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tf .w 
















fos rat 1-i.j.x, n 










I ha' 

Grand Jury threw out (ignored) the - 




The — has 6 

The — will fall due on the 16th ins 

"[he — is overdue 

s dishonoured 

^ protested 

s not met 

s presented for payment 

aeet the— 

I had the — renewed 

[ pmnhd the — for acceptance 

I eodoned the — 

I have drawn a — on yon for the amount 
I have provided Tor the payment of the — 
The — is made payable at the Clydesdale Bank. 

I took up the — 

Waiter 1 Bring me the — of fare 

I run a — with my tradesmen 
He ran up a —to the tunc of ^317 

Make out my — 

Make me out a — for the articles 

Send me in my — 

A — of health 

A clean — of health — 

My tradesmen's — s are paid, but I have neither 
settled the lawyer's nor the doctor's — 

A — of lading 

A — of exchange 

I should feel obliged, if you would settle your — 

To negotiate a — 

Pay him, and ask him to receipt the — 

A — of attainder 

— of entry 

— s were posted throughout the town 

To dbeonol — s 

Add that item to my — 

What does the — amount to? 

A heavy — . A small — 

A — of quantities 

Christmas — s 

A — of costs 


Inland — s 

A set of —s .".". '.'.'. '.'.'- '.'.'. '.'.'. '.'. 

I hold a— 

— of rights 

A— head 

Stick no — s! 

A — sticker (See Appendix : Parliamentary.^ 

BILLET. ;:&n.) Whcie are you — ed ? 
The regiment was — ed on the inhabitants 
Every bullet has its — 

BILLIARD marker, —room 

BILLIARDS. Shall we have a game at — ? 

""in you play — ? 

BILLING. The — and cooing of doves (of ( 

newly-married couple 
BIND. («. p. ej-mr/.l I'll not— myself to it 

fast — , fast find (firm.) 

The surgeon bound up my wounds 

I am bound by the terms of the agreement to . . 

He was bound hand and foot 

ipply 2000 bricks each da] 


He is bound to tell him 

He is bound to lose (win, succeed),.. 

He was bound to a tree 

Some of the books arc hound in cloth 
An ice-bound coast 

An „ 

Mlllll C, 

Eundcd away like a deer 
is Iwund apprentice to Mr, C 
■■mid over in htsown recog- 
sinces to keep the peace for 6 months 

La Chambre des mist en accusation le renvoya 

decani la tour ifassises 
La Chambre da mite en accusation riudit 

ordonnance de non-lieu 
fai une lettrc de xtnte dt soit mobilier ... 
II fit saisir le mobilier en vertu J' line Itttre de rente 

L'effet (La traite) lit payable A vmt 

L'effet a encore six umaines a eourir 

L'tfftt arrivera a JcMancc (kktrra) le 16 caurant 

L'cfftl est en retard (pl-rimi) 

I'liti-t tut i.iiis,' en soiiffranct 

La trait/ fut protest* 

L'effet ne fut pas pay i 

"•Jut prhtn'tie au paitmtnt 

'i payer l'effet 

rerunntlcr le billet 

~fe prisentai l'effet a Vacceptation 

J 'enJassai l'effet 

J'ai dis/vs/ (fait traite) sue vans pour cettt somnu 

J'ni fait let /ends de la traite 

L'effet est pass,' a I'ordicr 

J'ai ac,,uittt l'effet 

Careen, apporlct mci la carte 

J'aiun tomptt tanxrt chti mes fonrmssturs 

Fl fit unt dtttt qui ne s'Jttvail pas a mains de £31, 

Faites-moi ma note „. 

•i une note dt ces objtls 

Falcate de santi 

Unt patente Aette 

Les notes de mes foumiiseurs sent pay/es, m ,. 

n'ai pas encore regie* les comptes d'honoraires 

dt tavetat ni can du mfdecin 

Un tonnaissement 

Unt left re de change. Une traite 

Jt vous serais oblig/ si vous vouliei rlgler voire note 

NJgotitr un billet 

Payez-le et dues tut ifacattitterla note 

Bill d' attainder 

Declaration d' tntr/t 

Lis murs de la villefurent converts d'affiehes 
Escompter des tffets. Fairc t'ticomptt 

AJoults ctt article a moll comfit 

A cembicn st nionle la mote ? (/'addition) ? 

Une forte note.— Une petite note 

Un calcul de qnantitis 

Unefeuille de route 

Dimsdu Trisor 

Une affirhe de IhSSirt 

Notes de la noufclleannr't 


Lettrts de change sue I'itranger 

Leltrei de change sur Vintirttur 

Effet tn porttftuillt 

Lettre dt change ova sccomiett troisiemt. Premiere 

secondt it Iroisiimt de change 

Je suis porteur d 'un effet 

Le Bill des Droits 

Entiti dt facturt 

Dc/tnst d^affcher 

rfjfichcur ... ... ... ... ... 

Ou itts-vous log}? 

Lt r/gimtnt fut log! chei I'habitant 
loiitt balle a son but marqui d'avance ... 
Garcon de billard.—Satlt dc biltard ( Bitlttrd) 
Voulons-nous Jai rt une panic de bitlardf... 

I'lii piilit di billard 

Savtz-vous jouer au bitlardf 

Caresststt roncou/cmenls de touriereaux ( de jeunes 

Je ne-veux pas ni 'engager d tela 

MatfermJ, mat gar J.' 

Lt ckirurgitn banda mes btissurts 

Je suis obligi par les termes dc notre contrat a 

On lui lia Its mains tt lespitds 

Le con/rat m'oblige a fournir 3000 briques par jour 

Ctst pour vans unt obligation de 

II tst tentt de le lui dirt 

II doit perdre ( gxtgtur, rhasir) 

II fut attache ci un aiire ... 

Ouelqucs-uns del fores son! relilsen toilt 

Unt cblt tntourft de glaees 

Une c(te de rockers A pic 

II s'cloigna en btmdissant commit un ctrj 

II fut mil tn apprtnlissagi chet M. C. 

Lt prisonnitr Jul s'tngager par obligation anlhen- 
tiqne 1) ne paj Iroubltr I' order public pendant 


SH( Orofie girrt) (auna^ei"")) errtarie tic anfLiflC filr tt. 

flrliiitc! (otrfclgtin) 
1>ie Bnflooejueij ottnwrl (mit* jurilrf ) tie flnfrnat all unbe- 

3ft $abe tinen Vfoiittauraft (Bnuf brief) ouf Irint VllUX. 
HrraiGflt tiiir* JtauiWitfti I«h « *icla>W ouf tit MM. 
Titfrr ronbiel ifl 6,i 6i4l ^Ibai. 3>it*ift tin Eiajtwtftfrt. 
lire Wte)\tl *al rd* 6 romijeit |0 lottlen. (tin). 

Tier iOcfticlipitbani 16. ticfco WiDnJttEttrfnUtii {fabi{ Me 
2*r SUtditd I ft iitcrfauifl (lanaft pfi£ 
Ttr Wca)\tl murbr ni4t treturtrt (bejnSlt). 
Iier SJrtjjel rmirtr pcffttfttvt. 
tin Otajfct wurtr ma)! tev&tt. 
Tcr SSiitd tturtw jur gafftm Brofentttl, 
:idj latin ten ifficdikl nicti cinlUfni, 
3ft lief: ten KkftM ernrurm. 
3ft lira 1 (en tine ten ffieft(ei jut Slnna^me. 
.yiinK'iiirlt IniviriL' tell Hlfftfcl. 
,'ift tJtc |tt fen fttraa rintn *B(d)|et on[ 6ir flejcflni. 
3ft fia&e filr tie S3eja61ung bed BJrftleta Surge nilrafleii. 
DCTtBeftW tfton ter Olvt«italer Banl IcmiUlin ItfiVtu 
3ft [iifte Cm 'Jiieftfet tin. Iflmii*!). 

Jeednetl «rinjen sit mir ten SKiiejettel (tie £Kilelortr). 
3ft nrhnir bet mrincn tiiinaiileii am tNcftnltlta,. 
Sr (Dntral|irteeiBell(eftnuii9ti6(iinieeIrajevon3l7Th™t. 
jlit^en ©it meine JHe^nuna a u *- 

■;Vrif | en Sit fir tin ffleftnuiifl liter tie tSeQen|lnntr au». 
Hftirfen lie mit mciiie flleiinuBj iu. 
\iin fcf a it sj(H<>i|, Sin Utefuntb^iisotirp. 
Uin tlarer iL*e(iiiitteit«tw6- 
SMt flltftnunfleiimeiiitT I'lcttrjistni unt l-r*,olilt, ntertftC'it* 

meter tie HlBetaienreftnuiii], ncft tie be« Itrilc* 

etaSerlabuniiSffttiii. (tin Jtradiljftein. gin ^raftttrief. 
liin ffleiteltrief. Utin ffle*(et. (bitiftliflen nnjllteti. 

3* irurbe 3bmn tieibanCm (ein, twnn 5ie Jbre Uleibnana 
Binen SBtftfet in llnt!nu[ fegtit. [Slrcnniiiiej. 

Sqaiten Sit i^a, unt bineti £ie ibn urn bit Cuillirunater 
Sin £aftbeftW. Kin *afttrief. 
Cine SollWlaration. 

3n ter gO|ca Statt nmrtni ^Statute onaefftlnjm. 
«Dcft(cl tiEIuntiren. 

= rt(!i Bh lU'iS tie(rn <pc(lni ouf mrin ' medjnung. 
fflie tr"ft MB"(I fi* tie Mectnann? 
lEine flrL-fie ffleftnung. — Bine Heine Meftnung. 
Uiue CuantitatabeCBaJMMi. Gin ^ablediibnfftTaa. [fftcin. 
ti«lMH»wyHitg. Cine iierfuiicii unt iSilterlifte. 9ealeil> 
= *.! Cla mnitrieijriiK, 
Sin IlvjKrjrtlcl. 
trine Soften re<l)n una. 
^tcmbe (aaiUnfiiftt) ffl)eft(el. 
3nlantl|d>e SJtftfel. 
l!in utft niftt fjiii.ier SAuItfftein- 
liine BJefttclfcrie. ifiimas, e«utita-, lettioiceftltl. 

3ft bin 3iiWbet eine* HJeftfd*. 

Berjelftnifi bcr WulISttftM. 

.». L-v-f (iiTOe) einct fHeftnunj. 

Siiuc jjetlcl (i'lafotc) jutletai! 


ii'L-- fiitt eie ciii.iu.irtUd ■> [Duartirrgeltal). 

[Dai Bleglmtnt wiirtc tei ten Stniro^nnn einauortiert (in 

3ebt itugcl flal ib« Sefiininuma.. 

, iL-in'iir.— *iDa»(aaf. 
Sou'eit trie eine ?artie *i(lart Initleti? 
Sine Uartie »iUort. 
Koitnen EieCiBart fvielen? 
£as Sdiiij'bclti unt ©inen berlouben [eineJ neuKitnatltcn 


3ft mill mift baran niftt binbrn. 
jjefl grtnti»(n, ftp aefnntm. 
Set 'rlrit Pertant raeine SLlunttd. 

3ft bin tur^ ten SBortlaut be! SHertroje! fltbunbtii, ju... 
<tc icurte an $aiiten unt Silfiex gebuubex. 
T'cr ftuntratt errrltidgtri mid!, tSgIiftzcoo6teiae|ul)e[cni. 
8(1 peipflifttet eieju... <£i liegt Sbitrn tie PervftiajtUBa 
St ntufi d it/in %a (agen. [et, pi... 

fx mirt \iPcifttSi>bne rertieren [neicinBeB, ftrfolg tatra], 
tr nntrtt an rintn VauBi mAsml 
ffiintje fon ten I'iidicm fiub in I'cinisatib atbunten. 
Ifine tlSuniiiilrtete Jeilfte. 
liineftetle Riifte. Cine SttfattflfCe. 
(rv; ntg mir ein .(iil* 
l!r nurtt }u (era U . in bit ttbre gtffticn. 
Tn •Sefangent niBfite fift verfbnlift rerrfliftten. tin balbcl 
:J.iLt I.1111I Ariebt jii baltf n 


— the [wo together with a piece of siring 

Milk — s the towels 

I bound the curtains with green fringe 

.■ will not — 

I am bound to Ho whatever be tells me 

I .iivi in duty hound to 

And the petitioner, as in duty bound, shall eve 
pray, your lordship's obedient servant C.C. 

Where are you bound to f 

I was bound to the spot 

Verbal contiaeU are not always considered — ing 

The contract is — ing upon you 
BIRCH. 30 strokes with a — 
BIRD. He is a fine— ... 

One — in the hand, is worth two in the bush (pr.) 

He is a downy (knowing ) — 

Il is a dirty — , that liefouls its own nest (firm.:) 
Every — must hatch her own egg (prov.j 

He is an early— 

The early — calches the worm (frov.) 

A — thai can King and will not sing must be made 
losing (prov.j 

Small — s must be fed (prov.j 

Are you married? No, I am a solitary — 

The boys wenl — nesting 

A — 's-eye view of the country 

I am up with the — s (with the lark) 
Fin* Heathen make line — s (prov.j 
Old — > are not caught with chaff (prav. s J 

A jail — 

BIRTH. She gave — to iwins 

■ . i 
She died in giving — to her hrst child ... 

She had two ot a — 

He is of good (high, noble, illustrious) — 

lie has been a cripple from his — 

lie [nidi's himseir upon his — 

The rebellion was stifled (strangled) in its — 

Paris is my — place-.- 

The greatest poet that England ever gave — to 


a Frenchman by — ,., 

i of mean (low) — 

i gentleman by —and education 

The rebellion gave — to severe laws 


BIRTHDAY. When ishis— ? 
He will be J8 next — 

He ma mimed on bs« — 

I boogbl him this ring for a — presenl ..- 
BISHOP. Catch me working for the — 

BIT. She gave her husband a — of her mind. 
Shall I help you lo some more pudding ? Just 

A bfua ■■ 

A hi — for the last.. 

Wait a— 

Sbf^-qftt*" '.'' '.'■' '." '■" '. 

Hold on a — 

Alilllc- Not a— 

A threepenny — 

A fourpenny — 

Can you wait a — longer? 

Have a — of something to eat, before you go 

I don't care > — for il 

He has eaten every — of It 

The horw champed the — .., 

The horse took the — between his teeth ... 

He was not a — earlier than usual 

He made a litile — of motley in America... 


llveiy — n[ ii, — by — 
BITE, (r.) The dog b 

Lie* (Attaches J les deux ensemble m 

Le lull est astringent 

J i fmU les rideaux m une f range verte 
Ce mortier m si lit pas 

Je suit oblige .1/ f.iirt tout ct qui! me dtt ... 


Jt vous prit dagr/tr. Monsieur It Minislre, l\ 
turance de !a consid, 'ration re.pcilutusi dt ;-o, 
trci-kumble it tris-obeissant serviteur C. C. 

Ou altei-vous r 

J'ftait eloiil sur pletce 

Les convention; zrrbales nt sent pat toujour] rcgar- 
aVes eomme obligatoires 

Vous Met tenn d'exeeuter It eontrat 

Vimgt coups de verges 

tft voifht-it pas encore tin bet oistau! 

Qui it ressembte s'assemblt 

En agissant ainsivous Jem d'une fit 

L'otseau s'tst envoi/ 

LTn Hens vaut mieux jut deux tu /'auras 

C'e't un ma/in fun fin matois) 

t'ilain oistau qui satif son propre nid 

A la pondeuse d'etre coaveust 

Homme fin se live ma 
Si tHneveuxpas fair. 

du pays A vue .foiseau 
Je me leve an chant de t'aloitttte (du coj) 
La btllt plume fait It be I oistau 
I'ieit oistau nt se prend pat a la pip/e 

1'n gibier de patent! 

Elte accoucha de jumeaux 

Xourriture ( Education J paste nature 

Elte mount en donnant It jour ii son premier enfant 

Elte accoucha de deux enfant s ... [naissanee 

It est de bonne famille, tie haute, de noble, dilluslri 

II est boiteux de naissanee ... 

Iltstficrde sa naissanee ... 

La rebellion flit itauffee J sa naiss, 

Paris est MM lieu de naissanee. Je suit ni o) Paris 

Lt plus grand poitt d qui I'Ang/eterrt ait donne 

H ut Francois de naissantt 

Un homme de basse (d'ohscure) origine (naissanee) 
Celt un homme de bantu famille et d 'education 

La rh-oltt donna naissanee h del lot's rigonreuses.. 

Qua ndest-ce sa fete? (I' a nniversa irr desa naissanee )i 
II n'a pas entore accompli sa xdngt-huitiomc amnc 
LI se ntaria le jour anil he ria ire de ta naissanee ... 

Je lui ai aeheti cette bague pour sa fHt 

On ne m'y piendra pas a Iravailltr pour le roi d 


F.lie dil son fait .) son mari 

Fiat-je vous offrir entore un fen de poudinc 1 [A 

tout petit utortiau, s'ii vous plait 

Une chose dure a avaler 

Une friandise pour la bonne bouciic 

Allen-let un pen 

A rrftet-vous un moment 

Pas le mains dn monde 

Tenn-voui un instant 

L'n tanlinel.—Fas du tout. Fien du tout 

I'm piece de six pence 

Une pitct de Iron petKt 

Une piece dt quatre pence 

Potcvei-voiit attendee encore un instant ? 

Mangei un morceau atant de vous en edler 

Je n'y liens pas du tout ... 

// n'en a pas lain/ un morctau 

Le tkrval rtmgtait ton f rein 

Is cheval prit le mors anx dents 

// ne vint pas unt minute plus lot que d'kabilude 
Ilamassa une petite fortunc( gagna un feud' argent) 

II n'y a pes le nioinilre lien-fire dans cetle maison 
Ctta ne MM pat Hu tout mienx que le dernier ,/u 

votes aves foil \f*> 

Comflttemcnr. Tout ,i fail. -Petit i petit. Feu, 

Ltchien mi mordita lajambe 

D 'un coup dt dents il en fit deux moirtanx 

Jt le mordit de part en part 

A ton ekal ban rat. On ttmtbe som/tnt dans le piigc 

qu'on a dress! a un ennrmi [les df~' 

Si voui ne foievei pas moidre, ne monlrt- jam 

Binttii Sic tie Beibca rait cinoa ilintfitcii ju[amnitii. 
mild) wrftDBf t. 

3* befcute tit Siortanflr mit ijrunt granfen. 54 fnf,i;...cin. 
3Mt[(t IMrtrl t'itiftt nil)!. 
34 tin irUtfifll, SltlrS ju ttiun, reae er mli foal. 
§4 M> hi Itw i ff w wvi'i:u",i.'i. -,11... 
Unban SitlftcIIn wr&am nnteclWniaft of* Slrer iorHajaft 
acinic [,1 urn Xiitncc U. II. 

04 imc an fert Jlrf attaint I. 

SHUnMidJc ilbinaSuitflOti rottCcn nidjl ImmLTal* fcmboib ori- 

Tec Boiitratt if! tinbcub (Dt Sit. 
20 grttiaje mil finer Tjirrenrutlit. 
Ift ift tin netted l'Ha'ni*en (tin lofer Setjti). 
Mlriccj unMIIeiajfltfeut |ia) *TO1. 

3ierSo M <l'fl tiuBgefiMtn. |Xa«e. 

Sin ewiliiia in btr $anb ift tefftr, ale tint laubt auf i-tm 
ftt ift (in arriebCTiec Iac(d>tlttcl »nc(aK. 
ttJ nmfi tin aacpinccBciitl (ein. cetitiutiaenSIeflbcldliBeifct. 
3ebtt mu6 (tint tiatue *rilfit anctunlcu. 
tft fltfil mil ten ftiirmecn ant. 
motacnflunb t«t fflolb im HKaV 
SBeilitnxi* niait gutiniaig tbul, mitb tS flejrpmi(|en Itim 

€*iMCve Paiunften btbflrftn Nt etube. 
ei^^ rertei c,i Ibtl 'I Siein, 1J1 1 111 ^iinjgr'ttle. 
3>lc itiiattn ainaen Woatlnefttr auStftbtn. 
Hie »oae[(iec[l'eriilie finer IBeaeuci. 
34 lltte mil ben £l!ftiiern ouf. 

Bleibtt machtn Scute, Qattfll "Tan ni4t Iricbl. 

Kile »Dgel fanal man uifljl mit bec Soirtfeift. Hut gUa)(e 
Sin WcfJiianifBttnnenl. 

6ic idjenftf jlmillLnaen ba« tebtn, [bucltubtl. 

*riiel)unaoillnirtir. all ©tbuil. ffltt(l(«abet jeljt flber «t« 
*Sie flarb tei btt Webutt i&rt* tiften SinbeS. 
©ie teTam jmi Stnber auf einmal. 
St t P ton (i liter (bubec, cbki, CTlauojtct] fflelmcl (Hbflnifl). 
Ift i|t von Uhbiirt an tin frdipiKl. 
Ut Iftut fla) auf feint tikbuiittiiMS ju ra B te. 
Hit IfmoBtunii icutbe im ttnifleben uninbrii(fl. 
T3ari* tft mtin StbucKecl. 
lite artftle l)i4ttc, ben Snalonb jc tKcvocjecco*! v ol. 

Cr ift tin gtanjofr bon Okoitit. 

ttin fllann neii niebntr (flBtB^nTit*ttl fflebutl 

lie ift Bun rjtebutl unb tinicbiin^ em icinetfteit. 

Die limpScunj rjcianlafcie. ftcenge Okfrfc. 


JBiiim ift |cin etburHcaa? 

tin [einera laajjta MwWM Icicb tc 2S Jabre all. 

fti oeebeitalbtte fi* art [riiiem <rtaim>gf, 

34 lauflt lb™ biiftri aiing al* lHebucletao«atf4tBt 

Ito fillt mit iiimt cm, mnitiift (fUc Mi4t0 uoo loltbet ■JlicbH) 

=ie (j.lte ihtem flinnne ibic SleinLiia S \i:ilt i. Hi an*. 
■Bflif i* Jtrnoi iiL'djclir.i" liubbiiiii aiiL-ietni? KcAeinen 

fltintn tJifint, nxnn id) biltm eatf, 

Sin i-tftrbiffen file ben S4lufnSIa4tififi). 
UJattra £ie ein fflenia (einc SBtiltJ. 
fallen Cif eintn Huaenbltrt (in. 
H141 im oWrinaften. Sncdjait* nidjl. 
fcaltti! ©it einen KHamoli* an. 
Silt Tlein *i*e*en.— KeinecmnS. OVir SiftlS. 
Sla tjunlntufajen -SliW- Sin Jiiiifjiavfeimia 2li[t. 
Sine Imilfflinv-lllilnje. 
Sin Vinvtnnn-CIIU. 
SSnnoi S11 ncdi tin il'eitiitn icartcn? 
Si litat mir gnt 3li4t* baron. 
Hat "Jfttb bid auf bit Slnn,« (ba» «k*iS), 
Ct lam Kin ei$4en frfl^tc alB flerr-iJcirili*. 
«i etnwrt fill) tin rornia flclb in HBietila. 

3nitnemfjau((if! ni*t bit ji(rin,iRe xvttugliciTtit btt Sin- 
Si ift um ttinen Toil beitet r als bas.mae; gic julclsl ma4Itn. 

■JL,\:' 11 


Sutdjaiie tSanjii: 
Hetfinnb Wflmieb 

St bl| to but* 
Stan fSOl ofi in Trine ti,iene 
ftlBtai eiaenen J!t(e. 

Jiodj unb njcb Hdmjliii. 

. Visa f.'n ill i'uIi in 
a ou4 niijl tcllea. 


He bit a piece off 

The design is first sketched on Ihe plate, and then 
bitten in with acid 

I hi; mustard — s my tongue 

He bit his nails 

I bit my tongue 

He bit a piece out of his arm 

I Ee bit ■ ptecn ofl ba ear ... 

Onee bitten, twice shy iprov.) 

I cannot get the saw to — 

SU of our gallant fellows hit ihe dust 

BITE. («.} A Yorkshire— 

His bark is worse than his — 

Not even a nibble, tet alone a — 

lust have a — ofsomething 

He'll only make one — of Tt 

Don't make two — s of a cherry 

BITTER, —words 

It is — cold weather 

le is my — est enemy 

A — loss 

A — parting. 

He is — against me, for having told you... 
To the — end. —beer 

— sarcasm (irony) 

He is a — pill 

— asgail (wormwood) 

BITTERLY. He inveighed — against him. 

She cried (went) — [unto Til ec 

BITTERNESS. In the — of my soul I cry 
BLAB. He —bed it out like a fool ... 

as jet, as coal, a 

As opposite as — and white 

I have the agreement in — and white 

The sky looks— 

lie looked — at roe 

lie has given me — looks all day 

She was dressed in — 

The gentleman in — is Mr. C 

will take no other hue (firov.) 

The devil is not so — as he is painted (prov.) , 

Two— s make no white (firm:) 

' — plum is as sweet as a white (firm.) 

It is ill to drive — hogs in the dark (prov.) 

To blush like a — dog (firm: ) 

The — ox never trod on his toe ("//TO..) ... 

He was — in the face with passion... [colour at all 

He would swear that — was white, and white 

The kettle calls the saucepan — 

The — a are (lying about everywhere 

A — man. — pudding 

A —leg. A — sheep 

■ — lead. — lead pencil 

He has a — eye 

Who has given you that — eye ? 

He was Iwaten — and blue 

HCTC this shawl dyed — 

A— crime. The — art 

The club — balled him 

The judge, having put on the — cap, proceeded 

to pronounce senter " * 
He was — and blue all 
Her hair is of a raven — 
Bone — . Lamp — ... 
To levy — mail 

BLACKNESS. The — otnight 

BLADDER. Inflammation of the — 
BLADE. He is an artful (cunning) - 

A — ofgrass 

A knile with 4 — s 

BLAME. Who is to — in the malt. 

it having obeyed orders , 

IJiave to bear all the — ... 

is to — . The — is his... 
You are both to — for that... 
ir conduct is very much to 

II arracha uh mortcau 

Lt dtssin est d'aiard tract sur la plaque, qui 1' 

marl (foil moidre) ensuitt avtc lie I'acidt 

Cttte moulardt est piquant! 

II si mardait lis angles 

je me nwrdis la langue ... ... [derhair 

II le mordit dans le bras et lui arraifia un marceai 
II lui enleva avee la dents ua montau dt I'ortillt 

Chat /ehaudi eraint I'laufroidc 

ft nt puis partem r a fain mardre la seie 

Six Jt noi vaillants saldats uiordirent la pausstirc 

Un escree 

II abate film quit ne rnard 

Lcpoisson n'a pas mordu, ni mrrnt mardi/i,' I'.vtwrci 
Voyons, mangei tin montau (print; qutlque chose) 

II n'enfera qu'une bouekit 

Ne faites pas deux bauchles d'uiu rinse 

Paroles vives. Reprochcs amen 

II fait un froid dc hup 

L ne satin amirt 

Elli versa des tarmes amtrts 

C'est man euncmi le plus acharnJ 

Une perte crutltt .. 

Cue s/fiaration entitle 

// tstfurieux tonlre moi, parctqut je vous i'ai dit 

Jusqu'au taut. — Biere amirt 

Des surtasmes amcrs—Unt ironit amlrt 

// est difficile ii avalcr 

Amcr camme chicatin (eommt suit) 

// sc r/pandtt ih invectixvs am'erts contri lui 
Elte versa des larmts amirer ... [SrigHCU 

Dam Vameitume dt man Smt, ft crit vert tai 

/,' i\i:;i:;i,i Jr la fllfN commt uh sot 

C'est uh bavard 

Nair camme Jt I'ettc re (comme du eharban , eomm 

du fat's, comme la ehtminte, eaiuiue uh earbeau 

eomme dans unfour) 

Ctia dijjhe du btanc au noir 

J'ai uh ail! en Until: forme 

Le ciel a fair menacant 

It me rcgarda d'un air mkmtttnt 

// m'a fait grist (froide)mine taute la journti\nci> 
SB* ttait habiilee dt noir. Elle farlait unt teilcll 

Is monsieur en Hair est M. C. 

A lover la tlte d'un More on perd sa lessive 
On fiit toujours le diable plus nair qu'il n'ett 

Deux noirs ne font fias uh blanc 

Unt brunette est anisi folie qu'une blonde, c'est 

affaire dc gout 
A conduirt la nuit des reckons noirs oh perd 1a peini 

A:v<r disafpris a rougir 

II n'a jamais cannu le malheur 

Son visage /fail tout defigurt far la rolert 

// Hatt firft ajurer que noir /toil Ma 

La ptlle te moqne du fourgon 

L'air est rrmfili d'atamei dt suit 

Uh Hcgre.un noir.—Boudin noir 

Eserae, Grec. — Une breiis galeuse 

Mine de ptomb.— Crayon a la mine de plomb 

ft a fail petki 

Qui vous a pocht Tailt 

II fut roue de coufis 

Faites teimlre ce ckale en nair 

Uh crime noir (affreuxj.—La magie {(terete) 
• (II fut blaetbmlt) au club 


'ir t>i(j tin Stfl* ab. 

Xei Siuftrr njirtiiinrft ouf tatinntrccntaorftit uiitfcaiiu 

finer edurc riii.ititst [f|n|i>ri|0. 
Xttln 2<nf Mil mit auf (ec dun^r, 
to rauttaii btn Niacin. 
3$ bife uiir auf tic dl'tsV' 
to I'lfi iSm On Stili 1 aui i™ Inn. 
to Ht ilji riu Still au-3 ton Olnx. 
Sin fltbronntcS MiiiB (*cui bag gmer. 
Jt!) tic .;,i].. iiidjt ii:m ?\i«ci\ 'i>in|*ncibcn). 
£;(!)■! run un[(ni naftnl WrfiiiTKn tiffin tn'iSrai. 
Sin «rtrflj{t. iiiu £d)iDint>Iec. 
tobelltimr, drlGt abtr ni*t. 

91i*t (irniMl (in gMpfct, iiri*wci,w btnn tin "tiilciEcn. 
91ctjmc!i Sic N>4 churl *li|7cii ill \ti). 
to micb bad nit tinea W.ilr tjcrunlcrWuitcn. 
S3 itt ttidjt ice HtfllK lottttj, in Ibcilcn. 

// hc fut pas a-imii. 
Lejugt, aprei avoir m, 
la sentence de mart 

11 itait tout contusionnl 

Elle a Its cknm.-c d'un noir de corbcau ... 

Noir animal.— Noir de lamfe 

Fain rkantcr. Fain du chantage ... 

Ciret mes battel 

Abondant eomme les m&rti sauvagis 

Iss tineb, 

Inflammation de li u 

Ctit un rui/ compere 

Uh brin d'kerbe .. 

Un coutcan A 4 lames 

Oui faut-il ildmtr dans elite affaire? \prts intcrlts? 

Faut-il me blimer de ct qui jt m 'ocenpe dt mts pra- 

Aucun blame ne s'attacKt a vous 

H est fart blimablt de ne pas avoir ob/i aux ordrei 
qit'i! avail re s us 

Cat tur moi que taut le blSmt rttambt 

lis voui blAmmt iTitvair ogi ainsi [tombtr It blitme 
II merite d'ttrt—Cest tur lui que doit re- 
I'ous m/rita tons drnx d'ttrt hlim/s dt tela 
Voire conduitt est fori bldmablt 

«:■■-• i|) I'illa-t.ilKSBktlcr. 

tine beijienbe 'Satire. 

■Sic rocinre titictc Ibrincu. 

to lit Eiiill iThtl.'l t(tiV m'illt. 

Sin bitterer (berbcr) Sciluft. 
lini tilliiriSajrlbrn. 
to i|t mir ttttMHft, wril i* c6 Jtittcit fltfagt t>i6e. 
«i* auf tic Sicijt— CitiercS Bite. 
Bitterer Spctt.— Bittrrt ^roale. 
to ift tin iriberlLajei- VUXfl) icin Brc*niittcli cinr DiHc). 
#itlet niic Salic— fitter roic ffljermutr) 
tEc bici* in bitten idj m i lire ben ocjrn ibu aiil. 
■Sic iwintc Httcrtid). 

Cin brr Bitlcrfcit nicinci Scclc tujc id) )u Xir. 
to |rtin}.H!i( iptappcrtc) eS aui, rote cin ffia(d)iiKib. 
lie ill cin tllovycviii.iiil i.Sdiii:a(icri. 

ec^TMrjnjic linre; n-'ic tic KarM; wit cin JAcmficirifcficr ; 
loljlfdjrmrj; lob,ltaboi(*ii»ri; ^affebroarj. 

eo cerffticben rcic edjroari unb Sflcifj licit lag unB KaiiD. 
34 batu ben Ktertrag (evnunil auf tceij . 
Da viraiiie 1 Relit l*iuiii'i auB. 
to (diautc mid) finfler aB. 

to bat mir ben ganjm laj cin fin[ferc3 (Solriit actn.idlt. 
Sie mar in 6An>arj )c I Intel. 
1>er fcftnjariifjcncibet! $*rc 1(1 ©en (t. 
Sdirear; neborrn iiat'i Bito^en wtlorcit. 
lev leniel ui mil ie i*aMvi. line 111,111 ibn mali. 
3ro<i edjroorse fine mi) (cin fltcifier. [(djmoflao)t. 

ftinc ttroarit Jraubc i|t In fu(j, nnr cine roeific. Kiel ill 9f 
[twllen. 3m Tiinlelii t|t ii"t numrelit. 
6cjl»arje6*niei'it lafjcn lid) im Tnnleln nidji (u (am 11 ten - 
®a«torfitbenEftIeml baben. [i(i nic bci it™ cm L ntibrt. 

I£3lftihinnicton)a4 in bie Cnere aetL-mmrn. 3>ai llnalilif 
to roar bleiu vat 3nnt im BcfichH. 
toifiim Suntdju fibroiircn, baS"£ajroarifflcifiift. 
liin toct lebimpft tun antral faiiaotir. Ser MnafMl 
llet-nall (liejt SI11S iiniucr. lidnnioit ba» CfenlcCy. 

lii.i SdrnMrjer 'OiiMCT- — tniuivnril ;liui ccrlorrnet Eubn. 
ttin©a)ttlt. Sriijr«c«in™italict.-tonrautiael edja). 
CWrtalanv— SleipHfL Qlrifcvtx. 
to b^t riu Manes Xuat, 
Elsfrrr fiatien etc lat blaiic Huge ? 
to rourbr Idiroarj (tiroUR) unb tlnu sefdilaaen. 
Eafka Sic bide* Iitf idjroari [acbcir 
Bin hbroarjtd ecrbrcAen — 3)ic eajrooririirift. 
HU iMePidjaft ball .'line ibn ant. 
I«r fflievtec !«![ tac- (djnvirse Sarett auf un» fd)irfte fldj an, 

bent Xnteeurtbcii in ccrhintijcn. 
ttr mar {Armc) AMU] unb tlau am flanjen jtOrvrr, 
Jlbr Caar ill rabeniu)roar), 

Weinldjamri- fficbranntcs Iflfcnbein.— Sain"etini6. illcnrufi 
(Belt Ha ^emnnt ctrrrKen. 
SBidjItB 6ie mir tie Stiefcl. 

ilaWrridjroieeriimpccrcn. jlahllccroicticSteniearnOiironcI 
6ic baben H* ^*rc Ka(( fcSroarn aonsdjt. 
St ift H|( torn 3hncn, fcintn libaralicr aniuWioarj:n. 
DicIWnWr<itb*r5fladit. Hie IdjBarjc 9laojt 
to ift tin wrlcfnni|)teT tllefcnc. 
Cin itra e tin I m. 
Sin Slrner mil 4 JHintjen. 
ffier ift in ter Sadie ,u ubcln ? 
Bin id) 01 lutein, mini id) file aiidi felbft (orflt ? 
Sic tx-ifft Tcin laM. 
to i|t roearii (cine* tlnailiorftaiic* aetjCTi bit Befeblc tabtlat 

Btrtt iru laotln). 
34 Babe ade Hianrflrft iu trafltn. 
allan tabctt Sic t**nx,ien. 
to ift tabclnanxrlb.— 1'ic Eebulb triffl ibn. 
3br fcib tseibc be*B>eani nu tabeln. 
36r eenebmrn l[t lebt tabctafBurt,. 


Lay the — on (he right person 

I don't — you 

If you get into trouble, you'll have no one to - 

BLAMELESS. I certainly do not hold you - 

BLANCH. Hci cheeks were — cd with fear .. 

BLAND. Those - gentlemen you see with the 

— est of smiles upon their lips, ottering <TOtdl 

anally as — , are lawyers 
iNK. The history of the period is a — ., 

I sent him a — cheque 

My brother drew a priie, but I drew a — 

My memory is a — on that subject 

Leave a — line, and fill in the words afterwards. 
Leave a- 

A — fire 

To fire with — cartridges 

A — sheet of paper 

This poem is ■■•-■•— ' 

I told him r> 
His death I. 
A -stare 

BLANKET. Wherever he turns up, he is 
to lay a wet — to one's hilarity 
The appearance of this morose and stem personage 
at the party acted like a wet — upon the 
He is a wet — lo every joyful heart [company 
I did not lose time in getting between the 
Sheets and — s 

BLARNEY. It ball— 

He has kissed the — stone 

BLAST. iv&*it) At the first— of the trumpet 

The trumpeter sounded a — 

Trim unforeseen circumstance — ed all my hopes 

The winter's chilly — 

The — ed crops 

A — of wind 

The lightning's — 

A — ed reputation 

BLATANT.' A -fool!;! 

The fire — d away 

In the — of day 

He is a villain ; he'll roast in — s yet 

Goto— si 

As hot as — s 

The house was soon a — ing mass 

He was in a — ing temper 

We — daway with our artillery 

His face was — inglike a furnace 

BLEACHING gKMmdi. —powder... 

BLEAK. A— country (prospect) 
A — wind 


BLEED. He bled lo death 

What made your finger — ? 

The doctors bled him in the arm 

They are sure to — him if he goes there ... 
[t makes my heart — to see so much misery 

With a —ing heart 

He bled for his country 

My nose is —ing. I am —ing at the nose 

BLEMISH. WitfcoBl stain. ..r — Free from 

BLEND, fa 6- «.) This whisky is of good - 
Dark blue — s harmoniously with gold 
To — spirits 

BLESS. Good night and God — you ! 

- ■■"»' 

ml ! 

Well, I a: 
God — m 
Not at all, —you 

Yes, — your heart 

I have not a penny to — myself with 

I am — ed with thirteen children 

Ill be — ed if he come* 

He'll — you if you do that 

My father of — ed memory 

The whole —ed day 

wh.u m be doiaa mew! -■ thai bo? 
BLESSEDNESS. He lives in single — 

BLESSING. A father's — 

He called down the — of heaven on my head 
May the — s of God be upon the work 
He enjuyed the — > ofa good etlm ll 
What a — that I was there when it happened 

Faitti relombtr It b/drnt sur la perionne qui It mirite 
Je ne pull vous blimer 

Si vous vous mettez dans une nwwf* affair/, vans 

n'aureii adreiser di reproches qu'Hvo\ 
Je trouve certatnentent qui vous n'Hcs pat 

Elle pSlissait de terreur [procht 

Ces aimablts personnagts que vous voytt, qui 
sourirt affable sur Its Ibvrei, J. . 
doucercuses, son! des avocats 

I.'histoire dt tellt ipoqste til unt page blanche 
Je lni 01 envoy/ un chiquc en blane 

Mon frire a gagnl un lot (une prime), mail mat 
je n '«* rien gagni 

Ma mitnotrc ne mt rappelle ricn sur fit!/ affaire. . 

Lame: en blane une tignc que vous remplircz apr}. 

Laiisex un blane 

Unt decharge Jt meusqueterie sans Italics ... 

Tirer avet des cartouches sans ballet 

Une feuille de papier blane 

Ce pocme est ecril en vers Manes 

Je lui dit de but en blane que ... ... [bltt 

Sa mart laitse une latum qu'ii sera difficile de com 

Un regard tbahi (fixe) 

Parloul oil it arrive, il jout le rSle dc troublc- 

Vappetntion de ce morose tt rLbarbattf ' perton'tagt 
parmi let invith jtla un f mid sur la reunion 

Celt un trouble-fete 

Je mt mil entre deux drops sans perdre de tempi 

Drapt el eouvertures 

Tout cela, e'est de la blague 

II donne de t'eneensoir par le nez 

Au premier son dt la trompeth 

Le trompette sonna une fan-fa 


it a ruine" teules 


onstanct imprevue 
Le souffle giaei de t 'htver . 

Let rtcoltet perduet 

Un couf de vent. Une rafale 

Un coup de foudre 

Unt reputation fUtrit 
Le diable t'emportel... 

Un imbecile bruyant 

Toute la rue est enflammes. . , 
Ltfeu fiamba bientU 
Lefeujeta de vifs ictats ... 
En pleint himiire du jour ... 

Le soUil brulant 

Ccst un ccquin, il rdtira en enfe 

Allet au dtablet 

Excessivement chauil \yantt 

La maison nefut bientSt plui au 'une masit flat ' 
II Itait furieux (d'une humeur massacrantc ) 

A'litrt isrtiUerie lirait sans rctdche 

Sa figure rayonnait comme unefournaise... 

Hi.inthi-iitie.—Poudre A blanchir. 

Un pays triste et sauvage. — Unt mornt perspective 

Un vent dpre 

// a les yeux ehassteux 

Sa vie s'icoula avet son sang 

Qu'avei-fous fail pourvouifaire saigner le deigt 'I 

Lt- midecint le saignerent au bras... 

Silvata, it est sur d'etre pinci ... 

Cela me fait taigner le arurdevoiru 

Le caur saignant (navrt) 

Ll a versi ton sang pour ion pays ... 

Je saigne du net 

Sans facie ni difaut.—Sans lathe ... 

Ce -wkisky est bien fondu 

Le bltufanti se marie harmonieusem 

Mllanger del liqueurs 

Bonne nuit et Dieu voui benisie! ... 
Dieu me benisse I Parcxemple! ... 

Eh bien, merci I 

MonDieul ... 
Pai du tout, je 

Oh ,, 

Oui, certairtement 

Jc n 'ai pas un rouge Hard 

Le ciel m'a accorde treiu enfants 

S'ti fi, nt jc rv:n que Ii dinhle m'cmpoTte... 
Ll vous lavera la If It ii voui faites tela ... 

Monpere (Dieu ait son dme) I 

Toule la sainte journie 

Que fait-il It, ce damn/ enfant ? 

I! a .-i.'ilataire 

La ben/diction d'un p>rt 

// appela sur ma tfte la benediction du ciel 
Que la ben/diction dc Dieu protege c/lle culr/fr . . 
II lauit des bienfails d'une bonne Education [arrive' 
Quel ionheur que je me sais IrouvJ Id quond tela 

taMtn Sic bo, tec eg wrbltnl. 

^Jj l.ui n (a Jiiriat tlia?' Da.irjtn. 

9ucnn He [Liiitiiicgmliditriirn It [cm mm, fs IjaNn Sir e 

Itttialid) [t* lelfcftiu twitcu ■ siisujdjreiftea). 
M t)Mt iic iciDr[)jfti fl nidjt fur !a«l[tci (tabtllrt.) 
3I)« jiiiuigni inirKu tW4 uor gartrjt 
Lii\c iiifsLiiiKii $mtn, iwUk itjr ba fctjt a 

Sadjtln una rfcen |o (ufica CJorlcn auf (en tippm, f 

Sic ("rfdiiditc btcftr i'aiebc <|t (in tccreS Stall. 
3* fdjiJtt itm (in *lanWt (ir rincm ttantttjeiiK. 

r m iii-i dan twuui, bf taaijtn Ml 
tarn (nut. 

»!(iiit MMn| lafit miiS iibec i(n( Sa(fa im £K*e. 

eaffta Sle tine ■(rilt frei, unb [ajitiben Sic (piltc bit 

eafftn £ie Via, v itr. [[ 

If in HinbiS ^siinni. Gin SejUfiCH mil f In|j|)arrrnni. 

■aiix Uljfpalroiicn Witftoi. 

u'-in iKifm [Hiw, iint'tlif riolicner) Soflfn 'OtiVitr. 


34 iQ a t( ii™ amibr (d[(cii) ticrauS, ba|... [»en I 

■2tin lab rjinteridiit tint vu&t. tit MM aiis s i(iitui 

Bin (taneS Staiinfn. tin roilbrf $in(tunn. 

iUc cr fid> axe) itnmtr jcijt, ba niadjt rr fldjctCidj |eW 

Sic erf^rinntifl bitfn; miirrifJm unt Rn(lnni $crli 
fflrifnfdpft roirNe »ict£i((3rdli( nuf bit Ktcrja 
Gr Tcjt rtHjmit JJictltUm .mi icJff iKt'[idK.{«tj. ftrorrlti 
34 (ra4 a(i4iDlnb( in'e iBctt. [jebee fci)ljli(lj( $(ti 

Winril4cr unb «(ttb«f(n. Stttjeua. 
G? ift oU(S bummrS Wertbc (fflcf4roorj). 
«x ift (4ni(i4l(tif4 rci( (int Ra^c. 
*kim crftra &a)a\i >tr Irompttc. 
X^r iamtttrc ptcft iblirtl in tic Xxma/ttt (ia'l Oorn). 
TW Bister* rifiQ(T$au4. 

Tie Krfrnfltt" Slclirtu. Iiieueriiictjtetfn i5Ubfril4te. 
(elh SEOinbftolj. tEin yuftptoor. 
T>rt ijli^ftralit. 
Isin ccrniditclcr gntcc !Kuf. 
■tum Icufcl (flutfutT> 1— Iw B(twiinf4le Bed! 
Cln ,-Mi>'LMris. 

'Hit iiansc £trj(ic flctit in ^lauuna 
i«v rttua- l'v.n:iil( b.ilt- lidilerloh. 
SioiJ iScnn bratnilc ihiiftri-tc! fuflifl. D. g. lul 
Sim lie lien 2 jiit. Utitn lirtlcn InQiiiidiK. 
Ik fijininnitt gmnic. 
ii-r ill tin iiiiiii'tt; eni'iib m-di in tct68ll 
0*(6cn Sie S iim Renter IStufrl) 1 

*ci6 roic Beiier. fWafie. 

has ^ouit nur fcalb cine breinteiitc dlamtncnlx, ' 
6r rear grucc unb Staramt. 
«>iv icim-tHi mil imftvn l>ici*iltjcn Mauf It*. 
gdii Sifidjle atubtt mie ijtucr. 
Ginc Slci4t. ttin *lci4l-ljlj.— Sleidipulun. 
Giiie Obe i*cacnb.— Gine obc i Inlbt) iiufidii. 
Sin iruftifler (tauter) luinti. 
Gt ift ttiefduflifl. 
St wtWutcti frin ertm. lir serbuUclc (14. ffrwrtitutcte 
JUfftjalli tlutit 3^t BoW>f 





c. UcKtK ' 

ii: 1'i.u 


in ill) W 

jut Rbet. 
n: «noe1|t. 

Gltnb feU- 

tliitttibeni Sictjen. 
urt I'lutctc fill fcin itta tmane. 

BK hrfrttflU — >!i tiutc on ter Safe- 

C tin* Dlafd irat Sdiontt.— illaltaoS. 

Tiicft-r t'r.iiiitlu'tin ift .\ut ) n(o m men fcvt. 

Smiiltlblau paiit fclir flat ju l»o[b. 

•rqUgt lien-ante imldjfi. i oi(nmm(iife|jclt!. 

»ult Sail, unb <SoIt t(|nlfl(n 1 

illcin Salt I Mile JBetltv ! »a tiotl SUK8 auf ! Crr 3e t 

Slim, baS ift ia ■IHftUifM l ilL'flbaii ! 

eDltfMmlrbci! Wiltiner tinnaeU 

Dunftaui uidjl, um tttrfltbung. 3on Jhnfmf, ncln 

C nrin, meiii a((tc6rteftet. 

«aliirli4ifrri[l4), mein" 

■XM r.mii tiiiicii ^fcmiifl 

34 tits rait 13 ainberii aeftfltld. 

34Iaffemi*aafl)4 , nacn(inirb[n . 

Gt rcirt 36nen on btn fttantii tnraaex, rmim Sic to* tt»ua 

*itin 3)oltr fltitflneten «nbci\(cnS. 9Ktfi! fetiflti Sa 

SJen lietai Ungcii 3afl. 

Sua* |ubi BuoTuif fttOt bet Junflc ba an ! 

fti ift Junapefelfc. «r fiititt (in 3unag(|(flntlc6ai. 

Xi-r SatctfracR. 

Gr rid bto ftimmcls Scfltn auf mcin *aubt 

nfoflC bcS feimmeia ©cacn out bem SBcrte tutjea I 

lit gtnafi ben GtftK cinct fluun Grjieljiina, 

Wtio, tin Mt, ba6 i4 6a WW, al» tB fid) ( 

Health is agreat — 

BLIGHTT He — cd ill my hopes (happiness).., 
My prospects arc — cd 

BLIND. (f* adj. & n.) Love is — 

You — yourself as to your merits ... [out (frov.) 
A man better be half — , than have both his eyes 
A — man would he glad to sec 'a(frcm.)... 
A — man will not thank you for a looking-glass 

— men's wives need no paint (prav.) ... 

— men must nol run (prow) 

A wink is as good as ■ nod to a — horse (prav., 

— man's buff 

— men must not judge colours (prim.) ... 

>' Be to his faults a little blind 
But to his virtues very kind." 
There are none so — as those who will not see . 

It is the — leading the blind 

He was — with passion 

Under a — impulse 

— ed with tears 

He was — cd by lightning 

He is — to the faults of his children 

As — as a bat (butiurd, beetle, owl, mole) 

She cried herself — 

He isstone — 

She is — of one eye 

He was — to all that was going on 

I got to the — side of him 

'lis only a— 

It was done for a — 

Pull down (draw up) the — s 

BLINDFOLDED. He'rushed- 
He was led — to the place of meelir 

BLINDLY. He rushed - at him 


BLISS. The realms of — 
Where ignorance is — , it is folly to t 
Mumi'iiit of — 

BLISTER, [v.&n.) My hands are all ov 

I'.tiiih.iridrs raise (draw) — 

His conscience wants — inc a little 
Ttit dottst — ed me behind the ear 

BLITHE as a bird 

A — heart makes a blooming visage (pro-.- ) 

BLOATED, —with pride 

BLOCK, (p. &>n.) He iaid his head on l 

Tin- rillltflll — ed up the way 

He is a chip of ibe old — 

A— of houses [in tbe traffic 

'i iLuiyi i 

■eO s.) 

of the s! 
A — fallen from aloft 
The line was — ed up 

He is 


n (raise) the — 

A — of ignorance ... 

The fott was — d 


BLOOD. He was murdered ir 
Mnni.-y coim.'! from him like ilrnps of — (prat'.) 
— is thicker than water (pnni.) 

He was beaten to the effusion of — 

The fifth lash drew the — 

In a light each pugilist tries to draw the fust — 

It breeds ill — 

How can you thus ill-treat your own flesh and - 
Stop the slaughter ; enough — has been shed 

His hands recked with — ... 

The — of the grape 

It made my — run cold 

That observation drove Ibe — lo her cheeks 

His — is upon yon (on your head) 

His hands are imbrued in — 

A prince of the royal — 



freezes when I think of it 

Good (blue) — 

My — rises at the thought 


It made my — boil (o sec him thus ill-treated 
Kverytime hecoughs, he brings up a quantity of- 

He spits — . — heat 

His — was up in a minute 

Circulation of the — . — vessel 

-shot eye 

La santi est un grand Hen 

// a ruini toules mes esphanccs (lout man bonheur) 
Mes esperantes d'avtnir son! dhruites 

L'amnur est aveugle 

t'ous vous aveuglei ntr voire mfrite 
II van/ mieux tire borgne qu'aveugle 
Un aveugle strait content de le voir 
Un aveugle a qui Von donne un miroir n'en 

Lafemmt d'un aveugtt n'a pal besoin defard 
Quand on est av/uglt, il ne faut pas courtr 
Mutant se tain out dt pile her a des sourds 

autres, et Its ouvrir tout grands sur leurs qualites 
LI n'est pire aveugle que eclui qui ne veut pas voir 

C'est un avcuglt qui in conduit un autre 

LI (tail avcuglt' par la eolcrc 

Sous /'impulsion d'unc passion aveugle 

Aveugle par les larmts 

11 fut frappi de chill par un coup de foudrt 
Li tst aveugle sur les d/fauts de ics enfant! 

Ne pas voir plus (fair qu'une taupe 

Elteperdit Its yeui A force de plcurtr 

LI est complelcmcilt aveugle 

Ellt tst borgne 

Itnevoyaitrien lie ce qui se passail 

Je 1'ai cirtonveuu ... 

Ce n'est qu'un pr/teste 

Cela a c~U fait pour deroultr le public 

Baisset (Lcvct) les stores 

Uh marche" fait au Aasard 

initilut pour Its avengies 

// stjeta titt baissh dans le danger {reunion 

On le conduiAl les yeux /■an.ffs it I'endreit dt la 

LI se priiipita sur lui en aveugle 

(moral) Aveuglemtnt (physical) Cfeiti 

Le rvyaumt c/lestt ... 

Quoad on est heureux en ignorant, a quoi scrt de 

Moments de bonheur c/lesle 

Mes mains sont eouvtrtts d'ampoules (de eioehes) 
Les cantharides font venir des ampoules ... 
-Sir conscienet a besoin d'etre un peu aigitillonnJt 
LtmJdecin m'affi, ::i,i un ;■ .■'..■/ ,ihn?-c derriertl'areilU 

Cai comme un pinion 

Caur content embeliit le visage 

Boujf d'orgucil 

I n pnivenu bouffi de vamtl 

// mil la lite sur le billot ...{embarras de voitui 
Les voitures abstruaient la voit. LI y avail i 

Un p&tf dt maisons ... [ptu de largeur de la rut 
La circulation est souvent inlerrompue A cause du 

Un sot A triple Ltage 

La ligne /tail ferm/e is la circulation 
Un arrft complet de la circulation ... 

C tst un bloc de glace 

; n lit/',' d'igtioranee 

Courtr (Lever) le blocus 

Lt fort fut bloquf 

C'est un franc imtVtile 

Li fut igorgl dt sang-froid 

Lui demanderdel'ai gent c'est lui demander son sang 
— ■ pas des ehi" 

n de tang 
jailtit [tep 

Cela seme 1'inimiiU' . 

Comment pouves-vous trailer ainsi voire propre sang? 

Arretcz le carnage; asset de sang a couli 

Sts mains ftaient rougts (Humides) de sang 

Lt sang dt la vigne. Le jus du raisin 

Cela megtafait le sang dans les veints 

Cettt observation lui fit monter le rouge au visage 

Son sang est sur votre tilt 

LI a IrtmpJ ses mains dans le sang 

Un prime du sang 

Son sang eric vengeance contre son assassin 

.Von sang se glace quand j'y pense 

Bon tang. — Sangblcu 

Mon sang se revolt! a cettt ptnsie 

Ckaqut fois qu'il low it, it cracht beaucoup dt sang 
LI cracht It sang.—Chaleur du sang 
A I'instant le sang lui mania A la tile 
Circulation du sang. — Vaisstau sangu 
Un aril inject/ de sang. Un ail traUU 


Wtfunbbeit ift tin (tmftrc Seam. 

Br jcrftBrte {Btm>a)tttt, Imitclle) al!c mriiir 6o|nTiiniini 

atrial Jtiisfl^ttn fin* rmiiiJtlet. [<,niriit gonjeS tilili). 

ViciK i|t Mint). 

Sit tauiairn l"ia) binfiajtlid) Jtirer BfTtitnftt. 

*Vi"1l-i (in.iujij), alS jan) Hinb. 

SB.ii gibt rin Winter tonim, tcrnn tr r? Terjen ftinitlc! 

ttinnti etinbm ift mit rinrr Crillr niidt fltbittit. 

Sk BMM tcv iMiiitrn brand™ Irinr Stbminle- 

Btintt Suite Wlifni nidn tauten. 

Entn Cfirtn ifa fd)ted)l prcbigen, 


tUuiPr tiinncn liter iS.irt'cn itittirilrn. 

Her lu.irnt ( (lilt unt SmCb, 

Set etDimdjr Kcttniretit unt! Wrtiilb. [iDDtten. 

8S flibt trine Miiifrrn 1'eiitr, o!» Birtmigcn, mldie ni*t jsWn 

XdS ift genbe, Mac Wdin cin SJLirbtr ben .intern fiibrt. bliubfor SBiltb. 

,ln blintmi 'Eriin,ir. Stiubltng). 

Von Jbronen Qeblenbrl. 

ift warbe uotn «tl|fc nebloibcl (bTinb (irfelilBfloi). 

Ur ift fleam bir 9ri)let lei net tfinbet bltnb. 

(JltnbicM (inc ,>i(fmnaui'|ltie ciuc lSiUt,iiJieril<9t»n(wir[fI. 

6ie wriiitr fid) blinb. 

«r ift (luctblinb. 

€iei|iau[einmi Suae Hinb. 

9r mar blinb fiir MeS, iraa xor fidj fllita. 

34 Sinteraina (iibitliflete) ibn. 

Sb i|t nut sum Scjrinr. 

St ifiirbe juiii Saline adliati. [Sic bit 91rnbeu in bit $Sbe. 

Safftn 6ie bie iKtultauj, (Jaloiifleenl beruiitn. — ^ c, l" 1 

tf hi biinbn ffouf. (fine S^ne in Sa<t oeljuft. 

■»iLiitL-ii.5iiti»ll. eiiiib<nin|Hlut. 

It Mqh ilintiina* in bit Wefanr. [flefUftrt 

St loutbt mil Btrbunbtiien Sujtn jum SBer[aniinlun|jcDttt 

St ftiinie Miliblina* auf ibn loi. 

efinbtwit. Btrbltnbiina. (bra «eifteS). [tJOMUJialeU) 

rj,;i'L!liLiiii,ir]Tbct eeliaeu. I«l 3tri*bM glttboti tbtt 

S«i! Kidihciilnisdijtrit, ifi eSI^ortjeit, Huajn ftin. 

IDennctiDlIc ..fdi s it ) nuaeuClid'e. 

iltrine ©antt Bnb annj mil t\lafen bebtJt. 

StianifdK ftlitfien ,itbtn Blaftn. 

6ein fflereiiltn rauii tin loeniG aeroeiH (n»* oerufoi) wtrbrn. 

3«t T'Mvt Icati mil rin ;lii,U'fla(ter biiitet bas Cl)t. 

ftretiliih nit tin «i>ael in brr Sufi. 

Cin frnbiieW JkI) madjt tn.3 UWiait id>Sn. 

»ion etolj aHfacHolcn (auffltblob.t). 

Sin I'LTbiiaiijci tjni re rlBm lining 

l£r UgU icincn Bnvf ou| ben Sloct. 

Tiic *i)njcn ntrfwrrtrn bm lists. 

Ur i|t ttiittt Bom fluten alien s*loj (ee^rot uab Jtorn), 

Bine fid nlctuiofft. din $auferttnntiter. (WttttbrB. 

Sie ttaje bet etrafte ocrutfa*t n[t fine CttafMg ctJ 

Gin anj ben iUuINn oefciUtiler S"l!l«l! Sin Srammti'tf 

T)ie ISiftnfcibnitrccfe (Sinit) war fl(fe<rtt. 

ISine vc lift Jut ifle Sttitunj liin uncilliuirrbartS Jruaud. 

■i tat eoi tm v.niii; [W uTa it e) . 

Bin MlulJ van Pimirakit 

Tic flDtfabe tnrdjbieitirn [auffttben]. 

liaa Rert nmibf blocTirt. 

5r ift rin bumnm lotvtf . 

tit n-utbe Talttliitia (mit laltera Unite) bingtmijrttt. 

lir ift tin Jtfcnnijfiiftlft. 

Vim ijl ticTer alS SBafftr. [aef*taacn. 

trctnurbc bis nnf's Win! eefdilaaen. Crnuirbt bliittuuitij 

(itwutbeaefibliiiien, bajWut btranatam. 

Eti fiinllt Citb nua)« ban Slat bcn'ataiiellot. 

»*ri rinan Karaiilt Orrf udjt jtbtt 3auflfainii|er ba« trftt «tut 

Hi macbt bSfeB »tut. [tttattSnitAbucii 

Hiie tBiuien Sit ^x ti.iene.) Sltifei unt Unit fo mitbanbtla? 

SBuen eie tn OktiuHcieinbiiU; rt ift fltnua tlint iKrjoffai. 

©ei« (KiKbt trofftn Dl-h Will. 

■T^l Iroubeabtut Her Bttbtnfaft. 

Ce madju mtln Slut rrftatttn. 

Btofl Brattttafl, iritb u>t ba? f lut in bit ifflanaoi. 

erin Wut toinnii liber Kie fiittr Jbt QostfL] 

eeint f ante ftnb mil Wut beftort. C Of. in Wut gcimuftt 

ta $Ot •■ Kiiialii'em latbultt. 

Etin *lu! i*rti! flratn iba. 

Birin Wut erftanl. imtn idi bMD (elite. 

fflmcS [blauet, atliart] Wul. 

Tsai Wut to*t mtr (bie SaBt ftei.n iniv) W 

St Mtflt im Wute. [irmboi fab. 

(Hfrraattmein eiui in EJaOiino. atf idSibn lo iii« 

tc tfl rt buftet, wiril ct tin BienQt Wul an*. 

lit (wit Will.— Wiitwavntt. 

■lm SuarnblitT. mr frin Wut rtutp (in annimg). 

Wntiimlauf. .Irtitlouf btS »[ute».— WulaeMS. 

liin mil Wut unnrlaiifOK* Suae. 


BLOODLESS. A — victory 
BLOOM. Flowers ire in full — 
The — of youth 

The — on her cheeks - 

Am j mn thine — 

BLOSSOM. Tobudand- 

\ tin rton — s, but never bears (firtn: , ... 

BLOT. [v. cVn.) — out that word ... 
A — Uno — , uniil it be hilf/Jw.J 

— up flic ink 

Il will be fur ever it — on his escutcheon 

It is a — upon his character 

That rmeewu —ted out from the face of the earth 
That incident is — ted out from my memon 

BLOTCH. He is all over -cs 

BOTCHY. A -face 

BLOW, (n) It is — ing great guns ... 


My hat was — n off my head 

Wait til! the Mem has — n over 

It is an ill wind that — s nobody good 

The storm was terrific ; several chimneys were 

— out the candle 

The wind —5 over the hills 

The wind — n my hat oS 

He blew his brains out 

The ship blew up 

' .i ifhewill 

W.-ii. I an -edl 

That be — ed for a yarn I 

i Ibc wind — ■ 

He blew me tip sky-high 

Surely ynui trumpeter must be dead, that you 
your own trumpet 

The wind — »Bigh. 

The wind blew in several panes of glass ... 

The windows were blown out from the explosion 

He —s hot and cold, just as it suits hb purpose. 

Tim rumour is simply a straw thrown up. i 

which way the wind — s 
It — i i. hurricane (a gale) ... 

— into your hands (u keep them warm ... 

The wind —scold 

The fly has — n the meat 

Tli._- il.inqer has — n over 

I. lew it towards me 

A full —n rose 

— not against ■ hurricane (prov.) 

BLOW. («.} lie felled him at one—... 

It was but a word and a — with him 

He aimed a — at me 

From words they came to — s 

I struck (dealt) him a — 

Without striking a — 

[i ■■— . f.s death — 

BLOWING-UP. I gave him a good — 

BLUBBER Soft as— 

He -edlikeaboy 

BLUE. A Hue - 

The dark- 

The light — 


A — jacket. Sky — 

A — pill. — ruin 

This lady is ■ — stocking 

A pale — colour 

She is a — eyed girl 

BLUES. HeWlhe— 

BLUNDER. V.w have made a — ... 

BLUNT. A — answer 

A plain, — man 

The edge of this Mam is — ed 

The eicercise of his profession has — cd in 
the finer feelings of human nature 

BLURT. He - fi il 

BLUSH. A — mantled her cheeks ... 

: hlc a ruse 

— ing is virtue's colour (proo.) 

That puts all our boaited cleverness to the - 

At the firs! —of 

>.i,-j, really 

.— edallover 

■ (/panoui. 

! '•:,- ;■;'. hire purr de w 
Lajlfun stmt en plein 
La ftcur dc lajeunesic 

Frahhe comme une rest 

Lt /rail cotorii dt its Jottts 

Fltur printamtre. Fratehtur prinlanilre. 

Fltur amarante 


La zuiiu gloire fortt des ffeurs, mail pa; ,it frtiiti 

Efface: ce mot ... [deeauvertt 

but tocke nest pas une lathi taut qu'ellt n( It fas 
Enlevez i 'inert aver du pitpitr brout/lard... 

Cut une tathr siir sa reputation 

Ctttt rari Jut efflac/e de la surface de la tirrt 

Cct incident est rffat/ de ma m/moire 

// nt cetti'crt dt fitsliilts ... 

Une figure eouverle de gros tautens (cauperos/e) .. 
Le ireul rugit. It Jail tin vent ipom/antablt 

Lt tail put import/ par le vent 

Lt tint m'importa men cliapeau 

/.' ■■. >■: :i. . '.■■■' .' ..'.■ :: . 

Le malheur de I'un est le bonheur dt Vautre 
La templte fut terrible; plusiturs chemiiJts fu- 

Souffle* la thattdtlle (bougie) 

Seuffln le /eu.—Mouches-vaus 

Le vent souffle sur Its collints 

Le vent m'a import,' mon thaptau 

// SI brula (fit sauler) la ctrvellt 

Le vaisscau saula en Voir 

Jt mux fire damn/ s'il le fail 

Vest urn fit hue blague 

Stlon les tirtonslantes [sawn 

II mt lavajoliment la tele. II me donna nit /aniens 

I'ous n'ava doni ptrsonne pour /aire voire iloge 

qui vous lies oblige 1 Je It /aire vous-mfmt? 

Lt vent est port 

Pluiiturs rtirrcaux fnretit cttssh par It vent 

Lis /entires /urent projet/es dam la ruepar Vex 

II soufflt le chaudet le /raid selon ses intMts ., 

Ce bruit titst au'unt paillt jct/e in fair pour volt 

de quit cite" souffle le vent 

Lt vent soufflt tn tempi le 

Souffle* Jans vol mains pour lei tcnir chaudes 

Lt lint est /reid 

La mouthe a salt (d/pos/ del a:u/s sur) la viandt 

Lt danger est pass/ (dissip/) 

Lt Vint la poussait vers tnoi 

Une rose tpanouit 

// He/aul souffler tontre la ttmfcte 

It labatlit ( rilendit a terrt) dun toup ... 

II /ait tomiiie le Breton, qui menace quaiid il a 

/rappf. It ne /ait ni unt ni deux 

II veulait me ilonner tin toup 

Des paroles ils en vinrent attx coups 

fe lui donnai un coup 

Coup pour coup 

Sans toup /Mr 

Ct fit ion coup dt mart 

ft lui ai donni tin tameux savon 

Men comnie une toi/ite 

II pltur.i cemmi tin veau ... 

L n lory dt vitiltt roche 

Ltbleu/onci. Lei /tudiants d" Oxford ... 
Lt bleu clair. I.,, ftuiiiaats tit Cambridge.,, 

II en /ut eon/us ( dJeonctrt/) [dead 

I'n malelot de la marint royale britanniqut.—Blcu 
{.'lit pilule mercurieltc. — Fil-tn-qualrt. Vein piti 

Cttte dame est un bai-bltu 

Cealtur bleu pilt , 

C'est une Jeune fille aux yclix blctis(a fait bleu) ... 

Ilalesplcrn ... 

Vmu air: /ail une Unit 

I'm r/fnmt bruique 

Un hommt tout rend 

/v fil de ce rasoir at tmoussl 

L'exerriet de la pro/esiifn a /mousse' chet lui les 

sentiments /levfi el 

II tanca ctla sani y r/fi/thir 

La rtmgtur lui monta au visage 

., tomme unt piroine 
La rongeur est la livr/c dt la virtu 
Ctla /ail hontt a noire habiltt/ lant vanl/e 
A la premiere apparition. I)t prime almrd 

('raiment, j'm retigii four vous 

II devint tout rouge ,. , 



If in ii ii tin tiger Sira. 

Tiit mumtR lint in noun: «IEttie. 

r-'K ;lu.|CiiitliiitK. Si( Slfltfrfjril (tec Ettij) t*r 3ti b tnb. 


I>i< aiiratiT liHoliti) oaf i&rrn Slaitaen, 


MiiMiv.iirtK'litliilK- ■Wiilt (111* mil it bcS Sctljc!. 

Jini'SIcii wit bliilK-ii. syiiillmi nub grand! 

Hilla 9iubm rc.ijt t'liltlrai, nber trine ftriiditt. I iititidicn, tabictu) Sit bir[M JBorlou). 

Sin filnftn loirb bona erfl [iiliaiiii, wcim man ibn flrhl. 

IiL-Jntn tk btt liiitr out. l(Jla)ncn) (tin. 

ft Wilt fiic iminrc du ^Woi miF (evMBi BaafaMOM 

B«ifldiieewnMl(it (ffi.ild) M ftlmmnaMM. 

Settrt ew*lc*t witrtt ccn hi fAatalUUvt oatllflt. 

,1din Itettoll ift mir nus tan tfcfodiliiifit rmfdjrouitfccn. 

lir t|t DD[ln ^ nine ii (gipblattmi, 1'u|f(In). 

fin ftmtlgti Wcfidji. [IMnfn ndtx. 

«S OtttS (lit flcrMlti|i(r eturmicinb. Ge piirmt, baft bte 

j' .i - ; i .ni' raurbc iriw.LV 1 1 . 

Sin t'ut ivurbr mir HB ftspfe ncnwfjr. 

©arte, biS bet etuemtmriiber iff (bis brrgt. fia; gclcgt lint ) 

I jo ift tin bSfer SBinb, btc Slicinant Sulrt roerpt. 

Set Slurni rear (djaAU); wifdiirbera £*Hnf[(inc inirtcti 

bcrutitcr.ifi^vii iiiiii.i;Li.i|ai, imtfrflootr/l). 
W.ildi iic tic flttit ouf. [S)ol( 

tlla((nei(t«a RnRiaa. — SibitSuitn {itiit(iii) Sir fit) bit 
Si BtBt ftrtimt (recbt) liber bit ©ctfle. 
Set Silinb bat mir bn j>uf iwflaowW. 
5r fttjo6 (jostt) fi* fine 8ujjtl burol ben Jtovf. 
J.iS Sdjtff Rcflin Metuft, 
;\4 Iaii( mi* CkuFDangEU, renin tr r8 Hut. 
Muti, rn biirt ja »ne9 aiif I 
TaS laflr to) mir ttiif)! ouftinbrn. 
^rnacvbnnbrtlBinb recti. Jr na* tin Umfti'iibrti. 
dr ni.iJiio miiii iji.'.-i.ih* Valium. 
Da ten dnbrrrt etc liibt, (c toben Sic 6i* fclt-(*. 

C§ iiftit tin ^e*ioinb. 

Err JBlltb mb;tc (criirflr) orrldiirbrnc Wat i*cirrn ct 

I>ic Scnl'rr reiirbru bur* bic Ba«rtilufiuii bnanSacirtcnat 

gc jiclft balb prcnjtrt, bnlb stliiibcH •Soil(n ouf |«r Iptidj! 
balbfo.balbanbiir*), )c iiadibfin d ilm in bcatttm v,inl. 
TaS IHcril*! ift m 


iHj b-ie 


SI rocht rin Drtau [Stiirmminb]. 

flat™ iit fij' in ti( p.intc, am fit irarm f,u ballcn. 

Sit Siicat bal ba^ ftKild) br[djmi[fni. 

Sic Skfaftt ift Dorilbtr (Buhlbngcaanfltn). 


irnit I'oLi'iiti'ttibc (i'tiiciiiiali(tt) 3tnfr. 

SJla'n mufi nittjt gcjcn boi Slrcra f*reimmeit. 

Ucrearf ibn mil limcm Sirciibt (iitjlagc, Buiti nice. 

Sic Iljat folate bti il,m nufi IDurt 

gr ri*tctr (tiihrte] tincn fricb na* mfr. 

l!-i]l WMli'it lam man \l\ ;*la,i(ll. 

;l* E(rf(flt |nll>(illi] ihitt cintii <*lag (Gtufi, ^irb). 

€*laafur«*taa. SlL.&umeto6. 

Cbnt ciiKB g*ta,uii ttjun. 

ISO rear [rin Jabr*frrti* ISi'brsftofi). 

3* 6abc ibm flcbOtlfl ben *onf genjofitmi. 

■Jiiiifi it'Le =vvf- iei'iif ii.'ii: eiue ■= 1 tn.,fi. 

i?v iv.-iiii, ii.nia*iit] reittinainb. 


Sie Iwirctl'laiicii lie Cjftrber Stntcnlcii. 

Sic (lellbtauen . lie ilubtnlm. 

fit [at, oerwirrl IbcfOiaint, Dtrtiiiffli nii9. 

tflnc lbccr|aiie. gin !Diivati*cr 91(alrc[(.— ftii 

Hint Sfttrfuriarjatuc— Slonrr ilroirn. 

3)iefe Same ift cine Slaiiftnimpf, 

Bai iilKM.W'laiit ftarbt. 

6ir ift eine bland uainti UlaMcil. 

Ui- ill in iriibtc 1 liiiunnii!!- (ft M [eine SrilltTt. 

gie b>ben einen |*iDtceii Beblcv flcumdit. 6, \. e. »oct of 

gioe barin>c Kntwort. 

ttirt tinfadjer, f*Ii*tcc atioim. 

Die e*neibc be* KafllMffetl ifi abgcftnrnvft 

Sic bMhrm iciaci HtccufM t>at tie feinern «ef(!!il( 

meniibliiljeu Statur abjiiiriitrip(t. 
gc plolJle bjaiit t*rau< Bt i*)reoljte c! auB. 
!H5ttjc (2awmviiilie| bebrifte ibri S!anjtn. 
giectri-IMtc reirciiie »o(t 
Saumrcihc lit tie itnvbe ttr lugenb. 
Bal bei4dinl uiifrre eidacrt^arrc i"ti*irfliai[i-it. 
it>rini ctfltn Snblic! Ban . . *n tec n-fini ^rj*ri.nnti j w 
3<b (aja'mt mioj reirflio> file Sit. 


It made her — 

BLUSTERING. A — fellow 

BOARD. (:■. rV H.) Hard U a rlcnl - 
I pay £i a week for — ami lodgings 

Her lirst appearance on the — s 

The judge decreed a separation from bed and ■ 
Tic you — at the hotel? No, I — out ... 
Does your landlady give you both bed and — . > 
I — myself 

There is no 

mm b on 

The passagt 

I beg to inform you, that I have dapped (his day, 

on — the good ship " Floating-coffin," siity 
bales of cotton Ac. 

We — ed the enemy's vessel " Paris 

He went by Ihe — 

lie It'll over—, and was drowned... 

The — of Education 

— of trade 

The School — 

At a meeting of the — of Health it was decided 
that . 

A sign — . 

I had nolhi 
BOARDER Aday — {atstAool, 

A weekly — {at school) 

Mrs ■¥. tikes in -s 

BOARDING-SCHOOL She is at a — 
BOAST. (!'.&■ ».) It is all empty — ... 

It is his — , that 

Great — , small roast (prov.) 

a college and a botanical garden 

- of his age (family, town, &c- ) 
and — of the inhabitants of L., that . 

TER. He is n great — 

A — and a liar are cousin-germans (firm.) 
BOAT. (p. 6- ».) A bum — ■ A jolly — . 

A tishing — . Along— 

A gun— . A life— 

We went— ing on the i 

Card — 

M> tmt the bare — s to sleep upon 

ER ■ ' 

We arc (We row) in the same — ... 

— (shin) your oars 1 

BOB. The cork —bed upanddown inthewater 
BODE. It does not — well for the Allure 

— n gear slinks (prov. ) 

It — s me ill. It — s me no good 

BODIED. An able — seaman 

BODILY. Island in — fear of him ... 

— labour earns not much (prov.) 

He threw him — over the wall 

He transferred the extract — ftoni the Tinas 

— ailment, —pain 

BODY. A — of soldiers, (police. &c.) 

He has barely enough to keep — and soul together 
He was run through the — 

I am ill in — and mind 

A foreign — . Clerical — 

The diplomatic — 


_.|. ,..!„ 

nu not much — 

These cheap stuffs have never much — ... 
The people went to the palace in a — 

A dead — . — snatching 

A curious (silly, comical) old — , 

There is no — at home 

Don't take any notice of him; he is no— 

Every — knows it , 

Keep your — creel ,. 

The — ofa hook (dress, carriage, ic.) ,., 

lie is devoted to him — and soul 

The enemy advanced in a — , 

A coroner s jury sat upon the — 

A corporation is a logical iHIIIIHlfllililJ, without 



Celt fa Jit rougir 

Unfanfaron. Un brai/lard 

JJur iouinte uuc ■;.■ { l-i .'-.v.' re) 
Jt pait Lj par semaint pour ma pendon ... 


A.." /I'^l /'I ."/."/: :' ■'■( .■■/. Il . J'/..'!' I.'',' , I f$ . . |.\V'.- 

.■ ■ . '■. ■.■ ■. .■■■■ 

Eil-cc .pic MM hStcsst vous donnt la table ainii qut 
It logement! Nan, f'achlic moi-memt ce t/u'il 

Quant/ fa muthvnt partit, fes liomettiquit r» urwti 
pour gages jusqu'a son rctour unt indcmui 
pour frail de nourriture \jott 

Dt 1/11," s'agit-il maintcnanl '? 

Le passage flail barrc far da planches 
J'ai t'Aoiineur de vans informer que j'at ehargc 
aujourd'hni a bend du valuta* U Cercueil 
floliant soiranle balles de colon tic. 


.Y.mi nf-arddma le vaisseau dt t'cnnttni It Paris 
// fuf sacrifiJ. II passa I'armt & gauche ... 

/,' utmii ,*[)/ dessus bord el se noya 

Le Bureau de I 'instruction publique 

Lt Ministcre du commerct ..[mat 

La Commission administrative d'instruitian pi 
On dicida a unt seance de la Commission sanitairt 

Une enseignt. — Carionnagc 

Je n'avais pour me conckcr que la planche nu 

I'n Jemi-pausionnaire 

Un pensionnaire h la semaine 

Madame f. prend da pensionnaires 

Etlt est en pension 

Ce sent /lures vanterus 

II se fall gloire de ce que 

Grand embarras, niaigrt chin 



II n'y a pas Id de quoi se vanter [de sa villt natale) 
Ctt homme est la gloire de son siecle (de safamille, 
C'tst un litre de gloire pour tes habitants Je L. que 

II est tr?s-vantard 

Un vantard tt un mtnleur sont ct 

Battau dt provisions, Pttil canot 

Battau (C'iaJoupe) de pfrhe. Chaloupt [sauvefage 

Canonniire. Chaloupe canonni/rt — Battau ' 

Nousallions enbateau/ Nous conations jsurlartvi 

Nous sommts logJs H la mfme enseigni 

Rentrez les avirtms [surface de I'e 

Le bouthon s'agitait, plongtanl el remontant a 
Ct n'esl pas debtrn augure pour favtnir ... 
Lis raisins soul Irop verts [m'annonce aucun bien 
Ctla tsl dt mauvais augure pour moi. — Cela 

Un matelot de premilre dasst 

Un homme fori tt vigourtux 

Jt trains pour ma ptrsonnt de la part de eel homme 
Le travail manutl nt rapportt pas grand' chose 
II le prit par It corps tt le ;tta par dessus It 
■ mla Particle. ™" 

/tempi 111 


Un lietachtmenl dt soldats (dt police ) 

II a juslt asset pour ne pas monrir dt faim 

It rCfUt un coup dVp', .> travcrs fe corps ... 

Je suts ma/ade dt corps ct d'esprit 

Un corps granger.— Le corps t.cUsiastiqut 

Le corps diplomatiqut 

Un poti. Dtlavtrmine [card 

Ce vin n'a pas htaucoup dt corps. Ct vin n' est pis 
Cts itojfts J bon marchi nt sont jamais fort soli.tti 

Le peuple se porta en masse vers It palais 

L'h cadavn. — Vol dt cadavrts [ I'nt drilt dt vitillc 
Unt singulilrt vieille, Unt viti/lt simple d'tsiril. 
Lln'ra ptrsonne a la maiton ... ...[de tut 

Ntfaitcspas attention a tut, ptrsonne He tient eoi ' 

Tout It mondt It sait 

Tennvous droit [d'unevoi 

/.,-,■,!'/.. ■d'niilivre. Le corsage d'nne robe. Lac. 

It lui est dnvuJ corps tt Sme 

L'ennemi avanfa en Mm ., [ciai're 

Aviint d'mtrrrcr/e cadaver, on fit unt titquclc iudi- 
Unt corporation at un lire de famaisie qui n'a ni 
corps ni Sme 

II nt salt pas distinguer <a main „''< ■■ . 


Itiii Jluttcrrv. H\e UwbHan«. (tin SmfrfirrAcr, 
*art reit tin «r«t|ittirij 
34 bqaf i°6$cnttiw Li fit »"f! unt BogO. 
^I)t erfi«!»ii|t«la> juf Kit tmtimi nu< I I 
£<r >Hid)t« furadg fcrc Ircnnnna viin XifH uiiC- IMt as*. 
iwij.ii in im iBjjthcfc? Stan, iej rfit moMd*. 
$ol>oi .£i, bci ;-<ijicr Himtijiii XoD unl> 9Iad)il,tjn? Una, 
ii> (di)fti t ie milt) feltfft. 

HIS tie frntSfiaii wrrtiftr, brlanini tic Eienpliolrn Kufljcls 

Mai ifl ieyt nuf ton tapet ? Wat ift inljt loE7 
Ixi Iiuntjaanj rourM utit Ottrtcxn wrfdjlBani. 
3d) tjtelirc mid) '^lintu mirjittbcilcn.taj idj jik tjoitigtr Xaq< 

anSort MsautEii JJ'iiti) ..Jtujiiiii! luffin" bo«Jti(u 

Aiumteslle Derlatitn fjafct. 
Kr i|i an Ccro ttt eatifitt. 
tHii cntcrttn bai fcinbliAc e^iR „$arit", 
Br IBurtr flwufect. 
Cr fid iitrr «oit unt crrrnnt. 
nittniidg Wbinn iff < en . UnlnTiiptiniiniftrriunl. 
^antflitollejiiim. (mntdegcridjt. 
Xit i*:iir;'tiimiilii'n 3Uit =d;iilfiir,iluiiirai. 
Sal ritier SSetfammlunj t« tjkfuntbritfiloniniiffiiin (trl 

S«fbiiinallpar.?ii™ie| trairtc rnifdiitbai, tofj... 
Bin ©fljill) ftin Suilhdnflffajilt.— Sapprnbelel. 
;")d) mufiH jn[ Mm liloficn QRIlt Wafm. [OTittag Ift 

lilii I,i,iri'jl :'r. Sin Sffiilcr. iwlajtr in ber fluflult ;n 
(fin SJodjenliiftgangn'. Sin 5*iilrr, nxldjcr mil 'Jiii-ii.irine 
ffrang. halt Hufti]iiniirr.[bt.J = L'iintoacti inter anfial! [urift. 
Sit ift in tutrr *rnnDn*anftalt | Koftfdjnle). 
Hi ift aOrt titlr 9Jrablrrri (fltttandxJgWt). 
lir rCbmt lid; trnnit. baft... Sii ifl fciu £IoI|, taf... 
fflmfj tsitpravt, fdimak tiffin. 
il dm •\.ti tutjuf ttttoa* jn tHute. 
(rr ifl ftut j burauf , s u... Brnlbmtfidj toinit...iu 6nim. 
EicfeStott Tann fia) riwr tilltimi fiafiitE unb tinrt betani- 
let lira bit iitrnt. Ifr ift Dra^tltldjtii! ((flXn SartniB riltjmm. 
XmI'oii ift iiiibt Ditt Sdibmriif ju maditn 
(Er i|i trt ©tol( (titter 3"t [iramliit. SlaM a.) 
ft* i|l b« grotit etui; trt eiiun-bnrr run ( ., baj... 
Sr ift (in aenultiatr VcMa Hlmblbjiw, iSrufiftiniljrr). 

L.'l 'M 

Bin *larRf(tiff (i'rcblautboot).— ttlneJoBt. [toflt.) 

tin ijifdjrrbool. iStf*rrtabn— ttin nrcfita *oni (Bin( »«- 

Bin Jtamwnboot.— Ifin NMIaagHoOL 

IDir fnbroi in riiicin Sahntaiii bem Tiliilfc htrani. 

BJit ftrfoi in jTtidjrn Bdiulien. ailir |»|kh an tan[rlbru 

*amn. *t!ir Ibrilrn tai|dt< tcno ((ai)iiffat.) 

I*r *ort&iitifte im JBoffer auf nub niifei 
66 ift (tint |iut( Sorttf rutting fiir tir rfatun(t. 
Tie Xraubtn finb niir in fatier [fur nrtis>, 

it btbentcl air •JjttaMtf. tt> ifl flinr ,iutt Vctbcbtuiini,) 
tin WollnTatroft. 

Bin lilcnf* fen fiaittm wotcrvbaii. 
ftr [wt nir nit tUdroItthati.jrrilen jirtvoM. 
(unbiwrf bat fciiien golbtntn Vnben ni(l[r. 
it war) ibn. oit er wot, ufrtc tie illaurr. 
^dj en tn a tin btn 9u*\ua icovtlid) au8 trr ,.IitneB". 
Wcwrlidirs ftibtn (a!rM) — Jtortolidi. _ . 
Bint «tiMiliing (s*,iar, tin Iruvi,') Stlbattn [t'olivfloi] 
uh bat tben genug. um i'tib unb Zalt tiilainuimiuiiall.-ii. 
tr louiM tuia) ten Seit gcrannt (geftpoen). 
34 bin rranf an 8rib unb «tift. 
im fiontn flBrptt — Ktciftlidjlcit. flltm*. 
t)b biDlaiBaiifd!< «Srpcvfd>a|t. 

Wlm Hititfvi.nuv 

Eieftr ©tin bat nimt bid SWrper. [*a|liareit.) 

Eirfrbtniantitoi. , .■■■:■ b^(«Mt,B inw 

WrtrWrinaniillfhi m I I ■ ■ ■■■■ n.icn'jmnfatajte. 
Bin ttioinaiB. ffinrifcidji.— tridfoiraut, 
BinrnniiirriiK(all'trTn. fontifdir} Jlltr, 
iff ift 91innant> m &oult. 
SuuHlm Sic ibn utdjt ; a (ft tine rcine Sua. 
Jtttwrmann tnifj ts. 

*,itlcn sir Jbrcn «PrBtr flrratc f aufrrdjtl- [tafttn. 

Her3iifci«tinelCu«rt.— Sribojtii: laiut.— Xwmnfib™- 
. . . . : ■ .-■:.■..,..;■.■: ■ ■'■ ■■1 

Her Stint riltftt In gefdilofloitr Ulalit Pur 
,. .;■:■■ m . ..■!■.- i-.-ii.i.ti.m: tn ttittie- 
Binc (tumridjaft ift tint !ogi|ib. Itninoati*hi!; dt tat nxbtr 

tint e«l(, bit gtlttttt, nmt) tdun «Jrwr, bit geftofjen 

imrttn Biinte. 
Br triibt ttin ftJa(T«. to bun ciftl tttl iJWtn. 


— the meat slowly (gently) over a low fire 

The meat is not — e<l enough 

It is not half — ed ; — it a little longer ... 

The meal is — ed to rags 

Ii requites to he — ed thoroughly ..." 

The potatoes are — crl dry 

The potatoes are — ed lo pieces (to a mash) 
it is — ed to a jelly 

Tin * 

n Ihe- 

It needs 2 hours' — = 

The stew is — ing too Fast 

All the water in the keltic has — ed away 

The milk is —ing over 

The meat was spoiled in the —ing 

This meal — shard 

That sort of thing doesn't keep the pot —ing 
It made my blood — to see him treated thus 
Are there enough vegetable- for a —ing?... 
Will you have the meat — ed or roasted ?... 

Thc'soupis — ing hot 

— till tender 

He was — ing with rage 

In a —ing rage, —ing point (see point) ... 

BOLD. Tut 
Vou make very — ... 
Emm me for making so - 
He put on a — face (look) 
A — stroke oF policy 
It was a — attempt ... 

Front on the matter 

He makes too — with sacred truths 

lie writes a — hand 

He writes in a — style 

h. — coast 

Io stand out in — relief 

— resolution is the favvuritc of pi'>vtdence f//w. J 

BOLDLY. I told him — to his face, that ... 
The sculptured cornices project — 

BOLDNESS in bonne* is the first, second, 
and third thing ffitvp.J 

BOLSTER. 1 — ed up the patient in bed ... 
A — ed up quarrel 

BOLT, ft/, t> rr.) He — ed with the 


e money . 

lie bu shot his— 

When the — was drawn, the body Fell . 

I — ed myself in 

If you arc not in by II o'clock, I'll — you otil 


I shot the — upon him 

Draw the — 

He stood — upright 

He — ed straight up at this remark 

He — ed like a shot 


The thunder — soF the Church 

A Toil's — is soon shot , 

To ■ meal (Hour) 

BOMBAST. He is Full of— 

There is a deal of— about him 

BOMB-SHELL. He scattered them like i - 
BOND. I'll lie his- 

The wine is stilt in — 

He forfeited his — 

i — for the amount 

The sacred honds of affection (friendship, love, 
matrimony, brotherhood ) 
BONDAGE. He cTdimad h fam — 

BONDED. — stotes (goods, &c) 

BONE. As dry as a— 

Rotten to the— 

Topick a — ... 

Ill give him a — to picli , 

A big raw — d fellow 

I have a — to pick withynu 

The — of contention in this case was ..... 

He is a lag of — s 

Failes batti l iir un pen tl'iau... 
Failes miialer la viand/ a pttit ft. 

Lavtande n'esl pas asset cuile [fit" 

Ce n'esl fas i) moitU rail, failes bouillir encore 

La viande tombe en morceaux 

Cila Mil ttrebitn cuit 

Tonic /'/an des pommel de lerre s'csl hmpor/e 

Les fommes 4t ■'■ ^.ix(tn pun'c) 

Ijt viande est pourric & forte de bouillir 

L'eau rii bouillir 

Ilfautfaire bouillir tela deux heures 

Le rage/it va trop vile 

Toule l'eau de la bouillcire s'est /vapor/e 

I* lait deoorde 

Celteviande esl mauvaise^parctqueellea/t/ maltuile 

Celte triande dureit a la cuisson 

Utie chase de cc genre nc fail pa! bouillir la mama 
Ccla me faisail bouillir le sangde le voir trailer aln 
Y a-t-il asses de legumes pour le pot au feu ? 
Vouttt-vous que la viande spit Aotiillie ou rdlit ? . 
Du ba-ufpour bouillir (le bouillon) 

Xi fill i i tf I'liTTimf 

Pouts bi'uiHir jusqu'a ct quae soil ttndrt... 

II erumail de rage 

Dans u tie furenr extr/mt 

Tempi oragcux 

Homme brvyant 

Prcnrs la those hardiment 

Votes prcnix de grandes litiertit 

Excuse- la lilvrll que n prends devows demandcr. 

II sc pi hh front d'airatn 

line tnesure (manauvre) bardie 

C/lait unt tentative audacimse 

Ilardi tommt un lion (tommt un page) ... 

Sije puis prendre eettt It'bert/ 

II park Irop (avalitremenl del vlrilh stur/es 

II a une /iriturc fcrme et hardie 

II a It style vif ct hardi 


Monfrer un relief Hen actus/ 

V ' ' . ' • i f V rai'iftm 

Je lui dis hardiment en face que 

■e de I'audace 

J'arrangtai les ccussins du malade 

I'n,- -jncrille soulcnue 

II fila avee Targent 

II mamy avtc avidile 

II a lane/ son trail 

Quand It vtrrou ful fin', le corts tomba ... 

Ferme* la parte au verrou 

Je m'enfermai au verrau 

Si vous n'ftes pas renlri a oust hcures, je fcrmcrai 
la forte au verrou 

II entra en couranl et sortil aussitlt 

Tire, le verrau 

II selenaif droit comme tin i (tout droit) ... 
II sc leva vivement en entendant telle remarque 

II partit tommt un trait [t'l fila 

Aussildt qti'il vitlc garde dcville ( V agent de police ) 
Fie VI. lanca con/re lui lesfoudrcs de l£glisc . . . 

Lit foudrts dtVEglist 

Un Jon a bicn vitt tdtlu' ' sontoup 

Bluter de la farine 

II parte d'lint manil'rt tr!s-pr,<tentieuse ... 
Iladt I'enf/ure ... [tomU'c au milieu d'e 
lis te disperse 1 rent devantlui tommt si tine bembt/lait 

Je me porterai fort four lui 

Le pin est tntort a Ventrepit 

// lubit la clause t/nale pour son obligation 
Je luifis urn obligation pour celte somme ... 
Les liens satr/sdt V affection (del'amilil, Je t' 

du manage, de la fralernill) 
ft nous a illlivr/s du servant 
Marchandises entreposees fen entrepft) . . . 

Set cemme de /'amadou 

Pourri jusqu'a la motile 

Je lui dannerai un et & ranger 

I'n grand gaillard fortemtnt mtmbri 
J' at maille a parlir avet vous 

La pomnic de discorde en te cas-ciful 

II est maigre comme un squtlttlt 

II n'a que la peau et let oi 

/.cvei-voui, parcsieux, il est ilii heurcs 

ftodjt bo3 IBaffcr? 

Won niufr bit &iut ii*' Nrlnufcn, Hi tnciit ben BSrcn t»t. 

Er lorat fflr bit Wej& tits tus fliiib to tft 

*5*rn Sic du iwttia SBaRer at, [toftta. 

?a(fni ©iffcoS 3 [ti W l^fam Mn fiwm [diwndjen ftencr 

SMS ftltHaj tft iiidii fltitua flttodit, S. ff. iff ni*I aor. 

$i if) nidit hnlbujr (jur fdlfttgtrD*!); lafi™ i=t( e# n«* 

Ha* SItlfaj ifi sattdj!. [ein njcnifl to*™. 

e»ifi nfini,!. tofj c8 artiiSrifl at foa)t tDitt>, 

Tit .Qart^ntln furt fmitoi (tMit. [i.-tt, &-I. 

"Bit Rarwff(Infinliticuii««6fn ntr[aHdn.— S. ft. (. ill Orel 

©a* Sleifw ip )u «rci irrfoajt. 

IWSffllnfttrfinatnn <n tc*m (firtcii). 

C8 raufi jiMf Shniboi liuij fon)cn. 

■£.w siiMtin-ncif* tciM v 1 M'nta. 

fltl(9 m.irTer in ftc<|rl ift wrtdJit. 

I>ir mm fo*t (tfiiilt) ilotr. 

3\tS ntcif* cnTodjte. 

Xm» BWW roir" m*t tar trim ftofttrt . [niftt imrra. 

So GIkjS mj*t bin Sol'l ii irt-r fill. ii'L'tlcoS Mil We Mfe 

6i broiStt mrin SJlm In ii'jiium, mi int itjn is frttantjclt M- 

3ft unni j lluuHt f«v du Acdjncrla^t oa? 

<B0iif*cn Sic bag Writ* dttodji ntnr nebratcit? 

HbrkjedH poa Barju. SiiiwaBdW. 

Tic : iii'vc ift fti*tnb (glilbenol triS. 

OTon lnflr rt hJAeit, WS eg ictil) (gar) reitb. 

ISt fo*lr (i*5umt() cor Hhitb- 

■. ■...'■■ 
S'tnrmi[d)(« fflettrr. 

tfln uniitfiilrarr fluftifltr, baftifl", auffroti[rjibn) 9taifa). 
Iflreilrn Sir ^eu^tiaft su. 

git itfbnirn fid) Sict btrnitS. Siefiiib Wr brrijl. [fraaen... 
gTtlf*ulfi,i(ti 2ic, toeniT i* rair tic ISriihsit nefrnie. &t ,n 
ErfHjtceiiitirfiflcSfflcnditquf.— tfrnjbmtinefrt$c»iien(aa. 
gin (ilfiitrt SBlitifiitt ettrin. 
g.l roar tin hltinn fteluft. 
ftil^H rate rin Ebwt. — ftrr* n?ie daljrnlioi). 
EJenn i* (o frti (fuftn) feiit barf. 
6r ninnnt ct \<t ttidjftvti.i niit bca Scitt jni SJalprljiitra. 
tSr l*cribt einert ftetttn 6Ht. 
gin ndfenufcr. Gine (ttile ftilflt. 
■,1m Sitltcf (4arf IitrBortrrttn, 
Eein ■PfutMiim rjttft «ctt. 
Sr5(anttibmH6n(br(i(l)iii , e WrfiAt, bofi... 
l.ic w.iniicfi slulvtiiivii i,v>'M (fifkn, irtttn) iitjnrf Imior. 
8ri Bcdfjifttn ift ftflftntri! rit tr[tt, jiotitc unb brittr 

a* tratc bent ftronrcn ftiffen in ben fltiiifcrt. 
Sin .icfrftiliitr Stttit. 
Sr Btonttte mil bttn (Srtbt bnnr). 
Ec (ajlinnl [em gffrn btrunttt. 

tttTntlrin^utBrrrierfdjDfftn. ffrf«t(iwbi($5rtitrnt|irtjufni. 
!119 bttSoboi untrrbtii gilfjoi ratflaejoaen Kurbc. bjumtli! 
PmiriirtitgiebtcHflre. li.-c RhMG 

3* rienclte (fSIoft) mi*, tilt. 
IBoin ©it am 1 1 llbr nidit jn *aii(« finb, iwrbr t* e 

gt ftmn.i tterrin nnb toirbtt frrrauS. 
,14 fditofj (ricatlK) bit Ihiln Muter it>m ui. 
Sieben (S*itben) Sit ben Kitfltl r»r. 
lir ftonb trrjnigrrabc bo. 

gr fulit (Mnif ill.'i bci birfn Scmtctunn In bit $£fc. 
a)i(ber»li9nKitrtt«g. [." . 

©cbotbtrbm gdimjiiumi fab, n-nt rr ^ii-jniiirlb (m; 
«iu8 VI. tdjlcubtrtt ten VnnnfraM flCQcn |tin fr 
Tit S.innflrjtflcii bet ftito>«. 
gin Zbot ift tilt am Gnbr mil (rintnt SBitte. 
IXcbl brnlcln. 

gr ip toll SUlCTJlft (Puratafl). fo ift ld)]Bfll|H u . 
gr Viet idui'iilft on fid), 
»i( ftobtn Dor iljiii njic Svrrn ou*finanbtr. 
3* raifl (rtn eiiroe fd». [iR no* ni*l n 

T*i SBcin toaot ire* irn ^alboFr (imffiitrrtiot). ^ 
BiWTreirrtcftinrBtrbiutili*trlt. Kr Drrlor (ein Ui 
M gan ibnt tintn g djulbfajein ilber bm «ttraa. 
I>ie brtliarn *anbt brr 3unriflung [3rriuib[a)afl, (I 

Cc befceile un« au9 t*c ftnntitjd«f t . 
1 WH»ilTI( S3oarin. 'Jliibtrlaatlailtcc. 
3Jun nit 6trolj. 

i^iul bi3 ouf ben Jhiodirn. Tur* unb buraj foul. 
Cincn ffnedjen abnagru. 
;la) wcrbt ibm eine ^lufi ;u fnaifai fltben. 
Bin Btofict. flortfnnd)iocr SlJonn. 
3d) ftcbt tin CiiibnAcn mil Jbtitn (u iiflfld 1 ™. 
Ttc SairbMd in bidtmjtont iMt...~ ' 
Er lit tin itn°*ni[|cclCir*. IStrtitt* B> 
Ct ift ttiAM aU ^aiit unb fliicdwit. 
€lcb mil, Soutptl) (TraulttljiCr), c5 i|t II 


He threatened to break every — in my body 

He makes no — sofit ... ... 

He is a Liberal to the back — 

She worked her fingers to the — for her mother.. 
The nearer the — , the sweeter the flesh (prov.).. 
Fish — . A herring — stitch 

JjaCIv-^— « I art ™ ••• ... ... ... 

Whale — . Shin — ... ... ... 

To — a chicken (fish &c) 

BONFIRE. He made a — of the furniture 
To blaze like a — 

BONNET. He has a bee in his — 

— shape. — trimmings 

BONNY (BONNIE). A — lass (bairn) 

— siller is soon spent (prov.) 

BOOK. (v. <5r» «). He is in the black — s 

Will you pay for this now, or shall I — it to you ? 

I read the — through 

I don't stand well in his — s 

He is not on the — s of the firm 

I allowed him to get into my — s ... 

I got out of his — s ... 

The — went through 27 editions ... 

I intend to have the — reprinted ... 

The — sold well (had a good sale) 

The — fell flat on the market .,. 

XlC IS ™ CC1 ••• • • + ••• ••• ••• • • 

I must take a leaf out of his — 

Ask the booking-clerk to — you: through to London 

The company does not — farther than York 

My little nephew does not take to his — s as well 
as I would wish 

The — maker laid me 2 to 1 against the horse . 

He was brought to — for it... 

It would be a flagrant miscarriage of justice, if 
they were not brought to — for their fraudu- 
lent transactions 

The witness, having kissed the — , was examined 

1 don't understand — keeping 

— keeping by single (double) entry 

He speaks like a — ... 

A — that remains shut is but a block (prvv.) 
It is a scaled — to me 

Does that suit your — ? 

I took my name off the — s ... 

A — worm. — learning (lore) ... 

A second-hand — 

v«asn . mJSlj . ... ... ... ... ... 

— stall. — trade ... 

BOOKSELLER. A — 's shop 

A second-hand — ... 

BOON. (cuij. &* n.) A — companion 

Grant me this — 

BOORISH. A — fellow 

"" — manners ... ... ... ... ... ... 

BOOT. (v. &adv.) What — s it? 

I got food, clothes, and money to — 

— ed and spurred 

BOOT. (/#.) A pair of — s 

I want my — s soled and heeled ... 
Send these — s to be mended 

My — s are down at the heels 

Wellington — s. Hessian — s 

Half — s. Shooting — s 
Dress — s. Top — s ... 

Elastic-side — s. Kid — & 

Patent leather — s ... 

Ladies' (gentlemens', childrens') — s 

Lacing — s. Button — s 

A — closer. — uppers 

I introduced my — to that part of his body where 
the back changes its name 

— tree. — strap. — jack .., 

He has got the — on the wrong foot 

Ring the bell for the — s 

Get your — s stretched 

Puss in — s. — of a coach 

To put on one's — s 

To pull off one's — s 

* v/ TT\T»*l ™ — S ••• ••• ••• ••• * • • ••• 

BOOTLESS. To send anyone on a — errand 
BOOTY. To play — ... 

BO-PEEP. To play at — 

BORDER. On the— s of Scotland 

// me menaca de me rompre Us os 

// ne s J en fait aucun scrupule 

II est liberal jusqu a la moelle des os 

Elle se tuait a travailler pour sa mere 

La meilleure viande est pres de Cos 

Artie— Point-arite (Point du Saint-Esprit) . 

ftpine dor sale. — M&choire ... 

Baleine. — Tibia 

Dhosser un poulet (un poisson) 

Un rebouteur. 

II fit un feu de joie des meubles 

Ftamber commi un feu de joie 
U est toque". II a une araignJe au plafond. . . 
Forme de chapeau. — Garniture de chapeau 
Un beau brin defille. Un gentil enfant ... 
Ce qui vient de lafl&te s'en va par le tambour 
II nest pas en faveur . . . [sur voire note ? 

Voulez-vous payez maintenant, on faut-il porter cela 
Je lus le livre jusqu 1 au bout [bien dans ses papier 5 
Je ne suis pas dans ses bonnes grdces. Je ne suis pas 

II n'a pas de compte avec la maison 

Je lui permis d'ouvrir un compte chez moi 
Je lui payai ce queje lui devais 
Le livre a eu 2j iaitions 

Je compte faire riim primer Vouvrage 

L'ouvrage se vendit bien 

I.e livre se vendit difficilement 

II est condamnJ (flambtf) 

Ilfaul que y adopt e (imite) sa maniere de faire ... 
Dites a V employe" de vous donner un billet jusqu' a 

La compagnie ne donne de billets que jusqu' h York 
Mon petit neveu ria pas autant de goAt pour Fitudc 

que je le voudrais 
Le bookmaker me paria 2 contre 1 contre le cheval 
On lui en fit rendre compte ... 
Ce serai t un Schec flagrant pour les lot's si ces hommes 

riavaient pas a ripotuire devant la justice de 

leurs operations frauduleuscs 
Le thnoin, apres avoir prHt serment, fat interrogt 
Je n y entetids rien a la tenue des livres 
Tenue des livres en partie simple (en partie double) 
II parte comme un livre 
Sans livre. D'abondance. Sans autoriti 
Un livrc qui demeurefermin'est qu r un bloc de papier 
C 'est du grimoire pour moi ... ... [rangements ? 

Cela vous convient ill Cela entre-t-il dans vos ar~ 
J'aifait rayer mon nom des livres (listes) 
Un rat de bibliofhique. — Science (Instruction) ... 
Une pile de livres 
Un livre a" occasion ... 
Liz*re de caisse.— Journal ... 
£talage de libraire. — Commerce de la librairie . . . 

Une librairie. Un magasin de librairie 

Un marchand de livres a" occasion. Un bouquiniste 

Un joyeux compagnon 

Accordez-moi cette faveur , 

Un rustre ( Un manant ) 

Des manieres grossiires 

A quoi cela sert-il ? ... . ..[par dessus le marche 

On me donna a manger ; des vhements et de r argent 

Botti et tperonni 

Une paire de bottes ( bottines ) ... [mes bottes 
Je veux faire remeftre des semelles et des talons a 
Envoy ez ces bottes (bottines) a raccomoder 
Mes bottes sont fcuUcs 
Bottes. — Bottes a I Vcuytre ... 
Bottines. — Bottes de chasse ... 
Bottines de soir/e. — Bottes a revers ... 
Bottines <i e'lastique. — Bottines de chevreau 

Bottes vermes 

Bottines de dames, a" hommes. Br ode quins d'enfants 
Bottines a lacer. — Bottines a boutons 
Ouvrier cordon nier finisseur. — Empeigne. . . 
Je lui mis ma bolle a cet endroit du corps ou le dos 

change de nom 

Embauchoir. — Tirant de botte. — Tire-bottes 

Je ne sais pas sur quelle herbe il a marche' [garcon 

Sonnez pour qti'on apporte les bottes. Sonnet le 

Faites Hargir vos bottes 

Le chat bottt. — Magasin 

Mettre ses bottes. Se botter 

Tirer ses bottes. Se debotter 

Porter des bottes 

Faire faire corvJe bquelqu'un 

Jouer de manure <i perdre 

Jouer a cligne-musette 

Sur les frontilres de l' £cosse 


Sr bro^te, tnir atfe lbtod)cn im Set be ju jcrbredjen. 

Sr mad)t fid) letiten $fifferling (Fein (Sewiffen) baraud. 

Sr ift ein $itorater t>om rcinften Staffer. (Er if* ein in bet 

©ottc gefarbter giberaler. 
@ic ariritete ft$ bie fringe* blutig ftlr tyre Stutter. 
3c nafcr ban £no<$en, befto garter ta£ frleifdj. 
fttfagrdte.— Gin $r&tenftt$. 
fRiicfgrat. — tfinn&atfen. 
&if<fybein. — ©tyenbein. 
(fin £utjn audbeinen. — (Einen $if$ entgraten. 

$r matye ein luftigcS $euer tnir feinen 3R8be(n. 
©priitjen tine ein freuerregen. [€kQrau6e to8. 

Sr tyxt einen @parren ju Diet. $n fcinent ftopfe ift eine 
$utmobeff. $utfafon. — $utbefafe. $utgarnitur. 
(Ein mifyS Tldb<i)cn. (Ein $t»f$e6 ftinb. 
@elb ift runb. 

(Et ift fd)led)t angefd^rieben. £r fte$r im fdjtoarjen ©udje. 
SBoaen ©ie bieS jefet be&a^len, obet faU id? eg 3$ncn an* 
3$ lag bad 8ud) burdr. [fdpeiben ? 

3$ bin nid)t gut bei tym angefdjriebeir. 
(Et ift fcin ftunbe bed $efd)afte$. 
3$ erSffnete ifjm ein ftonto in meinen Qftdjern. 
3$ tuurbe au8 feinem @d)u(bbud)e gettlgt. 
2>ag Surf) erlebte 27 Mutagen. 
3<$ beabfirf)tige bad Surf) neu auflegen ju taften. 
3>a§ Sua) nmrbe mel wrfauft. 3)a« Sua) fanb (fyatte) einen. 
2)a£ Sua) fanb feinen Kbfafe auf bent SKarfte. [guten ttbfau. 
S3 ift au8 mit tym. 

3d) mu§ mir fein tRejept geben (affeir. 3- «*• «* '^ m abfe^en. 
Saffen Bit fid) Don bent Seamten (Gtnfd)reiber) ein SiUct 

birect nad) bonbon geben. 
!Die Qkfeafd)aft fd)reibt md)t toeiter ein aX8, bid ?)otT. 
3)iein fleiner <Reffe fi^t nidjt fo flei§ig Winter feinen Siid)cTn, 

toxt id) »ilnfd)en inodite. 
Der SBetter mettetc mit mir 2 gegen I gegen bad $ferb. 
(Er wurbe bedwegen jur SRebe gefteflt. 
(Ed wurbe ein fd)t©etet Sre^Ier ber 9led)tdpflege fcin, roenn fie 

»egen i^ret ©d)»inbelgefd)afte nid)t gcfa§t (belangt) 

9?ad)bember 3eugebteSibct gehl§t$atte, tontot cr tocr(;Srt. 
3d) berftetye mid) nid)t auf bie Sud)fu$rung. 
Sinfad)e [boppelte] Sud)fii^rung. 
(Et fprid)ttuie ein Sud). 
Hudnxnbig. O^ne «irtorit5t. 
T>\c 3Biffenfd)aft mu§ ©rateingut VKer Merben. 
(Ed ift ein ttrjiegetttd Sua) fQr mid). 
$afet 3^nen bad in ben Scram (Iqrt)? 
3d) Iie§ mid) audftreid)en. [Selefenbeit. 

(Ein Siid)errourm. — Sud)gelei)rfamfeit. ©tubengcle^rfamteit. 
(Ein Sad)erfto§. 

Sin alted (fd)on gebraud)ted) Sua). (Ein antiquarifd)ed Sua). 
5eaffabud). ftaffenbud). — Xagebua). 3ournat. 
Sfid)er|lanb.— Sud)^anbel. 
Sin Sud)laben. Sine Sud)^anblung. 
(Eine antiquarifd)cr Sud)t;aitb(er. (Ein Hnttquar. 
fin Iufliger Jtumpan. Sin fibeler 3cd)bruber. 
©etpa^reii ©ie mir biefe Sitte (©unft). 
Sin bdurifd)er (t5Ipclt}after, ungebitbeter) 9Renfd). 
Saurifd)ed (grobed) ©efen. 
8Badnfl^t'd(b«ft'd)? SBojirbad? 
3d) betam Sfjen, «leibung, unb @elb obenbrein (nod) baju). 
(^eftiefdt unb gefpomt. 

Sin ^Jaar Stiefel. [mad)cn Iaffen. 

3d) mu§ mir neue ©otytcn unb «bfa^e unter mcine Sticfcl 
iaffen ©ie biefe (Sttefel flicfen. [niebergetretcn.) 

Die «bfa^je ftnb an mcincn etiefctn abgetrctcn (abgelaufcn, 
$pd)fd)aftige ©tiefcl. ^iftolcnftiefel.— Sturierftiefel. 
^albfhefel.— 3agbftiefef. 
etaatdfticfel. — ©tulpfticfer. ©totpenfticfet. 
3ugpiefel.— Sodleberne ©tiefel. 

©d)ntlrftiefel.— 5ht8pffHefel. 
Sin ©tepper. — Oberleber. 
3d) brad)te meinen ©tiefcl in unangenefyne Serfl^rung mit 

bent Xb«Ue feined «Brperd, wo ber SRarfcn feinen e^r- 

tid)en Seamen »erltert. 
©tieferbtotf. «etften.— ©tiefetftrippe.— ©ticferfnedjt. 
St ift bei Abler Ratine. [2ticfcln bringt. 

©d)ellen ©ie bem £audfned)t. Irtingeln ©ic, bnmit man Mc 
iaffen ©ie 3bre ©tiefcl auewciten (iibcr ben ^ciftcn fa)lagcn). 
$*r geftiefelte *ater.— «eUe. ftntfdjentaften. 
©id) bie ©tiefcl an$tebcn, 
©id) bie ©tiefel aud^ie^en. 

©tiefet tragen. faff™. 

3emanbcn einen We^gergang (t>ergcbtid)en ©ang) mad)cn 
Den Wummel x>erjte^en. Unrcb(td) fpielen. 
Serftetfen fpielen. 
%n ben $ren&en ©d)ott(anbd. 



His behaviour —5 M JMoknca 

My handkerchief is — ed with lace 

My farm —son (upon! the csiatc of Lord W. 

Ml .-i Lt t - is — ed by the civet l-ea 

SORE. (». &■ n). I — ed a hole in [he be 
He — d a hole through the door 

He — s me lo death , 

Everything seems a — -to me 

The — ofagun 

A smooth — (gun) 

BORN (BORNE). Part „f to bear. 
He was — with j silver spoon in his mouth 

I was — on a Monday 

He that is — under a ihreehalf penny planet shall 

never be worth twopence (prim.) 
He that is — to be hanged shall never be drowned 

He seems to the mariner — 

I have — c it until I can bear it no longer 

She was — Hind 

She is — to good look 

I never henrd of >uch a thing in all my born days 

She wis— ef humble parents 

She was — of an illustrious family 

He was — to govern, (command &c.) 

He was — a prince 

It must be — e in mind, that . . 

Anew —babe 

A still — child 

A still — speech 

You must be — again 

BOROUGH. A rotten - 

He is dressed in — ed plumes 

A — ed expression 

To — on usance brings nuisance (firor,).., 

T.i i in usury brings sudden beggary (prov.) . 

He who goes a — ing, goes ••sorrowing (frtv.) . 

a steal it 

— ed money 

The firm — ed .£5000 at 6 per cent, (inlcrest) . 

BCSH. It's all - 

He talks a lot of — ... (carefully done up in - 
He is a worthy specimen of the asinine species, 

BOSOM. A — friend 

A — secret 

The wife ot ir 

-of a valley ... 
c — of his lamil) 

He haiboured revenge in his — ... 

The — of a shin (a shir! — I 

BOTCH. He made a — of it 

That wnrkmanisa— 

BOTH the one and the other 

Wc ibaJJ — of us go 

He ii — a drunkard and a coward 

You must hear — sides of the question ... 
She wants to be — mastei and mistress ... 

— of them 

They are — alike 

This one is worth— of these 

He is — proud and poor 

— morning and evening 

i»u ridel 

1 want them — 

— by sea and land 

Thiscakc is for — of you 

Look at it — ways 

They are — wrong 

Tell Ihcm — that 

— in time of peace and war 

— anger and haste hinder good counsel (trim.) 

— folly and wiidom eOOt UpM U *ith iv"- (ft 

was — premature and ddjv 

BOTHER ii I -■ bin I 

I can't be — ed with it now 

You must not — (Don't come — ingl me now, I j 

' gnat deal of — with her 

Guerre des frontilres.—Contes des frontifres 

So tonduite frise /'insolence 

A/on mouckoir is! garni de dentcllcs 

Ma finite est eontigut.i la frvtrW it Lord W. . 

La riviire Lea scrt de limite .) MM propriUi 

Je perfai un Iron don* tatioite 

II perca un trou dans la porie 

Cest un garfon trls-enituyeux 

On dhtara qui c'itait trit-ennuyenx 

Tout mt lem/iU un ennui 

Le calibre d'un fusil, d'un canon ... ... 

Canon lisse 

it est nl egiffl 

/i naauis un tundi 

Celui qui est tie" sous uite manvaise italic lie reussira 

Cclui que la potence attend no fas .i craindrct'ea 
Ca semble lui venir tout naturellement ... 

(e suit d bout de patience 

bile at aveugli dt naiisanct 

Elle est nJe sous une heureuse ftoilt 
Jt n'ai jamais entendu pareille chose de ma vie 

Elle Jtait d'iuia/Jt t'rigine 

Elle dhcendait d'unefamitle illustre 
It est ne" pour gouvcrntr (eommander) 

It est ne" prince ['/lie 

II lie faut pas perdre de vue que, II faut se rappetcr 

Un enfant mort-nf 

{ ~n dueemn mtorti (mort-ni) 

I! faut depouiller le vietl homme 

Un bourg pourri 

Bourg de pocAt, Cireontiription Ilectorale qui est 
auxordres de quelque grand propriitaire 

Rendc; ce que i'oh; empninle* 

Emprunter a Pierre pour payer Paul 

Vest le geai pare" des plumes Ju paon , 

Une expression empmntie ... 

Empruiit a intlrft ami'ne regrets 

Emprunt It usure, mine s&re , 

A ion emfrunteur, ban Jconduiscur. Qui pate avct 

V argent d'autnii athlte force saucis 

Jt lui emprunlai £s 

J I faut que jc i'.ne, quand ji devmis le mendier, 

Vemprunter on le voter (eo&te que eoSte) 

Argent emprunti 

La maison empninta fjooo a 6 pour cent 

Tout tela ce son! des blagues (des balivernes) 

It raconte an fas de blagues 

Cest un brave garfon qui ne dit que des sottisis ... 
Un ami inline 

La eompagne de ma vie 

Le itin de la vallle 

An sein de sa famille 

// nnurrissait dans son carur des projets de vengeance 
Un devant de chemise 

n bousilleur . . 

II a fait dugachi 

Cet nuVTier n'est qu' 

L'un et V autre. L'un tout comme I'autrc... 

jVohs irons tons deux 

II est , j hi fou pottron 

[Ifaut cnteiulre exposer les denxclth de la question 

Cest Madame j ordonne 

Tout deux. Tout les deux ... 

Ih son! lavs les deux semblables 

Ceiui'd vaut ces deux-la ensemble 

II est a la fois fier et pauvrt 

Soir et matin. Le matin comme le soir 

Des deux cites ... ... ... 

II mt les faut lout les deux ... ,. 

Tant par terre que par mer 

Ce gdlcau est pour vous deux 

E.gardet. tela da deux cdtis , 

Its ont tort tout lei deux 

Ditesdeur ii tons deux que 

Anssi Hen en tempi de paix qu'en temps de gucric 
La precipitationel/,1.^/,'- ■ 

En vieillissanl on devient plus sage ou plus sot ... 

[it i»/ustt/iablc 

Cette mesuri (de'martie) Itaitll la fois pr.matune 

A u diaNe .'—Q-'il aille ah diable ! 

// tie faut pas zvnir m'ennuyerarrc cela maintenant 
t\'e tinei pas m'etinuyer J 1 

Elt't cause beaueoup d'mnuii 

mrtrtsrrlra.— S*rtli|d|( itoqlaflff, 
ttiu VntcQnrcn gttafi as flrtajljdl. 
Ulan Jafftcntiid) ift mil =yiyf nnnffafjt. 
Bicin tontaat arcit}! on ba$ SeHt)itium Ui (or* B), 
Dftin iSvurifcjliiif mirt non t*m i'nfluffr bcatatjt. 
34 bofjrlt tin god) lit ben Sullen 
gr b.'lir^ ("1 *ettj Dnrti Mt llfSxt. 
8c l|l tin unouSflcljlto) lan^pdliflcr U!oi!*). 
Vten irrlartt tV fitr tint liutfltpdtiflc grWhjIfc 
(!"t (iiiijrtvitt mid) \u 1 :f c. 

■M nimmt mir l.ifti.ilitnoiiniicMmti.'r St. tatigiwill mi . 
5\i<! Jk'ltclotf) (Itjlibcr; Wc=(tlc)cJniTa(inmtt. 
ttlnt gtottfltboSctc ftanone. Otne itjnrrie itEiii Srtmbtl ntit 
[gbttoa Stofirt. 
lEr ift (f* ffltMSfinb (*Somttagftinb). ttc i(l mil t™ («t™ 
3* icnrbcati rincm XMcnbg (ttottE. [(rtliiifstiiit) flcborcn. 

Mr Ma, tci» isiiicf. 

fi*JS liSn.ifii full, rrffliifl nii*t. 

fi-i fAritit it™ aiijebomt 511 (tin. 

3a; tjabt cs oiisjtlioltfii, eU iiti nidit tneljr tiintttt. 

*Bie tear bltnb nebcrcn. 

tM9fmVCUtt*ma. Sis l[t tin iSlilo*«tinO, 

3*> rjobt aDc nieint Vcblaflf (ill irclncin Jatiictt Scbtn, Id 

Sit imMit arnicH tcuttu getona. [litima ttiijl attjJrt- 

Sit Iljnuntt oue chirr aBge(efeMH ftmnilit. 

lir ift .sum WL'iiicn-ii it'tfcHdi] (icbctctl. 

gcbomin Bftrn. tftiltaUtiriniflcbortn. 



■ . v.iim Hint, fiitir loMilri'iirt. 

1] ii . unri 

■ htatgtti 

c Rot)| 

ffiinotrfalTnnTiSiir,iilctttM. St.iipirlcr JBiiMtnii (6tt teincn 
a6a«rtnetcn rnebe in'? i'acl.imcnt (eiidcn bQrf). 

ttiu IDa^lhtii, btllcn errtrtltc Von tan «rottarunOtefiB«r 
aOdn oitfniibt mi it. 

»rbeit 6ie nricber, mai Sit vor.,tn (ttttlcifrcn). 

8011 Sun buratn, um Saul vt tqaplM. Sin Soo> auHnaay«, 
11m tilt anbtcM juiu(ioc[cn 

St fAmiitf t (14 mil f rcmtin ftptbem. 

L'm tiiUcliiitcr (ilbntcaacncc] Basljiitif. 

•J'.-i.nn iiui rfinfm brinat S*aMn. 

IV-'tjiftart 1ft StNirjarta Xncdft. 

*orjtn madjt Strata. 

34 torott (licb, rnilifh) 5 ^Jfuiib Eon Ibra 

34 mu§ ti tjaben, unb (sStc i* cS UtttUb, borgeii eber 

ffltboraltS l»tl». [fMdftlWJ - 

3!a3tSctiljaftri4t>ni/ , 5ooo^i G^auf. SaS «. madjle eiat 
tEi ift laulcr Itnmtn (I'iPtiinn). 
ftr [4mS[t cine 'fficnflt OlSbftnn. 
ftr ifl tin milrbiflto Dtttalid tcr :'t.imiisiinft. 
Sin JJufcnfrcnnb. 
Sin t«rsen4gtfjtinTilp. 
i.i-> Wdb tsicinr«'9R)<nt. 
ttinelb=il4tu*t- Ifiti'ltMljcmto. 
3m School fcincr Somilic. 
Sr hiilc fflJdK in ftineni »ufcri (Scrjtn}. 
I« Wvuftfcblia. iMSWcufifluttcincSS'ciBbrt. S 
Skitc, vtt Ifint mie ter Slntcre. 
Dil wctlmt tcibc achat. 

lir IP funraDt rin SrunTcntiolt, olS ott4 'in Mflilffl- 
6lt mflfftn bribe Scilcn bee BNritftag> ttnmii " _ 
Sic will bae tticuinitut im $an!i filrjrtn. 
Sit fine bilbt fl'04. 

l-icfcj tfint ifl In Did ircrli. raie Melt tWibcn. 
ftr iff cbtn|D ftciimie aim. (Et ift bttlclftol,. 
Utoracnl fooMb.! ats abtnb^. SUlm'sen» rait «6tnli*. 
naf btiben Sfilen. 
3rh mill lit tcibc tpUn. 
lirfec «ud)tn (fi (flc Sit teitw- 
is&uicit =it « fid' aiii beitctt etiltn on. 
Sic tjaben twite Itnte*!. 
eoam 6ie tita tkiben, bnfi. . . 
SmtJvtil in JcitocnS' ale in arlt u «jtitcn. 
S3linbtr Ififcr f4itet nur. 
Dli! belt 3abren tcramt btr IPcrfiaiit, abec tat Biter Wbft 

todi lit*! immcr cor ITjottlctl. [unrccairtTri.'illi4 

Hif|ne4ritttuarcbcufo mrftrjiull (ci-rcilij. iibcTcilt) nt 
Sura S«ntrr (JnHfucTI bontil [mil i6m] 1 
34 (ana niidj iejjt niojt bamit ab,)ebcn (t-cfafftn). 
Sit tniiflen eni4 ieot nitJjt tclafiiflcn, i* bin bel<bdfital. 

Sommtn Sit mic itft ni4t bamil. 
3tj« Stutter b*t "id ©"rflt (SOjcrcrci, Sertoli 


!l is such a — to have io send for il every ti 

lis to [right 

.._ _..d of — with it, before I could get it 

— you, what are you meddling with an EWpCH fix) 


BOTTLE up your anger 

— '■ wine has been io years in — 

is too fond of the — 

:r the battle a—... 
lie has made too free with the — 

Wine in Lhe wood and in the — 

BOTTOM. Here's to the — I... 
The merchandize was shipped in foreign — 

The ship went to the — 

From tup to — 

If you do that again, III slap your — 
It will settle at the — of the glass 
The vessel was found floating — upwards 
1 the — of his class 

line (sift) lo the— 

le stands a! the — of the list 

D the - 

He isal the — of it nil 

He ventured all in one — 

A muddy (rocky) — ...[their o* 

riirmcrlv merchants often used lo put In e. 
OTTOMED. The shipis copper — ... 

A double (false) — chest 

Aflat — boat 

" BOTTOMLESS.' The— pit'.".'. 
BOUGH. Tim raccwaii:unl..wn,— and branch 


ic — s that bm in"-.' hang li.west (/■■> 
BOUNCE. (». &>n.). He is all - 

BOUND. (*. S-i».) At one- 
He cleared the ditch at a — 

The ship is homeward (outward) — 

The ship lies weather— off Flamboro' Head 

The view is — on lhe east by the Chiller!) lilts 

BOUNDEN. ItiMiiy— dutylo 

BOUNDS. That is beyond all — ... 

His .iTiiliitii.n kn<iw» no — 

To keep within the — of decency 

We cannot keep him within — 

It is within the — of possibility 

It is high time — were prescribed lothe blundering 

of the (iovernment 
The authorities must set — to such practices 
The custom of boating the — of a parish is con 
almost obsolete 

BOUNTIFULLY. Voo have helped me — .. 

BOUNTY. The Queen's— 

Queen Ann's — 

BOUT. A drinking — . A merry — 

A — offisticuffs 

BOW. (:-.) I — to the decision of the cour 

He — ed down before his Maker 

He is — ed down with years 

He — edandscraped 

Better to —than to break (prtrv.) 

Who is that gentleman — ing to us? 

To- to a lady 

Money is the idol he — s down to 

He —ed himself out of the room 

The host —ed us out 

BOW. (n.) He made 1 low (profound) — 
To draw the long — 

He ts a long — man (prtrv.) 

A — long bent, at last waieth wesdt (prop.) 

She several strings to her — 

Tie this ribbon in a — 

A —window 



line ypur — been IDOTcd?.. 

Keep the — open 

My — arc relaxed 

It est li enntiycttx ti 'avoir A It faire cherxker chnque 

foil qu'en en a besein 

lllitl runui de ... ... 

je me mis donni bitn du nail pour /'arranger 
Ijitt ditilde ii;c.:«m ,i faultier dans vies pipien ?. 

Le diable I'emporte I 

Garde: Wirt eolire pour plus lard ... ,.. 

Ce vin a vingt ans de bouttille 

BUre en bouletite 

II aime trap la bouftillt (A lever le toltdt) ... 

April fa bataillt unt bouttille 

It a Imp flit la bouteille 

Flanche A beiitcillti.— Plateau dt bouteille... 


A voire sanli, ruiis sur I angle 

La ntarthandisefuttharglesurdesnaviresitrangcrs 

Le vaisseau toula A fond 

De Haul en bos. Defend encomble... [te derriere 
Si vous faites eneore ctfa, vous auret del claques sui 

Cifa se deposera an fond du verre 

On trouva le vaisseau ftollant la quille en fair .. 

II est parmi les derniers de sa ifane 

Examiner (Collier) A fond 

.Son nam est parmi la derniers de la lisle ... 


C'est lui qui est au fond de I'affaire 

// risqtta lout sur un seul bailment. 

Un fond de vase (dtrocher) ... \navire. 

Aulrefoistei armatem r» aitompagnaientsetcvent lelir. 

Le uavire est doubli en cuivre 

Une caisse A double fond 

Un bateau A fond plat 

Une chaise de faille 

Une chaise cannle 

L'abtmt sans fond. L'ablme 

Celte rait fut extcrminJe 

Les branches le plus chargt'es pendent le plus bas . . 

II cit fort h&bleur 

Elle sVlanfa dans fa chambre 

Xous nous cLin^&mci lout a coup sur eux . . 

Unegrande et forte fille 


II franthit le fosssi d'un bond ... [fiiltilipn J 
Le vaisseau est en dcstiriiition pour son fays (pour 
Le vaisseau est clout par le temps A la hauteur dc 

Flamborough lirail 
La rivilre Corvey lui art de limite A I'ou/st, et an 

nord il est borne pur les collints Jackson 

La vue s'itend A Vest fusau'anx collines Cltiltern... 
C'fstpour mot un devoir imperieux de ... 

Cefa passe toutts les bornes 

Son ambition n'a pas de bornes 

Si leuir dans les bornes de la detente 

Xous ne pouvons pas It Itnit dans Us bornes 

Cela est dans lei chases possibles 

II tit grand tempi ju'oii nttttedti bornes aux mala- 

dresici du gouvernement [semblables 

Les auloiith doivent melt re J, s bornes A des pratiques 
La coutume de batlre les limitts d'nne faraiise til 

maintenant presqnt ken d'usage 

I'ous m'avei abondamment servi 

Primt d 'engagement [tiquei pauvrts J 

Fondalion de fa reine Annt (tnfavtur des eeeUsias- 

Unt ergit. — Une partie dt plaiiir ', 

Une bataille A toups de point 

je m'imline dc.ant la d&isiew de la tour .. 

II JItchit le ginon devant son Criateur 

// est etmrbl par I'dgt 

II fit la courbcttt 

Alitux vaul p/itr qui rompre 

Qui tit ct monsieur qui nous salutl 

Saltier une dame 

L'argmt est I'idole qu'il adore 

It sorlit en faisant des saints 

iVotre hole nous congidia en satuant 

Ilfif unprofond lalttl 

I/abler. En tenter 

Celt un hAbleur (un blayttitr) [temps 

It fan/ ditendre fare, ti /'an vent t'tn leniir long 

Ellt a pluiiturl conies a son arc 

Faites un naud & ce ruban 

Fenttre eintrfe 

II a Its fambes arovets 

Ses entraitles itmurtnt 

Les enlraittrs de la terre 

Ajiet-vons iti A la stilt (A tagarderobejf 

Gardet le venlrt tibrt 



Ssiflfrj I5|!ig (umfliiiMidj, 5ra«Iid», jcbtii auQtiifrlitf a 

rjoltn !af(nt )U miif|cn. 
Sfichfr Vaft (sAortti) if) ct, 111... * [bringer* Mttnle. 
3$ Ijaltc ititttiMiir* «tfcctt (Haft), bract Uj tt in Crtnunj 
Saptxrotatl (,-)utn ftrntit), mi tyibm £it mil niciimi 
iJrnn $tnt« (ihnniit) tamil I ($avlfitn ju tbun i 

Vcrfcllni MtSfvatXHoK. BajfitOn 5 . 3. a. rjewuto. 
£>iefct KBtin litgl 20 ^atjxt lanj nu) Sla[d)oi. 

L'i [vTiijt her Ma[oj( p [rhr \a. gr (*qiii , 1c ni( lief in'SSlaf. 
Sin dl&e au| ten adirrfoi (bai Chfajift) ! 
Sr bat 111 ttef tn'e Wal s^ucrt. 
ftla 1 dben^iefira . — Til.i Film till i-r. Rlaiibcnflancer. 
EJda im (attf brai] ^(i c ,inO .11 (oaf) JlnioXn. IWI! 

girHKatijHaulJlfvffiobl! Cin vcircsWIaaautMirtStiuilb. 
Sic JUnait tvnch oaf jusliiibifflfii =a iflcit vertoben. 
•SnS ©tfjif! fl'na (iJiiti itnt.-r. Ea.S 2d;ifl Mrf ant. 

Bna BsWMSfiR fclft. BMntea HtntM. 

KJeiut ^B baB Itadi ciitniiil tl^iift, inert* id) tit liinS crail[ fl cbrrt. 

lis icii-t iitb mitctt im ijiufe .li'tctsoi (iiittrridjlaflcn). 

TOati fane ^ai Sifiti mit rxm flMt 11a* oben lieibcnb. 

ffr Ift ber Untnfte (Scljtci in rtr »laf(d. [actieu. 

<£tna«bi£aufb(iit>lrunb)idlicn|uRterfudjni|. «iift*iiU)riinb 

e<in51atncftcbtitiitcn auf (511 unlcrft au(; am Unbt) bec Eiftt. 

M fan! unitr. JittlaiirjuSiiFXa. 

tit ft. SI baruntcr. 

ftc riaricte afleSauf Sin mat. St fe1ftcaIt^S auf Sine Sattc. 

Sin lajlammijet [fcliiflet) Sobcn. [ftttttcit. 

grStJct tflfgtni Jtaiifli-iitf iu| ibrcit rijicncn 'stiffen in ®« )a 

Tai iditji ift fiivfitboPrn (acttlpfett). 

Sine SIB* mil t>i>t>vtttciii ^ubtn. 

ifint H1l>d| mil Ttartjein (iilatlcin] Cctcn. Gin ftaCm. 

liin Btrcliftulil 


T« bobcnlofc (oniiic-lL-fc '.ll.itun;. Tet $SSoiVfutI. 

getteJ akf*lea>t mutt* mit anitnti unt £titl mttgtntlet. 

Biefntigen St* 1 !!' f« l( Mc Irildjtbjrftcii, imldjcam litfflrn 

Sc i(l cpUci ^rnblcrtl. St ift tin f ta^nt. [6an ot. 

Sle furaaa (Hatjte) In'* 3itnntct. 

itfir fiei™ utrlSijii* iiter fie Iter. 

Sin fitairmtt (btaDct) 5Tii5bu>tu. 

■iifil ItintTn :,it(. 311 fiiucm et'ritnac. 

Si Irbte mit Eincnt Spningf iibrc t*n IStabcii. 

Dal Sotitfl brfinttt fid] auf bor ^irimfatitt [ftidjt Ijrftl) inS«l. 

Dai &$i(f tiegt bciK'ljrt (bnrifi iinjiiiifrigtj iitua surilif' 

gcfiallcB) Dot gijmbotu' (nab. 
"SXt ttornetrflui bcgrmit rJ iin StlpM, nub Im Jlotbcn if! ri 

6tareuit nun ben 3a«foabcrfl(i, 

Die «K*fid)t Ift ira Often van am «illcttib(tflni bejirtnjt. 
ii-3 iftmeitit Tfti*! ur^ ;j>nlti,,!oit, in... 
SaiiflmafjIoB (gitnitnlci). Tjb jtljt iibttaDc IStenjrn, 
Sein Sbtgeij lennt fetw^VaqO. 
Eid) in boi Wtenirn (S4iaiiltn| bt« dnftortbeS flatten. 
iiDlt ttnittn Ibn niJit iini €4tan!en fallen, 
ffi licjt itn tK«idK tcr RMlajMt. 
«s i|l f)ot* 3<i'. b"6 b<u i'liRatiffcn ber iBcfltecunfl' 
(tn (^tenjen) fldtnt n*tbc«. |[e(fn). 

Slit *3<6Hr*cn milfffn foiduiu Unfn,!! flcurtn (5rt)tanfiii 
SitSittt, bit QStertyti finer t'tottii .ibjii^clKn, ift jr(;t (aft 

eic batcn mil ttiitiii* (su Hid} totfltltflt. 

KEattoclb. [iSrlftlidir. 

aiiiiflin anna'! eiifntng (llntrtniibun^funba) file aime 

K» Iiiitr.ut.i;|. Sin 3edj|)ElBa.— Bint euftBorftit. 

Sim ealaerrt. Sint edjlagmi. tiin Jauptamuf. 

3di untrnrtrfc mid) berSntfe>iituna be« «etidjtrt. ' 

ttr benste Ha> t»t [einrai SdjGr/fn-. 

Sr ift a>u ten Ja^ten nirbctflfbeuat. 

St moditi BMIImf unb fitasfiiSt. 

4>fffft bitacn, at 6 btrfljen. 

Bkt ift bet (iett, bet fii^ pet unB nern(i,il (bet un( gtufit) ? 

liiftcnt ciiirrlaBiewintijcn 6inc -fame gtiifcn. 

•Mt i|l t*t iBtlljt. out tem ex Ha) bcuflt. 

St Ktliefj unlet fiilaningcn ta& .Sintmcr. 

Xcf SDitt(i bmrlimtatii-tc nn» ^ur Iljiitt fjinnul, X. IS. 

fiibtie mis unlet i"ii*lin,ien tut tie 2m1k. 
ttr ntadjte tine tiefe Vcrbfitaiina (eirten BiliflinA, «ni(t«). 
Sine Se* ilbetttcibeii. Slit bet gnfa -idjere auf(d'ncit*». 

(Ein lange flffvanntet Segen Irlrb fd>(iegTJA (*1bH. 
eiebat mtSttrc Uftilt auf bemSofltB. 6t( i|> « m Will*! 
Slnbat eic blefcS *ant \a finer Sojidif. I1111M Krkaca. 
Sin S9o8tnffrtftrr. 
St ift retttmntelnia- 
tt« titf foil BlitJeHIM im*). 
Tic Sin.jtrKibe bet Site. 
Oben =ie Ctllttunfl ( =titMnana) actjabt? 
-Set .ten £it fiit rc^elni jj;i,icn 5 [jif-l.ianj. 
3s) babe ben Xnra)fan (bat BWHtjctn). 


BOWL. (;■. o> n.) A — of soup. 

HeWB— edoul 

The — ofapipe 

Well -ed I 

I).' v"ii play .il — s?... 

BOX. (». 6- ".) He — ed ray cam 
He gave me a — on ihe eat 
A wooden — . A hat — 

A liui.iiiL- (^liijritinu) - 

The postman called ft* 
You'd bcnet not do th«l, or else you'll find ym 
selr in ihe wrong — 

A — of matches 

A letter — . A promnler'5 — 

Get upon the — [Coaeh.) 

Strung—. Cash — 

Money . Work — ... 

Poor—. Private — [theatre.] 

Hone — . I.oosc — {horse) 

Pillar - 

— (ofapublie house, restaurant, arc.) 


BOXING K l->v 

i gbticopyof the Eeho of the newspaper- 

You're a nee — ! ... 

Come, ■ I ■ - 1 1 " a: cry, there's a good — 
Peq>-i.'-.!ay — 

— s will 1* men 

BOYHOOD. From his — upwards ... 
II,. pused nil — in Scotland 

BOYISH A — trick 

BRABBLING curs never want sore ears (fr.) 
BRACE, (».) A — of partridges 
A — of pistols 

BRACE. (».) Sea air —s the nerves ... 


BRACKET, [v. e> n.) Put Hut «nd ii 
He was — ed Senior Wmmilcr 

BRACKISH. This *.uci has a - lasle 

BRAG (*>. C-n.) He is full of— ... 

He — ged that he could 

He — ged about it 

1 doo'l see what you have to — about; anylxxiy 

could do that 
Beauty is 

BRAIDED. She wears her hair- 

A silver — train 

BRAIN, if. <s»h.) They knocked his -s out 

He blew his — s out 

The — s don't lie in ihe heard (prvzi.) 

The — s of a fox will be of lillle service, if you play 
wilh the [raw of a lion (frov.) 

The Child has water on the - 

He has horse-racing (gold -digging, See.) on iht -- 

He has very little — s 

To rack one's — s 

To pul one's — ion Ihl ne) 

To crack (beat, cudgel, ponle) 

— -work is harder than manual labour 

He il him with Ihe butt-end of his musket 

BRAN, A new coat 

Much — and little meal (free.) 

BRANOH. {p. 6- h.) To cut down inotand 

To lop off (fie — esofalree 

This road -Mofftothe right 

I am in another — of business 

He belongs to an elder lyounger) — of the family 
A -bank. A -line 

A railway - 

BRAND, [v. *■«.) Afire 


mtancc is — ed upon his mcnu.ry 

— nl liim j felon 

s of irhltlugp, bfli lliii i "■ 

Ln rhatarft trt fmgativt ... 

Ls tail est astringent 

Set boyaux lortaient.. 

l'n bol dt petage.— l'n (W ii potage 

Jl fut mis hois dejeu. II fut dumupt! ... 

l.c fourneau rf'unt pipe 

Bieri jeuit 

Joiiet-iions aiur bou/es t 

// me souffleta i'impertanet 

// mt donna un souffle! 

..-'.— ; 'ne hoitt a ihtipvan . . . 

Cat ttollt de jouets 

I 'it pnvilioii de thane 

Sana fans repftet lout lis point '■ de /' 'aire ties vents? 

. at ih,r.hct set ilrenna 
Si " t,.'i..i fiiitfi ///a, ivui allee vohs met /re i/.ri 
beaux draft 

Une Itolte d'aiiumettet 

I'm Mtc atix Utrtt,—tt Iron du souffletir 

&fontn stir It siege 


Tiretire.—Boite i ouvrage. 

Trvti, .la pattrres. — I.O:-,- p.trti,ti,'iere 

1 1 '.!,■<»!-,■. urie. — Box ait le ,/in/al eil m liberli 

:':■■ ,:ui Ulhct ... 

Clfriili-t p,i rtirulier 

I n las de holies 

■ '■■■ '■-.■ ■■■■.■■ ... .:' '.' ■■■'..■■■■■ 

text,— I '•! ttmiei it fanwfi 

La itille dtNeil.—Lt soir ovarii la Neil 
Ctst tin tharmant garfott 

(,'•■ ll'f-cf ,;:/(, jf c<l(:«ll 

J\u-het,ii /'iicho ,i un petit zviiiftHf Je journal 

J'v.j Hes mi joli garfim .' 

