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^fnt Conn, 


The object of this work is to combine the merits of ibe most popnlat.- 
Dictionarie*, edpectully those of Juhnuni aiul Wnlkcr, so a* toiapenedfr' 
the nc^4.'c8J°ity now fvit of hiiving more tbaii one Dictionary ftcd for 
the ordi(iur> purposes of the Ei^ltsh student ; and at the eame time, 
in Bvoitling tlieir defecU and reitun(Iaiu-ie«, to preserve the some 
dinkeaaions as the ordinary octavo ■bridgemcnt of Johnson. 

The counie which hat beea adopted is. first, the excliuioa 
of many vrords, now ^liuiding in Todd's edition of JuliiU'on, wluch 
neither by uw or unaloffy nrc English ; iind the introduction of which, 
either in writing tir convemutiun, would draw upon tlic person 
using them the charge of pedantrj- or vulgarity. Secondly, in llie 
common abri«lgrmrnts of Johnson, tlic ntithorii' namos nre utill rel.iined ; 
while the (juotatioiu, shewing the varidiLi xeceptstiottti in which the 
words were used by »iidi outJiort, and which alone could make their 

1 names valuable, or even necessary, have been excluded. Many of 
tlicsc are niune« of iiu autliurity, beyond that of having appeared 
in print, while their perpetual recurrence Iiai contributed to 
swell the volume to tlie exclusion of really vulmible uuitter. These 
names have been dispensed with ; and the space oblaiitevl by their 
omisaion, and by the omUsion of useless words nnil obsolete acce])ta- 
tkini, has been devoted to the uuertion of all such technical words 
as are now in use, and which the general rnidi-r is likely to nteel with, 
and cx]K'CU:d to umlerstand: these have been given from the best 
authorities. Among such nddiiioiu are many whieh have been com- 
pounded for or applied to recent inventions, now of general notoriety, 
and which therefore tlemaml a pUc<^ in nn ICiiglivh vocabulary. To 
these may be iidded many wofxis, which, but n few years since, might 
have been deemed obsoh;to or homely, but which having been of late 
most deservedly revived by writers of transcendent merit, iww con- 

tribute both pOW it JBJ .beanty to the most vigorous and potiibed 
compositions of thV'*^. Thc«c, without descending to mere pro* 
ng, b«Tc lipeh ciirefiilly imerted. 

?he prftfiuUeiutioii of WJker has been genetally followed, thougl 
the editor jias not felt himM-lf bound in all cmcn to adopt his 
mode of/etpreMtng tlmt pronunciation. The prindpaJ deviation from 
Walkv^s system has been in the rcMoring of certain Icttcn, for 
wlikfh othcn of a similar or nearly similar sound have been uiineoes- 
.'AilVily substituted. For InKlanci-, nil wurdu ending in i^, «« maker, 

:.'<itteT, tetler, better, &c. we are directed by Walker to pronounce 
.'ma'-kur, ka'-tur, tcT-lur, bct'-tur, 8m;. The noundc of the e and 
the u in lluit numerous dass of vrord^ are certainly not easily distin- 
guiahablc when spoken rapidly ; but when pronounced delibemtely, 
a dchcatc ear will iii^antly perceive the difRrrencc between the small 
sound of the one and the full Noimd of the other. Agdn, the letter 
d in certain nituntion!!, eiipeciully before the vowels i and u, when 

■ careleoaly pronounced, is apt to slide into the sound of J. This, 
which in fact nriites from a Klovenly enunciation, is by Walker laid 
down as the strict rule : adulation is to be pronounced ud-ju-la'-«hun, 
compendium is com-peR'-je-um, ingredient, in-gre'-jent, &e. Thia, in 
a pastuigc read or spoken with solemnity, would be intolerable. In like 
matuier the syllabic tu, |M>rpotualljr recurring in our language, as in 
the wnrd« congratulation, flatulent, natural, &e. will, even when mo-it 
carefully spoken, receive a sufficient degree of the aspirate, with- 
out the speaker following Walker's direction to pronounce them 
con-gratsh-u-la'-shun, flatsh'-u-lcnse, nar-tshu-ral, &c. U is not 
probable that a jwlito speaker would nt this day, even on Mr- \\'alker's 
authority, pronounce the word yes, yis. 

H The simplidty and typographical beauty of the mode mggeated 
by the publisher, ainl ailo{)tc<I for the first time in the present work, 
of marking the diilerent sounds of ttie vowels by the points instead 
>rthe fijfures will be Lmmcdiatcty perceived. 

A baa three long mmiikIb and two 

'ihOlt ODM. 

The fim touDd of th« fim letter in 
our iil|i)iib«t \% that whkb omoag the 
Enj-hsh II its iiuRie. This i« wtnt is 
C«ll«l, by most gTanimanmii, iu •ten- 
dnr sound: w« EiDil it in ihe words 
Xadr, tjiadt, trade. Sec. In fbe diph- 
thong at ore hire exactly itic Mine 
ttMOd of lhi« lc<l«r, u ID patN, gaim, 
timt, tec. and toiiMlioie* in ibcdiph- 
t}aoc%ta,x%btar, mtaT,f^ar.S:e.:*TA 
twice wc hnd i'. in the words aAerr and 
Mrre, sad one* in llicBuofitalouB di|ili- 
thoog at 'd ^aoU 

T)ie Ion; tlcnder a t* gencrnlly 
pn.dace<l by n lilcnt < al ili« end ofm 
nllebte: which t nut only keepi one 
■m^le inicivebing coiixoiunC from 
■hortenio); the preceding vowel, bat 
aoraetimos two: ihiwwe flud ibeoiule 
t imkcf of rag, ragt, sad ki:e|M the 
a open in range, tkangt, Ac. i hat, 
with the mute e, beoocnca hile, and the 
a coAUnui't open, and perhup* lome- 
wbat longer in Antic, leailt, patle, 4k. 
thaKgh it muil be con fewed this «e«mt 
the pri«ilF|^ only of a ; for the other 
vowelt coutioci berorc llie GomonaoU 
Itg in rtT^ngt, rriHge, piitngt; and the 
lie in our langtia)^ is preceded by no 
oibvr vowel but ilits. Every cobso- 
Bont but ■ sbortCDi every lewe) but a, 
wbeu Kift g and « sitooi loccccd : at. 
Wgr, Lodge, hmg«, tpiatge, Sie. 

Hence we may eataUitb this gene- 
ral t«le ; A hit (tie lou^jtOpen, tleader 
soud, when followed ^ a siagte con- 
•ODant, and r mute, u Iddr, made, 
fade, &c. The only exceptions seem 
tobe> htKe, arc, gape, and bade, the 
ptit tiae ot to M. 

A has geoerally the same souud 

when ending an accented syllable, : 
p«-per, ta-\*T, tptr-ta-tor - 

We proceed to the srcood sound of 
Ibis vowel, which i« (hiti hoL^ri) la 
Jatber, and is c;iUrd by xxiir th<- open 
•ound; but thti can nrvcr diMiii^uith 
it from the deeper lotind ul il'>- a tn 
ali, ball, &c. which b still n>ore »p«n: 
by some it is styled ihc middle Maad 
of u, M between the a in pale, and that 
in icall ! it iitiiwen nenilv to tbe 
Italian a in Tanano, Roihuoo, &c> or 
to the tinul a in ibe oaiuraltud Creek 
vcords. pttpa and maaama. 

The long sound of the Bii(l<lle or 1 ta- 
liannlsDlwuynfmindbefoo.- ihcli(|uids 
Im ; wli«thcr the latter only be pro- 
noui^erd, as in pialm, or bo<h, as in 
piolniit .■ totneiiaics before If, und fee, 
as tal/, half, ralee, halee, (nJee, Sic.; 
umI before the sbnrp sapiniied dental 
lA in balh, falli, lalh, Jathtr, gtau, 
gratt, ltt*lt /<ui, after, tatktl, nmit, 
■Diufiir, comawiNl, deimand, &c. 

As ibo mate t in ealm, ptatm, ralf, 
half. Sec. seenu to leo^hcii the sound 
of ihU letter, so the ubbretiBtK>n of 
some word* by apo«tiopbe seenis to 
have the sjme effect. Ihus, when tbe 
>r« iscut out of the unid tauitol, and tbe 
two KvlUblev reduced lo one, we find 
tbeaUngtliened loihe Italian ot mid- 
dlan, BSMiMie^ em'ti have not, han't i 
ihall not, lAaa'f , &c. 

The short loand o( the middle q« 
Italiuii a. whii-li isgenerallyconfound- 
ed widi the nhurt sound of the sleadef 
(I, is the sound ol' this vowel in pan, 
Ian, mat, hal, &c. Wc ([cncnUly find 
this sound before nny two saccessivc 

The ibitd long sound of a is thai 
which we more immedintely derive 
from our matoraal Unguajje, the S&xou, 

•OCBIW or TUB VOVrlLft. 

, which al prc«enl we um lew ihao 
iv otti^r: lliii in the a in fali, ball. 
■U: me find u corr^ipDiulenl suuud 
to this a in llaO diphtboogs, au and aw, 
u faHrf. 'uBi inv, &c. 

Tlic long *aiincl of Ihc dc«'p brood 
Grnoau a u produced by U atir.r il, u 
in aiJ, iidl/, call; or, iodeed, liy one I, 
and any othvr contonanl, except tli« 
mate labials, p. b,/, and r, as (uif, 
ia/d,/altt./n(rAi*n,/itl(«a, &c. Tli« 
excoptkiu to thiB rule are gonerally 
word* from ihi- Aobic nnd L«ti(i lan- 
guage, u <4f/w, .f /^IM, a*ftliiiUic,fal- 
talai, Mihv, raltitlatt, amalfamtttt, 
^Icorau, iitid Al/ttd, &c. Our modern 
onhv^rapby. Itas mode it necMsary to 
obacnv, llml eitry word conipouniled 
of B nionoty liable wilb 11, as ulbcil, 
dbe, «la«iwl. &c. must b« pronouoced 
fti il ibl two Ii<]<*Mls wer* tttli remain- 

The V has o peculiar qnality at 
broaJt'oing ihii IciU'r, cren when pro- 
pMilivc: lliii is always the eU'ecli cii> 
ce|fl when the vowel is elosed by ilie 
aharporflfll »attiita1 Jrurg, x, n;, nk, 
•r ln« sharp iBhanl/, as wiu. m/I, 
lhm»cA, li»ang. laank .• ihua w« pio- 
nouncB the a brmul, ihongh thorl in 
toad, Iran, tranl, uat, tchat, &C. and 
tbMi|[b other letters suffer ilie a to 
alter tit sound b«<bre li, wh«n one c( 
these kitora goea to the formation of 
th« latter sylluble. so. toll, tal-loit; 
hallf Imt-linBi eall, ral-hiE, &e. ye*. 
«e aee V preacrro lh<- sound of this 
fowel before a single consonaot. as 
wat-tom, tictil-U'ii!, &c. 

The f iocliulmj; ibe totind of ibe u, 
■ml being no more than this letter pre- 
ceded by k, ought, accuidini; lo onn- 
lojcy. lo broaden erery a il (.fies l>croie, 
like llie r ; thus ^uanlil^ onjjttit to be 
pronooDced a« if wnltco kwoatuy, and 

?iialUf aliould thyme iillh jollity. 
'here are howcrer some exceplwos, 
as tfamtr and r^ualot. 

Tht. short sound of this tuoad a U 
hoard wfa*ii it h prt ceded by n>, and 
Ncceedcd by a single consonant in 
the same syllnbtc, ns wat'loa *»iil-lair, 
Ac. or by two coosouunls in Ilie same 
ayllaUe, aa uonl, uorl, *taip, &c. bat 
wbcu I or r is one uf the consonants, 

the a bccomea long, e> leatk, 

The a (It the numerous tennioatioa 
ole, when the accent is mi it, is pro* 
nouticed somewhat diffVrunlly in dif* 
fertm words. If the woni bo a sub- 
staniire, or on adjcelii'c, the a seema 
to be shorter than w!i''d ii i> a verb: 
thus a good ear will diicoier a diflec- 
eoce in the t^uanlity nf this letter, in 
Jeftcnle and derlittitt ,- in cl'innfe, pri- 
mate, and ulUmatei iind (be verity 10 
cakuMt, l» rrxulatt, and to iprrulaU, 
wlieic irelinil tl>e nouns aixl •idjcctifos 
have the a considerably shorter than 
the verba. Inaalt, howcirr, preserres 
the a as Iobi; iis if tliif act-cnl were on 
il: but the iinaeccnicd (crioinatioDa 
in an, whether nouns or verb*, liare 
the a SO iboit und obscure as to be 
nearly similar to the r in la* ; thus, 
lialatf, tvlate, m*iiatt. pinitatt, popw 
tut*, niij^ht. withoot any ifteut diipar- 
lure from their common sound, b« 
written pallri, lollei, Sic. But tha 
sound of ibe a which is the lanst 
difficult tu B|iprec.'i.ite, is tlist where 
it ends the sylhible, either immedi- 
ately before or ufter ibe accent. We 
cannot <;ivc it any of its three open 
sooods witliout hurting the ear; (boa. 
in pronooncing the words aionntl and 
duidnn, ag'bouud, abbouad, and aw- 
hnend ; di-ai)-ilem, di-ah-ilrm, and di- 
aw-tlem, ore all improper ; but giving 
the a the second, or ItLiliaii sound, aj 
aA-totind and di'Uh-dtni, »eeni« the 
Uast so. For which repawn the short 
aoutid of this Inttet has been adopted 
to mnrk this unaccented ir .- bnl if the 
nnuccenleil u be final, which is not the 
case in any word purely Knglish, it 
then seenis to approach stilt nrnrer 10 
the Italiun a in the last syllnble of 
papa, and to the a in father, as may 
lie heard io ihcdelibomi* pronuncia- 
tion of the words idta, Ajrita, Dttio, 


Tlie first sound of e is that whidi 
it bos when leogthened by (he mutfl 
e AnnI, at in s/eJie, IAcihe, &C- or when 
it cods a sytlu6le with the ncceiit upon 
it, as se-ere-(ion, ofl-he-iion, &c 

Ibc eaceplimis to this rule art, lb' 


«nl« mktrm knd ihert, m irfiich tko 
In « (e prooounccd like n, m ir writ- 
tB wftorr, (Adre j sad lUe iiasilhiry 
wA vrfr, where ihe e lift* iu ihucl 
Nonil, vi if wriiivn mrr, ihymiiig 
«ilh the tiKi syMii)it(> of prr-fer ; aiid 
rrr f before), wliicli fOiimlt liki> an. 
Tbo short tooixl of e it Ihui h«nj 

a ktd,/fi, rcrf. >r(vl. &c- 

I Tbe ( ui ibv vuij of (he moaosjlla- 
blr« ir, he, M«, «(!. ii pronouDced ee. 
u if wrrlKn tie, her, 4c. tl i» silent 
M the end of v«rH» puitity Koglish, 
bat is pronounced difiincily at lh« 
tnd of noaxe words from tlic leaiit«4l 
LsngUAgr*, ns epitome, timiU, tatailrtr- 
ftke, apoi'Tvphe, dec. 

The first » in ihc poetic eonirac- 

Kms, t'*' And nv'rr, tl nronoaftcett like 
as if wf iticn air una nair. 
This Toirel, in a liiijl iioiR-cenled 
UaMc, UI spl to tlide iiilo the sliort 
I .• (hiu,/aM/, raiijM, praittt, an pro- 
nounced u if written /arU, rmgii, 

There ■■ n rtmnrksbic exeeplioB to 
the cocnnMR sonnd of this letter in the 
word* tltrk. itrjtant, and a few others, 
whnc wc find the c pronouiiced like 
the a in dark unti margin. But lliis 
eiceptioii, 1 imagine, was, till within 
these lew years, the general rule of 
aouDtlini; this Ittier befor* r, followed 
bj another cnniiOnniit. 

The f owcl t Mote t and n in the 
final unaceented syUnUc. by iu being 
•oroetimes supprcHcd and sometimet 
not, rorrnii nne of the most pu/xling 
diflictiltics in pronunciation. When 
any ot the liquid!! precede llic*e lellrrs, 
the e u heaid diiiiinclly, ns taollfn, 
flan»tt, uonien, tyren j but when any 
of the other coosonanls eome before 
these lelicTs. the r is lomelirnes beard, 
as in HorrJ. imldtn ; and sometimea 
not, as in ntircf, rciren, &c. No ex- 
act rale cnii be given for this ra- 
liety of prniiiinciaiion ; but, it may 1« 
obserTctl. lh« e bcrote /, in a final un- 
accented nibble, roust always be 
iiroaonnced distinctly, except in the 
olloiriDg words : thekti, irt/iitl, ouui, 
nattt, tarat, sitlnf, rot*i, drmi, 
thtie$t, thoetl, groMi, haiel, n9uL 

The words nrv proBDUi>ced u if the e 
were omilied fay an iposlropbe, u 
ilul^l, tieiu'l, o*i'l, Sec. or rather as 
if wntttn thtkU. Kfntlt, imhU. &ci 
but as lliese ate the only words of this 
tcrminalioa titsi arc to pronounced, 
great care mait be taken that we do 
pronounce IfucvJ, gmrfl, rtltti (the 
SulMtsniivc) f^Tctl, thaptl, aod ccurf, 
in ilie ssuie manner; a fnult to which 
many ato very prone. 

E before n in a iinal unaceenitd 
syllable, and not preceded byalifiuid, 
must nlways be (uppreMcd in tlic 
verbal lermirnitions in ai, as lo /mmw, 
to htatken, anil in other wohU, except 
the folio w i tii; : (iiijil«», hilrllirii. ht/pht», 
cfikktK, litkta (lietlcr wnltcii hiking), 
tm, lt*irM nt ttvrn, ihrtn.mitlrni, sad 
prihnps u Tev othrrs. In thes« words 
thee is beard Jitiincity, contmry to tho 
([eneral lulo whirh suppresses the e ia 
iIk-m syllables, when preceded by a 
fflute, (isAardeit, btnihrn, hrtirtii.M if 
writlen kard'a, hntik'ii. Arar'n, Sic; 
nny.CTrn when pricedtd byii li(|uid,ia 
the words/«//«a <>i>d iMm, where thee 
is suppicaacd, as if lliey were written 
/all'i and ilol'i; gardtn and hirrfea, 
ihrrerore, are I'ery analogTcally pro- 
nounced gatd'n and laiit'n : nnd this 
pronuncialion ouglii (he rather to be 
indulged, ns wc alvnys hrar iIm e snp- 
pressed in gardener and Aurrfeatoate, 
as if written gord'ner and ktirJ'n- 

Thin ilitersity in the pronuneintion 
of these tcrmioittioiis ought i he more 
carefullvio be attended nothing 
is so vulgar and childish a* to hear 
»u-h>el and ktovn pronounced wiih 
ihc e diiilioctlT. or tiovtl and cAi(*t*i 
wHh the r toppressed, But the mosi 
general siippnasioo of this letter ii in 
the preterits of vcrl»», and in paniciplea 
ending in id : here when the e is not 
preceded by d or /, the e i* almost 
univcr«a!ly sunk, and the two final 
consonnnis are pronounced in one 
syllnhle : thus, 'ueed, livol, barrtJ, 
ni«rreJ, are pronounced as if written 
lord, Utfl, baid, mard. The same may 
be obwmd of this leUer when silent 

soovm or the tovxu. 

in tho linfulus of nouM, or the firit 
pervnot cTrerbl, k* ittme, maAc. &c. 
which rotifi ilfmri iti the [>IumI, and 
makti in llir iliitd prnoii, A'c nlicre 
Ihc tn«t r i* silciil, iind ihc words are 
proiwunc«l m one tylUblc. When 
(be noun or lint prnton of the (ttb 
id( ii. y. with ihr acccni on il. tlve e 
likewiM iu|)pivis<il, an a 'tpif, t<t^ 
frpliet, i.e replin. See. Bat il mult 
be carcfullj n<unl, thitt there is a n- 
ikablc occpiion to many of thcK 
itnction* when ire are pronoun c in); 
the Uti|;uii|[e uf •criplure : liere erery 
participial ft (lugtii to niake nOitiinct 
llahle. nheri: it -i not |>n)c«<lt<I by • 
wcl : thii«, " Who hath btlinrd our 
port, and to whc-m i% thu arm ul ihe 
ird rmnftrf I*" H<->i; the (lurticiplea 
both pronounced in three »yl- 
lKbl« : but in the following pauaKC, 
WhoRi he did predMlinnic, ihem h« 
'i]>0 ealUd : and wliotn he fultt't, tliem 
']w alao juilijird ; and whom he Jutii- 
I, tbem he alto glorifitti" Called 
BKMiTM Ihe t, end ia pronounced in 
two (yUable* ; and jtutificd and glo- 
rjitKf lupprcM the e, and are pro- 
aounocd in ifarea. 

Tbia letter is a perfect diphthong, 
p^compoudof thctoundiiof a in/aiher, 
I ADd c in ht, pronounced at clotely 
toi^lher a* pooiibte. Ilie lound 
of this letter ic neurd when it iilen|{th- 
-toed by tinal e, u time, Ihim, or end- 
piag a syllable with ihe aceenl upon it, 
■« li-t^, di-al; in monosyllable end- 
tog with nd, aa bitid, find, mind, Sec 
in three word* emiiiii; with Id, as 
rAiU, mild, vuldi and in one very irre- 
gularly euiling uiih n(. n* pint. 

The tbon sound ol thit letter it 
beard in him, thin. See., and when end- 
ing nn iiTiiirccnicd sylluble, ux von-i- 
Ijl, i)aal-i-ty, &e. where, though it 
caoool be properly said to be short, 
sa it b not cloted b^^ a consonant, yet 
it has but hair itt diphthongal sound. 
LTliit sound is the sound of e, the Inst 
rlctter of Ihc diphthong that forms the 

When this letter I* succeeded by r. 

and another cooaonant not in a liii&- 
fylJBblc, it has cioftly the aound of « 
in ceruim, vtrnal. Sec. as o.riue, cir- 
giu, bitdf d4tt, liiiri, tijuirt. mirlh, 
bhlk, gird, girt, ikirl, girt, Khirl, firm, 

'["he letter r, in this caae, seeiDa 10 
lia*e the siime iiilluenee on tliis vowd, 
as it evidently bus on a and o. Whes 
these vovcis cnmr before double r, or 
single r, followed t>y a towcI, as in 
orabit, entry, marry, uralvr, horrid, 
faragr. Sec. they lire cnniiderabiT 
shorter than when the r is the find 
letter of the word, or when il is aiic- 
cc«ded by another consonant, u in 
tir6our, car, mar, or, Nor, for. In the 
stinie manntr, the i, romiii); before 
etther double r, or single r. followed 
by a vowel. prc»Rrve» itn pore short 
sound, us lU irrirofe, qiiril, rtiaipiraty, 
fee,; but when r Is followed by an- 
other consonsiii, or is the liiial letter 
ofa noid with the accent upon il, tlifl 
i goes into n deeper and broader 
sonnd, oiinivalcnl to abort t, as heard 
in eirjein, oirtut, Sx. So fir, a tree, 
is pcrrccily siindnr to ihc first syllable 
of ferment. 

There is un irregular jironundalion 
of this letter, whldi has greatly multi- 
pliL-d witliin these few years, and that 
is, tlie slender sound heard in n> 
1'his sound is chiefly found in words 
derived from the French and Italian 

The words that hnve preserved the 
foreign sound of i like ee, are princi- 
pally tUe following: anlique,homhntin, 
brtmi, capici,capuckin,fapricc,r.hag fix , 
chevaux-dr-ftue, crilique.friir, gabor- 
(fine, habrrilinr, quataallne, roatint, 
/ateiae, fatigue, itilri^'ue, invalid, ma- 
rAtne, magasine. murine, palun^uia, 
piqw, police, profile, reeilaiivt. man- 
darinr, tahiturine, tambonrinr, Itmtine, 
Iranimariiig, ultramarine. In all these 
words, if fnr (he last ■ we substitute 
ee, we gbiill btive the inie pronuncia- 
tion. In lignior the first i is thus pro- 

When i ends an initial syllable trilh- 
oul the accent, and the succeeding 
syllable begins with a consonant, the 

it» or Tm vowsu. 


Kenenilj tlender, u tf written t. 
'. Uic G(C«ptioni to this rule are to 
crous, ibat nodiin^ but a cuia- 
E i>ould give a (oleisbl« idea of 
fttalo of pronu nidation in thia 


t'Hieont and rhiauitTy have ibe i 
■Imtyi sboTliOrniareproprrlv sleMter. 

Ct bcro(« ibc »cccnt ha* tiie ■ ([cne- 
nllj *Uoit, ai, ci-e<Uan, ti-rilily. 
Q-Mftout acMl ri-laliiM Iutc llt« ■ 

Cti bcTore the aeceni ha* tbe i long, 

Cri brfotc th« aeoent tm tlk« f i;e- 
aemUy long, as, eri-ntgnoiu, cri-lt- 

Di before tbe accented s^nable, be- 
f nning with a roiiwnuit. ougbi gnt- 
a\lj to be pronooncecl Iod^, ea, di- 
fesl, digeiliaa, digrtn, difttmiin, 4i- 
hitt, dtlutiiM, dihumn, iHtittiiioM, rfi- 
mtiuift. liireti, rfiretfiiM, ilietfijy, 
HvertifiraHoH, dirtrtHm, dittrul^, di- 
Itrl, dtrrrlurment, dnttiwr, dirtti, 
itimtuTe, dirulgr, itidaKt'u. ditartratt, 
dtlacrraltM, dilantafe. ililapidolion, di- 
late, dilalabU, dilitlabilitg, itiltclwa, 
dummeraUM^rvtrgt.dtvtrgeHl; ibou^li 
Mimeof ilieoiRtayundoubtedlj be pru- 
nouncctl r iihrr waf ; and in aome tlie 
■ ii ahoil, a*, ditidr, dimiaMA, divint, 
ditfrnit, diqptriet, See. 

Gramniafiana ban eeoetally al- 
lowed IliU letter but thret aoundt. 
Mr. Shi'ridan intlaiwe* theru in not, 
Mole, prt/M. For a roiirili I have 
added tlic o m lot*, dort, Ac : fot tbe 
fifUi, tbul Id or. not. jot; aod u Mitb, 
tliat in voiHuff, KolJ, &c. 

Tbe fini Diid only peculiar souikI 
of thin Idler U (bal by which it ii 
naiDt>d tR ibc ntphu'wl : il rtquirea 
tbe (noiilli to be rdrmed, in »otn« cle- 
giet, Wr the kir«r, in order to pro- 
nounce Il TIiik ma; be called iu 
long nutn lODnd, ai the o in pruce may 
be called ili Inriji ^tender sotiiid. 11)is 
aoDod wc lliid in words eikding wilh 
^lent f, aa, I«ne, bonr. aloiK; or when 
esdiag a ayllablc will) the accent 
spofi it, M, Mo-tiM, po-ttnl, &c. ; 

Ijkcwtw in ibe moooiyllablc*, go, m, 
no. Thit soumI is found undi'r mvc- 
r«l combiiiaiioBi of oilier row«la wilh 
Ihi* l«tlei, as in >K>aii, groan, t«w (to 
>liool with), tote (not bigh). and befare 
*i in iIm word* hoil, gluul, pott, mott, 
and before u in grou. 

Th« lUlrd sound of lliia leuac ia 
cill«d ila sboct aoaad, and (I loMDd 
in itol,g</l, lol.iie.: ihougb llui, aiin 
tb« oth«r «bort rowcia, isby oo incani 
the sheet (ound of the former long 
oae, but cortctpoiult cjiaoUy to thai 
of a. In ahal, with which tlie word* 
not, gol, tul, arc perfect rtkvmea. 

Thr M«ond aound of ihi* letter, a* 
was marVed in the <ib>«Tvnlioin, may 
be called iu lone tWodci ouuml, cor- 
responding' (o llie double o. Th« 
word* where thU »ound of a occurs 
are so few, that it will be easy to give 
a catakigne of them : pror^, ntose. 
Move, and ibetr coin|ioiinds. lotr. d^, 
ado, poilron, ponloa, ipwDloa, vAo, 
uftom, UOM&, Uni. 

It may be observed, that the o, like 
ihc r, it suppri-Bied m a finitl uiiac- 
cenivi) xylliible ^licii pieccd«l by c or 
k, and foltmred by n,aii<H0n,6eaco«, 
deacon, btrUaa, rerkon, pionoitliccd 
bak'n, btak'n, dtak'u, beri'n, rttk'n. 
The A i* likewise mule in ibe same U' 
lunlion.nihGO preceded by il in |Hvd«n, 
pronounced pard'a, but not in giisr- 
don: il IS mule when preceded by p 
ill weapon, capon, Sk. pronounced 
Ktap'n, eap^n, iic ; and when pre- 
ceded by * in r«iuon, teMoii, irnuMt, 
oTduna, btniton, dtnuon, uniiori./oiMin, 
poiton, pritaii, Jamiwi, crimtoa. adeow 
iM. pronounced rtat'ti, trr^sn, ttc. 
and inali*i>, bitton, gorruoii, Uuon, eu- 
and fterMn, prononnccd niu'n, ba/n, 
&e. UnuoH, dtapaion, and ntrganw, 
teem, purlii-ularly ill loleran *|H.-aking, 
10 piewrre the sound of o tike u, aa 
if written unitua. diapatuu, iic, Thv 
same letter ii suppressed in a final nn- 
Bccented syllable beginning with I, as 
srion, ntlon, htlton, mullem, gtulUa, 
pronounced as if written »*l'n, «**■, 
*c. When » precede* the i, the o 
is pronounced distinctly, a« id taxUm, 


Thii Idler u lilccwiN supprcned in 
in the l»t (jrlbble of bbuou, pro- 
nnd blat'a ,- Inil it Bluayt to be 
TTcd in ibe sutne syllable «f hori- 
This MiMireMliNi of ibe o mntl 
b« rankoil among ihow careleH 
JatioDi fotind only among ihe 
VBlrar, bat tniut lie coniidcrcd as ooc 
of lBn4i: derioii* Irndrncivi to br^'ity, 
wkicU has worn itself a currenry in the 
)tnpiat;c, and hat al Imt tie.-ome a 
rt of il. To jifOnouDoe ihc u Jii 
lOW ciMt where il n suppm*- 
ed, wouM give a lingulonly to the 



The first Muad of u. beard in (a&r, 
or coding an acMnied syltnblc, n* in 
m-bie, il a diphthongal sound, ua if e 
vere pr«fiaeil. and these words were 
apcit trabe, kewtk. Tho letter m is 
•nctly the pronoun yon. 

The iwrond sound of n i* the nhort 

und, which lallir* exactly with Ibt 
B ia done, tou, &c, which eveiy ear 
IMfoeiiYt NiiKhi as well, fur the •ound'a 
anke, be spell dan, san, Src. 

The third sound of this letter is the 
ti in ivH. full, ftoll, &c. The lint or 
diphthongal u in tubt *eem» olmotl as 
peculiar In the Eugliib as the long 
sound of the i in lAiar, mine, &c, : 
Irat heie, as if they choM to imitate 
di« Latin. Italian, und Ftaich u, tbejr 
leavo out the e before the u, which u 
heard in lube, male, &e. and do not 

inouncc the Utier part of a quite so 
itig as the oo ill piml, nor so sliorl as 

le ■ in duU. bill with a middle sound 
'bctavrn both, whieli is the true short 
•ound 00 in no and h<oo, a* may be 
beard by compHring; von and woof ( the 
latter of whidi b a rmUxi rhyme to 

This middle sound ol a, so unlike 
the geiierst ioiiiid of that letter, eiists 
oitiv in lli« followiiitc words: ball, 
JiiU.pvlli words coropoundcd of /nil, 
na ipon/lrr/iil, drtod/ul. **. kulhck, 
hall!. Utlel, taU^ik. falltr. fmUiig' 
mill, pmllf, pallet, puth. AmA, ba*li*l, 
pulpil. puu. Mtion, buleker. tvthion. 
Turltoo, pttddiug, tagar, himar, huxta, 

and tml, wbcn « t«rb : Ht End ihTs ^j 
sound chiefly confinml to words which |! 
begin with ibc mute labub, b, p,/, ! 
and end with the liqual Inbiid l,ortM 
dentals *, I, and rf, ni in hiill,fnll. patt, 
hnili, puth, pmlilmg, fiiiu, pill, Ac. 
The com|>oiindt> of baU, and iboig of 
/all. which are iiumvrous, follow tbc 
sonnd of thcif primitives. 

It must be rctnxkcd, ih^t this sound 
of H. except in the w«)rd Jalitr, never 
extends to wordi> frutii the learned lan- 
i;tiugT«: for, I'aliuiiani, ftitminatum, 
tbaUition, rtpuUion, tepulchre, Sic 
lotind tlie u nji in rfu/', gait, Sic. and 
tbc u in ^>ut and putiule is rxactlv liko 
the sntiie letter in (Am. So the pure 
Engluh words, J'uUome, buu, bu!g«, 
iruifle, bmltird, buttard, preictvc the 
a in its aecond sound, at at, Aulf, and 

A deviation from tlie legitimate 
soundnof tliis letter is found in the 
words tMty, hinntit and bury, which 
ore pronounced Aii:y, buntUf and 

Y final. 

Y lionl, cither in a word or irllable, 
is a pure vowel, and has eitaclly the 
same xound n» J would hare in tha 
same situation. Kor ihi> reason, 
printers, who have been the ercat 
corrector* of our oithu|£r"phy, have 
•ubtiituted the i in iti stead, on ac- 
count of the too f-reut frequency of 
lhi> letter JD the Eiighsh language. 
"VUM f final is a vowel, is universally 
ackhowled^ : nor need we any other 

iiroof of It than its lon^ sound, when 
blloweirby e mulo, as in thyme, rhyme, 
&c. or ending a syllable with the ac- 
cent upon it, OS buylafi, eyilrr, 8k. ; 
this may be called it» first Towel 

The second sound of the vowel y it 
its short sound, beard in tyitem, ^ir- 
lo», Ac. 

The unaccented loand of this letter 
at the end of a syllable, like tbal of 
the I in the ssme situation, is alwaya 
like the first sound of e.- tlius vinit]/, 
plearwy, &c., if sound alone were con- 



dted, might be written tanitee, pku- 

The exception to this rule is, when/ 
precedes the y id a final sj^llable, the 
) ii then pronounced as long and open 
u if the accent were on it : thus j'lu- 
l^g, quatijy, &c. have the last syllable 
wunded like that in defy. This long; 
■ound continues when the g is changed 
into >, in jiatifiabit, qaalifiahte, &c. 
He same may be obserTed of multi- 
ply and mullipliable, Ac, occwpy and 
ataipiabU, Ac. 

That u final ii a rowel, is not dii- 
puted; when it is in this situation. 
It is equiralent to oo ; as may be per- 
ceired in the sound of cow, tmo-el, 
&c. ; where it forms a real diphthong, 
composed of the a m va-ter, and the 
00 in HTOo and coo. It is often Jmned 
to o at the end of a syllable, without 
efiecttijg the sound of that vowel ; and 
in this situation it may be called ser- 
vile, as in into (to shoot with), ctmb, 
loir, not high, Ac. 

A, Um, k (b EaglU Itagnife, rfgnhrlj 
odIj nv Mnmd* |>KvH>r lo lurlf ; n ibrnt 
aaa ■ long cne i all other tnait bna|j ii- 
ivgnlar ; ud il*pn-lin[ opon iu cambiniL' 
lian laitii olhpi bitrn. Tiur linikd hhiiiiI 
mmib1in{ that ot lb* ticnawi a u fcmd in 
nuisjr nf ma ■uniKjIlablcs, u all. laili, 
•idt, mH i in wluck ■ M fcOBimteH u n 
ia «wr. <n •■( ta (ba i) Apia. DM udUL* 
Ik* a cf (lie lliliu*, i> faunil. id /tUtfr, 
ntirr. A *lrai)*r, « (low. ii th# MCullBr 
« (^ ite &fKib bmsoaiip, iMfinbllD| A* 
MBoi] cf iha Pmick t ■atcuIlDV, m In th* 
wait fbcf, /oh, Kditf, ud >ll diOK thkt 
MtnioM* in arliM ; u, ntdiun, nnt^n. ft- 
mtntiom, A it klM>. in kkdi «or4* tnn- 
•int Bud aii»b>nf I'd, w iu ibe bM »ll*- 
bU« ot mtTidjtf »nd mtrrivtgf ; in o vn 
Iru Uatif MBidtil. ki m aot* of nfMui 
Md rt^fahi ,- Dud in tema obKonlj DIM*- 
•d, ■» in ettkr.Jentbr. 

A, W» midB IBI Wen DOuni <4 ike UDguhi 
Dmnbtt; • uu, « mr. ItslorD w<ii4* bc- 
Cuni'igwiibatavtl lod iDiiUe. Ki>*fit- 

Ha «■• -, U ■• U, a« «({, «■ boDODT, •■* W 

UiuaJ prulice. A a MnuliiiiM m Bans ; 
a*, a |nal J. A u pluad twfOn ■ ftni- pBtlrfplkl noon; and Uctuudnml 
M ■ oonixactiga (>(■[; at I (b « mlkiDf. 
It nlw HrDif to I* UKiniiljr ceatftieiDd 
faon 41, irhirB plK«d bttoi* Icol nmasni : 
M noma* d lltck«t. Is> olktr cm**, il 
•ton* U Aguly U : ud ia tcna ca** It 
ngnifici im. A. ytrkui lo hmn* ta fnr. 
■mptJM wi« »holi numbn ; u. Tald tta 
nmy iboDiaad wariika )'rfaob. A toa a 
paciiUM' MgBtficBlkn, draatiag ib« prupoi- 
ttta of CB* thiDE M mBihvr 1 ai, Tm mad- 
ktd bath a bimdml a ftai. A . ia c«inpo- 
ntlos, mnu u> lia'o MmatiaiM tbo |>awtt 
of tbo Fnoeh i » ibrM |tewu. « 4raif, 
^COUcAt, JICBIld HMttilllMIObeMMIUt- 
M rnm or, ••, aD^f. odtrt. ^Ml, «il*i^ 
aiMn<, mam ^>l latm o( IMW an ant 
•o <mru(«d. Tbrjr am llif tama a* •■ 
■Ut, fli /iri, aa iftijii. So aduft vai (ot- 
■ttlj •cilUn HI ityt ; nlamt, « taanl. 
TWn an word* uT wbick iLc • I* brcmiii) 
>a conpiMni a put a* Dot 10 ba dliftacad i 
aa. WtoL alw, alaW, aam ; bat U ia I*- 
duDdaat lo arm, jmiv, biaW. A, id ab- 
tnHabaaa, ttada for intiaH. ot an* ; m 
JLIL baubdor of arti, orttaia taMalnrani j 

ip o[ 


U or 


Bpjiir- I 
•. a. , 

A. a. madrT ot ait*, arliuia •H^giaar ; or 

■una : a», A. D. nmt itmiia. 
ABACUn-. («l>'-«-n» a. 1. Ua vho nM 

■ctBnnt*. A calcalalor. 
ABACK. (y\)^-) a. BKlvatda; ■ h* 

iTm, tpyliiad to aaila wbio Saltad agaiaat 

ABACOT. (fli'-t-koi) a. 1. Tlia <ai> of 

Matr, oaed ia old lioM t^ oar Eb|i' 

linp, *i0Dsbl sp ia (b» flfsra of 

ADACtOR. (|-b(k'-(i!i) a. i. Ooa 
ddim ■*•; «• iiaala calila b Wtd* or 

Stat nomban at ooce, la diMlottloo * 
Ea* iliai dual odIt ■ ibaef ortvo. 
AnACtJS,(|l>--tkfa>a.i. A conatafi 

aatscstl; uad io ralcalationi ; tin iippw- 

nioit tBnDbn cf a cohma* 
ABAFT, (t-bq^arf. Pnas th* bn-pait of 

Iba ibip. tovardi tbo aura. 
ABAl>A.\Ci:. <|.bt'-«fnM) -. k Aa act of 

rcVHuaie ; ■ bow. 
To ABAUKNATE. (ab.a'-I»«i4t>) •. 

TnaanoBie; wirlihiba*t6eUMtl0D. 

bw, To nauirr tba vtmtnj of a 

lo asMbn ; apuKad cuan (o landi. 
AIlAI.IF:KA'nON,<«b^1-lt^»-4'-ibaa) >.•. 

'n>» ut of (^riag Bp oot'i right lo aoolbar 

!'• AIIAMH)N, ff-btu'-diu) ha. Toalio 

up. tnipi, or quit: to dwrrt; I* foraak«i 

to IraTa, 

ABANUONFl>.<vbv>'-'f>*l>IW- (''"•o 
up ; Mrrupta^ ka ika bigfaaat da^raa, 

aa abaadonni wtHrli. 

ABAXDONER, <t-b)a'-d^-it) a. >. A 


ABANDOMNC, CfN"'- V-?>e) "■ ^ 

ItarioK, or furiaLiDt, 
ABAMlONMENT.(<|-l^'.dna4i(U} ihl 

Iba act of abudoalnct 
ABAHNn'ION, ((b^-lab'-nD) «, i. A I 

plabmroi bt ona ot am jian (or 

r> AUARE, (■■Iiqte') «.«. To noka ban;, 

oncoiTcr, or disehiar. 
ABARTICULATION. ()b-ar-lik-a-U'-aIiati) 

a. *. Tbat tfinia of anuulalioo Uat bia 

maaifax moiiua. 
7a ARASC, (t-bua') >■ <•. T« daprpaa ; lo 

lowor ; u caat dovn ; to brine loir. 
ABASED,*. A %ctm in hcraMr>. uvd of 

Ibe viaga of taflea, «bso (ha lop * 

File. Iv. ft". *tt. 

-ID^ mgt ; — faDr. pin ;— 09, mmt, o[t ,— tijba, <sb, bjU ,— ' 
pffod;— «bD, lai*. 



Jewimtd*. mrtaia dw pcni of tli« 
■hirfl ; or «hn tl« «iii|i m ifaaL 
«l Mde tna|hi bnr ; tin »a lit bimgiag 

To ABASH. U4wh')>-«- T« t«t B>t» COD- 
lUao ; M make uhamad. h mmlly 
uapliM a mldcn Jmynuiav m iIiud*. 
Tlw pMMtB admiu till puticipla df, tom*- 
tkuH iiT. bplan Ihc nnuU aoun.>b'-a«ilt><Lt. 'naiUU 
o( krinc ">■■'■— ^ i caoM etcaa(iuton> 

To ABATE, ((-btu') v. ■. To Immb ; u 
diminiih ; u 4fj*ct ei doprtw lb* nlnd ; 
tolMdowB dupiouMllW; ■o nw IJ Bio i 
Id btal daws the prio* in bajflng. 

To ABATC(«-bfWV-*- ^o ■>*■ I***' **■ 
htofMrfpnttt**; iboMonaabitn; owJ 
«in»Mtm wkh Ik* putld pi* «< Won tbo 
tliiag k*H*n*d. 1b coamoo Ikw. il i* lund 
botk Mdrttj mi UDtcily ; m. to abUB ■ 
CMilo, to Mt It dowD ; u doMniT, ta n- 
aoTO : •• lo Bbnu ■ naiuiuo. To abat* 
* wril, it. bj ujiiw omfHioi. to iW(i>*i or 
enetihrow it- lo horMmuiibip. x hone i* 
wid la atat* or lake dovrn lili cumta ; 
w^ woiktng opm nm-tu. h* pou In* 
nw bM-l*!* ta A* grouoil both at nncf. 
and obicnat di* midb (neon* id all ill* 

ABATEMEKT. («-bittB'-iDiiit)n.t.1teM(«r 
aI«tio( in ihe diflomit aauc* of llio ih<>. 
<Sv« Abaii) Tbe ttatiotbrioaalncrd i Itie 
•um m qoaalh] tak«n a'ra; by ibr act of 
abatiog; citTDuatioo. In U*.thr set c^lho 
abUa ^ at Ibf affectioo or laatioB «( Out iluaK 
abitcdi ia,abaliniiMii of ih* wril ; a uleain 
alotinuot i* a pita pot in bjr the danndaot 
pnjriag lliat lb* vtlt or plaint maj atotc, 
itUK i*. tbat lb* *uil of ibe plaintiff maj 
(MM for tba dmo bnn|. lu beraldi;, an 
noeidanta] maik. whirb biny added to 
k caat of ana*. lb« dignity of tt i* abaHd. 
In comiMic*. a dixauiiE ta ibo price, 
«b«o lb* monvy ■* wliraiKod dinclly- 

ABATEB,<|-bf'-ijt)ii.i. TlwattvIoicauM 
by whicb an nbalsuirnt it picciind. 

ABATIS, (fb'-vijt) A nlitMr unn. 
It mMUka n** cut down, and to laid ai lo 
fonn a dafnaco for ttoaiM Matioaf d Wbind 

ABATOR, (fbt'-tar) a. •. Otia^ho loinulM 
boutM 01 laod. not *attnd upon b; tbe 
Ucal hrir. 

ABATlIUi:,((b'-|-tudg) n.i. Aaj tliiBit iti- 

ABATUR£,(!b'-i>lur*)a.(. Sptift of naw 
tbnwii dam ij a Mac Is bt* puainf^r. 

ABU, (^) n- i. Tba yam on a wfVTiv'a waip. 

ABBA. ()b'-b«) (!-•. ASynick vord vLicb 
iit[ni1ica falbii. 

ABIIACY.(|b'-t^M) a.i. Tba iwrnsmrtit 
of an abbey j ibe n|bu aod pnTlks** of 
an abboL 

ABBATIAL. (fb-ba'-tbal) o. IUIatin|loaa 

I, (|b'-b$«t) ■>. I. Tbe npctfoat at 
of a nunnety or nanutry of «a~ 

ABBSV. w ABBY, <tb'-l>>) a. t. A no- 

naatiy ofnUpaM p«nan»,«bt<bWBMa m 

wonwi. diatiofuiabtd baa tvli^os* bona"* 

of oili*rdmoBlnaiIaaabylanftprinkg**> 
A BBOT. ( tV-bni) a. i. Tb* diMf ef a con. 

nml. or falloWibip of •"""■■ 
ABBUTHHll'. >.>. The (tat* of Ml obbol. 
r^ABURlIVlATK, (fb-bn'-TB-tU) f.a.To 

■koiten by coamcuoD M paiu •iiboui 

loM of tliB main aulMlaiiM ; to ^Tid|« ; 

to ■borteli , to cat (ban. 
ABBaKVLiTE. (tb-b(*'-n-4M) •!. i. An 

ABBREVIATION. (tb4iii^>^'-d>«&) ihi. 

He act of abbrrriaiiiig, or Mai* of belaf 

abbremtod ; Ui> nwaoa oatd lo sbbrvrialOi 

ae tbaiMter* lignifyini vbolo *r«(da ; 

Kotdi tontncttd. 
ABRREnATOR, (tb-b»'-tn-<gi> - *. 

One who abbrciatM «* idiriiln*. 
ABBREVIATORY. (^-bt^'.^-^t^-t^) «. 

Tiu vbtcb abmialM. at ahonaiit. 
ABBREVlATUKi:. (t^bi*'-iM-t<f(>.) ■.«. 

A aimL lucl f« llip tiLt t' ■hi>tt*niu{ ; a 

«iui(iradiuai oi aliiitliicmeiil' 
ABDREl' VUIR. A wBtfiiiiK-plnre; aniOOf 

naaao*, tba joint or juocnuv o( wo aloiwi, 

or tb* inunticw l>tt«*Mi l*o ilooe* i» b* 

C)1*>I up wiib norUv. 
A, B, C. 'I*b* alphobM; tb* liiilo book I9 

*bich lb* eliaimiB tX rtadinf ate uuigbt. 
ABDECANT. (tb'-<lt-k«nt} p»-c. «. AUl- 

otine. tTDvnncinc. 
ABIllCANT.(tb'iIit-ktsl)n,i. Tbe ptnoo 

T. ABDICATE. (,b'-df-Ltu.^ v, «. To 

{ire up rigbl 1 M rrnfa ; to lay dom an 

00c* i 10 deprifF of rij^u 
Tu ABDlCATK.db'ii^lqle) *■«. T« t» 

lien ; to Et'e up ricbt. 
ABDICATION. (tb-dr-Lt'-thtn) n. b Tb* 

acl of obilicaiing -. mignaiioa 1 tbe act of 

mioiiDcinE uy tbtnc. 
ABUICAIIV>:,(ah'-df^-^*«)a. Caoring 

or taplyinr an abdlettloo. 
ABUl'riYE.(tl/HlHiTB)a. Thalwbicbbw 

Ui* p0*ar or ijuaHly of biding. 
AKHITORY. o-i. A plac* lO hid* and 

l/mrTTi- (,-onJ* in. 
AIIUUUK\,(ab-d9'-MD>a.i. Tlial Cailly 

OaMDOnlj taiM tbo lo«-rr nnur or belly, 

coBtaMat tb» (tomarb. suu. liicr. he. 
ABDOMINAL, (ab-d^oi m>'-D(l) lu.R». 
AlJDOMINOl'S,(|b-4fiii'-nip'niu) ) |>iin| 

lOlbe aUiomeit. 
To ABUl'CE. ()b-d^>. «. To dn* 10 ■ 

diflcroil |«n . to wilbdrw one part Iron 

ABDl'CENT. (ab-df'-ifni) a. Dtaving vrtj. 

AIiucI» sl.icn aarro t» opm 01 contnct 

pMU of the body are nitltJ abdiKenl*. 
Al>l)l.'CniON.(4b-<»ak'-ATm) N.I. lU act 

of draoiDK apiol. or v-iibdriirmi; oiib part 

(moi anouicT-. a f«nlniL>> rumi of mrffi- 

niFTtl ; lohlDf nwlr. or IfLiit^fi. :iwiiy. 
Al)lirCRiIt,(ib-d{ik' tut) ■- MiurWwbicfc 

draw back Ifcc «vtriil lucnibei*. 
ABEAKi\KCi:.((4«''rv>H!)M.k BehaTiour, 

a ttcla>inil (cm. 

Fu*. ^1, ())l, l!|t : —tm. mgt :— ptnr, pja ;— of, n^ra. 



uactwt li the ilfteM. M brai radimaii* 

aJIkBRANCE. (>fc^->|nw)li. AJ«n- 
ABCRRANCY. (tbV-rVt-MJ f Uim fiw 

AB>:rka>T. (f^W-nnt) •- Dniaiaf 

(ros ibr nt>i> « »■ 
ABERRATION. (*^.r»'-.l.iii.) .. t A. 

OTDUt i > miiukc ; i!eiuTiii|- frfia ilw 

HMuooB er ri(ln mik : (i-pliol cUolj 10 

niMikM of the mnrf. 
AB»:itniNO. ((bV-W)rM- WmuImIok. 

r. ABElti:N'cATT..(|b-^^^'-Ul«>i.«. T« 

pull ^by iL« nwtt; to eitnialc oitntjr. 
To AMrr. (t-bf i'> f. <■ Tn Ml on i 10 i>uh 

fsrBBid uMbn : to MiffOtt bin ill hif d*. 

urni I'TruniiiTUcB.niicomcaunt.atbtip. 
AIlKrMtNT.lvb^C-iDT-O ".I. Tb««««l 

■ btttiog. 
iBETTERoTABnETOH, i'4.h«('-fBrJ ■.& 

Hoiboiabau; Ike n^^ijftn n oeovaaBr 

ABi:rA\CE,(|-li,'<|M«)..» Rcmmoi 
•ipfctuion. taoili. &«. n* la ibajaan. 
vbicli an aw acluoUf ia tba f^Moiiiiii. 
but ofilj hi tb( nfxtCMco «( Urn *k« b 
Dcii (« inktril ilvto. 

I T»ADaHK:GATS:,(|b'-gr*-«i«)».«.TnlMd 

^K out e( lb toe*. 

HiBGREGATlON. ((b--p^p-.b<ui) a.!. A 

^K_ Mfamloi fran dw Ix-L. 

HZW ADHOR. (tb-hfn') 1% 4. T« bug with 

^^ anlaooy ; to <l*t(M w ciuniuly ; lo 

Iiaih . 10 abmiinair. 

ABUOHRKNCK. (»l.-h»i'-itn«)»B.i.TbB 

ARHORRENC'V.lfb-V-n-a-H) 1 Mt t4 

abboiiinK ; deloilatinn l <l>r <li*iMdiM« to 

abhor, urd villi > 'I'li^ /nmnrif. 

ABHORRENT. ; .. Sira<t*)U> 

abbvfm«r; k>i'' . - :tT7 to ; (ortitn ; 

inctMiKraC *i«li. tl a utad wltb Ih« yar- 

atlri fnm or la i a>, U M alibomDt U> mr. 

■ABHOftBENTtV.(»b-hj7'-ftni>)«l. la 

an nbhorri] t mauiiFr- 

ABIIORRER. (tfbJhff-t^t} n.t. A batat. 

nADIDF..<|-bt.b')r.ii. ToMafinaptaMi 
l« direll . M mnun wi'bout 4tcaj : lo 

noCIDur ID (L* «Ani0 tlACt ; to CoduT0 

■niboul affrttc*. 
T»ABIDK.(,-bidB')r.«. To-oaitfeTj «(■ 

tptti ; uioid ; to b*at at (ivjiran ihacoo- 
L H<l««rn ; lo tuppurt or «ln<u<alO ; with 
I *ir i )■ I iviU nliiilo b7 li 1 u b*w *itboui 
[ afnaoa ; to li*ar m «iifftr. 
A8IDKn.(i<b,*-<lv)t. He Ikat tUim in a 

ABIDING. (tV-dioc) Mil. CsMinaano*; 

ABJKCT. (%V.fikt) a. BlidB ; woRhlui ; 

Wr ; brag of do bopc «t tifiml i dtajilis- 

ablt ; (tie. 
ARJCCT. <|b'->4i>. n. It Aau without 
I i ooo o( tiie lowrvt conditiMi. 


fe ABJECT. <«b-j{4i') a. a. To Ihm m 
<aat B*H ; 10 tbrow a tmii 4a>^ 

ABJECTEBNKSit, ,|b.j{kM.d-aCN} a, «. 

ABJECTION, ()b-b'.tha)i>. Mmbmh 
s( Mini) ; vani Kt^iM -, the aiau W Wln( 
C«M avai. at kai ; tiM Mala rf Wb| CaM 
down ; ih( act of bamUw ; bawUaliiia. 

ABJEC1LY. (tb-jeta-lf) >r. MeMlyi 

ABJE<nrNESS. <tl/)ikt-Btw| -. 1. Ab|H< 

tic* ; EDf^uiura*. 
ABILITY. ig-tnr-^B)m.>. The powat 10 

do aaj ihuig 1 (uiulij of mind ^ M*nial 

povu : ia tht plural aiunbn, oUliiHa, tl 

foiriallj liKDitM lb* (kuIUm cf ifta 

ABINTE^ATK. (^>^.|>la) «. D« 

thaiiDbMitiftonikaM wieMnot mafc* 

B win. 
ABJLUlC.\TrjD. {^--iif-kfttilrvt.: 

GiTto bv judmDMt from not to aaatbar. 
AIurDK^AITON. (fb^d^if'-ahga) *.«. 

Tr ABJt;GATE,rib''j<'EfU)r.*.Ta nsr«l«. 
ABJt'HATIO.N, («b-jf-Tt'->^ii)a.t. Tbo 

an of abjiiriDg ~. iliFeatbUkirnforihairad. 
r* ABJt'HE. Ift^jf"') •■■■ '<'*> c*M off 

upon (Bib : lo iwrai not lo do, oi nol to 

bai* •ointrlhiu i lo nUacl. tecaa*. oi ab- 

•tpM a r^attioB iipaa oath. To qait 

ih* lo na i/ y. and ^ mlo laaJahiBaDt i trcn 

tbi toMom it Bbfnv( Iha roalm bj felon* 

wilt baJ tiikra •anctaan'. 
ABJURKUK.NT. («b-jui«'-intiii) n. t. Bo- 

AlUfREH, (^Jf-rtOiLL Ilawbo abjura 

or nvuiia^ 
TaABI_\CTAT):, (,bV'-'»W> ^ *■ To 

wriB tnm Hit hm.n 
ABLACI'ATUIN, (tb-l^b-t)'-*bim) u. i. Om 

of the OMlhodi of (raAiu^ 
ADLAQUEAri()N.(tb-l|-Lw«-4'.>hun) n, i. 

Tbo ad ot )inclics of 0|wato( ihe tround 

altut tba not* uf ireei. 
ABLATION. («b^'-«bin)>.b Tlwadof 

taline t-tny. 
ABLATIVK.<fbM|.li>) o. TbBl*b£cb laU» 

Bwa* ; tha •tub mp of 1^ Lalja oount. 
ADLL. (B'-kI}d. llHin; tiToni; ftralcira, 

a (rent adantth ; povr.- ot mtad ; iaring 

f«wf r •iifllrient. 
AI1LK-IIUI)n:i>. (a'-bl-b;d.di4> a. Sw»f 

of bodt. 
7i ablegate:. (tb'4*-tiia) no. To MAO 

abraad upoa acme eaiwiiBeut. 
AUUUiATlON'. ('.|t%'-*h!Ui)n.t. Tha 

aital Hii.Iiii( nbrasX 
ABLENOS. (f'-bl-l>si>) n. I. Alilit; «l 

bodr or uUnil ; tigoui . faire ; ii;.»V(litv. 
^Bl^PSV. (i>>'-lr|.irj n.t. \V«uiuf>i^M: 

roABLlGATE, (»lj/p-j((le) n a. To Ira 

up fnim. 
TflABLOCtTE. (HS-ifkV) »••. To let 

oul 10 bin. 
ABLOCATION. rtb-lfLt'-tbua) a. «. A 

Idunj out to Ikirt. 



'ABLOENT. (tb'.l9<{M> t. That iriikh 
vMfaaaelcMi dM *U^ha*(h«|io*«(st 

ABLUTl$r. fi^tt'-dmn) «... TtitKtaf 
dmmtig nr watrtdng cina , tbt wUer uMd 
la «w4&( : dit rinwa; of chj-minl jm- 
MMlom m vAUr. A ioli);>n<» (Frriuaity, 
M«c a *on of purificuMn. HrTarsud b* 
onAw tW bed*. 

ABiV, fa'-U*) mZ Willi abililr. 

r.1 ABN'EGAIX. (|b'.iip-(ti«) m a. To 

ABNEGATIoy. (fb^M^'-abun) a. •. Dt- 

sial ; naoncialMiu 
ABNEGATUR.((b.M^.n)r)n.t. Oncwho 
J ijniir*. rmoHnir*. n anvatf any tliiciv. 
[.*IINOI>ATtl].\.(4b^^t'-.bini)i>.i. \\a 
1 VI n(«iitio( in SI Idiou 60UI litiM. 
lAlUnHD. d-lwj') <yt. InsiUp. 
AUODANCC. (t-lia'-^lir) n.» Auoaian. 
AlK>DC(t-boi*') •>.•. lUb^ianniiL ■IvbU- 
la; ; plata « miilrnni ; May ; cntiiiiicumCD 
in a pUiw< T* nuA* aMt. To #wall i to 
naula ; tn inbibit. 

JUK. |( lifile'lfM. rnnnAbiJo. Teitaj. 
..Bliavr, si ilw»)l. 

Ii'>lh>l>t:.<|-l»>a(>')f'.a. (liMUontJ Ta 
fwioki-n or fofaihow ; to pnns>cicat(L 
■Tf AI«l|»f:.<ii-bod«')ha. TotKanonni. 
Atl(>I . : ' I (|-baik'-«i;ol) n. i. A 

»•< < I uB of MaMlblag. 

AIUil.;..!.... u '^'-^int) a.t. I'lCHUtiaMiil i 


ABOLErE, rtb'-o-t#tc) «. OU, out of ate. 

T'AUULISIl. r*-b«r-bhl r.u. To auiuli 

to aiakii imA. A|iplfcd lo lawa or iiub- 

luiionL To put an tad 10 . id ii«Qoy* 

ABOLIntlAHLt:. (i-bql'-iib-t-bl) a. !>»( 

wblili luay bo aboluliciL 
ABUUMIER. (|-btr-^-y> » lio (hat 

ABOLISIfUENX ((■btr.lj^.nisO •>■ •■ 

The act of abolitbiae- 
^ABOLITION. (tb-a'ilb'-n>) m. k tht 
^B >tui- a( being aboluhtu ', Iba act of 
^B ab'lialiini. 

VABOMI\ABLF;.(|-bqTn'-*-nt-l>l) 0. till*- 
^P r->l. dririuble . lu he loailicd. 


n. 1. IlaiffiLli-rMi odlmiaMi. 
AtJOMINAULV.(|-bfn'-«-Da-bl*W. Mon 
faaitrfotly ; ojiouiily : deieaEwly i id a mao- 
aaf n> lie abominaCfaL 
7'g AUOMINATK. (4-(<>ni'-»-iist«) ha. Ta 

itibiir. <)*ir*i. bnlt ollprly. 
ABOMINATION, (f-bgin-^at'-thun) a, i. 
lUnnl ; dvlMiaclon ; llio olijrcl «f ha- 
(nd 1 pomtion ; dtlllnnaai ; wttknlnrat ; 
hllvfilt i>r iluuill-ful vtH^ 

tifp t paiitliif^ 
ABOKKiIX{':ii.(tfa-o-i>dEC''»-lu()n.a T)i« 
rarliiul intnblunu of acouBtry , tbOM of 
whoDt no odgiaid M (a be tnctJ 1 M, tho 

fTBAEKlKT.InbtlOi^"- To bnng forth bo- 
tut* lb* linio ; M viiacanr. 
bBOnnON, (.vbff'-abqa) a. •- Tbeact of 


btiajM fgidi oadaielj , (bo fmdo^Rrm 

onlnwn bitlk. 
ABORTIVE, (f-bor'-tu> ■. Rmf bnaftM 

foRb btfoTP tb* lUO UtB* of butb i bho^ 

Idk (onb aoibin{ i latBag m oncanjing 

(ran whaieitf oiu*. 

ool dip 4af lint ; tiniDaluTelt 1 nDtlnu'ly, 

ADoitnVE>Ess.<4.bvr'-ti*-^>o.i. tba 

>ta» of abonioa. 

AKUKTMi:NT.(«b|fif-aiDi)"-* Aa im- 
lantly btrtt 

AUuVC. d-bat') pnp. To a higbar )iUc» i 
m a bi|boi placa ; awro In iiuaoiiij or 
ntimbct : m at u a (Opeffout 6tipf ; la 
a (tats cf beioi (uptriour to : unuualuaU* 
by i bnood , mum iku , too pt«ud fori 
Wio hiEh fot. 

ABOVE. <vl>«0 ■!■ 0*pi-b«di in a 

Ujtbrt plvr ; tD Ih' rPTinu of hoiTan -, 
btJciir* ^ cbirf ia rmk ur |iif«rtr> 
ABOVtVAU. (l-bai-firj «d. In til* Ct*t 

JIaco; rbitflj. 
[>Vt>IH)AKU. (l-boT'-bfnl) ad. Lpon 
detk. FtpmdTcljr, in opoo alfbt 1 *ubou( 
ani&a w diiik ; itiibDai dii^iiiM or cob, 

ABovM:rrEU.(i-baT'.>i-ced)pM. ciMd 


ABOVIC-CnorNT). (t->«*'-EiVVi>dl ^. 
IJud to »i;iiifif alUr : not in llw mTh 

ftrt. Sta A(uv(-cti>a. 

Tb AUOli.VU. tt-bvvn<l'> is n. To bao* Ib 
STpat piMiJy i to U) in |mit plenly. 

AliOLiI, (| b9i;t') pnj'. Rouud, witouod. 
ingi mcircliDt i nou 10. <aiiFinuiiz; wIlli 
tCKTud to 1 rtOuuiE Id : in a itjito of b«iii|; 
CDitngHl In, oi ciuploycd upou ; ii.[i[i>i>duat 
In ili« ptnou, aa <lot^e> , nlaliii|[ 10 dw 
JprtioD, a* a tttratil. 

AbOlrr.labfijIt ml. CitculotlT. in a tooad ; 
in cirriui. in compaa* , nraiJy. aa abval 
i»n ot turlTf mm -, iitrr asil (bno 1 
nth l~ bclatr a tfib it pnt au wtijmnt 
■iguiScatioD ; a*. alMDt to Ry . rnand 1 
ibr loDgrai nay. in 0]i))i»iuuu ib tlw 
thnrt Mr»i(bt war : 10 inias nhiiui, to 
brio| to tbajiouit iloalttd ; lo coma abtnx, 
(0 OMDO to wna crttola laae m 
point : to SQ about. (0 pRpan 10 do 

ADH. for Arthbithoii ; wbicb tfe, 

ABBACAIIAUHA, 1 ,^,,.11- J^.'-n) A 
(sbaliatital word luvd at i> tiiaim >|aiaM 

Ta AltKAI»X(t-bTfde') t.n. ToiulioITi to 

ABRASION, (i-farf'-ibijo) 71>e act o( 
abtadlsg ot nibUui ull- In laKilnlni. (bo 
wearing anay of iLp iiaiiiml inutiu of i*t- 
lain mcmbmuti ; the maiict woin off by 
the attrilioD of bodiu. 

AllRLA^T. ( 1 bi«r) 0.1. S^ilcbyiidt. 



ABRKlT10\',rtl'-Tfp'-<l>Bn) "••■ "^^ •>■'* 
of bciog cami'd airaj. 


ftABRIOOE, (4hnd>'>r.^ To make 

fa «arA* . lo tmmct ; w 

: to ilephTe liti to cvt off ftntK, 

CR, (f-brfil'-jp) n> •- II* iliai 

■ i > •hoitaicr i a whut al tom- 

MtdMBi* or obiiileaiMnti. 

•p*u>nw of a tuc" won cMCnclod into a 
•null cnmuw ; ■ L|in|iinili— , a aual- 
MUj i ■ dimiaDtna ia |M«ral ; ooMnc- 
lioa ; tfijaclico. 

IV ABRI>,\C1I, (abrftdi') n. «. To t*p ; lo 
•vt abKadi. 

ABRUACH. {t-bTfCib'! al Is ■ potta* U 
mi 001, preji«il<r tpci^tm at vtaicb i ia a 
Nkl* tn bo dtffuMd or •ruadod. 

ABROAD, (fhrfxl') ai. WlihoutciMifiDe' 
tamt ; *i<l«lj i u lanl< ; out (4 lb« boow ; 
ia aaollm uuntijr i ■JiHiaci (■ all difcc- 
ti«n*, IhU way aad thai; wnVHU, N 
coDtradi^diKtJoa to witliio. 

TV AI)R(iGATC(|t>'-tq-(V') •■•■ To n- 
B pmI - (oaonuL 

^mA [inoU \1T.. pun. a. Annullml . aValUMl. 

^^fcUROliATION.db-r^Cf''***!*) "■'^ "^^ 
^V^ acl o[ abontiDK i l^* tapeal of a law, 
HABROOD. («-h>MJ) oi. la iba actioB «f 

T ABRl' FT, (*b-nipO •- Brokra.etajrjidi- 

I nd(4, withOBt iaji (UD|bUrTnla( ; aod- 

dra. ntboal tb* toMomaij oi praptr prr- 

paraiiTta. Ti{aatiUh/, onoHinoewd ; m 

" aa abropl ■tr]*." 

ABKl'PnnN.ikbW-(baa) •.>. BmlitBs 

off ; nolrBl uii loddm Mparttlao. 
ABRI'ITI.V, (|b-Tapl'.|«) >d. Haitilyi 
without tVo lua unna of pnjiaratioa ; 
nardU -. immnil** 
ABHT'l'rSESS. (^rupt'-aau) n. i. Aa 
abrupl (UDiHiTi hulai Mddininaw; 
lotwdoeH : naggiaM* ; a* o( a ba(Bi<al 
noMiilT diMoiiilol. 
ABSCESS. (4lj'-i>«a><i.«. A lomow filbd 
wiik mMtt-r. 

ABm:1MJ. (lb4iad'> r,o. TonlolT. 
BSCttS.^tV'-*l*«>»''-«AUSClSSA. Put 
' iho dinoMvi of a cunck kmihii. iawr- 
bMvwa tbe vcnu and a Mmi-onlt- 

cutlkic att; tbc Mace of bciaj cm oSL 
n AlktCOKB, (Vb-Otod'} u n. To tudaor 
Moeaal ooe'a Mlf; id <j or aUrnt one'i 
actf : (canaltr dmiI of pwiooa ia dabL or 

crimlMah abuMC (b> I: 

ABSCONDER, ((k-aofa'dp) a. «. Kt Ikal 

AB8EWCC, ()b'-«9aw) •■ •. Tbaitaio of 

btWf abKOt, «i^o»ad U prauvtn : wam 

of aapMiaace, ia ih« lojal aaow. Wbia 

Mflttd to (ha niioil, InancMioo ; aqfbct 

of tbapccMM oUk*, 
ABSfJtr.iiff-*tM) a. Nstpttawt; iaai- 

MBim ia ailaX 
r« ,Ml-'<KM'. (tb^fsl') r. •>. To faiteai la 

comr iota |«o«nia , la willullaw out'swir. 
AJlSENTKt^ (fb-o^-ll'J n. <■ Uo (hat U 

abamt fcMB feu itatioa. 


ABSENTMENT. («lh«eal'-inM>i) .. «. Tbo 

act al abmciBf, nr MaM of War alu—l 
ABSINTIIIA.V. (^...uMAffn)*. Ut (fa* 

nK-Tfr nf s't.tnrliiuiD, or waf woof. 
^' '■' ' l*»-^o'-l*o^-l^) put. 

Ir wurfDiTBod. 

A.- Ill ■1.1 fli ■iu'-IA*-ua)n.i. Wona- 


To A W«[?n-, r^.^0 n- ToKj^ Dt bmoC 

AllSUI.VATORV,(«b-^rrt.( U«- 
lalit* 10 nrdoa i f>i(;i;ina[. 

r»AUSULVK.(|b-*g)T')..a. Tadoar, lo 
aoqili ; M (ol free ln» an nBCiETUiaal ; 
M pfodounco ica miuiiod ; to duni^ ; lo 

AB&ULV£R,(4b-i«l'-*ft)a.i. lUwIiopio- 
aounero hs MOiMUd, 

ADSOLUIE, (ab-.«f.|v(o) a. Ca^htt) 
•ppiloda* ■■!! Mpanoaaaa ibiajfi: bb> 
OMdilkaali a* «o nboolau pninil». no( 
nlaiiti) , ai, abMl>i*« ayoM : kM Hmitod i 
1. ahoBhat pg«Tr pa«llir« : (niala. 

ABtH>l.imj.V. (tb-f lflo.|f) .A Coai. 
pbtv^r i witboBl mtrictiM , wiiboui i «■ 
Ulfaa; in ■ MM* annnmMinl; witboul 
lUia or il«poadao(« ; widuM coaditloaj 

ComplfUnm or pwCKtion \ tnitom fron 

dnadaDt*. or Hinltt ; diiiiiiliiM 
ADSOUTION, (|b-*v)u'-«buo) a. i. Hu 

•CI of a t ofl M ag ; aptnitar; di« roKi*- 

•bn «l itM. 
ABSOLUTORY. (|k«tr-«-(ar-i,) «, TIm 

ABSONANT. {tV.«.ovii) -- [S«o Aaio. 

■«i'|.] Coatnuj lo r«aaaa ; widafioia tbo 


ASSDNOL'S. <tb'-«f«ta> a. Uooiaalcal. 

or iMtntiaMo ; tlbtmi, ; nntrMj lo toaaoa. 
r>AB30RB.(|b-«trtb'}i<.a. l^iBibi^ita 

•wallow ap : to (act uo> 
ADSORBE.N1-. (fb-ifi'.^ai) a. •. Mo4i- 

diM tku drlM uf tupoiBUHia noUcorK. 
Al»ORUENT.(^M^.bni>a. Kaibftbo 

Enw*r « qualily at obMrblan. 
^RIT. (ab->9tnt')f>wi. awAtlowvd up 
Atl.'vORrTION, l^«)n>'-<)»1<<.)"- •■ Im 
act of twiflowitit up ; tti« Kila U bciiif 
xraltnaid op. 
T*.\HsT.\l\',(|b-alfa*')(.n. ToUopfram: 
lo bindrt ; M btbMt ; «0 droy oa*^ tetf 

A^£ilIOt». <|lMlf -mf^) a. Timpcr- 

Mo; aoba: atitl noa i. 
ABSTFJklEOfSLV. (•b^«ta'-m*.n-lf) ad, 

Toafwralplir : tobrtlf. 
ABSTE.MIOIIs\^:s.S. («b-K■'-l■l^Ult.o•M) 

n. t. TIiv uiialily ef boiDC ^(tctuioiu. 
ARSf EX HON. (|t ma'-Aim) n-i. Tbt act 

of nitnlniu. 
r# AUMEIIUR. <|b-Mni«'> •■ a. To wipe. 
ABSrKK(;i:M'.(|b-(tet-j5Di)<- Haiiag a 

clom«mr ipjiililj. 
r«AIkn'K[;SE.(«t>-*i»i«»'}*.a. TotbaoMi 

10 pariry. 
ABSrERSIOX,(fl>-al;r'-*bi|D}n.i. T^aa 

of clctuuing. 


ABSTEBStVE. (t^^lfi'-^) ■• II»>iicA« 

•oftliiv of tlwiariiig. 
A&TlNEt(CE.(tb'-«rf-MM)ii.i. Forbtw- 

Mc* ftf in lk<^ iria IM pMtlcIo frrm; 


ABSIINKNT.db'-M^DPMj ■. PnccKlac 

A0S1'IN>;NTt.Y.<tb'-Mf-o^-le)«d. lata 

■btiacm or Mlf-aajlng umnM ; umpvr- 

AlkJroilTCU, (^>-mi^-tti) >. FoMol 

M^T ; «tVM frvm ■oolVr bj riotnce. 
T* ABaTOACr, i)h'-Mnki> r.«. To uk< 

ODB ihiiiB bam •■oon'; la MpVMe 

idMi ; M r«ibe> la t» rpWmc 
AB.<TRACr. (fb'-iti^t> «. IWMniWd (ma 

kosfilang liir, gwnily uxa.wiik rrU- 

tioa w ■MnCtl |>rK«|>i»a>, w. ikuitit bm- 

IknnaM*. altrnii uimt ; itfinnl i iiur. 
ABbl'KACT. (tb-ttnki'> •>. •. A nnalln 

H—Uty. iRnitainiu J ibt rtnuv or po«n of 

• (mtrr ; an r)<;iani<. 

ABi>mAcn:D.i|t>-HV-wd)r«-<-*- Se- 

pimrt ; i!iiJ<nDiil i trBatJi pnnArd ; ab- 
•uuH i ab«nit b( tnlod, m, an afitiwurf 

ABAI'RACTEDLY. (flMUf^-iol-at) o*- 
U an 9ib>iracu4 nua«r ; iMm, 

AUsritArrKUNtsi. (tb>)if|L--tt4-iisM) 

■>. k IliD nula ^ brinj aUtnutMr 
ABSlHACrtn. f»b-«r»k'-t-r) -. i. Ho 

wlia anlLH u nb^liMt, tHiamo. or nolo. 
ABSTRACnON.(%b~tti^-*bva)>Li. Hie 

OR of abMiMtiDt i il>t >ini« of brief ab- 

MMCttd ; abwocr of mioil ; iaatlCDIioa | 

duFtnrit • t vorUly abjnrik 
AlWTttACTlVE. [»b .»r»k'-«ir) * Hating 

iho p>irr* of abttnfting. 
AB3IRACnVU.V.(tb-itrfk'-iiT-lT)«f. In 

•a kbiinnitr ainacr. 
ABSrUALTLV. (fbHtirfLt'ln) a.1. la ui 

abtcnci manan -, abMliiU'tjr ; widiMC !•■ 

(umco 10 uv iiai( Max. 
ABSriiACTNflSS. (^miV><'»£M> "- >■ 

Bahdlly ; avjianitioa from all nanar of 

COtnmou notion. 
ABSTHL'SF. l^Mrnpt') a. Hlldtn ; rt- 

nolB from lif*- ; difficult ; nmaM from 

concrpUcn or >|ipr(km>inD. 
ABSritUitKt.V. t,|bH>trvH'-l«) "J. Ob- 

fcuiHi 1 not plunli, or otmouaty. 
ABSrHl'SENESi). ttb-auvN'-opaJ «. ». 

DiAtutiT ', obaciui^. 
ABSIRUSlTTf, (^^itrV-•^lf) -.«. Afc- 

■liuMiMa i thai whidk i* abamir. 
Tt ABSUMC. (^h-mfoui ) c a. To biia( lo 

an >Di] by a |riaiIoal w»l« ; lo oal up. 
AlIittRD, (^>-<|)rd') *. UiimMnable ; 

wliboot jadyaimt ■ aa n*wl (d man. In- 

Muitlmi I tonttuy lo noaon : luail of 

Mutunimu or pracliCM. 
AUSUKUITY. <tb-tu/-^i?) «. >■ llio 

•juliiy of Icing ithturti ; Uiu wbirh li »b- 

«ard I in ■hicli n<7nf« ii hu a pluraL 
ABSURDLY, (^b-ni"!' J') -I. Imjiroprtlj i 

iiimaiiiinUf ; ujodkiouljr. 

ABSt'KDNCSS. (■b..«id--D;a*) ■.>. Tb* 

qoatitjr of btiaf i^aiitd ; iajudKlviuuaM ; 

AIIUNUAT^CE. (|~l>ni'<dtuia)n.i. naaiy ; 

a grtdi umnber, or ijuanlAj i (lubtnuiu* ; 

muw (ban cnonib. 
ABUNDANT. ((-Hii'-d|*i) a. FlaMllalj 

nubmnt ; falli alimd. 
ABirN'DANTLY. («-bio'-d«al-lT) <U. lo 
jilmlj -. anplj i libaralljr i mora Ibaa ml- 

ABUSACK, (|-bf'-**» "• *■ AkuMinal- 

r> ABI»E, {t-bvia'> «. a. To make aa IB 

uae«() loriolala; tudotla: to ^cMii* i 

M JMfwt opo*. Wbra applied U laa- 
jMcej 10 icpraacb tial«nlly. 
ABrSe. l|-bQN'l a. *. Tlio 111 UM «f any 

Ihiag ; a rarrnpl prardco ; bad cwtom ; 

•mcfmrat ; ooMac a«*Hr« ; rwda la- 

jprcofh i (ODlnwIy. 
ABUMILR, <t-b^-atO ■■ •- Hff that nakca 

an ill UK ) tit tbai ir-.-nitn : U* ibat i»- 

tnondiM *lib mdciwa-, a raii^ur; a 

AUL'SIVE, (a-bi'->iT) a. ria<;riua(«i p«- 

(■■niag lo abaaa ; soMainitiK abuM. a^ •■ 

abuaivo laiiipoOiD \ AittTihl. 
AnV6iV¥A.\.(,%-biimiia)tnl. Initu>>[inlj j 

by a *TOD| uav ; mnoa^fully. 

ABllSIVI-KLSS, (4-(>V -*!''■«<!")"■•■ Tba 

qulily bl brlnx abiiaii*. 
ToAllllT,(»bin'>i-B. Tutadul. to bordar 

ujion ; to Buicl, or ft|i[iioacb lu, with tbe 

Jartu'tn Kpm. 
LTI'AL, (t.k9t'.|)l}H.i. Tw butting at 

bonniliirin of any land. 
ABlilMlLNT, n.L«["-incn()n.i. Tbolwliitb 

obuu ur bordffa upua ajiotbcr- 
ABYSM. (|.bi[m'> n. t. A gulf , iba aoue 

vtth oftvii. 
ABYSS, ft-b'ita') n. I, A daptb vUbout bul- 

lom ; a ^{(h. 
ACACIA.(''(l>K't) H.i. A diUK braiiKbl 

from F.g) pi ; a iivr cmnniuDly to calUd 

bctc, ihoogh diSitn-ni (rcnu ibal >Lu:li pro. 

dac<a ilio uur utmuu 
ACAO[:MLU^(4i-)-df'-ni<^tt]a. IWInUoE 

(o lui academy. 
ACADKMIAN. (ak-4-da'-nu-«n} a. t. A 

• of an academy oi onlifniiT. 
ACAUF.HIC.\L,(tli-(-d^ui'-nio-b|l)a. Ila< 

locriui; to an uniimiiy ; rilatiag lo Ibo 

nblloaopby of the .^cadaay. 
ACADEMICALLY, orf. (fk-t-dfrn'-nf- 

knl.le) In nn luatleminl nuuiun. 
ACADtSllCIAN, u-l»d-^.m;.h'.no) ». i. 

Till mi'iDber of an ru:&>l«iny. 
ACADRMICK, (sk-^-dsRi'ib) a. i. A t(ii- 

dmt ol m unitmily ; aa ai-ademicli pbi- 

ACAUeMli:K,(t1fk«-d>tn'-ik) a. RalnOaf 

10 aa Diiiitciily i applinlila to a pMttcnIw 

ACADKUMhl. (t-ktd'-do-mim^ a. i. 

The doctrins of t&e aeidemicnl (ibilaa»> 

ACiUJEMlsr. ((kid'-d^miH) •hi. Tfca 

J'^Jr, tji, 1^1', (|t;— ni^, injt,— pjoa, rip;— b», mwa, 


•t a( la aad««f i aa M><r«lcil 

ACAbEHV.(|-Md'-^BT>*-'- AaMH«- 
Uj M lotxt; ofnni, uoioog (a iA« toO' 
Bobcs at MOM ut i (W fben aura 

a*« affJiftil MMkMli ui £>m*iml, c^MuIly 
(«it»t« KkMlh la conindlMBcdM u tbr 
■nlteralbt* n public ibiMlt. 
ACANtlUSv(«44&'-iAiu)<i.*. 7U WA 

be.ui b(c«h. n* »aiUl of ikn M^ M 
tlic (.'unnikian capul* la iW LinuBBa 
nitrm. a »">■• ol pliiui. 
AOTAU:LT[CK,(fktl-«4|k-«tk)-.t. A 
rrtir wbkl has tt* «ini|ilFle uiOiA't 

Atr:ITALFJ>SlA,(|44t-«-l)»>^) ..1. Im. 

DMMUit* of COBUhM dlM«Tt*T, 

r* ACC£DL. (4fc-*«dt'> t. o. To be iidikl 

to 1 w oea* to , io cs«c orn i lo umd. 
r« ACCELEtUTK. i«k-itl'-l<!f-«o) (. f. 

To kMM ; l» qauAca motMO. 
Aa^KlXKADUS. Uk-^lm-4'-«b|Bl ■■ •■ 

'IVa ui of <|iwktDiagai)tiiaj liacUw o' 

a kdy JcnJenMd oi ituicLtaid ; ikt 

>ri of batuoioc. 
A(CELeKATni:.(«l-*l>'-^-«-<ir}>. lo- 

crtuBc lb* vdeciiT W iiMwrwiw 
T> ACCfiND, (fk-oyiT) •.■. To km<IUi to 

tt* an be. 

ACCX>r4(L'-^l>i. TUnumnofipMl.- 
iD[ o> pmoundni oitb (ono or «lt|aDce ; 
lb« unait pro M ibo *jltahla jsodoiomiI. 
1b paaiMt. iho naiU ifwi ijlhbin to 
ngalu* dHw froBUKudDa , aa aSMtlcw 
n BodiScaiioa of lb* imm, oiitaadn 

Vf tbt I^ll^ffTlT CV MMln4Ml>> 

r* ACC^^T, (flt-MBt') 1. iL T* pitMonm ^ 
U lifmimlbpuliCDUr n|ard to ibofi^ 
BaUul mubi « tolu : to *rila V a«W 
tho ai<MU. 

ACLXNTLAl.(tk-«(a'-t%-«I> ■.Rbylhrnl 
a3 . Niatii-c to acoaL 

T#ACCENTCATE.(^-«tB'-li|-a|a)>.. To 
placv Itiv prapoi atcaiu a*ti im ram*!*. 

At'CKNTlATlOK, (ti-t^ty-a'-obm) t. 
the ttt at flMOOf lb« ■cccul m fcooiUKi- 
atioB Of wjdat, 

T» ACCEPT, (tMi>0 1' a- To nbo vld> 
|j*anira i to mmitb Uadlj -. to adnilt 
wldt apfiolMioa. la a kioil nf juriiUcal 

OMM 1 M, W tMUft Wrm*, HOr* a DCMV. 

To ac«api a Bill, >• oobudikv, m Io ■■&• 
•cht* ii, vbertb; Iho {mems BOh** biai> 
wlf liabla for iw anouiil. 1 1 u Mtnw 
tiiDM utfKl *Ub lb* |iaKicl(i if. 

ACCKPTABJUTY, (ik-naM^-bir.^^) 
■> I. 'lilt qualilj of Wk( acetptabi*. 

ACCEn ABtJi, ((k-iD|.'-t^hl} a. likaly 
!■> W Ktmcj , vrauTul ; tJtaMBf. 

ACCIITTAfiLENt^. l|k-aep'-l«-blii{ia) 
■. I. IVf quallly of btiM aioeouUe. 

Aa-]:i-1ABLY.(tL.^'.ti-U.J .. Id aa 
anrtiublo ouooiM. 

ACCLPTANCE, (fk-atr'-ttoK) •>. i. lU- 


oaftloowUb iffnboiiMi lUwM^af 
a «ofd M u i* ceoMaMlv uadMMOc^ 

ACCEPTANL'K. (fk-HF'-iturl ». k U 
cnnawfM. tb* uijiUai or aubaciibiaf o( • 
biU,lb*Rb}«iakiDr«M'»«*UdobWi fiMdM 
««trBi>. Tba Bill icmM vkB m i^- 

ACC)yrATION.r,k.,f]..q-.Aia>«.. lU- 
rapiMO. *n>t<u<« i iL* auu af bilv 
•cotpwdi aoapcaar* ia lb* juMImI 
MOW I (Iw KainatHB of • vori. m lb* 
Btuioc tt taaamix Mcan4. 

ALCEPIXB. (|fe-«ir<M) .. .. n« tbat at- 

Of Mil 

ACt^EFTION. (tfc-a(p-.ab«a> k i. TW »■ 
cmrd MM* of a wcdl i tctvpunro , ibo 
Mala af tcinc accapttd. 

ACCIJTIVE. (,L-^-.u.)a. IU«dy »* 

ACC k^, («>.-*<>•. «L'-*iw or.iik-anH') ■. «, 
Tlu ») by obiik iMj Am* ■••; t* »p- 
pruxbad i tba B*aa* «f hbnt} •( ap- 
proacblof ; ta cwaao ; wfafgtBnt i ad 

ACCeE&UlU.Y.<tk'-»C*-««>i^lo) w. Ja 
lb* aanan of aa aiMHat)'. 

AC'CC8i>AKV.<tk'-tt»a«-rr)a. TUtwUtb. 
vlthott UiB|; lb* cbi«< cwtltim of a 
bet. caachbttM lo it. 

ACCC68AHY,(.4L--i(*^iY)«.<. SeaAc- 

ACC^SlBlL[TY.(|fc4|Mrbir-it^) TU 

UOjllT «( b«UI| ITTTliHl 

ACCKsaiBLE,{»k-«VM>«- Tlia»«bkk 
n^T be a{<jiOB(br4. 

ACC£»alU^, ((b-*iab'-ai>) n. t. Ealaija- 
MfU i MgKnutioD ; Uw BLtaf coiDin( to, 
or jomiag lo, at. wtma m ito a«oaftdwqr; 
lb* an of anmai M, u, tb* Uaf"* ••- 
coiu* (a ibii tbtooti apaiMcb. 

AOCUilSOKlLY. (tfc'-at>-at->rlf) •'■ !■ 

ACCeSSOHY. (tk'-atiMf^) a. J^brnt M 
■awhrt lU^ ; idihiimat 

ACCESSORY, (aL'.a(*-«M> ... a. h raw. 
oaa wb* w puliy ail a maaa, doi ptiuci- 
hIIy, IihI lij iianicipalMO. 

ACmbtJiCe, (fk-K-dintaja-t, Tbtbjoh 
conttbiii^ Lbr br^L fuJiBwdu of (rani- 
mar, and cnilaiuioii the prapertlo* tl tb* 
cidk pani a *i««cb. 

ACCIDEAT, («k'-*»d^> ■.«. Tbo rm 
ptny or qualitji of »»f boof obieb aaj bo 
wpontod boni it, u laM h iboocbii 
tbat wbicb bafip«ii* taj w *»em i oaaiMtj j 
cbaoca. !■ gnnunar. lb* ptofcrtj ot 
inflaaioBa of a word, la karaldij, iIlo 
lliwlat* 01 diBomra* ta blacmuii);, or 
ibo panla aod abMainnil* ia aa ttcul- 

ACCIbKNTAL. <tk-w^«'-t(]) a. •. A 
wof-anj aouBHuiUal. 

ACCIDENTAL, <|k-*c-dgu'-t«l) a. tUtini 
tba qoalitjr of an ara^dmi i DoncaHntial -, 
mini 1 foitultoua. 

ACCIDENTALLY. (tli-i^d.o'.t»l-l#) -I. 
AturaaacciiUnlalmaiiaci i cojually , (ai- 

•f l-i?b», n^, bi|Bi-«l ;— pj^l- «i», wii. 

^__ ACC 

i-ACClDESTALNtSS. ^tk-«H«>'-f-'>t«) 
' ACCtPUlNV, {^ti-tjf'fffUi) ■.!. A M- 

' TeACl'in™ r«k-Me'> is.a. To oB; lo 
^H eil* . ID •amnuM. 

Ha^CLAIM. (ik-Ltqiu)'} a-i^ A Ami af 
^H HVM . iKEhnikliaci. 
■AOCI^MATIUN. (»k-fclt-«|'-ib^) «.!. 
V BlimrfofataiMt. 

ACCLAUAinitY, (4k-lilvB'-t-lf-i<t) •. 
PmMnlMi la Miiauuiion. 

AccLivmr. (tk-ku*'■«^t») •. .. -n* 

(MpBTMoril^VaUiiradlataf w th* 
bohHB, fwckoatil upmiiU ; a*, (b* ■«■»* 
•f Ml UU U ite McUKfy. Iba doMcM 1* Aa 

ACCLIVOCS. <ik^kir-*ii>) ■■ RifloG wUb 

a *lap<b 
T*AOCLOV. (fk-klff') *. «. 1\i 00 an. 

Is an Id HDMi W OWirii lo Muff Ml i 

W Rll M MiMjr. 
TvACCUlL. (tk4vir> (. •!. SMCait. 

A0C0LCN1', (|k'-lLfln«) n. ft lis Ihu 

Ixlislilu DHT ■ pincv ; a korrinn. 
ACTUM MOUABLK, <tk-k9m'-mo-A|-bl) a. 

Thai whidi mni bv IIIMi 
Aa'UMM01>ABLE::i\£S^, ftk-ltiim'-iD;- 

d|-bl-ii{;>M> Hi I. Th« lapaiiiltty at u:- 

7« ACCOMMUnATC. (fk-kfia'-mf dfU) 

■. a. lo uipjilir mlh (aunniencirt of aa^ 

Uad. Wiih ibt pamcia le, lo ■d»(>i i lo 

At; 10 rMonalo . to uliiub Is miuirjr 

UMitMtioni ilimulio* lo Imd. 
ACCOMMOUAI>!. <4k-kviii'-iD9-iJ4b!) a. 

SuIlablA ; iSi : nJiiiuil. 
ACCOUMaUAIKLY. (^•kfi>>'-mf-d«<«- 

h') a^ Soilalilj ; dtly. 
ACDOHMODATtlM:^^ (tk-ktm'-n;- 

daia-uH) ". 1. FimeM 
ACCOJAIODATIO.V, (tk'kfiD-mf'dV- 

(hnn) n. I. lYniition of cmrenirocm. 

In llw (ilutal, colli foipncim. Adnjilatiou ) 

fonau i (ainjioiiUni of a difitmwr ; r»- 


ef cichiingr (iim M an anonuaadauan. 

n»l«kd of n loan nf manty. wkicb i* gcat- 

rnlly takm uji by iho ilrawiv- 
ACCOMBrtOUArult. (ak-k^m-n 
n. J. lie who adjunU a tliini;. 

lull, (ak-kfrn'-mf-dt-tgr) 

ACCUMP.tMEK. (^K-Luin-pt-rf-ar) a. «. 

^Olla «bo anoB^aiuva n prrKUi M 
I lane- 
a. I. 'I'bat ahlcb xtuid* a l£b|[ or 
|wnaa. la muni;, ■■ iuicnmeuiftl fan 
addrd to ibc L^nponuaa Ijr *aj of cm- 


AACCUMrANY. (tk-kqm'-pi-nf) r. •. 

To b« wiih anulb«r a* a com)iu>iaai U 

go mJnae *ilh ; to aMaciatF witb. 
ACOUMPlIL'E, <^-k«o>-DU*) n. 1. An 

kaWKiUF. nmiilij in an ill-tciiM ; a poil- 

*n w co-opcMor. 

n ACGOMPLIRn, <(fe-kvni'>fili*b) •. a. 
To (tMn|>l*ie ; le vatcnte tullt ; to tom- 
|1m« * faiwd o< liaa i w iitiU, ai ■ pn- 
r^icj i 10 sain m abulo, •• lo aoeom- 
plitb aa obJKi i MMbcBOrfcnldbdtbn 
BiBil «t kody. 

ACCOMPUSItAULE. rtk.k9B--id-«b-vU> 
a-CuotJo (4 acMaraUabtteal. 

ACCOUPLISUEU. l|k-4ita'-iariifd>|«rf. 
0. Cowpbta in how ^taWCTIIan : «le- 
eaol. ta KapKt of anacnd onliBculMW. 

ACCOMPLISHER. (|k-^a>'.]di<b-vr> >. >. 
ll» wlio Kfomf^lipi. 

ACCOM PI.ISII M KM*,( iik-k7B'-pl!*«|B0 

■. •. Ct>lB|UMIOUi lull pTTtOtll.aMO i ««■- 

]dMloa, u at B nofaccy ; oRiuDpnl of 

ndnd oi body ; ibe act of obiauin( or 

pnfrctlnif any Ikiug ; ailJUainraiL 
ACCOMrr, ((k-bgynt'; a. t. An accouti 

ACCOMFTAfll-E. a. See AccovimBt.(. 
ACCOMPTANT. (ik-lfija'-tanL) a. i. A 

ntkoDH ; coaputc*. 

cw uf lh» Court of Cbuicnj. (O nuito aJ 

money lodged ia Coun. 
n ACC'OKI>, (^-kyr^) V. «. To n.kU 

a|[m ; la mag to a^rmnenr ; in 

conjiojie ) 10 (nml i at, Iw anoidvd hu 

T«Al.CURD. (|k-ktrd')« m. To HiMi 

to Hill ana wldi anullivr. 
ACCORD, (|l-kgrd'J •. h A caiii|iact ; nn 

atmnunil ; coucuncncs ; nmoa of luind ; 

bonnoDy ; ajnun^Tiy* 
ACCOltUAULK, (fk-l(:''df4i]) a. Aprt- 

able ; cortjoDBat. 
ACCORDANCE. (ik-V-d»Biia> n. i. 

Agm-iuful «»b a |icr*oa ; toufonJiy la 

ACCUHIUNT. f»l..k(i'-d«iil) a. Canwm- 

anl or coimnoodini^. 
ACCOltDANILY. (4k-kvl'-4vit-l«> ad. Id 

nn accordanl manner. 
ACCURDKK. (ik'kgi'dcr) n. h Auaaaitl- 

ast; brliirt; aiouin. 
ACCOHIJIKC, ttk-kni'dvag) pnp. In a 

manner auiuble lo ; *itb n^oiil la; ia 

ACCUKDINGLY, (tk-kar'-dloG-le) orf. 

AgTocobly : auitabty ; couraruiBbly. 
To ACCOIU'ORATE, (tk-kv>'-|if-rfle) v. a. 

To onilt. 
To ACCOST, (tk-kfM) V. •■ To appr«acli , 

to dnw n*ar ; to conio lids by aUt. Or 

fata to tiot ; to apiuk to Int ) to addnaa. 
ACCUSl'AULK. (V^-kg*'-l4-U) a. Saay of 

accri) ; ftuniliar. 
ACCOifTEI). ((kW-lsd) fart. a. I&In- 

laldtv rinuAei nJc In iide. 
ACCUtTlltL'K, (ik-kciQ-iliqie) n. >. 

W'bat vr cnll a miui'inidaife. 
ACCOUNT, (qk-kfijiil') n. i. A nmpala- 

loiiaa of dcbu or etjieaara ; the iiai* or 

mult of a (omputaliaa ; raluc, oi tetiaia- 

lion -, profit ; ailnntat*, aa lo turn lo ac- 
count ; rturJ ; conidilarslion ; nke ; a nar- 

raiM« ; nJaiion ; •wnmuiau of u iduir 


Fftt, Ikt, (fll, 1^1)— m*, n>ii— finv, ppj— of. noTt^ 

ACC _ 

■••• h •othoril* i •xpUnalin ; 
■Mt nf r»iHM In Uv. AceuskI b 
fcr ■ wilt or Ktiui tvouttA afiusil > aua 
•bo 1* mponolile. 
t* ACCUUKT. 'i^-kHDl') •. •. To M- 
IMM i Ui ikuk or hold IB ttinio u -, Co 
IwImi ; (• tompBle ; to bgU a Mms) i 

T*ACX:uLNr,>4l. ^v">'>*''<L ToiMhon; 
M K>*" o^ Bccauit -, t» uaipi iba aitmm ; 
M K>k* wf IW nckooinc i m Kpptat m 
ilka ravdiua by whkk bdj It^ dwy bo 

ACCXMJKTABLE, («k-4nn'-«t-bl) «. li- 

*U* tOaCCDIBl. 


BCMiibi. n* Mate of M^ MoomiMh 

ACCOl MA>T. (fk-kfip'-ivM} «. Ae- 

c«unt*t'lr la. 
ACCOINTANT. (t^'kvfB'-<^0 "■ •■ A 

<iM»jnKr> i > miu tmiilaytd ut wcoaol*- 
ACCOt%T-UOUK, (fk-kffnl^'bMk) n. •. 

A book (OBUIiBing ucnst*. 
ACCOl'NTINU. (tk-kfitst'-tn,) B-h Tba 

Dci cf (Tvki'Ciih^ u^ oi acrouDV* 
Td At'Cul I'Li:. ()^-lLup'-H) ■'«■ Tojois; 

to likl iwttho. 
ACCOirUJIENT. (tJi-kigi'-pt-aMat) •.<. 

A ^i»i»ii or uiiioo. 
r* Al COIKAGE. ^MEMOttiiot. 
TaAi'Ciii lir. (fi-Lfn')T.*^ Tonttrain 

WKk coijiuhin, oc tOUItfVjr. 
7d ACCOl'Tne, <tk4i»'-tur) r. •■ To 

dtTM ; lo niuipi. 
ACCUl^ltl.UK^T.(|k■W■tnI•m*at> •.!. 

l>iru . i>;jut|iat« , iiKcfnuft ; onunnti. 
7« ACCItUmi. (fk-krAl'-it) t. d. To oous- 

tMAor* . (u piucun hanoui et ertdit to. 
ACCREUI'lUi, ^«k-ktBl'-jt-fd> fort. a. Of 

mtlBwrd tgputMioD ; '"*■'— "'i u aa 

aocndiud ucnc 
ACCREUITA110K. (qk-btd-iit'-dup) a. 

!■ Tb>l wUch pi« a lille le m^t, 
ACCKGKENT, <tk-kip'-t{Di) pvi. «, ta- 

ACCRETION. (tL-fcn'-^an) k.i. TW ict 
«f gnvtBg ta uutOrrt Oik^ m ■■ to ni- 


ACCRETIVE. <tk-ln'-4>) a. Gnntmg -, 
tbac vb'cb hr enrndi b adibA 

T* ACCnrjACH, (fk-kifuk') >. a. To 
diBW to COO. u *itL > hocJi 1 lo trip* i 
W 4niv away by depMU wba( ta ano' 

ACCKOACHUENT, (^-krcttb'-mjBtJ ».•. 
Tbc an of ncettiacbuif. 

T# ACCRie, (ai-kfl)') r. •>. To aoocda 
M i M be Mtdwi to i to be aJdtd, a* an 
adiaDUfV or imnioramral ; lo ^ptnil to, 
«< atw* fioia. ]■ a conuiitRial afow, to 
wiM, •• iinitu ; (o Billow, at loM. 

ACCRUUfcXT. (tk-kio'-uisDl) n. •. Ad- 
dJiMa i ncTowt. 

ACCUUAT10N. <*k-kir'K'iLDa)*.j. Aa 
awkot toaUUB of Iraoinj u meahi. 

r« ACCllMB. (tX'kyndi'; i-. i. To U« at 
lb« lablt, *TT^'"it ta tbo aacieui maa- 


lENCY. ((k-k||Bi--b|^«0~ 

Stats of boac accnahML 
ACCl'M&C!fT.(i^49B'-b^><. '— '[ 
To ACCUlllTLA'n, (|k.k«'-Biv-lBi«) •.! 

r«ACCLAIl'lA7£. {«i-bf'-<>>Vl«*«J >■»■ 

Ta cnmsia«« 
ACCUMLUTE. a. Haapol » coIImimL 
ACCLMCLATION, (4l-k«-aif4a'-*bip> 

n. ). Tb« act of aratmdaliiif ; the lUi* 

of bi«>t aconulaUil, 
ACCUUtJLATtVC. rtk-Lv'-mDJa-iit) a. 

UaTiog ibe ijiialitjr ul ■caiuulauaf ; tbat 

wbicb accumulaita. 
ACCUMll LATl VELV, (tl.-k'j'-ii.p-H.|i»-l«) 

at. la la aicuiiiQlaliB| oiannn : lu bia|ii. 
ACCUMLLATUR. <fi-k<f'-aa-tt-tv; -. i. 

A Mtkam Di k«aj>M ugMW. 
ACCtiRACY, ^^\f■^^■*r) %. i. Ebm- 

OM* ; aicvly. 
ACCl ItA'I'E. ((k'-kb-nu) t. WltlMI da- 

f«i Qi Cailotci daianunalB 1 ) iif balj 

ACCURATELY, <(k-4.f-Tfi«4r) mL Et- 

Mdy 1 «{d«ul (VToor , alcalj. 
ACCORATEMSiS. (ik'-kv-ifM-aeM) b. 

anatw i akaij. 
Td ACCl'ttSE, (fk konc') >. a. To doon 

lo mixry t u> tBioke miicry upoa u* oar. 
ACCUItiSKD, <akk«r'4ed) p«i. .. TkM 

*kich » cunrd ; tbat whub jetwrw tba 

curw ; tnciabU ; haWfnl. 
ACCLiSABL£.(tkV-t^>*- BbaatUn; 

ACCUSANT, (fk^^'-i^) a. t. Ha «lu> 

area ta . 
ACCUSATION. (tk-ba'-it.ih9D) a. •. Tbo 

•<:( of aciuiai i iba cmci* titoii^ a{aini( 

an? oDo. 
ACCl'^ATtVE. (ikku'-q-dT) a. Cmm- 

ioE i accuODg. A Inrn «i gtHnur, ••(- 

ni^^ Iba Talation cf Ibe amio, oa vhkb 

ita MtioB, Japliad in tba tab, lonu- 

ACCUSATIVELY, (ffc4.V-4-tf>-lf) U. 

In aa acciuatiT* maonn ; nuWi| to tba 

kcouadT* caM In panunai. 
ACCO&ATOHY, (lE-ku'-iftw^) a. Thai 

wtrich piadocclb oi (DOiBinMk'aa acnua- 

r<r ACCUSE, (ak-kifM) u. «. To ebaifs irilk 

k cnaa ; to Uaina or cmaso. 
ACCUSER. (|k-kv'-int)n.>. Ha ibalbrinp 

» cbaiH uainii oootbor. 
To ACCUSTOM, (iLk9('-iiB)«ba. T*^ 

tnlual* ; to mule. 
ACCUSTOMABLE. (tk-koe'-taoi'mt-hl) «. 

llalatual ; nuUniiu]'. 
ACCUSTOMABl-V. (ik-ka»'-(noi.,.bl() «J. 

Aocor^nv to csvtooi . habitually. 
ACCUbl'UUANCK. (ik-ioa'-tiai. (iit«) a. i. 

CMlomi habit: u>e. 
ACCUSTOMARtLY, (|kkv'-iijni-nit-rt-lt) 

arf. Id B riultiiiian naimtr. 
ACCl'STOMARY. (tk-kw>'.|nm-iii4-fa> a, 

t'laal ; piactiasd ( anonUng bi cuMum. 
ACCUSTOMED, (tk-koi'-tum-td) a. Ae- 

cotding to cuatom ; (rnqaenl ; OHUtl. 

Bflti tt >«.nb|bYllt-.^|);— pffvadi-Hia,mla. 

(fw> •. 1. A fi*fo of nin«T : 
ini : J* null > > nnglc folnt on cardj 

vbo <(im*l«l(* •>> bnd ot wiiniaiu ; 
■ MCI M ChnHUiB licnllck* u callnl. wM 
»iJtni>«l«lge4 ao h>»d «* cedaiiiddoil 

:'KKH. ((••vrti') <L Add, vitb 


■a oddi- 

I tlOD o( mrb 
• ACCKBATE. (fi-grbtw) *.■. 



MtHtrr. (t-W-tMf) ■>. t. A toofk 
Mwr (uw : i ta r pB t i of umpi* ; ••- 
7(ACt:HVATE. (|-«M'-Tyw)t.<. Tobtap 
^KHVATloy. ((•.j.-ti-.ihsu) •. «. TVi 

-^ '-(t'-*V-*»*)«' Foil of l>M|B- 

A ' i . (|-*fi'.|fM; It Tradiiv lo 

CEI A'l K. (^'-u-'Hcc> n. i, In fheuuuj, 
•ah foiMrd bf ii» uaios (f aotit «(th a 
nliSMf ku«, u acMaw ot nauuli, a( 
tnU, ot Ini. Set. 

t;KIOSK, fyt'^f-ifM) ■. Sow) iliarpL 
ACKE(lslTY.{t*-f-1ft'-a-M)n I. ThoMtc 
•d tvlnjc XKOM , or at nmuiiuiig uunlru. 
ACETOUS. ((Wtiu) u. IU>(ii( iki qua- 

ll>« ot rinrf u -, taui. 
AClie. (fker ut. A C«lh<j»d |JUn. 
Tc ACHE, <4ke) is. il To be id p«la. 
AI-'HICVABU:, itt-ubna'-a.U' ^ po.. 

(ibl« lo hr RcWrril. 
ACHU'.VANCt^, <,ti-iib«rs-fa»;«h' Vrt' 

r<ACttlKVE. (ti-uWc-) ..... To p«- 
fonn i 10 Gaith * daiign proipcrouki; ; lo 
t*in ; to obuin. 
ACtUKVtJt. <t(-uho'.iui) .... lie Ibru 

ACIIIEVKHKNT. fii-ubno-mnji) ». .. 
Tb* petfoimHico 'it u Bclion. In Ito- 
laUij, Thg McaU'IiMD, of aatipn aimo- 
rial. gtMMed to anj ouiu Urt ilit pRtnm- 
ancc ti |Mit aoioni. 

ACIIIKG. (<-k<n<>-. 
ACItOB. (t'-k«t> - 


PatlL ; imirftriniMi. 
A (pfciao of (ba 

0]«a. nnplkd lo ulcXopM, ■;4U[n>nl |o 

ACUttOMATICK, /i-kro'-init-a) «. In 

nmnly abFmtaoiu add calouri. 
ACID, (fi'-rid) a. Sout; >hui>. 
ACID, <ta'iid}a.i. Am hdd ntotncD ; 


ACII>imNa(|-qd'.d^'jng)ftrt.a. bl 

ckvmlMn, Gmorflnno tuadt. 
AClDtTIi'; (t-iid'-df-t?) 0. t. Ab add 

Uiw: dnqnrMj tmnn*. 
ACIDNIXS. ((I'-itd-neM) n-L AcUiir. 
ACU>[IL.F.. (t-tiir-dD-lg) n. L Moiliciual 

(ptint* ImtirMnalril mU nhoni paniclv*. 
Tv ACl PULAI'K, (4.»iil'-d^i-lsi*) CO. To 

tiDg* irilk Bcldi iQ > •lijjlti •U^n*. 

.'8, (a-«d'-^9-ln*) a. Soniiib. 
I'.ACKNUWLtbuK. (tl-ofr-lrdj) t. 4. 
To o** 1^ koowUdgv ot; 10 awn tiaj 
lUif ot ftttm la a prniicu)* duincwi . 
to (OBfrai ; u o*D, ai. a ImHIi. 
ACKNOWLEOUINU. (tk-D^r-ltdj-^lnt) a. 
Kdiitf M a<luio«r)eii|B btontf to- 
otiTBdi nawtil. 
ACKNOWlflKiUtNT. itk-n«r-l^djp 
■IIDl) a. 1. Cojtamoe of taj chancHt 
IB BootbM. or Bf Ik* tnjik tt utr (ladtiaD -, 
coafoaioa of ■ fadi, oi of a Vniafil iv 
cai*d)act sfaCHMaMnMujcODCMioa, 
(ucb a* boBBc* i •onttbtBf (iMa b mo- 
foaiion of a botii ioc«t*iL 
ACHE, (at'-iH) a. I. I'Iki hn^ht of any 

thing , ihr rainmlt. 
ACOLUTIllS'l'. it-k«r-to-(A^«,<. Intba 
Rumuik ihunk. tair vbiiM oOce ii 10 ytt- 
pan the elonniu fat (bo oOcM, (a liclrl 
llirr (luirib, &c. 
ACOLYTr, (fk-f-HioJ a.1. TbonuoiriUt 

ACoNirt;. (tk'-hf^^W) a. (. TIm Wfb 
«uir*>baiio, or, ia FopUcal lanfiuft, polaatt 
fa G'*>''al. 
ACUKK, («'-kfn>) a. i. Tko atod m fndt 

Iwrng Inr lao oak. 
ACORNIIU. (i-kfTiiJ^ o. Fnl mik vonu. 
Ia bnaUn, An oak ttv* *ub anou on it. 
ACOVSIIOK, ff-kn' M'k) a. 'IliM wbicli 

rrlatia lo iMoiiDg. 
ACOLSllUKS, t|W.*tik*)«.i. Thodoc- 
iiino 01 tlwoij of Kiutiil* : uodiciuM (o 
htlp die beating. 
roACVltALVl. ^|k-t*fDOi<.ri. TomalM 

r»jni[iu *ilb : lo infonn. 
ACgUAiNI'ANCt:. (4k-kwtn'-lmi«) n. i. 
FiUBilwiiiT ; kaovlrde^of. Applird to p(s- 
Km*, a liiybt or initial koowlcdnr, Juirt 
of (heodtbip -, tl>> pmon «itb wboin w» 
am aniuaimcd. 
ACgUAIM 1.11, (|k-kwan'-l«d) a. Faul- 

liat irilb i vrr-ll known. 
AC<JUh-SI. ((k-kvMt) R. •■ AluduDODt ; 

BKiuiKU^u , Ibv tking (UIwdL 
ri>.\CUl'l(:sCK. (|t.-kwr-gu') I. a. To n«l 

io, or irmAin uli^fivJ waIl 
ACQl'lUCKNClu, (tL-k*o-$ai'.iau) «, t. 
A Blunt appcanuw of coatcnt ; auiltaf- 
tion -. iMt \ ranunt ; mibm n loo. 
AUglHE^KNT, (fk4.vn4M'-lot) a, Eafjri 

ACgUICr. {tk-k*i'.fl} T. A. To noder 


ACQUIIIABLE. <,k-k»i'.n-bl) a. Tl*t 

vhicih way be ar^^uircU ot oblutkfd. 
roACmUKC (fk-kwiic'j V. : To i^ln 

bjaaoTiovii bbout ot pvvia; to com* w; 

(o attain. 
ACQUIRED. (|k.k«i'->td) juffT.*. Giuii«4 

bi one'* atlf. 
ACgiUKKR. <ak-k*i-nfi)n. 1. A nlaw. 
Argliiltr.MKNI, (tk-kw^n -iiir:Ml n. (. 

'lliM irbith la an|Ditrd. 
ACgUUilTlON. (ik-k«*.t>th'.*LDD) a. i. 

Tlio act ci acquinog or guung ; the tbio); 


Flic, f|l, fftl, {)ti~liie, mrl;— pmt, pin;— n;, oigtei 


J •— ^ in sn«MaM> 
I fr *rXitlT, (tk-kwiO ■■ •• To Ml ffw i 
i la Hitmt Imb ■ curt* "' P^'* ■ '° '''v 
I baa* aDT obliniiiw. <■ diHlnno ■ dnlr- 
iCXtUTTMEVT. <»k-wW-««Dt) •.!. 'Rb 
I N>tao(W>D( ■nRi*ui].nticli>(ui|«ltin^'. 
'^ICqUlTTAL. (t^-kwjl'-ifl) ■. h A ds- 
Brtraaca tram M nuplcias tr gnih •# u 

4Ci*f nTAKCE. (»i-V*i t-tviK) n. 1. Tl« 
am of iliKLirfuif fcom a AriA; ■ vnuftg 
tMUfjog (is (Hnp« at s 4ffat. 
ACHE, <t'-kvO >■ *■ A qvndljr or land 
covuimag ia wngtb fan; pmbn, alid fow 
•> bafadlii. or HW tquni* jud*. 
ACIU1>. l^'-knd)ii. UtaUctnuaglBiM; 

ACRUIONIOCa, (tk-ki»4n9'-M^) ■■ 

jkbouDiliH wiik acDmiaiy. 
ACRIMOSlOLSNESfl, nk*i»-W-»f?^ 

D«M I *. b !>• ucoixny of taimmf. 
ACItlMONIOVlitY, (ik-kra-M -M-g*Ja> 

■J. la ka unscoMiU miaai'ir. 
ACKIMONY, {^tk'-tif-nf-af>a.>. SUtp- 
ortt: oc«niain»aia ; abaijiiuai af KBfcT, 
ACRtTT;DE. <)k'-bftfila) ».i. Asutid 

I UUU'. 

' ACRITY. (fk'-krt-lt) ■■ •■ lUutfiaMa; •■- 
ACKOAMATICAL,(tlMifrttDM'-t»lMl) i 
ACROAHATICK. (tk-kro-t-W-^) ) 
a. Ut or patlaiaaD| la iitty kuniag ; A>i 
«tipa*it*«4aiic«i(ul; vkxh ms. 
ACKOAMATICKS. (fkbo-f Kfl'iU) b. >. 
An«IolI>'ilMtai«>oii[l»aian lubila r*''* 
of ptiilaMt>l>]r. u whuA nona kui (iHudi 
■ad «bolM> *«a »4riltei. 
ACKUMION. (t-k■¥'-n^V>> ■■ i^ lawa- 
loDy, Tbo upl^t pnNBM of At •boaldci- 
ACRONYCAU(^-krvii'-ik.»l> o. Am™ 
■{•pbod to ill* riaai oi aeiiiDg of tbc iuu>, 
wbcs tbrj (itbM ■ptxai abqv* or liuk br- 
io* Ihc bonMTD hi tliB Uma at luioat. Il 
ia oppaatd to n«Hi<vf' 
ACROXYCALLY. <ti-ki(p'-ii«-kfl-le) ti. 

At the tenmjal tiiat. 
ACHO&flKE, (^'-kr9Hf>!r*)a. hA Omi 

ot nmsl fren iW tad of aaada. 
ACROSPIKKO. (tk--kif»p,-rtd) fan. a. 

Iliif inc tpniiiCa. 
ACROSS. (vki^')*l- AlWntibMorar 
aomrltiuig ao la to croaa it ; liaiuTcaMljr ; 
ACROSTICK. (ckrtM-.qk) a-t. A pom. 
la vhlch tbe 6nt Jciiei uf vthj liii* nuikaa 
BB tha Dana of ibe jitnaa at llilng on 
•Wb Ik* poem ia whitra. 
ACROSnCAL, (i-ktfaa'-to-ktl) a. Thu 

wbiik Niaua lo oi Maniiu aeroaddwi. 
ACROSnCALLY. (|-kifa»'-l;-tV-lo) fd. 

1b the naonn of an oeMMtL 
ACnol KR1A. (t-kif-ta'-n-t) ■>, ■. Ia tma- 
miBj. 'l"l'f mmiilriia of the huiaaB bodj.u 
tba laifn* eoit. In anlai«Mn, Little 


1 1 hwdi ■Hhaot baaa*. pbead of ri*ldA 
ik aod ika nt«c>imiita«f padiawaiu. 

Te ACT, (fki) c ■. Ta bt !■ anian ; aM lo 
fM I to pfOfMV ika piofeT fnnniona. 

T* ACT, Itki) r. a. to brai a bomwad 
^(OMWr ; ro MaaMffrit ; lo frlfo bj 
actios i to adoalo) lo pal bmolka ; t» 
nnlata iha ■a^naruu. 

ACT, (tkl) a.1. 8oaM«UasdaM;a4*t<li 
■mcy ; ardaa ; tha partwiiiTa of M- 
pialu . a alrp takra- A put of a Bl^i 
duiinn which ibc iKiiua pi«n^ viUMI 
intnrupboB. A dNrH of a roan of Juibca. 
m edicl oT a kritladm ; ntord of )udkial 
pracfsdiofa. Ik iiomM, cc cneBaj, 
' m ika fiublkk Kbooli. for a da- 

rnr ia tba nniVfnaUaf^ 

Anion i pffClnn- 

iBtf ^ aaaomrd put. 

AcnUN. (fk'-ibon) B.1. Tha qaaUtyor 
tuu of KOBt : an ate ot lUag doe* ; a 
dctd . >(Tac7 -, oparaiM : tha atdaa ai( 
itiati ii ip J t w itcAiBabbUi (ndcoklloa; 
IW arrnrnaar* af tha maAmu ot tha body 
vdh tha votda apataa. 

AtniON. >.■. Ia Lav, n« ptoooaa or (bra 
of a aoil br the recartnr of a iMit. 

ACTIONABLK. (|k-.ibua-a-bl> a. nat 
vliith admit! an a<(iaa Ui la*. 

ACnoXABLY. («k'-iftw«-Ue) o4. Ia a 
oniuwrr (ubjMi to a proata* of la*. 

A(.TlaNAKY.(tk-ihaii-<.i«)l a.i. Oat 

ACmiM.'n', ((k' tbon-uMj { tbaibaaa 

■hara io teiim at aucka. 

r«ACTtVAie,(^'-lf^ta) na. TomU 

ACriVi:. i^-w) a. Thai whlA haa Iba 
powrt or ijuiliij of acting ; that «Ucb 
acta. Hip ata J ta pmiUt; bun ; oafoctd ia 
aoioB ; ptaetkal. not met*!; Ibaartiical ; 
■tabfo t a(tlB 1 quick. Is iramOkai, A t«A 
actim ia that atuf b kifiudca aotioo* 

ACTIVELY (tk--ii*-lt) >J. Ill H acdio 

msiuitt : bniily ; Dioblf , ill aa iOlita Af- 

aiicalion, iu lutd in rtaaunaj. 
AC11VF.N£S»,<<r ACTlVtTY, ((h'-t|T-aM. 

01 ak'(i>'-f-tf) a.!. Tbr qulilj ot hang 

ACTOR, {%k'-iat^ m. I. He (hBi am, m 

ptttmBa any diin^ ; a alagrplijin'. 
ACrRES^l. (|h'-tri*a) a. a. Shu ibal pFT- 

fonna any lbio| ; a waaoa Lkal plajra oa 

the itwr. 
ACrUAli, (fk'-tn-^) «. That whicli cola- 

priwa actlta ; rtolly ia acL 
ACTI.'AUTY. (tX-lu>tl'-la-t^> (L I. Tha 

•Ula ul Wisi actual. 
ACrUALLY. (tk'-t^la) ad. In ad i 

ACTVALNESS. (tfc'-tB-|).aMa) a. i. the 

quality of bainaBctalL 
ACniARY, ()r-lif-ctf)n.i. The rppttrr 

aibo conpilca minnita ilf tlw pocjalbp «f 

acoint. araocKi]-. 
ACntATE^^k'-i^f le) *. I'm intn atllm. 
raAC1UAT£,(ih'>ta4«c)i',a- 'J'opbtbia 

To ACU ATE. (tk'-o-aia) ». n. To ■huptn 

ogii'tabtil^. bvll;— it)-,— nvn■'l~''■*•'■■*■ 



ACnTY.<tli9'-«-lf) ■.*■ &liwfMM. 
ACILIIAIF.. (flvMs-^) ■■ tlartos ■ 

ACUMi ^n)ii.(. Atbupr™^' 

TtACL .>li.>.ii t: ^i-ku'-mf -fiHin) r.a. Jt ■■ 
Tsrw liUmtOM; W «ktt or (linMi. 

ACUMIN'ArKD. <(-).B'-Bt-*|-(id) p«i. a. 

ACUMI.VATIUN'. (i-kf-nc^i'-dieB) o. 1. 
A Aay (Kniil , Uw Ml of iliMfaiihn 

ACVTt.(f'lu(r') ■. 8liH|i) aiiat In « 
pdail; ia«oi>t(nu; pnamDDti ibjirp, n 
uMttt In «cdiciite. aoitr iI w pmb. uijr ■)■•- 
«•» wUdi HnumM tbaitlf ; oppnwJ 
unknmaL AcnM aronit, (bM wliisb 
nwn ar itiannt th« R>k« 

AClTF-t^'. (» kowMi.) *t. Shui«r- 

ACIIKN^^S. (f-lstn'DPu) ». I. Shair- 
niw . (|uitknMt dud nfnur of mMlrct; 
Tlnltaw and •fH^y criiilj ttf ■ BOkdy ; 

ilMMM «f «NIBd- 

ADAGE. (|f-«{e) •.fc A muin haadtd 

dim bout aalu)tiit}^ ; ■ prorMb. 
ASAGIAL.(|-df'-jfa))4. PKroibiiL 
AUAGIO. ((-d( -ijrf) iL t. la imuic. a 

■low vimP, 
AI>AMANT,(fd'-ft-iDtBi) H.I. AMnoecif 

iiupruttnUe tuMDMai the lUamimi. 
AUAMAN TBAN.di-t-nqn-to'-tia) a. I!ud 

u Bdaaiant. 
AUiUlAVn.Ne, (t'-«-iR)n'-iia)a. Uado 

«( adaouM ; hud i indiMOlabk. 
ADAKS-APrLE. (ad.-uui-tp'-rl) ■. i. A 

ptOBiaaotfait oFUia Uir«M. 
ADABIITR. (ul't-miia} >>. i. TIi* nana of 

a chua of bcmtkk* *b« iu«d M pra; 

IV ADAPT. (i-dtiH*) no. To At ana tUng 

ADAPTABLE. (td-tp'-^-U) a. TbuwUch 

ADJ^ABlSrV. <id-ii>-li-HI--le-la) a.*. 

7%* capaUIItT of atuiitalioD. 
ADAFtAtkiS, <fdfp.i4'.«)>«B)a.>. Tha 

act of rrltlflg una lUn| M aoolbtri tlta 6l- 

MW of OOB ituju to Mollttt. 

ADAPTION. (t-2|t>-«hn) .. 1. Tbcactof 

r* AD]>. (ad) r. a. To join aomMtong to 

that «hUI> WW btfon 1 M psrfnm iko 

Dirnt^ <>piTniiion of ulding ouv mmbvr or 

cuDi'r-ftiol) |j> analhor. 
ADDAllLi:. (id'-4-U> a. 11ial aUcb nuv 

ba addf>J. ' 

To .VUDECIUATT., (4d-dft'.*^atic> <. a. 

To (aka or aKFftain liihn. 
nADDEEai.(4d-d9{ni'>a.a. ToaTaidiio 

ADDENDUM, (ad-don'-dun)) k. b An ad- 

dilion or appcnoii to a work. 
ADDER, ((i'-dur)*.!. Aaaqmt; OTiper; 

a HiMnou itptilia 
ADDER'S-CRA&S. (|d'-Jfi>-ETtM) a. i. 

A appciM of plauL 
,*DDfcR*S-TONOl'E, {(dr-diratonf) a. ,. 

Tba Buaa otaa hnh. 
JU>DER'8-W0»T, (til'-dvn-w«it) a. *. 


An Wb. aapjiaatd to tore <ha kito of atf^ 

ADDIBLE. (•d'-d»U) a. SMAeojtkLt. 
ADDlBIUry, (td.J^r-lT-iT)«.>. Tbn1 

poulbUity of briiim aodad. 
ADmCK. (td'-d»>it.>. Aaad<;snan, 
ra ADDICT. (ta-dJkt') ■. a To dsvota 

dtdkwo ooe'a at* to. In a poi of ' 

ADDlCnrDN'ESS. (»lMUk'.ttd-BgM> >. a. 

IV vMtiiT of brine aiUitw£ 
ADUICTION. ((d-^k'-aLoa) n. t. TIm t«t 

cfdaiocinv, nt liiiiae ««oV atlf uji to i tbo 

Blato of biing drrolvd. 

ADDrrA>ll'.M.(fd-4H'-|-intni)*-<. tlw 
■dtllilon, Of ibW added. 

ADtil'lluN. (fl-^h'-on) w.t. 7W art 
of kiiint on* Ihln( lo anotWr; 
nmi. or tba thini added. In ArtI 
the mluctiaa of t*« or men aomban 
fflk«r_tato «M nin or lolal. lo luw. A 
tula (ivm t* a aan nrrt and abots lua 
CbtiMiaa onnio and tanama, 

ADDinuNAU (|d-diAV-«l> *■ B«<ng 

AllDmON.U.I.Y. {(d-diiA'-^-tl-la) aiL 

In aJ^ition to. 

AniHT10N.*Ry,(|d.d(aliV-*-f«)«- Ti*t 

which oigi he added. 
AI)l>iroKY.(vl'-4^if-re}«. Hating the 

Ik* art 

r; ■•'" M 

omban td^H 

power or nuuil}- <• adding. 
uOLC (li'-dl) ». A <*m ap[>li»d tori 
and ilgnlijbf Mirb aa pl«duc* oulhinf , 
cn>* ratien mA«t th* bm : and Bcnrailti 

If, but 

pvw ratien «*4«t th* bm ; and BgnraiWrly, 

•D hcalaa iSnt wodnco aodiina. 
ADOLE-ltKAIlED or A01)U^PATED. a. 

IlaTina Uri«n tf adithd hialna. 
ADDDlLSI.I). <)d-dyTH'«l} p/rf. a. Ik 

b«aldti|, (Ignlb* braMi in:, tiuuad back 

n ADDRSSS. (ta-dffa^) •. a. To rm. 

fiBi* one'* aalf U eniet opoo a*]r ac- 

tHu I to |ci ttady ; to apply to auaihn by 

ADDRESS. (|d-dfiH') &fc Arr'''^''>n >• 

any ona, t^ tray of pcrtniaion -. prtitionj 

counahlp; nunn Of addmaniE anoltifTi 

akill ; drneiily i dirtclion cf a lctl«r. 
Al>DnESSBR.i|*d-dfta'-«gr>ti.>. Th*|>rc 

aan that addreawo. 
7> Alil)L.T>:.(|it.4o>t'>t>,a. ToWiagfor- 

wd . ID lUf* : to allr(F. 
ADDUCF.M. (|d.d?'-«i<Di)a. A wonl yi- 

pliad to thoue anijclni tlml brinK tuiward. 

cloae. or dra<r locrlhrr tha |iuta of tLo 

body 10 whirli tbry ai* annanil. 
ADDl'ClSLF..(«d-dv'-«^U}<>- ThMwIiidl 

■•y h« bnnghl toTWanL 
AIlDltlTION, (id-d«k'-*I.iui) a. I. 11a 

ji'l e.f BililucieEDr brtocina^Mvatd. 
A|]|IliCl'IVE,<|d-4qkr-liv)«. Thil*Licll 

(•ttbea, or brinjta down. 
7iAllDULCE.(td-duW)^a. TotimUn. 
AOELANTAUU. (td«l(n-l|'-do)a, (. Ad 

oSoa of falah authurity in Spain. 
ADELING. ((d-al-inj) -. ■- A wan! of 

honour Mung tu Aoeln. propftly appM^ 

laioing 10 tba king'a cuilibvn. 

ff. Hfi V. ^' •-»^ «>iti-iin». piij— ii9.»s". 

jiDENOORAnty. (ta^p^-tr^hyn.,. 

A <r>i»ti>o el itm nhmdi. 

ADKin', <»-^') -■ •> He il<u » roni- 

plMrl) (iilMT in ftti tbe •mrii of hi* ait ; 
• >■»» fini auamnl bjr pnTeMsn of 
Ak-bniiy, DOW ajiiJinl g mt iMy to piv- 

fafMUl IB •■} Kl(-DCn 

rADSFrioN.(«^'-iliBi)a.L Aitaifiiiml; 

ra AbEQUAI'F:. (tr-»-k«^) *. •. To »- 

•nnbtr tiiKiJv- 
ADCgUATl:. '<ta'-«-k»«i«) ■. ^Ml U; 

ADKQUATELV, (td'-;-lh<tie-lt) af. la 

ui ■■UnmiD nancr. 

ADiltjl'ATENESS. (■J--f^wtl»»(~) "■ •■ 

The ■IBI« (if bfinK ftdcqwla^ 
ADEQUATION, <v^»4v<-«b9B)h& Ada- 

AUnr.IATED. SMArrttriiiB. 
7'i>AI>lir:|{F..(iit-fifn')t.'i. TAOickui 

tu rcmuD innly EiM U a fWIy, j*r*o>, m 


ADIir.RKNCI':. ftd-bt'-""**) !"■'• Tlia 
ADII£R»:\CY, (U'tM'-'?<l-^>( qiofiftof 

•dbHiDi; i •rnMily ; ludaw A miai ; 

•IndinMa ; RJoUty i Mndy UImIuwM. 
ADHERENT, <ti«e'-»g«>>. SUcLiostOi 

■miud trVh. 
ADHERENT. (la.bp'.tNiO •-■. TL« [wt- 

MMJ (Inl hlhoFt* ; 1 follirwi^ ; k pftrtuan \ 

■ny I'jinB oiimarillj bcl'iDgine tu * pi^on. 

At)lfERt:}JTl.V.((ilw'-[^»l-[¥)«'- ta*a 

•dhrrml muiDcr. 
AJDHKRER, (|d-be-rqr} a.i. Ho tint ad- 

ADHESION. («d.b»''tbnn)>i. I. Tbonctor 

•IM* of xicliinG or kdlirnng la lOiDtihMf- 
ADHJSIVS,(»d-U'-«[T)i Scidunsitfu- 


^ADKI^SIVEI.Y. <tl-t>«--«>|.la> ai. la an 
ailbntTc mannn. 
A1}1I>:$IVENE&S, (td-lw'-«i«'niaa) •. >. 

IVnaritj ; TiKOiitir- 
To ADHIBIT. (ad-liib'-ti<>>.<. Toqiplyi 

Id niiik* utr Ol. 
.U)HIHtT10N,(»d-lif'l».ih'-aI>uii}-.>. Ap- 

plicMioo ; uw. 
ADMOItrATION'. <td-hfM>'-a>w>) a. >. 

Aihi<*; lh« acl <rfftdiiunc. 
ADJACKNCY, (^d-fl- .™-.(1 b. ». Tl.« 
MKP of lyioc cloto tu ; rionify ; (Diii)i>ailT. 

ADJACENT. (vl-Jl'-*t"') <- '-f^ ■><« 

of (Jo« . borJ uri a t upon : coaticvoiu. 
AD/ACENT.^id-jf ■••Di)i>.>. fhalvLiuh 

ADIArilOKOlS. <t-4(-tr-tl>-nu)a. N«i> 
tial 1 ladilTtnat. 

AblAPHORY. (,.4^> ..•. Nw 

tralln: tadi8m>or. 
r*ADJt:CT. (tt-itkOi^a- To add la. 
AIXJECTIOJV. (t3-ieL'-ih«a) a. •. Tlw 

Kt of adjncttDf. m addla^ ; tho thisK ad- 




rioaJ; IbiowaiBaaanlhafaK. 

AWLCTIVK. (»dj?^.) .. k A w* 

adritJ to I Doia, la ainir* mat ouaki* i 

«». lood, 1*1. *c. ^ ' (»dr->tk-lj».|,) aJ. h, 

tbtf najniH <f w adJKliti-. 
ADIEU, (a-dv'; «l. tuvwM. 
Ta ADJOIN, (ad-jfjn') r. a. TojoiD U : i« 

hMco by ajoviat hnetma. 
r.ADJUlN,(»d.>,9f>,.>. Toh,<«ij«. 

on* to 
ADIOINANT, (id-Jeo'-iBl) a. CtvinioM 

r. ADJOL-nN, (*«>«') *. 0. To pu oir 

to B<4hct day 1 to drfrr. 
ADJOI liNMLNT. («d-juni'.iuDl)t<.>. A 

puiiuiK oiT till *BaU«i day ; 3*Iay ; ni«. 

Al>ll'Ots,<(d'Jo.7n.)«. OdLonanmor 

ADIT. (»d .«) a. fc A piawp bt Iba can- 

TryiMs Of warn unda elDuDd. 
r* ADJUDGE, (,ri-jodiV) .. » To rtfB « 

^fial uMoncvi to >l«m juiiax\iy-, ut 

arntFu-^fl, ci (undsna to ■ punlalDiMI i la 

AUjCdGLAIUXT, (td.«dj.'-Q.ffU) .. fc 

ADJIdiCjVTIO.V. (vl'3a-<lf-M'-«b«a)a.K 

'n* ad «f adjadicaiuiK ; a*ardia| or do- 

cnnni a* a juder. 
Tx ADJ[tUlCATt,(»dji..'dt-l^)»... To 

r<.ADjXaATE,(vi-iij-nt«)^t to,oUo 

ADJUNCT. ((d'-jimBLi) a. •. SatMiUaf 
unitri! ID anothn-, a pmum jolMd loan- 
ADJINCT, fyT-jnti^iDu. I'niud wM^ 
AUJL.\nTU\.(td-J<ui|:L'.dtun)"-b 71* 
act of adloiiiitiv ; tbv (hlni jomed. 

AUJlJNCilVE,(td.jmcl--^»)'u* tW 

*hick yi jidntd. 
ADJUNCTIVE, (fd-jyntk'-iit^ a. Ha^g 

a tmi)r«cy or ci.ulnlitT of Juintnii. 
ADJlNaiVELV. [^-ji.ngl.-.t.t-1t> •*. 

Im aa adjunclitv aiasuei. 
ADJVItAi'lUN, (td-jvTf'-aliiiii^ *.h Thm 

acl of ibotfiDc anotbn (olnanly by vnd 

or <ub : tLo foim of oath. 
r« ADJURE, ((djfn') t.>. To ivpoM 

•» Mih opoD aiwibDii to tbaiga ou- 

ADJLIti.R, (td-jn'-tti) D> (■ One iliai ti- 

aclf an oalK 
Te ADJl ST, <(d-jin'') ft •. T» npiUlei 

to fait in atitt \ \a ndat* 10 iLt ttvo iiaiia i 

la lual* ronfonaaUr. 
ADJtS'lKK. <fd-jtu<'-{t} a. 1. Ha •mio 

plnrr* in duv order. 
ADJlS'lSthNT, (td-jnfl'-iii[DI) n. >. Ra- 

tnlalion ; aatlloawnt ; llio net or ilal* of 

Ennit iHrulalod. 
ADJUTANCY, (4d'-j^|-»»n-iB) «. t Tb» 

mUitBiyaftcaoliiatHljulaDI. l^gutallnJy, 

tkiiyid umnf^cmenl. 
ADJUl AN T. (4d'-jf-ttni) «■ *■ An ofictr. 

Dft)— tfbe, tfb.b|fll^lili— pVVBd/— «Un, lalt. 



*boM du^ i* tonrin tbe major of arvjit- 

ouDt: an uoMaat. 
ADJlTOIt. (|il-jii'.tnO "■ '■ A beliwf. 
ADJUTOItY,(,il'.jv>«-w)«. ThMwIiicb 

htil IN- 
ADJUVANT. <«1'-J9-T|M> K. Itctpful; 


AUJltVA^r^.(«<'•i^Ttal)••.•. armiIm- 

TV AD;in-ATE, <fl'-Ju-f^) t. «. To 

ADiTbASURCMENT, (id-meik'or-msai) 
•• h Tbe nMliM nilKt ef awMtini ae- 
(OnliB); to nil« ; tbt kJJuMiDciii of pnpor- 

ADAIKKSCHA-noK. (|jMiB-(a-ii'-«bHa) 
■■ 1. Tlir in or praciici ol niwurtng* 

Tt A[>M1NL-<TKH. (|d-iii>i>'->>)«-lp) •- ■■ 
T* fiTB ; le tIfOri -, lo rapnlj i u ut u 
MtaMat or icnii ; m diitiAnitB -. to dt*- 
pfue iha facnifinal* ; la l«fidt( in oMb ; 
to giw nMil^niv Is l»w. To partmn (bo 
olScr of ui *dnuBl>tnlor. 

ADMlN[srRAfiU:.(«<l-ii^'-n^tii-bl> ■. 
Capalil* of ulraiotMnMiaD. 

AUMIMKlRArinN. (fd'-Bqn-BiMlt'- 
•bon) *■ t. 'I1iv cDnJnttiac ujr nipl^ 
mmi; tbo cinuttT* jan m prcraniMtl ; 
tallnilrdT. ilioHi te vhom th* cw« of 
pablirk ailiiin w c<iuiniitlnl ; ilinUibution ; 
dirfcoHiiini. In law. Tbn ri|;hU Or mu 
oTui idinuuMmiUT to n panmi dnwiivd. 

ADAIlNISTRATtVli. ( ^imB'.DU-ca-iiT) 
a. Uaiisg tie quUif cj ailBliiiiWt- 

ADMINI<mUTOR. (id-min-nis-tr^'-Hi) 
K. I. Ilr ilisl ha* Uio i[oc>dt of * mim 
djimt iiil**titTn; be Uiu (nnilitcu tlio 
fOt«raiaint i oar vUo acu ■* miuiilor ot 

AWMNISTIUTRIX. <td«4B>4ff'>lf^a) 
■- 1^ 'J'b* ffnitliiinp of ■d'aiMittatv* 

ADAUM^^rKAIUKSHTT, (id-mn-au- 
ltf'-lff'(btp) 11,*. Tlio oAiceM ■dniiiiii- 



Th( quiity of bw adidrabU. 
AP.1IIRABI.K. ftd^if^-bl) o. WOTth; 

at bring I'lmiiail. 

'Dia 'luiliiy of Mm adminble. 
ADUIItAllLY. (>4?DiA-rvl>lt) . 

u> niM *(ndar, 
ADUIRAU rtd'-MD-itl) n. t. A chief oC- 

cet of tlie blng'a aavf ; Uio chief c<«nma»- 

te of a fleet. Fignnti^ 

(■■Mil efeip. 
ADUinA1,sillP.<4J-.n(-[)]-d>iji) u. Hie 

alec ut *kiJi vf «> aJminl 
ADMlRALn'. (fd'.inn.r4l-ip) n. i. The 

pavrvT iippoiiilod fur thi* admuiiiailioa of 

nanil anun. 
AUMIHATION. (^|J«.e^'.ebwi) «. l 

Wonder; Ihr an of niliiiiniiE. 
ADUlRATlVr^ (ti' ui-n-nt) •. The 

point ef klnDnbon. iuark*>l diiu I 
Tv AUMtKC. (vlmirc) Ka. To n^mi 

with unnda; to re^wnl wltfa lore. 

krvblf ) ad. Bo H 

livnly, u<r lEtcBl or 



To ADUIRR, (tl-m)R-'> r. a. To womlrr 

ADMIRKK. (fd-ml'-rfr) «<. 1\ie perxm 

thai Hvcidtn ; a lever. 
AUMIKlNGr.Y.ifd'ai<'-nne-lB)ad. In aa 

admirinj; — iiiiW. 
ADMI^IULU <«<l-m!('-*c-U) a. Thai 

vrbicli Bay be adsuttfit. 
ADlllS^lllLY. (yl >»-« bte) ed. lo a 

maDOM arhich iruj br adaiiiuj. 
ADMISSION. (td-ini(b-nD) ■. i. 1\a 

act or pncttite of admiitiog : the Male cf 

htin|[ admitled ; (ilmituuce i inirndDHiiMi 

to a cborrli-liTiBg ; the aliowaocs of an ar- 

T< AUUIT (fd-aiif) ha. To eafler to 

eolee ; (a raffei to aoter upon an oSc* ; 

to tJlov aa U)pimaal or poMlion ; to lUov, 

M ctaal u pnelal. 
ADMlrrABLe.<ti-«4i'-l|-U)a. CapaUe 

of Udne adiuilud. 
ADMtTf A»CK. ((d-nilT-i^nHi) a. i. The 

act of admiiliug ; tbe power or tiuhl of 

lerinr ; connuioD of a Meitlan. 
ADUItTKH. (|it-8ik--«9r) "• •- )>« 

7aADlll.\.(«J-m<]u')ua. To mta(lew{th? 
ADMIXTiO.N. ((d-mjlj'tBioi) n. ., " 

Biiniluit; of one boitjr witli aaathcF. 
ADMIXTURE. (fd-mikV-iifie) a. i. Tbo 

bod* tnioclpd *itb aootbo. 
Te ADMONISH. (td-mqo'-D^) t^. o, 1\» 

wan of a buh ; U> reprore geMlj ; U is- 

ADMONUiHER. (^i-mija-'aiih^O a. (. He 

ADMliM>-ilMIUVT, (td-agu'-Di,th-mint) 

n.f. AJinoDilloD. 
AUM(>NtTI()N.(Bd-m^Uh'-un)>.<. The 

biiii o( n fault er auty . gBDIle mprMt. 

A i|jji|irnMr of aJniofiiiion. 
ADMUMIIVE. I «d-aifa'-ne-[i') t. 

»li]tb lulmdtlitlir^. 

AUUnMlUR. (^mga'-Dc-iiu>n.i. Tb« 

G-runi wbo admouiihu. 
UONITORY. (Bd-Dfo'-Da-lv-t*) 
Tbal wbii-'b nfloioudhra. 
n AitMOVK. (fil-iiisf*'; I'.e. Tabling 

thins In nnnibi'i. 
ADNASCI'.NT. (fd-nia'-Mnl) pcrt.d. GrO' 

inn '"< "' "P<"' »iiie(hltiit die. 
ADNATK. {td'-n«u>a. Gtmipg u|)an, 
ADD. (V-<)a} a. i. Trouble ; dlffirulty 

hutllr ; tumult. 

Al^ul.^U■^^K^CE. (»d-o-ltp'-»9ii«e> ) n 
Al>»LUCi:-\CY, •td-9-lcB'-M!D-*el 1 I 

agt (uceMding cbildbood. and lucieeded 

by pubsn*. 
Tk Abull. (V^K* '■"■ To ul* as a 

■im Ihe didd of lOailicr prrtivi To lake 

at ajeume jjcoarallv, arbM aiu onoilinn ; 

ai, to adafit the princjplw or opinko* of 

ADOinrKDI.Y. (i-dflp'Htd-Ie) ai. 

tbo muiin of nduMion. 
ADOITKK. 't-dfp'-tur}i>.>. Ikthai 

■lie uloiiUui. 

Ffie, tar, ^U. ft( ;— Bf, mel ;— pio^ pin i- a?, njrw. 


>l>T10N,(«Hlfp--t^n)»,>. Ilatctot 

^■■Uljr of BiJepuiii. or if Wnj K4«$tril i 

BOC mtrlm. 
tUUltAliLE,<t4f'-«|-U>a. TIuI •■bleb 

M vonh t <f <lnia> bMiwn. 
10OR^liLLM.S3. U-dv-n-bt-DIM) « •. 

WonhJorvi vl kdtnMMJMM tumoanu 

ttORAHLV, (t-di^'n-Ut)'^ lasnun- 
art vvnbv ofutonUDO. 
'LtKlHA 1 tON. (vl-dfii'-«liao)ii.i. Tla 
*ii*fiul kiMii>(« pMi to tlw Diroilji 
bo^iAn ntti to pofMnu Ia bltfh plsM at 

ftAI>ORK.(|-d((«')■^■. Tow«nUp«'*>) 
cncfa«l bcHM 1 <o ivuKMC 1 lo hoooar : 
to loT* iauaHlv. 
"U>ORBR. (t-dfr-nr)*.!. H«lkMmJaia; 
* mank i pptwi a dstoMil [om. 
rAUORK. (i-dft*') *.*. T«dnM*Uh 

■iiiw<i , lu (H out wij plata «Mi A*- 

mini : to •mbvlliab. 

kDOr-'-< i-dgn-n|)^<. OlBMUM; 

rAlK'i i. 1. (|.i(n'-Hf«0"->- OfiM- 
i&rai . <mbeUl*bn)to( i (!((»««. 

AUItK.iJ>, (f4lTd'> •/. Id ■ Mau of 

ADHIFT, (i-dijM') al. FlMd^ at no- 

AllltOlT. (••dniO <- DwdToo*; acth«j 


ADROITLY, (v'llM'-^) «t. Damxiilri 

ADKOnXESS. (f<i>1it--«M*> ■.!. Dti- 

ADSl ItlCTlON. (yl-Mhk'-diaii) n, >. Tba 
wt of laDdlng idfettwt. 

TVAOVANCli. <td-*«Ma') *.■■ Tobring 
(•rvud ; ID niH lo pictmniMi M in- 
fnra 1 to betcbicn . W fomid ; M fro- 
poM, IS oHn . to ptj btfoabasd. 

Ta ADVANCE. Ui-t^»e') t. m. To cm* 
fomrd ; la mur imirnxdneiit. 

ADVA>CK, (fd TiDw } n. •. Tlia kft of 
umiug fomid i nil inclinnlice w IMCI; 
(ndiiii prognwiaa : ii>pr««T*UBi. 

AlfV ANCE, n.t. lacODnMnv.Aiiiicintioa 
<if liiDc : M wbrn monpf la fstd b adTabco 
befon t«oil> nr« dflnvnd. I'o be ia ad- 
nan witb a mcrifciM. W Ic»i Um nooer. 

ADVANCKUKNT, (id-iv**''*?") '^ '- 
Tlio act «f emlns tarwuA ; prtfrani ; 
tbv no of adviBdaa laMbn i iBjnstF- 
BtM( ; fcamaUoa. 'la la*. Tbe Bonka 
adiaaMd lo ■ cUhl duiag tbe hibn'a 

ADVAKCElt. (td.rvi--«iT> n. l 1I« ibat 

ADVANTAGE. {td-T(D'.t«l^) n. j. Sop*. 

nontTi braonblacinwuixDCM; Mpitior 

Fi(vi)(*c«; taiBi |vodt: impoodmUoa 

Lt (onif^riMO. 
r.AnvANTAGn, (vl-TtD'-ttd>c)ive. To 

htDfii ; la [TBnKM. 

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AnVANTACiFOLS.(t^fVt-t|'')y)a. Pra- 

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ADVKMEST. <td-<V-"MM> •■ ^<V»- 

ADV ILNT. (fd'-tfni) <•■ •■ Oae of tU M; 

•naoai, MfnfiiB^ lit €—m^ ; i. r. ■!• 

Hw l ^ «if OM- Sanoor i tba ■»!■>« of o«r 

deMvoo dvriof Iba laal vmIu baTora 

ADVENTINE, ()d-T^'-t^) a. AdtoMi- 



Vi I " ^LV. ((d-ita-Ml>'-'^>l) 

ADVK.NriM; (jd-Tia'-ti*) ■ Adrwi. 

iJoiM : tomiaf u>. 
ADVi:NTUAL,(td-TTii'-t;-t))<. iUblii« 

I« tbe ataioni t4 adrret. 

AUVENTCRC. r|d-ifii'-tvi*)«><- Aa ac- 

ddfBt : a [kaoM ; * baaartT; (La occaatm 

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al a rtDtm*. 
T»ADVE\n'RK, {^..,n'-Hfo)r.* To 

ttj 111'- ihance -, to du*. 
roAUVtJ^'Il Ki:. (|d-T«a'-lan) r.e. To 

put Into tb* pc«n of cbaDC*. 
ADVFJlTlRf R. (td-r|^'.ift-<,t) «.>.«• 

(bal M*k> on^tiooi at banid i t>* tbat 

comn iu hiniMlf to rbMTh 
AU\EML>R^£OME, (td-nn*-(vr-««D> a. 

Tbe Hnbe wuli adTt-Qturftuai 

•fig-«{ca) ». b Tbi quality «l b«Ui| ad- 

ADVENTltROtrS. (id-^io'-i^-e*^ ■. b- 

clintd to adiaaluin ; bold ; 4anac ; caa- 

iBceaiM-, llmiiroiii. 


Holiilt. ilnnnrlv. 
AD\ I.S I't'ltOl SNFISS. <fd-T{a*-la-rgt- 

a0M)a. I. T brail of btinfiulxMurosii. 
ADV£RB. (iJ''TFibJ a. 1. A aocd jocud 

19 a rafc or tA^te^n and lalrly uptitJ 

tvtb* Mr of t!aiifytti%, i\tallt(j'ia^, or >*- 

Mitilatel (lie IsUtudo uf Omit u(»ifica- 

ADVERRIAU (}d-Ts>--bf)l} .. Haelaf 

tW <tiislii( Of tuucfon of an aditatb; 

■nakioji uw of idinb*. 
ADV£kltiALLy. (td-<1[('-br*l» td. la 

an adtFthai aiiir. 
ADVF.RMRIA. <vl->tT'^''f7-«) a. i. A 

Rnnnon-nlacv ; a boob Vt nMe B. 
AllVLltSAIlY.((d-.Trc«»-tf)B.<. Aaop- 

pon<iii< ; n^my. 
ADVKKSARV, (fd'-Ter-u-Tp) a. Off*- 

tlu to ; odrnM ; boMl*.' 
ADVE[WAT1\'e, (|d-T^-*t-il*> ■■ ^^ 

oft ; — (abr, (yb. bgll >— ^ i — PW"' >~*'^ thm. 



ADVERffi, (fd'-TttM) ■■ A«t>ic ititli con- 

KKf ^wtumi i caibnulcu i tSictii* ; 



pp wtta ip 

jkDVEBSITY. («i-*B''-w-(f^ »■ '■ Afflic- 
tjon 1 tattuitj i (oninued murodiuic , 

IDvSwELV. (|d"-«B«»-lj) *J. Oppo- 

tittlj; oqfoitiuuKljr. 
i AdVeKT, (|d-»tn') ». »■ Td twft « «■ 

Mad 101 Wngwl; (•ncnlly icquliint ill* 

wont I*. 

A1>vr.lUKNCB,(td-*9'-lPMr> » ■.•. At- 
AlM'KU1l-:NCY,<f>l-Tgi'-qa-w){ uuuan 

ADVimTENT.(|d-ti('-(tM><i. AlUDtinii 

r* ADVEKTISE, (|d >gi-(iM') V. «. Toin- 

tiMmi Id pT« intclligiTsni to pr» bmic* 

by ■inini of an idtaniarmmE to tlia pnb- 

lu priali. 
ADVERTISEMENT. (td-'r«('-^-n|U) n-fc 

iMalllfaace ; iafgrnulira i adaoouiaa i 

uotin «r uif iUb| publiabMl id ■ ftfn; 

AUVERTl^lKit, (^-rp-tj'-igr) a. i. H* 

|Al)Vi:KTISIS(J,(|d-«ir-(i'-iinc} jurt. o. 
roibmimJc.iTin^ iiitAlligirnrr' 
Ti-'KltATK, (tJ'W-Pf-itte) v.". 

ADVtCK. (fJ-iiM') n. 1. (.'ounHl; initruc- 

uon -, itHfCUaa ; uradfot (ontidDruioa ; 

cmtfuluiuou ; deUbcnuiu ; inlvIUconciv. 

The lui MHM 1* chivC* cMuniiicUI. 
CADVICl^-DOAT. <td->,c*'4>au) «.<. A 

tsimI eaiplo]«il to bnsg Inu-llinDi*. 
To .ADMlilLATt:. («d-'i>l»lti<>) a. «. 

To irbi<:h dUigeittly. 
ADV1.«.(BI.E, (id-ri'-ni-ljl) s. rradcnt i 

Opm tn HJiko i 6( to hi adiifed. 
ADVUABLENESS. (td-t.--«t-L|.|.t») m ,. 

T\n qnnlitj of bnnc adviMbl*. 
TaAl>VI!?K. (^-TV)v-a. To«>uD«cli to 

^iTf iaK-rmutKni ; to mako *c]aaini«d. 
T« AIJVIM; (td-Tjw') «. ■. To lonwil. or 

rouijpr i to d^Iibnatr. 
ADVISIU).(td'Ti'-*t<l>f«<.i. AelingwUh 

d(Mwntia& ; narfonoM *iih d«libiiru)aa> 
ADVISfU)LY. (y]-<{'-«!4-l?} «r- Sobd)/ ; 

AmiSEDKlLSS. (td-Ti'-MHl-d«M)n.(. Dc 

ADVISll^KNT.(til-i4u'-fli)>M)n.i. Cous- 

•fll i iufonoBCloo ; pradanc* ; clRuiiu|itc- 

AnVlSER. fid-V-'P) '*■'• t^B ixnoa 

Ihtt adTi«« 1 k couBMllor. 
ADVI81K0,(v)-if-)>>K>>i.i> Camud.Bd- 

>UUTION, (td-dii-l('-*lii|a)a.*. Fkt> 

'ADULATOR,(td-dvla''nu) ■■.>. ABBttmr. 
ADULATORY. ((d'^v-l^-tei-'T) «• HuMf 
lag ; Ml of coai|iUiiuiiu. 



ADULT. rt-^olO <>■ Gfown un 
ADULT. (Hvtl'i >■ <- A pmoo full pooa. 

<D afacnv Ihr tat of in(aac]'. 
ADVLTN'EiiS. (t-dnli'-niM) n. J. Hiealnlo 

of banc ulult. 
Td ADULTFJt, (v duT-iBt} V, n. Tonmmit 

ADl'LT£nANT. («-4gr.tgr.^)n.>. Tlit 

viiith ulnlwntn. 
r.ADULTERATE.{»-dld'-tp-»W)R«. To 

eomnil sdultcir. 
Ta ADULTEKATE. (^-dQl'-iqr^u) v. a. 

To eorrupl by lomfl fonicD admunim ) M 

conutnla*!*. tuia. ot pelliiW. 
ADVLT£RArK.(t<lur'tut-us)a. TainUd 

vf(h tba (uili ^ aduluiy :' eomptod with 

liiiciKii nutaTa ; uvucd ; poUaiMl. 
ADULTCRATELY. (vdvOtgt-V^-le) ^^ 

Id la adnltnue loiwuer. 
ADULTERATED iS3, ^f.4f>r>tv-fl»*t«) 

•k 1. Tl« uu.iliij of bnna idnlUnu^ 
ADlltlT.HAIlllS. (ii-iloriur-t'-abfa) n. i. 

11» kct uf MJuiunUDg : Cm aUta of Mint; 


ADULrERER, (» dB]'.ti(r-ot) ■. t 'ITiu 

j>tnoa ^tiT of nnultrry. 
ADLLTERia*. j»Jul -tw-faa) h. (. A 

miniiui Ihitl tnminiis iKtiilwry. 

AtlliLTnKINK.u-^'<l'-<«'->'<*>'>-'> AtFcm 

of cnnos U*. A (liiJil hnrn of mi kdulmn*. 
AIJULTKRIXE. (H'j''-l»'-!ne> '■ Spari- 

7'*APULrERL!R.(|-<lu|--ts(-iM} Toeon- 

mli adulucy- 
AUULTEHOUit. (f-dol'-t^D*) a. Guiliy 

of tdahaiT : «nou« i ranurl. 
AUULTERULtSI.V. ((-^uT-tyt-na-l;) oJ. In 

IB ■didtnoiu DUiDei. 
ADl'LTERY. (4H]ur-iui^)H. I. Vtolslian 

of ihp brd of ■ murlrd Mraaa. 
AUL^IltltANT. <i4-itnt-lninl) '• TWt 

wbtcli t^TH a alighl nvanblucw. 
r»ADUUBRATli.(td-i|in''bm«)a.a. To 

ibadow oul ; Id cite a *li;bt likFonai. 
APLMURATION. u,l vmbn'-alian) ». «. 

A (liKhi and imprrfnl n-jiraasaUiDoii ; ■ 

fuBl tkatofa. ]a bonUdiy. IV (hadow 

only ofatiTtraraoutllaiidafid loiulrdof a 

colour dailcc ibin llio field. 
ADCNATION. (^d-n-m'-aban) a. i. Th" 

Mate of briDf aoiiad ; Uaioo. 
ADL'NCI TY. ((-dnn'-tf-ij) -, ■, Cnwhad- 

Dcaa ; hatine (■>■ form cif ■ liook. 
ADUNQUK, (fduiiEOa. Cnukod; beod- 

lae inwintt ; booted. 
ADniCAt;Y.(td'->o-ktaajB.i. ThaoOce 

of an tdiocMo ; iJw arrt of plcadinj; i judi- 

dal pla»liii|; 1 liw-in)(. 
Tt AuVOCVl'E. (fd'-Tf-k^ca) v. «. To 

pbsd tba taoM of BoMbd ; to nppotl ; (o 

ADVOCATE. (td'-*o-l.|io) a. i. H« UAt 

plMda Ibo cuiaa of wuMbct. la Dw atrip- 

Ural ud Ncpad aruK, it itaada for ooc of 

Iha oSm* of ont Rfdccmur i fotmotlf iho 

fatiDD of a cnnich. 


r^^. I|tl, ^;— «». oqti— HM, ppii-n?. mite. 

iTESIIIP, (%<'Tf-tfI#-*)iif> n. I. 

'dtfjr M pl>C« ef n iilncaic i ita 

I •( luppon of m p«it prnnn in a 

Vl)CAnoN.((d.T9.M'^«n>». fc Th. 

•ttiE or Kt 0/ |4tMllne. a iii(in«M>Mi. 

likr uUixiT'. llMoaJ bu alMaKxip- 

Wt*l anil avnil n aai . 

;V01.Ari(IN.(|d-t^l|'-akim)a,k Ttw 

~ tfinc 10. 

iLrTruN',(til.f¥-V-*)M)a.tb IUII> 

_ •"■ 
iUVul fREn, <ti1-iini'-lri;f) n. t. An 

AOVOLIRESS. ((d-Tfv'-*iTM) )h •. Ad 

AUVOlil'KOUS, (|il-<^'-wv*> •■ A4ol- 

AOVdi: I HY. (iil-ifif'-a*) ■•'^ Aialmr- 
ADVOtVEF. (i^-if«f')'a.h Ho ibat ba* 

AUVOWSON, <fd-TH-.iu) >. 1. A tlcbt 

to cmWB( IB ■ bmrflei. 
To \\ltM:,lt-A«it'}r.n. To hum up. 
AI*t3T. (t-dnti') a. Bvmt Bf; ncmrW. 

It i« |-racr»Ujr andiMl lo liui conjitviiai 

ami liuiDOon of ihe IuhI}'. 

|iu(. u III* toorplrilOD. 
AUI^IIDU:. (i-du* -Ifl-bl) a. Ca(«U«tif 

\iriDt burnt up. 

ADI'STION, |.(.4ii^-t;-«n) n. t. Bandog 

an. oi 4i)in(. 
AD^. •>. t. Sm AoDiri. 
AV- ot 't^ A (lipiboDf in th" iMui (u. 

i;ua(i, wbich Mnu dot propMlj |« bkra 

apt p|u* >o Ilia Enijlbli. 
I j:DILT:.(vJilc)ii.a. A Roma maelUfaM 

vboM buuan* it vai lo latf^cl *U LiaiU 

^GILOrS. (e'.jil-Qpc) n. a A tunioilt or 
a*cllui{ ig ibn prM lonifi at ilie tfa; 
aU« ■ plant w laUni]. 

i^'.(jI;>. i.'-iii.) n. L A thirld. 

i^lGYftUi'l M.(o.^|>-i>''4.^am)n. 1. Aa 
fnauiml ot bosty, tniigima, aail line- 
XVlGUA. 8f*E>ioit<. 
A'UUC, <f-Dr*l>k) a. Id rrammar, IlftoDg- 

F'UUC, <f-Dr*l!k) a. Id rrammar, IlftoDg- 
inv to tM AinliaD* ; ■• tb* Alalir dialwt. 

fXOUAN-HARP, (na'-l^ic) a. •. A 
ilttbfed iaitnaiuiic acted npoa bj ihv 

[jLOUVltS. SaaFAUPitT. 
AtRIAl, (if-r-ntl) m. IVtoutloB 10 tb* 
air ; preJai'fd ty iti« air ; inhnblilau lbs 
•tri nlur4 in ihe alt; bi^^b ; tlnaied in 

AERIlt, (f'''T) "' '■ A r'''''G blood V o**! 
«fkvLa. ' 

AERIFORM. <f'.i«rfnn) a.*. RwrabliDg 

AEKOCRAPItr. Cfia-^f'-ii-fe) •''■ "Hia 
dr*nif>iiea n( ihs ait. 

Ai:iU»U»OV, (vt-9r.(>a.». Tbe doc- 
I (Hdk i>f iliB air. 
A£ROM.l\CY. (an'-9-iiqa-i9) «.>. tU 
an e( diniioi bj i^ ait. 


AP-ROMETER, <v«-fB'-DiB.tar> a. *. A 

naiktD* (or «rigbiD| iW nr. 
AKRUMrlKY, t%i»^n'-iiin.(f<f) a. a TW 

1^ tA v.'hviiriiif ih» ai& 
ArHO\ n>'.*-B|«i> a. h Mb wbo 

h.-» jli iW an ia a Wlcaa. 

AtlUi'.-' .. ., itt'-^i-k^ff) *. > TV* 

o^fflfiauob of i>tf air. 
AP.RU^TATIUX. (arf-M-it*'«bln)a.i. Tb« 

•cirace of BF>(>.in|; air. 
APAR. (f f«r'l>f. At*c>*«l JkuiKKi t* 

or bom a (i««l iliMaOc* ; htm alar. (raB 

■ Ataat pbep j akr off, raauuljr di»> 

affVhiuty, (^A.hf-tfui) a. I. -n* 

APPAHlK.(tr.|fbl)a. Eatyofmnbrni 

rfiuRfoua ^ bmi^b . ndl-l, IsTOanU^ 
APPAHI.CSP.^, Ul -rvW-ncM')*-*- £*■*• 

l«T : BlIabiliilT. 

AFP;^B1A, ttr-ft4»lf) ^ In n rfM* 



ArPAHl LAI'lnN. (tMVHbtt>'-*>>u"> "■ •■ 
lh# aioml of a fablt. 

APPAin. <tl-(an') a. •• Buriitn; mait- 
Uiinjc to b» BUB||ci) m aaaucml. 

Trf At PhXT. (lf-t{lu') !■. «. To ifl opna ; 
to |4odun cA«l« in tmj olbcr thui ; In 
fuonaih* paHioWi W alia al. <n andrr to ; 
to bt lond of : !• make a (haw of mbb- 
Ibing -. u imiialc viib no ill gnt^ 

AFFrCTATiaN. (tf-fjk.ti'-ihuD) •■ k 
faulsTMi bi|tb irgm ol bku|i |cfle- 
rally B|iplinl to lb* ati of maldnim ntiB- 
ciif app**faaca ; an awkward Mittai!aiii 

APVKCTt:!). (ff-t^'-ltd) fa>t.a. Uvtmi; 

■oiiihr'l viiK aiffciion ', auuBsd wiib aa 

ill cram : titl nf aflrctMloD. 
AFtKCIKULY. (tf-frA'-ltd-la) aiL In n 

alTi -■ ' ■ . r. 

API! •(. (tircLMrd-utM) a.!. 

Tlji ' iii'iat affctiedi 

AFPKClKil'. Sn> Ariinoa. 
ArPEtTlNGLY,(»(ffk'tjn«-lT)«rf. loan 

affKiioi maanct ; loucbiiiEU ; inidvrly. 
APFKCTIOK. ((f-»tb'^b«»)a.i. lb=«nic 

of bafaif aSH.-tf d : paialaa of any kind; 

ICTs ; kiadntu ; eouI «i)l to an* obitct. 
AFFr<noNATE. (%(-l^--^m,-^ri m. 

n'anni araloai; Kiaofly iacUntd W; 

fond : MndtT-bcaiKd ) brotTolmt. 
AFTECnONATTLY. {*rJtk--»bgo-«^lt) 

if. la an aSectiooala maonaii undlyj 


Aprh:cnoNATrxEas. («f-fri.'-(bun.<i*. 

i»u) ■. J. Fmidurs* . tfadarecM. 
AFlKniUl'sl.Y. (t(-fsk'-*lio(-l<:) ai. In 

an allanioi Kuintti 
APFPCllYe. («f-rck'.tit) ■. Capabla of 

ATFECTI^XLV. («f-rtk>ii(-lr} uL In an 

iniprFHne manner, 
APFKCTOR. (tr-frl-n}r>n.i. Ono tbat la 

fulltv of afli-danon, 
TvAFFF,KK,(fJ-f^')F a. Inluw, Tvron- 

AFreROHS.f|r-fa'-itn)a.t. Iala>. r*t- 

nflt ;— tffcc, iMbi, bifU i-^ll i— povo' i— ifto. " 


MSI appoinwd u> mukl auch u haro com- 
mlC Wl fenlW mrtiimtrily pimi>hilil». 

APFirrruosd, (fr-r>i-u o'-uj n. in ma 

tick., droating *fcBi U lo b« xmg or plajed 
AFFIANCK, (|t-f\'-|u*> ■. 1. A Dufut^ 

coami.-i . tiuu Id am lUnDa prauuiHi 
mil in gFnfr;iL 

n AFFUNCE. ((f-friiue) *.•. Tofca- 

trotb i in gi*s cmmwnra. 
AFFIAKCER. ((r-ri'tn^) t. n* Ibal 

llinke* a conlraci of nsTrian. 
AFI'IDATION. (fr-rih<lB'^^n)| n.i. Mn- 
ArriDATini:. (tl-h-it'-tun) i tu«l con- 

tne\ : muiual oiili ut CdfbiT. 
AKFIDAVIT. (tf-fMU'-Tit)..!. AwrltUn 

dKlociuoii ijpan colli. 
At't'Il^l). (^l((-ed)rari. c. Jcdned bj ooa- 

(net : affiaiLfad. 
AFt-ILIATtON. (tf-ftl-l^f'itnin) a. •. 

Ailoptim ; iK( xn of takiaa k ua* 

KFINAGF:. (|r-rp-av«) *. i. Rafiuoc 

Bfiab br tba copd. 
APriNED.(tr-tr.n«d>a. J<nDedlT«ttiiity. 
ArFIVlTY.<«t7in'.>»-i>t)ii.«. fUladoaby 

manUcD ; oopawd lia (diiHDgniniij, or i«- 

lalion nr binb - r«1>cioD la -, coiiDmoD with. 
Te AFFIRM, (tf-r(im')*.iu To dNlue po«- 

TsAlFlKM. (ir-CpnOn-o. To nljty ot tp- 

pro*v a f'lmm jud^rol, 
AFFIKMAm.P-. («t-r«'-mt-bl) a. Ctipobln 

of brrioc iffl nu«iL 
AFriR^rAnLY. (tr-br-mt-bt«) «J. In u 

wflrmabtv nunDsr. 
AFFIRMANCE. (4f-(|t'.ntaM> n. & Cni' 

tinatt&aa ; dwUmdoa. 
AFriRMAin*, (^•fn'-intQl) m. a. A de- 

AFFIRMATION. (tf-V-mt'-xhin) ■■ ■■ 

Tho Kt of •ffinmag or dccluiOE ; ihn 

jtowdoB aflnncil ; conJimiiui'iD. In lav, 

tha Mlnnn doclanliiin of a Quaker, ta- 

(wtrias to an obU>. 
AFFIRMATIVK. ^^ffrr'-iin.iir) o. ThM 

vliicb ^nat ; lliat Bhicb can ot ntiij Ihi 

kfirroid; poiilin ; donnalical. 
AmRH-VTIVR. rtt-b?-a>4t) n. ^ U 

ItA, Vhax tmtmt an affinraiiBiii 
ArnRMATlVELY. («f ff('-mi-li*.|n) ad. 

tn an afntmaEiTfl muinar. 
AFFIII\IT:R,<)I-(|7'-bct) n-h Tbapninn 

Uiiit ><nmlil. 
T* At'l'IX, itl-liJuT) II. a. To imiM to tU 

cnil i lo connoct cauctpuDtiftllir ; tkmplj. 

In fuWD or li. 
AFFIX, ((f'-f jki) ■. 1. Sonetbing ludud u 

iba ana of a wmd. 
irriXlOK. ()r-(>k'-«tico) n. t. Til* Bcl of 

kftiMw ; Ik* (IBM of liininK lAifd. 
AFFLATIOIC. (^■Sa'.abnn) n. i. BrMCUaK 

ann ant tUnv. 
AFPLATVii. ((f-Bi|--tu) a. : CMoiunlca- 

lion of tlupaver af uropliocy. 
nAFFUCT,(4(lljkn('.a. Tapultopain; 

<n cnorc . to rormm. 
AFfCiCTF.DXF-SS. (»f-«j.k'-«)«dn|aa) a. t, 

Tba attte of aaiclion. 


AFFUCTEll.f(f-fl>V-tn) a.». A loinumwr. 
AFKUf^nNGI-Y. (»f-«ili-.|jng-lT> ad. la 

an )iQielin{ uaanBr. 
AFFLICTIUN, («t-lliK'->li<io) *. •. (\llMi.ily ; 

tb* alalia of aennv/uliuia , niivn , 
AFFLIfmVE.(»f.«ik'-'i')'>. KaWuliloi- 

AFFI,lCllVFXV.<4f-llik-ti*-It) of. In on 

sUlirnOE mwintii . piuafu[ly. 
AFn.tKNfF.. (if-a"-fi>«) I •. * T^ 
AFFI.IKNCV. i^-H..-fB-af) ) mnoffldw 

ion la in} gihi* : •'lubrraaca of rkh«a. 
At>LVH\T, (jC-flii-sul) a. Flowug to; 

abundanl : ovallliy. 
ArFLUENTLY. ((J'-flu-vDi-lp) wf. In an 

aSooni mwiBst. 
AFFLUKNTNESS, (if'a^-nt-nta*) a. t, 

Tliv maiitj nl bring ■Oanir. 
AFFLUX, (^-llifkajn. I. Tlieattol Hawing 

to toma plan ; afflnrncr. 
AFFLUXION. (tf-Suk'-aliiin) n. i. The ncl 

of flowing ID ■ panicular place, or Crom ooo 

place to anollirr. 
n AFFORD, (if-ford'l n a. To yirld ot 

prodocc ; In (Tant. ot caafBi nay lhlii|[ ; lo la 

abia to a»U at a auio auiod , to be able lo 

7b AFFOREST. !^^-1^ifH) ■. a. To ture 

JHMkd hU fon<ab 

Till act of tumlng cniind into a fonal *, 

gnnnd uli(n turnna mia fbnai. 
7>ArFRANCIUSE.(tf-ri^n'<bii)i<.a. To 

A KFR ANClllSEMENT. (»f-ft(n'-i:hi.-ni!Bt> 

n. L Mixing frra. 
n AFFRAY. (»f-ft?'> V. -. To ftigbl. lo 

Ipnif* ; 10 nnl onr in donbt. 
AFPHAY. ((f-fn') n. >. A tnnmltuoiu at- 

uuli -. tginiilt -. roofiinon. 
AFKRKTION, u*'''>'-«bsn) b. «. Tteacl 

uf tuN/tll^. 

To AKFIlUillT, (^f-fnte") p. a. To aff.n 

■illi Inn ; 10 tttniy. 
AFFRUillT. ((f.ffW) n.1, Trtrooi ; ffar. 
AFFItlGlfrKDLY, ad. Undoi t)w imptta- 

•iou of ff at. 
AFFRKlllTKR. (yS-Mt»--ti) n.t. lis vbo 

AFFRIGIITMEKT. (if-ftHe'-msnO "- «■ 

Fm -. If mar ; fnTfiJncM. 
7b AFFRONT, ((f-frunt'} ». a. To inacl ia 

an ho>ti]u tniiuiirf. (tuni to fiool ; to all*r 

an opce intal(. Tba Init i> Iha general 

arpiimioii of iLfl ivord. 
AFFRONT, (gr-frunl') n. >. Intuit olTFtad 

lo iH« lace : onmgc- -. an of <ODtcmpt ; 

ttp'^n <ipr>o»i[iDn . rnroimtcr. 
AKFRONTER, (»(-fn.n-tEt) a. ». Ita (bat 

AFFHONTINO,<tt-friin'-l>ng)j>Bn.d Con- 

AFFRONTIVE. ((f-fren-liT") a. Caunng 

AIT RO NTI VENESS. (if- fnin'- ({<«(••) "■ •■ 

TlkD ■^unlUT fhal f^rca afliooL 
To AFVlidls Mf^^te') CO, To poor one 

thing ujion DDulber. 


F|le, br, l|U, (|t;~iDe. nfi;— p)nc, pini—tif. tnf*». 


VSION. (fffu-iLga) m.1. TImxtal 

r. (tf-fr) '■ '- 1'^ btcrwh in oilrr 
riu«; loW^i Mjok. 
rArrV. (ft-ri') nih to |M eorfhaei 

). (t-r^*) ■. to Um Md i ia tba 

riTLOAT. <t-<M'') *'• fowinc. 
irOOT, (fl^O ««. Ob faoi ; is attim ^ 

PORE, (t-rfrr't ;ml7^. B<Joi*; kfairf la 
ptttce 1 •ooati i* Omr ; HioT ei tupanoBT lo. 
fORR. (|-'ur'i al. lu iku fun(OM ec 
HM ; ArM in Uio w«j ; (a Ittat ; in lb* 
Mcc-pait : niikct ihan. 

IFOftEGOING, (4-fi|ire'i»-^ rtrL o. 
CouiK Icfotf. 

&TOR£)IAM). (,-fi;re'-b«Bd) >J. Bv » 

AFOREMLNTIONKO. u-(vr*'-in!:>>-*l><>nd> 
m, Memieon) btfon. 
FOItKN AMtU). (i-fviv'-nt'-mcd) •■ N'amtil 

LFOR>:SAlD.(c(tM'-«t4*)a. MdUftxr*. 
'AFORETIMF, (f-ffn'-tMM) W. la mm 


^tlAID, <4-b«dD'> yvt. •. $uark ■hIi 

AFRESH. <|-frt«b')(rf. Anew. 
A('HONT.(t-rpinO«'. In ftrmi. 
A IT. W. A KS iirnn, (rma abiJl, ( irbich (e*). 

Btkioili MWnii 
AfTKR, (ff'-ivi) pr«p. FnllowinE in piMa i 

in puiMM of) l«hiBil ; fotiaiom in iteia i 

■cMcillBg ID, <a m imitanon <rf, u • jilem* 

■A<r Ruinrl. 
AFTF-R, (V'-ic') ^- t" aiKOMidlnf douii 

Mlavinc analW. 
An'KltBIRTH. (tr-itr-t>tn*)n.i. Ians> 

dirtor, Hi* I'lwflitii. u* mcMttani in 

KArrKKClJlf. (tt'-lir-kltp) n. 1. Ennu 

bB|i|imiu){ iflat aa kSur u nppiKoii (0 be 


1. Tla 


■I BU Fill 

AFTXRCOST. <»J--»^.kflM) ... fc 
not onriaiulj <alcuJUFd. 

AFTKmndi* <4r-«tt-ii(p) . 

■rcnnil (Ton. 
AFTERHOCRS, (y-isrfvn) •- t. Thi. 

bm* that wccnd lli«w luualt; dcrouil 

to bw iami 
AFTERMATH, (if-tti-inirt) n. •■ TU 

•Moad crop of snat. moan lu auuuao. 
AlTEnUUST. ((f-l(r«(|M)a. ltlml»M<. 
A»TER.\0«JX. (»r.t(Mio«i) I., fc Tbo 

ti»» fr om \Ut mrndian lo ika tvcMor. 
APTSIIPA).\$. (tf'•4n^p>u) ■. •. Tbo 

naiai afifr binb. by vhwli womoi an da- 

litvnd of tba HOuodlac. 

APn:HPART,(4Mcr-pvt>"''- tUiuitt 

Anr-RPIECE. <^.|fr-pMa) a. t. A facta. 

or aay unktlrr mttfuiiuiunt, aflar tlw 


1-fcRPROOr. (it-ut-pionf) ■• t Eri- 
4fsr> puirrioor to ibo tbiag ia qvenion ; 
qoaliiisk kuovn by «ub«aquskl •iptrience. 


AITKRSrATK. (jTHeMiifW) •.•.!*• 

hila*« MM*; ika lib to lamf. 
ArreRTHOt CUT. (,r i^r-Ui*!) •. * 

R«AMtjcN» allsr lb* atl. 
AnUl'IIMK.(4l'-l1l-^<M) H.>. SommJ- 

lae till « -, ibe bturr. 
AFT£KWAUU. (|f'-trr«ucd)*l. U«u> 

caeduw tunc ; uiiDMlmH vticloa i^Vf- 

■■Tili, but leM ptvpnlr. 

Arii;Bwn, (iC-4t.«.o n. >. c«Mri- 

Tuxat. afed tba ooaora of luiag tlwa la 
AUA, (t'-fi) a. >. Tba title o( • Totkt* 

inUliuj ofllctt ia liiiel. 
AGAIN. t)'t*<>«'> «'■ A (TCond tim* ; oao* 
nuxci lu niurn, ootiUK rr-aclicn; laclt. 
in intkuikah u munouG ffDm • f*af« ; m 
•Hirk ofnhi. iwi« B> much ; igtia >Hf 
■Mill, oflcn i >■ oppcaiuiMi bj naj of (•• 
auuKc ; 0* lu lan (fun. 
AGAlNb'T.(^)-(UHl)r'<r' laoppotldonlot 
(onlnuy ; n coalndlMOD to; *Ub M*- 
uniy oiniMaw lendtncy; w ttw; wnda 
Of Mv i oraMMiD (0, a> oif r agawl ( to 
the buit of aBMbn ; to pMibioa f« i !• 
Fspccntlaa of, u aniBM lb* aril day. 

ACAL.«\V, (4'-|l*'>«>'-*f) "• •■ WiM o' 

AGAPE, ((.(fpo') a(. StMiat Mlh *^tf 

ACARICK. (ig'-^-tik) a. h A dtng of bM 
ia phjucli, and tlis dying Ifada. It ia a 
tonnikail ]il>&(. gKnng «pM aak* aad 

AOASl', (itvO •- Sunt^ •><b (cann; 

AGATE. (f4tic')o<f. Ontbavayi ■gotaf* 

AOATE. (tr-%i> ■■ (. A pKOOwa Mane «f 
the lownt duk 

AOAIV, (t^-fW) H. Of tba nalaia of 

Tf AGA/E. U-ev*) >^& To urikovilh 

AGA/ED. (iit'.it^) f«rt.<. SODckmilk 

AGE, f *j(i) •. L Thv Mrioil rf lime alttU 
baud lo aajlliint u lbs wlifllt. or put. uf 
ita duration '. * ^uccwwod at gtucratjai ^ 
men", ibe (imo m whicb aaj particnlac 
man, or am. iind ; the tpacaof a bundrrd 
yean; the Iftiinpartof hfr; olJ-ftgiri ma- 
oaity; tipnetK lutMr.A inaAor voniiui 
ujfofi M ttvcniy tmca 

AGED. U'-j^) -. Old . atiicLcn in jcan. 

AGCDL\.<a'-j(4-k>iiiJ. Afut ihc ■ooncr 
of aa aud ptnoo. 

AGENCY, (f'-jcnu) n. t. Tl* quality of 
Mting ; tba oAta of as a|ent or factor i 
buiiuM pnfanned by an agciiL 

AGENDA. <t']i'D''d4) a.t. Butiaei* (o bo 
dme . a pui^i ot ni^monuidoni Irooli in 
whicb a difkIiuii ku do«a what >■ to b* 
tlOM ia tbcTDune oftlie dnj. 

AGENT, (ttjrmi ». >. lliat *b>cb hM lU 
pont of auiiog. ot of ptod'icing elTnii ; 
one ocmnuHiODcd lo ItaniaM the buiopM 
of Booihet : ta actor; aaubtltiiuai ■ do- 
jwiyi abclor. 

agl i— (oba, tifb, infi\ ;— ^t ,— pfifTidi— <Ua, Tm». 



AGENT^HtP, <>. >. TbonffiMefu ■£(«(. 
AGfJEI-t I ION, (|d-jd-U'-«buD) •>. t. Can 

AGGEN EH AriON. (td-J|a«|r^'<itoi) ■. •. 

IV *iace of tiDwing W MUttlin body. 
AGGER, <td''jnr) a.L Tlie moia rtmh^ 

put ol a miiiluy «nj , ■ (oruttx, ur 

r* AGGERATi; (td'jtr^c*) »«. To I.Mp 

LAGGEIt(tSK.(lil-ipr-f»')a. Fullorbrapai. 
iTf AOtil.UMI.HATi:. Itci;l9in''nin'4le) 

•Mk To ^hn u|t ID a luUI, u iltnnd ; to 

|mlb*r (o(*tlit(. 
' AGtiLUMKRATE. <w-ClT<B'-<"Er-4U) 

1^ •• 1*0 erow lUM Oas mui. 
I CGLOMEIUTION.* H-f tqni-iiwrH|'.«1vvD) 

ft. L A ctmkibjj ot hrapiDg lo^eiliL-r. 
^AGGUHNAM^. ((c-cln'-i^-ntitu^ n. 1. 

HsJiciDHhaTiDg ibapuBerufiuuliii); ]i>rt* 

AWI.l!TiNANr.(«{.X''y-'1->'V>l)"- t^"'- 

iuii fUtt IWrllipr. 

r* AtiCil.l' llNAT)!, rwElv'-(?-l4le} ■• ■- 

'la ualtr ulur MM Ki tuiullicr. 
AGOU 1 INA riO\. ()g -glv'-tf -nf'-^lipn) *. 
i. Vniou ; cohesifm. 
bAUCLl'TI NATIVE, (K-Rlu'-f-of-ti*) •■• 
' llaTiniC ihe Baim of anlulinMuit' 
AGGIUXDUATIUN, (K-giV<<l>i->''*>>i|fi> 
n. L Tba acl el ^p[RUiiluini; ; Or 9t- 
niiGOKANDf/E, («E''Cr(a-di>t)«*. To 
aiakB giat; ta cnliir)^; 10 «iiill ; lo in- 

lAGGHAMII/EMENT. (M-piB'-ilIi-tKBiit) 
I >k I. TliK Mai* of Iwiuf ■ft**"'''**''- 

lAGGRAXDUKH, (uf-givi-dii^ut) «. 1. 
Ilr thni uiinjirlim. 
AGGnAVARL£.(t^-grt-»M)d. MaLing 

OBJ ihingnDnri iu]{nit«un):' 
Tv AGGHAVATC (u'l[T%-v*tD) n. a. T« 
mni* lir^tj. Mtlsplionrall;. tomakaany 
thUH wuiM, u. to NQTarMd bin (ullt. 
AOGlUV'ATlON, (M-ei^-Tf'-fhfiu) •>. ■. 
Tbo act ofagfiBTal^g at uioUiif bntj ; ma- 
Inriiciticut 10 auormlijr ; tithuui'al cinuni- 
1UDCI]( wlUL'h Dicita«ii ciiik at cnlaiuiEy. 
|AGGllFiiAT):. (Iit'-tta-tiaul a. FtMui>d 
by lilt culJudiou of any pudculu pans 
into onr nuitv 
lAGGRKGAIK. (ti'Kfe^y r. (. RmuU 

of llw ruiijuiicliuu of nuny [ntliculat*. 
iTbAGGItUj.VrK. (u'-GT^GttB) •- '• To 
\ accuniulau 1 10 bnu togsibor. 
AGGHEGAT£LY.(H'''sr^G4t(i-l«}od. Cbl- 

AGGKKGATION. (U-KT^-g^'->]ii(is) ■. t. 
CollriTriuii -, ilic act of (uDociuig many into 
on* wbol* : an aEETpealP' 

AGGllF.GATlVK.twTV-W-'i')*- Takra 

AGUBh:UArUR, C)H['-P»-n-W') "■ •■ "• 
*^o ut'^K'it*** °t cotti^i-'U iniklnriali. 

'I'* AGGKK&i (M'E'f* i* '^ "■ '<* ■^'o'nlt 
thr llnl ncl u( rialvtitA. 

AGGRESSION, (K'S'e*''''^'')"-*- Tbalint 
at«of bjuiy. 


loa tkM fltn lOBUBncM hoiinUf : tit* >a- 

txlet ot ■■— ulwt. 
AGGR]E\'AKCE.(K.ti«'-TtnH>)N.(: lo- 

jmy -. wnme. 
Ta AGGRr».VE, (M-^n^') R*. To |<ta 

(dim i torn; («imj>ai«liud«lii|iti|Kiat ' 

la hiutH ; lo injutn. 
TliAGGRIKV>;<wci^>i<.ii, TomouTn; 

TsAGunOlT, (DK-Ktoop) r. u. To bfing 

loMbn iuto one IlKBrr. 
ACUASli (4-nN'>«. Stmi'lL with IioTToui ; 

AGIU::.(ad'-joil>«. Actlv«-. oimt-lri >«<ly. 
AGILEM.»«<,lld'-^i-n3M>ii,i. NtmUuiaM ; 

AtillJlV, (%-^f-fn) ". ». Kimhlini-u, 

■|uu'ki»M; ai'ti*ilj. 
AGIU. (ftf-JD^) a.!. A mncantilr Xena, 

cUsdy in MdliB4 and V(uc«. fot itir <jit- 

tamcD b>lwB>n iLa valu* vl baiik noica, 

and lb* cnnnl mofi*j, 
Td AGI^r. (I'j.xi'jr.n. To take in ui) C-nl 

tattle ■! a irruin tala. 
AGi.'n*MEM', n-jjut'^aint) m t. Tlio 

fpodiiig of caliie ID a romnkon patdirp, fot 

■ atipulaled [irice -, titbe due tor the jiraii 

mail* by agwtiog ; aa ciiibnn).niFBi ; tanh 

lipatwd U|>. 

AGlM'OK, {vii*>*(H')'<'>- AnoSofToTil*' 

klnj'* forNC 
AGlTAUt.E,()d--j»-ifbI)H.>- lliat »1mcU 

may bo acltatnl. 
7d agitate. (yl'-JY-iil*) r. a. To put in 

notiun ; to iclnaia ; to kOr*l wllh jwrtur- 

boiiun ; 10 dtKUM ; tooiacrOTRit , lu rou- 

ttit* i in tvralTv, 
AGirATI0N'.(|d-Io-(4'4bnn>».i. 'H.p tiair 

of bciD); lyilalod'a mutnl ; difiuiinn ; 

(Dutroianiid eaouunatiuu ; rluknl luultuii 

of (be Duud. 
AGITATOR, (|d'-je-u.t\il) a.!. Ona *bu 

mani^IH iffniti. 
AGLEl". llHi'-'t'* "■ •' '^ '"K "f » I*"" 

lunvJ iulo Ilia (iinji* of btilc iui.1{{H ; iLo 

pDiiitauU al di* and* of the cbivraa of 

tIo«<r>. w la tulljia. 
AGMLVAL, (tg''nit-n40 *• Rtknging lo a 

ACKAIR. <««'-Di[c) I. Allied 10. akin. 

from (lir fiiLbrr. 
A0NA1ICK, (H-oil'-^k) a. Rfla^ng M> 

Liudinl by ilru-ini ftuni thr follict. 
AGNATluN. |i£'ua'*^uii) «■ (■ DfKFir 

from lbs Hini (.-ubrr, in a diracl mala liim 

alliaDic ; csiisniiun, 
AGSITION, ((g-ni.b'-iiii) b.». Ackno*- 

To AG M /.K. fM-ojn') V. a. To ackDowlrdfe. 
Tv AGNIIMINATK, (tf^qui'-mv-ofto) a. ■■ 

T A njiin<^, 
AGNOMINA nON, <tK-i'Vm'-n«-iit'-«l>ga} 

n, k AlluMOD of oa« word to ■nolbtr, t^ 

AGNUS, (ti'-osa) a. t. U tba Ramitti 

cbuttb. a llltlo iroage, rc|n«Miitln)( out 

SariouE in tba Ggai« of a lamb. 


Fjto, (gr, f|ll, 1^ r- iBf- wp i— pi"', ri" i— "9- "t^- 


of ik» Cbuu Ttae, K> nOti 
bam aa imifiaaij rim* of {nMtrrbg 

ICO. f f-n'^ '^ ''■'■■ *■ ^'^K *f° i <■ '■ 

■ Imo Ilk* fOM BKr. SmAooi-i. 

_ M or **m lna{iD*li«o i bnMd wUt 
r*Dtiim of Haie enjajninb 
ICOING, («-Sf'-i>>c) P'"- ■' la Kti<s; 

tO'f artioa. 

.■■(fs')a^ ratt. *p|ilir4 10 limt. 
''' (tc'-f-oion) n. ■■ CMEiotioa 
. 'J ^ .'i<i«, 
lA(;oM'sr, (K'-^iU) II.I. A t-MUvdn 

[ (or prIiTt, 

|'AGOSlSTARat.(t-^Vj'.(uk)ihi. Qua 

wbo t:i>l tlw charfV <if ruiming lbs con- 

bMBBO. \c. (intiiHii Id ibo ciMlfit* at the 

Hici*Bl rWBM. 

AGOMSTICAI.. fK-f^'-t^kt)) a. R«- 

tatiaf 10 iiriM fit*""'!- 
AGONKIICK. Sh Aaainniett. 
lI» AGOMI:!.. (i^-9-bjm} *. s. To hIHIm 
wifh nfAiiY. 
kGONUI'lfbTE. («-g?-D»->AMc') n. «. A 
judn of maufrin in tcUTilj. 
^AUOKy. tt^-f-or) n.1. Aoj nolrnl naia 
or •oBrnof' ciibrr of kodf «i miai. Ii it 
^nkolkrlj DMd ID dnrauou fnoiDRs- 
rt't «infiici in iha gudtw. 
IKIA. <t-fTf '-nt-f ) n. >. A bwaaoog 
nncvnu fiir orninhniixtg, *m<in|[ tbc 
■Aldkr* tkr lioib olnainvd by conqurit. 
I AGRARUN, (i-tn'-n-fDj a. R«Uiu.( to 

Tp AGRCI^ (f^*) V, a. ToUiDtcmtMd; 
lo (mil ; to yulJ (o : lo *Mtlt unkmblj ; 
b> iMIla unu by *liiiiil<itlDB 1 M (title* 
prin ; to In of ibo Him Biinil at apiaion ; 
■o (oocut : to co-oprTMa ; lo br (onrittrBl 
oilh ; (0 luit iritb. 

AtiRECABlUTY. (t-KirV>>!l'-JFtt> "■ *■ 

Kntiaou of diipotidn. 
AGItERABLe.{VP*'-^bl>A SoitiUtlio; 

<aiuin*iil niiti ; pleuing. 
AGREKARt.F.NF/s. (t-sn'^) ■.!. 

C<mmmtj witb i luiiBbtnitu lo ; tlir quk- 

lilT ot I'litiiaii. 

aurki:ahi.v. ((-(Ti'-f-bia) w. Couiw- 

PDlJ* with -. alib* ; id ■ oOfioipondiDt nuo- 
an ; ylciuiB\itj, 

AGKKEU. in-trrodt) fvl. a. Settled bj 

ACRELMENT. (iW-Btiii) a. b Coa- 
CMd : (wembltiiM of onr thing to uunbot i 
ooBipoet 1 haigoia. 

AtiRKStlCK, (t-gTM'-iili) a. Rud* ; rat- 

AGRE!«11CAUC*-Sif«'-if-MI)«> Swevith 

AUKICLLTOR. (u n-knl'tiiO "- •• A 

bu*biu>dnijuk . h fumv&tOT of the eanh* 
AGItlCL'LTURAL. <H''«->'?l'-tf-'V) •■ 

!• n* 

K«UiiM to acncalraM. 
AGRICl'lTVRE, (W-ft-k«l-tin) a. 
an of «itliTaIiD[ w ftooad. 


AUniClll.TURIiir, I4K ilV>-^-'M<> •>• •■ 
Uar *bUM in tW Ml of mlifniiat iho 

r>AUIttSt:.U'|nw'>«.'. ToalMtViU 
irtrifi . to dMblurr : n> ■uiL*' fricbiful, 

AORut.M). {f-^nd) iW. SmwlHli ■ 
IBna appHrd to » (Up i*hra it to irMt on 
■W gnuH w 10 to imoion ilM . timMr 
Imtr. hiaAnvd ia lb« popt — of oflMi, 

AGl'K. (t'-EV) n. >. Ad iaipnituc brar. 
witb DOli w (ortHdoi I7 bol. 

AGI'IShl. {i-Ei"''" •' !>(«»■ 

AdltNIINKis;^, <VGV'>l>-n|:»> •>- •■ 1W 
qoaUij of rvrai^JiBj on i^qa. 

All, (a) iniH^, A wonl ooiui(> xiiBMiinca 
ditlike and cfanra : Kuntrimn nMtBty^ 
and ciullalioD . ttKM fn^utollt, caoHO*- 
■loTi atirlconiiiluvl. tVhn it it lOlLm-M by 
timl, it pitiTrtAf* Tobrment drairei 

AHA' A It A 1 I fe-Tid') tnl^\ A wrdimitalii^ 
triuiDub and coafeDjpt, 

AIIF.AI',{v'i:''')'^' Annntiinl Icim. mcao- 
iof fiuUitr oa ibaa thi abiji, iit oppovitwix 
10 ailoni. or behind tbo tUfL To no rfrn< 
of tnie'k rockOBiD(, ia to wil btToad (bo 
Mini minal^d. 

AIIIGII. (i-bi'l «d. On lil|[h. 

AllOU). <t-b^d') oil. To lay a >hi)i aA^, 
i< to bring her to lie u Dcai lh« visJ ai 
•bo tan. ui order to fn hrr out to Mfc 

AHOY, (f-bfe*) mUrl. A h« tnm of tmiFb 
thr amr iiBiKin at Aulb. 

AJAK. Ifju-Jtid. Ilalfopranl. 

7" All), (ado) f. a. Tobnlp; aatitl. 

AID, (adr) fi. I. Holp ) (Dppoit ; B hdpn 
In la*, A auliaidy. 

AlnAN('tX(ad«'-fn*a)a.a Help; iMpporl. 

AIDANT, (adV-uil) >. H>lpiD|[ : brljifuL 

AIOL-UK-L'aMP, (4Ju'-J»'li)*u|[')ii.i. A 
toilitorv oflicer employed aader a gencr^ to 
•tmrty bit order*. 

AIDMUSS, (ad*'-lM)a. IM]>IeH. 

AlCiKrr. (i)-er{t}ii.>. Tbomtt.orhma 

AU■^I.^T, (f^gD-l<[l)n. L A iwisl of sold 
plarad at IM cad of trin>;i'a. 

T( AIL, (4I0) r. a, Topak i u tioublo i tn 
aflert in wy masarr, 

AIL, (ale) v,n. To be in poinoi uoable 1 10 
fnl p^D ; lo be uopleauotly aflKt«4 in 
auT mauiar. 

All.AlK\T. (alo'.moDl>a,<i, Pliln 1 Jii««M>. 

AlUKG. <tlB'.uit) ptft, •■ Sickly full of 

To AIM, (fnO 1^ a, ToeodeaTonr (o ttiiko 
with a niHUe aMpoii ; t» point (he now ; 
to ODMa. 

Ta AIM. (|ma) ti. o. To ^roct iIk mi**U« 

AIM, (par) n. t. Tbo dirrninn of a luaiila 
napno ; iba point to which the thing 
ItirbWD ii limited ; the ubjoct ofs drti^ ; 
fonjectum ; ^upit, 

AlMKR.f^'-netj «. 1. One who eiiot, 

AIMLESS, (foie'-lox) a, niiLogioini ; or 

AIR, (tre) a.t> Tlie elnsml nmnofwalBf 
tb« Cfirai|ue«u glob* ', gentl* wind ; •ocnlt 

afli— t^br, t^ bfll/— tit)— pvYi"li~<*Ui Toia, 


rapour , biMl 1 pefUlentU rajMitti tiM 

opts wfottiH 1 IM mini of the psnon ; 

ihb ]oc4b ; ^ nffniM aiiuitiFt at |0i|jiir<fi> 
AIR. l^tt) It. I. In nDikk. Any luae oi 

meloAj iW ootDM within Ilia rewhof to»I 

MpiMBun; >■ ■ miMn mdh. anj omn- 

{■eiiiioa itr » (ingla loirn. 
7VAIR. (fi*)«-a. Tanpow tolhr sir; la 

gn^tj, by «n j qj i)n ; liin optn kIt) lowm 

tnr tb( Git. 
AIRMlJ.UO!f.>>.>. SMBttuMK. 
A1KIIIMI.T. (v*'-h>IO >. Unlit Ib 1^ kit, 

i. t. witlioul nay *0\\i fonndttioD. 
AlH-llRAWN, (an'-drvw) n. Dnwn or 

MSDlad ia nit; TUdanU}-. 
AUINESS, <^-f nf u) n. ■- OpemwH ; 

w|Mi wt > W te nut lighiscH; t>ic*ji 

AIRING, (trn'-iof!) n. •■ A ihon janrnfj lo 

eaitn ihc fn* ur. 
AIRLlNG, <an>'-liiif) ihi. A ibai^bUfM. 

f»T ptWBP. 

