgluid In I8ao. ibe tmi tha 
flnt repreaen Ultra in London of Itabel 
tn tlie iBst-nuned opera (April 3X Sbe 
ma aflermida the orlgtou pertonner ot 
the following raUi in tbe Oilbert-SaUlTui 
■eriea :— Ldtfi ^nmla r '" " ' 
ItHanOt* OSBE), MtKa 

. 'ftitCanw' (Igai). 
, „ in ■PrinMiB Ida' 

SSI), iVtiSiiv la 'The Mikado' (iSiU), 
ad kanarel In ■ BuddliDre ' (IggT). Phaba 
ta'TliaTeoman of the Ooard' (ises), and 

• (MaUii) (1803), • 
'Oo-Bang' (Ifelm) 

'(ffotio)d8W),and' .. .. 

■1' (Vn, CDrnfy). Btia_played Con- 
jcmei In the ElaioynnTBloI'TiieHanerer' 

a«.) In 18S4. and Suian Limutt In ' Wapplng 
d Stall* ' (London, ISM). 
Bond, IVIlli&m- Dramatic and mta- 
celkneoua -writer. dIedlTSfi ; claimed Co baTo 
" altered " a tngcdy called ' The Toscaa 
Treatj, or Ihrqnio'a Orartbruir,' Hnnonnced 
k( "by a gentlenian lately deceaneil.' and 
proiloced at Covcnt Garden In liSS. Hob 
ibo ' EioRiapbia Dramatics.' 

iuibly Itooma, 

Bond ofLlft (The), 
■eta, by H. F, SitLlLE; 
Boadinx, May U, 1870. 

Bondaoajil, 11; or, The Callpb 
Sabber. A comic opera written by ll. 
DinnTN (i.e.). perforinr-a at Coront Onrdea 
In NavBinber, 1800. Tbetitloisdotliod from 
IbB name asaamed by tbe Calipb dnrina 
lUi 'ambloi in dlvnlae. 

BondBse. A play in four arts, adapted 
from tbe Aancb ot Pierre d'Alray, and tlnl) 
pertomied at tbe Opiia Comiqae Theatre, 
London, on March 31, 1383, with a cut in- 
dadlng C. Ksl^, U. Alexander, W. Farreu, 
Jun., Uiu Nelly Bromley, Miia Agues 

Bi HUda Hlltoii. 

pmionneil at the Cockpit, Drnry Lane, 
Deoembar 3, USS, and printed In the tollow- 
ing year. Downaa recorda that It waa rerivad 
at the <k>ckpit In lUS, with Bettarton in 
tbe caaL Pepya recorda Is Uanb, 1W>-1 : 
" To WhIte.fiTais, and aav ' The Bondmaa' 
acl«d : an nodlent play and wall dona. 
Bat abon aU that ever I aav. Batterton do 
tbe Bondmu bnt," With aome omlaatona, 
an d the anb-Utla of ' Lore and Liberty,' it waa 
brongbt out at Drnry I^ne on Jnna B, ms, 
ai LtoiOma, UUla aa nnuteen, Shepherd 
aa ClaoH, Mluer aa Anlut, Mra. Tbnrmond 
at Cltora, Mrs. OamaC aa Timaadra (Sta- 
tOia), and Mta. Hunt ai Corita. It waa 
auin played at Cerent Garden nn October 
la. 177S, with tbe comic acones " relormad " 

K Cumberland, and wltb Wroughton aa 
ninder, I«wis aa LroilJiena. Aickin u 
TimoUon, Wllaon aa Clian, Quick aa Atalta, 

Blare, calling blmaeU Manillo. Hli all 


ipanies blm, calling herael^ 
— "- ' — "" the slatea to a 

nasra declana (or Pliatidtr, and Lk*- 

Ihaiu la neonoltMl bo BMOIa, to whom hv 
had lormerly engased bimaelL Timoleon 
la a caneial lent by the Cotinthlana to 
delend the Syntcnaana from tha Cartbagl- 
nlana. C^Iaon, ^aDtu, and Coriiea an comle 
cbaiadera. (S) An opera, mnalo toju. W. 
Bal[e(f.v.), prodnced^ Drnry Lane Thaatrs 
In lun. (8) A draana In Bra acta, by Bui. 
CiiNB (q.ii.i. founded on bla noral oaUad 
'Tbe Bondiwu),' and Bret perfonnod at tbe 
Theatre Boyal. Bolton, on Norember Id. 
leira. with Clifton Alderaon ai Jaion and 
Ulna Agnea Verity ae arneba. 

Bonduca. A tngody, geoetaUy aa- 
cribed to FBUJCiS Beidhdnt (q.v.) and 
JOHM Fletcher (o.e.), though Dyce la In- 
clined to hold that It li the work of Fletcher 
only. The origiDal out Inaluded Bnrbaga 
(g.v.), and the Brat parfomwnrn mnut them- 
(ora hare taken place bofon 

1 play, like 

onth Burbage died. Tb'aplotoj 
.. like that of Hapkina' and of 
I ■ Boadlcea' (g.t.\ la louBdod on tha 
niiiuus ' of Tacltua. bk. liT. c. », and deata 
wltb eome wall-konwD hlatorical chatacten. 
Rc.iduca la Identical with Boadicea, and 
Caratach with Caractacua. "Shatnafully 
roanelml." aaya Gonest, tha play waa re- 
viteJ at Drnry Lane in 1006, rrith Powell aa 

B^gera aa C'sEidia, Miaa Croaa aa BortBicOt 



BONOS Nocmos 

and other parts by Mills, Verbmggen, etc. 
The same Tersion was played at Dniry Lane 
in 1706, and again in 1731, with Bridgwater 
as Carattieh, (^bber, Jun., as Venutitu, Mrs. 
Bntler as Bonduea^ Mrs. Gibber as Claudia. 
and Miss Baftor as Bonvica. The original 
p^y, altered by Colman, was reTived at the 
HaYinarket in 1778, with Digges as Carc^ 
taeA, Miss Sherry as JBonduea, and Palmer, 
Parsons, and Lamash in other parts ; at 
CoTent Garden in 1795, with Holman as 
Caratach, Mrs. Pope as JBonduea, Miss 
Wallis as Bonvica^ and other rdUt by Pope, 
Quick, Farren, and Harley, and at the same 
theatre in 1808, with Cooke as Carataeh^ 
C. Kemble as Pemta, Mnnden as Judaic 
and Mrs. H. Johnston as one of Bonduea't 
daughters. In 1887 the play was once more 
reviTed at Dmry Lane, under the title of 
' Garactacus,' arranged by J. B. Planch^, 
who added a final scene at the request of 
Bunn, in order that the latter might intro- 
duce a representation of a Boman triumph. 

Bondwoman (The). A play entered 
on the books of the Stationers' Company, 
September 28, 1068. 

Bone SQuaAh Diablo. The sketch 
in which T. D. Bice (q.v.) first introduced 
his song, 'Jump, Jim Crow,' to English 
audiences (Surrey Theatre, 1886). 

Bones, Caraway. An undertaker in 
M. Melford'8 ' Turned Up ' (q.v.}. 

Bonheur ConJ ugrale (Le) . See Leva 
IN Harness and modekn Wives. 

Bonhomme. A character in J. Howard 
Paynes 'Two Galley Slaves' (q.v.). (2) A 
Jaequfi Bonhomme figures in Voluurs 
and Plunkett's * MediQ of Bronze.' 

Bonhomme Jadls. See Oveb thb 

Boniface. The Lich&eld innkeeper in 
Farquhar's ' Beaux' Stratagem ' {q.v,). 

Bonifacio and Bridgretina ; or, The 
BLnigrht of the Hermitage ; or. The 
WindmiU Turret ; or, The Spectre 
of the North-East (SaUery, with a 

Srelude. A "Tragic, Comir, Pantomimic, 
leloilramatic Gallimathia«," adapted from 
the French by T. Diiidin, with music by 
Ware, and first produced at Covcnt Garden 
on March 31, 1806. This was "intended 
to ridicule the taste for melodramas, but 
the design was badly executed " (Genest> 

Bonito, Clara. The *' blind girl" in 
Morton's opera of that name iq.v.). 

Bonne Aventure (La). See Fortune 
Teller, The. 

Bonnie Annie lianrie. A play in 
four acts, by C. Daly, Lyceum Theatre, 
Edinburgh, August 1, 189S. 

Bonnie Boy Blue. A burlesque by 
Victor Stevens, first performed at Chat- 
ham in April, 1892, and produced at the 

Parkhurst Theatre, Holloway, London, in 
the following month. 

Bonnie Briar Bush, Beside the. 
A play compiled from stories by **Ian 
Madaren " (Rev. J. Watson), and performed 
in U.S. A. in 1868. 

Bonnie Dundee. (1) A drama by 
Edmund Falconer (^.v-), produced at 
Drury Lane Theatre, February 23. 1863, 
with Edmund Phelps as Oraham of Claver- 
houte^ and other parts by Mrs. Falconer, 
Mrs. Bowers, H. Lorraine, H. Haigh, etc. 
(2) A drama by M. E. Boyd, first performed 
at Torquay in February, 1881 ; reproduced at 
the Olympic Theatre, London, in July, 1884, 
under the title of *The Lost Cause.' (3^ 
A romantic play by Laurence {q.v.), 
produced at the Adelphi Theatre, London, 
Alarch 10. 1900, with B. Tal)er as Claver- 
hotue, and other parts by Miss Lena Ash- 
well, Miss S. Sheldon, and W. Mackintosh 
(James II.). 

Bonnie Pishwife (The). A musical 
interlude in one act, by Charles Selbt 
(^.v.). first performed at the Strand Theatre, 
London, on September 20, 1858, with the 
author as Sir Iliceory Ileartycheer, Parselle 
as Mr. Wildoatei Heartyeheer, J. Clarke as 
Cfaiters, Miss M. Oliver as Mia ThitUedown 
and Maggy Mat^arline. 

, Bonnie Prince Charlie. (1) A drama 
bv J. B. Johnstone (q.v.), produced at the 
East London Theatre in July, 1868. (2) A 
drama by William Lowe, Dumfries, March 
13, 1876. (3) A "spectacle" by Charles 
EXLEY. Hengler's Cirque, December 21, 
1878. (4) A drama in two acts, by Thomas 
Herbert Terriss, Bedford Park Qub, 
London, June 8, 1889. 

Bonnie Scotland. A play by Sidney 
R Ellis, originally produced at the People's 
Theatre, Toledo, O., May 6. 1896 ; performed 
for the first time in New York at the Four* 
teenth Street Theatre, December 16, 1895. 

Bonnor, Charlesi actor and drama- 
tic writer, after experience in the former 
character at Bath (1777-1783), made his Lon- 
don dfhut at CoTent Garden in September 
of the latter year as Brazen in * The Becruit- 
ing Ofiicer ' (q.v.). He was the author of 'The 
Manager in Sj^ite of Himself.' an interlude 
in which he himself appeared (Covent Gar- 
dan, 1786X and of « The Picture of Paris,* a 
pantomime from the French (same theatre, 
1790). In 1784 he made a futile effort to 
establish an English theatre in Paris. From 
1788 to 1797 he occupied a prominent post 
in the Post Office. See *BlogTaphia Dra- 
matica* (1812), Genesfs 'English Stage' 
(1832), • Dictionary of National Biography ' 

Bonny Boy. See Mr Bonny Bot. 

Bonnycastle. Mr. and Mrs., are 
characters in J. Mf. Morton's • Two Bonny- 
castles '(9. v.). 

Bonos Nochlos. An interlude en- 
tered in the books of the Stationers' Com- 
pany, January 27, 1608. 

Bonton, Iiord uid L&dy, In lAdr 

Bonna. (1) AitockbcokerlnltETNOLDa' 
'I*u|lhwhmyouCan'(s.p.) (2) A itoct 
broker In H. WioiN'S ' It«1 uid Id«l ' (g.i.^ 

Bonvloa. Daoithter of Btrndu- 
Buuhout and I'LKrCuEB.'s plar d: 

Boobleton, Sir Bobeit. A I 

young Matre In H. J. Binox's ' 

Baok-Ag-ent (The). A farce ia one 
act, by Kratih Duhont, flnt peifonned 
tn U.3 A. in 1382 ; eipanded by V. H. Iloyt 
Into % three-net farce called ' A Puleur 
Mutcb/ uid 0nt perfonoed at Asburr 
Tttt, New York, Beptomber fi, 1834, with 
Williun Hoey aa Old Hon. 

FamitC. See AUNT'S — .._ . 


Booklih. A cbancter In FiBLDiNa'a 

1' (9.'., 

BbsJl tticoH myielf at no woman's feet, for 
I look on myself u the naperlor of the two.- 
"Whatl" replies Luty, "do you think 
yonraelf batter than me 1 " " Touching the 
■ex I do, molt certaioly/' Hays Bookith. 
And ire are told that these obunatlon* 

nme that tbe part wan aftcmardi omitted 
fn repreKintatioD. Fielding, however, re- 
Ulnd it in (be early editions of his faice. 

Bookly, Kr. <o( the Atheonam Qab). 
A character lu UiBK Lemon's 'Indies' Clnb' 


BookmakarCThs). A comedy in three 
act*, by J. W. PiooTT, flr«( performed at 
TtrrfB Theatre, Lonilan, on March 19, 
leSt, wlUi Edward Tenr In (he (Itle part 
(Sir Jmtfh Trtnt). Hia Marie Llndeo a* 
£w^ Jt—ii iTartonRuA, and other parti 
l» Alfred Biihop, H. Bee'oa Smith, M. 
I&Ddle. a. n^del, Sairt Matthews, Ulia 
Bobertba EnkiBo. HIh E. Leyshoa, and 

*"'-i Watt-Taaner; rerlied o- ' ' * 

_ I, at the Oalet] 

Sir Jineph, and al 

Paulton as Sir Jouph, and other parts by 


In England by A. WillUma. O. Barrett, and 
F.Thornton, In America'Iho Bookmaker' 
was flrsl seen in September, leSD. 

BookaellOT (Tha). A comedy tiani- 
lated from the Cot'NTESS DE OBNLIS' 
■ Theatre of Education,' and printed in 17S1. 

Book-wlt, Old and Tonne. Cha- 
ractenln StesLk'S 'Lying Lorer'c^.t.). 

Bookiranii (Tlie). a drama in one 
^th. "A,.-!; liELaoN" (E. A.eling),per. 
.. _. ._- Atbennum Hall, Tottenham 
B«d, London. AprU li, 1388. 

Bookwrlg'Iit. A character In TieLd- 

BoomiQeneraL A character in Ovfbn- 

Bicu'3 'Uiand Duchess' (g.v,). . 

Boombleliu'dt:. A mlier in W. 3. 
GlI.BBIil'B 'Creatures ut Impulse' Iq.v.}. 

Booaoy, Mr, A retired spiritKiealer In 
H. T. CIUVEfl's 'Done Brown' dr.). 

Boot on the Bia-ht Lev (The). A 

formed at tl 
Coi ■ - • 

I Bia-ht 

was o( good family, bis father (John Booth, 
a lancashire iqnire) being related to tha 
Eerls of Warrington. Destlneil for tbe 
Church, Barton wa« sent in leso to West- 
minster School, where he took part with 
applause in a representaUon of the ■ AndrlL' 
receirlni: thereby an impetna to itai(e.Ufe 
which led him In IBM to seek bia fortune 
aa a profeeeioiial plater. Uoing to ]>ublln, 
he made his d^but there as OroonokOt and 
remaiocd in the city tlirough two season*. 
In liOO, through lbs good offices of Betterton 

tinian,' hhi 
stayed till 

jondon appeaianco at the 
In's Inn Helda. Here be 

Vlottm'J -TSiMr'lanB,' 'fhe Bean's Dnel!" 
■Lore Beti^ed,' 'Liberty AsfterLed,' and 

daughter of ^ Williun Barkham. He was 
at tbe Haymarket with Betterton from 
1705 till 1708, during which period he was 
the original of Diek In 'The Confederacy,' 
Clrrirtumt in 'The Double Gallant,' etc, : an. 
pearingalsou/rfvrCu, JufibtCiTvar, Corrto, 
Bvckingham (In 'Henrr Vlll.'), nolrpar, 
and intmio (In 'The Duchew of MalS'). 


i" ■?".>„'»!?■■ 

Cots in Addison's tragedy. CAfonil Woedva 

Young Btcil in '' The Conscious LoTera.'' 
etc At DrutT I^ne, also, he was seen sao- 
eaariielyas the (HAoiC in ' Hamlet,' .tcAflto* 


Falmtint in 

In 'TioUai uid CieHlda, 
'Lore for Loic.' Brulm tn .luuni UHir, 
J^lUr In ■ Venire PreBened/ Finchwift in 
'Tto Coantry Wife ' Zw» Philip In 'She 
Would uid She Would Mot,' Ti'mpn liT 

■The Maid'a TngDiij,' AmirlaTit, jlnEany 
In ■ 111 (or Loie/ (be Eiag Is ■ Etooir IT., 
Put &' flsnrv mr., ZdUariO, ud JhIw 
In ■The Doalile EUMhaod ' (hli lut paitX 
Ai Cofo hli iniccCH mu K inat Uui be 
w» praiinitad bj edniliiiic pl^gotn villi 
Sttr colneu, taa by the maugenieBt iritli 
■ rimUftr Run. He tattber obulned, tbroub 
BollnebrDke, a iti&n (with Cibber, W11&, 
»nil Uogget] tn the pniBta dI tha (hektra. 
In tm^ie lint wife baring died In 1710) 
be eapoOHd Hefter 8uiUov(a.i;), who bnd 
lint boeir" luied for duce^ bnt lattedr 
had become u aetteu. InlTtSbeappeared 
at the l«nB ■• Julio, bnt after a few dajpi 

from wbldi be wu dest[aed nerer to re- 
eoTsr. Ha fon^ 

m u weU u good 

beea, in hli y< 

"a pretty tree 

Jler Ui aacond 

, id tho hahlt, though 

a almye eamewhat of a yuiumumL 
1111 tua of blm a* an ector thai 
d a talent a( dlecoTerlns the paa- 
mcaa wneia thar lay hid la lama oelebiatad 
puta by tbe InjndlcloDa pracUca of otbei 
aetori : when he had dlKorared, he eooa 
cnw able to axpreM (bam ; and nil lecrat 
for attaining thla gnat ieeeon of the theatre 
wae an adaptaUon of ble looka to hla Toiea, 
by which artful imitalion of natnre, the 
— T_.f — T^ -»._ ^ — 1^ gj jjj worde gare 
nge In bli connle- 
tfemolia of the Lifo 
■3S), Aar— """- 

in thai 

■ SbbV 

' (173*-Jfl), C. Cibbert • Apol 
e" U~'il). ChetKood'e 'tfeni 
the SUgo- (17ifl\ T. ""■ ■ 

DaTiea' 'Rrama 
Oeneit, and the ' 

Booth. Edwin Thoman. Actor : eon 
of Jonlui Bm(ns Boo(h (g. ?.). honi Noiem- 
bn U, IBSa, al tha Bootb Kami. Barlgtd 
Cotutyi Huyland ; edflcated priiately and 
afannlieidtT' (eee hit (liter M IB, Clarke's 
■ Tbe Elder and the Yonnfer Booth ') ; early 
•Mutamed to acoompaoy his tatbei "on 

Iho chosoD monitor and 
nlltl goniuH." nil Bnt 
HtbKe wat at the Beaton 
'-■" Ua.tM IVuMJ 



In'Bicbanlin.' IntB!)Ibeplayeditir*ari 
himwU at the National Theatre. New Vork 
aa mbititDla for hii father. Soon after h< 
loiaed a atoA company at BeltimoT^, aoi 
■tm later (IBsa went with bli father t 
Saaamenta, where ha wu Jajttr ii> hi 
film. At Naiada, under jnothar m 
' ■ "ilajed iflffi 

t, ha played Into. 


ire. Bngued by Ei5 

Thwtn _ 

tha orbdnal Tmnaatlentlc Tapteaenlatlia o( 
Ji«i*a7i^TIuUaili]eH«rt'(«.«.). After 

to Saeramanto ud Sen fnodKO (when 
be played LnjJ. and Hienea to the Front 
Btteet Theatre, BilUncn. whstaba anaelad 
JUatard. At mchminid, later, ha met Mln 
Maty DeTlln, whom ha altarwardi maniad. 
At tlie Boston Tbeabe be played Sir Oilu 
OKm>c<k,toln(thanoatoirew Yn^whetB, 
on Mav *, 1S5T, be wHared ai JUckarS, 
"pleadna; thciontfily by his Bpartan-Ilke 
action, h!s crareasd senfenUone ntecch, do 
leas than by hla orica and passion.' ThsBce- 
forward ha waa a " star.'^ririliBe In that 
chamctar a saceeasioii of great towns In tbe 
Stutei. At Chicago he met hi) second wife, 
then a mere child. He mairlad Miss Darlln 


Teniie' (qt ). with hinuedf si Btrltieeio, and 
In 1S60-1 played at the Acadeiay of Unsli;, 
PhUadelphia. rotey, JfMtftt.^rioeil;, and 
i>*tnieAu> to the eiisn JfotlsniM. Lady 
XaOelh, Fertia, and EaOiariat of lllss C. 
Ckishman. Inrlted, In Uw ennunet ol USt, 
to folBl an annnrnant at the Haymarket, 
cnHsad ue Atlantic, and pnaantad 
' ~ ■---'- Uieatra as Styleet. 

His AmerlcflQ r 
maoo ai tne iVInter Gardpn Theatre, New 
Tork, on September S), ISOi. In ISeS bla 
wife died, and lor a time he was absaot 
from tbe stage, when ha retuned it waa 
to play itBv Blai In New York. In the bat- 
named year ha and J. S. Clarke boiwna 
lotot-propiietors of the WsluDt Street The- 
atie, Ptflladalphia; in ISM they Jobied 
WllUam Stnart in leasing the Winter Oar- 
den Theatre, New York, which they opened 
Id Angnst, ISU. ToNaTember.iaM,belDDga 
the notable represantatlDn, at tile latter 
home, o( 'Julias Ciesar,' with the threa 
btotbere— J. fi. Booth,Jun., Edwin Booth, 
■ndjohn WUkeii Booth— sa Caaivi. llniKu. 

same month (N'iTamberZS)Bnd at 

tbaatr* Edttin Booth appeared a 

which he oiiscte.] for a houiire,. 

nldhts— " tbe lODgsrt 

«t th&t time." Od AprU Ifi, 1B65, Edniii 
nedved nawt ol (he usuitutloii ot Abia- 
ll^gi Uiicain on tfaa prerlou day hj hii 
ImiUiar, Jobn Wtlkei. OTBnrhdmed b; 
tlw dlisnw* GMt upon tbs fuoB*. ba ou 

todbMd la think hii Hags CMir 

ImU, yialdlng to the uminocta 

Tcupfluad kt tlw Winter Gajd 

In AnuuT I, UW. u SanJ«l, and wu t»- 

otrad with BTery denonitiatiar -' ' 

■ad ncHd. In the Mmt nun 

3. B. <aik» becung Inmi d( ths Boiton 
— - ■ ■ 'i the loUt ■ 

■ InMieit fn I 
Tlte lut-nBU 
n lasft-T ot >d 

'Winter G& 
bolldlDE « 
trilllnnl Ti 

id of ■ Brutns ; or, Tbe FaU 
aireh, MAT. On tbe Jajr 

, ion d! ■ l^lut ' tbe theatre 

a dMtnmd b; Are, 

tu irholfT oaUBiu — -* 

T ^ .. jjjj, 


_. _i SliM 'McVicke- _, 

plved JulM to his Jtoineo Hhcn, on Feb- 
nucr I, IMO, be opsDed Booth'g Xbeatre, 
Xnr TdTk—ui ediBco in which he ha^ 
■Duht to t^lia ill that mit beat In till 
■q^tlou u a theatrical artiat. "Tho 
nagnlllcent atniistata «a> complMed at tha 
«oM of ofar a mllUan ot douan," many 
Talnabte ImprafemaaU being embodied in 
it. The aecond production waa 'Othello' 
<April, leanX "blch -na followed by ■ Enoch 
Aiden ' ia.e.) (June, litO). la tbe lut- 
nwied munth Booth uid Miss McVlcker 
vere married. Amonjc Bootlj'a rovlTaia at 
hi* theatta w»™ thoM o( ■Hiimm nn.1 
Jnliet,' -The 

[> TbIb,' 
bath,' 'TLf 


__ , ~KlchMd"ui,'.' 

lo Pay Old DBbt»,' 'The Iron CbB»l,' 
■ Blcbelieu,' *T1iu lAd} of Lfoni.' ■Xba 
fool'a Retonge.'and 'ItonCKMU'deBamn,' 
" Bootb'e iDanacanient ot Booth'a Theatre 
wu remaikiiblej'' saja his slater and biogiB' 
Tiher, " for the caDtlnnltj' of Its succeaa. 
tat tiieontlaj waa enormous." " Finally, the 
■tialn on menial and pbyiicsl builth be- 
came loo aarera.' and in ISTS Bootb let fall 
UwatntohlabniUwr. J. B.Booth. Bank- 
nptey, nnhappOr, tidlovod, and the aotor 
luid lb aoRwider all hla penonal propertr 
to bla nedlton. AfterauM iwhtiowairar, 
ba boldly ba^n life acain, and InOotobar, 
mi, be entoad on an eugafemeni at Dal**! 
JUtb ATenna Theatre, dniing whieh be 
^paarad for the lint time aa RiAard II. 
In hi* own inannmeDt ot Sbakeipeaie'i 
play, and ti«ired, further, in bis own 
■iransameatof 'KlniLciir.' Various toon 
(ollowed. vltb the tenlt tbnt " his tout 
lecalatB binn October. 187e, to May. 11477, 
•Babied him to obtain ruleaKe frouj baiik- 
nptcy." The monotony of "sUrrlnR" 
t^tmch the Btatoa wia broksn in lSt>0-is2 
ia perfonnancai In Londo 

Theatre In 16S0 at BatnitU RlchtlUu, and 
BiTtucsio In ■ The fool's Berengt.' In im. 
on the isiitation of Henrr Irrlnir. he played 
at the Lyceum OIMb) andT^o £«» 
loffo and Qth€Uo ol tha actor-manager- In 
13B1, ■]», his fwiond wila diad. In tbe 
[olio wing year he repreaentad SiehMm and 
Dm Onar ds Baiaa at the AdatohL Ha 
diedonJnneT, U8S-- Baa WfllliiaWnler^ 
memolrot Booth (Um) and • Shadowi of the 
Stace' CI8M)( L. Button's 'Edwin Booth' 
nets) : alio, ' BeooUactlou by, and Lattara 
to. Kdwlna Sooth Oroiaman '^(ISHX 

Booth, John WUkea- Actor ; son of 
Junius Smtus Bootb ; bom. Harford Co., 
Marylanil, U.S.A.. in 1830; went on the 
■tAge in 18M, and left it in 1S64, tn whioh 
year he appBU'ed In New York Ba JTort 
AMonv to lbs CoHiut of J. D. Booth, inn., 
and tbe l?ru(u> ot Edwin Booth. He 
ossniisinatad President Lincoln on April U. 
IBBI, ; took to flight, was captured on April 
£6. and was ahot on the following day. 

Booth, Junlna BmtnB- Actor, bom 

In tlie parish of St. Faacias. London, Mayl, 
me ; died on ahipboanl, Norember 30, last ; 
SOD ol Blchard Bootb, scholar, lawyer, and 
BepahUcag, to which last chancier tbe aon 
owed the CbrlMdan namabeatowedon him. 
Well ediuated, J. B, Bootb " Isimed print- 
ing, bnt abandoned It (or the law," working 

a tbougbti ot tbe Di 
•- ---iSftying o: 

eientaally, altar hh , „ 
another," he decided to adopt the stage ai 
a career. Bis rUAut WM made at Deptlotd 
on DecembeT 13, ISIS, aa Quafrflla In ' Ilia 
Boneymoon '— bis salaiT being one pomid 
per week. Alterwmrda he accompanied his 
manager on a ConUnental lour. In the 
lummer of IBIS he joined the stock company 
at Wonhlng, and while tbere obtained an 
engagement at Coient Ouden, where tie 
luul two poonds a week, and where be made ' 
his Hrat appaarance as Silviut In ' As Yon 
Like It-' unable, hawsier, to bbcdts good 
parts, be retnmed to WorUiing. where be 

Clayed Richard III. and Rcrtram, also 
bLdc bhd at Brighton as Sir Giiea Otnr- 
reacJi. At lut. In ISIT. he was granted, 
through tbe Influence of friends, a trial- 
night at Corent Oirden. Biuriog on Feb- 
ruary 12 aa SiduiTd III. In this his anocssa 

Telt JostlHed Inaaklng a 

ilary, which the trUrtprmair 
jcede. On the ottier hand, ths 
. — < at Dmry tMDt (where Edmnod 
AHD wH pIaylng)mBde to Booth oTertnrei 
whloh tie accepted, under ttM Impreaslon. 
apparently, that be waa to ondeitake lead- 
ing riUi. He was, howerer, aUotted JOeK- 
mondtoEaan'sJJlikard J//., and thereupon 
promptly resigned, returning to Cerent Oar- 
den, where he represented AieAard on Feb- 
ruary !6. Both theatres now contended for 
bii services, inci London playgoers ware 
dirided into partlsana ol Kean and Booth. 
Drury Lane flled a bill in Cbaucary, Irat waa 

deleateil, and during""—*- "--••• ' — ■ 

It Cerent Ganluir^ 

snbiiantlal aalar 

Qila Oemtaeh, uid Leoaaba PutAumut. 
Ob one da; In tha [oUowing month (bo fail 
danghMr raootdi) Booth plared Sir SitBont 
Mortinur &( Ct»nc««ter, Qlouctater, and 
vMoh ATdaons icbiaio- 

month he na at Cotent Qudsn agidii. 
Then cam* more proilDdid tourtaw, and, 
InSaplamboT.iaia.aB&ppaanncc at Coiant 
Oaiden u Shyliick, wUeh (It ii aOd) he 
plajed in ncbnw. In 1S1> »nd ISiO he pei- 
formsd ai the CJobnn, BKnjiw In the lMt«r 
year u BrvCiu In '^Tba Fall of Tarqnln' 

'-.v.\ Tu IMO belong* I'-- ■-'- ' ■• 

'— ' '- ■— U to the i 

'The Lear ol 


Ivie pur"W lagoTa 

to hla LioTt and PUria w ^w ^ iv**" i wkv 

■van as Cattivt In 'Jalius Ciatl' Uld 
C^MndancutlA la BJl American drama. 
In January, 1821, Booth majrlad Mar; 
Anna Holmes. On the eth of the fallowinK 
Jnlv (after a Tlmt to the Continent and 
Madeira) he made, at Blchmond, Va.. ai 
JJicAard ///.. hlg Bnt pnbUc appearance In 
AmeHca. Lear, Sir fSuord Mortimer, and 
BtTtram fallowed on the neit three nlghU. 
Hia New Vork dihut took place on October 
E, leil at the Park Theatre, again aa 
RiiJiOTd; later he appeared aa Uamlet and 
Jerry Sneali'c The Slayor of Garratt '). Ha 
played at Boston In May, 1SS2. adding 
OeWnianto hia repertory, in the same year 
be purchased In Ilarford Ck>unty, Maryland, 
a farm which " became bla conaUnt resort 
vhen free from the endtemsnt of bla pcofes- 
aion." DorinE bla absence It was nianased 
by hia father. In IB2fi Bootb paid a tlait 
to England, and flgnted at Drnry Lane Id 
• Bmtua.' Next came. In lS2fl, aprofesslonal 
tonilsHollandandBelglam. HlaAmerlcaa 
iwnMf took place at the Park Theatre, New 
Tork, In Hanb. 1837, and vaa signalized by 
hIa renderlngi of Seuben Gltnroy and Stlim 

t The Bride dI Abydot'), followed In June 
7 that of i>««rain'11ie Apoatate'(g.s.). 
Zn IB!3 he aooepted tha stage-roanagement 
ot the Camp Stiwt Theatre, New Orleans, 

„ _o Park. New York, as 

Pierre and Othello to the JaSier and logo of 
Edwin Forrest. Rentlog. 1al«r, the Uofiday 
"■ 1 Theatre, Baltimore, he was seen 

ary, isji, lie WIL4 mo [fcisiuiiJ, "t tin 

^t Street Theatre, Philadelphia, o 

SarUrivM InD. P. Brown's p]By «o namei 
(o.e.). Shortly alter this, the death of twi 
^ bta childien greatly aifected bl> menta 
—ndlUon whl-"- - " "'— - 

leland waa p 
T>niry Lan 
ella. Vhlle 

Jul? 4, ISIT, was the date of hla rewpear- 
•nce hi New Yott at the Bowarr. From 
thla time onwards he led the ordinary Ills 
of a hlatrlonic " star ' making annual ap- 
pearance* In all the leading cllies el the 
Btata, and spending tbe Taeatlona In the 
boeom of bia tamlly. In ISSO ba and his 
■on Edwin (g.v.) pl^ed together at Wash- 
iajFton. His last aniMnment at Naw York 
wai in Septsmber. iSl. In July ar - ~ 

at tee 

last appearance 
intradsd a cold. 

which grew wor», was neglected, and 
nItlmalelybrDDgbtabouthIa death on board 
■bip while passing down the HIsalnlppi to 
CindnnatL "The pnblic,' MV* William 
Winter, "loTed him, and when tie died tha 
news brought tears to the eyes Dt thonianils. 
. . . The fact which seenia to suggest, if 
not to define thim] aa an actor, la that ha 
was heedless and imperfect aa an aitlst, but 
electrical and fascinating as a man. . , , 
Us did not care, when acting AteAard, 
"''-'■'-'- *■' ^-^re an old dressing-go * 

any stage. Ha tl 

royal r« 

, and he heeded little where other 
... watered or stood, so that they got 
d were somewhere. His acting had no 
I ol the flolBb ot Macready. Bnt the 
:liat he poured Into it was awful and 
>le : the face, tbe hands, the posture, 

then the hghtulng of the blue-gray eyes 
Ml and tbe roa4rmflcent loice naie out 

or pealed forth Ha 

>. the hearta of bis 
ID the wlnga of 

3 Irumpat-notes. tl 

elocntlca, ' 


itelyrigbt. Ere: 

-•■"■■ •■-inght out tbe subtle 

^ ._ . .., . ind in eTery syllabify 

•eemed inspired,— such and so groat waa 
tbe TlUlity wblcb a glorious Imagination, 
thoroughly aroused, could strike out of a 
'-ipandpas^onateheart. Ueplayedmany 
rta, . . . but probably he waa at his best 
Jiidlard III., Sir Oilu OhttwcA, Sir 
jHiMnt Martimer, loot, and S^yioelc . . . 
Booth's peculiar gnndaat was In thererion 
of the •opamauual and tbi terrlQu ' 
OShadowa of Uie Stage,' isa». See 'Tha 
Elder and the Tonnger Bootb,' by 
Booth Clarke, danrtt"- of J. " ■ 
(1S82X Oibenr'i 
as»), OenestT 


~ — - - ■ ■ T. E. Gould 

".tags' (ISiS). 