1'oyoHs, He pleurt pas, soil genlil 

Inputs son infante 

II fassa sou en/aute en Heosse 

/ 'it, efi-iigterie. I tie gttminerie 

CUtM ksrptaa a lonjours oreilles likhirlcs 

Une tonpte de ftrdreaux 

I'll,- pili.'f df pi;li>lits 

Allir .1 l.i dir.lril-ulK'ii rhirrlter sa ration tie rltui 

L'airde la mer/arl/fieles ner/s 

I'll air toilii/ut I jorliji.utl ) 

H/etfe; ,e "mt .litre . ra hrh 

I! 't vatttts de pouvoir 

/( lie pais pas qtiil y ail la dc quoi se vanttr, I 

le monile fourrait en /aire autant 
La beautl est la parute ghrieuse de la nature 

Ce sunt de pines van/cries 

Elle porle ses chevcin en Iresset 

I 'tie tratue ioutaehle d 'argent 

lis Imeasserent lathe 

ft se br6la ( sefit sauler) la eertielle 

f.'tspril nest fias dans la fiarlv 

La maliee dun rrnaid ne serf pas il graua" rhose 

eontre la palle d'un lion 

Cet enfant est hydroe.phale 

II est f on de tonnes I <ic la vie d. miiieur, tie.) 

II ti'a guirt de etrvtlle , 

Se easier la tlte, se mettrt /'esprit A la torture , 
Se ercusir la lift (le etrveauj 

Se ntettre I'eiprit A la torture 

II tit morf d'un ramollissement ducerveau 

La possession smulaint d'une si gratide jortune lu 

tourna la the [del bra 

Lt travail de /He est plus fatigant que le travai 
11 lui fit tauter la eervelle avee la cassette son fusil 

Lin ha/n't tout hattant neuj 

Biaiuoup de son et pen defarint ... 
LVtruire cemplltemcilt. Eiterrnimr 

Elaguer unarbre 

Ce ehemin s' emorancke i droite ...[autre part ie ) 
Je stiii dans une autre branclte tie com met re (it ti- 
ll appartient a la bramhe ainle (eadtrte) de la fa 
Unt sutcurstlle. — Un enibrarubenient ... [mill, 

I'n embraniktmtnt 

L'n tison ardent , 

Ceit hh vrai btndefeH ... [avteimfe 
La eitronstanie est gravle dans sa tmmoiti 

II It.iit /t.t.i it jamais 

II y a tiifflrtntes marquts de whisky, ctllt-ei est 

MH des meilleurcs 

ffifcearber (iil.'H at. 

Stint SinflctMit-r (iB|ea )ant 

tfiur SiJjiitid SiU'i,'.- (fin iiipi'flilHil'f- 
Irr Kiiir* ,rl,UTl (tlltlotVt), 
Ttr f)f(ifettlty!f> 

iHtl.'i' iKitiiitm) Sit Jttatl? 
lit clirftiatc pniA liltblig. 
Ur Jal-mirtin,' C!'ti(i,ie (■■3't.iulNWlr). 
Sine (lOluxnt Jtifit. — ftinr 9>uif J'adiid. 
(fine e*Bdjt(l mil '=i'ii'l;fii,i (Svi.ii.niiti). 
I'm .Vvici'.innl'iii.-- tiint Jj.itrtiiilK, 
«5inien :if fon nnmi'jfi .ibltfcn? [(9ttuiaer»fle 

■Dcr Sriiffr.ijfr CpoflfcaK) bat uin ((in S)cfbnad>iev 
I ..■'i 1 iN.iK 1 i.i.ii:"ir,ii:iii,-]i ■iicEortieiu 

■ kuftet] BtnMfitlfp, 
Uin ©rieffafttn. — Ifin Si'UiTltutt.ifltn. 

.nl *ai Watt. 
•tOflBt, <Sc]ef*<MHl. — OlrtMaHe. 
€ wrtu«)f(, — acbci 1 3 U frcit . 
Ovf crfl n* . — V tiM t lejt 
VftrttlMaflon Uraiii'Vi'tiatlcr 'Pfrrtft.itl 
©rloneerrt (^tival I ;!immtr in cineni flliii.nii.iiiiii; 
(fill Safltncinfj? 

ttint timet, inljaltlulr grijljlmia. lEiir tUnbtJ Sltioafi 
*orl;,i ii &[dj ii fit. —trill iiL'fi'iMJii.i. It in ,v,uiri(.imvi. 
X<i iioeilt 'Jiitihnaif'titna.— Ter jiucite SL'titjnaajtaoii 
eci([ cin rUrjajljunoe. 
tft ifitjaSrtinflefiinft. 
,"l-i' fouili von txtn ;t(ltiuinsji[[i hl cn cim' 'Jlnmracr tt* „ 
Sic tint mir tin idii'nor ((aui'tra) Htull 
Stun [ti !)iil'[d) orlia ant witit iiittil, nitin ^unje. 
"IiJi-riifiu-uiMiT", Jrifo.ic Kitfriilirit, 
fliiiMr lint Hiiiba. 

■. : :; ..■ . ■: ■ i :. ". :: ::.: ■ !■■ 


tic raiJit [Line xiiaK-uwii i^uniiM.ivtil in edjotlta 

(•in fm:iii!« (t'liiTpihaik'i) 2iro(i'. (tin *uttii|rrtid( 

t'liiu.lL- vim fr l-.iU-ii ;(iliiii-iit ClfceB. 

SiiHtaar 'JftBbuljner. 

Sin li.i ar 'I! i it l- Idl. 

anf.j rrf lonicii, iiiniciiitn Sramitiwiti iiH-inrfan u 

Tit ireiiiil il.ivti He Ktrocii. 

Sine parlenbe Suit. 

€rfui Sir Ht[ti tQort in .vim 

iti auiiti: an viiihr £i(ii( aiv itniiH- 'Mv.i naler bt\ti 

tlfi.-i , W.l'"ftT 1---T I (lllill t l.i.-T.. II (j.lliUdll J-,:.l,i,li:, i. 

St eft I'HMtiiia.' li'iaNiiiii-ihi]. 

(ir ptaljltt (viilraiu- iiflij tamii, t>a(i et...tijnnt. 

lit briiilt It iia) tami I. 

3d) [ttK nidi tin, was Si, fld) r-aranf »i(I ;« vj 

jeber SJtltrbiat tiiimlt bat frttifl 6ringtn. 
Sdjlintiril i[t ber filuli ter 9lal 
Hi IK iti lit tlrahlctei. 
Sir traat iljr (iaat atflcdtdi (in Jlcdjlm). 
Ifinr SdjltHK mil eilbcrbortx. 
Sit (n)iuaoi ihm (tn gdiaM tin. 
lit j.iaic Mi cine Suae! bur* (tn JtoBf. 
I*r H'rtfuirt litai nidi in tm tnnatn ft.inrot. 
2)tS Sudjfti ©djlautcil Mrnun Sliajl* gtatn ^ct 

l)aB Sinb |jai DaD ftirniealitr. 1). a. t). tinea ffioflcl 

kl-iii sum (ui i auf vtni?itj,itt!'p [tibtrtnntB lOo»atal 

Kr hal titirn icbr (djluadjcn I9ti|>. 

eid) ten »op| 5ttbrtd)cn. 

Srinrii ilrtflaiib on[irtnnrn (.mi fit ,V'!la' iv.iiiiHn i. 

I*n (inflaiib oetliercn. — (Hd) bin Jtopj ittbttd)eji. 

Si Ratb an OtbitntniKidjun j. 

Xa plll(lidt Eroinb tint.' |s JioftB iptniiiiaoit Kni 

ten itoiif (bmiiii( ii:n m ben Be^lut)- 
©ripiat Strttil ifl fchioeret, a!3 KJtrtttidjt, 
ttt id)lug ihm rail ban BnwljtfoIMii ben Sdjabtl ein. 
(•in [mittliia.ieititnet Moif. 
«>tl Wrfdirei nnb meitia HScIlt. 
Jllli* mil Etumpf nub Slid Htnidjltn. 
Tit ;l»ti,it (!tc[tti tint* Banrati abliamn. 
Xititr fflt,] inxiji lid) nj* itdW ob. 
3aj tin in tintui mrbein vM*a[t3iWti Q t tMtia. 
drfltbiitt (ii dntmillcni [iunfjmi] g,v>ei..\i 
(Sint (Jiwiflbant (fliiiaibant).— iiliir 3njtij|tiBie. 

<i ■ Han 

Br ifl tin ivafiiti StiJitnriicb. 

" Uraftnnb ifl fL'intraijHbadiliiifltnnauflfafdjfidjeinan 
- '— tU tintiifrillii.itrii. 

Soittn (CiMliutra) I 
tfitieft Ijiti iB riot tn befttn. 


BRANDY. A frlaat of - and water . 
BRASS founder. — foundry 

- exploit (pi-BV.) 
■ant a trumpet (prov.) ... 
None lint the — dtaene the fan [firm. ). 

is for — in llic field 

Can you — hi.- .lisp). 

'Tis i — resolve 

A - fallow 

Hi' il many 1 1 . l : 1 1_' • ■ r ~, 

He got the Victoria Ci 

BRAY To — like 


BREACH To heal up the ~ [(he observance 
I' :-. .i custom more honoured in the — lhan i 

He committed a — of the peace 

She lirfmgtit an aciiou against him for — of pr< 
mi si- of marriage 

A — nrilielaw 

A -of the rules 

A — of faith A — of etiquette 

The soldiers mounted the — 

The regiment charged through ihe — 
Ulii rifiillery nattered a — in ihe wall 

BREAD and scrape. — and bullet ... 
Rye — - Unleavened — 

— 5luffs. Sweet—. Wheaten — 

Home-made — . Baker 1 ! — 

Household — . liiown — ■ 

Stale—. New — 

A slice of — . A piece of dry — 

A crust of — . — knife 

The crumb of — , — crumbs 

We ere mi of— 

e days i/noris- _. 

To quarrel with one's — and butler 

" They who have no other I 

— and butter are glad to 

A Crust of — and cheese 

He has gni a piece of — and cheese in his head 

— at pleasure, drink by measure (frav.)... 

To cast — upon Ihe waters 

He eam.1 hi* — by hawking 

J'.i otl the — of idleness 

He took the — out of my mouth 

BREAD-BASKET. He Idled his -... 

I nmsl hang her - a little higher 

BREADTH. The - of my hand 
T TlKlutfwm Ihe leiigih and — of the land 

Twenty yards in — 

A hair's- 

A lingers — .. 

The peculiar disposal of Ihe background o( 

tare, which, witljoul sacrificing nt ei iny 

details, (;'"-• '" !t "' *''»<le harmony and cfiecl 

is called ihe — or a pictui 

Wehad a hair's — escape ... 

BREAK. His eye* are -it 
The tree isneatly— ing 
I broke the stick idiom Ins bark 
I he wave, brake againat ihe rock 

1 broke away from euslody ... [room 
We had to — away the parliiloa to get into the 
He broke Sown beneath the burden of hi- ifflk uonj 

My health broke down 

The carriage broke down in the middle of the road 
The singer broke down completely 
Thai agreement — s down ... 
■ i i" — in, but 

He broke in upon niy rest 

Tliat ln.i-i- ha- not yet been broken in 
i::i bead ind bring me a plaster (prov.) 

— the legs of ao evil custom (pun.) 
I can't — into a new box for such a small qttitnlity 

I ilon'l like lo break i mo the /s note ... 
I |c« iii'i ■ the !>■::-:. ■'■■->■■ 

The glass brake into a thousand pieces ... 

He broke out inlo eiccsses 

She broke out into laughter (tears) 

an Hi ii is broken oft* 

. piece 

I cannot — myself of! that 

— oft ihis tvrig eteM to Ike Hen 

Un vcrre dt grot; tin cognac . . 
Fort com mi de tenu de vie . 

[jaune finite 
Fondturdc cuivre jaune ( laiti n) — Fonderie de cni 
Plaque de etiivrt. — Fil de laiton, — JtigU en evi; 

Hardi eommt un pagt 

Bract etWHiit urn Mm 

I'll brave a trait polls 

Vne belle retrain at ml be! exploit 
I.e; atlioii! a" ' eclat st lenient elles-mtmes ... 
Lis bravei seuls meritcnt lesfaveurs dei belles 
Oset-vous braver son mkonttnlement f 

C'cst tine brave rholution 

I'a vcitiiiint compagnon 

// brava de nombreux dangers 

Un acle de bramotire [damp A ba/ai/.'e 

Llgagha la eroix Victoria /our sa braveiere r~ ' 

/■'.' MrM un tine 

Une fille effronth 

AMlltr lei divisions... [snivre i/ne d'obstrver 

(Test »'te continue cjit'il est plus honorable de ne pas 

II commit un dilil conlrt I ordre public 

Ette lui intenla un /■voces pour inexkutien d'uni 

fnma tt de mariagt 

I'ne violation dc la lot 

Une contravention aux rlglemmls 

Manque de foi. — I'ne fault conlrc 1'IHqutlle soldatt montirent sur la hreche 

I.e rigimCHt charged par la breche 

Ndtrt ailtllcrie battit !e mur en brkke 

I'ne maigre tartine — C'nt lavline de bttirie 

fain dc u-iglc —Pain tans Iroatn 

ar.'ales — Ris A vcau.— Pain de froment 

Pain luif a la maiioti —Pain de boulanger 

Pain de menage.— Pain tit (Htrir) 

Pain rastis.— Fain f rats 

Une tranche de pain. — Un morieau de pain see ... 

Urn crofti de pain.— Couteau pour te pant 

La mit dt pain. — Miettes de pain 

Nous n'avons plus de pain 

Trois /ours de prison au pain et a Teau ... 

Donnes-nous aujourd'hui noire pain quotidicn ... 

Se qMtrtlltr ante son gagnt-pain 

Quand on n'a pas de viaiidt, on est content dt 
manger du pain 

Line eroHle de pain avec du fromage 

II est dans les vigncsdu seigneur.., 

P'l'n, lant qu'il dure : vm, .) mesure 

In bun/ail n'eil jamais perdu 

II fait le mitier de colporteur 

I'ivri dans la fainfantise ... 

Jl hi a pris le pain hors de la boucke 

11 mangca tout son soil! 

II faut que je la alette ll la ration 

La targem de ma main 

Dans toute i'elcndue du puts ... 

I'ingt metres de large ... ... ... ,,. 

L-'Jpaiiseurd'un ekevett 

Un deigl 

Avoir tint maniirt large en prinlure, e'est scivon 

dispeier les plans d'un tableau dt mamen- i 

d.imiir i I cntc-nblc un taped puissant et far- 

•r.oi'fux "ins socrifier ui disamulci lis delailt 

■ '"i,-..- belle 


I'arbre ic ii'iiipt pitsquc sous It poids de sa fruits 

Jc lui iJiiai Ic Mlon sur les tpaules xixgues st brisaicnt (dlftrlaienf) contre le rocber 
I.e prisonnier ichappa ,i set gar Jims [la clia—'- ■ 
Nous dimes mfoncer la eloison pour ffnitrtr 
11 t wtm ta sous le poiJi de ses chagrins ... 

le lombai malade 

M milieu du ikemin 

Le ehanttur ne put pits 
■■■ -■ itplu, 

■hirent a ffnfti 

II ;'int trcubltr men rcpos\mau ne furent y riussir 

Ct cbr.-al n'esl pas mcore diessi 

Oiii! c,i'<c-m,n Ic con, pout me panur entuile 
Se difain (coriiger) d'une ntituvaiit baliriide 

Je ne puis pis out-n'r (entamer) une nouvclle ei 
/our line ii p/lite qnantit.'- 

Je naimepas ii entamer le billet tie fj ... 
Dts volrurs entrirent pat effraction dans la met 
Le ttr re se brisa at inille moccour [pendant la nuit 
II se jeta dans la dibouch, (d,s excel) ... 
File /data dt rire -Elltfondlt en 'amies 

Uetigagement fut rtnttfm 

Casset m'en un morctau 

Je nt puis me d/fat'rr (corrigrr) dc edit habitude. 

Casstx te ramtau pics dc la tige 


it mil SWfet. 


Wtlbjicfirr.— tSttlliflittjerei. 

HLffti miula 11 1 — 3M| in fl»ra fj 1. — g I iH i nit 

ntcal air IKnlacrdjofj. 

ijfiL-i (fit*) "(erf* to**. 

Tarli iint t-urdj urfer. 

iSin ijvfct,-t IN 11*111,1 'i' aniti tint tatfen Stjat. 

4intf4l)iu 3»al td-t fid) fdl'fl. 

Don XaVfrni tMti klcViMb 

Hviiimi =ir fciTict Itn.iiutc Iron liietrn? 

L ; ->i>"tiin riihia-uniin.l.. j; 

tiin li'irftrrt ,"\ii" ; )t. 

l£r M siclrn tHefalJTrtl 3to(j. 

liint Ibai btr lapfrtteit. [laDfottit int »ticat. 

lit crliifli ba? Sftitloriatvtiij (baS rifmic Stcuj) totjcn (dine 

Si)it tin Ufa ilirritit (iwncu). 

liilt j.lMiiilL'H'i-Eiabfttll. 

I -ii Ubiilidl.-ii, la,-. jnwiirFnif; loiibn am maajeit. 

Si ifl tiu IStttuaiift, pot* (en ju IBfe|ts ttirtncetftr ifl, oI# 

t>i frjiiiii (iiidi Svii'teiiJl'tm!'. [iini tu I'tfuliicn. 

Sit Etrtlaatt i6n iwacn *rud]t* t** ^tiroli|6fltliJtinii(eS. 

I'm: lkwrltolint : i ti-v i«iirlfr8. ekfcfturlcljanii, 

If trt Srr|toi fltfltii tic Sltflrln. 

It-ill ;v.-i:L-nlJi. iini ^nili-n flt.lMI tie Gtitcllt. 

2>if£olbal(itofticflciitir3[uriiiliirfe. S-icS. litftnetunii 

I>a4 Mtjinieitt branj ^ut* tit »refa)< tin. 

Un[m Btlittrtic fttiun 'i»e SttfitK in bir Montr. 

Sin tiinii jetdiniieclM Stutlcvbtot. — SnllttbroS. 

tSoflidibret.— lliijefaitcrtrf 8tct. T'ft'JKatK TiteJHaUrii. 

Brubtorn.— StoItfSmilii. — SDtljsnbnit. Sklfilirob. 

(sautbaifenbroB — Sotfcrbrob. 

Ci 1 1 1 1 aWj Ii I II HJ nfl ■ I ill £an*l'arfenbri)b. — Stfjnnrilitpt . 

HItba[^ene«(alt(■Jl-. : ■■ '...;■■ A ■■. ■ ffHfajol) ft**. 

Gine ©reefdmiite- — (Ein ema" rcorfciitii fjnfe. 

tHac irmftt Btob.— Orobmefter. 

^ir»to|amc. l>ic SSmblrume. — Brabttiimea. 

TOivbatitiirtitiSret iiin>.ii:k- Tio i< lit uns aaSatflnitadi. 

Ilri Ia,it atrcfl bei XOnffer unb Srob. 

(«it nnS btme unlcr la.iliduS Brofc. (vaiitm. 

Dm «ft abioacn, au) bem man jinl. »tit (tlntni Vii't berrn 

ll'tnn man Idu jjtciiiti tjatrti tann, frtjmeifl aua) SSrcb gut 

Sin ffriiflejcn Btob tail itaie 

liv bat cineii ivib. 

64)0BCtM«9«bni*t. bclra 3tinteit atcr balle BMS 

S3ro6 libra bo* Sflalin fabroi (alien 'BtDljiibatcit reiiblia) 

fit Bevtient iein StcA mil fvniftrtti. [tmjctftu. 

EaSSrctbet Saulbeiitfltn. eettdbrcb (f(tn. 

8t nabm mir ben *iftot ram SDIunbt n» H . 

St hat n4 ben Wairu-n (icCillt Ijr Ii* unit iie.itiitn. 

3*mnfi ibrttn Blt6 (4*tiith)tb) ctu-a5 tjBftet l]Jn,icn 


Mini-, unb .|nrt turdiba? Van* Turif) (iiltv) boi jjonje tont 

3iMiilifl Krter in bet Crttlt. 

liiiK-VviatKcilt ffiitrJ t-aatrl BniM. 

'ini r.iiiil.i-fcri-ile. fiMi ^iiiflttS Brritt. 

lie eigtuttjuinliifit Vtbonttitu.] bei Cinltrntunbt* (iitu 
*ilbrt, iwllje, obnr bir Strjrilieiirn JH tl'fnn pbo pi 
wrb«ftn,Mni Woiiku 5tiintnim L i unb ■iiiiiTiiii.iitvlfibt, 
leirb btrilt liinfclfubmna, jeuannt. 

JiJ-ii- 1 

ii .v.n.'iiiT RMt. 

Tie Wiijtn ticaieii ibni Stin ?ln,ie triifit. 

1-cr itauui bnebt faft unlet brt Ml bei ntiifttt. 

>(■ iit I ii,i ilm tin etod oaf tern tHiicTcn ntl\iKi. 

Sic xltejioi bradjen |t* am (plfrl. 

astrflWananit ailunfdilc jniieii BieTrllBPj. [|iatUafai. 

3Ditmii[!itn ben ipraidila.i furdibratidi, urn in ba« ;tiinm« 

lit (Kn* unlet ter trafi teiitnVtitdnafainiiteii. 

-■ at tarn) ptfudtiOL 
lit Stamen jctbta* tnittcnmif ter Slta^t l,>i.i 'If 

Un (id tmllfiiincia bur*' lev S. inadilt DoUftoiibi j 
Tidtt Strltoji mttb jit Witfcit 
licbe Wtfaojltn tincn liini'tuoi, abet nfint urfotij. 
Or ftorle nitinc Dt ubt. 

Xirfrt Sfrrt ifj nnfli niibl iii.irriileii (fiiijttabtrn). 
i*laflr mill let! intb mfc bin flqi. 
aine iitle Qteiuoli n Iti I atlt.ii.-it 
Jlblanrt wcarn tiner (o fltinrn Titnje teintneut flifte on- 

^d)f|r(i(( unlit arm tic SiinFfiinititcio an 

nijrtml bei 'Jtaftl MaeWn Birt* in'l ftaol (in, 

Xa8 Olln* (trbroA in loaltnb eifich. itetiipelfniMtn tiln. 

tolitSfi* ju HuMAwilmiatn hintriSen. St oah ft* KUL 

eft *ra* in dn Qktonjtet [in Ibtatien} aul. 

T.i.^.Ti.iimii' iniif; ttarrne)ci 

»n*tn©itmlt elu BrWe* 

M (.urn mil- Heft Bflli ibttatuiHltiul 

Srntjin Sic bitftn 3iwifl tidjt am Staninic ob. 



— aic offa rose from that hush 

Tn — open a door (letter, desk) 

• i 1st -in* out OB his body , 

token out 

ing through the clouds 
The firemen hail lo — through the wall ..- 

lie btofce through nil restraint 

Hunger will — through a stone wall 

The old mm is —ing up ... 

The meeting broke up early 

The weather is —ing up ... 

The ship is —ing up fail ... . 

The Admiralty ordered the ship to be broken up 

I have broken with bam ... 

You have broken faith with Mr. C. 

It broke with a crash 

Those words are long enough to — one's teeth 

1 liloke my arm 

He broke his neck in the fall 

[lis death nearly broke her heart 

To — the peace (the low) 

To — a stick 

To— a plate 

To — the spell 

The restlessness of the child broke my rest 
I have not broken fast since yesterday 

— it small (into small pieces) 

My was ready to — 

S In- ■ i L i ■ ■ I broken-hearted (of a broken hear!) 

He broke it asunder 

You have broken your word 

The horse has broken loose from the stables 

He threatened lo — my head , 

I broke i s > >■ way through the crowd 

I'll break his spirit 

My aunt was the first to — the silence 

The Government broke the back of the conspiracy 
The horses got frightened and broke the rank- 

VVe broke Ihe ranks of the enemy 

The storm was awful; it seemed as though hell 
had broken loose 

iroke down 


-mi: . 

His fall was broken by some straw on the ground 

Honour losl and fortunes broken 

To — the thread or one's discourse 

Another hour's ride, and the ruin broke upon oui 

He was broken on the wheel 

His home was broken up 

To — butler Hies on the wheel 

To — wind 

'!!ir faa In-. ke cover 

We have broken ground 

To — the ice 

To — the marriage vows 

riled (00 mile) * 
. :e broke with sobbings 

I'll — my mind to him 

Not a ray of light broke the darkness 
That firm broke not long ago 

We broke up company 

The sun broke forth in all Us glory 
We broke in upon them unawares... 
BREAK, (n.) A journey without a - 

At the — of day (at day — } 

Here ocean a — in the 

lEAKER. The watch reported — s ahead 
Thm irorti i*i bw ■ 
BREAKFAST, (tn.) Have you — ed ? 

My wife always — s in bed 

1 ..■! "II ion] mU '.bicken 

BREAKFAST. '(»). —is on the table 

.;■ I you like for—? 

We had porridge for — 

Wr tat down lo ■ tplendid — 

W'c had just sal down to — , when 

I took a walk to get an appetite for my — 

I sade a hearty (poof) — .. 

Has Mr. C. comedown to — yet ? 

The family is at — .. 

They are waiting for you to come lo — ... 

lb- Mi— F. come out from — yet? 

A w«Hdioi> — ... 

CoHfil. ..... 

Enf enter unt portt.— Dkocheter une letlit.— Forcer 
/.' a line eruption :ur tout If corps ... [un pupilf 

La guerre ( Le cholha) a Mati 

Le soleil se fail jour A trovers les images ... 

Lis pompiers ilurent pereir le mur 

It Misa lous Us obstacles 

Ln faim percerail des murailles 

Lc Piciilard s'en ;u (est Men his) 

L'assemblie se sJpara %lc bonne heure 

Le temps se bronillc 

Lt vaisseau se dlniembrc rapidement 
Uamiraut! donna t'ordrc Je drmolir le nat'ire . . 

J'ai rompu over iui , 

V'ous avei manque" de parole A M. C. 

II se brisa avec grand 'fracas ... ... 

Ce soul des mots a vous Miser la m&choirt 

fe me cas sax le bras ... . - 

II se casta le cent en tombant 

Sa morlfailtil lui bristr le camr [k 

Commtttre un ,1/lit conlre I'ordrt public. — Violerl 

Rempri un bison 

Casstr unc assictte 

Rutnprt It charntt . 

Men repos fut Iroubtl par les pleurs de V enfant . . 
// n'ai rien mis mis sous la deal depuis hicr 

Cassti-le en pttiti morteaux 

II mt semblait que mon al/ait cclaler 
Eltt mourut le tour brisi. — Bile maurut tt'unt 
II le brlsa (le rompilj ...[inatajit de longueur 
I'ous avet manque dc parole 

Leeheval s'esttehappe de son icurii 

Jl me menaca de me easier la tele 

ft mtfrayai un chemin A trovers la foule 

Je le dompterai 

jt/ii lantefnt la premiere A rompn le silence 

Qui casse lei verres, les pate 

Le vaisseau est entrl en dkhargemeiil ic matin[ti.jtt 
I j gouvernetnent porta un coup mortel a la conspira- 
Les thevaux s'cffrayir, nt .: rompirent les rangs ... 

Nous rompfmes les ligncs de Icnnemi 

La templlt llait terrible ; on eiil dit que I'enfer 

//ait dkhalnl 

11 yen/ tin accident A la machine 

Sa tvix commence d inner [iilerre 

Sa ehuleful amort ie par de la faille qui se trouvail 

L'honneur ferdu el 1 enlrepn'se minit 

Inlcrrompre lefil de son discours 

Quand nous times encore IrolU pendant une heure, 

la mine apparnl A nosyetu 


Set meubles furenl vendus, son foyer de'trllU 

Tuer des mouches A coups de masiue 

Lather un vent 

Le renardgagna la eampag. 
Nous awms prfpare le lerrai 

Hompre la glace 

Violer la fii conjugate 

Nonsflmes joo milks if unc Irailt 

Sa tii.e ,e pcrdil dans les sanglots 

Je lut ftrai connaltrt ma manihe depenser 
Pas un rayon dt tumicre n'ec/airail les lenlbrts .. 
Celte maison a fail faillite il n'y .i pas longlemps.. 

Nous nous scpardmes 

Lt soleil apparut dans loitte sa splcndeur 

Nous nous f~!anfdmes stir eucc a i'imprtnvistc 

Un voyage sans interruption (fait d'ltne traile).. 

A u point du jour 

let il y a une lacunt dans la succession 

A cause d'un accident arrive" a la mat hint 
Voffieier dt quart annoiifa des brisants d /'avail/.. 

Cat un mot A cosier la m&choirt 

Avci-veus JSjeiine f 

Mafemme Jejeunt loujours an lit 

Jt dejeunai tie poulel froid 

Nous illjrunons a neuf heures 

Le ittjtuntr est strvi. Madame est servie 

Qu'aimtric%-voui pour voire d.jciintr? 

Nous eSmes du polage A dejeuner . {dejeunei 

Nous nous mime' .1 /able devanl un tiia-piif</"c 
Nous veniont de nous metlre A [aide pour dejeuner 

p ta t td [pour iPjeuner I 

fefs une promenade afin de me donnerde I'app'lii 
Jt dtjtunaiA fondf ' serScu.'emcnt j—Jefs un maip-, 
M. C. tst-il desccndti pour dejtuner} [dejeuner 
Ma f ami lie est A dljeuner 

Mademoiselle . . .. 

I'n dlieuner de neees 

Un dt'jcuner donnt en I'hon 

de dejeuner? .. 

*ivrfcl :\i miv i'iiit >W.>it coil Mti.'i ; l.nt 
filar IhUrr (rinra Brief, <"' *alfl "fUed 
t9c|ajiriicc PTtdicn an (rim Hflrprt btruot (aus). 
Tit Siicfl {(it Cfritm] ift aiw,i(tTOl)(B 
:-k eoiiik rriiM fur* fit BJotlcn. 
Xiit Stutrml)! inufjtc (it JSont biii'^brt^ai 
lit Purdjbrad) iillf StbrjMtn. [tritfl Gilru. 

X*r feangtiiic HSgl Mllci ftotB fcnnt tan 8rtot. Sielt) 
S3 jjf I<| rait trm <9rti(r jn gut*. Inuf. 

Slit fflrrfammlutij Had) (ru^riiii) ouf £it« ICfte Rt 
SaS Sajiff fill i f*tll aitstinoatcr. 
Sit YrtmtwlilJt litfr baO 'iftili aitfjti Titni) (Ifttcu. 
3ft tyibt mil i&m atbr«l)tn 
Sit tabtn trtuloS an £rrrn S. gc^onMl. 
li'J itrlT.i* mil (intra jludv. 
*ti Mefca (aagea B6itm attjt einttn btr SUitm aul 
Jnj (^crjCiad) inicbtn Htm. 
4*i ban Salle bead) cr fi* f en tUU (bai Bniirf). 
grill lob brad) i^c (afl tai ftfrj. 
I tn Sfittm liriajcn. — Xai iSqclJ brvLutn (ribtrtrtlci 
tSinen atcit jtttrMdcn. 
Uiiim Iclltr icrbteditn. 
It:i ■[.iiilx-t tprtdjen. 

Sit UntUjt brt KinbtS icrfttfrte MCUH Slnrje. 
36 Ijobt jcit ncflon Kl^l atatffin 
ilcrbK*ai Sit a [in tltint tUMtl 3ctftEdrtri ©ic t* 
*!tin (vrtj itar naljt taran ;u 6«4)at. [£crjen. 

■3te ftaru cur {>a;tnl!liinnncr. — Sir part am atbrtttmitn 
febraaj tS auSdnanber. 
©It Ijabra 36' 8>«l fletrn^tn. 
1v<i 'Pltrb brad) ant ton italic Io». 
iiv fiLi.ii. mit btn ftalB (ba$ fltatht) sn brcdjtn. 
3d)babnte mitten &Sra bnrdj Mt Rqqti 
3ft luetbt i 1; in btn Jtavf tirfttn. 
IHtint Inntt btuft jn evil tas f4**i(t*. 
SEtr btn Sftabtn braitiadjt, iiiiiQ il>n imttrr attl nradjen 
TaseftiR^at l)<iitciUier ! ii:ntii't'atiin.i.iL-l'n<d>cii (iiiie(4cll 
Sit fUcainuiiji untcrbriidi; bit (irvldmutnitj. |anatfanaen). 
I if ffoM amta [dim unti btnftttaifttii bit thriven 
•mi butftliraftcn bit IcinMidjcn IKtiben. 
■Det-stitrm war cnt|tt)Iift; (i [djirn, alS ot> bit janje t-Jilt 
-)S(dafftn ■ 

-: ,iiij ^iniiinebtiftt, [s(bri)4en. 

6riu BaU unirbe burft Strob, iwlftt^ all! bet tttbe Uj, 
Sechiii bit iSlirt un( Cintufje its ScrmDjciti, 
Etn Sabtn (rintr SHtbt nDbttditn 

URftrn Sliifeii. 
(Ec toutbe fltribcrt. 
iiiiH .iNni'tliftlrit luntbt aufatlOft. 
'Jlaib'SV.'Otti mitKaiieaeiifftuiioi. 
liiiitn SBinb faljttti la!i«i- 

a*tgnft« ottlitfi Irin Saacr. B. 5. rawtli v tnau*fin'« 
i!V'it IWm fltbrofttn, 
Dat Hit bnftoi 

3)lt (ilie (bit trtrtifte Svcut) fttftcn. 

aiitttiilrn 500 altcilm trtii, otjtM bit iHtiit^ii nnltrftied>cn 
Jbvt Stimmt trad' ■ 1; tv j.i -..u- 1 L- 1 - vor iftluftirn 
3d: trill itm indue Weitnuig (aata 
Mtlii viiMR'.itiL fmJ.ii'i.nii :ti.uli 111) bit ?vin(lttnif). 
Ditfe* «tfajaf I fjat Dl'i niftt [anatt gritfoBitl (Oaultrelt 
aiirflinaaiaiileinanbei. lacuiaalt 

JDIc Sunnt brad) in ifjter ganjen tHIotie vcrwr. 
Silit ficltii unotritbtnS liber fit $ev. 
Cine 91 rift sbne liiiltrbteftuia. 
*ltim Bvaaen K SafirS. — tW 1 a. jij.i lib end). 
Citt jeiat fid! tint VMt in bet llteii>ni.'lat. 
On JpLiv: elnr» Sllalftintnbrnftce. 
Die Hflaftc meltttt « lil'i™ (tlr..nbnn h \-> mr b(« Srliiftt 
IiieftS aicrl I.niji (intii iliunbaittnlraiiivf veruc|adKn. 
Oa»«n ©it atftiiliftiiitt ? 

ai({ine5ran niiiuul iiiiiiwr ii'v r.iiil-i;iiJ im ©tttt JU fli 
3ft nft inin StiiOfiiii talk ftiiijiifttii. 
iL'ti itiii'iuiifcniinigubt 
2>a« griiliftiiif i[l aufgttifftt 
a'a9 Briibnilift? 
ii-.r .if;.-n .^.irtViiTulji al-: ^vnhilii*. 
isfii iJ.'Mi un-' vi ti |lcl " iifJ.''!'."! rtviii'tiikft nitNr, 
SSirr^ttraunStlt""!' ttiirtii:^ini-Jviii(i'(Mafi«li[i(i>8i . . 

all... IfWitifiiier in mnejia. 

30) mafttt tinen epaiirraanjj, urn mit tin 
3ft nabm tin Hlftti.jts [fihaHajil] SriiMuid c.i 
3B*trr II, Ifton jnat grillj|Hicfe Ijctitnttrflefcmm™ 
tto Bamilie i|l brim Btilblhia't. 
TOan nwrttl, baj £ie »nm Rrlib|fuif lommat 
3fl Rronlrin Vt. idjon bem gritflMl emlatttattetn? 

■ ■ :n* 
liin fijniiMiij.-fviiijIiiil Gin StinnmaH. 




-i^ii 1 " 


BREAKING. The — up of the weather 
The — up of the schools for the holidays... 
The — ■out of the war 

BREAST. We —ed the hill 

He — eil the waves 

With o dauntless — 

He made a clean — of the whole affair ... 

An infant on the — 

A — -high wall 

The — plate of innocence is not always sen 

Sroof (prw.) 
EATH. (/..) In »— 

To fetch (draw) — 

She hung on his — 

A — would have saved him 

With baled — 


it of- 

I held my - 
The — of lire 


It took ray — away... 
To his last (dying) — 



As long as there is — left in my body 
BREATHE, {-v.) He — d his last 
The patient — s more freely 
Everything in nature — d peace ... 


word of it to my father... 

BREATHING-TIME. Midnotallowmyself- 
BREATHLESS. —silence 

Thev tied in — haste 

BRED. |/W. ../breed) He is well- 
He was — and born there 

This btfflodl was — at the farm of Lord D. 

He has been — lo it 

This horse is Krench — 


i half- 

He was a — sailor 

A thorough— horse 

What is — in the bone will come out in the flesh 

BREECH. A— loader 

BREECHES. My wife wears the — 

You can't take the — off a Highlandman (prmi.) ,, 
BREED. |... &*».) What —is that dog? .. 

The whole — of them 

The whole seed, — , and generation of them 

This bull is of the short-bora — 

I bought these cows for — ing purposes 

Familiarity — s contempt 

Jealousy — s strife 
t will —ill blood 

BREEDER. AUemey cows are good —a .. 
BREEDING. A man of good (bad) — 
Men of—. Cross 

There is not a — stirring 

BRETHREN in Christ 


BREVITY is the soul of wit (pr. ,.) ... 

BREW. It is -ing a storm 

To — in a bottle and bake in a bag (Prov.) 

To — tea [- 

I could tell by his way, that there was somet 
As you — , so you must drink (frmv. I 

BREWER. He has stolen a manchet out o 
-•s bulk* | [on 

BREWING. W« can produce loM galloi 

BRIBE. I —cd him with a promise of. . 


I \b<- » 

He was — d to do it... 

He refused the — I offered him 

A — will enter without knocking (prov.) 

Un dejeuner malinal 

Olei la table \ Enlcvet It dejeuner 

Que le d/jeuner soil prlt pour g hearts 

Le dejeuner est fini.— Saiie ii d. /, uner ( mangtr). 

Vhture du dejeuner. — La i lot he du lUjeuver 

Le ehan-emtnt di temps 

L'entrft en vaianees 

/.Vj p/fiit'it de la guerre 

Nous gnvimes la coltint 

II lendtiit Us vogues 

rf.... ™,, ;~tr f pide 

enfant a la mamelle 

Un murh Hauteur d'appui 

La cuirasscde I'i'ii noceiuc n 'est pas loujours a I '/preuve 
des traits de la calomnie 

Toitt d'une haleint. D'une haleint 


PJle /tait suspendue a sts Itvris 

Tout d'unt haleint 

Un ricn Taurait sauv/ 

.'■.'.■ ■.::■■ ■:■:.. .■■■■ . . 

Je suis hors a" haltine 

Je retins man haleint 

Lt souffle de la vie 

Mauvaise haleint, Haleine forte 

Ce/a m'al>asourdit. j'enfus tout saisi 

Jusqu 'a son dernier souffle 

Un souffle d'air 

Courte haleint 

// parla ivoix basse.. 

tl a I'haleine mauvaise 

Cette course me mil hors d' haleint 

Taut que j'.iurai un souffl* dans It eorpt 

II renditle dernier soupir 

Le malade respire plus facilement 

Taut dans la nature respirait la paix 


N'en soufflci pas mot a mon pert 

Donnet-moi le temps de resfircr 

Je ne me donna i pas le temps de resfircr (soufflcr) 

Un silente de mart 

lis s'enfuirent en toute kite 

II est bicn /lev/ 

PI y estn/ et il y a to /lev/ 

CelxrufaM/lcv/aiaftrmcdc LorJD. 

It a M /lev* 1 la dedans 

Ce cheval est un produit de t'/ttvagt J ratals 

C'est un demi-sang 

Un chien de rate treis/e 

C/tait un hup de mer 

Un cheval pur sang 

Le nature! fnit loujours par se montrtr 

Une arm* se chaig.-ant par la culasse 

Ma femnie parte la culatte 

Des culottes. — Des culottes s'arrftant au grnou , , . 

06 il n'y a ritn le rot perd ses droits. On ne pent 
pas feigner un diahlt qui n'a pas de chevetix 

Di quelle race est ce chitnf 

Toute la rait 

Touts la race et la g/n/ration jusqu au dernier . 

Ce taureau apparlient a la race des courtes-cornts 
J'ai aeheti cesvaehes pour V/levagt 

La familiaritJ engendre le m/prit 

La jalousie engendre les qiterelles 

' 'inimiti/) 

\t bonnes pour I'/levage. 

Gens Men Itev/i. — M/tistage. £ltvage par 

Une brise fralche s'/leva 

Brise deferrrfde mer, carabin/e). — Douce brise.- 
Brise rafrakhissantc ( carcssantt ) 

liny a pa, 

un souffle 

if air... 

Major A brevet ...[courte 

La premiere qualitl d'une plaisanterit est d'etre 
Une tempfte se pr/pare (s'amasst) 


Faire le tht [chose 

Je vtyail a ses manieres qu'U ti pr/parait que/que 

Comme on fail son lit on se coueht 

H est to6l comme une grivt 

Nous pornvns faire jJM litres d'un brassm 

Je le gagnai par 1„ fromesse dc 

ft luh'inai !e temoin 

II a to pay/ pour le (aire 

II rej'uia rarfMt que ji lui ' sffrmi pour It temmprc 

iWient cormpteur mire sans frofftr 


(fin triiktiiiflM SriiMtiiif. 

'.M.iinirci ;it mi r.nrt.itiitMrifdj at. 

patten Sir bad IHiibpiitf um 9 Uhr bertil. 

£-a» JiiililiBi i(t Mtillw.— 5ruh[tfi*[riT*«. 

lituhftiittwn [Siiil'fiuttfiuiiKl. — Ji-iil'itiWald*. 

Sit Unonbtruna btf Wetter*. 

Sn -idiiilttMiio nor btn Jjrritti. Iwt iStrioianfonB- 

txx flusfcrui) b« IrriCfjct. 

£3ir jingen ten Oiiflrl lnn.iuf . 

fc iwr) (tint J)ntjt bmKcllnitntetani.Sriect^cilleti* fit. 

it it unerftiiriMfnin J?ruft. 

Sr befennlr Sure (atflanb Kttrt (in). 

Sin ftiiTl) an Dec Snip, ffitn Sinaling. 

Sine firuftlfirte Waiirr. 

Ji( iBjtiil tdtiift ttidjt MI Wrrlcurabtuta, 

3n tfiiirm attfcut. 
81bon totn [f*ipfnt]. 
Sir. ^fuji au fti iiem B! mite. 
;ln bon((lt'fn attitm. 

li-Lnt iilfiiviirl-i: iln .mrttlrt ^atn. 

9Hit nnufWroirm liurflrf,i(l).ilt(iicm) Bttmn. 

3rabinnun«fltbon. 3 . b. atWmloS, 

'Cldi hitit Nti Sltfrcni «n. 

Eet SrtoiSatStni (l!cbtnSubtuil, 

UL-bdrititKiiCcr BtSetn. 

Ii* bon.ifiin mir btn fljScm (bit fuft). 

i}it )n [tin™ lc[ttn ttlb^BiuiQC. 

■b :.iri:vu.v. 

anrsatbinijtiiit. Cft|M|K|Ht. 

Or fpraoi [rife (Town VRNCt/uibai). 

gfiii million rititt Sttl. 

Ti.'itr I'.mf t'taijitf mid) aiijm I iiinlrt ben) ItlDnn. 

So tangr id) riiirn tttMm in mdntr S)tnfi bubc. 

St luuditc (tint Eeclc mi*, ttr gab bra ®ti(l ouf. 

Dec Jeraitlt ottrnitt hTirr. 

Jn i-tx R*.bB atbnrdt Burt griettti. 

i2dd.CH S it m tin nil fBairr !tin £tnlMTifn>6rld>ni boson. 

Eafitn Sit mid) ju JtHicni tc-nnncn. Wtbtn Sic mir ;](i! ;nn 

3* jlSnnltniir Itinniiluiirntiliit Subt. [Bttfajnaulm. 

Btfrcmtofte ed)miarn. Btbmtuft Stitlr. 

Sic ftcben in oiMiIalec Silt. 

<Ji i [I Di'Mcrgogcti. 

tir luurbt ba(clbR ntbcrni unb trjoara, 

3W aarcat ill au* (tnt OKiticbte brt tort B. 

ttr ift bo(ii sqafOI. lii ip ibm ontr^Qoi. 


(Ji ip eon fltmiidjto: [jWliifcl) Biihuift. [[Rtftamimino. 

tfin bunJi »wiiiuna (rjrufltrr $unb. 6. ft. con artrtiijto; 

tfct roar tin otbortnn HWn 

4in StontilutDfnb. 

Srt latt nidjt Don Kit. 

«ln pinttrtoPn. [8(rtf(boft im S>ouft. 

Sirint 8"u bat bit f oltn au (anjjtiojrn). IK. fi. tjat bit 

(loftn. (Beinrlfibrr — Snittjofcit. 

Ba SUr* <]'■ fot bnrftaiio: (tin HcDit BtrtoWtl. 


3brr aanjr Srt (Brut, Sattuna). 

3fm sons* Brut, ibrtn fiomtn uub 3IanitDua)9. 

3)it((i eber Ift Hon ba run,bornlg,rn Wafft. 

^ai taunt bide fiiibt ale iMtMlt I iiim ;liid|tni). 

Btlju jiofn Bertrauliflltcit trjtujt H'trjajtiiiii. 

eiitv(aa>t cvseUiit Strtit. 

lis nicb botes tHut madjoi. 

Bifmicmr JWBc Rub gu!e4 iliiiitfitb. 

«in aj!en(« nil juttr itailtaitet] (jH;id>ung. [lunfl bureb St. 

eeuteotmfejitbnnalBiiPanb.tiilbuiiiii— theujuna, Ikttb. 

Sine [rii*t »ni( (tin rrifdjta tllftcbin) cchob fia). 

eiiioetinbttrjnbwiiib(].— lilnefttiftSllvttt.— tfia 

fnjtoadW (aclinbn) tUinb.— Sine |onft« Bvife.— ffin 

tables tuftajen.— ffin (anfte* rfliicbcn. 
tfa mljt ttin riiltajra. fi. rtfit Rffl t. *. 
Crflttr In (Ibrifto. 

IltuljrmajiT. Oanctin.inii mil ElojoritilcL 
«nci(IM(€e«Irbrfa)il}(*. [ullammrn. 

lis ip rin tlitmttec ini llyar lis litbl fid) tin Weroittcr 
Knmilfrn. ffin filnnialeitstranur fiiu. 
Sbee troutn (lodjen. fieben). [Bn(u,?e loor. 

3* loitnlt au« (tiltrin Stbobrtn enhiebmen, ban limn tin 
Ml'* tinbroeft, tnufl man'» eflea. 

th ''ii ft ttaM iviu ttytoiUn. 

Wir Rnnen tn liinem eub [4kM>] 4000 H(t| ISM, 

3* fldoann liiterrtbtte, Bbmt) ibn bard) bad Srtii'itijtn, ja 


lir tmirbe KTlciHI. t» in Ibuu. f 14 iQm onr"* 

ffr ii'ie* bic Sefttdjunn (bad SeldKnf) ntriM, ikWk (im!1 

Cine Vtfttitimt)] tritt (in, cbttc on^nttosfai. 


BRICK. Hail,—, [■'ire—. A — bat... 

A — wall. A — house 

A — kiln. A — Held 

He gambled away all his properly ; he cannot Call 

I hid the passage — «d up 

lit* is a — of a fellow {a regular — ) 

To pave with — k ' ... 

BRIDE. A — groom. — 's maid 

I had to give the — away 

— and —groom. A — 's cake 

BRIDAL. They .ire away on their — (our 

A —gift (bed, wreath) , 

BRIDGE, (n.) A chain—. A pontoon— .. 

An iron (stone, wooden) — 

A suspension — , 

The engineers threw a — over the river 

The — of a fiddle 

The — of the nose 

Let every man praise the — he goes over (pros.) 
A — was built across the river 

— toll ... 

BRIDGE, (id. To - over a gulf (distance) ... 
BRIDLE your passions 

-m? horse \(prov.) 

A — for the tongue is a necessary piece of furniture 
Me has got the —'hand of him 
The horse — d up 

BRIEF. (n.&ad'j.) In-. To be - 
The Rushlight gives a — notice of his ol 
At this stage of the trial the prisoner's counsel 
threw up his — 

I hold his — 

After a - lapse of time 

BRIEFLESS. A -barrister ... 

BRIEFLY stated 

I — stated the case to him 

BRIGHT as burnished silver (as a n 
day ; as noon-day ; us a button) 

Thy — smile haunts me still 

He was a — youth 

In the — days of my youth 

1 fell in love with that pair of — eyes 

A — eyed girl 

A -moon (light) 

BRIGHTEN. Prospects are —ing 

Business is — ing up [much 

Since the arrival of his soil, he has — ed up very 
He -ed up 

BRIGHTLY. The moon shone- 

BRILLIANT. The Star of the Garter set in-! 

I filled the bucket to the — 
K is —full, (full to the — ) 
A broad- — med hat 

BRINE. Salt as- 

BRING. The Congress blunder brought about 
a change in the Ministry 

tlow was that brought about ? 

Time will — about what now seems impossible 

It brought the house about his cars 

The Russian newspapers are doing their best 

— about a war in Afghanistan 
The charge brought against hi in was that of forgery 

Did you — the book away with you ? 

Have you brought the book back with you ? 

— it back to-morrow 

The matter was brought before the authorities ... 
The Hon. Member fur rvlinburgh promised to — 

the matte! before the House 
He threatened to — the matter before the publii 
I brought him down with my revolver 
The strength of the liquor is brought down by 

addition of water 

— down my hat 

= - -II bmnsbt dmra dwhome... 

Such a dastardly act brought down upon him the 

curses of the people 
This event — s us down to the year t6io ... 
No line knows what the morrow niny — forth 

The ewe brought forth two lambs 

The earth — s forth all manner of fruit ... 
The Hon. Member tot C. brought forward n mo 

to the effect, that . . . 

Bisque .mgl.iise. — Briqiit re'fracfairt. Un morcca 

de briqut 
Un tnur de briquet. — Un maisan de briqtia 
Unfour A briques. — Uric bru/ticterie 
Ha perdu toute sa fortune aujcu, il ne possedt pli 

y at /ail "Hirer It frissagt 

Cat un excellent gareea 

Paver avee des briques 

Un marii. — Unt dtmoiscllt d'honneur 

Je dus sci-vir de pert b\ la martfc 

Lei mane's. — Cdleau de runts 
III lent en voyage de ntxei ... [aV/fatW 4'orangt* 
t'tt cadeau de noces. Le lit nuptial. La coui-onne 
Pont it ihairtci.—Porit depontom... 

Un pant defer (de piirre, de boil) 

Un pant suspendu 

Ltgtmitjtttt un pent sur la rimert 

Lt chcvalet d'un violon 

Ledos duties 

/I fiiut dire du Km da punt tUf It quel on pane 
On ruUtrtdth un pent tur la riviere 
PJagc de pont... [abitne. Rafprochir la Jistaiu 
Jeter un pant sur un aliime (phs.|. Coiirt-lcr i 

Met let un frtin a vol passions 

Brides man elieval ... ,. 

Trap grittier euit, trap purler nail 

I! est en son pouvoir. 

Le elieval re'lrcssa la t?te 

Lichn-lui la bride 

Un lentitr oil Von petit passer a elieval ... 

Brtf [riire 

La Veillcusc a donnf une courte esquisse de sa ear- 

A ce moment du proces, I'avocat de I accuse' 'dJclara 

i/ii'ii rtnonfait is difendre son client 

.' left de lemps 

Un avocat sain causes 

Pour dire l.i chose en deux mots 

Jt lui riicontai la chose en dense mots 
Brillcint comme de /'argent neuf. Propre 
un sou. Clair tomme le four 

Son charmant sourire me poursuit toujour} 

Citait un garfott hitilli 

Dans les hcurcitx jours Jc ma jcunesse ... 
Jt tambai amoureux (m'amouraeJiai) de its beaux 
Une feune fille anx beaux yetix 
Un clair de luut bri/taiit . . . 

Parole d'honneur 1 

La .itiiaticH s'klaircit 

Les affaires commencent a reprendrt [heureux 

Dcpuis I'arrivie de son fils, it a rair/wiiiivtifj-.'iis 

Son front se rass/rena 

La lunc bnllait d'un vifklat 
Vitoite de la Jatretiere en brilhinls 

I n biilltint exploit (manage) 
Remplnsoni nos ncrrts jusquau bar 
Jc remplit le lean fus.ju'au bard 

I I est pieirl fltsqu' au bord 

I'n cha.Wau 1} larges bords 


La fault commise an sufet du contra amena un 

tkangemeHt de ministlre Ifrii ' 

Comment tela a-f-il etc ainenJ? Comment s'y est-o. 

Le temps amenera ce qui maintenant sembleimpcs 

Ctla le fit grander d'imporlanct ekes lui ... [sibi 

founteaux ruises font tout leur p 

anitner unt guerre ent re I'Anglete 
L 'accusation portce contrt luiitait cetle defa 
Avez-vous emportl le livre avec voui? 

Avez-vous rapport! le livre/ 

Rapportes-lt demain 

La question fut soumisc aux anforit/s 
L'honorable depute d' Edimbomg promit de porter 

la question devant la Chambre 
II menacade porter lachoscd la connaismncc du pubh 

Jc i'al-altii d'un roup de revolver 

On diminue laforct de la liqueurci y ajoutaiit de 

Deiiende: mm ehapeau ... [de la Chambre 

Cetle declaration flit saln'e par les applaudiatmtiiti 
Un arte austi l&cht attira sur lui les nialAiictbiis 

Ptrionne ne sail ce qui It Itndcinain pent nppartcr 
La brefiis mil aux four deux agneaiix 
La terre produit toute cspl.e de fruits 
L'honorable de'puh'de C, pr.'senta (fit) une motion 
Pour que 

Mv ;I,T :,,..'« I. ■;<.!: -I-..-I 

BsetftfB^d*. Eut8kr>tC. Utaat. 

Hoc Etkadane*. -*hi ftaBjuiUftufflrinnt. Bin jjitatl- 
ffiintaicfldrjam. (Sim jiritlt-wiuiLTti. tin- . 
lit vafviciit (dn fliwiee Smtufcuiii ; cr rami rrirwtt etdn 

(Tciiic k*oHc) frill (iant nettneit. 
3a) Uc$ bnt S>ur4j,iaiij nut -iic.idiiaik-n iiiiii .-.item. 
Cr i(((injujQfj(id]ii(i l -vii,i[iiol l Tii'i..ic..i\ lit i.c.£auptinl 
Wit «air[t(in.-ii (iLiiitrn 1W11 <f I. i a infill Sticam. 
ISiii Wrduiiflam. ttintobtriiKiijIirr.— Iiijii83i:aiitfun ' 
a* miitlt «rau(catrr (da. 

;■■;. Hi.hliu-ui,'. Xli. ■Ji'iiiwrimirjllcii.— Gin Sriutt* 
@if Rub ,iii f ihtiT vcdifril-jrciK. 
ISinSrautntloirnr.— tlranlMtl,— »raitttcaii|. 
L ; mc ila lot triiii.— (Sine e^irTbrtWc 
HjKctjecttBtUt.— K«t ftcinirneirj.— (Stiw W(J«W 
Ifillt v.i i: li !t-.i '.■ . 

Die Qwakar* f^'uii'it ciitc *rilJ< iibec ben riluj. 

Ik: «tifltn[ltfl. 

SIM RafarrSsbt, Xet Slafenfattrl. 

B4far, Bwt idi cfTe, tafleu t'itt ifl> iHijt. [tlbei 

tiiiK IMA reurtc Ua Kn Sbrf grtolaaai. — I<r S- « 


(rLimi i.icii Kin; SlufO ii[>crinitfcil. 
JDUgcirt Sie 3brt «i6tii|aiaft(n.. 
jljumrn Sic mciii VittH. $. 6 ill. ». oilf. 
Sua ITiaul i|t raic tin i_Hnuli hibc Ijatoi toi gaum n 
ri tlUfcliiltt Wit H)ll 

2,>< -tii.-rt HMri ten fd-i-f iiiviirf. 3- 1-i »>- rid>iitbie* 
I'.iifta iii iiuii fiiiiiijdliin.WM. Wrt.M-Sit iBHl6i " " 

Jturj.— 11m furj jn fdn. llni inidi Inr, ft intkn. 
"Sm M. flibl tint turje Sttiiltcruria jciiico Scbenrtai 
III* t>ic ItmafiHtiiuiii en fiff.ii I'linli a.i.uial ic 
c« aCBuIiit tni rlniiEllajtoT uidjl wWet cti 
34 oerrtttt frittf <2*t)t. 34 «I» ton gt«-ti«ibi 3 (v. 
Dlad) i'trlauf tititr tnrvn Belt 
lliiraboolatobilt Klioiloi. Ci" uiiDcl^aftiflrxIi. 
Kiirj fruwBiit. AUU(|uft. ©riliiifia. 

Jilts tVIL.l USUI imin '.IlllK.T" ill 'llU',s' l ' L ' r ' 

tildnjcnt ii'i( fflolb.— ISIi'rtJoib trie ciil ! 

(tlav)rei( tstr 3ofl.— *(!! mie bccSHittaa. < 
tini — Slant roic tin nciitt 6ilbfratu[dftii. 

Sxiii Iieitrre* SiDrtu mrfelat mid) p(«. 

ISr roar tin aufgnutiittr Jiinjliiig. 

Jn ben tieitem Xaoai mtinn- Jiujoib. 

Jliti Mrlii'tiit mid) in itnta mirniK «ujirnvaar. 

tiui 'lll.ibdjoi mi! [tjiiinnt SJUjjeit. 

feller monb [>Koiib[d>riii]. 

tSti mtintr IS lirt. Stu* tii<se une t9eici(fot. 

T-u- flii.iiidjttn ttlltni lid). 

»([ tBt[a)afK ^foin (id). S. ®. nttjmtn (itten auf(d>. 

=<itbtrfliiruTiilitiTiK£^lrae«i(ia " 

tfttn.-itttltiiiliaur. lit Itjiut anf. 

rtrllloiiPfdiieli Ijtll. 

Tor (hi bra &ofcnl'aitti.'rttiiS mit 

tiint ,ilJiii,aitt ttifiun,! l-wratt), it.]. 

6n6t une bia uira 'Jtanbt jiinot (toll gitSni). 

34 'ilute brn liirntr bii lum 'Jianbt. [ud'ttUuftn . 

04l[tDoabiflan btn Bianb. IS i. iilcmotl. ti. i.e. juin 

0"|]I IL-Clliailtl-.iT I. LIVUfll'irifi,J£t)^llt. 
iaHijWK SJlilwiilT!i«0t<,8*fc). 

itr Xmijitfifitjltt brndjte tincn at-cififef iiu 'JJlinisJt.iiun 

tjtrvor (;u Stanbe). 
Wit iturtc bai berocrrfidiiflt (ju Wtgt gebradit)? 
Eir^tiiBJirbbaSlL'iti.i 1'tiit.tcii, rt)-; j-ifl iiniuS^ii* f*d*t. 
gr Irurbc btn boi =tiniiitn a(bi!ii,i aii4 s i<idiitnvft. 
Itic ntf(i(d)tn gcitunjdi ibiidi it;r lllofl idiitrt, urn riant 

Mriramitrt fjnau[(Ubttftroarai. 
Iiit fltjot ifa borjtbrartiii (trt)obtn() Sliitlagc laulete **f 
.vsaiTii 3 k tiiiSudjmitjtnominot? 
«rinatn €ie e9 miirjtrt iurfar (reiibt-i). 
Hit aiifltlwnbdt lenrbe belbn *i.'bbi-c.'iiir In : 
Da abaturbritlt f£ir Bbinbturflij mriutad), bit =adjcimeuiiie 

Brsriilbtiii.itn (bit Sadjc ban -<saiid v<.<r-,utejcn >. 
(Errrctjtt, bit£ail-,c in tk Ci'titnllidltil in I'rinflitL. 
3d) Iditfj ((rraTIc) ibn mit mtinoit StBislott nitbtr. 
fciteidttrbtSfflctrdnrM u-iib bunts Ju!a» (©eimif^i 

Hon SBaffrr brrminbeit (ttrrinatri). 
BriHiitn Sic tneintn iiiii btnntttr. 
t kit liitl.iiiiii.i riir ba? .s>;ii-j ;a lauttm & 
ISintio itirbctttaibtiiit .ftanblmi.n W irjtn ticSS< 

be* SSclIC'i -,« (ant kiilV.nil'Ini 
T-icfeS ertifliiilj btrftbt WH h'l .Vbr tfiio 
•Jfitmaitb urii, ims) btr mLiaiat 3ag tritijcn mia, 
Tal i*)l waif 3 SittinKr. 
Sit litbt brinflt alle Slit ban ^rtlojtoi bcmit. 
DrtaiiaciJrbiifttfiirll. brjditttiiitnaiilraaeii 


The ratn has brought the crops forward ... 
lie brought forward as an eactise, (hat ... 
liiought forward (in Bookkeeping) 

— not the bagpipes to a man in trouble (prov.) 

— your line lo the wall and no! the wall to your 

line (prop. ) 

— in the $jristincr 

That book — s him in £iao a year 
The prisoner was brought in guilty 
Several deserters of the enemy were brought in 

during the night [of people 

A medical man is broughl in contact with all classes 

— in the dinner 

Don't do it; it will — you into mischief ... 

His sudden death brought every [hi ng into disorder 

and confusion 
Such undignified proceedings will — the Synod 

into disrepute 
His conduct brought hiin into disgrace 
The section of the lung brought into vie* 

tabncolt living soon brought him into debt 
That peculiar style was brought into fashion by 
the French [died 

The day I was brought into the world my mother 
liy doing that, he aimed at — ing himself in 

England brought into the field an army of 70,0 
Such a bill would — the liberty of the subject 

Nothing tends more to — the law into contempt, 
than the mutual tecriminalion of judges on 
the bench 

The war brought into existence a class of men, whe 

To — into relation with 

It brought into play all his natural shrewdness ... 

The soldiers managed to — off the cattle safely ... 

The excitement brought on an attack of apoplexy 

You have brought it all on yourself 

The master is — ing the hoy on nicely ... . .. 

He brought disgrace on his family 

The same author is about to — out another novel 

It brought out all his hidden intellectual powers., 

The manager of the theatre has brought out a new 

— the fellow out 1 [better 

The addition of water to claret — s out the f\\ 

A tittle more darkening of the background would 

— out the colour of the jiiclure better 
The blow nearly killed him, but the doctors gradu- 
ally brought him round 
Another hours ride brought me lo the village of F. 

His son's conduct brought him loan untimely grave 

The failure of the Bank brought him to beggary. 

The malady horn which he sulfered brought him 

to death's door 

He brought it to pass, thai 

Ill — things to bear 

The news brought comfort to the hearts of the 

afflicted parents 
That — 1 10 my mind a story I once heard, about 

It brought him to himself 

They have brought affairs lo a pretty pass 

It is impossible for England to — pressure 10 bear 

upon ihe Porte 
He brought to the performance of his task a spirit 

of patient investigation 
What (How much) do you — it lo? 

Me was brought to life again 

That will — him lo his senses 

The deliberations were brought to I IIIKMlflll bats 
Everything was brought to a standstill ... 
The nation was brought to subjection 

The ship was brought to 

The murderer mi Maqgh 1" justice 

To — to a level with ... ... [conelusto 

The work of ihe committee has been brought to 

She was brought to I'd! ofa boy 

The deliberations were brought to maturity 
Keep my own carriage ? no, I have not brought 

to that yet 
A short farce brought the entertainment to a close 

Drink has brought him to the workhouse 

The plates have to be brought to a uniform thickness 
I broughl all my energies to bear upon the question 

Les pluies ont avance" les r/tolles 
II pritendit pour s'excuser que 

Report. Report d\iutre part [peine 

N amine pas lesviolons a tin kemmt qui esl dans la 

II faul /aire commc Mahomet : allcr a la monlagnc 

qttand la montagne ne vienl fas A iwai 

Antenet Taints} 

Ce tivre lui rapperte £200 par an 

L 'accuse- fut declarl teupable 

On amena pendant la nuit plusieurs diserteurs d 
camp tnnemi [toutes Us classes de la pofuialie 

I 'n wtiehtm est mis par scat mitier en contact avt 

Servet le diner [affair 

Nefaites pas tela, vous vous attirerez sine mfthant 
Sa mart subtle amena la confusion et It dlsordre 

Des actcs aussi ■ ■' fcronl lember 

le synode en diar.'dit ( ' Jiscrfditeront le synode) 

Sa tonduile I'a dishonor! 

La section duptntmon permit de censlater la fire's 

de nembrrux lubercttlti [sendelter 

La vie dissipfe qu'il menail le cimduisit bientS/ A 

Cf genre de style fut mis Ala ntoiie par Us Eraiifais 

Lr/our ouft vins au monde, ma nib-e m 
En faisant ctla, ilvisaita attirer stir lui 

dn public [ham, 

I' Anglelerre mil en tampagnc tine armk de 70,1 
Une pareillt loi met/rait en danger la libcrtl 

Rien ne tend plus A /aire lumber la loi dans le 

meprit (A duirlditer la hi) que les retriminc 

Horn mutuelles des jugct en tour 
La guerre fit naltre une itasse a" homines qui 

A mener en relations avec 

Ccla mil en jen tout sa sagaritt naturelle [accident 
Les soldals parvinrent a emmener It b.'tml sa 
La surexcilalion amena une attaque d'apoplexie 
C'est A vans seul que vous deve: vsui en prendre 
Ce matin /ail /aire des frogrls A fen/ant 

11 deshonora sa /amille 

/j- mtme auletir M publu-r un Human reman 
Ccla mit au Jour Ionics sci facultcs inlellectuttles 

/.tlenlcs [une nmmtOt //,'.■,■ 

Lt dir/cteur du Ihldtre a donni (/ail rtprlsenler) 

Faitts sortir tet hommc [vilt 

En ajoutant de 1'eau, on fait ressortir le bouquet du 
Un fond tin pen plus sombre ferail mieux rcssortii 

la coulcur du tableau 
Lt coup faillit le tuer, ma is pen a feu- to- sanies, 

r/tailit grice oust spins des mldecins 
Nous eltmes encore A faire une course d' une heut, 

pour arriver au village dc F. 
La conduitt de sen fits le rnena prfmaturensent at, 

tombeau (fut la cause dc sa mart pretnaturie) 
Lafaillile de la bam/ue Fa mis dans la mistre (I'c, 

rhiuit A la mendiciti) [I'echofdua 

['ne pareille vie vons conduira inh/itablfment A 
Je nepui Camcncr A avouer safaule 
La maladie don/ il souffrait U csndmsil (. 

aux partes du tombeau 

II fit en sortc que ... 

Je mineral la chose a t>oune fin 

Cette noHVcllc afporla quelque consolation au 

de ses parents affiigh [jour A prvfios de 

Cela me rappellc une hisloire que) ai enltndue un 

Cela le fit rtntrer en lul-mfme 

lis ont jolimenl bieti conduit leur barque ,, 
' imposiible a J' Anglettrre d't.r, 

preision sur la Porte 

II apporla it I'aecomplissement de 

d' investigation patten le 
A quel total arrivestxnis t ... 
On le ramena A la vie 
Cela le lament ra A la raison ... [(aboutirent) 

Ijs deliberations aboutirent A un ban risullal 

Tout fut arrltl 

La nation /ut sonmise (assujettit)... 

Le veisseau mit en panne ... 

V assassin fut puni dt son crime ... 

Mettre de niveau ttvee 

Ij travail de la commission est termini 

Elle accaucha d'un garcon 

fjs d/tiblralioni aboutirent 

Tenir veitwr (Iquipagc)l iVon, ft n'en 


Set frtegen bat bit ftctbftiidjtt gefbebert. 

ttebraojti aii git If itiul tiji ting bpc, M;cr... 

3ran*Eort. XranipDrrirt. Uctrrtragcn. 

HBO Jraiirr im $auft ifl, ffilrriflt bit Sfigt. 

let 8erg hmmt nidjt jh una j Hifi/M niilffi-ii ii'iv turn 

Serge flthit. 
gflr/cen Sit ben angrtlng!™ Wt. 
2>itfti Sua triii jt ilrm jabrlidj £ltx> dn. 
leiSngdlagteirjuvbewrriirKwili ( Tdj 11 1 e i N i ,iefvTDe&rn , eetlor t) . 
3ftc v rnt fcinblid>c IKt'cridiirrt rourbra nuOnub btv 3lo«jl 

Sin Slrjt (L'Bimt mil allrn •Jolftflaffrn in BMftfmg, 
Crinaeo 6i( MS ttflen (lectin. Xraora Bit ba< (Sfftii ouf. 
Ilium Sir t,' ni£i: tS u>irP .Vmrii UiiMil btinjen. 
eeirt bUS&Iuvtr Zoi btadjlc KlleS in UncrMiuna unt> surcrait- 

Sotdj tinmftrMjt IDfjfittotimm rotrbm Mr Stiubr in SLtfrruf 

S(in tVnrtmrn Itiiult It'r,i4tf) rtn UrS Un,ililtf. 
Tiit £(ftirm in t'unflt 1>tii*1r. lablreidje lubnltln ju fflcfiajtr. 

grin RelleS Erbtn (HI tit t ifin In Sdrutbra. 
3mn ttfcmtierc etil rourbt con bra g-tonsoftn in bir. Wobt 
gebrodjt [31 alter. 

9n brm lane, an met*™ i* auf Mr KDetl tain, ftarb meine 
$abiin$ tcjtwfK er,fiaj btn t'eutcn iiiGrinncninfl jn tringtn. 

ffinglanti isatilt (fttUtt) (in ©en Doit 70,ooo9)Ionn in'a fatb. 
(fine fold* Sill roiitbc tit Jtribril b« StaalBbQrjtera gtfatt- 

Mn(infflriJinl'rii. L i,r.). 
WidjtS ifl mebt batn.nt aagctfaM, W Wrf't wraeitltdr ju 

madfm, 0I6 bit fl(gra(ritifltn iVId uKigimjcn tec Sidjier 

Xcr ttrira ri efrine fllnlfr t»n URenfdjeit in'SI)a|rin,tDi[d)c,.. 

3n Bfiicbuna bringra j/t,., 

Hi fcradile (tint ,ianif naliirliiht StcftMojratvit in'8 Sflrt. 


X« aufrraunn fiitlttc (inrn S3) lagan (all lirtbci. [jn|diaffcn). 

Sir habra baS ildj fclbfl jugfioain. 

Xtr frttrr fcriiigt ben Jtnatni ^fit'f* DorroSrt.?. 

Sr frtatb,tt €*anbr Aaer feinc ijamilie. Ilairtnm y.i Ufa. 

Scrfclvt BetfafTet ifl im Sfjjriffe, tinen pcitta Unawi R 

Si btaajtc allt bic Mrt-naoien Kraft; fduci («ri(K5 an ben 

Ttr IbealerMrertLT linl ein riritrt StiloT aiifgeliifirt. 
0e|a Sie ben SMrnttlen on bit enfll 
Utr 3ufa( Don EJaffer ju Wotbnxin bebt be(|rn Srfdrala*. 
tin banneret (linteriimitb iriirbe bit Jjarlw M K'Md) ntdir 

Set £*laa tit tele il'n beiuabe; bud) Irafljien iliiibieSerieten 

nad) unb nait witber ouf bir tletnc. 
(EintHilt Dan nua) rinet gtunbt bradii; mi* an bai TK>tf j. 

BaSBettagen (tint) Scenes btoHttibu Iriibicitig in'OWtafr. 

£a« Aalliirwnt bet Ban! braa)lt iha an ben Scllelflat. 

Sin |cU|(« Jeben itirb eic unfeblbar an taMaEptataafa. 
.Idi Mtnle ilm ai(t;l la\u trin.ieii, (rinen ,VMct eni*,uit(tilitn. 
Xii Jcranttftlt, an njclajeter lilt, Ci.ntieibn an (enWanb Bed 

ItvattS. ibajj... 

& brn*lt c* ju 6Mnbe (9*e^e), bafi.-.tEe beiterfBeniflte 18, 
iVSioerbert butd)feljeii (ftitiii bringrn, v 1 £tnnbt bringen). 
Sit 3?aajrL*t btod)te Ztofl |8t bic pnjen bet bclilmnierlen 

Sltern. [nun... 

T'ai tuft rnlt tine IStttbirijte in ben Sinn, bie id) emit Kite 
& brad)te ibn ju fid). 

KM, Hi Iv.liii iiiuiba ctraaS e<b.Bnrl onaert*lrt. 
lis ift unmbalidi fur Bnglanb. rinen reittfanten DruoT auf bie 

tfette aufjnuben. 
6t tral an bie cofuna, ber Bufgabe mil ruHgrat 3-orfd)eta.riite. 

Dqi ISn rale Diell trinaen git e>P 

vit mitbc wiibeT tn'i Jcben aecufta. 

Ivi rairb ibn ja fid; (;ut Sttnunlt) bringen 

Sie Brralbungra imirbra &u gblifiidjeni aas^onge gcbtadjt. 

90t6 muitv in SliUftanb wrient. 

SieJiation nntrbt untecnHifcn t\ut ilnlctroetiaiiii nrbcadji). 

Tai So>iff icnrtr bnaebrttn. 3). £*. hflle bei (btebie an(). 

Set HIMbet fflarte oat bai «eti$t gefiibtt. 

3n tint Sinit btin gen mit... 

lit wtbrii be* »uSi*uittt tfl turn «b(d)Iuf(e fltbtanjl rocrbnt- 

Sie «era1bun(itn flrtitbrn ;ur »(if(. 

BJagen unb Werbt batten? 2iajn babe id; e« noAniibt gtbra*t. 

8inc furse *uf(e bitbele bra Sd)la6 ber Unlerbaltiing. 
lit Ituntluait btadjte Ibn iii'f armmbau*. 
Sit Blalltti mfifloi ju glti&t Sift «tbto«t wtten 
3d) EfTOMiibte meine gan.t ffinetgit auf bit Stage. 


The property was brought to the hammer 

The Inlxjuni of the Congress Wtn brought to an end 

You will — toy grey hair with sorrow to the grave 

It will — you to grief ... [mismanagement 
An investigation brought to light the most glaring 
It — i to inj memory (recollection) a similar ense, 
The 50th Regiment brought up the rear ... 

He has been well brought up 

Alister M 1 Whiskey m brought up on a charge of 

One word brought up another 
The report which had been brought up from the 

Commons, was then read 

Each lime 1 vomited I brought up blood... 

— up the letter the postman brought 

The deep sea lead brought up avariety of shells. 

I brought him up as my son 

I brought him up in the Roman Catholic religion 
He was brought up by hand (by the bottle) 

The French continued to — up fresh troops 

That — s it nearer the mark 

Don't do that; it — s ill-luck 

The crime was brought home to the prisoner 
The medicine has not brought me any relief 

I'll — you word, when he arrives 

I shall — an action against him for slander 

Easterly wind generally — s rain 

After a separation of z years, they were brought 
together again 

What — s you here ? 

It — sgrist to thcmill 

UUoitMMM and sickness have brought luni low 

I tried to — him to my way of thinking ... 

The Conservatives brought him over to their side 

The rebellion was brought under 

It will be sold for what it will — .. .[seldom money 

Is on the — of rain (destruction &c.) 

BRINY tears. The - deep 

BRISK as a bee (as a body louse) .„ 

As — as a bee in a tar pot (fr.j 

A — walk 

She — ed up at once 

Trade is— 

Wehada — aale 

There is a — demand for coffee 

BRISTLE. The step — s with danger 
The line of (he enemy — d with bayonets... 

BRISTLY as a boat's back 

A — Ih 


r feels 

BROAD. In — daylight 

He is — awalec Mfirov.) 

A — hat does not always cover a venerable head 
He is scattering his favours —cast 

— views in politics (religion, &c.} 

I gave him a ralher — hint 

It is aa — ai it is lone 

He is a comic actor of the —est type 

— backed (shouldered) 

A — grin 

— cloth. — beans 

BROADSIDE. A — (print.) ... 

We poured a — into the enemy's ship 

BROGUE. Rlefa Irish — 

BROIL. A — ing sun.— A — ed steak 
BROKEN victuals 

— rest, —health 

A — winded horse 

I had a — week 

He speaks — English 

He returned from India — in health 

My health is— 

A — down swell 

A — sleeve holdeth the arm backf'/rw.J 

To trust to a — reed 

A — friendship may be soldered, but will never b 

sound (firev.) 
She was — hearted over it 

La preprifti fut vendue aux enchtrts 

Ijs travaux du congrh mMluM it lair ft 

i'ous dhhonortrcs nits chevtux blancs, pout me 

ferei mottrir de chagrin 
C./a MR toiidnira <i mal ... [mauvaise gei 
L'enquttt mit an jour ,iis prtuvts manijtst, 

Ctla mt rappelle un eat analogue 

/ 1 _>.v regiment farmait I'^rriire-gardr ... 

Ji a re(H une bonne education 

Alisltr MatWkisiey comparut devant le tribunal 

s'ttrt t, 


D'un mot on en vitit a 

Lt rapport qui avail Jtl apportl dt la Chambri del 

communes fut mal lu 
Chaqutfois que jt vomissats, jt rtjtlais du sang 
Apporlet la let/it qui It facteur a remit* ... 
La sonde di profondtur ramena un grand nam! 
dt coquitlagts different 1 

Jt Vai /ievlcommt men/Is 

Jt /'lis i!tv;> dans la rtligion catkoliqut 

11 a M lta-1 am biberon 

\trmpts f rate he 1 
Ijs Francais lontmuaient a fain avtuttt, 
Ctla st rapproche darantagt dr la rlaliii ... 
Nefaites pas ctla, ca porlt malheur 

L'atcusifut IMMM du crime 

Ce remlde at m'a donnl aucun soulagement 
Quand il arnvera, jt fiendrai MM It dirt 
Je tui intenttrai un prods in diffamation... 
Lt vent d'est amene generalement tapluie... 
Aprls deux ans dt separation, Us se revirent 

Qu'tit-tt qui nous amine id t Quel ban vent Vl 

efait titnir de Veau an moulin 
malheurs et la mala-lie I'ont mis Hen I'as 
J~tssayai de I'amcncr & ma manitre de tvir 
Lis eonicrvaleurs I'entraSnlrent dam leur parti 
La rhtolte fit vainctee 
On It vtndra ct qu'on fieurra 
Le mititr d'homme de lellrts rapporte plus d'hi 
Sur le bord dt la /omit . . . [ntur que d 'argent 
11 est sur It penchant de la ruiir - 
Larmes ameres. L'onde amirt 

Trci-actif. Tris-vif 

Ugtr eommt du plom b 
Unt course ( promenade ) rapirft 
ElU s'anima tout dt suite ... 
Lt commerce va (marchc) bun 
La rente fut anim/e. A'ons ftcuMmes rapidemetit 
net marchandiset [d'ajfairts sur le cafe 

Lt cafe est Jort demand/. 17 y a un ait if 

L'cntreprise tit kirissle de Mm 

L 'ennemi unc I'gne herissfe de Imyonnettts 
HMssJ comme I'khine d'un sanglier 

L'ne barU rude el h/rissA 

// J lei cheveux en brosse 

Fragile comme le vtrrt 

J'entamerai it sujet avtc lui 

Mettre un tonntau en pern 

En p/cin jour, Au grand jour 

n est tnen tveilU 

L 'habit ne fait pas It moitu 

11 sent ses faveurs a piiine main 

Semcr a laveUe 

Dei vues larges en politique (en religion Srt ) 

Je It lui insinuai (fs entendre) d'une manicre 
asm elaire 

Cist bonnet blanc tt Mane bonnet 

Cest un comique de la foirt 

Au large dos. — Aux targes tpaules 

Un grns rirt. Un sourirt mail \rat\ 

Du drapfin. — Dts grosses jives. Deifeves dt ma Un placard 

Nous Ittchdmes unt bardic sur le vahseau ennemi 

Fort accent irlandais 

Un soldi briila.nt.—L~nt grilladt 

Restes de table , 

Sommdl agitf. — Santl IbranUt , 

Un eheval poussif , 

/'ai in unt stmaine fort detousue 

II (corche l' anglais 

11 est rcvenu de 1' Intie avee unc santt fort Ibranlle 

Mil sunt,' tit ibranlii 

Un dandy dechu 

Manchedlchir/e retient le bras 

Sappuytr sur un roseau 

Amttit rompue prut /Ire raccomodlc, mail 



1 .!■ 3V -1 pt li il in Mm niTln Mn OoailKT- 

T'it *lrt*i!rn M« Koaare (f«i reiiTPrn tu Unit ntffllTt. 

31-r iwrtxr Hirin grant* fidiH>l tor flmninri ii'i 4cjl 

(H rolrt 3»nnt 6*otnn trinsfli. [H*i 

l£iin Untnf uDunj fra«t( tit jiriuliftfte TOiftroirttifcfHft Jt'f 
If-? rnfl mir (dim donliftnt fiat! in'# «e*aajmrfc (in tic dra- 
in* 50. flttJinifnt fcilfctt tic *io*6irt. ["•■ 
St ift air! nvatn II (ml ttnc ante fftiirtung aenefkn 
MifjicT ffi'tDlMteli wiirte BUM Ui Kntlaai bet Zruntntai: 

lot ffleti*! fl'tont. 
tin fijert tinditt tj* untax mt! fi4 
IXrBm*t, t«Ii*« eea tret fitflcrfnr entanfe cinadirtc 

iciiijcfAiiftitDcrtini lui. icirtt* Lilioaiin Piii.]dein 
2c of! ia miff) tttradi, w.irf idj 8Lut au«. .ha 

t*tin,)fli iit tin Sriri Kt.nif, iwifcjt bet *Jrief*ot< a«*«* 
■t',is licflcu traaitc Mi infaiicttitttm SJtufifteln Deranf. 

yb tqpt ibn in trt rEmlfd) IjlMii*cn RdigioK. 

(it nuittt milter Blatdjc gir§gc;^cn- Sr suite nit ff>(aU4 

rtuJhrt [beraii (in'l Aran 

Tit SMintftii braftttn ifaM(it) fsitroofcrtae unt X tarn 
X-a# tsnnt Der €a«t Kit**. 
2U* Bit hit Btdjt ; et triaflt Hntitil. 
la tSef onjtnt icurte M sjobtrttjca* Obertfi^rt 
Tit Sryiti lui mir (tine t^iaWrung gttiaitt. 
34 toettt ct .Want aafajta Lracttoii. tetnn cr anbanan. 
3A i«tc* Urn Bjcgcn Bctlcumbiiiig nrflagai. 
C pajtarl t rui.ii bodM •.■■::,'- HajB 
91a* tiitrv Itetinun,] c™ 2 J-itrrn njuroen fit roitbet p- 

fnmmtnaebra*! .iUfamnitnfltfiHrtJ. 
E)at fflvrt Sit 60 ? 
T.15 ift raarlei nuf Itiur Ulubfr. 

ttniiiiiifi'iifte tint fliantbtil b.iijcn ifin twntnrJtcjetnBM. 
3d) rttfiiditf itin )■ rati rut i'ltinmij \a belctmn. 
Tic Jtaa[tn»tiMn tradittn ii:n mif ibte Sritt 
Tit ifHUlniitd rcurtt umrttriirft. 

Hi mitt an jtbtn 1'itia Krtaufl ltt«a(fct)laacB ) lento. 
Tit ediriftfttlltrti triiiji oft litjtt tin, afctr ftltcn Octt 
Sin Waut-t t-tt »attt. 
tit (irtt am Slant* bet tftrbtrttnl. 
fialiiat Ttjtantu.— Tit fa[,iat aitfc. 

muntti mit tintittan tin Jjirjci; a>i c tine "oh* tadut). 
Btirt^Iid) icit tint bltitnit Itntt. 
Sin flrttet iiBunlrttt) S»,i tiV*rilt). 
git iubr rail riiTtiii Waltauf. 
tBir hjtttn Settrii *Ma(. 

If* ift tint (torn: ftcMpftt) Sadrftsat na«j « 
Trr 6d)ilt 1 1ft wn ma Otfatp. 
TitfttnMifccetnitftottle™ ~ 
eorftifl Bit (in tibtt (tin niltxt i 

Ceil (iaat Hbtt fid) turftiQ iltnlppia.) ai 

gprttt Bit Wla*. 

3d) bU Mt £jd>t btr ifim anrtjini (|ui e 

(tin ^afj au|tnt)en lanjapftn). 

■■ twiltn lane. 

(it ift v.(JIli., ItieO, tt.anj. 

Sin bteiier Cm btbntt ni*t inraitt tin 

°ec Mtltjtilt feint tSuBfUmtagaajtB 1 

Dlit btr $anb ben eamen ouSfrtoien. 


[ttliaiO(tr] Motihlisiiiiis. 
Maafcimnriticniieraiiai ttuilid™ aJinC. 3* r 

mil trtn I'atctTTcnif.iMr ::d*uiirii1tio«). 
lit ift Id Una li'it IE? Icniml nlif tttnt t)i 
tic ift tin KL'niilcr ttn ttr (ititat 
XI i! brtittai 9ifia*tn — itrtitfitiulitiij. 
eiit brtilt^i Brinftn. 

Btinetlui). — Titft ^otinrn. eaHBC^aa. 
ilia iPjnnbntbDgtn. Sin VfaM 
iulv aat-tn rint oollt Saat auf bni f(in6tid« E^iff al 
Stifdjtr tltctnt. 

Sint ftn L !tnbe aonatnliibt . — -Wepfldfctj. 

ettjJSrtt Slabt .— (ScbrDditnt «tfunMjeit. 
Sin lunJli>o";1« (ftuditiiSt+'Tltrt. 
34 bath tint icriflae H3o4>e. 
Cr frriajt attrodKatl Snalif*. 
«r ttdnt aa* 3n*itn mil \fmitfettr Stfirabteit 11 
ailtint iStfunbbtil if! attrroAffl ijtrlBrl; [ " 
liiiii ntliiMttnuKiiijit. iii.i ciLinicici (auf trn S>unb « 
armutt) [djim! fid). tmenet) C 

;ld> an eineii :!lo!iDn[ni,infT.immerB. 

BrruirtfiSaf! ISfrl (id) lootil id 

nitbt twiltn. 
iML liefStrdlDt barflbtx. 


She .lied — hearted (of n — heart) 
BROKER, [paid the— out 

The landlord IhlCUewsd if 1 did not pay my 
rent at once, he would put ihe — s in 

hlj misfortunes 
I h.i-e imi hens — inj;. A — hi^ htn 

BROOK, (i-. &•».) A rippling — ... 
To — an insult (affront) 

BROOM. New —s sweep clean 
A pair of — stick legs 

BROTH. Chicken—. Mutton— ... 
Ton niiLtiv i-imks spoil the — (firm.) 

BROTHERS and sisters. A younger (elder) - 
Twin — . — in-law 

Foster—. Half— '.'.'. ... 

Ditto, — Smut 

Mr. A. is — to Lord C. 

lie is 

■ i ■fin 

They are — s 

One of his — s is a lawyer 

BROW. There he stood, his eyes fixed upon 
me, and his — s firmly knit 

On the — ofthchill 

Some superiors are in the habit of bullying and — 

beating their subordinates 
He looked dejected, and — beaten 

Clouds gathered on his — 

Sorrow was depicted on his — 

Bushy eye- — -s 

The wrinkles on his — 

He cams his living by the sweat of his — 

BROWN sugar. — bread 

He was one mass of — s 

BRUIT. It is — ed abroad, that 

BRUNT. The sSth bore the— of the battle . 

BRUSH my clothes 

— my boots. Give my coat a — 

Give me a — down 

blacking)— i and two shining - 

I hard - 

I must — up my Italian next winter 

We had a sharp — with the enemy 

He paints with Ihe big — 

A tooth — .'A shaving — 

A nail — . A clothes — 

A hat — . A scrubbing — 

A fibre — . A bottle — 

— 'of a paintcw). A camel-hair — 

— ( fe x't /ail) 

BRUSSELS carpet 

"BRUTAL tratment. A- fellow Z '.'. 

BRUTE. He is a -of a fellow 

By — force. The — creation 

A dumb — would have known better 

BUBBLE. A soap—. The water is — ing up 

The — burst at last 

BUCK. As hearty as a — 

He is an old — . As wild as a — 

BUCKET A -ful of water, lie kicked the - 
BUCKLE. Come and -to 

You will have to — to if you want to gel it ready 
by (o-night 

— on your armour ,,. ... f sword (prtrv.) 
BUCKLER. will as a-, not ~ ! 

BUCKRAM. A^stiilas- 

BUD. The conspiracy was nipped in the - 

The evil tendencies of children must be nipped in 

BUDQE. Dont — 

t did not — an inch 

BUFFET. He -edllw wvm 

EIU mourn/ leciturbrisl. Ellr mourn/ J'uni inn 
Jt longi'diai I'haiisitr en It payanl[die de langu, 
Tt ftt t riit t itt tttt Bin w ifir m m'tnvoytr t'hnisj 
st ft nt payais pas mon /emit 

[man hand Jt rmub/ts d'oecarion 
Un courtier maritime. Un agent dt change. Un 
II rfvait (songeait) Irislementi sts malkturs 
f'aideux pmilci qui convent. — Une comxiise 

Un ruisseau sautillanl 

Supporter (avaUr) un affront romme un riinseau 

// n'tst let out balai neuf 

Dei /amies dt fuseau 

Bouillon dt poult/. —Bouillon de moulon 

Beauroup de euisiniers run m bU gAttnt la satire . .. 

Frirts et sotttrs. — Un frirt cadet I 'alnt ) 

fiVcre jumcaii. — Bcan-frirt 

Frirt.— OJfkiei dur/gimtnl ... 


Freridc tnif.—Demifrere 

Tieni, t/vous done? 

M. A. es/le frirt de lord C. 

Cat un de mes frirts 

lis sent frirts 

L 'un de ses frirts est avocat 

// st tenait devant moi, les yens fixes stir mot ct It 

soureil froncf 

Sur It penchant d 'lint colline 

Certains ktanmts ont I'habilnde de matmener et di 

trailer de haul tn lias lairs injerieurs 

It avail fair aba/fu tt AumitiL 

Son fnmt se coutirit dt nnagts 

Ses trails portairnt I'tmprtintc du chagrin 

Dts sourciis touffus 

Les rides de son front 

/I gagne son pain a la svetir dt son front 

Cassonade.—Pain bh 

P.tpiera" embailage. Coulenr brun fonci ( brunclair ) 

/'.time la vianA bien n'sso/it 

H fat floui (fait au m.'mt) 

It /tail absorhi dans nne sombre mlditalion 
Tris-brun. — Bran eomme Jt I' acajou 

De couleur brun/Urt 

Les nwutotis brontcnt I' Hcrbe 

It i/ait lout contusionnl 

Son corps n' Hail qu' une plait 

Z* bruit court que 

Le $8e supper/a le principal (hoc de I'enneti 
Brosst* "its habits ... ... ... ... 

Donnet un coup dt brosse a met bottafa mon habit) 
Brass i - -■ 

/.■' ""•■■' 

la pondrt avee une brosst 

menl dt brasses pour lit ehaussurt consiti 

en une braise a decrotter, une brosse pour appll 

qner le ciragt tt J poltssoires [frochain 

II faut out jt mt rtmttte A mon ilalien I'hiver 
Xaus eilmti une vivt cscamiaucht avec Vtuncmi ... 

EIU tssuva une larme 

II aime a charger les eouleurs 

Unt brosst ponr le fn'U. — Unt brosse ,) .heveux ., 

Un brosse a dents. — Un blaireau 

Une brosse is angles,— Une brosst A habits 

Une brosse A chapeaux. — Une b. A ieurtr fdlat>er J 
Une brosst de chienden/.— Une brosst A bouttillts.. 

Une brosse dt poil de chamtau 

Queue de renard 

Tapis de Taurnai 

Application de Bruxtlles. — Choux de BmxelUs . . 

Traitement brutal. — Une brute 

Ctst une brute 

Par la font brutalt. — Lis biles. Ltsanimanx 

Unt btltn' aural/ pas agi ainsi 

I'm built dt tnvon.—Ltau boniHome 

Biruf sail frit met dts choux ... [par arrive. 

La built de safon finit par crevtr. La dibble fini 
Gaillard. St portant eomme un charme ... 

Ctst nn vieui beau.—Fou AHtr 

Un lean d'eiai. — II passa I'arme A gauche 

Allmt, meltons-nous fermt au Irai'ail 

II faudra traaiilltr ftrmt, si veus voulet avoir ctla 

prfl pour et loir 
Frvttti svtre armttre ... [nan pour altaquer 

II faut de servir de sa volant/ pour st d/ftndrt , 

Raide eomme une bam dt fir 

La conspiration ful ftouflee a sa naisiance 

Les maufai, penchants des enjan/s doiptn/ et, 

I/auffis dans Itur gtrme (tn gtrmt) 

Ve boug/i pas 

fe ntSmgttifti d'unt ligne 

U luttait imlrt Its vagues 

Sit (tart an grfcodidicn Ptrjoi. 

,Vit<S.i[jKI>enUTffiilcjr tut* t^aMunfl mirnuf t*m frmtt. 


fofctl bcsotjltr, rr intr Cm IErr-IlltDt i*triitjt*toHv^ti) 

in'8<wuB [ijiifai mflcte. 
IJiti Saiffamanrr — tEin aftienmontr.— Sin H?(b(t!rDbIer. 
«[ DtiiKtt in Srtonten [lir baibtc n^oi) tttt (tin llnntuo*. 
3*| t)abt|tt*1 $rnnfl<, mldjr MM. — tEinc *'ritibnui(. 
-tein cidclnbrr tta$. (faOett lofitn). 

ffiuc Udcifcigiing [flriintiinfl] ttmmlinitit (cinittiftn, [t* as» 
Star Die (in tlna). 
KtM Wen tc^ren gut. 

Sin iSiar Urine fo biiitn, wit ein Scfcnftitl. ©pinbrtbfinr. 
fcllfcntrbrutjc — £>a mmcloriifpf . 
»id( SMjrtKrMitrt (nreMrtjen) ben Wrtl. 
CBefofrriita:.— Bin (ilnflfrtr (attrrrr] »rubcr. 
diail in jttniliEt. — S^naen. 
Stjottrruprt. — JHileffiiitr. Jtomtrati. 
apDtjt. Btfiilurnnt cine* Brattititjril fltitcS nber ^uriftdi 
IUita>bni(rr.— Sulttmiber. [flnfr. 

gtlbft s*urtf (Cfel, Signer ».). ftaffert Sit (in) Itlbft on tier 
&crc 9. ill ein **wtwr bun Sort S. 
Ur iji einrt mrinrr 8rflbtr. «r i|t tin Sinter Bun tnir, 
Ste ftnti Srflbec (Btbrflbrr). 
liinn (eintr ©rtlbrr i(t HtwcTat. 
Crftajib 1)0 mil oil! mi* ,ifbc)t[loi 9iiocti mib [rfl iu|,inini(tt» 

iirs"!l(n(n SiycnhJuni. 
?tuf btr itiw (r-ttn KpM) N« OeroeS. 
Uitiiar Sorscfetjte ftoben (it SnrotinWt, itjrr ltirtrtarbntat 

anjuidjnoiiien unomit Un St»je« V 1 burdifrofittn. 
Ifr (oh traun ( i inib nicbcrflcldiloiitn miitfjtrnt ) ouJ. 
Molten ;o(|tn onf leiner Stitiie tjcroiif. 
Sorge [tanb auf (rlner Srirnc ajefr^cictwn ()a Wtsi). 
SuWi^e KHgrntnuai. 
IHe Sun^fn (gotten) auf (tinrr Stintr. 
tfi Mi-birat [(in tirv-b im SdjiKipe (cinca HnflefieiteJ. 
Brouner SHffer. Soriniute.— e4iMqbrDD. 
^arfpolJicr,— ftine bnnttlt'roiine [beHbroiwr] ftorbr. 
Jo) tjcfr bjs tfteil* flcrne troun oebiotcti. 
Cr irarbr snaefutjrt (.irtreflt. binter'S tldjt (lt)ilftrt). 
«rnsriiibilflne» Raajkodka HtfmM ft re. tieirmnifl. 
tiriunwie.K.iflccleincSortoiiit]. So (Ian ieiifcroun. 
Suit tnSuntief)Er jfarh. 
®a>ofe [rv([m IBra*. 

ftr rcor |a«| 5erbl5ut. S. n. a. a«Bb«rl (jtrfijlooen). 

■!>□« t«crit*t ift iiiiftflt'rrcTiiir (iin ltmtaii[), tab... 
3>aBs8. Wcafmcnt fjotte ben f dirarrffcii St.intinbtr 'Z w Iiid)t. 
Viirfttti Sit rail bit »lei»ri ou«, [mrinm*J|pi(. 

illirtifcn i-idtwiitc^titfel. - ?\:\<r:u 2 it mil etc Silrftt ilbtr 
Viirften Sic mi* tiidili.) ah. 
Irujicn Sit ten filter ntit dnrm On oft onf. 
fttn &lia)^l&iir[te^cc^ted• befltf|t ouS rinrr Ijortni SflrRt, tlntr 

enjininbilcitt it nt jipti (Slonjbilrftm. 

[(Dorndinien, ilbni). 
Jdjiniif; mein Jtofiexifdj nodiflcn OTtnret retetitt aufnEtjincn 
tin t 1 1 t >■ 11 eiaoi |«ui itionli mil bem Stinkr. 
Sie wifitc tine llirone ob. 

«r (4|ti(ic*t ntit tn aroKen Sajere. Cr trao.1 bountenbier ouf. 
(tint OftnbiWtc. — Sinr tjaarbur|ie. 
ttittt->6«burft(,.— tfinr Wanniinfet. 
Sine «ofl<ltarftt — Sine ftleibert'itrflr. 
iine&iitt'ilrtlr— ffiinteftrurrbiirjie. Cii e*ru6ber. ' 
Sine ijoictt'ilrftt — liint gioidientilifte. 
^iiifet.— tine KetnttlSoartfirfte. 
Srilffeltr 3cppid>. 

Sciifieler St'i(en.— SriKWcr ©prulelt. (Unfcrtti^t. 
»rutote (nrunenH)lidK | IMuitMunj. tfin bniloltr ffltn|itj. 
Hr i(t (in StBliion (inij(f*U*jHr Sleni*) [mil. 

Dure) rolje flkrealt.— Itie ttjitriffc e#»tn«nf). Tiearjirt. 
LMn uitMntiiiiftiort Ibicr iritrt* fl(id)tlt(i oettie(en (ein. 
Sine Kiiftntlofr.— X)ai »af[n n«ttt «»f. 
'Jtiiibflci(*idinittdioi unit Hebl jnfannttn flebrateit. 
= 41icfjlidi vlobte tit «lo[r. SntliJ) Tom lei ttrod). 
SMiinttr wie (in SMifcrn (Ste^. wit rin gi(o) imiBoner). 
fa ift etn alttt «eJ.— BJitb irit tin SocT. 
(fin ffiimer Mil JBalTn.— fa tij (■'« CSra!. 
Kut>. fiiftf) in tit Xrteit. 
eienttrbrn fltMti* baNnterflSen BtfiiTen, twttn Sie ci file 

bra ShBb (errla ^otni (wBrrt, [um. 

Stflra 6ie Jtret SSIftuna an. S«natlen £ie Jbren franiiltfi 
Wtbioutl)e beinen SBItfra all eiuen Switt, unb ntttjl at) tin 
Stetf m< Sieifltinen lUopptittM). [S^iwtt. 

IMe Softintonin!! ntitrbf im Jtetnte crfHcrt. 

tintxr atiiflta im Klimr eclti-II 

HflbrraSirnftniAII 9Jinit wit bn Sttfle! 
S4flinorrtntn gdiiitt l^d- riil'ite mid> ttieht} n 
fa nieilte bit iffirlleii. Cr lamrfte mil ftnffi. 


I have been — ed about in the woild 

A — on the side of the head 

BUG, I am as snug as a — in a rug (pan. 

Full of — s 

It is a — bear to frighten children with ... 

BUILD. A man of strong — ... 

To — castles in the air 

To — up a phrase (a fortune) 

The house was built up again 

I am having another house built ... 

That vessel is English-built 

This ground is to be built upon 

I — upon you 

Runic was not built in a day (pivu.) 

My carriage is of a lighter (heavier) — ... 

The — ini; plant of the contractor ... 

BULBOUS roots 

BULGE. To — out 

BULK. To sell by the — 

The — of her cargo is rice 

The vessel broke — 

The — of his property went to his nephew 

He argued, that since the buyer had broken 

he was prevented from afterwards objecting 
to it, and returning it to [he seller 
BULL. Tough as — beef 

Taketha — by the ho ms 

He roared like a mad — 

He butted like ■ — 

He doesn't know a B from a — 's fool (firav i.J. 

The child was gored by a — 

— nii'l bear operation? ... 

You have made a — 

An Irish— 

A cock and — story ... 

A papal — 

A — s eye lantern 

BULLY, (at school J. — (house of ill fame J 

il — it out of him 

BUMP. I — cd my head against theceiling 
k " of generosity is not very largely developed 


o his health 

BUMPER. We drank a 

A — before parting 

His benefit was a — 

BUNCH. A — of grapes 

A — of carrois (turnip.). A - of flowers 
A — of feathers. A — of keys 

BUNDLE. 1 — d him out neck and crop 

without hi- breakfast 
1 [i; i- ■ moving — of rags ... 

1 tied it up in a — 

A — of papers. A — of clothes .. 

: - Y ' -a well look for a needle in a — (bottle) 

of hay 
BUNG up tl 

p the hole of the barrel 


BUNGLE. He made a sad — of that job 

WnTiNG^'Hic vcsselshowed all her'— '. 

BUOY, —ad up with hope 

BUOYANCY. The - of the water (miu.l) 

BURDEN. The — of a song. A beast of — 

She is a vessel of 1300 tons — 

He is — ed wiih a Inrge family 

He it ■ — to his aged mother ,„ .., 
The estate is — ed with heavy mortgages ... 
The people arc — ed with heavy taxes 
Il is the duly of the I Government to lighten the - 
of the people 

BURIAL. The Rev, Mr. C. read the — scrvi. 

■1 refused Christian — 

— ground (fees, place) 

BURN. The tire — ; bright (will not -) 

The fire will soon — up 

The fire has — ed out 

Iin — ed to a cinder ... 

The cigar — ed a hole in his |>ocket 

J'ai 1 011 W pi a boss/ un pen parlattt. 

Un coup dt poing sur Ic idle" de la t'le 
Je suis comme un coq en pile 

Pttin dt punaises ... 

Celt un troqneniitoine pmir effraytr les enfanls 

Un kommt firtemeiit bati 

II a & feu prii vttn tarntrt 

Fairc des chiiteaiix en EspagtU 

Canstruire line phrase. — Edijicr unc fortune 

La maison fut reeoiislruite 

Je me /aii bdlir unc autre malum 

On doit ilever des construction! lur le terrain 
Jc (ample lur twin 

faru n'a pal e"te" biti en unjour ... [lenrde) 

Ma voiture est de conslnietion plus leght (pfa 

Le materiel de constitution de I' entrepreneur 

I'lanles bulbeuses. Oignons 

Bomber. Faireixntrt 

Vendre en gros 

Charge" en grcnier ( en vrac ) 

Le gros de sa cargaison est du riz 

Le vaisseau rampit charge (entra en dcthargement ) 

La plus grande partie de sa fortune alia a son ntvcii 

II pritendit que t'ee'ieleur, ayanl commend I'ent- 
amure n' avail plus le droit de ne pas approuvei 
la marchaiiditc it de l.i • etounur ail vendcur 

Dur commt de la vachi enragee 

Prenet le taureau par les tonus 

II criait comme si on t'ecorchait 

// donnait des coups de tele com me un taureau 

Fori comme un taureau fun aibre) 

L'enfatit reeut un toup de come d'un tameiiu 

Operations a la hausse et a la baisse 

\\111i live-, fail unc bevue comiqut 

I 'ne nar. cfe irlandaise 

I '11 /oq-ii-l'iine. 1'it ooiite de ma mere I'oie 

Unc built papale 

Une lanterne ii verre rend 

J'ai louche" le blanc deux fois 

Un benledoguc. — Combat dc taureaux 

Tyran de I t'cole. — Souteneur .., 

Je le lui ftrai bien donncr en I'effrayant 

Je lutfis unc basse A la If to font re le plafotul 

La basse de la g/ntroslle n'est pas fort dh'elopjve 

iVous bilmes ittu rasadc .! sa santi 

Le coup dt I'Jlritr 

II fit salle eomble i sou benJfiet 

Une grappt de raisin [fltt . . 

Une bolte dt earoltes (de navels).— Un bouquet de 
Un bouquet (unc loujfe) de plumes. — Un trousseau 
le le mis ( lf,iii./uai ) A la parte [de clefs 

Je m'habillalentoule hdle 

Comme la diligence atteiulait, je dm le faire vile 

partlr sans qu'il cut pris son dijeuner 
Celt une mane de hai.'/oiis ami-iilanle 


Une liasse de papiers. — Un paquct J'luibH/ciiunts 
Vous pourricx sum bien cJurektr une aiguille dans 
une botte defoin 

Bondonnet ee tonneau 

La Sonde d'untonnean (fut) 

// a Me d'une terrible matadrtsst dans tetle uffa 
It a nial traduit ( interprets ') ce passage ... 

Le vaisseau tiait tout paTSiisl 

Soutenu par i'espJrancc ,. 

Uelastlcile dtl'eau.— U tlasticite" ( L'etanjdei 'esprit 
Le refrain d'une chanson.— Une bite de sovime 
C'est un vaisseau du port de sjoo tonneaux 

Un chevat fort charge 

// est charge" d'une nombreuse fcintille 

II est A la charge de sa vieille mire 

La propriite" est grevee dt grosses hypathiqnes 

qui pi sent sur la populo 
I j reverend M, C. lul roffic, 
On refuse aux suicide's la sepulture ecc'.isiastique .. 
Cimetiire. — Frais d 'enterremenl. — Lisa de slpultui 
Le feu brille bien. — Le feu ne veul pas alter 

Lefeu ira bientot ... ... 

Le feu I'rst Hcint , 

It.-ment caki ni 

Le cigare allume" Jit un trou dans sa pochc 

L'argent lui eaute entre les daigls 

Qui s'est une fois brtitf h-tlc Icfcu.. [hiimin 

Jene puis fas parvenir a faire hiiltr le bais, it ei 

1» (<•*• 

34 Din fa Mr IBelt li-TiungriuurfEit aot 

Sin Siting otif Sit Sritt *<i HuVfca. Gm tfafenfrrddi. 

Sa bttjafit mir a 11 Drtot bnt tt id) . — IE* ijimlr beau™ (anniiiti. 

Sun uen tSiinjcii. HJonJtg. [l«W- 

\ia if/Kin 'lA'V.nis, urn tit Mnitcr tmttit jii Idjrcftti. 

tfili frLiftiaacbjiitreSlanr. (i W nun ftartrin KStptrtoa. 

<iv h"i utiiicfilir pen 3,mn flSrserbau. 

tBftfdjIBfftr fciutn. [uaiifrn). 

Sinai Biufcnti bitbtn. — (Eili Btrratiflcn on'otntneln ( 

31a j $auii reuebe rrittct oufgiiaut. 

3<tj to((( tin jnbere^ £ou« taunt. 

■Birfrf e<*iff Ifl in Snglant! grtaur. 

»u[ ticinn (Men [sH flftaut Bxrhra. 

3$ tout (rt*tt() auf &t. 

Warn ifl nidjt an Cintm Xngt crtaut uwrtcn. 

fflrin SBaotu ifl ecu Itiihtnni [fdiiwrrrtn) Situ. 

T'.ii itaimiittcriiil tt-> SiiiuntevileliinnS. 

JhtoHiJt (uoirbrlartiat) ffluqelu. 

eid> auttJaiiArrt. ^enniTagcn. sBciftcliat. 

3n Sau(d) unb iit>zca unTaiifm. lia fflroi calaufen. 

Slit Ellin,) litem bdatni. 

DU BAJHTHalnug ttfUtst fl.iin aus fflrts. II0,«cb. 

Sue 5d)ifl ira^ Me tabuitg. X. ®. Rna on, tie gatuiia ju 

; ■ . ■ ;. ■ ■ ' .■ ■■:■.-.■ 1 . 

Si filtrtE auB, ball, ba bn itaufct Mc -Ulaffe an,idjr,ink!i tub*, 
cr Kttin*"' |ri. li-ioittjjlidi tiinti'taaie ba^eatn \u ex- 
titben unb fir tan ginfJiiifcc niiMiuiitiitfai. 

33^e wit tttcc. [£tin tiel bra J&r5rnr™ 

SKaairn Sit nidjt oirt fttttrWcn! tamit. gaffea Z'e t*n 

ISi btillite inte (ta iriltbtnbtr Ca)(e. 

ffir fHcfi wtr etn Stin barauf tod. 

lit foim Trine fiinf jJilflen. ii'i! tin $fttt. [geiutmnen. 

ToS HinliiDurbe bcti eiiion glint aufatftitfrt (anf tic&Dmrr 

goiib* 1111b stetfiruditr UitrtClioK Xillrnnsfltfdjofte. 

Sietabot einen Son 1 flimadjt (gefAoffen). 

Bin eajnitjet. BinSud. ffiinc Xra^reinlilei. 

tin! ilimiKiniiJiu'i-a (^'iinStimardjat). 


Stilt Cnjiriiaiiatnliitclnc (iOuffiTcrUletiit. Satttitt mtt (o». 
)tii!tirttm iid)t, bal nur burdj Hint Saietfe faOl). 

3d) traf ^mimal baft ileiitntnt. 

SintStintuflae. giiiiloflQe. eiuSuITtnbtifjtr — Stierttl*. 

(lanftltr, ftejer. — Sureiroatrr. 

34 IKEtt (d eu9 ilrai ttraujprefieil. 

Jdj pU| mil bent Sonf gtitcii bit IxSt. 

2rr etan tcr ftrtlgtbigreit iEcr KnfjmutMrittn ) ifl tti iv« 
niajt [tail tnttciitrtt. 

■tin luiitiii rin tclltS WlaS .mi (tint Orfnnbttil. 

liiu ■.'iflmirtMiiiiit. [tot. 


(5iu* ■jL'iintv.iiit-L-. [tpiirmcii. 

tEin Stlnbtt (Snub) ntltt liMifnl ffliiteu.— Cin =[rja( 

u'111 A.-fivfiiH..- Lnn I it; 1 11 tlrt bunt. 

,1* ir,ivi Ltm It r.uts (vet tie Sliiirt). 

,Vti v.) mir inriiiL- Jtliibcr li- iiVntli ivii ini'glid) an. 

XabctlicRnraiitn aaf not) ivattctc,fi.'imijjttidiihn otnecVtiib- 
ftflrf ftrtidiafftn. (atctaaatt. 

Sr i(t tin tel'nibiacis I'iimvfnl'iiitbct & ift aanj jmiiTeu nit 

3d) bant ed In (in Siinbtl jutommen. 

ISfii 'I'oittl ( Bhtfl) Vatlm (JlFtcii.i — tiin SilnM Slcitet 

(fllan ttnnte tbeii (0 gut tint Sttdirabcl onj (incut Bitatd 
i'l'ii terau8)ud)en. 

aterfvunttn fit bn* I'L'di ((5 IjaifeS. lifinitxn S. t 

la* Svuiitlod) (Inei SJalTrf. 

St Mt title nrfrcit etenb wtffu(d)t (ttrtran;,!). 

Or tat tirfe ©telle wttwijl (ittKttoit iltnftlft). 

HaS Sdjlff tattt alle Slaaam aufattjlfjt. 

Stonbtrtortiimia attiaatn (aiifKD)t erfrdtot). 

I.itlragtrafi^fi.' lidiMfiiiihU-apa 

tm fHtftnin tinti Skbrt.— Oil *ti(ttt(io:. 

Co ift tin Sdjif? tun 1 jco luiintn. 

Sin [djimbdabcnta Slrrb. 

Sr ift mil eintr gto6tn g.imilit ttlaflet. 

St ift [tinet alien Hiuttci jnttaft. 

SaS tint l|t ftatt mi! i>i)pcitKrtn tefaRtt. 

•Sat Bolt ift mil fdtiKttn Sltuetn belafttt. 

Sd i|t bit 'I'flioil bet tH&jittung. Mr Vajlni bef I 

6rtiKfto*)">"rKii, (ittt a., la* bit Siobtonucflt (ta* % 

i£rlbftm8rtmi leirt tin d'liltlfditt OtataLmii txtuiriac 

.'.iniv.t-MCLii — ■;iL'.iritiiiirtL'ften.— aeatatnlBPloB. 

3)cd genet bttniit tell.— XaS ^eiiet mill nidjl lu 

I \;- Qeuet itivt- bolt anttenntn. 

T.i# rttocr tat aiugtbrannt (;u Sntt gtbrannl). 

S6 mat aan) cerlcMt. 

Tit ■lij.uvt tr.inntt ibm dn foa) in tie laftt. 

?>ai Otdt pit "idit bti iini. 

liin ,iel'i , atiiiii--S A i 11b Jditut tad geiirri 

3* t.inn *ai (let) nidit 111m Srtnntn (tie|(n; tt ift ^m 



- not the house to frighten may the mice (/"in'.) .Ve brlilrs pas la maison pour chasser Its sauris ... 

Dans tts foHes on brille tout 

Pendant taut le tracts j 'at it} sur des chorions ar- 

CesI unt vraie konle , [,/, «/j 

La maison Put entitrement tmtfimft [tuition 

Lf dessin de I'assictttst fixe dans la ttrre p,ir la 
II hrdli fa ckandelk fmr Its dtii.i bonis 

Tl erevede rage (d'emde) 

Afrit "lit course dt dtn.r milks lis mines dit mo- 
naslhe apparurent a mat regards 

Jt faults Mater dt rirt 

// nint Ironbler M uy/itudt 

La faiUiie .'data, et ptnonnt neful payi 

II creve dt sanii 

Stoves will — anything 

Throughout the trial I stood upon — ing coal" 

It is a — ing shame 

The house was — ed down 

The design on the plate is — t into the clay 
He --s the candle al both ends (pros, i.J... 
BURST. He -s with rage (envy) ... 
After a two mile ride, the ruins of the monastery 

I nearly — wiih laughter 

He — in upon upon my solitude 

The firm — up, and paid no one 

He is — ing with fat 

We — open the door 

The ship** boiler — 

She has — a blood-vessel 

At last the bubble — 

He — his fctteis asunder 

The sun — forth in all his glory 

The sun — through the clouds 

The Alps — into sight 

BURST. (».) A — ofopplouse 
BURY. To — in oblivion 

He is dead and — ied 

With his hands — ied in his pocket. 

lie was —ted liencalh the ruins 

M.iny were — ie. I alive 

To — the hatchet 

He has - ied with military honours 

BUSH. Good wine needs no - (>W.J 

— natural ; more hairs than wit (pnn. ) 
BUSHEL. He measures other people'! 

hy his own — (firev. t.) 

We have — s of them 

BUSHY, -whiskers 

BUSINESS. How is-? 

— is slack (dull) 

— is middling (brisk) 

There is no — doing (stilting) 

— is going to the dogs 

— is improving (brightening up) 

He is doing a roaring — ... 


He set up in— 

He looks after his — 

He does a good— 

He does — with France 

He has retired from — 

He has gone ii 
He is full of - 

another line (branch) of — 

I have charge of the — 

We are connected in — with that firm 

— makes a man as well as tries htm 

— neglected is — lost (prim.) 
He lost a deal of money in — 

Every man as his — lies 


ic to- 

He means — 

He got through a lot of — 

It is none of my — 

It is not your — to interfere 

I'll make it my — , to 

Attend to your — 

I bent him about his — 

That is my — 

He has no — to think so 

A pretty piece of — , 

Qo about your — 

That has no — there 

You have no — there 

— before pleasure 


No — transacted after 4 o'clock ... 

I have had no — transactions with him . 

Now to — I 



n 3l>°n ci duetto mi t. 

n (clfllc ilitj plilflid) tic 

Ellt s'tst rompu mi voisstau sanguin 

La built dt saivu fins'r par trever. La dJiicle fim 

Flit fondit en Iannis . {par arrive 

llhrisa ses fers 

Le toltil it mantra dans foute sa splendour 

Le soleil se fit jour A traveri Its nuages 

Lit Alpes nous cipparuren! tout a coup 

Unt salve d'applaudissemenls 

Ensevetir dans t'oubti 

II est mart el enterr!. 

Ljs mains enfoncces dam Its pockes 

II ful enseveli sous lis ruines 

Beaucoup furent enterris vifs [nm. 

Mettrt Its arrnes eta croc. Rtmtttre I'tpJe au four- 
Li put enterri ante Its konneurs militairts... 

Bon vin n'a pas besoin cTtnseigne 

71k en buisson, plus de pail qui di eervelt' 
II mesure le drap des attires d sa proprt aunt 

iVous en ovons des las (des masses) 

Dt gresfavoris 

Comment font Its affaires? , 

Les affaires ne vont pai. Le commerce laugni't 

Lis affairtsvont passahlemtnt. Latammertevabiei 

Oh ne fait rien. Ljs affaires ne marekenl pas 

Les affaires He vatent plus riot 

It ya rtfirise dans les affaires, Le commerce reprend 

Son commerce va Jolimenl 

II a fait do mauvaiset affaire, 

It s'tst itabli 

// s'occupe de ses affaires 

I! fail de bonnes affaires 

LI fait lies affaires avec ta France ... 

LI s'rsl retirJ du commerce (des affaires) ... 

LI s'est e-tabli.—Les affaires son! let affaires 

LI est tres-affairi .[autre partie) 

II est dans unt autre traneke de commerce (sine 

Cat moi qui dirige les affaires 

Notts avons desnlations d'affaires avet alternation 

Let affaires donntnl du trot-as, mais ellet donnent 

Commerce nigligi, commerce perdu [dt Vtiperienct 

11 a perdu beaucoup d' argent dans le eommc 

Ckacun A sis affaires 

Venous-en A noire affaire 

Ceil une affaire grave 

De quoi vous m'lieismis en allanl 

Meie-.-vou, de WJ affaires 

// a des intentions serieuses 

// abattit beaucoup dt btsogne 

Cela. ne me rtgardt pat 

Ce n'est pas A vous A vous mflcr dt tela 
Je m'oeeuperai 

Oeeupes-vous de voiaffaii 
Je I'envoyai promener 

Ctla me rcganit. C'tsl mon affaire 

II n'a aumn droit de ft crviri 

Une jolic affaire 

Allemous promentr . . . 

Ctla n'a rien A fain IA 

fous n'as-ts. rim A faire IA 

Les affairts avanl let plaisirs 

Eire en affaire. 

Ij bureau seferme A 4 keures 

Je n'ai pas fail d'affaires avee lui ... 

Maintenant A noire affaire! 

LI est dam le commerce. Iltsl'tabli 

II est ,'tab/i pour son piopre eomple ... 

Dftim-vous VoirM. A . pour affaire 1 
Je vien, pour affaire 

LI est en voratj d'affaires 

/'-i/u. i .,i;i/,/jii.i l.i mahon 
J~ai A tvir Af. C- pour affaire parlietiliirt (urgente) 
Jt glutei affaires ... 


Sttdt n!4t bal 0.i:w nn, um tic fflau^cii in Htlrtitcii 
©tfiiitlc nt J)t Cat 9titt> nil ten (tat* cull. 

J it Orfcn lift ft* mill frainen. (»eMrit. 

JBSIjmu! t*S fain,ru BrrttoM ftont ieb aiif oltibciil'Cii (titiiiitt) 
■ i'-iiiii :.iu!ibc. est|!ciintttatjit5dfiitt(. 

5>aS &ou* craiutc niebcr (ab). 

Sic 6tt»c auf toe teller nirb in 

lit (Amieit bi! WuttertircO auf bi 

<fr iJhrt not 'JiSiilli ou# (n ©jut. ■ 

W.iit) cittern Mill dor -,toet Weil 
Jik'ilcrriiiii.- unhrn ¥)Lio\n. 


tir fiBrtr incinc Stn|alnltlt. 

!■!( ftirau liftc fid) an[ utib bejoliltc 'Jiicmanbrii, 


tflJlr ff«n,itcn 61c Ibiltt auf. 

2tt rnntvfli-flef be* e^ifieS flaBK. 

5ic(eiivtni,il.-(Krlt v t.-)il0'in ^lut.itl.ij. [oflcltbac. 

« icrH.iOK Me 81j(c Itrtbltdj toilrbc bet e*ffiinCcl 

Sif brod) in Ilirancn auS. 

Ot iDrtrtalc ((CtforoibiK, jcrrif^ icinc ncffeln. 

Tit Sonne br.idt in ibeer oonwit 1'roibt irnvrr. 

Die Si'itne brjdj bnnli tit (dolfen tctvur. 

TiCJitMii lamin ptorsltd) ;uiit !t<or|i!icin. 

din Bcif alfjftatm. 

2i Becflcfrcnbeit liflQen. let Bctfltffeiibcit nl|iliHffw 

ttr ift tobt Ultb ttpttat. vir ifi motticlotl 

HitiPSnbiinbic Xafdreii firflwfr. Ik 4>. 111 btv laWc 

ttr mtttoe unlet ben 2cuuuncrn bruraben. 

Bictt nmrbct! l(6cnbi fl btflraltn. 

Sic Stttllert btfliobni I*n .^loift bc(eitt u cii. 

lirrautbt mtt mililori[d,fii lifircn bcuroben 


Wid)t» eUftantt; fllici ift bti itjin m's Srniil fleidjifieii. 

Set migt XEcs mil fritter (file. 

S'it tet*n bit efiHe unb 3u0c boioit. 

Sufibiort (ti^tcf) Saifcnbart. 

fiiicncbcii bic«rf64f1c? 

Eol ®cfit)ift ac6I flau [ftill]. 

fat l»cf drift atbljkn!it)[ffaitt.] 

liif ift fein (Kcfdhift )it inaaini. St ift Icirt fflcfdrifloiebtn. 

Eat fflcf*oft fonimt auf Nn i-iuib. 

■Hie «cf*ofK beffern [bet™] (id). 

5c moati fllJtijeiibc liXfajaftc. 

lie mod)ic nitt |cinemtftfd|af!c»oiileiott. 

ttt crrtdjlctc tin 8ef*5fl. 

ffc jebl [cincn Srfflriften nadj. 

(tc ma«t ein anted fflefdjaft. 

tic mad)! mil (nadt) ^ranTtcic> Scfcbiftc. 

£c bat Hi) ban ben ttkfdiaflcr p nrW y Hn ft 

t£r i|t in't Wcfdtaft ataanocn— Qtefdidft ift ScfeWfl- 

tir ift mil Wcjdjjften Dccutai ttr if! |ebr bt(f>afiiat. 

ttr ift in cinem anbetn WeWiafWuKiin. 

34) babt tie Cotac ffir bof tStcfdjofi. <M ccctrctt baJ IB. 

t'tv bjtcii iMd)ift*oeittnbuii,tfn mil bi(|tr Jirmo. 

fflefdriftt ecgaaea SJobtftaiib, aber audi •«•((■. mflrbcn, 

!tod!( l iffi. w t*tid>;ift«i;i[TUiij i|li*>'idMi|;-riiin. [t*uvbi«. 

Ce Beclot cine JRcnje uWb bci bem ("rfdjofte. 

3cbecrnann, toic ccc» am Stflrn wtfttttl. 

(aft unt jur Sacb* tommen (fitccililt.) 

If.; ijl tin miilo ok'fdjjfl . Ii. t due emftr 2o*c. 

fflaS icollten (be^iocrfieiil £k b-iinil, ba^ •iie ... tHaS ftinn 

©thlmmcrn Sic t"idj um ^brt e^it/en. (c* £« an, p., . 

tftmeinteStrrtft. lit ffafit ni*l. 

tit orbtilcle iid) burfteittc dScnae CScfdjclfW v'n*""*' 


Sic baben ft A 111*1 tiuyiintldvn. 

3d> mill H ntlt inflclcucn fcin laffcn, fit... 

eorumSic fih 3btc (Bef^dflc. 

Jen f*Ute fbu fett fanii). 3. aab i$m ben Boitfpai 

Sal flub mtltic Saa)cn. 

(Ft braud>t bad ntd)t ;u batten. 


SHidieK 6lt, baS €ti fotlfcntnim. 

Iu* bal bamit Slidjtl ju l*affcti SaI gCvflrl niil ba tin. 

eic boben ba WidjH in ttmn. (iiiben. 

Otfl tic Jlrbcit, tonn bad Wcranujert. Sla* brt Slrbcil ifi B ul 

IBc)4rif« te^i.ieu . 

Wefdwfl nodj 4 Uhi jtfdjliflen. 

3* botlt Icinen acWafUMrtehr rail itra 

3c«i on'l lUcfdiaft I 3cBt bit iMdjdltr lb.' ' * 

i:i-i:l.i: HW [donw *eAll«B|i. 

Cr fflW (tot) da Aw** «tf*aft. (ft Wbcl ein WrfeMft anf 
tBunftvtn Sic Cerm S. ta flcldjaflliebcn KitadcattttKiteit in 
34 temmr In arfariflMnaelcntnljeiltn [fntrdXTi > 

Sr iftaufctner«Jefd)df!IRi|t. 
«ilB9«1*Sft«t«iUirbirict. [laMfleii) 

34 rounfd)c (ctcu II. tn VriDatJCfrfriflai ibtiu.ilinicn 
3* (rite (ffibrt) bit Utcfdwfic 34 tin f»t|4afnfatttt. 


— hours. — place 

His place of — is in George Street 

It isa mailer of— 

No — done on a Saiurday 

He is a — likcman 

Thai is what I call — 

1 ir, yon fallow any — ? 

He follows the — of a baker 

I have a share in the — 

Ik' is engaged in — 

\VI,-u is his—? 

He carries on the — of a draper ... 
" 3*"* 3* "*" 

II is his - 
He < 


it return from — till 5 o'clock... 

He i 

I have been in — for the last thirty years , 

Charge this item 10 the — account 

I left him to look after the — 

In the ordinary course I run way) of — 

According lo the rules of — 

In the present stale of — stagnation 

.1 hw- 

■r the - 

I am glad that Ihat — is seltled . 
We concluded (settled) Ihe — 

To talk about - 

I sunk all my money in Ihat — 

That -titles the — 

There is little — doing in shares 

He makes a — ofit 

Let him do it him-.clf; it is hi? — 

I sold the - to Mr. C 

Ilebuught Mr. T.'s — 

I lo ha- L'.iv.Ti up (gone out of) — 

Owing t" cWiiii; i^i> in 11 up) "f - ■ . .. 

The amount of money turned over in — ... 

A capital stroke at — could be done there 

That was a clever stroke of — 

He has made (lost) a great deal of money in 
To enter into — relations with a firm 

We have — relation with thai firm 

He understands — thoroughly 

He has an aptitude for — ... 

He is experienced in — 

I shall be happy to do all I can lo facilitate your 

— operations in this town 
Our way (method, mode) of conducting — 

I have not an hour free from — 

Be ponetes ■ thorough — knowledge ... 

Alluck is not a place for — 

The principle* Upon which wclransaclfcnrry on) 
I have already sold 50; that's the way to do — 

The place has a — like look about it 

He docs a safe — 

The lawyer asked me, evidently with an eye to 
whether I had already engaged counsel to : 

Although he has gone lo Paris for pleasure, he 
is sure lo have an eye to — while goingaboi 
Ihe place 

— activity 

— agent (representative) 

— arrangement ... 

— card 

Discharge of — ... 

— experience 

Exchange — 

— expense* 

— premise* 

— relations 

branch of— 

Slackness (daUnca) ol —(.lull lirtttcu 1 

Himrtt it bureau. — Burtau. Magasin ... 

It a son burtau dans Gtorgt Strctt 

Cest une qutition d'affaires 

J-e burtau (Le tnagasxn) est fcrml le samedi 

Cest uh veritable Aomme d'affaires 

Voila ce que j'afpelle /aire des affaire! ... 

Ava-vous une oecupatiomf 

II exerce le mliitr de boulanger 

Je suis intt'rail dans la mixtion 

11 est en affaire 

Quelle profession exerce-tMf 

// a uh magasin de nouvcauth 

fai Mis man fils dans lis affaires 

Cesl d lui de veiller k tela 

II nt revient de son bureau ( magasin ) qu'a 5 hem 

Cest un homme qui entend lis affaires 

II y a trerttc aits atiefe suis dans les affaires 

Passei eel article an compttdt la maison ... 
Je le chargtai de diriger les affaires en mon absence 

Suivant la marcht ordmairt des affairts 

Seltnt i'usage les affaires tommmialcs... 

Par la stagnation qui rignt dans Its affairts 

II y a peu de transactions sur le march! au Hi ... 

I! a du sar.-oir-faire dans sis profession 

Cest une speculation hasardie 

fai pris possession du fonds de commerce 

Je suis content, que ctttt affaire sont arranged 

Nous terminimei Vaffaire 

Parler affairts 

J 'ai engage torn "ics tapitati.-t has irttt affaire ... 

Vela fimt C affaire 

II y a peu d'affaires en actions 

Af hat et ventc de fonds publics 

II en fit! metier ( profession) 

Qu'il le fosse lui-mime, il est payl pour ctla 

fai a'JJ (venjn) men fends Je commerce a At. C. 

II aehcta le fonds dt At. T. 

II a fermi boutique. II ri 'est pins dans les affaires 

Poureouse de cessation de commtnt 

la chiffre des affaires 

J'enlicivis une jo.'ie affaire (operation) 

Citait iinjoli coup d'affaires 

II agagnlf perdu )healicoup d'argentdans les affairei 

Entrer en relations avee une maison 

Xous sommts en relations avci cette maison 

II est veri/danslrsaffaircs. /lest rompitanx affaire: 

II est apte aux affaires (fait pour les affaires) ... 

Hade la routine (trilure) , 

Jeferai de mon miettx pour facililcr DM operation? 
commercials sur cette place 

Notre nianierc d'agir ... ... * ... 

Je n'ai pas une heure de loisir 

// est parfaitement au iourant des affaires 

Alifiti n est pas quartier maixhand 

Les principes qui nous gu ideal en affaires 

J'tn ai defa vendu jo ; e'est de teltt fafon qu'01. 
doit faire les affairts 

L'endroit a tin air commercial sfrieux 

L'avocat mi demanda dans un but facile it deviner 
sifavais d/Ja rettnu un avocat 

Qiioi./n'ii fosse ri Paris tin voyage d'agrfment, , 
Pent lire stir que, tauten si pronienant, itn'o 
bliera fas les affairts 

Activiti en affairts 

Kepiisentanl d'tinc maiion de comment ; agent 

Arrangement commercial 

Carte d'adresse d'uitt moron dt commerce... 

Sains d'une affaire (at des affaires) 

F.xpirience ( Habitude) des affairts 

Burtau de change. Negoct dt vatttirs 

Frais gineraux 

Aptitude aiix affairts ; habiltti dans Its affaires 

1. onnoissonce (Inttlligence ) dts affairts ... 

Ltitrts d'affaires 

Temps d'arrtt dans les affaires 

One. lions d'affaires ... 

Pour affairts 

■ ,: "..■.■ ■.-.; 

Office fawnm, e tm p trir. Sbopi maguhi 

Comple rendu 

Rapports (relations) d'affaires 

/•.'■inline da affaires 

• d'affaires 

L^iiKiiritmiStit. — GkMafMtotDl. 

Stin iBtfojaftiToTnl ttfinbtt fid) in ber Wtoraflvatje. 

US .ft tint «rfn)aftifad>t. 


fe if t«He4tet0efe)iif Ionian n (Sail [Ulan 11). 

T~afi itfntit it) otfdj.iftiid} <t)tfa)aftsma"ijia., taufin 

: ■ ■■■' .-■ 

Or MbiM bal OrfiMft (tSewnl'O cine! Batfa*. 
3A Ijafe rincn antheil oil Don It - 
fe if! jieidfifttiiS in 8ufEru w Bnumtnicn. 
■h'.v> i(t Ida iHolctiiiit? IBaS rentier? 
St tclwltt ta8 «*f«af! rinrf IiinjbanMir*. 
3d) tjobt mriitrn Stljn in ein ©([ajaft ntl^an. 
Hi ijt fcin iM")ift (?l"iO, barouf v f'6m- 
ffir t(hrl ctft tint S Uht aal (con) brro tfc!ajiift( sitrH 
tie ift tin i3ti*5ft8ntoiin. 
Bit ld)tm 30 3a!ire f«B| tin id) im Otc(*dftt } 
6f(m ©It Wefen ?«|lni out Pa* Bkfitji f litWto . 
Jdj litfi tfcii iiirllit, uni oiif tJ-j i*ttd]Q|t iuif^ipuffcn. 
■ tin " , .i(it),tttsrtarin. 
»tl btr iKrrfdjtiirtn WtfijaflSTcffflttlt. 
See fflttrtibtnifirll ift aifajSliStoS i.ftil[). 
eii Mist i^idiifnstlnaWt. 
Ea ift tin ncnxintfS Unttrnftjmtn. 
<M iit'trnnl'in ta« iSt[it»ft. 
3d) fruit mi*, tafi bal (Sefi»5rt oboroiodjl i|t* 
Wit (djipfftn ben «anbel (tx>« i»t[djaft) ab. 
Bon CtcWSfhn tthii. 

;1it) trte aUt ititinr ffltttn itt bag Stiajaft atjirfl. 
3DaS mad)! brr ffiod>t tin Enbt 
lii roerbtn rotitia Wtfdpaflt in allien annaoit. 
WcfJi.ift in staotSmiiittol. 
Gr na4t fid; till tSrfdjofl tarauo. 
ttrmoilbaS fclbft (»nen; tut ift (tin Wtfdmlt. 
ad)6abtt>™j^miU. nnbt«*WSf1 «v attic it 11 (h 
lit [.milt t.ia irttidjaftc be8 rjtrrn %. 
Sr t»t (MB iJMaW t ouf acgciieii. 
Sl'tjicn OScliliaftSaiifjfflta. 
Tcr •>l[fit., ; i|tSiiinfc5Iaa. 
Iia mart tin ffltfdmftiiisTt v madjtn. 
US nut tin tliiarr (acftt;ift*ftrci*. 
Br bal Bid tSttb tti Mi «t(d)0ften wrbitnt [oertcr 
ffllit tintra »all|( in fflclcnalteDtrbinbiinfl It 

Kibinbung autxrniicn). 
JDir fttt™ mil bem *auit in aricMflliArr Srrbinbii* 
Si ift a(fn)a|t8fnitrta. Cr btfiljt (Stfaiaftiiatliianbtbi ' 
tic btiiKt ©tfaiadSantBStn. 
tit ifl in Scldiafttn crfahrat. 
34 bin untie bmti, gbntn ben ©tftJofMbrtrieb a 

Ottt ju erleidgtcni. 
TiieHrt nub Ori(f unici'tr i.«tf(t!.iirini'viin,i. 
3* babt trint tisiiat frtit Ottfataftoflunbe. 
tit ift mil (cm ndiliaf tiaaDjit OcHroUt, 
fltlti* ift ttint IScfdjafKatatnb. [tniHc«\ 

TitWtiiiibfitjt, IMS) btntn njirunfeTtt«t|d)5fH fflhteu (l»- 
gilnfiig l)abt id) |d)0tt otrfauft; fo ntatbluian «e|«SK*- 

Da8 Sotai fiat tin afffbafiSmafjiatS «u§[tKoi. 
tfr bttrtibt tin fitbtttS ffltfcSaft. 
lit ■.Ifvoht fiafllt raidi, efftnbac au5fltfcMftlid>eni 
mif, fb i* fajDB tiiitn BtrttdO jilt nitiiie ~ 


KM ■■■ 

iSk|*Sf»«*4"it- WrfijaftSiKintlBt. 
■ ■■■ ; ; .■■... c.iii.i. 


■ W WW' 

«ddwfI«attwiiHttit ; Kcldjaft5fab.iatrii. 




atfdufrtf o*cn. tlidxr anurlea 

3n BijaWIISniiatltflttibtilcii ; in tfcfrt.iflif often ; If 


BefaiaftlbejitlitmoenT ta.ftSSftSBftbinbunatn. 

■ tT ^I| Mirtt e« ur a H >t rt | ttfWiitnrnn 



Sin brfonttrti ®tlnjSf!8jiPeia. 

IScfdjjftsloiijftit ; fflddiJ'ftifiille. Wtftbafteflaut. 


— staff 

- style 


od of a 

BUSTLE. Everything was hurry arid — 

Come, — about 

Me was all in a— 

What a — you make 

BUSY. I am very — just now 

You look as though you were very — 
Dun'i stand there Willi your hands in your pocki 
make yourself — 

We had a — day yesterday. .. 

Don't make yourself so — 

Heisa — body 

He leads a — life 

lam — with the children 

He is — making out the invoices 

As — as ants (as a bee) 

As — as a hen with one chicken 

I — icd myself with 

She — ied herself in eelting lea 

BUT. [ met him — once 

Vou can have everything — money 

Those people ivlin di-pl.iy .1 great ileal of religion 
in the window have — little of it in the 
shop [written 

That is a sufficient excuse ; — still he might ha 

What could I do — consent ? 

In many, dictionaries you will find every word 
the one you want 
it help you much ; — nevertheless I'll do 

all I 1 

a fcf ) 

j say that he 

I could have dune it an hour ago ; 

That he did not do it is true . — 

cannot, is a mistake 
None — members are admitted ... 

No one knows it — mc 

The work is complete all — the title 

I brought everything — the meat . . 

Had I — known it I would have come 

From B. to F. is — 20 miles 

Prom drunkenness to ruin is — a step 

You say he is ; — I say he is nol ... 

If [ could — have seen him 

They were all present — Ml. C. ... 

The last house — one 

The last door — two 

There is — a pint left 

You have finished three ; — what about the fourth ? 
— - help me to money, and I will help myself 

friends (prav. ) 
He is poor, — honest 

I have 

a few 

a child. He is— 16 ... 

The work is — Hi lie known 

If I could — depend upon him 

He has — just gone 

Nothing— the love 1 bear her prevented me 
That is ill very well : 1 

I can't help thinking — that lie did go ... 

The last lime - one 

Every day — Mondays ,,. ... [pitrpo.r 

1 coaxed him, and I punished him ; — all lo tin 
There can be no doubt —that it will l>c done ... 
Not a day passes — you might see scores of them 

I cannot — believe him to be true to our cause ... 
I have to go lo L., — for that I would come 

Evenifitwere — a shilling 

I mcl him — lately 

I thought it — right to tell you 

II is — fair, lo let him know 

Nothing — death shall separate us 

He is anything — rich 

H is whole body presented — one mass or bruises 
He cares for no one — himself ... 

Nothing will cure him — that 

— for his timely help I musl have perished 

BUTCHER, -s meat... ... 

Pcrsonel /nnr maiion dt commeret 
-V/..;,m'.v« des affaires (Uu commerce ; de /'it 

Stytt ammtfcuU 


Une affaire ipineuie 

A'nsede metier 

Transfer! (cession) d'un finds dt en 

Vp-'ratwn (enl re prist) commentate 

Application au.i affaires 

/.( ,-foc de I'ateuiliou if 'une gulp* 

Tout //ail hale it mouvement 

Allons, Je foelivili I 

II , 'tail lout affairi 

Quel momiemen/ nous item donnet 

ft mil fbft oaupe J ee moment 

Van mm fair d'etre fort oc.upi 

iVe reifti pat IA Us mains dans les pochts, occt 
volts a que/que chose 

A'aus avens eu liter uni jouruee fort oexupit 

tVt soyei pas si affairi 

C'est un offieieux 

II a une vie fort oecupie 

Je m'occupe del enfan/s 

// est iv."/v ,1 /dire les failures 

Port OHWwr, —h'orl aclifs 

Ausst affairi qu'vne poule awe sis poussins 


Ette s'otcufia de faire le thi 

Je ne Tai rencontri quumfois 

AV qui 'I con . \ I une averse 

Vims pome; avoir tent, txcepli de Vargent 

Les gins qui mellent beaucoup de religion A IVtalage 
ti'en ant souvetil guert en magasin 

\pn ictire 

C'est une excuse suffsante, mats peurtanl it aurait 

Que pouvais-j faire sinon eonsesilirt 

Vans beaucoup de Jielionnairts ::ms trotmertt tutu 

lis mats, saufcelui qu'il vousfaut 
Jt ne finis pas pens aider beaueaup, mats mrtrWriiTl'tl 

jt ferai pour vans tout ct que je pour rat 
faurais pit le faire U y a uni heure, mats main- 
tenant il est trop tard 

II est trai qu'il m la fias fait, mat's c'est une erretir 
que dt dire i/it' it nc pent pas le faire 

Lis membres scuts son/ a.lmis 

Personne que mot ne le sail 

L'ouvrage est cample/ A 1'txicption du litre 

J'ai apporti tout exttpli la 

Si settlement je 1' avals su, ft serais MM ... 

De B H Fit n'y a que to miltes 

Dc V itirogntrit ,'t la mine it n'y a qu'un pas [pas 

Vous dites qu'it t'est, mats je dis, moi, quit ne I esi 

Si statement j'avais ptt It voir 

lis ilaienl tout presents, sauf .\f. C. 

L'avant-derniere maiion 

La Iroisiime per/e en parlant di la dtrnilre 

II n'tn rtsle qu'une pintt 

tons en avesfini Iron, mat's le quatriimef 

Donna-moi sculement de Vargent, el jt trouverai 
iien dts amis lout sent 

II est pattvre, mats konnlli 

Jt n'tn ai que quelquts-uns ,. 

// n'i'lait alors qu'un enfant. — // n'a que seine 

L'ouvragt nest guire tonnii 

Si seutemenl je pouvais compter stir lui 

II ne fait que de fiartir ... [ptcha 

I'amour que jt ,'ui porlt est la tenlc chose ,1111 m'em- 

Tout ttla est trh-bttn, mats supposons quil refuse 
Je ne puts m'rmpkhcr de croire qu'it y est alii ... 

I.' avanl-dtrniere fots 

' Tout til jours, exiepii It tundi {fit 

Ji It prit par la douceur, je le pitnii, mat's rien n'y 

Crla sefera, il ne pcut y avoir aucnn doute IA dessns 

It ne it passe pat de jour que vous ne puistiex 
tttClaines | ... 

Je nt puis que (Je dois) eroire qu'il est ftdllt A no 
Je dais alter a I. ; sans ula, je vitndrais . . . 

Quatut ee ne strait qu'un schilling 

II n'y a que pen ..■'■ :'.:• .uiort reneenlrl 

J'ai pens.' qu'il n'ilail i/ue jnUt tie vout le dirt 

II n'eit que -uste de le tut fain satoir . . 