AlhOuN, (uv'-n^) n. k A apHlM td pa 

chut>4 with compreutu] >it. 
A1RPOISC(fic'.]i^>)a.i. Aa mMKimtnt 

(o uiKuura ib( WTi|hi of iba dr. 
AinriMP, (f»'-pqBp>ii. •- Amwhin»b]r 

*bon Bkcant IM aii i* nbauiMd onl of 

AulSltAIT. (tiv'-*b)(l) n. (. A paMogn 

t>r tba ail into duih>». 
AIHY, (9»» a. ('ompoatil oT air; i*- 

labnc (a tbo lit i bl^b ui iit; flpm U thv 

ftvr sir ; ii|;lit u kir ; iblo ; wutln| mnlily ; 

tnlMrinjE; loaf; my; ■prigbtly, 
AISLS, (il») <i. 1. lie wallu in a ditucli. 

or wtnn m a ijaife. 
AlZUON, (f<«MB) ILL 1b hnlBoy. A <p-Dui 

of planti. Tfiiir Wrm ndgnlAca dwayi IivIhe. 
AJUTAurs (if-ju-rw) n- •• An utdi- 

tiuDil (lipo to w*ur-«erl.>. 
]> AKi:. (flw) f. n. Sk Acna. 
\ AKIN. <f-I^O a. Rdued Id ; ^lied U by 

ALABASTER, (^-t-t>|»^) n. •. A Liod 

«f mK maitlD. Miin ta cue and Ich 

dunlils than die albrr kinda. 
AtABASn:n. (tr-^-Vt^O a. Moda of 

AlACK. ^-Itli^) •Mtrj'cc. Alai. 

ALACKAnAY. MlTJtiliiin. [alat Itii Aiy.] 

A ii«id notini mutuw and (nrl^uicliuly. 

ALACRIOtrSMES.<k (i-ltk'-K-W'nsu) ». t. 

BiUnwi I liTvliim*. 
ALACRm'. (^•IV''-k'*-i;> >>■<■ Cbocrfitt- 

DBMi i|ffi^hllin«i« i iFsdinna. 
ALAMIRE, <»"-T».mfn'') ». t Tlia lowcft 

nolo bol oao in Giiido Antine'a Kalo of 


ALAMODK, (^-t-mod/) oiL Accoidiiig to 
Ibc fuliion. 

ALARM. ((-Imw') "-•. A ery by which 
laen stv tummooad to thriiT anus ; a riy of 
daufivr ; any nimuJi or ibniufliiincB ) a apt- 
ctei el clock tlial tuiloi ui alanim. 


Ta ALARM. (f>lanu'1 r.a. To mil to mm*; 

to diiuirb; to lutpriH wllfc appichenjloa 

ALAKUBLI.L, (flt|nu'-b«ll>n.i. Thobrll 

Ibii ii runs at tbp apptoacli •€ (taapr. 
AlAJtMI^O, <4'lsf'-Din|) fwi. a. Tnrti- 

ALA RMim'. (fV-nnil) n. i. Ho wbo oi- 

rJtf^ nn alarm. 
ALAHMI'OST, (t.linn'-|«tt)n,>. Thr poM 

np|iiiinl>J lo ipprnr XI, in C3ip of aa alnnn. 
ALAKMn ATCH. (|-lnin'-wilch) «.(. A 

wkli:b ihai MtikiM iho hnur by Tt^laWd 

ALARllU.d-If'.rrm))*.!. S» Aiiaii. 
ALAS. <f-h^) liu<^. A wdrI ciproHin^ 

lameBunm. (atj, at concarn . abj (tw flay f 

ah. tmbsppT day' alu ita bA^.' ah. uii- 

bappy tima f 
AI.B, ((lb) n.i. A >uiplir« woni clnu ai tbe 

wTiM*. like ihp Im >l*nn et a bwbojh 
ALIIAIKOSS. <^fV-b(-tiv>) ■■(. A «outb. 

AI.IIK. ral-W) > at. AllbmiBh ; not- 
ALUKir. ((l-br'.U) t wlthMuldllll;. 
ALBIFiCAII(i.\^ (||.bt-(^kt--ab<ui) n. t. 

Afainnc vbl1«. 
ALBIOEN^£S.(il-l^jl;n'-Mi>". i. A antl 

*a latM ftorn Allii. in opptr LaDgiwdoc, 

wbimi thrt oficioal'it. 
Al.nrUINEnl:^. « )|.tW'jin'->>-a*) d. Re 

Kmblitig Uir nhitr of on en- 
AtllUGO. <(l-bn'-(T) a. 1. A dMiM in tbe 

<y>. by which tho conin conmcta a whli<- 


AUII:M, (al'-bnm) <h k A book for iha In- 

K-rrion of aitofTaplia. ilutt litcnuy coia- 

poairiona, Ac- 
ALCAICK (4l-kf'.ik} a. Tbo in«Min« of 

rtne nird by ilia pMl Ale* iit, coDaialiiig of 

two daclyla and Iwn tfocbafa. 
ALCAilE.'«T.(^'-kf-bl«t)ii.t. An anitsTial 

ALCAID. (%l-kadf'> H. L In Bwban. tho 

gorrmoT of a caatln ; in Spaia. (b«Jua|a of 

AU:i7vMICAl„ Cll-kioi'""?-!^!) a. Re- 

Istine In alrhyniv. 
AU'IIYMU'ALLY. <«l'kini'-B>«-MI-H> «'• 

In ilip nivitiar of nn alcbvioial. 
AU;HYWISI. ^llMio-miai) -, f. Onowho 

Kurvura or prufcAata tha acimor of alehnny. 
rilVMlSTICAL. ((l-kT-mia'-H-l^O o. 
Actiuff likfi an alchimiar. 

Ta ALfUVMUR, <y-li..m|wl c a. To 
lrnji*([mtr . \b pnifliap alrhvmv. 

ALCIIVMY. (tl-ka~>f|p}n... 'I'bat pail of 
cbnuiiuy. vbicb iiionaaM tbe tmnamuln- 
tio'uof mpolt.tnd oUiar fanuottanl eptiit- 
liona . a kind of miud metal (0 rnJIod. 

ALfOIIOL. (»r-ko-b}l>n ». A bfb i*ie> 
G«d AcphltgnialrH! aplrit of vina, or toy- 
thiai; radscad into an inipatpabla powdtr. 

a. 1. Tbo act of aloohoUi^. «t rnctifyiair 

Fitr, to, %II. ^ :— nti ntt ^pino, iqn ;— of , more. 


XrALCOHOUZE. (tr-k^kT-kw) .. 0. To 
mak» an ainhol. 

lUX>RAN..<»l'-i?-iV>) ■->- Tba boek td 
Am MtboaiMia hmim*, mi avJoDdk. 

lUUKAMCK. ((l-i».iiii'-a^) •■ Re- 
tinu tu M&lxiairunliin.\ F, (4l'lif*0 *■ •■ A n<t—, «• pn 
of ■ rliioiMf, Mpantod by as Mtnda, ■ 
■rhicb M |Jic*d > Iwd of nau, (■> n t U i m 
n c t w». a obow in pidrM ot^ pliafUN 

ALDER. iT-dtt) ■■ f. Am* harkf loTn 
r«»«aiM]»f ihoM of tha haael. Tba vood 
■■ MedbTmnm. 
JklDEAHAN, (if-^-iiita)!!.!. Tbotami) 
■■ • MMtiir. A |OT«niar at m»piinie. 
'wi^Blly tboM* oa xioiiDl of itii ri|w- 
tiOBoa wUcli hi* agr hul ^**o bin -, [eii«- 
rallj applied 1o sniibrt* of ■ botlj (oi]i»- 
ALUKRUANITY. (|l-4t(-ni^'-nfl>f) -.h 
The ncMI; at aUumin. 
I ^AI.E. ()U) H. •. A drink mMla Vf lofaNOg 
^K nail in bol vniii. uii tbeo fttmnniDg Uin 
^V liijiwr ; a manj nwroog uird a <ti« cdud- 

BaScOWWER. (fb-toB-op) s. •- Aa 
^B^ A'kn wImo btuiona u ii to btpKt lbs 
' mMMiw of publicfc booM*. 

ALE(rrRYOUAKCV. («-laL'-CK-f U|B-w) 
n.1. INtbaiimk pnKlitM bjr tite' andmu 
by KiMUi of a totfc. 
ALtGAR.til'-lceni)!!. 1. Somali. 
AI.K1100F, (^'-bwO ■- *■ (itousd-iTj. 
ALEtlOL'SE. (al/.|i(fH} n. t. A boo** 

ohor *)o i* Mid. 
ALOIBICK. <i-lsn'-bik) n. i. A tnm) 

»u>nJ in diidlliiie. 
A1.F.RT. (v'tif)'- On (uud: waichful: 
bcuL: p<Tl. 
ALBRTNEffi. (|-1sn''a;a)n.i. Sprighili- 
atm; poniwH. 
ALEVAT, lale'-i() a-b Tb* tub in skicb 
tLc air ii lonietiled. 
I ALilW. (fl-Ino')SmU*i.LM. n.i. SboutinK 

Pot (tyini >loud. 
ALEX.\M)UINE, (^Afu-^'-Jii^t «. •. 
A kind of nnc boinved fraiu Ac Kimcb, 
Cm lunl in a fBtm callcil Alciudci. 
Ibey raauM. amwi| tbi Knuch. of iwthe 
and ibiittra (jUaUM.ia ali«lia(*Mil[>l«u ; 
and. naonc u*. of iw^- 
K-AJ-MIfltAllM-tCAL. ()-Itk-if4(T'-B>f- 
^P kfl) a. l'a»*i«toi ibo poaet of wb anU- 
^■^ dole, 

ALEXIl'HABMICK. (vl'k-af-hr'-oiUi) a. 
TW wkkb diim amy pouon or uhc- 
ALtSlTERICAL. ff-lekw-W-^fc*!) 1 
ALi;XlTF.mCK, <«-Uk-.o-«5i'-t'') i 
Tkat vkich ilhiv* away pouon, oi Inn*. 
Al-OA. (*r-«) n. I. S««-«Md. 
^LAUiKOltA. (tT-je-hi^) >' ■< A pKuliar 
^V kiad tJ *«w— I'-v, *liich ukc* ()iv cguas- 
^ biy wq^ M U k vtn (luiod . and by 
■cHMoranaotaioraTiuucleaiilicii, jso- 
•eadt iff (oawqanc*. till ihe qautliy ai 
toK only fappaiMl lo b« kaan, at at ksK 


noa f«««f (b«i*aC U f wi w b* tqual 
tn Msa fiuMily or quantlUt* nbkk an 
kaovn, «4 oOMqurath ituM la kaow*. 
AUiEBRAlCK. (il>b(«'-a) )•■ R«- 
Al.GtBRAICAL.7i^>Hi«V^-k»t) ] brin| 
10 tJicln ; (««UUWf ofCfkiona of al(a- 

ALGi:BRAIST.r|l-)-hr4-->ti>i>. I. A Mt- 
•oa ikM undawctttJa tlia xinM al Jba- 

AXOTD, (ir-iU)*. CoU;cUU. 

ALaiDrrY,(ti.iui''da.i,) i..h cubM*; 

AI£IDNF,$8,{dr«l4aM){ odd. 
AUiiriCK.(ti-xrV!li7^ HaTi^tbaqaa- 

lilT et faodacing <M. 
ALGQR. (tf-gifi) a. 1. EiBtina odd. 
AlXiUKlSM. (tT-n-iim) > n.h Ibaatl 
AUiOKrlltU, (tr-fv-nlAm) I al ceafn- 

tatloo by BumenI tfiut>> aa ia anlli. 

ALOl AZIU dr-ft-at^) n. 1. An intrrioin 

oAcn of juitii* m ¥^ia ; > niKUblc. 
AUAS, (4.Im>> ■'• In li», A Ulin nonl 

denifyinv dtlmuf; u, Sioixoa oliM Smitb, 

alki ltaJi«r ; a tnu of '■^■u, lalMd • 

Mcood aa*. 
AUDI, (ll'-f^) »■ •• Id la*. Ebmbne ; 

ik« pira of a pnton. mlo, to prDt« hinatlf 

lB«0[*n(. allr^, thai *< ikt linw alalMl in 

llw BccuMiion. ba vh at lonw piKv ranot* 

(romlbu in «>u<^ ibo ful Hiixftiil lubaTO 

bctn eomnutml- 
.^t.lIILE. (al'-^bl) a. Noniiiia; nouriililBy 
AIJEN. (flr'-ytii) u. Ftnvipi; nUan|*d 

fnin i not allicdlo. 
AI-IKX. (alo'-yra) n. (. A farricnct. In 

Inw, Una bom in a Mnnfe («nnlTy and not 

To ALICK, (iW-ytn) «. a. To make any 

lUne (be piapony <^ anolhrr i to rnUauM, 
ALlCN.AULt:. (fb'-ygn.f-bl} ■. Capabb 

of btmi alienated or tnnifalod. 
Tb AU£NAT£. (ate'.yu fla) t. 0. To 

tniufa picpeny lo anoibet ^ U wMidiBW 

lb* bewt «i aflKUoDi. 
ALIENATE, (|J«'-nn-)tr) a. Wilbdnva 

ALIENATION. <,fla-y{n-t'-ibun>-. I. TU 

att of trurfnnna piopiaty ; di<t Mate of 

briDf atiasalad ; oanM of aftction. When 

applied lo ibo nind, dlMriet of th« 1^ 

ALIENATOR, {tl*.ytn.a'-tn>) a. .. lie 

■bo oasaftn of allanalc*. 
AUFEROUS, (i-lir-ui-ui) a. Uannc 

AUUEBOUS. ClTidjf-qr-^) t. Hartait 

TaAUOHT. ()-I>h') v. a. To come down. 

u from a bon*-. (a UI anon. 
AUKK. (f-bk/) a. Witb nannblaiicei 

Vlll.uut dlffFtVOC*. 

ALUICN1', (flMo-nait) a. i. Nonjih- 

mcnt ; food. 
AUAIF-MAL, (|l-le-D>m'.ttl) o. Hartn| 

Ihc rrrwm- of nowebuig. 
ALnn:XTAI.LY.<^1-I«.iBfn'-ttl.|e)ail. So 

•• 10 Mn« for noniubmcat. 

apt }— Inbr, Ifb, bf U j— ^ j—pfpid i— lAio, laia. 



ALIUENTA HI NEi$!^4]-lf^^'t|->f-Dtw} 

*.. k Tliv iiVftTirT nf iviog Hiinivniajy- 
AUMENTARV. (tl-lD-nioo' c* tt) a. Dp- 
CoujilDE la jillBunit. <a lii«lii|[ tlia powrr of 
AUMtlVI'ATIO.V. f«l-lp-m;n t^'idina) n.i. 
IW I>owtT ^ LffoTiiiDfj oJliDeDt; the lUU 
«f b< IDC uoiuubfd. 
AI.IMOVlUUS.C«)-Vin9'-D^yi>a. Ilarinf 

ih» jiowi't or iiinlttj of noaiuhlnr. 
AI.IMONY, u'-'c-niuD-B*) ■.!. Ibal tec*l 
|«a|lani-m id ihn huibui^'t tMU* wblvii ij 
■UustfJ 10 tba vll". u^xju llw aocnunl of 
■^4if4Ui^n ftitui him. 
AMgUA.NT. ()l-I^K«tiil>*. RcBf |aru 
01 ■ DoniliM. wliii'b, howcrrt nix-ilnl, «ill 
■•TR Ruk* nn Ihif iiuinl>n naitiy i •• ) i* 
VI htji^iufii of 10, ihrit' ihiTi* Irtfxitfg V. foirr 
IMiffa ,i iij&Ltn^l*, Hit uiitUjilv of S ctui 
Kxkn Ki, 
ALlgl or. (tr->f-i]*«l) a* Alujuot ru-Uof 
any imrobci. u( Midi ■« will cucily mea- 
(Ufc Bithiui k>^ mnaiiidMi w, 9 w u> 
Bliijuot pui ol IV. 
Al.lTllK('..i^-lf-lufo)<i.i. SunvMatiiiiMil. 
ALIVK. ^f-tinr'j «. In tha Mate of lit*; 
uii''iiiuii<iM1i' J i uudoMnytd ', thoeiful ; 

lAI.KAIIt^T,(«r-l)-bni)>i.i. Acb^iEUcul 
liquor; ao uDiwrul diuoltiml. nliitb bat 
ihe yowti of malviikg all iliiu^^t iaio Uicif 
6na urine iplfT*. 
AI.KAl,!. if^'-L|-lj} iL t. In chymtttTf. ■ 
•ulMUj^cfl vLkh nmitnJiinuiil.juraduEiOK, 
wIh>u Diiu^lsJ Mill it, an •bdliitioa and 

At.KAI.LS('^ I fl' If. tin*) a. lUiiag tho 

•|UiiiIi-t (if alkali. 
71. AI.KAU/irK. ((IJijlMi-nW) B... To 
i nuLv bokjirw «lLdia^ 
t-ALKAI-lZAIK. lal-Ml'-Lifte)*. lai|n||- 
nolAl milb ilLkli. 
ALKAUZ.vnu.\. (^-kB-l(-if'.*UuD) n. 1. 
Impngiuuini; Ixtdiri witli alkali. 

ALKGRilES. (^'kji -Du^t) ». (. A cHc- 
tmud ivnwdy, of whkb kfvniir* brrriiiii aca 
(br liaaif. 

AM.. (^1I)«. Tim whole minibH «t quaa. 
tiiy ; nrrj os* ; aierjr piut ; i|ui(a : coiu- 

£[r|jriy : a]to)£«lIi«r ; wUcitly. 
U ((11) ■.«. Tlir wbuf"; rtnrjr (Linj;. 
AN ifl much ufod in [Oiniwtii.on ~. but, la 
■niMi iniiuicra it it niarvly utiiiiujr ; a* 
mil nuniouFidw. •If-Aciwarnl.nllTinitrruJ, Ac. 

AI.L.FOU1.5-DAV, n. 1. Ttia iwpulai Duua 
fai lb* £(M of April, wbcn OTcry body 
MriTca to maia •• many ttioit u he cbh i 
an eld ciainni. 

ALL-FOURd, (gll-fud') a. i. A lo* guus 
at carJi, i>IayuJ l>y i<o, (be allfaui an 
lii){tL. ki*. Ju-k. iiid tli« (ama : Che annt 
iu«d in^rhii uiili (lir Irpon the uioiinJ. 

AJ.L-IIAIU<|II -^Ic'J intrtr. All Iwallh ^ a 

WliU of HiluUtlOII. 

A1.L-HAU.OWS. (»l!.V.Ui*) a.>. AU- 
Miata-dxi i iht i<^ '^ ' '.'uilHr. 

ALL.IIAU.UU .1 I .,:-Iu-io(i*)>i->. 

TiM iMtD Doat .M: ^j^.±- — ly- 


AU^KALLOWK. (tl|.h|r-l^) 

Unu- a}":'Ii( 
ALL-1IAI.I^>W I IDF., (fll-li4r.|f.ti<lc) H. L 

S« All-IIjli iiwii. 
ALL-lll^AL. ttirh(li>> a. >. A apNita of 

ALL SAINTS DAY. {tl|.f4Mi-dt>a.t. n« 

daj on «hi(b ihcie ii a general edelamdoii 

of tbi> uiiitji. The 6nl of Vorrmiat, 
AI.LMHtl.S DAT, (#ll-iflt.d»'> a.*. Tho 

<l<t} cii Hbiih luiiuliraiioM an nuuli fat all 

louli hi thvcburcliof Konai iktatcoudof 


ALL-SI ( Kl<'ir_\cr. (tll-*ufJv>)i'-Ei>-«t> 

a. J. Jaiciu alnliry- 
AI.LSlFnCIEXT. (|n.>^(!(h'-;nl) ^ 

Sulhoisnl to Ftery tbitic. 

Ai.i-MnnnFvr. iiii-i,vi-f\tb--*oi) ».■. 

}'fv|irrly iiiJii iniphatically driiotia^; God. 
.ALt.-i\ l.s).. itll-w.jv'; a. I'MHiurJ uf m. 
Ami,- wit^biui. 

To AI.I^V, 1,41-lf') «. a. Toiokl ace tni-lal 
tilth iiDOibet. to mikXr It fillpt for t0inn{0 ; 
10 join any tbiug io anolbci'. fo a* la obalo 
iU T>rt>lnniiiian( qaatiatt; 10 qiiirl i to 

ALt.>lV, <4l-lf') •>. t. The mrtfil of ■ bnwT 
Liud uilird m loini, (a biuilen thnu : any 
lliiiii( ohich abaiet tbe |iicd«iuijiani qua& 
tii-i of (liHi widi winch it ia iniii|;l«l. 

.U.LAVEK. {^Mjf'-nt) n. L llie |imoa or j uhiub hiu the ptrwci Oi quality of 

Al.l.AVMITXT. (tl-V.mgnl) n.t. IlanDg 
thr pow^ of nllnyin|{ ; the nti of allaying, 

Ttf ALLMT. (fl Ixkt'i 1. a. Tu ladca. 

AI.I.KtniVL. ijl-|pk'l..ln.i. Alliiremont, 

ALI-KtriVK, ((t-ltrk'-iiv) d. Allnrint. 

.\LLI':CiAI'UiN.(«rie.^'->huu}n.i. AHim- 
aliiiu ; d«latatiua; the thing allegrd i an 
(icutr ; i jilrx 

Te ALLllCt:. {fl'ledjo') u. a. To affiim ; (o 

flf^dd [unii ctcQie. 
LECLAUI.K, (tl-lldje'.).t>>) e. Ihal 

vbich mil h» nJIfirnl. 
ALLECKMKNT. (^-ledjo'-niriLl) a. ». 11* 

utnv with allp|E»tiOD. 
AU.1X)KK. (tl-trJjv'-ur) x. i. lie that 

ALLUMANCK. (ll.le'-j^*e)n.(. I'beduly 

cif lubjpcta 10 the EOtmiinrat. 
ALI.I.GURICK.(»r.|r.i-nf'T'l') ("- A*- 

Al.t.KUOKICAL,(ilVvv''''rl't'^ ' *^ 

ib,i iiiojiner of an aUe^^ory; is tbe form of 

au fLllf^urv. 
A Ll,l 00 KU^\IXY , (f].|e-nr'-in.k(l-tt)<>d. 

A ftci ail aUrtncical mimncT. 
AI.I.»:tiUlllCALhEJW, (»l-l?-K9t'-rT k»l- 

D«M> H. 1. Tlieqnalilj of being .ttlrwDrital. 
ALLI(iUR19T,fil''l^-M-ii>l) ".•■ Htwlio 

tpiilm ia an alleironcai nmner. 
T*JtUA<iORy/.r„ (tr-le-ii9-i)u) «■ a. To 

tiim inlet alW^iry ; to Conii an allegory* 
ruAI-LRfiOKlZI'^dMe-gf-tii*) »■>. To 

■ivjk nll^iioncally. 
ALLLUUltlZLH. (trir-SO-ti-ltr) a. >. An 

ALLEUOnV, (|l'-le.g;t.rf} a. 1. A ligun*. 


riu, bf, f)ll, ffij— Of, ta^i— ^np, [isni— nf, Dgrfc 


tm riiAcmuar. la «Utk wmwlilit b in- 

Mdad. oUin diM ihM wUck b ——'■'*-* 

a tb« worda kunUrulMB. 
lIi.EGRO. ((-V-C^) «■■■ A «wd in 

■luic dstuNiliK > iIKWhOv uMian. 
IIXCLUJAH. (fl-lNlf'-f^> - •. A void 

tl HiiiilmJ cmliatini ; pnuc God. 
UXUIANPF.. (tl-V^n|Dd'>>>.i. AdioM 

v*n knimu in dftmtajaai Siriluriuul. 
Tl A;J.KVI.\TK, («l>U'-**-4tf) r.*. To 

mala lifbt ; UtsM; lo«FftrniM>imii>l*. 
ALLKVUnilN.<^lo.tB-t'-*fanl>)n.>. llw 

act of diUdi U^I Am by whLcfa i^ 

Mln ■■ toHsl, m null nnniinwil 
.U.LEYLVnVE.(^lt'-Te.(-(It}..(. tlatSf 

tliB nnnr oT Ukriidng i ulUHi*e. 

Al.Li:Y.(tr-lf)<i.i. AwRlkikApnhai 

alua\cf:. fti^j'-inw) f. 1. ncMMQci 

coBDKUw bj ronMMBni ft ln[«* i ic- 
ImHb bj — nl>tr ; HMun 17 aaj Crmn 
at LndRd; tha p«Ma> allM U «Mh 

^^ Otbrr. uLtn («Il(raT*lj. 

HaI IIAM, (ql-liVi)i<)ii.i. AaaBy. 

KAI-l.lCII-XI'V.r|l-li>)l'-jsD^>a.i. Uif 

^B erlunn ; tuoction. 

HAlXIL'li:i.\r.(f>'li^'-*!<n)"-i- Anminc- 

^^ lOf. 

r* ALLfCATL (tr-lt-fuc) r. 0. To Ik 

ont i^iQfi to aDochtr \ 10 anito. 
AL.LI0AT1ON. l4]-le-;i)-tti<|a) ■. k Thu 

arc of Ijiin^ (ogi ll>n , iLe uMhmrlinl rale 

Uial UadiM 10 Bdjui Ui» piica of <on>- 

poimilfc fbmwd of wrml logrtdirau nf 

mlTerrBl raliu>. 
AIXIliAIUH. (fr-ln-KitafJn,). Tbccro- 

ceiliJr^ tb> ninu) ^pralij umiI lor ikv 

Atwricui crocoJilvk 
' ALUUATL'IIK, (|r-l«-|f-tdr«>ii.>. AUnk. 

01 lintuTO. 
ALUMON, <>l-li>t>'>a>i> ••. 1. I'bo act of 

iankina no Mag acaiiui umbrr. 
ALLITERATIOK, r<|i-l|t-^-4'-*)'iio) "■ •■ 
"Hi* tw(iDoia( of Mtenu word* id liie lainB 
Tsnr wtih (ba uuia kiln, to giva tbcm k 
•on of iliymin* eataaanact, aa " loaib uf 
Icarc^ ImnlMTi ' 
ALLITERATIVE. Ul-lir-tr-^fi*) ■■■ Dr- 
noiittg woriit Iw^DDing vUb tho laiiia 
AUJOCATIOS. («l-1H%'-*l>aii) a. •. Fm- 
bDg ofl^ ihiag u> aaolbn -, iba adnuHion of 
act uiitId in tLi rKioning. aad adilitiaa of 
it to 111* aciiTOat. [d la*. Ad allomncB 
mbAo npoi aa actoual ; a m-id dmiI b (bo 
ALLOCAI'ltK. (tMoV-tn>«-<- lalav, 
Tha cartUcatp of nJluwuxo of co«u t>j a 
nwam M lauuon, Inc. 
ALIjOCUHON. (|l-lv-iv'-ibi|n) a. h The 
•Kt otapnluaii (oaooUiR, 
Ll^DrAI. (illf-dc-tl) «. In la*, tude. 
pradrnt of an; loiij or niprriour ; and 
ibanrfuca «f aaMbu aaturo thini thai vbkh 
ALLODlb'M. (tMgr-<H-CB) <u t. la law. 


A ftw waw. or Uodi brU viUMMM^ 
togftM,ml.WMrfWvtoi>«giliH. iMia 
■rp no allodial laod* Id Ennaail, all Wm 
ktU diWr iMdMMl; « ^MdlaMtf of tha 

ALLONGE. (il-Mjc') a. i. A pa* ar 

thntu viih a ia]M in f^annii : a taaf ma, 

■h*n ibf borw » trail td in Uw band. 
roALUra, (tl'lo<>')i.>. ToiMCBiWia- 

ciCo W nyiof oILdL 
ALI.UQLV. (||-4;.lL«t> >■ *■ Am—; 

To AlXtrr. ((lift') r. a. To dwullioio b> 

tbi ; tu fnal : 10 diMnbnlo ; et pre Mi4 

Bu hU ihan. 
ALLOTMtlNT. (|l-lfl'-mfal) a. a. Tte 

put . ihr fh«m . part t\ifinft!al»t 
Al.LOrrLRY, (tt-ifT-tDT-f > a. >. Tha |>att 

in ■ liui ribiiliiia. 
74AI.I«W,<tl'lfv')r.a. Toatoai] lojoi- 
Ul) . u p%M ; M jleld I le paat liM«K« 
to , to pT* a MnuiiB IS] lo ci>* la: to 
•jipanl Mi 10 maka abMraiml nr pitm- 


AIXOWABLE. (aI-lfo>t>l) a. CaeaUa 
U b(W admltiBd, alloMd. uftmittM^ m 

AUXJWA»LF-Ni:S».ftl-ln'-f^-Dna) a.i. 

Lavf nhiMi . oitaiatlaii Cram nwihtStttaa. 
ALLOWABLY, (tl-lfv'-a-tile) «'• MISO, 

ilaim of allnwancn. 
ALLOWANCE, <tl<lv«'-^) a. t. Ad- 

miiBDa ■nbont osotndittlM) aaacliaa ; 

li<cofr; gwnnuuan: aartUrdmUi atala- 

ciml trmii (lit ttricl ri(<ni>; a paot or 

AIJA>Y, (tl'lvf') a. <■ BoMv mcul miard 

in <ninM« ; abalomniE ) dianDulinn. 
ALI^PIC:i:,(|ll'-ipi>*>n.(. teaakaprnwt 

OT pimtvta. 
Tu ALLl I)K, (tl-ludO ■. ■- To Ute uno 

ri-fr<reaco (o a ilimg withnul tiir dirvci ncn- 

lioD . to hint ai ; (o intinuau. 
ALLl'MINUIl. ()]'lv'-nir unr) n i. Ono 

wha coloun oi pamu a|ioD paper or panh- 

Ta ALl.ti HE, (fl-lor*') v. a. To nljcii. 
ALLliKE. (lihiio'ja. •■ ItenuHhiDi Hi up 

to ratin. 
ALLUHl'JdEST. (tl-lon'.au;nt) a.*. Eb- 

tlcFinrni : (vinpulion. 
AI.Ll'KER <*■•■•.>'"«)"■'■ HtihRinlliirta. 
ALLURING. (»l'l<.i 'Qnc; a. TnnpitDEi 

ALLURINGLY, (»Mo'..L6s-l^( »/. laa 

IfDintiac or alluring ua)ui*ri enticingly. 

AM.t'HlNtiNt2S, (tl-Vuc-ns*) ■- •■ 

Infitalian ; tnopMitcm ; cDikcaiDiit. 
AlXl'£ION.<tl-la'-al>un)H.L A (cfenaea 

1ft MaoethlDg aappoMd to be alirady 

kuowa ; • Uot : an ItupliFaiicm. 
ALLUSIVE, (fl-lq'-Qi) ■■ lliuiisg al *ome- 

tbiDE not taUj txjuimii' 
ALLHSIYELY. ((M^^qt-l^) cJ. la an 

allutiTF maonn. 
ALI.l'SlVEMS?. (tl-IV-*!*!)!*) "• •■ Tba 

iiualilj- of doing aUiiuTaa 

, nqt i— mW, leb. byO;— #>— |<«|Hidi-tUBit>^ 


ALLUVIAU (,)-V-w-«l) «. fc A w™ M.- 

fhti » Mil «wl>*d tntm oUto kul b; 

ttMM otfloodki 
ALI^VI0N.<«t4a'-w-iui>H.j UI>w,A> 

•ncMtoB (if fauiil wmSdiI (a iIib •harp bj 

ALLUVIOUS. («l-l7'-«f^>a. Sm Attv 

7kAU.Y,(tl-J<'}h«. To onitc bjr Uadrul. 

friMuUtiip, or confnlnvcj ; ID mala ■ n- 

Imioo bftvMD tvo tblB(*. 

r* ALLY, (fl'h*) H. I. i>ni> uolibl b; lonM 

lriMdiU|i or emiititrtitj. 
ALMACAMTAH. Ul■lnf•^D'-lqr) >•.>■ I> 

wtn>a«ai]r. A dmo dmvn panlUI (• tbn 

Al-MACAMAR-S STAFF, (^-m,-kvi- 
Un-sifl)'} n. 1, An iaMrninMit twtd (o 
ttit ahaemldmt of ihf mid. 

A].MA\ACK. ((l-«i|-n»k) k-L A <«l«fi- 
ilnr, B bo»k in «h>cli thd nm)lii(loucflti( 
•ruoni. vMb lb< TMura of fnMi tai ft*t*, 
w noted. 

ALUANDINr,(»V-D>fD-dia>)>.h A nfe; 
nmnwT aaJ lichUi Ibiu tbg vnoUkl. 

ALMI(iirl'IN&t!.((l-<-»-i>SM)<hi. Un- 
buuiEii pgotr; omnipawas* ; oD* of tliir 
■tnibatn of Uoi- 

AUnOIITY, (»t-iiq'-<t) •■ or Bolucilwil 
jMnni-. omnipoltai. 

ALMtOHTY.ltlDit-CB)*.iL TbaOouitpo- 
tml : 111* ttikn of hru-rta »»i okrtta -, m* 
of iho apprllkliwi* of Iha Uadbrad. 

Al.MOND. <>'-immd) •<■•■ Th( not of tha 
alma&4 atr- 

ALUON D6. (*'-iDUDdi>. In anBloniy. Two 
fOtmd duld* piMCfd on the Bild* of thA 
IoaU of ibfi tongufl ; tl>e lonvilt- 

NACE, (I'-mand-fui-n^fs) Called slulthc 
Btwip. li > kinJ of hirniiCB mod m ic- 

ALU0NF.R.(4l'-niun-f;i>'i.i. Thtoficaof 
pnnte, employed in Ih? daMnbatioo of 

ALMOSRV. (il-fnnn.rr)'" AI.MHY, (jm'- 
ra) H. 1. 'llw piMo wbfra Ihn abnnuvr 
TMidM, ot wbnw Iha alnuatT<litU>)Mitnl. 

ALHUSr,(tl''matl)a<l. Noul;; wfUni|tb. 

ALMS, fi^na) K.'(. WbM U |>ra*i (tmuI- 

Muftin nllaf. 
ALMSDEED. (vn^'-dotd) •!.•. An Kt of 

ALM^-GIVF.R. (>m('fiT.<>T} n. ■. It» tbol 

cii™ ilmi. or (uplMirU olben bjt chiriiy. 
ALMSimiiSR, (imi-bvvM') «.>. A bau*« 

<lrroCnl to tha focnplioo and nopport of tli* 


Almsman, (uni-mia) n-i. Amanwlio 
BfM (qios ainu ; lonwiliiiei sppliod lo tlio 
citBT Malmi. 

ALMl'O-THLR, («l'-inng-(>D;} a, v A Ino 
aiefitioned in S:ripl>£fe. 

ALNAUER, (tl'-na-jijt) *, I. Aannuvrby 
(bo ell; ODB of liifBo offiecn belonging to 
(b* iwfnUlioa of clotb-aaiiubftiiiw, tba 
■Mnbm, nuMoreti and abugcr. 

ALNAGE. (iTova) a. •. till naMon, or 

(bcmeMnnng by ib« cU. 
AIAB3,(fr'rne)<i.t. A pndoiu wood, nied 

in iba Eul, fo' pBiAooM I a on wtoeb gmwi 

ID hoi couDtrin. Is nedicfa*> A eatbmi<4 
^!ce oitncted ftm A* cMunon bImi 

ALOimCAL. (,UM(^k,n t* ALOE- 

TICK. (tl-o.*^-tk) a. CaBnMing ckoly 

of aloo* ; bairbiK lb* natniw of alom. 
ALOFT. (I'lfft') ^ On Meb; abon-; a 

word lued by annun to caU oihen fiam 

below on dtek; ai, all hMb ol^ 
AIXIGY. ((T-f-j;) a. 1, UoMaMoabtaireM ( 

AUtNE. (t.toM')a. HH'>:»itl<aii(oon- 

ponv; (oliluyi oolr. 
Al.O.'iO. (flfaif) aL At Imitb : tbnmi^ 

Mj (pau Ifdgibwiae : IhriHiitbaul ; in Ua 

ireoloi Ibmidi oiward i followid •am*-''' 

tlnin b* witb. aa, along witli him. 
AU»N-0-31DK.(v>«nif'«i<l«)«d. A namkaJ 

*tni«, b; tha (id* of a abip. 
AtOUF, (clooT) ad. At a iljim cu- 

tioiulj 1 cUcuBKpfdly. 
A(.OUD, (v-lnf) od. Loudlji «ith a gmi 

ALP. (flp) n.i. A moonlaia i that which u 

roouatuDOii* oi danblv like the Alpii. 
ALPINK, (fr-pLB(i>a. (UlatiagiooTn 

bUng tlui Algi* : hi|[h ; nuninlaiaiMu; a 
JwcuUar kind of lUawlwiry. 
ALPHA. <|I'-IV) n. •. Tbo firtt Totler in tbo 

Grtflk alphabet, anmriog to our t ; tben- 

foTBUifdiaBpiilViAtiEnf.ubi Hmialiimi.i. 
AI.I'ilABLT, f (I'VbDl) •>.*■ Tbo ordd of 

iJje lelf^Tt, or rlem^t* of tpotcb. 
To ALPHABET. (il'tibM) t.4. To nuigp 

in liie oFiitr of tlit ulpbjibot. 

An A B r ttbolit. 
Al,PIlABErK-K.<|i-^-W4k) ) tbo 

ordpi or nature oi lb* amiabet. 
ALPHABETICALLY. <V-<|-bc;C-iP-ktl-l() 

aiL lo aa alpliabetical monnor. 
AI.KKADY. (»l-i^'-dr)*4. Attbiipnaenl 

timo, or ni rame time pan. 
AI^U. (Bl'-ao) ai. Id iho avno manner; 

ALT, {flO H. 1. Tbohighnpanofiliaacalo 

or tfamnL 
ALTAIt, (tl''ti;r) n. i. The ploc* where 

oRi-nnEi lo hi«*ni nre biid ; the table in 

Chriinaa charrbe* whae the oammoDian ia 

ALTAtt-PlECF., (»l'-lic-i.o«e) •>. >. A 

painlinE pisrfd ntvr the allar, 
Ta ALTER, (tl'-mt) v-o. To change i lo 

nihL* oilinvii*. 
r*ALI'mi.<)r-t^>Ka. To*«flnrdiang«; 

to Ihwqbw olherwiM. 
ALTf:RAl!LE:.<tl'-tpi-|'bl)a. Tbalwbleb 

may b« duugeil or idtcnd. 
ALTEIUBL£NES». (a)--«r.vl>l-BHi) ■. •■ 

Tlw qvalit; of IwiDg alinabla, or MmlRing 


Ffl«> 1*% 'fl^ f|t i— BT> njl t —\«»». IRB ^-af, nf**. 


LV, (fT-ttr^-tl.) at. lamtb 
lANT. («r-U;I-4ii() a. WbM ku iW 
tjT QlmoJuanif tliW«i. 

•d of *iiain« at fhiM|l«t ; ths ihaDE* 

JU.TLRAT1VK. <tr-<?t-<-l<T) «. lUnu 
•k* qiBl>I<r oi KlleniiK. Is mnUnt. A 
Umi kpplicd la each dJragB u Iutb do im- 
aw4iai« wwible aptmua*. but gtaJually 
fM> ■foo lie («MiKu(»ni. 

D AXTEKCATE, (al'-tp-kfin) •. ■■ To 
vnmclr i to oooMnd wiLb. 

ALTEttCAT10N,(tl-ctt-kt'-*l>gD)ii.>. I>»- 

ALT>;HNACY. (tl-lfr'-^-*t'> ■-■- Actiea 
ALTi:KSA]_(m|.|;t'.atl>a. Atunati<«. 

ii.ri.H: ... 



ALCDKL. (iT-T-^) ■. i. SoMonlaf M 
OMd a «l i»iiiij. tori iMo «•« MiAir 
vilkiMIt h«i«B. 

ALV>:ARY.rtr.TM-tT>"-i> MuMn. 
AI.UH. (tr4~)a.i. AmMnJ<i^.<rrMi 


AI.r).U\AU,Y, (tlW-otl-t*) ol. By 




ALVLIINATT. (tl^lft'-aqto) a. Md| by 

MnM ; ant ilur tuothtt. 
At.lEUNATK. (4l-<n'-B4Ie) n. k Whu 

tapunw kllonuHFlr. 

r» aIteicnate. (fj-tft-oM*'} ■■ •. t? 

prrfonu ^IifniaCf Ij : Vt ctikiig« coo Ukiog 

lor nuoIhcT iidnrocall;. 
ALTERNArEU. (ilVntt^b) U. In 

icdpiHaJ laax^oa. 
ALTERNAtENEes. (fl-lci'-Dflc-Bta) ■. i. 

The itnU of briDB altnoMf. 
ALTr.KNA110N.(|l'ior-iu''«ti:i!D)«.b Tho 

McipraMl »McCTWipn of lUapi nlwiDBla 

Mrionusc*. in 111* ebanl «>*•> 
ALTERNATIVE, ()l-(«'-n)4*>H.t. TU 

th'iicr firta <4 lw« tiuott. 
ALTEKhAlUE. (tMe/'Ot-lir} g. la u 

■llvrnalp mandor* 
ALTEHNATIVELY, ((I'tsC-iit-iit-k) W. 

Bj lum : rtclpraeally. 

ALIF-KNATIVUIESC (tI-t^-'>«-'4'-^> 

■■ I. llNipiocaliMi -, lu hmHIj a itMa 

of bfinu klii-niiti<i\ 
ALTEBStl'Y. (♦Hif'-n^.l,) ■. •. lUd- 

foocal tucc*wiMi. 
AI.TIli:A.<4l'ao'-«)«.i. A(bw«fiBc>hrab. 
Al.TUOUCU. (ff'in;') m^. MmwIUi- 

•undlafi bii*«nr. 
AITIGRADE, I'lT-W^tfde) a. Bkln| m 

ALTILOQUEN'CE. (tl-tjil'-lo-k»«an) •.». 

L>ahy ai fMBpaiu liaooaM. 
ALTUIETltV. ((l-(i)f-m;-lw) a. t. Tin 

an af nmwMioc altiludM. 
ALT[80!tANT.(tlV-*f-MM)a. PmupoM 

in lofty ia Kiand. 
ALriTCUE. ((I'-tf-todf) H. t. Htitb oT 

pher or <I«0W« ; tba tlatMiaa aJ aty oT 

(li* htaTMily bodlM obeia tho botUoa. 
AI.IIVULANT. <tl4iT'-Ti>J|n(> o. Hieb 

ALrOtiETHER. <«l-ifC«t"-*i) o'- Com- 
pbulj 1 tniliMt natiicuoo ; *iifcoat ts- 
cniUMi ; (tiajuBcily. 

ALTO-HEtlEVO.t^l'-ia-te-la'-To)*.!. Vimi 
kiDil of n4i(f ia tnlpuK.'whicb pfojccu 

^ •■ Kueb M (be li<h 

ALl.'UJTU>.T,(,r.ttB.MfM)<ht. Am«m 

oi rair n^d la aurfMy. 
Al.tMI\OllS. Illlo'w-ni)'. KriMlag 

Is. or haxns thr diiuk of ahia. 
AI.UTATIUN. <^.iM4'4bvi) •. i. TI>o 

laanUiE or dmoa; of Inliar. 
ALWAY!».(«r-v(w)«d. pCTpMoally; am- 

Maolly 1 WCTMiagly ; thrcaiiaut all tine. 
A. M. Ao libbl«*l«IMtl be Jniiim mapair. 

MMMtncfafM. Am* m t ri l itm, i. »l Mh» 

AU. (i|in) Tb*GM pmon if the toA M b. 

S»i- r- Iti, 
AMAHll.lTY. (tni-v^r-^-tf)^.*. LMdl- 
ucu ; iba pntc of flnUMK 

All AI.V. (t-n*M-} ad. Wkh TCbanm i 

AM.VU,AW.(4.m,l-«») } .. i. Tto 
A.MAi.OAUA, Knitlni-mi) f m£niiMof 
pwlali by BinalGUUMiou. 

7» AAIALGAUAIK. (tW-H'^M) t.<r. 

Is nnii* intali •iib qnlculTti ; u Hako 

thffn anfi uul danilc 
AitAl^iAUATlOX, (f nfl-gi-nit'-Avi) 

n. I. 'Itii m of aaaJgiunatioK loMali. 
AUAMIKNSIS. ((-intn-a-Pt'-m) o. b A 

ppmin wbe miwt vhot aaolkn dkutcaj 

of uipj'» vtiHl ha* beta umllfO' 
AMARAN'TII.<fB'-f-itiil&')«.>. Thaaaou 

of a ai>n<. lo pMUy. An iBaginaryBaaM 

irllltli DTTM fUM. 

AJilAnAMItlNi:,(tn-t-e|l)'-Ulia)a. C«a- 
AltAltllLUL. (v'^ti'-To-q^) N.(. Bit- 
AMAHILE-XCE. (t-Dfr'-fT-ltnte) a. <■ 


AhlARtIL£NT, (■■mfi'-rs-liol) a. IliHn. 
Ta AMASS, ((•««>)•' "■ Tocollpniogt^bni 

•a add mc tUai; la anMhR. 
AUASAI KNT, (i-m^'-msvi) n. i, A btbp : 

«a arewMilalko). 
AUATEun. <fm-ftfra ) ».t. A l9*«i ol 

aay paruculu mc or Kianc*i lot a po* 


AMATORtAL.()m-4.if'-rMl) )■. RclM- 
AUATURIOL'S.(|ai-i-i^--r«-<u)) iog to 

AMATORY', ((lo'-q-lui'Tf) a. RalMingto 

A^lAlfKOSIS. (fn-tu-:D'-i»a.a, A dim- 

Til AMAiCK. ff-mito'i n.«. To tnnhw with 

«aiidi-r or i(-miui : Ic pul iota prti^dity. 
AMAiCE, (f.iow) II. 1. AnaDlihaiiAl 1 »•• 

tiuutn nibri of Uar ur wuodei ; ilw nua nf 

bnnf BjiuBU>d. 
AAlA/i:i>LY. (4.|nf''fFd-l«) od. Cm- 

fuardlv 1 wilh DIDJifpfacDI, 
AMA/M)Nt:S6.(|.nif'-i{;d-Dt*>f>. t. A»W- 

auhncnt ; Uie ttalc ot Miti( auitiftd. 

Wf i-laU, Iffc, bf II j— (il i— pSVnJ i— rtia. T»U. 



A3tAZEHGNT. (fatw'-nffBi) •■. >. Cm- 
fattA «p|ir*liBiiaaa i eiunoa (mr i bor- 
touT -, riimiiB iliTritiao ; bf ighl of a<tni- 
ntim^ wlunUtimml. 

AM,\/.IMj. (v>"*' " "' ■ "■ Wooiln- 

ful : pt-rjiltxint ; 

AMA/ISOLY. '.! . . .1 oL Won- 


AMAZON. <tm'-f-*?>)"-^ AnceofviiBcn 
fuBou* 6v ralour/wlio iithkbiird Ca-icMUi l 
>a n)M ham rbri) rntlinv oSihrJr bnaits, 
10 BK ibrlrvMpoulwiur i ■ vulika W6- 
nu*; 4 nngni 

AUA20MAN. fin.f-tv'-Df-qn) ■. Wu- 
Ilk* ; nlKiing lo i)ip Aidumi*. 

A.MIIAOI'U'^. Utti kd'-jfi) •■ >. A cinuil of 

AMIIAtilOL'S. (4ni-l>t'-j«-u*) a. Cliciuo- 

AAIEIAS^ADOl It. (uu'bti'-if-dui) k.k A 

pmoD scat ID n paMhc n^fmr' fnsv onv 

MTBracn nmn u aooibcr. 
AUBA»AIIRES8. ((n-b^-ifdif*) b.i. 

Til* lady of » —'—--■*—— 
AM»A»iV. SflrKxniMi. 
AMIIKH. rim' -bill) n. t. A yallmr Inuu- 

[lUEUl ■uiHiUKa of ■ gvDsou) 01 bituml- 

AtlltKit, (un'-b^t) s. Coaautiog of amber. 

AMBi:KGK(4m'b>;r t»«r>ii.i. Afnuraat 
■IruE. |'m<u»<] by tbi uenaalic wbale, 
u*#d belli u a FVfumr and a conllnU 

AMI!1|)K\11:HI1V, iiin-bf-dtt-Wc'-ir-l^) 
».(. llvitii- alili- n|UBllf u uto bolu budV. 

XUYrli, duiibla d^alinc. 
KM'IUMK. [fn'-U~dei-liai) a. 
llaiiBg tbo OM at citbn band ; doubt* 
ari) n. t. Tbe itualilf of boui]; aiubld«i- 


AKIBICNT, <tiu'-b>-tnt) CI. Sunouaait>|[ ; 

AMKIGl'. ^tni'bf-^) «. I. An mtmalo- 

Rii-ni (nwudng of a Ei«llt>]r of diiliM. 
AMHlrjimv. riini-lit^,i'-^(») ■. i. I'oiw- 

LiifiEy of ^iuniiirfttioi^. 
AMUllir(lliS,(|ni-bjg'-D'U«)a. DoublM; 

bniini; [■ mraiung* ; UiiOf douUfol M- 

A-^lHUiliiUSI.Y. (tn-b)^-u-D».If) W. 

Ihttihifally , uar]«<riMDl]r< 
AMDIGtULlS>>l::SS. (an-liiE'-a-iti-nsOB.). 

Unmlniaty of mtaawg ; du)ilicil]r of aig- 

AMBIUKiY. (fin-h.r-tD.jf) N.I. Talk «f 

unbuuov* vpulit'ntAoffi . 
AAFBIUigl'OL;;, (tu-bil'-lf-kwu) a. 

I'tini,- uiiLviiaiK ginnvdau id nrra^li. 
AMBlLOynV. <«m-bjrf ki™) «■ t. JTie 

vtr o( dcubtful ripniiions in apetch. 
AM BIT, (^m'-bit) u. t. Tb> compu* nt at- 

CuU of aoj lhii>|. In matlicDuuica, lifl 

MBO aa lh« fmnuttt, i. e. tli* line or (um 

of tbi> tini^ bj *hif b tbr ligvn ii boiuiUd. 
AMBITION, (^-bith'-vntn t. Ilio dMirt 
. of jirch'iuinil or honour -. ibp eager doAio 

of as; (bug peal oi •Kollrot. 


AMBmOl'S.(«D-b>tb'-«0*- SnMJwMi 

wnhiiian; Mpuinf; JCanug aft*> ad- 

AMBn'[Utl!iNI-3». (|ni-bUb'-n*-n**) n. «. 

Iln lualilv of lirluK ambitlout. 
AMBI'lUU£.(«n'-L»-i^a)iki. CompH* i 

T* AMBLE, (fm'-bl) 1. 0. To ibotb upoa | 

■n imble ; la more rak];[ ; In <*alk daJoiUy I 

•od ttiht%*A\j. 
AMUl.K. (fm'-bl) lut. A pace or oioieniciil 

of ll» ^nn». 
AMni.lJt,(tm'-bl*r)n,i. On* who ambln ^ 

II |rJU'pr. 

AMHI.INT.I.V, (in'-blMg-U) dd. U'ltb lui 

■iiiYl*[Eit|[ lairtiTinfiit, 
AJIBltUSU, (fnbro'-ibBt) ■. I. Tbe 

uuuiuaijr (ood of Uic (oiU i Ibc name of 

a plant. 
AUllitOSIAt., (tnil(n'-()ir-)]) i«. Ofihe 
AMBKOSIaK. (4m-brv'-thr-|a) ) uatuie 

of ambrotia : dalicioui. 
AMBKV, (fm'-ln*) n. >, TIm place nbere 

tbe aJmoDfV tirM, orvban alaia are diik- 

Uibtiird ; Ibg (itnoc vhm uMcnlo for honte- 

Lniiin)( am kfpl ; a cupboard tot cold tic- 

AMUS-ACE:.(vu-^)ii.<. Adnobleate; 

«bn fwD dice miD uu (br ace. 
r*! AMBl'LATE, (im-bf-lflpj ». ifc Ii 

mote lailiiT anil IbiihFT. 

AMBHUTluN, (fn-bv-ti'-ati^) a. i. 

Vt aliinc. 
AMIItiLAT0RY.(ta>'-li9-l|-fVi-i*)(. tlav 

iii; ttiv pcmi'f uf valiun); -, mnwnblr. ai 

ii raiin wliitb TRDOTn IVoin placo to plan 

for tt^ rTFTcite of iu* juruditboai 
AMBLI.ATOItr. (fm-bo'lt-lur-n) ■■ l. A 

[dur for walking. 
AMBt RV. nm'-bn-r^) n, t. A btoodjintit 

oil nny iinit of a horae'a body. 
Altlltl >CAI>K. (tm hii>.k;dp>n. 1. A pti- 

laf XAtiurj io wbirJj mon Jio to nirpriaa 

Ollii-ra ; anibunh- ^^k 

AMIItriiil. (fm'-bv*b)H,4. TbepMt vhcolH 

aaldlm or auainn* an placvd, la order lo~ 

IkU unrxp*ot«dly vfim an oMmy ; the bdC 

of auiprinnr aaotbor by lylna io wait ; iba^ 

Ma>< of bslng poited pcnWlf . in aid*r i 

AM1)USIIET>, (4iu--bv*l>-*d> part.a- 

{s ambiub. 
AMUUSTIUN, (fD-bDa'-ln-nn) n. t. A I 

or K>ld. 
AMEL. ((m'-o>I)it.t Tbo tIuvoiu cog 

nMidoo uaad for cnanoIUag. 
To AAIEUORATE, (f-ao'-la^-raio) v. 

To improM. 
AMELKIRAI'IO.V, (|-mo-lc.*-rv*liua^ 

(1.1. InprnwueDU 
AME\, <^n«i') ad. -A lern of OMenl uaed 


v tr ■( : >i the end A a <nri, » Jl u. 
AMENABLE, <f-ma'-nvb1>>>. ItrvpoDnbla | 

(uliJTi. H MIn bfl liable to accoonl. 
AMKNA\CF:, (i-nf-nv"*) a- 

doci -. behaiioni ; mien. 
Td AMEND, (vn^od'J KB, FaMnKti U 




I'll*, (ari *»ll, ^t :— BW, B>tt ,— [.JM, pi> i— »f, BlJW, 


ika Bfe; lo rMtan pmngw In 
■ tfam , VUcli an depnivil.^A') t ti. T<>gmbt4Ut; 

A^IJ i^t-nfod'-i-bl)*' Rq«nblo. 

AM) < .. (f-aiMrl •mni<) n. \. A 

cAau^ Iiiuu t«i i cvttrmuioB of tifr ; re- 
««*a)F of bttJ A. la kw.ThcfonKiiMar 
la «mn in pkading « practiL 

AAIENDS, (cmiadaj ■. k RecamimM : 

AJklCSnT, (f-Men-V-M) "-i^ PlMMol- 
BM* ; utMablMBU nt Kiudoo. 

Tt AUtfiCE, d-flitnii') B. •, Tn puniih 
wkb » McinluT pmaln. 

(AHERCEADLE. (fneN.'-|-br) ■. LbbU 
to UDrmnwDt. oi tat. 
AMeH(;F.R, u-nt''-*?)*-'- H*OiM»«» 

a Boa upD ixiy mwilrnMvnoiir. 
AMKltChMKVT. (i-mnw'.D«f>t) hi. The 

pcvuiusjy EUDiiliaicM of wi ot/mift. 
AJ>1ERClAMEM'.<fBp'-thD-«-inft>t) n. i. 
Tbo mow w awirw—t in Vta juridinl 

[ AMES'ACG. (fmi-Ke*) h. i. Sa* Avm- 

Act, of *lu<h ihi( it a crnnptkni. 
AOJETirVSr. <>v'-^(tjfl) a. JL A pnricnM 

aloDtDf* rioiFiralont.lHirJtniigoa pv^o. 

la bmJrlry. Ii tiEniAn At nMt mkiur id 

a naUmua'4 tow, ilut /'H'pHni doM ia a 

AHEI-IIYSriNE. <tm>-iHM!<u>) a. Re- 

aenihliDG an uuei^jM ni ootour, 
AMIABLE. (V-iof 4-bl^ a. Lofdy ; plM- 

•ini, vDrUiT to (w loml. 
AMMIII.MM'JH. (V-nf^-U-n^> .. i. 

Ifir .i>ii.liiv of bsngamiaUrL IotiIiimm, 
AMI.\»ir.m-.a.t. SMAHoiitx. 
AMIABI.V.(a'-Af4.blf)>t. loanuniaUe 

Diannvr ; plwahicly. 
AHlCAULf, (trn'-nw-ki-bl) a. FTioodlT i 

AUICABLEWBSS. (va'-tt»4«-bl.DM) ^ .. 

PrwQilliacw i ceodwilL 
AMlCABLY.((Bi--a-kvUa>ait. laanaMi- 

cable nannn. 
AMICE. <tm-uii^) a. >. Tba Aim «r uadtr- 

noM pan o( a priNl'a haUl. em wlikh be 

AMID. (t-iiiiil'> >|ir)^ In tli0 Didit; 
AUIllSr, (t-aiidlt') f miDtlgd witb [ »■ 

I ttOocit; ftiimxjDJrd by. 

KAMUe. (f-n>!*') 'XL Paully; rtininal ^ 
^H wranf; UDptopci; aot anonlmji lo the 
^B ffictlon of iJu liiDB- whaUrai It bo; ta 

r AanssioM. (i-Biirii--fiD) «. ■■ u*. 

To AMIT. (4-nii,Oi-a- To loa*. 

AXITY. (tin'-mr-«f) ■■. <. Fiirailtbip. 

AMUONIAC. (tn »9'-<>f^^> o. k Tt^v 
BOBw of Ivo di^y* ; Oi'H Anaaviic. aail 
^ SiL AaiwiiMc. 

B AHllONIACAL.(tn-(D»-Dl'f ^lU Hat- 
^P tDf lb) inpotiaa a( atBDOsiu aalr. 

AMllUKlTIUN. <iiii-iu9-Diib'-aD) n. >. 
MihtuY •>«». 

AMMUNITION BREAD. {fm-mv-i^*!'' in- 




brfl)«.ii Bnad for tbanffdjr Dfl 
01 nnuaoa. 
AHKESTY. (<u'-a|»u) «. •. Ad act W 

AUMnN.(^-nf-^))M. 1. Tb« ^MT 

AIIK10H. <fBi'-nr-f*) f BOM miwtmna 

*l(b vliKb iho falw to ibo vomb it 

AUUNU. I|-l"<|a(') t f^ MhfM 
AtlONOST. (t-iovDpl') t «Mb ; mjoutd 

*uh ulbcn. 
AXti>HI>nr. (¥■'•»'!•*) —*• 1^ Xont', a 

AUOROSA, ((u-f-rf'-t)) n. ■. A wstoa. 
AAIOROcW, (|m-f-rT'-(9) n. ^ A wma ca- ' 

AHOROu's. (^'-o-fw) a. Id to** 1 «■- 
■uamNd ; aatanlly iacliaod id Ut*. i*- 
Utini; ID l»r. 

AMOHOUfiLY. (VD--^i*»-t*) •'■ TvMy, 


AMUItOlSNRS. (va'-fif»ati) a. u 

ToBivru i loitncamk 
AMrinil/ATIoV. (t-mgi-tr-n'-aaa) > 
AMURIIZKMKNT. d-oipf' (Ji nraj) ) 

a. k la Ik*. Tie tiglii <4 uaat(nriD| 

landi lo uomntiK. 
n. AMORT'ZE, {i-Bigi'-qO v- '■ In law. 

To aliiD landt or irnrsitDU 10 an; r^tf^ 

minn. uil ihrir Mic e ' ■ i n - 
ra AMUVK, (f no**') h u. To rrmova 

ffiin a poM or ttaljoo, a juriilkial rnlMi ; 

lo rvmore ^ Co auin. 
r« AMOUNT. <f-aifvai') tsa. To riie to ia 

tie arnunalatiTr <|i>uitilj ; to conipoia la 

Ibf abolr. 
AUUUM'. ^a-mfVDl') a. i. Tbe iggrtfadr. 

Of film lola). 
AMO)llt, (vmnor) n. i. As tSuit of (al- 

laelry ; i Ion inirifnt. 
AMriimiuL'S. (iiO'libVuO •■ If»»iDj 

tbe family of llrinif in lira clrmfnU air 

■uil water. Figunli'Fly. Of > miml do- 


AM PlIIBlOl'SNESS. (»«**>-?•••!•)»■• 
Caia^cbn of IJTintf itt diltvrfiii tlrmiruU. 

AMPIltBOUIUICAt.. («ni'<'"<>vM'-i?- 
Itol) «. DoiiUful. 

AMPHIBOLOliY, (»in-(e-l.vl'-9K) n. t. 

I>»miiiw> ofunraruui uiiuliDg. 
AMPHIKOUXS.ftat-lib'-bo-lga)*. To«mJ 

from <ii>H to uiDiliri. 

AMI'JIIlUiLV. (qm-tiV-lif'l) "■•■ Dl^ 

miliar of iBriDDf wwnilig. 
AMJ'lUHRAni. (vn' f-Vik) I. A Akk. 
rr4iia«iii|[ of ikrr* •vIIhI.Io. baring ODO 
■yllalilr loag in ih* nkiddlv. nad ■ tbnt OB* 
on each tid*. 

AMPKir«UV. ■-•. l>lT(irMkia. 
AMPHtTHEATRt:. (fn-b-Mo'-f-Tr*) 0.1. 

A builds^ ia a cnculu or oral fonu, 

btTiDi; t*fc nira mndkipaaatd wilb row* of 

a«4EB ottf nhorf aDOthvr. 
AMPIIIIIIEATRiCAU 0. Itdating to »x- 

bibitioDi in. or lo ibe fom uf u anitihiibe- 

AMPLE, (imp'-pl) a. Lms*. vidajcx- 

ngi)— lybo. tigb, bvlli— gili— pffodi— lAio, !«>*• 




To enUnc* 1 to ■VplUr. 

AMPUnCATIUN. (tn-ple-fc-ki'-diM) 
a. t. EDlMt(iB«nt ; ulcnum i llllHin 
n*Hin \taitaif*. 

AnrPUFIER. (vD'-ple4i-«T) •. t. Ohb tliM 
•Blvn* Hit tunc ; «sa tW engtRMN. 

r>AUmPY.(tn-plf-fj)h«- ToMlBipi 
U Mind i to (nfEi^m« »ay Uiiog i to m- 
mon by ntFW adilMaao 

7b AUPLD'Y. (tu-.i-lf fi) r. ■. To ipcok 
locph' in mwjr wad*i m aaa*t>t> I » 
faf hay r «' pr »M um ica». 

AUPIJTrDF.. i|in-|.lB-t^«>ii.i. EiWnt: 
hfgeoaw; tnameHi npacil^i co|iioiu- 
um; •bnndwce* InwamoDij. Anmaf 
Ibe bariMQ ioUtcqitMl bttwcm (1« «ul 
ud ««M poinla. aad ibc c«n(«T of tli* mn 
ipd iCfirt >J tbHr ruiinc and *rtlio£. Mn|£< 
D*iJL«l iuii|<li<u']t u ilio uc of tlu Iiahnn 
hlw« tfB till iUD Of Mu mt in Mae, bmI tbo 
■■gueUc ntl ur «Ht Boiat iodlcaud ti7 
ibc cnmiiui. Aml>lilau Id p iB iiriT, Tht 
nogs of (bs (hoi. 01 IhiT luHuoDM ri^bl 
bftr diawb from Uia moutL uf tlw caniioo 
M lk« (pot vboi* llio ahot toallj tmu. 

Amply, (^'-plf) <d. Lutoly ^ U^cnlly i 

n AMPUTATE, <tn'-|iv-ltw) ivc To <al 
<tf aliub. 

AMPUTATION. (v>i-)>9-«;-itinn>».i. Thu 
cBmrioD of cuuiiif off > linb, or oUiar Jiait 
01 ibo body. 

AUL'LLT. ^fiu'-o-lci) n. i. A ckoim boDc 
•bam ilio Deck, fat pnvtntlni m coilnc 


3> AMLISC, (|-nifw') f. •. T4 tnurtaia 
iiilli inoqaUliii' , ID iln* on fnun tuna to 
lime ; to Lmi la f ifocuiioit. 

AMUSUIENT, ((■idvh'.iukui) n. ^ Thai 
wbtcb wniMM. 

AUUSER, (t'tnu'-inr^ii.i. H« tbat funuM*. 

AUlt.SI.VG, (t-mu'-tinif) ta. llaTia|; ilm 

AJlltSIVI-. ((-Diu'-iiv) \ quiUiiji of (I' 

CIIUICOI OCl'Uli]l»|[ piMMllllt. 

AUVGDALATt:.(f-n>!£-<l4-uu)a. AUda 
«( almoDdi. 

AMYGDALINK. (f-ois'-dt-Uii*) •. Ito- 
■rmbting or havinff the OAjCiir* of tJinoDiia. 

AN. (fii) 1'ba arijrl* iailibnila. Ii u Uib 
«•»■ silfa lb* anicto A, (wbich nv) but 
dugod to ■• undni ibo follawing ruin. 
tha wtW* A muit be lued baforr til vanl« 
bt(liinlii| wiib ■ couMBUil. and b*6im ih« 
vovwl « vbeo loug '. and ilio uuuir Jn 
niQM ht uttA bvforp all vx>rJ» b«^inuui|f 
wilb » TD*nl, ficfpt JoDg u ; bg(oM wunl* 
brgiiuiiiii: wilh Ik nntr, n* an Amr. •• llir>, 
Uc. oi bofora wordd vlisrr Ihe h i* not 
mutf. It tba accaut bo lai thp (ccnud (yllb 
bis, u en tow« Hlwi. an AwwriraJ tCfmnf. 
&!'.« by the old wniEMU often oamiror^. 
LMA. ;«''■■*)•'• A word Wfd u iIid m- 
atrl|iuou of pbjBCk, Imporlag dia Uko 


ANARAPTlSM,<(n-«-ti4p'>4n)a.ft Tha 

ilwirioa of illbipliiUi 
ANAUAKI'LsT. (tn-f-liw'-lijt) ■. i. Om 

irbo allon ■ of. Aui mamuina to-bapliiiiiE. 
AKABAPTISt ICAU(vi-|.Wti*>-kal> } 
ANABATTISTICK. ()n.4.^fl.iit--t>) j 

■■ RaUtiag la tlu DOIioiu of Aubap^ 

AN.iCAMPTICKS, (»n-«.cv»'-i;li») -. t 

11ia ilectrineof n-flrctfd liibi. nr catoiiuiob 

Ilk njiitii-'iQK, tTiDE v-hii-h irorkf afflranla. 

n. «. In Rbatonc, Kcaituiulaijiis or *un> 

mUT <>f ike headi of a dunnuMa 
ANACilORm; (in-tk'f r|tc> -. t. A 

Monk, who leant tha oontant fata aoUuiy 

lifa i B brnnU. 

llrlaun^ lu fin anachorito or bnmib ' 

ANACIIHOMSM. (in-)i'.bi^Di«9) m. I. 

Crroor in (Dm;iiiTiDv Ijum. 
ANACIinONlsTlCK, (fn-ak'-b^ia'-tik) 

•. ContMiiloi; la iLnu'bnMuam. 
ANA('I^TICK:<, («n-«-Utf-lt>) n.i. Tba., 

docfrin* of rrfni'Ud llebt ; dioMildia. 
A.NACItKoNTU-K. <t-D«k.kiMfa'-t)0 

Applied to pooma wnlita in tbt maaiiBi of' 

AN'ADIPLOSIS. (t(i-).de-prf-aia)>i.i. In 

thclorick. A npttiliaa >i ilu connDanci- 

Bi>nt of ■ reiao of tba lul «nrd b Itia pr*- 

cvdin)!, or lli« rapMUiin of any vord Lv 

way al mi)ihuia. In madiciao, A todupli- 

eauuii nf tiii> pBroiyan. 
ANAGLVI'H. iiu-^nlif. o. t. Orouiiant 

aCecard by iculpturo, by cbubif. or «U' 

ANAGLYPTICK. (tn-t-gl|].--tjk) a. R>lu- 

ing to tbe an of nrnag. chaiao;. anEtnTUig, 

or FmboMuis nUt*. 
AKAUOUICAl., ((n-f-fo'jn-litr) a. Kt~ 

Uting to anacociika -, mjatiniHU -, «loiai»d ; 

MberoulT anUnl. 
A.VA<iOClCKS, (fn-VCo'-is)^^ -- ■- Ilio 

mytucnl burjoolntlon ai Scriplur* ; odd nf 

die foot otdlnaty uodia ia diaiioclion from 

Iba Utml. all«|nri(s], and inipaIo||lcaI. 
AKAtf RAM. (fu'-f-gtvn) "-'• II*" 'baaga 

of ooe vord tnio aaotbrr bjr ilia tranapnai- 

tion of ita Ivllm, sa Amor tnlo Hoaa; aa 

alao of aamiU vonlt. u from tba quaallan 

of Pilaia, qoM at ivtitu t i* nado tba la- 

•vM, Em tit qui ndaai. 
A»AGltAVMA'IICAL, f«n.4-«vn-m)t'- 

tf>-ktl) <i. Of tba naniro of, «ir loimiiig aa 

ANAGRA1IAI\T1CAI,].Y. (|D<4-tTim- 

toiiT-tr-L^la) td, la (ba monaFi of an 


a. I. TtiK ajt or (nadiM of making Ma- 
AMAURAHUAT18T. (tn-VFim'-dif-4«) 

%.t. A mftkn of anagnima. 
TV ANAGRASIMATIZE. (pi-^^iiai'-ni^ 

^io) *> ». To oak* uagtama. 

Ffla, fp. I|ll. ^i— ma, mtfl i— fine, [hn ;— 09, mo*«. 


AXALECTS. (m'-^-IsLU) ■- 1. 
91 ffa^meDH of anubon , 

Hint uiKei. 
ANALfimCKS. (^-vi|P'-<i>>) ■■■■la 

foir llw ntTDgth and niM* tbs dejotMcd 

Vr WST of lAslocy ; viitlanu*. 
AirALOCICAia,Y, (vi-t4v<li>>ktl-lf ) »d. 

In as oui^'^* Diuiwr. 
AMAUItilC A L,S ):&^^ti>-,.|fdj.'.**) 

a. I. Tbf qnablj tit bemir uiiIcVoL 

ANAIjOGISM. <|n(r.b#Di)n.i. Ab u- 
(WDMH horn the caaw la ibe elwt. 

To ANALOGIZE. (fntT-lv-jIn) k «. Ta 
eipUin br my '^ UWOO- 

ANAUXIOIJS. (t-ntr-lq-cw) ■. Ilatini 
' ■■•log; ; biuing M>ma nm ■filniirr 

ANALOGY. (fD|r-lf-j>) B. >. la loprk. 
IlvMaiblura bvtwm iiiinp *ttb tt|;>nl 
to acoui ^mnuEAoccii or offrdk Ln ui^ 
tbmnWic*, Tha comparitoo m pRupoKim of 
numbcn of mtgninida* CB« U aMittier. 

rtALYSlS. (t-ntT'lf-Qi} •••■ Ib lopck. 
TIm nnloldisg an; nktwr m ■■ b> diKOviv 
its ooDpiwilian. In aailwnatidU, Tha r»- 
acJuriun of prabbnii. Ju cbjnnucr;, Tbc 
(rpaiaiion of a ctuuuiuul liadj iata iha 
■ovaral paiu of whub il ouumu ; a mIu- 
tjan of aoT iluur to iu Am tlsmiinu, 
ANALYTICAL. (p-f-lii'-u-UI) lo. H*. 
ANALYTICK. (ta 4-lii'-<iV> } Mlvio)- 
asjr tblnj ialo fini piiucinlfii procMdkii[ 
bj, at bkrioE (he Daluin of aaaJyaii. 
ANALYTICALLY. («oflit'-tfck(l-lD) «L 



In ioch a maaDer m wpanua ccnapoBd* 

tDU maplei. 
AI«ALrr]CKS.(vi-t-Ii('-(iLa)n.i. Tti»m 

of analyiiDR. 
ra ANALYZE. (tn'-t-IIu) no. TotenA^ 

a compoond ioto iU un prindplva. 

AKALVZElt. (|a'-«-li->f ; ■■ *■ TliepmiM 
or tbinc that aulju*. 

ANAMtmraofitiC (tn-«-iiivi'-r«-ii>) ••. •. 

DpfennatloD ; ft panMctir* prajtition of 
I anj ihing. » that to Uw nn, u ooo point 
I of licw. it aball kppfat dclMlacd. M an- 
Oiler aa riwcl npirwmaban. 
ANAP,t:ST. (^'-fi>;*l) «>. •. A mctriral 
toot, (DDiauuDK iwv ahon (ftlabiM and eoe 
lofiG -, oi ■ tlacij-l tnonod- 
ANAr.IlSTlCK. (4>>-VM»'-t!k) «• Ib>^ 
ll»- nuun oT, or fsjaiing lo Iba aua- 
ANAl-tlORA. (vBlC-fa-i^) n. i. Id Hha- 
totic, A djiurr, *1wD tvi*ral ttaMM <f A 
anlrnca >i« brguu nilli ths mum ward or 
ANAPLEKOTICK, («a-«-t>Io-ifi'-bk) o. 
)]a<ruig the qgaliijr <d mm%. A nwilieal 
Htm t^fi/iae^ lo dniga arbicb tacoonge 1^ 
nomh o( Scvli ia waiuid*. 
AwARCU. («n'-ark) k.*. An amboroltm- 

AMAHCHIAL.(4ii|Li--k«~al) )«. Conltutdi 
AMARCHICK,(v<>V'-l'ii>y J «i(boni«U 

or roT»mmcol> 
ANAllCHI&M, (lo'-tr-biA) I!.!. Coafaaaa. 


ANAIlCHtsr.(^V-k^n..a. lU>Woo- 
ctaaca* lunliuion, irbo mw viiboit nb- 
oUmm lo mla, «r wto dot** to*HS- 

ANAKCIIV. (4k'-«^kf) >•. 1. Wwl of r>. 
tvraacnt i ■ date vtlkoui taatjittiff. 

f,\\^\j., y ';- 4,Br-.l,)fcfc Aiortof 

A ' . - 1 i . I ' - . (.fD-f-af/'ki)!) a. n«lal- 
■it( IA an aauarcB. 

AN'ASTtiuAllCK. ((B.v<iif-n«C-iifk) •■ 

lu madicnir, Ilannf d« aualMjr of *V- 
•mof ilMracboa*. 
ANA£TROfHC (vii«i'-iTo«) «. <■ la 

■knoiic, A flgura «knbj tba «(d«t of Ma 
irmd* la invmad. 
ANATIIEUA. (t-auk'.*im|) ■■ j. A raw 

inmomeed bjr cnWiiaiia) uuboriijr ; ci- 

(onunmiottKia -, the object of the rano, •( 

Ihn pnaeacnted. 
AKATIIUIATICAU (4i>.i-llM-intf-»k^) 

■* ItiTUif ttko iiroprrtiiM «l Mb auaiWvub 
ri ANATllLllATIzk, (|ii'4iV-^ni«.tiH) «. 

To ojrtr by MikinaMical aathoiilr, 
AKATIlKAfATtZEK. («n-«iA'-f-iDt-^-^f(} 

a. 1. H* ahn noDOUDCi't an analWinh. 
ANATOMICAU (tn-i-lfin'-r-fctl) •• R*- 

laiioK tK b»liNi){int[ to asataoiy ; fit\w»im\ 

0(1911 principlM laufhl lo — liim. 
ANATUMICAIXY. (tB-ft^'-«-M>-t*> •'- 

la an tnatooucal manner. * 
AXATOMtST. <fn«l'-9-iD|n) n. >. Ha that 

Modie* iha nractoN td aaimal bodiaa. bj 

jTb ANAIXJMIZE, <vi*t'-l9iai»>ib^ To 

diitett of ml aaunda an aaonal ; lo laj 

any Ibing apm dinindlj. 
ANATimV. <4-Dtt-s-'aic) •>. I. Tbaarta* 

iitttKaa% Ibe hcil; -, the adueMn of iIm 

bodr. Iioned br diMMtion ; tL* atl of 

dmding aaj iliiu( ) s akolMon : a (hte 

moaen pnaOD. 
AMCraroR, (fa'-a{a-tnr) n.i. Om who 

k-ai pioe b(4ora la a famu* ; a ftMhifcrt. 
ANCFjtTKAL. (tB4c^-liV>a. AoUlias M, 

at mwuilhag anccaun*. 
AKCLSfRY, (ia'-aj*.ti^) n. i- Udmco; 

a aniva ot pn^viutiaai tko hoDoui of da- 

vcL'iu : birtb. 

ANCIIKNTHY.<ta4r4*bni-fT«)<i. 1. Anii* 

uutlv of a hniil^. pnpniy monttry, 
ANCIIOR. (fnt'-l^ir) «.i. AhniyiraaM 

bold Ui> thip. being Aud to tb« ^und ; 

ILM irliicb caofeB atnbiliiy or fccunty ; tba 

chMW of a biwkla. 
V< ANCHOR, (tn^-bp) s. a. Toiaftn- 

Tt> ANCHOR. ((ne'-fc(t) t> a. To plan aa 

OQcboT ; to fiji m. 
ANCU0R-S3in U, ■. f. Tb mafcet of an- 
ANCHORAUl':. (tnt'-knrVi<>> "■•■ Tbo 

botd of Iba aacbor 1 iheMlof anchon b«> 

loD|:in|; IU a (hip ; Uie duly pud far tha 

libany of uduKJag ia a pent. 
ANCHORED. {vi-^<ft-^) port. -■ In 1-- 

laldry. A eran m termaiL baring tha fe^ 

of an andioi. 

B)t;— «fbe,tgb,b^,— q(li— fVIO'li— (A^'ai^ 


.AHCHORF^. (lD{''Ko-tiH)ii.i. AfnUlB 

MKCllORn'. <«Bi('-lf-nt() ><M. A n- 
ANCHORITE. {.viM iM) i <luw i ■ 

A^'CHOVY. r^-t>h9'.*«> ■. I. A link 

•ra-Gih, mucli lued W nut*, or mmod- 

ANCIKNT, (inc'-ub^t) •. Old ; of l<n>ic 

ttKuling ; )in(i>|u« ; Ivloogiog la timr* Iodj: 

Hal ; lomtei, 
ANCIKN l>. (ia>'-t>b«BU) m. i. Old men. 

ThoM dial Ii'i-d la «ld«a im* wuc calteJ 

aNAnU, dppuMiI M tlie ■ii>dam. 
INCIRNT. < ti.c'.Uihrai) ■> i, Tbn Okg ot 

>tmni«r of K iTiip ; ttiv btvrt of A flkg. 
ANCIENILY, (fne'-Ulifat'lf) arf. U old 


ANCIENTRY. (|!ic'-ul>vii-tfv} ». t. Tin 

boDour of uncnt iiMagr ; lite damnm or 

imicuian of anlinaily. 
ANCnXARY.(«t<'-K'-4-lt)«- ftOiofOit 

naiUTt ot M biadiiuiid. 
AND. (aad)»)[r'- tlispartlclohy whic^Ma- 

imiCM at tonoi m« jauivil. 
A>'DANTK.t|n-Ji)D'-l4>4. U mu^k, Ei- 

pRWTB; diMincI 1 eucL 
ANDIRON, (tad'-j-nia; n. i. troiu u llie 

md of > ^M-gtuci io wliich (Im (pic 


ANDROCY^AL, (|ii-^tvdjc''<F^n«l) > 
AtfSRUGYNOl'S. (aD.lrvdjc'.c-nu(Vi 
Ht*ia( tm kxh; lumaBiHiniliuckl. la 

bnttoy. An rplthol for pluu twaiuig molo 
ud tnuJo Bower* apoa on* root. 

ANDROGYNE. (|o-<lrvJ'-)jn») i. •■ A kind 
of honoiiphroillM ; aa fCrmiuilF n«n. 

ANECDorC, (to'tk-dfW) n. •. Somttbiog 
jai uafiuUuhM ; a biognphinl iucidcai ( 
■ miBBio panan of niiaio lifv. 

ANEC[>anCAL,<4a-«k-dft'<. R*- 

liitiiD tA nntodom. 
AM'JVKNiltAftlV, (4n-*-iiiiV'in'''.') * <■ 

Tlip dmriptluQ uf Ibu o'ludt. 
ANEMOMETER, (fn-n-niqui'-in«-l*r^ n, t. 

Ad iDMruDipnt lo mpuuni tb« kliDO|[(ll ot 

TcJocif* of tho wiad. 
ANEMONE, (,4'Pgm'-9-M) a. h T1u> «bd 

ANEMOSCOPE. (i-ngm'-fjOiDpo) «.$. A 

matiina (o fortti^ tbo cbao|i* of lb* wlod. 
ANENT.((.ii(|o<')pij* CoiKonusg-. abooi. 

mer iciiuiit. 
AillEUBuAI.dD'-if-r'nn^ "• ■> In nKdiaor, 

A dwiMB of ibe utriwi. la nrhicli lb*; be- 

cona neoMinl) illhinL 

ANEW, {i-nii') uJ. Otor offiia. 

ANbKL, <^c'-jsl) >■.(■ UiiKinnlly a mM- 
■min ; a t^n\ Employed liy (Jod lo konuia 
•Adu i Mtmetimea lunl iu a bad wot*; u. 
me^tj'Anrlamti mfif.iii dciiptnic.iomi)- 
(iiiiot, RitM»*Hiief CiJ, froiim. A |<iec^ 
of noary fanprwn I wiih mi asBsl.rauil ai 
lim itiiUuii^ 

ANGEL, (laa'-jtl) a. Kucmbliog onicli . 

ANGEL^HOT.(ui«'-jfl.*bvt)''.>. Id gon- 
nc^, Cbaia ihol, a cannoa Inilltt cat ui 

two, and (be bkhm jolaod lugetlm liy a 

AKOKLICAL, (i)n-wr-«-UI) > a. Rmodi- 
A.\GEUCK.<4n;^-ll() } bUng an- 

Erii -. paitakiDg of tbo naton of asgola; 
nlun«n« to inni*. 
ANGECET, (tn -j^li;!) >- b A tmuicsl 

lattranuDt. tuniFwIiK notmbling a luto -. a 

wAA (Acn. cbv nluo of ludf an ^fg*t* 
ASGEH, (|a|['.|^r> b.1. DiKvinpoiun or 

(oanoa of tbo o^nd, upOD uj bjury ; pain 

<a unait c4 a ton or mlKnjr. 
Tn ANGER. {fB{['-fur)(.a. to maLo aagtj ) 

tnpTQ*obe or riiTage* 
ANOIOGR-irilV. (p-jr-pl'-Cit-fo) a. i. 

Id nedjciaa, A deocnpUon of leuDU in ibo 

huDon body. 
ANC10U>aV, ttB-jf^fT-lv-je) •>.•. la ao- 

•tin*, 'Dif docliioa of tbc arurin. nervet, 

■nd TnMln of (h* buDiKD body. 
ANGlOaPKKMOlS. (M.»-(^ptT'-nn,t) «. 

Id botuiy. A Ipnn ipplwd to aucbplatiUaM 

Lain thrir leod iaduihd in > pod Oi inML 
ANGIOTOMY, (|»-jf-fir-lf oib) ■>. i. A 

cDliiDg opFD of tbo TeawlK 
ANGLE, (tng'-gl) ■. I. 'Ilis incliuaiiou af 

two liiin or plun In *Bcb othnr. wlikh 

n>«M (ogmbtT M • poiat MJlcd tba Toitez 

or ugulu poioi ; a cantor. 
ANGLE, <V)^-tl) n. ). A tihiag-rod. 
7a A.\OL£, (tng'-gl> v.D. To fiibvith • 

rod and hook, f igoniiTely. To m^co ot 

Wr Io nio by anificv. 
ANGLER, ftog'-gliri) n.t. II* thai GiIibb 

wtUi an A(i(l«, 
ANGLICAN. (tng'-glp-lin) a-i. A mnobn 

III i)u> chimb of KiiEluul. 
T» ANGLICISE. (fBg'-flr^lw) t.D. To 

inAkf Kneluh 
ANUI.1CI9M. (tDg'-gl^iini) m.t. Aa En- 

(U*h Idiom. 
ANGLING, (itng'-gling) n. i. Tho art of 

Dibiuc with a rod. 
ANGul'R. <vig'4ut)n.i. Palo. 
ANGRILY', (4D|-|m-ta) ad< Id an aa^ 

ANGRY.((Dg'-fn} a. rmrakM; affvcicd 

«iih angai ; taMei by ntcalUDDi. I*iun- 

ful ; inltuDed. as a wound, 
AN'GLilSll. {(Dg'-gviili) «. i; Escoaoi* 

pnin of bodf . at grirf of miod. 
ANGCLAIl, (|ag'-gf-lv>s. Hariognngln 

or totni n ; oMUaliDg of ao anglv. 

ANGl'LAKITY. (tDg-gv-V-flf)"-*- "^^ 

'giiAlity ui hpin); angalnr. 
A^Gt'LAHM>s^, «ng'-^-lfr«M) n. t. 

Unng aagular. 
wiib aii);!)^*. 

ANCL'IJ^TED. ((Dg'-g9-I>'l«I)a. Formed 

ANGC!?rA'I'ION. (to-gD>-l)'-*hun) n. i. 

IIhi acl of maLiog nanow ; tbo Mala of 

beioo Danowed. 
ANIIKLATION, (ta-bo-lf'-tUnn)*.!. Tie 

act of pflntiiig ; beirig ooi of brcaijt. 
AN1IEL08E. (fD-bF-lfH) u. Odi ofbtvaili. 
ANILENE&S. (t-n|re'-Dr;i) ><i. i. Tb'Mio 
AMLiTV. nairje-le) S of briag M 

old womui -, d'oiAge ', tEObeiuIiiy. 

F»W, far, f|ll, (|t i— m(, vgl i— pine, pin j— ef, biS»«. 


URHABLE. ftB'-t-m|-bl> •, Jhu ahick 

«i > i> ^ U« rut arp*»«ari>bn| 

•«ucc I lu^oal'i pQTriibmf*. la ta*. Ap 
• tf i rmMt tital ■■lUMhmiM hai Osljr a n- 
— ' ■ . 1 tnBpmit pauhiBFBl. 

k LRalVK. |fii-*-mfi>*;i'-uf ) b 
> Tii . Litin)- ihs pMwr W ootklag^ 
f. AMMAIIVeitl. t|ii-«>m|>l-TnC) *. n. 

Ts l»ke Killer . lopw* wown. 

H* lllM |I>M H <CB>m. 

AMMAI.,(|ii'-f-atl}K.l. Abn^i?MTanal 
AMMAI. (fs'-f-Btl)*. -naiobicbMoBn 

to BUMtVlIlL 

AMMAIx:iiLE. (^■•-«>4r-k>fla) "■ *■ A 

tninuK' nJiifuiiL («a-fD|l'f-(i*> n.<. Aai- 

■ul riul^^iv. 
r« AMMAI'i:. (fD'-r-mfU) *> •■ To 

•(lUcLtB ; ID nikkc alii* -, U pt povon M ; 

ANIMtTi:. I ut'-n-Plf M) <k ANr»; pM- 

•r- Mr. 

AM ' .»-a-Ba-isd)fiM.a. linlj; 

A.SMIArioK. (^«-af'-*)>9B) >h •. Tbn 
■el o( Mnmiiliif ; (hr lOUe of bciitg *■■ 

poll rt ■( GITIDg lit). 

ANIMAIOK. (|D'-f -"*-"") ^ *■ "^U 

*bkb ptM life. 
AMMUSE. (fD-c-mfi*'} a FaMoT iinrit; 

AMItiO!i|TY.(a-f-Dt<'-*f»»>ii.>. Vtb«- 
mrw* ol laMr*^; p««nag*M auUcoUj. 

ANISIC. (^''B»> n. I. A lyan o( apiim 
M ]«r»b^, «ii^ lu|* twctl •cmMd (Mil*. 

IA.VkLR.((D(''k*t) H.I. A Uqald mMuuto 

ehieBy oaed >• Auutcnlaai. about 01 <]«»*■■ 
LNKLB,Cvit^-U)B.i. Tbi joint wlucli (Oil ' 




KKW lb* rool M (bs lag. 

NNALLSl', (fo'-Bf-liH) ■.(. Awillet cf 


^y^.\ls. (fn'-t^b) a.*. 

To ANNKAU (tuV) '^•- '''o •*«?" 

claw or nruU by bcM. 
ANNLAUMi.(iB'n>l;'iDt)a.i. Tla ui 

of ImpMlSf that. &<. 
T* A.NNu, ^tn-Dpka') t I. To units to at 

tba nd, M mM a ■nlk* Ihiog w ■ 

( iJiiiwia , union. 

AN ' ' ■V-iliijn) m. i. Tlie act 

n\ -4 brin| MMMd. 

A^.^ iiria'.mgai) Ik h TIm 

■n III dnuiuiii I ilim tbing Uionvd. 
ANMIIIUVULL,(M-or.bB-lt4il}a. Capa- 

bk ef Waoe aan>liUat*il or w J fti to do- 

21iANMIIILATE,<^V-kHt»>c>> To 

ndM« in ■ot h ini; iodMM«ri ta 


AN'MinUTE, <pi-Dr-hf.J4««) ■. Anal- 

Ald.MIIILATION. <|a^a).hHi.«l|^) a. a 

Tbr -'M nf nd-iring to uoul^fi lb* ilMa 

ol >■ < 10 mMbui|, 

A^^! ,((B-*>-'ir'-«M;)ii.i. A 

•111 •I'cun.-.i.juUntamaHlWMurMut 
llio ttfil. 

AN\fVLIlSARY.(|0.n^-^-»)«- A*- 

aaoli T*arir- 
ANMVf:lUt£, (|n'-i»^Tfn«> a. i, AaM- 

ANNObOMIKI.(^.nf-d(B-^nO lalka 
jrtsr «f oat Lard ; a*, uhw rfMai,' m, J. O. 
lHT(i tbkl i*. in IW IBttib ytoi fiu^ (k« 
Unb or oat Hanoor. 

ASNi>l!4*SC>™ (ta-D(T'-a|nM)} a. 1. A 

AN\UUtNAT10K. (tB.«fdi-iBf>Bf*.|ku) 

7'>A^^Ol'ATl;,(tu^a•■)•,a. lV»«aLa 

nunotanoiii ta rouiaictiU. 
ANNOTATION, (v>-ng-ti'-i^) n. j. 

.\c«r* or fwi t* vrltiBo af^a botta. 
AN.VoriTOI(.{4i>-af u'-turjn.h AnrMt 

of B" ^ • : II ^vanntuof. 
r^A'' (vi-nvvnM')r.«. Topok 

h'li tv -, to dtcluv u. 

AN> I Vt.<tn-avfaai''MfM)a,A 

A I' III admtlaaraL 

ANiNi .. I., ttD-uvfaw'-*T>n.fc A4a- 

<l>rTt ■ onettinm. 
r«A\>OY. (vi-nfr'^ T. a. TomamatoiUi 

ANNOY, ((B-afB'} ■.■. Isjury; molafla- 

ANNOYANCE, (an.«M'-^M) iki. That 

vhicb asno]*; (ho aM dT anaojiag ; ilia 

Matr of lwi»t ■BUOfod ; ooo who inaovf. 
ANNUAL, (vi'-flf-)l) ■. CotuoK }<ailT i 

Wat tKboood tr Ik* jaar ; laMing oolj a 

A^AIXV, (|B-.«Ml-lr) •* Veriji 

•Trfj yiar. 
ANNL1I.1.NT. ((■.na'.^qot} >k •. Oaa 

oho IWMSMH w rtccftn an anMiiij 
A-SMJI'IV, (fn^nn'-Dif) n. i, A jaaily 

nml , II KBfty dif^uBCf. 
TvANNl U ^)n-oi|ri ■. a. 1^ nuke raiil; 

10 aAotiabi 10 nalK^E to ndnco to no- 


ANM7L»\n.(|B--Df l|r)a.' Uaflocihg fctai 

ANMiMlIY,((ii'.Bvl«-T*>o- latUfona 


ANNULET. ((B'-an-'t«^ "-t A lUila ilnj. 

1b bnaldi;, A chufa iFnin|[nhtifi|[ tiia 

Mb 1(01. In ardilwituip. Tb* miall Hluiiia 

DooibtH, In iba Doflrk csf ita), ondat Uia 

ouanrt tdund. 
ANNOUi£NT. <ti<-a9r-«!ai) r. •. TIid 

act af onnnlliiiE. 
T« ANMMF.HATR. ftn-nq'-mr-r^) na. 

To ^d Xn n fiimifr a^ufilwr. 
A\Nl>IKKATUt\. (tn-Bn-mr-lf'-abiiD) 

a. «. .Aildiiiob to A funu«r oiiaibitt. 
Tt ANNUNCIATE. ((n-nun'-ah*-«lB) na. 

To """"■— ; (o bring tMUop. 

Bft ;— I9b». Igb, b»1l)-«lj— p»i(rf|-l»ui.»lri». 



ANWUI«:iA'n0K.(aD.ikVMd>»4'-dn|ii) I*. 4. 
'Die kc el iirochuafag or uaooDdag . ihg 
nuMpHD MthaJijnMiilMlni DHinary 
of the *opf* niaialian of ib« llr«Hd 

A»ODYNE. (in'-f-din*) m. 1. Utdkiu* 

wlach kuokc" imn. 
r« ANOINT. (>4g>tiO r.a. T* rail owt 

*>■& uacbum Buna i w ooBMtmc bj 


AKOIATER, (i-ngin'-ist) >. i. lie Ow 


AN0IIfniEKT,(4-ntinl-mtnl)i<.>- Tkcut 
of anwmac. « M>w «f bnDE anoisud. 

AN0MALI3U. <fDfin'-4-l<Iin) •-(- Ano- 
■djii irrrgubnijr i MBMhiof raijug troB 
ihf [^DrraJ tulc. 

ANUUALIb-riCAU (i-ovrat-ll^'-if-MI) ■■ 

Itrrnlu 1 % lam in iMtoDomy. 
AM0HAIX)lM.(t-ii^'-4-l«i)<. Imtutu: 

iHil of ral». 
AN'0M:tLY,(|-nni'-4-U>ii.t. ImcQluityi 

ilsTikUoQ fnm IM connnoa ml*. 
ANOMV, ((B'-9-inf> ■■ 1. RiMsh of htw. 
ANOM. (i-nqn'jal. Quickly ) moh; •om*- 

liam, now lad than- 
ANOXYUOUS, (|.DfD'-B-m«0 a. Wanting 

ANONYHOCSLY, ((.Dto'-^-inqk-b) md. 

ANORi;xv,((ir''Df-r{k->f)*.i. loifipcncyi 
kotbinc of Ivoi. 

ANCTtllKR, ((U.1!iB'.gt)a. Not ibsMint; 

anv mnr*; nui oar'oMlf; diStrrol. 
kNKAl Kll. (fn'-M-tjil) 0. tUtiat hudbi. 
'ANSLAIlillT, (yi'titto) n. I. An tcuck ; 
Btnv; tli«pmnl,pOTUp*.ofU»bAUOBi, 
*bii'h *M. 

n AN'»WfUt. («»'•*{(} (. a. T« ipok in 
niufn, or in otqun^oo -, U bo iMOVDnUa 
Im: to •iDilicKoi 10 (in an aeeouHi i<> 
comtpurul 10 1 toaulti UbaaquInLoit U; 
to Uar praponloo to ; to lUKenl ; to ap- 
peal to n call or flimuLana , to &ri rDCt|ir^ 
callj 1 10 alBix] ai oppoiiie or ccnelaliio to 

Ta ANSWKK. ((n'-ip) c a. To aMftk in 
nturu (0 a quulioa ot peiitioo -, to be M)ni- 
TKlaat u ; to natty aay (laim ot demnnd -, 
(o potfanD wbal ia vDdi«>oantl; to con- 
jphr «i(b. 

AmWER. (tn'-ac') *. t. TbM «Ucb ta 
mU In nton Co a qucarioti ; an aceiHUit to 
bo pica to juMico. la !■«, a coofntUioD 

AHSWKKAKLi:. ^aD--«t<-V>>l> <■ A<Wt- 
liog a rrnly ; liaUo (0 em on accoont : 
ccnMponiltBi (o ; fnptMnaHa ; anilabU ; 

tqnal to , roninlrut. 

fDOfanion ; ouiobly 


i'.{M-<fr^ble)*d. In duo 
'I'ha '[Uklity of bn*| aomnhU. 
_kKr, <fail n. f. Ad otoincci • plnnltt. 
-AN1'-IIII.L. (^C-bill)n. ). Tliomall pro- 
tuboranca* niaod by iba uti Butkiiig tbeii 


ANTAGO!nSU.(ta-t)|'-f^in)ii.L Co* 

AKTAUONIST, (v>-t^-^-nta() n. l Ona 

who Matmdt i an tf^noaBL ]> aiialamy, 

ITiaaah y mi il to (iMt BDlckvUcb coon- 

lond* loan olhari. 
ANTAGONISnCK, (fs-tw-o^'-^k) 0. 

CootaodMf na ■> aonipnlit. 
r* ANTAGONlZE,(|n-l«t'-o-«n)T.n. To 

AKTACONY,((n-t)c'-7«o>a.t. Contrai; 

AKTALGICK. (^-V-jtli) »• Umog tha 

qoalify of aaflnima nao- 
AN'I'AS ACLASIS. (|Dt.«f4-U('-«ti} a. •. 

A tfpiiv io rbKoricL. Wbra tha Mm* ward 

la rapaM^ in a iliffrTT^i. if not id a coo- 

Ifafy aiiptillcaljoiip lliaaJto a rr^onrinf to 

tlie BWlar at tbe tail ot a loni; nirvDIkciti. 
ANTAPtlltODlTICK, t4n(-f'&«-d.lB'-^)a. 

Mcduinta acUBM the irmeit*! diicaa* . 

ANTAPOPLCcriCK. («di tpi«-pl|h'-«ifc> 

a. tiooA acainai an afioplaiy. 
AM-ARCnCK. (fn-lfrk-iih) a. An apt- 

that applied to (he !*ovih Pole, in oppoaiwft 

to tbe Arf[icar N'onh Pole. 
ANTARTHKITICK. |(oi-)tr-rtri.l'-ik) «, 

Oocd *g****' (ho Boot- 

ANTASniUATICK, (int-tn-mfl'-ik) a. 

0«od afua« iIm aaitamo. 
ANTS, (to'-lo) A LaUn fanklo aisoifybic 

li(/M«, frtquBoilt uacd io compaaiama ; a*. 

Bnlirfituiiiin. bt{an tha laoi. 
ANTLCEUAMXJL'S. [tn'-lo4e^-so-Da)a. 

TaANTECIlDE, <tn-1»-a*d*')*.a. To pra- 

t«de ; U ro brbn. 
ANTKCF.DENCK. (ia-it*o'-djoM) 1 ^, 
AMT1X:£UENCY. («o-tT-if-')i'>^H 

IVcodonn ; tha net or aiatc ofnase before. 
AMKCUDKNT. («ii-tnV-d«Di)«. UoioB 

hatova ; nr«c*di«c- 
ANTECKDENT.<tn-lo^'-daDi><i.iL That 

«teb foaa b«bf«> fa irammar, Tbo noun 

to irhlcti the Telarin ii auhjcAnad. la 

logick. Tlia Ant prapontioD of aa antl^ 

noma at arpunoati coMiHiog only of wa 

AKTKCEDENTLY. (ts-i^^'-dgni-lc) arf. 

ANT£CEsaoR. (la^t^aaa'-aui) a. «. Oaa 

oho EOta bafore; th« nrlncitoL In lav. 

OiM uBi paaaeaaol tka usil botora the pt«- 

aeot t>DMi>»ai. 
ANTECIlAHItCR. («>'-ie.tahun-tieT> *. (. 

Tbe cLaoibc* thai luda to tba chiaf apan- 

ANTECUAPEL. (|n'-to-alitp-pl) *. •■ That 

part of the cbappi ihroiifL •thlch the pat- 

Mp ia (o the choir or body ot il. 
ANTlX:i'lt.<lOK.(4(i'-tf4«r-aut) ikh Oaa 

■bo nnia befor*. 
r> AlSTKUATl!, (fn'-M-dfto) n.j. Antld- 

AsTtu'tLUVIAK. <«n.u.d«-la'-M-^) a. 

Liulini brfore tho Jalun. 
AKIEDILUVIAN. (|a^iOHlaJ^-*f.«n)a.t. 

(Jna thai tiTdl bafora iha iMMi 


Vil'i ^i. "(U, ftti— aw, mgti— ploo, pin;— &«, mgM, 

•f MM 



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X/OVB, (tn'-M-tfpe) >. t. A tp(«iM 
ii viai cnM'orwicadwd horu> 

UCAN.I^M^tf ■(*>)■■ Esrl]r;I«- 

ANTt.MLKllllAN, (fD-lf-B^iid'f^) a. 

iWfnn- a«aD. 
AKTEMh-IICK.ftM-f^si'-ik)*. lanrJi- 

cur, I l»iDC tbcumw ttMo f iiat noilllnc. 

VTK-Mt NUANi:. (|D-<f-ata<4|M) a. 

BaCOtii tllD f rrJtlaB Dl ihc ««rtA. 
'ANri.rA::iL'llAL.r^-H-]>t*'-i4l)«. lUfal. 

AMl'.l'ASl. <»'''-iiF-rau)m.t, AfaicMie. 

Ikat fjllilili list IWO. 
A)4TF.nLLKnCK,^Vt'-cp-^l!|>''ii>')*- A 

■edirini- Rcunat conralMB*. 
r« ANIKfUN):, <to''U-paqv) *■■!■ Tttiet 

una itaBc batea UMhrT. 
A^ ri:PR£DlCABI£M'. (tD'-tt-pffdik'^- 

■ignt) H. ■■ Boinciliint ^mrticMU lo ths doc- 

UiM of the MHlimiWM. 
ANTtLHIOIUTY, (ta-W-rf^-»-la) «. «. 

JlM'Kliloi/R, («n-M'-f«-w) *. Coiafk- 

NTKitUUM, *.!. Tha mom tlomii^ *hkb 
■W mva^ ii to ■ iiriMipat Honanii. 
AM E I IM PLF.. (10 -lf4^pl ) IK (. W1i»l 
^^B «• now all Ite am a a cliurcb. 

^H JaunbtM*4iu*[allAraoaiach odrafthf 

^■r.i AN f):VtUtr.(|D'-«i-*t>1)«.a.ToB(n«M. 

In atfdtaaa, IlKrtB|> tbo femti nf Amttj- 

iuf worm. 
AMIILM, igii'-(h«lD) Tk I. A Mag. ptr- 

teniicil u ion «f dlni* wrvlra. 
AMflULXfOV, (vi-iJtfr-vjf> •!. >. TlH 

dMiiiac of Howm -, ■ cnllH^ian of fla*«n. 
^H Fi«ui>liiFl]r. A ralltciiDii of MMOh 
KANrKnliX.ICAI.. ({«-tK9-]^«-ktl) «. 

^H^ 'I lis prniprlu. 
^A.NTIlHO|-OI.OtiY. fia'JfcM.p(1'.(.j() ■.>, 

~J~l>r (! tcthnr of inMtimV' 

liM) It. (. Oos vba bfiivoM a huoum fonii 

In a* IlfttT. 
AhTHRUPOPHAtil,(^-rAlf F9r-«-ji) k.k 

Uka-tairtt : caimilal*. 
ANTJIROI'OPHAUy. (la'-Um-ptT-f-Js) 

n. 1. Cannibtiliiiu. 

Tk kauwltdufl of tlte oMDr* of n-tm. 
ANTHYrNuriCK, (iDt'-hip-nf I'-jik) a. Id 

■»<»»■ iai, IlkTi>( (ho f«*vr of prrrmtis; 

AOTifypopHORA. ((p-ai-nr'-<>^) •>.■. 

la ilMorick, A Ikoi* nhcnhi (b* ohjreliiMii 
of IB adttrui; vd brought brnnl in 

A!rTllYSniIllCK.(tal.hl>it^-i!t)<. Cood 

■mImi fanwiwkA. 
ASTI. <*v>M) A paRMle hmA wad la 

SMpoiuM'TUb mnU d(rii«4 (ran ika 

CtMh. aod dfyfinsmmry i* ,- a*,«Mfn*> 
fHTrMfl. MwiWut nraascbT. 
ANT1ATtriIRlI1CK.S. (|u-lHr-lAti;t'-it*) 
•k t. Mf'dicii'r* W ii«»l*B tb* reut. 

AN^rirA<-i(i:(ri'ir$. (fB-.t^u.i!{i,Mlk*> 

■. L Mc^icHm Cm a bad loHUti'lM*. 

AMICimi«r. (^'-W-b^O a. I. The 
lITcU cncDiT lo CtnblliBiit. 

ANTICIIRIaTIAN. (tD-lB'kil»'-to-^) ■. 
Onpotit* la CbtiMluiiij. 

A\llCilRtSTlAN. (4n.u-biy-tt-vi) a. l 
lie «bi> I* aa caMof lo L'bnHlisnj' 

AMlC)iICI»TIAM»>l. (u-tt-1uir-«t-tB- 
iim) ii.k OraoMtioii to CfarbMnElj. 

AKTICII RL<n'[AMTY,(p'■«f■kl■'t^W-»- 
u)B.>. CoatiaiiMjr or OTfOcUioB to Cbh>- 

Ta ANTICIPATE. (M^j^'-f-pMa) n a. To 

tabs uulntfan hud; Is (• MMb M W la 

[■r<l-ul« Mbi-n ; u aojaj ia aiptOatim i 

la fnrluitk 
ANTICIPAnoN ((a'-^-M-pf'-ahoa) a. i. 

Thi AcioraalidpaDDf ; Aumuh. 
ANncil'ATOR.!|B-i^-«;.pf.i!(r}a.*. A 

ptrriaur; k HttnnllBr. 
AMICIPAIOIIV. {^B-m'-iM^tnlt?) A 

labiag up KiinFitiing bcfofp ili time. 
ANTICK, (t>'-l>b) a. OAdi liilicolaudj 

ANTKTK. (^'-Kh) a. I. n# iW fdajt ••• 

tlHta ; ■ boflboii ^ odd apuaianM. 
AN'IICUMAX. («D-l^U!.Kik«> 11.1. In 

iWtMieb, A •rnUnca 10 whi^ tb« lul fart 

aiprrana noiMbiai lawn iluw d» Bm. 
ANllCOIt. (|D'>t»k«) M. I. A MMftoan 

fm, A {aMnaannl iwtlliat m a bont'i 

brrHi. op|«nn <o lit beut. 
AN'llfUSMKtlCK. <«a'-te-hfr40tl'-^> «■ 

DMUuitiT* of Iwaun. 
ANTIUOTAU (ta-cHf'-t|l> ta. llaT' 

AMnn01'AltV.<fi-(it^(|U'-VfT)i la|{(l» 

qnalit; of an aniidoit ; <ouDI*ractta( pa- 


ANTIDriTB, {(n'-to-dou) ■- k A n«di- 

clnc |[ii(v 10 ciiwl tba mlNblofa o( ao- 

mltrt. mt of nmMni. 
AXrUTIsCOPA!.. (4a-.lM.p.*'-b9-|nl) c. 

Advmt* to apiKopacT. 
ANTIFOHILK. (ta-«f-rgb'-iil) *. Good 

si,'iiiii>l finrr*. 

Tbo nin[>tpnii«t of tUe lognnibiii of a ilat, 
lao^t.o tKuit; D> thcdiffpRQUof that 
lotviibai fiom tl.n loginthm of niuij dc- 

AMlMINI?nRIAL. {(n'-IT-nnni^'e'-*?- 

tl) a. Oppouag (La niaucijr (d* tlx 

ANTUIuNAItCUICAL. (la'-l^m^-DiT'-kr- 

ltl> *• Agaiaft goimimml by f ungN 

ANTlMONARCIIIsr, (^-te-nigo'-»i-h(rt) 

pt. L Aq co^my to mODafthy- 
ANTIMOMAL, (ta-W-nio'-nc-^) a. Com- 

[TiiHil c'. or ottha nature 0/ aniiiDoiij. 
AIVIIMU.NY. (tii'.<e-aiQB-«) a.i. A uudp- 

nd nbacaaco, anil io nanofaclutM and 



■. t. Mt JidacB kgainx diinun at ihc 

Atn'IN'<lllIAN.(fa-t«-&f'-ni«-^f>ht. Odb 

of ■ (Kt wliu denioil lb* abli^uiOD of the 

■lanl hw. 
ANTl.VOMIAN. f(ii-l»D«'-m»-sn) ■■ B«- 

iMiUf to iho AktiDomiMkf* 
ANT1NOMIAMS3I. (tD-(f-no'-inf^b-}ia) 

I*, k The Ipnrti of the AntinbrnuutL 
ANTI.NtlMY. (in-lqi'-ii -■«} n. •. A roa- 

tradiciioD bmrH* ln-s Ian, or iwo oitirlr* 

of Oh nine law. 
ANTIPAl'AI„(v.^n-.[.)l) I 

AVI IPAFLS11C:AI^(ti|.|f-|«.pl(--(a4tl) I 

AM'tPARALUaS. (^n-M-pfr-fm-lsk) ■. 

1b ([tfliDOtiy. l-me* wliich inu* (i]U)il 

nngln wiih two cthn lino, bol Id b cos- 

tmr ociltT. 
ASTIVaKAI-^TICK. (vi-iM^t-t-nt'-il) 

■. XdlcacJo<u Moauc ibe win. 
ANTIfAI'llnnCK. (sn'-w-M-lhfl'oM I 

>■ Of Ml 0|ipaw(* dltpoNUOB i bkvint B 

niinal rnnuntara (o. 
ANTlPATIlY,((B-tM>'-|-''l*)>->. Anatonl 

mamiin lo kn> uiiDg. lo' w to lAim it IB- 

Tdununly i uHh •rermioci. 
A.NTIPEItl:<TASC»t. (in'w-pcrji'-l)-^} 

a. 1, Tie oEipoticioD of ■ coDinr; qiublr, 

Uj vljich the <|Ulit7 il oppom btcoinf* 

A.S rll'hSlILKXTIAU (»n'-lypBi-t5-lp.'- 

ANTII'lILOCilSncK.a. Cood icauil in- 

AN'JIl-lltjOGlJSTtCKS, •- «. Mcdiciiio 

A Ml nU)N. ((a'-l-fen) » w. ll*cl»n( 

ANTU'nO.SY.Cui-tit'^-ao) t aralMnala 

tinging in Ih* <niAn of cailitdnlt ; u ctho. 

ot rnninK. 

[A\TlpllON-AJ^(ta-tir-t-li4t)a. fUlMing 

lA^7Jl'rlll^Al„(^n.^i^■(«^l>". «. Abcok 

I al nnitiifnit. 

rASTii'iicusis. (vi-iif-fR-*ii«) «.!. liif 

(UB flf BnMt in a •Mw uppcnM la (liiir 

pro|itt mrKning. 
I AN 1 iriDlASIirALLY. (4n-1ffi1*'-lf-l>4l- 
I tr>)<irf. Id ilir uinuiiFTot nn ulijibrMl*. 
: AMlrOPAI.. (^ntjiZ-o^d^l) a. Rdatine 

U> tbo rouutiin InliAbitrtl t^ iJlc ui1i[>orlct. 
ANTIl'OUES. («n-tiji' -»-<!« J ri. I. IlioH 

||>0]>I« kbo, living on tbc Mbrt lide of ibi: 

((iDbr, hav* ibrit IkI iliircily op[iUiC(> lo 

iivn -, uMil SKimimljr for iliiecl op|TO- 

AMIPCiPi; (tn'-if-p9(>r> n. t. Ha (lui 

amrpi tlir poiicijom. 
AM'li'KELAIlCAL, <«B'-l»'pr?-V-«-<'4l) 

«, Ailtmr 10 pntacy. 

in pMinn V by mhi^ one cue ia pnl foe tu- 
AKnQUARIAN,<ta-(^k>fiMn)«. Bc- 
lini*( to tniiiinilj. 


A^'TIQUAR!A^'ISM, (v'»-W-»»-4ft- 
iini) 4' 1. Lo««at ui(kqaiu«>> 

ANrlQLtARY. (tn''<<-kM-»> '■•• A niai. 

•Indiou of inliquiay'i > coU«clnr of ancirul 

T. AMiyUAn:, (tn' W-l>il>) r. ■■ To 

DialiB bb*alrtc. 
AMigUATEUNESS, <tD'-lf-kin-<t<i«t*) 

n« t. Thp aiBl* c^ bting ob«o1rlfl. 
AKTlQl[E.(«n Wtk'>a. Aocim : afgrtat 

uttiqail*; of aldbthioa. 
ANTigiie. (ta-Elt^'> -.I. Ad nMiiuliy; 

wi Micuml reniv. 
A.\-|'IUl-K.\I2ii>. <(n.ictb'.iiM) M. >. An 

■pptannc* ot •MWuity. 
ANl'lQUITY. (ta-i>k-.k<»-U} *. l Old 

tiom 1 ilia peoplo ot old tunr* ; th* n>- 

luoini of old limn ^ old age , anticntafi^ 
ANT19C1I. (^-ii;'-ih^i'] I1.L In g«}gr>[rti]', 

He iwople wlia iababit od diRriml biIm of 

tlw «iqi»ior, wtiDi (iint(i)uml>f , it noon hme 

thcii thadom ptqiMsd opuinu *nn. 
ANTISCORurhcAU or ANTb<:<iKBt;- 

TICK, (u'-to-akfr-bo'te-kfl. an'.w^Lft- 

>H'-tgi) •■ Eikadou iJbImi tltt (vurn. 
ANTISimiCK, <^*H'<tii'-i)t) a. CouQ- 

twMi hg pw twhcooa. 
AKTI$EPnCKS.(tn-l»-atp'-tik*>n.t. lis- 

£ciDM naia^g putnhction. 
ANTISPASIS, (»o-li«' ■«■.;•) iti. In mrJi- 

cinr, 'lljir rcrol^on of aay humour inl^ u- 

OEbpr I'm.. 
AM'ISPASMOIIICKS. ((n -M-tpt^-iDTd'- 

ikt) n. '. Mr<liann tliat rvliirtp *pauD». 
A.VnSl'AlfilLKS, (ta-H-<pt*'-lik*) •,. •. 

Mrdii-iun which niuas a NTuliion of ib>- 

ANTISPLENCnCK. (ift.it4p|ga'-e>lik) ». 

KftctaaLii in diMMM* U ilin nlsoil 
ANTlS'IKorm:, (»n-lii'-ti9-(f5 n.!. tn ui 

ode •ung in joiu, the atoood Mania of 

cT<r> t^*c m (ODiMiinn prny imond 

•una ; an ■Ibrnula coovMiioD of (h« aun* 

wotd* in diSnmi mdmucm. 
AKTIT1IESIS.(tn-IItk'-»«» >i.i. Opi-o^- 

lioa of word* oi •fnlima&ti. 
AM'ITULTICAI.. (fn-if-thgi'-f-Ltl) a. 

I'lfeird ia concrM. 
AMITYPE. (((B'-w-IJrO ". <■ ThM »lucli 

lA tflftMiihI'd or tfaadotrcd cm b^' tli? i^yc i 

ihm of uhiili ihptyp*i*ih* ir[in»rDiMiDn. 

AMlTVl'ICAIo<»n-H-<ip'-t-l'»')'- 11i»t 

whicb ri'lAU* to an tniiljipr. 
ASTlVE.\T,tiF-\L, (»n' tMi-no'io-jl) a. 

Good BgainM thr vrBrMnl diuwr. 
AMLKB, <aoi'-ljr) n. t. JVopwlj dm <r»i 

bfBiicbHol kuac'a bain>-, but, goctnll], 

ajii of bii braiichn. 
AN'IOI'CI. («B-Uf'-H> •>.>• Hoh tnhnU- 

tanuoftbeMrlhiwlinlito uadct iha i 

DiBfidian.atKlat iheans ribtaucc fmin the 

XitoT ; tbo on* lonfd tha uonb, aod ilie 
1 10 lli« Muth. 
ANTONOMASIA, (^tf^ij-un'-alif^) ■■.•. 
A torn of (pc»d>, in nhicb. let a icDiir: 
mm*, if put thp niiin* of *«Ba diKUKf- 
Tliui a king i> (iillcd hit ni>|etl]r. 
ANTRK, <t>'-itr) A t^rtm ; » *to. 

tkir, fgr, 1)1), Ift :— ne. met :— pina, no j—nf. ■■>(:*>, 




V1L, fta'-til) ■. I. Tbe imi blo« «■ 
■tiMli niFtal >• laid Is t* bunornvd. 
..\Xlt-TY. (|n(-».Vit} ih I. TrouU* Of 
BuDi! abaut tamo tiitur* tiral i dirpTMnaa 

XIOVS, (tD|;L'-4t>;^) a. UImuiM 
■bMM lomo UDceruIn «*i«l ; (■radii, is- 
qi«et ; cantul, m of > ilits( «f gitat im- 
ANXIOUSLY. («Dek'-it>»-9»-l«>-t. la u 
•»■■«•• mnaan. 

nalhv B< briD{ aaxioiu. 
ANY, (Ba''OD) a. I>rr}i nrliocm ha b* ; 

•iMaoercr ; >1iM*scT«t. tFircd in c4Bpo- 

(Uioa, M ujtlilu.oajwUUin. Au. 
AORIST. (V-f-<^0 ■- ■■ loilcAaiu ; a uim 

tn ibp Gic^ atttmu, 
AORTA. (fff-(4) >h >. Tlie «ctt uWry 

wWcbriM* tmmrcUutlj out of Ui« Irft tm- 

nkt* of (hi h«an. 
4PACE. d-KM') id: QukUj; hMU}; 

?A0OCICAL. («^(-go'-jT-41> •- Ade- 
•noDMntion irhicb doM nol proM ilir thing 
diranlj. bnl *bcv> ili( ab*unltlj «f doojug 

ArAIIITHAtESIS (w^^■■to^) •.•. 

A flguTa m ilist«tck ; enimuBUbn. 
APARI'.It ptri')dd. Stjaiaxtif ; inkUua 

ordiiUDi^uciD ; duuBclly ;ua<uliuic«fR)m. 
Al'AnTMKNT.d-Hil'^nim)*.!!. A nxm. 
ArATIlETlCK.(»p-VW9l'il.) •>■ WitUat 

APATH13T.(tp'-4-iljM} ■.(. AniMKritb- 

ml ferliae' 
APATItl^TlCAL, (|p-^(iti*'-la-MI) a. In- 

diffrrrDt. nnfivlilkf. 
APATIIY, (ip'-4-iilr> n. b llie >]QaIlij at 

am btHog-, (umption frmn jnannD. 
APE, (fpt) »■>■ A kind of aumirji an 

TuAPK. (apa) i>. a. To Imiiaip. 
APEAK, (vP>^')*d> la a pMtin* to piano ^ 

fonud vnk a |ioint. 
APERlF.IiT. <VK''it-f^O -• Gmtlly pui- 

APRRT, (vIhO a. Upen. 
AI'KRTLV. (i-pfiflo)*!. OpcDir. 
At'KItT^bSi, (ip^rt'-nta) m. i. I^oueu. 
APEllTUR£.<ui'-n-C9i«>ii.>. Auapcniog^ 
■ pMM|*. ■ nolr. 

AperALoi's. i»iwr-(.iu.) .. witbom 

twrala or flovrr JcoveiL 

APEX, U 'rf*) " '' I''"' "P "t point- Id 
tnoiogj, Iw ciHt 01 crown of lirdi. In 
ITCBuMry, TIm aagulti point of a cooe oi 
eonlt: •rctioo. 

APIt*RESlS, (q-fi:r'-^»!0 ". ■■ A fieor. 
in (rammgi. hy which ■ IrEWr or iHlalira >* 
uLu (ram lliM Iwinnini ef a word. 

APIIELIU\.(|-fc-lP'Un>n.>. TlMpattor 
Ibe Pitll of a liaai^ia vliich ll it M llio 
MMl mmi rmuiia flroB lbs (un, 

APlllLA.VTil ROPY, (a'-fe-lqD'-Ut^-pe) MJ. 
Wnnt ol lirt la iriiSfa I 

APHONY. (■'■(»() <Li. AloMcfkpet^h. 

AritORUt»l,<ir-?-nai)«.i. Amaiini. 

A I'D 

APIIOIUST, (if'-o-nM) a. I. 

A aMft •! 

ApflOR^ICAL. (4( ont't-'M a. Dw- 

bif tba funn o( aa aiiborifni. 
APlIORlSnCAI.I.Y, <|f-f-ii>'-l» 

In ib« form of an t|ituainn. 
APIARY, u*-!'-* rtJ '••• TU pkce *Lan 

brrt Ufa l«eL 
APICi:s. <t-P!''>M> U boiMf, litUt laaU 

tbu new 00 tbo up* «( da tiamiaa. in (be 

middli of a Ikm*. Sea Arti, 
API>XE.(«-K!M''>o'- Totke|ut0rahw» 

of tatli. 
APIJ-li, (R'-pi>b) a. Ilari^ (k» iiatlUka et 

at u »ae , fopptiA, iflKlcdi rill^i »!• 

fituc , laijfiJ, 
Ari»llNEt6, (V-pHi-st*> «. (. Himiciiy: 

POCAl!YPSC.(t-rfV'-a-tp*>>>i. Rf>«|^ 

ut book la (W lAcn 



lb* lull 

r lAcrvd caooo- 

AP<)CALVPltC^L. («-|^-t.l,u-.w.Lal) ) 
APOCAI.YPTU-K, (»-n<'-i-l»H''i * 

«. CoDeRAiu nnliRioni o( M Mok ■• 

APOCOPE. ((-ptl'^-Kl a... A fii;«r« » 

jfTnnuntr, wbni ibc lul lOTtn or *) Ibblo a( 

a oard 1* lakta awajr. la Bodinov, Tba 

tuuion aaay of an uoaouod pan ; tbf tod- 

doD IpnuimtiDD of a ditaaaa in dralb. 
APOCRUSTlCK.(ip^-kifa';^)d. la mo. 

diciac, Endicd aritii « rrpvUiaf UHi MUln|- 

ant iiovrf . 
APOCRYPHA, (fPfk'-it-^> «.•. Book* 

a|i|->n.ivd In iho aanid wriiiagt, but «f 

dtfii^lfuS nodi^tr- 
Al'OCRVPIlAL. (l-p^k'-rv**!) •■ Coo- 

Utatd in.4titblin|iolLa Ayooj^ba -, not 

caaoviial ; of uocniain tmlii or aolboriiy, 
APOUIcnCAL, (ti.-o-diK'-lf-^l)aL Dw 

monitialiis : H<iri.Tidrnt. 
APODIMS. (it>-u-aik'->!0 "■ *■ In lojkk, 

Au wident diuiontusuoo. 

APOOOSIS, up«<>'-«-*W ■•■' 1b lUto 
ndi. Tbe applunlion tft a tlniiUluda. 

APOCi.'EON. (ip-o-ja'-vo) )-,•. in ajtro- 

APOtiEL'H, (ip-o'-jp'-iuu) t Domy, Thai 
poinl ct ibie oiWt in vhith ilic inn. ai ■ 
planet lA u tlip |;T*at**t dii»tu^cp powbla 
from llie «artb ib tu vbolo rtvoluuno. 

APOCRAi'H. (%p'-v-gr)f> n-t. A «Opi. 

ACOUlGfTncAT.. l*p-Ml-9-i*t'.rk*0 * . 

AI-Ol.niifjnCK. l^ml-f-jv-ll^) i 

lliBinhichiauidiadofaiM; oflbeuturo 
ofiaapatogT; itlamtt, 

APOLOUIST. (•-I>tl'-9-£'>) "••• "o !><■> 
inaka* an apolouj. 

n apolooize; (i-pvr-vjju) v. ■. to 

nlMd in broni of, 

APOLOCUK, (tp'-o-lM^t. AUilc 

APOLOGY, (t-pft'-f.ja) a I. A pltodad 
dafoDcoi aicoM, 

«■ h In mochjuuck*, Tbe artoIu«B*utin| 
tbiogB nt ■ diilADiTT. 

AI'ONEimosiS, <t-pyn-uv-iv'-a>»)n.j. In 
mcdicinff. The eiicuiiuu of a neno, a Ian- 
don, or a cbonl. 

APOPHASIS, (4-pTr'.4-i>*) n. I, la (IkU- 

nfl ;— tfbv, lab, bfU i— flii ; — pfjad j— l*in, iniik 



rick, A ll|iif*. by «bkb Iba urMnt Rowaio 
wi» wliki be voald (•Iud)} iuaniuie. 
AI>OPilL£GMATlCK. W-f-tfi-nr^) 
a. la mrdicini-. ll>Ting lb* qwlily of 

APOrltrillXiM, (ip-o-iIMn) a.!. A n- 
ourLkbl* ujiaic : a nliuibiB naxlm. 

AroPMYUP.. (»-p»t'-«-i*^ ■L'- Ib vcbl- 
(Ktoi*. TbM |i*/t of a talamn. wbnM U bo- 

Su lo *|iiU[ out of iu bu* , tbe ifttai of 

AlMPLECnCAt, (tp-9-nW-to-^l) > 
APOPLKCriCK, (if.f-pftk'-^ik) J *■ 

UbImiu id *u •Si>N«n> 
ArOPtEXY.(t/-f-pltk-iT)».i. Aiuddm 

^HRTWioD or all loUtnul ud »xt*mal im- 

MMon. and of all mstioo, unlvw of llw bean 

■ed tbom. 
APOKU. (fP9'-r>^) •■•■ ■■> rtkttnrick. A 

flcuTa lyf •bich tb« «p«aker doubt* vWo 

la twcin. 
APORRHOEA. (ip-pfi-n't) •. i. A da- 

Rqi^ tif buuoan, or npoon paMMg off 

from tbs body. 

AF'OSTASY, (^l-pi*'-(t-«() >•.•■ DtpaiUn 

(ram tho pnnnplra which a vaa ba* tiir>- 
fohvcd ; g^wmllj Ajipllwl to U10 nbuaJoD- 
mtnt uf Mif Mil* pnuL'lplM. 
APOSTATK. (t'pgs'-i^w) a-ik One tk>t 
baj fonakaa bu rnliulM*. oc albai priaci- 

POSTATC. (|-p9aMf u) «. Fain ; ml- 

AP0SrATICAL,(ff-p9^4['-1-kt))«. Altot 

tbo Buuiaer of aa alKmtaW. 
Ta APOSTATlZi; (iW-tf-^) «. ■. T« 

fomikc on?'* prorrulotii 
APOSTEMAI'ION, (i-ptt-tf-uV-vbiio) n. t. 

Thi (oiwnlioD of la apotUmN 
APOSTKMK, (tp-f^mo)*-). lasKHlicur. 

An abicm; an impoWbiime ot uaaatml 

(weltiai of any roimpt mntlet. 
APOSTLF.. (|-|ivV-*l) ■. (. A pfTWD lent 

*ith mundAWt by Another. It i* partico- 

Ixrly apjiluid lo Ihaw «bom oui Saruiu 

il<')>iiud 10 pna<k tbo GoiptL 
AVU>ri.JSinP. ((-pfl)'-»l-»hip) iu«. Tla 

oScf of an a|iaatlc. 

APosroMCAi.up-F9>-<9r-*-k«i) Id. Lao 

APOCTDUCK. ((p-vt-CfT-lik') ( aai- 
poMlo i accoidini to tba dootiina of Ibo 

ArasrOLlCALNESS, 11.(1. Tbe qiBtlliy of 
memblinE, or i*l&iinr 10 (he apMUn. 

APOttTROPHK, (t-pv*'»a-C>>H.t. [nihc 
lodift. TiminiE awiy out iprrcb from tbo 
jndfc Di aodiior* and addrMHi^ •ome ono 
■bo u aii^nil a> ihoai^ b» voire ptrtrm. 
la pvBjiiai. A Mvk ( ' ) ihgnDc that a 
Tew*l li cut off, or worIj cuuinciad >• 
thcT tM ttiaufib, I'll fef I will. 

APO!rrROPHICK.(ip-pt»-uV-ik)i. Oo- 
oolJaE an ntoHrouhc 

n AP0STROPIITZB.(vpf*'-V9tiv} *•«- 
To addiBH br la apostn^iW. 

APO8TIIME. ".■- S«Arottn«t. 

APOrUECARY. (( p»(V-f-k,-nl «. (. A 
l>*«ijKii of n mcdicino lUop ; a ronipM&dn 


ol nuHllciom, o( one who ptaKitMlbt an 

of nvdjdnp. ^^ 

AI-orHFCM. •.. >. S«ArorurHi«H. ^| 
AlMTHfXiM^TICAU lip-o-ib^^nifl'-lfF^ 

kail a. In llii> Bivinirrtif ui apodicin. 
APOTHKGMAllsr. <*p-?-J'ra*nH-lift) 

•.(. A coIlrctoT nf apolt>Kin>- 

iv Aponi ex; .m atizi^ (uHf-u>t^-iBt.tiM) 

p. ■■ T o ullur mnukiiUii •aniun. ^^ 

APOTHEOSIS. (tp.MW.t.ii*) n. 1. l>ri|^l 

cation. ^^^B 

The pladnf of a baitutod liab la iu n^t 

APOTUMC l|-pfl''0-n?) n. 1. Id unllis- 

matiri*, Ike (Fcniiiiider ot diSortOD ot^^ 

two iDcninnraiui34itv qunniiiiea. ^^| 

T-jAPI>Ar..(»«. Tofrighi. 
APPA1.MK\'r, (t|>-p|ir-m{>nl) n. >. 

(■(fuion of fcv. 

APPAXAGE. (»i.'m-n(jO ■•*■ Uii4. •« 

■fxUT by princr* (or ibn nuiintnuwiB of tMt 

nrniEtt ctuldrtn. 
APPAltATlIS. <fp.M-n'-n>'> iLJ. Mmm 

Is any crttain mil, a* ibo nwcldDrij or 

looli of a trailv. 
APPA RCL. (*i-fnt-el) n. t. Dim* 1 Tcuot« ; 

'Uvoat hnbiliinriili. 
roAPPARElC.. (tp-iv -al) no. TodiTH -. 10 

clolbe : [oaJi'irn wiili <ltrdt;ld<orrror>Jrck. 
APPARENT. (fp-n'-i^Dtjd. PLuBiindu- 

hitabb ; Hviiuujt ; ritMe ; oprn 1 **ldcM ) 

In hw. Cetlain : not prtciunpliTO, ai 

hrii npnnRDl to tijp enm. 
APIMHtNTLV. Upp»-lTDl-l;) aj. 

df-url*: »r('niiri|;1i-. 


API-AUirUIN. (fppt'ritli'VD) n- 1. Ap< 
pKiRinr*; liubiliiyi iha ibiag appcattng : 
a r)K.ttr. In aolr^ony, Tbo tuibililf of 
acmirt luminAJT. opp«#d lo iffHttnlion. 

APPAKITOK. ^^V■p^■r^v) »■>■ It ■>*■ 
A nii>MvD|[ti who afrrat the piocri* «f <bo 
■picirual court. 

ToAPPKACH, ((p-peiabOfco. Toaotoon 
10 c?«'n>uTv. 

API'KAiUMKST. (ap-pfub'-ntai) n. k 


Tu Al'PKAt.. (tp-prlin >'■ *■ To tnoaftl a 
(auw ftaiu one tnbunal to atwibfr 1 i« rdrt 
ro anoihnt judge : lo csll aoolbrr at wiinnt. 

APPEAI„(((p-i'jli'')n.i. IVtwinwalof « 
tnuH ffnm an iDfiriour to n tup* riour trilio- 
na). In Ktmnuin law. An atcuulion ; a 
call iipoD any ai •itDnw. 

TjAPPKAH. (|p-pfT»')ti.ii. TativbtiKhl: 
la brcOBO Tiulil* a* a tpiiit; to wand in 
ttio onttudi of aaolhrr ; to bo tbo eb:r(t 
of obtrmtioA ; to cihibit ooe** (elf ; la bo 
load* dinr br orldesc* 1 to item, (a op»- 
tlliaa to riallty : 10 b* plua beyoad dii- 

PHARANCE. (tp-pi-t^nw) ■. 1. Tbo 
Bi!l of ctiming mlo K(Vl ibo thing SHa; 
pbirKOmciiB ; trmblanc* ; rwt naliiy ', o«lt- 
•iJo i atiow ; appantioa i pirasDM } I 

n. 1. Tho quality of 

?»•*. fp. *!"• f|t;— nn.fasHi— pioo, idni-n?, mptr. 


~ AFPbASABLEN ESS. (tp.|>f-.j«-bl->t*) •>■ 1. 


n APPEASE, 1lp-]eM'Ju a. Ta^wli l» 
BKth -, to M>U. 

APPEASCAI^r. (fp-rtu'-vCM) a-^ A 

(tklc of p«*C(. 

ATI'EASEH. (|p-l>f-*n) «. «. Il« tW 

AI>PU.l.A\T. (tf-psT-lint) «.■■ Achal- 

Imimi . eee ibu apiHab mm > l«»ti u ■ 

UfEor »w«. 

APFELLAXT. (tp-ptT-MO d- ApP«tiDt- 

APPELLATK. ^„,^r4tu) a. Btlag ip- 

1 aciioM. 

PPELl.Atlt)N. (m^piH»'-«I«^1 ■■ •■ 

Nudb. w Ulla )i} wdkb asj llaa| ii tli>- 


pELLATivr.(«[i-p*r-i».iiiin.». Ana*. 

nofAM ATPLTIBlUn'. (tp-Rt-u-k^-ftt) <bk 

Tla nililj t/ Lobk dMiraUh 

IUe«». APPln IT>.. <ff'-]M-tlu) *. t. DMii* i ih> 
^MbvotMiuiulpMnn: rtedai laogiai j 
knnneM at Moaiuk ; buofer. 

r* AFPLAUl). (IP tl|«d'} B. •. Ta paus 
b* dupUa tk( bud , lo pniN is noaiL 

Ai-l>LAUl>£R,(WE<l«'-4t(}*.*. U^Aal 

APPLAISK, (fr-pif'O*-*- AnantiMiaa 

loodlv ttfttM'i. 

APPLK. <lt>'-p') "- •• 'ri' 'mil 01 <>>• appl* 

APPLE-'I'ItEt, ». <. Tl* 


APPLlJtS'CE, (tp-idi'-vue) ■. •. TlwMt 

of RprljiiiK. 


lo Mnraon naun* in eppoHliaa M |npM 


PPELLATiratY. (|pi>*f.^-i{r-tf> af. 
Atconling u> llie uiMao of noimi k|if*Uft- 
AITEUATORV, (^p-pjr.l^tgt.,,) «. Of 

cbc DMon of, at omcusIdii u apfitkl. 
APPFXLI'lE. <t-P^t') "■ >■ >> ■>"-. Udc 

«bn it tpMUM afKBal. 
APPLLLOn (w-psT-rfr) ■. t. la (>«. Ite 

ptnoo unuDi. 

}**APPFJlD,(fpiiDiid')i<.a. TohnifMij 

tUw Dpeo aniitbtt i to add 10 •aniMbui|. 

ATPKNUAGE. (tp-pm-dtk))!!.*. Soma- 

AFPENDANCE, ' { tiiiag ui- 

nawd ot kuuhad lo. 
APPENDANT, (tp-pni'-dfiiO a. HaopoE 
M •omntbiBc du i Mlon^ag or uumm 
APPIINDANT, (^^'-dfnt) a.1. Ao w 

ddiMUl «t adTMinCioiU MH* 
APreWDKNCV, (ip-piia-Jia-ai;) a.i. Tbw 

which M bjr i»b( a)u»i*d. 
Jl. APPENDICATK, (^p.^lsl>■■d^k»l•) 1. a. 

To add lo. 
APPKMJirATION. {^poD-do-kf'.ihan) 
n. >, rhaw:tcfBppniA>(; ihooplMsillkt*. 
APPENDIX. (tp.|W-dik*>i>.i. Sumetlunjc 
aptMuded ; |;«urnJI} Bpplud 10 > luptilo- 
uiaot uf Ik bolik by Wky of iddllion or illu*- 

n APPERTAIN. (tp-ptf-ODD-) I. a. To bt>- 
lon| to u of ngbt ; lo btliMig lo bj muuo 
or a ppohiimtut. 

APPEKTE-VAXCE. (tpW-tf-^i^nM) n. i. 
11iM shicl, apiicrliuia or btlonja M, 

APPERTUvLKT, (|p-pc''-t^«f"0 "■ &*- 

APPLTr.NCV.(i?-|lHiS^)i"''^ ''^*^ 
APPinF.NT. (M?-p*-itDt)*. l>Nfaoa*L 
APPUlULE,(1p'Vi^4d>*. DnInU*. 

ATl'l-lABLE. («pid,'-4-bl) «. 
baioa kliplinL 

LI/' — 
of fppij'am. 

f iiMu to be iiupticJ to tubrtlaaci 
APPLICABLE, Itp'-Plf-H-U)*- ' 


FtlooM in bv aiipU«L 
APPLICABI.V. up' pl?•^■bl.) ad. FiUy; 

■a u to ba proiKtlir ipjdicd. 
APPLICANT, up'-idtl«kt} a. 1. tlavko 

APPUCATE.<ft>'-pl^.|>4U)a.t. U a»ilw 
nuuili. A right lUit drawn acreo a cwtv. 
•O M lo butci Uu> tbo djunrtn. 
Ta API'LICATE, (|p'-idfrUt«) B.a. To 

nipiT to. 
APVLK-ATtOK,(u-|do-kf'->bua)H.t. Tba 
■CI or npnljiag ; tbo ttiof applivd ; taliri- 
luiaa i ibotniplajmuMofiiituiS} cxoiciH 
of ihoutbi ; DtleuDoti to tomo paRknlai 
affak i tErrtrniv lo aonw <bh. 
AFPIJCATIVE, (i|>'-pl^kj|-qt)i. Bekcg- 

ine or leluiitiE lo apnlioluia. 
APPLICATOKY, Up^plT-k^.l^r-,)* C««»- 

piKbiqiiling iLr acl of a|qdioUMn> 
APPI.1CA1QKY. Up'flt-kt-tip-f) «. (. 

Tliai wbich aj,p|j««. 
Tt APPLY, tt-pli' J >. a. To pat lo; to pot 
to a <nuin um ; to um m ouasi ; ts Ax 
tbo mind ape* -, to bam looouna w i W aA- 
dnailoi lobiuv; lokttnUwort. 
To APPLY. (VpliV •• "■ To nil i Co igrw 

APPOGCIATIIBA. (»li»'-i,) .. ,. 
In miulck. A now Aireciiog an cany and 
fiBOtb] mOTHsoaU 
To APPOINT, (tp.pQiM') ■.«. Tofiiuv 
Udogi Is leule tr/ MConcti lo wtablitli 
by dccrca i to ftuuUh in lU pcinu -, tu 

To dPCTtO. 

.J. Itoibat 

APPOINTEll. (wPV>a'-«o) • 

APPOiyTUENT.(|p-pv.ur-m«nl>a.i. Sii 

pnluiau ; d«ur< ; dirscuoD , urd«i ; njuip- 

T« APPORTION', (ip-paie'-ibsB> v. u. To 

Ml ooi in juM ptDpartioiu. 

Bfi ;— Ujbr. tub, bfll;— tilj— fnnd;— (hio,iut>. 


AfPonnuNUENT. <t^pf»-.d»-Mto() 

•• b A diridius ma portion*. Ib Ibw, A 

iliniinj: of i^x*. reMt, Ac. 
APPCnfroXFIR, a. t. A KmiUsi ■ aii- 

piwr of (likm. 
Al-IVSKK. <tI>-fo'-V> "■•- la b*. uk 

rmmijicr: iw Inqaim; m aoMCiimor. 
ArcosiTi:. Cin-po-rii).. I'fopef; BU 
APPOSlTEU,(»p'-|^».>I*><i/. Pwjctlj; 

APPOSlTEXl-5S,(tp'.pf-»il.K.)«.fc ^l^ 

APf OSITION. <(p-pf-iJLA'-^} ifc >. Hm 
oddiliixi »f M(w macter. la (nmnni. The 
putiiw af iwo Dom» n tbr taaif nur. 

APPOSTriVE. (|p-p9t- --lit) «. Apf£. 

n ATPRAISE, (tp-pRM*) t.a. To Mt k 

prio! upon. 
APPRAliiER. (t^pri'-isr) x.i. Ho «!« 

wti a pikr; ddp twoni lOnJu |«odt,&c. 
APPRAlSEMFAT. [ir-pnK-iDfal} i. t. 

Til" ".' '' M.r'-iiBag i TBliMiitia. 
Al'Pli' . <ip-prp'lu)'-*bgD) m ^ 

A1TI11.L.MUIIY. (tp'-prf-Lt-tor^f) «. 

PniviiiF M vibUof any (oimI. 
AHPlll.CIABLi:,(4p.pra-.ikM4>l)a. .TU 

IJRiiliHiT of brliiK MJOiaMd. 
7'« ApP)tl:CIATe, (|p-pif'.ate-tlc) >. a. 

To I'tiimaif rutlv. 
APPHlXIATlON, (w-pif^b^'-Avn) >.•■ 

V^it;i[rn(i ; riiinuiliocii 
reAPPIlKHKNU, (,^p.^l.™i') ». #. To 

Itjr hold OS 1 (0 Mu« in oiirt Ibl Iriol i to 

(Qoccito by Iho aiiod ; (o ihink on vtib 

APPRKHnNSIBLE. (|u-pi*-bni'-»-U) a. 

(.'nimEili? of bcAn* ai>iUMi(nif*d. 
APPREHENSION. (ip-pn-h-D'-dion) h. >. 

Tlie Ki of ap|if«hHidla| 01 (oHng upon, 

wlipthrr bjr phnicKl art. a by tbs opcnuioa 

of Ibg mind , the hcully of coareiimg dow 

Uao* ; trmr; lunucion, 
APPREllKNSIVr;, (ippir-htn-ii^) t. 

Quiik lo uDilmtnnil . imifplivr ; finfful. 
APPHEIIEXSIVU,^. (ipiov-hin'-^'le) 

odi 1> on ■pprchmui* naaarti Icai- 

APPREMEMSIVENESS. (»p-mT-k«n--ij.. 

at«) n. «. Tba *iu* ot s<»l>(y of b^ug 


API'REMICK, i^^ptp^v*) 


thai ii bound la hit* I^i a cRiaio Icnn of 
ynn, qua condiiian thai ibo lnd(<aauui 
■hall ioMruci him in Lli ut. 
TliAPPRE.VriCE. (4p-prgu'-n>) u o. To 

fnl oni k> aa appti-ouc*. 
PftENTICJaHlP. (,p-prpi'-lj»^%) a-fc 

Tbr *mic 01 Mnn of an appmnk-f'* mtni- 

T) APPKIZE. (4p-pr|M'> r. «. Toiafomii 

•0 utTO aotivr. 
T. AfPilOACII. <,p.ptflt»l.'> r.«. To draw 

Df4f . locally ; Ui dra* nnr. nt cimo ; lo 

com* Dm by uaiunJ aSuit*. or rtfomb- 



TV APPROACH, (tp-pntib') r.a. To dm« 

•Mr In. 
APPKUACII. (tp-prfMi') Tho acl of 

ilraaiai; nrnt; aeon i A* road hf vbicb 

«■• ijiptuadi. 
ArPKoACHABLE,(tp-prtlih'-«-bl) a. At- 

APPHOACIIMEN'T. ((r'P'9<^'-«»t<)l} a. •. 

Tho ait of taoiiDi aeot. 
APPROBATION. (|p-p» hf'-ibun) a. a, 

'ihr acl of npptOVIO);; Ue liking <d aay 

tliiujf i aUnlnntn i aoppnt. 
APPKl>IIATI\'E. (ip-prf'-tiflJT) *. Af- 

APPROPRIABLE, ((p^'-iaa-^-U) a. 

Capohlv of twinE lff*0|>nalMl. 
Tn .UTROrRIATE. ((p-r^f'-pn-aic} .. ■.. 

To conofD (0 aoma luo ; tn uVe ■> one'i 

own i to awLc ptcoliai. Id lav. To aliBn* 

ato > btwtire. 
APi'RnPKIATE. (u-pt^'-prflte) a. Pa- 

lulur; ts ; ailnptej 10. 
APl-KOPKIATl.LY. (|]i-(<TD.fin>.BU-I*) ad. 

APPKUPRIA'truVKSS. (tp-faf'-itfc-ftc- 

Dfit a. I. f iiatia. 
APPAOI■RI.\Tm^, ((p-ia^niit^'.obta> 

n. h AppliuMinn ia a partiniuir pUTjKMo; 

Ibo IhkiDg or arclinjf apan for ona'a own 

■a<s In law. A M^maj; of a benrGi'o rttlr- 

^aalicaJ lo tho aw of lOEno rtfll)£u»ui houv, 

ei dMD and diuMi. bUIioiiilci. or collcfc. 
APPROPRIATOR. (tp-pta.{it*^'-iui> h.i. 

Ob* powoHod uf m approjouisi boie- 

APPROVADLE, (lp-pi«'-T|'bl> a. Men!- 

tag npnrobsliaD. 
APPROVAL, (»ppn>e'-«ll) ■■ ■■ Appro- 
Tn APPROVE. <fp-p(VR<') *■ o- Tolika; 

w eipm* liking i uienx*^ loBBkamathy 

of nppiobalion. In law. To anproTK. 
APPROVER, up-pioo'-tjc) fc (. Rfiihal 

bpprinM -, h(> thai nakM tiial. In law, Ooo 

who bring i»ilicl<d. coafMoa* lbs fact aad 

accuHi hi> accoinptina. 
APPKUXI.MATE. |(i>-pt9l'>'r>>^<o) a- 

Noai lo. 
To APPHOXISMTE. (ip.|«vk*'-»""fl«o) 

r. a. A *■ 'J'o draw naar. 
APPnUXlMAI lU.V. <4p-prvk-af-in)'-abi|ii) 

«.«. Aputoacli to any tntar- tn maijit- 

madci, A ooDtinual a|iptoBcTi Dcarpt uill, 

and neaivr to tho root or quaailty lougbt, 

but net nporlvd lo b* found. 
APPL'Lsi:, (4p'<pu1hO n. h la aimnomjr, 

Tbs a|>pmoch of two lumiuariva. ono to 

APPURTOAKCE, (fppuc'-u-iipM} >.•. 

In law. An odJaMi i diat which apjitt- 

APPURTEN.VNT. (»p-pni-l»-tnni) J. In 

law. Joined lo. 
APRICOT, Cis'-inr-kflt) a. «. A liind of •«» 

APIUL, (t'-[ir>l> a. I, Tlio (oiinli mmth of 



r*». f;r, I|1I, ^1 j— mt, niti-f^ag, ffli—uf, mo.r. 


AntON. (f'-|inni> a, 1. A ifoth liung Iw 
Ikw, la kMp tlit oilwr ilrsH cl«n . ■ pic« 
if l«ad vbkli coran tlw louUi-liole of a 

IPROI^Hi. (t^prD'po') al. Oppoitunil;. 

mtDES, ^tp->>'4**} Ia. t. Id aHrgsocny. 

AKES, (« -Mb) ) T«n potiiu in the 

•rtiksofuieidiuu*! lb* fmtt^. et l»l 
Kum IT &a« ike ■lu and Ihv luili. 

APT, tf p<) *■ fit '■ itiriof B readgncy to ; 
■M^IanlMi nadj: nick i qnaUtd far, 

ApriTcnr.. i^p-U^ifd.) «.>. fiimh: 

toulcocy; diiufitioai 
JUTLV, (ipt-V) "rf- Prepwlj; ii^lj; 

portitwady ; mulirf i nrntdf. 
ArTNEsS, i|pr-ii»t> .. h niMWi mU- 
■UoiiM* ; 4u(MniiMi to Mj Mmf : i)iii>k- 
aeH or ipfinlitiuluo ; undniey 
' APTOTE, (fp-iftc) ibh U gnBimw, A 
Boon »iilinu( rairt, 
AQtiA. <i'-in> H. •. W*Wr. 
: AQl'A for™, (I'-ki^&i'-lU) ■.•.A 

I<anoUTe tt^atc nada ky ifliljllt poriW 
niirr will, nkinnl titiiiil. 
AUlA-llMA. lV-kw|^iM'-») ■. <. A 
■pvclri uf nirnriac, inilBUnf dnwiiifa 
nude •riih Iiiilun iu or tixrr. 
AQ_l'ARItlS.((-L-*-.rn.f^)a.r. 1-k«*b(«nifc 
■icU in tkc KiJlHcC 
Age VIRAL. (♦lwi«.to^>» ,. p«. 
AdlAllCK. (»k»fl'.;k) ( UlliiBic 

I to *Bler-. inliabiunt «v powlni la lbs 
vu«r ; (if a wanry naUir*. 
AQLKDUCr. (|'.|,^doLl) a. i; A ma- 
*F]riiow iD«dv f«« (UTjriog waier, Hlhn 
IInMr- 1 ,if nhow it. 

AQI i,«»-uj) a. WiUn. 

Ag( . , -. iV-kwf,**(.S - * 
IAfJlULINt. (t'-kwf-^M) «. lUMnbHuc 
Agl'iiSl.. («-kwow') •. WauiY. 
Ayi'lWITV, (».iw^*l«) n. .. Wauri- 
ARAUIlMjUR. ((r'-t-bnk) ». la mki- 
Intuni nud Mulpcorr, Id ■ (tjb ol otnii- 
noni (O callnl ftwa tjia An^iios uud 
Alow*, wbo irjrcird tbo laprcMuaiimi of 
ARAHICK. (v'-i-bik) a.>. Tlw tansiniEn 

of Ainlila. 
AKAUI.i:. (ti'-«-U} n.>. ru for lilbrt- 
AltAU[N01DIS.(t.i^W.df.) ..•. Id 
MMcimj'. Cton at Uw lunick* «f Ika ovr. 
•U(h r«*mbli>* • c«b««b ) a fiu tbia 
tnotpaMDl Bvailnaa, lylaf br««VDn tlio 
dun add pis DUn. 
ARA>rx>lS, («-V-Df~iu> *. ItMMibliBC 

a co^rb. 
AKI)A1.I»1\ (^AM.^0ty mt. 9*t Aacu- 

aiLllt. A ciOH-bow. 

ARDAUST^, (91-bf ^'it) a. i. A oob- 
AKittIi:R.( ..fc AJudgoiOBV 

amo iraa uu> ixraFT ta dNUion. 
AKBlTnABU:.(>l)*l. Drpmd. 
JlC«(cn Ibe *Ul; dMonlBabla. 

nfl^tabt, 1^, Ir^l,-— ^1)— ptfivdi— tUD, Tiiia. 


ARBrntAMENT, <i>-bii''iif-«^) a. h 

^^Bl. il iii»hiilii (holcn 
ARBITRARILY, tn'-br-nftp-b) ad. Dc*. 

junlinlly . ^tTTi-raiiij to cbr liiir. 
AltUI. -■^(^VOf-f*!*) *>lk 

!>' tjraiin; , FMiMb 

AUlUii,.,.w,iu-li{-<Tt-Tf)a. DcMMlcti 

aUotniir , itifndlat <• U ra>* i Mi»a M 

•riK ; volDMary. 
T^iARBITRAlt, (y-Wnv*) 1. a. To 

decide ; lo judn 4C 

n AR BlTftA TC. (BK-bt-uttt) ». a. To 
on ndnoM m* 

ARHITRAI'ION. (af-tv-til'-fhaa) a.1. In 

biv.lbdMpiwnalian e( a cauM by a judg* 

uiuliia% apMd oD bj lb* partia*. 
ARBITRAItiR. rK'«) n.h li* 

ttel baa the [nwir «f |iiT>cnbur looibim 

wUbffal liabt oc coalnal ; ihe lommBI- 

1a taw. A> iimwdiaaij judgr Wt**ni 

paity and pBiy. cbowD by Ueir mataal 

AKltlTKATRIX. •kk A foak nidsr. 
ARBimCJlKAT. (pblf-BfDtot) a. >. 

IVciiiia - oMnprmnuc 
AKbri H^:t». <|>iM) a. i. A Inula 

ARIIUKAKY, (ir'Vt-'?) ••- U«t(>ogiii( 

to a irtr, 
AKitO(I>:uUS.<)*-b9'-t«-i|>) «. BfAODfLBi 

lo urd , a urtn in bnnajr. lo dlatincnn 

■Btb (mtaat* or maim w gtvr oiiod 

AKIlUKFT. (■I'-b^lcl) •.•■ AMnafltiM 

or f hniU 
AR»UR»:M;FJJT.(v-b9.Tia'-«(Di>a. Otow- 

Isc IUm a ittc. 
ARIIORICAL, (fr-bfi'-T-btl) a. Rclatinit 

l« trara. 
ARUUHIS]'. (ir'-bf.*^) a. t. One *■.» 

makva trtH W* gtody. 
ARUOROUS, (|i'-b^^) a. BtlmipDtiD 

a lir«. 
ARBOUR, fu'-lmr) a.h A b{ntrr , a fJac? 

conrrd Kiib brandin of liMo. 
AKB1!SCL£. (ac'-b^al) a. t. Any Ullla 

A IK', (fik) a. ■■ An; jan of a cinr lio(-, 

a M(Binil of > (itclr i an nnb- 
AKCADK, (sfk(d«'} ■. >. A aalb ambrd 

UT4r ; a in>dil arch vitbia ■ Imildln^. 
ARC.Wl'U. (>ii'ka'-Dna> •■•. AHmt.' 
AKCit. (amb)"!!.'!. Part of a tltdn or 

vtipM. not morn ttian ibf half* 
To ARCH, (arlkh) r. a. To build anb** ; 

(o form iuw aa aicb. 
ARCH. <uub) a. Wantifc: abibbL 

ARCH, fa roiofOHiiaD. ^pnlln rkitf. a* oT 
tko Aral dam -, »t, ortMnd.aKAnk^, &e. 

ARCIiA.VOEL. (flk-fse'-Kl) a.!. Oiw of 
tb« bigltnt order <d anfjpu- 

AncllA.\GELK'K.|vk-«n-jfr-l^) a. Ba- 
Ipniring Id archanirla. 

AKClIBISIIOI'. (vu>>-t">>>'-<!}>) ■■ X A 
Utbop o( lilt 6t*t daa, wko aupcflBtrada 
(ha conduct ef otbiv Uibojit, Ua nm- 


ARCiniUllOPRICK. rimbUth'-t»4ih) 
•I. t. The nale of ui itTvUuiluin. 

ABCIIOEACUX. (vul..^--Lt.) ■. t. A 
MbMitoM lo> k bi^Dpu wbo hfet ■ lopois- 
tnulaDl ponr widm lii diMiici om mcb 
■•Mm M kioag M lb* apuoop*! fuse- 

ARCHnUCON'RY. (irufa-^'-ka-n> a. i. 
Ha aSos tif la mcUmcooi tha fkos of 

ARCItDP.AC0N8IHP. (nldi-df'-lai-diip) 

■■ (• Tliff tiffin of aa aKhdeacoD. 
ARl-llIHICAI.. 1. BclnogiDS w m tnh- 

ARCUUUCBESS, <siub-daldi'-M) ■. •. 

TViwiti liifii HI itfthtirnf >[i»irhiliiln 
ABCUUlKi:. «uuh-iiako') a.!. A Llla 

rirai la •oiiin wvnalcn faisoca, aa of 

Aanria ud Tiueuv. 
AnCHDlKEDOM, iifTib-Jifkc'-i|i|aD) n. t. 

Tlif Inrilorr of an aribdnLr. 

ARCHFIEMJ. (jtuli-frru!) a. I. TliediMf 

of iaiAt. 
AKCttA10I.OCY.(si'-ki-9r-^>ii.i. n* 

•oncv irliicli Unla al aatiqumaa ; a Ait- 

(uutH u aDtiqiii(T> 
ARCIIAIOLOUICK, (ti'-k)f;lvd'-^) a. 

BnlMina in a diuonne on anaqaii*. 
ARCHAISU, (9>'-M-i>m>> la. •. A> udrnt 

ARUIKD, (■I'-ti^d> jwrfco. BtMiatha 
furm of (u Bfcb. 

AltCIIKK. (■■ufa'-fr) "■ *■ HaOmalioou 

Willi A Ehrv, 

ARCilERV, (jr(ali'4r«) a.i. Til naa of 

Ike tow; the »M o(ihoBliB| WJIh tha bow ; 

th^ a/1 of an archef, 
ARCIIES-COUItr.<,^tjir^M9n) a.!. Tin. 

thill ouiiiiur) tlial boloag* tu tba veb- 

lailm of CaatBrbniy fen liic deli>n>>iBaiioa 

«f oeclailaalinlDalMn: » ulltJ rnmi jt 

JVarif Uc-Bm^ L p, iff arruMu. 
IRCIIETYrt:. {J/' kB-ijpf ) ■>. (. Tbc origi- 

otJ of vliirh oDjr nisnihlancc ii idkIf. 
AUrKrn^Vi>AI..(9t-kf^'-nl)*. Urieinat. 
AKCHIDIAt'ONAU ((F-MiVf^l) '• 

IWIooiiDB lo an onjiuacai. 
AltCKlEPISCOPAU(ar'4f -f K*'-iT-p«l) X- 

Bthoane to ao aicbtoahon, 
ARCHlEPl8C0PACY.(*^-fcM-K»- tp r- 

ao) «• & Tla atala of an anubuaop. 
ARi:fnTECT,((5'-kB-t£kO "-'■ A faorowut 

of Ike in if boiMiiu i a builder. 
ARCIIITKCTIVE. (ji-kj-ttk'-lw) ■- Per- 

fonniDE (lie vork af ardiitacMi*. 
ARaiinXTlRE. (|r'-U-l(k-l9i») ■. i. 

Tha art or admoa of biBldiag ; At albct 

of the aciaacr of bi^dbs. 
ARdUTXCTUHAI.. (ar-b-iaL'-tf-tV) "■ 

Rdftctu lo tnhliMtun-. 
ARCHITRAVE, (u^-lta-irfra) ■.«. That 

part of •DtaUiDuo, whidi Uu buDtdlaialy 

ARaUVES, («r'-kin) •.. m. TU pl.>« 

wk«f« ibe Ftcinda or andpnl wriuuta aie 
hiM -, aJio (fao wridop tbrmielTea. 
ARCULY, (ptdi'-la} a>L Jocoaaly, 

ARCHNES3,(uub'-w«>n.i. Shiwdnwij 


AHCHUN.(v-kva)nj. Tbothi«fiBa«W(nila 

anions 1^ AlbcniaiK. 
AHCTATION. ('-ditiD) a. t 

tint. A (ooiIi|ia>iiHi «f thg tolMMe*. 
ARCTICK. i*ik'.tili)n.i. Nortiirrei 

andoi Uio Atclut. oi bttx. 
ARCnCK-UKCLR. TIm cIrU al irbich 

ikc oMtbrra tttci'l aciM bepna 
ARCl'ATE. (lAf-tle) a. Daol Uko as 

ARCL'ATlOK.Car-fcf-i'-tfafB)*.!. Tlieact 

of binding icnrrit*, or nookadocaa. In 

fBimiat. Tb nwumd of niunz bjr lajrtia 

awA m«* aa cannot ba talanl Iraai aved. 

In bcodlni don lo iba (found Iba bnndua 

wWb mar fcna iba ttum, 
AHCUBALl$T.(a^-kvbfl-iM)>.fc A cnaa- 


ARCrilALtSTER, (p'Hni-HI-iMtf) n. k 

A mxa-bow vaa. 
ARDENCY, (aj'-dtn-aa) a. a Aidoor j 

(B|;*tiii>ui LnU 
ARl>ENT.(K'-doDl>a. Hol^lnrMnfilnTi 

firtn , Ttlunonl ; paaaJoeaw. 
ARDOCR. («/■•>?> ■■'- <lMli boM «r 

AKmotlS(«r'-di;-«*)a. Lofty i bnid la 

rliisb; ilifficuh. 
ARUl[<llJSM£&, (^■4f-gt~on') a. t. 

llaiKht : dlAcultj. 
ARK. (a>^ iV iLinl pnm plutal of (I* pTD- 

aeut louAe of ILe lorb 106*. 
AAHA, (f '' re-f > a. 1. The (nrfaCf contaiaed 

belwcFii any linn ; uj apan aurfwwi. 
AREFACl'li:iN'.(vif-^'-*buii)n.i. Ui«w- 

ing dnr 1 dr^g. 
Ttf ARLTY, ((t'-rr'ilf-* Todiy. 
ARKXA. (4-»'-n|)n.ii. TIid anpU^aaR* 

.1; rtmnc hat botnaa called, brcaiuaauwnl 

widiamia, MJuL Tho apace b* conlMantB 

iaa ibtaKTh 
ARf:NACl»U8.{(l-«-o«'-d)»-i)i) J 
ARKNOSK. <aM-B9a»') (' 

AHK^A110^J, (i-n-nt'-align) a. >. A aort 

(if drr liatb, wbrs'tlic paUool (it* witl) tua 

ff«C b^inn bat uad, 
AKKOPAdllK, ((■re9p'-q-jjti«>a.«. A •►■ 

OBlof 01 jud{[e in tba court of Aiaojagiu al 

AREOI-ACl'^ (Vt^'-t-e™") "■ •• T'"' 

bigbMC (ouil M Atbooai 
ARKOTK'K,<vrofll'-ik) a. 

OpPDiD|C th« pOIMi 

AKGRKr. (ir-jtm) a. NaJa of nlnr; 
brifbt Uko tilTrf. In hw»ldij. It dmiilfa 
ibe «blta In (be cosia oi all ui>J«t iLp tank 
of noUUiy i (lie white culoiu u*od la Tba 
coau of {Fnilameo, knigbU, and karODru. 

ARGKMAT10N.iv-ji:o-t%"-ah!Ui)n... An 
ofirrlaying *iih ^Lver. 

AnGK^Tfi^■^■, (»r"-Jsn-tino) a. Soasding 
lilLf cJm : upHuiuf 1^ wlvor. 

ARIjIL, >3i-sf)"->- Pettrt'e clay. 

AKOU.LACEOUS, (}r-jil-l%'-ir 

k. Sandy. 

Efficaciont in 

Ftu, (jf. V. ^ t— ■(, ■ei ;— fiin p« i— 119. «p» 

isy. (fi'-tr*f > n. «. Fro" Arg^ tu 

r* utoL'e, (t^to) <>■>■• To tMMB) to 

ft AkOUE. (u'-nl ■• »• To pron- my 
(kJB* bv ufumil ; lo dtbkte ; lo prato. 

IKCt t* I'Ci) ibi- A rraunet, 

Llt(>i I'^-nigBi) <i , t. A num 

dkr,^ .: . .<jLi|tcl oT any JluxiurHi Uie 

cODin>i> oi kt)]' vurk . B raatmtmjr. tn 
■MKiiioiny. Aa ftrcli bj- •rtith sa krck nn- 
MWt Hiikiiiiva ucli.pnipamaiiillellwGnU 

iltGUME.VTAt.,(ii-cv-nr>'->^J<>- Rm- 

AtlOCSiKNTATlON. ((t-fu-niso-a'-tliyi) 

AItt)i;illL\rATlVE. (p-ijq-niEO--n-tiO <- 

(Coa*uUB( of uf uiuiat i ditauuUoiu. 
RIA, (V'<f't)"-'' Innontk, Aakli, Hag. 
or war. 
RIAN. rt'-rB-tn>ii. t. On* of th> Npl of 
Ariiu. olio ucDirJ ili« 6tkj of CtifiM. 
HIAMS.U. («'-if-«u-jiai>H.i. TLvlMtetjr 
e( Aniu. 
aUID. («r'-nd>d. Drj; puchtd up. 

AR^DIti■,^rri*■'^t■)■•■•■ o»jmm. 

A(UI1>. (V-if^) "■•■ TLorui; ono oftlw 

i«i'1tc itGat of lt« ■altic. 
ARIKTATION. (|-if^-iV-*V'ui) mi. Tbr 
K« of baltiM| luio B nm ; hMlnlD| wilb 
aa M^D* cuM > Twu. 
AKIinTA, ((|-re-«i'-lt) n. i. to niukk, A 
■liorl air, hoe. or luni*. 
^ AKKillT. d-tTu'')*'- RitbU;. 
■ Altll)^). (f-n^o'-w) H. I. Id niukk. Tb« 
^P aaximant o^a ccmm«n air- 
r 7b AKISK. (i-r)u') >. n. To nounl upward ; 
I lo |;Ft up . to Nme islo tinr ; lo imTO 

I ffnm Jcaiki lo procMj frvuk. 

ARISTAUCUY.(v'.<*>n.i. Alody 

I AKlsrUCIUCV. (V!>'9'^'-'"1-«J^ ■- •■ 

'I lut fom of gOTfmmrvt «hirli plan* tti» 

viinRmr powiT in rbo nobivt. 

[ABIM'^CRAT. (v'-if-lf-crtt) a. i. Os« 

»lr ■ rr fiiTtnn ariwoemtr. 

AHI- . ■ . . )(;AU w AIU9T0CRAT- 

|i:, ,„, . . .., .r^i'-tn-lifl, f[.r>»-t;-Lrtt'-^) 

t. ttrUlmi It uiitocrvy. 
ARISTOCRATIC ALLY. ( ^.I}^t9-tI^l'■•^ 

ktl4*) rd. In Ml nriiiocraUci] nunar. 
ARlSTOCHATlCALN hSS. (v'i'-'^L'V'- 

O-tal-nrs) n. >. An iiii>l<«r].lic«l *Ule. 
ARlSIUfKLlAN, (4i-r>i-iu-u'-t»^} a. 

FouiiiltJ ou ili« ouliuuu of ArUiodr. 
AltlSlOTKUAN. (jt-ija-t? »'-l»-i«) a. b 

A fotliiwd r< AruloUr. 
AIUIHMANCY, (j-ijU'.tE^n w) a. •. A 

fnrttHac futnrc ctmi bv u^aittt. 
AKlTllltlETlCAL. (tT->ll>-m{('-W'i^) a. 

Attonlin; to imlinittiiC 

flif- Id U ahtftUiVUcal maAnvr. 

ARI ^^^H! A.RM 

31». (it-jil'-lfi) a. C4mdiaatU AIUnillRnClAN,(«>|fa'-«D)ii.« 

A BoalPi of il* Ml of biodIim*- 

AHlTUMFnCK, (i^'-w^iik)*.!. Tk* 

AHK. (|>k>a.fc A*«*bI Inawtm Bptntka 
vMic. anally «n*ieil U dM in vUcb 
Neah *w loMnTM i tba npMaiocy of ib« 
cMcnut of Uod itiik U« Jean i ■ rhiiM. 
raOn^r laoD. 

ARU3.(uU)a.i. F.atMlt-B«M7 (iiM M 
Mirauu »hcs Und. 

An?J. (»n» a.^ TtMU^vydi nochM 
Imb Uw hood to iLe akialdcr ; i^ tm of 
a Ufc 1 aa inlH nl vairt (ran Ua •<•. 

To ARM. (im) n.a. To (nniHli ailh 
«f drfaoio. m ■rtOk any l^inf tfaal naj 

Tt ARM, [((in) D.a. Totakonno*. 
AIUIAUA. ()r-nf'-d4^ t-t. Aa 

(a M« i a iml of war. 
ARMAUU.1AI. (itBi«-d^.|«>>.i. Afcw 

footed aoinal ol llniO. »• U| H a Ml. 

witb a raool lika a boc. a nil liLa a llaai^ 

and bM iiU a W<l|» tto;;. ■naol all onr 

wjii bard xalta bl« waoai. whtti ha 

talu* bU namr. 
AILMAMnST, (u'-tt|-io*ai} n.1. A fMea 

(1 J 1 11 ,.(«■.! for n-aj. 
AltMt-U. o. lu bcnldij. A tarn wtd U 

KipKt of WmU 1*1 bird*, «li<a tbcit 

Urth, bona. &c. at* «/ a difcnM tolovr 

fmin tt>c mt. 
AK.MK\TAL,<u-a>n'-nl) >■■ Bcfcdu- 
AltM).NTl\r. (B'-Bip-lHw)i iaf M a 

ilrorr oc b(^ ofcaUla. 
ARMKM'(>5K.()fi-mi»tfM')a. Abowkdint 

villi OtlltL 

AitMFUU (grni'-fvl) n. i. Aa iniKii a* itia 

anil* fia aqfoU. 
Alt:MKiKKUi;S.(vniJ'-J«r-r9*)a. Btw- 

iit- uius. 
ARM1LL\RY, (ji'-miJ-lvn) •• 



Ub who 

AKMlLLArED, (v'-otl-lt-ttd) 0. 

brae I PH. 
ARMINIAN', (ir^Bin'-yta) a. •■ 

•ojppoiu 111* loBvlB of Aimiiitiit. 
ARMINIAN, (fi-tUB'-)(D) a. RflatnisU 

iKt tccl <i( AnniniiH. 
ARMIMAMSM. (ar-ni^'-yiB-ini) a. >. 

Tha dodhn* of AiiniaJua, «ba niaiataiufd 

cnlaiB lofU iiayoctlBg fne-«ilt, iba 

atonnnpDl, &r. 
ARAIIl'O'li'INCf:, (gr-oiij.'-f^ffnc) n. i. 

Povvr B war. 
AR.Mm]1TlNT,<|c-iDip'-9-tfBt)a. ro***- 

ful In arnii. 
AltMlK'liCK,(ai'-aie-si>i)B.t. A*bafttncb 
AltMLLT, luni'-lsO'n. i. ALiiUvaini-, u. 

an urnl/t <A ihe wa ~. a pifrr of anuont toi 

Ike axiD -. a biatdei foi <)» >nn. 
AR)iuRlAL.(|t-mq-i^4lM' U^I□D|[in(or 

ivlaiiiig to brnldic bt«nn(B ; bvUmnlDi U 

AK^dOKY, (V-mjT-t) tt Tbe rllM in 

trTiicb ajnif atr irpouud ioi um; anaoVf 

ntipu amiunal- 
ARllOUK, (ar'-mai) n. i, Vttcoan i 

Dgl;— tobr, tnt, bfll;— fjli— pf^i— (Aiilj lui*. 




Uc IhX rarriM ills wuiuut o( uullitt. 
AKMDl'KKK. (§i'-inur-<r) n. i. II* iku 

■nsUa ■rmool ; be (Jnl iIhwim uollio in 


ARMOUiUSrr. (gr'mnT-iM) •.>. A panon 

•IdOcd In bNxUjT. 
ARMPIT, (ann'foi) •■. i. Tbo hollow (>be« 

dodfi lb* (hDiiUft. 
ARMS, (iinii) n. (. Wcapoiu of oAinoc <n 

dvtrncr. In lirnldiy, 'lie *Mi|[0* MIDO- 

fill of B fiuuilj. 
ARMY. (>r' iDfi) n. I. A cdkclion of annril 


AHOAU, (f-t^'-nt) "■ •■ The udunnt pnii- 

Ai ' ,ll..(4r-9-nm'-*-l»l) )«.8iiwj: 

Ai . > hi. i«r-o-ni4i'-tl.) f frftgnnl. 

AKOUAII/AIIUN', (ti-9^t.7-i4'-(bBD) 

n. I. The mtuclian vi atoaiaar\ ijikh *iUi 

n AltOHATlZE. (it-rf'-mt-ttu) r. ■. To 

MMI *itli tincM -, r« Manl. 
ABOSE, (viit«a') Ths imttilH «r Ibo Tub 

AROt'Nn. (t-rvmJ') W. Id n rirclr : od 

AROl;M>, (|-fffnd') ;>r(p, Ab«uti cnrir- 

n> AROUSE, (t-Tff ib'> *. o. To »*Im fran 

AROYNT. d-t^iul') at. B» gaee ; ■wav. 

ARPFU<jlO, (gr-pjd'-Jf-f)*.!. UmuHck, 
111* duciBEi (Dund HI iiM uolMuf m> lu- 
tlninwaul cbonl. Moampwiyint iha toIu- 

ARQlKBUSAm:. [U'k**-bv"tde'>'>-'- A 
diMillud «at«i. apfiliril M n brauo or 


ARQt'lU]tJ:iE, (■i'Ji««-bg)) -.K A bud 


ARgiiEUl^'^ltllt. (iMiw^bv»W>n.i. A 

■oldlii anDol Kvth aa irqncbiuc. 
ARR. (nij n. I. A matK made by a dcali- 

vovnil ^ a L^cAlnrr. 
ARRACK, or AKACK. f(r.i,l') n.i. A 

■jiiril pmcorrd bjr tlliUIUlion from (ho 

cor«n ln>r, ilea. Ilc 
To ARRAIliN, (frran*') r. a. To Mt a 

ihing in Dnl<rr, or In tl* |i]ar* ; (« •«■ fottb 

■qJ nciukr bill' in a couit orjiutic*. , 
ARRAiliNM>-:\T.<4r-i^o''iiiC0l>K£ Tlic 

act of amigniai;. 
ARRAIMl':NT,(|r->;'U£at)tbi. CiMhiac; 

Ta AHKAMit', (v-ifii)*') r.a. To pM io 

tUf i>fiiTi*f orJcf. 
AUUANGKMI.NT. (4r-tfnj»'-si{iit] i>. •. 

Onlrr . i)ie aft ol |>uiiia| In onbr. 
ARRANT. I a>''r«nl)>. Bod In a bi||b d<xm'. 
ARRAS.t^/.rii) >i.i. I^imuy . *o called 

(toiD tbo Eilacr o(iu maaufxtoiF, -Vtru, a 

town in Afloi*. 
ARRAY, Cv"*') "■•• tWer, clioSy of 

mu : dnw. lo law. 1'be rank or witinH 

tnnh of a jurf oi ioijuriL 
Te AHRAY , (I'-ra') e. a. ti pal in orda : 




ARRCAR, (y-ntO ■.■■ Tbal wLLh 

Diaiii:* uoimid . die nu. 
ADKEAR.Xoi;. (it-Mo'-f^) «.!. Tbe n 

munilpr of an aDCamt, 
ARRKARANCF,, (^i^-yat) H, >. n. 

T* AItR>X.T, (tc-rtki'J r. a. To ibm oi Iifi 

ARRECT. (ar-nbO ■■ Ei*ned : nonthi 
ARH£.\1'ATII>\, <|t-itn-l>'-*hnn) n. i. . 

U*r, Tie HcoDcinc aa oner of land* in 

lonM. lo JDoJoie Urm ladx a yfwly tee 

ed »i%j : crcpi io prinly. 
ARREST, («r-rs>i'} n.b A iriop oi aU; : 

■MitrhMifion uadn Irenl procMa. 
I« AHHllST. (v-itO >• a. lo OMW uiiilrt 

Jf^pd procMp; <« voUv, stay, or obairu^t, 

ARRKI. Iv-isO "■'• A ilocNo. 
ARRF:ritl>,(«t-ril'-l«d}«. Uuo couvoned 

b<<fon! n ind^ 
ARRIVAL. (tt-4i'-t^) Ik ■> CoKing in any 

Tt ARRtVK, ()rr)M'> ». n. To tomr la 

ag^ plot;* ; to rraob anj ptint ; lo pni aay 

Iblni . lu iin)i)ini. 
Tt ARRODL. lv-n>de'> (.a. To [iin« n 

ARHOCAXCE, (^I'T^tV™) ) *■ *■ '^■- 
ARROUAXCV. <|i''i\-t;ta-if) i nmirtioQ 

of Uw mucti iniponniice ; hauglily nlf-Mf- 

liciinK-y ; infOlpDCr of hcahug. 
ARRU(j.i%T, (^'■if-git>tj •. Haughty: 

ARROCiANTLY, (|i'.ia-pnt-le) ad. In 

au iiFtoKHiil mtnoar. 
7'iiAKROGA1K,(ti'-rota<e)B «. Todaloi 

■aiuly ; to auunia to aiw'a *M. 
ARhU(;A'IIUN. (Bi-ro-n'-abua) a.& A 

rliunuflic in a Janid uojiut inaiuier. 
ARRUOATIVE (Ki'-rvn-lj*)"- Claiming 

in UQ uniuil mnniicr. 
ARRO^ION, ',ft-if'-ibun^ n, i. A gnaving. 
ARROW. <v''-'4) "■ ■■ Tbn poinMiTirfapija 

vbicli ii abot from a boir. 
ARROWY, (jt'-iv-t) «- (.'onaialing ol at- 

tain, formtil Ukcoi hating Ibc apotd «f 

an ■mm'. 
ARSKNAL, (|r'-M4^) a.*. A isai^ulneot 

mUitan *lon*. 
ARSK>\ICAi,(|t-«^'>rl(l)a. CoDUudng 

ABSCNU'K. (i)i'-aon';U n. i. A laianal 

Nbuaacv, irbick >a a rialml (nmiH*( ptt- 

ARSOX, (^'-fiin) n. t. The crion ef boo**' 

ART, (sn) a. I. Thapowarof doia| aomr- 

tbine nol lauKht by oatim ; a aiinxo, at 

tbp lilirrat alt* ; a I»do ; aittuluaa* ; aUII | 

iloilrrilv ; ciinaiBi;. 
AKrKRlAL.(u.H^ri-tl}a. Tbat nthlch >P- 

btn 10 the artery. 
AHTERIOIOMV, (n(-tO'io-oi'.IO'ii.f> ". ■. 

Tbfl optnlioa of IftUig blood (nun ilir 

AltTERY', (^r'-tqt-*) a, i. A conical >:taol. 


T\V, far, E^, Ifli— D^.S'l;— pjno, pini— af^ vore. 


«ST*jjni: tin bla*d bom ilM Wsn w >)■ 
■wt* «f ik* body. 

artificial ; cuaunit. 
UTFULLY, (aiMul-h) mi. WM> an; 

iKTTinLNESS. («n'-fvl-<%*> •>■<• SUU; 

iRTIIKlTlCK.()>-itoil'-ik) )a.Goi»ji 
iRTIIIli'nCAU(I^■lbirf^.)t nUtng 


ARnmmS. (u.i*n.ti») ■. ■. Ttu-innl. 
ARTlCilnKK. (fr-t^.ul.(A»)n. I. A plant 

fa til I lika tk* COM «f ths (ling trw. 

ARllCK.B. SnAnnict. 

AltT1CLi:.<u'-<B.U)ii.i. Aputar>{i»c«)ii 
A atBcIa elite of an Bceoonl i ttm* ; Mi- 

r* AHTICLE. (fr'-lf-U) r. ■■ To wiiiiiUlr. 
■i lb ARTICLE, ^iji'-lK-kl) n a. To draw uji 
^v fir band br arti'IcB of ng^mmrni- 
HtRTtCVLAK. (u-l>V -V-lf J ••• U*loocla( 
^H^-ta dujMMi. 

^KRTICOLATE. (|Milt'-v-]4i*> ■• OiMMcti 
^B br«acbed out iolo aidclM. In HaMnj. 

^Pg ARIICl'LATK. (tr-<lL'.u.|>Io)-f.., T« 

formwoida) lo(p««k; lotlmrupiaarlidn; 

U mil* Wnni ; t» ti«al -. ta joint. 
r* ARnCULATF:,(ir.iik'-9'lt<«) ».ii. To 

«ti«*k dutmctlr. 

la bolan;. Joinud. ai ■ tilaox. 
ABTICLLATELY, 0..ti>:'.^l|to.le) ad In 

sn anicvlaM *«K«i. 
ARTICULAllOK, (fi-tik-^lf'-ilmi) a. <l 

[a p»nmar, Tha aninUiuB oi diMincI oiler- 

ancpofnuh ty liable ot imuid. iBaoUomy, 

Tb'junctnnaijoinlofbaoea. la botuiy. llie 

Hiinu III knot* u •nmrplaBt*. aathtcsnc. 
AltllFICK. (.r'.i..f..J..fc Tfkk; ftaad . 

an ; mjff. 
ARTIFICIIR. (fr-ttl'-f>-«ei)».i. AnMuti 

n mamifsctKm ; a foraef : ■ «iiiul<VT. 
ABTltlCIAI,. («-li^(ah-il) •. Made by 

sn. odi osturai ; ficliuau*. aM |;muiiie ; 

artful. coDtriird viita itiU. 

AR'ni'ic-iAurv. (u-it-t.ihtV-rt*)"-'- 

Apfieanniv ot±it. 
ARTIFICIALLY. (.r-w.(«V.(iJ-Io) ed. II, 

an ; anfull)'. with ikAl, oiUi good coaln- 

Ttaee ; bv »n, noi Danntly. 
ARTILLERY. i4M>l'-tir-t»)H.b Wtapmu 

of nr ; cannon ; ordaaoM ; the adeBot of 

AftTI!iA>, <^-if-i4n') «- f. Attitt ; manu- 

ARTIST. (|>f-i«t) a. «. Tlie prefttMs of m 

an 1 a «kilful tan. 
ARTLESS. fuf-Iaa) a. UmUIU; ti^iI of 

fraod; ilDiiila. 
ARTLESSLY, rni'-ka-la) ail. lam anttw 

■nonnn ; naltitally : laacrithf, 
ARTI.E:>SNL^. n, k VTuiotan; aini- 


ARlIhlUXACEODS, (t.qM»>it'->b>>a) *- 
Of or Kbe reed*. 


ARi;NDlNEOlt.<!. ((r-ini-4<n'-f-v) a. 
AboniMliDa « illi niJa. 

ARl'SrEX.(t-rvC-Mk*) > a. •. A loolh- 

ARtSPlCK, U-nuV» i •■¥». 

ARltSPICV.ff-n>'-pi*«>a.t. Tbcactof 
ptupoMkallag Iiy ln>p«ttta| Ik* if i alli of 
the McntM- 

AS, <(•) (Hl^arl. la ibt MM* MMMt wltb 
iMTlb"n p)h i in ibe in ■ naif (hai ; lkat> 
in a ratia(i)aralBJ •rnai ; fn *iaatpl« ; 
111* ; io tba tane de^n* *itk ; a* it; ac- 
renlnif 10 vbal ; *• M wtre, nhiUi br- 
nuue ; niually i bow , in «hai manoir; 
»ilk ; anrawtiac to tJir oc ohk : Aaawai>> 
iof 10 mih : haTin^ (r tn aniwa it -. tm- 
mi nrn f 10 B condiiMoaRy ^ b a mdw o( 
MmfariMn (olloaed by u; B> ton. with 
rv*p«c( in. u ir, te (be mnaaw llial it 
would be U. ai IO, witb tnptct to; M 
viLt 4a. etnially with : ai inotva. u if- 

ASAFOETIDA. »(»»-t»-(»l'*J4) *>■ A 
AS.'^AFOl^nUA. ( guai l>i«U|ibi fnim ihn 

Ka*l lodiM, o' a abarp taur, anA a unag 

PlhofiTe audi. 
ASBBSnat. (a»bc*'-tfo«) a. Somcthng 

ASBESTOS, (ta-bf^'-tv) ■.*. A am of on- 

li*a feirfle Mone. >hti:h may ba tplit into 

(hreada and tlanaola, wbwb b •adood 

irilb ih( propnty irf KiwlaiBg sneoaMBad 

m ibr Grf- 
ASCARID». (tt-i-V'-^vi >■ k UUl« 

WOTHU b the nvtsm. 
Tu ASCRN'D, (ta-«|Dd^ *. a. To iw : t» 

mofo apvafdf^ In piofeed frma one d^ 

peejfjmod w ntodici. 
Ta ASCEND, (aa-nnd') t. *. To climb up. 
ASCENDABLEi(U'«9t<r-t^)a. CapaW 

of bene amoded. 
ASCENDANT, <t>-K<>'-^tiiC)n.i. Inaaifo- 

logy, Tbai dapFp of ibe »rK(i(ii; ■hich riwa 

at a piTKiai onljniy, md U anpixwd 10 

bare an isflaalc* on bu fulan llfp. la taw. 

Such pdationB a* hat* ftms bcAiia mLoaad 

upward* ;• >npnioot]> ; tb* pmon bavitii 

A.SCP.M)AKT.(B*-«ea'-dvt)<i. Supmonrt 
pirdominaiit -. abor* ihs hiMicoti. 

Alk'KMIKXrV. (fi-Ma'-dnite) h.l In- 
Bupnre ; imnm. 

ASCENSION. (t*-Ma'-iliun) n- >. Tlur act 
of aKiadtag ; (tsneially applied ui iba 
rltibla •iBTatioD of uni Wvna 10 be«*n ; 
ttie tbiitic riainc, ot mouncln*. 

ASCENSION DAY. (u-wa^rii^-dt') n-i. 
The da* on wblch tM AaCMMun of out 
Saiioui u mmmeniofatrf, Mnmoaly called 
Itolj Thundny. 

ASCOi^lYE, (f»-»f;ii'-*jip) a, or as a*nnd- 

iar aatuia i n % itai* of uccnc. 
ASCEtfT, (|a-«eoO "■ •• ^^^ : Iba nv bv 

whicb one umndai an nniiinin. ot ni^ 

Ta .ASCERTAIN, (tMcr-laae) t^ a. To 

malHi cmaio -, i» mtabluti ; to mako oon£- 

ASCERTAINA»L»:. (ti-igr-uaa-vbl) ■• 

T>ial wbicb may bo aacoiUAida. 

sft ;— 19W, inb, bfll r— gjl t—yvptA 1— <Mp. ml*. 



ASCRRTAimiENT. («*-«M>t|u'-afat) mm 

AiMtlMlnil*! ftttuiilad 

ASCrnCIM. (M4!C-^<jm} >. A Tb 

ASCETICK, i9-&t^A) a. Bniilajhl wLdII; 

hi 4*TMiaa uJ laiMtlAtMlgn. 

ASCmCK. (tMM'ih)-.l. lIPtLutKUIH 

M dnodmi 1 « bEtBlu 
ASCII. (•''«l»^) '.K PiiMe pMTJa wbo. 

■t fOMii Unui of At yr*r. imp »a 

»li»lii» at Mm-, totli an ili« iiibabitisu 

of ihf lonid tmr, 
ASCITES, (y-»'-tM) ■, >. A iln>i<*j' orUiv 

lawn b>irv tDii drpmdint |ai1>. 
AKflTICAL. (i...!i>MI) i fw„.i„, 

AS<:mrK.(«W^kT !"■ '"*'*«»'■ 
A8CHIII\BI.t:. <|i-a)f-bcbl) a. TU* 

«tkb niav bn fttcribrd. 
AASCIUlilv. (^■tittv') t.a. To utintnibi 

ts •• o (now -, tu niuihutc M t inUi v. 
ISCHIPl'ION, (|*.kfip'-«bHa) ••. •. Tlio 

•d of kHtibing. 
A»ll.<t>IO n.1. A nv« 1 iticnrooil or i^ Mh. 
A6JUME1>, (('•bf'.tDEil)*, Toucbadwith 

ASHES, Cfili'-vi) n. b Tbi mDAlMof wj 

tlilor taml ; iIib mnaintof ibo itnAy. 
ASf lOUK. ((-ihora') <rf. Oo ibotv ; 

ASinVKDNRSDAY. (tib-«fti^-J|) «. i. 

Tbr flrit ^; ef IxdU to callrd fram tho 

■Kicni coMom of tiuiokliuu tabu on tbo 

ASHY, (quir-;) a. Aih-<ol(rait<l ) tunnl 

inw »hr«, 
A8IA1ICK, (a^»y-il» n. ItnpecUe^ 

ASIATICK, (v«Ii»-tt'-lik; n. k A onlto 

of Alia. 
ASIDE. (t-M»"i «i. T« OB* rid*: to 

saoititt rut i avajr fracD iW conipaDt- 
ASINAR^, (f>'-«r-D(-n) a. Bolonpn^ to 

■n iM. 
ASININE, (t^-*»-t4nO <i. Rurmbllnc oi 

b«tm^nsln an ■■*• 
nA8K.(^)i>a. TopMitiaa; u donnidi 

W nnoMian ; to nquire: lo Kquin. 
T«ASK. (t>k) ■• <L Topttidan; tomabi 

ASKAN'CF:. l(ankwiK') W. Sidcvan: 
ASKAllNCK, ( obKowIy- 
A8KAUKT. (|->ka<»') uf. OUiqMlj. 
AaKBR. (vir-tftj ■. >. IVanoDst; fo- 

VH, d-fkif') ai. Aode ; nitb <an- 
ttmpi or *n*7 ; ebRgncfr. 

Alit-KF.P. t(.(l^|i'> iirf. SlMiiing si ml 1 

n^uralTTfllY tot ilvnA, 
A!1I.|HM :. ' .|i. '1 «r. Wilh 4«rlmlj. 
AM>M ' -ul-ta^A^) a. Incorpo- 

fval . I )-oilf. 

A^C. (fip; In. I. A kiuil <it pOQino- 

AltPirK. ff/pM t «"• MFj^nt. 
A$PAnAC1^,'(l>'rv'-4-CD>) •■. I. A planL 
ASI'KCT, (v'-lt'O ■■■ >> ' I^ok; ctiiintD' 

anoM ; tWw ; 'fiimiou ; rdatloa i ilkpo- 

■itira of a [ilanM to oUkt pJoaeu. 

A.SPP.CnOX. (|^[>tk'.*t>uD) a. BtlmlJ 

iuj"; vipv. 
ABP>:N. (ti'-(i*n> ^.1. A »[j«iM of poplar, 

lbs luim of which alvai* Inqiibl*. 
ASrF.\, ((I'-pui) a. IMon^Dj; lo tbe aip 

Urr ; moil* oT a>ptn wood ; f aatmbbog an 

a*p0n ttr*. 
ASri:it, !(>' pf) ■■ •• A amdl Torkiab 

(oio (■[ IcH Tsliu tbua DM poutj, 
n>ASPEItATX. (fi^-pirfta) h a. To 

ASPfTRAIlON, (ta-ptct'-ihqn) a. i. A 

mriLmj; mn^b- 
AsfJ.RlTV, (vft''-?-(f) •>■'• I'Mvan- 

una i roufliiirH of Mood ; nni{liiiaa ct 

Iniiprr ; thnrinLpB. 
ASrKRN'ATKIN, (t*-p«i'na'-i>liua> a. i, 

Kcflcicl; diM^tard. 
ASPKROtS, (a>'-pti.>u> a. lliiU|b. 
Tv ASVERSa (t»-F;na') uo. To rllify i 

■liindrr ; to utvpatlct lAlh cmtutr or 

caluTuDv . la •pnQkl*. 
ASl>ERsIoK,(i>.)H:r'-ibqn) N.fc A*priak- 

liJLf ; cnJi^niDT. 
ASI'lrALl'lCK. <f».|^|--tik) a. Gominj ; 

ASni.ALIUS. (ti-r4l'.iiu) n, I. Ahilnnii> 

aoui loluiancc trwiublini iqlch, ihiiAy 

found twiiuuiijii; on ibc tjtcui AtfihatiMmt or 

D«ad Sea. whcrt anrirn<ty ilnoJ Uic (Itita 

of i^odom oTjd (jqnKimb. 
ASPIIALTliM. (4*'-^-iqiii> n, ■. AUtD' 

nuiioaa ttoae found d«u tba ascicni liabj- 

ASPHODEL. {ai'.fi^d£l) ■.•. Tht JHyAHj. 
ASriCK. («<'-|<>k) ■->. Tb«aaBipofaair< 

prni ; iha naJiio of a pitca of orduuicr, 

vlilib !■ tftld lu cany a t«olv*-p<nmd ibot, 
ASPIItAN I'. ()t'-F«-T|al.ari)*-i^ra'.aii(}a,i, 

A rauJi-lnlf ; an a>|iinir. 
ToASI'ltlATi:, U>'-(*-nw) v.a. Topto- 

ntiunof vttli fuH bmtb- 
ASI'irt V'I'K. <,u'.[«-ifle) 0. PlDnoOEcnl 

*7tb full bnatb. 
Aftl'inATtXttai^f^) "''■ TbcBiariiio 

draoir an aamnued praninKutioa 
ASPIRATIOK, <^iifT)'-ab)ui) a. 1. A 

btcaihinH aFtrr ; ao Ardrol <■ i*b ; ilin an sf 

Atpirinif i ihf pronuDciadoa of aTO»«l vtth 

full limlh. 
Ta ASPIRE. (ft-|a(«} r. n. To panl altsr 

•ntnFihing bg^n ; to deaira mlh (Bpr- 

a*(a -, lo riio ; lo low*r. 
ASPIRKMKNT. (ta-pK-BfM) "•*■ Tlw 

acl of n*|iirin](. 
ASPIKF.R, (u-pin'-tr) a.t. Ooitbatim- 

hitioiitli *inH» (o ba nratn. 
Asi>OKTAriUN,(^.r9r-l4'-lhtiii) n. t A 

cam^nt: away, 
A.S(Jt:'lNT. {fHikariDl') at. Oliliqucljr ; not 

wiJt rtifard ux duo ooiicp. 
A!^. i^t*) »■ I, An aaimaJ of bufdco; a 

alupiil. hrsty, dtitl fnllaw. 

Tt A^All.. [f -rfit') •.■. To auKt in • 

biHtilfi mahim r lo faL] upon ; lo aUari 
wilJi aiyuiDinl, 
ASSAILABIj;. <tl-(f''l4-bl) a. ThM which, 
ui«] bo sicacliad. 


Faiv.far, ^\^, f|i;— dm, nBt.— pJDO, noi— of, mfn. 

ASS q^^^^^ ASS 

<|»^'-I|DI) ■. I. H« ilM ASSERTORY, ((•'-•ir-ty^) • 

USAII3tENT.(|i.«l.--i>!Bt>».b Aiuek. 