Booiu, Junius Bkuius, Jun. 

Booth, JudItU Bit 

Bonol Junius Brutua B 

IMS a member ol the Co-,— ., 

Theatre, New York. lAter b> 

management In CaUfomin, am 

Sacranienlo, played OlheUa to 
I his father, lie married Mlsa 
' actress, whose Hi 

.. Biography ' 

_,. .. Stage" 0832). 

Dramatio Bemuilacences 

B'The Tragnllan.' by T. 
' The Slue,' by J. E. Hun 
'8 ' Beoonlot the Boaton St 

r; BOOTH, John \V 

IB, Jnu. Actor; 




was made at New Orleans in 1836, and was 
followed in 1837 by her d4btU in New York 
(at Niblo's Garden) as Jfora in *John of 
PariB ' (Ireland's * New York Stage '). 

Booth, Mrs. Agnes (tufe Perry). 
Actress, bom in Anstralia, whence she went 
to California, 'appearing iin New York for 
the first time in 1866. Since then she has 
played in New York leading parts in such 
pieces as * Pink Dominos ' and ' A Celebrated 
Case ' (at the Union Square^ * Sardanapalos ' 
(at Booth's), * Old Love-Letters ' and * En- 
ffaged' (at the Park), 'Esmeralda' and 
^ Young Mrs. Winthrop ' (at the Madison 
Sqnare), 'Sealed Instructions,' *Jim the 
Penman,' ' Captain Swift,' ' Aunt Jack,' etc. 
She was the second wife of Junius Brutus 
Booth, Jnn. (q.v.). ** Her Toice," says Brander 
Bfatthews, *^is one of unusual beauty. In 
her acting, a certain severity of style sug- 
sests Mdme. Fkyart of the Thd&tre Francais, 
out her remarkable gift of rhythmic utter- 
ance recalls the poetic delivery and diction 
of Mdlle. Sarah Bernhardt" 

Booth, Sarah. Actress ; bom at Bir- 
iff^g^'^'" in 1792 ; died 1867 ; seems to have 
ma£ her d^but in 1804 at Manchester as a 
dancer. She was afterwards entrusted by the 
manager, Macready, with small parts, which 
led to more important ones. Trom Man- 
chester she went to Doncaster, where her 
AUxina in *The Exile' (q.v.) attracted 
attention, and led to her engagement by 
EUlston for the Royal Circus. Here she 
appeared mainly in melodrama. Next came 
an engagement at Covent Garden, where 
she opened on November 23, 1810, as 
AmanUiis in 'A Child of Nature' (q.v,). 
She was at once successful, and was speedily 
allotted some " original "parts, among them 
EUen in 'Education,' Claudine in 'The 
Miller and his Men,' and Florio in ' The Dog 
of Montu^ds.' She was also seen in such 
rdlet as Dolly in ' Fontainblean,' Annette in 

* The Maid and the Magpie ' and LittU Pickle 
in ' The SpoUed ChUd? Her highest flight 
was made as Juliet. During her next 
engagement at the same theatre she played 
Cordelia to the Lear of Booth. At Drury 
Lane she figured as Lady Bodolpha to 
Edmund Kean's Sir Arehy ; thence she went 
to the Olympic (1821), returning once more 
to Covent Garden, where she appeared as 
Maria Dwiington. Engagements at the 
AdelphI, Drury Lane, and Haymarket fol- 
lowed. Among her notable parts were 
Letitia Hardy, Lady Teazle, and PrisciUa 
Tomboy in ' The Bomp * (q.v.), " I am sure," 
vrrites William Robson, "I have seen her 
in Juliet, Jiot€Uindj Cora, Viola, and above 
all in Puck, in which she was as near the 
merry, mischievous elf, as flesh and blood 
can approach. Her person was petite and 
pretty ; she had a pleasing voice, and. what 
was luways my delight, a most clear, distinct 
enunciation. . . . She was the original 

* Lady of the Lake,' and, after dear Mrs. 
Jordan's retirement was the only Manter 
PiekU worth seeing'' TThe Old Playgoer,' 
1816). See Oxben^s * Dramatic Biography ' 

(1826), and Mrs. Crosland's * Landmarks of 
a Literary Life ' (1803). 

Boothby, Lady. See Nbsbitt, Mrs. 

Boothby, Sir Brooke (bom 1748, died 
1824). was the author of a tragedy called 
' Britannicus ' (q.v.). 

Booties' Baby. A play adapted by 
Hugh Moss (q.v.) from John Strange 
Winter's story of that name ; flrst performed 
at the Globe Theatre, London, on May 8, 
1888 ; plaved in New York at the Madison 
Square Theatre in August, 1889, with C. 
Stevenson as Bootlee, C. W. Garthome as 
Captain Lucy, F. Kerr as Private Saundert, 
and Miss Kate Claxton as Helen Grace. (2) 
Another dramatic version of the story was 
made by Cha&les Bradley, and performed 
in U.S.A. 

Boots at the HoUy Tree Inn ; or, 
The Infant Elopement to Gretna 
Ghreen. A sketch, founded on the well- 
known story by Dickens, and flrst per- 
formed at the Adelphi Theatre, London, 
on February 4, 1856, with Webster as Cobbt. 
the boots. See Uollt Tree Inn, The, and 
Love's Young Dream. 

Boots at the Swan (The). A farce 
in one act, by Charles Selby (q.v.), first 
performed at the Strand Theatre, London, 
on July 6. 1842, with Keeley in the title p^ 
(Jacob Earwig) ; revived at the Olympic in 
December, 1857, vrith Robson as Earwig, 
and G. Vining and H. Wigan in other 

Boots, Maj or Wellington de, figures 
in Stirling Coyne's * Everybody's Friend * 
(q.v.), and in * The Widow Hunt ' (q.v.). 

Boozer. A butler in U. J. Byron's 
« Bow Bells '(g.».). 

Bopeep, liittle. See Little Bopeep. 

Bordeaux, Sir Huon de. See 
Oberon and perfect Lovs. 

Border Marriag'e (A). A comic drama 
in one act, adapted by Langford and 
SOREL from 'Un Mariage k rArouebuse,' 
and first performed at the Adelphi Theatre, 
London, on November 8, 1856, with a cast 
including Leigh Murray as Sir Walter Roe- 
bum (9k cavalier), Wnght as Dandie (a 
servant), and Miss Wyndham as Mietree* 
WiUoughby (a wealthy widow who is forced 
into marriage with Sir Walter) ; revived at 
the St James's in February. 1860, with Miss 
Wyndham in her original part, Charles 
Young as Dandie, and U. T. Craven as Sir 

Boreas, in J. S. Coyne's 'All for Love* 


Borgia, Caesar. See Caesar Borgia. 
Borgria, Lucrezia. See Lucrezia 


Borkman, John Gabriel. See John 
Gabriel Borkman. 




Bom to Ghood liuck ; or, The Irish- 
xnan*8 Portune. A farce in two acts, 
adapted from * Falae and Tme,' by Tyrone 
Power (q.v.\ and first performed at Covent 
Garden in March 17, 1832, with the author 
as Paudeen (fRaferty^ and other parts by 
F. Matthews, Diddear, Duniset, Addison, 
and Mrs. Tayleure ; revived at the Prince^'s 
Theatre, London, in 1864, with Dominick 
Morray as CBa/erty. 

Bom with a Oanl. See Bleak 

Bomewell, Sir Thomas and Lady. 
Characters in ' The Lady of Pleasure ' (q.v.). 
Lamb says that " the dialogue between Sir 
Thomoi Bomewell and his lady Aretina is 
in the very spirit of the recriminating 
floonec between Lord and Ladv Totonly 
in ' The Provoked Husband.' It is difficult 
to believe but it must have been Vanbrugh's 

Boroihxne, Brian. See Brian Bo- 

Boroufirh Politios. A comic drama 
In two acts, by Westland Mabston (9. v.), 
first performed at the Haymarket Theatre 
on June 27, 1840, with B. Webster as 
Jfathan Ttiomptonf Tilbury as Dr. NevUU, 
H. Howe as Frank NevilU^ Mm. Glover as 
Jfrt. Thompton, Mrs. Stanley as Mrg. Neville^ 
Mrs. Edwin Tamold as Fanny Thompton, 
Buckstone as Florid, Brindal as Sxoeetlip, 
etc. Webster "played the character of a 

Sood-hearted, well-to-do farmer, who is with 
ifficulty roused into a conflict with two of 
his neighbours [Dr. and Jlfr«. Neville] by 
their affronts to his wife." Frank and Fanny 
are lovers, and for a time their parents' 
quarrel separates them. See Marston's 
« Our Becent Actors ' (1888). 

Borrowed. A farcical play, adapted 
by Ernest Warren (9. v.) from the ' Prdte- 
moi ta Femme' of Maurice Desvalli^res, and 
first performed at New Cross Hall in 1885. 

Borrowed Feathers. A farce in one 
act, by Dr. Millinuen, first performed at 
the Queen's Theatre, London, on February 
27. 1366, with a cast including Mrs. Nisbett, 
Miss Mordaunt, and Ayliffe (as Merry- 

Borrowed Plumes. A farce by Alfred 
Maltby (9. v.), i)erformed at Druiy Lane in 
1868, with a cast including John Rouse {Dick 
M\zzU\ H. Barrett {Bxbbimi), F. Charles 
(Tattleton), Miss K. Harfleur, and Miss 

BorroweU, Mr. A character in H. 
WlGAN'S • Friends or Foes ?' 

Borrowing* a Husband. A farce by 
W. T. MONCRIEPF, first performed at the 
Ptincess's Theatre, London, in 1843, with a 
cast including Keeloy. Lacy, Ozberry, and 
Mrs. Keeley. 

Borrowitz, Baron, in Planches 'My 
Heart's Idol.' 

Borry, Etelka. See Reparation. < 

Boru, Brian. Prince of Munster, in 
B. B. Brouoh's *I>oge of Duralto* iq.v.). 
See Brlan Boru. 

Boms, in 'Diogenes and his Lantern 
(9. v.), ii "a member of the Peace Society, 
who won't hold his peace at any price." 

Boscobel ; or, The Boyal Oak. An 
historical drama in four acts, by H. S. 
Springate, Prince of Wales's Theatre, 
Wolverhampton, March 8, 1880. See Royal 

Bosh, Baron. A character in H. J, 
Btron's ' 21 azoorka ' (g.v.). 

Bosola. A treacherous courtier in 
Webster's 'Duchess of Malfi' iq.v.). In 
Theobald's adaptation of Webster's work 
—'The Fatal Secret' (g.v.)— Bosoto "turns 
out an honest man instead of a villain." 

Bosom Friends. 

See Friends or 

Boss, Mr. Narcissus. A self-loving 
bachelor in J B. Buckstone's ' Single Life^ 

Bossu, jLe. An Engllrii version of this 
drama was produced at the City of London 
Theatre in July, 1866. See also Black 
Dwarf, The ; Duke's Device, The ; 
Duke's Motto, The; Motto on the 
Duke's Crest, The. 

Boston. U.S.A. The regular theatrical 
life of Boston appears to have begun little 
more than a century ago. In 1750, or there- 
abouts, stage performances were prohibited 
by law, and an effort made in 1702 to get 
this enactment abolished was unsucc^ssml. 
The result, we read, was that plays were 
represented in the local '* exhibition room " 
under the disguise and title of ** moral 
lectures." However, in 1704 a theatre was 
built in Federal Street, and two years later 
another was erected in the Haymarket. 
The Boston Museum dates from 1846, being 
opened in November of that year, in 1852 
came the '* inauguration ** of the National 
Theatre. To 1854 belongs the Boston The- 
atre, which was started in September by 
^omas Barry. In 1867 J. H. Selwyn opened 
a theatre named after himself. This he 
managed for two seasons, at the end of 
which it was re-christened the Globe. It 
was thereafter directed successively by C. 
Fechter and W. B. Floyd, being burned 
down in May, 1878, rebuilt, and reopened 
in December, 1874. For details of the the- 
atrical history of Boston, see the 'Record 
of the Boston Stage.' written by W. W. 
Clapp, Jun., and published in 1853. 

Boswell, James, son of the biographer 
of Dr. Johnson, edited *The Plays and 
Poems of Wm. Shakespeare, with the cor- 
rections and illustrations of vuious com- 
mentators, comprehending a life of the 
poet and an enlarged history of the stage, 
by the late Edmund Malone' (1821), con- 
tributing to the work "various readings 
and notes of no great importance," additions 


pbliiului to B. Utllu Gen 

Boterham, Van. 
In M. P. Andkews' ' J 

Botb Sides of the aueBtlo 

dnologaa by Milcolm C. SaL»u» 
ant 6uslD -■ •■ - ■ 

U, 1S91, by Bobart 

attcrwardi FBireett) aa Jack I 
Moiia u Thadu OBIamry, ] 



A liatEer la A. C. 

Bottle Imp (The). 


h-6." Smith in tiia 

a battle Imp oinld sDmmftnd richaa, pt . 
and ynwpBrlt* o[ «TeiT kind, >t the ma 
vlib;battb>titha»Mln<)d the aplilt 
tha aid of bli llfi, hia iduI «tu forleited w 
tha btQ ima. Heunrhlla, be bud tbe piiTl- 

ae of dUporing ol ths boltla, prortded ha 
d tt for ](■■ tfaui ha gavo. Tbo ulrsn- 
toni of this bottlB nwda up a moit aidtlug 
and Intaissttng pUy." 

' (i-'J/ " lapieHDled a* 

oonnited, HBrlona, 

nndutaka uw' 
It n* a* BiDeb 

idfututioL" "Hall 
uw mcflB romanBO otf meohuilca," ■»■ Haa^ 
UU ;'>... ha la Taadjr to anduUka 4; 
Udng and nnrthlns. w » It in 

a mattai of aonna ■■ tha mot.— _. 

loom and 'ahnttlB.' " Watdh Bsttsn," tnj» 
Qnni White, "and lae that, from tha tfma 
ho enten nntll ha dlsappeora, be not onlr 
•AaSaa to bs. hot la, the nun of men, thn 
ApunHinnon ol the ' rndi) moohanlo*!! ' 0* 
Athens. . . . fioirom ii no stapid lont. Ho 
la a componnd ot profonnd IgnDnnca and 

b; good ai 

IT wlt"- 

Hnmoaia ot Bottom tha Wsbtst' Is ths 
titia ot an tatarlnda taken from ' A Mld- 
aummer ITIsht^ Draun,' and printed with 
othat pisoai aaoiibad to Bobeit Coi. 

Boucloaolt, Aubrey. Playwrlglit 
and actor, son of Dloa and Agnea Boact- 
danlt (o.p.); author of a. play culled 'The 
Fu>OBrlt«'(IS»:): appeared In ttis original 

EDdnoliona of -The Don'flSSS) and'Ono 
.moiec Night' OSatt)i oas Adotphia uaA 
Fred Frg rMpectiioly In perforaiancra at 
• BeUy ' and ' Tratli ' at tha Criterion in 
IBSS and 16B0 ; vaa Pink Jannavmu lb ' My 


Boacicanlt, Qton Or. Playvrlgbt 
and actor, bom at Her York, May, ia&9 1 

^Uior of -My Little Qlrl,' an adaptation 
(iges), and ' Dorotlon,' an adaptation (ISM) i 
made hie alacs d^iuC In ISSO at Boothia 
Theatre, Hair rork, a> tbe Doun/iin in 
'Loula XI.,' alMr which hs played hi tha 
■'legitimate" with taurence tlatrett._ In 

Theatre, London, Biurlne in the original 
caata o( 'My Little Olrl- (i.i>.). 'The 
Manager' (o.i.), 'Comtadoa' {q.v.), and 
'D8»otion' Jn^.). Thence ho went to the 
Bt. Jamca*a ^eatre, where bo ou em- 
ploytMi In "A Scrap of Paper' Iq.v,). Be- 
tuming to America, he played at Wallack'a 
Theatre, Now York, tha leading character 
In bli fathci'a ph», -The Onudhann,' 
aftarwardi nndertaklng other Mtu In tha 
alder Boadcaalt'a placai. In 18SS he utled 
with bla father tor Atutralla. At the end 
of the tour there he waa peranadad to atar 
behind, and Id Oetobai, 1^ entered Into ■ 
manaLgarlil paitoenblp wltb Eobert Rrongh 
(ff.T.)wMdllaBted tUf Jmie.ISSe. Dnrln^; 
that period be vai laan in a large rariety 
ol charactara. HIa teappearance in England 
waa mads at the Oonri Theatre. London, on 
■- ir 1J.18IIT, aa the JHaWrrf in ■"- 

Soyal Family ' Iq.v.X Carton's ' lAdy Hnnt- 
worth'a Bip«rlnienf(j.B.),Pinero'>'Letty" 
(g. «.). Carton'g ' Bich Mra. Uepton ' (v. D.helc- 
ileiolt), Bloo. 


£ edncsMd In Onblln u 

Lontten Unlvsntt;. 
ihn falloirlnB (uid oiasrjpnj} 


'(18*3), ■! 
* Conddence,' 

aaaptetlrin (IMS). . 
(1846), 'The Brokm ..-, ». 
(lUl), ' The Cordcu) Brotben,' «■ auBukv 
tion (ISil), >Tbe qnHD of SpwlBi,- an 
■ Tha Vimtiln.' an adaptation (afMnranla 
' Tbe Phantom *) (ISSS), 'ThB Filnu Donna ' 
(lun ' Oeneiilftra ; or, Tbs Belenof Temr; 
>a adapUtlon (UU), ' Tha Fox Hunt ; or, 
Don Qalxate tba Second ' Attcnrarda ' Tha 
Toi Chue ') (ius), ■ AnriT Bloke/ an adap- 
Utloafafternnls^ Tha Dablia Boymuii, 
■Lonii XI.,' an adaptation (IBU), 'Flene 
tha FonndllnB.' an adaptation (1854), 'The 
Ufa of an Anreia' (Kftenrarda '(irimDiill'i 

"The CoUeso Bawi 
CopM'dSSB^ 'ThaO 
an Bdat^ftUon aSM). - - 
b« B«l<«f of LoDknow'J 

„.„ ji'QgU), -Dot, 

Moa (1861), ' Jsule Bnnm ; or 

jf of Looknow' (IF" — " ' 

of E(DaDeana'aBt9), ;The 

IgOQ, 'Tba TiU 

, _.adapUUon(iM«)r'Amh-na'PagDa-, 

or. Tha Wicklow Wadding TISM). ■ A. Lonr 
by Proiy ' OSWV Kp VanWinklo,' an adu- 
tatlon (iea.\ 'The Pariah Oleti' ase^ 
'The Long Strike,' an adaptation (ises) 
'Tha flyuiR Send: or, A FaUT-Legced 
Fortune' 0866), 'Hontod Down" pMS}, 
• Eo« She loiei Him ' (ISBT), ' After Dark : 
a Tule of London Life ' (ISffi), ■ PnmmptlTa 
ETidonce' (IB«0), 'Foraoaa' (IBM), 'Knl 
LafBJ^e'JiaTq^ 'A Dark Nieht'i Work' 
(1870), "tba Bspparee' (1870), 'Jeubel: 
ur. The bead ReckmlnK.' an adaptation 
(1S7(I), '£lfla'(lS)l).'NiBlit and MomlDg,' 
an adaptation (1871), 'Lad Aitny.' an 
adapUtlon 08'*). 'A Han of Hoaonr' 
(187*), 'The Hhanghiaon' (1876), 'For- 
hidden Emit ' (1677), ■ Norah'a Vow ' (1878). 
■EsMueir ns~\n. 'The O'Dowd' (IHSoS, 
■A Bridal Tour- (1880), ■ M!mi ' (18SlS, 
■Tha Amadan' (1SB3). 'Rabert Xmtnett' 
(188*), -The Jllf(188fl),'Tha Spae Wife,' 
an adBpCatlon nsun. ■CaiMh'OiB-ChreB' 

-"'-—111.' (1887), "Fin MacCDul' 

:■ (IBBOl.'Ninety-Nino' 

■witn f. J. MBinewa, of "Used Up' (181*)! 
with Chario Raode, of ' Fonl Play ' (1808) ; 
irith II. J. Byron, of ■ Loit at H« ' (1S») ; 
and witb Plancht, ol ' EabUand BtjoD ' (1B7S). 
BoncinuUt appeared la Englimd In tba 
followliig paiti:— 'The Vamphra' In tba 
riece io named (1861), VvIh M CnKr~' — *~ 
■The Colleen Bawn' (iSeo), Saitm 
In 'TheUclaToon'(19(llX BrimaliU ui iiio 
Ufa of an Actrau ' (1881), Corporal CiuMy 
In 'The Belief of Lncknow' (IBSE), Jfr. 
TmiTbiltoa in ' To Farenta and Uoudlana ' 
(If 02), CauTUrt /or Uii Prittmrr In 'The 
Trial ot Effle Deani '(I8(I3),SAaun Ihc Fail la 
■Arrah-na-Pocoe ' (1686), Jeim Ktili}. in ' Tha 
Lwr Stilk('^(lSW), DtimU BnilptHldnv 

immy Watt' 
Boncidiult « 


in ■ John Ball ' (1872), Cimn in ' The Shmgh- 
ison' (1376). Dennli O'Dotsd in "Tha 
O'Dawd'HSSD}, and jir«kt Q'Sara In ' Tha 
JUt' (1386). Bee hli aHleln in the SortA 


- of thi 

t'oL l!6] and ' Dnmatio Corapoai' 
186). "ConiitnictlTaakmiB, ; — 
_.._, Mr. Boucicanlt'a chief merit. . . 
•eriea ot lucidanti follow «gI 
npldJty : and the delineation 
and pauion ia lacriflcedCo ■tagf 

illiB, per- 


x». Mr. 

draUerlea and delicacies of eipt«aIou. Wa 
conatantly meet with tender panage* which 
capHTale by tbeir wit and hamoor, or ai« 
irreilstible (or tbeir pathot. ... It moil 
be added that he owei much to othen. 
SometlmBa it la a plot be takea ; BomeUmaa a 
characler. Inddanta he aeleeta from Tarioni 
(Dnriiea. und witbont hesitation weaiea them 
lotohii own itory. He la not above supply- 
ing biaiaeU eiea with phraaes froai other 
men's works. ... In sajiog thi», I ilu not 
intend; to depreciate the undoabt«d morita 
of Mr. Bondcanlt. . . . Such plecai ai 
'Lonia the Eleianth,' 'Rip Van Winkle,' 
and ' The Clonican Brotherg,' In sreat 
measnra owe Uidr popularity to the thi^atrt- 
cil taut ot the Eoi^ti adapter ; and all tha 
■DcOBi achlaTed by those playa which m 
be called original m-'—"- — '- -■----■ 

iglnal productiong li dne to th 
. Ur. Boneicaal^ in things thp 
ima what be toncliea " (' Ocami 

__ To-Day' (IBSa), 'Actora 
Ormt Britidna-' ' 


_ W), Bad 

Tlieatrlcal and Mnilcal 

ra. Dion [Agnce Robert- 

imbcr of the Lon 

(1850-63).' Her London Vn 

md Mn. Kean 

In Tom T^ylpr's ■ Oni 
kind and hl» Broth 
Brothen,' and lome SI 
In Deoembet, 1853. ■! 
•The Good Wonuu li 
the Lyceum, and on 
Lewea wraU of "her 
■west voica" ("The 
notable part in Lond 
oartt In -The Prima 

yesn In the United States. Between 1860 
andlSTS shopliiyed iii lAindon the fallow- 
inic part9:-£iJi/ O'Cannarin 'The Ckillpcn 
Bawn ' (1800), Zit In ' The Octomnn ' (1361). 
lbs tUla part in 'like Dablln Boy' OWa}. 

iweet looks and hei 

n wa.1 that uf Mar 
■onna'(I35i), a pla] 


Fwfcl In 'The tile o! an Aclrow' (1§«81, 
JoMit in -Ttaa lUlief ol Lnckntiw ' (idBl), 
Mot SetUa In ' nitenta sjiil (inanllana' 
09M), Jtmit Dmm In 'The llwrt o( 
UidlothOn' aW). tlw berolnB in ' Aimh- 
lU-Poglifl ' (!8es>. JoBii ttarv,, J in ■ TliB LuDK 
Strike^ (imii\ Mona in 'Tbo .SbaugUnnn^ 

SBJ6X mrt tbs herolna u( 'Love or LiJe' 
3;a> Alter & long abnenco from London 
Mrs. BoDdauilt Dade bet Tri,U'4e it the 
Up^raCumiqneln JuIt, 1S89. rortbebBneHt 
•t J. A. Caio, appeuiDg si Jfni/a In ' Tha 
Sbaughnnii.' Alterik (artber Intennl iba 
THtppaued In IHB aa Mr$. Btdmmd in ' Tha 
Ufa wa Lira- (a.*.) uid ifan SAatiiiHani 
In 'SlukaipeBre^ (o...), in IBM M J(r.. Cum. 
fliiiv In ■ Beio tt-iTi^ ■ <t. D J. in lS9t IL9 Jf ri. 
J>ra««i)n ts "ftie Cotton King' fv-v.) imd 
JTn. IfBtfumln'AMoilam E'e' (i;.v.). in 
ISM ■> JTrt. Ovan In ' Ttaa Colla»n Ba«n ' 
<4.>.). Sae ^nilT Soldene'a ' Tbcatrical and 
Mniieal BecoUecUoiu ' {IBST). 

Boneloaiilt, Nina. Actreu idauflhter 
«t Dion uid Ainaa Bondcaull (q.v.) : bu 
plajed In London tba (oUdwuir (und otber] 
orieinal nuta :—Killv Vrtdun In ■ Cluu-lw 'a 
Annt'(DiBcenibar, IgaA, £fa<iu SArlmpUin 
In -Tba CMe of Bsbellloiu SoJttn ' (IDM), 
Iddv ir<it<l In ' Tba Itomance of tha shop- 
walker ' (IBM), fiiu'Iu Itaiatm !■ ■ A While 
£lephaD( ' (tSM), I'fDTrl Zci'jfA In ■ A Court 
•f BonoDT^ (laeT). narriHt In -Nhork. 
b«wl«d Petar ' (IMU). Siuanu 

Fallad ' (IMS), and .Vui'm 

>Iarf'aUW}. Sb<llltipCU»> r.u..L- 

■oma Fanny' (180T). Bnd 'Cupboard Loie' 

Bonffeolr {M. See BlimofolDi 
JouBFiEis EsD IN LoYEBs' Meeii.NO ; and 

Tub ODPB IBK I!^E.1. 

Bought. A pia,j in thre* ant>, by 
Praxk tlAHTET (J."-), flmt pBrfjiruifJ at 
the Theatro Hoyai, Sundftliud, UeeembBr 
13. 1S73. 

Boaltlon, The Prlnoeaa do, In 

r; (3.1. 

3 iau 

Bonluurire (I.a). A comic op«ia, 
miuic bj OVenbub. llbcettn (adapted Ir^m 
the FtUMsh o[ H^lhac and Ual^Yj) by U. O. 
FlXNlKg.vJ, tint psiformed >t [heOlnlia 
Thealn, London, on Aptil II 

Bonld Sonr Boy (The). A farce by 

Booldlaff, 3. W, Dramatic writer i 
author of 'Hie King-maker' <1»2|. 'Tbu 
J)onble Ho«' (ISS*), 'The Wbitq (Juiwn' 
(isa), 'Dorotbr Vamon' C1*S1>). 'Tha 
Gambler' (1S91), ud 'Harold tlia Suon' 
iirnm pvfriuiUwr (with B. Pilgnis) d 


a KinK'n 1 

ind (' 

WaUia) of ■ For Wife and State ' ilxa). 

Boulogne. A farcical corned]' in three 
acts, adapted by F. C Buh^aku truni 
MM. Ucnneauin onrL MIII.Lnd'< 'Vlnlrlm.' 
uid Hrat perlonni 

ity Theatre. 

. M »llu K. 

lairiiki, Vf. KJtoD as 

. Terr] 

I ' iq.v. 

the Eugllah pro- 
leof OrFEMucn's 

Bounce. A Farcical play Tn three acta, 
by ALFBBD MxLTDr, ficBt poifurmed at the 
Prince at Walea'j Thmlte, LLterpool, on 
Aagoat 17 IBie, nith C. t^olletls ae Tmn 
Bauna, and other parts bj MIh K. Uarflour, 
II. U. Bnrton. and C. P. Klockton : jiroduceJ 

October Xl^Slt, i>lth°C. Collette as fioi>n«. 
■upported by V. II. Macklin, E. F. Kdgu, 
a. Suutar, and Ulu Luuiw llendarBiin. 
Bounoe, KbJdt. Sw Cbumds, Cmtis- 

Bounce, Sdlle. Ohsri. An opem- 
dancot in J. Siiklinu CoVNE'a 'Hour to 
aettlo yoor Aocounta with your l^undreaa ' 

Bouncer. (1) Unit 
laatharacterinT.J. A' 
1-aic'lij.p.). (2) Jf. ' 


. _ .jiMaiuhson 

Bii&»A!iii and auL- 
Coiand Boi'(a.B.}ihe la tnrned 
an, and ippean (3) a* Stracaitt 

Bouquet (The): or, TheLanBuai 

of Flowers. A il 


Bourbon. A play perfunDcd at tbo 
Bose ITieatta, London, on November i. 1S97. 
Boturchler, Arthnr. Actorand drama. 