La atari seu.'t nous slpa rent 

II n'tit ritn mains qui rithe 

Son corps n'ilait qti lint plait 

II ne songe qu'a lui 

A'ien ifaulri qui eeta nt (Ctia sent) It guMra 

Sam re seconrs opporlun, jt devais p/rir ... dt lioucherie 

Hi 111 llfupnf mill 


Btanutetgrj Batjfe 



Ztx £U$rl tintr SOefpe. 

flllc-i atrifl tirilbtr une bnmlct. Slllc; nor in fc.if! uitt> tjilt. 
Vrirodtl*, (Ken (luiimi.lii, riitjrrn} «■ rid). 
ttr BH in brt pitta l«cfdw[liflttlt. 
SJai Bioc>ni Sit [0 tid Wtr.iulil) iBuftctoi*, Bfim), 
M Mn on-jM |(tl )(l)t t*fai(i|ligi, 
■ ■ . 
SicK-it ii( iiifljt hj. rail tea 0bkei in to (tefc tfllimt 
etcfulj t-tdi.tikitfiai =it fid) tcd)ttnpj.!(ii r4un).fjSO>a», 
Qcftan Iptta nit ciihii atbciiot'L':i di {ag 
Sftutn Sit nutjt [c vidJiiiiiiii- v.nini =it Mi Jinfltr baoun. 
lit iit tin patiaatt<)a (UfHaec] -Mtafts). 
Uifiilivtdn itiatijrt fcbcit. 

Ml Hi ** tm t'liton W«Sftiat. (i«vOi. 

ttrifl Damit l-rfitioiliill (t£r id t-.ii.iii), (it yMttura autpi- 
limil.i Mt Amcifcn [luie cine (Jitnr]. 
S3efajaftifll (feltet fictfir) rait cine *<mit 11m ilirt Hiiiiiltiit. 
;"W MfitjiifiidK mtft mil. ;"Vli martitt mil- mil. .411 ii.nt.. 
iit it jr i'i[ti,i b.imii U'f*.iiiijt, Ii'« jn iiudjeir. 
'M> ttaf itm mir riiimal. 
lit rtijTitl niemaH, ufae baj cS rftrinitiTfrttuit. 
= i ( Wriiini flllta tjobtn, nur trill IMC. 
X>(cicmgcn ficitte, nddw U ui'l Hclijiun jut atau tragen, 

Ijal'oi 11 nt S)(iii|j tueoii tin .fwrv'ii. 

[mcrbin (diiiii'L'n iJ'iiii.'ii. 
I«» ift tint ^iitKinwi 1 ^ 811 l[(i| alt ill" «i! ; tr l-.iltr obtt im^ 
lUti Jonntr itboitbcts Itraii, aI5 iiniiit 3afb4uHDntg getoT 
3n cidrn ffljectrttudlttll paKt ntati allt mi! b i!iit)cn fiJCtltt, 

auiatnomracn Inl dm, ikMh5 nun fcwildjt. 
3a) fann ,"ltiii(ii niAt cirl Octftii; nifclsKjmniiiiijtrata mill 

14 Stdte flic ©ic t v un. n-a* id) IhU. 
Bet cillct Stuntf Mittf il* c* Ituii teiultii, a*tr iett 1ft 18 )U 


t>ai a tJS nidj! t6at, i(i Baftr; ater cS ijl tin Jntljiiiii, ju 

fagcll, tjf! ct « lllft!t t!)iill [ami 
Ttr Uiiitrirl ift nur imitnlicbctii flrjutlci. 
91lrmaiib ouftrc mil mifi cS. 
Call Sect ift tJoUftJiiMd biS auf Kn Xitel. 
.V:. It,;J jti ■.lilt*, JiiSrr Mm 31d|ajt. 
ft.itkiai (j nurjincufit, [0 niitbc icb flctjininni (tin. 
S'DB *. naaj ft. fintt tS nut 20 Mlriltn. 
Won tee XruntOiljcil ^iim tlonrtrcli i|t m Bb JJniii 
Sicfjjtit, aifltS; i* (aQt ifl t8 nia)t. 
li;Vlinidi ■ L 31 nut Kill,' iclioi liintta. 
Hufict(«Ttiili lnartnttLf annfftnb. 
Ta* tradtljtt £au9 
Tit uovcctlcBlc Sljllni. 

lio n'i KM due i'inlc IMft [aBS? 

eic fmb mil bttttrt fetti,i ; abet nic iiet't t6 mit Itni ciitini 
8ib mir nut «tlb; fiit SreuitW itiil iaj batui ffl)eii KUit 

fotfloi. ©irttl bet lonf, |o SfW/tt bit B«urt(|fl|aft. 
ffitifla™,a6tce v tliij. 
3a> tab* nut eiiiiae anttfge. 

ffir rear b*BMl*W>d){etH) tin JMnfc.— 8ttf>ctn l63a^tt all. 
Tat SictI Ift nur romiii aetariill. 
illtnn i* mill nur auf lb" uetUifien Wniite. 
lir ift fccbtii (flcrabe ebtnj ing^attjtn. 
Kid)!l, ali Mc Slebe, tie io> in iht b^t, Well mi* Capon at. 
T>a*iflonc4a,irluiiH*i!]i; acftHiaWr.bjfirtliaintciflO'le... 
3$ tann niffit nmWii jh atauben, (afj ct mitttia) |umj. 
Toe Dcrlisjic Dial. 

Ii.lii*. au'tr WHWtnJf tl«rfl(tli*). 

3a) fajmcidjtlte itmi, unC 16 frraftt ibn. a&cr KlltS umfonft 
CO totin tein 3rotifcl fetn, baf si gcfdjcveii roirb. 
It* athtttin Taj ecciibtv, i'Mii b.nt iit I iu,iiitt bapcn \tbtn 

Hum, [;,i.v,- a I'.iii.n. 

3aj ban nlojt umliin, ibn filr tinrn tram Jrcimo iinlnor 
JaimiinnaajS. aehtn; fcn|t nSrtt i* iDnnMH. 
iLi.-iii! c-j.imS' miv tin icbiUinjffiaie. 
3* Ptacanrlt t»p nuoj But Huticm. 
34 (licit tl nut (aerabeju) file ic4i. e§ .Jtiteti su Faadi. 
tii-ift mir tiliisi, c-! it'll tmfKii \u lailrn. 
91m bet lob foil uni rtcitnnt (fdjcibtn). 
gr i[i nidiH ictniiicr, .il-j tci4. 
St in llotpet mt Sine Beule. 
St behlinmcti fioi uni UtirniaattiT, al-J 11* felb|t. 
Kis>U flnbeti mltb inn Mien 

e4laftiM|4 8ti[4rt airif4- 


BUTT, lie was the— onii~ri.lir.ik... 

BUTTER. [■.] A slice of bread mid — 

As soft as — . As fat as — 

He looks os though — would nol melt in his month 

He quarrels with hi, bread and — 

To put — upon bacon 

BUTTON. I don't 


- t:|. you 

- up your hoots 

A — ed up coat 

One of my coal — s came off 

A* bright as a — . — hook 

SblH ' -■ Horn, (metal, cloth* — 

BUY. To — a pig in a poke (firm: t. ) 
I enlisted as a soldier, but my mother iM.iighlni 
Bought friends arc not friends indeed (prao.) 
Bought wit is best but may cost loo much (firm:)] (lurffl quantities... 
it for gold; b ' " 
only silver gill 

I* . 

I bought it for gold; but I found out Ibaj it 

only silver 
I bought turn ..< 

I bought this suit ready-made 

She has everything that money can — ... 
I had to — the services of the gaoler 

— ing and selling ... 

He bought up all the cotton in the market 

The properly was put up for sale, but as the offci 

were too low, it was bought in again by the 

Formerly I was only a pari owner, bui now 1 hav 
bought the house out and out 

R. — s wholesale, and sells retail 

I bought this book of (from) Mr, C, for my son. 
I always — fur ready ci>l), though I could buy 

He bought the e-tnte for £1 3,000 

I bought 150 of them at a sale 

1 ■■,■'■■ 

Their services can he bought , 

They can now be houghl for jCi 

He bought the house over my head 

T bought it cheap 

I have never lionght anything of him 

i;, .1,-1,1 ,,f Smith and Co., drapers 'billlicadhi^) 

BUYER. The prices ruled in favour of — s .. 
Fat cattle found ready —3 (no — s] 

BY. I met him — accident (np]>oinlmeiit) 

— acl of Parliament... 

— the aid of 

He is beloved— all 

The priest lives — the altar. 

I can get to know — asking 

The fort was taken — assault 

It was told — auction 

•Dumplings' — the author of 'Oatmeal Porridge' 

He will he here — and — 

The menage sent — cable 

The streets are kept in repair — contract... 

He is — far the cleverest 

— driblets 

— doing nothing, we learn to do ill (pros.) 

He obtained the situation — favour 

He wa* tilting — the fire 

— fits and starts 

Threats were useless, but I succeeded — (lattery.. 

He saved himself — flight 

They took my horse — force 

He obtained (be money — fraud 

He lives — gambling 

I work — gaslight 

He swore — Cod that 

— gradation „ 

The crop* were ieibroTtd — ball 

I shall Ik track — half-pail three o'clock 

The child was brought up — hand 

These photographs are coloured — hand ... 

// flail tn built h-( It point de mirtdej its railleries 

Une larlint de lieurre 

M.<:< .-imiiat du bturrt. — Gr.i; famine du bturrt 

Sonet Mantht 

I! a un air de saintt niloncht 

// trvwe d rtdirt d son gognt^pain 

Mtttre saint Pierre nir It tvii Dku 

Unt rondellt de bturrt. — Bturrt ranee (fort) 

Beurre sat/.— Bturrt frail en livrt [panaii 

Les Mies paroles nt mttttnt pa! de bturrt dans lei 

II sail dt qutl cili st trouvt it'll avantagt ... 

J'tssayai de It gagntr en lefiattant 

Ctta "''tit bitn igat.~Jt ne m'en mequt pas mal... 

Coudre un boitton.—tl a It timbre pU 

II lui manque tin boulon 

B antenna voire habit (vol hotlines) 

DHaUtt ,t boiiton 

Un habit boutonni ... 

Boulonnt, voire gittt 
Un dei banians dt man 

nMair ... 

l',-..p,e temmtun sou ntuf,— Tirt-bonton ... 

Bnutcit ,/t chemist. — Ban tan de cornt (dt milal, de 

Athtltr chat tn pxkt \drap) 

Jt ni'tngagrai, mais ma inert me rachtta ... 

La amis qu'on achclt nr sent pits dts amis 

Sagtsst qui coittt tit la nieillturt, mais tilt ne doit 

fat rotor trap ther 
Jl fachitt ft pttilei (tn grandti) quanlith 
Jt I'ai acheti ppnr de I'or, mai'/ai d.'couvert que 

et n'/tait gut de fargtnt dor/ 

Jt lui ai aehtt/ un habit ntuf 

Jai aehetl ee costume taut tonftetiennf 

Bile a font ct qut f argent peut procurer ... 
Je dus achettr Its services du ganlien de la prison 

i'tndrt tt aeheltr 

// enleva tout It colon qui tt trmmait mr le march 

La preprUti ful mist tn vente, mais eommt It 
offrts n'/laitnt pas asset /levies, tilt ful rat hetie 
parte propriilai re 

Autrefois re n'i/aii ,riie,-i'-pr,>/.ii,'iaire de In mail 
mais mninttiuiKt r'ni ..«<•■ wil propri.'-taiit 

A', ackitt tn groi tt vend en Mail 

J.ii Luhctect UvrthM. C. pour men fils 
J'athlte leu/ours argent eomptatil, bien que je 
pourrais aeheltr A cridil 

l! aihcta la preprint £/a,0OD 

Jtn ai acheti /jo a unt vente 

J'ai acheU le vahsean par ipcculatum 

On pent athttcr leurs sendees 

On pcnl It! avoir mainttuant ponr Lj ... 

llachelala maiwti en d.winant un prix plus /lev/ 
Je i'ai acheti ban march/ [qut eelui que j'offrais 

II ai kite a la commission , 

Je ne lui ai jamais rien a.htlf ... [veaul/s 

Deil M"' a Smith &* Cie. marehands de nou- 

Lis Prix de sent fish tn fivtur dts acheleurs 

Le b/laitgrai trouva un /eautement facile. Le bftail 
gras ne troitva pas it'aiktteurs [d'aehals 

1*1 marehands anglais firent It plus grand nombri 
Je I'ai rtntentri par hasard.—j'avaii rtii,i,-.-ivui 

Bar acle dn Par lenient [avct lui 


// at aimi de Ions 

/.. /v.7.< sit A I'autel 

Je puis It savoir tn demandant 

Le fori fut pris daisaut \A Pencan (moveables) 

On levendit aiuc enchJres (land &c.). On Icvcmiit 

Dumplings, par fault nr dt Ij bouillie d'avoinc. 

It sera ici tout a fheure 

Lt mtrsagtfnt tnvoyi par It libit 1. , 

La unric est entrttcnue par entreprise 

II est de btaiitaup le plus habile (le plus fort) 

lr.>///.V ,; fWfAr -.■ ... ... ,-- 

L'aitivtt/tst la mere dt tout les vices 

II jiue d'oreillt 

II a obttnu la place par faveur 

II /tail ossis pres du feu 

Bar sateades. Bar sauts et par bonds 

Les menaces ne servirent A rien, mais je rlnssis 

1! khafipa par la fuite ... [par lafiatterie 

lis pri rent man thevat de fort* 

II obtint I 'argent par fraudt 


Je traxmillc a la lumitre du gut 

It jura par le del que 

B^r gradations 

Les rrevttet furent it/truites par la grfle ... 
fe serai de retourpour trvil heurei el dtmie 

/'enfant fut Ilevi au bit/iron 

Cts photopaphits sout tolort.'.-s li la main... 


(Er war tit 3ie[ta)rifr frintS Etifrt* (Spoilt*). 

f£ine Sutirrfajiiiifc. 

(utidj MC Buttrv.— »(lt mil »utM- 

<it |i(Bl au«, oU Ifnnlf rr nidit bcci jitfTot. 

lEr janr! rait Itinera (tobfrtmi 

SiMcr auf ten J*u$fit I4miertn. 

Sin Kfumpi!j« {Sflgcl&im) Buittr. BattM 

Btfnlltat TkTMr griftr [liifje, un^cTLti^ciiel ©utter. 

SdjCiir sfflorlr matfcit bat HoBl nidjr [tit. 

ffir mifc, wo Sartbcl fctii fllL'ft holt, ([t trnnl ftitien Borttjcit 

34 Dtt(u*lt, ihm *rci uni t>tn Illun6 ju I*jmirr 

3* tira^K rait ttinm ^fiRnliiti) baiou*. 

trini'ii iiiui'i GrriiGbni. 

t-r b,it cincn =i'iircn ju Iwnij (t)i(l). 

«iiOpr™ ©it 3brai iH«T fabtt Slitfd] ju. 

illiioKn eit &itf(ii fliicpf ouf. 

If in ,iif|eniap[tcr W<x1. 

jtiiL-tiftii Sit Jtjn SUfftc ju- 

tiiurr mtintr StotfTnBpft oina lofl. 

WtiiHtiib icic tin riciict (jtofArii — ttncpftjafcn. 

(tonttniipf.— Sorntrtocf. — ffidolilnori. — ZnATiuvf. 

uiiicji.usc impair iniifca. [aridj fa* 

Cv* litH mi* alS SctPni ralMitn, il«t mcint SKutler fauftt 
BatR SvTinit'c Rub Mat SDanw, bit man im ?tt6tn fauft. 
flMaiiFltc ocrltaitb iR btr (tt|tt, abcr ev leniml ju tfjtucr J" 

3* fault ta hi flfincii ([irffiot] *arti,w. 
^dj tauflt ei alt idolb ; titer, iii fanb bctau«, bdfi eg 

aotMtrt ©tltci war. 
3d) Unfit ibra tinea ileum 91oif . 
Cta tjjbe bitltn tarn ferli,i nrfauft. 
©it tjot atle«, oat [flr Welt, ju fjaben ift. 
3tbmii&ttmir bit .lisien Blni|h bel Hiirmmifttr* rrtauftn, 
S.iuftn unb ptrtJiiftir. £«itbil trtibtn. 
Sr faii|tt allc Baununrtlt auf btm Ulartlt anf. 
HoS Sut tbiirbt (inn 4Ier to 11 ft a ufacl cut ; ba o*tr bit Stnat. 

We (ii nitbtli] iMttn.lo WHrtt rJSol CL'iiiiii.ii-iitiiiiiiu-t 

Icicbtr iiiriiifiiff.iail. 
gtflitf mi Id) nur •UlltbcriMi, obcr ic?l fcobt io) bi« S.iud 

fl.111; on mid) flrtnidjt. [XXUil; trtibi 9ltinnrlau0. 
91. ra)i[l tm «ro6tn [tu Cbtoi) 
;il r.niiilf .inVj 4'iidi Ben ^crrri 0. fiir inoiruTi aobn. 
3d) liuft imnicr mil tlinjtnKt a)(ilii)t, objleidj i* 

flrtbil fanfoi tiinntc. 
3d) tanflt b.ii t«ul filr 1 2,000 ffitut, 
34(anltf 150 I'd I'iiiiT'ii. 
J* luiik raS 2diiII auf CprnnarlM. 
;,mo t.itufle 'irtb IJiitlUli (fiiriV.tinnM.n,' 
■iitfiiib ittittiir jl'fmib t.iii.'iid. (;iif..b.n) 
tfi fanftt mir bjj &juj but btt 'JIaie nwa. 
(ft tjuft im aultrage Wnbttn 
3d)Sabtnit4liMl»oa (bd) itm att.iufi. 
yjctn udii 'imltli unb Go., Tuit+.iriMiiri.i. 
lit lirrift warm fchc iiiltiltifl filr cincn Kai 
1 mt Dicle [tdnt] Hauler. 

eiifltifdy $anlitcT taufltn am ffllriftm. [erraencuaa. 

3d) tra| ifjn iiifalliocr SOctfe [trrol'rcbttrt VUixn ; u-aj 

Hunt) ^arlamtnMbdftlul (S,iiibta u ab(fa)Iii6). 

T!itSiilf(M... S'ttiuititljl btS ,. 

(rr reirt Dan SO 01 jclitl't. 

Dtr f rirftec ItM twin Hllare. 

,Adj lauii cS trira.itn. 3* (ana d burdj 91ad)fraa,ni 

Dat S oct i»urt( mil Sturm gtitoramen. I), g- »- 

lit wuttt rtrlttiatrt, 

„'I>innl)l(na«", Ubm Sofofid' Ccn „&itnital Scrriba 

ut wirt toll) (fDgltiA) tiitr Ida. 

3>it 3tad)riit|l leutbc bunt) bod jtat 

Sit etiaStu wtrttn runtTa!tma[iia im Slanbt fltha 

li. 1(1 bti SffiEileni btt Stfd)irfiti1t. 


'!.i(ii>M lW ,ir[ : l 1(1 alltr t'afltr Hnfana. 

lit (piclt nod) btm 6tb8r. 

i?r id.m. Ml Sttllt aul IBunfl (but* VtQ iinftl^ung). 

litlanain (bdiniatmt. 

IHuJ unb fiofciudte. 

Titotiunatn roortn trfolaloe, attr mil t 

lit rttlttt ft* burd) bit 8Ino>(. 

*tan nalim mir baOJIerb mil fflduoll. [TO..,^ 

(Er ciLau.)tt bat 0tlb butdiivitu j . iintcbiidjtt, bt trUacriMa 


3d) art tilt t'rt Baeiidjl. 

(Er fiwrait bti (;u) aott, bafj... 


3>ie Saottn murbtn burdi £>aL|tl(dila„ Dtmiltirtl. 

36lwrbt jtam bolt Diet juiiiJ fdn. 


Ht(« Vfatoaravtycn (Inb in 


>.i.i,ii.iit.i,i tttni^ttt. 

mil J id 11. 

.!,:..;■.■ j V Dgaa» | Bt. 



— hnndfuls 

I am taller than my brother — a head 

I know it — heart 

Victoria — the grace of God, Queen of I 
I have learned the song off — heart 
It was given — him to my uncle ... 
I mast have it — hook or — crook 

- ignorance we mistake, and — mistakes weleam 

They are baptised — immersion 

That is what he said — implication 
He was punished — imprisonment 

Inch — inch 

The brutal fellow is killing his wife — inches 

England — her industry has become the wealthiest 

nation in the world 
I paid the money — installments ... 
The phrase — itself has no intelligible meaning 

We attacked them — land and sea 

— land or water, the wind is ever in my face (fr.) 
I am entitled toil — law 

— the laws of this country he would be hanged ... 

— your leave 

I answered him — letter ... 

To read — the light of the moon f— candle light) 

I carefully read the letter line — line 

I travelled— another tine .. 

They are made— machinery 

— careful management I saved £l _ _ 

— forced marches we reached L. at 10 o'clock ... 

— might and main 

A man, Haggis — name, staled 
I have none — me 

a manner of means 


y [.m.1 

— that means I got to know 

A pint is 16 azs. -~ measure and 2a — weight 
I convinced myself — ocular demonstration 

— order of the court 

— the king's order 

— other's faults wise men correct their own (pr.) 

— letters patent 

The linen is bleached — a peculiar process 
Woollens are sold — the piece or — the yard 

My workmen are paid — piece 

Dedicated — permission to Her Majesty ... 

I lost the game — three points , 

I will send it to you -~ post 

It is sold — the pound 

He is a lawyer — profession 

I forwarded the parcel — rail 

He fa 


He ii a Baptist — religion 

He is — repute > clever dentist 

I only know him — repute, hut DM pttMBaJlj ... 

— requiting one friend, we invite many (pro;:).. 

— rights he ought to pay the damages himself ... 

The csiale is mine — right 

To K is 9 miles — road and 17 — rail 

She plucked nut his hair ~~ the roots 

Foreign languages are in many schools learned — 

I went — another route to Paris 

— the rules of the Company smoking is pro- 

hibited [weight 
Potatoes are sold — the sack, — the load or 

II will b* ie»dy — Saturday 

Pointers are guided in their track — scent 

The colour is too dark — several shade) 

He tool bold of me — the shoulders 

It was sent — steamer to London 

I know him — sight 

They converse with eaoh other — sign; 

I travelled — es<y -I „■■ 5 r. . IVrlln 

The work is published — su I script Ion 

He prints — ' steam-power ... ... 

Step — slep 

It is 9 o'clock — my watch (— the church clock) 

He had two children — his first wife '.'.', ','.', 

Helivcs — his wits 

■■' ,' - ■■■ 

Je sun J' une tlti plus grand que men fire 

Je le sail par tour 

' ' porta grictdt Dicu rtine d'Ati^lcterre... 

Llfant ituej'aie ctla dune maniirt oti d'une aulrr 

(A toutprix} 
A la teqnille on juge de Lt noi.r ... ["//' 

Far ignorance oil se tromfe, it, en se tremfaul, an 

Ll fill funi d'emprisonnement 

Pen it pea. A petit feu. A coups <r". '.■■■'■■. 

Cette brute fait mourir sa ftmmt A petit feu (a 

L Anglclene, par son mlustrt/, at devalue la 

nation la plus opulente 
Je farai fir A-comptt 
/.a phrase, en tlle-mhne, n'a aucun sins inteUis-ihlc 


.Vous let atlaquAmts par lerre ct par mer ., 
Portent eitfe vols It guignon me fenrsuit.. 

ff ai dt: droits Ugtrnx , 

D apris Its bis du pays it scrait pendu 
Avtc ivtrt ptrmi-"*- 
Je lui rcfendis p 
Lire a la elartfi. 
fe lus attentivement la lettre ligne f,ir tffitt 

J"j.i ivyag! par une autre ligne 

On ntgngnr ri.-n a avoir dts precis 

Ctla ne snjfit pas, it de beaucoup 

Vela 'c fait A la machine 

Far tint gesfion : 
Nous arrivAmei 
A la poinfedel'/fe... 
Un kcmlmt namntf Haggis dMara... 
Je n'eit ai pas sur met (eh.-z mat)... 
/VUltcment. A attain prix ... 


Par torn les moytns en men pouvoir 


Par ee moytn f 'arrival A savoir ... 
I'm pintt mesure 16 trnccs tt en pese XO ... [yeux 
Jt me cenvain-iuis par le Umoignage de rues profits 

Far erdrt de la tour 

De par le roi 

Les faults d'aulrtti nam cerrigent dts nitres 

Par teltrcs pattnles 

Ljt leile est blanchie parunfroeJdc farticulier 

Le drap se vend A la piice 011 au mitre 

Mesemrriers travail Unt a la piice , 

OuvnsgeJont Sa Majestl adaigni accepter hd/dyac, 

Je perdis la partie de trots points , 

Jcveus leHVtrrai far la paste 

On liven,! A la livre 

// e.rcre la profession d'avoeat 

J'ai exp/dil le piquet par le clicnin defer 

Ll a le grade dt capiiaine 

Ll appartient A la scetc haptistt 

11 a la reputation d'etre un habile dctilistt 
Eh preuvanl au'en est recannauutHl, e~ ''-".'-J 

beauioup d'amis [mages 

Seton la justice it devrail payer lui mfmt les dom- 
La propria/ m'appartittit de droit.. \chcmin de fer 
D'ici a F. U y a 9 mtilles par la rente, el ry par !i 
Elle lui arracha les cheveux 
Dans beaucoup d'.'iablisst mints ifimtnuti 

mtthede d'ritieigner let tongues /trangtt 
J'allat'A Paris pir une autre route [trop reutinilie 
II est d/fendu de fusner par les rtglemrnts Je la 

eomfagnie [el au folds 

Les fommes de terre it vendent au sac, A la charge 

Ctla sera prlt pour samedi 

Ijs ckiens •farrft sent guidLt par leur Hair 
Celle nuanrt est beaucoup trepfone/e 

11 mt frit far les /ptttttes 

Celafut tXfUUi Londrcs par bateau A vaptu, 

Je teeemnati dt vite 

Lis consent mtmth fir Aim 

Je me rendis A Btrltn A fetilts journJei ... 

I', ■:>-::. ■ .'... ■■ :■ ■: .-,- ....... .■ 

(MM (Lt a) une fresse A rapeur 

Ll est 9 hmrei A ma mentre (A fijrl 

En guise Je. An maniirt Je 

ll avail 4m* cnfanli de sa premiere fc 

ll fit J'tnduslrie ... 


,>S fin um rincn ftefcf gtffct, all rncin Orubcr. 

CIA iMlfc t* niisiemt i,j. 

BtTHdo, curd) Sottas Gnat* JBiiigin oon Btfutl 

M ftabc ba« Sirt gair^ ttOlHIUlUa admit. 

US luart* mcinctit Otietni Don il|in flr,K!'tn. 

34) miifi eS vafcs, ro|t< eJ, real eti tuoac. 34 «u6 eg 11 

oaen lltnflanttn (um irttn $rril) bnijtn. 
Mad) \xt ©a>o(< fann man ouf tic 1\\\\). f4ticfi«i. 
Xmrij ItrtiDlfioilnit iictn reir, uni VztSs Jran (crntii 11) 
'Sit imrtcn turd) ltiitntau4ci! B'tauft. 
InSifteS, was crCnrunicr Bcrltrtjm 11(5. 
erBJiiirjtiniilBc[jnaiii6 t*(rra[t, 
Boirfflr trnni 9ull. 
3)er rolje m(n(a) fcinjt ft&tt grau (analLim um. 

liiinlaiib ifl tmr4 fcine ^tibnjtrit bi^ tri*ftt Sin thin tcr (Dili 

34 WwMtr $.1} <3ctb rjltniDcilc (h: Ininitirit). 
Hit SfhtiSart Sat an unt fflr fid) trincn Muttidjtn 6 
9Heiaet3ttn[-5(o>S)I Sti fflott! 
IBir drincnitt in li>.if[n nut ujImBWm! 
c\4) flat* $ut> In !lflcm, iw* 14 niiternrtjine. 
;iJj fin turJ) b.vj i9(fc|) bjju btrcditiat- 
Wne) ben faiitrijcfctjcn iciirbc tt gct)an jt mrrben. 
: , .iiit^M«Uri,lHt'IliS. 
;t* atinoL'rttte ifim !>ricRi4. 
■iiiim Slmibldjrin [Sei Si4t] Ufa. 
3d) la« (di SJritf forgfallio 3tilr filr 3dtr. 
L14 trifle auf rinec anbrrn Clat)ti. 
£>urd) $to(d1irni wirt Slio>H gdocniicn. |4r 

Sul ifl tci 2ilcit<m nidit (eintj. Ta itiilt itodj tin flBli 
Sic iHrbcn mil trr TO.it4inc jemadbt. 
6en«l![ain. Blit [.flciier ®tn»tt. 
©utfl) wqi4ttat lDirtW4aft fuatu in) loo ^fuitb. [1 
E>ur4 6i!mar[«r (aiiflrflrenatc S(Sr)4r) erwlajloi mil 
Silt a tin Srtt»t1 (SlaOj!). 
(Ein Stami, frifljlS mil Kamcn [agtaaul, baft... 
34) fcjf* irifitn M mfr. 
Xitt* leinerlri mitW. «ul feiricrlei aBetfe. 
'jJlitallm'IMiltclit. Sut alti act. 3(bcnfoul. 
3jut4 atte in meinrt Rrafl Rttjtnben TOilld. 



9uf Kt(('SDdf( erfutr 14 r». [raid)l 

Giiu t'intc tft glttiD 16 Un;«ti an Dial nub soUtiicn nil t»c' 
34 iltirrjciiiitt ml a) biitd) ben SiiiicnfAtin. 
Kb} ItcUimtldtL 

auf rsnifliidjra tttfrtt. 

Sm4 ficrabiii iAatnt HM man Till]. 

3>ur4 Tatenttiritf , 

Sit e«a)wnl> reivb (ir*iin bck-ntac-i il'df.ilirm ncMciflt. 

Mbptl iKtbrn pilrTr&cifc ooer rflcniwlfc wrhnft 

TJltint «cbtitrr merbrn na4 twi SiliJc t*vitK. 

3bRr aNjjtilil tail altrrbMfter «rntlinil,iBii(| goDibtni! 

34 utrlor Cat Strid un trci Inaen ««»«). 

34 raerBt eS Slpntn bnn* bit *e|i infdjid'rti. 

li-i roirt vfuiibroelfc nrrtauft. 

Br 1ft Don Seruf tin MX-rnt. 

34 failbtc ba* *aJrt mil bft L" ; 

B) i'"[ i:it Hatft ((on Staiinc Had'] tin i>a in- tin inn. 

Br ifl am RoBWion (te». nodjltin t'iiftifi. 

Cr i|t betn «u[c na* (in jtfiftialrv flajiMtf, 

r\rb loinr ibn iinr bcin Jlamai ii.nt.i, alvr niiiit vaii'iiliit'. 

Cura> IfrftiuitiiajtriBtrjeinuna ccioitbt man fi4 0RUM, 

Son B)r4t-ii«gcn 'oBh cr fdbft b«i Sdjaben tranot- 

S)ae mat gcljiSrt oun Wt4tSiufflfn mir. [Uifini' Jn 

3la4 8. flue (3 "■ ■'■ .1111* 17 mil Nr 

cicrii itm bi( frinn: tuit brn BnxgSM .in*. 

gtecobi evradmi t«rben in ciilcn 24ulcii trill mc4»iilia) 

{ 1 Diicnmii iii,t) arlenil. 
34 rtilk au( einnu onbem ratgc nn4 ^ariS. 
SMdi tin KiL-fflirninuiijtii btr Be|(tlf4i>ft ifl tat DJaui-rii 

8ar!oT|cln roerben pet Znt, U rbtc iVnuidjI wrfaufl. 
(Hirtrb gram ietiM ami =jmftjg [diiii fan. 
Zk iUrin IHlllllll(|H |ll lutitcl. 
Or lafile mis) on ben Sdwl trni. 
ffj ipnrbr auf riinn SamvFcr 1^4 Soiibmi gcf4tctt. 
6i( Berpnblarn fltt nnttreinant>tr bur4 !(tl4cn, 
34wiftetnneinen lafltrtitot n34©ftiio. 
DaJIDttterldWnt (n MrfMt«M ([ubfWHIeiiBwlM. 
Or brul t mil Xumvfrra't. 
£4riti filr €4ritt. 

«a« mriner USr [na* bet «u4t4r] Ifl tt 9 U6r, 
Sni4 Ceimiltrlii. 

lEr Kittc ptl Minbie foil triner crjtcn Jtau 
lir Itt't CL-n leincm IjIciiIi. 


— which he meant that .. . 

— his will he left her /1000 

Yftt can hire Ihe house — the week, month, or year 

— -path. - — road 

— street. — slander 

Our nation has become n — woicl or reproach 

lie lives close— 

I pass — the shop every day 

lit wont — without noticing me ., 

— the way, have you written to htm I ... 

— book post • 

— heavens! 

/■••r ml efvirbt vtith by, see Dictionary: 

BYE. Good — all 

I enmc to bid you good — 

Ily-thc— , have you KM L lately? 

BVEOONE. In -days 

BYGONES. Let -be— 

/.' voiil-.tit dire par la que ... 

11 lui lat'ssa £1000 par testament 

Dt vht mi [ouMai 

I 'tm foui'ts louer la tnaisoil a la semaine, an t 


SmUtr J.'tjumr. — Chimin retire 1 (dJtourn.') 

Rue (earth— Assistant 

Nous sommes devenns la ris<<e ( 'la fable ) .lis nat, 

It demeure tout pr,s ... 

Ji passt tons Its jour: devout Ic magaiin ... 
Ilpassa sons nit rigantcr ... 

A pn'pos, ltd avet-vous etrit t 

Par /,[ AvA 

Park licit 

. l.t'l'lH •> tOHS 

/( vims vous dirt a.iicu (vous fain nils adieu x 

l-uiijaiir, t-nnjour 

A propos, avcz-vous vn /.. depuis peit'l 

I him /, i jours d'autrc/ois. Au leaps JO-lls 

,Vc parlons plus da pass! 

Dutffrfai ttftowod (Atfcrtbl nil* tocolifimb. 

aSJtnMid;. Data) iniinbtid™ *cri*)t. [.Vhr imrHjen. 

6d»«B«lia«&aBiGiriciiica'ud«, MpmI o' 

Glatnl. fflcflletnnit. Sictntgcfcg.— dritunu. San 

■Htttnratfl. llmintfl.— 'Jltbtniwfl. fltbenftrab. 

Stttenftrafc. Seitinftrnijt.— 3a(4nlln;. ~ 

Set Mamt unfnet Walton if* tin CH^iaDpficcrt ntro 

lir irolwt tidjt tienrtfL'ii (ncbtnan) 

34 fl'W t'tw laj an tan faben Borfrti. 

@t jllii tntci (tinlltn), c^nt alia) pi tirndjloi. Ififiriebetil 

'JI froth)* (SBnS id) nod) ftajEti iron it), tfnlxtt 6it " 

SllS UnifflocVra. Untrr Mreujfianb (StttiflJOiib). 

lira btfl $irtrmt!B mitten t 

ttttt ollt rwfil ! 

3* rentmt. tun %t> a cn SttttooW (Htitn) ill (agca. 

mini I dbicu! 

fl umbo? (OGrtit Sic ttiunat}, l)afrcn Bte« flin,Iia) ftt. 

;ln KEgmtatitni (frlifctn) gcUat. (Strganfieat*. 

'.'ofit bit lutttn tnt\n. Sprtdftii wit nla)t nttljr. Vvu ban 

:nat out el* 



O. — (Int. — sharp 
CAB. hi.) I — bed Ihe diatt 

]l y,,a hi Ml h) Ok slation in lime, you will 

CAB. (».) Call a— ... 

I watt to tiir theatre in i — 
I (jumped) got into (out of) the 
He alighted from the — ... 
I hired a — Intake me home 

-.lm.,r (cabbj) 

CABBAGE. (:■-) The tailor will only use three 

Jards, the rest he'll ~ [tingr, ar 

.BBAGE. (a.) The tailor considers the 
CABIN. CrililKd.— edandcimtinedi7.J.J 

.mil — (on Ijard ship) 

CABINET council, —minister 

— measure 

'Pie — wis dissolved (reconsliluttd) 

l..iil I', was charged wilhtheformalionof anew — 

The members of the Gladstone — 

CADAVEROUS hue (look) 

— STIldl 

CADENCE. I refiular (even). 2 imperfect. 
3dominant. 4 peculiar. 5 musical. 6 harmonious. 
7 litusW. S silent. 9 final. 10 brilliant, it flour- 
ished. 12 enact. Ij measured. 14 free. 15 me- 
diant. 16 numerous. (7 solemn. iS broken. 19 
naturid (plain). 20 double. 21 sonorous. 

CAESARIAN NStfcn. (operation) 

CAGE, (r-.) He was— d it last 

A— ,1 l.iid 

CAJOLE, lie -3 me bto the l>clicf that . . . 
CAKE. The cools famed all — d together ... 
You cannot eat your— , and have it (print.) 
CALCULATE. I guess and —.thai)" Yaniit) 

1 — il upon a rich harvest . 

inn the Of Melts, you 

to leave London on Monday .. 
Such behaviour is — d 10 bring the profession into 

— the interest n( the rate 6 per cent. 

II r. well — «U for that purpose ... 
I lid not — upon that 

la — uurthe u ',1 of ilic undi-it.ikin^ [ hiul 
CALCULATION. Youarcriuitcoutinyoui 

III make a — as to how many we need . . . 

U mv — , it would cost jC$0 ... 

OALOULUS Integral — 

DiffcretrtUl — . Littcial — ... ... [—that 

CALENDER. He swore by every saint lathe 
He was semen... ■ I •■ >til - ii.'^itli'.- impriso — - 


J'y altaicH failure (in fiacrt) 

Si vons vouh: urriitcr a limps it la station, il wit. 
famtra prendre line wilure 

Faitis I'Ciiir line voitare 

J'allai au theatre en voiture 

Je sautai(monlai) dans (hors dc)U voillire 

It deseendit dc zvilnrc [am 

Jt pris urn vaiture pour me faire rctonduire elic: 
'■■■'■■■'■■ '■■'■, ■'■'■■■■ ■ 

Station de vultures de place.— Prix dt la course ... 

Coc her dt fiacre 

Le tailleur n'empleiera que trois metres. It rtstt il 

It mettra en pochc \prefits 

Lt tailleur ngarde lis Rmna cpmme sis pctt'ts 

Enfermf, emprisonnJ, enchain/ 

Premiere plait. —Second/ place 

Cornell de cabinet,— .'dem/at da cabinet 

par It cal-intt 

Le mintstert donna sa d/mission (sc rtcoiistitita)... 
Lord C. fat charge" de former an HMtttU imnin^r; 
Les membra du minis!'. n f. -a'-inri t Gladstone ... 

Coulcur cmlafireuse. — Mine eadavereuse 

Odenr de putrefaction 

Cadence — 1 compassce. s attendants, j dominanti 
4 /tran:;!rc. J. 6. hartiwniciae. J evitee. S 
feinte. Q finale. 10 perlee. it lleurie. 11 juste. 
13 mesurit. 14 lii-re. ij m/diante. 16 nam- 

Operation el 
On le mil o 


l.'ne bite f'roct en cage (emprisonnee) 

II me fit treire A force dt cajoleries que 

Les morceaux de chartvn se son! tout collh ensemble 

Oh »e petit pas gardtr son gdtcau tt le main;cr . 

Je devittt el lalailt que 

/ccompttiis air nnc riche moisten 

// 1;..' ,/iiitiii, de cakuler le total dc uialheuri cam 
far la guerre 

On eaicule que 80000 hommts ont dil ctrt lut'i [./.' 

En laludant le nombre de briquti, vous ours oalilir 

I tur la profess. 
'; t'intcr.'t an • 

Calculc: I'ittthit au toux di t pour lent ... 

Cest bitn adapt/' A ct but 

Je n' avail pat cotnptl lit detsus [qui 

En supputanl la dJpenst de Pentrcprisc, je t 
Vous vous trotnpex complement ml vos c, 
It lalcultrai tombien i I nous en f out 
tt'aprcs nits calm/,, cela coiitemit £jo ... 

Caii :il itiifcval 

Cut. ut aid-rnili.;'. .!.',- '■''■iqiie 

It -lira fur tain its taints du caletidritr que 

llfut .otulamn! It 6 mois de priton 


.1* Ic.ite bit l£»tfcv 1 in .in 1 . 

SBoin Sir itttia an btn SaWf luwiitoi itwtltit, re 

rinr i)ro[(t)I( nc^niai nllffen. 
Rafet 5 it dn Xru|djf( vtrtfl. 
^,6, fuit in rintc 3iroi4'^ M lm S'GMtn. 
,lrtj iti.itij ( in tit j!m(iljlc [nus tir 
(ft [iitij aui bn Eroldjt! aut. 
,V',' niKtbdc (iiti rrc-fdfc, utn iiLi*fiaulc jll fasten. 
vnS Ui bie I '.■.-(.!'[■: trjat)Int? 
rroiitEnftaiiB — X'TefifptetiratrjclB. 
Ixr e*nribo: ttaitd)! nur 3 Sitter, fj,i* fltriije reitf I 

bit ewic. 

In inciter Ictraaitrt bi< Bli(lt US [tin Uoitc. 

ptntct Ziiletl unb iKitad. 

tSrftc MatiiW. ;ii'-'ciit O'tt) flajuK. 

antiittttSrjtt). WJiBifkruttft.— yatiiKllBniiiiiit.r. 


'£Hit aaWaetmrnttK oaf jelSIt [tvlcbrr et itflef etst | . (traat 

Sorb C. U'ltiW mil trv ^iltuiij ciii£3ncucnn..! . 

I'ic iililjlitb.-r bcB Stabftont'ftca («ii|t[ 

Sciaiaifarh.— tciajcnUiit. aobltttaus(n)m. [rinai* 


Sabtni (lonfalt, ton[a)tufiV 1 SeattmSfrijc [DoOIennann] 
*. 2 Unuontrmunnit (0ou»t. 3 Xuminantlatjcnj. 4 
litjo.lhilnilnth: H, 5 *FhifltoIlla>( It. 6 ^ttrmcnifibe v. 
7 fcartt (Bifltiiam-) St 8 tHu&iflt »■ 9 e^IaSIobem. 
lOBrinaattlfllanjenN) St. tt PirblDmtta. i2IS>in|- 
ladenj 1 3 Bbaeottlltnr ». 14 gitiefl. B na* (.irlirhn 
15 BttbUnttabcns — 16 OTtlobiiny A. 17 ftettfiaX » 
18 Unttrbrcairat St. 19 9i.itac(ilK [tin[ad,c] ft. an 
2>opBttIabaij— 2t fltjnortidjt tturiublfdjO It. 


€<4riijliai roitrbe tt cinatflidt (dnoeTpeect, ein jcfi 


SHn i M. r in m -.■■ 1 . 

lit Baa)!) mtA but* fetne e^mriAittic 

Tiit aoHcn Ijatmi lia) atlt lui.iniiTi.-ii.i.-t.^it 

Wall tann boi.iuAtn nidgt iiijltidj tfirn nn~ 

34 fAflicitunt wnnutlH;, baft... 

34) Kijnelt nu[ ttnen i|t|(fliictcn iobff. 

U ii[ Hmi.ben Oral bel Bah • v taaiaca, : 

bar* bin irrieg f/ccbotfltiufnt 1ft. 
Wan 6al nuSacrtitntt, baj iHaiin adtM ■ 
atibctu Sit bit iJnl!l f ;Ji(,i<ittdiit tttntiietni.oeiaojtn €« 
,W) fltbtntt tDBbDn am mciii.ifi (ii wrtaffnt. \i* . 

lain (oldw* t*tni'l!MKii i|i bamoit| aiiQttljjn, tea etaab la 

f!cmi| {it briitflcn. 
Strotintn £ir M; :;iiiicn 511 r', ftajtSl 
(iS tft ting bnranl btrtdjnet. fc. i|i .ml banM| 
3d) rtdinttt borauf itidjt. IMV-- 

»ci bet Senajmiiid ttr JtL'iiai tea llntnntftintnfl ftarx 14, 
^lt (kibtn fid) ganj Mircdjnrt. 

34 nin tint ©train nn.i nttfttlltn. tciaUt nix iu"tt)ifl (.ilta. 
Wat) oitiatr BItdinuiig roiittt ti £5° ti)(tni. 


bra, baj... 


rrtjoea, r .:s-t 

Hifftrtulinltedjmtnii. — t>udirt.itir"rtitnnag, 
"ft I4k*.t trinlltniVilijtii N5 JJnltnbo,'. I 
"It iriitbt ju cincr ^a[l uait 6 SaltntcruiDralai Octuitb.iti 


CALENDS. Ti, postpone in Hie Urcck — 
CALF. Bound in — . A cnw in (with) - 
-Vfoot -jelly. — 's head. — s pluck 

The — offfac ifg 

To kill the felted — 

Staggering like a — 

CALL. What have you —ad about ? . - 
I — cJ about an answer to my letter 
Ik- has —I'll about it several limes 
Whan did he — ? He — ed about fwa ... 

1 It h — ed John after his uncle 

I — ed after you, but you did not hear me 

— a little after live oclock ... 

I heard someone — ing after me 

— again in the evening 

I shall not be able to — again 

.-,!. my office ftl 3 .p'cl'>ck 

I'll — at my uncle's on the way 

— at the lakei-' Bind order, vine bread ... 
How tan I — at ail these places? 

— at the ]>ost office for my letters 

— at the shop for me 

It — ed awny my attention from the work 

I am so busy thai I cannot — a minute my own 

You are always jjoing on at me; I can liardly 

my soul my own 
The tinker — s every morning with bread... 
The ne«t time you — , bring it with you... 
The actor was — cil before the curtain .. . 

— that child away from there 

— yr.ur dog away 

Ilu-mi vi i.ften — s me away from home ... 

lie was suddenly — ed away to London by telegram 

— him back 

I — ed once before, but you were not in . . . 

Don't — before eight [»'gh.t 

He is one of those men who — things by their 

— him by his Christian name , 

That plant is — ed by the natives Gooreek 
lie —ed down blessings upon my head ... 

— him down (downstairs) [the people 

Such cruelly — ed down upon him the curses of 
lie was — ed upon by Mr C. to prove his assertion 

[for it to-night 
Please lake care of this parcel for me ; I shall 

and — for me at J o'clock 
Thai remark of his was not — ed for 
The tax collector — ed for the income 

— for anything you like 

Henry VI. Blackwood Esq., 
Post Office, 
Till called for 


That task — ed forth oil my energies 
Thai remark — ed forth signs of indignation among 
the audience 

— him hither 

The patient getting worse, I — ed in the doctor. 
He vindicated S|ieke's hypothesis, which had been 

— ed in question by some geographers 
His authority was — ed in question 
Mr. C. Barn urn, 

Glasgow Station, 
To be called for. 
I — ed in the police and had him arrested 
The author — ed in all the copies of llie second 
edition remaining unsold 

— in as you are passing by... 
The Government — ed in the I 
He — ed in all his outstanding money 
I — ed him in, to have a chat with him 

He who— ed us into life 

He — ed Ihem all into his service ... 

— him into the garden (Jiouse, room) 
To — into play 

— off jrour dogs 

lie — ed on mc yesterday 

The case was —id on at 1 1 o'clock 

He — ed out at the top of his voice 
— out the numliet 

ih.— Tlledeveau 

A'cm.fii, mi.x calcndts zrtiqucs 

KelUinveau.— Une vacht pidne ... ... (i 

Gcliede pieds '■- 

Le molltt 

Ttttr le veau grot 

Chancelanl commc un hommt 

ImbfUIt. Bulor 

Pour quoi vencs-votis / Quel est le but de voire visile t 
Je suis oenu pour avoir une reponse a ma lellre . . . 

II est venu plusieurs fois pour ctla 

Qtian.l til il venu? 'II tst venu vers cinq keurei 

On Vappellt Jean tontme son ontle 

Je vous ai rappeli, mais vous ne m'avei pas entendu 

Passe* un pen apris cinq heures , 

J~ai entendu qtt 1 on m'appelail 

Repasses dans la soiree ,. 

Je ne pourrai pas repasser 

Passei a mem bureau a j keure s 

J"irai chci mon entile en passant 

Passes eke* le boulaitger pour eommantler du pain 

Comment puis-jt flirt toults Ml commissions} . 

Passei & la poste pour prendre mes Icttrcs ... 

Pastes tin magasin pour moi 

Cchi dltouma MM attention de I'ouvrage... 
Je mis si occupi que je 


Le baulangcr passe tons les matins avet le pin 

La prochaine fois que vous viendre:, apportee-lt avte 

L'acleurful rappeli [t 

Diles a eel en/ant de s'/loigntr dt eel endroit 

Rappelei votre ckien 

Les affaires me portent souvenl a m'absenter 
II tuit.r.daijupappelehLotulresparuntUcgraii 


Ji suit di'jh passe" urn fois, mats mm tViVi sorti 

.Vt Dettti pas avant hull heures 

Cist un dt ees horn alts qui apptllfnt un chat un ekil 

Appeln-U par son mm It baptfint 

Ctlte plant,- tst appelft par Its indigenes gourii 
II apptla sur ma ttte Its UmUk lions du del 

Ditts-lui de deseemirt [d 

Une pareille cruauti atlirit sur lui Its mat 
II Jul somml par M. C. de prouver son assertion.., 
[le prendre ce soir 
I'tuilla meitrt dt tilt ct paquet pour nioi,je viendra 
Une telle conduite dcmarule hh th&timcnt eiemplait 
Vide* voire verre, el demaitdet-en encore un 
Ne manque* pas de venir me prendre a j heures .. 
Cettc rcmarque de set part e'lait dfplacee ... 
Le pertepieur des contributions est v 

I'impdt sur le revenu 
Com mantlet te qu'U vous plaira 

Monsieur Henry W. Blackwood, 


Celte lathe mil en feu toutc mon fnergie. 

[aans 1'auditoire 
Ctttt remarque provoqua des signts dimlt\-nalion 

Appcla-le iti [meafe 

Comme le malaiie allait plus mal, je jis venh 
II dffendit I'kypothise de Sfete, qui avail III mist 
en doule par certains geograpkes 

Son autoriti fut conleslee 

Monsieur C. Barnum, 

Care de Glasgow, 
Bureau reslanl, 

J'apftlai la pc<i,:, tt ;c ,',■ />> ii'i'/cr 

L'auleur retiradela circulation tons les ciemplaira 

de la secondc Idition qui nVlaienl pas vendus 
Entret quand vous passera par iti [pieces de^pentt 
Le gouverntmenf rttira dt la ntarfatwn toults la 
Ilfilrencrtrioutl'argtntqu'tm iui deoail 

Je lefts entrer pour causer arte lui 

Celui qui nous a appelh & la vie 

// les appela lous au service [txamlrcj 

Failes-te venir aujardin (dans la maistm, dans la 


Rappelti va: eiieni ... 

It tst venu me voir kier 

La cause fut apptUt J ll heures 

Faitts I'apptl nominal 

// me mil sur la setlette a te tujet 

Les r/serves furent appeUts sous Us draptau* 

II me eria de m'arrHer 

II iria a lue-lftt 
Appela !c nnmcre 


GlroaS ab mlcittoS nrartnii (out r-r.ii 91iBimcrmc[it&t;i(i) «!■ 

Jit 3ram iirtuntjfii — liine MRfflM Hull. [Wictcii. 

8aIt>S[u6at[*. — *tal WK'Ff . — Rat tSacf djItiT fl c. 

Tit HJaM. 

Uin fttff wranftattoi. liiiicn £e>rttiu fitt-tii. 

loumclnt reic tin ©rtruntciirr. 

Sin SfcnMiIr.. (fin laivel. 

SJettjatb flub Sft GcrflrTonrmrn 1 

3d) fvraifi tor ictgtii tincr Jltttntirt nuf niriiicn Srirf. 

Or tal ttrinjitttnc Sink fid) tenij ufunM^I. 

aBaimVatniwriicicci>ij(iiV(3i.'.iiiiiiv.irtri)i>-i?). — ffirlpra* 

Cr ift nod) liitlrm Cnfil Jekiiiir gcnoillll- [gtyctl 5 tlliv Mt 

^d) citf Jtfcnrn nnd), ofcer 6t( tOrtta mid) aid)t. 

araimtn Sit cttra* naoj 5 Ut)r. 

5*) r/Grte Jnnant. mir nol)nifcn. 3. t), 3, tfliil.T mir rulm 

Scrnmrn ©i« im aiirnt ltitbci. 

34) nwrht nidjt witbettctmirai IBmtrn. 

evrtfticn Sit on mtirttai Stouter ittii 3 Vtft tor. 

3d) iwrt-t nrittrrot ( j{< tti meinan Citltl clii(wntm. 

Wcticn e<t ptn VMtx ltnej ficftrOni Sir 1'[l>C. 

SSit tdnn id] au nit Mcftn i'tSfrn tjorfprrdioi ? 

fotat ©le aiif te *lio[l mcinc Stiift (no). 

(tolot ©ic mid) 1m !abtn 06. 

68 jd,1 ntriiit Wu[nKrrfo.mrti1 ucii ttr Hrhit at. 

3*, 6aoc fd Witl 511 fl«, tnQ id) hint Hiiiiute [ilr mid) 6af*. 

Sit (ircifen mid) imnicr \t ,111. oofi idj mtiiits I'ttciii uiJjt (Idjtv 

2wt BSIer trinat tEteit Bfirtaeit »rtb, 
ITllBUtl Wtnl nut, «(■* ;it toS not6[te ffllol lomincn. 
Tier £d).i lift Itl cr tmrrbc iiir.mfjcniltB 
IHufeu ©ie bat Hint ba ikj. 
Miifen ©ie 3tjrciipHnb roefl- 
Tie OkWfM ruten mid) ofl 0™ $aafe BKfl. 
Ur icurbe pld^lid) Megn)i^if4 "«&! Senbopi abbcniftu. 
Oluft 11 sif Iba (arid*. 

3d) fftnd) uorber tlnntal nor, ibtc Sie reartii nidjt 60. 
XL-nraitit 5i( nidil mt 8 HS>. [Siaintii notiitit. 

tt i[l elnrc Ben btneii, iwldjt Hi 3Mii{\c tei iljrnu rcdjttit 
■ifiiiui rii 1 ii.'ii bci fetnati Pornomm. 
Title Vflaitse wirb Wit ben eitineteretitn ffitiritt jtiiniint. 
Sr ricf f*4 fjimmels ©esm onf "it"" &nu);t ternltbet. 
Stufta Sit itjn tjcruntir. [fcrBicbtr 

(Einc berattiflt tilraufomtttt rief ben rjhidj beS sUuttefi ouf ilin 
lit ii'iirbc eon vtrtn ft. anlgclorbat, feint t^:l>.i iiptun f| n 
etrotilnt. [rlbcnb abbolra. 

&cten6icflati(iftbitfeS?oc!et flirtniajonii Idj iwitxti Ijdde 
tin fuldjeS StnetBnen erforbcrl Itrtnae Wtftrnfunj. 
Srtntot Cut aaS, unb tefttllcn ©It fid) nod) cin WlaS. 

nii-.ti fi*ct um 7 U6ra6- 
!'«(( (tine Itanertiiiin. mar nid)t ant %ib(e.. 
Tier ©ttitticiiincimiiv l)i>tle tii fsi 11 fc m iiim fleu « ab. 


6<rra Cientn SO. Claiflooofc, 

3eU( Jluf^aoe trfototrtc (natmi in Stiifuiun)) wcim flJBjc 

JSatftaft. [,.1- 

3cne Uerotrliina dtf nnter ben Bn^Drern ■idi/cn eta Uiuvil ■ 
liiii.-i.Sif iMilyi-. 

Tn ti mil bera Arnnrcn fctlimmer flinj, tiff ift btn 9ri,t. 
Or trntbetbigleSttrt'S Jlrin.itimc, fit eon elni,]tii uttojrayliiii 

in iirciiie (^iecl[tl) flf\i'.|tii loocben tent. 
'2<ine Slutaritiit leurbt In gtjje (3iKifeI) flejogen. 
gatni&ofla^tntB . 
term IS. Oarouni, 

3d) ttefbie ttoli«it>trbiiuii( litfi 1P11 feflneimen. 
Tee Wtrfiif(e( jog aHe erem^Iore bet jnxiltn Bufinnc oil, 

ioel*t nidjt nectaufl m-tftn nxtren. 
^retell ©it ein, tpmneittjotNiromnitn. 
Tit aftflioTuna 104 »tt a<icrato)«>.Tiflucfe fin 
lEr runM,ib alte (tint Hltfftanbe. 
3d) tief l*n bertui, Hit mil it-ra ;u pLiultrii. 
Zcriniae, twloyr UK* i"'C vtben (Tofein) tiff- 
lit ritfc DOe fit iiirvm I^ftnflt. 
Wu(en6leilininben Wnrtcn (inb.iS ?auo, 3immcil 
3n'l ©fid btinfltn (jitben). 
iltiiitu sit .V'u- V'liiiriiivi ('■-■ill. 

6t fce|ud)t( mirb flepern im a.'otbtiatSen. [oetraeyl). 

Tr SnO nnitc um 1 1 Uta rcrjenoHinitn (gur Serb-in'luni) 
3d) (ortee Eie auf, 511... 
*ictte|en ©it bie t'iftt bee Wantra, 
Srlnl mir brtraeflcn aebiiriii etn Tejt. 
Tie SefftDeii Irarbcii tiiirtnif.11 • 
lii rief (fd)rit) mir j,n, «b |oK( (intjlttn. 
ifr fd)rit mil nlttr Hrnft leiner Gliurnc. 
Wuftn Sit bit Mummer nl. 





ITe — ed out for help ... 

He — e>i ntii wilh pain 

If he is m the 100,11, — turnout 

I— ed him out (to a. duel) 

The King — cd together his councillor ... 
Parliament will he — ed together next week 

I — ed, toask JOB whether 

lie — ed to see me about the house for sale 

— towards evening 

— him to the door 

I have seen you somewhere, hut I cannot — yc 

to mind just now 
I cannot — the circumstance to my mind 

He — ed heaven to witness, 

I — ed him to me 

lle-ed me to account for it 

He was — ed to the bar 

The Speaker — edthe lion. Member for L. toordi 

I — ed up the loan 

It — sup ideas in our minds, which 
To — up visions of departed glory 
Why shonU I lie — ed upon to contribute towards 

I am often — ed upon to settle their disputes 
Out Mr. F. shall — upon you with our i 

He — ed upon me wilh a note from Dr, C. 
He— ed upon them as loyal citizens to respect the 

appear when — ed upon 
Have you — ed with the money? ... 

I — ed with reference to 

I — ed upon him to amend his wicked life 

I am not — ed upon to do it 

The militia were — ed up 

One was — ed John, the other Henry 
What do you — this? 

What is it —ed? 

They — him 'Ginger' 

llid you — me? Did you — ? 

I'll MM lie — d names, when I know I have done 

He is in the habit of — ing a spade a spade 

Do you wish to lie — ed? 

What time shall I — you? 

— on Monday, (nest week, the week after at 

Why did you not come when I — cdyou?... 
lie — cd me all the names he could think of 

He— ed Ml thief 

That iswhat I —business 

Did anyone — during niy absence 
He — ed a meeting of bi5 creditors 
The mayor — ed a meeting of the burgesses 

He — ed me wide 

lie was — cd to the chair 

If anyone should — , say I am engaged ... 

— him upstaira 

CALL. («.) You had no — to do that 

The Rev. John Keith B.D. received a — to the 

ministry of Skelmorlie 
Her lidy- hip has a great many — s to make 

I'll give you a — in this evening 

The making of — s rests wilh the liquidators 

AH the — s on the shares have been paid up 
I have many — s upon my charity (purse)... 

[any — for 
I don't keep that article in slock, as there is ncv' 

Remain wilhin — 

The tmalswain's — 

The nil—. A bird— 

.V Mi'.' of the Hook only thirty-two members 

i. the ' Red 1 job 1 

provided with the lalett electric — s 
CALLING. What is your - ? 

I fijlloiv the — of a tailor 

Tlic — out of the reserve was decided Upon 
The — in of the work was delayed 

The — off of the dogs 

The — on of the case necessitated my presence 
The — together of the king's councillors... 
The — in of the doctor was no hiiitnrni of nine 
CALLOUS. He ha* grown — to both i 
nd punishment 

Pratautti ionnom ... ... 

II tria au secaurs 

It tria Je Jouleur 

S' it at ,!.ini I,i thambre, Jitts-lni ill venir 

Je te provoquai et\ duel 

Ijs rati convoqua son tomtit. 

Lt parlemenl itra comnaui la K m t im i fndkatm.. . 
Jt suis venu pour votti demander si ... [venli 

II til venu pour mt voir an sujet Je la maison en 

Passu vtrs la soirt"t 

Appele:-lt a la port! 

Je vans at vu qnttqut purl, mais jc nt puis votti 

It pnl It dil a 
Jt It fis venir auprh Je met 


It fut r,\u au barreau 

I.c prhidtnt rappcta t' honorable JcpiitS J i'ordre. 
J, ,-fis rtnlrtr ttprlt 

Ctla reveille Jans noire tspril ills idles qui 

itvoquer Its visions J'nne gteire h'anouie ... 

Pounjuoi s'atiresserait-on A moi pour soutenir at 

auvre Jt bienfaisante T 
Jt suis som>ent apptl.' ,i dttiiter fturs Jisciissiotts . 

Notre M. F. se prhentcra ties vous avte nos Je 
nitres noieveauth 

It it prhenta thcz moi mimid'une ttltrt du Dr. C. 

flits lemma en Itur quatil! Je ti toy ens fideles a, 
gottttrnement, Je respetter la lot 

ft .'ni rti fiii! tine visitt avec tua stair 

// Jut s'engnger par obligation antktnliqtic a torn 
paraflre quanJ it eu rectvrait I 'ontre 

Avez-vous apportl P argent t 

Je suis vena vous voir an sujet Je 

Je te sommai J'amenJer sa vie criminille 

Je n'ai pas mission Je le f aire 

f.,1 miti.t fut itppelit sans Its Jniptaux ... 

L'un se iiomniail Jean el I'attlre Henri 

Comment iifipelci-veus tell? Qit'est-tt que tela? .. 

Comment I appetle-t-mf 

On I'appelle Ginger 

M\iv<~.-v.<us affile?— Ava-vous appetil 

Jt nt vtux pas qu'on me Jise Jts injures, quaint 
jt sais qutj ai Mm agi 

ft a I'habitudt d'opfeler un thai tin that . . . 

i'outei-veus qu'an vous appclle? 

A quelle heure fant-H vous appelerj 

Apftla-moi a tinq htures 

Passes tnitJi (la semaiite proehaine, la setonJe 
MHH apres ttltfti) [apptUt 

Pourqiioi riiits-vmti pas venu ,/uand je v 

II mi donna tous Its nems quit put hivenler 

II m'apptla voltur 

Voila cej'apptltt faire des affaires 

Est-il venu i/utlqu'un pendant man absence'! 

II ctmvoqua sts crianturs 

Lc maire tonvoqua Its eleetturs munitipaux 

Ilmeprita ' 

it me prit a part ... 
II fut flu prhiJtnt ... 
Siqvelquun vtii.u'f. Jilt 

Madame a ttauioup de visitts a fa 
Je passerai ties vous te soir, . , 
La faeuttJ de faire des a/pcts Je fonJs appartienl 

aui UqniJaleurt 
Tous tcs appets Jefonds sur tcsatltons ont Itl pay/s 
Ma tAaritJ (Ma bourse) est eoHstamment mist i 

contribution [manJe jamah 

Je tie liens pas ett artitle, altenJii qu'oll tie It Je 

Htstct ii port-'e ,le la roii 

t.c sifflet Ju mattre J'lquipage 

L'appel.—Vn appeau , 

A I apptl nominal 32 membrcs Je la Chambre 

seulement itaitnl pn'stnts 

Mbn admit nt villi tsf a I' hotel dn Lion rougt .. 
Un systtmt ptrfettutnni ,lc sonnct-it flettriirut a 
Qtttllt est voire profusion, ... [enitallS a fh/ltcl 

J'txent te mitier de lailltur 

Olt ./,i:./ii Je faire I'appel Ji la rlstrvt 

On tarda alaiie rentier i'omiragr 

Lt rapptl Je] thiem 

I.'appet Je la tause Jtmmuta ma prhenrt ... 

I.a tt'nzwation Ju tonseil 

C, n'itiu! pas a moide faire appettr lc mMteia 
II est dtvtnu insensiblt aui th&limtnls attssi 1 

qu'attx retnotilraticis 

Dhlfcll Sit [ftrtcn Women 0U8. 
lie ticf (!fljrie) aartj 4>atfe. 

lEr ftjrit we Sdjoierj out, 

*u«m er In bcr State ift, ft> rufni Sic iljii fcrauS. 

3d) forcerte itjn [^u riium 3rMiraini>ft) Ijrtau). 

Set SSuia bctirf (tint fltatftt jirTmnmcn. 

£',ia JlbjCiiL-C'iiL'ii.'iitiiiiia raiib in t-ir ii.iitiilni'Etcijcrfnt'rrijfrTI 

34) tam.uuieieju frj^tir, 06,, (.(yjfommenarnifcn) imfrcu. 

(£r Wutfjtt mid) litiitn t-ts jmn Skvlaufc nngcicigtcn $iuit*. 

ftinnaitii Sit gcflcii Stbtitb. 

Btufra Sit i&it IKtouS (Pur tic £tjHrc). 

34 t)at( (A irgfiibioo gcfctim, nttr iaj ! 

flnabc iap iiidjt rrirtiicrii. 
£M 'a«« mitt) b(S BaffMltill nia)t cnt[imim 
Ur rid bin 61 111 1110 ljUin duijen ait. 
3*) lief it/n jit mir 
l£r jefl mil) bcotalf jut fficdjenfttja't. 
6r toiivtit ^irHbDDhtnr littiifoi, 
T>rt 'I'r.llibtnt rirf tai Stbjcortiittcn filr x. sur Cttnmifl. 
^a> Bakigtt ta! laxUtjcn. 

U^ruftrtrt.mttinii mtfttM fciBt traft, lrcId>t.[S«IeriifeB). 
Silbn nitifircuiibriicr fn^ntiJjroil ticra)ifiaiitcni (ii*D(?r fit 
imorum fotltc irj )Bt Wfatt (lir bitf(# autt ffi«I ou( u i- 

fotbert werem? 
^ajiDtrtvL'ft.iii.v.iii'".:!!. V-; Itain-.tiMta ju Idjlidjiai. 
BsfEZ tUfnAci, ^■vr'S'.wirt mil uiiiOT aUcrncu(tr» " 

it Wit 3r]nen f(ine HufiGottiniji mjajtn, 
llv ii'r.nt! L-ci rait I'.'v mil tin™ »ri(f( iwit Xr. (E. 
lir farttrtt fit ttfj ttjtliJjt «iirjtr au(, ba* &t\tij ju ecqtol. 

Qatat 6tt ba« <3ctt> nttrjdjt 1 

3d) tctrnnt totatn... 

3d) [ottertr 1611 ouf. Jcin fitiftdifiS ertot ys hHtm. 

3* bin nidjt oufgrforbcrt f rjcljci rjeii ). t3 ju t&>n. 

2>if RU1| (Sonbwcbti reiirbi cinbrtufcn. 

Set Siiit bicfi 3ohuiri, ba BACH 5(intil). 

iiJit notiicnSittaS? 


Wan ntnnt ifriT ..Piuscr". 

SHicfin £ii isiitV— $abnr©it(in:ufcit? 

3d) loin nidjt ouSatfdbiint'ft fein, iwrai ia) mit beroil 

rtdjt Qtbanbtlt 511 babfii. 
Itl (ffriit boS ffiub bti (rintin iDnnitn 511 iKiuien. 
SBilnI4)ni Sit fltiwd 1 ! ;u iKttcit ? 
ilii raldjcr ;Jtit (oil id) ©lc wfftt? 
BJrtc, eic mid) urn S U v r. 
Scamma Bit 01a I'd-'iilaj [nSdjfte SBodjt, bit n 

SBmikij tamen Sic aid)!, ols id) Sit ritf ? 
(ft nab ratr aH( mSnTidKit .£n)iiuiifir.-™ic», bir itjtn einfi 
Or Reunite mid) cincn 3)itb. 
Dal liram id) (biifmaanifr,). 
Etor RKiljrcnb mcinct Stttoclcnfjeit Scmaiib ftitt ? 
Gr bevief cine 8n(ammtiuia (ciuci Wl.inbijrr. 
(ft ricl mid) auf bit Eeitt. 
Lt iL'uvbi; r.Liiri aiccfitjciibirii rrn>it«[t. 
S?di!i ;r,.ii.nit Miiir-I, it i.i ,ur iir, i* ici tliajt J" If 
"lirvn t%a» bmwF. [Ritvljutb 

Sit t)nttrfi Itinen Stuftran, ttj \a tb"un. £ic btautttiu ra( 
E« «rrtigtomtetaiibibot, fcit Subn «"'b. ntjieli ttnen 

ffluf flit bit (run) Per) *[.inci 2 MmMttt 
Eit gna'bigc Stau bat tint BleRflt Sefu* (U m 
Jo) loitt 3bnen ^eiltc Ml'tnb eincn lutjeil *kfud) .aadjt 
T>lt Sutbcrungen [rftiUflcDen (SiJad)totbttiUTfjoi a— 

bm), ift eadje btr tiquibatoien. 
»tfi( attitnsufdjuflt fab cinacjabtt raorttn. 
Slime SJitrjtljSlijtfit [*Ctfc] (ft I'ielfodj iu fcithjnrn) g, 

nommtn. [fraae tmrnaft gef a)ic(1. 

3d) date bicfen artilcl ntcbt smiiittiiji, ba iiitmaH tine WolV 
Slctten Sie in bet ! Jlaf)t, baft '^ e « "f™ tjl " 1 - 
Ti< i*L'CJlimanRBpf(ift. 
BVlwtl. JlamcnSwtlefunii. — flint Smftfeifc. 
Sdm 91amenean|tu[ bej OauieS matcn aire 32 SI 

3d, tfteae im "Web Sinn" nbi,u|teigeii. 
2>ct Wafibnf ift rait benneueittH cictrttfdjen S 
3d) bettetbr baB i£d)iieibert!niibwetl. 
S'ie Siiibetufung btr ffiefrtMR tnnrbi ' 
Die tttiijic^unj be? KerteS lourbt ttinousnefdjotot. 
Dof 3uiiltftufen btt $nnb(. 

3M( ((ttbanbliriiii tit :it'.'.'!.ii'.''L BWd)ti mtinc Hiilueieiittit 
Sife 3u(ainmcni)rrujmi.i bet Binialid)<ri Btattit. 
SoS ©erbeimfen ttt nr;lc4 nwr mtinc Sna)c nia)l. 
Ift \fl flegtit 3ab(l raie gegen Stt.ifi abgeftumvfl (Hntntpprib 

raucbteu bat 

rrtiielt cinen 


«n|rjm* « 



The ncil day a dead — set in 

Try and be — when yon speak to him ... 

In n — sea every man is a pilot (prov.) ... 

( llil an has — ed his passions 

Nothing can — my sorrow 

Nut ■ sound broke the — 

CALMLY. Consider your position — 

— ltll him, that you object to it 

Reason with htm — 

CALUMET. To smoke the — of peace 

CALUMNY. It is a — upon our nation, 
say that we are hard-hearted 

CAMEL A — hairbrush 

To sit-in at a gnat, and swallow a — (prov.) . 

CAMP. We pitched our — before Melr 

The — was broken up ...' 

We moved out of (quitted the) — at 3 A.M. 

We — ed out (in the open air) 

— lire. — stories. — stool 

CAMPAIGN. lie went through several — : 

CAMPHORATED spoils of wine ... 

CAN. How — that be? 

II. -omcin '. 

I am sorry I can't 

What — you, lot 

If it — be done, it will I* done 

What — I do for you? 

It cannot be said, that I am unwilling ... 

Who — tell? He — if he likes 

What — he want? What — he be doing? 

He is the only one who — 

I'll do all I — for you 

I cannot sec how it is to be done 

May I go now ? you — if you like 

I am as tired as — be 

That cannot be, surely 

Whatever — have possessed him to do such a thing? 

t cannot see my way clear to do that 

I wonder what — be the matter 


.!., ,1 

- neither read nor write 

I neither — nor wit! allow such conduct ... 
Press what I — see, he does not suit me- 
llow — I pay him when I 
You — do what you like 

He a 

.t .1... ii 

The only thing I — do, is to . . . 

I cannot tell you why 

I'll tell you what you could do 

Could you not cornea little earlier? 

I could not do it, really 

I did all I could to help him 

I would do it, if I could 

CANCEL. I — led the order 

That — -s your obligation 

You may consider your debt as — led 

To work a — 

CANDID. He made a — confession 

To be—, I cannot 

CANDIDATE. He stood as a — for Lehh.. 
A — for honours 

CANDIDLY. To speak — , I don't like her 
I — told her so , 

CANDLE. The game is not worth the — ... 
To bargain by inch of — ... ... ... [ends 

You'll soon be ruined, if you burn the — at both 
A — lights others, and consumes itself ... 
It is not worth —light (the snutfof a — ) 
You cannot hold the — to him in that ... 

To work by — light 

He went off like the snuff of a — 

Shall 1 get you your — ? 

Wax — s. Tallow -s. Mould — s 
l>iuped — s. Sperm — s 

CANE. (;: 6V M.] — sugar. Sugar — 
If he is not more attentive, I shall be obliged to 
use the — 

La Icmpelc se cnlma vers le sail 

April In templte vient le talmt 

Dans (Pendant) tin calme en mer 

Li lendemain un calme plat s'ltablit 

D'une maniirt calme. Avcc ealme 

Tdchet d'ttrt calmt en lui parlant 

Un calme sursint 

Quand la mer est calme, chacun est pilole . . . 

La vieilleisc a calm/ lei pulsions 

Kitn ni peut adoucir ( calmer )mon chagrin 

Calme comme la nuit 

Pas un son ne troublail h calme 

Considerei -outre position avee calme 
Diies lui msec calme que vous vous y opposes 
A'aisonne: avec lui a i une mastiire talme ... 
ft reeut la nouvelle sans s'imouvoir 
I* ealme de I 'esprit . . . 
' - °l du genie est un 
'agil de faire bouilli 

Fumer le calumet de la paix 

C'est calomnier noire nation que de dire que n 

avons le ctrur dur 
Un pinctau de poll dc ehameau . . . [chamcau 

Faire des dijpculth pour un cousin, et engioutii 
Nous asstmes noire camp devout Met* 
Le camp fut levi [heurcs du matin 

la :'ie du camps. — Histoircs de la vie del camps,- 

H fit fin Acurs campagnes ... 

Alcool camphrl 

Comment tela sefeut-ilt ... 

11 peut enlrer 

Je regrtttt de ne pas pouvoir Ie/a\ 

Que savet- vous fairt? 

Si cela st pent, cela se/era [if re utile? 

Que puis-jt /aire pour vous? F.n quoi puis-jt Vous 

On ne peul pas dire qutjt ne veux pas 

Qui peut le dire? II le pent, t'ii leveut 

Que peul-U vouloir? Que peut-il faire? 

C'est le scul qui puisse lefaire [faire 

Je fcrai pour vous taut ce qu'il me sera possible de 

It m' est impossible de voir comment cela peut le fa' 

Puis-je men oiler maintenant! /lieu ne vous 

emptche, si vous le voulet 
Jesuis aussi fatigul qu'il est possible de I'ltre 

Cela ne se ptitt pas, voyons [parcille chose 

lljaut qu it ait eu le diable au corps pour /aire une 
Jt ne vots pas Hen comment je dots m y prendre pout 
Je me demandc ce qu'il petit y avoir [/aire cela 

Personne nt peut le faire 

It ne sail ni lire ni fcrirt 

Je ne peux ni ne veux autoriser une parcille condui 

D'apris ce queje puis voir, Une me convicnt pas... 

Comment puis-jc le payer, quandje n 'aipas J 'a rgent ? 

lous poirves faire cc qu'il vous plait 

II ne peut pas le pain 

La seule chose que je puini faire, c'est de ... 

Je ne puis vous dire pourquoi 

Je vais vous dire ce que vous pourrin faire 

Ne pourriez-vous pas venir un peu plus tit? 

Rcellemcnt, je ne pourrais pas 

J' ai fait tout ce que j'ai pit pour V aider ... 

Je le fcrais, si je pouvait 

Je contrtmandai la contmandt 

Cela rhilie voire obligation [(annulle) 

t'ous regarder voire dtttt comme ittinte 

Refaire un feuillct (un carton ) 

II jit des aveux sincere! 

Pourparler franc, je nepuis [circenscription deLeith 

II se porta comme candidal a la deputation data la 

Un aspirant aux honneurr aeadlmiqucs ... 

Pour parltr franchement, elle ne me plait pas 
je le lui dis sinct'rtmtut 

Le jeu ne vaut pat la chandellt 

Marchander sou a sou . . . [par let deux bouts 

Vous vous niineres Hentll, si vous brvlet la ihandelle 

Une chandelle Ala ire lei autres et se consume elle-mlme 

Ca ne vaut pas le diable [lei cordom de set souliers 

Sous cc rapport /J, vous n'Stn pai digne de d/neuer 

Travailler it la lumitre 

// ,'est Iteint comme une chandelle . . . 

Voulex-veut que je vous 

Bougies. — Chandelles.- 

Ckandcllei a la bag tulle. —Bougies de spermaceti . 

Sucre de canne. — Canne A sttcre 

S'il n'est pas plus altatlifje serai oblige" d'ave. 
rtcour, a fa ferule 

A'cfsitci plus cela, ou bicn votes anrti lefouet 

II me mtttaca de me donner da coupe dc <a>inc 

Cut Etna Icgk fid) ctwos ntjen Stent*. 

Wall) tan «en;lrter tmipt Biubr . 

«ci iKtmSfliHr. 

Slut iM*ftni taflt trat lobeefHHc fin. 

3n m&lan: fflcift. [iurco>n. 

Bcrfuiftdi 6ie ratlin (adaflm) i« feln, man* 6ie rait itfn* 

(fine Si'inMn'ue tret tin. 

»tl radian 6« 1am 3ttiet Steucrnunu frin. 

3>aS « [In Vat [tine e<UYnf«wHm tnutjia!. 

911d)H f.inn nwint eorjt ftinen. 

fHiitrljIilin). nfuMtSIaitjt. 

Jttln Sout untcrbraiJ) bit StlHt. 

tivuvi.Ktl Sit rnlM.i ,"\!irt gnat. 

■=,i.icii 2it ilmi riil'j.i ( ,1(1.1 lien), baft Sit baatfltn fuit. 

€<$cii Sit fit* riilii,] mil itjm ouStinanbtr. 

Ox na&m bit 9ioifjtia)t mi! Wutjt bin (attgcatti), 

Sttltntutit. , 

Sunt ijciin MS fflrijkS rauajt ttiit S^omfttin. 

3)it IWcbtnSiiftife tam*tn. 

te i|t tine $erlnimt}iuig un[trS JtotfcB, ;u fcigtit, bad lair 

liattlinjia fino. 
Sin Jtam«!l»an;in[t!. 
Uliitfcn ftihtn unb S.imrclt «t(4(oJcn. 
SBit faluatn unftr Uagtr our Ulrtf ouf. 
IoS Safltt raurtt abgt&rodjai. [morgtut . 

liiir t-tjdirn auf out ban [ID. vnlirftcn ba>] Cancr nni J 
'.■.■:•;! 1 1 hi- :,.ii liii ..V.viiii in;: (a" Fm™ tiiimntl]. 
?afltt(tboi . — Paaeifltf* ift » n . — Sulbfln Ifl. 
«i maajtt tntljrtrt gtlbjilflt mil. 

MJlt lann col |rin? HJit ip bag mB u liaj? 
St rjitn tKrrinbmmai. 
Si ti'iil mil- lefb, bjfi id) ti nid)t fann. 
SOafl rOnnai ©it I6un? 

JOtnn rSfltmaftt avtbtntann, niirbcSaua)atmail)t IMtbfii 
X8a» tann id) fiir Sit tlwii? 
TOan tdnn nia)t fajtn, txift ia) lttdjt iniH. 
Okt Mtmoii ei jb (ajen? St lann, njenn ct loin 
IDas maQ tr »ilnfi*<ii?— SCa J paa tt jelft trtibai? 
(Jt ift btr ttinjigr, btr rt tann. 
34 loifl atlt* fiir eic Hunt, was Id) [aim. 
jit) ttrmnfi n(*t tinjulcbcn, rott tB ntldKlitn tann. 
Satf i*it|jtgcbcii? (sic bOrfm, worn Sir KwUcn. 

Jdj bin iit'tt .lilt Stafitn iiiiitr. 

■Has (ann f«b/rtid) nia)t (titt. 

SBaimagibniotojirnbattn, futtrtMSjn t^uit? 

3d; rati6 nidit, reit id) rs anfanatit (rf(, urn biiftS ju Ibun. 

.-. -u i, ;;i ivhitL-ii, HuS Ids (tin nwj. 
ittintt Ktmaa t* ju t^Bn. 
fti Tonn iwbet Itfot noitj fd)rctbat. 
3d) tann unb ipiil tin (rtdjtj Jtitflrtttn nii*t flrftalttn. 
Sutiifl id) if tjnt Tann, 6(t)agt tr mit niit)t. 
ffiie ecrtnaa id) iftn (ti bcijlil'ti, iwmi idj Itin iMdb tjdbt? 
Sit tfiinni ll'iin, load Sit nnucii. 
Or tann e-S nidit m.idirii (I fin 11). 
Xus SiitjtBt, nal id) ttun tann, ift, Jit.., 
CJjcum, t.inn id) 3bntn nid)t (agar 
3d) loin Stiiirn (natn, luas Sit linn thmlcit. 
Xuiiiitni :ic nirt-r rtMi milicr toninttn? 
3d) Eiuitt ce wirttid) nil) I ibmi. 
3d) Ibat ttnrt, roaS id) bum, 11m iTjrn ju WfHI. 
3d) tvolltt to ttjnn, rctnn id) Bnnte. 
34 nabm btn Veftlfl (bit VcfteDung) jurilif. 
Dad cntblnbtt Sit don 3brtr I3civltla)tund. 
Sit ttnntu 3frtt S4n!b file flttil u t anjetcn. 
Went ©satn (SjrtcaB) bruifm. 

(It Itjlt tin anfridjtifltS (iinumiDUnbtnrt) Ktflanbniii ab. 
Often fltfa,i t, id) tann tf 11141. 
(Jt tra! aid Hanbibal hit 8til& dllf. 
8ia ©OPtrber urn bit atabtinl(a)tn Stnbt. 
Um rt efftn {grtabt) btrauo ju |aatii, 14 faun [it ni4' Itibtn. 
;..! i. 1. ■■:■ .:::■.!■ ,1::: :: -::.. 
Tm3 Sl'itl ift ni£bt bas Ot mctttj, 

tltn Bt U l fl fc l tOI MuMn (f(ill*ta(- [(Ktllabrtn. 

Sit mtrben fid) balf ruiuicrn, ntnii Sit in bitfer flown Utcift 
(Silt vid)t lm4lt! Slnttrn unb itbrt fi* felbp allf. 
IW ift bdl CI [bad «u[«r] ntd)l IBtsib. 
&tt tCuntti ibm bdiin bad Wajftt nidit nidrcu. 
Set etd)t dtbtitai. 

SoD id) 3bncn 3wt (tctjt tjufat? [ittrjtn. 

B3adMfcr|tn. KJa4«li4!.— aatfltoicn lalnlidjt.— (Htfltlfrnc 
iStloatnt (ttrjtn. — IDaDratbttrjcn. 6ltatinfet;tn. 
3tot)r)u*ir — 3utftrot)t. 

iDtnn tt uid)t aufmtttfamrt ifl, BJtrbt id) btn Stud" jtbraiidKti 

mulfai. [bui*wa u dn. 

Ibittn Sir bat ni*t irtebcr, lonft rrerbt i<t)Cit mil btat Stditt 

(It bn>6>, mid) btn Stuif ffltjlcn ju (jff'it 


A — bottomed chair 

CANINE a-eth 

CANING, t had to give him a — ing... 
CANKER. Tbe — worm of care 

II gnaws like — at my heart 

Thai is what — s my sou] ... 

It eats like — into my heart 

CANNON. The roar of— 

W« marched up to the — 's moulh 

Theboreof a— 

At the — 's mouth 

During the Indian Mutiny reikis were blown 

from the — 's rmiulh 
Within — shot 

CANOE. raddle your own — 

CANON, -law 

The -s of the Church 

CANOPY. Under the — ofheaven ... 

'Hie — ofclouds 

The — of a pulpit 

Portable — 

CANT. Tii 'slnpe'is — fr>r If run away 

A — phrase (term) 

A — mid 

CANTING. A -hypocrite ... 

CANTER. 'Wdlsey-wotMnn— ... 
Voue.mld do thai in a — 

CANTONMENTS. Itetracri i In - 

CANVASS, f>. &' ». ) We are tinder - 

Tin: vessel i-M'.v.k-.l all her — 

Both candidates arc busy — ing the constituency 

The appointment i* not wirth —ing for ... 
CAP. («.) If the - fits, wear it 

Docs the — (it? ,. 

She is selling her — at him 

lie spoke lo him — in hand 

— of maintenance 

To fling one's — in the ring 

— and bells 

— fulofwind 

I*i ii IWiim — . Foraging — 

Night — {laiUcs). Night — (gentlemen's) 

He called 6* his usual nighl — before retiring . 

He doffed his— 

That is a feather in your — 

The Loe —of a boot 

tool's— paper 

CAP. f-j.) To - verses 

That -3 all I 

The cloud- — ped mountains 

!t — s me how he gol to know 

The newly-made doctors will be —ped to-morro 

CAPS. Put that word in — (prin/.) ... 

CAPABLE. He is — of anything, the villain 

He it not — of a guoil action 

He is i]uitc — to denounce you 

He is 

- for it.. 

CAPACITY of Ihe mind (mental — )... 

Me acted in ihe — of judge 

In his — as arbitrator 

Adapted to the — ies of youth 

CAPER, {v.) The— ing lambs 
The boy — cd about the room for joy 

CAPER. (».)Tocut-s 

Come, none of your — s! ... 
Spring lamb, and — sauce... 

CAPIAS. To issue a Brit of — 

CAPILLARY, —attraction 

CAPITAL. The - of France ... 
TV subscribed — of the company is £}oo,ooo 

It I 

.i this 

My name was printed in — > [ice caps) 

A— joke 

A — fellow 

A — idea. A — plan 

— I Well, that is-! 

Charge it lo the — account 

The — stock of a company 

lie tried lomake political — out uf ihe i'remiei' 

CAPRICE. She is full ..f- 

I b- depend* upon the whims and — I of his aunt 

tlisa — ofhis 

V. <ii mil:- 1 submit t ■_■ 1 1 r -- 

Ii is a — of his 

V 'U mu.-l Mtonh 

One chaht cann.'c 

Je dus lui ilonner des coups it canue 

Lc ver rongeur du chagrin 

Cela me rouge le eaur 

Villi a qui vie rs n gt i'timt 
Cela me range le caur 

Le bruit (Legrondtmcnt) du canon 

Nous marchames droit sur la gucule dti canons 

Lc calibre d'un canon 

A la gucule du canon 

Pendant la revolte dc I'/udt, des rebelles fur 

mis en p&cts a la gucule d'un canon 

A por/h dc canon 

Oecupez-vous de vos affaires 

■■■■.. . . 

Lcs canons det'Eglise 

Sous la voil/e ecles/e. Sous la calotte dts deux 
La calotte denuages ... 

le dais d'une chain 

Dais port atif. 

S'esbigntr, en argot, sigitific s'tn allcr 

Vit ter-me, uric phrase d 'arty/ 

I 'n mo/ ./'argot 


Wdeey ^ fir u la course au petit galop 
Vous pourrici faire tela en vans jouant 
Lcs troupes son! dans leuis caiilonncmcn/s 

Nous tampons sous des /en/ts [ken) 

Le vaisseaii fit force tie voiles (mil loutes Mitel de- 
Les deux candidats sont occupls A fairt des visi/ts 

aux ilec/curs pour leur demander liurs 
fjs place ne vaut pas lcs solli stations iju'il fan, /rail 
Qui se sen/galmx, qu'il sc gratte [/'ire pourl'c —'■ 
[.'.illusion za-t-clle a son adr.-ssc ■' . 

title a dec projets s 

- EUtVi 

t lc cap/ill 

II lut parla le bonnet a la main 

7'ocjue tie c/ri'monit 

Jeter son bonnet dans I'arlne 


Un souffle de vent ... 

Capsule.— Bonnet de police 

flannels de nuit 

11 demaiuia son :crrc lc pot; (dc liqueur) if habi- 
tude avant d'aller sc emicher 

II Sta son bonnet. II salita 

Cest pour vous une baguean doigt,. 

la point? d'une boltine 

Papier tcllierc. Papier minis t re 

Reciter attimativcmeat des vers 

Apris cela it faut tirer t'ecketle 

Les montagnes d la tile couronnle de nuagei 
Comment il est parvenu a le saivir cela me passe... 
On conflrera domain lc bonnet aux nouveain doc- 

Afettei ec mot en capitales [leurs 

II est capable de tout, le gredin 

II est incapable de faire une bonne action 

II est fort capable de vous denancer 

Son ami n' est pas capable d'une /motion pure 

II n'a pas Its capacit/s nlctssaires dans un partil paste 

II a loutes les capaeitls nectsiaircs . . . 

Cafacitf if esprit (mentale) 

fl agissait en qualitl dc juge 

En sa aualite' (capriritl)d'arbitrc ... 

Adapt/ aux capacit/s de lajeunucsse 

Les agneaux folStres 

L'cnfant semita gambader de fate dans la ckambre 

Fairt ies entrechats (dcsgamba.ln) 

I'oyons, taisset Id vos cabriolet 

Agneau dc printemps, sauce aux atprcs 

Dauner unjugemeutdecontrainte pareorps. tjtncci 

Attraction cafiiltairc [un mandatd 'arret 

La capitate de la France 

I* capital souscrit ie la campagnie est it £ji 


t gros capital fie, 
itait impriml en icttns capitales 

tllente plaisanterie ... 

Un charmant garcon 

fiie fort bonne id/e. — Un plan admirable... 

I'tsrfaitl Ma fas, en voili une bonne! 

I'n crime capital. Con.tamn,<tion A la peine de moi 

Passa tela au cample dc capital 

fa capital (Lc fowls social) dc la compagnie 
It essaya dc tirer un avantage personnel en politique 
du discours du premier minislie 
// defend des fantaisits el des caprices de sa tantc. 

Cist caprice de sa part 

II faut von* ■ . 

fihi Biolii-pniDI. (Sin i nun mil «eJ|»|l». 

£ ii it 1-5*5 1; nt. aiijcn^lmt. 

3* muSM (Din BtBrfjWfljf (etss>tifd) AcOai. 

ttit ll.l.iyillt E .'l-ie 

Ii naflt tote (in SUuim nn Bituran $erjtn. 

Dal W**i ■••■6cm mi Bte& *a& 

<& naflt mir »te tin ftret* am ft-p-i. St telfrt (i*) iWe 

Kurm (»i(«cr) in rnttu frm On. 
Xvj! WeltSn (btt Scnnti) bet Kunonni l«cl4)U(jel. 
B3ir tikttni nor Ha tiajt on bo« ««WfuJ. 
Sic Scrlc (to> OofitU'*) ciiirt (S(I*11M. 
fBoi tec Souonnunflntunfl. 
aJafjvent tc* intif*tu Kufflanbfo loiirtcii «ufnanM|i»ic vt 

Mf dnaiicinnHiitiiiiji acflclll nnb ctfitrfTfii 
3 a 8aBratiifd)iujiMilc. 

arfjtt Vet Miirr ei^enen Jhilre. Sutflt filr trine £od>e«. 
Jt.iiiijni[ii)«3 i«t*t. 
Eit Kan on S (er (tiraie. 
Unlet bem pimmelojefte (6inunc[»o<WHtt) , 
lusroolhnfjad). T-iTii'i>ltt]iiiiiiiiu;(. 
I i; FUnWlbrfe. Set San jelt)inuntl. 
iTniflBaiarf, [lauM" 

„aii5(iwiftu" ift tin mietUT (viil. :1 5vti) SucibTiiJ fit ,,i«i 
(flnuntMttStii.Sbm.f (fimi 
flcinSdjriftiDrittl^iNibtutl^i. aiutl)|iJ). 
liln fftiidllciliajct efl)cinlKiUari'. 

..ffioffen" trufl ten 6tefl mit (Jltaain Mwn. |VeMltrtirV 

etc rfiuitni fas mil gcte)tlgUI tiimi (au» tun Snail 
Sit Imnien lichen in yantv-itncincatc. 
:L'it Lij<m mi tec 3dtea. 
I«l «Bd>lff Je(tc oHe Eiflit td. 
BeiK Itaiitibaten loerficii cifrio Ut 5limiiii'ii fed tl i,a 

St( mua* t|i We Ocmettunii nio)t wetlt). 
iSnin bet sajuii V*ftt, fo liagf i*«. 

= ic (udtt itimjii fltfoKen. 
liT fvci* mil i tm, Mt Wiilje in bet .fniib. 
Sitimiiniih. iSbiaMttlt. 

■tirai iikttlanrcbintliiitittn. t-i«OTbnn.^jnrfJ)utHitniticr|™. 
idjeflcninfiKt. BldCttnfQUpe. 
(SinJUincM- ' 

3unb&lil«tn.— ffoitinflititiillje. etatlmillx. 
9lat6thtintt. -esjIafrnilBe. 

lit wrlmtflte (cincu oci l-m? m idi* h, tttwr a M 

.■.ri[.i|iiiiidiit l l)tiltfta6. 

ScS lanneiitll 3frtet GiteTteit. 

Kiurbttfavi'c rioel ©ticlelB. 


Steele njcftfcliiicife tttfaiicn. ffiibcrhTcfien. 

©aSflbetirifftttncS! HaBflrtt uHtMt*! 

Hie »«i,j« mil itjver ffloItnita»t*. 

IB ift mirunetfliivminnctnui;ti4),iDit rtcS rrfafjrentiTitiitr. 

Sit nenetnanntcn Sivtfoten rectbtu mi'inrn ibtcn £ettntn| 

©Oftn Sie Wefe* SS.ti iit Jdn-italtudjItoVcii, [n^uflrit. 


lit ill tthiec jiiittii ^Mtluit.j ffi^ifl- 

Ut lfttutidiitten im Stonte, €ii .nr,ii;ti:,tii. 

Seine 6etle ift teinct etltn «f u un tf f51iia. 

fir ift Wt tine (otn>e Sitae nitfjt accinuet Ifa^ifl). 

lit ift tutaraiiB fSWj tasu. 

■ ■ . i ■• i ii ,;. 1 1 1 ;. i l . 

6r fwnbellt in Cm ttifleniajof t cine* «i*tnS. 

,lu ftinct Sttnunn alG irtjiebfriajtet. 

SB jujenblidKit Sjffuni!*rt,ifi M M jaj t 

^>it fjUKfenttn (fvriilatnttn) satniurt. 

I-et ',1ini|)t tvcaii.1 coc Sreute ira 3iilliiitt (ictnm. 

ljullfptfinat moiien (aii*fiH)reii). 

Heine ©ptilnje (Snicn) gentaa)tl 

^uiiijcS fiimmilciia) "it «af>ern[oBK. 

kiinen fiollecfcvl trlaReu. 

«jptDaiitat. 6aartvl)t*etianii(^iiuj. 

3>ie frmptftabt grantceiitjH, 

DaS aej" 1 ) 11 " 1 ** ill' *« Sdeflf^nf! ill 300,000 

SMI jn tbun,tietlanateinflapitoI. 

Dlrin Rome nut mil (tavitalbintftaflcn flebtuif i. 

liin ftomjtfdjetn. (Jin famfjet Svat. 

(fin ^aiipltetl. Ifin Stad)tiBtnf4. 

■tine pmlidje 3t«.— «in uufa.-(eiffincttr *fan 

Ssttttfflia)! ©a-SiftlPitDiftrettceffll*. 

(Sin «apiltilPcrt'tc*tll.— Gin Zcblliuqrft 

«etaftei Ste tie ^auvltcAiiuii,) i^a KavilJltonto) 

f .,;■ JdfLl.iLlL'ill^ lilicv rtc(dll(a)n(t. 
fixwifuiiile 0110 tet iMtbe tci ^tnntcnitiiiiflctS 

ItaBilal 511 ia)loant. 
Sic IB (ebt lamitiib.ilt [IwilW, rigWjtaBta). 
Gt Mnfll ten tea esrineil unt cnuiieu teinct lante 
(j.ji[t cine Vamif Bun itjnl. 

: it firfifririeiiv.uni 



He is of a — temper 

Fortune fa — 

CAPTAIN. He is a captain in the aimy 

CAPTIOUS. As — ns a sophist Z 
CAPTIVATE. I am quite — ed with the place 

Such words — the understanding ... 

She quite — cd him with her charms 

-ing manners (smile) 

CAPTIVE. Such a glowing description lend? 

lo lead the imagination — 
CAPTIVITY. To lead into— [of the forjj 
CAPTURE. The police effected ■ clever - 
CAR. A tram- — 

Chaini-d to the — of the conqueror 
CARAT. This watch case is 14 — gold 
CARD. The correct — 

He is a ticklish — to play wilh 

Mr. C. is out ; will ymi leave your — ? ... 

A pack of — s. A court — 

A trump — . Low — s 

Qui you play (at) — s 
To deal (shuffle, not) the - 

He i 

CARE is depicted on his lirow 

The utmost — has been taken to exclude typ 

graphical errors, and 1 hclievc that this — hi 

not been fruitlessly bestowed 
He was too drunk to take — of himself ... 
None of us are entinly free from — 

Take — what you are doing 

Begone, dull -! 

liood.bye and take — of yourself.. 

-. Takc- 


ofall . 

Take — and don't I 
Take — of this parcel for n 
Take — of your health 
Take — of it ; you may wai 

I have Ihe — or the children 

Hotbttj* — 

Ileisrullof— [itoui 

— adds a nail lo our coffin ; a merry lauyh pulli 
Vou lake glntf — in doing that 
Obacliali I'ipkta Esq. 

in care of Messrs Cant & Co. 
17 Fillip Street, 

To banish- 

Ml if.11 

No — has been Inken with it 

Vou can have the loan of the book, but you musl 

He'll not cheat mc again ; I'll take good — 

He is under my — 

I bellowed a great deal of — upon the work 

I drowned my — in a glass of whiskey 

The — on mv mind prevented my going to sleep 
Take — of the penny j the pound will take — o( 

Let him take — not to fall into his clutches 
A pound of — will nol pay'an ounce of debt ( j 
CARE. (;\) I am sorry 1 have no Port in the 

boon : wniilil y<ni — lor Sherry ? 
Let him do so ; 1 don't — a button (rig, rap, pin, 

snap, that much) 
What does he — , whether I die or not 

But I tell you he dots — 

Well, even if he does summons mc, what do / — i 

(/don't — ) 

I it"ii'( — Tor oysters 

I — for no one, because no one — 1 for mc [down 
He would not — if the whole house were to bum 
I to you — much to have il? 

I il.jn't ■ - what thrj u-iull will Ijc 

[ don't — much for his friendship.. 

What do I — about thai f 

1 don't ■ to .:.■.'■■ t" the 'ti' ■'!'■ iloBt . . 

What does he — for my remonstrances? ... 
VOB may have it. if you like: 1 fool — fet 

[ don't — how nan we get home 

The children are well — d for 
HolDokad— -worn. For ought I - 

ConJuife capriritust 

II a un caractire apriticujc 

la fortune est capricieust 

// eit capitaine 

Jl eit capitaine de vaisseau 

.hn:i captions ,111'itit ;.■;■/; .'...', 

Je trostve ctt tndroit rcellemtnt tnchantatr 
De semblablts paroles caplivent I'cipril ... 

Emmener en captivitl [rain 

Iji police a eulroitcment open' la capture dufaus 

Unt failure du tramway 

Enchain/ an char </u triomfhaleur 

Celtt belle de montre est en or A if carats 

le programme ojficiel ' et dHaitU 

/I fan/ ,'trc inr set gardes quand en a affaire a lu, 

M. C. est sorli, voulci-vous laisser votre earlt ? ... 

Unjeu de cartes.— Unt figure 

Un atout. — Basses carta > 

Cartes d'ivoi'rr 

Savei-votts joner aux cartes} 

Bonner (baltrt, miltr — coupe* J lei carles 

II sail bien mener sa barqut 

La carle gagnante.— Un grtc 

Un c h'tteau de cartes 

Je retnis tna carte, mais il refusa de mc voir 

C 'est unjoli garcon (coco) 

&s traits portent /'empreinle du chagrin ( ties soucis , 

On a cherehi soigntusemtnt, et, crayons nous, nor, 
sans meets, A eviter route crreur typogra 
pkique [danger pour lui-mlm, 

II ,'tait tellcment hire qu'il ni pouvait cirtuler san, 

.Veil d'entre nous n'est io/'.- 

p'aitts attention A te que vous altcz faire 

Arriere, noirs soucis 1 

Adieu, tt srignci bien voire sanl/ 

Prencs ganfe! — Garde A vous ... 

Prenes garde de lumber 

Aytt soin de nc pas !c perdre 

Mttlti ce paqntt dc cite four mot ... 

Soignei votre sant/ [soin 

serenes en soin, vans en aurts feut-tlrt vn jour be- 

Les en/ants stmt confils A met soins 


II est trh-prcoccupe' [ft 

Chagrin ajtmte un clou A Ion rcnitcil, bon 

IlfoMtfaire Hen attention en faisant tela. . . 

.'.' ..- ■■ ( .<...'!■■: .<"; : .■:.-.■■. 

aux bons soins dc Messieurs Cant & Clc. 
17 Fillip Street, 

Le chagrin tucrail uu chat ... 
On n'en a pris aucun soin ... 
Je puis vous prHer It litre, n 

J faut ci 

II ne me trompcra plus, j'y vetllerat 

Jefis I'ouvrage avec grand soin 

/c niyai mts soucis dans un vcrre dc ■Mai* 

Mcs preoccupations m'emptihcrenl de dormir 

Prena soin des sous. Us livrii prendront 
Je le eanfiai A ses sains [d'cllcs-mfmcs 

Qu'il prenne de garde de tember dam sts griffes ... 

Cent am di chagrin ne fiaient pas un sou de defies 
Jt regrette de ne pas avoir de Porto en raw, it ' 
riez-voui un Verrt de XMt t 

Qu'il U fane, (a m'est bien /gal. (Je ne m'en m&jui 
fas mat — Qu'tit-ct out tela tntfaiti) 

Qit'eit-et qui fa luifait a tui, qui je meure eu fas'! 

Mais ft voui assure qu'il s'en in.piicle rcelltmmt . 

Eh bteti, mtmt r'il m'envoie une assignation, qu'es 
et que etla me fail} (je m'en in./ni{t,- prt 

Je ne tiens pas aux huttres \h") 

Jt nt liens A personne, parcrqnt personne ne ticnl <\ 

Ca ne tui firail rim, si loittc la maison br6Iait\moi 

Tinci-vous beaucoup A fatvirf 

Je ne m'inquicle gutre du rhullat 

Je nt liens pis beaucoup a son amittf 

Que voulei-vous ,iue tela me /asset 

Je ne tieni (Je naimtj pas a alter au spectacle seal 

Que lui font mes rcmoHtranees! 

Vans fouvtt I 'avoir, si whs voulet ; je n'y tiens pas 
Ji nt Hens pas A resttr 

let .f./.rw.'i soul bien soign's 

II avail fair in./uict (IroiiM. ,.—Ptu m't'm/vrtc 

vai!iiail>ail(-. (i:i ! ir.ii i iiiiii,i(S) '!' 

(irfcit tin LuinilajetfStfot. 

TuSflJIiWill [aimrnbjft. 

tfr iii frsiiytmann in fcrr Htmec. 

<h ifi SduffsrapitJii. 

I*Mlfid)!i|i, rait tin SoH v ift. 

M binfiir bra $fa( aanj ciiiftaTLiinRicit (MMbNgUMMfl). 

Sulfa murle inbsioi Mt <«.:ijt gtfMga (dh). 

Sir Welle it>n tmnflfi 11*13 mil i^rot Mcijcit. 

(hniietaenbiS SBifen KSifcln]. 

liine (o glfl u mt>£ C^flbemfl. vdt torjuf (to, bit Vtjmitiifu 

(lefanjtrr (u nttjintn. 
Jn SefonQoif^Bfl fiirjtot. 
Sic *e%l fafite trn ftitfdjct fl tid)l(ft aft. 
lEiti Jraniiwiicn. Cin Wcfcctahiicujcri. 
Slit btn Iruunnbtwiflen bier SitserB nclettet, 
V.i,. oioib tidi) WicatbaiiM ift Dl(tje v iitatotfl|. 
'Jllit il>ia ift nidjt gut Hirfdjcit elicit. 

©err*. l|tauS OT ait L if]i; locncuSie 3tire Harte jiirilrfUIiai? 
BHliSBieJ«attra.~Uiinbii]ileMartc. ISiiie gijiir tfinHil*. 
liiii Irunipf.— Stebrtflf (fajtcdjtc) Jrortea. 
If Iftnbcin fallen 
jiiJnncit 2ie ffarteii [picfeit? 
tht ihrtra geben [mifitjeii, ab^etcn], 
Ur cerftclit (14 aitt ti>3 ©»irl (ben Wurnratl). 
Fill joillllilt £<r2rtfftr.— ffita SJaiieru|aitacr. 
('"■in .HiirlttiiMus. [I'fJtlJtli. 

3f fdiirfte BKiitc Mattt fjiitl". °Itt et tuclllr mid) «\Hfl tnn 
lit ■(! ein fajflne* ((aiitctc;) RttHR 
Tir ftumincr t|t auf feincm vikR^tc ju tcfen. 
Sit SufKtflt Gerjfalt ill mlfbic atnmcibiuij nai XrlKt- 

(<blern rnir.inb! icurtni, unb iib fllautt, taji bicjc 

Surjt tiinjl .'bnc ffirfi'lil nenx[cn i(t. 
Or roar \u betrunteii, inn filr full ju (orgm. 
.'Kiiii-r i-L'n unt! i|l flatrj |otflm[rci. 
t'njTcn Sic euf, ioa3 Sic thiicn. 
3Ucfl, rrilbeSccflel 
■Jlbicu, unb jtt'j(i,'ir Sic fid] ivctif 

'JItlniimS«fi*iiia*t! Set!eiii2ie|lifiCi.r! fAUftCkMI 
aicbnicu Sic fiaj tit «*l, bafj 6ie ici Jjt fatal. 
afat^cn ©le, ba| 6ie efl ■!*)! Berlinnt. 
0tfH Sic biefeS ^tjiei file mi* onf, 
Ira.imeicSstiie ffir 36re oteluntfait. 
tVroabren Sic tS auf; Sic ti-tntlcnticitip btaRifcit. 
\$e) habc filr bi< fiinbec jii [ar^nt. 

l£r ifi Bolter Scigc. [ilctt ii-n fennel 

$cr aiimnter 1ft ein Wa^rl [11 ^iTeiu Sarjc ; Iitfhflca tarVii 
Sic rafjieii fijp ejelith-irj in a.(. t iicbmcii, ivoin Sic bai tljinii. 
tctttt ObaMab 'picliu, 

Verabr. (bei, jn, S^inttn bet) Oerrtn Sail! nab lio, 

Simp emu 17. 

;..-v|.-n l\rM',i|t^i. 

BoW loMct and) cine Safe. 

If4 ift tone Soigfatt borauf MtnxtnM isnteiL 

Sic Ritnen ba* tlutf) [cioimife r/aben, aWr Sic ■flffH (t in 

ad|i nebracn. 
Ift foil mid) niJjtwi^i.Tlai!: ■.,■:;, baffalM idj [djon futgai. 
lit ftcbt unlet meiuer Obt)ut (giltfovgc), 
3dj wtroaiibte jmSe Soigfalt o«f taS liStrt , 
3cS ettrantlc meinra Jtnmmer in etnafl «tofc (leanBtiwtn. 
Etc Qiettcti mla) ab, cinjufitlafen. 
fikrbra^ienniflniffltaiitte!; i|tlan,itnuainid)tjimiSccfa)rii. 
34 jab(S [ einereerae (gftrforflt) nnbeiat. 
tafjt itju bofflr forjen, bod er ntdit in (cine Slaucn faBt. 
^unbert iifiine eorom bcjA&Ien Ida tot$ ©ciuleen. 
Offl ttbauerc, leincn itortiwin im^aufc juljaben: buhnSIc 

BitUeicit SufSjuCbBTJi? 
BafT™ 6ic itn (jtroatten : lit maaje rail Icinen V!'6ttti"S 

(Ii-ut ; nidjt fooid] tacauj. 
IBae licjt ilmi baran, eb id) Rcrbeober nidjt. 
M [aae 36nen abet, ibm lieat loobl batan. 
iKat, reran et aiidj and) ootlabl, n»5 fiejt mit baton? [3d) 

m.idw rait 9li4ti tatanS] . 
3d)madje mttSid)t*au6aii|t.Tii. 
3d) tefjrt aildj an <Rtemano, rccit 'Jti.-ni.iiib fid) an mid) Mirt 
Ci iriltbt fid) nidjt baium (diatti, atnn ba9 nan;c (aol ■*■ 
eitat 38n*n tftet baran, rt jubotini? ibrtnnni fullli 

C8 ift mil 9leld)a.iUtia. roaB tabri IiceauSrommt. 
Si Ilea.1 mit niiSI »ie( an fcinet rStciinbfdjaft 
Ka» licat rait baran? Wac raadjc id) mic baraui? 
3d> bate feint tuft, nUctn in't Xbeairt in fierjoi. 
Stal licgt ibM aN meiura SotfttOlllflcIi? tbotanl. 

Sic Hhtaen rt bactn, imnn He wctlcn ; i* rnaclt nut Widjt-j 
3c efjet wit nni nad) t-aufc beaebra, bcfls ttcbet nurb eJ nil 
Tie ftinbtcfinb din nafacUotm, fl> ' 

Et fat. befllinrant [[L>t :I tni'i'iI|ai;i..-JJiit tieji »tid)|j 1 


I don't think that you — much fat her ... 
Will you have a little more veal? I don't — 

do have a little more 
If you — to have any, you must Bidet them n 

CAREER. His — is run 

I am determined to cheek his — 

To enlet upon a morchanl's — 

In his wild— 

Death cut short his — 

Death stopped him in the midst of his — 
The horse — ed past like lightning 


Vou'll break it, if you are not — .,. 

He is a — workman 

Be — I Be — how you cany it 
You must be — of your reputation 

it half — enough of his health 

' i his dea _ . 
a model merchant 

A — nurse 

CAREFULLY. I — avoided speaking to him 
He — avoided mentioning any 
A — worded answer 
It has not been at all — done 
I - lifted him on to the bed 



I listened — to what he had to say 
I watched — over him 

CARELESS. How— of you! How —you are! 

What a — girl you are, Mary I 

He in not — of your interests 

I am not — of your happiness 

— of consequences, he rushed to his doom 

He is — of money 

He is very — in his person (dress) 

You have done that in the most — manner 

He is very — in everything he does 

CARELESSLY. It has been done vcrj 

CARELESSNESS. Itissheer— .nothingelse 

CARGO. A ship's—. A mixed 
A shifting — . A general — 
A deck — . A floating — ... i„ 

The steamer shipped a — of wheat 
The Atoamei has discharged her — 

CARNAL pleasure 


CARNALLY minded . 



CAROLS. Christmas— 

CAROTID artery [mamine 

CAROUSE. We sat — inglill 3 o'clock in thi 
CARP. Ni.l a word uf mine but what he — sa 
CARPET. To put down a — 

What is on the — ? 

The valley is — ed with verdure 

The roomsarc — ed all over (partly — ) 

None of the rooms are — ed 

CARRIAGE, lie drives a — and pair 

I am not rich enough to keep a — 

A man of haughty — 

Her noble air, her proud — , all bespoke the lady 

He often comes in his — to see me 

We drove out in a — 

The — will call for you 

An open (close) — 

I did not get out of my — 

Several shareholders of the City of Glasgow Bank 

will have to put down their — 

I got nrta my — 

He alighted from his — at the theatre 

He keeps his — 

What does the — of the parcel come to? 

Who is to pay the — of the parcel? 

Ch.iryi.* [Im — ill tin- pmcJ forward ... . . 

Attoo'clock — s !*:gan to arrive 

First (second, third) class — 

Order the — . The — is prepaid 

A private — , railway — 

— -paid. — drive. — people 

CARRIER. A pigeon 

CARROT Red as a — 

CARROTY hair. She is rather— 

Pour vous dire la vtritf, je ne me soucic gulrc dc 
filacer (d'embarquer) man argent dans tint 
parcille enlreprise 

Jt nt crois fas que EMU I'aimicz beaucoup 

J 'oulez-vous encore un feu de vcau I Un fen, j. 

Si vous tenet A en avoir, ii foul Its commander 
Sa carriire eslfinic. II est an lennt de sa carriire 
Je sui; decide A rifrimer sa conduitt [negotiant 
Dfbuter dans le commerce. Commencer sa carriire de 

Dans sa foile existence 

La mart vint interrompre brusqitemcnt sa 1 

La mart VarrUa an miiien de sn carriire ... 

Le cheiial fassa au grand galop denant nous, rapiJe 

Prena garde A ce que vous lut direz \eomnte t' eclair 

Ayet soin Je nefas ctutommager le lime ... 

II n' est nullemenl soigneux 

Vous nefouves pas avoir trof de soin de cela 
roiis le eassercs, si vous n'y flrencs fas garde 

C'est un ouvrier soigneux 

Faites attention! Porta cela avec grand soin 
Ilfaut prendre soin de voire rJftiialion . . , 
Jt est loin de prendre asset de soin de sa tanu' 
Prompt dans ses paiements, soigneux dans la tonduite 

tie ses affaires, lent a promettrc, c'elail un 
Une garJe-nialadc attentive , , . [negotiant modile 

Je rue suis bien garde' de lui farler 

II h/ita soigneusanent de citer aticnn Horn... 
Une rtpcmst donl les tcrmes sont pesls 

Cela a It! fait sans aucun soin 

Je le sauicvai delicatcmcnt sur le lit 

Je m'y pris avec circonspection 

/','iiUitai altinlivemcnt ce quit avail It VIC dire 

Je veillai sur lui avec solhcitiide 

Que vous faites peu attention ! 

Quelle itourdie vous faites, Marie 

// ne neglige fiiis vos intirits 

Jc ne suis'pas indifferent a voire bonkeur .. 

Sans souei des consequences, i,~ 

It esl indifferent a Pargenl .. 

fl est Iris-iiigligi dans sa fersennc 1 sa mats 

Vous avetfait cela de la maniire la plus negligent' 

II manque de soin dans tout te qu'ilfait 

Cela a it/ fait sans aucun soin 

C'est pure negligence, run d'.iuhe 

La eargaison d'tm vaisseau. — Cueillette 

Une eargaison mobile (envrac). — Une C. generate 
Cargaison charge* sur le font. — Une C.JIollante 
Le bateau a vafeur frit nn chargement defroment 
Le bateau A vafeur a dkhargl sa eargaison 

Ptaisir ckarnel 

Rapports charnels. Esfrit charnct 

A I esfrit chantel 

II eut avec eile des rafforts charnels 


Noils. Chansons de Noel 

L'artirc carotide 

A'ohj ristSmes A boire jusqu'A 3 heurci du matin... 
Je m fnis fas prenonur une parole sans qu'il Irouve 

Poser un tapis [A y redire 

Qu'y a-t-il sur le lapis ? 

La vatlee pi fscntc un tapis dc verdure ... \tapii 
Les fiices sen? . ,''"'ie) gtntttl A 

II ny a de tafis dans anemic des chambres 

II conduit une voiturc il deux cktvaux 

Je ne suis fas asscz richefourtenir voiture ( i qui page ) 

Un hommc an maintien hantain 

Son air noble, son/Ser maintien, tout aimoncait l,i 

dame de hant rang 
II vient souvent dans sa voiture pour me voir 

Nous sorttmes en voiture 

In miturt inendra vous cherchtr (prendre) 

Cut voiture aVcouvtrtc (fermee) 

Je ne suis pas sort! de ma voituit 

Plusieurs atlionnairts de la fianque de la ville dc 

Glasgow devrout suffrtmcr leur /juifiage 

J'enlrai dans mavailHTi 

II desctndit de voiture au theatre 

It a venture. II tient equipage. II route earosv ... 
A cambien monte le port du colisf ... 

Qui paiera les frais de transport du colt's? 

Ibrt A ferievmr 

A 10 hcures les ventures commenclrent A arriver ... 
Voiture de premiire, seconde, troisiimc elasse 

Commanded la voiture.— Le fort est fay/ 

Une voiture de mallre. — Voiture de eltmin defer 
Franco. — AlUe four les voitures.—Ftrsonnes qui 

Un pigeon voya^cur [licniient venture 

Ktqgt ci'ininc une carotte 

Chevtux roux. —liltc est d'un blond hasard! 


1Mb in 

34 olaufcr ni*t, bafi Zil Bid fflr fir Ittiiig Data. 

ifliinfifcn Sic nod) (hDog ftalbfttifa}? W1111 \s, atcr iiidjt 

Did. (i'l-fitiiiTi. 

JEciut -3 it tintflc iiatni irellat, [0 roiiifcu Sic bicfdfccn left 
Stint Souftflin ift afcflt|d)Mtn. 
MM ttiifrtrtoficii, (tin tit Sau[ )ii be 
3n torn Oentf I iBfMumd ciurcr 

3n iEinrm tciltol I'rttnSlouf. 
Iw lob f*nltt (rint tcbcniitaStt at 
•Sa StcbflrM ii™ eiululi mill, 11 in fiimt gallffolv* 
I«B Sfcrb ($d6 mit bar Otie nurtri. 
6etat6iioor(i(b1i.i in hrm, wo* 2it ilnn fogtti. 
OTtbmett Sit fief; in SHjl, bag Sit bo* Bttij iii^t MsjSbinni. 
Sr ifl nlty tin atidjm torfkStla. 

Sic Million ni$t Boriiiiiij flinu.i himil (tin. [fin*. 

Sie mcrbtn t» icrtrctbt it. Bum Sic niJjt coqidjtitf (tttutfora) 
Srip tin (or^altiatt arbriter. 
iBorfi*tl ISibtneita^t.lBiteirrSrcQgcn. 
Sit mfllftn 011! Jtivm antra 'Jin! ttbailjt frin. [GVtfumY&til. 
ur ift hi fitttttni nitlft ntiiuo. bazttt ouf (beferot am) flint 
Vtomv' im HJtjoljlai, Porliajtio in f'intr <M<h5ft«fflb™B3 

uiib loitflfom im Sttrftroftra, war tr tin SJrafrrr ecu 
Cint (orgtaratSmnfcnivartcrin. [< iiitm fiaufutaniK. 

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Gr mitb rt a'tijflU^, Stapen jit nenntn. 
Ginc Dcr|ifl)tiJ (forjifaitifl) atncfiitjtc (auegtbriliftt) «ntrccrt. 
iSJ ift burajaii* nifljt furafflttifl (orbmtllft) atraadft toDrtttt. 
34 bob ibn bcbutlam (wriiifitij) mif bal Wctl. 
34 flina torfiajtie ju ©rrtt. 

34 bord)lc forflf.illin au! bn?, lra{ cr ui faatn fiattt. 
3C)ii)o4ttiorafam(anott[i4)ilt'fi'ii'M |in;:,: 
3Dit(oistD8(na*>Ia!fia,iiiiMm4li,i)ifibaSi!™36nenI— £Bk 
WiS ffnb Sic (it tin unf'rtnit;« ((wgleft*) SKabacB, 
(ft: lf( rtiSjt unbc!crflt 11m iljrr 3ntmrftn. [Vtarit! 

34 bin ni4t uiibcriimmcrt urn 3^t ffllnif. 
Itiibttiimmtrt 11111 tic Sclacii, friiritc n in (i 
ij;. iliin yjicqia am iBclbc. 
Qr i(l |t&r nodjta'fnj in fcinrm Sufttm [(einer Kltibu 
Jjir iMtjii bii« in btr nadjld!iiafi"i "' 
tEr ifl Mr fotalnj (nadjlaffia, uiicrbcnlli4) in attcm, 11 
fi* ift [clrt naailaffiii (Iitbcrli4) flcrao4t. [ttw. 

Hi ift rciiic Sio^jfiiflfcit, ntittc 91(413. 
(Ein(64iffSlabiwa.— tint stmifajtc Vabiraj (yrra^t). 
gine Io(c &as#.— lEinc VJbmia SiiiJ,iiltcr. 
Sint iKanabunj (I*dIofi), —Sine f4winuncnbc i otniij. 
3>er Xnrnipfcr ual|nt tint Sabunfl itUrijcn tin. 
£rr Xonivfrt but [tine i'iibllnj (|Cltlf4t. 
SIci|4r«[uft. Sinnraluft. ^ttifanitbtr (nniHidkri <H 
«r[4)ta4IH4" MmjaiiQ. Scif4!of .— €ittiilta)tcil. r 
= 'AMfiiftig. 

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i'vino.tioiicccr. aUeibua4tSjrfSnilc. 
Mirff^losotn'. falSpulSabcr. £>aiiytf4la|jabet. 
BHt f jfr'n ^ctfrnib -,uf anuura btl j Ubr nsnjnl. 
34 loflt Mil SSnrt, baB n nl4t btfWttdl (bctvitldt) 

■; :■■: ■■.■:! 

Wnt ift auf bent Said? JDaS ifl 1d8? 

Hie 2bal if) mit (in™ gctsm 2evyi4 btbedt. 

Iiic3ininitrfinbbi.'Uji.^i^;Hi,iiiLtii.-i;imli l :V'piiva[btK(n. 

-Heine t-.'v jliiiimcr bat cinen lt)jpi4, 

Ui f.iijvt Linen ;iiwifpSim(t. [m bjlten. 

34 bin nt4t rci4 gantft, un mir cinen TOaatn irint lcutf«t| 

Gin 3JJcn!4 ton bo4mritbi 1 ietti t>cnetnicii. 

3brc norncbmc Miciie, ibr ftoljc^ flnftrctcn, Sltlefl Wnitlb 

bie Same son Stanb. 
(it [5btt oil in feinct >!ntf4c ret, 11m mi 4 JU fcefuajen. 
EBir rniTiii in cinen ZDacjtn jii-j. 
SM (Uagtn irivb Sieabbolen, 
(fin offentr [gc!4icflcntt] 2)agcn. 
. ■ ■ 
•Diebrtre attiDnart bet IlitD of l9!a«gcto Oant toerbca « 

nub 93fcrbc obj4ai(cn mCficti. 
,1ft ftii-.i in tiifincu aJogen. 
Br (iicg trim Sbcjtcr iai [eincm ffljagtn. 
(it ifStl M ronfltn nub i'ferbc, 
BJic tied) btlouft fidi bo j >l<octett>i>rtD? 
Kn [oH baj lirofiloclb filr M VaM bcjoblcn? 

Um IO Ubr begeinn but BRfaftn bcr SBofltn. 
tfflitfjtn tritcr iiwcitei, brilttrj Sleifft. [ke 

Stfttntn Sit ben JOagcn.— ®aB (JraAtadb ift im 81 

■ ; f ■ n lo.t ii.-ti . iiiajiion. 
gra4tfrei. ^ortcftri. — Babnoea. — IBaacneiacitHIlBKT, 

CARRY. I never — any money aboul me 
lie — iesit about with him wherever he goes 
The story was — ied about from door lo door . 
Me grew so weak, thai at last he had to be — ie 
We riad lo — him along, as he wit drunk [ihm 

My servant — ic<l il iking for me 

lie was — icd away with tin tide, and drowned. 
He is often — ied away by his tnthusiasm 
Don't allow yourself to be — icd away by such 
I cannot — it away; it is too heavy [foolish imr ; — 
The speaker was —ied away with the subject 
You had better watch over the luggage, else si 

one might — it away 

I had to — it baelt again 

When I — hock my thoughts to the olden tin 
My thoughts often — mo back to the home of my 

As far as my memory will — me back ... 
I had to — the I.. -ix backwards downstairs 
The French —ied everything before Ihetn 
We will be able to — the bo* between lis 

I — ied the bottle by a string 

The motion was —ied by a majority of 5... 

— this parcel downstairs 

— the ,£190 forward ..- 

—ied Forward (over) (in iWHm>filj) 

What will you — this parcel to the station for? , 
Will you — this parcel for ir " * 


this home.. 
r — icd his design ii 
everything in, it is going to rai 
! court ordered the sentence t 
effect a I 

be carried ii 

I —ied the bones into the house 

A number of the natives were — ied o!T and sold 

Wc — ied on an interesting conversation for 
lie was — ied home feet foremost (dead) ., 
Typhoid fever —ied him off in two days ., 

A ball— ied off one of his legs 

The thieves broke in, and —ied off all the 

lie —ied off the priie (palm) 

The business is —ied on under the style of Dicky 

Darling & Co. 
The works of the fortification are not to be —ied 
He — ics on the business uf a Haberdasher 
The father is dead ; but the son — ics on the business 
If he — ics on that way much longer 

We — ieil on war for 16 years 

The works are being — icd on actively ...[longer 
1 Ie was unable to — on the administration any 
The controversy was —ied on for weeks ... 

I — led the Iwi on my shoulder. 

The candidate was — ied on th. shoulders of the 

electors (shoulder high) [powers 

The correspondence — ied on between the " 
Thai stipulation was not —ied out 

Now you have begun it, — it out 

To fully — out such ideas is no easy matter 
1 Ie was — ied out of the room dead 
I have to — out the instructions of the court 
I have seen that idea — ied out on a larger scale. 

— this dinner out to the blind beggar 

The limitations of the Berlin Congress will nev 

be — ied out 
These provisions will — me over Sunday... 
We might — this comparison still further... 

Chnnnels were dug lo — off the steadily rising 
The Germans — icd ihewar into the heart of France 
The inquiry was — ied as far back as 1871 
Tin -1 'taker — ied the audience wilh him... 
The directors had been — ing on the fraud for 
twelve years 

Thai is —ing a joke too far 

The ferryman will — you over for three pence 
The article to be sold was — ied round for inspeclion 

You will not be able to — it through 
Indulgenccin vice— ieswitbit itsown punishi 

— this parcel up to Mr. C [tool 

The lightning conductor is — ied up through the 
The agreement was — ied out to the letter (in lis 

entirely; fully) 
The omnibus is license! lo — 14 passengers 

Jc nt forte jamais J'argtnt mr moi 

I! parte tela avee lid fartoul ok il va 

L hi stm rr fut colfortst Jc maison en maison 

It devinl sifaibk am'i la fin on Jut Ie porter 

Aiw dimes le porter, farce qu'il e'tait ivrt 

Mon doniestiijuc le portait 

II fut tntraSnl par le flat tt noyi 

// st laisse souvent emporttr par sun erili:o:r:i,zsmc 

Nr vous laissts pas importer par res suites id/a, .. 
Je ne puis Vtmportcr, e'est hop hard 

L'oratrur se laissa entraincr par son sujet.,, 

I'ousfira bieu d'avoir Vail sur les bagages, aatr, 
runt qutlqa'un peitrrait lei emporttr 
Je dus It rapperter 

Qitaadjt rcforle mts penst'es sur It Itmfi jadis . . 

Mts ptnslts mt lamintnt souvent au toil fit j'ai 
pass/ moll tnfanee 

Aussi loin qut »u m/moirr peul st reporter 

Jt dus dtscendrc /'.scalier H rcculons avet ma telle 

,'■/■:.' ■ ■■■'.in 

Nous pourrons porter la boite ( le eoffre) A nousdeux 
Jc portais la bottteille attaekk A une ficelle 

Za motion fut vatic Aj voix de majorit/ 

Descender ce paqutt 

Reporta. Its £igo 

A reporter. A reporter d'autrt part 

Qtettntprmdra-vous pour forltrce talis a la station' 

Voula-voMS me porter ct faquttf 

Emporia etla tha vous 

// mil son dtssein A execution 

Porttx tout etla A t'inlirieur, il va pltuvoir 

Lt tribunal orJptina que le jngement fut execute 

Jc portai Its colt's dans la maison ... 
Un grand nombrc d'indigtnts furcnt 

vendus tommt estlavts [d'unt heure 

Nous times ensemble line inttrtssantc conversation 
On It rapporta thex lui Its pieds en a7;int... 
11 fut emporte en deux jours par unefihire lyphdiJc 

II tut lajamht tmport/t par un boulet 

Dcs voleurs penilr/rent dans la maison tt y enlevS- 

rent tous Its bijoux qui s'y troitvaitnt 

f! remporta le prix (la faliui) 

La maison fait le commcrct sous la raison soetale 

Ditky Darling &• Cie 
fjrs traaaux de fortification ne ien>nf flat ecutliiiu/t 
I! fait It commerce de mereeru 
Le pci-e est mort, mail lefts font 
S'il continue longtcmfs A st conduire ainsi 
Nous ftmes la guerre sciu am 
i,es travaux se ponrtnivent attivement 
II Jut abanJonner ttmt'nisttrt 
/.a eonlrovtrst st poursuivil flusi 
Jeportais la belle sur I' /fault 
Les lltctturs forttrent It candidal en triomphc sur 

Iturs /faults 
La corrtifon.laii. c clt.n:;,', ■ entre IcsJatXpm 
Ct/tt stipulation n'a fas /If mist A execution (est 

rtsttt A I'ital Jt Itttrt mortt/ 
Mcttra-vout r/eVement vos inten 
Jc trains bitn qu'il nt mtttt set Mini A ex,'tution 
Mainlenant qut vous ave: commence", allc; juun,\ii, 

tout [chosefaciU 

iVJalistr comfBtemenl de pareillei idles nest pis 

On Vemporta moil Je la chambre 

Je dois tx/culer les instructions du tribunal 
J'aivu r/alistr cetle idJt sur unt plus grande ethelle 

Porta ce diner au mtndianl aveugle , 

Les stipulations du trail/ de Berlin nt stronl fa 

mail mists A tx/cution 
Ces provisions mt suffiront four passer leJimonehe 
Nous fvurrions pousscr la comparison encore pin 

loin [monlait loujom 

On crttisa dts canani pour faire I'coultr I'tau qn 
lies AHtntands poitcrent la guerrt au ca-ur de la 
L'tnqultt rtmontajusqu'A t&jz ... [Frctnci 

L'orateur entrain,! ses auditturi 

Lis directturs pratiquerent ct systeme de frau-lt 

pendant douse annexes 

Ctitpmssert'S," Mm l.i j, ! ,ii,;in/,-n'e 

On vous passera pour 30 centimes . , 

On fit le tour de I'assistanct ova I'objtt en s-ent 

pour It laisser tximintr [fit 

/I vous sera impossible Jt menervotrtfro/tta bonne 
Ln dJbauehe fortt arte tilt son profre thiliment . . 

Porta ce paqutl A M. C. 

Ix paratonnerrt Iravtrst It toil 

io tmroention fut cx/ciil.'c A la letlie (eompllti 

t: 'omnibus est aniens/ A t> 


3«frafcnit<8(rtttliiur. 3- fuUrcn. 0. mU(M] m\X. 

tic (fltrt cB mil f«6, U»6in tr auO) ^l. ' l{n\tlxcx\.HM) 
TU (4ef<f|io)ie iimrt* cert Qaug $11 $tm<) rcritcijdraaHi 
Sr mutbc lo fdjnwdi, baft « Idjlicfebit) tdiunfltlvjflnt iwiti'n 
Wit nwftttn Itut fcrt!r.i,',,:ri, nvil it ti'imufcnii'M. (miifiio. 
Sitint Staab trao, rt fflt mtiS. [unfc mr.iiif. 

tfEIDIttWwit Mr ftlutfi fnttjcriiini |fortadill;rl, HYjjieU'iilll 
Ot rairt oft tron fcinn ©cjrilitruni fertiirriffcn (Ijiiinmfftii). 
i'ofltn €it ill* nfftt sou [olifi icniiiflfii Qfeen b,inrti&tli. 
3(6ranneSni*tforifiB.iflcii; tS ift ju |(fctKr. 
: H- iilihicr renrtt con iriitcm tt/ana tinntriifni. 
SiefoEltn litlxr ouf ftoS BcuSil auflu[|m, [i>n|! mMjle c* 

3nnanb trcilrafleii. 
3d) nuifctc ti iDicbcr ^uriliftiajieit (^uriiJtrtnacn). [lafje. 
iikiai ia)mmi( WAhimi in M( 1H01 :i:i!.a iuriialdjtixilcH 
I'lrinc ISctanrcit Bttfttf ntith o|l an He ftWM sljlldi 

= jiocit mciit (»ct JAIiiif; mi* jiiru enfl bvt. 
34 muttc ben ftaftcn riiitiwitv ti; Iiai'; iiinunta Irnflcit 
lie groiiielen uutrnuocfen (i* HUeB. 
©ir Seibe roertni nnein ini ElanSr (eta, bit Bifle Jit trajen. 
34tniabicni"t")""ie'a"S4nur. [*eil 0011 5 6tinuucu 
Xer antra,-) gbto bucdi (nwcbl biir*flct>r(n1jt)uitl tiuetSKcIn- 
Icajtli Sic bieftS 'tJjifit tiininter. 
llcl'crtra^n (tmiT-jVL-t-liivn) 2 it tit tooliluiit, 
XraRtfett Ttaf bie onbert Scite IHnlliijill 
iBaS tetlonaen Sic. ni t[tj« rtcvjjfiit* un* btin Snjnliel 
ajsflca =icmirticicJi-3^(tlt.nicii? [;* brilijesiV 

Itjjen (t'dn,icn) fJkM im* (miiIc. 
lir iTiiilite iciucii %'t.ui juc Mil 1(1^1 <IJ 
tlrinjen (Iraoen) Sic ailrt herein, d foitijt an ill pqUMS. 
2.J3 Wetiibt Iie6 boil Hrltfal f.'lcil Ui'l[j!rc*cn (in Kafl 

,>,H trnfl 1 idjaRlr) tic Siflui in'S pans. 
Sine Hin.iM Sinncborcnc nuitl-iit WijjeS iilcppl nub in bic 

etlaoerci pctla uft. 
IBic fiibcttii fine etuntc tauQ cine tnlErcti.uitc tin tel lull win., 
ill luurbc taU naa) ftaa(c grarogen. 
I .v3 'jJiTKiijii-kT Mfic ibn in (ivct lafltn baljln. 
gine ihiael rifi itim tin Sein ab (nteg). 
lie Inrte brairtn ein uub trufltn ollc Jiuuetoi (rat. 

Grtnia ben ¥«ii [bit falmeJbaMn. 

BaB tScf*qft Iriit turid'iu ..nfi.ltl) iiul?v bra girain, 

„2>lcTglKittlnaunbSo." [(etft) rarabcu. 

Sie SelcfligunaSatticitcu (ollni ni*t m'iirajc)iil)rt (fortfjt- 
tic belrcitt ran ("*c|rtutt eincE .tlciiiliuiblcrii. 
Bra gtatra id toM, abra bee So^ii fflbrt ba9 iSefauft wcllra. 
(Henn cr blefe tlct unb tA<\\i nudj ticl HMB (octjiil)rt. 
fflir fflftrltn ben Jhiea 16 3abre lang. 
I>ie «rieiten mrben ril(tlfl iwiterjefflirt. 
ge mu ni*t tm etaiibt. bic Wcnraltmig linger fortjiiriitrtu- 
Xer ig rreit lourbe iileibcn lang fort|]r(c|)t. 
34 tcua bit ftiftc auf mciner eijuttet. 
lira Hanbibal murbeoon bea ffia v Imi auf ben e4ii(lcvn 

Bttreacn (auf bit @4ulterti jicjefot). 
IW jmifften ben beiben JSidjlcu flefilljrte (aiKSirtau(ajlf) 
Era Bcrtraa IDurbc ii4I anSgcfilbri. [£aaiinw>!iitl 

Suecbcn eicH>i[tli43v" abfi*ten (-{'tiine] amt^mmi 

34 fiicdjie, n n>irb [cint SretuRfl au8[Qlircii. 

3((l, cookie anjtfaiigen tjaben, fill)r«i 2it tSauaj an9. 

[So 4c. 
£oI4e IBebanTcn tcnfiinbi.i mii;iifiil>t(ii, ift Icinc lt!4te 
kt wutbc tobt auf ban B'funra gttraacit. 
34 babe bic SVfct-Ic be) «eri4iei aUStu'ubreit. [aeffbrii. 
34 babe Helen Ukbanrcn in nrtJiinm a(nji(la6< miojiefavi't 
Iv.vivir ?it bicfcJ Uiii-n ban ilniecu tVttlct biitauS. 
Die Ccftiratniinjcn bc« aralliira 8exttugc3 nierbfii nintial) 
.1 it ■; i i i i I'rt nxrben . [ una) ,1 11 5 tei ditti. 

Eie(e TOunbrcnStbc Wcrben Dbra ben eountaj Ijinaui (iir 
•Jiftr [Brnilcn blefe 8evalei4u« i j no4 nxilra ful)ten. 

flaiwteimitbeiiaearal'eii, um bafl flcrlfl nj.i*fenbe CBafferab^ 
Ml Dcutlavn tniiiai b;n Mriefl in'* $cv\ 5tantrei4«. 
.■■ „■ Llmrai 11*1111.1 ivutft t'i'ii 1S7; ^itiiif.icfubtt. 
Zts. Webnet ttfi Me ul'brcr mil ft 4 ion itiu) 
2»e BtattPttn Jatten ben «etnia 1 2 3abce tana atrtbtkn. 

S>a8 oeitrt etnen gaVrj in mril trdttn. 
■ret IVatirraann reirt Sie fur 30 JJlcnniae libcrf.ibrtn.'' 
!Dra Bertaaf tartilil nmrbe inr «cri4'ig""ij tenunaeltagen 
(teiumaraticW). [filfteen). 

eiewerben niftt im 6tante (cin.eS au^nfilljmi (burft^i- 
UinelaflalMfte «ewtmBeii iubrt ibve ei|CM Slrafe mil fi4- 
IraaengieHric*^aifet5u(MTTnti, bin. 
X«r Wl(aWel!ir i* bnr4 baS Da4 aefiltirt 

'' jin Icill.v ■l.ili',.ii llHfl) 

vsportcr ix personnel 

.' Urn 'lliira 

CainibnS ift jtljucl, 14 fSjnrjSflc aufiune^nie 


Put down 6, and — 3 (in arithmetic) 
To — 16 tons (an rail-may ■waggons) 
The plaintiff — icdlheday... 

My dog will fetch and — 

The discharge of those duties — its with il 

amount of responsibility 
Such statement will not — conviction to the heart 
On a show of hands, the chairman declared the 

resolution as — ied 
I Fe — led his cause (o a higher coi 
To — coals to Newcastle (prov.) 
I call that —ing things tu extreme 

He -ies the bell 

Yuu must have a license to — a g 

Hostilities are still —ied on in Culm, between the 

reliels and the government troops 

The French —ied the day 

You are — ing it too far 

One may — economy too far, and starve one'self 
Don't let the feeling of revenge — you too far .. 

I — ied the point 

You can have as much as you can — 

That is as much as I can — 

To — along Oie intent of a story 

' " a heavy heart 

The battery was — ied at the point of the bayonet 
The motion was — ied ndfll acclamation ... 
England — ies her sway from east to west 
■Sueli principles will r . . .T -- ymi tlmm^h life 
You must not — your game loo far 
To — economy (, punishment) too 
The way you are — i— — 

it oi all character 

Railway companies are bound to — goods to and 
deliver them at their destination 

His words — great weight with the people 

That horse — ies well 

My hotse would not — me any further ... 

He ran away as fast as his legs could (would) — 

The country is mountainous and sterile ; and 

into which war can only be —ied at great cost, 
and with heavy loss of life 


OART. Adust — 

To put the — before the horse 

— this rubbish away 

I ordered a — load of coal 

— this furniture to my house 

Have you put the horse into the — ? 

Ih, people have — ed otTall the st.jnes 

CARTE. I gave the steward — blanche ir 
furnishing (he new house 

CARTRIDGE. Hall-*. Blank-* 

b eat. — paper 

CARVE. — d work 

Shall I — , or will you — for yourself? 

I generally — for the family 

Everyone must — out his own fortune 

Tu — meat U fowl, &C.) 

A monument — ed in marble (granite, stone &0.) 

The panels are of — ed oak 

I'll - him out 1O0X Wotk ... [turn 

CARVER. Every one is the — of his own for 

Now, Mr. C, be your own — , and help yourself 

to anything there is on the table 

CARVING. A — knife 
1 am not a good hand at — 
Will any gentleman do the — ? ... 

a hopeless — 

Thy — is hopeless 

In such a — you had better get medical advice .. 

Such is the — 

Such is the — with us 

Such would have Wen the — , ii he had died 

What had I best do in such ■ — ? 

If that is the — , you had belter sec hiin at once 

That might be the — sometimes 

In no — would I allow it 

If that ever should happen to be the — 

In your — I should tell him candidly 

As the — stands at present, I see no way out o 
the difficulty 

Lower (upper) — (print.) 

Io nine — s out often 

- that difficulties should supervene 

Post* 6 tt retenet 3 

Limit/ du chargement 16 tennis 
Le plaignant nag"" la cause 

A/an chiea mf parte 

L'exertite de tes /mictions entralne unt ccrtaine 

responsabilitt [1'esprit (n' est pas convaincante) 
Cette declaration He portent pas la comtiitien dans 
Au vote par assis et leal, le prlsident dJclara la 

proposition adoptle 
II porta six cause devant unt j'uridicfion supcrieitrc 

Porter lie I'eau a la riviere 

J'appelle tela porter Its choses a Vextrtmt 

A lui le pompon 

II OfMU feint un permit dt port d'armes 

Let hostilitls continuent a Culm nitre Us rebeiits tl 

Its troupes du gouverncment 

Les Francais /urenl vainquturs 

Vous poussei la chose trap lain [mourir de /aim 

On ptttt pousscr I'lconomie trap loin, et se laissei 
JVe vous litis ft; pas entrafntr trap loin par le senti- 
Je gagnai men point... {men! de la vengeance 

i'ons pouvcz en avoir antant que vous pourrei en par- 

Je Hi puts porter davantaee \ta 

Soutenir ti'nterll d'un recit 

II a le eaiir gros 

Pousser tes doses bitn loin ; oiler bitn loin 
Afencr les chases rondtment ; /aire haul la main . . . 
La batltriefut emportee i la pointt de la bayonnette 
La motion Jul voice pit acclamation ... [denl 

L'empire de I'Angleterrt s'ltend de I'orient a I'occi- 

Vous n'i ret pas loin avec ets print ipes-li 

II nt/auf pas poussir lejeu trop loin 

Pousser trap loin l'ltonomie(la critique, la slviritl) 
Vous vous conduises d'unt maniire impossible 

Porter en compte 

Les cimipagnies de chimin lie /cr sont tenuesde Iran 
porter les marchandises et de les remettre 

Sts paroles onl beaucoup de poids ,iuprc: du fcuplc 
Ce cheval parte beau 

.'.'■:: ■ ■ . .-. .'.■ ■ ■ ■.■■■■- .. .'..:! . 