UMSSJN. (t^^-^n)"-*- AnnKlnn; 

^» tbM kilU ttf ihmUij. at auUu fio- 

ASSASSINATE. ft«4v'-».daia) t. ■- 

8SASS1KAT10N. lt>-i4»^-nf'-*hfB) ibl. 
The act <f uKunnatac. 
USA891NATan.(t»-*t«'->f-D4-tgi) ■.*. A 

iiaASaiN0VS,(tM|*'-«f-D9*)a. Mankr- 

ASSAUt.T. (|i-44li'> n. I. AUKk : toma, 
appawi to tpta lUfi i koitUs (wtvan ; 
iDvuloo. Isliw, lafajaflcndtftaaaa'a 

iASSACLT.((a-^10«^*- ToatBck; U 
Ul apon vHb Tiolnco. 
ASSAIJLTAHU;. («a->«lir-|-U) a. CbfabU 

of boac uiiiultuJ. 
ASSAULTER. («* tflftr) a. a Oatwka 

Tiolealiy »— nlu .-iDotlipr. 
ASSAY, (t»4q') ■■•. A (rialaralMniptat 
•nf tiriag. la bir, A meAt at trpof 
Duals, or atparatiac thm fron att fanjfa 
tiodi«4 nilinml n ibm > A«wot««ighta 
md mraaumt, h lbs •iiBumlion o( iMm 
In lb* pnnvi aScnik 
r» ASSAY. <it^'> r. 0. T« ndom lU 
I p»cieu» mMaU to (bait puBMt Mau^ 

To ASSAY. (|>^'> v.a. To 117; w m- 

ASSAY Ut,(ff.^'-^) 1.1. AnolScaTOftli* 

Mint, for lia (li» u4>l of idlNt. 
I ASSKClUnnN, i|>-M-lLD'ibuo; ili. Ac- 
ASeUBUGT:. (fi-wn'-Utia) a. 1. A 

»Mlloc(ion ot iodiniluai* ; iLa itMa of bdag 
ASSEMBI.ANCE.<t<-*Cm'-btvi«)ii.i. Ap- 
pfaranco: nnulldida i autnblioe. 
n MXVM^iy^ (|«-*cai'<bl) «. a. To biiac 
raASSOrDLE.(ta->cw'-hl) •.«. T»nw«t 

ASttEaiBLY,()a4tn>'-bIf>-.f. Atomjay 

mt\ icttatbfr i an aMcnNava. 
ASSEKT. da-iffol') a. i. Tbe act ot ifim- 

M M nj fion% -, caoant. 
n AS&ENT. («•-•««') r. a. Ta moeda, at 

Afl ^TAT lOK. («a-.|ii't«'-«bqB) a. b 

ASBENniEM', (|»-«rur-B(Di> «.*. Coa* 


TbASSEBT, (f»-«fn') i^a. To oiaMluni 

Id aftttB ; lo dabs. 
JUUERTION, <t*'*«i'->li<ni) a. <■ Tho act 

•f aMMdu; Boddon aiTiaDctd. 
A2B£ItTlTE. Cfi-wi'-ti*) a. Voalbfa i doc- 

ASSERTOR. (t>.({«'-iDt) a. I. HafatalDfi; 



T> AaSEM. ((*-*«•'> *■«■ Yo AMga *iik 

aiqr Mttaia aaaa. In law. To im*. m t» 

ika piiniiJM lAitk t«Bjpn«M baa to 

pay of wn paiiinbt lata*. 
A£«ES»AllLYr(uf^-i^.U)a. Tk««hkfc 

may ta tHnato. 
A&SU^ION. («a-*QthV) •■ •> A aiulni 

doiwaby ana. 
AMF>$ION'AHY.(ia-qall'-vi-44f)a. Pa- 

ttiaiac l« MiniMfc 
AS»I:s.sMI:M. (|>->t«'-iDtM> a. >. ThF 

mm brnni oa |*0|>my; ibc Ml •( oa- 

ASiilSiSOn. («a-*t*'-«|r) a. a TW pfMia 

that iiu by auMbM ; an aai^ifMI b oob- 

(>1; ba thai lay* tam. 
A^eiS. (v'-«£**' *•■-■" lav, Gooia nd 

ifcaiub auflc&Di tw iha <m^T|a of J abli. 

tataclai, tie. 
TbASSKVEU, ()»4p'-n) >a.*.Ta 

T«ASi3KVt:i[ATi;,(t*-aeT'-7-Me)^ tOna 

vith Btrit lotxiioiiy. 
A:<SEt£R.lT10.\. (fftfT-^r-if-Aat) a. a 

Soltaa attmacioa. 
ASSIDl'lTV. (t>-M»-dfV(«) a. •. DM. 

nan . clowoHi ^ appluanm. 
AHilDVUUS. tfa-Hd'-dv-^) a. CodMim 

m appOcMioa. 
ASSlDC0USLY,<t»^-df.<^l4)aiL K\i- 

A&IDVOl'SKESS. <ta-«lfH)a-«a-B):a) a.a. 

Tg ASSIGN. <t*-^') ^a- Tooiukout; 

lo appnmiialia ; id ti lln i|uantlly ot Tkliu, 

In law. To nabo o*at a tight 10 anottiM ; 

10 niMiat a dvpuiy. 
ASSIGN, >■.•. StbAmiohii. 
AS(lUNAULE.(u-<iae-4-bl}a. TbacvUth 

nay be aailcnH). ot mniknl ciui. 
ASSIGNATION. ((*^s-o>'-*bgn> -. l Ab 

appoiatnaDl to ■»(. aanl (anmlly of t«*a 

•ppoiolBaoU ; a making orat a Cring io 

ASSIGKEE. ((*■•)■»!') ■■ •- "a 10 whooi 

■«y tichi i* aHipiid. or wbo it appoiMed 

by motbic lo dooay an. 
ASSlGNER. (t*'*!'""') l"-<- llalhalqi- 
ASSlG.VQlt. (^••l-aqr') i poiiua or m- 

ASSIGNMENT, (l>-atns'in«ui) a. I. Ap. 

propnaiian of aay tliaJ 10 aoolbf* tblog ot 

pFtaco. In la«.1)iD tUngaaHgaad, ortho 

dcrd by vbicb nopniy ia aiawned, 
ASHlMlLAltLE. (|H^>l|-bO <•■ Thu 

wbicb may be convtiul lo the auUL- nnlura 

wiib aomrlbinE *Im. 
r« ASSIMILATE, (it-ajin'-^lfu) I.*. To 

rn>* like. 
To ASSIMILATE, (|a.iiiin>ltU) i^a. To 

briDE lo a llkrun. 
ASSIMILATION. (t*-M>>t-1|'-Avi) '■'• 

Tb* Id (if a»imilatiDg. ot aCst* of bong 

oulmilMril i (br sci of cavnrlaai; any IliiBg 

to Iba natuiT of aaotkn'. 
ASaiJIttATlVE. (v«»^l|-^Oa. Ita*- 

Ing ilia powai at aMlaJUatiag. 

Oft; — labe, lob. byll^— qU;^pfvnd;~itin, rail. 



n USntULATE. («M^'-a-l«e) 1^ •■ To 

AUUTULATION. (ti-*im-a-lt'»liiin> >. >■ 
A coaaMcfoilnc. 

nAssisr. {■■-•im') r.«. T<>M^ 

ASSISTANCE. <t»«*'-ltiM> •. ■■ n4li>. 
A88ISTAKT, ((■-•«• -tfiil) n. •. Om ■ha 

M»im i aa aurillux • iiKmdanl. 
ASSIZE, (^-ntr) m >. A mill of jndl- 

lAMr* b*M iwicn a jmr b otfij onintjr, la 

■Fbich caoMaan tlMilbjrajail^aiidjani 

ao onlinaacs or alaiolB to dfttmiina ibe 

<»1||)>< of bmd, alf. &f . 
rT> AS!)1/K. (f'*'ai'i n*- To Ai ih; nlr, 
*A!^i;£K;{t. |}t-u'-ur) ». fc Aa nfliccr ihnt 

liu (liD ru« at ft rigliu uiJ neaiarea. 
ASSOCIAHU;(4>-«'.>lin-4-U)a. Capabia 

of boing uKMUitd ; aariablc ; (OmpaBimi' 
' able 
n ASSOCIATE, (ta-tf'-thr-nl*) iml To 

v^Uwttlianotbn; to j^ in campaoj ; u> 

ASOci!lTE. (la-M'-ibr-ue) a. Coultda- 

ASSOCIATE. (t>-«f' ihp-qw) ■■ I. A 

panoR -. a conteilinu ; ■ (omniuioD. 
ASSOCIATIOX. (4»-«f«li^'-«liuii^ n. i. 

UoiM ) osoMnacj; patlaitlbipi rtanrs- 

tbB ; appodcka ; an Mi«oilih_of prnmi: 
TbASSOfL, (•■-•Kr) 1^ a. TOMlfVili 

IbImm or Hi Tn* ; lo >ldotT« by confra* 

•1«D ; (0 •Inin ', to aolL 
ASSON'ANCK. (|>''>a-o|iiM> a.>. Rr*«ni- 

blftBce of ■ouaiU 
ASSONANT, <4>'-ia-u4nO »■ Semtibf in 

a aiaiiiiPi trvmlilin); u.(iihcr mmd. 
n ASSORT. (tt-*tft'> ■.*. Toanangaia 

AS90BTMOT. («c«(M'-mtni) «.>. 1^ 

act et cluiiiig or nngiag : a qiBMlly 

prapFrlv hIkuiI. 
T(A^uAGE,(|*-ni'^>')r.a. Tonriiieaw; 

M appeaM ; lo Mften : to puar. 
ASetlAGFJUENT, (t*-iwvB''min() n. >. 
L Mili>fnti0n. 

fA^SLtAUKH, (fM«f'-JM) II. (. Om who 

SUASIVE. (tM«l'-4v) a. Soflmbgi 

SDEKACI'lON, (■(►MH-ftk'-dbuii) «. *. 

'lie tiAiF ef lirias acriuiinnrJ la aai (hm|[. 

frriTDE (ti'-iwe-iuilf) U.I. ruusm. 

7e AS-iliMK, <»• •vnw') "f. a. To Wlr ; lo 

Ukg uuoD nna'a self-, to an»^w i Ia *a- 

Mmt to arj^Dinraii to lalta far paMcd 

wllfcarit imMif i ts ajipraphalA 

I A SSL' mi:, (ft-«Dim') *.•. TobvaRo- 


Iwl'MER. (i)i-*D*-iii>0 "■■■ A> afioipuil 

A^SllMtNC, (|»-nf -ouog) fan. a. Ano- 

AIMUUIKO. C^av'-iniac) n-J. rienim^ 

ILSSItUl>Str. (t^ntm'-^O •>■'■ In Lav. A 
. mlaaury proniiio, whnpbjr a nun nkn 
IQn bun M ptrfonn nt pay any thmf to 
a HfM-iM «{ aition. 


ASSUMPTION, <t*-«n'-di^) n. ,. TU 
act at ttlUa^ ; tiikini; any thing uuin ans'a 
Mlfi tha wpiioaltion. In loBick.TI>^lJun|• 
MlpH•od. Irw mininilrmi aK«nt otf iha 
Ilofy Vir^tn. aoil Oiu fra*t conmivmonoog 
torli aKPui. » li*tJ bytlmchonh of Komp. 

AS.*LiMrTIVE. (♦•-•stti'.ljt).. Ofannluni 
lo (v futumod. 

AS-SURANCL (t-«W-(V*> "■•■ CnlBo 

Ftjvctnuon i tarn coDfldam; f>««dam 

Imm daobt ; finnnna i ■xnCilani'* ; «ant 

ofnodnty: ■piril-. iatreeaCiy ; iMtimony 

of rrvAit; (imtiitiaD. in Incotofy, St- 

rgiity with ii>([x>cl to n (iilurc iinu. Tho 

uin« with Isttaiirci, ot Kturily (a makg 

Kood thi- t(M. 
ToASSl'KK. (f-*hi.ii*') *.•. T»gi**«itf 

GA*ncb by pruiuvi^ ; to wurp to nnotlicr ; 

'Jt mukr r^nAd{iul ; ta rnnko toriirp. 
.ASSlltKD. (v*I><i'-';d> jwri. <i. Crnun ; 

induliitalilg : (OttTlnced. 
ASSIREDLY. ((tbq'-iid.lo) U. Cn- 

A5Sl'RF.DyESS, (t'*bv'-l9<l-Bf>iht. C«l- 

tnin [T. 
ASSt'ilKll. (|tlM.i*i;>) •.•. HathatclTM 

wtimno- ; br ibat t-itw apcorily. 
7nAS.SWl(Jt:. Sw A»«.«. 
Asri:KlsK, (u-ii-mkl *. I. A Duuk u 

tTiriim^. tn Idni; uf ■ bllTg kUr. a**. 
AsTt.Hl^M. (q >'-(■; -linn) n.i. A wnatc-lla- 

tion : an oawiuk. or maih. 
ASTERN, d-aigm') *f. la tha blndgr fan 

of I be >hif>. 
A^flMA, (ut'-mt^ •- 1. A lyaqivnt, 4M- 

<nlt, and A^n tnjinuion. joined wllL a 

IiiHine Mund and a longh. 
A.sillMATI(.M[.. <vt-nut'-»-V|l} 1 
AsniMAllCK. t».i-oni-ik; i *■ 

Ttu-iblnl wiib nn anhnia. 
ASIIIEMCK. <t>C<;n'-jfc) a. Ftcbloi wicli. 

out tOWM 

A8111R}J0LnGY, Ct*-ilkto-flVJf)i>.t. A 

dpKilMiiin of wrahnvaa. 
T* A:iTOMSII. ()B-tgn'-ni»b) i^ «w To 

amai-p ; i<> fntpriip. 
ASTyM-SniXOI.V, t».-ivn'-ith-ing.|») ad. 

la Ik IfflTTJiviliC timniKF. 
ASTl IM ^ 1 1 1 M • \' l-S<<.< **-Wti'- n>b-^.n( -Dfa) 

•1.1. 'Ihr iiu.llili ibM eicfitn ailonlahlDcati 
ASI"OKlSll.SlliSY. «^lvn'-.Mh-m*ut) n. >. 

Amaaemeni ~. caofnuoo of mind tlitoiigh 

frar ot woodR. 
Td ASTOrND,Cf*'lqvnd')r.a. ToutODtah. 
A<iritAI>I)I.K. ( iiliV'-il]) oif. WiibanaV 

l l'gw nrriivji any thfng i taUidt^ 
ASTTtAGAL. f4>'-ttf-n')"->' AlilUatoDnd 

tine nr njuuMin^ HdtDH a# an ommnant 

al Uio lopi aDil oultomi it colamnfc 
ASTRAL, (^'-inl).). Statiy. 
ASTIUY.(a-(lt<)a;f. Onl of Iho right wq<. 
Te ASTRtCr. (|*-iri>J^ a.^ To conunci 

by appUudDO). 
ASfRICT. (H-u4>r> a. Cam|itfuliou& 
ASTRICTIOS, ui-ui^'-'bua) h. •. Con- 

Itwtlnii tbo puu of the Wy by applioi- 

ASTBimVK. (9i-|j\k'-ij») «. ItBdipj^ 

FfK. ^r, l^l^l— nie, mtti-fiiiw.ii^i— no. •»!*•, 


}RY, ((^lIik'■(a^•) •. Aatriof 

A:^ntIDE.ft-«riili>')*'. Wiifctbeketopm. 
A.«TRIF£{tU[<S. (v-ttif'-o-r^^ ).. I5«*i. 
AS nUG EROL9.(t»-lti-i'-tfti(») j atMtn. 
7<A:?7R1NGE, (^••trpij*') h«. To pma 

VOENCY, (4>-tnB''jni-*f ) lb t. Tbo 
[ at ommctliHt ibc |*iu o( ill* lody. 
lNG£Kr, (f»-ub'-](>it><i. Disdlni; ; 

at ^nnMJDg an Mtriognit 

OGirAtUY',(«»-an'-'vr;)ii.b Tit 

of dwcriblug ihs itan. 

ROLABE. (ta'-n^Isb) ■. i. An is- 

■tmorat foinim'lf ii»cd (en oLinn ilir Mlb- 

UkU of (hr »tB, ibe tan c* tun b( m> ; 

DOW VEprttpdcil by llailn'* uuslnM. 

ASTROLOUKR, (|i-uyr-a-jet) H. 1. Ooa 

that prD(aiMaM(aiWH*«rM>(i;tbi<M9ii*i 

•Dclimtly Hm tbM ondtrMooi) Uia inMiMO 

•r tbc (■l>D*ti,«UbaiitiD(tnd)D|Pt«lictio&. 

AtnitOUltilAN, {t»tt»'la'-jf-fB)ai. n« 

*»cia vtth an «liwii|nr. 
A. v-rno LOGICAL. (M-tro-lfd'-Jo-Ul} 1 
ASrKOH>GICK.((^iio-I(;d'jik/ t * 

ProfoinDg or nlnUDt to JUtrolHV- 
ASTROLOGICALLV; ((M(9-M'-ie-k^.l«) 

tWi In an &iUdIo^<^ miuiliA- 
7bASTROLOG[ZE:.(M-<r«r-fj|M)«.>i. To 

prartita utroiogy. 
AsrR0L00Y,<t»-ci9r-^ic)ii.(. Tbomc- 
|j(« of fortwlliog thiaga by tbo knowledp 
al (bo tian. 

ASTRUNdMF'.R, (it-irfn'-o-n';')"-*- On* 

(hfti uuJict Ibe cvlmu.1 motioni. 
A£'l'KONOMICAL, (^-tro'llfm'-o-^l) i 
A^TRON'OMICK, (la-of-nfin'-ik; J "" 

B*laatfng to wtranonr. 

•4. -In an >«troiMaiicai ownnvr. 
7* ASTTRUNOMl/K, (ti-trfa'-o4i4m} t>. h. 

To Uoij utroDouy. 

3THUNOMY. (frtf^'-o-n?) n. f. {Tu, 

iHiraco mbicb IFMbM tb« omauiv* ao-l 

■bmImu of tbo bn*nJy bcxliM. 

STROM'OPY. (t*-tif<r-lif-p«) ■. I. Ob- 

••rrMlnn of (br Mar*. 

*8Tlto.Tlii:«ii,0(iv. (v'-»f?-"'?-v''-?-;*) 
n> ^ t>ii m^ij fouikdoii ou tbo obif nration 
of the (.clnuiai budirn. 

A^ntfK.tfv-iyla'Jo. Coining : ptaamtinj:. 

ASl'Nl)KIt,(f-CDn'-«l*r) orf. Apulitrja- 

ASVLtAr, ()••)''- lum) n. I. A Mncniary; ■ 

AfiVMlTOTC (t»'-niD-(fW) a. •. A noma 
Tot IbiM wbick appmuli ncam mil netnt 
10 MRio lartr. hui whicb ninf meM. 

ASYXUnoS. (( .ia' .Ari^) ., 1. In ibrr- 
IMKk, A Gfue in wLich many oonlii uv 
joiwd aiilioat ■ riniuncttoD, h vmi, tidi. 

AT. (|() fvuf. Al btforr * yiter, now* tho 
■utiMUnli* prulmity of lb? pltic i u, n 
MM la (H lb> bout* bolora b* ia is i( i M 


WAfoa*«nl (iprif)tac(lno,MiMtLm> 
I liiliiii of tio tine wllh ibo cTtat; w, M 
■ tthMr I It More a ruual vnJ ujalhu 
■••riy the Muna ■* vitb, a*. \tf did i[ tf * 
tOBch i m Mom > Mj^tliUn* adJKiiTo ■*■ 
pUtfin lbs MM*, aa. si beat; M •ifnifira 
ikc iwtialw nodillon of lb* ptnea, a*. 
al ptaco ; M brfore a wliiUeUre KtmgiiDm 
Biark» rmplayntnt. u. biuy at Iik tvL j M 
ia •omclimnlhaaMiia vlunlibrd Willi, aa, 
01 oiuui M aeoninM dmMea ibn |>l>eo 
vbrroaay thin)[i»,ia, b»li>e*al]taracl; nt 
aam^Diet ■ifsiflra in Buwdiol* cimm- 
qiWKB of, at, lio tvonnod ai tbp *igbi ; at 
natJL* •omMiafOtbotffirl |>rocn^ng from 
■o acl, u, bo «8I ■< hi* iiH'ii (o*l ; al hrm- 
Umt* U orally Iho Mm* m id, at, h* «aa 
M ibo k>Roni; at r-mrfi— ita maria Ibr Oc- 
n*ian, llko «, •«, m tbia ha tamnl; at 
aoDobinm ootn lbs roltlioa (d a nmo lo 
■a actina ; at lOinctliun inipoTU tbo Bia)>- 
em of an aciioD -, at it •omeiiiui!* natd l» 
(Xptua dopetidUKt on oi obodimra to, ••, 
•I Iiw (Ommand, ai ynnr tanicr i al all, ia 
lay manner or dtctve. 

ATAfijiL, (^-f Ifl) •!.•. A hinJ of iab«st 
atad by the Maoii- 

ATE, ( 1 1,B prr<*tiW of Mt. 

ATllANASIAN,(4ili-40-{'-*l>f-tii)a,i. Ooa 
what<)i(n*MlWdaclnDBof Atliauaiiua. 

A ni\ KALIAN. (itbin-i'-ibe-fB)!. IU< 
talioe lo lti« (lo>:IiinB of $i, *«h.-wln. 

ATIIANUR, (vA'-vngt) n. i. A dipMlDi 
tuniM*, calcolnud le rMaio lical for k loai; 

ATHKUlM, (i'.4^-icni) II.I. The dialicllct 
of a Ctod. 

ATH EIST, (V-^iM) n. t. On* that dnlot 
iht nittroco of Ood. 

ATIIKlsTI(.Al.,<B.iAf.iv6(-k4l) >«. Ghen 

AlllKlsnCK,(|-iA»-i<-i^) ) uaibe- 

AriieiSTICALI,V, (e-llkf-ii'-lfi^l'I;} arf. 
In la alhriulca] mnnncr. 

A7IlEI!nH.'Al.N»SlS. (a.|*»-;y.t(-la|.ni:a) 
•>. I. 'Ilr qoaliiy of baisK aihFUiira) 

ATIleOt;S,(«'-iM-i»}<i.>. AtbuiKick; (Od- 

AIHIUST. (»-«k™')«(. Thinty. 
ArilLK'I't:. (fib-lMo) H. 1. Aconiniilwfw 
tIlIoj; of ilnnglli ; a <aDbalaDt -, a cbaB- 

■|lJ-RTirK.(vA-)il".(l)a. Slrongofbody; 

Imixuit ili<i ijiialilWa of an alblnl*. 
A1H\VAIiT,(}-(*wtrt')j>rfji. Aclou;tna*- 

Tens to; ibitrui^b. 
A1'll-T. d'tiii') "it. Tho poaiuto of n hami 

raiMil or lillril bvbiniL 
A1I.AM1:a\, <4t-l4D-t>'-(D> a. R«*Mn- 

bliug Atla>-. I'litutallToly, F«« gigaolic ; 

pownful of body. 
A1LANT>». <ft.||n'-i«i) a. l In aRhitnc- 

lurp, Figum (upponbtg any pan of a 

ATI.AMK'K.<4I-I«n'.tl1i)a, The name a). 

Cil lo tb4l pan of ihv n can . <• Lii '. lit* 
*rm K>iro|<f and Africa on thsuaciida, 
and America on ibe Olbcr. 

Bfl;-IVb*. tub. b«(U.--(riil 1— PVVJ i-**"". Twa. 


AI'UAS, (ft'-lf*) •■>. A eoOtetJaU of (Up*. 
Bii'luiliuK t>>* obLola world i ■ name ap- 

i>)ii>J (u 1 iM,;t bad •>< inwias |Apcr. 

ttffM of ail **st tb« Midi ; lb* tabtnt 

•it in gaimL 

rMOSTHEKlCAL. (tt-iiiv»-r|i'-tM>) >■ 

Cmrittini al the aanotpbtTv. 
ITOM, <ti%twn) !■■ •- !)iKh • wnall pntUl* 

Eu cftanoi b« phjwcally dindnL 
I'l'UMlCAl^ (flVm'-n-MI) "■ CooUCtlDg 

ol, Dt nUdaf la Mom*. 
ITOJI tSU, (tt'-ty-A^un) m. I. Tho doctnns 

of uoaw. 
AT0UI8T,(f^-U-iUK)>.i. One lUt bold* 

the •UDJcal philofqi)^ ,«r docnioB «f unmi. 
ATOMY, (^^'-o-idb) n. ■■ An obMlelD ■roid 

Ik am j ui •blirrriiLtuiD «( ansUnj .- 

lATONE. <«-l9ns) n n. TAapMiUl 
•tud M a* vqidnlaBl foe MaMlliiD|. 
'• ATONE, ifwa*') k «. To reiuca to 
CtfKOrd - loaAut^ 
LTONCMKNI. U-(oD*'-m{|nt> «.h Agna- 

Btnt : mncoKl; aiinMloii. 
kTONCK. ■. k II* who refoniilr*- 
(ATOMCK. ((-ifln'-ik) a. WrniMnK lont. 
I ATONV. (t'-i^nf) n.i. Want of mdc m 
I diMidtT. 

tATRABlLARUN. (t-ti%-UI->'-tt^) a. 
A1'KAII1LAKI01J9, (a-oi-UI-a'-M-u) a. 
lAIKAMKNTAL. rtwrf-mw'-tal) 1 ^ 
lAIKAMKNTOm, (u-lcvmso'-ti"} i 
laky -, black. 
LTllIlM, ta'-trf.nm) •■•• Tho court b*- 

(on a tampio ot hotae. 
iTRoaOUa. (vuf'^abt*) a. Wickad id 

alHcb d(B«t. 
ATROCIOCKLY, (t-trf'^abf^-l;) ad. Id 

m aBodaiM mftooor. 
ITROClOCaXESS, ((-tif'-abB-iu-DM) *. t. 

EtLomaaa criBtealiEv. 
hTROCTTY. (fcrt«'-ae-la) tbi. Ilorriblo 

ITRorilY, (I'-trf-b) ••■•■ A diawar. in 

•tdcti (be food (oninlKila* no nouiuhmmt 

to lbs bodf. 
Pn ATTACd, ru-<M»b') v. a. To antai ; u 

wa* ia a JBOraal ouumor ; to la; hold on. 

■1 by powM 1 to flz to onr'i btaraL 
UTTAillUKNT, (it-ttttb'-msDt) n. i. AJ. 

liMwii:* . Urlity , lb* union ef affKlian. 

la bv. An apprabatuion by virtuo of a ]i»- 

otfit, dUTaritt| mm an aiTMt, iaannuvb lu li 

byi bold of tb* (ooda a* «r*tl w '' |>iin<in. 
(SVAITACK. Ut-tfJi') •. a. T«**ruurtan 

anamy ; w Impoaa la any miiuur. 
ATTACK, (ti'<4k^ "■ >■ Ad aiiaulL 
TvATTAIN. (ft'lfDe') e. a, la giia ; lo 

obuuii toomtUat to ama loi l«meh. 
r* ATTAIN, (il-qna^ i.n. ToootDoua 

caitala *tala; la amte ai. 
ITTAINABLE, (ft-(fM'-«-U) a. Piocur- 


IIm- qualKy «f btiai nttainablp. 

ATTAniDER, (u-lfne'>dgt) «. •. Tba act 

orMtunt^inlawi canTwdca) of n cdMe. 
ATTAINUEMT, (|Mvia'-u|ai} f>.a That 

wbicb i* atuinad: (ha act 01 attatalng. 
Tt A1TAINT. {^-xvX) .. a. To dlipaca] 

la laist i to cornipl. In la*. It appllei la 

•ucii aa ara tiMiad (nilty of aonw rhaia, 

Bfiwcullr af (alssy at trtaaon. 
AITAINT, (tt-tanlT) /ari. a. Corniticd. 
ATTAINT, (^l^qal') n.t, Anj thing in- 

nuimt ; (tain ; ■pin ; a iroond on ihe 

binder (ml of aa bona, la law, A trttt ao 

AT1'AINnMF.>rr,(al-tfM'«iaot) a-t. TIm 

qmJin or niia of Dctu aOolMad. 
T« ATTkMJ'EH, (|tipa'-p^) a. a. To 

aiaffa -, tn aoftto i la mit ta jun propor- 

liana ; to fit tD, 
ToA'ITfJUHKRATf;. (il-t)!m'-p<rr.4te) n. a. 

To fiTOportJOii , Or adapt to, 
TuArit-MKl", (tt-tgnl'} ii. a. Totryi M 

DDdtaHiti; taaaaayi to mak« aipfrimaat ; 

lo uiaf k. 
AITEMIT, (fl-lgml') a. a An ealay ; an 

A'lTf-Mn-ABLK. (w-itrnt'-q-bl) a. FUw 

b« oilcmiitrd : liable to altnapla. 
A'lTKMPlLK, (ti-ifmir-ttt) a. i, Alt in- 

*adrr ; an niiJeaTOuiar. 
nAITKNU, (fi-iind') a. a. Tow^Ioot 

to acoompaay ; to b> prcaanl witb. upon a 

annunona ; lo aipacl ; to aanut ; to day for ; 

lo racard ; to mind. 
JVATrEMU. (|t-tsnit') *. a, Toylaldal- 

(anlioa ; lo (lay ; lo nit ; ta ba wltbtn 

teai^hor call . to nmaln i to waiL aarom- 
jHlled by aatlioniy, 
ATl'ENDAtlCE, ((I-(tn'-d}Dae) n.t. Tha 

act of waiting on ; lumFa ; Ibe pcnnna 

vaitinc ; a true ', ■iiudUoo ; eijitcUiiiQO. 
ATTENUANT,((t-t{a'-dvi[)a, AciompaDy- 

inK aa aubardinaic. 
ATlF.NU.^Nr, (tt-[pi'-d(nl>«.>. Onptbat 

atitnda; ana of ibe train ; ■uilarorat:(iDE; 

one (bat ii pnaont. lo law, Ung that 

awBtli a duty to aaotbai ; a couromitant oi 

ATTENTION, (ti-ltn'^aban) a. i. Hip act 

of altesdinc oi hMiaa, 
ATTKNTIVE, (fiinn'-ln) d. Iliwdfnl ; »■ 

Ari'EM*IVi:LY,(4t-lao'-tlT.|c) td. lletd- 

ATTENIIVENFSS, (tt-l«a'-^-Bta) a. i. 

ATIKNCANTS, (it-lan'-vintaj a. Modi- 

citiDS liKinni; ibo i-ownr of mitkin( tbin -, 

|it(iinaUut: ticrttion and wctrlitm. 
TflAriENLATt. (ft-tsn'-f ;<*) »- •■ To 

Duka llun at akate ; to leawa. 
ATTENUATE. (U-tfn'-i-tia) a. Made 

ATTKNUAT10K, (ft-lfD-u-a'^bon) n, t. 

1 <a»iaiin([ ; tbn aOar of bnox ainda Ibio. 
Tir ATTEffr, (|t-ltal^} a. a. To bear wi(se« ; 

to (all to wmaa*. 
ATTECT'. (iMmO ■■<■ Witaaaa. 
ATTEST ATTOS.CjI-tcKa'-ahuu) -■•. Tart- 



B|t i—ftat, p^ ;— 119, more. 


r i ik> let ol >iMMin( er > n ih g *ii- 
iM 1 dwMcMUmotibt Mnonaundob 

bmCK. (iT-iik) i Ujitol Alh«u. 

r* ATnCUS, («l%lf-fjw) KB. To UM ui 


ATTICISU. (ff -lir-ttn) «. i. An Imtln- 
«»»■ <if tha Atlick'ujl*. 

ATTICK, (fC-iik) ».•. A Mtm d Anica ) 
iW Limi. ec upptmwM to«M in i booMi. 


r* \-ITlKK. <t>-4n') r.*. To dm*, b 
honJiliT, ^unW u DMd is ipcakaic oT iW 
honw or a tiucL or tue- 

ATl'UlK. t«t-cit»'> It. k CUrtW i ttw b«d' 
4tca», la foiQnilu ; Ih* bant of • htck ot 
aUf. Too flomt irf > |>loDt la lUridMl kw 

tbfo* pMU. (ho iiiinnl I. tha UudoD. 

Mi «fc* ollir*. 

ATTITUDE, (flT-lf-qida) » ■. TKa »ttun 
in *hkh > ptnaB. xaMO, oi pioDMa Bpu* 
U ulvud. 

[ArroLixKT. (ti-t|r-ifM) ■. TiiM-bkh 

lifu up. 
Ta ATroRH. (tt-lgn') ••'^ To UMdH tho 
•nwc olartMal. 

»T* ATTO R N, (ft-bjoi') hik To arfinawleilito 
> avw pam i ma of ptopnty, n>d Kcepi 
Ari'UllflSY, ((t-Hu'-iw) n. •. n> who bj 
cUMOot. **— *—■* ^jlmirnT , Or fOQUMl* iskM 
upon hta tliccliMfo of MlieT nitm't buibtol. 
ATloBSEYSIIlP. (|l.nir-.oo-ihip> n. i. 

I'lln D%c* oi an ■tloBicj. 
ATIOIJKNMENT. ul-cnm'-nii.oO B.i. A 

jwld ing of tbe i«ua: la > db« lord. 
Ti ATTRACT, <^-UfLi'} i^o. To diaw 
to i In (Itn*. 

ArnucTAUiLirr. (tt-utk'-i^-iHi'-f-tt) 

n. I. Tbo nfobUiiT of bvinv atMct^ 
ATI RACriCAL. (. |l-lTl'-»fJ^I) a. Htv- 
ln» tliD pQwri to nunct. 

ATrRACTlNULV.(v-««^-liBrl*)«'- lo 
jw kUnclinr aaaMr. 

ATTRACnoVi. (VW*k-'-'>«n) "■•■ The 
|ioii«i of dmnoB, o of lilluruif. to 
■atoiml Utioiy, TW mivtnol UDdeBi-y 
wUrb ill bodin h«t« lowrio ooe uoiber, 
hj which tba ■jttom <J dio imivorM >• Mu- 
^oard U> i^ttcnc i\i roTiormcv. Kod Ibt 
■evervl bodiet (o mgrD wiUiia ihvir proper 
■phrre* of m^nviij by mutoil ■Itrxaon to 
toeif {>roi4Tr ccuirr. 

ATTlHtTlVK. ((l-ii^k-lii) o. llatiog 
thr pnirci la dnw ; iiinlisjc 

AnHACrlVE, (»i ir|k-tJT) n. <■ TUt 
wbiit draw* oi incilM. 

ATlKAtrrn K1.Y. (V-lnk'-ti»*ls) •*• l« 
■> aumting naimaiit. 

ATTHAC1'IVKNI':ks. (it'O^'-ijr.df*) •.!. 
Tbe ijuMj ot b(b|| kltaclhe. 

AniUCroB,(v-uii'-nir)ri.i. Adnww. 

ATTKAlIEATf. ,(|--ir»-bintj n. t. TbM 
vlkH'h dtavL 

ATTBH-TATION. (j^tt^-t(tbv>) "->■ 



ATTIttBtlTABLR. (il-Bib'-a-^-U) * 

r« ATmiBUTE. (t»^-fM) •■ •. T> 
aooibo i ID ioijrala. 

ATl'RIBUn'E. (tf M-buU) ■.). TbeOiiai 
■nhbuMd W MWh'n ;' quftlHjr. In tb»- 
oWfj, Tla piopMdM <r oiatlliwtM wliA 
an itcnboied w «ha Di t »«llwn| aatj, m 
ha Mil .uuMw*. MMMMIte.twnuly, ko 

ATnUBUnOK, <ti-«(-bf^l|hip) ». a. 
C a mm ciM ian i qa>lidatucnb«d.' 

ATTItlHirriVE. (■l-lii!*)a. Hirbf 
Ibr .luiJily of ilinbutio|. 

ATTKhx. (|(-trtto'> a. GTDOBi wwn by 

ATllRn^NGSS. (ii-Brtto'-iiy) n. i. Tba 
bnnc iDUcti *<n. 

ATTRmON. ((t-oriik'-un) ■.«. TlwMt 
of *Muing. «i Ibe aMOf bckg won by 
nUisi J tfid fd> doi kUd| oaly bm 
fm ; ilio lowMi dapM ot rtfcaiwce, to 
dixiiictian fcoB coouUIoa. 

T» ATTUNE, (ft-tfna') t.^. Tn B.tU any 

To AVAIU (l-n**') v> «. To pnCt; lo 

r<>AVAIL,(v**U'> t-ib T«b*of*t. 
AVAIL. <v*V«> "-*' I*")Bl; tilTniHcci. 
AVAU-ABLI:, (a-Tt'-lf-bl) «. I*ni6ia£l«i 

wnr*Tfi]l i uavfuL 
AVAILAUIXN'ESS. («-*>'-1|-bl-ati) a. n 

Powot of ptoTiiodiig Oa tod foi wkiilh It ii 

«Md ; I*nl (ok*. 
AVAliAULY. (vn'-¥l>lo) •'• Po«Br> 

folly : legally ; nUidlT. 

AVAaji<ii9rr.(ti(ie<in)pt) n.1. L'odU* 

AVANT-COURIEB. {fitac'-ct-ffnr) n.b 

One wlio M diipBttliBd beicm ilia ml U 

Doiify ibrcT uinraich. 
AVAirr-GUAKl). (i-vtaif-iird)!!.). Tba 

T«n 1 tho BiM body of u tfinT- 
AVARICK. ((y-i-ni) ".i, CorounnMa. 



A V ARIC lUUSK E3?, ((T.qii(L'.9»ny) aui. 

ria V ra i ta^ir. \t' 1 '!- ' ■■■ "r TT — I'llMII' 

AVAItl('ll)l.'S. (tt-f-i,(b'-u*>a. Co>el 
AVAIULIOL':jLV. (.fV-t-'Mb'-na-lf) 

Aaca Una, alestiy- 
A wofJ of 

AVA5T, (|-n*^) "H. 

ioE bold. Mop, (tly. 
AVAUNT, (t-*tsT) Mf<r^M(. 

abhamn«c IIboc* 1 Imgoac '. 
AUbUltN, ((W-b^rnJ a, ItiowB ; otaiaa 

AUCTION. ((wk'-ili([D) a.!. ADaootf*.! 

•ale in whicli ono pciaon bidi ufui aaotlMit, 

Ibe taJo i^ielf. 
AUCTIONARY. (^wk'-ahen-t-fj) a. B*. 

lonehii: (0 an aucUoa. 
AVCTION'EKK. (|wt-^fmW> n.a lU 

uanim thai laaaacM aa auciiin. 

ACl)ACIOL'!t.(t«-^'-*^-V*)<i- Boldiim* 

pudm ; apioud. 
AOUACIOOSLY, ()w.ila'4li>-iic:^) ad. 

Boldly ; iniJudoDtly. 


agi »— ifbc, i(b, bfU V— qi>)— p9pdi— tUa, tnia. 


iTTDACITY, (tw-4««'-f-tn) • i. 9|nriti 
AUUIlilX,(f«'-<lB-U)a. Capable or Uiag 

AlTUlBLEXES8.(f>'-J*-b1-af*)«.t. Capa- 
biliiy of bang beard. 

iUUrBLY. (f»'-(lc'br«) ail. So w U be 

AUnil:N(:K,(|*--dr-;nt«)>i.«. The art of 
Itf^noc , A hvArifti; ; an ^oAiiMj ; ittfl f «rp> 
moiry by irtiicb Hmtnuuilon Ot njnitfn of 
aajrouri an adnuiloJ U a linuiD); from 
the lotfrcif^. 

AUDTT, U»'iU.i) ■■1. ItiB okiH and 

aaulinc gfaccouoCi. 
Tv AtrDIl*. (fv'-dii) V. : To taJLc aa to- 

toanl Aniillf. 

Auuirnt':. (■■•d^ti*) » lUng th» 

JMmn of baann]-. 

Auditor, ((w'-df-dn) H. ■. AWartria 

ponon oajiloyt J to takn aa aonnal. 
AUDrroRSUtP. (li^-ila-tat-abili) ■.>. tba 

oflce of an aodiDtr. 
AirprTOBY. (»w'-dp.tir-e) a. TUt>bkh 

bw tbr Hwrr of hmnng. 
AUurruRY, ()*/-d>^ioT-f) a.t. Anaodi- 

ooa ; a pbr* urtm* iMtom an bnnl. 
AVE, (a'-io> fi h All aildr<4> (o llx ^'lr)!■'■t 

M (alltd (nm ib* firM wutdii, ariiwntu 
Tf AVKNGt, (|-t^jg'J t- B. To m«ii{«i 

AVEKOEANCE,(|-*tn''jfnH) ■.«. FuoU^ 

AVKNGEMENT, (|'>Eiijt'-infiit) fb i, V(a> 

AVKN'TttR^^ (vTgn'-turr) n. i. In la*. 
A ulKhnnca, caujaac a cuio'* d«iitb, iitidi- 
0B( (rlgnv. 

AVKNUK. (t*".*^) ii.t. Antbyvhkli 
anv place maj bo eatenrd i aa alley of tfota 
bfioie a boOM. 

Tf AVER, (l-vp") V. a. To deckle pMl- 

AVEHAGK, (tZ-ti-qj*) •>. t. Tbat duly 
wblcb the teaoDI in 10 pay in tba king, or 
other lonl. by hit baaau and tatrUeea. In 
TiMniDerre, A cetlaio eontribuliiu that mnr- 
chauii make toward* the louei of aucb ht 
' ban Uicir eoode taat orerboatd In a l«ni- 
ptfi : a •null duty paid le the maiUir of 
a (hip for lib cue at taodt, uiet luid 
nbnn Ibe frrighl -, nmrijiiuu ; a rnrtn ftv 

r^AVUtVUK, (4>'-;T-{ie) I'.ii. ToGs an 
avirii);'' mitr. 

AVtRMEXT, d-W-mrnt) b.i. Id U*, 
Kalablttlimeoc by erldence : an oSn of ibe 
drfeodanl to juaOfy an aice^tion, and ibe 
■CI u vefl aa tbe offer. 

AVKRi'K\,\Y,(V-n'fpP''-n?>"'»' lalatr, 
tllonry |>aid towardu the kine'i carriage* 
by land. iaiCeid of terrivo by the btuuta in 

Tt> AvkRRi;NCATE,<t*-M-4an^-k^)r.e. 

To prune ; le root up, 


AVERSE. (|-*ttM)'} a. Dloncliood lo j aot 

AVKIUUXY. ((■•sna'-lf) ad. Uamllisely l 

AVEEUtllNeSS. (t-rir»o-nH) n. ■. Va- 

willingDei* ; diamcliiiatlon. 
AVKKSHI.N. <4-Tt''-il">n) "■ •■ Ilntd'.il -. 

diiljkf \ ibliorrrDH i llie cuine of avRnu^ju. 
To AVERT, |i|->tn'> T.o. Totnaaudai 

In (WH In diilike ; U) put away. 
Ta A\F.KT. (■■!<;»') en. To torn awa;. 
Al (rKH. (iw-«v>) n. t. A tuol lo biire 

ACtillT, (avt) ynrnmin. Afiy lbin{[. 

laAl'CUKNT, (|»t-uisDt'; t. <i. Toan- 

ruAL'tiMUNT, (*«E-mtnC) t, a. To (tow 

Al (j\IEX1'. ()V|'-'''f "- *■ Eaoeaar i 
VFAtfi of rnrrravr. 

IW act of io( t*A>iui; i iLo atate of bn*/ 
nado Ufger, tbe lluni; Added to make bij- 
fvr. In bemldiy. Al e*i<«:iaJ iiatk nf 
■Kouiur, bono ciibcr a* aa cecutchcoa, ot a 

AlGMKNTA'nON.CMURT, n. i. A court 
at«i-lod by kin); Keniy the Ki)[blb. fur i!>n 
iocrtaae of ihe rereuuu of bis cit/tia. by 
tliD cuppTeuion t4 monaiiehfU' 

AL'<iMtNTATl\{X <f<'K-in«n'-t4-ti<r) <■ 
UaTiny liie quality of au^entiug. 

Al'CRI. n. k s« Auaaii. 

ALtGLR. (fw'-gnr) n.i. Udo wbo pietioidt 

to predict by ouMU*. 
Ta aI'UUR, iv'-pp) *^"- Togiui«;lo 

CDujcctuis by (Eaoa. 
7b AtGl'R, (a» -giir) r.o. To foieteU, 
V'u AUGURATE, (»•'■ pj-tliej no. To 

judie It BDriuy. 
AC'GuRAT10N,<fw-^n'-ibqn>n.>. Tbe 

pnctice of aopoy. 
ACGIIKF'.R. <4w''gur-fT) n. t. An sugur. 
AUGHKIAI., Uw-fa'Tf-«l> a. IMatnig to 

Ta AU6l.!t(lRK, ((•■•fUT.Iat-) *. n. To 

prarlite augury. 
AUGIIKOLS, tiii'-|tiu-u>) H. rredlninj;. 
AVGltRY, (fn'^ira-re) a.t. froguotlicaiuij 

by Ouicni i an ooirn or juediclioo. 
AVOUST, ()w'-gif(i) n.i. Tlie dgblh monlb 

6om January mtluaii*. dvdicMed to tba 

honour of iVuguilua Coiar. 
Al'Gltiir, ^jwguti') n. Cteaii (cwidi 

awful : niajratic. 
Al'til'M N K^. (fw-cuat'-nt*) ■. >. EleTa< 

tioo of look -, <ti|puly ; majraiy . 
AVIAKY, (('-ve-4-rtt)n.a A place iacloaed 

lo keep birila la. 
AVID10USLY,(|-«id"-tV-li|)»J. Eagrtty; 

AVIDITY, (fiid'-f-tf) n. 1. EagonLsw; 

ACKW.VRI). SaaAtrawaao. 
AlILAlll<\N.(tw-lB'-T?-(ii) n.t. 11»mrm- 

bur of a hall ; and' to' called at Otkld, bjr 

my of dikUoctJon frooi coUr^aiUh 

F(t«, (|i, ^11. ^t »— nf, mm ;— pine, w »— "*■ "S^' 


Ut.fTICK, ()w^i'-(k} a. B«Ia«tn( to 


r,(wiO«.i. Afuba'iDrnotlin'aum. 
rOCATK. (V-*?'l>4<"> '--o- To call off. 
CATIUN,(t-t9-L)''*l>ui)>.i. Tbaact 
aC(sllin|{*i>d«; tbebtiuiie« iLatMUt, 
I. AVOID, d-itvia') I. a. To ikmi U 


tram ; la andtaTDar ta Aon ) lo 
•TACiute : to vmil ; i« rmM ; (o aaauL 

AVOIDADLl:.(a-*V>d--4-b))a. TLMvLick 
maj b* >raUad i liabla (a ba ncaled at 

AVOID.ANCK, (t-Tg<d'.«ua)a.L Tbaact 
o( SToiding : tha tuiuw [7 wblcli my tliiu|[ 
U ratri^ olT. lu law, 'l*^ idof bcooiDtu|[ 
want u a Ikidk, bj iba ilsktb oT tbe 
tocualvnl, tn t>r (culoa, dajniikliaD, &c. ; 
ttiD ut afaiinulliiig. 

AV01KUl'I>01.S. <i,T-rt.Ji;-pa«'^ a. (, A 
luQd of vugbc of vhicli a pound <aiitaiiia 
BuBavo ouncsa^ aod b tii pTouaTllon ta A 
pound TiDy. u actimtaca 10 (DurtfOD. 

To AVilKF, (»-T(lla') r. a. To tail off. 

AVULAT10I«,()T-r-lt'-«h!|a)n.i. FliKht; 

r« AVOLTH. (t-TfVUb') a. «. To affina j 

In nitBitiin I w vindicala. 
AVOUCUABLE, (t-Twiab'-f-U) «. Whu 

nav ba avoaebed. 
AVOVCIIMENT, (|^g;u]>'.MSM) ii-ii Do- 

T* A\'<)W, (('*inf') I. a. To declare opanly. 
AVUWAHLK. iiW-,.UJ ». TlnlwUil. 

aai b» oproly dacUnd. 

AVOWAL, ().fn'-|l>"-*- Opn de(]*n> 

tloa -, jnalibaianr Mndadoti. 
AVOWf;ULV.<t-»fv'^d[!)fl<t. laanapcn 

AVUWF.K. (jr^-j") «. *. Is law, Ila to 

wbom iba n|;bt ot adfomoa et ad; cbonb 

AVOWlR. (|.*v^-«i) a. >. Ua tbu x-nm 

Bi jiittifica. 
AVUWRY, (t-<t«-T;) •». t. In law. la 

wb(ia ona taaa* a diatraaa rortvnl, aoil Ike 

Dlliet niaa icplarla. 
AVOHTEV.n-t SoeADVOwrai. 
AIJRELJA,{|w'-t>-te-Oa.<. The Kul ap- 

jiiUFDi cLanga of (ba nufgoi of loiKia. 
ACKICLE. (a«'-N-U> a. •. In aBlMoy. 

Tho cMcrnal nai; Iwa appMiJacM of ijio 

bpan n>pn>bliiig tlm rziMnal t«r. 
AirKKltLA, (,w-fi4'-v.|,) ..1. In tetany, 

A tjitdra of (toww, 
AlJRlCi:i.AR. (fw-iik'-f-tft) a. Wilhio 

iba aaaa* uf bcuiu|{-, Mfrel; aa avriculat 

MoJIunoa : (nditninal. 
ADRIFEROU^ (fw-iif'-^tiu) a. Pioduc- 

AtJItlST, (|V'iui) D. (. Ona wbo prolrMna 

to cura dueidan ia tb« taf. 
AL'RORA. (|>.ro'-T^> a.j. Tbe nddaw 

ItM opnu UiF gtUi at day ; poMicalty. Tlia 

Al»t9BA-UU1tKAT.19. (f■^r.t<f■■^■bf)■^t>.^■. 
W ■■ *■ ^^ noitlieni bgbi on KRamm ; 


a aattor nppaailaK h (ba aonbaiB parta tf 

lb* bMtaiuk 
AUSCULTATION, <|*a.tDl■^-■abta) ■. u- 

Ltncaiuif to. 
JiV»PWt'. («W.4T^) a. 1. Oaraa dma 

fmn liii^t , bioonble afliiMaana ; pro- 

■nctiou -. influiKa. 
At'Sl-ICIAL. (|w*p^-«-)l)a. lUUtlBB 

to piunoukikt. 
At'KPICIOLtli, (t«-i|n.).'-f^) a. rUrinq 

omanaaf foccaaa ; ftupanu* i GnauraUa i 

nrnalioaa 1 lucky ; happy. 
ACsriClOL'^LY. (|wap:»h'-a-«4t> ai. 

Al1Sl>ICI0LlBNES.% (fw ipitb'-O-fMiM) 

n. I. ProtpurtiUB uppf aiauce. 
AUSTERE, (iwalfrr) a. ScTemi hank; 

AUSIKRKKESS, (|»-at^'-nBa> a.i. S«i». 

ritj; luour. 
Al!^rEiUTV.(i»-.iar'^i»^ii.». SareiilTi 

mnnibed lifv; banh diKlifiinv. 
Atl.<iTKAL. (t»'-ir,lju. SoMhtn. 
Al'THK-STICAL. (f »-tArii'-le-i^> a. Km 


ALTII KNTICALI.r. ()»-(ltn'-l7-ktl-lf ) W. 

Aftf aa autlmlirk niannrr. 
AUTIIE.VnCAL\f:s.4, (aw^lfo'-tt-laJ- 

iifa)a.i. Ttui.)uaUty ofbabf •nlWWcfei 


Ta nt»« br aoilioiiiy. 
AUTnEM'ICtTY, (tw-(ilin-ij*'-«»>l;) a. t. 

AuiliaRiy -. rmuiuM)(«a. 
AiriHKNtlCK.U''-lV-<^)'> Oeamnci 

banac aMttorily. 

AtT1luB.(t«r-(Aqt)fi.i. lite Gni bc^nnor 
o> moTR ', tba aSdanI ; ba (hat affxti ot 
mdnceaaay tlitoK; iht Gni wriwr of any 
thine 1 ■ rnnor in (nanl. 

AUTHORESS, (^w'-thui-eta) •>. •. A fvmiJa 

AUTHOnrrATIVE, (|w-l*jt'-a-ia.ti» j. 
Having Bnthmliy ; baaing an av of auiLa- 

E«a> a. I. Tba ijanlity of boing audioiit^ 


AUTHORITY. (»— rii,r'?-le> «. a Local 
power: inflocncfl; power; rule; aupport; 
(eMimony ; caedibilily. 

A tmiOHlZATION. (fw-tf f .rj-it'-ibnii) a j. 
EalibliihniFnt by aatbority. 

Ta AL'TlrORl/K (iv'-rtf-riH) a. o. T« 

Eitv .vitlioiily ; to maJte legal -, to catabliib 
y anthohl* ; to juinlfy ; to pr* oodit, 
AUTHUKSHII'. (tw'-t%-ab>p) a. *. Tba 

atata 01 uualily ol batf an author. 
AUTUCRASY. (|wt9i'-rt-(»)a.>. Ooncn- 

nnil by one'a aalf, or M<lf-*uprniwcy 
AUTOCRATICAL, (,i'.t».t^) .. 
&pll anpTcniii. 

AUTOGR-AI-H. CK-topif)*-'- TU «li- 

ffitkal Tjuid wniing 01 a prjioa, 
AfTOGKAI-IIAL. (fw4fg'-gr»-l^l) t 

AUTOl.KAmiCAL. <fw-tf^i)r<«>ktl) f 

0. Kcialiaii 10 autoeiaidiy, 
AUTOCRAFIIY, (t»-(«rtii>fc) ■■ >■ A 

B^t;— lYtw, Igb, byll ; — (jl ;— .pgfiul;— 4Un. thU^ 


' pMMii^ owm wtkiiig, » oppodiiM ta « 

lOafioi ID m MUDIDttOD. 

AirroHATON.<*^(tn'-vt«B)«.<- Ana- 

cUdd diM >a(^ UM pcnnr «f tnetua mtton 


AUT0MAT0tr^(|w■1tm'-«^u)•. Ibring 

in hxir A* fotna of madoo. 
Ain'ONOUY; (|*^it°'-^air) «. 1. Tb« 

IMb( aecvrdlng la one'* miail mad fn- 

AtTUPSV. <fw'-lf^4f) H. i. OcoIh i»- 

ADTOPTICAL, <t«-ti^-tf-lEtl) «. F«t- 

nitvd br ona^ own *jm. 
ACrUAlM. (f«'-l«n) n. «. T^ Maua 

«f the t«u bctVMD ■nnmn tod •Uur, 

popn ta riy eowpdiing AnfWi, S*pumb(t, 

aad Octobv. 
AVTVilKM.. rf«-uai'~ot'} •• Ttyi«|% 

(e kuuom. 
AVtLSlON. (t^-digB) ■.!. naaclirf 


AW£ (nr) ■>.■. lUMKNtial fai. 

T* AWE, <w) *. •■ Ta Miike wnh nrc 

AWe-STRVCK. (fV-^iKik) pmu a. lof 
tatttri •Ub >««. 

AWFUL. (|«-.fV>} <■■ SniUnc wlik aw* 1 

UUni: *iih rtVfnKn. 
AWIT^LLY. ((v'-e^) a^ Isai 

lul nkDuu ; vuh inlrja Airmd. 
AWn.iLNbS».(|W.|!(».DM> •>.*. 

kUXEsK (|«g-af'-i 

A 611UF *lMB bj kgjmAalm ■ ihing b Uo 
wodi oi^iUad i aa Wwilin ; *b aaai- 
A[IXIlJAR.f«*i-iil'-w> ) •■ AwiM- 
Ati\IIJARY.<t-ii'ijr-n->«) j >bc> 1b 
A tuna uiplii 

ipliM Id ■ lam dat 

bfljii to t:oftJii(Mo oom ' 

AllXM,IAR/»w(-iir-™) Inx Hrlpar; 

AltXIUARV/t>r*<l'-n-it) toosttifnte. 

ADXlLlATORV,<|«r'<>-n-*«'^)'- '**- 

3V AWAIT, (t-*?**') t^« Ta tcpacti to 

•Itand : 10 tvnua in aapa a a d mi of. 
n AWAKE, (f«4ka'>r>«- TonxMaotof 

alaip i 10 raifn fntn inq>OBr 
n AWAKE, (}-vfLc'> r. a. Ta bfaak ftoia 

AWAKE, (a-vfka)*. NotUiuathfp. 
Ti>AWAKO.<f-««'-U>Kfl.Jffta. Tb* 

■uw wkK Awtt-i- 
To AWARD.fainrl')!.*. Taaijudn. 
r<A1VAItD.(V"Vd^a"- Todaoaa. 
AWAHU. (|-«nl) m. h JtidgmaDl; d» 

toradnailaa. Ib kw, Tito atnUaM of n 

AWAKE, (|-«ye'} ad. Eiziud by uouon. 
AWAY, («'«i') ad. In a miu of aiKaot 

ty ; lb« qualHir of Mtiklaf wkh >*a. 
AWHILE. (t-wLlo'> oJ. Sana daw. 
AWKWARD. ((wk'-wiKl) •. lMlt|aMi 

uQMlila 1 ofilHuidy ; cloiwr i poaena. 
AWKWAHDXeSS. <)«k'-«^«Bi) •■. •. 

lnptc{an» ; dwiiMim. 
AWL. (Ill) H.i. Ad iaMnintml M> ban lioUf. 
AWNING, ((ii^'IiiiikI n.i. Aioiciipnad 

ona a beat, or aav i.Ikii nitboul a nof ; a 

rOTCtukg to drloDd Inrm (ha nyi of Iha nn. 
AWOKE. ^-w(iU') Tl«pcamita of awake. 
AWRY. <fn') ad. Not is a Mi^fta «■ 

iwlieB, obUf u>lj ; aaqidat. wlUt abliiiiM 

vlika; aotVigiuJIy bftvaaa twfl paaui 

DM ta a licht ituc. per*cn«ly. 
AXE. <tki) a. 1. All mMmuaat coaiiiida; 

of a mgtal hrod. villi aihaqi cdp. 
AXIOM. (tk'.ahnB') «■•< A ttU-vriJiiM 

AXIS. (tk'.|>a^ a. t. TU ba. nal «r i»- 
■(iaary. (hat puw* (biough aaj Oaog «o 
tAlch ii may b* ■upn«*fd la nrolns 
AXLE. (ak--*l) )*.•. Tha ton 

AXU:-TRKK. rak'-nl-lm ) } wbichpaMM 
tkit(nl|b tlia niidal of tliv vhiwl. oa *bicb 
tliw anumToIutiau of iha wbatt an pcr> 

AY. (m) a.^. Ym ; indofd. 

AYRY; (a'-^) a. Sm Aiar. 

UUIVTH. <|i'-u^t) a. 1. Hm Uteub 
of 1^ am, 01 of a Mai. ii an nnli bawra wt 
dia nuniUan of tha pliot and any girra 
rcnical lin< . nui|[ii*U(al nuainlb, b as 
audi of ilia bmitao otaulaed haiwiMn tlia 
aim'a Admatb cifota aad ifca amfiiaiical 
mirriiliait . aiiaaih <amPaM. ia an taami- 
ainnl uaed ai xa for loiluig tkc •do'* noft 
Dclical ^"'"■■■>>' 

AZURE, (j^ibrn) a. R\u*-. baai Um. 
TU bmilfick Mm toi blua. 


S. tbt MtM* Wtica or ika DiitUh alpbabai. 
ptMMDcad WfrMttnt Iha «hala Intth «f 
tba Spa lofaOH*. and fiiinaaf than afaa 
vfth a (tniif httalli. 
tSAA.(bf>a.L Theciyof Bikm. 
^ABAA. rba) 0. a. To (tt llLi a iIibm. 
> BABBLE. (bak''l>l> F. ■. To pnnfe lika 
dU 1 to talk idly i to Icll acoeU ; U> 

UABBLK. (b«h--«I) a. 1. IdlMalk i ' 

Um pntUp. 
BABBLRMlUIT,0>tt>'-bl-m{ai)a.a 8aa(*- 

BABBLER. O'lh'-bln) a. •. Aa idto talk- 

ai 1 a IiUm af ncirib 
BABE, (b^) a.1. An inhot. 
BABEItY. (W-b{r-e) a.!. FlMaytoplcMa 

a kabi nr cblld. 


n>M ,— faar, |an i— of . mgw. 

, 0«'.bilk> a. OUdllk 

^IaBOON. <tV^M>'> «. •. A BMkar of 

BABY. (W-h>) >>. k A dtUd ; m iiAax. 
BABYHOOD,' (H'-tN>-bmi) •!.•. Inbocj; 

BACCAITD, (V-M-ttd) '■ BoM *iih 

■>Mto 1 luvinr vaoT brniD). 
UGCBANAL, (fctk'-kviitl) •. Diataii 

HACCHa'nAL, (b|kr-k««tl) n.!. Ade- 
>«*M to Bx^mt, lb( nd of irisr. 

BACCHANAUAN. l^k-kt-nq'-lf-fii) n. i. 

BACCHAA'AUAN, 0<|k-l>t-ii>'-Vv>) «. 

BACCHANALS, (t^'-tf-ntl) n. i. 7U 

dmnkos fruU e( Uacdnii. 
BACCIIANT>:s. fUt-k^a'-M) k. t. The 

mkd pnuu oi iMawtn of meclHu. 
aACCtfEROt'S, (^k•^-r(«l} a. Bcnr- 

IBACHu!oR, (btnb'f W*} "• •• A noa 
; laarttrt j • aaa «bo t>k«« hi* fint itp- 
nan M the uitltMiit; ; > lu]i|>h( of tlia 
' bwHIordar. 
SACIIELOKMIIP. f bfUl>'-A-tn->(.ij>) n. i. 
Tbc cflniljiioD of > buholof ; ih> atMa e( 
Urn wLo hw Ufce* hi* Bnl ilcgTta u tka 

BACK, (litk) n. ». tl* tntdot pan ef iIm 
bodjr I the aoUr Mvt «( iIm hand ; (ba 
raai -, tba place bcUnd ; tb* pan «f an; 
tbini out of mgbi ; tba thick pan of any 
uol. oppiMod to tba adga ; tho m««c of a 

BACK, Oq^) «i. To die placo hn wUcb 
•M cama ( backntd ; tebiad ; tvnrli 
Iblsp ^aM I again, in Nttnm j again, a 
aiooad tuoa. 

TaB.KCK, <btk> hd. To noiiDi on ihg 
back of > bona ) lo placa upon (bo tiBck : 
to munuuB i U i«n)N i to Moond. 

71> BACKBITK, (bf^bita) «.«. T» cm- 
■on tba >bwai. 
I BACKBITER, (bfk'-bi-lft) a. i, A prliy 

tal lamr. 

INC, (btr-^IB-iag) n,!. Saoet 

3NE, (b|kll>9M} *. h Tlie bon« 
BACIUK)OR. (bfk-dfTa) •. i. Tbe doot 

bibiad tba bniMi. 
BACKOAMMON.fbifcinD'-DiVk)*.!. A 
Ekmr Bl lablr* vita box and du*. 

DACKPIECI.. (b(k--pttfM) ti-t. Tbsar- 

nouf vhacb mwf tbc bftct. 
BACKAIDE, (M-4Sf) n. >. Tbi^ btndn 
t»n at »a,j thaf ; tba potwrioun of aa 

7*0 BACKSLIDE, O'lk^Jda') en. Tebll 

od; to apotiaiiMt. 
BACK!>LU>£B. (btk-alf-dli) n. i. An 


BACKSLIDII(O,0qk'-«lidi)-<n|)m,i. Tna>- 

nFMion ; anAi*. 
BACKSI'APP. (W-attn n. I. An inMiti- 
nmt lot Inking tlw md ■ altitude at •«. 

BACKSTTAYS, (htk'-iifM. n,t. R^pMM 
Maj* wbkb ha«f> tba maMa of a abip tnm 
alCidiaag Mnmn af avv/bava> 

BACKSWORD, ()^-«!td) a. 1. A aootd 
wlih one ibiip Mga i alao Iba rude awocd 
c«Ti an d tt coMin «ata, unulMiog 
nmelv «f a alick, vMb ■ baakac budlc 

BACKWARD. (Uk'-wvd) » •<■ Witb 

BACnCWARDS, (btb--<|iit) ) lb* bMk 
bcwudi ; MWMda ike batk : ngnaaiTtly ; 
(ovard* aookMUng pMt ; raftcniely ; (rem 
■ bciiBT u a wcna ataia ; pan ; in tuu 

Bj^WARD, (btk'->tt4) •. VnwiUisf i 
baailaiiag ; alucpib ; dull ; lal*, u d^- 
■an frmta* 

BACKWARD, (bfk'-wfid) a-t. tU MM 

BACKWARDLY, (li,k'-*»rf-»t) ad. U*. 

williattiy , peTKtMU. 
BACKWARDNESS, (ta'-ifid-st*) <b «■ 

Uulfaian; laidinsM. 
BACON', (ba'-kn) n. i. Tbt fladt «t a bsf 

■illad and lined. 
BACULOM^rrRY, (bflL-o-lflu'-nia-wt) a. *. 

Tbe vt of DoutinDii diaiaan* bf mMnacd' 

bacoU (It (laiM. 
BAD, (bfd; a. Ill; noi geedi lidami 

BADE. <bfd) The pnieni* of Wd. 
BADGE, Ibfdja) n. I. A nuik or oogni- 

tancavon ; atokra by which ana iakaon. 
BADOER, (b|d'-jti> m.h. A> aninul tliat 

«ulh* in ibe givnid. 
Tt BAlHiER, (bfd'-jgt) i^a. To coDfoosd. 
BADUKH, (b^d'-jni) a. h In law, Oaa 

tbai boyt viciuala in one plaor, and caiDM 

it tmlo anotber. 
BADINAOE. (b«'-df-n^) a. t. light oi 

jilayful JiH'tFona. 
BADl.Y, (bfd'-tD) Hit. In a bid Biaunar, 
BADNhSN. (bfd^DM) n. <. Want of lood 

r.>BA)*FU; (bfT-i) a. a. To aJudai u> 

OA(j, (bqt) n. 1. A lack oi pooch; Uul 
mat or ■i^iwifcl* in vbich aomc pnnJfuiu 
juic«* an contained : an omamairtal puna 
of nlfc lioil 10 BM * bair. U commam, 
A dnttimmMa ijautity of (ooda, aa cf 
roffn, &t. 

ToBAG, (bw) v.a. To put Inlo a bac. 

Ta BAG, 0V> «• •<■ To wwiHl liU a (uU 

BAGATFXLK, O'K-l-'tO <>■'- A irifla. 

BAUGAOK. (bf^-nja) n.1. Tba fninitina 
of an annj ; Iba {oadi thai arc lo b* ni- 
tlfJ amy ; a vnnbltu vonitn ; a ptn 

BAGNIO, fbyi'-yo) ikb A booaa for bath- 
loj, ivtaQog, and otherviaa tlaanaln| tba 

DAGriPE, (bu'-pipe) n.1. A muMcal in> 
Uniiceat, '"""■""][ ol a Itathcin kag and 

BAGI'ipER, (b^-n-pv) N. t. Oao ibal 

plan can bwpip*. 
B.IgUCTTE, (bl-gftT) n. >. In atdiiMc- 

Dfll— tfbe, lob, bgtl ;— til ;— pffod ;— lUn, init. 


lun, A Uttk raonil mauliUog, Ins ilii> *d 

IIAII.. <(.flo) ■.». In Int. TW Mftini U 
Ubcny oik HtMiad ■mIm ncMrily uoa 
fa M n^ftnno : ■ •■Hj ; ■ cattia 
liiiiit wilbin > CinM. 

T* BAtl.. (UIg) u a. T« giT* loil i u ad- 
Bit 10 haU. 

HAn..\BLE.0>a'44-bl)«. C«iM>blo oT bnnc 

IIAIUKF, (U'-lin •■•■ A tubuMnaia ea- 
<vt -, aa vBcR « hiuo bailnnt it li to *>■• 
(iitf uTBiu 1 an under M*wnrd of nmMMf. 

BAILIWICK, (bf'-lo-vxk) <«.■. TL* jiuii- 
•litlion of B laiUr. 

nAILMENT, (IfLe'-nieDi) n. t. Ttio in- 
liirry of i)u])4[i lo l» tailoi, or la ih* 
builrv. tad MmoCiaiei >Im lo n tlurj ticnoa. 

DARN, (HS) I'""- A**""- 
Ti BAIT, (bflv) r.a. To put tnMl ap«a a 
book 10 wnpl Sib ; to (ita tplfrilliuvul to 

ono'a nll^ or bonM. <u iLo road. 
n BAIT, (HHt*) t. a. To attack *ilh Ha- 

IniDi ; to huUBbjIba belpof Mhm. 
TV BAir. (bfla) t. n. To *l«l> al any plua 

tot ntmbiDMii. 
BAIT, (bate) ■■ t. Mmi to allara fl>h, tie ; 

K Hmpcillao 1 a mfitibmnit OD a Joomay. 
BAIZE, 0*"} "■ >■ '^ ''""^ of conns Ofian 

doth iiulf. 
Tr BAKK, (bfke) 1^ a. To heal uf tiling 

in n (1o« plan ; to intt food in on «*0O ; 

(o hiriirn nilh heat. 
r-BAKC, (bfke) ■.!•. To do lb* work o( 

baking ; U b« bracnl or bakod. 
BAKKHOt'SK.fbakB'-hvvM)-.!. A pIsco 

for baking bmad. 
BAKKB, (bt'-kor) n.>. Ho wIiom Itada » 

BALANCE. (biT-ltnuO n. i. Ons of thr 

(li ilmpla pcnror* la mrcbanlcki ; a pnii 

Bt Kilo ; a iiicu|<)ui»ciil buJatur. or tJia 

mind tDipJoied in (ouipaiin^ ose ibing wilfa 

nuHber ; the act o( tompanng tiro ililn(« ; 

IbeoTCipInaof wnghti that *liichu want- 

Big to nuke l*o paila of aa actDant cion ; 

pqnipoiM, a«, Manet of ponr ; the btallng 

pan of a vauh ; the aini Ijbra* 
TaBAIJtNCK, <bqr-J)iii«) t.a. Toweigb 

in a boJance ; to ragnUio the wragbl ; to 

couDlerpolno ; to (rptalo ac aecuiml -, (o 

pny ilial vUch *ill mnk* the aocouotMoaL 
To li.4U*NCE, (b»r-l»na.) r. n. To Leai- 

Uie . to fliictuaia. 
BALCONV, rhflkif'-ni;, or b^'-kf-B») a. i. 

A frmnv cf ifiiu, KAOfI, or elOUO, btrore the 

wioJov of a room. 
BALD, (bt*l<l) a. Wanting bair; wilboot 

tba uuultonrlng I imadoniod ; Inelrjfnati 

moia ; oakfd. 
BALDERDASH, <).q»r,lsr.l4>b)«.x Any 

ibhig jambled londipt wiihovl JuJuinnii. 
BALUXGS9, (h|wU--i.^} H.,. I be want 

cf ban 1 lh« biM of hair ; meonnm of writ- 

iDE'i inpTonDn. 
DALDPATg, (b|*ld''t^l>) n. >. A bead 

abomaf h^. 


BAtDRrCK, (bf<ri'-dnk)a.t. A glnllf. 
DALE.(kfk)ft.t. A buadli' of (OixU. 
IV HALE, 0^o> »■• Tolar^ouT. 
BAf.)\ O^le) a. ■• MlNiy ; calaniily. 
BAI.Ul'1^ (btio'-ful) a. Fuji uf mitciy: 

foil of mitcbirf ami ill-onn. 
BALIOTEB. lbfr-<*-itT) n. >. A aaw 

BALK. (btwk>iLi 


A i^M b*Kn iitcil in 

BALK, (b|-4i) ■■<. A tidgo of land left 
najJougbed bMwcaa iba fanam ; a diuji- 

TV BALK, (htwkl a. a. To diiappoiitii to 
bau, a* on a hilgr. 

BALL. (bf>l) ■>' I- Any llun); iniiil# in a 
rOUDil fomiaiouiid ihinx <o play wiib. 
eilhpt oitb Ihv band n foot, ut a nulurt i 
a (lotia; iba tkio (pfvad orar a lioUow 
plrie of wood, aniflid unth hail or wool, 
■blili tbe priatm lUp In ink. la iptmd It 
on ilio Iclttn. 

BALL, (bful) ■■• •■ Ad (oicnaliiaieiii of 

BALLAD, (bol' lad) a. ■■ A Mog. 
UALLAD-MtJNbKR, (b^'>l«d-tauog -^r) 

a, 1. A tiadpT in ballad*. 
BALLAD-SIXCLB, (bgl--l)d-.iLg.<r) n.,. 

One vrbou em|)]oj'nicDt ii to vuig ***"■'** 

in the nreeu. 
BALLAST, (Isl'-lvO"-*- A weight plac>4 

at (ho boluon of lb» ifaip to kaap tl atewly I 

thai which ia uuil to maka any ibiag 

To BAl.1JkST, (b«l'-ltK) <i. B. To put 

wigbl at lb* botUm of n iliiii, lo k»op bar 

(Imdy : to ka«p any thing ticady. 
BALLthlK. (Hl-loi) •>■ •- A donoa Is 

which «oioa huiory a rt|irv««^toJ. 
8ALLOU.V. ^b^l'loOD') >>. 1. A latj* rounit 

■hort-oKkod •oaarl luvd in cbrmiilry ; > 

liUI placed OD a pillar ; a lot^e hulbw ball 

of ulk fiUiHl wtdi [u». tttudi aiBki-4 It 

nw Into ttje air. 
BALLOl'. (bfl'-V) n.). A Ulllo baU nod 

la fl*lnc lolBa j tbo act c4 iuun|[ by ballul. 
TuBALLOr. (bir-loO ■■"■ locbaoH by 

BALM, (bun) ".n The tap oi juite cf a 

■brub . oDv iiJuable CI ftngraat oibtm^ni | 

any tliini; ihai tnotht or niitigalri jxiu ; llie 

tianie of a pluil. 
BALMV. <uni'-B) a. Ilaiing lb* ijualitin 

of balm , luolbuig ; froi^innt ; odutlftrout ; 

BALNEAL, (b^-oe-f I) o. Belonging to a, 

bath. i 

BALNE:ARY,{htI'-ao-t-:^)«<(. Abaifalng-J 

BALKEATORV. (b(l'-BM<gr^) 

longing 10 a baib 
BALOTADl*.. <b«l'-fttd#> a. >. A 

bap of an bonh 
BAI.^AM, (btvl'-Hm) B,t. Oinlment. 
11AL.1AMICAU (bil-nm-^kaJ; ) >. Kit- 
UALSAMirK. (h^l-atm'-ik) \ tog lli« 

■jiiuliItAi of balMm. 
BALI'SILR. {b(l'-D>-ijr} a. a A amaU 

fVf *Vi I*!'. ^;— «itt»l'i— Pin»< WPl— "t- "fl**" 


ftbim^ <■ pilorta ffaowl vkb niU <• 

•Min, i>d ta die fnM* oTplllriM. 
•ALVSTHADE. (lil-9*-tmS>') ■. *. An 

—omMm «f lallitfUni, BMd «(•« • ttt- 

iw^ ct tba to* of « baU4nf ■ 
BAMBOO, (Hn-lN^ «. i. Au iDdkn 

r<r BAMBOOZLK, (kuB4«f'-tl) ». a. To 
Aral's ; lo canlouud, 

BAPf. ttvi} M.I. PAluk notJM ptM of 
WHr tUa( itiM ia publickl; (ommMJ td M 

, (MWdda I • cune . tKommsnicalioa ; in- 

r MrdicUoD. Ban of thr Kmjan. a publick 

I (wuiini by whicb Ibr pntil«(t> of ny (rtr- 
VII n iniiicn ircre inapnidctl. 

BAN.tNA. (bd-DK-n*) <••(■ A kiivcm* «r 

nANl). <Lvid) n. t. A tjr*-. my mcaiia of 
u!m or (ninfirtiap;ioiDMbiDc*i]rD about 
ikr* iivcL i IDJ lliint fcouod round looclirt ; 
■By flat to* uunahnt ur mauldlug, udici 
*l« faacia. tax*, or plinth i ft cotnpwiy of 
— "t— ; a rompaiiy of paraooa jirinod u> 

To HAND, (l>|ad) t.a. To milv Mgftbni 
to biud Drn *riib a taod. In bftaUir, 
Aaj ikaiE tioJ rauad »Mll a Iwid of a itfi- 
fnTDi toluur (ran ilir charge ta lald u b* 


Tu BAND, (bfnil) t^ a. To hMoclaiei lo 

DAN'DACC. (btn'-Ja» i. •. Somelhiug 

bounil ont anoUiti ; ibr fiUct at tollai 

wrapped «*(■ ■ voondrd mtmbu. 
BANOBOX, fbtodT-bfka) ■-•. A*l>gb(bai 

itri fer banda and Ibinc* of amll vrifhl. 
UANDELCT, ibyi'-de-l];!) o-i. Is mtM- 

iKriire. Flac vuiuldiiig, oi SIIm. 
BAKDIT. (btn'-du) in. t. A man 

UAMtino. (bto-dit'-tf > 1 outlaind. a 

a [Bbbn. 
lANDim, (hfD>^i'-l;) a. 1. A tompao; 

of ootlsved rabba«> 
NDCKI, (bfa'-dw) B.t. A oorniplioa «f 

ImJ-iLv t a kind of laf)[n do|-. 
BANDOl£ER».(bvi-<lf-lr^*)-.i. Small 

w*odm ra*M.<acb MaiainiDK potnlct iliai 

u a nlGciool cbano for a niiuliaL 
BANUKOL, (b^ad -rfll) a. i. A lilUo S^ 

BAKI)^'. (bfn'-do) n. i. A club lumvd 

round at tottoin fer (irikiog a bdl al |ilay ; 

tho iilny itiolf. 
To IIAXOV. (bto*-^) *. b To b»al lo and 

fto ; to Mcbann i to t|{ita<D i lo tOM about. 

INDYLEU, (b4n'-dfl{g}n.i; A ctookcd 

£AlIbYLECf;ED,(bvi'-di-legd)a. llanoc 

. cnotodl*(i. 

UAM^ (bfa*) n. ■. IWtct ; that wkicb do- 

Ti HANX, (laoo) r. «. To uiiton. 
ItANEFUL, (buo'.fifl) a. Vouoooiia; do- 

roBANti. <bfH)t.a. TobMI) lolhimip; 

M haadle nii|hlj. 
BAND. (baiiK) n-t. A blev ; «t Ibmap. 
r* BAMsTt, (Vo.>^} •■ ■• T» eon- 



dnnn lo Im** hia own coBBtiTr; t» dii*a 

UAMJBMCIO'. (bfn'-oiih-iapit) •.h Tb* 

ati «f baaUoni; . nil*. 
BAMSl'ER, <hta'-W'(*r)a.b A comptian 

of lliirtiaB. vbach wa. 

BANK, mngk> ■. .. TIm MRh hUm •■ 

each ddo of ■ run ; any bMM ]nlM op; 

a bnirb of towai , a place vum auuty 

u taal op ; the coM M B y of jmchib mb- 

c«to*d b siaaaciDB • mm. 
7> HANK. (IfDcl) h >. To atloM «ilb 

bunk*; to lay (IB maary in a bank. 
ItANK'BllX. (bfagk-blll) >.•. Aoolafcr 

isimiry laid op i> a baal. 
UANK-SruCK, (t«ick'.«ok» • «. U«M 

of Ibo nahlick limda M <«Am. 
UA.NKKR, (l^n^'-fr) a. I. Oaa that Bat- 

Ack* la fnnntry, at LMpB a bank. 
DANKia'FT. (b«aEfc'-npt) a. ladtteb*. 

j»ad lb* pcwn of payoiBitt. 
BAKKKVPT, (bvi|[V-fV|«> a. I. Amdcr 

wbro Mil, OI braaka, to a* to ba uaMn to 

pw bia lUbi*. 
BAKKRUPl'CV, (bfotk'-nipi-w^ n.b The 

Mutt of a nadei brokcs. at baolnlpl. At* 

Khnkrufileii, Aay act wtith maLM a man 
fatly a hankiujit. Caanfaui ^ baalt- 
•HfMnr, A vanaul rnowd tgaiait tay 
tiiiUt *ho i* (huccdwiikan ace of bask- 

IIANNEK. (bfn'-att) n. ■. A Bag : a nand- 

aid -, a atioaBiFt bonie ai the md of a 

DANNERKD. (bfn'-ari-gd) pal. a. Dw- 

tJapBE bannmt. 
BANSekLT, (h(ii''i)t^-^i) n.>. A kaigbt 

mado ia the fittd, *riih Iha cctnuony of 

nuiog off Iba pcmi of hii aiandatd, and 

maUoa il a baaati i a lidla bonnrt. 
BANNEROL, man oropariy BANDHOL. 

<t^n'-n>r-[fU] n.1. A Uulo dag a itnanrr. 
IIANMA.V. (bfii-yfD'> a.*. A moning 

gowD ; a nligiuiu accl amoDg ibo iBdiaaa -, 

an lodiis (no ao called. 
BANNQCK, (bfu'-Dfk) n.t. A caU mado 

of buUv niaa!. 
BANglEI, (btn''k«<() •i^'- AfcBM. 
Ta BANQllbT, (b^n -kvgl) a. a. To toM 

■ilb (eatu. 
r> llANUl'fn'. (bia'-kw|l) *.a. Tolawli 

In fitt a (rati, 
BANgtltrr-HorSE. nitn'-kwtl-hgvio) or 

BASyl ErlNCi-JIOlSF.. (bui'-kwti-iag- 

bgyw; ti. I. A kouK ubcie baoiurU an 

BANQVETING, rb)ii'-k»tt-iDg) s.i. Tbe 

net of froitini:. 
II.^Ngl'Krnr, (btng-lLiO "■•• la foniG. 

(■Iiuit, A uiiall bank al tbs fool of t)io 

paraprt. fur tho aoldicn lo mount ujioa 

vlian tbcy firr. 
BAN^iJIKi:, <ban'-»br>>B... AkiadotlrUi 
11KN?*HKK. (L™'Jw>i fwry. 
BAKTAM. (bia'-Evn) n. t. A aprtlM ot 

cot^k, buTlng lb* tliinka (rMbaiMl. and 

long Itotbtn bahind. 
7a BANTER, (bfu'-isr} a.«. Toplayopon. 

of/t i~Vi\m, (fib. bifll ;— (il 1— ptvnd i-HAlu, tnU. 



lUNTCR, (bfa'-ifi) •.•■ BMIml*; n!l- 

B^^UNO. (bvtt'-Jl^c) ftk AUul»cUld. 
UAma.l). (^p'-<ii■■» ••-<■ A ueruDrot 

or (he L'liriniui thmti, iilnusuutiMl by 

ablaiioa )( Iha boJf . wiA k conklo Tana of 

BAPTISMAL, (tf |»-l{^-ai^) ■. PnitalDlng 

W haptiin. 
BAPTIST. 0^-^) n.^ H« tbM kd- 

BAmSTKRY. (lw'-tiMei->C) ». I. Tfce 
plur* wluT* l*u<uoi ii ufankutand. 

BAPrisnCAU (btp^'-tr-hfl) ■■ Rein- 
ine lahutiMD. 

Id U.unZS, (Up-liM') *••» ToadmUMn 
ihr ncnaWBtMWpUBii (o<bri*«n. 

BAK.(liu)<Lk WlMt U l^d cfow k pM». 
•(• 10 luodfi oattano* -, a bolt ) ttMnictioa ; 
> fkl* t ■ lock, «r loaii o( uad, lU tha m- 
liuico at k hoiboni ; what U uiod tat prr- 
*«ndaB, 01 aelwdwi : ibo biko* » os«U 
•f law nrlMn caom «• tnod, « vbcn 
nimlnali Mand ; u lockacd pl*M i* k 
U*tRi. wboia UiP bouiOfcwpM tit*, la 
law, A pnFmploty cRrnlion afiiaal a da- 
mai or plw. la bfnidty, A bMuonul 
tBkrk drkwoacnwibeaicuicbMa. Bat of 
(oM OTiilnT, faalDilipor wideafrom tha 
miaa* nulttd down into > aort «f mould. 
Bon. ID mwck, «ra auoUi diawa pnpni- 
dicalfiity anoaa tba Unaj of • piK« «l 
■uuck. (« dltido tha not** la rcapect <d 
that dotalion. 

BAH-SUOT. (hf^abgi) a. •. Two half 
Inllatt Jehiad mothoi Bj an Irna bai : lurd 
in MS eBHi|aman(i. 

n BAR, {lat> a. a. To l^uian as; Hiiag 
with a bat; tohiadvi^ tDprataol; to Aul 
out ; Kt vtcludr from ntr. or claim ; to 
pmhiUti tokotfl. la Inw.Totuodo'lha 
pooan of k mib To W a nia, an op«r- 
Mloaia tarriai;. 

BARU, (barb) a. i. Any thlnic tbat ftvm 
ia lilt {ilaia of a bukM : lb* poiati (hat 
■uiut backwaid ia an know -, tha armoui 

BARU. (bBib) n.i. A Barijary bnrw. 
To BARIi.jbub) t,a. To tbs<ra . In tumiih 
hattat Willi kfmoui ; to jag aTTOw* witli 

BARBACAN. fhti'-ba-litB) a.i. A (Onit- 
<Mida baftan the wallj of k lows -. a lot- 
t kt the rod of a bridgo ) >a opfojog In 
(ha *kll M ■hmi ml oi. 

BARBARIAN, (b|i-bt'-iT-|ii) n. I. Amu 
ODcMliiod : k bralal monitet. 

BARUARIAN, (bat-ha'-n-ao) a. SMaer. 

^ARItARIC^" ■" - - 

uof mliti^ii. 

BARIIARICK, (bfr-tv'->k) a. Ftmpi; 


-ft) ' 

BARBARISM, {bu'-b|hra>) a. fc A form 
of ([inKli coDtrary to tb« purity of any 
laoguato i igoonmic of aru i brwalhy -, 

BARBARITY. (h*r.b(t'-T-tt)»i.t SkTsgo- 
DFtt . cT^ntry - bubttninif 

Tj IIARDAUI/K, <>jr'-*iT!«> r. a. To 
fadD| back (o baibkiink ; b> mdn laTB^ 

Fato, br, 1^11, fit 


TbBARBAni7t; ( t, a. To 

roinmit a lA^bariua. 
BAItBARUUS. (bcrt^t-ni*) a-h Potein 

todiUity ; oeMrary (0 tbo Ivim of tpeacb i 

inoraat ; cnol : tnbumka ; Iruul. 
BARBAROUXNFJft:. (bai-hf n-Bf) •>■ >■ 

iDcinliiy of auuuiani i Impuiiiy of Un^ 

BOaae) cnel^. 
BARBATED, Ibni-bf'-Md) paft.a. J»g;cd 

with pobila I bMtdcd.' 
T* BARDACVE, (bnr'bt ka) r,». A tarm 

uatd i» (he WeM Indiea foi dnadov a bo« 

BARBED. Q>V^*ei} pM. «. riin>ubtd 

wnh BrnMir J Mffwdd 
BARDEL,(b«r'-bl)a.i. AkJodoTiitTtfialii 

■DparflBaiu SMh io the moalli of a bonp. 
BARBER, (bai'-br) •>■ >■ A siau wbs 

abkTPt tbo btanl. 
BARBERRY, (bk/-b£(-ia) ■.■■ Vifpu- 

idga biub. 
BARD, (Uid) •.(. A pOMi aminnin-l. 
BARDICK, (•Vd'-lk) a. U^tiug m tbs 

bardi «> pocM. 
BARE, (hoc) a. Nakfil ; waadnt doilin; 

uocavNcd ; madonud -. pooi , ladigcnt ; 

man ; thrradboni. 
IVBARE, (Iqn) a. a. J^t Mrip i lo ea- 

BAREFACED. nmf.bMt) a. ShsnalNk. 
BAREFA(ri-:DLY,(b«iV4(He-lf) «t Op«< 

ly ; ■Iiiunrfiilly. 
SARK>'ArKI>\h3iS. O^n'-Cuto-oM) a. i. 

EUnmlaiy ; aMoianc*. 
BAREFU01', (buo'-(^l) a. Qaftas no 

BAREFOOT. (b*ro'-tvt) ad. Withaat atofi. 
BAREHEADED. (b|n'-bpl-dod a. tin- 

Mrntd taieapati. 
BARELY, (bfte'jf) od. Nakedly ipoorty; 

vithm decoMJaa ; metrlj. 
BARENESS, (bu«'-oM) a. i. Ntkfdnna ; 

Isaiuwaa , poTTty , nimuveia of dolhea. 
BARGAIN, (bu'-gfiu) a.i. A cooancl ; 

tho (luQ); bougbt M told ; (tipulaUOD. 
Ttf BARGAIN, (blr'-pno} v.*. To nmk* 

a roDtruri. 
BARli.UNLE, (bu-n-ooe') CN. He thai 

nrcepti a bargajn. 
BARGAINER, (bft'-gfiitr) ii.a Tha pet- 

•OD who oaL** a baixiua- 
BARGE. <baiig) a.!. A bokl for ptpamio ; 

a lea-i^tsimiuidar'* boaCi a boat tut bui- 

BARUF^IAN. (baijo'-Difn) a.i. Tba mln- 
acn of a buva. 

bahu}:masi^r. <ij|rj^iDu-ip) « i. 

TtiE owBti td k baiM wkch tunc good*. 
BAUK. (bilk) tuu The rind ot coteriet of 

a tn* ; tbe modidna calUd. by «ay«f dia- 

tiactiaa. toHk, La. it) fnnianj a aiokll 

7t BARK, (Wk) V. a. To atrip tnr* ot 

(boi baik. 
r> HARK, <b«k) V. a. To make tbir nuuo 

of a dog ; to cImdoiu aL 
BARLEY, (bat'-le) n.1. A gmn of wliicti 

mall U made. 

BBl i— pine, pin 1— ft?, mjae. 


BAttLSY-COUI, (W.]»Jh^) «. i. A 
gnh of bar)«f ; lbs MgnmiaE of our 

I at length, being tlu i 

ion of! 

■hr» wkfN mu«d bulrr i* mivmI on. 
URIXY-SUGAB. (tv^l9-diK''V> "• *- 
A (watt B«ki, b«iB{ wgn boilrd uU It b« 
UnW, bourij wiib > dccoclim of bw- 





()«nn) «.(. YtMt: tlM 
HI WW ^nnk to nuk« ii wodb 
BATtMASTER. (W-miMr) >- •■ 


BARIHY, (V^w) •. C«nt^nlnt)iu». 

BARN. (Hn) a.(. A jdKa br laylni i^ 
mit, £a*, or Kntv. 

BUNACLE. <t«r'-(i4-U) n. •. A iina of 
■hell'fiib ihu growi Bpoa timlict Hm Iim 
in tk« •»; aa iutraoKUfn lli* •■• at 
fatiMn, ta bold tho bmo bj the wm*. 

BABOMETEK. (b*-rf«^-Bt4cr) •>. •. A 
mwbint for iHtBhaa dio crwiqr of tba m- 
■to*|ib«s, in owr cUoIt (• deununa Iks 
cbiuitfiu of the wr^thet- 
■AROSlEraiCAL. (b|r-f-mit'-l»-MI) a. 
Relniing to the bwomowr. 

BARON, <b|i'-iTD) >. 1. A dtgnu at no- 

thUiw next to a riKoook la law. llio iitia 
of tM judm of tb* ExeheqooT j laraa it 
Hied tot uo bi^band in rotatim lo Ui 
BARONAGE. OV-nn-ti*) ■''■ Thabody 
of btmo* and p*«*i tli«dl(n(» of ■ loroa ; 
lb* kod vUcb (Itm litla M a tMOA. 
BARONESS, (V-rtn-M) ••. •. A loion'* 

BARONET, (trtt'-f^l) ■.«. Tho lovut 
^tgrt* of hiinniir (bml ■• hwodilBiT, b«4a> 
■ barag tod atioH a Laichc 
UAROTILAL. (t^-ra'-u*^) *. RrUiintto 

a baron o> baronj . 
BAltUNY, (bv'-r^-c) H. (. Tbu boasui 
oi lotdihin ibM pm wlo lo a tainm. 

BAROSCOPtX <^/-l1f'«^t•) "••■ Aaort 
of tiaKiniacn'. 

BARRACAN. (V-tl-Lvi) •(.*. Aaueag 

tbick kind of caiutlol. 
BARRACK. (btr'-i«k) n. >. Buldinci M 

lodu loldirnk 
BARRATOR. (h|i'-it-nr) n. i. A vnog- 

kr. tad «aMur«g«T it biw tuitt. 
BUtRATRY. (l«r^-ttf) «.*. FMlpnu- 

BARBEL, O^-tfl) n. L A nnind woodoti 

tHa»l ; a paninlat mioiiire ; anjr Ouag 

heOaw; u, thg JurrW of a gun ; acyllucbt. 

Bvrriy Atiw.iaacanif bobiDd UBljm- 

T* BARREL. <kv'-rtl) c. a. To pul an; 

(lUait to a UanL 
BARKEN, <l^-r^) o. Notpolifckian- 

Jhdlftil I ttM conunu ; BuntantDib 

BARBEHNESS.7V-'S°-"f*> "- •■ ^'■^ 

of oApring-, onliaUhtaiH; waolotiiiTon- 

lion ; wani of natlir i uliUiy. 

BARRICADE, (ti|4t4^') la... A for- 

BARRICADO, (Ifi-ff^'-Jf) ) tilkadaa 


B»do «r tTM*. tarik. &C. to kMp cff an * 

r* BARRlCAnE. (btM*-hait'] In... T* 
r* BARRJCAIK>. ibv^r^'-df) ) lBRil>i 

to Map ap a paMU*- 
BAlUUEB.(fc«i'-nH<r)..fc labrdSMtit^ 

A fiBM GompoMd of ciaM alkkaa, Ik. to 

dafaod jtt aoM aBOfc Akafiiciio: a atop; 

a bu ID mark Iba tnoici of anf pliM ; a 

hound aty. 
BARBISTER. (bfi'-iicigr) a. i^ A cobb- 

BARROW, (W-rf) -. 1. AajUodofaar- 

tun motvd W (bo haad. 
BABItOW. (b^-nr) N, •. A kri* liilbck 

ra moDDt, niwd m manTfoKa of Englunl. 

•offoaod taba t^UMafi if thp Raatm 

fat ikar Acad. 
To BARTER. <bti'-tfr) v. a. To tnOck 

W txbaoring. 
7a BARTEH. (b$r'-({r) >.«. T« giaa any 

ibini in aacbWDga feu ani^Uia. 
BAM^, Oil/'-V) ^ '■ TnOcUat l>y 

BARTERER, <bv'-t|pv) ■.» Ha ik« 

traffrtt by ^^''^■ff f 
BARTERY, (ht^-tti-if) K-b Encbaagaof 

BARTON, Ov'-tn)*.). Tla danw ne landa 
of a manor i tk* maoi-houaa lualf -, and 
aonoiiiDaa iba oaibonaaa. 
II.\5AL1. (bt-«|)l'> a.1. A aort of UacA 

porcelain, c^ onily Om aame prnniiilUa 


tVadgwood and BaMlov. 
BA&ALTES. fbiV'toi) mi. Baaalt, a 

genua of aaiu* of ibo antUiidoa* ordai. 
BASAL1ICK. (bfatT-iik) ^ Kanng iha 

aaluiv of kaiAll. 
B.biK, <b^} a. Meas; of BMan otnril ; of 

low alatUio ; of BO bonoanbl* biJlb ; Ulo- 

girimaia: ^■pli«dwM(Cala,''itliDuiTaliUi 
appKad to aooad*. 4(epi gnvaj low, in 

uoaiuoo or plue. 
ultil^BORN, (bfaa'-Vn) a. Rwn on! of 

wedlock ; of low pamitoaa ; *tla. 
BASE-VIOL, (h>ai-Tt'-«l) »- •• Aa Inam- 

nrnit uawl (or ua bwo amad. 
BAHK, (bus) n.i. Ilui botUoi «( foaada- 

lion of aoj thing i iba padaaial af a atataa i 

tbo broad |iart of any biid} i at, tha botUtt 

of ■ cona ; Iba fMI of a pillaf. 
BASELESS, (bfM^-IiM) a. Wtibont tonn- 

BASELY. (baia'-la> ad. la a baM or aa- 

wortlit maiuiar. 
UASUIIKhT. (bfaMnmi)*.!. A Motimed 

bmte, utcndad a ooniidanbl* loMb. 
BASENESS. (Haa'-aaa) a. I. 1J^«ni 

riJeoHa, (iiBcr Of Bind or nwua; dorp- 

noH of tow^ 
BA&ENET, (bf^-att) -.i^ An bolnat ot 

BASFIAW. (bvdi-|*'}a.i. Atideofbonoiw 

amoni! tbo Tuika, properly facba. 
B\SJIKi:i.. (bfUi'-fvl) 1. Modeiti thacp- 

iab ; •hamrbcvl ; (by. 
DAimir'DLLY, (b«tb'-lvl-lf) «(. ModaMly 

n(ti— tub*, tab, byU^t)!)— pfqndi— Aia. luia 


iw utk ■luinwi. 
lASTL, (bt)'->l) ■■ 1. TI■^ urI* Io vhkli 

Uh >Jn of s piavt't Uol i( pi"""! >**y- 
b BASIU (I'll -iJ) r- > 'I'o pi=>i tho edge 

(■( a Uwl U >B anclr. 
l-UlILtCA, (l)t■«i^-a.^) a.!. TtieiDldiUe 

T«lii of th« Mm. 
BASILICA. 0>t-ill'-^kt)ii.<. AlBigekalli 

iBASIUCAI., (bi-i.r-«-k4l) >'■ BclODcinc 
I BASILICK, (.lii«-a'-Uj i 10 tba bMC 
L Ikk. 
ISASILICON. (^-lir-f-kvn) II.I. An oint- 

BASILISK. (htZ-ft^) >.(. A kiad or 

I irrivnii I fpcrin^dnuan. 

[B.UiJN, (h»'-«) B.i. A miBll WMet lo hMd 
w&ln ) • uiinll I'Dnil ; wijr bullow yiaif 
lOfMiioui or liquula ; ■ tUck for rrpairing 

rB.UlJI. (h|'-(^t) «.■. Tbn bow nr foiuib- 
liOB : lli« luavll ef [he llnvr prioripal put* 
of « loluuui , (luLi on n'bicb nnjr thing ii 
laMrd t the pnlMul i Iha (round wwi of 

Ta UASK, (^ik) V. <• To vann by lajins 
oal ID tbo boat. 

> UAKK. <l«^> fL*. To Ik ia tho wamih. 
IXKLT. (N*'-M> «. (. A TWMl mode 
a( twin, nubc*. &c. 

' Basket-hilt, iM-Ut-iiH) a. <. a hiii 

«f a DMpon whieb conuin* (bo wboln 

BASKCT-WOMAN. <^-kM-wun-^) ». 4. 
A womaa thai plio* at maiut «lllt a 

IS&. (bfi) ■■■>. .A mat nMd ID <hunha*, Aic. 
(tufi) ■, I. A fiah uf ihn |>m'b kind. 
J (biiftt) a. tn muu<k. Gnm ; flj^rrii. 

lASS-KKLIKf. (lit*-n-!Atf> '■■'■ licuV 
tuMk iIm S|nm ot wUcli do aoi Mand uui 
6wa llw rrouDd ia Ihvii full proinnim. 
BA^VIOL See BiiiVioi. 
BASS^', (bai'iri) n.i. A gnmo al canU. 
BA^S0-KI:LIEVU. Sen Btu-Kiuir. 

30N. (hfi'KDB) II.I. A moticst wind 
JMtniiniioi. kltrvu with amd. 

TABD, (bfa'.tfrd) iht. An l!li>);itintiiM 
lU 1 u; Ihing ■puiiau* ', a piece al urd- 
n>nr» to tallHl. 
BASTARD, (H^-ttnl) ■■ Itli^iiawl* ; ipa- 

nBAS1'AKI>l/K. <IV->V-<I|») '^•L To 

oaaTirt of bini; 1 bailard. 
BASl'AKDV. (l-v'-ltt-df) n.i. lis Hate 

of Uis)- ( llUtBld. 

r> DA!<r>:. (lM)ite) •. a. Tu liMt with a 
Mick 1 M dnp butm upon nmt whpn on 
(he $fU ', to lew illchtl}. 

BASTlNADfX <t<i>lp.fli)de') >>ki.Tbeac1 

BASTINADO, ( >i> in n^'.dit) j of boalini: 
witb ■ codcel ; ■ luiliiih poouhmAnl of 
liralin an oKoiiln on the lolen of bli liivt. 
'•BA8T1NADC. (bt*-ie-ii4do'> >«.«. To 

r* H^ltTINADU, O/^^-m^'-d.}) ) imt 
wilb tbe baaliiiad^. 


BASTlfSN, (bf»'-tHs) n. I. A hogc iniui 

of MrtK, umSt-f bai with udi, luuidui^ 

oat (ran a rampart ; a bulwark. 
BAT. (hft) ^t. A Umij (tick. 
BAT, (l^) fi. 1. Aa (Dimal baiine l)ie 

bodi of a mouw and th« wino of > biril. 
BATFOWLING. (bu'-fffJiag) a.t. Kird- 

(nu'hing ID tbo dghl litM. Tbej btht 

torctioor nraw, *ad than boat the boAioi 

upoa vhirh the birdi Bying to (be tmrr. 

ar* i.iucht Fiibei with neti, or Oth*twiM>. 
ItAT<*ll. ih(iah) a.b Tha qoiotlrr of bnnul 

liiLi.l n> ■ time ; a quantllr of mj th^. 
TiKATK. (bfte) l^.a. To leMra ; to aink 

Iha plica ; to lowM a danuutd ; to cut off ; 

HATE.MLNT, (btle'-mnil) a.1, Dinioalioi). 

BATH, (bart) a. I. A rKeplacIc forwalet 
tar ih« pDtJKin of bnlhini;. In <liiini*[ry, 
A nHitnraiwa fay wbirh b*ai li (nnn-frd to 
anjr eubManre, ■■ whni a bwljr i* lioatrd by 
tbe (train or nnour of bolliog wunf. It to 
Skill (o bf dati« by meiuii of 1 t-qamr tath. 

ToUAl'ltK. (b«tna} ho. Tomh^loni;- 
ple or Hftrn ; In waih any Ihtng. 

To BATIIK, (b(in«J t. ■, To tare one'ebody 
ID walci. 

BATHOS. (b|'-lAfa) a. >. Aala-cliaiax. 01 

■inkiiu In IMMCtT. 
BAIING. (ba'-t^> 

prlp. ElCfpl. 
BA TLKr. (bal'-T;^ a. •■ A (quars piece of 

wood, iinnl Id Maliga linoi. 
BATOON, (bf-loon') a.i. A iUirorduhj 

a tnincbpoD or nanlAl'i tuUI. la hnatdij. 

ill introductjon into (be eK^tcbeon den^jiL.* 

itlcciiimaie dMrem. 
BATTALIA. (b^UttlB'-n') a. u Tbe otdn 

of baiilei tbonalBbady of ao army. 
BAITALION. (bit-nr-juD) a. 1. A dwi- 

■ien of an army : n 'ruup . a body of forvce. 
Tv HA1TEI., (b«t'-tl) t. rb To em*r fal : ts 

Uand iDdeUed in the Fiille|«-bi>oka. at Oi- 

(onl. for wbai i* npsudDd at the bntteiy in 

tba nocoaMiio* of oaiini; und drinking ; at 

Canibrid|[n, tdt ii u*Af in n rimila/ eenae ; 

in th« formu uniTonty ihi-re i* a ■tiidevi 

named a hifttbr or hilll'' ; in llui [alcrr. a 

BATTKL, (bft-ll) n.i. Thp actnunt of (he 

MppDM* ot a iludnnt In any eoIJi-jTi id Oi- 

To BATTfl.\, (l>4t'-tB| r. M. To fattFD. or 

mivki> fat -. '0 (rrtiliie. 
T» BATIKN, (Ujt'tn) Ro- Topowfat. 
TuUATrKN, (bii'-iD) r. a. In ntebleec- 

lurr. liv (idn uf a wall ihal bal(ta, b uid 

to bnllen. 
To ItAITKU, (bal'-lp) r-a. To bcal dotro 1 

to weni with brabni ; to *«»r out with 

ItATrER,(btt'-Ier] t.t. A nliture (^aero- 

T%l inirKdirnU Cr4Ua tonlliat, 

BAlTERlXG-RA.M,(lv'.t«-ingiV"> ■■»• 

Aa anripnt Dulitity engine. 
BATTKBY. (VlM-rr) a.* Tbe att ri bit- 


F)M, (ir, 1^11, 1^(1— inf, ni{ti—iqac, |>ip i— BO, mgt^. 




MflnKl>HM(ifcwiiciti ; ihc hune.or raaxd 

•rork, apes vbicfc cMsMDW ue BOUDUd. Id 

t»*. An auaoll ums a aaa't pvnon. 
BATTXC (b^r-ti) ••■ 1. A «(ht ; ■• M- 

coaqtrt ti g m w oppacloc anKM. 
r« KATILK, (.V-l^ ■>"■ '^0 <<"*<«J tn 

BATTLE-ARRAV. (lti'-U-v-ii')«.h Or- 

dtrof kuilr. 
BArrLE-A\F..ibt(-.d-lki> it.b AvMpm 

tuvd Ulcindy. 
BATTLF^DOOR. (tHr-d-dnr*) w. i. Aa 

iaMinincat <rith a handl* and > lal bouil. 

■Bvil ta fli; to (Irilw n lall, or tliuUl*' 


BAn'Lt:3l£NT, (Utt'-ll-usall o-i. A vnO 
with *nihn*un>, at lainKkoB llirai^ 
•hicli to BBDoy lliD maaj, 

SamovotBi m m v«4 WkMilcinMaL 
BAl'DEE. (bt>-b*f') -. >. A Sioicb Ulf- 

Tu II A ILK. Sn Dili. 

ItAWULK, (bt«-M) ■■>■ A (v«-(nr;a 

trifling lMr« a( Inrrj. 
BAWD, (if*') ■> !■ A prwunr, oi |>ra- 

T> HAWD, (l<}wil) (. •. Tu iiiururo, id 

lircndp nllula wlib ttnini|if tt. 
IMWUIl.V. [bfo'-^lo) aL UliHxnply. 

Kdilll VI IcHillMU, 

SAWUmCK. (btV-dljik) ■■>. Sc* B>L- 

Dllll:!, A l>^ 

BAWDRY, <li(«'-ilif) n. I. TU {itMlicD 
wboRSi oliKcuily. 
''-da ) n. Filthy ; oUione. 

BAni>v.iioi;sF,"(i^»'-ap-h™.)i.. fc a 

houK rtrrc DwOci M mada by vwicduvM 

MtJ delAuchrfy. 
7* BAKU (bf.'l) V.H. To bocM ; 10 ihout 

«lb ii'liuiwan ; la cij u > (iiinud tUJ. 
}> llAWL, lb^l> t.t. To |irc(buiu u ■ 


BAY. (^) K. lacliaiai 1« > diMnal cotaui, 

apfilitd (o bonn. 
IIA) , (la ) n. I Aa ajvnlog inla iW *l>an ; 

a I'm or (v^nil-hv^ fur Ji><i*£ a oiUI- 
BAV. <tq) ■■>. lhKMaleo[Miy tLiuj^ lui- 

roandod by voMDiw, whiiti » Uvea uid :o 

BAY, <b>) lub Hie rsnule Uursl i ao ha- 

amuy cnnia or DaiUod. 
Te BA\ , (b(J (. «. To baA ai a dO|; al 

BAY-&ALT. Oi^'-*tl() <■■ •■ Sail mir of 

Mk VUci, vtnih rmiru it* inntKii iicp 

ir(M thr heal of ihit hih, iiud u m> tiilsit 

(nun u» biOBii olour. 
UAYUNKr, (ba'-jv-KfOi-i- Aahoitnwrd 

«t dacMf lluJ u III* «sd of N nuulc*. 
7« B-lVONLT, ^ba'-yf-DEl) v a. 1o drirc 

fiirvaid «nh the 'Ujmuf. 
ll.UAAH, (ba-iff') n.k A (OOitiM niBikrt i 

a lotenA plats ha nhJKiing aad Mllnij 

BAY2£. SmDiiu. 

of proonaic t 
BA\^Y. (fc,. 


puu l«aa(fat ItalD the L«nab 
Ti BL, (bfo) p. fc To have fc«a oiruM 

atala ; Ifa* auiUaij *«>b tyvhicb iW Rf^ 

paMin i* Itned i to *nn i la have «nM> 

BEACH, (hrfiah) a.h Tbv ibani tJM 

■ tlMld. 

Dt.AC:uN, <hf'-kD> a. t. SoBfilag taixJ 
oD *BranDsaca,«ebr Sr«d on IW apjinarh 
ol u •BiMnj i Biaika BCvcMd ta dJcKl aari- 

rv BEACON, (be'-la) n.*. To albtil U|hi 
aa • htacM ; U M^ <t\u 

DEACONAliE. (lirMui-aje) «.■. M«r.^y 
pud for ouaiwaing <A Iwntriti* 

BCACONEO. (bg'-hnid) «. HaTtog ■ 

BEAD. (M«) •■ <- SnaD globe* of ^^^ 
m woeu urasi upan a ibcMl. and lud by 
iL* ItoDiaiiUU to coont tticU piayo* ; Litln 
balb won abtmi tlir Bnclt ; lay (lutafct 
bodiea- lo nnlulMtun. A iMod aMHild- 
iog. ran*! ia then •nbeaiBaal*, Ufca lh» 
bnda ofaaKcUacr. 

BEAULE. {.ba'-iU) a. 1. A mnMn|,iq b»- 
loofiaf to a oout, or jiuLlicL biJy \ a r*ily 
olllc>t ta HirittiM. 

Ur.ADt.l-:£HII'. (l>r--dl'«Lii>} -. •. Tha 
oIKl'c (i( a liM^le. 

BKADROLL, (»cda'VI) n. 1. AcUalofUa 
of tfaoH who aie 10 b« nitMioooi al |iinyrt>. 

BKADSMAN'. (Iief<U'-ni«a) i>. h A maa 
vniiilnjrd ia prayiae. (trrivntly for auDtlift. 

{ti:Al)s\vuMAN.(l»vdj-wvin.anj n, ., A 
irDmAu who p'ayv for anniWr. 

BILAGIX, (bf-gl> K. ■. A (mtllLounJwiib 
vtocb ham an huatnl. 

BF.AK. <bTfc*) n. iL Tht btit 01 homy 
■noaiJt of a bird ; a |i>nD ol btiM liko ■ 
brak. fiiad al lliftitd of tha MLClBUl||«)Ur«. 

IIKAKCU. (bf'-fctd. «i btlil} «. Ilaiing • 
Ix-ili, or the (oiD of a bi*l. 

IlKAKElt. (bo'-Lsr) ■%. t. \ towI (ok 

BT.AM, (l>^0 ■- >• Tlo main tric<r* of 
iiiab>r iLu auiFyoit tLo roof of a booM. or 
ibc dnt of a tkip . any laiifo aud lonit 
piKC of iuDt<rr ', iVal ]iut of a lalaoce. at 
ih( Miila of vhjcb lie Katra an aDipendwl ; 
ll>c boiB of a ttag : iha pale of a (hariol ; 
a cjlindriral pioc* of wood belonpng lo ilm 
loom, on wlikh iJia aeb ii gradually rolird 
a* it ia woian ; ths ray o? light caiittod 
ftom WHIG loBiDou body. 

TV BEAM, <^n«) i. n. To ahiaa loRbi 
to rmtt raj* or twani*. 

IIEAMY, (li«'-iiti]) u. Radiaai; thinanfi 
bat be bonu ui uutletiL 

BCAX. (liBiie) II. 1. A •ptcirt nf pul»# ; 
the vomnua (ard(D boaii. iba huru ht«a, 

r* BEAR, (lue) i. •. ptrt. Im. ot W<j 

Can. paM. brf. at 'trn. To cMiy «• a 
uttWB ; to «c«tey or tan; ; to tany ta a 
maik of aothorily nr ibliactiini ; to rap- 
pwt 1 la lany ia tl<* nnod, m loirr, l^w ; 
10 anduro i lo tvMn -, ta uadnca , to pet- 

■ft }— IfU, ivb, bifU ;— (jl i— mnJ ;— Oi-, mi*. 



tnit; (Dpeaian.u fruit; ioMBcl«(tlk,M 

■ fUld ; lo Kl upon, H, ho ban luird 
upca hut, 
TbBEAR. (hm) i.ib To HiafT i«la I 10 
MidBn ; <o ^ lacitM ; lo be ftuMil or 

CrotiSck ; m tiim tCecti (o luccrtil : (a 
r clir*c(rd to la* poiDi, ta. a ikip u Mid 

19 imi to Lhr aonh : to ba ■iiuoud wiUi r«- 

■pfcl tn otbcT pluv*. M, ild» BCuMala 

WD vr«i of ih* prammuirr. 
BK\K. (laxr) n.i. A nrii[fi w»[pr wim*! 

In uUonoaiy, Th* D*nio of Iwo COAJUI- 

luioot. olloil ili( grmltr at ta»r Aior t ta 

t^ tkil of ihv toKr tew ii ih« polo-alu. 
DEAIUHilTING.Oua''tsM-niK)-->> Tti« 

•]WM af baiiiDf b»n wiiL Aatt. 
BEAR-GAKUKN. (b^'.|{u-<lii ) r.i, A 

filca tt vliicb bmti* OMd (u bn li^ for 

■pan : nn; plu* of tnoiult. 
Bf:AR'S-BREEClI,(lai^-breuh)N.iu Th* 

*i4lnr eiuiw tn U» kcUiiLui njiinotii*. 
BEAR'S-GAil, (bari'-wij I1>a nuncuU. 

BEAR'S-rOOT. l.t-ta'-'vO •>■*■ Alpodu 

of btUaborr. 

BF.ARD. <b«ril) ••.>. The h«u that fTOvi 
OB tliii tift ud rliia ; linif iitvUm gm^- 
lop; up4B Ih* tn of COTS ; > bM^ on aa 
■ROW ; lh* bMnd of ■ bon*, it ihu part 
which bran ihr cub uf th* briillr. 
' 7b BEARD. (Wrd) * a. To i.a« u pluck 
br llic bojtti . 10 oppOH in (hi fii^a. 

BEARUED, (bt#nl'.»d> *. FUmic a bvud i 
batinF aliup prii'klM. M (am ; battiml or 

BLChu'lESS. <bMtd'V) *- WUhout ■ 
bwrd . yoDlUal. 

BEAR^U ^liin'-tt) a. •. A tsnkt ; oao 
•aplajwd n cuiytnK bnnlieiu : om who 
eaniM ilw body U uo mn ; a en* that 
jidd* h* jitadnca. In hoiBUi]', A wp- 

nr-ARirERD, (btn'-httd) *.*. A man 
till I imili bran. 

DUM ; ibo pvial of ihr roonaM thai on* 
tUof brari, oi atanda olT. Iran nnollior i 
tha aitnadmi of aity obJKt, taCiiDatcd from 
•onn part of (h* ahip, according to bn po- 
liijun. In hiraldry, Tbs diar]^ ilial till 
Alt ettniihofta. 

BEAKUill. (t^ia'(ib) a. HarinctLa .jukli- 
1^ nf a bear ; unrouib ', hmtoJ. 

SKAKWAKD, (^iD-v^rd) n.t. A kacper 
■if htnn, 

IIKAKT, (b««it) M. 1. An aniioa], diiUa- 
(uiiliad bom tdida, iuMcta. Aabra, aod 
ma i Ml inalional animal ; a hmtal aanga 

BEASnXtH. (ba^i'-init*) n. i. TW ItM 
DUlt o( a <ow aflvr calvlnf . 

BEASFLINESS, (b«ml'-b-ui») a. i. Dm- 

BKASTLY. (beot'-la) a. Bnial ; costtMy 
10 ih« Mtaio'aod ilivnity of iDMi ; battkc 

' tha MInre otfomi ofbLMla. 

TV BEAT, (bftc) i'. i. ym. hwi. put. fou. 
^Ml, or haaln. To auikfl ^ lo |iuii<«Ii with 
•IripMin Mowai lo (Hike as iaMjumant of 

mndck; to bnlM; to Mitto btofaM « 
pound, ot mako a aotlu W moM piM ; 
to tail tUflca hf loof aad hB^aanl ^- 
taiioo ; ta batter with ai|laoa of ww ; (o 
uuJ a ^i , to Ktka a fUh bf matbiiix 
H with mcka ; lo ronqoar ; to urvrponfi 
T* inr ^Mui, to IrifPD the pri^* ilonurdtdi 
Tn bai up, la attack tuddisly. T<>^t<a «|g, 
■0 nr|>tai ofteo. 

r«DKAT. (bfte) *, n. To tuoro in a pni- 
•iitory mannn ; lo daih aa a ftood or alorm i 
tu more with (nqunit Rprtitinoa of Iho 
Mnio act or anaka ; to throb ; tn be to afil- 
taUaa, aa iho pOtr. Ta kaal ttiml, to try 
dlOmnt way! ; lo W Md >. To bHt i^r for 
Mldiort. to ma* aaldiar*. 

BEAT, <hM*} m. t. toot*; tumam of 
athkinf 1 mimaer of balat alrack. aa, tho 
iani of iba polw, or a dram. In buDtiof or 
lOBling, Tlie round takan, whep pooplo brat 
op for fnma ; tho irooraa, 

BKATinCAU <bo-» tir-o-l^) U. Btiat- 

BKATinCK. (bM-ttf-'k') ( tul. It 
ttuatdoalyothnvrnly fraitiooaHn dtath. 

BKAriFIC,<I.r,Y. (bc«-tif.^k,l.|jj^ in 
>urh n mjiiiitrf u to cttDpfaCo happiasaai 

Bl:,V i tl'ttjAl luN.CbfV-^'^^^'tlU'^H-'- 
Aa acknowlodpnuai malo'by tho Popt, 
thai tbo pttaoo bMtUad it in Uatva, and 
ihRefoi* to be fiTrtrMod a* blraaod. 

TpBEATIFV, (ba-^i'-B-fl) ■.a. To mako 
happy ; to bleia with tbc tomplation of <o- 
Icalul mjoympLU 

BEATING. < btta'-ina) a. i. CoRactian. 

BEATITUDE. (bn-^l-D-d^dr) a. 1. Blawod- 
n«*a ; pcifm friiciiy-. a declaration of 
bl»w*^«» luada by our Saiiour to par- 
Itcvlu rilln«^ 

BEAU, (bf ) Bi t. A man of dma. 

BEAU-MONDE, (bf-mtod') a. i. lie gay 

BEAVER, (W'TVr) n. t. Ad ampfaibioaa 
foor-foowl animaJ.whota akin ii rtty lajq- 
ahla an •eewiDt of ilia fur ; a bai nuulii of 
Ihafotof bomv) th* part of a helmet that 
CDiar* tba lowar mti «I tho Uot, 

BKU'ISH. (b«'-iah> a. Foppiab. 

UllALlhoLTS.fW.iB.fa).). Kaii^bcautifid. 

BEAtlt:u\;SN£S3.'lbv''te-a*-i)tai) a. i. 

BEAimriER. (bs'-trfj-tr) a. •. Tliat 
whIcU boaotiSat. 

BEAUTiniL. (bu'-u-fvll 0. Ib*iDB tlis 
QualiDM that coubtuta b«auTy. 

BEAUriKtllXY. (W-u-fvl-lo) ad. Id ■ 
bcouitifal naoiivr. 

BHAVnCULNtlfS. (bv'-tf-'vl-nw) n. t. 

TbBEAUTIFY. (Wto-fj) I'.o. Toadon; 
to add branty to ; to ambelliab. 

UBEAUTIIY, (bf'-l^li) v.m. Tograw 

B>:,\iri'iFYING. (bf'-l^tring) a. 1. Tlio 
aa of imdcriog boauliiul. 

BEAUTY, (bo'-lf) n.i. That Bi«omlda|o 
of giacaa. or proportion ot paita, whif h 
flt ui tu tho oyo ; a particular ciafe, or (ta- 
lino ; a bmnUfDl IMnon, 


rita. tar. I|II, l|l}— mo, mjij— pine, pja>— n), ngra. 


r-SPOT. (W-lB-qift) a.!. A wftA 

I (o lwi(l>m tome hetiulj , m fott. 

_1C0. <bck't^p'-k9) «. t. A IM 

IK iUHMb, bnliK « fn. 

"S-tUI. tIM-kpi') •. «. T« Mill (b 

I. alf MB; lakMfiK driplrca moiiaa: lo 

^DiM the und. Tb mAii ii lo Mnp 

■MtiiM. ud (!• tMibi i* W •ntbhald bum 

B£CALMUi'U. (W-^n'-a8) ti.1. Acabn 

BIXAUE. (bf-Mut') TL* fMudM «f »*- 

MWDs > Oft tbu Bn^i^rt p fbr Iku ciux. 
A BECHANCE, (bc-uhtw; hn. Tobt- 

nBECIlARM,(b»-ukum')>b<i. TAMf. 

To DECK. Oi*k)n«. 

nSECK. (fefk) >.■. Tttcdlbjamxiaa 

W ththrad. 

^H~ m bod of eoniaiMid. 

^n^KCK, (b;k) fi. J. A hhU wmn. 
■tVBKCKON. <bek'-kn> p.-. T« mke ■ 
^p ncB withoai wordb 
■^ T» BECKON, (bjjk'-ka) ■.■. To mtlut » 

fiffu to. 
BECKON, Oitk'-im} a. i. 

n BECLOUD, <bf-Uvvl'> r->- Tb dimi 

to (Aacon. 
T«I)KCOME, (bf'kan') r.m. fmblnMr; 

put. h pM i. To MW> aiia uaw Hate or 

coodUiiD. TAtwaMff, lobalWbWof j 

10 b* th» fod d 
T«DF.CUME. (Iw-kam') *.«, To add put 

(0 ) to bfllt. 
BECOMING,(b^kem'-!0E)fHrt.*. Oncv- 

JU : fffuMn-ftiftli 
B£COMIKGLY,<b*-k«'ii'-!Bg-1>>ail. A(l*r 

* baeoMBg Kw«u> 
BECOU1NONES3, Orkvn'-inrM*) <•■ •■ 

1X0 IBEC^f^l£ ». •. To 
B£I>, (N<') "■ •■ A tvwt. a teaetUsf 
wbcntui W deep i buA of *wib nimi Id 
■ ■ udeD i ihs choniiDl ef ■ hior, or ■oy 
Mlinr : ihs plow ■bere uy Aiaf b 
|iHnl«d, at trpowtrd -, a Ikyn : a 
^— ■— - Tb britg (D M. 10 dcliTpi of a 
dild. To BAh iJicM. to put tbc bed a 



T«Bin>AZZI.B. (bfd(i'-d) ks. TonaU 

tta nghl diM If KM modi loin. 
BKOCHAMBER. <Vtd'-ithaair.b(T) « •. 

Tba chamber aapcopiialfil lo tml 
BEDCIXUHES, (bpi-^l(»> a.» Cotm- 

Idi (jirad am a M, 
BEDUlNii. (Wd'-diD|) It, •. Tl« malniala 

of a M. 
r> BEDECK. (bf-dtO a.*, Tb deck ; to 

oniatat ; to ad«n. 
BEDEL. SMBaiutf. 
BEDELRY, (bf'-dl-(t) «.«. TWnlaDtof 

a bMltl'i aCoa. 
n BEDEW, {b»-df') K. a. To BNlMaD 

BRDFUXOW, Ot^'-V-lf) •*.<. OmUmi 

Uaam tkaaaaia bad. 
BEDMARGIMOS, <bMr■^Bt■u>g«> a. i. 

ClBlaiaa Mrmodini IM bad. 
T« BEDIGITT, (bf^ta') tko. To adoin ; to 

BEDIGBTED, (bf-ait^-tdl) ran.4. Adon- 
•d -, dnaaad out. 

TV BKDIM. (bf di»') r.a. To mlAa dim. 

To BEDIZKIf, (bf^'-n) t. a. tU dieu 
out (aDdll^ 

BEDLAM, (bjd'-l|m> n. •■ complcd horn 

BMlMai, lb* oanw of a nU(lDat booM io 

LondoD. tanranail aftoiwaida dIo an hoa- 

pltal toi the nad. A madlioaM. 

A agn iritboat BEDLA31ITE, (bed'-lfm-ita) n. i. A mad- 

BEDMAKER, (bjd'-mvfcti)"-*- A panon 
io the unrNnitM*, vboao oOeo It li >o 
make ibo bedi. 

BEDMATE,(bf.t'-mtto) «.(. A btdfetlnv. 

B£Dr09T, (bHl-p9M) n. I. Tk* |K»t at 
(he comai of (be bod, vMch luppon* Ow 


n BEDRAGGLE, (bHnc'-f<> a-*- To 

•sil lb( (loibM, by nta^ uien, io walk- 

icir, to iwacb tba out. 
7b BKDnENCH. (b»4Mih'} t^ a. T^ 

dronch -, to aoak. 
BRUKID. <b*d'-nd> U. ConSned 

BKUniDDcS. (b^-Hd-da) { la tba bad 

bj aRv ni ncinrva. 
BEDKUUM. i.bed'-rGSBi) a. i. A bt4> 

BEURITE. (bjiT-rfte) n.i. TU priiilrge 

of tba naniage bit. 
Tc DEDROP, (be-diTp'> t. a. To bc> 

BEDSIDE, (b$d-^de') ■■ t. The aida of 

tbc brd. 
BEDSTEAD, (btd'ocd^ n. i. Tho &«m« 

on vhicb tbe bri a placed. 

Tt BED, (bfd) «. a. To plan in brd , to 

BokeuMaLaief lb* Mi Maowor ploat BEDTIME, (bfd'-tTmeja.h Tba botii of TMi. 

b Mitt -, to lay io (vdar ; w avaci^. lb BEDL'CK, (boMlnk^ t, a. To not uudrr 

*ri>BEDABBLi;[bHtt>'^)e.a. TowM) -nm. 

lobMpriaUa. Tg BEDUNO, (ba-dao^) *. a. To muura 

r* BEDAGOU. OM«^-Sl) r. a. To bo- witbdmi 

To BEDASU. (bHV^ i^A- Tobt^M; 

to b«natUt. 
nBEDAWB, (b^4t«b->«.a. To MiMii 

Ts BEDDST, (b^-doat') >. a. To (iiriiiUa 

BEDVt'ARD. rb«l'-«*id) ai. tonti bod. 
r«BEinVAIIF, {bf-d*frf'> 0. o. Toatnal 

in (lowili. 01 nador • tUB| ilwailbb. 

B«l}-tfbf, teK bvllj— vil;— pnodj— lUa, T«b. 


JiBEDYE. (Mi') r.a. ToM«». 
BE£, (W) K.b IW iBMci tlut makn 

fcanay aud ni. 
BEKGARUf-N. (W-nt-dn)i..«. A pIno 

la kC him a>( beM in. 
^fiEf>HIVK. (liH'-biTC) ibt. na toi or 
I nuo ia wlikli bcH ato k«p(. 
tS£l>UA^T£lt. (l«<'-D4*-l{r) k. *. One 

(hftt keep* bM*. 
BBECR, <bMUh) ».•. A witll knoont fotui 

BEEC{I£Ii,(bn'-Ulm} «. IklaoitalWtIn 

SBET, (bftO "- •■ Tbtt aMli of otilt f«e- 

Hnd bi food ; ui «i. bull, or cow, coa- 

mIotoI ki 111 fi»r fooL 
Er-i:ATKK. (bfH'.«-igr) n. i. A r»- 

HM tif ilw (luidV X ooRopiian of ili« 

Fnacb v«ld tMu/fdrr. on* who MMnil* 

mt ih* ilde-bouil. wUch «d« mcubU; 

lb KtlMllfVt. 

Sen, <bMn) Tlu) paniciplt imMiM of 

BBBB. 9fet) «•*■ Liquor nwla of mnH 

BEERHArRKL. (WZ-bir-nl) m. t. A 

tmml wliii'li liaJJj 1>en. 
FBLET, (boM) a. >. A gudr* hvrtb 
• XEKTL£,7>>»'-U} n. 1. Aa idhci (tutin- 
gnblMd bf liftTing iarl cuei ot tkr»it», 
mtlar vblch ba lolja hii wbgi ; a bn*'j 

aa Mw. w bainiiivf • 
l|b BEETLE, (btif-tl) r. n. To joint ouL 

l-KBBOW>,n,(l*^t'-tl-hivvtl>a- lUt- 
ptnmininl bin«. 

LKlll;,MiEU.(l>ff'-il-h^fil)a. Lef 
itilad : woodra hradrH. 
EETLESI'OCK, (b^'il-wvk) a. 1. Tit 
baadle of ■ bctUa ot mallpi. 

£VES. <b«^) ..h !!« plinal of bttf. 
Caul* 1 QUO. 
n BEl'ALL. (bo-fivT) (^ a. To Upfaa 
^T^BETALL, 0>^^«<'^) *. a. To bnppMi 
(0 cmnc 10 paaa ■, lo occur. 
r« BEFIT, (bf-ft<^) r. ■■ ToMJiiUbe- 

r# BEFOOL, (bf-f;f>l') v. o. To iabcnuc i 
~ IBUka ■ fool of. 

IRK, (bf-ffn') ptp. Faithcr «ii*«rd , 
In lb* trout ofi tn Uw ia**nicv of; in 
■i|;fai of. mdsr lie cofnlianc* of) prrMil- 
in|[ is DDia ~> ill prolafta» lo ; jnUr to ; 
tuponout to. 
BEFOKr^ (M'?*'} "rf* SooMstbaa: In 
una put ; prcriouil; lo ; UCieiia ( fuUicc 
oawsrd io plaor. 
BRPORKHAM). (bt-ffn'-lifiid) «<. la a 
■lal' of BnUci|iat)Dn ; irnnoiwly ; by way 
of napar^llDD ; anUwoendy. 
BEFORITIME, (b«-l;n'.^aw) td. For- 
, rfBEKlRlinfE. (Wfft'-taac} p. a. To 

bond* ; (• happcs lol 
rnBEFOVL, ^bc-fffTJ ■.& To *uili «o 

r*BGFRIEND.(bo-(raid'>r.a. Tar*foar: 

to be kiad ta. 
TaBRFHlNGE, (ba-fcoq*') r.«. To dcco- 

niowkb ftinga. 
r# BEO. (kft) r. n- To lire upoa almi. 
nUEti, (bfs) ».«. Toask; unaip; m 

(OUbU tor. 
Ta BWitrr, (,t*fjO ». *. pnH. hrx. M ir- 

C*t ; part, b^paira. I'd imnMc j (a pro- 
emu ; to fnidoco, at onoi* ; to tovducp, 

BtXiGAR. (bg^w^ a.!. Onowho litM 

upnn almi ; a pci(Uiaa«f. 
TttBEGOAK. |bcg'-gfr) v.w. To rwlarv to 

bfggary; to dnphn; to *ibiuat ; to iin- 

lll'XiGARLIMESS. (bf('.cV-lf-'>£*) "■ •■ 

Mtanasai ; ponn*. 
BtXiGARLY. (baZ-gu-Mfl. Mobr ; t>o«r. 
UWGARY, <b)XW«>'a. I. lodlKFiicr 
MXiILT, (b^fitO i«M.a. GildMl. 
rvHhXilN. <bf^a') t^a. tl^a;IhaTa 

brpin. To rain upon •onNKbiog new i lo 

couBunea aay action -, lo mi-r iipoo r i- 

iMantB ) to bttr iu orixiatJ ; (o Uk« riw ; 

tocaaunenca; lo cain«*iato acC 
Tb BEGIN, tl4~gio') r. •. To do tba «rK 

•rl ot nn;r tbiiig -, id anur upoa. 
DKUINM.R, (V-iBo'-Dtt) a. k lie thai 

giiri ihtt fint <aua*i an uturipHicated m- 

BKGIKNIKG, (b^n'-Di;n|)n.b The fira 

ariipoal or enow ; lb* (amni« into an. or 

bring ; Uu Rata in vbich say l><iog tni ii ; 

tliv ludmicaci. or fiiM grouDilai ilie firac 

pan of any tlrinl. 
Te aKGIKJ}, (bMfnl') co. Ta Und with 

a prdJn ; to aiuround ; lo altot in, M wltli 

a aiw, 
Bl-Xll IIT. (b«-«Tl') pann* rort. fimn hithJ. 
BtXM.>.KHF4). (bs)^-l^-l'?E) "■ •■ Tht 

il>^>f gofrnoal of a prmiDi.'c smoog Iha 

TtfllKGNAW, <b;.n|«'> t^ a. T«btt«; lo 

MU amy. 
BEUUnt^ (bf-Efn*) Mtr). Go away i 

hnice-. liaM«tra«y. 

bi:g<ii. (bi>-i{ut'> )nigput.pai».ot 

BIXSOI TEN', (bi-cn'm) i iLo wrb Imm. 
Tr ItEGREASli:, (b«-|(*t*''>x-o- loaoilor 

da'ib with Inl nallar. 
Til IIKUKIMK. t.\i*^at) v. a. To an) 

wilh Kiol ot diiU 
TcKMillVltGfc. (bf-cnclde') ^"> To mry. 
Tt DEtilllLE, (Iie-^ujltf'j c. a. To tmpoi* 

u|Min I 10 dacei<D ; la aniun. 
BEotN. (ba-cuD) Ttie pin. |iaai. of tfi^B. 
BEllALF. (Vl>M') "••■ FB>auii(au»i 

inurrral i account \ aakc ^ auppDii- 
TaltEXAVE, (bp-t>i|Tv'} «.a. To i-arry, 

coDcJuct, or <ietmpBii oor't lolf ; <0 nt (. 
BEIUVIOllR.(bv-Lve-^ir) n. •. Maaoar 

of COD due tin);, ot demeaning cor't te[f ; tx- 

Un»l apgif araucB 1 gmarc -, cJcgasca of 

BUancia ; Ktnrnl pinrU«. 
Tt BEIIEAU, (bf-bsd') >.a. To dvpriva el 



f^K tff. fts. ^i-inf,inttr-n«*> r{B;-»9> »s»». 


iwrritiri h Jok Mip^Mod u ba tba iWcf 

AEUKSr, (bo-Uu') ■ I. CaauDUd ( pte- 
«cMi Injnacllini. 

BEIIIND. (hr-biid'} jirrp. Alilus bMk of; 
(B tilt bMk pul ; tnitd* ttw back ; liil- 
to*nfE *m<Mb«r i riMMning»ftwihaiU|i«t- 
tan «l i H « fiNHt* ban nnalhkK i tn- 
farionrioi «n On olhwiUi •(. 

BEHIND. (hftiJDiO "d- OMo(a(bt;BMt 
a( tb loinHB MUM* ■>; bnonw mdralul 
bf «ii[i[ II *«■■![ Ik* maMIi** cus; ■•, I 
loA mv monn UM. ac MM ••* 

BEHtNt>HASD. (l--li!iiil'-hv>J) W. Km 
njMui djual in«i, *iu Ri(aiJ Is forvaid- 
DOM ; birCkwaiJ i ttiiij. 

Ta DUIULD. (behold') «.■. PMcUhU. 
put. taAuUM ; 10 yiew ; lo •«•, in ra Mt- 
phMlcftl Miua, 

XEIIOLD, (bo-t>f1d'> nii^ 3m i lo. 

IJ)EnOLDKN,'(bfHr-do>|>OTt.a, ObUftdi 
bound In rrnHTialtf 
SIKKOlJIIjJl. <b(~hfl'-d«) a.*, fipmaur. 
StafOOF, (bf-ba<) aTi. Bilidf; IW 
wUeb hWinin ; mtt ; sJtimw*. 
XEfiOOVABLE, (bo-te'-Ti-kl) «• Kts**- 
Tk BCHUOVE, (bo-)K«F'J c. <i. To ht Iti 

Ta BF:iIOVE, t. >. !!«i B>Now*b 
r*IIUADB, b*-)id*'> I'.a. Tvdn. 
UKJNti, (bf'-iof;) pari. £ii>tkf. 
BEJHO, (b»>E) N. •■ EiiMiOM i ft puti- 

taltr MMa ; tba wma sntdK 
ToBKI.ABOUH,(>t->t'-l^) i^*- T^bMii 

to tDimTh 

BELAMY. (bsl'-t«*) ■■ (. A tttaodi u 
BELAMOUR. (b«l'-4-iB»r> a.!. Galhnii 

9V BELATE, (bf-^uO t^ a. T* imbiiI i m 

BBLATKD. (bf-ta'-Ugl) a. Boiitlrtad. 
TaBKI^Y, (tf-b') *.-. TaUockap;K> 

kitack I to o«it(e: lo upluo i W bmuI a 

Npc, by lajioE otw end onr ooollMr; 
n BEIXH. ( .. m To (Kci iIh wind 

<ms (bo ■loiuirb ; to *aut u bji cracuuloa. 
Tu BKLCII, {bclih) r. u. To ttrow oul from 

(Lc MoiDixh. 
BELCH, (bitUhl ■■.■. Tlic ai:( of ancunnn. 
BELDAM. ^bfT-d^) ih 1. ADolilvomui) 

T« BrLRACt'En, (b^lf'-nr) ».<]k Tobg- 
■itcp ^ to block op i 10 ■onoandL 

BU-FOU^ULR. CbtT-biia-dir) a. i. Uo 
wbo iMindacr naU ball*. 

BELFRY. (bir-fif)ii.h Tb» plua »bar* 
Iba boll* ua ' 


II Canpaaulk. 
(Hl.iii*y..*»M> } 
(btl.^.-^.™.) i '• 

7b BCLIBEL. <b*-i)'-U) •. a. T« tndwa. 
n BELIE. ^b«V) t.*. 1«<oitDUr<dt; to 
[Its Um belo; w (Blumnkto ; lo gtra a 
> toptcacDMIMi of . to Ul artib Mh 

BKIJET, (fcf JfoT) a. >. Ciadilibwilba 
ihooloclcalTirlMot bithi paMOMOBinf- 
niuii ; ibe tbiog bttinod : a loin mmho- 
ioj; i&r uli(l«of tutJk i nti^OB. 

BU.IEVABL& ;b*-l>*'-i«-Uj a. Cndibb. 
Ta BELIEVE, (Iii^lft*^ » a. T*aBdii}tD 

put wnfaUnoa IB. 
Ti> BEUEVE. (br-tM**) r. n. To han • 

film panwuion «; to tieraaa dw tinac of 

BLLIEVEA, (bf-tn'-Tfi) a. *. Ha <^ 

bdinaa i • praloMm of Cbtlitlaiiitr. 
BEUKfX <b^llia'} atf. PnbiUir. 
HEUVE. (W>i<«'t *^ SpMdilri^ilcUr; 

n Gouno of tUna. 
BELL, (bell) K.t, A TMwl, 01 boUov body 

of cut nwlal. foimcd lo «ni( • Miaiid 1^ 

tba art of aoma iiwmaanc tflkiaf afyoat 

U ; any tblaf In tba latm «l a fa*tt> •• ilia 

CUB* ol flowtnk 
BKlXAIX)NNA.(VtM%-dfD'll4>a.t. Tte 

dfodhr niEbtoladc 
BELLE. (Ml) a. •. A fair ;oaD|: lady. 
BELU» LtrTKES, ibel-l^) »■ <- IV 

Ika iMaiatura. 
BELLrLUWLR, (b^'-«Vftr> a. t. Tla 

pounlai nnnu foi tbs Conp 

Waring w. 
r> BELLKiERATE, (bil-lid>a'-f4^) a. a. 

T««r«n w. 
BSLUCBREHT. a. Sao BtLuauan. 
BEIJ.IPCnXNT,<l>;l-tu>'-[>i.>-(«l)a. PuU- 

aanli Bi^hty in irat. 
BKLLITLDK. (btl'-l»tudc} n. i. U*auM. 
raUlJ.LOW,(bir-lf)*.'a. Tom^aanou* 

W a boll -, lo maka an* rloliat outcry i 10 

TOritkaca; (o raw s> ilw aoa. 
BELLOW, <btl'-la) a. k Roar. 
BELLOWING, ('bir-)^-^) "■ ^ I'od 

noiw i fonrim, 
BELLOWS, (»tr-f«e) a. t. A macbina te 

OELLlJlNE, (btC-lvino) 1. B«aaUy;bnt>L 
BELLY, (bti'-Iu) ". •■ ■")«« pa« a* 11.0 

bawan bodv (riucb naehaa from tba bfaaal 

to lb* ihigna, ctmainiaf lb* booala; tba 

womb 1 tba Moniach ; lbs part of any ibiug 

that awdla oul into u lainr <apacily. 
7VBELLV, (bel'-la) t^a. To nraU aU a 

an rapadiy. 
YACIIE. (b^r-lo-^) a. I. Tba dio- 

BELLYBAND. (bfr-la-bvid) a, •. Ila 

KDtb wbicb fulco* iba lauUJ.^ of a bora* it 

BELLYUOi;ND.(b(r-l«-b(|vod)a. <'««(»>. 
BhXLVFltL, <b^-lii-{vl) a. •■ Aa auieh 

food KM till* Ux-liclly, 
BELLVGDD. (UM<f-KVd) n.>. A ilatioii. 
BELJIAN. (bolI^DV)} ■- 1. He wbo pro- 

cUimi an) Ibiog, toundluf a b«U lo (»>■ 

BELUm'AL, (bair-mtt.*)) fki. nan,«eid 

of wblcb ball* ua loada i Ulog a aiisiun 

of tfaraa patta eoppoi aod odo of ito. 

Oft »-«rb«, ifK bfU^-gil ;— pnrf^-iAio, Tab. 

BKLOMANCY. (b^-f-m^-M) ■.«. DM* 

UMIno in MTVH*. 

T« hKIX>>iO. <bfJ(a«-> •.a. T* ba tii* 
IiMpntjaf; «fl>p|iiin«i t>; Ubctbcpi*- 
ttnee •> bmJBf of ; I* tdbin M ; M n>* 
MiMion U I 10 b* tlw qiuUty at 

BELOVED. (fce-luT*.?*) part. L«od ; ilnr. 

BELOW. <)>«-ff') prtj>. Ua^t in plue, 
lis*, or dwnitj ; infeiioai is rtcoUcnce ; 
UDvmtbjF oT. 

U)UXJW. (bB.ln') .d. la ibc lover plMc ; 
00 oanh ; ia hrll. 

BCLRINUKU. (btr-tiDf^) 11.1. Howlio 


BELT, (htJl) >. I. A (IidlB ; ■ duMON. 
ThBELT. <bsh) t.a. To (na wilb k Ull ; 

to FUcsclr. 
BKLWKTHEK, Oflr-wetmcr) m. t, A 

■bMp which Iriuls (Ix Hock'iridi ■ bril oo 

hi nock. 
nsttLWULK, <b^m(D^tl)».a. I'nuna 

n BEUASK, ^ba-ai|ik') ■.«. To hid* ; to 

ToBEUAZE. (bf-ioMi') v.«. Tohtwihfct. 
n BEUIR£, (tfBli*') *■•■■ To 4rag in 

tbo mim. 
7«Bi;Mm',0if-mbO<^a> Ta«ovifM*iib 

B mlN ; lo tonfutg. 
Ta BFJIOAN. (b»«9Do') ».«. Tb hmaM. 
DEUUANEIt. (b»Mo''ngl) a. t, A b> 

UE3IUANINC,<b«-ia;iie->D|) ■.). Lona- 

Ti VI::MOCK,<l>f^}k') I'.a. T*UiUlwilh 

TvHI'IMONSTFJI. (bf-mfo*'-ltr) *.■. To 

m*l>D maoMroiii. 
r. BatOi:RN. (bc-m<ini-) *-■- To*wp 

URMI'3E:D, (be-muul') a, Otnwmo vidi 

BENCIH. (bs«ih) n. j. A Kal, diiliniuiidinl 

from • fiool bj iu grtntct Icogtb ; » 

■■M of jnitioo i (he p«noiu aiuug tw > 

BESCHER, (btn'-tb;t) n. *. Tbo Maiot 

nnnban at tbo lorfvtjr «( tbo inoa of 

TV BEND, (bfnd) v n. P>rt- pwi. I«I*I 

oi i*M ; to mabo crookpd i m dioct la 

t ceiuia point ; id applji le R tsrtuu |iui- 

poi? -. to mclinr i lo bim ; to ■ub'Iue. 
Tv BF.ND. (hund) (,•!. To be immnralrd i 

U Inn or Jul ertti to jitU ^ lo ba aub- 

BEND. (Wd> n.t. rirnuv ; to bwaUir, 

Ons of (liv nght bonounhla ordinuWik 
bEXD^BLF, <'-dt'bl> o. 'IliM may b» 

BLMIEK. (b|a'-dn) >.•. Itevhobcnd*; 

tbo inMMmaot irith wliith imy thing i* bent i 
^ •boawclw calW limdFrf. 
BENDLET, (bfud'-lfi) n.«. U bonJdij. 

ibe diailautl** «f bnid. 
BENEAPKO. (bf.ii«pr} N.!. A iliip it 

Jkid M bo ban^w^ when tbt mm don 

not Saw tdfb coOugh lo bring htv off tin 

BEN>lATII,(bo-iwTn*')pnrh Vaiei.imnt. 

ia (daia; lawn in nek, eutJtnic*. nr 

dindty ; DDvortliy of. 
DENSATI). <be.iurTBe') aJ. U ■ \owct 

Cloct : Iha «•»!> below, M oppoKd to 

B^;^ElH(^^!^E. (bini-p-^*'-tjii> •■ Be- 

[inii-inG loihr ar>lpf nfi*l. HmrdirC. 
BKNblllCnON. (I>rn<n-i|>k'->hnn> ■. t. 

BlnBiDfi i a drrrriAij imnunrijiiiu of 

hdp|iia#oj I Oitoik* , tlu form of uittilutitif 

■a abboN 
UFJ4£PACnON. <b|ft«4^'.4liDD) •>. I. 

Tbo an of coDfcniD| ft Mefil ( tbo bcncA 

BENL^'AlTOIt. (bta-^l^-tfr) a. (. If* 

thnl oanfrri a bpurtl. 
BKNEFAITBESS. <t.?o-tAk'-tlta>ii.». A 

voDBi nho oanftn a boawL 
DEN'EKirv:. (b;H'->-fu) M. I. AdnotUD 

confofiod OD aaoUiai : itiia won! ia gcaMafly 

dpulUd to nrdsaluiiiol limga. 
BENEf'lCKD, (bm'-e-liat) a. Poaataaod of 

fburch Tircft^tiuBiit. 
BKNF.FK-E^'C£.(b^I>|:^-^■tM*)a.•. Ae- 

tiTo guodapM, 
BKNll'ICENX (be^r-o-a^i) n. Kiudi 

dabu comL 
BKNSFICIAL. 0<ni-f-fi^'-»l} '■ Adno- 

Muaoot ; hdptui ; tordiuDal. 
BEJfEFICiALlv. ibin-t-f!»h*-%l-lo) .L 

AdvaaUtfeciualy ' 

SKNUICIAHY. fbm^-frah'-t^-n) a. 

Holding >amBlbui| in auWdinMioo lO u>- 

BENKtlCIARY, (brn-«'6«b-»-»-Tf) a. «■ 

Ho iJiBl ij In ■waMaaiOD of » bc«(fica ; % 

pcnou bmivAUil by nnolbsr. 
BENEFIT, (bnu'-o-fil) a. (. A kinJnMa; 

odTBDUci'. [d lav, BfDoBl oft'lpfjty i> uu 

uuimi filxntTot (be cbuich, whan apnrii, 

or one niifan orfBTI, WM anid|piod of 

Moay hefon a oecalu judKB. A Imo lued 

at tha thcnUF for Ibr prubt of ana at moiD 

U|tbu. vliK'li ia KircD u> an uclor. Inc. 
Tt UtNEFri', (bgo'-e-fii) bu, Tu do j[Ood 


J-o BENEFIT. (bt»'-rfi'>"V". TojmtDad- 

To KE.S ET, (t«-D«EO •^ •• To on«D»ia. 
BENEVOLENCK. (bf.DE«'-v-lsi>ae) •>. i. 

UiapoaitiDa lo do Mod i ibc good dow i a 

kbil of ux, ilariMd by llniy IV. and 

aboliahad b« Rkbud lit. 
BENEVOLENT. (bB-DtT'-v-lfot) a. Kind; 

baaioi good wllL 
Te BENIGHT, (bc-Biio") ». «. To IbtoIto 

in duliDaH i to autiaiac widi tbi lOtuluK oo 

of Diehi ; to dabu from iuliill«<;[uil ligbi. 
BENIGN. (bD-ajiif) a. tOad, ccutDWi 

B^GUANT. (bf-sji'-nint) a. lUodi 

Ffta. £)t, i^, 1^1 ^— Di^, nji r~pi>i'< pi" i— K?' laETo. 


BirXIGNTTY. (l^nV-nf-t*) >. i. Oncr- 

BFMGNLY, (t>i--niue'-k) •>. KnirnmU*. 
BKMSf^N, (h^-DfiDj ■.<. UlMnliiii tv 

BENT, (bfai) •>. •. TliB Male of bdw bnt ; 

dtCiM of Ikiun- ; dpclmijr ; appbCMinl 

ef tb* niBil ; inrlinaliou , tore in lemprT. 

«« diipiMitua -, tcttdaso)! ) a (ptdt* of 


7b BENUMB. ( t>f«fn') «. a. To nwia 
•nul -, ta atulBrj. 

iBjuttol 6mi dw EMt ]>iic^ vnlgarlj 

r« BEPAlSlT, (bf-puO v-d. TowcTwiib 

7< BETINCH. (V-pM.-) K a. T« nuk 


n BEPOWUEIt. <i»-fw'-<1f> 

rfno (nn ^ to pov Jcr. 
7h BETRAISI-:. (Wpivv') t.*. 

Th BfiQUKAIH. (bt-W 


n**) CO. To 

UwrOkv VlU 10 SDDtiR. 

7. BEUAV. (bon') r. a. To (sul ; U> •oU. 
BEltltLRRY, (V-M-i*) "-)■ A bmy of 

a ibup laile. used for pidUeti 
BEBE. (bon) ■. I. BuJoy. 

7* BEREAVE. (lif-n»') r. a. Put. br^. 

To MRK W dmore 1 to ulw an-iy (rcnn. 
BEREAVEH£NT. (bf-rffe'-mgiit) ■. j. 

BEKkfT. (Wiffr)>rfarMn. 
B£ltUAMOT. (bfi'-n-Dift) ib *. A Hit 

c^ pear ; » Mn M oiMnco, «t pnfoiDa. 

dnvn fnta a truit produced by inpaftinji 

■ Ipoioa tRD on > bpifamol pskr iuifIi. 
BKRGALVSrER. (ti|^-nii)^lti) n. i. Tlio 

twitilT. or cbiet aSca. ■mon; (be Daiif- 

thln miiiTn ; (onunonU nllrd Bannotrr. 
BeitGMOTE. (bj^-mgw) a. i. A conn 

Itcld u|ioB « Ull nneag ths Dcrbjwbira 

niiun fl Dum cOBBMnly Baraioip. 
BERLUI, (bgf ■iit') mu A MMb of ■ psi- 

cinlsr bni ; mn B«rUn wfase il»y wne 

Gr*t noda. 
BKKRY. (tfi'.ff) a.1, AnjuaUfrtuCvitb 

••Kit <n ttonnr. 
Jll^RVX., ()ir;r'-nlj n. «. A pteciODs (looe. 
Tb llFlSCftrrKR. (bo-a,t'.|(ji> i. u. To 

tliMw laamty otrr. 
T» tllxrKATCIl, (bf-tkr^tah') h«. To Mit 

villi (lio nnilt. 
T* UK-if RAWI., (T)frBlj,*r) (1. a. T« 

•cnlilitr 01 Tr. 

IV BtAKKCH. 0<^-»V!"^'> •• •■ Pw*- I 
toni^i, 1 hav* finmi^; u blrrat; ID 

7> ffESEBll. (bs-«M<a'> r. a. To bvcoaM ; 

10 b« tt. 
BESEEUtnO, (iMann'-iog) n. t. Catna- 


JlESKKMt.Y.)t'«ec«-.1f)a. Fit : b«coiiiliic. 
Ta Bl-^trr. (bf-Hl) OB. To bMcgr; tu 

*»} Inv ; to i-nnrTaia ; lo (ill spou. 
TaBkiHREW. (bf-tbrao-) v.t. To nil > 


CUHe upoa : lo *iali m to; ami oalj b 

tba aMntin aood. 
BBHDK. (bt^dO Ipn^ Altbarf<te«f 
BESIDBB, (tif^dW^ t tButimiirmnd 

ak«*« t aol mcEordiBg M, lbaa|b aot coa- 

BESIDE. (bo-aUs*) >■!. MmtkaDUali 
BESlUEit, lW-aid^)i dm Id tUi oumbrr. 
raBF^ll^tie.'<b^>a«>')Ka. 1obtb»(Wr; 

lo lay liaac Id ; (o* hna i>. 
BCSIBGEIt. ^br-ifo'-jfO ■, i. Om ab* 

ployad IB » nw. 
TfBESLUIE, (bft^ma'} o-a. TouU;U 

Ta BI:SLI;BB£R, (b^ttaV-ber) *. «. lo 

ra BU>UEAR. OiftutnO ••*■ To b*- 

davb, lOMil. 
Tt BlJiMltlCII.(bo-amtruh') i.a. ToaMli 

to dikolour. 
Tt BESMUKE. (Vgauflu') r. *. To foul 

wilb ^»ka ; lohardm or dn ia unoL*. 
r«BES3iUT, (bMmoi') ha. To aaiJ wlih 

uAka or aooi. ' 
BE8NL'rFEU,<ba«>Bll') a. aau*NJ wllk 

BESOM, fba'-«aD) m.u Am uaOnnMal I* 

■w«*p witli. 
r. BEiiURT. (bp-iori') ■. a. To Mi« t i* Bt. 
To BESOT, (ho-agi) p. a. Toiafaluuai lo 

itnpily ; M mako to daM. 
BESOTTEBLV. (bf-afl'-lid-lf) i^ b » 

fooliab, bpfoiMil Biamivr. 
BEiSorrEUNESS. (b»4ff-(*d-UM) a. t. 

titupidily -, infncuBtUD. 
fiC;^OUU(rr. (ba.«twt'> put. piaa. of b> 

Ta BESPANGLE, (b^apto^-fl) » a. To 

■dors with (iiaiiclcib 
T. B>»PArrt:R, )ha-ap»f-l«r> .. a. To 

•nl by Ihrawinf iUlh, i lo aajicna *iLti ic< 

Tb Jli':.SI-E.SK, (br->p«>L') r-a, Bapplt.oi 

ta^aU. nr txpoln. I'd order befonibmd ; 

(a (b[|'baIl^ i tu tprak tu , io addrcMi to 

btUilua : to ilicv. 
r» BEaPECKLK. (b>-(]>tk'-U) •■ a. Ts 

mark arilh nndikn. 
Ta BESPEVr, (bf-apu') a. a To daub wiik 

Tfw or Tonnu 
ESPICl^ (ba-fpica'j i. a. To leatoa 
wilb apiwo. 
To BESPIT, {b^apji") ^^a. To daub wilh 

T« BESPOT. (If-apft) » ■■ To naifc •ilh 

7d BESPREAD, (b>'*I»3d')t.* ToapMd 

B>:sPHi:ST.(be-apluO)urr. Bcapriaklad. 
r«bi:»PHINKLE. (to-api^k'-kt) v.a. To 

aprinkla oiti, 
T^WSfUlT »(bB-»p!;n') t.a. To Itiow 
To Ui'iM'V.HT. t out acatifnD|i;ly. 
r» BKSI'lTItB, <.b^-ips«^-t«r) »• •• T* 

aputlar over. 
BEST, (btat) a. tba aoprriatlio from jp^ 

Mou good ; that akicti ba* KOOd qmLIJaa 

in tbe luglictt dtcnw. TSt iMt i lb* ut* 

aft;— lobe, lob. bfll>— ^;— pfvad;— Ihia, t>U> 


''aiMpMNr. n -mA, tut Im ^i W in- 

pto«« (0 lb* DlmOM. 

tm, o>^> -I. r-itoUtbMidtfRiof 

gooiiwa i •nmi'iinw OMd « MApMillMI. 

a* tm-hUoKl, Imi-ifoftnt, k*. 
TtDESTAIK. (bfclfos) «. a. T» maik 

r> Itr:STKAD, (bf-MtJ") *■•■ TopnGt^M 

MiomnoJnlF ; M ti MniMablo U. 
Bt^SI'lAL. (W-W-^) a. a*lDD|lnB to • 

btul; bnUkl. 
DEffllALITY, (bei<if^-f-») ■.i. The 

aaiMlTirf bMMb 
nilESTlALIZE, (b^'-w-fl-ittt) i^a. To 

Mite like ■ beaik 
BE8TIAI.I.V. <bo>'-[>-tl-l«) <id. Bnitallj'. 
li BES^I ICK, (bf^qli'j t>.'a. To Mick e»« 

with ^ty tbing. 
fa BESrni. (kcMgr*) i. a. To put iate 

nmow MDoal 
ftBESrOBU. Aftom*} *■«■ T«i^*u. 
Ik BBBtXlW, (bf-«<i ) r. g. Td |ln; to 

BEinVWAL. (bh*t9'-|l) M. •■ NipoML 
IVBKIRADUlX (ba^Wnr-UJ) * a. To 

nBESTRAUGin, <b»4Biwi')ptr«. D{» 

tniiiad ; Bad. 
n BESTBEW, (ti*4mo') v. a. Toqateklo 


7« Dt:STRIOE. {bonds') n.«. 1 lMri.1; 

AMrUda, T« Mride OTM njp (Usf ; to 

■Wp QTnt ; (0 iMa «a. 
roDteniD, (bf^qtT) an. T*kdamw<lb 

B?r. (M) fi.L A vicer. 

r» BCT, <bvt) r. o. I'o inypt. 

n BETAKE, (liP'^W) t. d. bMrfi: ho 

(riliM, To ban nHnuiHi to | 10 ifiplf ; to 

nioTo ; to romotv. 
BETEL, (b«'-d)ii.>. AipocJaorMppcvptcnl. 
T- BETIIISK. (Iw-iVml.') ... *. V»n.hf 

•Amc^f ; to fr»l la »B»cugn 1 M nndni 
Tt RfTHINK, (bn-ihhib') *. >■. To con- 

•i'lvi -, to tail to me't reotllccliaD. 
BKrllLEHEM, (btfiMcm) ihi. Goilrnlly 

mllpcl BiDLjia, vbich •■«, 
rollETflRAL, (briAiflOr.., To auln*(. 
TbBEniUMP. (fan-ch^mp') U.1I. Toboat. 
T* RKTini':, {br-tido) u u. To bappM W i 

to Mnll ; IS iMnmiii. 
TbDCrtDK, (Wtiila') ■>. K. To conw to 

mm : to b*vom*. 
BirriltlP., (b»'t|iuo') ) *l. S<-uaniil>lf , 
BCTUHK. (ba-limO i Ktcm; miy in 

nBerOKRlf. (bB.«f'-kA)tt.a. Todfitify; 

10 fetMbeir, 
HETONY, (b(|l'-t9-iiB) n. 1. A pliut nilMim- 

ri u a TDlnivary brtb. 
BKrORX, Or>4™') pM' '■ Moeh ton ; 

Tt BETOSS, (b^-tf*') t^. a. To dlMotb ; lo 

IM* inM th« an^ 
TpHCTRAV, (b«.<i9') v.«. ToeiToapor 

^MlMa tnochnoutlj- ; to iitnntci IbM 

which baa boen cniniitnd lo tacnej ; lo 



BETRAYER, (bo-tra'-ft) «. ■. A tnlwr. 
To UKTHUl, (bo-oin'J r ^ To dnch ; lo 

dnw. ^ 

n BETROTIt, (bf'bVTB') « ■- To oMttMl 

ta any odo, ia oidn lo inania{[e ( lo baw, 

Bi fcAuiccJ bj pmiuac at mnmii^. 
BETIlOnmeKT. <l>9-tr^ii'-in;D0 n. t. 

The act li bcOoUdng. 

BETTER, (bjl'-lfO a. Tlw mtftn^u ot 

Dm''r.R. (bgt'-tgi) at. Hem t nihor. 

raHETTEIt. (bttr-t{r) IV a. T«in(nMW[ 


Bfrrroit. (bfT-mi) a. *. One that Un 

BKTOMBLXD, (I»-lgm'-bU>]<dn.a. Bi*. 

enl«rad ; rotlod aboat, 
BRnrCEN, (bf.t«n«') r^f- Id tha IB. 

Unntidiale apacr ; (ram onr lo uiothn ; 

Iwlonjpog to two ia |iailnn*1>ip i btaiiaK 

NhdaB 10 two i ccitin|[ diSni>imi ot odb 

fttta Iha olbar. 
BEnnXT, (b»-t*^l^ jrtfL. U tha nidii 

of two. 
BEVEL. )(bn^-il> n. l In naaoaiy and 
BE\1L, \ jobrrr, A kinil o/ *qaaii*. moTO- 

able CD B coam, uid •> may )>• Mt to nnt 

TbBEVEl,(biT'-«l> «,«. To <al (0 a banil 

BEV^RAOa <b^ii^) f>.i. D«lob. 
BEVV. (b(V.«> a. 1, A llMk of Unt* \ a 

To BEWAIL, (b»-w^c') I. a. To btmoui ; 

TbBKWAU..O>("w^)i')<^a- Tooni(*HKriar. 
BEWAILAllLK. (b(-»*lB'-q-bl) a. That 

vhich DDT He lUDflOiaiL 
BKWAlLL-iC. (be-wfle'-ing} ».). lancii. 

Tn BEWARE, (bc-wfte'} a. a. To tifsxd 

wiib cnulion. 
To BEWILDER. (b^-wiT-^) v.q. To pof 

pin -, (o Milaiial»> 

r« BKwrrcfiro-nutr} «a. t» iojim 

by *Kdicnft i lo cbnnn. 
BEWITCHING. (bf-*nrii''jng>i. DeUgbl> 
ful i foMrEbacuig ~, cncbiLntiiig. 

BEu-irriiiMaLY. (b<»«iab'-iiig-if) -d. 

In V] rinurinr maimer. 
DEWllCinlKJn', (ba-wlufa'^ngnt) a. i. 

r<>Ui:WRAY. (W-n-) iva. Tebamy;(o 

•licv. , (D miAe iWblr. 
IIKWIUVKR, (bB-n'-ct) ■>■ •• Btuayer; 

BKY, (b}} «.(. A (Ornnaurot a Turkuh 

BEYOND, {be^yod') prtp. Oo On hnhn 
<ldo of ; niuM oownri than ; b«bra ; 
aboTo 1 ptWDidbif b) n jTaaur iitfaa 
UuB ; alxna id FXCBlleiua ; nmOM ftnDU 

QEYOM>. (Inuy^j-j aif. At a dltUSMi 

BEZANT, (bn-ifttO a. 1. An eaUon ods, 
finl made at Bymadum. 

BEZEL, (bo'-iql) n.f. thai put of a tiag u 
whkb iLo (loue u Died. 


FfM, far, t^l, Itt;— Bi*. nat;— |4o0, pin:— no. ut9tr. 





iloa», fonBctljr ui higii fXcMs In ibn KmI 

■•u aaliieta. 
UANGULAT1U>. <li<-u^.n-lt-t*l) 
BIAKGULOUS. (b|-vic'-g;-lQi) ' 

llliiiM two tamea or onilas. 
BIAS, (of ■*•) >■- >• The vnght Uiifai on 

OB* Me o( k boiil. wbkli (nnu ii <iaiu tha 

•mjgbl Hh : iMj Aing wtiich unu u nuia 

to B patlkulai counc , piuluhlj ; propoiL- 

•ton 1 tBcbiuiticni 
7WB1AS, (t^'-fi) <^>. To iaclisa to Mmo 

B18. (b^b) a, 1^ A [foce ot Ineo nul opm 
I (tia btn<t> of (hUiUn cncr Ihtir clotW. 
'T4> 1)111. (Mb) tvB. Tolipnls. 

01UAC1UUS, (bi-bf'-thu) «. AddktiMt M 

aiBAClfv, (bI.V'«!-<!) "-L Ttei^uaUcy 

BIBBBR. (W-b«) u. i. A timiler. 
BIBLE, (^l>^U> <•. 1. Ill- Book, bjnjot 

oicplleni'f i ibi tmu aiiji^ad to llu toIiUds 

of 111* B«cTod Scriplufvk 
BlUUCAL, (bib'-h-Ul 1 a. lUIaliDE to the 

Kbl«. * - ■ -^' 


A mui tkilM in tbo Knin^euv M boolu. 

ktl). or BmUOOKAPHfCK. <b\V-}»^- 

pif'-fik) «. R«laiiag M Iba koonrli^igt 

St bookt. 
BlBI-lOORAFMy, (biVlM^in^t) n. b 

lljD icicsco of B Ubllornpncr. 

D1I1U0M.IMA. (blb--V9-«>4'-°?-4) ■>-'- 

Tlio tan of pooMwiDji tata or cnrioiw 

booki . bonk ■niaJnoM. 
BIDUOMAMACK, Oi[V'l^-n-m}'-Df|t) 

■■ L lie who 1* imiiun unib ■ nn hr 

bnlB. ^^ 

BlBLIOPOLlST.O^ble-fp-o-lUO n-i. A 

BIBLloniRCAl,(b>b'-le.frto'-U)a. Be- 

Utaiuat 10 ■ libnuT. 
Bl BUOTMfX-AHy ,<WWT-?di'-f kvi{) ■. i. 

BIBLIOTUKKE, (bjb'-lo-94iadi') ■.!. A 

BlBULOtrS, (hib-flQi)... UlllBtnib- 



forhing aDslitr ; niuiuT- 
IICAKHLAB, (bilup'. 

BlCAfbliLAR, (t>i-k4ii'-«^-ltt) B. Id 

boliD]-. HaTing the imiItoucI ilJTidtil into 

tao Jink 
BICF.. (bjkr) ■•■ ■■ Th« Buu of a toJont 

iu«d ia foblinp It ie tubn frees oi 

BICIPITAL, (tri-aip-f-ull } <■ fining 

uiciriToui^ (bi%-V^) 1 twtibruii. 

k Utui ■pplW I» no of 'bo muMlo* of Ibo 

n- BICKEB, (bllMiit) «>. a. To iLinnUb ; 

(0 qmtn. 
DICKERlKa. (Ul'-er-kf) «.>. Qwml; 

BlCKi:KN'. (bjk'-t*n) -•<• AalmiciMl- 

inc in ■ poinl. 
BICARNE. (bi'-tocn) . i •. lUnug 

BIOORNUUS, (bf'koi'-av) 1 (>« home. 

To BID. (Ind) •.>. rra.HI,M.W«i mtt. 

Miin. Tu ilerlre ; lo emimi— < ; to oDn ; 

la pemeee ; lo iarue. 
BIDDEM. (Ur-da) r«t- !«•■ ■d'tiaA ; 

BIDDER, ii^-ip) ■>.■. Odb wbo oflcn 

or propowi a pnce. 
BIDDINO, <Ia<r-djii(> a. k CommmJ : 

ordn i the pnpoed of price for what ■• lo 

b« Kilil. 
7(1 IIIDK, (bi^) nfc To «ndai« ; 10 •uAr. 
To )tlD^; (Ude) is.n. To dwdl : to rcnwlu 

io a plioo; to coBtlDtta In a Mate. 

OIDKNTAL. Ct>!-<l!a'-t«>) •■ l<"i>>B iw* 

BID>:r. (U-deO "•<. AlitltebotM. 
BIOI.VG. (bf-^ing) n. • ttceUoue; laU- 

BIXNNIAU (M-ln'-D^) >• Of lk« c«- 

thiiunM of two nan. 
mKNNlALLY.(bl-tD'«e~4l-l!)AL Aitbe 

rciDniaf twojaub 
BIHTt, (bcM) a.1. A <Bnb«o OD oUeh Ibo 

dead ate' tanied lo the finr*. 
BIfABIOlfS. (bi-fn'-r^-Ha) fc Twofold. 
KIKl-ltOCS. (bil'-ir-ru*) a. Boriag Mt 

twii* a ywir. 
Bini>. (iV-Ui) U. I>i>Utd 

HIFIDAiKH. (bif'-lbHla-led) i into twOi 

■nlit hlo two. 
niPl^OROUS, (bl-Oe'-nu) In boOay. IVo- 

DiroLD. O'l'-fotd) e. Tvofold . double. 
lll>'URai, (bi'-Zftn) a. liavuij a double 

BIFuHUI^D. (bT-tgrad) e. Compoonded 

Of two fbniUL 
BIFOIU]lTY,(bi-fvi<>^-t-tf}"-k AdDoUe 

BIFRONTED, (bi-(rnDi'-«d) a. Ibrfagtwa 

BIFURCATED. (bj-V-^-tt^) «■ S^oM- 

>ng Ml, hj a diiuiOD. inlo tva brada. 
BIti. (bjc) a. Chval in bolk ; bu|:s ; ttwta- 

tn; pioBiM; (all of eemetlilni ;<Uil<nd- 

ed; emila ; (leal in ail and oUen. 
BIG, (bix) a. h A joniralu kind of bailej'. 
BIGAMIST. <liiE'-n-ii>it>) "-•■ One thai 

haj (ammitled liiipuDT. 
BIGAMY. <ln|^-£1-me) a.1. The ctlma of 

having two wivte >t ooco. 
BIGBELLIKD, (bitf'-b{l-l*d) a. pMfulM, 

haring n Inr^e bfSj a (nomberaao*. 
BlGOIn. <tiiu'-cn) ft. I. A child'i cap ; a 

cnn. Di KDinu wooden Toiiel. 
BIGNh^SS. (by-D*t) •. t. Bclk ; am 
HIGflT, (hyj'-ut) '".t. A man mmoHni- 

ably doToted lo a ceitMn put; ; ^ blind 

BIGUTED, <bi('-ni-{d) a. ImamuiJIy 

BIGOTKDLV. (Maf-BH^ If) «• ^ '^ 

raasnet of a bipl ) portmaciOMlr. 
BIGOTBY, (I^2'>i|t4tf) B.1. BKoiMalt 

the ptactic* 01 tenet of a bigou 
BILAhDER. (bir-|a-d-r) a. 4. A auUI 

Bft;— tfbe, tab, Ufl J— (il i— FWid i— »U^ '"«• 


*(m1 of KboQi elfbij too* Intdcn. and for 

the oiiiacB of Eoodb 
SIUIERRT. (ba^^^(f) «. •. A «m*II 

thcob I iba wmtlatHiiT^ 
BIUKW) •>. A AmoKikmri. 
BILBOBI, (bil -bw) ■■■■ A Mrl of tuxU, 

ot woodra ilnicltl** to lb* Irat. Mad bt 

nni)>tiiD|[ <>Sruil(i* M ■•>. 
BU-K. (hils) n. •. A ttitk, jvIUnr, bUur 

ttqiwt. teytnttd b the lito, «albc«>d id 

tha pll-bltddo. Bttd dinLMfed bj the 

cdnuoon duct. 
SlLGE,fbilJc}ii.t. T1iccompu«<nbNadtb 

o[ ■ ihip't boltOBi. 
To Dl I.G L {hjlit} fi. a. T« iprbig a Irak i 

to Ul in «rU(r. 
BILIARY, (b^r-n-it) B. B«Ian|;tocloa> 

.WUJKGSGATE. (bir-limi-nt*) -- •■ A 

cut void, bonowM (ram &l'>iicHU io 

Lcmdon, wh«n ihora wa f»qiiaol bnwii 

and find lugaai*. Kili*ltJi7 ; foul liii- 

BIUXGUOIIS, (bl-Iiog'-gw«.) a. UariDg 
or n>e«kxiiv ivo laogueb 

IllLIOl'^, (Vl'-Tqa) 0. CosNMiiit 0( bile. 

To B1U<, (bilk) t. II, To clunl ; to dMaiTc 

BILL, (bill) K. I. rhdbnkatktowl 

BILL. 0{"}"-<- A b^iaxt wldm hooUd 
pofnt ; » b*(tI»-UB> 

Bll'Li (Hll) "■ >■ A vritun ptp" of any 
Uod ; kD sctount ot money, la Utv, A 
deduabon in villui, aiproiriDg the griet- 
■BO* ot wnuf Iba plondn hM nffined ftDm 
dM dafcndwc A prapoaad law nwMted 
tBfidkmeiii. but uot yet [iHMd inM an 
JUb BUI f^ Eicluinn. A imU wdarafj the 
|imMBt of k eum of monry, in connder- 
Mmo of i»]ue tecnnd. An kdrsMiiBDeat. 

n BILL, (loll) E. n. To oniM, w dona by 

BIIXAOB. <bir-lD*> n- •■ Tb« bnndili «r 
the floor of a ahip when ebo Iih a^and. 

^ILLET, <bil'-l£t> a.*. A anull )»|M>r ; n 
nam i • lickat diiocilnr aoldleri at erhM 
hoDia U> lodge ; Kimall lo|af voodfottha 
|9:>BILLrT, (lnr-lei>i.a. TodiMMaealdiai 
by a IkkeE wbeie ha it lo lodge ; lo qoarlet 

UILLLUUM, (Ur-Ttidi) ■.>. Anmeat 
vbifh X boll it farnn acaiad uotbBr on ■ 

BILLION, (bil'-ysn) ■. i. A millua of 

BlLLUW,(fc;Ma> «.•■ A waea (vola. nod 

IIILLUWV, (btlMoi))a. SwnlUng i tunHd. 

illLAIAN, mi-mw) •-■. itavhoiuaen 

JlIK, (bja) a. & A (dara whtie bitad, ot 
fiKU. ot winn. ia trpniMd. 

BINARY. (bi'-Dfro) a. Tvo i dual. 

JllNARY, (M'-ni'T^) 11.1. 'IWrooitihuiao 
of (ao. 

IVllIKD, (btiid) *.a. pncliMnd,- paiticip. 
pM*.le«Hd,kw>dn. loeoaAnewlchhoadei 
•0 gird i W bauo lo , to fuirs loyetlief i 

t» camect tl ow h ; to o>n* % wdudJ mSA 

dtsaaini*; lo oblin tnr atioDlitiooi, oi oath ; 

toompd; lo ahUita W UnJneaa j totoo- 

fine ) to mo«ln ; to mua coitlre ; to co*«t 

r« BIND, (bind) r.n. To cootract iu own 

|>*ru tanthf*. 
BlNDKH, (h|nd'-tt> a. I. A mwi viMa 

tMJa il i* lo land booki ; > mm tlini bind* 

tLwia ; n Ulet -. an •alhoEeni. 
BlNDl.VU. (bind'-inf) m.t. A l>aiula(ei 

tbe (or*t of n bunk. 
BINOCLG.<bm'-oa-lLl) a.!. Akinilof trl«- 

•cDpD. AiiDil >a (itUi Iwo lutiea jotadof (o- 

i-rtlirt b ono. ni ihai n diiiont object Duy 

be eeen widi boih eKa tDgcthvr. 
BINOCULAR, (bi-Bfk'-v-lti) «■ HaWng 

two rna ; employing bocb ejo ai once. 
BINOMtAL-RtJ<jr.^b!-ti«-n>"-tl-rn^) ".l- 

Is Bt|BbiB, A root (ompoKil of only tao 

put* connrd^ with tbr vigna pirn or navui. 
BUt'OMlKOt'S, (bi-Dfm'-f4i)i>) e. Hatio|; 

BIOGRAPHER, (bl-tt'-gif-fp) ».t. A 

vnfer of Jiv^s. 
BIi>OHArlllCAU(bj-f-gi)f'-fkfl>a, Ro- 

Uudl; (j> hinutapby, 
DUHirtAPHV,(hi-«'.p».(^)«.fc Whling 

the li»* of mito. 

Bringing btlb 

two ai B biitV 

Bating t*o 

BIPARIITE. (t>^l'■pg^^l•) 

rorrenoodflDt puta, 
BlrARTlTION. (hi.p«r.tiJ.'.fo) n. i. 

net of diTirliug into (vn. 
BII'KI), (bi'-p{ii) n. li An Buiaul trith two 

BIPKDAI.. <bi^'-]»^) e. T>a fitei in 

lenulli -, (9 banns two (eel. 
BIPKNNATKn. (Vi-pin'-a|-tsJ) a. FU.- 

iag two wtng$. 
l)]P)ri',\I.Otis. (b|-p«l'-tvtae) a- Cooiul- 

inu of two flo*«i koTta. 
Blgl'AUR.vrE,(U4n'Hlltta) )n. i. 
BIljlIADHATlCK,'<U-q«|-dti('-ik) t The 

fourth power, vianE fram tbe muliipbcauoa 

ef a •qiun by lueU. 
BIRCH, (bomb') n.t, A veil knonliM. 
BIItClieN."(bti'-Uhn} a. Madeofhinb. 
BIRD. (Iqid) n. 1. A gnicnti Una for (ha 

frathrrri kind. 
BIKDCAUE, (t>trd'-h(ja) a. i. Ati m- 

chxuro in vUth Unit are kept. 
BIRDCALL, (bMd^wl)ti. I. Apiiwi'iih 

nrlucli fuwirr* allute bird*, by the uoitallou 

ol lUrir SOIM. 

BIItl>CATCUER,(bnd'-k«lil>-tt}»->- One 
■bow ompIliyBnt M MM* toida. 

BIRDLIMK, (lifid'-])tnB) a.t. A glntiiunu 
■iibKimce. by vhicb biidj on ealaoglpd. 

BIRDLIMLD, tbf!td'-tiiDd> >. Spioad <a 

BlROSrVR, (btrdi'-j) 0. A word applied 
to pit-liirri of plKM, eeni from atxiie, a* 
by a bird. 

BIlinSEYC, (btidi'-i) a. (. A |<lul. 

BlBDSSK.'ir, lb*tdii'-nt«) a.!. Tbe |iln«> 
built by birdi, where ihvyUepoait iheii t^]}^ 


Ffla. tf/t, t|U. t4l;-.'lDe, m(l )~p!oe, pin ; — n;. move. 

BROANDER, (kf^-n>-<>ft) «.■. A (ovl 

filRTK, (bmk) ■. >. n* act «r mbIdk 
ioiii tile ; (Mail; i uovUM ; nuk hjr iU> 
areiit ; the oautidou in which anjr dUui !■ 
k«nii ihimg boiBL piadiuniaa : tlis art cf 
tsinaiDK fqnh i a mMa in a •&■]•• 
BtKTHOAV. i.tM;i«*-<fa) -.i. ^nwdsjoB 
«hadi lai giiio u bam i tba ■muranacjr of 
oer't liinh. 
BlltniDUM. (bgrtV-dom) •, i. PiiTilrp 

o( liinh. 
BIRT)lMCtrr.<b«ith'«li>*>n.>. Tbenitht 
an which UT OM^ bam i tin uniTanai; 

«f ma'> Utt£. 

BntTHPLAC^ (kfM-ik^y «. I. Plwe 

«knc tDT os> I* Con. 
BlRHmiGlfT, (hariV-rju) >■>. TUnshU 

to vhich ■ mm u bnia. 
BISCtrT. (bit'-kt(> n. I. A tind «( katJ 
di; hiwul. bohid for lon( *Of*(M i a 
•miti iwKtcsk*. 
TcBISFITT, (bi-wlO *•'■ T*diti4aiM0 

tvn »fU. 
BUiECnOK. (bj-agk'-dufn) k. i. Tlw di- 
rmoa at asjr qoaoiilf ioto two •qntl 
BUKGHENT, (btW-ntat) *.•■ On*o( 
th( put* of a luM ATlMd btD two «iiul 
BISHUP, On*Ii'-ap) *■ <■ A dlgniuoj of 
(ho CtoldkiD ciTiiKb, prrMdlay om ihe 
clnvv vittuu a dutrin ctiiti bi« Jtniap. 
Tb BISIlOP, (hub'-Dp> r. a. To cciufirm -, 

lo admii ia(» ui* «hiudb 
BtSHOpmCK.(birt>'-«p-tjk>n.t. The dio- 

BISJIUTH, (bur-iBVh) a.b Mana«tej a 

hvd, vhiiB, Mtdtk BOMnJ mbiUiioc. 
BCBON. (huf-oa) ik fc A bod tlwM ox. 
BC»KmLE. <^r«tl^-t^O a. a. Lrap 

B^riti:. (hit'-t(T) ■••. A Mlonr naJ* or 
chlmnaj «oM boilad, aod than dUoiad with 
watet i lued bj p^mttn Im «iaUo| their 

BIVTOURY, (bj^-tv^) •>■•■ A«(ir{«on'( 
InauumMit for makinc ■Bclaiana. 

BISULCOUS. (hi-«r-ltLi) a. Clownfoolad. 

BIT. (l^t) a.!, noiraa inailnBactaaf 
a briiU* I a oaall plato of may (hia^. Tla 
6lBaf«lwoBaIa|daa*ao(tin'lRr, lowhlih 
Ibo cabb b baUDad wbaa tba ablp ridta at 

n BtT, (bit) CO. To pu Iha Itidlc opao a 

BlTCil. (biuli) a-t. The rnnale ol tha 
canine kiad ( a Mna of nproach (or a 

7b BITE. (biK) t« «. Pr«t. h(, part pau. 
M. at tAKa; 10 Ovib witli iha U«ih ; u 
^>* r^ by mid ; <o hurt ot pain with i^ 
proad i 10 col ) to wouod ; to maka tba 
nonth amarti tatbtat; UiiicL 

B17~K, (b)ta) s. I, n* aruoT* oT aoy thing 
tn- the leMh ; Ike att ol ■ &ih thai takaa 
ua bail ; ■ cheat ; a Ukh i a ■liatpo. 

DITim. <bl'-<r) a' *■ (latbMUMjaSA 
apt tu lake iha Uti a ukhni a da> 

BrrlNti. (bjia'-ini) ■■•. TbaBHofUUag! 
WDvubar wiili einiiii M iKitoatb. 

BITTACIX. ^hfC-%.kl) a. 1. A bMa of 
tinbai ia the (lataago ol a aLip, wbtia ilia 
oiiDpaaa ii nlatad. 

BITTEN, ISat. MM. bmn ai Mm. 

BlTTElt. (M-*t'> a. Hannf a bat auld 
taaUi abnp; cnalj calaailoaa i painfo} t 
ioclomoDt : raimachfiil ) ■omalul ; af* 
fliitb( ; b any maauat uof haaiag or ban> 

Bn-TEHLY, (hj^tp-lf) ^ Wiik a Umt 

laata; u a taclar Bannof^ ahaxaly; a^ 

DtTTnUf, (ttf-tps) a. I. A bird wtl& 

'oa| \tQ, nil K Imi UU, whiih fgad* vpcn 

DnT£RN»S. Q^Ast-mf) a. i. A tdllN 

laiic ; malice ; abupotM ; mtitn -, aor. 

BllTERSWEET. (bii-iir-nr?<i) n.i. Aa 

amib wlicli hia a (icwi|w<iad nata of avtat 

aau bituv. 
BITVMEO, <Wl-ti|nd'} «. flataitd *)lk 

BmiMEN. (bo-ta'-Dan) a.a. AbtrnMo. 

am BtaMet doc out of tba *anb. or Komnnl 


BirUUlNOltS. 0<?-iv'-a»-"S*) <>■ U>'i<>K 

tha nanm of Miomrai. 
BlVAl.VE. (bi'-tflf^ •• Uannctwofdfaa 

or thuttna. 
BIVIOCS, (bf-vf-v) •■ "^^ iMtdelh dif- 

Icc^l wan. 
BIVOUAC, (bJT'.vtk) a. 1. A (uid at 

iiiEkl. daring cncampnwul. 
BlilAKTINE, ^bii'-fB-tina) a. t. A pcai 

piK« of gold raliinl al fifteen powidf. 

vhich the kinfi oflen apin higb (ailital 

7» BLAB. (Ufb) a. a. To tall what oughl 

toba kapt wcnC; U dttuba. 
Ta BLAB, (hlfb) nat. To latllai to irU 

BLAU, (Uqb) a.<. A (aUula. 
BLACK, (l>Itk> a. Of ihr coionr of aicbt | 

dart ; cloudj of (Oiiotcoaoia ; bonaUa ) 

wickid . iIihuhI. 
BLACK-dLAHl). (bl^' irW) a. a A ditlj 

fellow , a low Inin of ahiu*. 
BLACK-JACK. (hli|k'-j(k>*,i. Tba laalham 

cup of «l>liu tiiota. 
fiLACK-LE.U>. iMfklBd) n.t. A minanl 

tn the Itad anaa. utvd lor pcmcila, 
SLACK-MAIL, tUtk'-lBat«> a. i. A let- 

taia lUe paid (• rm allied with rahbaia 

for prolMUOD. 
BLACK-MOOTHED, (blik-Ngviu-l) ». 

I'aioE ImI liMinii ; amniloai. 
BLArK-MONDAY, (l.l,l.-niijn'.«i»> a. >. 

fla*ivr-Maiiifij, whirEi ia the Hdi of 

K<lw. 111. Iui^>|i«iird tu hv AurV with mM 

and bml, and ao cold, thai many mra diad 


syl j— tqba, lab, byllj— ^,— pfyuJ j— lAia, lala. 


BBUX-PtTODlNU, <bItk'-pgd'-JiaE> n. u 
A Uod ef (Ml auulo of blocd mdvnlik 

BLACK-RUO. (bl(i:-t«d'} >. i. ni* luhei 
bilaacliif le Uw aidoc of Iha cmir; m 
«Bll*d ban tba bbd rod be oam** In bli 
la^di heuodbetMuVcIianiba.aiidUU- 
«■• orim of iho (aiumoiL 

BLACK, (hlfk) >. 1. A;blBi4 nloot; monni- 
iiiK ; a nlnckMDOct -, (liM [an of A« cjo 

n m.«CK. <blik) r. «. To Madfo. 
BLACKAMOUK. (bl|l.-.|.cinr«> -. h A 

aui ef t bbck ronplriloD ; ii num. 
SLA('K1U:kky, (blfk-btr-rT) 0.1. Th« 

fnul ti ihe bnunhlt. 

BLACKJIIHD, (brlpt'-hiri} a. L A mil 
BLACKCOCK, (bl)k'-Lfk'> a.1. 11wkMiI&- 


7« BLACKEN, (bl|It--kDl «.«. To nuU 
UuA -. to dukn ; in itiknin. 

n BLACKEK, (bl(k'-kxi> n «. To (row 

UaCKEKETl. (blfkMai-fr) •. •■ M« wfa» 
Uackm anj thnu^- 

BLACKIKII. (hU'->>b)a. Sain«wh«l black. 

BLACKLY. (bltk'-1f) *L Datklr, la co- 
lour iBnnctaiuiT. 

DLAciOfOOH. (bUt'-naf*) ■.!. A nnra. 

BLACKtf ESS. (Ut>t-nM> a. l 'llw •■>» or 
qnfi^ of bifai2 black ; darkiicat ; aRoci- 

BLACKSMITH. (bl^k'-aiBid) a.*. A anUtb 

tbai wiMki in Iron. 
Ill.lCKniORK, (hlik'-ilflm) "■»• Tta 

BI-AI>lii:n. (bl^''4«) Ti.i. Tbat T«M>I 
ia tbv botlr Hfeicb toataiD* the urine. 

BLAUi;. <.bl^(} H.>. Tb* iiiin: uf gTMa 
before u |ro*i ID Mod ( tba •larti {on of 
a ireatKm, dlanDCtfrom (be baadlF ; a caxil 
Ifmi tar a g»]t daifalng fallow, JIU'-llaar.or 
AtvUir-tU^, thfMatiula.DIKapabirbonr. 

m.AUKD, (Uf'-dtd) a. nara>E bladei oi 

BLAUESMITH, (b1ndo'-«miM) a. .. A 

• vord CDlluT. 

m.\IN. {blaa«) •kb A rutala ; a tktc^ 
ItLAltEAULE. (bl;'-D|-I>t) a. Culpable 
BLAMF^AULRNEdS. (b1%' inf-bl-a<>*> a. i. 

DI.AHEABLY. {blV-wt-bla) vL Culpably. 
Til BLAAIE. (blyoe) t.a.'To ccoaurai M 

ctart-a wiik a fauh. 
BL\btG, (blfow} ti. 1. Impataijm of a 

Ib<iI( ^ crima. T* Uanf. meani vilbwl oeuu^ 
BLAMEfl'L. (blome-lul) a. Ciimiuul. 
1)LAMML):SS, <i;tfmc'.|£>) <>• Cuillku; 

BLAMELESSLY. (blfma'-tfa-U) ad. laao- 

BLAhltXESSNESS, (bltme'-lfi-ny) a. i. 

Ik BLANCH, (bltaab) r.,. TavbltmiU 

Tg BLA>'Ca,^^^B^ TOgTOWl 

to (kriak , to mdn ; la aUft. 1 1 JV«*471 
BLAND. (biMd) a. Soft; mild.' 
BMNUlTJlQt'ENCF. (hlin-dU'-If-kMa*) 

n. I. Fail ui'l flaltaiDe ipMdL 
r0ni.ANt>ISH.<bl|a'.djA>i^«. TotuoDlbi 

to aDdrD. 
BLAMXSHUSXT. (hlto'-d'Ob-iotsO a. >. 

Act ol feainirtt -, npirMioa of toadeniaaa 

b* mtoTa) toft wonl*; hLi ifaadiwi 

BLANK, (hItDfk) «. Wblbt; willMal mil- 

m;. |ialai onif«*ed. Bbnb-ttrv, nitr* 

*itboM ibnta. 
BLAMK, (blfoil) H.1. A toU tpan on 

pifwi ; a paprt onvriUM ; a lol, by irrhidi 

DOUiiaj u gained ; (hs polul to wbich an 

arrov u iIummL 
Tb BI^NK. ^blqogk) V. a. To damp) to 

mnfuw ; to tMuB ; lo ananl. 
BLANKKT. <bl|n(i'-et) ■>■ '■ A vooUm 

ronr, amMd oammaalT ujicm a bod. 
BU\NKmT>C,(b1fa(k'-si-in)i)n.i. Wocd- 

len (toUi for hlankao ; loulsa in a blanket. 
Tc BLASnilUfE, (blta-rvmeO v. a. To 

atwok in icnna of Implou* invTorrnca of 

Cod ; la Biwak aTll tl. 
To BLASPIlEAtE, (t^-tama') r^ n. Td 

ipKtk blfiiphFmy ( U cono ami awmt. 
BLASI'llEAUilR, <blfa-fa'-oer) h. i. A 

*T*lcb Ihat »i^ia ai' God ib imjiliiu* 

UL-^Spltl^MOltS, (blqiMlt'itiw} «. Imiii- 

CKiilv untrrtnt ia ncccK. 
BLASi'UK.UV. (Wv -fvo?) ". •. Aa « 

lUbtg of lom* ia Jij^vir or ujon, mio Goo 

blnuolT, eilbn by voidi or wridnjt. 
BLA^. (bl|at> 11.1. A (Oil or puff of wind g 

tba nondmadtf bjr btawing uiv wiud ia^i/u 

mm) af mo^k ; Ibt tuoks of a malignw* 

plaDK; (bit lafocTlaa of aajtliiog inMtJni- 

tuJ ; iluT bHjbi of tern froni a iHHiilmdiil 

Tt ULAST. (blw) *. a. To «irik* viib 

MmD loddol p*<t<l' > 10 iaik« 10 wiOwi ; 

U> Innta ; tnnake Infamoiia ; (eoafoardi 

to blow gp nibtt by fnec otfM-iiowilM. 
BL.\TA\T. (bla'-<)fei) o. DAotnog a* a 


BLATCRATIOK, (bl^l-tB^t'-ttIpl) a. j. 

Ta BLATTKIt. (H^-tft} i. a. To nuke a 

•sokIom noiar. 
BLAZE, (iilite) a. •. A Ibnw; a vliiw 

nufc npoo a bone. dMMndin^ (lou luv 

Incbtaa almnn la tlie iMk. 
r> ItI..\;!K, (bifao) hih llv lauo; to U 

Tv lILAZe, (blfae) n. a. To {lubluk i ts 
blaion i to at! a vliila Mark on ubd*, bj 
paring off a |>art of tin bark, ia ordet tu 
ibtir btinr aold or Ivllod. 

Ta BI^ZON, (btt'in) u. a. To pipUin, in 
pcepvi lanii*. ibo bfuta on niiipi* anav 
rial : to datk ; to iU>|ila]r ; lo celabfale , 
(a blaM about. 

BLAiEON, (bl('-in) n. 1. Iboan afdnwiDg 


r%te. tp, SM («i-»9. ■•li-rioe, 1^ 


MHi of aunt ; (bow ; djidcMtM i mU- 

BLAZONRY, (hli'-is^)*. I. Tb* M of 

BLEA, (U^i a.i. Tbai put of a im, wblcb 

Um I— daHlr ooitOT iha tailu 

^r« BLEACH, (UMUh) g. «. To vUHb. 
r» BLEACH. (Um^) « •. To gnrn 

BU:a(!)IKRY. (UMta.'-ar^) ■. i. TU 
pUcv iibne IM blauliM cutdM* U» 

BLEAK. (bMa) a. Pt[« i coM : cbUL 
DLiLlK. (bt^*) 1.1. A audi liTW hh. 
BLE1.\K\ESS. (Utk^.Du>>>.i. Caldiuu; , 

(hilucM; iiilapuM. 
BIXAKLV, (bloU'-U) oJ. Coldlv. 
BLUR, (blwj «. ' Din -liih ibfam at 

BLEAIt.EYED.(bIf<-iilo} 0. Ihriiigiare 

SvSuAB, (blfoi) ».a. To maka IW >;n 

(To lltXAT, (hlfta) Bu a. Ts ct; n« a »liMp. 
SLKAT, (Molff) ■, t. Tba crf of i *bMp ot 

DLEATIXG. (hroia'-iai) -.t. Ttw aj of 

Umtu ur ahMp. 
Ti BLKKU. (blMd) t. «. Pm. Ukl ; put. 

Ual J to low tlood ; to drop, u blood. 
To BLKFJ). (blivd) d. a. To dnw hlODiL 
T« ULLMISII, {bluu'-iib) r. <i. To unik 
iritli wiy il«(aniuiT ; to defamii. 
LfiLEMlSU,(l'lrai'-l*b) ■.!. ArnvkordD. 
I (oinjilT ; npiiHcli : a Hil ; bunt. 
' r« BLEKCU. See T. Bn-cn. 
Tb BLEHD. (hljai) «l«. Pmar. 6birf«f; 
pan. ikiuM ; koiiMitly Mm. To niDfle to- 

3b BLES6. (big*) t. a. PtM. wtd pan. 
Uaai at Mm; to na)w li^ipy ; to vub 
bapmacslo; tonoiMnw by a prayer. 
BLE^EA, (brti'^td) pan, <. lUppyt 
boly i happy in the joT' ^' bnrn ; haTbi|[ 
r*c«n*d Uw bratiUriiOD of nsoilin. 

[VLGS&GDLY. (bW-Hd-]i>>«I. Ilwmil*. 

I BLBS8EDN £:>:«. (blM-wJ-DM) a. >. Ho- 
pinea^ falid^;. «antug' ^buianlj faE- 
diyi dniBabroot. 

'BLUING, 0>I«<'-«>"F) "■'- DtowUmaa; 

a daclaratlon Ey wtucb IiappincM is pi«- 

tDicad j divloa (aratu. 
BLESr. (blrit) Fm. ud t«it. 6ara Uik 
BLEW, (blu) Tba mi. bom bbw. 
BLEYUE. (trluDo) ia.1. An inOiBDaiion 

in lbs fool o( a bortr. 
BLIGHT. (U|u> a. i. Any dring lipping 

01 lliuidna ; mildew. 
1« BLIGirr. (U|la) T.a. To <mayt villi 

miUv* ( in idicinL lo hIaaL 
BLIND, (Uittd) m. DrfmrA of a^iu i in- 

UUi<niia)ly dan i ^BHa ; fhnar. 
TaBUNO. (hljnd) (.a. To maLr blind i 

•0 daikra ; M datfcan or oWura to iLa on- 

d'ttuuctio^ ; U> (obpan. 
BLINO. (Miod) K.I. SninHhiniilooUi-uta 

Iba li^bt ; jamfthiaf lo millaad (be tje, Oi 

ibe undrtilaftdinc- 


r* BUNDPOLD, <b)jnd-.r(ld) » a Ti 

biadn Ironi ttmon. 
BLIKin-orj}. (Iil(nd'-ffbl>a. tUrhf tW 

ej't tnrnvd. 
BUMiLV. 0>li"d'-lf> af. WUbmialgU; 

batibciily ; wlbaoi jaig^mA. 

bunum\n's stirr, (biiBr-«v>">><>r') 

•.1. A play te wbkb temr oaa I* (o bara 

hk ayta covnad, and boM out iba trai 

00 IM cntapanir. 
BLINDNESS. (blind'-nM) a. i. WaM «f 

riibi; Inonnta. 
fiLlND«lUE.O.Und^d(') »■•. WraknOHi 

tba wtnll part ot a nian'i i bmntf. 
Bt.Di'DWORM.(bl4tul'-iri(cni>it.i. A Maall 

inaocaoua acipDnL 
r* BUNK, (bljngk) p. >. Toankg la 

ate obuwdy 1 to «aik anMly. 
BLl\K,(llui^) a. •. AtHapari agbmra. 
BLINKARD. (bljacb'-aid) fi. >. Unu tkal 

bai had tyra -, aomctldnc (irinkfinc. 
BUSS, (bli*) f. •. Tba W«t £v^ III 

haptdnaw ; rdii-ily in pnantL 
BLlSSri'L. fbli*'-)^) a. Happy )n iha 

hlitbcil dnn*'. 

BLI&Fl'LL'H'. <bl>>'-ful-ta} «f. KappOy. 

BUSarUUiLSS. (UjaWg^Dita) !>.>. lUp 

BlIST}JI, (1>IU'-wr> iki. A pQitule fonnad 
b; riinat; iIib coiklo : any mclliDg nWita 
by ifau asparaiiOD of a filin oi (kn tnan tfio 
Dihei partii a medimrl appHeaUon wtath 
raiMa nnaD Ttolidaa oa A* ikfai Ultd vHb 

& BPtOUl fluid. 

TV BLISTEH. (blK-ici) «>. Tvraiie la 


To BUSTER, fbliifiir) ».■- TonwaWia- 

ttrt by naniD kuit j ta taiaa Uialeti vilb a 

modlciJ inlcoOon. 
BI.ITKC (blitm) a. Gay 1 nltr ; joyona. 
BLITHELY. (btJTa'-k) act. In a UilW 

BLn']IEN>:^, (bli'To'-nt*) ) 

BLlTIIESOMENESif. (blirn'-^m-nw) f 

n. K Tbc Duolily of brine blithe. 
BLITHESOHE. <bliTB-->!|Ki} a. OajTi 

To BLOAT, (blou) T. a. To avoll. or Bala 

Ta BLOAT, (MfM) tv a. TogrovUip''- 
BLO.tTED. (blM«'-fd) «. Santlai mib in- 

DL0.<TI:DNE5S, (hlf'-t(d-a$») a. •. SmI- 

Udr ftmn iotempenuico . urEidacM. 
DLOBBEHUPPED. (.blfb-bir-^) a. 