Kton, nt Oiford. and with the ' OldSlagen' 
and 'Winilsot Sirollori ; ' ho wan, inJeud. 
one of the founder) ol the Uitord LIniieiDty 
DiaiDBtlc Society (see OxroHIi). HEa pro- 
fMeional tfr^but iraa madeat Wolvorliampton 
inUMaa^DfHUln'Aj You Likelt'-tba 


rtin vhich homiula 1i[b flnt kppwmica 
LoBdm. u tba St. Itrnt^t Thrnxn, on 
Xebmrj M, IKM. In Uu UUr tbu ba 
vu fur ■ihort tlml teaHw of tbe 8t . luiiBi:*, 
le Bnrml u -/lu^ DaryU In J. H. 
IT^^yoBi Wila' (f.D.). OUwrorifi- 
■_! imd klUmtiU ptoTM DT blm in Lod- 
doii wsra Kit Marlaut In the pl^ u named 

aagoi, Joet SCfwyn In 'A Yvrlulilia I«M' 
VI). Ltrd A%trlty In the pin lo nuned 
OMai the ilim. JtrainaU Eaflt ik ' FoiziTs. 
D« '^flffil), i^^kob In ■ A Vlilt ' (ISH), JTr. 
Mekardi b tfaa plu m ntmad (1§K), and 
C^nTJltnirln'lAdk'aan). A*ftm<mbBC 
of AogniUn fMft " eompuiT of eonwlluu." 
ATthnr Bonieliier^^iaBnd mth It in America 
nHH-Sl 4nd then ntnratd irlCh It Co Lon- 
daa, pWIds t IMfm Thaetre hie ail^- 
■at rAu in'LoTa uid Tud«ii'(18M)uul 
nnnnaa'i ■ Fonalen ' (iiiiMii ITosd) (lan). 
At the Oani^ Theklie. inibMqiientlj, ha 
«u tbe oiidinl Urn. Garat Dtlamen in 
undj^ ' I 

BaraltT Tbeatn, Wbcm im •iiinum lUE- 

ceaiTtlT M £'V Acginota DrtitiMrtlji -ThB 
ChlU widow ' (IBK), CiAfH*I trotter in -The 
New BabT ■ (13B«), wl Sir Ki'eter Crvflim in 
■ The <)Deoa'*F[uctor' {1880). In ia>«-7 b« 
lODTed in America with liln own company- 
la mn ha wu Uw ariginal Chrlimml (/reni 
la ■ All Alln, Oli ' (l-ej, and in IHOS ha waa 
tlia Brat repreKntatlia ol ValnHiu In G. K 
Bancrott's 'Tereea' (i.e.). anil JoAn Uiitdt 
In TtHtiir'i 'Brother llfflcen' («.«,). In 
IHTO he wai tho orlfiinal Jama lilayatn in 
■Whn;l>i Klthin WhrnlH- (a.tX While 
Jolnt-mnniUEer of tfaa L^teriun, he waa in 
the HriL caMa oF -lAd* llnntnoiUi'i Ex- 
petimcnt' (lUOO), 'Tlie Nohla Lord' 0900), 
ind'Thal'nilBr-carrenfdBOl). InSeptein- 
'ber. 1900. be becaoie !*■»• and muiager 
■oF tbe CiBJTlfk, where he haa pLafeil the 

Im.llnn nal^ r.I^I In ' l>il ki-rtiin'ti Vi ■ 

(1003), -The Ann or the Law- (IBM), . 

, .. . 9t"), and 

•The Fnirj's nilemma' IIBM), Among 
other parti wbicb ho baa placed In Iiondon 
are nKcitr ia ■ Rather flandiu ' (^t. Jamen'e, 
1800), ^n'lNinl In ' Proa-I^rjl (Criteria 

' [Cr4teriwi, IMW), JiwrpA In 


-'le KchoolfoTS<'4uidal'(l)Bl>-'a,lHi3), 


,A In -Tlie 
IBQl), Cherlu 

I'duiw Wilding in "Iba Liar' (Re 
Isgei.fiont^iBHrln'Unnna Ulana ' (I'rin™ 
of Wales'!. IMO). UDd the titlo-port ol ' Dr. 
Johnaon'Mtrand, llUT). lie la the anthur 
d( lonr adaptation* from tba Freaoh : ' A 
Woman'i Tean' [IbSH). 'Good-Bye- (1BS8), 
"The SootblnR tSjitem' (IVOt), and "The 
Am ol Tlie Iaw' (lOM) ; also, CMiuthor, 
-■ - - ■. RlcbanlB- ^IHM), 

' ' Mr. 

BooTKeola do Pontarcy (Lea). A 
plaj \'j VicTOUiK.-' SAHiinD, ailapiiil bf 

Theatre, !iew Yock, In IBTii, with Charlo 


BoQTBorna, MKr^uerite, de-. 

Bontsrd, Uadeline. Tbe "beantr ol 

BonteJ, Krs., i 

t.,iu:uHn,wu the flnt re- 
tba fuUowing (and other) 
cbaractera :— £(. Calhtriiu in 'Tymmia 
ImW lUKti). Staayda In ' Tho Conauait of 
Granada' (IBIil). CkrUtiatia la 'Loie ia a 
Wimd- own. MtlanOa in 'Maniaje L la 
ModH- lliWf), Jfrt, PintJivi/t bi 'The 
le ' (1ll7n , FUaia In ■ The Plain 


a in 


(IBTO), 5Cal{raln 'Tba Biral Qaaene' {1BT7), 
CJ«!i>atra in 'All toi Loie' (ISTSX and 
Snunrim In ' Mithridatea ' a6TS)-aU at 
llie "Theatre Etoyal," where ehe waa a]» 

- - - - Tba 

I'lTra^edj'COeneit). Her lait recorded 


_ ' (Oeneet). Her mat reeor 
appearance' *raa In 

Boir Bells. (1) A play prodnced at [ha 
Cltj of LonJon Theatre at Whltountiile, 
1863. m A comic 'Irama by tl- J- BiituM 
(I.e.), £»l performed at tl.a BuyaJty Tho- 
alre. Loadun, on October i, 1S30, with E. 
Rlihton tKUiofrm TaitMihora. andl'bilip 
Day. F. Cooper, T- P- Uaynci. V. Wyatl, 
Aliu Kate Lawler. Ulu Eioma Sltla, and 
Uiaa MagfflB firennan In other paita. 

lej hero of 



Eiperionce o 
■eema to ha'e loined the company at the 
" Theatre RoTaL'' lAndon. In 1089, when he 
waa tbe orlidnal of tba coanhtaan ia ' Tbe 
Eneliah Friar' (g.e.). Amoni bii other 
original parti, cither at tbia theatre or at 
Uncolq^B Inn Fielda and tba Jfaymarket. 
between IWl and 17D7. were Sir GcMl^ 
Gohting in 'Sir Anthony Lore,' Li PraU 
in ' Lo>e for Money.' £ir JomA WiUol in 
' Tbe Old Batchelc^' Jeremy (a ' La>a tor 
Loie.' Critpin In ' The Analomiat,' JnUanu 
Wilinud \d •Tbe Way of the World.' 
Ptuile in 'The Fnneral.' and I^lfrard ia 
' The Beaux' Stiatagem.' Be alw Ugured at 
Tarioei tlmei aa Orric, itoderiga^ Ttoj^^ta 
in ' Tbe Cornniltle*.' Crark In ' Sir Courtly 
Nice.' Grivt in 'The Confederacy,' Jaama 
in • The I.fliurtino.' Jflnwtv iln(lfc(17U-lS), 
etc He wa.1 killod In a duel which ho 
liad forced upon hia fellow-aclur, lluin 

Bower Baloon. Sea Londo.'< Tue- 


Bmrerai OeorKe Vluii 

I, OeorKa Vluine-. American 
born al^liilMlelptils, April 13, 
In Not York, Auput IS, ISTB. 

Dtl in lov comedy parts In the SIuk«- 
pcanui dnmu ha luid few gnperiors." 
Bowors, Hn. C P. [n^ Crocksrl. 
dtbvt M the PKk 'riientTB, New 
If NatDre'(g.i.). »he msirleil 


.. , _ ._ Dsa of 

non; or, ThelndltaWJfe.'oDd 'Lincb, 
P«ul of Chuntnml.' Her hsabuid 
In 18ST, the becuoe dlrcirtresi end 


Bowery Girl (The). A o 

, j). ApUybyADi 

f BAStxkU. criginally prouaced at the 
Bayisuket Theatre, Cblcuo, III., April 14, 
UH ; fint kcted In New York CU)', at the 
dmid Open Ueiue. December % less. 

BowlndO, Mr.Fetar, M.P.for Littis 
Hnugborough in W. S. GiLBEKi's 'Bighly 
ImjaobtXila' iq.".}. 

Bowkett, Sidney. See DAT, O. D. 

Bowl'd Out; or, A Bit of B™n- 

\a ona Ml. hj H. T, 
lorformod at the Prln- 


„ .,._ .. . jdoth« 

parti by a. Cathcart. and the Miusi Bon 
and Carlotta Leclercq. 

Bowles, Thoro&a O-lbBon. DnunaUo 
writer : author of 'The Biasing Burgea,' 
' TliB Port Admiral,' and other pieces. 

BowllnK. (1) Joe* Boicd* 

'Ben the Bo«t«widn' 

ro d( T. F 


Zuuleruint Boating, S.N.. Diinrei In J. 
MOBTON'B ' MminsVii Holiday ' (?.n.>. 

Bovllnff, Tom. See Tou Uowlimo. 

Bowman. Actor, bnm IBGt, dl«d 
March 23, 1739. Ln an obituary notice In 
the Saiet Uaniuim for March, l7Sfl. he ig 
dBBcrlbed aa "of Drury Lnne" nod as " the 
oldest actor, lingi^r, and tinker In England." 

of Thomu Betterton (;.i>.). 

Bowae. (1) Btm Boviu la a hoatsw^n In 
J. T. IUINES'3 'Mr Poll and my Pinner 
Joe' (fl.e.). (3) Simrioi™ fluiTM, in IJalv's 
■ Huriioa'Cf .n.). i> a territorial (.'ongTBsi'man. 

Bowyer, Frederick. Dramatic writer ; 
author of ' I.Utln Lohen»!rin' a^^). the 
llbri^tto (if "rho Two Proi' (IBefl), 'The 
Othur Little L<.id yondlebgy^ (iBilS), and 
otiac gieca ; alM, CB-aalhoi, iriUi W. E. 

Spmoge, of ' The Pwtine of the v 
(I^BO). 'Bagged Bobin' ae^), "The 
Barmaid' (ISasl. and "nie \niite i 
bird 'OSW); with W.H.H8dg«H*, of _ 
Charlty'i Sake ' (1883) j wlUi ■'Tayne Nun: 

Box and Cox. A "romance of real 
life," in ona act, by J. MlDDTSOS MORTON 
[;. p.), adapted from the 'Prisette' at UM. 
*-'■'-'- — 1 Lafmnc (Paloii Bi^al, April, 
omeindebt«dneu to ■!» "^ — 
-Idts ;' and flrst performed 

n Theatre, London, on Noten.—. 

1S47, nith J. B. Bnckstone as JoAn i 


Ifri. Btntnctr. "Thongh every comedfao 
tbe laat ttalrty.flie yean bai played tho 
— '' hale naier," saya Edmiuid Yatea, 

I thoTongMyarUillc a coneeptlan of 
BOX aa mat of Cliarlea Mathewa, wbo iMik 
the part when Harloy left the theatre." 
The piece waa played at the Prince of Walea'a 
Theatre, London, in 1867, with G. Honey ae 
Box. J. Hare as Cai, and Mrs. Leieh Mniray 
as Mri. Bouncer: and at the Haymarket 
Theatre on Octobec IB. 1889, with D. 
NlchoUs OS Cox, E. M. Bobson as Bbz, and 
" Bovnur. Itwoaflnt 

loinili Jeffnaon In Uie title rKu. Tbti 
r^r^larlCy Dt ■ Box and Cox ' acnested tbe 
rtodneUon of (9>' Box aod Ooi Married and 

Settled:' a hrce In one act, by J. STiHUNa 
CoTNE iq-P-t, Snt perfonned at the Hay- 
niarket on October U, ISSi, with BacJutoae 
aa Bde. Kseley aa Cez, Coeoa "an anonymona 
gent." Mra.OacilfieldaaJrrt. Box, Mn.Bnok- 
tngbom as Vri. Cox, and Mrs. Selby aa Mt$. 
Bovneer,—' Jiox and Coi' was afiorwarda 
adapted to the lyric stage uudur the title 

Box and Cox Uaniedand Settled. 
Bee Box IND Cux. 

Box Iiobby ChallenKB (The). A 
comedy in fiie acts, by B. Gu)iibeiuuUii> 
(g.r.;, flnt performed at (he Baymarket 
rnieatreoB Febmary K.ITM, witb Bannister, 
Jnn., OS Joe* CniicAct, Baddelay aa Cnldut, 
sen., J. Alckhi laSirTol^ Orampia, "--"^ 
as Jtabfr^ ^r— _— .- t)i-..j .^ n. 

1 irotcrloiuf, Mrs, 

-^_. Mr*, doodali 

aa Lalitia. and Miss De Camp as t.ii\damifa. 
Tbe challenge ariaei ont ol a fracas In the 
bnt lobby ol a theatre, ^e eomedy, aa 
ananged lor pgrfoimance by W. B. Walkes, 
■as iierfDnaed at tlie Boyalty TfaMtre, 
London, on tbe allemoon of June 12, 18M, 
with U. A. Balntabnnr aa Caplaia Walrrland, 
F. OTon aa Sgufn BcbiTt, TOlu K. Stewart 
aa Lmly Jam, Misa L. Henilanon aa Diana, 
Mlia L. B«'^ as IXiKa. Misa M. Kasale ns 

Box Lobby IiOtmsers (The), 
petite piece" by CilARLGS I^U:I11T, flrat | 
lormed at Pnuy Lane on Maj 10, 17117, • 


tun., u Ditly I 
»lM), Lady Pat 

Diiiu Daih. Th« ; 

ir Pippin utd Buiiilit«t, 

Box of Hlachlaf <TIiS), A fuca In 

one act, bj S- Peiuie. 

D Dotrous Jean 

Beneflt ot th« Doubt' (ISM). Captain '. 

,.._ ni« Maniiga 

of KlltT ' (lOOii- He bu al» been u«D In 

indadeii ' /urit In 'Tba late Hr. CuMlo 


three act", bj W 

Pu-lc Thu.ti¥, Eutbonine. FebruaiT 1, ISM. 
See Sew Boi. 
Boy Blae, Iilttle. Ssa Littli Bar 

Boy Setaotlva (The). A dramm In 
&i — ,_ «-*- 1^- w TD.uiFDa flrgt perfonned 

Boielle In tbe title patt.— ' A Uoy Hero' 
lathetltleof aplaf brMn. C. A. Dorehits, 
produced >t the People'i Theatre, St. Louis, 
tl.S.A., In 1897. 

Boy of Sftntillane (The); or, ail 
Blaa and the Hobbera of Aattma. A 
tomastic drama in three acta, by Mic- 

and flrat perforrDed at Drurr Lane on April 

ley. Yonn 

,. ITonnge, am. 

r61a. an Blot and Dmna Heiuia. wbo are 
loTeia, (aU into the hands of the robben. 
bat the foniiar mansges to eSect his Dim 
•aeape and tbe lalter'n rescue. 
Boycott, Kllicsnt. Tbe heroine ol 



Eogene Bamett ; St. Ueorga's HaU, London, 
Boyhood of Baoohna (The). 3ae 


Boylflover, Colonel. A cbaracler In 

Williams's ' Larkins' Loie Letters ' Iq.c). 

Boyne, Leonard. Actor i made his 
BrolenBional dttnit at the Theatre Kuj;al, 


■ ij.e.) 

appearan<w In London vas made 
8i Janiei'g Theatre. In 1871, as ' 
in Bobertaon's •Prngrese' W 

Uis H 

rt la • Delilah ' (ISBOI. Captain Leigh 
Sister Mary ■ (18S«>. lianld " - - ■ ■ ' 
■Heart of lleart 


Oaufbtor' (lan), Jolm AUingham 

Ht ileainoU BrMa In * Tba MarriaA 

London a* O'CaUagkan to ' . 
(1881), D'Almi in 'Casta' <1S8S), Cyrit In 
-Cyril's Succeu'(13n>), Cltatla Middhaidi 
In ' Onr Boya'flSOO), AiuJrBn in ' Theodora ' 
(laao), snd Baiger in ' The Streets ot Lon- 
doD'(lMI). IlewastbeBntreprssentatiie 
in the EnEiish prOTlDcea d( cCaviiaa and 
pKr-ta, and he has appeared 

in _... 

ProillKiil llaiiKb 

n his • 

(1) A farcical co- 


by Mnunieny Jeph- 


W. TbtIs, W. L. AbhiRdon. C. W. Somerset, 
J. D. BeieridBe, H. Nlcholla, W. Mackin- 
tosh, L. Lat^he, U. Adye, Miss Alice 
Kinnler, Mils Kate Keaniey, and Miss 

Boya will be Boys. A comedietta In 
one act, by Joseph M:kCKii (g.v.), tint per- 
' ' -■ -^e Opira Comlqna Theatre, 

if Dtfdemona to 

Brace. (XI A saUor in R. T. Weiter'S 
'Red Roier^ (o.i.). (3) Sir Bail Braa ia 
a broken-dcwn baronet In Albe&y's 'Pride' 

if Partridasa (A). 

afterwarde performed in U.S.A. 

Brace girdle, Anne. Actres 
about 1071, died September. 1718. 

"is that sheHsa the' daughter of a 

Ilstant relation. ■ 

first perrormanca 

be Orphan 'at Dorset 

parti. Thus, belwe 

Vitloria in 'The Fatal HKmnieJ Anqiiic 
in ' LoTe lor Lore,' Befindo In ■ jIib Provoke 
WKb,' Almtria in 'The Mourning Bride 
UUtammt In 'The Waje o£ the World 
Slima in 'I^marlane,' idcinia In 'Tb 




Fair Penitent/ Angelica in ' The Gamester/ 
Bjad Flippanta in 'The Confederacy/ Amonff 
other part* were Detdemona^ Mr*. Fordl 
Cordelia. Ophelia^ Portia ('Jalius Caesar Ti 
Octaviain ^All for Lore/ ^«pa<ia in *The 
Maid's Tragedy/ and Siatiraxn ' Alexandra 
the Great.' She acted at the Theatre Royal 
from 1688 to 1094, at Lincoln's Inn Fields 
from 1695 to 1705, and at the Haymarket 
from 1705 to 1707. In the last>named rear 
(the thirty-third of her affe) she retired from 
the stage— for what partlcolar reason is not 
certain. It n^ay have been, as suirgested, 
because Mrs. Uldfleld **was ezcelllng her 
in popular estimation ; " or because Mrs. 
Olofield was " preferr'd to some parts before 
her ;" or because Mrs. Oldfield's " benefit" 
was *' allowed to be in the season before ** 
hers. Genest thinks that "the affront** 
shown to her in the matter of her '* benefit " 
would be "a sufficient cause" for her re- 
Urement. She returned to the boards in 
1709, but only for one night (April 7), to 
appear as Angelica in ' Love for LoTe ' for 
the benefit of " her good friend Mr. Better- 
ton." When she died, she was interred in 
the cloisters of Westminster Abbe^. Colley 
Gibber speaks of "her reputation as an 
actress gradually rising with that of her per- 
son ; never any woman was in such general 
favour of her spectators, which, to the last 
scene of her diamatick life, she maintain'd 
by not being unguarded in ner private cha- 
racter. This discretion contributed not a 
little to make her the card^ the darling of the 
theatre ; for it will be no extravagant thing 
to sav, scarce an audience saw that were 
less than half of them lovers, Mrithont a sus- 
pected favourite among them. . . . She had 
no greater claim to beauty than what the 
most desirable brunette might pretend to. 
Bat her youth and lively aspect threw out 
such a glow of health ana cheerfulness, that 
on the stage few spectators that were not 
past it could behold her without desire. It 
was even the fashion among the gay and 
young to have a taste or tendre ^r Mrs. 
Biacegirdle. She inspired the best authors 
to, write for her, ana two of them [Rowe 
and Congreve], when they gave her a lover 
in a play, seem'd palpably to plead their own 
passions, and make their private court to 
ner in fictitious characters. In all the chief 
parts she acted, the desire was so predomi- 
nant, that no judge could be cola enough 
to consider from what other particular excel- 
lence she became delightful. . . . Yet let me 
say, there were two verv different characters 
in which she acquitted herself with uncom- 
mon applause IStatira and Millamant]. In 
other characters, where singing was a 
neceesarv part of them, her voice and action 

Skve a pleasure which good sense, in those 
ITS, vras not asham'd to give praise to" 
('Apology,' 1740). Anthony Aston (who 
calls her "that Diana of the stage") says 
**she was of a lovely height, with dark- 
brovm hair and eyebrows, l>lack sparkling 
eyes, and a fresh blushy complexion ; and. 
whenever she exerted herself, had an in- 
▼olantary flushinff in her breast, neck, and 
face, having con^nally a cheerful aspect. 

and a fine set of even white teeth ; never 
making an exit, but that she left the audi- 
ence in an imitation of her pleasant counte- 
nance. Genteel comedv was her chief essay, 
and that too when in men's clothes, m 
which she far surmounted all the actresses 
of that and this age. Yet she had a defect 
scarce perceptible, vis. her right shoulder 
a little protended, which, when in men's 
clothes, was cover d by a long or camiMkign 
peruke. She was finely shap'd, ana had 
very handsome legs and feet ; and her salt, 
or walk, was free, manlike, and modest, 
when in breeches. . . . She was, when on 
the stage, diumally charitable, going often 
into Clare Market, and giving money to the 
poor unemploy'd oasket-women, insomuch 
that she would not pass that neighbourhood 
without the thankful acclamations of people 
of all degrees " (' Supplement to C. C/iober's 
lives/ 1747-8). Gilaon, in his ' Comparison 
between the Two Stages' (1702), and Tom 
Brown, in his 'Letters from toe Dead to 
the Livine,' express more than scepticism 
as to the chastity for which the actress was 
famous. For details of her career, in addi- 
tion to the authorities above mentioned, 
see the 'Lives' of Mrs. Oldfleld ' (1730 and 
1741). Genest's ' English Stage ' (1832), and 
D. Cook's 'Hours of the Players' (1881). 
In the last named is a summary of the trial 
of Lord Mohun for the murder of Mountford, 
the actor (g.vX in the course of an attempt 
by Captain Hill to abduct Anne Bracegirdle 
on the night of December 9, 1692. In this 
trial the actress gave evidence.— Jfr». Dracc' 
girdle figures in Oxen ford's 'Tragedy 

Sueen ' (a. v.), and also in ' An Actress by 

Braohvoffel, A. E. See NAiiassE. 

Braoy. The bewitched bard in the 
burlesque of ' Christabelle ' (9.V.). 

Bracy, Henry. Actor and vocalist ; 
original representative in London of the 
following characters :— Oontran de Solanget 
in ' Les Mousquetaires ' (1880X Prince Fritel- 
lini in 'The Mascotte' (1881), Don Luis in 

* Manteaux Noirs' (1882), Lc Due de Marly 
in 'Lurette' (1883X Hilarian in 'Princess 
Ida* (1884X Prince Mianapour in 'The 
Grand Mogul' (1884), JSugene Marcel in 
' Erminie ' (1885). and the Due de la Roche 
Galante in 'Babette* (1888) ; also, Peter in 
the revival of 'The Sultan of Mocha' at 
the Strand Theatre in 1887. 

Bradbury, John W., actor, has 
played in London the following original 
parts:— ifr. MalUt in 'The Girls' (1879), 
Sam Smart in *A Military Manoeuvre' 
(1879), Hunt in * Ourselves ' (1880), Gregory 
in "The Gnv'nor* (1880). Tom Potts in 

* Written in Sand * (1884). He has also been 
seen as Our Mr. Jenkins in *Two Roses' 

S.yceum. 1879) and Jacob in 'The Road to 
uin' (Vaudeville, 1879). 

BradbTuy, Bobert. Actor, bom at 
Manchester, 1774 ; died 1831 ; began life as 
a carpenter, and thence drifted into scene- 
shifting. The illness of a clown during the 

ran of • local puttomima ^ 
ths apportnniC; at being depntf. huu .u-. 
nwUng biB Snt tppaaruce on tl» boards. 
Ha ns ■IterwartU eagagti at the Snner 
XtuAtre, Md itiU latar at SwlI«r-> Weill, 
whan, It ia Bid, h« mliMed aieo OrlnuJdl 
In powilarttj. Sntton Cook ■Mki of him 
H "Grimildi's gmt rinl, UM tnmbUng 

Bins itrong 'pads' i 
dh bla beiia, one ma 

tbs kneai, and tno on the b 
and thai aqoipped wm w 
knock blmoeir about In a 
mutnar" (TAtalnt. ISSt}. 
Orlmaldl ' UNBH). 

the ahooldera, 
sach elbow, tw. 

S«« 'Life ol 
BraddoD, Kary EUzabetli, fi 

masT of which hate been dramaUioin ol 
the tolIowiDg plavE:— "Tbe !«•» of Ar- 
cadia ' (IMD). ' A Model Husband' (nviied 
lWB).'Uri9«ldit'(lST3), 'GaneTleTe'dSTO, 
'For Better, for Worse' (13911. and "The 
UlaainE Witneu.' It la understood that, 
In bar earlj yeara. Miss Brsddon b-kd loma 
•ilieiience as an actieu. 

Bradford, Jonatluui. HmJonathak 


Bradaliaw. Jolm. Aotor, bern ISlt. 
died 13T«; the orl^nal oT H. 6. Laigh'i 
' Villain at the " Vic."' 

Bradahaw, Ktcllael. A bricklayer 
In J. M. MoBiCK's ' Old Honesty ' (Bi->— 
"OldUoueslv" being the name by which 
iba is popularly known. 

BraCUliav, ICra. See Tbek, Ann 

Brady, Htb. The hi 

'Irish Widow '(a.i.). 
BrftK. See Ellen. 
Bragr, Joaeph. 


ehanetCT In K 


«oney'(o.r.) ■ 
31 Komps^ (!.!..: 

FebniaiV' 1" 

talei u the Duekru. etc 
BraKSard Captain (Tbs). 

h Reddish as Duie 

tnnalated from I>1l 

THaRNTON, and printed ii 
miUn design Is the 

. 1187. '•'■ji 
-ery of FhUoc 

[Oiberry says 1773]. di»d Febtuary. 1 
•on of a PortucueseCarGennnn) Jew, nt 
(it is raid) Abnihnm : soon lost his fi 
(wbo, llts Ua mother, had a good t< 


: and of idiulDii. Apparently he flrrt 
In public <u ''Master Br^sm ") In 
_., ITHT, at Coient Garden, In an enter- 
imant pTen by hia teacher. Many then 
phesled hIa fatore eminence. His first 


'hen (Bi "Master Abrahams'^ t 
ited Copld in a bnrletta called 'The 
■ ■-■ ■ ■ -iroke. 

^herof the piano: 
j)owers returning, he 
•oeepted, In ITM, an enEanement at Batb, 
where be became a pnpil of Kanoini. Els 

King's Ttieat 

' Chnli 


' This 

Inlt actor dates from ^,„^, 

he formed nirt of the caitof Storace's 

, '.Mnhm.inil,' fit l>rury Lane. In 17B7 
- -^l;n^l^d trr ItaiUji opera at the 

igbl and Reeie'a 
hlch (saya 

part, a costom to 
-iiitH iiv Lrini.iriuBii njr seieral years to 
aiihere." Amcmg Did operas to which he 
thna contributed were (uv> th. nm. 
■■ jrily) ■Faooily Qoarrf 
lab Klcef (1802), "n 

'- (1805),'L 

Joined the jwmpa: 


I' (1802), 'The 


(1807). 'Kais; or, 1 

and '^ThB Deiil-B BrldEB' (] 

■ompanyat Drury Lane. When 
lemenia dl Ilto ' was (Lnl ner- 

his country nSO«!. Biaham wu 

the Srilo. He was the first English JTaa In 
■Der FrelwhuU ■ (at tbe Lyceum in ISW), 
and the original Sir Hium In ' Obenm ' (at 
Cerent Garden in IBJe). In I8SS he built 
and opened the SL Jamea'a Theatre, King 
Street— a ipecnlatlOD which pnned dlw- 
trons to him financially. Tfaelastlmr — ' 
ohaiactar essayed by hi 


disdaining the rale* of 

fling hImieU Into bis anldect, 

h. _i^ _• •— mg the c™- 


I uabtiB. inesounoB nenuenapiMaTtarand 

his own bosom, or at othsr tim»». linger In 

flnltennKaecenlBonhlslips. Thecommu- 

I nication between the 'olce and the reellngt 

tlon of bursts ol heroic passion, and tiirill- 
Ings of BentimenUI tenderness, la constantly 
I played off upon ns— when there la notliini 
but this trite transition fron the am furie. 
cirn tttrpito, to tbe afettvam and adagio 
style, in their Ereatcsl extremen— we then 
I be)rin to nendre aomethlnir like a trick, 
' ud ore littta more aflectad than by 

Iwof^ Sir Wttllw Scott dBicribaJ him 
__ .. _ ^___. _. ...___^ gjj 

It c^iuLllty, 

It nnged fnmi La below the 

lines to ttiB npiwr SL With it he produced 

dewriptlan. Hi wu wllhoot a. ilwil." 
•■ Bnbun," Bfi JdUui TnnjiK, ■' una Dot 
■nerelf > BdCDtlBc Tocallst 

llonnjy of Mn«ie 

febnwri 3*. 
[c ud Mnii. 



Tocum ; made hw theatrla] dMuI In IS74, 
wbsn ifaa Jojaed tAe acnnnn-Reed Com- 
nuT at Bt Ocorga'i IT»11, Luehum Place. 
Thne ■)» lemUnad till 1878, irben nbeirent 
toAmniea. Hernxatnatablaperforniuices 
In tlic 6Mt«« won Ifaon of Prinait Tola 
In the ClkT'BDlllnii open (g.v.) and i>gl(uln 
'Tba SnlMD of Mooba' {q.v.i, B^tDrntng 
to Eniland In 1880, iha r^fulnad tha Gemiui 
Saeda, Itaiing ttiam in 1831 to hs tbs 
flirt Patitnet Id OUbert uil SnlUnn'^ 
workfg.a.}. BhamaaftBnrudn theorieinii 
Tepnssntatlva In Londoa of the followine 
iiuta In GUbsrt-SDlUnn opem-PhvllU in 
^Iolautba-(lBaq,tbebernljieln 'Prlncea 
Ma' (I8MV rKwKum in ■The Mikado- 
(1885), KBiXim Xaytud in 'Knddlcore' 
<1BST), baaldaa balngjlfiTUin tharetiial of 
'ThaBowierer'(j.B.)at tba S«tdv la 1S§4. 
In 1838 aba playad tbe ehiat faminins rOU 
Id Storet'i'OraCna Green'<a.c 
fljRind in Iha Enjdtih prDTJni 
In 'The Onnd DnlM " — 
'Sbamni trarion' ' 
in the ' ' ' 

ijdlih pTDTincea aa Jutm 
mltB' rtsoe) BBd jv'oTO in 
• (1807). In IMS ihe waa 
ait or 'The Dora-Cot' 

Braid, Oaortra Boaa. An actor 
(hom ISlt, died 1079) InnfE aasociated with 
ihe Haj ■ ■ - ■ 

laymarket Theatre. 

'Conte^od Election.- 'O^eiluid Gont^' 
J. BTTon'a * Married In Zfafite.' 

BrBtn-StBaleo' (Tbe). A play adapted 
by KiTl CLUCTO.-f from the French ot A. 
D Ennery, and perfonned Bt Chicago, 
U.S.A.. In April, 1^7. with the BathoreH ai 
MaiTfUiu Bernard, and other ports by Mlaa 
Catherine Lewli, Aabiey Boovicault, etc. 

Brains, lo HiLPn'a ' AstrnliBBr ' ((.s. 

racter on the stace, the chanEei at droas, 
the Tanotvol aBeetcd tones and glpiy 
iargon. and the Imipine, Uiatorted geatunu, 
it Ii a lery amiuiug eilubiUon," 

Brall&Blitui, Barney. So* Dajlvev 


Bramtile. A chaiactei in W. T. MoN- 
cn.iEi'F'H -AH at Co'ontiy' Iq.t.). (2) A 
character in PlLOIUvE SlMFSDN a 'Hane- 
I«h'(j.B,). C3)Siri>«ii™,ntI<and 
bl> son ilanre in Mobhis's ' AdientBrern ■ 
<g.B.}. (4) Sir ilobrri BratiAU ii uncl« of 
JPrrderiek in CouuB's 'Poor GenUHinan' 

Brand. A dramattc poem In Hie acts, 
by Hemlik InsKN ; tranilated into Englinh 
prone by WUllwn WUion (1381), and into 
kn^tiih rerea (original me&ea) by C, H. 
Ilnford (ISM) and by Y. E. Oarrett (last). 
The (onrth act of the Uerfonl lersloa wu 
perlormert at the Oain Conlqne Tlieatre. 