// prit sts jambes a son cau, II s'en/uil dt tauie , 

Lt pays est montagneux et stlrile ; y /aire la guerre 
co&terait beaucoup d'homuies tt d'argeut 

Terre iTaliuvion [du service de netloyagc public 
Charette pour I'enltTicmtHt des immondiees. Chat-tit 

Mctlrc la iharrue devant les bacu/s 

Enlevec ces debris (saletls) 

Je cammandai unt charcttle de chariest de tcrre .. 

Transporter its meubles ehec mat 

A vet-Vous allele le cheval a la charelte ! {pierrc 
Oh esl venu avee des charelles enlcver lonles le 

J'ai donnl au r/gissettr carte blanche pour I'ameuble 

■■:-:: . :■ . 

Cartouches & balle. Cartouches b\ pautlrc ( d' cxerciie 
Gibernt. — Papier & gargousses. Papier-cartouche 

Sculptures [vous-mlmct 

Vaulet-veus que/e dlcaupt, ou prl/eres-voiu dieoupcr 

Je dkoupe gentralement pour la/amille 

Ijs panneaux son! en thine smlptl. 
Je vais lid donner du fil a retordre... 

Chaeun esl Partisan de sa propre fortune 

Mainltnanl, AI. C, servet-vous vent-mime clprcnc: 

et qu'il vous plaira sur la table 

Un touteau it ilecoupcr 

Je nt sail pas bien dkouper 

Si I'un de ces messieurs voulait dkouperl 

Vn admirable morccan de sculpture 

Ma situation est dhtsptr/e 

Ta situation est dhtspirce ... ... [mJdtcin 

Dans un cas pareil vous Jeriei bitn de consullcr It 

II en est ainsi. Ttllt est la situation 

Ittn est ainsi pour nous. C est le cas pour nous ... 

Hen aurait 111 ainsi, s'il llait mart 

Que devrais-je /aire dans un pareil east ... [suite 
S'il en est ainsi, vous /tree bicn de it voir tout de 

I! pourrait en lire ainsi quetquc/ois 

En aucun cas je nt le pcrmettrais 

Si par hasard cctle situation se prestntait jamais ... 

A Botre plate je le lui Jiraii /ranchement 

Dans la situation aetuelle je ne vat's aucun mayen 

de sortir de la dfflntM 

Has de casse. Haul de casse 

Dans new/ tas sur dLr 

A mains qu'il n'y aurait da obstacles 

Sdjnibtii Sir. (1 1)1 11, urtb trlmftcit Sic 5 iin (siiuit- 

gtagfftigMl 16,000 JHIoBramat. 

Ixt itliflcv tetOra WlttW. Dec Stl^tc jenrann Ben 'Steyti. 

•Weill $uub awwrtirl. 

DU (ErfflUurifl jelttr Vff$M hfagl (iiiftrl) tinra nemiffea 

LKratr tan Sietsiilnwtiliiljlrit mil ft*. 
eiiKloldjtliiiiia.w aim. 1 ni* 1 mil iimrert. UcExtjnijmifl. 
91actrt>tBi man bteCanb ertebm tjatle, niUrtt Per Porn5«it«. 

bafe lee Brftttlulq ti;rd\iC|jmi,icii (onflai™iH<B) fri, 
tfc ttatfte fcim S.irjje m cintii Iwbnn ttctiittBcjof. 
Waftn in'ii Slice tngCB. Qulm noaj Klbeu tragai. 
luS noint i* (it gaajeit nuf tie S»i&i Iwibm. 
Gr(t(()taTibLTSri|fc. ,lf|mbictS(jr(I 
Si( miififii tit Crlouttnifi fcli«ii, etli Wtnuljr ju tt 
Utegeiiibftliiilcitdi nxrbm net) iinmci auf ttuta su>if*f 

SlHfftaiibiiflKit urtt> ben •JtL'flimtnjStruri'nii [eclat* 
Tit "jrjine'cii iniiien ten Sitg »a tann W( Sp.iriiimlcit iit-crtrcittn unb Pevtjun_ 

Vo iftn Sit (hi * 31 J(hf ( iei fit! 'Sk rtt till ju i«it tjintriSen (ffl 

3* eraid>w bo* 3id (vtn 3rattr). 

Sit riiintai |L-oitl daten, m -Bit r,u tranrn ctcntOatn. 

Del ift (ooitt, aO iib it.i.ioi r.imi. 

liinc Wriiftidne ft .in 1 it nt Ij.ilitii (crljalltn). 

Hi ift ITjui f ajton imt'l -Jci). 

ffnuifl ju ntit trtitmi. 

;: 111 1'.iubtlii. X i'n i'tmi [fielffl Mien. 
T.\c "Pannit wiittr mil bem Sjimicttc trfiilnnt (gcnonuBn), 
Xtr Stnrr.i.) nut be burd) "Ittl.iin.ilieii biit*iitbt,nJ)i. 
tinalanfc'B -Jtnfil)ait rcl'-nt fi.lj vim C ilui bis jllm is-cQrn cm 
Sulejt Wnuibfiijt btlfcn 'Jtiuti nidn bmiti baa ittta. 
Sit miificn ^br Siiitl nidil ;u rtrcil tttittn. 
3)it e-paifamttit [Avittf, Straltl 01 twit tnitan. 
3>ir Urt unb iiktfr, nit Sit tf trrittn, ill dnraKtitof. 
"JDie ftiftnbafiniititliiifiiidcn fiub Si-rcfliililrl, Wiittr an tUlra 
■tV|IiiiunnnjSL>rl ju ttiorbtm unb ntjiilirfim. 

Stint iitailt batxn jratrcS Ctiicidjt bci bim Stollt. 

Uitfefl f (ert t>att fia) (tragi ben Hoyf) tub'*?. 

"Ofein «f«b nallte mil) nidjt wtiltr tngca. 

St rannte fo (ajntll rctfl, nld (tint Sefnt itn ttu.jtu [travel 

"Bit (Stfitnb ifi fltbir jiji unt unfruditMv, unb ret Jtricj tana 

nnr rail flrojitn Itrfltn tint 1 frtnccwu ^trluflcn nn {Rzn- 

fiftnittbtn in bitftltt getragen (wtpRanjl) 
Knaelfttsnnriitrf fcurrjIbarrB fanb. "CiariajianB. 
Sin :;vf!ii!i:i 

; ii V'frtt Hnlct boi "ffijacn fvnnittn. 
Ral(Kn Sit bicfi-n Sdnitt irea. 
3« ttfhnte tine Jtane-ilaSuna Stufilcn. 
gatrm Sit blc|( iUittbet nadj mtintin futufc. 
©alitn ©tt tai "Jiftrti ange'^tm? 
3>it Stutt tiabtn allc Slcint tcc^cfatmi. 
34 gab ttiu "limiMlttv unumfdjrSnnt SictitnuaVt in bcr 

it.illiin ; ( tee ntncil $all|tt. 
:*..irii 1'atiencn.— Ultntt "rpattu 
■t 1 ,1 1 re 11 1 1 11 1 1 af*t. — Hartufdj-japia 
SDntDnjcrt. tfiirMfaunafliril. [IdjnciBru? 

Son ittt 36i«n ctt[a)ntiten, abn noDtii£ie ftd) fettft at' 
34 itntibi flcreblinlidi file tie "Vamilie ocr. 
3tter ift [tiitte istilctrt Scbmitb. 
■"jteifa) [«je|I'latl] uxbga (yrfdjaeUMB, tranftiten). 
B3n lit ■JRarmot [fflranll, Strin] jn»(i(liibvtri. Imtnial. 
Sit gtlttr fl»b e*niijuxrt nuf l£ifxnl)i)I|. \aebtn. 

3c5tMrttibm«iH'aS tinbrotttn. 3. id. 1. tint 9iu(; ^u 
3tcer ift feints ffllfutte Scqmitb. 
!l!un,Cetr li.,artiftn Sit ju, unb uclimcn ai< Tioj itgniB 

tttiMS ucn bem, rooe auf tmn aifdit |tcl(t. 
liin KtcrfdineiBemtffer. *iu Iraniimicffer. 
3di bin ni4i a.cfdna't im "Perfdjinittn (Jtrttfltu). 
XiiC einet Mr Cenni furfdintibea? 
Sin craa)rineS etiltt ettinf*ninn>rrt. 
Wlrin ftail ifl tifffirttnaSIoB. 

Icine Sactje ift OfffniHlgiloS. [tioltn. 

3n einem foletjcn gdlt l^tllcti Sie litter i'r-,llia>cn Sialtjna- 
611 ift bit Scale. Su ift'-j. 

Suftett bieSadjtmit ituj. So fSetit c* Kttwtl tatt. 
SXilt rollrbt btr fjaa seoeftri feio, letnu tr fleflotben mire. 
tUaS lljue id) am ~r3cflen in era cm [eltbvn Jo Be'.' [lufuayir. 
SUenn e« fc fte*t, lljaten Sit om Scflcn baton, ii[n foftrt jn 
Tis tilMiiK tietrtiltu btr Jrall (tin 
3n teinon Jallt raiirbe ia) eO erlaufrcn. 
iiiesat je DieHtidjl biefer JaU tiuttcttii fcUtt. 
■■fl.ii 3brei SltUc uiurbt itt tS ibm geiabt tji'Muo fo^tn. 
SBie bit Sadje 513111 itanij litjt, fttje id) rcincn Busnvj obi 



ci [L-trrer] Sdjrifltaflra. 


I am afraid if is a — with him 

I should eicuse him, if he were pour ; bin that is 

far from being the — 

I know of several such — 5 

I know of a — , where the receiver was punished 

and the thief acquitted 
As is generally the — , whena large firm fails, the 

bankruptcy involves several smaller firms i 

roin [tha 

In order to put the — more clearly, It! us suppose 
His statement puts the — in another liyht 

Let us put the — of a man who dies without a will 

Thai is not the — with him 

That lieing the — 

Eapooalng thf — nn yniir.-, Ii.iw would you Si 

As the — maybe 

Hut, in — he objects, what am I to do I ... 
That settles the — ... 

He Mated his — briefly 

In all — s where -k-.itli rein I u from an accident 

inquest is held on the body; but in this 

Ihc rule was departed from 
That rule does not hold good in every — 
Whatever he may do in your — , [ am certain l! 

in my — he will try and get mc out of Ihe 

You hail belter cat something now, in — 

might not return till late 

It was a — of mistaken identity 

A — of necessity 

I any — you cannot lose much 

A pretty — ofpickles! 

The — is hanging lire 


& '■ 

lot often Ihe — 

His — is very critical 

In the former (latter) — 

In no — have I noticed, that 

In the first — , there is 

Whenever such is the — , I make it a rule 10 . . 
What would you do, if you were in my — ? 

That was not the reason in my — 

In — of sudden war 

In — of an emergency 

That alters the — 

Circumstances alter — s 

Th.n BHtabih will be the—, if war is declared 

A law— 

A police— 

The public prosecutor made out a strong — against 

the directors 

The magistrate refused to hear the — 

The judge could not dispose of all the — s broughl 

before him 

The court lor crown — s reserved 

My counsel quoted several — s in point in support 

of bis argument 
The matter of 11. v. D. is a — in point ... 

The — in point 

Counsel asked for a — to a superior court 

[having finished his speech 
That is my — , my lord, said the counsel after 
The last witness wilt Ik examined to-day, after 

which the — for the prosecution will be closed 
He took the — to a superior court 
The prosecution failed to make out its — 

A compromise having been effected, he withdrew 

The magistrate sent the — to the nssiies ... 
The magistrate remitted the — to the sheriff 
The — was adjourned for the production of the 

principal witness 
1'laintilT's counsel intimated to the bench, lliat he 

would let the • - rest on its own merits 
The judge granted a — (for a higher court) 

A magistrate is always ready to believe a policeman 
accusing a citiien, but the — is quite different 
when a citizen accuses a policeman of having 
exceeded his duly 

Several — s of typhus occured in Glasgow 

Sam Joule e'est dur (pour Ini, fair eu.c ) 

ne feul pas Jaiii Je lot qui soil lamflitemtul 

Iqiiilable vis-a-vis .It tout It mande 

Je trains qui e'en til /ail A lui 

Je Veicuserais t'it flail pauvrt, mail ct n'est fas It 

eas, lain Je Id 

Je tonnais plusieurs tas semblablts 

Je connais un tas oil le theteur fill tottJamn,', 

It voleur acquittl 
Comme il en til giniralemcitt qiianj line mail 

importantt fail failliir, elk ttitratnt Jans 

nine plusieurs motions mains tonsiJMibles 
Four poser It (as plus tlairtmtnt, supposons que 
Sa Jetlaration monlre l'affaire sous tin native 

jour [/ail dt 

■ , m ft tas J'un homme qui mttnl sans a 

II n'en til fas ainsi four lui 

J'uirqu'il en est ainsi 

Meltons qu'H s'agisit Je vans, queferiea-VDiisf 

St/on It tas [/air*! 

Mais au tas oil il Mtverait Jit objections, que Jois-fe 

Ctla decile la question 

Le cis nest fas ran du lout 

II exposa brievement ion affaire 

Dans tons Its tas oil la niort rhulle d'un accident 

on /ail une enqutle avant I'enterrement, mail 

Jans ee eas-ti on se dlparlit Je la rigle 
Citte rigle n'est pas applicable pas dans Ions lei 
De quet,/ue /aeon qu'il agisse a voire egard,je 

certain que, pour moi, il essaiera Je me t 

Je et mauvass pas 
Vans /trie* bien de manger t titlqne those mainlc- 

nant au tas oil feus ne rentreriti que tard 
Cilait tin cos d'erreur dans fidentiti ... 

Un eas de necessill 

En taut tas i-ous n'avet pas grand' those t) ficnin 
Unjolie affaire! Un/amaa fJlrint ... 
I-e protis ne marthe (n'avante) pas 
Je ne suis fas impliqiil dans cefrotis 

Ce n'esl pas souvtnl le tas 

SafositiOH est Ircs-rritique 

Dans It premier ( le Jernier ) tas 

Je n'ai rcmarqui en auctintas que 

En premier lieu il y a 

CAaque fat's qu'il en est ainsi, fas' pour regie Je 

Que /eriei-vous d ma place ? 

Ct it' Hail fas I't la raisoit dans mm eat ... 

En cos Je guerre impretme 

En tas d'etitntment 

Cela change la question 

Les cireonslanees ehangent Its eas [floret 

II £ii sera certatiiemetit ainsi, ii la guerre ' ' 

Une question legale ... , 

Une affaire au tribunal Je polite 

It protureur du rai ntoliva J'une maniirt tontlu- 

ante 1'accusaliort pcrt/e eontre Its directeurs 

Lejuge de pail refusa d'enlenjre lacaust 

Le juge ne put proct'iter a Condition Je loulet les 

tausts fortJes Jevanl son tribunal 

Cour d'apptl en maiierc criminelU 

Men avocal tita plusieurs jugemtnts A I'apfui Je 

son argumentation 
L'affaire B. eontre D. est un tas analogue 

Le cos till (invoqul) 

L' avocal JemanJa que la question tie droit fist decidt't 

par une juriJiclion superieure [en se rasseyant 
Jt nai plus rien a ajouler, Messieurs, dit I'avatc 
Le Jernier Ihnoin a cho" . sera entendu aujoui - 

d'hui; les Itmoins cTJtikarge aeposeronl eniuiti 

Is minis tire public n, Oaruinl pas a 

\i pic- 

Un accord etant intent-. *« enlre les parties, U aban- 

donna la plainte [d'assisei 

Le juge Je paix rrnvoya l'affaire Jevanl la Cout 
Lejugt de pais: renvoya l'affaire A I'aulorit/ 
La eause Jul ajournee four la tomparution du 

principal Itmoin 
V avocal du plaignanl Jeclara qu'il s'en rtfirait it 

I'afprleiatian Je Us tour 
Le jngt permit que la question de droit f&l porlce 

devant une rurt'diclian superieure 
Uujugtdu tribunal Je simple police est toujaurs 

frfl a afonltr /oi r.nx affirmations d'un 

gent deville(garJienJelapaix) qui aetu 



On signale plmicurs eas Je typhus d Glasgow 


34) !(ntu mtGrac foldjtc ft.iiLi. 

34 faint riant 5JaD, rao bn .frrljln Scftroft, unb tn = If Her 

fttijritnuttiai tturfci. 
2Sit eSgac/ibiilio) fcrr gal i|i. jkbl.iKni. (in «(f<Wt foflti-l. 

fcrr Canhrotl Err|djictini( tlniicrt iKtiojafK nit ill"* 

Btiberttii. [nwHtn B>ir attnrtiuictt, hat... 

Uut test 5 a B (*ie 2i'.\) t.-iniiJvL thiMi[tcIiot (ju maiftcn), 
Gdac tallage ftUI bit -3a*e in tin anbcre> VM. 

I incut (lirbt. 
tail nil) bat Htill |cyn (aitncfimcn 1 . bo [; ."Viimuc- el'iie Zcfl.i 
SdHMfBtt] itomiitMXT-Jiill. 

T>* bq5 bcr Jail i|l. llrilrtoi £ic tami IjoiiMn? 

Sitgmotitnifi], eictMren in bEmSatlc (tn bet fagc!, if it 
ffiif eJ l*t gall [tin lann, 

3m 8aHtna&ntsabefleniil,toaJ[oll ittjbantl ll)im? 
Ivil trlrbiatbtn Ball (tii( Enfe). 
7>ai ift fanctnxa.3 *tn tinflrraCtnli^et 3oH. 
l;r te,\h: Iciivii ftjlt hirj tor. 
311 atitn ftirioi, u» Mr Srt bit faint rlid BngiMfaKI 

i|l, ajiiti tls» j.'tid)ciifa>iit iSfrtaBflj ottr in Mcltui 

gait ii' 1 ilj nan Dun tn IHtott ab, 
3i(|t EH£gt! i|t nidit in [tttnt Bnlte jlidifcnttij. 
Slat aud) busier et tit ^tfirm ji.ilic Itun Bag, lift Sin |td>cr, 

tafirrin nttinnn iv.iilt t'trluitu iviib, luiJj auS bcr 

tttcolntt ju gietat. 
gilr ben rjaD, bat- =it «[! (V5t \ilriia*ftlinn niMitui, [oITlet 

Steltctcc ieBl en™* eiyni. 
£3 max rln MH nun JSriiH^fcliing. 
Sin KotWan. 

jteinesfana (3n Tcincni j\a11t) IBWlli Ml a*icl ottlittcn. 
tilnt IWnt tSatfo)< iScldinuna). [fajitben. 

3Mt eoeK iff (Mnfll) in tar eqmlt. Set f}aD Ift unent- 
34 tin ni4t tri turn %'ict,ei\t tct^ilijt. 
(Hiftiiidjl oft Kigali. 
iS*inSjii ifi Klir ttitifd). 
Smnflmi [Itljlai:! A.ii:e. 

'At. Li 

It hjbf id) bemnll, baff-.- 


60 oft btt ter Jail tft, saaiit icf tS mir s»r uitntf, ;u... 

SBal tDflrtrn Sir ttuit. ircnn Sicin mtintt tOfll (an mtincr 

3)al toot in mrintm gaBr n[d)i ber Sniab. [Sttlle) toJteii 1 

301 rjalli tints pllt|ilid)ni Hrienti. 

3mcjtflttitiitiigoIlc. 3111 illott/follt 

Tat aaberl Ma gad. 

Slltf l;aitat turn ben UmRanMn ob. 

IuB mirb fldjei btr BoO ieln, nwin Mi Jhlcfl CiCart toitt, 


<{int lit liidf j4(. 

txx etaatJanmalt ttjirdnMtt bnrj [tavttii BflayratcMMIc 

flegen Mt Etrrtlortn trbolienc SlnflOiic. 
Ttr KricHnScid>ta nrict bit Wtn)t3ia4c :.u\i\-t. 
SKtS)ln)iertcnntenid)l nlit mux iltmjrtradiWi Qadt nlr- 

Titr fflcricbtebcl file DtefmjntfSOe btr Hinnc. 

ffldn filtrtc mtttren bit3Mjii[|li(I)t pSfle (^ncitcuj 

f.iUc) jire Untciftilnung feinrt $cicci4|lltnaisg an, 
Hie Batx ». tontu I). ift tin abniidicr (analcjer) gall. 
3>it angtfflfjrle(MtirfftnM)6aa)«. 3>ti 3nttMnjfaII. 
Btr ilbiwlat bat 11m Oroteiiunj Ml gallel Pt'r tintn WWrn 

(ikriajtsl^f. [Xbtmfat una) Vrcnbigung Itiun IH.'tc. 
Ua* i|l mcin rjall (neine €nd)t), $tn Vr.ifujtnt, |a|tt Nr 
Iict ItBtt 3ma( a«ivb Miitr Mrnoanntn, nmrauf M6 BcrhPr 

IU tine Wereinbaninn erjitlt luctltn Bar, litft tt bit Wt^nP 

farM (Blagt) falltn. 
IW Briebni»ri4tfc KncitJ btneaftt Vet laS ediWLrjtiiOtl. 
Iti giitbmSricvttr urniu btn ,"Van an btn i!aiitciil)tn. 
Iile Baitt otitM fccyiiti * ?rf li^tau j «5 ftauVtiraflt" Prr- 

tia BtrfrtW Ma Maaeif Mnbigtt Mm tSniiStt an, bo| ti 

bit eao>t auf R* bcrnMji [afltn tcolltt. 
Iier niailn Iir6 bit Stnifiing an tint b(l)ttt 3nftao! ju. 

«tn gritbenltiiiter ifttmnittflciitijt, on™ «Dlljlfbm OlaB- 
Mn ;u flitnren, bet rinrn SOtgtt atuloal ; ahr bn 
gap ift flanj anMW, i«nn tin ttiirpn tintn Mp l 
Mi Utbttrttl'jiij (ttittt Stfujniiit oallaaL 

CASH is the tUng 


A — oftheft... 

It is i sail (pitiful) — 

A revolting — of murder 

A — of sudden death 

Active verbs govern the accusative — in Gcimon 

A book — . Agon — 

A watch ... [pair of moleskin l: 

CASE. (C.) His nether limbs were — d in : 
Cl''"iu'ri's needle wis — d in iron 

CASEHARDENED. Hi is - against pity.. 

A — villain 

A — sailor 

['.iTlijcr shell ai 


I pay (ready) — for everything I order 

I nm short of (out of) — 

H,.-i, il,.-li ,.f— 

lie paid mc £150 in hard — 

I sell for — only 

A — sale (transaction) 

We can offer you them at 37/ for prompt 

faj Ihc hundred, — down 
le is the sort of customer I like ; he always comes 
down with Ihc — 

0/ for — , and 9/3 on credit 

I entered the payment in the — account 

I pot the cheque — ed at the bank 

My — is locked up in trade 

— prices. Balance in — 

He turned the whole of his property into — 

The taxes most be paid in — 

To make up the — 

CASK. A — of beer. A beer — 

To hoop a— 

Shall I let down the — into the cellar? 

CASKET. A jewel - 

CASSATION. The court of— 

CAST it away 

We were — away in the channel 

It was — aside as useless 

I — about to get out of the difficulty 

lie loolts — down to-day 

The mould was — from the original 

She — a halo of cheerfulness around her 

-She — a furtive glance at me 

The lecturer — his eye over the audience 

The fishermen — their nets in vain 

His Tather — htm off 

They — off the yoke of the Romans 

Why don't you — off such ■ I1.1t lubit ? 

~ off such thoughts from your mind 

We — lots who should assassinate the King 
Let me — in my lot with yours. daUMl \\ ■nyiii.i 

Snakes — their skin nerknicanj 

The parts of the play are judiciously — 

Her mother — her out into the world 

The cannon's mouth — forth fire 

Can you — up those figures? 

He — s up blood when he coughs 

The patient — s up quantities of phlegm ... 

I — the plan 

The statue was — in Ijronie 

My lot is- 

The die i* — 

That project was — aside 

Wilhoduwa-— ait 

The hounds were — loose 

— offelothing 

He — (he blame upon mc 

His mind was — in a different mould 

People who live in glass houses must not — stones 

To — one's bread upon the waici 

He — sheep's eyes at her •. 

To — pearls before swine 

He — that in my teeth 

The death of the Queen — (threw, spread) ngli 

over the nation [vote 

At the council table the chairman has the 
To throw a — .jng weight intu Ihc balance 
She went to get her nativity — (See also throw.) 

CAST. («). Men of your — 

There was a — of melancholy in his look 
The - oflhe die ... 

,,.'. — from here 
He has a — in his eye 

The — ofn play 

[I I 

I '1/.- affaire lie ;vl 
Ceslnne triste flat dc chosa. Ceil-':; 

Un horrible assassinat 

Un cas de mart subitt 

En allemaild les verbes •ulifs r.'gissent I'ancusattj 

Une biblialheqnt.—Un Jlui de fusil 

Une boitede montrt 

Sei jambes ftaienl reveilles de culottes en molesline 
VaJp rnT b de CUopalre flail enfermee dam 

fl est endurci centre la pilil. [matu, 

Un sciUrai endurci 

Un vieux toup de mer 

Lei projectiles Palliser son/ eimentc's 

It foul de V argent comptant 

Jt ne suis pas en funds mainlenanl 


II me paya fijo en csfices sonnanles 
Je ne vends qtiau comptant 

Affaire au comptant [complaut 

Aous pennons vans Its offriri 37 sehellings payable " 
■kelli— '■ 

argent est engagi dans le commerce 

Prix au comptant. Balance en especes 

PI ctmvcrtit lout et qu'il posifdait en argent ,. 
Les contributions doivent tire acquillces en especes.. 

Un tountau de bisre. — Un fonneau A biirt 

Fattt-il descemlrt le fonneau .1 la care? ... 

Un coffrtt a bijoux ... ... ._■ 

La cour lie cassa(ion , 


Nous /lines naufr.ige dans la Mamhe 

On I'ecarta eomme inutile 

Je cherchai A me tirer de eclte position difficile 

LI a I'air abatlu aujourd'hui 

Lt moute a/ti pris snr I'criginal 

Elle jette autour d'ellenu mvonnement de douce joi, 

Elle mejela un regani furitf 

Le confhencier jeta un coup d'ail stir son auditoir, 

Lcs picheurs jclirtnl en vain leurs filets 

Son pere le repoussa ( I'abandonna) 

Its scCQHirtnt le joitg des Komains 

Pourquoi ne vans eonigei-vous pas a"unt aussi 
mauvaise habitude? 

Rejttei de voire esprit de pareillcs penii'cs 

A'...,r ar.i<» ■ ~~* „...' j* _...* -«*.. 

serpents changenl de peau plrioiliquement 
roles de la f&t isssf fmtieiautmad distril-uh 

Sa mere la mil impitoyablemcnl A la/orle 

J'sus exorcisait les demons .. 

La gneule du canon vamissail du feu 

tauriez-wus faire idle addition ? 

// rejette (era, he) du sang quaud U tousse. .. 

Le malade expectore beaucouf 

Je ealculai le plan 

La slalue ful coulee en bronu 

Leiorlen est jett 

Lede- (sort) en est pell 

Ce projet fut kartl 

Dun air abattu 

On lacha lcs chiens 

Dffroque. Vftctnents d 'occasion 

ft rcjela le bltime sur moi 

Son isprit /tail coulf dans un moule different 

St la maison est de verre, ne jette pas de pierres . , 
Jeter son pain sur lcs eaux. /'aire la charitf 

II Ini jelait des regards langourcux 

Jett r des perles dnutnt les paurceaux 

PI site reprechacela. II mc jeta cela outlet 

La mart de la rcine attrista toute la nation (fat it; 
dcuil public) 

Au contest le president a vaix prcpotsd^-anle 

Faire pencher la balance 

File alia se faire tirer son haroscope 

Iss kommes de voire lournured'esprit ( voire genre ) 

It y avail une teinte de mclaneolie dans I'expressio" 

Lt imp de d,'s. Le coup ilttiiif ... [de safgui 

Cesl A deux pas d'ici 

II louche Ugirement 

f.ndistribittitmdes r.i/.j d'unc pihe 

Cesl d'unc coulciir bleuMrc nvec une teiutc de ve\ 

&» TlM toil ^irLflabl. tSiur WrtHavItflaoje. 

Hi tft (tit rtaartgee [nJ'aliifrcrj 5aU. 

tint arpMnbt fflnrtflfidjiaitt. 

C-in V'ISJii*" Xct-rifall. 

IK11W Ktrrixit rtnimn im JnulftfKti t*n MmifatiD (Ml «n 

Sin «fift)criit)r,inf.— Hint gtiittoifmietit. 

SiB Ubrjdioui,'. 

©tint Beint iMrcn in SHoleSfinWcn acyuDI, 

Rtotwrra'3 Jlabd iwr in drier (ifenitn Wat •oav 

Itrift Dtgoi UMtltif abafriSttet. 

itin <xrtvJruin(bariaefort(an)Sonbec. 

gin at jrtiirtrtct aRaltpft. 

I>i( *alli[rt'|d)cn tkmbrn finb Den Hont:ilil.ih(. 

«(ft rtaiert Die ©HI. *J,irrJ (Mt ift McScfun.i. 

Jifi bin jffct iichM niot! t*i Italfr (ffltft). 

^A beetle Bll'rt Mar, nu§ id> tcfltKe. 

Itof ta.itc Cklb i|l lnir Inavr. 


Sr tftoWK inir i5o$fimb in taarer 1P)iint,[. 

3>6 trnfaufe nni aegen Soar (»aarjatjtuiia>. 

ifln UnfJiii [aefojjft] nil Saar*]bU<iin. |a«HL 

!Blt Ennm [ic SSiicn *ri fofortigtt Saarjab^iiii 

iiei SanCiaWnn.i 30 eiiilliiLit bat ^uubtrl. 

ffit ifl ciKOuiibe, [Pie i±) i y n liclx ; er *qa„It ii 

mnaciibet glfln^e. [Staicc nnf Stebil (tHt^nuuj' 

?!fun iHltiii.]( bci ii.iaryiliLm,!, «n t- niiui S^UIinac Hii 
34 truo, tic -(aHnnji tit Sat aartratcnto tin. 
^iDIirf bni ia>eiiiiin bcr sanit <ini«a>[cln (berfinjeni). 
ffllciut »anif ajaf t nc<tt itn »tfa>Sfte. 
f rtife bri Haacjatluna — Kaficnttftatto. [flmt^* 

gr maajtt (tint «anv f'nbc jn i*tlb. Sr wrFilbci 
©it MM miifftn in baawin (Skltc ttjablt tool 
Jraffe ma$ni. 

ttin gafi «3irt.— Sin Biftfnft. 
liiti 5a6 binbrii (mil Wi'iFi-n umatbeit). 
Sell id) M ftat in bin Metier (ajretoi? 
tin ■SdjmiiiiKiflajeii. 
tw (raffationa^of . 
■BcCft) tki Mg. 
fflic liltcn itn itanole g^lffbmflj. 
Hi murbt ol8 unbtjnajtar au| bit Svite flenmrfni. 
3d] fnnn biiriibtt naa), wit id) auS btr Sdjisinigtal t 
tfr ficM btiitc nicbctjcfdtliigtn ant. 
Sic ,icrm nttl ucm Oriflliuli atgnnMH 
Bit rtrbrcitclc ?mitntcit 11m fidi tvrum. 
Sit mac[ tincn vtrftoMcnni Silo" nu| miij. 
Set iJL-rti>ia<ritt l'"i (fin fliiiW ilber bit jjuljijrrc [fljn 
lie jjilibtr learfdt utratbli* tbrc Ktijt au5. 
=tiu ;i.iut I'-r'ticS it" (in.ltt ihn ft'tl). 
Sit tcarftn (fitliltlcltcii) baS ,V* bcr IHtfmet a 
fflamin IcQtn 6i( niitjl cine |o fdflrijte fflcirofiiittit aS? 

Siflancn Htfkf (cldjL- Wcbantcii ait-S btm £innt. 

(Bit itMrfen ba« Sdo», ictt ben Jttiria mnBrtsgdi [dUt. 

(afieitSlctniilimtiiiSc-cBnnb.iiJbrijctnulifeTi, tbeilcxflt .> 

IiitS*(jnLicnlBcrfciiilm.<Snit ^1 bcfliinmtcn ^Icitcn ab. 

©irflloUtn cc? Sriirfea finb Virft-.iiibi,iWTlttilt(au 

3brt IBuiiet pitj fit in bit EJcII Ijiiiona. 

; v :fn> iritb Icufcl BUS. 

©tr Knnont ftiit S'ntr ona. 

JttJnntn Sit fciefe ijiffcm jiiT.inmicit^itilat ' > iilatn 

gt irivft Blut au!, iram tr tjufttt. 

"Sm Wicft edjlcimBia((tn au». 

Cldj ciiliu.iri btn 1S\an. 

lie VilK.imt tot ^ 11s i>vuitjc atflofftn 



geiitr iltan raurtc P ttu w rfm . 

fflllt nitbec.jcio>tajitii<r miintt. 


Sltatltgtt (atflttrafltne) itttibee. 

(£1 tLViri(iMC,it) bit Sa)u(l> aiifmit,. Sr ttitjtc ben 3 

& liur ?vn iiair, Ptr(i*itb£iici ';iiiiic-i-.irt (l"ciinnun,i). 

BJtc in tincnt CStastjaiile sMtjIt, b.irf lii&t m 

iDJ^bltljotcn fttijibig auSthtifen. 

«r toad ecclicbte «llift aaf fit. 

'I'crlin Mr tie 2d!Wtint ir.:tfcii. 

lit rid* inir baii Hiiler tie Stale. Gt Raif mix ba* ttor. 

S>«Ii» ber «Ciiijin otrbreitetc bilfterc Jteintr in f, 

iWtfe." 6°' * ant '" °- *•) Ujitt b. < 
am fflal,*tiid) («t btr IBurriBnibc bit cnt|i 
■Sine tnt[4eibtnbt Stiraint in tic S3a|i[ft)att rottfen. 
■2tt flinfl bin. iimtid) bit Watt vital (OaS 9cro|rov) fh 

,\ii (dn.-ii, ■tMiift [.1,1 ein lifiimrntflttijer auSbrtuf. 
Dee ajfldtlreurf. Xai sviel bed t)«f«(U- 5D« 3ufaIL 
(EtiHniir dntn©ttiiimiir[n»t! oca ftler. 
Ut idiitd tm»8. 

©it ■JinIlcnKriteiluitj in dntm gliicfc. [(eti«in - » <■ 
ffj ifl ecu frlSiilidjrv Ratfct nil tincnt Bitt"lna.t Bon n 


IL' has [lie — of a man el ion 

The study of IHIIlllllWlTl I gives a — of stability 

to the mind 
There was a slight — if sarcasm in hi* tentsfi ■■ 
I look aplajier — of the bust 

CASTE. He is a stickler fr.r — 

A nobleman would lose — if he were to engage 

in trade 
- CASTELLATED building 


CASTING. The - up of figures 

He produced the statue at one — 

The — off of the Roman yoke 


the ai 

CASTLE. To build - 
CASTOR oil. Cold di 

CASUAL. — acquaintances 

Every workhouse has a — ward 

To a — observer it would seem strange, that 

I have a — visit from him now and then... 

I sometimes take a — stroll in that neighbourhood 

CASUALLY. It happened - 

CASUALTY. Several— ics occurred last 
ter from the sharp frosts 

CAT. Ucfore the — can lick her ears... 
Y'lU have let the — out of the bag 
What am I looking at you for? Why, surely , 
may look at a king! 

They light like — and dog 

Which way the — jumps (as the — jumps) 

Like a — in pattens 

Russia is making a — Vpaw of Servia to dran 

political chestnuts out of the lire 
I Ic watches him like the — watches a mouse 
He was after htm like a — alter a mouse 
When the — is away the mice will play ... [tails 
The captain was liberal in the use of the — o' nir 

Care w.ll kill a- 

The more you rub a — on the rump, Ihc highi 

she sets up her tail 
When candles are out, all — s are grey ... 
The — knows whose lips she licks 
No doubt it can be done, but who is to be 

CATCH. (:<). You'll — it. if you do that . 
The hind-wheel caught against the kerbstone . 

My coat caught against a nail 

I caught him at it 

Don't let me — you again at it 

Don't lie caught tripping 

A plaintive wail caught my cars 

I caught hold ofhiin hy the neck 

Did you ever —a weasel asleep? 

— hold of this for a minute 

He was caught in the very act 

The wind caught up the sound 

She caught the boy up in hci arms 

The thief was caught at last 

I Ic was caught with the | 
I caught him on the hop 

He caught (he yellow fever in Jamaica 

That disease is — ing 

I was just in time to — a glimpse (glance) of htm 

I could not — sight of him 

" A slip of the tongue is no fault of the mind 

A slip too often is caught behind 

Nets are used to — fish 

Don't go out in such a night as this, yoa might — 

your death or cold 

I caught her round the waist ... [roaring fire 
The wood caught lire at once, and we soon had a 
There is no — ing a policemen on his beat when 

— me becoming bail for him 

— him paying a shilling, when he can get it for 

My fingers were caught in the door 
As soon as the child caught my voice 
I le is too old a bird to be easily caught .. 

If I — you out again, I'll whip yon 
Old birds arc not caught with chaff 
Set a thief to — a thief (prou .) ... 

A drowning man — es at a straw (p. s.) .. 

The stone caught me on the head 

I i- iii-.;hl it'ii .; mice ill ,: I i.iji 

Who is that gentleman? I did not — his i 

// a I'oir d'un lioinme imlruil 

L'cliuit des nuithe'maliquei domic A I'esprit ml a 

ractere de stabiliti {dam i.i remarqi, 

II y avail une nuance (une l/gfre pointe) dc sarcaim 

Je maulaiie busle en plilre 

II tit tntichi dt noblesse , 

( ;, H 

',- ,:/,v. 

Une construction crbtcl/e 

Savon de Marseille 

II couta la statue d'un stuljct 
La d/iii-rance du joug remain 

■ ■•: Unti f<" aiivre eoulc) 
Fairt des chateaux en Espagnt 
Huilt dt ricin.—Hnile dc ricin cxtniite A fold ... 

Connaisiances dSci an kasard 

Chaque maiion de travail a tin quarticr destine 

semirde refuge temporal!-/ au.\ indigents qui 

trouvenl sans asi/e [peul'ltre tiouvc //range </n 
Unt personue que L liasard auruil amen/t IA aurait 

II me fait une vhile A I'oeccssion 

ft fais A {'occasion nil tour dans ee quartier 

Ceta est arrivl par Itaiard (forlui lenient) 

II est arrivl Phivcr dernier plusieurs aceidenh 

causes par les fortes gtllt 

tin elin d'ail ... .. _ 

Vous avet laissl /chopper It stcrel. 
Pourquoi je vous regarde? Tiens, tin ckicn pent 

iien regarder un fntaut, iien stir 
lis se querellenl eomme chien el chat 
Scion le elll d'ott te vent souffle.— En tout as 
Comme mi chat chaitssl ' dt coquiUts iU nolx 
La Russic se serf de la Scrvie pour titer ks ma 

II It guctlc eonime un chat guette unt sourii [j 
II le poursuivait partoul comme unehat poursuit une 
Quand le that nest pas an lop's, let sourii Jausent 
Le eapitaiue /tail pro-ligue dc coups de gareclte ... 

Le ckagrtn tuerait un chat 

Plus vous caresses un chat stir le dot, plus il relive 

La nuit tons Us chats sunt grit 
Le chat Mil qui il caresse ... 
Sam doute tela peut se fair/, mais qui attachera le 

Si In fail tela, fiends guide ,■) toi ... 
La rone de dcrriere henrla contre le lord du ti 

it s'acerocka A un clou 

fe le surpris sur le fail 

Que je nt vans y reprenne plus I 

A'e ivus laissei pas prendre en fault 

Un getuissemeni plaintif arriva A mon oreille 

/i I, saisis par le con 

Unt belettt nt dort jamais que d'un ail ... 

Tenez ( ' Prenes) eeci une minute 

It ful pris en flagrant deli/ 

Le son ful port/ par te vent a trovers Its airs 

Kile saisit I'enfanl dam scs brai 

On fni/ par pincer te voleur ... [pass, 

Quand en le pril, il avail encore la bourse 

Ilattrapa ( prit,gagna )lafHvrejamtc A lafama'ique 
Cette maladii tst conlagieuse 
f 'arrival jus/t A temps pour I' 

Jt n'ai pas pu Papercevoir 

La tangue peut fourcher une fois, ca I'expliqric 
Mais it from per sour-en I expose a M critique 
On cmp/oie deijile/s pour prendre le foil ~ 
*t* -etiet pat ee loir pa- '■ ' — -■ —-'■'' * 
froid pa ret I voui 
mkhante maladie 
fe la pris far la laille ... [tot un trci-bon fei, 

It bois I'eiijlamma lout dc suite, et nous eUmes bien- 
II n'ya pas moyen de trouver un urgent dt villt (un 
agent de police) .! ion poslcqimnd mi a iesoindelui 
On nt m'atlrapera pas A fournir caution pour lui 
Ct West pat lui qui denmrait un schilling pour un, 
chose qu'on peut avoir pour six pence 

J'tus let doigts pris dans la porle 

Aussilbt qui I'enfanl entendit ma voix 

II a trop d'exptVicnee (It est trap vieux roulrer) 
pour st laisser prendre faciltmnit [lefouet 
Sire vousy prends encore a sortir, jt vous demnerai 
Vieil oistau ne se prend pas a la pip/e 
A Iromptur, Irompeur el demi. A Ion chat, bun rat 
Un homme qui se note se raccreeherail A un brin dc 

Iji pierre Vint me /rapper A la tele. [paitte 

ft pril trois sourii dam une sourieiire 

Qui est ci monsieur t fe n'ai pas saisi son nom 
8S tMiSMcn (ai|S[rlK7i)rint->3Riiniir-i vm P>BfB|i 
HaS ©hiMum bec3>tathnno!ir fliit ban Utciflt (Unit <&t\tSs\tt 

[Wfjnri] [SSnnntuiia. 

Ed imi (in IcittjtfT Slnflilj. ton btifjtnttin Bf i ttt in feintr 
3* natjm rinc Sipsfurm bet tliiftt. | hHtJMlMfAbbe. 

Ifr i[t rin ttarfetyer M RaftrmwftitB. lit l|SU frtenj. oii( bit 
Sin acliGCt nrttrtt (liacnt Slant* Ctitoit wtncljen, iwnn ct 

fid] mil OanbtUarf^af tat al'j.ilir.. 
Sin mil .'linncii pofcticrl(5 WtlMiiM. 
E>riBr. 6l(cif(. 

Zttf dufummtti} itjldi Ben jiff cm. 
tfr ttjdjit tit 21-itiic in (Siiitra (Sufie (u ©tnttbe. 
^it BlijitjiiiKtnnfl Brt trioiifa>ni 3t*n. 
■iJiijeit au5 Siafrnffli (i9iifnirefiiii,i). 
eitft(d)t6fler town. 

WidmUSt— Salt attntfitrt StiitnuSBl. 
liufjlliijf (flc!qtnttl*t) *>r.Innntfftaften. 
3rSt3 SlrincnfHiiiS hit tine fttcuiftnfuliuit (m-ltjcilitna |tk 

Oi'viitcifldiiiic ftt'llilabcrrtc). 

tiinnn $uf.iHi|Kn Pcclifldjtct ruiivbc (5 (ptit< I'l'tliiiiuuii. 
."Vt tttinmic !'ia- RBI t-a cincu gclqnitlufcn *l([n* poll iftnl. 
3* madjt MilHilcn in jam Olcjcnb dnM 6trti|jUfl tlt'Stltt- 
Ua (tdtwtt fid) juffUii (iBfatlljtt SBeifc). [QCioiKt. 

ffllcbrrrf Hn^liidtfSHc trtiiintttii fid; im Icfttn iDJinttt in 

Ad.i.' M nilii.ku rJ«P* 
tkra.iitcKJvitit iiui' Jin frjiitiimbrrfttn. 
Eit butrii bit Saljt out ecu Safe (iclalicn. 
-Jitiruni i* Sic aniede^ Sirtjt N'ft tic Stn|jc *cn 9,il(cr {W- 

l*ol) Hit. 
eit [djlaatn fid) Actum Itft flarjcrt unt tuntc. 
fflk bet ©.i(« litflft. 

SBic tint Jfcrtje mil bet afjcllc (mi! Edjiif>cn ton 91nH*.ikn) 
Siii^I.-.iib ttjit iiilj ton Batia bit )>ili!iid)£n Jt.iitaiiiai 

bem ftenn bolcn. 
lit (-ivtMAtci itin, icic bit Jtdtse bit 3lauS. 
(ii ifi Hum ilim her, ivit tie a a|.t Mnta (ec Stint. 
Bienn bit fiaft au(itr btm ^M^c in, 1.111501 bit Slauft. 



c Sab* |fttil)e!t, bt|io niel|t sitbt [k btu 

4ici 'Haiti ilnb allt *o||ni fitau. 

1'\i flafct twifi Bobl, iMfftu SiVptn (it !clt. 

If* I.inn obtk iii«i|t! a"b a u werben, ofitt loci loid btt &&tp 

bit Sdnillt iuitidnacit ? [tbutn . 

Sit wctbcii AMI antomnicn (©. to. c5tvic,ini), rwnit SkKie 
7.^ Sinlmjt [ticil ,ic3cn ten tH,intfldn HUtli[tein) an. 
Rcbl fltotf biicli an eincm 9lafltl Ijaliacn. 
3dj cttoprte Ibn babei (bariltct). 
Saffen 6k mia) Tie ntdjttokbtr babel betteffen. 
voffen ^ic m ni*t ■mi anon .'..ilkilti ci't.ivpcn. 
(■in KLijctant hr.nlj ju incintn Oftttit. 
,VM-.ii:n: iki am ftalk. 
ftoft bii jc tin fflkfcl fdjtafenb anacttontn? 
(Tilti'n 2ic bifri cine Wiirtidt UHJ fefl. 
iir toutrcauf ftifdict Ibalcttan'l. 
T*r Oinb ttua ben Eaul foci. 
£it fin,] ben Uiuboi in iijrttt Stntcu ouf. 
■Sir ^icb mntbe fdiiiettid) ettavpl (jb s efafii). 
©ci [einet O^tsccifiina f.uib man bhSM in fdnanlWiBe Uor. 
34 fafite ibn auf rem €f ntngc tb. [flrifl ibefiel) ilm I. 3, 
fit flng (telle fidj) ba* Qclti jtdct in 3ant,iiTa. 3). a- 8- "• 
1>lt\t fltanl^tit ifl anftcienb. 
3d! ton me fjMfcc «4 ti,lcn Ob* ail [ ibn roetfot. 
34 tcnate ibn nirit ttblicten . 

kffMW|tf) irenn et(idj abet ja 

eft itiebecbolt, setbitnt tt Bcmjfltfc. 
Wan flcbraitd)t ttcQe, um gtlitt jn faugen. 
Ulebm Sir itidjt in cinct (uldjcn 'iliiii nut; Sic TFtinttti iiit) 

,n j, ,-e If it 

34 fntitc Sic 11m ben Scib (bie laille). [g«ct. 

I«« Oolj fill's Wort rStum.unb it'iv baiten bait tin fni[tenibtJ 
Blan finbet nie cintn Sotijeibienet ouf fciuet iHiinbe, enn 

nan it: it t v.i nii/t . 
ti) (oute nit cinMnen, fflr ifn sn biltflcn. 
tt Wait Urn einf.ulen, cincit Schilling 1,11 ttiob'en, toenn ct 

a filr 6 itcnie hetemnicil t.itul. 
34 tbmmte mlt mtine ftiiiflct an brr Ztbtt. 
Ecbjlb bail Wiiib nicinc gtitnnie rcrn.ibin 
lit (ft clit iu fltDfjet i^fiffituS, tun (icb leicbt fnngen (ii laflrn. 
SfiJcnn ioj tin) Ititbtt btauStn ctiti(fte mibe id) bio} birtfr 
«llt Sficjtl tcingt nun nidji mil bet SottVkife. 
Su( eintn 2* dm en an bertha the. 
Sin eittinftitbcr gtdft nacS eintn attoljbcJitir. 
T« Stein teaf miffl ewi H.'vfc. 

3*) fing but manic in duet PJaltt (ftnnbeit. 

ajetijt bicfct&ctt? 34 tube |einen Ktimtii |i 



tier (Uc** caught fire 

Ife wa» caught in hi* own trap (net, unarc) 

«— the 1j*11 "* 

The lock will not act; it - e* ftomewhere 
He w» not to be caught with fine word*... 
You have caught a tartar 

I caught a had cold 

Anyone caught damaging the walls will be prose- 

At public tale* really good articles are quickly 
caught up 

I was caught in the rain 

She caught her foot in her robe 

1 caught the bird 

I went fishine but caught nothing 

The fish won t lie caught 

I caught several pike 

1 caught the falling picture in time 

1 was too late to — the train 

You'll be in time to — the mail ; the box doc* 
not close till seven 

His eye caught mine 

Drapers arrange their goods tastefully in the win- 
dow to — the eye 

Mr. C. is very uncertain; but you will — him at 
home at 5 o'clock 

He has just gone to the office, but you may — him 
if vou run 

I caught the air very ouickly 

Mary, he *aid, — ing hold of my arm 

lloth laughter and gaping arc — ing 

f caught my l*>y with a pipe in his mouth 

I caught hold of the lamjx»t to save myself from 
falling into the gutter 
CATCH, (n). It is only a— 

Do not answer that conundrum; there is a — 
in it 

That is no great — , if you jKiid £2 for it... 

To. flee the — of an infectious disease 

j\ ■^ _ * wori 1 . • . ••• ... ••• ••• 

j\ -—"line ••• ... ••• ••• ... 

We were upon the — for him 

OATEGORIOAL. To give a — answer [— 
OATEQORIOALLY. I answered his questions 
OATER. Theatre managers — for the public 
OATHOLIO. I am a Koman — 

The Koman — religion 

— - principles ... ... ... ... ... .< 

^^^ VIC »» n # • • ••• #»• ••• •#• • < 



CATTLE. A drove of — 

The London landed 500 head of — 

— disease. Kat — ... ... ... ... •< 

iji'/iC m ^ m ••• •■• •»■ • t # • # • • * 

Horned — . A — shed (pen) 

^^* «W1' * W cat tat ••• • • • • f • ti 

— breeding. — fair... 

— breeder. Prize — ... 

OAUDAL appendage 

OAUL. I torn with a — 

OAU8E. («). Accidental—. Active — 

Antecedent — . Apparent — 

Determined — . Direct — , 

Essential — . Foreign — ... 

Exemplary — . Exterior — 

Fruitful — . Final — 

Formative — . Formal — ... 
General — . Immediate — ... 

Invariable — . Impenetrable — 

Infallible — . Infinite — 

Instrumental — . Intelligent — 

Internal — . Invisible — 

Inconceivable — . Irritating — 

Indc|>endcnt — . Material — 

Moral . Motivating — 

Occasional — . Occult — 

Partial — . Passive — 

Physical — . First (primary) — 

Second (secondary) — 

Primitive -. Original — 

Primordial — . Entire — 

Remote --. Earthly — 

Indirect -. Dependent — 

Rational . Existing — - 

Negative — , Positive — 

Sure — . Uncertain - 

Unknown — . Undetermined 

They espoused the — of Don Carlos 

Sa robe prit feu (t'enflamma) 

Ilfuipris dans son propre piege (panneau) 

Attrapez la balle 

Cette serrure ne va pas, le pern accroche que/que part 

Impossible d* Vattrapcr far de belles paroles 

Vous avez trouvi a qui parUr. Vous avez trouvi 

plus mlchant que vous 
fai attrapl (gagnl, pris) unfort (gros) rhume. 
Toute personne qu'on surprendra dlgradant Its 

murs sera poursuivu 
Dans Us ventes publipus Us objets ayant rielU- 

ment de la valeur sent vite enUvis 

J*ai Hi surpris par la j>/uie 

ElU iembarrassa U pied dans sa robe 

J'attrapai I'oiseau 

Je suis alU picker, maisje n % ai Hen pris ... 
Les frissons nt veuleni pas se laisser prendre 

fai pris plusieurs brockets 

Je rattrapai h temps le tabUau qui tombaU 
Je suis arrive* trop lard pour attraper le train 
Vous seret juste <z temps pour le courtier 9 la botte 

ne seferme qu'b 7 heures 

Son regard rencontra le mien 

Les marc hands de nouvcautts disposent Uuritalagc 

avec gout defacon a attirer rail 
Af. C. n'apas d*heurerIgulierepoursortirelrenlrer, 

mais vous U trouverez chez lui h cinq heures 
II vient de partir pour son bureau, mais vous le 

rattraperez si vous voulez courir 

fai tres-vite retenu Vair 

Marie, dit-il, en me prenant par le bras 

Le tire el U baillement sont contagitux 

Je surpris mon gamin la pipe en bouche 

Je satsis la colonne du reverbere pour m'empScher 

de tomber dans U ruisseau 
Ce n'est qu'une at t rape. Cest une attrape-nigaud 
Ne dites pas le mot de cette charade, il y a une at- 

trafe dans V explication [I'avez pay/ £2 

Vous n avez pas fait une fameuse affaire, si vous 

Fuir la contagion 

Reclame (printing). RIplique (acting) 

Ligne perdue (print). Vers de replique (acting). ... 

Nous le guettions. Nous itions h Vaffut pour U 

Faire une riponse catlgorique [saisir au passage 

Je rtpondis categoriquemetit H ses questions 

Les directeurs de thidtre pourvoienl a P amusement 

Je suis catholique [du public 

La religion catholique (catholique romainc) 
Principes catholiques. Principes libiraux. . . 

Vues catkoliques, Vues larges 

Le catholicisme 

Largeur d'idt'es. Universality de VicUe 

Un troufeau de gros Mai/ 

Le London a deoarquJjoo fetes de Mat/ ... 

Maladie du Mai/. Bitail gras 

Bitail d ' approvisionnement 

Bites a comes. — Hangar pour le Mai/. Pare 

Exposition de bestiaux 

Alive du bit ail. — Poire aux bestiaux 

Aleveur. — Bestiaux prime* s 

Abbendice caudal 

JVC COXJJC ... ••• ... • • . ■•■ 

Cause accidentelle. — active 

— antccAJenle. — apparente 

— dlterminle. — directe 

— essentUlle. — tirangcre ... 

— exemplaire. — exterieure 

— ficonde. — finale 

— cr/a trice. — formelle 

— generale. — immediate 

— invariable. — impenetrable 

— infaillible. — infinie 

— ins t rumen tale. — intelligenle 

— interne. — invisible 

— inconcevable. — irritante 

— indipendante. — materielle 

— morale. — dlterminante 

— occasionnelle. — occulte 

— partielU. — passive 

— physique. — premiere 

— seconde. — (secondaire) 

— primitive. — originelle 

— primordiale. — enticre 

— /loignle. — terrestre 

— indirecte. — d/pendante 

— rationnelle. — exist ante 

— n/gative. — positive 

— certaine. — incertaine 

— inconnue. — indtterminle 

Ih ipouslrcnt la cause de don Carlos 




Cr wsrbe is fdaer ripaca gaffe [is fctstar. c Jfcfce] aefasacs. 

gaaoe bes 8o0 oaf. 

So* e^bf f#ie§t «i#t ; cf fSaat fid) isacabtoe. 

€r insr ant f^Baca States atyt pi foaga. 

etc fiab as bai nsn#tes ocfosascs. €k fab ifecf 

de toftcs fid) tvu Mfe ffrCItssg yagryars. 
Oct. bic fB&sbe bcf$obtat, tottb |wfiyifi<^ OcfUnft 

fW 0ffcstnd)c8 SerlSttfcs locrbca srfxfiti} gstc €offtM fajscB 

asfadaaft {tDt$gc\4fUBppt). 
3d) sisxte tost Aeocs aberrant 
eU toerfisa fid) Brit best &r§e is tycos ftlcibc 
^d) gisa fifd)eB, fisa after 9Kd)t0. 
j{>ie 9tf$e laffes fid) sid)t fasces. 
3d) fisa mtfftnt $<d)tc 
^d) fisa ba* terafcfaffesbc ftflb jeitia asf . 
^d) tost pi \p&t, vm bes $sa aspttxeffes. 
6ie basses so^ jdrig pnr $eft> fr **** crfl ssi fictes U$r 

6eis Stage fccgeasetc best mrialflen. 
£sd)$asb(er leges u)re ©aorta g«f<$ma<ft»ll ist €4 fruifoi f Uc 

asS, ssi baft Huge baraaf pi pe^es. 
$err <L ift aid)t fid)ec 5a treffen; after- an 5 ttyr toetbes €ie 

ifyt pi $asfe fisbes. 
9x ift eftes asp* ftostor gegaages ; after ©ie Bsses tys cis* 

ffoUn, toess €te Iaafes. 
^d) fa§te bie tRdobie fe$r f d)seS auf . 
fRarie, f agte cr, iabem cr steises Vrm ergrtff. 
@onw^t ?adxn att $afy>es ftsb onftefenb. 
3d) tetapptt aieiaen Usages stit eiacr ^feife us SRssbe. 
3d) erfa§te bes gatenteapfatyt, am mid) twr eiscst gall is bie 

$offe J tt tetten. 
& ift nor eiae e^tisge (^aKe). 
Hntoortcn Bit nid)t asf jotcn 6d)ei) ; e8 ift ein ^aks ba* 

Winter (eft fteft ftttxjaS ba^iater). [tcs. 

2>o8 ift Wn grower e^wirt, trots ©ie 2 ^fasb bafftr ftejatf- 
2)ie Hnftetfung eiaer €eu^e flie^ea. 
(gis ihiftoft (BfolflQeiger). (Ein©tid)toort 
<ftne&$tu||eile. €inetid)t«§. 

20ir toaren auf ber ©ud)< nad) i^m. SBir Iauertes i^m asf. 
Sine lategortfd)e (ftefUnnnte) Hntoort geftes. 
3^ antoortete lategorifd) (ftefHnunt) auf fcine ?rtagen.[tiisg. 
£$eaterbirettoren berforgen bad ^uftlintnt stit acifliaer 92aV 
3d) bin rihnifdVlatft,oltfd). 3$ bin ein r«inifd)et Itat^olit 
Die rthnif (^=fatb,oUfd)e Religion, 
ftatft.olifdje (allgemein menfd)lid)e) (Srunbfd^e. 
icat^olifc^e 0ufd)auungen ($efid)t8puntte). 
9t0mifd)er «at^oliji§nra§. 
Die icat^oliptat (ttagemetn$eit) cincr 3bcc 
«ine ^erbe JBieft,. SineSieft.ft^rbe. 
2)a8 ed)iff „«onbon" fd)tffte 500 €t5<f »ic^ auS. 
SWjfcanrfcit. 8ieft,feud)e.— §cttrt »ie v . 9Rafhric^ 
ed)Iad)ttjicb,. ^robiantoieft,. 
^orntieft,. — ©ne Cieb^ftrbe. (Einfferd). 
St^ierfcbau. »ieb^iu8fteltung. 
»icb^ud)t. »ieb,mar!t. 
»ic^fld)tet. — ^reidbieb,. 

€d)tpanj. ©^toanjfBnniger Hnb,ang. [ftsb. 

anit ber (SMutfSbsaube (beat ^€tmc) geboten fein. (Rn atfltf^ 
92ebenurfad)e.— aftioe(fetbfttb / &Hge)ttrfad)e. lUHDerOnutb. 
Sor^ergeb^nbe U. — Offenbare tt. 
OefHrnrnte tt.— Srtrefte tt. 
XBefentIid)e tt. — ftrembe tt. 
@runburfad)e. — 9eu§ere tt. 
XBirfung8reid)e tt. — CnbpDed*. 8tx>c(furfad)e. 
Sitbenbe* ^rinjip. Sr^engenbe irraft. — Sormctle XL 
VHgemeine tt.— ttnmittelbate tt. 
ttnberanbertii^e tt. — ttncrgrflnblid)e tt. 
ttntrugtt$e U.— ttncnblicbe tt. [U. 

3nffotntentaturfa<$e. — 3ntefltgentt (felbftbesm§t ttrtrfesbe) 
3nsere tt. — ttnfld) tbart tt. 
ttnbegreiflid)e tt. — Vnregenbe tt. 
ttnabb.angige tt.— anaterieflc tt. 
anotalifd)c tt. — Begriinbenbe tt. 
<8elegentlid)e (jufSIiigc) tt. — Serftorgene tt. 
^artienett.— ^afftoett. 
^b,t?fifd)e U. — «rfte tt. (tttfraft, ©ott). 
8»xite tt.— (Warurgcfefce, ©ef^»»fe). 
@runburfad)e. — Urf»runglid)e tt. 
Httfaug«urfad)e.— ©oOftSnbige tt. 
dntfernte tt.— 3rbif<$e tt. 
3nbirette tt.— Hbftangige tt. 
©ernunftige U.— ©efte^enbe tt. 
Hegatiw tt. — ^ofitite tt. 
©etoifte tt. — ttngetpiffe tt. 
ttnbefannte tt. — ttnbcfKnnnte'tt. 
eie naftmen fid) ber ©ad)e bed ©on (Eado* an. 

He made common — with the Pretender... 

He remained tine to his — 

We ire fighting (or (in) a good — 

I wonder what ia the — of it 

You have no — to'gramhle (For grumbling) 

Vour wife is the — of all this misunderstand 1 ng.. 

1 I'lcndtd ihe — of this poor woman 

I made her — my own 

I defended the — of Christianity 

Wilh"iit just and reasonable — ... 

Kul if sterility depends (Jpoo a — which it is in: 
possible to remove 

All tHM who fought in the — of their cuunliv - 

He fell in the — of freedom 

I gave you no — to treat me thus 

Without — . No effect without — 

It gives — for suspicion 

If that is so, you have good — for refusing 

Vou must trace Ihe effect to the — 

— and effect 

In the — of Slick p. Slack 

What — do you attribute it to? 

What — had you to hit that chilil? 

That does not ciplain it : you might jusl ns well 
say that Tenlerden Steeple is the — of Good- 
win Sands 

I certainly should fight him at law, if you think 
you have a good — 

Vou have good — to complain 

Krom no apparent (perceivable)— 

If he punished you, you must have given him — 

Vou must not complain without just — ... 

Heiithe— ofit alt 

Causality B the faculty of tracing the relation o[ 
— nnd effect 

Doctrine of final — 5 

The — of-* 

CAUSE, (-■). Opium -s sleep 
The failure of the bank — d intense 
The excitement — d by the failure of the bank is 

now allayed 
I don't know what — d the mistake 

He — d me to write that letter 

What — d you to withdraw your promise? 
Napoleon — d I tunnel to be pierced 
H« — d the Duke d'Enghien to lie shot [to ignite 
The fusee, having burnt to the end, — s the powdi 
The wound — d me considerable pain 

1'alse news often — s mischief 

It is not known what — d the fire 

His death was — d by fracture of the skull 

lie who —s the sun to revolve ... [forlur 

CAUSER. They are the -s of all this mis- 

CAUSTIC. A - reply. A — old gent 
To touch up n sore wilh — 

CAUTION. («.) Well, you're a — I ... 
Did she really shut the dour in your face? Welt, 

that's a — 1 
The following mean in to-day's "Times" — ! 

The public ti learned agaimt, &-(. 
In such transact inns great — is necessary 
Three of the soldiers were shot, as a — to the r 

- for the amount 

Ileforc you can be appointed tax-collector, you 

must deposit ,£500 — money [not to go there 

CAUTION, (v.) 1 have repeatedly — ed you, 

CAUTIOUS. He is a very -man ... 

lie — of him 

lie — how you set about it 

lie — how you trust him 

He is too — for that ... 

I was extremely — in what I said lo him 

CAUTIOUSLY. A — worded reply.,. 


CAVE. Thc- 

CAVtL. He— s at everything I say or do 

CEASE. He has -d to live |aul) ... 

Ilfiltausc commune az^c le Pr.'lendanl ... 

II resta fidllc A sa cause 

Nous cembaltons pour la /tonne lame 
Je me demandi quelle en est la cause 

II fut cite" decant le pour faiiy I .;.■'<>//■ 
motifs centre I 'attribution de patemit.- ,0/lLi 
emtre lui [ptaindrc) 

Vous tfavex fas de motif de munnurtr fdc vans 
C'est voir! femme qui est cause de tout ce malcntendu 
Jt plaidai la canst di ' 
J'Jpeusai sis intertts. 
jt ,:'/i,ii,/is la cause du ekristiatiismc 

Sans cause juste el raisonnable 

Mais si la stirilitl depend d'une cause qu'il 1 

impossible d'eearter 
Tous ccux qui ont combat tu pour leur patrie 

It tombapour la cause de la liberie, 

Je ne ants ai donni aucun motif de me trailer ain 

Sans cause.— Pas d'eftl salts cause 

Cela donne lieu mix soupcons ... [refia, 

S'it en est ainsi, vous avts de bonnes raisons four 
ftfaut remonter de I'tfiet & la can 


Dans It precis Sliti centre Slack 

A quelle cause I'allribuei-voust 

Quelle ratson avti-vous ette pourfrapptr eel enfant? 

Cela h'!sI pas uric explication, it 11 y a pas plus di 

rapport entre les deux doses qu entre It Grand 

lure et les tours de Noire Dame 

Si veus croyet que votre cause csl bonne, a voire place 

jeporlerais certainement ledH'al devantla justie 

II ne faut pas vous sans bonne raiso* 

Cat lui qui est cause de lout 

La tausaliti est tafaeulle qui nous fait pereevoir les 

rapports de cause et d'effet 

La doctrine des causes finales 

La cause des causes 

L'opiumfait dormir 

Lafaillile de la banquc causa bcaueoup dVmotion 
Venation causle par la faillite dt la banqut e: 

maintenanl calmk 

Jt tie sais ce qui a occasionnf t'errcnr 

It me fit Arire cette tettrt 

Qu'esl-a qui vous a fait retirer voire promt sstl ,, 

Napoleon fit perccr un tunnel 

II fit fusilier It due d'Enghien 

LafusAr, en st consumant, met lefeu J la poudre.. 
La blaster! nufaisait beaucouf de mal [ficheuse 
Les faussts nouvelles ont souvenl des consequences 

La cause de Vincendie est internum 

Sa men fut causfe par unefraiture du trine 

Celui qui guide le soleil dans sa course 

Ce semi eux qui ont fail tout le mal [caustr'qui 

Une reponse caustique. — Un vieillard a I'espril 

CauL'riscr une plaic 

Cemmc vous tvilA fait I 

RIellemcnl, ette vous aftrme' la parte aunczl Quis'y 

Avis. I j public est prU de se m/fier de [dt 
Dans les affaires dece gen re it faut bcaueoup de pm- 
Trois des soldais furent fusilles, en guise d'owertis- 

sement pour les autrcs 
I-atcust en fut quittc pour une rJprimande 

It faut fournir caution pour la somme 

I'ourpomoirlrre nomm/pereeptcurdes contributions, 

it faut diposer un cautiennement de fjoo 

Je vous aitrverti A plusieuri reprises dent pas pallet 

Je lui ai conseillt de nt ritn avoir A fatre exec lui 

L'aceus/, aprli avoii iti dilmmt averti que tout , 
quit dirait pourrail fir, ' 
la declaration suivante 

it pourrail fire invoqul cenlrt lui. Jit 

C'est UH hommi trls-prudcnt , 

Atlfiet-vous de lui. Soya en garde contrt lui 

Prtnei-vous y ante cirtonspeclion 

Ne vous fitth lui qu 'A ben tscitnt 

// est Irep prudent pour cela . . [lions avec lui 

Jt me tins furl sur la reserve dans mes cemmunica- 
Unt rlponse faite en termes fori circenspects [apfasn 
Agisset avec bcaueoup de circonspeclien dans cell. 
Ae vous avanea qu'avec prkaution [ner la partii 
La cavtrne du dlscspoir. S'avoucrvaincu. Abandon - 

II me ehtrckt toujours viistrt 

t II a etui di vivrc 


Cr madjtr g<inrin[4aftlid)e Saijt rail ha t$m£eWHte. 
Er blieb feintr Saajerreu. 

ilhi lamvffii fiir CON nuts gadie [in einct gnten Saejc]. 
34) roCtfjtt genie ttiffen, ioo3 tar Wrunt tat tit (bie fens> 

laffung tain) tft. 
Sr mutt* tor Weriljt gdatai, urn (due Wriiiitt tuniiiirkit, 

nunim i^m titBaterfAud bet stinbcJ nldjl jpaMfMKi, 

iwrbtii (oEte. [idiiucrPt]. 

ei($obtn trine lltfaay (Mitenfflruut], \n nuirmi ^n SJe 
;1&« Srau tft *t« Urlat* titles fanyM ■Uiifttrvftonbiiiflts. 
3* wtttMt tit £.io>c bitfet arrorn grail. 
^dj nuilite ibtt £j*e (U mtincr rigtnen. 
34 Mrrbtf Digit tic Sadie tee ttbriiftiift'UiiiS. 
CfciK tinea Qcrtajl<.-n unt m-niinfti.jtii LUrinit. 
Siknn aba- tit tlufmditbjrtrit eintii Wruiit tat, ten ju trfri- 

iiatnunmooliajift... [!«i. 

3111c Mtjeniarn, iwloV fiiv tit Sadie il;«!l Sntcilulltt* Kiruri 1 
fir pel fur bte €ao>c bet grei^cit. [tttauttm. 

3d) jjb 311mm ttini ifiei.ini.iiMin.i. t.hitii iHviitib), mi* (u (it 
Cljnt Wninb (llrfaoje).— arine a'irtiinfl otme Urfaftt. 
lift aitt Stunt (»nlti6) 511m Xignstfae. [nlnfl. 

VHtna taa fH fo tevlMli, taben Sie niittn Wtiint (iir B dg e 
i=ie tnuffnt tie KUirtuna ouf tit llr(jd)t iiiriierfiiljttn. 
Uvijifcc unt ttJirnina. 
;ln ter ?.»:.\ eiiif toatca ; 1 ■. .r . 
WtUta llefadje (Areiben 2 it ti )u? 
■:,M--u 1 ■11111P lutleii Sit, taS .'(iiit in fajtantn? 
Sat IP bine CtRaninfl taffit; Sk nitntcii elHn(o gilt (iignt, 

t«f Hi i.'iriiiiifinjliniiiit ten WiiifcltMrV'n(ttttn jujiu 

fdjretbeit fin*. 
3d) reerce fidjer jerid)t1ioja<iifn ib.n norjetjen, nitiin Sic cinen 

guten iSmnt gu taben gUuben. 
i£ie taten |Mni ' "• Stlage. 

S116 ttintni rnidjtlidieii (ipjttmttMntMrcn] kSninbe. 
aiitnn et sle ttRtdff bat, raiijieil Bit ibm edit Wetaillatiuilj" gegcbcii tabeii. 
Sie niiiffen ii* i-bnt gcrittiten $tunb niajt bcRa^cn. 
i;v ift bit linage cwi all Hitfem. 
Jiaufalitj! ift tas eermCgen, ta-j SJeriiidiiiii sicifdjtn UrfaJje 

BnHBirliinjiaiif infill ten. 
Die t'ebrr can bet ^luedinatijteit bet SeScvfuiij. leleotoaie. 
Iw Utarunb. 

Cviuitt 0tmrfac>t gd)la[. C. fajliifctt ein. 
Ta« rvaulment btr SBnnl Ktntfadite gciwillifle ftufr«j|iinil. 
3>ie bara> baa galltment btr Bant Ktutfa^tt 9ufteiiuna tat 

34 Deifi ntojt, tooSbcn3mf!Uit!KTiir|adit (va,-iiil,if:i) t. ,t 
lit fitfj (titi) raid) bitten Vttef fdjreibai. 
fflal oetanlatle Sie, 3br ilerfprcdieii surlief)iiiKb,men? 
Wapiilesn tiej einen lannel barren. 

fir tiej ben ©erjtfl ton feigH'tn etf^ieScn. [et ba? (MW 
fflmn bn 3unbcv bit jum «nta abjebrannt ift, (o entjlliibet 
X'\t ffiuabe Krotialjte mlt atcStn gdiraerj. 
tiiiie [al(aicFladiti4tri4tetoftltii6titan. 
Bit Urfaa)c bet) Stanbee Ift unbtlannt. 
£ein 2ob rtnibe tuca) einen Sdwtefl'rudj beibeij.-ffiKt. 
L-e, ir,l*n- tu- .Snine fill) tief-ui |fi|t 
sit iint bk llrtettr biefes gonien llnalild'ca. 
Sine »huibt mil eintm ilinniittel (mil Cfinenfietii) l~dtrcia)!ii. 
91un, Sit (tab mir ein fdiSiiet Serf |ciii£<luujracr$cajt)l 
IHadjIt 6te Birtlid) Jbnen bie Ibiltt tet tat 3la(t JU? EoS 


. ■■: limeS : nnfiicMfjUHaituiij. 

lOatnutia)! 1'ai l'liblihim i-jivt gematntDtr,.. 
«ei fot*en yett)aiitluiijen ill jtsfw Bicrfiait natftij. 
r-rcl ben tan ooltaten iturten jut (ii jtiiiuijj |ili ble Ubrlgrn 

Tei fflrianaene tan mlt cinet StcmiatiuinQ ItS. 
l\t raillien Siltjifiwfi (Siojerbrii) fiir an tfctragftttleit. 
0M Ml iirai itcunri unt timet ttrtnniit raertan lonneit, 

mliffen Cie 500 ¥faab a« BnattCTt bintcilegot. 
34 tat* Sie rolrttitalt genarnt, binjujtben. 
Kaa)bemberllii.i(li. : ■■ t--1r.111faufrae.t- 

(am gmiaeSt irarben rear, bef aOt (tine »U*fa(ta at* 

5eagniB gtgen Un ari-'tauo)! wttten Kiuiten, flab n 

lie ift ein fetr tmrlvitlfltt (btl>ai|,iiiin ] 11;. inn. 
i-iflten 3ie fi4 tot ibm 

eebeti eit fid) twt, tole Sit bit €acje anfalTen. 
Seicn £ie aiif 3brer ftut, toie men 6tt fin ttoiitn. 
I.ifiit ifter (11 l'L't'iati : l 

34 teat oiiterft Uoniditig ia ben. mal id) iBrti (aate. 
*anbdn Sit feo" bebulfam ll tar itnaeleaentuft. 
gie miilfen Ettfi4tla in Eteh getaa. [getan 

Hit liefr tetBtrueiel(lung.— £idi file taric,|l «tlJten. 3(aa), 
Ift latelt (tcttittrll) «Bd, Ita' i4 faje ottt tbue. 
(ft bat aaf gtbett iu hben da (ein] ■ 


I worked away 
He ha* long si 

that htm 
lie hm — d to lie one of Ihe directors 
On Monday iml the coach to L. will — 
The fever (the pain) has — d 
Hit visits liecame lest frequent, and — J altogether 

I don't — work till S o'clock 

A. MOB at he had — d to speak . . . 

— that noise! 

— annoying me ! 

Ii has— d to rain 

I I .. i! ■! raining?. .. 

"Where the wicked — from troubling" ... 

U'.ll, miracles never — ! 

CEDE. I'utkey — d Cyprus lo England 
In that respect England must — the pall 

France UltMttDje 

We must — lo Germany the pmsttMttM 
In poml >>f rank, an estrJ — a precedence u 

I — 6 the noond le Hie company for £$ooo 

m ,,.»-,,,, B ,.,.„.i 

I — .1 him the ri^ln I" -.liout <jn my cslale 

I'll not — to him in that [its enkes 

CELEBRATE. (v. & ad/ .) Ilinbury is— d for 

The Rev. C. II. —■] do the ooauion 

lie — d the marriage rites 

To — religious rites [S. 

The in. iiii.i : v: ceremony was duly — d by the Rev, 

Tip in.'" !.i (r-i.ury, N:c.) 

A — d man, (writer, engineer. &c.) 

[I i . I liivtorical fact, that 

"I '.:■■;■ in, ri in ice a year, to — the manor} of i lu ll 

I jciic factor 
The Puritans — the anniversary of their ex pa- 

:l.lill;li;e .. 
The — of the Anniversary of Aineriean hide- 

Large bonfires were lit, in — of Guy Fawkcs 


v.l.-h - 

CELERITY. With due - 

CELE8TIALjoy ( i,.|, 

— peace Ibcnuty, creature) 

— state (realm, inn.-cence) 

— world (eons to Hat I on) ... 

— I unity (land) 

The — s are looking down upon us poor ir 

Tin' ruler Of the — empire 

CELL. Three day* black (nIIWj) — s 

OELLAR. in.!" i i i;.uiei 

Tii lit ilnwii wine into a — 

CEMENT. A tirmly -ed friendship .. 
— eil together by bond; uf lnulherly affection 
United by the — or lunlherly love .,, 

The itoiM en bound with — 

CENSURE. Such conduct it worthy of — 
Hi m leveiely — d fur haviog ... 

Tin' iT liiill ■ ■! ■ !i '■■■.! I 

CENSURABLE. His conduct is highly — 

CENT. I have not a red - 

On money in the live per — s ... 
live per — it allowed for cash 

I mute - mi - otd oftbc tnmctioo .. 
CENTRE. In the — of the earth 

i ■ meat is suitable for a — piece ... 

-ed in her bay ... 
All Ml thoug ht ! pre — d booh m ' 

lb if - 

II i. ii-! quite in the — 

the headline? 

I I II i'i. - twice 

Cork U the — of (for) the Irish butter trade 

iiy uf an object 
CENTRAL. A -■ trtuatfot) 

A house — Iv silnmed 


CENTURY In the course of . 
1 Ii- iln-'l in ill- !»-:;i, ming of the fifteenth — 
—ics have gone by since then 

CEREMONY. He snatched i. 
was reading without any — 

LI a ecssi d'itrt dircdeur . . . 

l.undi pnxhain la diligence de L. 

La five ( La doiilcur) a ecssi 

Scs viiilis •ievinrcnt mains frffwnltt, et eesslrcnt 

eomplettmcnt en juin 
Jt ne cesie di travailkr qua huit kcurcs ... 

AuisitSI qu'iteut (ml ( 'aekeve ') dc parltr 

Cessa ct bruit ... 

Cesset dc m'ennuyer 

// a ctsst dt plcuvoir 

La ptuie ad-c/lc cessif 

Oil Ui mbimttt ccsscnt dc nuirt ... 

// fitnt rriir miracle 

La Tnrquic a cidi tile de Chyprc a t'Anglttcrre ... 
Sous cc rapport t'Angttltrre doit cider la falmc i 

la Frame \nence ii VAlleniapu 

En fail de iittirature nous dcuoils cider la pricmi- 
En fait de prlsianec un marquis a 1c pas sur tin 

Je c/ditt le terrain A la compagnie au prix de JC500C 

Jt ne elderai pas man terrain 

Je lui of concidi le droit de chaise sur ma propriiU 

Jc tit lui elderai pas dans cctle question 

Banbury est rcnomml pour us g&teaux 

Lc revh-tmt C. If. c^eiait en celte rirctmstoHee ... 
lie/libra la tiritiiome dii mariage (ituptialc) 
CMbrer lei ritts religuux ... \ie nWrcnd S. 

La cMmonie ./. ■ . ■' I M l WMlt' t/UhA fiat 

CMI.rtr la messe < unc file, etc.) 

I ',: ■■■../■■■.. 

Ceil unfait hiitorique Hen teunu que 

Lis sc rhtnisscnt line fais pitr un pour ciL'tor la 

minwii-c dt leur bienfaiteur 
Lcs puritains amirieains cilibreat I anniversair, 

dc leur expatriation [oil 

Loudomtcrry,celibre dans I'hiitoire commc I'cndroit 

CilSralion du manage 

La ilUl'ration de I'annivcrsaire de la declaration 

d'independanee des Etatt Unis 
On alluma de grands feux dc joie pour ci/Srcr 

/'..■ .■,:...-. ■ : .■■■■ '■ i ' ..- ■ .■.-.■ .-.■:.- /. .. 
L'exccllence de son drop appcli tivecd a rendu t/H- 

trt la villi dc Galashiels 

C 'est une cll/btitl ' kossaise 

Avtc la dlfriti convenable 

/,./, (llonhcur, /latitude) UUtU ... 

f.tix (licautl, Crialurc) citcste ... 

Elat (Royaumc, Innocence) cll.ste... 

Afondc celeste— Constellations du cid 

Puretl clles/e. — Tore cileite 

Les bienheureux, du haul du ihl. ahiissent leurs 

regards sur nous, panvres mortils 

Le sonvtrain de I' Empire citcste \laire, 

Trois jonrs dc cachet nat'rf ' d'entprisonnemcKt tcllu 

De la cave augrenicr , 

Deseendrc du 

Unit A"" In Hens dc I'amour fraternt! 
Les picmi sent rcli/es par du dment 

line ptreitte eoitduitc est lilJmable [t, 

ll fut fort blSmi d'avoir (vivement critiaui pour 
Vatiwn dti gweruenutit fut ouvertement blimle 

Sa comluitt pn'te fort a la critique. 

fc n' ni pas un rouge liar,!, fc n'ai ni sou ni math 

Je pfafiti moil argent en cinq pour cent 

On danne cinq pour cent d'es. ample mi com plant .. 

J'ai gagni cent pour cent dans celte affaire 

An centre de la tern 

Cet ob/et ronvicnt pour pi.\ c de milieu 

Toutes ses affections se concentraienl sur son enjiin 
Toutes its peniles n'ont qu'un but: gagner de I'ar- 

Le ehef-cenlrc f-nian [genl 

Ce n'ett pis bieii an milieu 

Eaut-il mcltrc le tltrc couranl au milieu? ... 

J'ai touch! dcuxfois le blane 

Cork est le centre dn commerce de bcurrc en trtaiidc 
A fin de dvitver le centre de gratdfi d'un objet 

I'm situation ecntrale 

Vnc maison dans une position centralt ... 

Force centrifuge 

Dans le cours del sifcles 

11 mourut au commencement du quiHsibne Steele... 

Des tisclei it sent kettle's depuis 

Cest taftui grande invention de et sifrlc... 

II m'arracha sani clrlmsnie des maim le liv 


s in iuui 

Irei* uril 

M art-dtetr Ml flanirn Xob nuaufWrtiJi t>jran. 
Ur tyil fril Senjen aiifjtWrt, ttcitiiiitiiitjtn t 

•Sefe^Sfte JU nmerljj Utti . 
lit i(t nil*! meet in tet lirettinu. 

■ i Daati naai S. fcin* Botrn 
Vat Sitbtr [Drr E^mrrj] but nufgelilirt |^JdlflcLl^lt« , , 
■2 rinc JMu.tic iruttin DKnigct tatina u::: QOittu in Jiiui 

flan) auf . 
',i;i in .:■:,■ «jl inn 8 Ulir Sderaboio. 
■iubjlb cr sufiifbSit tuitt jn fiiiica)ca. 
tereit Sir toil enn Sicinr auf I 
(fan Sic .in', niiaj.oi bdaftigra t 
iti bat oiifjje bart ffl rrgncit. 

iSn tie SBfnr niajt mcbi flabrn. 
S!un, .inaj Iwiite nod) jefdjdirn KUuiibct 
X'it Zlirtci Vai lim-mt en Qnglaiib atgrtrttcn 
3n biefec ilcjirljiina rmife Snglan*. Bur !Vrai " 

ItddL [rW 

»ii nnillcii X«utfd)Ianb tm Ucn.iii] in btt 
fiinltditliii) te8 Wanjcs (oraltci tin msli|d)cr (Suf einta 

■ffior.ruia brn BKtdtt, 
34 flbttlicfi bee edcUIHwft bn3 Brurttjulif (fir 5000 *fme 
3* njerbr mrintn etantbunrt nirbl ouffltben. 
.IJi i-.-.umtii Jim bag Hitojt cln, auf uitmna tyfujibB 
aoi wcrbi it;ni batin ni*t liaCyflrScn. 
*ai[buni i)t luCjicn liinit Bud«n &trC v oit. 
fflto. Ii. S. tjltlt bti Set iMcacntfil bra iSetttitttnlt et 
frr narini bic Sfiiuatliui^-Jfiiil ECI. 
lit HliaifRii Rei«['i<lilciti;ii nbballni. 
Xi( 2i.miu[|) rravbt em S(D. ©. Icinlirb twrflOlolt 
Tit Mltflt Irfee.-IKnc oeftlidjleil btartjat K. 
Gin btriilimtci ffllatm [SajriFtftcllii-. jiijiciuoit :c. 
US ifl tint 6tTu>nit fjifi™(d(( lljciliaajt. bofj.. , 
Sis [ummtn im ^afal lafeMB, 11m b 

ibreJ ©obliliatcr* 511 fticrn |[tfili6 jii bejirtcn) 
Silt ^urilanev fritim ben 3ovre31ag ffjter _ 

Eaitaiibttttt, fcrfrbrat in btr «f(*id)l( d[5 te Crt, e 

till l1j[|[ 11*1 III Sltrm j li I un flSftin. 

Sic 3a6teSfcin (Sir %c\tz in 3.iMattaejtni(ltt) eer 01 

Eatiif4<n Unob^iiii]iaItit*«riIininfl. 
Wraje JeiitmirrT; miittni jut ftricr bc«3o^veBlajie« btr. t 1 "! 

1 .VI-.: I ITI-, Hill ■ ,1' \t\ ■■ ll'll 

Coilbmlliril lOTfiliaRt (ennortra). 
«r i[t cine Tdic-tliftfw Stdilraitljcit. 
'.Uiii ta lU'liujcn SttiK Hi. licit (Wclrijroinbigltit). 
SMminlifdje gwube [liiiiinililtbcS iglfin*, tj. eclifltdt]. 
&iiranli[cb,i ,.. :,ii. Ijiniralifd* 

(jiminclreicf), — ^iunulifaic Un[ojHlb. 
OittimtleimK.— (inimliHc Jtenittl'tattuH, 
*> i mini i(ajc 3( ci illicit .-(iiiu»iti(a)(S feint. 
I u .i>;i![i;ilii\l\>l 11; Jill auj illlj arnic gtrrb 

3kr ©tbcnf*" bc8 ftimuiWcncii tltotSc! (CSiiin*) 
■Brci Inge $oft in buiitlcr iJeL*. — 3.ici laoc liinjct! 
torn SrOrt bis 111m epeiaVt. 
IBcin in tlnrn itrflir frbrolcn. 

Ginr feft acritttte (bcfii'gclk) omtnb|fVaIt. (3un 

iliiiinnrm'ii.iLlittLt (Vlvs irnfrnj bunfi tic Jiantt trflt 
atcrctniat bnn* ba« 83anb brfilwrlie)cr tide. 
; it striiic ii'LTfcii rail linnfiii tcilitlct 'witirnben). 
(fin folijrtSrnrtBieii uerWnil labcliiJnrcrvliKijuna, MfijeJ- 
tft mitcbc fttcii.i lit I,; bill (liiii'ili, ii'.-H cr.. battr. 
SAt I^at bet SPicaitturM li'iirbc riltu (ictiijt Iflflabeil). 
■2tiii S'ciicl'incli ifi b?di^ l.ibcIiiSlMrtb. 
3a> babr ttlnot mttjen ^rUn. 

3d) Icfltt racin Belt in (linftirojin linen ^tiinHrjatitttn an. 
i*ci 'Jiiat-,,1 bin 11,1 jilnl llri-'jfnt Hi .1 la 11 bcicillifit leerbot. 
3d> iicic.iim 100 Snqini (baS Imvrc'«J *<i b*n W 
3m Uiaildbuntte btr Ifrbc. 

3)i(fer Sirtrat^ rtptr fit, M SlitltlftM («ti(letauf 
arjngnnir iViirHi*l(itimi',i»f ibt9lii6,jrrio>tct(toi 
'.lib- iiiiic niL'i.mrcii sitloi auf tStlbmunb. 
Ta* ^auBt bet feniittcn Vfi'idjrobniiia. 
SdB id) bit llrbctlarifl in tie SHitte !c«cii? 
34 rcaf jineirnal bat Senrruot. 
(to! i(t brr ^liltclBUIiIt tei iri|4cn ^ultrvKnlN;L*. 
II m ben ■ScVim-r/ittilt rinel iJlcjenfianbcJ jn fiubeu- 
liinrtentrnli Sage. 
ISin im Wlltctl'Unlt aclejflte* fauS. 
HcnttifUiialtra(t. Sliebrrafi. 
3m Pauf bet 3abitm liberie, 
tir l|l im Bnfangr btS fiinficbntcn 3abrt|unbertel qi 
.'.'.ill, in lint ,1al'i'luiiitt'i'ie I'ttflolfcn. 
GSilibieiiriifiti'iiTiiiiMiii.iuiii.:: "..iirbiuibortl, 
lit H.ii'in nbnt H'rilerS (obiie allc Umft-'intw) haB UiMI 
mil be(l<ii Scttiirr iaj getabc tcld|.i\ii ji ia 

Make yourself al home; we don't stand upon — 

Help yourself lo anything on (he [able, and don't 
use — ies [king 
Vnu nut obtcTVe cert.iin — ies in approaching Ihe 
The Rev. C. performed (he marriage — ... 
Thematteiof— fai 

CERTAIN. In — respects. In a — degree . 

To a — extent. Up lo a — point 

Tn —cases. At — times 

I may give yuu a (ook in to-night, hut I won't be - 

llei-iery — about it 

There are — fijims which have tol>e gone through 

IiuIiul- you can fvt married 
Then is :i — class nf people, who. 
I don't know what he may do; but thai much is 

— , he'll not go to law 
There is a — tonwlhing about him, which 
There are — i ■ i uliciiiMiincnts 
Ile'il not come li-jre again, that I am quite — (of) 

It is not at all — when he might return 

I could not say for— 

I am -of it. I know it for— 

— reasons prevented him 

Tim — of that fact 

That lie will come to gTiefis — 

A — rumour Is circulating, which, although it is 

not confirmed, causes considerable uneasiness 

in tin.- ihi rrhnMrn 

The news is quite — 

For — reasons, which I need not mention 
In order to be — , I asked him myself 

It is by no means — 

He has a — way of malting these cakes ... 

I am not at all — on that point 

Nothing is more — than that 

He is very — about the truth of the statement 
(In a - day, when 1 happened to lie out... 
He is to my — knowledge past fifty 

CERTAINLY. I shall tell him most - 

That — is rather hard upon you 

Shall you come yourself.' — 1 shall 

CERTAINTY. He'll come for a - 

His defeat is a dead (moral) — 

I should not like to s|>eak with — 

I could not say with any degree of — , whether .. 

There is, however, this advantage : Though my 

income is small, it is at all events a — 

I know it for n — (by his death 

It cannot be ascertained with — , how he cams 
The — of befall Banished for it, deterred him ... 
He'll lie killed to a— 

CERTIFICATE. My n mad handed in a doc 

tor's — to show that I nttM ill lo attend 

A marriage — ... ... [personally in court 

A — nl "death. — of'iaptisin 

I ' i -of his medical attendant, leave 

fiven him lo reside abroad 
.irikru]>l iilitained his — 

— of discharge 

The Hoard of Ttade suspended the captain' 
for six months 

CERTIFICATED. A — teacher ... 

CERTIFY. Thi^ Mo -that 

I. Caleb Caudl.j, hen.-liy — I hat 

The witness — icd to the prisoner's sobriety on 

that o — : - 



To fret ami— ~ 

The s.nlille — d off the skin 

CHAFF. Rarity of - - hut Mule wheat 

I'i ^ive me any of your — 

He does not like lo be — ed 

I — ed him about it ... 

He can't stand being — ed ... 

CHAIN. The link ol a — . Endless — 

A — stitch, his linked like a— 

The — of circumstance* 

A link in the — of evidence is wanting 
The lUrfldl were MM to Pulkod in — • 

— -- ilii- liefoie you go lo lied 

-s. — ed hand snd fool 

. 'in in drag ihf 

■ - up the dog . . 

F.I jc puis tioni dire sansfifiiti' qui I 
Stilts fiiu de facons je Im 

■ ,;■ vrtrt ,ii,:, turn m fidum font* 

/actus (nous ,i^isii>iii .: la bonne fnuiquette) 
Frencz sur lit (able i e quit rous plaira, et ntfaites 
pas de/i,ons [eMMtnui 

Quant/ on appioclie It >■,■', ■/ /ml observer eirtaincs 
Le reverend M. '.'. 

Le matlre des cM'iitouies ... 

Sous ctrtaint rapports.— A un CWtain 

Jusqu'a iih certain point 

Dans certains cas. — -1 eertainis fpoijites ... 
II vicni/i.1 ccrtaincment |/j..", /,-/■/.■. . 

Jt funny i fntf-ttrt ekes vtw u salt, 

// en parte arc, bene sit? ,1c en titnde . . 

I! y ,t cert,!iiie.iJoriii,i.':':.s qu'il Jnul accomplir aV 

de pouvoir ic marier 
II y a une certain* eltisse Je gens qui 

,'. ..■: 

qii'ilitc portent ptii/'ajftiiredevaiitlcilri.-uit! 

II y a en lui un certain je nc sais quoi qui 

II y a un tariffixe four Ies an nonces [cert. 

On ne le river ra plus iei, /en suit par/ailemeitl 

L'Ipoque de son rttour est fort inierl,tine ... 

Jt ne pourrais le .lire iw altitude 

J'tn mis sitr (certain). — fc le sar .. 

Cert.tines rations i'en empe'ehhent 

Je suis certain du fail 

// est Mors de doute qu'ilfinira mat 

// court certain' bruits, qui. lien qn'ils ne soifnt 
pas confirm,'!, inquicieitt Uaueonp lei at 

f.a uonvellt est tout A fair ccrtaine 

Fourcertaines raisonsqu'i.' est inutile de mentionnet 
Four plus de certitude, jt I'inlerro.eai moi-mlmc. 

Cela n'eil nullemettt certain 

// a une certain! manure defaire ces gAteaiix 

/c h'ch suis pas stir du lout 

Ann de plus certain ... 

II n'a auiuit douti sur la z'.'r/te de at/,- .ie, .'a,- alien 

Un certain jeur oil je me trouvais absent 

// a plus de cinquante am, je le sail avec certitude 

Je le lui dirai trcs-ccrtaineincnt 

C'esl eertainemtnl asset durfiourvout 

Viendres-nnts rwm mtmtt Ccrtainement ... 

// viendra, e'est certain 

Sadtfai'te est chose absc-lumeii! ( moralement jcertaine 
Je if i*ond mis pas enparleitommed'iineehosecertaiiic 
/e in ponrrats dire azve aueun dJgre' de certitude si 
II y ii lonlefois eel avantage: Si men rcvenu est 

mince, il est en tout eai assure' 

Je le sais de science certaine [mart 

On n'a pn s'assurtr avee certilutie del causes dt 
I.-i certitude d'etre pitni I'en d.-tourna 

II sera tul, e'est sir 

Man avoeat remit une attestation de mtdtiin com 

tant que //litis trap malade pour towpimi 

Un certtfical de manage [en pit sonne 

C'n aete de dctis. — Un extrait de baptlme ... 

Sur une attestation de son m.'dcciti, on lui donna 

I'aiitorisation de rJsider J I'etiangcT 

I e failli obtint un concordat [exeat 

Ccinifi.' de liberation du senjee miHtair, {hum host) I 
Le Minislirt du Commerce intcrdit an capilasne 

priulant lit moil le ionimandenteiit d'un 
l"n imtt lutein- 1 p'ofcsieur) diplSml 
/: ee-titie far I'altcslation pre'iente que ... 

l.e soussigni cerlifie que Caleb Caudle 

I.e fi'mem altcsta qui le prJvenu, en celle Kt, 

n'hait pas en itat d'ivrene 

Je puis fJmoigntrd, ia moraliti 

Vm Mm ayant ..;' amelue 

/.'lie p.'.ii! doii.'nureii'.e . . 

S" irriter et le demener 

I j froltemenl de la selle norcha la feeu ... 

I' de paille et pen de grain 

/'.-. .Iiii.p.-riinencesl 

I! n'aime pas qn'on le btagHt 

L ' tnchainemcni de< flirt . 
II y a une la. une dan< 1'enchainemrnl dei preuvis 
I.ei formats fnrrnt en-'nyi'' a Portland enekalnii .. 
.;'«(■ a-.-unt Waller iwm toucher 

finvitfts/r ItTtMJtitftt 

Cue ekaine A i 

Mclte; It ehien ii ia e.'iainc 


anb id) lann Cifiiru i-tim i>«[< lbr|Hnii lira fpecane-) U .. 
3dj icjrt ii'ii etpumtttttt Hi Irawc (imutta. [beg. 
iimai Ete, bU ri £ii in Q«j . 

t'iili: ttmfl JiiK-. 

Stititeii ©le ita) nid|t, uut nchiirip Bit fidj. ta,n6 auf 
ZlMetteft' l'' : " ""'i.' ■■■' I ■■ 

■£it miiiicn .inrifjc .ttnii'.iilitdlcn IipVadiloi, uvim ' 
Wet. II hull Nc >>L'i!i;ttt.if(itrti<)[(U 06. 

;\n flmlfioi ijti|i lira ii; itii.— Jtt oiiuii ntiiHffcn Br.ibf. 
^ivjiiciiiiiihiiii-iri.iii'a-,:!-,' .■i l i:iiii[ii,:i]it,iiiiiniil,';rliiiiiric 
^ii (itiviiicii (t'iiliiitinti'iilnJlk'ii. — jju iini'ilkii il' ) jlcil.ii. 
ttr rinnnit vitivifi i.iitfhR, fidjrilid)!. [iiidjl fid)ii-. 

:;-iL.k!j.i „nM)t Kf tHK »«■> W SfHOI Hot, lt(C :, ip 
St 1(1 taffni anni fidjtr (aiMH. 
<tt (ln» flemift (t'titiiiimti-} ?frmILd.itcittii tjurit>ju!i!(ie>ta, 

beter Sit getraul twtrt n fl'iinttt. 
Si alM riitt fltttiffc aiafie ten teiilrn, l«li*:. ., 
,V! litis uiiM. um-> fr iNiij .ita- ;,i:. ift \iuiilitt) fitijcr, hi|i ct 

ttii Rcdjttmg iiiJ'1 5cMMnjAi 

thlMt dit,i(ii>it(rtitttloiSouflii,UB«.,. 

Ii,' ftitt ti-iiiiiniiir KiMfiir Rnjciscit, [dttttii"). 

Or icirb niftt ititbrr tee ta— tt, beiTat Wn id) ban| lutjit 

Ii; ift lrinc.?lw y v; I'id'ir (,',iivir":K "Mini « ;udi,ttLUiint. 

3d) Wiintt tt nidit fidirr Hfir atitiii) Inflrn. 

^dil'iii Mien ftd'LT l./ii'ii). — ,«1i PXtf d I'.ftiiiuut. 

l«(Wiff( Wriillbt hiclU'll il'll Jb 

'^cli tin bic|cr (iiwhc genii ' M*l- 

2aft tr (U Swibtn Tetionoi invb, ift flricift. 

Hi ift tin afMlfrl Sect4t in Umlaiif. Po8, cVflleitfl rt uii 

ivi"i,iii ; -,i ifi, bo* IcCiiitriitt ItnrutK uiitcc bciiSmii.. 

tidrcn uerDtmi[I. 
T\t 9!ad)rid)t 1(1 jaiij gemifi. 

au* flticilitn (jtriiiiCcH, nvldjc Id) iiidjl jii mffiw tpUJtjl, 
llei mir =idvrl'CH jii t'cvidMiiiii. (i.i,,lc ill) ilin (ribft, 
IH ift teinefneaf fiiScr (*(itiB). 
lit I' .it 1 1 nc [ml'JlMy Mrl, MiieHudKiiv.iiiladicn. 
,\di bin iiMt bicltn 'I'lmlt butajjui iiiajt im Biciiitn. 
WiOtiitftiltwifitr, nWM». 

t£v iff siarn Tidjcr in 4<(;it,i ,iuf bif SsJibi-fifii bcr 
'.Iii.iinin l..iiiiniiiK'li I,;.;e, ii'i'iili'.liii.^illiiCil-jiVi.iiritlvai 
Itiift, Kit id) itdirc < fef t i m ii 1 1 ) Ti?r i iihi .-;■.■ 
5d| incrbt ti ibin flmu flfuiifi iagtn. 

EM<jtR4n<i4 |iitaQ4t«t|tti Me 

Sectcii iitftitjt ti'inmoi? K5cvfwl)i fierj. 

tir rcirMiiiyt ti'imridi 

■2viin WirttiUsK ill due init-tMitjtt inu-rjli(d)t] CStetietjrit. 
?d) lnBdjte jiidil mil ^tfrinimlbt.t h'tMKn. [of.. 

3d) Bnntt ktiioiH,i« mil iVfiimiinl'eil (tVicii'i^tifi fo(t™, 
ju[tHtiiQibl«bitffn»trtt)eil: Ban an* rutin tMMMM 

fltin ift, fo Ift tl hrd) (tbrafUn tin fq'tet (ftftftte). 
34 tttil (8 aeltife (ttftimmii. [Zet foul 

Ii;- Linn nidjt mil tfeftiiitnitiitit fc|i : ic|"(eiit iwrbtu, n-it et bt 
Silt OlttDt^&rit, btsr«,icii ftfimit ^n iwbtn, fd)K*K itju ab. 
kit mir Iiflttlldi iem viieii ctriicrcn. 
liJtiu *nimlt iibttrml. :< tin nrjliititi jVunitili (.in. ir-,!lid, 

Sc(d)cinifluiia|, rafi id) jb It.ral lei, DU ytxfl im.1' B i 
ein 3tau[djtin. (t»aidjt 5U tffrrH 

tiin labicnjdniit— liin laufldxin. 
ilut tav i',fi[[)nifi inn... 1 Jli-,le-i hm It'uitt ilrai tic Grlaubi 

Ttr BnlnHni wtut/i Itine DtraltiAlbtf^'fniguria. 

till tl Jii UKflttitciii. 

Tudtuabdt -illiiiiitttimii nitie(ft( ttn Hafiliii [rLnt-i«nii 

au[6 Woiioit. 
liin .i.viiiriet tctittr. 
.•'itniiil n'irt L'cfdKinjii! (bqeual), bafi... 
3d), IJjlib tlauble, btfdjtinlflt SittiBil, baft ... 
Itt ;ituflt btieii.ilt bit ^uditttiiiitll btt an h ictlajtcn bd |tnrt 

3* Innn feiiien movalifditti fftutottct icidiiita. 
HI* man fid) ifrtt cine XDafftntuM (ein.n iiMftoiitillitairt) 
Sint iibnio-,baft( &!unb*. [awiaigt tjattt. 

itiilt 1111c un-.iit'.ilii-ii iein. 
CrtCftMlm ek..:v,niii'uiit (at']. 
. Lii.l Muni. 

ijiuiitaiajliiiiiiidililiei-jeii. fti tjal t( iiidjl jtrae, 
3d. |Mj iba b.imli auf. [.Hit atdl 

- Wttftttitn omit Itibca. 




J jo .'1 

nt B.llf. 

tiin Rdtdifti* — jMamrntnoifii,!! un 
2 it fltttt IHaldluu.i) vuu 11 111 fen - 
feMI till MO iii btt Htttt btr tWMiit. 
lic-lmltlteillul ill MM 11.1J1 I'ettlallb ,)( 

£atian £ic mi b«3blitt Hi 

octjen. hrfrtttt (i» 

311 Veltra ndd'l.iiicii ^'lit K fltbun(<n. — <iint* unf oUi.i 
Hint *tetnf til t (itditiiShltt). — Xitltttli 1 I 



The Natural History — is vacant ... 
He was nominated to the — trf Divinity 

He was voted to the — 

A meeting was held, Lord C. in the — , 

The hon. member Tor S. put the motion, that the 

Speaker do leave the — ■ 
The noise continuing, the chairman left the — .. 

M.iry, a — (or Mr. B 

Let me [nil a — for you 

1 Ee did a i vren ectotnodete me with a — 

Won I you in We » — ? 

He palled the — from under me ... 

Draw up your — close to the lire [table) 

To stand upon a — 

I ban been a freemason these 20 yean, and havi 
passed the — seven years ago 

An easy — , A rocking — 

An arm — . A dining-room — 

Abed-room — 

A Wiichen— . A — bed 

A Sedan — . A Windsor — , 

CHALK. Not by a long— 

— that bottle down to me 

1 — ed the botlle up against him 

1 asked ihe artist to — me out a landscape 

My worW is — ed out for me 

— out my account 

I can't pay you now; — it up 

Did he really come so early as thai f — il Of 

As different a* — is from cheese 

— nil the bun as they arc put on board 

That'sa — Irs me Jot billiards) 

CHALLENGE. Every prisoner has a right l< 
— the jury about to Iry him 

I sent a — to him 

I — him to do it better 

I — him to prove his assertion ,. 

The WDtineJ — d me 

If such a statement were allowed to go forth 

without being — d 
1 - A Mm f.:r the insuk he had offered mt 

CHANCE. M. Just oj it may — 
li ■ might do so; hut I should not like to 
Should you — to meet him, tell him that. 
Never mind. I'll — that 


i) be in when he called 

I — ed to come across the book one day 

CHANCE. (»). It is all a game of — 
Here is a — for youl a gold watch for 30/ 
In such a contest England stands no — what 

Ee that as it may, I'll take my chance 

Give him a fair — and he will do it 

He may come himself there is c\cry — of it 

As — would have it, I mined the train 

I have not the ghost (shadow) of a — , 

[with him 
There is not the remotest — of your coming up 
Don't punish him this time; give him one 

Vnu stand a — as well as the rest 

The — are in favour of a 

Tt i- j-j-i ;i -■ , whether he w&l eome 01 a i 

He is a very religious man, but wilb, an eye to the 

main — for all that [money 

I never had the slightest — to get a wife with 

He left things to take their — 

I met him by — 

Whelm —1 ... 

A favourable — .,. 

Take your — 

CHANCERY. Court of— "! '.'.'. 

--nit . 

1 1 is as interminable as a 
He put the properly into — 
Che property U in — 

To sit in — .'." '.'.'. '.'.'. 

CHANGE. I hove— d my 1 
1 am a/raid he'll never — ... 
The fairy — d him into a rrqf 
Tcsui — d water Into trine 

La chairt d'htsloire nalurel.'e est vacante ... 

Hful nomine <) !a chain A llieologie 


Un mating, prhidf par Lord C, cut Hat rviir . 

L'honorabk rtprhenlanl de S, fit la IWHM que 
In'nc it egmiti/Ut tn comil/ seed 

Le lumiillc .onlrnuaiit le president qaitla Itfanleuil 

Marie, un siege pour SI. B. 

Permttlc:-moi A vans offrir unt chaise 

Tint m'ejfiit pas menu A m'asseoir 

M IVmkt PWIH pas vous asscoir? ... [m'asseoii 

II lira at arriere la chaise sur bgHt& I '.i.'.'ai: 

Atproehci voire chaise du feu (A la table) 

Sasseoir sur une chaise 

Si ttnir About sur unt chaise 

II y a 20 ansautje tuts franc -aiacon, tt il y a apt 
eats que je fits flu vhtlraile 

Une liertrcrc — Cue chaise it bascule , 

Un faiitciiit.—Un chaise A sallt a manger 

Une chaise Je ehambrt d toucher 

/.'lie chain A cuisine, — Un faiileuil-lit 

Unt chaise !i porteurs. — Unt 'liaise a brat et d den 

Pas, it de beaucoup 

Marques e/lle houteiHe a ■nen eeinptc 

Je lui complai laboHtciltc , 

Jc (iemana'ai .) f artiste de aiesquistcr un paysage 

Ma hciognt est tiwlc tracie , 

Efface, man eompte [campl, 

Je ne puis vans payer tnaintenant, parte: eela en 

Esl-il ricUemaU Venn de si bonne hcurt ? II fam 
ntellre eela a son crAtil 

Bien different. Diffcrenls comme la nail et le jour 

Effaces les sacs A ntesure qu'on les met a bard 

Cela vie fait un point (une maty tit) 

Chaqut accuse a It droit dt rftustr unt parlie det 

membret dn jury qui doit lejugtr 
Je lui invoyai un cartel, Jc ic provoquai ett duel... 

Jt It defie de Ic fai't miaa 

Jt le mat me dt pronvcr ton attirtion , 

La tcntinetlt mt cria qui-vivt 

Sien laissait passtr une partille assertion sans en 

deauindcr let preuves [ fat'tt 

Jt It provoquai tn duel pour I'insulte qu'it m avail 

Comme cela tontbera [coiirir le risque 

It le ferait peut-Hrc, mail jt ne t'otidrais pas en 

Si par hasard vous le rcnconlrit:, ditet-lui qui ... 

Feu iatportt,jt veux bien en eourir la chance 

It Aasard pourrait fain qu'il vous vtt 

Je me trouvais ehn moi quand Uvait 

Un jour le livrt me loitila sous les yeux 

Ctst tin jtti dt hasard 

I'oila un vrai hasitrd: it tit monlre d'or pour jo/... 

Dans une lulle semblablt VAnglelerrt a tallies lei 
chancel centre et'* 

Qitoi qu'il en soil, r'u: courrai la chattel 

I>0HHt:-tui en la chance, et il tejera 

II viendra peul-lli e hn-meme, e' est fort probable ... 

Le hasard voulul que je manquai le train 

Jt n'ai pas t'omhre d um chance. Ji n'ai aucum 
isplct de chance 

Vous n'avtt pas la moindrt chance de It rattraper 

Ne le piiniiic: pas eeltc fois-ci, doiims-lui fleam 

Veils avei voire chance comme les aulres 

Its chattels ion! en favcttrd'un 

II est tout a fait inccrlain s'il viendra oil pas 
Ceil un hamnu fort religieux, amis n'tn visanlpat 
moins an solide [ fimme avec de I'argenl 

Je n'ai jamais ru la moindrt chance dt Irouvcr une 
II abandonna les chotes an rri du hasard . . 

Jt le rencontrai far hasard. 

Unt pratique ( Un client) de passage 

Quelle chance I 

Une chance fai-erablt 

Courts la chance 

Homicide eommis tn las de legitime defense 

La cour dt la ehaiicellerit 

Prectt dirant la cour de la ehancelterii ... 

La propria est en ehaaccllcrit 

Un ( Une ) pupille dt la tour de la chanecllerie ... 

Si/ger a la cour de la chanecllerie 

fai change dt plan. J'ai changf mts batteries .. 
Jterains bien qu'il ne change jamais 

la fie le au'taaiorfihosa en grenoudlt 

Ji'sus changca /' 

11 tv; sk-flrrt* 


'.In tie i«j1cm jrlditi.- 

Zit it(!i[ji'iBJ!ili! HtjcurCitt'tc luurte Di 

diitu ilnl'l jelefct unt iKtuinjctrageii. 
Its fcfirjhiM Flit ShtWiKfdjiiSh ill 
lir lointi -,i"« i'vefrik't (i'.iw) Mr ItcoHit r 
lit iciirtc jura etafajcebeg neioal'it. [aeiattn, un \i 
Itntcr (em Sorit^t b(» 1'prb tt. TOU r6e tint lH«ij«r " 
3W atflcotdictt fiit «. be.iiitrjfltj tit iPilt-iinfl h 

|U (iilfii jicluiiii£ii *Vr.i!! lM'l.i : iiiit,io ?lii,.id;in'io. 
Tin tCT ESrin [Drtbamrtc, Kilirfi ttr iiriSteitt " ' 
*p(orit. 6riitaat etc *tmt *' Amu WHOf. 
fjfltii £io m i* ^tiiKti ritim i tutil anUcbn. 
lEc iat tnir nid>t tiraiul thitn stilt)! an. 
ililL'Udi Ik niitt ■'. ii;!'ni[it:> 
6r jca ten Stu[ii uiilcr mir mtfl. 
SiiiJm 2« Jljrtii itul.1 biclit ,in ba8B«itt[a» 
6i* auf cintit etnM ritl)ev[(*tn, 
«af liriLin =tii6!r ftfftra. 
3* bin itlt iO 3af«it ^rciraaiirtr unb leor But J J 

■J'iiiiia cum £ liii'ii:. 
(Jin ©orgciiRnpI. Wnftflel.— Sin 2it N iurdflu«. 
6in 9trmrtul]t — gin e^jinunec|tul)l. 
gill i*liil)imin(rftuH. 
Einc JdiJmi(tiit)t.— eiited)Ia|ie(l(I. 
(Sin IrajlelTcI. Eine S Jiifte— ft(rsetnerte,ii)laW. 
"JKiiBeittmiiiiSt. Ctm CutFmitrfttti nid)t. 
ilretben (Scrotal* isit mir bitfe B!flid)t an, 
34 fwtitt i 4 m Me glaife an. [(w>[l ju ottwr 

i\di tniteii siihtfilei:, mir due .'(idtudJjiiiiiij diicr t, 
1!. 1 1 ■-■ i 1 1 e iLii'ii iji mil i- _ r 1 c^ei djwet. 
2itiira Sit mciiit WaDnunj. 
niCflannSk jct^t iiidit t*s(i!ifa;; rrtibni ©IceSon. 
Itjmrr ivittlifliii.' iriil;? iB*S IBiifi mail iljp t»w > 


6d ixrlfljicbtn loit 4imnid unb ttrbt (Jaj unt Stji^t). 
ailadjcn Sic dntn UnitcftriJ) fiir icbcii Sad, i«I*et auf ►«■ 
Sat ifl rill *oiiit file tnis). [SHjiftt verla' 

Qcber «iij)ri[j.itL't>it ban jitiljt, bic6d*tri)icn(ii. It 

ibn vi <S«id(i fiotn fi'lltn, (" Pctnxtfrn (nlufim 
:Ji!' Itl'ifii- ii'in tiiK (letaiisfurtieiKna ju. 
^d. forbn-lc ilin iisif, M l't'"i« f> nudjcn. 
Jitjfurberc itm au|, hint StljaUBtuna ju temircif. 
S'ic tJ^HblMdjC rief alia) an 
<i)tim man ei»e [ri(b> Wiaitftuiij) chat ffllbertete (I 

Iproctt) Mnfldjen Viefie. 
J* f»rtM( il)" iwacn bee mir ^uac[ilattn fltanhtag t> 
*Bir (» fid) aecabt trifft (mad>t). [antoflitnea U 

lit liJimtt (* raatjl ttiuii ; al'tt i* niiSdite tS iiidit jernc tatnf 
6cVltrn 6i( it" jufiliiii Ivcfftii, w t.iiitn 3w itim, bafi... 
Vfifftn Bit ba^ jut fan, idjrotrbttSbatauf aiitontnitu Ijjic*. 
ti IBnMt 2io ii'fafli.1 (atrabt, con unfitfaM) fe^en. 
3* war aetata t>a, al* rr lam. 
Ciert Saget |ttrs ia> lufallig auf tas Sud). 
ttt i[t onto tin Evltt bt* 3ufati5. f tit* ffi 

picrift tine il'Siif Maiifiid^tuiYii iiir £it! iliac a 
3n tinttn (Dlajcu Komi'ft tat linjlaut uiait bit f, 


£d btm, mit i6m i»nc, in) iciD e* barauf nnQtn. 
fallen «£« ibnt [rtitS £»!(!, unt et n>irt> d t* 
th laiiu [tlbft lomm™ ; tS iff aKt Wii\W *•&>,<> 01 
Ter ilu[aU ujotllt rt, bnfe la) ben 3u t i wi-ftVIK. 
3d) tjatt rcint SViiitbcn KtitsficSt. 3d) (abt n(d)t ti 

Muifidjl. [baiiftii, ba B etc itm 

S3 Iff uld)l tit cnllcnitcfft Busiiaii (aBaljiid^inlidjI 
tkftraftn 6it ibn birfmol Hi " 

barauf antumintn. 
Sit fotDptjt a IS bit Itttrijtn tiabtn !lue[ia)t. 
3>it HuSflifcUtt fttr^n flunfria fQr eincn... 
I&i foutint tbtn taraiii an, A cr cinrriifl ebtr ni w t. 
Sc i[t dn ftbr rtliaii'fti Kami ; fllddjreo^t Mtlien a 

ptrffnltaien Hotted! nia)tou8t™~ 

3d) hatte Hie He atriitflftt SueBojt, tine 

tit Ii(g tie Saajcn ifrai Vo hi udmicn. 

a*l frof t v n jiifaniact iDdft (bo 

«iii juMaiijex <^el.|i )H[| i :.v ft 

*Mi) tin OMileT (SiifaU] I 

*iu aiiu[H 9 cr 3ufa0. 

SWaacu Eit (S tawiif (fn 1 vaffeu cit t5 batanf ai 

Oiifallijtt Sobtfdjlaa. ilabtf(t)laa aui SiolbnitvC 

I'i'tttanittriimclit. tn)Id|tri4Bl4sf< 

Sin dot bee £ciMam.lcracrid)t ^eljBri^n ?n^(B- 

Tvi baurrt au| ffimij unb (taje logt. 

fir bradjtt He (taisfraflt wr ba« Hanjlciactiait. 

Urttt Kit «effD luirb ,™ Sanjldaerldfl tittidiitMi^ 

ffin Bora SanjteifjniiStt unltt Scruiuirtfajait &' 

ftanjleiridjlcT (tin, 

3d) tah nttiiic i<l.uic ■yi"rit,v:. 

■ -.-..vidtbit' ' - 
In iJLiultriii KTOantdk il'H 111 1 
3ef at «0Mithltt Staffer tn akin 


We have — d all lhat 

If the boon don't fit, I'll— them for you... 

I got the notes — d for Gold at Calais 

Will you — places (seals) wilh me? 

I shall not go Id L, I have — d my mind ... 

Will you please — me this sovereign? 

lie has — d very much since I last baw Win 

I have — d my lodgings 

She — d colour when I accused her of it ... 
I must — my boots, they are we* 

o Mr. C, it 

-<l hand) 

Let us — the subject, I do not like to talkab 

The wind is — d to the north-east 

He -d his name 

His conduct towards me has — d very much ofhue 
I — il the book for mine writing paper ... 
I'll — with you if you like; I'll have this mm 

you lake that one 
The condition of the patient has — <1 for the better 


ite the w 


e last night 

How is Mrs. B. this morning? There is a slight 
— for the better (a considerable — for the 
worse) [patient 

There fa no — cither way in the condition of the 
Time has wrought a wonderful - ' ' 
A — came over the spirit of my 
I'll pay you another '■•— 

Can you give me— for a sovereign? 

Should you like to go to I'm fa with me? Willingly, 

anything for a — 
Go to the seaside, that will ki- for you 
The doctor ordered me to the seaside for — of aii 
My valise contained some books, a bottle of brandy 

and a — of clothes 
I went to Harrogate for a month ; and the 

seems to have done me good 
In most of his speeches he is fond of ringing the 

To ring the — s ( swindling) 

There will be a — of the moon tonight ... 
A — in the ministry would improve the sti 

We shall have a fish dinner on Monday for a 

You will find Mr. C. on '— 

— and — about. Small — 

Did you give that lady her — ? 

Wh.-novei there is a — of the wind 

Have you — d the water? 

CHANGEABLE, lie is of — Jisf^iiio: 

He fa of a — nature 

What a — being you are I You are never of the 

same mind for two minuLes together 
The climale (neather) here fa very — 
She is as — as a wealhei-cock (as the mot 
the wind 

CHANGEABLENESS- — of the mind 

The — of his disposition 

The — of fortune ... 

"I' 1 '.- 11' '!■■ ■ ;!];.. r l "ill .1 

CHAOS. To reduce — to ordet 

CHAPEL, —of ease, —folks 

ordinary to the Que 


The — of accidents 

CHARACTER. She is a loose — ... 


He bears a very good — 

His master gave him a bad — 

I'll make enquires into his — 

1 nave my servant a good — 
What you say is quite in — with what I already 
know of him 

Gar-It, est-ce in qu'on change pan S. 

■ :,n! de train 
Les voyageurs pour Notion, Sviabttr* el Combe 
.Si vous silt* i! B., vous deve: changer dc 

I., M« de P. 
Nous avons change" lout tela 

Voulcs-vous (h.m^-r dc place avec moil ... 
Je n'irai pas a L., ft me suis ravisl 

Vmfifc emu tim me changer re temvrm m f [r 

I! est fort change deputs la derttierc foil qutje fat 

f'ai ckangl de AsjBtaW. f\ii dlm/nagt 

Kile changea de couleur quand ;e l'en accusai 
Je dots danger de chaussure, mes holies son! mouil- 
Je change de Huge tons les jours \Ua 

Depuis que j'ai rendu !e cheval .1 it. C, H a 
•hangl troisfo' ' 
\geons at sujet, 

I.e vent s'est parte" (a sauti) 

1 1 changes de nom [ces derniers tempi 

Sa maniere d'agir ,i men egard a fort change 1 dans 
J'ichangeai It iivre centre du papier a krirt 
Je ihangerai arec vans si votes imilcs, je prendrai 
cctui-d et vans aura I' autre 

Vital du tnalade s'est amiliorl (a eni/ir.'J depuis 

Son esprit toujeurs thangcanl [ pen 

J'ai remarqui tin grand changement en lui deftii 
Comment va-t-il a Madame B. ce matinf It y i 
un pen dt mitux, — Son itat s'est fort empiri 
[dans F&t du malade 
fl n'y a aurun thangemenl ni en him ni en mal 
Le temps a epirl en hti un changement Itonnant... 
I'n changement sunint dans I' aspect dt mon revt 
Je vous paierai une autre fit's, jt n'at pas de mon- 

Poitvn-vcus me donner la monnaie d'un sonvtrain j 
Aimeriei-vous A venir a l\iris avec moi? — I'olon- 

tiers, j 'ai grand hessin de distraction 
Alia am haini de nier, (a ivur changtra... [d'ait 
l.e mi'decin m'envoya au.rhains dc mer pour changer 
A/a valise eontcnait des livres, une houleilte dt ccg- 

not el un costume de rethattgt 
J'allai passer un mois A Harrogate, et le thange- 

ment parait m' avoir fait du lien 
Dam lapluparl de — ■'■""•■-■ " 

la m/me idee I 
Pra/t.jiicr It vol as 
II y aura changement dc lune re soir 
l_ ~n changement dc ministcrt am-'liorerail le 

lion [(varitr) 

iVous aurons lundi un diner de paisr 
lous trouverti M. C, a la Bourse. 
Tour a tour.— Petite 


Avez-vous rtnonvcU I'tau. 

II est d'uu caractfr* changeanl 

11 est d'uut nature ihangeante 

Quel hommi variable vous faileil Vous 

pas deux minutes du mime avis 
Le rlimat ( Lt ttmps) iri est Ires-variable 
Ellt varte eemme une giroueltt (eomme la lunt, 

com me le vent) 
l.'inc.mstaxiC de I esprit ... 
La mohilitl de sonraraclire... 
/.a variah'ilitt 
Mellrt Vtrdre dans le chaos 
/.c,'i<t lui.ursale. .•weeursak.— Dissidents 

Le chef d-atelitr 

Aumlnier giniral dt Parmii 

Auminier ordinals e de la nine 

Aumlnier de prison 

Aumlnier de vaiiscau (dc la marine) ...[pre'ei. 
Cite ihapitre ct versel. Douner les dilails les plu: 
Vargmf est une cause de honheur el de malheur 

V argent fail del honniles gens et des coquins, 

des /oris et des sages, et iiiri.i de suite iusqu'au 

bout du thapitre 
Le ihnpitrt do aeciilents. Les jeux A llqfl" 
Crsl unefesnme ( une personne ) Ugtre 

C'esl un homme satu a feu 

ft a trts-bonne refutation ... [lui 

Son maltre donna de mauvais renseigHtmenls sue 
je freudrai dtt information! snr sa moraliti 
Je donnai a man dome slijue un ban rerli/ical 
Ce que 'vus me dites est bien en rappert avec ce 

je sais dejh dt lui 


<n pour changer 

edMfftirr! Wifltii it'ii hta m* 5. umftdjni |,jiutfi !■■ 
HlJrtCiiimiWil lt.l^ ;. tl.llt)- 

.. ::.:.:i 'J.' L'V [ ■.' h , sWUlbUm Ullt SumtC I 

BktM Me o*4 ft iiilcri, miiifm aif.inWiRvcBjflancli 

?.;> Lit jcist atul orttrcJ flCtnrttan. 

Dcu tic BtWrf iiitftt voflt ri, iv-trM idi fie ^lj 11 en 

'y.- Ut\i tii- -i'.infiiouri in Gjl.ii* in <-*ell uimnt^. 

SBuUtn Sir em flj!? [ : iii| ni jt mir 1..11IJ n . 

L^dj tsetboitAt naAS. aei'tn, iai (ahnetau ffntiJiiuii ySi 

li-'otteit Sic tnit iiiili;ili ti.'Idl 2rl'-(Mi|lti IM^irlll I 

L ; i l.!i Ui Ifl'r WrSttl«M, fell ift tl>n (itldjt fltfc^cti Tiotr. 

•ft hat* mrim BntnUI gcncittli'U. ^ffi tilt aulge|B||tii< 

Sit cnlfiif t( full, nIS 1* Re beflcn aiifloiitt. 

?i| niifniuiiic SticfcllwAfilii. nefilitiu^. 

^ me^Utr jrttn 3iij mcinc MMttb 

eeitfrcni idi Jmn 5- *aS Wnb trrliiuft UU W (* Idi.'tt 

trcln1.1I tin 'I'rfisrr ^m;d)(clt. [ih>k ton WtiimitJIiM 
SBir roonro Don ttiw* «ntcrm reten, idj (I'redje liid>t ,ictnt 
Ser 5Bin& ift nadi llDrtoft unijic[vritiij)ai (uma(id)lajcn). 
t; 1- lttt.-riL' icintti Sameit. 

erit jtutitHt Ijat He) fein Itfitclwn M.ini mldj [fljr ownbett. 
Jdj tanldjte boS Slid) jejen Sductt'V.U'id in" 
Vtd! luilt mil 3I11K11 t.iuK'di, wtuii ci ^ijnen rrdjt i[t ; id) 

!!■.!::■■■ ■':■. ■ ; '. . :■.:■.. 
XtfJBeiinCtntit* Sranfrn ^at |id>(rit bnftlilttl Had)! at' 

ttijert [Bctfajlimmcn]. 

Cdn B aiuW > m ( mil BtSta Km. [trainrt, 

Cld)rwt(inc*rtr(trn3ritiiiicttto!(nt(Sitlitruti(| bti iim 
KDii gcfit t8 gran V. (cult 3fi>racii? SB ift tint flcine 

SJefftruna [tint Sttculcnbt £<evf (bit htuicvu n a ] finflf-- 

rnKit. [Sntttuiiiiciiifictitlori. 

3" (cm WrfinfceTi ttS fftjntett ifl una) ttiittr Stilt bin tint 
Tit 3tlt Nit tint lriuitei6ai('.'trrt.'rri:i,; in ihml;at'i'rjitT,-ul;( 

1 1 ni.-:-. !"■;.. 1 .."idilt tin. 
3d) iwrtt Sit tin anted Vtat b(jat)ltni id> tjatt 

none! «tlo bti mir. 
BSnntneiemirtinen goctrtiflit ratdjftln? 
ailS*ttn Sir jtme mil mir nadj Vatii grt>™? Strut, (*cu 

bet Straiibcraiia wcjot. [((bin,i) fiir He felt. 

«eirn 6ir an bit Ccc, ba) toiib tint S'naiibcruna (abiKd). 
ttx tijt (cSliftt mid) btr tiifttcrJittrauiii iPtjtit on bit 6ct. 
■Mw Bdfrtattfr (iiitjltl! etiitae «ild>cr, tint Jioiajt UnjnDi 

unb ciittn jmittii sin jug. 
?d) ginj iiul tintu ' Had) OatTCjjtitt, unb bit Strl"n> 

bcriinj iditiitt otir 3111 art ban jU tutcn. 
3n btn mriftni (finer iHebeii reitct er auf tiinttn t3ebcn[eji 

rjnuiB (ilnat er imnicr bag attt !itb). 
Sfim SEtbimdifcfii betriijen. 
*eutt »benb ha ten tcit »lcnMr*6(ef. 
Btg ttt4M '•:» --'iininiiiiim ii'iirtt bit Cofltber Etna.! 



Siltt irrrbeiini'ibfttnDJcntaj jnrftbirtdiicluiiiiijiid) ju Bill 
6it mtrbtii Cenn 5. anf ber »6rft ftnbeit. 
1: .h-.-.-.'J(.[il:i:.— JKdii,'.-- liielb. 
fattii £it Mcfec3umc tetanSijtgtten? 
tEo all tin IBinWDtdjW tuttriti. £v up btr KM nm(fld j : it 
Cabtn 6i« W(*tl SBafftr oufatflofien ? 
■.-.::. ■ ■ -i::-! :.-vl. 

tJt t«l rin liiitcftintldeS (nuuTdmiitbtjiH) «Jt(tn. 
SBal eiefilttin mtieltonbisei UlenH find Sieftattnak 

iraei3Miit»10iIanatxn(eltieii =ii!H. 
•SxA Ulima «Bttttr) ifl t\<x \efst unbcft.inbis (Kranbtrtifi.: 
£ it lit [0 wranb«ti4 ( anbcrlStibifl, iMUtnw nbi|dj ) ' 

Wtlttrfablt [wit bn Bicnb; wit tin Jtlnb] 
lie lltitefl.iubijlcil be* ISfifW. Xer fl'anltlmutl). 
ri t lliH:n!.iiiMjleil(v\v,ntMI 1 d;tiili Iriius SBtkii* 
Bit UnbcftanMgrtit t*» ffllil *rt. 
lie ItBbtfiJflbiflteit(unria)crbtii) bet fflrtteri [SUinbc-J]. 
l«*(lla»'(b(nIDirm>an) in Crtiianjt'rinatn. 
^ i 1 i a Ifirdje . f itlfetirdje. — X if liteiiK I! . 
i« Irud'ertifjIIDt. 

(ofbtilan btr Doitijlit. Vlncfcnitr bet Si'ni jjin. 
laciaiijuiijeiftlidjet 9t(iinflnifitittbijer. 

ftai'ittt unb SSei) anfiil)ten. BUt Cin^llwltai CfllflrtfU. 
8ttb btin,)l iSlflrf unb Unjfiiif. nurtit ,-tTiidv 'i\nii.r,n 

6riBbnben, CanH unb itljUnfut'lftit, unb )o mtilrr 

2>i< Dta6t lIMf at-kf, fflcbitl) be* 3nfaM. 
eitificinc ltj< liruc 
tt t[l tin fdjlcdjtcr Stert. Ifr ift tin nidjtf iiiitjijet eutittt 
«r bat ttiirn ftbr anttn ISMuftn IPiui). 
etlil ©en nab it™ on iJi.v: 
3* iriibt miffl iiaeMeinfui Ubarattrr (itinrt TtTfoai tt 
34 fttnte neiner Sllajt tin fliitt* 9npr|aBJ. 
Slal 6tr faatn, fltljt wnflnntij tnt liinnan;mlt bt 
Iftcn con ibm gtbirl babf. 




MissC, in her favourite — as Joan of Arc 

She made her first appearance on ihe stage in (He 

, — ... ... [ — of Norma 

Hi. illne-s assumed the — of typhus 

That's a pntty — tou ire swing m of him ! 

A iinn..fsucf.ll — 

Well, that is inn of all — 

1l I ^conies you to in:iiir..iin the dignity of )'i>ur 
No — escapes ihe tongue of that slanderer 

I wish yon had bKtl he**, -he did give yon a — . 
i know ihe - -- tn l»; ilinsu .>f my uncle ... 

He lien rs a high — fnr integrity 

I wish it to lie understood, said the mngi-trate 
that you leave the court without a Its' 

With the hospitality — of that n 

CHARGE. M, A fault ta the «dinary method 

of ion is — ing of eh:', (ren's 111 in J. with 

rules ami precepts 
[ don't rememUir v. kn I ■■. 
I was — d a shilling I" 1 "" 'I C'" 'he book) ... 
That is what I— d Mr. T. f^r it .. 
You have — d me quite enough 

— it to the account of the firm 

The soldiers — d with the bayonet 

The waggons were —d willi 

I a Mm with the execution of the order 

I — d myself with the delivery of the letter 

I — il him to he very careful 

Let all the guns be — dl 

What do you — to Ihe station, Cabby ? ... 

There is a duty of 12/ — d on it 

We often — that u^ion necessity, which was really 
desired and chosen 

The gospel — s us with piety towards I iod 

He— d the Government with want of decisJ 

My heart b sorely — d with srief 

To — home 

He is -d with theft 

He is — d with having stolen a coat 

What is the prisoner — d with? 

She was found guilty of the crime — d ■gaittat her 

lie was — <l on his own confession, with Ihe mur- 
der of his wife 

The c 

n the office 

CHARGE. [»). He wa_s arraigned on a capital 
W. It., designated in the —sheet as a clerk f 

As soon as I saw a policeman, J gave him in — . 
The p di ..-email refused 10 take the — 
The detective look hjm in — forassault ... 
The judge, in his — to the grand jury, said that. 
In delivering his — to the clergy, the bishop drew 

particular attention to 
The prisoner made no answer to the — ... 
The bench found Ihe — not proven (proved] 
The bench held the — as proved (proven) 
The prisoner denied the — ... ... ... [cutor 

The prisoner made a counter — against the prose' 
The — broke down Foi wont of evidence .. 

He was acquitted of the — , 

■ ■ iialiiish the — 

The — preferred against him 
The solicitor mentioned in 1 

n.ii qnlte prepared to meet Ihe — 

, (brat to . 
A 1 ■ ' ■ n 1 5 - r- ■ r 1 1 1 -- l_- li.n in/. 

magistrate 10 allow me U irithdsn th* 
mated ma — of theft 

M.i i nr I i!i in letbUM is in — of the regiment 

The sergeant in — of the guard 

The officer in — of i!i. pij '. 1 

What is your — for heeling 1 pair of boots ? 

What — did he make for sewing on the button ? 

Me said he could not make any — , 

too small a matter 
As » dlvon ed ■ Ife, the ,, - _ 

the — of the children 
The children are in my — 
She is at her morher'- — 
Look ifUf ihe welfare of y. 

irt, that his client 

1 allowed to fiav- 

Mademoiselle C ,laus son role fivori ,t't feann 
F.llt d-'huta an theatre ,/.ms le rile de ,Xoi'nia\ Dai 

I "est mi vrai original 

Sa maladie prit It carattert du typhus ... [tempi 
Vans nous daunts IA de jolis renseignenienti mr so. 

I'll homme d'uttt parti/// refutation 

Ma foi, eela passe toutes lis wnw 

// ivus tied do mointenir !,i ,ii-ciiit.',lc :w fatittion 
Auriini •-.'■pntnlion n'echappt aux coups de tangttj 

tie ct mcdisniit [dt t'atct 

Le h'ntoiii donna rettseignements curia man.,' 
Quant ii sa reputation, parlons-en it mains possible 
[drap/dt la Mil manicrt 
J'aurais voitln aut wis fussics id, die n 
Je mis que c'esl I ,'erilure de moil oucle ... 
It a line lui'/'e imputation d'lut.'grite' 
Je desire qu'on seiche Men, dit le jug!, que reus 
i/niffes le tiiluiial sans la mot ml re im f lifer' " 
eon I re ml re lion near 

Un certifieat tie moraliti 

■ itements ,1, nn,'x. ,ie vh>e voix ... 

/..-. traits eiiraetcristiiflics dt 

Az-ec I' talite earnelcristiquc de la nation 

surcharger de regies et de preceptes I'esprit 
des en pants [tela 

Je lie me rappelle pas ce qu'on m'a fait payer foi 

On me le fit paver (On me III fiver It livre) l\ 
VoilS le prix que fai demand: a M. T. ... 
I 'tins mi faites payer 

Poitex re/a ait ton/pie de la tualsoii , 

Les soldals chargerent a la beivcnn.tte 

I es BM pM n I'taient tkargh de chorion 

Je le eliargeai d'ex/enler I'ordre 

Je me ftefmrf moi-meme de rcmeltre la letti 
j : fnli dl fai t Mm attentim 

Que Inula canons soienl charges ... [.ocherl 

C.'inhien prenez-voits pour me condiiirt a la gare, 

Cet article est grea' d' itn droit de n\ 

On met lonz-ent snr le compte de la nccesn'te des 

chutes ijll'dl ,1 J.'iuve:: et ;-eu:':i.s 
L'£t'augi,'e ileus commandt la pii'ti' envers Dim ... 
II accusal! le gouvemment ,1'aivir manqn.' de de'- 
fai le catur accabU de chagrin 

I-'rafpcr ,tu cuur 

11 est accuse" de rv/ , 

// est accuii d'avoir vole tin habit . . 

De qttoi I'incn/pe rd-ii actusJ f ... ...{accnsU 

E.'le fut ioiidauture pour le ciime dont file /tail 

II fit! inentp ', .«r 1- son propre arcu, d'apoir 

l^ crime fut i-rjete snr CofiVcler . . . [crime capi'al 
I: fut traduiten justice sons i 'inculpation " 
j''". /'■'. , ■:':.::■ ,i,iii, le rapport Je la police 

iiiinistre du cultt [mon 1 

,-liiisttot que je f'p'i mi sergeitt dl ville , je /is arrlter 

. .'.■■.',■ ivy",.-.; dciionuc, suite a i'affai'- 

/.'agcilt Varreta pour voies de fait 

I.: jn;e. dans son diseours an jury, dit que 
Paul 1,11 mandement ail e/ergf Cevfyue at/i 

pir/i.u.'teccmtiit ralttntion snr 
['ineiiipe ni jit attaint reponse J /'accusation 

/.<■■ triluna! •ic./ii.-tt.i 1'aetHt/ 

/.,' tn'luii.i! juge.i la pi-ei-eiition ctahlit ... 

Vaecus,[nia M eulpald/ilJ 

/.'accuse', 1) sou tour, accwai't le f'aig'lant 
la fr.'rcitti.-n ne put .'tie 't.iblie finite de prenves 
II fit ac/ititti' de la fcr. nlioii mi„ <! sa charge 
le plaiguiiut ne put ,'tal-iir la prhentian... 

i:.ieeu>.ition port.'.- centre tut 

L'avoilt dit tin tril.-iiuil ..-ne son client elait pre! a 

froufer la faussetc de Vaccination \,lc 

■ '■■paranl ses conclusions, avail otdt.'i. 1 
(Km I'ri'ut ,'/■■ .;••!,. ; ne, /c sol/icitai du 

jlige la permission de retiree ma plainte 

11 ful arret t sous Viueulpatii-ii de vol 

Le major Blunderlmst comuiande It regiment 
Lt strgent commandant la gardt .. 

Comhien prene-.--,'ous pour ranettredes talons Aunt 

Comtitn a-t-il pris ptur eowtre le lionton ? II a dit 

qui! ne [ouvait rim prendre, farceque e'e'tait 

trap pen de chose 

On ne lui permit pas, A came de sa position di 

l.-mmc divorcee, tf'avoir la garde dts ciifauts 

■it \, 1 us ma garde 

J title: au licii-e/ic ,|W enfant '. ,/ui :10ns son! teufi. 

'Altaians, in i:-!-.: \ ■ id-.iuwit Dili 

l\t l.„t vim'l .nii ter BiiUnr ill la Sllollc Prl WiTina a. 

tt-ci^eiti niaSrto Original 

itint 'iv.iiiii'di'nr rjru'n lu.'luuarli.ira ([l«i.iflrt ar 

■ ii ,'v iviiii mi'.' kg idii'iK ReHitjM fun il)m. 

gir DIcn(o) trait iuldjcm Sliamftct. 

Tiij jeM wii-fiid) il t-er (,j( *Vt>ntnlirt. 

H |ind ,1111111, bit BJtti*( Jv«* BtwW ,« rc.ifireit. 

.feeiii liluriitter iff oer t-et 

T>er itait tcflteiin Seagatffh fea Bqdbjteid 
KJaS f.incn Gvoiatta ji.twviflt, jt lorut,irr 1 

hjriajt.beftoWirt. [ 

:.. iic.vimi Mcrarmftn; r.r v atSi(f*i!nl)< 
J* ivttinit tii' .vi.nifidn i>'i .il-: t-k- mtitiL'S ClKiras. 
tii fidit Hiitiidjili* tti lliit'ifilii'Uciitiol in |.uti;ni anfefem. 
3r4 m(!fl)M(«ju Pcrft'tai ftltai, Iviii.M 

ballStridit wriiiifcn, etjiif ta[| (inBlaWnn jj" 

Ofurattn luft". 
gin fiSriftliiKJ -1011(11116. 

Tic..!,irtivnni[t.M'ii (tin tori DtitoiSw, tqciii'iifuf.-iri ;•, 
atit btr icnein t'vVt rigennflnliActi I 

notien, file jciu-J aioil rhni,ilUTi[ti(ojfii) fi.o'niiMut. 
Sin rsttjlcr in titr c;eipO(jiitidteti erjiffiim^mrt^ce iftbi 

tttbabpmj M liiiMiitH-ii iSeifiee mil Herein • ' 

;M) criiiiicrc midi nEd>t, waS irt t.ifiir 111 div><'t(ti (stte. 
.M iinifilo ri licit £iii:iiii,t t.uii. liiiv t.i-j Sititi] trwDlfi. 
r.vsiitt*, ira-j iiti wii *mn I.t.iiiirtrataBatt. 
Si< r«6oi tnir toattttiiS nciiu,) a t-fltf urb«rt. 
sycliiiton £i( ratiiis fltidiiiiiiij pjinil. 
£*rrit(ii Sir rS ouf tag (Scftfralt-Motitu 
Xic E«Ibatat|ttffr«i*UhinBaI«<Kttttf. 
I io ii ,1,1,1 en ■> itMrtn rait HeWelt tdatctl. 
,\J) [■Miiftuntc itm mil Mr M5»(Mlt«. 
3* iltttnobai t6 (tlt'fl, frfii Siicf atjitflcbta. 
3* fnbttb ion air, fflir fur jf, Mia ju |tiii. 

nti iunm .tci.itcn! [jtDirtt.i ■ 

SBatt cerlai.iic.l sit iiii cine J>j(irt nj* ton «atiihiit, 

ga liiMt cin Sell ton 12 £d)iltinrici. Niraiil- 

Eiir [ijroilmi oft rintiu jiwnitgt jii, tea* in Irr Ifiat uh[ct 

XaSlhMii.ittiura I,mi unS lit racttt5fntJ|i an'S©er(. 
liv ivmv) tiv Sk'.tiL'i-.itt ! -J>init : ir.I an Gntlrliictciiticil tor. 
fflhin-per, t|lini. idimvcm Jt.iinnirr ttLitcii (hlaficli. 
Xcii ^etjfl^ tctfeljai. 
fir ill Mr IiicoftalilO ntodbat (t'{(*iittiat>. 
I£i i|t MAuI6iat, citieii tile,* adtctflra jti tHttn. 
SiMIeti i|t bo SHijrtlooK httiiiftint? VM m 

eic hnittc Itt HiCTtrtflitni liir [dinltia trfinietn, ta* ifcr \t 
fliij [cincm rigotci iScflairtiui fid ilnn b« Won (liiui 

flrou iUr Soft. 
Ha« Serartrn rciirtt lm £ lti;icr |ftt tttf tOttf. 
6r mutcteiiifS tobc-Mi'iirfi.tcit Skrctrdjen* ,iii,-iU,i.:t 
!U. ».,im flrrtoti>B« (¥otiJtiterid)l) oB amxitjlo OWfr- 

lidKr bo.[id)ii(t. 
6otntb i«j (Inert SAiHiniaiin crtlttftc, !i(6 i* ifrt W 
Ivr 2anil!niaiiii Icimlc He BtrijoftWI| jfc. 
Tor i>icK'iiri)\'li\iit wthjftde ifrn iwflni tl)atlio5n * 
,ln iiliicr'.'.nicv.'.ii; f io oWdiiimMirrn (1.110 Ca Btiitrr, bo 
»ri (citier flnftiradjt on lit Scifllti&ai lonKt bti «?""" 

btloKtorc KufinotttamMI otif... 
Tcv "in .■■.ti.i ito jiititottotc Wiibto auf tic «tfo, iflnna. 
Tzi Ukrid 1 tudjlclc bio anllitje nls ni«t KatSnW. 
Tiai Oktldjt naditoto tit 8tfJ)Htbtfl«lI| ,n> tqdUkt 
I«t Mnflttlautr rcrlMlirK (1(6 geaoi tit flnrlaat. 
Tn rliiattta L iir triiot tint <Bc»«iiTo,',{ itioci eon 911,1". 
Iiic Untiaiio (icl Pun!' liv.jiii ii[.in.;il:itt:i ;ioujnil«lKiit«, 
gr icititt Won Mr fl.iflajt frrifltliirtdjai. 
g-3 gdang com Kliaor nidjt, tir flnfloflt ja trtia 
lit nciion ihii\i-,,ii.'.,;if.'iiil.i . 
T-ti fline.-ilr i'iic..:i'rlt vcrt'*iiSi, tai; ttin rtlintl TO . 