[fariuf; ivpllcd ot ibick llp«> 
BLOCK, (blyL) n. I. A bia«y pieracf |Sb> 

bctf ', a nin» of mUUr : ilir piM« of wood 

on »bich biu ur formisl : the wood on 

wlich tnmiDBli aie bclicndeil *, an abstrac- 
tion-, aacaunobrapiilU. 
To BLOCK. <bt9k) p. s. To ibat np. 
BLOCK'IIOl^i:. (btyk'-h^n^aa) «.■. A tot- 

ttm lo dcfond a harliour. 
BLOCK-TIN, (Ufh-i<n') i.i. Pteaofim- 

mii«d tin. 
BLOCKADE. Iblgk-kad/) ■. •. A tirff 

tarrad on by wul^g up lit placF. 

sft )— tiffat, tfb, biflli— Vi'i— Pfindi— I'lii, ■ni*. 


r* BLOCKADE, (blgk-k^a*') t. e. T« 

■Lift up br obMniciiaa- 
BLOCKIIL'AD. (bl;k'-W) ■. 1. A WupiJ 

BLOCKIIUDl3),0>1tk'-Ltd-i!J)a. Snpidi 

IIUtrKISII. (blDk'-.>b) •. Stu|iidi doll. 
UUI<:Kl.SIIN>.s<i. (I>l(l'.Uh-D^) ■.>. Su- 

Siily; doIliHHi. 
IlkMnr. (blo'-nt-M) •■«. Tie fiM 

(a*«a is lb* Iroa'inillfc ' 
BUHIU. (bluJl n. >. Tbi! rtd liijuor thu 

ciKLuliU* in UkA boditflc^ Aninmli ', fuiuJj : 

kjadnd i diHnat: litiur; binod rotal. 

ninJ liiifBge : bink ; hijb t w racri ii ii ; 

M hoi ffotk. at man at Ata; 1L0 /aita of 

Kiijr ihini;. 
BUJOD-IIEAT. (bli|d-bfrO >.(. Hnt of 

llxr umo dcjiriv *itb blMd. 
BLUOtl-STAiN'EU.fblwl'-Mfa<I)«. SnOT- 

•it or riuiuitd ntb bloodi 

JU-iiTO.M::. (UK-Mfii*) ■i.f. Tha 

bloodfUuia «• gtou, *patl«l (rilh ■ brifLt 

t*d bload-tml. 
BLUOD-TlllHSTY. (bV-dign-ir) a. !>•• 

■iniu* to ahcd blood. 
BLOOD- VEaSEU (.blvd'-ty^nl) •-*• A 

nia o> utnr. 

Uordiv; tbu iiuiJt urDunlrr. 
BLOODHOl'NU. (bWd'-bvvad) ■■ •. A 

fine* >[icO('i n( hound, hsTinc in ■ bwh 

drfnv iba powar of folloving bjt lit 

&U>UI>II.V. (blod'-^b) ad. CnrUy. 
ill.CMJ01\h:S.S, (i>luJ'*Daa)a.>. Tbr «UI* 

of litinjf blooJv f Ibir djtpOKUfm to tbrd 

tfiU)<U)l.>.!;».(bM'-ls*) I. WilliQul blood ^ 

(ImiI ; witbout wu);bl*r i witboul ipinl or 

BIXlUDiillKn. (blud'.tb«d) n. 1. Tbccrimo 

(if nucdiir 1 tlsuibtvi. 
BUlOU&IIKllUUt. (biud'.«bsd-d{r> ■.). 

BLOODSHOT, (blud'-riisi) }a. Fil- 

BLOODSIIOTTEN; (blwl'^t-tn) ( l>d 

will) blood bunting tnjm to pi«i>u im- 

BIXIODSUCKEn. Chhid-.nk-fr) n.i. A 

le*di 1 tay iJiing thai inckii blood ; ■ cruel 

BLOODV, (blud'-r) a. Suintd with blood i 

DLOODY.FLU.\.(blDd'-4(~talL>')-.i. Thr 

iyieouaj, in whitli tbo unrrmrae* am 

Drixed wtib blood. 

BLOODY-UIKOED (bl^d'-de-mind.t')*-'- 
Crad 1 of > unginniiiy iiipiMmi. 

SLOOM, (binnn) n. 1. A blo«»an i ibr bluo 
colour upoD plunu and grapt* uealy 

T» BLOOM, (lln^) *. ■. I'o bring bloc 
•on* ; le b* is * ntBlc of nudi. 

BLUOMINC, (lilM>ni'-in() 0. rioari*bmg 
villi bloom ; bating lb« bnhnna uf jovlb. 

BI.OUMV. (bliwm'T) a. Full of bloomib 

BLOSSUU, (bitt'-anm) n. i. Tbo flomt 


(bal growi oa a jihot, pmiooi (o tba tood 

Ta >IU)iaSOM, (blfa'.«gm> r a. To jmt 

fonb bloMonk 
BLO&fOMY. (blft'-nn-o) a. FoUofbtoo- 

7a BLOT, 0>lfi) c a. To oblitcTrue , M 

•ffai:*! to ervac ; to moko blaik *poU on [ 

10 iliignoc ; la dirkob 
BLOT, (bifi) n.i. An oblitcntion of *fit- 

itu( ; a blui ; a >Mt in npuIalioD. 
BLOrCIt, (blflab) n. 1. A apot upon tbf 

T« DLOTCH, (bl«ttl>} i>. a. To UmIicd. 
Ta BLOrE. (binlal v. a. 1'o di; bj t1i« 

imokc i u bUiid luninp. 
BIA>W, (bif ) a. a. A woia -. tbo xiokt of 

dMtb ; ■ (uddm nbUBJly i the w:[ of a Bj, 

hj whirb (liH lodj^a eft* in Iteob. 
TaBLVW. (bin) r.11. fnt-ilnti pvt. pMO. 

Mwn. To nuLa a nDtml of air ; to jiaut ; 

lo brratbo. Ta Una aovi to |iu> ivay 

villiont afacL Tb Utnr igi ! In nj talo Ibo 

air by ibo fnn* ej Eanpowdcii 
n> BLOW, (bio) 0. 0. To dri» bv tba 

wind ; to iaflanio iricb wind : to mil ; lo 

tomi into ttrape bf tbo bmtb . 10 lound 

wind oiuiick ; to *inn <ri(h the bnolb. 

Tv Mini' iw(, to riDnguinh by wind, la 

Uat up: to niias 01 aw«ll wiib lirvatb ; in 

inflatn: In hunt wiib ipinpowilni (0 kindle 

T« iiw iqvn : U makv alala. 
Tb nt^W. (bli>> V. ». To bloom. (blo'-ti) n. >. A molMrof tini 

il<i>i which drawl op Iho fin in > aiora or 

BI.On S. CU^a) Tbo fart. paaa. of Mnn, 
BUIWl'irt; <IV^ipc} n. 1. A tube cunt 

i^ Tirirruii arlirican. 
IILOWZK, (biuv»> a. >. A niddy lal-facttl 

BUMV7.y. (h1gv'->?) >■ Sun-bunil, bigh 

BLUUBRR, (Uub'-bM) n. 1. lli* bi of 

Ta BLUBBER, (b'«t'''l>!'> <- "■ To nep 

in aucb a munnar aa la awvtl the diecka. 
BLUBUKHEU, (blab'-berd] fm, a, Svrall- 


BLODGKIlN. (blad'li^))!.!. A thon •tick. 

with one tnd Iwidrd, uaed at an oirDiu>''B 

BLUE, (bltf) a. Oa« of cbe tbraa primltiTo 

BHIKBOITI.F, fWn'-b^-ll) a.t A flowtt 

of Iha bell ibkp* 1 a fly witli a lu^s blue 

BMJKI-V. (blu'-lal 0.1. With a blue colour. 
BLIJb:.\t:j«. (blu-uat} n. i. Tbo quality 

of biini; bltia. 
BLUKF, (bluf) a. Dig ; nily I oUhm. 
BLUFFNESi, (bM'iiM) n.1. ThequaUtj 

of bring bluff. 
BLl'l!^lt.fbln'-iib)a, Blnoiaannall dc^Tm. 
Tvni.l'NDElL^tiilgo'-dtr} f. n. To loia- 

takr croHly,Vt> La—atv . 
BLUNDElt, (bl^n'-dcn "■■^ Apoaanua- 



Ffir, ^t, 1^, f}!;— inF,in£t,— pinr, \i]fl; — no, (ao*c. 



BLCIfDERBUiS, fht^'-dft-hft) a. a. A 

rot diU i* diMbu]^ w»li ituajr bal- 

B1.1' MXlUnR, (hloii'-Jp-n) ■.(. A mm 

tKu <oomit> blunuFia 
BLUNU£IUltAD,(til!ia'-<lit-bBJ} >.«. A 

*t«ijiid fottow. 
Btl'NDtRi.SCLY. (bti||a'-d{i>iog-lf) •£. 

!■ n MaDiIrtini! mnnn. 
BLUNT, f bl<tiiO •. DaU OS Uw •Jp i dull 

i> oDilaBluJiBf i ny|h ; DM rirll ) 

>V BLUNT, (blunt) r «. To dull Qi* tJ(« 

M point ; (o McnM. 
BLUNTLY, (bluDt'-ln) ad. In k Uunt 

BLUNTME88, <UnM'-tiE«) u. u Wwt of 

ed|e : toaitmcim. 
BUSTWnTtD,[blnin'-'^t-ttd)<. Ddl; 

BI.UR. <blqr) *. I. Ablot: ftiuin. 
To Ht.t'R. (bliti) •■ a. To blot ; W lUvu 
7'fllU.URT, (blurt) *.4. To ipFak iimt- 

To ULVm. (b1f«li) *. «. To briny •hwnB 

Of (cmfuiion, by ■ red colaiir oi Ikv ctieriL 

or forebihad i to c*rry ■ t>d coloui. 
BLltKFI, (bluh) It. 1. lli> colour In llio 
clifvi* laiMd bj ■buna cr eealattaa ; k 

(*d ur |iurplB toloor i foddon oppcaiauM ; 

w. (ha Bm UwA. 
BLUS]ll>UL,(bbul)'-fvl>*- Full or bliuhM. 
BLll3IIING.(M4ib'-iDe) k.1. Tkcajiivat- 

BLCSIILESS. (blffili'-lsi) a. Without • 

bluib I impnduil. 
BLUSHV, (U^'-^) «. lUfiog (1» colour 

o/a bl iuh. 
To BLU^JIXR, (U^-((t) t^B. ToraaiM 

» norm -. to biwy. 
BLUSTER, (bli;i>'-t(r) *.•. RoMofManiUi 

BoiM i (urbul«)r«-, bOMt. 
SLUSTfrKF.K. (blu«'-t«^) n.(. A »w>g- 

rtnr ^ a bully. 
BLISTKKINU, (Uol'-lgr-ing) h. (. Tu- 
mult . noiic. 
BLUSTEKOl'S. (b1u'-bu) a. Ttimalluoiu. 
BO. ihq) >nl«^ A word o( Wnour. 
B(>AK. (linro) n. L Tilt nik tvUir. 
BOAK-i<Ff:.tK, (bi/ia-tpft*) n.b A (poti 

a**d io liuniiac lb* boar. 
BOARD, (b9id) a. i. A pircc of wooJ ot 

men tKi|tk and teaadili (ban thirlmaH . a 

Ubio ; tba dfck of a *Up. FigumiTcly. 

£nt(nalnni*iil ; a coencu ; an iTfnbly 

mud at a ubIo ; > cout of joiiidiciioa. 
ToBO.lIlI). (bord) t a. To cnur a itiia 

bytoTcti toattacki to Mcoit i lolay villi 

Tr BOARD, (bfrd) k a. To Hit ta a bouM 

at a cRUiD ni> tor cuiing. 
To BOARD, (bfrd) r. *. To jdaco •• • 

boardai ba anotbar** boope. 

alldwvd to •OTMM W i«op UicmHlic* ia 

UUAItUKH, (V-dp) >■*• OoalhUMU 
«)ih auolbcr at a w<llcd ntr 

_ _^ BOD 

BOARDtNGM'lIouL, ^tM^rjnf4k^(i~ 

K. I. A acbuul nlii-rallw KltbUn lw« Willi 

tli# taaohar. 
BOAKiaU. (luro'-iih) a. »<rin>ah; tawal. 
r> BOAST, <hoM)'i. a. To bcaci lo talk 

(«UKiaIioa*ly . to cialt Me'* Milf. 
To BOAiT, (kqt) r. a. T« bn§ ofi t* 

■Of oi^ i to exalt.. 
BOAiiT, (b9M) a. h An aspMMiM of «*- 

imiiaUon i a caoM of boaaoar. 
miA^'TKK (b9>t'-a> a.1. Abtanw. 
iMIASIt'til., (boM'-ritl) a. OimtMloaL 
bOASriKCi. tbail'-jof) h, h An oipe** 

lioD of ottrauduD. 
DOASItNULY, (boal'-i&g-IO a. Often. 

DO.t r. [Itfte) n. 1. A reucl to ptM (bo 

waiei in 1 a ibip ol a (mall lins 
BOAl'M.\M. (bfle'-Di4ii> a. •■ Il« ibal 

maDacn a boat. 
B0.VI!>WA1N, (bftir'-MTonr, loUaquiallf 

bo'->u) a. h Ao oAur oo boanl aibip, 

«bo 1MB cbafva ot bet rif|;iog and lons- 

baal ; ud (ldl> out tbe fcraral gang*, tie. 
To BOB. (bfb) r. a. To play barkwwd and 

foniiTi -, In M for tdi, a t«nn in aoglmit. 
BOB, (byb) a. b Sonolliinit Ibal baoK* M 

M to jilay IoiikIt i a blow i a wonn uaad 

A unall )dn of 

tor * bail in aniGiu ; » bo(i«W. 

IN. (bjb'-Iip) a. I. A «n 

1 ut*d in tacc.iBaluD|[ ; a ibaj Io wind 


wood I 

tbrrad oiioa. 
BOBBINWORK. (W-Uo-w^) •. i. 

Wwk woren with biiUiina. 
BOBCIIERRY. (bvb--uib«-re)a.«. A play 

amoDg cbildreo, in whicb Ibo cbetry u 

himif ■■> aa Co bob apoiul Uu; mouth. 
BOB'IAIL. (b^'-tflt) a.1. A taU col, 01 

BOBWIG. (bfb'-vig) a.t. A riion wig. 
Ti> BODE, (Vrte) hd. To portend. 
r< BODE, (bfdo) *.a. To be an omn. 
BODE, (bfde) a. t. An onea j Mmj V 


BOIIKMENl', <bfd«''.mtDi) n. >. Poft«M; 


ruBUl)GK,(bMl)e)t.>>. TobontU, MM0]i. 
BODICE. (bvJ'-dia) •>.•. Suh. 
BOI11KI). |bfd'.d^) a. Hanogabody. 
BOUIU-^ss, (bod'^d^laa) a. locstnomL 

BUlillJM;i>5.(bg£'.df-lt«c>)"''^ C«P»- 

BODILY. (btd'.df-lf) a. CornvMl; W- 

latinc tu the hndy ; rtil ; ictaal. 
BODILY, (l;<f(l'.d*.|*) ad. CoqHimall]^ 
BODINC), <biida-in|;) a. k Ao Omeo< 
BODKIN, (bfd'-i^jo) ».>. An laaaunumt 
•acd Io boie boloa j an innnuneitt lo dta* 
* IliMad ihMo^ a loop; an imtnuDEDt l* 
BODY, (b^d'-do) R. >. Tlie mueml nb- 
■laDM ol nn aniiual ; matter ; opgiixed W 
(pitil -, a penon ; a lotlcctiie mu> ; tho 
maiD annj ; a corfioialion : tbe mun pan j 
Ibe bulli ; a fubtlince. Id jfeoioelr;. Any 
■olid figuiT. A gmrml collHtioa, ai a 
bodv of diiioily. iiuvntth. a* wlot of ■ 
(ood brfy. 

nj*;— tube, tyb. b>jlli-(il; — pc^nd i~lAui, mi* 


n BOnV, (b(d'-4f) p. B. To ptoddie in 
- KDii* ram. 
BODY-tiliARD. (bvd--4Mtd>a.i; P»o- 

pttlj. (bo Ufa-twd*. f%unlJM)'. So- 

BOG, (tiff) iht. A DBtifa i ■ moran. 
r* BOO. <bn) V. •. To whabD u In mud 

fiOO-rROTTER.<bf^-t>V(-Nt)a.fc AoM 

trrm fnr dob tliM Htcs Id • 6mr toantiT. 

B OOOLB . (^t'-El>">fc A GucbMti • 

nSOOOLE. (bf^-fl) i-ik IVxtait; W 
hnitau ; to MDmblF. 

BIKiHOllSli. <l>f(r-bfv**) -. t. A Tdt^. 
UDIIKA, <1ii>-ti>') «. 1. A (pKiM c< tra. 
Til tiOlU (b»l> ». n. To bf iicil^Ml by 

btM ; lobthix i inina*«hL«bailui| mCfr; 

la cook by boilkt. 
TuItOIU (hffl) (.a. To li«U, b; piMiDt 

nm bntUiif ^ainr. 
SOIL, (b(«l> ■. 1. A nimaar. icnniuiliae 

k » jmula. 
BOtLEIt, (bfo)*-*^) n. 1. Tbo peraon tbat 

boili ; til* Ti a iii l in which unnbuw u 

BOILKnV. (b^r-rr.p) II.I. AMlt-bOUM. 

ur p^ii>t wbf^p 4lt 1* bcglfd. 
m>iI.IN(). (buL-inz) II.I. EbiillUioB. 
UUi>TCKoim; (li^.itcgi) •. Vtolnt; 

hud ; iDihnlrat 1 tuaaj, 
Buiirii:itni:!il.Y,(l>9t>'-tr*3*-'t)*^ ^''°- 

InUi ; luatiilniouMv. 

BOISlt:ROl'SNESaC(bf«^-Wt>^-etO •ht. 

BOL.UtY, (bf'-lt-») c PuttUng of (lio 

nunc (rf bolih or cut. 
BOLD, (bold) a. I)iinii|(i brOTci «u<cuni1 

10 lb» lUlit. 
T* DOLDEN, (bfU'-d&) n o. To auib 

BOLDFACED, (b^'IfUg) a. InaiuUnU 
BOLDLY, (bfid -If) •. In > bold naMcr. 
BOLDNLSS. (bflil'-a;*) ■. *. Caunce ; 

ucnftiaa front cwoon ; MsSdcnt iron -, 

•Momm ; impodcnre. 
BOLE, (bf le) n. •. Th« bod; of a cninL of 

• tm 1 s kind of Mulb. 
BOLI„ (bflir) n. •■ A round lUJli. oi ttrra ; a 

•alt tnsMun a< t<n> biulxb. 
SOLS'rEn.(lalc'-«gf)>.i. Somctblug laid 

an tlw btil 10 *ii)ipon i!>e bi-ul ; a |iad, sr 

tilt; a •uripf b1 niofbine for bTvrki^L linihi. 
OLSTF.H.<l<ole'iilF[) i.o. Toiaj.noit 
tbs htxl with n lotim ; lo afibid a bird to ; 
to ^mpoft ; lo (well oot. 
BOLSTRHKD. (bf)«'->i^) a. KwcUmI out. 
BOUiTKKINt;. <bflc'->E];r-i^ n. •. A 

nop ; ■ ku|i|Kin. 
BOLT, (boll) n. I. Ab arrow ; At bar of* 
doof : an lion tin ; a timt. 
,r>BULT, (boio ■.<>. To luua wiih a 
bolt 1 lo Uiui out piM^UDtly ; (o (atlu ; 
M rift Willi a <la*). 
r« BOLT, (boll) «. n. To ffAg OM wlib 
apatd and luddonntM. 

BOLT-ROPE, fbjfrnp*) ■.». Tfco ropa 

b) wtucb ibo odgi* of ulli arc nweiL 
BOLTlUt. (bfli'ir) u. >. A aietc ; a Lkul 

I)OLTmUD.(bflC-htd)>.>. ALnuMinil. 

Mctod gitu («Mal, fct cbtanicnT diatU- 

BOLTSPItlT. SMl)a«.raiT. 
BOU'3. (I>flqt) a. 1. A form ot nitdicino. 

wawiNtBg, hut hjgor than plUi. 
BOMB, fbnm) ■.>. A bollowlran ball, nr 

abalL fllW wiih (UBpowdor. and funlthul 

with a vaat far a hua*, or wooiUn lubt. 

l!U*d with (omboiiibl* ninllor. lo br ikown 

ool from a mortal. 
-BOMB-CHEST, (bam'-ti^)a.i. A thoM 

Iliad luuallv mUi bomb*, nlac«4 under 

•TMnd. to blow it op io Uia ao. 
BOMIl.KtTTCH. (bem'-V>bd,) in. b A 
DOMW-M-SSr.L, (bem'-TE^^I) ( kind <f 

aUp auoarly bnilt, to btv Uk iliock of a 

lB(B1ar. wub bamlrt an U ba Gnd- 
IK)MBARD.(bBm'-bai<l)<i.>. AcnMgun; 

Ei LoiTrf^ 

7aHUMIiAnD.(lim-b4pir>>^>- Toatiack 
witb bomhi. 

BUMIUKDIER.O'nm-bw'dnOn-t- 'I1» 

rwtnurf wbo tlMOU boiMt. 
BOHBARDM£NT. (b|iui-t>ud'-m£nl) a. t. 

An Ulark by ibrowing tioiiilif. 
BOMUASIN, {bau-bf-B»u'> n. il A lUgbl 

lilkcB Hulf. 

BOMBASr. (tH^-b|*t') n. I. A nrill of 
•oft looM Uitua lued la iwall tJiu icac- 
mist , fiiatiou ; \ug wordi, willioul mcaii - 

BOMDASnCK. (Hm-hM>'-ti<>><>- 0(gr<ai 

•aund with Itcda miouing. 
OOMBILATIOK, {b«m-b^l4'-d>vi) «■ i. 

Saandi aoimu 
BOMBYX. (bvm'.bik>)n.t. Tbp nlk-wonn. 
BUNA ROBA.(bt-n|-rv'-b))a.(. A (hDwy 

B0.\A1R. (b9a-trt') a. Campbotanl ; jiM- 

B^ASSUS. <b9-nt>'-«uii) n. t. A kind of 

BOND, (bfod) n-i. Cord oi iboyi ; &b- 

mral : usioa. In llm phnaL CSaina ) im- 

piiaoaniMiL Is law, A writing of oUI- 

i;ail«a to ^y a luia, ol pciloiB ■ OMlrael | 

BONDAGE, (b(n'-dve> n-i. Cnpliriiy-, 

BONUUAID, (bfnd'-m|d«)n.>. A woman 

BON'DMAN. (Wd'nifn) In.*. Ailaw, 
BOKDSM.^N. (Ifnda'-intii) i a puraon 

ftifaijC ttcDrily for nnolhtr. 
8t)ND6£RVAVr, (bvui'-aar-tyit} a.t. A 

BONDSERVICE, (bfod'-^t-ni.) n. •. 


BONDSWOMAN. (bvndt'-vv'»-«u)"-*- A 

femaJo thtr*. 
BONE, (bfns) n. •. Itia liard, dn. in*M,. 

(Rile uuti of iba body of an anlmaJi aMrt 

of boMMA Ih weanng locc 


PfH, l}r. ffU. tV .—m^, m£l i— I'jaVi ]>ip ;— iw, meN. 

BuNESErrEH, Ofoa'-tfi-tv) 

Uinn tinm Um ittk. 

of lact. 

*. t. Om 
' wwon'm braba 
«t <iilnoM»4 bono. 
lUtNKIItE, (bft-tiiB) a. •■ A fin naia 

Cut HnBD fahhek <aaM of ErioBi^ 
n UONIKV. <b(*'>af-fi} >b«. T« «d««*ii 

UONKET, (hfa'-ntt) m.t. A ntwiic fai 
dMh«J. bfcaiitnuJe^Aknilafllak 
m*lto. In th« m hoffiatr, Boaoett m* 
asall lul* M( oa lb« counra gn tba nlara, 
aaioMul. aad rarHaiL 

BONNILY, (hfB'-nf-li;) •£. GnjIrilMna- 

DU.VNV. (b^'-Df) a. IIaal«o«M) tiMD- 

tiWi 07. 
BON'Y, (bo'-oe) a. CoodMiiig of b«aM; 

foU trf beara : anoaE af bna*. 
BONZC:^. (boa'-ii:0 Ik L l>iinca af JafU, 

Tnniiuin. aad Ctona. 
DOOBV, (boa'-bn) a. a. A duU, tfnpM ral- 

!■» i a biiJ'«f tk> palliaa irlbs. 
B4)OK. (IoaIl) ■.•. A TAbnao b trUA «n 

rMil or irtiiB ; a i«illiafci A ibiaa af a 

T« BOOK, (book) •■0. To wgiMM 

BOOK-KF.EPF.R. (boolf-k^fp-fr) a.*. 

L«|iu of a book of ■Mmina. 
BOOKKEEPING. (VH!k'-)°tn>-M "■ ■■ 

'i1s« ut of LKpiiig atMrasU. 
BOOKPINDEH. (b(!tk'-^-«i) «■ t. A 

m.-is whMafTCfamiilM tonnd baaka. 
&OOKC.UE, (bcg^.ktM) >. >. A OM 

for Laldiag book*. 
ODOKISII. Ogtk'-tfh) ■■ Oinn ta bookk 
DUOKlSilNB^ (bmk'-ilfc-Bca) a.t. D»- 

iwion ta booka. 
BOOKLAKD, (hjjk'.ltnd) a. h Tls am 

u fnc focac* hpuU. 
|K>t>KUL\RNEO,<baok'-lini-«l)a. Vmcd 

In a 



OKLBARMNO. (l^'-lgn-iag) «. >. 

Skin in QlciMare. 
BOOKMATt, (bffik'-niftr) n. 1. ScUol- 

BOOKOATH, (b«k--f tb) >. >. Tba cub 

madn n tha bosk. 
B00K8EU£B. (bMk'-«(I-ltr> «. *. 

wbM* pwtiMion it u to *tU boda. 
BOOKWOHM. ibsak-.wnra>) h.i. A 

ifaai «ai> boha la booU ; a dudnt loo 

cltMly d««B to booka. 
BOOM, (boom) n. i. A lone sola OMd to 

■lirtad out iha cino of tha atUMDc adl ; a 

polo act «f aaanaA to ibm ilia uilon 

bow to Mtai I a bat of wood lnM acioM > 

r« BOOH. <bt>mn> f . a. To tiub wlik rio- 

Irnr* i to «**ll and (all iMotibir, 
BOON, (Ins) a. a. Adft;ainnL 
ilOOX. (iftt) m. Qmji watj; ^koA; 

BOOR, (bf^> a. 1. A loatjadoav. 


DOOMSII, (Vet'-U) * OomUi i» 

BOORtSaLV. <bn/-yi)-l>> W. ta a boar- 

BOOm&llNEfiS, (biir--i*b«t*) a. <. Oomi. 

islinnag nMadljr, 
DOOSK. <,l<na) a. b A flail (or a M«r «• 

n ot. 
7a BOOT, (bg»i) tsa. To Mtl ; W ad- 

nnmci- -. ta Mrirb ; to b w iBt. 
BUtn, (boM) a. >. Pratt 1 |»w : T* hat : 

«t«t aad awto. 
BOOT, (beat) a. «. A cvrorii^ Um Ibe kj, 

«mI )^ iionnnBD. 
BOOT (< a Cm*. (boM> a. «. Tbe apaca 

undn Iha cdath-boi. 
To BOOT. (loM) r. a. To put on Uola. 
IWOT-CATflOKR. <biMt'-bvi«b-*r) a. ». 

Ilia pmoa vkaa* bvBOPW M ^ inn ii 10 

Bidl ofl ibe boot! of I iiiMini II 
BOOT-HOSE. ibMt'-hfM) a. >. l>iaritiac« 

to femrt far bnu. 
IKItnvn(£E,(boalMf*f) ■,*, T**plK0i 

of wead, ahijwl Bka a t)*, U bo Mm 

UIo baaCi, tor MMdaDC tbf«. 
BOOTED. (tooi'.«J) a. I« boela. 
BOOTH. ibooTs) ■.!. AianpowybaaM 

b^i of boaMiL 
B00T1.ESS. (bnT-laa) a. UwIm*-, wtib- 

BOt »»CHI. 

BOOTY. Om'-Ib) a.* nonlw; iMoca 
BoiMi b; nibbaj 1 7* fluy laNji, to plaj 

BurEEl*. t<W'I?;^') "- •- To |>I*T t«TKcp, 
ia to hiok ool. ud di» bait u if friebml. 

DUItAX, iim-n^M) a. 1. An lltifiiul «h. 
pniiand intra uX ammoniac, nilrr. nl- 
(ianl ladar, aia *all. ud alom. diMo1t«4 

BORD-LANDS, Oi7t<C!fndi) ■■ a. Da- 
Bouiuia fotntnli appropnalad bf tbe ovofra 
of laa^ for l£a uioolMaot* of tkcir Im 
or tabic. 

BOHDER, <1ifr'-4c') ■■ >■ Tb« ontn pan 
or <d(D 1 ibo naKb or ed(« of a Manly ; 
Iba ontM p*ft of • nrairsDt ; a bonk niitA 
mmk a aardaa. la knaldrjr, ceo of iLr 
farMOinabIa ordfaiaifaai cotniBanl)' wriiimi 

7> OORDKR. (bfi'-drr) •. a. To coofinn 

ohon; to Apprcofb dootIj 10. 
r* BORDEH, ^btr'-dtl) i\ *. To adam 

withabtfda; i»f«ac)i; to tmch; tok«op 

Kitbia baaadh 
BORDERER, (bgr'-4|M) ■■ •. Ue dot 

(hnlboQ iboboMttst ia that apiMneboB 

Tv BORE. <b(r*) *. ■. Toffarea; Id naka 
■ bolt : to hollow i u> Mifmta. 

TaROHF. (bfra) na. To ouka a tmlaw 

B<^)Rr^ (bfte) a. t. Tfaa bolo mado by 
bwRc ■ Iba aiaa it any bole. 

HOKi:, fbcm) ThainLoriMr. 

hOKKAI., (bo*-i^|l> a. Konhcm. 

BllKK.^H. (bO't*-^) «.(. TIm nortb iriiul. 

Tn it UDItN, (Ofpn) tvn. pn. To coma 
iato lif*. 

BORNE,(ban*> Tha lait. [Ml of Im-. 

■ft;— <Vb^ tnb, bflli— fUi— ptyndi— fua, rnu. 


KmOCaH, (bur'-tf) ■.•. AuvRvMa 

POBOUGU CNGLliUI. (boi'-n) A c«>- 
lominr dawaot a( laiul* or lawsfau la ilie 
tmuei 1 7aun((M' mm ; or, if tho owuu 

Wn uo una, to fab MuDftM bratliet. 
7« BORROW, (V-tf) s. •. To lake (ram 

uoUwr upon cndit g u uk ar( uhm^st 

tttoiplhwa (or ft tima. 
BORBOWER. (V-ro^> «. «. He (h»l 

b»no»i : be ibu inkt* what it MioU>*t*i, 

■nd luH it u bi> oim. 
BOBHOVriNG, (htt'-is-iog) ■». (. Tlw act 

of ooa who borrairt. 
BOSCAGE. (bv«''Li» ■■<. WockI; ibo 

WJiUMIilatioc of wchkI*. 
BO»KY. (b«'-^> -^ Woodj. 
BOSOM. fbg'.a^B) ». l Tfae bnn; i)>« 

WMJt,HtEa MU odaudoKHai Ux! breui. 

u Ifaa napaola orMctMti w; iMBpacIo 

doM or ooavt. m, tb« tn>M of Ibo oartb. 

A«B, u oomiioMCiDD, ioiplifo iailimcjr, 

ooaGAneo, fco J cw, u boMm-friaod, Ik. 
To BOSOM. (t>9e'-iiiai) r. ■. To ioeloao la 

Ibo boioni ; lo nniCB»t io jniitcy. 
BOSS, (tu) ■■•. A itnJ: the poit rUins ia 

lbs midjl of any tblnK ; a brickUyvr** di>- 

cblno (oi holding monni ; k tliick UhI; of 

BO^£b,"(bM) o. StaiAii. 
lOSSAOE, (ba^.M|a) o. t. In anbiCMMn. 
Aaj ilooe tnH nu > projcctiirni laiiicli 
«r<n. cbldl* io tbo comen of edifice*, and 
called roaciA quobk 
l]}O^V, (bQ*'-Of) a. Punninoiil ; oTuddod. 
LsoiANiCAL. (bf-t«n'-o-H') )•• Rtlating 
l2orANtCK. <l.o-tvi'ntli> i lolitibi. 
IVOTAMCAI.I.Y, {bfi^'-^-kfl-Ie) mL Af- 
tor tbs nmuifTi of bMsniBl^ 

FAHUT, (tifi'-t ciiii> m. «. One ■kill«l 
n pUaU. 
»TXN01.0GV. (bflHtn-glVif) ■■«. A 
diiconrtr opun planu. 
[SOIAN'V. (bfi'-^-nii} n. I. no irlaotn 
1 which ipicli'* ihfl kJiowlofl|[«i of [ilvitt. 
BOl'CH, (bfUh) ■. >. A twclliou (ir Ruji- 
tiio ducnlouivion of Iho ikia ; a pan ID any 
work ill Geiihod ; an aJKilltiout part clum- 
lily add#d. 

^T* BUTCH, (bfl*b) c.a. To inonil or [atcb 
dolhM ; 10 tnnd awkwardly ; Io pot to- 
nlbor uiinillably i w mark w>lh boicbf*. 
BOTCItER, (bftib'-c) B. *, A BHodtr of 

old rlolbek 
BOTCIILRLY, (bvub'-p-lf) *. fliaeaf; 

BOTCIIY. (bf !>£-•) •>. niaa«dwiilibotcho*. 

BOTU. tb^iA) II. 'ill* two. 

DOni. Cbulh) oof/. At wvll. 

nOOTIIKK (bviii'-(i>i.<i. To [uvpliri 
•sd cnnFoond. 

BOIS, (bgu) n.L A opcdn of nnall woim* 
iotho Botnili of honri, 

BOTTLE. (ti«t'-<l> "-■■ ^ ^f'-i vlib k 
BSITOW nouth. Id pit liquai in ; IhB oioa- 
•ore of viae uiiuUv put iolo a boitlr . a 
qoafli a <iu«aliiy ofiuij or gtw bundled 


A BOTTLE. Oift'-tl) 0.0. To fads** (a~ 

BOTTLESCREW. rb(,l-.l|.ak»o) «. t A 

trrc" 10 pall out tho cork. 
JtOITLINO. Ibft'-linc) «. b The optra- 

lion of mitlinc liqoon into boltlca, 
BOTrOlJ,<trtJ^-ti)m) «.!. Tho Inn-Ht inn 
cd any thioK i ibc Etoaiid ondrr wairt 1 
(be fooodMiM 1 a d^ ; a ntlley ; a ibiji ', 
tbs daopnl |>u< ; a Ml of thrnJ ironnii 
Dp lowilirt 
r>llOTTOM,<btC-tDni)>iL*. To Inukl up- 
on : to nacb tha boltoin. 
BOTTOULCb))^ ( bft--»jm-l>*> a. Wilhnut 

a bottan ; oatulioiBBbltk 
fiOI'I'OMRY. lhft^>R|iD-r*) a. 1. Id rotn- 
men;ow Tba act of bafmrinf moory on a 
abtp'a bottom. 
DOUD, (bfvd) a. I. An ioMct wblcb bnid* 

in idbIl 
T* BOUOE. (boi)dje)) b. a. To iwall oat. 
HOtiQH, (btf > H. b An am or lurce lUoot 

of a tnw. 

BOl'Cltr, (bfwt) PrrUandnut.of Tcrh>v. 

ToHOlfNCE. (bfvntf) va. To bH ot dy 

apuati nay thin|{ wiili m*I foRW. ao aa 10 

irimund; ioapnn|[; loboaal; to bull*. 

BOUNCE. (bg«nat) a.!. Tb* tabouBd pra- 

doced by a Mdicn blow ; a boaat. 
BOL'NCER. (bpuD'-»fi) a. t. A boaitf r. 
BOUNP. (bffDd) a.1. A bmil ; a llnul by 
which any ciruniou u Teatriuncd ; a Ira)! ; 
a ignip ; a rebouad. 
T« bOLND. (bffDd) ho. To limit : laie- 

Te BOUND, (bfyud) r. n. To jump ; lo te- 

BOUND, (boutid) Ptvt, and nan. pais, of 

BUUKD, (bfvad) a. Dfttinrd ; inlmdiog 

to CO la aoy plan. 
BOUNDARY, (b9^'-da4«) a. •. linlL 
BOUNDEN. (boun'-dga) ftrt paoL of A.nil, 

nbliei"! : boboldia to. 
ll<il'Nt)Lt:S3, (booDd'-Igt) a. Uolimitod, 
K(IIlNDLI':aSNBS». (bvifof-lita-Dpt) a,t, 

Kinnniion fram limit*, 
BOUNTEOUS. (Iitvn-.|f4|i) o, Ubenli 

BOUNTEOU&LY. (bwa'.|e-qa-l») a4, U. 

fiOUNTEOUSNESS. (^fyn'-ta-ni.n;!} a. i, 

BOUNTIFUL, (fant)'->>-¥> -^ Libtrati 

BOUNTIFULLY, (bfvn'-te-tvt-l»>ol- IJb«- 

KUUNI'Y, <bfvn'-l*) a. i, Genaroilly; 
librraUiy : muu>£>'«Qce ; a jiftmitm i^iivn 
by tovHStnflDl fui lli« ciyiarlBlioii of Bri- 
liah manalactuiH; dc. ; maact gimn lo 
men who cnliiL Quieii Avu'i AanHfy.Tfaa 
fso*uion of IJuera Anno (or the iui|;iuco> 
Utlan of poor liTinei. 
BOUQUEl', (bpo'-kfl a. t A notfptj. 
BOURN, {boino) a.1. A bDand ; a limit ; k 

BOURSE. n.>. Soe Bukm. 


F)te, % fi|tl, f^;— lOf, Ufti-pina, pia;— «o, men. 


To BOVSE. (IVfiw) •.n. To drink MHithljr. 

UOU5Y. (lw-») »t- DrauVmi. 

BOVr. <bvyi} ih •• A ton ; •« noc^ of ttt 

•c(ia> a* » wrfbnMil it «nr (im*. 
nBOW. (bm) r. a. To Iwml ; id twDd d>i> 

bod; IB Ickni ot nipKl ; (o bnr]. or ia- 

dbw. in «nd(«c*iuun ; id dppra**. 
Tb BOW, (b^) (lh. To Und : to dmU m 

tmamira : (o *Wop i to tinh undn pTMur*. 
now. (>>vv) n. I, Am ut of ra*<noca or 

£OW. (bo) m. 1. Ad iDaniniiint ftir duMtlBg 
■Rom 1 m (nioUiw : thn inftnuiUBt <i<4lh 
«hldi ill* tIoI.&c- ua *ITiuki ditAow a^ 
• mddit ■» t*» |ikr(« of wood laid wch- 
«1m, w Ncdn tb* uDper pan of • horto'i 
htitk', taraa/'ailti^ lit* MuodiBg (an* of m 
■lup on tmci lido of Ibt heML 

BOW-LHIGED. <V-lfgd> ■• Hanoi 

aoflkfd Icci. 
BOW-^IIOI . (bf'-ahol) II. I. Ilia *piicc 

wbich n nrfDW bsv dom in in flight. 
BOW-WINDOW, (bj-win'-d;)*.!. A pro- 

Jottloc viado*. 
roBOWEL,<bvv'-sl) ">■■ To nlio fonb dio 

BOWELS, (bfv'-e'*) "■ '■ laiMDnM : the 

tnacT puu cl tDj (hiug. Ftgunutply, 

V\n: ladrnin*. 
ItOWER. (bfy'lF) •• *■ A dnmbn) anj 

abodr of twlairo i a AxAj iwi*». 
BOWEH-AS'CMon. <bfv'-n-fD^-titT) I.!. 

AorliOT* to iMrA. 
nuWEKY, (btv'-ci-i*) a. Inbonring. 
noiVL, (bfyl) (.J. A rfU«l (o hold bquids, 

nUi*r «iiw than dxp ; thir liollow pan of 

ant tiuaz ) a lono. 
DOn'l.. <t>fub) a.*. A round naai, wUcb 

nuy h* tollod •lonjc the giDDid. 
T«UUWI„(bfvl>(.a. To roU M a boll 1 M 

p«h villi tair thini; toUod. 

T* UUW U tt^V' ) •- "- 1*0 p)>J ■» >»"■'>■ 
COWUNU. (btv'-l!D|} a. 1. Tb* Mt of 
tttowtef bowls. 

■BovrtDKit^oNEs, rbf^i'.di:f-H9u) a.1. 
Limi)!* o[ frafniniu of hodm broken from 
tho iulin(«n( rliff*. 
JtOWLEIt, (b9v'-<;>) •>■ *■ K« tint play* 

at bo*1i. 
BOWIJXK. a.;'-ljtM}ii.i. A rofx raiwnnl 

(o Out middt* pari of iho ouuldo of n *ail. 
B0WLI.\(J4}IU:EN. (bM'.l!nc.fiofn) n. i. 

A kird pi(M of ground, kopt imoalb tor 

BOWMAN, (tia'-aiui>o.i. Aa utber. 
DOW NET. (bt'-utt) II.- A act maiU of 

(■in bovM M rnwh fiib. 
n BOWSE, (bffi) (Ml. A Hu Eon, ^gol- 

tma M bale oi indl lojelber. 
BOWfiPRrr, (b9-i|ai(> n. (. A mul pro- 

JKtiDi; from tho bMd of a ihip lo curr (lie 

■nil* ianraid. 
BUWSTRtNO. (bf'.»tij[n|} a. •; TIhi niiig 

b* wbicb til* bow ia knH bmi. 
HdWVKK. (b9'.)rt.> ■, t An aiehn ; one 

wliatv (nd* i* to mafco bowa. 
lUlX, (bv>») n. 1. A In*. 
IIOX (bfL*) I.*. A <*M mai* of wood, or 

ethsT (Btitf ; MKaln tcau (a tbo |daf 


n BOX, Okfk*) c.«. To bcIoM b ft bob 

To In ika ccgnpoBi. ;■ to nbiaca tho «0>o- 

ral poiau o( It id ibmr propct ardor. 
lUIX,(bfU) •■.■. A blov on lb* hood pra 

•nlli IM hand. 
r> BOX. (bfb) >v a. To lighi oilb tbp B>«. 
Tb U0.\. <bfka) a. a. To ilnLe with Iho 

BOXEN, (bfk'-tn) a. Had* of baij i«- 

BO.XKR. (bfka'-nr) ■■ •. A ni*a who fi|bti 

vilb hi* litt. 
r« BOXHAUf., (boW-btwl) ». «. I'o Toar 

ifao (hip bj>particiilaiawCbod,«bcii tack- 
ing i> iapiacticablo. 
BOy, (W) It. (. A mat* child , oue io Uib 

■tatp of aiMrKtoc*. 
BOYIIOOU, (bgf'-bvd) a.*. IboMatcofK 

IiaYtSll.^bfo''>ih) a. Balonguig to a boy i 

childiih . iniline. 
BOYISHNESS. (bpf'-jdi-D£*) *.t. Childidi- 

BOYHM, (bfrHno) 'h'- PueriUl; , (bilil- 

iihnirtf ; ihr ftalr of a bojr. 
BRAUltLE, (brtb'-bl) a. >. A (lamorou 


To BRABBLE, Hiiab'-hl) > . ■. Ta cluBOnr. 

BKABKI.ER, (bi^EiMu) n.i. Adamarou* 

To BiUCE, (brfM>) u. o. To bind } lo tM 
(I«o irilb banda|;r« ; U> *(nin up. 

BHACE. (Ira**) ■■■■- daclan ; land^; 
lliM ofaidi hold* onjr iblug tifbl i a pltro 
of limbri (niinril in •iiJi bcwl iointt. uioit 
to keep llip biitlilin|F (rom twnring oiibn 
way; roivn Eui«n>-d lo lb* yaid anna of a 
tbip i tbick mnp* of Icatbir on wlilib a 
concb banjc*. tn prlntlo|, A chaTorwr ilo- 
rigood lo booll tn 01 bnco hoy numhn of 
Kdn. Tho annour (at tba am. 

BRACE, (hnM> n. i. A poll ; a coupln. 

BRACELET. (btfoa'-lM) ».>. An unia- 
inenl toi iba atnt*. 

BILACIIUL, <btik'-y^) a. Belonging la 
lbs »fin. 

BKACHMIN, Ubra'-ntn) n. t. A priM of 

BRAMIN, J India', uf tb* Hni can of 


BR A< 'II YU RAPH ER. (brvkJig'-K^-fS') a- *■ 

A •bort'haud writer. 
BRACIIVUHAI'HY, (btf-kij'-grt-fe) n. i. 

1'ha an of wiiting la a >hon tuminm. 
BHACKICN. (biVL-Lu) ■-'< Vtn. 
BRACKET. (I>rtk'-k(t) ■-■. AulMMorwooJ 

litrd fur lb* oupport of tmutUiiBf. 
BRACKi&H, (bi^'-i*b)<i. Salt; «Mn*whM 

BRACKlSHNES3,(br^-.<*ti-Da»>a.L Sail- 

DOM in ■ anall degrcn. 
BRAD, (bt|d} o. 1. A «n of niuL 
Tn BRAG, (brig) e-B. Totuoii. 
BRAG, (briig) H. 1. A houi ; tlio IbLiig 

boulcd ; 1 kind of Enmn at luda. 
BRAOOADOCIO. (hiu-n-df'-»b>-f) a.^ 

A iwelling, bouling fellow. 

ogt i— 4ob«. tf b, bvU ;~vii i— ptvud i— lAin, TiU*. 



BUdOARIHBH. (Ii«'-nr4)») «. i. 


BH.Vtl(),\KT, <bqg-.nfi) ..« A b«Mar. 
lllt.MiUAKr. (W-flM) .. IteMlU. 
TrHKMO.ibiadOna. To ««?« UfMbn 1 

BKAll). (bit<l«)<b>. AtcKtotB. 

HKAllJi. (I>^) •>. •. A M* MID, SiuU 
fOfM* iwiwJ tbMugh UocU. 

DRAIN, (brtfia) •. i. TW totlKtiM nf 
tmmI* will orym to thv hrad. trnm which 
MiiM anil mauon *iiir. ricnniilnoly. Tlio 
—I w itiad lu t ; thttMoMout ; tnavj ; In- 

'nSKAIN, (bnno) ■••. TeduboMAa 

BRAtNI-F^. (bnna'-lM) «. »IIt. 
BR.MNfAN. iWi^-pin) >hi. IW *k»tl. 
BKAIN^^ICK. Ib^'-^rk; a. DuHuvJ Id 

tic uDdwi(a>Jln|. 
DRAtr. <bfqt*) ibi. A rough tlianond. 
DRAKi:. (I>R^> 1^ V^- <^l"">^ 
DR\Kr^()>iake)ii.i. AthickFlofhruDhlcai 

fpni . fvnp. 
BKAKK, (br^) «■ i. Ao inMnimnrf for 

(bviaiDg hvmp ; cha baa^lo sf ■ ttaf't 

CuiD|i ; a lat«r'* LnniUBg (ron^li ; a ahup 
it Dt nufll* forliwaM. A «But:h'« AiaAr u 
a Bacbin* in which botiM unwilliDg to bt 
■liod, MV Mulinnl Julie; fiM Opamdoo. 
That whkk mutaa a PiQilaiy afiflM to uj 

BRAHBLE. (bifm'-bt) ..^ Ttw blocks 

bornbiub : ih loofb pricklv *hnh. 
BRABiBLED, (tirtm-bl.~ 
vlth tnahlM. 

-bid) n. U*«igTDwi] 

BILUIDUN(i,(i>ctn'-blitie)--<^ Anoim- 

BRAMIN. «.!. S<«ni,iFoaii>. 

filUMlNlCAL. ( hr^ nuQ .n-Lfl) a. R«- 
l:uiDg to tlu Ufanuiiii. 

DltAN, (hcfo) n. h Th< biukj of cvni 
erouud : Uw tefuw of i^ (lara, 
fSRANCll, (bi^ili) B. •. Tha (hoot of ■ 
tiM fNm ODD of tin naio bounhi i luijr gAil 
ihu iboota DDi fram tbe n«t i a inialUr 
n*« nmniaf imo a laiipir ; any rait «f a 
&mil]r ill trrm fling in a cottaianJ lia>; ifea 
■ntrm or tbooia of a Mar't bora. 

r« BRANCH. OkviA) c. >. Te<f>n»l(o 
brasche* ; W iprcail into Hpanu pan* ; la 
baia horai ihootuig o'il 

r.> KRAN'CH, (bmiiili) T.a. To ditido inio 

IIIUNCHKR. (bivi'-«lii;r} n-t. Ona thai 

ahooia Mil into bracdwa. In bliMuy, A 

yauDB biwk. 
BRAND, (biyid) •. .. A iiick I>ghta4 oi 

£tiabal%bia4; a (wonl -, ■ nioik mado bf 

buninf a eiimioal «>ili a hoc iroa ; a iiij;- 

Bi 1 any nou of isfiiinjt. 
n ItRANU. (bif nd) r. <. To mark with a 

knnd. or sata of tniunir i te burn «i^ a 

hat Iran. 
.URANI)COOSE,(k«nir-toat)i>.>. A kind 

of wUd towL 


DItAin}IROK,<bti»i'-i-fga}B.t. Atant 

lo •»! a PC* upoa. 
T«llKAMIfSll.<bivi'-4i«h)».«. TofloaMh 

u a in:i)4n. 
BK\M>l.s|(, (bnD'-di*h) K.1, A fitnirUh. 
BHAM)l.l.NO. (kvii'-ltnE) n. t. A kiad 

at wiino. 
BKAMIV, (bt^-df) a. I. A ^dritnoui 

Ibjuot (litlillrd bqm :Iw Iw* cfwinv. 
7> UKANGLE, (iiing'-tl) t. a. To iqiuk. 

big ; 10 wranjilci. 
BRAN<JUNG.(b*«D|:'-i:bn() B.(. Q^amt. 
DRANK, (bitatk) lut. BiuLwb'-nt. 
liltA.MJN. <tefu'-lp) a.1, .\ tj>*cii>» nf 

li*l of iha uliuoa kind. 
BK.\N'NY, (btvi'-tia) a llarinc tbo ap- 
I flf bian ; «naialii>( |iiuii;iflill> ut 

BRASKN. Sm Dajiiui. 

BRASIER, (brf'-thst) n.*. A auDiafaitnircr 

in braM ; ■ pan to bold coal*. 
BR.\SIL. KbrvBfd; »•*• Aa Aiaericiui 
BHAiliL. i wootf, thu* daaaDiiual«l. bc- 

lauic firii breoghi froni UiaBl. 
BRA8B. Omv) "■ *■ a fcltow neial. nada 

in mlnng copps with lapla calaniiuuik 

rlcunliniljr, Imiiudaica. 
BR^Y, (bii^-^)a. raitakugorbraui 

hard a* briM i impadiml. 
BRAT, (lirfl) a. t. A (hilJ. *a nllmt ia 

coDtnnpt ; dia pio(«n]r ; Um ofliipiuiit. 
DRAVADU. (brt-Tf-df) a.a A buaal. 
URAVfl -btfira) a. Coui>|[MWi (■"»■< i 

aiCfllasI t aoUa ; wniiili-intt i Bm ; 

Tc BBXVR, (tot**) *. a. To dafy ; to curr 

a txMMine upMUSDM of. 
fiRAVIJ.Y, fkBTo'-lf) ad. In a biaw 

Bifmatr; fiMwy. 
BIUVEKY. <biY'-*a-ra) a.). Comcai 

(plondauT ; *lu)w ; branido. 
BRAVO, (bia''if } B-i. A man who muidet* 

for liitf. 
BRAMiRA. (bTf-W-r)) a. >. In niuick. 

A (mn applied IB a acac of (pitil, M olao 

lo rapldiif asd ipliit or «ucutUB in tbo 

Ta ll^WL, (bivwt) «. a. To anaml 
DoUlly ; lo ipeak loud anil iadtocaUj I to 
laika a noUOi 

To BRAWL, (bifwl) <. a. To dn>o «i Iwnt 

BRAWL, (brfwl) n.i. Qnarrtl: adanr*. 

BRAKU.B. tl)rjw-l«r) ». i. A wnagki. 

BRA\VL1\0. <bif»l-iii#) ■■■. Th« act 

of qnamilliDg. 
BRAWN, thuwa) n.i. Tlin Hath of a boar, 

ptcpar*d in a paiticulsi umsnoi ; a boari 

ibc BtabT pan <i( the bod)' : Ib» ana ; bulk. 
BRAWNEK. (ljrfK'-nni)».i. Aboaikillad 

bt Oa ttblp. 
BRAWMNESS, (bi^w'-a^np*) n. i. 

8trciiiBih, haidaat*. 
BRAWNY, (bifw'-a;) s. Miwculaoai 

flciby ; hiud ; mftaling- 
To URAY, Ibtif) V.B, Towund, mpisd 
•0 emit *nlk aouoa ; *o gHv van 

r^p, fp, ffll. ^1 i—mi. mr ;— pjaa, pia i-«t, bo™, 

• BRAY. (Itf) *.•. Tom»l«*BabeM 
■B M* ; W BaL* » Itnnb nnia*. 
VIUY, (l>t> 0. >. VoiMofuut) lonh 

BRAY. Oft) i>. >. AbukorMttb. 
"AYER, (tefV) "■ ■■ *>■» thai bny« 

)irintt«'« iok. 

as )n*a«nicat to isnijici 

n>mtAZK, (br^) r.^ To leUrt vitli 
hnM , to banten lo InpuUnm. 

DRAKEN. tt«l'-n) •■ Uwlv of bnai ; 
prcnviUDc 6imu bna ; imiHidn*. 

To MIMES, (bif'-m) e. lb In b« iiB[iu> 

DKA/KNFACE.(bR''">-<'tM)ii.t. Aaim- 

D{tAZKNFACT.l).(t*f'>>a.(|M»)a. In>p<i- 

dcDti «li»inl—i. 
BR.«ZENLY. (b(f'-ui-l() U. la • bold, 

' iatptidi'iit miuiDpr. 

Bltr' i;l» bniu; iie|iiulBn<;c. 

11R.\ZIUt. (brf'tlii-O II. I, S»Ita»iia. 

HREACII. (bnouji) o.t. TIio>no(ljnuk- 
ini; i Ibe ttate of bnae WoLmi i a ^p in * 
teni6eai6oaBiai»lijt,batlaji tb« Tiotatioii 
of a li* oT conCncI -, diltnnn ; qiam I ; 
iorntlion ) injiiiT. 

UREAU. (brs^) n. i. Foodnuilo afctDUDd 
««Lni ; food in pasnli iup|>cat of Ula M 

BREADTU, (Wih) ■.!. nMmcuuMat 
IDT plunHMcUiailraairida t»«da> 

rKUREAK. (fai(k«) hb ptM. brJit. or 
Inab,- part. pui. Wtrn. To foil bj vio- 
bncei W bom. ai open hj lattt; lo (li- 
nilr -, to AbmUdj bv Tiolouo : (a crotb or 
dntrtif ilia (tnngu of lbs bodj ; to aiiik 4r 
apjial (ho *{iiri( i to <niili ; lo tbitlcr i la 
taaio ) to mu* bwkiu|it ; to diKard ; to 
d t BDJM i to TioJ:iitv a conlnu'f ; to infiiago 
a Uv , lo uiuns|i( ; to inunupt ; lo MpB- 
n(a loaiiHiDy ; lo dto*al<« asjr union. Ta 
tr*aji jCiit, 1^ (ot tlu fim tiraa in Ibc day. 
Tti (tmA iA* JbMrt. To doMray viUi grirl. 
Ta irmk Iht ludt. To pel oul Urn otck joiaii, 
Tu biHtk ajl". Tn im( a iiulJi-n tiop ; m |i[»- 
eJudc by KRDs obttwin nuidtnly lulcipoaid ) 
ta tfoi uundrr. Ta Liut\ vp. To duoolva ^ 
to Jny open , to viiQialfl ur ilitbimd* 

To ItHEAK. I,br^> I. n> To |4UI in two; 
to bunt 1 tn open am lb« nwrniu); ; lo bsnl 
fortli ; lo bacome banknipt ; (e lircliae in 
htalth i 10 iMDC oat with robeniinico ; lo 
MI out. Tb AtmA lam, 1 o Mcapo fmn 

■ nuUrily ; Id tliak* ulf rNtniut. Tn hniJi 
^f. To dlMlJiI *lllti1valy. To brvk off Jrirm, 
10 [lart riDn *iih viol«acc Tn tnut vui. 
To dUMncr itMilf la Hiddc* dfact* ; \a 
ban nu|i(iau> frniu tbt body ; lo b«coino 
■li»a1ula, Tel bnu^ uff. To <fai«: lo <li»- 
ralvn itiftf; lo begin boti.laya. To tiriA 
tncl. To pan fnnidtliip *iik anir. li in lo 
bfl utdd rrrd uf lliu «UrDitvv anl (HTnUHXTd 
rnb, lluu •» all iu aiipiifiiaiicia*, wliFtbtir 
Htivr or UFUlral, ItLaaaoma nfoMnia to 



ha fflnid*e manngi \if inptjlaf i 

dctniMot i nddmaKa, natence, or (OfK* 

talioD. It la uMd oftm wilk addkuaal 

t«iiclM, •!>, MI, •■, i^.jBttM. to »od«(y H« 

BREAK. <bnka) ». •■ State •! WinR 

bioLin ; Bptiiog ; • pwiw ; a lino dnmrn. 

In anbilttluiv. A in:<i> cd a pan bafcMl 

ita ordiuaiy laaco ut nroiactnie. 
BUEAKKK. Oni-kp) a.!. Itr tbal bnaka 

any ibitis : a inn tooksn by rotka. 
TuBllEAKl-AOT. <bgk--l^; «... Ton! 

dio ttn DuJ t> tb« day. 
BItEAKt'AST. (btfk'-fvrt) »•. Tlio (ni 

■Deal in iboday i (MtbiDinlcsMIJbc Ant 

BKEAKINO. (bnLa'-iDg)a.a. BanLiuiHi^i 

iinijjtjon i dinoJotiDil. 
BKKAk.NtCK. (bnU'-uk) ■.(. A tm[i 

;>ln« cDdaocviiiv Iho dmIi. 
lEAhWAIER. ^br^'-«^'tt'> "- •■ A 

wall or otIiOT sbMacla niaad ai Ibe mincca 

of » hubom to btoik Ibt (bico o( tLa 

BKEAM. (bfU") ■. •• Tbc name ef a fltb. 
BKEA81', (bl^) ■. I. Ilic middb pail uf 

tbc buSBD body, briweni tlie DMk and tbs 

belly -, (hr tonii »( »oinFD uliirb codUDO Iba 

niili i Iba (li*|iq«tiuu ef ibo mindi tba 

bpait 1 iIm couicivnGv. 
Tn UKIlAST. (bnM) ii.ii. To n»*t fat faxib 
fiA£.\5TB0>>£, (bit»'->>f«0 >• •• Tk. 

BHEAsnUGU. (briai--t4) a. Up to IL* 

BRKASTHUOKS. (bTi«ir-h<K<li*> a. i. Tba 

linibiin that tuei^tbcit tbo iin«|ian tl a 

BI<Ei\3TK\0T, (bital'-nfi) n.t. A knot 

at r.hhiinilt wnta by vomni on Ui* bniut. 
Iiltl';AairL.\'l-K, (btsM'-i'lUDj n. 1. Ai- 

nour lui tbu litiut. 
BItEAaTI'Loltill. (bnii'-plfp) a. i. A 

plotqfb fdr iiiLnov turf, dntui by tbo bt<a*I. 
BItb.\aT^tUltK. i^bijn'n-nik) a. i, Vtuii,» 

ttir9*n up D« bigb aa tha brraai t4 ibo do- 

(rnduiilt ; Ur UUDO witb furii;>(. 
IlIU-ATH. (.bmh) ft.1. 11io ur dmu in 

and cjcctoit oul of ibi body [ Ufa ; rofpita j 

paaie -. brcvtc 

BI<EA'niAItL£.(bitTna'-f-l>l)*' TbUlMf 
tic himthril. 

Til UKKU'Ilt:. (btrtmr) rn. Tn dm* in 
nod Ibrov out Ihn air by tlio lun|^ , lo 
lire 1 lu laLr btrath -, tu jiaat a* air. 

T^ IHUIAHIE. (Iiraiiu-) r.a. To utter 

Sinvalely ; in i;:i«: lur m tvnl to. 
llA'llltlt. (br;'-iu^tl n.<i On» am 
bnailiei; one iLal uilera oay tliiu|[ : iu- 
IIUCATIIINC. (bi^'-inini;) a.h Aipirfttiao; 

■MRlnnyn, •poli aii luiMt. 
BREAIlllSU-PI-ACl., tti»tiie'->n5|.l,w) 

n- t- A pftijiif. 
BKU ni l.N U- 1 UL2, (.bni n«'-iug.i[nr> nj. 


URUIIILESS. (hslb'-ls*) a. Oul of 
bnalb ; ilsd. 

afi i — <i|b(k jrr. byll ; — (ili — fvV'' !'*'''■>■ rnu. 



BRR), ftapl) ]wi. ;m. trm\ Ta tmi, 
Bit£KCI(. (hiHtiL) m. I. The Uiwa pan 

«f lbs bo jy i ibe bCbk put i the taaia 

put <4 ■ (lircp ot ordoawa | the bisdnt 

part of UT diiD^ 
Ta IULKECh. (bntfMb) ». a. Ta pot into 

WmtW; loStaajihingihttiKbmcli. u 

u trwc* 1 (iin. 
UitEKCIIt:^. (bnttb'-j^) ihh T)w gMnmt 

wcni by ««a a>«r ib« towM p*n of tint 

BREECUIKG, <hr»tiii'-bt) b.i. A whip- 

piag i liie nipn vitli whidi iba ptu pin* 

kn iMbol Is \iic (iiln of > aUp, 
TaBREU), (brf«4} ■.a, prat. hat i pan. 

bvf. ToprocitU* ; ID ptodnto frou OUe'* 

Mlf ; (■> ciTvUnlilD) U nUoMO i lAfaniif 

up tffiiv it\i!kncy- 
rollKKKU. (bwJ)t.a. TobemlbjaaDi!; 

■>> urtnlucn youO|t, 
SREKD. <bnnt) ■. i. A. caMj ■ kind i • 

biiul]>; [irof^]'; a asBba proilawd U 

ODO* i ■ hlKil. 

BBK£DKit. (Nrn'-dfr) ibi. Thit wkldi 
ftodocM atjr thiag i IM pmon nhirb bring* 
up UkMhn ) ■ bmal* Ibat ii pnlifick i one 
tliM t»km can m nUo » btoaiL 

BBKBDIKC, (biff'-d^) «. I. EJucaiion -, 
muoMvi onittn. 

BRKEZE. (htm.) a. >. A c>ule E^i « 
•oft nrhid. 

VKKI-JTY, (brn'-q) a. Fauinl ■ith (alo* ; 

till] alt ^IrH. 

BHt^m', <btiM) a. b Id anlulectutv. Tba 
fcmt, c f Hr*. 

BRBTHREN . (btctV-ftD) a. >. I'br piml 
of broibn'. 

BREV h:, (bn**) a. (. In tmuiA, A ddM of 
time, eqvlvklant to toot Dilinnu. 

BIlEVer, (bin'-ft) a. i. Appoiabunit in 
the Minjr. ana pink aboia ibo (pedfick ap- 
pgiDUDat fat wUcb [sj la neaind ; n 
ufolaaaaMDloBoI, boini nnda mIobbI by 
knrn, enjop tbs tay only of tli* (bnnoi, 
bat Ibc boiuHir aui pirivilrgH of lb* laUn 
atadoo; a bmet u s wimnT, wllhout 

IIREVTA1lY,<lnn)<'-y(-rf)n.i. AoBbrUu*- 
DipDi ; tbo book coniaiaiog tbo dally Hr- 
tice ot ttu? cbunh of Itoaif. 

BRKViATE.tbWTB'-nt) n.i. A iliDrtcora- 
pmdinDi i alswyet't bciaf. 

r» »REVIATE,(bm<'.jBlE) r.a. Toibbro- 

BnKVIATVRE. (bfrZ-yi-tvn) a. <■ An 

DREViER, (tefW) n. 1. A pontculw 

rfaaoflMur oaid m nintiDb 
BBSVtrV.nup'.f-tff a.1. Co&dMMM. 
3b BREW, (btoa) *. a^ To naU Uquon by 

niSRK M*«nil iocrtilicnta j lo put ioU> hn>- 

puAtioa ; to Diin^U ; to coDtli'C ; to pioi. 
7b BKKW, (l™i) r, n. To perform ibo 

oBitc of a brtrvcr. 
BRI:W, (lirool «, I. MuuM of bmnog, 

tlie Uuns biowtd- 
BKKWAOK. (tog'-^) a.!. A DUMora of 

nriou* lLin|[<. 


DREWIIR, (toig^ir) a. >. .A MU vboM 

lindi: ii ii li> Buc beat. 
BKI.WEJIV, (biM'-tT-f) n- •• ^* plvo 

aiipropri&tcd to tmajDE. 
BRKWHOUSe.(la^-b9«*) a.1. A bouM 

auproffintad to bi«win|. 
UKKWlNU, (bfse'-joi) "■ •- Quanlll]' 

brawnl hi on«. ta iuti) lui|D«(a. 'I'll!) 

appaaiwico ot black Mmtictliuui nloiuli, 

iDdlntiDji an approncbing (lonn. 
BRIAlt. n. •. Sm Dam. 
BRIDE, ^brjlie) ■■. i. A tctnitd givon to 

pccnn the judgcmut oi oorTDpi tbo coa- 

To BKIBK, <1>r)bp1 na. To cnia in Inihn. 
BRIBER, (liri'-brt) <i. >. tVni> thai pay* 

for (omipt uracficm. 
BRniEllV.(bn'-bffr-Ta) a.<. '11* ctimD at 

tikiiif ui |{>'iD| iwaattb fn bad pfsf lu-i-i, 
BRICK, (brjk) u. i. A max of burnt clay. 

aquaisd fui tbs uto of biuldcn ; x loaf 

idinpad Ilio a brick. 
rflllUCE. (tuik) hfl. To lay oiib lifickR. 
RRICKBAT, (tujk'-bit) n. k .\ piecr oF 

UHICKDUST. (brik'-dan) a.1. I)oM mada 

by uoundiDE britk*. 
BBlCK-KILN, (btik'-kil) a.). A kUn u 

btmi brkka. 
BRICKLAYER. (brik'-lt.fir} a. «. A brick- 

BRICKMAKER. (brik'-m^.^^) a. t Ooo 

vlipw imdr it i> lo maka bticka. 
UHICKWORK, (btik'-wuik) n, >. l-ayiog 

nf brkka. 
BRIIIAU (hri'-dfl) n-t. TIib naptial f»- 

BRIDAL, (bri'-dfl) 0. BrloaguiRiaawad- 

BHIUK, (biida) luu A woman aawly mor- 

BRIDERED, (brido'-bed) a. •. AtanUeo- 

BRIDECAKE. <brlde'-ktke) -.>. A coko 

diimbuml lo tba «ie*ia at a wcddiut. 
HRIUECllAMDER.(biida'-UI.^-bst) a.i. 

TUs uupUft] cliLkmbrF^ 
1}RID1:(<U00M, tbrjdc'-froein) a. •. A 

nirwlr DiBTTUd niao. 
BIUUEMAIU. (br;de'-iD%d) a-a. Bba wbo 

attoodi uiKm tbs hrido. 
BR1I>F.1IA.\. (brtde'-Dit<n) a. i. Ho 'ha 

Mtcnd* Ilia brido aod btblatroom at lh« 

nupttAl coiatDOBy. 
BIUDEWIiLU(bifd«'-vgl}ia.>. Tbefabua 

built by St. llridB'i, m Urid|[«t'i well, 

tntnod lala a wwkbouH. -A |;i'ii«tiil nnniB 

tar a buuia ot comrtioa. 
BBIDUE, <bnd» n. I. A buildion taital 

ater water tot tl>B cuaiBaiontii ot jiiuueB i 

lis uppu jianot iba not*. iIid *U)>jiortn 

of tbo inuiKi in ttriogod imuimicau of 

of muiick. 
BRIDLE, (bri'-dl) a.>. Tbe niai by wbidi 

a bono ia gDrrrocd ; a leUiaiol ; a roth 
To BRIDLE (br|'-dl) ». u. Topiidabja 

bridlv ; ID piit a biidlc on aof ihiog } •» 



Fair. ttf. ^11, fWi— ma, mfti— pint, pin ;— nf , mpt. 


r» BRIDLE, (bri'-dl) ■. «. Toholdnpilw 

IRlULCn. (hrjiWfO ■■■. llowhodlnctt 

or iratniu wby auidJ*. 
BniEr, (bffrl) •. Shon; codcImi con- 

BKIEF, <bfM() B. t. A wrilioc of u; kiod ; 
• than uuut. Id Uw. A •;«]*• of «m( 
Otpmepi: tha whUn^ giTM ibo plokdrit. 
w ntMuing Ota aw ; iMMn (bmbI. priac 
Bonce W • chariuMa colboiiau. In ma- 
rick, A Bwwara of quapiiif, vhlcli «aa- 
taiat tm MinkH donu in IwmIdk tluo, uii 

>t moDT Dp. 


ncd* , AbipTCbrni, 
Sltlf.It, (bn'-n) 0.1. A fikUT >hn>b i the 

BKIEIIY. (bii'-er-to) «. Rooghi foil o( 

UR1F.KY. (Iiri'-ir-n) n.i. A fliM wbcra 

BaiO. (bnjt) n.1. Abridge. 

BRIG. (brjuJ a. i. A li£bt *mm1 wilh nro 


DKIUADE, Om-gfde') a. J. A body of non. 
<poAittiDg M aoicnl HiuaJniii* of bona, « 

tlRlt:iIi(iIl> of foOC 

T) KIIICAIIT:. <bR-nde'> n. •. To foim 

lnt4 a briirnilp. 
IXItlUAlllFR GENERAL, (bnc-^-dn^' 

j*o'>a-itl) n. 1. Ad offiroi «M comnundj 

a bnpda ; an oOcn D«it in wdar bolov a 

BltTCAND. f^bnyHtind) ■.•.A nibbai. 
BKlUANDtN£.(b^-Vi-dj>«}a.» AUgbt 

niwt. fDmuirl]pua»dbyGOr«ainior pltataa) 

a coat of mall. 
BRIGANTINE, <bnt'-(D-tiae} • » A llgbt 

^BRIGHT, (briu) a. ShUos ) (iill ol ll|bt ; 


To URICtIlTE», (bri'.tB) v.a. To nuke 
briubi 1 to Diako lunuoow : la mab* i^j ; la 
Buibc llJadjiaui i (c nake acuw, or wiiir. 

r.. BlUCUTCM, IbiT-B) «.«. Toti» 

BRtGHTLY, <btit«'-l*) od. iplaadidtr. 
^llHIUH-rN)X9, (b<X-iiCi) •!. 1. LoitKi 
lRIU.[AAC'Y.(br>r-jta^) a.i. l.Mtrvi 

LLIANT,(bTir-yv>0'- Bblai]i)[;*park- 

I ""f' 

^&RILLIANT. (brir-nu) a. i. A dumoiul 

of tbll llorM CUI. 

|SRII.LS, (br^> H. I. Ilia hair 00 iho «ro- 

lid< of • boric. 
BRIM, (brim) ■. l Tb««ilg» of any lbin);i 

Itw epptt idto of anv winl ; Ibo bwk of 

a fauawia. ritr*. ot ibo •<■. 
To BRI.M. fbita) tv a. To ill (0 llin U>f. 
'ri>flRIM.(bri*) ivB. Tobcfulllotlubriai. 
BRIMUI.. (Wim'-tvl) 4. lull lalbatop. 
BRl-MMKll. ^lji^'.iD{^) n, (. A bonl full 



BRIMICDIO, (bfjm'-B^) a. Pull t» ^n 

BRlStSTONE. <brim'-Mfoa> a. i. Solpbut. 

BRINUEU. (t.nV-(lcd) «. Of a toomi 
colour, orieinallj ; tbcMC, of a tancd co- 
lour i ilrtuad. 

BRlM)U;i>, (to^'-dU) u. BiindMli 

BRINE, (brino) a. i. Wain imfiTapaiiUd 
iriih tall -. ibe xa 1 Uai*. 

BRINEl'lT, (briu«'-pii) n. i. PK of mIi 

ToBHlNC, (bito);) na, Tobtcbtram; la 
conny, or r»jij to i la cMnny ia ooo'* 
ownhaaii nMtoatod bjraaoUan; Wpio- 
core.MacanM; loauntci-. ladrawalMsi 
to Ind bydtipiw; to laJnco; (o |«am< 
DpMi. TV drii^ stnit ,- la anka any Aini[ 
cnmotopua. Ta trbifirxk i Ufjkalmi 
m, Tu lin^ a§; ID cTwl ; W Mqnlt. T» 
Itingm; loragage in action. TbMa^nw; 
to coaTot ; to rinw u> a ncv pirtj. Ta 
brwgvul; loailiibit. Ta ttait U pan : to 
•Abd, 7b tring mJir ; tu •uhduo. To 
M^u^: toaduaUE; toiMuduca tO|^o- 
lal praclink 

BRINGING -PORTU, (brJDg'aDc-ffiiV) b.i. 

BRINISH. <bn'-a>>h> a. aalL 

BRIMSIINES9, ('brf-aiah-ii£*) ■. t. Tcn- 
ilm<y to ultant. 

BRINK, ^l-ixn^i) a. I. Tlia nlfo at aiij 
jdacp. a> of a pr*i,'i|<lco or a river. 

BRINY, (bn'-cl *. Salt. 

BRIONY. 'SMllaiuKv. 

BRISK. (bruLl 0. Unly i pMcfM ( ifd 
lituou* ; f Im ; briibt. 

BRUKKT. (bnl'-bsgn.i. Tba bitnM of id 

BRUKt.Y,(biiifc'-l;) wL Actitt1j;n|toi~ 

BRISKNESS. (bT>>''nti)<i. I. liTalinaWi 


BRlSfLE. (lry-*l) n. b Tba (tilT bail of 

r« BRISTLE. (hr»'.»I> R a. To plant wlili. 

oc end in bitallsai. 
To BRISTLE, <bTi>'->l) ■■ a. To Mand «taii 

a* biiallit. 
To BRISTLE a ibr*ul.(biik'-tl)«.a. To ax 

> brittlo lo iU 
llKItilLV, (bija'-l;) a. TUck ate iriih 

IlUISTtjL!iT01tB.(bna't?ln9Dc) a.1. A 

aoti of aoft dtafnana found ia a rati ueat 

ihe city of BriMol. 
BRITISH. (b^i'.>*b) a. Wbat tclalM lo 

Britain i ftppbcd lo laDriacf, it naant ilia 

DRITON.(brir-lqn)ii.i. A oaliieotUnlalii. 
BRITILE. (biii'-il) a. rnc>l>^ 
BRITTl.ENESS.^biit'-tl-nMj ».a AplnPH 

in braak. 
BRIZt:, (hrjia) a. >. Tbapd-aj: land lone 

BIIOACII. ibc^b) a.i. A tpjl. 
Ti>lllUiACll,(,br9Uh)T,a. Toipit, taidem 

aTc*wl( loii^i toopaoauy tiorei to 

ngt^igbo, lub, bvlli—iBli— pggikd.— On. mi*- 

To gnf 


rat uij lUag ; to !<*• wU, or nNv. Ti 

Invi k. in wial unfutft. To tun «d- 

dMlt U wladwanL 
BR0ACHKR,(l«9bih'-ef) ».<. A«ia(:M 

owauT, «( ancrar ; iLc W tutbor. 
BUbAD.nn**'^)*'- ^i^"- l^r; drai: 

optai ouccaci rulwunei bold; not ilvli- 

UROAIM:LOTH. Ouf«J'.d«ih) h. •. a 

flm kJnJ of dollu 
7VBH0ADKN. (brtw'-^) r. n. 

BROADLY, (liif*d'>le) a^. In « broad 

UROADMSS, (hf7*d'-D£*) K.h Bnadtlii 

DROAlJSIUi;. <lRiwJ'-*id») II.II. Tliviid* 
irf a *h!p ; tb* nllpf of »hM lii*d at onca 
fhun tbo ute of ■ ibip. la |iriiitiD|, A 
■bevt of puvr cODCUniot; one IruvB juuhv. 

BROADSWORD. (bnwd--»fa) ■... A 
cDtdng nmri, vith > bioad bUdc. 

BROAUWtSK. (brt*>l--«^iD) «(. Aecotd- 
lu to tha diiTCtiou of llio bimdih. 

BROCAI)^:. (brf-4adi'> H. (. A litkia 
Tirirpttx' *'■>■'- 

BROCJUIED. (hn{-lV-4{d) o. Dnai In 
bfondii 1 woven m iba mtnntv o( a bro- 

BROCAGE, tfbrn'kiijt) n. •. Ilie gain 
BKOKAOI^i Goliim hjr looraatiBE btuc 

bn^ni ; i1irt(*J«<if diiilincii^oli] Aing*i 

tbv tEVBfU'tiun of buaiprs* iat olbvr mva, 
BROCCOLI, (brtk'-ko-t;) n-i. A *|)odot 

BROCK, (bnk) 11.1. AbadxK. 
BROCKET. (lovk'-ksO n. «. A nd deer, 

ln> y*an old. 
BROUI'i:. (biogi •■ 1. A kini] d( • »bo« j 

a cuLl word fur a corruiii dialKL 
BROGlTi:-MAkE)l. (brotf-mt'-kEt) «.*. A 

makci of broguM. 
Tb BIIOIDKR. (bim'-^cr) «. «. To nJorn 

wilh fi^iirr* of iir^lfi work. 
BRuUll.UKK. (br}u'-d<r-vr) n.b Aatm- 

BROIDEltV, (bTfc'-dgr-d) «. i. Kni- 

BROIL, (htffi) ILL A nuniili ; aquaniTt. 
T« BROIL, tbrvfl) ■■■■ To niok bj InjiuK 

on tbo toalt. or boton lb« tn. 
TbHROlt., (hrt(l) V.B. To b* in llip brat. 
BROILLH. (brfol'-OT) n.L Onv wbooould 

sidn n bioil or quuid ; oos wbo tlttuat 

by breflinf. 
Te &ROKK;<btok«) *. n. To Doosut boni- 

o«M for oibr-n. 
BROKK. (hrpke) rmaimpnba leow ol 

■bn (rrb Tn hrtiili. 
BR0K>;N. fliniM.D> 

BROKENHEAKTF.P, (btf'-kn W-ifd) «. 

HMine Om fplriu aub^d by grirl or Inr. 
BROKEN WINIJEU. rUu'-ka-»ind'-cd) •, 

IU<{*t ili>i>n>p<l r>*{iirnUoii. 
BROKER. (t.iu''k;r> n.i. Alietorion* 

*ba d'liit in old euod*. 
BROKKRAOK. (V-ksr-^) «. fc n. 

p*j of > broltr. 


BROKCHY. (htn'-ip^) hh Tl^lnubna 

of a bnk<t. 
DRONCIlOTOUr. (brfn-kvi'-tv^i;) ■- . 

Thit optnuon wLldi opnii ibo windpipe 

by inciiioa. id pnmni luflbtatioD. 
BRONTOIXIGY, (brfn-ttr-f-JT) ■■ t. A 

ditvnnlioo upon lluuidn'. 
BRONZK, (brijuf) n.i. A bctldou* dmIa 

ooRiiKniadtd of tuppoi and tia. 
T^BKON^l:, (brqnu) To budec ai biaw , 

to cotoot Uko broen. 
BROOCH, <btftob) a. J. A Jsaisl : an or 

DUtii;nl of wwth 
r.> imoocri, (bTfUb) *.o. Toadomwiilt 

r.illK<IOD. (bri!pl) r.n. To ail. aa oa 

tftglt i 10 eOToT cUckmii nodpi tbt mog ; 

to i«caid wilb Ioil( anii*ty ) u malurc any 

lUnt by cue. 
BROOI). (.braed) fLk OApttogi progFiiyi 

thing bred -, iho aumbor hanJiMl at ontc t 

a ptodnctior -. Ilie nf t ol coiprin|; tlir rgs*- 
BROOK, (biynk) •■.h A finniUK »nlri. 

IcH liiikD « livrr. 
Tq brook. (bri>gk) r. a. To b«ai ; to tn- 


To BROOK, (btook) t. n. To coiiar. 
broom, (bi?eBi) "■ k A anull irci! . a 

r.>lt|lOOM. (bre^))hn. In niml Ian- 
rdUUKAM, ) lEuagr. To cinn IW 

BROOMSTICK, (brw>m'.MJk) a. t. Tli* 

baodls of a bnom, 
BROOMY, (broo'^DM) a. Fidl ortooom ; 

conMiLivtf of brocm. 
DBOril. (VfiA) ■.<■ Liquor in vhkb ftoh 

it boilrd. 
BllOlllLL. (htpiu'tl) •••.A bntM of 

ftvd rDTi^ucnkrnt. 
BROTIIIXEIt. (t>roTn'.{ltr) n.u llovbo 

braucuu a hrolbtl-boiMih 
BRollIF.R, (br^m'-nr) «.•- Oob bom of 

ibgnmofailinudinDdipr: xDyonoclaarly 

nniwd ; Maocialo. lu Uiiologlral ]aD|^|*, 

Man is [iiicml. 
BRorilKltllOOD.(lffTiti>'.fT-kiun>i.i. Tlic 

»tj!i' or ijuniiiy o( brioK n brotlicr ; an oi- 

locUuau -, ■ [laicroiiy ; a ilau of men of 

ihe unic kind. 
BKOTHp;HLV. (l.tiuh-^-l.;) u. Kiiifl ; 

aSrcEiooma ; much at l^toi^n n broUivr, 
BKOlllKRLV. (brutu'-n-k; ad. AlUi 

Iko manner of a broiliti. 
BROUGHT, (bcfwi) r»ri. pm. of Imy, 
BROW. (brf)|) n. I. Ilic atvb of bur Dt«r 

the ejr ; Ui« fonbead ; Uio edge of any 

bigb place. 
TolfflOWBEAT. (br^uVr) IV* To *e 

pmi *ifb tr\-m broirt and Innkh 
BROWllF.AIINU.(h(«vt»l«'-inK>n.i. Tho 

Mt of d^prrvkio^' by M^m or lah% look*. 
BKtm IKUI.M), OTgv'*hgV'"> > "-'Crawntd. 
nilUW.N. Ibrgvn) n. I Ito uuuu uf a colDol. 
UllUWMSU. tbrvvn'-^bj a. TcDilin( i« 

BROWNNES8, (bt^n'.n£i) ■.«. Atoova 



FfU, fu, (pi. tf/l; — m*. met i— .pin*, pioj^no, mora. 


BBOWXCTTUlf, (iMfja-^ttX-ia) n. i. 

CleomT nudiuiicoi ; nrnle. 
SROWfllK. (bryo'-nc) >i. t. A f],tilt mp- 

fCtti to bBunt old hoiUiM in Scotlanil. 

r* BROWSE, (kffB)) v.*. To»ihnui«lK« 

n BROWSE, (l](fv») »-■■ TofMd. 
BROWSE, (bifvo) ■■ •■ Bnni-hN or 

DROWSING.0<itvw'-^«>>>-i. FoodwLich 

Ur^r bad ia jviiD|( c^tftpkcfHu 
n BRUISE, <bT]>g>r) r. a. To emA ot 

mangle villi ■ lieai^ blov, ot fall. 
BBIIISe, (trrgfw) n.t A bun vith hiiio- 

thinif blunt Or Ikwtj. 
BRl>lSF.K,(bi°au'-£r) n.k Ooewlialiniu*! ; 

a cooMt* tool lot griadiDK llw ti-rniU of 

IttwcopM ; in Tulpi bui|iui[s, m l>n»c. 
SRUrr. {brcm) n. t. Ruuiuar; r#parl. 
1% BKUrr, (iiriMI) >. o. To rrpotL 
BRUMAL, (broa'-aiql) ail. Uckuging to 

the win1«i' 
BRI1NE1TE. (brufif^ n.i^ A woou 

BRVNT, (tmrni) «. I. Shark; iiol«oc«i 

blow J ttraL* ; > bn>i( koil uiddon f An. 
BRIt.'^H. [bru*li> n. t. Au laMnimnit of 

liait lo awprp ot dmn any ihlnit ; pmdla 

BMil )iy [iiiiiitcn 1 llw uU of a loi ) a nde 

UMitll ; a thiclM. 
ra BUUSll. (bnab) u. a. To nrotp *iih » 

bnab ; to pniAt with a lirunb ; lo conjr 

■nrar. br •■ m like that of hruabiog. 
TpBHUSII, (bi^) v.ib To more wilb 

bait* ; lo At oxt. 
BRL'SHER. <bruib'-gT) n. i. Ih Uwl om 

a liruab. 
BRU»lJW0OD,CI»i}iIi''<rvd; •>■>. Roueb, 

low, clou lluckttg. 
BHU5IIY. (blaib'.f} a. Roagb OT *bi{S]r, 

litp a bnuh, 
IiRllsgtir.,(L<(va)>. Hod* i quick iafarapl 

in mnaoirr, 
HHt'lAU (bmo'-if]) •. BalMcbg t« ft 

brula ; latBAa ; <ni»t. 
BRl'TAUTY,(biii^l4l'-f-1f)«.t. SA*«gB- 

1% BRUTAUZK. (btm'-tt-T>» «. «. To 

ktqw bniteL 
7VIIR(ITAMJ!E. <bIM'■^^!M) i% d. To 

mklw liruisl. 
PKIXM:I.V. (hiiu'-<ll-1«> iti. CburfUU)'. 
BRUTE, (liroot)'^ Stnwlai; mric*; 

bmiial ; rni^b ; fsndou. 
BRUI'R, f bnoi) n.i. An imlional cttotmc. 
7b BKUTIPV. (brnai'-*f|> u.«. To nOc 

a man a btula ) lo nmdn th* mind brnnl. 
BRUTISH, (bcoo'-tlth) a. Bwtial i ■»■«( ; 

fonxteu*) 0OW1 tunali ignoiaati on- 

BRVnaUKEtS. (brct^'tipb-Dtn) fl. I. Bra- 

BRYONY, (brt'-o-fif} h. i. A jilant. 
BUBRI.K,<bqb'-b))».>. Uni|». 01 T«>dtlM 

£tl«d wilb ail ; (bratin; nnijtct* by wbicL 

lliii iKihlicL u* drtnudnt 1 » falM ihow. 
TaBliill-:)-K,(bab'-bl}tLi>. TanMlubub- 

bin -, (o nui witb a grati* nolaa. 


r» BCDBLE, (bnV-hl) «. i. To dnu. 
BUBBLER. Onb-'blcr) -. t. A chiM. 
UUBIlI,Y.<bol.-li>)a. Connilior of bubhlfa. 
BUBUY, (buV-ba) •>.■. A wiman'* bnnt. 
BUBO, (bo'-lo) •. I. 1'hat lail of (b* (reis 

6oni Ua boHliag of ibo thigb lo iW xn- 

lum ; tomoun in that nul. 
Bt'lKINOCKI-F., ( b<,> bfn'-o-ulc) a.!. A 

kiifd nf ru^hirc, wbvo Oh* iiit«MiiiM bnak 

<lr)wn tma Lha froin, 

BUCAMKK.S. (buk-toffn') H.I, Prin- 

mr* oi iiiraiaa <rf all amioat, *ba aaad i» 

maka war ou iha Spaalarli in Ibor Wwt- 

Uidia jioaMutaQa. 
BUCK, (buk) a, 1. A Ir* maa* of mim 

and thfl Iiuhcl cf aoofu 
BUCK.(bfk) ■.!. AoMttirofdfat adub' 

iae ocMDtaliiHU feUow. 
BUCK. O'uk) n. 1. ThDmalaortUMIo* 

doM. and of rabbit*, and olbn numabb 
Tt BUCK, (bok) >. a. To wa«h (ktfata. 
To DUCK, {ii^) Vi n. Tu eaiwlat* a* buck* 

and Aoet. 
BUCKBASKIT. (bnk'.ti^i-kvi) .b.. 11>a 

l«aLtt ia wfaicb <lailiF« uo carticil (a th« 

BUCKBtlAN, <bBk'-bfu) *.>. K mm tl 

UUCKIi.T. <bDk'.kM) a.!. Tho v««m1 in 

which vitnf ia diavn or carried. 
BUCKING^UOL. Ibak'-iofi^)*.!. A 

visbiiiK block. 
BUCKLE, (bgk'-U] a.i. A link ot nulal, 

with a loogDe or cftlch made to lutUat ono 

thine to anolhrr. 
Ta BUCKLE, Jbvk'-fcl) r.4w Tofutcuwiih 

a bockli. To iulif* «K, To ajiply to. Ta 

hi^Ir V'i'i, To m(;agi> with. 
BUCKl-KR. (I.iik'-l«rj b. ,. A nhitld. 
BUCKMAH1. (huk' mill} ■.>. lliafnitot 

mMt of lb* bwcb era*. 
BUCKRAM, <bDl^-t|m^ •.» A lott «f 

liimi clolb, itiflootd wllb Kum. 
BUCKRAM, (buk'-iv<>) a. StUT; |iradir. 
Bt;cK)iKIN. (buk'-akJD) a. LaalLermada 

of tho akin ot a burk. 
Bt:CK5rALL. l,bak'-«ltll) ••. I. A nst la 

nuh rinrr. 
BUCKTHORN. (bnk'-lAfni) a. i. A tiM 

ibol bxin a iiurifiDg brny. 
[IU<:Kn'IIK.lT, {biik.vhele} a.i. A plant. 

l!H™{i^"i!!i(H-..,r.;k,. floral. 

DUCOUCK. (H-***" JW "■•■ A*ril«ot 
bucalicka ot paaUnala ; a hucolick i-oeui. 

nUU. (bqd) a.!. Tl>t linl dmol of a (.lanC 

reUUU, (btfA) V. n. To |>ut fbith young 
■hooCa i lo be in Itur bloom. 

To BUD. (bnd) V. a. To inoeulatr. 

BUDDLt:, (b»d'-dl) n. >. A loct of ftamo 
madr lu rtcfiio tha ora alt*r lla lti*t mjiB- 
ralion fmm iu ipowrn ToubiMa. 

7> billDLE. (bud-dl) Km Tod*Bna«lba 
on from ilio rotlb by waahing. 

r« fiUnOE. (hudin) 1^ a. To nir. 

BUUUEr, (buii'-jnt) n-i. AtKm:aato», 
or atuck . ibr tiaiFinf ni made in lb* Honai 
of f.^oouiiom. rra|icciicLg ibo financaa. 

Bfl ;— t?be, tab, bijU ;— rI ;— M^od ;— ttin, Tsi*. 


obiKti ft Un wnor.' 

UOOY, (b^-n) a. AbauBiliag *rilb bopt 


Dtm. (H|(> lb a. A mt of UMhM rM«H 
ei 6e« iln tUn at tha tiuflyo: > nUiury 
ooat — -■*- of tlikk bulWr ; tint loloui (U 

■wnli toi^ na»i wbub (onnt «b IIm oih 

ptT (iirfu* of (lie blood. 
Tv BUFF, (buO *■ •>- To acnko. 
BUFFALO, <l>ii('-(|-lf> o. •- A kind of 

Bl.'FFEr.Oii|r.f«<^>i.b AblovwiatbetM. 
BUFFLT. (bof-l^) a. t. A kiiid of cop- 

Tt BUFFET, (b^'-ftt) t- »■ To othk* wUI> 

(ho ban J. 
T. Bt F FKr. (bur-fjt) e. o. Tb piny * b<w- 

BVFFLUIKAUED, (bn('-t^td'-«d) •. A 
■Dim witlia Urp bcad.HluiDaAlai duU; 

BUFFOON, iTroffom') n. (, A mnn who 

mtkM tfett, 'iiy lo« jMlj onil uliik pc»- 

tnrM ; bo tbat pnu.-tiw* indocMit nillcTjr. 
BUFVOOKER^", (tmrf™n>«> *•. llw 

pnccii^ of ^ bo^oa ; luw jfVU. 
Ta III l'K<K)N!/.i:. (l)D(-f<»-D{>»> » n. To 

l>lii]r (lio ftiot, joiWT, or bulToan. 

BUG. (b«g) ibt. A MJokisg iiwoct bi«d In 

old howhold ■toff. 
BUOBBAB, (bu'->4n> •>.: A Msbthl 

BUULF^ (bo'-^l) 
l»U«l.l:«0RS7 Qaq'-tiimtr) 
BtlOLB, (in'tO ••■>■'' 


I> DUILO, (ttid) v, 0. PnloT. MUM « 

Awfl ,- ftU luOl ; M maks % tnWick, or tdi- 

fice I to nbo In Hiy Itbourod fona ; lo nita 

ut iU^ oq a Mppon or toaadatiaD. 
rn UinLD, (UU) a, a. To acl m aa uchi- 

i«t ; todoT^d o«. 
DlnLD, <bj.M) n. 1^ Tb« farm ; (tio Mroc- 

tan i f»cira of building, 
BVlLDF.R.(hlld'-<F) n.1. Aa aicUtODt. 
UV1I.UINC. (tnld'-iu) a. (. A hbrich ; an 

odiflcoi tlKulof rAblE*iliScnaKmdiDg 

to (ban dnlini ; pnuoal BchlWctorc 
BULB, (bolb) a. I. A raond bod*, m mot. 
T'lBlfLBM, (kJb) •>. a. Tsprqm. 
B|1|.IJACPX>US,(bat-bi'->lM.«>)n. Bulboai. 
BULB»:D, <bi)lbd)~>. Roud-bokdcd. 
BUI.BOU9.( 0. CoDUinluE bulU; 

liavini; tlii" form of n bulb. 
BtllXiF:. (bnl]*) «.(. A Imk, dw breach 

wMch Uu tn w»tn. )!**• (» 
TbBULGR. (butjs> To laku in ■uei i 

M ■pHno a Wh ; lo jut out 
BULIMY, (ttyT'ln'BiAl «. •. Aonannous 

s|ippn(r. DRfadfd wilb IUDdD|, aad cold' 

MM «f Utf ntnwidcik 
miLK.O'Slk) "■■' Magnicudn ) ou ; qiMa- 

■iry ; lb* mm -, tb« majarilr. 
UVIX. {balk) ■. 1. A pan of • bulMloi 

jiilliae out. 
BUI.K-1IEAD, (bolfc-b^dT) a. •. A TiMtlilim 

Bftdo BeroM a ii1d|i. 
BULKINKSB.(tMr-Uua;*> a.1. OmUoM 

of NIC 

!a.h A boat' 
bs bom. 
A tblainic bead of 


BUUCT. (btf-.ko> a. OfstMtrfM. 

Bl'Lt. (bvl) "••■ 11>« beOi^ oftanlt; oa«i 

of ijba lnaltB MfM of iheEOkluek; a Into?] 

Eitfidwd hf popw ud onpOKQi* ; k | 
undni • OEBindiclMn. Bait inminii**] 
dtioj], gBDsrklly now* Ihi Inrgo Am at bd* ' 
tbiDE, u^ ftJManJ. Mt^iuk, MMnMj 
■nd ia IfaaMfon only an Hgncalati*« i 
lable, vilbout Dudi rofumM lo ica oiig' 

BULl-baitino, (bfr-iA-ihtt) m b Tbn] 

Bport of batlise bul* wilh doc*. 
BUIl-CALP, (W-ktf) ». t. A b«-«aM. 
BULL-DOU, (byV-d^) a. i. A doc ef i 

pankulu form, tomatlablo for Id* i 

■Bfd In batdng ilia bull. 

BULL-FACED, (bnT-f^) «, Harinc k] 

)»[<« Imp. 
UULUFI^CH, fb^i'-fjiiah) N.1. A 

tiiM tqMly iandil to vloMk tOBM. 
BULL-Htl^il), {byl'-hsd> a. •. n« 

el K lib : n •(ii)iiit falloir. 
BULL-TROUT. (bvl'-unO n.t. A tot*] 

kind of iFDEit, I 

BUU-ARY, (bgl'-V*?> n. t. A cdUoiiIud ' 

of nnditkal balla. 
BULLET, OniMcO >■ ■■ A ntmil ball of 

nelal, ihot on( of nna, 
BULLETIN, (bul'-Itt-tfOD} n. •> An ofllUl 

account of pobliok non. 
DULUON. (bijl'-yaa) n. a CMd'orttfm 

in itaf laap. 
BULLITION. (bnl-l^ib'-on) a. i. Tba Ul 

or *ute of buiIiD£. 
BULLOCK, (byl^luk) n.i. A yoonic boll 

Erli, or ot. 
BVLLY, (bifr-I*) a. t. A Dittiy, bluiMrinf, 

quairelliniE ffllnir. 
n BULLY, (h^l'-U) no. To o««rbeai vM 

Dolta or maDac(4. 
r*BULLY. (bvr-h) *.■. ToblMtar; t» 

BULRUSH, (byl'-riuli} h. >. A hat rwb. 

iriibaol kaoU. 
BULTEL, (biT-tgl) m. I. T1u> btu of iwal 

aftrt dmaiag i a boiler-cloth, 
BULWARK. (bol'-B^) ».i. A bulicn; 

a (ortiliciilion ; s ipruiily. 
BUM. (bi»m) a. (. Tb* builock«. 
Tt BUM. (bgia) ho. To coake a note or 

BUUKAILIPP. (biim-lin'-llf) a. h A tnr. 

rupdos of bounil ImtilT -. a Mlid fxajdu^Td 

BUBdBAKD, n.*. !<m Bohikid. 
UUMB-Ur. *. >. SooBoHMiT. 
BUMBLLBKJC, (1<ani'-blWJ n. i. Tbo 

wild b«. or bumbla bco. 

Bl'HBOAT. (bi|u>--b9it> n. •. A kne 

cliinujr b«at, lued in canybi|{ logtlahHa 

and liquon lo iLe ibip. 
BUUP,(bnnip) n.1. A Tvettiii|;; » ptMa- 

To BUMP, (imap) ■• a. Tb BUk» > toiiJ 

oiritA, or borabk 
BDMI-F.K, (h^mW) a. i. i cop £ll«i 

■ill ihp bipiDw Mtwi o*ct tbe brim. 

F(W, fjr, ItU, f|t j-ma, Sfi ; -pioa, j-ie i-nj, mnvr. 


BUMPKDf, nmi-bn) ».i. An t-mlMwi 

houy tuitlck. 
BtlllCfl. <bputi> n. >. A clortRt ■ nam- 
' Wt 4( iUdp ilBii Usethca ; ny (falo| bouDil 

Ta BUKCK, (b^^) •. ■. To nitU ooi in 

a liDM^ 
BL'NCHY,(bqD'-ali«)ii. GroinsG ID InmcliM. 
Dl'NDl.£. (litiit'-itl)«.i. AwuBWoftbiuiii 

boiiDd wncbfr ; > ndl. 
rpbtlNDLb. ibuu'-dl) (1.0. To tia in ■ 

BVttii, (bung) n. I. A Momfot fof ■ I«n«l. 
Ta BUNG. IbDSK) V. a. To IWD a Wr«l. 
BUNUHOLE. rboDt'-liolo) m.1. tU MSa 

M whkti Uia band !■ UUd, and which li 

■ftuwwdt (Unpad opi 
rnVL'NGLE. (bgoK'-tl} n.*. To ptafom 

nOUNGLE, (Wd|'-s1) i^*- Tob«ict>. 
BUKGLE, (b^g'-gl) M. b A butcb ; an set 

svliomdif |cifaniitJ. 
BUNGLER, (bnog't'vr) n. i. Abulwwk- 

BUNGUNGLY, (bmis'-tling-lo) nd. Clonl- 

DUNN, (bm) n. h .t kind □/ nMt bnad. 

BUNTING. <.bi|D'-H<>G) "■ *■ ^^ ""^^ "' 

BUNTING, (bvi'-tiog) •t.h Tb« fCuff o( 

ffliich a •irip'a cQloiin an mtita. 
BUOV. (hfi-) M.I. A [OKvef ceAotmeoit 

finaliiiK «u thDoairt, ti»d U kwcichl U 

7b UUUV, Ow) no. To iMp kfloM; U> 

To UVoT, (btf) c -. To Ibu. 
BUOVANCY. Oit<.v>-*>> •>■•■ The quk- 

lllvot lloMini. 
BUOYANT, (bva'-ur) a. Floitmg ; liftit. 
HUH, (boi^ n. >.' Aroagh bml of •plant, 

i-MmI a 6Hr4rwL 
UlltllEN. StsDEnrnnt. 
HI KDOCK. |bDf--i)^) a. i. A plant. 
BLIU'.AU. (bn-in) ». •. A tboal uf dnwm 

with a wntuii; boarJ' 
BUKGAGI^:. (I>iii''^a) a.h la Imt. A 

Uncm propet w aoat lad Wms. wIicCBbj 

ncn hold thcif lud* or unrmnil* of thi 

kiDf;. or Mlitt lord, fat ■ Mitiui jeuly imt. 
lll'KuAMOT. (li|if-gf-Di9i'J n.b A tpcdai 

of pen : a kind of pnfumr. 
BliRCANEI'. fbyi'-vt-nfO )-■•■ A kiadof 
BUHGUNin'. |t>nl'-|;i; -Sfl] \ bvliiKrc. 
BURGEOlti, (bynh'***'; n. i. A xma 

appliod to k typ*, o' ■ nio luuM Uiin 

BURGES.<t. <Vir'-ji!>) n. i. A dttnn; a 
fitvnaa cf • rilj or irorpanl* ttna ; a i«- 
ucMmUtit* «{ a Mvn nrporat*. 

DORGUS-SlUr, (Lnt'-y.a^hip) h. k TV 
iinte snd <]uililf of a buri;*>«. 

SUHGII, (Lutg) n. 1. A torpurato town or 

BUItGIIER, (bur'-gw) n.>. Ooa wbo hat 
■ liilil lo (crtiun pflf ilogea ia a place. 

BUBGllERiSHIi'. (bo'-Ep-abip) •>. <. Ihn 
priTikga o( a bnrgW. 


(ha cdowon 
BURGLARIOLS, fbofglf-itiri) 

Lling to bnuHbrrokinit 

BUKGtAKY, (bvf'-glt-if} «■>. Therob' 

tuDL of 1 Imams, 
Bl'HGMASriiK. 8m Bna«o>jnaju 
Bl'RGMtn-F. (bgrs'-BitIr) n. i. A bonoth 

BUKGOMAETITR. (but'-go-isu ^r] ••. i. 

One tntD]oyt4 ia ihv gormiaiuit of a <iiV> 
SritGRAVIMbur' tri;Tr)>i. I. Ad bm<^i- 

tarv Rorrtaour oi a c&tltF, oi Ufn, 
BURGUNDY. (bai'-gVA-Jr) *- •■ W-"* 

aiid* in Burcundy- 
BUKIAI,. (b\J'-if4l><i.i. llwKlolbuTj- 

iae i a faacraL 
DUKLAL-Flar«, (bui' a. a. A plan 

•01 apul Tot buriaL 
BURIAJ>'Sm<».(l.iii'.r»V}«.i. Thtelinitb 

tCT*icp lor fiu«r*la. 
BUItlNE. (bu'.rin) n. i, A gm!oa looL 
To UUKU (M) «. 0. To dim clotb a* 

BUKLEA, <bBt''l9) a.* A Jnan* oC 

BiniLACE. (bui'-lfM) «.•. A M(t of 

BOBIjisQUE.CW'tsaL')*. Jocalat ; Inxl- 

iag to ladae haghtn. 
BUltLCSqUE. (Iqr'.liak') n. i. LutirtOM 

lan^^n^v, or idraa. 
7i>iH'RLF'^(JUF,. (t,ar-l;ak') w.a. To luni 

lo riitirolp. 
BURLKTI'A, (bor-lil'-t|) >.l. A muncal 

BUHUNEiS, <b^-lf-ii«a> a. «. Balk) 

BUltl.Y, (bDrMa) t. Gnal of alBDmi 

balky; [amid ; Miitctoiu^ loud. 
Te BURN, (bntn) h a. rnt. Ittnmt, jart. 

hmtf, In eannna «iih fan ; la vouud with 

To BURN', (bnm) i\ ih To ha en (r« ; to 

act ■) tic i (0 akioe i Id bo Manoil villi 

purioit i to b« io a kbi* ff dvitnuiWo 

totDDuHian ; it ia nard uulicularlr e( b;**- 
UURN. (biiru) II. I. A hurt cauied b; fire 
orRNAtlLE, |bfTii'-4-lil) a. That wbkb 

mav be burst up i nduntibJa. 
BVItNER, (W-ntrJ n. •■ A ptnon thai 

biuiu any thmg i apaitotalampihatran- 

laina the wiik. 
BURNING, (bfi'4itne) n. t. StaMoflala- 

matioii : ^c act ol bimiog. 
BURNING. <1iKi'-niog> a. Fbmdng ; aaba- 

umi ; jmrcifil. 
BURMXG-GI.AS5, (but'.o<n|-<1«*> "■ •■ 

A flnta wliifb ccllrti* Iba iBira of ibc acui 

{rIo a nnnvw cmipaai, and ao inotaiea 

llii'ir forrr. 
r« BURNISH. (bnT'-ni>h> ha. TopoUabi 

to cIt* a iloaa to. 

r« Burnish, (bui'-cj^) r.*. To grow 

BU^l&II. (b^r'-niah) «. i. A gloM 
SURNIRIien. (I'i|)'>nidi-ar)a.i. Ilothat 

tnuiiialici -. the tool utd br bunlahing. 

tiyl j— tub** tfb, bfU,— sit 1— tv«'"'t~'^' "■*- 


Btmiff. rt-wi) Pwi. iMM c4 

IIURK, (l«s) ih b A cbbrl iu»l lo dNt 
BDItREI>AM. (br'->t>) A Mil of Rua 

DliRIlOCK.(bgi'-iik)«.*. AmuIIwmi 

fiUKHOW. (bg)'-*f) >■•' TUInImbuU 

ia tha pmaj by (ania«. 
T» BURROW, Of?!'-'?) r. m. Tv taaim 

bold in fill rreuDiI. 
BURttAR, fbur'-Ht) a. i. Thi UMran* la 

etibfoi. ta. ubiUtiaiMn Id Ibo aoirw- 

ajpw of SoHlantt- 
BURSARSIIIP, (bii^-«Cr«l>ip) m.^ Tbo 

BtlRSART, (b^-^-i*) «■ >. The imniTy 

«< ■ ndlcf*. lo Sdiilud. An rxhiliiuoo. 
BURSE, (bgr**) B. J. Ab cichlLuge wbsra 

nanbiBU m*al. Mid rtiopa u« ktpt. 
n BVnSr. (bmM) *. a. To bmdi. or 0; 

op<o ; ta Rj ifundor ; to bmk awaj i lo 

anna tniStalj, or vltli Tialfiu<r. 
n BURST. (bijM) ^ •. T« bnak opca 

DltR9T. (Iicgnt) r. t. A tnddsD dlHupiion. 

UUKTH);N.(>'<!''-'a«>^>- A load ; Mmir- 
tbbi| (rir?oa* ; a birih i ilia nnr reptalaJ 
baasojii ihi ilianwi ibo i|uaiUil]F tliat k 

raBOBHIEN, (W.Tmi}».«. TaloaJ. 

DUnntCNOUS. W-i»V>-V} •• OAtw^ 

fiq*! uiolru ; (imUienaiBO- 
BUiailENSOUE. (hj^-TllfO-tBDl) a. 

Traublrwtno to bo bunt. 
BURnir.l<iSOMK.\E88. <ba)'->Htfi-«nn> 

nn) II. t, Weiiht i hcarlMai. 
DtlRTUN. (V-i<)> "■ I' b • tU^ A 

•man locUc, MsaliKbK nf t«« *lu|[la pul- 

BUHY, (bti>'-Tf} ■■•. A dwvlIlatiiUoa; a 
MnlmtioD wll addsil lo (bs nwuo of 
•nvnJ jiW**. 

TiiIlliR\. (bi}l'>») a. A To bitcT ; M pnl 
iiLi'> a cms -, u btor, wUb tbo liUa e( «•- 
I>u1i'in< -, (o concnl i lo W* i w placa oaa 
iblag ritbhi aMUwr. 

DIIRYING. (bn'-n-ing) a.). DuriiL 

DURYINti-rLAC^ a. i. Sea SuauL- 

UU3II. (hvili) «. •■ A thirk ihnib. Bwbaa 
«( bilitwl* a< whrcl* ara imu witbin (b* 
bole of iba oata, lo jotwrra it (run ««ai< 

DUAlRU (livdi''ri) ■■>. A fMMon oon> 

lainiDg ticbt nlloiu ; a bun qnaniic*. 
DUKIIHLaoE. <bf*li'.fUi«y a. a. Dan 

Iiqnblt oa vrirj buiur af neMuiaabb 

BVBRINESS.(bv»b'-»iiM)a.i. Tlaqualit; 

«f bangboihy. 
BVSIIY. 0>v>lf-{> a. TU>^ ELa s biub i 

(tall of btubM. 
BUSILY, (bii'-a^t^) o. Wiih an ui «( 

horn ; mrioiuly : iiDimnuiisivty ^ etmntly. 
lll^RIKKifS. (W-n**) N, 1. £inlJo]«CDti 

nn affaii ; tba nbjrcl o( bqnnoM ; Mriou* 

oapigBBent ; a jioinl -, a onuar of quaa- 


tbbi| loqalrad U la doa«^ 
DUSK, (bnak) n. i. A |ae« of •WpI of 

wbaTabonc, woni by nun lo ilmiglbeii 

ibnir (ayi. 
DUSK, Ibqik) H.I. A bnth. 
r> DL'Sh.. (buL) h a. To OMka nady. 
Ut SKLT. (bga'4s() a. K A tjaif or auall 

buati-, a aninll compatOMnl of nfiUoa, 

romuJ a( mt», ^mit. mA tdl BovannK 

A kmd 

b<r (b» 

>f balf 

niaru. an in nqntHib 

(but -kip) a. 1^ 

boMi a hi^ aliw 

nnon of tn^nly. 
I1USKI>E.D. (W-kInd) a. DiMCd in 

hiuJuni ; irluiof lo tnifftj, 
BUSKV.(l.u'-ke)«. nWji abadwiwitb 

llVSi. (bn*) a. 1. A Llat i a boat for llifc. 

r«lfuss, (b«i)<<.a. ToklMi 

IIUS^', (InM) ■. I. A alatu* NpteMtttint ■ 

atnn to liii tiKaal. 
Dl'SrAKI>.(bi»'-ittd>B.i. AvUdUibn'. 
7.> Itl'.'ill.)^ (I>|>*''«I| *. n. Tobatiu)'. 
BlSl'Li:, (bii»'.J) IT. 1. A lomoll ; bun]'. 
BVSTLJ.K, (_l>u>'-ltr) n. ). Ax artif* *ur- 


Tini mwi. 
BUSY. (bi>'-») •. Emploftd wkib 

DOM -, bantinr ; (rooblrHiiBCk 
Tf Bl'SY, (bifl -ce) hd. I'o employ. 
DUSYBUUV, ibiV.».bi}d-dD) a. t. A Dwd 

dlSng ptnon. 
BUT, (bgt) axjfiiart. Enccpti emfit ibal , 

oalyi onltai ; jcl ; iicrenbrlcH L olbtr- 

Ofite (ban thai i a puacle by wbitb Iba 

mranlnj of iba (oia^iog wnianra itbouod 

ad or ia«liiilii*i1 1 a particio of objecumi. 
Bin', (bat) ad: Ko man Ibaa. 
1IUT, (b^E) a. L A bouodaiy. 
BUT, (bu()a.i. Tba «nd of any plank vldcb 

iaiaa to wiolbFr on tba ootnda of a ahip ; 

the lowMt dlTitioo of a fiaUn^-rad. 
Tu BUT, (InO V. a. To tonch 9.1 ont md. 
DUT-nM>. (but'-Buil') fl-k l^«l'luul«lJ 

of anv tbini;. 
BUTCIIKK, (livi'.t*h^> B.I. Ooa ibM lilla 

nnlBLilt U) (all iluu Snb ; aD« iltli^kicJ 

with blood. 
ToBUTCIIER, (byl^mbji) m.a. Tokill; 

to ainidn. 
8UTCHKH-BIRH. {bor-t»bcr-b*ri) 

Tbo Entliih nnn>i> o( lb* biid I m i ut. 
BUTCUERLV, (byi'-nJisf-Ia) a. Cinrij ' 

B(n'CilEHY.(bvi'-Mit'-'«}>-'- Tbeinda 

«( a butchn 1 d*u{hiM i (ba flan whtra 

ammil* aia WlllwI. 
BUTLF.R. (bnlMn) a. h A wtmit «<&■ 

ploynl u (uniiibint; tbo taU<% 
BUTLEKSIUP. (bul'-kr^iii) Tbr oSc* ', 

(4 a boilrr. 
BUniRNT. Cbnl'-ncnl) ". 1. Tlial i.iit <* ) 

tbr arch *bu:h joud >t lo ibr< ufmifhi pipr. 
BUTT, (b^t) B. fc The iJ»cn.ii »huL tbe ^ 

muk to br (hoi at la phuwl ; tb* potol a« ; 

K birh ibv cndcatoai b dirocMd ; tM abject | 

of nm i a n«ii up«o wboni tbo maifuij , 


flC*. I|t, ^U, l^l ;— mo, mff i— p)ac, pin ;— n j, iBo»t, 


ik thtli jrW t a blow ^tib bj a hmsnl 
nftt : a ttnl.D pTM ia Amciis^. 
TILTr, (b^) n.1. Axwiil: abspiIarNl; 

a BUKMii* of mait (uiiluinini; I SS falloot. 
Tt BUT1', (tinl) ■. a. 'I'o Miiku with Ili« 

bmi« H bonicd fturlfnftlii 
DUITER. (hgi'.|(t) a.1. Ab anctuaiu nib- 

(cin« mulf by agiiuiiig i^ cMiu ml nilk 

till iLp «il wnnUM Iran ibe vbajr. 
IVBl'TTKlt. |bqt'-ijt) r, iL TainwuviUi 

kilUrr ; ti> FncnvH- tbv lake* frrtj nunc. 
SUllfJKCUP. (bu'-cp-kip) a. •. A »l- 

bw lluirfr witb wbidi ifae field* ibouoJ lo 

tbo Riantli nf Majt. 
UUTrKUII.V. (bul'-lPT'lli} •■■■ AniniMl 

^faicli line n^pTATt la tint bvpiulu| of ibo 

Ma«aD for builif. 
BVTI'CIUS. (W-ter-iu) ■.(. Anisiav 

OH*) of mmI, uwd u |>>nD| tbo (not of a 

BUTTIIRMUJC, (ti^i'-ttiMnilk) ibi. Tho 

whcj Itat it ttfaiMti fromtbacToaBtnliEil 

bnlin u iiu4t. 
BUTTKIU'RINT. <bai'-l9riaJDi) •.!. A 

fiKig of itrvnl «M>d. BiM WMffc buitti. 
1 ii'.uruu'iii. (ie('-(«-ioi<i> -.h rim 

broid (on mill. 
mriTEHWOMA-V. (■|.v^■^t^.wBn,•t^) •.t, 

A vomjui UkAL icUd biiaori 
BLillTltY. ( bv>-''S'-'T> ■■- llnaoi; ib> >p- 

pauwicB of buiur. 
BOII'KRY, (^ti^t'-t{i-if> n. >. Tba room 

vliPTT prtAwus* atv laiil op. 
ni noCK, (bni^-tnk) H. 1. Hi* ramp. 
ULTIUN. <ba(''iii; n.t. A melt oi fmall 

Lall, b; wbub cltrat U (ulrned , any koob 

or Ull : Uw bg<l of > jiluit. 
BinrON, (bul'-ln) U.J. 'I'h« KH crcbin. 
To UUll'O.V, (bul'-tn) I •. To lulen wiih 

buuunii : to dna»; m ilatbc. 

BCnoNHou:; (bvt'toboM n. i. Tbc 

lotip in wlucb the bulKm M tbi) clatlin ia 
SVnoNMAKnR,ibi)i'-CD-mfkci)ii.i. lis 

wbo itinLi'ii bi4ittm>- 

UflTItllSS. (^hul'-UT*>"-I. A IDUlottlODll 

oi bri(k*o(k to tuiipDit anil ; ■ plop ; a 

roULrritllSS. (bni-irM) tF.<>. To pop. 
BIXOM, (bnk'-iv'<0 '»■ Obodiml : ob>F- 

quion*! Eaji IitcIj i bri*L ; •anUni 
fiCXUMLY, (b^ik'-inni-lf) W. Dutil 

obcdimtly ; nuitotilfi xmonXMljr. 
BUXa>I\):.SS.tbijik'-i<eni-»*) H-t. Mwk- 

Bi4< -, ubrilifinc« ; ^tiftj- 
laMV, {b') v. ■. i>rcl. »nd |i>jt. Nx^U, 

To IHtrrbiuo ; to acnuiia by p*)Ui( a piirf. 
Ts BUY. (bj) a. a. To tnat tbuui a jw 

BUYlJt, (bpci) ml. lUlhubuyi. 

I i jolly, 
itifuily i 


Tti BUliZ, (bw) n-ib Talim; iowhI*|K(i 
10 WUDiJ ftii* bM«. 

Til Ilt'K^. t,lnt) «. a. To wUifu abfcail i 
U> ipmil KCTTtly. 

liVi'l, i\nt) H. I, Tho Dolw of a bn Dt 
dv; a bum ; k «liir)«r. 

BUZZARD, <l>ui'-^} n. ■. A alBtiiiih 
^ccin of ba«k ; ■ blockbod ; a douci ; 
a (OVrard. 

BV'aSH.l}>aJ-»f)ti.i. A>*civlwhi>|>rrvr. 

BV,(lo))np. TUa «oiJ ■WnolM lb* afrnt, 
iOMnnnMit, or tOMBj -, u,|<rAnMif tf jmh; 
anfMllKl Ay emu i icubI Jiyyura.- 'lbs ijuBa- 
llty bul at ODo liioe ; -tt, fn^i Ay tl« 
mK4 .- At, or in, notinit place ; a*, Ay Uitd 
rt (iji He: SuL'cuitiTD bcuod, niib tnatd U> 
(ima SI qaaa«Uy ; a*, nu At/ «ni ,- hiur ty 
hMTi Aceotdinf to, or .-Jivt ; aa. Inrfki 
6y UW dlnir l«s : d owU tu jliiiid ty ; rmm ; 

of dlflnnic* \ at, li« m»i Ay an knr ; For ; 
ai, fry Mf qnun/'tn ynirt. Aiwiou ai; a*. 
bylkitUmt: liptUo, iiu'iiif paiM|;B; *#. 
■« m'U ^ ittM: UMide. DFif to : a*. lUy 
Ay *«.■ lIcfbM binnlf, liendf. &«. it d*- 
DatraalMOoeof ottwtii ti»,tta»iifnliyhm- 
fffi At butd, or ID roMMsJoD I mt, Itiad 
Ust lud ty B" ' Adjnratioo ^ at, tiy uU Uc 
A aiH aly pnrm, &c, l^|v<iGaiiuU ; a«, 
rvjffd Aim 'ly uimt- 

BY, (bi) iid. Ntar i Iv^di^i loiusgi ia 

BY AMJ BY, (bi'-vul-b)') oJ. laatboct 

BY, (bj) a.f. SomeiUnc not the diiact and 
inuDo^BM object of i«(ard,i«, by ilia In, 

BY, (bi) In compMiilan, impUa lODwildiif 
ool of lb* diteel way ; Inecolai ; collaw* 
lal ; or mirato i aa, a by' luu, a by -toid, 
a bypatb, abr-coma. byilieet, liy-walk. 

BY-tiONE, (brgT"') "- P»«- 

BY'LAW, (lii'-tfw') n, >. U<f-lavt are ordcra 
mnile by commnn aMcsl, for (br good (tf 
(hpH ibat make tliem, (ulbit tbou l^ 
[<ub1ic Jav bind*, 

BV'KAMK. (lii'-n^niir ) n-t. .1 aick-naose, 

UV-l<ASr. fW-iiuO -■ fui-'AM}i:it.(t.i^(t^-d«i}n.t. A lookg* 
oo : ons uacdikcemMl, 

BY-VtEW, (br-TV) ".«. StUbiicfealeJ 

BY-WAY, (^'-^) n,i. A priTale and ob- 

Kun wvf, 
BY-WIPK. 0>r-*ipe ) II. a AaecrctMnU 

TlY-HURI), br-vnrd) <i.i. A Baying , r 

UY RK. I birv) n. >. A rOK-hooir. 
HYSSINK (bit'.HDn) a. MBdeofHik. 
MYZA^T1^K: t^BiUHiiaa. 

Dfl i— ivb«, tijb, bijll j— 911 i— mpul i— tUn, intik 



•MBib -, tint likv i. brtoie a, o. n, or • na- 

Mout; tbw «tW liJw 1, Iwlorrr, r, and if. 
CAB. (I%b) ih I. A Usimtr o wmu w, r«B- 

(ftlnInK nbnut tbrM pinB KeiGih. 
CAII.M-. (ka-^T) «.). The >(>r.n>t *cifiicc 

u( tilt llrbrew nlitih* : m timSj of misa 

oahod Lo loinc cIoh JuIi^ , iiiin|{ar. 
n CABAL. (Lq-V) t. n. To hm cIqm 

CABAXA.Oifb'-t-H>ii.i. Tlie Hicrn Minko* 

<f tb* Jeiruli docton ; aKTow, political. 

•HendSc, Ate. 
CARALI^. fk()>'-4-l>M) *.*. Onotktllad 

In thv militliiii* of Hir Kthivw*. 
CAltAl.l»M,()itb'-t-lRia>H.i. AioRrfiha 

trlrMii of 111* cabiil. 
CABtLimriAL. (Ub-41-li^-U-kaI) 1 
CABALBTICK. (ktl^l-^-tik) ' f "- 

Somethinn ihm ba« xa oocaH BMndk^ 
CABALISTICALLY. (kil>^-^-tfHi«l-lf) 

^. Ib m nbttiilick ■ountr. 
natBALrZ]!.(k4l/-fli*!>«.". To>|>Mk 

thft hai^iuMttr cf ihs iMintd }«w%. 
CAIiALLtH. (l.4.biMjr> «. I. As ia- 

CAUA tLINB. (lifVio*) a. DvlospDi In 

CAUARt:T.(k|V-h)-n)ibi. A Umtn. 

CAKIIAGK. (Ii(b'-li«i>) n.1. A plail. 

Td CABHAOB, (fcib-b^c) h ■. To fmn a 

bnil ; B>, (hv plaiUa licEiii to nMngi, 
TfCABBAGK. (kib'-bije) r.a. To ural in 

rirtTJDi (tMbr«. 
CABUAOE TREi; (lib'-bge-Uft) •<■ >■ A 

•fwin «f pnhn UMl 
CABIN, fkib'-t-n) n. t. A unallimmi; ■ 

<hnnbci in a >hip ; a cMUc*. or tnnull 

liDuic; a (ml, a; tranpoiaiy babltatioB. 
CAUIN BOV. (k|b'.b;Q-btr) >., t. Ibobay 

wlio nlu M dio nbtn on board a Mn. 
CADINCr, (t^-te>ji) ». t. AdoMCB 

rauill room ; a bol or imitll bouM ; a main 

Id which (cimltalioDl u« held ; a mi c-f 

bolei ctr dn<f^tf fc for (urioiillDe \ Viy pl^co 

n *liirh 'MiiK* t4 nina an d«pa>{t«l -, (In 

cvillrcori* ti4tdy ft i»ini>tvr* nf •fvEO. 
CAUINEI'-CUONCII.. (ktb'-ia^-l<VQn'->iI) 

••.I. A council of cahlnol mmlalcn belt! la 

* |ait«<* manner. 
CAUINtri-MAKKR. (I.5I.' jn-el.nii'.kEr) 

H. I. Ihii iliBI aiaLt* Suo B-oo.f woit. 
T.CABINt:r.<| no. To enclOK. 
CABLE. (bV'''') "•'• ^ ■trong ropag die 

Topo of a ihip 10 vliivh tbn aLcbor U 

C.\BLED, (kf'-bld) •■ Fuusfd vich a 

7'aCAB0».(lLa-.|>;b) r-a. A nio.U or roaM- 

Icuc mrrl. 
CAUUSimD. (ka-bqaht') <i. A Icrm iu bv- 


nMiy, wbcQ ilift hoail of 1 

cluM. bnitiE so UNk Ipft to it. 
CAHRIPU. fiwC*n.ioi«. 
CAimiuLIT, (Ii4'-biv.v'lf) «•'■ Aaop 

CACIlECTlCAL.<ka-bh'.tD.ktl)la. H»- 
CACllECnC. <^it-W-Uk> ' i iogMi 

ill liikbiiot b<Hly. 
CACIIE\¥.(k«t.b9k'-«) 0.1. Soebatf*- 

lomptniurt of die bimiou*, m bindm uu- 

(ritiaii, and BBalun* the *iul aoJ anlmiJ 

CACHINATION, (Lik-kja-nf'-ib^) •>. •. 

A loud laneliln. 
r« CACKLET (Mk'-U) •.a. To nate a 

noiw M ■ Wb or coow ; 10 dcrlo. 
CACKLf;. (kak'-U) «.>. ifo toira of a 

HOCac 01 Ciwl : l4l)a uUk ; prattlv. 
CACKLCR. (k«iM*rJ n. i. A fowl tbu 

CKcklei ; a tall tala'; a utler. 
CACOCHYMICAL. (k«k-lio-kiiii'-«.UI) ( 
CACOCHVMICK, (li,k.kf-l.iin-.ik'> ( 

n. H-ktiDi: Ihp homoun rarraplcd. 
CACUCHVMY, (L»li'-t?-kp-n.j) n. 1. A 

d«|itaTan(Ri of ibo huniouri from a aaiinil 

CACOD/tMON, (Lfk-o-iU'-nign) *.«. Aa 

Mil (plrlt. 
CACOETllE8.(k)k-ko-o'-ttiu) •>.>. In u*- 

diciao. An Innnablo ulcer ; t«ierallj. a 

had cuaUtn ; a b*d habiL 
CACOPHONY, (k|-kf|-f-nf) a. >. A bod 

■ooad of ironiA 

CACOTKCIINY. <kt-kftt>>'-i>1> "■■■ A 

corrupnoD of nn. 
CACOTROi'HY, (kt-kg<l'-lTf-(i<) H.t. In 

mrdirin". Mcionn autrilioa. 
CADAVKRIHS, {k(-iHT'-Mni)o. HsTinjc 

Ihv anugnnuco of ■ dnid body. 
CADDIS, (kad'-d>*) h. >. A kuid of la]>o or 

ribbon : a IJnd nf worm ot enh. 
CAUDOW. (k4il'-d<.>) H.I. A chau|b, 01 

CALfE. (kidF) n I. A facniDc-barrt). 
CADE-W6RM,(li4do'-r«rm)n.i. I^pmioo 

with caJdif. 
CADKNCK. (ka*-ilMiM> n.t. FaU ; \}w lull 

of the (olw ; the Aow of Term, or prriuda ; 

ihr toDD or tuuml. la faarmnuufalp, Tbo 

(qusi mcuDTi) vhii-h a boroc obiertaf In all 

biBrnotton^whirn he ii thoroaghl^managRl* 
CADENCY, tkif'-dfn. If) 1..1. In hrni^, 

tlie duDncUon of iiouKs or (ainiligi. 
CADENT, (k«'-driit) n. Falltngdown. 
CADENZA, (kt-tl-nl'-tt) •>.<. The lall n 

modolaiMMi of Hm react io tiugiiig. 
CADET, (kf-^gt') a. i. Tbc jDungn bra- 

th«r i a idanurr in ib* »mj. wbo mttco 

In MwctalJon of a cummiHion. 
TeC.UKiE, (kv^j) v a. To can; a bur* 



F)tr, fjr, f|ll, ^tj— UE, m«ti— piu, p^j— e;, n{Ta, 




cAui. (i«'-^>y ••.•.« 

tl» torti. 
CAUUCITV. (^■<la*■^>W) 
Mlilonn U fiU. 

C.£SLR.<, (w-iif'-n) "■ >■ A agnn in 
l iitn. b; wliicti n dMOl tylliU* aAer m 
ccMfilttt looi ii nuub Imikj the nanral 
fBBN ai im of th« tusoci whidi falHng 
Dpon Mm« pan <A a rcnr, ilitidca il iaU 
t*o (uaqoal pan*. 

CASllKAL.(*r»'-nl><i. RalaiatMAa 
•Mucal t«i>Tr. or M rLa jiaiM* of ilw *aln. 

CjfJttLK, (H-'-iuWj •>. 1. StaCnoLbtBd 

CAFIAS. (HT-t^s) ■.!. A IVntm «* 

IMbb nil HI prnwuL 
CAO, (ka|) n. I. A bami or oooileii ««aa*l, 

■ aaHaluo^ bur at Aie ^sIliinL 
CAOB, {kuv'i n, >■ Au UKtMurr of twl^i at 
wnv, for bltila ; a plwe fai vild tout* , a 
pnKPD for \tiiy murfai^iont 
r«CA<iK. (k4jF) T.«. To incla* in a n|[F. 
CAIQUE. ;k«-Tt<>'> "■ >■ A tUM u ttoop 

bdoDftDg M ■ salln. 
CAIU awKjii- 
CAL1IAN. <ka'-aaa) a. ■• ^a Amnlcui 

nuuE of a crDCoJlla. 
n CAJOLE, (kf-lala*) n,a, TsflalMi to 

•oolli ; ID onai. 
C&JOI.EII, [hf-to'4r(> K. I. A SiuutcT. 
CAJOLKKV. (ti-jflTltr-w) a. i. FlalMj. 

I CAISSON, (luf'4H-*fii) 'fl.1. A th«i of 
bonba or povilir : ■ woodm c*id. id whirli 
tha ^ira of brul^ta «n bcdh viihin die 
CAI'I'IfT, (tf'-lU) a. I. A mou TlUaln ; a 
■Iwpicablo knarb 
CAiril'T.^kf.liO a. Biuo^KTrilD. 
CAIKN, (kani) n. 1. A heap of (lane*. 
CAKK. (k^) ih •. A kind of delicMD 
tnad I biHiH lokod in a tin form. 

IT* CAKK. (Ifka) «. ii. To forte io(o coa- 
rDCAK>:.(k4ke) r. k. To kanlaa. 
CAIJtllASfl. {k|l--vl>«A) a.fc AipecUa 
of a Inrcc l-diu<J. 
CAMMANCO. (kgl-t-Binc'-kf) n. r^ A 
kioil of woollon irii£ 
CALAMirciiuus. (kfr-t-Piif'-rtv) ■• 

l'n>diiri» ra*d «r aae^ 

■ CAUMIKE. (^r-q-m-iw) n.i. Or Lqiii 
CatminitTst. A Mfl of Wmr <V Biin«Tal, 
{mlBinu^ tine, iimj, and aoawtimM Oltm 

CALAMITOIW, Ek4-)i]in'-*-tD(>a. toTolTcd 

ia nlamitj : Itall of mbrrj. 
"UlLAMrKllISNFIfiS. <li4-l|m'-B.ig»-on) 

n. >. &tlHr]r ; dtiUraa. 
CALAMITY, (kvNm'-ft?) ■^•- Mlifor- 

loDti naaetj. 
CALAMVS. fkiT'tmua) iLt. A mi of 

ncd. or f«M-HFBied wood, 
CALASH, (kf-lfih') a. 1. A mall nniago 

«( idMMi* ; k caTfring m moini the bend 


CALCAItKOU^diql-MWW*- PwlxLinS 
«( ibo Datura of call <tr San, 


CAI£AVnXA. (k«l-M-*«M(> %. t. A 

ai»rfor kind of LlriKin wine, 
CAU-XATED, (kVi.hp.(»isd)o. »!hod. 
€ALCtlUOMU.«. (ktl '«~da'-Do-i]a) 1 
CAtCEDONV. (h,li-.rf,-»f> " " i ■• •■ 

A nenoiu ilono of ilir aruo kia<L 
CAU'IN'ADLE, ( kiT-t^bcbl) >■ Itel 

(rlocli mat ba talciotd. 
r,. CALCIKATE, (k^-«t^fl*> To C«l- 


CALCINATION. <ktl.a^oa-.*bia) n. •. 

flock a nuuufonnit of uodiaa lij Bm. t* 

i>Ml*ia tiMni radndlds lo powder ; dmni' 

tal putnriMtloa. 
CALCINATORy.(liI-^-t-tfr-«)«.i. A 

•vMol oMd In taldooaon. 
r* CAIjCINE. (kfl'iiud^ 1. 4. To bvm to 

a call, or nomnM c«ti>r ndodUt t» 

powder : lo bin* ap> 
r> CALCINE. (kqUJMr) r. •. ToboMOM 

> nix tiT best. 
CALCOOBAPHY. Fm Cn>uooa<rnT. 
CAIX:U1-^I1LK. (kfT-kuVU) a. lliM 

wblcJi mar l* mtimalsd or eafopolwd, 
Tir CALClL^TE. (ktr-ku-lau; ». «, To 

cunpuw 1 to rodum ; (o aJjiul. 
7« CALCULATE. O^r-kn-IfW} v.n. "h 

make a oomnualioD. 
CALCtlLA'noN. (kfl-kif-ln' '•)>«>>) a. •. Tile 

an of nuubning ; a itrkanuig ; llu naill 

of [in xtiibmeiical •cdranoii. 
CALCLiLATIVE, Q^I'-I'V-lq-iin) ^ Bc- 

loueitiE to calmlaDoa. 
CALCULATOR, (^T-kn-lfiift) >. i. A 

CALLTLATORY, ^.kf-lf-tp^).!. B«- 

lonnat ta cilculaBcm. 
CALCULE. :k«r-kflr) <i, l RMkonia^ 
CALCUIASL, I ktl-ku-IOH') 1 «■ Stoiiy ; 
CALCULOlT!>. (kar-kn-ivO } cntly- 
CALCULL'9, (k^r-tq-fl^) a.!. The auno 

in Ihs btftdilct. 
CALDRON, <k|wl''djvm) ■. i. A [«ti a 

CALKl-ACTION. Ck»l*-(iV-rtoa)-.i. TUo 

tvt of bMiiittf ; Uia *UiJ> of briuH bvatod. 
CALEFACTIVE. < l.»l-*-f»k'-tit) u, TliM 

wbicb make* ■« ibiug kot, 
CALEFACTORY. (kfl-^'-IV^) 0. Ttet 

whicb bMth 
r. CALEFY, (k«l>-fi) u a. Tonmhet. 
To CALEFY. (kfT-t-'i) '••^ To mO.* 

varni or bat. 
CAI.EMIAR, <l(l'-Io-dtT> n,!. A r*|bl«r 

of tlw j«n, in which the mmtba and Aal«d 

(Ibim arv unikcil, ai frfliTah and boli- 

n CALENDAR, (kfria-ilir)!.*. ToodUr 

in a ealfndu. 
TbCALCNDKK,(k4r-ni.d<(}hii. To tint* 

CALENDCIt. <kar-«i-du) n. >. A bM 

[ffFti. lu wLiili ilatlilon iDiootb Ibdrclott; 

ibc unrknuut wbo maai|{c« (lie DikMm^ 
CALENUEII. (kil'-!ii-d4() ■>■<■ Tlienanu 

of a Kjn o( Aervitei in Tuikoy and Puma. 
CALENDEKER. (^) n.i. Tha 

pnton Bfio <a]enden> 

Bfij— lal«, tub, IqU;— tjli— pvfid) — iMB. "il. 






CALEKT)^ (ktr-fDili) M. 1, na flnt lyj 

«f nen mmUi timoat tin Koiiinu. 
CALKNTUKE. ik^-pi-tv*) -■ •■ A ii*- 

lnn|iis pvcnliu u mJcr* in bul cQoiMn; 

vhmln ilwj ImaiiM ibo Ma lo b« proi 

CALF, (i^ *. Ik Tba yauKc d( k coy ; ■ 

dolii > nuiHil vntch; (lio tliiek put of 

CALIBLR, (k)l'-^btc) ibi. Tliolonofa 


CALIHKE. (kf-tftbO >•'- Tb* BEoiMira 
iB««ning of Ih* pncnlitm wonli M ipplinl 
10 lh« f^Aolj or comM** ^ niad. 

CALICK,(i4r>U) o-t. SmCmiucx. 

CALICO, (ktl'-D-ko) II.I. A iiitff oixlo oT 

CAUCU-fViiUir. (LtT-a-ta} o.i. TIm ma- 
uirCacfiiirtr o^ nintf ■! Iidcuil 
.CALin, (L{l'-id) n. IIdi. 

ICAUDVLT. (kV-HfXt; •>. >. 
[" tMJTj* hmt ; a ■lo*«. 
CALIF, (W'NO a-V IwoCitira. 
CAUCA'l'ION,(ttl-l»^'-»buo)a.t. Duk- 

CALlGtNOCS,^iflidJc'-a-i)u>a. Olwcnn l 

CALtClKOtrSXESS, ()iflidjn'-*-irD>-tiG>) 

a. L Ihulnn*; obK-uiiiv, 
C:\I.IOKAinilCK, (kartr-mr-ik) 1 
CAUGUAPiry. (l*-lK'-fr»-fB) J "•* 

llnuiKul wriliuij. 
CALtPAXII, (Lql—iwh'l ) n. I. Tnrnt of 
CALIPKK. (ktl-«-[W) ]i-(K>UijlaJjc»- 

ing a lutilit. 
CALmi. (Lf'-llO a-h A tiUa aMomcd by 

ihu luccCHKin of Atabotnct uuon); iha 

CALIPILATE. <Vtl'-».hw] ■.*. 1l« («■ 

T wnoiMit o( Uie cahiih. 
CAMVSR, (kV-f-m) "■>■ A hud-gim; 

% btfqMbuw. 

CALIX, Oi'IiU) B.1. A cup. 

r> CALK. IkfTk) r. «. To Rap tb« iMk* of 

CALKEK, (lifvlfa) u. i. lit wtalioui 

(bkt itoiu tha leaL* of It *L)p. 
CALKIN, (ktr-kjn) n. l A fan prDeiliiRti 

from a hureF-ftboe, to accurc tlic bcinv from 

CALKlNGIRnji.(kiwk'-ioj[.i.Tyi)B.fc A 

cbitFl umJ in cbalktfii a (liiih 
Tf CALL, (k|wl) B. a. To iiaDC ; 10 ■um- 

Bura ) ta couToke ; to nunmaa judldnllv . 

toaudiaiaa by comiDAfid- In the iJiiMflop- 

CkI tattOt To inipiTc iK'ith aritonr^of pipij ; 

to Kfitoke ~, lo apnr^ To ; to nWDe buy 

lldne ih«t in in oinn hondt. 
riCAl.I., (k|wt) ILK. To mop *it]iaDtia> 

l«ntion of afi^rini; ; Id null ■ •hurl tUkf, 

Tt nil *!«<. to iraplorr. 
CALL, (k(<ri} a. J. A vocal addnat nf 

(ommoa*; nquidllou aulbiriUtliD and 

publick ; dittaa Tocnliai ; a ■uminuOB fruia 

BMioD ; auihariPr ; mmnend : a damand i 
I Initramnnl lo caU bait ; ■ niR of pine 
by tlia liMitiwkiD (0 tanunoa ilia 


ulHan i » n»m(nkiian. In faiUanmtU^ 

Lin^uB^v, Au ifujuiry vhat DMmbm w 

n^vnt irilhnut IratD. 
CALI.KK, (k|*r-*t) n.t. Ha vbo mtl*. 
CALLirr. lk«r-l{i) a. 1. A mtll, or *' 

Tt CALLCT, <t4l'-I{t> n. a. To twi i to 

CALUDITV. (k4l.liJ'-dD'tf> a. •. Ciafli 


CALLtGRAPIlY. Sra CiLieiarvT. 
CALUNC, (Liwl'-Uns) a. i. Yocadaa' 

profMaion ; proprr ■laaon of amplajriiii-Di ; 

[]a^ of pmont upitvd by tba aanw im- 

ploYnnil ; dirinc location. 
cAu.ll>i:Ks.<ktr-l».pta)a.i. Conpuxa 

wltl boned ihiiaka. 
CALU>SITV. < ktl-l9i'-*;->f ) "••• A kind 

of fWfUiD^ vlibout pa^ 
CALLOt'S, (k«l'-lpj k lodunladi bar- 

•tinvd; iaanitibleu 
ClL?.UUSN£liS,(^l'.V-Dt>)>>.*. Uwl- 

■in* -, iaaBDiIbffin. 
CALLOW, (kol'-lp) a. UaflnJnd ; oaknl. 
CALLl'S. (.kfl .1^) a. 1. An luduraiioa of 

Ibc librc* ; itie ban) lubKaiua by irbich 

b-'i'kea luuu* an uuiiod. 
CALiM. (ki)ni) •■ Viuct ', MireiMi uodui- 

CALM, (ky)]) n.1. Sfnailyj ipii«|-, tD- 

Tt CALM, (kam) *- a. To atill ; to liactfjr. 
CAI^LY, <iign'-lT) ad. Soimriy ^ witb* 

out laioinnb 
CALUNi:SS,(Lan'-DS*} tk Tnuqaiililj) 

CALMY. fka'-TDi-) a. C«lm. 
CA1.0MKI.,"iJ.,l' n-i.,,.li mfc Mutcuiy aU 

tUlli'B IuMlii'^ .J. 

CAUlltiMlK. ,^l.,l urit'-ik} i. Ilcat- 

CALOri'l:, (kfl-lfl^ B. ■■ A cap or calf, 

Hum aa an ccctcua^rical onutmit in 

CALOYEIIS, dal' Ifo-on) a. i, MonU nf 

thf Grcfk lUuii'li. 
CALTROr, >(k»r-in)li) "■■- An io«™- 
CAI.DIIIUI', \ urDlmadf with foui >{uks^ 

BO \hat vhra tlirown od lliu cnuad oaa of 

tlirni pcinia apricbl. la wound bonn' frvl ; 

■ plant, tbo buU of vbich i* aiuiri «itb 

(itunt pdckln. 
faCALVK, (ki|T) iwii. To btiaii toilli • 

7oCAI,VEB. (kji'-wtt t. a. ToahriDk by 

cqumi;. and not fall to pifrta. 
CALVINLSM, lljl'-TJn-jMn) b. t. Tli* doc- 

Iriat of (.'.tlvin, 
CALVIM>T, (k»l-rio-i.i> fl. I. »<.*h. 

hciMft thf dijt'Tnnv of CaUU' 
C;AI,VIMSTICK.(kfl-tia-yiik) i 

Ui^lalin;; 10 CaJvtnJnn. 
CAI.VliiK. <LD'-ri<d>) s. lik* a talf. 
CALVITY. (kf1-»^<o) a. h luiaarafc 
Tc CALVKSlXtll, '(ki-liiiu'ut-t W> * 

To accuto falHly. 




Ff U, f|t. ^1. C)l ;— ma. m£l j— pioc. pin i— s; , man, 

Ti CAUrXVlATX, (kk^iim'-iUMta) «. a. 

Tft Amlrri 
CALOMNUTIOIf. <kt-tg]iMif^-di|a) ihi. 

AadSdow Mul (Uw MweaeniKiaa. 
^CALUMNIATOR, (kvlvn'-aff-tgr) ■. t. 

■CALltUMATOIlY. (Mu>i>'-»r^<1i^) ■■ 
^B falm ; •ludnoui. 
^ftCALUMMOUS. (t4-Iam'-ii«-tt*>jb Sluulet- 

KcAUJMUV. (ktr-iim-Do) .. •. Slutei 
V falMcWfH. 

CALX, (kflki) n. i. Aaj tiling Uutt i« n>- 
Sliced 1i> poMf* by bomintf, 

CALYCLE. (ktr-o-U) >.•. A anal) bud of 

CAAlAlCir. (k^Mst'-fjo) a. I. A (Kne «i(h 

rarioo* figum and npRMnutunu of Iiod- 

»etft4, (omrd by natora. 
CA!bl|ltS1'. (i,in'bi*() ■. 1. A [MnOD 

tliillnl in pii:1iiiD[n. 
CAMUIXI'. Sbg C*h«lot. 
CAMBIUCK. (lume'-biik) n. i. A Uad ol 

Im NdM. luod (or ralBn*. jcc. 
CAME, (k^nif) Th« [svlaril* of 7b ihm 
CAUF.U <ktin'rl)a.i. AoiaimilTnvwia- 

moa bi Arabia, Jiuloa, >nd (h» ■wi)[)iboiM' 

init conatrlM. 

■CAtu£LOPARD, (L)-iiU!r-lo-iHid)m.i. Aa 
AbVMfauan BoiiDtl, ■luck "hu n licaJ ud 
MM like ■ (unci, »nd U •poUed Uka a 

r AM £LOT, ) (k^M{t) a. >. A MalT nin- 

■ CAMLET. S mJlymatlEotiflkaadcaiiwl'i 
hair, but onw witli w«ol sad allk. 
CAMKKA URSCIIKA, (kani-.f^^UAu'- 
tf ) a. 1. Au a|ilJL-id mncbiaa VHi in • 
darkfiivd tbcmln'i. to tlut tin light COmiDg 
ealjr itinnich a doubla cddipi glMt, abitvU 
im M wprimWd iamiHl niian any 

CAMPAinnATS, (k^-Fftf-s-lfU) 
CanpanUotM ; at Ilia fom of bell*. 

CAMPteTRAL, (kfiD-pii'-tttl) d. Grow 
inf in ddldL 

CAMPlllRE-IWf, (ktM'-tn) ••.•.Am* 
wbicli grain in iha i*le of Baraoo, asd iu 

CAAlriinRATF.. (ktnMlf-cfl*) l«.ln- 
CAlUPIIimATKII. (kfta'-ff If -Ifd) i fMf 

nnli*d «i(h cuiipbirh 
CAMPIMJ. (kunp'->a|) a.*. TloBclaf 

tl-iyuif M foot-biJl. 
N, <kfa) B. I. A cofi. 
n CAN. (kyi) s. a. To te Me, l( m- 



malm pUotd la iJi« feeat of tbo 

CAAIERADE. a.<. SmComk:!!!!. 

reC-lMLKATE, (ktrn'-ei-fu) iv a. To 
rid or TnDli. 

CAMKKAll.t>. (kt<ii'-«(-4.t{d)a. Ard.«d. 

CAMKRA110!!. {k|iB-tr-l'-^eii) n.t. A 
vauliiog or an blue. 

CAMISADU. (kvi>*~««'-dy) n. i. An M- 
tuk mruic by Hl^icn in tbs dark , on 
ivbicb orrAiion tiirj pui Lbcir ihirit out- 
ward, 10 bo *fi?n by n^^h olber. 

CAULE1', (k|m'-li'(r Si.>FCitt(t.or. 

CAMDMILt, (kdiu'-f-oiilr) n.i. A Sonr. 

t'AMP. <ktmfi) n. >■ Thu order of iml*, 
pluni by aniiici vlitn thir ktpn the field. 

r.C.\«H. miiil'l Swill *:»«■»■. 

CAMPAM LA, (k^tn-iifn'-o-lt; n. i. Th« 
I belMowei. 
fCAMPAIUN. <\«ai-p4n*') a.i. A largp, 

opta. level fTouad ; Uui linu bt which an 

armjr k*r|H (b< tcbl. 
T<CA.UI'Al(,N.(kyn-pfiis')i.R. ToterTo 

in a vnininucn. 
CA]>IPA\i>U>GY, (kiia-n-DflVif) n. >. 

'Dit ut lit »ucui£ L*tu. 
CAMPAMHiUM. (ttn-nn'-M-fV™) "■ 

Flovsn in (be iLapo m a bell. 

|>i«au UK jwUnluJ ttiiMd i a*. 1 Ma do it. 
CANAILLE. Ikinle) m. •. Ill lowMl 

prOEila ; Iki! illrgi of thii pcofilt. 
CANAL, (kq-nal') h.$. Aoj inct ottonrw 

oT wnut mado bjr art ; > condnil ihravgh 

whicb any of lli* ]uic«* of iba body tow. 
CANAL-L'UAL.lktD'-04l-kolo>R.(. A Goa 

kind of foal. dug Tjp io Engbuid. 
CANARY, (k^'DV-tf) ■.(. WiD* tmnglil 

fmm Ibr Caiuuin ; nek -, an old danch 
CANARY-BIRD, (M-DH'-if-bt'd) T1.1. An 

vsrallrat tinpnc hlnl. 
TuCAXCI't * n r. o. To croM a 

wrrUniL , - oblilfmu In iranal. 

CANCW.l-'..;--'.^_ia-i5l-l%«d>B. Crow 


CANCELLATION. <h(n-.Bl-l»'-*T>> "■'■ 

An ci|iuD|p]ig of thn couUDtt of an inMi«- 

CANCER. (k^'->!^) n. *. A cnbGdi; ile 

•ign of the ■uiamor aolalSco -, a tmilail 

nmlliiiu. or I'lrp. 
T„ CANCKlUTi:, (k^n'-ajirTV*) "^ ■■ T* 

bccomo a cancer. 
CANCKRATION. (k»n-»M-r»'-tbun) a.i. 

A i^wiiMC canerroUk 
CANCBKOL'S, (ktu'-(Bi-nu) a. Ibving 

lh» ouoUUm of a cancer, 
CANCIiltOL'SNESS, (k^'tG^tga-nta) n. •. 

Ibe <tulfl of boloc canccro>u. 
CANC'RiruRM. (k^ug'.kfefflnn) a. Tbr 

uiiie at Citsrcftaovt- 
CANCKINE. (kfag'-kii^) a Daring tha 

i^ueihiWi of a L'Eabi 
CANUKNT. <kui'-dgu> a. Hot. 
CANUICANT, (k4|a*-df-M«} ■■ Cnraing 

wliitfl. «h)lub. 
CANDID. (k4ii'-4id)a. \Vhit«i ioetaiionti 

Bniere -, frao fionpniudu^Of mdico. 
CANDIUATE, (kyi'-df-d^M) ■.■■ A coa- 

pcQiot i one tbat propoatt binuolf (or ad- 

CAM)lt)LV. (1it)|--did-l«> t»L FaUfi 

01 wilt. 
CANDIllNESS, (k4ii'>dtd4Si> a. >. la- 

TdCAXUlFY. (k,n'-de-(i)».«. Towhiwo. 
CANDLE, (k^n-dl) a.!. A lighit made of 

vai or nllm ; liehi> oi luminaiy. 
CANDLKIIOLDER. (kan'-dl-Leld-v) "- •- 

Ha that holiU iha cndJa. 
CANULKUGIIT. (k^'-dMiW) n, •, Tbo 

HcM of a nuidlr. 
CASuLULAS. (.k^n-dl-mfi) h. t. Tlu 

oyl i— ti;br, tyb, byll ;— giti— pg^ad j— l^b^ lull. 





BAHllLffiTICK. (ktn'dl-Mik) O-b 

hNraiwat 0>ai tioldi nndlea. 
CANDOUR. (kfD'-d^>n.<. bmnoOMiniii; 

ni-rnniH ; Cunisa* n jnJpnf;. 
XrCANDV. <li^'-df) r. •. To ovum** 
wiikuigui urormiou (MtftlMiN*; U 
, iscnui *itl> MnnUiiank 
ttt CAMDY, (I411-1I;) 9. lb To sn* MX 
■ mlvd. 
CANK. (kfiia) »■*■ AMnnwlDiUwiiMdi 
Ik* plm wbich ylaldt H* (ugkt i ft vrtlt- 
TV CANK, (bM) •.a. To twnl trith » cane. 
CANICULA. <k%^>t-lt) -. >. Tbo dog- 

CANICUIAB, (k|-Mk'-«->«i) •>■ Bil«ie- 

iB|; Id the di>g>«tu. 
CAMN£. (ka-^Mi') a. Uttnnc Uw )ito- 

.fcrUfi oft dot 
CAMSI'KR. (W'^^fi) lb •. A aiMll 

Iwkoli a TMM d( lin, «c ia wUdi U>« 

coSm ia laiil op- 
CANKF.R, (kuif-kei) n.t. A wnH tUt 

pern apoa uniu ) ft Ijp that pnfi upsB 

ndwi nwibing itii wnwyf mauiumim ; 

A* nM M »toii» i (■ wttng ot oaaiMttg 

bamDOT : coiTMiaa ; nnlnua ; ■ ducau 

in inHL 
XiCANKKR. (LyiK'^ttr) >. n. To gn* 

romipt ; (a dmj br conowon. 
X>CAKii£ll.<M>>ic'-ltr) '.a. Taoimpl; 

•ocumd* ; lo mfart ; la iiollutr. 
CANKRRSn'. (k(oi['-)iiT-l>it) ftn 

fa iriih ID coTfwinMj looit. 
CANKEHKD. <^ui.''-Lenl> a. Cnbbodi 

(inriTil ; niixw* 10 Wbi|»i. 
CANKK)«n<.«. <^D^-kf^v) a. Comd- 

iDE like > (Kakor. 
CANNAKINE. (k(a' nt-hioft) •• Hcmpm. 
CA^NIBAI., (l4a'-u»-b|l) a.*. A min- 

CANMUALISM, (k«D'-DO-t^-iiia) a. 1. 

Thn |iioii«nii>* M a tamtlbal. 
CAN NUN. (kfn'-ofn) n. i. A gnM pm 

lot liaitcFjr. 
CAXNUN-SlUyl. (kflo'-nfla..V) S Wl* 

wl]E<:li uv •hi>l fn>m i^TAic ffUnib 
CANNONI'IIOOF, {^kt[>'-"«a-|>raoO "■ *• 

T»CANNUNAD>:,rk4n-iifa-nt(la^ha. T» 

hann or lUUirk wiib gnat GUiW' 
CANNUNADE, (baa-n^-nnda') n. >. An 

uiAfk ni bntipTiag b; cannon. 
CAX.VdNKF.ll, (Cfn-ova-iuur') n.t. TU 

•ncloi'i thiii muana lb* cannon. 
CAXSOV, Ik^a'-afii bo. A vMd com- 

Mmdad or ain ui J mX, dmIde InabUkj. 
CANOE, (kfu-oua) n. •. AlnMBialthy 

oMtine lu [rank of i ine into a boUow 

CANON, (k^n'-on) n. k Atul<.-:aU«. 

ibe laws made bv (oclcuuiicnl lonncili ; 

tb* rw>i<r*l book! of Holy Snipluce , ± 

d%iuui7 in catbsdnl oliotclwa. Conm* 

I pv).a. Bit- 


(^ncni Sinildr. Such a* vara pUcad in col- 
Icpau cfaiodioa. A* lulBuncat oMd ia 
•ixxinc w««aad> 1 a laige mM ot prioting 
iMUb In Kuwk, Tbo aama of a ceapo- 

■iliao, in wtucb lb» puni (olloir eaeb othrr. 
CASOXi'^. <kvi'-vn-iif>> .li. U ti«j«li 

cDuDihr*. vonivTi bna^ ftlkct Iho uaapb ol 

awnlir caaoaa. 
CANONICAL {4-njn'-^Ji^) .. Accotd- 

ia( t» Iho canoia ; ooMCuutinc (b« <wmb | 

trn]u: itkU-ili qdritiul^ teclwtMtital. 
CA.VU\IL'ALLY,<k4Wfj^4f)ad. In 
■ uituuri a4:»Wiblfi u Iha canon. 

CAN<l.\lCALNKSI».(l4-afa>ktl4it*) "■■' 
'ilic LioolilT of b«ne cuiopif aL 

CA\ONICj(LS. 04'>V)'---MU}a.(. Tb« 

fall diau cl a clnynuiB. 
CANOMCATE.(kt4qn'.»JqM)a.l. Tba 

o&so o( a anaii. 
CANOM-^. (kfn'-n^^) fi.t. A nan 

CAA'DNlsrlCK,(ktn'iiT-ap('-^) a. Willi 

tlu kamrlgdM pf a caaoniaL 
CANONtZATTOK, (kywif-n^V'-abiin) n.t 

Tlw ad of daelutiii; maj aaa a aahil ; ilia 

Mala of bnsi; nunud. 
TbCANiiMZb:, {k^'.na-oin)v.a. To do- 

declarr ini mui a aalot. 
CANONRY. (kqn'-^ If) >*.>. A br- 
CANONtlHir. ikfn-no-ahip) i DcAte in 

tamo (alii^ral or oollgntto diuich. 
CAKOPIED, (btB--(-pTd}«. Cwand Willi 

a (aaniy. 
CANOFV. {li)D'-9-pa> n.t. Acorarineof 

•tat* oT*r a (hmiK or hri ; Ihc labtl or 

projacdnfE moaldirir which aummadjl tba 

IiMda of Gcrlliic aivbca. 
ToCANonr. (kfn'-^pf) v. a. To corer 

MiiTi n cnnnpy. 
CAMiRUtS, <kvaf'-f9) a. MniiMl i 


CANOHOUSNBSe, <kt-a9'-i<U4si> «. >. 

CANT, Iktnt) n.1. A c«nupt dialMI; a 

wliinisK pnlaoiion to icoaiarat In aOtcicd 

Ecuma; bypocTttif^ aianuvr of »|WFch J bat- 

barouajnreun ; iluii;. 
To CANT, tkfat) V. n. To talk In IliD jir- 

fon ut janiculu jirofuMlnoi. or in any kind 

of aAMMd laatuijte. 
TaCANT. (Iqnt) A a. To aalt bjr anclios j 

CO bid n piioa at an aoetiaa. 
CANTATA, (Lfn-q'-tf) «.■. A Mint. islDt- 

ndml villi Riciialltaa and air*. 
CANTEFN, (k^a-un') n.i. A vaaMi of tin, 

uMd fcFi cnnylnt u<|Uon lo aitpply uldirTi 

ia canu. 
CAKTATION, (kfn-t('-»hun) -ut. Ilia act 

of ainifiie, 
CANTKB. ^Mn'-w) n. 1. A tam «f k- 

praich te bypooiiea. 
CAnTER. rktn'-ttt> a.h Aa tang^ll}^ 
T. CANl KB, ^kV-lw) '■• ■■ ''" g""'!' 

raaily ui i^tly. 

CANTiiAitiufi:s. (kpi.iV-r'V? "-■■ 

pjuful. SpanUb JUei mod ie loedKlnD lo 
ploduco blitlerh 


Ffto, tu, l^ll, l|<)~m^ mil;— p|d«, pm;— uf, mTrc, 



CAVniVS. (Ifn'-UM) •, 

dtriiiaii •( k po«n ; ■cant*; lb>ia«fD- 
ncnilK ■;{&« lo tko aong of Msmon. 


(k^'-U) M. 1^ A bagmBnt; ■ 

CAKTltll^RS. (kaicii»-If'-tjn> >■'■ In 

ucfaiWctara, A Liud at cornea formed of 
■odiHioQij ptMB* of vood (nnuxl ioM ihc 
6mi or nilM of on bouir, to (luuiu ilw 
■unlriiu mn iE. 
CAN'TINOLY.(kfiil'-iDg-IO«^ laacnt- 


r« CANTLE, (lfn'-i1) v. ». To cut In 

CAKTI.rr. fktDt'-lcc) ■. >. A picM. 
CANTO, (Lia'-io) ». i. A ImA «r wciiai) 

of > piriD i llie iKbla fait of a naMal 

CANTON, (L^D'-OfD) H.i. A aaiBll purol 
of Isul i a unall connaaoiljt or dan. la 
hMaUij. Hu mini t« tlul akicb oocii|iW> 
aaly a oinHT of % ibiald. 

r* CANTON, (kfo'-luD} k a. To dnide 
1du> liitio paru. 

T* CANTOVlZE. a«n''Ii>a'<») «■ «■ To 
ti^n:«i out into nnal] divinon^. 

CANTONM£\T,(k|a'>tnii'Siinc)a.i. Ttat 
ifiiiiwi dimiiaD, vbieb anAn aconpy. 
vtim quaicaad in diAraai fam of a Inwn. 

CANTV, Oid'-m) a. Clwrriali (alkuin. 

CAKVA5K, (ktn^nt)>.i. AUndafllDni 
dolti for nib, aaiatiag cloths, unta ; tfaa 
Bci of liUag v^caa. piaiioiuly lo Totiae. 

T»C\SV\sS. (kfB'-tf.) a. a. Toilft; lo 
cnaino : to drbiue. 

Ti CAW'ASS, (kfa'-T)*) a. a. To aelicii 

CANVASSKR. (kta'-Tf»«t) ■■•. &*«ba 
■oUdta «ol»& 

CANY.<^'•n•) a. Fall of caaei ^ coawi- 
ioc of caaaii 

CAFZONErr. (V^r-oci') a. <. a Utile 

CAP. (kw) R.I. Tba camwat tliat owrm 
Iha biaa ; iha niiiia of tba oaTiUoilatB ; tha 
topmoal Bkft. On nf'Afrwt^n, Apieca«f 
bad IhJ am iL* uuch-liola, lo pnwna 
ika fnu^ Cv^MuinniwMv.OBoof ibo 
NgaliB canlwl iMfwe (ho kiat; u ikc oon- 

r* CAP, (bp) 1. 1. Tfl rattt on tba 100. 

CAP-A-PiE. (Mp^-p;') W. rnw hatd lo 
toot ; all ovn. 

CArrAPCIt, <ktp'-pt-ptO «••■ Aaoitof 

coi»i< b[Dnu«b papei, 

CAPABtL]TY.(l4-p4-l><I'f-tr) fbL Capa- 

CAt'AllLi:.(kf'.H-bl) *. SufEritttl lo con- 
tain : oaduMl vtih lulBdnil iioiaiin ; intti' 
liKmi : intcllMtuallj o>|i»i.'ioui-. aiucoii- 
idi'r : quiKfinl Uu ; vliMut anjp aaiunl 

CAPAU1.£J<KSS, (kt'-p(-U-oo>) ■,). T1i> 
■nlinr (n Mats of Wini; (maU*. 

n CAPACITY, (ifrni'-at-fj) .. a. To 


naronoi of CAPACTOUS. (k«-n'-«^-9t) «. WUai 

ItTf*: ^uoi>*a. 
CAPACIOI.i»LV. <kvp*'-«fea-V-k} ad la 

D arUs (a capBciou* watwMfc 
CAPACIOL-SNGSS. < 14.^' rf>) y. ay) «,>. 


imW (Bpniilv. 
CAPACtlT. (l4-pt»'-»4f) ibib Hiepount 

«( huldioi at coDlalBina; j room ) tfute i 

thii povar of Iba DuiT; powa -, abililf 1 

■tsto ; coadilicB, 
CAPA)UBON.(k4-M>'^iaB>a.i. A oom* 

for a bona, aprawl otct hit fuiuliutn. 

Thf aomrt of holding or firorinw 
TxCAPACITATE. ik«-[ii--f4iU)>.a. 

r«CAPA]tISON, (k4-pti''«~(uo) •'.a. T« 

Aral* in mpatuoiu i co di pu imnpaiulj. 
CAPE, (kfiis) •.!. Iltadlud i prMumioijr i 

the DFck-nic«o of a coat 01 cloak. 
CAPEIt, (kf'-pff) TkL A ka^i a iisaji, 

Captr-^tutiig, Dindag la a frolickaonio 

CAPKH. (kf'^) •>. •. Tla bud or Inaar 

of llie tepa buio, taocli uitil (or jiickla^ 
Ta CAPER, (kf'-pft) iml To dum (raJlck- 

■omaly ; to tiip for nirrrimmt , to danca* 
CAPIAT, (kV-nfu) H.I. lo U*. A ink 

or pmett. of widc^ tlxre aia two kimla : 

the onubpfot* jutlgcmmllolakvtliobody of 

(ko ddioidaDt i acd Ibo odai a writ of*i- 

amtion after judgnnpTit. 
CAPU.I.ACROU£ <ku>-inl-lf'-tli»-<L») «. 

Cajulbi^ ; ta opliLai (or aejr danj- na^ 

blanE hair. 
CAPII-l-AIRf:, (Itp-piMfta') n.b Aay- 

nip riinrii-U ftoD maidsn-balr. 
CAl■lLL.^Ml:NT. (ka-pU'-lt-Biciil) 1.1. In 

boiaoy, ^uuJl tbraadii a faaic* wMcli |niw 

up in ihi- middla of a flonr. 
CAPILLARY, (kin'-jnl-lf-ia) a. Ki-hiii- 

blin^ hjiin ; amul : isiautii: iip|iU<ul 10 llin 

«ati«aM nndfli'Atloui of ilm anenca and 

olber TtMtIa of tLc ludy. 

CAPUXAKY. (kw ■pil'*'!) ■■'• 
tuba; oraaDuiilblood t«m>J, 

CAFIIXATION. (kvp-pit-V-ali^) a-i. Aa 
dttianiD tanufitatioD oi Toaali. 

CAPITAL, (bt|^-n-«t') •^ RrlaliDs lo the 
haad ; criminal to a dapf# affr^tin^ tlw 
life ; djitff , pfiactpal i Bkdcopalilaa i ap- 
plied (o tba law lotun. inch a* ara wiJt- 
ua ai ilia bnUDitig* at boada of bo^a ) 
CffiJM tUek4 IBo priiicual ot otJclaai ■tat'k 
of a nadoT, «r mnpanjr. 

CAPITAL, (kw'-a-^l) a-i. Tba uppartnri 
of a plUar ; tba ihttf dty of a nalioo ; Iha 
■toa or fnnil vliiili n tndol anifdoy* 10 
commerce : a Uu^e itttct. 

CAPlTAU»"l'.<k4p'-<-iBliat) ibh II«»ba 
t> n caplal md. 


cApITAI.I,Y.(ktp'-fl)I^) o^ laacapi- 

tal mnnnFT. 
CAPITAIiON. Ony^^''^) o. 1. NV 

■nraaliuti by hvndt ; nuacioa a) each iodi- 

CAPII'i':. (k||^.Ma) a. (. A Msnia wUcb 

boldalb liniuMiawlr of tbo kitig. 
CAPITOL. (k4p'-^-tv1) n. >. ifo t«npla of 

JapiUi CapilollBut u llama. 

Ofii— ifbr, lib. bqll;— fjli— pffudj— iMa, Tkli. 



CAfTTUI^Ut. (M-pii'-^'V) *. 1. lint 
■MtMaefftchkpttt; » nuobM of ■ cbop- 

llw fatm of an occlcu&nicu Aaput, 
CAPITULAEY, (Itipii-B-li-rr) -. Kf- 

hUDB In tka cliulM of > othnltaL 
To CAPITULATE. (ln-pit'-B-lai.) .. •. 

To dn* np in hrnda; ornniclM; to coo- 

CAPn ItLATlON, (M-pii-u-lV-'lToii) •.». 

SCipuUlioo p nilucUon aito boiiJji. 
CAPIIUI-ATOK. (Li-p^f-a-li-tBT) n. *. 

I]« oho capituIklM. 
CAPlritl.K, (k|p'-B-tvl«) *■*' Anmmuy. 
t:APlVl-rHl>:, (ifpe'-n-UBa) it.1. Tlio 

Cop«b> > a OM wUd'lni'niD I^B Sjiuiih 

WoM [a^M. ylekUag a balum. 
CAPNOMANCV, (bip'-ny-m^-K) n, ^ 

Di'viaacton hy Uie Oyioi; ofimokr- 
CAPON, (kf'pn) n. I. A cntlTiiMil Mck. 
CAI-OSNItHE. (Ii,pi»n -jfre'J ■■ *■ '" 

farEiAuuon. A coTrml ioiliiminil. of abooi 

four at fin feel broul, mcouputtJ with ■ 

CAPOT, (k)-)^) U wlxn ma puij 

wbii %a ihd itidu of (Olds at iha (uns of 


CAPULCH. <kf'P9v>>l'') "■<■ A nvonk't 

CAI'BKOLATE. (U-prc' o-lfic) a. A urm 
appUnd to iufIi plaoU ■» lutn. viad. anil 
ccMp along tlic {toubiI. by mcaiu ot that 

CAPBlCEv (k)-pifMa') ■.•. Fraak ; bacfi 

CAPIUCIOVS. (kfl-prith'-p*) «. WMmai. 

caj 1 fonahlL 
CAPRICIOUSLy, (k*-piiJ.'-n».^) oA 

CAPRICEOtSXESS. (k«firiali'-^n)^) n. i. 

Caprice -. wliimncalnnt. 
CAPRlCCIO. ikci-rf-ulHt.f') n.1. In nra- 

■ick. A Isow iri>i;ulai iixviM at cocBjioti- 

CAPRlrrciOSO, (ki-pi^-ttho^'-io) U ma- 

•i(k. A iprni tn *ftytn* iTiat tho Du>T«m«Qt 

i* lo ti» plii>til in X fontiutick tm Mjl*. 
CAPRIi:<m>J, (ktp'.pm kfltn) On* ot tlw 

nen» of tlir ifjclinr ^ ua wintpr Baiiticr. 

A mriliod of npcoing tha fruiu of fiu-ireM. 
CAPHIOLt, (ktp'-tFole) -. I. (VWm 

■FT leap* (ocn la ■ Kotio makn in oae and 

the Mine plan, ■rithout admacieg la- 

CAPiLtCUM, (Ltp'-af-kifm) *.i. A enioea 

CARTAS, (kt[^-*'V) "• " A e^Iiodn, to 

viad op any gi*ti vtighl. 
CAFStJLI':,(k9P'.*Dle)n.a A coll io plant* 

(or tb* rt«ipticai of tetdt. 
CAV^VLKR, (Itp'-mlv) )•>• llolloo 
CAPSUI.AItV. (k4p'->f-lt-n>) { likendiMt. 
CAPSn.Art; (kj)p'-*u-l^') ) a. la- 
CAPSIXATKU, (k4p'-iv-l<)-tcd) ) elowd 

oi in B liiii. 
CAPTAIN, (kip'.tfnc) M.I. A cbiiif (on- 


nksto; fttcMoTafaavBDmbn'of i 

ao»BikUlnl b war; Uw comnuiuhu' of a 

ccnpai^ la a nfimtnt; tha diicf dobi- 

nandet oT a aUp; CafUin Oa^nl. The 

mnmandcr in chief. 
CAPrAI\RV,[ktp'-t4ii-ra)>i.<, Thnchi«f- 

CAlTAm91IIP.(kM.'.lVi«hipl a... TLa 

|Kwi of a cbief (anunander ; the pui of a 

aiPIATION. (k^p-n'-Aflo) a. I. Court- 

lUip : llatiaiT. 
CAITION, (k,p'^lmn) a. t. In law, Tho 

act of lakifli anji pmon bj o judicial pio- 

CAPn0US.(k«p'-*Iw-n*)a. tiivmtonvibi 

inuilloiii 1 cnnianni. 
CAPTlOUitLr, (k|[7-*ha.q>-la> a<f. In n 

capiioui nmaaiv, 
CAPriOliS\ESS.(L4p-.>heu'a»)«.fc Ib- 

(Knalion li> hnd tiulu 
Tu lAITlVATE. (ktp'tf-rfta) r. ». T« 

Iiik« prinocr ; to churoi ; to cntlaTe. 

CAl>riV.lT10N'.(ktt'-^^'-*l'Vn)"->- The 

act of lakine obf rapciTc. 
CAirnVK. lk»i.-li.) n. t On» taXm in 

war ; one chftimnd bj bmuly. 
CAITIVI-;. (k(i.'ti*) a. MnJapiJwniT. 

cAPrmry. (k»p-i.»'-r-ici «. i, Suhjer. 

bon by tho fnto of wai ; bonilaKo , •Inwrj. 
CAPTOB, (kvp'tur) n. t. He that lakoi ■ 

imionet or a pfiiia, 
CAPl'URE, (kfp'-tmc) n, $, TU acl «f 

(akinv my thine ; Uie (Ling laken i a priiD. 
To CAPrt'ltE, (Itp'-riup) r. a. To take lU 

a jirtie. 
CAPUCKIN, rL|p-f4ti«n') a. t. A r«miile 

tarmeat, conaiitina of a cloak aud baa>l ; 

a pigwa nfaoca head ii cototmI «nl& 

CAPUCHIN. (Iqp-n-ilieim'l n.i. Fmni tho 

mpiwfcm. or to*!, wiib whirh iWif tr>»i»rtd 

tbdrheaiU^ oneof Uin urdvi of i>L Knni'is. 
CAR, (kgii n. a A nnall carriif* of bur- 

dfD ; a (Aaniot of war, or triumph. Tbo 

Charln's-wain, nr Bnr ; a ccnAellMion. 
CAIUBINK. (k(r'-i*in) (». •. A unutl 
CARRIS'F. CltfrvhiDr) t anrt of Gro-arm, 

hfioiun >}:<' {liiiol and Iha muikcL 
CAKAIIIN I:KH. (kfr-4-)>>''-0"'> . "■ «- A 

•ud of tigbi hunr cnnyiog ciiahiDC& 
CARACK. (kfi'tk) n.1. A lirgc ihip of 

CARACOLE, (kf^-^-kflc) a. «. An oblutue 

tread of a botve. 

To CARACOLE, <k4i'-|-fcf1*) 0.0. Tomora 

in rancolca. 
CAR.\r. (kfr'-ai) >«.■. A<^ihtofbat 

rARAcr.(k»r'-»ktl t e^o*- 

CARAVAN, (kji-VV') "■ *■ * '^P "' 
menliaau Oi pilgrinit. a* they linnrt ia iho 

CARAVANSARY. 0-4r.v»»B'-t«-w> "■ «■ 
A houn built in iht ooteni rounlhnt for 


CAKAWAV, (kfi'.f-va) a, i. A tjnM 

CARIIOS, (kir'-bipi) «.!. In chamlwry. -i 


Palo, In. (i)ll, t|ti^4n;, melj— p^nt. pin;~-«o, mare. 


trnj/h body, block, taavtotu. imi Wfcilc i 

omfewd boiD Twioua lubiUDf ri. );rncnl>j 

I* tohnlhiDG tbeir othn (unslituHil |«n*. 
CAHBUNACEOUW, (Lnc-H-Di'-thr a*; .. 

Ceutuiiag Cuban. 
C4RaONM>0, (haNbi^«%'.(l9> n. 1. <tlMt 

CM acfOM, 10 ha braOad upoo llig coali. 
bCARBONADO, (ky-bo-u'-do) •.•■ To 

Itoil apm tha eokla. 
CAJtBOKlCK, (kii-bgii'-ik) a. Rduing to 


URBUNCLE, (kn'-bvig-U) n. >. A 
JnnI *luoing at a» dnk i ■ nnad. iari, 
ud ptuiTul tumenr, vtiwh toaa luuniS)*. 

CARBUNCL£D, (ky'-tmne-kl'l) »' >^ 
vtah (ubaneleii apAUM > •ielonaad nitli 

CAHUUNCULAR. rUi'bgiiE-.ka-l(t) a. 

CAKIIUNCUUTION. (kar-biidg-ka-lq'- 

■biin) •■. 1. The blubog of joung bud* et 

tm« oi nluita- 
CAI{C.\N>T. (kkt'JL4-Dt!i> «■•• A cluln 

M coUot of W*«li> 
CAKCA.<<i^, (k^-k)!) 1.1. A Ami bodfor 

■By ininia] : body, in a ladiamia atoM ; 

Itic d«G(]i«d paiu of anj tliuic i Iha main 

paria. nakad. vicbout eoBfluion. laguu- 
MTT, A kind of bomb. 
CAIttELAUt; (Mlf'■«^l*i*) «■ t. Vataa 

CAIUXRAL, <h{i'4^(|l} a. BakniJBf U 

tCAft<'I\OMA. (kft-at-nf'-int) n. t. A 
lunicular ulcat i bIm ■ diutdcr in the 
iiotny mat of tbn on. 
CAKCIAOMATOUS, (ktr.*»-iif'-i>>t-<9a> •>■ 

CAHD, (kvd) ■>■ i- ri«ci of nuleboud of 
an oblong form, mulird viib Inut diflcnni 

■ Igm** or lait*. UKd in ulayinK varioua 
ganiM -, kba iaitiunrnt oitli wbicb wool ia 
esnibcd. Cinl if lA* cdRyiat. ilia dicnlar 
(opar on «biclk Ui* foinu of tba com|^a«a 


r« CAHn. (,k|id^ li. 0. To oonb ; to ndogia 

utttiin ; 10 diwatugla. 
TV CAHD, (knrd) (^ n. Ts gam*. 
CARU.TAULt;, (kud'-u-bl> >(.(. TbotaUe 

auiiropriatad M ihMS wlii> pUy al cnriU. 
CAJUJAMIXE. (kw'-<l«-ittiMi) n.1. Ituj 

vita! Iiulv's-iiuock. 

CAJtUAM'uMLM, <kDr'-<l4-'oo>n) "• •■ A 
nediciDikl wsd. uf ibu aroniuick kind, 
bFOiigbl frciiD Uh tjul Indkf*. 

CARDt^H. fk^'-n) n.1. Udu tlial cud* 
wool ; rmd that playa much ai ouJ*. 
^ CARDIACAL, <ku.rf('-i.k»l) > - ,, , 

■ CAUUIACK. (kV-<l'VJ i" '^'"^'^■ 

■ I'AltUIAUiV. <kii'-d;-tl-iv) Q. t. I^c 
^B brart-bucs. 

■ CAaDlNAI,|W.din-al>n.>. T1ieb%b»t 
r^ djgnitaiy in tba RoBuih cbureh neii lo ilia 

Hp» I tbt DiBM of ■ uToniBn'a daak. red oi 
•ea»t. nch u cardinal* *aai< 
CABOLVAL. (kar''d>u-tl) u. Chivf : prin- 
cipal. Ciin/inil iiir<FU>,Oi«fourrirniH. pru- 
doBM. leoipBaacc, jiudco and faititud«. 


Catji^ fdtu, da bat pteeipd dityoo* 

of (ha fcaciaaa. Mftb, unlb. ^dl, «bii, 

Canlmtt HiinWrt. nuk ■■ n ipm a llio nuin> 

bm of thiogik aa ana, two, iloar, ttc in 

(liMinnioo tion tbo ardnat AnL (acODd. 

(blnl. fie. 
CAItUl.\AU\ t K, (kv'-dui-al-^) t 
CAHUl-\ALSim'.(ki('Jip-(l.ahji.> J ■■ •■ 

Iba oSicp of > ca/duaL 
T.>CAKl)iNALUf:, (k|i'-dia-^-iio) a. a. 

To miko a, caMinid. 

cvrto, aa caUad boat lU Tomttblanca W » 

CAIIUIIAKKR. (kaid'-mf-kft) a. •, A 

ntuLi-r of Ciirdt, 
C.kltU.M.M-t:il.(kdid'-iPfak) >■.•. A match 

BiaJe l>j dipliioi; plots* of card in malted 

CAHK.(k4») n.1. Soliciludel cautioai te- 

i;anl ; w objf Et ol cai*. 
TtCAKt:, (kur) 1. n. To b« aiiiieHa ; 10 

ba uuliuad ; to be aflcctod nilb, 
CARE^CIIAUID. (ktrs'-kifU) a. Bnfccu 

7^CAR££A.(k4.|«M'>iva TolajrBMawl 

mx (luir Hilv, iB ndct i* f«G( or Irim tho 

OtllCT u'd*. 

tIAKLl.R, (kg-K^) ihik Tho graund on 
*'Li{U n ru0 t> roa ; a UHitwt^ a caca; 
bi^Iit of Kq^il : loutto of actioo, 

TdCAKKKlt. m-ffvi*) nib Toruwlib 

mlfi niocioD. 
CAlUlt'l 1., (kfia'-f^n a. AanoiM; ptori- 

dani i waickful ; Kibiect to panuituoank 
CAIU:i''L'Ll.y,(huv'-fvl-lc) a. JDamau- 

ner ihiu tbovvou*; lioodfullyt foati- 

d'nlly ; cauLinujily. 
CARCtULMliiS. ikaia'-fyl-nM) a-t. Visl> 

CAUJvLt^i <kf)I(''-le>) a. )la<iagnocsra ; 

cbMtfuJ ; undisiiubcd 1 unbBrilinf i tboughl- 

Iru-, unmotud by. 
CAKKLKSSLY, <k4n'-lga-tt> oJ. Ntgli- 

CAHKLKSSNESS, (kai^-lgMS*) ■■•■ HaaJ- 


Ta CARESS. (kf-riiO «• a. To «odaH ; <o 

CARtSS, iy^-iffT) n-t. An icl of andtw- 

CA RhT, (k;;'4«l) a. i. A nolo wUcfa *b«w* 

•nbria wnwUiing inladiiud (bould bo t«ad. 
CAUUU. (kar'-ff) a. i. Jlw lading of a 

CA ItlCATVRK. (kfrc-kftvn') a. i. Ad- 

diculoiu rrprrnrotailDn of a penoa 01 tir- 

cumttJUL ' !i uof ruemblkocD 1 an 

ToCAHICAi '■ l,i-r»-kvlflfe')ii.ii, 

CARICATCIUST. (k»'-r^k(-tv'-r!«> 

ilo who laniBiuna imrvoni ot ihitigt. 
CAH!COli»r«jnni(f. (k^t-r«.ku.) N.1 

■selling in tba fonn of a fig. 
CAHIK^i. (kf'-».M) bi. TbM Toitannsa* 

*hicb i* pocoliu to a bono. 
CAJtLNA'lXU. (k4i'.((44.iad} •■ A ten 



Oft :— tub*, tf b, b^l j— ^ >— PW"' i—Uln, Tnii. 



•onU Ut Imtm, Ih* lacks oT •Ueli i» 
iMtto lb* hMl of ■•»!.. 

CAiuuarrv, (k^-t*- v^-e-te) <>. >. hmm- 

CAHIOI'S. (kt'-rt-q») a. KMta. 
CAHK. (Uik) i>.>. Cstn; tuurtr- 
r*CAKK. <k>ik) «.n. TabDCuvAil. 
CARKINU, (Luk'->n{) m.K Cmiti tiuiiHJ. 
t,\HlX. (LuO >■>■ A iMia, niiU, r«ug(i, 

linMl mui. 
CARLE. <ksil} -.i. A iind of honp. 
CARLl.VG»:(Icr'-lmp) -.h 'nmlxra ot ■ 

Ap*D will A (ht l*d(B* rs>t. Bad the phnLi 

oT ik« dnk in mnde bx. 
CARI.ISll. (kur^) a. Chuiliib; mclc. 
CARi.l:>llNE8i,(k^^iI>-Qt») n.!. diiu- 

CAnaiAN, (kti'-mfn) n. t. A vu wLa 

■IHtm on. (I.AI-1IIH.IIW) n.*. A (rni 

uf Uic DrJrr of UoQDl CumtL 
CAKMlFt.ATlVK. (lu^mul'■^t) *.•. S* 

callad, u biT[ii| tk* pm«c o( a ehun. 

Blc^li-tim (o dlap*! wiail. 
CAKMIM:. (Lu'-iuiiie) n. >. A brighl rod 

or i.TiTik»on colcniri DaeJ lit polmcn. 
CAHNAUK. (k«i'-i4ia) a. •. Sbnchut; 

tc^-j 4 bf IWfb. 
CAUSAL. (kdr-Dfl) ■. l-|nhl;t ncKipiri- 

ttal, I'ulinl. 
CAKNAI^AnKDED, (kir'i>«li<i(nd'.«d} t. 

CAm<Al.-Ml.\l>l':nN}SS. (kjii'tiflinjnd- 
cd-au) *.i. (IroHiitatDf nuad. 

CAHMaLUT, (koi'-iitl-ui) >k I. Udd pxn 

CAHNiUfy, (kaM4r-«.tt)»i^ }1nhly 
laM; gTomiou ofmliuL 

T)<C\HNAI.lZ£.(kac'-Btl-iv)r.>- T« d»- 

hue Id fuoaJlljr. 
CAKN.UXV, (ku'-D(T-U) od. Aaaa^if 

to the SMh , htudlnouiily. 
CARNATION. (kMnV-«bwi) n. j. T^ 

nunip of die nalunl Bcib rolnut j lbs oani* 

of a dowvr. 
CARM-:L10N.(kar-ofli]'-}«n) n.1. A pi»- 

doiu tun*, uon coniiBDiiljr wrincn and 

[iranaunrad Cannon. 
CAIt4\tX>ltS. (fcu'-of-u) a. Fleihy. 
CARNKY. li^-o^n. ,. A dl.^ la 

btuwi, wlwiaiii Ihnt mtnith* kKOmo w lot- 

Tcid llist tlirr iMiuuot rot. 
CAKMlFK'AnuN. <kw'-n»-ffkt'-iKnn} 

a. u TLt milBg o(, « niauiK to. Rmh. 

rsCARMFV. (kg('-M'(l) *•■>■ Tolirwd 

CARNIVAL, (ky'-w-Tfl) a.i. Thobiit 

bold 1b (he pMiiui MMimrin bcfiin Lent. 

CAKXlVUR()Cs,(kar-c<>'-tf-Ty)«, Flc^- 

CAKNUSITV. (lu-iif>''>f-t[) a.!. Flaky 

CAIINULS. <k9r:«u*) a. FImIiv. 
CAKut.. |k)'-rfl> n. 1. A uof of joy and 

cntiaiioa ; a tatf gf dnotioa ; a (oog ia 


nCAROU (kV-iVl) r. a. To doc, to 


n. CAROL, <k|'-ifl) I. a. To caltbnto I 

CAKOrn), (b|-r/-U) «. A (imi at^iUol' 
(o iliB iwD fawdpal artonM wlucli «aitvy 
t'.- '■'. ■' 'n th« hnul. 

< m-iW'-f)) "■ b A KaMirid. 

' I. <k4-ivf/> a, a. Todnahi 

r<cJ(uoUSC. (kf-ivfif) »'•.*' To diiak 

CAHOlSi:. (k|-nvi'> a. a. A drukioe 

mttcb t a bouiy ODas of Uuuin. 
CAROi;£ER,(kfii{«'.agt)a.i. A drinkta. 
CARP. (kfip> ■»•• Apcadfab. 
Jg CAHr, {kVP) *^ 1^ ^ CdUWO i ID 

CAKP>jn'ER. <kji'-mn-(;r} n. i. Aa nt^ 

iiliiri ia vood ; a tniildet at bouan and 

aiRPKKTRY. (kjo'-pga-Uf) n. i. Tbo 

Uado or ati ot a canwBW t . 
CARI'KR. (ku'-|>Bt) ».(. Aentttw. 
CAItPtT, (kjr'-Ml) a. 1. A oewiu (or 

the llDar, urnutht litbnt witb tb« nUMlle ut 

in tbo loom. Ti" lit tfi tti€ urpMi b to ba 

Uko lubjHt of ifntiJeraiiOD- 
TbCARl'£l',(k«i'-KtJt.a. Ta(|inadinlb 

CARpfTlSO. (kii-.itt-ini)*.!. Tb««lMJi 
wbn*wiik aa^» arc luuilv. 

CARPING. (kar-sja^J |un. ri. Ci{ni«iu; 

CARrlNG. (kar'-i>Ia() a. i. Caril( era- 
aura i abnu'. 

CAKl'llS, (kg^-piu) n. t. Tk« vrl*t. 

CAURAT. >wCig*T. 


CAKUIAIil.l;.(kai'-rn.t-bl)<i. Capalln of 

CAUDAmi. (k^i'-tjitje) n. b Tbn an of 
CUtjfag ; a Trbicli -. tbn Audi? ujwa vbicli 
MBBui u LUiiud -. Iwbatiour i coaduoi , 

CARRIER, <ku'-ifn> <t. k Onn wlo 
caniea; ODn •> boar lead r ia to cany (ooda i 
Ike name of a fpaeioa ol picaoiia wbo fly 
iriih IpUmi tird U (bale natkt, «Ucb tbcy 
tarry to ilie (ilnco wb«n Ui«y wan bisd, 
bowvTri rvtaun^ 

CARRIUN, (ktZ-n-im) it. i. 1'bs cokub 
of aaaivduni; not [iia|)ei for food i fleab •> 
coiTupud u nul Lo Iw fit foi food. 

CARRIUN, (kft'-i^-un) a. tUlatian to ot 
faodlng u|>OB ranaaa. 

CAKKUNAnE,(L4r'-ifn-^) n.1. A ri-ij 
•bote fattv of iron onlaaiiot. oiitpually 
mulo at Cutou in Skviikiid. 

CARRUr.(,iit'-r^l> a.!. An avulrnt rooi. 

CARKOl'Y. (.k|/-r^-f ) tt-a. S|Mk*D of nd 
bait ; in totour libit cMrOU. 

CAUROWS, (k»Arnw) o. i, A aott of iii 
ncnnta in Irvluid!, Ibol wtiidci u)> and 
down Id gnnilanf** huuava, knag caiy 
upnn (udi and di(«. 

Tv CARRY. (k«r'->f ) >. a. To (onr^ ftetn 
a idacoi to ttxna^att; lo Ivar; la bB*« 
about ODO : to take ; to bav* wiib aoa ; la 
CDCitvy by (dro; to eiTett lay ibini ; U 

fata, &r, ^, f^t !-»>f . ngt i— piae, pin>— 119, iiib»o. 


KHB bi onnptciilon, >*,to aarjm [lohil; tn 
pin sflBC tattDutn i to maiuqp -, lu nant- 
te* , ta bduTc ; b> conduL't ; to bring r«i- 
•TUil ; to sfga I to eonuin ; to li*Te ui- 
DBicd ; U aupport Ta (orry am)-. In 
BatJ 'l"ir"'fT To loose. To tarry mi, To 
COodnoe ; tn pnMeculF. Tr tarry Ikmigli, 
To Mtomnlwli. 

nCAKKV. (kv'-l) '■"- Ti>(Da*«Tila 
tnufffott. A f Jmuv from i^mmery i>i iz> 
' d^ i <■•. ihu oaoan tarrM «bIL 

CART, {kut) B. I. A (Utia|[* in |*nenl ; 
Kvfcaal caffiogs, omJ for lugnM ; a loull 
ewtkgo villi CKo wbceb, oMd bjr hwbaiul- 

nCART, (kgn) •■«. TV) canj or place b 

a cktt. 
r«CART. Oqrt) *. n. T« wo cam for 

CART^6ll<lF.. (kpi'-IifrM) ■.(, AbotM 

fil urtly far llir cwt- 
CART-U).U>, (Luf-loJo) fi.1. Aqiuodlj 

mffli-inil lu loiuTa out. 
CART-RUPE, (katt'-mo) <>■>■ A Mnng 

mJ luad lo fiuMo tbii load ou ibe tairinrr. 
CAItT-WAY. (k«rt'-n) h-i. A »i; ilin>iu,-li 

wfaidi > mriap mjr couf rsiradjr lixul. 
CARTAOK. (kgn'-tJB) ii.f. Th* oBipkj- 

maat of • caM i ibo cliaqte fat fafdn*. 
CARTE ULANCIIE. (Lut-b]«<itli') -.1. A 

blank paper M bo (tleiTuii wlib lucli con- 

diliaiu u Ilia psnoa in vbom tt ii »«■ 

DBiika tfopvf* 
CABTEL, Ocf^ijO n.u A vniin^ cod- 

taiaiDj iiipuluuiM bonrcrn «nigaiM; a 

ItfltM of dtJiaDO* i a dialleop W a Ju*l ; a 

•lup RnniiiiMioDtd lo ucbaagc ilit pliMn- 

•n of htmlils poiraa. 
TdCARTEU (W-iBl) ».n. Tad*^. 
CARTER, (k|r<^> •>. t. Tkis mnn who 

diivFB a <atl. 
CARTf£IAK, (kvtv-iLn'-tD) «. HdKiSK 

to lliv nhiloM))!); of Ua CWin, 
CARTUitAN. (4r-lf'-ibp-tD) ii.a. A fol- 

lomt at UiB CaitNiw liliiliuoi-ti 
rARTllUaiAN, (k^.ili- ■ 
monk (4 Ihe Chuunii, 

1) n. ■■ 

CAKTIIUSIAN', (ka('IH'-ilit'V>) ■- R*- 

IstiDg U (he ordoi of nonU M ciJI»l ; • 

aanM for ■nlimoD)'. 
CARTILAGE, (k!/-u-1uf) n.i. A hdooiIi 

and aotid liailv, tahm than • boar, faiii 

tanlfr tlun a iicamMt. 
CAHriIj\CIMa)lIS, (ket'-io-l«-jtti'.}^) ) 
CARTI1.A(;1NUV& (Lp-u-MjoCcai^) J 

CARTOON, (IsMoui') a. I. A tlcUli ; a 

puntiiiK 01 liiaidiit upon laigc {•Mr. 
CAKTilCoi, (kji-uwuh'} a.!. A mu of 

■raod (in roundViur natUa, and holiUng 

muktt (i>IU,£ic ud llml out ut a morui ; 

a porUblaboi for raiuldgn; a coll adorn- 

inii Ills <orriKBCira irillaj. 
CAKniACI", » [k^/oidje) 1.1. A cajo 
CAR'l IllUUF^ \ of iu>p«i liltfd <nili gun- 

powrlpi. uwd in rtwtjpti); gmil. 
CARTKIT. lkin'-^)<i.L IbatiwVaadv 

hj a can wli(«l. 


CARTDLARY. (tei'-lB-l).ir) a. t. A l«- 
BtBWr; arecoMi an M<ltMMical eAM, 
who bM (Iw nuo of tbr rtvonU, 

CA1tTWRlGnT,<ki^-i>T(} h.1. fi ttaktr 
of cam. 

To CARVE. (k||n) n a. To cul bmim tetn 
clct^ul briDi i 10 tui iubU at the OblB i 
lA nuk« ao} thmg I7 taning ot nattog ; 
to cut i to no*. 

nCARVK, (kwr) (UR. To cxndM tb« 
tradoof aienlptori upwforai ihoofic«oF 
ojiElnjE laoat Bit tabloi 

CARVKR, (W'-Tsi) 11.4. A Bculptw i b« 
thai cut* np uio neat al the utile. 

CARVING, (kfti-.trnj) n.i, ScnlniufB. 

CARUXCLF.. (W-qng-U) K. t, A anafl 
toolKliunaoii of Spgh. 

CAKL'XCVLATKD, (ktM|0g' •. 
I Iminie a piocubcnnco. 

CARVATrJt. (kji.»-*'.o>i) )B.i. la 

CARYATIDES, <U-tB-}i'-id<ai} ] atckl- 
(Bdote. Ad ordei ot' celunii* 01 plkutn* 
under tbe Gguro ol women. drefw4 la 
long rolHM, •snisi; la lupjioit ^labliuum. 
i'nua Cirya, a ciljr takra hj Uic Urrekt. 
who tml Mxity th* wonirn caixii** ; and. to 
pnp«liw(« iMif bLbsi*. rffpcr^foUil tlKrm 
u buUdJnp •• dUitjit^ «ilh hiudmt. 

CASCADE. (kti-kfdB')n. I. Acataiactia 

CASK, (kfM) >•.■. A boji ; a thnath ; tbe 
roTBi or akin of aa animal 1 the ounr fan 
et a buildiOK. 

CASE, (ki)H) a. •■ Coodilion ; (tale of 
tiling* ; luue of the bodjr i coMisgtnoe • 
poBBible wrmt ; qiwaliun tvlatiag ta pai- 
licnlai pntiniB oribiDgi 1 rrprFinimioa of 
nnjr fact or futAM. In medicinr. IliMinj 
Df a diBBUe, to law, StMonunii of ■ Irgal 
ijuwioa. At^m ut lln mm, Aa action la 
niltd liMaiuo the nhole ciM ii ml doiru 
111 tbii wiii. In gtanmar, llw vaiiation of 


Ttf C.ASt^ l^f) '■• "• To put Ib a tnat , 
to eorer an a (km*: to emor on the out- 
Mo «Uli maleiial* dilbnut ftioo iho iu 

TbCASEnARDEN, rk^-het'dn)B.a. Ti> 
burden on Ibv otit>4de. 

CASIC-KMFK, (LW-BJrp) n. 1. A lari^a 
UuliMi kolfo- 

CASE^UOT, (kfae'-ibfl) n.<. BuUeu In- 
cloecd Id a cbms. 