Bernard Gould aa Brand, Mba Eliiabctli 
Sobing aa Aimes. and Mlia Fruices Iioi ai 

Brand, Deane. Vocailst and actor; 
made hia dtlmi an tbe niUB in Australia. 
Hta ftrat appearance In Knjrland wns at 
Ryde, tile ot Wicht, in isa, ni Caplatn 
Coroiranin'U.M.S Pinafore,' Aftaralong 
engaeenient with R. D'Uyly Carte in tbe 
cpunliy. he returned (with bia wife, Hiai 

opera named 'Ehcda It.vS Hia aiater. 
Miu Edith Brandon, after Hguring for aome 
time in operetta and light open, left 

Hguring fo 
niaririage''wltb the Eul of 

Brand. HannEkh. Dramatic 


Brand, Walter. Sea wiltbr Bra>d. 

Brand of Cain (The). A drama ti* 
i. L. GouDorc (7.0.). flrat performod at tba 
[Tieatre Itoyal, DirkonhcnJ, on Joly 16, 

BlCHtRn Lee(7.c.), first perfon 


Cirolino liill, Miss Maud UUton, I 
Hunllfy, anil .MtH- Lyui.B. 

Branded Baca ITheJ. Sw Woai 
J. P. 
BraudQB, Edward. See Visit, A, 
Brandon. <1) A chamrtor in LovK 
■Look M'lTB yoii Ifljip' (a.v.). (2) B 
£ran.lo>t Hpirra in HiiKEs'a ■ MtVoU 
Biy ParliiBr Joa'Ca.n.), a " 

IjiiTlHqaD of that uraina. 
ftnd Lufu Bratiflon are rnjincierd m too 
VBjioiu cfnuuBtic 'eraiiuuDf 'Paul CllSord' 
■ — - (4) L«te 

r Wittiam 

' Sclf-AccaaUod.' 
Brandon, Ol^a. 

Inal.ralln i|l 1B06 ; - 

Uabk Lkhun' 

tresB, born tn 
ber Jfew Vork 
ire Thmtre on 


1B06 ; mailB 
dMut Ht Itac Mudison 8qr 
Septem Ijoi a), liiSt , u £itL! 
i*ocivtary ' (i;.i»,X ^ho wnfl uiMiiwHjuflnue-ii 
Uiarauifri, Smith in' laChancen' (q.F.), 
J/innie in 'Engnged' (s.c). and iyiHo 
flBrn-««* In 'twins' f^.B,). Hor flnt 
spiHiarBnce In London ^ns mad* at tba 
Hojiilty on JnuuRry K, It 
OiUring In -Modern Wire 
■lao appnurad tliere in ' 1\ 
u Jfri. i(u4/''>nl Jftrrji in 
<a.iA RctnrDina tu AmerlcK, bqi 
with J. B. Clarke in ol.l EncliiJi 
*l(turiug also oh <>*»(.« and J'aui.n, 
jmUii. In UiH EuolLdi proTlncea \ 
(he wiu (he orfelnal AAoila i 

il parla 1 

_.. Jlck Voi 

(WHO), Gionnfna In "me Violin PUiera' 

SSSD), FiuAlf Dethwiu ■ Jndah ' (ISRO). £UeI 
ituffon in ' Tbe EnKUab Boh ' (laSO), (Tna 
J>>« In •TheCnuaden' (1881), >1orinl In 
'A Viatf (taSB). JTri. .irmiiiiate In -The 
Bread-winner' (IB93), VodCa In the play in 
named (leK)^dim CJfara ia ' BtrathloAn' 

■QSsa). tba i)iifA«(w _. ,..- 
teoken Melody' (!«»}. Rvtk In 'Hypal 
(less). Zddv BOila In 'An American firlde' 
(ISin). Among other puti In which ihe has 
bMn Ken In London are— £(Mer in ■ Caste' 
(Criterion, IHSS), Jfn. CutAftert In ■ Cyril's 
BnocflH- (Criterion, IHM). Jfary irriron in 
' Onr liofB ' (Criterion, ibdd), Jfor]; iUnriam 
In "The Middleman' (Shalteabnry, 1S0O), 
Xuq/ in ' The Streots of London ' (Adelphi, 
1801), GcrtraiUin • The Slauiitrom' [SUaJtea- 

Brandram, Ura. Bamael. See Mint 

UT, Ml!U. 

Brandram, Bosina. 

tyUn. Comlqne \ 
Mn. Howard F 

r theatricnl dtbut a 

t\Tmn.:~Ltidv Blan 
KaIMn m -The S 

Is 'liuddigon,' T 

B portB In G!lbvrt-Nt 


nnn of <he Goord ' the Duehfuof Plax 


nan m tuB nnc American t — 

Pirates of Peniance' (j.c,}. and when the 
opera wan »ri»Btl in London In li«S she 
played Hulk. Among her other orielnal 
parta are Mti. Bamlirr \a • Mock Tnriiea.' 
Aunt Olswpia In 'TohacH) Jaia' (ISSB), 
the H'liIrnrJacfHnin'Captainllllly'diiSn. 
Mti. C"impet\n 'HsSloopa to Win ' (1661), 
Lady Vmuin in Omndy and tinlllvan* 

'Uuddon Hall'Cli»S),JfiiiSitW- ' '- 

" ■ ■ " ■ 'JanaAnnle' 

, of 'The 

n Barrle. 

., ^d Sullivan'* 

■ilrauCy Ktono'(IBaB). /MneiHA SunAcain la 
Snlllvan and Ifood'a 'The Boae of Pvnla' 

man, Qod HDod'a ' The Kmenld lale ' '(lD01)i 
S/firra Rlizabelh in Gonnan and Uooil'it 
' Metric Rnelond ' (Mitl. and StU Riddiih 
In German and Hood'a 'A Prlaceaa or 
Kensington' {1913); alao, r«« In 'Little 
Hans Amk'nen'(AileIphl, 1903), and 'Vi-ti>. 
n1<iue '(Apollo Theatre, 1001). 

Brandynoae. A clionicter In J. Balr 
FOKU'a • liiual and Harguerite ' C^.p.j. 

BrandysnELi), Dr. and Diana Cha- 

d Thi 


BranytUo, Sir Anthony. _ " A formal 
l^T' '"*'"-''">"""■""' 

Braa de Fer. A dmnui in two acta, br 
S. MiMiEL, produced at the DrllAnnla 
Theatre, London, on May IT, ItiTG. 

Brass. A comedy-drama in lite acta, by 
O. F. BOWE (q.v.), Urat perfanncd at tba 
Park Theatre. Now York ; firrt performed in 
England at the Aleiandra Theatre. Liver- 
pool, In May, 1ST7 ; prodnced at the Uay- 
market Theatre on Angnat IS, 1EI77, witii 
the author aa Ifaj/lDn Stray, F- H. Macklin 
a«))Vi«m,TeeBdAleaa JoAnJfiukani, Howe 
as Uatllifvi Amulrono, Kyrle Bellew oi 
Jani« Balana, Mlaa Violet Onne as 5^1 
Baaktr. Mlsa B. Henri aa Mary Armilnin^, 
Miu E. Thome a> Mr: Matham, Mis> M. 
Harris aa Alicr Matham. Kliat Ada Bebaa 
has played fi^ilifaicter hithia play. 

VuiDBiidu's 'Confederacy' 
mixr echool-mate and fellow- 
apprenuce ol bieic Amlct. <2) "An un- 
blushing and andacions metal" in 'Tba 
Fblloaopher'* Stone' {q.e.). (3) lluah dt 
Bran In J. M. MORTON'a 'Regular Fix' 

Sj.o.). (4) Jim ISraii la a clmraoter la 
ILEBEIIT Scorr'a ■ Off the Line' (g.i.). 
Braaa Uonkey (A). A piny by C. H. 
BoiT (g.o.), prodoced In U.S.A. in isSS. 

Brasatonn, John- The hero of E. 
FirzE^i.L'a ■Note-Forgec'(7.r.). 
Bravo and the Fair (The). A ballet. 

drat pcrtormod at the English f " 

hoaiUia, on July II, l&' 




Brave &• a L 

tiro Hii. bj Ahtrur MiTTHiaoNfg.i.), flrst 
Vtrtarmid >t the OiUrlon Theatre , LDDdon, 
on Janoary 24, ISgl, vith U. Beerbohm 
Tiet u the Jfarguu da CAotfau LnrpcA;, 
■nd Mn. Alfred HaUon, Mlsa Mirr Horke, 
'™. Blakeley, and a. Oiddeni fn olber 

Bravo (ThB). Athn«-ut dnuu b7 J. 
S. BUCKSTOKE (;.s.), founded on.Cooper'B 
DOiel of the same nam«, and Ural perlonned 
at tbo Adolphl Theatre, London, In 18S3. 
(9) ' The Bni>o : or. The Bridge of Sight : ' 

Bravo (The) In PuNcnf's 'Ilsd Mask' 

Bray, Noddy, In Q. COUUN Jon. 'a 
■X. Y.Z.' 

Brazen. (1) A captain in Fakquhiu's 
■EecmitinKOrticer'Cd.r.). (8) Mn. Brazm 
Is a clmrdctei- Id Oii'S 'Beugar'ii Oputa' 

Brazan Age (Tbe). 

taken from Oiid'i ■ MetamornhoiBS.' " In 
"'»«• Swinhume, " there 
I of^ dnmalifl unity - - ■" 

' The Bttuen Aga,' " >u* 

two liifht eM7-golnK 

, ,_,- . — s Oohlan Age "^ and 

■Tha Satn Age'] which preceded it" 
C NlualMntta Cectorr,' April, 18M]. 

Brazen Bust (The). A melodrama 
In two acts, br CutBLFji Kemdle, with 
■nniiic by Kicbop, first performed at CoTent 
GardenDnMar^e. ISlSi 

Bnwen Uaak (The). A ballet-panto- 
mime, ■■iniented" hjr JOHN Fawceit; 
tba lyrlca written by T. Dibdin ; the music 
csmpowd by Davy and Moonlain : and tha 
nrhola Snt perfonned at Cuvent Garden on 
April S, 18o£ with If. Jotinitou ai the liero. 
*' BiuSD Haik " i9 tlie nama of a robber 
chlel, who turns out to lia a Baron. 

Braallian (Tho). A comio opera in 
three acts, musk by M. Cliaialgne, words 
by Mtx PeubertoN and W. LRsrocq. pro- 
doeed (fur copyright purpo<e«)at the Theatre 
Boyai. ?(ewcait]e-on>TyiiaiOn April IS, 1390. 

Sjauo, SldiBaL "The Italian 

imedy of that 

fl (l-t.); he is" the latbtr at A' 

Breach of Fromlae (A). (1) A comic 
drainaintwoactfl.BdaptedbyT.w. Robert- 
son (fi.c.) from ' Lea Amoots do ClL-opatre.' 
and tfrst performed at tho Globe Theatre, 
Londoo. on April 10, IBN, with Misa Mani« 
Brennan as ifi'u Honer JfeUoy, and other 
parti by J. Clarke, E. Manhall, DaTld 
haher. and Miu Bon Behiend. IS) A. 
farciuil comedy adapted from the I^enoh of 
A. Daruy and St. A. Choler, Theatre BoyaL 
WolaaU, April 7. ISM. (3) A comedietta In 
one ait, bi Madel FreundLlotd, Op^ra 
Coioiqus Theatre, Loodon, December 1, 

Breaob. of Promise of Wairlage 
(The). A comedy, adapted Irom Scribe's 
'La Chalne' (q.t.), anil produced at tha 
Adeiphi Theatre, London, In Febmary , IMi, 
•FithVaten, Wilkinson, Lyon, Wright, Miss 
E. Chaplin, and Mn. Yates. Seo SilkeH 

Bread-Winner (The). (I) A play by 
PiuL MEBHiTT (q.v.) and HKsnv Petitt 
(o.v.y <a> A piay of modem Kngtish life, io 
three acte, l>y Alfrkd C. Cilhour, Hrit 

Srformed at the Avenue Theatre, London, 
trch M, ISns. -^"- • ■--■--"-- ■ 

Elwood. a. W. I 

It including 

Waller, Miss Ainu 

r, Miss L. 


, Mrs. Canninge. and Miss Olga 
u..u...un. See Jean fouiiEa. 

BreaJc, hnt not Bend. 
Theatre, London. Octobor i, 1» 

Breakers Ahead; or, A Seaman'a 

J. ^'llArMls {q.v.i first performed at "the 
Victoria Tbealra, London, on April 10. 18S7. 
^' Breakers ; or, A Summer at Cape Mnj i' 
a piny performed at the Bowery, New York, 

Breaking a Butterfly. A plnr In 
three acts, by K. A. Jones (q.v.) and H. 
IlERHAN (jrOi founded on Ibsen's 'Doll's 

Prince's 'Hiratre, London, on March 3. IBM, 
with Misa Allen Ungarrt as Flora GndrfarJ 
(Nora Uelmcrl, Itliis Helen Matthews as 
A-jtifl Goddanl, Hn. Leigh Murray as Jfrf. 
Voddant, Kiris Bellew as B-utnt^ny Sad- 
dard (Toriald Hsinier). H. Beerbohm Tree 
as Philip DunkUn (Nil* Krugilad), 1. 
Maclean as JfarKn SrilOt, and O. W. 
Anson as Dan Bradtnirg. In this adapta- 
tion BtitBphrtu (an elderiy man) takes upon 
himself the guilt of the forgery committed 
hy bis jDune wife *"lDra, and a happy 
endlns is anfied at by a friend abstract. 
Ing from DunHry'i desk the incriminating 
document. DuiM^ is represented a*4 hav- 
ing been an nnancoessful io'er of FUira. 

Bieaklns- the Ice. An operetta in one 
act, libretto by C'HAitLEa Thomas (i.e.). 


miulc by li 
innned &t 1 
WoTombor 2 

BreokliiE ,the Spell. An adapiatioD, 
tq B. B. FuUtlK. of OITenbacb'a aperutta. 

Tlintre, Lnnilon, iin KInr 2. 1370, wltb Kliu 
DdIrto ftdd Ayjalef Cook la tbe cut ; 
Ot.nick TJicBtro, April. 190L 

Breakwlnaow, Bob'by, is " tho Now 
Footmui " in C. SKLUfa fares of tbat nama 

Breeily, Oals. See Oale BltREZLT. 
Breexy, Lady, In Wills's ■ Ellon ' (j.t.). 
Braezy Mominir (A). A comtpilietl* 
inonoiiot.bTE. PHtI.POTS;CrKnilTliiuitr«, 
, 11^1 ; Comeily Thoatro, 

TO' (I.B. 

Titcbi'i/ Id 'Cfrira 

■Bandall'a Thumb' (IS71X ^'tir In 'Crm- 
tana of Impntie' dSSl), JSdiih RictclU In 
•CwJi of Fire' 0871). Ouy Wamaolon in 
■On Guard' (18TS], LtualU in -Brokan 

of Jot ' aars), »n. £IvUi In ' Archie LoTell' 

SSJiiUTi. ferdeal In 'Bow BalU' (1880). 
'nPimyin 'Popsy Wopiy' (ISSO). ^ - 
■■ ain'Dor ' — ■—■ ""' — 



^Tha tnconatant' 

, . nnd Jfin Par- 

«■ lu 'The VaKabond ' (ISTSX 
Brennan, Uauds. Actrena.bomlgSSt 
inaila li«r priilesslaTiiil d/bvt al Brighton 

fn lS7tt' sue wan in the 'oriidnal cast of 
th« followlnit playa^— ■Grelciien' fI8T9). 

"" " ■ W' ' 

. .I'llBSSj-atc I 

piftjred the Oottntat Luentia In .... .... 

formann of 'The Ccnd' at tbs Grand, 
InIlnEtnn, in May, 1£S«. 

BreunoTBlt; or, Tbe nisaontented 
Colonel. A tranedy In five acta, by Sir 
Jons SliCKLI.viif^. exacted at" tho pr]rate 
honae. Black Fryan." HtkI printed In IWB, 

Internal erLdence pro*c-4 it t'^ bate bean 
written almnl tbe tline vt the Scotch rebel- 
lion in lisa. Jbe accne Ls laid in Poland. 

Tmnwlia concsl' 
a rirl maaqi 

Brent, Charlotte 

ongh "discontented," 

- _ n, a rebel, (or the loio 

the danghter of anothar rebel. 
... 1 -jasaion for IplUifine, 

)lh. Jfranctiia diea, 
both Iphigene ana 

Ite rairt. Kntol. V 

_ . died April, JSOI; tl 

daughter of a fencinE-ioa<ter and all 

^nnr. and a papil of Dr. Ame ; fint aui 

publicly at a concert In I'SS, and maila b 


year aa Pofly in ' The Beegar'a ( ' "" 

contiDucd Co appear at tbta 

1770. and in tbe inleival was tbe orli^nal 

Sally' lireo). Jfandona 
07B2). BeiiUa tn ' Loie Ir 

JlirtiKoln'Theauanllan— . „ 

and Faity In ■ The Uald at the Mill ' (ITwf 
AmonE AtasT jKrta In whloh all* (fKBTed 
wer« Sabritia In ' Oomni.' llie PCiu iMy In 
Lethe,' Maratry in ' Tha Dracon of Want- 
■ ~ "' fii '^Mlis la Hot Teen*,' Ladu 
tlshed MiUd,' and the 
d'OTflT). After 1770 

platfonn. She bad married tn I7M. Her 
last ajipearancfl on the bonrrla wae at » 
benaflt parformince at Coient Garden " 

lay,' fiutcfu in ' 
iMey in ' 'TIib Ai 

Brent|_I}aifly. The heroine of AIeu- 
Qstla. Anlhor 

Bi^reton, A 

.ph leal SI 

naliiE ; hai pnblished' ' Henry Ii 
Blnentphlcal Sketch ' (IB8S), ' Sonu 
UainlsEa ' (18M>. •Kb^esperean Si 
Cbaraclera ' (ISM), ' The l.ycenm hi 
Irvine ■ OOM). Blc- He ertiled th 

Actren ; apr^eared 

(isai). ' Tares '(lBSS).e 

PaiUi Trlamphant, a .Sacred TragedT in 
tthynie. tmnaiatod with ImprO'eRientalroni 
BadoB ' (llli), and ' Sir John OldcnstlD. or 
I^ie and /.eal, a TroEcdy,' baaed on Cor- 
Brereton, William. Actnr, bora 

rirury Lane in 1 


mora than awaiting gon tleman— one dOErea 
Iwller then Caolherley. latterly "— 
Rlddons Inspired him. and haactedbcl 
Hewenttobn" ■ - - ■ 
not cnsily sea 

impeded his per- 
j.^™, n.m uc^.c-cu him Of hH faml- 
CTlieapuuiOictJonaiy,' ISOCJ. Alter 


tb. his wife (PriKlllA Hopkins) 

Sflfl lAncbainfl' 

Brewar, Ooorm. Author ol ' How to 
bfl Unppj/ & comeilf (UOt), unci * Bumiul 
Itey.' K muiie&l eateilaJiimeat (1786}. 

Brewer of Preaton (The): or,UaIt 
Mud Bona. A eomlo dnimA in one net. by 
1. H. BsrNOUMOH (q.t.). first pertorniEil 
at Iho Sorrey Tbaitre. (2) ' ThoBrawor of 
I>n9ton :' a musical faica, Tbeatn Boyal, 
Prsatoa, Juinur 3t, IBTO. 

Brian Borollime; oi, The Uaiil 
of Erin. A drunri in ttireu acts, by J- 
IJHRILIDiH d/.T.), [oand«d on a 
■ton by D. I/Ueua. M)d flnt performed at 
Beirut Bbant 3810, with Edmund Kean as 
AionudKonrlMU rofKinrr. Cutfdled 
• wu rerlTcd at CoTont Unrden 
on April HK 1B3T, with Knonles u the haro. 
Tuibiilioa u FotHi 
- Mm H. I 

st as Elgitka. 

■rarJi (a.D.), firat 

^ Millie, BaitiUiuret (j.a.A., ULLUirei if. 

ISM ; Brst p«rf ormsd [a New Tork City, at 
the Broadway Theatre, October 10, isse. 
SeaBoBU, B&u.v 

BrlberrBrothBrs, In Mxltbi's ■ Tom 

Brlcohrac, Boratlua Codes, in Tom 
TaTLOtt's 'Pajable en Demand ' {q.c). 

Brio-A-brao Will (The). A eomio 
epera, written by 9. J. Auiia Fitz-Gerald 

and Hi;ou MoEa.compoiiod bjEmilioPizii, 
and Bn( prmlBCeil at the Lyric Thutro, 
London, on October ^. 1S&6, with a caat 
Including C. Conyen, F. H, (^111, H. Druck- 
bank, J. J. Daliu, &. W. Hoyce, F. WyaM, 
Hies Kate Itrew. Ml» Faimy Marriott, and 
Mis* Suiie Vau^um. 
Bridal (The). See MUD'S Tiuqedt. 

Bridal BiuK (The). 

, hy J-nEDBB 

Bridnl Tour (A). A comedy in Ihwe 

fon.leii at the Ilaymarket Tbeatre, Lonil'ni, 
on Augnat K. ISSO. witU a cast iucladinK 
Mrs. John. Wood Mm. Alfred " 

I, MIn wfnUred Emory. Mlaa Edith 
" •• " ■^ " "-mhaiDa, H. 

Bptatlon b] 

Uowe.aud H.Beckett 
Bridal Trap (The). An tidsptatlon by 

EIDNEr EosKNFELn (j.c) of Andmn'a ' Lo 
Sennant d'Amour,' pertottoed at the Bijoa 
Theatre, New York, In May. 183Q, vitb a 

Miia Laom ftemonU. and Miu Auguata 
Roche. Sob Cruwjso Hbs. 

Bridal Wreath (The). A i^nnsn 
dratoa In two actj, by C. H. HizLEwo 
(^.F), aratperlormedMthBCltyof Load 

Bride (The). A comedy l>y Tnrmin 
Nabbes (7 B.), performed at Umry lane in 
1038, and printed In 1C40. Goodlont courts 
thB Bri.lo for bli eon Thrnphiiui, Imt Th/- 

instigated by bii consin and enemy, "jiae^l, 
rana off wllb the lady on iJio notWing liay. 
Sea Fasuia.viBLE Lover, Tux. 

Bride Bleot (ThO), A play, witli 
mnsie by J. P. Sanaa, U.S.A., 19)7. 

Bride, Uisa. Dancer and actreu ; 

Elayed Lucia In ^Cato' at Drurr Lane. Mho 
i mentioned by Churchill in 'The KusciaO.' 
Bride of Abydoa (The). A romantic 
ilrania in thm acta, founded by Willtah 
DiMDND (j.t.) upon Byron's poem, and SriC 
performed at DrarT l^ne on Febmaiy 6, 
imB, with Kean aa Selim and Mrs. Mnrdyn 
as ZulMa ; rerlred at Balfut In 1330 with 
a. V. Brooke aa Selim, and at Sheffield la 
1S40 with T. H, La>7 as Selim. The same 
story was made the labisct of (S) a liurlesqae 
by U. J. BiRON, entitled -The Bride of 
Abydoa I or. The Prince, the Pirate, and the 
Pearl,' and nrst perfanued with H. J. Tnmer 
as Cinjlir, Miss Swanboroueh as Selim. C 
Young aa Mirzi>. Miss AI. OfiTer as Zuliria, 

Bride of Aldgata (The). A play by 
3. PiEms Pirr. 

BEide of Qeath (The). A piny by 
loBERT IV. EwiNO, produced In Aiuuricn. 

Brldeof LaminBnuoor(The)- Thero 

pr Scdlf; 

■:ll}' The Brtde 

by J. W, CiI.cnAFT (■■I.E.), fltat perform 
at EdinbuTEh on May 1, \se!, with t 
aotbor aa Jidnar o/ ' 
Craijetk'jflt. Andrev 
Bocklaw, Mocfcayas 




U. Siddons as Lucy Ashton^ Mrs. Renaud as 
Alice Gray, Miss Marray as Henry Aihton, 
etc. ; reTived at the Marylebone Theatre, 
London, in 1848, with £. L. Davenport and 
Mrs. Mowatt in the principal parts. (2) 
• The Mermaiden's Will ' (q.v.) (1828). (8) 
*The Master of Ravens wood (q.v.), by J. 
Palgrave Simpson (1865). (4) 'Ravens- 
wood' (g.r.), by H. C. Merivale (1890^. 
George Almar based a drama on the novel, 
of which there was also an American ver- 
■ion called ' Brother and Bride ' (q.v.). A 
French version, entitled *La Fiancee de 
Lammermoor,' by Victor Dncange, wa» 

Eroduced at the Porte St. Martin, Paris, 
1 March, 1828, with Frederic Lemaitre as 
Edgar and Mdme. Allan Dorval aa Lucy, 
See Lucia di Lammermoor. 

Bride of Love (The). A play in font 
acts and in verse, by Robert Buchanan 
(q.v.). founded on the legend of Eros and 
Psyche, and first performed at the Adelphi 
Theatre, London, on May 21, 1890, with 
T. B. Thalberg as Bros, Miss Harriett Jay 
R8 Pgyche, Miss Ada Cavendish as AvhrodiU, 
and other parts by Miss C. Jecks, Misa 
Letty Lind, Miss Prances Ivor, Miss Ada 
Ferrar, Miss B. Ferrar, Lionel Rignold, 
Bassett Roe, Leonard Ontram, C. M. 
Uallard, etc. ; revived at the Lyric Theatre 
on June 9, with Miss L. Linden instead of 
Miss Jecks, E. Hendrie in lieu of L. Rignold, 
and Miss Lnna in place of Miss Lind. 

Bride of Ludgrate (The). A comic 
drama in two acts, by Douglas Jerrold 
(q.v.), first performed at Drurv Lane on De- 
cember 8, 1831, with J. Russell zs Shekel, H. 
Wallack as MapUton, Miss Phillips as Me- 
li$»a, Mrs. Orger as Buth, Wallack as CharUi 
J I., Brindal as Sir CharUi SedUy, Ilarley as 
Doetkin, and Cooper as Captain Mouth. 
Shekel is an old money-lender of Ludgate, 
engaged to Melisga, but she has already 
given her heart to voung MapUton, who has 
had flirtations with Euth, Shekel's servant- 
maid. This last fact leads to complications, 
and others are engendered by the interposi- 
tion in the plot of the Jitn^^ and SedUy in 
disguise. In the end Meluma and MapUUm 
are united. Doetkin is ShekeVs serving-man, 
and Mouth a bombastic braggart. 

Bride of Messina (The). An opera 
in three acts, libretto (adapted from Schiller) 
by II. MtJLLER, music by J. II. Bonawits ; 
Portman Rooms, Baker Street, London, 
April 23, 1887. 

Bride of Sons' (The). An operetta in 
one act, words by IL B. Farnie (q.v.), music 
by Sir Julius Benedict ; Covenc Garden, 
December 3, 1864. 

Bride of Venice (The). See Queen 
OF Cyprus. 

Bride of the Isle (The). See Vam- 
pire, The. 

Bride of the Wave CThe\ A drama 
In three acts, by W. Travers, New East 
London Theatre, October 12, 1867. 

Bride Boses. A play by W. I>. 
Ho wells, first performed at Daly's The- 
atre, New York, on the afternoon of March 
6, 1894. 

Bride*s Death Sleep (The). A drama 
in three acts, by C. U. Uazlewood, City of 
London Theatre, July 4, 1868. 

Bride's Journey (The): or, The 
Seven Escapes of Adelaide of Dres- 
den. A play produced at the Chatham 
Theatre, New York, in August, 1845. 

Bridegroom (The). A play by Charles 
Klein (q.v.), produced in U.S.A. 

Brides of Garryowen (The). See 
Colleen Bawn, The. 

Brides of Venice (The). An opera in 
two acts, music by Sir Julius Benedict; 
Drury.Lane, April 22, 1844. 

Bridffe of Notre Dame (The) ; or. 
The Parricide's Curse. A drama in 
three acts, by E. Neetes Hudson, first per- 
formed at the Surrey Theatre. London, on 
April, 1847, with H. Webb, Mrs. H. Vining, 
Miss jB. Terrey, etc., in the cast. 

Bridflre of Si^hs (The). An opera- 
bouffe in three acts, adapted from ' Le Pont 
des Soupirs ' (Bouffes Parisiennes), music by 
Offenbach, English libretto by n. 8. Leigh ; 

S reduced at the St. James's Theatre, Lon- 
on, on November 18, 1872, with E. Rosen- 
thal as Doge of Venice, Miss Augusta 
Thomson as Catarina, his wife, F. H. Celli 
as MaUUromba, Miss Annie Beanclerc aa 
Amoroto, etc See Brato, The. 

Bridffe that carries ns Safe over 

g?he). A dramatic sketch in one act, by 
. B. Peake (q.v.), first performed at the 
Lyceum Theatre on June 18, 1817. 

Bridffeman, John V. Plsywrigbt 
and miscellaneous writer ; was the author 
of the following farces :— * A Good Run 
for It,* *rve CAten my Friend,' 'Matri- 
monial—a Gentleman, etc.,' 'The Rifie, 
and how to Use It,' 'Tlie Telegram,' and 
'Where's Your Wife?' as well as of a 
pantomime called 'Bluebeard' (1860). He 
also wrote the libretti of 'The Puritan's 
Daughter' (1861) and 'The Armourer of 
Nantes' (1863), besides translating 'The 
Black Doctor^ (1846) from the French of 
Bourgeois and Dnmanoir, and ' Sunny Vale 
Farm ' (1864) from the German of MosenthaL 
With H. Sutherland Edwards be was co- 
author of ' Little Red Riding Hood ' (Covenk 
Garden, 1868-9). 

Bridffemore. The name of a family— 
father, mother, and daughter— in Cumber- 
land's ' Fashionable Lover ' (q.v.). 

Bridflrenorthi Alice and Major. See 
England in the Days of Charles IL; and 
Peveril of the Peak. 

Bridg>es, Robert. Bom 1844 ; author 
of the following (unacted) verse-plays: — 
'Achilles in Scyros,' 'The Christian Cap- 
tives.' 'The Feast of Bacchus,' 'The 
Humours of the Court,' ' Nero,' ' Palido/ 

•The Eetom of I'lji* 

BridKBii Thonia», PlurwrigM and 

> comic opera (1771), and ' Thii Dutcbmuil' 
«(DaiilcaI entenalnmenl OTTB). 
SiidBet O'Brien, Eeq. See Fvn ON 

Brldnwatsr. Actor, died Angott, 
17M ; joined the company nl Vtatj Ijtne in 
ITB, and want to CoTenl Garden in ITSl-S. 
Amoni 111* Vila -wen Hrnry VI., Htibtrt, 
Ventidiiil. Tamtrlant, and Slriclland In 
'The 9iiBpldoiu HnslHind' iq,o-\ ul which 
iut he wai Ihe Bnt reprtaenucire. 

BrldAm&n, OtULniDgham. Dnniatic 
wtIUt: aaUi(irD['SblpDisiu'(tS73), -Ait' 
pBI*), llbMtIO ol 'LuTera- KroU'(lS80), 
'8atGf«ition' 0880). libretto ot 'Qiild pro 
Quo' (IBUX 'tadtr Com,' an adaptation 
(UBN, -HlKhlst' nsfSC). libretto o( 'LoTe'a 
Trif^nr' (IBSO), Ubmtto o( ■ He Stoora to 
Win" OSM): alM, oo-anthor with K. L. 
Btandwid ol the libretto uf ' Carina' (IBSSJ. 
Brietllr. Alawjorln J.CouHrSBY-S 
■l>e«li, not Words- (^.r.). (2) Sir Ben- 
Um<n ^r^lim cbsraeter In Miles's - Artl- 
ict' (fl.t). 

Brieflsu. A touhi barrister in IL R 
Piiiiii's -Tbe Middle Temple' (fl.r.). 