BCraRtt foi, t tc _'tii ft n ..■ . 
let etoaliariw.ilt, ii'tldvt t?i. 'ftuli.i tcaiilfldttt, Ixtfloi \t 
Jj 01110 Sionl.inSiniuiJ rtotii irtrtcti, triudjtt >*Mi 

Blidjter, 6i£ fltaat jnriiiftirtcii ju tilrfeM. 
gr tourtc auf Bit Hiidtniei jiikj M tnrtftnlilei tjinW 
iWnjor i'timtmHifi iiitrl lui SHeQinienL 
Titr rcadilUatoiitt e*rataat. 
T,ovCni;i.rMr Scltitjdie. [lUDrrfrbmf 

Was vorl.itiiidi Bit, ni.t tint i'aar 2tic(t! mil i:nicn1lbiii|cii 
63a«(otMrtt(r (lit tai flnnalitn t« Sltapfi 

taft tr cafilr 9til|li ivilanjcii BwH, twit tt tint \» 

unttMi.ttiibt Eadje fel, 
3)itHiittet fiirfen Ore M rirtoi ficftljwbenni rjiaa niit |i 

IJflcgt f.MlflfMn nxtWtl. 
Tit -VHil-.t rJsfa in incinti Ottjnt [ft 

3lirt llluttct fetflt fiir fit. £io liejt itirrr Ulntiti am" 11 in iiiv f.10 (ufMrvjiebtll Jlirtr itfl f atrcfDt>ta» 

To lie delivered on board, free of— 
I laid the fault lo his — 

Lay not that sin lo Iheif — 

Who is to defray the — s? 

Ten shillings for a ! Why, thai — i; 

The Jeiertei was sent back to his segment, i 

Coals at 14/ per ton ; no — for delivery 

Me is staying at the bote! at my — 

The law— s came to ^£1500 

As long as the boy remains in my — , I am bound 

I gave him strict — not to allow anyone lo enter 

I have — of the king to arrest him 

True lo his — , he died in obeying it 

Their — was always boras by the Queen, and duly 

paid out of the exchequer 
He was at considerable — s in sinking the shaft 
Take — of this puree! until I icturn 
The — s on the debt amount to £75.°°o ... 

K.nt—. —s and commission 

Without extra — 

The trumpeter sounded the — 

The — exploded loo soon 

CHARGEABLE. That is not a — offence 

The interest — on the loan 

He became — lo Ihc parish 

Tin- in ■ l; I j ye nee is — to the officer in command 

CHARGER. Mounted on a soperb — 

CHARITABLE. She is very — to (towards) 
We ought to be — in judging others [the poor 

A — bequest. A — deed 

For — purposes. A — man 

CHARITY. It is as cold is — 

Thai isnoobad, in all — 

— begins at home (p. t.) 

— beginning at home, often ends where it begins 

— covers a multitude of sins (p. 1. ) 

Her — 10 (towards) the poor was unbounded 
We ought to practise — towards our neighi-ours.. 
It would be a — to help I he poor woman 

Mr. Brownlow, the testator, bequeathed a sum 
,£50,000 for the euiii.n of alms houses, to tie 
tailed ihe " Hrownlow — " 

To abuse him because he has not been successful 
shows a lamentable want of Christian 

Out of (pure)— , 

Private (public) — 

T.. di-pense — . The exercise of — 

He lives (dcpenJs) on — 

B evil . . 

The — Organisalion Sociely 

CHARM. <:•. &„.) He is— ed 

He seems lo have a— ed life 

He — ed me wuli the sweet music of his voi 
1 am — ed with the surrounding landscape 
The view — cd the eye, and the music my c 
To — the senses 

CHARM, (it.) There is — in music ... 
The — is dispelled; I am myself again ... 
The murmuring of the brook had 11 pecdl a — Em 

me [buffi 

His sudden entrance broke the — which held my 

I seemed as though under a — 

The natives weir a string of lion's "eeth round 

their neck, as a. — against sickness 
I am dead lo society ; the gaiety of the world 

CHARTER. I —el several vessel' for ihe gov- 
ernment, to take out troops to India 
In a — , dated 1756, it is provided, that 

— pa"/ 

Ilj ■ — [his money 

CHARY, lie is as — of his words as he is of 
CHASE. We rode to the — 

On the— 

All of us joined in the — 

After a -of iwo hours 

He was thrown in the — 

In the — after riches, many are thrown (p. 1.) 

As soon as the fox broke cover, we gave — 

A lover of the — 

Franco .1 bord 

je mis la fault A ta ihargc (sur cm lei'iple) 
Ne outlet p<u cc p.'che a Ititr charge 

Qui patera les Jraist 

Dix uhJlincs pour ten peulet! mats c' est nn pri 

Le descrteur jut rcnvoyl sous escorte a son rig. 
ment [/'■'■ 

/c ilc'ltindai ii MH IJvW %ie "i 'envyer son rial ,1 
Lei honor aires J in .1 1111 a i-ou, : pour line consultation 

tout, d'aprh le tart/, ,tc 6 schel.iugs S pence 
Chorion A 14 sehelitnos la tonne, franco A domicile 

lleslA I'hSteiA met trait 

Ijs frail manlaienl a £rjoa 

JanI que I' infant restc confil A met saint, e'est ui 

devoir pour mei de [persona 

Je lui tnjoignii stricleinent de ne laisser enlrt. 
fat ordre du rot de I'arrlter \,/iie d'y l.iii!i. 

FidilcA ten devoir (A ta consign*), ii mourut plutot 
Leur enlrelien fill tou/ours dlfrayi par la trine, ,1 

pay/ rigulih-ement sur lei fends de la lisle civtU 
/la f.titde orattdi f'isis paur percer ( euvrir ) le puih 
Garde* le paquei juiqu'A ce .pit je revienne 
Pes intMft de I'ewpiiinl montent A fqj.OOO 

Redevance. — Frais et commission .. 

Tom frail compris. Sans fraii in snt 

Le Irompette somia la charge 

La charge klala trop tit 

Ce dllit n'eit pai prevu par la lei 

L'intlret yue doit rapporter I'emprmtt 

11 tomba a la charge de la commune [mandaii 

La negligence eil imputable A i'etfi'icr qui on* 

Monte sur nn superbe chevat de batatlle 

Elle est tris-charitahle envcrs Us pauvrtt 

Nous devons Itre charitable! dam nes jtigements ... 
C'n legs charitable. — I 'nc iruvre de charili [laHe 
Dam ten bui de limiaisancc. — in lioiume ihciti- 

II fait 1111 frvid de loup [fort 

.-/;,-. ionic t'tn,tiii\',-n,-c possible, c'csl r/ellemrnl trop 
Charilc bien ordonnlc commence par ioi-mcme 
Chariti .qui comineiue par loi-mtme MnwmI 

rii pas plus loin 
/.a charitr' couvre line multitude ,le p.'ihls. . . 

Sa bielifaiiance flail 1,1ns bornes [cha 

Nous deveiHi praliqner Li chant/ envcrs noire pi 
Cettrait tint tkarili que de seeourir la pair, r; ftmii 
Le testatenr, M. Brtwnkm, tlgua une somme . pour la fondatien d'un hospLc qui 

partcrait le nam de i'Hospiie Broivnlaar 
Dire dn otal de lui parc.qu'i! n'a pas rAtisi, eela 
montrelin .'■ 'o'-aNcJec/iaritc, lultirnne 
" (pure) chariti 

La Socilte d'eigau/iatien dt la chant/ 
/Ifmttb if (WW cntre lei mam de la M 
On dirait qu'nn charmt protlgt J 

La vne charmatt mesyem, et la ntitsiqiu enchantait 

Charmer (Enchanter) lei sens 

II y a dans la mnsique nn charmt enchanteier 
L-t charme est rompu, it redcoient moi-mbttc 
Lt murmure dn ruin, an mail pe.-ir moi un charm 

pntticiiticr [man imaginalioi 

Son entrct sowlatite roinpil le charme qui capfivail 

J'ciais comme emorcell 

Let inilie-cnci portent attiaur du eou tin collier 

denlsde lion, ii-mmc amulet!/ centre la mala. 
fe suit mart pour la lectile, l/t plaisirs du mondf 

•Pent plus de charm/s pour mo. 
I'n chamtanl enfant 
J 'affrctai plusicuis mAmmi pour le geut'crnemenf 

four Irom/ctrter del tronpes dam I'/nde 
Dant une charte dalle de /jjO il est slipull que 

Charle partie... 

Par charte (erdennante) royali 

Nous nous jeigntmet tout A la pour suite 
Afris deux heures de ehasse (de petoiuilc 
It lemba de chtvai A ta ehasse 

A la pounuiti de la richesse plus d'un secassele 
DIi que le retiard qttitta le boil, nam lui Jotinamti 

I'm grand rkattntr, — L'n grand am. :: 


stsPenfrei an Butt }it litfern. 

3* Italt itoi Mil rtrtilti ;;ii l.i|i. 

:K.i1 «c .Vuioi title £iinK ninn .m. ifcittSKfl? 

KdcrlPll biiitoflen Kpnm .• 'i. ; « Ml filr McAojloi 

ilttin SdjiitinJt fiir (in Jj>iii>n*/tnl Dot ift |iirwol;r cliie mr 

i|ctK)l{W ,>urf(Vllllfl. 

H« Rai«nititil<i|ti4e lunile unlet Setrfuna rinti 2turpO!' 

aeldtcS ju (tin™ 9f(jrimratc s ii™a , ,ic|*lo't. UdiitftH. 
a*cr[uoite xiriiu'ii >', miv (tint jti-[i(i.rc«ninij ;ihim 
Ejo oefc^Iiijc ftcuotjr [inea «tn»(oicii fiir iuriftildmi tHatD 

ifl 6/8. [(lOOOH^,) 

Rcbloi, [«i iii'S *au9 fltlitfcrt, 14 Sa)itliji,it Hi IMH 
tii lu,]irl im WojtMt jn( nieitif Heftn, 
Iii,iaidiiiO:ci jt.-irm t.iioVn (ift anf i;rjoVfiinN 
guUnac ter Kitak meinci ecrgt ajiBctir.uil HttH, f-in nn 

vorvflidit.t. (ii.. ptlssSBBM hmiiniilaii™ 

.'uti.lJt ihiu fnvii.icn Vnfttil (,V<J tmUel ihm mif til erek), 
aij Isibt rihii|)fi(tK Viilinuidtt, ihi \n wriuflm. 
Inn Itinmi Vtltblt,' n, inbon rr it™ $ati\t ttiflcir. 
ItiUntrrball [iir f« icurben ininirr Ci-n tct .M4)ni ;l i:i ..^tr.i.K'i 

unt vutittlilj QiH tn KMflflh I'fftritkti 
! it atl(iifui[.i ;,':■ 2 ± .nt- l.-o leftclt Il'in 1'itl tBtft. 
•J,'t|.ni,-ii -2k lidi tii(rt '(l.iiftlrii iiit, bij idj njifbtttehrt. 
3iitewiilbjin(eiihMiiMii"iti.,ni'"7;,t>-tii ! iiii^. liltfiilTOt). 
tfrtjinB, — acftcn (nuilj.ien) U11C 'I'loviiicn (Mcniniiiiii-iiu 
Set Jroniwirr tlicS ^ura fiitigriff. 
lit toPuna flilifl (a [rilti [>•. 

Tni ift trill wr(ci. ; t',-iii;(.]i-ikt'ilut ;iil,l,mj!ntt5)lt-cti(^a 
Titauf (cin Siirltboi lufKnbcii jinfen. 
Urt Bel brr IStaitillW \IX Soft. 

Tit SladjiaiiKitelt Mil! tin I'tfcHJKihiiocii Cffiiift (lit fi>a 
Mill riinin pridjluitu BlUlUu fl l ( iaumrefir) fiui-HD. 
: it iii liiiv millitlwtig atjtn Me artntn. [(tin. 

Sitir follttn tti brc SteurtlwiluiiijSliibcrct ficbrti^ (nudiridjii,)) 
ttiut milbe -Siifmnii — Hin S iebr*w<cr. 
r>flrmii v ltbati B [;[ii)(irt.- trin BiilMi;.'itiarr lUauit. 
M ip bilttrlull (fall UM IfrBarmtn). 
Iia* tfl gar ju [diltdji, ntl'nitii eit uiir ei ni*! iibtl. 
flrliec id Raj fflbfi ter RHMC. 
X)ie citi't. Mr bti fid) [tibfi anfJngt, nibipt oft t.i, nw r« 

Bk (iett 1'kbrft birlt Siinbtit roil ibrou Sllattlel. 
oirt .ii; pgn fit a™« nut drwiittil OS. 
&iir (tliitii Uiiltt CJIaoifieit) acjtii unitrt Dl.nDhirai iiKn. 
Hi Biirbe tin 31UC* S}rrt ftnt, tern nmeii Slteibe )u hlfen. 
$nr< Wrcajnlcif. bti tirl'lafjtr. wrmadjit tint einnt Mil 

50,000 1} (nut |1(CmU)UM| Ml nrmtiihofi'i^'ii, icttdtt 

GHMfeW Slifliui,! Itifsn (cUteti, 
Jtin jn fd)inalKn iroil ev ttintii iititlfl iitlmbi bat, jrugl ten 

(intra traurijen SKaKjil a^riplidjer Vi(bt. 
nu« [ttilitl] Varmtjeriijtrit. 
■i'liiMiiiiiitii'.-itiiifLii.— £ trtntlidic ffltlHKitijWt. 
•Dfilt'f Sjbm Mrtbeiltn. — fliiijibiiii.] bcr ti.imibnjijrVlt. 
tSinemiifelbJi. liin SUtrl Mr t'.imiietjlgfcit, 
Iir Itl't i™i milbtit W.ibcn. St ift auf bit ilinnbnji)(Lil 

Sic t<kftU[d»ft pel C^snifahcn Mr Wilbtl.'jtijteit. 

He ift jdjen oUrt eilimme nefcit. 

Ur fdjtitit (in iUutierlttra ju btfUym. [ : limurr. 

<tx txjaulwrK (tnl-jiitfK) nua) rail ta (nfitn WtrnJU f(iKtr 

3$ bin wit brr iiiiiti.y,..n?,-u t'.iiiPitb.iii ti;jiiKi-t ii-iii-,ud!i. 

1*1 MiiMid feejautrrte *o* anat, iwb tie thtfS iiuin £ br. 

I'ie 2imiL- br,aubern. 

lis litjt tin dauttr (iNei;) in Mr Blunt. [grgeteii. 

Sec ;ljnbtr ift aebroctati (geltiai) ; id) »lti mir witber (urii J- 

5)a3 fflliiinitln M »o*rt holte tinrn bt|unbrni Bltlj fflr 

uiid). [ni(in( Vvanlsfit ucimigcn bitlt. 

Seia viWfbittl Uinrrtttn IDfie (bra*) (en ^uber, mldjcr 
M I4im |iliid>|,itn iinitr einnn ,^iiibcr (ttannt) in fteboi. 

. .:. ii. i.ioii tiiK IWrMJ '.'.'liritjii^neii um Mn 

$affl .ii4 till jjaiibmnittil stfltn Stjun^it. 
34 bin lobl filr ble winliSlidit (KcftUltfNft 1 bit jjrtutm let 

fflJtll babtn hincti SKtij mitix fiir mid), 
ifui rti;tnbti Kinb. 
,"taj btiierlt (ftantric) nttbrert e<fiiffe fiir bit 9ttjitmn,i, an 

SruBpen n.iit. .>Nci ;:i fft 1 ■- 11- 
ttbarttrailit. iM d gJM k . 
Dilrtb Kliijliditn Wiubtnbritf (^rtibritf). 
ec i|t Id ftut-r^m mi I jeiu™ itULTteit, itic mil Icincin tatlbt. 
SJii ritltn |iir |auf bit) 0"H*- 
iluf beraanb. 

Jilit nabffltH nut on Mr JanO Xyrit. 
Sladi (intr jmlitnitMaoi Jaflb. 
<Zt nntrtt auf brr 3onb nltbrtarnwrfen, 
Cci »tt 3ajib nad) Mtldittiuiii fcmma! Wnit.H E| 
Bttalt Mr lind-J aut ftiiuin Vance Mreorbrafl), tii,itl>ltii rait 

Bin .i-i,i:li<tMi ; [. trin jjnmllt u ti 'Jajtc. 






Would I could — away my soiro 

To — away sorrow 

I — d the dog away 

I sent him on a wild goose — 
Away we — d over the country 
I gave — to the thief 
We all went in — after the fox 
We gave up the — 

Dress material of — design 

A — eye exiles licentious looks 

CHASTITY. To break the vows of — 

CHAT. He drops in every evening for a — .. 

He has too much — 

We had a comfortable (quiet) — together 

It is ill idle— 

We —ted about this, that and the other 

I don't want any of your — 

We —ted away till midnight 

CHATTELS. Goods and— 

CHATTER. He — s like a magpie (monkey) 

Ilistecth— ed 

You can — away as much as you like outside .. 
He — e.l it all over the neighbourhood 

CHATTERING. St.-|.'ih.ii —1 

What is the meaning Of all that — ? 

lWl make that — noise 

CHEAP. It is dirt — (dog -) 

It is us — as dirt 

Your subordinates will !ose all respect for you, if 
you make yourself too — 

It is — at a shilling 

■ ■ . ■ . 

CHEAT. He is a— 

He — ed me out of a shilling 

You cannot — your conscience 

Don't — yourself into the belief, that 

You have given me ioj too much ; don't — your- 
self — ing 1 

CHECK all the articles, before you pass them 

— the speed of the engine 

Have you — ed oif the items in Mr. C's bill ? 

I had to — him several times for talking in class 

lie— ed me for it [self 

I was about to answer him rudely ; but I — ed my- 

It is the intention .if the law to 

Knl. mm to — your passion 

Such practices ought to be — ed 

I'll -your career 

CHECK, (;:.) It was a — on his ambit 
It is .liiliculi (0 hold thme tribes in — ... 
The V tench arms received a — at Waterlot 
The government is not able to put a — on these 

A — taker. A pass-out — (theater.) 

ffn pail mil — s! 

To give — to the king (to give — ; to — ) (elicsi) 
CHECKERED. I its has been a — life (career) 

A life — with adventures and incidents 
CHEEK. With his bm-.:: in hi., - 

To be — by jowl (jole) 

I like your— ! 

None of your — , oi else I'll -end >m |fa ml ynur 

I don't want any of your — 

Whit a — the fellow has got 

Ttiiif- like his— 

What a—! 

I don't know how he could have the — to ask me 

He has — enough for anything .,. 

A blush mantled her — s ... 

That bm has got a pair of fill — s . 

I patted his — 

My — * are swollen from the toothache 

High (strongly pronounced) — bones 

She paint's net — » , 

She hat rosy - 

PIS! an liel que je puts* me delivrer ilt mt 

Dissiper (chasm-) le chagrin 

Je chassai te chien 

Je lut donuai une indication en 1'air 

Nous galop&mes a /ravers champs . . . 
Je counts apris le valcur 

Nous nous mimes tons A la poursuite du i 

Nous abandonnames la poursuite ... 

sit jcu at vaul pus la ehandtlle 

It poursuh-it sa femme dans tonte la i 

Cur eonpe d'er lichement eiselee 

loitgagt .luiste. — Passes chasles 

I'h ili'le chaste 

Unt e"loffe de robe d'un desiin ample el lUganl 
l.'n ail ch.Titt inlimid, It ■) regards licencieux 

(■Infer sun i« de clia.tete 1 [less 

II vient wins /'aeon /aire KM bout Je causerie . 

II est bavard {serie 

Nous climes ensemble unt bonne (tranquil!,: ) (tat- 

Ce son! de vains propos ... 

A'ous caus&mes de tnutt sorle d- choses . . 
Failes-tnoi le plaisir de vous taire ... 
Nous restimes a eauser jusqu'a minult 

II oavarde commi une pie forg to 

Sts dents elaquaient. I! tlciqunit des dents [tMeur 
Vous poicvet jaiasscr tant qu' U vans flairs a ''--- 
// alia center la chose cket. tons les voisins. . . 

Cessti zvlre_*t!-ardagt 

Cest pour tint. Cest a vilprix 

Cest un vrat hasard. Cest d'un ben viarchlino. 

I 'ill sutwnlonm's perdront tout respect pour nous, 

voits vous piYHtigves 

Cest don m a r M i un schilling 

If vend lout Ms fan march! (a his ban marche). 
Ceil un feiirhr (/in floueur, mi trichtnr) 

II <n a tromp,' (/low; retail) d'un sehelling 

Cons nc pouvet fromper votre conscienee\suader que 
Nt rkcrelifi pa a vous abuser vous-mime, A vous per- 
ilous m'attn domie to\ de Imp, lie Vous trompczpas 

a voire dtsavantage 
V mp mi, fat de tritherit (Houerie )! 
Verifies ehaque eb/et, avant de 1c mettre en vtnti 

Modlret la Vitesse dt la machine 

Avex-vous virifif les articles di fa note de It. C. 

C'rifier un cample [dage en etasv 

J'ai dll te ri'primam/er plusieurs fin's pour bavar- 

II me rlprimanda .i ce snjet 

fallais tui r,'pondrc verteiiient, mais/e me eontins 
La toi a pour but de riprimer te crime 
L'atcitsf, dans te cours de sa defense, fat plusiturs 

fots repris par le juge 

Chtrehei h contcnir votrt passion 

Ilfaut mettre tin /rein a des pratiques scmbtablcs 
Jt sanrai mettre mi /rein ,i ivs agissemenls 

Ce /ut un lehec pour son ambition 

// est diffieilt dt tenir ces tribus en khec\a Waterloo 
Les amies /raHfa ises essuverent u tie d.-/aite(uii echecj 
Le fMnWWDMMf ne sail pas mettre ml ferine i 

ees pratique i 

-Cue ><iit.'n:wj;ic 

CUf dc ,-oiitrtle 

On nt dtlivrc p,n de contre-marques 

Mettre le r» en fcfut. Poire Afar an roi 

It a eu bien des hauls et des bos 

I 'ne vie parseitn'e d'aixntures et d' incidents 

Planter e» IcKiqititr ( en quin,ome) 

En/aisaHl une grimare de derision 


-,- auda.e 

Pal d'impertintnee, on je vous enverrai promener 

Pas de propos impertinent!... 

L imp,, tent drol,! 

Cist bien /,) ion assurance kabiluelle 

Quelle tffrcitterie! \le dtmander 

Je ne sais comment it a pu arvir I'effronterie de me 

Sen impudence n'a psi de borne! ... 

Ses jouts se eenvrirent d'unt five ronger . , 

Cettn/ant est ties jouffiu! 

fe i«i demnni une tape sur lajOUt... 
J'ai uneffuxion a la joue 

Pomntettes saillantes 

Btlt met dn/aid. Pile le maquille 

.:'• eoehnn 

Pile a <lei couleurs rermeilles 

,1.6 laiinfditr, i4 tenure radncii iluinmcr Mtid.vuittcu- 
loi itiimma wcIdHiidjcn. 
3ft jaglt vm fjuttt fort (ircj). 
3d) lit& i$n rinot 
:M' i.i.ittn iit si- [-.I-' fane Mu. 
3d)lirHia t()bem»ii4(na*. 
iWir i.i : ilcii ,il)c fiinlcr bim itiuMe fjet. 
iBiraatKiibicaanfcnuf. iflir (MI fen We ^"0* dit. [OTflr*. 
3>ie SjcV foftct mtlir. als f« ronlfi ift. Infl lotjnt nitbt W* 
tit iafltt [cine Jtau tntii bof gan|( $aM nil dM 

■ (htottoflmMt SofjcE. 

ftUfttat Svta*r [<Mn«Jk«}. 

Bin rriittr (uHKrl-trbrnn) 3!il. 

Jttcitcrftsff con jorftm ffinfttr. 

Silt ImTdii'J! Slii.jc iiifoji'iiitit mclliifrijc itliJe. 

tj) OttiiVK trr (reul^ljeit 6re4(n. 

8c tomnit jcbrn Sttoit pi eincm iil.iettrfliii^dicn. 

tie fdjtiMijt (a Vie!. Sr ift cin i-lantnnini[. 

SBir ftattentint gemiUfiliajc Untcrtiiiltuna jufautmeli. 

OS ift aCfctt lnrr-3 rtsiniiv-nij. 

ffiir Dl..iifeiuit Pirn aMefM itnti 3enem. 

!af|tn Eir aM iftmec (tfejiljirae) I 

SDJit tilaulietltii (mitwljieltcn iin4) ti« ffllil!cntnd)t. 

fet) unt; »ut. 

tfc fifjiDaBI Ml tine Gtfier [8r fdjnatlnt leie tine ©an 

lit n.ii'i'evts nit ten 3ai>ncu. 

iTjiifstii tL'uriiii sic foi'iel MiiMtttn. trie SienmUai. 

tjr iano.itit' (t'liiut'tcte, ptappetle) td in bet Qatijen 91 ". 

gag taS Sdjniil}«t fein! [f«Wt u 

«j* full mi eiefei «(fil>ieS|[ (Wsre.ilfli) tjeificit? 

■v.srsii iioniilNtisni fflrWorpcraHfl 

US ijtfvotltiOia [fVotlnwMfeil]. 

i:-, n'l livitftiitj. Se ift Kit iMOuMuut fH I . 

3fjce UntcTjetriiai \mttn atlc aatinifl not Uttat » 

irenn Sic R4) fo trtjwevfcit. 
Silr titicn irtiilluia ifl rt oitlij. 
lit Brttaiifl ■JlilfS [slji tillij (ioof)I|eiO. 
lit i|i (in «etri1 b itr. 
St bettog alia) unt tincn Sdjinina. 
2\t Wiiiien :iIt i«crjLi=Lii nid.'t t-ji tfi.icn. 
iVetKn £ic fidi nldil ton Waliiic tjiii, bofi... 
fie tafroi ntit to Eojitliiijo ;u 3litcm SeSatcn \is Bi 

gejeten. [1 .. ' 

51 un, at'sr uid)t brtto,icn (ijcFanciitbctl) I ftcinc garen. Wren 
(liriiftn (fltccibivcii) fie alic &egcnftSntic, bnct fie bieitlt™ 

jutn aterraiife aiiS6ielot. 
JSenttnen Sie bie tttefanjinbisfeit bet BiafiljinB. 
Ji.iben Sie $ofteit In bet 9)(a)niniji MS »Jcnt G. tceibirt ? 
liin :Hr#iiiiii3 tecibiten (fctt I te Hi rati [vctsntai. 

;i.s pHfte ii'iii wii.t^fvi:,- Kali bai fluAcn in " ~ 
t!i : )JiJ inlr Muxiitii eiucn SkitodS. [itt) bieltin 
Jd) nwr tin HJe^rifft, ilim cine (ttete ttnttant jn 
lis Mufldit rciWefcwiLftcS, bem iietctcfttn Si 
Iw anjctlaflte reutbe lo.ilirtitb feinet Stttbeibit 

coal tStdita- tiitHrtiodicu ((Kt DAtWaa ■) 
Seniiltjen Sie rn*. ivtt SciMnfiftoficn ju jflaetn. 
Sotil)ai8tiiua)en full is ISinlialt aefutel teetbat. 
Jft ictrte 3Srtn Sauf tjeoimcn. 
Iti Ml tin Jiimvfcr «uf (dnoi Stji^cij, 
tt-5 tft (djwet, iettcSf.immt tin ^fl-adje iu Mteti. 
lie fTiinjefifdjm BJafieit ctlitlat t'ci iL'atetloo eine * 
Sic M(fli(tiuij ift ntcfpt int HtLiitM.ticfcii tileiootjiitwitat frilt 

|U jtbietcn (iiiiiluli |U ii'im). 
CU ::-.:i: miivi.1 n jci I'iiLiietsiimcNtcr).— 
Sin 3>rilifet. 

tSS inrtxn Nine jtontroaorfti autgtgctnl ! 
IfmftSniarSdfaajbietm. Setjait Helen |TOHrtW 
2 ,m t-rtitn tit cin IvtcecjteEj fleirefen. 
Sin Con Sbeutcucm nnb ^tiiWuiiT.iltnr iti* be 
,linStetbanbc:iMtvii:i|;viiiL.i. tan 
*.uiiTiifd« t'isfiil)trf Wriuufjcn) IDjncibciib. 
Tirtjt t'l'i tiiiaiitcv fieljen. 
'jlcltiiuii iie fidj SiidjtJ tjcr.niB fStcine Unac)oaentie 

fortft i-igc lib Z\t sunt AueTucT. 
y.-. mrbiiic mir ntlc tlii.irjO^eitWten. 
liliiSbetSntliJjcfteiSlft! KlaSriaj bet UlenWtK 
T</it ficbt bem ftcfljen SRmlifieii iiljiiltaj. 
»ip« fflt line llnPerdt^nthcil I iteitnte, a 

;id> wtftetie nittjt, ivte tt ft*) ttfttJicii fcrtttiftat, a 
EtiBinfeinrrXnifiiflftit |KUal FWl> 
ili'Mbt bebeJIc iljrc SBanflen. 
Ticfet "note tMl Wctc Saifni. 
3.ifi frcciajclte (tatfaielte) ttjnt tt. 
'liieine flaifoi jitit Den 3atnifa)merjen ge({vto»0ot. 
2 :.tvl hai'i vftefcnlK tWabe^CII, 
= ic(ciraiiiitt Fnfiibte^o'cn liiianQen). 
iieSaltoiijeSOiinfleit. £ie IjjI fflefen at 

He has thin — s 

A rosy — ed apple (child) 

CHEEKY. Don't be h - 
He is a -fellow 

CHEER up! better days ai 
I — ed him up under his difficulty ... 
■— -siically —et l — - 

(i Bgfll him 
Nod then, boys, three — s for the dominie 
What, another order ? come, that's — ing 
I have mi one in — me in my old age 
Not one of my children is left me lo — my existence 

Hood — was provided for us nt the Inn ... [ing 
When (rood — is lacking, our friends will he pack- 

CHEERFUL, A - fire A - heart 

He. bobs mi ire — , now that his son has returned 

CHEERY as a chirping sparrow 

CHEESE. That's the 

He makes nothing out of his — parings ... 
To mind the — parings and candle ends ... 
1 dare say you would like to make me believe that 

■ ... i. 

CHEQUE. A blank—. Paid by — 

wr.Xe Um out a — for the amount 

[ocrossa— . A Crossed — (set cross) ... [agai 

CHERISH. I still — the hup* of seeing bli 

— - hatred in your bosom .. 

. _ IRY. Ripe" " 
CHESS. To [.I.,) 

CHEST, lie is very fulT'in the — tfuil"— ed) 
He measures 36 inches round the — 
She has a weak — ■ Weakness of the — ... 
A strong — . A broad — (broad — ed) ... 

Throw out your — . A — of drawers 

He throws out his voice from the — 

— expander. — protector 

A joiner's tool 

CHEW. A — oftobacco. To — tobacco .. 

Cows — the cud 

He is — ing the cud upon what I said to him 
— -your fmnl well before you swallow it ... 

CHICKEN. As busy as a hen with one — .. 
Don't count your — s before they are hatched (pr.) 

She is no— 

If she is a — , where do you get your hensf 

A hen calliui; her —5 

As tender as a — . Mother Carey's — S 

What a — hearted fellow you are I 

CHIEF. The examinaiion in - of a witness .. 
These are some of the — reasons, why I refused 
The — cause of the dulness of trade 

The — town of the county , 

He is one of our — men ... , 

Our — is absent — 

He is the — partner in that linn , 

My — meal is my supper ... 

— clerk. — manager. — officer 

The — of a department (liertaucmcyi 

The Lord — Justice 

CHIEFLY. Her cargo consists — of wheat . 

It is — due to the war 

Gold is — found in Australia 

It was — on that account, that 

He resides — in London 

The payment was — in gold 

lie is — to blame in the matter 

They live — on fish 

England depends — on Russia for her wheat supply 

CHILBLAINS. Ml toe? me covered with - 
CHILD. He got her with - 

That It another man's — (p. s.) 

She is (tag) with — 

She was 1 cripple from 1 — 

She has had twelve —Ten 

She ban him nine — ten . . 

She is 

II a Its Jouts cousiies ... [rasa 

I 'nt pommt aux vivt couleuri. Un tnpant auxjoue: 

Pas lant d'ttfronterit 

Ctsl un tffronli gai.'Iard < 'uh impudent drSle ) ... 
Cauragtl Un tntillciir avciiir se prepare ... 

Jt raninteci sari coitragt dans ecltt foti.'ion <£fi Ui 
La fault fonssa del vim tstntkous iaslts tn sm honntur 
Lis Hectturs poussirent des hourras briiyanfs 

II ml prenvyna A mi hillrc arte lui ['[' ' 

Comment, encore une commando f A !a /■onne hcurt! 
Jt n'ai ptrtonne pour consoler ma viei/leisi 

fat uh stul dc Hits tnfants /our {gayer 

prifarl bonne ckbre a I'aubci ;e 
Quand la cuisiiit tsi maigrt, Us amis s'en fun 
Unfeagai. — Un occur joytux ... \rt 
II a I'air plus content mainlcitanl que son fits is! 
Gai comme un fitiion ... . . 
1'eili ce qu'ilfattt. — Sonde & frontage 
II nt gagntritn a its economies de licuts de ihandclk 
Eire rutttager de huts de chandette 

Je suppose qui Tons vaudriti me flirt noire qut Its 

vtssits sont des tanltrncs 
Different* tommt It pom it la nuit... 

Fort avanei [an fromagt 

Fromagt dt Holla ndc ■. — From age it la crime. — G&tea u 

Un ihinmte.—Utle pharmaiie 

F.i! '■ricant de f-ioduifs ehimiques 

Un dieque (Uh bon). H Mane— Pay J far cblqi 

Je lui doHHai uh ekique four (elte s'ammt ... 

Je neurris tueore I'tsfoir dt It reooir 
N'tntrtttntt fas la faint dans voire sein [de corail 
BitH m&r.—Bougt tommt uiu teriie. — Del Itvrt- 
f. liter aux tehees 
"-' tier.— Piie 

foilrine large. 
II a 36 fauces dt lour de fait tint ... [poiltmt 

Ellt a la poitrini foible (dcliealtf—Faibltsst de 
Unt fortt poitrint. — Unt foilrint largt. Largt dt 
Efface: Its Ppanlei. — Unt commode... \poitrine 

II a une bonne voix dt foitrine 

Apfareil pour dA'elafptr la foitrine.— Plasti-on ... 

La bolte aux outils d'un meiiuisicr 

Une ekique. — Chiquer 

Lts vetches rvminent 

It rumine ee qut jt lui ai dit 

Mfchttbien avant d'avaltr. 

EmfMietmmt «■« ;■'"■■'.■ .1 Hvitfmaia* 

Ai ttndts fas laptau dt fours avant d'avoir mil 
I' animal par ttrrt 

Ellt n'tst pas dt premilrr jeunesst 

Si e'est Id une poulelte, quel Sge onl Its poults I ... 

Une fault qui appelle ses poussins 

Ttudre tommt un pcuLt.—Pkrel 

Vous lies poltron lommt un lihirt , 

L'interrogatoirc principal d' un tcmoin [fait tefusei 

I 'oil,'! ./uc.'yi'cs lines des pi-incipales raisons qui nt'om 
I a prin, if, tie cause de la stagnation da commerce 
I.t .-htf-titu dtt eomli 
Cist uh dt nos pertai 
tVetrt thtftst absent . 
I! tst It principal associe dt la maisan 

Mon princifal rcpiis est le semper 

Cantmis principal. Premier tommis. — Directeur.- 
Premier fonctimnairt 

I* chef dt division 

Lt premier jugt 

Sa cargut'son eonsiste principalement enfromtnt . 
C'esl sitrtoHl lent cons/quince de la guerre... \l't 
Cat pHncipaltmtnt tn Australtt qu'on trouve 1 
C'claii r.'rtont four ctttt raison que 

II habile printipaltmtnt Londres .. 

Us st nourrissatt prinfipalemtHt de ftiiutm 
L'Angitttrre defend principalement de la Rutsie 

pour son approvistonnement dt oil 
Ctla de'ftnd surtout du temps ... [affile 1 f.,ee,\ 

Galashiels est principalement connu par ton drap 

J'ai Its pttdt touvtrts d'tngtlurts 

It lui fit un enfant 

Ci la nt me rtgarde pas ... [mute 

Ellt tit enceinte. Elle est dans une position int/rti- 

Elte .'tail beittuse drpuit son enfanct 

Elte a est douse tnfants 

Elte eut de lui neuf enfant, [gdl. 

C'est un infant unique, el far ..micqiitiit untnfan. 
Enfanls du frcmic. ( .c.e;d j lit 


vh- (at manm CtatTctt. 

li-in n.tK'.iJmi flcM Gin rotritranjiflrt fl.!ru>. 

simian W«dj(tir<i|r). 

Irr ift un ("«« (juPrin^Hdict, untrrlttjSmttr) ffcflt 

illiit'lPJntli! to twrtcii hilar ;{cttni lonmini. 

'J* muiMeirte (tifittvu ,!n mi in inner WttMoi gage, 

St reurt* vea ter Meagc te^eificrt Ifl'nriifct. (tautm tHiiftn. 

Seine Uslljla lie&cii il>n !;oa)lfben. © BJ.t(flH!§teiT iljii mil 

ttr 6c(tt nttaj ouf, mi* mil ibm 511 fAlnoeit. 

Km, itir Ctuiii|tii, feci .fisdjs mtf brn £tmi Vtljrtr. 

(JJit, ncfljflattifflrlianfl? Tos ift j.i crfraiha). 

3$ tail Kicingnf, t-n: mid; in mdimn Slim lrD(irt. 

flria Jtint. ift mit lll'iij otttitbrn als grrutt (Ircfl) ai(fiit* 

Wlan tifilitt un" In tent 1H.-tftf-.1111> gut auf. 
Eltixt to Soff, fo bliitKt tie Bninitfdjaft. 
tEin fuflijf.' Ifiiiftrattci) Ttfiicr — <iin iiviitiajet «cr|. 
3tBt, ico (tin ecMi surua* i|l, ftetjl tt t^iltrct au#. 
!u(iia rci( tin (toac! in Im *ufl. 

S)a( ift bii Sa^c. Ta litfil tcv !«[r im¥(tff«- — Boitfteojtt. 
6r tat «!iii)t« Dun all ((incr Snicftrei. 
auf bcnVfcnriii [;■ . ::iini,il(ittii adjtai. 

Sic nii'djltn mia> ic.<hl gliiut'cii itmOiiii, tcr Utcuo fri tin 
9lobmtJ(c (tetSoifd (ri tin l5ia)&Sriia>tii). 
■■, i;k tag mi* Diaojl. 
;> .in [ Brit Raft. 

toll dntj ifo)cc BSf r . — fHar»ntii({. — St Ittucjf n . 
t£in an j I I'tifdjcr lihtmiltr. — ttint Mfotlitrt. 
Scflen rintr djanifdicn %abci>. ftjcrit.ini vc-n Sf)aititalun. 
einSlanlttl.— Blit (i net Hnreti fang hjuMt. 
34 fiillir. il'iu cine tlamcifung fiir ecu ttclrag auS. 

34 ttat non) Intmct tic Jeffnuiij. ihi n>ict>nyifcljrit. 

Oc.icn (9Ia(>mi) =ie tcincil ©JB (a il'rrr i'vuft 

'Iiiiirt'cioicciiKUWrcdfcSiriific. — SHiHD wit Wilt — Birfd!-. 

€*aaj fpleltn. [rotW eilivoi. ScraUnliliV'a. 

■edjaajbrrtl. ecjatfiautcit. 

If r tal tine brdte »tiip.— «r bat cine tcntntrolircltt Briift. 

lir mi lit 36 QcB urn tic *ruft. 

lit ( citic f*Tvj*( -i'nii't. — *riift:oiir.i,t!C. 

tfinc ftartc Srujt.— ffiiue trtitc Bonl. BulUlWa, 

{Rll (Jtuft dcrai*.— Ifinc H.imnwae. 
Gr liilt feinc Stimmc aus r*i 8nift trtlnrit. 
(iiii •Snt,-IMtcr — Cin SmftiMiantr. 
KBcrlstuatJftcti elnte e«KiiiftB. 
(Sin ■|'Vi,.!ii,t.(!t Intnl.— lata! [auin. 
iJuM Sat -aicttrhntr. 

Ift Runt ill\t tai n.idi, tDaf idt ihm nrfagt fiatit. [Mglinlcn. 
■JataiKii Bie ti(€jci(cii gifiirij, et)t etc Oicfcltcii Ifmiutcc- 
Si* mit tincr Slcinigldt vict jn fi'iin manjen. 
lKa«cn £ic ni*t tk tHcAitung cLmc tm Wirtlf. ftEtfaufin 
■Sit niiht tic {mui, clKiic ten ttiven (ticflutl ifltta. 
Sic ift liiAt rnctrc jtutj. 

Ociin titjiin.i ill. ini.i rritgtn =ietcnn titlttttn? 
Hint list aitnaeit nifmt-e $""ic. [iktrrOitSiw;!). 

Bnttroiitiit (lilinr; ... ..:.-. i iuicniMjcl, il\. 

Oiat lint Eic fiic tin eafrafutil 
TjJ CaBCtcntiSr tine* S'lfl" 1 - 

ricic* ft 11 1 1 cinijjr kft Caut't^riintc, toctbatb i* ablcrntc. 
Xictaurtorl.ia-; . rftffMpItt). 

SJir. (auprflabt (rrftt 6lacl) ber *ra(fo>aft. 
Cr ift cincc an[rccr ircflcu {a.<cmrtm[ten). 
Unfcr Vnatuafl (C*rf } ifi atmufcnb. 
«r ift bcr (.aUBttbtiliicbratr an ienem fflcfcbSftt. 

I« -flbltcifuniitiyf. 

iirjfitcnt Ut ebn-ften nc[aXgeda)lRl. Sect Cfcnifilct. 

Sit tdtunj bet eniUtt icflctt bauptiSojli* (KmKtmlia)), 

3* .ft banWfa*lio> trm flric a i iirjafajnitxit. laufl iOnjcn. 

(Wt reirb fyinvtiiilili* in aufrratica gefuubtn. 

Siwar Mcncbatlidj Oeimgcn, baS... 

ttr n»6nt aitstentCfnll in Sonbon. 

tfr nerbicnt tin SmuvImM in bcr snOji. 
6it Ictrn eot|uatiRi(e W11 5d<6tn. 
tfnguiflt i|l ttnfiajllid' fdncc t : i:ijiir,ufuti[ lioUBt[aa)<i* auf 

StuSlanb onflcioicfcH. 
I ■'■■l!.;l!-\l!'.^l.d'i.:]i ntPVal, 
ofcUoWitW Ift 6aufrfan)Ilo> neacti Icinet I»«Mh>rr« terilejoL 
JJicinr ^tben fiu» "it ftcnftbeitlfa btbtii. 
tti Hwanjcm (It. 

Bal finJ mcint ennjen nioit. [ftanlun). 

Eic ift Unongrr Sit ifl in fr-flnuna (in jcfrflartoi UBf 



Cif »at iwtlf ainber onVrtt. 
Eit *ct'Jt 11. in 11c un Bin etc 

■. . . : . ■ 

fliobn an* bet crftcn ts»titcn] «nt. 


lie had four -ten by hi, EM wift 

I remember, wlit'ii your were still a 
Mozart, even as a — , (when yet a - 

predilection Tor music 
is innocent as ihc — unborn 
t angry, 

ij tongue _ 

II is a clever — , that knows its own father (p. I. ) 
A — born in wedlock 

An illegitimate — 

A forward — 

My darling — 

A male (female) — 

To do that is —'splay 

She is only n — . My first — 

— ren and fools speak the truth (firm. ) 

—ren in arms not admitted I 

Diseases of women and — ren 

Spare the roil, and spoil the — ... 

Tin: — is father to the man 

A — may lead him, but the devil won't drive 

A btimt - dreads Ihe fire (firov.)... 

She is past having -ren 

CHILDBEARING. She is past - 

lie acts in a very — way ... 
Those are — fears of yours... 
I never knew anyone so — as 

— thinqs. - rim ftc. 

CHILDLESS. They remained — ail their life 

CHILDHOOD. She is past 
From my earliest — 


ceond - 

1 1,^.,- 1 In. -in England 

— and old age 

CHILL. A — edshot 

Il is cold enough to — the blood in one's veins.. 
A — came creeping over me 

I ttrrni (eel a — in his company 

Take Ihe — oil" this beer 

II grttt me a — 

My ringers are — cd 

It — M in v courage . 

CHILLY. A — wind 

It strikes — in this room 

A — air. It feels— 

A — reception 

Il is rather — this evening 

What a — mortal you arc! 

CHIME. Certainly, he— din... 

He — d in with him 

A — of bells 

To— theb.-N* 

The church rdodi is - rag midnight 

CHIMNEY. The — smokes 

The — does n 

The - 


V'xi must get the — swept 

Here is another sovereign I lend you ; I'll chalk 
it up the — 

The wind is blowing down the — 

A smoky — . — corner 

lie came down the — 

The flames roared up thE — 

CHIMERlcALiiotioiis (ideas, fancies,' &c.)... 

CHIN. A dirty (clean) — 

! me under the — 

CHINA. From — to Peru 

A — man jwMfttf) . . 

A - man MM 

CHINESE. Can vou nrrdt -? 

CHINK. He has plenty of— 

"So we gel the - 
We'll bear the slink" 

CHINTZ, -curtains. A -cover ... 

CHIP. A — bonnet 

II. i- I -of the old Hock 

CHISEL. He -led me out of sis shillings 


II cut Irois enfanti dr sa /•c.iiiir/ femme ... 
Jc me saitvuns, qnand svut ■'tie: encore enfant, que 

Afoiarff 4is sa premiere enfanee, mantra Ivaiieoup 

de goSt pour la musiqne 
Jt suis aussi innocent que /'enfant qui vicntde naltre 

II iifAcka, pin- , tamme an en- 

fant gii'ii Hail, lui croait tire a lancui [ pert 

Cett un enfant ma/in, mini qui eoanait mn prop'-, 

Un enfant Uptime. Un enfant nf pendant It ma- 

tfn enfant Ulegitime [n'oya 

Un enfant hardi. Un enfant prkoce 

Man enfant thiri 

I'n enfant da maieulin (feminin) 

Ce n' est qa'un fend' enfant de faire eela 

Ce lies! qu'un enfant. -- Man premier enfant enfanti et lei fous i/isent la virile - 

// est inttrJit ifawener des enfanti en has Age ... 

Maladies des fcmines et dts enfant: 

iWatgn la Z'crge, vims Atern V infant 

I.'enfant tst !c pert de I'hamme 

// st laisserait tondutre par hh en/ant, mail le 
diablc ne leferait p,is manlier deforce 

Un enfant am test brill! train! le feu 

F.Ile a pass/ 1' Age d'avoir des en/auti 

File a fosse" T Age ,/'.r ->ir da infants 

Elle meturat in eouehes 

Xc fait.-s pas /'enfant 

Ne faitcs pas de ces enfantillages ,. 

II se conduit amine tin enfant 

Ces craintes de veil re part sonl purriles 
Je if ai jamais coniiu personm si enfant q<ie lui ... 

Ann,'.! d' enfanee. — Air enfantin 

MaiuCrel ell falltines 

Chases pulri'es.—jeus d'en/anl ... 

/,'.( demeurerent tout, leur vie sans enfant s 

Ce n'estplus un enfant 

Pis ma premiere enfanee 

// est retombt en enfanee 

It posset son enfanee en AnglctciTi. 

/ 'enfanee et 1.1 .-;'. ilic<<e ... 

I'r.'/rti.'eeii fer Irempl \lts veines 

frfraul est assez vl/faur vans g/acer li sang dans 

Uh froid peiu'trant nit saisit pelt a feu 

Sa pr.'seuce me glace 

Filler. I- '■einei:' .-.'• •:!•:', ■■ ec/u '■■:,.■ 

Ce/a metitfrissoH.ur 

Mil iaigtt tattl en • unify ... 

Ceta glaya mon tcntrage 

Un vent froid 

/,' fait frahl ,!,m.i .-.-/,"■■ chambre 

I'n air glacial. On sent le froid 

Uric reception glaciate 

II fail assez fraitccsair 

■ ■ . ■■ ') 7.n.r -jous faitcs! ... [i-ersati. 

ft parla dans le mime sens ... 

I 'n carit/an 

( '.iiil'eitncr 

Ijcarillan Je I'Iglise annoiuc qui! est mi'nuit 
la ehemin'e fume ... 

I a ehentincene tire pas 

Le feu est it la ekimiuh 

F! fan! /'aire 'a mailer la etieminee 

Tines, voiln encore un sauverain, ;vus me le re 
dres la semaine des quatrc jcudis 


Cne eheminJe qui fume.— Le coin diifcit... 

II desrendit par la cheminle [mine. 

[jsjlammes montaient en ■.■rondant dans la fie- 

CAcmincc. Tablette de ehemimt 

Mitre (Chapcaiij de cliemin.'e 

Corps de cheminies. — Ckambranle de ehimince 

Notions fltlAs, Fantaisies) chiiin'riqnes 

i/nc harhi d'um simaine. — Un* barbe fraiehe 

II me prit le men/an 


De la Chine on Firou 

Un Chinois 

I'n naviir qui fail le commerce avec la Chine ., 

SaVtt-TVIIS parler chinms / 

est tout consu d'oe. ft a des km (de la l-ralic) 
L'argent n'a pas d'o.lcur 

Des ridcaux m perse. — Une eonrfcpoinle en perse 
Un chapeau de paitle de boil (paillc fanlaisie) . . 

[! chaise de race 

// m'a caraltt' sir schillings 

I'oynni, pas de caretle 

/./ temfs .le la eluvaUrU tsl tassi , 



ft tot* fire Mnkt m> Irtao a$ « gcM, 

^JitL-intijn: mi*, r.iti. Jlo =it ni'Oj rid unit icatn 
JJiL'iiirt i(i.|U- (Ju:i ot5witiC[al» r it iid) till ». 

fluiij (iir ifftuiit 
>:■ [-in |l> kii i;1: ill: i ■„ irii tin iKsg.iitonurS Hint. 
t!v ast*t i'L.i(, loiil tcr Snabr iljm iia* Qihaatl tit ■', 

<;■. irt, 'in iiwifij Stitif, MJirinrn Ha tor ft 
((■in in btr li'!'; (Ht-il'i-i .finb. (pin rti'.liit 
liin uiu'i.iiiit.o-: (ir.iiiii'tid!i>i) illnb. 
If n ivrwitvilts Mint. Gin frulmilitlirdirs (friiljreiW) * 
TOtin tirbru H\at. 

ISiil USA raainili*iii [iwiHiaicn] Wciitilod.IrS 
ifi iR fintaWiM I rin Mint- rvtt'iel ■ b.i? in Jhnit. 
Sir (R nctS tin f/ti*. — fflciti crfirf Jtiaij. 
flinbet unb Slarrtii [j|im tit itfjlrlirit. Inlit:ir6raftt n> 
tinttr. Mo nod) aiif t>tni rtnilt fictt.virn ii'iiton, turfen li 

|ynwa> unb Mttrntwrnrftttai, 

■JL'ot bit fltniM fpart, raiithl fa* ainb. 

tit Si rib (It bcJ Slnnitc* llitir. 

(Siit Mint tanii it)n Ititcti, altr bcrltuft! Ifnnle itn n 

liin ,1,01'r.mntca .trinU icVul ba6 iywer. 

Sic trtunnnt him Jtinbrr MfV, 

= io bctdnim] Trine jtinh-r motjr. [burl 

Sic ll.i rli iiti )IoibWlt(('Ji'ij[t)cnbcllc).^Sir [tartj briber M 


BnwjWri tk M niajt (o tinbifdj. 

liThoiiMI v(*t tiiibifA. 

Taal ift due tiiibiicbt ftnrdjl toil ^linm. 

^djtinbtiiictiutll iiiibifdi(m iJKriiMiL-n rjrfaniit, all nil. ;Vbrcbcc.fliiibtNat.— )tiiiblid)(#la6Fcte«. 

RlltB4(l (tiribildjtS) ffleicn. 

Siubnrien. — »lnblid)t 6ptct( it. 

2it (licten I6r oonjcS Srttti tuna linbtrteJ. [an 

eitifl liber i6rc JWnHcit fthiani!. Sltrjatbli " 

Soil mtintt frliftcftcii RiiibMit. 

fir ilt mrrtiubet. 

t!r bat trine fliiithi: I ;i,(!;rr) in iin ; )l.iiit ueitrtit 

ftinbej. nub Ulreitctialiri; 

liinr Vvirl (iijfu.itl (ili.iilidiiiirfiticS). 

i5-i iii in tilt, bar, lEincm ba« iMm In ben Bbti'ii flcfrictt. 

!•■; iit-i.viii.-i" (Kt.uiic milt) tin r.i ; -tirli(. 

3d) rmi'fint* in ftinrr filrfriltdiail (let -5 tin (arfUgt 9 

Sjflon Sie baa *ior (id) utvfiTnfltn (iiiiiriil)lasj<n). 

tt) MritrfaCflc mir ciu StjrbRtln. 

Tic Singer fmb mir oftarrt. 

If i bdmvftc moinon 'IVuth. ffiS W"<\ ">«uai aHutlj iiirter. 

(fin fn'ftirtet (Taller] ©int>. 

ti--i iii fi'..'iii,i IfrSiiliJi) in Hrfcm Simmer. [=n 

tEint Froftijc (taltc, raube) I'uft.— lf-5 (iiblt fid) fropia (•>«! 

(iiii |n>jii,|i:r (taller] linuifaiia.. 

tfi i'l btutt StbenB ^iemlirq talt. 

■ ■ . ■:■,:: : : 

ficcitid), r-flifltrlc or, in bit iHebe fsUcnfc, btL 
iir itiiiunlr (rfiidjlol;) ilini del. 

Sin (WU-Jtniliiti. [¥H 

Mi! ben Wtciftn [.intoit. T.iS (Woifcnivit! crtSiitii Li 
T.v] miurfnifvicl bor MirdioniilT mitii libit 'DlitttnlatSt. 
3>rr Jliiaitii ('Sdjomfbtn) raud)t. 
Itr flamin (btcCfcn) jitbt niejt. 
B8 iR aciitr tm Samine. 3?tt a.irain brennt. 
Sitniiilli'iitfiiSaiuiii i Sdioniftoiii Fo|ou lifiori. 
fiicr Icitie id) ^bnen iii'd) tiiitn Saetrrijit; id) I 

ten Sofornfttin (djccibeii. 
iPcritBinti itttii tm Menlhb Ijuwnhi 
(iiiiiaiiiriii6icr.l!jinln. — >(jinintJt. sjintevbem Ofrn. 
iir lant ten Stamin ^rrunltr. 
■Sir fflammcn Bvntfrltoi ben 8amin 6iuau(. 
M j mi n[t iid. Xnmin( l ir'i|iiitS. 
Kamintappt. iHniiftrBhre. 

KatbimneAoinftciiim.— aamincinfaliiinfl. [Ir 
fflrilloiiii.ifle (totlr, i'bantoRi[tbe) 3t«n.— ^tm, 
Irin 'gtiTivlliuii. lE-iii , iv.iru: loo- [(anbereti «inn. 
Lit- jri|iiuiirt;rti('uiiii niitoi-ba-S jtiito. lErtniff mir in'* 
Hcnd)f)iiflen. Stidtjiifteit. 
Situ iftiii.i uaa) IJeru. 
t-in (tbitttlo. 
(fill Qbina!at)KT, 
iK'nittn Sio ■tiineilTd.i (lireebcn 1 
iir Lui eicl i«ilt (•J.i;...f:.|. 
woitiiiu hat jnicii tStrnid), 

ili«wvboii,ie.— 3H)b«cft. 

Sin .fniltiiabntjm. I* . 

6v ill nid)t auS brr «rt oio(d)[Oiicii. tjr i(lD™niilni4l 

6r bat niid) it™ lot* Sdiinii. ■.■. 

9lid)t iwuuft, bfriB Sle I 



is Grace the Lord High Commissioner, Earl of Rosslyn, 

1 lysart House. (Two Copies.) 
he Right Hon. Lord Moncreiff, of Tulliebole, Lord Justice- 
Clerk, 15 Great Stuart Street. 

Count Montgelas (Austrian Embassy), 18 Belgrave Square, 

Sir Noel Paton, K.L R.S.A., LL.D., Her Majesty's Limner 
for Scotland. 

The Right Rev. the Bishop of Edinburgh, 10 North Manor 

James Cowan, Esq,. M.P., 35 Royal Terrace. 


Douglas Maclacan, Esq., M.D., Professor of Medical Juris- 
prudence and Clinical Medicine. 

Wm. Rutherford, Esq., M.D., Prof, of Physiology. 

Thomas Annandale, Esq., F.R.C.S., Prof, of Clinical Surgery. 

David Masson, Esq., M.A., Professor of Rhetoric and English 

William R. Sanders, Esq., M.D., Professor of General 
Pathology and Clinical Medicine. 

Jas. Stuart Tvtler, Esq., LL.D., Professor of Conveyancing. 

Julius Ecgeling, Esq., Ph.D., Professor of Sanscrit and Com- 
parative Philology. 

W. Y, Sellar, Esq., LL.D., Professor of Humanity. 

S. S. Laurie, Esq., M.A., Professor of the Theory and Practice 
of Education. 

Sir Robert Christison, Bart., M.D., Emeritus Professor of 
Materia Medica. 

Sir Wyville Thomson, LL.D., Professor of Natural History. 

Sir Herbert Oakeley, Mus. Doct., Professor of Husk. 

Alex. Crum Brown, Esq., M.D., D.Sc, Professor of Chemistry. 

Peter G. Tait, Esq., D.Sc, M.A., Professor of Natural 

T. Grainger Stewart, Esq., M.D., Professor of the Practice of 
Physic and Clinical Medicine. 

William Turner, Esq., M.D., Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, 
Professor of Anatomy. 

Rev Malcolm C, Taylor, D.D., Professor of Divinity. 

Rev. Archd. H. Charteris, D.D., Dean of the Faculty of 
Divinity, Professor of Biblical Criticism. 

Alex. R. Simpson, Esq., M.D., Professor of Midwifery and 
Clinical Gynecology. 

Rev. H. Calderwood, LL.D., Professor of Moral Philosophy. 

John H. Balfour, Esq., M.D., Professor of Botany. 

Thomas R. Fraser, Esq., M.D., Professor of Materia Medica. 

Rev, Robert Flint, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Divinity. 

W, B. Hodgson, Esq., LLD,, Professor of Political Economy. 

James Spence, Esq., F.R.C.S.. Professor of Surgery. 

James Lorimer, Esq., M.A., Professor of Public Law. 

George Strathairn, Esq,, M.A., Assistant to the Professor of 

Mathew Hay, Esq., M.A., M.B., Assistant to the Professor of 

Materia Medica. 
George fi. Gardiner, Esq., M.A., Assistant to (he Professor of 


G. C. Robinson, Esq., F.R.S.E., Assistant to the Professor of 

D. J. Cunningham, Esq., M.B., Senior Demonstrator of 

John Brown, Esq., M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 
George Leslie, Esq., Assistant to the Professor of Natural 

Andrew P. Aitken, Esq., M.A., D.Sc, Lecturer on Practical 

Chemistry, University. 
J. S. Mackay, Esq., M.A., M.B., late Assistant to the Professor 

of Materia Medica. 
R. Milner Morrison, Esq., D.Sc, F.R.S.E., Senior Demon- 
strator of Chemistry. 
J, 0. Affleck, Esq., M.D., Assistant 10 Professor of Medical 

Wm. Taylor, Esq., M.D., Assistant to Professor of Surgery. 
J. Ritchie, Esq., M.D., Assistant to Professor of the Practice of 


De Burgh Birch, Esq., M.B., CM,, Demonstrator of Physiology. 
Graham Steel, late Assistant to Professor of Materia Medira. 
Rev. John Keith, B.D., late Assistant to Professor of Greek. 
James Murdoch Brown, Esq., M.B., Clinical Tutor, University. 


REV. W. G. Blaikie, D.D., Professor of Apologetic: 

Pastoral Theology. 
Rev. Robert Rainy, D.D., Principal, Professor of Theology 

and Church History, 
Rev. James Macgregor, D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology. 
D. A. MoXEV, Esq., M.D., M.R.C.P., Professor of Elocution. 


George W. Balfour, Esq., M.D., Clinical Medicine. 

David J. Brakenrtdge, Esq., M.D., Clinical Medicine, 

John Duncan, Esq., M.A., M.D., F.R.C.S.E., Surgery. 

John Wvllie, Esq., M.D., Practice of Medicine. 

P. D. Handvside, Esq., M.D., Lecturer on Anatomy. 

Claud Muirhead, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.P., Practice of Physic 

Stevenson Macadam, Esq., Ph.D., Lecturer on Chemistry. 

Angus Macdonai.d, Esq., M.A., M.D., F.R.C.P., Midwifery. 

Alex. James, Esq., M.D., Physiology. 

1 1: u 1 ; ■ I-'.. Underhill, Esq., M.D., Midwifery. 

John, Esq., M.D., Surgery. 

Robert Peel Ritchie, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.P., Diseases of 

Ai.f. Damell, Esq., M.A., B.Sc, Physics. 

Francis W. Moinet, Esq., M.D., Materia Medica and Thera- 

Patrick Heron Watson, Esq., M.D., Clinical Surgery. 

William Husband, Esq., M.D., Vaccination. 

D. Argyll Robertson, Esq., M.D., Diseases of the Eye. 

Francis Cadell, Esq., M.U., Syphilology. 

Alexander K filler, Esq., M.D., Vice-President, Royal 
College of Physicians, Midwifery. 

William Dick, Esq., M.B., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 

J, Symington, Esq., M.D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. 


J. Hallidav Croom, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., Midwifery. 
Charles Watson MacGillivray, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S., 


Charles Begg, Esq., M.B., CM. 
Augustus Waller, Esq., M.B., CM. 
AvmeR R. Macdougall, Esq,, M.B., CM. 
William Lamb, Esq., M.B., CM. 
George A. Berry, Esq., M.B., CM. 
Francis M. Caird, Esq., M.B., CM. 
A. Fleming Wood, Esq., M.B., CM. 
German Sims Woodhead, Esq., M.B., CM. 
G. T. Atkinson, Esq., M.B., CM. 


(See also University and School of Medicine.') 

Alexander Peddie, Esq., M.D., President, Royal College of 

R. Craig Maclagan, Esq., M.D., 5 Coales Crescent 
John Smith, Esq., M.D., Surgeon Dentist to the Queen, 11 

Wemyss Place. 
P. H. Maclaren, Esq., M.D., 1 DrumsTieugh Gardens. 
James Carmichael, Esq., M.D., 42 Northumberland Street. 
James Bennie, Esq., M.D., Bloomfield. Currie. 
John Alexander Smith, Esq., M.D., ro Palmerston Place. 
John Plavfair, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., aj Rutland Street. 
A. Montgomerie Bell, Esq., M.D., 4 Forres Street. 
Ormond H. Garland, Esq., M.D., 20 Charlotte Street, Leith. 
Benjamin Bell, Esq., 18 Coates Crescent. 
David Grant, Esq., M.D., Ventnor Hospital, Isle of Wight. 
T. S. Clouston, Esq., M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Royal 

Edinburgh Asylum. 
Edward G. Geochegan, Esq., L.R.C.S., Clinical Assistant, 

West Riding Asylum, Yorkshire. 
A. Hallidav Douglas, Esq., M.D., 30 Melville Street 
Walter T. P. Wolston, Esq., M.D., M.R.C.S., 10 Castle 

James Foulis, Esq., M.D., 57 Northumberland Street. 
William Zilgler, Esq., M.D.. 47 George Square. 
D. R. Haldane, Esq., M.D., Charlotte Square. 
N. D. I. Oman, Esq., M.D„ Wishaw. 
P. Orphoot, Esq., M.D., 113 George Street 
John B. Buist, Esq., M.D., 49 Morrison Street. 
Archibald Dickson, Esq., M.D., 11 Royal Circus. 
John Bishop, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S., 28 Alva Street 
D. Menzies, Esq., M.B., CM., 3 Lothian Road. 
A. Bleloch, Esq., M.B., CM., A.M., D.Sc., 13 Broughton 

Arthur Mitchell, Esq., M.D., LL.D., Commissioner in 

Lunacy, 5 1 Queen Street. 
John Sibbald, Esq., M.D., Commissioner in Lunacy, 51 Queen 

John Fraser, Esq., M.D., Assistant Commissioner in Lunacy, 

51 Queen Street. 
Thomas A. G. Balfour, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., 55 George 

Thomas Keith, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.P.E., z North Charlotte Street. 
Sophia Jex-Blake, M.D., 4 Manor Place. 


deeper of 


James Young, Esq., M.D., 14 Ainslie Place. 

D. H. Hogue, Esq., M.D., 52 Queen Street. 

Edw. Henderson, Esq., M.D., 4 Greenhill Terrace. 

James A. Russell, Esq., M.A., M.B., B.Sc. {Public Health) 

Woodville, Canaan Lane. 
Ramsay H. Traquair, Esq., M.D.. F.R.SE., Regius Keeper of 

Natural History Collection, Museum. 
P. A. Young, Esq., M.D., 4 Brighton Place, Portobcllo. 
Wm. Bryce, Esq., M.D., Charlotte Square. 
Thomas R, Scott, Esq., M.B., 13 High Street, Mussciburg 
James A. Sidey, Esq., M.D., 20 Heriot Row. 
R. J. Blair Cunvnghame, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 6 Walker 

W. J. Vereker-Bindon, Esq., M.D., D.Sc., CM., L.R 

F.R.C.S., London. 
William Goldie, Esq., M.D., r Greenhill Bank. 
James Dalmahoy, Esq., M.D., F.R.S.E., 9 Forres Street 
Thomas R. Ronaldson, Esq., M.B., Southville, Merchisto 
L. Aitken, Esq., M.D., 52 Via Frattina, Rome. 
William Stewart, Esq., M.B., CM., 39 Albany Street. 
R. Bruce, Esq., M.D., 12 York Place. 
David Hart, Esq., M.B., 65 Frederick Street. 
John Niven, Esq., M.D., 1 10 Lauriston Place. 
Alexander Milne, Esq., M.D., 104 Lauriston Place. 
Charles Hav Thatcher, Esq., L.R.C.S., 13 Albany Stre 
W. B. Alexander, Esq., M.B., 8 Blenheim Place. 
James C. Ady, Esq., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Mouimein, 

T. Graham Weir, Esq., M.D., 36 Heriot Row. 
J. Stewart, Esq., M.D., 18 Nicoison Street 
Robert Omond, Esq., M.D., F.R.C.P., 43 Charlotte Squi 
George W. Dickson, Esq., M.B., CM., 19 Melville Street. 
J. Baylev Balfour, Esq., M.B., B.Sc, Inverleith House. 
Thomas H. Smith, Esq., M.D., 59 Ferry Road. 
John Henderson, Esq., M.D., Provost of Leith. 
O. Young, Esq., M.D., 43 Heriot Row. 
Ed. Fowler Scoucal, Esq., M.A., L.R.C.S, 4 I 

Rev. Horatius Bonar, D.D., 10 Palmerston Road. 
Rev. Walter Smith, D.D., 20 Royal Circus. 
Rev. John Dowden, D.D., 13 West Castle Road. 
Rev. John Young, M.A., 2 1 Queen's Crescent. 
Rev. Alex. Mair, D.D., 7 Abbotsford Park. 
Rev. James Macgregor, D.D., St. Cuthbert's. 
Rev. Charles Darnell, M.A. (Oxon.), Cargilfield, Trinitj 
Rev. William Robertson, D.D., 39 Royal Terrace. 
Rev. Archibald Scott, D.D., 18 Royal Terrace. 
Rev. John Alison, M.A,, 22 West Mayfield. 
Very Rev. William Smith, D.D., V.G., the Pro-Catb. 

Broughton Street. 
Rev. Alexander Whyte, M.A., 49 Melville Street. 
Rev. James Taylor, D.D. 
Rev. R. Gordon, M.A., 6 Mayfield Street. 
Rev. Alexander Chaknley, Lauriston Street. 
Rev. William C E. Jamieson, B.A. 
Rev. John Lowe, F.R.C.S.E., Superintendent of the M« 

Mission, George Square. 
Rev. James Mitchell, M.A., The Manse, South Leith. 
Rev. William Hanna, D.D., LL.D., 16 Magdala Crescen 


Rev. John Glasse, M.A., Tantallon Place. 

Rev. J. Grant Mackintosh, 28 Walker Street. 

Rev. J. G. Cazenove, D.D., Chancellor of St. Mary's Cathedral. 

Rev. James Donlevy, The Pro-Cathedral, Broughton Street. 

Rev. Edward Hannan, 10 Teviot Row. 

Rev. A. Barron, M.A., Windsor Lodge, Portobello. 

Rev. John M'Murtrie, M.A., 14 Inverleith Row. 


The Solicitor-General, 23 Abercromby Place. 

Robert Louis Stevenson, Esq., Advocate, 17 Heriot Row. 

Robert Lee, Esq., Advocate, Sheriff of Perthshire, 26 Charlotte 

Fred. Hallard, Esq., Sheriff-Substitute of Edinburgh, 61 York 

John C. Brodie, Esq., 26 Moray Place. 
Ralph Richardson, Esq., W.S., 19 Castle Street 
John Whitefoord Mackenzie, Esq., W.S., is Royal Circus. 
Wm. F. Skene, Esq., W.S., LL.D., 20 Inverleith Row. 
H. W. Cornillon, Esq., S.S.C., 1 Duncan Street. 
Wm. Skinner, Esq., W.S., Town Clerk, City Chambers. 
Arthur Alison, Esq., Advocate, 3 Moray Place. 
Wm. Duncan, Esq., W.S., 13 Abercromby Place. 
John M'Laren, Esq., Advocate, 46 Moray Place. 
J. F. Rodger, Esq., WS., r Royal Circus. 
George Seton, Esq., M.A. (Oxon.), Advocate, St. Bervnets. 

Alexander Thomson, Esq., M.A., Head Master, George 

Watson's College for Ladies, George Square. 
A. Hamilton Brvce, Esq., LL.D., D.C.L., Rector of 
Edinburgh Collegiate School. 
W. Bedford, Esq., LL.D., Governor of George. Heriot's 

I John J. Rogerson, Esq., M.A., Merchiston Castle School. 
Rev. J. Balsillie, M.A., Head Master, Donaldson's Hospital. 
Thomas Harvey, Esq., M.A., LL.D., Rector of the Edinburgh 

P. B. de Martin, Esq., B.A., Director, Foreign Language 

Institute, 24 Charlotte Square. 
Miss H. Murray, 26 Royal Terrace. 
Thomas Oliphant, Esq., a Charlotte Square. 
W. C. Northcott, Esq., M.A., Rochester House, Ealing, 

Miss Wood, Queen's College, London. 
James Baillie, Esq., Aird House, Spylaw Road. 
Peter Gardner, Esq., 39 Grange Road. 
R. M. Ferguson, Esq., Ph.D., Queen Street Institute. 
Arthur Blume, Esq., Russel House School, Trinity, 
A. W. Potts, Esq., M.A. (Oxon.), LL.D., Head Master, Fettes 

C. C. Cotterill, Esq., M.A., Glencorse House, Fetles College, 
W. H. Heard, Esq., M.A., Carrington House, Feites College. 
The Library, Fettes College. 

ISignor N. Minola, 64 Frederick Street. 
Mons. A. Evrard, Edinburgh Educational Institute for Ladies, 
70 Queen Street 
Herr Louis Spanier, Edinburgh Collegiate School. 
Mons. Ch. de Flandre, 15 Dundas Street 





Mrs, Nichol, Huntly Lodge, Napier Road. (2 Copiet.) 

Mrs. Johnstonr, 12 Churchhill. 

Miss Guthrie Wright, 6 Lynedoch Place. 

Miss A. A. Bonar, 32 Grange Road. 

Miss Flora C. Stevenson, Member of Edinburgh School B 

Miss Phoibe Blvth, Member of Edinburgh School Board. 

Miss Emily Grey, Moulmein, British Burmah. 

Mrs. Drimmie, 5 Hartington Gardens. 

Miss Gillies Milburn, 25 St. Patrick Square. 

J. Muir, Esq., LL.D., D.C.L., 10 Merchiston Avenue. 

Chas. E. Wilson, Esq., LL.D., F.R.S.E., H.M. Senior Inspector 

of Schools. 
William Smith, Esq., LL.D., Lennox Lea, Cum'e. 
J. Hutchison Stirling, Esq., LL.D., F.R.C.S.E., 4 Laverock 

bank Road. 
John Gibson, Esq., Ph.D., F.R.S.E., 29 Greenhill Gardens. 
Andrew Wilson, Esq., Ph.D., 118 Gilmore Place. 
John Murray, Esq., F.R.S.E., Naturalist to "Challenger" 

William Fettes Douglas, Esq,, R.S.A., F.R.S.E., National 

Waller H. Paton, Esq., R.S.A., 36 George Square 
Wm. Munro, Esq., 6 West Claremont Street. 
James Hitt, Esq., 45 George Street 
R. H. Lauder, Esq., 45 George Street. 

C. H. Millar, Esq., LL.D., 5 Palmerston Place. 
F. F. Begg, Esq., 12 George Square. 
James Watson, Esq., 6 St. Andrew Square. 
George Mitchell Innes, Esq., F.R.S.E., 32 Buckingham 


D. G- Steell, Esq.. 4 Palmerston Place. 
James Svme, Esq., British Linen Company Bank. 
George M. Tytler, Esq., Bank of Scotland. 

John Kemp, Esq., 8 Melville Crescent. (Two Copies.) 

J. J. Cowan, Esq., Hades House. 

Ch. Mathew, Esq., 13 Queen Street 

Alex. Mitchell, Esq., Provost of Dalkeith. 

Major-General Robertson, 86 Great King Street 

Major R. H. P. Doran, 50th Regiment, Castle, Edinburgh. 

Major M. de S. Clarke, 50th Regiment, Castle. 

Thomas H. Smith, Esq., F.R.S.E., Ferry Road, I-eith. 

Walter G. Pattison, Esq., 18 Bernard Street, Leith. 

P. S. Kendall, Esq., 25 Pitt Street 

T. B. Johnston, Esq , F.R.S.E., 9 Claremont Crescent 

Robert Cranston, Esq. (Messrs. Cranston & Elliot), 47 North 

J. M. Richard, Esq., 13 Royal Terrace. 
W. M. Richard, Esq., 42 George Square. 
Thomas Ford, Esq., 1 Links Place, Leith. 
Mons. Eugene Carmouche fils, 306 Leith Walk. 
Alex. Buchan, Esq., F.R.S.E., Secretary to the Meteorological 

R. M. Smith, Esq., F.R.S.E., 4 Bellevue Crescent 
Edgar Wetton, Esq., 8a Maitland Street. 
Thomas Knox, Esq., F.R.S.E., 15 Hanover Street. 
T. B. Sprague, Esq., M.A., F.R.S.E., 16 St. Andrew Square. 
Robert Cox, Esq., of Gorgie. 

Robert Tennent, Esq., F.R.S.E., 21 Lynedoch Place. 
R. B. Haldane, Esq., 17 Charlotte Square. 
Isaac Anderson Henry, Esq., F.R.S.E., F. Lin. Soc, Hay 

Lodge, Trinity. 
John Mullah, Esq., I.L.D., Mus. Doct., Grosvenor Mansioi 

Westminster, London. 



nguage and 

Jas. Frame, Esq., Carstairs. 

George Barclav, Esq., Torphichen Street. 

John Turnbull, Esq., 22 Minto Street. 

Wm. Gamble, Esq., Saville Road. 

Jas. Shepherd, Esq., Rossend Castle, Burntisland. 

Donald Mackinnon, Esq., Secretary to School Board. 

A. Robinow, Esq., Consul for the German Empire, Leith. 

J. Ritchie Findlay, Esq., 3 Rothesay Terrace. 

Alex. Henry, Esq., 12 St. Andrew Street. 

Messrs. Gillespie and Cathcart, Leith. 

Messrs. T. Hope and Co., Leith. 

Messrs. Currie and Co., Leith. 

Messrs. Berry, Barclay, and Co., Leith. 

Messrs. La Cour and Watson, Leith. 

H. P. Hansen, Esq., Leith. 

John Bovd, Esq., one of the Curators of Edinburgh University. 

Walter G. Patterson, Esq., 18 Bernard Street, Leith. 

Messrs. Tullis and Co., 7 George Street. 

W. Scott Dalgleish, Esq., M.A., 25 Mayfield Terrace. 

M. Y. Yates, Esq., RosehaU Cottage, Dalkeith Road. 

Ernest Ady, Esq., University. 

R. Sydney Marsden, Esq., B.Sc, Laboratory, University. 
Wm. Stewart Raffin, Esq., University. 
George A. Eallingall, Esq., University, 
J. Mackenzie Leith, Esq., University. 

E. W. Goldsmith, Esq., University. 

F. W. Reed, Esq., University. 

P. H. Osgood, Esq., B.Sc, University. 
T. F. Moore, Esq., University. 
Alex. Bruce, Esq., University. 
C. H. Todd, Esq., University. 
Gborge B. Silke, Esq., University. 
M. Barclay Thomson, Esq., University. 
W. Cloete, Esq., University. 


Messrs. Blackwood & Sons, 45 George Street. (Five Copies.) 

Messrs. Thomas & Archibald Constable, 1 1 Thistle Street. 

William Nelson, Esq., Salisbury Green. 

Edw. Hanson (Messrs. Ballantyne, Hanson and Co.). 

Thomas Nelson, Esq., St. Leonards. 

Alexander Eraser, Esq. (Messrs. Neil! and Co.), Old Fish- 
market Close. 

Robert Inglis, Esq. (Mesas. G.ill and Inglis), 20 Bernard 

Messrs. W. & A. Keith Johnston, St. Andrew Square. 

Alex. Duff Wallace, Esq. (Macniven & Wallace), r44 Princes 

Messrs. A. & C. Black, 6 North Bridge. 

John R. Menzies, Esq. (Messrs. Menzies and Co.), 12 Hanover 

Arthur Giles (of R. Grant and Son), 107 Princes Street. 

Messrs. Maclaren& Macniven, 138 Princes Street. Mackenzie, Esq. (Messrs. Seton and Mackenzie), 34 
George StreeL 

Thomas Laurie, Esq., 63 Princes Street. 

J. Veitch, Esq., M.A., LL.D., Professor pf Logic and Rhetoric. 

John Nichol, Esq., LL.D., Professor of English Language a 

Rev. Wm. P. Dickson, D.D., Professor of Divinity. 
Rev. William Lee, D.D., Professor of Ecclesiastical History. 
William T. Gairdner, Esq., M.D., Professor of the Practice of 

John Cleland, Esq., M.D., Professor of Anatomy. 
Alexander Dickson, Esq., M.D., Professor of Botany. 
James Robertson, Esq., M.A., Professor of Oriental Languages. 
John G. M'Kendrick, Esq., M.D., Professor of Physiology. 
John Young, Esq., M.D., Professor of Zoology. 

W. Dittmar, Esq., Ph.D., F.R.S.E., Professor of Chemistry. 
W, Charteris, Esq., M.D., Professor of Materia Medica. 
D. C M'Vail, Esq., M.B., Professor of Physiology. 


Andrew Fergus, Esq., M.D. 

William Macewen, Esq., M.D., Surgeon to Roya! Infirmary. 

T. M'Call Anderson, Esq., M.D., 14 Woodside Crescent. 

William James Fleming, Esq., M.D., 10 Albany Place. 

W. L. Reid, Esq., M.D., 7 Royal Crescent. 

A. Wood Smith, Esq., M.D., 5 Newton Terrace. 

James Gray, Esq., M.D., 15 Newton Terrace. 

J. B. Russell, Esq., M.D., 1 Montrose Street. 

John Clark, Esq.,M.D., 138 Bath StreeL 

Henry E. Clark, Esq., M.R.C.S., 9 Elmbank Street. 

Joseph Coats, Esq., M.D., $s Elmbank Street. 

A. Wallace. Esq., M.D., 4 Newton Place. 

J. Simpson Cumming, Esq., M.D., 310 St. Vincent Street. 

Robert Moffat, Esq., M.B., CM., 44 Kelvingrove Street. 

William Jacks, Esq., 11 Fitzroy Place. 

Louis Leisler, Esq., M.D., 3 Park Circus. 

John Wilson, Esq., Roselea, Pollockshields. 

Alex. Duncan, Esq., B.A., Librarian to Faculty of Physici 

and Surgeons. 
D. Moore, Esq., M.D., 15 Blythswood Square. 
James A. Wenley, Esq., Bank of Scotland. 
Campbell Douglas, Esq., 266 St. Vincent Street. 
Alex. B. Macgrigor, Esq., LL.D., Accountant, 19 W« 

Crescent, Glasgow. 

Very Rev. John Tulloch, D.D., Principal of St. Mary'sCol 
John Campbell Shairp, Esq., M.A., LL.D., Principal 

the United College, Professor of Poetry, Oxford. 
William Swan, Esq., LL.D., Dean of Faculty of Arts, Professor 

of Natural Philosophy. 
Rev. Lewis Campbell, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Greek. 
T. S. Baynes, Esq., LL.D., Professor of Logic, Rhetoric, 

George Chrystal, Esq., B.A., Professor of Mathematics. 
Rev. William Knight. Professor of Moral Philosophy. 
M. Forstf.r Hf.ddle, Esq., M.D., Professor of Chemistry. 
J. Bell Pettigrew, Esq., M.D., Professor of Medicine. 
J. M. D. Meiklejohn, Esq., M.A., Professor of Education. 
Rev. Frederick Crombie, M.A., D.D., Professor of V" 

Rev, J. Birkell, M.A., Professor of Oriental Languages. 

John Patterson, Esq., Clifton Bank School. 


William Stirlinc, Esq., M.D., Professor of Physiology. 
James W. H. Trail, Esq., M.B., Professor of Botany. 

F. Ogston, Esq., M.D., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, 

Dean of Faculty. 
William Stephenson, Esq., M.D., Professor of Midwifery. 
John Struthers, Esq., M.D., Professor of Anatomy. 
J. W. F. Smith-Shand, Esq., M.D., Professor of Practice of 

William D. Geddes, Esq., M.A., LL.D., Professor of Greek. 
J. Cossar Ewart, Esq., M.D., Professor of Natural History. 
ROT. John Black, M.A., Professor of Humanity. 
Rev. William Milligan, D.D., Professor of Divinity and 

Biblical Criticism. 
Rev. John Forbes, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Oriental 

Rev. John Christie, D.D., Professor of Divinity and Church 

David Thomson, Esq., M.A, Professor of Natural Philosophy. 

G. Pirie, Esq., M.A., Professor of Mathematics. 
Alexander Dvce Davidson, Esq., M.D., Professor of Materia 



Rev. S. D. F. Salmond, D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology. 
Rev. W. Robertson Smith, M.A., Professor of Oriental 
Languages and Exegesis of Old Testament. 


Mrs. Ranken, 8 Westfield Terrace. 

Angus Fraser, Esq., M.D., 132 Union Street. 

David Fiddes, Esq., M.D., 154 Union Street. 

Robert John Garden, Esq., M.D., 307 Union Street. 

John J. Hall, Esq., M.B., CM., 1S9 Union Street. 

Patrick Chalmers, Esq., Advocate, 13 Union Terrace. 

William Milne, Esq., Advocate, 46 King Street. 

George Anderson, Esq, M.A., Advocate, Royal Bank of 

A. M. Macdonald, Esq., Advocate, 46 King Street. 
Henry W. Barker, Esq., LL.D., Principal of Chanonry School. 
James Hastings, Esq., M.A., Chanonry School. 
C. Des Clayes, Esq., M.A., Collegiate School. 
Ph. Brebner, Esq. 

W\i. B. Irvine, Esq., 17 Tay Street. 
A. James Duncan, Esq., M.D., 144 Nethergate. 
T. J. Maclagan, Esq., M.D., 136 Nethergate. 
Ph. Neaves M'Cosh, Esq., M.D., Royal Infirmary. 
Miss E. Schultzen, 31 Tay Stieet. 
John H. Luis, Esq. 
Victor Fr.*nkl, Esq. 
Messrs. Jaffe, Brothers, and Co. 
Sheriff Chfyne. 
George Ogilvie, Esq., Solicitor. 
Henry Gouri.ay, Esq., Dundee Engineering Works. 
Gresham Gourlay, Esq., Dundee Engineering Works. 
W. L. Boask, Esq. 
Rev. RxMRI Mun.\m\ih, M.A. 

Montague Cannon, Esq. 

James J. Stewart, Esq., Sub-Editor of '* Dundee Advertiser." 

Rev. Hugh George Watt, M.A 

George Clark, Esq., M.A. 

Rev. Wm. Hamilton. 

James Strachan, Esq., 134 Seagate. 


Henry Barnes, Esq., M.D. 
W. Croll Macdougall, Esq., M.D. 
WlL Rei:ves, Esq., M.D. 
Stewart Lockie, Esq,, M.D. 

Thomas Burt, Esq., M.P., 35 Lovaine Crescent. 
W. Chr. Arnison, Esq., M.D., 45 Northumberland Street. 
Dr. Anthony Bell, 7 Eldon Square. 
George S. Brady, Esq., M.D., 22 Fawcett Street, Sunderland. 
Byrom Bramwell, Esq., M.D., 11 Osborne Terrace. 
David Drcmmond, Esq., M.D., 44 Northumberland Street. 

D. Embleton, Esq., M.D. 

C. J.Gibb, Esq., M.D. 
R. C. Gibb, Esq., M.D. 
Ch. Gibson, Esq., M.D., 8 Eldon Square. 
P. L. Gregson, Esq., M.D. 
A. S. Herschel, Esq., M.A, D.Sc, 16 Saville Row. 

F. H. Hume, Esq., M.D., 57 Westgate Road. 
Dr. James R. Lownds, Osborne Road. 
John M'Diarmed, Esq., M.B., CM., College of Medicine. 
W. F. de Mey, Esq., M.D. 
Dr. J. C. Murray, Newgate Street. 
Wm. Murray, Esq., M.D. 
Dr. George Newton, 144 Barrass Bridge. 

G. B. Philipson, Esq., M.A., M.D., F.R.C.P., 7 Eldon Square. 
Dr, John Russel, Barras Bridge. 
George Tennant, Esq., M.B., 45 Blackett Street. 
Adam Wilson, Esq., F.R.C.S.E., 7 Pleasant Row. 
R. H. Wilson, Esq., M.D., 15 West Street, Gateshead. 
Rev. B. Christopherson, M.A., Royal Grammar School. 
Messrs. Mawson, Swan and Marston. 
Robert Spence Watson, Esq. 
Major Evans J. Jones, United States Consulate. 
J. H. French, Esq., South Benwell House. 
W. S. Hunter, Esq., 5 Queen Street. 
W. F. Taylor, Esq., 174 Rye HilL 
Messrs. Stevenson, Vermehren & Co., Lombard Street. 
David Reid, Esq., 41 Grey Street. 
Joseph W. Swan, Esq., 15 Mosley Street. 
W. Hardif-, Esq., Gas Office. 
Messrs. Deacon & Co., King Street. 
W. Dagget, Esq., 3 Dean Street. 
James Richardson, Esq., South Ashfield. 

E. Richardson, Esq., 2 Queen Street. 
J. Stewart, Esq., 33 Grainger Street. 

D. J. MacCallum, Esq., Gosforth Villa. 
J. H. Reay, Esq., West Avenue, Gosforth. 
Mrs. E. Jullion, Bensham. 
John Pattinson, Esq., Bensham. 
Fred. R. Goddard, Esq., St. Nicholas' Buildings. 
G. B. Monkhouse, Esq., St. Nicholas' Buildings. 


D. H. Goddard, Esq., Chest er-le-Street, 

J. E. Macarthev, Esq., Queen Street. 

Adolphe Mau, Esq., 54 Bewick Road, Gateshead 

H. W. Wicks, Esq. 

David Richardson, Esq., the Gables, Els wick Road. 

Benj. Shaw, Esq., B.A., Singleton House. 

John Haigh Robinson, Esq., 25 Eldon Square. 

Wm. Lvall, Esq., B.A., Literary and Philosophical Society. 

Leonard Houseman, Esq. 

H. Wrightson, Esq., Exchange Buildings. 

M. R. Walton, Esq., Quay Side. 

Jonathan Angus, Esq., 1 Wentworth Place. 

J. Marchbank, Esq., B.A., 115 Elswick Road. 

Alfred Brady, Esq., 39 Mosley Street, 

Mrs. Edward Charlton, 5 Victoria Square. 

Rev. Canon Berkeley Adison, Jesmond Vicarage, 

Wm. Boyd, Esq., 74 Jesmond Road. 

R. Urwin, Esq., Neville Hall. 

T. Waddington, Esq. 

D. D. Main, Esq., Water Office. 

Arthur Pring, Esq., 41 Quay Side. 

Rowland Mawsen, Esq., Custom House Chambers. 

Charles S. Smith, Esq., Russian Consulate, 

F. A. B. Fairlev, Esq., Bank of England. 
Mrs. H. W. Fenwick, Osborne House. 
Archibald Dunn, Esq., 33 Eldon Square. 
R. J. Horsfield, Esq. 

J. T. Southern, Esq., 5 Fenwick Terrace. 

J. R. Young, Esq., Abbotsford Terrace. 

H. SchCneman, Esq., Ph.D., jo Westmoreland Terrace. 

Thomas Pumphrey, Esq., 6 Summerhill Grove. 

Thomas Oliver, Esq., 13 Windsor Crescent. 

W. H. Dunn, Esq , 56 Walker Terrace, Gateshead. 

Thomas Smith, Esq., 91 Park Road. 

H. BoRRiES, Esq., 4 Lombard StxeeL 

Rev. Canon H. Martin, M.A., Vicarage of Newcastle. 

Carl Moller, Esq., 16 Windsor Terrace, 

Messrs. Pyman, Bell & Co. 

G, H. Beckinoham, Esq., Quay Side. 

A. G. Schaffer, Esq., aS Lovaine Place, 

Messrs. Palmer, Hall & Co. 

Messrs. Bessler.Wac hter & Co, 

Thomas Hodgkin, Esq., Bank. 

James Leathart, Esq., Lead Works, Gallowgate, 

George H. Ramsey, Esq., Broad Chare. 

Messrs. James Joicey & Co, 

Maurice James de Hart, Esq. 

R. R. Dees, Esq. 

George Fenwick Boyd, Esq., Arcade. 

Messrs. Hutchinson & M'Intyre. 

Ph. G. Dunford, Esq. 


C. W. Rose, Esq., 13 Regent Terrace, Gateshead. 

Dr. T. H. Merz. 

John Greene, Esq., Bottle Bank, Gateshead. 

N. C. Clayton, Esq. 

W. Brewis Elsdon, Esq., 4 Royal Arcade. 

Cornelius H. Stanton, Esq., Osborne Road. 

W. H. Hoyle, Esq., Elswick Works. 

Charles Gibson, Esq., 2 Colbeck Terrace. 

B. Marin, Esq., 82 Park Road. 

Miss Adamson, 7 Windsor Crescent. 

Rev. Archdeacon Prest, M.A., Gateshead Rectory. 

Jasper M. Richardson, Esq., Victoria Square. 

T. S. Robson, Esq., Ph. D., Side. 

George Bainbridge, Esq. 

Robert Greenwell, Esq., Consett Iron Company. 

J. H. Richardson, Esq., 14 Lovaine Place. 

James D. Scott, Esq., 3 Lombard Street. 

Henry Downie, Esq., 44 Sandhill. 

Jas. Robinson, Esq., B.A., Jesmond Collegiate School. 

Alfred Goddard, Esq., School Board Offices. 

Capt. J. T. Garwood, i t Windsor Terrace. 

Fife J. Scott, Esq., 1 St. Thomas' Place. 

George Spain, Esq., 10 Victoria Square. 

Wm. Mathwin Angus, Esq., Grainger Street West. 

Arthur Coote, Esq., The Minories. 

R. A. Wood, Esq. 

Rich. Rowell, Esq., Lombard Street. 

Edw. Eccles, Esq., King Street. 

Alf. Heald, Esq., Leazes Terrace. 

Charles Liddell, Esq., Bennett Hall. 

James Downey, Esq., Elder Street, South Shields. 

Richard A. Wood, 9 Park Terrace, Gateshead. 

Messrs. Thomas Clark & Co., Elswick. 

Rev. Oliver Churchyard, the Vicarage, Long Benton. 

J. Temperley, 46 Jesmond Road. 

P. E. Wood, Esq., 21 Derwent Street, Sunderland. 

Samuel Stqrey, Esq., Mayor of Sunderland. 

Robert Cameron, Esq., B.A., Sunderland. 

Phillip Wood, Esq., M.A., Grammar School, Darlington. 

The Misses J. and E. Proctor, Blum Hall, Darlington. 

E. MCller, Esq., Ph,D., Grammar School, Darlington. 

James Janson, Esq., Fairfield House, Darlington. 

Hilton Philipson, Esq., J.P., Tynemouth. 

Richard Welford, Esq., Gosforth, 

John Arthur, Esq., Gosforth. 

Wm. S. Vaughan, Esq., Poplars, Coxlodge. 

Messrs. C. F. Jackson & Co., Exchange Buildings. 

Wm. Wilson, Esq., Lovaine Place. 

Edmund Story, Esq,, 1 Trinity Chare. 

John Bowman, Esq., Lefoy House. 

Ed, R. Rigby, Esq., St. Andrews, Worswick, 

Ralph Simey, Esq., 59 John Street, Sunderland. 

E. M. Turnbull, Esq., 132 High Street, Sunderland. 

John Hawthorn, Esq., 60 New Bridge Street. 

R. Thiedemann, Esq., 3 Lombard Street 

William Rea, Esq., 7 Summerhill Grove, 

Robert Foster, Esq., 120 Rye Hill, 

Rev. John Noun, St, Mary's, 

Henry Clapham, Esq,, North Ashfield. 

J, P. Barker, Esq., Art Gallery. 

C. S. Saunders, Esq., Collector of Customs, Custom Hoi 

Miss Cargies, Lovaine Place. 

B. Noble, Esq., Gloucester House. 

A list of 140 Oxford Subscribers, comprising Professors, Heads of Colleges, Fellows, Tutors, 
Students of Oxford University, arrived too late to be printed with Part II. 


OHOICE. Hofara 

i , i.irt[.lll-"lV 

Here arc plenty more ; you can have your — 

I have nothing else to offer you fol jam 

I made — of this one 

lie is very — in his food ... 

Of his own free will and 

The — fell upon Lord C 

Whichever you like ; I have no — 

Eat what is put before you, and don't be so 

I hove no — left 

A — collection of poems ... 

Have (take) your — 

Y,.u are too — by half 

CHOKE, —damp. — fid 

To — with laughter 

I was — ing with laughter 

lie was nearly — d with passion ... 

I nearly — d myself in swallowing it 

The drainage pipe is — d up with rubbish. .. 

As the dog would not let go, I had to - 


{See also: among; 


CHOLERIC. A — temperatment 
CHOOSE. I chose the right noowM 

I chose this one for (on account of) its dec 
If you — to disobey lits orders you mu< 

with the conscoBenees 
There are 500 to — from (yon have only 

— whichever one you like 

YoB must lake them as they come ; I cat 

you to pick and — 

I have chosen a wife 

He is one of my chosen friends 

If yon don't — to do it you need not 

I don't — to do so, so there U an end lo 

If he does not — to stay, he may go 

If I — to c<\ who is to hinder me ? 

The day chosen for the marriage ... 

His words words were carefully chosen . 

t. lod's chosen people 

There arc eight, — foi yourself 
lie could easily do it, if he - 

CHOOSER. Ueggarsm 

CHOOSING. Ticking a. 
It is all of your own— 

CHOP. He looks — fallen ... 
The Turks — ped his head off 
I —pod off my finger wit h the hatchel 

Shall I give the loin a — ? 

The —s of the channel 


To — logic. To — wood ... 
It goes down like — ped hay 

— it off (thiough. fine) 

CHOPPING b. ill. - knife ... 
CHORD. ng struck I - i 
which had long ceased to vibrate 
CHORUS. Toafsgfe— 

Toj..o, i„ the— 

CHRISTEN. The boy was — on Okvlinh 
Mis fellow- workmen — cd him 'the Admiral' 
The ship was — ed Carlisle 

CHRISTENING. At the — of the child 

CHRISTIAN Tie— religion" '.'.'. 

We pn him a — burial ■ 

His — luinf i, relet 

— faith (charity)— 

He died in the— religion 
King George of llouny v 

my heart 

J^llle '-'. 

The chief of the tribe ace 

They were initiated into the mysterii 

CHRISTIANITY. He became a convert to - 
CHRISTMAS. Merry as— 

— time — weather.. 

[ with JOB a merry — ._ 

CHROMATIC scale. - lense 

CHRONIC. A — complaint (disorder) 

Most nuthnn surfer from a — state of impecuni 

OHRONICLE To -events. [™ty 


Choix sans at 
En voiei beaucoup d'autrti, ily a du rkotx 
Je n'ai rien d'anlrt A tints effrit 1) chaijir 



Le ehoix tomba sur Lani C. 

Ct.'ui •; ii'il reus plaira, /e n'ai pat de ehoix 

Manga it qne Von \<ohs ml, tl tie soyrt pas si 

ft n'ai plus i ihotiir [difficile 

Cue " 

1 n'ai pins J thoisir 

hu co/leefion ihoisit dt pofsits 

Caeisilm. Prentt ce quit. 

Vous Itts btantenp Irop difficile ( s'rttpuleiix ) 
Gat siiffoquant, air vieit. — Tout fliin 

fttouffais dt rtre 

/; tteuffait de cat/rt ... 

Jt fatiiis m'ttoufftr en t'aTatant 

Lt tanal tsl bouchi far dtt immsmdieis ... 

Comme It thitn nt ;witait pas l.f, her prise, ft dus 

IVtrangler .1 mnitil pour mi drbarrnutrdt lui 

Je lui ftrme la boittke 

Ce tol m'ltrangle 

Putsst telle botithte I'tfoufftr! 

Votes peiVii au pied du tnttr 

Unt cravate blanche 

{ hi temperament colMque 

Jt ckeisis It hen moment pour 

_/'iii" chain ttlui-ri 1) cause di sa couteur fan. 
put up Sit vous plait de d/scit'ir a ses ordres, i! 
subir tes censfquencts 
ft y etta joo, vans i'jw: qti'il thoisir 
Choisisstt telui qu'il vous pi.iir,i 
ftfaut Its -prendre lomme ill vienncnt, je 
votts permettrc de ehoisir 

fai fait thoix d'une femme 

C est tin de tnts amis de ehoix 

St vous nt vault: pas le fain, rien ne votes y obtigt 
fl ne me plait fas Je lefiire, ainsi n en parlons plus 
Sit ne vent pas tester, it pent s'en alter ... 
Sit me plait de m'tn alter, qui men tmptekttaf, 

Le jour fix} pour le manage 

Sa mots .'latent loigneusement ehoisis 

Lt pettpte llu de Dieu 

II y en a butt, ihaiiism veus-tntmt 

1! pouirtiit farittment ttfaire, s'il lui flaiiait 

I'u nttndiaiff hi' ..Wii'r pai 

Ctst i-atis qui I'avc; vsulu 

II a I'ercille basse 

Lei Tarts lui trantkerent la t.'te 

Je mt csupai It doigt la k.nhtttt [cdtettttts? 

Faul-il donittr un ttntp de kaehe four separtr Its 

L 'entree de la Main be 

Dt premier rang. De prtntitr ckeix 

Ergoter.^Dkauper duboii 

■ '.'.■ ■■■. •.-,' . . 


Hathex-lefin—B&tonHets .... 

Ilathair — Cnuperet 

Ce chamfit vitrrtr Jans mon eteur une tordt qui, 
depnis lenglemps, ftait muelte 

Chanter en ehvMr 

Joindre sa voix au ehorur 

L 'enfant, i stm bapttme, rtctet It nem d'Obadiah 

Set eamarOites d'alriier le liaptisertttt I'Amiral . 

Lt navirtfut nemmf It Carlisle 

Aa bapttitt de I' enfant 

Avtt un air de Satnte A'itouthe 

la uribiw •hr.'liennt 

Mm lui donnSmes la sfpultun tecUsiastiqnt 

-- - '■ bapttme tit Pierre 

// mtmrnt ekrhitn 

II mcurut dans la religion chrftienne 
received into the Lt roi Gtorgt de Bonny fut rtfu Jam It sein dt 
' " hrhienne 

tribu it eom'eriit au ehrtstianismt 
nilih an* mysterts dt la ultgutn 

i.e rot tjeorqe . 

fVglise cbr 

Le ehefdt la tr 

lis furent ini 

LI se eonvertit au christianisme 

Jeyeux ramme la Nod 

faveiliedt Koel.—L'arbtdeSael 

I ■< fires dt /OH,— Temp, dt ,\W 

Je vans sfukaitt unt joyeuse JVoti ... 
B, ktlle ikromatiqut. — Ltntitlt thrematiqut 

I'm mtiladir ckrenique | par la quern 

La plupart du iWiiaiw tirent scitvtnt It Jiabtt 

F.nregistrer dee fvfntmtntt ■■■ 


Baft ofoc stitm.itiM «Jcr antf, tjat irincSBa&l. 
BatfgrtiBHtw gaff. 

ft in ifi un* ciii,- ii.nn,f Btaat] ta tUitncit Sit JJ^rt SB!o v I 
: ■ . ... . . : ■. ■■ 

aXtuitfflaWfiflauf M<M. 

lir lit fitir watilctiigb in feirtrn ewifen- 

Slu* frcicm ifliucn ui* tiddler Wa.%1. 

Sic KBoM fid nuf port «. 

'JBaf £ic nwlicn ; tnlr ifi eft Qleictr {einerlei). [ tv j !■ I eri f cfc, 

6fltit Sit, mai man ^tl'iicn icclrat, unt |ticit Sit itUtjt [0 

Hi Mtibt mirttinc I fUirlg. 

(fiut Huiwatl fflreitljtr. 

SMtlcn 6i< fi* VJMt. Snfirn git dnt ffla v f. 

Sit flnblicl jutr.ieitrtf4 (letfer) 

Sti*(u[t.— Butt jinn Stbriitftn. tlcienjoa. 

t'cx Saditn ftiiitcr bdi 51 [turn [smmen. 

,1* I'l.iijK rur V.i4jjen. 

tfr plaftt (tinalit tor Quit 

36 trflitfit (aft, ais id) tS Ijeeun Jer(ifif H if te. 

iai atfluSrclir ifl vtrftopft futrlilil.iiiimii. 

Da btrfrmib ntd)t Wtnflei MCtt, mufilt id] ii;ti (MbaflL 

Jdjmarf ipm (incn BlffO oi-iiiinn bttQIfW 

Diiftr StOfltM [*lliir[ mil tin I'.iIl- ; (lofirot Blidl). 

Tte Hifitit (nil iljai in friilfr fKtftn btciben ! 

T.i flirt- iif in Mr liiljt .idlitbtll. 

Ifi IK iitiiic -tolStiaH. 

Ifi n tuDtnifAe* (iantatfit^latS, ii^iiniigce) Jtailttmncnt. 

^d.i iraMte btlt tidiM.)cii Kuflntl'lut. Mill [B... 

3<6 icSfilM blt(t» otarn feinev baiildii r^rf-t. 

Sfltnn Sit i* fift tinfalidt talitti, frinoi *t[f,teit ju tret'cn, 

niufTcii Sit bit ft°Ti!Cit Itaaeo. 
Ty flnb 500 (itt But irabl (Sit btaiifcn nut 01 wjfiltii]. 
il*jfi[ni Sit Rib. Ml Sit Kcllcn, 
■5ie mSften fie jirboicn, loie T'e [fOimcn; idj fatm Jlfntn nid)l 

crl.inl'fii, iu noblcn un b iiuiuifii$tii. 
31) ^att altr tint grail gnrnmmtn. 
Ifr i[t tinrc altintr su jern»f)[tcii flrtimte. 
ffltiln Sit nld)t isollai, trauaitn Sit tl nidit yi tbmi. 
34 m,i:( tl in ± < l: i:ti, nut t.nnil bitBit Saditein (fitN. 
Bkmn«h>nitiait belief t ju Meil-ra. fo hn ct pfai, 
aJrtint»Biir(in(atlt (uatben, tmtoid mlttitjraii i)in(rai? 
lictjnvftiiwirit nu^ioujblii'ii.i,! 

Daa anettreatjltt Butt OJortrt. 
iT.i 'illt.i.11, ilmMui =i,-':.b .m... 
lEr tBiintt r« ltid|! t^un, reran ra wollle. 
t*ettlrr bilrfcti nidil irjltrrild, (dn. 
Sitsfintdi iinb tcalftoi. 
efe tosbta lai allcfl fclbfl nowllt. 
ISr Titbl itid(rri|i(dila3tn on*. 
Sit Iflrttn Utttw ibm ten stuff ab. 
^* hitb ((dilu.j) rair mil brai t>etle tin Sinjir ab. 
Son i« 3«Ren ta-i voibrnfliia - {rcbadTen? 
ii( ,-,iiii;inii[ibiin,iam jtjBulf. Sit Iftiinbn nfl ter Kjemfe. 
JfoTi btr trflni eorlc. Jl««rtt(cil)iitl. 
T'iftiutireit.— ftuts flcin bmftn. [fttlrn. 

34 lanntB ntdil beruntcrreiltiim. Ks blribt mir im ftglit 
>>.iiftn (baiiiii)Si( rtob[bur(B, tldn]. 
i',iiiiMliL-ii I jUibiufcn) 6i( eS.— ftftit*. 
^d [fbtctt . — ^gdmefler. 
Dt(ft4 Strt (ituj tintSnilr In nuintm feyta an, mtdy 

I j n fit niitit nittr t)tfo>icungtn (gtrfiinjtii) bane, 
am tl bore flitgen. 
3n ten Htjor tinfltmnitii. 
Dtr irnabe njnrtt Cbabiap flttjufl (j]tnansl) 
S*int Jtiiiitfinttifliit'tii ii™ tin £t>i|iii.ii!i«i„Sbguia(". 
Ia» feWtf «""('*. "KatliMt" aciaiift. 
Bti btr 2nu[t tti ftiaM. 

Btil (inn Slirat, aid ^obt et fttt BieMciiaV trftmben. 
Diidrrilttio>fJWi L iii'ii. 
Etir oobta iSm tin wrifnta*o *fariiciii6. 
Stin Lisifnanu (Burttamt) ifl "purr. 
HvTiflcnalaiibc. Oliiiflralittit. 

fa ItetaO m 

lit fiutb iti btr diriiiUdien Stliaicn. 

flDKia tiSciTi) veil tftmnv taurbe in tin SAocfi bet drip- 

lidKB vinW aufatnnmintn. 

Hand njtinibirarifl[loX9itll(|io»an. 
ett renrbtii in He «t6dmiMnt ctr (rjtifthdjen IBeliflifti tut 

Sr tetrbrlt fi* juin (l^riftentvuoe- 
^eiier BHt fin !enjBierijra 
ffiei bnodjilatenc. — Onri r^oum . 
Edtiw *t tiri I . — JDei bn j *t frotttrt. 
3* irunfair ."If-iira rin frCHimt* «il(ibnJ*!?fff>- 
lltTomatifcbf 3 L'nlnlcr. — UMcm.iti(*t I farbifltl *fr>J<- 
8Hn ajronlldirt Sett™ [UrttI]. 

Tie mtilftn e^riftftdln Itibra un dircniftbetn Wtftmanad. 
tfrci.iniFji aiiff*tei ten ((intra jtn). 



K —error 


CHUCK. To pkj at - bitting 

Ik — cd me under the cbln 


CHUCKLE. He— d np hit slim ... 

He ■ — d over the thrashing the master itavc mc 
CHUMP. A — ofwood 

Heisoffhis — 

CHURCH. The — of England (Scotland) 

The Established — 

He has gone into the — 

He is studying for the — 

Yon will find the pew-opener at the — [o'clock 

Mr. C. U in — ; the service will be over at ' 

An orthodox —man 

Do you go to — every Sunday? 

r the — , the farther from G&\ (prov. > 


CHURN. To — butler. Abutter — 

CIOATRIZE. — d wound 

CINDER. A red-hot— . It is burnt to n — ... 
— sifter 

CIPHER correspondence 

To write in— 

Can you — well ? He is a mere — 

CIRCLE. To square the— 

To reason in a — . To describe a — , 

He moves in the highest — . The family — 

In nil — sofsociely 

A wreath — d her brow [yeai 

CIRCUIT, lite judges go the — twice a 
The — of the earth round the sun 

CIRCUITOUS. We reached I., by a — route 

To adopt — H.iys {in 

- letre 

A — saw. A trade — 

— motion. A — lout 

CIROULATE. Money — s freely .,. 

A repurt — s [hit war is declared 

The air —s through the house 

Rt.-[.u|p|icaii pamphlets were — d all over the country 

To ■ 

i bill . 

The blood — s slowly tln.'iiiji tin veins ... 

CIRCULATING. A - library 

None of the — rumours are based on fact 

The Scottma 11 is a good medium for — advertise 

— medium 

CIRCULATION or the blood 

Sooo £i notes of that bank are in — , 

The government withdrew all the fourpenny 
pieces from — [in the world 

Not finding an appropriate word, I employed a 

CIRCLfMSPECT. lie - in yarn condu 

I !. I 


CIRCUMSTANCE. According to — s 
I staled Ihe — s to my principal ... 

The — * of the case arc peculiar 

It was tltc best thine I could do under the - 

Under those — s I consent 

It will all depend upon — s 

Under such — s it is necessary t( 

lie i; in very |ioor — s 
He is in easy lafiiucni) - 

iw, what Ihe — s ' 


Unforseen — s prevented my calling Bponyon 
— s, over which I had no control prevented me 

from answering your letter 
The jury found the priaatlM guilty, with est< 

.fiv otlcnnal log - 

CtROUMSTANCED."lwoui!i willingly help 
you, but — as I am, I find it impossible I 

Dans t'ordre chrotiohgiqite 

Poteli et joufflu 
L'h enfant jOHJjlu. ... 
Jouer ii lafossette ... 
II me frit le menloii ... 
Laneez-le par dessui it mur 
II ril dans jo barbt ... 
It s'amusa fort devoir le frovisenr tue douncr /, fttUi 

Un billot tie Ms 

// (Sl toi/tu' (timbre") ... 

L"£gUse anglUaiie.—L'Eglist d'&ei 

L'EgUse dominnnfe 

// est emtridaw les ordres 

II Iludie pourdevenir prflre(pourle saint minislire ) 

Vous trouvere: fa loitciise de chaises A I'/glise 

M, C. est a t'cglise, V effia serafini A deux hemes 

In oiirliean orthodoxc 

Altei-vous tons les dimanehes A 1'lglise ? 

Let eglitet d'orienl [de Dieu 

Aire kemme d'e^lise n'at fas toujour! lire koun 

I'auvre canine un rot d'iglise 

Klie doit /aire set rclevai/L-i .iimain 

Ihrtoge de rcg/itc.—AngHeant 

Office.— Margttillitr. fatigue fife d, HeUatuie 
Plateau. — Taxe pour I'cn'trehen de Peglise 
Baralter (Satire J du beurre. —Baratle . . . 
Blessure cicatrisee (cicairiii) ... [calcine" 

Un morceau de charbon brf/lant. C'est comflitcmcnl 

Criblc A cetuircs 

Correspondance chiffret 

Ecrire en chiffre 

Savez-veui bien calculer? — C'est un vrai tete 

Faire la quadrature du eerele 

Tournir dans un cercle viiieux.—Dlcrire un ecrcle 

II vail la sociJlelaflus dislinguee. — fa ee rcledefattille 

Dam tout les circles de la saciete" ... [feuitlage) 

Elle avail la lite ceinte d'une courantut (de fteurs, 

Les luges vont en loiirnJe deux /a is far an 

La rotalum piriodiqut de la lerre autour du soleil 

jVaus arrivSmes A L. en faisant un dilour 

Em f 'layer des detours (des meyens delournfs) pout 

arriver A ion but 

l.ignes sphMques.-tVavigation f Mar. tt I i inwfc'n 
I'ne leitre cireulaire. — Lancer une n'rculaire 

fifus invite' par cireulaire A 

I'ne scie cireulaire. — I ne cireulaire de camin 

t'n mauvemenf cireulaire. — Un taur ctrcttlairt ... 

L 'argent circulc facilement 

fa bruit court que la guerre est dcclarU ... [aJr/e 
L'air circule dans la maison, — La moison est bien 
Des pamphlets r/publicains Haient repandus dans 
Mettre un tjfet en circulation ... [taut le pays 

Le sang circule lenttmatt dans les veines ... 

I'n cabinet de lecture 

Aucun des bruits qui courint n'ett base" stir des/ai, 
.'.-■.■■■■■■■■■.■■ ■■-■.'.■ . . .-. ;, ...■: ■■ 

Agent manitaire (de circulation) 

La circulation du tang ... [de eette banqu 

Jl y a en circulation 8000 billets d'unt livre sterling 
fa getevcrnement retira de la circulation toules le. 

pikes de quatre fence [du nstmdc entici 

I.c Farthing Candle at It Journal le plus refandi, 
Le Ministire de la Circonlocutian ... [ctnilacution 
.Vc trotivanl pis le mot prapre, j'empioyai une cir- 
Soyit eircanspeel dans voire canduite (maniere 


Selen les ctrcensfaneti. Selan 

J'exposai les cireonilancs .) men principal 
Les circanstancei de la chase sent tcv/c 
C'itoit ce qui je pouvais faire de mitus dans la 
Dans ees circonstancci, je cansens ... [situation 

tout aVp/ndra des eirconstances 

Dans des cireanstances temldablet il est ulcetsciire ■ 
II esl dam une position tit fortune trcs-pcu ault 

II est fort A son aise 

Ce fut une circanttanct matheurruse 
Je ne mt rappellt pas maintenant quelles /latent 1. 

eirconslances qui m'cngagrrenl A [vous voi 
Des circonsfaneet imprevnes m'onl emplchede venir 
Des sirconstanees itidrfendantes de ma volatile" m'onl 

emplchi de r/pemdre A voire lellre 
fa jury rendil contre I'accusi un verdict de culpa- 

bili'e" milige" par des e" 
Je ne Irvuvt dans voire 

Selan ce que pourron/ exiger les circenstoncet 
Jl voudrais bien vous venir en aide, mail dans la 
■■'■'■■■ aii je suit, je le Irouve impossible 


ijni t-,ii[.'V,iiti,!ti' (ttdn'jii.iiaer) SiiuEc. 

Ijr iiiifi mil hum (a .5 aimt. £r fafctt tttioj or 
!Wn-f cs liter (ii Slfltttr. 

fa lafftc fid) iii'e iv.iiififrcii. 

ISr Ijrstf btimtidj titer Ml gailSflr, tir mir ter ttrfforflot. 
Sin $oljnoB. [vidilia. 

St ijt ass* ton $£ui$«i. &» ifl in (tiiicm Dterftilttlitn nitttl 
Bit tiig?i[djc (oiinlihnifrfK) Ait*i.— lie f^otlifi* Siiftc 
Eie utiatilanifdjt (Stoat8=) Jlir^t. 
lii t'jt titi riv*liilj(n Skruf (r.jriffca. 
. ■ ;:. iv! ■ i ",!■ 

■=ic iixrMt (til itul'liiiilicfcfi in trr Jhrtijt fintOI. 
©otd. ifl in tin Mitoit; bee tSotltStiaip toiro urn jroet tttn 
(fin iHLii :l tivJili*« 91onit. [luttnMfeia. 

t!*t(itii =ie jrttn ii:iiiitjj in tic ftitftr? 
Tie iii.'v.ifiiloiifijdKii SkAm. 
3r notti Mm •Papflc, ic tdiliiimirr bit ft v n(int. 
tlrm ivic cine jtirdKiuibitie (IB lutorn). 
! ■: j.:l 111 .'v.i. 11 .!!:■: ;\ . i tv ■■ < 1 r.wttn. 
ftirdjtinitir. — 9ii(tlirciRcT. 

(SfttcdJitnft. — fl i vtfwTi » c rft< l)et (tatiac, ^efljnbi|4|e *feifi). 
Cof trlcEer. — A Inix » ftcttn. 
ViittcTii. ©ntlcr ferncn. — din Stittctfofj. 
tltcrrtaiitt (Bitntt. 

Sine M&alUltrnbc Sdjtailt.— 4* i(t BcAftL 

(it.ijiv.ti rvJi'intiii;. t"d'[iui(djrift. 
an attitfrcn (d<i*«i, Bcbriitifdjrifi} (cbreiitil. 
>t! jimii eic^uirnbiiot'- 1 — Sr ifl tint tw&i» SlBlI. 
Ttn iirrij in (in SrSicw* tljtilni. 

tiiin-n ;iirtd|ibluf} niattni (jitlHin) — Sinnt flrri* brf4rribra. 
tfrtti«fltri4intevl'i.'jfi(iii*(icii|A.i[t. — ItrSamlUiBtm* 
.In ali.ii :*iaittnHr»-|cliidj!ift. 
liin inn it'll- itivric iifii'iniCrnrt Htonj. 
■■■:■.■....■ : . ■ : ■ .■ ■! ■:■■-. 
3 r peril fiioic ttmlaaf (M«iitau() t*r «tbt urn bit — 
(i!ir cmidjicn !. onf tinon Umnitnt. 
Umiwar [imflEtabe IHitttl] gct'tau*™, um ■>■ 

Bttitliiiirn. — Xial Ccodn in (ineni Uojtn. 
Sin BbnibfJjtdbra.— (Ba Snni>i4rtibcn eilanoi. 
3d; luurbr But* tin 5Hmil!|d)tribcii nui,)ff"beit. i,it... 
Sim Hrtioidjt (Ercbiaiit).— Sin *c|ojafiiitmiUr. 
JtTriMmwfliniji.— liiiic SKuntretfe. 

t"(lb bat frticn Uralailf. [irttui t} 

Hi Qttit bat t_K(ritdjt [iSo ifi taS «. in Uoilmif), ba{i Oct Slit] 
H ifi i'itFf,iij tat (aufe, ttSjltliti.e. [iWft»i. 

tHtrub!itonifd)ced)riit(n imittot im gatijen ian\t in Hinkiui 
Sinra «Be*[el ia ltin!a«[ fc,t«. 
Hal Slut Irti(t (Ijnil) lanaiam bu«6 bit abetii. 
Cute StibbiHtolber. 

Oitiai ttx uniloiifoiben fflcriiditt bmibt aaf ffljatabtil. 
I«t „eicttnion" ifl rin autei) iilittd, um anitiatn unlet bit 

Stiilr ju bituaen. 
;;:vrn:.itii.H.,- uti.-l. 
Vluliuitlauf. B&UMKttT. 

00 1 : ■piiiitiiiti'tibirftr Saul fmb ia Itailaaf- 
lit Sttaitnina bat cille «' 1 et^eii ni..ft uJe (iiijljOBtn (ailStl 

3irtitIation fldtat). [2»m 

Tic „Sort&ina-lt.jiit l |(" bat tit nriiOlt «cibttitun^ in bet 
I'.iiift.i !!';■■.■ !i,in:rr.:i. [tiling. 

Xn id) tcin falltnbr* ffiort fnnb, ntbranajti iA rint Um(dltct. 
e*i£B Sit DoriTdjtia (umiitWia) in 3tKin Smtbnwi jftan- 

fa llniiidntin nad). Den UnWtltnftfcn fltmiS. 
Jd, l(fl!t mtinroi SBerjcfctlcn tie UmfiaiiM bar. 
Ilis nabtm Unnltiiitt tMi bem SoDt ilnb iKfonbtrcv »rl 
<ti Watba* Seftc, im* id> mitctbni llmftiinbcn Itniii RMtUb 
llntet bitfdi aafftiboi ii(t* idt mttne gufHatanq. 
(*■; mitt aura nun ten llniiUnbrn nbbnu^cn 
lllittt (uld)oitlmptinbniiiiMnttbia r (ii... 
tit (ft in |r&t tflrfltfltn Setbaltninot. 
St 1ft in anlrn [aliiiitnbtn] SVt n J 1 1 it i ff e 11 . 
SS wot tin un B ludliii)tt llinpanb. 
3d) erinnrrc mid) jrbl nidjt, locldjeS bit llmfiintt m 



CITATION. He wasierved with a — to appt.ii 

CITE, lie — il meal authors in support of his 

He was — d lo appear before the court [argument 

I could — several instance*, where ... 

CIVIO. A — functionary lilicnitanj 

civile. -«it : 

— rights. — authorities ... 

Major B. is on the — li»t 

You lose nothing by being — 
I have always found him a very — man ... 
He would not even give me a — answer ... 
He does not give me a — word 

— as a hangman (prov.) 

Always be — lo everybody, particularly lo slrangers 

Banishment is — death lo me, since it deprives me 
of the priviliges of — society 
CIVILITY, ■fiafl him with becoming — 

— costs nothing and may buy much 

I expect no — from him 

He was full of— 

formal (affable) — 

I could not in — refuse him 

lie shoved me every — ... [the work of 

CIVILIZATION. Missionaries aie carrying 
The vices following in [he wake of — 

CIVILIZE. The natives are far from lieing — d 

They are becoming more — d 

A half — il nice (people) 

The whole — rl world 

CIVILIZING. The - influence of religioi 

CLAD in deep mourning. The trees — wilh 
A poorly — urchin came up to ik [foliage 

A OeOMttj — "I'l i»;m 

A landscape — wilh verdure 

CLAIM, lie— s to lie the rightful heir 

The French — a victory at Dijon 

If the umbrella is not — ed within jo days, it will 

be rid 

He — s descent from the Braces 

I — kindred with the Fitinoodles 

He may come and — the money from me 

Who— s this hat? 

lie — s the authorship of that book 

■ an 

CLAIM in.) I put in a — lot damage 

You can make a legal — for ,£5 

My — wu ad milted 

I rcfiiwntcd the — 

He is no relation of mine; and has therefore 1 

I have 

n my charily, that 

Vou gave the order, therefore I have a — 

I made good my — lo the estate ... 
lie lays — [0 the Earldom of Knocketlon 

Thai author has no — to veracity 

He advanced a — for indcinnisation . . 

The right In work a — at ihe gold diggings 

CLAMBER, lie -edupalrw (wall. &c.| 

lie — etl up '*'• 'he ton of the wall 

II — ed up the tide of the steep incline . . . 

.\ m r,' 

n fall - 

passing of the bill 
pple are loudly — 
cry lor evenhandeil justice 

The — nbed by the people to have that 

[cabinet was dissolved 

To appease the lioistcrous — of the people, the 


■ ■ I'.indenre ... 
She corresponded with him — ly 

Il/nt condmuiic siir d.i preuves indnilei des cii 

La ligne de circonvallatien 

I 'ne rcpr/serrf.ition dc cirque 

L'n leuyer ( Une imytre ) de cirque 

l'n de cirque [tcutid. 

On lui signilia un, <il.iti,<n ,'1 ,vm-,irai/!t tornm 

II cita pl'usieur, auteurs ,i Vappui de sa these 
II ful citi a eompiraltre devant le tribunal 
Je pourrais titer plusieurt tat an ... 

Un fon.tiennaire ( Un dignitaire) muni. ipat 
/..:■ . 

Ann/e civile. — Guerre civile 

Droits ttvils—Aulorith civile* 

Lt major B. a unt pension sur la liste eifitf 

i'ous ne perdrei ricn A >tre poll 

Jc Cat toujour.'. trow:; fort civil 

// ne vaufut pas rubric me /aire une r.'ponst civile 
It nt mt dit pas unt parole polie ... 

Grassier comntt un void de bottrreau 

Soyei ttmjauri poli envtrs tout le monde stirloti 

tmvrs Its Jtrangers 
L'exil, pour mot, c'eit i<i mart civiqiic, puisqu'il 

me frit* de tans les privileges du citayen 

7'raifei-le avec la pelittsse convenable 

La politesse ne cattle ritn it friit ttcheter Men dei 

Je ne m' attends A anoint eivilUI de sa part 
'/I st mantra fort civil 

Politesse forma/isle ( 'affable ) 

ft ne pouvais pis • ourtoiyiment It 1111 refuser 

II mt fit lot, let In ci-.ilit.s imaginable!- 

Lei missionnairei font t\i ui-r.- de la civilisation . . 

Irs vices qui scrvent d'ncorli ,i Is civilisation ... 

Irs nature/! com loin J'.'tre .ivilish 

lis st eiviliscnt [eivilis. 1 

Unt race a moitie" eiviliset. Un penple A maitii 

I.e mande civilitl tout entier 

/.'influence erri/iiiiirir/ de la religion 

En grantl dcuit. — Ltsarbrcs revftus de feui.'lage. 

I (■ gumiM pauvrcmiut vttu s'oppratha de met 

Ik ncillard comtnablcmtnt habilli 

(Mfafam verdoyant 

II prittnd etrt I'keritier llgilime 

[J Dtjon 

Ltl Fran,ais prttemtent avoir itmlwrt' la viclaire 

•rirapiuie tCtst pas rfclaint dans les trente 

in, it sera ttendu \ f avals cpromde 

Si It ptirap/ai, 

Jt rMamai unt campcnstition pour la ptrte qiu 

I j plaiprant rcclamait £jo de dommagri el int/rcli 

Je revtndique pour moi-mtmt It droit d'iitvention 

Jt m regarde pas ctla commt unt faveur, je le 

reclame commt nn droit 

It prltend destendre des Bntet 
J'ai des pretentions a ttrc de la famillc dts Htsnoodlt 

It pent venir mi rtclamer I'argtnt 

Qui reclame te thapeau? 


Norn stntmts tans soumis A la mort 

Jt fit valair mts droits J des dommeigts et intirets 

Vohs points pre'ttnttrc 1/gnltmeHl A £j 

,1/rj pit'tcntiani furtnt admises. Ma rhlamation 
Je renoiifai d mes prttcntians ... [fut ttdmis 

It n'eil pas dt mtt parents, tt n'a par eanslqueti 
aucun litre (a ma bienvcillarut, charitc &<,) 

Tant de personnes ont d.'fi des litres t) ma bittv 
faisanci qm [j'ai mon recours etmtrt vohs 

Cesl vous qui a vetfait la commande, par consequent 

r.-tablii mts droits is la propricti ... 

II pretend avoir des droits an litre dt. 

Cet auleur nest nnllement vlridique 

II n'.lama unt indemnitl [/in 

t.e droit d'exploiler unt concession dt terrain auri- 

II grimpa turun arbrefmt mur) 

J, me hissai jusqu'i la/enftrt ... , 

Je grim pai an taut du mur ... 

// escdada la prnlc du ttrianl eitarpi 

ij ehnt vint me crimper au.i jambei 

J'ai In prim maite de tue*r 

I.e a In liouche pdtcuu 

Lt /tuple se r/criail centre It frojel dt lei 

Le ptuple demande du pain (denumie /nttue) i 
Dei tlameurt bruyantti pour denianJtr nne justice 
fgale pour terns 

'/.,i.'ji'/.'i da penple demandant I' abo- 
lition de tet impSt [miniilire fut rtnvoye 
Four apaiser let bruyantts tlamturs du peuplc, le 


Cermpondance ilandestint ... [dtsti 

Lilt tnltttenait avtc lui one corrc; 

It de a: 

St iriirbt aul iSnint Crr grjcii iti" jcujnitni UmjtSnlK fiir 

(ejulbig nflirt. 
Tiie llimualliuitf-sliiH!. 'IMc 2rf;.w>li!ii(. 
Silt o'irtiuJrciter. t\« Jtunflitiiet, 
(eiii ::n(ii;f[L'tP. llin ediBipferb. 
in wurpr ibm line BnbttWg aH Stujr jnatfltll. 
Sr futjrtr mr&rerr Jliituttn an (ur UiitetitiiuunD ((liter 8c- 
Cr&itTlieiKEHnidilaciiiccii. [misfii&tuiiJ. 

3* tiiniitr Mr[4i(brn( i'l'iviilc oiifdlitcii. Ne. . 
leilt tiiiraettiifroi «onitl(r [WftrbcittrijittJ. 
.;iv:l : l,-f.;-. - .'.Ul'IIVV.^,!';. ,'liuilfa^C. 

Sfirfltrliftf* 3a6r — Sfltaertritj. 

»ii rsrrroStt. — 3inilt*hSrbeit. 

artatPC S. (ttSt nn( bee rQn< A ltcben 5ir><im. 

Shnn Sit tiSflii flnb, f.niiiicn Sit nidjt jn tail. 

34 t&bt iW Inuntt aO ciittn ft It atti^f 11 Wiatiit nfutitni. 

Ur lwlltc mic nitbt rinc iii'itidx antieorl geben. 

lir .)™rii mil Icln fb"inMld>c4 Wort. 

itrcunblid) Die ciit S*jdj«-jiitr ((uleabliljii titer). 

2ei flttl (crunbliJ) i|(j(;n Qilimim, 30111 btionottt oIkv 
atflni 3nm(t. 

SJcvbini Miui ( i i|t biirflcr!i*iT Ji'b fiir mid, tn fit ni'w <"' 
..:■■ ■ ■;■ : 1 

Stfriiibtln ©it iftn mtt fltjitmtnbtr JBfliiitrit. 

£iSflid) mil baa iliunb, tiirtiq mil btm $ut, 
Jtoflrl nidi »itl unt ifl bod) jcljir aut. 


Ur iPfir wlltr «rti a frit. 

S5rmliij( [liehniiBilrHir] (Xifliiftil. 

■ Drift -""il at'iaitajtii, 

lit aunt* tntt nllr nti>,iliJj* flrli, 

r i,r -MfiFuLii :«( iwtrelten 0a« ffljert Set: Sto'lifatien. 

Tdt im i?b, tor jiLi'iiiljiifii i'tfiTib[ia)en ea(let, 
JMttfinatlrartiicufittc n.'fi td fikitem niftl jiciliflrt. 
Sit roctMn (iBitilirtet ( H enti«tri. 

■ :in lM[l-(iri[ii-ivl(-?S(L-[!(m;i*li*!]. 

r it jam.- iiriliiiH! i,]L'tiJbrtt( fflttt. 

Brt fltlijiiiCc (Eiiifluji bcr Scli^ion. [fdioiutfc. 

3ti litfr arouer getltibtr.— Xit (Mumc in Hjkib OtlMU 

l!in irmlidi flttltibtttr ru-iru't idjlufir ttst an mift ljer.111 

LE ii : an|l,inbiaatIlti[eliT allcrSlshn. 

liirie l'.inb|il)Liit in Uiten jiiliitm Bftfbt (flticaittr). 

(5c ntuM flniuruitj baroul, btr rtdjImSliij! liibt )U Id". 

Sit'Sr.ini^tn mtinitn ben =itjCtiTii™ fiir lidi in ■anfptitrti 

SJeiin iiincrtialb jolj^c hint Slaifcfcaflt tia* b™t IMt^tii 

(Aione 0fl4ict)i, mitt bo(rtv< wtljufl imctcn. 
,1* btjiili-ruijit liiWt tm ftn erlittrtitit Strlup. 
I« Slifltr (orttit ll'totiiiTiiaitl jo '\}iuv* Sdjobtneclal!. 
3n)nftme ba* Hicdii ber Crfinbun,! tilrmitf) in Smlpiua]. 
3* bttHojH e9 nidjt j(S cine t«un(i, fuuNcii idj Ccoii(v>ao)C 

e* alt tin Statu 
tte bc^aiitilrt, trait fccm iKcfihteAtc ber itrmc abtuiliiramen. 
;ltil trlwupte, mil ten HI|WiiMll vctwantt ju f(in 
lir inaj [I'mmm nub mir tjjSelb ablraclmijcn. 
IBem grtSrt bit)er Cat? 

Sr betuuptet, bn *crfafiti jraes »ihib8 a.M (tin. 
Ser lab erreartel unl am. 
3<6 ntAtc cine fllage auf Sd)a»eiierlo(tin. 
eie Knnot cinm aefeljlidim «nfprii4 aul 5 Wnub ttbebtn. 
Sliin andnnej wiirtc flnt,iet)tifitn (fflr u nltia erflart). 
M OfTiidftete aul bit ggibcnnta. 
R ifl 1,111 BhmoMk mb nil im6 tjTiB tc*tnl'' 3tii)lS c-mi 

a«dii( 'OlilbttjSliiitrit ift (0 (tbr in Slntvtii* stnomracn. 

git aiaWni bit ish... ■■:■ ■ (■■ mtttjait Sle. 

3A mQ4te meint Stii(iirili6e on) bal BcfisHjum fltlloib. 

CTeebttt futferiiit t n hi MattfSm. 

^tner SibriMfltller tot ftinen Sntprua) auf aiauoiBartijteit. 

tfr rtiJitt cini Sntfd)abtaunii«naae eia. 

3>3! Scitt, tint I-jr}itli t« ttelbfdbec aU«iUt»HR, 

lir fletttitc tintn t\mn [cine WauerJ bininf, 

34 Renin (nvttcrtc) \am rstnfltx Wnauf. 

Ife Oettertt iHiCjj) el™ ouf bit Bln«r. 

ite tlctiene a* its BdH bet ftciieu flbbjii^tS fttnanf. 

lit Jtaljc fletterlr nnc .in ben Veincn nnanf. |riil) oil 

■Bltinc ©nut fiMt fi* ifciwifli* (in ffnlflt bet SAlKlfc) tltb- 

Bct MmI M ML-vir-.ii :ii |a*| SoW) 

Dal 8o(f iefoiniertt fia| Mat atatn ben l£cla6 btt fSthVi. 

Sol loatt Hertanntit be! Sollel nod) HMfbafluna titter 

Eteuer. [icurfc bjj flatind HtpM 

lira b,if miiiefiCme tt(Rl.injtn bttSalh" 

(ximl i*t ttie 

fitimtidici itricfccrtctpr. Sieiflubltnc ftlltftnln^ 
iiiuiilerlnrllcmcii immliilKii eti(Fl'.-f!'.i 


CLAP (v.) I —ped on my hal ant) rushed after 
lie —ped spurs to his horse [hit 

— down the sides of the table 

— (he iwo together ... 

Il is not enough ; — on another sixpence 
The audience — pe<l their hands at him 

— the saddle on my horse 

They —pad liiui Into prison 

He is — ped up 

The bird —ped it) wings m iti) apprise li 

He — ped his hands together, in astonishment 

He —ped me on the shoulder 

Tbej showed their approval by —ping of hands. 
Wliv did yon — it on to me, when you did it 

What ! if fcl a pair of socks : well, they did 
forget to — it on 

CLAP. (»). Like a — of thunder 
[ eave him a — on he shoulder 

CLAP-TRAP. A - plea (pretence) ... 


, as though 

They are friends as long as their interests don't — 
■.!! -hi — c^. with his 

CLASHING. The — of swords (arms, &c 
The — of interests 

CLASP. His hands were firmly —ed... 

Her fundi were — ed in prayer 

With —ed hands 

dead; — ed in his arms ... 

She — ed her hands round my neck 

He — ed me in his arms 

Things which lie mind cannot — 

— ed together in fond embrace 

Fie held my hands ("unity — ed in his 
He — ed me round t he waist (neck) 

CLASS. In all — es of society 

The upper (belter) —es 

The middle — es 

The working (lower) — ... 

There are certain (many, few) — es of people who 

— interests. — legislation ... 

People of his — , The educated —es 
A wretched (low, vulgar, poor, rich, ignorant 
i. l:t !■!■■■! ! i ;■'■ ■■ 

The i. 

41. —book 

,i bottom of his — 

The latin (arithmetic, writing, greek) — ... 
I have done nil my — es. Absent from — 
They are — ed according to their age 

Pass and — examination 

No greek — will be held to-day 

I took out Ihe medical —es 

A gcrman — will be opened next at 

I — ed the phrase under iharity 

I dout want to lie — ed with that kind of people 

The vessel is — od Al at Lloyds' 

He is — ed among the best writers living... 

A 1st, 2nd, 3rd — ticket 

CLASSIC. The study of the — s 

ring (the) — s 

The — al authors 

A — al education (student) .. 

A — scholar 

■ ;■ trning) ■■- 

— knowledge (study) 

CLASSIFICATION. To adopt a ccrta 

The alphabetical —is the best... [order d 

How far are you on with the — 1 ... [periods 

CLASSIFY. Some authors— history into 4 

— them in alphabetical order 
CLATTERING. The— or horses hools 

To make a — noise 

CLAUSE. To insert a — in a contract 

'.111 enntainsa —to the effect, ihot 

A saving — . The conscience — 

A com minatory — . An onerous — 

A penal A reMiteure . .... 



Anundern i 

CLAW. n.. «d round ..1..: like a. cat 
*~ - eat struck her — s into my leg 

Jt mis vivement man r/m/van, et jt 1011ms afirii lilt 

II pi./ua ti/s deux, li donna de l\'peron a run ihet'al 

Lahm rttamter lei cftls de la table 

litttn Its dru.i ensemble 

Ce n' est pas asset, ayoiitei encore sixpence. 

Vattditoire I'apptciitttit 

Sella vile men cteiml 

On le fourra en prison 

On I'a fourre en prison 

L'oiseau ballil del ailes a man approi/ie 

il elaqua des mains lout ftonni 

II me frappa sur I'epaitle ... ... [semen/, 

fls temoignhent Uurapprdlmtisn par Jcs applaudis- 

Pourquoi me mettet-vous tela sur le das, quaud 
e'at tow qui I'avet fait? 

Comment! jf pour une paire de chaussettesl Eh 
I'icn, Us mi out joliment surfait 

Ci>mnif 11" roup de tonnerrc 

Jt iui frappai sur I'lpaule ... 

l/n moven ( Un priti etc ) a effet 

Un Italage thIAtrat 

■ it fratai Kttdain co mm tii 

Hears intirets (opinions) son! en eon/lit 

ton declarations se lontredisent ... [en confli. 
Its son! amis tant que Icun intirl-ts n'entrent pa. 
I'otre rlcit est en contradiction avec le sien \arme. 
Le bruit f Le rliauctis) des /pies, Le fracas de. 

Le conftit (I* choc) des intirets 

.'.' ■: ■■■■ '■ ■■ ■ . 

Elie avait les mains fointcs pour prior 

Enlaces dans une tendre itreintt [11 

// tenait tuts mains forlimenl scrrecs dans les sien- 
II me prit par la faille. ]l sejela a men ant (1 
Dans toutes les classes de la saciltl...\sauta au co 
Les classes sufiericurei .—La meilleure classe 

La bourgeoisie. La classe nioycnnc 

La claise ouvriirc. — Les classes inferieures [j 
II y a ccrtaines (beaucoup, pen de) classes de g, 
/nfirr'fs •*! liaise.— L.'^'u'a! ion de classe ... 
Les gens de sa classe. — Les classes intimites 
Une classe miserable. — La basse classe. — Line classe 

vulgaire, fatten, riche, ignorant/, degradle 
UnequaliU de tnarchandise mciitsur marcIU (meil- 
leure, svperieure, inftrienre, de nuile valeur ) 

Le professeur est en ce moment en classe 

Classe.— Livre de classe. Livre classiqne 

II est dans les dent icrs de sa classe... ... [grcej 

La classe de latin (d'arit/uru't.pie, d'ecriture, .U 
fas fail toutes ma classes.— Absent ile la classe ... 

On les classe scion leur 6ge 

Examen de passage et de ctacsement 

II n'y aura pas aujoitrd' hui classe (lefon) degree 
J~ai pris mes inscriptions en m/dicin 
Une classe d'alleniand s'ouvrira le prochain semeslre 

Je classai la phrase sous le mot charity 

fe m t'ciix pas qu'on me classe mm les gens de cette 
sorte \classt (esfece) au Lloyd 

Le vaisseau est classe" As (est dans la premiere 
On le classe parnti les meilleurs icrivains till 
Un billet de premUre, seconde (dcuxihnc,) 
L 'etude des laneue: elassiqucs . . . [sienle ilasse 

31 fait ses etudes classiqucs 

Les autetirs elassiques 

Une education ciassi-jue. — Un humanisti ... 

Un kumaniste 

Literature classique [i. ( . _. 

Connaissance des lettres e/asiiatifs,—£tiidestlas- 
Adopler un certain oidrt de elastipciUim 

I ii classification alpbiiMtque est la meilleure 

On en ttu-otm de la classification / ... {riodei 

Certains anteurs divisenl I'histoirc en quatre ft- 

Classci-les par ordre alphaMiqlie 

Le bruit des sabots des chevaux 

Faire du tapagt 

Inslrer une clause dans un control 

La convention ccntieni une clause portant que 

Une clause de riserve.—La clause de conscience .. 