CASEUATt:, (kqfo'-n^to) h.*. In foniri- 
CMian, A (ubterraocixu or coirrnl enb- 
wtiA; Iba mfl wiib ita mnenl aubm- 
nnaoaa btaacbn, duK in ibefnuagB at ilio 

CASE.MKNT. (k5>F'-in|^t> ii,i. A window 
oponing a|Mn hingei. 

CA&EOUis, (hV-Af^) t. Rnnnbliiiii 


CASERN, (kj'-atm) ■■•. A nan or lodgu- 
nivnt betwveii Ih* nmpnn and (ba bouaea 
of fimilird loiini»,D« lodginp hit lliawllUola 
of tbe carrwm. 

CA&II, (kf>)i) ■.*. Moury, joopaty, Ra^T 

B)!;— Iijbr, tob, bvll;— till — pfyndi— I'liii, ibu. 



nCARI^<ktA>n.*. ToaMhftbOl, Lc 

10 ctTS moaoy for U. 
t^R-KKEreit. <l4>>>--k«p^r) lb L A 

Dun cnlmalci viiii thv nioney. 
C.VSIIP.WN'LT, (k^-tW-wl ibt. A trM 

iliii bc.\ti nula, DM ■nlli •Dalli hat hniki. 
CASItlEK. (Lf^O n. 1. ]{• IhU htt 

rhsrjr o( Ih* niOBtjr. 

to diamiu (lain k |id*t. 
CA^IIOO. fki'-alin;) n.fc Tks soDi or joica 

nf > ITM ui Uu Guc ladim. 
C.\SING. (kf'-qfK) ■■ *. The oAreRoc o' 

*0T thing* 
CA$>:. (k)tk> n. t. Aktml. 
7<C\SK. tM'k) r. n. 1 u pul iste a c««Ie. 
CA.SKEr. ^kt*'-k]l) ibt. A MiiaU ba> (a 

)VK (Mik) a. J. A haliiiM i amon 

Gu lb* bead. 
r# t'ASSAri^ (k^'-i^!«) *. •■ To tMUa: 

Id lanbiu*. 
CAitSAl'lON. {k^i^'-ihiia} ■■ i. A mak- 

CASaVI, <fct>'-(i-rr> )n.i. AnAamiraa 
CAftSADA. (k«i-S'''«> t l<l>u>k 
C:AH^«A\VAKY. »<* C^miom III. 
CASSIA, (kftb'-j^) n. I. A (inM cpico 

uiAd ID lbs caiDpoiiiinn of Ihr' tioJjr oll- 
CA.-vSlA, (kfib'-yt) n.i, 'Iho aamti of > 

CA!iS1l><INy,(kti-«iJ'-a-tia)<i.i. Ttnualiio 

of k IiliUlI. 

CASS1\0, (Iiti«r'ni;> H. t A B""" »' 

CAS.S10WAHY. (k4ib'-f-ii-w)-r7> ■>. b A 
largo bird of ptn ia tba bail IriJiiw. 

CA^CK. (k«a -tqk) >. •. A clo« gar- 
nBBt : pnn of tl» dnn of a clrrj-jrmAD. 

CiUSWLi:i>. (kt>'-w^) n.i. A w«>l 

Tt CAST, (k!i«) r. t. Pralrr. out : )wrt 
fat*, ntrt. To (hto* wiUi ihi' lianil ; la 
thniiriiV3j,a«u>ctH>Driuiiiiiua; (oUiroir, 
M from am witlae i lu KUier ty ibe band ; 
M Ibrra br Tloleaoc ; to tbio* ** a dci or 
mm; to throw loiai bvlbrow iu wrtxliDv; 
to cDadsmo la • ctinihuJ Uia) . u> defral lu 
a la<r-*m[ . lo coriilrl ( U hy aiulo ; u> 
uauti : to auke to prepODdcmlc . to cam- 
]>uie 1 to «ntrlTo ; lo fit the pana in a 
jday I lo found ; lo form by ninnisg io a 
DOOld; to melt mpiaJ iniii li|{tirM ; lo 
nodal' Tif Auf titvU, 1'o iliauitt* n* uftu]#»i. 
Ttf flfitf duidv,To>liip>vraiJh, Ctvtdavm, Dv- 
Jactad. Ti> rail ftrA. To anli. Ts ta» .f, 
TO dloearil ; to r«jm:t : h> dlibuidcn oo«'* 
aelfof; lo itare Miind. Ta (ui> u/.lloot- 
in|; Una, To bit eo ', u, to mtf affile d^- 
Tt iBit wl. To rt]«rl ; U> nat ; lo apo*''- 
7ii (wl ii;>. To ci>inpul« -, lo Tomit. 1V out 
lyni, Te nit« (o. 

7* CAiiT. (k)it) •f.n. To ktow into a form, 
by cutinif ; loirU|i. Ta tail abaal. To coa> 
liiTo ; to tarn abnuL 

CAST, (kui) n. >. Ilx act of raatlog; ib« 
(hiof Ibrawn 1 (latB df any Viiag cait ; 
<i lIirOvbiK ; tbo >pacs tbruunb 


■rUrfc any tUng i* Uinran ; a •trcA* ; a 

loach -, modMi of Ibo e;e ; tb> throw of 

<!■•« ; t*nt«« from Ibrmnag dj» 1 1 moold ; 

a lonii nouldrd ; a brMd i a aix. 
CASTANET. (V-H-n-lt) >». •• A anudl 

<h*U of Iren, nc hard wood, wbich daocon 

nob In tlwir hand*. 
CASrAWAY. (kfii'-f.**) a. 1. A piam 

loat w abuutooed by froridancv. 
CAATAWAY. (li|H'-«-«1> a. UmIno. 
CA<Tr,l,t,AtN. (k|,»'.i5l.t,j«) «. t Thi 

rai:cnin pnrraUKU. or coDiUblo at a eailJa. 
ClaiEIJ^NY. (L*.'-I,l.|,.n.) a.i Thi 

lorJitdji haloniiiB; to a canle.' 
C.l^l'U.I.\TF:».rkt*'-i|:1-tf-i«d)a. Adorn. 

cilsitlitiirKUaad battlnornbi.likcacaftle. 
CASTtLLVnON. (k|t'-lDl-lf.tb^> n. (. 

The an of fatdtytni a boMa and rendt-riiig 

il a Tkfllr. 
CASTER, (kfi'-lit} H. I. A ibranor ; a 

CASIJJI, (k^'.tn> a. >. A naall *!.«!. 

th« aila of wla<h ia Hied lo a •■I'd. that 

il may aio*0 mora maily in auj diiviiioD, 

graarally C(*d lo Ih> lag* of Cable*. &C> 
Te CASTIGAIE, (kf* -In-gfti!) V. a. To 

CASTIGATION. (k|t-l>-n'-*tinn) a. %, 

Vrtaner , tojimbmouc ; efaaaliaemanl. 
CA^rlGATOR. (kfl'-la-Bftni) a. t. IU 

vbo nuJi^« uk cToendatlon* 

CAsilciATORY, (k^'M-Sf-iV-o)*' Paul- 

tivr. ia nnlc^r lo ammdakOEil* 

CASTING, (k)fl'-tiog) ■. (. Tio act of 

ibtDwing. iiiiKint; nlT, or *""^'"g , tb* 

op«mUon of ruRninc any Mrrt o( mfoJ into 

a mould nrr^Ktrod fur iliat f^jr^ioac. av iLo 

catbni of IriUc. Iiclli. Ait. 
CASriX(i-NK:r, (Ut'-iiaK-ail) i-b A nel 

to bp Ibrowu inlu lb* waMt. 
C.\STU:. <k4>'.*l) •..!. A fonroa* or (cati- 

flod bouii. OaUa ut lA( tir, l^jacla with- 
out nalily. 
CASTL&BOlLDFJt. (kt^-al.b>ld-«r) a. •. 

A bnciAil prajBtior. 
CASTLED, (kti'->1d) *. runilihsd with 

CASrLEGUARD. (k^'al-gird) a.1. One 

of tb> feudal (oaurH. 
CARTLERY. l(k«iC-*l-rt) ik *. Tha go- 
CA!>r£LRY. S nmairat of a caMjs. 
CASir.EWAKB, (k»t'-.l-w»rd) «... An 

lipiimltlna foiBiunUnaacoof «acba> vnlch 

and oant tliu (uilo. 
C.UII.INIi, (k(>l'-llo|[> n.i. An aborting. 
C.ASt'UR. (ku'-tor) n. i. A boavn , a tat 

bat made of Ibe fut of a boB*Bi. 
CASTOR, (k|i'-i^) H. t. Odd of ibc Iwiui 

ID Ike fontiollnlioa known by ibe name of 

CASTOR OH, (kt^-vp^yi a. t. Ad oU 

oxtiactad fron Uie palma cbriio. 
CASTOR and POMltX, (kfa'-tgr and iigl'- 

Ipk*) A lirry melfor, wbich appnn MIBb- 

tUoM (Licking to a pan of lh« ihip, In form 

CASTOREUM, (kle-<o^r^9^l} ■■ i. Tha 

Inguinal gland of lb* Loant 


Tfl*, %r, (}ll, fjti— mf, infl;— pjae, I'in;— 09, mm, 



m •. The ut of mtuariDg or tncms out 

llw (MB of Cttn on tb« nonnd, 
T* CASI'RATK, (iV-i^i*) r.4. To cut 

k*>y lb* iMtM of an tBimal. 
CASTUATIUN. (kf*-ln'-*bui) n. i. Tlis 

O pcra tton of cutliii|[ h-nj liur tmttrt. 
CAaTRIX(W-tnl) n.i. AkbJdfhawL. 
CASTAENSIAN. (k|*-u«a'-«)M-v>} •. Do- 

loDEiDg to ■ cimp. 
CASVAL. <l[|ih'-v-(l} 0. Accidnieal. (1^'.^.^.!o) AtaipaaHj. 
CA.'ilT ALNESS, mib'f'^-DS>) ■. <. Ac- 

CASUALTY, <k»ih>»lw>«.fc Accidmli 

■aythiog hippuiag bv c^ancr. 
CA!tl1IHi;(k^-f-|«)n.i. QiB llul (todici 

md M4dn cMM of eaaaeiaux. 
CASUISI'ICAI., ft4di-u.t^-(ibl4l) a. IW- 

lalujc (0 mtr* a' conKirDrv. 
CASUUTKY. (kuh'-f-jt-in} -. •. '11m 

KJmco of • cuuin. 
CAT, (kft) N. b A donuHitick uiinal, »ck- 

owd l^ nalimliMi ilut lowmt onltt of tbo 

ImdIu iiiw-iw. 
CAT, (k|t jXt A Mil of (lop. 
CAT, (k«0 1. J. A iloulib triiM or (ripod, 

hafUf ni fMt 
CAT-O^NINE-TAILS, (kv-?-B|Ba'-<«l<) 

A wbip wiib nino Lubel. 
CArS-PAW, (k^uiHw) K. •. Tlie dnpo of 

a tanmr, at nnfol hood. 
CATABAmsT. (kftV^-^^) ■-<• Ab 

OPpUDkDl of fcAptiflTQ. 

CATACHR^SIS. (lL^-*.kif'-^*) ■. 1. la 

ibeUridi. Til* >bUM of ■ mpr. 
CATACHRESTICAI, (l^t-t-kif^-if-til) a, 

Cantnnr to propn ow ; fonrd. 
CATACLYSM, ^Lft'-t-Uiun) n.t. Adc- 




CATACOMBS, (kft'-a-kjiini) 1. 1. Sobln- 

iMtaow cavitin ht iho buriid of tba dmd. 
CATACOU&TICKS, (kti.B-k«v.' a.*. 

pL Th« Kltnco of teUKH-J loiuid* «r 

C ATADIOrTBl r A L.Oit«<li-gp'-tie-W) i 
CATAUlonitlcK. {kfi-i-dj-vp'-u^) { 

0. RuEiTlini,- tiRLt. 
CATAOM-t'IICK. <h|t-w-nr|t'-ik) s. Tlie 

Oof coDMiliiljitiaE uiB paiu. 
UPII. (Mf-^-pit) a. >. Th« firu 
dTaniibt of a picluro. 
CATALIXTICK, (k,l.(.li.k'-tik) a. IlclM- 

iug to oiMricai mtaamv. 
C&TALEI-SV, (kft-i-l'li'-w) n-i. Alighlcr 

ntcloa of ill* uopjviy. oi vuilwiKT. 
TpCATALDGIZk. (kff-f-l9-ji»> r.«. To 
pol into a caialucin-. 

CATALOGLE. (l»<-(-l9if> n.i. An i-rni- 

Mvntion olpanu.uliiH ; a tiit. 
lVCATALOCi;E,<Ut''«-%)r.a. TamaU 

CATALYSIS. (kf-tfT-U-q*) a.!. Dljiala. 


CATAMAHAN, (kftfiDfrv') <i- k Id 
oanl taccaaiu, a >om to called. 

CATAM0IJNTA1.V, ati-^-mtvn-^ii) n. >. 
A 6eic« auiiaal rsMmbling a csL 

tma of^^feWPakMraeOdullj 

CATAPH0NICKSi7>t(;VV-<'u) im. pL 
Tba docbnt of irlli'rt^ tnuBd*. 

CATAPltRACT. (kti'-t-ri^i) a. i. A bnaa- 
Dum Id conplpU anncilr.' , 

CATAFL.UM, (ki)'-i-[>liUi)} -«. I. A poul- 

CATAPULTA, (kM^.pnl'.H)'i;»- Aaan. 
etne lurd anclcDUr W tkrov mAq*'- 

CATAIUCT, (k^t<(-r»kl) •.*;■> bU of 
*Mt[ ftom on bich ; a taKadc. . 

CATARACI', (k«i"t-r^t} •>. •. 'A ihniicM 
or hwi of t^li produi^od bf aa opaquo 
bddy obMniMiog tbp pupO. 

CATARRH, {kvtsr'} a.i. A dvftniuii «/ 
a tharp •r-rum from tho glaaJa about H^o 
tivHil ^Tiil throat. - '■ -' 

CATAUHH.M. (ka-cu'-nl> la. tUlaiina- 

CATAItRilUllS.(\f.ut'.ra»>} to a ca- 

CATAinniOPHE, (k)-t«*'-ti7^ a. i. Ilio 
iwralatioa whirh prortiicai ilia Inal nrnt 
of a dfamnllck piotp ; a fioal •not 9 geiie- 
ratly uahappjr. 

CA'll'AL, <k^-kfll) B t A tquniinE in- 
DtnaieM, uwd to ibo plaifliBuin to rou&ma 

Te C'AI'CII, (LfUb) r. a. Prat. oldMrf, w 
rai^t i pirt. «i^( ; to Uv hold on trifh 
the band; 10 atop anjttdti| Sfinft ; to wua 
aojrtbinc ^ panolt ; to itop anylMng (al- 
Roe; to mmae to mlaaglr , 10 icccita 
•uJdmlf 1 to wini to iciriie any COa- 
Uvion. 7b eauk iH ; 10 aDdcarov to lay 
bMd no. 

Tc CATCH, (l^ub) F. n. To b« concagioiu ; 
to lay hoM auddtnly. 

CATCH. (k^Ub) n. h RnfUTB ; .in nUrna- 
t»CB takvn ; tlw att of t*kia{ 'lui'lLly fmni 
asothiT ; a (one nini; la •ucwujon. wLcn 
uae oMebM it nan anotlioi ; a maich ', a 
■ban tntnral of action ; auylhing Oiat 
(•tfbn; a *Taa1l twlft aiiliii); thipi uftrn 

CATCHAbLE. (l^Ub'-fbl) a. Li^lo I* 

1)* cauEht. 
CATCliEH,(l^'lt)«.>. Hdhaltaulwoi 

Uul !a wkieb any thin|- )• caanhi. 
CAirHPUU., ().ii»t.'-|«1«) T1.1. A in- 

Jimnt ; a bumballilT. 
CATCHII*, (k<;Uh'-un) ■. (. A pniKnant 

Hqiiai mailo from IxillFd niuihrounit. 
CATCIIWUKD. (ktub'-wurd) n. •. Tlia 

•rotd at Ibv tonist of iba )«(» unilrr (bo 

lait Udd. wbii'li it TD|>raleil al ibn ln]> of 

tlic ncil jiado : DM Daw much uwil hy 

EniilUb pnnton. 
CATE. (ii^la) n. I. Food ; lomellllDg M ba 

CATECHETICAL, (km-f-kgl'-fk^Ii a. CoB- 

■iiUD^ of vjui^ftioDn Mill nnnrrn. 
CATECHEIICALLY, (k^t-^-k^l'-^ kil-ln) 

•if. la ni of qacdinn sail aniwiir. 
Tff CATECHISE, <k4i'->-kji«J v.a. Tola- 

■tfucl by quHtioa* *o^ (Dtimr* ; to q<M«> 

tkn ; ta u>tciro|{sfis. 

*(l i— '*•*• ^^> W Wl' i— POT"^ i— iWn, T«t». 



CATECinsER, <k|<<i>4t:isi) «. «. Oi» 

«hi> cMMhiaM. 
CATECHISIKU. OLfi^..hld.t>() ■.). I&- 

UntntiOB. ■,■••. 
CAIKCII1*4M. ^krtVMm) "■•■ Atom 

e/ inilmrtli^i) hf iitrdiaD* null mavvn. 

ctiarvD 1> t& 4«tMi>>n tka unlniUuctel cM- 
latuuig (■Ivioa- 

luiuuc&u'liy nutx'ci "> uiOftCi 
CATEOUjllLV. (Ml *■>■"' "fo) ■. 1. 0~ 
vhii 1^ uc( ia tLc Gut niilimfDO cf CliriMi- 
ftBilj ; ilia laiHM oniet of dirWliaiu in clia 
' fi^imdTe tbui«b ; itratnllj ono *ba i* b 
imAm rudinTBU of anj iiwifiiwnoa. 
,.JB4TeCllt;M£MCAL. (kti-n-kfDfn'-f- 
• /'LaI) 0' fWlon|;in£ t^ tbn dtKlimnaiu- 
.:teTEGnKli:AI.. (k(t-^ir('-^litl}a. Ab> 
*,'' mIuIt. a.Ifiiiu.V. pMilivc 
/CATECOIUCALLY. Cklt^nr'T"'*'-'!) "■ 
IKncdy; poilijniy. 
CATW(}RY.(k)i--fnr>«)N.h In k(kt. 
A <ln** ; n nak ; u orda of ii U t m ; n pn- 

CATENARIAN. (kvt-«4*-lrl«) •»■ B^ 
Td CATEN'ATK, (kil'-f-nile) t. m. To 

CATENATION, (kit-t^t'-ahoa) >.(. lU- 

(utit conudiia. 
Ta CATER, (kt'-tf) "■ "• To jmnUa tot*. 
CATERER, (kt'-ifi-si) «.>. Oaompbycd 

In boy uroniSoiiii -, ■ pamynr. 
CATERKSS, <U'-iat-iu> «. ■. A womw 

rniploynl la cmm. 
CATEItriUJVR. (k)t'.t>i-].il-1u) ■. «. A 

womvliub dviiiMc* Im*m tunTfrulu; (my 

tUnt rancloni ; iha nun* of > plut 
7< CATERWAUU (kfi'-Eir-wvl^ t... To 

luiiLc 1 rolM u (ttU in roHin( tuaa. 
CATKR^VAtLlNU, (kf(*-tgT>w|vl-vig) ■.•■ 

Ckt> (ODiuhiji. 
CATERVakf-IG^f) ■■•■ lltdeptaiiotTeif 

tiftmlf fiDKhuaiC 
GATES, Ikflrt) ii.i. Viua>i titoit. 
CATnSIl, (kv'-(>b) ■.!. AtDn-iibiiithe 

^^'«l lodioi. 
CATCIT. (k<l'-ti)t) ■.!. AiiTMcfoirnvri- 

<al innmiaDBl*. tuula o( tho inu*clDB* al 

tiiuaait i a •iwcim of luini o> nniu wiib 

wld0 intmiirft. 
CATllAUlsr. (k,f^'.i-Ti«) t.. I. Ono who 

Luldi biinvlf un^uf turn tiiiVl odmib 
C A'lUARl-l NGS. ( k4(h'.|r-n> jKi) 
rnp» " ■ ~ 


10 loix* Om (hraiul* 

rnp» in > >1ii|i, atid 
CATHARTICAL, (ki-iAot'.iA-ktl) 

■. Pur- 

CATHART1C ALNESS. (kf-aVtr-kil^gi) 

a. (. ]*snnBC quIilT. 
CATIUim(^<k)Hk|>'-(ik«)n-i. IWi- 

CAfllKAO. (Mi'-hpi} •<■ <■ A kind or loi- 

CATIIEAD, (kft'-lifit) n.>, Apircaoriim' 
hm wldcli liimi oj) tlio uictiot ftnm tlio 
Im«m to liio top d the Ton-iiuilc. 


C.\THF.DRAU<kf-AT'-Anl)a. EjlKopd] 
b«)aoM| to Ml p]M««l chuNkj nxn- 
bloE uviiUIm of ncatW^nL 

CATHKDRAL.ikt-iit'-^l)"-'- TUhcwl 

(kuFcb «{ k lllllC»M 

CATIIEDRATEU. (LflA'-^Jim-ltJ) •■ "^ 
laUBi to itw niuliontf qt i^* daai, ot oSco, 
«f awKber. 

CATlfETER. (ktlt'-o-tA) k.!. A kollow 
inttftUQcDi, iBtro^ucDJ Into ihc blaJUsr, io 
tciug Av^j Ulo loinc. vbeD t^ jiu»if£D it 

CATITOLRS, (ktt^-bfli) -. >. Two litito 
^M kiMni, nkm lit gun-tocna pom of % 




CATUOLICAL. (k|^l>k«l} o. 
nJ ; minnkl. 

CATllOLtCI&M.(U->J>tV-»4inn)».i. U- 
bnonco to tk« (nthalick sLoidi; ittiirr- 
wUty, at th* oTtbodnx Uith of tba miio\p 

T>CATIIOUCISE.(k4<«)kfl'-o.«ii«)*.<t. Ti 

b«onu ai^iLolkk. 
CATnOLICK, (L^J^'-a-ljX^ a. I'nliwMl or 

gmcnJ. apipUail tpituiiiUiy to (liu wutrriAl 

diarcb 1^ Chtub 
CATHOUCKNESS. (k^tV-^-lik-ng*) •■ «. 

CAI'HOLICON, (k|-dtl>k«e) -. fc An 

uotTpnal medidnc 
CATKIKS,(k|l'-Lin«) ■.>. A» nauMtlngB 

of baprafiicl flraar* kaapgg 6oM IN«^ in 
^muttiiT of a ou't tuL 
CATLIKU, (Lii'-lisg) 11. 1. A dMUCtsb^ring 

kniff. lucil by MrfMuu ; calnl. 
CATOrsiS. (Vtp'-4*> <<■*■ *Mln][ with 

qdcknoHL la maJiciao, An mum and 

quick porenilan, puiicnl«l7 (Int ncalo- 

■uiii of tlie IlKnltiaa wUcb accanfoiiiaa ttio 

lain ■uecD «l 

CATorinKicAL, (k^tV-u?^) 


luina W cktsvtiici* 
CATOPTRICKS. (kfifp'-Dtka) «,i. Tlxi 
Mft of ffpticki vliic'L tiMt* of vitioa h} is- 

CATOPTRON, (ktl-Gp'-aya) a. >. A Unl 
at opiick glua. 

CATS EYE. (kftT-l) ih I. A Maw «f k 
gliaiwiog gi«;y <DiaH, ynA a tiafe of 

CATSUP. SacCaTcnop. 

CATTLE, (k«r-(]) >..>. BcMUof pMIutoi 
not wild nat donwMick. 

CAVALCAUE. (ktV-^-kfJa*) >••. A pt«- 
crMion on hone back. 

CAVAUEK. (l.4T-«-krO ■••• A kano- 
mnn ; h kniKlii ; a [a* B]iii[(kltj MMlaiy 
mnn ; (he amwllntiiin ol <ba puty «( l£iD|i 
Cli.irlo (he t'lni. lafonUkniiok, A nounl 
or rlnniiun o[ rnxb. (a lodgo — sm"»r 

CAVAL11':K. (k(<r-t-lMr')4. (i^i t^Vx- 
ly i wwlikr i gineroD* ; htaye , Tli»rl»l>ln' ; 

CAVAUtRLY, (k|r-|.W-le)W. ttti^- 

CA\'^ (kfT-f-lftr'-agi) m fc 

lliuilbiy ot dUdtuofiil conilvcl. 


f^le, fit, btW, f(t;— IDA, mvl;— pior. pin;— n^ morc, 


CATALRT. (l«*'-t1-t«) •!.>. HwMl^>«Ia. 

TfCWATC, (,l4'-tflD)r.a. To hollow oul. 

CAVATION. (kf^l'-tbon) n. •■ TLs bol- 

lawinj U Uia ewth lot (oiuidatuui ci i«IUi- 

RcLidng » lb* 


CAl'DAi. (k)«'-'|l) 
uil of aa uumtl. 




CALDAtEP, (^w-df'-lfd) f 

CAUULK. (ii)i/-dl) ■,'■. A iDinut* at 

wiop luj oibcc inifTedienu, gnmi to vumtn 

ia iliililM. uiil ncL [wnoiu. 
CAVK. (kill') n. b A (avrni i ■ dm. 
T. CAVK, Clt*n-) r. 0. To nuLs bullov. 
CA\E.\T, (k«--T--(0 n.,. la U*. A kind 

of |irocrM to *iop tbc tniiatatioD of « ctiih 

10 a WbGco, oi tbe uluboto of a "ill 
CAVKllX. (kaV-jni) «. t A boUov. {.Iao* 

is iAk pnoiid. 
C&VEIWF.U.(k4r'-tnui;<h TmMoltwent; 

lobMUdnir ■ cthTvn. 

CAVERNOUS, ^^^■^^^r■Ji^l^} ■■ fuU of 

CAVtlHSON, 0>«''->*-*9>) "• *• Ann or 

bud jiu( upon lu DOM « • bone, lu fui - 

■ird tbo breakJoc of bleu. 
CAVF, (iawl) ■•. 1. A cbctl to beep iA 

sUtf IB liic Wcr. 
CArGirr, (bwO /mn.piin. froiD raraivL 
CAVIARE, (tfir'-o-3i) n. >. Tbo rou of 

■turnon* nod othiir fib. 
Ta CAVIU <it>'->l} V. n. To nUo ctpliow 

T« CAVU, (11/41) CO. To Itoat «ilb ob- 

CAVII. Of*'-]IJ >i I. falH at liifolotu 

CAVIU-AnON. (;k(r-II-l4'.«bna) •.». Tbo 

JtaciJcD of objocrjQf. 
VU.LKR. (ki'-T^-Ip) •.*. Aapliou* 
CAVlLLillO, (kr'-II-Iipe) ••. i. DUpme. 
CAVILLOUS, (kp'-iil-V) 4. I*ult of >«s- 

■tiODI ObJTCtiOtl*. 

CAMN. (kt^-iu) H. •. A nUurU bollow, 

fit (o (Dm k bodf of tiDOpi. 
ClVm', (kfV-»ii>) *. J. HoltcmntMj a 

boilow plart. 
CAUK, Afvk) n. t. A covM lalliy (pw.- 
CAttLiftkir)) H.t. Tba Di>t (nwbicb womrn 

incloM tbtir hair; uiy bfnit of (moll opt ; 

(L* etaraium or Intdicunirni in wblcb iho 

gnu M« incloiod ; iba lilllo mmibnuio 

Rnuut on lotiio cbitdrui, oucompAwIji^ tbo 

bMd. wbtD bcm. 

cAuunnois, oqwiii'-ro »■} «. soch 

pInU M ton a me oulii or iinlL 
CAULIFLOWER, (ktlMe-%-|;i) ».$. A 

tprciAt of cibbu^ii. 
CAUU8, (kfV-li«) n. t. In botuj. Tbo 

■Ulk or Vrbocmu* ■lent wfatcb ImU bai 

•no ot two nan. 
ToCAlTJC. SMr«C*r.b 
CAUSABIX, (liV^,.bl) 0. VM wbicb 

[DBv be ouiih}. 
CAtS.^L. (Lfw-nT) 0. lUhtfaM 10 etn'M. 
CAUSAUTV. ^^lr•l^-e■^) m. t. Uu 

■patcjr of a CMnr. 


CACSALLV, rkfw'-.fl.l;) al. Aa«*dbi( 

to lb* otdor of CMUM. 
CAUSATION, (kfw-if-4b«n} 11. fc n*wt 

of nalDi;. 
CAimATlNT.. O^w'-ti-^*) «. Tlul u- 

ptwn a caoM o* rraion ; duii eflctt* u 

BO arnit. 
C\U8ATl\TJ.Y.(fc»w'.^.i£».lj) oA la a 

caataiir* i&uion. 
CAtSATOH. (ifw-ta'-i^) •>. i. A raniK. 
CAU!tK. (kfwi) ■.>.' Tbat wbitb itfoUuca* 

an oSbcl ; Iba imMa ; mottis lo aaj UdOg ; 

raKCiof dolMBi ilde; f»r*j. 
r* CAUSE, (kfwi) (.o. To eUbcl m an 

CAUSELESS. (1|>i--Ih) a. Ilanuf no 

CDuie ; * indott jiut (TDUad. 
CAUSEIt, (lfV-(;rJ n.h Hotbaccaiuwi 

tbo asniL 
CAUSKY, (t|V^) in. ,. A way 

CAUSKWAY, (k|n-n) \ nudl nod 

paved aboT« ibo ml ckf iho noiiod' 
CAu^lDtCAL.(kt*-iid'-7-ktl)s. Relallag 

to ta itdiTrtAta or filfodoT' 
CAU^rUML. (If wt'.b- ktO 1 4. (trlMing 
CAU^nCK., (kt*>-i.k) i ioantia- 

neati whkb irtvoj ihs uutBra of tbn put 

to wUUi tlicj ue apubed. 
CAUS11CITY,<ktvi-v'-M.M)ii.i. (fiufiij 

of » caDtiick. 
CAl'sncK, (kjtia' -^k) a. i. A Mnodlne 

CAl'snCKNES3.(b,w.'-^k.|iBt) •■•. Tbo 

quality of btiog rauMiirk. 
CAUTM., (k|*'-lsl> n. 1. CoDDtDgj nib- 

itMt ; caution. 
CAITKUms, (kfiZ-tft-lq*) '- Cantiaa*, 

wilt i canning. 
CAUTELOU9^Y.(ktw'-lo-tna-lf)a<l. Cua- 

ntas;!; ; ootiotnl*. 
CAVtf.LUVSJ<Ki&. (fctw'-l^lut-nf*) a,*. 

CnalioutaoM i cunnbi|U(«a. 
CAUTCR. (k)«'-iu) n>a A atarioK hoc 

CAtTEKISU,(kfw'.Ut4ui}H. b 'ltoa|i- 

pltcalMB of taolory. 
CAUTZHtZATIONxktw-lcH-at'-ibyn) *.>, 

Tlio act of boiUDg loab with tiot iowtj or 

7ii CAUTERIZE, <kv»'-tst-tw) «k a. To 

born witb the OdUiV. 
CAUTERIZING. (kt»'-tDt-UB-in|) n. $. 

Tbe act of buiiUDg witb tbo tauleiy. 
CAUTERY, (kfv'-tgr-a) >.a. Ka lulra- 

Encnt of mcdic:iiic for fiurnlvf. 
CAlniON. {kf»''ibun) f>. 1. rtndenci'; 

tonaight ; fcinvj agaioii ; |,r(»i*iuDa(y 

pie<cpl , vnmjag. 

nCAl nON. (kair'4lnm) t.n. To warn. 
CAmuNADY. (kf«'.«b9D-|'tv)a. Giteo 

M a plrdeo ; iranung. 
CAUTIOUS, (k)V-abi|*>a. Wai; i watch- 

CAimOUSLY, (kaw'-^iga^t) od. WatUf. 
CAimOi'RNESS. (kfw'-afaua-nta) a. t. 

Waichfulocva ; TL^ilancc^ 
To CAW, (k|*) p. n. To ay a* dio rook. 

Of trow. 

agli— tfb«, tgb, bytli— ^tf— (fuad;— >111b, ruia. 



tu UiD pMI; unp (■( Niml owiiititi^ in 

TtCEASE. (mm) k*. To h<m iiff[ ID 
fail ; lo ba HiiiiCt i 10 W M n ad ; w 

CEASELESS. (*f«'-It*) <>■ laoMUt. 
CU:iTY. (•f'-•^tf) !■.«. BlindMM. 
CKCUTItaCV.(.fr-k^-«IH-g»-T)'n- T«B- 

dMC* In UiadiitM. 
CEDAR, (•f'-dfi) ■■ •- A u**. Ib» wood 

«f whuih ii nortrtabU fat ita itunldlU*. 
CEDAHN. it'-ifo) «■ B<laD|lii|[ to tlw 

oadat tfw. 
TfCKIia <(Bd*) LM. To nitiliilt. 
T>CKt>£.<>fila) *■■■ To yicli ; w Ndgn ; 

ii> i:iT« no ID oootlm. 
<Ti:i)HINe.<M'-<lf(a>> ■• Bdoagtog U Uie 

(ViJai INO. 
TvCKlL. (mI*)k«. TocarHlbeiiniBriot' 

CElLr^G, (w'-line) •*■& TbaimttiMf. 
CRLANniNE. (nT-tD-dino) ■.*. A pint. 
CEL.\TLiKB, (•ol'f-iurc) ikh Tlia nn ef 
•nitrnrini; oe tuiuog In intuli ; Ibo tlaiig 

11. CLLHUIUTE, (ar-lf-bfiu) *. a. To 
pniH : ta ^ciopuw bj aobniD riUi. 

CELKBIlAnoN, (nUf^tef'-di^) a. i. 
Solemn pniarmaoca ; pnli« ; icuown. 

CELKBRATOB, (■(T.^bn-lBr) ii.i. lU 

CELEHRtUL'.S. (•b-lgti'-M-w) •. FiMou 
CEU:BKIUimLY.'(«-ls6'-ia-^t-lB) mL In 
a fuDDiu nuuiati. 


CKLKHIllTV. (M-1i>b'-n-W) •.(. Tlisittta 

of boIoE MtibraieJ ; famo ; nnowD. 
CELKRrvy. (»-l'«'-i*-ia) n-L S*lftn«uL 
CELERY. (Ml'^oT-t;)' iL t. & •pocba «( 

C£U£[iAU <»c-l«i'-(c-|l] >. ltM>tail7, 

islaliDg u tlw taperioi^ n^ad* -. hexenlj. 

Kluing CO ilie hlMwl Mat* i fammlj, with 

miwri (o BtcrllMiM. 
CEI.E2STIAU (>^V-«Hl) "■•• An b> 

babiunt a( bt«*«i. 
CELF^IAIXY. (>i-l9i'-tf fl-tt) o^ In n 

brnTCDly ouinnn- 
To CmJ»nFY, (•ft-li*'-r»-fi> r. •. To 

tff Maictbiag o( MBTOily utu* to nnj 

cELE.i.riNs, (far<v4.'»i •<■ *■ '^'"'^ '>' 

« nli^iau* tain, ndoRDad bj Tapo CeJe»- 

uii V. 
CELUCK. a. S<nCaiiaa. 
CELlllAtV,(.5r*la^)i ^ iU-„L.lllt. 

cEMBAmi^r^iy i"-*- *"Sl«l'«t- 

CEIX. (*|U)it.K Aimallcwiiyi tbnUtUa 
hJftndcii of n ntigiDai pcnoo i n «ull 
■pamiMEnt in ■ iiriMn i uy null place of 
iMidenn : ■ nlinou* houso. 

CELLAR, (h;)'-!)!!) >. i. A plnco imdu 
cround. vbelc ilom anil UquMi nn t»- 

Cl'-LLARAQE, <>el'-liiT-(io) «. i. The <ol- 


CFXLAnrR. Catr-lcr-ct))*.!. Abuikii 
CELLAIU51'. (Hr-lrt-iM) t a t«m kri*- 

nllj cadaMl u IW bulln io ■ laligiiiua 

CElJ.i;i.AR, (i^-lfJ^) a. Cc^idncor 

biiie cpiti or tn*idib 
CKU.11LE. ((^-hilo)!!.*. AllubMll. 
CKIJtiTHDE. tHl-w-DMl*)!!.*. Ildjcbt. 
CELTfCK, («l -iik. "or V-till) a. ttriW- 

■CMtla OtJla. oi CauU. 
CKlTlK (Mlla. or lirlu) h. t. l^lUtanU of 

CEUK\T. (of'-meM) «, t. Tlx matut 

«rl)b«bich tvoboJicianinidoiaccLoNi 

baai of union to ftutnlaUn. 
r*CCUE>T. (af-ntnO <^>«■ Tonklteby 

•otoMUnc iolHpeood. 
TfCEMENT, (m-omdO ••■■■ TooobH*. 
CEMENTATIOH, (ifm-oa-n'-obgo) n. •. 

Tbe act of niiiniiliiii 
CCUCNILR, (M-o^tT^) ■■•. TUt vhioh 


CEai0rr.Ry,<o{m-.«ko.iBT<)ifct Aprotw 

wlion tliK i»id»n rvpodutL 
CENATOUY, <*fn'-ii«^uT^> a. R^luing 

io •unpcT. 

CENOblTlCAL, ('*-k»l) a. Lit- 

Ini in eookiniuiii*. 
CENOBY. (H'-oo^t ) 1. L. The placa 

when pnuoi 11*0 in MBnanaily. 
CE\UTAI>)(, (muV^O •>• •• a mona- 

■IMI Tot one bortaJ ii]<twb«n>. 
CEN8B, (>cnv) a.i. I^tbUcknUai con- 

didon i raok. 
Th CENSE, ((eua) v. a. Io pnfunw «illi 


CENSER, (tm'-tt) n. i. no trwol in 

wluch incesM b biuned ; a firo^pan. 
CEN8I0N, (*^'-*bipi) a-a. Anu; anaa- 

CENSOR, (asn'-atr^ n. i. An oScor ot 

Rooie, wlio had (bo powtt of comcting 

manticn ; ono wbo ia Ktno Io ccuutc. 
CEN80RUL, (•jn-ao'-t*^) a. FnU of 

miiura ; anote. 
CENSORIAN, <i;n-*a'.n-vi) «• IUI>tIn( 

to iba f onaoTf 
CENSORIOUS. (i(rti-if'-^-y)«. Addiclod 

tocnuun ; apict*. 
CENtiORIOtrsLY. (•^^'-if-go-lo) ad. In 

n Bonrv rrflattini; naannir* 

Dioporiiioii Io nproicK 
CENSORSHIP. (atn'-Vatip) rut. Tko 

cffi(« of a <Fuai. 
CENSURABLE, (ajn'-div-tl-bl) a. Wotdij 

of ivnnire. 
CEN8URADLENES3, (asn'-aLvn^J-nsa) 

q. f. BlaiDcablcDtaa. 
CENSUBABLV, (.rn''lc) arf. la 

a bluUDVortliy niuuirr. 
CLNSl'RE. (•■^'-•livO n. i. lUuuOi 

jud^mrni ; juiliciai •mlmrr ; o t|uiitua] 

puBiibiDrDl iufliitcd by uiiuit ocdcmulkul 

roCKNSURE, (•B&'-thqi} v.*. TvUwa, 

TuCKKSCHE, (isn'-aliv) v.b. TJJaJgo, 


Fau, ^, ^, ^li— mf,neii-pjDe, |iid,— av>'^'*> 



ccxsintEn, (>fB'-^n^} n. >. n« ilm 

CEX&URLNC, (fsn-.«lifi>lB() .. « Ra- 

CCtSuS^ (■io'^au) «. I. A dwlnlloa 
muMif Ifta rnaW aaA» hj lb* tmnJ 
MUom. «< (bait inmei lod plMC* of tboda. 
fa«Hn iIm csnHn i tb Mcoiuit uLoi of ilw 

O-^T. (arlit) H.I. A Imndlvd 1 w, j(l( ^ 
nM.. ihnt i*. trg is iLc busditil. 

XCS'i'AijK, (tfui'-Bjc) b b 1 tio pajmoiit 

of cvuth 

CUVTAtlt, ()tn'.ttwr) *. i. A poetiral 

bM^, cDUMnuultd of ■ Boa aad a biOM ; 

Ibe Blcbcr it lb* (odiack. 

I'KN'ARY. (•Ri'-Hf-ot^) ■. b TbB 

Diinit<Ft of ■ liiuulml. 
C£M>:.\MAU (•■a-ua'-tw-^l) ■. Cod- 

Biiint lit a hanilraJ ymn. 
C£M'>^1MAL, <■9D.131r.Ma1l) ■. h Tbo 

belt lup of iiropBMioa ahoi dvanuJ is (Its 

aritliinctick of fwniitma 
CKMESiatAL, (•iii.iM''««i|l) a. Huu- 

C'ENTiroLIOVSk (tta-to-fo'-le-ai) 0. !!■*• 

laa IB hundMiI liarnL 

CEnJ'|{il(.\IiE, (M'.w-Mds) a. Hating 

an hiuulred dxTMUo* m ownmk 
CKNriUlgl'Y. («tB.^-Ifk««> ■.■.An 

handreJ-folil diacMlM. 
CENTIPEDE. <*^'-W-)iBdo)a.i. A paboa' 

oui iniMt* 
CE.VTO. (apt'^) a.i. A oocDpOMtina formed 

bjr joiniag acn^ 6wn wmm duihon. 01 

fniin lajiaiu paiti of tb» wno auibar> 
ClLM'HAL, (Ha'-utli «. ItoUiu>( w tbo 

(n>m . plaicigd iu ilit cmcit'. 
CmnUUTY. (■£ii-ix|l'-4a>i*) a.1. no 

MBta of a tentfe. 
CENTRALLY, ((tn'-nfl-k) ad, Wiib 10- 

jpuii lo llie centre. 
CUTKL. (tf;D'-ttr> B.I. Tbo vninmiddlf. 
T#CKNTKC<w'-iiT) >^a- Toplaeaona 

centn: to <«llcc( u> a poinU 
ra C£NtR£, (raiMjc) r. n. Tofetlin; 

ID bo in ibe raUIn ; to bo collarttd %o a 

CENrniCITV. (^fa■ir\*-c■te) *, a. The 

•UMor quoUlT (rf beia^ cebtiick. 
CEKTRICALLV, (•cn'>ti«'ktl-Jc)ad. loa 

<ailriail aitualiun. 
CENTIUCK, (isd'-ii^) a. PlMcd la lbs 

CEKTRirUGAU(>{n.tiir'-Q-fll) a. Hbt- 

bf tba ifualiljr adjuurd by bodioa la mo- 

OOD. af inrniliiiE (lopi (be ouiln. 
Cl'-NTKll>l':i'AL,(<«i-liip'-<>-C|l)a. tlannt 

a UailcDcy la lb* tenlT* ) ^riae gniily. 
CEMHY. (MB--<ra> n.>. A acMiool. 
CE.Vl'Lf.MViril, (^-tmn'-igt-l) ihi. Tbo 

hxiii'liHl Judge* in tbc "hoauiu n|iublk]u 
CENTUl'LE, <*ca'-ifpl) a. Aa bundisd 

To CENTl'PT.E, (wa'-iq-pl) t.a. To molK- 

|>It hd buiidrrd fold. 
TbLXN Til PLICATE. (Hn-t.t'-idf-k%w> r.». 

To dUc mi boadrod told. 

TVCENTrRUTB,(ia.n'4MM)«.a. T* 
■Utida into buDdrwU.' 

tXSTt;mA10B. iiio'iflT(-»'-iTi) a.*. A 
hiteonnn nbo diaUD|;uiahn rimra by cca- 
CE.Vn RION, (•p^'.n-^) a. 1. A Bo- 
Dun Bibtuy oOocr, wbo CMUWnded an 
bundred men. 

CENTttUSr, (■fa'.ia-TfM) a.*. Cmoai- 

CF.NTCRY, (•ro'-l^'tD) a.t. A baadMdt 
iirtnllj imirlrrTril Ti ijiirifj nmii annntinia* 
•ianlT a buDdnJ. 

CEPllALALUV. (•jr.fl-^l-j,) a. b Tmi 

CEPHALICK, (af-^r-lik) a. Hodiernal Ut 

CUIA9TES, (af-i^-lfa) a. •■ A •«fpnl 
bariof honi*. 

CERATK, (w'-rfl) n. k Am BBgowt of 
whicb wai u uia chief compoaoM. 

CERATEO, (>f'-[4-lfd} a. Ca*«rcd wllb 

To CEHK, (Hfn) r, a. To com «Ub ' 
CEKt:. (»ra) n. l Tba nakai itia ibat 

cvion Iho buo «f ilia bill ia (ba hart 
CEREBEL (m'-o-bil) )■.*. I'M 

CEREBElxlSl, (•rr'^4>a|-4nn} { *t tba 

CEttElinUU. (att'-a-bmo) a.t. Tbahda. 
CERECLOlll. (*mV-J#iA) a. t. Ootb 

nBearrd ant «iib |[IaUoaiu maiwr. 
CEREMENT. (•>ra--m«Dt) a.k Cloibtdip- 

p(d iamclied wai,wlib*blcbdMd bodies 

watg infolded *bcn enhalmt^. 
CEREMOKIAI., (*(r«fn?'-no-|l) a. H«- 

lUiDf to (eramony 1 6naal. 
CEREMONIAL. (aR-r-iBo'-ba^)*.!. Oat- 

waM fonii ^ eilamaJ rite ; a ti^ob cootaln- 

inj; An <t'T«DODi(a of Ibe Romiah rbnreb. 
CEl(>^MOMULS.<a{i-^no'-aTH(i)a. Con- 

aiatiBg (if oDlword ntto 1 fait of ramnney ; 

aim an ID outward riWaj Airaiallj rtapoct- 

ful ; ciTil and termnl lo a bull. 

Eormallj : rrig-KiJullj. 
CERUtONlUlsKESS. <aif«-mf'-Df-«a- 

nf>) n. 1. AddKlfdoeM lo <M«niony. 
CEltEMUNY. (irr'-T-m^nf> n.i. Oatsatd 

rit« -. nteinal foita ; fomu of citillly ; ODI- 

ward fennt of aCnie. 
CF.REOllS.<>r'-n-iH) s. Waun. 
CEREVISIA. (i^lT^^'-rf) ■■■■ OOak 

mads of any kuid of con. 
CERKlr». (ayinei) «.!. 11.11 biltarsak. 
CERTAIN, {*p'-ltn>B. Sara; iu<luluubl*: 

reanltod ; <iDdoublui|[ ; unfuUni; ; conitiuil ; 

rrgubtf ; aoma, aa a <ara«i man. or errlaW 

CERTAlNLY.(a{r'-»{n-lf)«f, Induhinbly ; 

wilbnut hil. 
CLRTAINN'ESS. ittf-t^u^} ■•«. Tba 

quilily •>! boiBg crnnn. 
CElirAlMY, (a^-ign-ta) a.i. Ebmdf 

tian fnim duuM; (jitaaitiaa fi«m Wliua 1 

thii whltti u r«al ; ropilatlty. 
CEJtTES,(V-tp) «(. Cwttinly i ln«n»lb. 

nfii— tfb«, isb. byllj— (^1— «V»ii-'*«'r '"* 



timniv i^Tia in htUidi. 

r>ci:H'mi(:ATE.(*w-iir-c-Mi«}K.«. To 

rCERTinCATlON'. (i^r'to-fr-L»'-<»mii> n. i. 
f lia aMmambit or ctttifpait of ft iUrjc. 
CEfmnKll,(*tci^i'-f*>ii.i. AsaMoiw; 

r<>CEItTirY.<*|('-1f-fO >■■• T«^«erw 
1 tain iofiimaljca of. 

iCERTlORAHI. (itrilM-ff'-ff) n. •. A 
writ iiaulnic <nit of A* chanotry lo u lofr- 
tiaur (ijiitt, to all np tbo iwcordi of ■ ttimt 
llii>r«iD ieftaiiai;. 
CF-RrmiU?:, (■cr'-M-nidr).,.. Omlnty. 
CKRVICAL. ^wr'-v^W) u- Uelolvh>e <o 
tbt ordi. 

|rKltl<I.F.AN, (iMtf'-l*^} i 


I CKUILEOUS. <io-ni"lp-iu; 

'CEnL'LiriCK.(«."ii.t;('-ili).. llnrJDK Hid 

I p ttmct fo ptoducv ft liloo oolouf. 

iCSftUMBW, (•9-rv'-m|n} ■. *. Tlie vu of 


FCERrflK. fW-niH-) n. (. n^hiU) kul; » 
binA nf whit* paini nr vnth, 
CERl'MU), (•■• -ryit) a. Wuhnl villi tb* 

nprpaniniin at wliilc lekd. 
inUItKAN', (H-if'-Iv-^) •. It* ConrMii 
wMian ii cutiini • diiM cral of iba womb, 
•rben it raoaot othetwMr bt daHrfTod) 
tUo, JiUBid, ftm|[BfolholumloafC>Mv 
to tho Reman bmilj. 

I CESS, (ap) •>. 1. A Imy upon dw fahaU- 
tMM «iF a plicr, anotiUai to ihdr pra- 

Cif 1 (b> act of lajing tun, boaml*, or 

lr«1'>SS, (m) ■.«, Torfttft. 
ItUSKATIQN. (•f.-*«--dipii) fl. I. A lupi 
• rcM ; lacatioo ; end of aitiim : a paoM 
^ h owWly, not naioonling to a pMOb 
CEaSAVrr, ifa-mf'n,*) «. L Id I«w, A 
writ lyJog ((linit a mui who lioldi laocla 
by tool or nthn iKTvidM, and ntflvcU or 
CBftM* to i>tr(i«iii (uch MrrioM fer t«i> 
nan (ogDifier. 
kCESSlBUJTV, (mu^B-hiy-f-^) a. t. Tlia 
■ q^ily of Elv)n|[ *•«.' 

rCFSStBLE, (M**-!*-!.!) a. raiytopTC my. 
(CESSION, (tHii'-cs) n. (• Krtrrdi 1 Tcug' 
nftoon . lliD art of ^j'^Miof up ; a mdODOT 
of vaialinD na ciclriiMtKil l«npfii:c 
'""SWNAIIY, (*v:ih'-4uu-u(-iv) a. Im- 
CEffiKtEinT (ita'-wfat) ■. *, An aoMM- 
, mmt or lax. 

I^CESMm. (at^i^) n. J. In bw. lie iIai 

Muulb or DOclKtath ao loai (a pcrfom a 

donr n* lo Israi ihs riaom of lav, 

BeSTUR. (•M'-liu) n. I, iVKirdkofVfQU*. 

CEStJRE. «. >. KvoCucai. 

CETACEOUS, (lf-^'.*t.<t*) •. Ofthoofaala 

T, CHAFE, (iihafo) p. o. To wimn viih 
niHing ; (ohuibynfaorbunj; taauXa 

n CHXfc. (Mh(b) >. Ik Toi^ajulVn 

aniul uy lUne. 
CIIAl'£.(uitb>...i. AhMljBnp*. 


cnAF]I-1rAx,rtd^fc'■«^lu)■.•. Anomcn 

tnlmtbf 10 ma Lord C'buii'otlat, *ha Su 

tba wu (or tlia atallm of wrin. 
CILAFER, (Ulufa'-«f> ili. An iuMij « 

»o« of ytUow (owfi. 
CIIAFERY. ((ilitfo-.9^i*>ft.i. Afcrpla 

CHAFF, (tab(n ■, •. Tbo biula •( oem ^ 

To CliAfFER, (ubfr'h^) «. a. To treal 

ibow a iMiKita. 
7b ClUrFER, (uktr-(^> r. 0, Tobojiio 

CHAKFknER,(tibar.4Fr-H)n.«. A boyw. 
CHAFFEKK.(Mli^.(pn>ii.h Ana^for 

liaUiae wattv. 
niVFKRHr. (Ul4f-M^) «.a TnRth. 
(HAO'lNai, (iMh^-tfuA) a.t. A Urd. 

CHAFFY. (Uhaf'-f*) ■■ IJft' «har. 

UIAF(NC-Dnil.|.uh|'-ri*g-il^M->- A 

pwiablt Eiwo $tttmh. 
CKAUKKKN. (t^^ciiflO ft. <■ A nn|h 

Crainod iMIbw. 
CUAGHIK, <<fa«-SnHO )»■«. lUbomour; 

Tb CIIAURIN, (*h|-gnaD*) hO, To *ai; 

10 pul QUI of lempiv. 
CHAIN. <i*1ifnr) a-t. A leriM of Duke 

fuCnitd ODO mlUo aoMlm ; a liond ; a 

minulr ; a unoa U^od togolher ; at, of 

nuiira m thoughii. 
Tn CHAIN, (tibini') hO. To faMMi with a 

chain ; la oobIwo ; to keep by a cbaic ; to 

CHAIN I'lrMI'. (ul.uiM'-mmp) n. t. A 

|iuRi|i uu'l in laii* I'^fllM rNMl*, which 

It iloublr, to iluit on* ri*M aa iLo otboi 

CHAINSHUT, (t*bnn*'.*hpi) la I. T*»b<i|. 

let* ot baU bullot*, <ut«n*d l«cath«r by a 

CHAINWORK, ((tbuix'-nurk) •>. l Wori 

viib opon opaetft hL* ib* Unlit uf a dmin. 
CHAEK, (i(b(iv) n.t. A moioiUr tai ; a 

•sat of jotiii'p, or of BUthorily ; a relucle 

dnwn n on* bor*r. 
CHAIRMAN, (uhtro'-mtn) n. I. Tbepra- 

(idrut of u aiMmbly 1 osa w^ia (rad* il 

B 10 liny a iMlaa cluv. 
CflAISK. (ahtie) n.u A ctmago dian by 

ono ot ntoni honM. 

An onirtwet in brau. 
CHAl^■&GnAPHY, (k,l.kt^.|i,.fc) a,^ 

llnErsTint in bnu*. 
CKA1.D1X (kfl ■<)?'} a. Relating lo Ibo 

lanniac* of Cbaldra. 

CKA1.I>HUN, (Ub«r.dniD) «. I. A diy &!■ 
(Iikb maaiuii* of coal*. roaai«liD( of tllrty- 
*ii biialiol*, Tba cbaldnia ikould iidfh 
two ihotuftml iMiuida. 

CHALICE, (ubV'-i*) o. I. A cup 1 • boat • 
a ojp luad iu acu of vorthip. 

CKAUCED. (Ubfl'-liM) a. Itanog a col] 
or cop ; at a flo»*r. 

CHALK, (t*b(wk> H.I. A while bwilo. 


Pou.^r, Mli'V^mtiUCti— p)o«. pin>— ti9.m;Ta, 



Ti CHALK, (bkf-i) w.». To rab iriik 
dalk ; to Rwaim dilk ttalk ; to nuik «ut 
MdiiL chalk. 

CIIAI.K rrr. (tATirk''lnO "■•• a (nt I> 
*Wh fbalk u Hue. 

CHAI.K-^n'ONE.S, <ut>|wt'-«ifni) «.>. la 
woilcine. Calcaraoiu <aacntii>i* In tho 
huula *ed (dm o( pcneiu naUntly tfccieJ 

ClUIJCYrTuhiair-U) ■. Coiuutmit □[ 
ihnlk : ImpivfBBud villi diilk. 

T* CItALLKtSut. {uh)r-l^nt;e> i. u. To 
call uiolLcr m inmr hi «i oAauca by 
cooloii ukbU tOAVontuti toacouo- tn 
bw. To otifect 10 ihe imp«ni>Iit]r of uy 
o>* ; lo (faun w iliu j lo rail lo iho pin- 
lurmiiinrn of cotdildoni. 

CIIALLKNUi:. (Hl>(r.|{iiJ«> n. ,. A (UIK- 
mon* lo coiiihol ; a itmaui at wirrmltaij 
u doo ; ui fjCTptJM tilun ■(■lut fer- 
•OBi u la Milv in the joior*, gr any one of 
llxm. tif lilt jaiKiMt al th« bar. 

CIIAI.I.F\OR\BLf:. (Ubtl'-£Djp.|-bl) a. 
<~i;iib]r <it taiiiE oMtd 10 account. 

CHALLl^lGKlt. (ulitl'-%o.Jra) ■.!. Om 
thai dtfi«* anoCho u combat i coo Uiil 
ciauu vuiuuiosi^ ; ft flfllwitilHi 

CllAI.rBE.\N. (MiV-kf^>a. BeliliBg 
lo iitrl udll vtii:u)[bi at tompond. 

<-IIALVUtl.\Tt:, (k«-l<b'-b«tO «. Inpef 
niitol with iion oE ««l. 

'.CHAM. (kqiD) Tlie Mrmiga prioct 

of Tarlaiy ; a laid of ihe Fenian court. 

CItAAIAUE. (ibt.aiiilo') m.t. TUbtUd 

»il» dram wUcfa dtdOTM a nuTMidtr. 
CKAMIUIK. (talifDu'-htr) ■.!. An aput- 
Bl«nt in a Lnuo ; any i rtiml room ; any 
catilj ta hollow i a court of jiuticn i llio 
iMwr iwt cf a (OS vbm ili* cbarf* U 
tadMd i a MDad fire* of unlnaan ; Ilia 
twnijT vhsio tho pewdM li lai](*d in a 
Tv (.-XAitDER. (UbfDW-bci) •. •■ To bo 


P1'dCl!AllDKR,(uhuna'.bn) !>.«. Toahut 
itp Id ill b cliUbbiv. 
CIlABIIlEli CUUKSEL. (uhiM'^^r-kfyn'- 
«(■) *,!, A oonoMllat *lio dolirm hia 
pHvaia opinion, hsi dot* not plead in couii. 
CHAMDER-riUCnCl;. (uligme'-btt- 
pl^'-ti*) n. I. Tlia pnelicfi of bi*Tm. 
^m «ko pt« their advice printcly, oiUiout 
^■^ upmine ta court. 
■^AUREHEn. (tibtma'-btTH;T) a. i. A 
■nan cf hilniniB : a (hnml>r(laia. 
ClIAUHKRFKUXtW. (ulnmi^-blr-ttM?) 

■. >. (too tliBl tin in (ho Mmo chamt>«r. 
CIIAU8i:RINU,{tihtmt'-brr-lD|;) ■.!. la- 

KCIIAMItERL^iN, (ubuiui'-b«r-lb>) n. •. 

^g ,\a ollinr of Mai* ; a Mnant *ba bu lh« 

(arc of (hi diunkm ; a ncthot of hsis 

vhJ mwDota. 

BOIAMBEHL^lPntnP, (Mtme'-bfr-lia- 

Aip) n. 1. Thp oAn af a chamberlain. 

RERMAll), (tthiau'-bsr-in^dB) n.k 
A miiil oliw buiutw la udma a laJy, 
and ««it ia Ln ctiuali'r. 



I'ha loiivl or WdiaK of Iho ubbm iwct o( 

CHAMIXEON, aV">?'-<?-^) «. 1. An 
nft^ififtl tthioh ta taul to aMuioo (ho cohnr 
of IkoM dibp lo vUch i( ii aupUod. 

Ta CtlAMELEOVIZE. (kfiDoVlc-iui-la*) 
t. «. Ici iihangp into aiBDy rokmfL 

T« ClUMFLIt, (uh^m'-ftc) 1. •>. In anU- 
IHtBR, To rhanoal ; to toaka fun owo ot 
Foucn upon a column. 

aiAMn:R.(cdiui'-rtr) In.*. A MktD 

CHAMfHLT,(tib«ni''lii(} t fiw* es k 

CIIAMQI^, <>ht-mf*> •■. •■ An ulmal of 
tlu coat kind, vbnio *kin ■• laado bto m>U 
loatboTi rtmsnooly called WkaniH. 

CnAMOMILB, (kva'-v Kilo) a. a. Sm 


Te CIlAMf, (uhtmp> o. •. To biia vU 
■ frtiiunil acliuD (jf (ba Uoth ; lo dat^ur 
villi ihD tMlh. 

To CIlAAir, (uh^mp) rv fc To fMtem 

fraqnsDtlT the aclMo oTUAntf. 
CJJAitPAUNE. (•b«n'-p4»e) >. k A kiwi 

of wine from ih« piorinM «t Cbaaip«(tiB ; 

vine w) lalbd. 
CIlANtfAIGK, (ih|io'-pV>o) n-a A tal 

o|i«<n ctmnttT- 
CHAMPAIGN', )((b«m'-p*De) n. t. Optm, 
aiAMPAIN. ( otdal- 
CIlAMI-KUniR. (latitm'-itt-t^i} «■>. Oaa 

•bo nioisa auiu, and pamwa at hIa {oopM 

coati, (o bAT* put of the |>ini^ 
CHAMPEUT\*. (uh|m'-|>rT-io> n. i. A 

ntynmanrt of asy maa in hU auie, opcm 

coodliiou K> hata part of tbo thing whta it 

U rtcoTrard. 
CIIAKtriGNON. (■h«(D-pii>'-7>)a) a.t. A 

Und of ■Dnihroom. 
CfIAMrlO.\. (Uh^'-f^lfii) iLfc A maa 

who undrnaVH a cniwe in ciukIc combat ; 

a \im. Is hfr, CUaBpun it tAra lor bioi 

tbu irtMh (h« coBibal tn Ua own caM, aa 

*e11 aa for hW that S|hulh b the oae (f 

CIIANcr..(tah(ue) a. t. Foi f e-. thaact 

of (onono i accident ; neat : Mccna ; ala- 

fonuDOi unlucky adridcDtipaarfbiliijgfaay 

CHAKCK, (tahyiM-) a. Fonoiloua; iif- 

I>'ngii\.- hy cbm»- 

' !'.. (uhanit) u n. To happoa. 
I . liL. (tnhtneo'-rtfl) a. Hawibniia. 

i. II .\ .•, I i.M£l)LKy, (uliftMO-msd'-li) m.t. 

Ia law, Tlie casual alaogbler of a man, not 

aliofelhn wilboul th<- holt of iW alarat. 
CllANC(:AULEyD^'-«a-U)a. AocidcaMl. 
CIIA}!Ct:u (ub«n'-«tl) n.i. Tbe cwunt 

vtn of the (huicb, u wUiJi tha altar it 
CJUMCELLOIt. (tihai'-Hil-lli) ". •■ Tbo 

chief tdouaiAntor m iiuilcv, and mxi to 

ibeMfWeifni CkaulbTn («( SnJwMfMJ 

Court, A loihop'i liwyer, !'> ilirnt tha 

liabopt to matl(i( of nclioioatkal law; 

bfli— tabr, (ub, In^tl;— qili— ptynd,— lAht, tkU. 



AnMjLr if a CalMnl, K dltnllMT, wbM* 
ollka tl )• lo •apniulroi llig Ngubi nnr- 
nM of ilMotiw : C * «Mill> «^ tl* Ew^ 
^T, An olBcvr aba ta« tbc cbivT muue- 
mMA of lilt ray-U rDtcuoe . Chunatior yan 
Univtnity, Oon ^ho ic^t tlui di}»laiiuB nnd 
Uncn of dcgnH. lu. p*«i u> <1m ohnt- 
Blj ; CliamtUir if iht Onto if Of Otrlir, 
Aa ollum who mU Ui* comnJwioBa isd 
DUiadnW* of Chv cbajilrr. 

CHAN'CF.LLOn:iHIP. (uhM'-p^l-lgi-thip) 
a. I. Tlw cAm of ft ehanecOor. 
'CIIASCr.RY. (ul>ui'-<i(r^) iki. naUgh 
tonn of eqoii; lod eettdmot. 

CIIANCi:S, (ub|ii'-*iK) n. i. Id mBiik<aift> 
lie*. A traxh o( modtni aoilju. «bich 
UUU of dkt nobkldliljr of cntaia OTnii, 
bjr contatnplatuig waj* in wblili lli*y may 
happn to nUow. 

CIIAhXR^ ((btnih'-it) n. I. Aa ukci 
vtwilly umpc £rofD TttiMroI naljiJjdt^ 

TH.^NCROltlt. (•hfnKk'-nu) 0. Lkeroui. 
' CIIANDKUKIt. (ikgD-ai.'-lM^) n. •- A 

bruch for cmhUm. 
* CIUNDLER. (uhipid'-lit) ■.!. Aa ti\itsa 
wbo nikkaa and mIU candln ; any dealat 
in tiDkll HntFa ai a (nni •chuuUw, &c. 

CHAM>U:RY, <t*h|o<)'-l<:T^) a.1. Tbo 
■nirl'i Mid by a chudlrr. 

CIMNUHY. (ul>|n'-<l») n.i, Tb* ^lat* 
*bm tbc casdlca iro M[it. 

CHANFKIN, (uhio'-frm) n. i. -n« for* 
|>art of tlia tivad of a hunr. 

TvCllANGK, (Idiwic) r.a. To put <io« 
ihing la lb* plica of anotbn ) (0 ijult any- 
tbing Ik I^ nha nt anoibn ; to j^n uul 
aka ndpnoJIy ; to altrt i 10 dtacooni a 
Imttf pitc* of ounwy inu wrttal Mnallcr. 
[ To CTlANG E, (tUiqDje) r. n. To un Jorgo 
ibann -, la diaogei M the moon. 

CHANGE, (tdiBOw] n.*. An alionlion at 
the Mala 01 aoynin| -, a awocMoa of odo 
thing in (lie place of anglhrr ; the time a 
wlika (lif Doom bepni a new monthly n- 
Tololion ; po**lly ) an altaralioo of the 
otdet in irhicb a wl of IxDi !• mounded ; 
Uial vLlch mnkta a vari^y i iLTinH aionry i 
uH>d for cicbui|;v i a p1ai> for mamwnle 

CUANGfLiUU':, (tihma'-^-U) a. Safat*ct 
to thange ; potaibL* to IM cbkD|[*d ; liaring 
the quiliij' of ubibilng dUTiRDC appoar- 

CHANOKABl.KMt:Sil, (tabtnje'^a-bl-Q^) 
•(.a. Imumlancy ; auKtpllbihiy of chanEc 

CIIAKUCAUUY, {uhaDjn*.4bJf) oi. la- 

CIIAXGIilFrU (ttbtnjoMvl) a. Full oC 

CHANCKt.ESS. (uhujo'-lcaja. Coiutatii. 

CllANGt.l.lNG, (tJI(»J«'-ling) a. i. A 
chilli left or takm in tbe placo of ooothot ; 
an Uiot ; one apt lo (baagh 

CUANUKK. (iilianv'-jii) n. 1. One »ho 
alt* tl the foRci of anyihioK -, one employod 
fat cbanftng or diacoutitiu^> nimrv. 

CirANNEL. (ttbtn'-niO) a. 1. Ilialiollnv 
led of nmning wauta i any cailty iln*a 


Iragthvay* ; a Mnit oi nart«w •(« haWen 

■*o unmoiH 1 ■ guuer at furrow of a pil- 

lar ; a knisal In the acicel. 
7h CHANNEL, (uh^'-nal) n.*. To cut w 

7'CIIANT. (tabtnt) r.a. To^; (aobf 

lini* by Mngi lo dng lli* tsibiodnU wr* 

Tt CHANT, (lab)Dl) u. il To nng. 
CUAXT, (tahfnt) n. <■ 5osg ; melody ; a 

put of c«tl>nlnl aenicr, both with aoit 

wiihoat the otKUi. 
CllA.VTEIt.(l«b|n'-tst)a.a. Aniig«r;Ihu 

leader of b thoic. 
CtlA^nCLEER,<ub|Il^(»'Uee() ■.*. TLa 

UBme plea to the tack, ftoin the fkameaa 

ud louilnffaa of lua cnm. 
CUANTKESS, (ti^B'-tr{B) «. t. A woman 

CIlANrUY. (I.b»n'-ci»> ■,.. Artupelm- 

doovil With nT«aue fot piieita U >lai; mue 

(at Ibe mmI* of doiwn. 
CIIA08, <ha'-a*) ■. 1, The matt of mauet 

auppoidi ta bo ia coatualon btfbto It waa 

dinded by ihacttalkm lato Lt« pmpcl claaaea 

aod elnnenti ; roofualun ; anything when 

the twrti ate uudiiCLDguuhecL 
ClIAUriCK. (ka-^'-ttkJ n. CenfaMd. 
Tt CHAP, (Uligp) v.a. To break into AhAu^ 

CHAP, (tafayp) ■. I, A cleft 1 as apntuin. 
C11AP, <ul*vp) ■■•- The upper or nndar 

part of a bwut'e mouth. 
7a CHAP, (tabop) r. ■. To cheap or cbntpca. 
CHAF, (uhfp) n. h Au abW(Tialioa of 

OfAPEAU,(abtp'-») ■.(. liihg«B]ili7,A 

cAp of aiote worn by dukea, 
CHAPEL, (labgp-;!) a. 1. & building ad- 

joiDUig lanchutvh, a* a parctd ot (bo nine ; 

or aopaiau, railed ■ cbaul of Mao. A 

jiriDtiDit office -, en ralM McauM prindne 

la Enfluii] will lirfi caiiled on In • chapel 

at WfiAtniiiiMUr Attbitw. 
CltAPtXI^NV. <i*liw'-|»:Men-ii.> a.!. 'A 

place (oundad within aoDM ^nfcb, and da- 

poodoil theioou. 
CllArELItY, rttbui'>ii.i. Tlejuria- 

diclion of a cliapoL 
CHAPERON, (ebir'-fr-fea') a. >. Aland 

of bood oi cnu, 
T.I CHAPERON, (eb)p'tr-«!n) e. aw Tb 

Btlmft on a lady in a poblla utrmbly. 
CHAPFALLEN. <t*h<ip--^ln) i. Ilaiing 

th( BiDiilb abrunk ', lileDcetl. 
CHAPIIER. <l*btp'-f-ii;r) i>.i. The nppti 

Srt O! tauilal of a pillBr. 
PLAIN, (uhtp'-luie) e. k 11* that 

pnfonnt diiiae aeirln In a chnpd ; onu 

that uffitiulei in domeiUih aorahip. 
CHAPLAINCY, (tahtp'-lio-e*) «■ •• Thu 

oOiCD of a •haiilaia. 
CliAPLAINblllP. ^Uhtp'-liu^liip) a. «. 

Tbcofflre of a ehanlidn ; the poweaaian or 

iceeaiie of a chapel. 
CHAPLKI'. (Iibtp'-lit) n.t. A garlaitd «i 

wiraib worn about (he head ; ■ aiiiBg of 

liMdi un-d ilk ibe Roniiab (hunli. In 


fate, ^r. (|ll, ^1^—10^ mil; — not, pin i— nfi, dot*. 




ivuil Wwli. nrnrit. oi oUrcki 
CllAPMAN.(Utifp'<in^><i.i. Aebiapnwr; 

• aalhr ; ■ uaiknt-mui. 
CHAPS, (uhqpa) n. & tbs Boutb of * 


CHApli"l>. }(*^«POf«-f«--&omreiAflp. 

ClUfrtlR. (Ub4|>'-ur) n-i. A dlryaii of 
■ took ; u utraiUy of (be clerKy of » 
mhtdnl at colkt^laM chufcb ; > danciBt 

■Mrmhlin of Ihi tlttiij am Eielil. 

T'CIIAPTER, (uhip'-io) iL a. To tu; 
I« (nrrrct. 
iCIlAFlKEL, (Ubqp'-tirll n. i. In »rc)>i(*c- 
r (01*. 'rht inpaau, or thow [wt* on wbicb 
' ' tb« br( of pillu* ■umd. 

CHAR, (uh^) n. 1. A ilclieiila llib Ibusil 
iudM lakgiwtCmnbcTludKiil Wninxiic- 

Te niAlt. (uhp) t. & Totum wo«d to ■ 
bitf L anilpi. 

CHAIt, (ul^n) n. •. Wock dooo bf llio 
dMT ', a lioitls job ot nik, 

Tp CIUII, (iihfn) tv H To iFork tif iha 
day, withnal btiog a taitrd •cirnni. 

T« CHAK, (ubfiDj n a. To jxifonn ■ 

CHAK-WONAK. (Uhti«'-*vn-|a> B.1. A 
*omui Urrd Ibi Md vork, or aiiiiila dtyi, 

CI)AIt.\CTKR, (k)i'-^.((t} •L). A miuk ; 
» tump 1 k leiuf uMil In writing or print- 
ing 1 lbs bud «t mkniwl of vnting ; ■ n- 
jmHslitiDa of pemMMl qunliUM ; ibe |iEr- 
•on widi Ui uxmblago of qu&Huti ; a 
pBMinipi iMndAiJ owlideii pankiiUi 
coiu^iuooa oT ibo mind. 

r>CIIA[lACT£lt,<tv'-^-ltr) t.: Toin. 
•crib*; Uxagrnv. 

ISllCK. (^I'-|k.t^^•■■^^-k^l. kfr^-W- 
rii'-tik) u. ('oiiBiiiutiut: iliii ch&newr. 

ClfAKAtl tmsTUAI-UV, (iJj-nk.te.ny. 
(^k^l-lr) a/, Lq a maQuer wlikh iinia- 

ARArlKHl-S-nCAUNCMt, <k^rak.[^ 

n('.(*-L^-Dn*j II. I. 'Ilia quality of Nini; 

prtul'iai (o « cbonclri. 
CIIARACTERUI'ICK, aih^k-lfii^-lik) 

■■ h lliu *bicb coniiuuie* ilia ilianic. 

ClIAB-lCTERlsriCK / " l.^Am, (^r- 

tk-lB-iii'-Ui) S.I. Tbe muiiiritbtbo ■■• 


recuARACTtnisE. (k^^-^k■^lfit) *■*. 

To girc 1 chtiMtor of tbp pcnonal (imtitie* 
of any nu i (o cagrBt*, oi isipnu ■ to 
Duuk iritb A (Innin. 

CtlARAUt:. (tha.!^') a. 1. A «pvciM of 
riddlF. DMuJJv in ttno. 

CJIAItCqAL,(t>baf'-kaI«) n.*. Coalmaili) 
t^ bolaini vood undei tuif. 

CIIA KD. < Ub(id ) a. 1. rAunli at wiicboki-i 
an tLc Irtn* at fait atiicboke nlanla, tiod 
and trnppnl up all oin but Uia lop. in 
Miaw i clianb of btvl, at* plinit o( ubiip 
btM tmuplaalciL 

rDCHAnGK,(ub)|ijc) K-o. TocaitiiMii« 
comuHion for a cfttun pupow^; lu iOK 

CH ■* > d*bi ; lo impuM a* a crime ; t* 
poM a* a latk : to aonMO ; to cemmnnd ( 
lonijoiB; In foil itfion » toaUacki l'>lDad; 
to 6IJ 1 lo load a (Uii : lo )iul U> vtpmot. 
TiiCllAlttiE, (ubwjc) i\n. To ninka an 


CiUKGE, (tihiirJB) «.!. Cat*; nutcdy; 
trmrtiC i mandair i corumiMlmi ; tnwl coo. 
riFrTM ; aauMlioa ; imputation i lbs pvi- 
•on OT Aiaf rotnwlid lo tliecaie o( a&. 
Mlwr ; an nbonalJoB of a jud(o lo a jury ; 
or biibu)) M Ini dn^ ; «i|>oac« -, cotl -, ia 
lam ilmi* ((UEnieiiTy aMd In lb* plural, 
MsFjia; snarl ; tlio in|[*3l lo lUBjion tar- 
tnift ; Uit (uutur* of a »«Bpon Atlad fol tbo 
aluck ; a IobJ, or biirtliai ; «bat aajthiui 
lau bcu ; thu quuiuiy of powdor nod ball 
mil inio a i;uD. Ia htialdiy. Tbal vbich u 
baniv ujioD an cKuUbroo, oi upon iJhs 

CIIARGKA0U':.(ubu'.j4.U)tL Eiponil*Oi 
ooally ; iiupiiUliJc, ni a debt or crime i Jub. 
}t^^ lo cbtrjic. 

i:iprncr . i:t*t> 

CHAHOHABLY, (tahgi'.jt-blt) a. Eipvn- 

CIlAIUirFri., (tdiUQa'.fvl)a. Espoe^ra ; 

CHAK'CER.(ubii'.Jit) B.I. AlBgaiUhi 
a wnt bono. 

CKAHILY. (t*hf'.if.lf> ul. Wnilyiftu- 

C)(ARiM:&3,(Ubi'-rf4£*) «.!. Cintioii ; 

CHAtt'lOT, (Ubf-ro-ui) a. 1. A wbHl car- 

ria^ of pifguurv, or tlatr , a car in wIncX 

men of annt vri« anrtrnily p1iu«d j a 

llchtft UiiJ uf CDuli *itb only ftuiil Mraa. 
CHARIOThKll. <l*lit-TV-uMnn'> n.i. lU 

ihnf driiM the liiarioi. 
CIlAKIOT-RACCCubt'-tf ut-nM) n.i. A 

(poit vhDio cbuiou aetc dritMi fur tbo 

CnAH[TAniX.(uhf'-if-l«'b)) a. Kind in 

cinncalma; kindutjiid(;b£of oibrrL 
CIlARirAllLENtSS, <tjJ.ur'-o-tt-l>l.nn) 

n,M. 'Ite FinOM d cbaniy ; dlafioulliw 

to charily. 

CIIAUlTABLY,(ialHi'-9'Vt'';)*'- Kindly; 

CIIAKI1T, (iifaif'f tf > ih fc TcDdm*Mi 

hieilDna; gaod*iII i himcrotnia*; iha ihoo- 

logical Tiniie of uninnal loTri libpialiiy 

to thr pour i alna. 
To CItAIlK, (lUiJsik) v.a. To burn to a 

litai'k cinder, oi wood it bumod in make 

CIUIlLATAN.(*hu'.lt.44n)n. a AijuacLi 

a niouulrbank. 
CIIAItl.AIAMCAL, (•bu-lf-ltn'.D^fl} a. 

CIIAHLATAXRY, (»b|i'-lf*»n.lo) a. •. 

Wb''(rt)iug ; dccviL 
tllAHLKS-S-WAlN. (t»hBrl»'-i(.«^ne'l a.a 

Tbe oonlii'm (oniWIIntidi). callnt ilie Ucu. 

ngl^— tfbo, ri^, byll i— (>l i — pfqodi— tUi^ iiiii. 




CIIAIUjOCC,(i)d4rM)ft)ii.k AwmJcwv- 
big amonu d« coin wvh •nUo« tovvr. 

rCtURU, (MbuiD) •.!. Wordi, ct pUhtM. 
oi chmcUt* ; ■onaihbig of powM lo fob- 
dna oMMltkia, mi gkln the kOiicdM*. 
Ta CHARM, (i^isnn) r. » To ftnti^ wlih 
<tmta» •(iiiul (*il ; la mill* poirmbl t>j 
diami 1 ID (unuiioo by uiraatiiiaa ; to 
(ubiiw by bidii hckI pa«i?>i to nbJiu 
tb> nuind by pleMore ; la tnoe ; to tnaptr. 

I n CflARM, (ulij^n) •. lb To aotiad £u- 

fCHAKMK.K. (tiJiKi'mPi) ». t. UfW tbftt 

bu t)u pomi of cliatDw ; mnl of eadMr- 

BHol unooK lotm. 
tCIURMt'l'L, (tAmm'-Hifl) o. Abeaiidlii| 
I iiMh duunii. 

fCllAtUIIVG. (i«liBi'-t(iin|};Mn.a. FleM- 
I iac io tho tiitliMt deenct 
[ClURAUNCLY. (^lu'-nenc-lf) •(. la 
I *urb * Bnnnrr n« to jdMua iiniiwiIliiiLtj 
PCHARMING\E.'«. (tab(i''niB(4^) «■•. 

Tbe nmrt of piMUDU. 
□IARkCL, (ufaar'-nftl) CgnUinlog Mmb, at 

CIIARh'P.l^tlOl'SE. (ithnr'-nvl-litiuO n. i. 

'll» |)lacc under cbunbci vLcn llkii booM 

of tbe dead an mnulcd, 
[CHART, (kgrt at iJbgn)ihi. AddiMHion 
I of coMW, for thi iwf «f Mibi*. 
ICllAKnil- SfsCjKru. 
FCllAKTKK. (i4ldr'-t{() ■.*. A wtUwh •*>■ 

ddu* j uif wrillu); lcno*lag prititgfMOl 

rigbti ; pWrllpgo ; lnimuDl<y. 
CnAHTEk-LANU. (uhji'-iy'ltDd) k. J. 

Sucli land u a mui boldi by (Mntt. 

A pifiu N)MiD( lo ■ coabBct. of wtiiiJi 
, Mth ptf^bMkcopy. 

ICHARTERED. (tib^-utd) «. IMtUoecJ. 

iCIlAftV. (uhf'-n) a. Cueful ; cwiioiu. 

'TbCitASE, (uhfM) n a. To buDl; U 
poEn* an rotnjt i to driio away. 
T»CHASS.Nifb. am To r.iauAtt. 
CRASK, (lihuo) ikt. llDnliDE; puntdl of 
■oylbbk^ ai fua* : |iurj<uil of nu cnomy -, 
tipta (rauod (lorad niith lueh bra*U u ara 
boslnd. ITM Auf gf' a^uii, ia tta wbcJo 
tion OI Imatk. A urm at th« gauo of 
ani*,dnlh(a(ll«*puta'btr*aLall (all*, 
t a ro d which the adTcnu; miut luika Ua 
twl lo tun n (biuo. 
CUASE-CUN. (labtao'-na) n.t. Oiuii b 
du> rorvinui of tha lUn. 

I CIIA5KABUi;. (lal^M -t-hl) a. Fit for dio 

I ChlM. 

CHASER, (uha'-Hc) ft. (. Huatoi -, jrat- 

■urr : dncti . an eofhaiu. 
CltA^M. (kum) a. 1. A brsath oDcIoW ; 

a i>la<o unnlled ; n tacoiiy. 
CKASAIED, (k«nadj a. llaTing gap* ot 

CtUSTE. (DiiatM) a. Purn fmn all com- 

innc* of aaxai ; pnra i mccrtupt ; bn 

bOm ohK^oIly ; tna to th« iDanian bad. 
'■CHASTELY. (lahuM'-k) a. Wllboiit ia- 

cgoChwaca ; purtj;. 


7)tCHAST13I,(iih|M'-tii>i<.a. Torameii 

to pimiah. 
CUASIENER, (uhfM'-lii-Qi) n.!. Havto 

CIU:?rE.VES3. (tOmuf-ti^i) «.* CbM- 

lily; purity ; |iuhty of wnEici;. 
TaCIIAaTli^E. (uhfi-itKi') i.i. Topnslibi 

lo Icidiica (0 olJcT ; la rspms. 
ClIASIIaEABLE, ((ih4»-t)iv'-t-bl} «. Do* 

KTtiaf rhatdi^mt. 
CHAimSFJlENT. (tdif/-tia-n>tal} a. i. 

CotTocboQ i puuuhnurac 
CHAST1AKR. (iilitMj'-isi) a.*. H^wlio 

toriMla tn punlihraaob 
CH.WrriV. (ub*.'-tfc(o> a... Pimly of 

llic boilj ; fMndom iniia obteaally j hat' 

doiu ttan bad mliCaie of anj kliid. 
fa CHAT, (Ml^l} r. a. To ptua ( to coa- 

CtlAT, (Uhai) a.1. Ul* talk ; piue. 
CHATCIXAN Y. (•htC-tjMcn-n) ■>■ i. Tlia 

dia tricm ndw tha daminioa of a ouilc- 
CHATTT.L, (tibt«'-tgl) a. i. Any nKnnibi 

pntnaaioa ; a ttiai iu<^ id foim* of Uw. 
r- CHATTER. (i»itir-(ji) ».«. ToiuaUa 

tsM* aa a pia. ot othor unhutnonlciu bird ; 

to maka a aolae by coUlahiu of tbe imiL I lo 

tal t iJlif « t catelstaly. 
CfTATTER. (ubff-tjt) n.i. Koiae like thai 

of B fir (It mookay ; idls prala. 
ClIATTERBOV. (Ubtl'-ts>-btka) n. >. A 

word of oooi'-inni. «i>pKHl Ui iiicb •« aio 

rotiycaallj tall-init iMj. 
CflAlTEKKK, (ithti'>|.r-t<!i) •!.•. An Idle 

CHAriKKINC. {uliii-.|^iliC) a.*. IdU 

□t uDpnjliubla ulhi. 
rHATTV.(uli}t'-lc) ■. ChBRolngi ceu- 

Ttning ftocly. 
CHATWOOD, (uh(t'-«fd) n. J. Litilo 

iticliai funL 
CUA VENDER. (Uh(T'-SD-d£i) a. i. Tbc 

(bub ; a hih. 
CIIAUNT. E«Cn**i. 
To CUAW, (lab)*} n. «. To maaticatn ; m 


CDAWimON. (Uh(w'.dna)a.i. Fjlln>l>. 
C1IF:.1I>. (i^opa) a. To'^br bad si n low 

trlu ; ot )iuiJl taluB ot calimatiaa. 
EAP. (Uhipo) a.<. Maikelt Wrtalo. 
rs CIlEAFKt^, (ttbe'-pa) >.<. To wk ih« 

ntlcB ot any mmiDinUly ; la Icmm nJiib 
CHEAPENER, (ub<'-|«-sr) m.: A b«i> 

CnF..ArLY, <ulitpe'-lF) arf. Al a anall 

CHEAPNESS, (tilifpf-iiia} a. >. LawavM 

of pncr. 
Clltw\R. .SroCnita. 
Ta CHEA r. (iahfM> r. n. To d«fniud : u 


CHEAT, (uhcla) a.1. A baud ; a tilck i • 

pptKB cuiliy of band. 
CIlEATEIl, (ubf'-lfc) a. (. One that piat- 

tite* ftaadi 
Tci CHECK. (ttLik) !.(. To r<pi««a: lo 

curli -, 10 tpprove ; to chide ; to cotopan' a 

bank sotc or othabiU Kith Uie Min*|K>iiJ- 


Kfle,^, %U, f(Ci— DO, Bji>— pjne, pidi— no, aion. 



T« OtECK. (uLtL) ^ .. ToMiip;loclMb; 
u initrfcn . bi tihkc wMh rriTCwaa. 

CHECK, <Lihtk) B. L KcptMMrcjaUp; 
•bMib mUBint; (orti ^ ■ leproof i aaj 
•Up At tnlnronuon i lb> comapoDdiai; 
«I|*«T cf m bank bill. Tliij oronl u oftm 
ciBnpdj uwd for thn ■li;Jt ttioir of tin 
pmon on kit baakal. A irrta umJ ia ih) 
IMU of (bou ; liaen cloth fabiicUed ia 

T>rHi:i:KKIl. SmCkmoo. 
CUECKKK. (u)i«1i'-*r> «.■. A NfraliMd- 

ti 1 B tftuknr. 
CBECKLCS, (Ubsk'-lgi) a. UneoalniU. 

aU*; Tlalcnt. 
CHECECUATB, (liliek'.auw') n. >. Tl« 

Bovtaol oa tba chow-bovil. hy «Lkh 

tba Uoff tt niftdo pnmitfi. ud iJbo nuw 

71 CUECKilATE. (ul^li'-iinie') n.*. To 

nieui idTinuj check nuita. FiguiMiTtJjr, 

To fiuiih. 
CHI^EK. <UIifA} n.1. 'I^D iIJn of (ha 

tua beluw tlig qra. Amoitu luiMJuuiickj, 

All llioM ptcen of (bttc aucbinca UM an 

doubliF, ud pcubnly alik«k 
Cll££KHONt;.(I>dutt'-lifDe)a.>. TUboao 

of (Le lLkIc- 
CHEflKTUOni. (uherk'-tGgiA) ibi. Tbe 

hiniloi Iiwib of tuk. 
CHKl^R. (uhc^) dab EawnaiuKimu I in- 

riuaou to gtiMjr ; gtuotjt ; jollUf j tii o( 

(b* couausaaca j aodsnuliin -, tbeui of 

tflampb otmitaiwa. 
raCll£EIt, (tibffT) D.g. Toinciioi H> na- 

coongai 10 auiUud b;«ccluiuuioa*j la 

amSvn; (ogbJdcii. 
Ta UllKCR. (UIimt) h Ik To rtd- nf. 
tllKKBKR. (idi«'-nr) n. ». Gli 

Sirri of CUM*. 
KKIlFliL, (ntWrvI) ■■ 0«r;(illof 
litt; hanaf utsppcarancBofgau^i cau>- 


CU££RFULLY, ((■hwm'.l^l.lf) td. Wah- 
ml 4aettun ; «uh wimBEDtai ; wub |[U(4«. 

CttESRFVlSESS. (ubon'-V-nu) •>. i. 
Ynticm fnin dqwuna m hIiiiwiIiiimj 





u. n'iibout 


CHF.ERILV, (ttlwi'-w-lo) «4, 
tllEKULESJv (iiieit':iEj) 

euna M aUdnaMk 
CUKEKLY. (Ubei^.b} «. G» ; (hoed 
CHtEKLY, (ulUafLi} od. Ctuvriullj. 
CHEERV, (ubiw''n)'d. G**; ipngbUv. 
CtlK]'::>E, (uli^j «. 1. A kind of load 

nada by )>tB«sDg tlio cml o( ccagqlaud 

BUlk, aad Mididiiif Um mu* <a dn. 
CIIKUECAU:, (ubMM''.:Mka] n. •■ A oko 

mad* (f loft (urd*. (aur aad boRor. 

Odo vho dnia in tbtttt. 

nr*w In wUch curdi an tirautd. 
CHWiiUVAT, (u!i«M'-nt) K. I. Thp 
voodeik (tLfo in wbiui tbo nod* anwafionl 
la {rtvMiai^ 


COELY. (l-'-lt) *■ >. no daw or a AM 

CUBICISE, <*b{a.«cr) M. .. A dolt U 

fetdBcUidn. A nfl wUnnndi ■ IimUm or 

diuli St tiatA. 
CHKAIIr^TRY. SovCotamaT. 
CHhyrtft. (uIis'''t3 •■»• To»ari.s.ii! 

or dJTHiify. 
CHEQUER, (blwk'ft) m.t. Aa altbmi- 

acion of latAffw : a utftnin. 
Cll>:qitER-AVORK. (uhgl'-n-wntj a.i. 

Work Tuied alUniaiBly uloU«(alDuia,&<. 
r# CHERISH, (t*h(/-i>iL) >,a. To Nip. 

port ; 10 nuTM i to bilp uid ibelMt. 
CiltKISHEK, (ulif/nth'-irJ "''■ Anen* 

tfoongn ; a mjiiporwi. 
CIIf;ni.-^IIMENT, iUbi;r-ii*li-nira(} ■. i. 

tJinuirnnouut ; ivpiKiit ; aila&It. 
CHKHKY. (Wl.ei'.t.) in.u A 

CIIUmY-IHlX, (uhp'-tf-btf) ) tNOHid 

CHERRY. (ubci'-R} •. BMoibling a 

tftmy in colour. 
CIIERnYCHEEKED, <bb£T'>)f.1diftk<) a. 

IJaiiag niiUy (bMi«. 
CHKRRYnT;Cul-*'-i»15l)i«.i. A ridU"* 

pUj.ln wbleh Uiij tbtowditnjrtlOMalalo 

* ■DiAll bolo. 
CM i:llT. (Uhutt) H. •. A Un>l ot KM. 
CUI^IU V. <uVt".(j) •. rUnij. 
CIIEHID, (uLcr*-^) ••. I. A cclodul 

•jiiiii. wUtb, ID Hit blontdiy, la .pUced 

n*it in oidoi Id tKs wrapban. 
CltERUCICAL. (ubf-rv ■l«-k4l> 1*. An- 
OlERVUICK. (uhi^'ri'bjL) f g«lu»l' 
UIMKIBIM. (ubti'vliin) 1.1. l^IU- 

biew plural of cborub. 
CUERVRIKE, (ul,oi'-u-U^) ■■ AomBoI. 
IbCUERlT, lubp'-upj bib TotM^iM 

BM a cbcntid tdico. 
CHESS, (jubet) n. I. A nico aail abtOM* 

game, in wGidi ivo umia* mo niorvd >ta 

opponciaD to cncb othrr. 
CUt-<S-BOARD. (ubt.'-b...rd) h. .. Tb« 

baud on vhicb Ibn cunf of ulirw u plnjivd. 
CHE:vS-UAN', l<*b)|a-in|u> m. i. A |»upixl 

fot cbn*. 
CUC^.(ub»0 n.i. AboilnvUsbiliisg* 

MS laid up ', the tiunk of ibe boily, oi ckAj 

from Ilie •bouldon (a Ui» liflhr. 
CllESrW, (uhcH'-cd) H. HMiDfch^l. 
ClIE:!?T>'Ur. (ubu'-ngl) lut. AJniiit a 

bi^t btova coloiu, ft una ajipUad lo 

CliES^I^tIT-TREE,(Ub{•'-nQt-uto)■.*. A 

(dim Ore. bmiug clinMiuM. , 

CHE^'AUEtt.<•V■4-l^J>.l. Aknigbti 

agolliuii ttT'TDi; ntAd. 

CII£\ALX HL IKISK. (tiie/-9-dp(iWB."> 
Apii'co of liaibn UairtHtl ntb wooden 
■poLM, uhJ in dcfesdlng a fwange. or 
oiaJuag a nlnnchBiviil ta alop lbs caitaliT 

CIIEVKftlL, {ul'ty-V-l}) "■* A kid, 

CHKVlSANrr., (uli«Y"-o-t|na) a-i. Ealer 

CIlKVKU.N. l*LiT'.ron; *.<. In banldiy, 
Oao Ed tlw hoDouiabls oiilisa ' 

wft f— tjbc, Iflb, b«U ;— bI ;— PWmI i-<*la. tab. 



CHKVRONK!,. fibnT'-iwDjI) n. t. A H- 

miiiuiiie of tlic li((»UidL ctmMB* 
TaCHtW, inb^ F.a. To cruili irilli tha 

MMh; wniMlie*!*. 
T'CIIEW, <iiltM!) hfc Tataminito. 
CIIKVVIXG, (tiiiK'-K) "-'■ MBMic&Uoa. 

cini.'ANf;,(tdi^lau}ii.t. nu ui of {<io- 

trxlinf ■ nintt«t bjr fxny objacdoa uid 

ri>riUrAMX (ubo^kna') tv A. To pro- 

louji .t <dat*M iy iniluk 
CI1IC.\N£R, (Ubv-Lf'-ojtJ >i. 1. A ptttj 

*>ti of wtueIwi. 
CHICK. (ubUi) >»■■. air*M ialbo 

ClltCKt'.S.(UbpiV) t oUl'lunlcreUrt. 

lljR VDUnit cd A bird. Mrlif ulaily of n bro ; 

wiAll liiiJ i k wonl 01 mdcnsa ; • turn 

ClUCk'tlNlTMIlIKD. (Hliik'-«n>hBi^) 

a. Cowinllv; limuixu. 
IV CIIICKKNPOX. (uhjk'-«B-pgk«> ■.<. 

Aa cimlbrmMewi ditlempw. m nlibi froni 

id bnpc of no »nr craat >Uii|Er. 
CHICKUMi, (Ubik°lm() ■.!. A •null 

' CHICKPEAS. (uhlt--|>{M) a. «. A Uwl of 

davramla iim. 
CHICkm:eb,(uhik'-mHl)H.i. "naua* 

of ■ plklll. 
T" ClllUK, (ufajje) v.a. VnU cliiJ. fmii. 

cWiffn* To EFpnav* . la KOld , la chocL ; 

to dma amT widi reproof ; la blame. 
To CHIDK ((ihjdc) n n. To clMOolU ; [O 

KOld i lo make a aouc 
CUlDeit. (ohi'dM) n. t. A nbtlLer. 
CUIDIKC. <ulif-a^) ■.!. Rcboke i quju- 

nl i lunpiv, DoiMi Muud. 
ClIIKP, (ubfrf) a. Principal ; mMt «IIU- 

Bfrnt ; rftjiiul ; ol U)> linl ordn. 
ClUEF. (UbMO n. I. A nulitaij com- 

BaniUt 1 tM bead uf a family or partf, 

Ib hertldty, Tho lAii^poiaeuu tba uj'iitr 

tUidpan ol tkt McatchMa. 
ClHSruOM, (tihuf'.dem) M. 1. Save- 

' CIIICFLY. (uboet'-lo) ai. Prioc^Ilr. 
CHIFJ'IUC, <,u^flr-'n) ».•. Aimallraii 

tfiiil 10 tlio lonl patamouni. 
IKFI'AIN. (uhnff'-qnO n. i. A leadet; 

a ctimirmadBr ; Oio b^ad of a claa« 
ClUEtTAINKV. <ubwf'-wn-n>> 1 
CIIIEnAIJS.SHll'.O.Iintf'.lji.^) J "•'■ 

I'lic (talc of a iKidnaia. 
CHIKVANCK. luLM-vyiM) R.I. TraSck. 

In wbirb niDDrv u'ritattrd -, aa cUkouiiI. 
CHILBLAIN, (ubil'-blfoc) n. i. Sana 

tQHilo by fcoal. 
CHILU, (ubild) n-iL n.eKi!drm. Alt In- 

bnl oi niy joiiog pcnon ; one in the Uaa 

of itliatiai),<q'|vinl to tbtparrnt : dctcniil- 

•nli, how nmolo (Otret, atv coUcd chd- 

dm I M. (la cAiUrm of IhmI -. aiiyilJni; 

fto ptoduci of ■uiathn' ,- a o^la jiralh j In 

U UKh rUU, lo bs pN^DBnt 


CinLDBF.ARlXO, (HbiU'.bviili|) n. •. 
The act of htarioc cbiUnn. 

ciiiu}&>:ii.(ui>ird'-b^} K.>. 'n>«*t»ii>of 

a irohaa b«lii* la labouf- 
ailLUUlRTIL fublhr-bnM) -. I. Tbo 
ttni* o< ad of bdnting IsHb. 

cniLi>CRkL\ss DAy,^hir-dDt-iD4*-df') 

a. I. J\tc ilat' on wUA ibc (lUI of Uiu 

bolj lano«nU ii ulBmniud. 
CKILOIIOOD. (uhi1d'-bvd> It.!. Th«aUio 

of clrildrai ; liic (ims « Ufa betwecD id - 

fancy and yaiienj ; tbt pra|iT>ti» of n 

CI]ILDL>UI. (uhildT'i^) a. Harins tl>r 

qiiablwi* uf a cbild ; tiifiini! ; nuarUa. 
CHILDISHLY. (UblUr-ub-le; ad: Id a 

(blldinh tnAine way^ 
CHILDISHNESS. <,ubild'->h-DH)fi.a, Pu> 

pnlil* ; banal oaantni. 
CTIILDLESS. (uhild'-I;*) <i. WUboat tJS- 

ClflLDLl KE, {nl>|ld'-l[ko) a. Htcomiag or 

bMeMniag a dnld. 
CHILIAD. (I><r-le-«d> fi. t. Athoiiuod. 
CHlUAEimOX; (Lil^-f'-di«u> ■■•. A 

Ofuro af i ihoiLkuid ud<>*. 
CHIUAKCH. (V.I'-li;-<iik) a.!. ;A fom- 

RiUidrr of a tlKmaiUiil. 

CIIIUAR(-|IY,<LilM*-u-U) a. i. A body 

(DDlUtllii; ota IllOUHuj DUD. 

ailLlASf. (l>r-tf~fn) a. k Ouo of tbo 

•ccl of tbo nulliiwnatia. 
ClHUFACnVK, (lii-lo.(|k*^ir) a. That 

wbkli luJwa chilo. 
CHIL1FACT0RY.(kj-l;F-r4k'-tnTt)a. lln- 

bia tbo quality of mnking vhylo- 

CinlinCATlUK. lk4'-1»-[fkf-diDii} 11.1. 

Tbo net of malumg ^nyk. 
CHILL, (labjl) a. Cold i baiTDi: Ibr mdhi- 

tloD of <old i doll not wBini i ili-jinuiHid j 

cDld of tompn. 
CHILL, ((abil) a... CUlliDOM; mlcL 
Ta CHILL, (tabjl) «.a. To loaka colli ; to 

dviirvM i K> dpJHt i to b)ut wltb colli. 
CHILLINHW. (i.bil'-l5-«s«) »-»■ A wm- 

aacbv of tl»ri-nj;g. 
OnU.Y, (l>ha'.ln; B, Somnrblt eeld. 
CHILLY. (uh.Y-l^) «/. Coldly. 

cinLNt:ss. (,p.] I..I. cotdoni. 

CHILTKUN HtJNDElKDS.(ulil'.tfm-h(ni'- 
dmU) •.<. Adiilricl, tbo proneny of ihe 
crown, to •ahitii it aiudicd the Domioal 
oSco of alDwud, by tbo BCCBpuncc of »hicl> 
ft ntmbtt of parUMncol ncaM» hia arat ; 
bcneo Out phiwr, " to MMpI lb* Chillirni 

CHlMi:. (ub]no) » (. Th« codMnut oi 
livmcnirh (ound of niBDy tomnoBdont 
innliumcbli ; ibe t<oni«poiid*Be* o(*onnd( 
tlir Mmnd of balli. 

Td <:HIME, (tab{ine) r. n. To aouoJ io hw- 
Biony or coiuaDance ; to tonT>j>0Dd io ■*- 
liuloD oi ptopairiDU ; lo agm ; U ftJI in 
viib; to>uit*id>i lauTMi lojintti. 

Tol'lllMK.((>h|nir) I'.n. To iooto. or •Hike, 
or cQu^e tti ■otind «riih Jobi coDaooancV' 

CHIMER, {uhi' miri) n. h Ho who chlmaa 
the bdla. 

1 « 

Faio, ^, fiU, ^I^Bf. a>tt;-pini(. ptn;-*}, mgrt, 




C111MCIU. (kf«f-fi) •.(. A Ttia ud 

wild fuUT. 
C)fnU:UICAL, (U iMr'-n-lfl) a. Im»- 

O, (uici'ul 1 uonral. 
RICALLY. CL^m^-M-U-o) ad: 
n CiflMEHlze. (Mn'-«-n») <^ ••• Toca- 

tnUaa wild fuiciri. 

CHiUNF.V, (ubijin'-Df) <i.i. The pMMM 
ibM^b vbicli Ih* MBota ajrcnda mini iEb 
If* In IhB bonip ; iba tncn't niKd >bore 
Oo raef of iba boiu* bt canT*)«0CD of tb*t 
■unLn : (be Crrjiliter. 

CHLMNKV'COKNKR, (uJi>m'^*<ligt--ti!r) 
n. 1. Tlia (tMil« i ibe wM m eaeb <ail el 

CULMNKY-MONEV, (l■l■•n>'-^^-n)^■n;) 
n. I. Il«artli-ninnr;, a tu tmjNMHl m 
Chailra lb> wroud'* tini". 

CHIXf»KY.I-IKCR. |ub5«'-nr.pMM) n... 
Tbr (ffiinmt<Dial irtirli rauod the »r|iltcr. 

C1tIUNIlY-SWE»J>£H. (Blqtn'-iw^ne- 

]«>) n. 1. One nhOH Inile it u 10 clean 

CHIN, (ub>n) 1.1. I'bf |a(t of [be bn 

twBtalii lb* ubiIfi- lifh 
nilXA. (uhi'-nt) n. L CioMwar*: por- 

uJaia : X tueae* «f Vcwelf nuula in 

CtllNCOUGII. (ubb'ktir) •!.(. Avialant 

anil tooTuliire (ongb, to «lucb <b)ldnn am 


CHINE, (ubtne) n.i. Tba pan of (bv btck. 

in wlucb iba fiiiu at baek-boia ii found : 

a jiiac* of Ibt tack at an aDinaL 
TaCHINr, rubina) «■•. T»cnt bitocbiiipt. 
CHINED. (6b-iiJ) ■. Rplalfav U tha back. 
Clt1N'E5E, (I^t-Dfw') «••• 'l» lanGMf* 

and pfopla of Cbina. 
CHlMOL£. (•hioif-Kl) *.*■ Cniol, fm 

ffom dirt, 
CHINK. (ubiotL) n. t A null B[ionai« 

To ClllNK. (ubiDek) r-a. To aKaki ki oa 

lo matr a wand. 
Te CHINK. (Wbinik) tv n. To laaat by 

■(rikii]{ rru^b oUirT. 
CIIINKY. (t>bi|islL'.e} a. Oprtiing inUi oai- 

ro» iJtAa. 
C1ltM7. (ubjinta)«.i. Ootb of cotton, and 

printed with Tarioii* rolnun. 
TV CJIir, (ubjp) r. u. In nt inlo nnall 

Sere*; to dinuuub, bj OMItug away a 
lie ni ■ limv. 
TnCllIP, (lobljO v-u. To httvb. or crack. 
Cirir. <irbi|0 n-t- A (diilII pieco ml or 

btuLm offi a rniiill plKc. 
CHll''AXK.(l'''U>'-t>^*) <^'- AoD«-buid*d 

IPIINU, (ubji-ping) ■■ ). A ftafmonl 

cut off. 
ClIIKAORA, p>t-i4'-St) "- '■ Tb« ganl in 

tbi bandt onlj. 
CHIItAClRlC.<L.<Li-fu'-fin-k)])>. Ilar- 

inc <b' rool in thr band. 
ClIIUOtJilAPH, <l,rr*tt»r) B. •. A d««J, 

ni[Uini>g a (niiuU^eui, inf;raHttil twico 

upon llie aaiuo jilMa of iianhBMal, and 

cnl tbreogb thi ^ddle ; a Hue ; > phtlM 

■till nraaonod ia tbr ronuaoD nin*. 
CIlmoOKAFHRR, (ki-r«[.tit-f|ff| «. i. 

A vritat; tho otlicn ia tb* amunin [dcti 

»hi) lumatM Ana*. 
ClUltOGRAPimr, {li-rtf'-tn-ftn) i>. t. 

.\ (hitoragt^liBr : oa* ibai ujlia fortn&M, 

by ctaniininR iho hand. 
CHlROtitUI'HY. (kj-fft'-pl-ro) ■.«. Tba 

art of vtitinr. 
ClIIKOUMjY. (ki.rfI-.Q.}f) a.b Talking 

by nutDunl iLiKna. 
C)IIK[IMAN<:KR, <ii'-ra-n|n.*y) ih t. 

Obc (liii forutelU talure eimti b]/ ioapact- 

ing thd band. 
ailltOMANCY, m'-tf-nia^)*.!. Tba 

an of fcMialliiif by ia*pn.i>o< Ibo load. 
To CHIRP, (labOT) r.*. T* Dwlia a di««c 

fill ooito ; m bud*, wbfti Ibey call vttboot 

ClllltP. (ubtrp)*.!. Tbaiotcoof bii^or 


CHIRPINO. <Khiit>'.tac) ..1. IWnolb 
Boior of bird*. 

CHIRUHUKON, ai-V-Jrvi) *.(. One 
tbtc eorro utmccu I7 imlvanl appliia- 
liona and opmuuu*; u te now |pmrlaU.>- 

wlilUB, lu'MUru 

ClURUKGiaiY. (kjW-jt-M) a. I. Sut- 
(«ty. tba an of ciinag by onemal apjdica- 

CHimncicAi.. (u-m-jo-kiii )«. wo- 

ClllKlRUICK, (kj-nii'-jili') i limiint 

to *iir]frry ; nlaliDg to tho m*ouil jiui ot 

lintlicig i manad in ganonl. 
CHIKKL, (UbiZ-atl) ii.i. An iniiTomoDi 

vilb wbich wood or *tone J* pared. 
T» CHISEL, (iilii^-*«l) V. a. Tu tut or 

caira wilh a clud. 
CHIT, (Uhit) n-t. A diildi a baby; tba 

aboot of cara from Uio rud of tba gmo. 
To rilir. (tabiE) an. To wrouL 
CIUJCHaV, '(t>b><'-C*Hl> n. I. Vmi» i 

id Id uJk. 
ClinTERLI.VG3, (tobil'-lcr-liosi) a. *. 

The bowrl* of an ratabl- uiimkl. 
CHIVALROUS, (dii*' (I i«>) a. RilaUel 

locUohxi fallnnt : wubko, adTroiurava. 
CHlVAI.UY.(tl'!''-4l-rt) n.iL Kiiitbtbood 1 

a mlliiar} difiiiiy -, tbo 4uiiUGtaltaii( of a 

knjgbl. at lalour 1 tbo coorral aytlMii of 

kainbibotid ; tlu body. a> urdn ot kaigVu. 

In Taw, A tctutnot land bykol|bt'* %t.-- 

CHIVES. (ubJTi') «.» Tbo thn«laort]a> 
ninit> rinoB in flowtn 1 a qiouai of aiiiaU 

CHLDROSLS, (kl^(*> o.t, TI10 gitni 


aiMiiumcK. (kif-ivr-jk) a. A«tctcd 

by I'hloroaiii. 

T<>CItOAK.<ubAko) r.*. Sm Cnoil. 

CIlOCOLA'iK. <t>bvK'.n'lftia) a. i. 11a 
unt of the cui-ao-Uao ; Ibo caLn or tnua, 
fnaile bv griiidutg ilic rocao-uul : lhi> lIi)iiDir 
nude by a folulioa uf ebocolaia in hut 

CItUCOLAT&ltOLtSb. (t>k«fc'^-l«ioJ>8V*'> 

ogti— tobp, tgb. bvll; — \fj.; — pfyod^lMo, *ui(. 



CHOICE, (t^ci*) >. •. no ic( «( (:hM«> 
■a( i •Ivtuos ; (ba powf o( <hix>aD| | can 
in thooMBt i A* IhlDi dumm 

CHOICE, (^(Hi) *. SdMi; ^ 

CUOICELV. (uhfjI'-W) af. Ciirioai);; 

CnoiCESESS. (ukfV-*!*) "••■ NioHjr. 
CaiOUI. (kvin) •. •. Ad UHnUy or ha»i 

at ngan ; tba iwpn in dlria* fonhip ; 

tb* pan ef Iha cbortb itto* ib« chocMaa 

n ClfUKi; (Mbfko) « a. TwaafooM; to 
•up ap; toobMnKti u Uodn kf ebMrae- 
lion ; |i> (nnpno ; U iitatpMNV. 

CUUKE, (ulioLi) ..•. Th» tkaiBtwi m 
tauilluT put uf ui anidtolMi. 

CIIOKKK.(l*ho'-iM>fi.i. OaDlluXcliAtMi 
OM Uui |Hiu Mtiiba M nbani wiTtbiDg 
tW cuoM bf anavRML 

CilOLACOGUBS,(ktrf np>a-i- M*lt- 
clM* (m poniiis UW or choif*. 

CHULER. (fif^vy -■ •■ na biilv; IW 
koBoat Btadi, W its «ip««»b«adtM<i. i* 
f^ipaati to ptoJixa IniriMliiy) *■(•«; 

CHOLERA-AfORnUS, (Ifr-lr-if-mai'-bw) 
«. t. A uiiUcn n<M4<Mi4n| of dis Ul«, St- 
thaiErii bnlh uonnU and Jownwrnntk 

CKOLEKICK, (kfl'-l*(-^> a. AboondlBg 
irilh cboUr -. aiwry ; ltiucihI*L 

CHOLKKUKNlSit, (iLff-Ur-ik.*^) a. i. 

aiUUAU'UlCKS. (kfl-f-^'-^hO <*■ fc 

Vkm* diflvrioE frmi tlu) tcoe UmUck, bar. 

tot u Umlilck bollnibtftUpUecudB 

ipODtli* In lh> (lllli. cr loac 
7« rilUOBE, jiabaoH) ■.n. pM. iAmi, pan. 

rt>». To taU% waj o( ftaftnaoa ; u> 

ul* ; noi lo tcAim ; la ariM. 
r<UIOOSB. (idieDM) T. a. ToliaTeihB 

Hw«i«f<boK»i wwill; todptpnaiDe, 
CROOSEH, (tikg^-ip) a. •. Ha tUi hM 

ihr eonm of rboount 
7.> CHOP. (Uhqp) i.a. To cut with a quick 

hiov ; lo mine* ; to bnak ioto rhioL*. 
Til CHOP, (tihvp) a. n. Ta do anr tlriag 

wiiL a qolf k BiKion. lilM dial at a blow ; to 

curh with iba noalk i lo li(tii upon nd- 

r« CilUP, (Ulifp) lb a. To baittci to 

CilUI', (tihrp) ■•>- A pltca (hoppeil off ; 

a nuall plxo ol au«t . a cn^k, ut tlvfl. 
CBOP-FALLKN. Kr* Ciui-»-.n.»«. 
CHOP-HOUSE. (tdi9p'->>w>) n. >. A boua 

of ulFRuannt. wbecc prorUlM mady 

dMaMda wld. 
CUOflH, (Mbt-M-a') ••. I. A f reach lUmd 

■ iblarit MsUnine oaaiiv a pint of Wia- 

Aanar. lo Scotlaod. A qoan o( wloa 

CHOPPER, (Ul.9p'.ptt> n. I, A boKhn'a 

CHi}|TlN'(i, (t>h«p''f im) ;iwt.a. Applied 

to iabaot i M, * r ^ f i ^ cf auai boy. 


CHOPPraC-BUKX <ub9p -pi»t-bl(k) a. 
A lo( ufwubl.onwliicli uj-dnog ii cut ' 

CROmKG-KNIirE. (ukfp'-Roc-Bib) ib 

A fcdifc In aoBca aaat. 
CHOPS, (abM*>a.i. llMBUHitbofabRi 

iba mutuA olhwaa, atoi l« etatnoiit. 
CIIORAGI'S. (k9^'-ni> a.1. Tb« (u 

tatradRM af i» Mrlial f bofai. 

CHORAL. <kf'.til> a. B<«^«bcioa(l» 
or conrwft ; Borini In a cbolf. 

CHORALLY, (kv'-ritl*) td. UOm 
BtT U a chonii. 

CHORU. <kfnt) ■.!. ThMnniofa 
nl nwmanil ; a ntlaia canHoMlon of 
nolB& [a (coeivtrjr, A right Km. utiiih 
jeiaalho twemdiufanTWobof aciitle. < 

IVCaOiU), (kvrd) iLa. To ranii<h wlllM 

CKORDEF, (kft-da*') a.i. A coaiixtioii 

of Uw fnpnmn. 
CHORUMBiCK. (kyr-o-im'-blkl *.l. T^ 

fOM of a tmc coniutuiii of rout *yllaUr*, 

M, awlrhUi ooo boat lon| al nth tai at 

tht word, md two ihon in tb« toJddla. 
CKUKIOX. (kf''ir-fB) a,!. Tbooulwanl 

DWBteaa* thMmrwnjw ihe firlai. 
CIIORIST, (jkjf^-in) n. I. A MD^iuj wui 

la BriMir. 
CHORISTER. (V>|R> n. h AdDget 

k athaAia]* ; a cimt in a coDrarL 
CHOROORAPHEH. (ka-iH-grl-rtr} a. >. 

Uo diat deaoibM foitkiufat rtfiou ot 

CUOROGRAPHICAI., (k{«-tv.(r^'.f.k^) 

a. DoKriptlTa af wtlcukr tvcioot. 
aionOGRAnilCAl-LY. <kJ^rMI,r*. 

k(l-Ia) ad. Anor^c to tha ntl« of tbora* 

cJIoR&RAPHY, (lo.iyg'm-fc) ■■ «. 
'Ilio ait of imalUag pHtmMr n|ioa«. 
Il is loM fa lu obfaoi lUB |M>fii^, aed 
gtraipr diBa topafraffcjr. 

CliORtS. (korv) n... A aumW of *laf- 
m i a cODurt ', ihc pertofta wim aia au^ 
poatd lo bahobl vliai puaoi in iba aria of 
a tragedy, tad aing ihrii tciiilnxot* balw(«a 
Iha acia t tha aong bnwvcn iho acta of • 
liagcd; ) ?»tata M a Mug fa wlilnh tha 
compny join ibe aiogor. 

CIKIsr, (iJbfao) the prFtertmH froro Tb 

CIIUSKN, (i^f'-m) tho jnrl.fim. from To 


CHOirUH. (lahuf) a. i. A Unl which ftw 

igurnla Ih* nicLa b* the Bra-ndc. 
It CHOL'SE. (ohg^) *. a. Tocl»ai;ia 

CllOUSlWCIdtfvw) ■,!. AbiMlaiaUoli 

a irlck or aliao. 
CHRISM, (krino) n. c Uodiini «afd ta 

Mcfod oananoolaa. 
CHJU3MAL, (kii|-.mBl} a. Rilauag to 

CKRISMATORY. (kt>y-int-lnrV) a.1. A 

Iiiild iTiicI (or lbs oil iatavdad for chrlMB. 
TuCIIRl^ri:.\. (kna'^o) •.«. ToMluio 

Into Cbriadauily by bapuain ; lo n.-uae. 


Ffb^ Hr, f|ll. !«!;— 4DB, mat;— pja*, plo}— of, nor*. 


CHAUTKNOOM. (Ltiy-m-dipn) n. >. Tl« 
npon* of whiih tlx laWiilMI* pRrfcw Um 
Chrioiaa rrliiptiik. 

CHRlirr^IMNU. lLi]t'.»-^ N. (. Tbt 
cvMmuuy of bnpUm. 

aiRlSllAN.(kr'.H'-n°) •••- ApvcAflMi 

•f Iha I*lt(iua (if (.'liIuU 
CIIIII£riAN.(Li..t'-y4a)«. I>iDr*MUiK tba 

nUvion of Ctiriil i ccflniuucal. 

IW BBDC |[i*«a u Ibo font, JiMiMl bum 
ike laililUoM oaaw, w (umaB*. 

cmiiVriAMSM,<ki!M'-jv>>B)H.i. ru 

diiuUju iKligion. 
CIIRlSTUNITY,<k>i^-w-tn'-»tT)>.h Tho 
iduiia of cbiMiuit. 

Tb cnWSTlAMZK. (kiirf-nn-i*) »•■■ 

To cooTcR (u ci>iuuiirii(y. 
CHUBSrUNLY, (kiin-^-lf) o. Bwan- 

ijDi a chruoMi. 
CHRlSTUIiLr, (luia^-jV-l;) •^ ^^" 

ft riirutiuifl 

CHRISTIAN OCUAFItY^hiiil'-na-W-f^ 
t*} fb >. A Ms«nl dtKnpUoa <■ laa na- 
clon* profeulna ehIi■ti■I>it]^ 

CURm'MAJ, <W-«>«*} *•'■ Tbo <fa; m 
vhicli IIm udTiljr of oar hl—eJ Smnani 
it eckbrkipd. by the piutlcuUi »mlL« of 
die dmnli i ibo Muon of ChrUtttib 

CHHlSTMAit-IIUX. I.Iui^'-mfi>b9k*) ii. 4. 
.\ pieHmt (l<«it M Cbnainiw. 

CIIROUATICK, (ki^-nti-ik)^ Bdaliie 
^ft to rologr ; nlnliiig la ■ pamcnlBr ilfl* in 

^ CIlnoMCAL. (Im'-t^)l*. RttuinB 
trintOMCK. (l/^^U) { loadiMM* 
^_ of lODg duruiou ; itbdoi; to diuc. In 
^B mediciDs. A ctiioiiic^ diiumpri u om (]f 
H Ions dumtunk 

CURONICLIi, rkivn'-«-U) «.). A»tpjUr 

of FtonU in orJ v of dra» i a kiMore. 
ncilRONICLK, (ks^'<«.U) !>«. Toie- 

ronl in cbraawU i UiiMcr. 
CKKOMCLER. (byn'-^-klir) ••. i. A 

«fit*T of cbrorucl*« , ■ biBUiri4fi> 
CIlBU.MKiKAM. (iLfan'-o-xrvn) i>- >- An 
hmiiiirliHi inciudiag tlie lUu of lajr KCtioa : 
irf ihb Lind Uio Mlowitm it nn vtaiupio: 
Gloria lauxiua iJmo, laCLmfit in iscKt* 



m a nm '-f-k(l) «■ IMontini; loAdm- 

CURONOKRAMAIATltiT, (Xapntit-Ki^'- 

ID»'tui) H. •. A wiiut of cJiraaagnuni. 
Cli UUNUG R A I'll KR. < kto-OM -S^!') 

■■I. A wnlar uf tt»anoliiK>u> 
CHRONOGRAl'llY. (ki^-sw'.n-h) >. i. 
^K llie ^Hcniiiuin of )«■( umo. 
■ CHK<lNOiX(UER. (Uo-ual'-lfju) •<■(■ B> 
^ dial Muibo 01 cqjlaiw Uw aciaao* cf com- 

pulin> paat (inc. 
CQUONOIjOaiCAL, (kifS-no-l(fd>'-«-M>) 

■■ Ili>l*liu|{ Id ihe dacuuK ol IMM. ' 
CHROiNUUJGICAULV. (lufu-of Igdje'-^ 

ktl-Jv) nif. In a cbtonologHal oumiM* 
CURONUl-OUICK. fkryn.nv-lgdi«'nt) a. 

Deouliiijj |i(iux)i of lim*. 

CIIRON'OI^GIST. (ki9-ii«r-fwtj>-*- A 

CtlR(iN<iLOCT. dj^Dof-o^ff) «. i. Tbe 

td aiijiurtiaK JaUt i 
tbc Twriod* of line 

a<icaio of «nD|«tiii|; and adjuMiag JaM* oi 

CtfKUNOUtTEK. (Li^-nfB'-ma-lqr) ■.*. 

All intltiimnit lut tliu muuenlion of dB*. 
CllKYt^Ai.l!>. iiiiU'.M-^> ■.!. AuNJia. 

or (b* 6nt appMoii «iuta if iIm aufgfn 

of ^r ewri** of loaacu. 
CHRYSANTHEMUM. (li>-|i>'.«te-Ma) 

II. 4. A nniu of ubuit). 
CllRysOLITi:. (k^>'-t;-liu) n.>. Aiwa- 

ciau4 (tone of a dukj (rem, intb B cMt of 

CHRYSOrRASl'S, (kjiWrvw) ■• t 

A prKiau* aionn dT a j-clltiw voluur, >!•■ 

proiKbiat: [o i^tmb. 
ClltH. (uhub) Ti. I. A rim liili. 
L'lltbUr.lJ. <uLub'-L>d> m. 1%-WaiM 

Uiaadiub. ' ' 
CIIUBBY, (i«})qh'-ba> ■■ Wv'an a laisa 

or (al face. 
r» CHUCK. (Uliflil h N. To malLD a noiw 

like a hen. when ibe (sS( litt chicken*. 
To CHICK. <ul)|;t) r. a. Iixail w a i«i 

olli hei young ; to pre a gwitle pat nnlct 

tbo dun. 
7j chuck, (t>hi|k) c c To (Imnr. by a 

quick Boiim. my wcigbl lo a ciTSD pbeea 
CHUCK. (lEbiiki II. I. llietoKoarabrn; 

a (uddeoi nniill noiMi a pal •odoi tk* 

CHUCK- FAimUNG,<ialnik-tir-«ip^>«.». 

A play, at srhicb ilia moDcir li>ll> villi a 

dkuck iolo tba bol* bentuh. 
To CHUCKLE. ^tibok'-U) >. n. To bugb | 

Ift Inuih invaraty witb tiimbph. 
TaCHlTCKLE. Itibuk'.LI) V.II. To call ai 

ah«D i tnfcodle. 
CHUFF. (ubi{0 >■•■ AMancfal-hMuM, 

blunt (Imni. 
CHlt'CY. fuW^ii) a. Blunt 1 auilir : r*T. 
Cliru, (uliqm) n'.t. A cLaniliFt Miow. 
CHUUr, (lili^p) u. 1. A thick hcmvy 

S'ircv of wood. Imi than a blork. 
IRCII. (uliutuhl H. I. TliD coIlccDie 
bodyotrbiuUMii.uiuatly ttruicd lb* lalbo- 
lick cbutcb : tbc bwly m (Imaiiant of cue 
foRiculai opiaioa ; ilit place wlirb cbri* 
tlau* toowcnio tothe*ronhi]iof Godi b£- 
cltaiMllcBl sutboriiy at fmrtt, 

TeCHUROI. (iil.|iriah) i.a- To f crform 
wlUi auy DOC the office of tnlimiiii thmVa 
in iliK thuTcli, »fler aav H^aJ ilrlircraacp. 

CHl'RCinNG.(iibyn>i;'>g)n.«. TlieMt 
of Kiuminc thank* in Iba diurch. 

CHURCilDOM.(tihvit«h'-di|n>ii.i. Oianh 
(■labliibmnii, oi BOfmiinal- 

aiCRClOIAN, (ufaqrldi'-nito) n. t. An 
•ciktiutick i a dngynwi ; au aAiient U 
Ibe diutch of Eajlaad. 

CHURCH rr^>r7Miil.(lBL(fUli)n.i. I3«ne- 
flce in the diufch. 

CUUacH-WARDEN. (uburtaL^ar-Hla) 
B. I An ofScn jMrly dioico to look lo 
Ibr cburrh. (bordi-yatd. and Mch tbioga 
aa baloii|> ID lioib. 

ngt;^'-(i)be, tgb, liylii— f^j— pggodi— iAia,iiii«. 



^CTnmcilYARD,((f.bvn>h'-^) n.*. Tba 
MoDDd uljoininc to tbe eboitb. in vlith 
die tad an IniImI. 

I CHURL, (ubufi) iL t. A niiCrk ; * *uil]i, 
ill-bml nun ; a b1m> -. > niiKkrd. 
CHI RLLSH. (al><jf'>Utli) >. Rui1«ilrauU; 

CHURLISHLY. ruhni^luk-U) «(. Ruddr. 
fC>lt<KLI.«HNF»«. (uhuf'-l{*b4qi> n. •■ 

KiTikOiiy : rodt-oem ; afaiMlineM. 
l-CHL'RN.tutifni) n,!. 'ne viad in wbirh 
tnUft it oa>|(uUitd by Bgiuiiau. 
T'CIirBN, (Mhiini) t>.<. T<i ■gitil'' bv a 
•i-jlFTil mi>don -, to ini&« bulWr by a^*"*^ 
lbs nulli. 
^CHURNINU, (iibora'-iDi) ■.*, The act of 
tnaklnf bultif. 
OIURt^AFr, (iihani'-MfiO -■ •■ Tbo 

iulj^uiiFBi t«|i1i»ed for churoiiuc. 
7.1 CHl'SI- Sm /o Ciiooii. 
CH\\.\CtOVS, (kj-lf'-ifag*) «. BoloniiiiK 
I to <hvlp- 
CIIVLt, <kile) M. 1. A mill}' juic* lb«n«<I 
ni tin •uiucb b; dignnioD, Mid aflM««(4* 
chuwd iuie blood. 
ClIVLU'ACTION, (ki-U-^'ibon) n. t. 
1'tu' iirocau of uokior t6yl». 
rCHVLlKACTlVK. (ki-l».f»l.'.|lr) a. tUr- 

last iW pa*i-( u( iiiaklue (hylc. 
[CHtLirirA'lURY. (kj-h-{».kf'-le-in) a. 
Miikiuj (bjrlr. 

I CiW lAili.. (LiMiu) CdnrfiUnE of cbyl* 
CilVAIKAL.(kiin'*-k|l) )». Uid* by 


CHYMICK. ^kpi'-mif) 



la a 

kCinMlC.UbY,(k!iD'-nD'Ltl-lD) ad. 
\ rhyinitiil nuiuiBi. 
FC1I\MI^I'. (kjot'-miiO "■>- AprafvMorof 
r rhjmlKiT. 

bClnMlSIICAL. 0>•'>l'm•'^■<^^l) «- Rii- 
f latmi to chi-mialn. 

'CHYMISTRV, (kJn-miMi?) n. i. TbB 
tirna which citbU of iha ympntit* of 
bixliri and ifao cbimgc* ibey nndeico i Iha 
an oi proem by vliith the iliOeruil tub- 
MancM found ia mill todin nn arpaTnifd 
ftom t«ch oILct by mciuia of 6r*, 
CIKAHIUL'S. (•i-bt'-tfl-ui) <r. RglatlDKU 

ClCATUIfF.. <(ik'-v<T>0 ". ". The mu 

rciiLtjEutii; aIW d wound ; m murk. 

ClfA'IKISANT. (•;>■(. tn'- f,M ) *. k An 

I npptii'niicin Ihni mirtiifr* ■ i-i*-acri(r. 

'■■CICAIIUSIVK. H;l-i.|ri'-.i.) 

the i>iiw«r to mduc* jl nchlricr. 

CinAlniZATlON. {t>k^-ir.-»'-d>nn) n.i. 

thr net qf hroJinf fku v-ounil ; Ih* Mau ol 

bptnj,' hrnlnl, or ikimiiMj over. 

roCICArKIZF:. (irk-.«.[ri«) KB. TehMl 

and indiicv Ihf ikiB omr • •ONb 
CICKKiiNK. (uli>;'.ubp-r^e) m.(. A worJ 
of luodRn inIrodiKiioD inlo out ipwcfc. for 
a njld" Bt|ircullT UDODi; uitiguiur*. 
ClCKRONLtM. (■i.^.rv-.ii(-<)n) o. R<v 
•cmMU)); C'inrti, a tcriD applied lo tan- 
CICERONI AMi<M. <'m*<« -rf'nMp-inn) 
n. I. Au ImilaiiiHi of ib« ai jle of Cicaa- 


r(iCICU(L\TE,<MK'-irffta) n«. To tama. 
CICURATIOS, (.Ik-i-ra'-'W.) I..), riia 

%c% of rvcUiuuut; from lat^dufu. 
ClUCIt. (u'-dp) fi.i. Tkf juicB of iil>pl<-i 

ClDCRKtN, (ai-dcf-kin) N.b Li<)uaT m:tJe 

of (ba fioM DUlln af appin, afln Uie 

ridn ia maaaad out. 
CieUNO. -Li. SmCiiuto. 
CILIARY, {•ir-n-ta} 1. BoloDsiac to iba 

CILIClllirS. (alliih'-iu) a. Made of l.alr. 
CIMEUARCll. f*).iM-l0-ark) •. i. Iha 

<biof kaopM •< thliiG* of xalua '— ''-[['■|[ to 

a chunh. 
aMETER,(qH'-^(i[r}a.>. AMTtofcwned 

CIMUERIAN, (»iB-iaF'-r»-in) a. Pnna 
OuHBar*. paojida of luly. liring iBaiallcy 
wtnck (h« Mm otter liitted ; utrtoiey 

CINCrtRR, (atn^'-ur*) n.t S«mr<biat 
warn isund tba bead or bf>ily ; w inclo- 
•urg; a rinu or liatattbatopud bolMOiof 
Uit* *haft of a ojlninn* 

CINDP.R. (•io'-dw) fi.i. A nuu* ipnlMd 
and •lavactuHl. vilLout balag raJuad to 
ubot ; a bot «aJ tlut hui caaind u> 

ClNWUl-WENTII, (mn'-d^r-woMbl 1 

CIN UKR-WUMAM. (iin'-dEtmTjm' id) ) 
k.1. A woman nhoae utkde U to nun in 

CINHn.vnON. (■ino-n'-*)'^) «■*• TIw 

rrducbou of any rbinf to aaUfa- 
CiNr.Rt:OU^ (linV-n-oi) 0. Of a<h <«■ 

CINBnlTI0D8.(n>-«-riib'-n*) a. Jia'iuv 

■be form or ainio of mhra. 
CINEniJLENT,(»-iiir'-u-li)oi) a. Foil of 

riKt>LK.(>me'fl)i>.i. A jirlli for » hoiw. 
CINNAUAK. (tiu'ni'bii) n. 1, Ibcguin 

ol an InduLD bsc oUed nngoiu-blooa ; a 

auft Ted alouD oiled mimo nmhi'a; r«d ml- 

rbumiua ar« of quickailiwr found in Njuud, 
ruugBfy. and India; a red >uJ|ibiirvt of 
mt-rcur^'i knowa iiy tbe nunc of Trfnii^iou* 

CINNAMON, (•in-n(-miinl n. t 'I'iie fia- 
|:tiui< bark of ■ ma in tha iaiud of ('«yloii . 

Cl.\gl1K..«iiaik) n.(. A Srr. 

ClNgl r-FUIf.. (nngk'-ffil) 0.1. A kind 
c«f li*p-TeflTcd cloter. 

CINgii>l'URT». (wagk'-j>oit*) n. (. Tlia 
rinqiu farti an Uorn, Sandnirb. Ha«lin);(k 
lluuinity, and liyihe ; u> o^idi WiacheJ- 
un anil Hjf ksTv mdM' bno aitilpd. 

ClUN. <>i'-Hn} a.h A afoouti llw ahoot 
vii^nlWd un n itMk. 

ClPHllR. (^-^r) a. t. Ad sriihmalln. 
dianrwr ; a figur* ; an ■ritbnotitml mark 
vhldi. ttindiO( te notUng iltolf. i n craaata 
Iha Taloc of dM> Dili« figntw : an laiaiiox- 
turr of lettnn >ot:nT«d nnuslly on plale : a 
rbanctri ia |:>aaril ; a •rcn^ or occiic 
mniuf r of wriitnif, or din kay to It. 

Til'irilEK. (ai'.fn) i.a. To practUc aritb- 


?ye, fy, ((li, f(i z—mt, met i— no*i ["" ;— "9. matt, 

CJRCEX'SIAN. (•n-«(a'-dif^) ■. RclM- 
lag to ilM nJiibiuaa* in IM ■mphUhmra 

T« L-IRCINAIli:, (*si'-<io-M) t^ •• To 

■Ltko K dnln. 

oAuniki aaiioa. 

CIHCLE, ( m'-U) n. 1. A lios coDtiauad lUl 
it«ds wb«» it brinn. linTiug 4U iu puM 
fqniilironi fnini ■ (OmmDo tmln ; the 
■face tMlodHl ia a cimilai line ; ■ idoiuI 
mmI; ; an orb > compua-, inclnni* ; an 
aa«aiiblj nnoniidiai: ibo pnticqial pfrnn ; 
■ opDpni; i anj wniai andia* u it bF^ini, 
«nd paifiMullf npnUO. In iogick, An 
taomichidic fon» of niiamuit, io whitk (ho 
fonaeang pranonliai u ptoml by iba fol- 
lowing, vul ilia folkmuif a infciTod from 
Uic (aecoini i Orrta of' IA> 6'<nniui tirj/irt. 
Sach jiruTinc** la lumaiight lobeptnimi 
*i dwu. 

Til ClHCl.K, f ■fT'-U) c 0. To moT* rannd 
anytlunei loincloapi to vurronnd. 

ToCIRCCr. n. <*tr'-U) v-d. To cwfifw. 

r«ClltCI.K, <*ci'-kl> v.n. To moic OKu- 

C'lKt'L>n'. (•gf-WO <•■•. A lilllcdrcle. 

CIRCt;!'!', (trt'-k)0 a. >. Ilic ocl nf mgring 
round; llw tjw:* ucIokiI ia aiifclc; alar*-, 
•xtnii, nxaaatnd hj DaTvlUaR rauujl In 
law. T^ Tiailationa of iba joi^M for hold- 
ing ihIim ; tho tad <if roiioBf raalait b]t 
till jadgea. 

Tc.CIUtli)T.<wt'.k;i)».a. Tomoraroond. 

Cl«tl]rEKH.(ii('.kJ|.|flr)a.fc Uoa thai 
traifia a . inulc 

CIRCLITIUN, (jii-kB-jA'.?") «... Tho 
tcl of tcini round aajtbiSKi toniiaaai 
IBBV of irtuuuari. 

CiaCUlTOL'S, (a«-kif'-a-tna) <■ Bound 

aH(;t:rroll9LY.(^.k^-o-tn^to> ad. la 
n ciEcuitOTif n.4DDi?r. 

CUtCLUlB.(«i'-k,-l|t)u. lUiuod. tik« > 
dtck ; lucccaiaito in ordai ; andbg In 
tudf 1 applied (o * p«nIa^aoi, wbnc ibc 
aacoud pnipoiiiiloi) M oat* proTM tbr in(, 
wd u UDicd by It. CirtuLir iitirr, A Irlirc 
Arcctod w Minal patKiii* 00 (oino (ODiroon 
ifijb C^tnlar ilaci. The lino of ainni, 
Uuontt, and McaaU, on tbo plun kiUo 
■od •ocwr. Onu(ar buIh^. I* that p*r- 
fonncd on iho anb of a mot rirvlu. 

cm(-i!L^\Rny,(««-iv V-?-<o) n.$. tu 

•tatr 01 qaalii* ol bolofl citcuIm. 
aRCLLARLY. (MT'-V-htt-Io) 'i- In 
foTD of a ctNio 1 wTlk • dtcolar motioD. 

CIKClILARV.(V-l>9-lt-n}«- Eadin|In 

Td circulate. (aft'.kv-lflK)) v. n. To 
noto tB B cirtla ; to he diniciMd. 

Te CWCltUTE. <*T>'-kii-l4ii:> a. a. To 
ti*Tel iQund i 10 put aloDt. 

aBLaiLAllON, {ist.l,.|,'..h«B) a. I. 
Alotiiin in a anio ; a Mrin in vEuch tbe 
annit oidar It ahny* obwrrnl, and tiling 

iniBKhuca ; tbo MdaB of iba I 
in pKttlna bom ihm hoan hy iIm aiWriM 
and buk to tba bout by tho noM, 

C1KCIL.\T0RV. (B«('.k»V<?^«) "■•• A 
chynuiBl tt(ML 

CIWVLATORY, («^r■■k^l-t^-^HM)•. Cit- 

CIRCVLt:^, (a|f'-kvltp) «■>■ A mippral 

aitCtJMAMUIKNCV, (tir>k^>a>;^io'-Vin- 

af ) n. k Till- nc( ul oDcorai'awinE. 
ClltCL'UAUIlltM, (vi-knRi-tm'-bf-iOl) 

a- Surrounding. 
To CIRCIMAMUI-L-Ui:, <>ei.Loin-tni'- 

bu-l^uij r.h. I'o vuLk round al>0ul* 
7#CIUCL'MCIS];.l>fi-kifin-K» I. a. To 

cut iho pTspucD or (onikiD, accoiiliug u 

ihf law kiim to lb« Jrva. 
ClRCUMCUiKR. (ary-kun-ai-iar)*.*. lla 

wbu cinuoKurh 
CIRCLIMCISIUN, (wt-kuai-uili'.ijo) a. a. 

The nit ot culling oil Iliu forF^kiu. 
CIKCHMCL'llSAI lUN. (•^i.l.un. kui-«»'. 

ahvn) n. t. Tlie ui of mouiug up and 

Tu CIRCir»[I)llCT, <'act'kii- d^ki') r. <- 

To coDtrinnr ; to nullJy. 
CIRCUMOIXTIOX. (ati-k^-dok'-abga) 

*.(■ MalURcalJon : a Jandiai; ahoiit, 
ClKCl'MFERKNCU, (.,r-kB«."-fo-iin.*) 

n.i. II1V prriiiliFij -, ihn iriiiiiial put of 

an ortiiculnr body ; an urb ; « cijclf* 
ClRCtMtKHKN HAL. (•tt'-kvni-Sr-'Bo'- 

•bul) Iw ('uCullLT. 

ciRCi mi'kk»:\i<jk. {*R.kuni-rp.i>o'- 

tnrj 11. a. Ao biAtnnnnit uivd lu turtry- 

iog, Ibi ni(a*ufia( aoglM bj tba ina(»atiG 

7e(:IH<'LMn.rCI'. (^'kum-flfkl' > V. a. 

To |ilac«- tiit/ tircumlt^i on wurdii- 
CIKCl'Mt'l-llX, (au'-knm-ArLi> n.t. An 

aviTDl ua^d to i^^ala l)u> prannaFiBtioii qf 

ay llablaa, hicludlnK or {luliupalio g tJie oc uu 

aiod pMc 
ClRCtiMFH:i:NCE. (MtkW-lij-toae) 

a. >. An intlcnurt of w»tn«. 
ClRtCMFLltXr, <^-k^ni'-fli,i-™t) a. 

Flowinir roUDil anything. 
ClRCL'!UKI.LIOt-.t. (Mr-kUD'-llu-ut} a. Ka- 

liraoioe «iib oairn. 
CIRCUMFORAMIAN. (•{i^kumff-q'-ao- 

an) s. Ti>t«llia|[ abuot, 
CIHCUMiORANl-OtS. (atrkqm-ff-r)'- 

no-iu) a. Wjindnru); (loni bouw u houa^ 
CI^'l'MFUSE. (*Bi-kuiD-ff»') r. a. To 

pour round. 
ClRCUMFL'SlLK. (atr-kun-ff'-ql) a. Ca- 

ubIiIb of hriag poured rDwd. 
ClRCL'UFllMON. (.a{i.fcQm-rf,'->bvi) *■*. 

Spreading round. 
CIRCIIMAcENT, (ast-kgin-jt'-otu) a- 

LiLug ruimd anylLin^ 
CIRCCMlTJO^. (ni-kipo-iA'-lin) n. >. 

The Kt of DtnoE round. 
CI RCt Ml-lG ATION. (^knin.|f.|{«'..l.iin) 

k. I. Tba act of bindiiig round i tbo l-oiul 


nyi ;— t^ Ifb, byll;— Vil)— Fn'i^>~'^* '"'*■ 



•.L AclTt«icnraiiHM'4-w<ihhi pMi- 

?hnA> ; ib« nw of inotnct NtpmricMi. 
ICLMLOCUTORY. (•[r-kfia-lfk'-t-ni- 
n) «. iVriclnidnl. 
ClitCUhLMUllEl), (•fr-ken-D^td') «. 

>Vii]M rannd. 
CIRCUAINAVICABU;, <*|>t-k|Ufr«|V-«- 
n-bl) 0. Tbat vUcb n«7 W mIM 

Ifc CIRCl'MNAVIOATB.Citt-lLTOi.op'*- 

ni*) r. a. To mB tomd. 
ClttcrUNAVKiATlON, r<V-tegn-«fr-«- 

vi'-iliuo) •. I. SaUlnftomid. 
CIRCUSlNAVlGATOB. (.^t^ipmint'^ 

p-Mil n. I. OuB ll»[ «kili lomid. 
CrBCCMPLICATION, tPj^-l^^m-plf-kV- 

■fana) ■■ •• Eomrnippiiii; ca crri^ ndc j 

lh( Mau of being mwnpwd. 
CmCUUPOlAR. (»r-k^-p}--l|p) •. 

Round tbo ]iobi 1 applM lo Mm mot (L* 

notb u>Ib> 
CtRCUMPOSniON. (i{rfc^-i>9«i*'-«n> 

■. 1, Plkcintf urttiing dmitarlf . 
CIUCIIMROT ATlO K ,( •ti-t,om-TV-t^'-*tmn > 

n. (■ Utuiling round i liiciiniralutian ; 

tbn (ImU Ol bviotf vUris j rauaiil. 
CiKCUMBOl'AIVRY, (Ht-bun-rf'-tf-«Di- 

Tt) a. WldiUni nHmd. 
To ClKClUSCRIUE, (•p-L^'AnlM') tua. 

To incToM ia csnaln bonndutca ; to bonad ; 

to bjnitj 10 tnito naund. 

ancubncftiBABLE. m circcm- 

eCltlPTlBLK. (•fr-knm-diTfba'-t-U. vr- 

kuin-iLn|.'-lD-bl) ^ Capable nf btla|[ ur- 

cvmKiibu) i' ttiutol 01 coDoiDBd *nhin 

CI nciiaiscni mON.Cwr ttnn-.liiSp'«bm.) 

ibi. Di't^nitUiiliaD of i^iVticuUa fcim ; 

fcntmtOn -. s drcolBf iiiKniidon. 
aUCUMSOlllPTn'E. t.sf-ir!fui-«kiu.'-U>) 

0. IndoalDit (be ■uponeit*. 
CniCVM8P>:CT,<»['-ki!n.»p{kt)a. C«d- 

(Kiui i ntlmllie i AOtVMb 
To CntCHM^i'KCT, (oti-hfm-tpckl} i. o. 

To rrajtaae tanfullr- 

ci»ci;MspE<rnoN, (itr-biiin-tpek'-^) 

B. t. Watrliftihiea on vmr nde ; cantioli. 
CIHCl'MSi'ECn-IVE. (iii-kgn-ve^ln) a. 

AKmtiTn -. citudoas. 
i:iKti:MSfl.Cl'LY, (•fZ-k^n-fpi^-lf) ad. 

■- 1. Tbv *btl* of bnng ctKinniiprcl. 

CnRf.'ITSnirrANCF, (Hi'-bom-M^nM) n.i. 
?emoihb|t >pwnd«M Or i^l*a to a bx* ; 
thn kdjuncu of » ^t i ■cddrai ; ■omttLinK 
admiiitiaut : (ncbltnl; omili condition; 
ifQIr i'l aiimra. 

To pliKr ia luiiiituliir ({(UMtloD. 

CIRCI'MSTANT, (tcr'-lnBi-*t«in) «. Sir- 

CIRC l'N&TAKT:ABIX(»pkom.imi'.ili». 

(-bl) d. Cnpnhlo of bidtE (iiciiauiwili- 

CIRCUMSTANTIAL, <i;r-tTiin.*i(n''*htl) 

B. A<cideiilAl I Dol aa«nti>): isddcDUt i 



; ftall of Midi MM)> ' 

CfRCUkiarAHTIALITy, (tA-bsm-iIvi- 

■hf i T fH) ■.& Tfai niiprotfifo of cti- 

CIRt.'l'MsrANTIALLY, (M^sn-ngn'- 

■lifl-lf) dd. A^MTiimg (a dmiuancM i 

niinoiiili J 

n aRCOuSTAKTIATT, (hMihib-M^- I 

A»4it) <L *. I'o i<lwe In (viii^ulBr «r- I 

Wplocain • condilion witb 

recnd In *(«llk 

it^ui) u, Itofiad tilt nuth. 
liClRCUMVAU^TE. (■et-b^-TTIjlc) 

». ■■ To fnd«M Tonu riA faruii»- 


CincUBlTAI.LATION, (otr-fapn-nl-If*. 

ibfn) *.•. Tbo nit dt tutinr npfottiA- 

cMicai ioiin4 a jbcu ; tbo fcifiDtMianB 


CIRCUHVECnOTf. (offk^m-nli'-^lign) 

■- 1. I'k* act of lanTiDg roond ; (bt Mala 

tt Vnae mnri rnusit. 
Tj CIHCTMVFVr, (rr-l'Wo-wnO ^ •■ 

To dnriTr^ , tJ fTatfnl, 

CIRCt'MV KM lOh, (Mt.kau-*ni'-«biui) 
a. I. Knuid -. iinpoiliif»i'w*«ndigB. 

CIRCUMVCMIVI^ (tgMPim-tpf-itt) •>. 

Drtudinf 1 cbraanG- 
RiCIRCIJMVEST, (•p-k«n-<«<f)i'.*. T« 

tIIT«T TDUnil wllb ■ niBWOt. 

ClRClIMVOLATIoIir. (■sT'-kiiii-vt-l«'- 

Aiu> H. t. Flybi> mind; 
To ClRCUMVOLVS, (•^MpB-rgh'} ••■. 

To lolt tnund. 
CIRCrilVOLmON, ^•p'-lBm-T^-l^- 

»bip) 4. A. RoIJiog f^md ; tLc ikkic cf 

being Tollgd round ; ib« tbiag roUcd rouud 

CIRCES, (•■•r'.kiji) ) >. 1. An opro tjaco 
CntQUE, (tprlil t "f nna for aiiort*, 

irilli ipAtd rouDcl for th« spoctalonL 
ClSALI'lNf:, (nr-^^jiii)) a. Oa Hat nils 

thr Alu*. 
ClfitiOlD, (t>#-*t;d') n. I. tn geomi'tr;. A 

CBTre of Iho uconil aidrt, foi ibe {iat[)D>u 

tn flnoing nran proporticmiilfk 
CISSOR. f^t Siiuon. 
C15T. (tjjU) 1. $. A nm : a immI ; M n> 

caraUon. Id nwdtda*, A lumaar in wbirb 

obMnirtsI DutUT mta. ai in s bag. 
CI!n'GRClAN,(*i>i^*bT-tD)<i.>. Aaonk 

of (bo Ciatndan ordM ; a t«r«roivd li«ae- 

dictin e. 
CISTKRN, (iny-itni) ir. t A r»rT|iincIp of 

w*iFi for doinntirk iiM>i i n tp*moii ; aoj 

rrci-jiUrle of wttrr. 
ritnils. (nw'-tii*) B. 1. Tbt leckroat. 
CIT. («i) n.!. A jim low diiirn. 
ClTADKt. (ti^-t'dfl) n.i. A foruouin nr 

oral a dtj. 
CITAL, ((i'^fl) n. 1. Reiiroof; inip««cb- 

rimit ; lunimoiu ; (itation ; quotalJOD. 
Cri'.^TKiN, (>i-ti'.«1i9o) n. L Tbo calling 

■ jirnoQ bi^n to «:tl«*iai(i(al jodg*; 

quoiBiioB ; Ihe faaago oi verd* quoted ; 



Fate, tu, l^ll. tft ;— »•, toM^j^na, pin (— o^. mpt. 

Cn-ATORY. (4-<l:««r4) «• Hxlai At 

ptt^NV <v fdriu OF <atMi0B« 
bCTTR, <«{(•) i^a. To ■saman W ■ww 

u • (>oui1 ; lo c»ll njKiD uoUuT aaihcn- 

lAUToly : la iguoW. 
CliKU, ^ti'-ift) lb li Om vfan dm into » 

conn ; ana who qiwlei. 
CmiKKN. (HtV-tn) ■>■•. Akkdofhufi. 
CinClSM. (■it'-to-ajilii) K.h 'HkelwhBTiMU 

of ■ dt>i»i 
CnUU). (qf'ffpi)!!.!. AfrBTOimofft 

diy 1 k tovuman ) an tnliabiuiib 

caCmiamj?. (,H<-tH^-^!p) «■<■'»• 

fnctlam of a ciljr. 
C1TIUKATI0}J, <q(-fio-t'-*Li!a) •-i. Tvm- 

ioB to B jelloir coloHt. 
CtTKINE, <^t'-n>} a. 01 • Itmm cOoai ; 

barias Ihs aatlidM «f a ctooB. 
ClTnjKK. (n/-iTD) n-i. AqMdworTcl- 

lo» ttyittl. 
CmtON. <*ii'-Inm) n.i. A load oT lamon. 
ClTBON-TIu:£.'(V-afii-n>() a. i. Tlw 

n** «bicb urodniB* (ha cJlnn. 
CITBOK-WATER. (•«'-na&-«-lct> a.i. 

A qnt >ita. didillitil vilb tha ilnil o? otnmfc 
CITRIJL. (u^-«iil) n. i. Tba f UM^ian, n 

nnnail 6ob> It* follov cokNir. 
CTTY, (qir<H> «. 4 A lai|a MUaodoB aT 

hantra aadlnhabiMtm > a towneorMni«, 

Ihat hath a hiAhap oad a cailuultnl eJiurch ; 

Iba JabftHtaFh^* ol a ciij. 
CITY. (q[i'-t>) a. B«Jatiac IS tha dlyi n- 

CIVET, Cai^-st) ••■*■ A iwrfuina from tba 

* ClVlCAL,(nf'-*-k^)a. Daloogiag lodril 


CIVICK, (*>*'-Ue} a. FUUiinf to drU 

CIVIL. (K>'-il> «• Mimicipal 1 irlaling to 
iba cenununiij, ot u> a maa i» a tomibar of 
a coouBunlty. Oppo»rd to cruainal ; aa, a 
eM pMCew. Coioplanat i wall btad. 
CI\1L i«w, (ii*'-|l> <h «. Itm lutitauaor 
ilia Roman linr, aa Admiaut^rfd ia iLa t*C- 
tlmlartlral cunrU, uUiUfy coutu. cciaiu o( 
AJmicklly, and of tlic Uaiicnnlift. 
CIVIL I^, ^^it^■^^) «.•- That *hicb ccm- 
prcboDdi ibii kiDg'k nrrinua ia hia Owadi^ 
dm caiucity, ud dafrayi ill vipaaota io- 

Aj wwwcttd mib citU faranwMai. 

I dw rajnl iMmiuM, aScM* ot Mat*, 
ndm, fcc. 

VIL Ifiir. (wV-il) n. 1. A WW balwcMi 
nbjMU of Iba wna auw. 
CIVIL r«aT, (tTt'-jI) H. 1. 1b dironolot;. 
Tba jaar caMUdai of SSS dap, and ia Isap 
you BH dap, dirtjagiiiihtd fmm tht wlar 
rear, wUch i* ass 4a. b. 4H u. 41! 1. 
CmUAK.(w4il'-)4o)*.i. UucUiBipro- 
fmta tba lotoWledgD of the old Koaaa Uw, 
aad of KMuial HIBitT i a iludcnl in trril 
la« « Ac imirarul}'. 
CIVILITY, <M>l*f-lr) lb 1. FTMdoailTDin 
lailarilf i pouKOMa; rnUof dtcrncy-, pai- 
lakiag of tn* aalui* of a cnilijuil Mala. 
CIVILIZATION. (.w-H-i-M'^un) i>,t A 
la* whicb readati a uiniknal procaa* ctnl i 

tLe act ef <MlblBc ; d« itato tf bd« cM- 

IVCIVILIZF, (riy-il-in>)na. TomcI^ 

fmin •tr:»iraft. 
ClVIUZKIi. ()n--)l-li.afr> n.4. tla Omt 

ncl^DK (Ma a oanyo lib. 
CIVILLY, (w'-jl-If) ad. Ia a mHiMria- 
laiing m |Dntnn>rat; not ctiaikaRjr; p»- 
lllaly; cmnpbiMaitj 
CLACK, <U«k} >. 1. A bwibf nod taipw- 
imale noUa. TA* Oaeb ^ a AlUI. A tall 
tbat nop whan aora lorn it Txiuirail to be 
IiDi in. or Ihat vbiiJi (Itikp* tba boppn, 
and jirooiote* i}i« ruoiUDg uf the cetn- 
Tti CLACK, ik\%k) f. a. To aiak* a rtonk- 

inK noid) ) ts Irt Iba tonniil luo. 
CLACKEK, <Kl|k -fr) a. i. lla dack of ■ 

CLAD, (klid) MTi. jm. ClotbML 
To CLAIM, (klfiaa) o. a, I'o dciuud of 

rigbt 1 M n<iau« autboniaoTelf. 
CLAIM, (Uuiu) a. a A damuid of arty 
itSofi, m da* [ ■ tidt to any prinlac or 
paiMados, Inlaw, A dnnaadof uyttDBK 
that la In tba poatawlon ot aontbat. 
CLAIMAULE. ^Uf'-nu-bl) «. lUt wbkb 

may ba damandad B> duo. 
CLAIMANT. (kll'-maM) a. t, )Ii> Ikot da> 

mnadi Bnylluiii dcOUnod by asotbai. 
CLAIMEIt. (klt'ai;t)n.>. He tbat claliiw. 
To CL.\M, (Ufm) a, a. To <\of villi aaj 

lliiUDOiu mnttra. 
nCLAM. (klvn) v.n. To ba ffioiat. 
T« CLAM, ^klfa) «■ a. A tsw in Hailng, 

to aaila cntaia aoiuda in tba p*aL 
CUUIANT, <UV-mVit) a. Ciylnc ; bo- 
aatcUac aanaatly. 
7VCLAMBER, (kl«ai'-t>9r)«^» Toctanb 

w<lli dinu.-iitly. 
CLAMMIM:^ (klim'-meltja) »*, Ti*' 

<Dniji , Tifddlly. 
OLAKDklY, (klim'-mf) a. Viwmdi ; {loti- 

CLAMOKOt'S. (Uftn'-m^r-'l*} «• Vodla- 

tmja . ncfiiv. 
CLAMnilotlSLV,<kltni'-iB^Tn*4a)at. In 

a iioxtr mumrf. 
CLAMUUIl, (U^'-mB>} a. •. OoMyi 

Td CLAMOUR. (U^n'-mv)*^"- Tonalia 

ooiciiai; to taciffma. 
CLAMP. <kl|Dip> n-t. A tdM* of vood 
joiniH] (0 anoilin, aa u addicloa of atnnitli ; 
a qiiariliLT of hrickjh 
To t I.AMV. (kltnip) a. «, A made o( 

MtvsnbEsing by aiaani td a damp. 
CLAN. (Ufn) N.>. Aramihi anua, 
CLAM'UL.\lt. (U)Dg'-ki»-rtt) a. Clan- 

dvitlaa ; trcrvt. 
CI^NUESriNE, (kltn-d£i'-l}n)a. Sotnt; 

CLANOESTINENESS. (UfD-ds^-ljn-vji) 

n. I. An act of princj. 
CLAXO. (U^ng) <i. 1. A iharp. iliriU aolM. 
ncLAI(G, (klfng) v.n. To duitrr) to 

mako a toud <fanlJ noiac. 
TpCLAKU, <kl4og)(^a>. ToaOikatotMbcf 
with a noiaa. 

Oft ,— t^ ifb. byll )—^ i— i>nad >— tUa, Tata. 




•hiUI •auod. 
CLANUOUS. <tl|ii('<n>) 



(hoin. or tbc collMioB of netallK bodini 
CLaNSlIlP. (klfD'-«hiti) ■••. AMooatiaa 

ftf PTVO^tf Of bMfdWiL 

n CtAV. (Ufp) v.*. To Mrito UfMbw 

with a qmtk noiim. M M ID »«at • aMm t 
•0 uilJ >B> dBB| u iiyillii t ; lo «1m by 
cUp|iiii| tbr b<«te ; to kitcl bIUI ■ ¥•■•- 
nu iiiuoa, 7* c^ if. To luiptMoo- 
T>L'lAr, (Utp) r.H, To DDtD nimbi)' *t:b 
aouMi to^taksdMbaiiilatoeiiWr wtp- 

CLAP. (U|p> o- 1. A 1(>*1 Doln mute bj 
tiMtm oH^aa : a niildai act or maUM ; 
an ■ti*Minn nf i'«»ilcf - »BWt(ira]iiilMMt 
• tntnal lafeclMD i ilianMharpMt o( Um 
bt^ of a hawk. 

CLAPPEH. <Utfi'-iv>ii.». Oalvtedan 
wilb bi* bttJ* i 4* loagiw of a Ml. IW 
Clqfvr y* Ifail, A piMv v( vnoil ibakias 
tbf huilpOT. 

n CLAPI-KKCLAW. ^ll,|.) •.*. 
To leglil , M iMfa mtk llw trngiia ; M 

cMitr^dcrxx, ) (U|i'-{pi>f ) ■■•. tim 

CLAIUNCII.UX, t •Konri king at am*. 

•n Bain"d frov ib« dotcb; of C'laMna- 
CLAltt.-01U>L'LiRE, <kl«n'^b-Afi«') n. >. 

Ligbt ud (bail* in paindBK. 
CLAKi;!*, (Utr'-tO •.>. A Fmich viw 

f ffloi iti* ii*i(l>lMuibaad of UotJoaiu^ 
CLAIUDIUKU. (kl|r'-^ki|ril> il «. A 

MiMiieal intttwDnit In funn cl a tpiutl, hat 

nan aaclm,!. 
CLAHIFtCATlON. (U«t-f b-ka'-^oD) n.t. 

Makuif aaviboig dM> (nm uopunii**. 
rvCLARIFt. <U(i'-«-ri>-* a. To pmilV 

or elMt wmf liiyMr i ta brighua i u »■ 

TnCMItlFY, (kV-fH) «•"■ To cImt 

up ; Id ruiw bntbt. 

CUKlNKr. (k^-io-BM') •).•. AUadot 

bnutliflt. bul of a tfihllsi tooe. 
CLAIUUN. (Ut^-n-un) «. <. A inimiM. 
CLAKltUUi:, <Uf'-ia-Uul«} >>. i. CUw^ 

nou ; niltajiour. 
CLARITIT. (.kV-T■^) a. I. Bt^batn ; 

•pIculMI. ' 

7« CLASH. (UHb) >. a. ToMkaaMuo 

bjr mutaal collwioii ; u tct with oppoMt* 

|Hi««(, tn rantnn ditclun. 
r.> CLASH, (U|*li> r. a. To iinko on* 

Ihint afaioN anotkN. w >■ ui ptoilaM a 

CLASH. (kt|*h) n. I. A ooltr (dlUiIoQ or 

Ivo bojio . c>,ipaHtiaa ; (ontrulicuan. 
CLA}>I>, (kltaji) n. 1. A book lu lull) any 

■liiosduH : an erabiace. 
CLj^SP. (klup) I. a. To abut vttb • 

I'lwp 1 lo latch anil bold bj cwiniiig ; to in- 

dtfM btnraea tha haodi i la cnhcMo ; i* 

CLAM'CIt, (kl«*'-ptt) ••■•. Ih* hbiIrUw 

(tmd at cToe)iine ptuiti. 

"CLAMnCfflPR, (U|ip'-iiSb) •.~ 

*Ueb faU* IbU ibe kaDdle. 
CLASS, (kl|*) <*-*■ A n^ arard«r e'likvr 

«(lUnt>«(Mtua«; atd^lainck lenn (or 

•UiUau of iVe MB»> torn or dcgrao. 
TVCLAJiS, (klf) *■ a. To nog* arctntipg 

to atau il>i«l DMhod or duinhiUga. 

CLAaUCAL. (ky->f-b|l) 1 a. tUbuini 
CLASSICK. <kV-^l<) i *» ■au'i'w 

. a pattnl cpUbM m ambori aail 
boaki wLIcb ba*a aoqaiftd as Hfltfclirt 


CLASUCALLY, (U^'-if^^M-) mL lorn 

chniol maDorr. 
CLASSICK. <UM'-*!b> a. a Anawborof 

tk* fine nnk, wMj lakoa fo aerlxiit 

CLASSinCATIClM, (UtMf-((^'-<l>mi} 

ItaneInK iaiu rlantn, 
TbCLJUuKY, IkV-M-ft) *> «■ To at. 

n CLATTER. (klft'-igT) *.■. To Make a 
noua by knodunit Ivo •Mmraaa bodja ft»> 

quontlj io(«ihar i tn atut a nnic by btiaf 
ilTDrk tonibet ; to talk &M aMi Ul*. 
riCLATIKK. (kMt'-t«>> »■•■ To tliiU 

■aytliinc Ml n* io dibJl* tl loond and nutik 
CLATTKK. (kUi'-ifi'i N.L A raullng tioiw 

aiada tij UiD rrf(j«jfint coltulon of ■onoroiu 

bodin ; tumidluoiu aai mnfuanl nojar. 
CLAlTLilUiO.(U|t'-tti>!ai;)a.>. Auobci 

CLAVATED. (klt<'-t-«td) •- Sm witb 

CLACDENT, ^V-dtnt) «. £luttiag. 

CLALDlCANT. (klfw'-de-ktDl) ^ Llnp- 

r« CLAL'DICATE, (kl^w'-dc-ktw) «.•>. To 

CLAUD1CAT10K, (kI«'..b<^n) 0.1. 

CLAVE. <klaT«} Ttw piMnilo of dMW. 
CLAVICHORD. (kltrV^fiJ) •■'- "Hm 

•BBM wilti <imc*Drd. 
CLAVICU:, (Ut«>U> m-t. Tbi coUai 

CLAUSE, (klfwi) ■■*■ A mMHim; U 

anitt* or parlicula atipulatiao. 
CLAUS'l'HAl.. (Vltwa'-Ofl) r>. IUIoUdii* 

a ttoI*ur. 01 nligioo* boiur. 
CLAUSURE. (kl)W-ibgr} a. >. Confiaa- 

CLAW, (klav) a.t. Tbr foot of a fctoM or 

bird arnwJ wiih (hoip oaili ; ut iliv plBirra 

a« boldon of a aboil-Bali. 
T« CLAW, (Ltfw> o.<. roUwwUdBM; 

10 poll, 81 witb ih* Bftll* I (o laar ot icmuk. 

A (aol l(nn. UKuifylai lojaller. 
CLAWl:U.(klfwd)d. fuinltbHlwitliclna. 
CLAY, (klf) n. •• Ubcmoiu aiid tniaiwif 

•anhi nch Bi wfll nould iato a niiain 

htm I rmtih In fanfral. 
TuCLAY. (klfl ho. To oiTCt Willi rU). 
CLAY'COl.l). (kt{'-kfU)a, LifFlna;c«U 

at tb« uniuiiinaiod »artb. 
CIAV-MT. ^klf'iiitj a.1. A pit whBe elijr 

la do)^ 


^<t*. f*». t|iL ^lr-*Bf • •"«' i— piw. P!P ;— »«. "«»•■ 






WmiIm aoJ* with RaLo iklnwuian wUh 

oiitrt. (« cDT<( McaBwau. 
(LAVKV. ai}'-«) a. CmwiMi^ or (Ut. 
ClAVMARL. (kb'.mgin •<•■ A vhioUi, 

•iMoUi, (lulkv clavi 
CLAVMORE. IU|-tB«m) •.!. A kico 

ivofiU e^l<^^BlU floublv odgodp 
CLAIi'SIONE, (klV-rtfKv) ^. •■ A blu4 

tmt •hiu liiDMlaiie, i)u)[ ut (jlouoidac- 

CL£AN, (Ufot) •. Ttt^ltoaiinaAith} 

tarn fawn sunl unjiuiiiy, or hem Iwirlimme 

dinue i vlvipiiit ; nsal i duuraui ; DM 

CLEAN. <U^) a^. Qultai fMfottlri 

wtibDut miMuiuc*^ 
Ta CLllAN, (kliar) o d. T« tn* (ram 

OXANULY. <kl{n'-k-lT) od. la ■ clnnly 

CLBAHUNES3. (k1ta'-lf-»^) •> i. Fm- 

yIob Iivb £hh i p^mrfti 
CLEANLY. (kW-b) •■■ Fnaftomdini- 

D«H ; avu ; puis. 
CLEANLY. (khnB'-lf) ml. Clfgnatl; ; 

DcMli' i carrJi ; itntmitly. 
CLEASSt.SS, (Ufoo''P(*) ii.*i KratatMi 

oiactneu ; purilv ; iDoocrac*. 
rLE7\NSABLE.(fclsi>'->t-lil) •!. CtpUibof 

boiui cltfRDud. 

nCl£AN&E, (kiMii) *.a. Taint bom 
fillb i to pniTy ftom |uUt ; to (r*» bom 
aoiloai bumoim I7 put(sUoD ; to (coot i 
to ltd of mil offsDii'ro tUnni. 

CLEANSES. a]i)o'->{i) !•.>. A dotninit ; 
Tbai oliicb cleuiwi uiythiiig. 

CLEANSING, (klsu'-itDE) n. i. Puri&m' 

CLEAB, (kinre) a. Bti^lit ; tnotpicaDD* ; 
ftnplcaciiOiu 1 Uicoiful ; ttrt frdm tloiuli i 
vflieufi ; itiibout miirurv . pur* i pvn|>ifii' 
«u* , DOl otiKun i iadiipoiabU ; ippanal 1 
mamfoat 1 Bnipminl ; fm Erom imjiBlcd 
guilt -, fcH (rcnu lUdvctiom ; oaiucsmbu- 
od ; out lA debt ; unrDCftn^Ird ; Kmudiag 
dl«llii<llv , plUDlv L (x^e : iplrlli);iMt> 

CLE-^It. [\ttte> dd. rii^aly i cl»n . uuilc 

CLF.AR, tkii-iej Ik >. A trnu uh<1 by 
buildm (01 the ioiide of > boiuo. 

T<CL£AR. <UriB} v-n- To mU« lin^hC) 
to f»e from obacuritf i to niiiliiatf -, to 
rlEUiH i 10 rrmotD unj inrimilinUK* ; to 
fna from inylliing oflriuuio ; u ilaritj; to 
fua vilhoul dfduclion. Ta t'lmr a ifi.p, !■ 
MMlirfT lb« tUmaaU* al iho ciMlom-bmiiir. 

T> CLEAB. (Llfra) h a. To gM* bci|bt i 
l» obtala Bmuuanacy. 

CLEABAGE. {Jtimt-^) n. 1. Rauovlu^ 

CLEAIIANCE, (Uc'-ifiwi) n. >. Tbn ul 
at clraiuic ; a nmlcMa tliai a >l»i> hu 
brcn cicatnl t* tbe twUini-liouir. 

CLEAR.KK, iUTrr''ii> n. it llnK).UTUFr ^ 

CLKARIKG, (Ufra'-^) a. t. JqMUu- 
tiun V li^faort. 

CLEAHLY, (Ufra'-lf) al Bricbtlr i plain- 

•DtaDKbmBBt ; wUhoui dcdoctlon ) witlwat 

CLEARNESii. (Uaa'-D9«) a.t. Tranaa. 
nocj 1 nluidaiit ; luitia 1 dttliDCDuu ; aln> 

cchiT ; nFtdoDi from yBiiuUli'iii' 
CLEAItSIGIITEU, (U^ij'.ljdl v. Du- 

CFminj;-, juitxiiH*; pcntoiuaut. 
CLi:AH.<lCin>:UN^. (Ufi»-ii'-Hd-ap> 

n. t. Uunninwnt. 
n CLURbTABCII. (UfM'-Maitib) «. a. 

To uitku wiiii numb. 

Ttia pcraoD wlioie koiniiMa b 10 citar- 

r« CLKAVE. (kkre) ,.m. Pn*.dim; » 

ftdhorei lu kali la; 10 uniu apily i to 

DDi(« io (oDcoid ; lo be ccaix^auliuit lo. 
rgCLEAVE.lklCTD) •,■. Firl. thn. cbnt. 

tit/l ; jart. pM*. tliwa, a* (Itfl i to dirida 

iritb tiohncv i to iplit i Io diTiil& 
TuCLt:AVt:.().t*») T.a. lopajiaaondafi 

to luffn diiUH^ 
CLEAVER, (klf'igi) ■. a. A butcLcr'aiB' 

atmQHULl to col uum^Jt inro ^uil 
CLEF, (kl^ n. I. A cJiuncin ia maiick, 

10 dcnM* what part ef the g«icinl icale lb* 

Mnad*. brfcrra nhich it it j>laci!(), ue to bo 

•UDUOr fibjrrd. 
CLEIT. (kluli> rart. fit. I^Tidnl ; paMed 

CLKPr. (klaft) n.i. A (f*tD madtf by il» 

■cpacMioti ufpou. 
CLEO. (kl»} «.>. Thahotu-Sy. 
CLEUOCY.QJfm'-mtn^) •<.(. Uatey j 

nildiwMi lontancy. 
CLEMENT, (Uns'-moil) «. Mild { t«nll* i 

CLEMEN n.\K, (klBrn'-aa-tae) a. RaUt' 

iag to Sc Cliiueiil, at itie coouilulioiu of 

Clnnml i1>d Fifth, 
CU:lMKN1'LY. (Ufrn'-tst-lt) ml. Lt a 

BiFri'ifal niaDnn'. 
CLEACII, .s« (.Liacn. 
To CLKIT., {\\t;fe) V. «■ To call. 
r»CLt^>K, (klnpeM-t, TocalL 
CLEl's\UK.\. <Un>-*!'-dit1 "-<■ A Uad 

of clock uDOUu iIiD BButnU. wbikb (oM ibo 

hoiu* by the full of a wnaln quwuty vT 

valor ; a (hjmiiral tphfI. 
CLEHGICAL, ^kltr'-jf k^) a. Ralalfiig Io 

thif rlnvT, 
CLERU\Vlklcr'-j^) ■,>. Tba body of man 

art apart by dua ordination tot tM aanica 

of God. 
CLERGVABLF.. (klj/-ff-t-U) a. la la-. 

Tho laim ajipliml to folenira vlUuu baiictit 

of dvrn. 
CI.ERGYMAS',<kW-j>-oitn) ■.>. A iimu 

in holy oRltra. 
ri.EUK*AI..«iavr'-a-k^} )a. KrUiui| ta 
CLKKlCK.fkW.ik') j ih>[|i<iity, 
CLEIIK. (U^k) ». I. A clrrKyuiui ; a 

xtiDlui . B luftu Tiupluynl under uioilirr u 

a nntti ; a (■elly wiUrr in publkk oHjcbi ; 

ka oAurt or nrioiu kiadi > tin* laymiin 

who Nod* the laajioluea in iIm tbuKb. to 

ditKl the l*iC 

agt i—*fiie, iqb, bvU i— til ', pgynd ;— lAia, imi*. 


CUKNTAL. (Uj-a'ql) •. UqMods 
fLlF-NTF.D. (UiVt-<'*> P^- "■ 


rLEftKUKE.(kl!A'-llt«)«. AeeonplUud 

a* a louBwl Mnoa. 
CLERKLY, (U*tl-la> «. Clorat; i^olat- 

CLCJIKLY. (Ugdi'-b) W. la »a ininwia 

or iMnadnUMM*. 
CLCRKSUIP. <Uuk'-d>tf>) m. i. Scfcolv- 

•Upi Ita aAo* M a lint. 
CLGVIin,<Ui/-tt) a. DulMMa; •kilM) 


CI^^ERI.Y.'hlr^-r^)"'- tMtfMudf. 
CLKVERN):^:^, (Llgr'tfvM) •>. h Uu- 

Htii* 1 •kill ; bCMaltjr. 
CLt:w, (Uu) •ki. Tlnad woond np«d a 

baxlaa : a t"*"^ ! * iluwlioO' 
r* t'I.KW.{kk) r.>. To diitc*: Ta rf«F 

(^ Mid, la oatvl pbnM, w lo niaa ihina, 

In aniat u l« ^Btad• 
n CLICK. (Uik) n«. T« nwfcaa ifcani, 

■raall. a wu MW M aoiaa. 
T> CLICK, (Uik) •■ a. Tb oXtli or aoMcb 

CLICK. (Uik) ■■•■ 71wl>Uhafad«or, 
CLICKER, (kI<k'-M> ihi. TlwaanvMafa 

Mlrnnan, *ka iriiiii al Itia dboi lo tnTlts 

CUKNT. tkli'-fM> •.!. A irpcnlMiti ana 
«ba afiplica to an ulT««ic for couaavl. 


CUbMLLt:, (kl5'-i;n-1?l») a.i. Tka ton- 

Jiit:iu or offii:* of a rlicoL 
CLIKM^IIIP. (kl!'fn(-*)l!|>) ■. (. TW 

condidoa of a tliimt. 
LXII'F. (kl-n >>.•. A olMW ndk; a pr>- 

cifalou* bank ; ifaa nam* of K tbmcMv la 

muaifk. ptopntj CLir. 
CLIFFY. (kfir-(t) a. Brakn ; <aan7< 
CLtFT.(kKlt) >.!. Sa«Ct>rr. 
CLIFTED. (U^r-lfd) a. BrakMk 
CLIMACTKA. <(kl)-«tk'-ltr} a. i. A m^ 

tain ipac* of dne, oi pT(i(i««uoa of jvon ; 

appliiai loocttiiBRMinJpHiadaaf aaMn'a 

CLIMACnnttCK. (kliin-|k.<sT--hk> > 

CLIMACI'KKICAL. lkl.m-tk-lr/.t^k«l) S 
*. JL A fi-rUun numbrr gf jpant. al Ika and 
of whicli oonia gnat chviiji) n •u)i|ieafd lo 
bvfii] tha boitv. 

CLIMATK, (Ui'.«4M) n, 1. A >)>nea npon 
tha watK* of ttio «i<b. mroiurDd from ihe 
Mualot to tka prilu cucln. In pkcti el 
«Uch ap*c<a llui l<in|;«t itj ia tult an 
Loot kncar lli^n in ttni ik-mtt to (Lo 
«^aM«; a Tprloo, at tnel of laud, M9«ing 
ftotn aaoUin bjr tbo imptciKin) of tlie nit. 

CL[&IATLiHF.<kIj|'-oia.lqn> a.*. Clinala. 

(CLIMAX, (kJf^Dfy) N. •. Giadaliai; 
oKaoL A Sgun> in ifcalarick, bf wliicli 
tha aaoMan ruaa (miIimIIt. 

To CUMB. (kDme) r. •>. PM. tbmh «r 
<(in6id I pact, cbm* o( rtia^•i ; 10 aaccad 
with labonr. 

To CLIMB, (kllma) *.«:. To awnd i M 
LIMAKI.K, <Uima'-t-bl) a. AMMBlatrla. 


■ooUaattyplani a plul iku cmp« upon 
Mbw MflNni t M BMM ef a partKUlu 

CLIUE. ^kUm) a. i. Ofaau i neiiM. 

7<CLINCil.<kliDih) no. To pwp iu tfca 
bind ; i» cmtiicl It Aoubl* the linnn ; W 
ri««t or bend ll« pctot of B Bail in i£r otliM 
•ida> uc«rfb«; Ufa. 

T* CIJNCH. (UJMli) T. a. T» bold fast 

CLtNCfl. (Ujaik) n. (. A wonl luod fa % 

doubia l an ing ; a pun ; an aukvintv | 

IW part of the caMt arhich m <MHMd M 

tka nni! nflka aMhor. 
CLlS(-|IUt.CUia^ta'-st>B.h AeiBwiia 

T.CUNG. (*(«;)* a. PM.(4^;»tt. 

f^ivt to hmgBfoabjnriBBifMn-I, to 

ail hi' n. 
CLINGY. (kIW-o) a. Adholfav 
CLIMCAU (UlnVkal) it. Karabic the 
CLINIC, (klm'.ai)i bad. 
CLl!<ICK,<klK-ik)B.t. OBaoahbdMlh- 

7>CUKK. (kl^) ■.«. ToMrlkeMUM 

D«La a tinall Man noiir. 
r« GUNK, <U^) K a. To noil ■ ^^alt 

CUKK. (klrngk) a.<. A Aup looccwiTB. 

CLLVQUANT, (kliaxl'-fM) a. GUdarioci 

dxrtted In BDteoi^My. of liuMl Cany. 
n CLIP. <Uip) (.a. To nuwith d>Mnj I 

to dininuli <ain tij fading the dge* ; M> 

ciitlail . In coL 
T.CI.IP. (klip) ha. A phnwa la MrDnrv. 
CLlPl'LR.OiV'R'^"'*- OnelboidebaaM 

nna by (uiiinc: abulipr. 
CUKPlSii, (kljij'.pjngi n. J. A pan tut u£ 
t'U^AK, <klfki!> n. 1. Ilie [onunt. with 

wbirhtbi n«t are corned ; a conculnuul ; 

Ti>CU>AK, (klffce) r.a. To coret wifU a 

etoka - ui hida. 
CLUAKHAU. (Uok«'.fr9() n. >. A port- 
man lajtu. 
CLOCK, (klf k) B. •, Tbo Mtoookrai which 

lelU thn hour by a Miokp iipoa Ibe bell ; 

'iXt Hrrkafa tticJb'itf. tha floveri or inwrtad 

work about itw anela : au tatrtl ; a aorl cf 

beeila; the •onad otuvti the hro rnakaa in 

f»llin(| brr clui'kiUL 
TDCL(JCK,(krfk) T.o. To oalt, «i Iho ban 

c^lt hcT chi.'Lfoji, 
TdCUtCK, (klyk) ■.■■ TomikaanoiM 

like tho heo. 
CLOCK-MAKER, (llfk'-mt-k^l n.i, Ik 

whoae profeuion ia lo niako rhickt. 
CLOCK.aP.TTER.<kl||A'-a(l-tsr> N.I. On; 

who rt^iiiH llie clock. 
CLOCKWORK, (klfk'-w^rk) «. i. Uoae- 

fomli ULr Ilii.* of a clock. 
CLUD. (klvd) n.i. At^D((aith«rl%i 

• luit -, (ha gTatad i an jonng toantlHl ID- 

Stbeii antthisj irila> MM. and nulliyi a ' 
IL Ctoaa wlowa 
n CLUl), (kl(d) r.a. TogUliaiiBlotuo- 


f»ta, fff, f|U, (|t j-Bi(, nfti— rtM, rin i-Bf, BtB^, 



nCLOD,<UfJ>ft >. T*Hi«IA<M>- 
CLODUY. (klvT-U;) <>. Cm^ilHafMRh 

■rtlod* : nma ; gnMi 
CLODHOPPER. (U^-hipir) ■• fc A 

kaan dull cIo«il> 
CLODPAI'E. lUfd'-ptM) o. I. A AivU 

CLODFATED. (Ufd'-n-lfd) •. Sbipidi 

CLODPOLL,(U{d'-PfI>>"->- AthukKuU) 

TvCLOO. (klfe) 'v'' To loU wiib er (0- 

eombn-, (o biDilfv ; U oUUuet ; to bul- 

ilwn i to fiubwiMa. 
T»CLOU.<kl«f) v-n. TocoalMcti load- 

hn* i to b* mKiinibcmt. 
CLOa. (Use) n.1. A loxl : n wrieht : lo 

incumbnuct i s LiikI of adilltliiul Aoe 

worn by vonum U> knp Uem (nun wcl ; ■ 

voodco iboe. 
CLOCGINESS. (UM'-g»'a{<) ••. «. Tho 

■MtB of beiii| cloaEDd. 
CLOaOKO. Cklf^^) ■■■■ Ab olaBue- 

CLOUGY, (Uft'tc) 0. Ilnnag Uu povei 

of ckieviDf up. 
CLOIsffJi. (Jiii^-V) m. i. 

nurrinrbi ; ■ tDOOUUfj 

peruiile; a plu«k 
Ti>CLOIST£lt.(Uqy-lei) r.*. TvtfaHtBp 

ia B nluuui liduM ; la coniM. 
CLOI^aiLRAL. (U«*-ltf-»l) a. Solittn. 
CUllSTEREO. (kW'-iinl) jmrt. •. Ib- 

babitin;; tloUlm ; buill villi prnKjries or 

CLUlffrKIU:R, (kt^-.(tr-ir) «. <. Ooe 

brf<iti]t]iiu 10 tho cloiaUT- 
Ctoisl Kt;<iS, (Un*'-Dt>) n.t. A mm. 
CUIKK. n. (. iitv CtotK. 
t:U»MB.{klom) PtM.ofTBtli-A 
71 (XUuai, <UagiD) r. •. To cku* wiib 

lliuinou* null* r. 
n CUl&E, (klow) «. 0. To •hut ; M ceo- 

clude i w WloM i 10 j^ ; to oaiM fcao- 

Tb CLOSE. <kl^e] i^ B. T* omJcmci. fa 

«fMt WitI, 1'o CODM to BB BBI MB Wl Brilb ; 

to |i>rppl« witb, a* ia raMnnsi tic. 
CLOsi;. (klow) n. I. AnjftUiig dlati a 

(bmU field inclDMd. 
CLUSE. (UfM) H. •■ Tb» BiBDnw or timp uf 

clMioE; B ifBppIc a* In wtMlMai ; p*Ba«i 

ciwitlon ; B eiockuion a micI. 

jCLOfiE, (UfM) ■. Sbut ttt\i tlBTiDK DO 

Ttoti Mnllnt4; MapiBBl; eoTn|arl; w>Iiili 
jDlosd wiltiout BBj MiBto bf t«*Hi : ap- 
IBOBclilag oaadjr ; unill*eO*tTiJ ; bidiv^ ; 
MCIM ; truMy ; il]' : tvliml , B)ipJied lo ih« 
wtMbtC. dark, tloudT. out clcnf. 
CLOSE. (Uom) ad. Ila* Ho latiu) mgaBlaa 
*ltl. cIokK: "^ 

CLt)II}:-)-lSrED. (kkw-TiM od) > 

CiOSl^HANDED. (klW-hinU-fJ) f •' 
PmuQOUii cnrrMniB. 

CLuSCLY. (Il9«|-.|,> .A Wiibom inlM w 
ouUrti ■ilh«w b» (pon ialermnlDF; 
Biailyi McrHlyi ililj ; ligbUy ; M tbi 


CIOSDrSH, (UfBB'-afi) >. & Tte «hm 
of Mm (bni ; B B i m n a iM ; itmk of air, 
» wetJIattoB; onDpaittwa* ; ttclaaama; 
»i en « l i pn<Bcy i ostmvwwh ; cauaco- 

CLOSES. (Uo*-«tt) B. •■ A frBiiluci 

CU)8ECTD0L,<UfMi'-4i9{|l)'>ii^ Acbv 

CLOSET. (kvV) K. I. A MwH mmb of 

prJTBc? : a Unc ru|>ti0H4. 
ToCLO^r. (kla*>i) I'.B. To>hatop>a 

a doart ; la taio iota a cIomi for • «Bcrat 

CLOSH. (klfih) u.t. A diitompnlntlM 

fM of attU i tbe (omtdci. 
ClyOIilNG. (klo'-UDf) n.ik Ftewd [ etm- 

CLCK^LKE. (kla'.dmr) *. J. Th* act of 

ibanlBt v|i : thm by «biik aajthini b 

cJoBcd ; totlocun ', coBclu^on ; vtid. 
CLOT. (Uol) ■>■■■ ConcirlinD -, na^ulalioil. 
TaCLOT. (hltl)e.>. Ta (sriB dou or <l«d« ) 

to nmriMc -, to cdbcbIbIb ; to bcciaat (Ma. 
CIXI'IH. (klylh) n. >. fliuiJ (MAt. Any- 

ibiof; nnu fat ilrMO ; [Lc |uteB of Hb<d 

■jaiiBil ujMB B labia; d(«M; raiBuwii a 

tulur* of vooL 
rtCLU'lHE. (Ufinc) a.o. Lnl.«lrflM w 

«lad ; {nUt. tialliid ai clml. To ta>««t with 

EarnifDi* ; tu ndoni viib iJma ; lo ia«*« ; 

10 furriiih *^lb ctoibtB. 
CLOI'llES. |klo». c( mor* r>D|)nlvklfT*M) 

GanoFnu ; tnimnit^ llioMtomiogaof Un 

bodr tliM an iBBdo ef dotli ; the ottcting 

of 1 brd. 
CLOTHIER, (kloTno'-jr^) a. h A msiLCT 

<iiT utier of ^lotli. 
CLOTHING. (UvTM'-iDe) "■<■ Dm*: 

CUmiBHEAREK. (kl«rt'-«h#-r-cr) •.. i. 

Ooa vtao triina ib« cluih. anil l«i»b Ite 

Cl!oTHWORKi:R.(krfiA'-«ai-b)p;<i.(. A 

makoi of tJodi- 
CIX>1TKI).(U«t'-i^)pflrt.«. CoBcolBtaA. 
raCUrlTKK.lklflMtrJr.H. locOBcntBi 

lo coinlBf' 
CLOni', (IJ(t'-iiT> 0. FollofcJoia. 
CLOL'D. (klygd) n. h Tb* daik fOllMtion 

ofnpoura ia il>r ai> ; Urn ttim. mailx, at 

mini in itonn, or oihri budiei : any uliili? 

of obtcuiiij or ilukni'iB. 
ToCLOUD, (klfvd) 1- «■ TodaAminih 

cloodt ; 10 makT of >uI1fo appmano* i lo 

obKUia 1 10 *anr{(alo witb dork nniui lo 

(uUy ; lo defnmf. 
Tu CLOl'D. (k[gv<l) r. n. To gnv cloudy. 
CLOUDCAPT, (kl9ifd-kt|iil> a. Tojipcd 

witb (Jouda. 
CLOUDILY. (Ufv'-de-if) M. Witbcloiiil*i 


CLOliDIN>»!l. (Un'-<lr-n!*) -••■ Brins 
coifivil witli tloijil* i ilafkaMt; winl « 

CLOElDLE^ (Uv<}d'-ls*> a. WUhoiil 
dooA*; elaai. 

CLOVDY, (kltv'-do) 0. Corned vitb 

0(1;— (fba, lob, bfll^l^U;— ff^tul^-lUo, mia. 



I wOb aioe* or vcio* ; not hhcbu 
CIATF;, (kl9r«) Tbe pivuriw a( rJanv. 
CLOVK. (UoT*) n. 1. A nhiaU* •pio* 
bn>u[Iil ftocB Inili> ; a w*l(lu amoof tbaem 

a^VKM. aio'-m) put. prtt. from timH. 
CLOVEN-FO6TED. (Uo'-thVt') ( 
CLOVES. HOOFED, (UV in boon') { 

lUnia (he fool diTiilcd iato itra fatts, 
Cl/IVER, (kl(>'-Tir) ■. b A (pcciea of 

mloil. To lin in tiertr, m to lira l«niri- 

CLOVERED. (klf'-Tjrd) «. ComeJ *ilb 

CLOUOH, (kloO "■ •• H'* el'" of » biU i 

CLOUGH. (UgO ••■ •■ An atkxruim et 
tws poond* I>«*«nhiiiiilR(l wctffatforib* 
tun of tbn Kal*. lluu tlu (ammnlig' nar 
liold QUI wcighc iriian lotd bf mail ( a deit 
of a hill : ■ riiS. 

CLOUT. < Uirup B- •■ A doth tm any misan 
u«B ; a paKh o* 

u«B ; a poKh 0* a thoo ot taai -, a rulv 

n CLOUT, (Umt) 1^ •. T« pilGb i to 

Evw with n ckidi : to jrio ciOMwIj to- 

(•(W ; U beat i to ■tiikc 
Cu}UTEI>.(kIoDi'-ud> )«r(.u. Pateba^ 
CLOLTTCnLY, (UvV-tCcI?) «• Clomqi 

CLOWN. (Ufpi) a.b A nutlck ; a rouw 

Ul-brfd man ; a prtndjul ehuvui la jiao' 

CLOWNERY, <UvvB*-S('n) »• •- U- 

CI.OWNISII. (fclf^'-uh) a. ConaiMiagor 

or h.-iTin); the naloTD of rualick* tn clo*Di 1 

raanr ; roagb ; iU-foaiueNd J duouj [ nn- 

C^^VlStlNESS. (klnn'-iA-Dia) .. j. 

Roaiicily i iacinUly. 
Tt CLOY, (klpr) v.o. To uiiatf : U fill <o 

ImtbiiiK, A l«nn otcd for aloiipiBg op lb* 

toiicb-kolM of (Annan. 
CLUYUENT, (klf>'-m*nt) n.1. Saxinj. 
CLUB, (klub) B. t. A hMT* *tick; lh« 

oanu of ono oT lb* (uiu of caid* ; an n»9- 

dadoa of fifrtoo* wbiKiad to particulAi 

ml** ; cODCuicvBC* ; jaiat chatj;«<. 
nCLUB, (klnb) en. Totoatiibute ton 

oonunoa oidbdm In toUlad uoportiona ', to 

jda loona afftct. 
T« CLUB, (Ui|b) r. 0. To pa; to a common 

CLUBBED. (kh|bd) a. llaair like a ilub. 
CLUBFISTED, (k-'ib'-fiol-sdj a. Haiue 

a lain 6h. 
C[.VDPOurf.D. (UgV-fvt.£<l} a. Short. 

or crookril in thn foot. 
CUJDLAW. (klob'-lfw) •.>. TbaUwor 

tuda force ; campulilan. 
CLUBMAN. (Unb'-mtB) ■.■■On* arlo 

taniet a club. 
CLL'ltnoOM. (kl;b'.FC9ni} n-t. Tie room 

ia •hirb an aifodnliao 01 <lub awonhlci. 
nCLUCK, (Uijk) i.a. To all cbickni*. 


^tFCK. <lili^) ■■ a. TooUI, Malim~ 

CLUF. <LIm) Sm Ctww. 
CLUMt*. fkbmf) a.*, A ahapflea* fiiwa 

of wDoil or otibu maiwr ; a cliutn of cnvt. 
TbCLlMPKB. (Uiim'^iit) ..» To (oim 

into cltuniH a imiafi 
CM'MSILY. (klvrn'-iB-M .,1. Awkwanllr. 
CLUMSINESS, (kl^'-ti-nw) n. .. Awk- 

CLtiMSY. (Ugm'-af) a. Avk«ai4;bt«*y; 

attlM* ; Babiodjr. 
CLUKU. (Unw) Tba pivceritii of r«v. 
CLUMACK, (klT'-nfr|k) n.i. One of a 

Mfbrmad anUr of Boiediccinr monka, ra 

callad fmn Clani in Darnmlj. 
CLUSTER. (kta^-tF) n... A biincb or 

amnber of tho laaic (Idsf* galhnwl to- 


Td CLUSTER, (Uui'-ter) »•. Tofnmlo 

Te CLUSTER, (klja'-lsr) «.«. To rolJcci 

ujdiinE iolo bodmai 
CLUSTERY, (Uija'-ttr-it) a. Givving in 

nCUrrCH, (Ugtd>> v.*. Topiwito 

Cia'P : to cootnuTl or doobts Om baud. 
::LL"rL'II. (kluub) «. •. TU crip* ) patp. 
la ibf pluml. Tlie pao* ; Uio talon*. luod*. 

ID a Mote of lapacilr. 
CLUTTER. <klB('-l>tT> a. 1. S*e Cunta. 

A no iae ; a biude. 
7s CLUTTER. (Uot'-t;i) *. n. To miliD 

a aoiae at buHle. 
CLYSTETt. (klji'-lft) a. 1. A bquiil le- 

remi'df . appliad bj iajwlion up tbo ttt- 

CLVSTER-PIPE. (klu'-QT-pipe) «.i. TLe 

tube 01 pipo by •rUch a dyNtr if io- 

To rOACERVATE. (kM-aar'-T^io) «. ». 

To Imp up lA|;rlbar. 
COACdn'ATtO.V. (ko-«a4ST-Tt'->bnn) a.i. 

HnuHQii. or baiDK bcaptil tofdia. 
COACH. (LfUh) n.*. A<aniacs(if pUa- 

•UIO 01 Mala, dialiiifiillbad f^on a curiol 

b* haTioa M«> f^dnt each Mbn. 
T« COACH, (bfttb) » a. Td rida In a 

COACHBOX. (k;Ub'-btka) a. >. IV *mI 

on whicb the dnTor of tbe toath aitib 
COACll-IIIRE. (knuh'.hjre; n. 1. Hoorj 

raii lot Ihe u(e of a coach. 
COACH- HORSE. CkfUh'-bqrM:) a. a A 

bine d<i«i|;npd for dmwini; a nmcb. 
COACH HtlUSK, (Initb'-h^Dw) n.i. Tbo 

bullae in whirh U.n fnjich t* k?|1t- 

COA(:|IMAN.<L<iii>h.nifn) ■->. Thedrinr 

uf a cnucb. 
COACHMANSHIP, (knlab'-mto-ahip) a. (. 

Tha akUI of a fuachuun. 
TbCOACT. (ko-^kt) r. n. To aM ta(*Uirt 
COACTIO\. <i9.4k'-ahDn) a.a Compultion. 
COACI'lVE. (kQ-tk'-tjf) a. CompalMoy ; 

reitrirtire ; acane in concnnvnc*. 
COADJUMKNT,(V»d-j?-niEot)».>. M«- 

isal '"■""" 
COADJUTA»T.<k(.)d-.J9-q]>t)a. Udittog. 


t^U, Au, 1^ 1^; — ma, met ;— plnr, pia; — n9, mjvc. 


lp»>belf>(C. In tiis luioa law, < *a» wbo la 

■ppinnlcJ la pcifonu iba iluUva of U' 

COAUJIITBIX. (li«.(d-jf'-l^» »■*■ Sbo 

who i* a Miiy-htifit. 
COADJI'VANCY. (k9V'-i^|B'«*> "•'• 

Ualp ; coutoiTiiBl brip. 
COAULNniDN. iko-»J-u-Biih'.ini> n-i. 

Cdojuni'luiu of dUEarrul tuUunct* islu ano 



A fcUow-adTiTiituri?r' 
COACENT. (ko-^'itni) •■. i. An naaociMp. 
To COAGMF.XT. tifl-^g-mtnt") «■. «. To 

nacrrCMla or heap lanlfanr. 
COAGMENTATItm. ^kf-fe-mvn-If'-ifann) 

a. a. Callvction ; cooiuDcliun. 
COAGl'LABLE, <kf^-*-l|-bl) a. Ca|*bla 

of cMnnloD. 
TdCOAGUUTE, Clo-»g'-5'*t") »■ "■ To 

(en» iuto cODctftiaiii. 
To COACUtATK, (kf-fcVfli')'-"- To 

TUB into omcrvtioaa. 
COAGULAI'IUN. (ko-ifl-V-^fB) ■• ■• 

Coocntioa ; confolMioci ; tlia bodf (orracil 

br coaauluioD. 
COAGl'LATlVE.(ko-«'-9-l(-tiO •■ Hm- 

ini; the yowtr at coaffulaluu]. 
CO l\ G LT LAI OH, ( k9-«^-9-lftti) n. i. Wbal 

tauara coagulaiioo. 
OOAI., 0'9'<^J "•'• Tlio common fonil fwlj 

(bt ciuclar of fccsdwd wood: tbamoli 

Gra. aavthiDg iaSamtd oi ignilxL 
To COAL, (k(l*} ho. To barn vood l» 

CDAUBLACK. (kfta'>bl|k) a. Black in 

■bo bMtM daCTHh 

COAI^BOX. (kala--b9ki) a. i. A box to 

(•try ntala to ui( fin. 
COAL-UOliSK, (kflk'-hffya*) «. •. A jdiCT 

to put coal* ia. 
COAL-MIKE, (kfiB'-nijsa) n. i. A mioa 

in vhich <oal> iit <lug. 
COAI^PIT. (kfla'-pitj n.t. Apiivburna 

toala an> duz. 
C0AL-S'1X)KE, (k9lo'-i(90B) K-b Aaonof 

COALEHY. (ku'-Icr-B) a. li A iilac* nbm 

coil* Die due. 
To COALESCK, (fco^-lo*') r. n. To nlra 

lu muarai lo mv loaollMr ; lolcon. 
C0ALF.SCt:J4C£. (kj-vlji'-wiua) "■ *> 

COALITION. (k9-t-liab'-no) r.i. Ctdoa 

b osB mua or bodj. 
COALY, (kf'-lc) o. CoDtainiag coal. 
COAPTATIOH, (k9-,[..4'-aLfln) «.b TLo 

adjiulnral c< cnu to tach aibtt. 
7i COARCT. a»-srtl') ) V, ». To 

To COAHCTATF.. (k9-8A'-U)te) t eonfino 

into a Duraw rompaia ; M mtraio. 
COARCTATION, (kt-|^-if'-«hv>) «. k 

CoQlllicnioat ; contracliob ot any B]ru'c i 

RctcniiK o( Ubei^. 
COARSE, (imte) a. Noi rtOofd ; not aoft 

01 fino; lu^; nadTlt; powj bdaganl i 

Tnd«i mean. 