Briefwlt, In T. J. Allisuhab's 
•Wealhercocfc'fo.iO. (2) A "mudern man 
of law" in J. E. CARFE-iTeiCa 'law ud 
Honour' (ij.iF.X 

Briar Cliff, A play by OEOnoB P. 
HORKIS Iq-e,), Scat performed at tbe Chat- 
bun Street Theatre, New York, and olteD 

Briarlr, Bob, In Ton TtTLOit'a ' Tldiet- 
of'LeaTe Man' (■(.•>.), is In Into with and 
marriea ifdv Filing, lie reappears, with 
Mau, in G. 9. CBELTKAH'a ' Tlcket-at-Leata 
Han's Wife' (g.11.}. 

Briffaad (The). (1) A drama in two 
acts, br J. &. PUKCUB iq.t,\ produced at 
Umr; Lane Theatre. London, in Noiem- 
ber. 1S3I, with Jsmea IS'allack M tbe 
ber>', Altaaiidni Maizaroni, in which cha- 
ncier ha HnE the popolar >oac o[ ' Gentle 
ZlUUa,- Puil Bedford aa Rubai&, W. Furea 
u brines Blimtlii, H. WaUack u Albert. 

this p 

_.. if rep«lng,' 'The Wife ol a Brigand 
Chief watching the BesDlt of a Itattle,^and 
■ The D)lsg Brigand.' ■ The Brigand ' was 
afterwards performed at certain of the 
minor tlieatna-at tbe Snrrey, with T. P. 
Cixike as Maiiamnii at SaiUer'a Wells, 
with O. Almar; at the Coburic, witb Cob- 
hiun ; and at the Oarriek, with Freer. It 
was bnrlesqned b; UiLBEftT 1 Bkcketi 


QDder the title ol (Idl 'The Brbnnd ; or. 
New Lines tu an old Ban Ultt^.'a piece Unt 
performed at tbe Haymarket Theatre. Luu- 
don, Decemlier i*, IMT. with Compion u 
Mamnmi, MIh tone Borke H Jfdn'r, W. 
S. Kendal a> ^<i>n. Mlsa Fannr Wrifht aa 
TkeBdan, W. Bogen aa BiantS. Brud an 
Subalda etc.—'fhe Brigand' forms the 
foandatioti of an oiiem called 'Uusaronl.' 
written br F. L, MORETOI, compoaed by 
r Buca1o.ul, and performed at the Lelnster 
Hall, Uoblio. Jaiiuaa ii, laW. 

BriBand and hi* Buiksr (Tbe). 
A play by TnM TtruiR (q.r.). luunded on 
' Le Roi des Montagne-- ' ol Edniond Atiout, 
and H«t perlormed at the Lycemo Tbaatre. 

BrieeuidB (IiasV An opera-bon 
nimloTiy OffenWh. libretto by Meii.h 
' ■----jEngliahjt, 

BrlKBnda (The). a> An 

- "• -niicby OBen 

in tl 

bjFH. 3. 1_ 

Iq.b.), and produced at tl 

London, on September II 

as Falnuappo, Mdllr ' 

^Vo^bMi.Mdlie, Fan< 

Julia Voklna a« the frfnesH rtr uninada.ana 

Miss NeUy Bromler aa the Prince of Popoli. 

This piece was Hrst brought ont In ■ — -■ — 

:, Mdlle. Camille 

S7t, n 

of 'Falaa 


(q.v.). {2} An opera.bDuite iD three acln 
toualc by Offenbach (from -Lea Urigan.b^ 
as abore\ libretto by W. S. OlLDKRT : pro- 
duced at Palmer's Theatre, New Vorlc. 
May 9, IBSS. with .Ml» lillan RassBll aa 
Fieretla, Miss Fanny Bice ai FraaoMls. 
Bdwln Sterana a* Faitacama, and Prei 
Solomon as Piitni ; al tha ATenoa Theatre, 
Mostyn sa Fauaeapat, H, Llnnid as Pfslro, 
Frank Wensley as >yDUoIel(e,^dlle. Agne* 
Delaporte as FianUa, Mlaa Marie Lnalla aa 
Prinetu oj QraaaAa, and other parts by 
" "■'■■-'- ,n, G. Honey, E. Monnd, etc. 
_ Is the chief of a band of Italian 
. , Pioreiia la bb daughter. Picua 
Ilia "right hand." FmgoUtto is a yoong 
farmer.lorlngandbelotedbyi^rdla. Tha 
■ ■ a captire o( thu 

^" riglit hs 
PriiKOi of Aran. 

A fan 

firlffanda in theBad. .. — ... 

-■-.^bj T. MiLDENHiLL. Aral jwrforaiBii u 

lljmplc Tl 
with a c 


13 the captain of the brigands (<li«ui 
itndeuts of Upsala), Comptoo] H.J. Tun 

BriKUida of Calahria (The]. A 

Bii^ard. FstherofC 
in Meiuiac and Bhi-i 



Driant are chaisttora lo J. M. MOBTON'S 
■WoWter* Eoyal R«l Book' ((.e.)- (2) 
PvUv Biiagl in a. cluncter in UOUOIAS , 
JRBHOUi'i'BaDtDa^'tv.DO- I 

Bright, Krm. AugTi«tua. fi^^t'o ' 
wriloc; author of -N.-t Falw but FicklB' 
Jims), 'NobleMB Oblige- (l»7S),'Brac)ten 

and bS si 

BT' «,«.>. 

'. OoBUON'S "Tbrongh 

BrlBlXt T^ture (Tho). A ilorai 
dnwaln (oar aeu. by SBfTOK Pxbbi-. 
doesd at the Omul Tlufttre, lilingtoc 

Brlffbt Idea (A). 

SrtBhtaya. The princen In J. KiHO- 


I ' Three Priacei ' tg.B-j. 
iriarliton (Snwcji). 

t ofBrigbton bednj 

with 17 

. In which 
r of ■ 

Chicheatn plajhousB. hired _ _ 
H) enlarKcd It u to moke It capible of boId< 
Ing > hundred mncnu. " — ■■- — - "- 
No'embor 7 tbeHnitofa 
porionniuiwB. -■- "- - 

1111770. Tliofli „..- — 

waBballtinNorthSlreet by Sir 

in of Dccaalonal 

'bicb took placa 

reimlsr UnntTc In Brlchton 
.^ .- „_ ^.T,ual Aina. 

iSlted by oU. The flrat lessee wu Kogor 
Juhniitone, a property pun from CoTent 
auden, and be opened oa AnEnst SO with 
• The Jedoiu Wife,' Tale WUklnua con- 
MbatlDg ■ honipjpe. Tba Mcond lenee 

and P^ne Bbobl 

iB Koith 


Ls erected on the Rite of 

(iflO«) li H. CecU Ben^ Tlie 
"^"""ttres Royal hare from "" 

d by all the leading 
ulon, and their loc; 

C. Porter, In hti ' Uiitoir of the Thntrei 
ol Brighton' (ISSe), bom which most of 
the abo'e facts -are deiiyed, Bya that tha 
Bnt moralnf peilannaiice erar liTen in 
Brighton took place on Angut IT, 17M. 

[n January, 1S2S.— The other theatres In 
Brighton are the Eden, the Qalatr, and 
the Aqoirinm. 

BriglLtoIl. A comedy, mdiptad br F. 
A. MiBSHJiLL {q.v^ from the 'Santinn' 
{J.B.) of BHONSO.I HOW.HD (J.lO, and drst 
performed at tbe Court ^icatre, London, en 
May a, ISTt, with Charles Wynclham aa 
Bob Sadatt, W. J. HUl as Faiuftrpunp, 
Clifford Cooper a* WiUtan Carter Aitnd 
Bishop u 5fr Xoufs Park, Odgar Btuoe aa 
Jack BtneditLG. StajFne ai Calumbut Oraki, 
J>. gtooe aa Frtd Carter, UIss Boa* ^an 
■s Jfrs. CorMr, Miss Sybla Hodson as Eke 
Remingtan, Mtia Eata PhiUlps aa Virginia 

tnuefertsd. The i 
on July 13,1790, a.._ . 
Brighton with dramatic 

-ected in Duka S 

nrth street ll«mft 

liidlng 1 


anteitalnmoDt antil I 

17, bolng. during ttiat period, I 
uuuDi vus aut;»sal>e maDaiFementi of John 
Palmer, Wild. Hull. Charles Diddear, John 
Bninton (o.r.), of Norwich, and otbeni. On 
June i7. 1S07, Bninton opene.1 a theatre ■ 
which bad been boilt in tho New Bund, at 
a cost of £12.000 (.Including scenery and 
wardrobe), and to accommodatB twelve 
hundred spectetors. As lessee be liad many 
■ucceMoni.ot whom the more notable were ; 
his eon John (IHlD-ai), James RuBiril (ISZt- | 
m. Vre^- VInlnE (133I-3SX J. F. UaTlla 
(13«-«1). Henrr Farrcn ilSi2-M),and Henry 
K>e-Cbact (g.v.) (l»<), who. In May, I 

, CllfloTd Cooper aa Mrt. 

Kandiniunp ; reriTed at tha luymarket In 
Jnne, ItfTB, with C. Wndham, W. J. Bill, 
K Brace, C. Cooper. Hiss Bos* Bgan, and 
Mn. C Cooper aa before, srith Miss Pauline 
Markham as JTn. ,4ttlon; at the Olynpic in 
January, 1S80, with C. Wyndham, E.SIihtOD 
( randiTvump), J. U. Grahame (Jack). D. 
tisher, tun., J. Maclean (Carter, mX V!. 8. 
Penle^r, Mils Boss Baker (fflc). Miss Edltb 
Bruce {Mri, Alihm), Miss AmaSa. and Mrs. 
Leigh in the cast ; at the Criterion In 
October, 1§S1, with C. Wyndham, W. 
Blakeley. O. Olddens, H. StaniUng, L. 
Sothem, H. H, Asttey. W. B. Day, A. U. 
Denlaon, Miss B. Saker. Hiss AT. Borka, 
Miss K, Korke. and Miss F. ChaJgrore; al 
tbe Criterion in April. 18S4, witb C. Wynd- 
ham. \\, Blakeley, W. Draycott. H. &ker, 
O. OlddeDM, U. U. A'tlcy. B. It. Teesdale, 
"■ " '■' CaMerJ, MiM K. Sakar. 

M^s k .Korke, .Ml» Chsfg 
\m. wfth'c. 

. and Mn. 


dl (Mill Vaadtrpvmp), Mlaa'c. Ewclll 
1 S. Carllslf, MlBB Oranyille, and MIxs 
Moore (Me). The comedy was played 
" 'lad States in l)vt2-3 by QiariM 




Briffhtwell, Hobert. The beggar in 
G. D. Pitt's * Beggar's Petition ' (g.r.). 

BrilUant. (1) Sir PhUip BriUiarU 
flgares in Knowles's 'Old Maida' (g.v.). 

Green's * Cherry and Fair Star.' 

Brilliants (The). An interlude pro- 
dnced at Ck>Tent Garden on June 7, 1790. 

Brilliants, The Qneen of. See 
Queen of Bbilllants. 

Brimstonei Colonel (of the Indian 
SerrioeX A cnaracter in H. T. Hopkins 
and G. Murray's * Nice Quiet Day.' 

Brindal. An actor, among whose " ori- 
ginal " parts may be named Colonel Amsdorf 
in Plsnche's * Green- Eyed Monster' (Hay- 
market, 1828), and Sir Charlet Sedley in D. 
Jerrold's ' Bilde of Ludgate ' (Drury Lane, 
1881). Planch^, in his * Recollections and Re- 
flections,' tells the following story of Brindal 
and Mrs. Nisbett (the date, apparently, 
being 1846-7. and the scene the Haymarkei 
Theatre) : " We were sitting in the Green 
Room one eTening during the performance, 
chatting and langhing, she having a book 
in her hand which she had to take on the 
stage with her in the next scene, when 
Brindal, a useful member of the compuiy, 
but not particularly remarkable for wit or 
humour, came to the door, and leaning 
against it. in a sentimental manner, drawlea 


* If to h«r ihare loiiM female •xron fall, 
look la b«r : 

He paused. She raised her beautiful eyes 
to hun. and consciously smiled— Aer smile- 
in anticipation of the well-known compli- 
mentary termination of the couplet, when, 
with a deep sigh, he gravely added— 

' And yoa M<«M them All ! '* 

BrinffinfiT Home the Bride. A play 
by W. T. MONCRIEFF, adapted from *Le 
voyage d'une Mari^,' and produced in 1838. 

Brinkworth, Arnold, in Wilkib 
CoLUNS's * Man and Wife ' (?.«.). 

Brioche. A pastrycook in Sklbt's 
' Husband of my Heart ' (g. v.). 

Brisebarre and Nus, MDC. See 
Streets of London, The. 

Brisemonche. The naturalist In J. 
Palgrave Simpson's • Scrap of Paper * (q.v.). 
The name of this character was afterwards 
altered to Penguin (q.v.). 

Brisk. (1) A vain fop in Congreve's 

* Double Dealer' (q.v.). There is (2) a Tom 
Briik in G. Godwin jun.'s ' Last Day,' and 
(3) a Briek figures in A. L. Campbell's 

* Gambler's Life in London.' 

Brisket. A waiter in Albert's *Pink 
Dominos ' (q.v.). 

Bristle. A watchman in Ben Jonson's 

* Bartholomew Fair ' (q.v.). (2) Toby and 

Btondel Bristle are uncle and nephew in 
Edward and J. M. Morton's * Railroad 

Bristles* A travelling painter, after- 
wards a London artist, in Batle Bernard's 
• Farmer's Story ' (q.v.). (2)Btmu»byBriiaet 
is " The Cobbler of (3ripplegate" in G. 
Dance's * Lucky Stars' (q.v.). (8) Becky 
BrisUet figures in C. Z. Barmett's ^Lobb of 
the Royal George ' (q.v.). 

Bristol (Gloucestershire). The first re- 
ference in the local records of Bristol to 
professional stage representations belongs 
to 1530. •• Stage plays," we are told, •• were 
at this period performed at the cost of the 
magistrates ; they had grown out of the 
miracle plays of the clergy, and, there being 
no proper theatre, they were performed at 
the Guildhall " (' Bristol Past and Present,' 
1881). ** Between Michaelmas. 1577, and 
the same season. 1578, the Earl of Leicester's 
players here performed before the mayor 
and aldermen. Shortly after we find Lord 
Berkeley's, Lord Charles Howard's and 
Lord Sheflield's, and the Earl of Sussex's, 
or the Lord Chamberlain's respective com« 
panics here actingbefore the same civic 
dignitaries. . . . The last of these com- 
puiies is that to which Shakespeare became 
attached about the year 1587, and it seems 
more than probable that he may have per* 
formed at the Guildhall. ... In 1503, 
Edward Alleyne played with the company 
of Lord Strange at Bristol " (Taylor's ' Book 
About Bristol '). We read that in 1614 no 
stsge players were allowed to play at Bristol 
at St. James's fair, on account of the plague 
which was raging in Wales. In January. 
1704, Queen Anne, in answer to a present- 
ment of the Grand Jury of Bristol. " decreed 
an order for the regulation of playhouses, 
prohibiting them to act anything contrary 
to religion and ^ood manners. The acting 
of plays in Bristol was prohibited, and 
the theatre in Tucker Street was purchased 
by the Presbyterians and converted into a 
meeting-house" C Bristol Past and Present'). 
Four years later another grand jury pro- 
secuted " Mr. Power and his company for 
acting stage plays within the liberties of 
the city." In addition to the theatre in 
Tucker Street, there appear to have been 
*' temples of the drama" in Stoke's Croft 
and in St. Augustine's Place. "Driven," 
however, from these places "by the by- 
laws," the drama took refuge in a theatre 
built by John Hippisley (q.v.) at Jacob's 
Well— at the foot of Brandon Hill, on the 
north-west side of Bristol. It is at this point 
that Richard Jenkins begins his ' Memoirs 
of the Bristol Stage,' which memoirs he pro- 
fesses to bring down to 1826. Hippisley, 
he teUs us, '* annually brought down to his 
theatre a very respectable company, col- 
lected from the London houses, who plaved 
here during the summer season only." 
Among the members of these troupes, at 
different times, were Macklin, Mrs. Prit- 
chard, Woodward, Thomas King, and John 
Pahner Hippisley died in 1748. In 1764, 




flays Jenkins, " the arrival of Mr. William 
Powell from Drary Lane Theatre formed a 
new and very snccemful era with the com- 
pany at Jacob's Well, and a theatrical 
mama began to rage at Bristol." Before 
that, however. **the citizens of Bristol, 
beginning to take into consideration the 
distance at which the Jacob's Well Theatre 
was situated, determined to erect a new 
one in the heart of the city." A site in 
King Street was selected, and there, on 
Hay 80, 1766, was opened a playhouse on 
which upwards of £6000 had been expended. 
There was, however, still a strong local 
opposition to all theatres, and, as the new 
one was not licensed, the opening enter- 
tainment was described as *'a concert of 
music," between the parts of which was 
given gratis ** a specimen of rhetoric "—to 
wit, a performance of * The Conscious Lovers,' 
with Powell as Young BevU. Between 1766 
and 1770. Dodd. Mrs. Powell, Charles Hol- 
land. Baddeley, Edward Shuter. and Quick, 
all s^peared at the King Street Theatre. 
In 1778 the building received the royal 
licence, with all the advantages thereto 
attaching. In 1817 J. B. Watson bocame 
its manager. We read of visits paid to it 
successively by the elder Kean in 1815, by 
Macready in 1819, by Munden in 1821, by 
Miss Foote in 1828, by Miss Smithson in 
1881, by Charles Kean in 1842. by Buckstone 
in 1848, and by Miss H. Fancit, Creswick, 
and Mdme. Celeste in 1848. In 1855 the 
stock company included Mrs. William Robert- 
son, Henry Marston, and Miss Marie Wilton ; 
in 1858, it comprised George Rignold, Arthur 
Wood, and Miss Madge Robertson ; in 1867. 
Charles Coghlan. Miss Kate and Miss EUen 
Terry also had their early training here. 
J. H. Chute iq.v.)t who had managed the 
theatre for some years, died in 1878, and was 
succeeded by his sons George and James 
M. Chute, who. in their turn, were followed 
in 1881 by A. Melville and in 1893 by John 

Bristol Diamonds. A farce in one 
act, by John Oxenford iq.v.\ first per- 
formed at the St. James's Theatre, London, 
on August 11, 1862, with F. Matthews as 
Kerr Mudgeon, Mrs. F. Matthews as Mrt, 
Kerr MudaeoUt and other parts by G. Bel- 
more, F. Cnarles, and Miss £. Turner. 

Bristol Merohant (The). A play 
ascribed by Sir Henry Herbert in his 
* Diary' (October 22, 1624) to Ford and 
Decker, and described by him as "for the 
Palsgrave's company." 

Bristol Tragredy (The). A plav by 
JOHTT DAT, performed by the Lord Admiral's 
servants in 1602 ; thought to be identical 
with * Toe Fair Maid of Bristol,' printed in 

Britain. (1) 'Britain's Brave Tars; or. 
All for St. Paul's:' a dramatic sketch, 
Covent Garden, 1797. (2) ' Britain's Glory ; 
or, A Trip to Portsmouth:' a "dramatic 
compilation" in one act, by Be.nso.n, Hay- 
market Theatre, 1794. (3) ' Britain's Happi- 
nen : ' a musical interlude by Petea 

MOTTEUX {q.v.\ ** performed at both the 
theatres." ana printed in 1704. (4) 'Britain's 
Jubilee:' a musical entertainment in two 
acts, by S. J. Arnold (o.o.), Lyceum The- 
atre. London, 1800. The J ubilee was that of 
the king. 

Britain, Benjamin, in Albert 
Smith's ' BatUe ofLife ' iq.v.\ 

Britannia. (1) ' Britannia's Honour : ' 
" magnificent shows," " invented " by Thomas 
Dekker, and performed on October 29, 
1628, in celebration of the new Lord Mayor 
of London (Richard Deane). (2) * Britannia 
Triumphans :' a masque by Sir w.Davenant 
(a.v.) and IMOO Jones (q.v,)t presented at 
Whitehall bv Kins Charles L and his lords, 
on the Sunday after Twelfth-Night, 1637. 
and printed in that year. (3) * Britannia : ' 
an opera by Thomas Lediard, performed 
at the Haymarket in 1732. (4) * Britannia ; 
or, The Royal Lovers : ' Goodman's Fields, 
1788-4. (6) 'Britannia and Batavia:' a 
masque by Gborqe Lillo (^.v.), printed in 
174a (6) * Britannia; or. The Gods in 
Council:* a dramatic poem by Robert 
Atert, printed in 1756. (7) A masque by 
David Mallet {q.vX set to music by Dr. 
Ame (9. v.), and performed at Drury Lane 
in 1756.— jBritannta figures In J. S.'s 
'Buckstone at Home' (9. v.) and 'Novelty 
FWr' (g.r.). 

Britannia Theatre. See Lo.ndon 

Britannious. (1) A tragedy by J. 
OZELL (9.0.), translated from the French 
of Racine, and printed in 1714. (2) A 
tragedv by Sir Brooke Booth by. derived 
from the same source, and printed in 1803. 

British Bom. A drama, in a prologue 
and three acts, by Paul Meritt {q.v.) and 
Henry Pettitt {q.v.\ first performed at 
the Grecian Theatre. London, on October 
17, 1872, with G. Conquest as Fred FaggUs 
and Miss M. A. Victor as Naney Treat. 

British Enchanters (The) ; or. No 
Haglo like Love. A tragedy by Lord 
Landsdowne, "acted at the Queen's The- 
atre in the Haymarket " in 1706, with a caHt 
including Verbrucgen, Booth, Bowman, 
Betterton, Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Braceglrdle, 
Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Porter ; revived in 1707. 

British Fortitude and Hibernian 
Friendship. A musical drama in one 
act, by J. C. Cross, Covent Garden, 1794. 

British Heroine (The). See Giralda; 
or, The Siege of Harlech. 

British Leerion (The). A burletta in 
one act, by T. H. Bayly (q,v.\ first per- 
formed at the St. James's Theatre, London, 
on Mav 7, 18SS, with a cast including Ox^ 
berry, Mrs. Honey, and Mrs. F. Matthews. 

British Sailor (The) ; or. The 
Whimsioal Ladies. A musical Inter- 
lude by John Bernard {q.vX performed at 
Bath in 1780 and at Covent Garden in 1789. 




Among the characters are Sir Jtaamy 
Jingle and Buckram, 

Britlsli Slave (The). A drams by 
J. B. Howe (q.v). 

Briton (The). A tragedy bv Ambrose 
Philips (}.«.), first performed at Drury 
Lane on February 19. 1722, with Booth in 
the title part (Vanoe\ Mrs. Booth as his 
daughter (GuftidoUn), Mrs. Porter as his 
second wife (Cartitmand), Mills as Valetu 
(a Roman tribune), etc 

Briton Chief (The). A tragedy by C. 
E. Walker, performed in 1828. 

Briton, Colonel, in Mrs. Centlitre's 
• Wonder ' (q,v.), is "a spirited and enter- 
prisixTg soldier of fortune" (Hazlitt), and 
the loTer of Clara. 

Britons Boused I An interlude, with 
songs, Covent Garden, May 16, 1798. 

Britons Strike Home. A ballad farce 
by Edward Philips, I>rury Lane, 1739. 

Brittle, Baxnaby and llrs. Cha- 
racters In jBetterton^s * Amorous Widow ' 
iq.v.) and in * Bamaby Brittle ' (g.r.)- 

Brixton Burglary (The). A farcical 
comedy by F. W. Sidney Cq.v.), first per- 
formed at Terry's Theatre. London, De- 
cember 5, 1898, with a cast including Miss 
Annie Hughes, J. H. Barnes, J. Welch, F. 
Gottschalk, etc. 

Broad Arrow (The). A drama in fire 
sets, by Gerald Holcroft, Standard 
Theatre, London, September 7, 1885. 

Broad but not liOnjr. A " comic ex- 
travaganza " played at Covent Garden in 
June, 1814. 

Broad Boad (The). A play in three 
acts, by Robert Marshall ; Terry's The- 
atre, London, NoTember 6, 1898, with Miss 
Ashwell, W. L. Abingdon, Martin Harvey, 

Broadaore, Kr. A country gentleman 
in Selbt's * My Friend and Msjor.' 

Broadbrim, Hezekiah. The cha- 
racter assumed by Harry Wilder in C. 
Selbt's * Little Sins and Pretty Sinners.' 

Broadcloth, in W. T. Moncrieff's 
•Party WaU'(tf.t.). 

Broadjrrin. A sergeant in O. H. 
Lewes' • Lawyers' iq.v.), 

Broadhnrst, Oeorg« H. Playwright ; 
author of * What Happened to Jones ' (q.v.\ 
and other dramatic pieces. 

Broadlands. The name of C. Dakce's 
' Country Squire ' iq.v.). 

Broadsword. A corporal in E. Frrz- 
ball's ' Negro of Wapping.' 

Brock* Adam. A wealthy former in 
Plakcu^S * Charles XIL' iq.v.). 

Brodie, Matthew. Actor, bom 1863 ; 
was in the original casts of 'A Brave 
Coward' C18SIS)» 'Handfast' 0887), 'Ca- 

lumny ' (1889). • In a Day ' (1890), * The White 
Rose^ (1892), * Robert Bums ' (1896), etc. 

Broken Bail. A drama in three acts, 
by O. L. Gordon (o.v.), first performed at 
the Princess's Theatre, Edinburgh, on June 

14, 1878. 

Broken Bonds. A drama in five acts, 
by Alfred C. Calmour (Q,v^, first per- 
formed at the Theatre Royal. Brighton, on 
November 14, 1883, with a cast including 
Miss Ada Cavendish, Miss Rose Roberts, 
Miss Gladys Homfrey. Miss R. Kenney, 
Mark Quinton, E. Beecner, etc. 

Broken Branch (The). An opera- 
bouffe in three acts, adapted from *La 
Branche Cass^.' libretto by F. H. Du 
Terreaux, music by Gaston Serpette, first 
performed at the Op^ra Comique, London, 
on August 22. 1874, with a cast comprising 
Madame Pauline Rita, MissPattie Laveme, 
Miss Adelaide Newton, Mrs. Power, etc. 

Broken Chain (The) ; or, The Iiady 
of Nnremberff. A play performed at 
Surrey Theatre, London, in October, 1838, 
with £. F. Savile and Mrs. H. Vining in the 

Broken Fetters* (1) A play in one act, 
by Charles Thursby, Matinee Theatre. 
London, July 22, 1897. (2) A play by 
Charles Townsend, produced in U.S.A. 

Broken Gold (The). A ballad opera 
by C. DiDDiN (</.«.), performed at Drury 
Lane on Februarv 8, 1806. *' A naval officer 
and his mistress break gold at their psrting, 
as a pledge of their constancy." 

Broken Heart (The). A tragedy by 
John Ford (7. v.), performed " by the King's 
Majestv's Servants" at Blackfriars, and 

Srintea in 1633 ; revived by the Elizabethan 
tage Society at St. George's Hall, London, 
on the evening of June 11, 1898. under the 
direction of wT Pool, and with Miss Calhoun 
iq.v.) as Calantha and Miss Virginia C^lyle 
as Panthea. The "broken heart" is that 
of Calantha, who, while presiding at some 
court revels, hwrs in quick succession of 
the death of her father (the King of La- 
conia), of the starving of Penthta (sister 
of IthocleM\ and, finally, of the murder of 
Jthoeles, her lover, who nas been lured into a. 
chair with secret springs, and there stabbed 
by an enemv (Orgilut). ** She finishes the 
dance, as ii nothing particular had hap- 
pened. In the next scene she places a 
wedding-ring on the dead finger of Ithoele*. 
She then dies of a Broken Heart " (Oenest). 
"I do not know." says Charles Lamb, 
" where to find, in any play, a catastrophe 
so grand, so solemn, and so surprising as 
this. This is indeed, according to Milton, 
to ' describe high passions and high actions.' 
The fortitude of the Spartan boy who let a 
beast gnaw out his bowels till he died with- 
out expressing a groan, is a faint bodily 
image of this ailaceration of the spirit and 
exenteration of the inmost mina, which 
Calantha, with a holy violence affainst her 
nature, keeps closely covered, till the last 
duties of a wife and a queen are fulfilled." 



LCCorilinB to the ptolopiB, I 
lecu bjuT Bi>ma foandation 1i 

ptologue, tbe ctory ol U 

Broken Seart (The). Sec Aqmes dk 

Broken Heorta. A (nEry plM by W. 
B. OiLnr.RT (q.vj, Brst peifonnad &t the 
Coutl Tbeat™, London, un Bacembec 0, 
18T6, wltli Miiu M. Rolwrtson Ol". Ktmlal) 
u ibe latlu Hilda, Mlu Halliiignhssd at 
the loifu Karir, Miu Borke u Ihe Ladv 
AmanUitt, W. H. KsniU] u Pn'na Florian, 

aUda, Ula Florenea Terrr u . l...,, .. ^. 
BeieiJclge Di Flerian, uid F. MuihaU M 
Mouiia. It «» pcrfornied (lor > tnnrjBl) 
-t the AJBiuiln TboaCre, UtvwxiI, an 
" I, 188t, wUh Wba. K. 3>kai " 

M Julia 

J.a<l]/ UWSa, Mln Kkts Vkughu u I-ady 
Forir, Hiu J. Gwynn* u tody irtfuniu. 
Bemuum V«ln ai IToujla, and w. Herbert 

H prfnc* Florian; uid U Cb« SaTor Tho- 
ktie, l^ondun, on Juno 41, IfSS, nn tha 
Moaiun (it tho [arewell of Mi>i Flonnca 
Tbttt. who plftyod I'ac/i- to lbs Uildc 
Hlu SI. TtTiY. UmMiliuint of Jlis ' 
Owynns, tbL' A-xtantAi. nl M[u Foi 
the f'lnniin of Kyrle Belleff, anil tho Jf ouiu 
M Frrmk Thomlon. It wm prwlocad at the 
MaiUson Sqnare Theatre, New Vork, nait 
)iiirI«9quo<l\y A. CLEMBNIS and f . UlT in 
'Cracked Heads' (j.c). 

Brokan Life (A). SeoCHnlS. 

Broken Lily (The). A dnnna. in cro- 
lugue !ind throo ncln, hy E. ToaKiis, Kast 

Broken Uelody (The). A play in 
three acts, by Hbrusbt Keex and JiHEs 
T, Tjn^cib (i.e.), producMl at the Prince ol 
Walea'a Theatre, Londl 
with a -— '-'--■'— 

ind'ading liln Olm Biandon, 

-■ock, W. L. Ablncdon, and 

BLene i Ant penonoed in 

le Amuriuaa Theatre, Sew 

:. UoTlock, 

Broken SeaJ (TheX See Vii,ua« 

Broken SpsUa. A piny by Weetllvd 

flnt perfotmed at the Cunrt TlieiLtn, 
London, on Manh Xl, l«!i, with Mln Ada 
OaTindJih M EMttIb, Miu Maggla Brennan 
aa iMuttt, Benaatm Veda a* Btrlrand 
fStangn, A. Blihup u Cmrien d'Bwtta, 
and otbn parti by W. H. fleber. H. Lefib. 
and Mn, Stepbenn. The "hraksD *pelli" 
are those which Btrtraiut seeks to caaC uvor 
Biirllr, but which she ii twice Biicciiuful 

It the Tlicatro Boyal, 

lestlc dni 

I in 

1* tiammina 'of Mariolich»rd. 
anil Hint purti^nned at the Ulympia The- 
atre. Lonilun on Jana B, 1872, wltb Mdlla. 
BestTica as La SitMi, a prima donna, who 
hu lelt her buiband itnd nm. UaiUl and 
HirbtTt WamiT, in order to pioucute her 
artlstlo eanwr nntatiered. Tean afterward ■ 
her identity Is dlTal|ed U 

of brrnging hla 

Sinctali was /.lonfl, ai 
Laken by T. N. Wanmi 
S. Wood, etc. 

Hoakliu M Dnunll'H, A. Vonnire lu A 
H-Joter, H. Mollon n> Mr. CMdniai, ,. 
Whmllalgb %tJarpiT, F. YoDnna as Cerh, 

Broken Tow (The). Sea SextU! T. 
anJ Beu Demomo. 

Broken Vowa ; or, Lovo'h Con- 
flicts. A dnima in tour ncli. by KD^slKI> 
Towers. East lAindon Theatra, J'obraary 

Broken-hearted Club (The). A 
comedietta by J. Siirlimu Covm:, first 
nerlonned at tbe llaymukat TheMie, 
London, on Jtnnary 10, ItMS. 