Une e. comminaioire. — Une c. on/reuse ... 

Une 1. finale — Une c. restrictive 

Unci. ,-i/d,,itlaiie 

Une r. testamrntaire 
f'ne c. sous-cntendne 

II s'ogriffa a met tomme un chat ... 

Le ehat tnftntca set grijfes dans inajambe... 

,"Vi jctti IJUnr:i.i(t metiter $111 anf mil 
jtb ait iwiiun tytttt tit SBuren. 
Eaffni S/it ti( Stldtriappcti Ijtrtiiittr 

:;■ iuijiii 

68 rtidjt tridjt; liljtn Sit im* tin fattait Sdjitfinj t, 

Etc 3u v Sni OitfiWm ifrm «>(ifan. 

BarMl Sit (diutn mtin Vint. 

KM flfrrlt ibii in'* WefiuiniiiS. 

lit i[Sciii|ion>inioii. lir i(t liintci ■ eftU'lJ iiiitlBitgrt, 

Icr 5<D^ti fd.titiL-1 tci nitiiicr Kaat^eraxfl '"■' *« ftlflgelB. 

tfr (itjluj our ttiftauncii Me $5uN jii|nmm[n. 

Sc rievFtc tnir au( He CAuIir. 

Sit bttmitxtui ihven i'titoil tiirij PteMutff^ut. 

SBjriun (djettn sit ei inir ju, rami ©ic e3 [tltjl tl.iltn ? 

mil 5 StfjiBiiinc fiir tin ^Jacrc SdiTcii I Sun, le vol ■ 

ei((4BllOtrr - Cfitflt^aucit. 
(Bit tin SqittierfifjBfl- 
3* Jlorfteibni auf tu- iil'iiitn. 
(fin cut) if ftttt bendjiutn Bnint [BotiDatif]. 
Bin Siionrftcrt. 

^bi'ilttiiicii fllitlidioi B*ljfl (SiiiiK), otoob... 
3^rt Jnterefleit [^liiiiuugciii finti 1111 aJi&crftHile. 
3Srt HuSfafltli reiberiprtdjtn iitt). 
■=it jlnb |u laii^e IJreMiibe, olS iurc ,tnttrtf(eii(id)iii4t hnlyn. 
3fac SuSfage |l(bt niit ber (eintn in ilittt«f|na(t> 
Tm» Sdjiucrleiiittlirr.— to* lilaffdiflttSfc. 
*tr BJiMrnwit bn 3n!«tilen. [intttt) 

Seine S«inbe lMten )c(t jiiipmmcugti^lodcn (^ 
,11 ii- .friutc iv .hoi im Wetiitc atfalKt. 
ffiii .icfulKtm Ci'ntmt. 
3tf' in !""« *™« gc(*Ii>Woi. 
He jilii.:ii|j ihvc Qbdw inn mtintn (ali. 
Sr (d)lst mi* iii feint drnie. 
Eitijt, tueldjc tcr iKtiR nittpt faf(eii taun. 
Ctn ijtlliilicr Umarmuna uml^lunjeii 
(it Men ttKitK $a"ii(c fefl in ben (cinigat. 
til fafitc mid) urn t-en *eib [*»[*]. 
,lu .illtn iSKitnfib.iftMlaiitn. 
Xie bilbem [tefiroi] »(af[tn. 
Die ajiitteinallm. 
2 ie aroritentiii [iiirtmi] HToneii, 
C«BUI ii(mii(([DL(t< r iotiii fl (] Hlaficn ton teutai, Mtqc,,. 
Rlnffcniiitcnlicil. — SlanruatteMfbutia. 
(euttfeintS £*[,-..■,« — Xii .tetilrcicTi .Ktaffm. 
Sine un a lnitlidj( [nitttiv, iirstL-'jaiiiliL-, .nine, «i(bt, uaai) 

\mU fltfuntent] lUsit*rln)(e. 
tttiic t'iliiatre [bdferc, tibtjRt. ftium, umitor (att, Betefitfe] 

T«c (firm ifl (tjl jerntie tit bR JHoflt. 
(1 1 aftensiai mn . — it I it ii t nt 11 at . -JJ ; 11 tier tt net; . 
Crfilftomffintit bnitlaile. Ifl 1(1 liniillli flllialill ffli|l 
EieSatdn: [Sritbuitlil , Sfliitit . aritdgildgc} Kiane. 
3d) ftabeoDt Slaiitn bntdjjnnsijL — 3" bctSlnfie ftfttenb 
■=ir rut! in «itn.?n,iiiiii (iiii^biiufltii-r) titiQttljcilt. 

%Rfcfuii}*< un» Staffarftfifaag, 

Vkuu [.tilt tit ,;ri,diifSjt StmiBeau*. 

3d) [lif nrkf all 'Stubent ber 'Iltbijin tinff)»it>eti. 

SHaftfteS 6cBieflR ntttb tin ttcutlfer itiirinS criifititl roerbeii. 

3a> fef le bit iHeboifai-l unite bit ffrairit „5bntilti". 

[J* icin nidft mil titfa 6«tt tentc siiinnnntngeflent meten. 

Tia) &Jii|f l(t in Elnijt'S SJilrtttumitMi tiii u eteafleu. 
lit luirb \\t ten btjltrt SdjriftltiCrni uninct ;(cit jtjJtiH. 

■:: ,■ ■:■:■. v : .■ ■ 
.:•:::....!. ■ 1 :■ "::.;; -i' ^ 111.: ■■i:,i 

Ifi (littiirt tta[)i)*t.Bpraftcii. 

lfin(tJa(ii(djettri|i(t;nii(|. L'iirStiitmtbRMlijiffnie 
(im n..i«iiil'.ir ■likil.-L^i (.iitKItrtcr). 

. .■.imilitMiHWetcbrimiirelt]. 
«la[fi(dK 8enntiiif(e.-aia|Tif*eB etubiuM. 
Sine gabifTe BtribeuMtv: in Ci( flitvtbnun,i bcfelaeu. 
Die olptw*eti[«e aneibnitn H (IHtibtnfelae) ifl bie 1k~ 
•Bit iwit lilt* 51* nut tti-truilbcilniifl |f ^dit.iintlitr IWiltn die OttfiftiOtc In 4 ^ecioden et*. 
Kiibtni Sit bitftlbtitin alvbabtiidtitvCttiiuniiWei^eBfoIae) 
3>al <Hclt>n (ScrrapMI) ceu *fcrb(biiien. [auf, 

Sin (lavltnibeC (t.ifidnbce) <HcriiiiTdJ tnaJjen 
3n elnem Soitta tic tint .stljulct oiitvirtijcn. [bofi--. 

lit HcrtraneiitbStt tint «tftimmuii,i (Slaufel) Itt! SnfjaltM, 
liiii tUfrbtbolt (3iii*lralt).— Sit W«ui(((nSttttinsiina. 
Sin (trafatiBntfinibR 3u(atj.— ttim Uftige i3c6iiigunj, 
liint SrRiffttjtiintiiitnii (Strapjcbinflunj). 

etite ^nttibrntiae Sljuitl —Sin ruMjitliiriHja Mntjana 18s- 
ftin leftjmentSitadjrra.t (IcftamcnlsisndiC). [latf. 

eiiit biinujcbadjtt (feiiniid' (tnh-.iviftiiit) Pcjliinmuud. 
Hr tiinj Mi an mir feR rait til * " 
Hit fia(e (d)Tua if)re Jhailoi in 





His hands are always busy ; he must — every 

CLAY. Fire — . Brick — . — soil ... 
Man is but a lump of animated — 

CLEAN. New brooms sweep — 
The brokers made a — sweep of all he had 
It went — out of my head .. . 
I have — forgotten to call on Mr. C. 
The judge remarked that the prosecutor himself 

did not come to the court with — hands 
As — as a new pin (as a kitten) ... 

— your teeth (nails) A — plate 

A — shirt. A — shave (see shave J 

xV — prooi •«• •#• #•• *•■ ••• 

x\ ^^~ ■ incK >•• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

A pair of — boots. — my boots ... 

— the potatoes of all dirt ... 
She bit his ear — off 
Have you — ed out the room ? 

You have not washed yourself — 

I was — done up 

He tore it — out. — linen 

I am — ed out of every penny 

A — bride often makes a dirty wife (prov.) 

— your feet on the door mat 
You must come to school with — hands and face 

CLEANLINESS is next to godliness 

C LEA R (v) — away this rubbish 

— away the breakfast things 

— away the boxes in the passage ... 

It was some time after the collision before the line 

was — ed 
Mr. C. the draper is — ing out his stock ... 
I am quite able to — myself of that charge 

To — a debt. The clouds are — ing off 

The weather is — ing up 

The mystery was — ed up at last ... ... [up 

Some of the transactions of the firm require — ing 
I have — ed my account ... ... [upon it 

He must — his character from the aspersion cast 
I — ed ^50 by the transaction 

— the deck for action 

Singers are in the habit of — ing their throat before 

commencing to sing 
To — a river (harbour, canal) 

— out of this ! 

— the ground 

Take a pinch of snuff ; it will — your head 
The pillar letter boxes are — ed at 9-30 ... 
Take a dose of castor oil, it will — the phlegm oft 

your stomach 
CLEAR, (a). — profit (gain, money) 
His voice is as — as a bell 
As — as noonday (as the sun, as crystal)... 
As soon as the coast was — , I emerged from my 
It is a — case of fraud ... ... [hiding place 

If you do not understand it, I'll try and make it 

— to you 
It must be — to everyone, that 
Nothing could be — er than that ... 
A — case was made out against the prisoner 
It is — that he does not mean to come back 
How — the moon shines to-night... 
You must endeavour to steer — of the danger ... 
I have paid him the ;£ioo ; now I am — of him 

The prisoner got (off) — [ — 

I know what I have to do; my course is perfectly 

The wine (coffee) must have time to — 

The law allows you 10 — days from the date of 

the issue of the summons, to enable you to 

prepare your defence 
That is as — as can be. A — sky... 

— weather. — soup. A — day ... 
A — fire. The fire burns — 

Stand — ! He writes a — hand 

The — shining moon ... 

A — conscience 
This makes it — , that 
A — toned bell 

— complexion. — headed (sighted) 

To — starch. — of income tax 

I have a — title to 

That is a — proof of his guilt 

CLEARING. We waited for the — up of the 

The — of a forest [weather 

The — of the throat (stomach) 

The bankers' — house 

// a toujours les mains occupies, il doit toujours 

tiraillcr que I que chose 
Argile refract aire. — 7erre a briques. — Terrain ar 
Lhomme riest quun bloc d y argile animJ ...[gileux 
II riest tel que balai neuf ... 
Les brocanteurs emporterent tout ce qiiil possidait 
(?W mVtait complement sorti de la t$ie 
J'ai completement oubli/ dialler voir M. C. 
Le jttge remarqua que le plaignant lui-m$me ne 

venait pas au tribunal les mains nettes [chatte 
Propre com me un sou neuf. — Propre comme une 
Net toy ez vous les dents (les ongles). — Une assiette 
line chemise propre ... ... ... [propre 

Une ipreuve peu chargie 

Un tour adroit ... ... ... ... [botles 

Une paire de bottes propres. — Cirez ( Dkrottez) mes 
Nettoyez bien les pommes de tcrre ... 
Elle lui enleva net Voreille d y un coup de dents . 
Avez-vous nettoyi (fait) la chambre ? 
Vous ne vous ites pas bien lave 1 (nettoyi) ... 
J y itais ereinti (rendu) 
II Parracha net. — Linge propre 
J y ai perdu iusquW mon dernier sou. Je suis com- 
plement nettoyi [malpropre 
Lajeune fille coquette se change souvent en fern me 
Essuycz vos pieds sur le paillasson ... ... [lavies 

Ilfaut venir en classe les mains et la.fgure bien 

Z# proprete* est une dcmioertu 

Enlevez ces dJcombres ( ordures ) 

Desservez le dejeuner 

Enlevez les bottes qui sont dans le corridor 

Ce ne flit aue quelque temps aprls V accident que la 

voiefut de'blayie (degage'e) 
M. C. le marchandde nouveautis fait sa liquidation 
Je suis parfaitement en itat de me /'ustifier de cette 

S y acquit ter d'une detle. — Les nuages se dissipent ... 
Le temps s y eclaircit ... 

Le my s tire fut cnfin tclairci [des explications 

Quclques-unes des operations de\la maison aemandent 

J y ai rtgli mon compte ... ... .[/te" en butle 

II doit se justifier des imputations auxquelles il a 

Je gagnai £jo sur V affaire 

Faites le branle-bas de combat 

Les c hauteurs out V habitude de tousser pour sVclair- 

cir la voix avant de commencer a chanter 
Curer une riviere (un port, un canal) 
Hors d tct 
Videz la place... 

Prenez une prise, eel a vous e'claircira les idics 
On live les bottes secondaires ci 9 heures et detnie . 
Prenez une dose d y huile de ricin, cela debarrassera 

votre estomac de la bile 

Un profit (gain) net 

// a une voix claire comme le. crista! 

Clair comme le jour (le soleil, le cristal) ... 

Dis que la cdtefut libre,je sortis de nut cachette .. 

C est un cos de fraude evident 

Si vous ne le comprenez pas, je vais tdcher de rendre 

la chose claire 
II doit itre evident pour tout le monde que. . . ... 

Rien ne pouvait tire plus clair que cela ... ... 

La culpability de V accuse" fut elairement prouve'e ... 

// est clair qu y il n y a pas t intention de revenir . . . 

Quel beau clair de lune il fait ce soir 

Ilfaut chercher a eviter ce danger . . . [rassi de lui 

Je lui at paye" les £100, main tenant je suis debar* 

L y accuse' se tira d y affaire 

Je sais ce que j y ai a faire, ma conduite est toute trade 

Le vin (Le caff) doit avoir le temps de se clarifier 

La loi vous accorde 10 jours francs a partir ae la 

date de la remise de l y assignation, pour vous 

permettre de preparer votre defense 
C y est aussi clair que possible. — Un ciel clair 
Temps clair. — Soupe claire. — Une claire journie . 
Un feu clair. — Le feu brule bien ... 
Passez au large ! — 77 a une icriture bien lisible . 
La lune aux clair s rayons ... 
Une conscience pure sans reproche ... 

Ceci trouve a r evidence que 

Une cloche au timbre clair ... 
Un teint clair. — A l y esprit clair. Clairvoyant 
Blanc hi r & neuf. — Apris deduction de Vimp6t sur 
J y ai des droits evi dents sur (d) ... [le revenu 
C 'est une preuve evident c de sa culpabilite. 


Nous attendtmes que le temps f At rem is 

Le d/frichement d'une fortt... 

Inaction de se degager le gosier (Vestomac) 

Le Comptoir general de virement des banquiers . 


©eine $anbe ftnb fortroafjrenb iljatig; er mug an fcttent 

fteuerfefter Zb,on. — 3ie8*ta°*- &foQ<Xitf)tn. — 2$ongrunb. 
Der 3Kenfdj ift nur ein lebenbiged Xfjongebilbe. 
9leue ©efen febren gut. [fatte, auS bent $aufe. 

2>ie «erid)t$t)ofl}iebcr f$leppten (rdumtcn) ifyn %ttc$ t toa% er 
63 ift mir ooUftdnbig cntfaUen (aud bemStitneenrftymmben). 
$d) fyabt ganj oergeffen, #crrn CE. $u befudjen. 
£>cr SRid)ter bemerfte, bafe ber fclagcr jelbft nidjt mit ret it en 

$dnben uor (Hertdjt erfdjeine. 
So rein toie ein gefdjdlte£ 6t (trie frtfdj gefaflener &d?nee). 
3?u&en ©ie 3bre 3a^ne.— Weinigen Bit 3 V " Wagel.— Sin 
Sin reined $emb. [reiner Setter. 

Gin WebifionSbogen. Sin forrigtrter Hb&ug. 
Sin gcfdjttftcr ©treid). [©tiefet. 

Sin $aar reine (frifd) genridjfte) ©tiefel. — ©idjfcn ©ie meine 
Meinigen ©ic bie tfartoffeln con attem @d)tnu$e. SBafdpn €>. 
(Sic big tfpn bad Of)r gtatt ab. [b. St. at). 

$aben <Sie bad 3 imm <^ gefegt (audgete v rt)? 
@ie tyaben fid) nidjt rein geroafdjeit. 
3$ roar gan& yeronter (fyunbemube). [2B5fd)c. 

Sr jog ed rabtfat (mit ©tumpf unb ©tiel) fycraud.— fReine 
3d) ffdbt feincn rotten $etter mtffv in ber Xafdje. 

Sine fd)mu(fe Dime roirb oft eine fd)Iamptge £audfrau. 

$u$en ©ic 3^re ftufee auf ber Watte an ber Satire ab. 

€>ie mfiffen mit rein en $a'nben unb reinem ©efidjte jur ©djute 

ffleinlidjfeit ift aud) eine Xugenb. [tommen 

ftetjren @ie ben <2d)Utt meg. 

fflaumen (2>e<fen) eie ben ftrityfrticftifd) at). 

9lel)inen (Scfyaffeti) @ie bte Jtiften aud bem (Sange. 

Die ftatjn rourbe erf* eintge 3eit nad) bem 3ufammenftofje fret 

3n bem $ud)gefd)a'fte bed #crm S. ift Hufttfrfauf. 
3d; bin Dottfommen im ©tan be, mid) ber Kntlage gegenfiber ju 

Sine@d)utb abtragen. — DieSBoffot gerfrreuen (toer&ietyen) jMj. 
2>a§ better flart fid? auf. 

< 5to8 @e^etmni§ rourbe fd)Iie§(id) aufgeflfirt. [flarung. 

Sinige @efdjafte ber ftirma bebttrfen ber Srfldrung (ttuf- 
3d) tjabe meine ffiedjming bertd)tigt. [roa jdjeit. 

Sr mug feinen Sfyararter Don bem &ugefilgten @d)anbfle<f rein 
3d) madjte bei bem @efd)dfte ein en 9letngeroinn oon 50 $funb. 
3Rad)t bad £>ecT 511m $efe$te flair, 
©anger pflegen ftd) $it raufpern, bcuor fie anfangen ju ftngen. 

Stnen ftlufc [$afen, Stanal] audbaggcrn. 

©djertn ©ie ftd) t)ier ^eraud ! ftort ba! 

9Kad)t eud) atte fort ! $ebt eud) ton banneu ! [madjen. 

S?eb,men ©ie eine $rife Xabat, 3>a§ rotrb3^nen ?uft imftopfe 

Die ©aulcnbrieffaftcn werben urn b,atb jeb,n geteert. 

92e^men ©ie etneDoftd ffitctndfil; bad roirb ben ©d)Ieim aud 

3$rem Wagen entfernen. 
{Reingeroinn. 9?ettogerotnn. 
©eine ©timme ift gtotfen^ett. 
Star roie ©onnenttd)t. ©onnenflar. Stlax rote £rt)ftatt. 
©obatb bte ?uft roieber rein roar, tarn id) aud meinem Serfietfe 
Sd ift ein off en barer ©djroinbcl. [^croor. 

XBcnn ©ie ed nidjt uerfte^en, roitt id) ed 3frten ftar %u maa>n 

Sd mug 3ebem etnteud)tcn (ftar fetit), bag... 
92id)td fonnte tlarer fcin, aid bad. 
Der «ngeflagte rourbe ber ©d)Ulb flberfflr)rt. 
Cffenbar beabfld)ttgt er nidjt juriicf^ufommeii. 
©ie ^ett (ttar) ber 3Wonb ^eute «betib fd)etnt ! [fdjiffen. 

©ie muffen fet>en, bag ©ie an btefer gefd^rttd)en ftlippe uorbeu 
3d) babe i^m bie 100 $funb bejab,lt; jc^t bin id) it?n Iod. 
Der ttngetlagte 7am lod. D. V. rourbe freigefprodjen. [tlugen. 
3d) roeig, road id) ju t^un t)abt; meine ©ab^n Uegt mir flar 00c 
Der SBetn [Saffee] mug 3cit $aben, urn fidj ju fe^jen (tlaren). 
$)aa ®efe<j gefte^t 3^nen ©oOe 10 Xage, t»n bent Datum be* 

Srtaffed ber ?abung an geredjnet, ju r bamit ©ie fidj auf 

3^re eert^etbtgung porbereiten ftnncn. [Rarer ^immeL 
Dad ift felbfroerftanbtid). Sd !ann Wid)td nam fein.— Sin 
«tared (jetted) ©etter.-^leifdjbra^e.-Sin Rarer (fetter) 
Sin jetted fetter.— Dad freuer brennt ^ctt. [lag. 

Ireten ©ie jurfltf! ^ort ba!— Sr $at eine beutliaV ^anb* 
Der $ettf<$einenbe SWonb. [fd)rift. 

Sin reined Qkrotffen. 

^ieraud er^ettt, bag. . . Diefed mad)t ed flar, bag. . . 
Sine fcfltSnenbe ©lode. [Slarbenfenb. jclarbtirfenb. 

Wetne <8eftd)tdfarbe. — Wit ^ellem (flarem) ftopfe [Wift]. 
«Bafd)e fein fUirftn.— Wad) Mbjug ber Sintonunenfteuer. 
3d) bkbt ein unbeftreitbared 9}ed)t auf. . . 
Dad ift ein Rarer ©eroeid fttr fcine ©d)ulb. 

©ir roarteten bie «ufR5ntng (Dad SlufRaren) bedfflJetterd ab 
Die flbbol^ung (Xudrobung) eined ©albed. 
Dad 9iduf pern.— Dad Wflbwn. Die iWagenentleerung. 
Dad gtquibationd^aud bed ^antierd 


The — al the beginning of the forest 

CLEARLY. That is - a mistake ... 
Mint is — the case 

He has — a light to do what he likes . . 

I am — of opinion, that ... 

1 le has done so, — 

That is — what he means by thai... 

The counsel fur the plaintitf staled Ms case — 

[ — see now horn it happened 

CLEAVE. Lightning — s the sky ... 

The lightning has cleft the tree assunder... 

CLEFT. A natural — in a rock 

A — in the deer 

— • footed animals 

CLEMENCY. Show — to Ihe erring 

The — ofthelaw 

The — of the weather 

CLERK. A town— 

A —in holy orders 

A lawyers' chier — 

— of the works 

A government — 

A confidential — 

Bank — ... — 

Sit /the: parish, copying, invoice. 

CLERCIAL A -error 

CLERGY. Entitled to lienefit of— ... 

CLEVER. A-trick. A — caplnre... 

He is 


Now you have dune something — 1 

CLEVERLY. That was — done ... 

CLEVERNESS. Our boasted — ... 

CLEW (or) CLUE. I have no — to guide 
The police have obtained a — to the mystery 
There is nothing to affnd us a — as lo who 

perpetrator could be 
The detective following up the — traced the 
murderer to London 

CLICKER. A - (printing) 

CLICKING. The -of a watch 

The —ofthe hammer of a pistol 

The machine makes a — noise 

ItmicsHilha — sound 

CLIENT (nj a lawyer). A — (dependent) 

CLIMATE. Southern—. Northern — 

Eastern (western) —. Mild— 

Cold — . Hot — 

Temperate—. Unhealthy — 

Healthy — . Tropical— 

Rigid—. Dry — 

Wei — . Charming (agreeable) 

Sunny — . Severe — 

Burning — - Genial — 

Glacial — . Damp — 

Foggy — . Inexorable— 

Killing — . Changeable — 

I'tsttlailial — . Raw — 

Relaxing — . Bracing — 

Native — . Scorching — 

The English — does not favour the growth of 
that plant 

CLIMB. The child —ed up the steps... 

He — ed up a tree (rock) 

—ing plants ... 

CLINCH. To — an argument 
He — ed hU fist. W.ih -ed fist ... 
To — a bargain 
To — a nail. — cd and rivet ted ... 

CLINCHER. That'- a — ] 

CLING. He — s to the opinion, that . . . 
She fondly — i In Ihe li..|.c .if seeing him again 
I can't get rid of the fellow, he — f in bm tike 

TIJs wife clung lo him tlumi-li thick and thin 

Once you get a bad name, it will always 

The statement once mode, — to U 

He still — s to the old customs 

i.iWc the ivy. fondly —ing to the shattered nak ... 
CLIP. We must — the wings of that high-flyer 

To - Ihe Queen's 
Willi — pe,| wings. T« 
* — ped off a piece 

La clairilre an commencement de la for,'! 
Cat teidtmptad tm* tmmr 

C'est evidemmcnl le cas 

It a fvidtvwimt le droit defaire cc qu'il lui plait 
Je suit dicid/mmt d'avis aire 

U I'n fait, inconlestablement 

Iw/j sans aucun douti a quit vent dirt par la . 
L'az-acat da p/aignant apeta claircmcnt I'affaire,. 
Je -.vis claircmcnt maintcnant comment e'est arrivJ 
Le lit! est silhnni d'Jclairs... 
La faudre a fendn I'arbrt en deux. 
Je le f cadis en deux ... 

Animaux au pied fourehu. Fissifidet, Bisulees . 

Soya clfment four lei pkkcurt 

/.a cUmence dt la lei 

Im douceur de la temperature 

I'n secretaire municipal, (communal) 

Unprflre. Un mimstre du tulte 

/.'premier ( Le maltrc) clere d'un avoii.' ... 
i 'iiefdii bureau des trcr.-anx piillicS 

( '« employe du gouverncnient 

Un employe' de conflance 

Commit ( 'Employ! '■} de banque 

Uneerreurdecopistc. Un lapsus calami de I'aulei 

Ayant droit au bcncfiie dc ctergie 

I'n tour adroit, — Vnc capture adroile 

Une escroquerie adroitc. — Un enfant i/itcl/ig, n 

tout Ills bcaucoup trap matin 

// est trap fori pour v, 
Ungarceu adroit. — I 
Eh Hen, volts avczfa 
Cela a M adroitcment ( haUlemcnt ) fait ... 

A'ofrc habilete ' vantie 

Je n'ai attain fit pour me guider 

La police est poneniie ,i avoir la clef da mystcre 
Rien nc nous donne aneitiie indication sur le Wli 

L'agent, en suivant eetti indication, dlcouvrlt fit, 
I'aisatsin devait Itrt J Lendres 

Un melteur en paget 

Le tiC'tac d'un* montre 

Le bruit d'un pistolet ju'en anne 

La machine etiquette 

Elle tnarche avec un bruit de a'aquct 

Client.— Un client ... 

Climat du midi.— Climat du notd 

— de I 'orient ( 'de 1 'Occident ). — deux 

— froid. — chattd 

— tcnipi'rt'. — titiilsnin ( insalubre ) 

— sal-ubrt (lain). — da tropiqucs 

— rigourcux. — sec 

— - humide. ( ptuvieux ). — charmant (agr<'ablc) 

— ensoleilll. — rigoureux 

— hrtllant. — propice (fkondant) 

— glac/'. — hltmiili 

— brumtux. — inexorable 

— mturlritr, — variable 

— — froid et humide 

— reldchant. — fortifiant 

— natal. — brUlant 

Le climat de I'Angltttrre ti'est pat favorable au 

devctoppement de cette plantt 
L' enfant grtmpa sur let marches , . . 
II grimpa sur un arbre (un rocher) 

Planter grim panics 

Puisser un argument 

llferma le poing.—Le peing ftrmJ 

Cmelure un ntarchJ, 

/liver un clou. — Fixe et rivi 

/I lui a rk^ sen clou 

II s'attache it (ne vcut pas di'mordn de) I' opinion 
Elle s'attache patiionntmcnt a I'ctpoir de le rtvoir 
/e ne puis me Mbarrasscr de ce garcon-lA,il s'aec 

h moi comme la m is/re au pauvre nmndi 
Safcmme lui resta tendrcment attachee a Iravtri 

L'tu feis que la mauvaise reputation s'attache a 

vous, vous en avet pour taut* la ssi 
t'nefois la declaration faitc, tenet vau 
II tictit ttmjours aux vicillet continues 

Se ienir ensemble [frarassJ 

Comme le lierre qui s'attoche Jtroitement au chfne 
Ilfattt lui confer les ailtt A cc prisomptueux 

Rogner la monnaie 

Etfropier le fran s ai. 

W« 8i*IUH3 (littjle Mtft] am DabtfiMH 

£uf ifi uffoutar tilt 3m v iM. 

Sia* ift cine rfiwiftl Oct (faff. 

ffir tfji otfcntMi Pj8 SHrdjt, ;u tt>wt, leaf tr it 

,\4 bin hu^OBl Ccr ilJiiiunj, tuj.,. 

St $at el offtn&ar jrtluii. 

31j4 ift e4 effcUnr. MIcrbMdl Btttt 

I«r fltiwali tti SUgcvi ItQtc IVin.n fiat tl, 

3* |(ft( it(t |Uj ( i(ii.iii r mit ti tm, 

Trr illilj tuitf^iiJl tiii6iiiimrl 

3)tr »lit> Cat ben Slaum (ordiattta. 



6iti( IMrfpoltt. liirt Ihilnitj. 

;i>illt;irin-. jtie<">uf<r. 

Dttn 3trtn>rnmDtlit ffiiftt. 
■Xiit aJMtte tt* (BcfelseS. 

Tit fflHlta teS ESrilete. 

Ifi a StoUfdiirite. 

(Sin orlMi&ttr «ttftli«tt. 

tfvflrt SActifcr (ectrctar) eiiieS Bbvcfdtt'n. 

SSllnaiicocftrTirr tes SJaaamtc*. tttef btj CaubBro 

Ifi ii Mtj|icr!nig>&Hint(r. 

lini iUdximirtrtlat. Oin IScbeiiiif^ceibu. 


gin «(rf(lj<ii toi Srrfofffrt. 
llntccter tijajLifli^ui i -uni^itMl iSi-riLiilibarfctt fttlKlt. 
(Jin gtidjitfttr Braid).— Bl fltiajirftrr (Ijiilifiter) Banfl. 
ijni atgtf ttal tt Mt*i.—WI* A(i«tflf8 Rii ' 
= il Tiuf ink cili S^laubtrgn (tlflffituS). 

Ifr ifi Jijrtfn ju Ulan. 

liin jcritbtrtrr SJuridjc — liiu 5(fd)ia"ta Urteiter. 

Ta h.if.-ii iic ilirj} 6^Sar* gctnadjt | aitgtriit)tct) I 

Dal nut fltfaiiiT! jtmoi^t. 

iIuick VLd.jLTiitmK (itrfctiiTliftltit. 

34 bote sat Trim SuljallSriinrit, He mi* Idlctt. 

J'i£S,'uli((it>at tint a '2«iiiiicl vi btni Wtbcirnnifir fltfunrt.1. 

lis ifi iib3 ,lriii KHv«iIM*aitn grjibcn, uia ten ti 

v tiau*iufiiiteii. 
I«r tSetjeinHJol i ji p"t Dcrfolgtt tit epuren tcS SKStber*, ■ 

si eanci. 

itju iwa) Snitfcti fiibrtrri 
liiu ScilciKiiiiidittv. 6lu IJIctttut 
T,v: infLiirintrtHt. 
Tut snatfen cine! SiiftDbn^^iici. 
i/it ai.iidjitir inad)t tin ttirrciibtS l3«ou|it|. 

' ' " (bttwflt (idj) mil attnorrt (ttktaffcl). 


:. SiiiHiuib, 

eil6ti«ieS filimo.— 9!SiMiJjeS Hlima. 

trtlidjcs [JUeBIiifitS] « — SNilbeJ «. 

Halltl ».— $(i6tS ». 

Seuialriott* ».— UnjcfunlitS It. 

SrfanteB St.— XnDit^et It. 

Slaute« it.— IrvAut ft. 

Slafiel ft.— fflrijente* [Hnamcbmci] ft, 

Scimijrf St. — Srreii^ (cauteS) ft, 

«rcnntiib teigtS ».— (ititectB ([ictli*[«) ft. 

(SiBjeSft.— nm^Kift. 

Srtltijes Jt— llntrbtltlid) frniiari (barltS) X. 

>;.— SBoijjcltciiteS ft. 
IttftarliflfS (ecuajrnerjtuacnbcs) ».— iHaute* ft 
avf*TofknM* (&i)lafW) ft.— itictiiite* Jt. 
^rimatWKtjrt it.— entgentea ft. 
2>jS Jiliina ttnularttS ift |ilv baS BJaiWtvi™ bleftt f 

111*1 [lii"l"lisl- 

ZMI Miiib nrttatt (ttodj) bit Srcvl't (tinouf. 
Si flcltcrtc riiica iBoura IfitlfniJ liniauf . 
sijliiiiivfiaiijen. Mt(ttnpflalt]ni. 
ttintn «tiKi» nbirttn (wiftartcit). 
fir batltt tit ftaujt. ffliit ( ictallt« Jjuft, 
fiiutn iwtel (ftaiif) otWilitfieii. 
fiintn aiagtl Hriiittcn (Mtf^haeii).— <Hitl 111 
I>a* ift fn)lafltiib. la^ trifft btu Staatl aiif tea 
Sr bait an tetaitinun^ttfi, baj... 
£ic gift lid) btr frltoi fteffninig ljin. ibn reitter,ufc6oi. 
I : M lPtrten, tc^anat an tn' 

■ 'Cfll 

Stint 3tau fling trtutidj rait ibm bnv* ?>i& nnb l^flnn. 

IBtiin Eit tinmal cinen [djtrajtcn Slarntn tjaten, wii* it 
36ntn (iit imrnct antwfltn. [M* 

SDenii Sir (initial to6au*gciaiithiboi.lobolitrt 6i« tnraii 
tii t>.ut no4 tauntt an ten altcn ("tm^nteitni ttfl- 
jjn lairnnenljinUen . *ln (inanber (tflSalttn. IfajralfAt. 

IBie ter fipteit, tec ft A Innigon bit irttarattttrlt ttte)e o»- 
©ttmilf!ttibltf(tii SRtnidjoi, brt iutratr cten finau*nritl, 
9nan(tii btfAiKibtn. [bit ftlilnt! be|a>ntitvn . 

Te» Idjbnt Xtulifl) mHk4<I (urtfjunjtn). 
iim tetit)iiitIoinun (.itftntliii) TVKlqcIh H'ait.ifam) — (fi» 

3* I4IUU tin ania" ■!, istfeit fd 

CLIPPINGS bom Iiinch 

twmpa — 

CLOAK {-.: *■ ».] Tkej used idigka 

lo hide their moral corruption 

CLOCK. Unit o'clock is ii? 

The — is striking 6 

A church (town-hall, kilchen, clcctiic) — 

A drawing room (bedroom) — 

It is 9 o'clock by my walch 

I'll he there at S lo'—) 

I wailed from 6 (o'— ) till a quarter to 7 ... 

It is now a quarter past IO (o'— ) ... 

You must be here by hair past S (o'-) ... 

Don't be later than 9 (o'—( 

Have you wound up the — 1 

The — is run down 

That — is slow (fast) 

Your — is to minutes too slow (too fast) ... 

The — does not go right 

Have you put the — right? 

The — has slopped at zo minutes to 4 ... 
An eight-day — 

Does this — strike the hours? yes, it strikes also 

ihe half hours and quarters 
I heard the church — strike just now, was thai the 

quarter? no, it struck the half hour 
A — dial. Thefaccofa — 

The minute hand of ■ — 

The hour hand or a— 

The inside or a — . To regulate a — 

To repair (clean) a— 

Everything in this establishment goes as if by 

A lever — , A pendulum — 

The licking of a — 

The weights of a — . A cottage — 

This cold — of day 

CLOG. The wheels of the machine ai 
It — s the action of the law 

— conversation 

To wear — s 

CLOSE. A — analog- 

— nuMlii ... 
A — translation ... 

A — day !" '.'.'. 

A — re-am. A — fight 
A — application M study 
They were engaged 

He lives — by 

The post office is quite — 

Come — to roe ; a Utile — r jet 

Stick — at it 

It is — upon S o'clock 

There were — upon 5000 present 

They arc packed — together 

— students of history have often noticed, tliat .. 
To sail — by the wind 

One misfortune followed — upon the other 

That plant grows — lo ihc ground 

hive fa a bed 1 thai is whal I call — quarters 
We live — lo each other ... 

His house is — to Ihe theatre 

He is a 



Draw the ct 

If you want him, I'll send for him j he i 

He drew — to me and said 

Draw your chair — lo the fire 

I was — by when it happened 

He is always — al my heels 

Like all lawyers, he keeps things very - 

He is very — rutted. — fiitedncsa 

Keep — tome ... ... 

Push the table — to Ihe wall 

Articles dkouplsdu Punch 

Articles decoitpcs dons Its f lint rait* it') join 11,111 . 

lis se servirent de la religion ttMMi d'un manltai 

(masque) pour tocher leur corruption Mtrait 

Quelle hcure cst-il I 

Six heures sonnent. II tonne six hemes 

Urn harlot? dVglise (d'Mlel de ville, de cuisine 

Une pendule dc salon, I ,1c cltambrt .1 coucher) 

It est p heurts d ma montrt... 

jy serai a cinq hearts [te quar. 

j'attendis dejmis 6 heurts jusqu'd 7 heurts main. 

II est maintenant to helirii ct quart 

// foul Sre id a S heures tt demit 

t/t venei pas plus lard que g heures 
Avei-vous remontl la penduit (t'horlogt) ... 

La pendicle est arrltle 

Cetle pendule retarde ( avancc ) 

Vttrt ptnJuit rctardc fnnnwrrj tit IO minulei ... 

La pendule nc t*a paj bien 

Avex-vous remis hi pendule -i 1'heure? 

La penduit s'csl arr/tce J j heures mains 30 

Fendule qui marche hull jours 

Une penduit 1) sonntrie 

Une pendule sans sonntrie ... 

Cttle penduit sonnt-t'tllt Its hearts} Qui, elte 

sonne attisi la demit tt It quart 
Jt vi'ens d'entendre toiiner I hortogt de I'fglist, 

itait-tt It quart} Non, c'elait la dtmie 

Un cad ran de pendule [pendule 

Un monvement de pendule.— La aiguilles d'line 
/.'aiguille qui indique let minutes (La grande a) 
L'aiguilicqui marque les heures ( La petite aiguille j 
L'intirieur d'une pendule. — Regler une pendule ... 

RIparer(Nettoyer) une pendule 

Tout dans eel Sliiblusement manhe avee unt r/gu- 

laritl admirable 

Une hortoge d lemer. — Viii pendule 

I.e tic-tac d'une liorloge 

Les psids d'une horiogc.—Un csucou 

Cue liv/oge a bolte , 

Une boltt d'horhgt 

Lts coins (jours) d'un has , 

Unt mollt de terrt 

Un rustre (rustaud, lourdaud de paysatt J 

Cetle froide envdoppe d'argile 

La rouages de la nutckine sont tntrassh ... 

Ctla entravt I 'action dt la let 

Vela entrave met efforts 

Porter dts soequis 

Une analogic elroite 

Un raisonnement serrJ 

Unt traduction Jidllt ( txactt ) 

Unt etude attentive 

Une jostmit oit Voir est lourd 

Un hbscrvatcur attentif [corps a corps 

Une ckambre oh il sent le rcnftrml.—Un combat 

['ne application suit/it a Vitude 

Hi kaient en grande conversation (en conversation 
PI demeure prls d'ici ... ... [intimtj 

La paste est toul prls (d'ici) 

Venn pris dt mot, encore un pen plus prls 

Travaillet y avtc perseverance 

II 1st pris de cinq heurts 

I! y avail prls de jooo personnel prcicntts 

lis sent (embalUs ) bien serr/s 

Lis pcrsonnes qui Iludienl attentivemenl I'histoirt 
Premise It vent . , , [ant souvtut rtmarqul que 

L'argent est rare (diffirilc .1 traimcr) 

Un malktur suivil V autre dt prlt 

Cette ptante crott <) ras de tern 

Cinq dans un lit! Ek Men, vons n'ltts pas strrls 

Nous sommes proches veuins 

So maiscm est tout prls dn theatre 

II est an secret 

En .'troitt communion avtc 

Ftrmts hien let ridraux 

Si vous vaults le voir, je vais It /aire ckereher, il 

est ici tout prls 

II s'apprecka dt mot tt nit dit 

'"'" it* voire chaise du ftu 

ndetla tst arrivi '{d'une sennlle 
es talons. II ne me qui tit pat 

Cemmt tout les atwals, il est fort discrtt 

// est trlt-dur d la detente (trts-ladit)— Avarice 
Tenet rous prhdemoi. Ne me quiltei pas 
Une attention scrupnteuse d son service 
Les ckettux ccmrlt. Ceiffi d la malcontent 
lantia la table tout prls du mur .. 


A mt 


* infantile (nirstngi) an) tan ,,'Pinio)". 


£ie jElTjuJiirn Dit tRcliaicn ale tineit CtftMKU! fit fyci 

moral! f*( *ttwit>lb(it. 
Wt vu'l lldr tfl tlr 

Tit lll'r I J t'iirrnul?r. fi),iirtu|,r) fd,I3 fl | anj b( 6. 
lii nc airajeiiut/r LSMiitl'tJiisiitr. tSl.ttrijdjt Utfr, M&tiutr]. 

Km iolL-imr-c -Sir.(©it)Iafiionneni()r. 

Htpo, 1U1I1 manrr lll)r, 

3d) inert* um 5 ll&r (a fcin. 

3d) uurititli! ton 6 Ut-t bit tin SSicrUl t>dr 7. 

H ift ietst (in UirrtC 11 .1* IO. 

sic miiiftii um I) j It 9 lli.v bin [(ill. 

■; .-iniik-ii =i£ nifljt |$9 UtfC 

$at*n ©irbit Uln anfjqoatii (jufflttrtvl)? 

Tit llbr ift jBaclQufm. 

S'ief* tllir jftbi itJa) [um], 

:.!-il llli- /|,M in RrMtM na& [cot], 

liw U6r flt^t ni*l ticytia. 

*atcii SfebwU^nKftdlf. 1 

Iiir Ubr ift zo Ullnnlcn vor 4 fttini gcMichn. 

ttint Hfit, iwldji 8 Xaj( lo na at,!. 

Cine ; djlj-iubr. 

<i tut Ufir tfin; Sdjlaaiwrf. 

£d)laal bit Uljt t« siuiiKn ? 3o, T« f*15jt ouflj tit dalbru 

unKit Bitctel etunbm, 
34j6ilrt[[irlrird>fnut)r fu tbeii (alajcit ; war bo* tin Cif r= 

hi? Strin, ei (4lua Salli, 
lias 3iffnHail tinrr Ulir.— Dit StortecltittEiiin ttlfi. 
VJttuat. ~3tlflec. itfjten jei get. 
Xtr alliiiulciiiciJtt tintr U6r. 
Ttx etinittnjttflrr eitier U6t. 
Xa* ^nncrt rincr UM.— liinc U^ncjuliioi (cratTn). 
liilK Hiir v.l'.niii'n |vciiu h iiii]. 
3« Cicftt nnftalt artift «Uei ill tinanbtr, tote Me MM 

H iptnttlubr. 


CEiuttlntcruor.— Si 

■ ■■ :. i .:.:.. i ■ 
Sine ftaftenabr. Cine SDanbubt nit iStlmuft. 
Sin U^jcoauli tin U,rrjf«ii. 
Tec 3iuit!tl an (inem &irunivff ■ 
Cine ifttfJwut. 

l_-;'ic (,Tnidj|iii.,jtl. liin liJlwl. 
■XhU tiltillH'iim.iiit. lii-fa (alir HlumroiSrtt. 
X'it WSxt bet SaWM Tint rail Mifrai sijmulj bttriTt. 
Hi btBURI (Iriiifcrtl bit Xbaliatti! t*i U|ef<|««. 
Tit ift fin tKirtiii[*uli atitv meintr ©efhtbiiiifltu. 
iJo[j[aiB»r tail DberltDtr Itaotn. [Himmunj. 

ffitne ciflt SenDantlfdjofl. Cint cnae (jennue) UtSettiii' 
Cin tflnbifle $cnxi«f uliruna. 
Cine ns.-rifleir[ue (aaiaur) Uttrv|eBuiia. 

. . ■.:..■. 

tiin fdjicilTer (tottfattetj Sag. 

Cin atiiiitUajrr <Vct,ntit,T. 

Cm bampfiatS (nqdtfKM) fjlll—l fll Caiitatmtnat. 

Cin etaftc itifilut) Cinjabe an bat €tiiriuiu. 

6ie »*wai in eifrigec (lett.afttT| Uiittrtaltmt* tcorifftn. 

St nwjbiit bid)l ntbenan. 

Xas VdRamt iR aaiij in (cr 9f£be. 

ftumimn Sitnalse ju mir bcran; ncdjeinfiienij n%r. 

t>j||(ii Sit fid) fleii ifl (aran. 

Hi ift .lanj nab/ an e Ufr. 

ft iwieii an 5000 ^crfonm aniHftnb. 

Sii rmb biajl lafuntMiigcfactt. 

t«riiiiMi*je^rfi.i 1 M-.'i u riJ)irliatLiint tciiKvtl, Mi... 

liaHbtimaiinte [eoeln. IBelb litat nia)t auf bcr Straw. 

Cin Hnjtiiif fi-lflii t*m tmUiK *al ban fjiift. 

3 Ltie iiflJtut »j*ft bidii am Boten. 

'Silnf inCinon tirttd Ta lical iljt |a roie bit ^iifell.jrin,!!. 

ii'ir ri'tbiitn bidrt neben tinanbci. 

■£tin taut lirg! bidjt ncttn ben XtKatcr. 

St i(t in mart *af 1. 

3n tnaer (na*ct) iBttntinfaiaf! mil. 

■tietmi 3il bit *£>rbaii)i tti liufammrnV 

IBenn €ie ibn braudjtn, loill il) iltu bclenlafirn; rt ift a,nuj 

In t« Wit-t. 
Srriicfte an min) beron unofaott..- 
Wiia*™ Sie 3vKii etubl nabe an'i ftt net. 
3d) war nafc tobei. at* ei dA juituj. 
lit ift tail imrnniiaf ben S«f«. 
Sit aflt Xbtetaltn, bait tt bit Xinat ft br gttritn. 
«t gttifl nitbl aerae in bit lafdjt. Ct ift htltferia.— CBeij, 
talstn 6it ft* nabt btl mir. [ni..iiiia ( :i 


A — imitation at the original 

lit' mj standing — to (he window 

1 kept — up with him 

The baton tit built — together 

lit is kepi in — confinement 

■ - a coffin 

I broke off the flower — lo the stem 

Upon — i acquaintance 

It is — to my uncle's where he lives 
The enemy advanced in — columns 

We gave — chase to the enemy 

Keep — to me (.'harks, else you'll g;l lost in the 

It is — upon a mile to B. 

He is — uponco 

It is — upon to o'clock 

1 was as — to him as I am to you 

To bring into — contact with 

To come in — contact with 

This happened — upon my return from L. 

There is a — relation (connection) between the two 

First came the infantry, then the cavalry, with the 

artillery following — behind 

CLOSE(:'). He— d his eyes lor ever 
His ears ore — d against all entreaty 
The case was tried with — d doors, owing to the 

obscene jiat arc of the evidence 

l]viry doc* is — d against nie 

ILs eyes are -—d in death 

I have not — d my eyes for 3 days 

The subscription list will be — d to-rnorow 

A bribe of £tooo — d his month 

I — d with the thief 

I —d with him for £>6 

Have you — d the bargain with him? 
The proceedings were — d at 5 o'clock... 
The gates of liberty have for ever — d upon I 

It riclusion rigour- 


is— do 

I lie Round will 

I — d my account at the bank 

I hail my garden — d in with iron railings 
Kear rank, — up I 

— the envelope 

— the door (gate) 

Night — d in upon us 

Tlie kit Mini; — d around the enemy 

All shops will be — d to-morrow 

— the shutters (desk) 

Now I must now — my letter, else I shall miss 

(he mail 
The debate — d al 10 o'clock 
1 Ic pays — attention to his business 

— time for fishing (ihoottng) 

It is lime lo — (the shop) 

To — up an opening (thoroughfare) 

51 debentures — d at 107I 

S'csterdny, the grave — d utwn a man, whose life 
1 tiad the holes in the hedge — d ti]> ... [other 
Alter the lifih round, the pugulists — d with each 
This — d the business for the day 

All government offices will lie — d to-morrow 

Dirncoltiei Me — ing around me 

Every lime a comrade fell, we — d up the r.inks 
lo present an unbroken front to the enemy 

The re^r-rank — d up to the front rank ... 
CLOSE («). Towards the — of his life 
A short farce brought the entertain mem to a — 

I mii-t .haw my letter to a — 

The year is drawing to a — 

CLOSELY. A — contested election ... 

He was — guarded 

The translator adhered — lo the original... 

To examine a thing — - 

A — written letter 

I'll look into (enamiue) the matter — ... 

A — shorn beard 

Ileing — pressed, h" admitted, that 

We reached B. at night — pressed by the enemy 

We pursued the enemy — 

— pressed together, they occupy but litlc room ... 

The police watched him — 

If yrm the men to do their work you musl 

look after them — 

He is — related to Lord B 

A — pleated held... ■ 

A — kept secret 

A — packed box 

I'm- imitation pdcle ( ,\\a,t,- 1 ,:.■■ /'original 
It, 'tail (. hboul ) tout pris dt lafenlltt .. 
Je It suivais dc Ms-prls 

u tmt trtt~ra fp iickJt} [1 

(./mis r ' 

mnu la remit 
II ttait anil tout prii dt mtl . . 

Je eueillis la fliur frii dt la tigr ... 

Quand la eennaissanie ful film inline 

II dtmturt lira/ pris dt (Act man ancle 

L'ennemi s'az-ancait en colonnes serr/es 

Nous poursuiiA mts l'ennemi dt pris 

Tenet zous pris de moi, Charles, outrement vous 
vous perdrti dans la feule 

II ynfrisd'un milte d'iria B. ... 

li apfreek* dt la joixantaine 

fleet fir, j ild die Hearts [de 

J'/tats itussifris dc lui ./hi je li suis mainteuant 

Mcllrt en contact /trait ccvee 

Enlrer en ccntact /trait at'tc ... \retour de L. 

Cela est arrive 1 preiqtte tmm/diattment apris won 

II y a mi rapport inlimt mire Its deux chest; ... 

D'abord venait Fin/anttric, phis la cavalciie, aver 
/'arlillerit 'iiivant imm.'Jintenicttt apris 

Ihfcrnia Its yeux J jamais 

Set BrtilUs sent ferni/es t) tallies les pri/rcs 

:., ..... .-,.. 

obscene des fails rtlev/s centre le prkemt 

Tallies les partes me senlferm/es 

II dorl dii sommeil Heme! 

Je n 'ai pas ferin/ Vail depots trois jours ... [viati. 

La elSture de la lisle de souscriplion aura lien di- 

f 'n c.uteau de £1000 luiferma la beuche 
Je saisis le voleur .) hras le eorps . . . 
Je eonclus le march/ avec hit pour la mm we de £16 

Avez vein conclu It march/ avee luil 

La seance fat lev/e h J heurts .. [trli/om 

Les partes d'une prison se son! refcrm/cs sur lui pour 

Les vaguei se refermirent sur lui 

La hlessure ne vent pas se fernttr 

Jtjis clert man cample a la banque 

Je fis tnlaurer men jardin d 'une grille de Je 

Dernier rang, serret les rangs 

Ln tiuit nous 1 

I'aile gatieke enveloppa I'tnnemi ... 

Tous Its niagarins seront ferniis demaiii . 

Maintcnanl je Mi firmer (terminer) ma lellre, s\ 
je ne vevx pas manpier le eeurn'er 

Les d/V-als prireul fin a 10 heurts 

II tit tris-assidu a sts affaires , 

Temps prohi/v pour la plche (la ehasse) 

// est letups defermer (It magasin) 

Soulier line auvtrturt, Supprimer un passage ... 
laMgtiew s% em cloture a 107! ... [vi, 
Hier la tamhe sesl ferm/t sur un homme dont la 
J'ai fait Pouchcr les Irons de la haie [corps 1) eorps 
Apris le cinqnilmt assant Its hexeurs se prirenl 
Celte affaire tcrmina la stance . . . [denutin 

Tons les bureaux du gouvememenl seront ferule's 
Let diffu-ulih s'aecumulent aulourde tun... 
Chajue fins qu'nncamarmic tomoait, nous set 

lis rangs pour prisenttr J l'ennemi ua front 

Le dernier rang -in.' a- phwer tit nitre le premie 

Vers la fin de sa vie [tiille dt pen Je And 

La representation se tcrmina par uile fHU-T.nuie- 

Pour tn finir 

Je dois terminer ma lettre , 

L'annte lire asafin... , 

Cue /lection uivemenl ( cJiaudement ) dispul/e 

II /tail gard/ de pris 

Le tradut'tur n-i:-i: fidiienient ''original 

Examiner unc ckose de prts 

t'ne Itttrt d'une /erilure strr/e 

fixamiucrai t'affaire hfond 

Un men/on bien rasf 

IZtant mis au pied du mur, il avoua rjnt \l'ennem\ 
Xaus arrivAmes J B. a la unit, serr/s de pris pat 

Nous poursnivlmes l'ennemi de pris 

Quand en Its scrre, its n'eecupenl que feu de place 

La pallet li surveillait de pris 

Si vous Touln que les ouvriers fas sent leur travail, 

il four leufouri avoir 1'tril lur eux 
I! est p'rothe parent de lard li. 
C'n champ convert d'unt plantation serrle 

L'n secret bien gard/.. 

l« boilc bien embalUe. Une malic bien remplie ... 

(line jirrrttK RM$t$Kmg M Ordinal* 

(Si fl.inti ,1,1m la t« ilJUIw hca H«i[tcT*. 

3d> l;ric!t 2<firili mil ilioi. 3A Male ihm auf ton gift 

I'll &5u[tr firrt nafit mi tinatihtt gt&uut. 

irr H'ivP in mner (itro^tr) -Oafl attjaltcH. 

Bti H rtaj M icit tin iSmt. 

(Jv Kin* iirl) italic jll mir. 

n 1.1.i l.raJi Mt mmitc bii" 

t'ri gcaautrer Btl.iiintfdioft. 

(Er nwtmt in bet •ItalK mrinrt OitbM. 

3>tr jWnb tUJie in grfdloifcnni fflfit«n not. [au| tear fiafk 

EJir tric&oi ben ficint sur Ml lift Btt (rl,)leii boa ftcinb 

faltc tilt note Sri mir, Rail, funft jcllfl fti 

Id(Enoini,ic trcliirui. 
SH ip uafjc ja rtnr Ulrilc uodj ». 
8r 1ft oanj nalt bin srrftiifltn. 
ft« if) jaiit italic an tc()ii Uto. 
Jld> mat (o nabt hi ibm, wir in) bti Mum Ul 
j)ti nabc 9.'ci-iii'ruiM briiijicn mil.. . 
,1n Hakiiciiiiniiu.i f.nniica mil... 

3iici mifl fidtj bin nadi mrrncr iliii-.ft.l'v tun IV (u. [beiben. 
(ES bcptljt ciaccnflc ©qtc^nia [Satlalimo] jicitejcii tnt 
Jncrfltom t>lc 311 (.1 nitric, bnnn tie HacjIlcrieunC.unmittcis 

bar taHntiv FoloonP. tic Hrtincrie. 
Hi fa)to6 *it Slnjcn iiir inuncr (auf Mb}, 
■'ritie Ci'mi iint .;■■ ;-.n ,iiii-fiiti;!i : io-.t'loiicn ,taub). 
DcrBaB Riurte bti uerfihMicmn 26urcn terrjantcii ikjck 

US [ibniut(iflcn Utiaraltcre ter gtuaenouSlaaoi- 
Jtcbt Itjfirc (3cbc» frerj) ift mir Ecr|ajtcflni. 
©cine iliitim rmb itn 3el>i*i4liiniiTicr fltidifoHen. 
Jd) t)ab( [cit 3'Xagtn [tin fln^c sugematil. 
Tic CeflMpHmtffipc Kitt ■mgea ^ctoti.'iicn 
Bin iStldjtnl fon 1000 ^innP idjtoti it/m (en SillliB. 
3di irartc mil bcai tA&t ()ant,iemcin. 
3d! lam mil ilim anf 16 'Uiunt ilbcrrilt. 
Ciabcn bicben »au[ ((unbe!) mil ilimnbfltfifiMlcH? 
Ii« StErtjaiiblmijeii loacben mn 5 Utir nclditofTot, 
Iiiclbimber Birttjcil i-.-ii'ii \:-.'-> fttt iinsncr rjtntec ihn jt= 
ICitSMCtD Idiiuacu ufrtx itnnsnfanuiicn. 
i-ic^Jiint; irin iidi nithi fajlicSen. 
3d. IdjU'ij incin .Hunta ait twt #anl. 
3*licfimriiiriii!btt!iiirtit<incui Gifeii^ilter eiofi 
.iniiM.tlut .iiiinrftalsfleit I 
Waditn Sit baS lioarjert ju. 
S*ilit(icn Sic tic Shikc [ba3 l,er]. 
ricJMd'l libcrRriunB. 
J'cr lintc Mi,icl liintlaminrttt tien rVtinb. 
9111c taben lecrben niarjcn (icftblcffni irin. 
'JUadicn Sic bit BtnfltrtSbol [bad i'nll] p,u. 
3d) mnfe jcljl mcincn «rtc[ |d)tieiien, iolifl r 

*«fl "i*t "icf,r rait. 
Xic Iicbattc fcttofj inn lollbr. 
Cr laitinct irincn (Mawfttn tie |ttctla|lt ««fl« 

at {ate*] I* jdilicfitn. 
Uinc Crifiinnj [ pui'dif.ibril WTidjlicftn. 
J-i* fiiufvrL'iratijdt ediiiltidjrinr (d)ton™ mtt 107 J «». 
(I.fictn )d)lofi iidi fa* «rjt OVtr cliiem -liiannr, Pif(oi ItUn. 
3d) Liefe bic I'flcTfn in bo $ntt wridjliciieit. 
m<x/b frcni fflnltrn Hitnbeanjc luurttn bii jViuftfjmWci 
UieS Wi rsiS iMdufi IQr *tn lot ab. 
aUeeflreauS t*rm.,ii'i-i"ii' , '': , -""'"-,i'»ilri*lLifToi fetn- 
I'ir £dinjim,itritcn madiloi mir titer ten Sovf 
is-uoft tin M.imcv.iD Tifl, !d)iL>iicn irir wktcr bic 9)rite», mm 

bem 3rintK einc ununterbialjciit gronl barjuHi 

T:n«fiiiitcrircflni viiefit an fcaa SL'rbcrtit(Ten tjctan. 

i">lciicii tEntc (riael 8rti 

(i-inc luiv 'id-lit bilti-tc trn Sd.lnji ttc Unlcrtallnnn. 

Urn tcr ;jdjt cin Sribc 511 madjtii. 

,V!.iT[iiii iiK-imii Ifritf jmnJlbWuflebrlnsnt 

T,ui 3,ihr fid; Idnqii lint: .idjlisiic) 

Sint fjeifee *i)ar.l(diladjt. 

6r irilrte flrcnQ beJDOftt. 

Icr llcbcrfrtjer Sirlt fid) fttenfi (flcnaii) an bat C 

■Sine Sai/e gifintlid) (gcituil 1 

(fin Mj iicidjrlctitner Srief. 

3aj wcrt* bic ea*c 6ti cldjt bcttaljtert [pritfen]. 

Cin turiscfdiijrtnet Sort. 

HI) man iim bar! lUlclftc, flab cr jll, bnfi... 

Bam g'inbe barl bcttfegt, crrcidiltn rail >?. In frf 

Bit ocrfalaten ten Jrrinb auf Mm gu&c. 

1 1,1-1 i.L:iiii:aini,icvrtf!l r ncbmcii fit 111 

lie (jetitd fa"* cin warbfamrt Burc an! itjP. 

JBcnn Sit nwBcn, bal bic fciite ibtt Hrtcit I 

Sic bcn(clt-en fdi.irf .ml bic Binjrr (ctat. 
Sr if) cng wrraanbt mil Serb 8. 
If in tidit bccllanslta «cfb. 
Hin (trend hrenitM iBebcimniS 
Ihne bidjt (feft) aWOfflt jtipe. 



not able to follow him — on account of (he 
Hwlity with which tiu ildivr.-rt'tl hi- sjuxrli 
One piece of the machine fits — into the othei . 

I'll — consider the matter 

I'll — think over the mallet 

He is — confined 

lie — resembles his uncle 

If y ■■■ 11 will examine this article — , you will 

tinrl that . . . 
We were — packed together in the 'bus ... 

CLOSENESS. The- of the weather 

The — of his writing .., 

The — of his reasoning 

The — of his style 

The — of the resemblance 

His — in professional st 

O " 

of the night 

The — of the gates 

The — prices on 'Change 

CLOT. A — of blood 

CLOTTED blood {cream) ... 
CLOTH. A table— . A— jacket 

To lay (remove) the — 

I.' in your coat according to your — 

Hair—, —mil) 

(Jenliemen of [he broad — 

CLOTHE. To — and feed the poo 
To — ones' thoughts in words 

CLOTHES. Do you buy your — ready made? 
No, I have my — moile to order 
I got measured for a suit of — 

He is lost in his — ; they arc a mile 

He has grown out of his — 

Old—. Second-hand— 

Sunday (Best)— 


Every day — . Bed — 

An old — man. Old do' I Old clo' 1 

His — are very seedy 

Patched — 

Send my — to the wash ... 
To wash (iron, mangle) — 

To hang up — to dry 

To take down — from the line 

The magistrate remarked that the parties had better 
wash their dirty — at home, and not ' 

Air the — before the fire 

A — line. — prop. — pegs 

A — basket. — horse. — press 

CLOTHING. Warm, cormfortable — 
OLOUD. To blow a— 

— s are gathering on the horizon 

— s gathered on his brow, as he read the letter 

The hi^h winds soon dispersed the — * ... 

The glad tidings dispelled the — s on his brow 

The — at last burst, and (he rain came dowT 
torrents [present under a 

The fortunes of our army in Afghanistan are 

The ray* of the sun were not powerful enough, 
pierce through (he —armour 

The sun burst through the — a 

The balloon was soon lost in the — i 

The —s were sailing past, chased by the wind 

Impenetrable — s hid the moon from sight 

I could not have been more surprised at seeing 
you, if you had dropped ((alien) from the 

The horiion is covered with — s 

The — earn mountain peaks 

The — veiled sky, as if on mourning bent 

— sofsmoke 

CLOUDED, —amber 

A — diamond. — silk ribbon 

A — day 

— horiton (sky) 

A — atmosphere. — weather 

— water. — happiness 

— glory. A — future 

A — vision (sight) 

A — sun (moon) ... 

CLOVEN. To show (betray) the — foot 

M de la rapidid 

I '., ,'tojfc ,i'ua tisnt s, 

jt Hit i Am I'll Nin k suivre, it .attii ,lc l,i tapi 

de son ,13d [./a«s Aim,, 

Lts pdctsdela madiint I'ajtistent parfailement t'une 

J' exandncrai lit choie altentivtmenl 

ff rifikhirai sMeusemtnt 

II tst au secret 

II rtssemble btaucoup a son ondt 

Si vbiis -joules examiner til article altenth'tinent. 

■nous trouveres <jue [t'onmibus 

Nous it ions encaijuis ctimme des harengs duns 

L'c'tat lourd du ttmps 

L* tarmtirt stir/ at son Icriturt . . 
La rigveur de sa dialtcdqut 

La concision de son style 

La perfection di la resscmblantt 

Sa discretion sur Its' stents profctsionneh ., 

Lieux A I'anglaist 

// rtsla une htnre tnftrmi Ml fe rot 

Sts dernitrs moments 

La tombk dt la nuit 

La ftrmtturt dts porta 

Lis prix dt dSturt i ta Bonrst 

Ifn caillot dt sang 

Sangcaille(ceaguU). Crime caitlet 
Unt nappt. — Une jaquttte dt drap... 
Mttln titer) la napft 
Scion It drap, la rott 

li jrljm, mil 

i Rtbt in 

£toJfe dt inn. — Fabriqut dt dmp 

Gtns d'fgtist. rorrt-soulant 

Vftir d naurrir les pauvrts... 

Rcv/tir sts idles di paroles ... 

Achtta-vcms vos vltemtnts tout fails > lis 

fats fain sur mesurr 
Jt mtfis prendre lutsure pour tin 
Jt n' list jamais mts utttments 
11 tst tommi ptrdu dans sts habilltintnts, Us tont 

btaueoup trap largts pour ltd 

// tst dertnu trop grand pour sts habits 

Virux kabilltments. Dtfroqnt. — Vikmenls d'oe, 

Costume f Habits) des dimanchts [si 

Costumt dt travail 

Habits dt tout lis jours. —Comvrturts 
Unsnarchand d' 'habits. I'ieux habits ! I'ieux galonsl 
Sis habits send fort raft's. It td fort rafiJ . 

Dts vfttments rapUtis 

Envoyet men Huge ,) la blanihisscust [eylimtn 

Lover (Repasser) du lingt, Passtr du lingt au 

Passer du lit/ft i I'amidon. Tonlre ( Rimer) dm 

Piitr ( Racctmtodtr, Blanchir) du lingt ... {lingt 

Mettrt stcher du lingt 

Ottr du tinge dt la eordt 

Le jure fit la remarque que Its parlies feraienl 

bien de laver leur lingt lalt en famil/t, el no- 

devant le fublii 
Aftttn le tinge chauffer devant le feu 
Une conic pour le lingt.— Support.— PaOrt 
Un panier au lingt. Chevaltt. Armoirt au lingt 
Dei vfltnitnts /hands (eommodts) ... 


Dei nnaga I'amastent d t' horiton 

Quan.1 il list la letlre, son front st rembrunit 

Le grand vent dissipa bicnttt Its nuagts 

Cdtt heu reuse nouvellt disdpa Its nuagts dt son front 
La Hide finit par crevtr, it il lomba unt pluit 

torrcnlicllt [moment dans tint pi'iidon brillantt 
Notre armft dans V Afghanistan n'tsl pas pour ' 
I.ts rayons du soldi n'avateitt pas la force 

traverser I'armurt de nuagts 
Lt soled se fit jour A trovers Its nuaga ... 
Lt ballon st ptrdil Htntit dans lei nuagts... 
Its nuagts passaienl, thassls par It vent ... 
Iks nuagts impenllrablts rachaient la lunt aux jtHM 
Jt n'aurais pas M plus surpris dt tints i 

vous Met tomb/ du del 

L'Aoriion tst couvtrt dt nuagts 

Lei pies dts montagnes couronnJi lit nuagt< 

Le del tout voilJ dt nuagts, etmmt s'il /tail tn druil 

Da nuagts de fum/t... 

Ambrt laiteux 

Dktmant nuagtux. — A'uban de teit think 

UnA, - 

gin M4I gemotater -2!ri 
3d) tonnte ibm ni*t g 

(4ntD (jerfaolt. [tint (in. 

I«(in(Iftcil t*r fflaliiim artif! jtrtdH (lAarf) in ten am 
3$ mtrbt ntir Me €oit)< arflnMidj uWrltaen. 
J* Ktrtt mil tie Safte fcv^faltifl Hdrrtcnteii. 
8r ifl in flrenjem (tiijcm) f*tnwlir[<iiii(. 
9a gleiti)! (einem Otifcl aid ein .(iiiir. 
Bienn €ie Fid) ten Wcnciiftjut gciuu befclieit imten Sir 

ftnben, tafj... 
©it rmcen intern Cmniru3wi[QiiuncnQCpoiII,njittieSariiijc. 
lit tuaictt Sdjtcille tea SBetlerS. 
; k lin h )( li'itiet Sajrift. 
£i< Sdidtfe (finer thmeiif filming. 
Die Sirjovtatt (t'iiirtisfeit) (tine* 2 lilrt. 
Db art* cer McfinliiDlctt. 

Seine frrtnae !PerfeS»ie$en1jei! in amtsaerjeimBifltn. 
«triMmitiBofierlBillun u . (tlofet. [Bier Hit.ieit. 

*r ratte mil t™ JJHiiige cine cinfliinMQe llutcrrrtuiig unlet 
Die WmfttllfMi ieineS fieten". 
Xi-r iii::tvjj* tt-t Dendft. 
T\t BfBMf^bl. 
.if in Xnpfen (.ulutnwn) gerDiirtenrn SluteS. 

•anoMMi Hat t w ww — Mk 

(fin SiWiud) (lafeituaj) — liine aadjiaife 
Den liidi teden (atbeeTtii). 
9|jn mu j fid) nneb ttx Itfft ftreoTert. 
6 j iirl ndj — Iiiftmlitile. 

'am I On . 
iciphcre bl 

Unt atmosphere brumenst. — Un tempi convert 
Lit Venn lionW. — Un benheur asiombri ... 
O'toirt obscurde.—Un avrnt'r tenebrtnz ... 
Une vision vagut. — l'nt rue trrmbtc't 
Un soldi obscurri, — Unt tune obseurcit 

Dts iteilts ebsTurem 

Montrtr ( Lat'sscr voir) It pied fourcku ... 

. tWten unt f peifeit. 
©elne (Betanten in Worle fteiben. 
HaufetieieJtireSleiterfertiaaenwdii? 9eeirt, (* lafle fli mf 
(nalj) Waft ma*)« (icj lafle fie mir anmelfen). 

.... ... , 

3* traae nle mei»e » i titer ant (at). 

Die Sleiter tint iljm tU (» nxit; man mrint, fn oebtrtcii 


ctn hetaii3(irn«a)feii. 
Jtlle 9 Inter — ecjon oclragrne Sieittv. 
SenntagifltiMr. «efier Slnjug. 

*HtoaJlnelt*r. WertianSllfitfT — Wttcae unt Mu tM j cr . 

tettke.— RucltnaUtl 
Heine itteitrr (int fe^t fdjatia (fattnfdjeinij). 
»mi<ne flleiter 

Eaflot £ie ratine K'aflie rmldjen. 
SBa'dJe (liiayr) iwiidy-u [tuQcln; manattn]. 
ffiiiiiMfiSrltnlaiK-iniid-ii. aiiovinjen; auHM|4m]. 
V;i-.!l.K (aitta [aii»trfieriij tlujl'iii]. 
H)a(fl)e |Uio tn^Inen auf Ijniifltn. 
Sttaiitu veil ter vririe atnetmen. 
lee aidjtcr tcmettie. Me '1'arleien ttjttm teRet teran, l&re 

(diniiieiac Wi[it tu f au(e unt uidit our tKnid;! aue> 

■Ji=ivai,-ii (Iirtnitii) =n iii ■JiiaM'L' 111 ton A.iki. 
(Sine OTafdileiuc. — lEiue (titie«ftat(«. — SDafdjtlaniniem. 
Bin a)a|6Wirt.— Bin IDafcitpd'.— Ifine vtiinvaiitMninctc. 
Suanne [cenueme] Rleitung. 
Biaudiimlfnt Haloi. 
HI iammcln fi* SBcRen am tctiiunte 
eeiiieetlrne wrfinflrrtr (uuiniDlfle) RcS, ale et ten Brief la*. 
Die (tarttn SBintc s tr[rrruttu talb tie HJolTrn. 
Diefreutlae»tad;ri^tPCt)dieiidiitriet}i'ttcn con [i-iiiL-t; lime. 
Sntl<4 entlut fld) tie aieltt, unt ter Btgn «SJ«t iiitj in 

llnfer fflJaffengliW ifl in Sllataniflan jiegrninatlia umu^iri 
Die SountuBratflcn maun niljt ftaftig acnllg, 11m turn; tie 

Siiclrcnniinc butetfutvi ngen. 
Die Soiine tract auS tea t'clten tereiT. 
Dei faPon rear hdt In ten Helleti nei[d)ipunben. 
Bern KJinte QetrleMa. (egclteit tie ISalTcn t.iiin. 

Wiii^li N|THt iMIii ivvi nidi bca Matt temBiwe. 

SI* it) £ic fat. rear la) mie out ten Ji'idtm gefatleit. 

Der poeljont iff mil «o«tn tettift (tewollt, UBiweiB). 

Die eerac*jirfet mil itrer UBoltentavve 

Dei tooffntnm(#Ieiette (limnitl (djirn Ul trantm. 


flkraolmr Sentfkin. [«eitenb,int. 

Sin rrfiter (jereOltler) Diamant— iHtflannntfl (gdjiniilrt) 

liiu roolliiet Uriltrr, tflfieter) lag. 

t£inlwt.ctItei:&L'rijtnl[.»MimiitLl (ftctlR. 

filne temWHe (reelfincl Blmofchart. — IVroolIie* (feiltrtl 

Irilbrf iuntlarrt) JBaBet.— tfctriitic* fflua" 

laeinitirt'Jtulnn.— Sine umnL'trtt [trtte] 3wtnnfl. 

tin untenltidiet I trilted) WefieM. -liiu oerlehiwowieiiei (un. 

Cine eunnjolrte eeiine.— Uin uuurSIIIcr Blent [Hater) UMioT 

idJ.'itt.iimtiillte eirme. 

tolifitttnWctWuStditii.— I«W niiJ"mffliialenl)ttaiUI 


CLOVER. ToU-in — 

CLUB. You will ■ ml him al his — 

ThcKingof— s 

I am in arrears wiih my — money 

The — meets on Monday 

A — meeting 

We — ed together io buy the present 
I joined the ' Lanceticld Football — ' 

— law. —.headed fellow 

— fisted, —footed 

CLUMSY. A — fellow. A — parcel 

It was a — attempt to cheat 

CLUSTER of grapes (bees) 

A — of islands (slats) 

A — of people 

A — or cherries (trees) ... 

His hair hangs over his forehead in — s ... 

Gather the cherries into — s 

The workmen congregated here and there in — s 
All present immediately — ed together like 

, the n 

CLUTCH. He —ed my hand excitedly 

He — ed me round the neck 

Don't fall intohis— es 

I have (holdj him in my — es 

The —es of the law 

COACH. A mail — . A stage — 

A — and six. A mourning — 

1 — ed the distance 

A — runs between Noodlcton and Mugville 

What a slow — you arel 

In the old — ing days 

When he left the hands of the lawyer, he was' 

— ed up in what he had to say in the 
I had some lessons of an Oxford — [ness- 

I got Mr. Cramwell to — me 

A J months — ing and cramming would improve 

and enlarge your kno w ledge , ephemeral though 

your acquisition be 

COAL gas. —coal 

Fossile — . Small — 

Screened — . Lump of — 

Anthracite — . Bitumenous — 

Mineral—. Char— 

Animal char—. — tar soap 

■ dot. — brick ( of camprrsstd coal dns! J 

— pit. — field 

— heaver (w hi pper) ... . 

— producing countries 

— hole- Live — 

— shnvcl. —-scuttle 

St. Helena is a - 

fug i 

i for India -bound 

[take in M 
file "Flora" stopped at Gibraltar, to — ai 
To heap burning — s on the head of an enemy 

— hulk .'.'." .'.'.' ... '■'■'. 
A — trimmer. — wharf 

(See alto: carry, call, burning, black J. 
COARSE bod (fare). - bread 

— eta*, —manners 

— people. — thread. — hair 

— language. Of a —■ material 

— grained meat, —treatment 

COARSELY powdcMd sugar 

COARSENESS of grain 

— of manners (mateiial. find &c.) 
COAST -guard. — guardsman 

On the — . Along the — 

A fteep — . A shallow — 

A rocky* — . A sandy. — 

We .tiiL-h'.Tcd off the — ... 

The houwi on the — 

I am staying at the — 
Colliers gcncially hug the — 

— defences 

— ing ve-*cls . 

* cold wind blows from ihc — 

•e vessel stranded on the French - 

f-.ttc immi tin eoq tnpdte 

Vms k O uttu rn i son terete (club) 

Li dix dt trifle 

Leroide trifle 
Je suis en arrHre pour ma catisatioit du cerele (club) 

11 y a lundi rfunion an ctrth (dub) 

Riunian du cerclc ( elub ) [cerele 

Rigletnent du arch. — Salon dt cerele. — Fonds du 
Xousvaus folisSmfs pour aehtlei >'!i ia,lcau[Lanceficl 
Je mifis inscrirc a la Sociltl dts Jouturs dt balk i 
Lot du id/on. Statnts dt (trek. — Nigaud... 

A gros poing.—Pitd bet ... [fa 

Vn garcosi gauche (maladroit). — I'll paquet mal 
C'/tait une maladroite tentative d'escroquerie 

Une grappe dt raisins (d'abeillts) 

Un groupe d'tlts (d'itoiles) 

I'tt grmpt dt personnes 

Vn banquet dt cerises (d'arbres) 

Sti iheveux lui lombtnl tn bouclcs sur It front 

Lts raisins eroissent tu grappt 

Ui it graupirent aulour dt lui 

Rasiemblet Its cerises en bouquets 

Lts otrvriers farmaicnt dts gratifies fa el IA 
Taults lis personnes prfstntes s'atttouptrent tot. 

unessaim d'obtiltes pour cotnmtntcr ta nouvellc 

II saisil ma main avec /motion 

// me 'aisif par It cou 

ffi ,'iiniin-- pas dans ses griffes , 

Je It /row. Je Cai sous ma grijft ... 

Lts griffts lit la lot 

Une malle-postt. — Unt diligent e , 

Un voiturt A six ehevaux. — Unt voiturt dt dtuil 

Jt /is It trajtt tn diligence (tn voiturt) 

II y a un servile de diligences eittre Noodkton tt M 

Qutl lambin vouspaitts! 

Du temps des diligences 

Dans I'cnlreTitL ■..-.■ a.', on lui avail 

bien serine - ee qn'il acvail dire devanl It tri- 
Un rlpititeur d'O. mtdonna qtulquts leeons[biinat 
Je prts M. C. pour me preparer A I'examen 
Trots mois de repetitions pour vau; preparer A I'tjt- 

amen votes feraient fain dts progris tt aug- 

menteraient «w connaissanets, quoique d'uitt 

mauiere /pheniire 

Gas dc charbon.— Charlton a gat 

Charlton pour Its machines a vapeur 
Charbon pour la consommation de mhicige... 

Charbon fossile. — Menu [charbon 

Charlton pass/ A la elate (irbU). — Mortem dt 

Anthracitt. — Charbon bilumintux. Jayel 

Charbon dt tirrt. — Charbon dt bois 

Charbon animal. — Savon au goudron ntin/ial .. 

Poussier. Menu.— Briquette ... [dt liouUk 

Formation houillirt. — Couehe de houilk.— Veine 

Hauillire. Charbonnage. — Terrain houilltr 

Porteur de tharbon. — Dcchargeur de charbon 

Courtier ( commissionnairt ) in eharbons ... 

Pays dt production houiUirt 

Smttt t Cave) au charbon. — Charbon ara'.iit 

Pelle A charbon. — Seau A charbon ... 

Sainte Hilint est unt dts stations oit Its bateaux 

vapeur alia tit a ux Indts s 'arrtttnt pour prendre 

an charbon [charbon el de I 'ean 

/-a Flora s'arr/ta a Gibraltar pour y prtmirt du 
Amasser des eharbons ardents iur la tlte d'un < 

Trafpe a charbon [nt 

Ponton magasin de charbon 

Onvrier qui trit le charbein.—DfpSt de charbon 

A'ottrtiture grossitre. — Pain grassier 

Gros drap. — Afaniirts gro < 'teres 

Gens grossicrs.—Gros fil.—Gros iheveux ... 

Langage grassier.— Dt~teffe grossiere 

I iandc dun gros grain -A'udt traittmtnt 

Sucre loneassl 

Grosseur du grain . [lure) 

GroisieretJ dts manihts (d'unet'laffe, deta na 
tt. — Garde-cote. fJoitauicr dt la tbtc 

Sur la cite.— U long de la cite [, 

Unt cite escarpee. — Une eSte oil I'eati est pen pro- 

Une cite dt rocher. — Unt edit de table 

.Volts jetimts 1'attcre au large de la tilt ... 

Lts maisoHS de la edit , 

/e sin's aux bains de mer , 

Les bdtiments qui transparent It charbon itrrttt 

(rssent) ghUralentent la elite [des eSti 

Fortifications Btaritimes. Ouvragts pour ta de/eni 

Caboliers. Bitiments de cabotage 

Un vent freid muffle de tern 

I-t vaissean trhoua sur ta r/iti de France ... 

Ju bniEUullr fujm. t> 

gie wntcii ilin in )ein 

*rtuj-,e!ra. ffiiiyiitlm. 

In- .itrstuKni,) eidwMSiiio). [tin iKfnrMit* 

3()jtjiit mil nitim™ Njiii.^.iiu.ic (tftkU'dmii- 

1 n .KlaiLii. i;,- ",(i\'l,iJ'.iil fnrftt Mi; I'll 1,1,1-5 Stall. 

iii!n;ii;j.iiiiitiiiitntiill';u; fftffii'KHfaHit. [flilr*r- 

iKrftultWMfUtutt,,.— 8()tE|4o|« jiBltntr. — WtldLfawft". 

SBir lawfjtn lltnttii] siil.iimnni. unt t-tcHmi! iu tjutai. 

34 trjt tan fautrfidHc Justml'l wkiik M. 

"Vim i,iM in. r,.iu!!i\(!)t. -liirir-uiiinitcpf 

Eialaufna.— Aliunpiafig. [IdjlaiMrt) V**W, 

Sin ))tam«v (unae[±)la4t«) Surfer. —Sin ma^tiafj (uaj*- 

S3 tent tin plumuer 9trf ud) jh befcilaert. 

ttiuc ffliciii trout*.— ein «ioitn[l)ii!anit. 

time ,\uiL'i|inivt'(. ksiiie stfrngruPW- 

<£in ffllmilcticiilifiWiioii (OTtiiiajdifraufe). 

6in iBiifdjel Oiilajru.— (fine iljiim,(riiv['( 

Tie (nan t)angcu ilira tiif diclraifc itbtt tic Etirnc 

Srautirii m.ilifnt i" Slchn. 

£i< I'iltttcit Wriivwn ura itjn. 

ffiiiiimlt tit ifirfttitn in rbnjAu »u'6rt. 

3M( Strtdlct (ootincltni ftcS (|nro»tniHt|( fcicr unti »ort. 

BDc anmriciitcH (aVinrtiii fidi iofort loir tin SienntWnam 

jufammcit, um bit Waiiri^t (it Mfref&oi. 
tt fofjtc (trflcifi) pi>H aufrtjuna inriite ftotr». 
lir lrmrjcilfte mil), ffit feite (wtftf ) ntio) urn ecu $al». 
gallfn 6lt i*m nidit ptU) Slotitit. 
j«« 6ot< [twllt] i,n mil fe|ttr fanD. 
3)it Sdntx (SflBftrW t) beS ft'eftcs. 
Uiip. iericfi»S)imgtii.— «im ^ op hjtf ilje . Sin V ' 
tEin S^ajSltiinntr, — tin Iroiirnpaflcn. 
34 ttfltt bit Cittferiuii; k i. in finer «nl[4c jUrM. 
es dtbt cin Bagta jwiittjm RtraMetn unti JPtuauiBt. 
■Si,.: iiitt ii fine mtn sdincrftnpnfl. 
^n tai altea iltittn trr ^n(lli{ti*tit. 
%If cmsin UbtcLttni tam, tear rrjtTibtia bnrouf fli 

mal) er ini SeitgtiienbSe nu^nlaatn t>attc. 
Srfinaljm 2l:iit\n L'fi fiuiri Cjlfrtct kEiiipaalrr. 
S* Mtsta ^evnt Uramnxll a!3 einpauttr. 
■iin brcintDnatti(t)ij Trtiirn ant Binpnufcn mlrte 'J 

fttnntniffe utrni^Kn una rtiwitrm 


Stdnlo&Iotaaf. eeudjtgoS.— tjlaifolileti 



StiiLit S i' bit.— (toMoiarirf. fflm!. 

eStrttttiK ftoblcn.— etflrf »sl)lt. [MM 

Slntbrajit 8obItnbl«ib(. (Slunitubtt — »iluniiiifl(e SuA/it- 

Vli nrruttnb't ■ —ft a! jloblc. 

ItpierlRbH. SUia-it-.i ■ ...i.itt. ffleia. 

»B V ltii|taub. — ftoblciqifgd. Jli'litent'riauctl. BoytCTtml" 

9nh(rnl*i*t.— SnWoiflalj. — Scliloiatti. 

ftobimstiibt. SoblenftrjTOcrr.— #at)[nt*»*i!. 

BotlentriiflrT. Kclittnliibcr.^lbBtilcniDiM'CT. 

Hi'I'1l110.(i'iii. 5lL-l!l(iutv!JuFtr. 



Jtcilenfojaufd . — ftoWen boct. 

€1 fttltna ift cine ilcnltnfl.ttiu'Fi (ill $MmM 

Sir ..S'to" §" lt i u «i*roIlar an, um flotten ui 
ftliiiiciite Jtoljttit au[ rtai fcaiift titles Scinlx8 |an 
ftiifilmbioti. HoblrnloDtiilmt. 
ffoi)lniiile(Ktiigrfi)iff. Sagtriftiff |flt Jroblen. 
Hotil in trim mtr. »vi)kni*anflrr. — SDbltitIa|a>pla(. 1 

Btalb/ (arott, |«[«blr) Slotjruna [Bop J.— «rotrt ffj 
Brutes (raiibrt) Indj.— *cobt* (ungtlcblatbtet) JT 
Ibictts (rBhtS) Boll. — Otrotrr JjotWIt.— SnuWt* 
tHaubt (bj(h, liarli) Sv"^.— la* fltobem SKaletiaL 
etatrfnfmaeS glei(4,— Ontc (rotjej ©tbolibluilj. 
ffitcb ,idln(;(iirr 3ud*n. 

WrDbBntigltit. [«nnnirild«. i 

Btoiibbri! (Wabhil) t*S BBdmS.— taigbtci! b(=" 
Jtiiftcanjad>i. Gtranoiwll)e. — 6traiibioaaitcr. 
Rnbrr aape.— IMr IWp( enllonn 85ng« «r JHifh. 
Sine prilr (jahe) Silfle — (i.u ftiAtri lifer. [it* 

(iirii IWturiifl;. «in6tranb WE 8V 

ffiir ranrfen uor (an) bcr flilpt WtX. 

J"ic Hauiir am Slranbc 

:^ai t>Mt mi* an btt Hiiftt naf. ?(fi tin im Serlube. 

Jt.^Kniajiitr (ohctn jcrebtnlin) bidjto 

M Ii Jte nbef efli ji tn aeii (' a uflcnnic^Rn) . 


liin IlibliT Bin* W^t Bon brr flil|it tar. 

I)a8 S^ifi (tcantrw an aer franjUfildioi M|h:. 

The — is clear 

Farofflhe — ... 

■ . ■ \ :■ i--". 

COAT. Why did you tall him a turn — ? 
You must cut your — according to your cloth — . Dress — 

Over—. Boys over— 

Ho ul )le- breast ed — 

Single-breasted — ... 

Morning — . Fur — 

Frock—. Gre»t — 

Long —fefso/ditrs). The shaggy — of a dog 

The — of fl cat (fox) 

The — ofa bird 

A — of paint. — of arras 

— of mail 

Tin: -s ..f the >t. .mac!] 
COATED. A rough — dog 

COATING. Summer (winter) —5 ... 
Rough — (in masonry) [asked 

COAX. He —ed me into giving him what he 

He — ed another shilling ou! of me 

The fire wants a good deal of — ing, before it will 

Neither —ing or threats had any effect ... 

COBBLER. Let every — slick to his la? 

COBBLES [ikecfacmH 

COBWEBS. TfmebM taw ago woven - 

COCK and bull story ... 
Heis the — of the walk 
He— s his lugs f-SroAj 

Every — crows loudest on hie own dung-hill (pi .) 
A — is crouse on his ain midden (Sal. prev.i . . . 
As the old — crows, so the young one learns (pr. ) 

My rifle was nt half — 

Put your gun at full — 

- 1:::,, 

- horse- — tail , 

a-doodlc-do. To — one's hat .. 

— brained. A hay — (to — hay) .. 
To strut like a — . A weather — .. 
Stop . I'll make sure 



CODE of laws. Telegraph — 

CODGER. An old — ... 

CODICIL of a will 

CO-EQUAL with 

CO-EQUALITY of [christian blth 

COERCE. They were — d " 

COERCION, Legal - 
M..r.i! ([>riv-!i-.ilt — 

CO-ESSENTIAL. Economy, prudence and 
integrity ore — to form the character of 
BOH merchant 


CO-ETERNITY The - of Christ with that 
of God the father represents one of the funda- 
mental principles .if ill.; i firistian religion 

OOEVAL with ... 


COFFEE. Ground — . — ground s 

— in the berry 

Raw — beam. Roasted — beans 

A cup of — . A — cup 

A — shop. To make — 

lie keeps a — shop. He is a — shopkeeper 
Strong (weak)—. pot 

— with milk- — without milk ... 

to ratal (gdnd| — ... 

Pure Imixed, adulterated) — 

— strainer. — toaster (roasting) 

I always take — (o (for, with) my break f.v-.L 

colour. Of the colour of — 

— bag. — ci 


OFFIN. He is as close as a - 

He was laid in his — 

You might as well get measured for yout — 

We all followed his — (fo the grave) 

The — was lowered into the grave [sii saihn 

The — was borne to (he grave on the shoulders of 

Thai misfortune was a nail in his — 

The body was — ci up 

L'ennemi est an large, Fcnonne nt nous foil. L 

lain de la elite {danger est pan 

Cite. — Cite monlagnei 

Habit a queue d'hirotuicllc. — Habit [garfons 

Surtout. Falctot.— ■Surlvul. Falelol pour feunes 

Redingo/e croisft 

Redingolt dreilt 

Redingote. — Feline , 

Rtdingote.— Surtout. Palttol 

Capote. — Le pail rude et hlrissf d'un chieu 

Le poil (La root) d'un thai, d'un rtuard 

Le plumage d' an eistam 

Unt couihe de eauleur. — Un Austen 

(J. he cotte de mailles . . . 

Lis parois de I 'ettomac 

Vn chien au poil rude ... 

Revftu it" argent 

E-tofifc pour vtttments d'fte (d'hiver) 

Cripi ... [mandait 

A force de me cajolcr, il me fit demur te qu'il di- 
ll obtint encore un schilling par its cajoleries 
Ce feu-la aura besoin de benuceup d' encouragements 

avonl qu'il se d/cide a hrHlcT 
.Vi Its caresses ou les menaces eurent aucun efifet . 
Ckacun son mlticr, les vaehes seronl bien garde'es .. 
Morceaux de houille de moyeniu grosseur. Caillttle 
Cetle cirtonslance est depHts longtemps convert! du 
Ceqal'Jne. Conte de ma mire I'oie [voile dtl'oukli 
C'est le coq de la paroisse (du filiate) 

11 dressa foreille 

Au chant du coq 

Hardi tomme un coq sur son fumier 

Hardi comme un coq iur son fumier 

Comme 1'oistau chante, 1'oiiilloH gateuiUe 

Men fiusil Itait au repos 

Armet voire fusil 

Arine. Poste des malades (nav.) 

Coquet. Chalcupt 

Dada.— Cocktail. Greg 

Coquerico.—Mcltre le chapeau sur I'oreille 

Se pax'aner. — Unt girouttlt ., , 

Robinet d'.irrft.—Je men assurerai 

Jen suis sur et certain , 

Oenfii de cabillaud. — Vessie natatoire du cabillasid 

llnile deficit dement 

Codc.~Code tlllgraphiqne 

Un vitux grippe-sou,. 

Codicille de testament 

£gat i.—Cofgal a (theol.) 

Egalitfde.— Cofgalitf de [t\ito\.j 

On la contraigMit (fior$a)d "accepter la fei ihrflitmnc 

Contrainte legate 

Centrainle morale (physique) 
L'cconomie, la prudence el I 'intfgritf sent fgalt 
essentitllcs pour faire un ben negotiant 


La cofternitf du Christ et telle de Dieu le Fere tsl 
un dei prindpes fondamtnlnux de la religion 

Contmporain lie 

Coexistent avec 

Cafi mcmlu.— Mare de cafe 

Caff en grains 

Fives dt cafi crucs.—Fevts de cafi h-uiccs 

Unt tasst de caff. — Unt latie & cafi/ 

Un eafif.— Fatre du tafi 

// tient un cafi.— II est eafetitr 
Cafi fort { fa'iblc l.—Cafetiere 

Caff au lait.— Caff notr 

Untie, ( Moudrtl du cafi 

Cafi pur (mihntf.fialsifil) 

Fxltre a caff. —Moulin A (Action de) briittr It cafi 
Je prends toujour! du caff A(peti- — 
Ceuleur caff. Coulcur dt cafe. 
Cornet h cafif.—liotu h cafi... 
11 est disc/el (mitft) comme la tombe 

Ou le mit dans son cercueU 

Autanl vaudrait vems faire prendre mesuri pour 

voire cercueil tout d'un coup 
tVeus sulvlmts tens le cercueil ;usqu' ■::■ 
Le cercueil fiul dei.endu dans la tome* pripar.c 
Sin maletots port/rent le cercueil au 
Ct uialhiur h&ta sa mart . . . 
Le corps fut mis dans la l-irre 
K 7 

. [leurs fpaule, 


Ei(?uflifttnn. IHt Ukfolir i(1 uutiU'rr. 

SLl'til at ecu tern Oteftat*. — lime acHirji,]! Mil (It. [fgbiidV 

<i!ari™ tinrtnim ait Ibn eiticn Slt'tnitiTiiacii i ci. n e JiJrttft 

'lifjlt rani; Mi nacj ccr. Tcde flicdoi Stou uiujt Cjb Waul 

H.i ili tec I.i'dif lifliiai. 
■gdjiiMlrciijOiiiuiii. graif. 
llttotKt. Ucbrriirter.— anofrmiitaji[l)cr 
Wed mil \Kti !H(U«ii HnUpfc. 
Wcrf mil cincr Bititjt Mn/Wf. 
'Hcrflcnroil. — ^ttljtcit. 
Kurjn Urttrmf.— UcWnro*. 

gelt.iiiiiituiiti'l. IVilrici. — Xwf jrttiac 1W tint-; .jiintij. 
TW( 8<[1 {Xei t'3lfl) citur «M5c [timt 1 8 «4W 
t>ai grfctrflrit) tints KogtU. 

jV.nbciianflridj. florfrnljfli. — SJiffcuruit. !DaV)!rnidjilb. 
il.Aiiitrfont. ^anjtr. 
lie 'Dl,i iitnie.i n t(. 

Sin til"' mil r.nit.™ (flruinitfitui] fttBt. 
Wit Silver bit**! (ilbnjcatn), 
eooiintr- [ajintft ] lufljftofTe- 
lw toufrt t)i"t (Suotirf). 

£[ lurflr mil aimriitiddfii ouf inir l;oaii5, vat a iDilu|d)tt. 
lit uMii(i*fU( mir in'* cutcii eftininfl at. 
SoS grutrmufi nod) tii^lij mijciadjt ivcittn. die t& brtimt. 
[irflffib retldjt (Uirtuna. 
iHitter eejtntiayitifT] (t'itbtcfinifirn) nud) Irftiunjdi ftntttn 
S*u[trr. Weib bci brinem Peifien. 

lltbtr bitft Ittiat ift (11119ft ©roe gOMifjfvn. 
''iiiiintiiiriJL-rtKti. HI berncS (gntbt. 
lir i|i bet faim im Kartt. 
fir |];f|}t bit Ourcii, 

Bcim tlil|m[a)lll In friiben SUcrjeii. 
2ct jjinic belli am laulcftcu jiif itincm ©c[e 
^cbrr (inbii ift (iitn auf friurm ffliftt 
SWie bit Hlttn funflfn. Io %rriif<licvii bit SJmia. 
SWpohwawiiitrit-ii in tirnr oiii 4H iiitLviit!c(fflIittrir(i|i). 
«t(ai €it 3*r Bti«bt au) Sbannroft 
$a!nrai^Uut- (wbiitiit.iiiii'fviiii}. lyrttanfrJirai auf ilifidi 
Stlfd)lfl. Kadjoi ntit f Jlbetrbot. 
Slettnvf ctb. — e d)li ap* . 

ftittriti. — Trujiit («f aafG Cir fnjtu. [fdfObtui). 

6*afSII)cfifib. f imloe. —Sin ftiibaaftit. — ftu ritftii (auf- 
eiuljfrpBljitrtlr (Ha) (vrcivmi lrie tin ^aftn.— Cdi Sitlttf 
BHvntthibn. — M ivllf mitt) fidjer iltltcu. [babii, 

3d) bin br(|tti aanj atraS (|id)tr). 

«eft(bud>.— Itltara(ibifd*8 eiaiiaHtiflrm. 
Sin alirr eeubertina (Stijlul*). 
aobiiifl. ttHDmtutCjii(ai}. aTa|Miaillasi#tta4. 
i'-.k i Ji mit t-nii ■. 

OHtidjbeit mil (brt). [aaUKttMB. 

feitiDuibtii oiythDlltn (fltjiouriieii), bm iljriitliiStn tiHouMn 
<3t|c v !i$t tbtfajdataag, •cfqfa'ln tlirnuj. 
i.a-.ili'Vtir [florwrltdirtjgiuang. 

ewrtamtdt, Jttu^til 1111b Bbriioittit flub flteiu) iDe|oittin>, 
urn tinea flultn flaufmaim aiiojmiiaiWK. 

»lei4»ti!iflinil... *fii flltiiitr Umiitrit mil ... 

Xk lUittwijifcit .iSHentnriiiltil- til riili mil L«ctl b™ Pnlcr 

bilbtt cine btr WrniiMcitjrl'dlrn btr ririftliO.tu 

<SIel w allmtl... «ttid|alltrla mil... OtMs^tfltamit... 
i»ittr[icbtut mil. . Wit [iiiaki*) borbdiibfn mil . . 
Sanntjirntr fiafttt. — »nfftt(a(. Uafftcflruiib. 
aaffct In bcrPotint. Vnbltttllafftt. 
U i! ,1 I'll .milk- |i. J ilT,iniitt] H.iTitebi'biiM. 
ttint Safit Sofftt.— (tint Baftalaflt. 
Uin jlafiettHiii»(lIaflttlabat).— Hafftr matbtn (hd>tii). 
«t halt tint aaflttfajtnte.— 1st ifl tin floffetmlrtb. 
Eljrftr[eil)lPad)tr]«afict.— Saflttlol'f. *aflttramic. 
Kotict milDlild).— eJjtrarjtr «afl«. 
Hiiffet brtunell [aiatlcn]. 

Wttutr [ffltmilajltr; fltfilfdjter] ffafltt. [3)«(»aftetbttniitii. 
«ofl«(tibllld). Roffttttiittt.— «affetr™iiin BaffrtliL'uiineL 
^Idi trinle miner wi.-. ,',!■.■ |,n nn-inmi] ^riii-fu^. 
itoflKfarDt.— Ratfttfarbeii. B.iiictfDrbij. 
Itnffeetiite.— »afrtebud)fe. «o!ftfti>|L 
St ift fo vtrfdnritiien trie till lilrab. 
lErreurbeiRbenSiir,! fbfi, 
6it tbiinren tben fo gul (Id) af)«n Satfl liurmern laffnt. El( 

!::■:■ ' ■■ ■■ '-■■ 

Ml fl.ibin ilim ant ba» (eete«tlcit. 

Set 6»t9 mibt in't tHrab ferabfletflffen. f Otiaie geKajeit. 
■Sxx eaia nnirbe auf ben gdlBltem wn feiM i»otf»t™ )** 
T-iettl Unalild car tin ftaatl 111 [tiiitBi Sarje, 
T-ti Seitbnaiu loiutt nn jciar^l. 


.ir-ti^ht - 
-nl lio 1 

milled to niuiliLT earth . 


d body w 
The — of a horse 

— (square paper cap worn by pi inters) ... 
- — (triangular bag used by grocers 

COG.I — ged him out or £5 

To — awheel 

A — wheel. To — the dice 

COGENT. For — reasons 

COGENOY. The — of'an argument^ 

COGITATE. To - and poods 

COGITATION. Deeply absorlicd in — 
Hrule animals do not posses* the [lower of — 


T.icive one'self up lo silent — 

COGNATE causes. — reasons 

COGNIZABLE, A — offence... [offence 

COGNIZANCE. The law lakes no — of that 

This court dost not take — of Ihe cause ,. 
OOGNIZANT. He was — of the Fact 
CO-HABIT. They — ed as man and wife 

Hi ad with her 

CO-HEIR. lie isoneofthe— s to the estal e . . . 
OOHERE. It — « perfectly with the [acts n! 

You statement does not — with his [the cast 


of an argument [thai 

COHERENTLY, lie objected, and very 
COIL He has shuffled off his mortal — 

A — of rope 

A — of serpents 

The snake - — ed itseir round my leg 
COIN. Gold (silver, copper) — 
Current — of the realm 

To sweat- '..'. 

Bad (base)— 


— of full weight ... 

A — of the reign of Henry III 

The mini — cd /ico.oco in gold 

The amount is payable in — 

To utter (pass) counterfeit - 

It does not all pass for good — , what you say 

Spurious — . Old — 

The legend of this — reads, Victoria ... 
The obverse (reverse) of a — 
That — was struck in 1870 

OOINAGE of the brain 

COINCIDE. To — wilh 

COLD. I am — 

Mv I 

i I..M 

My feet me beoombed with — 

How — your hands feel ! 

I caught a had — 

To throw — water iii*>n a kindness 
Ha threw — water on my enthusiasm 
He gave me the — shoulder . . 

It is setting in — ... 
- style 

11 i...;.-i - 
A — in the h 

n my proposal 

an't stand the — 

Wrap this shawl round you it will keep the — 

Alternation of heal and — 

I feel the — very much. I am very sensible t 

Mind and not take — 

What is a good thing for a — ? 

Eat your soup before il gets — 

A — reception. A — look... 
W.jniis feel — to the touch 

A — shiver. — cream 

He was murdered in —blood 

I am shivering with — 

His teeth .tie chattering with — 

in this room ... 
— hands, warm heart 

( 'u ;.. :■!■:. — Un, plaque de cercueii. — Oruemenis de 
tin coimercle de cercueii ... ... [cercueii 

Un cenueil imptrmtalde a /'air [t/rre 

Le cad/ivre enferme 1 d.ins son <er, mil fut confii J la 

Lc sabot d'un .tiei'til . ... ... 

Bonnet de papier :.. 

Un comet de papitr ... 

Jiluiammt fc 

Garnir lint tout de deals (dc cransj 

Unc roue dintcc— Piper Its dls 

Pour dc fiuissantts raisoHs 

Des preuves convaincanttt 

La force il'im raisonnement ... 

Ptser tt rlftehir 

ProfomWincnt abiorbV dans its pensles 

1,/s bclcs ne posscdeiit pas la facultJ de WUMWC,, 


: -a ..,■;:. ;• 
. . . -/Vj raisons analogues 

Cognation.— Dc mlmi famillt que. Analogue A ... 
Un dciit (crime) qui istde la camfJttma ttf Inhi- 
Ci aVIil (crime) n'est pas frh'u par la lot [naujt 
Ce tribunal ne frend pas connaissance de la cause 

It avail connaissance du fail [tien 

lis cohahithent ensemble. Its vkurint en cohabita- 

It cohabita avtt ttte ... ,.. 

Cist un des cohhiticrs dc la fortune 

CA s '■nco'-dc parfaitement avec lis fails de la canst 
t'otrc di'elanilion n'est pas a" accord avic la sienni 
I.a coherence (liaison) d'un 

II oijtcta, it fort logiquement, que... 
II a depeuitll son envtloppe mortelle 

Un rouleau lie corde 

Serpents enrottlls en fchtt 

Mettre de la corde en rouleau. Router 

Monnait nay ant pas le legal 

Monnait ayant Ii poids legal [/// 

Une monnait (pilcc dc menuaie ) Ju rcgnc J' Hem 
La Monnait a frapp! pour £100,000 d'er 
It doit baltre monnait pour d/penser de I'argent 
com me ceta 

Jt lui rrndis la monnait de s.i filet 
Lts Icrivains sunt souvent fore's dc fabiiqucr 
(forger) des mots 

La sommt tst payable en tspicts [na 

fimcttre (Mettre in circulation ) de tafausse mo: 
Oh He frtnd pas pour argent comptant tout ce at 
Monnaie afocrypht. — Viiillts monnaies [vous dit 
La II : eentle dc cttic piece dc monnait est : Victoria. 
La face (Lc refers) ,f une piece de monnait 
Cclfe piece de monnait a MfrappJe tn iS;o 

Invtnlion du cerveau 

Cointidcr avee 


II fait un froid de hup 

jVai lei doigts glacis. J'ai les orcilles glaccts 

fai Its pieiis tout engourdis par lc front ... 
Cotnme vous aves les maim froides,'[c/ianl ) rhumc 

fattrapai (ft gagnai, Jt pris) un gros (fort, ml- 

Jt suis tnrhttmt 

Acturillir froidtment un acte dc bicnvcillance 
I! teta dc t'taufroidt sur man enthousiasme 

11 me hunt froid 

Le temps le met au froid 

Manierts froittts.—Styti froid 

// aceutittit fraidtmtnt ma proposition 

Un rhumc dc cerveau 

Lis patmiers ne pcuvent pas supporter lc froid 
Envetoppi* vous dt ee chdle, eeta vous cmpcchcra 
Alternative de chaud tt de froid ... [d 'avoir froid 

Je suis Ms-sensible au froid. Je suis ti\<-fii!ntx. 

Ayes soin de ne pas vous rcfroidir 

Qu'y a-t-it dt bon fourun rhumc? 

Manges voire soupt ovarii qii'eltt si refro:d:s:e 

t'n aemcil froid. — Un regard ft oid 

Les Vtn soutfroids au toucher 

Un frisson.— Cold cream. Crime froide ... 

On t'.'gorfcii .!■■: sangfroid 


.'■ei dent 1 cldquestt 4tfmd hftfMfc 

'- froid vous saisit quand on enlrc du 

hsfrc • ■ 

Maim froides, ictlir chaud . 

liin Sjr.ilitJjISjtjrtue)].— liinc'iirjvt'itir.— 

ler ©arjtJtid. 


$>it (injefarjtt ftidje reurbc la lTiiittir lErtse Uetffim. 

I*r lifnkt&uf. 

5<ifref lite '(.'jtULTmiiUc ^Jl-itiw; XTUtfcraiiisr. 

~i:nn-i 1 ,1: i'lilc 

M [4nMf tt 16111 s fJfnA A.'iK (i.iiiinw) in nii Wat ciiiltytn. ffiin Wa( all 

Sin aoramiiib. — Tie Ofifftl Iikimii (filfft>m, 1 

M11S jiainjimt'cii (Iriftigeii) arilntint. 

Irifitat «dwii(. 

Tie Irittiileit ((iriiiiiciibc Srofl) cineS BeiKiejrUiittS. 

<Jtad)(«iI«i miti ilbnlctjen. 

0anj in aet^ntai Ola^nttm) Krhnitcn. ]Mi tm s. 

Hue itnDcimtntlijt 21)iei tefujt nietjt He n^iaWl *e* *lo4 - 

^nncte $«ttaa)ilut{i (,liinetli*e5 9ta*tienlen). 

.:i.ii itiii tv Scttaebtung Hn.|ikii. 

*Etn»iibl[ UrfaeSen. — itnw.intte llriliitc. 

IttaiMiitiijiliaflSboitrfiuiifien. — SimoaiiM mit... [?cs 

(fin .ictidjtlidi jii ctrfclitciibeS S<ct,jftitii. (Sin fh ' ' " 

Da) iBtfeB tttennt niajt iitrr bi([eS itaflrtai 

BtEfel 9ktla)t extern) uidit Ua Hett<4ttfa% 

liricufiteum titead)c. Srn«r ffllilmifire in btrSaa)t. 

Sic njclj»lfit tS Sbeietiit {ulamraeit. 

lit WotjiUe ii't bei. 

lit ift tin n bet Wilettrn tc3 SBtflnt v um«. 

liSRiinmt toatemmen rait ben (jditirttcu 3" (>i 1 1 jdjen ilttran. 

Sit" Hue(aat ftimml iiiitjt mil feintt llmtln. 

T« 3iiffirainfii|ijiiii(r'ie Hebeieinftiiniiunfl, ba) 9Safitni 

ButttRente) eineii Semeift!. 
iri ii'.u-j tj.n'.iLii (in, mtb jiiMt (ebt i>o!ioib (tutrtficnb). 
lir I1.1l MM "(tMidjo $>iille objetcflt (abjtftrrift). 
IMS nnlgtiaJuHtiie (tmil>gtlt9te) San. 
tit It idjlart.jnttllilltl. 
till I iail attFfAlC^CR. 

Jhi: i-ditiiMW wjnr (; .!,-[!( fldj) lira metiiBetn. 
®o1cj tSilbtt-, Jtuffct] miinje. 
Sqnbcfeoutiiiil, aa|i«tgclb M Eantct. 
Utcfttlic^c miliijc. ■e.itibe.'iniiiise. 
Sliitijc befdmeic-cn itivwit). 
Tic aiiinii 1 Icidjlft rnadini. 
Siijlra)leS [Slinbri] Uktb. 
Stiifttc ajiiiiiif. 

.Siiienouniitj'fnbt^iuiisi:. ffinc BJiin(( mil tfcttflwi* 
Sine 'J)l iliije oui t(t SHe^ietuita^itit fceilttidjSlH. 
Tit3ltiin(<»tjiitc((CjlUii) 100,000 a'funb in«ct». 
St (ivt baa tiklb jttJ, olj meiin ctcii 

,"tcfi viIill(il)Miiii(mit) L tteia>er*lilitic jnrS.f. 
tftliriftiti-iiit iiitb ifi 111 bit •Ji'i'ttiiwnbtjlat Eetfetjl, f 

BlBrter (elbft \n iilbtu. 
SW «ctcaji ift in Unas (in tthiflenbct gitiuiit) jabjl 
S5atfdjc« («iirbflemtitukS) «elb tmSgcbcit (in Unlau) 
T«l, 1M6 Sit lagtli. jilt niJil fist b.ia« aUilnjc 
■^i([*e* I I1im*i«) <*tl>. — «iwe Sdb. llralajtift biL-ftr 3(iiit-,( iautfl: Siitntio 

,i.,i, : >i,tvi(ilr, Mikfjcik]cinet IRjtiujc. 
lidc'Kinut iit irn ;'K r.S70(tt)±l.iit(ti (gteiijl). 
Jirnacliiinnft. lErftiibuitj (lEitldjiiiiig) bd Oet,itni. 
otliammmtiefftn (Ucbcreinfliranten) mil.., 
St) ift mit talt. 3aj ftiett. 
U5 tft bittetlolt. 1H ift fait ju 
Sit Singet [Ot^eii] flnt mit eialalt. 

■ vnit eui Hj'ltc ttfiottt 
Wi(r.iit,Urt£.iiibtri4flnfiilitnit [utfaUnna ||| 
?d> balw raid) tilibtij. etfiltit. 3<d tjobe mit tint gctjetigr 
j|d) bin erfalttt. 3* biitr beiiSdiiiiivfeit. 
Qiat Strunbiidjlcl] fait iiufiMtiara. 
lir ftlblte ntclnt WtfltiBttuii,! ab. 

lit Hbaitbclic niidj»rtltiib. Ct licfj mtft liitti litatn. 
Ci ttitt itSlk tin. lis roitb fait. 
H-Jlte* (ftofligt*) aWtn — flatttt (ttmfentr) €tiL 
trenatim mttntn 8orf41ag faltauf. 
(fin .Jiiin .it'di 

Itilmen bcrttagtii telite St&ltt. 
silljaf 11 Sit blcfei indj uin, c« tvirt bit «5lt( abb>atM> 
fil(d»(l ten friw nub fldltc [p|btMa 

3* emBfinM bit Jtaltt f.'tt.— 3A binocflen Kdltt fd)t a 
$fltm Sit fits bbt trrfatlnng. 
Wa» iit ,int Rtgai btn £lntiipftn? 
tiffen sic ,"lbre £wt>(, cbc fte fait ibirt. 
Bjine Jnttt iftufnabrat.— 8iu faltet Wi. 
BfaWct BWta fi* Wl an- 
ttin fatter S^autt. — tic lb Q team. Ciautvamabe. 
lit tcurtt fatllilittig (iiuoibel. 
y f HaTCitt rail bon 3SI)iicu eat Saltt. 
Ii4 taut in Mefein Siminer. 
italic vi'tiee, isatmtS (n). 


At the Berlin congress, Greece was left out in the 

Linen sheets strike — ... ... ... [— 

COLDNESS. A — has sprung up between 

COLLAPSE. The bank — ed [them 

COLLAR. A turn-down — 

A stand-up — . Shirt — 

Coat — • — stud ... ... •.• ... 

A horse's — . A — of brawn 

— bone. To — beef, &c. ... 

A front with (without) a — 

Tighten (loosen) the dog's — 

Put on the dog's — ... 

Take off the dog's — 

Take off your dirty — , and put on a clean one ... 

I took hold of him (seized him) by the — 

The dog slipped his — 

The dog — ed the bone, and ran off 

The ponce — ed the thief at last 


COLLATERAL proof (evidence) 
— reasoning ... 
■— relations ... ... ... ... ••• ... 

COLLECT. To — rents 

K O ~^~' QCDlS ••• ••• ••• •■• ••• • • • 

To — proverbs (songs) &c. 

To — old coins 

To — old medals (plants) ... 

To — money in church for the poor 

To — from observation 

The General — ed all his available forces for a 
general assualt 

— yourself, and think the matter over 
Let me — my thoughts 

I am — ed within myself 

The — ing of taxes &c. 

COLLECTION. The Rev. Mr. C. will preach 
a sermon at St. Mary's to-night All are in 
vited to attend. No — 1 

A — was made in church, to 

A — of curiosities (paintings) 

— of proofs (facts) ... 


COLLEOTIVELY. Individually and — .. 
COLLECTOR. A — of engravings (pictures) 


m *&«% ••• • • • • • • ••• ••• • • • 

X '*» 1*1 ' ' • • • • • • ••• ••• ••• • • • 

— of customs. Ticket — ... 
COLLEGE. My son is at — 

He is fresh from — ... 

I 11 send him to — ... ... ... 

— of Physicians and Surgeons ... 

— of Heralds. — of Preceptors {See Preceptor) 

VwtotolCn ... ... ... ... ••* 

COLLIERY. He works at a — 


— language ... 

COLOUR. Of a dark (light) blue — 

The — of cheap prints 11 not stand washing 

Those — s kill each other, if placed side by side... 

A — dyed in the wool 

Different shades of — 

A healthy (sickly, livid) — ... 

Of a deep (pale) — ... 

Pepper and salt — 

Snuff — . Oil — 

A water — painting 

Primitive — s. Pure (positive) — s 

Broken — s. Secondary (tertiary) — s 

Prismatic — . Pallid — 

Faded (dull, cold) — 

Muddy (wan, dead) — 

Dingy (ashy, ghastly) — ... 

Cadaverous (glassy, lack-lustre) — 

Tarnished (mellow) — 

Pearly (bright) — 

Vivid (gay) — 

Gaudy (garish, loud) — 

Showy (intense) — ... 

Double-dyed (flaunting) — 

Flashy (raw) — 

Quiet (becoming, chaste) — 

Fast (fading) — ... 

Coffee (copper, liver) — 

The shawl has lost its — 

Of different — s 

A picture overcharged with — s 

* 1 V^Il ^ 4VJ3C j • ^~ #•• ••• ••• ••• *•• 

Varigated — s 

Au congrh de Berlin la Graceful laissie en plant 
Les drops de lit en toile causent une impression de 

II y a de lafroideur en Ire eux [froide 

La banque s'ecroula 

Un col rabattu 

Un col droit. — Un col de chemise ... 

Un collet d % habit. — Bout on de col 

Un collier de cheval. — Un roulade de pore ... 

Clavicule.-r-Faire une roulade de bctuf 

Devant de chemise a (sans) col 

Serrer (Desserrer) le collier a un chien 

Mettre le collier a un chien... 

(iter le collier a un chien ... 

•Olez voire col sale, et mettez-en un propre ... 

Je le pr is (saisis) au collet ... 

I^e chien se digagea de son collier 

Le chien saisit I os et s y en/uit 

La police mit enfin la main sur le voleur ... 

Roulade de pore 

Preuve ( Temoignage) subsidiaire (accessoire) 

A rgument subsidiaire 

Parents collatSraux. CollatSraux ... 

Percevoir des loyers (houses), des fermages (land)... 

Faire rentrer des criances. Faire des recouvrements 

Recueillir des proverbes (chansons) <5rv. ... 

Faire collection de vieilles monnaies 

Faire collection de m/dailles (de plantes) ... 

Faire la collecte a Vtglise pour les pauvres. . . 

Induire de I ' * observation 

Le general rassembla toittes ses forces disponibles 

pour un assaut general 

ReeueilleZ'Vous, et rifUchissez a la chose 

Laissez-moi rassembler mes idles ... 

Je me recueille en mot mhne 

La perception des impdts, &*e , 

Le reverend M. C. prkhera ce soir a VIglise Ste. 

Marie. Tout le monde est invite' a s y y rendre. 

Pas de collecte 

On fit une collecte a VIglise pour 

Une collection de curiositls (de tableaux) ... 
Un assemblage de preuves ( de fails ) 

Un nom collectif 

Individuellement et collectivement 

Un cotlectionneur de gravures (de tableaux) 

Percepteur des taxes ... 

Personne chargSe de faire des recouvrements 
Receveur des douanes. — Contrdleur 

Monfils est a Tuniversiti [versiti) 

11 vient de quitter Vuniversiti (les bancs de Puni 

Je Venverrai a V university 

Le college des mldecins et chirurgietts. La Faculti 

Le college heraldique 

£glisc collegiate [charbon de terre 

Houilleur. — Bdtiment employ/ au transport du 
II travaille dans une houUlere (dans un charbon 
Francais de la conversation familiere ...\nage) 
Langue de la conversation familiere 

De couleur bleu fonei^ (bleu clair) 

Les Itoffes de colon imprimi bon march! ne son/ pas 

bon teint [sont juxtaposes 

Ces couleurs ilteignent reciproquement quand elles 

Une couleurs teinte en laine , 

Differentes nuances 

Les couleurs de la santi. Un teint maladif ( livide ) 

De couleur eclatante (faible) 

Couleur poivre et set. 

C. tabac. — C. a I'huile 

Un tableau a l' aquarelle. Une aquarelle ... 
Couleurs primitives. — C. pures (positives) 
Couleurs mfUes. — C. composles (tertiaires) 

Couleur prismatique. — C, pdle 

C. passle (terne y froide) 

C. de boue. — C. blhne (morte) 

C. sombre (terreuse, d'une pdleur lugubre) 
Teint cadaver eux. — C. vit reuse (t erne) ... 

C. ternie (moelleuse) , 

C. perlte (vivej 

C. Iclantante (gaie)... 

C. voyante (tranchante) ... 

C. voyante (intense) 

C. grand teint (voyante) 

C. eclatante (rude) 

C. modeste (qui va bien, de bon gout) 

C. solide (qui passe) 

C. de caff. C. cuivrl (brunverddtre) 

La couleur de ce chdle est passe' c , 

De couleurs varices. DiaprI (poet.) 

Un tableau charge" de couleurs 

C. chair. C. de chair. — C. rose. C. de rose. Rose 
w • varices ... ... ... ... ... 


©ei bem ©erliner ffongreffe fpttt ®ried)enlaub bag 3ufefan. 

SeintiUfar fallen. 

S3 ift dn Staiit jmiftfan tyncn angetreten. 

Die ©ant brad) jufammen. Die ©. ntad)te eineu Jcrad). 

(Sin UmtegeYragen (Umfd)(agYragen). 

Sin ©tebtragen. — -$embetragen. 

fRtxftragen. — Jtragaituopf . 

Sin Jhxmmet.— ©d)martenmageu. 

©dpffelbein.— Sinen SRottbraten au* fRinbfkifd) mad> 

Sin ©orbembd)en mit [otyne] Jtragen. 

9Rad)en ©ie bag $a(gbanb bed $unbeg engar [writer, to*]. 

8egen ©ie ban $unbe bag $alfcbanb an. 

ftef)men ©ie bem $unbe bag $a(3banb ab. [teineit an. 

3iefan©ie $^rcn ftynufeiaat Stolen aug, unb legal €>ie eineit 

9x argriff [fafcte] iljn am (brim) tfragai. 

Der $unb f$ob fein $atgbaub ab. 

Der ^unb crfti)napptt ben 5htod)en unb tanntc baton. 

Sd)lie§lid) faf?te bie $o(igri ben 2)icb ab. 

@d)roarteitmagai. €>ulje. 

SRebenbetorig. — ftebatgeug* 



SRietbe eintrei ben (rinforberii). 

©$utben rinrtribai (rinforberii). 

&prfid}U>Srter [£ieber] fammedi. 

Site OTnjcn famtnetn. 

Sllte 9Rebatuat [$flaii&en] fammcln. 

$n bcr Sirdje eine JtoHefte fiir bie Srmeu abfctten. 

Sug ber 9eoba$tung fdpliefcn (toa^rnebmai). 

SDer General famtnelte a He fane toerfiigbaren Uruppeit jr. 

einan Qejammtangriffe. 
©ammcln @ie fty unb fibertegai ©ie fid) bie 6ad)e. 
$aften ©ie mid) meine $ebanten famtnetn. 
3$ bin innertid) gefammelt. 
Stag £in$ieytn (Sinfammeln) ber€teuern, ic. 
$err $aftor (£., toirb fyeute Bbenb in ber 9Rarientird)e bie 
$rebigt fatten, ^ebermann ift eingelaben. Sgfiubet 
trine ScoHcrte etatt. 
Sg tourbe in ber jcird)e eine ftottefte abgefatten, urn jn. . . 
Sine ihiriofitfiten* [(Semalbe^] ©amtnlung. 
Sine ©etoeigfammtuug.— Sin ©ammlung 0011 STfatfa^cn. 
Sin ©ammelmort (Soltectioum). 
Sin&eln unb inggefammt. 
Sin 5htpferfHd)fammIer. — Sin ^ematbefammlei;. 
Sin @d)ulbeneinrreiber. 
3oflrinnebmer. — Qidetempfanger. 
Tltin @ofyt ifl auf ber Unioerfttat. 
Sr fat eben bie Uuioerfitdt oertaffen. 
^d) merbe ibn auf bie UuiDerfitat fd)i<fen. 
Die mebi|inifd)e unb d)irurgifd)e gafultat. 
fBappenamt. ^erotbgamt. 

Sro^tengrSber. iro^tenfd)iff. 
Sr arbeitet in einan Sro^latbergtoert. 
$ran)6fifd) ber Umganggfprad)e. 

Son buntelbtauer [fattbtauer] ftatbe. 
Die garbe bidiger Drutfftoffe fann bag ©af(fan nid)t vet* 
tragen. [t^re ©irtung. 

Diefe Br- toertieren, toenn fie neben einanber gefteUt loerben, 
3n ber ©otte gefarbt. 
6erfd)iebene ^arfcenabflnfungen. 
Sine gefunbe [trfinnidp, fable] garbe. 
Son einer tiefen [blaffai] %. 
^fefferunb-ealj-^. €>d)roarj unb nxift gefpraitelt. 
^eObraune %. — Oelfarbe. 
Sin ttquarettbilb. 

^rimitit>e ftarben. — IReine [^ofitioe] g. 
©ebnxfane §.— ©efunbare [tertifire] g. 
^ri§matif(fa %.— ©laffe (bteitfa) $. 
Hbgebla&te [matte, trflbe, faltc] $. 
€>d)mu$ige [fable, tobte] 5- 
©d)n>ar)braune [afa>a.raue, fdfauerige] $. 
Seidfanfarbe. — ©Ia«farbe. — (Btan^lofe (matte) $. 
8erfd)offene (»erbtid>aie) 3f.— ©rid>e (jarte) %. 
$ertenfarbe. ^eOgraue ^.— ©lanjenbe (fafle) 3f- 
Sebenbige %. — Wuntere ( faitere) 5. 
©$immembe (prad)tige) %. — (SreQe ft. — G$rcienbe $ 
©tanjtoae (prunffafte) ft. — ©tarfe (fraftige) ft. 
Doppett aufgetragene ft. — $runtfarbe. 
fttitterfarbe.— Wofa (raube) ft. 
fl^ubige [fteibfame, paffenbe, jarte] ft. 
ftefte (fattbare) ft— »erfd>ie§enbe ft. 
«affeefarbe. — ffupferfarbe. — ?cberfarbe. [perbli^en). 

Dag nmfd)tagtud> fat feine ftarbe oertoren (ift t*rfd)oflen, 
»erfd)iebaifarbig. ©unt. 

Sin mit ftarben ubertabateg (Banatbe. Sin )U bunteg ©itb. 
ftteifd)farbe.— Siofenfarbe (»ofa). 
©unte (buntfd)etfige) ftarben. 


Body — ("fa picture). — blindness 

She was dressed in all the — s of the rainbow .. 

Il lends a — of probability (ij the story 

Amanof— . All manner of- 1 

He has an eye for — 

Theplayof— s 

She changed — at the remark 
You have quite a — this morning 
He shows himself in his true — s ... 

To sail under false — s 

That traveller lays on the — pretty thickly 

We evacuated the fort with flying — s 

Under (the) — oF 

To hang out false — s 

That is a cow of another — 

The — rushed to her cheeks 

COLOUR (v). I — ed it red 

These photographs are — ed by hand 

She — ed up at these words 

COLOURABLE. A - imitation 

-plea (pretext) 

Coloured. Ah.mii — pfaotognph 

His story is too highly — , to be believe*! 

Copper (Hirer, coffee) — 

Cherry (rose, plum) — 

— paper. A — counterpane 

Rose — slippers 

COLOURING. To put a false — upon n worv 
The — of a picture 

COLUMN. The enemy advanced in close — • 

Each page of this Dictionary has j — s 

A — of smoke 

Primed in single (double, treble) — 

COMB your hair. — out your hair ... 

Honey — ■ ... ... "'. '.','. '". 

Many old cannon are honey ed 

A section of the ants' nesl pFMMtod I hnney — «d 
Long tooth — . Short tooth — ... [appearand 

To — wool, hemp, &c 

COMBAT. To -a disease 

To — with a difficulty 

In deadly— 


oxygen and 


He is a curious — of leaminj; and ignorance 
COMBINE. They — d together to ... 

Oil , i,.,-. i:i,i readily - with water 

Under the — <! influence of 

He —s civility with kindness 

COME may or will 
As it 

Travelling abroad — s rather expensive 

Does this cloth — expensive? 

The dinner I ordered is a long lime in 

You're — ing it rather strong 

Don't — that game with me! 
. Pull hard, and it will — . 

Although the tooth is much decayed, I think it 
will — 
_ If he — a to me with any of hi 
tell him whai I mean 

— as often as you like 
\V .liter ! Vm sir. I am —ing 
I thought he was the — ing man to solve the 

How— sit that you are d' 
Mark my words, the time will — , when 
Although I don't want it now, it may —handy 
Aei time 
US seldom — i alone (p'ov.) ... 

What 1 say will — true 

Are there any more to — ? ,. 

There arc two more if then, to—.,. 

Sum fling he were to — and demand it of me? 

It will be three years — Christmas 

First — , first serve.) f firm. J 

To-morrow never — s (firm: ) 

(."m, and — again (firm, s.) 

— uncalled, sit unserved (firm.) 

With the triad, .indoles with the water (fit 

Couleui .kfend. — Daltonistile 

Sa toilette prcsentiut lent, -lies cuttle ursde I'arc-ei 
Cela donne une couleur de probabitite 1 it I'hiita. 

Un negre. — Tattle sortede eouleurs 

t! a I'tril d'utt ficintrt pour jugtr del eouleurs 

Lejeu ( chatoyement ) del eouleurs 

Elk changea de couleur en attendant cette reirtan/HC 

Vans avet de belles eouleurs ee matin 

[lie montrt sous son veritable jour. Iljette le masque 
Naviguer sous un jaux pavilion 
Ce voyagcur n'/fargne fitis les """ 
Nous sortlmts du Jt/rl Matey 
Sous couleur fft&Xtt) •!.- 


C'esl une autre pitire de manches ... 

La rongeur lui monta attx joues 

Je It eotoriai en rouge ... 

Ces photographies stmt coloriiei i la main 

Rile rougit in entendant ees paroles 

Une ismtatitnt rcsscmHanlc (spc'cicilsc) 
Cue justification (I '" ptctc.xt.-) platnible ... 

I ne phofoxraphie ■ oloi ie'e 4 !■• main [y ajaute fin 
.Viiii kutoirt a dei eouleurs trap charges pour qu'on 

Couleur tuivrit (h-un-verl, dc cttff, eafi) 

Couleur cerise. Cerise, (dl rose, /lose, prune) ... 

Papier Je couleur. — line court /pot nil de couleur ... 

Des pantoujle 

IX'uner une j 

Le coloris ( L- 

/..-.i contain J' une hiitoire ... 

L'cunani jVn'onfj en colonnes serr/es 

Chti./ue page de ce dictionnaire a trots eolomtes 
Utte eolonne de fumJe 

I m prime" en une (en double, en triple) eolonne 
Feignet-vous.—Demftcs-vous les cheveux . . 


G-ite.iu ( K.tyon) de miel .. 

Feat/coup de piiux canous sont chambers ... 
Une lection d:, . u'.iit I'nspectd' 

LWmttoir. — Pcigne fin ... [rayon de m 

Feigner (Carder) de la tat'ne. — Feigner du clutnvre 

Cembattre une maladie [(de I'Cleufie) 

Cembeltre ( Littler cotttre ) une difficult 

En combat mertel 

Combat singulier ... 

Cembattre pour une idee ( line opinion ) ... 
Quand I'oxygi'ne et I'hydroghte enlrent en contbt 
naisots, il se produit de I'cau 

F.n combination avec [d'ignoranct 

II possede un assemblage curieux de cottnaissanccs ei 

fl se coalisercnt pour 

L'huile ne se mele pas fiuileinenl 4 I'eatt 

Sous V influence combinh de. 

fl unit la courtoisie a la bonti 

Advienne que fieurra 

Ce qui vtent fatilement s'en va de mime 

J'en ai asset pour bxen des letnaines .:. 

l*our lout Vavcnir 

Dans les annees 4 twwfV 
Voyager a I't'lranger revie 
Ce drop revient-il cker, 
Le diner que j'ai command/' farde bicn 4 V, 
I'out He vous mouehei pas du pied ... 
Wtssayex pas de eejeu-li ova mei ... 
/irate, et tela idendra... 
ine la dent soil ' 

que je parviendr 
S"il vient me racantir cet sotfises, je lui dirai biett 

vile mafacon de penser 
I'enet aussi souvenl qu'il tous plaira 
Garcon! Qui, monsieur, voil,l (je suis A vans) 
Je troyais trouver en tut I'hommt pridestin! J 

rlsondre la difficult! 
Comment se fait-il que vous izrrifiei loujours si tar J? 
Faites attention a teque jedit, ilviendra nntemfisoit 
Qitoique je tt'en aiefias besoin maintenant, celaptut 

venir 4 point 4 un autre moment 

Un malheur ne vienl jamais seul 

Ce que jt dit Iii se Vi'rifiera 

Doit-ii encore en venir t V ett a-t-il encore > 

II y en a encore deux h venir 

Sil allait venir -me le demander) 

II y aura trot's ans 4 la Noil (vienne Noel) 
Les premiers venus sont Its premiers servis 
Dcmain n 'arrive jamais , 

Scrves-vous et revenei.y 

Qui pimi wn fin write" .<'cn t-a tarni «*■> 

Ce qui T-iitit de In flute s'en va tar ie tatnbtrt 

DatfflVt*. — Snrl'tn l> I i n MkI t. 
£i( irar in ail< Willi I be* ;H e^en tir je nft jrRriM. [hit. 
B* KtJeit)t to tSrlfttaiK rinen «.ifilmn MM tfUjt;r($eiiiIuV 
4in fattier.— ailc art con gotten. 

■c^at Batfcafbui 

S)al gfltcrnltJiti. 

»ei Mr Stnurtunj irj«6lrln fit fir *orfc lanf irtik f« fit 
Sit Irtwn fault •Kcrjoi jut (WW) an*. 
Hi v'i I' ' kl1 i" i<i"« watjwii »t|lo[t 
ILirter (ji[(t« ~rlJajt (tflttn, 
Dkfet JidftiiPr lrS fl i jftniliai ftarf oul. 
St'it raumtin bai Sort mit fticgtnccn ftjfinnt. 
llntcctinn Sditint IBorroaate) bet.,. 
Binoi (alfdioi KotlDanb gttmiisjcn. 
Ixa ift (troa* aa"i SlJiKr*. 
■ i; ::.: :.:■.. :■.:■: ■■ .:■ 
,Vt farbtr r« enjt>. 

Xirft UtiotrantiWi'ii Knr mil t« fcaiiHolortrt, 
Sit errijttwt; Mi t>it[tu RntO. 
Ifillf itolliirjdijtiUTUIlj. 
Sine StfeinauiMtce [Sin aajeiiieoiuv.iii;]. 
Sint oufl fcr tone tclotirn ^totooroUvie. 
©rirtr Stfttjiajtr ift ;a hb' jef Srtl, uni alnubioilrbia ;■ f*i 
Jluvfrt' [Icbrr., taflc(=] fnrtia. 
ftivfiien [«(tn . vflauincn ] fortia. 
It.irfci,i«i 'Enyicr. ■ -6ino (.irb^ (tuulr) ilrpyM**. 
SHofcnnltc (Saf 9 *) Voiiwnelii. 
Ciiient xDerti rliten i.ui.l'.n SbU i'!hiini*| geben. 
Io8 floloril (tit •Jiirttnjff una) tilled fflcmalbt*. 
Slit prt)un a [ailvfdjiiiii.fiuifl) cinct »(i*iijlr. 
Xn ■griut) lUtt ia |M WM) Wi 

^ttf Stile bicfc* ilUTtircucfra tjai orci actumntu (StjaltDi). 
Hint 9iaun)!aafe. 

3« rinfadjm [tofUtltcn, trtifaaiiii] Solum' 
H.iuuiitu =ic rid. bir *aarc. -fl. ©. fia, b. «. 
©abntntamm.— Sin Qktf (tsfTe. ) 
SUaaj8[a)eiM. $omnf4>eirt. 
8iclt allr flononen (inb mit (Wautn Mrfthtn. 
I>atHmti|txii(rtt.'t', als <t- -HLffuct ivurbt, jttlf n|9inia M 
Kttitrr Homm.— eiign Samm, 
IBWt taimntii. — £kan| tcd]ttn. 
(Sine ItraitTbtit tttfimrfrn. 
9Htt (inct e^iDinijtril tampftn. 
Jn tobtlioVm flainuft. Jm lobteramufe. 

at 3b« [tint 3(ciuui],i] riuivfni ((treittn). 
Blemt Eoutrftofl nub xBaflrrflcfl (id| mil tinaaber w 
cmflttit fflafyet. 

3n Bcrbiufun.i mil... Jni tluiibt ftlettint) mil... 
t>'.,-I([i.f .ir.bltiiii'iiitiii.dtriiicK'lifamrtfflrilttel .b 
Sit tKrtaiibtB (tcninialai) (la), unijiu... 

01 Dcrtiinbtl fub nidbt Ui*t mit Saifct. 
Uuttt bom i-irdntcii Sinftnfft rat... 
tr cobinbet tbflidjltit mit fttrjtnijiltt. 
Jtonime, nuSba mill. 

mi t< tLinait. fa fletit t* aua) luitbtr.— SI 
510) tVitt filr bie nadjficn UBoo>tn gtnus bauon. 
ijitr olir iiutuuft « a jurnaftigrii ^titen. 
3n Ipattrn (siiHiiftiafn) 3a6nn. 
Ja-j Stiiifen iu btr r-Haib.' [L'mmt (itmlii) tbenor jiifttfaii. 
flommt tick* Sua) bod) in fiel'fii ? 

Tag S[[en, iwlibcS id, trfttUt babt, lant lanat auf fi*'n)jt(o 

2 il- t..iK-ii r;- lirmliib flatt. 2ic m.idicn t3 w Big. 

©o «fl[[(n Sic t« nidit mit mit titibtn, Sttrfudxn ei( bd 
3 LcIkh Sir trofiifl, bonn wirb ti Igfgtb^ii. [tei m 
Obgltiai bee 3abn litmlidj abijcfault i|i, |e tenfe it6 1 

rr -i,!' auSv<btn laffeu roirb. 
SDtnu et mir mil data kin 

iliin f4m mtint i>Irimlra. lagtn. 
flnaurttn sit fo aft, Die git toouen. 
fltOntrl eo^feid) (cintn nuDtnbli*), u 
3$ baothr, tt (rare btr Slann, iKlajtr btftiuriat n^te, b 

edjiuitrinlrit ^n tflftn. 
Hfit tomml Pi, bafj Sit iiift immti fa nerfpStoi? 
Pftufcttn :-it [ui-iiicHJtrtc; bit jjcitionb lainntoi, «o... 
lOtnn id) t8 and) jtnt itidit tv.indic, \o wirb el mir |ti il 

finer anbttn ;[rit fltkgtn (|M Statttn) Iombicb. 
U-in Uu.ilu-.t tammt ktttn aftfin. 
&la* id) [aat. ttirb rid) btloahrt(cittii, 
ecHciinadjiKta)t h'mmtn? 
St fofltn baban nad) jnxi lamnitu. 
''trrtjt. tr Ijiim uub roriaujit et mm mit ? 
5lad)itl ©ctbuailileu iwrbtn t! btti 3at)K [tin. 
JBtr jUtrft tomml, ui.iMt (Utrft. 

..Woratn, morgra, nut nidjl btutt, 
efttoitu a He traatn Stult." 
91rtmtn ©it fid) uub stttFtn Sit naibljer raitbet jn. 
IIi[ :1 i-K'ti-iui («,.|l fiubtt reiri.ii ilnbl. 


* day after the fairf/Vo 


Here he — s! 

— ing events cast their shadow before 

— ing to the second preposition, I wish first of 

to remind yod 
He opened his mouth, hut the words would not 

Hi. thought! — slowly 

A cold shudder came creeping over me ... 

It — s natural to him 

— I — ! Enough of that nonsense I 

Thai is how it came 

This is how it came : 

I am not in the least afraid of his — ing ... 
Did you really pay 5/ for it ? They must have » 

you — ing? 
Honours came showering down upon him 

The expenses — rather heavy 

Wlui way did you — 

1 came liy way of Hull 

How did you — ? 

I came by train (ship, coach) 

The knot came undone 


Come about. How did thai — about ?. 
It came about in course of time, thai 

What have you — about? [mind 

Come across. That idea never came across in 

Come after. Who — s after you? 

He came after the chddren 

Bun away I he is — ing after you 

Come against. The saw came against a nail . 

Come along. — along with me 

Will you — along with me to your grandma's? .. 

I'll — along presently 

Come asunder. It came asunder in my ham I 
leoald iiui prevent Us — ing asunder 

I cannot — at the l)ook very well ; il in packed 

1 should like to — at the truth 

He may — at 6 ; and he may nut — at all 

He came in at the hack 

Come away. — away from [here boys!.,. 
Come back. Let us — back to our .subject 
That maybe; but to — back to what we 

■i; about, you can easily understand 

The injury yuu have done him will — back to you 

one of these days 

— back with me to the house 

He came back with it 

He came back lor the coat he had forgotten 

Lack lor the coat lo-nighl ; so I will 

Sec you again 
Those days arc gone ; never lo — back again 

Shall Vim — back again? 

When dues be — back from his work? ... 
We have long ago — back from that idea 
Come before. He'll not — before 10 o'clock 
A singular case — before the magistrate yesterday 
This being your first offence, you are discharged j 

but if you — again before the court, you will 

be severely punished 

Why ilid you not — before ? 1 have been wail 

for nearly an hoar 
Not one of the cases that have — before 

warrants the adoption oT such a course 

An earl — s before a baron.., 

Come between. I shall allow nothing !o co 

between me and my duty 
Her hair having — between the wheels of the 

machine, her body followed and was crusht ' 
Come by. You did not — honestly by that 

I came in by the window ... 
Did you — by train or walk ? 
I came by the 5 o'clock train 
l!ow did you — by that money? ... 

Vous arrive* It ImJemain de to foire. Cest de la 
moulaide afrit diner 

Le void \pml'it devant 

Lti hit'ntmtnts qui vo/it arrivee projettent leur 

Passant A la scconde proposition \ ft vcux d'abord 
■nous rapptler \vcnir 

11 ouiirit la bouchi, mats Its mots nt vonlaient pas 

Let idles Art viennenl leulement 

Jc mc stntis frissonmr 

Voire heart est vtttue 


Cest sa nature. <?a lui vient naturtllemenl 

Voyons, voyons! Cest asset de setlises eomme 

VoilA tommtnt cela est arrive" 

Voiii comment cela est arrivl : 

Jt I'attcnds de piedferme ... 

Vous asm rfellement pay! tela jj ? Vous ftn 
s'appelU veil 

Une grflt d'honnturs s'abattit sur !ui . . 

Venn tout pres de mat 

Les frais son! asset llevls 

Par on tlts-vous vena? 

Jt suis Venn par Null 

Comment Ites-voits ventt? ... ... [genie) 

Jt suis venu in chimin ,le fer (en bateau 

Le naud se dffit 

Ct nest pas tons Us jours flte 

Comment cela s'esl-il fait? 

II arriva avee It limps qui 

Que! est It motif dt voire visile 1 

Cette iiUe nt ma jamais traverse" /'esprit 

Qui vient apris vous? 

II est venu chert her Us infants 

Sauvet-vous, il vous patirsutt 

La scie meonrra un clou 

Vena avee mot 

Voula-veusvcnir a;a mo i ehe% voire bonne maman? 

Cila si tassa entre mis mains ... [droller) 

Jt nt ponvais pas tmpichtr cela dt ee easser (dt 
VoilA ,c i/uejt nt parviens pas A savoir ... 
Mtttes la viande Jans un endroit 011 It chat ne 

puisse pas I'atteindrc 
Je ne puis pas mettre faeilcmcnl la main sur 

.':.■ .,-, i.' .' , ■■: i. '■' .''..■ .■■;.':■ .■'■■■ ..■/., 
Jt ivudrait pametiir A savoir la vJrill ... 
Piut-ltrt vitndra-t-il A 6 hemes, et petit-"! 1 1 nt 
II intra par la portt de derrilre [l-it p,is du lout 

A lla-vous tn dt IA, infants 

Revcnons a net montons (a nctrt snjef) ... 
Cest possible, mats pour en revenir a ce dont not 
farlions, ivies pome: ftcih-mcnl tompi cadre 
Le tort que vow lui o-ve: fail ictombera nn dt tt 

Reveals avee moi A la maison 

II le rapporta avte lui 

II revint cherehtr !' habit qu'il avail mtUU 
Rtvenn ( Soyet dt retour) aussi til que vous pourra 
Jt dois revenir ehereher I' habit it soir, ainsi ' 

Ces jours son! passes pournt jamais revtnir 


Qnand rtvicnt-il dt son oievrai;c t 

ft t a lonc-tcmps qu'on est reneiiu de eeltt idle 
II ne viendra pas avant JO henres ... [ill pa\ 

Une singuliere affaire est venue hier devant lejuge 
Ct dltit ttant It premier qui vous ova am " - 

al/et Itre mis en iibtrtl, mats li t 

em ore devant le tribunal, vous sera sfvere- 

1','iirquoi n'ites vans pas venu pins tit? Voii 

pris d'une heurt qui j'allenils 
Pal une des affaires qui soul senilis •levant nous 1 

justtfie rod-option de pareilles mttmm 

Uneomte a It pas sur un baron 

je Ht permttlrai fas que rien s'illttrposc cntre m 

Sa eheveujc ayant It! pris dans Irs rouagtl de la 
machine, le corps snivit tlfut irrayi 

Vitus n'tles pas enlrl en posieision de etla a"um 
maniere hottn/tt [passer?. 