COAR5FJ.V. (kotH'-lo) oiJ. Witboac finr 

ntat ^ nKoaly : nulely : inclctinil} : froaaly 
CCAKriKM'I^.il.oiH' D^ir ••■ t. lupuTiiy 

roitithnsu; rmauxru . uiaauuraa. 
roCOA^LML.jko ii'Kiiur'} I ii. Tolalie 

upon ouc'a afllf. odd Ibm^ 01 9«ably t» 

Epihvt wilb uiDihcr. 
COAST. (kfti*> a, ,. Tbr *d» of Ibr land 

Dval ihi- aca ; ibr almv i Uir bonlvT Or 

&cnli<*j of a rwintrr. 
ToCUAm. (kfat«)..n. To nU cloao by tb* 

coaat ; alonv ibo csaat. 
To COAST, (koatii) r. a. To ail along tba 

akom ; to koap ctoia lo< 
CUASI'KK, (koa'-lri) «. •. Ho tbu auti 

nnu Iba abotv j a aniall Dading rMaol. 
COAT, (kfte) B. I. Tb« upprr taimrnt ; tbo 

habit et leMOn 1 tbohait at fnrotabtaM; 

any wyiinot ot cot«tta|i tbnt on wMcb 

tha Nunina anoorial ar* poorliaytil' 
Te COAT. (kn(«> >. a. To timr ; to iniMt. 
CUAT-CAKri. (k<.>Ii>''ktnt) n. >. From Iba 

drw 01 fiul. in wbirh tbo king, quetn, anil 

ImnTa. an ivpiaaaoiad : commonly talbd 

To COAX, <kfka) a, o. To «lM(»II*(,t> 


COAXEH. (kfkiV) ■•■ <■ A Bbfodlor. 

COB, (kfb) ■. L The ata-mirw; n ajnJvri 

a bono nil caainiadi aacnmg foary-, a 

Knn -, a mat* rKan. 
COBALT, (kf'-btit) n.1. A marctnUfiv- 

qnoM in Saxony. 
Tb COBBLE, (kfb'-hl) v. o. To mMii) nny- 

Iblu coaiwly i ID da a mako <liiniuly. 
COBBLE, Ifk^b'-bl) N, L A fitbbg boat ; 
COBL£. i ' ■ laige pebble 
COHBLF.R, (kfb'-Ifr) n.i. A monin of old 

alxita i a cloiuay waknmn. 
CdBM'T. (kfib'-niii) n. i. A bi:7'a p»e, 

|ilay«d with DuU (Miaood lo a athngi a 

la--vo not, 
COBWEB. (kfb'->r;l>) n.iL n«i>*fcoiMl 

of B aiiidet -, any anaio Ot ti*p> 
COBWEB, (kgh'-vvb) a. Aajlhinit fine, 

•Mubi. or Santy. 
COmVEBDED, (k4b*-*ibd) a. Cateni 

vilb tbo webi of iiMdara. 
COCClFER0L'3.<ktk'*^-^ rga) o. riinta 

or ti*** ihal lia>r bnriai. 
COCCULirs INinCl'S, (k^V'H«-in'-^ 

Ini) ■. b A ptiiuinui)* Duculirk luriy. 
COCC^'X.(kflkV'0 "■•■ I" Bnn"my, A 

bono jobwil to Ibo ciut^ly of tbo oa 


COCllI.VRAL. <'} n.i. Aa in- 

aact j^lhoTod u|Kin Uio ifpanfta, ftoii driaiJ* 
(KHnvhii-habaaliful iikI colaui U*llIBrl(tl■ 
COCtlLt;AllV, (k^k'-la-^ >•> o. I&ibararm 

of a acmw. 
COC]ILE.\TED, (kfk'-W-iMl) o. 01 a 

acttwcJ (onn. 
COCK, (kvk) ■.!. Tbo mala to tbo ban i 
the duId tit any mall blrili ; a apaut lo lot 
out watar. by tuning iho aloj. ; iLa jiati of 
the lock of a gun tbai itiikei vith lbs linl ; 
a nnall bfop at hoy ; the fcitn of a bU} 
lb* alyla oi guimion of* >UtL 

nfli— t^bf, Ifb. bfUl— fpi— pniu))— t^iDi mi*. 




A COCK, (kok) *. 4. To Mt •HTt ; to mi 
wlb* tiM«ilbaBan«(pMtaM*; tomonld 
tM (bm «( • b« 1 t» fli lb* <«Kk of » gun 
wJy far » iliHtaniii ; M niM ha; in ■ull 

OOcKdK. (t#-k>W) «. ». A iMmJ 

own in (ha k^L 
COCKADED, (l4k>L|'-a«<l> a. Wouttii m 

rorfcw** IB iIm bM. 
COCK-A-IIOOr, (kfk-f-lwap') •■ Triun- 

■Iwit ; Fraldne. 
COCKATOO. (Evk-<-Mt'> ikik A IM of 

III* punt Uad. 
COCKATRICE. (kfk'-«.ti^w) ■. i. A Mr- 

pnl ■iptninJ to nia imD ■ cock'* tvK- 
COCKBOAT. (kfk'-bft*> n. l A «iuU boM 

t«loD*iu to a (lun. 
CUCKCROWtNG,(kft'-kJ9-in|t>«.i. TIm 

■aoM M whitk caA* mvi ifco nontOf- 
COCKER.<kik'-kRr) ■■•. A (MU|bfv. 
COCKEREL, (k4k''k9-il) •>.». A joaiit 

COCKBT, rhat^-kfi) ■■ (. An hMnunani 

MaM and i*Ii*<rtd If ika oflou* of Ibe 
coaWmluaw lo aurcbMLU, m » wanaiii 
that thnr mart hud w ii mMnl. 

COCKFIGItr. (kok'-ljtc) >■.!. A 

COCKFtGMnNd.(kfk'-fiM-iDB>t tattle 
M malrli of (orka. 

CnCKINO, (kfk-ing) tbh CorkfichliPe. 

COCKLF^ (kfk'-ki) -. •. A tnuiir MMaca- 

7» COCKl.r, (kflk'-kl) iva. To mitnicl 

inio mUln lik» tli« tboll of a «xU». 
CUC^KLK. (k^k'-kl) r.n. Tapowviiaklad, 

■a w*l p^t. Aic 
COCKLRH. |k(k'-ltT) a. •. Ono who UkM 

or Hill* (iKklM. 
COCKLOFT, (kgk'-lqftj n, •. TIl* raom 

om iht ganet. 
COCKMATCII,(kfk'-iii4Uh}n.a Cotklght 

tnr a nrin. 
COCKXI'.Y. (ktjk'-tif) n. : A oonlnnp- 

luoita tirnn for k nHrirD uf l^oodoQ, an ■dDml' 

aal*, i|[nuiaiit. lo«, niaan. daaplcahlt c\(i- 


COCKPIT, (kfk'-plt) a. iL ni* araa wkno 
rotka Ssbt ; a plaoa oa tlu lowrr dMk of a 
■hip of war. ■hm at* nib-diiiBaaa foi lliB 

imrBfir, «ijE !i:> mal**. 

C'UCK'SC"'- .rtar>«.<. Apknt. 

CuCKSI'VK, ;. -- , uj «. <. Viriuiiao 

COCK-SUHE. (kfk'-iboft) a. CoDUcntljr 

C0<;KSWA1N. (kifk'-nrtae. m knk'-m> a. >. 

Th( oScirt wbo baa tbe cODmaDil of thr 

COCOA, (kf'-kf) H. 1. A fpadM of patin. 

traa ; ihs dnak funuail tiom ibo nut of iha 

COCITLF., (k9k'.(il> n. Mada bnr baktnr. 
C0C1TON, <kvk'-tbati) ■->. tha aot of 

boillM or digMiiii|[, 

coDrJsa.{hvf-(i»ii>i"-*" *•»■**■ 

COD. (ifd) "■ ■• AajroM or biuk in wbich 


OODGEIt. (kfd''^) a.h A low won) (or 

aadMTi oaawbonlkMlopiliRallhFCBn. 
CODR, (k?la) m.*. Abaok: abookofU*!. 
CODICIU (kfd'-t^U) a. t. Aa apptnitKo 

CUUItXC. (ko^r> a. a A tHm at onbrr, 

vtmi tka nau> a *ea. 
r* CODDLE, (k^'-dl) »■ a. Topaibcdl. 
r<> CODDLS. (knd'-4l> k a. To bu| ; to 

Maka nuik o£ 
COULL\G. (kfT-ling) n- >■ A ipnic* of 

coSSriCAcy, {koy-i?^^) ^ ^ tu 

pamwcof anWal iUbb* acma tagaibar, 
COCPFICIKNCY, (kTSf-fpof^} •^*- 


COi:FFIClKNX(k»^-fial,'^^t) t..fc Tkot 

vliicli uuiir* iM action with tli* action ef 

aooditr. A (ana in alcrbn sad in Boaion*. 

COEFFICIEXTLY. (ks-af-fjib'-iol-It) ad. 

In a oo-opMMliu Bannai. 
COELDER, (bf^-dgr) n. i. Ad *ldr< of 

tba aamo lank. 
C01I.UCKivt>ry,(MMn-4k')>>.i. A bnucli 

of thp aofta in ibo cavirv <if tte abdomau. 
C<£I.IACK Pii^M. (ar'-lf-^k) A ■porin of 

dianbica, or flui. 
OEUm-ERY. StvCtvartnT. 
COKMPIION. (kf-fn'-abgn) a. a Boyins 

Of i)ip whole qiianiity of Bftiiing. 
COKgrAI.. (ko^'-qujl) a. Equal; of Iba 

null' mnk oi ^initr. 
COKyt:ALITY. fk9■^•^o^l■■t^7) «.«. Tlia 

*[»!« vt Ivinj; cqiial. 
Td CUKKC'P.. (kn^vraa') t>. a. To iMtnrtii. 
COERCIBLK. (k9V-•^<>l> «. Capable of 

batnc tnlrain»d. 
COKRCIDN. (kcH«l'-*bD0) ».■, PaoDi !•■ 

4lr«tflt ; rhock. 
CUKKCIVt:. (kn^i'-v*) a. Ilailoi; tho 
power of hiTtng; n-ttnbit, or ihs autbonly 
of mrtnuniac. 
COKSltKMlAU (ko-ja-ecs'-tbtl) a. Pa^ 

lidpaliaiE of llie aania naeucc. 
COESSKNTIALrrV. (k».^B);Q.>J> 
to) n. 1. I'nru>:ipDUon of ilio nnic ruaacr, 

In ■ ro'ouviilul ii,ian«r- 
COr.STABLTSHMr,Nr. fk^^-tqV-l-tb- 

ment) n. i. Joint pilnhliahinmi. 
COltrAXEAN. (k^i—tii'-na^p) a. ». Ooa 

of the Kuac ase with anMbtr. 
COCTANEOVS. (kfl-^ta-^j^na) a. 01 the 

nme an with aaoUft. 
COETEKKAl.. (k9^l-i'-n»l) a. Eqnnily 

etpmal with knottier. 
COE|-EIlNAL'V,(k9*-t«'-nV.lB) ad. Of 

equal titmitj with aaolknr. 
COETEnNITY, (ki.i*-iar'tie.if) a.a Hat 
ine oiiiteooe tnm rtnnit} aqoal wiUi u 
othsr eternal beina. 
COEVAU (ka-a'-<tf> a. LtTln{ in Use »>» 
at-v or iiiDK -, nf ttip unia Bfe with annlker. 
('OKVAL.( n.*. A a«tnn|Miai]r. 
COKVOUS, (ke^'-T)!*) a. One ol Ibe uiue 

Ta CXtRXI^n*. (kf^-d.aO t> «■ To exiH 
at the aamii time. 

ri«t , ^r, r^i. ^ i-^n^. nt> i — fn>'- ri" i—iif • '^B**> 



CO EXISTENCE, (kf-qgiif '-({DM) ihi, Bi- 
Istaacvultw Mnii) tinM wiili laoilift. 

coEUsmrr, (inf^giit'itno «- Kii«- 

ioE Vt ^^ mnc tiDM ml3i aiiotJiDf- 

■ T> COVXTLSD. (lL9-)^u-teiid'l •. «. To 


COKXTKNSION, 0'?-;>'-«>9iir>«hp) n. i. 

EMondinc lo tlie miob tgai» m untica 

«li uiotbrr. 
COi:XT£NSIVE,(kf-tk.«iif-«t>) «b Vw 

Isg tho Hune oilciic. 
COFTEE, (lu^'-(») 1.1. A qiede* of Aim- 

bick fTHBinuie. from the bemm of wbkb 

thii dnulE enlJcd tn^rt it urppand. 
COfCkll'IIOtsK. (k</r'-}n-tiqvM> n.1. A 

bouH wLeic uliec oi oihiit ralinfanMat i* 

COFFEE-POT, Cl(t"ft-pfll) It. I. Tli» to- 

T«TTd pot in wliicb cuffvo ii bolltd. 
COFFER, (kflf'-fcTl «. ». A (baM lanenilty 

fnr kMpmg DDn>;.<»'d in ibf |ilanl ha 

mUTiJ«t ft tciujiFc dtprvWife ID raih in- 

Itnai bMWtcn tho modiUion* of iLf Cnrin- 

lUtD comk*. In roniiScatioD. A hotloa- 

lodgFtnrat acioH > dry mou. 
T«Cul FKll, (kflf-f.-i) r.n. To In'UurcBii. 
COITEKEH. «)>fr'-ftr-fr} n. (. H* who 

placn ltp»nre in (l»M 01 teStr, A 

frmc'\f»l iiRicM of ihs kiBj'* IieU(holJi 

npit uirda 111* tomplnlt*!. 
COFFIN. <l(ff-r>o) •• b Tho box « cbfM 

IB «tucb dMid bodiM ■» intfmd ; a r*^t 

an*, iB bfm of * eon*, luad by |nw»n ; 

C^lfEti ^« knu^ b tbo whol* hoafof ihp root 

■liotii lb* toreiMi, indadint il* cn^ii b«nv. 

Cefin-tuHt, A noiU ipMicj bciotv iiuloMd ia 

Um Bidat of Uu bool. 
'roCOFnK,(ktt'-fi;n) r.a. TomclMbk 

Tv COO. <li(|{) n d. To tixw ; W vbrodls ; 

M UFO A. to MtDM U to w wdinct lU 

TV COG. <lfg) 0. n. T« lla ; M •bcrdlt. 
COG . <if ii> ". >. Tb* tooik of a frbdl ■ K 

litUa beat. 
7b COG. (Ifc) <^ "■ 1*0 Bi cog* bi ■ wbni. 
COOK\('Y.(ko'-jrn-») 11. t. Karri" ; •limph. 
CU(ii:NI'. (kn'-wiit) a. Fciicihlo; powCT- 

COOBNTLV. (ko'-jMH-ln) ai. Forcibly. 
ODGOER. (kM'-or)" -. h A IWtMar. 
COCGKBY, (kf /■«»•) ■.«. TtkkiblM- 

COGGLXSIYtKE, <kf^.cT.|lMa) i*. >. A 

COUlTADLt::.(kfa'-J».| CapiUdvaf 

b«isi Ibou^t on. 
nOOOrrATE,(liod'-jl-lnta)na. Totbink. 
COGITATION, (kftl-jo-u'-obu) n. •. 

Houchi 1 tnvdiution i toaMmBUon. 
COUITATIVK, (kod-->!-t4.UT) a. Ut^ag 

tbo powai of ibODcht ; gnc* id tboniht. 
COGNATE. (kM-'-ntl*) a. Riodnd. 
C0GNATION,<kaN«t'.^ira)..h Donet 

ftom (bo nsM oritiii«l ; niuion. 
COQNISEE.(kfa'-nf-aff>i..t. nerowhom 
ftiasiit liuid*art*Mnn]{iiBnrL<n>lTd£Td. 



COONISOUR, (kfn'-nn-ifO n. i. !■ he 

thai pMoctb OT >ck«iiM)(*il> a Moo k liod* 

01 tratmnit* to uotbn. 
CCKiNITION, (kf|fni*li'-aD> K.!. Kkt*- 

COtiNrriTE. <kfc'>M.|ti) M. HttTiOK (1« 

bowpt of kBturtug. 
COU.VDtAULK. (kyn'-oe-if-bl) *. falliac 

Dnder judicial noUe* . Uahle Co bn triad- 
COGNIZANCE, (kKu'nD-ifnM) 11.1. Jodi- 

dal noDM ; ninl i a badfip. 
C0GNOMINAL,<kf^Dqoi'-c.ii^) a. Hal- 
ing tho nm« name ; bcloDgiag U> Ihe tot- 

To COONOAUNATE, (iM-nfm'-rniW) tufc 

To «i« a name. 
C0CNOHINAT10K, (kfg-npm-t-Da'-abna) 

■■I. A tBrnamc ; a Dame aithd bina any 

ui;id»iii er <iualii«. 
COUNlMChNCF^ (kvc-Dti'-vfBM) n. I. 

COGN0SC'E.*fTE,(k()g.n9 ifs'-Wl "■'- Ow 

who u wtJI vtnrd u snylbiutL ; a ctmilol*- 

coGNosciBiLmr, (k^g^iBMB-bjr-fn) 

n. lb T)ic quality ol bnng (oganidble, 
COGNOSClDLK.'rkfcnar-ofbl) " 11»( 
aaf be knovn ; that oJla 'nudef Judicial 

coaN03ciTivE.(ki>s^'-«rii>)*- ■'■*- 

iae (hr town of kaowing. 
COGNOVIT, (fc9cW-nt) N. I. InlBv. An 

•i:kno*l;dffiiHDt by th« drfrailaiit of (hi 

plaiotilli csut, diantn ■nflWoii: jiiiljjtaivDt 

lo be Mitmd uninat bim withoui iml. 
r» COHAHIT. (ks-jub-ii) r. -. To «I««U 

with uioilinr ; ID Ii<« IDgFtbn a* kuabaail 

and wifr. 
COHAIilTANT. (kvMh'T**"') -■ '■ A" 

inlinbitanl nf Iho iuiiDi> iilnt*. 
COHABITATION. (ko-Vib-ft-t^'^hgo) «.». 

lBblI.^iti^K lliir aunv placa trilh aiiolliTt; 

lh» art of oobabiling. 
COHEIR, <b9-v') "•'■ On* of tnml 

aniona «hi>m an iohnitaMO ii Aridta. 
COIItlRtS^ (k^f-roa) ■-•. Oflo u( Iwo 

OI DON Iieiroun. 
Tv COHERE, (k^-hrrr') r. n. To fCick to- 

Erlbnr 1 lo niit ; lo fil i 10 Bf^nr. 
CnilEKENCE. (kf-hr'-rtOH) )•■.■■ That 
COHERENCY, <k<> hc'-r^-v) t daU of 

bodir* in *hicb ikeir paiu'aic joiiiad ■■>- 

grtlin (0 tlwl Tbcy tfiiai a; pntaUon ; con- 

liMtion i tbv icgulu Uxture of a diKoUiMi; 

nnniwncy in rra<Dnin)|- 
C(;ilERKNT. (kf-liv'-riot) «. Sikkin)( to- 

tolbar; coonKWdi uiilMli osmUmiI. 
CtJHGSION. (kg-bf'-thgn) >..■■ Thiottot 

ttltUaj tocnbat ; tb« ilate of imioii ; (on- 

COHESIVE, (kvl>T'-»r) a. Hiiiog tho 

powai (i( atit'kinv. 
COHESIVM.Y, {^L^bf'-tiT-lf) a7. In k 

conntct^d munnvi. 
C0UCSlVF:.\l':£S,(k{»t»'-4*-DSi>)»-i. Tb* 

(nalllT of htiaii coIimIvv. 
r.>COHIIl!T.<ka-hib'-IO ii-o. To rcaCr^n. 
Ti COIIUIlAl'£,'(ko'-bo-b4ta) v. a. To [Kwc 

ngt i-^iibe. tyb, bfll ;— til ; pvv^d i— iMn. Tab. 



iW dUUttnl lioaor yfM (be rrwhwg 

■olHt, lad iliMil il wnik. 
COIiOnAT10N'.(Lfliv-k4'-tk9n)*.>. Ttu, 

KfvaMl ttpofanr of loi •nkManra M (ha 

chriniial adJoB or a llqwiil. 
C01IORr.(k<>'-hvR}H.b A iraefiWMJdian 

io tbs Rcniui annlM, cooumIdc aboul fite 

ban^rad foot ; k bodr of wutiaan. 

COnORTATION. (kt.|i«r-q'-di«n> ■■ •• 

Knomnnmuit by ixird*. 
COIF, (Igif) ••■•. Tbu h«wl-4i««*; 4Hfii. 
i,COJrF.II. (kgiff) ■. WHiioa a calf. 
CCOIFRIRV. {kmr-f...n> *. t. lUmdJiwfc 
COIONb, (k^ia) M.I, A coniu; B iroodtu 

wdn nvil by priaWn. 
n COlL, (k^l) t. ■. 1'a cMbn um ■ ■»• 

row compau ) *t to tuU K topp. 
COIL, (kpjl) n. I. A rope ociiail into a 

nag ; tonull ; loll. 
^COIN. (kfin) ihi. SnCoion. 
COIN, (kg^) •.!. Moncf ilamfad wiiL ■ 

Itfl Imynirion. 
n COIN, (k^n) *. 0. To lUunp mptnti (oi 

mmey ^ lo m&ks or inTvnt ( lo niii* or 

fmve uiiIliiDg, in la 111 wiWV. 
COINAGE, (.kflin'-qjo) k-k The »ii « 

pr«i:tic« of <oiaiii|f uotiey ; thf monpy 

coini^ ', tbc cbar|tfa of coioiiig mcmey i 

IrpCOlNClUK, (k;-in-i{da') ca. To Ml 
un^m (hf miui^ fiouit t to cOBCor* 
CotMritDLNCK, (kf-In'-M^raie) )■■ i. 
CUIM'IUKNCY. (koIjD'.M'dga-af) ITbo 
fiau of rallm); upon um Mn« poist ; md- 
ciUTriio ; vuMitMuji ; taouiicy to Iha 
MIDO enil. 
[COINCIDENT, (k»-ia'-Mj£nO *• F^lms 
unoB tb<> nme pout j coaHtlonU 

ColNCIItF.B. (Vio-»i'*<''-!0 ^•• 'T''" 

wbirh coiacidci mth auoUiit (biog> 
COIMHCATION. (k^is^kf'-ahva) a-b 

Muiy t}iDpinn»b<<iokaiagthe«uiBcan*fc 
CUINKIt. iLfiu'-rf) R. >. A niskcr ol 

money ; ■ loten ^ on nmnlOT. 
raCOJOI>', (k4-jUjp'> r-n. To Join wtiL 

■n other. 
COIT. (Lfil) n, t. A kiod of lUl iran riog 

H»«l lo ilknjw at B nuk. PiopCTly (Juoit. 
COITIOM, (kf-jih'-imj n.*. Copalaiioa ; 

lbs net (rf |[Dacinlion i lliv net by wblch Ivo 

bodiot comt tocvlhrr. 
COJVBOK, (k«-ja-TV() n.i. II* wbo btin 

bii tnlinotiy 10 tbn i-ndibllily of anolhor. 
COKE. (I>9^) i^<- I'vaHmtUebv bonihii; 

{■ti-CMl undei nutli. anil qatncbuig tbe 

COLANDER, (k^'-I«n-dti> n.>. Aocra; 

> (tniaer, 
OOLATtUN, (kf-IV-*baB> n.t. Pilurio; 

n ilniiiini;. 
COLATURR, Ckfl'-q-nw) n-i. Slniabi; 

HltimlicRi ; Ibe nunrr Mniotd. 
C0LC0THAR.a9r-ks-(lnr> ■•.<., The dry 

aabituica wUcli mnals* ^isr duulIuQon. 

bul (KOUDonl* tba caput noTtuam of nirlok 
OOIJ), (bfld) >. Gdid 1 chU) ; ■luroinf 1 

baring cola (inalillei i iudiffunnt | higtd ; 

without paxlofi i lett^ti ; roy i cbule ', 


not w*1c«MW ; Mt ea<U ; not baiiy ; dM 

COLD, (k^) a-b The laoK of t^ir im- 

utioo of cold ; tbt priTiiion of hru ; !!,■ 

MnnUoD nf cold i mi lilaniaMtwj diiMM 

cjtwd by col^. 
COI.D-ilU)OIiF.D, (k?W*lod^d)«. With. 

QUI fn-iini^, 
COLU.|IF.ARrKD. (k«lir.hin-id) ■. la- 

dltfrrml ; muiiiif imwon. 
COLDLY, (kfld'-lc) W. Wkthwl !>»> ; 

"■uliom mmn). 
Ci(l.l>.\i:sS. |kfU'-aw) n. t. W.i.t of 

bi4( ; unronnni : nigidlly of Xeayn -, 

(oyiirH ; vani nf kiailiiiMii. 
rOLK, (kalr) n. b A geoml nan; lai oil 

wotaof nbbac*. 
CUI.EWORT, OiAb'-sutl) th t. A *|«ciH 

of rabtogc 
COUCK. (kfT-lk) 11.1. Adiuhln; apim 

ta AaaiMiMiMa. iiatiiTulMly ie the iiimtina 

(illltd lb( aiI(M. bi»a«bu'.h i< UJiPi il> iinniit. 
COLLAPSE, (Lft-Hpt') -.t. A tall. In 

mrdinoo. A vMiiog or Ariokxig of tbo 

body orMmiMb. 
Il.C01XAPSK(l;l-l»P«'> i^a. ToWlto- 

COLLAPSKD, fk»1-l)p«t') a. Witl^ird; 

nibicJ ; Inllm dnwn. 

COLLAHSION. (kfUif^-dfaoa) B,!. CIm> 

iaa or coIlapaiuK ; ib* alata oTviaavl* cloKd. 

COLlAR. (LoI'-Tm) n.u A tiag ol mrtal 

Eiit round iba nnli lb« Inrnvu tlial tt 
itisncil about tba bona'a nvck ; tlii> jart 
of tbt iIiFu that nunMods ibg nick. A 
Crlltr .^ fimim, U tbc qoautlly bound up fai 
ODii ptrcfl. 

COLLAR-UOXE. (kifl'-lsr-b^no) n.1. Tbo 

Tit COLLAR. (kBl'-lcr) v. ■- To tau by 
iba collar. 

COLLARED. (kfl'-lgr<1> a. In benlJrr, 
AOT uninial hating ■ rollu abonl it* necIL 

T.'C'OI.IATE. (k^l-lfu') I'.a. Totomparg 
on* ihiag of tbv nan* kind with annum j 
to ManuDC if DOtlung be wiling la hooka ; 
Uh<*lo*i toconrsT) toplaeoin an rttir- 
fiaaticnl bi-nrAor. 

COLLATEItAUfkfl-lat' a. KJo 10 
rids : rumiini; jiarall*! ; lUlfawd on dibiT 
lido; out direct ; net immnJiUF: concut- 
t*Dl. A (muapplinl lolbrnpnlnuotuiiha 
do not dMCFsd difMtJy, a* imclw, aunt*. 

UCLphcVl, tlCm 

COLLATERALLY. (kql-l(t'-ttr-)1-l<;> ait. 

Sidebyadci indiiKilyi in (OlJaMnl i«- 

COLLATION, fkol.lV-ah?n) p^ .. The ad 

of confarriuit oi iHiitoviiiK > «i<>ip«riHiB of 

ona tblnc of tbo aama kind «iib andtbrr : a 

TopaM. In law, CoUa.tion 1* iho bcmoMoc 

of a bonofii*. 
CUIXATITIOUS, (kfl-lfliab'-ni) a. Dona 

Ut tht coaihbutloB of many. 
COLLAIIVE. (kgl-IV-i^v) *. Confrnw i 

bEMDwini;. In la*. An adTOvami it nui- 

liM whoe UiD biibap and llio pMfOl an 

one Md lbs lami! peiaon. 


FfU, 1^1 ^1 V i—ate, mft i— Pine, pjn 1— «f ■ Dgr* , 



COLLATOR, (kfl-lt'wl .... Ont lUi 
otBpam (opfat, or luaDUKnmB ; one wlio 
niMenWMiB Mcleriuanl bnuBni eoo 
uat bwcivi lav etft. 

COLLCAGL'K, fL^-lm) ■.(. A i)^]!^. 

i71>C01.rj;A(;t'E.(i>tUtf^)r.a. Tounila 

Tk CULL^XT. (kfl-lgLl') (.a. To gndMFi 
lofribr : to (lis tn atiMmlioa i M latir 
a* ■ rettM<tMDC*. la enjte tiifntf. To i»- 
cimt troiu lunoltf. 

COLLECT, (kfV-ijkt) n.1. A ilioRciaia- 

CULLECTANEOUS. (l«l-'S>'-<l'-Dr5>) >^ 

COLLEcniDLV, {k(MBV'-t5a-l5> 

G>tbnr4 ia oDr niiw ■( encr. 
CUU-I-XTEDNESS, (kal-i|;k'-4d-DM) d.*. 

A r- i- '-— '-nm nrpruei mmm m unios 

CUi i . I . (k«l-W-iA-U} a. Captt- 


I bla ul Umi: nilirivd. 
^COLLIiftHlN, (V. 

< III for cliariuUD 
1 conilUrr ) de- 

(kji-itk^idi-^) 0. 

an h- 


Gatbprrd up. 
fC()LI.Fl'rtVK, (IsT-I.t'-ti.) fc GMhntd 

iolo URO li>jj. A coUrrtn* noaa tipmMt 

IBiukiniJi'. ihoutli iUrtf bo Hjiculu. 

LLKC-TIVi-:].Y. (kta-l*k'.liT-l>) tJ. Ia 
IttiiTil mui , ia B htAy. 
COLtU.IIVKX&sS. (Lul-kk'-ln-DitM) ■.!. 

A XaiL- o( luiiou or cooibiuiiUau ; a muii. 
COLLECIOK, (lfl-tak'-tur)fi.t. A nUitr- 

et I A totttpiiti ; > naoiD ia Oifonl fw twa 

buholoM of aita, •ppouitcd la tapMutcnd 

wmo Kliolutlck pmcMiUnp of ilwir fv llow- 

hubclou Id Lent. 
COLLECTOR&HIF. <k^-Uk'-tBr«liii>) n.i. 

Tito offlcB o( K eoltoeiar. 
COLLKiATABY. (ktl-W-Vlf-i*)-.'. A 

[vrMia to irhatn ia kW BWilicy iii coauUMt 

widi M» or marc otbet frtHtat. 
CULLKUK, (kyl'-ladjv) n. i. A t o mimin ity ; 

B society of oiPD *tfl KiiiirE for Itanung or 

»nliui(ui ; Uiu iiauit in which tho caUrglBu 
COLLIXilAL. (kfl-lt' a. R*I&tiii|; 

10 * (utll-M. 

OOLLKOIAK, (kql-lA'-Jft-fB) R.i. Anwmbvi 


of > coIIdm. 

COLLEGIATE. (kf|.|»'.jo-a») a. Iiuiinntd 
>ft*r tbo Duuintr of a coU*p>. A allifialt 
diudii One buUt at ■ centBttienl dirianca 
ttma tlie milrfiltul chunk, wtkirnn a 
nunW of prctbjttti ntn MiiWd in ona 

COU-KCIATK, (k^l-fe'-jo-aie) n. t A 
■nouihrr u{ a <:ollcg». 

COLLKl', (ktl'-liji) u. ), Anciciilly tone- 
UiiDK thai wtnt about the neifc. ; idai pul 
of ■ liiv in whidi ibc dune ia wl i a lenn 
uifd by tumor*. 

ToCOU-Un:. (h^.lii»-) .V. : To Krika 
anioti FiU'ti olWr. 

COLtltK, (k|{l'-jcr) ■.!. A JiKCtt of 


cmI* ; a CMil-lnor«boat ; a tklp d*t eat- 
COLLIERY, (LjT-ysr^) n. i. The jiact 
fhi-n cdili ire due ; llio «i«l (tnJr. 

7'*COI.LIUAllX (k^r-l^g^) •■ a. To 

bind t^i^lljirr. 
COLUGAilON-. (ktl.1f.ff'.«)niD} *.«. A 

bladioi lonthvr. 
COLLtXE.tTtaN, <k^-hD-«-i'-*l>nD) ■■ •. 

TIic u( of aiming. 
COIXWL'AUL£,(L«r-li'L>i.U>*. Zidtj 


COLLlylAMENT. (W.tili".w»mfn() ■.». 

Tlic Hibiuincc 10 wlilch anyUung i* r*diic*d 

bv brrne mr^Ilfd. 
C<ll.l.lgL<ANT,<k;r-l^-kiqnt) •. Uariic 

til* t'OBM of BelllDC. 

n COU-KJUATK, ;ki,r-lf-fcw,i«) *.■. To 
me)l ; (a dljaolin. 

Ti'COLr-lgiAlE, (kfl'-Io~kwi(e> t.n. To 
hr dia*ulif J. 

COLLIlJlATtOK, (tBM?-k*^'-.lBli) n, i. 
Tho n(( of iliiMilTkaf; or latiiaa 1 nich a 
lnnp«uncac or dij^oiiuap </ Im anlnilJ 
fluida aa proctwd* ttma a Iiui tompagti^ 
*hic1i Mcaakroa Ihuta. ■■Mita. kt. 

coLLigVAiivE, ^kfi-uii'-Hi-tn) N. nuh- 

iiiE ; i1iwil*c^t. 
COLLlglKl-ACriON. (kvMsk-«r^k'. 
•Huu> It. I, lHf#u]TiDg or malliuj^ l^ 

Col.Ut^lOX. (kfl-IUli'-ijii) n.1. 'llkoan 

of itnkiiiic rao IkkIim to(*th*r ; a cbuh. 
Tu CULLUCA'l'L, (kqlM^-Lit*) u. a. To 

COU.OCATE, (kol-lD.k«»-) a. Pliured. 
COLUiCO'IllN. (kgl-lo-WabnD) ■. j. 

I'laring ; ditpvnlioit , tliC KMe of btiog 


COLLOCUTinN.Clyl-lo-kV-iliBh)"-'- Con- 

foTouic ; tiRiToraalMn> 
COLli(J<'ll'Il>K. (k^li!^'-tBr) •!.■. One 

of tbc f|>i«kc:T> in ■ dlalofu. 
To COLLOGUE, C)>vl'l9(';>><k Towhocdlot 

to tmtrt. 
COIJ.UUU1NU, (kgl-lf^-lsg) •>.•. 7Ia<- 

Irn i docrtl. 
COLLI)}', (kfl'-twi) n,!. Ailiue of neat; 

a flat* til uiv animaL 
COLLOgUUL, <k9Mo'-kw«^I) a. lUlu- 

ine Ui mrtuntiu craTovatioo. 
COUiKtUIST, (Lfr-lo-kwjM) u.b Atptdf 

«r In a dialo^o. 
COrjjOUUY.<lLgl'-lo-k*e>n.t. Coofennn; 

COLLUCTAKCY. (lgl-lDk'-()Q-w) n.i. A 

undsDcy to cootcat, 
COLLUCTATIO.V, (kfll-liik.t»".»h#») «. fc 

Cdiit4-al ; fonmriFly , oopoaiEiotk 
r« COLLI iJl:. iL^I-lvdc'; *. a. To md- 

ifiua LD li fraud. 
COLLI DLR, (kql-lTdcV) "• •■ Howbo 

cc4fl|>iin ilk a fniid. 
COLLlSiO.V, (lM;|.|q'-*l.i}a) n. *. A do- 

wiiful aoivcmrni bilvotn Iwo (c Don, lot 

Kimo (Vil [luriiatr. 

lift ) — |i|be> n(h byll i— til ^-fitv*^ i— lAiii, inav 




COLLUSIVE, (kpl-Jf'ti*) a. FrMdiOtttlj 

CULlt'.s|VF.LY. (M-lq'-V-tf) •>!• la s 

luviun fnmJulmilT taucurtai. 
COLLLSIVCKK^. (kgl-lf'-^T-sy) n. l. 

PmMeM CDDccn. 
OOLLU80RY. (kfl-lo'-int-t) *. Caoying 

on B (nuil liy wont (oncvii- 
COLLY. (kol'-lc) ■.!. Tho mut of ciaL 
7f COLLY, (kfl'-tf) B.d. To grima wilh 

COLLVRIKU. (IfMit'-f^u) n.i. Aa 

tinMmt (n lliv agrH. 
COLOCYMll. (kfl-ln-ilod) n.i. Colar 

quiBlid* 1 biiUf If )i1i> ; ■ purgulie •lruK> 
CULUN'. (iu'-lfo) fbh A Mouiir.] iiuii tu 

nuk a p*BM gnau* tliM uM Ma obbhoii. 

■al l«H tbiBUatnt aMiiad. In uaMBjr, 

Tba iptatti and wiiUK «f all iJhe iotea- 

COlA>NKL, (kgr'-nsO'^b Tlie ducT com- 

mkbdfiT of It Hgimorjl. 
COIXiMHI^IIII. /k>>r'-a;l4hip) ■.(. Tba 

offit:4 4tf (.hatuuf of colanrl. 
COLuMAL, (Lql'If'-DV-ti) a. lUUling to 

COUINIbT. (kfl'-ln-Di*() *. i. Om <U- 

parud from the aiotli*r rcuniij U inbabit 

•aua diataat pUuL 
nC0UIMZ£, (kgl'-o-njat} a.a. TdpUnl 

witb inhaldlaali. 
CUU)X1Z.VTU>N. (bil-f-ni->t'-*ban) n. i. 

rianlnif wlili mL&l-iiaaU, or fonulng colo- 

COLOXKADE. (kfl-tf-n«d*') >. i. Adj 

tan|o of ioiulatnt coluoinii. 
COLONY. (M'-n-iii-) n. ■. A bo^ of 
D|ile drnod fiDm tits lnDlber<«mUj lo 
Mme ditUBI pUc« ; iba cousli; 

COLOFIION, (kqr-l<;-f<OB) n.t. TVooD- 

cluflou of K buoK. ciOtaiaiDg the phcc, or 

tlieyeu. or bolh. of iu pablKBUau, 
COLOrilOXV. (kn-l^-Q-Df) m.t. Roam, 

C0laj«Ul.\l[l)A.<kfll.vSi.,a--t5-d,) n.fc 

'Ilia fniil ol lliF t'iiif; i|'j>lr. 
COLOIIAI'E, ikfl'-f-rttej a. Coloiued ; 

COLORATION, iiu,\-<,-r^--Am) a. ,. 

(-alunnnr ; tliF tiale of bniiE colmiiTd. 
rOLURinCK. <kvl-l9-iif\ikl •. lUnng 

tliB |Mwir <if iiroducui): ill'*, linw. 
CUI.0>SUH. (k9'lv«''KU) <Li, Aamtiiirof 

fuumicihi* mnjcnLtudr, 
COLUi^AI.. (ko-r^'-tfl) 0. GbalUka; 

likf k cutaniu. 
COLOSSKAN. (k«r-l«»-w'>vi) 4. Oiut- 

COLOSSIANS. (kul'Iftb-t-viOk.'. Clait- 

liani of ColoMc, a my of I'hijrgla in Alia 


COLOUR, (kol-lnr) n.i. Tbi: tuu 0( «p- 
poBmtcc of builioi lo Ills eye auly ; tlia 
tint of the puiiuirr, cDntMliiuim ; (irvlln. 
lioii ; |T«nicc ; ttlm tiniw. la Uif pluml, 
• (Usiluil ; an rDtifa ul niu. 

TiCOLOUR, (kul'-lur) v.!. ToDaik«iiJi 


Ltofolliato; WaacnM i (omnfc* 

ncoLoim. (k»r-iv) *.& Tabiunh. 

COLOVKAIlLK, (kgr-lBT^-blv) a. Sp-xi- 

oai 1 plvuiWt. 
COUIUHAULY, <kur-lur^Uf) ai. Spa- 

CXtU)rKIN<i.<i!>r-)Br4n|;} H.). TIf put 

of Olv lO^itm'k art tlint tfaclu^ In lay oa 

bit rolciim *it]i pfttprimy aiid botuty, 
ClJl.UVItliir. {kul-tiir >>i) >>. I. A piintcr 

*bo *to>U in pnitf liii uiau*r coloun. 
COLOURLSSS, (kuT-lu-l:*) "^ ^ViIUout 

colont i CniuHinat. 
COI.STAKI'. (L^r-wiO n.>. A Unco Matr. 

oa U'kii;Ii a bnilkta U camcil bulnocii two 

0(1 tliiTii nbouldcTiv 
COLI'. (tuhj >i. 1. A yoDOg bonr, 
CULl$ilJUT,(kflu'-V> •^k A plant. 
COLTER, (kfr^gt) a. (. Tite iharp Inn of 

a ploush. 
COf.nW. (knir-i,h) ». Wwton. 

COI-IIBRINK, (V-l9-<<<in'> •- Ralndnt 

tu a tcniinit -. cumung -. craft*. 
COLUUBARY. {h»-lviB'^-if) a. t A 

donvni -, > id{*on-lio<ue. 
COl.liUBINtI, <>iio] >,. u A 

plaal ; ibo aajue of ■ remain cliaiaclPT iaih 

wjtlntnintr I 
CULUMK. (kvl'-l^) n.(. A cjljndrfial 

pnbri die loDghle of troopiaf uanny in 

us BITvb ; ODC hklf of ■ pBfJu diiiJcil pel- 

COLliAINAR, (kv-laai'-n)T) ) 

COLUM^ARIA^. (iflnmn^'-t^to) ) "' 
Fonnril in caluma*. 

COLt'Hia, (kflifrai') ■. I. la anranomy, 
'i'wa gttac nKl« Mipjmtrd u intormt cull 
otliar ai riglit anglu in (be polH of ibo 

COHt.t, (kf'-on)) K. >. In medicine, A mar- 
hid difpontiou lo tlpcp -, tirlharg}. 

COAIAlk, (kO'tai|U'') ■- (■ Coiiipuiiaa. 

CUMAIXISK. (kfiu-«-(f«') 0. l^lhaifiiL 

COMB, ( know) It. L An infCninicaT loHpa- 
tato and adjmi tim l.uti tbv lop oi crMt 
of a rock, fioDi ii> inilthiilum -, (ho r»iiua 
Id wbirli tb« bw« Iwl^ tbcii hoiicy ; a dijr 
mmurt. foul bnthol). 

Ta COllI). (kono) r.o. To dinita and ad- 
jtiAi tbai ball ; 10 Ixy nn^llimic Auirwih, hy 
dianno; il tliiaa|h nattuw UiInrMici* ; at, 
to fiwiA hvbL 

COiiV-liRVSH.iiMme'-brmli)H.i. A biuth 
lo cIvBik cotiiba. 

COM&-JUAK)':lt.<konui''m*-kor} ri.i, Ono 
vho uakn lunib*. 

7i CUMDA1, ^kvm'-l^I) *. a. To Dgbti lo 
art la uppodUon. 

7a CuMliAT, (kviii'.ttl) f «■ TooppoMt 

COMnAT.(kani'-t>«t') «. t. Contnt: battln, 

COAIU.^ I'AKr. (Lijur-li4t}uO ■>.*. lie l^l 
fitbTi wi'.b auolijci . a (.h^iuipuU]- 

CUMIUI ANT. (lufiu'-bq-lfiilj a. D>q«Hd 

lo i(lllllTl-l. 

COMIlAl'LIt. (Lvm'-bttft) n.i. Ita aha 


Faie. ({Kiltll. (|ti— mf, ust;— pjne, pjni'— af, agrt. 


001IBEB.(l9'-iiiti) «.(. lie «h(Mc tnJa 

ia Id oomb vmI. 
OOHBKH, (kum'-b^f) ■. •. Buxleiimib- 

D«M ; ctoubl*. 
00UBIHA]lLE.(taB^ii«4I)«. CtptbU 

(f Mac oollad wiu. 
C0MBlNAT£,(1ifn>'-b»-DflD)u. DMmtticdi 

COMBLNATIOV. atni-bMit'-fhgn} a. <■ 

Coion ; uKicinIiiin . uttlcn of tiWUM, M 

Joalilif* ; topaihSioa of jiltw in lb* ndod. 
n fnaibmiaiklkf. Ttu; lariitloo oi alien- 
tioD d( any numbpi of qmiuiliM, lottcn, 
HMDiU, u tLn like, m ail dilTcnat mu- 
n COMBIN'K. (k^m-^Di) v. u. Tujoln lo- 
f*th«i u Unk iu uuioD -, la Mttlo bj cam- 

To COMBOTE, <k(n-li|DB) •. a. To eo*' 
leKi I U tfftu i to iiniM III McadtUp or 

COUBtlSr, (kgn-buO ■■ Bunt up. A 
Unn >ppli«a ta ■ pumM not ibova ri[bl 6a- 
nvn Bivl ti litilf lUtiant from tha (on. 

COMDllS'IlBILnY. (kgm-bu>-l;-bl^<«.|f) 
■• (. The ijuiiJity olcaicbuig Arc. 

COMBCSTIULK. ('-iB-t<I) 0. Siu- 
ovptible o[ combwiioo. 

COMBUSTIBLE. (^kfm-bB•'-t^U) h.i. A 

C0UBU3TIBL£N ESS. (htm-W-it-bl-nt*) 

n.>. AptnN* to uks At. 
COMBUmON.fkgm-buk'-to-^)*.!. Cm- 

S*«ntii>n; bunUBg. 
n COU£, (kiun) D. ■. PmL codu, jKuticiii. 
«Mi(; loonw Dcui to ddnooe u)iir«nl*i 
tontrreuaajRiwinoicciV'Udiuotbni to 
dnocD from ouc (tage or c««dllion U aa- 
r ; to iKcoaie prcHM. and 00 lesgot 
(a bHOBip picwnl, no longn ib- 
nt; to bap^wDi lo full out i to brfnl a* 
I BT«o(. or CDtiuqucBrv. Ti> m* alml; 
to com* W put. IB isnii nffaJn i Ui nluni. 
Ta ttai* tfitf : to tOllow. r> (mu of ; to 
. IvACh I to DbTain. To evtnt by ; lo obuia ; 
rb> gain. Tf nmt ii i to cairr -, la comply ; 
rlo yield ; <<> tnite u i [ion. Ta iwh ^ 
far; lobcpaitj moujjli [o cbttia. Tifmm 
m ta; U> join witL ; Iu coui|ily «i(b. T» 
mmUTi to ipisDBcli ; lo iMtmbl* in ti- 
•llfoM. To (Hw ^i to piDctod; a* b 
««odwit (mm BncMton, or u bVocu 
I th«ii<auM(. Ttcau^; tOfaopri 
I *nd an aifalr. lieomt^Jnn; to ItaT* ; 
(labMr. Yii «m< <■, 10 ■snBMi u 
kt proireH ; Id biItidic to <oiiibU. Til 
[(■nr mrr; to moll, Or Jciu anotbBT aid*. 
Ti mw «il li to b* made jiublkk ; to be dla- 
fo>«ed. Tixmiiml aiclt; iopT«ii lest 
lO. n Mrni infnili lo cliuigo ; m. tlio 
viad (aOH mad, Tn rinut iluirf ; to bul ; 
_ lo be ddii-iiui. 7'» mnf B> ,- to coomi oi 

tid ) to (uUbuiit 10. To (iiaf (D bnMV; 
moict Ilia xntM. Tu mnt tnptm; to 
lurdi'Clcd, to loppOD. TtmmujiU; to 
usount lo ; (o n» . to advanc*. Ta cwm 
Mpiruk; tooicnakt. Tommc BpHi; utn- 
TBd*. To (OTiif ; to foUtlt)r< 


COME, (ktoi) A jiwiklB id aktautUao i 

tie ouick , make Do del*;. 

COMtDtA».(l«ni-iiio'-dt>^)a,i^ Jip\ijt* 
ti cainitk fva : a plajm la KCDonl ; 
a wtim of cotardle*. 

COUEUY. [k«ni'-BiH«) ■■■■ AdiWDBiKk 
(rjiRSRitatiau of Uia Ugblct Iwilia of uwn- 

COKIEULy. (kW-tf-lf) atf. h > ittcif 
All M dc«at nuuinti ) baftdtwnvl j ; with 

COM>',LlKESS.(k|in>Me-Bsi) B.1. GtatBi 
braitlT 1 di|;[ulT. 

COMELY, lkam-l{) a. Craufuli dansl| 
dfcfoi. aco^ing lo projiiid). 

COUKR. (k^'-tO n- 1. Use ibat coioBB. 

COMESTIBLE. (koiai«'-br4.1]«. EMoblv. 

COMET, (kfoi'il) N. •. A Ivcamilv body 
In Iha planauij rafinn apixariiig •oddtalvi 
•od ubId lUMpiMatiiiK ; nail, duriai i£b 
limB ot iiB nptoiaocB, <novin( tijoufb it* 
nopM oiUi.Um a plaoel i p«p«latl]r labd 
blaxiajC atu*, aod an diatuigBulied ftom 
Mbnr Man bj a laDi> train oi tail of li(bUi 
ahmi oppoaUa to Aoaua. 

COMET, (ko-m;!'} r. i. A pLoit at c*i4«. 

COMETABV, (kfm'-iii»-u.n<))u. Itclal- 

COMETICK, (kf-ni£('-!.V) ' { 1d( la a 

COMrrOORAPlIV. (k»m-.t-»s'-Bri-ffl) n-a. 

A d*Mii{ition or Uralue of (omela. 
COUPIT, (kuin'-t>t> n. I. A dry iwcetnuat. 
COMPlTIJKi; (kum'-r^t^) a. a $*CM- 

Ta COMFORT, (kom'-hn) t. o. To 

•nvnRbao ; lo oillTau ; to iavi)[or*lo j U 

COMFORT, (k^iin'-furt) a. i. Kamtoni 

counttnaiiije , coauilatiuni i!iat*ldcli(lna 

COMroRI-ABLE, rkvni'-V-<4-t'I) •■ I^ 

C^iigg or MMrtpCible ot comfort ; cliterfiil i 

djiniwiaing conifoK; cmduciog lo jwraoDDl 



a. k A •IBW ot coiiifoil. 
COMrORTADI.Y, (kifni'-fot-lahli) ad. 

lo A <oaifanabla taanaeti viui ctweiful* 


COAiraRTEIt, (kum'-fur-iat) ». i. Ooo 

tiiat admiDifieia cotuuialion -, tliv litis of 

IL« Thifd I'Uaou tA Ibe Holy Tiinilr. 
COMFORTLESS, (kum'-tDn-le*) a. Want- 

tog comlbrL 
COniCAL, |kfni'-mn-k)l)n. Ruungminhi 

merry ; reUuDi; lo coniedr. 
COUICALLY, (k^m'-me-kjl-Ig) a. lo lucb 

a mamiFT a* raiMa ninli ; in' a nanaet bo- 

filtiDE cuinrdr. 
COMICALM>:t. (kvm'-mf-k^oe*} a, *. 

Thaiiualil) of liring conui^. 
COMlCK,(kom'-tl.)a. HalatlajtocmMdr: 

laiaioc minji. 
COMING, (knm'-ing) a. t. Tba il'I of cCtt- 

int i appioicb ; ataio ot lioing coma ; am* 

COMING-IN, (ki!m-5Dg'in')n.L Rin«iiie{ 
ttKOOie ; lubmiaaioa ; act of yielding. 

Bfl ;— Ubv, nb, bifll }— gll ;— pfyn' ^tUn, i nli. 




HG, (iBB'-miag) f«t. «. ftodi for- 

I ; Htuit i to MOW. 

ODMITIAL, (ko-mii.fa'.tl) ■• lUlidnit to 
tlia maiiu. uMfntilu* o( tb« ItooiBU ; Te- 
UniiK W ■■ cfda at fMibjuriui hmehi- 

COMITY, (kfm -f-lf) a.i. CourUtf ; citi- 

OOMMA, (kfW'-B|) iLi^ Tli» fKHBt irtiitt 
ooUa til* ilitcinttloo of ciiteam, tnil otUk 
•( cMutnctton ia ili« tminicv, muknl 
tin* [,}; > MnaoHilia tlmmiul muack. 
U *linr Ike eXMl impoiUont bMnrten con- 

r« COMMAND, (kfv-ttgdd') t. a. To 
fotrn -, 10 onlR i n> diint U t>« dooa i b> 
omiocik ^ la lc*d u <l {cnrnl. 

ncOMUAM), (LfDi-niiail'} I.*. To Lin 
ihs Mtirrnit luUinhiT. 

COMMAND. <ifm-muid') n.M. Ilongtit 
cf cnmBUadlni ; puavr; coKiot lulJiDikj ; 
IbCMI «f tOMmimdlng; Iboonlei (IvcB) 
Ibe poirvi ar«f«lM>Un(. 

C0HMAKDANT.(livm-mtr,4«DO>-'- A 

Cbicf TT— —*•-([ > plM« Ot ■ bodj ol 

CUUMAMUTOKV. (Lfmintn'-iM'lnr-^} 

ri, ttuvib# the full foix* of colDmaod, 
COM.MAMJKH. (kfni'mui'-dvr) ii. i. Ho 

thni Lu ilir luuMBW lullMnilj. 
COMMAiSDI'JlV, (k9n-m|D'-df:T-r>) n. t. 

Abodf of iliu kiiij)>»l>f1on)iing (atfioaaiiiu 

nAtkaa » tbt rr«deiie« of a body of k4U|>bU. 
COMMANDING. <:kfm-iiiuiil'i;l>Bj o. Ui- 

dniugi OTcilookin); ; povrtralj dipihJ 

In dntirviour* 

Muiiinlr ; coiUBlud ; authoniT '. cfjwcUUj 

iji|Jirsl 10 ibr nrcctpla of tM dccklogno 

pTiin bj (ind 10 Mow*. 
COMUArfiRUU (k«ni-Bit-m'-it^) «. 

Cooaiiiiiie of ll>i> ninv mklUT. 
COaUdAIKKlAl.lTY, (kam-nivH-Tf^'-^ 

(V> n. I. I'lutldntlm or Uifr kuib muUrr. 
CUMMEASlltABU^ (hgDH>tili''V-it'U) 
' «. R*<tuc>bl? lo ilia HIM ntMun. 
(COUMLAtOltAULE. (ktM4fn''a)f-ivU> 

0. n'onli* to be kcpi in fanctnbiULCp. 

raCOMMLAoRATff. (kvat-mrm'-Dif-n") 
v. a. To pKacna the mOBDtjr bf aotuD 
fuiilirk *cl. 
CUM UIMOItATlOX. (I«n-tn$m'm9->t'- 
•hun ) «. d. Ab >e> of nuUIck nlvbralioo. 
C&&fM£3IORATIVK, (kfu-mtrn'-oif-ti- 
qt) a. Tfoding lo pcHtvi memory of 
fCOBlUEMOlUTOnY. (kvn-m>o>--uf-nj- 
f tqr-f ) V. rmcrring the rornioiy of. 
l7o(:OMMF.N-LX, (kymmjUM') hit. To 
' bnifl. 

n CUMMllXCB. (kqD-mtaM-) r. a. To 
bccio ; M. to cAMnmr* a auit- 

COMMKNri.MRNT. (Uni-uuiiw'-aitiit) 
a.i. llo|;tiiuiii|[ ; data; tba firiit TstMajp 
in Julj at dunbiidgo, wliMi muun of 
■rim. tai doctor*, completo lliclr degtet*. 

T< COUMENl), (L«iD-in«id'> t.i,. To i*- 
(MNU u iietthy i to [iinlis ; lo n^mtnt 


•0 wonti} of Doiko ; 10 mntion viib 
prebaiios ; lu iMonmutBil lo rrawaibciu 

COUMF.N DAULE. {kgia-m^'-dt-bO 
LiudaMo . *DriliT cS tvmuh 

COUMENDABL^M:^ (Lum-mfD'-dt-bl- 
»f*i M, u Stat* of hriac oommtadabJc. 

COUMENDAULY. (k||ni-mtiMt-bi«) ad. 

COMMKSDAM. (kam-m^'-4|>n^ n. i. A 
twuoAc*, wliicL, b>i0|| lold. 1> conimi-nilpd 
Id llie cbariB and cue of taaia •ulRt-i>nt 
<\Bik U b* Hipplicd uulil It be coarriucatly 

jmrrided *4 anMor. 
COMMEKDATARY. (Lfn-meo'-df-ttn) 

R.I. One wba beliJa a bimf a commea- 

COaUlEMlATlOX. <l«ia-miB-d4'-a1iqii) 

■bi. Rec«*Bm«nd«ilaQ ; pnu**; ground et 

pnUa ; oiMaaf* ef lon> 
C0UMKNUA1UR, (ki)iD-m{n-df'-lBi) n. i. 

S>«culsT pciiuni ayoa whom tv-clniiulital 

t«it<c«* U« beMowtd ; la called bocauM 

tbc bciuGnaweNOommnidcd Uul«iiDiUlod 

(o thrii oraraighl, not ai jitopticlnn, hut aa 

COUJJRNDATORY. (kijin-iDrn'-dtlai-r^) 

a. Fiiautably n^imrniXKo i ilKlivrriuj; 

nji with ]iKittii bc<j>c ; hMms "> conua^u- 

COHMEN&AL. (fc«ni-mga>'-^l) a. Eatkg 

■t the •omc table with aooUin. 
^OMMl:^SALIIr,(k^a•mIn-•tr■f-l;) n.1. 

FeJIoutLiii of t&b!e. 
f^)MM(:M>AIIUN. (kfm-iiii;n-tt'-al,ys) 

n. >■ V^itinc at Ibc winir labln. 
COMU£\'SLRABll.l1V. ( kgin-mrntvif ■ 

b^r-f-if ) a, (, Ca^acliT of being csmpantf 

■Hth anollvr, aa b> th> lueattiiB ; or of be- 

iof mnUBiMl hy aoolhet. 
CUUMhNSUHAULK. (k^m-iucD-ifTi-bl) 

a, R*diicihlo 10 ■amn (tmiaon mnuitn; 

ai a jard and a (out me niEiiiiiied by an 


r).b1.dga) a. t CoiLmciuunbiliij- ; pro- 

To COMWENSl'RATE. (kpn-ii)TO'Hni-iiti») 
I. IT, I'o rpdufe lo totue lomniop nurjuui^ 
COXIMENSIBATE. lkvm»ip|i'-»HT«H'J a, 

Redurrd <o Miai« cDininuti ouiiuuir -, tuael ; 

CuUMIJVSt HATIXY, <kttii-ui^'-tn-t^te- 

It) ad, Willi iht caparilyof mesauiiDg, 

« belsc neawrtd by. 
COMMENSUKAl'ION. fkqni-iii{ii-ai.i-rt'- 

ahim) ». I. 11cdD<(iim M aoma common 

tucuuri; p[o|>onjon. 
To COMMEN I. (kjn'-mcDl) k. n. To an- 

uotalc ; 10 vritt nnlH ujwa >a aolW ; to 

Hwiind -, to (iplaio ; lo isaLe f HOiatka. 
Ta COUMKNT, ^kfrn'-mMitj ca. To •!• 

COMAIENT.<kipi-ini^i)n.i. AnnoiBtlaui 

no4F( -, njiUnaciou i Mixwltou : temadv t 

C0MA1I:NTARY. (t^m'-mru-tgin) lui. An 

elpoHUon ; book of uiuoli-iiuiia Or ra- 

maita : nafnti** in (aniUinr niaaiin'. 


U**, '|r, ^1. ^t j-Mo, B»tt i-|qB*i FB» »— o?' "«*■ 




COMMCHTATOR, (hfu-acn-ta'-tBi) n. >. 

£vp«dlor ■ aaaotsKif. 
COMHKNTEK, (kqm'-mgat.M) a. i. Om 

IhM wtilM aHnnBiitf. 
COMMERCE. (itm'-Dstae) n. i. Juct- 

MMtM[ BXhangB of onotUar foEBAOtbori 

tnd« 1 inlfick -, commoa nr ttmilint inur- 

(oiirM ; a gaaio at cudi. 
nCOMMKUCi:. (^m-nitTM'J t. n. To 

tnf&ck : to bold inuroninf with. 
CUMMERCIAt.. (kvm.m^-*h|l) •■ Rt- 

btiOE 10 rommnv* Or tnflcti 
COMMERCIAIXY, (k^-mgi'-rtitl-la) ad. 

In xanmaKinl (inr. 
ncOMMIGllAVL. (liv>a'-inf-fnts) «. ■. 

To iciooTc iu a liodf from odd ettontly (o 


A nnranJ of ■ body of p«i|>la Awn odd 

CVDDtn M anollier. 
COMMIXATION, (kfRi-mi^-nf-thBii) n. i. 

thrMi i a dpsuaciJiiuaii of fmiiulnnoat ; lb« 

nci[i] Dftimi'i ihraMoringi on Maud da;*. 
COMUINATURY. (kqminp'-lit-tgM} a. 

UcoiiDciitoi)' , ihnaicDing. 

nCOMMINULK.^kfiD-miaB'fl) K«. To 

mil lalo anr aam ; la bleai 
TfCOMMlh'ULE, (kfrn-miug'-gl) (bii. To 

unii« onn witb iuiO(Ji*r. 
r#a>MMlNVAT>; (krm-min'-u-al*) » a. 

To ^IBcl. 

COMMIMflULK, (kgm-min'-Q-a-U) a. 

I'niai;iblf -. ndurltd* 10 powdn. 
ri>CUMMINUTi:.,<kfB''aw«9to} ib& T» 

CUUMIM'TION. (tfpn-m^iiif'-diin) n,*. 

Gnodinc: polvMintiim ; KimuBilra. 
COMBIli^EHAllLI':. <kvnm>i'-Dr-«-bl) a. 

Wonliy o1 (THiiHuiion : pitibbla. 
Te COmnisUiklt. (kfm-mii'-^ilo) «,a. 

COKlkllSERATlOX, (kfn-mt^i'ir^'-abgn) 
B.I. I*>iT ~, (ompunini. 

COMMlSI'ntA'I'lVE. ihita-mit-tt^tir) m. 

CUMMISKKATIVELY. (Kvin.n^tr-|-<iT- 
la) a-l, Ou< of nniTiMnoa. 

Be who bu cdntiiuuaQ. 

COMMISSARIAT. (kfm-mji^'-it^O h.>. 
TboK iltcDiliuf an unj, wbo an ano- 
Ituiianed to K|^IU0 lliv jironintion and 
cmnniwe of ammoniUuii or iirorition. 

OOHHISSAHLSllIP. <kvD/-ni',»^.rT-tbip} 
Ik a Tt><> offir* of a coiniDliUtj. 

<X)MM1.'«S,\IIV, ( k^m -iiii»-iqT») n.i, Aa 
officvr ibJicbT orcatii'iinllj fur ■ cpitjiib |iur- 
pM* ; a, ilBlrcMe ; a ()*)iut]r : aa nrlpuui- 
llol oScw MO nattitf* •{lurltukl jiirixlic- 
tIaolntnaoU|UirtJo{thodkKO«*; an oSicpi 
■uendidf Ik* aimj, who iuprcu muatei*, 
■nil irEolile* {"'"'ic*' "' amtouiiiliciB. 

C0A[M1M<<I0N. (kfrn-njUi'-^} «. i. Tba 
Bci of ennuniag BDyilriDE-, acnHii awar- 
lanl : a *amnt bjr ■rUich a tcAlitalj oHkfi 
la nuMCiluCcd ; ciaaet -, mandil* i office ; 
(■jdoympnt 1 art «l (lonnilljiiQ a crinir ; 
poipctntian i a noiobn ot jieOFle jcianl in 

^ COM 

a tniM M oOc* ; tliv ohIfi by vhlch a he> 

t4v Cmlffi Tat anollipr pcnca, 
TiCOMUISSIIIN, (k.;ii>-Tm>b' i_m) *.a. To 

OBpOwn ; 111 i]^«iul , lo trad wilk nuui- 

dala or buIIhiiIij. 
COMMI^-iIuNaI. (komiB^i'-w-tl) > 
COHMI^^&IOIOARY. ^^v°'^^-Vf^t^) i 

a. AjipoiaiiiiE bj b vumik 
T# COM MISSION ATE, (Ltm-aij|*h'-fB-4M) 

V. a. To (oimiRMUin. 
C0MM15SU)NF.K. <kfm-n><*h'.an-p) ■■■. 

Ono indudnl ■ ■ wamait of aiullirMH*. 
COM«ISSUUE,(kfiii-ml*'-;»)B.*, Jobl; 

a abcg sbora ooi |>im I* Jontod lo anoUiet. 
70 COMMIT, (ktm-nlV) no. ToiatraXi 

to pal In aay place U be kept nJt ; to 

•oaa 10 pnMia ; lo pcrfelnu i to br piiltjr 

of a dime ; lo cipotn ; lo vnilut* ; lo 

COMMU'MENT. (koin-in<y-m;nl)>«- I»- 

piinoninriit \ u order tot Mndio); to utUoa. 

A pacliumnlaty MpiMaion. mbon a bill ti 

tenrroil to a contiiuttee. 
COMMITTtlE, (kyn-niC'if) n.(. HoMt* 

vhoiu ilic coDNdmiioa « otteiu of wiy 

nuuUrf ia irfinsd ; ibe peraon to vltom <u» 

can of an idiot or lonatirk w coninitwd. 

In the lut lente tha amnil u m Iba laA 


coMMrrrEEsiiip. (kflq)-iiiji;-i.:-»hj|.) lu. 

Tbo office and {ftdIti of cooinuilppiL, ik(>ni mtc'-tMj n.k Pccpo- 

tralor; hf* tbnt toinuKlf* 
COMMnTIDI.K.tkvui-mU'-le-liOo. Uabla 

lo bo ceiiiuutE«iL 
roCUMMI\. (kym-nlkO i^*- Tonio(l<i| 

to birud. 
TdCOMMIX. (kqm-nikf'} r.a. To unite. 
COMUIXION.(k«u>-uik'-tb!Ui>n.<. Mu- 

COMMlXTIOX.fkTm-mikat-fin)"-*- His- 

lure . iucorpomtion. 
COMMUiTl/ltE, (k;<n-m>ka'-t^)n.a Ttx 

act of ningliiii; , llic ilaMof being miogled > 

oompoiiiiciii : compound. 
COAIM0niOV.S. (kfrn-rng'-dv-D*) ■. Con- 

TmiMit -, tuitablD ; UHful ; wuled to wanta 

OT uvcouUvt. 
COMMODIOltSLY. (klfm-m^'-de-iita-Ia} i^ 

CoDFCDir^lJv , tuitably. 
C0MUODlOlSXtS», (k^n-nif'-d^iia^s*) 

K. iL CoDtvniFiite i ailinntacr. 
COaiMODin'. (i^n-invJ'^t;) «. t. la- 

icreM ; adTaalncn ; piolil ; conimimca ; 

nam; nii-Rhandiw. 
COftlMOlKHl'J.. [k^mmD-d^ifl") ILL Tlie 

captnia wbocouimModfta M|uaJfoD of «bijii; 

a tnn|Hir*i; adniial ; a hJ«-I 4hip in a diwi 

of mercbBDCmm. wbicb leadu tbe van io Iba 

tim0 of Hnr. 
COAI .MODll l.ATI0.\,(k4m-m((l-a-l('-*btia) 

a. >. Urkiuni : a^TresiaDC. 
COMMON. (k^ui'-niun)*. nelon[lnK equally 

to nuae lluui on* : haiinu no paiiimat ot 

owner; Tulcai ; nieui : oloorank; of lllil* 

taluc ; not acatte ; publick , cciutikI ; acn- 

lag Uit uw of alt ; frequmi ; uiiuil , ordi- 

tkaij. Id (ranunw, Suck Ttiba aa aignily 

"V r-*?l*< t1^ byU,— fif ,-— ]itfndi— lUn, tna. 



iKiSm vii {oiBloaMKnUvd ««■■<■: 
anil lodi aonv v w boA nkMcttUiw wkd 
COMMON, ^Vfm'-nan) *. i. An oprn 

/•.CUMMON. (k«n'-nua) E^Mlly U b* 
poiiiclpalvd ty k nrUiu numb«c ; i^mlW 
with nwiiliB ; 'm^KoaauMiBij. la b«, \ 

la KBU 

To Ian 

MBiD fdnunon 

diMuciioQ of uiuacVa 
n COMMON, (kfm'i 
■ joiiil hgbl with ollwn 

C^HUOK-COl'lICtL, (UM--B>9B-kM&'- 
■^) n.n A coiut la llu atf at Ltnaan, 
«>Bip(M*d «r a cotafai oumba of dliw*. 

COMlllON LAW, (kQtt'-wp-lt^ <ib •■ 

nrtwrriptlDo, obtalaed iho farce of ttw«. li 
u difllngiibhril (ram tlii italuM law, wUdi 
owe* in aDiboilty to aoi* of niUmb<U. 

COUHON PLEAS, (kcm'-nui-iilffi'l ■•>. 
n* Uag*! <oart, sow birld id Wntmloatar- 
ball. but nnQcntljr moTiabl;. AlUivitcaua 
an. ot *vr* fvfanrijr, tried la ilii* etiun, 
Moordinc to ib* *iTiel lawi of (be rnaloi. 

COMMUNABLe, <kaiB'-mui-fbl) a. Uotd 
in lomoton ; aUowaole to b< turned Ml tin 

COVMOKAGE. (l^'-mqa-^) a.t. Tba 
fisbl d( renliDg DU • fanoKO. 

COfiHOKALTY. (fc«o''iDEB-^-tf) n. >. 
Tba CMnmoo paoplei tb* fooh of th> 
lower tank ; tbo bulk of oinuaa, 

COMMONEtt, (hooi'-iia-ir) n. i. Omo( 
■Jm comauxi pfopla; a auu uol noble ; a 
oianb«i of Ilia bouM of conuBOna ; oat aha 
ba* a jolat right la eooialoti inaiid ; « aU- 
J«n( of lb* Mcood rank at Ibo oniiMMiy of 
Oifotd : a pannLM. 

COMMOMflllN. (kfmin;-Di*h'-ua) m. i. 
AilTEcn ; mramu. 

COMMOMTIVC. (kom-mfn'-o-4') «• ^- 
tUUM ; wnrciiiK. 

COMMONLY, (kfni'-inna-lf) ad. Fttqucnt* 
h; analh>; joinllv. 

CC01MONNE&.<'-n>a-n{a)ii.h Eqwl 
paitici|itliaa udquu many ; frrnunHy. 

COMMONri.ACE, (kq<n-nnn'-i.lgai>') n. i. 
A iDnDoraodam ) on ordioaiy or cmuspo 

btkik) n, I. A book in whirb lliin^ to ba 
rriiii'mlM'Tad ud inacrd uadct ([Rvral haaJt. 

CDMMUNS, (kfm'-utuoi) k.>. In ibo asne- 
nl Miue, iho whole |itonle of England, In 
diatuciioD IhnD tha Dability i but ia i^ 
moTB aiuol iic«|)tinon, ibo udy of kfughtf . 
ba tg M i «. ht. wlio Mpnarai tba lominaiia 
in {larlianmii. Ui«t wfcicb u eaten in com- 

'COMMON'-WFjU, (kom^B9n-w«l') m. u 
Tbfi i>ubli(-k K<x>d. or thb|; moat ceoaitlwd 
in uRioal lawjk 

COMMONWEAL'ni,(kfm'.n<ja-w>1tli) a.t. 
Tbat form of wnonnaiui In wbtcb tlie ad- 
^niattMbn or poblick adbin la opan or 
tww<Fl 10 all M many p«nan>, UEihoul 
*pr«I«l npid to tank or ptopony, a* dU- 


OoEtklabad boM uoBurcbt ar wM a wM yi 

tbe (onunaoiiy at Imvb i iba (ubUik gtoa. 
COiiMOKASCE. (koD'-noiviic) 1 
COMMORANCY. (i|B'-4il94«Mt> ) ** *■ 

Uwelling-, ^■-*-**^-~' 
OOUUOaANT. <k«n>'-Bft«nt) a. (lt*»< 

dMi dwalliu 
COMMOItATlON, (kTU-tt^«f'-«baa> ■.>. 

A arjvijkc ui tanyinf, 
COMMblloN. ikgn-^'-abgn) a.t. Tu- 

Bult_i d^Wnbmta ; ponuttoilos ; dlaatdar 

of Biad; nallManMi. 
COIUOTION'ER, (k(ra-Bf'-ahiB^) n.u 

One Iku Auaea comaioliMMi 
nCOMMOVL, (k«m-ait9*«'} tb*. Todia. 

tub) 10 aaiuiD> 
7i(C0MMltN£.(kfm-mi}ae') <*.«. TD<aa- 

Terte -, to talk lOEclbn. 
COMML-MCA0IL1TY. (kgnMn-f'-nn^- 

bd'^^-Ei') B. I. Tba quality of beiii( con- 

COMUUNICVBLR. (kfn-«>9'-n»-k|-bl) e. 

Tbat wbicb auy btcaoui Iht foOMiiun ot 

moia tbaa ow \ ibal wkicb may ba Mcoost- 

•d ot Imuarted. 
C0>1]dUNICAU.E.VE8S. (hmn«^4M-k»- 

bl-ncia) a.1. llequalily «f bdngcuuonu* 

COMMUNICANT, (kfm-n^'-uf-k^nt) a. a. 

One who |iuiiiii«l«a e4 tba maaBoal of 

tbe Loiil'i Supptt, 
Tb COiUtVNICATF^ (hgrn-ntT'ia-k^ta) 

ua. To iBpati m oihri* <*lm i* in oat 

owa |iow«i to beaiow i lonngBli Wpaitlu>< 

Te COMMVN ICATE,(ki)ia-inv'-Df-Ltt*) ■.«. 

To paMake of the bl<ia*d *ncnua*al; to 

ban MtaelbiDf ia ooniauM vitb aaolbiT, 
COUMU MCATION . I kvD'*r»oo-k4'-.W> 

Mti. Tbo aLl of lai|Hrtin|j : comtnoa bonti' 

dan «r Inlet : iMcKluu>£c of knowlcd](c : 

cmlfiniits ; (onNBMtian ; pMlk^Mioo of 

the hlmtd lacnunaU* 
COSLM L MCATI VB,(k(io.Bv'n*U-ti»> a. 

locliiLfd la niakf nd*auuiEi*t ccrmmoQ ; 

libttal c< kiioolpdci ~, not leHib. 

^T-nft) a.i. Being cnnunuiiKBiivo i or ■a»> 

pnitanf bene A If' 


0. ImouTiai; L-uowli>il|,-r. 
COMMUNION. [kain-wuti..'.yna) n.i. la- 

WrMoiM i CFllowiln|> ; cvmmon puamuoo ; 

ialcT^angaottnoMUikHiai the ctlehmtiaa 

of tba LOTd'a Snppn : a eotainon or fub- 

llck Kl ; uuiiw lU tbo tonuuun uoithip uf 

any rUiircb. 
COMML'MTV. <k9D-mn'-ao>M) -r.!. Tba 

common wtalib ; ibo body p<^tidi ; oon< 

Don poatouloa. 
C0MMIITAU11.ITY. rlifSi-m^l^-failVte) 

n. h Uobu cuable of enliaBgD. 
COMMIT AUL£. ikgni-m^'-tf-bl) a. Capa- 
ble of beiOE f K:lum^ft<d. 
COMMUTATION, (kvin-«aif-l4''ihiinj n-i. 

Cbani^i alieniiaii; oicbiu)^) naaoui; 

girJianipng a corjiMal for a pwaaiafy 



F'.tCi ffi 'I'L ^' i—iD^. mgl i— not. Fin .—oq, Biere, 



COMHDTATITE, (Mb-d^I4-^) •• H*- 

COMMUTATIVH.Y, (kfW-n</-lt-4T-lt) 

■l; 1b til* WWf 0( UthMIIf*. 

TtCOUMUTE, (lifa-niiiu<) t. *. Toci- 

etasfc ; tB buy olT, or muMU nnc obli- 

nnoo tj anoUiPT. 
nCOUMirK. (Iifiii-«TW) V.TI. Tobu- 

oia Act f i«m|>clon< 
C(MtAll'Tl[AL.(k{rm.n^-tT-^)ii. Mato^i 

C0MK\CT. (kfn'nki) N.I. Aomincli 

n actord i wi unnaFDi. 
r* COMPACT. (kfiD-pifcC) r.a. Te(D>a 

logctbn witb CimnHi i i» l*a(u* ) to jcia 


coMfAcr, ov<D-i^O "• 'Fit" ; •°i''> i 

TOiDiWavd i (aniudaii ; Juinnl ; IxlJ U>- 
cnliVT i Wrf, uJ irtll cturiimnl. 
CUIIPACTEDLY. (ifin-pfk''l*d-lD) W. 

COMl*A(^n".DN^^S, (kfin-(>lk'-<!;d-Bt«) 

COMPACllWLt:.(kflm-wV-l,-U)a, That 

Ki J bo joined. 
COMTACTLY. (kfoi^ptkl'-b) adL Ooittri 

drotrtr i irilh ar«I jmniDi;. 
C0Mr.AC1'Nt:5.S. (kifni-nkl'-D9»> A. k 

Finnniwi i cln*nivu. 
COItirACrURK. (k^n-itk'-l^) •■. i. 

Sfnrtntr; eiimi 'a niiuition. 
COUIMUl^ft. (kym-n'-jc*) a.*. Aifitom 

<d many putt anltM. 

To Mt KVBiWr thai vbuh i* l<n)kn. 

■■ *. I'nion; »tni(fiiJT- 
COKII'AMABLi:. <k«ni'-)^-aa-f-bl)a. So- 

COMPANION, (Vpi-ptn'-TV>) "- ■■ One 
Willi •Lem a biui (iwiuonily coDTcnn ; a 
faruiit : an M*oti«i*. la brmMr^r, A torn 
apylUd M kalgbu of (asM a(4m, in As- 
lUKdaa bom oooomider. tu. 

COM]>AK10NAHLP.. (h^a-ivi'-ynn-i-hl) 
«. Soriii) ; apri-xblp. 

COMPAMOMAli[J'JiIf':S^ (kqia-pvi'yui- 
■■hl-Dr») n.t. SotiitlPPf— ■ 

COUPAMUNAKLY, Ikfrn-pfs'-yni-ble) 
Hit, In » r<«»(iBni<iDabla ■nnntr. 

COUI'AMONMIII', (kfo-HD'i^-akjp) 
■. jL ('oaij'Biij , iniu i ftllowihlp ; »■ 

COUPAKY, (tfin'-pi-m) ■. i, Vmtaa 
MtwrnblnJ logeibu i an •Hcmblj if |i1ra- 
§m» I nmvtnUlMi ; fall**)!!!!! -, a anmlicT 
of ynMna ouiicd bt ilui cicroiion of lui r- 
Iking; aband;aKKicIjorroTponMbody, 
nrli at cbartend companie* of tindcnnaB i 
pmoDi sniiod is a joioi Hade m paraier- 
*bip ; B bodj ooqiotw*' ; n wilHndbBto cot* 
rmndoa; a agbdinMan «f a ngimant of 
W. n ftv CUpMy. Tfl ta^ Ctwpia y . 

COMPAKABLE, (kfm'-ni->'0 •- Wonky 
10 b* (Oniporpd. 

COHPARADl-Y. (|.bti>) _l. In 
a ■auiwi wonhy to m coidphrI. 

COttPAltATKti. (kfin'-n-iflM) a. ■ 
hexkiTLo no lUofi cCaiand l» 0M> u- 

COMPAKATION. (k«in pt-if'^lian) a. a. 

CUMl>AKATlVE.(kfai-p«i'-v<l*>«- Em(- 
muol by (ompanHB i hviuig ibo |im-<v 
of cani)alla( diffncPt Ikiafa. lu (laa- 
mai. Tl* atMod drtrM of (ampanwai iB 
bUfr, Uw midiUe dfpac betiicm food and 

CCUfA RATI V ELY.<hfn-p^-f -^T4f ) t. 
In a lUtF of cooipiiiWD. 

r* coMPAnr;, <i,qio-|<i)i*') t. «. to buU 

onv thing ilif matur* otaaoiIicT. 

C051PAKI:. <kom'Pir»') n.1. IVataUrf 
bring (omimrM ; coD[«ii«a ', riDiila ; «hi!- 

COHPARBn. (k^-n'-ffr) a. *. Il« wbo 
main a tumuariMni. 

COMl'AUl«a5i.(kvni-iH^-B-itn) ■•>. 'Dio 
act of coniahng , ilie *ttu of bcio( toni- 
foirA ; ft comionuiTo (odnaic t a Minila 
in whiia|OTi|>*akiagi tbo loniiaiMi of an 
■ilJrciiTo tkreu(b iu Taiiana d if Ta i a o( ng- 
nificatioia ; aa, Anw. MtWMi>, Mniuac 

r*COMPAUT.(l^-pan') ca. Todindoi 
M mut out • gninil danjpi into nuiou 

iiarT» >i)J ■■iiMjvi«i«u. 
MI'AKT. (kv»<|-uO •■'■ Mrmbn. 

COMFAKIIUI-.N 1 , (iLfD-rafl'-^Dsal) a.k 
A dJniliB of pictutr ur ilMica. 

COMPARTlTKiN. <l«nj.pc>-tlik'-an> a. k 
TIio act of diii^i ; iho foiti auked out 
«f Mfuaud. 

COMPARTMENT, fk^-mcl'-nionO * •• 
DLvihion ; B.'|ian1o jiBtt of a ittt^^ 

r« COMPAiib. (L>5in'-ni) '•• TuvacifGla; 
U mtlnn i lu wilL tuuuil DujiUuf ; la 
beleafuor ; to kulr^ ; to i;ta>|> , lo la- 
doto n tbo amii ; to obiuu : lo praowo | 
to onain 1 to takn Btwum |>rffanilaiy w 
•nytbog I ■■, lo t ui ii f a M tko dniL •( tfaa 

COBAPASR. (k^'-Tfi) a.1, A dnb) pt- 
(MX : n*tU -, grn*p : ipao* : loom -, niclo- 
cnr* i ciTTumftfiiict ; nudnaU (pw : dwa 
llalta ; tli# po*vt of fka toka in mu>kk ; 
the iuKnuuent Willi wlikliajcluamlnwD, 
^ennatty .niiy»i»i Maiinvn rampui. tha 
lUBtmmiikt cimpoicd of a luk-^Of ijc Dcpdlo 

nil <nri, vlwRby (hiM nic ncvml. 
C OMPA asiOS, (kyn-p»ih'iin) a.^ Fi^i 


o. I Ifwniac of coapuiian. 
COMPA^tONAnY, ^iimfi^'-v>^-n) a. 

COMKA.'^IONATE, (k^-p)>b'.pD.fte) a. 

Inrlinml to pily -, mitoful ; ciiiiing torn- 

Tb OUMPA!«IONATE, (Ifm-pyli'-^-ttc) 

t. 0. I'o pily -, (0 coamuHraW. 
COMPASSIONATELY. (lflm-p^»b*.i(B.a». 

Ir) od. Mncilniiy -. Indnly. 
€0!UPA!«IUNAI>'m::S, <k«a-F^'-^- 

ate-oM) n. I. IMata m qiullty a( brag 


Sft;— tabr, lifK. l/vlli— Dit; — fOynd i— liU», mi* 



COMPATKIlKrrY. (kfin-p«-te('tM^) *.!. 

Tbo taUttw of roJUlha. 

CMuiMmcy -, it^Flnnil villi aD}lliinr> 
COHPATtBLr.(Lfin-py-f-U) •. daitaU* 

lo ; El lor \ i>vB:HFBii BcnnU*. 

a. L CnniUlfacy. 

COMPATtBLV. (Ltm-ptt'-f-Ut)''- ''•■'f' 

COMPATIRNT, (kt«n^'.«bTM} a. SiAt- 

COUFATRIOT. (ttm-piMia^i) «.*. Om 

of Lhd MM nuDt^. 

COMPATRIOT, ikgui-pt'-UB-oi) «. Of tbe 

■■ruff counny- 
COMI'CEIU (kfm-fWf'J n.>. Aatqaili » 

T^COMrEEn,(ktm'pnOi.a. Tobo«nuBl 

vUb ; t« mua. 
To COMCCU (^-ptO •^■^ ^ fetM M 

•OIUS Bfl ; M Oblic* -, ID MNlnUli 

COKIPRLLABIX. (knn-ril'-lt-W) a. Co- 

[Oibit cf Vving toretJ. 
CUMPF.).I.,\TION, (^ni*.[«;lV''inn> "- •- 

Tlie iljlv rf *dili»M i lliB vucil ur c^uu- 

tloD 1 M, tir. audun. &■;• 
COMPlXLF.R.(kfm.p*lMG0 ■■•. IlotbM 

tortr* anolbef . 

a. !>iiait 1 fcintiactril. 

to nm. lugrihrr ^ U eiinipRlimd. 

COMf£NDIOltS.(kQiD-i>tii-tM>*)<- Short; 

lunanaiy; abridged. 

Sbotth 1 in cpilinaF. 
COAIPEMDIOI'SNESS, (kfrn-pgn'^df-v 

rm) n. 1. i^oroiMi : btniiy. 
CUMPKNDItJU. (k.(m-psn' J^nd) h. (. 

jt)iiul|[Kmrot : aummuy. 
COMl'KNSAUl.t.. (kfm-psa'H-bl) a, Sus- 

toutiblc (jf rr(.T[iiitr«ncr- 
Ta LOMrENMTl:, (I.9iii-i>m'-(tl0 *v >■ 

To mnniprdtfl ; In milio aiDenili 'or, 

cu^1^^;^--<ATIo^^ (iiqm-ri^D-vi'-tbiiii) •■. i, 

COMi'£NSAT1Vl:,<kvni-|>ta'->1-<iT) a. Of 

■ com ivn mine ktituit. 
COMi-EXSATOKY. (kftB-pta'-lf-liir-f) a. 

Muking >mrnd(. 
rnCOMPENSE,()igni-)iWM') no. Towm- 

prani*; W bt cquinJnit to; Co ncant- 

CmiPirTRNCR, <kon'-po-t(>ou> ) n. >. 
CU.MI-l-n'KNCY. (kfrn'-p^i^a-M) i Suf- 

titncy iniiiiMtltupnfluJiv; aliiraiae «]u>l 

la the tonocnluKiei of lif« ; (he powu or 

cai[«cit]r of a juJ^b, oi coiui. la tnic cot^ni- 

■ucr of m aoiut> 
COMPITF.NT, (kfm'-p^itni) «• SdUiblo; 

fit ; ailnpicd to im* purpoM -, RMOiiaU« i 

nrndmil* ; <iiirkliG«d \ 61. 
CaMPLTRNTLY. (k(n'■p^ttnt-lt) aif. 

AdrquauOj; propt-rlj ; rnkuiialilyi inodF- 

COMPfrriBLE, (kDm-ptt'-f-M) a. SuiuUn 
101 oouincat witli. 


COKPTTIBLCSESS. (k9>-pi('-e«-B{p) 

n. b SainMcntBi ; 6(nc«. 
COMPKni'[ON, (kgia-m-iMh'-an) n. •. 

Riialrv ; (mint ; djiMo cuim. 
C0UPtT11X>R. <kvB-Kl'-rt«') ■■*> A 

nral ; od apno— at. 
COJIPILATI0\.(k4>n-|>r'lf'-«hgD)ih*. A 

toltocliaa ft«n *anoa» aothort ; an aawm- 

COItlPILATOR. (i^-fo-tt'-iu) n.€. A. 

r*Cu)>IPILR.<t4iii'|i|lo') tvs. Todnwup 
bnni TUwiu kutbur* 1 10 •ritv; to mn- 
poH ', to BtaJle Dfi to put u>|[mIioi i to 

CODtPILEMENT. (ktfD-njIe'-mtiit) a.i. 

CtacMmian i the maun bMped'up ; fOni 

COMPILER, difm-pf-Iti) a. il Ooe wbo 

ftkitiM a mnpotitioD ffam raiioia •Mbnrt. 
COMPI,A(-KV«;,(lm.-,.|i,'-t-ii») > a. i^ 
COAIPl^CENCY. (kvin-fV->in->f> U'Inf 

•un ; MiiabclioD 1 cmlHy ; nnnidiiiiaiira ; 

COMI'LACCNT. Ckvni-pU'-«tnt) a. CitU; 

COMPLACENTLY, 0(Qui-p1i'4fot-lf> ml. 

Jn B i-ifi ui ckiy minnrr. 
Td COMPLAIN. (kvm-pl?nc') t. ■. To 

nwBllon viih •oTTow oi rtwniiiipal : ii> 

■unwt ; to Uinnit ; to keirut , lo infonn 

CO&PLAmABU:,<ktni-pl|'.D«-l>T)o. To 

bo comiiUJncJ of. 
CO.'klPLAlNANT,(Lfm.plf'-o«Dl)ii.L One 

irho niEii a fluil, 
COMPLAINKR. (kfin-plf'-nti) a. i. Oub 

will) comnlaini ; a munnorrr, 
COUTLAINIKG, (kfia-jilf'-Ding) n.t. Et- 

iimiiim at tamw ot injnnr. 
COMPLAJN1', ^kgm-[dT>Dt^ >bh RtTir^ 

•tacatioD of |nta« or injuiirt: tliFcnuKi n( 

complunt i a nialailf : a iliMaw -. naun- 

itntiea aaun)! ; infuiaiauan atfuoat. 
COMPLAINI'UL, (kfro-plfBo'-fvlJ •■ Foil 

of comiilaail. 

Coup]AISA^'cE, (kvm.fa('-iiiiM<) ■.>. 

Civitily ; cnuitHHWiu«i ; lUHrO oF plouinE- 

CU»PLAlSAN1',(L^.|ila.qn('j «, CwUj 
couiitoD* : ilnltDU* to piMuo. 

COMPLAUiANTLY, (iem-iila-uai'-ln) ad. 

C0MPLAISANTNES3. (kfui-p1ir-qnl'-ni«) 
■. L Tlio luuo of buui; complaiioiii i 

roCOSIl'LANATE. (kom-pk'-mte) )ii •. 

TuCoMPLANE, (k^-plpi/} i To 

IrTrl ; lo redun to a 0al flurfbco. 

COMI'LEAT. See Coiirtt-ra. 

COMrLEMLNT.(kfin'.pl(-nifiil)n.i. Ptf 
(rrUoa ; complcDou -, complHc «l : iba Ml 
(juaniityot numbei. lng«ni>etr]'.1'Uo tem 
■pplwd to lUe 1*0 mulli-i lanlldDcnai* ; 
fbmvil bjr diawing iwu right lioH UiiBii|h 
a Ikrcrr : C«nv>f«DWii •/ on nrr; ahal an 
arc waiilii ol W , or ih'o qundraot rf a at- 
tl»-. VmtfUm^itlft'tnatigUi wbatanacula 
•agio wal* to naka ji • i^bt aa|Ic, 


FfU, t$i,(|ll,i^i— mF.nglj— piae, pia^afimpn, 


^ «a cyrMta. ta fUliMtllB. 
at pan Id ttio Idtotiaui uJc «! It «Ucb 
kM (lis dMnloOTtT : jfrllhnMio*! iwi|4i 
•r f^ d ^jintLa : li what the loprliW 

, ''■r. '"•oooxioa. 

C>' \ I'AL. (Lfm-pb>iD^'-t)l) ■■ 

COMl'Lk[L,ll>em-{i]ote')d. l^ntM; Ml( 

■nUbcil 1 radvJ- 
r* COUPLCl'E. (lLfm-p1*u'> *. a. To par- 

COMPLETBLV, (k;n'plM>'>U}a<. Fnlirt 

COliPl.lll'KMENT. (Ltm-plMc'-mjot) ■■ *. 

TIh ici of caniptrf>D(. 
COUPUn'KX^. (kqm-plete'-nti) «. I. 


Moifilitbiiiiint -, Ml of (olULag ; utmoat 

kelKlit -. veth'A lUlv. 
COirrLKriVK, (Iciu^lf'-tiT) a. Makini; 

COilM-ElORV. <kflm -pl^'-lgr-f) a. FuH- 

COMrLr.X.(>ir<n'ptik*> >■. iDlnMMi|-l!!Ui') 1 complkowd; 

of m-iaj nuta i aot aunplr. 
CO>IPl,r\. rii(<ii>'-]>l!,'l»> ••. «. CanpUM- 

tipn i col Ik lion ■ 
C0MFLKXf:UNK<1.t. (k^m-plnk'-qd-Di^) 

Ik I. (Vai[iti[iilion ; Inioludult of niBiijr 

iwtt in nn« inwc"^- 
COMHI.KXION", (l(in-p!(fc'-.lran> ».). Til* 

involutioD of ono lU(ti^ in unoth^r ; tlio 

colouc uf <liv rxl*nikl iiuu «( sn; boilj ) 

tlia tPit>|'>n>iiin' of thv timU. 
COWPl-KMONAI, (lVii..i.Ii;k'.«liiin-il| o. 

Dvprndlug ou tlir c«in[ileiinn or triD|i(r>' 

C(>Ml>l.tXIONAI.I.Y. (li^-pl£k--«hi|ii-il. 

If) 0. Bv <«m)iI«iion. 
COSn>t.KX10N A 1(Y. lk«nt'Ttk'-«h!|n-4-rf ) 

0. Kvlktine (o t^v me of (lie compleuim. 
COMPLEMTY. <kvm-pl^>tf> «.>. Tbo 

(Ml* of baioc conulci. 
COMPLEXLY. <kvin'-pUk>.|B) xl. In a 

momiIm naoaor g innltvil. 
C0MPLEXNESS,(l>am'-p1rk>-D#)) n.i. TIm 

idlr of Lvio^ cxjplapjcjt, 
COMPLEXtRE. (kfm-plpk'-ahvT) ihi. TU 

iDTolutioa or (anpUcBUon of ant thiDy «ritb 

OOMPLUBLE. (kom-pU'-t-U) a^ Cipabto 

t& brodiair or yiclJin);. 
OOMI'UaKCL, {kvii]-ut<'-tDis> h. l Th> 

act «{ jridilum u> any d<«be i lotnaiuion -, a 

ilitpaillion to jmld 10 olbcn ; camuliiiwiiuv. 
COMPLIANT, (kviapli'-qnt) <u Yidd^Dc; 

bmifiiqt : i-trj ; msplaiMii I. 
7I> COMPLlCATll, (k4iii'-plc>kau1 «. a. 

To tntaii{[]« otw wlUi aaMlier ; Vt jolu ; to 

COtl'IJCATC fk:)ni'-p)«-k4li!) •. Coin> 

noitriilrd of n ifinliJiilii-ilTof patlAi 
COMI'l.I(-An:i.V.lko='i>lf.4*e-lo)«.(. Id 

a Foiii |>liralr>l gmuiwr. 

COMl'LICAl KM.'^i, (l««'-plf-k(ic-aEij 
a. b laOicaij ; puplcxi^*. 


00MPI.ICATION. (.kpa-pk-ki'-ikfi) ..i^ 

Thu invuliinK of one tliiaj; mm laot^r, 

tlie Mala of Iwiuf io*nl*ril : ita luirfnl 

oaoria i kii; of many tiling* intolroil, pn- 
jplnrd, uil uoiled. 
COHPLtKR, (k^t^'-cr) a. •. A eun ot 

aa Pan Unper. 
COJII>UMt.VT.avm'-piMD^I) n.1. An 

aci, or tifiroMiim of liiititr, UMailjr andet- 

tlood lo nuaii luHiliui ii drrlam. 
lb COMPLIAIllST, (iyiH iil.-m(nO «% a. 

To (ootli will) MpriHiaiii of m|i«cli M 

l^ler i \a prmu«. 
7b COMrLlUKNT. (L«Bi-rb-u£D[') *. a. 

To iu« idtilAtory lqn|[vaf . 
COMFLIUCNTAL. (kga-jJ^-uicn'-^l) «, 

1in|>l)rin|; or unns csnilimoDU. 
COAl I-LIM [IMTaILY. Iktm'-ple-mui'-lfl- 

Ifi "rf. In ib« QAlim HI a conp^lnwnt. 

I>nr i^tin (o (oinplin*nt> : ■ nnUsnl. 
7pai.Ml>ljUIU;. (.kgm-pl^n') i^n. Tola- 

uv^Dl tO)>M]ii*r. 
COMPUJ I . <l,T...pl5f ) n. t A toalicdaiacj 

iu Mm" trcTf t ]>foL 

7bCU.Ml>IX>r.(Lfm-pItO ><•*■ To (om> • 

plot ; to conkgqro. 
CUMPLQrUK\T. (kfin-plqi'-nipt} ■.«. 


COMPLO'ITER, (iflm-plst'-tjO ■■ •■ A 

Tv C0AI1-1.Y. (ktnn.pli-) «. n. To jUId lo ) 

Id ui'Dtil with. 
r« COMPONDHKATK. (kfin-pfa'-dir^tt) 

r, a, 'I'o *rijiTi if'K'^i^'rr. 
COMPOM.M. (iyn,-f.<?'-ninO * That 

wliicli 1-0(1 >iiiii let [fir compound bgdy. 
J'dCOMKtRT, <.kfm-|>fn'J iv n. Toatftoi 

10 >uit; (« btar. 
TdCOMPOHT, (kpm-p{iiO «. «. Tobdui 

10 rndunt ; to MUra. 
COMFOKT. (kfrn'-pfil) n.u B*han<nn; 


C<>MPOHTABLC.(k(Fi-Ff^-n-bl><i- Con 
liauvl ; not contniiiclary. 

COMPIIKTANCK. (kvm-iifr'-tv.H) n. i. 
EtvhitiDur ; bvarini* eoiiitnr* of rvrfmoatr* 

COMPUItl'AnON. (keni-pv'-<f''>1">>>) "■'■ 
An BHcmbWc. 

COMPOHTMENT. (kom-pjnr-mpil) «. k 
Brhat-jmir ; iui«a ' drmroaour^ 

Tt COMP03C (k^mjifw') oo. To (nnn « 
MaM by joining itiflrrtnt (h<il|t> Iot«tbn ; 
ID plan.' initLiug in ila t>>Op«r form ; U 
p-n tonciliri a diaCOOIM M atutcse* ; la 
«rii( ai aa autlin \ lo fonn a tune ffDm 
tbe dlAml msiltal dohb; lo conuituu 
by boing joiti of a «tiotc ; to calm ; to 
quiet ; in adjiui ; to *citlc : M, to rwijve a 
Jliroicntp ~. wick priudl*. 10 ainni;* Ibe 
IcIUH in ihr campiiBE Mick. 

COMPOSHD. (.kgm-pocil') port. a. Calu [ 

CO]LlPOSF.nLY.(Lgii>-ia'-(td-l«)ai<. Calof 
lyi •Ddilrly. 

CO'lilFO^kDNKSS. (ktm-pt'-(«diiiv) a.f. 
SediilFrcui oaniiiiiillly. 

C0Ml'OS£ll.CkgDi-pf'-icr)H.t, Aaauilioti 

aft i— li)br, igb, Vv" '•— n' '• PCV"' »— *kin, mia. 




% (rrlUr ; lie that fann* a MM ; one *ha 
eoiDMu at ailjiuii ■ ihitix. 

COAirOitnT. (fcfo^pfi'-itl ■. An arin 
In ■ichlumirr, tbr Iral </ dip fir* enlm of 
cotminM ; M diunaJ bKaue iu oidtal ii 
crniiHiwd oDl nf tbon of die tMher oideis. 

CUMPOSITION. (kfni-pn-qrii'-^) il b 
Th* art tif fenninK u latrcinl of rarioui 
diMiMliir fait* 1 Umid of brineing (iaple 
idia* iaio comiiUcaiion , ai<pn«t>l to nnk- 
Ijnt ; a moj* rarmnl of ililFenTM rcgrr- 
await 1 unioa ) coujunctioii ; oimlnnatiixi ; 
the airugenMBl nt nrion* Ggvn* in k jae- 
mvi awriKaDworki idjwlaimt; n^a- 
doni ronHMTl ; aciMnMnt. la law. A 
put nt a ibhl luvrpUri in ill(rW^ of iho 
wbolp. ]■ gnDBBr, Tho Jiiinin^ if two 
vnnli taicolhfr. or th* {iivSiini; i {nrlicln 
<i> aooUwi wnnt, la s»|^nit, Uiminiih. nr 
cliaaga it» li^illmtiOD. In lauhnniiiick*. 
TW (jpthftiokl mcida of dr'mcinMniiton, 
■rtijih i* [ba rvrpi** «f tbr aluljtical 
fnalhcHl. nr of nMlu^oa. In muMik, A 
fiWca coupOM^ aceonliiBt to ttie niln of 

ROHPOKmVE, (k^OF^-^i^i) «. C<ou- 
pounded ; or havinj tno ptiwvt of «»in- 

OOMPOSTtOR. (li^-p9t'-o-tur) n.1. T(* 
itu na{*a and odjiuB tba t}|ir( in prfat- 

COftPOGT, (lcgn'-p9rt) n. i. A miituiv of 

Tadoa* lolMUinoM far viirirhiug Ihv pound 1 

nnniiTt: any aiilui* or compotitioa. 
COMPOSURK, (k^-|K>'-tharf) ■.<. Tko 

act of coBipotin); or liulilin); ; unuicemnil ; 

cumbtnalion ; frenir ; makf i adjuitrnml ; 

cntBiKMiInn 1 tranod itiacourMt ; tednu- 

COMPOTATION, fk^ni-iwn'-ahqn) n, i. 

DiiDking; or liiipliD|> logirtlier. 
COUPOTATOH, (kirm-iw-q'-i^) ■,(. Oaa 

wbo itiinka witb aaolhrr. 
7i COMrnrM). (kijmpjijod') mi. To 

nlnclir iDgieilimta in imo maa -, to form 

bj uniting Tarioo* foRi ; to CMnbino ; (a 

fom 0110 word from tvo or inorv vordi ; to 

adjoM a diffnvDcc bj •oidd ncn^on fhitn 

Iho rijoui of clainu ; lo di«cliiiT)[o a dobi 

bv pavJtie oniy part. 
T* COMPOUm), (Ipm-pggnd'} v. «, l^a 

cone to lenni of ■grrtniiml by abtitinf; 

tomeihiof of Ibe firtt dciuond '. lo bu^aiu 

hi tile liunp ; lo come lo tiMnu by panlini; 

■omrlhinc on t-acL «ido. 
COMPOUND. (ki;ai'pivii<)> a. Tarmcd out 

of inaii]rlii|««ai(iiu . noiiimplo. )n)[raui- 

mar, coDMMed of t»o or laon word*. 
OOMPOVND. (k^m''po^nJ)H.fa Thaaiam 

forawJ of DLAnv inj^TDdLcnU- 
COMPOUXDAfiLE. <lifDi-pqvn'-iIi-b1) a. 

CimbU of t#in^ tompooudcd, 
COMPOUNDKK. (k«iu|.vvn'-dsO "-•■ Om 

vho Iitinc* poitiw In fimu of ajioriooiil ; 

one (rlio niiiM bodld* ; an acwUmical imn 
tta on* wliD, hating any Miati or inconia 
far lib of a t<rt>ta mJiw, paj* «ttraonti' 

baiyfenfoT (lio d^no •blch h« uLt*; 


and, acMtdInc to tbo ndue, la ctihM' a 

l^nd or a pMty Amfninbr, 
n COMPRBIIOD. Oupn-pif-hgiid') ».a. 

To oompiiH : toinclaila ; tocnoiani in (Ika 

nind : lo iiaJi-rxand ; to coaoans- 

•■ liit<lli);iblc ; poaalblo to b* cnmpro- 

COMPKEIIEMSI DLRXI'SS, (kftn-pr7.h>n'- 

•T-bLnpi) ikiL Capabifilj of twin); under- 


COMPRKtTEXSniLY, (k^m-prK-hfyc'-ie- 
h]p ) u J. \V itti ^ttax puwcv of undtminj^ 
ini! inrrlliKiMv. 

CuMPHKIIi^N'SlON. (kfm-pi^-bin'-alnpi) 
■- 1. Tbn act or <)iiaUty of compriaiDg or 
nmtwning; iucluuon; Hunmaly; epitome; 
knnwirder ; capatiiy. 

COMPBrJlLNsh E. (kjtn-pw-W'') a. 
Itariog ijip jKiBn' ID comiittbHid or urilcf- 
•taud many iiiin);i at aaco ; (ompfndioiu ; 

C0MPR»:HKXSI\'ELY. <kpn.pra.h(n' 
Ir) 0.*. In ,-1 tomprebmalTo i 

CO\IHRP.liK\.SI\-feNESS. CtntDa-hm-- 
lit-nvi) B.», Tho qiuJIlf of including 
much : tho ponr of uuiJennandisg all 

COMPKFJIENSOK. (Lnn-pv-bin'^or} iki. 
On* vha hw auaioml kaovlcilirf. 

To <:OMI'RF-**, (ivtn-pti.') t.t. Toforco 
m\f> ri nKrTT}« rrnikpin ; to tontincoi 

COMPRh^iSlllll.ll'v, (kpm-pitv-H^ir-tf- 
te) n. •■ 'ITiB capabilitf of Wa^ torn- 

COMPRJ»Sim.K. (k9m-ptt.'-w.hl) m, 

Cap«blo of btinif forrtd into a nutowv 

C0MPHESSIRI.KNK5S, (kjm-pf5.--«-bl. 

nil*) a.L 'I1i<r*1aie orbeiDgcomprcMilili.'. 
COMPRESSION, (kfm-pifih'-iui) h. .. 

Bringing tho urti of any body mora tmni 

to ptcb otbpr by violrate. 
COMPRESSIVE. (t{m-pit^-t^r) o. Hw- 

ini; th* poairr to comprna. 
COSIPHKSSIRE, {kqm-pr«il>'-(nn} «. >l 

The lotcB of ono wdy proMlug SKAinat 

COMPRI3AL. (kym;pn'-i)J) ■. «. Tba 

tomprvlii-ntting of ihiofii. 
TiiCaMI-Rl^E. (k^-pri***) nil. To con- 
tun ; to iacluilr. 
COMPROIIATION. (kflm-pr!-b»'-ali5in)i«.i. 

Concutrciu't of ptuof or allrdalioa. 
COMPROMISE. (kJm'■p^^l-^llj«■) a. t. A 

mulunl piomiK of parlioi at difference, to 

rdat tbolr conltavcnici lo utriuuoia ; a 

MUjiact, In uliicb (onccHiooi itn mad* m 

Tv COMPROMISE, (kqni'-pro-min) v. a. 
To compouud ; to adjun a dl*|ioto by ma- 

tuat cwcaalana i to accord ; to ajrA*. 
Ti COMPROMISE, (kvm'-pra-miia) n. a. 

To afree ; ID accord- 
COMPROMISER. (Ifiu'.jirn-mi-aer) ■•fc 

ltd vlio makra i.-aDCiiiuluB. 
COM PROM ISSO RIAL. (k^m-pTf-mia-^;'. 
Tf-fl) a, Holating lo a cmniirunuc. 

I9B t^U ft^;— Hie. mH;— fiat, p\in—nf, atgn. 


COMPROri.N'CUU (fcvn-pt^'-il*!) 

II. t, IlftoDKine to the Ban fm«bc«- 
r.COMll'UUL.ltfa-tifl*')*.*. VmCw- 


COMPniOU.F.R. (IfQ-Rf'-Jp) a. >. IM- 

iKWf ; njimiMr. 
COUPTItolLbRSKIP. (t«t>-U9Ma-a>;p) 

lb t. T%» ofiot oC ft ccmpiiallOT ; tuptiui- 

OOIIPI'U'ATIVR. (kpa-p»l'-*».liO t. 

CompplluLt^ ; foniinif' 
COMPlil-^Ain l-LV, (litn';nl'-i^-^v-lo) 

W. %Vitti (urte; by <auli&iiit. 
OOUPliLSATORY. (kvm-piii'>^-ur-e) a. 

It><rls| tlM power of ctoaiiclllnff. 
OOUPUUUON. (k«iD>p9l'-«bim} •>.>. TIm 

MI uf compfMioi;; furco; THdenco (uBtErvd. 
COMl'lL->lVE, (L^n-jiDr-iiT) «. llarias 

COUI'lLSlVIxy. (kvm-inir-n*-'!) '*'• 
Dt fanv ; by TlolRice. 

couni i^>-[mi-Hiit«t*) •^ 

ForcD ; (ODinulum. 
COAirULSUKlLY. (kQin-piirie-K-b) ad. 

In B conpulwrv or fortiblv muuKt. 
COUPllLSORY:(kvDi-i<iil'.mi.f) ^ Ukr- 

inf the pcmi or uuality of (iniipvlliaii 
COMPCNCllON. (k^-pfa^'.*b|p> «*. 

The Kl of flicking. M lUM d b«dnc p(uk- 

«l : HimulutioD ; iFpcntuien i taatadiin- 
C0UI'UNC1'IUIJ!>. r k^m psoBli'-digt) a. 

RnMaitant ; Hmtwrul. 
COitPUKCTl " - - - 

UKCl'lVE.(kipvf^|k'-lp}.. Cau*- 

COMPUKGATIOK. (k^-i«r.(*- tbss)-.*. 

TW pnwtlc* af Ju>ut}io| an* aaa't ra- 

ndiy by tb« UMlffle&j of •aourt. 
COMn'RCATOR. (Ifni>piir-|^-n|t> •>■ •■ 

Om wbo bem lu* icMimsajr lo Im o*^- 

bUin of uwlhar. 
COMrtTABLK, (kqm-r^'-lf-U} •■ CapaUe 

of IwiiLic TJiimbrrtfd. 
nCUMI'llATK, (Ltof-tm^fla) !.«. To 

•cconnl -. (0 I*di«[i. 
COUPiri'ATICH. (kqn-m-lt'-th^) ii. i. 

Tlie acl vt ndUNiiag ; iLc lua Mulcd iij 

TbCOMPllTE,(l>tm-|nto')i\«. ToTKkon; 

lo (ftlciilalP. 
COUPtTtH, (kfiu-py'-Cia) n.*. lUckoa- 

er ; niiiilnior* 
COMPt'TIl?!'. (kfrni-pf'-Utl) n. i. Cilsa- 

lalnr : ana iXilleil lu cnD[iuUtii)a. 
COMR:ll>[; (Lqm'-iuln) n. i. Oi»> vlia 

dnlli ia Um (MM MUM at chukloi i a 

coy. (Ign) aiL Aa ■bhrprinlim of tutn. 

On tba oppotlM liio , ifauiii nnotiin ; u. 

to dimu pra lad nm. 
TaCOS. (kp) (.a. TuLsaw; wtiwJji 

Mcowttit laBKman. 
r« COKCAMERATE. (kqD■^>l>lf w) ..a. 

To anh am ; lo lav «•(*•* oiR. 

CON'CAUF.nATlOX, (kfD-fc«u>^»«'-tbBa) 
^m ■■ •• Anh 1 tanli. 

■ r« CONCATENATE, (k^k«i'-a-Dtt>) va. 
^1 Ta link IDSellwt. 

■ COKCATL».1TIOK, (kt^kit^aV-tbat)) 


«. I. A Nil** ol lioka i n luMMapUJ 

C0^CAVAT10^^ (kva-kt-vV-tl^) ■■ • 

Tbo Bd «S ainkiog imcait. 
CONCAVK, <L^'.ktT«) II. tloUow villi- 

out nnclr* : opiicaad tn tnnv. IWIo*. 
CONCAVK. (kfn'-kiiv) n.i. Aa baila* i 

CONCAVENESS. (Lts'-Ltia-BC*) >. •. 


CONCAVITY. (Lta.k9<'-c-ie) a.a. laut- 
nal mibux at a boUm (pkniuJ m apkatul- 
dml bod*. 

CONCAVOCONCAl'E. (ktB-k^-<v-b<»'- 

Sre) «. C«DCBtc at ballov on bath >daai 
CAVO-CON VIA. < kmkif-^r*^. 

tjfa) ■> Cnncaio ons wif, and u aoT u i 

CONCAVOt^. (k4n-LV-te>) o. Cooanaj 

Imltow wilibDut aaglM. 
CONCAYOVSLY, (ktn-Lf'-Tc»4f) ad. 

Wiih boUavneaa. 
7-fCONCEAl, (kga-i^B') &■. lb Ud«» 

M ketp tecnt. 
CO.VCEALABLE. fktoW-Ifbl) a. Capa- 

bb of btine (oaicclM. 
CON CULKli MISS. (k«n-at'-lcd-«ta) a.*. 

Vnr^cj ; ubvcurilj. 
CONCMAIXU. (kfu-if'-lir) a.t. He tkat 

<oac*fJw iiiytbinr. 
COMJhAU.NU. (kos-**''bDg) a.t. A lU- 

init, or kteuinf cloM. 
C0NC£ALJ1E.\T, (kya-wIa'-nMit) a. u 

Tbo acl of billing ; parvj , biiCibf [JacBi 

r*CUKC£D£, (l^-*tda'J i^a. To ^aU; 
to adrail ; (o cnal. 

TsCONCKDE. (l-fa^O •>■ ■• Tk *d- 
aiil -, (0 KTiral. 

CUNCU 1*. (kaa-«f«B') a. a. CcMaptiM ; 
tliDU|[ht ; oaiUiiUBdiBi i apprabtaalc j 
(■iity ; iimj.'inaliaB ) bnUMMl oattOD % 
ojiinlm in a naaual atOM ; pliaa>a« faan ; 

1^ ; o|>iBionaiii« priil*. Ott y mi- 

nii uiA. No loagvr l«tul of. 
TeCONO-lr. <k(rti-wu') (. u. To cat- 

<riT^ j to iiuai^iaa ; to befiat*. 
CONCKl'tED, (kgnW-t$il) pan. a. Sa- 

iriwmi *iih bincj -. 'pmnd i tidicaloiuly 

CONCIilTEDLY, (kin-«;'-ii<l-lo) ad. FaB> 

rifully ; vliinuiaaUv. 
CONC KITtlliNESS. (kfo-at'-Mi'Ma) a. i. 

Pridr^ DpioiEiutinoBaa) (Mi of oaa'a 

CONCnVABLB, (kgnW-tg-U) a. Cifa- 

bJa of bting iitiagiQad or lluiu||bl, tc of 

bring andmtooU or beUBnd, 

a. r. llic flrj.ility of liriu nacalTkll*. 
CONCKIVAIILY. ^koD-H -Tf hk) a4. Ik 

a roareiraUa wiblal%il4c mnan. 
7"o CONCEIVE. (»fln.,etB') <r. a. T* ad- 

nnt iaw lb* mmb ^ to fam ia tba aund ( 

(a ima^i ; lo coaaprtbmri -. in uadannnd. 
To COKCEIVB, (k|fBHt«'>hn. Toihioki 

lu lair an idea of ; lo Uxomo fngnaal- 

0(1;— IVbc.tDb, byll^ttU-rmwl^tUB, lalb 


IH.t. OoeAal 

baulon . uudi-ntuidiuc. 
r>CONCi:NlllATE. (Ifn-wn'-liflr) •.<. 
To diiie into dw etatn at loto a ntrnm 

) COKCENTnATlOy. (k«n-«i:B-tff'-ibi|a> 
B.t. CollKtiini into ri nufwv >pMc fDond 

?'• CONCRNTRF:, (kfCi-«)|B'-lir) f.n. To 

(tnti la map coiiimui cvntrr. 
r.aLNfKNTHj; llvn-wo ••((») p. a. T» 
41t*cl or icntnd tovkht* oao c«Blnk 
.CONCKVrRICAL, (km-Mi'-uvUI) > 
^COXCK-MIUCK. (kfldW-ojO t ■"■ 

lluviu^ una cammaa ecnur. 
CONCt^XTUAL. (k«D-*ei>i'-o-t1) a. Hu- 

CONCF.ITACLE.(li(ii<fp'.q.U)..i. Tli»i 

CONCKCriBLK. (Laii-H;p'.w^hl) a. J\»- 

tiU* M Ic <an(FiT^ ; inWllixiblo, 
CONXEFTIOX. (L^.M(.'-»hun) •■.*. Con- 

tha (UM a( bEiuH (uuceivaI ; ooIiod ; iauHEa 

!■ (bt mlad ; HniiiiwDU' paifttm; np- 

prabeDMOQ ; koowlnige ; UiDUKtiL 
OONCSmoUS. (kfn-iyi'-ihy) j. Fruit- 

(ill; pfunkUL 
CONCBPflVE, (kfo-«t|>'-t|T) «, Caacal*- 

iav. urprodufiiig rQnMpUoii. 
r« CONCOtN. (kqa-«gni) n ■. To nJHU 

(o i to belaoc to i U> iflbM witli tains |iu- 

linii ; to louA Detnly ) ID blemi ; (a •hi- 

linb ; In fnike nnmuy ; Ti ntuov hmai//; 

to iDErmicddli) i la 1* biuj. 
CONCKJIN. (LQii'Mni') u. «. BuiittMa ; 

■BUt 1 ii)t«*M; «i>i;>i)[*iur]ii i iiajiorUum ) 

nomfnt ; crlrf, •flectiuii of llic minil. 
CONCKRNING, (kvn-wr'-mnii) yrrp. H*< 

UiiuK 111. 
CONCi:iINMENT. (lL4n->pni'-lDFiii> ■• k 

AAair^ bmnuna; ui<trr»l ; rclniaoii ; iathi- 

irate; intriDOUiK i buain*M-, impottuice; 

mommt; iatcn>ouiiuai regard j [oniJaD ; 

(^oticD ul niiid. 
Tg C'0\'C(:RT, (tLad-ntrf^ iv a. To ■rlOo 

angling hy mutual comnnmiciLiiao ; ti> coD- 

tlire ; la admsn, 
n CONCEltr, (kgn'-ijn} 1. 1. To eoiuDlt 

CONCERT, (kfs'-wrt) n-i. ConmiuDk^ 

tim of daaira* ; *a warnkbty uT Do^daD* 

nnfonnini' bofhtc ui atidlcncD. 
CUNCEKTATIDN. (tivu-»rr-lf'-«li;ii] n.i. 

Serifs : lODtpaiiUD. 
COh'CEItTAnVK.<ktii-isi'>i4-ur)a. Coa- 

tmioUS. qUrfTTDlum?. 

COKCEllTU. (k(fn.uhE('-lo) a.!. A piMO 
el nnuick fMniHKd tut nioocen. 

CONCESSION. (k«n-M;>'-*^Vo)'^'- Giaot- 
■' ■>( IT yielding ; a granl ; (bo tldnn 


>KCE3810NAHY.(L«>>->f'*l>^-V-*) -■ 
OiiHjnrniduInoca or allowwiMi 
CONCESATE, (kOO'-*!*''^*) "• I»pl^K 



COKCnSJtnrLY. (kfn-^'-*iT-lf) «i. Bj 

WW of cancaMJao. 
CONCH, (koufk) H. L A ab*!!. 
CO.VClllTE, (k»a(-.kil«) K. A wt cf 

ppuited iliell, 
CONCHOID, (kfut'-k^d) >.•. 'nioaaaa 

ot 4 CWC. 

CONCILIABLE. {|..,.l.l) a. Ca- 
nbtc of briiiij vodciIuitJ ui woa o*«r. 

CONTIl.IAK, <>Tn-«j>l'-t;ti)<i- RdMbg to 

■ comidf. 
r-CUXnUATE. (k9a-*!j'-y,*e> ,.«. To 

tun ; 14 win ; M rrcaanlr. 
CO\<'lUA'l*IO\. (k«o-*il-ft''<'>Ha) ■■<■ 

(■uiiuij^ or rr(oJi<41uijc- 
CO\<.-lI.IAI'<)K.fk9>-*d-^'-lor) >.i. Ouo 

thai main ucACe. 
COXClUATOnY, {ktB^-^t-tar«) a. 

'I'cndiu 10 rtvondHukn. 
CONCIXXITV, (k,a-oi«i'-liM») a,i. De- 
cency ; fiiurui 
C<lN<'lXXOl"S. (kio-*in'<itf«> 0, Drfom- 

ii>C -. I'lrunnl -, tatBtabf. 
COXCIONATOR, (k^'->hf-f-i>t'-lv) "■ •• 

A fcpacbnr* 
COXCIO.VATORY, (lflll■-•b^9-o^'-^nr-^) a. 

t'ani at prrKhiact or publick ajHrmhlivi. 
COKClSE.(kfa-tu»') a. hnti; than. 
CONCISLLY. <kfa-*iM'-lD) ad. Uiufly; 

COKCI$E.V£S8.(l^-4Bt'-fiSH) >.•. Dtia- 

CONCISION, (kftiMiiL'-qn) a.* Cntlini 

off; PKUioi). 
CONCITAIIOS. (k^..i-t»'-»hijB) fl. t. 

Siirrinr uii. or pulling; in motioa. 
TvCONCITE, (kyn-^iD')*.*. To«at>U;lo 

CONCLAMA110N, (k(ng-ht4-Dt'-ih9n) 

■. >. An ouicry ot abint at many lO^vtber. 
COXTt.AVL. (kifii'-kltir*) n.i. A printo 

apartmi'ni 1 ui inaoc palonr ; tb> room in 

which (he caidimlt meet -, thf atannbly of 

the rardinal* -, n tlav aMrmbly. 
r> COMC'LUDK, (kgn-klixlB > :*. Toabali 

toiacliidi-i to rom[nf hmd 1 (o infri or tni- 

ttcl b; ittiocinatJOB ; In diadt ; 10 dflar- 

nunc ; (o end : to Enuh > (a obli^;*, aa by 

tbr final dctrnninatinn. 
71. CONCLUDE, [kfln-UvdO ».«. Torad; 

to Mtfonn Ibt lail act of ralim-inatlau ; to 

collact Uis cuDtr^uraia : to •eliic opitiloa i 

finally; lu dftrntilnv. 
COXCUIIIKNCV. ^kva-klv'-dtil'lF) il •. 

CooarqucncK ; lojticij deduciiaii of tcoMa, 
CONCLt'DLN'r, (kfa^Uv'-dpit) a. l)e- 

CONCLCDElt. <k9n-k]i^'-J-T) a. i. Ooa 

wba dMumlnea oi drcidn. 
CONrUSIUUE. (kfln.Uv'.«o-bl) a. D«t.r- 

COXCLL'.'^IOX, (k^-Uu'-iIian) »■ t. D*- 

Imninatiati 1 final decuioni ihr celWiioo 

froin propontiini premiaed -, ihr clw* i ibo 

l.-iu loaoll of dedunian ; (ho piml td dps- 

rimpnU; tbo eoil ^ cobfiiipmeDL 
COXCLCStOXAL, (kfa-Llu'-ahnnil) a. 

Tending La a co&cluuaD. 


Fntc, bt, 1411, 1(1 :— mf , mtt »— ^, pia i— sf. ms**. 



ngvla/ly (ouwqututlaf. 
COSCLl/SIVELy,tt9n-klv'-<i»-l?3«I- Do- 

CONCLlTStVKN'KSS. (Ign-Uf liT-nm) n. i. 

StttooftKuiK concluHnt-, paWM at detct- 

Udfiioc Ibo ojfuiion ~, rv^lu ^onBrquvucr. 
COKCOAOCLATION. <kfo-fcr4e-£«-V- 

•bu) n. t. A ccogulaiion of dinEivnt 

boiin in one Duu. 
rfC0NCOn',(Lfii-kfLl') «.a. TodigNti 

to parify or (obluya by iint ; lo lipco. 
COleCOCnON, (kga-lLvk'-^JiuD) «•. Di- 

|>t>tinn ; ■oliintinn W bMl. 
CONCdfmVK, (ii,o-lvk'-'i») "■ Of » 

corii'oriinK n^lurr. 
CONI^llMlTANCK. (kfn-kfiD'H^lfnu) 1 
COKCUMII ANCY, <kva'kfni'-Vltti'M) t 

m- t. Sulnulmu (OKFtlier wlili anocbn 

CONCOMirANT.<k4D Ii4in-c-t4Dt)d. Caa- 

i~DU)^ wiih : nncDmiit with, 
i.NCOiHTAST. <kgti-kom'f-qii() ». i. 
Ctauianion -, pmon ot Uuiig MllawnRjr 
COSrOWITASTl-Y. fk}ii.tjni'-f.HD(-lT) 
aJ. tn counaDj' wiih otB* r*. 

r#ciJN'raun-ATK. <kffi-k^'.*-itu> »* 

To kTcainuciny. 

COXCOHl). (kfn'-kfrd) n. ■. ApvoLtnt; 
pMcv; luloD 1 ■osmpul; batmODy i fmn- 
mideal telMka of <im «nrd lo uoibor. 

To CONCOBO, (kfti-kfrd'} v. m. To agiec. 

CONCORDANCE, (k«n-kgt'-dfue> a. i. 
AfTMmmt i a book wluclt ibcr* in how 
mwy Will of (cnplun any vord ocnin ; a 
coBcord in rnimnur. 

CONCOHDANCY, (fcvolflt-iHn--) m... 

CONCORDANT. 0>fn-V-d)n() a. AgtM- 

Mt; ncnnng. 
a)NCOKi)ANT. (kfo-lkfi'-^l} ■■ «. 

That whiiti >• canv>|iandpDi, or ii^eiDg 

CONCOBDANTLV. lkjfn-laf'.d,nU,;) .kI. 

CONCOIlDArE. (k^n-k«r'-d»») n. i. A 

compoci i a (onTCnoon. 
CONC'OBPOHAU tkjn-k(f'-pir*ll> a. 01 

the fame boily. 
ToCONCOIiroRATF.. <LfD'kff'-pfiflB) 

r. a. To iinitr in nno body or man^ 
TfCOKCOltPOItATF., ( kqn-l-tc'-pfifle) 

V. n. To imitf inln odd body. 
CONCORru RATION', (kgn-li^-pv-ff'- 

*hu(i ) n. 1. llnioD in OS* num. 
CONCWRSK. (l^'-ior»»> n. (. Couta- 

mcp u m« platn ; ptnoo* aawipblnd ; Ibe 

jKunt of junction oc inivnac^lan of tiro 

bodif* : 'lonrurrma ; ifrMtDml. 
CONCRKMATIUN, Ckvn-kre-ma'-aliuo) n.L 

Suninf Ban} iMngi ugeiKn . ' 
COKCRKMENn'. (kfn'krem^ni) n.h Tbn 

mMi fniMod by concniicoi. 
CONCKESCKNCE. (kf|n-lni*'-i|nw) a. >. 

(jioirinE by the uniou of iMnla ntticl«(- 

r-COMCRETF., (k«n-lu>t<0*-"- 'I'otoa- 
ttw* BU coo maaa. 


r* CONCRETE, (kfn-kraio') Ka. T«(tann 

by coicRtlon. 
OONCRmE. <k«i-toH>') a. Formed by 

cooaotJan. In H(icl^, Not absitMi ; ap- 

pliod lo a fabJFCI. 
CONCRITE, (kfii'-knl*} m. t, A nam 

{ana«d by concrelion. 
CONCRCTF.I.Y. (kj|^-.i(> »f. In a 

manner iDcImliB); IAB tubjtci with ilia jvp' 

iIiC3t> : Uiil abalncttdly. 
CUNCKKTKN'C^. (kyn-kialo'-DM) k. t. 

COXCItCTlUN. Otga->^'-<>>un) <i.i. T1>i) 

art of concroliag i tti« nuM (orawd b} a 

coalition of Mpaiatc pnilielBt. 
CONCROlVlC (1ii)n-l»e'-ii*) «. Cnpi- 

COSCRETURC (Lfa-ktf-t^n) n. i. A 

mui fofmed by dMirnlalian. 
COSCHBIXAGt:. O^-kv'-bf^*) a, ». 
'FhrajLlof liTiii£ villi a woman tiot uiarriaJ* 
CONCUBINATR, (k«n-l")'-W-ii*w> ■■ •- 

Whotnloisi fomk«lion. 
CONCt'RINI':, (kfaK''ko-b|ne) ■>.«. Awi- 

UKn kept lo fomicaiion , ^ tiTuinprt. 
r* fONCULCATE, (k5o-kiil'-k»l«i; *.«. To 

tmultmdet fooL 
CONCdLCATlON. (kv>t-kit14^'-«hvi) ■.■■ 

l^amplinic with the Ittt- 
CONCUPISCENCE, (k4n-k9'-iif-*!<nH>) o.h 

Irniinlai denrf ; luM. 
CONCH HISCKNT, {kfn-ku'-pf-atni) «. fc 

Ubiduioui ; toi.'hvTOiu. 
CON*: IIPISCKNTI A L,(k9n-lQ-p«-»(t.'-«h«J) 

Krlnliitc [0 concu|>ia<:rncr. 
fONCUI'lSCim.K, <k9n-k»'-i«-.»-l)l) «. 

IiDpTvuine detirt : eaciT. 
To CONCL'R, {^k^n-knO v. n. To Dfet ia 

one [loiDi i to aeroi lo bs ouiled wilb; to 

conlrihuM with Knnt powrr. 
CONCURRKNCt k7i>-kur'.r«>-> )_ , 
CONCURRENCY. (k,n.k..r'.;ii-aa) ("■ ~ 

Union ; nuociatian i agrvrniFDi '. combi- 

nation of many anut* ; anitlonc* j b*l[> ; 

)auit rialit : niMnrclniin. 
CONCDRHKNT. (k(|u-koT'.f«nO ". A.I- 

iDg in coDjuDfUou ; i^cniomc^ . uioaAln ; 

concoTcimni in ttgtncv. 
CONCl'RKEST, (kjo-knt'-rsDl) a- t A 

coDliibutory caiuv ; oiual claim ; jtnU 

CONCURRENTLY, (Ifa-kui'-rtai-l?) a. 

In an a^^rtcine mnnncr. 
OONCUi^AnON. tkqn-kna-i^'-ibijD) n. t. 

A violent acitaljoti. 
CONCUSSED. (ken-k^iT'^ ^<ti.«. Shake*. 
CONCILSSION. (kfn-ki,i!i-fii) a.t. Sluk- 

tn|z ; aEiinlinn ; tb* atate ot hciaj; ibakvn. 
CONCllSSHK, (t^n-ki)*'-*;.) o. llatiiiK 

tbe iMwri of (baking- 
V'dL'ONDKMN. (l^-dtm') no. To iiiJ 

guilty 1 (o doon to piinittimcnt 1 to eai- 

tatt -, to blanu^ 
CUNDEMNABLK. (h«n-d~m'-i>t-bl} a. 

Ulanrablo -, calunblp. 

'iliD MfUi'ni'D by «bli-b any ono la JoMoed 

lo puaiibiucot. 

&f t i-^Bjiit, i^b, b^U /-g^ i— pgipd i— lUn. twa. 





COXDBMKATORY. (t«»-d«n'-M-<v^) •. 

FsMiac > ihoMce of toadonUMS, <v of 

CUXDF.UNCn. (kfMiai'fisi) n. •. A 

Munn : a craraMr. 

mUc af c*<iilfnHiiao, 
T*CUNI>ENSATK.(Lfa.dga'-ifM)*.«. To 

condnui ; to nalLr duckor. 
3V CONUKNSATi; (lifUHl[«'-«l<)> •. «. 

T* crmr tlikLn. 
CON'OKN'SA'I'i:. (kfO'ilaa'-wIe) a. Ukle 

CUNUtN&ATlON. (k^'i^^'-A^) ihb 

TbirLtsisf amy Uidy. 
CONl)l:N'SATlVK.(kf)i'dai'-««-tir}«. Bn- 

lii|t llin pownr at coiuUnMlIUQ. 
7^1 COXUKXSK. (kgo-^M') no. To nnka 

auy budr nan tUfk. cEsn, Mid mdchty. 
7'*CUNDi:N]iE.(kta-dc:Di«'}r.ii. Topvw 

Omb anil wtifbty. 

CONDP.\:ii:.(l.}a-dnBw')a. Tliidt: Janth 

CONU£NSKR.(kva'<liu'-ifO'<-'- A itrong 

nanlUoa iwaol vhsMin lo campaw (b* 


COND8MSrTY.(k4n-<l-n'-<t-lf)a.(. COa- 

denwuior. ; ilmtmc"!. 
CUNI>EH.t. (kfo'-ilrrft na. Sudiaaauod 
■pcin hi^h plan* bmt th« Ma coaM. M tlio 
limaorUiQWRiD^tlbliif.taBata tigatto 
(lie (iilipn which my the ^aal paMW. 
Til CONDESrEM). avn-a~-«anJ') •. a. 
To ilcpsii tniuncirily fniiii (lur privUrfia of 
•atiniaril* -, to wnk imillUiiily (o aqoal lenni 
wuli iafpiKFun ; Ui coniaul to do mocn tbaa 
man jaHiro can ntiiulr*; to (Map i Vt 
hrnJ : to vIpM. 
CONDt-SC^NUENCE, (kfO'df-ata'-dro**) 
n. 1, Voliinniy saboiiHion to «i|<ull(y wltb 
CONI)K4CKNDrNC.rkfn-df4Mi>r<iDG) n.t. 

Volanlary hum^hntion- 
CONDESCENUINOI.Y, (kfln-do-afnd'-iftf- 

I*) ad. B* vay o( kind eeaewHon. 
COXUescEXSlON. (k^-da-ajn'-A^) a. i. 
VolunUiy hiuDiUatloa ; doacoat ftaia lopo- 
; CONUfiSCI^'AlVE. (It^a-dMen'-qO a. 
{.^otirlriin* ; not bftu^blyt 
COXl>IUN. <-lLan-dmr'> a. VToHhy of a 

pcnun ; mjiUblv ; -ittmitA ; meritcil. 
CONIJ10NNh/». (ktu-diac'-nei) ■.!. Suit- 

MotuM In dttaiUt, 
C0NDIG!nTY,(k9n-dic4M-u)a.«, Merit! 

[CONDIGNLY. (kfa-d|BnMD>ad. DcRctt- 
tdly , nctoiiliait to nuiit. 
COND1MCS1', (kqa'-d»«|at) >.■. Sm- 

•oninc -, niicc 
CON'DfsCIPl.F., (kfa-dUV-nl) •k •■ A 
•choolfeilnw, or fellow Aiic'i^U. 

TtCONDne, (kfu-dito'} ••■. T»pkkl«i 

to tm^tit. 
COXUITE, (fc{Q-diIa) & Praxrrad ; cod- 

CONPITEMEHT. (kfD-dju'-tavnt) n.t. A 

cotDpodtiati of coDMm*, !d tbo faim «if au 



COXDmON.(kfn-di.ili'-M) ■.). Oaalllyi 
IIiM liy wluch aaytkteg li droonlDatod 
(oodorbai) ; ulribalB'. atci^Fnt : property: 
DOtaid iiualiiy of llie min J ; Ii-inpt« . numtl 
qualilyi *iitu*a(>kaiNUei fil«ni*l<l^ 
cwMlaiin* : rank i MlMUtan : (tnu of 
coapaci : the «ritiD[ or *p«cannt ( com' 
pwii bMd. 

TtCONDlnON. (kfa-di*li'-iii) r.a. To 
rontnKl ; to aiak« imu ; lo «linil«e> 

CONDITIONAL. (Lfa-diib'-ijo-il) a. Dy 
way etttipnlalioa ; not abolaM. In grsai' 
mta nt Hfii'l. iiipiiMii now cDnditiim 
Of aaimatToa. 

COHUrnOKAL. (kgn-dlitb'-si-tl) «. t. A 

CONDI HON ALITT. <k(m-d!J.'.^.?iit|.f- 
ic) ii.t. UaiUiUoa liy carlain Ucmi. 

CO\DlrJUNALLY, (lWi>-^!*<>''U<'-4^-?) •'■ 

Wiib cntaiB limlcatkn*. 
CONDtTlOKARY. lJuia-iM-«a-i-ta) •>. 

nCUN DiriONATE.(kfO-d>tb'-^-4to) i.a. 

To aaalih ; to ngulMB. 
CONDITIONATE. (kgn-d'th'-fa^le) «. 

EmoUuImI on C(ttun inrniiu 
CONDITIOXEU. (kvD-d^*i>'-|iiid1 A. Uar> 

iag qukliUH or popeniM goed <■ bad ; 

ToCONUOLE^ CfcV>-^<i') r.a. Tolamnil 

•ith Iboaa thai ar« in (DWorlune. 
n>CONllOT.E. (kfo-dfla') t.a. TobcTrail 

trith anelbfT. 
C0.\1>(.>I-1:MKNT. (kflB-Jole'-monl) n. j. 

Giirf : larTOw ; liun«UUliau wilb ollicn. 
CUNUULENCU (kui-do'-ieoat> n. i. Ri- 

prMfiou a( (noC lor mc (omw* of ta- 

CON'DOI.EIt, (tfo^do'-lt*) n.1. One dial 

CONUOI.IN'U. (iin-df'-liDs) m.t. Eipna- 

•ion of citntioli'dfc- 

CONDONATION. (kfa-df<oV-<b^) a-i. 

pBTdoaing; britTiiic. 
To CONDUCK. (kfn-doM') >^ -. To fto- 

mots an cml i to <antribute. 
T'CONDUCK, (kjii-.Iu.u) ft a. To ton - 

duel; to arcomimny iu lb» w«y. 
CONDirCEftlllNT, ikvodflK'-msnt) n. ». 

CONDUCKOT. (kflo-Jfl'-opiO a. Coa- 

trlbulinr: India);. 
CO.>iUUClllLI^. (kflu d>f'-«^W) •- lUriBK 

■he )H>iireT a( (oudutlnc. 
COXDV<nilU:A>aS. (k^n-dn'-tf-bl.oE.) 

n. I. 'Hie quality of comribiiliiii; lo any 

COXllVCIBI.V, <'-«?4lrt ad. Id & 

mcinocr prutnotEn^ na rud* 

CONDUCIVE, ('"J""'"'"'!'') o- TtatwWeh 

iD.-iv fnrwinl vt EbTuinuic. 

CONIM flVK.Nl'»S, <ifln-d^'..i»*e«) a. (. 
Tlir iliiitllly of cunil'irinit. 

CONntlCT, (kqn'-duki) n. i. Man^e- 
iDtnt; Moaorov; ihnctof leadiaj wcop*-, 
MUToy 1 Mcurt; Uiir an of coaToying or 
piMilioj ; natl bebaiiniif ; legolnr lifo. 

TuCUNOtCr. (kfln-dokO "■"■ To lead; 


ri)M. {(T, «i!l. ^ 1— V!- »e» i-V\i»- B» i-"t' "<»•■ 


V tDI 



U dlmct 1 la nthaf, nad atlam) In ciTlUly ; 

ID muii^. M U amiiKl aa aCiii ; la hnJ 

M anay. 
OOKUUCnOK, (k4a^i|k'-«baD}N.i. Tlw 

■el of unlnuut uii. 
COKDUCrnrut:^. (kfa-J^k-^'-w} a. 

Hued i uuploitil lot *a(ek. 
COKDUCI'Oll,(L(D.duk'-ifi)o.>. AlMd> 

M ; ■ c)d«f 1 K goDcnl ; a aunagB | K dl. 

noor. In tm\faij. An iiuiniaisiitw diran 

(he kiufii in caltini; foi die moop. 1> «Ih.- 

Oidl;. TboM nlwiuoMVbKb m cajaibla 

rf NOfiriDc ud BMHiiiiiif 1^ olocnkk 

CONDl'CTRESS. <!,(■ rf^'-u,.) n. i. A 

■mnui that dinctt ; dkcnttM. 
CONDUIT, (kna'-Jit) n. •. A cual of pipei 

forlhiciMitvjkiiicof ■iilmi ad wiunlui:! i 

thn iBpe or cvck at vluch wtui a dnn. 
7i CONUltFLlCATi; <k«a-d|>'-plu-k«i>>) 

■■a. To daublc. 

k.iL A iluu)>lui)t ; n •tu|]litai«. 
CONK, (Lvuv) «.(. A roliJ I'ndjr, cforbich 

Ihe biun ii a tiiiir. nfiil wlikli vadt iu > 

E; ihv (nii( of Uic fa-tnoi a tmw- 
» oIInI. 
r. St«C<M>T. 
Tl>CONPABt!I^TE, (kM-n|t>*-U't|w) hn. 
To UU. «a*il]r or cwolmly uc<i^*t> ^ 
C0NFA[t1tL.\TI0N. {kfB-ftb-v-lf'-tlua) 

■. I. rbrtifnl aad cftrtloH ulk. 
CONfAUtLATOUV. ma-^b'-f-tvl«i-«) 
<t. BcIauKint to uJk or fnaii, m a i£v 
wav of dJuogoo. 
CUNFATFJD. (kgo-fa'-tsd) «. Dtcmdar 

dcuimiaod M IM «ut« fiio*, 
7oC0\FlXT, (^u.f{>.I'>c.^. Toinidaiip 
into (KTaimviila : (u taiu[iaM> : lo tana, 
INFECT, (Lfu'-fiikt} ii.i. A ni)t«nip:it. 
"FECllOX, (kga-(£k'-tLiiD) «. k A 
prapnnliuii of (luU vitb *u|u ; a ttr*«(- 
mFnt i u uHniUii|[0 of dlSuBnt iagradl- 


COMXniONAKY. (kfa-^'-thvi-t-if} 
■■ 1. Um vliaM trad* i* w aiako •**ai' 
Dwat* i > rnnaniioo ol f«»t<mMU. 

CONTKCTtONf-H. (k«D.fjk'.|luui<sr) *. u 
Os* wbot* irado 1* l» latka <onfefbMit or 

CONFECTORY. (ll^■fak'•(^l•) a. B*- 

Uuu); 111 III* ut ef DtUnit eealocU. 
CONFi:i)t:ltACY, (ifo-fBd'^t-^*;) m. t. 

Mni opt* I* 'opENiit Mch oiliti 1 frdonl 

7«CONIEDERATI':, (kfo-fnd'-sr^to) is,*. 

To jniD in a Icuu^ 
rpCOMFIJ^ERATi; (Lqa-M'-li-lto) r.«. 

To Ituve i lo idIu in ■ Ifikut. 
CONFf%l>EKATE,i.ltqa.(fd'-B'-i)M)'- L'nlt- 

fd in Iraoe- 
COM'FJtbKAn:, (kfn-fed'-«i-(to) a, t. 

One who vajjagM to la yj i g tt aoMboi; an 

CO^FF.DEnJlT[ON. (L«*4td-Er^'-<lipi) 

■■ •- Lca{ve -, al&uica. 


T» COKFFJl, (kfu-^) t. «. To diinHM 
«llliiuiolbeiD|wuB«lauil tulgtcl; la on- 
v«rM folimolf. 

TbCONFEK, (kvii.fn') ■>•. Tovcsqwo; 
ID |iTo ; lo bMio* i to euncriWla ; lo um- 

COKFEREMCC (kH'-fjr-coM) b.*. Fot- 
mal ducwKMi MU dlKOMlaDafaajrnM- 
iiami «aapp«iDWdiiiot<in|CatperuMld»- 
latc , coiQuuiKio. 

CONFEKRKR, (kia-f;|^.|T) •.& UatUi 
conTttir* -. be l&a( bMlinm. 

rvCONFKSS. (kfD-ft;a') r.*. To wkno*- 
IrJgE acnmri M own a (ulimi tndiictiiH 
thn lau of llw conidiiCT lo ili« pnttt , to 
Lcat ihocanfoidoi (d a pmilrol uaiiiiMti 
t«o*iii toarowi logianl, wiijioiit dujiuW> 

T«CONFF.'Ui, (k9D-f!^')i<.B. ToDiaUcoo- 
tnnoa i ui diKlow ; lo MrtoL 

CUNFESSARY, (kta-ff>--*|-ii) it.1. Om 

CON .1 V.(lifn.f);a'-(sd-IO'>'<At<)w 

..I r.iWy. 

CO.S^r,^--j",.. <l.ya-t(ifc'-fa) a.L TW 
arLnovl'diEi'Diriii of a aimej tltc aft of 
di*buRb(quU( Uio ctttfciWKS to a pneM ( 
gooftHion -, aruval ; a fotiDokwir ia vhich 
UiB aiudu of ftirb M* compriaad. 

CONrKseiOXAL. (k«o-fa^'-aa-al> «. i. 
Ilia KM of lioi ui wbicb Ibo '•-frit-r aia 
lo brat the dKlusuuw of bia podiania. 

CONFESSIU.NAKV, (k^-feah'-uo-^-rr) ■.<■ 
I'br auuE Willi caf.fnuaniJ. 

CONFF^IUNARV, (kvu-fgtb'-m^-rt) •■ 
Uolubiiu^ ta lutiL-ulai coDJvuiDo. 

CONFFSsiuMSI, (k«i-faIi'-iin-iK) «.•. 
H« wbo m.)ltt ptotoMm V dJib. 

CO:dFE»iUU.(kgu'-f(>-n|t} «.(. Oaavbo 
*bo nakiii praltvuau of liw faith lit tbo 
fan of dauitfr ; h> Ibal btoi* cuolfaajan*, 
and pRachbea niEu ti iwiiilcnEo ; ho «bo 
coofcaMa bit eiinifa. 

CONFEST, (kfo-fgu') a. (loi (onbaatd) 
Opm ; kaoKU; a(luawlnl|i«d. 

CONHCIENT. (kfu-fitb'-int) a. Tbu 
onuca w piocutea. 

CONFtDAST, (kgnfHviO "• •■ A pamn 
lTii«lFt< ami (iriTalB afiaia^ 

To CDN FIDK. (Ivn-fula'} i>.n. To tniat bi. 

Te CONFIUK. (kvD'tidn'j (.a. To Unit. 

CUNKIIJEME. (kvn''-fa-d«w) m.u Finn 
b»li«f -, irliaiico ', •muilj, oppOMit (O Mini- 
Jkfi ailiou* boldMM, OfifOMd lonotey,' 

coueioiuiM** el iaaootaet; booMt boid- 
CONFtUCffT, (ktn'-ftHl'M) «- AaautaJ 
bt^ood doabt; ]MulJiai iWfmUlcal; w- 
(Vta of aUDCn* ; arltboul ilwpidoD -, ttuuinic 
•iibout llsiiia i bohl, to a tico ; iaipu- 


CO.\FlnK^T. (kto'-(^dg«i) n. a. Oao 

matod »Hb aacMta. 
CONFIUENTIAL. (kfo-fa-dsa'-Afl) «- 

Spokni at wrinas ia timtdwoaj wonby of 

C0NFII}ENTl.Y,(ltB'-(a-4!«i-la)a. WiUi- 

out doubt at Irat ; wUb £n> inul ; willmiil 

■fipeaiiDca of 4oabt ; pouiin))'. 

•ft I— ffW, t|b, bf II i— ^ i— fifipd ;— Ibio, 1 ui). 



KBTourahla opimon of ODO'i 0*11 p^*W*; 
CONFIDKR. (kfn-r^dfr) «.>. Om «Im 


n CON'I'IGKKATK. (Lvn-rif'-a-rfw) ba. 
To (liFW likf Ui* kipKU of Uia pluwu l»> 

CONtlUCRAUOX, <kfa-fit-n-n'4k)D) 

n. 1. 'Ill" form of the Tiin<w» i>atu of a»j- 

ltiint> )* tli'y ■»* adupuil lo lach olbtr. 

In wiralagy, Tbo (u* of Uic horoKopc. at- 

cotdlni lo tlie u)«cu of Ih* planet! (owikIi 

ouA Witt M UT time, 
n CONPlGUItl-.. (k||n-fig'-v») no. To 

ilwitMF into any fnnn. 
rONFlNAIILt:. (k9n-finc'-4-blp)a. (Ufa- 

liln of U'ioG hmkML 
COM'lNi-,(''fiBc) n.h Coninaa faoim- 

ilniY -, iKirin ; («li(«. 
rtCONFlNtl. (kf^-rjM) v.*. To border 

TrCUNPINR. flfa-rine'} i-a. Toboond; 

la thu( ; to iiiUl ap( M impiwaai to n» 

•inb ; (o lis up w. 
CUNFlNKI.BSS.afn-fiQi'-I):*) a. Boiisd' 

lv» 1 tiithoiil Mid. 
CUXFINKMKXr, (kfn-nav'-mgDO "- •■ 

JnipriMonimiE ^ r««lfnuC of tibrttr* 
CO.\riNKK.a?ii-f!'-Mr)>i-<- AbOiAtnr; 

nm iit^t4£kl"jiir ; cm* vLo loochitt upon 

t*i> difl^MBt mnnu i Ihat vliidi mlralo* 


r* COM'lllU. (kfD-fjm') f. <- To pal 

pMt doubl lif DBW mJrnco ; id wUIo ; lo 

MUhlub 1 10 bi ; M mllrae* ; lO unniltKVi 

by Dcw talrmnitin or tin; la *tTBn|[lhcii 

in tMOlotion ; lo ndinit (n ttis full ptiii- 

loM* of & Cbrii«iaa. 
OOKriRUABU:, (kfo-fcf'-mvbl) a. C>- 

mMe Cif inconff^tible inidnLcc. 
CON'FlltUATlU.N. ilQQ.frimt'-aliiin) n.i. 

'iirr ail of c*)aMi>liii)g ; tMllnncnl i ci- 

dnirf ; ni't'uKiaulpioOf-.pmofmoratdo^ 

MKinnny ^ nii ndotiaiUcBl hlp< 
CONnH.MAIIVl:, (kvnftr'-nt-li') '■ 

Uiitlni: (Kivvr Id conlitni. 
CONnUM^TOil. (tqn-ftrraif'-ivt) n. k 

An aiiMtor. tliiit puw » muut pn*t doubt 
CONFIKMAIORV, (ifii'ltnnVlBi^) «• 

Gifiuk' Eitldiisun:*! I^Tuur-kiiy ; nlnUDf 10 

UiL- ritr of i:u[]|iriiiAlaoii. 

StUc of brioit (ODdimrJ. 
CONFlIlMFJt, (IqufBris'-!!) n. i. On* 

tliM innGnija, <a |«ixlui*« nfdfoco or 

COSflRMINGLY. <k^.f,rui'-snj-l«> •/. 

Ib a f Of rci' omlivp Dkfmvr'r. 
CONFiNClBUj;. |,k9n-lj,-.k»-bl) «. LikUo 

Id far(eitur<<. 
TICO.VKISCATK. <kTB.rit'-ki|t.)R«. To 

tnaafn utlmi* pnif'vn; lo thr priuM or 

poMkki nj war of ptimlti for an oStaicr. 
WNFISCATE, (kyn.|.t-.^.,) «. T™.- 

foiTtd lu ihp |iubtkk u k^-nu 


COHHSCATION. ikyi>.rikka'-.bqii) ..i. 

Tci«i(i4n9); the lotioMil gooiU of ciiminab 

10 pfiUlii^ uao. 
CONFIaCATOR,(kqn<(^Jif'-nr)«.(. On* 

vbo It (onceretd ia conSKMid {ooporlT. 
CO\KI3CATORY. (Ii9n-fi«'-fc»-ti(r-?> & 

CooiicDinir to focfcrturr* 
CONriTfAr, (kva'-ff-lfol) a. h OMobo 

(onfcnr* bi* Ixali*. 
CONFtrllRK,lk9n'-Vl^T*) n-i. AncK- 

Riivl ; a raniAi. 
r> COMIX. ^^-rik^) KB. To&idonj 

lo fa tin. 
CONKIXLRi:. (lfln-fik'^5») ». t Tho 

ul of fa^fiiLotf. 
CONFt.A(iRANr,(kfn-ai'-fifDl)«. Barn- 

to* tOfMbx -. iuvolTM is ■ gnunl Ste. 
CO>PLAUItATlUK,(kfB>a|-|if'-*buB} n.«. 

AgoDnal brfSi 
CONTLAriUN. (koD-af'-Aao) •!. 1. Tho 

M( of Mawinc auij inMranniU tag«ihfli , 

(••line 01 mddoe ol mauL 
COKfExXURE. (l>to4ti^-(b9n> ». •■ A 

Wadinc or tunii*|£. 
To CONFLICT. (LoQ-BikO c-"- Toairir«i 

to («nmc ; to arbt. 
CONFUCT.<kvrt.'B.k[) n.t Anolmtcol- 

Usoa of too lubalanc**; a comluti con- 

UM ; Mrlfe : IiIiuckIci. 
CONFLUKNLX. (IgD'-ll^-iaH) a.t. "Hw 

junitiou oi ucioo of Kicral tocaoit ; tha 

act iJi'coBding lo a plue i acaacnniM; 

collrctloD ; <ourunroFa. 
COKFLVENT. (kip'-Bo-tu] ■■ Ranaltf 

ooe into anMluir ; mMlJag. 
CONFLUX, ikvn'duki) ft.!. The inlon af 

Mtrni i-urri-itu . a iirovd : a niuttliiidti. 
T' CONFORM, (ktn-fvn/) i>.a. To i^ 

dura to Ibe like appcaianoa, abapo, or 

r* COMORM. fkyn-fynrf) i.a, Toc(m> 

ply wiEL ; tti uHiL 
CUNFORMAULL. (kfRloi'mible) •■ 

Haling the laiuc (oriu ; nKixalilo ; nit> 

able . ' uDtiiiirnt ; canipliaot : obicqalliM. 
COXrORMADLY, (kifn-lv'-iBt'bla) «dt 

Wtlh cuufonRilT I agMvably , ■uitaUf. 
COM'ORMATF..(kqD.rvi'-nia[c>s. llariuE 

|}if Bauie form. 
rUNFURMAI'lON, (Hn-ffc-Bit'-ab^) a. t. 

Tba (onn of ikinEaMiflntingi-ianch olbn; 

produdiw tnlublrDDM. ot confunaKy. 
OONFOHfiKR, (kvH-fijtiii'or) n. i. Ono 

ibu coeformt to nn HtAliluIitd doctriun. 
CONFOHMlsr, <k(n-fvi'-L.i»i| n. i. (hio 

tliat I'omjitioi "Mb tbp uooliip of ibr »ia- 

blUtitil ■■liun'1». oiwwhn *u Ijiii iia ot j^rlJa. 
COVVoR.MIIV. (kfn foi'-ii#-lp) n.i. SIbI- 

]jtutlp. ii'xmLIaLtcp i cnnflMmry. 
re CUVFOl'ND, (kfQ-lfvDd') >. a. To 

mingle tliio|i> **' >'>■' '''^ imeni forni* 

CMiaoc iv ditccmcdi lo jierplci: to ram' 

pate witboul dm ditUoclioa -. lo ibraw inlo 

oOltfloRiatioa : to latODiili ; to ilulafj' ; M 

d^itiov , to ovtflhrow. 
COM'oVnDFU. (kfQ'ffvn'-dtd) p"*- "■ 

Hateful; dei«*i»ble: ononnnwi a cant 



Fi**. 'v. tfif. •i«i-n»f' "ii";-?!**! p!"i— »^ «!••# 



CONTOirrfDEDLY. (Iifi)-rmii--dod-lc) (4. 

A CBA *i)td tar eiuatnouHj [ ul^bllj l 

CONroUNDEDVESS, a(iB-6iaii'.4td-np) 

a. i. Siafr o1 bfriiig casfcninded. 
CONFOUNDER, (k9a'f«QD'-<l<i> 0.1. Ha 

vho duiinb*, pFrjilrac*. icnifie*. cr He- 

olroj*; tie vho mrDlivn* (hing* vilheal duo 


A bTnttinlinnil j s W]i of meo unlUil (oi 

•pqin [niip8»». 
CONFllIf ATION. (kfo-M-tf'-itnin) %. i. 

T1i» •[< of nihblaf B(iaal ujlUne. 
7<>C<)NniONT,f^ii-frlBi'> <•■>. Toiund 

tfiiau loatW Id (oil tUw ; to fata ; to 

tiud in oppMitiaa ) U<ippoMaai**idnice 

t* Mtmhct in emm : to conpan me lUng 

widi uuMlicr. 
f CONFRONTATION. (l«D■rI^•^'-.h9Il)•>.l. 

Bimxinc two p»iJ»nc« (mo to fare. 
TaCOM'lJlSr.. (KvufuH'^ca. To dUordn : 

to ili(|WTH Irffuuluij ; to nls Indiscnnii- 

■uUilt; lo nurplei. 

CON'FISRDLY. <lfn-r;'-(rd-I«> td. In ■ 

a><r>lBMf*i tDiliKincrlv i not dmrljr ; not 

pliinly; luniullunwiy ; hivlilr. 
CONFL'sF.1»NESS. (Hii.(u'-«di)(.) x. I. 

TVut of dUlinctDru. 
CONFC»(U.V, (kfu-fuW-b) «t. Ob- 

CONrtfsiON. (kgD'ru-->huD)<i.>. Imfidu 

miltart ; lumuli i dUaidu ; indiillncl Mm- 

binntioD-, OTrnhlm ; dentuulloiii ulo- 

nUhtnntil i dUuulian of ukd. 
COXFl'TABLE. (honJo'^.blj ». Po^ 

ubio In bii diiprOfM. 
CONFl'TA\r,(t(pi-fv*-t(nt) n.1. Ona «tio 

nndntakc* to omfQle motW. 
COXFlJTAnON. (kfa-lfb|'-«trDt>) *.k The 

tet at rcofoiiiHC ; diapnof. 
raCO>JFlfr):,(Lfln.fuu<) ».o. To con^i 

of *m>ijr, ni fdioboM ; lo ditpRnv. 
CONFl'TKMEXT. (k^n-fow'-ioem) -. .. 

CUNFt'TFIR. (k^V*") ■■•■ One obo 

(nntirlr gnoi)ii<r «f mialik*. 
CONGt:. (Lfiija) )•!.>. Act cf i«v»- 
CUNUEiH.lkfoc-iht') \ me* , liow ^ toui- 

CON(iE DKI.rHF.. (k^t.('-»Ijv*1-lW'') '""' 

kiD;^** ji*rniEvi(nt TCijnl lo a d^vj knd cbip- 

"•ilf: ' a Indiop. 

'^ I ) nt. In ucIdMctai*, A 

.u f^nit of ft quaxl4i T^fVnd, Or % 

Te CONOF.AL, (tm-jrrl') ■ «. To tutu, bj 

fiott. from a fluid lo a lolid ainie ) lo bisd 

or El. B> by cold. 
T« CUKGKAU (kQD-JMl') i.n. To c«q- 

(laio I In iruhrt into a mu* bv cold. 
CONGEAI.MI:nt. (IvnJMl'-ngw) h. i. 

Tb* mau f'miril kn cnnivbikm. 
COMGEALAKI.^:, (kfn.jfnr-4~bl) a. Sa»- 

C«>ti1lla of cotiKtlxtlois. 
COStiLLATlON. (k9u-j*-U*^dn) R.1.TI10 


Ml «l tunriog fiiiida to «alUa, by cold : lb« 

Matr <rf fceln)i (aiiK«nIvd. 
COKGENEK. (Lfn-j^-Di^) •>. b Of iba 

amnr kiii4 or ouurr. 
CONGKN'KRACY. (kfii.jf«-fr.|.«f) ■. a. 

COMit;\Kk<Hs, (kva-jrn'-orta) a. Of 

tliu tAUtt LleiJ. 
COXGE\t:iluL'SXE8Sxkt».j;n'.CT y -a y > 

■■ 1. The qoaluy of b^ig )ns iW^ tarns 

CONGEXIAL.(tpo-Jt'-or-il)a. PafuUa{ 

of ihp Male (enitia -, kindtrd ; cataate. ■ 
CONGEMALITV. (ktm-jf nf-tl'-rf) •■ <- 

I'lilti.'lt'nli^n of itui usic c«niu* or Datme* 
CON<i K.V IAIN ^;s.■^, (k9D->>'-i>>-4l-i>ii> a. 1. 

I'ocnBtiDni tb« •caii> of bmj (^i|;raial. 
CONOEMOLS. Ckfln-«-n»-utJ a. Of Uw 

vuuD kind. 
CONUt:K.<k«nE'-t*(> n.1. TboNB-«al. 
CONGEnii£, (k^n-js'-ir-ri) n. •. A iMja 

officall bodia* hFaiwd up lo^eilLer. 
ToOONCESr, (kfO-jt**.) r... Tobcapupi 

10 iiBlhFr locrthpr. 

CON(iKsTiBl,E.(kflfrj{«*-f.U) a. CapabI* 

af brbitf iMoped Dp. 
CONGF^'ION. (kfD-}^-;^n) n.1, A ool- 
Ucdon of awlttr. w la abwcwe* and (u- 
iDoun i a |Btb«rui)[ togelbn ; faimstian o( 

CONGIARY, rkfo'-j*-^.!*) n. a. A (Ift 

£>illbu1cd to iho Romna piopla ot toldkiyi 

orioinilly in earn, aAnwaida in monaj. 
To COXGLACIATK. (kfa-gla'-alic-alo) f. n. 

To turn to in. 
CONOLACIATION, (k^n-Klf-hr*'-*'™') 

n. I. The ttatr of bniin vLuiiifd 11110 io*. 
n>CONGLO]).VI'£,(k«n-Kla'-lMto)us. To 

nlbrr into ■ \iid tns b^*. 
COXGIX)BATE. <kfn.g1f'.bqle) a. Mould- 
ed into a firm lull. 
CbNGLOBATKLY. (Ign-clf'-bfK-^} it. 

In > tphnical fona. 
C0NUI.0IIA110X, (kfa-glf-lV-^BB) a.i. 

f Tullariinn hilo a niinid maM. 
r.CUN(iUiB(;.(Lf^lgb*') ho. Tacadia 

into n nrund aiau. 
T<'CONGI.OIIE.<k^t;l9be'} na. To ca*' 

IrKC intu i Miiiid maaa. 
To CONG t-OKi: LATE. <lvn-elVt<>-Itl«) 

r. n. 'I'ogaibrf logKhn loio a Utili! Kuad 

r«CONGUiMKItATK. Ofa^^IfaiV-^i*) 

tv II. Tn f;Mhoi into a bftll i lo m*eaio lOM 

■ round mau. 
COXGLOMEKATE. (baa-slam'tfaU) ' a. 

Gilbrnd aU> a ruaud ball; colircledi 

twiMfd IOf;«h(>r. 

CUNGLOMERATION. fkfn-glom t^-t** 

aLuu) *.«. Colktnlon into a katlj taur- 

Ta COXOEiniN'ATK, OniD-gViliCB^tr) 

i.a. I'o («ai(^t ; to rfunitr. 
T« CONGU"il.\AT(; ikipiflf'-tt-Dtta) 

B. a. Ts r«aliw(\ 

COKCLl'TIXATK, (k9»-cln'-<f«tta) a. 

.lonnl loeeihet. 
CONCLUllNATION. (kga-fl?-it4ii'Hdiv>) 

agt ,— tuba, t^b, t^ ,•— (il ^pfipd i— <Ua, »Dia 



tmaiaa ; btaliDi ; Mnpij. jooctMB ) udjod. 


CUNOI-inNATOK. I kgo^'-lMf-nr) 
«. ■■ Ituu which ku ihv |iaw«« of «nicln| 

CONGKATULANT. (kfn-pil'-^-ltki) a. 
R*yQk4n|E in rulitipatioB- 

Tk CONURAILTLATe. (L|a-pvr-f-l)M) 
«• a. Ta i«m|ilinwiit up«n UJ la^ipf 

Ts CONGRATULATE, (kja-p^.^t^y 
fb «. To nMco M pirdchMtdaii. 

CONG RATU I.ATIo\.(>'-»fcm) 
•. I. I'roftHUiH JDf fof the hkpplatM ot 
*ii[c«*B of wotbei 1 tba fvtn ia wUcb jay 
fit tb* tMnaoM nt Hmbot it •nmted. 

CONCRATITLATOR, (kfa>ml'.n.|«-tv) 
<b I. Ilf vha otien cantinliJadiai. 

Conor ATULATOKV. (k^n (t^t'-f-lv 
li(i-^) a. EipiHiiag jo; for iLn (ood for- 
tune o( anolIiLT. 

raCONGREGATC (kvng'-m^to) v. a. 
To collrri logPthM i Tn »itrmrr1ri 

TtfCUNURCGATK. (L«[t|{'-[ * •>■ 
To uamhla ; lo lavct. 

CONGKEGA'I'E, (kfiiE'-tn-nU) '■ Cal- 
IrclrJ ; oamjiiict. 

CON<^ lUXiATION'. (kfOf-fTB-M'-thaii) •■.■. 
Tlie act of callvciini: ; ■ coUkcIod ; aa ■«- 
MMhly iDBi (or ilii- ]iarpiiM« of diilna voF' 

CONtiREGAHON'AL. <ktDg-ci*-r>'-d>un- 
n^i) M. IVniiming to > caDgrtgRllon or 
■mtoiIiIt ; piiblick. 

CONORESH,(k9ii|;-.g(fl»l 11.1. AmMtlsK; 
k tbock -. a conflict ; a mnlipg of ens- 
tnnnjr -. ta uomhl; of mny*. MOiOiuaicHi- 
en. ilc|iul>M. &c. bom aiSnttmi caon*. 
ausiing to i^n* en trnu» of political u- 
COBinMilioa -, ■ entnl uvniiiily of dcjHi- 
tJM ft«ni Ihn itillEnai «UiIm ia thi npnb- 
Ikk ol Amtriia. 

CONGRIilSStU.N. <kon-|[T^'-gn) n. >. 
Comimf ', ut ■Hcnbly, or Dwaliag to- 

CONORHSSIVE, |kqu|7f>'-av) <i. Mmi- 
iau . cucniintnini) : cnainit tugMtiM. 

T«CONG[tLT., ILfng-K'V) r. 'i. ToafTM; 
to loii. 

CONCni'CXCE. Olfnit'-gra-ilut) a. i. 
Aermcal; conulcncT' 

CONURUENCY, (b«i>K-rv'-t<i-»t) «■ •■ 

CONGR(lKNT.<kvii|<'-Erp-jai) B.1, Atrw- 
in| ; eorm|Hii>iirnf. 

CONGIttirV. (kfiig.(Tf'.«-U) n. >. SuU- 
ablmoH^ a4li»*bloim* ; cOBDiuncy ; dt- 
UVB* i pminpucD ; contftluratia of argu* 
mml ; tratou -, ipt rrlaliOD brlWMD tUin^a. 

CONGHl;oV9. tk,FDg'-BPf-(.) a. Ap*e- 

aU* Ut; cosaiatrat willl; awutblo lo; 

ndosali 61. 

iCONGRUOLSLV. <kvoE'-crv-^-I«> ad. 

I Snilably ; rannalnillt. 

I CONICAL, (i^nVLff) )o. ilaiing tin 

COMCK, (kvn'-jk) } fDnnotacona. 


CONTCAUy. (kfD>htl-f) td. hfetn 

o( n (oae. 
CONICK srmoN. <lflo'-.l-».k'^iiiu) «.j. 

A loiTf tine aiiBLE trom Uiu hilUoii of k 

cone by a plant. 
CONICK SECT loss. 0<,a'.jt.iek'-d,ua.l | 
OONICKS, (kfln' jka) 5 

a. I. Tliu pan of Monieuy wUicti cdii- 

lidcn tbt coDf. tad tna curtra aiiuDjj trutn 

iia iKiiooa, 

n COS J rxnr. (i^-itfa') ». a. Tocwtto- 

rpitiir : (o iluav. 
CONJEirrOR. (kva-jak'-lot) a. t. A gDna- 

n . ■ tuiMNtnnr. 
CONjrXTXiRABLf:. (k(ii.J5k.inn-bl) «. 

P<4alb1p 10 ht 2\iEUcd. 
CONJECTURAL. (k«n-jr)k'-lu-r)11 a. Do- 

ModiflEOn tODJCCtUR. 

COWUCnnALnV. (konJ^k-Hi-nr-tW) 

n. i. Thai *birb dcpinda ulKm gueaa. 
CONJ)XIlJRAU.Y. Ikynjcl'-iy-itl-f) ad. 

Df iHlfaa. 
CONJraTi;RE.(k9n-JsV-t5re) r.i. Guen: 

iinmrfncl bn(nrlai]« ; niiinioD wilhaul proof. 
7b CONJlXn-liRR. (k,(..jtk'-l.^) (. a. 

To joitit* by guMa. 
CONJtCll"Rt:R. (kon-j.k.tut-(r) ■. 1. A 

[ucMPi; one vho wiut upituan wiiLout 

COMFEROUS. (ko-niC-o na) a. A tma 

tpptJFil H such Uert aa bear » fnut of a 

Sipitr approarbiiig to a oodd, m tli* St, 

pine. Air. 
7aCONJOIN, (ktD-jfia') v. a. To unite; 

touaiKlnle-, 10 vaiiDFCt. 
Td CONJOIN. Ikipj^ii') ■. a. Tolncuai 

to UDtlO. 

CONJOINT. (kvD-JtIiit') a. VaiuA. 

CONJ01NTLY,(kvu-jfj^'-Io)<ut. Liusifiij 

CCIM.SOR. So Coon lion. 

CONMIGAI., fkyn'-ju-tttD d. MatrinonSal. 

CO.VJIUAIXV, (k»o'-ji!-(|'-?> "J- Matri- 

Tff CONJUGATE. (kfo'-jj-MU) u. a. To 
juio : 14 join in niatnage. In fnuDniU.To 
decline mb* Ihioagh Uieii •uiooa waoj- 

CONJUGATE. <kfa'-jo-(n)tel a. Ingpoaw 
try. An epitbcl lo denote lb* jnpciimi at 
(■0 line*. MS »t;;iijii(> oiii, that wbicb 
CTOMn anotktr aiit. Can^n^^U dvmttttrt 
A rigbt line, b-ii-rtioc l!i> iranHBTM di- 
ameter. Vtmiu*Mri, iu rbrtOTcifc. arc *iirU 
iliinK* oa :|>uliUct. (t(. dbkcb u« d*rlT«d 
(cvin an onnnal 1 ■». Dardlul from Buny. 
CaHjugaia. m togick. If vbee ttaia ont word 
ve argoa U anolber ; ai, 11 riaua gsudium 
att. orco rider* cat gaudnn. 

CONJUGATION. lkfo-Jv-E;a''ibiui> n.i~ A 
couple ; a pair; tbe nrl of liniung liilnga 
TOKT'bec ; (be form of lUfleciiDg Tcrtii ; 
union ; aaHinblagt. 

CONJUNCT. (kyn-j^niilLi') a. Conjuisvd i 
conconroti oniwd. 

CON.rUNCnON, (k»n-jnnek'-«hm) a. fc 
Uniun -, Uio coDjireta of iwo plueU in ibo 
Mna dr|[Tar of il» aoiliiick ) a part of 


Ftle, ^, I»ll. fjti— Bif.niit;— pin*, piaj— CO, Bort, 


u*d to rooant ihv choMt af b 
fiariod iO|trl!iC9> nd la ngnif; ilmi mlalioa 
C0NJi;KCTIVK,!li9B.jnni;lL-iW)4. CIomIj 
oniltd. Ib fnuemu. lit* neod of's inb, 
ami nbtcquEutly to i (qqj 1)111:1100. Cta- 

CONJl'NCllVELY, {k««k'-lit-t{) ad. 

In oaion. 

m.1. Til* inialilv of jnining. 

CONJlNCTI.Y.cV'-mB'" ■''>-*■ Jol"''*. 
CONJI'NCn UK, (len-jpnuk'-tiim) n. 1, 

Ajokinf (U|«tbn i nioih! of anioa ; cum- 
' iMMlcaofmaBjrciKvmHincM, ot nuKs; 

MMibn; didc^tinw. 
CONJl'RATION, (Ivo-ja-n'-UiuD) «. 1. 

!Minuiidiiin| aoailipi in urn* ucicd DWns ; 

> UAgiCftl fona of vrunU ; lui lac^nfntifia ; 

Anlot i * couipuvcy . enrnpK raur^ilt. 
roCONJURE, (Lgnjvra'} v. a. To •um- 

ncm in ■ wend nunt ; to ni;oin wiib 1I19 

U(liMI (ulvnmiljp ; to bind mui) bj an oatb 

•o tmnt coEDOum dtdpi ; m iaiutaet hjr 

tniieich ; 10 diura. 
r«COXJllRE. (1i?d',. . 
chatmi or niclinilniain. 

LIRE, (kfa'-jdr> r.n. Topnct^ 

CONJURER, (kfn'-jqrft) a. i. An oi- 

chutw ; an inpoMDt oho pniendi lo 

Mctvt ajti. By w»j of iiDoy, A nin of 

•brrwd cADJedan. 
CONJl'lthJUKN-l', (k(|ii.jar«'-oi!Dl) •>. 1. 

Sonoui lunmcllon. 
OONNASC&CE. (kqn-Dfl'-ftnMiJ n. <■ 

ComMon binb ; btioc pioducad ugolW 

wi<h anoili>r bdn|[, 
COXKATi:, (kta-Btto*) a. Bura with 

another ; of itia urn* binb. 
CONXAIURAL. fkfn.DV'-u-rtl) a. Uai(»d 

villi llif boin^ ; (cantclod bf natar* ; |i«[- 

tidpani o4 ihc wini nalun. 
COWriATI.'KALnV. ()^B-ttt-9.i|l'-f-t!) 

«. ■■ PanidMtion af ibe mim naiuir. 
nCONNATimALlZE, (ktni4i'-vt»l-ito) 

r.a. TocQDDMibyfiaiiwvi (oinakaiutiu- 

CONNATl'BALLV. Oifln-nn*.n-nl-»l •!. 

In co-riulrnio vi(b DiniiF ; tvJemaDlr. 
COKKA'U RAINESS, ittuii4;y-r)|.nft>) 

■.L l'niiic'^p:ition ol the bids DBiurt. 
TeCONNECT, (l.90-Dukt') r, j. Iq jtiio ; 
* M link ; (9 unitn ; 10 ;oin in a juil tenrt of 

l^oucbl, M lb* aulbor enmieti Iiia treiona 

raCONKi:n',(k9n-n{l(') K*. To rohei*. 
CONNECllVK, (k^n-mk'-li*) a. Uating 

UiF poK-n of (onctviini;. 
COK N KCnVE. (k(a*^-.<it) 1,. ^ A con- 

CONNE(TITELy,{Hn-o£k'.*>ad. In 

TaV.OySf.X, (kgn-B{k/) v.a. To jtin or 
liok lo^ulllf^. 

CO>;MAJU.V,(k«i-n(k'-^tn)ii.L Umoa; 

jaDcliOD 1 Juu lalatlui M woutUug ftta- 

<«BI Of nbaHuni. 
C0KM:XI\T„ (kai-nak«'->>) «. Ceniwc 

lira . - J 


CONNIVAN'CE, <kfn-Bf-M°*r> "■«■ !*• 

ait of vinkitii; ; toIbdIu; blindana ; ide- 
tmdcd icnonnFr ; t-itbinnDvc. 
r*('ONNIVK, (k^-iiJTe'J e.n. ToKinkj 
to ptMnid blindnciw or iiooiiBCO j n fci^ 
bMi 1 to [iiki* uiK'niui^ 

COKMViiNcy. (kycV-'SD'*'}"-'- rn- 

traded ienonints ; fofWarui'*. 
CONMVXNT. (ktii-s|'>TSBi} a. DomMt; 

Doi uuDiin. 
CONMVER, (kfii-tii'-*^) m.1. OMWbo 

pfCuadsblinducHi vbo fawntntkeiDMa 

CONNOISSEi;n.<k^ii1-qn')i>.i. Ajudgo; 

a critick. 
CDNNOISSritRSIIIP, (kf-DT-tqn'-ihiji) 

■■ t. 1 li» (kill of a (onliaiMrut. 

co^^OTAllo^^<^p■D;-^''•t:f■)n.>. la- 

funan ; iDiuIli-ation of •onmbiD^ bondM. 
ToCONNUTK. <kva-n;t*') *.*. 'lolmplys 

10 bctokrn. 
CONNI'BIAL. (li«a-«v'-bB-tl) >. Alatri- 


». b A ti'tkonini; logrilicr. 
CONOID. (kg'-Dv' J) n.i, Ap[iioMhiiig (o 

lb* tonn of a tooo. 
CON'OIUUrAI.. (kisooi'-4f.l|t) a. Ai>. 

ptoachiiu lo a con irk form. 
Tt CONQUKK, (kfu^k'-or, 01 kfnt'.kwfr) 

•. •. 'I'o pin h) oooiiurti i 10 oTUvOui* ; 

10 (ubdnc. 
TlCONQUflR, <kgs^'-«, or k(DK'-ki>*t> 

V H. To oTrreanr. 
CONgUERAIII.E. (kvDgk'-n-«-U)a. Pot- 

■Ihlo (0 be oTotianiA 
CONQUEROR, fktnick'-n-ei) n-i. A auin 

llial ba> obtuDird a ncloiy i oag tbal Mb- 

dtiM till eavriiir*. 
CONyl EST. {kvi'(|'-k«t»tl ■.«. TboMtof 

couquennff ; afijuuiuoQ by liciory , riclorj ; 

tuccpti In aimL In feonal Uw. I'otchAAr. 
COXSAXGLJXEOL'S, <kdn-«tnggwiu'-nc- 

n*) a. Nru of kio , of tLe aaaie bJood. ' 
CuNSAN'UUlMTY, <kga-t|Dg-(win'-*'U} 

n. 1. Rrlmtion by blood. 
CONSARCI NATION. { bfa-ou-af-nt'-tbDn) 

ii.i. ThF act of Mli'binii logBthx. 
CONSCIENCE. (kqn'-«h(-tDw} n. 1. Tbo 

bcnily by wliirli we judie of the foodncia 

or wicLtdoHi of ounelTMi jntUn; tbe 

tatiinatB of cosidelico i ronicioiiincu ; 

knawtedge of our owe (boughCi ot actiun* : 

real tmtiuimt . tfruple \ priikdpio of ac- 
tion ; rvLioT* i rvatoDAbfeboH. Cohrl tf 

CifwrrnKv. A court for tLe rcco* CI7 orf nnnU 

CONSCIKNT, <kaa'-ahB-|n() : Conicioui. 
CONSCIKN1IOU8. (bfn-afarco'-'br'vi) ■•. 

lkruputou*i rrpilawd by conadeoie i cfn- 

CUN'SCIEN1-(0C!:i,Y. rktn-«li^cB'-Af^M 

la] ad. Aicontlni 10 to* daranioo of con- 

CONSCIKNTIOl'SNESS (k«Bthf-tn'-at>f- 

u>-ue>> ■. >• TrnderaoH << eODVirato. 
CONStlOXADIX, (k«n'-«hB-an.«.bl) ■. 

RnuoDiLbIc , acioidiug to <an)cxBce. 

ngl',— tnb*. igb, bvlli— fil; pgfod;— lAin, int. 



C0K3C10HABLY. <fciB--ib»-fo.«.bU) aJ. 

RtMJMMTi intllT. 

C0\$CtOl-». (kvii'->h'>-») «. Endowed 
with lh« lowpr «if knoviDg one** own 
thnncliu ■nil aftum* ; knoaiaf frnn nnse- 
nr-. aitniiUnl la Ih* kno*Vil(* of Uy- 
tUat ; brarioK wlbito tf Ot dlcUM of 

CONsCIOl'SLV. (kvn'-.h«-u»-1p) (rf. WW» 
knoKlf^itjjD uf onc't o«ni ubfiu, 

OONSCIOli^NFXS. tl4a'->lir-u*-lint v. t. 
Thfi prrcrpnou of *flint pisdt* 4« a mwi'* 
own miDd . buiii4l kom of guUi M IdBd- 

COX^'niTT. <k^'-il.^) ■. RtgiMcred ; 
«snill*d> A tmii luril in tpHkins of tlt« 
RomaB Miuilno. vlio *tn> calird rWrM 
itmn if ti, fnon dinr oaitiM Ixan^- Brilleii in 
iht rnum cf ihr motr. 

CONSCRIPT. (l^B'-AfipO "■>■ Ov! m- 
fOlM M MfTv ia ihr sriny ; ■urf foiticn- 
loH; (pplidi to Iht fRnril* oC tlm fraacb 

CONSCRIPTION. (ifo-Jirip'^lnjii) t>. i. 

An romllint oi rtgUlerinf. 
Tr CONSECRATE. (kfn'-w-knU) «. a. To 

mke »»(rrdi i« Bpimi>rlau lo wctaJ 

Mf* ; (• liedlcal* to ttma puticuliiT pat- 

fOM I u> canaoiw. 
CON'^):CR\TE. (k«n'-ic-Liqtc> a. Cohm- 

'InlfJ ; nrrnl ; ilrvolnl. 
COXSrCUAriON. <k^-i.^-kn'.,h^n> «. 1. 

A ri(« of dvilvMinc linnet at pmoDi to iLo 

Mrticp of Ood -, dKlBRDf one boly bj 

COKSKf It.^'IOft, (kqn'-H-Ltf-raf) ». i. 

Oor tliu tirrf'inii* the rim at n>iiiecn>[iim. 
CONSRCIUTOHV. tV-»kr»-iut-«) u. 

MiiinE uirn-il. 
CON!(l':CTAKY. (ktrn'-iik-if-n) a. Coo- 

Murnf 1 relldwluf; b* rociiri|UoDrB. 
PON'sF.tTARY. (kqn'-afk-tf-tT) n.i. Db- 

duciifin tram ^JrmUArft. 
CO.VSECinlON. (k9n-»T-kn'.riiTinl >>. ■. 

Train of foDW <|U(iiCM ; <bnin of Jrductiont i 

>u«T>iitHi. In ftMnmony, Tbn nonih of 

mupcuKn i« the apv* fiom mif juocdau of 

thr moon irilh th« nin iintu inniiin. 
C0K8KCn*IVE.(kfln-n4'-ku-i.t) a. Fol- 
lowing in Uaio i (Xin>tt]UM>|[iii -, njularly 

CONItCl I IVKLV, (k^ti-»k' arf. 

Conar<iUim>Ully : (olluBinK in •ui-i'nuoo -. 

A tPm tt*"! 'n ilie iclinul of pbiloiopbv. In 

oppotltion lo Bilicrdnlly, uid lointllum 

to alTncdnlT or cinaally. 
To CONSCMlX'ATE. < kgD-*{iii'-*-r^) ku. 

To to* difirrrni f*ril« togvllwr. 
COKSFJfT, (k^n •««■) «. I. The acl of 

jicldinK oc nnvniiKE ; coni'erd ; Hgrw- 

fnenl ; jnirtt opi^nttloo* 
r«COKSV.XI". (kflntfui) <^.l.. To b» of 

■he «unfi mind : <a to-upmu (o ttio uma 

rail -, to yitU ; ii gi'f mnM-m. 
CONSF.NTANEOLIS., < Ifn-tni-U'-an-vO •- 

Agwfblf to : canuimi vith. 

CONSENTANIUll'SLY, a^-(rn-q'.De-f>> 
1{) W: Apofablji eonniu-iitiy. 


OOMlEhTANEOUSh'KSS, <kfD-*tn «'-«•• 
u-nn) 11.1. AgiMSMBt; cannalmce. 

COStttNTKR. (l^-ipiirfr) «.•. Ue tbat 

C0XSI-:KT1FJ.T. (b9a-«»'-ibf^l) a. 

C^^ffcNCF, <kfa--i^kwcoM> ti. >. 
Tbu ntdch foUovi (ton way tauin ; «*«nt : 
«8rTt of ■ nwir ; rMCBIsnuioii oT c*UMii 
ud oBtcta ; inAuoKs ; impcnuiBco -, Im- 
dnwy 1 miwwBi. In logiek. An lofcnncc j 
dc4acilM, ar cokIumi lb* lu( propo- 
dtian of n •tflotuni. 

COXSEQrKSr, |kau'-<9-WBai) a. Fol- 
Inwini: by mtiaui deducliM i follovring U 

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r r .iii.f.i t.y lb* onwicafj caacMennUon of 

rITrcta 10 <iiii*n ; c«ncliui(i' ; gnai j <on- 

(vluil, or nanipoiu. 

W) ud. Wiih ju*t drttdelioB oi rente- 

tpuaitrt : by caavquaDCO ; ■Mnlullf ; In 

• ncular unr*. 

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CONSEQI-K\TI.Y. {kifo'-»-k«rnt-lo) «d. 

By routrvjurim ; niciMBTJly; in raoiv- 

qnnm-i punuwidlr. 
CO\!i>:ql''T.NTM£S. {kfn'.«f-fc>nt-M) 

1. 1. Rfuliv eoDTKCIinu el (imnotHlotu' 
C(INSr:lt1l(lN.(kBn.tri'->bDn) ■.« Jddc- 

tioo ; nd&puiioii. 
CONSI^:llYAUIX. (kfa^f-ii-bl) «. Cipa- 

blp oi bt-int; kppL 
CONSERVANCY. <k(n.iT.'T(n-»r%l «. ,, 

Couru held by ibc Lotd .ijayix n! I.iinijaa 

for tbc ptnrivuion of tlie fiabny tm iba 

linr Tbunci, arc C4llt4 Cwifli tf Cm- 

CONSEftVANT. (kfaW-nDl) a. That 

*liirb litpwrtu or eonunw*. 
CON5KIIVA11UN. (kta-ajtiit'-ibiu)) n. >. 

71i« ut of piwamBii pimrrrMioD from 

CONSERVATIYF.,(k9i.-»r»'-n-uO «. II"- 

in^ lh# (wni of ojipoaiaf dimiuuiion oi 

CON-SKRV \ TOR, (kfo-*«-n'-(ni) n. i. 

I'ntrnri -. nsB lb*l luu lliD CB* ot olSra 

oi ktriilniE from ilcrnnicnc. 
CUNSEU\ AlORY. {kifn'*t('.tf.tni.«)fl. J, 

A pinic ubrtT an}tbir>E i> kfpt in » mnn- 

tipi iin)|>ri lo il* pfcuhsr ntliirr. 
COKSERVATORY, (kifa-*f/-i)-l9r-c) o. 

Itiiiof ■ pciwmwiitrqmiliiy. 
Te CONSERVt:, (Jiip'f li) f. «, To pi*- 

MTT«; to candy of j.irilp fniit. 
CONSr.KVI'.. (kyn'.irn) ■.>. A (oeetniiat 

Dindr of friut itlOi iHiKnr. 
COXSKllVKK. flvn-«at-in) «. t A Uj»t 

up; « ir|milat-. unv iW ["*****■* 1 ■ 

|iT*|Mlfrr of coii**n«>. 
CONSh::iSU).N, {k«»-*s*h'-*bui} «. (. A 

Hitine toMthn. 
COKSESSOR. (kgn-iji'-iur) *.■. Odc Ibat 

til* witb oibm. 


f^», V< ftn, ^ti— n; , mp ^iqoe. fVkt— Bf, inp*. 



nCOMStDEA,(]lfa.^'.w)*,a. Tathink 
□pea with laic ; to panda ; la Uko Uilo 
lie licv . to bt*c nnid l«. 

r* COXSIUEIl. (kirn-<id'-ft) •.Ik To (liuxk 

mMoicty i to d«IU<emu ; to donlii i to 

COXSIDERABLC, (Irn^l'-CT-t-bl) ■ «. 

Wonk; (dniDiiricniliun ; naprclMlilc ; it- 

•MvisE notice-. imiiDTtuil i tijuMr. 
00K5WERABLCN):.S!l, ^kfa tH-'Ci'I'bl- 

on) ■> >■ Imjiottaacr ; ili|cnuyi iu>)iiinil. 
CO>»I[>ERABLy. (L4iMia'--i-|-bl;) «r. 

)a ■ dvcno dnoriat nMioi, (heaEh Mt 

the li!ch«*t ; wlih imrniinn 
C0NS1DE1U^'CK, 4Vipi-iid'-«i-fiiw> n. i. 

Coniidcraluin ; nADctuin. 
OONSIDERATE. (tonjid'-jr-jtci a. Smi- 

Dni . gKcD [a CDnaullialMD : cklm . i|iiit1 1 

landg iHpBct to ; tcfudbil j madnUc i 

Oot nrannist 
COKSIDKRA-n;l.Y. CkQa-«Jd--tt-fU-l«) ad. 

Calmlt ; fitndmilv. 
CON til U t: RAT KN VsS. (kaa^jfl'-^t-p^am) 

ibk Pradmcg ; calm dclUwrUion. 
COKSU>£RATION'.(k9s-iid-ir-V-*bw>'>- •■ 

Tha »! «f ctmudaiiiig i iii*ta» thoathi ; 

coDteiBplitiini -, imponaaor ; cliim to no- 

tic* i f i]uiiaJ«Dt ; (anpHindQi i moiif* of 

I iaflwiiCf. In law. ramlfrMim a 

Diaiarial caua* of ■ iqninci. vithmii 

no Matnct bisdfili. 

CONSIDERAI'lVE. (kfn-Hd'-sr-i-tir) a. 

TakiDj inlD ciHulil«nilioD. 
CONSlDERATon, (fc^n-Bd'-ct-f-tfi) •.!. 

Its wbo it aim lo KmudaraUan. 

CONSIDKIIKB, <lflii-»iiJ'-r-B') •■*■ A 

nu of ttttttiiao. 
COSSiDZRlSQ. (Lfn-iid'-fT-ing) pv(. a. 

ll(i'uii[ rtG'vril lo , U nllovDnte la made for. 
Tir a)^MON. (kfD-ilLi') c.a. To giva lo 

aualbn in a (oimal nannnr ; U> tnailn ; 

lo AfifiTnpiiUf, to rominit -, lo ratnut. 
CONsltiN.VnoN. (liVD«>a4'-*bw>) n.i. 

Till Ki of (oaiiguinf j llw wl oi Mgniai 

*iih aoothn. 
CONSICNKE, (k^n-ii-nf') a. i. II* lo vham 

|aoi* an xnt oi (ontipicil. fw Iho put- 

|^itc4 of hfmj!, diapotvd of bt lEiii*. 

Co^sniMnrArlo^■, (kii-w>»?-f»iui'- 

iLuii ) n. k !>iuiiJu (inilicaliuTi ; act of 

(lliii/tiDe ona (Ii1d|[ ■ilii anallii'r. 
C0N31GKAIEXT. (k«B-uDv'-BiMit) n. i. 

TliB ucc of can*i|^i(ii : (lia iiriliag lij 

which iDiiUiuit u roni^pmL 
CONSIGNOR, ^Lfn>)'no['J n. j. Ho *bo 

trpiini^i* ^oDili to .uiotb(r for ulf. 
COXMMIl^lt. I^naim'-c-l)!) o. Ilaring 

ana nmnBao nKaiblaii<'i% 
COKStU)Lm:DK. (k«n-nin-m>l'-tf-i^d*) 

K. L lUiUE 111* lania'raannblaat*. 
To CONSIST, (kfn-aJK*) t. •>. To rabtlK ; 

to b* compnMd i to ba compON4 ; to hatt 

briDg coDcutaiihr ; to tjira ; not lo op- 

fnv ^ not to coauwlin. 
C0NSIS1'EXCE,(kM'4i/-ifDw) tflAStiil* 
CONS)!n'™CY/k(n.i(.'-l,n-.p) i •rithtc- 

•Drcl lo malMiBl BiiHciHe 1 dipae of 

Jeuieat** or nnljr i nbalance ; form ; 


mika; dmbleoTlailSDgitMo; c«0(nuty) 

CONSISTENT, (k^a ^»'-tal) a. Hot eoB- 

mditnoTv : trm , boI fluid. 
CO> ' ' ' l.Y. (k(»-^'-t(«t-lB) id. 

\^ . idicdoa i aipwMy. 

CUN:-i-i>'HiAL,(kgS'ii*-lf->f^l} a. R«- 

latuiK ID iliF HolnaMictl couft. 
CONMSTOUV, (kgo'-tu-tut-^ a.i. TLo 

|Jaca ut jotlica iii Ibn couci CtutMlao ; tha 

utnDblj al anUonk; uy toltmii M- 

C0KS0C1ATE, (kva-w'-al'M^) "■'- Ao 

■cccnniillco : a cooloinBla -, a imtnvi. 
To CONSOC1A1E. (koa-»f'-iba^t») r, «. 

To uDJtf ; to KiiD togetlicri 
To CONSOCIATE, (kga'af'-ab^^tr) «■ ■■ 

To roiJctf* -, to uniie, 
CONM>ClAriON. (kfn-af-aba^'-aboa) a, >. 

Alliaim ; onioa ; iatiauu:y i oompaniaif 

COl/^OLADLE. (k<|i)-(a'-l4-bl> *. Unt 

wtucL iJniirk comfon. 
CONSUI.ATIOX. (kfa-ifKjf'-abijo} ■- •. 

Comfan; iHiiintioii of ifrixT}. 
CONSOLATORY. (kfaafMi-lnl^) a. 

Tf-ridini; lo Ki'r comfoit. 
roCONS01.U(kfi)-»nta'; ii.a. Tocomfan; 

to cbiwr. 
CONSULK. (kgo'-Ml*) n.u [n ncckiUctora, 

U a aott ac momtot projecting in ntuiMS 

ofa bndut. 
CONSOLER. (kga->f'-ln) a. i. On* tUt 

(ito* comfotu 
CONSOLUIANT, (ktn-wr-t^ni) «■ V,t» 

which hu the quuiu ol cosMliJatloe. 
n CONSOLIDATE, (kta-Ml-*-dtiaJ >. •. 

To rocm blD a compact liody ; to hirdta i 

to on its iaio a wlid mni*. 
7b CONSOLIDATE. (L^->fr-^daM) i^a. 

To (row erar, ban), or lOlid. 
CONSOI.mATK.(k(>n-t,|-.o-d^}a. Fan. 

fd into a cOBinacf l»dy. 
COKSOLl PA'nON,( kvB-ifl-f-at'-lban) ■.!. 

UuiltiLg into a totiJ maM \ coDAmUie a 

thiu|; V lbs uniliiig ut ii>uy >cu o( (Hiciia- 

fiKDt uj>oii tbt lunc iiubjpei ia:u ooe . ilta 

tombiauii; nud uoiUDj of tuo bcn«l)t*a in 

CONSOLID.VI'IVE. (kip-f9l'-Ha->£T) a. 

T bni wliii-b butlic iiunliiy Af cnntnlldaiing. 
CONSu.NANCK. {kvu'-M-D«iiiie) Jn.i. A«- 
CONSO.\'ANCY.<kvn'-*o-Dtn-a»)t cord of 

laund 1 lanuHrney; rongnnocti *|no- 

CONSONAM. |kfD'-if-ii|nt)«. AfrtMUcj 

accorttin);-, c^Yknxrnt ; tffrcing. 
CONSONANT. (kQD-t^Btnt) a. t. A tctior 

*licb tanoot be •oundcd, or hot Uaptt- 

fectly, bt itHtf. 
CONSOXANTLY. (ktn'-af-ntDt-le) mL 

CiiniiM«iiily ; ifiNably. 

A]fTPfhMfii)pfe> ; cimM*iEi<iic'y- 
CONSONOt'S. iksV-H-Diul) a. Aftttim 

in iDuntt , •ini7>hoiuou(. 
7VCONSUl'lAT]'^(kvo-«t''pft-«ta)t.a. To 

lull a*lecp. 

0(1;— tijbe, «nbi bfll^^li— pfipidi— thlo, lul*. 



COK90FIAT10K, (tta-«f^-f'4b|0) • •■ 

L>«tBg M llHtl. 

COmOttT. (kf»'-*vR) «.(. CnanaMoo; 
|m>i>' > lODNiHy » |Minrr of Ilia bed ; a 
wUi or hadandi >o manWj ; ■ ftanbti 
«f hiiiwm— u plijhi, ttp«bRi cancur- 
rme* : anioD. 

TV CONSORT, <i(»«vrO >••>■ ''^ »wx>- 

tle witli. 
r* CONSORT. n>vn-*gn') *.•■ Ta join i 

Pi Diit '. Vt maity ', ID «ccDaiEaiif. 
CO^'SOUTAUL^..<^a•vI'-^.y) •. Tab* 

otmntml mUk ; (iriliiUr. 

lowitap ; MciOy. 
COKSORreilir. (kda'-ivtvdui>>>i.t. F«). 

h«»»Up : putaanup. 
C0K8r£CTA»L£. (kga-crtk'-tt-bl) «. 