Broker of Bogata (The). A p1''y by 
R. M. IllIlD. In tbe repertories o( tJwin 
Forrest ana Jolm M'CufloRh. 

Brome, Alexander. Poet and pTay- 
ol 'fhe CunuluE Loieti,' a comedy pnb- 

Mntched- (or 'Mel'l, 'The NOTella,' 
Conrt UesKKT.' 'The City fVlb,' and 
nsmoiselle- ' also of tha loilowi 

be following. publiJihed (with tU abote- 
latned. In three Kdumei) in Itnai—'Tba 

■ 'The Nparagni Garden,' 

' -A Jorlal Cnw' and 

Srouia : 

-■Tbe Qoeen'* Excbiuitw.' To tboM tuiTa 
«o ba kdded ■ChrlsbtiuatU,' 'The Jsvlsh 
HsDllnnu,' ud -Tbe LDCs-StcIi Maid/ 
aaeribad to Brooe tn the booki of tbo 
Btalloiwn'CoDipuiTlwtiTseBlHDBind IBSa. 
'■int In > SIkdiiwa' U >]»■ ucrlbuced to 
Mm. HaVTDtawlthBvn Jon»D,]an.. >A 
naUln Frlmdihlpi'uid.iiithTbomuHe;- 
■wood. 'Ttw btia UUKublrs Witch«,"The 
Ufa aad JtaUh ol 8It Martin Sklnk,' and 
*Tha ApDisntlM'i Ptlia.' All thBM plecM 
■n mannaimd ■apmtely elaenbers in thia 
TolUBo. Bmmi *u in wrlj' Ilia umuit 
to Bm Jonson, vbo nion to tbo fact ta 
Udn pi*B»d to ' The Nortb< * ~ 

Ba «Bd. <t aamu pmlnble, in ISS3 
tha 'BlonaphlaDnmaUca'lIitia). Uc 
•EBt|ll*ll BUn' {183!!>. HalllHvU* 
tlonaiT of OlQ PU^a' OSW" ■ '" ■ 
'EnelUb r "- ■' 

Bromley, S"ox, In IVEfiTH^tn Mak. 
sios's ■ FiionriW ot Furtim* ' (y.ii.). 

Bromley, Nelly. Actrcs." : waa Iha 
original ropiBaeiilativo o( tbe fDlliiHlni! (anil 
other) puCa —DaUvMasalairerlD UuniaBd'i 
'Black-lhi^ Suu' (IIWC), Ximble AVd In 
Bnmand'a ■Claada Dufat' (IMM), Pralbai 

■ - ■ • • ia»l>'(l87aXA'd'tttBiid- 

Lr'ClB74), VetdurtlU In 

• TrU br Jut' (isn), Mn. QnJiam In 'The 
0»t DiTorea Ckaa^ (ISTflX Ven<a In tSn 
trarlaaqoa k> lunad a«n). Mri. Dartina 1b 

* UUIa IUb HnSat ' (US!}. Iln. L'Silnnf. 
In •Bondaca' (imXud Ooiutaim Loring 
fai ' TTeadain ' (1881). Among otbat nXu In 
Which aba baa wpaand in London ara Lady 
rraneet Id 'TbaBalle'aScntagBni' (Strand 
TbMtri, IBTl), tho Prinei of fapeli ia • Ths 
Brigand* ' (Oloba TbMtre, IST.% snd Bctig 
In Bnnud'a tana (Ccltoiioa TJmatre. msj. 

Btohm, In UoktOX's 'Cure for tha 
Heartache' (a,*.). 

Bronse Eorae {The). Tbv litle giran 
to Iht EnEliHli teiHoBi and aJaputiona ol 
■ Le CbsTal Bronze,' an opara by Seribe and 
AuVwr, producDd In Parli In Marcb. ISSi. 
(1) .tn iiparatie dnuoa In tnn acts, hj E. 
FrrzDiu. (7.t.), flnt perrurmeil at Caiint 
tiarden on Jleccoiber It, ISBi, n-lth Miia 
Wjndhnm ai tha Frinctu JfarjK/ia, Miaa 
Tuipln u FtU, Mn. Battenbr u £ao Jan, 

Tata as Ping Sing, Colllna u Xannn, J. 
Webilsr aa JTcvan, etc. In thla leiiiloa 
new aonaireraliitrodiueiL theirorda beini 
br naball. and the mnile by a. St. Bod- 
watl. (9) The open Itaell was produced In 
tariona lormi at aeier*] London tbntrei 
In 1830, bring el*an at DrarT I^ne vltb the 
entire icor*. (a) A pantomime csUe'l ' The 
Bronie Hone,' tn R Soutir and i;. 
MnuON, wu parranoad at tlia Victoria 
Palace, London, In Demmber.lUTl. (4) In 
Jnly. ISai, an axttaia^nnu, entitled 'The 
Bmnai Ilone,' foundwl on tlie opom, and 
wiitten b* EovriHD Paul (g.i.), wu per- 
formed d tha Albambrm London, wltli 
Harry Paolton (the Qriai Bamboo). Fred 
La<Ue(PrinAT2itii), Louii Kollebti(f/arac». 
Mlai Alice Ma; (Sou-Sou), and MiM Fannie 
Leelle (.Piki) in the caat. 

Bronaely, In Mn. INCHBiLD'S 'n'iiei 
uthoy Were-(s.,..). 

Brooke, ATthiir(died15es). Author ol 
'The TiantciU UHtoria of Bomeua and 
Juliet' (IMS), tmnnlate'l and adapted I-; 
him fromthe ■ HiitolreaTnuilqiieiiextnlctea 
dee <Earrea de Bandal' lEuidelloi nhlcli 
had appeared in Rtrli in ISMI. From thia 
piece of rhymed veree Shakeiipeare derlreii 
material for his 'Romao and Juli«t'('/.(.1. 

The 'Tragioll Biilnrya' hu bean aeveral 
tlmaa roprlntod— in If^ST hr Balpli Rohlni«>n, 
in ISEI in Colller'a ' School ol ribakeapi'in-.' 
in 1974 In W. C. Kailltt'e - School of Pllinke- 

.'^X'peru sAcieCf'a'Urliinoli and^An^ 
lores' iLnd In 1S$S by fienry Morley In 
'CasseJl'i National Ubrary,' 

Brooke, E. B. (Ednin Jamea Itlae. 
donald Uroukt. Actor i bum 1M3, died I8M ; 
made liia dilnil In London at the l>ilnci-u'a 
l-healre on July 10. JBOa, as tbe Lord 
ChambtrlAin in 'Beary VIII.' Among tlis 
paru o( ohlch be »a< aubaequantly tha 
original performer war* tbOH of Sitntu 
Binary In TanoyaoB'* ' <)uaen Maij ' ( 

\tn Luard in <Tha Woraldp of Bac- 
• imV^Tki Eart at MwM Auilltv in 
<ued' (ISia), JTsralln -Mnnn' (IIW>), 
ai» DtrriivtT In 'Forbidden trglt^ 
■), Colonel FoHltr In ■ Ula Wile ' (18S1), 

llagiiiTt in 'Taken from Ufa' nsai). 

liii:AaritA!n(Uetn 'The Kiac -Maker haii), 
etc. He waa alio laen in I.nadon as Cumo 
In 'Othello' (Lyceum, 187fl}. JMcAmond in 
■ Richard III." (Lyceum, ISH). Jt'ieAoIoi 
XintMy [Adelphl. \«iai.B<jbtH F/oUioll la 
'The ShanghrauD' (AdaJpbi, ISSO), JoKiik 
Surfaa (Sadlar'a Welhi, 1.i»li Gtwgr FitM- 
ina la 'It'a N'erer loo Lata to tlcnil' 

fAdelphi, issa). In the Englisb proilncaa 
he played Bol, Evy, Philin Jl. in 'Qneen 
Mary,' the hero ot ' The SiWer King.' 
ate. Be »at the anther of plays called 
' OnataTa ' (1873] and ' Besila ' (1G:S). 

.'u MIm Mmale Dtyin) u Thaddtui In Brl- 
lingtwm utd Iteit'i ■ Arllne' (f.!.) In ISM. 
Of uts rean >hs hu been In tba oriirtiul 
duU of 'A Riignlds StDrr- (ISBOt, 'Tha 
Jtandng Olrl " (laM), ' Mr. Blcbards ' (IBM), 
'Tba Swordnnui'ii ItMahtar' (IBM), 'Tha 
- ■ [IS87), 'The Mr * 

B' (tSHJietc' Bbshu alao kupwred In 

don In ■ On Chmngs ' (ISSSX ■ Engilged ' 

OS«),'M.nmilWiJe;(lS«7). 'ThL^Monk-i 

JtoDDi ' (ISBS), ' A DoU'a Uanie' (1801). 

BrOolMi Franoss Ln^ Hours i wife rr 
the Ber. Dr. John Snwkel. Pl&ywrigbt 
ftsd raLBceUtneonfl writer, bom 17124. iliei: 
' „■ a tiMBdy (poh 

llahod 1756). 'The Siege ofSfnope,^atr»gi>dT 
I17H1). 'Koiliu,' a. comic open (i;S3), ind 
■ Martin,' ». tBOil(»l entertainment (i;iB)- 
kJI of which Ke. See. stin, ' ItiDpnphIa 
DtamatLca' O^LS), Oeneit'a ' English Staes' 
(1882), etc 

Brooke, Qantavan Vans-ban. 
Aclori ,bani Jn Dablin, Apiil^ 2i: ISIB; 

)I for^ 

a blH 

April, 1833, at the Theatre Boyal. Dnblln, 
ai "a yonng gentleman under foortueB 
vean of ue," HjniriDZ ai WiUiam Till. 
VirainiM*. I'ouaa SbtoU, AoUa in ' Plum.' 
eU. AfterthlihoweDt on tour in Ireland 
and ScotUod as "the DnbUn BOKClua," 
plarlnE Ai'a^nl /r7.,SiIiniia 'llBrbarou,' 
and Jfurimil la "Tba Pohit of Honoar.' 
Kin London d'btiC wan maila In Urtober, 
1S31, al the Victoria Theatre. BJi 'Ulber- 
nicuB Itoacltui' be pUfEd I'irpiniiu to the 
Virainia ol MIsa P. Ilurton. He next 
Htarrecl in the Kent drcnit. In 1B3S he 
wiu at Leedii In 1830, ai "Q, V. Brooiie, 
tragedian." at Qlaigow and Kilaamor]!. 
Ho ailded to hii r«pertai7 at Dnblln and 
ShelBeld In 13ST, at Balbrt and ShelSeld 
in 1533. and in Iialand ganeially la 1830. 
Ha wu Id haie appearad at Dran Lana In 
1841. hut UacreadT andfaahada diDennca 
of opinion aboat puta, aad Droaka re- 

took BeTorai new paita rearly, I70*ering 
almoat the whole apheniof £he "legltlDiatv.^ 
It was nut. Indeed, until Janoarf 3. lEtS. 
that he flgnred before a Iiondon audience. 
'This waa nt the Olympic, and the part was 
tItMla lua WeiUand Alantoa'a account of 
Che perfonnsnce]. loltowed at abort in- 
terTOlo by Sir GOel Ovtrrraeh, ItuAard III. , 
Hsmlrl, Shvlaek. and Tirginim. UlI auc- 
ceaa with the public waa nnquotlonable, 
and hia lalary. ILih a week, was promptly 
doubled. Decliniag an engagement at tba 
Ilnnnarket {£16 a night lor s hundred 
nights). Brooks playeif for a few weeks In 
the cnantry, bnt returned to the Olympic In 
May, appearing there la Ills drat "original " 
rtif—UaX of tauffncy in Sptcer's ' Lords 
of Kllin^bam' (?.d.). The rcmaindei of 

Uji> (iljinpic (from Fabniarr 1 to March 7), 
presenting hInueU ai Oliuw and the beig 

ol 'The Noble Heart' {q-rX In AniU b« 
wa* at the Maryielwne. playing OOitUa and 
OJnnple, aa tha otlgGial PhSip In Slarston'i 
'Philiii ol Franca and Maria da M«ranla' 
It.tX Cbnidt XiliaOe.Sir Site OrerrtaeK 
■nd Sir Bdirard Meriimer. In IgSl ha ww 
married to Marianne Bray, and mada hi« 
flrst appearance ta America— at the Broad- 
way Theatre, New York, on December IE. 
as OlMlo. In ISiS Philadelphia. Bostoa. 
Washington, and Baltimore were Ttslted. 
In May ol that year Brooke becama lan e a 
of the Aitoi Place Opera Uausa, New York, 
where he pTDdneed 'Tba Corslcan Brothara 
<a.i'.). tta transferrad hlrasoU In June ta 
MiblD's, and afterward acted at Braugbam'* 
Lywum. Snbseqnently be Conred tlimugh 
the WesMm Slates very auccssaf ulW. HI* 
last appearancs In America HeentB to ban 
been at Vhiladelphla on June U, IgU. 
BetamhiE to Eagland later In the year, h* 
made his London Tentr^r at T>mry Xjuia In 
September, playing OOuOb, Ib/k. MacbM, 
V{rn„iui, and Jfnmo In Boket"s 'B*- 
troCbal ' (a.i.). At the same Iheatiek between 
January 30 and March £5, 18M. he repT»' 
aented Pniivi in Howard Payne's dnJna. 

pbiy of that name (f.r.X In October. ISM, 
he began a series of "farewel!" perfor' 
mances at Utury Lane and the City at 
London Theatre (playln; MacbrUi, Uw 
SCranncr, and O'Callaolian In 'His Last 
Legs '). prior to wiling for AnstiaiU, where 
he was Brst seen (nt Melbourne) on Fab- 
niary M, 1869. Hera he eoajed nianr 
" — ■" *-"-»--"4, untried by him, anch n» 

OTrignrr, ITmHr, flardanapaiiu, lanam 
(■TboKerenge'),iouii XS., and io forth. 

1MB sole leseee of tUe ~ ' - " 

Melbourne. In October, 

ones more on his oatiic 

Dublin. After this «n 

at Dtury L&ne — not .^.j , 

OOiMa unil the hero of Loi 

Tlieatie RoyaL 
1»U, va Hnd him 
heath, acting to 

__. . in Oct/ibet, 

le City of London The- 

to Avunla Jones (a.r.> 

r ..ruary. 1863. Hia list 

Speatancss in Luuduo were in April and 
ly o( tho loUowing vi- ' "-"-— 
wais. as LfonU, aaX Sh 

itt. His li 

tingdon; ' 


. . nship Landen. Thich was wrecked 
roufe (Januan, lS«fl). Bmote showing 
Bne example of conra^e and reidgnaUon. 
t'one labonred more stranuouily to avert 

J, ColBni«B'» ■PUjrwTfflitj uiil I»Ujer«' 
(1888): >Uo,Uiam«iiolrUf W. J. LawreDca 


.^ ('Joonul of a LgndoD 
•}. In Octabar, 1893. U. IL Leiraa 

^ Briioke'a loccras. J see In him Cbe 
WgnlBcmt htit ut tn actoi, pvrliapa e'en 
CsMUldailDB octiDE u rrpriieniaiiint, and 
itet In repmenuaan the mmni ars arsn 
mow ImporMiit thui the InteJlsct) one nUT 
■■r two'ttalrd* at *ii Mior : a noble penan, 
m pomrfn] TCdce, ImmBiwe phy^ica] aaaray 
■Bd a eartain bnadth or »;le. Mf gtrle 
It D>B ba Mllad whiah itilo ii none,' an 
•locnUoB eu«fnl (wnMKbkt too caietnll, 
■Bd K (boTcniKh famillailtj wltb stags liiul- 
nua and tUiga ttadltiou : tbe» are Ma 
aoilltlM'CDninatlc EHari> -'Ha wu 
• TBiy fair actor," writaa Helen Pauclt, 
" acme thought, a tbtt good one : bot neier 
Oonld ba dlitJngnlibed In bis art bocaoaa 
-' ■■'- — nt ol iniB rtnunatic insllnet and 
•IL He woulrl accept an Idea 
a Kladlf, but would not take tbe 

Brooke, Henry. Playvrlgbt and mli- 
•allanecnu wiilai, bom aboaC 1703, died 
I7S3-, edncatad M TtinltT College, Dublin ; 
■atbor et the lollaTlngdianiauc plecoi :— 

Countn' ig.t,), a trandr [flnt performed 
M -The AMotJ; 'The BeCiarar at hla 

Coantrr ' [attarwaida called ' The Earl □( 
WeatDuneliuid ' C1T<6) and ■ IiOured Honour ' 

SITM)], a plai acted tn 1741; -Jaok tbe 
liant QnelleT,' an opeiatic latjie. perCnmied 
la 17«8j <Tha Earl at Kwbx,' a tngady, 
acted in ITie : ' Hie Impnstoi ' [Maliomet], 
Dn,"TheManiageCantract,' and 'Ruth;' 
■0, adaptations of ' Antony and Cleopatn' 
,«.), or'Cymbeline' (o...). ot Drrden'i 


tending Brouieia i, anu ui juv 

«l the Anar' (a.v.)t'Tba Female 

(ISM). It'OlIer'a 'Men 

Bajmarket ThaatT*. vhara ba waatbeflret 
rapreientatlre of Sir T. Z>uncan in ' k. 
Leason,' Sateitt in "OdBtta/ BrsteA In 
* Fedora,' £oni I'ereu LtwiKonrt in ' Lozda 
KBd CuBimons.' and ih FanUanths in ' Eiar- 
^vea.' in 13S& ba sa* Cojilain JOglt 

in 'MaTfalr;' in IBSfl, ihidfaj/ Chaimm la 

■ A Woman ol tbe World,' Caulain Ktd- 
iBood In -Jim tbe Ponmnn,' aadPatmurilD 
* A Wife's SacriHce :' and In 1887, Gntnt 
jrerntra/lD 'Tlta Red Lamp.' At the Bar- 
market, between 1687 and ISdO, he wu the 
original ot Z^uu XI. in 'Tbe Ballad- 
Monger,' BMairi la ■ Fartaara,' YMairt In 
'Tbe PomfadoBT,' and MmtOtk In 'Bean 
Austin.' He bai lince been tbe fliM SIV 
ArdiOaU in 'Uav and December' adtO). 
vatiambi. • Jane ' (IBM). Jtr. Juttiet MvddU 
In ' Hniband and Wife "^OSBH. It. ^unlmry 
' 'tiodpapa' (ISaiX Auane in 'Marmret 

--■ (ISOll, Cdonil CawrAin In 'The Grejr 
' iWK), a KBraUit, a Svirit, Ilamlil, 
ana Lord PcnUa>oUle in "fiiB Poet and 
the Puppets' (iaK\ Sattlvy Joe in "Tho 
Uunlaraad the Judge' 089S}, BerlitTvy- 
/DnTin'Ta-day'flSIH}, Cantafn Canuretln 

■ Tba Other Fellow ' (ISS3}, SUrUek Holnut 
In -Under tbe Clock' (IBM), Sir ThofMU 
Ilomaifft In ' Tbe Tnuugreasor ' (ISM), itr. 
JjHTlonln 'Paablonablalnlalllgeitca ' (18M), 
PMppt in 'Ad Idea] Husband' H^i', 


. . S. Brookflald baa 
1 In London al Sliarp in 


alia beta eeen In London al Sharp in 
■Money' (1B80), Emx In 'Bchoor (fasoi, 
Staptr In ' Masks and 7acea'(19Sl), CAoild, 
iiHL, in 'SodetT' (IB81), Soprani Jmrt 
In 'Oan' (l^, CoUomtr In "The Orar- 
land Bonta ' [Igsl], Sun Brrtiigi In ' CaMe ' 
(leU), CroHbv &etln 'PaTU-<18St).Dai^il 
In ' The Biiats ' 0884), Sltin in - DiplomacT ' 
(\iH\ Clbbtr In ' Muki and Faiwa ' (ISSS), 
PeroiKiy in ' Onn ' as»), VanAoU in ' Cap- 
tain Swltt' (1388), SltT^ In the 'Heiry 
WItea' (ISSe), Sir C. J'cmandir In 'Maaki 
and Faces' (13SS). fauJcDnbrii^* in 'King 
John ' {18891, Trip in ' Tbe School tor Scan- 
dal' (I8BI)), />udkv ArkIA tn ■ Money ' (iSM), 
and Baron Qrga In 'The Oiaud jJacbeai 
nSK). C.B,ErBraokllaldbaawrltten tbe 
following dramatic plecei :— ' fTearl* Hfitn ' 
ilBSl). • Sodpapa ' (with F. C, PbilQpi, 18B1), 
'^a Poet and the Pnppela' (ISIK), 'To- 
day' (an adapUtion, I8S!), 'An Under- 
grunnd Jonrnet' (wltb Mn. Hugh Bell. 
tS83). 'Under the Clock' (with Seymour 
Hlcki.l3tH). 'A Palo' Amble's' (witli Sir 
A. Harris, 1«9S|, ' Poor Jonatimn ' (dialogno, 
isaa), ■ A Model Trilby ' (with W. VariUey, 
1805). 'A Woman's fieaaon' (with F. C, 
Phlilpi, IS»C). with "Adrian Hess." tho 
libretto ot 'Tho Orond Jiocbeu ' (19a7). 
'The Cmkoo,' an adaptatlou (IflMj, tbe 
clliIugTiB nf 'The Lucky Star' (I3»a>. and 
' Tbe NowR^Rirae' (1003). tie l< Ihonutlior 

Brooks, Chnrlea WllIlHm ShlrlBr. 
PlajwriKht and iiiiBcollane.m8 wtiler. horn 

fallmrtn* dnnulla plem:— 'Tha Creole: 
..r, Lorf* FmU»' aw:). 'Anrtbiu I.x ft 
^'hut» ■ (IMS). ' StaB<« Yob Dlnctlr H1M«), 
■ IKusbMT or tbi sun' QMOi. -TtM Kk- 
nadtioa' (IMIV *Tb* md-BukM' (IS«11. 

Tlwlxiwilwr ARmJf/'OntXcwOoTcni'W,' 
"■■l(0«m:' •1«. Hrl«Dlbor. vith 

- " ■" ■- -Klp"(l»5tXll0d, 

■Kith J<ituiOioa(>. . ___. .. 

Brook*. Hn. lo'i vrauonl. Artnui 
■ppuiTTd ftk ilif llumtrk*! In ITM M Z^Ai 
JVni;^ In • Tta* fniTokcd Uutand.' 

*' Broom, broom, tha boaay 
broom I " Flnt Un» of > auos !■ 

Brotk«v Kratiut Brotbor. A dnm 
In tn* uu, hj tlUMC Miavrr, Stm prr- 
Avntnl al lb* WonB Tbmiv. Ipivlrib 
AijibM ItV llWi Lfifc maur. Huumt- 
■mrilk. Muvh tik IW: t\f«c«B(h1 Tb*- 
all*. l-kilhMrUh r.&A.. Uveh n, IAN. 

■MthorkAdBrids. Adna>lat«D 
•riik btuMd tnai Srorn ' IMlt <il !«■• 
■■«»><>* vt'A m4 pHfOnHil ■! tbt 

^SSIU"".. .. ._ 

Th* cnat f «nt .K Uw Th; n* n tte ttoid 

B>vt)t«r ^d SisMr. A "?■"* 'T* 
(tii»ut.- sfct drM pi'ni*«»J I" ' 

BivUkot Bu). A knv M v*t •« t; 

1 tV* » 


Brother OflLcera. A ci>m»d; In three 
■eu.lif Lmi iRtiOR, Snl p«rlonn«d at tha 
Guiiek Tbeatn, Landon, on October 2D, 
ises, •rith Anlinr Bonrehier. J.D.Bainldie, 
AlUn AjDOwaith, mnd Mia ViulM Vu< 
bngh ia tha liAitiag partA. 

Brother Fdican. SaeFtuu. 

Brother Sam. A corned; liy Joa:t 
OlE.\FuKU ii.t.\ K'luunl trom a plu bv 
Odncr, ud Bn( peitonned at the Uaj. 
maiket Theam. LooJod, on Hat Si. IMS, 
-^.1... . .= ,.,. ■■-- "--L. SamSinjrtw 

., . t-mptoa and Ibi CL.„ 

JTr. aad Kn. ThmKult, and ^\m Kellr 
Uoore ai Jlitt. Sam, to plaaM fall obcIb, 
prMeadi (bat br ii laanled— AJte. *I» 
lovM him. eountlaxte sua lor a Uidb aa 
UaTlle. Bat Ibe deonUoa caasM lou lie 
^InBlnwl. aBd ft cndj la Smai aadljtw 

Brothorlom. A km b; J. B. Buck- 

BroUMT'i UA (A>. A pUj by W. 
&>U<oi .i-r.'. 

Biotbor'a ZiOTO <A). AbafieplaTbr 
Jotu Cvuuu-i WMl C&iBLBS Swu.i. dae 

Brothaiv. (UAtlMjbjCt.CooBux 
if.*-'- Sn* Btrfcicioeil at tbe Coiut Ttieaire, 
llwk<a. «■ NoTfabn «. is:«. with John 
Han MdH. H. CVawafiailH dUeparts— 
.•^ Pramcit Md n«« JfindiHt : Hi« EUen 
Ttrrr aa lb* bmiaa—Xati Bimgrtftrd: 
aad vOr f«(« b« C- EcUt, Q. W. Abkm, 
Hue HuOtacitead. MnTaaMai Unnar. 
Mc. (>i -^vtbtni or. A Ptann in the 

ho. tsK h:«a al BkekMan. asd priatRl 
tiMU- iS) An^(>tebTEi>«AAOYoi-ia 
.•f.'. tM i< rt iic»<j H Dnnr lane «i 
ifcirck I, m*. *Mh UairtA aal Xoaop la 
— ' aatM i f i—ti i'a« asd PmrwA 
tMi toWr (/>Ui> tf VaodaaX 

) A conwdr bj KiCHtRii Cu: 

u tlw ildsr utd J'Oiuigsc brothen BtlJMd, the . 
Hn. YatH u 5iwAui fioM, Mr. SiilU«:r u I (18« 
VieUtta, Hn. Mattocks u Luey WaUri, I .dni 

Titea u Sir Bmjan 

k DfFH, Mn. am 

Ctiulei CalTei 
writlen by her 
With Cftlrert I 
in the conne < 
so the BamUt 

\; (ppetired 
ai"ii '(sirr in 

Broagh to.B.; 

Two Thon 
>bertaoii'fl ' 

hor In Loaaon jrincuThfl laJ 

■ (1B7I1 

ue— A<d(Ju«»ln' laa » urlil ' (laiK)), ^oroA 
PiUstTold \n ■ Harvest' (1SS6), Nellit In 
•a-rti Wit' (1§87), Jf.-i. fan- <n -neill 
Ciirerioot' (ISST), CrrnMine 
a^Bn), J/arj/ In 'Little Lot> 

I18W), Jfn. Sifiwiir In 'Wu ,. 

Cialt In 'Mstjopie- (ISM), Falli) In 

BofidOak'asW). Xri, Sorlonfii'Dr 

QBW)), Btlty in ■ A MtlUon or Money ■ (leiW), 
fodoita In ■ The Girted lAdT'ONl), Jfor- 
■ ■■ ^iTHnoK' {mAMrt.Sntrtm 

'Ut' (liISi), 

■The llniee^ (I'ei}, Dorcoi in 

peered in London in the foltoirlnfECUDOnff 
lliMiTinch)rMH:— /Wdkr'aLAuAln'Motlu' 
'"""' Maiid In • The Wife'* Betret ' (18W), 
iroiiMd«iV</oii(ln'The IronmMtat' 
X^Ebr In ' auwtw and Man ' (IBM), 
' 'The Uamber I ~ ' 

with Sepkia, whole heut is riTsn to the 
nnniier. nnUl Iwy telle her that the 

and Lady Dust ue minor cb&ntcteie. (4) , 
AbnrlettelnoneectibiT. Eqerton WiLKS | 
(o.c), Bist performed at the 3t. Jsmea^e 
Tbc«be, London, with Mn. StlrUng In the 
title nuts. Gouamer OadAy and Edwin 

berrr vi'Taiial. vslet to eoHomcr;' and 
Mlu J. Mordsnnt as Rau StxriUy. (0) A 
comedy in three icta, bfJOHN Brockiunk, 
Theatre BoTBl, Cambridse, Angust 7, ISTb. 
(6) A play In one act, or IIenry Butt, 



^uorl Oou in ' The Late LaoKnUd 'oni), 
Poahd in 'The Micietiate' USM). 

I. Opdybiti'Ttiel 
arl Crtuiin 'Th-' 
I. Poahn in " 

So* InrauDKBS. 

Brooch. Iilonal. Aotori bom »t 

Pontrpool, Uonmooth. Uaich 1(\ ISM ; aon 
of Barnabas Brough Iq.v.); made hli flnt 
appeeiuce on the itefie in Deceoobor. IBM, 
ac the LTceum Theatre. London, ai Omni 
Carbtnifmui in ' Prince Prettypet and 
the Butteifif '(f.i.). At the same thtatr* 

Robert Brougb'i ' Slem or Troj ' (g.p.) and 
Falconer's •Franoesca' (?.»,). In IIMU be 

^^j „, the Prince of Waleg'B Theatre, 
whence be passed succesilvelT la the Amphl- 
theatrs and Alexandra Theatre in that Aly. 
In IMT he returned to London to nndartake 
the part a[ Hard Id ' The Double Marrlute ' 
lo.vYiA the Queen's Theatre. Since tEat 
I date he has been the 11 ' 

I wine (and ott 
' in 'bearer 1 


. iha played Ophtlia ■ 

7 SulUtan ( Her , 

dAul in London was made at the St. James'B 

llieatre In October 15, 1£70. na Frmande in ' 

theplay Bomuned(9.D.)' -She nag alao the I 

or^ the aam.. h,.,.BB. ..f Pnnnu Pari. : 

■ , ^mbU in 'Oilier Twist' (lSe8X Spctbi iii 
■ The Lsncasbire Las* ' (IMS), Count RoCnlit 
in • La Vlvandltre ' (IsesV ibe Slronsir in 
'The Stranger Stranger tbu Ryer' (IMS), 
Jot Trigat In 'Not Onilt/' (IBes), Cnn- 
mandtr Jarbi In " Pemande ' p870). Oniijly 
Gnv in 'Jennjr Llnd at Last' 0871), Sir 
ffwd Parkhoutt In 'Coquettes' ('Two 
Thorns,' ISTl), Black Brandon \a Bnmaad'a 
■My Poll andMy Partner Joe'(IB7l),£Br™ 
dc Gonirmankt In 'La Vie f^alenne in 
Lomlon ■ (1672), fa;mlinelnBet»«'B -Doctor 
Kaimt' (im). JurvoomM in 'BabU and 
BlJou' asii], Biib In 'Bibb and Tuekor' 
(1973), Blue Beard in I'ands'i extravataiua 
(1876), Major OuniK Collon In 'TanEalna' 
■— ■ CToud* InYounge'B 'Lady or Lyons' 

, jr. Soldlo. _ 

_._„ !(«({ In ' Light and 

Shade' (liira), Lavrrni XVII. In 'La Mai- 
ootte ' (18B1). Lamiirtiuwio In 'Boccaccio' 
OSSa), «ick Vldder in Planquetle'fl 'Eip 
Van Whikle- (ISM), Boron Vor ~ ■ 

man-J-u In I Ti Vl«* HUB- " 

'The PrwUgal Dangbler' <I8»X). Latlit In , Kick Him 
• A WomBO^sRo'enge ' {18B31, Mr: OUttOo derkomtn 
in the piece so named (1883), Jfri. Dextn i 'The Bare 

Nell Owjnne' (188*), i«( 
_ __i Babes' (188*), Vr. B" " 
he Paper-chase '(ISSS), Ilidt and Se 

it. 'A. 

in Qro . 

Xick Sicolat in 

r. 'Bvtbv 

»d (1894), Lady Markby 
■u All luiBiuiiaiond' (1BS6). "- ■• — ■*— 
owl in 'The Blue Boar' (ise 
VixBn in 'The Prude'B Prof 

Lady Uilyard 

ude B Progress 
' Cheer, Boys, 

(1888). tl 

■The" Babes' (188*),) 
--- ->■" B'(18S8), Diiii I ..... 
rluqne so nameit (IBSB), 
Mignonette' (liLbP), Van- 
Clcale' (1890). Btpa, In 
^eafj. BataiuJi In ' Once 

._ .__leta' ,. 