Vondria-voiis butt sreus /carter, pour que re puisie 

Quoad les coquins se disputenl, les honnctes gens 
tn profilent 

fe suis entre par la fenfire 

sttei-vens vmu en chimin defer on J pud 

fe suis venu par le train de einj heurei .. 

Comment eel ardent se tro:ive-l-H entre vos mains? 

Ce/le maison doit tire demolit 


Sic tomnuii iuoj txm ftci*« Idiirit ln|»iq S» \rH'l 

(tarauicitfc ffitciflniftt ipcrim it)" S3).itl(ii Porail*. 
3nbrmiAiu bc*|ncltej Ba|i baa M*(U& mMiieia) 

Sit nitrft Camii erittnmt. 
Or Sffncte trn Mime, abti bit Jurrti- tonitn nit)t rjerau". 
DkSktaitH nratmm iiim lanafani. 
ftin latter gdjjucr iiMrlirf mi*. 
Tuinr. Stuiibt ill ^rtcmnicit (but flcfrijLiQfn). 

Si fctumt itun uun irll'ft. (B Ikal in fcintin IBtfrn. 
efrwljW 2it '. 3* (ate jjciiua turn (i([cin VlUfiim. 

So Mill re. 

Cs tam [oljfnbct BlaJKit 1— CI trug iiiti aitf frffltntc Art pi : 
^e) lilrnjto raiJ) Into),™* nidit, tiS er toiuiul. 
it>q«Wai Sit nirHiJi j 2rt-illiu,i< Mfiir? 2«mi bat man 
©ie ji*rr fflr rincit HiotfMmH odjoltcu. 

S« ngacti Bw^qmMawi au) n)«. 

Jtuimncit 6i( gaii} nal« Jit inir. 

£)itSu«tajiiitx)itImi (ficlaufni) Fi* jifiHlid) fyii). 

SSdijoi mtq flirt Sic srlouiiHcn? 

3* lain ii6« Cull. 

Us! it lasim Sic (nf 

3iitaniniitbccliikntntiri(imHcm3i«[;£il/ifli imJBaadi]. 

3Xr ffnolta Itlfte fid) (aino ou[). 

li* ift mcjt a(l( 3aa( Jtlrmrt. 

SUir ift (u« fletomiaoi? 

Jm y.iufe Mr ;tcLt HrigMh f6 (uS), baft... 

Wcsti.ilb filter =it ^clmtinnn? 

£*t UttiinU i|t mir ui( in boi Sinn aftunuiitit. 

lii'rr toiniut 11 J* 36nen? 

tiv lam. uin bic Sillbcr atiiu^ctcn, 

Eauftn Sit fort ! tir [dbihii blmcr btr. 

■i'lt *,i>n |lirft(,itvirtt()juf(iitta9taeel. 

( 1; rait mir. 
BMIpN mil mir ju btinct Oroftntamj jtiwii? 
3d] wrrbc flttid) tieriibtrtoiniiien. 
M u iiig mir 111 btr {inns mtjiKi (au»riiianbn), 
3i| butt li nittjl wrbinbnn. baft ej enljiuti jiua. 
34 [aim itiiljt Cab, inter tummen. 
ErUrn £ic bai Qlii|4 iracnbiCL'bin, idd bic itabt nid)t b«M 

3,tj r,; liibt jut .111 bjj Vud) fcmtntn; t-i ijt in ri 11 .1 bcr 

fliRtu wr|>iH(l. 
34 tn64l( tec Suabrbrit grrne aiif ben Srunb temmt 11. 
(tr ton" urn 6 Wit tununcn ; <a ift abrt sua) niL' h iii*, bjfi ct 
ftr lain biuttu berdn. [flat iiidjl [miiiut. 

H.'iiuut ba IHg, ibt Siiutcn 1 
S.-liHn loir mictrxv 1 »«FSW ifcitenflanbe jutfliT. 
I,i3 ift mBgliib ; uin iibtt au) bi( btf.i.ittii fuinincl jitriW- 

jiiroiiraKH, \c n^ittnii Eie lc!4t brflttifot... 
Xit fliantunj, iixlitK =ic itun iu,irfu.]l bjbm, roitb bicfet 

2nj( nu ,11'ii(n udvioltcu ttcrbrn. 
(Wvn iii tiiii Biir ill's $aul judlC. 
Si tam bJtnit juriW. 

ttt tam ben tHmf boltn, ben tr Mrfltfttn fjatte. 
Mommiii =it [0 balb ,11* niiJ,iM4 |ucfil. 
34 miiti iwacn bet aimtc-i b*uit KtaA iDirtrr BDrfVrcArn ; 

id) rnrbe €ie bann mitbttitbeu, 
1it\t Zngc fino tatiui nub iL'nuncii nit ipicbct. 
IDnben 3ii roitbrrtumiin-n? 
iDami tommt n Don fcintt tltkit lutuctf 
SiJtr finb laugc con (irirm Otrballltn nbar[i>iiim(n. 
4r niirb iiid|t doc Io Ubc temmttt. 
Sin funbtrbjrer feu fltilcrn am «eri4W Boi, 
lu bies 3br enrrt SJergeljtu l(t. fo iMtbcn -Sit |W )H i f ei : 

twnn Sit abn ui>4 cuitnal mit ttm WeriajM ill He- 

tubrang (omnirn |o Ijobcn eic ftrtujt Stftrofuna ju g<- 

SJarum rameri Eie ni41 (6«r (ftflft")? 34 ""■"' I'tinab* 

tint Stunbt. 
Kciu dnjifltr 0011 ben una cotlicaoibrn jj.inra betnttigt ja 

cine tn fi)l4( 111 Wttfjirot. 
Sin Sraf ftat »bt tiiitnt «aran ben «nrtrit. 
3d)rattb« ui4t (ujebtn, baft (WjStnMd jioif4in mid) uub 

Va I6tt ©aan iuifdjen bie -Jtjber brt'mafdiine tiineit, murbt 

aii4 ibr itftitr l)incinacdffm aub )<rdutlf4l. 
Sic babtu tul 11141 an) cbrliaje (Beift titonat. 

SDoata 6it giitigft auf bit Stilt irtltn unb midmcibeilarfco? 
Waal a>ictx nntinj ttxibcii. tttangt bti rcbtidx Vtann )it 

bent Stiniatn 
34 ftitg bunt MS Stniler tin. 
Somen Cie mit bcr Sifntbatn obtr ,11 juft? 
Sr tan nit bem oitat nm 5 llt'C 


The building came down with n crash ... 
Mr. B. has no! — down ycl 

Who at is — ing down 

Il has — down to us by tradition 

— ing down thr Iiili, I nearly lost my balnno 

I would no[ believe it, even if an angel were 

down from heaven, to tell me so 

He came down with a run 

he came down faster than he went up 

— down from thai tiee 

The rain is —ing down in torrents 

He came down (in the wrM) with a tun 

I am afraid the picture will — down 

He came rushing down stairs 

I had to — down with the money 

I tiw him —ing down the street 

Come first. Who -s first? 

This — s first, that second, .mil this one last 
Come for. He'll not — for another hour 

— for me at 7 o'clock 

The servant has — for the children 

I will have it ready by Saturday. Shall you — for 

it yourself? [date for W, 

Come forward. He came forward as a candi 
No one came forward 10 be his bail 
Ye*, friends indeed 1 there was not one of theso 

called friends to — forward and say : l.'an I 

do anything for you ? 
Come from. Where do yon — from ? ... 

I — from Birmingham 

There now, you have eul your finger ; that — 1 

(tarn king disobedient 
Where is the money to — from? ... 

From whom do you — ? 

This letter came from Mr. B 

Blood came from him in streams ... 

— from under the table 

Those fruits came all the way from China 
When does your sister — from school 
The children have not — from school 
Come home. When shall you — home? 
This appeal — s home toour reelings 
When is your brother —ing home ? 

I'll pay you when the ship — s homo 

It will — home to you some of these days 

Oome in, —in! —in! 

It — s in at one ear and goes out at the other 
This piece will — in for pocket lining . . 

I always — in lor a share of her abuse 

He came in for his dinner at 6 o'clock 

He would not — in, as he was in a hurry 

May I — in? 

The words will not — in that line 

The cup came in two in my hand 

He came in for his aunt's property 

That law will — in force in 1S79 

Money is not —ing in as fast as I w.iuld 

New potatoes arc —ing in already 

He has a certain sum —ing in, which is sufficient 

for his maintenance 

The mail — 5 in at 5 o'clock 

The water came in through the leak she sprang 

That is where the fun — * in 

I don't — much in contact with him 

Tbt tide is —ing in [country 

Applications kept — ing in from nil partsof the 
1'ut that back lor the present; it will —in f" 

— in .jut of the rain 

Anything that — s in my way 

The Ma ooja Is show no signs of —ing in, and u 

said to be collecting again 

He came in by tht back door 

The vegetables arc iinite fresh ; they have just 
in from the country 

You have just — in time 

The water came rushing in through the hole 

I hurled the first thing that came in my way 

Oome into, It came into practice last year 

That idea never came into my head? 

How could you ever allow such an idea to — i 

your head? 

I never could — into the ritwi of bil lordlbfp 

— into the house and 1 will give you some dinner 

The day I came into the world 

I'll throw the first thing that — s into my hands at 

Those kinds of hats have lately — into fashion , 

. .'.■' .■'■; /-a/tint, j'm f.iitli finite I Jqui- 
Jc ne U eniraii tat, juand mAh un ange dtsren- 
drait it nil pour nu It dire 

II descendit en courant 

// descendit plus vile qui! n'/tait montJ ... 

Deuendet de I'arbre., 

La pluie tombe .1 torrent! (flats) 

// a d.'grin^ole de fii poulion ... 

Je trains que ce tableau ne tambe 

It descendit I'tttatitr au gahf 

Je dm tocher Vargciit, II m\i fall,, filttnor 

ft /'iii' vii ttatmJn la rue 

Qui tit le premier, {litu 

Ceci went d'abord, eela tnsurfe, et mi en dernier 

It lit vittulra fat avail! line Inure d'ici 

Venn, me prendre <) 7 henres 

La servant! est venue cherther les infants 

Ce sera prct pour saiucdi. Vitndra-vetts le chcr- 
eher vous-mhne? 

/' tea a,i.itnrc A IV. 

Peetonne ne s'ojfrit pour lui stnir de caution 

Dei amis, vraiment! II n'y en eut fat un A 
wi-disant amis qui se mtt en avant it -'hi' me 
dire: Puis-jt fair! quelque chose foil 

/)■-.« ttis-vousj Doit venez-vousr ... 
fi vlens de Birmingham. Je suis de B. 

Allans, maintenant vous vous lies eoupf le deigt, 
voilA ce que e'est que d'ftrt d/ioiv'issant 

i 'in fount ira Parent- Oil prendre 1'arpnti 

Pe fa part ill qui vena-vous? 

At. B. a envoy! eette tettre , 

/.' perdait des flats de sang 

iVt rtsta fas Li sous la table. Sor/cc di sous la fable 

Ces fruits viennent de loin de la Chine ... 

£1.1 mi voire sa-ur revient-elte de sa pension? 
■1 enjau'.s ne soul pas encore renlrh (revert 
1,'uind rcviendrc:-vous? (rentrere:-vous?)[l'Jcol() 

Cet afftl nous toucht au corur 

i,-.ind voire frjivrevienl-il? 

ft sous paierai qitand j'aurni de /'argent... 
C'ta retombera survous un deces jours ... 
F.nlral Enlreil 

I eta tntre par une oriille, et sort par I'autre 
Ce morceiu servira pour tlaubler nne poche [ pari 
Qunnd elttdit du mat des gins, j'en ai toujours 

Jl irntra pour diner A 6 biuret 

, " ■ vomit pm mtrtr, f "■. pt'i/ (taitfrttit 

Puii-jt entrert .... 

Ij% mots ne vienuent pas dans relte lignt ... 
Ijt lasst se eassa en deux dans ma Matt ... 

II hirita de la fortune de sa tantt 

Cute hi entrera en vigucur en iSjq [vondi 

l.'argent ne ventre pas aussi promptement qnejt 
li arrive lieja des pjnimcs iiV tcne Hi'Utielies 

II a ml certain revenu qui luflit J son 

U courier arrive a j henres 

le HOvire faiiail can 

Ceil id que I'affaire devienl drSle... 
/■ ri'ai guirt ,/l- contact ante lui ... 

La maree montt 

Les demandis affluaicnt de toutes les parties du fays 
Remittet eela pour le moment, tela viendra A so 

Enlret pour vous abriter de la pluie 

'lout ce qui mc tomhc inns .',i main 

// n'y a aucun signe que les Mongols se disposent 
se rendre j on dit quits se rasumbltnt de 

II cntrci par la porte de derriire 

lis legumes ion! tout frais. Us viennent d'ai 

de la campagne 

fous arrivet juste a temps 

I 'cm tn!r,s ,1 /lots par le trou 
Je lui ,i l.i tt& la picmii'ie chose qui mc 

sous la main 
Ccta est tntri en usage t'annce dernihe . . . 
Cette idee ne m'est jamais venue A I'espnt... 
Comment avei ivui tamaii pu lais— - 

tareillt rwui mtrtr dam 
Je n ai jamais pu entrer dam lei vuei de 
Enlriidans la 

Le jour 011 je suis vtnu au monde 

Jejetlerai aprte lui le picmier objet qui me ton 

•t de mode dtfuisfeu . 

B..3 Udviiit* illlri,lr mil <»tMtrr "" (iu[mnmm[ 
Sere B. til itoaj iii*! Bttunlngftiiraiiicii. 
iUtiv'ii f.illt im'jhfife, 

Oi tourt* tins turd) lMecIicfciuun trridjitl- (flf»i*t. 

$ilacl rjtnabftltfl. Mrlor ift trinofrt fcal (HP " 


111 cintSiiflrttwm-Cimuiel 

1 ma :. 

Itt III -lit . 1 1 1 L! V I'll , 1 

iarjlr, battel |o ntirt. 
t£t fairt int. 
Ut lirf Mjiitiut biiinntix alt Siii.inf 

Ihbbbj Hi mi taa Bmbm &«untn. 

Ivr «lc.icn f.iilt (ctiilciit il*) in eitBmtii. 

I£r i|i ftjvt titriiiilcY^duniiiKTi. li, niafttt ri 

34 filriSH, (aS «[& wirt (irtuiilcvi.uidi. 

i=c jdltc) Sit Itcnw tiititiittr. 

3d) inufitc mil triii <3Mt btrauirtlWtii. 

34) fat) itjrt bit Strafe hriintrrfouliimi. 

BBBttl yieqli 

I !■ ■■-. haml (iitrjl. tutin [til!*, unb iiiltjjt Sa< be. 

tfr mire nor (intr cliitibt nidjl louuntn. 

J&Dten fiic mid) 11111 7 Ubr at. 

3>it ffliflb ifi tii, mn tic dialler at>i.ut>i>ltii. 

,1a) will c3 fiir 'Sen 110 bent ftitia tfjtin. Ekrbtu E 

(tlbfl abbelfn? 
artratalsflitibibatfilrSa. ouf. 
Urinrr tint li* aff Silrflcn [flt 1611 an. 
Saiwlji, ftyttnt jJrtiuiSel flciiier Ben tat fuitcnattnlcn 

fjTatatca tnt per, um 511 [agal! ttaint in) j^ikk tt- 

jjcnMvic eitirn EicTifi ngei^ot? 
%sot)tr lluD (Tomnitii) Sit? 
3* (mimic (tin) aut Sirminaf|om. 
SitvB ha, (a l)j|itit bid) in ben Jiiifltc acfd)iiitl(aj 

teniiiil batim, Iwnit mjn iuij(fjui[iiiii ip. 
BJo lot! tui WrfblKrlsminfii'? 
*L'ii iBtm reitunfii Sit 6er? 
DUfB Srirf taut oen $cent W. 
Sal 'Wilt r.iiTTitc in Strbmru oil i(M ItUUUt 
He 111 11 k 11 Sic unln bcni lifrlu' bcrcec Ibcraol). 
Tiiefe ftriltble bmcii brn mittn 0(g Ml KthU (M 
■ilVniii teiuiin .Ibct Sdgmeftcr nud ber -ZMt? 
DieHinbctrinbniidjuirbl ,111s be Sdinlf ii"" 1 *- 
SD.inn tKTbcii SiE beim (iindj (i^ufr) fcBiintii? 

■ ■ I,-, 1.1; ■ ■;.;■ ;,-. : .! ■ , :■, ;■■.■■. i--.--.ri 

IBnnnloramtJbr^rubnbrini (uafl) (uufr)? 

MterrbeSlrbejabkn. iwntt bit rtclbcv n 

tj? icivb 3$mn bif(cr la^r ju $aii|c unb jii tmfe loauuoi. 

Oercitt! Zctttnsictiitl [*M. 

S! jtbl iu (intm D&r( bintin ttnb |1i bnn oiibrrn njirbcr bitt- 

5)i()(S Sliil" rsid)t (urn Tn(d>nfiltltc. [(i«b). 

3d)btfonim( bti it)rcn 54iwvfcrei(n inurrer airmen XtfcHoiit 

l£r tain urn 6 Ubr (iim SUittjflefTen. 

Sc wolltc uidji ctittreten. Pa ei Site bottt 

■■■ t 'ii. 1 
2>it alorte iwrboi tiia)t in bide jicitt tiitirinaettii. 
Tit I.ille fliitii inir in bev $jnb eittiiuei. 
(Et crete bd* liijienllHiin (titter I.inti 
Sal Sef4 "><ia tS70inlrraft tretett. 
Xj3 (.Irlb Ijnft ni*)t ie idjncll eitt, rait id) nriiitFtticti tr 
(B iwibcit fitjen neur flmtcfleln ait| ben fflarft jfttat/l bietEiatmift ,'iuii bifiiuiiiiten : mmut, tic |n ieliiem 

Uritttli.iltt bin re i* I. 
Die TJeft triflt um 5 Utjr ein. [tittcn batte. 

Hdflmifler btaitfl burn) baS 8rf tin, Hjcf$cS baS S^iff re ttt Snafi on. 
jlit! teiiimc nidit uiel mil i&m in ©tvii^rurt,! . 
■Bit Stutft trittein. [ein. 

Jlldbuii.ien ii.-itn [ertn-j^icrib .in j .-.11 tip Il-tiltu be* (an be* 
Staot (ettOra) Sic bit* fiir ben aujnibinf intala"; el icuO 

fcinet 3eit on bie (Heit^e rbmnni. 
Sonttncn Sit nus ton Wejtn fart, unb tteteti Sir beniii. 

(Et tain ;uc (tulcrlbilrc titvtiii. 

3MB tSentilic i(i nanj friid); e6 i[t eten rid in bic Htdbt |j 

;ie firtb jierabe )ii tcAttr jjtit oefomirtot. 
1>»! *Uafler fttOmte bntd) bdB ?w* Ijinetn. 
3*) luarf ba« erftc sOefte nadj ibm, um* mit unlet ble gii 

ft i|l ICBttS 3nbt in Iffcbraud) (flufn.ibme) ijcfcilimni. 
3>ict(i Webantc ift mir nie in ben Sinn jetcnimeii. 
IlJie teuniin =ie icmat* fin) fsStims eini.iUrn toifoi? 

3d) tonntc nie bet Bleinunii (einer Serbf*a[t btitrctm. 
ttoBOMR 2ie t-tttin. idj vein Jbiien titiuaS jucfleii flebei. 
Kn »cni lafle, itv id) jnf bie fflett ta. 
3<t nxtbe ba* etftt eeftc Haa) ilim iwt(tn, irnS mil in ti! bt illTJttl. 

3>ic|c att $att ift tilrjiidjiRi'beaevciiirt-cn 


It came intu use about 20 years ago 

To — into life (existence, being Sic.) 

WIh.ii do you — into possession of your 

He came into office under Gladstones' Government 

Come near. — neat the lire 

He never came near me (or a whole year 

That colour — s very near it 

Come next. This one — s next ... [c 

Come of. There was a ilea! of talk, but nothing 

He — s of a good old stock 

panUttd you; that — s of being un 

Come off. The Derby came off on Wednesday 

All the passengers have — uff ... 

One of my coat buttons came off ... 

He came off second best 

1 came off very well 

The door knob came off, when I opened the door 

Is there any thing to — off this bill ? 

There is £x to — off this (mount for discount 

He came off a looser 

The dirt will not — off 

It will — uff by tubbing 

You — off lightly this time, but if you 

brought again before the court, you will be 

severely dealt with 

When is the marriage to — off? 

When heat is applied to a vessel containing water. 

the temperature gradually rises, and vapoui 

— % silently off the surface 

Oome on. The pain — s on at intervals 

The cause will not — on for hearing till 3 o'clock 
He is — ing on well in his studies ... 

Night is-iogoa 

The lime for his departure is — ing on ... 

The crops are —ing on well 

It came on to rain 

You ought to leave Scotland before the wit 
Everything that — s on the table is eaten u 

] came on horseback 

Can you — on Monday? 

Oome out. The work is —ing out in part: 
How long will the wotk take to — out ? ... 

The work has already — out 

— outofthat 

The truth will — out some of these days ... 
The stains will not — out or the marble . , . 

Tell him to — out [mysell 

Don't — out of your way, I shall find the place 
Whatever I spend besides, has to — out of tnj 

The law cipenses — out of the estate 

It lb,: IT 

He would not — out with it 

Shall you — out again? , 

The nail will not — out 

.Spots are — ing out all over his face 

lie is fond of —ing out with latin and greek quo. 

tations every time he is in company 

My hair is — ing out in handfuls 

All the men came out on strike 

Oome over. — over here! 

A change came over the spirit of niy dream 

111 — over for an hour tins evening 

I could not prevail upon him to — over to our si 

A doubt came over my mind 

It will not be easy for him to — over me... 
An involuntary shudder came over ine 
I don't know what has — over him lately 

The water came over my knees 

I wonder what's — over him 

Come round. Hell — round in a little 

He'll — round to our way of thinking 

He is gradually — ing round (from his illness) 

He'll not — round me so easily 

Oome to. I — to see how you are getting on 

HU comlu.t at last came to lie unbearable 

That phrase has now — to signify the opposite ol 

wh-ii it used i" mean 
I came to ask you whether I might go 
He will — to see bis mistake 1-efure long 
I winder how he came to know about it ... 
I'll tell you how he came to know 
My mothers' word* came to be true 
Turkey has — to be a by-word of reproach 
I rang, but no one came to open the door tc 
You want to know how I came to be a doctor 
It came to be said that 

On s'en sert depuis unt vmgtaine d'annies 

Nattre. — Venir au monde 

Quand tiitreret-wtis en possession dcvotit /-mpi .'/,.' 
II eit tntri en [miction som It ministere Cladsto 

Appiochei-vous dufcu 

II 1st rati uneaninc en til-re sans s'approclier demoi 

Celti ttinti s'tii rapprochts beaucemp 

Celui-ci vients aprts 

On a beaucoup parti, mais il it'eit tit rim rtmlli 

II tit turn d'unt bonne vitillt famillt 

Lt maitre vous a punt, t'tst out t'aits ave: dit ut. 

Le Dtrby a en lieu mtrcreili dernier 
Tons la passagers sont dibarqnis ... 
I'n da boutons de matt habit s'est d.'fachc 

,1c, As; 

■bien sarti 

En onvrant la parte, it teuton "t'tst rati a in mi. 
Y ci-t-it qutltjuc thine d rctranchcr dt cttte note? 
II y <i cscompte dt £2 a lUJnire ,ie telle t.'uii'is 

II y a ttrdm 

La saleti ut vent pas s'en allel- 
ic I'rotteiHcnt It fcia Jisparallre 

Vous tit Hcs bitn sarti cittt fois, mai: si ik 

rtventt devant It tribunal, vous seret severe- 

mail thSUi 

A quand la nocel 

Lorsqu'on fait t halt fftr ml fair qui ' contient dt I'tai 

la ttmpfratttrt s'ilevt pen a ptu, it la vaftit. 

St degage sUtncitnstmtnt 1) la surfaet 
Lit donltur it fait lentir dt moment a autre\heure 
La cause nz stra pis apptlit a I'aiidlenee avtint j 
II fait de grands progrts ilani its itndts ... 

La null approche 

/,r moment dt ion diparl approche ... 
Les riccltti pouistnt bitn ... 


1 ,1 f-leu 

. dentin quitter I' Aces 
On aVrxnr font ee que Von . 
Je suis venn a ehtval 
Pourret-voui vtnir hindi ? 
I'ouvragc est publll par livraisons... [termini? 
Combitn faut-il Je temps pour que /'ouvragt 

L'mortgt ii di/A pain 

Ctet-vom dt la! 

La vrriti st ftra jour t6t on lord 

La tachts nevtulent pal disparatlre mr It ma 

Ditei-lui de sortir ... [I'endrott 

A't vein derange: par, jt tramitrai bitn moi-mlme 
Tout ct que jt dipenstrai en plui, ilevra sortir dt 
ma pathe \propriiti 

La frais du prates uroml pi is sur la tvlew ,!<■ la 
On a deconvtrt pendant It jugement qnt , 
Tout le village est venu an-devant de lui . 
lille vafairt son dclnif Vtm-tH attriu 

II n'a pat vouln le dire 

Sorlirtz-vous emeref 

On nt ptut re 

sort dts boutons plein lafigme 
up hfairt parade de cita 

it lalints ehaque fois qu'il se ti 
Mes cheveuse tombtnt d la poignie ... 
Tons Its euvrirrs se sont mn en pAw 

Un thangemen! lurvint dans la naturt dt men rest 

firai et soir paiitr unt hturt avee vtns 

Jt n'ai pu le dkultr & passer dans notre parti 

II m'at passi un doule dans I'tspril 

II aura tie la print i) mt duftr 

Un frisson invohntairt mi passa par tout It corpi 
Je ne sais a qu'il a dtpuis qurlque trmps ... 

f'avais de I'eau pardtssui Its grneux 

// reprendm ses esprit.' ( revttndrn a sol J torn ptu 

Hen vitndra d notre maui'/re de penur ... 

fl le rilabtit ptu a peu 

II nt nt'f dieiderapas facilement 

Je view voir comment ;-ju< :™j.- (irrt d'affaire ... 

Ha eonduite itail d la fn devenue insupportable ... 

Cttte locution en est rtnue a avoir nnt signification 

diamftratement oppoiie el satignificaiicn primttkit 

Je siiii venn vous demamitrla pcrmiision d'aller. .. 

II en viendra sous peu a voir son trreur . . 
Je me tiemande comment il est parptnu ,i le savoir 
Je 7/ais veui dire comment il est pan-time Alt lavot'i 

Lis paroles dt ma mere se sont rJatititl 

/ji Tarquit en est venue a icrvir de mot de reproch, 
J'aisonni, mais ptrsonnt n'ed srnu m'oiivnr ... 

I^ons voulet savoir commtnl il ic t'til ,/nejr mil 

On en tsl vtnu A dirt qui \mMrrin 


St) turn rjor iiitjjtjjlji- 20 JjIjwil in i£rr/rau$. 

3n'» *(beit [»a|(in] Ittleit. 

BJontt tretm Sit in to BtflB Jtjrt* Sltttrl? 

tc trat unto MlatiftenC* attjicrinij in'j anil 

Hormntn (JHIWdt) Si* on'l gean 

Cr Lim till flaiii.'o v lobr Ijm^hiiIj! in mtiuc «,!«. 

■r-iii'..- rt.ivi\- tritft ti kit nil-.-. 


(fis irntbe Diet flficCtt, abcr rii tain iJKfttS taio tftrauS. 

Sr ftmitml Ml eiirer julm alto! Ilrt. 

5t«r Ettjrer tjol Sit fltltraft; bo* tutnmi eon ^rjirr tliiiinf' 

33a« J*rbi|rrnncn fanb am ■fflittiniiif, etntl. 
Stk $af(aaiCK flnb art'6 ganb gtfHtyiit. 
Sin flnwf an tntbinn Slotfc jinfl left. 
6r beftanb am iliiKitoejkn, 
30") Dfliiinf fetjr jul. j* (am J<rjt fliit (aeon. 
2fcr Stflrhrort nfit B I08, all id) Hit Stithx offitett. 
t»(&tffitraa8i>oii oic[tr Mntjnungac? 
Sinn bitfcin *ftra,it a(t}<n 2 Ufmir* BiBtonto ab. 
(it tut kM vrrtortn. 
Xcr Scbmiiti HtO nitl U^.|,-i:..n. 
Bt ISM fid) aertibtn. 
SieBnioI tomtnoi Sit mil blaitcni ;lu.n- baCaii; tucini Ste 

abet ncij citunal Bor W(ria>l (atnracn, ruirt man [lunar 

mil 3t)neu oec[at)rni. 
Wartn fmt Ml ^^aftcit MC fia) Qctjoi? 
VBtna man dti tfefSfi t»Q SflafiiT rrljiBI, Hbt bit 3rmlxra- 

tur anmolij nljUtl, uit> cS fi<i||i ,}tra'ufitilD« 3)aui|'f 

con bec Ofeerflaojr tmenr. 
Iicr Sujmerj ftctll fid) in ijii: i frbtn ri 11 men rin. 
2)cr Jan timni! crft 11m J Ul|r 5111 IPtrKinMi.'iij. 
vjr tommt fit ftlnni £tu(icii tjlib|dj Mt«iMl 
Sie tlatjt ruift btran. 
Sic jttit Idiitr 9bvel|( rfloTI tjtran. 
J'it deleft iitlitL 1 jcbtit)fii flUt. 
IH f$itftc fi* an ju tcjricn. 

©it (ollleii GdwtllaiiD wrlafien, Iwcor rti SL'iuttr IwranrllJl 
Hlttl, rcoSauf ten Jiiilj tiimtnt, leirb >iuf.i(j<ffcu. 
?d) lam Jtrittm (in «ftivt). 
Aiiimcn Sic 5llonl,i t i tommcii? 
Dal IBert rrfdjciiit [bMU l)(ran*l in gicferuna™. 
StiC lanjc 8rit brand)! ban ISJtil ;nm (Etfditlnth 'r 
I)a» Elerf Ift [djun rjerauS. 
ftL'innKii «ic batjctauS! 
3>ic Hiatjrteit reirb nicfiftra? bciaiielonunen. 
Die gicttcn flcbcn iiidjt auS tern 'Ufaimot bnaul. 
Sajcn Sic iljin, cr folic bcrauslommen. 
S.iffcn Sic ft* ui*t ftCriit, id) unit* tn flaij fettfl finben 
!iBaS iaj fouft nod) auoaebe, mufi id) anb laciiicr djenm 

5nf(t>c 6c(rrcitcn. [trnriliru 

5He HkriC$Kfcftm rocrben au» ben Sinnatjirtcn bco tiiiibjitlct 
Pet btm Ccrnotc ftcDtc ei ft* yttaiH, baft-- ■ 
SaJ flame Etott Ijra ibm enlgcgcii. 
Sit Ititl a 14 2d),iufi'ictoin ou|. 
tft ivrflte nidil tamii littauirfloTcn. 
SBertcn Sit roicbn btrauetommen? 
Dcr Siajcl sin iiidit lin.iiiSfltbtn. 
Kn frinem flonfen 0*efltfjtt lomincn pftenTeii ttrauS 
ffii Iramt flcnie (atcinifdy nnt aricd)ifd)t Uitalc alii, W ill it 

Kftt firbcitn frttltoi bieltrbtlt tin. 
iron™™ Sir teril etc! 

Ift trot ciae inbcnin,! in Ititititm Iraiintaei'iJjte cin. 
34 mill tnitc lltfur. aul tint £iniiM1)trilbrrti>mnien. 
3d) tonntciljn niojl ttntjcn, anl nnftrc Scitc ItaytMta. 
lie. ;'il !:;iJ-iiJ man: ttOt 

. :;. ■!■:..!■■ ill billtcrjcbOI. 
tiiii nnh-illlilrlidier Siioiit'CT Iitvtltcf miJ). 
34 wtifi nidil. loo* |ril flnrjem Dbrr ibn jictomuitii ift. 
lial EJafitt ftiefl mlr ilbtr tit (tnit, 
34 mbfljtt toiHcn, real rr baUnva flbtl it it i)ctumin(ii ill). 
to roirb fcalb tvicrer ;a fl* lotnnttn. 
to tetrt it« )a unfmr einnrtatt NIcli"ii. 
to etfcoll Hd) alntalia (von [cinn Uronlljcil] 
to K-irb nl*l |o fcta)l mi4 tintet'f Si4t HHwn 
34 lomnte, urn jb frten. trit ti Mum flctil 
€dn Baraacn nnrrtx (dilic B li4 unntrSjIid) 
Inrft ««en»art btbeutel icjl >at actnH 0V,wii1C«1 ivn 

(en, traS fit fnlber bwci4»r'<- 
34 toolltc £ic ftaatn lommrn, ob idj jcbrn barf, 
to Wirt bait jmlfiirMt ftlnrt 3rrtv»m( (tdanatu. 
34 m04tc rolfftn, nrlt rr el erfabnn bat. 
,Ui r.iit 9|Mt [j|!cn. wic cr \u btr SrnntitiS totn. 
3Jic IBottc mtincr iSuttn bcroaitrbrititcn ft4. (=d)aiit* 
Sllit oemvlancn bn aflrlti HlMaM |i4 b« BtalrRta 
34 (d)t(11r, abcr 9Hcmanb um tmr Mt Il;ilrc |U btTnin 
Sit n-iliifdttn ;n toifltti, toil et lam, boft 14 da Si jt tun U. 
S4licfili41n4Ka"n.**6 ... 


! shown lhal he was really 

Ifit ci 

t kn..« 

The glass 

Lei us — 10 an understanding on the subjecl 

When Henry VIII. came to power 

If the worst — s to the worel 

If the mountain will no! — to Mahamed, Mohamed 

When he will have — lo years of discretion 

He was some time before he came to himself again 

Nothing — s amiss to an hungry stomach. 

lie came to beggary (poverty} 

He'll — to his senses by-and-by ... 

d you'll 

X let it 
Can you not find the passage ? read on, a 

— to it 
Things have — to a pretty pass ... 
Business has — to a complete standstill . 
Everything — s to him, who knows how 


He came to grief 

I'll wait till l( — s to my turn 

He came to an untimely death ... 

You might he punished, bnl I don't think it will 

ever — to that 

When am 1 to — to you? 

From words they came to blows 

We have not — lo a settlement in the matter 
I le has — to the determination, not to allow I 

He has — to the end of his tether 

It is not known how he came by his death 

I should like to — lo an understanding with him 

on the subject 

— close lo me 
They came lo c 
\WI1 lind lhal 
livery thing must — to an end 

I am not as bad as that — s lo 

These circumstances — ing to my knowledge 

It all came to smoke 

What does the whole amount — lo ? 

TfaeM things — lo £$6 altogether 

Will you — to the thcalr.- with me? [nothing 

There was much talk about it, but it all came 

It simply — 5 to this: 

Your letter came to hand in due time 

If il came to the knowledge of the nulhorities 

Don't let it — to his ears 

II —s to the same thing 

— to my arms, my darling 

— to Ihe door with me 

It came to pais, that the king being dead... 

No one came to the rescue 

He came a stranger lo tlii- ivwiitry 

Yes, I have it still, now I — to think of il 

You must — to me for whal you wanl 

(conclusion lhat . 
After thinking the matter over, 1 have — lo 1 
He came lo n miserable end 

He came to life again 

Il afterword* — to light, that 

the point 


■ tablet. 

What ! his family in the workhouse I has it — l< 

We'll — to that ptesently 

Cams together. How did you — together? ,. 
Come under. Postage — s under office charges 
A similar case came under my notice last year .. 

That phrase ought lo — under charity 

Come up. I came up with him at the turnpike.. 
Walk on as fast as you like ; I shall — up with yol 

The potatoes are —ing up already 

You cannot — up lo him in that 

A stranger came np, and handed me a letter 

The water came up lo my ankles 

Professor C. dues not — up to his predecessor .. 

Come upon. It came upon me suddenly, that .. 

Ifthe bank fails, the depositor* can — upon the 

shareholders for the whole amounl of their 

I came upon ihe documeni the other day, when I 
vu looking for a leltcr amongst my papers 

The bill — s to close upon £to 

When old age will have — ii|wn\. 

WtfaftOIM come upon misfortune 

When the whim — s upon him 
upon them unawares 

Si Jamais Pen a/rivail il prouvcr qu' 

cllement inuoiciii 

Si cela venait a lire toimu 

Le verrc s'est brisi 

Tdehens de nous entendre a ce sujet 
Quand Henri VIII est arrive^ an poiavi 


.Si' la montagne ne vent pas venir d nous, it font 

que nous a/lions a la montagne 
Quand it seta arrivi a tage de raison 
Ilful quelque limps avant de revenir i 
// riest sauce que dappttit. Venire affanU s 'an range 
II e't.iit ri'Juit it ia menditUl 
II revieiulra a la raison dans nil instant ., 
II ntfanl pas que je laissc la those in venir 
Est ct que vans tu trouve: pas I'citJreit? Gmtimut 

de lire el veus y arriverex 

En voila du beau ! 

Le tommcrce est dans un rial templet Je stiigaati 
7 out vient a point it qui suit attendre 


yattcnJrai que "ion tour arrive 

It a cu ttiicfin prcmaturle 

It pourrait se fnire que veus fussiei punt, niaisje 

tie pense pas que les theses en lienncnt ace point 

Qltamd dois-jt oiler veus treuvcr? 

Des paroles. Us en vinrent auj roups [/._ 

Nous ne sonimes pas eneore parvenus a arranger 
It a pris la aU'lcrmiiutien de ne pas te penuelti 

It est arrive an bout de saeorde 

On ne sais comment il a trottvf la mort . . . 
Jevoudrais I'icii parvenir il m 'entendre avet lui a 

ee snjet 

I- cue; lout pris de rnai 

lis envinrent aux mains 

Vans verret que bientdt la those vans JcficnJir. 

Tout a sa fin [fatit, 

Je n'en suis pas eneore arrive it ee ttegri de perver- 
Ves /ails venant a uui connaissanee... ... [sjti 

Tout s'en est alU en funUt , 

Quel en est le mentaut? , 

Le tout monte a Lj6 

Voultt-voHS vcnii an thiStie aver mot? 

On en a beaueoup parti', mail ii n'en est lien rlsulte 

Cela revient simptemctit a eeei 

Voire lettre m'eit parvenue au moment voulu 
Si etla pamenail a la connuissante des aulorilr's, 
sYe le (il'tirl piis parvenir ii ses ereillei . , 
Cela revient au mime 

I tens Jans mes bras, ma eherie 

Vents ll la parte avet met 

II arriva que le roi x'tant inert 

Personne n'esl Venn an setours 

II est venn dans ee pays en Granger 

Oni, je Cat emote, mainlenant que j'y pense 

Cest H moi quit font s'adresser peur te dent Vi 
avet besoin [.endure ( 

April y avoir mBremcnt rfflkhi, fen suis veni 

It afini misiratilcment 

// est ressusciti 

Ensuite, il s'est sit que 

Vena-en au fait 

Nous n'avons pu lomtier iPaeeonl 

;<\ /'A 
a ee point i 

Nous aliens y arriver tout A fheiire 

Comment vans Ites-vous rencontre's' 

I j por( des lettres est tompris dans lesfrais de bureau 

Parti/ tas s'est prisenle A mon attention fanne'e 

Cette phrase devrait venir sous le met charile' 
Je fai alteint a la bai-riete tie plogt 

Marthtt aussi tdte que veus -. euJi,: ; jeveus altra- 

Let pommel de tcrre commencent a lever ... [perai 

Vims nrptnevc: pas Pegnlrr en tela 

i'n ineonnn sui-.dnt ct me presenta une lettre . . 
/'avail de Ptau jusqii'ani ehevilles 

Si la banqne fait faitlite, les diposants pen-cut 
rttlamer nux actiennaires le nmntant integral 

de teurdepSt 

fai mis faulre jaiir a Pimprojuste la main sur 
dok-nment en .Aerehant ute lettre parmi m 

La note s'e'teve A teat prts de £80 ... \papie 

Quand viendra lamriltesse, vtns -.-<iii repiulirei. 

Pes matheurs se lutc/Jirent 

Qnand te eapriii lui prtnd 

Nous Us avons surpiis ii fimproviite 

Boltt d H it |i«.ui,ijtiu.ii (crowifcti). Mi (i wntiifl 

SiScnn h Itiaujfjuic. 
2M6 utloD gin,) in S.\Mt. 

¥aBt Uit-S ilbn Wit Wearnftonb ju einct Set|tJittiL)Unfl lonincn. 
ai»$f in rid) VIII jurillodjtddoiiatc. 
lakiiii oj3 HUcr[o;Ituiiii[t( tiiilrirl. W. allr etritft rri6ni 
Want brr t*rt s i uidjl ju Hdili.niuiKf Milium leiu, ami 

illolMiuract )Ullt ( ili'tai. 
ffltnit (i s« ttn 3at)[tit In *vi ji.iutij gtloniincii [(in Bit 
CBbauntc ciiiioc&il, tis a micKv f,u M tool. 
Iwt fiuiiiritfen i[t flut lo^ii i>»i<il't i[t bw btftt Su*. 

: : . . .-,::■. . ■,..;: 1.1; 

t£cicirt altmolij ju eiiuitii ((iir (JefiniuiMa) toataicu. 
3* tjrl ti ni*l bo t ii loainca ufidi. 
HLiiuirn Sit hie Stdle nidn fintaii :' (i-imi Sic utiles bona 

uvtMn €i( tummen (ftcfitn). 
Si i|» (Uiwi e*i.'iif3 (WtttH) Nirau* tftraortai. 
Slit i»c[d|dftr licflttt uollftoiitiifl piU (dornidirt). 
Via lis an ten |ImH" I j i! MOM tan, i|t Icidjt ciii (wrr 

Iwr goitjcii ISctt. 
Bcotrittvinti(*alttt. Or loin )u SAjoben. 
3a 11'iU iMrtiti, t'l? Vk SHiiti.- an tniai lunmit. 
tEr font final f rfi ft^ei 1 igeii lc^. 
Sit Kitnleit t([tro[i iwiten, attr id) Wnfc niait, ta( n 

Ki;il I.'ILIBII-IL If 11' . 

ISaan fell 1* \u ."iI'ik'ii (innmcn? 

n'en fficilrti tom man pJ ltfiillia>Kit(: 

Jiiir iint uiwc tie £ad)c iu'4 nid)l in'* '-Hniic iictoinulol . 

trriftiutwinEiilfiljluiicJClanat,t«uiil)Ijiic " 

Cr ifl ciif'f Sufterpe netiroajt. 

Man mci6 nia>l, loic er umtnnt 

3* inaa>t[ mid; jctne iil-ce ben tjlcantflaits mil i V M a 

noniiiK'n Sic ii.:i'-; an mid) S.iivjit 
Sic raiirti-n ban^.-niciit. 

@ic I Wit til [i lift II, tUJ cif JI'IKIt all mi I ifl lei ij I lotf 
»art Est tin Snbe. 
So [d)le4t bin id) nl*t. 

mi bicic llmftdiibc 511 nieinn Sean in 16 geloitjteii. 
SUM L iiiia in :Haadj «a|. 
S!ic tfCC) hOlft fid) ht aonjc ©etroo? 
T'iiK BJdKii Min.ini im Wjlsicii .mi cl'i fiuiibjultiklt 
BJoflcn 6ie rail tnic fai Ibcoter gctxii? (Wiliu 

Sion modjtc Did fflrtrtt bcBcn, adcr e* taui mi cUiwin *i<bt* 
C« laufl cinlad) iiii-.ini rin.iiw : 
3be«ric[ lief reAtlcilifl Hit. 
XBcnt rt jur itainlitic «r WebOvbcn gct,iitjti'. 
Saiicn £ic cf ibni tiidjt jii Obnu tunimni. 
<li laufl jui t.iji.ibi ttatMI. 

H 11 111 iiniiK Stunt, itittn Sdjal}. 

jrvmncii 6ie mil mi e an W Iftilre. 

(is etciniicie fid), baft, ale ber stfliiig dtflacben Inar,... 

'.'Ii, 111,11:; Inn -,11 tillfc 

(St torn oti ftrcaiHinfl uad) StljIiWb. 

3c, id) bait til iiud), jct>t oitfiiuit idj mid). 

■;u iiiii'iLinii mil l.i'inkii. miiii'-rie IHimt bi'oudjtn 

[l.ilitn, lain id) ju Hem Sd)!uiie, tat - ■ 
%I6 i* mit bie €cftc ui'd) v -itte buidj «n Huiif gtt>ti 
St fcnbtincteiiBcsttiic*. 
ffit Tam reicbet in'6 Vcmh sntfld'. 
US tam U'.itcr an'e Vid)t, Oafj... 
n.:miiKTi iit iiir Eaibt. 
Bit tcuntcn une nid)i wrftaiititirii. 
XUiel ^eiucftamilit im armi-iili.niie! 3|t ct bajn {! 



d'ir nxrbtn alcid) batauf (bajn) lemi 

illie taincn Sic pilammeii? 

3>a« Stie[»ii[ti) temmt anfbic tliirtaiirtdinun,! (u 

ttin oljntiibcr »aU tam Icftc* 3at)C 1" » 

a>iefe MeMitijtt (elite unlet „Gbaritl|' 

3d; Imltc ilin cm ed)logboume rin, [ijleld)cn isd)titl tmltn. 

Okbai ©ic |o IdjiicU, icic Sic luoQea; id) reitbe mil 3b«" 

UMe Sattoflelii Icmmcn fdjuii betaue. 

€it liiiuini t? ii™ bar in nidjt glrid) I Vim 

<tln Bttmbtc trat anf intdi ju 1111b iittntidile mir cinen »rilf . 

Ta* HUafict (lic,i mit bi« en bie Kn(d|el. 

Vrufcf(..ttS talt return (ktgWn) mil iiinem Wcrginjei an. 

i£h tam mit vl^Uidj in Ccn 'Sinn, baj... 

BJtnn bie **ant fnliiri, tilnnen Me Sinleger fidj nxaa brt 

aan^eit (ktra^tt- iljitt tSinlaacn an bit WttwiMR 

3d) ftittr ntulid) nnf baf edjrififtiid'. al* id) antti mctnni 

Saiiiettu nod. eincm «tie(c fiidjle. 
3)ie Wdbnun,) tiimrnt nal* anf So iifuiib 511 [Kbol. 
3n ibieii alttn Ja,icn nttben Siert jn bettutn babci 
UiLjiii.f iibet liii.iiis.t brad) herein [«ovl 

Ml-I'I !..■ 

Ifl! it fiekn uiiwcfclmtf Abet fie btr. 


.r I ■ 11 

i. uM. 


This failure, — ing, as it did, closely upon the 

failure if the bank, caused intense exciti 
I came upon him without his perceiving mc 

How did you — upon that idea? 

COMEDIAN. The best low — wc have 

COMEDY. I.ow - 

COMER. He is evidently a new— ... 

The first (last)— 

The museum is open to all — s 

These benns arc early — s [my old aye 

COMFORT <*). That child is my only - 
There is not a hit of— in that house 
I allowed him a tittle money for tobacco ami 


like ci 


He is rich enough to procure all the — s oflifc . 

He lives in— 

What a - to have a good lire 

He studies his — 

You can wear thai dress with — , as you have n 
children to nurse 

COMFORT (n): The news — ed my mind . 
TIi=. rhildren — ed him in his old age 

COMFORTABLE. Make yourself — 

T am pretty — at this inn 

Wc h.ul a — chat together 

A -room. A — bed 

A —seat (chair) 

A — rule (drive) 

A — journey (walk) 

A —cup of coHec ... 

A — dinner 

He has money enough to make himself — 

That sum will make her — for the rest ofherdays 

He has got a — situation 

I don't feel — in this coat 

Oo you feel more — , now you have hail a bath i 
COMFORTABLY. He is — settled in life. 
Von could walk the distance in an hour — 

a ;v:i. 



OOMFORTLESS. What a - c.< 
are [ your clothes are thrown on, 
room is a mass of confusion 

A — existence 

COMICAL. A — fellow 

What a — thing that is 1 

COMING. The — of an actress 
The — in of the rebels commenced the ; 
The — on of the wet season in India cau 
leave for England 

COMITY of unions 

COMMA. The word was put in inverted - 

COMMAND it-). 1— you to 

The hack window — s a splendid view of the 

The east side of the fort — s the road t 

That article — s a ready sale 

The officer who — s the ' ftlack Prince 

He — s the respect and love of all that know 

When eicited. he is unahle to — his feelings 

He— s the situation 

That statement -s belief 

COMMAND. He lost all — over himself .. 
Ills conversation shows a thorough — of English 

He has the — of nine languages 

On his assuming the — of the regiment 

The officer in — of the advanced guard [ — , than 
No sooner has the Captain given the word ol 
The brigade under his — ... 

Ht is Bnt (second) in — 

He his plenty of means at his — 

A score of servants are at his — 

At the word ol — . l!y his — 

You muu obey his — s 

Ill bear your — to him 

1 -l.iil beat vrmr — s in mind ... [— s 

He was entrusted with the execution of the Kings' 

COMMANDING. In a — tone 

My house has a — view ol the Alps 

A — lookUirl 

J-he — officer [of S. 

COMMEMORATION. In - of the battle 

Cel'e filiate >i,ivanl Afrit celle de la banqae fro- 
dliisit une vine f motion 

Je I'ai atlrape 1 sans ipiit me nit 

Comment <ette id<e :<>ns e.d-el/i venial 

l.e meitleur aeleur de vaudeville que now ayvns 

Lafarcc, t,t vaudeville 

C'eit evidemment un iiouveau-vcnH 

Lc premier (dirmcr) via ti ... 

Entree libre an must* 

t.i luirimts sunt pre'eoces 

Vet enfant tit ('unique conmlalion ./. ma vieit.'e: 
11 n'y a pas Ic moindrt hien-etre dam telle mai. 

Ce fill une consolation pour it vicilln 

des nouvetles de son Ji/s [de la 

11 est asset ricae pour se procurer Ions its agrltncnts 

II nil lieiireux 

Quel agriment que d 'nroir an ion Jen ,' ... 

It ehcrche son bicn-flre 

i'ons pouve: porter telle robe sain inquietude. . 
vous u'avez pas d'enfants a soigncr 

Cettt nouvelle ni'a reeonfort/ 

Sei cufanli font console dans la vieillesse... 

X.- :vu< c.'ne: pas 

Je mis iiuc: Hen dans^ette auberge .IT'IIIIS i-ilfili.-lV hull il lli'tre HI iC 

Unt honne chambrc.— Un ban lit 

('ue mai son commode 

t'n siege commode 

{ 'hi promenade agn'able (ii clieval) 

I'H voyage agival'le ( a pied ) 

Cue tonne lane de cafi 

On. honJiner. 

// a assez d'argeii pour jonir de hi vie ... 
Ctt argtni la mellra ii I one It rate dt sa vie 

Jltsl dam 1'aisemct 

Jt in sin's pas a men aist dam tt vctemcnl 

I oiis u-nie t-ivui micas depuis que vous nn / 

II a de quoi vivre A i'aise ... ... [an bat 

1 out pom -lie: fair/ la route a pied dans une he\ 

sans volts gener 
II pent vivre A I'aist arte £lOo dt rente ... 

Ceta 'it va pas Imp mai 

Xourelie rassuranle 

Quelle 111 sle treat urt voui faitcs! Vous etc; habitlee 

tout de tretvtrs, el voire ehambrt ts' '"' 


Une trnlt existence 

Un di-ite tie corps 

Quelle drlUedt chose I 

Le debut d'nne aclrice 

/jj unimistion del iclh/.'i-s eiiiumeiicn ieiei 
Ifarrivct de la saiion lies piuies dans I'inde me 
fit partir pour I'Auglclciie 

/.a tourtoisit Internationale ^[giiillemeli 

On a gnillenietU' le mot. On .a mis le mot entrc 

Jt vous oriionat dt 

/<<■ la faietri de derricrc, on a line rut magnifiqn, 

du Matter/mm 
A Vis 
Cel article , 

L'offuier qui commande le Black I'rinee . 
It eommandt le respeel et rogation de 1 

qui le connaissent 
Une foil snrtxeite; it n'tsljlus ma/trt Je Iui 

II douiint la situation 

Cclle dl.larafum ne tat'ist pas dt place an doute ... 

Ilperdit lout empire mr lui-mfme 

Sa conversation promt unt connaiisanct appro- 
fomiie de I'Anglaii 

It possedc nenf tongues 

Je mis avos orilres .. 

Bn prenant le eommaiidemenl dn regiment 

I.'o/h'.ic- qui . I'" '■:■.■■ . ....■.-.'.. ■"de ... 

Le capitaincn' cut pas plus l,'l MMMMlf ... 

La brigaile au'it commandait f placet sons ses ordrts ) 

II commande en premier (en stiondj 

Les resources nt lui manauenl pas ( I! a leiitoyen ) 

II a une vingtaine 'une foulc) de Jumestiqtus .) ies 

An eommaiidemenl. ~Sur ion erdic ... [ordres 

It faut obcir A ses ordres 

Je lui porterai vos ordrts 

Je n'eutiliirai pas vos ordres 

0" tuiconfia t' execution lies Ordres du ryi.„ 

ITii'i I. 'U <>e eviiimoHitemtnt... 

Dt ma maison, la vue s'etentl sur les Alpts 

( ue phyiio'ismie- (un air iniposant ) 


i.nioration dt la batailU de S. 

fa Hclrr HinTtrott tfotf.iiMiit MMttteOM ou( Cm Sine) 

ttr (taut lolfltr, [o itrur|Lid)t( rr miiirtxiitrt Bufrcfliina. 
M fid tlbtt iljn &«, ohiit cofj rr mie) ttmerttt. 
a)t( fuit>6irnir) twit IHdunleii fltlonraiLii' 
Itr tcftt Stomilrt, I*n loir Ijobcn. 
Slitticrrt tuftftjid. Dvtfc. 

SriftcRtntardn Sruliua (ilrrmtlina. flnlitanntiitg). 
Irr (iirrft [ oiled 1 Imal. 
to* fliufciim i|t hit ."IrCcnnann atflfnet. 
DM i-ui- Aiulitotjnni. 

■Bitlte Jttnb iftrntiiujiniflttaicflinmriiirmnllrT ltinitiin-v 
Jn »it|™ £au(t ifl niiSt tie (|(iiu,i[tt *tl;jflliwt<it *«ttiii- 
3$ mar| lfm etime Wclf fiii Zalial uiib txranigr tlciiie 

i'ttirviuiiif aiut. 
I>i( Seuiflteittii v.m jtiiirni iturtu un 2rtfl fdr ten 

IStrtt. [cnfOMtttit. 

Qe ifl rridj flrnii.i. nm firt) nfle Vtatirmliitltiltn Mt Eibena 411 
lir mi-tt tiKhtbnc|li4«f(fea. 
ffiir frtinfllid) [if t moil Ijinki rinrni warweii Olen. 
lit l[t bnroiif btlM*f, fut) M Till II rcoit niifltTieljmiuinnihitl 
git TBnittu las jilcib eijne iinaftliitjteii Iragtn, to (le tcine 

Siiilcr gu tracten haben. 
Die 9?o(»ti4t erfreutr (trSpeH) mrine ©tetr. 
Seine Sinter irareu tie SVreute (lei IrrR) feints Klttrg. 
lWa*tn Sie eS It* bequetn. 
;ldj tin in tirfcni W.ifibofe (Hit aulaebrben. 
Si'ir pljitbrtten aeniiifblidi ;ii(iimmrit. 
ein aemiltblin>ts ( v eimli4t», t-cbaaliajci) QI«IWII IBdft 

gill tt.TlltlllM (tt* hlllidicc) $1.1 u*. 

Sin bequemrr (bevnglidicr) tsiij [SIu6U. 

tfm iuijciiebrarr EHill iei-a(ierflaiij) 

fiuir iin,iriiebnie epaiierfatrt [«ei|(]. 

tEitie gcnulttU^c lofle Itoflte. 

vHn {leHiiitblidteS 9I»5t. Ken. 

vjc bat Welt flmit,j, nm fi* ein anflrnrbtniii Feben ui mtnwf- 

■?ie[[ euinmtn>iib jutiSrtintnnii cine* bebaaliilieB £rten»- 

Utlwteine bubidic atrlle bctoiumni !.itnlb*)iir ritbiinciitjra 

i\n litkm )K^[f[ (iibk id) mi* niAl bebaali* 

ffiititen £ie iiai na* tern *ate tept rceljter (bebaQlio>r)? 

(tr tat eine anflrncyine SebetiSltrUunn. 

Sietilnnen tit etrttft btqutni iiirinei ituiibeatfttn. 

Cr lann mil 2CX> lifnnt iativliifi frc.Tiinit aiiStemmen. 

%)ii tauuncit biib|* (u'cnilidi jut) rorivuits. 

(hfrtiiliite (tifftlnti*) •Jtadii'Kblcn. 

mut )Ut tin untr(«(li*(i Dlenfili Sir But I 3fn JWeitti 

(f(C!i (0 fajli-itevi,!, iiul in 3tjccm Jimmet litQl atlri 

tnuilcr :u:t orStlr. 
l£int iitibeKmlidK (traurinel Uri[>ras. 
(iin [,'i.uiiijti (teoDiger) *turf«c. 

TcdiilrretcnriiiH &Qa u[^ielrrin. [3"!W- 

Tie tin tern-erf una, bet Snift.iittiidjcti (tflanii am n.]d>fieii 
To* Jloben bet noflen So*te*«:il in ,i»bicn RmbiM 

meine flbrtifr md) Qnglaiib. ['Jtotirntn. 

^ntennitt 1111 ale (iSn'wItit. rVteunbliAr! (JinKrnebsien bet 
Tot SJort n'litte mil !tiifiibnui^jeid)cii na,inMii6*eii) utt 
.laiMtb[e,tbneu,iii... (iebm. 

Shit CinterfenfUT Qeiraltt cine trtaftliiif BuSffftt auf bos 

2ic Clrtfite tto fttfU tetttt(4t He €ttofi( na* 8. 
I>ie(er Brlitfl fin tet jii ten StHaC. 
let Cfiiuer, r«id)et ten „«farf ^tinee" ttfrtfijl. 
St iroibijt HOen. tit ifvi ftinitu, Siriitn jt,j nut vk« a6. 

^n btr Wufre^miJi ift« [tiner Stfiitilt nidjlCcrt. 


ritltt IMflfl tniis man glanStu. 

Ut tttlct otle eiibftbtbrniajuna 

■Stint tin ter bat tan, 1 jei,)t, las er tji ttnjliidjt Ofttfloiibia 

atbetrcvfnitiirHn €Dta*en. 
^ft pebe pi at™ Stfftlcn (Tiirnfttn). 
nliet ben tftftl.l ilbet fa* 9te fl in™t iitep«v»- 
?vt 6d(()Wl»tenW Ctfiiier ter *orlji|i. 
flaunt tattrr Satitan tal SL>uimanbmrett ilt(ittrn, all... 
2ie uutn feincnt t'eftvle fiebente Prtaate. 
St iff btr rtfte [iiwitr] ^litUbatet- 
lrinellltnae»;it)(lfttt>en itjin ju ISetote. 
Sine gojaat Mn Tlrnetn ftebt ibm iur Hetfiljiuij. 
ftetmReimnonrereartt.— Suf feinen ©rfcljl. 
Sitnrilflrn feinm t<efehlrn JtlwrfKn. 
,1* ■!■ itm .>brrn Sefetl ilbtrbvin||en, 
?d> mrtte Jbie Vtftot Kheriifini I im £innt hSeitieu) 
ftt inrrtemil tet SuMiltrmn^ ter Btl|lHai Wtbtt btlinnt. 
?n tinon Wettenben fbttiif*™) Inn. 
fflein ftaal fltlrabtt einen UebrtMH attr tie Ulrtn, 
Sin .ftrntdrntlirf — tfint Orrr|*mniene. 


ii Ulb4t i'» "-■ 



COMMENCE. I — d 10 learn French las 

Winter has already — d 

The second act — s at 9. 30 

Have you — d your letter? ... 

The concert will not — before another hour 

He — d a law suit. — reading 

He — (i his speech by saying, that... 

— at the beginning 

I have not as yet — d with it 

The dinner —il with turtle soup 

The stmgs — s with; 'Calm is the night' 
He— J to work (he — d working) 



Before — ing to 

By —ing on Monday you could have it finished by 
the end of the week 

— at page 94, and read II lines 

My object in— ing with I he 5lh preposition, h 

COMMENCEMENT. Ncfbmdfor«— . 
At the — he seemed to like his studies ... 
He was in debt from the — (See: beginning/ 

COMMEND. He -cd his soul to God 
Such a course — s itself to all honest people 

COMMENDABLE. With — prompitude 

COMMENDATORY poem [(zeal) 

A poem — of his hravery 

COMMENSURABLE, fa imUhcmitto, 

quantities are said to be — with each olhe 

COMMENSURATE. The punishment was 

not — to the gravity of the offence [says 

OOMMENT. The Times —ing on his speech, 

He — ed favourably upon the action of the 

Such an action needs no — [governmeni 

Thi>5e who have — ed upon (on) Shakespeare 

Mis conduct is the best — on his declaration 

COMMENTARY. A — on the Bible 

"'COMMERCE. We carVy on — with Austrahi 

Foreign (Inland) — . Rules of — , 

Chamber of — 

To have illegal — with 

The state of— {Sa: business) 

COMMERCIAL men. A — traveller 
From a — point of view 

We have — relations with that firm 

— prospects (look-out) ... 

COMMERCIALLY. He is — engaged 

— considered it will prove a success 
COMMISERATE. I— your lot 
COMMISSARIAT. The Army — department 
COMMISSION. Sins of omission and - 

— of bankruptcy 

— business 

— broker. — agent. 

— merchant 

He aided in the — of the crime ... [A 

He holds Her Majesty's — as Captain in 
He was — ed by the firm to purchase 300 horsi 
I receive a — of <,% on the orders I get ... 

The purchase of — s in the Army is abolished by 

What is your charge for — [law 

He is in the — of the peace 

He got a — in the Army 

356 officers, non ed otficcrs and rank and tile . 

1 *cnt him the goods on — 

He sells on— _ 

Government issued a — of inquiry 

The great seal was put in — 

The ' Minotaur ' will immediately be put in — . 
His act of bravery gained for him a — ... 

— in lunacy (or better. Lunacy — ) 

The House appointed a — to inquire into tl 


The Lord High— 

COMMIT! His statement was -ted 10 WtiOt 
Ho — s everything In chance 

I —ted the words uf the song to memory, .. 

lie — ted his soul to God 

The body was — led to the grave (to the deep) . 
Lathe writing* were -ted to the flames... 
I II nut — myself to any course al present 
1 It: —ted iln' 1 liil'iri-n to my care ... 
I — these pjju-i- tutu y ■ 1 1 r ( hujrn . . 

C«»mm5hw wtifJi 

. . I ji me suit mi;) A apprendre It 
Chiicr a dipt commote/ \Jrancais ic mots dernier 
Le dcuxieme aite commence At) li. jq 
Avet-lVUs commence voire letlret ... 
Aussitit i/u'i.' commence (i/u'il <t mil) a pli 
Lt concert 11c eommeiicera pas truant une net 
II mtenla tin prvcis. — Com mattes A lire ... 
It eommettfa son disronrs en disant que ... 

Commence: /'tie It commencement 

Jus.,u't.t\je ne faipas encore comment 
Le diner commettfti par une soupe. a la tortu 
La chanson commence par : Calme est la nu 
fi cttmmenea (II se mil ) A travaitter 

Pour eommencer, it y a 

Avaitl de caimotccr a 

Eh commatcant (vims y tuetlant) litnJi, im 

riii I avoir fni pour Its Jin tic la semaii 
Commence* & la page gf, el tisei n lignes... 
EHcommmcant par lajcpropvii/iiiii, fat mi 

Pas mal pmtir an debut 

All commencement 'an debit! ) tl semblttit j 

I! cut ties dates del le d/but ... [gout A ses /fades 

II reeemmandit son lime A Diet! 

Une telle condititc mi-rile I 'approbation tie Ions les 
Avec un empressement louable .. \honnltes gens 


I '.■/-.' r/tti .. iibrtuA m riiiltaii, e . . 

En mtilhrmatiiities, deux i/iiattlttc, -out ditts com- 

La piiailion n'itait pas proportiatiuce A la gravite 

de la faule 

Une telle action se passe de eommentaire 

Crux qui ont commend/ Shakespeare 

Scs actes son/ le meilleur comnicntaire de scs Paroles 

(In eommentaire de la Hits 

Les L'oiiimentaires de Cisar 

Notts faiions des affaires avec CAttstratie ... 

Commerce cxt/ritur (int/riettr). — Right du c. 

Chambre de commerce 

P.tre en commerce (avoir du conmurce ) avee 

lit silitiilioH toiniiicrcinle 

Des commercanli. — Un cotumis-voyageur ... 

An point de vtie commercial 

Sons le rapport commercial 

Notts sommes en relations d'affaires aveccelti mail 

Une nation camtiureaiite. — Un traili de commer, 

La perspective com men tale ; I'avenir du commer 

tl est dans les affaires 

Sous h point de vtte commercial, ccla r/usst'ra 
Je compatis A (Je plains) voire sort 

Direction 'Ic I irttendance m/ 

Pt'cht's d'omission el de commission 

Commissaires charg/s de /aire line auju/te sue une 
beinqiteroitte et d'assurer Vaelif aux cr/aneier; 

Maison de commission 

Co u rtier-eom m issionnairc. — Cominisiioiinoii e 

Negotiant commitsionnairt 

Iltip.iithipi.'t :,ieemmiision(perfitration)duei 

II est cctpilainc dans I'armft. 

La mauon le cliatgca d'aeicfer joo chevatix 

Je rcceis (on niallouc) une commission de J% 

follies les tommandes que j'obtietK 

L'atkat des grades dans t'armle est aboli de par la lei 

Comoitn prenex-vaus de commission I 

It est juge de pait 

// obtint un grade d'officicr dam t'artnee 
Jj6 eflicitri, sons offtciers et soldates 

/,. hti expediai 1,1 manhaHiiiie en commi 

It vend h la commission 

Le eottvememetit nomma une commission d'ciit/tiete 

Le grand sceau fut cottfie A tine commissic 

On n anner le Miuotaure inccssamment 

Son arte de courage hti paint tut brevet 

Commitsion des aliLnei 

La ihaml-re renx-oyn t'ajfaire A une efmHI 
[tm demande I interdiction pour cause t 

Commi'miri charge" d' examiner uttt pei sonne donf 

Sa declaration fut mise par /ait 

I! laiMc (a.';itrd,'nne ) tout an kasard 
Jepavaidans ma m/moiti les paroles de la uiausoH 

■ : (confia) son time d Dletl ... 
Le corps fut ,/,/...., dans la tomlw (con/ie A la m, 
let icrits de Luther furettl jetes auxjlammes 
Je neveux prendre aucun enrage matt pour ie moment 
II mil hs enfant' win ma pi-election 
fe cen/ie eel papier 1 A N* soins 


3m Icftm Uiraat frnq id) oa, grdnjBiilaj jit Ijtnrn 

£*r SUJiiitrr frit fajuii tcaonnrn. 

Tvi lii'Lil. '.Ill L-L'.miiit lira told >j(1)tl. 

(dtoi 6i< 3vrm tftirf an^rfsiigai? 

Sobalfc ci iiiifin j )U njnen. 

lue Jtonsrrt Wirt our tinrr etuiift nutjl jiifiin^rn 

tfr fina (ftwuatr) einoi %'in},<i an.— gottam €it hm j, 

tiv btflJiui )(iii( ilittt Cl-liiuI, t.ifi cr fafllt, 

gangro 6ir oomr on. 

34 S«br Hi jtlj! nect) uidjl t.irait .i 1 tfl f(.m jei 1 . 

SMf SJiittaorflca tjtiionn mil S^ilttrCttuUpt 

3>a* 8irt final an: „6liil ifl tiir floaj!." 

lit fina an \a qitnitm. 

Urn t.'.iinlvi ItiVTIiTfTi, fe 8i»t(9... 

■rjfuot iil)a]iiange|tt... 

IDtnu git aJtuiilas oiifrageu, tfinilca (it li n'flfn If 

(Bon)( fed ifl IjaWn. 
gan,icn£it scii<94 ,111,111^ lifm in \z ;lcilcn 
3ntiemii1)mil((iiifiiiift(ii Salu iinfaiiflf, ifl eg itinnc "lb|ia.r. 
gilv trn Unfaii^ ni«t BM. 

;"\tti ttnfciig [aim «■ itiL-utc .111 [ciurn Stutidi ju tjatcii. 
lit rear dor flnf.iii.i u ecrfa)nn;et. ' 
IftWMIffltjttltinr eerie. 

ftin|oIiW»nfo1irrnoilcfitWtn*.it(rTi rftfUN 0nl 
■HI iWMtonix atg: (laMiafg) ftsWlWt 

tfln i'ofjrttitt (Bwi8flcei*t) oaf (cine JflVlrifeil 
3n oer inatrjematiT i.nt nr.-.n.i.-.v \mi I'.uCni tcmnKDluratil 

3 ic €trafc (i.hic iiiiS-i ira titiifltit ^nbiliiiiljr ;i> bn 

e^irmbee SetfltljciiS. 
Xit ..liraea" foat to bee Std'Hdjuaa (tiatr Wtbt . . . 
lit fprattj flit) giiuftifl fl»« bat »<trfabrrn bcr 'Jftflirruna wft 
tint [elttjt ftauMunfl brtarf Irian (hltjiuitf . 
lie ai.MMr/nnetlli'rer, T> StialffwanauSIfgcr, 
6eiB ikutfjiarn ifl tie befie iSrrinruna ^a frian *a#(a|je. 
Qiae SibctcrHeroiia.- Bm Vibclau^Iifluia. 
ISatfor'S SXnlreiirbi jtulcn (Sirmcirrn). 
Mir Initm $jabtl utit 9ii|tca[i». 
(lanbel mil btm SuSlnnd' [gitliiitbt]. — $.inM3gt|cti 

ttiii nmrrUnUtii PcrljoIIinfi mil Qenubai unlrrl.iltoi. 
lit (anDEltlaflt. 

»au [0 1 ru te. — ailt fan C lu nfjerti [dibtr. 
»l'iii ,idJ!.irt!id)cn etait»|niriftt auS. 
an arf*6iili^cr WaaTiat. 

■.. . - !■. .:.■ ■ ■ : ■.-,.■■ ■: ■■ ■■ ■: "- = : . ■ i" : : I T. 
ttiiibflab[Itrtittnb(«iBt>rt.— *aabdsrtrtraa. 
t_M 45 ft h u !fi drttn . fa nM«au*ri4t. 
iiv ift in mtfdjaftcn Ibatij. 
Stem j[|4;itili4m gtai^viinltc auS Pclra*rtt, Irltb t* ft* 
Jit! trtauiiv iKimiliiiX) Jbr foot. [uunun 

©it Urmaintcaeaatur. 
*obi fflrtio)! rnoirlti: Sclim.nljt, Iraft ludfcn bi 

^6rb( I'i'iv.! :;■.: SoIIaaMitet! 

jturamifiieii.^iejiil. [i'ht (cr Srrbilcrtn 511 imlrrf 

M j 1 ii 111 i i 1 1 l 1 11 ■- iiw tltt — jteni uii [fie ntts gen 1. 
MLiniiiif'iL'iidr. 3ntiabrr cin<S Hcmqiifiii.n=(jcfd)Ji)trf. 
lir Klftttt hmfni*r fcatic t>ci C(r Ktrriibuna be "" 
Cr i|l EeliifltidKT (laiivlraaan in bn tinner. 
Ur rourbt ten bn fliting btanftrafit, 300 1)[nbr in la 
3d) beloaimt JJ Honinti|fimi<fl(bii6wrt Hi " 

iL\'ldy In 111 it cialaufdl. 
Im Jtaufoon Ofniinifttnot im (cm ift fltferjlia) al 
Wat wrlattaea 51( an Somnriliioiieatbiirnxi " 
8c ift (in iSrirtcii'Jriatrr. 
ttrttIaiifl!ttiii(CfiiiictBfleBc Inifwrr. 
356 Cffijicrc, lUi1«D(fiji(n unt ISi 

c iinii bit aiaaccn aiif 

3* I"" 1 
l!ir IMeiiiecang tntlaiiblc tint UiitcrfiiAunatloiiimilfi™. 
So* eiaaisfi'atl witrbr tincr steal nifflon iitrrarttn. 
Swr ..Winotaiir" reirb lefert in IMcnf! urftrlll roertea 
■Erinr 'aliffK (lanblnng rrroarli iDw tint CflilitrtfttBi. 
ueniniiiii.'ii -,111 Urnjriin,! per II rtjurtdnt uiifl* |a biii'fil- 
'i\ti H bfltorc 8 [ttjle eiue IT 

gall in unltrfiifhtti. 
Sin aJJilfllicb bcr fhwntflbn m Unici 
3 cr Ibniglicbc Slotllialtcr In 2 diL-ttl.ii it 
Stint Jtuifajt roarbc aiif,icf4ricb(ii. 
Bit fittrliftl HIlc* bi-ni tinfailt 
34 ctialf bit (Biirtt tea rlttet aiiiarta «cbad>lniiit cin 
Qr I Soil frint exit. 

gtia Seit wurbt tan .Meant [bcr Sitfc] libttarttH. 
enlter'a ©cvrifltn raitrben bta glarnnifn llbtcntten. 
3a) will mitv jt(t au[ Itiat TOafnabmrn tlnlaiTtn. 
liv iltrraab tie ftintel mciiicv gfllfnoE. 
34 fltttartc bic JMeicrc Jt].;r Cbhiti. 

The prima was— led (61 trial 

The prisoner was fully —led to lake his trial at 

the assizes [north 

After — ling great havoc the storm passed to the 

To — a breach of the law 

lie was — led to prison 

Take care what you say, anil don't — yourself 


-led t< 

lie has faithfully discharged Ihe duties— ted lo him 

To — a thing to oblivion 

He was —ted foi contempt of court 
The bill was —ted to a select 
He — ted suicide 

The Turks 

J fearful ranges 

,, Hilj:,, 

The chairman of — ... 

The — of management 


Select—. — of enquiry ... 

The sneaker then put the moJ 

House resolve itself into — .. 

COMMIX. To -with 

COMMODIOUS. A - house 
COMMODITY. Money is .1 

that the whole 

That is 

o be had in this counliy 'jut il.[ftr, : in jngem 

Lc prcvemi fut peicniptoireuie'it >,tt.. 

evitr d auues [dirigta an nerd 

Apres avoir com mis dt g'-and ravages I'oragi 

Commettie line infraction a la hi 

In mandat dt d.-pdt ful Ian..' centre lui[mettc: ,.... 
I-'aites attention a MJ paroles, tt tit vous corupro- 

II a pris I' engagement dt [(VMIgi 

/.' ,1 /Utlimtmi rtwtfli les /auctions don/ on I'avait 
Ensevclir qucl/ne (hose dans I'oub.'i [tiibiriial 

it a lie comlamne pour -'.voir mam/ii ' de rfpeet a 
La hi /tit renvoyce a uuecommis Item ~p.\i.:U 
II s'/st suicidi 

Defense dt deposer dts ordures! _ . 

Lis Tuns commirent da atrotilh (firent d'e'poi 

vcintables ravages in Biitgarie) 
La Commission -in lUidgci ,ic, I'ccittts 
Cons ti titer la C/rambre entitrt 

Though they .lie brothers, they have nothing i 

— with each other 
Tlriinkcness is veiy — in this country 
It is the —opinion of lawyers, that 
1 lake a — sense view of the mailer 
He possesses a remark :ilil>: amount of — sense . 
— sense ought to have told you, that 

During the lime of the —wealth 

The case is made of — wood 

Don't wear that dress ; it is too — 

It is a faculty which monkeys possess in 

human beings 
It is very — in England for people lo get married 

al a registrar's office 

As — as ditchwatei 

That is a — occurence 

Would you not like to have a coat tike that, Fred.? 

no, Charles, nothing so — 
Rut if theif — interests arc affected 

A —soldier 


Railway Companies, as — carriers, lire obliged 

He made — cause wilh the Pretender ... 

— measure (musit) 

— law 

A — place book 

It is a — saying, a fool and his money : 
K»n parted 

The court of — pleas 

That is a — practice wilh shopkeepers ... 

In Utopia the people enjoy everything in— 
The children ire playing on the village — 
The right to lish is held in — by all the villagers 

COMMONER. Tlie distinction of genlleman 
— and the privileges attached to this distinc- 
tion have been abolished at the English Uni- 
A fellow — {Set Fbllow.) [vcrsilies 

COMMONLY. The president is — a banker 

That is — the case 

It is — called Mexto linto 

COMMONS. We are on short — to-day 
The < lueen's message to the — - 
The House of— [o'clock 

COMMOTION. The house was all — at s 
The — among the people increases 

' — iiiderable — in this town 

I ■ ■ 

«UNE with your o- 


Le Prhidtnt dt la commission 

la (ommission d' a./ minis! rat ton ... 

Commission ptiiieuliirt 

Commission speei.rle.-- Commission d'tni/riete 

/a proportion que la Chambre cnttire se conslituSt 

en commission ful alors wise am voix par ' 

Se miter & ... \Pretidt 

( 'ne /liaison committment inslaibe 
L'argent est aire c6M<Hpditi rare ... 
C'est-lii tine commeniite fun ava<:.'..- 

troitt'e point dans ce pays 
Piwltrrt. ttincipaux... 

I'n jury de jirgemcnt (ordinaire) 

Lt livre dt iiusse 

Certains gins out pour habitude ordiniirt de 
.i/.i:':;r: : ,:n'i.'s soicnl frerti Us n'onl rim dtioinnr. 

Vivrac-nerie est iris rcpandi,,- dans cepnyi [que 
C'est nne maniere de voir ghiiralt tin les avatats 
I ''envisage la chose sous It point de vue dn Son-Sens 
H 1st dotte it' une forte dost de sens-commun 
Lt ben-tens aurait dn vans dire que 

I.ors dt la rtpukiiqiic ,/e Cronr-t.-ell 

La larsse est en tvis ordinaire 

i\'c vous habiltez pas aiusi; c'est trop commun 

C'est une faculte" commune airs singes it urn , 

Lc manage (tail est d'nii usage tc 

i Angle- 

Cest tout ce qu'i.'y a de pint eommiiH 
Cela arrive souvrnt (/rc/uemment) 
l-riderick, un habit commectla nevtms irait-il fat 
Oh nan, Charles, rial de plus commrrn 

In simple soldal ... 

College del dncttnrs en droit 

Lis ihemins dt fir, loruinc entrtprists dt 


Un hommt da (a i'air) commun 

II tit cause commune avee le I'rlteiulant 

Piltsure d deux temps 

I'rurt commun (ccritumier) 

ilanai. Trivial 

Kcctuil d'txiraili dt lecture 

On Jit souvent qiiun sot tt son argent ire font piis 
long in '-noge (a e.-rvenu vide, pvclrt vide) 

Le tribunal civil , 

C'est une centrum ordmairt dies les marehands ... 


Lt bruit public est que 

La salie commune (d'nn colic e AW". J 

La sallt d'assemhlee 

En Utopie loirs les hiens sent tn (omiuuu . 
Pes enfant,- fotunt sur le pr} communal ... 
Tons lei villageois out en commun le droit Jt pteht 
Lt litre d'ltudiant de /ami lit et les privileges ,/ni 

ctaicut attaches a c/tte distinction, ont e'lfabolis 

dans les universitei anglaisei 

Lt president est rrdinairtmriit i,n h.m.pti. r 

Ctstlecas haHluel 

On 1'appclle d 'ordinaire mt.:o .'into 

A'ons /aisons maigre there au/ourd'Ani ... 

Le message de la reineA la Ciambre 

I.a Ch.imbre .its Commuiirs 

La niaison Halt tout en ,'moi a j heures 

:< penple atigmente ... { .'.',..■,'.', 
la noirvcllc ,i pro-nil de commotion 
■ e/i:;n:ent et iigrla:i.-n ... 



Xvr ai[{Kn.iit» rcutbc h™ Acridjic flttnoitftn. 

I>tr Snflttlnott luuit.- idjullio. Muirtrn un* trn linden 

BBMbfML [n nil* 91orttn am. 

9?ad)teut bn Sturm flrefrai ■5*at(ii aiifltriihtct tallf, fd>!iiii 
eiurlttterlKtuii8b(*»rif(f*fi4;i[ ed>ull-eii [™mrn ta(jro 
lit lrutN riti,icl(rf«i l in'* i?(|tnij|ii(6 ficroorloi >. 
■2(itn Sit mil brr ftut mil Jijrai BMa utiO jftun Sir S« 
Ur ift Krttfityfl in... (Irinr Wtpin 

Crbal lr<u fir i^m Cter1ra L iericiI ^fli*tol erfUOt. 
Bint eai*c bn Bnfl(f(i'«tjrit ottttiuifltlmi (iltetliefem J. [lit. 
6ctiit«t iwcira IlntlivrrtirtiiTifl nr^ieii ben UVrrid>Iftl?of witi.i) 
Set t>M;ie(jiiiitra,j iruibr dumi licfeiibnii U u«f eta n FTe Itn 
l!r bcjiiiiii 's(lt|lmovli. th- bglt fonb " 
sacritnteiiiijmia («<iit!i(i|]Un[i) BtrroW 
®i( lilrtoi litfmi iid] in tcr Vuljani [tGmfhdx t 

ivflpuiiftoi (u e*ulteii toiimcn. 
Tit !>!it-.|, lfi™miHii)u. 
ShJ (ictantmtc Bt,ircrbnet(ut«i|t< ><a tiutr nufitrorbn 

lid|[[i JK!iuiiifiini:--iuii!!i,i ;ni Hi! mill bfrilfrn. 
T>n ¥rciiib(iil brr M«iiiiiiifiicii-)iit;iin[|. 
5Dcl flrfe>afOfubrriibc «ualdjuli. 

€r*jiciiriMiini i fli i>n . — Un ter[ii4ii itgth'inmi Hi on . 
3*r*rtiibfiit brr Ji.iiniin'c flrlllt t.inul b.ii flnlraa. bili f.i 

Smut (ur Ttcuartomniifiion jiitiimintiittrlrii lent. 
Si* utimililirii mil. 

; , ■, .... .-.,.. . 

ffflt i[t rim [diem Etntirt. 

T'nft ifi tiiic fliuifljuili^kll, He man in bitftm fantu h 

fritti! taiui. 
BtoBrlMam. jSmphncburit eiiut eanbrf, 
liilK .jiicflinlidiri (oll,ioiiciiicii) 2tl>iriiT|)mi()l 
Tat aOgittiehic tfrfaim- "lib Wi-triiud) 
ISs ill t-si ciniiitr Sculrii tin gctrflwltitirr i^et-i.n urti. ;n 
C bglci* Re Crilliet fmb, Ijttfccn fie «idjn mil data* 

Tit ;imr!lii*li[tiiibir'ciii) , iiiibffcht l i(iiiihili 1 1: L«bi 

it ift blcaDfjnwinE ffitiBuaa btr ,lutiitra, bo|. 

.-,* bctrod.itr bit €a<Ve nut rlnrai allgeR ' 

Ct bnltjt flduutcn SJItn (*(KKr1taiib in b>ljciii UhaM. 

S^fltfuntaTOra'ojmwifloiib WU 3tjatii [agoi ffUru, t<ifc. 

!!i ! .iKviib t,v 'Itn brr iKtvuUir. 

Ztr flofttn iflau«ftOrft!iiiiJ)(m$Dl((jininiil)t. Ibinor) 

Irnjrn £i( birftn 'iliijii,! itidjl; n ift in arwiiliiihdj (ft- 

Stall ift tin ptifltdt, lurldjt bit Bflni mil bm aUen'iben 

(jcairiii I'.ittn 
<B ift in (tiialiiiit Irbr flEloctjiilii), toft nnn ft* ouf boi 

u iL.-iL.imrc Mm lafit. 
eoflemfin Ifir ailfnibrrf. 
Tut tcmnit tan fig vet. 
WottUn Sit iti*i aiub tintn fc-ldwti Muff bnbm, BtajtllMa 

(fori, nid)t« fn rtrirblmtiitcii (C.biiiirei). [ewn 

SPenti iter ib« gancinfdjjifUittjcii Jntirtfttii in't S-pid tern 
4in gcnirintr £olbaL 
Mvlkiiium fa 3tfiM?.]tlftirlc>i. 
Tit tti[tnbaBngt!tIl[m(i|lrn fmb olfi otlgtnitiiK VnlttiTio" 

ftolleti wriiflidlltt, ju... 
To8 gandnt Oe(T. Tit gdrDbuliflKii liiili 
Sin ,iot>f*nti4 ou«lcbiibn Wanit. 
6r maitjteiirmfiiiiJijflliitit Salt:* rait btm Srdtcnbdilcn 


H.'iiiciii(* Sirtht. Biuliftnei t.itlbrtajt. 
Wtrotin. JlbgibrcldKit. [t(ftfruil>l<ii. 

tfiii itrlltltaatriifiiiiti (ICnnrlciitnuf)). ifinr Sjmmluit^ iwt 
Hi ift tint atlidit Hrbcii&rl, Uf, cin 2 v or uiib frin " " 

ni<M liinge ^reuube bicibrn. 
Xai OkTitBI far gtirtbnlia* SiDilfntVtn. 
Tot if! bci fabmbtfltmi allgraitiinr SmlKIi. 
Htcmcin|awftli(tfrr Ticiler. 
Tcr 9ttriaminluii[iKaaI [Ti( aula :i.\ 
,tu Uttliicii tut man SIM gfttirinlam. 
Tit Jbiiibn ftiirlm anf ta e<Bi(ln(*ttirlt brt Tmfe*, 
Ool {Jlfdjimtbt ift aDttt IH'ifbocohnrru jflitcinfon. 
Tit Wcnbm Jtlaflt brr oonicliaiiii Siut*uttn unb b« 

to mil nrbuiibcmn ^rrttibli flub an ben rnglilAt* 

Unlwcrnjtru otgcldjafft. 

Itr Vn'Mi'tiibc ift got Willi* (btr Mtjrl nadi) cin Van 
Two ift ncinflbliii* brr Ball. To. ift bit Head. 
HHan ntnnl (» gcroSbnlioi !Dlriic tin! a. 
Ofljtc ift goimalbanf bci unt Hildioiinciftrr. 
IHc Selfdjaft bcr MllaH an ba* nb,i«rMicten6aul. 
tmt (wit »cr Ukiwinot. Tuo nb,)torb«ioif,iu«. 
Tut aa«>c ftaiii Umi un $ Ubr au( ttn tWincn. 
TMc Bcraegang (*ufrc>iiii^! miirr bnn ttclfe ilvi**. 
Tilt Wa*ri«l Krnrlad-tt ^>fuitnbc BflWjMl . 
•lllrt irac in lantC unt Ttulrtguni | ia 

(Wicu Sic intt ftai id hi ui -Jtailx 


COMMUNICATE. Where am I to — 

you, in case he consents? 
The loss of the ship was — <l to the owner at < 

I — d with him by post 

The looms — d with each other hy ■ secret s 

The bedro 


with the Hehridcs [or ideas 

The Literary Ga&ttc is a good medium for Ihi 

Door [stair, passage) of— 

I placed (put) myvlf in — wilh the firm ... 
There are no means of — with that island 
Evil — s corrupt good manners 

Fiom your — dated June 7th wc learn, that 

They opene'l Dp — in the interior of Africa 
COMMUNICATIVE. She Un — old so 
COMMUNION service 

— cup. — table 

The -of saint* 

— cloth 

He asked lo be received into the — of the church 
To tdmfaitMf (receive) the — 
COMMUTABLE. In Mi cue the m 

imprisonment is — by a fine ... 

COMMUTATION of tithe* ... 

COMMUTE. The sentence of death passed 
on the convict B. has hcen — d into one r' 
penal servitude for life 

COMPANION. Aschool— 

Her niece is hei constant — 

He is a good — ... ... 

— Udder. A lady's— 

COMPANY. A limited Liability—... 

A — was formed, to 

The Todminlillcs have — (to dinner) 

I rarely see — 

He keeps bad — 

I started for S., in — with my nephew ... 

I'll bear yon — on the way [- 

Good night Snooks ; let's soon have more of yoi 

She is 110 — for my daughter 

His refusal to marry her, after having kept — wil 

her for 6 years, is cruel 
Mr. and Mrs. Stcwhoncs request the honour ol 

Mr. Muddlchead's — lo dinner on Tuesday 

Shall I have the pleasure of your — I 

Todoata — 

The Palti opera— 

A stock — 

A travelling — of actors 

Macaulay, Dickens and other; writer?, have used the 

same expression. Hence if I am wrong, I have 

sinned in good — 
I can Well dispone with your — ... 
We kept the brig — till dusk 
I had his — all the way 

His. n 

COMPARABLE wilh (lo) 
COMPARATIVE Amtocae (I'hdology) 
The — of good is better 

There is a — scarcity of good servants ... 

The —merits of artists [where 

COMPARATIVELY.Thereare— few 

— speaking he is the best 


What I suffered then is 11 01 hi rig —.1 to what I have 

tip llll-i' ' 

— d with Sheridan's talent, he is nowhere... 
If you — this article wilh that one 

— the two and you'll see the difference ... 

Oil fit at- il twin tirvoytr de met muvellcs dans It 
oh U tonstnliiait } \du nav 

On fit pari immidiatemtnt a I'annaleur de laftrtt 

J', 11 coinmuniqiil avec lu i par la posit 

Les chambres coinmuHiquaient ensembtt par m 

/.a chambrt tommnniqne attt man cabinet de travail 

Ellt mm in unit tons la /Ji mane lies 

ToMti Its maisms de cettc Itrraist comnniniqiicnt 

I' nut avec /'autre 

J'avertis inttantaiKiment la police 

// n'y a point de rclalions par la posit mm It. 

Hebrides [four communii/uer its idee: 

La Gazette Litterntre eil an txeellent interm, l diair, 
Portt (excalier, corridor) de comm unieation [mere, 
ft me suis mis en rapport avec la maison dt coin- 
II n'ya aueun moycndcommunicationaveceeUetle 
Lcs mainiaiits tow families cn,tiidnnt lei mauvaiscs 

m^iirs [Ini 

fly a trots am -/tie Je 11'ai pas eu de rapforts avec 
Lt eapitnine (.'., dans son rapport ani aulorifls, 

expose ,/ne 

Par :■, 

Its iinldirent dc, communications Jam Vinliriei 
Cest nnt tiannt vitillt eomninnicalive {dt I ' Afriqt 

L office (la mine) de communion 

Ltealict. — La sainle table , 

La communion des saints .. 

La tuffft A ttrnmnnim [f^'gf* 

It a itcmandi A ftre recti dans In communion Je 
Donner la tonimituiott. — A'etcroir l.t communion 
Em (t cos, Cemprisonnement pent Hre column/ e 

line amende 

La commutation dei JtiHet 

f.'arrct de mart prononce .autre Ic coll Jain He Li. 

etc continue ,n pane des travails fords a per- 



CoHlpagnaitt damns (/em damies) 

Sn uieit est sa compaptc nssidne 

Ctst tin l<on ramarade 

Et belle de dunttle. — Xccessaire de dame ... 

Societe par atlioni- solidaires 

Oh organisa tine socicle dans te but dt 

// ite rtfoit fas dt piotuit 

La famil/e Tcnimuddlt a du mondc .) dtner 

II a de mairzhiisc; acquaintances 

Je sail parti pour S. accom fabric Je man neveu . . . 

Je lions aecoiiifa^iictoi i/it mi 11 faisant 

Iloiisair Snoots : vents nous voir bientSl 

Sa soeu'tl n est pas ce qu'it faut four ma fille 
Rtfustr de I'lfoustr aftvs 1 'avoir /r.'qiientle / ai- 
dant 6 ans, e'est de la crttautl 
M, it Mme. Steiol-ones pricnt .it. Mud,tlche,i,t Je 

leur fairt rbtnineur de vtnir diner chei eiu 

m.irdi /ivchain 
Ml fire* tmWI thi'itneur Je vtnir liemain passer In 

soir/e the* nous? 

Ctst line compazine amine il faut 

Organiser unc n* tcte 

La Iron tc dofradc la Palti ... 

Unc sociM par actions 

Une Iron fe J at tents aml-iilanls 

Macaulay, Dickni', i 1 , nitres ,',ri:.mis out employe' 

te meme leimc. Amsi si fat /,,/(.'. , '.../ en 

bonne com pa^n i.- 

Je fill's tr.-sdn.n 1111 /,n t,r dc lolre socicic 

Xoits tziviis iitnir-in ,'/.■'./»' tin trifusciile dc concert 
It m'a tenn .omp.t-nre tonic la route [or*'.- le brick 

Sa nii'ce lui lient cmnpagnie 

I am p. 1, .it:',- I .-•;:■, ,1 ) 

t,'An,itomic ( I'ii.Wo^ie) rati/itrJc.., 
Better «/ .'.■,,;,.- / -,ii,itifJef,i, K i ... 

te ,-omfai-alif 

■ ■'■'■■"/" ... 

ft y aune Ji'ct'r >..''.r.V 

t.'.i/t/'i del artistes 

ft y a i-c/ativemmtt fen dtcas 011 ... 

ft tsl te meiilenr, eompatalticmciit far/ant 

■ ■) fivron 

Ct qui jt souffrais alors n'esf lien en comfaraisan 

de ce r/nr ,r sum's mainleiiuHl 
En com partus, 11 tin talent Je Sim id.; 

:t 1 articles I/WI 

Com -irre: Its Jeui el fans »,-■; , -i- la ttiff.'rinfe 

iflJo [oil id) git Iti-Rcit, 11m « Qftm nftptfrilM, fjll* et 
-VfaSt' [flrtfriM. 

IWr (tctliift t*6 Stifles imirtt (tin lEiflfntljilnitc (o)ort ntil- 

3* eerMrtt mil it-ra \MirO) (i( 1'uft. 

Sit 3itnintt ftfintTU eura) elnc ticimlidK Irepi* mit tiiioit^ 
in a'et- bin brtn a . (tistitnq. 

IflS Sdilafjiliinin: |ttM mil mrincnt eiuUirjimincr in »et- 

Sit flctii irPrn ^Pnlitnj inm abrntmahti 

*Ht ©iilirrailf biejci Icnalft flctitii mil cinanrjrr in Het 

M ctiTaomrfiliflii Icfort tit ftoIi(ri eaten. 

tES Micln liinc itcjtKrHiiCiuifl mil Mn (ittrifcat. 


Jit (itor.iiun(iiuii|] ifl (tit fliitc* Jiiitttt (inn flkeaiitfiiauj' 

(irrtiiibininWriuK [ irtrw; ■ ftonj] 

3$ ftOtt mio) mil Urn t«t|auflt In Prrfciiihiinj. 

(£« tcftcbtltiiKl>n:tiiii^in s iiniliciin.1ii(ct. 

Ufc iMtiliajafi eeAMI flute Sittmt. 

8u« 3vTtr Slittt.Kilunii rem 7 ^iiiii ttlati! 


6ir eriilfnrtca cinrii Wid'Vv im .'liiricm fllrital. 

Sic i[t tint mittli(il[omc (ijclurjajiat) Stltt. 


aHi.t™H.-M4.- sthmetnahttifo). 2ija| M6trtlt. 

1>ir i»™ciii|*a(t trr a>cili s eu. 

I»oV M Jlbcnbrna^ltifibrt. 

ij-r l-.i 1 urn \t i; f 1 1 .1 !i 1 r- n in fie )lrrilirii : irratitl|iftflB. 

■Bit Sommittitnn (3>ao Sixniataijl) JuStiTilca [eimrfniijtttt). 

Qn f (intra BnIK tiuin Pic ifflajilffbtefi in rule ukleftrini 

uiii.iiir.inMi nxirm. 
ItmiintfTimji (Umlanf(||l ffft ^rtinttn. 
ToS fitier etn amrflajttn *. Mrfionjitc 3rbr*prt*ril iB n 

lebeiiSlSiiflliillt juAtliaiiifrrnfe inii(i(dntol losrofB. 

■.'!-,■ ii,'.ilivlca. flrridMaracvarcti. 

,\qrt StictiK ift l(n trftjiihar t»()as t iin. 

ttr ii! tin oinn Someto*. 

St.itilttpi (titer. OinKrtrfSlrtprt.— SttttiUfSflajt 

L'mt (sieiivifenfchalt mil I'tidivontlf! .f>a(irf!iiM. 

tfB upiirBcerut Wtfclijiftaf! flejrilnBrl, pxm 511... 


S*(i lobmiHWe* ill Wrfrllfduft B, I fiiiMHSfK )Ur OTittaul. 

.Id) ttrtitiim.K trIBii IScftaiaiait, |tafef jr ' 

vi-r M f4 It* It 11 Umaatlfl. 

3fIlrli[l(iRt51tf[niilw|t mtttt 91rf|rii Jioft ©. (I 

jie) mill Cltincn untmntsB ffltlttlfeMft ttifloi, 

SeH 91(1*1, ^noct*; Inlloi Sit lie) luft rcirtrr (tboi, 

5ir ift Iriii Umjatia (iiv mcint lo*tn. 

lis iftjraufaninin ilrai, =it aidil titir.itbtn (I IrofTnr.itjaiteai 

a feme Jaljre lanfl mil itjr Umaanrj gctatl tal. 
$tu Btrt S"ii etrlBBottel fethrtn fu6, fimn R, file iau|l 

ii.nliflcirr\r,iJla S (iini-liiillJiirf!miiniulateB. 

(Jurirn 2ic ml bal Bcqpritgtn ma*<n. mcriim Kbciie uiiin 

itltift [u fcin? 
erineinanamtbnirr (a*ft a T*a f fti S. i (. autrr ltttt|in«j. 
Gint frmt«l8ijcffilfa»ft flriinftii (in'» S(t 
S« CvtmatlrH Wall Mr *ntli. 
(■MtWtMi fur Jontertefdsifte. 
(iinr iKnitrmfc srfKiuipicIixtfrllFaWt- 
Btatautnij, Itirfeii* iinti niiben gdjrifiiletlrr tnctn Ii 

au-Sbmil attrau4L ©run i* alfo riaen 8 

oanatn babe, iale ift t* lti flirjet fliefcIlidjo(t gi 
?ft half itin rtrWIirJMd ni*i nL'ifiijj 
©it ^telltn nn« b*i Ctr t>ri>i;i bit iui lammroinj 
ttr leijiete mit b«i flmnrii Beg Aber BritB|i!)a(t. 
Stint Wiftlt Iciittt jinn iWrftii|*of!. 
»tn:,ilti*bat oiit [tan]... 

■■ ' 
J>tr Stemvnr.ilin von |;'»>d ifl l>LLIer. 
Sfoniliarotiu. ■£ tti,iCTUn,i?jioK 
,ln flffltl fleet™ tKrot^. atrvjlri(t;nii : i;'iiTric. 
Ii! iiif't rrrli.iltiiipnofig iuaii h i flittf IHiiilbr- 
Tit Mfnubeni UlerPifiifte ber (invtntn Hin|Urt. 
15'ilitt Hrtiallniitmiififti irjriii.ic ^,i(lt. iw... 
Its ifl bet rrlalit «cftt. 
lit tttiildftt fift mil «»t«t- 
iiirinc t-.iniatiflcn ftiben Fiitt- -3Ji*IJ iot »(T!jlti*e |l 

ii'i.- It) ji-M uj 

T.i It- 

As a pjintrr tic — s faiourjlily iuih sudi artists a- 

iunes. Brown and Sniilh 
iMPARISON. Hi, merit as a sculptor & 
His merits admit ofno — ... ... [bejimd — 

To judge by — 

In — willi [lie F unco- Prussian wu, the Abyssal- 

ian eipc'liii'in sink., min insignificance 
In — with Kant'a 'Kiitik dei leinen Vemunft' 
■I 'in "Reason and Instinct' a simply 

a compilation 

If *t »cie tn institute a — Let ween their respective 

Wlial we call good and evil ties ninth in — 
COMPASS. The — or a singers voice 

The — of the mind (or thoughts) 

He certainly has not shown great — or abilities., 
t.iond things he in ' small — fproe. ) 

The (aels of llie case lie in a narrow — ' 

To keep within — 

To box the — 

A pair of — es with pencil leg 

A pair of — es with cutting leg 

The point* oi the — ... 

Wm -« 


Club— ca 

Drawing — cs. Curl) — es 

Proportionate — es 

The legs (head) or a pair of— es 

Manner's-. Variation— 

Ariimill. — . Millwright's— es 

COMPASSION." 1 tookllhad) — onihechiii 

COMPATIBLE. Tnw learning is not — with 
COMPEL. My duty — s me, to... [pride 

No one can — you to do it.., 

I am - led to tie there al8... 

—led by law, to ... [have sustained 


e he'll — your trouble... 

SATION. If the accident was due 
to the negligence of the Railway Company, 

In (By way of) — for the loss he sustained, a pen' 

■ion was granted him 
Mere expression of regret is a sorry — for the 
- ' * I endured 

'a claim for— i 

COMPENSATORY, i'received /iod, 

the loss I sustained 
OOMPETE. We cannot— with France in the 
rareoWlion of artificial Howers 

with Lynns T.'i its silks ... 
We — d with the Kkkstuns Football Club fir the 

be — d for 

was eagerly — d for 

which suffices 
for his wants [ant to 

COMPETENT. It shall not Ik — for defend- 
He is uuitc — to lake charge of the man age men! 

He is not — for his office 

I am not a — judge as to the relative merits of the 
two artists 

This tribunal is not — to try the cause 

Several — witnesses we te called, to 

— authorities 

COMPETITION. As there was no-, things 
went very cheap at that auction sale 

"COMPLAIN. Slie — sor'apaininher'sidc 
He — sofnotbeing treated properly 
He — s that those who are his junior* in the scrv: 

e appointments 

Al that sale Uryde .... _. 

COMPETENCY, lie has 

si of the treatment to the authorities... 

Vou have nothing to — or... 

The grievances -~ed of in this case 

"*e is constantly — ing aboul something or other. 

tui is what everybody — s of 
COMPLAINT, lie suffers from a bad - 

it — s has reached us, that 

e police inspector informed the magistrate thai 

— s had often been brought (lodged, preferred, 

laid) against the prisoner for persistently 


Coimae f-eiulre, il soutient favorable mt 

fiatiitCM mm ..''.-.' arliait ttti que John, firman, 
Comme sculptettr, il est sans rival ... [■' Smith 

liien n'esl compilable a ion im'rile,.. 

fugcr par • owptiraison 

En comparaison Je la guerre fratico-prnssiem. 

ttxpMitiotl d' A'-yssuu, .le:i,nt inii-^ui/iant. 
Jut comparaison de la Kritik der reinen Vernur 

./,■ rV.itti. son ouvra-ysur 1.i kaisoitel I'lnslinct 

n'csl Qtt'uia simple compilation 
Si nans /tabtissions tint comparaison nitre I 

mlriles rcspectifs [l,i compara 

Ce pu Pan apficlle bien em mat, Ji'pctni beaucou 
L'ltciidite ,lc la voix d'un dtanttur 

£o ftrik dt /'esprit (,le la pensee) 

/I n'a pas fait prenve A beautonp .1/ capacity's 
Cest dans Us pctitts twites que son! let fines epii 
La /aits dans ce rnu se MnKM .) un bien petit 
h'ctcnir Jam Jejustes hemes ... [nambi 

ft/passer la rose tics vents 

Compas ilont line brancht estartnle il'un crayon . 

Compos ii pointe sichc ... , 

L'airt Ju vent ,. 

Compos d'ipaisstur . 

Compas A erimaillht [c$n 

Compas a lite donl I'nne des pointcs est en form, A 
Cempas dt construction.— Compas courhc (r,'p-ti 

Compas tie proportion ...\tenr) 

Les branches (la left) it' tin compas 
Bonssolt.— Compas dt variation ... 
Cautpas azimutal. — Compas ,i'apfar,iltci 

Ijs ve'titt. 
Man devoir 

l\i soiine ne pent vons cnlralndre I le fi- 
fe suis force" de m'y trouver a S hearts 

La loi vans oblige il 

Jtvons d&lemma^ci ai dt l.i ptrte que vous avetinUi 
A'im ne pent compeuser In ptrte tt'une mire 
l>csexcuses ne me didommugent pas- de ma reputa- 
tion ruim'e 
Natiireltement il vons didommagcra de la peine gut 
I'otir medidommaeerde ma pertt, il m'a remit £too 
Si t'aecident a ft! cause par la nJgligence de la 
eompagnit .In themin de fa, vons pouvc. ' 
Blander ties dtmmagtt tt int.'i-.'ts 
F.n compensation de la ptrte qtfil a subit, on I 

accordc line pension 
La simple expression des regrets ii'esl ./n'liue faihtt 
compensation pour les ioitffraiic.sqiiej'ai cnilur/es 
Je tin ai trammis i ' 

Ihmma^es et (ttlMtt 
fat ii," Ltao hi dcdomtim--emeiit de la perte que 

.\\ii/> ue fwtwnr rivaliser avec la Frame dans 

fiM.-aHon desfleuis artificieltes 
I as sales de Manchester ritiatisent avec eellrs de /.yon 
Xous avon! dispute la coupe tuiKichshiiis t-oolbatl 


A telle vente, on s'est vix-cment dispute 1 la chaise de 


ti qui soffit ii scs Uioitis 

tt aux eneiiercs 

/.' •I'app.irtleiidia p,is au d'fcndeiir ,lc [(direction) 
II est ton! A fait capable de se charger dt la gestion 
Stifoncllons sent en dehors de sa eompiteiicc 
II n'est pas de ma competence <tc jttgtr det mcrites 

relalifis des Jinx artistes 
La cms, n'est pus de laeompJltnct de ec tribunal... 
On fit appelcr plusicnrs lemoitis comfi'hnts, pour.. 

Les autorites constitutes 

Comme il riy avail pas de 

tres-boti march,' a eette 

Ette se plaint d'ttue donlenr an eStJ ... [ft 

il se plaint de ce qu'on ne le traite pas comme il 

II ic plaint de ce que ceux qui sml mains amicus 
que tui all service out refit Jt I'avaHitmctit 
avanl tui 
fe me suis plaint aux autorites de la tnaiiilre d'agii 

Vons n'avt: fias A veus plaindre 

Pes griefs mil en avaxt dans eette affaire ... 

/lie plaint sans cesse d'uue cliose on d'nnc autre ., 

I'oi.'A d, t/uoi tout I, w plaint 

// soutlre d'un nuturaii mat 

Des ptaintes frfqiteittes nous ont M aiirtsst'ts sur... 

L'lnspetteur de police inform,! le magistral que des 
plainles fr.'qiicntes iir.iimf .'.',' inlreis.'etfportecs, 
mvoytts, dtpos(ts) centre It prisounier pour 
avoir cistruf te passage ,i plusieurs reprises 


HM stater Uftt tr (id; gain au! (intra jrnee, Wiubhi, mib 

eaiaStrMnlaU BiByanrafcleh I 
eeiatiit iiaOlttiffc tiKt full (tin antra an tic £ci!< jleUcn. 
Kfla) tern *trrn!«d}e urifejlcn. 
3«i Ster,]lcii!>c mil cmi ttntto f™nJii[ajrtiHTicj,-D rfanmiM 

Wt abtfrinifiW SniiWtioa in BtiojU. 
3n Brtiltidft nil Rant'* ..Ittilit t tr iriwn •oMDnV' i,» 

|tin iutrt „««iiiiiif[ nub Onfiinli" ciik tuifjaje Hum 

Vt rat ion 
liinm loir tint Snflttidiuna juifajnt ittra ttjiiflliajdi SVt 

bicnflcii anftruni |i)lllni. (jV 

Jtki* mtr flul nut b6d Dam, twiiflt Mi m lit Srtjltiaiku j 

I m 6th imt.itia tine* ©anoet*. [oli. 

Da tl ti(li,i( flkfiAWtni*.— ffier i*cboiifelirtri«. »a u t. 

«c tat ffijo: itiAt atirijt, »a& er uMi Bide Siliidfcitrii set- 

- ": IrtlHtec Dfiim fltfiet. 
Di( ItN![jd)in lafkK ft* bti ban r>aBt luti jitiaaim(ii[jiTtit, 
.Vi i J:i- iiitui (,lm il.iuuif) tMlttn, 
Bit = tdsfl M .KumuolTei ttr Ktilit nad> fttrfjnoi. 
lfin;(ir.ld mil *lrifiifniiiia(. 
win SUHt mil eiabllajtnlttn. Bin illet'iiiW. 

•Sxx *B9tniirhl. 

Stt BmnjliM mil nylrtfi Sagn «»' *ciri«t«. 

;tciajcniicM nnfrifijiiM.— t.util.irtr.1. tM#M. 

lit gajtiittl [Dec JiL-ttl tiitco 3irtctS, 

Jtumpai iSrrbBiNifi.— TtrlinatiiJnSroinlwIi. flcidenvoi 

■.'[■.iiirii[i.!.i:i'.Mfr.--ii;uti;U[uriiiTt[. errtincifltrjirttt 

3d) fiiblit Iti.utt] Ulttlcit mil beni Biiitc. 

liiitft "klctirfjnittit tcitvjjt ftd) nidjt nil etufj. 

■Mm WiJjl iKttl (iroinjl) mia) ju... 

ii: r.iiin Sit Rinanrt bap voingn. 


efnuib'butlSbaa Wc|r|!flrtiiiiti,ira, ju... 

.liOioirtt Sit fill ttn .Tlitlcncti'= distil riiltdiiPi.Kit. 

'JJidjis t.iiui .Ibntii t-tn S!«lu(l 3,rtr IJiiilur nlcwii. 

tiint UiilfJjiiltiannJ ma«t Mr t'tniid)tunj au-intj flultn 

RaM mdji reiftecjut. 
ttc loirt fdbftwrfljiitlid) 36ntn 3Stt Uliilw ottiiDttn. 
Urn raid) fttatlul iu tjattrji, teja1(ll( cr ffir too *funb, 
ffltnu brr Un[aU bet »ad|laf|i b n;it ber liifoibabiiittltilfaMd 

jujufafreibrn rear, |o toniien «i< ea)aten«|aH btau 

Sur {«») Bntfd);ilii,|uit,i filr t.n tiliumtii Brrlidt murte 

ibin tin Wn.itcn,itii,iit tciiullial. 
BIcijttDocltbeitift.iLia-iK- fint tin fa,lcd|itr Ifrfab fSr bit 

e^Dietjtn, tit lib nlittcn (i». 
34 rtidjit tint leiitMj.iri.iiin jctlajt tin. 
iHajUtiiii,itlmiimc. lirl.iftjftbtr. 
3d) rmufina loo Ulunb ali Ct[lib (SBtralitmiG) llir kM 

eilitionn Her! lift, 
ffliir TLiniicii mil ili.inli.ii in bcr -CsufttllaH a ton tiinftlijMi 

iltiimtn iiijjl nxtlrifrm. 
sKanaxltct mlttiferl (tiMituiiiu) nut Vikb in edbtnfluflrn. 
(Bit lonrunintn (btmarMii u.i*) mil ett Hia-fbuiti ,\ii6. 

bauatfellfcbafi am bra iWbn. 
lit fiiibtl tint ltttiotrbuTiji uni t-it Stcllcn eiatt. 
Wtl turn Kirrtanfr (tritt max fiaj uni XnjbenS etml. 
Sr bat tin [iir frint tVCfu|itiHt au£ccia)aibrS fliiit.'Uimru. 

tt* full tin™ ttertdrit idci ni*t s'tfltbcn, ju... 

ttr iBbutdiau.l I'tt'.iT.'.i, tit Vtituir,] yt iilj(ui(f)rarlt, 

ttr Hi uiiitin Brate uiJit fltusiitjitii. 

Qa) tin niit)t lesii'tti'iii uni tier Hi vil.iiiM SltrtienOi tur 

btibtn ttrtnfltrr 511 utlbcllni. [ttt ea*r. 

Htfrt Ukxi«jM,r>f ifl aitil FIIlIhI ffir bit ttnban»I»na 
Uttrfibitrxnt tompcltnn Sm|M r™rtcn anfueriiltii, urn jb... 
N.'iiii'.itnti (iiiftanbtar) HVbcrbtn. 
■Ej trim id'iiliirr.:-: I .: |aat4at),fa abiatn 

bit €aa)en bti brr ifftfitijtniii.i Itbi bitllj atn. 
Jn fli'ttlunriti (iFaibntertunj) batea mil ... 
ait rtj,it Bbn gflimtntn in btr etilt. 
Ct MIojI 11* liber uubiUigt Btbanblunj. 
«i bt|*nwrt M, taS rniit,imfd)c iiiiijrt ira Eioifle (inb, t«r 

ibia ttfCrbnl nxrbtn. 

3* tlaalt bti brr Stblrbt flbtr Mc dbautlimj 

eit bobtii ila) HWr 31i*ti in betlaata. 

Xiit in blrlein BafJc BotiitbriiaVrtn Brfajuxrbni 

Or futrt btltinttj fiber bal Eint ubtt Hnbtrt tibia' 

Tsii Ifl bit aOqanrin( 

ttr Id ttt an (inrm fiblirmnrn tlri-d. 

WfuibMttfia(«tnarnb(i 11a! nn.ittoulta, bai ... 

prJtM btnadiridiiijli Kb Jiitbtittrubtft, tt 
(dm eriR* fttantn dnjdaufra Idnaernajl. borntbramt 
awctm], taSbrr aiijetlaatt [ntmiUtnt tit £uiftfal)rl 
Ofrlwin babt. 


No word of — ever escaped his tips 
I should not have made this — , if... 

I find unjust cause (or — s 

The subject of his — is, that 

COMPLEMENT. The 26lh regimen 
full— of men [i 

OOMPLETE <;•). It look 20 years to 

The work was — d in 8 years 

lie — s his eightieth year to-morrow 

'['he convict was liberated yesterday, after having 

— d a term of 20 years penal servitude 
I he article on ' Hypocrisy.' which — s vol. 8 
All the necessary arrangements have been — d 

The work will be — d in 20 parts 

He refused to — ihe order (See order J ... 

COMPLETE {adf). A — suit of clothes 

It proved a — failure 

lie was in a stale of — bewilderment 

The defeat of the French was crushing and — 

The works of Byron, — in 6 volumes 

A -victory 

The — works of Shakespeare 
The general adopted a — change of tactics 
The 4th volume is not — , pages 192 and 230 
being wanting 

COMPLETELY. The washerwoman has 
He is — ruined [spoiled that dress 

1 un - bewildered ... '.'.'. '■■'. ... 

Hie spoil on his body have — disappeared 

I — forgot all about it 

1 was - tired out 

COMPLEXION. Healthy (sickly) ... 

A fair (dark) - 

Thai puis a different — on the matter ... 
COMPLEXIONED Kai. (dark, sallow)- 
OOMPLIANCE. In — u'ilh your request, we 
beg lo enctuse our list of prices 

I must insist on your — with the orders you 

To feign — 

COMPLICATE. It is a -d aflair ... 

Chinese is loo — a language for me 

I am getting — d studying so many things at the 

HUH lii'ne [died 

That was the situation, and to — matters Thiers 

Thai — s matter considerably 

A — piece of machinery 

COMPLICATION. A — or diseases. 

COMPLIMENT. I thank you for your — ,.. 

I return you (pay you) the same — 

'I"., -..iv thai she is lie.imifiil, i» laying her a — ... 
Mrs. Macbeth presents her — s to Mrs. Veitcli, 

and would feel obliged, if 

With the Author's — s 

With Messrs. Oliver & Twist"s — S (on the 

of envelopes J 
Che my — s to your sister, and tell her, thai 

The — s of the season to you ! 

In — to the visit of the Home Secretary the whole 
town draped itself in Hags 

II is paying us a sorry — to say, that as a notion 

we are fond of beer 
lie — ed me on my appointment 

COMPLY. I regret that I am unable to — 
with your request 
You must — with the rules [ncr, as to 

COMPORT. He — ed himself in such a man- 
Your statement does not — with that of Mr. C... 

COMPONENT pun [dement*] 

COMPOSE. To - a sentence (speech &c.)... 
To — a difference. To — music ... 
The senate is — d of liberals and 4 

Eoslon's syrup is — d of phospale of ir> 
She is a little more — d to-day 

— jmnelfto sleep. — vomelf ... 

I took a — ing draught 

COMPOSING. Is tins piece of music of your 

COMPOSITE order of architecture ... 

COMPOSITION of a painting 
lie paid his creditor! a — of2/6 in the pom 

COMPOSURE. With marked- ... 
Imperturbable — of the mind 

COMPOUND, Ue-ed win, his credii 

Luncheon is a — at /*«/ and the diminutive Mifll* 
cheon (gcrman then) sipiifying small, little 

Truncheon is — ed of trunk and cheon 

Autune plaint; n'eit jamais ethappie de ses levrts 
Je n'aurats pas fait entciiJre cette plainte si 
Jc ne trouve aucttn motif sirieux tit St plaindre . 

II st plaint dt ct am 

Lt xtiicme rigimtnt itait ait eomplet 

It afalhi 10 ,nu pour ttrmintr V edifice ,,. 

L'ouvrage a fit" ackevl en S tats 

/;' mini Jemain quatre-vingts sans rh-olus 
Lt foreat a Hi libiri hitr aprls avoir termini n 
vingtannJes dt trauaitx forces [velum, 

ft chafitrt sitr I'Hypocrisie out lermint It Siiiite 
Oil a termini tons les pripa ■ ali/s nicessaires 
L'ouvrage comprendra vingt parties 

I '11 vctemtnt torn f let. . . 

Cela a completemmt khntti (a fail fiasie, afai 

II tr.-ait la tele eamfletcmcilt perdue [four eomplet 
Les franfais fitrent icrasis, battus i) plait cou' 
Les ttuvrcs de Byron completes en 6 volumes 

Unt vietaire complete — 

Les auvres completes de Shakespeare 

Le ghiiral cltangta complbtemiut de taclique 

Le 4e volume n' tst pas eomplet ; let pages 192 et 230 


in tavense a tout abtmi cttti 1 
// est mini de fond in ambit 
fai Jti Hen rtfait 

Its tithes au'U avait sttr It corps ont enliirtmenl 
J'ai lomplilement tmblii celt? affaire [dispai 

J'itmi atthutt de fatigue 

7einl sain (inaladifj 

Teint clair (ttrun) , 

Cela donne a t affaire unc tout autre phrsionomie 
Quia lapean blandic I brunt. Mime) 
Conformiment it volte demttnae nous tivons f lionneur 

de vons atlrcssir ti-foint noire prix-courant 
Jt vtux absolumenl ant vons vons mnf» mit* 1 
ordres t/ui voit: son! donas 

Fciitdre Pobiissanct 

Cist unt affaire compliauit 

la bmgiie it'; mot.,- tst Imp comptiqu/e four ntoi 
Ji iiitnilirouiile A iluJicr taut de cboics a la fJi 

[vinf compliquer les affal... 
Telle /tail la situation auarid la marl de Thiers 
Ctltt compliqut singiiliei-etiienl Its chests 

Un micauisme comfliqui 

L'ne complication at maladies 

Merci du compliment ! 

Je vous renvoie la balle 

Dire quelle est belle, e'est la flatter... 
A/me. Macbeth prisente scs civilites (ses compli- 
ments) a Mine. Veitch tt lui saurait gri de 

liommagc de I'auteiir [vouloir liieti 

MM. ('liver ct Tu-i'l ont ritonttcut tie vons prisentei 

l/tirs livititis 
I'euille; ojfrir mes hommages a Madilt voire sasti 

et lui dire que 
Veuille: agrier mes compliments de circonstanci ... 
Hit Ihoimciir de la visile du Mini sire det'/ntirieiir, 

la ville tout entiirc fut pavoisic 
C'cst nous faire un Iriste compliment dc dire t/uc 
nous somiKts un peitplc qui aiuit la biire 

I! nt.: lilicifa de ma nomination 

Je tc : ;>it!c Je nt pottvoir accider 1) voire Jcmalli 

1','tti u'r.-c- •.■sits wujormer a la rigle 

/.' ,! tsmforta dc ft roil i) 

I'os dirts ne concordent pas avec teux tie M. C. 

ttstilitantes (ilimei. 
Faire une phrast (compostr 
Arranger un diffirtnd. Compos 
Le sinat st compose de 9 tiliraiix ct dt 4 conserva- 

Ellt tst un peu plus ealmt aufoiti 

Disfosrt-vons a dormir. — sVemetlez-vous , 

Je pris line potion ealmante 

Ce merceau de musique est-il de j/otrt composititn? 

L'ordre composite en architecture 

Composition a"un tableau 
II paie A ses criantiers, p.11 
Avec un sang-froid pronond 

l : n calmt imperturbable 

II fit un concordat avtc sti crioncicrs 

Luncheon at un mot compose .It limiii, «,■,■» ■;,i;t. ,-.' 

Jit sufftxe Jiminulif choin, ( A;:, 

qui ligniftt petit 
Truncheon est fornii de trunk et cheon 

Si ram nit eat £ucrt Nt mass Qbcr feint KtqiCf 
3A loilrtt bie(( Jttfiflf ,h4i v-utgtl.r.idji bttea, BK 
a*j fiiibt Mae* iieretf)ttn BrunC pr Mla0t (tWAw 
T*r iStanifiaiib foinrr Riant (Stidjffltrtt) ift, bnfi. . . 
II.VJ20. 91, jj infill nut aitf Wilt iljrtr ill-trad;!. 

Hit SoJtnibuitJ bt* ■Ballrt na&m 20 3ot|rt in Bnfin 

■Sat Sltrrt mat in S ^atircn crflrnttf 

Hi HI Mittibtt tr ftin 80. Jtnbr. 

Xer tHtfaiiiiriit miittt otptrn aid frtitii Biift artMjl, » 

tr Belli JO X-,<-,< ini jiM^SMiik (Kftfldi Vlttt. 
I«v Httilrl Stet 'SdieiiilStiliflreil, tetTajtr Nn adjttn 
Silt nDtbigtn £torhiir«ngni fn» bnntt^l. [ab|*titiil 

InS flhit roirb in 20 Sb^iltn MlalM ((in. 

liii, ivLlf!.iM[i,i£t Jlnjua. 

«« emit* It* ali tin ton*J>nM<|t« Siottp (flli »on(IS»ki,j 

tit war tn ton fjufcrrtt psiinautiaci attritimtng. [wrfrStt) 


Sit BOtrft Vtrrone, oollflSiibi a in 6 *4nt*n. 

«ini«ll[ta,it>ifl«eifa. roUftfintiatu ('■'■ij.-.niiir, ) 'JL<ti[L-:3!)atc|^at«t. 

Xtt Stnrrat Sttlwrtt (tint lallirf Mlifl.inbin {flonitia)] 

akTDiertt! Bcaftanbifl, tvi bitSeiltn 191 unt 

230 fefiltn. 
Tit 'liMdiiT.m (10I bicltS xliit Bulllt.iiibia bttboittu. 
(Er ift Bollft.inbifl ( jan;l 111 lllruiibt flrriajltt. 
;1<* TOBtt* adu;Iii ttrrofloi 
^* tin BQdilMbifl ocrrairrt. 

3>it glnftn an (tiu.n, vi vvit i"u:f tfi i-, Mvldjiuiintm. 
3$^b<»ue*.HH9ii[]iilv:,i(l-t. ,|,-.!ii inif oar utrjrfftn. 
jij nmr aonj Struitlct (ttdtjurft). 
(Wtftinre Ift.infliiht] <Mi*teiatte. 

■VVIK |Tllilt,'!,| "lifirtltd iVt [. 

Sal Ktltibt Bet ©ajit tin anttttB rluMrtni (cine onrert 
Bun Wer [tanrcltr; Meidjn] MtfidjtSfarl*. [Wtftalt 

3 v rein JSUH[die fleniifj (entii-tcdieiib, iidajloninidit), K 

wit une unferr *reistiftc tdMifilgcn. 
34) muS Barau[ t*fte,tn, baft Sie bit etftalltntB » 

Un w, iw' liii.i (ffliltfSijdarcit) trvtuajtln. 

Si ift tine Milniiftltt i^M-ht u-. 

7>ai a[,inc[i[Jn Ift einc (u twrnvlijirtc £Brad)r (iir milt). 

3d) raetbe Btrroirtt, inbtm in) (j uitlt ; in&t ;nr |ilbo, .''.tit 

ffublrt. [ftart Sclera. 

So laaen bit T/tn^t. unb. in 'Sit no* fnroiddlrc ju n ' 
tia* Biadji bit ea*t btttnttnt BttreirfeHer. 
Bm tattfBjfttK 'Jiitit.mii-raiiS. 
Cine ipcrtcituni) (DitiiQc) Me (franrbtiteit. 
6ic faacn mit Da ttlvat Bet*fiMiC)fJ {iron 
Tial'IVii ii; '"KMVll'ft-.iirtKKatt. 
S« Io B m, Sit lei (dj5n, fjeifet, i(,r cine errMlHKjMt It>(tii. 
Stau Ulatbtlb roflit>e fi* i\"u Seitoj jn Tunic wrDfliiW.I 

WWen, ratlin... Stefcft frciuLWi(*eai «ru6c. 
*l>llt— I vein Btrfafin. 
iwiiiaditun.vitcir OOWt unb I lui ft. 

ffrnpfetfen &lt midj 3tvt;r grau(cin £$iKper, qnb [aei 
ftjr, bag... 

- l; M--,:iii.-,l^TCicrtaflcl 

Bs (rinii bd *Mu*t* t*f TOinifterB to 3nncr» K 

gtnt)( 6tabl mit 5abiitn ae(d)tnliift. 
Wan madjt nns etn tBfeS Jfamiilinitnt, njtiu! mat 

un[ert Siaricn bem Bicrflenufte erjtbtK ift. 
l£r bcjliiitkuicfjiit 111111,511 mdnti Srnenniiit)). 
31) bin |H mtiiitiii I'ctanern nidit imEtjiibt,3t)rei«*l 

•H tH'.lVHTill. 

Hi miiikn (id) unlet bit »oi(d|rifltnfitjcn. 

Ifr bcnnljm (id, in rintr iclftcn lUri|t. toS... 

,lt,rt Humane entrant fid) nidjt mit tn bet fin 

WtfUlltltKilc— HBfnBinienftjfiitt (til coir*) It 

ttincn 6a( [tiine Webe] nuffefen (al[j|l«i'). 

Sinen 8mift beileflcn.— Ifin TOnftlftii* tw 

?er itimi ift aiij 9 (ilittalrn nrt 4Hi'ii(i-n.MiiBtn ju 


Twe.ifttra'td>c Suruu tcflcM n,ii tljnivMnuttoi (fifni. * 
Sit ifi Htult itiua* rul>i a n (flt(iitjtn). 
»eaeten ete fid) jut Biufje.— ftaitcn elt fid). 
Cld) nnljrn einen bnuliijenben Irant. 

. ■■ ' 
'"" (remtlnje) eaulen erbium g. 
-'■ einel ffltmolto. 
la f, '.il Hi i.itioiHlaubijerncincHb[inbilii|iMun, 
■HI aurt.llli.iet iHube («cln(itnl,eit). (ouf ttH * 

Untrfdjliuerlidje eeclenrurr;. 
ISt (dili-S mil ieii,™ i*laubi^nn cinoi ttenjlel* aft. 
SiindjftTt ift tint ■(ul.immcti , c!j u »i( Bun lump nnb to neat- 
Kin,i!oi BtrTltlnnun^fllbt cheon Iboill* then - 



COMPREHEND. The building — ' st«ble, 

I don'1 — that [coneb-li'-ii-L-s, it 


\ — melhod 

COMPRESS, -.lair 

-d in his arms .... , 

The history of the country could easily lie - 

The events of centuries — ed within the corny) 
of*a single life 
OOMPROMISE. The honour of France is - 
Such j step might — ■ y.ur refutation 
He ■ 


COMPUNCTION. Hi- robs the poor withoul 

He admitted with some — . that 
COMPUTATION of iiiti L - (in 
COMPUTE. His -rl. Him 


CON. (fir CONTRA ). After a good many 
Ml ui'l ftm, the matter was adjourned 

OON. I'll -it over , [Ae.l 

CONCATENATION ..r,:ireuinstiinces (events 
CONCEAL. She was tried for having — cd the 
birth of her child 

I don't — fruni'my mind the fact, that 

I put it where it is — ed from view 

Vou cannot — anything frniuTJinl. 

I — ed it from'my hinl>aml 

lie— ed his designs 

I have nothing to'— 

He — ed the tiue state of affairs 

He — ed himself behind a. tree (under the table) 

I — ed him in my house 

He lay — ed beneath a heap or clothes 
CONCEALMENT. When I emerged from my 

— of birth is punishable by law ... (place of 
There is no occasion for — 

— of facts 

CONCEDE, t -d him the favour he asked 

The agreement — s (to) you the right to ... 
If such a privilege were lo lie — d (to) them 

His request was at once — A 

I — you, that I was not willing tp do to ... 
CONCEIT. The -of the fellow! ... 


He iv very self- — ed 

frog-hai -- 


Of ■ 

,i his,,. 



Conceivable, fhai is easily .. 

CONCEIVE. The mindlliiil— d such a thought 
— Ihc goodness of the 

<-■ I" 1 " 1 

At last he 

She — d and bore a son 

Such a thing is not to be — d 

I — d an affection (a lilting) for her 

It is not possible for the mind to — the 

It wis Mr. C. who — d the plan to 

I can readily — that state of things to be possibli 
Jt — d in my boom the desire for revenge 

~ ' "a of the magnitude of 

The mind cannot — a 


II est eonlraire A la lai de rt f twir A eomfositi 
Vauleur d'un crime (de transiger en maliere 

En Anglclcrre terlains propriclairts s'aboi 

pour It fa U mtn I .It la laxt des taux assii 

.'. i, ■■ :.':. ,:■ ..:. : .'.■ ■ .■ '.'.'.. 

Inlirlt compost 

iTiii'iiiii i«aijiii1i 

Mot ,\:>.:^;f coniposit 

/.. balim. »l tomprttbi Anne, rtmistf&t.... 

Jt ne eomprendi pas ie!a 

Facultis inltlitetivcs ( tempi ehcnsiblit) ... 

Une large, pnissanle 

Une vaste fersfetlivt. Unexpose' std-staHliel 

I'nc hi d'eniemhle 

Dts uUts ilevt'es 

Respecttsbiliti, mat trh-elasliqut i/ni ferine Vail 

stir Vinfamie, el afpelle honnele ce qui est 


Press! dans ses 

l.'hisloiie iiu pays pourrail aiscmcul st condense/ 

en uncdousailic dt pages 
Les ezincments Je flusicnrs sillies accumtilh daks 

■ ■■ ./.■'. . : ■■■.-.■ .:' ;..'.■■■ ..■..-..: ■« .- 
1,'hoiincur dt la France est compromis [futation 
I'm telle demarche pourrail compromellre voire ri- 
ll arrangta Its chases [( jc Icfnai ma plainlt) 
Une transaction ayanteu lieu ft tessai les foursuitts 
Cclte construction tien't en qiiclque sarte It milieu 

tntrt nut grange tt un bmigalow 

J'ai agi far tonlrainle 

Aftsures, Ms cocrcitives, &*. 

Im loi sur I'inslruetion obligaloirt... 

II ful eonlrainl el forti dt 

// volt Its pauvres sans manifesttr It moindrt 


II rtconnut, d'un air un pen coulril, qui 

Compul (ecclhiJsiiijuc ), ,-alciil dinhcls 

On raltule que 

L'intirlt est ■ calculi A j% petulant p am 

Afris maints Jits tt contrtdits, 1'affairt/ul remise 

fy refiichirai 

['iinluiinaiicnt dts cinmUanfts ( tks eVttlcments) , 
File a suhi un jugcmciit pour attouchement clan- 
Jtsfin (suppression a" enfant) 

Jc ne me dissiuiiile pas qnt 

Jc t'ai mis\ians un endroit oil il i.happe aux regards 

Vous ne sauries rien father a Dicu 

Jt I'ai cachl A man mart 

II dissimula ses dtneins 

ft n'ai rim A cither. .. ,, 

It dissimula la v.'i Habit situation .its affaires 

It se dissimula deniire un arbre (se tatlia sous Ifl 

Jt I'ai tack! then moi [table) 

Illlait tachi sous un moneeau d'tgets 

Quand jt sortis dt matacJuUe 

hi suppression d'enfant lombe sous te coup Jt la loi 

11 n'csl pas besoin de dissimuler 

Piijimtihuion dts fails 

Jt lui acrordai lafaveur qv'il dtmandait 

Les tonvtntions vous accordcnl le droit Jt 

Si un lei privi'h'gt leur Hail aecordc 

' lui ful actordec stir lecham. 

s It fain 

Un sol prcttntirux (un pliant f^moutardxer du papt 
II tst Iris eutichJ de sa ptrsount ... [> 

Jt tie saurais nit fairt A I'idte dei cuissts i 
II passe four safe ii ses profits ytux 

Jt suis disenchanti dt 

11 ma rfhenckanti de 

Ceil facile A coneevoir ... 

L'etprit qui a cotifu nne Itllt ftnsee 

La creature ne sawait contcvoir la benli dt la 

A lafin I'idit liuvinl qui 

File cone ul tt enfanta unfits 

Une partiltt those nt ptut it conccvair . . . [ell, 
J'iprouvai de !' affection, jt stntis un penchant foul 

II tst impossible A I'iuttlligtucc dt emctveir le ... 

ttfut M. C. qui concnt le plan dt... [flat de thosts 
Jt ptux couenvir sans feint la possibilitl de eel 

Cela attuma dans men carur un desire de itugeautt 

L esprit ne ptul se f aire une idie de i'Jlendut de la 

Le ginlral conetntra sts treufts A S. 

A'ans llions exposes aufcu contentrl de I'cmitmi., 

3n ffiitiilaiib Ircflcti tiniiii taiilifctRvtt tint a^Kiiidarmij 
nviKit tr.3 f bit \titt I'iridjKUiKji litficiildjnfku nBUjigcn 


ginfeSjittfut. BftnvirS, 
SatamamtrHml BoWBtRrJ. 

ttiti Mouu'niUum ( |,u fan mi b n,i i\<V trf Wtvl). 
Hi K'l'l'.U'vuJ^. (h.i iiK'iiijdjtr Wrudj. 
3M» liltiwiitt umfnijt iiaUuly. iDg.icittruiilc, ». 
XaJ rtrfttvt ia> nidjt. 

tttitc j uf.i ninienf a rf eilbc Sirifiot*. 
llmF.iffoit! (nllganeiiic) flufluuiin j [Bit«fjgc]. 
llrof nffaite* {allflnrui.ict) iScfc,. 
■■■■,:■■,■: ■■■.■■ 

rinrr 5dj«r(trri flfflriiiitxa: riu Itujr ii ,( rii*l lit Ku 

Siccnniditn tintit autcn IPIrul^c" frin Ufit- 
floinr/iiiuirlr (lift. 
Sit fei« «rni( awrefit. 
I'i( ifttfmiditc be: Saiibti! liiuitr jut auf rirt Xu(enb Bfltttt 

jlilninitirnjctraiijit nxrbcii. 
Tic ltr.-i.uufk Ml ,"UtH-f>niit.-iltii, in ben IHaltnttii rims iiu 

jifjtn Stbtn* sulanitrtrnfltcranflt. 
^■it tfliir. 5raiitr[it» , i ift tonivruniTttirt (nu('« epic! alfrtil) 
liiii lot*« ©ftrif! rHiuite 3li«n juldl IHaniiii L loffte It ei l . 
fti Kjitc tic &«4rt bci. 

I>a eta llkrflleid) rrsitli Irailafl ronr. juj idj Bit Hlaat (urilJ. 
S-ii(«rtSutTi|lL'in ■lii'Ltuitiii-j nrifdjAi ciucr edgdiiu nut. 

ttntriiivilijeiiSiiltt. [■mMtHH). 

Jd| tMiiUItc ni'llijifruiijtii (iinttr btra Tniilc (n- 'Jli.|i> 
: ■ ;...■. .:• ■ :■: .■ 

tir iuiit unlet btui ;llvaiijtr lf(r flttl!Waibi h ittil) r ;u .. 
Irr piiiiitrrl bit «nnnt utjncfiiie SpBC w 

ffiv iirfiaiil' mil einigcr Wciie ju, ba|... 
;jnti-Li; ii,i:ii. — Jin)eii(t'[)rctt|iiuiij. 
H ift fccndinct, baft... 
j ll jiiiiitii f:nt an* ~'tiiiro>br(brrrt 
Jiiid) oicltui Syrt*™ eafflr unb bamtbi 

le bit £.idj( 

,V- ml! Li ii(<CT((gm. 

ticitcttung r«n Umftaitbeii lareiaitirftn). 

Sit louibt nc^cn ijtatciniliiiiiiiij Ccr (Hrturl ibrtS itiubcJ 

ws decidjt arjCttll. 
M ctrbchlr mir nidjl bie 3lsu!.i*(, bafi... 
J* lt,|l( tt bin, we W frii t*l ift™ (iii^,\iii ift. 
6ir »nnm wr «ort Himte Hr^tblrn (wrViinilid|rii). 
34 tfieft rt our mtinnii SHaniif flcban. 
«r twrvtimlidjie (tinr BMfflttit 
3d) tube 9)iajt? )u Dobcimintioi. 
ill tjiclt bh ipjlitc Siidilnfli fltt^itn. 
iir Mtfcarii ft* binttr eincur *Vjura< (unto ben 2iIo>(). 
3d) Kibof : i (vL-vftctftc) lull in nicinna (ijufi 
«r In j ltnttt (inem ^ou|ot Rleilxr wrflnft. 
m id) ,iu! mtiiirui Kfrtfteif hnauitain. 
itjcrrjeiailfiljuii,! ttucr Mrtiuil ift acftfli* 
t£J i(l ttint Sttraulaffuna jur *ttrrximlidjit!i u rn'rlwiibni. 
iO<rl)(l;Iima Don Zrnlfa^cit. 

Jdi flm^urlc Hjk bit tfardiiufjiiiiinn, inn inlay cr tsil 
Xa Mi'inraTl u (fKbt Jbnoi ba* StHbt ju, ^ii- ■ 
(hml iincii tin foi4«3 *prtto)i tinatiduml rrilrte. 
J|(jh n.ilifai-vit fcf^'it ftlner Bittt. 
34 jtflrljr Jtmoi jii. t>a(; idi b.ui iiidji ir/nn ivoatc. 
Hat bcr (PiirtdK fidj [infjilfd ((iufaQat lifti) ! 
liiii i([l|t„if.illi|itr (tiii^bilbeter) Jlnrr. 
St lit frbr eon lid) iiiincnDnirncn. 
3d) taiin 3ro(dj[(ljtii[tlii [cincii Wtfd)mjd;ot>iitmiliiitn. 
St tilht fid) tin, tin Eitjrt iManii jn ftiii 
3*Vnfnan(SBftKttiirtnan... 3d) tin ttitliufHI ilwr... 
Irv bdi.ihra mil .illi vuft an... 
Xut 1ft lci»t bejttifl Idi. 
Ixt ijkift. rotld>tT thioi fvlttn ultbaiittii f*6k. 
SaS «(fdjBp( tana bit (Slilt bet ad)ttvfn!i nidjt ttjrri(ai 


gdjlitfjti* tail cr nu[ Mil nkboiil™, baf;. . 
Cii tmpfiiifi unb iitbnr tinea fiotjn. 
■Eo StBOt ifl iui Marti (lid). 
3d) faltt tint ^nn tiflima |H iOr. 

■ i|i ma aMJi m^i m^pa), pi, - 

v?» Cvmli.. iKidxtbtniilaii fattc, jii... [mir. 

3d) !anit leidjl laprifm, ta6 bicin Qn|aa* ta riiijt aiSjIid) 
S« IBunld) nadi Wjdjt itucbc In mtina jinilt rege |mo*). 
SI ifl unnitalid), fid) tint Burfttllnna Van bet iBtBfjc kn 

Wftti %a ffliirtxn. 
Iitr I'tntial jug fnnt Inipptn bri s |u|antmcii 
Sftr nurtn ben taii;ttitni1tn Stutr bti Qtiiibcl aiit^t(t«t. 


All my faculties are — d upon the solution of the 

The — d lays of [he sun 

I liied lo — my thoughts upon the mal 

In a — <! form 

— d extract of meat 

— juice of the poppy 


A — wheel (movement) 

CONCEPTION. The immaculate 
You can have no — of the distress caused by Itie 

CONCERN (:■). Your reputation U — cd ... 

Thai due- not — me 

She seem* —ed about 11 

I don't mind, as far as 1 am — ed , 

What it — me whether he succeeds or not?.,. 

He is not — ed in that business , 

Several officers were — in the rebellion ... 

lam — ed for his safety 

Youn eed not — yourself about that 

Don't let that — you 

Why should I — myself with his affair*? 

I wrote to him — ing the matter 

—ing the Berlin treaty he says, that 

Where the welfare of the people is — cd, govern- 

Our conversation was —ing you 

Our correspondence was — ing the difficulty of ... 

— yourself about your own business 

I feel — ed about the itatc of his henltli 

.She looks —ed 

It does not - us, to [mci 

Why should I meddle with matters that don't — 
The parti 



'NCERN (n.) A pretty - 
sank all my money in that — 

1 cannot help feeling a — lor those poor people . 

I am not in that - 

1*11 make it my - to 

He had no — in the murder of the King 

The matter seems to I* of no small — to him ... 