CONErECnoN'. Ofo-fptk'-tlniD) a. i. A 

■iriag ; a MioMiujj. 

CON'smTL'irY. ikfB-«nk-tT'-«-(t) a-L 

COaSFKKSION. (Lfn-<K^-iban) Sii. A 

ipiiaUiof dbout. 
CONSI'lcX'm".(kffo-«T't-l(r-^»fJ a.«. Ob- 

•ioiuufu lo tlic n{bl i KighlBMa. 
CONSPIf I'Ol'S (kvo-qMV-n-w) 0. Ofcrf- 

ou* ta t)>f ughi i rwiDfat ; tvaoat ; dn- 

CONSl'lCt;0l'SI.Y. (kfD4pik'-«-w.|f) ai. 

Obnuwij to Ibo «i*« ; «miatiit]j ; tnoark- 

CONSPICUOI'S.VESS. (k^-«p)t^<f-n-iiM> 
a. L KipoMitc U tbo tfavi anIiioiiMi 

CONSrlltACV,(i^-i7>ir'-f-»^n.i. A pri. 
TUo nirtiTaiaii ku«nii wnnl iicnnu (« 
Bammit wme ctinM ; an •gicemont of men 
10 do anriliiaf ; almis ufcta ia tbo eril 
psit i a RFCcnU tndeocj of naay caoK* 
la on« cicDE. 

CONSPiRAN r, (tgn-tpi'-noO ■■ CaoMpr- 

ingi iilouioe. 

COXSPIRATlON. (kO"-^'*'-'*™) *«■ 

An lOTMiuat W mani lo on* end. 
OONSnilATOH, <ktt>-«ni'f'tgr) ■.«. A 

man tatand in a plol. 
7o CON^lRE. <koii-*i<in') i<. a. To oia- 

t«tt a cnni« : lo p'ol ; u liatch MCrM I/m- 

■on ; to uiH iot*tl>ci ; oi. kll lUon om- 

q4r< toloUiOluin hnppy. Tni^iMwfWm. 

la mMlianiikt. All *u('ii a* act in IbWiOB 

not onpotiw to ono aitMbra. 
CONSPIRKIt. (kfo-aiq'-'K') a. !■ A ooo- 

CONSPIRATION, (kfa-ajv^'-ilipi) n. >. 

Tfaicknou; tW act of iUckniio{. 
CONS1'AItLE,(kon--Mi.U>a.*. AraacooO- 

t>t, f«itiiipr1y ntio <4tlir offitenof thxlaCo. 
CONSTABUAHIP, (kfo'tq-U-rfiiii) a.>. 

Tbc oSc* of a lonWablo. 
CONSrAHI.KniCK. (kyn'-Hi'liI-*^) ». i. 

Tlif <ti*iii'-l ont vhu'li ths auihonly o( a 

cnniUliI' (itoula. 
CONST ,\NCV, (kyo'-Mfn-ff) a. i. lnuno- 

lability i porpouuy ; toatuUnrj; ttaola- 

Ijoo i finouta* ; loiiinG affwcioc. 


COIICTAMT, (W-«i|ni) a. Fino: faod; 

nnnriad ; uodianrnl ; ruololo ; dolor- 

minaJ ; liao ftwB (unj* of ^tciioa ) oet- 

taia i finalj adhawoL 
CONSTANTIy. (kgn'-oivH-lo) ad. Vnn. 

tuUt; prmtodl* i |«ii«Ml]p ; flnnlr. 
7kCOSffrEU.ATlCtk^-al^naw)v.;. To 

jotn wtrnl tte* ot iUaiaf boiHa* ; to J*- 

CfliaM *llh (Ian. 
CONSTELLATION. (kfa.«^.tV-.ban) .... 

A oloMor of Bi*d Man ; aa aMrmUoge tt 

aptadpoM, or aitoUaacMa. 

arton jalm wit; ainac«itaiir«urjiriMiI 
1> OOKsnPATE. (kgii'-»i-p4») r.a. To 

dikkoa; tocondnuc: lo tiop bj lUkj up 

It M— apa; to sake coMirr. 
OOXsriPATION, Otfa-tti-n'itivn) w. a. 

Condoaaailna; tuppacDi the itata tt tM- 

CONSItTVENT. (kpi-«ilir-v-{iii}a.i. Ele- 

nmttrv L nwolial. codMitnUoK, or roiininE. 
CONSnri'ENT. (kfo-Mlff tnl) n.1. Tlio 

p*r*on or llag artdcb ooBMltDU*: that 

wbkk b nrcnaan to the (oboHlnea of 

utiUdi i Iw UoH ilrrulr* anolbcv. 

ToCONsilTi'rr:. Ik^'-kt^isio) v.*. t» 

gira fannal eiiutnta; lo iirodora; to 
aract i to oacabliih , to dfpuia ; lo appoint 
anoihiT to ID oScr. 

CONSni in TR. (k9a'-«i^t?-ip) •>. i. Ilo 
thaleoMiiMIw or uipoioti. 

CONSTTrimON, <tfo-al^y-»t><1i<> *• •■ 
no act of «nMitutn( ; roar^nX ; JpFunng i 
■tttootbrfag; (Orponial framv; icmpnii 
body, as lo^ealib or ilitaaw ; Ii-niptt of 
mind i ««lablifbpd foim o( |0i4miDfD( j 
ijNcm of li*t and cuilonw ; a j'luticulac 
1>* ; aa rilabHahed wwc. 

CONSTITLIIOSAL. (^--ibun-»l) 
a. Bnsl in (h« coDstitDlinn ; mdical . cdo- 
■iiUnt wiih tlid titil coiwliinuon. 

CONSTITITIO.NAUSI-. (k,o-«tf-tti'-.hijn. 
^-i ot) a. !. Ad ailhrrtnl (o a cmulimiiao. 

COMSTtTUtlUNAl.l.V, (kon-oiP-ta'-ihvt- 
aUla) od. l^al]«. 

cotiitnvTtotim. (kfD-ai^tn--A«'i>t} 

B. t. Ono aaaloot tn the Hlabliibai con- 

■titDUOB of ibe (Donlry. 
CONSTITUTIVE. (kfo'-Nf-u^trir) a. Elo- 

msalal ; raaro^tl i baTiag thr poim lo en- 

act or oaubUah. 
n CONSTRAIN, aon-dr^nf') f. «. To 

fomptl ; To liindtr bj totte ; lo iirrraiilata ; 

to (online ; (» pmi -. hi (nniUinue ; lo tin; 

to bniit ; (0 imiiriMa. 
CONSTRAIN A RIX. (hfh-aira'-ni-bl) a. 

Liable (0 (ontiRUiii. 
C0N9TRAINKIl.,(bfti'«l)<-ap) a.(. Ho 

that Don tlnin*. 
CO^STUAI^T. (kTa-airanl')"-*- Compol- 

aiun ; cmfiavmcvl. 
CONliTKAlNTlVi:.(L^-Mnnl'-i*)B. Hah 

inv tbt iKi*#r of coupalllnf. 
Tt CONSTHICT. <\«D-Hnk?) o.o. To tmd j 

lo cramp '. io toouai'i- 
CONSTHlCl ION. (l(.a-iink'-«hia) a. fc 

Coauactiau ; compiiudon. 


fV»< V. f|". f<l ^"H. ■!» i— l-in*! pin i— »!. "E™. 


COWTRICTOR, (kfn-«iTlh'-Cnt) n.u TbM 

Wttdi eomant t it m taoDwU, 
T« CON^IUNUE, (kta-mJDje') » <. To 

ctaMireH i to cootncl. 
COHSTRtNGEKT. (kfn-tviit'-JcU) <^ 

fiiadiae or compn«iii|i. 
r* CON8I'HLlCr, (kfo-itrfLl') •. a. T« 

bnild i la contorm > (o compila ; to cooKi- 

CONSTKrCTKK. {kfo-fOiik'-ut) », i, H* 

who (otait oi niiiikix. 
COSSTBI'CTKjN. (l9n-»trtV-» o. i. 

Bnldinf i bLriiuioD ; ilu Icmi of buildini; ; 

lb« patciog tojcttiDi of wcprdj to aj tofOQ- 

T*]P ■ niiiiii](t» ■ma' ; Iba trot ; tbs 

BMaiDK. la matliaiulJTki. Tha maiiDn 

Of datcntung ■ ig^m ni |im1ilcin ; Qxirirw 

fltdq ^ EfoMau, u Uiu Dii'iliuJ »f rvdorinf 

• knovD tqaxdaa sb^o Unvi asd 1i|[iim, in 

oMcr to A vi^oEaBlricil cltmouMnitloit' 
CONSrnucfriUNAL. <kvD-<nvk-*huii.(l) 

a> R«(F«.uii); Ihn miwini; oc inlcipK- 

CONsrRUC'n%X,(kva-*uuk'-q*>a. T«nd- 

int ID coniuuit. 

Bp coDKnieticHi. 
COX'^rRljCTURE. fkvi-Mi9k'<lfn) ■. «, 

PUo ; pttifice ; fablick. 
ncONSTRl'E. (kfu'-Krv) T.a. To nnga 

ward* in tbnr numml ndn ; 10 inMipnt i 

Is I'iplun. 
7a CaXarUPRATE, (kfo'-Mf-prfU) v.*. 

To fiolito ; M dabaiudi. 

VtolBtlaii 1 dnlUcmeol. 
r* CONSUUSIST. (kvn-nb-wt'} b. n. To 

aiH lofrllita. 
CONSUBSTANTtAL. {kvi>-<ob-*tu'-tb(l) >. 

Ilantig the tuoe turace or latinMotice ; 

being of iha *viib kind ot uaiDtc 
CONsTlBSTANTIALIST. (kvnonb-i^n'- 

■h^l-Mi) n. L He wbo btliaTM in om- 

COhSilUKTANTIALm'. (k^n-MValyi- 

(ha -^'-o-ie) ■, «. Eiiiicnce uf toora llun 

on*. wtbaMne (BbamKvi putidpuioa 

of dia nma nitata. 
r* CONSltfiSTAMIAJ'K. (kfn-anb-dqi;; 

•bMi*> 1% a, I'd usiia in OM caannoQ 

•aMlaon or nklaia. 
COKSlllJSlAKriATi:, (h(B-«b..nn',l,f- 

(ta) ■■ tJnii«d. 
COMiLlU!i'['A\'l'lA'nON, (kQC-mb-tifn- 

«Lo^'-ahun) «. s. Tbe union of ilie body 

«f oni StTioiit willi ibe uciunenlal el»- 

nMOt. •cNrding to tbe Lullimn*. 
CONSUL, (kfn'-nJ) n.u llie cturf mn^it- 

tnM in the Ilaaiui repiiblitk i an oftcer 

conlBiwanvd in fonigo pitiU to jadia be- 

•vMO tha ntrthuiU of u* nation, *ad po- 

ttd ifaur njmtnFTcr- 
CONSULAIt. <L«a'-*9-l(f> a. Raluint to 

tbf^ con ml. 
CONSULATE, (W-VT-tft) ci. Tbo iMIa 

CONSULSHIF. <ktii'-i«l>thip) ■. t. The 

•iffica of cosiul. 


reCOKSCLT, (kfn-MlO •• •• Ta UU 

coudhI (Oftether. 
TbCONSUyr, (kfo-qlO >■»• T*taktd- 

rica of : id rrtaiil ; t» ki witb ic^cci to ; 

U jiIm t to coMiii*. 
CONSULT, (kfo'-f^t) B.I. tVictotcM- 

nlliag i tba aRrcl of (onniltinc : ■ (onnril- 
CONSulTAriON, (kvn.*»i-u'>tini>) '■*. 

A cmaulliDt : trtnt d*lib»r«uou . u (oon<ll. 
CONSULTEll, <Lan.wl-.|>r) n. u One 

tbnl cKtDtiilu or iHi cooomI. 
COM^UMABLE. fktF'*<('-u.cbl) ■. Su- 

(DptfblcT of dtatmctiob, 
Tu tOM^L'.ME, (kfotiini*') *■•■ Towaataj 

to ipeod i to itiutiy. 
raCUhSUMK, (kgn-aon*') ».n. Towwu 

O0NSt;MF.R. <L^-iu'-aM) «.■. OaoAU 

wutn ur <l«tr«ik 
TsCUNSUUMATE. (kgn-ivin'-inti*) ^,4. 

To tomplela ; la »ilMt. 
CONsrMMATF..(l(n-taoi"-in(t«)* Com- 

COK:^L'M.\tAI ELY, (kgu-iom'-m^te-k) od. 
Ptrfacllv ; conplauiy . 

CONSUmtAnON. (kf> 
M. 1. Cmafltaaa ; pnfenion : tha «i<f 01 
the DTHNt ijman of tbiogt i dealh , end 

CONSUMPTION, (kfnifim'-ihija) n.t. Tha 

act of ronwmitig ; wnUe ; tb* haIo of wmt- 

IniE « iwruliiof ; a waMa of mu*ealBi tnh ; 

a 3ii«ai». 
CONSUMPTIVE. (l^«-«^■'■liT) a. Da. 

icnictlin ; wuiui|[; diMawd wttb a oon- 

CONSl'MnTlVrXY, (kqa^nm'-tir-lo} aA. 

In a mv irD'llnitto nnuumplion. 
CONSUlflTlVLNESS. fkfDntm'.lir.nFi) 

ii> «, A irndoiicy to m coniuTD[iUon. 
nCONTAItL'LATE, (^o-t«b'-o-lkia> ha. 

To Boor witb iHiardi. 
CONI'AHULATION. (kgn-ifb-n-ti'-afana) 

n. t, HoiudiaK a Booi. 
C0NTAC1'. (kfa'-ifki) n. l. Taoch ; cloa* 

CONT ACTION. (kfn-(4h'-«bno) ■•>. The 

act of toucbtng. 
CONTAGION, (k^o-ts'-JB-iio) H. u Tba 

VLniiivifjn from hod^ 10 b«ilT, bjr wliiob db- 

rmjiifn m conmmnicalad ; rafipction ; prapa- 

nllun of BUcbiaf or dtinMa; pwtUocioB. 
CUXrAGlUUS. (kfD-u'-js-u*> a. Infcc- 

CONTAGIOUSKESa. (kfa-Lf'-jf-ni-Dii} 

N. t, 1'be qiulity of bring contaeioiu. 
n CONTAIN. (k«a-f^O r.a. To hold aa 

a teiHtl ; to compralvnd i to craBpriaa, u 

a writinc ; to rtalrain ; to vnthhold. 
To CONTAIN, (kfn-iana') ». n. To lire in 

CONTAINABLK, (kfn-tf'-Bf-U) a. Poa- 

•ttil* to ba contilDed. 
TsCUNTAUlXATE. (ktn-t(m'-«-Mte) is"- 

To Jofilo ; lo jwllule ; lo lonilpi by bua 

CONTAMINATE,<bfn-ttm'-t«f(o)*. Cv 

nfl; pollalad. 

Sft ;— tf ba, Hb, bflU ;— (il ;— pwind ;— llln. tii». 



COSTA-MIKATIO.N. iMn-tpi-f a^-«bv>) 

K.I. 1*01111111111. lIcblfMlL 

CONIXCnUN. Ofn-ntL'-tUgn) •. •. A 
ToCONTEMX, (lqa'<(<u'}r.a. TodafoM; 
CONTrMNKR, (kfo-i^'-DM) «.». Oas 

tlial OKiUnnt-, a •cenivf. 
r» COSTKMPKR, (hf>.ICB'-Kt) v.*. T« 

gK>l>rala ; to xitacc U> ■ lonor iI«ctm> 
CONTCUrEltAMF-N-r. (bfn-ltui'-|>{r-t- 

Mnn) ■. •. Hbr iiarr (■( alij quoUlT. 
ntfoNTLMPLKATK, <kB«-lgH--p9r^> 

r. <. To BuHttnt* ; u Mnpar. 
CUNTr.MPLKATION', (W i|rDi-pt*^*. 

•Lbd) "■ •- Tlw Mt if SMMnUDg 1 !■*■ 

po«um>i* miimrr: pcDportion. 
rt<'t>vroiI>l..\TK, (k^tom'-pUwl V.4. 

I'd ctiiiuilvt villi tOBtiuucd MUCUDU ; Ul 

r« COMTIIPLATE, (lqa-iBn'-riI(») ><• ■- 

CONTEAIPl.AT[OX. (l«»lf^la'.«Lvo) 
■■ s Mnlituign : ■ludioui lbiiii«il nn any 
■abjTct : lioljr nvditMim ; (bt KmIij of 
«i«J*. ofipowd 10 ilu pomit ef tciiaii. 

OO^YK»PLATI\'l;. {kfB-Mn'-plt-lir) o. 
AiMkwJ v> ihou{Li or itudy : pin|>laj*d in 
MnilT ; LxTuig i)ie pawn of TnoUliilion. 

CONTEAIPLArlVEtV, (l^-tf«'-|d».tiT. 
b) af. ThanrhifiiUv ; uleDU'rly. 

COtiTEUPLATOR. <;kgii-tg«'-pl(-l«i) aui. 

CONTEMPORARINES^. <k(n.(pa'-pf-iv 

■f-nta) n.1. Eattran it tlie mot poiBl 

CONTEAIPOKARY. (k^-l<nl'■t»^r1t?) <. 

Livlnit lu tt>« nna »f« ; bora H ihc moie 

tami i •liKinr at lb« mum pmM of tima. 
CONTEMPORAR V, (k^'t«in'-p}-r)-rf >•. I. 

OnBvhaUTMatibvauB* liiuamtbaiiaLbei. 
TaCONT'lUt PORtSK, ( ^n.i,|ia-rrr>M) I. o. 

Tojplaca la Uir msac ■{■. 
C0^TEM1T, (LfD-uoji') ■!.■. Drijauoc 

Mhoni iti^t r«)[a/<l -, iconi ; (hs tut* of 

btfn( dnyiMd; tilonrw. In Uw, UiM- 

tedjfoa w iba ioIm. order*, and fsoorM 

or • Marl. 
CON"mMI>TI!)^-t{ia'-Ie-bl}<. Woi. 

Uiv of <niitfvpli JcipiMd -, icanKd. 
COM rKMn IHLEK^ (kfa-i«D'-<e-bI- 

um) n.i. M««iaa(M; lilcoMa ; WutM. 
CONri:UPIIltLY, (k^-itin'-tf-btf) «t. 

Mcuty 1 dsirr>lnt toauaipt. 
COKTEMFTVOL'S, (kgo-MW-iq-gi) a. 

Sronful ; urt (o Itniiic : bjolmi. 
CONTrjJprtol.SI,V. <l.(ii-tf«'.iD-n»-l») 

»d- In B ■(omfiil ordtnuicful iDumu. 

COM'(UiPirinsM::8S. (inrt..*9B.'-i?-. 

Dp*) K. 1. l)u]K»itiaii to «i(ileifipt. 
Ta lOM I.XB, (lyn-Mnd) ..«. To iinT. ; 

IB ■(rnjvt* ; lo •« ; to an in «muI»Uoii. 
r«COXilNP. (L<,m-t*mr) r,m. To UU- 

{laie aatlluni; : la loutrtt. 
CO>TENUh:\T, a«a-cni'-<tuii) n.t, Aa- 

Iftfoni*! ; ooponrnt. (kfa>i;ii'-d«)"'>- Conba- 

Uul i diuupioa. 



COKTENT, <k«a-lEiii') «. SklitSnl m m' 
not to nv^ *• oyyac. 

7VCUNTEOT. (LVD-lfuO t.o. To nti.iy 
•o WIS lisp cdmpUluti (0 kpptaK witli- 
out MmptM* (niilcoUoD ; to {iImm j to 

CO.VIP.NT.ata.tC(ii;)n.(. MKd«mt*bii>- 
pfotu } nluttciisB IB ■ lUiig uovnimlMil i 
(li*i *blcb 1* coatniDed at Indnded ; ta^m- 
rhj ; ibMvhithuconpcliedlnvTitliif.u 
lie etntiib of ■ book ; • [lrrtil^nifi| •■• 
ptnMon (ga Ikoao *ho an in tnmi «c (b* 
■■tjMi BfopoHtL 

OOI>T£»T£D,<l.ti'<{o'til>{urt.a. Satic 
Grd -. iNt npioiu|^ oc dfouuHlinB mm*. 

CO\Ti:NTt:i)LV (l>en-toDf-«iI.ff) al. U 
s <)uiM. ra*T> u( wlulitd mannr* 

CUXrKNTtUlNKSS. (l:^.WDl'-£d-ii!*) n.i. 

&tiit.< of »A(l>f«Ctl{il IB UiTloC. 

COXIENlTUL,(.k(p-iti>t'(vl><. PerfKUy 

CONTCMTON. (k«n-isii'-diip) n.i. Snafei 

dr^ttf ^ conWK -, MnaUtloo. 
CX>NrEMIUV.>t.<Mn.t^-tbg«>a. QoHnl* 

CUNTENTIOI'SLY. Ikvo-tgi.'-tli^la) ad. 

Penorwiy: (lUamtlKiaic. 
CON'I'&MTOLSNISSS. (hga-lgn'-flint-aj*) 

■L I. Pconuieu to «»lo*t i ytmntaru ; 

tfuaml uuicsH*. 
CONTt:NILY.(kQa-lcu'4o}^ laftonf 

COKTEATSIEST. ();(rn'iloi'-m^() a. *, 

Acquieicf D« v.iliaut pivuoj latiattaian ; 

CONTKILMmABLE. (kfo>tsr'-mf4i«-U> a. 

Cuonblr of til? Miuo beands. 
CONTEHMtNATt:. (kfn-ln'-tna-i^U) a. 

Thai vbicli hath th* tana boand*. 
CO.Vl'BHMINOUS. (LJin-ttT'-oi.'-PDa) a. 

Boidtriae vpco- 
r()\rrKUANK\N. (kva-tcf-ri'-Df-ta) 1 
<:OMK)(UANE()C?>. (kvn*«r-V-o«-«*> { 

a. Of tbs utm* «ith or couatn. 
Ta CONTEST. (Lgo>lgN'> a. «. to iijipau i 

Ta COhTSST, {k^-ifn') r. a. To ttnre i 

to eootend j to no -, to «miibit> 
CONTEST, (hfoMiR) n.4. Dupnlei dif- 

CONTESTABLE, (kon-tft'-tf-t')) a. Dla- 

t'DIablo ; rodtroiritinle. 
C0VTJSl*AI11.tM:sS. (k^-t9*'-t».hl-liB») 

J'omhilili o( brioit codIMmL 

C0Mt:siA1luN, (ktii.|»-<|'-afaiD) a.*. 

Tht acl at (oDUMuig ; diitililv. 
Ta COMTEK. (iflO'lsk^) '■"■ To wM*a 

t«tW; leunite by inlcrpoBDaa of jm na, 
COnDJCT, (L;a-Ifkil') a. >. Thg tnwral 

•erira of a iUacosTH ; ihc tiaru of itio di*- 

oouno ibat jaMcda and loUam Ihn MOt^U* 

CONTEXT. 0>9>>->*kMr) •• Kaiiiosathni 

fc m. 
CONTEXTrnE, {l^'tfl^'Opw) ■. fc Tla 

dihjhwtion of put* ODS BiDoogM otAi«ra i 

tbr nvTrm. 
CO NTlU NATION. (kvn-tin-Pt'-tbDn) ■••■ 


Ht* fVt rtUj (Hi— Me, mtl ,-piaa, pin;-nj. mjia 


t anUutm*, A (msa of hemm j«1miI 
' ei i cJm tojiug of nftso, or tooiiif . 
COSllGtlTV. (kKnta-fTi"-5-lo) 11.I, A<- 

tiuJ cAoiMi ; seuniui ol liiu^ciii. 
CONTIGLUIS, ik^-tf^-w-r) t. HMliiig 

» •! W lourk 1 bordciug Ufoa 
CONnCtOllSLY, (k(|U^i^-v.«|».lr) (d. 

Wiikoiit aiij iDWrrtfiuiig (cacts. 
C0NT1GUUUSXES3. (fctn-qg'-if-fi-n[i) 

n-i. t'loH «niDccl>aii. 
COXnNLKO:. difn'-IP-Bfiur) libt. He- 

CO^TI^E^CY. (kvn-le-otnf) I NnfaUI 
ccimmiaiil ofonn'i kK; rurhonmca €f law> 
till tilcuuir; <J>ailily in (crnbL 

CONnM:JlT.(kmi'(^t<>0'- CtwMi*;ib- 
nvmiotM ID lawful jihaiiuu ; iMD^wl ; 

COMIXljrr. (kfa'-Cf-atst) n. i. Lad 

nol dl«oiaUJ by tbo im fron ollwr Ua<l>; 

ili«i wluih conuiot aajllriiie- 
C0NTIM:\TAL. (lvu-ia-n£D['-«l) 0. Ra- 

haa| M Uw cDBiiji*D( ) puucululy the 

conaiuiil a[ KurouF. 
CONTINF.XrLY, (ktm'-t;-Dtnn-lD) «rf. 

rdCUM']NG£.(lt(ii<liDJc') (.lb ToUnchi 

to JuiEifwn. 
CO.M*I\<iKNCK, pUn-'in'-ieM') ) 
CO.vns(ii:Nt:v, (kva-ii«''}t«-r> * 

T)ui {laliiy of W«f (-inuitoiu ; Mi'Iilnltl 
jiuiibilit;f i iha act of nwliioK to, or toudi- 

COXTlKGEKT.(koo-ila'-jrai]u. FalHnioat 

by <hancF : dcEicndai v[xia an ddcbtuId^. 
COVrlNGEXr, (kjn-ljo'jrnl) u. t. A 

thing in the baoiia of diiucw | A ^Dpottliin 

tbu fnlli 1o nny penon UpoD t dlTltwo* 
CD.VnN<;k:.Ml.V. (k^-lp'-kH-If) arf. 

Acddnrailv viilunil any •KIlM idIv, 
CONTlM'AL,<kvD-tiD'-7-«l>a. locataat. 

In Iav» a A^muul cioiDi iamsde from lima 

la time, tritlun every jcnx asd day. 
CONTINUALLY. (kfn-^n'-f-V;lo> ad. 

WidiOHt nauM ; vithout iaimnpiiaii ) niitt- 

oat oMouif. 
CON TINi; ALNESS, (kfn-lln'-o-tl-ne*) ■.«. 

CO^ ri\l'ANCE, (k^-liD'-V-tBM} n.i. 

S'rfcviian umnlerrunlpd ; ntnAncnto in 

Uair ; abode in ■ pWe i diunliail : bM> 

ingae» -, pcnennnce ; piagtetnini ef linie ; 

OmtiDiiicy. la law, norofalim, m, an- 

linwuiiv itU lAr nnt aiiiB, i c poUiog ofF 

Uj? tnnJ- 
TetOXTINUATE, <k(p-tia'-o.|ie) i. a. To 

joio vlowly locHbtT. 
COM'IM'ATK, <kfii'lin''n-ntp) «. launo- 

difttely t)bil*d; iiiitntfrrTUfiTtJ. 
CONTi>>VA'l'KI.V, (kvu-iA-B-fM-b) od. 

CONTINUATION, (ktn-I^W-«bnn) a.t. 

Prolnwiua, or nio^Mion unlntmucuiL 
CONTIMTATIVE. {k»o.tis'-U'«-ii» .. i. 

Ifatiag Iba iiualiiy of couiajiitec ; pmua- 

CONTINUATOR. Ofa-lin-^V-ivf) ■■>, 

U* tlint coacinuM tht MriM cs nKcaauini. 
Tp CONTINUE. (kfD-iia'"!> *■ «■ To rt- 


Ti CONflVifti, (liiVu-,;:^) r.-. Topo- 
nwt ; lo »pca( wUhoit ul«m|iUan i to 
tuuie »tiLoBl a duia at inuntiwaf aub- 


riiNriMiEDLY. ^«a^'.vs'l-lo> ^ 

\1'>iliiiut iMcmiiiumi 
COVtlMEIl, (kga>1i^.v-{l) «.(. Ooa 

wbo cmliDUMk 

COMINllTY. (kgD-1fn«>l7)a.h Coo- 

oaelioD wiaMmipiad ; cabnoon -, that tei- 

unc er coImmod ot itta pam al an aaim^ 

body, ih* dMtnictioa of whltb ia a Mlutton 

of (viriiniiity. 
CUMINUOU!), (fc^Iin'-vBl) ri. Jmotd 

lD(ctba wilbaul tha (at«r<«nliaQ of aoy 

Ti. CONTORT, {kjn-Urt') ». a. To twHi; 

In BriiliF. 
CUMUKT10N,<kva-t.jc-il.aD)>t.i. Twift; 

•17 motion. 
COMUUit, (kftt-tg^') ii.i. Tbe onlline; 

lb* Imo Inr uliidi ray iffite i* d«£anl or 

COIcntA, (kvo'-ua) A lAtin prapoiitia 

utnl la cun>i>e«iliDn, *tiicll (ieaiAa* laoaMt. 
CONTKAUANl), Ikfo'-tif-btud) ■. Pn»- 

bibiledi illo^aii B|i]>bod to neb (ooda aa 

are (orblddn by act ol |«rliauent lo bo Im- 

ponod OE OTiodeJ. 
CONTItAUAKO, (kun'-ttvbfOd) n.t. lUo- 

CIlI tnlGck. 

lie who IdLltickd illssally. 
7dCUNrHACT, (k^-tnikiT) v.*. Todtaw 

into Idm MNipiua ; lo \ttea ; lO dmir the 

pant of anylluni togetter , lo make a bi^. 

gain; to toTcoanl OC atfioe : in IcUotb; I* 

aSancr ; lo itslotnita ; to abridijp. 
JbCONTKACl, (kflo-iiikl') i.n. Ta>liiink 

op ; (o barg^ ; 10 bind by t)naiM at 

CONTK.<<.T. (kfn--li)kl)ii.i. AootHMt; 

a bu)(ain -, a compocc ; a vTilioK kli wbub 

tbe U'nu» of a haiuio aro incliidtd. 
CONTIUC IU>L\T(^-«£d» 

In a (vnmcceJ luiLntLeT. 
COMRALTt'.DNE#.S, (kyo-trik'-ti^-Bti) 

•u *. CantTOrlion- 
CtJNTRACrililUni', {kfla.«r»k.t*.h.T.^ 

Sn. «. PoMihility of wia cattntttA. 
TRACIIBLH. ikpi-tuk'-lv*') ■■ Ca- 

paU* of cootiacljoa. 
CONHtACIIIil-hMSS, (tfo-uik'-tf-bl- 

o;**) a.b 'iliv quality «f aafloiUf coa- 

COM RACnL£, <^--<U) ». UafloH 

iho iBliarml powst of cantianioD. 
COM RACTILin, (Ifo-trik-ur-lB-la) n. 1. 

Tbal |Kmor, inbraunl in tone bodjo. <d 

(anDscbuu ibrmsdvM uao a iDtalloi am- 


CuXTRAcnoN, (kfo-tr^k'-ihan) ■.<. 
LuoUacliug or aliorlEnintf ; alnlnknig •( 
(hnTrlliog i Iho aUM *t MBg Ccaftaclod, 
«i diawo iBlu a nanow compuo ; tba to- 
diuiion cd 1*0 TOwtU or tyllabloa to M* 1 


Of I i— tf br, t^ b(U i— til i—pf^ I— (Ubi laik 


•a abbranuim by «hlrli •r*n>l iFttrnus 

tl P H— J bv one chtnae!, M. nfti by fi. 
COVTRACIOR. (kfu-tr^kMur) >■. i. Ouo 

«f tk* nutin lo K conttBa et larnJo. 
r.COVrRARICT.<k9ii-(n-JikO i^-. T« 

MMTt tbi> coMiarf to trbu ba« Iwas ■•■ 

*nu4i to be rontran lo ; w oppOM. 
COOTBADK-TKR, (i^-tuJik^^p) m.(. 

Gnu thM tanniieti : mi oppcavt. 

VvibftI oppaniion: «f]io«lb«a; laooeiit- 

MDCy *itb iadf t tncongnilj b wonU m 

iboagbu -, wa tM Birt j >a ibooMI or alTftt. 
CO?fTHAUia'tOtitAL, (kfQ-iif <ik'.«lnis- 

(t) « loconnMBOt. 
CONTRA iii(-rioit». (Vb*-^>^-A«*) «- 

nunl villi rnDindkluu i isctiiwd to n>n> 

fradid ; o|>LHiut* la, 
CONIKAUICIIutSMEaS, (hft-Otflik'- 

■but-M*) ■. t. Tbs ijwUiy of boSniE ccm- 

liJitlfnin i iTOnrfilniifj ; eaatncKilT lo 

CONTRADlCTORtLV, (k9B.|n-<tik'-tnr^ 

(■] *l. In ■ Miimdlouiy nt UMubuui 


co^TRAHIC^*oRI^■I■-1s, (L^-n^'idik'- 

iffi^tft) *. t. U|i|K>uliaD in tha hgtieU 

COI^RADICTORr, (tifn^-d^'-Kr-f) .. 

Oppmiis u ; iBMniUuBt wltli. 
C'O.NTRA IJICTORY, (tfn-Uf-dik'-tgr^) 

■LI. A iiropatiboD wbkli oppotn MOtbn 

ill all lU icnnL 

COSTRAUISTINCT. (l^-ttvdU-tlmliO 

a. Dininiriiiibcd bj ntiMiiui qiuUtiM. 
CoyrBADISTINC-l'lON, (k(,d.tivdi.. 

llDgk'-«han) n-i. Uitliimioa by <^pOiiw 


tJDgk'-tiiT) •• lUiisg a ooBtniintuieiiiM- 

r. aiVTBADISTlNGUJSH, arn-tt^-di,.. 

iJu^'-iewiih'} r.pi. To dvciDAiitb Dot «uap]j 

by Jifli-rcuiiil but by oi>tM*It> nuiiJilitt, 

n.i. A lympliini (orlnJUiai; iha iituni trmt- 

BOt dI > du-aiiet. 
TV CONI'KAINDICATE. (kfo-u^-V-df- 

kue) V. a. To poial out toasB {wculiar 

■ynpUm oi tnpihod of cure, coDlmy to tliif 

(■■ocnl (frcioiit or a malady. 
CUNT HA INDICATION. (kfo-Dt-in-do- 

kf'.than> •. L Aa bilintion at lymploiii, 

H'bich foibiiU IlinC to bs dga« tt-oivii tbo 

luaui uuiio uf ■ diioaH) pulou out at int. 
COMRAMUKK. (k«n-Ui-nvn') n.t. An 

out mlJ bull about ibt main irall of BCily. 
CONTRAMltNCY. (k9«i-m-m'.tta..w) 

II. 4. Rracliao ; a wwitwicy ■(■toat fm- 

CONTHAPOSITION. Otfo-tn-pf.jiJi-.nli) 

•.(. A tilaiiDE oi'W Sfainit. 
COMRAIUANT, (kgii-irt'-T^-vil) a. In- 

coDiUtMil L oiittotlia -, ri>pupiaDI. 
COMRAHIKS, (koa'-trt.TM) a. iDloracfc. 

PropaalbMia »liidi dMiuy tub oJirr; 

ihii^ dinctly opp ow J to Mch otber. aa 

Ggbl and daduoia. 

C0NT[lAR1ErY.f1t9<i-ti;|-il'-f^')«.ib Re- 
inmiinca i ofioutian; lacatuaUiicy. 

CONTRARI1.V, (Vp-tta'trltl a^ laa 
taoOMt coBlnrr ; id difFrrvol dirptciaM. 

COArTRARlMt><$, (k^-ut'-rn-antj a. «. 

OOKTRARIOrS. aoo-n'-if^) -. R*- 
Mnaol iha ddb to tlie olBiir. 

CONTRA RIOtSLY. <kta-Ut'-if-q»4i) •& 

CnVTRARIWISE. (kfa'-tifi«-*7to) ml. 
Cnnrfarlv ; o]i|iniii«ly. 

CONTRARY. (kon'-(rt-if > mi. OfTuite ; 
foatmrilclory : inroniialrati iiltHMi io 
•a oppoailf dinviicni. 

CONrRAKY, <k^'.tif-n> n. i. A ihifg 
a( oppoatlo qniiliUM : a projiodiidn reDCruy 
la tooM atW. Ot A* (cMrwy. In uppo- 
•UIOO ( an tba MbM (ids. 7a rt( emtrwy. 
To a rontracy \ i mm * or ArMtiou. 

CIINTRA^. (Lfii-lr)*i> h. >. Oppotition 
and dlHiniiJlnide of Agon*, by wliidi tl>r 
001 rontribniei to ifao vmUiIj «f cftci of 

n CONTRAST, (kiga-BiM') na. To idaco 
In oipeaadoD, ao i^i ono li|rafo ^nn 
iBMbw 10 adnataw ; ■« ■liirir anMbn 
fl^r* l» adranNf a by ila coloor or (itu- 
auoD. * 

CONTRA'I'RNOR, (iLigo'-Oflfo'-sr)*-'- la 

miuick, Tbc mydlB j»n i Ugbl* tlian Ao 

tmor. and below lira mblfc Commotily 

■riticn (OiiDlrrteDot. 

thon) o. 1. Tie fonificnlicm ilirowa U|> 

ruaad a dly, Io biodn the uUiea of tlin 

To CONTRAVEN'E. (kfn-tiVTTDO') t. a. 

To oppoae ; to baSo. 
CONTRAVENTION, (bvn-trt-rcn'-ihijnj 

n. 1. Oupootion. 

A Cnniliic to (be oppMiio fida. 
CONTRF.Cr A riOS. (kqn-uik-tf'-ahuajn. 1. 

A toucUnt or handling. 
reCONTRlBUrK, (k«n-trib'.oto) iva. To 

giro to tonui comtaon *bifk. 
raCONTRmUl'£.lkvD-tn>>'-vU> ikH. To 

ben ■ uR. 
COKTRIUUTION, (ktn-lTf'bf'-di^) n. I. 

Promoting (amc dtogn in coajunccion ; that 

nlkicli it P^n by t^**nil bAiid* for >oii>e 

(oounon piirpo*^ ; ibnt vLirh !■ riu'tvil by 

an army for iti nippait in a (orfiija (oualiy. 
COS"l'RIBt'Tl\'K.<koii-trb'.ii.ti.)<u 'Jpad. 

1d|- to picmow any porpuie in toDFnireuco 

with olliPt moiiiei. 
COXTHIULTOIl,Ck9n-«ib'-7-tn()a.i. Ono 

ibal bean pan in lome comntna depicn. 
COKTRIDLTORY, < kfii>drib'-Q-t^4) a. 

Conlnbutinr to. or promottni the Mmo twi.»io) r.a. To 

mako norrnoful. 
CONTRIKTATION, (kfn-Uv-t^'-ltavo) m.u 

Tlie art i>f maluoB aad ; Iiewinan of bratl. 
COKI'RITK, (kflo-triw) ■- RniWd ; nu<h 

von ; worn with turrow ^ baraMe*! nvitb 

lb« anuo of fitlt -, pfniUiul. 


Fat*, fjii, t|ll, ffi ;—!»•, n|!( ;— pine, fgii—u^.Bipr, 


CONTRITELY. (kvD'-tr,l(-lB) ei. In > 

CONTRrr£Nt:ss.(kfD'-itito-Dp)>.i. Con- 

COMRITION. (kta-oyfa'ip) n.*. Tlw 

■d or [liDduiK i pcniititMi ■raiDv Gn lia. 

1b ibp Krirt HDie, TbgMurow whieb »ri ii» 
fron Uie <l«in)iDplcaM(>oil,duIiD|iuilitd 
6aB> iltriiifw, or impfiflKl irpoMDC* pro- 
duMd by ilnwl of h^L 
COKTRIVABLP.. (kVE-<n'-«|-U) a. Pa*- 

COM'RIVANCF:. (kqD-tTi'-Tyi*v)n.b Can- 
trinnii UuMhiiifcootiiTtdi uhono ) plan ; 
■ conmi ; k nlul ; an adtlGta. 

r«CUNTRlVK, (LtD-(r>**'> ca. To plu 
out ; lo ricO|:iUU. 

TeLOMmVh., (k9n-tri»'> v.n. To torm 

CONTRIVEMENT, <kfa-«i«B'-ncni) n. •. 

CONTiUVKR, (li(o-af..[t) ».■. An in- 

CONTROL, (kyivlrnll') n. i. A KflMM or 
accoool kapt by MOUin MBc«r. tliat (atfa 
nay be tjamiaeJ by ilit aOut ; rtiMk ; re- 
■InJDC i po«vr; aupfniiifiidvuc*. 

Ta CUMKOL, divn-Uuir; •. a. To knp 
nndiii (hctk bj s cou»ur lotkunlng i to 
■onn ; lo i**tmn -, lu ovcrvomr. 

CUMltDLLAmJ^. (k(n-Uoir-4-bi> n. 8ub- 

jott 10 criOlrijI. 

CuKIHULLEK. <kijo-troU'-]i) ■•. i. An 
«icrwCT c4 offln niating to publkk kc- 
coiibii ; a ■ungrio'tudcnl. 

coNrRi)Lu;i<sfnp, (kflD-UTir-^ibui) 

«. 1. Tbr <)ir><i- of a (otuolltr. 
CO.MRO[Jtll.M', (kgn-tratl'-ai*nl) «. i. 

Suprrioiriiilinu M NMnunluK -, ri-Hminl. 
CO.N I lit )V MtSAKY, (k«u-lio.ier'-t« n) u. 

CONUUlVKUSIAL, (k«D-uo-TPi'->h4l) ■. 

CONinOVCRSIAUST. (kan trD-W.ilifl- 

yl> n. (■ One who ia engsgrd in Uunwy 

var; a ij&t|njlaiit. 
CONTHOVKUBfcH, Kkon.KO-Tw'.nr) 11.1. 
CONTKUX Illbiun, i Adltpuuni; aton- 

CUNTItoVKRSy. (kfn'-tr9-nT^> n. i. 

Itivi'iiu- , ilrlKif ; commosly ui wiillni. 
To COM KoViR'l', (kvo'-Uf-Tsn) v.*. To 

■■•bkin -, (9 ilhtputa anylhingt In wnliiiK. 
COMRuVKR'lUt, (kfo-u^W-ler) h. 1. 

A iti>puiiuii. 
CO\ I UtJV tRTIBLE, (kyn-irj-Tsn'-a-hl) a. 

CONJROVtRIlST. (kgB'-t(?-T^t-ti.O n.t. 

I>I>iiu[aiii ; a luui Kiiuaccil ID lilenuywan. 
CONTUMACIOH!^. {kvD-ivDif'-iUB*) a. 

OlflltDiil* L rrrVFrv ^ inHrublc. 
COMTiMACIOVSLy, ( k;n-lfW-«liiii-I«> 

Off. Ohilin»lr)y . iDflriilily. 

tii;>) n. I. Obttifint*; pmrrMncM. 
CO^Tll!UACV, (kfa-tO'tn^-H) n.i. Ob- 

Kiimiy ', prrTHtnrM ; «>irul rtiiohedugiM 

to auy lawful tuminoM or judicial oidci. 


CO^Tl'»IIXIOl>S. (Lfn-lq-moMt-^) a. 

IlejiKiacbfut 1 ludf ; iuilini>il Is -ilin ra- 

{mkcb or piBOUe iuiuJu i |iniilucliieof id- 

pNMcb i ioaaniiDioiu. 
CONTI'MM.IOISLY. (Iifn-l;lti;'-le-i>*-|p) 

ad, Ki^prDarkf»t1y ; rvdtly. 

nit) n. 1. KoJenrMi fepinirb. 
CONTt:MIXy. (k«o'-lf-iBT4f ) ». 1. Hudv 

bmb; coainnpiuoantMi blttmiMa «l bA- 

(iM(B 1 nuttach. 
To CON'IT.' N U. ( k^-tund') h *. To bniue ; 

lu b«al UiKDilixt. 
TaCO.VI'L^iL, <kvii-tuiB') ■>.■. To 1<mi w 

folbtr ; 10 bnilte 1 10 bnuac Uic tinb ■ iili- 

ou( a Inacb of lie emtlauiiy. 
CUMTHSIUN, Ikqn-lv'-iliuni «.!. Il>atiD| 

or bnutlng ; ibe lUU of belUg bf »itn M 

bruiHd , a bniivCi 
CONVAI.LStt.XCE, (ktn-t^-W-WBM) 1 
tON\ AI.I.«C1:NCV. (kfa-ti-lfa'-if)-^) J 

■■ t, Kenrwnl of bnJlh. 
CONVALK^KM'. (kfo-t^-lgi'-icM) a. 

lUcoiciine ; niu.niiD;[ to a tialo «f benllh. 
CON\'KNAViI.K. (ksD.«.n|-W> •. Capa- 
ble of bcinf cODinwd. 
TflCONVKNK. (kfD-tfo*') •- a. Tomne 

lai-eilioi ; intMociata; to aawnble formy 

public purpoe. 
r<>Cl)N\ LNK. (kon-nna') e.a. Tocall M- 

HtbtT ; to auembte 1' 10 •umaioD ^idnlly. 
CONVFJIEIl, (kgn-Tc'-Dn) •. •. Uuo *bu 

aiKBitilei wlih allien fol biuitwua 
CONVl':MENC(^.fk«ii-t*'-fic-«nM> tu. 1. 
C01i\KSimc\, (k«n-t«'-tlf-^-w) S Fit- 
new ; propHFiy ', commodlauintai ; tue : 

tauaa of eaa* ; anonimtMUtloa ; HinrM of 

time dt pbc*. 
CONVtJilKNT, (kpn-re'-ne-rntj a, FU; 

rululilu : lonimodloua. 
COh\EXIl.Ml.V. (km-if'-iip-eoilo) oj. 

ConinioJioiuly i vitbout dllfiiutly ; kly. 
CONVKM, (kfn'-Tfut; ■.•■ An awcnbly 

of iditjiaui i-mno* ; ■ body of noska 01 

nun* ; a rT<li;;iaua botue ; no abbey ; a mo- 

BMTny-. a uunoery. 
TbCONVKNT. (kfln-rjnl'j t.a. TocaUba- 

fora a JadEr. 
roCONVtlNT, (kfni-TOM') i.n. Tomeet: 

to concur. 
CONM.MlfU:, (kfD-T^'-M-in ■-•■ An 

u*enil>ly ; a Riertui( ; an BHinibly (ui 

Kluustiial werihip. 
CON\tMlCLKH. (k^n-ven'-lD-klcr) 

One (bat [mjiii'Tiu private and nnlawful 


CONVtMION, (kfn-*M'->1'an> "-<• 'Hia 

Bet <'( crrniiBK logiilici ; an aanmbly : a 

contrnci fgi a DUr, jmiioiu lo adelnidTO 

CONVENTIONAL, (^u.Tm--> a. 

Stipulaird ; atTGcd OH by cunraci. 
COSVEMlONAJtV, (i,v'-'S'''-»tF'-»-'TJ 

0. AcliDfl upon coDiracl- 
CONVl.M lUNIST. (kfa-ten'-ebgn-^M) a. a. 

OnF *l>o niakct a roDlnn oi barpio. 
COKVtJiiTlAU (kfln-T(»'.|i..fl) ». Be. 

longing to a conTtsl i nOEUilck. 

DQli— I^W, tgb, bifll,'— gi);— pfiiodi— Ilia, iiiii 



r« CONVERGE, iktm-iajJ) t.ib ToHirf 

to OCA pOuL 

CONVttt(U:NT, (kfa-«s^-imt>)a. Tmd- 
CO.NVf.R(jl\G, (kga.*^-jfi|) i iug (o 

cat poini. 
CONVKKGING SirM. $« Simii. 

Etd lur cosiatMUBa. 
CONVtIbUUlLBNESS. <kfa-<ii'-*f-td-<>C*) 

a.1. Tba qiuUijr o( Iwug • ploMug com- 

panUai : twain of nlk. 
(»KVERSABLY,^kt«.*ti''-n^1g)«l. In 

ftCOBTVtub'a mannfr. 
CONVeitSAKT, (kOD-v^-ifDt) a. Ac- 

qulDicl •tlh i lanog laHKOono whb ; 

■eotaoiiiuJ 1 njanni; lo- 
COjrVKRSATION. (km-t;r^'-diDii> n. i. 

FlMtUM di«MUtM ; clal ; tmj t»Sk : *a- 

couMe npoo uijr nibjnt ; intnnnrac -, bt- 

hiiioui : pnutiral blibiM. 
CON\):ilS.\llVK,(kfa-«tt'-it^v)*. Rv 

UlMql la (ominfic* «ilk nan ( DOI caatcB> 

C0NVKKSA/IONr„ <kfii-TM-««C-*»y-a«> 

M. •. A MlTMill^ OlCOBlllUiy. 

TvCONVI'.lbiK. (kp>-*grH') ••■• ToboM 
inWnouna *uh ; M ke ■i-quimlHl vidi i 
lo comrt} dw tli<ja)[ta* ndl-ciKally in Ulk ; 
to dlic«ari> ItmilL-ulf upm any tubjtd ; 
ID hiT« ruHUnere« •iili » Jilfrfml mV. 

CUNVKIlSb, (kgn'-iinc) v. i. ConiM- 
mUqd : ui)iuiiatiisco i CMOaliaiiiy. 

CONVKIUE, (kfiCT;rw} ■. tdKnuiiwt 
oppoaite or reu|-nicBl. In nuilbrDiMkk*, 
A pMpoiiliini ■• cuDTi IK of anothn. wbra. 
■ha Jrawinr a concluiinn (ran tonuUiinf 
fint apiiiKd, we ntiitn ogaim by naUag 
K Mippoiiiiou or whsi h*d been liMbre cno- 
dwlM, JLniL draw aa a roactonga whal bad 
Moio bfcn a iuj>po«ilion. 

CONVEH&fcLV. (.kvn->ifw'-I«> oJ. tTitb 
clunn ftf «idar I Mdn«c»%> 

COM VERSION, (kfa-V-«^i) ■<■>■ Chaiig« 
of «ne ante into aoodm i cbaoge (nun n- 
nrabnlian la enn, tmn a bad lo a boly 
life i chuw* inn out ralipoa m onodin ; 
la logidi, Tbs tntiRhangr of tenoi to an 
■i|niiien( ; ai, iw ntur n rirt; no rirr » 
Mrn«i CMMm'm nf* F^ri«t<Diu, in :tl^.'bm. 
b tbo mJnfiag of a ^ctioDaL vi^untJoD lato 
aa iatrgial anv. 

CONVER$lVE,(kfa-iti'-«.*) a. Uannga 
UOilcnn ■•> TonimM. 

7b CONVKKT, <kvn-ijn') «. •. To chwiga 
MM (liiag latu anolbn : (o changa fram onu 
Mligdoa u anolbur ; lo lum (ton a bad (o a 
(OOd lib; M tare lowardi ujy poiol i ta 
apply la any uh ; to npfirapiiaw. 

CONVERT, (kun'->an) x.u A wnon eon- 
Tcnpii from one opiiuQn to anoihpr. 

CONVEKIKit. (kqn-vcT'-tn) n. i. Gee 
Ibal mukd I'aniciu. 

CONVKKimiLlTV, (ifln-vK-ip-bU'-f-tf) 
».(. IliD quOilily o( beiun pMubls' to bt 

COSVEKTIBLE. (Ign-iti^-la-bl) n, Sat- 
(E|iUblB □( chnnge ; to toucb iJikv ai tbat 
ou Diiiy bo uMil (oi Ibo otbcr. 


ciprorally | mlh inun^ann of Uraa. 
CONVEX, (kfii'-i^) M, RiHDg io a cif 

ralar km ; ommmUf to mocaTC. 
CONO^X, (L(b-t^k*> •r.b A <«nt«i body. 
CONVeXtU. (kfn-<rtkM'> pin.a. F<na(4 

f»NVL\t:nLY. <k(a-Ttk'-icd-lf) W. In 

a ronrci Imtd. 
CONVEXllV, (k«n'»k*'-f-if) N.I. l^ro- 

lohtmniF in a k ico Im fom. 
CONVCXLV, <,kta-Ti!k^-lt} Dd. In • cou- 

«n rorni. 
CONVrXNf.t3. (ktn-t;k>'-n{«) a.i. I'htt 

THp ■iiir o( btiat cwiiri. 
CONViAO-CuNCAVK. (lifa-TtUr-^*^- 

Laic) u. Haibg itm hollow On llw uhIc, 

(Omtp^dbg (u lb* mtrnal pntubK- 

Tt CONVKV, (kfn-TB*) r. a. lo cany ; U 

iiand from oM to uiothn: lo Tvaior* M- 

mily ; to (laumll; M Uaiutat i (O dallTtc 

lo winiliPt ; to lapait. 
CONVKVANCE. (k^-T>'-^M> a. i. Tba 

act of [•moTliiH anythiK); ; llu nvmi by 

wbb;b onylblug u convtyed ; Innunludaa 1 

■CI of mufanllig praptny ; granl: adsed 

M bMUumnit by vlach prapmy u ma*- 

CONVEYANCER, (kga-T|'-|D-»T) n.t. A 

U«yn *ba draw* wiUnp by wblcb ptci- 

ptnty it muufamd. 
CONVEYKH. (kfa-Tf'-tr) n. i. Opc trio 

carrici or traannlti ) Ibat by wUch my- 

Qmuc U toavrjod. 
CONMCIMTV, <kfli-ii«iti'-9-»S) »■•■ 

TiiCOXMCI, (kta-iiki') v. a. To pro** 

ipiilly; 10 dvuci In i<uiK; lt> coafalc; lo 

■liiw by proof oi tridmco ; to otupovpt ; 

to aunnoDnl. 
CONVIC1'.(ton'.r;kO a. CuancaA. 
C0N\'IC1', (k^'-Vikt) n. t. One tmnd 

CGn\^CTI0N, (1.^-Ti>'-«ban} n,u Da- 
iittlaa or guilt i il]i>uio(caii*icrIiigi <en- 
httalion : ilntf o( b«>Bi canrinccd. 

COXVIfllVK. (kflQ-tjk -tiv) 0, Hariog iba 
jjo^n't uf COD villi' m^, 

T.1CONV1NCK. ikvu-*inM'> v.a. To fatco 
luiy one Id acknowlFilge a conUaud pto- 
poiiiion ; lo prore giuliy of; to ovtrpoww ; 
u (nnnoaai. 

C0NVINCEMEI7T, 0'9s-H°<*'-<Bt°0 "• *• 

CONVINCEB. <kfln.iin'-»c) ».u That 
wbich ninkri manif**!. 

CO>'VINCI«l,K. (k^a-TJio'-w-U) o. Cn- 
piblp nf roD'ictiotl \ capablo of bving dt*> 


CONVINCINGLY. (Ifln-^la-'mfi-li') -d. 

In inch a nuuiner M to kaio no rooro foi 

CONVINCINGNESS, ('.»iiig-nta) 

II. r. Till- power of coaiiucine- 
CONVlVAU(Koo.T.-.T.|) la. Rfln-in? 
CONVIVIAL. (kon-T!»'-i^)> J W aa «rt«c- 

lainneoli fvtlal; tociaJ. 


Fi». *vt M. f*' I— iM. MS' ;— pi«<. I'i" i— »¥■ "v*- 


CONtlKDRCM, (ka-uoD'Minun) ■. » A 

lov iMt 1 K qnibblci 

nCOHVOCATE, <kfii'i7JEtt>) r.*. To 

COKVOCATION. (k«i.Tf-k«--iih!iD> ^h 
CiElei: In aa utnnhlj ; an Mwnhljr l «n 
■■«■ mill J of ill* <) VKy ^ oODMllatian opon 
— wn •cclMluduT; a diiidod •otdsml- 
Ml laaanMj, ia vhlcL ibo (nmal bMlnna 
of thv noinnlty i> muMKicd. 

n CONVOKE, (kgnxfU') (.a. Toalllo- 

R CONVOLVE, (k(ri-Tvt.')..o. To rail 

COSVOLCTFD, (k^-To-lu'-nd) fmi. 
Tiniit6 ; rolled u^n iurtl. 

CONVOLtrUlN. < k9i>-T9-lD'-«bgn> ■■,•. 
Hi>lliaj{ iaijllii]i|{ U|iun Iculf; ralUo|[ In- 

n CUXVOY. (k«D-im') r. u. To wcaB* 
MDV Vr ItB^ or ■<■ K)c tlio ukc of dtfaiKa 

CONVOY. (kqa'.Tf^) n.i. Fime altfnding 
<ia the roiil b; WM of dcfsnCB ; Ui* act <a 
dttfodiiig M n ddaoca j coDmaaca. 

COMVOLVUUl!i.(kt&-T«r-T9Ju) a.>. A 
nnaii of plaou : biDd-**«iL 

CONi;SANCI';.(fc0n'-v-*v>K) n.<. Cogni- 
■Mcv i Dotkr : linj)*le«ci. 

COM SA^vr. (k^'-^-iyO '- CipaMat. 

Te CONvI'LSE. (ktn-Ti|lm> v.a. To pTc 

an irTKolw aad iaiatuaui; moliM to tbo 

imm of aoy body. 
CONVltl^SlON. (>>^-nl'-'IinB) n. 1. Tn- 

mult : (liMorliuirr. Id mrilicln*. An in- 

Tolvetuy coatnctioD of tbo bbma and Da*- 

cira. wbmby iba body asd Uaiba are f**- 

Inulurally diiloMwI. 
CONVLI^SlVn, (k^o-iul'-tit) «. Tandlat 

to jiroiluc* Uitoluutar; luoiioo. 

COXVl LSlVtLY. (kvnn'l'f'l?) "f- In 

■a 3i^t«lect OT ttuoulmoot bAnD^r. 
CONY, (_ki)D'-nr) a. I. A loblnl ; a liniple- 

CONY-SMHOUUK. (kDD'.D>-bur-n) n.t. A 

|ilkc« *Wn rabbiu mako lielr hole* In tha 

n COO. (knf) T. a. To (Tf a* a dme or 

COOIXO. (Iino'-ing) a. t. Inriuiion. a* tlia 

not* irf iha dorr. 
COOK,(teok) ■■•. On* «boHi pmbMion 

it to drvM Knd pMearo rlvlinb. 
COOK'MAIU. (taak'-nqda) a.i. A iMld 

(bat d t r —t ptOTUioiit. 
COOK-ltlKlM. <lLaaL'-nam) a. i, Tha 

kiulm o( k (liip. 
T* COOK, (UukI c a, 1's pnpuo Actu- 
al* : to prepare for any ]>uq<«c. 
COOKERY, (kfok'.gfo) a, i. Tlit an o( 

dn>«in|; iirtualk 
C<i<}|^ (>^l> •- ApproachiDg to ccild i 

Ufflpanta ; npt trdout : noi ardrnt. 
C04ll„ (kool) n.>. t'mtlom fniin haat. 
]rbCOOU'~lkoci1) CO. Tu &ai« tool; (o 

allay lir>at , (o quiot paulna. 
n OOUL, (kool) *. a. To tnw Uw botj 

U |>aw lau wann. 


COOLKR, (k«ol ft) a. lb nat vUib Ui 

tba aoam of cooling (be body : a rta*rl ia 
voich anytlanf: i* nadr coil. 
COOLI8H (kagT-liL) a. Approacbioe lo 

COOLLY. (booMa) ad. Witbout bea(. cj 

■tarn rotd : ■{(tioM naaaka. 
COO L N L^S , > kooi'-a**) a. <. OmU* cold ; 
Wui ol afletiion ', lUacUaMlaa ; ft«adoni 
(rom puMOB, 
COOM, (bpnn) a, i. Soot tbu {atbo* oiwr 

an om'» moalb. 
COOUB, Hkoam) a. i. A mruoiaornm 
CONH. i conlalaiog fmt bwUb. 
COOP. <koan> n. >. A binrl for ilie pro- 
•cnMlim of liquids ; a ai^t , ■ pea fat aai- 
n COOP, (kfop) ■> a. To (hut up in a nai^ 

nwcdiapiai to tonfin*-, (uoift. 
COOPEE. (bof-pn') a- a A mMion bi 

COUI-KK. (kuo'-par) a. il OM lliat Mk«« 

<oopi or b&naU. 
C00rKR.\GE. (bM)',pfi-«>) ■-■- The 
vork (^ a coopTT ; ilia imn |wd br MOpft"! 
*ntk ; liie pla» trbere a cooper wotia. 
Tb CO-OPEHATE, (k^-op'-fr-^if ) r. a. To 
ltboarj<nntly*ititaDOthei(«lbe BBieeDd; 
to concur is the (aiDa tilKL 
CO-OPBRAllON, (bv^p-ri-a-thua) a. b 

CtiuTnliTitinjE 10 (be Munr end. 
CO'OI'l:ilA'l'l\t.(ko-9p'-{;T.(-tST} a, Pni- 

muuiif Ike unie end. 
CO-OP&RA lOIt, (tQ-fp'-rt-f-tur) a. >. Ho 

tbal pitaMUn tbe uine end wltb DtLim. 
CO-OI*rATION, ^ko.«..t,'..bun> a. ). 

AdopiiQu ; luauiiipUan ; uiioii u duiica. 
CO URUINATK, (koV-d>-<i|W} *• ><<>■<■■ 
iiiE tke (uus nuik i not beioi flnbOfdioaM . 
CO-l>llUINAT£LY, (kf-qi'-d^n^le-lf) erf. 

Id iliF eainc nab. 
ro-UKDlNATENESS. <k<r-«r'-dfn«t04Ea) 

n. •■ Ibr Mala o( brioe co-ordinala. 
CO-UlU>lNATe:5.(b4^-Jt^te) n.r. In 
lUBibrmBiicki, Tie abaciia »d oidin(ia>> 
■ban laLcn In connrclioo. 
OM)ltDINAT10N.(kfrV"le-na'-(il>nn) a,i. 

Tba itate of boldluj tbo tame rBuk. 
COOT, (kfHii) a. 1. A flull black ratn- 

fowl, ia ten* aad aanbei. 
COPAI.. tko'.p^l) n.t. A Mnicanrsa. 
COPAHCtNAKY. (kf-^-ae-nftf; n.t. 

Jotnl luccnHuou W any nbrttlanee. 
COPARCKNKK. (kaW-ef-aai) a.i. and) 
u bate M)n)Ll ponioa in lb* inlnritmca eif 
(beir ancMiior. 
COPABCKNY, |lLi>.p|r'-t».ne) n.t. An 

(dual tliBFe o[ couaTLeDri*. 
COI-AItl.MEN'1'. (ko-iart'-mrat) m. t. 

COPARTNER, {ko-p{n'-u«)a.i. Onetbii 
bua iharcin tome ooniuon elock otaSut; 
one o^oJiy cnuccuLod. 
Tbo tlnl* of btoiiag an e^Dal jait, tn pa*> 

I. A gam vfaicb 

amiag an aqml iban. 
COPAn-A, (l^-pt'-n) a. I. 

ditlilt fiam a Uo* lu UiBJil, 

mf, 1— luba, tab, ln|U ;— gil ; ptywl ;— tUo, Tsla. 




COPE, (kffi*) n. I. AdjiU^ -M «Udi 

tk» MM li 0OT*f*d; a aacmlottl tcM- 

ntat vora b aoad whlnflion ; njUiiai 

•pimd oier tba ht%i, u ibp cOBtiiir* irf 

Ua kUn ; Miy uibwart ma k dear. 
*• COPE, (kpf) c. a. TtiMtir. •■ vldi k 

cape ; CO caaft with i w vppoMj M te- 

vudi ID gifp ia rrtnre. 
"a COPE. <Lnx) ».n. To canlnd ; t* 

nnnln i to nKocortac 
COPERMi:AW.(Lf^H'-a^k^)a. IMu- 

int M (lar »pim at Cop<nks*>, (ktp'>pa-«r)ii.>. OMI^coidH; 

ft inuKcnlkCT i Cftt tbift tmrtiilift ; n pltei' 

COrlNG. {k9'-piDg) ■. t. The npptr (in of 

■wioBiT vfiicn (Dtrn Ibe •nil. 
COl'lOL-^. ikv'-pf u) «. PlntiM i tlma- 

dani i abomiliii^ a iiitrit or iomcea i not 

bwten i nol ccmnM. 
COPIUUSLY, (kf'-pfu-lt) cJ. FtfBti- 

fultf ; M 1*1** ; JiBuhUt- 
COPfOL'SMESS.(ka--pe-n>-D^)a.t, Pl«nr| 

■liMltiii I ; dU^nwi 1 oinbttuK* of aryla. 
COPP£l>. <kvp'-pi>t> '■ RuiiiG ID k lop or 

COPPtL. O^p'p*!) •>. >■ Ab IdKivmenl 

iue4 ia cbroljtrr to uj uil piuifjr gold 

ami alnr. 
COPPCK. <lmp'-pti) ibh Ou «f iho (ii 

priniilir* mct^, 
COPPCII. (k^p'-pfO ■■ >> A tmhI inula 

of remct, rotDmonJv lutJ foi ■ Uular, 

Imw" tnu « BOTtabiB poL 
00IVBB-PLATE.<k9ir-pc^pIfto) •.!. A 

pUH m wlich pictun* aio (Dsfwm. 
COPPERAS, (l4p'-pr-«*) n. I, A nmia 

jjifcn to jmoB, tiluCi sad wlil* ncriol, 
OOFPBRED, (W-ptrd) ■■ Applied to 

iiwirl* baring uivii bouonu tbruhni triih 

iilalea a( copprr, (O pmnv* tba pluika 
roir wanni. he 
COri'ER.<MlTII, (l9p'-p«r-«mitb) h. i. 

(hin Ihal mknufiictBK* copper. 
COPPERY. (kKp'-Mtf) "■ Coauiuiug, or 

bariug the aanu* ^ oimi. 
COPPICE, (liflp'-m»,arl««) m. t. Urn 

vond* cut at lUled time* lot fuel, 
COPPING, See CortKo. 
COPPI-C-DUSr. (kvp-pl'dytt) n,i. Powdot 

uai-d ill nohfyin)! mptali. 
COPPLED, l.k9p'-pM) d, Iliamg in a ocoick 

(orm -. itniiii: to > poiut. 
COI'SE. cLvp*} •>■ '■ l-ow wood cut at a ow* 

(■in ^wui for foci ; a plate a*«gre«a 

vllh (Iiatt vood, 
C0P1'ICK,<W-I(k} n-a. Tb» laajpmiio of 

tht Cojiu : Qie andcot Egjrpiuii laniciuar. 
COPULA. (;li<;p'-n-l() n. t In to^ick, iTio 

irord whirb uoiwi lb* lutrjKt and pradl- 

<al* of a praiMoiUan ; at. hooka an dear. 

la anatWD*. A Uguannt, 
nCOPt'l-ATK,<kfp'-v llte)*,a, Toniiicei 

to caajoui. 
Ti COPULATE. <tflp'-u-la(«) v,n, Tacoma 

lOMtboi a* diflcnot •pira. 
COPl'LATE, <lop'-u-l>to) «- Joiorf. 

DPULATION. iknp-vV-»*™) »■ •■ Tl« 


evifmi M mntiTaM «f tbe two mnt ; an* 

COPULATIVE, Oqp'-n-li-li*) a, TosdisK 
to connKf or uatia. In firniamhr, A Utu 
applied lo cuaJQociiona wJocb ioib tbe OaoM 
a* nil M ika wotdi i a>, awl, atii^ 

Copy, tb^p'-po) «.», a tianwriiit lian 
tht orinul ( on indiTiJanl buok ; iba aa- 
(0(npb, e> originDl, a/ut which tba cooi- 
ponlot Mt* baa tjpe ; a pidur* dtawa ban 
aaotbei fictoo. Cipy ^ Vcuri UcU ; t« 

COl'Y-BOOK, (}k> a. t. A t«>k 
in which M]dcs aco wiiiun for leuneri l« 

C0PVI]OLD,(k(p'-p».|i9ld>H.». Atoiuif, 
for which tba icnani' baib notbinE to ibew 
biit Iho cniijr of tbe rolli nad« by th* ilfw- 
ard of hi* loiJ't couti. 

COPV-KICirr. (kvi.--M.q(e) ». ,. Hia 
Vt«V*nj ■mh\tib as Miihor, ot hii uaignee. 
ka* in ■ literary work. 

To COPY, (kf p-.po} .s. .. 1-0 inuDribe i lo 
writ* aftef aa oruioal ; to tniruia. 

T* COPY, <k«i'.M) u. a. la iniut>^ 

COPYKR, <fcn>-pMr) a.!. Una who 


COPYIST. (kffp".p?.Ui) a. k A ituiatribor; 

M ■lullUV. 

nCOQCET. ao-W) i.u. To imt with 

n appeuiUKe ot unmoua Undcnwaa. 
To COQUET. (ko.k«0 *■ a. To act tba 

Inrtr ; in pnlicB bv falandithoicatf. 
COWUt.TKV.ikf-kni'.ie) n, •. Aflhetadoa 

of anioroui adraacaa ) daoig of atlnctlB| 

COQUETTE, (ko-kfO •*■ *■ A gaj airy 

kIH ; a woman who mdaaroun lo attiacc 

COQI'LTTISII. (ka-l(t'-iili) a. Having 

the mannon ot ■ coqiiclia. 
CORACLE, (kvr'-^kl) ». •. A boat uatd by 

Gahen ; mado by Graving kaihoi oi ellad 

doth upon a frame «f viclur wurk- 
CORAL. (kfi'tl) a. (. A ban!, lintlle, cal- 

Ckteoitf lubatauce, erowinf; in ific wa like a 

pJuDl. and inbobited by iho Ui). rifeniuof 

CORALLINE, (V-«4"} •■ ContiitincoT 

CORALLINE. (kfi;-^-iB) a, i. A am- 

plant iiBed in medicine. 
CUHALLUIO, tkgr'-tl-lgld) »«. H*. 

COHALLOIDAL. (k^-tf-lud'-il) } otDi> 

Ul&]{ coral. 
CORU, <kgrii) a. i. An o;aiuiicnt in liuild- 


CORBAK, (kai'-btii)B.t. An almi-bukrti 
a pft ; an aim*. 

COIIBEILS, (kgr'-bflO n.i. Lorse batUia 
uod in fonifiraiion. Glltd with eanli. 

COHBKL, (Lur-I>{l) •>. ■. In nnUTociuis, 
Tb» reprMMitalion of a baahrl, wnDotimea 
placod OB th* head* of tht oaiyaddoa ; a 
ihott piece of timboi or au«a MirlBat oat 
a few lochu* from a w^ll auJ toppOTtini; 
ibo boitlunaal* i a nicli* leCi in walla fat 
If una. 


r^tr, ^r, f|tl. fi|li— mn. ufti— pine, fin;— n;, m^. 


CORDY. (W-ln) n.u A imTrn. 

CORO, (kf(d> nl 1. A re)>o ^ « aUlng com- 

pMod «f »<itnJ Mmiila or i*Uti : ■ iiuao- 

tily of vtod fai fut), nippoMil lo be nun- 

nmd vitb ■ ton). 
T* CORD.ft^nl) f.if. TofaiUnvUbrordt. 
CORDAGE. (k^-dMs} n.1. AqoMlilyat 

rerdi 1 iLe ropM of ■ (Lip. 
CORDED, <ktr'-d(d) a. Made of foprai 

trnmil with a cord. 
CORDELIER. (kfr-df-lMO "••■ Arna- 

ciK«D fiiti ; Ml named iidoi ibo owd «bkh 

■ttfiM nin for A ciDciuKi 
CORDIAL, (itfi'-df^) n.1. A iMdicino 

(hkl inciviwr* tb* Tom of th* hmf -, any 

Bi^dlcagB thmt ipcmw* Mmigtli ; asythiog 

tLftC cumfi^rt* anil «ibiianl#«, 
CORUIAU(kT['',l*-^} a. ItvnnDgi inri- 

nmuin j ; ■jiivn* ; hvart*. 
CuRDlALlI'V. (kgr^la-il'-i-U) n i R*- 

bdon to !&• haut ; WKimth ef nuumoi j 

COaDULLY, (V-dB'll-lf) (J. »M<mly; 

CORDIAL.N£SS.(k«T'-d^-iti*) x.i. BMiti- 

CORDON, (Ifr'-ilyn) It. t. In fortiliratiini, 

A TOW of MoDF* jiiltin; out Man the nm- 

fon ; ■ buid -, a wrtiiUi i the riUioa of u 

ordn or kaitlilhood. 
CORDOVAK. (V-dt-Tfi,) «. t. Cordo- 

tM IfUhfi. (rum Cordota. ia Spun ; 

Siwnliib IntlMT. 
CORUWAlNKlt. (kfrd'-vf-Qigt, or kgi-df 

uu) ihi. A ■luMuiaktr. 
CORK, (bfre) a.!- Tbg )i(«R; tba isoM 

put of is; tbin* ; tht iumi pan oT a Eruit 

which coouiDt iha ktniiil*. 
CORhXfKM', (lLfl->«''ji;n(} ib t. A jtnnt 

i«l«n( or (OTptnour. 
COREl^TlVK, >. ScpComnL^nn. 
COR1ACROllS.(kf'n-V-*t.u) a. CoDiiUt- 

Inn ol laalbM; ot ■ wbcunc* rMtmbling 

COniANDER,(k«-tf-tD''-l.-r)n.>. Aplani. 
CORISTKIAN OnKr. (kf-rtn'-l'iP^n) a. 

Hi* thiid and naUritot Gn ordcn of stclu- 

CORK, (l^k) *. I. A Elu)diti-rDu> utr. 

(tw baifc ot which U oard bi itoiqiln ; • 

pjec* tdcorit ml for Oit alopple ur a bolUo 

Of band. 
TvCORK. (kqrk) T.d. To Mop witb coika. 
CORKINti-PIN. (k^r'-kjog-pin) n. i. A pin 

o( ihr larcrct hif- 
CORkV, (t^r'-k^) 0. Cnuuting of. ot to- 

•smblm^ cork' 
CORMORANT, (V-mj-HDl) -ui. Vul- 

nil) usd fbi Caiiomnt, wbkli ••*■ 
CDUK. (kfm) n.t. 'Ilw (pain of wkaat, 

bulff. rtco. &c ; any minuui panlcln -, an 

MftoMMio* on Iti* tni. hard and pusful. 
7d CORN. (k^> V. a. To wit i (a fftinU* 

vilh wit; to giannlalD. 
COHN-FICLD. (kqm-rMld) n, I. Afield 

^hi^r' com ii growioc- 
CORN-FLOOB, (kgra-Ifcc) «.>. Tho Aoai 

wL«n com u itotvd. 


CORN*-L\ND, (kftn' VI) "■ •• ^aii'I •!>• { 

praiiriMnl to tli( cirarlutticqi afcrain. 
COIl\.lAin,(L(m-lijri> r,.., Oraoaiv. 

CUKN'-MIU^ <kfn.V<') "• >■ A aJl w 

annd earn. 
COlW-l'irK. (L«ni'-pipv)a.i. Auipaowd* 

\n ilnone ib* joint of a gi^tn oalk of con. 
COltNA(iK.(kfrB'-ai«) a.1. Attwuewbltli 

otiligt* iJic loadhofdn to (ii* nolka of an 

iDTision bv blowing ahoTO. 

CORXCIUKDLER. (kvm'-u]i|nd-l3t) "•i> 
Obc lli at re laili con. 

CORNCUTTEH, < b{(m'-Mr>-lir). •■ »■ * 

nan wboM faoitctMoii ia to axiiipaM cona 

from tfaa foot. 
CORNKA, [kfi'-nf't} •, i, Th« boraj coal 

of tho tyr. 
CORNKL, (kot'-ncH 

■■ 1. A t(M bsanog (b* mil tomflul] 

(all*d lb« coiBol or cornolUn chmry. 
CORNEIIAN-STUSE. ««o CiaoaLlaw. 
CORNLOLTS, (igt'-n*-iu} o. Ilonij. 
CORNER, (W-n{i)ii.fc AsMiploikMeiM 

w rvmoto pftoo ; tbo axtnuineo ; lb* M- 

moM limit. 
CORNER sn'ON'E, af>'-<itt->i?i>r1 «■ •■ 

The atone Ibat unitta the two wtlit at tho 

conirT ; the piiodpal (tone. 
CORNERED, (k||rr'-D|;iii) g. Itaiing anglM 

or comora. 
C0RNERWI5E, (k^r'-nsr-wju) od. tKaf- 

onaJly ; wilb lb* <ORii-r ia faont. 
CORVrTI', (kgr'-snt) ■>. i. A muaind iotlra- 

mrnl bJuwn witb ilw nimilh ; ihv o<l>c*t lliat 

bMr«ili*iiaiidardDfa(aTali3>ir«oi>-, Vm^i 

tf Heru, u tbr lowMt pari of bit |>uUrB 

that luni round tba coffin ; a tcaif ucimtly 

worn br docton ; aboad-dmii Admit if 

f>fin-, 11 a cap of papn. mnda \iy tMadcn 

for iRiall wuM. 
COKNinx;Y. (kft'-ntl'W) n. 1. Tba con- 

miaaivo of it conat. 
CURMCi;(kfi'-nia> ii.i. Tba UKb«al pro- 

JNtloD of m (mil ot colomn. 
CORNICK lUni. (hyK-ol*) h. >. In g<m> 

oery, The orjn ling Iton tbo munis bnck- 

CORNICLE, (kfi'-nik-kl) n. >. A liitia 

CORNICt'LATi; (lqr-oik'.Ai-Ut.)., Ilom- 

cd. lo boMnj, tiuib plnnt* oa pnduc* 

many diatinct and Loni*il pada. 
CORNICEROl'S, (kvr-liidjg'-e-T^) i, 

Horard -. hiirinic honih 
CORMNG MtlliSK. |kv''-nint-h«vu> o. i. 

Tbaiiliint Hbiro nuapumlDtU (nnulaieil. 
CORKiSK, (k^r-niah) o. RelBling lo Iba 

Mopl*, 1aiwuu|«,ot nnanMa of tbo Cortdab, 
CORNlJCOKl£,<kgl-af-bf'-t^-a)n.i. lis 

Loro el pleDiy. 
Ti CORNltTE. Oot-niftt^) v. a. To bMiow 

honu , ID cackOM, 
C01LVCTGD, (kor-of'-lgd) ■■ Cntladwlib 

bonia , cuckolded. 
CORMTO, (kfr-n^-to) ■■•. A cuckold. 
CORXUTOR, tkfft-ou-ior) h. ■■ A eiitk- 

old maker. 

^ ;— tvW, tjli. 11(11 ,— BJI i— pwtid i— tUn, mifc 




CORNY. O'Oi'-Ba) A. 8mni[ or hud KU 
ben i ]>fOiIi>ciDg|ndaoT«oi>i «anUiiuii( 

COKOLLARV, (kfF'-l^lff) «■ •• 111* 

couliwMa i MfjdlU. 

CORONA, (Uff'-at) >■ >■ A larfi a>it 
■urabn of the owalcc, wbitb cr«i>n« t^ 

COHONAL, (kfi'-fBtl) n. ib Aonim; ■ 

CLONAL, (kft-t'-a^) «. DalmclnB ■» 

llw lop of tba frail. 
CDHO>fAnY, lip'-o^vt) a. BaUliiic M 

CORONATION. (I.BT-0-i.V-.ilian) ■-•■ The 

act or Klrmniiy ol cnnrning k king ; ths 

^Mm DT aurmlJljr |mirnl ai n toroaMiun. 

CORWKIl. il.'ifo-utr) n. t. An oAi«r 

wlteaa duly u ti'tnautre. ca iho fott (/ 

(h» lia[. hcnr uj tmIiiI •liolb vat Oo-f 

Uaneil ; (uc wbitb pn<pa« * jury it in>iwn- 


CORO.VET, rbfi'-9'^> tkt. An infi-rior 

OMWB irm by Ihe nobiWy ; is an>«4aul 

CORFORAI..(Ur--i>^rtt) ■.«. TbebiwtM 

olBcrf of (W Inbnaj. 
CORI'ORAI.^o»>p.(lt('-pf'rtI)»*. An 

olBcM (hki bub the tfta^ of Mlliag 

Ih* inKhM and MOtriM. 
CORPOILII., (kcT'-po-rtl) «. fUhtinB b> 

ibo boJy ^ KaMriil : DM (pUltol ; reluin^ 

tu *a oKib M mlltd. 
CORPORALE. (kvr-p>n'-l?) "■ «■ Tbe fine 

liam wbMBla lbs nnuiFni i> put. 
CORPORA l.ITY, (l(qi.iio-nl'^.(f) ■. ^ 

Tlic quality of being rmlwdba ; corpon' 

iloD ; roDliaornltr. 
CORPORAU.r.<ka'-|io-nI'k)W. HedUy. 
CORPORArE. (Igr'-jra-^ic) ;. VnUnl la 

k body or commuaily ) foaUed lo nc* In 

hipt practaMi w u iaJMdMlj (tneral ; 

n COnPORATF, (ki]T'-p;-i^) *. m. To 

CORPORATELV. (V'M-'V'?) **■ h 

a r«Tpnniie npvily. 
ClUtrolt ATENESS, (kqr'-pf-Tfle-stM) n. i, 

TTir tlTivr of n IkiiIt coiuonilr. 
CORPORATION, (llq^[<^^'-lbyu> ». i. A 

body pclilick, audiiAtAl hy Ibe kine'* 

clinln 10 hurt a rmnakim wal, one head 

oficer or mocr.uid Ritmlfm. nhle, by iiitit 

rominon rwitonf, lo unni, i>t n-rri^f. in 

law. aaytUoi; wilbki tba compati of tbcu 

CORPORATURE. (V-r»-t-n'*> "■ •• 

The (tate of brinu cmbodiail. 
COHPOHCAI.. <k^'r>f'-'*-t>> >■ lUiiag a 

bcdr i oat ipirilUBl. 
CORPOR>:ALISr, (kor-po'-t^il-irt) n. . 

Oa* who dcniM ■piritiuU ■olituux.-w. 
COHPURK.ALr.Y. iL(rt-w'.»p^l.|o) «it In 

a Buiorinl tc bodily inaaaBr. 
COKl-OBElrY. tk7r.p9-ee'..Ho> a.fc U*- 

CORPOHEUUS, Cl9r.Iif'-i;-9*> 0. Dadilji 

baiiag a body. 


CORTOmnCATION. ft«-p^.ff(^lA 
ebun> K. I. Tho Kt of ginag body ra pil- 

T. coRpoRirv. <kflr•p^»■f^fi) ».... To 

CORP«.<kne)«.a Ptanl<kan) A body 

of bfMk 
corpse:. (Ivip*. M kftM) Ih 1. A body i 

■ dfvfl bnlr ; a tattau. 
C'li: ,( K, (k^f-im-lsnw) 1 _ 

l,. — -.. ol boij; (juMuiidej groMaew 

of niiiiet. 
CORPILENT, (Lfi'-pflcu) a. Fleaby; 

CORPl'SCLE. fkTi'>ps»«I) ibb A anall 

bodr I a ponkie of mailer. 

AS. <lLm iiM'kii'lfr, Lti(-p9»'kv-U''i9-tn) 

a. v.- i>lif( : (omprininf bodlei. 

C0RR1I ,1. '>. (tTrTf^r-f'-ibgn} a.b 

A romunnian of ray* id one poinl. 
rvCaHHECI, (kpT'ifkr) (.a. Tonnuad} 

10 ui-f away taolie ; lo obiiMe Uw qnAlidM 
<•( ODr >n(;redir«l by oootbn ; to puiiib ; 

CORRIICI" (kfr-TjkiJ a. Fnw bom 

CORRCCTION'.i;kfr'rdt'-<bnn)i<.i. Puniiib. 
Dirni ; litk'iijUiu ; JtemtiM lo a brllpc 
•raio . auirndnint ; ihM •blrli b nnbtti. 
tutrd in tlie jilace nf ■nytbing wioag ; n- 
pnbcailoii ; anlmadTemon ; tbalnncat of 
uudoui ^wHllM, by tbo addllion ot lome- 
dtBi coatraiT. 

COBRECTIVe. (k>fMtk'-l(T) a. lUring 
tbcm*o> 10 dbnaw any bad qnalitlH. 

CORRECTCVJ:. (k«t-t»t-iii) a. J. Tbat 
•hicb baiihc [ioHr«(of alieriue oi cbviutng 
anyibiDu uulu , liuuuiion : mtrictioo. 

CORRECILY. (kvT-»:ktMo) oi. Aku- 
nlely . wlibout (lulti. 

CORRBCl'NESS, (kvr»;hr-nM) a, i. Ac- 

CORRECTOR, (kfT-rtk'-lnr) n.1. lie Ihal 
UDEOd* : be Ihit nnuM kuytblng to fr«o (I 
fiom fault!. In mrdidne. Such an thfnidi- 
ea[ M giuuda agauti of abate) ibo faro* ot 

CORRKUIDOR. Oft-ltT-JHt') "•!■ A 

RpanMli ciQ«iniatP. 
Tu('OIt)ti.l.ATi:. (kfT-if-Vc') V,*, Tabs** 

n fccijiT^nl rrlnlinu. a* falbpc aiid ton. 
COHRfXAllVE. (iflt rtl-s til) o, HaTJag 

a rfi-niri)CLit rolhuon. 
CORUI.l.l.^TlVK. /Lflr-rsl'-^lii) a. i 

Thii aiiii'li ^ll■ u irciprocat tolauoa. 
CORUKI.,lil\ l.NfoS. tkflr-itl'-|-ti».»t«) 

n. *. 1 hr •"!> ii( buiuf «iiT»IiiiItb. 
7b COKKK.<i|'i)ND. ^kf t-n epijnit') r. a. 

To (Hit ^ ti. aniwer; li> ktop up {omnieito 

by allpiTinir Irt[<-n> 

DKM V, (kflf -f^-epyn -dtnie, kfr'fr-i|>fn'- 

d«i-w) M. I. Rebuoa ; rtdpiDinl aitap^ 

laiiftD of one thing loanotliet; tpitlulArj 

lBM>(«uno -, fcdptocal ialeUijjniB* i fiimd- 



F»W. la, f(U, t)l ,— nn, vt* i-pi»B. m ;-«9. »B»* 



SulaUe; ■•bt-toi. 
OORRESroN DENT. avr->>->|ii>i' >leui) 

» *. Ub* wiik wfaum ct-nunvnc is L*pl up 

by Inltm. 
CtlKlltlSPoNUKNIH', (li^w-«pt»'-dBUt- 

Ih) ad. In in ai'conling muiinir. 
COftRESTONSlVE. (kgfi^*ptt|--«t) a. 


«■]' Ijinf (vonj lit* vfaola compiai ii( ihs 
fiyn&ifttuti* o( ■ jilac* i » (lUlviy n Jong 
Mle roand abnt ■ bail>liii(> 
COftlltOlBLS. (W-t^io.l>l) a. C«f*bla 
«r Wieg •Atadfd ; JtMntaf of pnuah- 
mmti coiTMiiTt. 

OORIUVAU0^r.T|'-nl)a. C«iiMii>tiDg. 
T.COaWVAt, (l«9t-ri--»»l> u * T* tIb 

CORRIVALRV, (k9r-ii-Til-iT)it.t Com- 

CU11RI\'ALS111P, (kjr-ii'-»»'-»''il'> "• ■• 
I OiipoiilUni ; tiralty, 
■ T» COnRIVATK. <L(r-ri'-TtU) »• •■ .T* 

dra> wiUT ool of fvnnl imnm* idio 

CORHIVATION. (tft-n-vf'-ahfm) nt. 

llig iiuiuIdg of water* tO)|ctbFi iulo ann 

CORItOHOKAIsT, (kvMfb'-f-iyit) <. 

roCOUIlOUllRATE.{kqr-t«b'-i^4aw) luo. 

1 o (onflrm ; (o MIKblUb ; M atrvni-tbui. 
CORKOBOBATE. (kor-rvk'-f-i^w) a. 

Stnni|ilicn«d ; ccnGimMl. 
CORROBORATION, (kfr-fgb-^if'-ibqn) 

•k «. Tlie Kl of slnDgTbenui); oTCdiifinD' 

CORROBORATIVF., (k(i-nt'-n-n-tii) n.i. 

TliBi a-hidi inrmu* ■Irrogtli. 
COnUObORAllVK, (Xfc-cvli'-frf-Ht) a. 

KsTiBg ibo pawn of confinuia^ at MUb- 

Ta CORRODE. (lifl(^e'> K. tt. To cui 

atiy hj iegm*-, to |inyii|roai CD con- 

CORRODENT, (kfr-rf'-J^tit) •>- Ibvini; 

die MWDr of wtiD); ujjiliinj away, 
CORRODENT, (k^r^'-ilsnt} «. •. Tbnl 

vhJcb (■!> nvay. 
r» COBRODIATC, (lifrif'-dt^tv) ». •. 

To wc ■*» J fcy d*ci>M«. 
CORRODlBlLlTY.(kfr-T<r-d^biI> (•) n.k 

Tti* qnaUtj of li*ini; (rmwlit'l*. 
CORRODIBLl':. (kvr-m'-J>-U) «. Ckpriila 

COimOBlBLE, a. SMC««uoDi(r.ii. 

Sui»ptthUity of MnoiUis. 
COBROfilON, (kfT-iif'-abDii) n. •■ The >iUe 

et behiB tUiaa ot vrera airij by degrtu, 
CORROSIVE, (.i^rtfrlt) t. lltmg the 

pooin' of conuimiDi: nt wmodb bwiy ; 

havini: ibc 'lUalily wftM orTFi, 
COBHOSl V K, (livr-»o*-»!») n. t. Tb»l which 

hi* ilio t\vti\ly of wutint; *way mylliioi;. 


COnnOSIVKLY. (LvT-(o>T-lf><U, Uko- 

■ cnfatirg ; «iih Uio |<dwti of eonoBOti. 
CUHUOSlVEMOiiS, (Cipii-^-u^) •■ *. 

na oMllly of tornMUM , ■ciuiodt. 
CORRlIGANr. (.ivf-r^W*^ "• l^vioc 

Ilic powci of (amncunt mla krinlilv*. 
7i CORRUGATE. (kflP-rv-RW) mi. T» 

wrinkle ot pone Dp ; V> knit. *• the bravi. 
COKIUIOATE, (kqr'.rf'f^tiFjti. Coamoud. 
COHKlCiATION, (kvi-rn-d'-alinD) *.»■ 

CoDiiulwn iots wrinkU*. 
To COKKlin'. (kgi-rfpO »•■■ To turn 

froiB a toiuul tD ■ ptmMaH lOMl U 4»- 

]mT(> : lu dntrof ulMillj ', ID MW, 
Td COKHLIPT, (k^fuplr) V.H. To Ucmm 

putnd : (a 1«m puitt. 
CORRUPT,(kfT-rai>/)a. Spoilod , twDtod ; 

UDKiand 1 jniliid ; iltloiu ; miitout iDLg- 

CdRItl^PTEB. (kq^tw'■^r} •■.•. II« lltU 

Ulst* « lilUCP*. 

CORRCniniLirY, (kgr^up-tt-HI't-lt) 
n.i. Po*>iliilii« to be comptod. 

CURRl'rlliUi.. (kfr-fifp'-M-bl) a. So*- 
cvptible of ilMtnictioD by nulural dtcqr; 
*iucvplibltf of Tii'mnl flcprantlion- 

CURRCtFI'IBlXM':iiS, (^T.rcp'>W-bl-llc*) 
H. >. Suacol'libillly nf comiptliiD. 

CORRUPTIBLY, (k^t-raji'-u-blt) ad. In 
tt campt mnniitc. 

CORRUrriUN. (k9r-™).'-d.nn) B. i. Tlio 
principle by wliicb bodlM UdiI (o (he *o|ia- 
ntlofl of iheii p*ru ; wickudfi«i , pcnct- 
■loa of princifJei ; paBacelloe ; miUii ot 
fan ID A Mt* ; lie Undton la a Bono 
•nie ^ aa*«. or OIbWi* <t deprantioD. 
rorru^im .y* UiidJ. iQ IkV. Au infccdoa 
giovmg to ilie blood. eiUiE tui iuue el a 
mwi vuintod at tniuao. 

CORRIPTIVE. (kjii^jMtv) n. Ilaeinj 
■be otalitT of tainunc. 

COBRUn'LY, {k«-iiif.i'-lt> «J. Wilh 
nmnptioii -. riljoiulyi iinj-ro)iclly. 

CORRLTTXCSS, (kftrfpt'-n;*) II.*. Vtt' 
liTiCMice', file. 

COKSAIR. (kqr'-av*) n. i. A [linie; (ha 
Te*u] of a CtuiBit. 

CORSE, (kqtw) N. (. Adrul body: atar- 

CORSELET, (V^ti'-fcit) ■.). A Ugbt anamu 

for Ibc lott]»n of the body. 
CORSEl'. ( kf I'tft) 11. t. A put of bodilli« 

tot ■ womia. 
CORTEGE, (kfftfiU') ■.«. A bun of m- 

CORTES, (toi-lfi) n. I. Til* t(.i(n oi (ha 

■Mrmblj of (laWi* of 8min Hid FoKukuI- 

CURTEX.(V-'9^) "■'■ ><»>^- 
CORTICAL, (kyr'.t*-k4l) *. Buky; bo> 

Ion Due ^ <h* Tiad. 
CfJRTICA I'Kl), <k9T'-to-ki-(cd) •. Btwm- 

Idinit Ihs buk of a tme. 
CORTICOSE. <k«r-iC'k9H') a. full of bnrk. 
CORVEITO, (ket-rel'-lo) «. 1. Tilt tut- 

CORVORANT. (kti'-r^-ivil) "■ *■ Yul- 

^uly railed C*rninn>l, vi aiieediBEly tor*- 

cion* bird of (ha I'dins tnbv. 

(i{^ ; — Inlw, Inb, byllj — f(l i — pvynd ;— lAin. lal*. 




by BMhea ; Buhfaw. 
r« CORL'SCATE:. Jiuir-i^-k^} (i. n. To 

CORltSCATlON. {k4rf> ka'-iWip) "• '■ 

FlMb ; (]Dkl( Tibmiaa lA llcliL. 
CORYMBIATED. < kr-iini'-l>f-i)-et<t) *■ 

Ganiibnl «iih doilen « tirnir*. 
COHYMBtFKROU». (>gt->n>'-5t-y) a. 

branos fruit or btrriit in bunchn. 
CORVUBtJ9,(Lo-ii,m''bn>)<i.i. In bMuj, 

A boBch « cluiitr of linrin -. > ceiajHiUBilM 

ducoD* flowft, nxh w iliF iaiiy. and com- 

noo nunoliL 
C08KCAXT, <li^Mi'-kanO n.!. The wranl 

of OS airh, which it ihci comiilcmpal of ui' 

OChw la nioelT ilpgnM. 
n COHEN. SrrliCoim. 

•. Ha'ing tbe nsu npiifnlion* 
COSINK. (lf'-a>a«) "••■ Thfitcit «in« of 

vk atob, whioli i< tlM ceinplonwat of laoilwi 

COSMElICK, {li«t-ng('-ili) A prpjnrntiaa 

fci [Bprovac bniirv. 
COIUIKnCK.(^>fno<r-ilL) «. BMuIifying. 
COSMICAI., avi'-nw-lL^n 1. ItvlMui^ia 

(he warld : ■ trnu Hffdlnl tu Ibe rinog* 

•nil (vltiiiKi of ibn it&H. 
CO&UICALI.Y. (iLfi'-mj-htl-f) M. WiOi 

the >un : nnl ncrnirrbnUr. 
COSMOOONISI. (^•-■i^-f-«iiK)ii.>. He 

wbn dMclibM [!■•• imaUon of tte world. 
COlUlOVOirY, at>-m^-nn;) i^ •. Tbe 

rieeor Ut(b ofib*w«a13i tbenvaliao. 
COSMOGHAiniKIt. (LvclDtt'-m-fer) n. i. 

Dae wba wiiirr x dricmitiM of tb« worlJ. 
COSMOUnAI-IIICAI.. (k«('mo.|nf'-p-k4l) 

a. ttelkling to the geuoni dcKiiptjini of 

(be world. 
C0il9IO0llAPIUCAI.I.Y. (Ift-mp-gr^'-f- 

b||.«) ad. la a muiim relnting (o ronn')- 

CO&HOfiKArHY. (k«i-iDVE'.gTf.ff> n.^ 

Hm hJciii'n of tbo («uon] itfivoi of the 

COSMOWGY. ( n.K The 

ecudy of the w orld in |tn«r*l. 
COSHOUETBY, (h«t-nfm'-f.ttf) ••. t. 

Tbe nKWomDBDI cd tb* worij by dtffta 

■nil tninuHo, 
COSMOI>LAl!rnCK. (k9i-ne-]>lti'-tilL) a. 

RoeMCtnt ibe (gjnunlon of ibo world. 
OOSatOPOLITAN. (kv(4Do.i»)'.o-ua) 1 
'COSMOPMLITlu. (k«(-iDDi>'-9-l|tc') { 

a. k A cliltra of Ibc norld ; one vbo b M 

home io ttetj place. 
con*, (kv*!) (hk The prlco of gnTtU^ ) 

•aipptaooaicM ; Imtuy ; diuje ^ upence ; 

lot*: finei deuimeni. 
n COST. (kgM] <u H. To be bought tar ; tO 

be bud at ■ piv*. 
COSTAL. (Ikf>'-ttl)*. BeloDgias to ih> ilbh 
COSTAHU, <k«ii'-l4id> n.i, A hcnd; an 

aM>le mcnil ui<l bulky lilw llie btod. 
COSrER-MONGr.K. (fcui'-({(-niun|;-gi:0 

■! .»■ A dultr in applet- 
COSm'E, (bf^-^O a. Uoimd b the bodj ; 


hanof tbg f icibUoili obftrvMtd ; cloM , 


COSIIVEN'ESS. (kft'-«T.*^) H.!. Tlie 

Mate o( lbs body in whicb eacndaii ii ob- 

COHTUMISS, fbfet'-lr-nte) >. •. Sumpiu- 

oiuaeee; eTponmenwe. 
COHt LY. (kqM'-lf) a. Expeniiire. 
COSniUK. (kM-luaLe')n.i. Style of drtM. 

In iWDling. The etritt obaenmnn of fvopot 

chancier m I« penone nad tiiap ; bat 

raore Mpmalty to At dren. 
cm, (kol) n. t. A uiall boute ; a (oHan. 
cur. l(kft)n.L A enall bed i a nadb; 
COTI'. S a hunmork -, a Utile boat 
CO|■AN(iK^T. ik^no'.jjiiO ■.!. IVtim- 

(•nt of an srcli wUcb IJ tbe ONoplcoiviil of 

■netbet to ntntljr degrata. 
COTK, <kotii> K. (. A coltBge -. a thren-trilil. 
COTEMrdRAUY. Ckf'Ipn'.pfi^.tf) <^ 

Set' CokTUtomaT. 
COTERIK. (ko-ter-n') n.(. A fiiendly or 

fuhiaoablo aMottatlon. 
COnUXIN. (kn-ta-yon) n. >. A hn%k 

liiely iiiin», til *bick rifbt poneoa an 

uauaJIy emptayeJ. 
COTTAGE. (kyt'-iBie) ■>. «. A hot ; a rot ; 

any eouUI dwdliar. 
COITAGER. (llft^ttJl;r) n. i. One who 

lim io a cotiai[e. In Inw. On* iJiat Kiot 

on (lie comniuii, oilh'iul (laying ronl. nod 

withooE any laod of bii own. 
COTTEn. i(k«('-ief)K.i Uno wbo Inbablia 
COmEil, ( a cot, 
COTTON, (kft'-ai «.i. Tlwdowaoftb* 

cDlton- (roe ; clolb nnde of cutTuo. 
COriONV, (kft'-iBO) a. rultofcoUOBi 

■oft a* <oltoii. 
Te COltCil. (kfvtak) iv "■ To li» down no 

a |4ficr of irputr i to lie down on tbe knriti, 

a* a b<>i»l lu ml ; to lie dum u !□ xcrot, or 

in amhuih ; lo lio doon iu btd ; to •toa]i, 

or bmd down. 
To COUCH, (kyvuL) «. a. To lay dowo miy- 

thiag Id a bed -. id bed ; to hide la loolliei 

body; to InrslfOi lo inchide ; to Gl the 

■imt In Iht f«at ; in iht potluro of >U*ck ; 

lo dapr«« ibe oondetued cty«UriliDO bu- 

luaui or GIm ihol o*m]i(««da ihe pu[dl of 

tbe eye, totanionly tailed tbo oataiact. 
COL'Cfl. (kuvuh) «■*■ A aeal of i«pou . a 


COUCIIANT. (Iflvt^VO*- I-jIngdown; 


COLCIIKK. (tfv<*>>'-£i) "■ •• "> <"">■ 

n>ucl]H> caliuacta. 
COUCHKKLLO\T,(knl>L'-fcl-lo)n.i. Hcd- 

COlICHlNO.<kfyi>h'-ing) la-i. TluBctot 

beniUui ot bawuigi the aunlnl opualion 

of lemaviui a catand fnuii Uw ryo. 
COW. (kove) n.a. A amall aeck Ot toj i 

ibellor i a coivi. 
COVE, (kove) na. To arch oror. 
C<iVK\A.VT, (kuT'^mut) B. ». A eon- 

tf.ut ; a nipulaiion ; *u afrotniral on coi- 

toio temia i a wdting ntuuiniof Uw tetm* 

of agfeematL 


Fate, fti, f|lt, l^ii— niD, net)— i4ne, pirn— a;, ugrc. 


pM ; la agi** «i(h aooUiet on couin 
r«00VICNANT.(knT'-^ii4iii)i.B. TOBOB- 
mct -, M (lieuliuc 

COVENANTKE. (l,ra*-r-in»-tfr') "■'■ A 

nttr (•> ■ (OTcomii. 
COVKXAMKK.^lii/^DlKfi) «.t On* 

wbu uXtt a cmnHDti aunn applisd u i 

Snfly ill tliu ciril varp, 
_ Vl.NUl'N. (kaV-^ny*} a. FnuduJaiit; 

(lallutiir -. thcUth. 
7f COVKIt, (kiiv'-fi) H.*. To eTcnfOMd 

unlikiiiff i la cuutfiitj ■"■■!** ffniiiTthiittf Ikid 

otm; 10 bid* b]P uiperfliU ■jijiiiimi hi . 

W buiY i W iLalut : M praud ; to ificu* 

bkte ; to bnxKl od ; (i> copoUlo wiib ■ 

(nnole i lo wni Ibc tint, h • maik of <■■■ 

»rioriI7. or indDpcndelice. 
COVES, (ka*'-ir) ■. i. AajiUog diu i> 

Uid Ofirt UMlbPi ; • <aon»lamit ; > (craro ; 

m Tcil s iliolier -, dffmtv from madHT. la 

bunting, SlwItM ; raUMl. wliol* th» fox nt 

bus '» tucnoMd M b«> 
COVERING, (kuf'-or-ms) a. i. Dn«( 

COVKRLtrr. |LuT'-*r-b(> n.«. Tha euui- 

moa of 1J10 bodrlaulu. 
COVKRT, (tar'-jn) H.fc A abttler ; a d*< 

tcDCB ; a Ihkkx, w bidini pitcr. 
COVERT. (liir'.Ert) 9. Sbeluicd ; mi cx- 

poacd i prime ; iniidicnu. 
COVKRT, (kg>'-«t) ■. Tba Matn of a 

wontaa atwlMaa by muriafa i u o»rrt 

COVERT-WAV. (l5»'.^.»»')ii.r In for- 
(Itintion, A fpaco of graoiid Iml vilb tba 
fi<ld. tfareo or Uku blbotn braad. Taaging 
quiCr loond tlia batf moon*, 01 other woiVa 
tovard ibe coaatn. 

OOVEKTLV, (kgiT-tn-ltJ at. &ittvCy -, 


COVKRTNlaS. (kar-^rt-ai*) a. «. Sa- 

COVCRTtlRE, (kqt'.$r-l9n) a-i. ShtU 

tat i dBboca -, tba «(IM> and conditioa of a 

marriail «ODian, wbo >• diaablad to cmliact 

wilb any wiikoui bar butband'a amnu- 

Ta COVET, <kDf'-M) «. a. To daabo bor- 

T* COY El". (kn»'.ot) v. ■. To baro a Mwn^ 

COVm'ABLR, (k^T'-M-f-U} 0. To b« 

wlihvd fur. 
COVL!IN(il-V.(knT'-*i-jn(-li>)*f. Eagwly. 
COVETOLs. <kV-t-Wa) «- ' Inonlinftlaly 

CO^'>^Ol^«LY, (kui'-Ta-na-lf) ad. A*ari> 

d<)ii»ly i iQcrrly. 
COVhTUHSSFiKi. (b^-re-l^-njia) a. 1. 

A Tuii* i t tn tiiiut q( dram- 
COytlV, (k^-Tf) R. >. A balfbi m> old 

bird with bar jODaf one*; a sembir of 

bird* UgMbar. 
COUCH, ituiO n. fc A caaraliloa of lb« 

hint*, ralbcaud by aotna *barf> (vMadty. 
T*CUVUII. (LfO hn. To Bdu a noba ia 


owncioaneuaM di»]iNa«)ii 

IM from ibolonci. 
rtCUL'UlI. ib(() na. Tavjnctby acaugh; 

•o eiiitcloralr. 
COVIK, l(hT*'-io)'<><- A ilrcKlfnl a(iw 
COVINE, } mfM liBtvMa Iwotr man, 10 

tbo bait rf (oiollMr. 
CUVINU. rkf'-na() a. *. A tnm lo boild- 

in|. D*ed of hoM*» tbal pr«;;nt «*N (b* 

COtLU. <tafd) Tbo ImptrCxc fsetarlca ot 

COliLTER, (kDlB'-igc) a. I. Tbc di&rti Iron 
of tlir claw wWli (uu tbe oaith. 

COLNClL. (kvuu'->il) n.b An «■ witty of 
)iF»ani nci K>i;Dihot in cawnlttlioo 1 act 
of [inbllck dehbt-nuion ; ta UHinhly of 
diiuiei to deblKiritii upon rrbtim : jwiaoQii 
rallrd lofMbn fo br coniiillod on any oc- 
laateo, nr to ffre ndvin ; tho body of privy 

COtiNSKI., (kqifo'-Ml) n-l- Ad*lca i dllM- 
tioD ^ c<in>uluibai i inlmbanie of opinion! [ 
iktibBiatioo ; lUDiauion of oouaqncnraa ( 
prodonco; an . wtrNy ; tebemoi |iBrpMal 
thsar Uigi plead B caoaa. 

ri'COLii\SEL.(kifvn'-ajl) »«. TB|^ad- 
TiM ; 10 ndnH anyihaig- 

COL'NSELLABtE. (kovn'-<cl-t-bn 0. Wil- 
ling la lotlnw the adTicc ot olhert ; ad 

COUNSELLOR. <kvvn'-*sl l«r> „.,. One 
tliil gl*ii» tdrlo* i on* *haac proTinra u 10 
delibatat* upon iniblirk aOnii* ; nna who i* 
•Dtitlad to phad in a court of law ; a bar- 

COUNSELLORSmp, <kmn'-asl-lv-Aif) 
a. 1. Tha «aei> of a counwllor. 

Ta C0I;NT. (kfV°0 >^<'' ''■> "umbrt; (n 
tell -. to ntkon ; to Mlvmu ; lo ictouat ; to 
impute to ; to cbarta to* 

7a OOUKT, (tfv°') '••^ To f"^ ■<> *^ 
count Of •cbame. 

COUNT, <kfvnt) n.i. N'nmbar 1 rcekodbci 
Dambot nunRM I vttltoiitioD : ucount. In 
lav, A dnrjo bi «a ludietmcm, ot a decta- 
tatSoB in plaaiding. 

COUNT, (knot) n. a. A lida of fmign 
nebDIty ; «iipuo(ad aqnivalai to an tail. 

COUNTABLE, (kq^n'-tfU) ■. Cafiabla of 
botni nunbrrvd. 

COUNI-ENANO:, (kfvi/>te-n)ew) ti. h 
TIio fonn of tba (aca '. tho rpMm of tba 
baturea ; nb ; look i calmiMo of look 1 «on- 
fidenro of wifB ; ai[wci of aunnuwe ; khiif- 
*»■ or Ui' It Dpptan tqMa (behc«( 

pjtionaifr '. RippoiL 
ToCOUNTTLh'ANCL,. (kfyn'-lfr-nqOM) t. a. 
To lopprii ; to keep Up *ay appomnt* 1 to 

COl'Nn.NANCi:R.0'Mn'-'*-''««-*F) *'■ 
One that <oanl*nanon anottiVr. 

COUNTER, (kfflfn'-i^) n. 1. A faJm pi>co 
of iDMity nuJ *» a hkui* of larkoiiniu ; 
tbo tMr on wldrh goodi are *i«vad in a 
•hap ; ■ rKkoner ; la midiior ; thai |>ut ot 
a hone's foR-brad (hat li«* balfrara tlta 
ahouhlFr and und« tha ant. 

ngt ;— tnhr, tab, bnll;— fil; — P9(MI|— tUn, rail. 


Vn. b A «uiM at 

, ,, *'-»p') "t CaolMJy to; 
CMBVlh Id u* t»bl came -, ronlrKTjr 
wayi; t£u word itMWa foonil in cotnpoii' 
dm, ud aiAj b* (ilacpd b«rai* tklin noani 
oi *nb« lurd is a (mub of onjAniioa : 
uoie of Uia mMl tiw)u*Dt of (luw* cooi- 
poond* fallov, 

rDCOr\TP.IUCT,<L«fn-t{itkl') v.a. To 
binJi'r injlliine I9 cuiimiT icsmt. 

COtMtlUCIlUN, ^^fa'-wi^i^-dMo) 
A. I. Ofootitioa. 

Tf COU.VrUtDALAXCC <Vnpi'-t{r-btl- 
llnie) V. «• To miflb «cunit. 

COU KTKIIUA LA NCF..<kgvi>''tnT4i|l4|aM) 
It. I. Opfwum varbl ; ci|uiT>lf*l »wv. 

COiyTERCllANqE. (tfV'•'-1Cr-<*^^•} 
n. k Eirbinec ■, ndniucMun. 

r* COUNTEHCUANGE,(h>fV°-<!i->*NBr*') 

•.a. To eiikun. 
OOUNTERCHAIUiED. (l4vn'-<!;M*h|ttd) 

■. A iCTin ia bnaMrjr. ajiiilird to a mia»- 

aniaiioa or BJipcniUa iBUnnttuiv d( omuIi, 

(oloan. or fun. 
cot' KrKlu:H.MlU.(kH«*-tt|r-ulium) 11.1. 

Tlikl by wblub * cbtna i> duMlrod. 
r* coil SrKRC*) ARM. (fctvn.t|T>blnnil') 

■■ a. To dtftrjjr tbo «frn of u lucbiuu- 

T. con NTEftCI tf.CK, (kfijn-ior-uI>^'> r.o. 


(XJUNl'LltCHKCK. (ktip'-lsT-ubpk) ■■ l- 

Slop-, nbubf. 

df^Af-) ^ r. IV-iTtntonj by mrbivb tbp dr|>o- 

ntii'in ctf VTTin fr>nni^r vilnir** it 0]'fKiiird. 
COUNrEKIAiSANCE. Sw i:oi'«T»a>t- 

r.. consTEBFEiT, ftwo'-'r '-.O ».<■■ To 
foin : In imitMo ; to cony. 

ncoL'M — 


ITHFEIT, (k(ifln'-t»i-f.O "• n- To 

COLlNTt:Kl'ElT.(kgTa''l$i-l>l)a. Foipd ; 

fiebiuiua; ilMcdlfal ; bjpociTdeKl. 
COtiNTKRFElT. (imn'-Wr-(n) -.fc Ono 

■lt> pptioMiU* nuouicr; au inijiuiint ; « 

brtHV : ■r— niihlmce. >likcoeui icofiy. 
CUUVrKHIU l>U<, (kfVQ'-isr-fli-fr) ■■•. 

A brfn ; lui impoiioi- 
COU\TEllFEIll.V. (Lffp'-tii^il*) ad. 

FaIaiIt ; finiiioiivTy. 
COi;NTKnFE.SrlNCi:, {k^gn'-ttt-rfitDM) 

«. (. Tlie nn ot roimlrttnliuK ; folierj. 
COITMKKGI'AUH. (Lf4n'-l^rcard> •>. 1. 

A kmnlJ mm purl wilh p&ni>r< tuid djlcb. 
COV^TKKUHItAilON. &tc Lisii«iiu». 
r^COll.M hKUAM). (k«vn''WT-tnwid)*.a. 

Tu otilsr ilir cQuuniy to wbal wm otdonil 

b«(uM ; 10 o|<|icdt ihe onUn of aoothn i to 

OOUNI'KIUtAXD. (k«un'-1grin|ad) m. 1. 

Repfal at ■ (armer ardor. 
roCOirMEIlMARL-ll, (kqvn-tifinirUli') 

\. w. To inBTi!li bidnrri. 
COllNT»;H.MARCU,(»mn'-MW0irtAl •■.». 

RMroctwiaa ; luiKb backwMd j diuge of 


COmrrrRHAKK. <l.ii5ii*-(tr-mj.k) ». 1. 
A •mowl a tbtfil nutl jiht on a Nil* of 
gooAi : tk* BOft ol tbn (uMiniiihV kifil 
fwajl IB tttlCctil'Mniy tnodp iu ibv icoih 
of btnto ; * mmbJ a long bmo ofm 11 ia 

Tb COUNTERMARK, (ki}ijD-ltr-Bi*[k')vo. 
A borvF ia aaid to b« frtinfirvfiUif wli^n 
bi* cenn' l«Mh an oitiSdolly mul* tii>l- 

COUNTERMINE, (kw[.'-toT^oinO "■•• A 
voll or kol* taak lato Uia (^uid. fiam 
*Ucb • Ctlltaj or bniarb ruui ixu imAci 
fmud, U a**i oot tbr («cmy'> mina ; 
■Mna of oppoailieu : x anatajjFB by viaci 
uy coboItidoc it drfMlrd. 

nCOUNTEB>IIN£.(tfV<>'tC-»'oo') "• »■ 

T« dalTo « fuaa^o iolo an (nvmy'* niiiF l 

lo oouatmrntk. 
COUNTEHMonoX. Ckflvii'-««-mo.«biiiO 

■■ I. Contnry mnlion. 
COtrNTERMOVEMEST. (kvvB'-ut-mo.iT'- 

uobt) 11,1, A Banner of muring m <>]i]'o- 

aitiofl to aoolhrr niovpoovnt* 
COliMKHMl-RK. (Vmni^-m^fK't •<■■ u 

A arnJl buUr M\i boliiiid aDUcLcr vnll, 10 

To COl'N JEIIMUBE, O'VUn'-lSrini.ire} ■,a. 

I'o fomfy aith 4 couniDrmun-, 
CDUNTKRI'ANE. (kflvQ-'-f-pV*) ■■•■ A 

eoierlrl for a bod. 
C0l'NTElU'AHT,(k,(|.ut1 "... Tliu 

CDTT^jp^nilcnt )iut, EcHDnLily apjtijcd to a 

du|ilii-nii> dfrd or ■tiling. 
COUSIEHPr.EA. (lpv"'-'S'[''?) "■ '■ In 

law, A n-i'li.iiinn. 

To t:ui;\u:Kn^T. (kfijn-i^r-pifi') v.a. 

I'n ejifioftM oTi' in:LcbiDB£ion by nnmbrr* 
Cr)UNIt.llPI.4>T.<ktvn'-ln-|i)vt> n.t. An 

artlBin oT-f-oH-d 10 in arlMcv. 
COtM'KRl-OlM'. (kqvu'-tsi-f>t!aO >i, g. 

Ilia ut of tanijiuilnit humoBy ; x rnxrki 

wo*m m •ijuarra, comnumly apokra uuu- 

ItrjwH ; ka oiipotiu point or nuno. 
Ta OOUM ERrutBt:. (k9va-<>r-l>V7»') «■ o- 

Tu MnstoibaUiirF : to act a^p^nt wilh 

ojunl woighl : 10 ptoJace a coatrary acliou 

by an fqual w^ii^ht. 
COl'N rElli'Ul.-it., (l^yn' t<!''I'V«'e) "• >■ 

Tj\iiiyanitt*DCr -. njuiialmor nV vT<l{b( : 

tho KMa of bainj; plai'i'il in Hip api<CiaiU 

•cnio of tho baiann I piiiilTBlDnn of pawn. 

Aauduti- ID iiaiun. 
COl'MKUrilEfSLRE, (kj^n-wr-prria'. 

nrv) n- 1- OuponlD iamt. 
COUSTER-llEVOLin lOS, (kvyi,'.rtr-i«- 

O'lf'-iliDn) m.t. A m-oluiiou lutcfodlUK 

anotlm. and oppofitc to iL 
COlNTIvR.'iCAIlI', (kovn'-ipr-akiiip) «. ». 

In forulliraiioii, TbilNde of itia dllcowblcb 

iv itc It die ctimp. 
Ji COUNTF.ItSEAU (kjvo'.tM -aelo) t.a. 

To *tnl I'frrihn witli othrra. 
Ta Cl>l'NTKRSiU.\, (kf(|n-Igr-aiti«') r. 0. 

To u^n an nrdn of a anppiiot. in iiuitily of 

Mercian. 10 landur il mole aulbanucb. 
CUUNTKK.SIUN. (kfptfltHn*; ibb A 


F^to, («r, 1411. I|t i— MO, mji i-^ioe, f^D|— n? , miinf, 




BuStKj eipmnco, deaotiag Ihm vMcb- 
wmi of \\if dat> 

A (irr.-.iirnnlinc tipal; ■ Mtnl ii-na. 
COl N ' ' ' \V. (Lfv»'->l'-»i} "■ ■■ 

A kUuLc (r1Uiu<:il. 

CUllN'IilllALLY. (k9VD'-<(;i-ttl-le) •. i. 
OiM trf tile two IaIUc* ou Hhicti Mi}tiilii|t it 

CODNIERTE-VOR. (kowir<f">i|')"-'- 

Doe a( the mna or midtllc puiu In s pMce 

of muiich. 

COli\Tl':i;TIMC.(]ifVn'-ttr-i|fDi))H.iL TW 

■Irfiiuti' nr i«i*laac« of k tuirtr. iIim iiitn- 

L irtiti hia mlmcr, ■iiJ iKi ai'wuru id hu 

I uiBiHUii dfflonn; oiiiiMiiiuti. 

'COL'^^l:R1^1K^, (kwu'-ifti-iunil «. ■■ 

'I'bi' li-'i|iti( aiiJ full iTCiWLli III tlif |)U}. 
vliliih duiruyi riniicUiUua. 
r» COUNIKilVAIL, i^LoitQlgr-Tfle') *. ^ 
To hv c^ui'ilani to i lo lia<« tquil (one «t 

CUUNTE(lVAIL,(kfVD'-tefTt)«>B.ib Equal 
*nil>li nlu« «ilh Montiliioc •!•■. 

COtSTHKVlKW,(k^n'-lti-rn) n. (. Op- 
uusitiun i u |KUiun in otiich iwo iwnoa* 
fnmt null utbiT -, contiuc ; • p<HiU«ii in 
wliich nro duHiniJiu Iliuij;* illuitruo Mvb 

To COUKTERWIIIO:!., <Lgvn -(«-«>'«■') 
a. a. To nmLe u> vbocl, ut moce bnck- 
vrv^ uitl fifiwkrd4 i a Iciliury |ihrvr. 

T.'CUUMLRWOllK, (k9v>>-<c''>'!!'V)>.d. 
To caautoraLr. 

COUhmiSS. ikfyu'-'S*) ■■'■ llMl^yot 
MD fail or connl. 

Tlia room Bppiophktcd In bodu nil kc- 

COUNTLESS. (kquai'-Ij!*) a. Inaamenlil*. 
CUi:MTKiFtkD.|.lL<>ii--tii-f|aff)ii. Buiiick; 

fOLS'lBY, tl(9B'-tee)».fc A tnn of bind , 
a regivu . ibv put* of a rf^aa diiUint Iron 
Cl(iri i llio placo wlijcli anj nuui Inlubito i 
ibo plicD of cne'a biitb ; tim anion wil ^ 
iLe iiibBliiuol* of anv Mgiaa. 
CQI'KIRV. (kfa'-lTf) a. ItuMkkifonti 
of an intnml opiioblo lo Ibut of cinuu, 
M, the iHKiKry putji -, jJMubar to ■ irgioa 
xn protilc i rod* ; inoiaM. 
COL'NIBY-IUA'CE. (kvi'-uHv<>*<-) ■■•• 

A well-known kind ofitxucp. 
COlMH^^tAN.^Lun'-iiB'ntn) ■. l One 
boiu iu iliK tame lOuutij i a niilkki • 
fuuiw ; a LonlMindniaa. 
COUMY. (kfvu'-U) •.). A»biM;kclf 

<iiit at boriLo* of lit rtoloi : an M^dom. 

tOUNTY -COURT, (kflvn'-f^V"^ A tourt 

inddml (o Ibc juiudicUon of ibo ifacrilT. 

^ Cut Vy.K,{\no-^^' f K't. A notiDU lUiiaDcinK, 

' CUITLAULK, (ksp'-lfhl; o. [ii lu L« 

' cniiploit wicL. 

(COITLK, (k*t,'.Bl) «.(. Ti>o;aUBc*;> 
m»li> sail III* fviual* i )t tbiu tliai link* 
two livii* lo|;ctlu(. 


To COUPLE, {knp'-pl) r. a. To Kkk uc 
giHlier ; to join ana (« WMlxt; U mUTf i 
lo join in vadlnck. 

ffCulit-LK. (k^'-pl) hn. Tojatnincnc 

a)IJ-LtLUCNT.(k»'-ulmj|M>ii.), IhuOD. 

COUPLKf. (kaf'-lgl) a... TW TCnn, a 
pail e/ (huiu. 

COURAGE, (kui'-tjc) n.t. Uhthj ; ac 
lira fnttiludai niint «f MiWrpritF. 

COURAGEOUS. (kqt-*f'-jo-«iJ ■. DimToi 

CUURAGEOVSLV, {hfn-i^'if-?*.!?) mf. 

COUK A UKOUSN !■-■«. (knt-t%'-JM» n;*) 
n. I. BiiiTrr]' ; liolitiHOt. 

CUtlKANT. i;k«i>iBnl'> ••. t. A siniMa 
■lut's ; injtfaiui; tial apnad* i^atlL ; aa d 
paper ul niivu. 

COlltlKR, (ko»-noO n.t. A iuM«nEai 
•ant in baair . u sijiraM. 

COi;HSE.(koi*a)n.i. Ilace; carer* i |a*- 
ngp ftnm jilaca lo plaCE ; pniEtna; lilt; 
tut of running ai tliv \ittt-. Kruund en vhiik 
a rara i* luo -, Ijnck ur Una in irbicb a iliip 
nil*, m any niotion it imfarainl j firojcrcM 
from uuo ttradiiiian is aiioUin ) 01^ of 
invoaion. lU. nvrj ona in liia cmrw ; 
Mulad and afd«il} luilliuli trtint nf tur- 
Otttifo and moltiixlical pronduto ; llia ulp- 
mania of an an ribibiwd in ■ int-lbodical 
•tnci; coDdun i mnnnnf of pioceadin^; 
DCiJuKt bi life ; ttain of tcttcna ; ualutnl 
tpfUi ; acrir^ of conK(tucDC4« \ Mimbtr of 
diabea Ht on al once ufion ibfl lablc ; tv- 
gvlarilyi tcnleil rule; tho runniag of doga 

m buAtisg. In aichiMtnrf, A <auIl^unl 

noge ot ii«nH. Itvd or of tbe unie Kriglil, 
tbronghoul tbc whola Icngili of a building. 

?nmni. By nccnaaiy coiurqDcncr. 
UURSK, (k9na) r.n. To liunl; h> par- 
•us I 10 puiMM wilb dO|{a Ibai hunt ia 

7> COURSE, (kfnc) n n. To run ; to tast. 

COUKStK. (kfT-att) ■■>. A nifi hnrac; 
a wai-bonv -, oao wbo (nutuaa Lba apart Af 
voiutiUE hani. 

COUltSlNCi, {ki,no' ,ug) a. 1. TLi)ipan.of 
hiin[ing Titb ^n]rbauLi<ti, 

COLIU, (k^iB) H.I. Ibc pltca abrra Um 
pngcD rmdHi iba iiatace; iba liall at 
cjiambn wbaro joatica i* adiitiDiMcnil i thn 
jud(M pmidinc ia a court uf jualico -, any 
juudictinn.mibtaty, civil, nr aci^lru^Cical ; 
opoo q«n bafora a boiuu ; ■ amall aprciiig 
iiiKluaiiil wilb bouiit*, and dltbnpiiahcLj 
from a aiml, wcHiia wbi) rr^nipuan iTio 
rvUiiuii of a ptiun ; ibo nil of [iluaaini; ; 
Carl- ilrnvn, A couil iuiidrnt Ic <>«y 
maanr in Ibo kinedom, and biddiD bjr iha 
Mcwiid; CMirt-LM, A (oarl of Tocurd. 
bald ODiM in Iba ycaf, vltbin a ]iaiu(ulur 
huudrad, loiditup, or maAor. Mon ilin 
■loaudof Uii: ten; Cnirl-JfarTliI, A couii 
ajj,jiointrd in mveaUgaic miliraiy offtniva. 

Tti COl'RT, (kftu) t. *, To atia, >o auli- 
tii a wanuin to mairiai^ i lo r<>iiui: i» 
M«ki loflaiM-ii U) niricMeur lopli'uc. 

ngl;— labr,inb,IiVll;r-^i )<^iid;— Mio, tal*> 





COVRT-OAY, (kMiB^') . 
wbkk cewti m k(U. 

00URT-PAVOtrR.(ki<iM>'l|'-tip)M.iw Fa- 
VMM bMtowJ b* priaoM* 

OOURT-IIAKD. (kqru-htnd) n. >. The 
hand IB niHBW m viiting OMd ia r w anb 
■■d ndicM) Mi)«« « » l ii M i 

COURTKOU9. (kft'-t^fi) a. KlffUt «r 
■laenm: polic*. 

COI.'l{'l'KOl.4I.V. (kfc'-IB-M-lf) «(. 

■wctfullv ^ dTilhr, 
COV KTl::uL:iNES9. (kf^-Cf-ni-M*) a.!. 

CivlUiT I ramptaUuca. 
CDU RTkH. (kon'-f*) il i. Ik «bo >«>• 

orsoliciU itomm. 
COUItTESAN. )<k«<(i»->»') «.<L A >»- 
COURTEZAN. I ma' ^iko town. 
CtiUHTESy, (|^^f-«> •. 1. EI(SMM ol 

BUDDen 1 cUiirij ( a woun. bm of rigbi, 

b(u bf th> hroar of o(h*r>. 
COt'RtESY. (kyi<-M>B.(. TbBtcNnnta 

■ad« br vonaa. 
IVCOUlCreSY.(kin'-M)*.*. Topofoin 

■n act of rvnnacc i to mak* k nvcnDc? 

in ihc nuinnt ■>( ladin. 
COURTll'.R. (kenv'-jti) a. «. On* tk>l 

AaqiwpH lb* cMru of piisaM ; on* ttat 

«oona th* IhtoDt or «*«ihM. 
COliRTIERY, ^koi'-tf^M) n. i. TW mm- 

Qrrk of K irciiiTilcr. 
LXtUKTUKl::, (kfttuM^) «. PJ»(UI ; 

COURTLINESS. (kMi'.lo-o{*) n.i. Ha- 

••BM of mmniini. 
CUURTUNO, (Lono'-ling) a.*. AnMtaer 

COURTLY. (k«rte'-I«) a. Rcluiiig lo ilu 

(oait : (laputi : Mfi. 
COURI'SIIIP. (kfro>*-«hjp) ■■ 1. Thg M at 

•oUdiing hnu ; aMOMM tohaoaoD of a 

COUUK, (hi^-m) 1. f. Anj oos collate- 
nil* tdaio^ man ramoidy iboa ■ btolkct 
•rnMrt Kkionna; a tiui p>«a bftba 
Uag to > DObtonn, panicalatly to IbMc of 
tba council* 
COW. (kqu) n. I. rtunl bu oraOT; Hio 

ftmtis a tfaa bull- 
To COW, (koy) V. a. To ilcprtM iriih for. 
COW-HERD, (kn'-hfrd) >■. h Oua irhon 

occupatinn i< (o trad oow», 
COW-Lf.KCH. (kw'-lftok) ivi. Om vtio 

plOfrM** tOtOM diMOBpMWll CD*I. 

COWARD, (kn'-V^) a> •• A pohiooD, 

vhoM pTodomnnm pudoo U kmi, 
COWARD. rkov'-t"t> •- UauuJJ?. 
COWARDICE. (kgiH^du) n. i. Few; 

bobiniml dmidiiy. 
7b CUWAKLUZK. (kn'-ir-djie) 9.0. To 

nadir raimilf, 
COWARDUKl; fkn--vd-t>k«) a. Ro- 

•cmbtinc % co n t ra. 
COWARDUNESS, (kf^'-vd-Vaja) n. t. 

TimidilT -. covardicr. 
COWARULV, (kfv'-vd-lf) •■ FMiful} 

timotniu ; mrin. 

CowARDSiiir. (kn'-ti<'-<>'>!P) "■'- T^m 

■joiliw* of a coirajd. 


lb COWRR. <kf«'-n) r. a. To «nV bj 

bmdiag tht knm ; (o Roop ; (o ihriikk. 
COWL, (k^) a.*. A Boiik'i bood; a 

Will i in wbitk *Mn ia taniad oa a pola 

botwMa two. 
COWI^OTAFF, <k^l'.«l;0«.«> Tbo lUUT 

OB wUA B Ttai t d 1* aapponed bMvoca two 

COWLED. (bfa--ltd,oi kffl<l> ••■ Wtariot 

COW-POX. (Ln'-pfba) >.b Ab enpiioa 

IMto tha taala of » («it } mid to he an lo- 

falfehlo pnaarraiiT* traa tbr aniall iioi. 
COWSLIP, <kn'-tl>]i) >■. <. A ipcdH of 

CdXCOlra. (k^-komO a. t Tbp tomb 
leMCDUtBf tbat of acock, wbich lieraapd 
fool* ««fa hnaafljr la thair cap* j a fop ; 
a aaporfcial pnttMit to k>M>ledp oi at- 
(onifilUbiDiaM : Bkiod ef todlnvfr. 

COXCOMBLV, (hgk^-kMB-l!) a. Uke a 

COXCOMBRY, {kpl.-cjiii.wj «. * Tba 
<|ualitiM of a toitomb. 

COXCOMICAU(Lfk*-k9m'-ik-tI)a. F«p- 
jilib) cantnlcd. 

CUV, <kf«) a. Mod«al ; tomitoI ; not ac* 

TV COY. (kM> r. a. To babar* with mam ; 
lo make dUholty; ooi to coudctccnd wil- 

COY^il. (hHT-Mh) a. MadoHitaMiTad. 
COYLY, (W-ht> aJ. With loawro. 
COYNESS. (kfo''-o«) a. a. RaMn*. 
COZ.(kvi)a.b A"cM*«n<lh«Muh. 
Te C02EN. (kfi'-n) *.a. To cbtat; t« 

COZENAOE.(k«^<B-vi>"-'> haad; d»- 

COZHIER. <kifa'-ni-tt> a. i. A tliMleri 

CRAB, (b|b) "•'• A cnaiaenai Mi; a 
miU tMil* ; a woodvn aafioa triib tktta 
(Uv> flit iliii UuBchlog of abipi ) iha riga 
Omar m Iho aodiack. 

CRABBKD. (ki^'-bad) a. ProrlA ; mo- 
ra**: banbi UBpiMuinf ; diScuIti pCT- 

CKAlIUKI>LY.<krab'-«*d-h)i>. Pntlahly. 

CRAUBKUNE^it. (iaib'-bed-oc*) ■.•. ^aar- 
BOM of tBMc: (OunirH <if csoLiiTBancc j 
•iptriiv of iBBBDm ; dilGtalif ; prrfilcuir. 

CRADER, (kja'-bor) a. l Tbo wlll(T^r«U 

CKAU&-EYES.' <fatfai'-i>F) a. •. WUlMh 
bodjH, produced bj iba coBunna oaw-ltb, 
nad uiciL to mcdicuir- 

CRACK, (kr^k) ■•■. A mAdra ditnptioo. 
bj wbicL iha paru aia ttparatad but a Imlo 
•nj from each Mbni a bbito* hrrach f 
tbr lODod of aof bodif bsMing i any lad- 
dm and quick Mond ; a bosM- 

Tf CRACK, <kr)k) •. «. To biMk Jato 
cbiak* ; 10 hnak ; lo (plit ; to dd anyibing 
with quickiioia or lOBatantf i lo brrak of 
r1c«(toyau^ thill ^ ', lo cfai*- 

7<i CRACK, (kttJi) r. n. To bum ; M opni 
In eliink*; to lull lo niin^ to stwra luiul 
aiiJ tuddau *aund ; to boaat. 


fatr, fkr, ffll, tjt ;— nn, mjgi .— p|no, pin ;— oe, mofa, 




CRACK- BRAINRD^k/ltr-biuiil)a. Cran. 

tag Mlow i > qoMbiT «l |iiiipaw4«r mn- 
Bnod u u M buttl *ilh cnal udHi Ibu 
*Iiicli cFKckt (B bH«\> ■ lluar- 

To ClUCKLtl. (.kr^'-U) r. -. T* Mkt 
•llgbt cmck* i (0 mftka nuU lad tnquuil 

CRACKLING, (k()k'-^ii() u. i. A nmll 
bul fnqucni ndlH* 

CRADLK. (kn-..ll} •..•. A nmoble bsd, 
AH wbich ct*ildrL'D 4ro jigiuint witb ■ nnonili 
Uid «>|4nl iDodon, to mako Ihcm ilvcp » 
Wjih anrjvoD*. A UJci fot a biokra bunt ; 
With (liipwiighu. A (caaie n[ uuiber nlKil 
klnog llig onlBiie of n *hif v> belp to lauoUi 

To ClUOLE. (kn'-<U) •• •• To lay wraa 

io ■ iradlb 
CRAFT, (bfTt) n.i. Maooal >it;tnil*; 

•It; Atxtvrityi band; canaiDi i Mnall 

■tftinc TTMct*. 
CRAmLY, (hiff'-o-ln) «t- Coanliiilf; 

vxtMy ; tkittuliy. 
CHAFllNESS, (liV'i?-o£»> >■■*• Cuulng ; 

CHAFTSUAN. ()uVu'-«V>) ikt. As wii- 

Cccr ; a inachaideh. 
CRATiy, (ki^'-w) a. CosnioKi anfnl. 
CRAG, (fcifi) «.'•. A tDOtb MMp ntk -, 

Hm lamA piHsbMnacM of rocka : liic neck. 
CHAGG&D, (ktw'-cfd) a. F^laf>D«|i«il- 

itin wd nomiuoct^ 
CRAGGEDNESS.(kii^-efd-D;«) n.ih Full- 

ueu of <nc> arBramuiail rock*. 
CRAGGINI^, (kqe'-gf-oi*) n. l. TIm 

M»te of brine cnagr. 
CRAGGY, (kiq^-go) •. Bugged I fall of 

TgCnAM.(kf^) r-a. To aniff *ilh morv 
ttma can ccntcniFnlly br hrld ; to fill irilb 
taoi bcyosd uriotj i (o (Lnn ■■ by force. 

To CRAM, (b^m) «b a. 'Jo aal bafood 

CRAUJSO, (ki^'-bf) H. b A plKy al *Udi 
«B* ^FM • (nod. to width uioiliDt tod* a. 

CRAMP, (kriiep) h. i. A (pMmodick afltc- 
liaa wbicli muc* a lioUrnt duionioa of 
lie DCfTH, muKJea. &c. ; a natnelioa ; ■ 
nufneinsiit ( a pirc« of ncn brni al rich 
Mid. bj which two bodir* nrvbtid ugtlhut. 

CRAUI*. (kqinp) a. llidcnlt: iMRj. 

70 CRADiP. (krfmp) t.m. To jaas with 
ntiBipa oi nitclipi ; lo nalfaia [ la <aa- 
finr ; lo ><ind vitb onntpiron*. 

CRAMP-I'IMI. (ktfmp'-fiih) «. >. The lor- 
pado, wMcli t— ■T'*- (La faooda of ibOM 
that tnuch ii. 

CBAMl'IL. (krpn'.pil) n. «. 'ilie cliap* M 
tlic b^Hion of iJi* Kjbhard of n braadtwonl. 

CRAMJ>a<JNS,iLfVD'-p$gn*} -.1. lion in- 
■tnuDanla fwlviwd to ibt iho** of • itoni- 
ing p*nj, to luiM ibam la (UbMbk tho 
nun pull. 

rHAM)l;RRY. rktin'-bar^f) n.*. Ibo 
vliunli-bcrry or bMivTj. 

raCRAXCII. Stt T*CtAV»em, 


CRAKE, (kifne) n. i. A auH «4 bmn i n 
inMrnmcnl mbde with lopcf. jniUic*, wd 
hooka, bf wlriik mat mtgbl* nin nkcd ; 
B Rpbon (or diavnig laqoon out of a caik. 

CRAMOIXICICAL. (kivr-irlfiT-iftfl) 
a. Hrlaliait (o iha (cienra of maioMT- 

CRANIU1.0GV. ihvtf^r-f-jf) •• •. ^1* 
diKowtini fd iMO'a cbancttn anil bnittlM 
(fOB tho vii'rml apyoafaaw* ol tho •lull. 

CRAMU!^:i)PV. (hifa^V-^^-p*) "- t- 
'iW tuiuiiniiiiim oil iJiull*, wiik a* flaw to 

£iinuilaf;ifkl obHT'aiMnt. 
kMVM. (kia'-on-uio) •.1. Tho Aull. 
CRANK, <krtt>Kk) •>■ •■ 1 1« end of du Iran 

axu biTuod down, taio tlie form of a honk 

or ilbow, uicd in laUtoK wcicbbb 
CRANK, (hifDck) lb Ajdmc •ailoia. a 

•Jiip ia Mod lo bo rnnh, when loadid too 

mocli nod liablr 1u be orcnrf. 
T<i CRANK. <,kivcl-) *•"■ Tonm; tona 

in aad ool- 
TiCRANKLF:, <kriDit'-LI) (La. Toraafa 

aad oul in unoimiirosr*. 
TtCIUNKLK. (kiv>u'-U) r. ■. To brtnk 

Into DiiiK|iu] lurfucn. or iii£l*(> 
CRA.\KLI':S. (kifDi'-Ua) ii. i. Angiilu 

CKANMLD.(kTUi'-«*^)». Full of chinki. 
CRANNY, (kna -m/ O'l' Acbioki afio- 

CRAPK, (lam) n. i. A ibio Muff. IodmIjt 

wofeOi nuot lucd ia inoiiinuig baUti. 
Ta CRABM. (kr^) i'. a. To nnko a loud 

ccmplitniHl oouo. aa of monj lliiBg* falling 

or bi*al.iitg al onto. 

TkCRASH. (kiub) Ki. To b»«k or brata*. 
CR.tSil, <k)vh) 0. (. A loud tuddtn miaad 

•oimd. Bi of many lliingt brokfn al tho 

■ame timp. 
CRASIIINO, (kr^th'-'O);) •>••■ A Tiolaol, 

cofnplicaird duIk. 
CHASSlTUDl;. (Iiy n t j d »> i>. fc Gm«*> 

naaa i (oar*fn««* ; lUdraiM. 
CRASTINATION, (ki^w-of'-abmi) n,i. 

Pnttiiff off till (o-monowi dtd*)-. 
CRATCH. (kifuh)fl.>. IIm paHauted framo 

tn wbldi hay 1* pui br caula. 
CRATtR, (krn'-ifr) a. >. A cup : tli* ml 

or nouiii of a tolcano. 
CRATE. <ki;|u) n. (. A p*ael*T, or nicker 

CRAVAT, {krt-Tfl') a. L A narkclocbi 

DOYllung worn aboul the nock. 
To CRAVB, (krqtr) r. <i. lo a*k with «■!- 

BHUcaa -, lo (nt[«al ; lo uK inMbabl]' 1 K 

long -, to viab umnuunabl}' ; to call lilt in- 
AVKN, (kr»'-vn) n.i. A cm* cooqucred 

and difpiiiU'j ; ■ unrard ; a rpcirant. 
CRAVKS. (Ua'-Ta) •. C«*atdly , baaa. 
r«CHAVKN, '<kia'-n) •■ a. To nafco M- 

croanl or oawardly. 
CR.\VKR, (kn'-T^) ■■ 1. Aa ioMiiabl* 

CRAVING, (kt('-TiBC)R.b UBtMBotMblo 

ToCRAUNCII,<liniaah>«.a. Tocnwbla 



■>■> i— (?!«■ i>i^' Mi'i i— i>L-— nr**' i-*Mio, Tui*. 



CnAW.Qvi*) >••■ TtwrrejiM bd tUf 

CBAWnSH. (bM'.tidi) ih •. A muU 

OMUnoM iih Huud in hnoU. 
n CRAWL. {ki|«0 t< ■. To arrp: w 

iWT* M ■ wona ; to mirra ■, and 

CIUWL. (krt«l) n. «. 1W wdl la a bo«C. 
CRAM'LKR. (knw'-lM) (.iL A MMwr. 
CRAVriSlI. tiMCaiwritD. 
Cit.AYON.<Lrt'-ai) n.i. A Uodotpmcil. 
fd CIIAZC. tluuf) hs. lo brnki li> 

ersih ; w vtaken ) u povdor j to impait 

(be iotellKl. 

CHAZEONISS. (krt'iet-at*)"-!- I^"^- 

nlail«i fc«iit«oiiwii 
(:KA/l.\£SS.(bt'.aF«M)>.t. Inbtnlilyi 

•nincH^ voMMMMiMdlatb 
CH.t/V. (k(f'-**} b Bf«Ui; il)cn|ii[^ 

ihUMnii in tfisiMFlletti Cnbtai aiJini;; 

oiiof nrdtr. 
r< CItEAK. (b^) >. H. TomakAabuA 

prwnKMd noiM. 
CR£AK1NG. <luf'-kia() ■. i. A Lw*b 

CRCAM. (knm*) n.k "Hio osduou <a 

«tly fiut o( milk i (h« bofl put of ui]rltiiTi|[. 

IV CREAU, (knme) t.n. To pibr r ou di* 

T#CR£AM. (tMsw) V. *. To aUn off dw 

(nam ; ta uLfl'th* lldnrw and gnfanwunto 

of anylUB|[. 
CHEAUY, (km'^na) a. UaTlng lbs nans« 

of cnun. 
CREANC£. (W-uiM) M. ». A fine miull 

lin» fMUnDd lo'a liaiik'* tmli when ihc it 

CILLASB. (kras) n.i. A mark nmie by 

doahUoE injtUnE. 
T«CftEA£K,<kTfM)<i.a. Toauukanithing 

li> daobUnclL 
T» CBEAI'e, ^kfMiUi') «. a. To form oat 

of noUiing ; M nuao lo aiiM 1 lo iiroduie ; 

IB ctL»« ; to iaioM with SB* no* cbanctor. 
CIttA IE, (kiMic') m. CtMled. 
CRKA I'lUN. iki^V-^bfn) «. jl The Ml of 

titKiin)! i thD Kt of uKrtMuiK with Mm 

■llMlitia* or <hanclDr ; m. tbe ertalttm ot 

rwa: tbaaniTMao; auyttuaE ptniluiod n 

CIIKATIVX (kfc.V-(;t> a. llBTiog lb* 

pawn 10 cRBM i «9uning lb* od of cna- 

CRIiAT0R.(kTf9'-iat) H-i. 'nMbdaitliM 

Lnla*> ciituiiu* ; ui apltbot of IM Al- 

CRKAYDRE. (kie'-ni«) n.i. A hung 

DOC trtf riui0D(; crinttd hf the Aupremo 

Mwari Miydung crtntcd ^ vi Aiuuijd doC 

ntoao ; b rMiimllmu foimu l sworl of 

Maunipt lot a Immaa bnaf ; ■ void of 

pccly imdFniM* 1 a ptraon wbo owm bii 

liat oi hia tununa to knothor. 
CftEUENCE, (W-duniv) B.). Bclufi 

(tcdit i that wbicn gint • claiin to credit or 

CRKDENDA. (kf«.dtn'-dt) n, i. Ttdogt 

lo b> bdicTCd ; niticlM of faitb. 


CREDEVT, fkTF'-Aont) a. n(dl>n)B[ ; n^ 

aUttliict. kiriDg cnstil- 
CtlRUGNTIAL, (kfn^'-A|l) «. Gbbt 

n tidp tocrrdh. 
CHKOENrlAU <»r7-d»n'-*h»l) ■.^ Thti 

wblcb oiimtltlf lo etr-bi. tfc« wm«iiii 

apna *Wb hrMH ■■ clkimtil ; kiicii u( 

ii*dii Ei*«n to KmbMndooti or ptuiljM- 

CR):UlRtLrrY/kr£j-f.ur-e^>iL>. Cbin 

to otdli. 
CREOIBLe. (krad'-«-U> a. Worthy of 

CREDlULE>fESS. 0'<¥d'-r'><'»p) "' ' 

Crrilitiililv ; jun cliilni to ticlief. 

CRKOIBLV, (kred'-P-hig) di/. luaniaoDeE 

ilinl cl&inu belief. 
CHKDir. (krtd'-it) a. i. Btlief | bonour ; 
iTputation -. MCcem : good opioioo i Liitli ; 
iMCiinOBy 1 InM tvpMcd. uriili tcitnrJ (■> 

Civprniy; comlniitD lo iliM, iuducuce ; 

n> CREDIT, (bfd'-it) *.«. T*brbffT«;lo 

(nut : la confiilr ta ; to aJout aa a d^blpr. 
CRKDrrAllLK. (Irsd'-il-i-W) 4. Rejiu. 

t4bl»; ibovc oout?iup1 ; ]ioiii>iuabl« i Mli- 

CR1UllTAULr.KES3.(k»d'.lt-«4d4(.) u.t. 

Repalatlon : tnlmalion. 
CREDlTABLy. (krxd'.ii-t-blo) od. lUpa- 

CREDI1t)R.(Lr«l'-il-iii> n.4. I(« lo wtiom 

n debt U owtil ; cna who cradlti ; ona wliv 

CREDUUTY. (ki«.ilnMo-te) a. i. Euinria 

ot belief. ■ ■ ■ 

CREDl'LOt'3, (krnl'-vl^) a. Apt lo b«- 

livve ', uniiuptclinif. 
CIli:UliLOllS<LY. (krrd'-f-VJa) od. In 

an uaiiutieCTinK nukSDPt. 
CREDULOHSNbsS, ikfsd'-if-Iii*4£a) «. *. 

CKEED, (krftd) n.t. A tonn of words in 

whicb tbg ulicli'R of fulh nie cani[>TC> 

bmdod '■ any aolemn piotouioo of priu- 

TfCREEK, (Wk) r.a. To tnnke a buili 

CREEK, (kr^k) n. b A onatl pan; a bay , 

a cora ; viy turu. or aliry. 
CREBKY, (kRo'-k«) a. Full of cmU; 

T» CRBRP, <kmtp> v. n. To mora m a 

vonn <« bwcl \'m gtov aloLg tlie gtoimil, 

«c on otboi aouiaita ; to mo'c tlowly nnJ 

roebly. trcnVj ot tiniDtinuly ; to bvbnra 

•rilb temliiy ; ta turn, 
CREEFER, (^'•pv) "•<■ A plaui ibu 

aamoita iwlf by nam oT aomD •itimik-it 

body i IB tn*Kl > a amall bird, culled ('no 

tbe oi-cye- In dhtxI lui^uagF, a ^Jii uf 

giapnel, died for rocOTtrmg Uiin^* llial 

may be cut oTviboard. 
CRFlErHOLE. (kr^p'-btle) n. i. A boto 

into whicL >ny aaunnl may Ovcp ; a nib- 

Urfogo ; lUi ncBte. 
CRKEPINULY. (bOfp'-pHf) ad. Slowly; 

after llio mannn of a nrpulc. 


Fau, ^t, ffU. ftl i— ni^. mji i— pine, pin i— nf . mfn. 


CHEIUTION, <k>B-iD>'.*)iui>) •>. >. A 
■ cntMUlt. (W-BMit} n. I. A tmn la 
^B rhyniiUn, A uft Uauat roembliuu oruu. 
HCRiXATtD. (Ltc-Dt'-ttd) I. Noulicd; 
^H in citato J, 

BCREOLE, (kn'-«» a. I. A pnMn ban in 

^H^ tbg Wilt Indid. but ol Eiooprma atiglD. 
VTf fHEPlTATE, (ktg.'.?-*tiB) B. lb Td 
aai* a anall cntclJuig noi«c( U faMk 
CllEPrTATlON. (lirEP^tf'-*l)V>) n. t, A 

Moall cneUinf noU^. 
CllEIT.{kiwt> P»rt.fpo»n», 
^REPHSCinUE, (krf -pv'-fc^lO -• >• Twi- 
' Ghl- 

ErVSCUUNi:, (kiM>t)«'-kn-liiu) a. 
(""■■nnci arnoKiiUrai. 

[CIll-J$t:ENT, (kT^'-«5u) ■. lacRuisg i 

. . . "KNT, (kt^-iMU) a. •. Tlw mam m 

in MBU of kciowT 
CilKSClVE, |.)U3*'-(i*) urf. Incwukgi 

cfirss. (bs«) m.i. Anbcib. 
CRI^En*, (kri^-att; u. 1. A gnu G|tit. 

bnioo, at valch-loaur ; niaplj. a lamp, oi 

CHEST. (Lit*0 "• '■ I'bn cJamv of fmbtta 

OD ihc top uf lb* wcitol iidjuct ; tlui bfl' 

m*K ; th* cointi of a cvck ; the omuiii^r of 

■ Ilig lipImvC ia timMrv ; saj lufl ac onu- 
monl on ilio hcaJ. I'ljiuntiKly, fndir; 

■iiiht; till. 
VRfSTW, (LTft'-ttd) a. AdomtU with t 

pluioit at cmt ; vcuisg h ramU 
CRh-ir-FALLEN, (kfjat^fjln) u. llBj.clod ; 

Muik -, (liagiiritrd. 
CRCTACEOUS, (li»-t«'-.!i«.) «. lUvbg 

lb* ijoaliltn of cJiuIk j nbuiuiiliui; wiJi 

CIt(r^ATED,(kn-^'-l*d> a. Rubbed »idi 

CnmiCK, (krj'iik) a. ■. A foal uwd >a 
Cicck md Latuipaaljy,coiiiu(iiij(ota<lioit 
nllablE bttBMD Iwo Ioei|I. 
CHEVICE. (kr-r'.i.) n. .. A ef«di ; ■ el«ft. 
CltCW, (kion) n.i. A coiupiwy d! pnoplu 
MMKinud for asjr puipow [ die ctim]iuiy 
of a Mp. 
CRF.W. (kron) TboprelerkDorfreu^ 
CRKW EL. (kron'-ul) n. >. \ua Iviauid anil 

trouud (m a kiKii or tMlL 
C'KtU. (kcih) iLi. 'Iliartckoiniiuigcr (if 1 
■Mblai tbo tiall at ubtn of an 01 i acluld't 

To CRID. (kilb) 1^ 0. To ftmrnit p*itj 

CRUIDAGE. (1nib'-bidj«) n.i. A |,-nma ai 

C-'HICKi O"!'') "■ '■ 1^* noiio of a door; a 
jMiinruJ ■Eilbru ui thn neck. 
jCRlCKETl', (knk'-kPt) o.k Ao inwrt llial 
M|UBika or tnini* nboiit onut uiil Git- 
place* ; aa athlitliik iput with Ixu aad 


CRItlt. (kft'-M> ■. 1. 1l« oir.<rt VhH* 

bu»nH( la M oif or atakn inoclmnaliop, 
CRUti;. <,kiiB*> n.k An net niDimry w 

rlfbli an oCuim; a gr*«t ImU ; an*it«f 

CIUiUEFUL.(kiiac-4vl}*. WiciMl;faal(y 

in ■ hlch dMMb 
CRIMINAL. <b!>i>''«'n|I) a. rMlijimo- 

iratj lo tijbl , coulmy lo law ; goUly ; 

loiuted witii trint. Oppoxd M cA, M> 

a n-tamaf piofKutioD. 
CKlMI.VAL,<kiiin'fiitl)a.i. AtmagMlj 

(rf a crimr. 
CR1MIXAI.MT, (k^m-^nir-f-M-) ..a Tin 

tlalf or qoalitf nf bnnt tninuiaL 
CR1MINA1.LY. (ki;ni>.n|l-li;) mL WnA.- 

r<Uy ; jEuiltiJy. 
CHlMlNALNEiS. (kriB'-rntl-fiC*) ^ •• 

Tu CRIMINATE, (kiya'-MuM) »^ «. To 

aoruH : la fhaig* with cilne. 
CRIMINATION. {kTini.94«'ihiB) a. i. 

ArcilHlirdJL ; chatJEC. 

CR]MINAT0KY.(kv"'f4lfiaM«)a. A«- 

mun;; . ciniKirJauai 
CRISIINUILS. (kf;ni'f-ni|i*) «. Wieknt i 

iailRiiow-, (nannoiwly guilly* 
CR1MI.VUCSI.V. (krim'-f-oi|^l;)'d- Emt- 

mixuly ; my wickedly. 
Cl<lMl.\'(lir$S'>:SS. (ki^'-f-ava«t(> a.b 

WKkrdncH; eoiiti crinw. 
C RIU P. Ikiiay) u. rrlablo ; toilllt -, Mnly 

CRI.Mr. (kiiup) 11.1. A gamo at aid* for- 

To nUMP. (kiinp)*,*. Tocorlecrmp 

tlie k^T. 
n CRIHPLE, (krin'-pl) >. a. To rantnic : 

lo Kmtigkle. 
CHLMSuN', (krin'-in) n.i. Bca. tatnn- 

mbiit daiLcDcd wilk blue , rod In gvnatat. 
CIUMSO\. (UiiD-ni) a. Rad. uncwbU 

dukeatd witb blue ; rod In gmnal. 
To CRIMSON, (kiim'-n) r. a. To dis «i(h 

CKINCE, (kiiflju'i n.h Bow : urrilo ciTllity. 
7;>CKINGI^l,<lLrtnjOi'-"> Tubuw.tubwni 

CHJNGKR, (krin'-jn) «. t. Oao who ia 

aJ aay* Uiwuig (or Wins inean [ruipote j a 

CRIMGEROCS. (Iai-a^--jf.iw)<i. Ilui^i 

OHtEroHu viih hail. 
CHINITE, (kri'-n|to) a. llatioi ilie ap- 

prsroMe al halt. 
r.' CKINKLL. ikiiug'-kl) s.a. To go b and 

out t If run in flrxurva. 
Td CRINKLE, (iLfiV-kl) I. «. To mntild 

into iDKiiuliliM. 
CRt.VKLE, (.kniag'-U) n. l A wtiaklci a 

■iniinii It. 
CHINOSt:. (k>i-n^') e. lUiry. 
CR1N(X<<n*Y.(kr)-na<'-i>-lp> ii.b Hnitnaw. 
CRItTJ.K, <knp'-nl) -. t. A lame naa. 
7..CKIPri.E, {kqp'-pl] v.a. Tolanwi lo 

iblki- {unit, 
CRISIS, (kii'-<iO n.i. U iBpJlciiu. 

■iuUbh cbugs iu ibfl *yD|'MiDa of a dii- 

ugti-'ifAtf, li^bibvlli— til)— pvipd)— lUndiiV. 



Mdn ftoBi wbidi ■ hidgnooit may bt 

IMmmI of iu I Iwiliim. ntwtba* Inour- 

•M* or mftinursiili' i tha Mte sf lia> M 

vkkfa uj sSitii <omp» to A» liii^t. 
CRISP. <kri<p) a. CarM i iodaatfd) wM- 

Ih; btittW) lnahl«;*aRi hibk. 
Jb CkrSP, (kritf) m. Ta o«l i M oanNBci 

islo ksow ur cnil* ; la twiN ; U mil ; M la- 

d(M : I* mk» la m<*. 
CIU£l>ATION, (luJ».p>*-Am> a. i. Ilia 

•MofcufUasi Ika aiaia n' Mni «utl*d. 
CfUSPING-IRUN. (kri^-p<8«-r-rna) a. >. 

A nBUni iroa. 
CRUPKI2S, (kiup'-DH) n.1. Tlw qiuliiy 

of bclat catla4. 
CRUtPYVtin*'-!*) >. Corled. 
CR1T£RIU.V, (kn-te'-ta-Do) ■■<. A ntik 

hj vkicb mythinf U jiulf»4 W with R^wl 

(0 iu gooJacM at bala— . 
CRlTICk. pnit'-i'i) ■•*■ AnniUlhdM 

the an ail jaMiit <rf llMnNo*. aUn to dii- 

tfafMifa lit laolu aod baMxiea o< writiii); ; 

U anHioeC i nj<idge;ainailrr i a cupel ; 

t (OaaOMt ; a DM apt to And hull. 
C1UTICK. (knX-ik) •. ClWcal i ntatias 

■a ailirum. 
CRITICAL, (knl'-r-ktl) a. End; nkelj 

jaiitaoM; Tplaltiz id tiillritni ; npcloaii 

riMiiiniii i cMapii ai ng Iks liniv at «hicb a 

pta CWM ■( MHBiud i dMinrv ; ntca j 

jnoducini a cnit at <kiii|^ «t ili# itianuo. 
CRITIC ALLY. (kM'-«-k(l-lF) wl. In a end- 

(■I maniMi ^ rtactlj ; al the ctacl j^ol a( 

CRIIlCALTfESS. (kr>C-f-k^n^)n.i. Ei- 

Klniun ; itttnncy -, niorlv. 
V'll'UnirliiE, ikrii'-V'iiw) I'.a. TopTif 

Cif i-riiick ; 10 judge i *a animadnn upoa 

at liiilti'. 
Tt CKlTfClSE, (kril'-a^jiB) E. a. Town- 

CHmClSBB. (k^-«-«-igi) M. k Ono*ho 

makM or wriita mnait*. 

CniTICia3d.<krir-f-*!'">"-'' AMimdaid 
of jodeiai wtll : rnnuk ', oaunadTcnion. 

CRITtQUR. (kr^w«k'> ■■•• AcriticalvT- 
•minacion ; ciitical mn mla : aciniM of ai- 

To CROAK, ^t^ke) D. a. To mako a heanra 
low noiac. Ilka a frag ; to nir or cry l» a 
tnvia or ciov ; lo nltor offeaiivo or dia- 
ranuDtod mumona 

CROAK. C)"?^") *■• ■• ^' <t]r «r a froc or 


CROAKKR. (Lrf'-lfT) a,*. A dlscoDttmUd 
minuurvti one wbo U pcrMtnivllj d*«- 
tsnllfiG CD daiijipT* and difflmlli**, and 
DkLioK unfair roin|aiMcau of tbo proral 
villi Ilia paxL 

CROATS, (kio'-|t*) H. h InetnlM' bsop*, 
fornwd of Baavua of Cnutb. 

CRf)C»IUS. (kro'-iha-ni) «. Coutidnfof 
MlTron ; bki taSrta- 

CHOCK, (Lr^) H-t. A rap; naj ttm*! 
mMt'' M ivnh. 

CItOCKERV. ib^'-ti-*) a. k. Kanisn 

CROCODILE, 0"V^'-f^il*) "■ •- Au an- 


TiriUoB ToiadNa mIhuI of (heBiard nflw, 

found m Enpt aod lb( ladir*. 
CROCCS, (kto'-ky) a. >. A HoMt. 
CROFT, (bfA) a. •. A Kttia clow jobint 

In a hooiF, aiM (m cms or ntMorF. 
OUHSADE. (Liff i^<r) a.!. A bolv war; 

a war cairinl oa aptott inCdala «Mot ttia 

CKlllst:S, (lOff'-n) >).(. nigiinu who 
nrrj ■ ckip* ; •oldivl* vbo S|W miilFt (hi- 
liBUDn of Ibfr cToa*- 

CRUMLI!CH,(knm'-)tk)K.>. Uosr. broad, 
flat *lono>, rauril opon oikct Moni* atl up 
00 rod (iHt^tpnrp(Mr,aadm)lpaMd to b« 
iba ahara of ovr [ofia aonHora. 

CnONi;, (kt?DT) a.(. Aa iddawoi iBcn- 
■diuii. an cdd woman, 

CKONYCAui** *""'"*"■ 
CRO.NY. (bf'-M) a.t. Aa oU BOiuaiai- 

ancfi ; a boiooi compaaioib 
CROOK, (kiwk) n.L AnjrroakpdorlwM 

ii»liiuni>Dl ; a «b(«ftiDak : Dnvltiiiii I'm! ; 

a Acaadct ; ao arlificg ; a iticL . a pbtal. 
IV CROOK, (biDok) r. o. To hfiiil : M Mn 

iaio a bM; id brad. GEii.-uiit<lj ; w 

tliaart; lo nf«torl bon cpctitodr. 
7b CROOK. <k>TOfc) r.n. To bvaJ. 
CROOKBACK, 7Lr«oli'.b«li) %.*. A niai 

ibll bt* pliboai ■tiouldtn. 

CROOKBACKEO, (Liook'-htki) a. Itaving 

brnt aliovliltra. 
CROOKED. Ooof^'-ed) nd. Brnt; not 

Kraighl . winding , obli^^uc ; pFrrerMl tin* 

toward ; wiiboui rHiiUidii of mind. 
Cm>OK[:nt.Y.<krT>«k-*d'lr> .<,!. NntiB* 

itniiiM hnr ; (mtowar«r; Dol (ompliuitly. 
CK(>OK£UNESS,(ktgof !rd-iis*)fi.i. Do* 

rialioD bam nnl|btneBi; corrity; ite- 

fanniljr of « |Uou bodjt ; drpiarity I 

r> Cl<OOKE>f. (trfoV-kn) v. a. To noka 

CROP, (bro) "■•■ Tbo faarrnt ; lb' com 

Etiimd off a kid -, anjtluiij cut off; IJia 
a of the bmd. 

7b CROP, (krvp) r- '• To cut off lbs red* 
cJaojnbing; lo mow ; lo trap; to (albvr 
brfbre it hlla. 

CROP-EABKD, {kt^'*jrrd) o, ILiTinn Ilia 
nir> cmppfd, ^r nii Abort. 

CllUr^IlUt, (kin'-(faD-«f) n. I. TbrpMtnral 
■Ukff of a biatup, wliich bat • crOM upoa 

CROSLET. (ki^'-ltt) N.i. A mmll ctom. 

CROS.S, (krya) «. l Odb >trDigbl bodjr Inld 
■t rt^I angles ci*rr aondiFr; ilic iniuu. 
mmt by which Iha Saiiour tiidcrfil daaib ft 
(hi (Bulpi of ibc Cbriilinn r<ii);ia'i ; » too* 
BuaieDt wilb ■ ciou upon it u riiile dera- 
tion, (uch aa wn* oncicnlly tri In mitkfl- 
|)1bc*i ; a lino drawn tbrojfli aublbor i 
anythlo^ ibai tbwaiU ; blndnaec i ivni- 
Uon ; oppaution ; trial of pallonca ; an an 
d«Dl coin, M lallail bcvaoM mukcd wiib 

CROSS, (luvu) a. Tranmiar, obliijWj 
laivral ; admw ; oppoiiia . iwirme ; 


}'fto. fir, f|U, Hit ',-«if . mft i— piae. )>;n j— nfi, 111011, 




Ith i bulnl I tootmr : eoUfkdklMy -, utt- 
fanunaw 1 iDinil«i]|i«d>^) ..a. TohtramUdj, ot 
dnw «M lia*. aibmrart aooAert U aci 
wilb tlM noM i Id caniel, u (o trm sa 
■MMia ■ W fiM onr -, to botf Uttnlljt, 
obUqutlji or ubmn : m ikwart ; te rtn- 
llMIM* 1 10 olMnKl ) lo hiudrti ; to CODIllCr- 

7*CB0S$. (kiyt) n*. To tig uh*tn u- 

olbfT lliini; ; lo bv in(anti>('D(. 
CROSS-BAR. (kV-har) b. l Part ft Uh- 

bani« wuiL n( a nimce j • Irti lUfi] in 

■nrniiil Ibv rhuika of u lachor. 
CROSSBAKKKl). (kryiMiyil) d. SrtxinA 

V BUi**no )i>n. 
CROBS>ItAR-SII<n'.{kiv>'-bfMt>f«')ii.i. A 

MOad Aat, with n bir of sod pul (brautli lb 
CnoSS-Ull-L. (kr^'-til) -.(.In raw. A 

bill or cooiplaiut hmu^lit hjr k ddtaiUiit 

.iBninii iha ulnintilT. 
CKUSSBILL. (kiv<''b>l] n. i. A ainlt hitd. 

w <all«l don iu ba^. vbicb ba* (be poisti 

CToanng one aontbo'. 
CBUS8BOW, (bfc'-lv) ■.(. A nuui-rn 

■rapoa tonoM bjp placing a bo* nibvan > 

CROiiS-URCfD.rLTfiMimd) n-t. At«ra> 

■|>pli«d u aniiuBj* «bvn ifio nala ii of one 

brrod uid tbe (tniilt cf uioibcr. 
CfiOSBBUN. fkiw-bns'> a. i. A cake 

nwlud vith ilic rono of lb* enwa. 
CaOSA-EXAMlNATION, ( kna'-fg l^^- 

%'-*hv>) u>>- lliB ncl of ninty MBMBBI. 

nr ijDMlion* apparmtl; cijiiioW. Mw Ww 

«l ■Tiilri]!:)' in * court of jUBiich 
CHUSSGllAlN'U>.<bta'-fifBd)a. tfaniog 

the fihrta (nuiTtrfe oi incfalH ; pcl^mo ; 

CRtiSSLLGtiED. (kff^-lMd) <■ lla'iue 

(lie Ir^ mMfad. 
CnUSSIMi. (krfa'.^Dg) n.a. TbO Kt of 

UDiDu with lh« (r»>; MipoBliaa. 
CnoSSLLT. !iMC«(uuT. 
CROSSLY. <k}v>'-la} «'. Aib«aHi m u lo 

iowncct aooKtbug da*; oiipoaitdjt ad- 

Tinal* ; pecritbljr ; uufornnaMlf . 
CROSSNE&S. (krft'-&[a) «. •. ImnvtM- 

iirMj iotfrHCCHm i pemnrDUa; fiMrTiili- 

CIU)SSI'i;BPaHF..<kii)t-{>iii'-p9a»} a.iL A 
MBC^ of MOTfrwias, piojM*i«|;a diS- 
(uliy lo bo MlTtd; a klail of aoipDa or 
hdttlv ; a coDtrulictary tfyvKv. 

Tt CHU$SQUt:&riON. <krfa-kwg>i'.]rBii) 
Hi a. To f »U4iaiiiiDa. 

CBOSSBOAD, (ki^'-tf<le) «.•. A raad 
■ooai tbe rauDUjr ; DM ibo dlnei bigb- 

CI106S-STAFP. (krta'-MtO a. i. Aa inaitn- 
M«ot wad lijr MOMan to lata tbo awriitiaa 
nUludft of Iha nm <r Man. 

CROSSWAV. (ki;*'-i>ti) a. 1. A ■moll ob- 
acoio [>a(li lattiHi'tJnf Ihe rbiet toad -, nt 
tlm placa, «b«f« mn toad talnwrl* an- 

CBOSStVIKD. (kW-wiod) «. t. Wind 
Lla«iiD|; from tl* rinbt or ItA. 


CROTCH, (kigub) a.i. A book or tub, 
OarAn arc riookad tmboo oaad la akip- 

CnoiCflFT, (ki9tA'>tO B.b U Murfck, 
Ono of (ho Doua or (baTKIfn ot Ikoc. 
oi|Usl (o bair a miaia- In nrinliDc. HaJn 
ID which WDidi an included (ibiaa] ; a p«r> 
niM <aacnl ; mi odd ttmcf, la awmj, 
A ronvd inKramtst wilb o abBtp hook Mt 
•itiwlinK iba (Mu- 

T<>CHOl'CH,(:ktmt>h)*.f>. TaMDCfilowi 

to lia dot* 10 (bo pound ; lo lavs ; l» 
limd vrrilKly. 

CRUUCKEI) Fw^n. (irntah'-od)*.*. .\b 
orIci ot fdai*. ao (allad (MM tfto cnw 
itbtcb ib>y wote. 

CROID. iiMCaawD. 

CROUP, (kraep) ■.>. Tlw romp of a Ibwl i 
the bultodu et a bbiM. 

CROL'P. (kipap) n.i. A kind of axtbma oi 
cManli. lo vhich children ore aubjact. 

CKorPAnKS. (kim-p^O a. 1. A lam in 
hOTWiniBihip, higbw laa^ thm tboa* of 

CROIJHKR. 8*oCai>»»ta. 

CROW, rkro) >.(. A lart> blafk nrelro- 
IDua lunl ; a bai of ma lucd ai a Ion Ml 
fom o|«u door* ; tba toIc* o( a ixn i. 

rdCROW.(kru)T.<». Pnn. irrwi'.oimBKj; 
|UII. trruiiL ' To make ibe noiaa whirb > 
cotk mAkiiincalBif.ordefiuin-, lobe**!; 
10 bully 1 lo bloMor. 

CROWD. (kTfvd) n.f. A moltilado <a«- 
faardly prrncd logrthn ; a ptoniiaciiou 
Bsdley, •nthoui orda or diMiBciiaa ; iho 
*ulk''>r '. Ihc ropuliu:*. 

To CtlOM'U. (\tnd> •'- «■ To fill with COD- 
foied mulutudea ; to pnaa cIok tog«lk«i -, 
to incunbct by nnliiiaiba. Tn tmw4 mil, 
to nntad mdi (be •ail* ajioB Ibr yaiila. 

To CllOWD, (krfyd) r. h. 1 o «wiim ; lo 
bv numrToiui lo galbat la(«lfa(« Inlo a 

fmnWFOOT. fkr»'-f(l> B.t. A <shfO^ 

CUOWKi;U>K[t,^krv'-kf]>!r}a.», A»*tt- 

CROWN, (krqifn) a. i. Tbo omamral of ilio 
band wtich dMOMo impeiial aad tr%)d diii- 
oiiy ; a pda&d ; N«wd i htaaaiy di*. 
■inoiion j lotal p o w ; Tayalijr : tbo top of 
tbo fatad -, lb* top Ot ioylhiDl;, aa of a 
auwanin ; Ibo port «( ih* bal lbi>t rorara 
lIio brad ; a fnrr» of meiiay, Batittilly 
atampcd vith a rrowv ; in mmo fiva tlnl- 
Ubm ; comnlrlioD ; aKmplinhnrfiL 

Tt CROWN, (krvvn) i-'- fo i>ii»t wltti 
(ho crown ; to catot, a* iillh a truaa -, fo 
dltsify i to adum ; in a]BkD illuiuioiu; lo 
nwatd; to tttinuftnt* ; to lomplcle ; lo 
poifcf I : In •••niuDalD ; (o finitb. 

CHOtt'SCLASS, (k/p.,ii'.KlM> n. L. llio 
fioMI aoit of window -kIbm, 

CROWM.\G, (kivvn'-tOK) ■•■■ Iu artbl- 
iDCiorr. 1 hnt wbub BaiiJjea «t aonaa any 

CROWN-OFFICE. {Lmo'-ot-f^>a.>. A« 
cSm MsagiDg M OM C«an of king't 

BfCj— laba, tsb, t>vllj— gLIi — pgvBdi— (liio, inH. 



CnOWNPOBT. (bfvn'-pfM) iki. A pwt. 
wUcb, !• bialilliiK*, aUgull ii|iri(lil m (ha 
tniilillp. keniDCQ tmt> piliidHi nAoni 

CllO»'NWIlEi:L,(lu«i'>wticb><i.<. TlM 
upixr wlwcl of • wKicIi BMi the balBin. 

wvU ailnacMl loMfria tM Mi to ftin 

> hiU at luiBE iiHil 
WTintlM nnilir (In (jtm, wUck «o tba 

CKL'CIAL. (kno'-dif^l) <. Tnufow i 

iMeraKliiu OSS ■ootbgr. 
raCItlCIATIi. (lut9'H>l»4l>) *.«. T«Mt> 

tan . to tonncut ; M emiuhtti 
CHliClATt:.<Uae*.«b»«B)*- TodDoiMJ. 
CltliClATIU».(k(cg4li^'-«bgn}«.(. Tot^ 
I Mk. 
CRUCIBLE, (kri^-n-U) •.(. AcbjaiM'* 

UflliDe pM. torainiy mail.*!] iritb B (TiMi. 

CKl'ClfcKOLS,(kif;->ir'-9'V>)"- B^'- 
Uii; Utt tron. 

CfltHlFIKll. (iunf'-n-'i-fO "■(■ \1*AU 

Uticu ibr punuhmnil of cructfuion. 
Clttt'Il'lX. (kto^'-dc-tik*) ■.). A rrpm- 

■cDCuiaD, in |iMniii cr icnlplani o( uiU 

Ixird'i T T'ffi ; iiie tiiX* of ( litlii, 
flUICirlXlON, (iroo«fi>'.l.nn> * i. 

The puauboiDiii <if iiiiliait to a ttau, 
CRUCIFORU, (kfQe'-M>l^> 0. lla<riB|( 

th* fnm of a ttou. 
XiCKltClFY. (kiM'-M-fi) w,B. Topdtto 

■loiiUi lijr nuliog iha budi tmi (Kt lo a 

CRH* vi Il|■riEh^ 

CnUClOKROl's, (krw-»id'-i*-fV)«- B""- 

mt ib« nou. 
C'HUDE. (Lrggd) a. Raw ; nnl tubJued or 
. clua|*d by any mctu ; hanb : unripd ; 

■ot mil iigtuoa; unfintibtil ; imihature j 

buiuK inilunlait notiout. 
CRUDKl-V, <lr9oJ-I,> ad. Udth^Ij i 

viUiuut UuA (^nT[anlioB- 
CRl'UENKSS.^i(iMid'nsa^a.t. lIiir^«n«M. 
CRL'OITY, (Lrou'-ilo-ia) N. L Indifnviion ; 

inraoroctiao ; unripcoMi ; iai]i|;r>)''d iiiilicm. 
CRtIEL,<kni;'-«l>a. labtuuaa , k>t<l-hian- 

ed i TDJd o? fUj. 
CRUIXLY, (hjoe'-«l-1f> «•!. Id b cnict 

(;Rttf:LXE83. (ktn'-fMiG*) a. t. iBha- 

nmulj: CTualtj. 
CHUI-Unhr, (krK'-il-lf) n.>. labumasiljr ; 

•ainnnMa; bMtnlf ; aci of utmtiaoal 

CRl'KT, (Lno'-M) u.h A rial for tbiogu 

•n oil. 
CRllSlv. (lama) ■.fc A •null ci^i or bottl*. 
CHVlSIt, (kijgi) n.t. A viTagii in woich 

of tilun J(T. 
Yd CltriSE. (kingi) (.n. Tararp onr Did 

■aa iu arari'li uf |<laniln, oi wiUnwt any 

ipnaia tourN-. 
Ctll.'l.SHt, tkrae'-ifi) B.t, Unethnt roin 

ii|KiD ilio Kia iu aranli of tiIuiiiIfi ; n aliiii 

BM|>luytil in niliu); (o ajiJ fro for iW (to- 

Ml iloii of niMilast al>i|if ■ 


cnrM, 1(^*1") "•■- ^* '"'^ p't ■'^ 

CftL'MB. < Inid; nmiBUiaitidoorfnc- 
nieDi of liaail 

T*CRl!H, (kf^m) ».•. To Weak Into mall 

Tf CRUMBLE. (krvn'-U) a. o. To bn>»k 
into unafl (oo:**. 

r«CKUMtll.F,(k>9m-bI)a.i>. To bll inla 
■luoU irtri'M' 

Clti;iilMY.(LiinD'-ni*) a. Softi iMombliog 

TKUMP. fknunpt a. Cnwkad. 

riiiJirrr. [t,r«ii>-f") •- «. a ioft r«kf. 

'riCKliMI-l-K. (Lram'-{il) •. a. To dm 

into wrioklo. 
7*CR(JIUPLi:,(kiuni'.jil> V.II. To (brill k 

op -, (a rantncl. 

CRUMI>UKa.(tiiiDp'-liD() a.!. AamiU 
■bcMwnUi amilc. 

CKlToR, (kfiK^fr) a.1. Gott) e«a(<^»*d 

CRtrppKR. (krw'-p^) a. i, TIiik pan of 

thv borwoiau'i loniiun llal rrar^* (lom 

tlic MilJIo 10 (ba Ujl. 
CRURAL, (krDa'-(|l> a. BtlODginE lo Iba 

CR7sADE,(ki59^do') )>!.>. Aii»»p«*. 
CRLSADO. lkie»H'-dfH tlDDagakaitlia 

inSdela-, u andant coin *taii>iietl vriili a 

CRl'SADER, (kr«-«4'-JM) n-i. One en- 

iiloyol in a craiadr. 
:AUSK. SaaCavu*. 


f*''. *p. *t". 'i'*-"^«»t»;- pJw. pitti-u^ «5»t. 

CRltSCT. (krs^-aiO a. i. A goldimidt'i 

mplliD); Mt. 
Tb rRl':>ll, (Inrth) r.a. To Hgarrtri to 

pl«n wilbiiolmc'i: i (ootfrubrliii : tot-rat 

dDwn i to (abdoei lo (onqiiri brjcoil rr- 

CRUSH. (kiijiA) B.(. A toUi^oD ; It* act 

of nuliiai; togclhar. 
CIlt'ST, (kr^i) a.1. Any ahvll. QC rifrnnl 

coat ; an iocTuatation ; coIlvclMn of mntlri 

lota a lianl bade ; thi> cur of a \At niiila 

a( maal, and bakrd ; l)i« nuin bard part of 

br«ad : a watta place of liiMd. 
Tt CRUST, (ki»M) ». a. To miti-Iqim; fa 

Mrrr vitii a hud caw -, li> foul iriui <on- 

To Cltl 8T, Ckroit) *. M. To ijBlLirr or «m- 

tram ■ cnirt. ' 
CKl'SrACEOU3,(krDa-t4'-«h;.i|()a- Sbolly, 

villi joiali ; oppoaad lo IfMwnHi, or fOrnvil 

wiib oDc muutnrapttd »hrll. 

K. k Tbe aaslkli of h^Tini: iniiiail ibHU. 
CRUSTATItJN. (lni»-tii'.lmi,) mt. An 

adlittmt (onrinE i an iamiatation. 
CRUSTILY. (kjTi>'-lt-lr) .d. l-«tiiblr; 

CRIiNTlNfSS, (kV-lj-Dj.) m.t. 11* -n*- 

Uit ofnciunti |>*vnMinn»i aiarOHniu. 
CRUaTV, (Xnn'-i*) 4. CmvMl Willi a 

cru*l : iloidyi ntorow; *iii<(>{uh. 
CULICII. (ktuub) n.h Ani|-|>BRiwrd>7 

T' LitUrUI. (Ii«I>li) r-t. TofariMton 

cruidKi M a ai|)dt* 


T« CRY. ari) To tptak wlih Mho- 

UMiw ; (o (ill tmiiortuaBlely ; U (odun; 
Mulm luimtniiODi 1 to iqasll. W tmin- 
fanii InvDcpiioatui u inuticulate tvic*, 
H m •niiul - lo ydp, ■■ ■ hogad on > 
KOM 1 U foodaiiq la m la»fcci i w tall fur 
Tvamnt* or iiuDuhmMil : Tt or* eiiC, to 
CKttun i to •cnsni ; to cooiuImd nwlljr. 

T« CRY, (ix>) n-d. Td trrodUiiBi tonuko 
iniUiiJL : To rry lUnm, iobimnit i 10ilv|ir*ct' 
Ua: taovat — r: Tn ny if. to s{i|ilaud i la 
jpraiM : lo mW ilio nrko tj pracluiuilKin. 

CUY. ikt\) n. I. XaowDlalkHii lUnek ; 
Mrmn 1 ne[iing; toQaniliii; ilunoui . 
ooloy ', cxIuniBEKw of thuoifk m vaoder ; 
jitDclamatioD L ilkc limkin' pMduUiaii of 
nm. u, the cici at Laaiau ; accluna- 
tiui -, raicr; ulirmiiUi imporliunu <*ll~, 
jtltnat ol iot* -, ]vll) iiitmrulaia ~ ~ ~ 

Tba b(roa> 

rilYKU. ')M«CniiR. 

CItYKR. (liiiV^ "-■- A Liad of Uwk 

CRVINU, (Ki|''in() u> ■■ ImpDttunkla ail, 
ot ouiciy. 

CRYIT. (LrifO n.& A laliomima ivll 
01 n*ir. raMcblh oodn > cliufiti, tor iho 
ini«mi«Di or pttiicalMr poncn* i k ulxn- 
nnfui onio^ Of tliii|'*l i tbo i^<a of ■ 

rRVITICAt.. (krip'-lD-L^) ) u. ILiUm)^ 
CHYPncK. (lny-Lkj i •ttwi. 
CRYrrOUIlAITIV. (kruMog'-eiq-te) n. 1. 

Tbe ut ot vriiiof lecrai chu«rcicn / vooct 

<b»iHtrn; cruben. 

citYPi'o]^aS\(kn>4«r>it,n)B.>. Enig- 

muicitl lanruaKe. 
CRYPTOCATHY. (ktip-*«'-<-ine) :i. In 

boianr, ipplifd to a gmuB of iwit* sImh) 

fniciijcatioii ■• concMutd. 
CRYSTAI,. <kr>.'-nll ». 1. In minctnloc;, 

A banl, ^irliuciii. ind uacuraU^ colourlvM 

bodjr. of ivbKb ihvtr njo ThriDut ijnd*; 

Oyiiuli [iu iliyiiiuir^r] ntp"" mIU dioi 

CRY9TAU (lji*''«tl) «. CdMitduc 
ytlal; briuhti tmnwmat ; udlucuC 


or coDifblrd in muinvT of crv\tM, 

cnrtlal ; bniili 
CKYSTALLINK, (kij^-liMtu) a. Cm- 

■imnj of ciytuJ; bngliti pcUiuidi cnaa- 

CllYSTALL!X« 7/uirur/r,<\n>'nl-linii) n.t 

TboHMiuJ liuuiQurof the ejt, tirnl litm aext 

Id iba uiiuoiu bcbiod llie urra. 
CRySTALUZATlOK. (kricitl-li-oi'-obgii) 

Pa. 1. CaDGclklioD mio crjwoU -, (h« niM 
formed hy corruclalion oil (Onrratuni' 
T0CKY$1AI.LUI::,(kii>'-i4l-ltw) cs. To 
c*ot« 10 (OQceal in cntndi. 
To CRYSTAI-UZE. (l^>'-(4l-lJK> fc*. To 

CUU. (lull) 11.1. Tb« joaut ol ■ Wail-, 
(Micnll; of a Ixai or foi; uo yoimi; ot a 
irlialc, parhajia of wy (mjaniu £*)■■ la 
npriMcli, a nrnog koVot siiL 

To LUB, (kfb) 0. ft. To tumg bnt> ; lut^l 
of brwu. 

ICUBATION, (k9-bt'->l>9D) a. >. llnauof 
Ifiaf down. 

CDDATORV, (k^4f««rt) ■• Rmu^ 

Ct'BATUR):, (kvMq-l^) ibi. Tl.o JhJ- 

■Dg ciMtly ibo oobd roatMU ot any pro- 

poitil boiy. 
CUBE.(tab«) :t. A irvolmlj Mild ImhIv. 

eonMiUni of di tquai* and ngual fast* uf 

tiilg*. and iho an|ka all right, add tbow- 

foTV enual. 
CrilE ItUOr.ikvWiDot) In. J. Tut 
CI UKK lUioT, 1 l.i/-blk-tp5t) \ origin of 

a <'iibii± niiiub«r i or a nmbn, by wlioao 

luultipJuation into it*elf, and igun nitn ibo 

ptoiiuci, any ipT«n punbw i* fnmriL 
CC ilKB, ().<>-brb> n. L A amall drivd brnj 

membliaic iwpiwir. 
Cri)U:At„(l>u-b*.L4l) ia. Hatiagd^fonu 
CUHIt'K, (ku'-bik) } or |>Ki)>rrtiea of 

a cui«. 
CIUICAIXY. (ku'-Vl^l-U) aiL Inaem- 

laical niftliod. 

Cl.'BlCALN(:S.<.<kn'-VI'4l-l>t*) "•'■ "^le 

tt,-ii« of I'FinK ( 
CI lllCtlLAR, (ku-ti£k'«-V) •. Baloogio; 

to tli« cbnaibri. 

Cl"BK:i;LARV.(lD4>ik'.ku.iV?)a- KOrf 

for tbo pottsta of hrEne doim. 
Ci;RIFORM,<kv'-bB-rtnuJ a. Ofdiiibapo 

of » robe. 
Cl'Uli'. (ku'-ba) m.*, A mcuan ia mo 

amotiK lii< anclitnU ; arij^iniltj the didailco 

bom ibe nlbow, bonding warwdi lo the cs- 

Uemiiy of ibo DuddJo fingiT. 
CITUITAL., (k<f'-bp-i«l) a. Containing imly 

till Icaalh of a cubit. 
Ci;cMNGSTOOL,<knk'-iDg-*l»I)n->. An 

eagiM inctnteil tea tbc punuluuenl of 

amid* and unquioi vouun. 
CUCKOLD, (k^k'-knld) a.b Ono that i« 

manicd lo an adoitrM* ; ooa wbutr vilo i* 

falv to )u> bvi. 
To CUCKOLD, (k^k'-kyJd) *. a. To wroac 

a Ltubavd by uncfianiity. 
CUCKOLDY, (Lak'.u|.dn) a. lUiiog tba 

qualitira ot n cuckold ; poor ; airan ; cow- 

CUCKOLDOM, <k^'-knl.4am} a. i. Tbo 

ad of adulMiy ; llur tair trf a cuckoliL 
CUCKOQ. (kyV-kni) n. i. A well koovn 

binl wbicli a|i|i«an in Ibo vpiriiiif. 
C1<CI.ILLATL. (ku'-kulltlo) (a. Hood- 
CUCt;LI.ATLl>. (W4nl-lB tod) I rd;ro. 

*Bi*d at wlili a liood i hannu Ibn rnnn- 

bianco of a liunl. 
CUCL'MUfUt, <ku'.kBn-ler) ■■. t. Tlio 

nun* of a plant, anJ of llia tnJn ol that 


a. Applied la plaou wbicb tpimiblo a 


CBCUBBITE, <ki,-.kur-bii) a. i. A rhymi- 

enl tmel in ibo ■hniic of a gourd. 
Ci;ClR)UTIVF..(Lv-W-b^<>T)«. Applinl 

lo Mnnll B;iE ■amu of die iliapi of tlic Kcd 

of a i^aimL 
CUD. (kod) n. «. Ttinl food nhirli ii i*- 

{■oalied in the Bt*t ttanicli, in ndwr to 


nfl j— lybr, t>fb, b|ill[— f(1, pwoi'>~''^' '"'*• 



nCTODLB, (kitr-41) •->■ TalbcloM; 

To Ua in an nahnna. 
CUDOKU (kfil'-jel) •).•. A Mick M MriU 

«MW Ugbtiir dum a (biK thoiw than a 

r« CUDGEL, (knd'-jt)) i^a. Tabeaiiriik 
■ Mick. 

CUDUU.LEII, fkiid'-ni-1*r>».t. OMvho 
cidcal* anoilwr. 

CUE.(kv) *-•■ The lailorraJof aaphiag; 
■*, liw loaf cuH (■( a ■>{ ; the liM wnnla 
af a apr th which the plajrn who it io aa- 
•ptT, oau^M, and rsfiarda « inilaaiion to 
b«(iB i a hbl 1 an infiBaiim t hamom ; 
I— i»»i«f ■JaJ. 
r^CUrr. (ki^ a. (. A Uo* with lbs Cm; ■ 
hoi I any (unU n blow; pat! of &a 

7« CXTF. (hoO r- •>■ To <itl>l : «> aeaflf. 
7> CUFF, (k^ oo. T* KiUn with the 

CUIRASS, <kM-tiO a. I. A hnaaipht*. 
CUlKASSlER.'<kir«-t^»^) a.). A aiu 

•t anna ; a loldin in anaonr. 
CUl.-iSK. (kwii) n.>. ThDarmaai Uialcotvn 

tho ibich*. 
CL'LOE^ (hsI-AiMr) H. 1. Atonkj in Scot- 

kad ud Inland.' 
CUUKARY. (kv'.|a-D|t-*) a. HalntUgto 

Ibc kiichm, or coobMT. 
r«CULL,(knJ) c*. ToMlMtftonotbeni 

M pick «D[ of muj. 
CULLEK. (,kf I'-lgr) ■. •. One •rbo [ocka tn 

CUU.IOX,(fc^-|lia>a.>. Aacoondnha 
■ mMa wntcfc. 

LCUUJONLr,(kqr-nii-l»)a. M«anibMv. 
CKU.Y, Opr-l^ a. 1. A' una dcodted bj 

ahvpoa oi a ■tnnniieb 
It CLTlLY, (kiiT'lf) f,a. To btfool; to 

CULLrtSU. (tiil'-tt^ini) «.■. l-hamwof 

a oilly. 
CVLU, fknln) •>••■ A hind uf dun caal 

found in fdu with coaliw and *aa«Umot by 

CULM£\'. (kV-mon) a. i. A ■nmralt. 
€1'LiMII'EROL-S.'(knl-nil'-fM>) ■. In 

botuir. A trnu apiJlod U JMtiuttltillf a 

■mogib juinud ualk. and UKtr OMd* eon- 

(aintd in chall' hiuki. 
n CULXUNATE. {kvl'-nt-ntw) •.«. T* 

hv imtical -, to be in th« niandlaa> 
CULMINATION, (kvUDu-f>4''A^n) «. i. 

Tba tnnail of a plaaat tnrou^ the nari- 

diAai top oTcravB. 
CULPABILITY, (kol-n-bil'-*^) a. t. 

CULPABLE. ltiil'-[<t.U) t. Cthninal; 

euihj ; bTampabff! ; blauiflaurtb^. 
CULFA ill.LNESd, tk<)l'-H-bi-DC*) n. l 

Ct;Li-.Mi1.\,ik^-pt-U«>a. BlMwablT- 
CULVHIT, (fciii'-ptit) thb AnwanHpcd 

iKfatF Ui* judgv. 
CULTEK. SnCovtTm. 
CIXTIVABLE. (kvl'-lfxf-bl} o. CapaUn 

of tvitiTation> 

pKiiry. Tho ttmr aa dsf 
7- (UMHKR. iknis^btT 


JVRl'LTIVATT, (lor-tk*?*.) Ka. To (Sn 
wMd or tm pw^e the [mdacl ct tlio oartb by 
maiiul induatiji ; la improve ; (n mrlioiaie. 

ClTLllVA7ION,(k!il>lB->a' n.i. Tbe 
an a* pncOca of toprsfinf laiit. and for- 
waidac TCfMdUM i laininnoMin g«ne- 

Cm.TIVATl)B. (Itvr-tt-T^^uO I..1. One 
who iiBpra*««, pramotn.or loilionttw. 

CULTUHV;. (k»r-t^) n. •. The ait of 
cultivation i (iUi(o i the »n of imptn*- 
meat aad nwUotatiOB. 

Tb CULTURC. <bnl'-tnn) r.a. Toeulti- 

CULVER. (kDl'-*«) ■, I. A iriCMB. 
CULVERIIut^t. (hul'-Tn-bvifM) <i.t. A 

CULVBIUN, (kfl'-vf-NM) «.«. A.IMM. 

•f otdnanc*. 
CULVEKTAIL,(k?i'-<r!r-lf1e) ■.(. Incw- 

pKiirr. Tho ttmr aa dsnMif. 

Ljin| dowa. 
■bfr) 0..1. To embar- 

rut ; 10 Hi(aB(i* ; lo ohtinut ; la croud 

01 load nih wnethiiij; ntoltM, 
CUIIUKR. (kun'-ber) n.iL Vexation ; bni- 

deoKuunHi ; mtiaiiMiMii ii[ 

aomB: Tcnuonei biudmome; tdubarrM- 

■ine j unwieldv ; uniouuffflablo. 
CDMBEK.SOHELY, (kffn'-btr-npa-b) u. 

Id a nnobleaoma mannn. 
CI htBEKSOMENESS, <ki|Bn'4ir4^.n{*) 

n. >■ F.nriiEnbnnce; nbatroction. 
C[IMBRA\(.'f;(kum'-biviM>«.i. Buid«ai 

biadnocv ; (^TnictioD- 
CllMIlItOl.1. (kum--biv>) «. TroublcKUQC) 

0)ipr**u>Oi butdoDMuiej jumbtsd ; ob- 

CUMIN, (kiun'-min) a.i. A plant. 
Tt CUMULAI'E, (ku'-nrv-li^te) i> a. To hMp 

CUjIEuLATTOK, (klf-ai<f.l4'-«h^) >. i. Tha 

act of ktapiu HBotber. 
Cl^'MVLAlIVR, (kV-mu-U-v) •■ Con- 

uiiine of porta hiapod UMvibn. 

CUNCrAT]ON.(kiiigklf-^1'>) »'• ^'• 

taji prccraatinalMiD. 
CUNCTATOR, (k,iirak-t»'.|ur) a. t On* 

nrrn lo drIaT ; a lineoroT. 
CUNEAL, (kf'-iM.«() a. Kdaring to n 

CUSeTtED. <k(^.no^HBd) a. 

fom of ■ wedge. 
CUNKll'OKAI. <kf-iif'-9-(fnn) i. llsrinE 

the fonn of o wrdge. 
CUNNING, (k^'-ning) a. Skilful; boow- 

Ing; nrifal: arlAillv dcnilfoli dj; da- 

(ipODE : (Dbtle ; cndtj. 
CUNNING. (knn'-Dini;) n-i. Aitificw; d*. 

(rii; •JjnrM; fracidulFnt dnWlly; ad; 

■kill ; knowtedrr. 
CUNNINGLY, (ki.n'.imc-l»)«J. AitfuUy. 

•lily; eubtilly; diiltnilj. 
CUNNINGN&^S. (kna'-nlng-Bji) n, i, 

Sobxlfliitt-, tlynco*. 
CUP. Ikuui II. 1. A (mall Tr«al to disk 

In i Uio tii|uoi cQulblncd in the cop; the 

Mado in 


Y^r, %t, [|ll. 1^1 i— n^ mgt ;— pin». pin I — nf. v?*r. 





iliiiilPii . iiii iilB<iiiliiiiiiiil. ill Ifcinihitl 1 

■ clM* ca draw ;ba blood m xnUculinii. 
TvCUF, (Mipl n-u. To Ki ■ (IkH-belJ or 

EKmttat* upon the (luii, la diaw the U«od 

!■ (CHtficaiMo, 
CI7FBEARtR.<k|||^-t>«-iy>iwi. An oficr 

«( the iuii|'* bouMkoldi u anaoduil to 

(it* Tins u ■ rant. 
CtJPUOAHD. (kob'-bnnl) II. I. A oa* mth 

akettc*. ia vbiili Ticiuali oi Miihmoflra i* 

T«CUrBOARD.a»l>'-l>oBl> •,>. Tocra»- 

viD ia a cu))bakM ; to bnonl Dp. 

CUPELLATKiN. (iop.pil.l^'.Uiini) ■. t. 

Ttir pra«M ot atMtyioi aad |iunl^i (oU 

•ad rilnr. 
CVPIDITV, {ku-pid'-j^u) ■.■- CoocupU- 

c«acc j onlnHftiL ur uJUi*aAao«blo lAuf^iAif. 
CUPOLA. ^iit''t>V->t) »■'• A doturi ibc 

btmiBbmckl •ununil al a boUdlaf. 
CUrPEl^ SeiCorni. 
CUfPKK. (kup'-|>rf ) a. h Om «Iio tJipMtt 

eoppinc (laaKM ; a aorifin. 

[Iku uied Inr •canKm U cEiav out (W 

blood by BTtiyiaK tha m. 
CUPREOCS. (I.9'tiif-9>)a. Cepjiwyitw- 

nMiog of cof^. 
CUB, (knr) n. k A alwpberd'i do|[; ■ 

vonhloM dtioivirriM da|[. 
CURABLE, (ku'-tt-bl) a. Adialitliii a i*> 

CURABI.EN>:SS.(«ia)B.«. P«»- 

rihihlj lu bo bMled. 
CURACY, (ku'-ifot) •.«. EiD[>1ajmait nf 

a cuiMti. dubDci &un a bewKiw , *mploy> 

aeat «bii-h 4 hind datgjnnm boldt indn 

Aabroofioaiji ab«io£cc, dialjaiuiibcdbj 
Iba nama of ■ pwptiual ciuac^, br 
lira aco Eroia iha lii4liop. 