Trilby' 0896). Strgm 

atai). E 

bnaii, Mnryatrovd ., „ 
-•■-• (IgMJ, tfAliiUr Id 

lonifHi in 'The Mummy' (IBM). AmoDg 
ither parts played by Llon^ Broagh are — 
ronv iMmfkia (dt. Jamea's, Vsea, Op4ik 

Miss Brown ' (ia06X 


Comlqne, 1S87), Captain John SmiUi la 

■ LaBcUa Saniue' [SI. JHrneVa, liWU), Paul 
J>n (SC Jusn'i. ItiTO), iton in' Jobn Ball' 
<OaletT, 1S73J. .SOruJi In 'Ttia Bwtu' 9tts- 
ta^na^ ud OOapvd In -The I'oor Uantla- 
auui ' (Impsilal, LST8), T'oucAjEnneflmperlii], 
ISao), tfroolw- in ■ Uood - Nfttuml Man ' 
(Imperial, 1881). ifrontiDiir £pAuuf(Alaian- 
dn. LlTerpool. 1S81), Aib ^niEt<Ukynu4at, 
ISM, KDd Uprin Cimilqiia. Iggn Aiug In 

■ Nldrammer Migbt'n Dreua ' (BuDurkst, 
|gB7), i^ufinin 'Ttw Wlokwl Warld' (SaioT, 
ISHf)), BardeljA (CniUl Palicc, IS8^ «Dd 
Bannu-ket, lEM), £a bunUi In ' Kdftha'i 
Bnrglar' (Oloba, ISSO), IfoH nf tht QarUt 
In ''am Mamr WItm' (Barmukat, ISWX 
AfMrnouoA^ In ' A Hcrap of Papar ' (Princv 
of Walai'i, UM), luU hm\%U CratlMI in 

■ UUle Ulu HohxlT ' (Lrric Tbeatn, UM). 

Brdnrb.Bolnrt. Aotar, lan o( Kobart 
Bamabu Ucouiib ; ni in the flTBt cait of 
' A Thrend o[ SiJk ' (Criital Falocs. lilSl), 

■ UtUe Robin Hood ' (Uaietf Thaatra, Lon- 
don, 18S2), and 'Milier Ciuilt' (Sliand Tba- 
atre, London, isask Uo pluMZaiKUr in 
'Princeu Toto,' and Itajor McTurlU in 
• MoClier-Ln-lAw.' at tba Op*n ConiigiiB 

U) Corutantlnopla aa undertaken by Lord 
Batsman' (16W, 'Msdoa: or. Ttie Best o( 
Mothen' (ieE«). 'Crinulina' (1S6«), 'Masa- 
nlallo ; or, The Fiib'oman of NKptes ' (1^7^ 
■Tba Bloge or Troy' (1S5S). 'Alfred tba 
Great ' llWi), ' Upen to Conricllon ' (1S70), 
■The DoiTB of Dnralto.' 'KenninBlon Oar- 
dens' (ui adnptacion), and 'The Twelra 


irtlea, con»irtin 


I. B. ItreucI: 
omerfa.i.Jln IBSi. Sw 
_. Jiolc b; U. A. aala protlied Ic ' Maiator 
Lyncb' (IBSO), ' Ramlnlscencai ' 
Bohemian/ B. Yates'i ■ Recollei 
BsouoB, FAmii and Ruulrt. 


tloni.' S«e 

BrouKh, Sidney. Actor; ii 
Brongh Tj.b.) ; was in the Hi 
'Cl»a War'OBaT), -Nitocria' i 
coenito' (1888). 'Why Women W 
■Beld Asunder' (leaai. and ■ 
Chaw' (183B). 

:>r Lionel 

a Papei 

Std Anneilel in 'Sowing the Wind' (IBSS), 
Sir Thomai Dawrgritn In 'The Bogus'* 
Comedy ' (IBIW), and the ChisalUr Mom in 
■Tbe Vagabond King' ilSU7), bealdSB belDfE 
in the Hnt cast of ' Bobin Goodfellow ■ 
(IBSa), 'Dick ^beridaa' ri8M).'Tbe Homa 
Hocrolarjr' (18»5). 'The Happv Life " (I3B7), 
etc. He liaa also been aeon In London as 
CharUt in 'Unr Boyn' (IrH"). tha Didce nf 
■ ■ (ISMl, CliarUt OatUy in 

■The Jealoua 

Vile ' (. 

ralKellaneoiu wiitor. bom April, 
March, IB70; author of the followins dra- 
matic places :^' Apartments '(18311 'Frlncs 
Pnttypet and tba BatterllT ' (18S4), 'Bona- 
Fide 'KsTallers ' (IBM). ■ La Balle AUlanca ' 
:18H;, ' Poidita ; oTj Tbe Boyal MUkmabr 

B uit AniltDinoda' (laei). 
--- -' Abyssinia' (1862), 
~ " ■■ KalgbU 

r, Tba Uoma of a r 

(1S69), 'Prince Amabel' (ISOS), 'Papillo- 
netta' (19M). 'Pjgniallon: nr, Tbe Status 
Fair ■{1807), 'Kind to » Fanlt ' (1*17), ' Tha 
Caliph of BBgdad'(lsa7).'Tho Held ol tba 
Caolh of OM- (1808). 'The Unomo King' 
(1863), ■ Turko tho Tonihie ' (ISSS). ' Joan of 
Arc : or. The Maid of All Jle 'fna' (ISM), 
'The Filing DatcbDiau: «r. The Denuui 
Reauan'CisaaViTrjrlng (tOn'dSKp); alw, 
of 'A Comial Countess,' 'Kndymloni or. 
Tha NHUgbty Boy vho CrteA Set tbe Moon,' 
'tha ISreat Benntion Trial; or. Circnm- 
ilantial EKe-Deans,' 'Hoir to make Hums 
Happy; 'Ullft Boofch," 'No. 1 Bonnd tha 
Comer.' ' A Phenomenon in a Smock Frock,' 
etc He wrote soTeral pieces in collabora- 
tion Tith hie brother. Hobert B. Urough 
(j-B.l. WithDr, Franckhewrots'Kickiand 
llalfpence' imi.'Tbe Tala of a Coat'(l9M)i 
and, with A. llaJIiday (Duil), 'The Ceniiui' 
Otwi).' Tbe ColfeenBawn Settled ntlut' 
(ISMX 'An April Fool' (1381), 'The Aroa 
Belle' (1801), '^Tha Actor's Betteat' 0S6i), 
■Doing Banting- 0861), 'Going to tbs 
J>ogi>' (lees), -Tlia Mudborongli Klectlon' 
'My Heart's in the Hleblands.'^'The Pretty 
Honcbroaker,' ■Upataira and Downal^ra,' 

Brauirliam, John. Actor and play- 
wright. Bom In DubUn, May 9. 1810; died 
In New York on June 7, 1840 ; wu educated 
at Trinitjr Collegs In his natiie city, and 

pllal there. Hit flnt appeniance as an actor 
was made in July, 1880, at the Tottenbam 
(afterwards Prince of Wales's) Theatre in 
■ Taui and Jerry,' in which he enacteil, bit 
says, " soma Iwelie or fourteen parts-" In 
19>tl be wa* ennged by Kldnie. Vestris for 
tha Olympic, wTienca he WL-nt with her to 

Is cune a staning tout through 


tba Stat«i, followed b' 

■m GKTdsn. New Yorl 

_ ) inan, ntnrainc to 

lau, wb«B hi ra^dah^ nnlrle at Cha Wlntoc 
audan TbcMra, New York. He ftlterwuda 

vent to the Olfmiil' 
forth* On Jumarr 
eecwnd " Bronglisra'i 

ot the pnaent MsdlL , — 

hot retired fiam Iti eontnil . . 
tollDwliii. From ^t d^^tUl bla climth 

- ! UklDg 

:o Vtlltck- 

i, I§W. be opened 
I1iefttre"(Dn tlia lit 
n ttqnmn plmybodee 

onnacted with 

of eomicaUr ecceauio 

Among the i*rt« that will Uia 

IntbameniaiT.BaauoclitadvIlhhlB name, 
ue SUM In 'Honey,' DirmU Srulffniddiry 
In 'John Bull,' Sir iuciu* O'Trlgfftr In 
'The BItiIi,' Culttt, MieayAtr, SagMloek, 
Creradi/ In ' Arnh - lu ■ Poena,' DaaU fa 
' London Anaranca,' Captam Mur^y Ita- 
^nla 'The Serioni FHnllj,' and OValla. 
ffAoaln 'IliilAsCLera.' Hliuiimnliplrlta, 
9uh, *igonr, uid brUUancT, In these puii, 
wen gnat ; he entered daeply Into their 
■pirit; he eonld be eoiuclaniljr Juyans or 
uBconidDnilT droll: ha wbb neier for an 
Initaot ont of the ttnga pietnre i and ha 
■poke tbe langnage wllb detkioui purity." 
Hit flrrt dramatla compoKltlon wu ■ bur- 
iBKiue for W. E. Barton, writlfln abont 
1831. Between IStO and 1M3 he wrote 
'Life in the Cloudii,' 'Love'j Liiery/ 'Kn- 

BMHwn,' ' Vanity fair,' ■ The Iriah Yankee.' 
■Beajunin Fnnklin.' 'All'* Fair In Lotb,' 
'The Iriih Einlnant.' 'Dombey and Sod' 
(adaptatkin), "TbeHannted Man,' ' Home,' 
Jtad ' Ambnue Oannalne ; ' between IHSOaod 
ISH, 'Tha World's EUr,' 'nuuln*,' 'Tba 
Bidilt or Air,' 'Bow at tha Lycauni.' and 
two adaptatlona— ' Saild CoppecUeld' and 
'The Actresj of tUna ;• between 1S;.B kiiiI 
isea, ' The inratea ot the Mluisiippi. 
KedMaak""-'— 'v. n„,.i n„.„. 

and Jeny 

Jer«y.' ' The Gi 
(adaptation), ' 

Cue,' 'The Gaa 

taontag,' 'Neptune's Defeal 

Might of Kigbt ' ' 

(1 ol 'BUncb< 

' ■ The 

and ■ The Bride o( Venice i ' 

__ id 18TS, ■ Fliei in the Wab.' 

The Nor'oua Man and tbe Man of Nam,' - 
O'Donnell's MliulDn,"The Chiirtlan Mar- 
Tn,' 'Little NeU and tbe MarcbloneH,' 
Bearta ; or. The Serpents of Society,' 
The Lottery ot Life.' "The Emerald Ring,' 
" ■■ Late than Neil '■•-■ ■- — ■ 

Ihe libi 


Ada abon 

a Merclian 


■The Red Light.' 'Minnie'* Lack,' 

of the man. are" (saya VV. Winter) "the 
hnrleaqUB of ' Columbna,' the blJintrerae 
dmma ol -The Uly of France.' and tbe 
lomody of ' Playing with Fire.' They con- 
tain dallrate thouEhC, poetic auggesUon, 
Bweet-Iempe red satlre^ontetnplatlTo pbilo- 
aopby. and patboa." Brongbun was twice 
married, and In each case to an actress— 
EmuiB WUllami (died IIW), seen In London 
eirra lS30.ia5Z and in New York circa ISSS- 
isev; and Mrs. Hodges (dlad ISTO), who 
acted In London In 1T$30, and made her 
Amerlcand^tudnlBSS. See Ireland's 'New 
York StBgo' (18M), 'Tbo Life, Stories, and 
Poema of Jolin Brongbara.' edited bs W. 
Winter (19«I), Winter's 'Shadows ol the 

SticnERNOTT a 
■ -heal 

Henry Petcih (ij.n) and Paui, Mebitt 
(o.r,), produced ftt tba Snrroy Theatre on 

BroUBht to Iilght; of, WatchlnB' 
"-Winning. A dr— ' 

and fonr acta, hjT, ; 


!«■ (y.^.). t» 

. tS) 'Brought 
to Light :' a dmma iiy J PencitikL. Aber- 
deen.ilarcb, 187*. (3) 'BronghtIoI.lght:• 
a drama by E. Darbei, Groenwlcb, July, 


BrouB'ht Together. A comedy In 
onii set. \iy FkKo. MotiLLUiT. Elsnhsnt and 
Caatle Theatre, London, October h, ISM. 

BrouKlitan, FredeTiokW. Dramatic 
writer, liDrtt ISBl. died May le, ]«M ; 
aothor of 'A Labour ot I,aie' (UtTft), 
■ Wltberod Leates ' ilSlS), ■ Bntb'e Romance ' 

Saie). ■ Light and Shade ' (1877). ' A Debt of 
onour' (l8T9),'Snnablni>'(lBao).'AOoad 
Turn ' (ISaO'], • Olaaa Huums' (1B81), libretto 
of 'ASimpieSweep'flses), 'One Summer's 
Night' (isaa 'Elsie' (1883), ' flffore the 
Haat ' (isas), 'Written In Sand ' (lB«t). ' Tha 
™ ,..^_. idaptod CIS87;, 'The Beggar* 


nsss), 'Tb< Poat' (1BS»). -A Soldiar of 
Fortune ' (ISg»), ■ Fool'i >[>te ' (ISfO), • Ths 
BaUlfl ' (1300), ' A Pht of the Be^m ' (IBM), 
Bhretloof ■foi*lneL..'(lsaa). U* wu ■!«> 
GO-aatbor, witli J. Wilton Jonei. o[ ■ Chrln- 
Mne' (1B70) wid'TIiB rmmp Caul' (1BS2) ; 

BlBtm' (ISgS); 

■ Ooct Agtir ' 
Tijlor. of 'Cipric 
L lAwrsnce, of- B 

BrooalLtan, Phyllli. Actresa. duuw> 
ud Toealiiti flgared, st the Gaiety, Lon- 
don, In the oriilnil cuti of ' The Forty 
Thieves- (18S0),'^WIiltt<iigtoa&nd hia Cat' 

' BobloHD Cnioe ' (16Se), ■ The Old Ovud ' 
(188T>. 'The Other Little Lord FondlBbor' 
(1BSB>: at the Prince of Walei'n. in tha 
origtool caata of 'Paul Jonea' (lB8a), 'Mu- 
JoSe ' (lOM), and 'Captain Tb^iiie' (1890). 
aba was tha flnt repteaentatjie uf Calkrrine 
In ' Jovi of Arc' (I80IX Frbt in 'Richaid 
8atB«e'(L89I), Suun In 'Too Lo'Bly Black- 
Bjed Snaan'HBBS). i-ord Claniitlt In 'In 
Town' (1SS2X Jie^«a> Id ' AU My E;e Van- 
hoa' (18H). She haa alio been seen as 
Auanna in ' Uadama Faiart ' (1387). Ladv 
Bitty in 'The Highvayinan ' (iSBi). aod 
ifOdy CaUcKw In ■ Dandy Daa' (1887).— 
Her alrtar, EHHi UaouGHTON, abo an 
ftctreii, •(» tbe orl^ilnal Teh) In 'Camarat- 
[unanXOiiaty, London. ISSl) and PAifi'ppEt 
in ■ Mynheer Jan ' (Comedy Tbeatra, 1SI)7). 
and tppeaied In 'On Toait' (Aienna The- 
atre, ixsa). 

ledmBiaU _ 

Harcnlea,' a muilcal drama printed i 

Brovrdia, John, Bnrea in E. Stir- 
■'■■-■-itas Niekletj' {J.t.) and ■ The 

Brown. Thin name haa been borne b; 
a TeT7Ur|^nntiibarol dnmatic peraonagea. 
rot ei«mple:-<l) Bnum, In Heece'9 
'Brown and the Brahmlni' (i.v.). (3) 
Bnticn, In A. Clehents" 'Two Blinda" 
(O.I.). IS) Barbican J. H. MOR- 
TOM'S • WMtlne for an Onmibua ' (7.=.), (4) 
An Sidi B/driddm Broim, tbe "cacha of 
Plmllco," in J. II. MoRios'a f(rr<:e uf ttji.t 
namB(s.E). (6) Coi-lnm JJiefcf-Jy /J."^/<i. 
In G. H. Lkwes' 'liwyen' {:,.•■ \ (6) 
CotHant Brown, In BVRON'8 ' Ti^tticH ■ (,j !■. :. 

17) David Bn ■ " 



PWKCHfi'S ■ . .. 

Jfar* Aatmy and Ftato Bmn'; in J. P. 
WooLEB's 'KespjourTampePkVf) (II) 
MMy Broim. tbe heroine of O. A. A. Ulc- 


(.t.v.}. (II) iSamurl .Cnim, tha Lltarppol 
marchant. in T. Tivlor and A. W. Du. 
BOURO's-New Men and Old Aciea'Co.s.). 
(16) TamUnn Bnnm. a. "aenaation Tocal- 
iat,'< in T. J. Williams's ' My Dreai Boota ' 
(o.B.l. (18) rripfofciKu* Bnnm, In J. M. 
MoiiT01(^s-Drawing.rooma,et«.' (17) B'a- 
terly and L\ii:y Bromi, la H. J- Bikok's 
'Old Story' (fl.B.). (18) WOtm Hroim, 
"the aecretaiT, In SHEBiiurr KnoivLES's 
play o( that name ((.0.). (19) Windmr 
Brmm, In J. M. MORTO:i's 'Away with 
Melancholy '(«-c.)- (!iOJ ZocAnriaA £n>upn, 
In C. S. CSELTMH's ' Cbriatmaa Era In k 

Brown. The name of u actor wbo 
aacceeded Sberldan In 17SB u manager of 

(or hIa Imperaonation of tbe Copptr Captain 
(q.c). 8ee'The>pianDlcUonUT'(13(»J. 

Brown, Anthony. Aatbor of 'Tho 
Fatal Betirement,' a tiaaedy a7»l/ 

Brown, Chaxlai Amitace. Mla- 
an opera callt"! ' N vennliy ' (^.r.), pnUi^ied 


uf - shakeapoai^a Aatoblogra- 

_lle of 

Luidor'(lse8). Dllke'i 'Papenol a Critic' 
(1S7E), Fonnan's editloa of the works of 
Brown, J«wls. See Jekie BROnN. 
Brown, J, Author of 'The StsKo. a 
poem containing strictures on lailoaBBctora' 

Bzxywn, John. Vicar of Bt. Nicholas, 
Mewcaatle: bom 1715, died 17M: mtacel- 
laaaoua writer; author of two trafcedie^^ 
• Barbaroaia ' (17^1) and ■ Atbelstan ' (ITM), 
both of which lee. See, alio, the ' Blognphia 

Brown, Klaa, The StraDKB Ad- 
Tentnreaof. SeaSTiuNOBAcvKNtDBES. 

Brown, Xra., actress, after making 
bar mark at Bath and Norwich (1782-84). 
was engaged for Covent Oarden, "with a 
Tlew" fsaya Oeneat) "to counter-act Mn. 
Jordan, but tbe latter bad tbe adiantage of 
youth, and was too well eaUbllahed In the 
faioup of the town to ba bnrt by Mrs. 
Brown," whose London tUiut, It may be re- 
corded, was as IliH Prvt In 'Loia for 
Loie' (January 18, 1TB6^ See BruniOW, 

Brown Potter, Krs. Eee Potteb, 

Mrs. Baoivn. 

Brown, T. AUmton. Anthot of ■ His- 
toiT of the Ameiion Stage ' (1870). 

Brown, Thomu. MlacellaDeoni writer, 
bom less, died him; author of 'Phyaio 
Ueaa-Bleedlng: or, Tlie Apothecary tamed 
Doctor,' a comedy (Ie97) 1 ' The Stage Beaux 
tois'd In a Blanket: or. Uypocnay i. la 
Mode ' (ITM) 1 and ' Tha Dlapenaai?,' a fnica 

— &1] unact«d- Sf>e ' (liDETAphLa DraniD 
(1«1«) nnd memoir prc-Hivd lu Brotni'i 
locted Wotii (i;07-8). 
Brown, Vandyke. Sea V*h; 

Brown and the Brnhming ' 

Captain Pop and t' ' 
^ettyayea. An Oriei.,™^ i—i^^-i — , 
foonded on the Btory of 'La Veuio da 
JWatar' (s-r.). bj Hodeht Reece la.e.), 
and Aral performed at the Globa Theatre, 
Loadoa, un Januan U, ISIU. with J. Clurko 
M ArDvn, E. AUnhall &■ Temiilod Ub 1V<- 
iHwrouj. B.Aiidre*guOalH]»ti(theroisI 
DliydciBB), Mln tlafSlB Bnniua u KeeMo' 
Kinw, Hln L. Uorsui u CapMin Pop, uid 
MlM C Thoma u Prisctn Fnltmn. 
Amonc the other dunctn* us £>«i(, 
LatiyDari^ mad JTq^ ifauAow. 

(0-c,;. WJ jfDiunji froipne ii a retired 
lEBen-diaper in T. J. WlLLUMS'a 'lack's 
Delight' (3) QOaag Sheridan BraiBtu 
Bgant in T. J. WILLIAMS'S ' I'tc wiitten 
lo Browne' (Jo). 

Browne, O. Walter- Actor. »oc»]I>t, 
ud dnuuatJo wrft«i, bom Ifisa ; nude hi* 
llA«t u ui ftctor at the ThoaCre Boya], 
Yoifc, In UTG, aa SUtniy Dant in ■ Soclsty,' 
asd hla fint appflamncd \a London tn I&91 
■t the Batn 'Ruatra aa Crrfond Cnliwrfu In 
•FMlaBca ;' be m< atCentaida eDiaged at 
th> ndTvnui ieam1ii\ etc lie ia aathor of 
plecei;— 'HeuCaand 
' ■ Im-Fatlenee 'tlSSl^ 
Ouna' aiS6J. ■ Oaltor- 
Staliv' (UaSV libretto of 'The Bonn'a 
Ma(a>(1888Xllh»t(oof ■ Hatsa ' (IBM), and 
libretto of 'Poa^ialoa' asM)- 

Browne. Uoaea. Vlcor of 01d«t, 
Bocki, bom 17d:<. die.! 17li7 ; anther of 
■Polidmior, Diitresi'd !>.>*.■ a tragedf, 
and 'All Dedvil'd i or, The HoOM in e 
liorry,' a lareo. both printud in 1723. 

Browne, Solomon Jamea. Actor, 
bom Angust. 1191 ; wm educated at Eton, 
and tor a time was a clerk in Dncton' Com- 
mona, Bii i*lnit a> an actor ivai made at 
Bertlord In 1807 : and he had had a long and 
Tailed eiperlanca of Uia proiiadal itage 
vhra, on Dctobec 7. 1BE3, he made hia Bnt 
M fn liondon at Dnrjr Lane (nDdar 

In -The ^ 

SotrboTDOgb'tg.B.). InOKberrj'a*Dii 
BIoRi«i*r^ 08Mi «« "»d of B» 
"Bla flrmtt* (' Mtnpwm and Ca^la _ .„_ 
perfornuuica. and moeb naemblea Mr. C. 
Kaoibla'a atjrie ol playing llgt^t comad;. 
Hli Lonatd ('FaUi of ajda'J waa on* of 
tha bvt piecea of melodrainatia acUng va 
eter beheld. Mr, Brovne appeon to aa 
to atand aba<e »bnt Elliston now i^ and 
aecond only to Chaf IM Kemble aa a light co- 
median." brownedntappearediBAnierica 
Kt the NatlDoal Xhaatre, Msw York, in 1S38. 

liahed arttat, rapeciatlT IB llfhl and 
trie comedy and certain nadeaof malo- 
diama. Bob Acta, Jtrtrng DSddler, Rmcr, 
rauHf Rapid, and Beb Xo^an ipadnana 
of characlar In which ha waa ptcnllarlT 
happy. Hli hettn Xataire, I>aaU. and 
Str^rU AtairrliU haie not been equalled 

eque." printed in his Wotka in ITTi. Sea 
moiDQh- by W. C. Haalitt predied to an 
edition of the IVotlm (iSM). 

Browne the Uartyr. A faree in one 
act, by D. TEMPLEios Li'Cis. flnt per- 
fonuod at the Conit Thenlir, London, la 
Januarr. lUTe, with W. J. mil aa fircnmi, 
and other parts by W. BeKord anil Mlu 
i^anton ; rallied, nndei the title t 
Martyr,' at tl ~ 


Brig <ThB). 

ind d 

BTOwning', Kobort. 
matM, bom IBl!, died 18S8 ; anther 
the following acted playi:— 'StraSoid' 
(1897), 'A Blot In the ^olcheon' [IHUl 
■ Colomba'i Birthday ' (UAS),- In a Balcony^ 
(18M), and ' A Soul'a TTBgedy ' (1S04), all of 
wbicH aee; author, alas, of lb- *-" — ' — 
poetic dramaa:- ' "** " 

■King Victor and „ 

Retnm of the Driuu ' (ISIU. i 

■ ■ (IMtt 

i<ew ■[' Bobert Browning, Writer of Playil 
[ISSa). W. Sharp'a 'Ufa of Robert BrowU' 
Ing' (laeOX Uoiaa'a •Bobart Browolns : 
Feraonalla' (IBOCU, Uta. On'a 'Lite and 
Lettera of Boberi Browning' (1881). 'The 
Letter* of Bobart and EUaabatb Browidng ' 
(IBM), "Tha Ceott and Society Bailew' 
['Browning on the SUga 'I (Iilarch. U8S). 
"The dmmatlc genius o[ Browning,' am 
Edward DowdenT " waa In the Buin of tbe 
tUtle hind ; it iladlei with extrasrdiiury 
■kill and aabtlety ebaractn In podtlon ; A 
attalna only an Imperfect or a labonnd 
■necaaa with chanccer in mo*ament. . . . 
Thought and emotion with Mm do not 
elrcD&.ta freely thTongb a gronp of peraan» 
raeelTingaomeniodiacaUonlramnuh. He 
deali moat (ueeeaaTDlIy with each indlrldnal 
uadngleandaepaiate entity. . . . Brown- 
Ing'i triedles are tragediei witbont lillalna. 
The w^d la hare I^B illtain, which ban 
balla and enarea wlieruwith to entangle ita 

lait atanza of Bio>fnlng'a lyric, 

L Light 


Brownjohn, Mr. John, in J. SI. 
SioiiroN'b ■ Done on Both Sides' (7. p.). 

BrowTLlae, Krs. TbewWowio Bho:I- 
BUN HowiKD's ' OIJ Loie-tetlera ■ (q. e.y, 

BiowDimitli, John. Anthor of ' The 
TbriHtTlcal Alpliabet, containinE a uituloKDO 
«t MTeral hunjIreJ pKts^(both Men's and 

Part con , 

beCIOLl otilvr ' (1767). 

Brown Biolth, Jones Boll in son, J a 
C J. MiTTHEn'3'a ' little TwldlefcliiB'(i(.D,). 

Broizo. A charmcter in W. U. Ox- 

BEBHY'S ' MsttflO F&lCDDB. 

e his ililnit in the fonder 
eg at Ll?erpool, hia Brst 

t the Strand theiire aa 

B HilgtiD 

bo *u Hen tn/ome of ttie leadinK rilii 
•1 Bobartsonikn comedj. Id 1ST3-1 ha 
mt cnBa«ed &t the Court Theatre. Lon- 
don, vlierfl ha wm tbe ariglnnl Sir Walter 
Mtnyn in 'Aboat Town' (o.e.i Sltphm 
jMilTtU In 'MuTlage Lines' (acV £r. 
Xieklilhaaite in ■ Aluoe' (;.r.). WBodpiektr 
Tapping in 'The Weddlne March' (j.i.), 
■/net ifnfiiiel in ' IlriKlitun'{9.i..), etc In 
ISTft. Kft«[ a seiuan at the St. Jimen'a, he 
betAuia Leasee, for & few months, at the 
HaTmarkot. whenc 

cuDBEer, to tbe a Lobe. In leis he pli 
finvFAOTTie in 'Pinlc Dominoi' at the 
tctioB. Tberoltowiog reattaundhimleuea 
of the Boyalty. vhero be vu the original 
"-- " 1 i_n;Cralch_and Toothpick' 



Attervaidi Sg^ired In the proTlnceij. 

Bmca, Bdlth. Actreie : made her Lon- 
don iibiH at Coient Oardiin Thetlre in 
AngnsL 1S7I. as Wa-nda In 'Jtabll and 
Bljon ' (V.V.). Since tiion her ori)tliial parti 
htToinclDded/'artiT'in 'ThedreatDlrorca 
t), Xia Barron In ' Pink Doniinos ' 
.. u Tvdar in 'The 

1' (terex ^<^ OntnVt m ' An Kog. 

OaTn. Miu Tvdor in 'The Worship of 
BHdinB' iieit), Mary OntnVt In'AnKog. 
Ibib OmUamau'dsn). " ' - '^ 

'TTnUoitad Cteb' (1S;b! 

, AJfan/Magvinta-rtkt 

(iSSl), Captain Benlm DO'cn in 'Silror 
Onili' (1^), Phabi #o«l in ' A Bun i,t 
Lnck' {ISSel, Cii'-ly Manner, in 'Tht Ar- 
raada' (1838), Xaaelle Polir. in Taul 
Kaurai' (IWOJ.flta. She hu alio beoD soca 

in London aa Cribbaijt in 'DaJMy Fartn' 
(Gaiety Theatre, IWU), Mrt. Alilnn In 
' Brighton ' lOlynipic Theatre. 1830). .Von in 
' Where'B the Cat !' (Criterion TUaatre, IBWi 1, 
Mri. aayer in 'A Trip to Chinatown' 
(Toole'B, ISM^ and the " hero " at numeroui 

Tbe "usOTpet" in 

Woman in the "'ona' 

d itri. Bruin are cha. 

i. FooTB's ' Slayor of anriult' 

Brum. A [Brco(«rith n 
DESTHEZ. flrit perlurmed 1 
BDjal. Leeds, on March IS, 

liclbj FiiAMC 

mell, Beau. See Beac Bruh- 

BT. Has. 

Jimnion, Annie. Accrest; daughter 
Dl Elinbgth Bruntoa RotHirtBon Iq.c); 
played florlfe In 'Annie Mio' (1S80) and 
Adibt In "Too Late' (ItlSl) : anthor of the 
following cirantatic pieces:— 'The Family 
Qhoef (1881). "Won by Honours' (19K), 
and 'Tbe Quoen of Diamonds' iim). 

Bmnton, BUaabeth. See Bobbbtsok, 


Bmnton, EUEnboth. See YiTta, 

;torand thealrical 

Mrs, Fredei 
Bmnton. Job L.. . 

manager : son uf a snnp-maker at Norwich, 
and originally a grocer and tea-dealer in 
Drary Lane ; appeared at Cerent (iardea 
Theatre In 1T7« 08 ifumfal and Cvnu; itbi 
aflorwanls engaged aa a " stock " porlormor 
at N orwich and A Bath , eisntuallibecoming 

Bmntoii, John. Actor, bor 
al the aboTo : took to tbe staee > 
It Lincoln ; played afterwarda at 

London Theatre. 

kt Colent 


Actiua ; duiehler o( John Bninton, 
(j.B.ji bomlnFebrnirr, 178° ■"-' »•■" 
iseo: TDuleheipnifessloiAl i 
Girden Theatre, October 6, 1803, M Lada 
Tuimiy in 'Tlia Proroked Ua.bui J ' (9-0.I. 
She wu the ori^tial repreHntaClre af sucb 
ihnmcteri u JSmUy In ' Tba Wboel of 
rortuno ' {7.0.) ud Jviia (n ' The fk-hool of 
Belorm ' (q.v.), and among her olber rtta 
-were Beatriit {'Much Ada'), Ciiia, I,ady 
Aniu ( Kichard UI,'). Romra (■ 8ha Would 
md SheWouldNot'),lrnw(<B(irbaroua') 
JJorimlD (' Beaux Stnttagem '), ate Oiborrr 
■ng that " from the retirement of Mln 
Parren (April 8, IIH) BO actrsu in the pre- 
•driptite line of genteel comedThadiioniuch 
entranced the (own. Hot person waa t&U, 
laielT, and commandlns, and the plooiDie 
bet Mendi felt In herding miaed to tha 
nnk of a conntesi, hj' ber mamaie with the 
Eatl ol Craien [about ISOT], wna eiceeded 
■bT the regret *ilh which the town re- 
lin<ini.b«i aucb an actrew" ('DrBniaHc 
Biography '\ See QeneHt'a ' Engllab Stage.' 

Brunton, Ht*. Anna, bom 

of fohn Uronton (.q.v.); author 'of 
Cotlagen,' a comic opera, printed In 1' 
Braall. (1) Valet to Lord Ogiebs In 

Brate, Sir Jolm and Lady. The 

leading characters in VuiUHCUlia 'Pro- 
TokedWife ' (j.B.). 

Bratns, Laoins Jmiliin. Tliis famous 
Roman MaieaDian and patriot is the central 
fleiire of lereral dramna bT Eaglleb writen : 
-(1) -Liiclai Janlaa Brutus <a,g.), the 
Father of his Country,' by N*T LEE (fl.».) 
pssy- (3) 'Lucdiu JnnLns Brutus' (g.B.), 
hj WK. DlTfiCOIlBB (1730- (8) 'Lnelus 
Jonlns BrutoB'(,by HotiH Oowmiian 
(printed In me). (4) ■ The Sibyl ; or. The 
radet Brutus' (v.vX hj RiCHt&n CuhBEB- 
UHD (f.E.). {&} -Brntna ; or. The Fall ol 
Uniaui : ' a play by JoHi) Howard Pants 
(f.a.), fotmaed upon all the abuie-named 
plecai, and Srst performed at Drurr Lane 
on Deennbar », IS18, with Edmund llean in 
the Utla part, D. Fliheraa Titm. II. Remble 
ai Stztuj, S. Penlwr as Anitui, Bengoiigh 
as CoUalimu, Mrs. Olorer as TMltia. Mrs. 
W. West as Tarqainia. and Mrs. Boblnson 
as ^ueraCid ; rerlred at Dmry Ijine in 
Janaary, ISM. with O. V. Brooke as tha 

BrutQB. Slarcua, in e!HiKE»irE< 

Sis apology fo 
a followlJig » 

with tha Hi 

Sea 'S Henry vi-,' it. 1. ana 'oamiet,' 

ill. 1 : also, JIUCKlhailAXSHIBE. 

Brutus lAchs Odaar. See Dbu(»TB 

licensed for performance at Dorset I 
In July, 1878. K Is '■partly bnlH 
OeneJit)on the " ridlcniaua story " tbj 
the deatmeilon of Troy, Brutna ar 
Trojans came to Albion, killed its rU) 
lation, called the coantry Britaia. and liallt 
London. " The storm which drires Brutus 
and tba Ijneea [□( SyTacuieJ to the caio is 

Ruhm.^ (S) ' BnitOB uf Alba ; or, Auiuita's 
Triumph : ' an opera perforupd at Doreet 
Onnlen in 1006. It Is a kind of sequel to 
Tate's play, from whlcli the anonymona 
author has borrowed the names of ejTersi 
cbatacten ; sodb chamctsn, and portiani 

Martyr' (ij.c). "Brutni, who retnnis with 
conquest from the Oalllc wars, Is meant aa 
a sort ol compliment to. King William, 

tj sUmt popu- 


ta of Augusta (London) 

Bintns, tha Crooked, in PuNCR^'S 
3nco upon a Tiaie there ware Two Khigs ' 

Bryan atone. Bob. A bid all coal-dealer 
inMiHK LEiioN's'JacklntbeUreen' (j. u.) 

Bubble. (1) The "city osUant" in 

GliKE\'s •TnQuo ' ■■- - ' "*■ ' ' '- 

cl«rl-'- - ■ 


Ck.iven's 'One Tree H 

Bubble and Squeak. A farce br 
FnEUEKic Hat ta-v.), Brst performed M 
the VaudeTllte Theatre, London, an Mar 
12, 1S71. 

Bnbblo Beputatlon (A). A fardoJ 
comedy In three acta, by James Wjlliho 
('I.e.) and JOHN DOUOLAS (ic), produced 
at the Standard Theatre. IxiNdon, on April 
fl, ia8S.—" Seeking the bulible rebaCaUon'* 
— ' Aa Yoo Like It,' Ul. 7 Wagaa). 

Bafablea. A comedietta by C- S. Faw- 
CErr It-c). Brat perfimiied at the Qaiety 
Tbcatre, London, in October, 18S1. 

of the Day. A comedy by 

Douglas Jehkouj (g.iM. Urst performed at 
Coient Qaiden 09 February &, 1M2, wlcb 




W. Farren as Lord Skindeep^ M.P.^ Hartley 
as SprMdroeeuel, AV. Lacy as Mei'm^ J. 
Vining as Chatham Broton^ M.P.^ Charles 
MaUiews as Captain Smoke, Harlev as Sir 
Phtnix Cleareak€t Meadows as Jtalmtey 
Shark, Mrs. Nisbett as Pamela SmadxaeoHlt 
Mn. W. Lacy as Ftorentia. ancl Mrs. Orger 
as Guinea. Pamela and Melon (a barrister) 
are engaged, and if they do not marry must 
pay a penalty ; the former, however. Is in 
love with Brown, and the latter with Flo- 
rentia. Skindeep is a pseudo-philanthropist, 
Spreadnfeatel an unprincipled merchant, 
Smokt a company-promoter, CUarcake an 
ex-auctioneer, Shark a wine*merchant and 
moo^y-lender, and Guinea a lady's maid. 

Buchanan, Elizabeth. An actress 
engaged at Lincoln's Inn Fields between 
17& and 1782, and at Covent Garden between 
1782 and 1786. She played such parts as 

Plain Dealer O. Mareia CCato*), Almeria 
(* The Mourning Bride *\ etc 

Bnohanaxi) McKean. Actor, bom in 
Philadelphia. February, 1823 ; son of a pay- 
master in the U.S. Navy ; himself served as 
midsldpman ; made his dibut as an actor at 
New Orleans as Hamlet, the character in 
which he first figured at New York (in 
June, 1860, at the Broadway). He appeared 
at the Marylebone Theatre. London, in 1852, 
at the City of London Theatre in 1854, 
and at the Standard Theatre in 1859 (as 

Biichanan,Bobert. Dramatic and mis- 
cellaneous writer, born 1841, died 1001 ; author 
of the following stage pieces : — ' The Rath- 
boys,' 'The WitchflndoT* (1864), 'A Madcap 
Prince ' (1874), ' Corinne ' (1876), * The Queen 
of Connaught ' (1887), * A Nine-Days' Queen ' 
(1880), *The Exiles of Erin* (1881). 'The 
Shaaow of the Sword ' (1881), * Lucy Bran- 
don,' an adaptation (1882), i Storm-Beaten ' 
(1883), 'Lady Clare,' an adaptation (1883), 
'Agnes,' an adaptation (1885), * Sophia,' an 
adaptation (1886), ' A Darlc Night's Bridal,' 
an adaptation (1887), *The Blue Bells of 
Scotland' (1887), ' Boeer la Honte ' (after- 
wards * A Man's Shaaow '), an adaptation 
(1888), 'Partners,' an adaptation (1888), 
'Joseph's Sweetheart,' an adaptation (1888), 
« That Doctor Cupid ' (1880). ' The Old Home ' 
(1888), 'Theodora,' an adaptation (1880), 
^Man and the Woman' (1889), 'The Bride 
of Love' (1800), 'Clarissa,' an adaptation, 
(1890). * Miss Tomboy,' an adaptation (1890), 
'Sweet Nancy,' an adaptation (1890), 'The 
Sixth Commandment' (1800), 'Marmion' 
(1891), 'The Gifted I.ady' (1891), libretto of 
^The Piper of Hamelin' (1893X 'The Char- 
latan' (1884). 'Dick Sheridan' 0894). and 
two plays first performed in America- 

Hermann Vezin. 'Bachelors' (1884); with 
G. B. Sims, 'The English Boso^ (1890), 

'The Trumpet Call' (1891), 'The Lights of 
Home' (1892), ' The white Rose' (1892), and 
• The Blacic Domino ' (1803) ; with F. Horner, 
'The Struggle for Life' (1800); with H. 
Murray, ' A Society Butterfly ' (1894) ; and, 
with Harriett Jay, 'Alone in London* 
(1885), 'Fascination' (1889), 'The Stnmge 
Adventures of Miss Brown' (1895), 'The 
Romance of the Shopwalker' (1896), 'The 
Wanderer from Venus' (1896), 'The Mari- 
ners of England' (1897), and 'Two Little 
Maids from School,' an adaptation (1898). 
See the ' Life ' by Harriett Jay. 

Buck, in Footb's ' Englishman in Paris' 

Buck, Sir Geor^) was appointed 
Master of the Revels in 1610. He had for 
some time acted as deputy to Edmund 
TVlney in that office. He was succeeded as 
Master by Sir John Astley in 162i. and died 
in the following year. 

Bucke, Charles. Miscellaneous writer, 
bom 1781. died 1846 ; author of a tragedy in 
verse called ' The Italians ; or, The Fatal 
Accusation ' (q.v.). 

Buokhorse, Bobby. The "cock of 
the walk" in Poole's '^Year in an Hour' 

Buokhurst, Lord r^iomas SackvUle]. 

Bnokinffham. (1) A drama in four 
acts, by W. G. Wills (g.v.), first performed 
at the Olympic Theatre, London, on Novem- 
ber 20, 1875, with Henry Neville as the 
Duke (yf Buckingham, W. Creswick as Crom' 
ioell, Haywell as Lord Fairfax, Vollaire 
as Colonel Hip-and-Thigh, Odell as TrayU 
man. Miss Fanny Enson as Mary Fairfax, 
etc. (2) A comic operetta, music by Julian 
Edwards, Town Hall, Northampton, De- 
cember 28, 1877.— rA« Duke of Buckingham 
Q592-1628) figures in PLANCHES 'Court 
Beauties' {q,vX Stirling's 'John Felton/ 
Hallidat's ' King o' Scots,' uid the yarions 
adaptations of ' The Three Musketeers * 

Bnckingrham, Duke of [George Vil- 
liers]. Bom 1627, died 1688 ; author of < The 
Behearsal ' (1672) and ' The Battle of Sedg- 
moor,' both of which see. 

Buckixiffhani, Leicester Silk. Mis- 
cellaneous writer, bom 1825, died 1867; 
wrote the following pieces for the stage :— 
'Aggravating Sam' (1854), 'Belphegor,' 
burlesque (1856), 'Cupid's Ladder' (1859), 
' Pizarro ; or. The Leotard of Peru ' (1862)^ 
• The Merry Widow ' (1863). ' Silken Fetters ' 
(1863), ' The SQver Lining ^ (1864). ' Faces in 
the Fire' (1865), 'A Fretful Porcupine* 
(1867); likewise, *Do Shake Hands," Don't 
Lend your Umbrella,' 'Take that Giri 
Away,* burlesques of 'Lucrezia Borgia,' 
'Traviata,' and 'WilUamTeU;* also, with 
Augustus Harris, 'Jeannette's Wedding.' 
From 1857 to 1867 he was the theatrical 
critic of the Morning Star. His wife (n^e 
White) acted for some years under the name 
of Bucldngham White (j.v.). 


printed In ITK. Sm Joum CCSAK. 

Bnekl^^ Alfred, kctor, bai ippnnd 
In LoBdan In tbe oiuIdiI atla of ' lAd* 
Ctan ■ (ISStX * A( la klo^ng-Olu*' (18S7)^ 
•Sweet Ninej' (1S»\ "The 8ti '- '- 

Ufa' naam. ■n&ijd' fiaM>. 'Bi 

■ nsao), ■Satld'i 

rha straggle (or 
K), 'Bade Jm' 


Sncklaw, Arthur, SguTu In the 
TUioui verilotil, ailsptatloaii, and bor- 
leiqnei ot * Ttis Bride oi Lammermoor ' (9- >.). 
I (The). Sea 

WikaSeld' (g.T.), ^iv(^a« In Jeirold'a 

■Catipiiw' iq.v.\jind SAiulouig Sojlhtadi In 
Lrttan'i'NoCioBwluweSHin'(7.e.)' In 

i, position wtdch ha ooonpled 

Ull i^nS 

BnoUa of BrU 
Ceowk Fhino, Tm. 

BaokTam. {I) FrtdtriekviA Lady BMi. 
RiBi are characten in Paloiute diMFSo:«'s 
'WKbont EnciiiDbruic«s' (S "')' (2) JTiM 

(3) A MUt ' BucirarA 

It al» In J. V. UiUJNOBN's 'I^dlei 
M Homo ' (a->.}- 

Buoknkln, Bob, (1) In T. Vt.wYi 
'P.P.' (S) The Jocke;, in BouciciULT'a 
' n jlng Scad ' (9.(. ). 

Bnokitono, John Baldwin. Actor, 
playwrlglit, and mtnagat ; bom at Hoiton, 
London, in September, 1802 ; died Oclobei, 
ISIB 1 wai (Oxben? aajrt) tbe aon of a tndei. 
maii.uidmlT placed In a MilldCaT'e office; 
whence (after eome trial perlormancei as 
•u amatanrj he ran av^ to Join a company 
" In a nnall town In Berkehlre,'' where ha 
*' opened" aa TVuemanln * George Barnwell' 
(• Qiamatia Blographf '> After further ex- 
perlanca In the coontrr, he waa engaged fur 
ihaSniwr Theatre, where be made hie Lon- 
don 4iM in Jannarj, IffiB. tM Ramtay in 
' Tba Fntnnaa of NigeL' Thence he went 
<13U)to tba Cobnrgf \lctoria)Thsatre, vhere 
heappaand aa ffiMloln bla own play of ' The 
Bear Hutara ' (g-*.)- From tbe Cobnrg be 
migrated in IScT to tbe Adelphl. where 
(l^beaiHMaiMi M Beliby Trot In hli ' Lake 
tbeLB)»nrer-<g.iF.). From 1833 to lesfl he 
wa* acting altarnalel; at the Hajmarket 
and the Adelphl. In the fint-named year 
be waa in the original cut of Jerrold'a 
*HonaekMper'(3.(.> From 18M Co 1842 he 
waa fnlBlling eDgagsmenle In Amerin, hii 
llratappBiranca bMng made in the tormt^r 
year at tba NaUonar Tbeatce, New York. 
In 1841 he nappeared at the Uaymukat. 
remaining tbere bU IStT, and flgaring daring 
that time as the orlEinal Coplain Si]iprt in 
Hrs.QcnVs 'Onld Pro Qua'(o.n.}. Bab ia 
BODdanlt's * Old Heads and Y,rai.K Heart,.. ■ 
i,q.vA, Tilly Slmelmi in Wcbati'r'n -Cricket 
SB the H«arth'(g.Atih>J4AtIy in 'Land me 
nre ShiUluB' (a.a.% and the SacDunnum 
inBondcaDlt* ' School for Scbamlng ' (j.c). 
In 184T be went to tbe Lyceum. wlieTe he 
vnstbeorlginal Awln - Box and Cai ' (a.t.). 
In tba fallowing year be returned to the 
Baymarket, where he wai the 9nt repte. 
■antatiTeoI Jmtnadiii Stert In < The Serlons 
Famlli' («.(.;, Jr«u In Cojne'a ' Vicat ol 

mentsln tba history al tbe English slage, 
bT reason both ol tba plays produced and 
tba players engaged to rawesant Ibem. 
Doling this p«inl Bnckslone was tba 
originai Tapraaantatlre of Jmmy Tuiip in 
•BUpsmenta in High LUa' (iMl, CtSau- 
toH in 'KaneUgh' (mt), tcrd PelimuUi 
In 'WUllklns and bis Dinah' (18S4), rem 
Jtipitone in "The Bill Genlns (1856). Sir 
Brian dt Brav Sue In 'The Richtg and 
Wrongs of Worqan ' (1868), Jolm BuUertiy 
In 'vTctimg' (1B6TX Dr. Bolclurly in -Aa 
Uneqnsi_^Match_' (1857). *pi«Jiil in 'The 

Lotiliond in 'The I 

BiMU In ' The family Secret ' (IseOi, 

Bt4tU in T. 'Uylor's 'The Babes in the 

I 'The ] 

I Ooos. 

I Life V 

(1887), Dr. Lafitit In ' 

Bomance ' (1888), hunter hi ' New Men and 
Old Acres' (18«S1. King PhamT In 'The 
Palace of Trath ' (1870), Ckryiet in * Pygma. 
Iloa and Oalatea' (leVl), Lulin in The 
Wicked World ' (1878), J/r. FiH-Paningtm 
In 'Cbarity' (ISTl). Buckatona was also 
seen during his eareer u Qramio In 'The 
Taming ol tbe Shrew' (lau), 0an In 'John 
Bull' flSiei, Sir Andrtw Agurchiik (1940), 
ScTvb in ■ The Besui" StrataKsm ' (1817)— all 
at tbe Baymarketi ^pud In one act u[ 
'The Two Qenttemen of Verona' (1847); 
one ol the witches In 'Macbeth' 11848); 
ToucAjtsnc, Tony Lumptirit Bob Asrgt - 
Tim in ' Wild Oats' (l^X Sir Bmamia 
Baeibite (1867), irvdutln ' The Hancbback ' 
(1868), ^r Baihflil ConsUnt In ' The Way 
ioKeapHlm'(18£8),5>Uvln'TbaB<iad to 
Bain' (l8M), &m™>ur*In 'A Bold Stroke 
for a wife ' (1868), TrtiKhard in ' Our Ame- 
rican C^iosln' (1881), Zttitl Homitptm in 
Tba Heir at Iiaw'^18e«), Dolly £pan.t«r in 

' (1S70), a 

■SprlugGardens'(18TS). Buckitoae' 
" and "Lnko the Labocroi 

Bell, tbe Wagconer ; or, The Murderera nf 
Masslac' a^), -Paul Pry' (1827). 'The 
New Son Joan'OSIS). 'John Street, Adet- 
phi' (18M). ■ Praauioplire Krldence' (1820). 
fBlUy Taylor ; or. T&o Cay Yoang Fellow- 

ttsai "Hia Happiest Day of my Lite' 
8»), 'Snakes In the Oraas'; 1829). 'llieo- 
ire the Brinnd ' (I83D). ■ Miicblet Mak. 
Ing' (1830), -The Wrack Ashore' (1830), 'A 
Husband at Sighf 0880), ■Poppin, the 
I QuesUon' (1330^, 'DamoD and PyOiiaa' 




ri831), 'The Ice Witoh; or, The Frozen 
Hand' (1831). 'John Jones' (1831), 'The 
King of the Alps ' (1831). ' Victorine ' (1831), 
* The Pet of the PettlcoaU ' (1832), ' Forgery ; 
or, The Beadhig of the Will' (1832), 'The 
Bravo,' an adaptation (1838), ' Ellen Ware- 
ham' (1833), 'Open House; or. The Twin 
Sisters ' a838). ' The Bake and hij Pnpil ' 
(1833), 'NichoUs FUm' (1833), * Agnes de 
Vere ; or. The Broken Heart,' an adapta- 
tion (1834), * Henriette the Forsaken ' (1834), 
'The May Queen' a834X 'Bural Felicity' 
(1884). * Married Life ' (1834), ' The Christen- 
ing' 0834), 'Isabella; or, Woman's Life' 
<iSl4), 'Thirty Years of a Woman's Life' 
(1884), 'The Last Days of Pompeii,' an 
adaptation (1884), 'The Dream at Sea' 
(1835), 'The Scholar.' an adaptation (1835), 
' Good Husbands make Good Wives ' (1835). 
'Second Thoughts' (1836), 'Uncle John' 
0886), * Shocking Events' (1838), ' Our Mary 
Anne' (1838), 'Weak Points' (1838), 'The 
Irish iJon' (1833). 'A Lesson for Ladies' 
a8S8X * Jack Sheppard ' (1839X ' Single Life ' 
(i889X *A Kiss in the Dark' (1840). 'The 
Thimble Big' a844X 'Snapping 'Turtles' 
(1845), 'The Green Bushes; or, 100 Years 
Ago ^(1845), 'Nine Too Many' (1847), 'The 
Fk>wers of the Forest' (1847), 'A Rough 
Diamond' (1847), 'An Alarming Sacrifice' 
(1849X 'Leap Year' (I860). 'Good for No- 
thing' 0851), 'Babes in the Wood' (1866); 
also, of * Abelard and Heloise,' ' Curiosity 
Cured/ ' The Duchess de la Yaubali^re, 'The 
Dead Shot.' ' Josephine, the Child of the Re- 
giment,' ' The Maid with the Milking PaU,' 
°The Two Queens.' "As actor," writes Tom 
Taylor, "toe English stage has seen few 
more genial and humorous mimics than 
Buckstone. His art was of the English 
style, broad and laughter • making. He 
always seemed to attach more importance 
to the humorous than to any other ouality 
of the part he acted. But he did not over- 
look the general aspect of his parts, though 
he clothed them all in a uniform garb of 
the Buckstonian humour, conveyed through 
the inimitable eye-twinkle and mouth-twist 
all knew so well, and the rich, oily chuckle 
of a voice whose sound could produce a 
roar before the actor was seen. He usually 
provoked laughter, however, without forcing, 
and was admirable in the quiet, unerring 
power with which he made a point." "A 
more singular face." says Percy Fitzgerald, 
" could not be devised— the intensely droll 
eyes set in their places a little crookedly, 
a delightfully grotesque nose, cheeks some- 
thing after the pattern of cutlets, and whose 
muscles went up and down, delicately re- 
laxed; and uie mouth I That, drawing it 
over to one side, into a comer, as it were, 
until by tiie act a sort of money-box slit or 
aperture was made ; with this difference, 
that the good thin^is were projected out of 
it, instead of anything being dropped in ;— 
that 'twist' was special to himself." See 
Pascoe's ' Dramatic List ' (1880), ' Actors and 
Actresses of Great Britain and America,' P. 
Fitzgerald's 'Memoirs' and * Principles of 
Comedy,' etc. While manager of the Hay- 
market, Buckstone appeared in several 

" occasional" pieces, of which the following 
are examples :— (I) * Mr. Buckstone's Ascent 
of Mount Parnassus : ' a pUee de eireotutanee 
by J.R. Planch^ performed in March. 1853, 
and forming " a sort of travesty of Albert 
Smith's famous entertainment, * The Ascent 
of Mont Blanc,' then in the height of its 
popularity." (2) * Mr. Buckstone's Yoyage 
Bound the Globe in Leicester Sqiiare : ' a 
"revue" by J. R. Planch^ produced at 
Easter. 1854. (8) ' Buckstone at Home ; or. 
The Manager and his Frientb:' a sketch 
by Stirling Cotnb, brought out in April, 

Buckstone, John Cqpeland. Actor, 
bom 1858; son of J. B. Buckstone iq.v.); 
made his professional dibut at the Gaiety, 
Dublin, in April, 1876. He has had con- 
siderable expierience in the English pro- 
vinces, India, and America ; besides appear- 
ing in London at the Folly and Haymarket 
Theatres in 1870, at the Royalty. Prince's, 
Yaudeville, and Criterion in 1886, at the 
Op^ra Ck>mique and Comedy in 1887, at 
the Lyceum, Novelty, and Shaftesbury in 
1888, and at the Duke of York's Theatre in 
1898-0.— His brother, Rowland Buckstone, 
was the original BatU Qiorgiotu in * The 
Colonel' (1881) and the first P«ppe in 
' Merely Players ' (1882). 

Bnokstone,I«ncy Isabella. Aetress; 
daughter of J. B. Buckstone (g.v.); bom 
1859, died 1893 ; made her first appearance at 
Croydon as Oertrude in ' The Little Treasure ' 
(q.vX and her London dibut at the Hay- 
market BsAda Ingot in * David Garrick ' in 
December, 1875. She afterwards figured at 
the Lyceum as Annette in * The Bells ' and as 
Lady F. Touchwood in ' The Belle's Strata- 
gem^ (1876); also, at the Prince of Wales's 
as Luey Orrnond in ' Peril ' (1876). Her " ori- 
ginal " parts included Minnie in * Engaged ' 
0877), Bertha de MottevUle in * A Great 
Catch ' (1883), Abigail Hill in ' The Queen's 
Favourite ' (1883), Qladye Grant in * Rachel ' 
0S8Sy,Enid AMtruther in ' Marina ' 0888). 
and Flora in ' Miss Decima ' 0891)- She also 
appeared in London as Maria in ' The School 
for Scandal' (1876), Alice in 'Forget Me 
Not' 0882), Ltiey Bertram in 'Guy Man- 
nering' (1883X Isdith Martland in 'The 
Private Secretary ' (1884), Blanche Denham 
in 'The Denhams' 0885), and Otoendolen 
PeUigrew in • The Parvenu ' (1891). 

Bnd, Felix and Ellen. The married 
couple in C. J. Mathews' 'My Wife's 
Mother' (g. v.). 

Bnd and Blossom. A farce by Lady 
Colin Campbell, Terry's Theatre, London, 
June 8, 1893. 

Budd, Dorothy, in Dougla.s Jerrold's 
•St Cupid' (9. v.). (2) Mi$9 Roee Budd, in 
Selby's * Spanish Dancers' (q.v.). 

Bndffe and Tottie. A dramatization 
of J. Habberton's story, 'Helen's Babies,* 

{>roduced at the Gaiety Theatre, London, 
n September, 1878, with the lumpier 
children in the principal parts. 

],. lliJXCHARri*!! ' ArUul Dodgu' iq-".). In > 

Budget of BlundeTB (A). A taroa 
iDtwDUIs, by Obefpuliik, flnt perfunniNl 
Kl Coreot Oinleo In IStO. 

Bolf ftnd Bine. A play by J. J. 
31cCloskey, pertormlid In U.S.A. 

BnffAlo Bill, m A plQ7 !>r F. O. 

■" Iq.T.I. perfonn«l at the Bowerr 

New York, In Febnuvry, 1B72, «ll6 

J. B. StDdler [ntha title urt, 
HbyW. H. VhkUtiT; nt tbe s 
In Anciut, isn, wIUi W. F. C 

n Ancoat, 


I, bj Colanel 8ti 

In Febnuvry, 1B7; 
Caly {I 

Bebkani*, prodncid (tar tbu tlist time ii 
I^mdotOM BuiEflr'a ThsKtia, Mity!3, IssT 
a) A drama la four acM. by (iEORCl 

EODERTS, fiiM perF 
ud CuUe Thealru, 

.rmoa at tbe Elephant 
Loadtin, Alnf 3D» IJ?fi7. 
InSklo, Bon, In O'Haba's' April Day' 
.), Is tfaa man wbu ti made "an April 
BnffBlo a'lrlB<The); or, Tlie Female 
. J — ■ , — a bykiiw.iKn MTIR- 

london. cin April 17, ll«47, itHh 

M Jfnrt AnOimu XaiwUan 

WtUinglon Tdbi Tiumfc. 

Buffer, Sir WUUam. A chamqtcr in 

pEtKE's'BotureBrenkfasftj.r.). {2) Mr. 

ttaftr. Id E. and J. 111. MuBTO.v'a ' Railioail 

Tnp,' l! a conf eclioner. 

Bnfton, Eleanor [Mn. Arthar Sinn^ 

luaile^er flreo appearance on'tbe alugaat 
Xdinburgb. bar melropolilan dMur liElng at 

.. „. . , -.heat™. AttbaPrineaja'H, 

jan, Blie figured as Htrmia 
an -A muaubiuier >i|rbt'd DrtAin ' (18£0), 
fknlfund Id 'Ilia rempen' {im). anil 
JIvanlB'Klnglrfar'OS^). AtUieStrsntI 
Tbntre (nndu'tbi SwanbotDogh manage. 
Maul) aha was in the origiiial aM* o[ *ncb 
■laoH M Baffldn** 'Bomeo and Jnllet,' 
buiaaqna (IBW), 'Taltmrd'* ' William Tell ' 
(IBM}, CniTan'a 'Poat Boj' l\way Btcdu'i 
•BngnUk'tienX BneklngbUD'a ' Pizairo' 
(Uaft and BjTOB'a 'Iranbne' (letS), Be. 
isi^l to the St. JaiDN'^ Uiia Button wai 
■een Aan aa JKn Ogit in 'Tbt Belia'a 
Stntann' (IBeO), the original fii'aniffn in 
ODbetfa 'Dulcunam' (.VaSt, Mri. Saani- 
doHH In CoToe'i ■ Widoir Hunt ' da07), and 
JIfM. nnwnt in -The Bchool of Befonn' 
Cim). At tba Btiud bi 1870 aha waa Ctalii 
in 'Tba Hair at lA*t' ^"^ tbe orliLinal 
Jonotftan iriW In FamU'a ' Idle 'Prentice.' 
In IBTl, at tba Court Theatre, aha vaa the 
Irrt lepreaentatlre o( Kim- "' — '- ' '- 
lllbera 'BugdaU-B Tbnml 

BrCharla* Ki 

lb' (q.V.) . 

BtUOa in hia adaptation ol ' Great Eipecla. 
tkin>'(4.e.). In ISSJahewulnlhe orirlnal 
Xdndon cast of 'l>lanD' (o.v.), and pbyed 
Mn. BirktU bi a rsHna ol - Beta y ' at tliE 
Crtterlan. lAtac London appearancea weri 

made by lier In ■Consin Johnny" 
■ The Union Jack ' (\Stii), aud ' A B> 
Promiaa ' (laBl). 

Bn^glna. (1) A "thrall'- in 
IlRininrrs'l*rdBaleman'(i;.r.). (! 

menial— A dantiarDaii,' etc. {Z) MUiLvt 
B-f^m "belored by Snooka,'' Is a <-b> 


£. Stiklinq-s 

'Little Bacii 

31 J Jew ■? 

Bngls, Squire ("aTterwarda Oomi"). 
A FhaTHCter bi T. DinoiN'e ' Uarieniiln and 
Alotber Gao9a'(7.t>.). 

Built on Sand. A dmtna In flicactx. 
byruNK HAnvKVlo.c), Alexandra Opera 
House, »belflald. May U, isac. 

Bniat. W. Soott. Aotor; nuuie bia 
London d/hut at tM Opem Cominua bi 
April. 1886. aa Pampac in 'The Eicunilon 
Tisin ' (;.r ). Ha baa ilnce ligorfld In the 
original casta of ' Tha Blue Bella of Scot- 
land ' and 'FaKinatlon '{1SB71, ' lliat Doctor 
~ d'hsas), 'Dlaniond Dana' (I«l>n. 'An 

- of Pirtar'a 'Mayflower' 0890> Ha 

played Oterge Toman in 'Uadda (iahlar' 
at the Vanifefllle In IBSl. «irru,wjari In 
' Rosmeraholm ■ at the Op^ra ComlquB In 
i^i, and I'on Eitler In -Magda" at the 
Lycenm Id IBBS. 

Bulb. A gardener in TVattb PHltLiPs's 

Bulkeley, Ur>. See Babbesfoiid. 

Biill. (IJDcpufvBuUinCl.CoLiiiANjun.'i 
'Reriew'fg.ii.V (SlOofluBiiUbiO'KElll'K'B 
•Fontalnebleao'fo.c). lSiJohr>BaU,Kiq.. 
in T. DiDDtN'B 'Two Oracorieii'fg.c.), is a 
young Eugllaliman iu Paria. (4) Jfr. Jena- 
Vuin and Mr*. ClBtpalm Bull Bgnra in 
Pcttitt and CoNOUEST'a • Keclt or Nothing ■ 
f^.i'.). (01 JfiM Olo Bufl flgurea in Edwahd 
STTHLiNc'a ■ Buffalo Girls '^H.e.). 

Boll by the Horns {The). A farcical 

produced at the Gaiety Theatre, l.ondou! 
on Anguiit M. 1370, with B. W. Rojro aa 
Ptpwr PbiIi. E. Hontar aa Ptier Oleii m. the 
author aa Paul Pirciral. Miu K. Fnrren aa 
ttri. Pod; and Mra. Leigh aa ifri. Olr^m. 

Ball • Figrhter <The^ A romaatic 
drama by CALMlRt^.c.). 

Bull in a. China Shop (A). A nlay 

the Haymarket Tiieatre bi Korrinber, IMI, 
with a cost including C. J. Malhews, H. 
Compton. Mlaa Undley. Mn. Fltiwllllam. 
etc. ; perfnrtned in New York iu ItHN aa 

Bull Theatre (The). See Lo:ipo:( 

Bnllen. Anne, in ' Henry VIII.' (q.i.). 


Day ■ (privWely printed, ISSl), ' A CollMUon 
of Old limillBli Plays' (iirltKtely printed, 
1*62), 'Thu DtamatiW*' flSSS, tt 
KB.), 'Atdenaf FoonhuD' (LSSI), 'I^tia 
fiuio tha Dru