CURATE, (kV-qui)H.>. AckODnaBUnd 

(o pesfona lbs itulin ot uioi^T : a parlih 

pris*! i on* «bo boldi a pcrpeUul cniacy- 
CURATESUIP. ik</-itio4bip) >. I. TiM 

oAoo of ■ conCe. 
CURATIVE, (ko'-q-tiT) a. BalatioK 10 ibo 

CUR of diiaain* 
CURATOR, (k^rt'-t^) ».*. Ono thai bat 

Ilui tan ud Mponntcndcaca of taytUng) 

a emrdiu appc^lsd h; law. 
CUKb, ILnrb) «.^ Ad Itoo duio. mado 

Eut to llw ugipor pail o( tbs bnadti o( ibo 

ttidla, aail fuaains otn iho b«uil of llio 

luna i (HOaiDi i uihibilkni '. a baid tumour, 

iridcb roD* aJonj ibc iiulda of a liona'a 

r* CUKB. (kuib) 1. iL To t>udfl or irateniD 

a botte wilb a cnit> 1 tONitiMii) loinUbit; 

to irhcck^ (a l>iad> 
CURn-SlONE. ikf^b'-ilfoO D.1. AiUdt 

kio'l of ttODc pWcd at tbe eign of a (toao 

CURIJ, fkuM) 1. L Tbs couDlalicm of 

milk ; tha ocmcitiua of Iba thidut |»iu of 

any liaoo). 
To CUBD, (hard) •. a. To Mm to corda. 
Tart'HULK.(k^-dt) ■.«. T«(oanlawi 

toraD<T((*i eeiakaihu form of cuiJa. 

r* CURDLE, (kiu'-dl) «■■. To oum i» 

CUItI>Y,{ku('-<J»)>. ('M(iilateJ : coDcrHnl. 
CURE, (kni*) li. I. KrnudjF , rctioiuin ; 

■1.1 of hraliDi; ; ^« Iwntfics oi ctDplovnifiii 

of a CDialo or clargynan. 
Tb CtrR^ (kut) r. a. To btsl 1 10 natora 

10 hnlih . (o prtfoie. Hi a< U pn a w tn 

^om (orniptiDn. 
CliRELt:>S. (kifto''lca} a. Witbtml com 

widionl manly. 
CtlRER, (kf'-rp) mt. OmvIioiwmi a 

CUKFKW. (k^--fV)a.i. An •TftttniF Mai. 

al thr anunil of irhicb 0>«iy maa WM ob&rtd 

(o laic up liif fira lud aiincniib hi* ligii i 

a coTtr for a £» ; a Ctoplata- 
CURIOSITY, (kvrifa'-t-w) «■»■ laqoiii- 

tiTCBna ; lortiMioD to iaipliy; an iA^nI 

of curleaitj, 01 larlty. 
CURIUiiO. (boo-rt'^-ao) n. i. A cwmm* 

jpancm ; a Tirtouo. 
CCRlUL't^, (Iis'-re-a>> a. laqoantiTe; de- 

■inxu of isfoTmotlcm ; BtlnMira M ; diligfDt 

about; iccuttiIc, ilifficultloplraati oauti 

nini (oUIe. ulfuli iiolaaglKCtal; Burly 

Aligmii rifgant i n«at; laboured. 
CURIOUSLY. (ko'.trD*-l(>) 11,1. InqoUi- 

tmly; atMnti'Toly i dtjanijy: nealtyj art- 

fbllyi narlly, 
CURIOUSNE£B. <kf'-ft-a*-<M«) «.). Cu- 

rioiiiy: ioqaiaidTooma; «neMMa; sicvty. 
CL'KL. <k«ri> H.: A riDilM of Lair; ob- 

dolaUno; m^To; hdhouIj ; Anofv- 
T* CURL, (k^rl) IV d. To turn tl* bolr in 

riaettt*; (owiitlH) tOt«tM; todimvltli 

cinla; lo taiio in «WM, oadiibHlaM^ or 
Til CURL, (knin V. R. Tn kfariidi tnto >inr 
lolli toiiu Id usdaUuoiM. 

CURLEW, (koiMo) n.t. A kM of «Mrr- 

CURLINIl'^S. <kai'4f>n!» a. •. Tie MM* 

of luiytbaia nilid. 

CUKLlNti-lRUNS, (lar'-llaff'l-",'"') *■ *- 
All iLiitruiupfat to carl lb# hair with. 

CURLY', (kit'-ln) •• lucliiung to ruH, 

CUHMl'PGKU!<;, (kw.mHd'-jon) n.t. .\a 
anjidoii* rbuilUb Mlow; aruiwt; a al;- 
iianl ; a churl. 

CURMUDGEONLY, (kaiMnud'-jaa-fc) a. 
AntirioiMi contewi eborltali. 

CURRANT. fkBi'-ifDO "■*■ AMOaHftnlt 
tm ; > fDiiH dtUd ernpa. 

CUKIIENCV, (hQi'-ita-(Bl «.). Cbentn- 
liOD ; |W«cr af paailni (ram baod 10 buul 1 
^mml trcFptlaa 1 Buenca ; rtuiUiuu of 
aunaacB ; cmtinnano* | oaBMaal low ; tin 
rocnoy of a coontiy, or tlio paprt fojnug 
aa oioaoT, 

CURRLNr. (kn'-tml) a. P>hI»< ftom 
baud to baud; frBCTally t««T(d; (om- 
manigCDdsli pojnilar; paaaablsi vbalii 
nov paulpc ; at, the fttrrtat year. 

CURRKNT. (V'-MDt) a. >. A nmnlnf 
airtam : Currrnlt an mtain proj^iiari** 
aioliaoi of tbp walrr of Ibo mi in tctanl 
placcii coutm; ptofn*iiea. 

ufl i^^bo. tgb, b^Q 1— fil :— pQV'ii' ' — '^'>- ^"^ 



ICNTt.Y, (tv('-f«)Mt) a. la tern- 
J kunoDu ; HiiMlany ; fmUmaUj. 
kKN rNBS. itV-nB'-*!*) •■ •■ Cir- 
<ti)aiMat fsuml i«a|Hkai cuian* of 
CCRRlCli:. (ViK-O'kl) n. 1. AMdtM; • 
rbMioC la Bioitm (>dm, Aa opu dalM 
witb two wIimU, dnwB bj Mrs UnM 
Ct'RRU:K. (W.<»«r) ••. I. Ona ■«« 

ilraiMv and pma laubM. 
CL'KBlSll, (kar'-rMb} d. lUmg Iteqna- 

Cl'lUtlSHLY, (W-ilih-b) ad. InabcaUl 

or iMlicBuit manner. 
C('KUI.SHN'£SS. (kgi'-n^-aft) ihi. U«- 

IiH*D(M ; (hutiUtlDIU*. 

rvClHUV.fkur'-n) t.«. T«ilrMalratWr, 
by btatlni and nililiiii( it ; lo brat ; la 
inb i w rub a ban* aitb a acnlcUne la- 
■mimrM ■» u lo >tDOi)ili hi* <oat ; m 
•enUk la luadBHi ~, lo nb don viih iai> 
loi;. To <wTy yiiraur, nropMW /uhI, a 
iMta|>bor tram On mMt; m Wubm a 
bf oofWe by pKlj ofiooann*. ot kuuiy. 

ClUmV. (kg^-fni .1.1. A *caJ (ninncd 
fnnn the £aM ladin. d«W»iu • UtUjr 
■piMd niMun of nriout raaoUi^ • ^nf 
rvliiftaMe MKnpcmlioli. 

CURllYCOMU. <ki|i'-t^ki<M> ■■(. Ak 
inn inMriUMni fac (uming boiN*. 

7VCUItSF.,<kBn*) r-'- to «*>> •*)' t^t 
W ruEDil"; 10 doiota U [nsdllloai to 
alBict 1 la Winnit. 

JiCt'IlSK. (kurw) r.M. TobapNMt*. 

CUItSK, (kitrM) n.u UalrJicUOD i at9k- 
tioai larmiot , Ttution. 

CURSED, <kar'-«cd} fft.». DtMiriai; > 
chm; kMrhJi i t w walla ; unhalyi us- 
nnctiilrd -. blHicd by a cuiM ; matioo* ; 

Cl'KSI-^DLV. (tff-fi-lf) W. MiMrnbly; 
L (liiuapfiill) -, acaaliirnilBTfryconmioauH. 
'Cl'ltiiKDN'i:!^. (ky'-*C<l'nciJ 0. >- Tha 
■lUr of btiat ww*T a ran*. 

CUIl$Klt, (kv'-ap) '^ •• Oat that uttim 

|<CtJKSHIP.(k«i'.«b{p}a.i. Dogihipi Bun- 

CUBSITOR. {kv'-»l9ti) ■••. An olGcar 
UloairiDii 10 tb* Cfaactry, ilul niaku out 
•rialaal wrila. 

CUBSOIURY. (ktu'-M-ff >«) '. Cmttji 

tCUR^niLY. <kv-*^■t■>t) •'■ BMtUji 
' dicbth. - 

CLllUiO]{IN£SS.(kv'-^'T->^>"-*- S<it>» 
;,Ct'H^OKY, fb«'-a^ra> a. Hmij; qukhi 

iBstlnAn; doing abaol; not •lalioaaiy. 
rCtKST, (ksnl)a. FrowarJ: pM*i>k; aa- 
Uemuii: nil*.Unoii*i im»tbuf. 
CVasV\r£». |kunc'-K;a> a.h pMrlib- 
Iravudnru; itiatl|nily. 
ECliltT. ikim) n. Sliott 
TfCUKlAIL, <kur-uie') i^a. TocutoT; 
U (01 tbnt i Ui •bridyi'. 


rt^TITAILER. (bv-q'-lp) a.iL One who 
cut* oS anjrlUitf. 

CttirrAIN, (Mtf-Ho) 1.K A cJoih nn- 
ttwd «r Hp— t id ai [dtMun ; rs ihvw 
rU (wMia, To clojc it >o w to ibDi uiit ib« 
H^L or ooaccal tbo ali|cct. or u OMm il to 
B< la ditoMB lb* olqwt. In foniAcaiiaii, 
TWt njt of [be w»U that bco bnwMn two 


lit CVRTAIN, (k^-ipi) P.*. To a«6m. 

audal* *itb conaina. 
CURTAl.. ikgi'.t«]) 11.1. A hotM *iA n 

docLtd ml. 

Ci:Ri'Al..(iDr''ttl) «. On*/ , m •bridcpit. 
CURTAT): IMmm*. (knr'-ifus) x. t. I t,e 

dialauM «f a ptonvl'a place ftom ihg luu. 

wi i « ; u l (a tb* Mlipticli. 
CUBTAI'ION. (k1lI-^'4bl)n) a. •. Tha in- 

M*al betwnn a plum'* dMcanca fron lie 

«an Ml ihn onitliW diH»c«. 
CfBTELASSj;,)^ f. 
CtTRTPXAX. l*^»CoTt.*M. 

tV!^TILAGK.(kBr'■»^la|.)■.'. A cvi'". 

tuil. 01 iloM, liliiii saw la a miMaiagri 
tTRTLY. (K^t-yij »l. bnnl*. 
CURTSY. !««< CutritrJit. 
Cl/KVArED.(ta('-*i-tnl)a. IWt : trook«l. 
Ct'KVATID.\.(iar-i*4-diun) n-k Ibo act 

ef bnulmg Or cmtkini; ; Iha MaU of being 

CURVATURL, (ky-.ri.inra) n.i. Ctcobid- 

CURVr„ (k«n) 0. CitDhnd, btui. 

CtmVi;. (knrr) n. t. Anylblns b«t. 

n CLRVK. {k.jn) t^ o. To btod; to 

Tt CURVCT. tk^»sO ». «. To leap ; to 

bound ; lo (risk. 
CURVhn^. (kui'.Tp) K.I. Ali«p; BlKiund, 

CtRVll.lSEAR.(^r.t,.^n'jv) »■ Cm. 

■iaiingaf atartvdltae; compoaMl of rurvi-rj 

CURVrrV. (k^r" ■"-(»> n-t. CrookcdapH. 
CUKIXK, (Va'->vl?i a. Ab rf iihit nppliml 

to ihr rbur. in which ibo Itomui tniipH- 

ITUM had a riahl u rii. 
CUSIItON. (kv^i'-yo) a. a. A pillo* for tbo 

wat : n *oft pad platrij Bpon a chair. 
CU.'^HIU\KD,<kvdi'-Vnd) II. SimmI an a 

itiibou : ■lemnnodawd with nubiona. 
CUlSP, (kuip) a, I. A ivm uvil to riprm* 

lb« poiiita ot bora* of tb* moon, ur olhrr 


CU8I'mAT>:n.(k^.I.f^M)i tany.A 
fim appliad to tlw leatea o( a >a*«r fnd- 
tna; in a poinL 

Ctni'mAL. (k,*'.pf.dtl) •■ Shkq>; mdmg 

in a Mint. 
T» CKSPIDATE. {baif-p^d^lo) k* To 

CVmMW-Pi*) >■ )- The •harp and of a 

CllllTARD.(^'-*ttd)t>.i. Akindofivcct- 

CVSTtmiAL. (Cu.if'-d»V| «. lUtuiiig 

W CTUtodVi Ot E>iard[an*h>|i. 
Cl'STOUY,(k!if-t9-ik>)*.>. tuflliionmrnl . 


Vijtr.Ut, iiA\, l)t;— a^ milt i— pin*, p^n; 'BO, noiv, 


0( bbctlj; (an; eiiudkiulil)» J 
ehMO ; JefencG ; ftttmaaaa ; wcuiitj. 
CUSTOM. (MK-^pn^ -• '^ ll>li(iWiiaal 
p t t it) ; btUBni nanoo «ny «( actiag ; 
■MUUtwdnaiUira; pTBrtln at imjia^tal 
csnlB |K«»DD*. la law. A lav or rifM. 
SM wrillm, ii-Mch, beiDf Htabluhrd bjr 
long car, aiiJ ilio touMoii of mi ucMton, 
bu bcoi. led ia dally pncliMd i tiilnib;; 
las pud (bi ttoodi unpsrud ot *i|)oti«d. 
TkClftTOM. <'-tiuD> u.*. ToaMiulani. 
CIWrOU>IIOUSE. (kpi'-iuD-bfyw) a. ^ 
^H n* hoiiMi whne ihp um npoa (Ood* Im- 
^H jpoRHl 01 ripanrd an callccitd- 

^1 Customable, (W-i^n-t-bi) ■. com- 

^H moD 1 kibitsaJ ; l/MDfUt i liabic In iJid 

■ CDST0MABL£NE8!i. (k^a'-ipiri-bl-iit*) 

^H ibii. Fmfaeaej ; htbii ; conronuitj u to*- 

^B iMa. 

H CUSTOUABLY, (kua'-ton^.lilt) od. Ac- 

^H eotdlnf K) ruKotn. 

^m CUSTOMARILY. (kiu'-Uim-u-D-b} ad. 

^■vCD8T0MARINE&S.(kv'-tiiifi tr^osp) a.i. 

^H CTSTOMA'ltV. <Li>('-ium-t-rr) a. Con- 
^H (amblf tci taCaiilidivd ciulom i haUlual ( 
^V Biual; WDSled. 

CUSTOUEH. (kTi^tnni-tr) ikb Onevbo 
frvquml* >a) plno* «J Ml* for tb* isLa of 
purcbatin); a tall-gallivfn ; acolltcbn' of 

CUbTUKL. [ku>'-in<n <>-i. A budile-biwu ; 
a f«M«l rot holdiit): nui*. 

Cl/STVMARV,(kiu'i^u)i-|-n)«.i. A bnok 
of lawi and ciutiinia. 

'/» CUT, (knl> PrK. flit : put. tvl. T« f»- 
DOCraln*ir]ianodf;cJ tiutmmvnC ; (odiiid« 
any <onriuuiiy by x ahaip odgs ; to lifW ; 
10 (xrtri lo naJiB by tculjiCiu* ; lo foiiD 
•nylhiDK by culunH ; u> dims by paaalui 
dinuiih : <o pincc villi any uiuuf aciua- 
tiou ', to din 00 packa of catda ; 10 icletaecl ; 
U maa, u onr lins cui> imolbrt al rif^ 
W^Lm i Ttfflif ■ftfii!4.'rcifplli lobmrdovn; 
To cut if. To arpanM Aob Uib od«r fuu 
tiycntt£|: ladctBoy; ucnJlpaU; Win- 
■ucepi ; lo hifidel ftom ntricB •» Nnm ( b> 
wUhhold ; (o piscludfl ; to abbtfiriMa - T« 
iHf flir, I'o aliBpf ; la (otid : lo acliaiie ; la 
coatriTn; (o adapt; lodrbrir; lorKri;to 
IHiAb; To flii atcrl. To hiad<>T fnnn nro- 
riidlim \\) anilili II inti iiii|iiiriii lo al-nil;r. 
•a lbs hIiIifii urn) nl lAnrl of (hrii (ay i 
7k ml u.f. To diiide an aniniiJ into «&• 
nrniFQI pic«i i (0 Fradirnt*. 

nCUT.|>i]l> Tomakaviyby dlild- 
■Dc : TV ml in, A jihis** ia ciinl-playlii|{ ; 
wkni tb« yxratt daivniiisa wbo ai* to fonn 
iba playtia. 

CUT, ikfii) n.u Ilia action «f a abaip at 
ed|[nd iDauiuiiCDl ) Ibo impRanon or N7|iita' 
lion or (OiiUDulIj, made b j ao nigr ot ibnip 
iDilnuiimU; a vt>n&d made bj (ufiiiic \ a 
cbauel Mado by ut ^ a (oit tiil olT from 
Ibc ml 1 a neat paMage \ n piriuiv camd 
open wood ot Mppet, ihi Manp oa wLich 


a |Jctar* U ranod i tb« pnolica Of dMdIaf 

ajod afiaid*; baluM ; fonn i abaaa. 
CLTANKOl'^ (ky-u'-D^ea) «. Kalaltac 

to tbe alin. 
Cl'TK. (kniO t. Ckm; akarpi ptobaUy 

an abbtniitiro tt ivu. 
CtrrtrUK. (ku'-i^-U) •>.(. Tlx Gmaad 

ooieniioti coTttiag tt ibf fcodjr i a tbia akin 

fotxinl ou ib» aurfacr tA am litraon 
LDTICULAK. (kf.itk'-9^)«. Uals^Dg 

la iLf ikin. 

CCrLASS. (.I'^-l)*) •■ & A bnad ctiUiDi 

CinXER. (li^r-lcT) ■,«.(]&> vbo «akaa 

ot irJIa knivnu 
CLTLERV. (kqt'-lt-t^) fi. >. Hie vara «* 

ntliclra vbicb an muc by catlea. 
CU1XLX (kql'-liO a.*, A ateakj papailjr, 

n lik 
CUlTURS£,(kat'-piit*») n-h Onewhaamli 

by tb« awibod of ciiiiiai; pan«a -, ■ ihiaf. 
CUTTKR, (kul'-l;t> k.%, Au aetot or m- 

atramaat ihainiU KayUinic \ allfbc aailiDg 

tnael ; Oit Ucth Ibal col lbs msal ; aa 

oAka b the eicb<>c|<irt iLu pnindca wood 

for tlie talliH ; a iiiAiui ; a btaTo. 
CUl"-THR(>AT,<kgt'-(*tflipJ n.i. A mlHanj 

a Dinrdrnr. 
CLT-THROAT,(li5t--*^ts)o. Cwolita. 

CimiNG. (kut'-tiiiK) R. a. A pwra cM 

off: > cbnp ; tncliion ; rap>r ; mnvU 
CLTTLt:. (kul'-lll ■>.(. A tAi, wlucli, *bra 

lie I* plumed by a tttb of prny, iLraw* oul 

a black bquur- 
CYCLK, (at kl) n. >. A cirds : aparlodkil 

apace of time , a ■ncltiod, oi account uf a 

molbod cantiouad till (lia aims coutas b«|{la* 

aciiu ; linntiuiuy <iiba ; a ukIo la iha 

CYCLOIII, (aj -dv>.d> a. I. A kind of RM- 

metiicnJ carrc. 
CYCLOIUAL. (aj -kltid'-«)) a. IUIalin|Ma 

CYCLOMETRY. (a!-k];ni'-m>-Uf) n.a. Tt* 

aitl iif TEipaaurioE c^f tf^ or rinctaa. 
CYCLUIMIUIA. |.i-lilo ;.i>'-d«-4) ■, a. A 

eitrtc ol the arirocea or umicnal knov- 

Irdce ; a book wliiGli tirau of Ilia vbols 

cirtlF oftbc adiacaa ■itwi)ii*d in alfibaball- 

Chl ordrT. 
CVC'LOPKAN, <*i-klo-i»'-vi> to- BrUtinjc 
CYCLOriCK, (aj-klvp -.ikj \ lo tbo h- 

buioua baiufs caJled Cydopa \ aata)^ ; Tajt i 

CYDI^lt. SmCidu. 
CYGNKT. (ai^-ni-O R. 1. A jonnc ana, 
CYLlNOKn. <i>f.m-d<7>ii.>. Abodybof 

icg t»o Ihii auifici'i and ono ciKvlai. 
CYLiN'IlBICAL, (u-liu'-di>-kal) la. Pat- 
CYLiNPRICK,<iiliD'ilr)k) } takine 

ofttip nainrr of a lyliadfrr. 
CVUXPROIP, (••l-ndtvid) a.1. Aaolld 

body, dittniop (nini tba rylioilsf ; a*, baxu^ 

jia ba«*a dliplinl, bul paiallrl, aod e^nk 
CVMAK, (•;.»«/) ■.!. A aUchtCMBTOfi 

C\'MATltJZll. (q-»t'4l»i|D<) "■•■ A I 

D((r-(Vbe, Ifb, bvil^gtf)— pfrao'i— '^■■•"■^ 



to af aitUuciflM, wtittMf tmc hitF U 

npBtn, and dw oikat coacm. 
CnrBAL, (lini'-btl) «.•■ A nUBMl iMm- 

mfni like n timieu ii*th< 
CYNANTUROPy.<w-a4B'-(lti9-pf')it.i. A 

i|nil ii I it nuulDMt, In wlileh ■*!■ Iut« Ihs 

qUklitJM irf iatf, 
rVNAIiriOMACItV. (■ja-«t-tfm'-fk>) 

CYNEGk.TICKS.<4i«fr>>t<''tb) I!.!. I'ht 

art ol bnnliDg witli ilon 
CYNICAL, (na'-ik-al) }«. Hnwc lh« qi»- 
CVNICK, <vMk> ) litiM of > dog : 

Maf<i»i aaiinal. 
CYMI(n(,(ny-4)ii.t. A|ilaI<iM«ti«torih« 

naoliDg iml i ■ foUcnrar of DugMM i a 

ndp ima. 
CVNOSintE, (■r-n.vdiuip) ■>. t. 'Ditarai 

ntar ths N«*lh-pal«, bj *likb Mulcr> (iwr. 


CTrraiSS-tllEE. (M'.piH-lml a.!. A 
ml WiBit Inv. pTotiarM <rnli prral ililH- 
tullf i iu Iptvn vr bittm, ooil tkp Mnoll 
aai tiimit ilaaijFrew i bfac* iIm Ilamaia 
looknl u|iOB il la ba ■ fatal traa, sdiI 
tB»M 0*0 o( il al ruiunl* ; lit* aublHrn of 

CVPRUSv (•('-?»■) ■■ fc [PnbaUf fr°ni 
C^vnii, vboK it vu origjaallj mulp.J A 
tlibi iiMiiwiiiil KolT. 

CY»r,(qM) ^<^.^. A baa coMainlai; 

CVSTIS. ((i^Hia) S Nnnt moiUd MaltfT. 

CYi^TlCK. (n^Iik) I. CoMaiDnl i> n b«g. 

CYSTOTUMY. (n>-lft'-f>4«f) •. •. Tho 
Cntctira «( optmng iMTM«t imnonn. 

rYTtSUS. Uf-f^ ■, >. A (hrah. 

C/AH, (Bn> n.t. li« blls of iLt NnpprauT 

C21UINA, (if-r^'-Df) a.l> ThatBpTMtot 


D> I* ■ MWnanlnMriy ifiiiroulilDt; til •ooBil 

U T. hll rnrnwd by a Mrongct aiipulaa at 

(ba tMEUB to (hs npun ion of tbc mmiUi ; 

tha loaod of U io LtigbA U onifcm. and 

it il nen* mutAi 
D. A aote ot kn in monck, 
1). la abfamiBUon iafomauin for docror ; aa^ 

D.D. doctor of diraiUy*, M.D. dociot of 

D. A auiMml l>n«, ili^iyini: ttr Imnilml. 
1>A CAII), tdf'ka'-pu) A iMm in miiiick. 

•I|;ii>f]iin|> tbflt tha tfit {an of Ott Cmv 

■huiiUl Ih- »p«alcd M tha coticlaafan. 
Til UAH. <d4b) r. 1. 1'u Milka fmOj tritli 

tomalUiic aofl or moiit. 
DAB, (d|b) ■- h A •null lump of anytliine ; 

a blov vJih vnnrthtD^ moul or loft ; soma- 

tbing noiM m •limj Uirmti upon onp; a 

cnrriifrtion of nil*p(; an miuI ; a niiiij rt- 

ppfl nE pnnn'^hint- 
DAHCIIR'K, (<l4li'-Utiik) n. I. A tmaU 

T> DABBLK, (il)b'-bl) v. a. To fUMr ; to 

ilanhi tonalUTi In bnpriakla. 
T» DAIIBLV; (d)b'-bl) t. >. Til piny In 

wBtn ^ Iu do anything ID a aligbl abidlow 

niauhtt ; \a unuar 
DAUbLtlt. (dib-lri) n. u Ona diat play* 

intiMM: osnibftliiiedillMvithButmtalny i 

a ■apBifloial ni«diller. 
DACE. (iL|m) n. t. A imall jirrt fruh. 
DACTYLE, (dflk'-tiO 'i.t- A p»cUr,\l fnol 

cos^Mlsg of can long lylljibte ami twu 

DACTVUCK, (J^k-dr-tk) a. Hdatiafl to 

DACT YLOLOG Y. (d4k-tU fr-9^> a. (. The 

■ft ef contUMni t^ ibe band*. 
>AU. (dyl) ia.i. Tim cltild'i *-nv 

SAODY. (jfd'-^) } of «ipiMniai for (k- 

DADO, fd^'-J;) a t. Tbe plun ion be- 

Iveni itie bnic and rornloe of atoliuui, 

Ibc ilia. 
DAlDALIAN. (d^>'-r^>a, MuoUkDi 

tm-mblinu Uw labyrinth «f Daiilalui. 
DA>T. (dfO «■ ■■ -^ blockiab m fooliib 

r» DAFF. ('Iflfl r,a. Tw daunt. 
To OAKF. (Jif) r. a. To !»• anJc; to put 

aw*y »I1i ('jnlFmiH ; U pul olT. 
DAfKonll.. (d(r.f(Mdil) \h.i. a y*l- 

UAh'l'OUIU.Y.(dtt'-taHl>l-la}f lowflawrr; 

a •jiacle* ot naidaaiia. 
DAt'l, (dfh) A. SUty : •inpid. 
DAGGRH. (dw'oi) i<. ■. A abort aword : 

a iKH^nJud ; tlir obplua ; ■ mukof ic&TfBca 

in form nf n datn^i ; a>. [|1, 

n. L The Ml of drntviug <1agg«* , ap- 

[■njufh Ip opfn lii.lrnc*^ 
To DAWILC (%'-s'> '• •■- "To dip nrgli- 

nntly in min at walac ; to bnpnnklr. 
To DAGtiLF.. (Jk'.hI) f.n. To bv in Iha 

miia ; to fun IhTauch wwt or din. 

DAti(lLTn'AlU<<l4r->'-M>*} ••• i)n>ii«l; 

DAILY, <d('-l>) >. IIap|>fDke( ovciy day. 
DAILY. (df'lD) "J. Eiory dav i wry ofioi. 
DAINTILY, ("d(ti«'.'5-U) arf.' BepratW; 

dirlicatfly ; dohdouily ; pltaonlly ; nkeff ; 

nmnonioudy: mumoiiblyi ru'liJioualy. 
DAINTIKESS. <<b)ne'-tt-Dt») -■ •■ UcK- 

cacy ; aottBOn; «lHanc*-, nict^ly -. di^lid- 

ovBsaM i aqnaaniii&ico ; fiutidiauBiMai 

COTfuohiouuiaM 1 (oupulonty. 
DAIWTY. ldiUB''(*> a. ricatiiif: lo Oia 

paLnio , ddltdotu ; dclinlc ; nicv ; A'jutfani- 

lib 1 ■miimlnii* : ci-mDiiniou* i aloguic; 

(ITrminiilrly b«iiiUfui ; uiTrdadly tlM. 
DAINTY. t^d^B'-la] n.j. SanMUog UM 

or delinUh 


Fate, bx, t^W, f|(} — mOiinst,-— pin*, pin;- -no, aia*«. 





TlAITtY. W-m) •(. •. Thttn a aaXinf 
Ibod fNa> Milk; llw pl*co who re nlk >* 
t jm frtj o! moDurMlund. 

.mUKVUAID, (•lt'-n-oif4t><i.>. YLavA- 
■•B lermiil nliOM ViulDco i* ■« mkOua 

DAUIRU. {•l*'-t*rJ> •. Fun of diMMi 

bnninUia wilh ilaiaii^ 
DAISY. (dt'-*e) a. t. A •princ.flowvr. 
DAl£, (dfle)' ■■ •. A to* iJua ' 

l<i<I> ; B rUn | • niiry. 

OALUAKCE. (V-lc-viM) !>.*, Iiun- 
cbmip) of ranua* ; mi* (4 roadscB ; <!•- 
In; prncnMiaKwii. 

DALLrviK, (dfl'-l^jr) •.!. A Iriflcr; ■ 

r«DAU.Y. (d(r»r.<i. To trile i lo pJiT 

ike foot : to cii:h»it« c>rtMM ; to nlay 

the nnton ; to fomll* , to ipon ; to play ; 

to ihlajr. 
I>AM, (dg)n> fki. Tlif moitirii ntnl u( 

DAU, (dtin) fl.b A mole tit bank U om&M 

Te DAM, (dim) r.<> T« miGii*. oi ihul op 

milvr by Jam*. 
DAMAUV, (df m'-kj*) H. 1. Mlicliirf i hurt ) 

ileu4swnl ; low. In tew, Ad« but ot 

binilrBnn thM a aui aullua In hli ntutc ; 

canpnMtlon ■wvilcd by ■ jiujr fm mi*- 

<Uar 4ona or bu luauluinL 
r« DAMAGE, (dfoi'iii) t. 0. To iojim ; 

DAMACEABLX, (afn'-gja^-bl) ». Sat- 

ceplibl* of hurt ; a*. damagnUt cooit- 
DAAUGE-FEASANT, (dtaT-^ V<V*) •>■ 

In law, Doiaa huR or damBM. 
DAMASCENE, (diu'-u) x. i. A (pedta 

o( plain. 
DAMASK, (dun'tik) ». i. Uam m ailk 

■Bfcnled at Danuteui. vbu'h by a vaiiou* 

ditncucm of ibe tbtendi, tiUbiu Ba««raoc 

Otbnr farm* i fed coIout. 
DAMA»K-R0^E.(d4iii'-Mk-rfM)>ht. Tha 

roa^ of l>A][i'-u<^uii -, a r*a roae. 
DAMASKtlMNG. (;d(iti'-«t-k^moE> >■.•. 

Tla ail «f adoninK um or niel. liy mukitii; 

inrufona aad filling lli«m up *ilh gold or 

aittCT wire, 
DAMASKIK, (dfoi'-^rkKrO n-i. AMbrr; 

•0 rallvd boiD baiog mad* at Uaiuanu. 
DAM i^, (dana) ■. i. A lady ; a vomM of 

rank ; mmaat of • family ; woman la t«- 

r« DAMN, (dtn) t^ <t. To dooia b> vwnal 

lonnanU in a Future tlaie ; to iirocura or 

OMM W be oIiTDBlJy (audcinDCiI ; <o c<in- 

dnim ; to bogi at Liu ilova any jnllick 

DA.MNAI1I.K, (.Itni'-Bt-bl) a. l)M>4imf 

dunoalioii ; fi«<|atnlly tluiugb ndgatly u*td 

for DcUouB i [wniii'Iout. 
DAMNABLENESS, (dfni'.n('bl-DH) u. t. 

11iai «bicb dcfnrr* cDndADuadon. 
DAUNAlti.V. (dtai'-nfhlv) ml. In wch a 

tuiiAiin a* 10 ianu «(«inal iiuuiahnitai, n 

d«(ciT0 fODdtffliutioo ; alioualj ; bau- 



DAMNATION*. (d«m-nqi'-Aon) ■. i. Es- 
<liiiiioD frpm dirinn mcrn : mnilinnnBlWQ. 

DAUNATOHY. (dfrn'-nt-tgrf) a. On 
ladnina a arDtonce of c«iadmuiatlM. 

DAMNEu,{4tnilatd4iD'-titd}fwi.a. Con- 
doaofld ID olBfWkl piuitahiuccat l catidAiu- 
D*rl i haMful -, deltatabla ; abhan«d. 

DAUNiriCK. (d|D-&if'->k} a. PmcaiisE 
bxa ; tDMcbWrana. 

T- DAMNIFY, (dftt'-oo-ri) ^a. To •>- 
diunnKn i totoiilMa 

DAAINlNCN'E^ (dim'-ojug-OGi) ■■ •. 

IVodimtT to procure daamadra. 
DA M P, (iffDip) a. Mout ; ini'linine to wet i 

fi»gT i d«itclod ) eunk ; drpn^tMd. 
DAUP, (d|mp1 R. ). FoK ; inobl ait i •*- 

SDm Tihalog bam tbo ranh i di^vniaDi 
Bpnaiiao ot (piiic 
r*DAair. (diaip>r.a. To ■el , to mnJMra : 

M dapma ; to J«j«ct j to wiaken ; to abM* i 

to d^tcdmiEe, 
DAJUPKRS, (dun'-ntn) fi.a. Certain num- 

able parts m Uia mi^al oaaKtocUon of a 

|u'an«on« ta the pnpoM ot deadening ibo 

DAMCISH, (dfmp'-iih) 0. Uoiili ioclinins 

to <n>i. 
DAMflSHNCliS. tittnip'-i*b-nB*)iLb Tco- 

dancy tn mnUtuo. 
DAMRtESS, (dfmp'-ns*) n-t, Moulurei 

DAMPY, (dtmp'-f) a, Moiat; damp; d»- 

jrclrd -, (-lodny-, aorrowful. 

l)A?iiU>l^(dftu-ii;l) R.i. A youngwaiBan; 

an •nandaol eX (tie brii* r tnuk. 

DAMSON. Sm I)j>h.ui<>i. 

DAN, (d^) •■ •■ Tbeidd term of hOBOn 

Cor nma i w >• bow uy MtitiT. 
Tn DANCE,(dfnM} ■■•u TomarolnnMa- 

•ure, eritli eiepa (oiTMpondant to the Hxind 

ot uutrumenl*. Ta VMtt ^MMdarut, to 

*wt with aupplenaaa and obarquioonwe*. 
Tb DAMCE. (dtnee) r.s. To inak* to daoM. 
DANCE, (d^^) n.1. A moiiMi of ono or 

many in cencrat> rotulatad by auidck. 
DANt'F.Et. (dtn'-*{i) ibi. One that pnc- 

ti»i diodng. 
DA.VCINO, (dyi'-^g) n-b Tb« act of 

miir'aig Willi BteiM cotroavondnt to miuicL. 
DANCINUMASrUt. (d^'-nng-m|a-t{l) 

n. L One w'lio lencilici Urn ut al dancing. 
DANClMi!^CHuUL, (d^u'iing aopl) o. i. 

The ichoel vhetc tbe an ai dancing u 

DANt)EUOIf. (dtn-df li'-9n) ■. t. llio 

name of a plant. 
DANDIPRAT, (dtn'-d^-ptit) ■■•. Aemall 

luieinit coin ; a cmicirllM Utile frilow. 
To UANDI.K. (dfa'-dl) ei-.i. To ^ake a 

(bild ou lbs knee. Of iu ihehandi, to iiltaM 

and nulel bim , to foudlo ; to tirat llfca • 

DAN'nLER,(danri'-lcT)it,i. He Uiat dandlra 

Of fonilkt rhiidreti. 
DAM>Kll't', (ritn'-dniO •(.■■ Scuff in thu 

DANK, (duie) »,$. A natiia ot D*Dinatk> 
UANCGELD. (dqne'-gpti) n. i. Tba ttl* 

«|(]--tqbf. t^ 1(^11 ,-^ i— p4VBd i— lUs, IKM. 



I Oiir Sum* o( i*vl(» p*acc 
kidc «( bail tknagh (b« nata 

by iba DuiM. 
UANlSll. <df'-eyk) «. BdMiac to A* 

DANGER, (diM'-Kr>ii.>. Bliqua : kiaid . 

A DAKGEIl. fJud'-jtt) «•. Tspnt in 

bamil ; lo nnduigcr. 
DA.V<iKllLl>.S.(d^<.'.jt^l|a)«. Widwat 

huud . uiibout ruqoB. 
DAVOEROUS, (JfM'-Jet^) •■ FdH of 

DA\CF.ROU!;l.Y, (<lu»'-j«t-a*'lB)*^ lU- 

MfUoiulr ; will uD[*f . 
DAN0KROl''SNE:$S. ((Ud»-J9M|M|*> <fc«- 

Umnnri iMrnl. 
TV DANQLE, (d«D^-Bl} *. n. To bnt Imw 

■ud ^uinrinf ; I* ung upon aaj on* i u 

be u haioble fano*vt. 
DA:4G1.ER, (iltB('-(lgt) «.!. A mu thM 

haiin Abonl v^mvo aolj to vmU tune. 
DANS, (d^Dik) ■■ Damp; bunid; asoM; 

DANK. (Jingk) ■-*. Dunp. 
UASKl8ll.(duuk'-wb)a. SomvwbM •Uok. 
DAXKISIINES8. '(d(iiEk'-i«b.D0tJ h. i. 

Houtora; darapMW- 
DAriFER,(d|p'V<t')"->- ODo-lMbrii>(i 

molt to iliB ttblv ; • umr. 
DArPKR. (•Ifp'-rtt) ■. Utile and actiT«; 

UtpIv viUioul butk: fftty: UeM,'KRUNG. (dtp>p£l-l<l>«) n.t. A 

dvuit : K daodipnL 
DAPPLE. (d)f'-pl} a. Mvt«d wiOt naioa* 

colouti -, ranif aud i nn *ptO>*t ajiplioi to 

B hortc. whicli mot i It^bl gTvy wlib ipeu 

of drvpOE crpy. 
r« DAPPLE, (dlp'-pl) r. «. lo tutak ; to 

T« DARK, (dfra) kk. Pn(- <(<"«, pm. 

Jand; (obBf«coui«(«Ccrui)rpuipoHi nol 

7a DARE, (d«n) «. n. Prat, drirtd, part. 

dfal; (ochall«a|F; lo dt^. 
DARK, (dqrr) ih i. UtGuc*; ch^DOga. 
DARKK, (df'-ifi) ibh Ouwho daie* or 

DARKFUL. (>!>ct'-fvl> a. Full ofdetuce. 
D.IRING, (ilii'-nni) d, Uold; ndTanuiroai. 
DABlNOLY.fd^'-nDcI*} ». Baldly i«iq- 

DAMN<^ESS, <4t'-l!liE-li{*) n. i. Bold- 

DARK, (dnik) a. Noltiglili saodoi Ugbl; 
aot et > Mowj or mid cdIooi ; hluuT; with- 
out Urn •njajroicDt of li|tb(i np*h*-, nol 
lnuii|wf«ai ; ohtcair -, ool penpicaoui ', 
ieiKinu; glooDy; iKrri. 

DARK, fdtrk) n.i. DukooM, obtcuri^; 
wnat of licbt ; want of LDowL«df[F_ 

n DARKEN. <d)>'-ka>p.4. Tonttoikifc; 
U clotiil ; (o iirrplri i to foul i to nJlj, 

TtiDAKKKN.(d«r'kn) r. •>. T« craw duk. 

DARKKN'IIR. (>]u'-ki>.ft; n.L TWwbkb 
i djnktiu atii umfoaDili. 
ri)ARKlSH.(dJick'->tb><^ DiukjiqfiroMb- 

DARSLINO, (dMk'-liu) a. 

ittk : b«u wiUmu hibL 
DARKLY, (4eA'4t) mL 

DAIUCNESS. (d^'-BM) >■>. AlMMiaior 

Ucbl; a|«kvDC»{ Mot ol UMfpartaifi 

oWDtiif ; infim*! %\atn i wkkcduou; 

iicnoinnra : mxcnainlj ; wcf«<T> 
DARKS0.1IE.(dfik'-a7m) a. Clncinyiob* 

DARUNG, (dK^-)iD|;) a. rnomiUidmi 

DARLING. <du''liD|) n.i. A ta*ciuhiB; 

000 mock bolOTod, 
TbDARN,<dini) c.a. To mrad bolu by 

toutatinj the Irilrm of the ftuff. 
DARNF.U(d^-nil} •.!. A «««d gfowicg 

DAHMNd. (dum'-inc) n. •. Tb* kI if 
omdiiu holp* A BtijiBftL 

DAItT.(d|rt)<i.i. A miicil* •«ii[iaa ihnwa 
ky ilio bud ; kuy iiii*Hla ■mapoa. 

Tv DART, (din) CO. ToilirowoflMuilTiiIyi 
to ihiov . lu flmiu 

r«DAnT, (dfrt) u. H. To ty •* a daiti la 
By wnb boatilo iaicalioo. 

DAltTKR, (dj^-gi) n. I. Odm wbothraira 
a dan. 

Tt DASH, (duh) B. 0. T« tbiow or tOila 
aajtUoi toMtoly: lo brtok bj colliaUo ; 
U IhnwnMtiiD tuLaa-, W baipMUii lo 
ta^riaUa i to *cinu any liquid. » tu lo 
mkk* tha MttaM By oB'-, to mk^t ; lo adol- 
InnBi I* Ibm m (keick ia huic^ lo ob- 
UlanlB : to biM -, to carfmmd ; to tur]<rur 
witb abama or Cnr. 

n DASH, (d^h) *• M. To 0; off from tb> 
■uriaca by a (ioI«nl motioo i ioByinBt«li«i 
wilb 1 loud noiw; lo nub ibmitli vi.trt 
•0 aalo ninkg il Bji to tinkn, u a aLiji 
Upon ■ rock. 

DASH, (d|ib} n.1. CdUaUoi tafUaiaiii 
•onoihiBit war*o mlii^ad In ■ loiall pi»- 

SariioD ; a oiatk in wnont j a Una ; a tud- 
BD itRikF, blov, at act. 
DAJtll. (dfib) u,t. Ad (iptBadan o^ tba 

■rand of *al« dulmL 
DASIIINO. (dwb'-iag) a. PfcdpilaUi 

ru>)iinE Tanlaaujr oavard. 
DA^I'AKD, (iV-lfrd) it. i. A tonii ; a 

ruDASIARDIZl':, (dfa'-ltt-dtn) i>.a. To 

totiinidalt ; 10 diiBCl wiih conrdirr. 
DASTARttLtNBS. (d«t--iyd-lf ni«> m.^^ 

DASTARDLY, (d^'-qrd-lf) a. Co-udlj; 

DA9TARDY. (dt^-i^r-df) ■■ •• Co<nnlI>- 

aaaai tinioiaumoM. 
DATA, (dt'-l«) n. I, TtutLa gtm1e<l ut aJ- 

DA TAKY. (da'-t*-'?) '>■'• An o<!lc«r of Ao 

Chancoijr of Rodid. ibrouKb wlioae bijidi 

boBolIcta pBM '. and who nlGua lo Uib papal 

bulla Davn Amic 
DATE. (d«le) n. k Tbg limo nl wfaiiJ) a 

lailR ■• *rittmi; tbe time al mhub any 

OTBtit bapp«a*d i tbo (ima atipulatod «beo 


F(le, tp, fiU, l|i ;— me. mj* ;— pjna, pin ;— of. mgn. 


^yOaai •bill bo ima; (bJ; cosCJhwMi 

DATE, (dftt) «.(. TU tiBit «< tU <)M» 

lATE-TIlE^ (d|t^-Of;) •■*- A tpolx 

"a DATE, (dfic) t. A. To nolo »iib the 
tinw M *h)cb wattling it woiun ui doui!. 
I DATE, (dfW) I. II. Tottckon. 

DATELESS, (dile'-lfi) a, nichont my 
Bind uun> 

DATER, (df-lt) •• 1- Ow «lu> ilatra 

■tUTIVK, (ik'-tlT) a. Id pamom.TU «t:i- 
(L«l or Ilw caM Ihtt H^IJTii Uin ptt*cni U 
wbom uytUsg 1* jiirrn. In law, Dnlin 
eSKDlon uo appoiiitrdby Ilm juilii*'* ito- 

PATUM. (df'-toiD} n. b A imib gnulcd 

■nd Bilinilled. 
TvDAUB, ((la>b)i>.d. To innm witb *moc» 

■ tLIni; (dbiWTB ; in ]iiiial Muwly : hi Ifty 
on anylhiuii (uulily or MUDUtioutly ; U> 
Bkitef troMiy. 
To DAUB. (di*b) •■ II. To phy ibe Lypo- 

DAUB, (dtwb) ■■ t. Cmim puMiDg. 
DAUDF-R, («K-t>«>) ■■>- Oti»tliAtdaab«i 

• ceu'M low futata ; x Inw laKfivi. 
DAl'liKRY, (.lf«b'-a-M) n. l Aaytbing 

DAUBING, <ii)»b-liig) 11,1. riaatet i mor- 

lai i imyibme iidbvtir^ 
DAUBY, (<l» -br| 0. VJKOUJi etutinoiu. 
DAIIUIITKR. (Ofw-tlT) «.>. Tbo bmalo 

othyiriog o( > niaa er wQnun ; («DMiiliy 

•on'* «if«. 
DAUUirTCRLI>tES$,(d(w'-(«t-lf-D{t) h-i. 

The noalidM of • ducbur. 
DAtiGlirKRLY. (d(V.ut-Io} i. Ukv > 

duUUUlrr; dutiful. 

DAVir, (Jy.iiiJ <i. 1. A ibofl piste of tun- 
bill UMd in muiKghig the aucbor. 

Th DAUNT, (J»ut) t. a. To aiKOunp ; to 

DAUNTLESS, <d^t'-lt«) a. FealcHi not 

DAUNTUSSKESS, <d(ii(--]i»Dgi) n. u 

DAUrillN, (^tV-fio) •>. (. lie hen ap- 

uu*nl to tba irovn o( I'nnit. 
DAUI'inN»:S».(Jgw'-f^nM)«... Tbsirlf* 

01 wiilov d( lliB iliiupluii o( t'nncc. 
DAW. (d^w) n.1. A buO. 
7e DAW. (ilf w) t. n. 'I'o ndvuico (owudi 

day : to <I>*TL. 
To DAWDLE, (diw-dl) I. II. To -mu 

liOHi 1 to tcl (lowly L to bifle. 

DAWDIXR, (dtw-dlji) n.i. A triSeii & 

Tv DAWN. (dfWB) t>. •. To (I9W tmninuu* i 

fo begin to grow lijbc : w (liinmer ob- 

Kiuely ; to b^gto, yet faintly ; to ptt teta* 

pKiDUHi of Inilic- 
DAWN. (dawn) n.L Tbe time bdvero llie 

Aril .-ipprannce nf light and the niu'i iitt; 

liiniiiiiini, i iitt tiie. 




DAWKINC. (d)wn'-voc) n. •. Bfcokotday 
DAY.(d4)<i.fa IVtimoUtvonihenhu 

and Mliig at the Mra, railed iLe anlAiiu 
day ; the time fiaoi noon lo noon, a boa 
midniiihl lo midnt^t, tslM Ik* nntoral 
day ; any lima ipicUod Hi! dietinguitlinl 
bom otbtt tima ; an ago ; ot dio lima i 
liuie en H*Nai in gtiural ; life ; In lU* 
KDie it ii conuumly ulonJL 

TO.DAY.<i»<ia'} ■.(. OolUlday. 

DAY-BOOK. (d4'-biik)«.>. A tnddnuaa'a 

DAVBIlCAK,(d(''bitlM) n.1. Ttiv davni 
lliu 6nt appnianee of Ijgbt. 

DAYDRE.\M, (da'-dmuo) n. i. A viiluu 
or phautfLvn to the vuklog aciuei. 

DAYLAiioiTK, (dt'-If-bni) u. i. Labour 

by ilic lUy. 

DAYLAUuUIlER.^dvW'-biit-t;')"-'' 0>» 

<b>t work* by the day. 
DAVUCHT,(^dt'-lIw) ••.>. Tbe light otlha 

DAVL[LY.(d(-IilMe)fi.t. Tha«meinl& 

DAY'ItULE,{df'-i^>n.i. Aniteotofdor 
of the conit, pHmitting a penoa in cunody 
to 1^ without the bound* of the priaon fw 
one day. 
DAYt^l'KINU, (dt'-)pn>g) n-a. TUriaaof 

thu cloy ; iba dawn. 
DAYSIA{t.<da'-aiw)n.i. The momloi •!», 
DAYTIMK. (df'-itme} a. i, Tbe lima is 

wbicb there ii liglil. 
DAYWORK. MV-wgrk) •>. i. Work im- 

pOMd by the d»T> 
DAY-WItlT,(d4-iji) lai. Tlta tamea«d»j 

Tr DAZE, (d^ae) s. a. To w tr p ow w witb 

7a I>AZ)!LG, <<tt^-il) no. Tft oiia^o<iet 
with li|;bl i to atrikc ot mlprCaa with apbit- 
D.4ZZLEMENT, (d^-ilmval) n. u The 

power of dDr*ling. 
DA2ZLINCLY.{dti-ling-t^) oif. Inaman- 

twT •trikintf with aiilvridour or ■uriiriaa. 
DEACUN.(<ln'-kn) n. 1. Una of ibo low«*t 
of ihf three ordert of iho tkrgy. In Stot> 
land. An OTrrvKt of the jioor ; and alao 
the mailer of an iDCorpotaled tompany. 
DKACONNESS, (df''kD-n{!*)iki. A tanala 

ollifn ill iha Kifivnt chiuch. 
DKACONRY. (d<|-4n.(«) I n. il Tho 
DKACOMillll', (dn'-Ln^Lip) { olBco of a 

Dr.Al>. (dMl) 0. Depiir«d cf life ; uutnl- 
mat* ; KMoIen : unaciioe ; nonouleea j 
n a el f ; mproA table : dull; eloaniy, un- 
employed; atilli obKure i obtuae i dult. 
not aprifibtly i frigid ; taileleia ; rapid, 
oted of uquon ; without Iba naCural fom 
or eSkncj, aa a dMd 6n ; without A* 
t>o««r of T«ntaiion. a* a deal bough ; tb* 
Hate ot oiniual diatli, lying uodet llw 
power vttiat iuituIcJ. 
n* DEAD,fdod)fl.i. Df ad men in goinal. 
DEAD. (d«d)'ii. i> Time in whidi thne i* 
MDnlahro itilbeM or gloom. 

R(|l;— tfbt, lab, bvU}— ^'(1) rVVB^'""^'*"'*' 



T» DEAD, (M) Hm to DiADtNi 
Dl:.\I>-D0IKG.(a9d'-^'ia«) fUT't.*. So 
Mncdre ; UXUnt ; nriKUin«i(> 
'DEAD-DRUNK, (d^d-aifngk) fxn. ■. Bo 
divnl. u to k« moUMJu*. 

r>'.Ai}-ijrr.(dtd-^iO<>->- Ho(-«Im«ciu 

UEAD-RRCKONING. (i^ -rtL'->iinB> «. t. 

Hu Mdmulou or cwJMIiir* vfcich tha 
•MBM Hake af • pltrcn «Ih«ii ■ >l.ip a, 
I7 kMfii( vt acoNOt of tm in; hj tlia 

]'* DEADEN, (dtiT-dB) il «. To ibfirtro 

of aaj Uni] <f Lira a MUHtiwi i to auko 

ivpiJ 01 >]Brill«*- 
lUUlSH. (dod'.iihj a. RiMaiblinc *Lm 

it dtflJ ; 4alC 
DEADLIIIOUD. (dMl'-lftivd) ■.!. V>» 

fate of bMng diM. 

<d Wrine tittdli, 
bKtDI.Y, <W-tt) 0. Dtolnittlto i nor- 

ul; iiuiibcMlr. 
VLADI.Y, Cdtd'-to) sf. U & mflBoM r»- 

•iinbUiii iha doM) morully; Impluably 

DEAD.Vi:S!!, (•It<l'-D«>> !•■■. FiigUiiy 

vnnt i>r wamu; vodkBcu cf tlx nut 
jnwcn i (i^dnau *l liqnon ; loo* o( Ufv 
wnai ol [inalMioo ; inaciiiritf. 
DUDNLTTL^, (dcf-Dst-d) ■. 4 A 

VCAF, (dgO >■ Wanliot iln innu of faear- 

iDfi deprited of dict>aatt o( hi>uing i ob- 

■cnrtljr nnnl 1 > iaa/' ual u ■ cul ofirluctk 

(b* kernel i> iIcotbiJ. 
r.. DLAFEN, (i^.h) I. a. To d«pri»e of 

Um povet of baanuc- 
DEAFLY, (dff'-lo) mL Withoot Mnu of 

Mondi ; oUtUMlj to (U mr. 
DEArNESS, (dgr-Df*) i>.k Want of ih* 

juwtr of h«ai&i{ ; UDirilliii|i'nii>* 10 hrar. 
DEAL, (dslo) n. I. A |KM fan : put ; 

qwuiitji'dHtioof monotlow: [mm (lit 
*t«b 10 d«l,] llu Mt «< daaling cvdi: ft- 
wood, or the wood of inaci. 

Tt DEAL, (drla)v. a. To diitribaui lo 
•raiiec ; (o limw kbout j lo giTv grikdiuilly ; 
la cliftnbuti tbc caidi. 

T» I)t:AL. (Me) r.n. To Inffick ; (0 msf 
net liiuiufM i 10 art brncwn two penont ; 
(o InWirgn* i to bcha<0 wrll or ill In uy 
tnaacUoB ; lo act In onv uumiicr ; Tij lUnl 
ly. to tMM wdl 01 111 ; t:.- ■Imi in. lo bo eo- 
mtd in ( to tmttite ; 7'a •Uil uiil,, to Inal 
M amy mUDrr -, in coctpn^ iriih. 

DEALBAT^ (df-41-bftc) ha. To wiium 1 

DEALBATIOH. (dHl-l>t'-thaa} ■.■. TLe 
act of blcuUnit 01 wblunlng. 

DEALER, Nf'-l»r) n. >. Ono tbat liu w do 
with anvtluDgT • mdcr 01 tnffickori a 
pvrtoii liha drill iho ord*. 

DF.ALINC. (dp-lmg) n. I. riullco; ac- 
tion ; intoioiiitH ; Okcaiaie of Inounnil ; 
InSck ; boiiDfUL 

lb DSAMDULATE, (dd^n>'-bv-I|M) v. m. 
To walk tbioad. 


DEAMBULATION,(d--(B<l>u-la' difi) m.t. 

Tbc act of walkiiM abnMd. 
DKAIttfiULATO^, ^4»in'4« ta■■?^1>'^ 

Kelaiw (0 Ibe pncuie m valUoi abna^ 
DEIAMBCLATORY, (df-(n'-bv-la-tuf«) 

■■ 1. A flart M vatL in. 
DEAN, <dfD*> B. I. Tb« kKOad dinhuv 

cf adiocsM; tbt Mm* e( an officii btaa 

TOlleR'.bolb la Oifocd asd Cambridtr. 
DEANERY, (da'-sfi-To) a. a, TU oBn of 

a ilfu: tWivt«ooo of a^tan; thobooao 

of a <lru. 
l>CAN3tIU>.(d^'-Whjp} a.*, TtwoOctiof 

a dtoa. 
DEAR, (dfT«) ■■ Brioradi bxrariui (a- 

laaU> ; of a high ptk* ; Kam -, not |>lcii- 

Uhl i lad ; puTOuai 
DEAR, (dact) ■■■. A void d mdMnwni ; 

DKARIM.aiGttT.fdm'-bfwt}*. Pnrd>a*>Nl 

nt an high price. 
DFLt MLOVtn, (dnra'-lfird) i. Mucb [eml. 
DEARLY. (i^tt-]ii) a. tVhb pcM (god- 

iiM* i at a Udi price- 
TaDEARN. (d^) SnT^DiiiN. 
DEARN'ESJ. (dno'-ora) «.•- FondDna; 

kindnru , lore : (ciiRriiy ; bicb |itie*. 
DDARTII. (dent) n. •■ iareiiy wlarh 

msilin food dnr , wui[ notdi famlnu; 

r<iD£ABTICi;LATE.(detc-^h'-i)-l4te} hi. 
To dimnrt ; u ^asMiiibtt. 

DEARY, (d^<;] a. t. Tbe dindnaiite of 
dm -, a duling. 

DEATH, (dj-th^ fi.f. TbopiiiodioDOflifri 
uurtalitT i d«*(niGlioe j tb* atito of (ha 
daa<l ; (ba noanar of djioj ; ibr inast of 
moitality rapr«*miad by a akeleton. f ifu- 
latlvoljr, Tho ranaa. ot (iittrumcBl of dculi ; 
damnation i «Mfnal loancau. 

DEATH -BED. fdjtk-twd) n. l Tic btJ to 
■ hkb a man I* conluira bj numal li<k- 

DEATfl-BODIKO. (dsCaSbHiit) )■>»' ■■ 

Portniding dcalb. 
DEATHFL'L, (d;A'-tvl} >. Full of ilwgb- 

i«r: dpalnctirt. 
DEATHFULNGSS, (d-(I.-rul-9]:>)>>.«. A|i- 

MiuBOM of daitb. 
D1L\TIILESS, (d«A'lt») a. Imnonal 1 

n«»i-dytn|t: nanut&K 
DZATHata, (dgllt^kc) «■ R«Miiibliue 

DEAnra-DOOB, (dMW-dfm) n. 1. A 

Tttar apptoacb to dtaui. 
DtLATIISMAN. (dslha'-myi) n. t. E«kd- 

tionct ; huDcman. 
DCAI-KWAIU}, (dpf-ir^td} od. To«aid 

DKATmVATCII,(dMV.inUk) H.I. An in- 

ucl lluu nukM a ticking nmat bke ibu of 

n ttvtcb, and ia Imatlaod to [in>Knaatkau 

roDEALiltATE,(do-)*'-ifte)t.«. To pid. 

ot torn irith told.' 
DEAURATE, r3fa«'-i>la) a. Cildad. 
DEAURATION,(df-t<r-if-tb|p}i>.i, Tba 

acl of nildtog. 


litr, fit, f|ll, ()i i— Bit, ■« 1— piw. ?in ;■ -nf . »!«•. 



r* DEDAII. (•If-HO >■ •■ To Mcliide ; w 


r«I>£BAIlB,(df-bertr)(,«, Tod>iiin«of 

VEBARKA1 lUlt. filD-tiv-M'-*)'^) ■>• •■ 

Tbc aa ol AuettJumiag. 
r*DEBASt:.{d>»bfw'; r.a. To (edac« (torn 

• Iii^ei lo K luwn (UU ; lonakomeuii w 

dffnila ; in luBi ; In litulo trith iacu- 

MMi 10 aJulicnia. 
Dl:DAfieMF.NT.<d^btM'-<BCM) )ht. Ttw 

Kt of debiuinit cm dsnadlaf. 
DEQASEK, (d»-bt'-»r) n. i. lie iLbc do 

DE1tATABLE.(d>!-l.qM-t.faI)a. Di*|«l«Ue. 
DEBATE, (do4f'u') >. i. A iwckhiI dii- 

putCi ■oaotfDvtn;; > qvurel-, atoaiwt. 
n DEBATE. (df-bfu) r.n. TaMumMni 

ts Aipou i U cMHtod foi. 
n DEBATE. <df4tw'} r.n. TodellbMUe; 

Id dtmU ; M *smE< in tambkt. 
SEBATETUU (dv-btit'-fvt) <•■ Of i>eiMB>. 

Qoantlaoiiic; tonMalioa*. Of tiling*, Coa- 

tMtod ) ocGHioniiie qoamli. 
1)EIIATKnUV.(dv^u'-rvl-lt)aii. Ink 

cunWiitiout nuinntt. 
UEilAI'KMENT. (d*.b(t.'-«i|nt) ■.». Cm- 

■townv : dellbanticia | loiiJ* ; contat. 
DEI)ATEIl.(do-bt'>iM) ikti AdUpuuati 

Te DEBAUCH. (de-Vul,') r.a. To wr- 

nqili u> rilintai w oanuptmlh Icwilaon 

or inlimiitBOC*. 

DEBAtCH. (d>-bfwttb') «.!. A n of n- 

trautraBM: Irauini tanta; IcwdneiL 

DEBAUCfinUINBSB. (d»b}ii>ul>'-»[l ■>«■) 

» ■. btcuMnnn. 
DEBAUCHEE. (dfb^ihff'jn... AlMboii 

a dntnkkrcl. 
DEBAIXUKR, (di.bfaUh'-ir) ■■ >. On* 

vbo ■edueii oibtn ia Inttmunnc*. 
DEBAIICHEBY, (de-bv-ut'-ff-tr) .. t 

Th* ]ireclica of (Mm -, iainnparuKt ', k*d- 

DEBAUCUUENT. (ds-ti|wuli'-msBi) *. l 

T> DESELLAIT. <d^bt^■ltl•) v. a. To 

KjnuuM ; to wkca war. 
DEBELLATION. (dtb-bfl-Ii'-tkcn) ■■ t. 

TIw act ct conquMioe, or oacinE nr. 
DEBENTtntE. (d»bpi'.|ni»} fi.t. Anid- 

Mnnumt lu ihv aalur* o[ a bond M bit! 

open wliiiJi a debt may bo daiuad. In 

cnnuMrea, Allowuiu of cuMoa lu a nini- 

chant OB tba apaiuitioii d( kuuIi, irliiiJi 

had bcbn piid ■ duly. I>tf<cnfiif<rf 6«>ii, 

anch (tod* aa m vnailcd lo deboUuM. 
DEBILG, (dab'-U) a. \Vi>ak -. fotUo. 
Ti DEBIUTAlli, (df-bir-f^^) v. a. To 

DEUnJTATlON. (d»4itf^'-aben) a. a 

The aol of wcaksntng. 
DEBILITY. (d*-lqr-7-t*> a. t. WadsMii 

(nblBOoiai langiioT, 
DIBIT. (<]e''l>ii> n. >. A um in hook-Urn- 
inc 10 cifiiDM iIhi left tand ja|[* of iho 
laocet, i» «tucb •!• canivd all di« ankle* 


•Bppliod W fU on iba nbjict of ta ac- 
count, Of ibat m cW(td U (hat accDuM. 
Ta DEBIT, (da'-biO f. 0. To muW fm B 
book, (ha aanc* «f thoa* lo 14001 (««dl 

an nid en (icdit, and ibe aiaaw*. 
DEIMJKAIIt. (d^t^ofio') a. OtpMi 

ctii); m[l-bt*d. 
DEBONAIRLY, (dtb-Mffa*-!*) ad. Ek- 

rutly ; *itb a ■•niecl alb 
DEBONAlBNtSS, (4|^-iiti*'>Bii) ■■ *, 

Cinlilr: lomplwaace. 
Ta DEBOVCII, (d^-b9atab') V. a. To uaKb 

out of a iTowl, or utfiow ftm, la ot<Ui to 

moM or nlin (ran an ancmj. 
DEBT, (dgt) ■,(. naivU^aaftnunoKaa 

10 anothoi ) ibac wbkk 107 «a« U oblipd 

to do Of loflit. 
DEBTOR. {d]f-lBi) «.<. na d«t o*n 

aomctbinB to ano&ar 1 on« thai ow(o monaj. 
DKUULUT10N, (df-bip-lirii'-BB) »■*■ ^ 

feahUinc or tgwb i ng <i*tr. 
DECllAClUiRD. (d»k'-a.b(H> i^^ 

DECflACII0RDON;(J»k-vk?<f-J(»l ) 

A nuuioJ InatnjniDDl oAbn iDoirnl*, hanog 

tm ttringa. f ignraiinljr. Tint wbicb haa 

tm paiu. 
DEC ACUMINATED. (dr^k<i'->»iia 

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»- Haling iba ton or point cut en. 
Db^CAUE, (dak'-vl)*.!. 'IIm *au of taa ; 

a Bunbn contalntn* M. 
DECADENCY, (dj^t-dva-af) a-i. Dtoji 

DECAGON, <dtk'-t'n») «• I. A plain 

Igun in ctomotTj, ^amg Un ddia and 

DCCALOGIsrr, (d<^k.%r,fjin) a.a Aati* 

poriior of ilie ten coumaoiuuaxt, 
DKCALOCUE, (dtk'-a^M) *■ 1^ Tbe U* 

oomn^rinasl* ai«a by uod u Mo*m> 
To DECAMP. {do.Ua|>'} *. n. To ihifl tU 

ramp; 10 tnor* cA 

DEt^AMPMENT. (dv-kynp'-iegnO m y 

Miifline iIm camp. 
DECANAL, (do-(4'4|ll •. raUamtg U 

tlic dHBHT of a talbadnl. 
To nnrANT. (dn-Mm') »-•. To povteff 

Kuily liy iniillaatlin. 
ANTATIUN, {i^-vt-vi-Om) "• *■ 

DrtnnliDi! or pourioa off ctaar, 
DECAMKK. ( ■.*. A {Im 

*Mt(il fa twunsi Uiuoa cUar tnm ibo 

r* DECAPlT-tTE, (d^Mp'.o^«o) r.m. To 

DECAPITATION. (dr~fctp«-Cf'-*bna) u. t. 

DECASTtCH, (dsk'-t-*tik) o, i. A (ninb af 

tDti lifi«*. 
DFCASTYLE. (dtk'.t-«til»> «.*, ta wcbU 

iMtim. An uMinblaea tt l«n (dlhn. 
Ta DECAY. (d^M') »■ -^ T*- '■=" *•"'•- 

lane* ; M declio* 60m tbo *Ia(* of pnfpftion, 
r<i DECAY, (df-kt') *. a. To bnpabi l» 

brini; to dacay. 
DECAY, (dbl)') a.*. OacTlBa liom tb* 

■lau of pa'rftciJOD 1 Man of diminutinn ; 

ibc effvcla of dimiiiulioD ; Hit maiki of d» 

coy ; dccldiBioa ftina piatperitjr. 

nft ^tvbf, tfb. byll ;— ffl ,— pgynd i— <ikia. lai*. 


DBCAYEDNESS.(4rk>'-H-ifi>«-i> Dl- 
DECAYER. (df-MT-V) >-«■ nu vWA 

DBCEAW^d?-*-.') -. I. Diukiitfu- 

T> DKCEASE. <dt«tM'> "^ "• ^o ''•^ 
DECEIT, ((l»«*iii') >.•. Fnodi kcbMii 

(OMaioii uttCc*. 

BECFjmju (4rn<«'-fvi} •. rr»-»«iroii 

tiill o( detot. 
DECKITr(;LLY,(df4fU'-l^4f) aL Fnui- 

JnlMlhi vUkdN^ 
DECEnriTUfESS, <JaW-l|li4*> "• •- 

The iiiuUijr 01 bttjm frioiluJrat. 
DECm'ABLU(>l^M''i|'bl) ■. Snb^tlo 

tntul i hkbia w M ^Kflvtd. 
DECEIVAULENES9.(d^M'-*|-hl-DCi) «.(. 


nDECEIve,(d»W) (.«. TecuMU 
■iaUta i M dclais kf KaiacRa ; ta col 
off &«« cnertuiw i to nock i to bil. 

DSCnVKR. (4f^'-*ir) n. >. Um ituit 
ball WMbo DIM (CTOUI t ■ cWjiL 

PaCKHBKB. (dif«^'-tir> 0.1. n*laM 
■OBlk of ibo Mir. 

DXCEUPEDAL, (it^C*'^*^} •- Too 

D£Cf HVIRAU (at4cn'.*»4tl) •. Bctaig- 
k| la ■ diomtitau or ottn «f ten g»- 

DECKMVIIUTE, (da-^tni'to-itb)) ■. t. 
Tkt UkbUj ukdcOn'ot IhotcDfetMniMit* 
of Boom; uwbodt of tMOMO. 

DBCEHVIRI. (d^^iK'frii) 0.1. TWim 
|0<«isaan of Rome. 

dScIINCE. (df .^^m) 10.I. Pto^ciTot 

DECENCY, (df-«fi-«f) t ratBirMnrfoi^ 
■idiiri bKomlD) trmumji lyii h lii m 
M dnnctBt J nraoridy i B)mmi> 

DKCCNNAHV.(dt^D*-iifr^)«.t. in lav. 
A torn. Of tiika|, cvuutinjc oei^aaOj el 
Va (udIIIm ef mrholilan ; bo of lb«M 
JCtw -i rin uuiitilulDil * IsAlrttL 

DECLKMAL, (df-tt"'"?^) «■ Coaiion- 

iof fa Ik* noct cf tc* t'nrc 
DICENNOVAL, (df-^'no-tvl) > 
DECEMKOVARV, (df^nU^>^N) f ^ 

Holtlnig t» tbo avobn aioMcto, 
DECBM. (df'-oiat] >. ll«ami»«i ft; 

•uiloblpi |tai«( DOtgMidjri oMdnt; not 


DECKNTLY, (do'-«)ai-lt) od. la > propfr 

nuarr 1 viihoui innwdcoty. 
DKCeNT?dSS8. Cda'-^oMii*) ■■ i. Bo- 

comine Mctinony ^'ilue ((onalhy. 
DBCIU>TimUTV, (d^ii lchtf-« (t) «. 1. 

D£CEPnoN. (df^-Am) H.«. T1»m| 
•r BitoD* of draanai f that* ; (nud ; tko 
■BU «i tmine donimL 

DECEPTIOUS. (•l»*if>'-«l>«*) >■ Vrtaifai. 
DECEPTIVE, (df^ii'-M^ 0. Itwng tW 

f owwo f dtwJTing. 
DECEPTOnY. (de*'ip-igi-f) o. CmUmuoc 


OECEAFT, (4»«firC) • 

DJX:EHPTtSLE.(d»«trp'-i»-bl> a. 
hlr of brine Mira pB. 

avj>{nB(. oc titkiBB*>- 
DlXKKTA1ION,tilf4lMl'.dV) o... A 

MOtoMion ; a AUMI*. 
DECtamON, (df-i^-ff)*.!. Adcpu- 

tort ; foloa aww. 
nOECUARM. (Obt^bono')*.* Tooaim- 

•Hou o cboiM ; w dMraitaM. 
DECIDABLE. (M'-^rbO o. OftMo of 

To UI^^IDC (4^>ld«') P. a. To li Iho 

oiVDl «(i M deletmlB«k 

r«UKCiUE.(d^|d*') h>. Tod<i«^B«L 

U£C1UHU1.Y. (Ar-tr-dcdk) oA iDOdo- 
tarmioed asDDc*. 

DECIDILVO:, (4t<-«.dgBM) •. (. Tla 
qokUnt of Mnf tM, «( of btliog off) ik 
Ki or ftUinc away, 

DECIDEn,(V*r-V>"'>- Oa»nha4ntr- 
DU>« couwo : ow «ho dotaraUMO noMTCl*. 

UECIDIOUS. (A>4id'-9-v) a. FUtbij 

DEClbt'OltSNESSl <df^d--9-BMiB.) ■ 
Anim la (lU. 

DECIMAU (dMV>^) •■ Numbired 

<fa ; mDlripNvi tj taa. 
7bDECtMArE,(d*^-f-(uia)T.a. Totbliei 

M lake IL* leotik.' 
DECIMATION. (J*t(«-n<V->bnn) a. •. 

licbins i a Mloctloii afmvrj icou. 
DECIMATOH. (dei-M«niMat> n. •. Ona 

•rto litbfa. or winu pFFtt Icatb. 
DECIHU-SKXTO. (dr<'-*-mo-HU'-iD) n l 

A book ii Mill to be in iMtuntni, >twa 

a A»M i> folded nin tiitnn ItoTcib 
r« D^XIPHER. (.iF->:'-(i;T) I. ■. To eiplti^n 

Ab( whicli i» ■nlian in cfpLcn , (0 «ril> 

001 ; (o inaik down in cbaracwa i lo uo- 

bld . la uniawf. 
DECU'UtHEK, (A^^j-tcr-trl a.fc One 

vho explftiiM «fiiuitf» to ci^Ff, 
DLClalu.N. (dHtL-uu> (■-•. Dtttnnba- 

tion uf k (tiDVntiM. 01 of ■ dnibt , dclcrn.!- 

aadou of an treai i Ibo »ri of M|Hinot(i ; 

DKClSlVE.(d«^i'.w»., IUrfai(ih» 

of drirn<:iuiu{ 1 <«arlari*c; buTUi(; tliv 

fowtt of Hnluu a»T rtrnt. 
CIMXKI.Y, (dfHf ..iT-lo) ■/. In a eoo- 

c!u»vi> imaiTtvr. 
DE(:lSIVK.\(SS.<dMf*r.ftj.> *t T;,o 

alaw a( b«i>t dadnta i the [Wiear of bi);u- 

ant or artdaani m wrmlDaiD (ot diDrnnir. 
DECISORV. <d(~»i*-oT-fr) «. AbU to da- 

7a UKCK, (itk) a. a. V^CMVt-, 10 nnr- 

apiaad ; to dm* j 10 am•f^ w aten i M 

DWK. f^) a. .. -IV Asor ofa tbiu 

DtCkKK, (<lfk-.*ST) a. I. A init,r ; a 
(«*m -, at, a faUr Jtrfar.- inekM of a 
rinp. Bi^ • tvo-Mlrr 1 thai le. Wine t«v 

DBCKIXO, (d{b'-iin|i) a. t. Onanrnt. 


Fftr, ^r, ffll, li|l ;— an; , «i^ ;— fine, pin i— o^ ngre. 



TtVtCLAm. (ilH.l«nit'> hx. To ba- 
notar ; ut tp*ak ic tlu) paMiosi; M wymi 

DBCLAIMEH. (df LV'"!') ■■ ■• Ona *!>» 
wukf ipmcfaM «itb i»uiu lo mora Ike 

ptCI^IMIXG, (de-UV-Mini) a. i. As 

Inrsniiua ; ui appeal lo the puikili*. 
l)IX'O.1IA1'l0N. (il^'It-Dit'-diqn) n. •. 

A durtuunt kddinHd lo iLc pwuniii. 
DECLAMATOIt. (d^L-lgmt'-rntJ «.4. A 

DECL.U1ATOKY, (df-Llvii'-iiif-l^-t} a. 

Uriwhig 10 UiD ynccia of de<Inaaui( i i^ 

pf Tlll]l 10 dw paadont. 
DECUIUBLE. (df-kli'-iv-U) «. Captblo 

DEC^MtATION. (d;L-Uvn'-*l>9i>) •. ■ 
A proelamulon «t kBinuilaii ; ui etpU' 
nnloa <d Hnutfaiai doiilrtfur. la Iim. A 
l»pt aaedlfatkn on ncoid, or tbc cum o( 
■riMa 17 a blmnlilf unind a dcfmidtDl. 

DEClARATiM-difEV-^-iJ*)"- Maklan 
dMlWKiion . I'liilaium'tj. 

DECLAHATOKILV, (da-Ufl'-t-lBT^) 
aiU Ib (he Isim of a docliraUOD ; wnln B 
(IwTPioij lanu. 

PIXl^KATORY,(ilhlLJti'-t-i*>i-*>«- Af- 
Gimalin ; not dcmUif} 1 out plDmUury. 
A ^•rlantnry Jaw, Li a Duw aci oonfitBiag 

a roRuvT law. 

7i> UECI^Rt:. (de-Ufn') r-o. To male 
known i u tell andcoilj and cpralji to 
piibluh ; 10 prntiaim ', to «bev ia of€a 
ritw -, in plaia tciai*. 

Tt UECLAHK. (d<;-Ll;i(') r. >>. To mtkt a 
inHtnaea; to jnovUiai khdc tnolution 
ot opiB]on> 

UECLAItKDLY.<d».ktl'-rjd<lf)ad. A>o«- 
fdlj : WilliQ'jI dU|;lliav. 

DGCLAKtMEN'r. (drdiltra'-mtal} a. 1. 
Uiacnrtn , ilvclaiaUon. 

DECI^Khlt, M^kln'-ioO n. >. A tmi- 
alalninr ; onr iUjii nviko .myiliiat; knnRo. 

SEC'LARIHG. (d9-klVTj«) ■>>. I'utdi. 
aaoa ; dcclaratuio. 

DECLEM^IUK. (Ua-Ufii'-tliua) n.a. T«n> 
deuvy bom a ataltt ta a Im« dtgn* 
«f ciiclblu* ; dffcUnatlaii ; dracmit. In 
gianMuaf. laflrxlan ; minnoi of cbanpng 

DECLINABU:. (d-.-kh'.uf-U) >. liaTing 
laritlir of trnaiuauonai capable ot brlD|; 

DEUJNATION',(JnV-lv.n>'-iJ>uu)a.>. Vr- 
acauli rhantio tmiu a lillui lu ■ »«tM 
ttau ; did} ; ibc .id (d l>mdiU|[ doHU ; 
twladan (lom iscttiiulc , Mi^iy ; Taria- 
liaii fnim a And potiil ; tlic mt% o( MiuBiuii^t ) 
tbr nhalinn ot Itie nudi* (nnu Che dlicc- 
tioD or oonb 3mA aoQtIi , iLr declvuiieu ot 
indvction at a noun tbtongb iu nuiwta (n- 
iLinaiiDsa. Tlia awCinafim of a tat ii it* 
■borlMt dlalani* tmta tlie niuiUOf. Dt. 
fUiuilimcfa Fine, ii an anh nl lb* boriiou, 
comjnrbndnl fillicr tvlBi<ra llie [Jasv Md 
tlu) primr mMnl dirlr, or tUf botwtcD 
lilt mehdina nod tbr ui<.'tinrJ plane. 


DCCUNATOR. <d{k-l»-aa'-nr) ) 
DRCLINATOBV. !d«-ilinVnF-f)i 

An Innlnuucat iu dialiiit. 
Tk DIXUME, (dcLliBe J (.a. T» IM* 

dnmaraid ; 10 dniaM } la run iaio «tfi- 

quiiin , (a (bun ; lu aniU ID da aa|tliav -, 

lo rink , to denv. 
r. DBL-LINC. (dr-klia*') n*. To toid 

domwanl ; (o hfing doaa ; to tbiui i to 

a*uid i In nrfow; 10 lara off Cram any 

touTM : lo uodUf a ward ij tnriou* t«- 

UtCLIM:, (do'Ujna) a. t. Tbo «Caw of 

(andoicjr (0 lua lea* or IW wono 1 Alniaa- 

(lon ; dai^jr. 
DKCLIVITY. (de-kliT'-a-lf) a.*, laelkv 

tion Of obtlquitjp rocioncJ domwaidf; 

KtadunI dcii-rot. 

DCCUVutB. (dc-Ui--Tf*> a. Cnrfually 

dncfadini ; oot prrapnoo*. 
J'# III^COCT, (df-kvkl') a.a. To |a«paia by 

builini; -, lo JignC bf lh» hral ef ibi ito- 

imcb ; to hdl in vaur. ao a* (O diaw Uin 

(liMuilb of anYibini;. 

DECOCIIUI.!:. (dft-kok'-tf-bl) a. Capabb 

of bane dacociM or Lolsd. 
DECOCT lUN, (da-kfk'-atiuD) a. .. 'IIm act 

of boUIog ■njudoft. ineiincc llailnuoa; a 

pnrpaiauon made by loullug volar, 
DECUCri'HK. Klu-lHjWuioj H.I. Awb> 

■lance iira«« by dtcoclian, 
n. DlXUlOATf. (de-kvr-lfle) a-a. Tobg- 

DKC0LLA110N, (dt;k-k^-tf'-*I>Ttt>) a. •■ 

Tb« act gf bcLtnding. 
DtCOI.ORATION, (da-iDl-q|.a'.«Iicpi) a.f. 

Ab«-IKe of (olout. 

To DI-COMl'OSE. (dp kqm-pou') t.a. To 

dnoniuoond : ta diuolTo. 
DtX'OAll-OtSlTi;. (de kfOi-iifa'-ii) a. C«i- 

EDTinded a Hcond time. 
COMPOSITION. idf44m-rv.«t*k'-«B> 

n a. II10 act of nunpoDniliag tbiniji abiady 

Ctmpoundcd ; naoluiion oi asparation at 

Ib DKCOMPOVND. (d^kom-pvynd') a-o. 

To compoa* ot ihbiip abaady compoundnd ; 

to iraoho a lampauad Into ifanpla paiia. 
DECONn'OUND, <dp49ai-pn'"l'> '■ Com- 

poondad a iMinid Qnie. 
Dfx;OAII>OlNnAULE. (d^kym-ptv^'')- 

hl) ■. Liable lo be diiaalred. 
])t:COKAM I.N I . (risk'-kf r|-ni(;nl) n.*. Of 

nnmrni ; i^il*lliibinei,l. 
Ta IIKCOKAIK. <d|;k'-ki^-ifl«> r.t. Ta 

adiTin -. 10 enilwUiab. 
UKCOItATIUN. Idtk-kf-y-abjn) a.i. Of 

naionil ; rifdjr<lliahnH'Oli 
DECOKATUK, (.Irk'-k^^-lvr) a. t. As 

UEC01UtltS,<d^a''i^) a. Damit : mil' 

abtria a rhnnctri : b'cnniuie; proper. 
DKCUHmsl-V. <de.k^.n»-la> arf. In a 

breoinin^ njiiiaer. 

din-ilof Ibr liarli cnhutk ; t» prfl; 14 atrip. 
UECUltl ICA'I lux. (da.k4r-ia-M'4ban) 

it.i. Tbc nttof iiiljiiiuiK il* bulor b'uk 

Bft f-Ufbn, |i|b, \)fii t—^i i— nvad ;— tUn, talf. 



BiBORt'U, (J^^'-ruTu) <.•. BacMcr; 

Martour Mnirary lo IIoviiIoumm. 
n DECOY. {if^vO » 1^ 'i'* Im InM ■ 

MMT Untiaik 
DEOIY, (<t^l'1lf') •••• AUocHMMMaw- 

(liitlt ; utauuaiaa, 
DKCOY DUCK. (J*-livr<><>l>) •>■•• A d«ck 

Ibitt laH* CF^brr* iato tho drcoy. 
TiUFXItEASE. (ilf-liT^') (Ml. Tot[i«w 

Ih* , to be iliBinitbtU. 
n>DECRIi:.\SI^:.(Ar-ki^') t.*. Td maka 

SECREASI':, (di'krw') <•.■. Dtca;: iha 
iOM «f |ra«in|; ln> ; Ihs viila : tM lime 
wbM lb* ilitbla Ikca o( Iba mono powi 

Tk DECREE, ('f^f**') •> •• To doom « 

MricB bv ft dettw. 


DECREE. <d»ltn<) ■->. An edict : a Inw; 

IB laUltlulictl liir ; a dttonDinaboB cf a 

■ail. la raaaa law, Aa oidiaaiioa vnactad 

by <h« poM with tb« Bd*io* of U* Mtdioalk 

DBCREURNr. (dfk'-ki^^l) a.i. Da- 

FKM* i ibauoiagtitjr lo«l by d^rnaila];. 
PECREPIT. {•l(-krtp'-jl) '• WuMml anJ 
wnra out with a(o ; la ibe lul atai^s ot 
r* DlSCHGPn'ATE. fdi^kftp'-^li)) K.a. 
la cbymlitiy. To calcua mI( nil it bu 
e«aaad lo cnukla b dw In. 
DECtl£PITAT10N,(d»>kfip^4-tf'-*hqa> a.i. 
The cnckUng nouc which all Binhei, wbnk 
Mil Qttt the Arc iu Ik crucible. 
1>KCREV1TN('.SS, (df-lft;p'-i|.n{«> 1 
DECRKVirilDt; (.l^kn-ii'-i-iudo) J *•*■ 

'llse lul •!■£• ol ilKajr. 
DECRESCENT. (il^ki^'-*{o()a. Craaiag 

DECRETAL. <df^'-ql> d. AppatBiniog 

t> > docrae. 
DECRETAL, (df-ki^-ttLordek'-i^tal) ■.!. 
A boak of itttrm m edict* ; iho rollKtioa 
•f ibr pope'* i*mr*, 
DeCUrl'ION,(dB-kn'-tbuD)ii.i. Thaauto 

«( ttowinslau. 
DECRPFlsT, (do-kfe'iirt) t..i. One ihnt 

itDill« the know ledgs of tlir dccrcctj. 
DECRErORII.Y.<.l<k'.Ln.ttti.f4!) arf. U 

a da An iu Id nuLnnrr. 
DECRKTUR^'. (dck'-kn-UM) a. Jodi- 
dal; daduitivc ; mocal'; lu iihlcb then ii 
VHD* dcAniuTe pv?ai. 
DECRIAL, (de-kri'-^l) n. i. Claoumut 

(sniii.T i baiif a niriijr coiidenukaiiaB. 
»K<'KtEn.(df-kri'-fi) "■•• Unowhocas- 

tum linnUly, or clamoraualy. 
DK(:KOWN(NO,(d;-krfv'-><>t>i:) ■.•■ Tho 

act of dcntidiiK of a (tdwh. 
DECRU^ATION, (da-krut^'-thun) n. i. 

Ab unctURinE. 
r* DECRY, (d^hri*) u «. To totuun i M 

danaor aninM. 
DECUBAT10N,<dt-k9-bt'-«hnn) n.>. Tl* 

act of lyioB dnwB. 
DECltMbENCr:. (d>-kBn>'-b«9*r> ) 
UECCMUF.NCV. (J^-kum'-b^o^) } "" *■ 

Ibo ant ot iyiait Joan. 
DECt;AtBEirr.(d?-kym'-b£Dt)a. Lyiae.oi 

DECUHBITtmK. (d;-t«m'-bf.ti>i«) h. t. 

Tbp tine at wbtch a dud takua u> hi* beJ 

in a dtiHwa; a Mbco* of Iha bnToia 

WKMd b* that time, kj iiUdi i1h> prog- 

soaiiAaoT Konan M Mik (N ibcoTftvit. 
DECUn-E. {dek'-v pl) •• Tonfold. 
DECURION, (4^k9-»^jn) i.. fc A tom. 

nmdiri orn tra ; aa omiEf nbordliuM to 

lh# cnolunm, 
DECURSION. (d^knt'-ibga) a. L The ait 

of nmitiajt down. 
To DECURT, (d»-h;TO *. a. To Bbridgc. 

•o aboTta*. 
OECURTAT10N, (d»t«r-lf--th^) «. h 

CDiiing *hiirL oi ahnwMar. 
T.. DECISSAIE. (da4^-i^> *.*. To 

iDMnccl Bi uule UIM 
DECU8SAT1UN. {d^lkgi-i^-^bDn) a. *. 

Thi an of croifiag. 
T* DEDECORATE, (df^'-ba.n<') "■ *• 

DEDEC0RA110N, (dHc^-^-'t'-'lnii) 

n. 1. nitcnifioc ; £*cn<p. 

IlKI^^x:u^un■s. (df.>iik'.fc^r^i) «. Dia- 

cianfti] ; rf prooaliful. 

DEDEN'l'trlON.fd*-dao-ti*h'-nn) x-b Loia 
or abeddinii tt iho IMtb. 

r* DEDICATE. (4|d'4>ki{e) <^ a. To da- 
volfl to acoao dmna powvi ; Id tonxiriato 
lo aciad am ; to a^toprl*u aalcmnly lo 
any poMon ot ptapoaei lo iiutiiha to a 

DEDICATE. (daf.o^qM) a. Cosarcntte ) 

DEDICATION, (d{d-t-kt'-thvi) •>.(. Tho 

ati of dediatiog to ujr being or pai|>«o i 

an addroa* lo a nalnn. 
DEDICATOR, (drl'-v-ka-liii) n. h Ooo 

who ioambiiii hi* wnk to a miroa. 
DF.DICATUKY. (dadVl4-tDt-f) a. Har- 

inE Iha tiatan of a itadicallon ; coini%1i- 

DKDI'llON, <dB-di*h'.^) a. b YieldiHE 

up nnylhioi ; aDRBOdly. 
I)KiK)I.ENT, (d*'-df-l{nt) a. FfolioE no 

■armw or rocnpunction. 
To IJKDl'CF,. (Jp-dnw!') (. a. Todiaw in a 

Ifiulnr mnneru'd wriw j to tarm a rt^lar 

(hnio of (onarqunilial propoattiona ; to lay 

ilomi io rv|[u1u otdn ; to •ubnacC; lo do- 

•liirt -. til iMil forth. 
DK.lilti:KMENT, (do-dfae'-mi^O n-i. Tbo 

lliioi; ili'dund; coa'tenuenlial jiropmilioa. 

nWlTclBLE, (dp-dv'-T''') *■ CollKliUa 

by r*a*oo ; ronaMUratiaJL 
DKDL'CIVE. {d9-J?-.jt) a. Perfornung 

Iha act of dnuiciion. 
T<i DEDUCT, (do-dfkO v.'- T<t*ubliacti 

(0 take Bvay : to •eparato ; to dlojiaft ; lo 

nduc . la tniur down. 
DEDUCTION. tJ*-di|k'-*linn) ■.<■ Con»c- 

qucnUELl collrclioD ", propodiion J»»«» from 

ErincinlM pmnaard : ihnt wbicb u dralocttd. 
IJUCTIVR, (da-duk'-lir) «. IVdurtbleb 
DEDUCTIVELY.(d-'-dok' •*• Coa- 
Nquentially ; by rt^Aar dcdoctiocik 


r»to, f«, (fll, r^i}— ma, mtli— pine. P!» ;—■?•»«»•■ 



DEED, fdjfd) >. h Jlctii«,»)ie()m|«od«r 
tad i um^ 1(111* ; el|doil ; fntonaaaa i 
brt : tMb(r: i4fiiM tkc worl radt*'. In 
Inr, An iBtmantDi andft m»S, ■od com- 
[nhndiDi > «a«nct b«nr*M m« or nioie 

TW DEEM, (dfcm) «. *. Put. Aaift. «t 

dwa J ; tonJga; Uihut; IO«tlimU«. 
7* OEEAI. (4rnn) h B. Tojodfti tadffrv 

BSl* ; to tll|'j>OM. 

DEEAISTER. ^iltrm'-Mtr) a. t A jndn in 
Aa Ulf of Aim. ' 

DEM*, (dotp) a. IlaiiDilawthdimiwanla; 
daacMiduig fu i pTatowd i loir in liluMion ; 
nnwilvJ from tba nitfica douBvard ; <•• 
(rmf lar i pitrdBi ■ pant wijr ; Ut (rom 
IliF ouiM put ; not aopMSdal ; DOi obTiooa : 
aaEHiiow i pcneUalaill t (olt of toninnDce , 
fAick ; daik rolmmd ; hannf • ntnt dr- 
n*e of MiUaMi, or (loom 1 dtpiaHHl i (unk ; 
Dua ; fTStf la K"iiiit ; a imn applied to 
tbn <luf<i>ltloa ui<l uiinifiTiurat of •uldlcn, 
aa (wo dt>tp or lltrcn ilctp, t. f. tvo niilu 
brfoni tlic oihet, b.r. 

DF.KF, tdMp) a. t. tht Ma i tho Diaia ; Iho 

DEEP, (df«> (oMd admUallr.] pMpI}; 
to B paai dtpui. 

DEEi-'MOi:ifIKL>.(d>q>--in(VTBd)a. IUt- 
inc 1 bciUH^ niid Idud vui(C> 

DeSi'-AItSIfkO. (drcp'-uv'-iing) a. 

DEEf-KEAD, (dnp'-rsd) a. pRdboadlf 

r«DKllPEN.(da*'-p)*La. ToaiAadeqi; 

(0 DTik All belo* UMaoifica ; lodafkcn; lo 

cloud . lu auk* Md or (tsMiy. 
TtDEETLX, (dff'-iio) v. n. Todncand pa- 

dvallv ; to froir dtap> 
UE^'PLY, (dfcp'-le) ai. To a (nal danlb ; 

with (icat Rud* or Mgadtir ; ptotoanoly ; 

tmoaiMj -, uleonl} ; wah a uoimcf 1» 

dttkmaa of ntlonr. 1b a high drgnr, Aa 

dmit fanplkatid, &r. 
DBEPNESJ, (deap'-D;*) k. >. Puunc* ; 

bflow the vuCttsi firanindiij -, aapdijrt 

tajUdiouancw i cnift. 
DEER, (drar) n. i. TLkt clau of animftli 

which i> boDlad tot i«Di*Mi. 
DE£S,S.(da'-M><k<. AeoddcM. 
Tf DEFACE. (df-ffMrj a.a. To dcttmy; 

(0 tuc ; lo dlidKUW. 
DEFACEME.\T.<d..t(aa'.Bial)a.i. Vio- 
lation ; none ; draiiuclioa. 
DEFACElt, (d«-ff'->si) n. *. Vn\tajtti 

DF.|rAllJVNCE,<df-rvltnH) a.i. ruloni 

r^ DEFALCATi:. (df-flT-kftc) ca. To cut 

off; ID IsK 
DEFALCATIOK, (dfff^l-ij'thim) n. i. 

Uinuontiaa-. tUumrnli sjuliiioB of any 

(■art of a caMoman allowuicB. 
DEFAMATION. <dtf^ mt'-thun) a.<. A 

^liuniui; or briogiaf lufain; D|>aO auotbri ; 

calbiunv -. rrpccaH-h' 
DEFAMArUltY.(dt.r!|n>'-mftn<f) «. Cm- 

lomnlouii uodtff todiftBti liMliHu. 


TvDEFAUE, <do-f)iD«') t.a. To naUfB 
famoaci to tanau i a iilaily in poUidlj lo 
hbpl -, to (altmnial*. 

D£FAUEH.(da-l{'-a.sT),ii,i. Onatkatio- 

{UMS (!• r«potaUoa of aiuiU»3- 
.FAftllh'G.(dD-(|'-iBiflg)n.i. DalamatiM. 
DEFATIGAl)l£,(dtV-<-n-t>l}>- Liahia 

raDCFl7iGATE.(dcE|i:t-st(a) a.*. % 

wniTi to til*. 
DKPATIGAT10K, (da.||M^'.ah^) •.!. 

DKrAULT, (dc-^wlO ■■*. Owi«^« of 

that which wao^twdai cnari (illwl*; 

hall; dafMt; want laM. No'apycaf- 

Bsco JB Doinl at a daj aMKord. 
nDEFAVLT, (lU-^n') *.■. To fbU b 

pprfonninc nnj (culmi o« Khilaliiin. 
I}f:iAI,UKK.(dfli|>lt'-!i>«.>. OaolhM 

attiict drfaulL 
DIUXAMM.'E,(df't«'-iV>Hi)a.i. Thonil 

a( anauUinc 01 wra|BluiE any c«atrac(. In 

b*. A couGtion annnod to an act, pbkh 

l<rrforaitd tTtho ohHgaa, th« act ii diaaliltd ; 

lb* writiDg is which ■ difMMac* la cao- 

DEFEASIBLE, <da-ff'-w-U) a. CtjMa ol 

brtog anoulUd oi alm>|[alod. 
DEFEAT. (d?'-tri«') 11. 1. lilt DiDnhraw of 

an aim J ; acl of dtauoclion. 
ToDliFEAT, (df-Mo') ha. To ore H braw ; 

to nodo i M Craatnla i to aholi^ ) lo cbajp i 

To DEFECATE, {d-f-r*-i«la) a. a. T« 

part* Uquora tran !«*» oi fuuuiraa ) lo pu- 

iHj , l« puiifjr from anj ciinusuui nui- 

luio; toclnwi lo brightni. 
DEFECATE, (d(r'-rf-^u> a. Vuit"i ttaa 

hca OI foalaraa. 
DEFECATIUN, (dof-ra-kf'-ibui) H.1. Pn- 

DEFECT, (do-l^lO a. •. Wanli ahuMO 

of tamwhuig smmmuji imptrftciiani ^ 

faniti rn'Muoi omaii an; nanml imper> 

tniioo ; a hlnolah ; a tailara. 
DEFECTIllll.rr\'. (d»-(»k^T-bil'-f-t() bl. 

The »iiic of Fullini;. 
DEFECnULE,(da-*ih'-le-W)a. ImpnfBCli 

dcfitirul . liaLle io dttact. 
DKFECTnoN. <d^rtk'-alian) %. t. Want i 

fnilniw i a falling away : aiioilaty ; an aban. 

Gonial of a Uai,. or alalr ; l*>ul(. 
DKFECTIVi:, <Jr-trk'-i;.) a. WantioE (h« 

juM i|uaiiiiiy -, fuli of dffo^ia ) iapfifrcl ; 

faulty ; ikioiu. In giamour, D^wtir* 

Komu, kdacUnahIa aouna, uich a* wiM a 

MtBibai or aoBo uulienlv caa* ; Ih/iMflM 

r<rrt. a tctIi which want* uma of Ita inan. 
DEFECIIVELY.(do>fik'-iiT-k)ad. Want- 

ihc the mat qnaoLlty. 
DEFECTlVEKESS, (do-^ti'-lj-DS.) n. b 

Vani -, thg alale of bring ui>pc[fiH.t. 
DEFENCE, (d^ffnae'j a. i. GunrJ ; piD- 

IKtioo -, Tiadicatiun i juKiftcniiiin . a)>oIi>gy i 

miaianc*. In Uw, Tb* drti-ndaoi'i rryly- 

la foni£caiiui, 11iM |ait ibai IUdL* aa- 

oUm« muh } Seimca f|rd{/<wf , «*lilaty lAllI t 


■|li— tyht, toL. htll;— filj— ptvndi— lllu, luii. 



DDKVCELEai ((If -({Mt- V) «• leaked; 
HanuJ: tupnnM; impMcuIi uulileia 
milia rutomc*. 

Iq an uupralwMil muiBtt. 

■. 1. A* unptutKWl KMc. 
7DDEFE\D,(dB.f{iiil').^<. T«>W)lwa»> 

leace at ; Va fnHiXt ; u> imticau ■ M DJi- 

hald > lo foRi^ ; to •BcutB -. la Dainlaia a 

eiaorcMMi tDiMsl; iitUonair. 
ENDABLE. <it^lin--<U-bl) a. Dttm- 

«bU i npkble of wac dcltodnL 
DEFENnANT, <df-^-d«uO >■ •- Ho ■)"> 

di^mJ*. ta Uo, Tb ptn«B MCDH^ o 

UCIODCR. (d^-rga'-Jfr) ••. i. Oaa lliu 

dafsniU ; k dtuipiiui ; to MittKr ; B (ilt^ 

dkaiot. Is bw, Aa adToute. 
DEFEXSATITE.(do.ln'-<4-ii*) ••a. Ooari i 

<UChk«. Ja lamoy. A biodaio, at plaaba. 
Dl:rEN9IBL£. r<b%Wbl) a. Capabia 

of Uiac dcAmdfd ^ juaoiabla i ochi ; «a- 

Mblp of Tiadicatioa. 
DU'KNSIVr.. (dMija'-tiT) a. SKrlag lo 

(Ulaad 1 proprt for dM«ao« ; Ib a taxa m 

p— un a w J tfcncB. 
DEPEN3TVE, (df-fin'fit) a. *. Skfegnud ; 

atau o( defouc. 
DGF^y.^tVELV. (Mft'^r-U) •!. la ■ 

dc^HTB mannn. 
Ta DEFFJt. (ih tcf*} «. «. TssithMd^to 

dvlnVp (o n-fpr i«. 
DKrt.KK.VCK.rd{r-it-CDw)n.i. Kcc*nli 

niiwcl -. ubnluian. 
DUKRHM'S. (dfr-M-^u> n. 1. C«ruln 

TcaarU la Ac buiuiui biiiy, lot Uis cod- 

muca of biimour* bam ana plan to aa- 

DEFEHIUP.NT. (da-W-mtat) n. i. Daln. 
DinHRKCR. {A-^tii'tit) It. h A dalaiei i 

yiutut off. 
lANC)X(df-ti'-tiiM)ii.i. Attiallnt«i 
IB iB*iUtiaa to ^gbt i a cliotlFiiis M maU 
■d* inpncbawit eaod. 
DEKlAToay, (dT.(!'-»-«?-r») «. Bmrinc 

DKKICIKNCE. (Jt-fUfc'-to»*> l"^*- Warn; 

I)):i'irtK.\(:Y,<de-r»b'-va-w) S mbmUiIhk 
It— Ihu u iivivunn' ; ilvfrcl i tmpMfrclMU. 

I)£F1C1I:M'. <dc-(pb'-«»i| d. Fiil-ug: 

vaaiiDii d>I*eti«r. 1u uuLiuuUck. i^rfi- 

c(au l u tiitir i >rr iboic wIi>ih.' |<uu, added 

IMclbif . niakc Icit ihui iliir intrgcr. 

DEPICIKM LV, (dc-ritb'j.'ui.Iv) ad. In a 


JEFICIT.^duf'-v-ajOa-k WaatidcGcitocy. 
lETlEK, Uf-T-;') "■•• AcbAlliDgNia 

.JEPIOURATION, (ila-rica-:a'->liiiii} •>.■. 
A tboDEC of a bctm fom u a vono. 
ToDU'lOUKE. lde-(|4'.vi«J ua. Todc- 
[3liD£t'lLE:.(do-fil«') *.■. To noke loal nr 
ImpuK , to f«llutB t lo cotTwjn dutttj ; lo 
TiolaM ; la Uintj (o ninu|H. 
}Tt DKFILK, (de-()IO '■*• TonMrch; id 
go oD file b; lil'e. 


DEniX. (ilt-file'> B.I. A noROW |UUMg«; 

» loD): Dinsiw |iaiiw 
DKFIlJKMEKr. {Af-()lc'-aicnl) «.«. Tba 

aau oCbfiuit AifiML 
PMIUH, (irO'-l!') a-k Ono Uut do- 


USriNAULK. (<lt-ttM'-«.bl) «. Cn{<abJo 
of liMof dcttoodi or ucDttaiuPd. 

Tt DEPlKE. (df-f iac't i. ■. To giTe iho 
dc^iion 1 to explain ■ diioK by iu iiiuli- 
ueiuddmniaUaotai M ciRuni*ciifa« i U 
licund : lo dfcido ; w datmniDe. 

raDLFlS'K,<df-JiW'>*.B. TodMomtaa; 
to drvidr. 

UEFINbR. (df-fi'-na) One Uiat »■ 

£M-ot at dMmliMt ihing tj ii> rnaliiu*. 
FINtre. (dtf'-D-M; ■■ Cnuuilimil- 
■d ; bacadnl ; ciacl i Buxif. 
DEFINITELY. <dcf-f4t-la) ad. Tnai»\y. 
io a Attai'ne niinacr. 

DEFIMIFNES-S (•IllVntl-oS*) •■•■ C«- 

laiatT ; linulrdima. 
DEFINITION, (dtl-e-aj^'-fa) a.!. A ibori 

dt«cri|i(iaa of ■ ibing by ito (aoi«nie* . dc- 

cuion ; diifnnioauan. In legidi Th« ci- 

plicuiaa of the na«oe» of a lUioi; by ii* 

kind Bad JlCnacc. 
DEFlKtn^'E. <dB-riD'-»^*) a. D«i*mil. 

iiaM ; pejiiTe ; Mqmw, 
DEFlKtriVE, (df-rp'-f-if*) a. i. That 

«Uch atMHaioa at dclfaliM. 

DEFlNITtVKLY. (d*-t^f ■i'-'l) «>• >''>•- 

HtiTpJj ; drcin'pli. 
DEH\*fTIVK\tXs.<J».f;n-B.ti»-»i»> ■.«. 

Ibc (tat* u[ ticuic drbiigd ; il«ci^'riiam. 
Ta 01:FIX. I>l^rii*'> r.^. To fuuuvitb 

bmI*. FlnuMiTeti. To fiieanixLly. 
DClXACRABHJtY. (dnr-«|-tTvl><r-e-u> 

KiL CombiudbUilj. 
DEPLAGHADLR. (de-Uf'-sr^bl) «. lUv- 

ln( tba ^bHi; cf inunoG an} wliolly io 

r«Di:n-AaRATE.{d4l-(l»-pV«)e-«. To 

•eiGn to. 
DEFLAUKATION, (i^-IH-^-a>v>) n.i. 

Ib iKjiuiirUy, 'Hie Wtlioic Gr« lo MViinl 

thvottt la tliiii tsepantliMi i uitar ilciuut- 

Lion Inr (trr-. 
roUErU:CT.<da-Rglu')t.ih ToluniMide; 

to dniatc fiuni ■ nuc laune. 
DUFLECIION. (df-fltk'-ibtio) a. t. IVn- 

•tioo 1 a tumiDg atld^ «r aatof tba way ; 

ibR driiailiin of a ■Up tnaa ila true counr. 
PEFI-EM Il);(da-flsk-tbvts)n.a A bead - 

int down : a lurUM aodv. 
D£FLUUATI0N.(d^Ml9->a'->bim)>.>. Tike 

act of ddflouriog I tbe uliag awiy o( * 

woman'* tirpnity. 
T» DKFLOUB. (d^llWi") V. a. TonmA: 

10 Uikc >*»} a woman'* ijiginitj ; M tab 

awij ill? iK-outy and gnca of aajtUagi 

lo d^iii<e of HoVFIK 
DEFU>l'RI.K,(di-Afv'tsr)n.i. A laoubcr. 
DEFtCOl ^, (d<jr-iu-iitj a. Tlial lo*a 

down i ihnl fait* otF. 
m:n.l'X. Idv-lliilu'} f>. I. Downwanl Iknr. 
UKl''LliXlQ!J.(d»-lluk'-abno>ii.<. Hie low 

of buuiosn downw ncd. 


Pit*. f"t, ()ll, f»l i— m^. ni;l i— p)oe, |iui ,—119. »8Te. 


act of tnAJuDr filthj; palludoa, 
r* DLTORCtl (Jr-fDn.'S u «. To twp 
ont a( (be puairuicia of lonil b; deTonc- 


EroRCEMEST, (do-AjrH'-mint) -.h A 

ml^kotding by liKr bam iLc ligtil mver. 
DEFORM. {<V(pnn'>r. a. Toditfigurci 

la apoil ibe fom ol uijtbniE i loiliiliMiout i 

to malu cBcnccful. 
DEFOKM.VnON. <(lgr-r9r-m4'-d.t^) ■•.•. 

A 4cbdnE ; ■ ilislipirinB> 
PEPORBIH>, a^ftnnJn rarr.a. Dck : 

•ulinK naninJ bRUJtj ; Ism ; ducnuvnil. 
PK|-aHMi:DLy. (d^^f('-l^c>l-l1■) ai. la 

an ovti iDMuivi. 

I Lctmru; a diAa£Tv4«b[t ibria. 
' DEfOHMKR, ((l»-<9/-ni>r) H. >. OM-bo 
JehtH at dafmnw. 
DEFOIUIITV. (^^fpf-mfM) K. >. fgli- 

htm: itl-fumore^Ma i tm^alBxiijr. 
IbDEFOVL. (d^fovD t-u. ToiMr. 

tTa DtlFRAt;)). (dfbivil') v. n. To nb 
or ilopiiiw by A Vila or Uieb ; to rlirat. 
DEVRAL'nAT10N,<d>-rffw-<U'-ifcDD) ii.i, 

Prifalion br (nmJ. 
DEFRALDER. (il>^6fw'-dai) •> •. A •!*■ 

nircT ; ooD llut e^au. 
SEFItAUDMENT. {irb^vXmni) h. i. 

Primtion by deceit ot fraud. 
Xo DEFHAY, (df-tH"} il u. 

To btor Iho 
■bi. Ou tint 

clijuvra of. 

PDF.FB.^yV.B. <,'^i) 
DFJ'HAYMKNr. (dB.fri'.iii!,oi) n.u The 

nonnrnt ofrijvnct*-, campetiwlioil. 
DCn.fdrTO n. K«i(; gvaile. 
Ur.FTLV.(ditft'-lf)«t Nmilj 1 dutetooily 1 

ninlily : jMdjr i fiibUjr. 
DEFDNCF,(d*-tmiki')i>. Dud;d«(c>nd. 
DEFUHCF. (da-tun^ht'J ».>. One lliM « 

DEFLiNCriON,(dc'-fiiD£li.*bign>n.s. Until. 
^ J* DEFY, (df-ti) 1^ •>• To foil to tooJati 
^H ID challtDca i CO diiidaia , tn rmoaiiM. 
■VF.FYEK. (df-r.'-nr) n. •. A challninr. 
HDIXiENEHACY. ^it^jru'-ni-v) >r.L A 
^H dii|ibrtiirr frmri tln^ ririuf bfouihiic0fl«n^ a 
^'^ dBMTlion of tlial uluili ia i;ood ; mvauuvM, 


7^DKGENERATK,(d«-j;n-fi-tlp)r.k. To 
fitl fnnD the liiiuc of ucwtoti -, to fall 
itom a mote nobts fa a liaitrc »tal* ; to fall 
from iu kiud : to ffow viid oi la*«. 
:t>GCENERA'IF.. (<r>-j;a'.ti^l«) a. F.illea 
from the viiiuv o'f om's uoMl«r>i ua- 
»onW, ban'. 

DEOKNKIIATELY, (do.jMi'-.ra».rT) oil. 
In au unwotlhT or buc lUkuiot. 
EC>:.NKKAT1:NESS. (de-]^'.£|.4Cfpg>) 

SIXiENl^tA'IIUN. (d;.jfii-Br.t'.«haa) k.a. 
AdcTkatjoii from iho rirtue of oooa aorv^ 
tm»; a falliu^ (com a nora MeHhni rats 
to ono of lint vonh -, thn tbuig chaogrd 
frem ill piimllin Uait, 

OECENEIIOUS. (d^jcif-fi^t*) ■■ Oe- 
feticialeit ; vUo; Mit. 


DeCF.NEROl'SI.Y, (d^jtQ■■{»■l*J♦) •'■ 

Bual* i mrantr. 

DEt.LnmoN'. (dcftW-<l*)>'-ga) a. •. 

'I lir »(( of imtloa-iiiii. 

DtURAUAIIUN. fdfefTI'^'-^un} ■■ i. 
A d(T|ni(al>cu of dluiij -. dxBiiiaiaD fram 
filliCB ; dtfrBrfaft ; uii»«4i^u; dioiinntini] 

Ti mXiSWY.. ldt,jf»J»') ..B. To IJW 
on* ftom hu dcgtic. to driinv* oiw nf 
olf<(«. di^ly. or litld i lo Ihmu; Id •!•- 
a^ciih i to rcducif ftom a bi|fbei lo a Jovr* 

DFGRADnVtENT. (df-grvSt'-iDttu) .. •. 
Df prii-Mion nf diEnitjr or allir*. 

DE(;RADlN«t.Y,(d#^ii--d>>K.l>) mi. la 
n JnirKiniinf mnnnvr. 

DF0HAVAT1DN. Alcg-pi-Tt'-ihaQ) «... 
'Ill* m:E of makuii; hrift. 

DEGRF:£. (do-KTon'k fl.1. Qoalkyi taak 
(tatioa ; place o/ dlplly ; ikt coiD|iamtin 
tlB(* and conditioii in vhich a Ihiog I* i a 
•trp 01 fiFjianilioii to Knjl)iing ; mitt uf 
Uiirag*; driCMilof KuuUy ; ordcnorcluw* ; 
nintuiv ; proponioa ; tb* (brr* bundrai and 
dnlvtb (uirtof tlio dirUDifiitMica of acirtle. 
In aridaDMicli . A itgt— ciuulau of (hm 
Ggum, via. of Cbnr filar** nsupr* binding 
unili. tnM. and bundirda ; to, IM^ buudnd 
ud liily-fire 1> a ^rfTtt; Ibo dliiwo of 
the Iium Djidti iBHial url* of mnibnunu- 
tal iuiinuDvuu. la muHck. Tlw MKfiTal* 
of Bounds. BijdtfrtB, Cndoolly; by llnio 
and linlo. 

DKCC:srAnON,<deg-g?a-tj--rin,ii)n.i. A 

To IlEliORT. (dv-hon*) t.o. To ri>Maad«. 

DEHORTAllOS. (do-tgr-lV-ib^J • 

DEIIORTATORT.(df-llgI'-^-t»^.^)a. Bo- 
longing to duaoadOO. 

DFIIOinXR, (il<t-V-t(l) 11.1. A di». 

DKICIDE. (da'-t-tid*) «.i. Tba d«Mtti of 
out blfMM Saiioar. 

To DKJCCT, (do'jnkl') 0.0. Tocatldown; 
w afflict , 10 Ibiow down , to dobiM ; t* 
make TO look aad , ilmply. to rait donn. 

DIUECT. (d^^skl*) a. Cam downi affiicl- 
«l ; low-apinloit. 

DFJECIEDLV, (dT«^'.t«d.U> «t. In a 
<lf (ctlfd muncr. 

DK.I>:inKllNi:Ki. (dK-jck'-lMl-nM) n. a. 
Tli« itaio of b(iui|[ tut dowii. 

DI-JECIKK, (dp-JHlL-li-i) n. I. One wba 
dvjrria or ciuta Jovi'b. 

UE.<tCTU>N, (d0.j>;k'-kliati) n. i. Iovdom 
of tpint* -, mvluicbolj ; wtikknM* ; inabi- 
lity; ibe act of (lin)«\n][ dovu) B ouiiof 
dmn, in Mfa of Ntotimta. 

UEJ1X11.Y. (do^j^i'-ln) ad. In • doMk- 

Ca)l RIUUMt. 

DEJFjCI'L'RE, (da-Jek'-tuic) hi. Thots- 

Ta DEJERATE. (dad'-je-rflo) t. «■ To 

>w«*t dfouly. 
OEJERATION. <dtd.»it'.ihgB} «.•. A 

taking of a Minnn oaUi. 
DKIFICAL. (di->r-9-k4l)a. UaklBudiTiw. 

B(l ;— lnb«, lab, hftl;— g')!', ptvfd. — iUl, rain. 



aciof ilEi^riaa. or aakaf k gM. 
DEtnER, <d^-rfi-t>) «■ •• Ou *rho 

DBIFOEIU, (df'VlVn.) u. or > tedUko 

DEIFORMITV, (dM-V-*w-<?) *■ •' R" 

■cmblUKO of dn^> 

r» DEIFY. (^>f() h >. To nuke a (ol 

ofi to ndon 01 ■ fod ; to prauc •MentTcly. 
T* DKIGX. (dan*) *. ■■ Tb Tonchtaro. 
T* DEIGN. (daa«) tL«. To(nBl;Wpn> 

nit ; U Blbw ; Id cOKfuUi worlli Dodce. 
r« DEINTEORATP., (^>a--iDMrTiW) •. a. 

Ta takB frcn As whnle ; lo (iMii. 
DBIPAROUS. (d»(p'.w-ru»] (. Tliaibrini:* 

fmb ■ God 1 iLe tfJiliM ^pltod to Uio 

htemul Vifflu. 
DEtSAJ. (df'-)iin) •!.%. Tht opinion oTihoM 

lliai only ackaowlnlM «do C«d, vitboot 

Iba ncaplioa o( miiliil itfipoa. 
DEIST. (V'i*') "■*■ A «u who ukbow- 

Mna lb* Mkunc* of God. irithoot lo- 

HariOB (a nroaldl xrKrioA. 
DKISTICAL, (dB-li'-iAtI) M. Boloncloc 

to ilie luiiny of'itic daUu. 
DLITY. (dc'-o-lf) n. 1. Dlvinlt; ; (be natnn 

and r«nTi« of Go>L 
VKLACKHATIUX, idtV-*C'V-^W "■*■ 

A Inrinc in |>ircn, 
PFXACItVUA'I'IDN. <d*-l«k-b^m4'-ilivii) 

«. 1. A falKng doira of tho hoaionn ; tlio 

«atni*tiiirH of lli? tyrt. 
DElACrATlON. (dfltk-q'-ahsD) •■•. A 

vMaiBC from lbs trnatU 
DELA KED, <d»-ltpu'> «. fiMiing at Ul- 

init down. 
OELATIO.\.(dt-l>'-«han) ■.). AoorncB; 

couToyaaco i an Mtualiea ; ao impotub- 


n DELAY, (df-lf') V ■. To Mxt ; lo put 

odT; lo LladoTi to ftuib«to; lo dolain, oi 

iMwl 1)m toano of. 
7* DEI.AV, (do-IV) K *. To (lop. 
DKLAY. <dfli') a (. A dofcntog-, pto- 

naxiaalion -, «ny ; aUp. 
DKLAY KH. (dil^'sO "■ •- One tbat de- 

bn; a pultn off. 
DELAV&IEhT, <df-lV-nigBl) «. t. Kb 

DKLKBLE, (dtl'-t.4J) a. Capabb ot briac 

DKLtCTABLE. (df4*k'>i^bl>4i. Plraiiog; 

DKLECTABLEireSS. {dc-Ipk'-lfl.W-nca) n. fc 

nrliEhifiiluew ; pleajaiiini^u. 
VKLUnADLY. (dnlfli'-lf-blo) at. D«- 

IlKhlfiiliy ; ploMUitfT. 
DELKCTATIDN. (<Itl-l(k-ti'.«hKn} a. •. 

Pltamn: dallcbt. 
VELUIACY, (dsl'-e-K*-^) "■•- A ««TUia 

Duailin iif pcnoiM dupuuil to icI Tor, ot to 

intownc a jmblick bod/, 
Ta DELEGATE, (d«l'-*-»u) n «■ To wnd 

Bvaf ; M Hipd u|KHi an rmtiaiajr ; to in- 

tfaal I lo roiiunii (a uiaiiicr't powrr. 
DELEGATE. t.d«l'-lc (f la) n.b A da|iiity: 

a conimnwonttt any oao tboc u mm io act 


, An Mclau- 

UKl.l^:<iATlUli.'(4^JM'4liaa) ■-•. A 

Hodiau i*iiy ; * potlfcitla Toaimiialrin , 
r-.I)ELCTE.iA(.|»c«-) t. fc Toblotohi. 
DELET£JUOU.':,(M-»tc'-n-U)a. D*nJIy; 

DELETERY. (d{r-«-lfr^) «. V«iiucii?o; 

DELETION, fdf If-tbyi) *■ •• Act ot 

laiiBfOrtlotl^aul; a doMjoctioa. 
RELF, 1 (d{lf> n.*. A ntioo or igoury : a 
DELFC 1 «al doK ; (anlHUiiran i counicr- 

fcil Cbiaawar*. laada tl Uilft. 
To DELIBERATE. ^il»-lih'-M-|t(') r. n. lo 

tbiot. ia ai4a lo diaki i la btailau. 
nDEUDEIlATE.<do^'-;r-fU) >,». To 

balaoM ia Ibc miM i W weigh i to Rnindci. 
DEI.lBEtlATE. (dr-lib'-fr-qte) a. CIkuiu- 

•pnt; waryl •low. 
DELIBERATELY. (d>-t<b''fr-9i*-lr> aJ. 

ClicnD(p«lly; aMMdljrimrily; ^owty; 

DEUIIF.RATENEfS. (d*-1!b'--r-al«-n{*) 

n.j- CifvueaprcUoa; wannNa; caution. 
DELIDERATKIN, <d^lib^r4'.abna) n. a 

The an of dalibafatlnj ; Oongbil'fa oidu 

DELIBERATIVE. (dfT<b'-gr-i-iiv> a. Pct> 

tuniae la dtlibniwoa ; apt lo coiuiiJcT. 
DELI IIKB ATI V KLY , (dT-lif^i-,-! j.-(n) «J. 

In a dtilibcnio nuinnpi. 
DELICACY. (dsr-*-kfaf)*. a D^stinewi 

pltaaintoaw to Oia tM*i BiMl; b li« 

cboto* of rood ; anjduai Utbly fi1ta»in|[ 

U Iba (rnau j taftaaa* , fenuloa bMiilr ; 

nicaly ; ailniilo accuracy ; ncatarM -, aU> 

(aace; piUecacM ol mannot* ; ladulctaca; 

l«ntla iMMinani t leDdnsieM : acropuloua- 

neu; wcakiuwaf coucitntuini malltieai; 

DELICATE. (dtT-f-kfto) a. Mcci plis*. 

jag to UiD taaic ; dainty ; cboica ; taUcI | 

aiccUoDt ; plaanai lo tin mohu ; fia* ; not 

coanc ; of pnni* manntn ; »(t ; oITfkJ- 

nala ; udhUii (o Ixnr harAtkip* i pun . 

D^:LICATFJ.Y. (dsf-».kfla-l*) ail. Bno- 

uruUy : inib hA »lnjpim« ; Unely ; uM 

eoanoly -. dualil^ j duilulj ; poUuly ; tJ. 

DEUCATEKESS, (dilVkqlt-Di*) o. «. 

Tandeisea*! aciftaaH; adeoiiiiacy. 
DEUCATES. (dsr-f^u) ■-•. H- Kin- 

tjoa; ramie*. 
Ta DELICIATE, (d^ljah'-e^ta) r.a. To 

lake delight ; m fvaat. 
DELICIOOS. (df4jih'-T|*l a. ^tel ; dell- 

rate ; affrrrablo to ihr >auMa ; dariame. 
DELICIUVSLY.vda-l!ib'-u»lo) aJ. SircoUy. 

plnmnily: iaiMdy, 
DF.LICIOl1SNKSS.(de-tiab'-?i-o^)a.a Dir- 

llthl ; plaann ; joT. 
DEUGATION. (ds1-l?-gi -abva) n-i. A 

bindineop In cbmirgHy. 
DELIGHT, (de-li(^) ■- «. Joy ; pleaa-ire in 



V^tt, ^t, ffll, ifti-M;, mp!— ]>|ne, pioi-ii^ vfn. 



n JXtUOST. fdfliM') (.a. To ph«M; ta 

MBCnit i to *nonl ptcuun. 
TaDELIGItT. (d*-liw'} t.11. Tohatad*- 

HAl or filiFinv ulcuut* b. 
UKUGUTt'LL. (V>ita'-(al) a. PImmoI) 

KXlOHimLLY, (lU-liu'-AlM;) «<• In 


Idv-llu'-ffl-n^) n-i. 

I 01 aua£l]r 0/ being deligbtTvl ; 

^DEUKEAMENT. {df^'-f-fmjnt) a. t 
^K A dn*iac ; nprrwnaiiaa tn ilelinttttiwi. 
■n OEUNtlATR, l<lo-1ii>>al»> »■. To 

^w 111* £nt dnv^ i (0 df*ip 1 to rtaidi i 

t» uUot ; to dMolbi i 10 HI ftnh In k 

liTvl* naimrr. 
DRI.I»i:AT10N.(^lm-ft-V-()'i_m}n.i. IIid 

&nl diiugtbl; a ^*m)[ , icpreMDlMioa, 



(do-ljia'-rvtvn} «. «. 

lELIMMEXT, (iln-Un'-a-D^) m. u A 

DKI-lNyLLNCV, (.dp.liBg'*»^-«f) n. f. 

A fitolt , k miidced. 

Dl^LlNtH'tNT, (do-fiDg'-kv^O "■>■ An 

[ olTFDilrc ; oat ibnl hu Mmoiilt^ • crimt^ 

I Ta DEUiiVATZ. (dgr-lp-ki-BHi) v. «. I'o 

mvlt ; lo b« JiHolTdl. 

n DEUqUATi:, (d-l'-l^kwiu) •. a. To 

DELIQUATION. (dtl-lo-kwt'-tbvn) ni. A 

»nel(iii|i 1 a ilbiotvuic. 
SEUQlJlt'M, (dp'-lik'-kv^fm) a. 1. In 
thrmii-irj. A diKiUatiau by diMoliring ujr 
cakintd lutUii by hanging ■( up in nniti 
(dIIu*, inin a Uiininia tuunour ; a fainUDg, 
01 nwHunc idatMt 1 Im^ 
DELIRAMEhT, (d^Ij/-fBinl) n. 1. A 

doliDB or foolidi bacj, 
DU.imOUS.(dfjy-f-%>)a. Ugbt-hMJed; 

laviDc : iloiinv. 
DEIJRIOIISNEsS. (de-V-c-nt-Dei) a. ■. 
The iiarc of one niiotf- 
, DKLIRIUM. (Jf-V-f-em) n.t. Alicnalian 
I of mind ; duuae. 

f DELITESCENCE. (d*-lj-lf*'-Hlu> a. ■■ llo- 
dnmail ; obtconiy. 
DEUTI0ATlON,<de-^l-^-gl'-J][gn>a.b A 
Mnting ; a chiding. ' 

T« DELIVER. (d<^Tv-it) i^o. TotMboei 
to nlcaip 1 10 ntni Eo mcuoi In ««r- 
mdrTi to pel inlo ono'i band*i to gin 1 
to dithoidrn a woman of a gbild ; to ipMli. 
or ultcT n* an oiatiDD i ta rolatr. 

7i)DKl.TVEK«(r. rdf-lit'-ar) v.a. To pnt 
into ulatlier'* buidj ; to pra (lom hand lo 
bud ( to Qaoinut. 

T« DKUVEB op, (da-liV-ft) «. a. To aur- 

DEHVKRANCF..<dt.lW--Tr-vi«) a.^ Tba 
act ot (niuna bma <a{iti>it^ ; namg ; tb« 
actof dollTtrawa ililiiKtoanaUiDt i ilieact 
of UingitiE fonE ehlUTan ; tjiaatiiig ; oHct' 
BOCe; nranonciaticin. 

DEUVEHER. (do'lf/H^ti} n.fc A 
a [etcuet : • relalBl. 

DEM ^ 

DELIVERY, (d^ii^-tf.*) •.•.'"Tlwarti 

d*li>rTine i itUntt ; meat ; aaiing ; a rna- 

rtodn ; act ol gi'niMC "ti ultonoc* ; pn>- 

DvadadoDi tpMcb; cbOdUnh. 
D£LL, (_iM) N.I. A pit i a kola is tko 

a«aiid;'ui7 catilj la >ha («nl>, «(d*f 

Ou a ^leb and nanovet than a *»U*y ) a 

DELPH, (^If) a. b A Mt of (anbon 

Dtll.TOIDE, Cdt''-<4l<') ■■ Inaoaiom;. A 

iiiuj^lai Diwel* analne bom ilie olaninila, 

wh»c afticm U to rotas the aoa mvard, 
I)Et.UUAULK. (de-lo'-dt-U) a. Liablo M 

r* DELUDE, (da-lfda*) >. <•■ To brsnilai 

la cUni -. lo duarowol ; to (tutcnw. 
DELUDEIl. (dj-iif-dfr) a.». A b^aitar; 

a dncrint. 
Dl.t.UDiNG, (d^lu'-dtDf) n. b Conaumi 

7.J UU.VK, (delT) «. a. To dig ; lo open 

the iramd vitb a ipado ; to btiion. 
DEL\%. (^ti*) "' •• A •lUlch i a pil , a den , 

a lara. Dilw f^ CmIi, a catuAn tiaanilir 
of (oida due in Ibr ntiaa. 
DELVER. (<b|-->fT) a.4. A •%!«. 
nK1.t;<jl\, (Jtl'-lujo) n.!. A gBunl hion- 
dalion ; Ukjing antiraljr undtv wair i an 
Orndowisj; of Uii) nntutiU toonda of a rim ; 
airv tuddfU ni»l r**i>ilcu cnl.-imin. 
TaDEI.L'(iE,(dtr.|iJe) t^o- Todrownilo 

lav louUly aader vatat i 10 orarvhrlm. 
DELL'sIUN. (dc-V-ihnn) n.t. TI1* an of 
drlndiDg , n chcal ; gnOc ; drcdl ; tha alalo 
ot one deluded ; a Ealu lopNMBlatioo ) 
illnnon -. nraor. 
DELISIVE. (dD.)y'-«i*) la. Apt to da- 
DEI.ITSORY. (dfV-«V^ 1 caJTB. 
DEMAGOGL'K.(den'-t-EW> "■ ^ A ring - 
leader of Ihe rablbi a po(iular and fac- 
lioiu oraloi. 
I>KMA1N. Kdo-mfaa') a. a. That bud 
UEU^;3iNE, S *bkh a Dum lioldi origioallT 
of blniHlf. uiipoficd to/anJUin, oi ttc, wliicD 
aigDlfisi Ihota huida that aio bold Df a ■up*' 
riot lord 1 titalo in loud ; land adjcdniog to 
tb* niaadon, fcrai in ihr loid'a can band. 
Ta DEMAND. (<l»-a>aiidM t^o. To (laiin ^ 
la aak for villi aolhunlj 1 to qacMina -, ta 
In((iio{Btt. In law. To ptD«cuie in a nal 
DEMAND. <4»4D«ad^ n. i. A claim ; a 
cLallDnnng ; a quHtiaii ; tn inumgatioa ; 
■be talluig far a ttong in order to pmchaM 
it. Id law, Tho aakmg of wluM i* ilu* ; it 
ka<h alto ■ prapn n^nillcaiian JiMin- 
guiabed [lom plaml 1 for all ciril aeliiua 
an* punued aiihet bj dcinn:.di> ni ;iliiiiitj. 
and ihu punuitr i* calleJ draiiuiJuii or 
DllMANIiABlX. (dt-myi'-di-bl) a. Thtu 

mai b« demandad. 
OEMANDAN'I*. <de4nu'-d|nt) ■.!. Uo 
wbo i* actor ca pla^tin la a imI action ; a 
D£.MANDER.(do-iDin'-dp}a.>. OnaUiat 
rtquim a thing wiih iniAcniljr , <m» tbat 

i>{Ii— tiib«, liQli.bvIl}— oil >—ffvnd,r-tAia. tail. 




Mb a qoMtMO -, ou tint kiki far k Obg 
ta ar4c> to I— "^"- it. 

DEMAitCATlO.V. (4(~nir-k*'-il^> "■ •■ 

lii'isrn ; ■tyaminq nf Iwnwry. 


Fit. MIe 


DEUUNOtH. (df-Mi'-nv) "■ *■ Ci>- 

liHcr; WlwUB Hr . 
DKUrvCY. fib'-sfii-M) ■■■• Mint— ■ 
rArk. (df-a>ii'-l^> nih T« 

. . J. 
UK^:I..MATK. (d9-»[i'-tfl«) a. 1bIU>- 

DfLMtNIAIiUN, <dr-ms«'M'-ib<|p) «. i. 

HaUB(Bad. or fauikk. 
DKaiKEtrT. (di>.m;>''t4) ■■•. Tli«op|i»iH 

r«DKMtltir. (df-ai^-ii) «■•■ Vn iw 

tmrr lilwnr«r iiMHhmmt. 
DUtEIUlU). (df«pid-> a. rtepdi 

PUIIlR9]ON.(dT«>t^-^>o.i. AilrovB- 

oq; -, (he pMiia| uy inMidM h ■ diksolt- 

DKliESNE, (iW^nmO SetPu>*i«. 
DCUI. {<Ulu'-«) iMr*rMrHrtirlr. Halfi 
Thi* ■ 

OM •( tw» fqaal pHtih 

> WMd ti (vIp 

liiitf humito. litH Artnr. 
DKMMANNON, (4«'^lif»'-n9») «. * 

A caaaim tl ■ nanicMW nth 

A na (hat canin ■ Mil bIm •ooDdi vtirbl- 
Dljlll-I>LV1L, (dta'-«-d[f'-*)) B.1, Bklf 

DI^MI-OOD, (dtm'-f-tfl) «.•. PifttliinK 

nf diTUM iMIute i halt ■ eod. 
DEMI-IIKP, (ilini>r<,p) ih i. A nut 

vonl fbt ■ womui tat[iicl*d of aiKbaNiljr. 

bat DM coariclTd. 
r* UEMRGKAIt:, (dna'-t-P*^) r-o- To 

mm* bom aoa nlaca W Hicidm. 
DBAIlGRA-nON. (dgn-Y-crf'-abga) ■. i. 

CbMH •( itfcuMioa. 
DEMISE, (4*-n|B0 «••■ Ilxuli i 4»eMM. 

Oenctnllj giedcf atrowutd had.of otlW 

mwD iuelf. 
TaDEMlSK, (de-mjac') ha. To gliBl at 

onc'tJcaihi lorniDt by nil. 
DbAIISSlON, <dt-Diili'-^) It. K Daps- 

daiion j Jimiaatkp of Apillj. 
UKMIsaORY. St*maia*Mv. 

(.a. Tn ibptiaa ; la 
Ikll , U luhaut ; la 

SEUOCnACr. (d^nfk'■klv•V) "■>- !>o- 

vfiNCO |«*B> bdec' w tlia f oIlMtita fcodj 

of ihe tcanlF. 
PEAtUCltAT. (den'-o-CTtt) 1 a. % 

DK>IOCRA'l'lsr. <d^m^'-ivtiH) t Ont 

il<'i>iTtil (a di-mocrsnr. 
l)i:MlK:HAIIC,U..|.'i«in-okn<'-"-lnl) ) 
ItKMWHATRK. id..i.i .> '■T 1«) ) 

I'ertauiiaf to a]KiptLlsi|qTCTnairot; pOpD- 


7* UK9I1T. (V^K) 
kaOE dowo ; f> IM 

"tnl muiDM. 


I?) ^ I, 
TW DEMOLliji. (j..i»fr.|iali) t^ a. To 

DEUOUSHKR. (4f«i4r.:,.b.erl a.L Qifa 

that Onm 4awBi • dcMtsHTi ■ latM 

DEMOLISItMRNT, (•b-«t>'-|^'lopU} «.•. 

HaiD ^ jMtruiuoo. 
DEMOLITION. (d;n-^KA'-ga) a.i. Tl>a 

Ml of rniDiay ui arvhliivMDC MdJSnt 

Dr.MOK. (da'-mga) a. i. A f[Jii( ; <»»■ 

nilv an atil n>lrii , a dniL 
tlllMhvi.lCAI,. ri'ni^M'-t-ltllla. B*. 
DKMOMACK. <d*-«f'-a»^) f long. 

inc to B ivnlt ieritith i'jatiume^i by tba 

Dr.MOMAfK. (i^■n^'-n;■^> n.t. Oot 

BKHtJ by ttiV dvni. 
OMA.V. <d»-B10'-Iia4Ii) a. DntlU. 

DKMONUCItACV. <d.'ui»-o«k'-n») «t. 

Tba turn* af Ihe dinA. 
DKUJnchxiOY. <d,-««>^.M,) .^ * 

IhwOoiao of tba aatva «f dadla. 
DllliONSIIlP. (df-.n»f..aip> a.1. TIh 

«>*• o f a da iaaa. 
DEUOXmUBLB, (it'^Bifa'.aif|.td) a. 

CapaU* af bcJag prwid br^ttnl d^obt m 

DElJONSnUBt.EKes«. (df-mva'-atrt-bt- 

!>'«) a. k Capaldliiy of dauMutlUHO. 
DEMO\»TItAltLY. (<)e-ai9D'.Ni^.bl7) ^. 

Endralty i tvymd F«««Ulilj uf onita- 

Ta DOIONSTRATE. (dT-mgo' .taw) i. a. 

To pmrc wilk tha liifbeit d(p«a of c«- 

DKWOfJSrRATIOV. (•I{m-n«ii-*in'..h<>D) 

a. t> 'Ilia hj|hr« da^^ne of dadMibla oi 

M|uio«DUl vndapca -, «4nUtabte cvulmr* 

of Aa amaai of nMaa- 
DEMON'STRAI'IVl!; (49«ta'-anv<>*} •■ 

Hating iti* power of ^•MooMniion, or of 

•iBRMloa daaily aad eariakihb 
D^OffSTHA-nvlXY. (^moa'-M^liir. 

If) ad. Wnh pndaac* DOC Mba appM^ 

or difiiblad ; citariy i plainly ) nHh canaia 


DEMOXST R ATOR.<it«D-tntii-»Uf'-tur> n. i. 

Oaatbait praia*;ODi uiat wafbta ; aoa thai 

DEMONSTRATORY. (d^-aigii'-aCri-t^ e) 

a- Iia>iDr iho irnilmc* is dnnoMtnle. 

*• i» IVatiuL'Liou of oiosa]^ 
r* DEAIuKAUZK, (J^mtT'^Lba) v. a. 

To draniT Diatali and Baiml Iniliiiii 
DEMULCEOT. <d»«iDr.«^tJ 

Im ' malli^nr. 
IVUEJLllIR. (Xn-m^i h a. Tadohya 
faom* 10 lav lij doabi* tad objection* i <o 
paoMinaBananiji lo bniutt ; to do^) 
lO hata acTUplri. 

DiaiUR, (la-mgO «• •- Doubt ibcnta- 

DEMUR):. (d.-«^-) a. Sob«i Jacanti 

ftan; aBbcudly motfat. 


Pfia, f(T, f|l>, fv ;— mc, ajt i— not, )>in ;— nf , iiii>n, 



fiEMTRELY. {d^m^nM;} «. Willi at- 
fcciHl muAtftj ; wltb jnicodti (pnitf ; 

PCMl'H^lNEKS, (df-murc'-D^) n.t. >Mm- 
Iji MbcuiKU; ^Fctira mot^MIjr ; imMniUd 

OEHUnRACK. (d^nni'-nM) b. •. In 
umauTc*. Aa>lli]«i«nc«BiiMl«byBwtcluLau 
u> miuuti o( >tu)i>. Ua ilwlr May In ■ i«ct 
bvfnnil die i\mt ippoinUd- 

DUkllKRKIi. (d(~lnul'^r> •!,•. Aklodof 
pniua vpon ■ pMM of di^ulij In an •itloii ; 
CDS vho psotet in tmcnuintf . 

DE31Y, (d»-aif) n.*. A Win nluing la Iba 
idM of laper ; m, •tenif, ardiunl. royal. M 
lil|0 ; of vhlcb d«m} it Ib« tnikllMI. Tl» 
nUDc of k (rluilu, at h>tf fellowi U Mi|da- 
Irn ClUogc, Otfocd. 

SEN, (dtn) n. I. A uTrin m linlla* ton- 
ainjC with a Hull obUiiuiiy under gmaid ; 
ib» caM cd a wild bciui. 

Tq DfJI, (il«e> i>. n. To dwell u la > dto. 

To DKNATTONAtJiEt:. (dniifib'-^.tl-ju) 

IV. d. To lake away Daumal liiliu. 
I)F.NDROLOGY.(dsD-dnr-j-JB)«.». Tin 
nnionl faiamy of tma. 
DLNUBU:, (df^i-U) •. Capable of 
DENIAL, (dn-ni''fl) a, t. Kt^doa, the 
oouuwy Fo aoirmBtkm j bv^iioq, ilj« coa- 
ovy la conbuioo i nfuul, Ibr roiiiruy 
<D gtant ; abJantloD, (onuuy ta uliuow- 
IcdupiMti! ofadtwimco. 
■[DEMIER. (df-ai'i^r) ■.■. A (onlfadictOTi 
^V as appaBOBt : > diaawon -, a irfutpr, 
^ r* DENIGRATE, (dpi'-i-«ta<*) v- •>■ To 

^ yEKIUttATlUN.(dta.<-pt'.»hyi) lufc A 
^B blat^koniag. 

■SENUATIOK. (dia-f-cT'-abno) n.i. Tim 
^ •« c[ hbncbli^E, 

DENIZEN, (dtoWin) a. i. A freemu -, 

OMlotollchucd ;'a mviget min free. 
raDianZEN,(dni''^in>i^a. ToinfruchiH!. 
DENOUtNAULK, (dnngm'-'-afbl) a. Tbal 

may bir Dniutd. 
Ta DENOMINATE. (dD-nftp'-»-fi|(*> t.o. 

To nanio : to a\%e a iiune la. 
^^ A naoiK giTra (o a ihinc. 
KOKNUMINATIVX, <d;-Dfm'-f-«v^*) •■ 
^1 Tht nhich piN ft nans i tbal which «b- 

■ DBNUMlNATUR.<dfDfla'-t«a.4»> n. .. 
^B Tlw rtl«i of a nana. DMnmimidir ,1;' « 

fWflM.U tha nuabn bsluw Ilit? liiu'. itirw. 

ingtbonaturaaDd ijUBlily of (be )iaittwlii[b 

■ any inwcpi b Hiupuatd m be diildnl iolo. 
DENOTADLE. (dena'-tt-bl) a. Capable 
o( bfinE Dalkfld. 
Te DKNOIATE, (dpi'f «!«»> «eo Tb Da- 

DENOTATION, (dio-f (f'-tfagn} n. >. 1l« 

a<l of dcDQtlDB, 

DENOTATtVK, (dfaj-tv^*) o- HaTing 

■ be povcrlo dcBMa. 
3«U[.NOTE, (d«-«tte') ihii. ToBiariijIo 

b*» Hgn of; w'bcukco. 

DENOTEMENT, (•If-nnu'-mtnt) n. t. Ki(n ; 

Tff DKMUNL'E, (dfOdvow*) «. •- T« 

Untrn by jvuchintUoa ; 10 ibMawa by 

(anio uulwud ki^ii ; to rlrc iafonuauou 

■laiatt , tu aciUK |iubliilJy. 
DENOUNCEMENT, (de-n?v''»'''np>0 "• •■ 

Tbr act of noclainjng nn^ nt blCT. 
DENOVNCEIt. ldf-n;Ka'->f|i> ■, 1. Caa 

Ibot dcdarM ataw nMoatw ; ana wbo ac- 

■u(M iniblick-f. 
DENSB. (dfOM) ■■ Cluw; mmpacti a^ 

E4clrin| 10 taDdicy. 
blTY, <d!u'-«-tD) a. J, CloMOtaat 

DENIAL, <den'-ql> d. Bclanpoe m lb* 

tceik. In gcomnuir, A ti/aa aj-pliM 10 tha 

l«iicn pnaoanxd jiiriacii>ally by tbatftncy 

nf 111* i(*(h. 
DKJrrt:l>. (6tK.<~iA) a. Nobltd. 
DENT'KIJJ. (d^a'-isr-t>} a. a. ModUkna j 

■ iiud ol bmikcU. 
DENT ICVLAl ION .(dpi-**^l,'.«hvi> m ». 

Tbo Haw of bnng ict witli (mill Ia<Ui, 01 

IfimttftflK"*' rntmbliag laeth, like (bo** of 

a mw. 
DENnCVLATED, (Jjo-lik'-^ -la-led) a. 

Sm with na>JI Wvlb. 
DENTIFRICE. (dao'-w-ri[a) n. I. A [«wdet 

nada U koui ihctrpili. 
DENIIST, (d{n'-l(*i) n. I. A lurgeon who 

conttDct bit {incnoc to the Innli. 
DF.M'ITION, (dfD-tidi'-na) n. k Bracd- 

m% tbe l*«lh I tlia tiino al whith childnali 

iMIb an brad. 
r«UEMlDATE, (de-Bv'-d>w) v.a. To dl- 

T««t ; to iinp. 
DENUDATION', (Jia-nu-dt'-tbua) •■. i. 

SCiipinnic or nnkinf naknl. 
T.'DKMTiE, (do-nvdO r-a- To atrip. 
IV Dk\UNtlAl>;. ido-Don'-ibT-fU] *.* 

To dcDoi]DC« t to Ifareaien. 

Tbe act of dcDouDf ui|(. 
DENUNt'lATOit, (dc-iiuB->b».q'-tgr) a.lh 

H* ihat pTDcluim* Boy tbrtal ,' be tbU I*]* 

an irxFonnbiioti a^ail aootb^r- 
TnUENV, (do-o|') t.o. To conttoJicI : op- 

pOHd lo inuiu; lo coDiridici aa imaurion' 

to rrftiar, oppDHd 10 gnlit ; w diaowD ; lo 

Ttaoaon -, to diarFCUd. 

DEOS^RUENT, (de-fb'-acri-vO '• »•** 
ing Um medidnal power to naohc niMiiB- 
tiM, or 10 opRi iba animal jiaMacM; 

DEOBST'KUENT, (tl^tb'-«i^iaO "■•■ A 
■nedioiKi ihat baa Ibo ]«war to rtMlta *i*- 
ciditir*. ot 10 n|itiB tbe •nimal paaaacM. 

DKODAND. (da'-o-dfsd} a. j. A ihinK 
pira Of forfoitod to Ciod (at the |m(:if]iii|[ 
hi* WTBlb. ts caM of any ndatottuiie. by 
wbkb any Chiiatian eeou» 10 aTioIcnt end. 
wichouE ibefiiiliof anvraaaonablBoeaiuir. 

ToDEPAHT, (d»-p§n') t.m. To (O away 
bum ■ [itiice ; to dMnM ttma a pcaciiw i <a 
dawn -, to IDTOll . 10 apoaWitiM ; to die i U 

DEfARTER. Af-yifr'-ttr) «. a. Ono tl«l 
Nfnoa ntlaU ^t M|«r«baa. 

Oft)— 4fbe, tab, bolt, — til; — pfvi'^>~*'^> ^*'*- 



DEPARTtXO,(AtK^-iD«>ii.i. A |«liif 

mwn i •tptnlina- 

nBTARIVEin'.C^fVf'-MgDl) M. t. S*- 
fuatm alMnxMl; ponaMor kutnctsM- 
■igncJ to ■ loiticatu' pcnoa ; siliniioa ot 
final of countniuiloi the mDBJunjJicEion. 

nKPAKTUKN-rAr., (•lrnn-ni{>i'-4l) ■. 
Oalaaghg b> m dajiutaijaiK. or proimcw, 

DEPAKltTHE, (i»|i«r'-tuTB> n.i. A pnnt 
UKWf ; daxh ) d w« M » ; • fmsii^ ; an 

OEJ>ASCEKT. (d»>ni'->tDi) >. rMdlu. 
r- nEPASTL'RE: (Jafv'-ign>) B. ». To 

r. I» I'Ali l"F,UATE. (Jrp««'-ptri*«) "■ ■■ 

'J'u nmlc yoot; t» iatooritUi. 
DLHl^CnULr.. (d^p^-If-U) 0. Tou^i 

DEPRCCUnoN. (df-nt-u-l*'-*bga> ik i. 
A roUiiii): ef ilia raniDDliKnIui- 

r*UlvFi:\tl.|.l« (v^r.n. Toluagfiani 
to bo ia * alaia «illuiiac*d hr aoau «iMr- 
Bol tuuc ; ID b* in a Mnio ef defiandaiico ; 
M bo coouecud «ith mjlhiui, u iriik lu 
<aa*r. T* Jitiml tpM. in icly on. 

URt'ENDANCR. (drpro'-duiix) )»i,T1i« 

1)K1>F.M)ANCV, (da-pto'-dtn-oi) } fW* 
of binfioE iijwn fiMn n nffonu ; mBt>- 
diiug hui|u|[ upon NinUiai ; concaUBtbon 1 
rannnlui : iumi of baing at tin ditfoaal or 
Hfiilsf tlia Mnvtricniv of •■athn i tho tkiana 
n penon* ot ■hidi hdji nun bn* tho do- 
niuM oi du|>o*al ; lelusn ; iniM caul- 

DKPKNDANT. (d^-IH^l'-d4llt) a. Iluiging 
da«m -. relaling to tcoMtbing pmiDiu ; in 
tho iwwn nf uiMhvr. 

Dt':pKNl>ANX<dfpfn'-d^t>n.(. Onowhq 
tin* in (iiIjifi-Iiiiu ; a mUuBrt. 

DKI'KMilM >.. (<h.-n§n'-dfnM) )a.h A 

UL1'KM)L.\(.'V. (do-ito'-dga-w) ) dnDg 
or p*non ar tfa« du^OMl ra ditciMioD of 
WnUim ; (IBM lit boms (ohordluiut* ; that 
*hkh u Mbardlnau ; ooncalanalioo ; con- 
antoo; tttuloo ot anjthiag to aaotbat; 
inut i wliaaM ; <anfld«iw^ 

UKPCVDCNT. (dffp'-dpl) a. lUuKioif 

DIPKSpKXT. (dc-Kn'-Ajai) n. u Oaa 

•nlmrdinnu ; ana ii Ui* Uiipoul <ii inw lin. 

DKI>F,NnKit.(.I»)>a'-Jft)ii.i. AJ«|><jiuiut. 

To tlfvir fjdin uhiDcm- 
DEl'HI.KXiMArUlS. (da.aH!.ii,s-.,i,nn) .... 
All o|K>f]iIiaii whiclj tah*a awajr frtj^o tLa 
^losn &uy a|iinli;aiu diud by rt^vatod du- 

Ta URFtCT. <da-pikO ■>«■ To geiati M 

po:U3T ^ u> doHrib*. 
IV0U'iai'llE,<di^ptk'.t9») fcB, Ton- 

fiTpattit u ccilounh. 
T, DU'lLATE. (d-p'-y-ql.) «. u. To pull 

off bill. 

mTlLATlUN.(dtl>-iH'-il>!n)x.i. A pnl- 

ling uir iba baic 
DEPII^I'ORY, (clr.]n'.!,.(iir*) „,^ Any 

olnBoonl, aalio, et «rai*[, wbich lakta away 



DePILA*rORY. (A^[it--l|.l!^ 0. -TUhi 

a«ay (bo bttr. 
DKHLOUS,(dMt-.M «. Without hall. 
UEPUNTATIOK. Cd7--plwi-i,-4k»ii; ib i. 

Takioe nianta ap (rani Inn bed. 
nKPt.mON,<df-pl«'-«h)a}<i.i. KmptyinE. 
0>:Pt.UKABLE:.(Jfplt'-rvl><>*. Laa«H- 

abloi mill i caixinc lamtMatusi dimal ; 

calufiitAu* i daajucablh 

Tbv ualr of bci]l|: dnlonblo. 
DEPLOIUBLV. (d9-|dt'.r)-Wl) «L U- 

ucnnl-ly . nuMnUy, 
I)EPLUIlAH\(d7-frlf'-tfle)«b Lamcartabki 

DEI'LORATIOX. (d£p-lv.f|'.»bDD) s. ,. 

DovloTfaa oar bfoniline. 
Ta OEI'LOKK. (il*-|.lbn'> u. o. To hnunt ; 

W bnwxU ; lo mourn- 
DEPIjORKR, (d^pte'-m) »|. AlBsaaUTi 

r* DEPLOY, (•fa'plM') bo. TodiapUy. 
In auKiaty pMair, A (oliuno ctf Uoum la 
J^I^^fld, vboi tbp ditiaana tgm^ wido oi 
Ofrn ouL 

D^LltUATION. (d»^v-iiit'-obgD) n. a. 
Plackinc nlT iha MCbm. la mitfoj, A 
awallinf of Iha aya-tidi, acn>iopau(d wilb 
(ha tall i>( iba bur* from Iho aycbra<n< 

TaDKPl.t'MK, (dr.|.li,iBUi'} ai-a. ToilnpoT 
lu batbcH. 

Tt DWuS i:. (de-poua') v. a. To lay down 
BB a itTtdL-D Qi »^ckjiuy 4 lo dtpow. 

UtroNE\r. <d«-pf'-i>>|Di) ■. 1. OnoUat 
dppuiaa hia tnuaiony ; an ciiiluutn . » 
wilnaM. la fniDiaat, !>utl> 'wbt m Iim? 
no actlTn *oii-a ara rallod Hijminli, 

■b Dt^MPUl-ATE, (dM-!p'-V-l»«^> bo. T* 
oauri)[i1n - (o lay vatM. 

To m:i'ul'li1.Al'K.(df.pH.VI»«<') LB, To 

Iwcoma ttbfimcilM, 
DLI>uritL.^llUN.(dfPfp-if.b'4hi)n) >ka 

Tbc ML't uf usUfvpliiie ; autocIl i araalo* 
DEl-uriLAiUR, (dj{-p«i'.u-lvlu[k ■. f. 

A lUai-Diciui ; avuui of iubahiM ogiu- 

Tx DU>ORT, <d^-I>on'> r.a. Ta«aiT};to 

rtfiDiDim i Vt brhiiTo. 
DBPORT.(dD-f9ri'Jn.>. Dtmauour ; giaco 

oTaiiiiuilv : <]«pannical. 
DKPORTATIOS, ii^]nr-^'i}iia) o. a 

TtaniportAiiou ; rait into * noiola fan al 

Ihp JoDiininn ; ciila u mtal, 
UKPOKTMKST. ttl^wiV-retut} «. •. Cwi. 

duit ; i&uRErniriit ; lioatii'ti daoivnooiTt. 
UKl>Cl3AHI.t. (df-n'-H-t^ •■ CajMbla 

uf Iwiiiji uLrn amy. 
D£lM)S.\t.. (dn.|.v'.a|l) a-i. Tbaactofdo- 

piivtnii ■ jiniior cuf tovmiKiih;. 
Tu IJIJ'OSE. (iliwfww') (V a. To by down : 

M Ih Wl ; to doiimtlti fniia a Uiiena at binb 

iMtian; lo tako a*ay ; lo dlioti lo lay 

wida ; loaita tealiMODy ; 10 atlriL 
r>iDli:POSE.[de.poM-)bfi. To bMU nitnaah 
OEPOSEB, (da^M -Bfi) "- •• Oaa *bo do 

poat* or dpj^Bdoa , anathnr Inu a bigli 

To DEPOSIT. (i^f^-iO 1. a. Ta bjr 19 i 


Ftu, Iff. n^l, ^ ;— ai. njt i— pfu, pjo ;-«?, «i8*c. 


« aMwitjr ; lu pluvt m iuMfral ; to hji 

MVOMT, (4>-p9^-iO <h (^ Anythlnr cMn- 
■kMd to uui cu* of uiotlicr : n jilnlijB i k 
pMrni dM rttte of k iSaag [aned at 

D£j'0slTABV.<d^P9i'-«-HT-«} ■.». One 
wnJi vksm Bnvllinig u loiind in trait. 

DEP(>Sl-nON,<4e)M>f^ri>'-fB) It. (. The 
ait <4 git«g pntuicK itMiidwij ; ili» act of 
doKiadiDg ■ Biinco tnm imtrtigatj. In 
canon Inw. Dnpodfimi pMpnlj iu|[iiilipt a 
■einini daprirint «f « man of bb clsrickl 

Dn'U:?lTORY, (da-pt^-n-tnr a) n. t. Jha 

plan oboia latthSni b fodi^ed. 
DKFO«n'l.'M. (d»-pf«'-e-ian) n.i. Itnt 

whldi U cntraaivi lo ib'o eiM ot onoAer ; 

DEPOT, (i^fo) H. b A ptece, in wlikb 

Mmm na difpoutad fM dis m» of an 

DEFHAVATION. (^•n-ra'-nlnai) a. h 

Itia art of mkliiDg uiytliinit bad ; Nfroji- 

(km 1 rlagaoanKT ; dapn*lty. 
Tg DKPRAVE, (dB-pian') n a. ToTMBto. 

to cami|rt ; (4 coauooliiMD ) to KintptaMnt ; 

to wl«« ; lo define. 
Drj'R-AVKDLY,{d».im'.Tj*-lf) a*. Cm- 

npHdlT • in a ntiatDt Bansn. 
DKPRAVKDNESS, (dT-pi^tJ*-"!*) ■■ ■• 

Dt:i>KAVKMF.NT.<dD-ptfTo'.ineM) «.!. A 

nlati^d aulo ; coimpUun. 
Dl:fKAVKR.(il«-pn-m>B.t. AtmtwMa. 
DEPRAVITY. (de-pV.fl-U) a. i. Cm- 

ranlioo i a TitlMed «lBle. 
'A UKPRBCATK. (digp'-pm-kfic) •!.••. To 

b(( oITi to ptn^daUrotiiic from ; to amt 

by pnyci ; lo iniplote mercj cf. 
DEPRECATION, (df^-pr^M'-ahnD) a.i. 

Fiajnr Bcauin ctil -, inircity ^ p«ti{ioaiO); ; 

Ml aii'iMiE i a bcecini; iBrJna itn. 
nWRKCATIVK. (dap--ui*l»-tiv) > 
KKPRECATORV, [dip'-jKo-M-tlB^) i 

'list urrts ii> dDprecate i apotocotiii. 
DEPRECA'IOR, (d^-^irf^-t^)*.!. One 

ihai aroit* e*il by MBIion. 
T> DEPRECIATE. (dM^^■-*bf•»le>t^* To 

bring ■ thing dora M a kmi ftke ; n m- 

DEl'RECIATIOIf, (df-rff-*bf^'-«baa> a.i. 

L«*niiiic tbo O'nth W i»lu> of anjthiti(. 
T« DEl'llEDATE. (dtp'-jm-dP") «■ •- To 

rob-, to tdllaz*; ioipon; todrvoor. 
DEPREDATIOM. fdtp-pTHV'''><J<') "■ '■ 

A robbing ; a ranlliiir ; toru'lty : ffutr. 
DEPREDATOR. (dop^prn.4i-i«) n. >. A 

lobbw; a 4ireai«r. 
Tb DEPRESS, (deptr*') (.a. To prrtB, or 

(hnat dovn ; lo' M tall 1 to Icl down ; lo 

Limihlc; lo dci«l ; lo #i;ik. 
IMa>RESSION. (d^-pr^h'-nn) «.■. Th* act 

•f prendag doirn ; ih« dnliins m ftlliag io 

«#aiaiftt«; ihr an of biaDUB(i abup- 

mmt. /hniwfa* if -m lirualfca. i« tb* 

Uinpng it iMO lowrr «nd son nnpk I*im4 


by dirinon. IMfrtiien ift Sitr, b tie dl>>^ 
txDCO of a Mtr (roln Ibi loiiion below. 

Pt:fRr:SSIVl'., Cif-mfr-ni) •^. Lo-irrini 

UITRrSSOR, <3ft^(irit-<^i) n. r. He ibaf 
knap* or p rew w Jown -, la oppnaM. 1ft 
BDUomy. A uim {traa lo avrMal nuldaa 
o[ [lie body, wboM actiou u lo itpmatho 
rant lo wUch <bet nJbrrr. 

DtpRIVABLB. (^]Of-T«-liI) a. UAbt 
to drjintuioii. 

DEPRIVATION, (dip-prt-w'-rton) i.. i. 
TbciKtof dtpririnit ; ■(&<■ of beminoionti 

T.r DEPRHK. (Ji;-pr(»f') r. .1. To booaio 
an( ot a lluog -, to binder ; to d*bu tnm \ 
to ndtMa; to lina IVon i m put ooi of an 

DEPniVRMCItT, (da^prin'-m^O «• •• 
Tba ttalo of lodng. 

DEI-RIVER. (d<i-|3f-vrt) a-t nolwUcb 
Ulrt ivay or (lemiaL 

DEPTH, (dfptA) n. h Dc«pnMi ; a drtji 

ClkMt 1 <n>pot*d to a (boal ; iLc nuddls or 
figbi 01 a MMon, a* lb* J«p(h of Wiolra | 
abnnnaiiM* i obtcuiicyi t^aciiy. DfyiK 
^ a SfawfrvB at BaatbtK, it Uic numtnr of 
UM bi tb« Ue. 
7b DEinJLflE, (dn-pfiUii') «. «. Ta Ahw 

DEPl'lAON, (do>pgl'.«bni) n.i. A diMng 
at ibmtiag nn-n. 

DEPtn,soivS', <dfr^'**vi) "■ rotUig 

away ; atvning. 
TbDU^ORATK. (dop'-n-rti*) i>.4. To pu- 

My; to tleantc 
DEPURATE. <d{Tp'.9-r«tc) «. Clttawdi 

pure; not conlnalnatod. 
DEPrRAnON, (dm-f-ift'-ition) n. t. S«- 

paratioi tba pnra mm tlif impar* part. In 

•nrsuy, Tbo doaniing of a wound (lom iu 

7*0 DKPORE, fdf-pyn') r. a. To clrwiie i 

<o porgci to (lea ftoiD lonie noiiou* qua 

nKPCBGATORY. (df-piy-si-tvrt a> 

llaiini; noVtr Co puign. 
DKPUTATION, (dip-ti.ra'<hnnl n.t Tl.» 

act of d<puiifi|t or Mru)w|; wilb a «prIbI 

rommijaiiin ; riccgntenry. 
To DETt'l'E. (d« pifts') r.t. To Miid nib 

a (ifcciki (aiDmiMian. 
DFTITY. ^d'p'-u-ii;] n. >. A tScntoDODi , a 

viceroy ; ono appoiattd to gorcm ot lul in- 

n*ad of aaotMr ; any oat ibal tnniocli 

buaisau for tnMliH. 
Tn D>U}rANnTATK. (dfAryi'-if-ttlo) 

r. a. To dimlalib iln> quknllly. 
r«DF.RACINArK,(.t*-iv'-M~o*lo) n-a. Ts 

pWk i<r uat up by tbutooui to abolltbi to 

•teitroy : tO nnifpal*. 
ToDERAIGN, I (do- rui') '>• "■ Tailiuitlnt 
To DEIIAIN, 'l to lum out of oouth. 
DERAIGNME^T. ) (drrtne'mtnt) v. >. 
DERAI.VMENT. } Tbe act of dcr^puoe 

or proring ; a diiordering or lumug out ui 

oootH i a A*tliar|>e of pnCM^on ; ■ de> 

pailun oBl of rtlS|poi). 
TVDtlRANGK, (dn-iuj*') r.0. To lutn out 

of 111* propiff rouiH ; lo diwrdn. 

agl;— tfb*, InbibyU)— fit;— pt^d;— lUo, tai*. 



DERAKCEBUWr, (dt^w'-fxnO -^ •■ 
Dliarlu: dlactMpMon of Bood ot inicl- 

HERAT, (df-ti*) ■. >. Tunah; «Mi>kii 

mIm; iBBnisiMili jellitri Mlrauiitr- 
DERBUCT, (dfi't-litt) «. Wiltull; t^ 

DERlUJCnOy,(dti<^Ur-Uino)>.i. TLa 

act a( tonkiai m Im*^; (Ite UMa a( 

Mar fonak*!). 

DERELICTS. (V-t^kl*) >•*■''- TnU-. 

OonJivilfullir diTwiri kwaj,«(f*lkiquiBti*d. 
ADKItlDE, (dc~r)do'> r.a. Te kwgb U; 

lo mock. 
DERIDEH, (i^'ip) ■••■ A nodwri ■ 

DERIDINOLV, (do^i'-dlof-k) W. la • 

f'Mnne nanoar. 
FUSION, (dA-ritV-Do) n. i. Tbo act «f 
dnidiiie oi Uu([liiDe M ; Molatopt . team. 
DEKI.siVK.(d(hrt'-«iT)a. Mocking 1 Noans. 
DERISIVFJ.VU^Ti'-qT-b)*!. In*oon- 

iMBptttOlU BlAXttttlt 

ttRRISORY, (da-rt'-tjt-*) a. MockioE! 

Derivable, (d^ri'-*t->>0 ■- Atuuabia 

by ri[ht of d*M*nl or duriniioit ; dadunblr, 
>• mm a rool, or nnaa. 

T* DERI V ATE. (d«r'-*-*ti«> r- •■ To darin. 

DERIVATION. (dei-«-ti'-*bua) n. •. A 
dnuiuDg of w»m i > lurniot of lU ccarm ; 
(bt mnatDifliiBa of MiylliinK iniui iu touFcc, 
Ib ■mminn', Tha mctog of > rord from ita 
orltliial. lo mnllcine, The dmhag of n 
himaai hoiB one pan of Ih* bodTtoan- 
Olhw, ihe ihing dsdur^d Or dtriTM. 

DSRITATIVE. fd«- >;/■«' [») a. DeiiTed 

or uken (torn aaadict. 
DERIVATIVE. (d?ii/-,-iii> <^u Th, 

tUng 01 word d»riTed or ukvn fioni uioibsr. 
DERrt'AnVELV. (dl-ijT'-f-t!*-!!) «i. In 

a ilrrinititn mumn. 
Tt IJKRIVF., <<l»-riTa') a. a. To tuiD tba 

cootM of wKU't ^on iu obuuMi ; (o dcdooa, 

a* (rOQi a root or ouh ; U ranira by 

muuiniuiiHii la gnmiaai, To tma a w«rd 

from Iu origin. 
DERIVER. (dB-iin'-^> «. t Oor dut 

dnm ot (oUImo. m from iho aoun* at 

3V DEROGATE, (dji'-j g»M) ». a. To do 

•0 tcl 10 for coDtm; to a law ot oauolD. 

■a to ^■■"i"''*' Ita fonsar ailaBt i to ^pot- 

ap> t to dimiciih. 
n DKROGATE. (dy-o-nto) tv n. To da- 

tnut. 10 IvMsn rf^uuiian 1 to dacnifiat*. 
DEROGATE, (dcr'-o-Ette) «. Dvgn/iaA; 

DEROOATELY. fd^f-t nU-Io) ad. to a 

naluiar vhkh lra«<*oi tioooui oi tcqicel. 
DEROGATION. <aot^CT'.»hiln) u.i. The 

•n of wraJuning or nmtruning a farnm 

lavot coBiracii a dthioKiloa ; dcmdiiia. 
DEROGATIVE. (dft-V^.tif) o. Dftwt- 

lug; laianilBE thcborioga of. 
DEROGAT0RII.Y. (d<^ tVR'->-l'<r^l*) al- 
io a dttraoUDE Dmnner, 

H. I. Tbs act *t teogadog ; iho atau of 

DEROOATORY, (dtW-^-ttt^) a. Da- 
tncbmai that kHBaauabuMMS of: dl»- 

DEHVIS, (dfi'-Tia) ■. «. A Tmbih fnaal, 

or monk. 
DtltART. Sn DniaT. 
UI^'ANT, rd*a'-k4nt) ■.!. Aanogartuso 

<ompoa«d la pan* -, a Jiacoaiu ; a iitpn- 

taoaa ; a iliiquUiiloa braacbad out uu 

ttuni drrit'ioni m init. 
7b DESCANT. <dri'k|Dt^ a. n. To iIuk in 

parUi lo tun a ditiiiini ot vahaQ uiKia 

ROM ; lo durautiB at luyo : U> loaka 

T>DI'3Ct:ND,(d»Mad'>i<.a. Togodown- 

watd* ; fo coa* iown i to go down, in a 

flguratii* Mna*; la aak* an iDnuiani in 

proctdd u (mm un oricinxl -, tn b« d«iiT*d 

Irom ; lo till iu order of iuhrrilann lo a. 

aaeeawar -, i« (itrnd » ducaorM (loca ge. 

nand tn niiicnlu (ODtidsmtlani. 
r» DESCEND, (dfiond') t.t. To walk 

DE:vCEM)AN'T, (dc-Hju'-dfU) n-i. Ths 

oflimioi of an anccMor. 
DESt'nNnCXT. (df-tfa'-diDl) ■• Falliaci 

ainklBL- ; ilvacrnding ; |a<K*fdiii|{ fnm aa- 

Dtlai^ Tu xu ortftiuit or anrn'-v, 
DKSLKNmUlLllY, (dD4;B-d>i.bU'-a-W) 

n. I. Cmifonnlty to the rule* o( ^i»bi. 
DES(:eNUlBU;.ld*-Mn-4e').l)«. L'apabla 

U belni deaccadni i tnoaniaAle iSf !&- 

DE9CENSI0N. (dc^fn'-ahoD) n.1, Going 

duwDWaida ; deacsnl i a dodnuon ; a df- 

nadation. In aalmoomy, tigbl rf (amuuw ia 

th* areh of ihe equator, whidi d«r*Bda 

with lfai> higa or atai balow tbo horiMn of a 

dirrcl »i>lir'rh 
DESCKNSIONAL, (lU-aNi'-dinD-tl}!. Ha- 

UUQff li> ilfracpnl. 

DESC£.M>IVE.(aa-«ro'-ai*)*. UMcraidbE; 
luTini B doKoidiiig qoaUty or uroMwily. 

DESCENT, (da^iO h. i. Tba aci of p<u>- 
bg bom a iSg&at to a lo»n nlaco : pro- 
nraa dowtrwuda ; obliqnlly ; inclinatua ; 
nwntplapr; drgradaliou; IDT&ikoii , bo»- 
tile aDtnaie into ■ kingdom i mnimiiuiian 
of anything by aoconnoo and inlirnuiocc ; 
tka alnl« 01 pronading from an onuinal or 

rpnitor ; biitk ; nttactioa ; a tiagta »l«p 
tb* Kaia of gmaalogy ; a tank ia tbn 
aiala of aiibonUsadoiu 

Ta Drj^CKIBE. (d*-aknV) r.a. To drU- 
nevs -, lu mark out ; la mark ml iinyl)ua|[ 
by iho manlioa of Iti prOMrtiaa ; to Autti' 
bnU into propai haadaot (Utiawna , tn drBoi. 

DESCRIOCR. (dn-doi'-tiEt} n.i. Ilo ikM 

DESCRIER,(d«-«ki)'-sr}i>,i. A diacorfmi 
a dattctar. 

D»SCRin'ION. (dt-Arip'-abun) H. (. Do- 
lioaating at axptmng anythtaf hj pafcsft- 
ilbta nopaadaa ; Iba •mtaan oi paa w y la 
wtikb anTtUng I* daaoibad ; a defaduoo ; 
Ths qoalJiiM oiptaaaod in a dfacnptioB 


I'f la, Ip, IfO. ()t >— «;. mgl i—fiat, pia i— Df , uotb. 



DiscitirTnx(«f-aij*'-it*)«. EipNM- 

iBCindiilii hj i^rcapUbl* aiufitiw. 
nDESCRY. (dtHibi'jr.*. Toimmilits 

omM i to diaconr ; to pmriT* hjr ilm tjr, 
DESCnV. (dc-ttfi') n. I. Oittcnry. 
n DESKCKAn:. (W-ia-LnU) r.a. To 
pn^a b J Diijsp^lktfKni ; to dirn-l tnaa the 
pncM to riach wiitliiiiii b coDSMnted. 

SSSECRATIOK, (V^^^-*^) "■ •■ 
Tb* liioOiioa at ccDMcniMn ; prafuttioa. 

DESEBT, (•l«i'-«i()>.(. A pl*ca d«Kncd ; 

- t wiUeisBii ; ■olindo. 

DESERT, (dai'-cn)*. WttdiiwtoiMliniT. 

Ti>DESBBT.(4hvO*.>. Tofbnkbito 
MI ***r ran ; to ■Iwidaa ; Ui Infi. 

To l»F>hBT. (dp-i)^') 1^0. To quit th« 
umv la o^cb ooti ittnliMfd. 

DKSUtT. (do-tsii') iki. Dcfrw af B«ii( w 
dmcrit 1 f(0)ianlaial nwrit ; dslm ID »- 
vud 1 BicrUtocc ; Ttifat U Tcwml ; Tiitug. 

DESERTER, (df^-tp) n.i. Ilnliatbu 
fontkm liii cauBt pc hja po«t : h* llul 
Imttm Uif >i*7 >o *tii(k ba u aoliMtd j u 

DKSF-RnON, (df-iei'-aliai)))).!. Fatwibg 
or abnoJoniat ■ C*iiM or |ki([ : diMlicUni ; 

SluioiE ui anny in wUcli ooo i* foliiud. 
ESBnVE.(d^i«n'J*.n. Tobavaiih; 
of «iiLer nod or ill. 

n DESERVE. (d(.(|ti'> v.*. T«boiror. 
ibjsf Tawwd. 

DEWHVEULY, (de^itd-lf) at IVoi^ 

DESERVER.rdMgK-Tft)H.a. AmdvIm 
ni«rili i<iraird>. 

DESKKVlNCi, (daan'-tiit) a. Worlbv. 

l»>^*R'-«D|i-1«)ad. Wor- 

DESlUltllXE. S*a DiiHABiut. 

DE£I<.'CAMS, (de-iikM>tDl*> <•■'- AppU- 
cauuni Uiat dry np ibe flow of Kirvap 

r«Di:SlCCAT^<J^^'-LiM)*.a. To dn 
Dp -, lo aihuiii of DOtttur* ; u f ibklc 

7<D£glCCATE.(dfqk'-k(W)>.ii. Topo« 

oSicCAnO.V. (dta-ik-li?-afc!(n) n-i- Tbe 
■M of maljng d^; (he M2ta at btuig 

DESiCCATIVE. (df^k'-lv^O '• UaTinE 

tha powpt d( drying;. 
7;iDESIDF.RATt;(dT-*(d'l!r-»u)a.a. To 

m>IDEItATl:M, (il^nd.f-rt'-tfsi) a. i. 

An (ibJKt ot nMiicsliT dtatra u mat. 
DlSIUru&E, id^ld-r-fM') a. Idla; [uy; 

Ta DiaiCN. (d>r-i{M^) r.a. Top<i(]Ma*; 

•0 iolrad nyuun ; to foni at otdei vilb a 

panicolatpnpoMi tadaiotBloMitloaally; 

to plaii ; to project ; to iiam in idf a ; to 

•iLnch out ths Anil drsugbt of n piFiurc. 
DEilltiN, (4f-ii&('} n. I. As iaii-DUaa , a 

parfatm i a acbme | a plm of artiua : a 

•diRna fcimad U iba datnia&l of inothM ; 

tbe idra vhkli ao vtiil mdeatagri to ax»> 

cute ot riprtaa. 

v.a. Ttl 


DEStGNABlE, (dt-a^oe' vU) a. 

ol Wini 4tafM»4. 
DE3IGXATE. (dta--»-t>(tt) » 

cot -. (boats 1 aepMDtad. 
r* DESIGNATE. (df<;-ix-a4>a) 

£iuni otil -. U> di*^toi*h. 
S10KATIUN.(dM.>t-Da'-*l>on)a.i. na.1 
acl of pouilui( or oiaiiin( out i i[ipaiat-| 
mmt , dlirctnai inport; ulesliaa* 
DESICNAl IVE. (dsl'-is-li>)'tii) a. Ap-j 

poLiilinij ; abcoioft* 
DESIGnIuLY. (dHf-ntd-lf) ad. Puf-1 
neatly ; (nUDtiooatly. 

DE81GS'E»,(4t^-a{)i)a.k OMtlMd*^] 
upiai ainnJMMtt; a plotlai i atodtinarij 
nt thai lorKU tfca idtaaf anTtbioeiD r"' 
ln|[, ■cDliitun. arthltKtutr, tie- 

DESICMKti. (da-t('-<^|[) f*M-"- '■ 

ou) ; trtachotou*- 
DE&IUM.VG, (do.ii'.iijDi) N.I. Tliasitof 

ddiDaaaai tba ^ipMiwco ot utunl ob- 


D^OKMENT, (df^iD^-Dfol) n. t. A 

parpcar aad iolaal ; th* idra of ikaleb o( a 

DESiRABi.E. (>I)a. ToUwtabad 
with dmniaMii plawae ) dali{(blfoL 

DI-1S11UMLENE6S. (df-11-.r^.bl-DnJ n.i. 
Tb* <|u*Ul* of b*i0| daairablg. 

DESIRE. (d»-iii«') n. u With ; oageiMai 
toobtaio Of onjoy. 

7* DESIRE, (d^-atra') w.». Ta*i>bi lo 
toofi for ) to (0(*l ; la aipiata wiibca ; to 
aak -, 10 iotnal i to rtnoira i w> ilnoand. 

DE-tlHER, {ij'^tS') «■ •■ One (bM i» 
aacer frjr anrUiinf. 

DE.SlKOtl8. (d^-iy) a. Fstl of danre; 

air; lonciog anar. 
BOr.SLV. <<lf~ii'-rn*lv) ad. £•(«• 
hr ; irilli datirr. 
DI&IROlISN):SlS,(d(-ti'.f«l-na*)a.i. I'dl- 
ntu of diaiirr. 

r« I)i:SJ8T, (df.«^ •,*. To e«M> ham ; 

DESUn^CE. (Ja.all'.itnM) o.i. IlMlit- 

buj ccaNiln. 
DESK, <d>nik} n.h An IncliuLcg labia (» 

ih» Ufa of wRUM or nadanh 
DESOLATE. (dn'4*-lu*) a. WMboot io< 

bkUlauu, deprinil ot iahabilaiiUi hid 


To DESOLATE, (dgi'-if^^) u a. Todo- 

friifl al inlinbtland ; to lay waala. 
^OLAIt^LY, <dt^.a^ltla.l*> aJ. In a 

dthtlalt muinor. 
DE'^OLATER. (dB^-(f-)(-l{t) tki. Ona 

wbo cBuwa dMolaiJan. 
DESOLATION. (d|M»-V-<^) a. 1. Da. 

(trutlioo of iili*lni»Dt* i flaamintM ; aad- 

OOM : n place wuicd and fornktii. 
DGSOLATOlt. Sat Duouiia. 
DRSOI.ATOitV,(d]p'->f-l).tt(r-;)«. Caua> 

tn|; U'.mUtion. 
DESPAIR, (dflapm') «.!. llopattupMai 

daapandaot*; loaa of c«nfidaiwa b lb* 

Burn of God. 
Tv DESPAIR, fd-.apfM') na. ToWwiO- 

oal liope ; lo daqiMul. 

tgtr— tfb«. tijb, byll ^-fil ;— pfvnd i— lUn, irifc 


pEauniER. i6f^f«r-9) n. i. om 

wllkooc bovcu 
]>KSPAlKFtL, (ilMfqN'-lvl) B. Utf- 

D£SPAI]UNGLY,(<lr«N'-iMC-lf) «/. la 
a mtaatr ti«tctauii| iMfwiMMM «t d*- 

n bESTATCII. (4^MlA'> h*. l-o Mud 
mwmf hutU; t to i^ aot of H* worlJ -, lo 

rlo ieuh. 10 pnfors ■ bwdsM* ifiink- 
ID conclad* aa aftir »itk uiotWr. 
D&i'ATCil, <d-Hi{.|ub') •>. I. Ituij a*. 
rnion ; cosduct mhoMgiKBal ; Wi rxpnu 
or UmIj m m aagu ; % nmaaga loqMilng 

UEsrAix-'imH, (df-q^td^-fli) •.% Tb>i 

nWch dwrajs at simm u ud «f i 0u 

<rk« Mtfoniu bnsucM. 
DESPATCUFVL, <df-tptuli'-fvlj a. £«&( 

aa liutBi 
Oi:arECT10K.(4t^«psk'-theo)«.*. Almk- 

iDcdowDi GpnliTclj, a dvMidi^j. 
DESPERADO, (d(*-w-t«'Hla> n.i. Ono 

wbo il dMptnl*. unlLoul f« <( daunt. 
DESPfRATK, (dn'.p9->fU> a. Wikiut 

kop*; <nthautan<rtwfMyi unOionntd* i 

uBaunuoonudilo j mkd i hot-bndi>e4 i fori- 


IcuIt: foriouily 1 mji^y i tinlinity, 
DESPEKATENEsa. (dy-j^-ritt-iii:.) a. *. 

AlodDMii (uiy. 
DESPtHATluN, (dft-pc-n'-ib^) it. •- 

HapatovnitM ; dntprir. 
DKSPICADLB. (ds^-M-k|-bl} •). Cw- 

Mmstlbla; tiIc ; worUiKM. 

DESnCAULEN ESS, (dp'-M-kt-U-a}*} »*• 

Mmddui \ Tileiu-ia -, «aitltl»mru. 
DESPICABLY, (dG^-pt-kfU«> a<l. Mfw 

It ; nlfllj. 
Drai'IClSNCY, (d;-«^'-t-^i«})«.i. A 

lookiiiH 4(nni I n tWiWitpg- 
DESPISABU; (df>it^'ivU>B. Caunnp- 

(ibU i dMpiablp. 

DEaP]SEDHESS,(df4|>i-.»]-Bt*>..i. Tb« 

•laM ef bdas d«nibrd. 
DESPISER, {dA-ipi'ijt) ibi. CoDtoMMti 

DESPITE, <da-«piM'} *.%, Mnlict' ; uj^vc ; 
Btkllaiity i daHuot ; miaibdudl ofpoaiuau g 

Ul of Dlklk'T. 

Tn DESriTE, (de-apiw'] i\ u. Ta «m ; to 

DESPITEFUL, (d^^^te'-ful) fc Mklid- 

oo*; Atll of tp|r#n -, (ulloriinlc. 
DESP1TEFUI.LV. (>l»piM--I^.tf) W. M»- 

IiFiouily : dhUieiuiiiIt. 
DFSI'irEttJLNESS, fdr.apltt'.fyt.os.) "■ •■ 

Malk« \ bate ; mal^hy. 
TaDESrOILi (doii^il') i>.a. To r«b ; w 

denrin \ V> dnwl : lo Rrip, 
DESPOaER. (d«-ip«ll''£r) ■, I. A ploa- 

DE8POUATION. (dci-po-lB-i'-dian) n. i. 

Tlic Mt rf dctnoilioK ar imppiiu;. 
A DESPOND. (<l«~tp(ad') ua. ToiWluu; 


M IMS k^ i U low tcfa «/ ifa* dlrlM 

DESroNDENXY, (io-ipgn'-dcM*) >. *. 

Deipoit ; boptlaMaeH, 
DESPONDENT. (4r>na-dpi) .. De- 

nkwa : bar*lB«- 
U^roKDEEl, (dr«p«a'-dsi) •.•■ One 

•bo u wUliDiil hope. 

■ hnnolMi »uuLrr. 
Tv Ui:iSP0X&i1'E. (af-«flB'-««W} •*••■ Ta 

battodk I la Utiui,'*. 
DESPON'SATION. (dgi-pvn-«>'-dic>) >.>. 

Tbo let tJL bouottant pmsat W Mch WlwT. 

DESPOT.(dp'-ptc)f.>. AuibMibtoptiiMi 
oae ilut joTcou «uA mJiuitiad auifaoitlj ; a 

IIF:»PU11CK.(Jf-W-tk> t bpoifM. 
DlSPOTlCAELt .<(If.«p^'-f4^lt>a^ la 

aa oibicnfy oiwaar. 
DESPOTISM, (dj^-p^g^) »(. AlMolWe 

r^ DE5PUUATE, fdMp9'-m«u) a-n. To 

(hfw off wt* la taua ; ta baiHk % lo m>k. 
DESPITMATION, (ds^fpy-nt'-thga) u. i. 

IkMrtng stf cKRiBcauUaiu puu la aoum 

DESQUAUATUm, (dM-*wf»t'-«l>tii> ••«■ 

'll>«i ici of tnlioe fool bgaw. 
!;i:^KIlT, (dK^Eff) a.*- Tte fcnl ar 

>vve«niMt> Mt oo tbo toblv allbM th« Biat. 

Ta pESnNATE.^V->?«|i*>) fc«> 7* da* 

■iEO foi Any fonic^AJ end. 
DESnNATE, it)t.'.i^^m«) a. n»d i dfr 

DEtjnNAnoN,(ds*-<v-n|'->biiii)n.i. '1^ 
fur]>»c (uc irbii^ asjlJuDi la ap 
(be olnmato dciiga. 

TdDESTUIE, <dy^-1p) t.4. Tadooinun- 
allonbly (o aoy MOM or MAditUD ( lo ap- 
point to aay puipoM ; lodaraMj tD4a«m 
to ruuiabiiuait Of mmis'i l« to Makti- 

DlSflNY. fdf^-».OB)ii.i. TbepctrvAat 
U auppoaoil lo t|ini Ui* Uf«, aad dnUtnaiaa 
tliv utfi of Itnu^ l#tn^ i falo ^ iiiTiiioliJo 
asMMityj doon. 

DE&TtTUTS, (^d««-.t^ftr) a. FwnJrn ^ 
atiaadontid ; ali;*<t ; fii«adl«H ; io waM of. 

DESTI I'UTIUN, (di»-if-(9'.«l.vtj >i.b lit. 

tft DIUIC. 

TsDESTBOY. (dft-itr»t') •■ ■• To nor. 
turn, ai a rity \ lu nun ; t« Uy WMU j to 
■uakodoulaUiioiull; upoCMi «nd M; U 
brine (a aouicbt. 

DESl'ROYAlU^ (dfMitf'.f.U} •• C^^ 

bit of bfilnff driCro^Dd. 
DKSTHOYER. (dent(t'-gr)<i.i. On* who 

DE3TItL'cnBLC.(j4-«iivk'-w-U)fc Lit- 

bte lo deainiriiim. 

n. I. l.iablrnru in drdnxdoo. 
DtSl'KUtrriON. (drau^'abipi)!.!. 'ilia 

art at dMCToyinK ^ (h« lUH of bewf do- 

■traied -, luiu ; oiuibow. 
DESl'RUCTlVE. (d^urfk'-ti*) a. Hairia( 

B;lluii| la appouunlj 


Fac*. fjt, ffU, f»li— an. ncli'pioa, JVPi-^Bi "•B'Oj 


■l»4Mily«'ilMtn>]FtaBi virtdd) total* 

O^rBOCTn'ELV. (4;-UK^'-ti>-b) ml. 

HobOMli : mluliieiMly. 
UBn'RUcnVKNE£5. (4^tnU.6t-att) 

■b J. Tlir nualliy of dMBaytac <c nisliiiE. 
OSSTKUCIOH, (do-Mrak'-i»> >.). !>•■ 

■tRnnr ; couaoom. 
DSSI'DAIIUX, (dM-fHlf'-rintp) Ki. A 

profuH ud ioOMiDM* mutiii. 
DESUnUDE, (dfi'-Mf.cndB) ■. l Cm- 

■■tiou ta b* ■noMomM 1 daMMivMDn of 

pncUt* 01 ti>,bil. 
DEStiU'ORY. (M'O-tV-f') 1 

UEKiLniKiois, (3»»^n.'-tT-»«) i •• 

tUrriut (nm l^ini Co iIodi ; amctdrd ; 
ImuMbadieBl ; wmOTini ; by Maria ud 

7^ D^UME. (dM«nO »•• To l^o fcca 

anjUdDi 1 to bonow. 
ni>'G'UCH,(de-[tuli')B.a. ToMMraM; 

W dlMom* ; U iiut ftom MtBKdoi. A 

■nliwnrtrnu, ToHod aoip«rtof aptUn 

body df miA on wi «ipediDaa. 
Dj::i'ACJlMENT,<d»^U)i'-m(nOn.i. TIio 

AC1 of de<achui|f ; it« dung dtCached ; a 

body of uoa}ii tut ooi fiom die midD 


n Detail, (do-(^iO f. a. to tbImo pu- 

IJcsUri; i to dunla; nunDtthr- 
DETAIL, fil^-tnlf ) I!.!. A mmnlD Mid pn- 

tituliiT M(«uat or tfjanben. 
DETAlLbU. (do-ta'-lrt) i>. t. Ooe who 

r* DETAIN, (4i~iiD>'} iMi. TokecpOiu 
wUch bolooip to taotliot ; u wtlkbold ; to 
km back ; to nvUnia from dfjianot* i lo 
liold in cnMddj. 

DETAINDKK, CdK-latiK'-dwJ r.i. Inlaw, 
IliE name of a wni for boldin]! on* in ci]>- 
tody> prnrHTfy d/tmHt, 

UKTAINKR. <dn-u'.n«) ». >. I(o tbal 
hold* back any onf'a n(b( ; br ibM deliini 
Miylh(u|[ 1 eonfiDnneui ) dncstion. In 
law, Tbo act nfBolawfull; holding back iho 
(uht ef untbn (vnoB. 

Te DCTEtn. (do-tfliO «"■ To dlMorw; 
M fad oil! an* olino or tRttc« ; U db- 
mret in eonond. 

DBTECTEB. (d^wk'-tor) n. a A dl»- 


Uf.TKCnON, (do-trt'.»hiin) n, & t)l». 

(ovTiy of Koilt or' fraud ; ^iKOWiy ot aaj- 

Ihuic hidden* 
UErE>iTION,(dft«j'-«littn) ■.i. Tbo net 

of kniiini; what btlone* to anotlitr; con- 

Gnirniriit -, mtnlnl. 
^ UKTKR, <Ilf-l«^')t^a. To dlK«iaia|» by 

[>£TKIUVIi:Nr. (dr-uf-nral) n. t Cum 

of diK<>uni|[inucnt : lliit by wblcb one U 

DETLROENT. (d«-i«t'->|nl) o, IlaviDg 

iJivjpovR of cleaniattg. 
HrrERGEKT, (df4gi'-)ffrf) n, i. Tbat 

«Ucb cIcuiaH. 
n DKrERlOltATE, (i^uftfif^i*-) t.a. 

Ta Inpalr; u nnk* wnw. 

di-Mlo ; lUWnniniid'i nuiblubvd) 
d ^nl*;d«cUrai lontliiBfc.budi 


DCTEREOIUTION, (de-tM^^i^-tkaa) 

n.). Tbo »c< of BMkiny aaylldn£ wona -, 

tW tiato vt pftht wonc. 
DrrEKMISABI-F.. <dt>-tp'-iiM^a-bt) * 

CauaUn if kpioi; mtaiuN d«iinL 
r*DETV:RMINATE,(df-iir'-B(^o%W) tva. 

ToUmk; toGi. 

Irtllnl I 

nwltjti-; mohoC 

DfnT.IUIINATIU.Y, (df-tfi'inii-ottt.lD) 

•d. ItMulutalr; cmtainlr: uncbinnabl*. 
DnTJUHIKATION. {df-ttr-isf-aTobgn) 

n. (. Abiotato ilim:(ioa t«~a tvrUiB «id ( 

tbo tMuIt of df [ibtnHioti ; iMolntian takMi 

lu law, JuiUrial dcciitiDTi ; M|>{niljno i rod, 
DKIChMlNATlVK, (d>-W-sw..f-(jt) ^ 

UncootioflablY dliacting to a twrtais «nd ; 

canfknr a llniEiati^A- 
DETEnSllNATUil. {i^tg^-nt^-l^-) n.m 

On« who drt«rniinca* 

ToDLTLltMlKE. (df-ivt'-ta^) iv*. To 

fii ; (a aetUe ; lo coudo^o , to fii ullimMo- 

ly : to bonnd ; lo conRn* ; l» adjuit ; ta 

uimt ^ lo dtflne ; io iufliuiice ibp ibi^ca; 

lo rtoolvr ; lo decide i to )rul an mJ to. 
TaDFTIEKMINE, (doi^injuj ., •. To 

conrlodp ; to wtilt opm^aa i to oad ; to 

com* 10 nn end ; to maks a dniikni to 

Tf«olTr TC'nrr^xnjf nuylfuatf* 
DETEnnn\F.R. <da.|jri'.min-st)B.* Ono 

wliD mah** a dotarminMiOn. 
DErf:ItRAnOH.(do.|«r-rf'jh»a}a.L Dii- 

array of anytli^ by 'mnoral oT ibc taiih 

iLii hidH it. 
DEItHSION. (do.l4r-..h«n) «.». IV ad 

of clMOiilnE a ION. 
DETERSIVE. <a»lai'-*l>} a. Harinf Ibe 

j>ow« to cIpaOHN 
DtTEHSIVE, (do-lot'-it.} .. •. An apidi- 

(Blioa that Lna l£o |iOwi» at deluiMag 


T« DETEST, (do-ls>0 '■■*- ■'« I**"! » 

DCTKaTABLE, (ds-ts^.q-bl) 0. rian/ulj 

DtTtSTAULY, (dfctia'-4-bI() a. Hat*- 

fully : ihoaiiuably 1 


111* qunlily of bptiTg I'f UvtrililLt. 
DErmAUON. (de-N..(j -.l,un) a. i. lla 
Ired 1 al)bontace ; nl>i^)lii*tluu. 

DETESTlllt. {dq-iBt-Mf hi. Oa* that 

hai» ot atbon, 
Ta DETllltONK, (dp-lhl9ne') c a. TodivrM 

of rrcatiiT 1 10 tbrav dowu from iho iIiiubp. 
DmiKO^EMEKT, (do-ibonv'-ineni) u. t- 

Tliv net of delbraiiac , 
DEniltONER. (dB-lV«n(t'.it> «. >. One 

wbo rcnuil-ulei towatd* dopitTint of nfnl 

DiniXl'F„(dc-^.o'-») n.». InUv.Awrit 

tlial Ilea iguiul hm, who. boTinc good* 

or rbatw la dcliicnd to liint to keep, lUTaM* 

lo dpIiTtr tLem aj^ain, 
r> UEIOKATE. (dfr-tg-otto) n. n. To 

nako a ooui Kk« (knndor. 

sgt i— 4f*e, I<|b, bvD i— ^ I— PQVnd)— tUo. mi*. 


DBV _ 

PSraitATION. f4«-^o»'-»tinB> n. t A 

M(MiD«nratcible(h«n tho otitBUJ atiek- 

Ikf of mIu in e»t<inliM. 
DETtJRSlON, (if^-ABB) ••.•. A d*- 

pMtor* ftom din oiinnd oMua. 
Ta DE1"0RT. (d^tfiO V. a. To wnM (rO« 

(Lc oiiginil import. OMMiinit. or dciifii. 
r<>DrrBACT.(dfUikOi-<i> Todarac*!*; 

lo uL« amy l^ gaty unylUag fiom lAs re- 

putatianDtHMiW i louksBvay ; Uwitii- 

DETRACTCR,(dA^titl^-t^)"-'- Osa tlkkt 

tokp* t*nt : * tlutdem. 
DETHACTION, (.la-utk'abaa) n. •. Tho 
inpiirint or Ihmsibii ■ nio in pwnt o( 
Uait : a «iili<li»Liu : « ttkin vnj, 
DETIUCTIUUS. (de-crtk'-tbcv) •. U»- 

•Milnic the boatraf o^ 1 1hiu< 
DETRACTIVE, <de-tnk'-iit) a. lUnne 
thr ponrtt to UU «c on* awKf ; diipocM 
10 dcTont*. 
DEn'RACroR. fde-ttfk'-V) •■•■ One that 

uiKh ■*» wioilici'iNpntidaD. 
DETRACTORY. (Ja^'-tgi-t) a. Mfo' 

miiotT L daf (mwrj. 
DETrRACniE^ (d;'tnk'>tlt*) ii.fc A 

onMcioui vooua. 
DETRIMENT, (dat'-trt-ngot) «.(. L«m; 

danuai niacliin. 
OmtrHENTAK (dsC-lTO-EOfa'-m) •. Mia- 

c lu BT B aa : bannFuJ ; oiuaini loH. 
DRntmON. (dn-trlili'-^} ihfc T^ act 

of wntrine ■waj'. 
To PRTRITdE. (lU-Boar) v. a. To iLnul 

dam; lo fon» inio a lover pUicc. 
n DETRITNCATE, (df-tr^og'-Lib!) ha. 

To lop ; M col. 
DRTRUNCATIOM. <d^trfne-k)'.«1igo) ■•>. 

Tb« act of loppiog or f utiiw. 
pKTRi;StON.(dB-if»o''ibnii) n.1. Tlxaci 

of (brualina or (arcing down. 
r» DKVASfATE. (do-V"**") *•'• T» 

lay waMD. 
DEVASTATION. (dfT-y-lf'-aban) n. i. 

Wulc -, haTOck 1 deMllUOD. 
DEUCE, (dfac> ■. 1. Tvo ; a weird aard 
(et a laid or die with two tpota ', tbo dvill. 
8m Diuii. 
n DEVELOPE. (df-Ti;V'i;p> •. o. To dU- 
cagiga ; to diHataoglo i lo clou (rota iu 
DEVKLOPEMENT, (df-wl'-ap-nanl) *. t. 
Til* act of tniauuly ibawlng ; aa «ilii- 
DEVKRtiKNCE. (df-iji'-jvoM} n. i. D«- 

cliTitip : diH'lioatioD. 
Til DKVI3T,((la-T]M0 v.n. More fraquasily 
dMU. To itrtp ; to (Icprin of cloUui ; (o 
ak» away any tiling jfood. 
DEVILX, (do-vokO •■• Bonding down } da- 

DEVKXITY. fda-T^k'-M^l;) ■••• lacoriv 

tJBB dawowarda . dscUtity, 
n DEVIATE. <da''T«-f Is) «.«. To wtnd« 
ftoin tlic fight u cDauncm v^ i t^l9 MU*y ; 
to err ; ti> Ma, 
DEVlAnON. (dt-**-f'-tliipi) ■.>. 11i« act 
al qmitisg tlia light way ; Tvianoa horn 


MtARdwdralni all<mca: oULiillf cIcob- 
DEVICE, (dMJcai') ■.>. A toatllnnoa; n 
■inlatMn ; a ualn ) ■ achaaa (dnnad ; iba 
•■Mrai OB ■ aUidd ; tba «oiIgn afanrial ; 
larcniioB : a ■poctacls ; ■ aliow. 

D£VICerUL.(V*>**'-'v') "- I'ullotipac- 

ndni ianMitai iUII at aaaiidatlon. 
DEML, (dr'Tl)