You have no — with that .- 

It is their own — 

Haven — for your health 

He does not show much — about it 

I expressed my — to the doctor , 

He manage* the - (Set also business^ 

CONCERT. We acted in - 

They agreed upon — ed action in the matter 
The strike was the — ed action of the workmen ... 
The 47th regiment acting in — with the artillery, 
proceeded to 

The regimental band gave a — last nlgfcl 

Are you going lo the — ? - 

He plays at — s, balls, &c 

A vocal (instrumental! — ■: [ — 

kosiim's Stabal Mater will be given at tomorrows' 

We don't have many — * in this town 

— pilch. — room [to his workmen 

CONCESSION. He refused lo make any — s 
Every — 10 his people had to be wrung from the 
Kingly threats 

CONCILIATE The vmiqiiised never became 
thoroughly — d to their conqucrers 
lie — d the affection of all who knew him... 
lie — d between them 

CONCILIATORY. He is of a - disposition 
The new Pope tried — means 
These concession* had a — effect 

He adopt 


Md ■ 

_ _ NCIL1ATION of opinions (interests) 

CONCISE. A - style (ttatemeal) ... 

CONCLUDE. 1 musi now - my letter 
Before — ing my lecture, I wish lo remind you, 

He — d his address by saying that 

I'cacc was — d yesterday 

He -sfiom this that 

The public prosecutor — d for a verdict of 'guilty' 

We may reasonably — , that 

As he promised to send me some, I — d that thi 

r, that he bos left for Paris 

V effort lie tonics ma facult.'s est dingc HH In 
solution de relit difficult/ 

La central ration dts rayons lo'.ains 

Je m'effotcai dt loncenlrer mes ptnsles sur eel abjet 

Sous une forme totitenJrce ... 

Eilrail dt viande eontenlte'.. 

Jus de pavol concentri 

Ctrcle toncentrique 

A'oue (niouivment amcentriqut ) 

L'imin,iai/t'e conception 

I'otts tie sauries i«uj /a/re tine id-'e .it lit miser 
eauii't par la famine 

Vstt conception bitarre 

II y va dt vatrt reputation , 

Ctla nt me rtgarde pas 

EUeparatt en tin afftitee, preoccuf/e 

Vela m'eit fail, en ce qui mc ttntterne 

Que m'imfvrtt qu'il r.'ussisst tnt nan 

// it' tit pas intiressJ dans lettc affaire 

Plusicurs ofjkitrs furent impliquh dans hi ri'vo/fe 
Je m'iateresse A sb con.1erf.1t ion 

i'ous ii'dtfl/u btsoin de tbiis temper dt ctla 

Nrn soye% pas en feiue. Quitte: te sotici 

I'oiirijuoi <nt miicrais-jt de ses affaires? 

Je tin krivis toiithant cctle affaire 

Tauchanl te traiiide Il.rlin, it dit pie 

Lors./uil s'agit dit lonlititr du ptuflt, le gciieverne- 

Notre conversation roulait nervous ... 

Notre torrtspondance forlait sur la di/ji, nit. dt 

Mtkt-vous de vos affaires 

Vital dt ta santi mt pit'iKtiipe 

F.tle parail preoccufce, inqiiitte 

// ne nous affartienl fasde 

fourquoi ' mt toiler dt chests qui ne me regarden/ fas 

Lu u 


Una jotit affairt 

Toute la boutique 

Jai englouti toute ma fortune dans ctttt affaire .. 

Ce ti 'est pas mm affaire 

Cela tie me rtgarde fas 

Je titptux tnemfiihcr de neinterisstr dtespauvre. 
fftns [tffe, 

La inalndit de son fere tie lui fait fas It moindrt 

Sa malailit nous prcoccupc btaiiwup 
Jt nt suispas mile A cette affaire ... 
Je me ihargerai de 

/I n'etail pour ri.11 dans du Roi... [lu, 

L 'affaire parait avoir une gritiide imforl.inct fom 

I'ous n'avet rien A y voir 

Celt ttur affaire 

Soigne* X'otre santl 

' fas fait officii ... 

ions ngi de concert 

toinAes d'acconi four egir de n 
La grhiefut tint action coucertet dts out. 


Le Jjime regiment agissant de tonittt avee I'ar- 

tilltrit proc/da it 
La tiinsiqut du rl, intent a doiim'un concert hitr soli 

Allei-vous an concert? 

II jout dans Its concerts ( le, /mis, &.;) 

l/n concert vacal fins/rum total) ... [de demain 
Le Slabat Malerde h'ossini sera ekanU au concert 
Nous n'avons pas beaucouf dt concerts, dans cette 
Diapason de concert. — Salle lit concert ... [villi 
II rtfuia dt /aire aucunt concession A ses euvriers 
Tautes lesconcaioir, fta rai-.uf It Roi a son feufle 

devaient luiftrt arraiUes par des menaces 
Lis tonqiierants tie se eonci/irrent jamais tniilrc- 

men! Its vaincus [naissaient 

lite toiiciliail /'afftction de tout etui qui li 

11 Its recoKiilia ... 

I! est a" une humcur .-onciliante ... [conciliattts ) 
Le\nointOM Pape tmploya la conciliation (del moyens 

Cts concessions eurtnt tin effet tonci/ianl 

Jl miopia drs mesures de lonciliaiion (>on.i!iailtes) 

Conciliation ./'.pinions f d'tntMtl ) 

Un style eoncit (rlcit cencis) 

// mt /out itiainiiiiiuit cm, lure m.l letltt 

Avant de terminer tna *AOMj ft dois vous rapfeler 

II wnelut son adresse en disant que 

Pji fail a (ti tonclut hitr 

11 en (onclut que [HlitJ 

Le Ministlre Public eonclut A tin verdict ile culpa- 
Nous fouvons raistmnabltmtnt conclure que 
Comnit il m'a premis de m'en titvoytr quelquts 

Je tonclus dt 1* Itttrt qn'i/ cil farti pour Paris ... 

aik nr,iiit ■cJfMMFt' fi* ' i,L f * Udewto 

Xir iafainiiuiigcfafjicii 2; I rn. 
34 wr[udjlc ollt nirint WctMiitiii ,m| cit Zvfyt jit n*l 
,> tcn^'iitrirtrr Sunn, 
g im» B *Ullla ^Icifdjejtratt. 
Ktni.TituL-tLi- li|utin[j(i. 
Jtmiqitrlfiin Jerri* - 

Ifin Ion tent rifdjed Mat. — IKne fciijrnrri[di« Sriwjun 
Etc itiilittltiilr iiiiiviJii L iitic. 
ai< [iiiiiiii lid! liiiiL s'lTfiL-Uua.i iiiutni roll ben ban 

f iiuacreiwtl) WTur|att>!ca liltnW 
If in (unterlijin (fulfill. 
3hr outer Muf ift aul tent Spirit. 
3ua Setriftl Ki* iiioit. 1). flrfti m. nidjts an. 
Hi (njcist barum briiT^I (ii iriil. 
4iiit lirg! ni*a batnn, f.'i»rit t* aiiti befrlflt 
t&nM litatwil bocini, ob trbmilitriiidl otir nid|l? 
Sr but Plit btoi WtiiMlK Sliajta tit limn. 
•Md.rcr ( Cffiiierd u-jrai gi. ton Hufil.mVf tull^ill jt. 

,^ll: t'ill iiiv brlOTflt. 

SUrfltm brauiljdi Sir (Id) Mat eoriif ;u Biaivfii- 
¥aii,„ 5i f fid, bus uio)t pi ffrjra flrbm. 
liiaB futile iai ml* urn fcinc Snfldijtiitniieii be 
3* balw ihai in Srtrrtf trr Kadjt gtfdiricbni. 
;tn tttiu,] juI hit turliutr i'frtrafl foal tr, tui... 
'.;.-. .:-ii .,!.-. ■ ' ..:,.: . ,. . ■ 

tliifrn Huln^iHiuiij bevraf (brcblr ft* tun) Sit, 
llufcr *ri(fiMiS(tl bfKal bit Sftmicrtflreil. jti... 

*<(il ifrii sit fidiuia'OljrtSaaxn, 

;1* iiil'lc miai in ^V-iLi/iiui"; iih-r ten ■;iiii,:i[!- (iiiiivi* 

Sir firbt brfollgtu (MitjI, btfilmniert) aut. 

(;,■ ijiiii.tuiMia. =j(l.(,yi .. 

itLia* (oil ir ia> niidi in £11*111 mi(J)tn, tic mi* uid>l* oa 

X'it I'clPcili.iii-n llnrltieil. ,,i- IjIcWdflr. 

SH MH all rutin Mt in bkftl *t(*dft 

frj ii.-M miilniitiann. 

3a> babt «i*M bainii pi tb.un. 

3* turn nirtit uniiiiii, 111* fiir title ornt 

nffittn. |)ii ijirjni. 

'Cit JiTaiilbtil ftiKt- Jiattrt jtlit ibm ui*t im Atriia|len 
€tint Jrconibti! ctriirfaAt Hal brttnltubi (btiavjiilfe. 
34 bin nin>t in jrncin #ri4a[tt. 
34 refu ts mir aH3clta.n1 M* lofltn, ju... 
lir rear am Worbr bc( HtnioS uiajt bcltxitial. 
Sit £o4t laieitit rcn Inner arriajrii Ccbetttittg [iir ilm ;« 
Sit lata twiil Mi*t« ju (iuflen. [km. 

(!:-', ;rt't ;ic(dbftan. 
Oabri. Sit aul Jlirt tSt(antbeii «4t. 
Sr i*oiul taruni uid)l ftlir brfar^t pi (tin. 
34 trila-le bem Slriir niiinc Vtl^rgnin auS. 
(It hiM-t to* «rl4«fl. 

Iflir fiaiiBtlttu in lltttrtinftimmunfl (no4 S3erabt(ba« 
git btf*[a([ni 3(oitin(*jftliaitb Uorutfrtii in 
tit ftrbcitstiufltiiiiiiii ipjr unlet bem flrttittrn at 
Xjv 47- ulijiaiini, iTittra tv mil ttr Hnillcrit juf> 

oVtrirtt , ftlifl Bit ft.., 
I)it Rawlit brt Wtglninilrl jab J<[ttni Uttnt ti: 
tftbtu Sit in'* Sonjcrt? 
Sr (I'iril iii Scit;trlcii [nuf Sallm it.] 
liiu Itfulal [,Aii|Himitjila|.j unijtrt. [m 

W. ffmi '■.!■£ mi .11 ■i.i;,iier ivilt hi ttm niiTajatn Jtoujerlai 
li'ir babtn in tic(cr Slatt ni*l Diclt Mmi^tm. 
ttiHijcrljluumuua. Saimneitou— Sonitrtfoal. 
Br nralllc (tincn Brbriltni hint gilflfpaabKint nlo4n 
3tb(# Su^tfiantuio oil tao «k>ll mufilt btin Hi 

3)ic Stfitjloi bdbw fift nit mil ibrr» eitjetB b 

*r tnuarb il* bit *itbt »ittr, bit itji< hnnttn, 
«!■ iogalc fit au*. lit ipidK btx tknnitticr inifaint it 
Cr ill tv* MtlCbnlitbtr Siinimuita 
Set unit 9?a»fr t?eriudjttttcr)bl)iiii[ia^iiiiiit[ 
THrft 3«orjtanbnif(c hatttii tint mi(lil;Mli*c JE 
St atbrau*tt BtrWtintnbt Slilltl. 
HuS(itinun(i (Btr(iH; nun a) ttr Mtinunarn I3u!tt . 
Sine netroiifltf ( tfuitiacl «ii*tniifim.vif« [Sm|ajt]. 
3* UIUB HI "ifiiitn *rkl (aH*li«F"1 
Beoor i* mtiiic Sarlefuno fajIitBt. mMjtr to> elt a 
Sx fftlofj Itint *n(uro*t tomit, ba| ft ioatt.. . 
Trr flrittt reurbt ntfttrn (ab)3t|o>to|ltn. 
(littauj iailitfit (Matrtl tt. taf . . . 
Iicr etaottomisolt ttatitrajtt tit 64uD>iglrllln 
Ciir Buncn DmiltHgtT Oeift f*tit6tn (loljmi), N 
Ua tr wr(t>wu>. mir ciniat jit (ftiiTtn. (djiufj 14, bo| rt 

tins ftinroi «titft (*liift la), bag rt na* faris at 


The entertainment — d with 'God save the Que 
[your own 
CONCLUSION- You are too fond of drawing 
Jurymen ate often apt to jump at — s 

We must guard ourselves against nulling 

until we have heard the other side 
V™ had better not tiy — s with him ; he is your 

I The conference was fuouchl (o a — yesterday 
Tn — I beg lo thank the audience for 
I have come lo the — , that it would be liettcr 
Vou'H not find U difficult to arrive at a — in 

CONCLUSIVE A — argument 

[(proved) tha 

CONCLUSIVELY. It has been — show. 

CONCOCT. To - a story (plan) 

. - a swindle 



e — of wealth 

(lii.i government with all its — s ... 
CONCORD . They live in peace and — 
CONCORDANT with. — ly with ... 
CONCUR. I quite — with you there... 
The chief judge —red with his colleagues in their 
There are cases where the force of habit, 
with natural instinct, breaks down the artificial 
lurrirr which society has set up 
CONCURRENT. His views arc — with you 
— with lids event ... 


CONCUSSION of .he brain 

CONDEMN. He is — ed out of hisownmou 
The vessel was — ed a.s unseaworihy 

■ such practices on principle 

lb - 

n the a 

■I malefactor passed his last hour ii 
-ed cell 
I — iuth pno& a* untrustworthy ... 
Socb a Course cannot lie too sliongly — c.l 

[shake hands wil 
CONDESCEND. He would n 

He u too proud l< 

is learned, the more — 

to particulars 

CONDIGN. The crime met with - 

CONDIMENT I.., ,,igs, Sc. ... 

CONDITION. I am not in a to 

One of the — s of the agreement slipuJuti 

The horse is in splendid — 

The furniture is in good — 

I allow you to go nut this afternoon on — that ; 
promise to behave yourself in future 

He was liberated on — that he left the country 
His pardon has certain — s attached to it... 
He was initiated into their mysteries on — 5 which 
made his hair stand on end 

—* of sale 

The — sofa contract 

Good (well — edf ... 

CONDUCE If it — s to your happiness 
CONDUOIVE. Uii is- to your welfare .. 
OONDUCT Mr. C. — s the business 

His — at school it not satisfactory 

route Kit has 3 good — badges 

Master James Lolly, for good — ... 

Ten marks lor attendance, and 35 for good — 

Mr. H — ed the enquiry ... ... 

I —ed him to the theatre .., [to C. 

The —of the necessary arrangements wasenlnisted 

He applied to the King for n letter of safe — 

He does not know how to — himself 

His — is something scandalous 

Good — priie 

—"•6 PI* 

,1 par le I. 

I conclusions 

' "'.;,;'■', 

Vous ttimt* trap a tirer vos conclusions 

Les membres du jury sont sotevtnl dispos/s il se 

ilerober aiuc conclusions 
Notts devons nous tflrdtr de amrir an 

sans avoir entendu 1'autre partie 
Vetts feriex mieui de ne lui pas ft. 

vous hoitucret ii qui parler 

La t*nj/rnnt a /te undue Artr 

En conclusion je mt remerricr I'auditnct <lt 
J'tn suis arrive' a nwifMn iiii'iV imiiYjIiffl'niitfiVi 
Vous ne troiet-erez pas de difficult! a arrivtr h — 

conclusion dans I'affaut 

Un argument .fmhiimt 

Voire argument nest pa: toue/uont 

/'retire toneliianlt ..." 

II a /t/ dtmontr/ d'nne 
Invtntcr unt histoiieft 
Ourdir tine Irame (line escroqtitrit _ 

Circonslances eoncomilantes 

Ij vice accompagne la riektsse 

Mamiiis gouverntment avec tout res atcess.a 

lis vireHt dan; la pai-r tl la concordt . . 

En concordance avtc 

Jt suit lout-H-fait daccord avic vens Hhettta 
Le President ptl d'atcert/ avec ses colleguts do 

II y a des cos oft la force dt Phahirude, •Fa.cord 

avec Its instincts nalurels, renvcrst la barriti 

artificiellc elev/t par la soci/ti' 

Ses mtes sont con formes ait t wires 

Coneourrement avec eel eWntmcnt 

Concttrremment avec 

Ebranlemrnf du renvan 

/I se eondamne par ses profres paroles , [la HI, 
a /te coniiamn/ comme nt pouvant 

tier nil plan)... 

Lt malfaiteur contlamn/ ptssa sa dernicre heart 

dans la cellule des condamni's 
pe eondamne de tellei preuits commepeu dignes defo 
Unt telle manicre dt proc/der nt ptut /Ire trip 

incrgiqnement rond.imn/t 
// nt daipta meme pas me serrer la main ... 
// est frop orgntilleux pour ourrir sa porli 

II ne daigHa pas donner de de" tails ... 
Le crime renconlra sa juste punition 

Pate' pour les cochons 

Je ne suis pas dans une cotuiition a 
Unt dts conditions du control stipult que [chose 1/1 
Dans foutes les conditions de la vie il y a quelqt 
La condition oil il si Irouvait le mellait dot 

r impossibility de s'occu/er de lui 

Ijs gens de condition humble 

La .en.iiiion de noire arm/e 

Le eJieval est dans une condition splcndide 
L'ameublement est en bonne condition 
Je votis permcts de sortinctte apres midi, il con.l 

lion que vous promeltia di vous mien 

conduire a tavenir 
II fut liter/ a la condition de quitter le pays 
II y a certaines conditions attathces a son pardon. 
LI a M inirii a leurs myster/s & des condition! qui 

lui out fait dresser les ehevctuc sur la tftt 

Conditions de venle 

Ijs conditions d 'un contra! 

Elle /tail dans un /tat d'abandon compter... 

Bitn comlilionni 

■ 11 rjfau qua non 
II prit part 1) la doultur qnt lui causa la moi 

Une lettrt de eondole'aiue ... ' 

Unt visile de condolcancc ... 

Si tela tontribue J volrt bonheur 

Si cela pent contribner A voire bien-ftre . 

Le soldat Kit a hois chevrons de bonne condui, 

Sf. James Lolly, pour bonne tcnue 

Dii bons.poinls de pr/sence el ij r\ms-pvin 

Sa eonduUt est queljue pen scandaltust 

Prije dt condui It 

Tuycan de cenduite 

Tii mttfitaltltc ItittrrMtuiia Wi mil tit ciiglifdwu 

Sit neiiten (ii \tbr tn\a, ft* cinni £d|tiiS |u tirrxn. 
Die WcfitjnBrtnoi 1I116 oft ;u coreiliaoi g-ftliiflni smcifll. 

JBir mftfldt Un3 rjutm, unj in un(rrn efttujtctamuiitrit iu 

iitnfttlrjnt, tint, fount crft briM 3 hellr bSmt, 
3* ralf* 36iihi aiflit, tfl mil iiim tMfgadjmei ; tr t(l .limcti 

Bit Jroitftrat) tuurtt nrflmt uim SWiIiiflt nrfcrnitl. 
linn i.djlttiit funfc ill) r.-n :',uiii;rmi tratVtnfl . . 
3A tin jinn S<J}fiifft gtlangt, raf rl Iwffrt ftm nulih-. \a 
Sit wertoi rt ttia)t |*a«r fiiihn, tn bet 2o*« ju (inon 

6(t)tuf!t 111 jrtatiflen, 
ein furgtrattct (bilnt-tjcr, oitf(Wb«B»n) StUKil. 
abrtttrcdS if* nidjl fcolniienb. 
tfiu butirinrl (btmUfrAftiael) flnianiii. 
at ift fi^laaoib (MnMoj iraAdiivirf™ [hociifoi] Borbeii, ba| 
Sitif WtfilliaUf [Siiim VlJ"! ^nf wi m en i itjm icbcn (nfumtii). 
<liat BajMbMd (iu*Hnn(ti iniiewctoi). 
*r,irritri^[ tlniftitth. 
CNifi ¥aftet ift im Stfolat be* mi*tN»t». 
Sitjlrtftc ^(iiiminfl nil otic (ml, imt fttc ilim Bf|al|l 
Sit ictai iir Srirctit liiiMfintrod)!. 
liintv.ii'ti.i (iibrrtiii|tiiiiiiitBb)»iit... 
Bariit flinunt I* vcnftanbia mil .Ilium iibmiit. 
3>er C'bmia>tn lUmmit mit friiitti Aoilcoeii in itittr Sni- 

fflVibung ilbnriu. 
Si Qibi l\iill(, wo bit TOnd)! bet »rn»«nfifil tm Sirrrin nut 

t™i iiiitili-liaKn JnflltitK bit liinfillitjoi Sdjmnttii nic- 

ottTttftt. rotiojf bit rtriSttt bat. 
Stint flnii.litiii flimmtn mit btn ;tliriont ilbcteia. 
■liifllcidj (^frbiinbtii) mit bitftm erttaaifit- 
Iir kit fug (til-D bot llrtbrit atftrnKgtii. 
Sal Sdiiff rrurtKaU fnitnliiAli^. Iltlall ].f>,mbtu>io*totif;. 
M onboinmc |tnHrf(, rcnprl!^ilc| nrintcidflid) tint frliljt 
ur rourbe in bit Jroftcn wrarlbrilt. 
35tr Dtrurlhtitlt Wtibrnljtr tjnbrai^it feine tttjtc Stiittp! in 

btr Slnntfiiittaitln. 
'W Ptnorrlt )eld)c **ootift oH iiRfllnubioilrbi,!. 
(Jin (i>t*M Strfatjwn tanit nia>l fntajt |OMa I'tnuii, ill 

(ft ticf; ■!* Ili*t tiitmal Iwrbti, mir bit 4>nlib 11! onliftil 

ttr loft fin) in fria™ BM|> Ik)) |a»t. tiiir.u nirmbin tic 

3l|flrtiu iiffntn, [fn-itiibliDKii i(t tr flc h iin flnberc 

Je gtltcrttr tin •JMmra ill, bcfi D bcmiMaflenbcr ( S c|iaiacr, 
Or rooatt Rd) niftt ant liinitlficilrn (ulaiicn. 
3>n< PetbKitjtit imirbt atbJUjctnb ntjunbtl. 
•tWn|M 5 dsrei in flitter lium Slnlicn). 
Ct4 bin iiiAt in btr Sajt, iu... 
Uint btr IWiBflanacn btl aanilriil)»i fr(l ftft, kaf,.. 
Ql itber ftbtntlaflcftitlniefu,!", Po;... 
Ttr iluttaiib in nxlthrr n fid) Vtfonb, Biaojlt (i ifjm 

anmoali*. fiir i\i> fdbfl ju (orfltn. 
Bit nirbriftacftdllm Srute. 
Tic Sa ac uiifrrti Hrnec. 
Tol «frrb ill oortrtfTIi* im Stance. 
Tic Sltbct flub out tm et.mbe 
3ft iriB 3hioi flrflattia, btmt n«1)nitt.i j nutjiiiiiWu, unite 

btr »cbiii u iina, bofj e>< mir cttifrcaiii, I. nn 

Dtbcnllioi in benetimtii. [t'nnttt (jinfle. 

(Ec wnrrc Iccigclalfrn unite btc Pcbiapna, tafi tr mttr 
Seine *>e,?nabiaimfl ifi mil aelnHtn HtWafatHn MMWb 
f*r wuroe in itre Wtt>cimniffc cinjemi lit, unlet IM 11131111 am, 

mlftc banifiriiuttiib watcn. 
fjerfcirf Sbrtina unjen . 

HcatrotlfticftiinniiinflcB- tteialticltsbcbiiiflilnacn. 
Sit li-ar in cince attfetft baiflo|cn fojt. 
tlitcrtaftliaic Stbin.junfl. 
fir brilifet mit fein *tiltib out iscgtH. . . 
fin tTtittlWbriel (Jh-irbettmi-ricf). 
fiin »clleiM*tfu*. iitue HoiibDleiuvifitt 
SBtnn il (B Jtiteni "liiie triira fl i (bi.tit; fifrtctliq) ip). 
£V»ri it f 1 it 3lT SSoN JilttJiilich iR. 
P^crr S. fil&rt bae tScjeMft [Rcncnb. 

2<in tViiihncii ftktiii,icn) in brt Sftutc ift niftt vdricecig- 
■To (Rnncine Mil (Kit 3 Ticufmbieiftcit wc^cn .ttitn itiihnn a. 
JomM "otto, tDcatn omtn Setragenl, [fit ante* t»ttcant» 
3<v« Wotntn (Clriait) fill rtotlmaijiaen Sftutbtfiub, nub SS 
J^ercC fiiticrtoic lltiterfuoiuB,!. 

34 fiiliite ihu 1,1101 TI»J1«. fltcrrraatii. 

Tit SttntHit btr rtPthintn SinriSmniioi tenrbt (tttu a. 
Crtivinotcriaiiwjeii tintt otcloltbritft. (eftlUjbritM > an 
tit iwifi nf*t, teic tt fi« ui ttne>mcn tut. [ben ainia. 

it [fir, 1 



The WMcl is — ed through pipes 

A well — ed child 

lip — s Ihe editing of ihc " I'enny Thunderer " . 

The — of war in modem limes 

Lord A. was — -ed into ihe presence of the Quui 
T.j judge by his — , he seems not to care ... 
— this lady to h« carriage (up stairs, into tl 


CONDUCTOR. An omnibus— ... 

Lightning — 

The — of an orchestra 

Copper is a good — of electricity 

CONFECTIONER. A — 's shop. — y 

CONFEDERATE. The thief denied having 

The professorship of I-ogic WW — red upon Dr. C 

I'll — with my superioi-s on the subject 

It does no! — on you Ihc right, to 

By doing so, you would — a favour on your obed. 

icnt servant,' Orpheus C. Carr 
Honour, privileges and authority were —red upon 

They —red together as to the best means of pro- 
moting the scheme [the Berlin 





s represented i 

CONFESS. H« -<!d his < 

— ,,« — < d 
e — ed to me, that he had murdered the man 

He —ed lo the murder 

The priest who usually — es me is Father S. 

I must — , that I was pleased in spite of myself 

That is strange, I i 

His — ing " 

lie stand< 
CONFESSEDLY. He is — in the wrong 

That is — a fact (an impossibility) 

CONFESSION. Father F. heard his dying - 

Open — is good for the soul (prov. s. ) 

The -of faith 

lie goes to — regularly 

He died without — 

He made no — of the murder 

1 le is charged on his — with the murder 

The - or sins is one of the seven sacn 
ihe Roman Catholic Church 

Auricular — . Pubtic_ — 

A candid — .{sins in the 

CONFESSIONAL. He purged himself of his 
CONFESSIONER. My—. The fathi 
CONFIDE. In whom am I to— . if m 

He — d the secret to me [wife? 

He — d implicitly in all he told him 

He — d in his own strength 

— in Him, who knows thy secrets 

He — d too much in his words 

CONFIDENCE. I told him in all — , thai 
The way he acted shook my — in him 

I took him into my — 

No — can be placed in those rumours 

He possesses my entire (full) — 

The author takes the reader into his — ... [■ 
What is above all necessary tosuccss, is — in yc 

It inspired me with - 

He u.imii-.l himself into my — 

I am full of — that my plan will succeed ... 

CONFIDENT. He was over— in his thoughts 

— of success, I punned the enquiry with a will ... 

lam — of succeeding 

He istoo — 

lam — oflhal [word*— 1 


A — clerk. A — friend 

A — communication 

CONFIDENTIALLY. I - tt..l.l him, that ... 

OONFIDING. Shell of ■ — d p 

Vim iinclii not to l»t everybody know your busi- 

CONFIGURATION of the heavens 

CONFINES. On the -of France ... [c-.ld 

CONFINE, lie i- -d t,. hit Hon (bed) with 

Mi*. S. wis — d yesterday ... 

tie — il hi- remarks to the actual stale of ihc trad 

Never mind that rambling statement j — yourself 

strictly to the subject tn hand 1 

I'nc • onduitt tiulragcnnte , 

Sauf-conduit.~-Mauvaiie rfn.lttiic. 
L'eau passe par des tuyaui . 

Un infant de bonne tatvi 

I! est Alttcitr-gfriutt du Penny Thunderer... 

L'ltrt de /aire la guerre dans Us temps modernes 
ford A, fat conduit tn pr/sence de In rtine [ens c 
A en juger par sa condiiile, il He itmhtt pas fail 


e dame a sav\ 

de fit rtine [< 
tnihU pas m 
(en haut, dans 

Fil ceudutteur 

In :<iu.lutt,ltr il'omilifrltl 



I.c tni-nre et un hen condnctem- .:'.■ I'clectritit.' 

lis se ligiiirent 

ft flit promu a la iligni'c' tie chevalier 

[de lagtftu 
M. It frofessmr C. ful nomntJ litiilaiie de la that 
fen refererai a rues supirimrs a ct sttjet ... 

Cela ne tous donnc pas 1/ droit de 

Cefaisant votes favoriserct ( atconlerciunt favenr) 

a voire obiisSitnt lervittur Orpheus C. Cart 
Pes Jtonneitr.1, tes privileges el lautoritc lui fur 

lis disctttireiit quant ait meilleiir i/ioyeii de fo 

Je le trouvai en cortffrence avec Lord S. 

PI reconnut f 'avoua ) son trrettr 

// m'avoua qui! m -■.■'.' uaataM i'k.-inme 

II atvua I'assasstnat " [ fere S 

is prttre atiqucl je me confesse tl' habitude est li 
Ji dais avoiier que, ntalgrt que fen eusse, tela 
Je dots avouer que e'est ctrange ... {fit flat 

1'aveu de safaute en alttr-ta le eidtiment... 

I! es! rconiiit ,-mip.iliIe ./it crime ... 

De i'aveu gMra! il a tort (de tout le mondcj 

Cest tin fait avottc' (impossibilit,' reconnut) 

Le plre F. rtcul sesderniers art use 

Uh aveu sincere sou/age la conscience. 

Pa confession dt foi 

II -na rc'gitlic'rciucitl a eonfeist 

PI mound sans confession 

II u'tmoua pas 1'assassiiiat 

D'aprh iiwitr ses il est accuse' de I'ussassinal 

La confession des fight's est I'urt ties sept lacrtments 
de I'Egiise cathotique romaint 

Confession anriculaire —Confession fuhlique 

Un aveu can, fide 

A qui me confierai-je si et u'est a ma f em me? 

It me conjia le secret 

[1 cut toute eon fiance tn ses paroles 

PI se fiait a ses forces IrAj 

Aie confiance en Celui qui connalt let secrites pen- 
11 tut trap tonftanee tn ses paroles 

Je lui dis en eonfiience que 

// fbranta ma conpanct par safacen tfagir 

Je lui fis ma confidence 

L'on ne pent af outer foi h its rttiuturs 

PI a toute ma confiance 

L 'aiitcur fails ses confidences ctu lecteur [sol mtme 
/ji premiere condition dn SHcc/s eit la coilfiali.e '- 

Ceta me donsta confiance 

11 s'insinua dans ma confiance 

Je tuis plein d< tmfaitee dam le nieces dt men profit 
II Mail Imp confront dans ses idfes... \giqtttmenl 
Confront dam le suceet, ft poussai t'cnqii'/c ,'ncr- 

J'cti confiance dans le snacs.. 

/.' ett trap confiant 

L'enveleppt fvrfait le mot confidentielle ... 
Un employ/ de confiance.— Un ami inline ( sir ) 

Une communication confidentielle 

je hit dis tn confidence que 

Flit tst il'unt nature communicative 

V'ous ne dez-riei pas instruiri lout le tumult dt t- 

affaires : Vous ftci l-eaiiceufi Irop confi.tnt 

L'.upect Jes eieux ... ' 

Aui fronlitres de la Fnitire ... 

Ok rhume le force a gtirdtr la chambre (le lit) 

Mailamt S. est aeon. Me Her 

II berna ses remar,/ue< .i IVlat aclttil .in coalmen 
'..'.-.- fatdc .es Gv atmtu n u} liontcivo 

itricttmtnl ait stijet dent tl s'agil 

e*mKMi*4 (es.iiiiioftiO BoefMt 

3i4«'<3<o<lcit.— Sdjltftlrt Wdirtimtit. 

3\iS Staffer ift bunt] Wtflirrn jilcilrt. 

Sin nrligel (stIcii1H<1)c*} JHue 

lii Icilrl (it $<ro.iulj<il'c tti ..I'dimi Jtnintwcr". 

Iiit nubenic StricggfiltiTung. 

Sorb a.icurtt wr Me HBniifln affitirl. I -v Dajm 

Wad) ((intra (ttnctiracn ju ntlMiltii, fdirint ipm Ttntjt* MO 

gfKjrni (Gtcltitni) Sit Pitft Ilamr (U i&reni IBagn [t 

InvpetjiHauf; tn ton Ukrrtoi]. 

«tn DmiiihitloiibTiHrnr. ^ii! Cui]iitutf*iiffrifr. 

3<T 3>irli{(iit ctitca CrditfttrS T*r Ha^Duidftrr. 
idiDfer ift tin fliilcr rIttiri(iiKr edltt. 
(tint OiifiilUliiil (AnUtinl). — drnfmin. 
l«t Tlicti bilwiri'HK, Ititit Wniofim (Slili^ilfbi,!" 

git Irnttn in tin Vinibirig, nin 1*„, 
metHillmeflrbrnjiirbr i^m tnliiton. 6i luiittt sum Silln 

Sit ^reffffut ter Cu.iit trurtr Sr 6. iltintrafltn [l,'mt«i, 
3$ wiQ midj mil mrintn Vcri|tf«>tcii iiMt bit &a*r U 
iH iiibl Jbufil ni4t M.S)(iJ)l.»ll... 
(Ooin 6i( bflj EvStm, triiittn git fitirn fltc&eit Simil (i*r- 

fiilltn) ttiDtiitn ofretin rrirtrnftni Iilcittr O. S, li. 
Cytl, V,'irr*l( nut 9nftbcn nrarbtu ibnt jil 3btil. 

Sir ItttOI vif.unratn tint atfprt*iiiiA (s^rr.itbuilfl) ilht bit 

fttften HtM, urn ben »!(in ju [i>rt*ni. 
5>lt toi t*r bolintv ftonftrtnj wrrrttritni SIKejlr. 
^tdjlf.itib ihn in eiiier ^trutbunfl mit Sorb ft. fcrgrlflen: 
feflcBortbfttiitn Jntbimi tin li. Mnskf. ,1 
<ic alpanb mir tin. hifc ttbrti Rani trmntbtl 1w*t. 
(St bclnintt Rib ;« brm TlmH i. r.iuinit boi iUleifc tin. 
T«OWft[id|t,bti btm iit!,iciri'hnli* t>ti*tt,iflf[H*ivfitt«n S. 
34 ran!! grftrbrn (bttrmi.ii), M(i id. raibcr Stilltn i*tf.iilm 
fi-S ift [oabniiRr, tms raiiff ift grftthtn. [ |.rb 

Xul SinarftSnbnifi Irinrr £*i!lr- miltrrlt ftinr Sli.ift. 
6r ift t*i Scrtn(f»iif iibtrwitftti. 
Sr ift rinatft.mctiirr Biafjni im Unri'd)l. 
IMS ift itiflrftantitntT illtfcn IbJIi.iilit [die tlBmbalitV 
t-n (Wtiftlirtit «. bbrtt ftint Ifljlr tHlifilr. 
Seictite m.i*t ttidjtt. 
3>a* Oitiiiibtti(bt[titnlnlS. 
Sr fttftl rtftflmoftia (ar Bcidjlt. 
Sr ri.irf dint *tidjtt. 
St le,iit ttin Wrhjmnnifi ttt Bleittt ot. 
Sr ift nuf Itin rlaciicS CingeftdbbBifr tin beJ OterM at 
T>\c Pufjt t[t (tn! ttt firbtn 6artauitiilt W 

lifdmi Kindt. 
Ofirtnrtitbtr. — Orff tnt! idjeS'S . 
CfftnrS unbcbiiiAeB Stltnntnifi. 
St reiniatt fid) Den [tintn HtttH im SHiajtftnMt. 
TOtin *wd)tMttr.— 3)tt BcidjtMler. 
©eai(oll iiStiautn, luena nicjlmriiier grau? 
ftr Mrlrautr mir bol flltbdmnifj an. 
ttt itsstt nnbtbin.ittS SJtrfrontn in Mttt*, wai id) Ifrm |j 
(rrFtrtVJnttouf [tint rignu Itroft. 
Bnlrjuc ouf t*n, btr btinr iKtttimjtifft (emit. 
ttt ttoale ju Mr (rinoi HBurtni. 
ao)f.iat( ibra aa«( itn Strttanoi, hri... 
lie lit, irit rr b.intilit, rrf*ii(intt nutn »tTtranol {• 
34 joii itn in mttii Vtrtranenl 
Tieft tntiiditt I'trtinitn ttintn OHjuttn. 
St MUt mriu aar|(l [StTJct] iEJcnraiiat. 
1*t iPerfafitr \ittt btn frfrr in'* Srrrrauti 
W.n< I'lt illtn tiiAflcii -,nm (¥clinjCii flrtb tl«ut, if) Cdlfl' 
ttr flijfilt rait iptrlrautnria. 
Sr [djmttdkltt (|djli*l fid) trt mtin (tcrttaiiei eia. 
3d| bin toll attrtt.ui tn, b.ifi^ntin I' gtlinflfli tritb. 
Or ntrtrautt (tinea Sniioilcn ju (ibt [SuB unb Virte fevt 
Soli Bettrailfn anf Gtfclfl, |e5K td), bit Uiliafudpinf. rUt 
34 urrttiiut auf but ttrfola. 
Gt ift mTtJiien«(tIig. 
34 bin beffen fltffiiS, 

Rnf ttm »riefiraif4fail Part b"» Wort „1»(tltanli4". 
ttin (»ebtimftrtctar, — tfinftrttaunt ^icniib. 
Eine MRrailli4e SfitUxtimia, 
3± (,1,11c ibra isi Vnttcinrn,bafj... 
Eit Ift Mrtrautnfton. Sir 1 
6it (otltni ni4i ^rttrrann' . 

taflta; Skftiib na()n wirrjufitewlt (nillt)cilfaa 

Bn ben Ormieii (JranntiiM. 

ttt ift inflol^tiiittfelattaniian'lflinimtrtPelllar 
ar.iaa, iftrttnernniebrrfltfiiimnCT. [h 

ffirbtldniinttt itineJttmrTtiinflriiiiBl bie atannrirrJae ( 
rt(broi€i((idiii(*tjn jmtabf4fflrifrnt<1la«(ooe!( ~ 
fcn€H(ft4fhirngtouf b« 


Wc donl trade with Ihe 

selves lo England 
I — myself to one pipe (rf tobacco .1 <hy 
He was — d a close prisoner for 7 years 

My bowels are — d... 

The view is — lo ihis side of ihe hill 

He — d himself within Ihe limils of hh argumenL 

CONFINEMENT. I can't bear close — 
lie remained in close — for 13 years 
Mis. S. told me there had been a — in your 

1 let — is no! expected before next May ... 
I never readily could submit to — however 
might tie 

CONFIRM. The statement has not been — d 
by the official organs 
— ing the contents of our letter of jmtexday'i cWa 
we beg to inform you, that 

• -ed his statement on oath 

1 yuu say — s itiu suspicinn l hail or hi 

'"- v> — cd my statement in all particulars.. 

. We may look upon it : 
— of his expressed intention 
To-day's telegram is — of the news contained i 
CONFLAGRATION. An immense — 

CONFLIOT. In — with 

CONFLICTING interests 

Opinions are — 

— evidence ... 

— passions (duties) 

I The law on that point is very — ... [Rhir 
CONFLUENT. The Moselle is — wilh tr. 
It is not — to custom ... [received opi: 
You must — yourself to prevailing customs 
— to his wishes in every respect 
Ills statement is not — with Mr. B's 

Shaking hands with yow gloves on is not — t 

the rules of etiquette 
Far copy — (timed J A. Qtiilldriver 
CONFORMABLE. Nature is — to herself .. 
OONFORMABLY with your request we have 
forwarded to your address the goods ordered 
in rone communication of the 9th ' 
Wc -wlit tn live - to (with) the law 

CONFORMITY. The Act of— 
You ought to live in — wilh your rank, and spend 
three times as much as your income will allow 
In — with the wish expressed in 'yoiir favc 
dated the nth insl, we have instructed i 

OcSfOUND. To -matters 

You are — ing Mr. C. wilh Mr. D. 

— it 1 I have again forgolten lo write to M r. S. 
What the deuce are you doing there } — you ! 
[wis — ed and stupified 

— my enemies, says the psalm 

To make confusion worse — qd 

There is that — ed organ grinder again ! here n 

him this, and tell him to excruciate binnony 

somewhere else 

—edly bad. The —ed humbug 

CONFRONT. Under ihe papal regii 

lnw did not allow the accused to — his accusers 
To — a difficulty 

* (objects) 

OONFUSE. -<\ voices 

A -.1 noise (din) 

_d notions (ideas) 

A -d look 

Don't speak while I :im writing, else you — m< 
He got quite — 

Nous ne faisons pat de commerce a:'er k timtimHl 

nous nous bonums A I' Audita re 
Jc me suit rcslrcint .1 une pipe far jour ... 

ft t'.t rate el mi trim "I ■■"I !-i ionnc pendant 7 1 

Je suit ronstipi 

La vue sa born.- aajlaiic de idle iclline ... 
II s'esl renfernil dans let Hmites dc i<r disciisn 
Une pilce llroite 

Je ne fuis rester renjermi 

// a ft,' ilroitement rmfn '■■01111.' fondant fj roes ... 

Madame S. m'a dit <ju'i! y avail' eu un accouche 
men! tics vous [de mat 

Kile ue etmftejai /aire set couches avanl le mois 
ft n'ai jamais fen me dfcider facilenienl il gardlr 

A l'af/vi du content! tic noire Ultri cThicr, nan 

ttVintS I'hoiinerir ,1,- roue, informer que 

/la confirmi sa deposition far sirment 

Ce que vow me dtlcs lit niaffermit dans le sanpem 

que /avail concu sur sa froliiti [lilail 

I.e Icmoin a con limit ma deposition t/atti Ions se 

lolrcfits a-t-ii recu la confirmation? 

Cent nil malajc hi. inahtc (tin icjiuitfiffcc) 

Cat univrogne inviteri '. 

// n'a fas-encore recu sa nomination officicllc 

Ce!a ne f'onvc fas sa citlfahilil! 

!_a confirmation d'un hunt (d'uue uoiwetle) 

A I'afpui de la theorie de Sfeie, il avanea que .. 

A'out fouvont tonsidfitr edit conime vettanl A 

t'affui de son intention forsiie/le 
Les dlflchcs tilegrapkiques tPaujourd'aui viennenl 

eenfirmer les ncuvellcs af 'forties far Its dipfcht: 

1/h immense incendie \d'hie> 

En lulleavec 

Inllrlls offosh ofinions sont eontraires 

TSmoignagt ofposi 

Aunom (devoirs) opposes ... 

J.a lei se trouve en contradiction it ce sujel 

La Moselle lit tin aj/lucnt du A'hin 

Ulceris confluents 

Circoiislances con finales 

Affluence de sfeclaleuri 

I 'os idic; ne sonl pas 
Ce n'esl fas con/orme 
H faut se con/i-i wtr an.\ habitudes -/ui existent 
Conformei-votis A sis dfsirs en tout point . . , 

Sa apposition n' est fas conforme a telle de M. B. 

Serrer la main avet les ganls n'est fas conforme 
aux rlgles de r/tiquetlt 

four topic conforme, sijpte - A. Quilldrivtr 

La nature est con s,'quenlc avei ellc-ntfme ., 

■ConfermJrucnl it voire demomie, naisavons envoye 
a voire adrcsse les marchandists dottl voire 
lettre du 9 courant portc Vindication 

Kous devons vivre conformhttettl a la lot dc nature 

V Acte de cemformiti. 

// jious font vivrc confornu'mcnl a voire rang cl 
def enter le trifle de voire revenit 

Conform/ment an di'sir ixfrinti dans voire honor* 
en dale du si lonrant, nous avtms donni a 
noire foiuli ./,- ft'ir.-.'n not iiDtmctious four 

Confondrc dts affaires 

Vous confonde% M. C. avee At. D {M.S. 

Le diable m'emporte! J'ai encore cub-lie' d'etrire a 

{hie diabtc fai/cs-vous la? La ptste soil tie turns .' ... 

J'ttais confondit et constcrnl 

Que Dieu confondrc mts ennemis, dit le fsaume ... 
' /'our confondrc d' wantage la confusion , 

Vtiili cntorc et mattdit joueur tTorgne dc hirlmri,-' 
Tenet doimc-iui .cla. et dUcs-lui d 'oiler Scor- 
cher d'aulrcs orciiles 

Furieusttnent manvaii, — Vaffretise blague 

Sous le rfgimc pa/'il, la hi ne penniltait fas A 
/'accuse d'etr, itnfrnttf avr, <c< nceusatemrs 

Fairc face .J nne difficult! 

Confrontcr dts tfmoins I'nn as-ec I'antrc 

St vous confronlci hi minute avee la copie... 

Confronlcr des Ihnams (olijeli) I'un alec 1'atilre .. 

fair confuses 

Jfruil confus (fracas tostfus) 

PCetiens (id/is) confuses 

Un regard Iroubli [trouble* 

AV paries fas ftndant que j'icris, sinon reus me 

II j-W imhnmilU lout A fiat 

// avail I'airtonfns (dhonrct,', J/cmlOUmtf) ... 
Vous une chose avet une autre 

BJIMtfrlMu B>miB.mll fcm Mcntin<n!( ; mil tltffUlitn 

1111J ,|,ui) tutfttlflUllb. 
M I'tfariitrr tni$ wf tine Wrifc 2aM t^Iidj. 
l£rrcar 7 Jafirc laiiii ia (trrnon (aft. 

,"lll)'C tOEHCIl '£*lll)IglUI||. 

J it ei :i ^ ficfa 1 i|i .i.if bic(c Stilt roS $il,irl9 M*r=nrt- 

Cr tjlclt fi*m,[riMbtaiWrtineii |ciit»lknxiirS. 

l.-in Mitir.'inrttt iHollBi. 

r-iiiiu'fL' viifl. 

34 fann r« niftt OTrimiirn, Sie i(itniii[t hiilm ju mflflrn. 

tErtUtt. ij,Vlirt(.itt l iiiitiii l (rO,- l il. 

;,r.m = [.i.'.ic inir, baf in Jdrtm fault tMibiir! etnlr 

gtfiuittii l»t. 
^lirt Cnlbiii(iin t i Ei^iud't Bnr rtm nJADcn WW RMtM 
3*)Kimler«ni'lH Itiitjl im Srtit i(wiif(ia«f^ilint. iwnit 

id] aud) iiPd] 1" Ir.inl Peatt. 
1>ic Sladjridji i|t tn<t&i tit jBitliihcri Croonc ttin)l ttft.iti^t 

?Tyi.8rW* f f*** *'■■■•''-■■ win [Kfiriflni T'.iliun tdtalifltith, 

ttftltril lull mr» ;ic ill I'tir.irtiintlti.irn, (.ij... 
lie tctriftiflte Icillr 9uvl".i h ic rait tin™ ffiPt. 
,"ifr; )ilitiK-ili[ii,| K'|i.iti,|t (I'tlq' bclrafligt) tnrinm Vet* 

tv!d!t riliilidjitid, fnnct (ihiiiltit. 
I.-v :( 6fftj(i.ilr rati 11c Diit^r in alien CimtllKllfii. 
31t 3*1 ©cftH arfimit (tourirmirl); 

ISr i[t iinmec{untici[htii'i IMA ffrifltiiiot^tfcinittredjitrrt. 
lit l|t (in uiiotrttiirrliiiin; ZrwntfliMl). 
ur ift lied) uidjt in frintm *m« tc(t5ti|lt. 
Tat ift Wilt ©cftatijuii.i 1 Kin SVmisI (dntl ««)Ul(. 
Sic SevftStiiUiia rlntl «trid)tr* [ttm Wndl.idtl |. 
■)ucUnitr|lil,mtg tar 'Jftcoric ewtt'C ftcfltc rr fell, fcaf; . 
a' it litiiuii M at* fine tlr|hitii|inij liinti aa.jj<(vioon'ii(ii 

afcilftl tctrodjtnt. 
Tiie Iwutiflt Twefdrt hpjllgl tie in tcr flrflriiieit »iljrHrille 

Ein niiatl'Ciirrr Sroitt. 
311 Strtittinit ... 

SBibrrftreitcubt frntfltiitllRtlitnff ) ^utrtelltil. 
I'it i'JfiiiHsi.vnu-LKvftttijfimucctlvvraieilJM. 
SBiturflrrditiit* iltngiiifft. 
entilMtii,iefrK!r Vritrn|dvift(ii t'"flid)lrii]. 
lul iStft* toibcrfwriait adi in bit(eni furiflr. 
Tie SWel fliret in Ikh Sintui. 
tflitstntt &fa"& 


^ort «nfld)Kn flimmtn ni*t mil tt 

U* ift oe^tn ben Wcdraildi. 

€i( mflffen fid) ben hrrfdjejiben S itttn ffiQen. 

«nlfvrtC>tnb 6ie f(iii(it fliiinftoi in jettr tiinfidjl. 

Seine lluefaac iciterflititrl btr M term 1}. 

it aellStt iiitfft jinn Qutai lent, ^einanben bit tefcinc-fd) nljle 

fan* ju fleben. 
ftiit flleidilnutciibe HHdirifl, S CuillbriBrr 
lie Statin n-itarftrtiwl fid) nidit. 
av-rroi tBunjftf acinifi (t>f<4>i eutfFrrili(nb), bat*tt irir 

Me in 3Binti Ole(l)riin mm 9. bitfe* in Sullrag gc- 

iictnioi BrtiW .:n :>(■: '"'rii-iit ot^ctjrn Iniftil. 
i;':i i.'.lltn rs.itnv.idii.if; Ittcn. 
6it |p[lni ltanbrB,iew.i|i (tbtit nub breiinnl fo Bid a us jetrn, 

old 3frtf «tnhinltt « -Jhnra ,irftJttm. 
3n CSmrofifiril be* ill tyctm ijktljrttn Bern 12 bitfrfl niltflt- 

(Vri'dinien il'uiildteC b-ib.ii loir un)im tt^niKu bunl- 

Bin Tin,! mil bem anbem betintdiftln. 
£ie crnpt*lrln Orrrn 11. mil frmi B. [fAnieeii. 

S.HMimiiciu; Tj Jrobe id> ifiebtr nriittTra, ftttn 6. jn 
Stfji* 111m *i*iil m.iden Sirba? ^ollEir bcrfxRlcr! 

•Jlladir Dieinr 3onbr iu edjnnbnl, *ti(it e* im ^Jfatntc. 

11m bie Sletlrirruna nudl orbjer jn mad>eii. 

In Ift birfcr rmrunfditc Crflflbretier nnebtr! (.Hetta £i( 

itrai tirtrt. 1111b fagrn Sit itini. rr fotle iieljai auk bo* 

Zvc-mmtfM anbrrer ieute maltraiiroi. 
(IMiieuli* t*lt*t. — I<r rrrbamniK €«ioiBb»i. 
ltuter Mr papfllidini •Hr.jjfriina trianbii e* ba< fflclen nidjl, 

baft bcr S]i.i(f|.i,it! Itintii ?lnflja<ni jrneniitfr.itfleat 
einct 2«irirri,ireit tie Stirne birlm. [mute. 

;leii^cn rL'iifrcnliren (einnnbtr dftimilbrrfleteii). 
Siitim ;ic t.iJ tint tie »pcie nrabiayil. 
Bit Wrarrtlibrrftruiiiv] feu :(eujin j(*r jenfldnbrnj. 

Sin WTOerrrntS WeraBf* [Oelifr]. 

»mcirrtt (rDirrr) Stiirifle [,1bna|. 

Sin Winer (DrrflErtn) V*m. [ni«. 

Sffci Sir nitbt, irnimnb id) fdjiritr, lend rami rmi £it 

(it itiiirte ftnn( wneirrt. 

«r fofc twmim (brftlint) ant. 

3li irtrfeu tie i.ichtii tuufctimnttt. 


A -d style 

Ik Rets — (I in his talk ... [about 

CONFUSION. K very thing was scattered 
The furniture was strewn about in utter — 

I lis library was one mass of — 

The din and — nearly deafened me 

CONFUTE. To— an argument 
lie — s himself at every turn or the argument 

CONGEALED Wood (water) 

CONGENIAL natures (minds) 

Literary work is — lo my tastes 

The English soil is not — to Palms 

— with your wish 

CONGENIALITY or mind (soul) ... 

— of habits ... ... 

OONGENITAL syphilis 

CONGESTION of Ok bnin (lnn S *. .Vc. i 
CONGRATULATE. I — you on your . 

point men! (on your good fortune, on the bin h 
of a son} &c. 
We can — ourselves on having escaped the 

CONGRATULATION. Allowmetoofferyou 

CONGRATULATORY!" TTw Emiierot re- 
ceived numerous — addresses on his escape 
CONGREGATIONAL service (worship) ... 

CONGRESS. The meeting of- 

The — met to-day for Ihe lifili lime 

CONGREVE rocket 

CONGRUENT With (to) . . '." '.'.'. '.'.'. 

CONGRUITY Hiih(to) [- 

CONGRUOUS Mirth and solemnity are not 
OONIC section 

— shape, (surface) [for il 

CONJECTURE li is dimwit to — a reason 

A man of shrewd - 

I acted on— s [with Mr i;. 

CONJOINTLY i appointed trustee, 
CONJUGAL felicity (faith, love) 

To tie the -knot !!! !!'. !!! 

CONJUGATE. That theme has !>een — d in 
all its moods, tenses and inflections 
leuir is -d after (like) Mr 

CONJUNCTION. I, in — with Mr C. ... 

CONJURE. To — up visions of departed glory 
Let me — you, to abandon your wicked lile 

To — down a tempest 

CONJURER. He is no - 

CONJURING. A — trick 

CONNEOT. — ed by nature 

We are — ed with that house in business ... 
The outlay — ed with this undertaking ... 
The difficulties — ed with the enterprise ... 

A — ed discourse 

The author — s his reasons well ... 

He is well (highly) — ed 

By his marriage he liccame — ed with the licst 
families of the county 

ley are all — ed together 
The points of his argument 
The — ing link in the chain of evidence is wanting 
The —ing link between man and the monkey 
remains to be discovered [England 

Postal communication — s the Continent will 
These causes are intimately — ed with each other 
The telephone — s the work'! nith the oftVc 


- b e twe e n the 

We have business — with that firm 

Soon after he opened his shop, he was able to form 

a good — 
My business — abroad is united to Spain 

Tosever — s 

They were brought into — with each other 

His discourse has no — [that... 

Tn — with the rebellion just reported, he mentioned. 
■ ■ ti intimate — between tfeoM prJDctplei 

Noneof my — t live in Manchester 

A marked (direct, symbolic, slight, immediate, 

mil - 

Vout crve\ eonjondu lenrs noms 

J'ai /'esprit tout conjus 

Un style decousu 

// s'embrouilte en parlant 

Tout An'/ iparpille dans la plus grand* tcmfusiim 
Tout le mot-itier An'/ ,,! el la dans It plus gram 
La bibliolkhjiie n'offiait ,/u'uu or/ias confui[d. : scrdt, 
I 'j brouhaha tl la confusion me rendoient praqti, 

Jt.'futer an argument [sour-* 

'it sc tonlreiiit .) tout bout di champ ..." 
Du tang eengttt : de feau congcl.c 

I'cs esprils, (.lis natures) ,tj mpnli.iqutS ... 
Let geutt tilth aires son! dans ma nature ... 
Le sol anglais ne .onvteul pas Oct patmitrs 

Cmiformc tl voire di'iir 

A 'finite •fesprit ( inlellef luetic morale) ... ' . 

Cenfarmite ,i'h,ibilttdes 

Syphilis conslitutionnclle 

Congestion c/rcbrale (putuionairej 

Je vans fllicite de voire nomination fit wire bom 
fortune, de la naissaiue diin/ils) 

A'i'ui p.jii-;n:., units plitiler d'tr.-oir ichappi a . 

liquet relatives au danger qu'it ■ 
Caltl public (dt la colli; n'galioii i ... 

La reunion du congris [_/ii 

Le eongrts s'est re'uni au;otird bui pour larinaiiienu 

Fuse* a la congrcve 

Allumelte A la eongrcrc 

Compatible avec ... 

Compuibi/itJ avec 

/.a gailt el la gravite ne son I pat compatibles 

Scilioit foriii/iti 

Tonne (sjirjacc) coniquc ... ... 

// est difficile d'en imagincr la raison 

l.'n homme ptrspieact 

j'ai ngi.rapth .let iuppc-.ili<nis f conjectures ) 

Jt /us nomml txiculenr testamentaire conjointcment 

~J-\Jicitr(Ji,IctilJ, amoui ) conjugal ... [nvee M, C. 

Harmonic conjugate 

former un lien conjugal (unir en manage) 

Ce sujtt a hi laui-iie" el relourni sons toittts tet 

V enir te con/ague com tut tcnir 

Moi, conjoinlcmcnl aver M. C. 

Eptfutr te.< visions d'une gloire qui n'esl plus . . . 
Rcnonea, je MM en conjure, a voire vie crimmelle 

Chatter la douttur , 

Conjurer la tempitt ... 

II n'til pas sorrier. It n'a pat invtnti la peudrc!. 

I'll tour de magic 

Joints funis j par la nature [maisrt 

Nous eatont des relations e ommerciales avec eel, 

Ijs d/penses occasioHnc'cs par cclle enlreprise 

Lts diffieultcs inhcrcntcs it i'cnlrepiise 


I.'auleur lie Men sci 

11 est de bonne /ami . 

Tar son mariage il dcvinl attic au.t mtiltiur-s 

/amities du cotnti 
lis sunt tons unit pur ties liens .Tamilie ... 
Son argumentation manque de suite ... [/a 

L'rueluiintmcnl dans I 'ensemble del pre lives fail de- 
Lc trail d'union cnltc i'liommeel le singe est encore 

d trouver [continent 

Des communications pis laics r.-Henl .''. \ni ..-'■ ■ ■ i ■'■'' 
Ces causes soul intimement iu'cs ciilrc cites [tit " 
le IcVphime met en ccimiitiiiinalion f.ilelier a: 


In til crndue/eur.—Dts luyaux tfaatmUqp 
II n'y a aucnn rapport tntre Its deux choses 

Xous ovens des relations commtm'ates aivc 
BienlSI apris avoir osevcrt son magasin, il pi 

/aire line bonne clientele [a Thspagne 

Afes rclalioni commtreialet a Vftranger se boment 
Rtm f et des relations 
Its furrnt mis en rapport fun 
Son discaurs n'a point dt suite [il memionna que 

A I 'occasion de la rfvolle qu'on email, 

II existc un rapport inlime enlre ces principt 
Ancun des met parents n 'habile Manchester 
t'n rapport marque (direct, sym/tclii/iic, lege: 

medial, nature!) 
11 cut des relations erimincUs avec elle ... 

En n 


i* iit rnir lull in. HuVff. 

He luirt wroim in (date SHthc. 

KIU6 [0,1 in itilMT UiiDrbintiiji writer. 

Tie "BiUtd bittttdi (a* itrnilidiftt Sur*riita»*rr. 

,ln icuin DCHiVttel bnj »Bc? tniiitfr tint diltrr 


tfiitcii VciHie lritsrrlfiifn. 

Kr mitttfvridjt fidj fellifi bei irtrr BJnituiin t*3 * 

t»fToniicn(> Slut.— tSffmrriiee Sa(tK. 

Stanmntte («lti*orti[|() 3tolnrai (e«[cn]. 

titrrfiriiiii((lrtd!,ifli,;iiii,il,;,ii mo iMAmmft IU, 

*»t B0»C11 (htflliiut* if! Kn fti tn iit.l t iiu|li.i. 

atirtm BunliSt cnlfrmfiriit (ormoSl. 
Ofeiftr«= te«ttni=] Kernanbtis>ifl. 
«lcl*.i«iat[il trr WrlaetiiitKikn. 
Wujcbomir 6up6iti*- 
«el(iiTi= [Sunflm=] «cafltfiiDii(ii. 

3d) ,11'niniirt Jt>Tiiit (li ,"\hi-« griicniiinig [3(iTOn 8I8ft; 
tn (Srbiirt MrtB eotjittv], 

SUir tt n tun itnS tuiilrf iiiiiiij^rn, tcifi roil on fern fititn' Uoi 

btiiittoimatn linb. 
ojcRnltcii Sir mit, ^hrrn mt iar Wlil JirihifO>c ju tcm,itnrfii- 

dicn Grriflltinc borj,ut>rtlli)(il. 
Iitt Itailrt roipRng |c(lBri4t iWIuJiruiiIajobtclftn j|Clf(t 

lid) friner Krrcttaiij. 
VLir.iK.i.iiicnshtiifti— Hoiiiirrflatieiifonbod)!. 
lit ;iiii.iiiiTOiilvitl ecu XviijrrftrS. 
T« Honflrttj tanlc twiitt nun ftlftO Stole. 
2>i( 9fiiflrrM'f*c 'HoTttt («rks*Wlth, ^riinbratrlr). 
(EvHjjWx'filri. StrtiajhBtitr 
lt(brrtiii(tiitinin^ ilon^cnent, atrial) mit ... 
Uc benin fiim iri itiig (Mciiamcti), <ju«d]li(itj m 
flii* 1 lfl,in«tr«it nut Bliiirbt iint unccrrinftor (nBrntriuli^ 
SfudHuitl. [m 

Si'tiiRt (utflilfii.mi.K) W. flail [CtoflSdir]. 
Hss i[t fairetr. ilrtitimn llriiub tafiiv ui triiliii 
Ijin paiUilir ^tiTTIillkr ('Jiintl'iii.ifirr). 
3ftlj.inbrlltaii(i)liitliMi,ifaiM,i [tVni^iinTm) f'in 
Gc irwtc imfMrt) rait Venn IS. (iiia Km.ilor tn 
(ft'didito iKlii*. ■ ■ tt'elnlir Irait [(irtitl. 

Venir icirb ntsii [rci(] ttnir (niimni. 

^n akTbidt-uiifl (a"*«itbe)aiit©etrr(a. oatt i*|... 

i'ilfri cntfd>iriinri'i:n-M<i'L-tiilifcit lvv.iuft>rfd)W!mi 

rOffaCfi audi Sit trftoL'rcn, Jlji id)Iin|lrt Scbtn a 

samite iBojjautam. 

tiiinTi jiimn bcidjiuSrril. 

lit ift tcin f trtumciftci. 

tiin 3oubrrjtild'. eiiic Ccrerti. 

K'eii iburd)) Statin: itrbu ubai- 

ii'ii- mit j.'iitm Cvniie iifidjaltllnw 9i(rHii>UBjfm. 

1 it mil (iifou tlirtmirl'mtii n.t Miner ncii 9u»lagell. 

Xir mit tea Hnlfvadimdi Hrtanbaoi ErfjiiiirinteittB. 

tiint uif.ininimt)anj(iit( Webt. 

I« t<«faffn wrbinfrrt (cinr Wrflnbe flut. 

<i\ tvl ;;l,tt |lvK| 1-tll-ilil-llii .ill r.'.'i;n|illBaoi). 

Tina- |(inc vv.r.iii- r.mi ti mil tincvficit f'Jniilien eer • 

fd.ufi in Ucrbiitbung 
^i( finl olic purdi tit t).iiitc tcr flamrT.ibiajoft De 
Ia« (in jdntn fun tW |ti«8 Omtifel Mtvn Mia gtfoM 
«6 Itl'it tin Winteflllrt in bo iltitt brr t*(W(ift [aiaiten,|. 
Eat lLtint>r,ili(b (Wifftoi Sttlifo) Hub tlRt Pillfj cr[> nod) at. 

fun bin mrtbtn. 
Xts Moiitiirdi! ifi nil fngloBb burdj 1<L'|)Eerfc)>r w 
Tide UiinaKB finb cr>(i mil climber wrbnntrii Jtftptoli cnHnhjl tin fflJiTtr mit tew «ii 
Vi-nttrar.,-)*. IiritHauiie. 
(•,t t i ii C il il .,i i t ro 111 . — Brrb i ntiirtflBi[l)reB . 
tl« bffttDi teiur tftrbiiibnna (rein ilnl.imuioil 

ben hitvn Sinjen. 
SBit tltbkii mtt jrtKt giuu in Ori*ii(lSwrbiKl 
Polb uad! tcr ertfliiunj rt* tatrnS fount* er gxtt I 

dinbiuifleu oMdjlitfjrn. 
Sidne *«ef rtmH injertf n tn itjen rait ben 
Wit hn fun. kii Ificn (oni(iclxn). 
*ic iriitbrn in StrrWnbiiii.i mil rironPrr jcbra^L 
gtinr Wrbt rjot rtintn >)iifammm^ari|V [wS6nt( 

?m ;lu(ammrnton3 mit ber (bnt eniilillru li 
ISattflcM rlmnacr ;lin-.'.m tiniiLs-rvi ;i''df,(ii !■■■ 
fflrtiifrniriB(t»ftiiniil(iitrot.iil in llJniiitirfHT. 
ftiHt brftimnitt (Ntettt, fiiml-^rii,1it, unbettutr 

bare, notilrlbbcj Sirrbiiibima 
St t.ilie ein imrctairKtct WfrMiiiiifrmitifir. 
:iiiu idiicm fcrimliteii (inn-nji iutus-ic. 


CONNIVE, lie — d at such piacliccs 
CONNUBIAL Miss (happiness, concord) 
CONQUER. I -ed the difficulties ... 

Cjesar — ed Gaul 

II — cd my hearl 

The French — ed at Magenta 

lie — ed Ihe French at Weerlh 

I never could — the dislike I conceived fur her . 

See, Ihe —ing hero comes 

The conqueror and ihe -ed [- 

CONQUEST. The country is outs by tight of 

The soldiers flushed with — 

She made a — or my heart. 

CONSCIENCE. I'LuiLM-iint-sloC — 

Hit — ttm Mm to the qnk* 

That U really loo bad ..f liim, in all — ... 
Well, upon my — I never htaid o( such a thing. 


■, I confessed the deed 

That remark went lo my — 

An awakened — 

His — ii beginning to awake 

His — pricks him ... ... [duiie 

CONSCIENTIOUS. A - litharge of one- 
He ii — in (he discharge of his duties 

lie is a - man 

— scruples (in Ihe malic 

CONSCIENTIOUSLY. He strove lo act - 

CONSCIOUS. I am — of the fad, that 

He is — of his inability ... .„ 

lam — of no crime 

I atn mil — of having done wrong 

Man is a — being 

1 was made — of my mistake 

She is — of her innocence 

Kb remained — to the las! 

To his dying moment he remained — to the oute 
world (wrong, caused hint to.. 

CONSCIOUSNESS, His —of hairing dom 
He retained — up to the moment of his death .. 

CONSECUTIVE. For s- days 

In —order 

I hit the bull's-eye 9 time* — ly 

CONSENT. I withhold my — 

He asked my — , and I gave it him 

You require the landlord's — : , liefore you cai 
alter ihe premises 

I have his — lo widen the diiorwnv 

Without — 

Silence pves — (frtrVi I.) 

CONSENT. («■.) I'll never — (o that 

He refund to — 

That I readily — you 

CONSEQUENCE. In— of the news receive. 

from India, that a had broken out 

the governement . . . 
When a man is goaded to death, he does not stop 

to consider — s 

It is of little — 

It is a matter of some — 

It is of no — 

It is of the greatest — lo 

Let the — s be what they may 

If you persist in your conduct, you must be 

pared to put up with the — 
The government refused to comply with Lord 

Chelmsford's request. What was the — * " 

complete annihilation of the 24th Kcgim 
The requisite reinforcements were not sent 

anil the — was, lhat 600 men were sacrificed 

to the prevarication of the government 
I had to discharge him in — of his bad cond 
If choose to act against my order, you 

abide the — 1 

Wc cannot foresee the — s of a defeat 

II prfia les mains a de teltes maneruvres .. 
Bonheur filicitl, harmonic conjugate 

Je triouipiiai Jrs difficulty 

Char eonquit la Cault 


Les Francois ontilivietoritwc a Magenta 

II iattU Irs Frantais a Wttrth, [j/hVimYJ 

Je n'ai jamais pu vaincri /'aversion qu'tl/t iii'iit-l 

t'oyei. It heros victorieui s'aviinicl 

Le vaituiueur el Ic vainm I 

I.t fiiyt tsl a nous far droit dt conqnltc 

Les seldats enivrh dt Iturs vicloirts 

lillt a siibjugui man cavr 

Kemords dt conscience. — Cri dt la conscitnet 
Itait bonrrtlce de rtmords ... 

ai jamais cittcn-hi 

I 'ne eon science nette.—Lihertl dt 

Uit to, dt conscience 

// souffrit pour sa conscience , ... 

■■ ' .-. ■-.-. ■■_'.■ .v. ■.■■.■' 

vans point de conscience? 

Ma conscience me dt'l que j'av 

On ne pent pas /chopper a sa 
Je m'enjais un cas de conseiei . 
Jt n'ai pas accept^ sa dtmande. comme Mont line 

Le remohis le saisit [apJairt dt conscience 

La confession a soulage ma conscience 

Jt hit ai avoid lout <e que 1 'avail stir la conscitt 

Cela me pese stir la conscience 

four tranquilliser ma conscience, j'ai a:fm : i'a, 

Ccfte rcmarqiie a/la droit J mo const ten-/ .. 


smmeiice cL I'eveilter 

de hi 1 -in' me 

L'accomplissement sciupultn.t de nos devoirs 

II remplit eonscien/icusement ses devoirs ... 

Cesl in kommi de conscience ... ... 

Des scrupults de conscience 

II s'tsl conduit dans cctte affaire & 1'actjnit de sa 

je tais tiien une chose, c'ist qui 

II a la conscience de son incapaciti 

M.t ,Dn,.-iritce ne rite reprocki aucn 
Je ne saeke pas avoir mal agi 

L'homme tsl un ftrt qui a conscien 

On me jit stnlir ma mtprist 

Pile a la conscience de son innocence 

II eattserva sa tonnaissanet juiqu'd la fin ... 
Jns./ii'tui derititr sonpir il a consti-vi Village de 

La conscience qu'tl avail d'aiiir mal agi lilt jit 
II meuriit ayanl toute sa connaiiianct 
Cinq JOUrs LOHiCCIltifs 


/'. .ii fait mou.he Qfoisde suit* 

Je refute moil conscnttmtnt 

It demand,! man conscntement tl je It lui donnai 

II vans font demander T autorisation du proprikaire 
avant de pouvoir chancer l\'tat drs lieiix 

II ma anions! a llargir la forte 

A t'lmastimit/ 

D'un commun accord 

Qui ne dit mol conical 

Je n'y consentirai jamais 

I! r.fiisi son commitment 

Qnaiul a cela, jt mis d' 'accord ante VOUt ... 

Par suite del nouvtllei tie t'Inde anttemcanl qu'une 
revollt avail Mate', le gonvcrntmeitt 

Quans/ on est poussi a knit on ne s'.irri'le pas 

calculer Its consequences 

Cut pen important 

/- 'affaire a son importance ... 

Cela nt tire pas a com/quota 

II est de la plus grande importance Jt 

AJtneun* que pourra 1 

Si vous persistei A volts conJuire ainsi, il fan! vok 

preparer A en suis'r les consequence^ 

antissement dn i^me regiment 
On ne lui envoya pas les renforfs n.'ttsiaini. d'ou 

il rhulta que 600 hommes furent immol'i J 

I'inetsrit dn Rimvernemcnt 
Je dns le congHier J cause de sa mauvaise condnile 
Si vans voulet agir conlrairemcni .1 met ortlris, il 

faut en supporter les consequences 
Cesl un Homme de quelque importance 
i 'n ne pent prcvoir les ecms/quencts d'unt dejaitc. 

lit (at Mown wfHauexR bunt, fit S-uiaei. 

lfv(ti«rre*d(n.— SKltftM VOL— W*H4t IMMH 

3$ BfccruunC bit £djioicrijt(itcn 

II J far bat vHallirn tnibcrt, 

lit ,Krajnr mill ,«,r^ (lucinc I'ut-lt. 

in itwiitpfen fltglnt brt SJoflmla. 

IftteiuflKlfiMiij) bit ftininclm triaUSftti. [tqlt. 

;tdj tun nt( 11 it (01 BUatWiftl laaWlattM, bra (A ^cii lit 

€rtt, t*c Si«jrc lamM I'civiti. 

ajn 6icjniin» bfe tMiitgtni. 

TiaZ janb .(tliSrl un? na^ ton tiiobctutlji6vrt|tt. 

■Eit n[,i(«vnntciicii roIEami. 

&it ctDbcrtf ntcin Ocq. 

SkralflenSiKin — <Mcraiflniebi!fe. 

Ih rmi'fonb lntH,ic lMmifieii#till(. 

IbK if, lrrift ilnti, gjr || fdileitjt twn iftni. 

!tuf mcin Mouifl™ («uf tfinx), wj cat* rcirtlial nit [ u (itnul 

W* rciiim Armillni. - vkttifltnif nitwit, 
(ii ut laoBifloiaftaaf Ginc Hteiviflnisl4*t 
ttr bulbrlr au* lHnrifloillafli,lWl (t" "tu'ilfrnS wiflia). 
atiu Inmiien Eit (c Iflnuf Ituii? (rtOlWftMi U* ••■ 

Wrin Uttnifli-n fagtc mir, M id) Uiircdl lullf 

Wan tana b(m Wnciflrii rrincii ;iivl brrvrii. 

;1* ma*t c6 mir juc «eiol(Imllo*(, 1* , . . 

?* fdjluji itim (rtnt Wittt oui aewilifnetcbaitdi at. 

ftriwirtii fdiinn Wfitiflfn bdreffm. 

Tuf (Vtonitnlft (rinHitcttt (Unihi.ii.'] mcin U5«uiHcn 

,1J- 11 .UTL ibm ni.-in. 1 ^etiu Ff en «,t: t- c i m it i f j c mil 

IB litst mir IwtBtr auf »<m Ovtiuiifen. 

llm mttn tScwittoi iu brniin,KTi, ^rltanb hfth IMtm 

I>icf{ «Vmrrtuli|i vilbrK nuia iStcrelflrn, 

ftin mwailrt (ctjctl WtTciiltn. 

Etin lOcmilfcn ttrtintil fiOnu rtiini [rw* ;a utttmi). 

Stin UttttiBoi mi itm trine Snbc, 

Hint jcmiilcHiuftc V*id)infu(laa,v 

«t if* aereifiealuft ia bn tfrfflUang (riiitr ('[tiil)lrit. 

•is ifl tin .\or ill rata fttt V)&m. 

w.LL.iil.njitiiiwt- tlewilftiittrbniMi. 

(rr bcnTiiMr fie), flrmiflrnhift <» btrrliiiitlt^iilHii pi tvi»b<tii. 

a« bill mir b«I6at(oa>t tovufil. taj... 

tit ip lift fciiin llnfagialrit btwufjt. 

C\* bfii mir Irinrt IKerbreAciii brmufil. 

;"l* bin mil ni*t bdviifit. lluvtitl .i.cll'.nt ;n fralKii. 

T>rt mcufA ill tin fclt'ftl'rinif.-lrt Wrloi, 

■iinin ;i.iilnm luurbi mir juni Wripitfjtfriii gcbratjl. 

tU lit n* ifjrrr Unf^Blb bocuSt. 

(St sttjwO bi* mm Irstrn IhtgClttMf b.i* »3«tMi6llriii. 

Hit ju ieinon l((lcn ftufiniblitft isnftti rr ten StlKw, n«i 

urn ii'ii bmim Burflinfl. 
Sa* Venulitftiii, grfcblt ;ii battn. Krmilaftft tfa, )B... 
Br btbirll til jum riajriiblitfr |iint« Zsbi« bat «c»?ufjl|rla . 
pinf au| riaanber Macnh lagt \n»&, ft. la^i lana (ialrr 
^n aa[ linaaMr faljoitrt Crtimnj. ieinaKber. 

,1* ttaf iirun mibint«(injnttitM*Srntnim. 
M «r|ai( m(in( Ra(timmiina. 
ifi tut urn mcinc ICiuiuitLi^iin,). uiib i*i pb il< ibm. 
etc baben bic Stlaiitmifj bM tfulSbmu a»l«la. etc Mf cine 

, Snb(riin i i an bin WtbauliailfiKii vomdjnitii tilltntn 
34 Babe frint UtnminigiiiM pn ttrimiicriiiij brl iturtwat*. 
Kh eiiiflimmtjct Klfitilltfliiiia. thnmiilbia. 
tfit anjemtiiitr ijaftimmuitj. 

IBer |4)iKi a l, faat ja. atinr Biitlccrt i|t aud) tint Kntiwit. 
34 mere* liit bartin RBWOliei. 34 nxrbr bat nl< jNjrtin. 
ffr nenwiatrtr (cint tiiinrilliiiMafl 
torla pftiittt ie) Jbara arm( W. 
3>iSoifl( bn aaS 3nbitn ciaaflaiilrnfii 9Ja«ri*l, baferin 

Bnfflanb aM*3(brc4cii (ti. bat lie Ktjitriuid... 

ffltnnein BI01I4 niif41leiifKifl(jnn<ttnitiib,b(nrtfr u>4l 

lanjiaiitit rivlaai. 
Ift iff w an-ingcr tWbtulBiia. 
tH ift eine ea4f son rini,iri VrMittitna. 
Ir-J ill (bur «ebeuliin« (U)i4I<atrlt). 
.. ■■:,-. ■■...■:[,:;■ .:■■•: ■■• ■•■ ■• ■ '■ ' i.. ■ 
Diaflf bariu* folgen, ruai bo imU- 
ainin Sie 3br eemSmtn fertfctai. Billfltii 6tr barauf fltfaSl 

((in, bir ^elntn V' troaoi. 
Xi( WtJlrrmu Itbnu bit iSmxibrunu brr tttiu M *crb 

atdmHIrrb ob. ISa«irarbn gflattaMt SupuB- t'miiitnB,] brt 14. WtjiimtnltJ 
Die nad)ir|u4im Ciftartiinjcn tearbfli tbn ni«l iirl4i*t. 

unt bit ftclae baton tpar, to* 600 Utann brr*fli«l- 

WTjdTtnbrit brr f>ir,iin-an,i H R>t>frrl mrMa. 
34 aiufjlr ibn in Jolie (rlrnr t4t<4lnt flibnini rnllalloi. 
Sent Bit ataeit mrinm tVfrbl tanbdn mnoi. fa mUffta 

Ei< bir Sotarti batwn auf fl* nibmcit. 
He ift rin Wnnn »n ti.iifln Vcbeuimig. 
Wir Knnro bi! Ji'ljiti EtM RMfstaJI lilibt t»tauS|cbol 


A broken-down constitution was the inevitable ■ 
of hi, fast life 

jd be "11 the more serious, because . 
CONSEQUENT The suffering — on a pr 

His right to the estate is — to, .ml built on Ike 

enisling law of primogeniture [a crime 

I'lie punishment — iii*pii the commission of a such 


CONSEQUENTLY. Vou have broken the 
agreement, — I have a right to claim con 
l*cnsation for llailMlli II 

CONSIDER. I'll -about it 

Vou may — yourself a. prisoner, slid the officer , 

— what people would wink of you 

I don't — the consequences 

— yourself at home and don't use ceremonies . 

I — it a peat shame, that 

1 — myself as well entitled to it as you ... 
Irving is — ed the l«st tragedian we have 

If you — that material is dear and the price • 
labour high, you will not think /So ti 

t — it too much. What I — the price ought I 
be, is £60 

llis— ed bad taste, to 

,£5 is not much, ■— ing the trouble I had with it . 
What sum would you — fair (sufficient) for sucli 


_ .o be the wealthiest man in Edinburgh 
Wc must carefully (well) — over the ma[ter 
We have carefully — ed your proposal, and have 

come lo the conclusion, that ... 
We should — it a treaty violation, if Russia wer< 

to form a fleet in the Black Sea 
I have — ed the qoKtSou in til it.- bearings 
1 should — myself rich, if I had /tooo 

CONSIDERABLE. His losses we tc — 

I makes a — difference 

He saved a — amount of money 

It is of — importance, to 

He is a man of— learning... 

He lives at a — distance from here ...[uncle 

CONSIDERABLY, lie is - oUet than my 
He received — more than his share 
The firm is — in debt 

CONSIDERATE. It was very — of you, 

I met very — treatment from him 

I have always taken a — view of his failings 

You a 

I all — in the treatment of youi 

CONSIDERATELY. The landlord very 
remitted a portion of the rent, owing to the 

CONSIDERATION. Out of - lot his age. 

the judge passed i very lenient sentence ot ' ' 
In — of your previous good conduct, the 

remits the sentence passed on you 
In — of a payment of /loo, I ceded him the right 

to. . . 
1 am willing to do the work for a — 

All that has to be taken into — 

The prisoners of war were treated with every 

He has no — for old age 

Suleiiiun I'asha was treated with the — dl 

You ought to have shown him every — which his 

unfortunate position demanded 
I grant you, that the work is not [wrfect, but you 

must take into — the enceptional difiicuili 

the author had to contend with 

The matter ts under — 

That is a matter for — 

Itadmitsofno — 

If he is willing lo pay the travelling eipcnscs, that 

is surely > — not to be sneeied at 
The proposal I submitted for your — 

He is an author of some — 

This question forms a lit subject Tor our — 

On no — cuuld I allow it 

IImb Baton (second | — , I think, thai ... 

If I can get it £$ cheaper at Mr C.\ I shall go 

thcrci /sisa — 

[the Capidels) 
CONSIGN. To — to oblivion (to the tomb ol 

Lt detainment de sa saittc fut It y.i.u.t 

inh'ital'lt de ses excis 
Les suites in sentient d'aulant plus slrieuses qui ... 
Les sougranc/s qui rlsn/tent d' line guerre prolong/ 

Sei droits ,i cette profrUtc out flour on'gine ct fm, 

base le dnut d'aiucac .ictuelumeut ,->: pigver 
Lc chSliment dii a la perpetration dune flareil erin 
Son laisonn/ment est parfailcmcnt logiqne 

Cest un petit important 

1! >c demit d/s airs d' importance 

/! /ait /'important 

ions avtt rdmpn V engagement, par tonsc/ncni ;',n 

droit J dti lUimmagcs-intirlts 

J'y riflechirai [fegiei, 

I'ous pouvex vous regardcr comuie fri.oitiiiei; .1 

Consideres ct qu'on pcnzcr.iit J,- vans 

/. ■■:,■ , ,/.■ 

KfUti tc-mmt thtt nous ; fas de ceremonies 

Cut d mes ytux line granite iontt que 

Je erois y avoir aulaul de droits qtit votes ... 
Qnconridhrc Irving eomme noire miitlenr Iragcdicn 

Si vous tenet cample it /.' chert, '4a matfrianx el 
duflrix Uei'i di i.i m,iui-d\, mre, vous nc pen- 

ft re de. 6o livres 
Oh rcgardt eommt de matevais got}! de 

I livr/s n'estj\is beatuoup, vu !a print qui j'y at ei 
QutI serait le juste prix d'un let travail, d'apr, 

II passe pour I'homme h -plus riche a" Edimbourg. 
II (nut examiner /'affaire avec soin 
Nous avons examine voire proposition avei soin, , 

nous avons deride que 

Nous regarderions coin mt une violation dcstrailci qi, 

!a Jitessit forrn&t unt flotte dans la Mer Noire 
J'ai envisage la question sous tontes ses faces 
Je m'estimerais riche, si j' avail frooo ... 

Ses fertts on! ete considerables 

Cela/ait une difference considlrahle 

11 a fail ,/e.i Jcinomies considerables 

it. est fort important de 

C est un homme d'un grand sa fair 

II demturc i unt gran,// distanct 

11 .->! beam-cup plus Sg/ que mon oncle 

11 a rcfu bien plus que sa part 

/.a maiien ell Iris endcttii ... 

Vans avei montrl bcancoup de prudenee en 

fl m'a trail/ avec beanconp it'igards 
J'ai toujours vu ses dtfauts d'nu o-i! iiidn.g.iit 

nable dans la fa, on 

I'ous n'ftes pat du tout 

dstnt vans trailez vol u,i"i':i:i,/u~ 
Le flropricttiire fit trcs-siigement 

flartie du fermage, a canst , 
. recolte 
En consideration dt son 6pc, le jugt a prononce 1 

eonlre lei unt scalane hcf-indnlgtnte 
En coiiMdcralion d, ;», l/oui ante, cdeitts la eourvous 

fait nmite de la print qui 

Les pritonniers dt guerre furtnt traith i 

Una pas d'cgim/i pour la jiirilltise 

Soliman Faeha Jut traitl avec les fgards dih ,1 son 

I'ous am it- dil 1/ t/moigner tons let I'gttrds que n'- 

ilamail sa maiheurcuse position 
Je vtms aecontt qut t'auvre n'esl pas parfarle, mail 

il full tenir eompte del difficultcs conlrt lei- 

quelle; I'antcnr a ru H latter 

L'affaire est en deliberation 

Ce it a mettre en lignt de com pit. Ccst d voir 

Ccla nc support/ flits 1'examtu 

S'il vent bien flayer les frais du voyage, e'est IA, 
assur/mtnt une consideration a nt pas dtdaigntr 
La proposition que fai soumise .! voir/ cxanten ... 
Cest un auleur quijouit d'une /erlaine eonsidfra- 
Cette question /it digne de mitre r.tamen ... [don 
Je nt flourraii le perm/tire H aiuun flrix . 
Apris m6r (noirvel) examen, je pense que. 


M. i . i'irai chei lui ; j I 
Enstvcler dans VouMi (dan 

rehi can 


Hint }crrfillclt i^liinMn'ii 

Stiii Wdit auf taS But fStirt ft* (iiriiif uat lining 1 liA ml hMcati trfoctBTrJnwt. [(*!■**) Bti* 

X>it anf bit Btytarij runs (.'Idmi WfTbtaicM Ma«ti 

Sriit ilotiii i|l lit ;i>t. nit L.i Mrtnidjlij. 

It .il on (iiiitbirWeS «i!rf*tra. 

Ifrlliin mifili.j 

(ii iil'i.i ■■in itbiftd iivJiinfi.i) aits. 

eic Ijjbor bra ffnrtnR gtt H fca; Mm (fu!aiidj) bate it, 
[si* !PU-djt, id)ji!i'iii:r|ii(j ju h'Jii|>riidjcn 

^dt ictli rS iiMtltfleit. 

Ve'mdjtni;' nictitrn OkfugOM, (an1(6tt CHisier. 

^cbmrtii iic, irao matt bolt Jbiitu Kuttii uiitrbe. 

3d) barlt nidjt an bit golatii. [#auft mar™ 

madjtn Sit fciuc Uia(luiiW, unt Htueii eic, a» ct eit ;a 

34 Fjnltt ci file cine nubw Sdjanln, bafi... 

<Stt, batttmid) ftlr (iritis Wmbii.n b.mi. Irit git. [Jjacoi. 

ilroinii flilt fftr beiibcflcii T'.irf Idler tr,t,iiiditr !Kullcn r btBiDir 

iflkttn Sic cmjiaco, bag baSfllattrtnltlirutr lint Ht flrtriH. 

Bhtc 6oflj flub, rrerben eit Bo ^fut.b mdjt filt }» tm* 

3d)valttcilfilr s ulbcutr. 6o ^fiittc- i|l iiadi mtiiinti I-afur 

bjltm bnrtd)tiiit1!rti8. 
e-i .liltliirab.icl^ttutrt, m... [fcattf. 

5 Vfuiid i(t nidjt Bid in Knactotji bcr VIHU. bic id) biwit 
fficlajrgutnint itlirMn 51tfiir tin ftlf^a €tiltf arbtit alt 

ITU-Liittrnb i-l-.icf.rti-llV 
ivr : iiii riiv bra uvtilliabtiibllcn Stan in IStiiibiita., 
«lir miHlen bic gadit ftqtftttta [aitt| ilttclcaen. 
»)ir (jabtn ^tiwii BorldjTafl niflii ttiuofltu nub lino ju beo 

edjluffc gclatiJt, baS... 
fflir mavbrn rt ale tine «cncati8wtl(tiinfl anltttii. man 

Sdifjfoiib rinc Jli'tlt im Sdjimntii TOarc (.ilttn Iclllt 
^4 Tiabc Me ftrajc in inn't aatntii Ir.i^iwilt tulrndltcl. 
JifciDiirM mid) fiir rci* balttti, irnm idj tooo Ufunb Wfatc. 
6ciut »cthi(k icami biiuJ'ttitt; urti'i.ttn: ■. 
IB mad)! tium btKuttiibcn lliiletfdiitlJ. ' 
ftr Iwrtt fid) ciac (*enc Sutnrnt Uktbrf, 
ft* iftroiitubcuttiittc ifiliditi,5ftil. vi--- 
6t if! cill Wann t»n au8(|tbrbnl(m SSiffrn. 
ifr mo^nt hi bclrj^HidjcT O-iillcntiui.i wr bifti 
l£r i|l bcbctitciib alto, all! otrinditc!. 
6r bcbttittiib (btlrjditliAi rnttn, aH rbBi Jtitam. 
SfctB tfctdjalt i|t ftbr (ata) wrfejulbet. 
tit irar Ic6r riiJiid)t«io[| twii ^ntn, in... [nia it™. 

3d) crtubr fine lebe rilafiditsuclu (aafncrifoac) B((aMn| 
3d) babe ielnt TOanfltl inimcv icbr iud)|ia)ti.j [jIlH|i|niB 

eie [tub biirttjauS nid)t tUMtAMfl (vnnihiftij) in bn *»e 

baiibluttii 36rtr IiieiiBbuttit. 
Tier tiint^Nrr licft ivejeit bcr fditediteit Crnle in rcaii 

rilrflid|t«Do[Ier ©ci[c tinea Sbtil bea ¥ad)t)in)rt aa*. 

StuS 9tii*itd)t auf [tin Bltcr fSflrc err ffltdrtn: cinr (ebr milb+J 

Urt&til iit^r ibn. 
3a lliiberrad)! 3ti«r friihtm [iiitqi ,1fibritart frtbt *rr 

»rrid)t«W ba^ ilber Sit acfaillt llrttwil auf. 
(Bcjcii Wqatjlunj Bon ico^innb fltflanb id) iljin bal Wtftl 

Jll.iU... . |.lll. : it'.|lll 

3d) itili bie Brbtit fleneit cirre tlrfnc «ultd)abiaiiiis ittniiilt 

Sltii3 ba« iiiittr in tWradjt at)Dfleii tteibtu. 

H'ie ftfttgigtfaBjeaoi loiirbcn mil alter JHiidTidJt tetanbdt. 

lir bat [cine atbtmij cur teni Vftn. 

tiileim.iti *aidM tciiibc nit bti fcinct SlcIIitBQ fa)afbtjfu 

Sldjtmi^ itHiiJfidit) bebanbcll. 
Sie batlm ibin' otic ftbldTidjt ertwilcn |o[lcn, ii'iUlh' |ata 

un.liiiiflidK V,w vnloiigte. 
Jd; acijr Jluim fH, ba(i baS JSerf iitdit ccllIiMtimrn ifl [ otsl 

6ie miiijen Mi . I ii'inialcitcii bc- 

biiiti-ii ( (Kciictit crj t i jei i J , rail benen bcr Vcrfajlci \u 

t.i rnvHii 1m tic. 
■Bieeadxiftiii C(r,ilULin,i (i.iin; ■. y.m.\) otiDjen. 
3)a* ifl Oar eo*r, b« »crflaTi'')'ia uu 4 iB"4'"n j) Ktbient. 
SS untcrtictil tcinetn Ocbcnttii. 
HJenn rr bic Wcifttotltn bcgat/Iai win. [u 1ft tat tniiili* in 

Wctrndjt ju jicbcit. (iintrrbrciteM. 

Ties 8or(*jtn fl , ben id) 3brtr PerlldTifttiguiia (ISnoagBRa). 
Sr i(t ein SAviltftellcr ton einiiier *lcbcututt fl . [iuii 4 . 

Bitfc ftwflt 'C "1 pofienber Btjcnftanb fflr utijeic **tr<ad)- 
34 tbnnic cf auf tcitieu r>aD rclaubcn. 
fls*rcif(titHTfiiriiiiMiaKvl Uel>i-rlc,iuikl illaube i4, »aS... 
ID«in<4cl 5 *funb bitrian beiii. bttcranien fann, toau Id) 

babi" a'vft 5 *funb raadjt |4en ettwt au4. 

. -iSraS dtct Glica) u«4fcn. 


The cargo is — ed to Messrs. Cranston & Ellin!... 

The body was — ed to the grove 

He was — ed over into the hands c-( the hangman 

CONSIGNEMENT. A — of wheat 

1 s f nt him ihenwbon ■ [« C. 

I intend lo make a — of tin: cnivTs to Mc-.i. !■', 
CONSIST. BanAfidt Christianity does not — 
in an outward show of piety 
'Easton's Syrup' — s of phosphate iron, quinine 

And strychnia 
Tt — s partly of copper and partly of tin ... [&c. 
The fleet — s .if ;.i mnu!:i.|- and ;. i wooden vessels 
CONSISTENCY. II, .il ii until it assumes the 
There is no — in his conduct ... [ — of treacle 

His conduct certainly does not look like — with 
the principles laid down by himself for his 
own guidance 
CONSISTENT, ir he were — with himself. 
It is not — with the rides on the subject ... 
Would jou call that — with right and justice? . 
[truth and honesty 
.'j,„ i- nol — with the principles of 
CONSISTENTLY. I could not, — with the 
lea which have served lor my guid; 
grant your request 
CONSOLATION. That is a poor — 
is a — for me to know that he . . . 

■ is a — for n 
ic only — le 
yourself, mi 

iLE. Nothing can — me for my loss. 
yourself, matters will come right yel ... 

Nothing could — him in his grief 

There is no — ing him 

CONSOLIDATE. The -d fund 


I tfatri 

— hojie. —angel 

CONSOLS. I invc.i. .1 mi m.niey in the 3% 
OONSONANCE. 1 acted in — with your 

CONSONANT. Your reasoning is nul - 

— to (with) your wish, I have written to Mr 
CONSONANTLY. Had he acted — to (with) 
CONSORT. The Prince— [my instructions 

The Queen — [Amphibious 

The Tadpole has been ordered to join her — , the 

CONSPICUOUS. At the battle of L'utteni 

he rendered himself — by his bravery... 

Lord C. and Mr. D. were — hy their absence 

You'll make yourself — if you wear that hat 

- part in the re volution 

monument stands ir 

The placard, IKK posted 

Ihe town 
He was a good rr 

The fort occupies 

noted for his benignity and 
site in the Jura Valley 

CONSPIRACY against the state (the life 

the king, (tc.) [Prir 

He was mixed up in a — to dethrone the reigning 

CONSPIRE. They — d together, 10 . . . ... 

Everything seemed to — to render my efforts 

He — d with C. to bring ntn-nit a re vol Minn 
He was charged wilh having — d against the 
His cunning — d with his avarice, to compa: 

They — his ruin 

CONSPISSATED. The— juice of the poppy 

CONSTABLE. To outrun the— 

CONSTANCY in misfortune {in one's trials, 

CONSTANT punishment has made hint callous 
Religion leaches us to be — in our faith ... 

Sbe is his — attendant 

I .im in — pain 

CONSTANTLY. ! have to remind him of.. 

CONSTERNATION. The cry of fire spread 
— among the audience 

CONSTIPATE. ! am (My bowels are ) — d 

Milk wilh some people is — ing 

— ing diet 

I took rhubarb lo remoTe the —ion 


CONSTITUENCY. Al'lberu.1 (conservative) - 

La cargaison est adressle en consignation a MM. 
Le turpi fill diposc dans It tomtieau... [C. el E. 
I! ful rcmis entre As maim dt I'cxJcuteur 

Une consignation de tile" 

Jc lui envoyai lis march.tnili ■> ' en consignation . .. 
J'ai I'intcntion at consigner Irs marcliandises A C. 
Le ekrisHanii'tii boiiA fide (sincere) ne eonsiste pas 

en un italage ixtMiur de pieti' 
Le strop d'Eatton sc compose tic phosphate ,le fir, 

tie quinine, tl de strychnine 
II est farmi in partie de cuivre en partie d'itain. 
/.-• Jlottc compreit.l j.f , itirassis, jjvaisseaux de bois 
1'ait-y. Ijnil'ir jitsi/it'.'i tonsistanet desirofi... 
II n 'est pas consequent Jans sa manlcre d'agir 
Ceiiainement sa eonduite ne seniHe pas conform* 

aux principes qu'il a hii-meme exposes comme 

/laitl la r/gle tie set actions 
S'il ,'tuit consequent mte lui-m.'me ... [Matilrt 

Cela n'est pas conform* am regies suivies dans cette 
Cela seraitdl, selon vous, tonfarme an droit et J la 
justice? [lie la viriti et de Vhonneu r 

Cette transaction n'est pas conform* aux principes 
Je ne pouvais, ' sans dt'mentir les principes qui 

out dirige ma eonduite, vans acconler 


Cest lit une mince consolation 

Ce m'est une consolation de savoxr qu'il ... 
Cefitl une consolation dans ma doulcur ... 

La settle consolation qui me rcstdt 

Men ne sauraft me consoler de ma pcrte ... 

Consolez-vous, tout ira dim 

Ritn nc pouvait le consoler dans son chagrin 

Impossible de le consoler 

Les con soli Jh 

Consolidcr une dette 

L'inHuence consalalricc de la religion 

I ''i ttiai i- fpnreiatrmr, — Urn ange eonsolatenr 

Voire raisonnemcnl n'a p,is le sens commun 

Selon voire dhir, j'ai krtl a Ml B, 

Sit s'itait conform} <1 mes instructions 

Le prince epoux 

L'lpousc du roi J/'Amphibiou 

Le Tadpole a recri t'ordre de rtjoinitre sa constrc 
A la bataille de Cuttenrun, it si signala par s, 

Lord C. et M. D. ant brilli pat leur absents 
I'ous vous ft res reviarquer, si vous porta, cechttpeat 
II joua un rile marquant dans la • Solution 

P.* tombciiu de Burns est plot} en evidence 

11 a louiours Hi fort pour pb-orer 

his furent apposhs dans Us cndm'Us lis 

u pour sa bonti 

Leforl ocnipe dans la vallle du Jura un emplas 

ment que le fast apercevoir de loin 
Conspiration centre I'itat (complot conlre la vie l 

Taut ainbUiit conspirer pour fain /ehouer mis 

II eonspira avee C. afin d'amener une rh-olutio 
On t'acrusa d' avoir compiri conlre Vital ... 
Sa ruse et son avarice fitrcnl de nwiii- d.-.n., 


lis eonspirerent sa ruine ... 

Le jus de pavot riduil f conccnM ') [vi, 

Mmf son bit' en herbe. Aller plus vlfe qnt le 
Resignation dans le malhcur (dans les tfreuvts, 

dans les souffrances) 
Les chalimenls continutls Pent endurei ... [fit 
La religion nous enseignt lo ptrsh'frvnee dans Hotr. 

Elle est aux petit s scins pour lui 

La doulcur ne me laisse aucun r/pit 

Ilfaut eonstamment puje Im rappelle cela 

Le cri an feu.' jcta I'alarme (la consternation) 

farmi I'aiiditoirc 
fe suis coustip,' (mes intestins son! resserrh) 
Le lait cause la constipation chci cerfaines person n 
Rfgime propre h produire la constipation ... 
J'ai pris de la rhubarbe pour me dlbarrasser de n 

[.'assemble constituante [constipalu 

Lei parties constituanlcs 

I'n collige liberal ( anstrvatcur ) 

3>lr SaSunfl i[i nil He Ainu'. El 

S(( t'iidnura luurbc t™ Stabs til'ci'itrtcii. 

(ir trurtt tctii'.iiitfiibfJWoairitfjttioiitaiicbmiUl'nivitlctil. 

trill r KcnilanaiiffnSffiit-iiiij K)cis«l. 

34 (4i«( i&in bit iRittrr in ihnijianorion. Juirai. 

34 &Mbfuttljt, bit Wilier an bit *vrmi 'ffi. unt (I . ;it taifi^ 

(MM 4riftli*rt ffititn btjttltt nidjt taiin, botj nun bit 

grflmtiigftil Sulrrlt* yir 5*au triflt. 
•Skx Sa|tmr(4c @rjniD befttW nu6 tfwt^ocfriwm Ufa, 

tt v inin unb etroftniii. 
IB fitftt&l llltiia tine tipfa unb IMS auS Una. 
tic ftlullc btfttM iu! 53 tBIimitn unb 34 iponietldjifttn 
So*[tn &t tS to langr, i-is rt bit 1.\<tt (tilli |l|l »|) M 
6a fiblt itlntm SiMiu mi S*r(i;inbi,)I(il. [=urutj annimtnt. 
€(in 11*01 tliintil timdit [iAcrlidi niitit t-cn (Sinbruit, all oil t! 

ira »nn.ina. BtU tm iKrilnbliKn ftant*, twldjt tr frttfl 

jiiti yir midili&iiut: armad)t lut. 
fiStnn ft fidi trai tlith... 
Ee BftftBfit jcjeii tit tttfOl] fiber ten ttgatfMt. 
BWrttn eic faani, bah fid) bafniit Weo)' "»' Olertdjtijttit 

SHrftSonbluna HdBfl wn bit Britubi3 v r berffi&rlidjttil 
34 K'mtte Qtitc Siltt nitW trfiitttu, cbut Hi iKrunbl.^. 

Iwl4t rair jur l)iio)t|d|iiiir bieucii, 411 wtlcSCT. 

EaSlpdn dirtier Iwfl. 

<&<s ill (lit mtdi tin Zrrfl, (" iriFirn. bi%... 

*i max tin Iieft III mcinn *k-nir.Tramiir;. 

■ :", .■:! ..:■ : .;■ ■ . .. . .■•!• "■ : ■: 

93i*t* [milt milt) fiic mriiieu Scrtitft tri'fltn, 

IrPRni Sit t"idj. bit 2ad>: roirb [id) [djon niao>.ii. 

9lid)l« tunnte itm in [tinnn Jdiuinttr lrC(trn 

U-r r;iin uit) itidH troftai. 

.iitiiiolLtivtc 'Jliiltirjf. 

li-iii-j i-iiib li'nfulibiren (Innblrtn). 

tor iiLitiiitt tSinflufrbtriHiligton. 

^lt trffirnbt aUttiiiifl cintflcr jtFiltluca flt(iit«6nitn Eli'rtt. 

Sin liL'ftuvvt (ttblrcnbee IQbrt). 

ItCRtiibt tofhnutfl- — Xrcfltiigtl. 

Cldj Irgrcincintfdb in bcu brtiin[>ititli||tn 8oitloI«on. 

Jd; ruiibi-Lii 1111 (iiiitljii.i mit Jlirtn Ktilungen. 

3lnre ©flwiSffitniitfl n>ibrrfrrritrt ttnr jclmibtn liitn(d..-u 
5brcnaSuti(djc tntfcrtdjiiib l L i(m.i(5) b.ibcidj on fttrm «. 
$.ittc a mcinctt Wcifiliijen jufofge att)anbell. [gejdjrirbtn . 
S«r ^rinj Scnraftt. 

Sic tUniiili*t *tnuil'tili. [„WintiWbi™i'-, \u pffn. 

Iw„IalJ)»Ie" nbirlt bot W<M, iiii;iTitm*>taltit[d)in.t,iri 
$11 ber Villein bti llutlciiniii jtitbnttt tr fid; turdj |«H( 

(orb 3. unbfttrr •£■■ iilan^lcn bur* itjrc Bbiotttubtit. 
Sic tocrben Sluflctcn axt&cti. worn ©ic bitftn (ml trajot. 
Cr i(icltccinc btrwrrofitutt tHotlt in bfr SitroIittioK. 
turns' Itntnral (ttbl mi tincr in lit augni faDaibtn Stttlc. 
Or bal fid) tramcr buid) (tint flitbrfna)! ejBi^ieidiMl. 
Hi viiiiMiLii'Viicl warm on ben am Wti|!cii in bie augen 

f.illcnbtn I'uullcn bet Slatt sngcbtticbl. 
Si rmt rtn pin iPlonldj. belanut wtjen jtincc <Sritt unb 

^errortaaenb tunb fcinr luflcnbrn. 
Sao Sort bat cine lecithin iWutaic Bagl in ton ^ntallvitc. 

Strfdjirbrurtg gciitn bin Slaal [taS Eeben bc« Sonlgi ir.] 

Ce nor in rfrte S'crfaiirPriing jul GuilbiLiiunj tti tet'CBbin 
&t itrfdjirercn fid) ;ufannnai, um \a... 
SllleO ftien firr) ju r«r(djiccrcii, urn uttint Biiltrtigungcn 511 

6TWr(d]ioccfid)init 0,, If llil HlliiflllnJ HljUllfd i 

S3 ipurtw bet Staat*caiam«rnnj bcldiultigi 

Eeint Bcr(d)lagcnt)eil nnr!te nil fciitct Ji.ibliidii ju|,Ltiiiiitn, 

um ibn jum iilotbc beflelben %n mtttn. 
etc ocrfd)toorcii (ift w frlncm Unlcrg.-inge. 
<<crbtdjtclel 'PIoSn[a)t 
SDlcta aulgebcn. ati tic Vtittcl crlaubcii, 
etanbbafligttit im Unaliitfe [in ^riihitiQcit; tdbtm]. 

■ . : : ; ■:■ . :. . ...■!■!■■■■! . .-. ■ ::•:. 

Xiie DfclijtL-n U'ttt nit:., fl.iiibbail tin Wautta |i fttlt. 
6it iK ftinr btRaitblat Sraltitcrin <<Scfenf4nFtni]i>. 
3d) leibc fortin.rfjrenb S^meijen. 
34 rain) i&n beftinbij (fnlieabrcnb) baran crintirm. 
Un 9uf „Broer" DnMhlcti ©cftilriiinj miter ben flu- 
ad) via OetfloBft. 34 6atertin(neniWgjina. 
'iJiilJi Gut lilt trifle tan: vi'rjtcl'fRtbc DUH), 
SctftcpFenbt 9labnin,i. 

34 «"»" Mlmvatbrt, um bit SJnfiovfnna 514 ferten. 
»L>itfUhiittnbe ecriimmluna. 
tSin libnalc p>«i(crt«iiv«] EJa«a(4s(l 


canvassing Ui 


! hm 

* (pa"s) 

- properties 

CONSTITUTE. As human beings are 
one would find it difficult lo . . . 
The human being is peculiarly — d 
What — s the solidity of the English government 

A lit man indeed, to — himself a judge in these 

Neither wealth nor power — happiness ... 

What — s the character of a good judge is a 

sidernblc amount of sober sense, unimpeachable 
impartiality ami sound legal learning 

The ■ 


n ol hills air! lilies, 

ravines and rivers are necessary [ — 

CONSTITUTION. A strong (robust, healthy) 

A powerful (herculean) — ... 

A weak (sickly, feeble, delicate) — 

An impaired (nervousl — 

The — of the mind (body) 

Mental (bodily)— ... — 
Winking ,11 night undermines the — 

A broken-down — 

Tii Id as the I'remierdirl is tantamont to violating 

one of the fundamental principles of the 

British — 

CONSTITUTIONAL. He always take* hi 

— every evening alter office hours 

Loss of temper may in many cases be considered 

- defect 


is often 

- him by force 

CONSTRAINT. I always feel 

Maniars and drunkards must 1* placed undei 
CONSTRUCT. To —an engine ... 

To— a building 

CONSTR UCTION of an engine (a sentence) 

— of a building 

The word 'must' puts a totally different — on 

To put a favourable (unfavourable) 

Even putting the best — on the terms uf his refusal, 

I cannot 
To say that he is determined to ha 

is pulling the worst — possible on his letter 

CONSTRUCTIVE. That inference is - from 

hji but words [refusal 

CONSTRUE. My hesitation was -d into a 

I — that word lo mesB 'relentlessly' 

I — the meaning of that phrase differently 

CONSULT. I'll — the Act bearing an thai 
I — ed my medical adviser about it [ w n j e d 
I'll — with my pillow 

Hem map en as a rule — the wishes oflhe publi 

Why should I — his interests? 

I —ed the best authors 

Have you —ed the time table? 


• ■!:■ ll) — 

I f.'.i,,,.! bin, in - with MrS 

Dr. II. was called in for — ... |in a — physiei 
CONSULTING. His medical attend.™ I seal led 

CONSUME. I!,' ~* a mmcM qoantUf ol 

All IbC shi|i* km — d [food 

The flames — d everything thai would burn 

The engines — 4 ton--, of coal a day 

A latent fever U gradually - -in;; him 

The premises were — d by tire ... ... 

list living soon — d his hcmlth and wealih 
Ureal Britain — s annually 300,003,000 of eggs ... 

A candle lights others and — s itself 

We — great quantities of coal 

The wood in the stove gradually — d away 
CONSUMER. To large — s of gas (coal) s 
reduction will be marie 

Grief WU the bidden — other health 

CONSUMMATE. To — his act of villainy, 
he set fire to Ihehouse 

The maniagf is to lie — d to-morrow 

. i.inccs under which the clime was — c 

Les candidal! son! oteupis it sollieiler les i«i 

leurs eommr Hants 
Elements de propagande 

Les propriites constitutive; 

Les membra constituant: d'une assemMce - . 
Comme /ei ftres huniuins mill organise, i/ 

difficile de 

L'ltre humain a line constitution toilte partieuliere 
Ccqui consii':.-. . . . . ■ uement anglai 

Un homme vraiment capable pour sc poser en jus, 

dans di telles affaires ! 
Ni la nthesse 111 lifouvoir ne font le Ixmheur 
l/ne grande somt/ie de lion sens, tine impartiality 

inibranlable, une profondi connaissanc ' 

lots constituent 1/ eaiactcre ,i'itn fan jut?/ 
Ilfut nomine slierifdu ramie de Perth ..'. 

Jel\ii eonstitue mon hiritier 

I.cs nutoritis constitutes 

Pour prisenter une belle perspective il foul line sirie 

de collines, de mffftr. de ravins, de rivieres 
Une bonne constitution (mice, robnste, saine) 
Une constitution forte ( line c. kerculiennt) 
Une faible santi (e. maladive, /bible, dilicate) 
Une constitution affaiblie (Hist nerveux) ... 

Vital de l'esprit(du corps-). 

Organisation mentale ( 'physique ) ... 
f.cs Iravaux nocturnes miiicnt la sunt/ 

Une constitution ruink 

Agir comme I'a fait le premier minist^c 6/uiiiiut 

A la violation d'un des principes fondamentaux 

de la constitution britannique 
11 fait toujour! sa promenade constitutionnelle torn 

les soirs apris ies hearts de bureau 
Oh pent dans heaucoup de eas eonsicUrer I'emportt- 

men! comme un vice de constitution 
Vital nervcu.\ at somviit coisstitutionnel... 

faidulerctenir deforce 

Je suit gfni dans eel habit 

I'ous peuvet le forcer de 

Je sens toiijours une cctainc g!ne en sacilti 
fjsfous el lei ivrognes aoivtnt lire attache's . . 

Construire une machine 

Elever un (difice (batiment) 

La constitution d'une machine ( d' une phrase ) ... 

La construction d'un idifire 

Le mot must donnc ,'t la clause xii. une iuterprila- 

tion (un sens) tout-li-f.tit diffircntc [ favorable 
Donncrauiic /■'. A M fivorable(di- 

En interprltant le plus favorablement possible le. 

termrs de son refits, je tie peu.r pas 
Dl're an'il est rlsolu afaire a sa volonW ('at inter 

priter sa lettre le plus mat possible 
Cetle conclusion est tirie de scs dernier: mots 

On a pris mon hesitation pour un. refits 

Je liadnis ce mot par impitoyableinent 

Je donne un sens diffircnl a irttc phrase 

J'c.iamincrai la un relative A ce tiijet 

J'ai consulti mon mfdecin surccla 

Je prendrai conseil de la null 

Contnltc! vai propres aises ( fos gouts) . ..[publi 
Les joumaux en glneral si plienl aux strtix di 
I'ourquoi consulteraii-je ses interets? 

J 'ai consulti les mrillenrs autenrs 

etvtt-vour consult/ le reglemtntt 

Hcmorairts pour une consultation 

Consultation legale ( mAlicaJe) 

Jc I'ai troicvi en consultation aver A/. S. 

Dr. B. a ite appeii en consultation 

Ses midecins enlfait appcler un midicin consultant 
II cibsort'c' une nuatttiti inormc d'aliments... 
Oh avail consomme tons Irs viitrcs du tmvire 
Les Jlammes an I consume tout ce qui pouvait bruler 
Les machines consument quatrc tonnes de eharbon 
Unefiivre latente le mint pen a feu [parjew 

U local fnt dci-ore par les Jlammes... [fartum 

Let d.'bauehes iui lavircnt bien vile sa santi el sa 
En Virandc /Irctagnc oh consomme aunuel/ement d'eeufs 
Cue thctndtlle se consume en iclai rant Irs antra .. 

A'ous brillons heaucoup de eharbon 

Le hois dans le poHe s'al cousuml pen A pen 
Onfera une re'a'u, lion -I ■ , n.i ./ui l-rulcront heaucoup 

degae (de eharbon) 
Le chagrin J'aiiait secrltemcnl dipfrir sa sant, 
le combli A son aeletrnuineli! inc. 


X>ic HonMtintoi twrben cifvta. am Ml— M itirrii 


llHlcmciitt, BUtaiki (EfEintnlc. — iltjiotiM^cile. 

ia*(lt«»i4e tSijcntdj.ifttii. 

3>i( tenftituirtnten ■BlitjTiftsir (inn Vnfamriiliniji. 

IBit nun (iiiniot tie iHnil^a |fnt, iciirbc eg faojet fallen, 

I>a#ift flrrafct dnrityigc 9Jijtin r wit ben Miaitrr in bitim 

©a*(li atiyiiicBni I 
tiOstt a'i'.iitt iiodt 9ft iditfium inarbrn fca* IraTirf Ollilif oua. 
Vstt tmt KXfcn cin« liii]ti,!(n !Hid,tnrS oii*nta*i, ifl tii 

gtitrrS^il 1 9 1 L.iiitartUiipat- 

Irilidjltit irne tud|ll : ic IMtditSafKoriumWI. 
tfr roitrtu aT« vaiivvl*|tn run Umf/ftin clitjefeft. 
;\d> W< ibn M swittcii Erbcn tin. 
I.k eiiijttJtiint teifciiitiitrii] tWSrben. 
311 cintm laientn I'jiibinufistilCt (iirb fflJafiW \x 

Iljal, ea)lnd)tcn uiit FliefinibtS S3a((ti riBtbij. 
tint ftavtt [traftijif, grfuriM] floiiflilution. 
Ifint rv.ifti ilt [l«[u[if4)er]Si)rpn(wu. 
Sine f^raacje |IrunTttoV, f *iua *>I i die , (atlt] fi 
Uiiir (ir|d|iD.ic>ir [nrrWft] JkufUUiln. 
Eif Ukiftrtbtlawfttiihtii (xatptitctejiiffcntKit). 
Weifti.lf [fittTfrlidjt] St(*aifelit>(it. 
»[J*tliil)tSSrtiiilra untcr^idbt tii lu'vvcrlidjt StfuubWl- 
tiinr itrrilttctt ISt[imblwit. 
Sit ©anbluno#i«lit bti ^ttmiraniiii|l(r» i[l aWitbtbtalmb 

mil bcr IkcTreuua tintg b« OnlabprinilVldi *et 

tnjli(d)tii thrfajfung. 
Cr modjt ngctma'Sig H8 Wteati iiad) btn CBef*QfJ*flunfrt« 

fcittrn apa.(irr.ijn,i ^ur SrtiDlutia, 
Ulerfliramuii,] Ijitti in Dirku fallen ate tint iimm €.ifiiiU*t 

bttoiljttt rottboi. 
MtrBtnltliniidit litjl oft in tct * ifrptrtt| 
3* muSlt iv* mlt ekicall jiciajni. 
54 fflftlt nti* In bitfrtn SHotft btenat. 
eitlCiincn itii oi'in.ii-ii. in .. 

3* Itlftlt in StltUfdjoFi inrtnrr tinr aopilft tStfutifltiibti 
IBabn[tnntA( unb ZmtaMbc mtfjoi btm ijtoongt a 

irn Sttj uirb 



HiVidi bti 

1 fpUp 


iiflt miter* 


Sin Qkbaubt aiifiiifnti. 

Dtx fan (Mt amifttitllifit) dntx aH.ddjirtt [tint* &it)tS|. 

X>ir iHnltilbr 1111,1 cine* "ijbSubes. 

ImS fflort must jttt btnt igjtje xli. tintn aanj Mrfdjie- 

btnrn Mm, 
(EinriTi -3 list elm : iiii:i[i-i: Inn lilrsfti.ii'l ri'iitiini] jtbtn. 
eiJcniii*)benffiorttii (eiiitrilieijetun,! audi Kit Nftt Beti* 

lima untrrltje, )o laitn ia>boit| ni*t... 
3u [ifjen. *si i< tiitiiiiiiM.ii in. [ewe rijnirg Skjt s« gfltB. 

(jetftt. (dncn *tief mif bic fftliinraflt «ki|tan»!tot». 
Xir|t Jul jciaiij roitb nus fiincn lebteii Worttu jriuatii. 

r oIS SBeifltrun j aafjeltal. 
3d) Itgle ton ttQort btn Sinn „uiibarmbcrjia" bti. 

M |«1lt Id MnM B^ilutM ittt. 

3tb will ba* baronf tejfl,]li4t 8tf(B mnl)(4tao(ii. 
34 frafllt metntii aqilKtieii 4Wi|tcinb bnviibtr 11m Walt). 
34 mill siir bit e*bt WiMafctt | '1 *. 

8i<ftm6lt3^df^t»wurimia-lat[ribrrii ScHm^ V 
Tit ;)ritun,icn beldam bcr Wtjid iwd) bit *Dlln(4t be* B«b- 
Sl'jruin tfllti- Id) mi* nadi ftiittn .lirteitfjoi rid>tm?tt!Txni. 
?d> rd>tuj bh befttn fEbrifrfttaer 11.14. 
5abru Sieben fefircLin nadjjtfeljrii? 


3nri(li(4c [ir,tlid)el So 11 (lit I all on. 

34 fanb ibn in Seratbun,! mil $ax» 6. 

3)r. V. tcHrbt jur ML'iiiiiU.'.i^n (ii[u,u,mc«n. (M. 

Seint 3>attortn ritfen nodi tincn Hql (lit Itcnlitltation tia- 

Ih nimml tinr (Oualtigt Wtngt mabninfl jb B4- 

«[(e tebfii!milt(l btS SdjiffeS iwrtit aufarjttnM. 

lilt Blammen otrjibrten ants Sttnntore. 

. ; it .i.Wii.'hiiri certraiidjcii 4 Iiinntn flotilrn lajli^, 

tiiit iiiiittti*t> nubrr wr^rtirt ibn atlmSlij. 

2iit Wtbaulittrtiteimn«tiThiril!i((inriCTfii*vt. [KB. 

Stiii fluttW frbtn riiinirtt bnlb feint t«eliinliDtit nub h 

(iiti iit'rit.iniiicn onbrjiW 1 i.'.Mii.!: 300 iilillioiieit It* 

ffint actsf leudjttt aitbein unb t'rnttjtl (Id, fdift. 
TOiT uertrau4fn flruft illaffen «ot|len. 
S>0* $sl) im Dfrn Dcrbrannte aDmilig. 
llia^^nfllmenl!n [llulitVtiliinfuiiitiitini ivitbMlli 

btandie tint Ifii ifuiaj llfluna brn!iln,ir 
In Shimmer ua.itr. ftriinlldi an Ihrei (Stfoubbelt. 
11m ba3 'DIliS frincr =»lcd;ii,jl,-it VcS )u ma4ci 

ba« ftjuS on. 
lit ¥ttmabliiiT,t full nicrji'ti iiatt firtben. 
I'M.- iiiii|'!..iiii. until' tcitiii b,ii st<cti>tc4<:n «nbra*1 m 



c is a — villain (scoundrel, knave) 

CONSUMMATION. The speedy pissing of 
lhal Act is a — devoutly lo be wished 

The — of marriage 

The -of all thing* 

CONSUMPTION. The— of coal (wheal, itor 

He is ma— 

Pulmonary - 

CONSUMPTIVE, A — patient ... 
A - look (tendency) 

CONTACT. I never came much in — with hii 
How did you come in —with each other... 
The point of— of two things 

CONTAIN. He could not — himself for joy 
1 felt <■> angry thnt i ci mil sc.ncely — myself . 
How can so small a heart — so great a love? 
Thisbollle will not — it all ... ... 

The advertisement — s the usual information about 
What does this ba|> — ? [breathes 

CONTAMINATE. He — s the very a' ' 

Bad example — s good morals 

The — irii^ influence of bad company 

CONTEMPLATE. I - a Journey to Italy... 

I stood — ing the starry firmament 

The stipulations — a state of war 

By attaching such a heavy penalty to the crime, 
the law — s its immediate suppression 

It is sad to — the miseries caused hy the war ... 
CONTEMPLATION. He was lost in — o 

the beautiful scenery around him 

The — of such a dreadful state of things strikes m 

The scheme is in — , 

The silent — of nature's beauty 

CONTEMPLATIVE. Monks lead a — hie 

A — gale 

A — stare 

Cowpcr was of a — disposition 

Whenever the — mood seizes him, he [ihe Greal 

CONTEMPORARY. He was — with I'etci 
He was a — of Lord Byron 

CONTEMPT, in — of all warnings he rushed 
lo his doom [law into — 

Such conduct mi the part of the judges brings the 
He manifested the utmost — for the law ... 
The bankrupt refusing to tile the particulars, 
committed for — of court 

In criminal cases a witness refusing to answi 
question which he is legally bound to ansi 
and a juryman not answering to his oann 
court, can be punished for — of court 

His counsel applied for the liberation of his cli 

but the court held that he had not been long 
enough in prison lo purge himself of the 

Such attacks on my reputation are heneaih my - 

I treat Ihem with the — they deserve 

I cannot find words to express my — for such a 

nnmanlv action [in the extrcm 

OONTEMPTUOUS. His bearing was - 

He treated the messenger in the most — manne 

— language (demeanour) 

— looks (terms) 

CONTEND. You'll find that you have a very 

able man to — with 
The difficulties I had to — with in compiling this 
dictionary were enormous 

I had to — against fearful odds 

He — s, that since Ihe agreement was broken 

He bad to — against enormous difficulties 

It would be in vain for Italy to — against Germany 

It is my inlention to — for the prize 

Death and nature — as lo who sh.ill be the victor 

i - that Mr C. is right ... 

Why — about such trivial i Kings ?... 

Don't make yourself ridiculous by — ing »ilh 

The -ing passions in the human breast ... 

We cannot — with o U , Maker 

The — ing parties ..- 

I n — ed for her hand (smiles) ... 
What I would — for is fair play 

Ceil I'll profonii set'lerat f un guru* , cequiii fi-jf) 
Que telle loi mil prempteiuenl volt 1 /, e'est I 
denouement qu'ilfaut souhaiter avtc fm 
La contommaliou du mariage ... ... 

l.a fin de loutes ehoses 

La consommalien A ekarbon (tie bit, defer) 

II est foilrinaire ( pktkisique ) 

I'lltisie pulmamiire 

Un fritrinain (Un piinsique) 

l.'iiir f-iithiiii/ut. I'ro/Kiisiou ■'■■ la phthisie 
ft ne mttmtjatWUiguiri trtvp/em cnlacl ave, iui 
Comment Set-vans Venus en contact i'unavee /' 

Le point Je contact de deux objels 

// ne se tenlait pas dejoie [contain 

J'itais lelUminl en colire que je pouvctis a ptiitcmt 

Comment un si petit eirur pcul-il eontenir 

Tout ne pourrn pis .inns In lvitfr,IL\grand an 
I.'annen-e caul lent Ics rcnscignemcnti ordinaires sur 

0"'r a-i-U iliiut cesac* 

// sauiiie ( ,1 in/ccle) fair mime anil respire 
Lc mauvais exemple corrompl let twines nuturs 
L'injiuence torruptrice de itx mtiuvaise tompagto 

Je nuWile un UlJUgt en Italic 

Je restai en contemplation dcvanl ie firmament rfoil,' 
Let stipulations ant trail A un cent de guerre 
En allachanl a ce crime line pfnalte tuuri sevii 

1 est Iristt Je posset 
i ,'toit absorb/ da, 

1 1«>- 

• &*r 

dans la contemplation du mcigni- 
fique paysage qui i'en-.-irennait 
L' image d'un flat de ehoses austi terrible nout 
rends Bluets de stupeur 

On s'occupe du pro/et 

La contemplation muclte ties health's de la nature... 

Les noinct mitftn t "ne vie contemplative 

Un regard peniif 

Plonge dans la contemplation (reverie) 

Cowper i ,'lail cncHn li la reverie 

Quant/ il lombe dans ses reveries, it 

// /tail contemporain de Pierre Ie Grand ... 

II ilait contemporain de Lord Byron 

Au nifpris de tons les averlissements, il lourut a sa 
peril U»"<" 

Line telle conduite de la part desjuges desbonore la 
II mani/csla Ie plus pro/on. I ntipris pour la justi 
■ ' 'IS nfusant de tlepos 

Le/aiili rcfusant J, 


H lac, 

bilaufut envoyee 
mine ayanl nu inqii 

•ninet/e, le U'moin qui refuse d, 
repondrca une quetlion ii laquellt la lei 1'eblige 
de rc'/nndrr, et ie jure' qui ne rlpond pas A 
i'appel de ion nam a V audience, peievcnt Sin 

L'avocat demanda la mite en liberie de son client, 

mats la tour jugca qu'il n'llait pat reste asm 

longfcmps en prison paur expier son manqm 

de respect timers la conr 
II ne joail pas de la moindre eonsid/ralion 
Pour meiilrer combieiije mc'prise la fofon dont ox 

me traile,fe [destout tie met dednim 

De telle; aftaques centre men honnenr sent au 
je les Iraite nvec le nupris qu'elies meriteut 
Les parties me mant/ueni pour exprimer le m/prit 

que m'inspiri une action auisi in/time 
Son attitude flair on nt peut plus meprisante 
II Iraita le meisager avec le dernier miprit 

Lnngigc (conduit*) incfrisaHte 

Kegardi (expressions) de mepris 

I'ous trouverct que vous ave: A tutter centre un 

Memmt Ires-capable 
Les difjicnllh contit laqnclles j'ai d6 hitter peui 

compiler ce dtctionnaire, sent Inormes 

II a eu a lutter centre de tcrriblct 4ttm 

II pretend que fengagemcnl etant rompti 

Ilaeuil vaintre dcsdijfieult.-s htormes 

Ce serait en vain que I'ltalie enlreiait en Julie 

avec I'Allemagne 
Men intention est de dispnter le prix 
La morl el la nature Inttent A qui aura la vi> 

Je prttends que M. C, a ration [antes? 

Pourquoi disculer sur ties ehoses asissi instgnifi- 
Ne tvus reude: pits ridicule en tenant lite A un 

parcil tot 
Les panieni qui I'agittnl dans lc ctrur humain .. 
Noui ne pouvoni pas latter .mitre lc Crcatenr 

in a.r.vrtairel [lenrire 

i-'ieu lies edonilcuri .<,■ diipu/hcat H mom I se 
La loyauti. voila I'objel pxtur Icqnetje luttetais ., 

(Etiflein tur^irirtnm [abarfrimlti : Ctp>] 2d)un\ [Sljiifll. 
JXi retentive 1£iIj6 jent* iHff(be» i|i tin bthiatirt ju rvllii- 

faxincg 3itt. 
Bit j>ti<r stLiBtcHHtogi 

Sic itfuiirtitunj! ate iJitije. 

Td SntTJiidi Mn Morten [Wciidl, Ci[en]. 

8» jat Me %»tyti ii^ 


If in =*ioint'!ila}ii|i«. 

Kin id)iDiubiridjtij(S tluirrtdi. 

J* Ijin nil uitl mil i Inn in titriihriinfl i)(toiniHen 

ttliiiiiifc Sit mil mi.mCoi in itVrutjrun,! actoMtacnf 

Xer ©(riifjruiijiviiittl |MCE Singr. 

<ii toniite iin) en ,>tejbc nidit faiitn. 

Jd) iDjr fo Mtrteab, ta* id) mid) [jura (.iHm Tuiinre. 

Jilir hnti ciit [o rttintii $ev, i\m Id jniit Vutc faften ? 

W EM u id) I allm in bit |Mj(*c vinciaactM. 

Sit StiT\ci,ic cnttbtll bit iicivStinlidjt nuitunlt bttt... 

HJa* tiittijll biff" Sod? 

l£r MTimrritiial icil'il tie tuft, in iw[i>fr cc nttmrt. 

»BfeS tJeifritl wrbirbt jute 6ittt. 

Dec Mrbtrb(ld>f tfinftufi f*redj(ec tSltWrtjafl. 

Si) tjttt tint mtift lud) QtaSm wr. 

3ft n»r in Betradiiiuifi be« gcJAarit* i(iiiiirat(S uofutittii. 

Z ii flliriKubiuijoi uiir tut" emnl rtticjjfjll fltttoRtn. 

Jiihm bn« (*t[« tint \o Idjrocrt Stufe auf ba« SftrtrerfccTi 
tt,t, tat t* bif (Dfcrtijit uMnMUTng btliclWn lm 
Suae. [cifiilit unC mn Iraurr. 

lit i)ttrjd)liniii b(4 burdj ben Sritg wriirfadjicn Ultnbrt 

SriMrflain vtrfunttii in bit a3ctradjtuua btr pudjiuulKM 

Z>ie iittrgdjiuu,! riucj to ctitlrtlidgcii 3uft(inbtt ttr 7 in-ne 

mad)! una |himui unb ii.iir. 
JWr^Lin iflin'sauiitatfafit. 
3>it {till. SJttraajtmi.i BTC =d)i.'n6fi! btr Watilr. 
Wdinn* iiil-itii (in tt(*auli*ta ttbtn. 
lein bttradiitiibtr Slitf. 
Gin ^inparmt in Scfttdjrunti. 
liuicptt n»c jur lieiftoultcjlcit (jam litfiiitn) fltntiflt. 
So .ft tt in XltfflU ottftrtt, l(i«... 
ttr tcbtt iMdatttll mit fttu btm Wn<|cit. 
tfr icnr (in ^litatni-flt Sorb &i)i<!!i*. 
SlUtffl'oniunoni«ca«Itiib, ftfiritttr in [tilt SStrMnflHtfi. 

«in foldwe ©tiitbmtn Itit.'nj ber'iHiftitt mad)! baS »ttes 
tfr.tuhmbttt bit (icicle *(tn*tDn^ iilr bai OKleB- 
3)a ttr (taiileruilirtr Itiiitn BWatiirtWiJ Purlc^m njoDIt, 

fo Biiibc et iw 3 tn „»eiiiitluiia Mi (iVeciiljtatjoiea" 

JiiHtimiiuifjilciil.iiiTidri.'lcUiic. iwldjerbit Siitir-prlaultine 

8taflt fttdit Mticriottt fie a gefenli* etri'fH*Ht i|"t, 

in btantroortm. rocgen .JBrrodjimiii bet tMeriditffbufeS" 

btftmll Rtrtttii; bii.iltiJwit (in "liijiraectun, imldjtr 

brim naiiuiiMuiml i in vteriAit.'l.iJli f(WI. 
©«in anmalt T"«te Bit Sn SI a Buna (timS Slitntrn un*. oNr 

bDi«erid)tiiiarber»uii*i. bafi berteltt tit., tlfraiitiiuii 

*eS Oteridjtjhcfr) nsd) itta)t bin la lytic!) tmtoj (tine Sir- 

r. ri'.i i I .u- .„■:■ ii',i b>»e. 
Hi ift tin Wtjeajtant btr gelHwi &erad)luii|i. 
11m mtintSkcaditunfl file tuiefeldK ('(I-aublunj iu brjcugtn, 

tjabc iaj. .. [#toftiiiiij. 

Soteje Sngrifle aul mtinni totta VHiif Itiiibije idi teintr 
3ft bi$anbetent mil bee »rta*tBn9. reel*t lie wrtirncn. 
3ft taint teine IDortt finboi. rnn mritit 9'eradjluua file riue 

fo u ii man u 1 i die fturtCm nusyibriiaVit. 
I .in BaM mtii mat lm ^bftfleo iSiate ntTafttlift. 
lit brlianbdte Cm Vaten in btr unKrlftdntKRen 'Wtilr. 
»naftttitbe epraftt [Vnafttliftet »wtt)uitn]. 
SnJtblliftt Slicfe [iBortt]. 
eit tottbtn Ruben, bofi Sit eS mit tlntai feh liKMi^oi 

~ e flUfsurwTjmtii " 


^ft lull* aeotn cine rrbrilifrube Uctvimiiiil in l.""li''"- 
tt bifltciKt, tafi, ba bet Utrtrrog arttoften fei- ■ - 
Si r»ttt mit auStracbenilifteii e*iclerlalrtloi 511 tSmffcit. 
(tl lullvbt fit Jt.iiira cet,)tblift [tin. mit Deulfftlanb Taut- 

pltll in mcll.'ii. [mu>. 

1H Ift melne «bS4t. btn ffietttani»| um (tn «tti* au[(uuiV- 
leb unb Kalur flreii™ nm ten 6iej. 
3ft ttftteitc. tuj («n «. Sltftt tjat. 
IDriTialb um folfte aetinjfu.iijtn Singe (Irritrn? 
Staftoi Sit flft nifti babnrd) lafttrlift, baft Sit fift nil 

eiBtm fuldjtn I ummfref II 1 f|n»ll|| 
Sit frrritcnbtn eetbcnfduften in btr mrnfftliften tVnft 
S»tt roiiuen wit unfrrm aftocfrt nift! ftrtitrn. 
lie [titittRbdi Itartefcti. 
Bielt ftrettciwrben umibrtfionb [«nn)l! 
Kfliift btaiifutufttn mbftte. ift etjrliftc BfM, 


CONTENT. We must be - will, mi W 

I am happy and — 

I am quite — with (he sum you offer 

li,,i.-vl ■■( fnllowing up Ihe victory, he — ed him 

■elf with llit retreat of the enemy 
He is a man, easily — ed 

Not — eil with ■hoWerins invectieea upon him. he 

Emcecded to turn him into nn arrangement ol 
lack and blue 
Far from being — with this he di.-uikW him 
If you arc not — will) what [ give you, you 

They lived very — edly Logether 

The remit of the vote was — s 9 non — s 17 
T.iM-"f -s 

CONTENTION. The hone of— ... 
lr lead to great — among the officers 
The — in the assembly was very fierce ... 

CONTENTIOUS". The factions are very 
A — rurtri is alw.iy- involved in litigation.., 

OONTEST. He — ed the borough in 1874 
England was not engaged in the — [with Lord C. 
Germany — ed with France for supremacy 
Antagonistic passions are fiercely — ing 111 his breast 

for the upper hand 

The 14th — ed ..very inch of ground 

England refused to lake part in the ■ — 

Foreseeing the inevitable result he gave up the — 

The — ed county was the scene of great eacite 


It seemed as though they were —ing as In 1 
should be the most extravagant 
CONTEXT. The — will enable you lo find 

out the meaning of the 
CONTINENT. He is travelling 
He lives (resides) on the — 
He returned from the — yesterday 

He has travelled the — 

He left for the — on Monday 

He is 

n the 

is (manners) . 

— rash ions (habit-) 

— parcel delivery agency ... 
CONTINGENT. The Russian — ... 
CONTINGENCY. In such a — , England 

would be obliged to [— ies, w' " ' 

The marri.ige settlement had (contained) cci 
OONTINUAL I suffer from -headache 
It forms a subject for — complaints 
His conduct is a — source of annoyance to m' 


CONTINUALLY. TI1.1t child c 
bag hm an (be mat siting 

grumbling (laughing, scoldi: 

;, **> 

CONTINUANCE. The - oftht 

The — of hostilities is injurious la trade 

During the — of 

CONTINUE. Shall we- the journey? 
Ifhu — s in his bad behaviour 

— in the pith of virtue 

I shall not go out, if it — itorajn . 

— d from page 94 ,.. 

Tot*-.. . 

— reading ... •■ 

— the medicine 

A — d line of houses 

A — ed line of liimways 

It is published 111 — d pan- ... 

By assiduous and — d application, you will n.astct 

the difficulty 
— d bleeding 1 flow of words, rush '.f mttm 1 

—ing his discourse, he adverted on 

By —ing that treatment, he saved thj patient! 

A — d downpour of rain prevented my going 
— ing our journey we reached P. by midnight ... 

— the Letter where I left off [iiself 

CONTOUR. The — of her figure m grace 
CONTRACT (; I. What I — ed for, 

iilni for a supply of meat 
He — ed bad habits during his stay in A 

\ bene U c.v-iiy - 

i. that 


It fau! n (■"•/filer de son sort 

J* mis AfWHU ct salisfiUt [offres 

Jt suis tntilremcril satisfai/ de la sommt que vous 

Ail lieu at poursuivre la vicfoirt, it st contents 

dt voir Vtnntmi baltre tn rtlraile ... 

Ctsl un homme sobrt, facilt a cmttnter , 

Non content dt t'accahler d'ltn torrtnt d'injures, 
il st frffiara a I'accomoder an bturre noir 

Loin li'ilrt content dccela, il lui donna sen conge".. 
Si Vitus ne vans cententa pas de ie que je veus donnt, 

lis vecurent trls-htuneux ensemble 

Lt risullat du -note Jul e> pour, 17 coutrt 

Table des matiires ... 

La torn me de discard/ 

// sensuivit une grande discussion pas mi les official 
Latuttefla discussion) fttt tris-vive dans I'assemblee 
Les factions aimtnt Its iuttts 
Un homme revkht est toujour! en precis ... 
II disputa ct siigt a Ijsrd C. en lSp4 
/.' ' Angicterre n'i'tail p,t, en; 1 ;,',- dans la lulle[i 
L'AlTemagne el la France sc ii-ni dispute ia :upri- 
De; passions font rains sc dispute!-./ avec acharne- 
iiicnl I'cmpircdi son time 

Le 24c trgimeiil disputa le terrain pitd a pifd ... 
L'Angleierrc refusa de prendre part A la tutte 
Prevoyanl It r/su/tat inh/ilablt de la lutlc, il abau 

a une grandt agita- 

donna la parti- 
La Utile des candidatures 
lion dans It comtl 

II lit lui StTi & ricn ,:r plnid.-r ; que VOItltt-VOUS 
que fosse un pauvie dialdt aux prises avtc un 

lis semhhuent rivaliscr A qui serait le pins extra- 

Le eoiitexte vous penntttra de troscver le sens de 

II voyage sur le continent 

// denture sur It^continent. — Il ha/dte le continent 

II tsl revolts hitr du continent 

II a parcouru It continent 

// s'est mis en route Intuit pour h 

II est parti pour It continent 

J,e continent enrapitn 

Les coit/umcs lies inirurs J du continent ... 
Let modes (la habitu,les) du ton tin ait ... 
Bureau dt inesiageries ponr le cotttintnt ... 

Lt contingent russe 

Duns tine scmblabtt h'cntu.ili/,', I' Anglettrre 

obligh de [alil.s qui 

Lt contra! de mariage prhentatt certaines cventu- 

Jt souffle tie mattx de ttit continuels 

Cest un sttj/l dc plain/,'-- p. ii-'/u.ilcs {a" ennuis 
Sa canduile est pour mot une source perpttticlle 
Nous pas simes la nuil en proit a des alarm -cs in- 

Cet enfant crie sans cesse [tessanlts 

I! ihmi/c /ottfjurs i,i '.'.'■ i'il chanson 

II botigonnt frit, gronde etc.) cotiliniieiLmui: 

A'on pas tint pois, mais toujour! 

Lt mauvais temps continn limits a rc/enns ... \mircc 
I.a conlinuiti des hoslilith est prfjudiriablt an com- 
Penihnt la durft de... 
Conlinuerons-nous (pottnuhnvHs-n, ) noire voyage 

SU perstste dans ,-,; manvai:c conduilt 

Centinuet de marcher dans It sen tier de la vtrtu... 
Jt ne sorlirai pas s'tl continue de pie 
I etc; ti-di-ssus, page 94 

Une rangce non interremptte dt n, 
Une ligne continue de Iratmvays 
I! al pid-iU par livraisens ... 
A force d'aaidniti tt J'ap/iliiatien s 

triompJieret de la difJiciilU [tarissahlc) 

'■'d de ptnlti, jet d'eatt ' 
"' H VNMDIW ... 

■ ■ ipn/lllti Id..:, ■ „■;■ /;i,;>. 

r.iuriui;aitl tun discours, ilfit obs 

maladc [p.'eha d'allei 

La pluie qui ne cessa de tomher a torrents ni'etn- 
Poursiiivant notre route, nous trHtdmn A I'. ■) 
Rcprenc: la leltre oiij'en Itaisreslf... [niittuil 
Les contours de son corps I'taicnl la grice m'-me 

Manh.mdi'f de ronlrchaude 

Si i'at trail,' avee lui, c'llait 

Jefis marcklavcc lui pour une fournituredeviande 
II contracla de m&MVaitV habitudes pendant son 

s.'jourcn AmMque 

tiiUmcnl une maladie dans ce pays-Id 

Irunb I7fc0fltj"l. 



SBir iitiilfrii tail mii.-rm (mlf (i.Frktm. (tin. 

;id] bin jufrictai mitt alii* tia>, ISi 

3* jtt't mid) uoufliiiSia mil ber von jtincn aiigcfcelmui 

Hltftalt »tn Sieg )U Kciotjin, ttattilflte rr fts> mil ban JHilff. 

oijc bee gih.tet). 
tir ift ci 11 iidiilul.uiKT fflonn, ttr Kiojt (idiirttnaifldTl \\\ 
Sli^l |ufvi(btn t.iiiiit, tjj! tv itn nut iiutiljansen iba- 

bauftf, Icjbij a iUii (ijlHsLidj judi nM> Idgimr) unC 

K(it boBoti oitfcTiit. fiai ( |n ttnnlijra, entlCcfi tt ibit- 
IB0111 6ie ninjl mi! toil juirittrn line, em* id) Jtnrn (trtt. 
C It icbtcii fitii iMfttekt mil 

Dae Crjcbnife bcr Hbfliaimniiii Dm 9 tafiir unb 17 bagijni. 

Str 3iiii!jrfct. 7t*r 9tfl(tt(laB6 M Gtreitfc. 
UStrrrolrnralcn HEtttfirfit untrcNti Cffivt 
3>rrStirit in ba Sferfcnintlitiifl toat [rbrlfftia, 
Iiit ^dttcini Tmb febv (tceitliiditiii. [1 

tin ■.uitii^ti.ia- ■Olriiltti i'"t ' 

6r iwdjlt in. 3nbi( 1874 ben sr&ititTniti tcin Serb li. 
Siijlttnib rear an bon ^ticin nidit iviliciliflt. [flteilia. 

Xcntfdblnn> flrill mil Srtnilrcid! 11m bk Ct^rbrrrfdwfl. 
SUibcrflrtitnibf ^nfflifdjaften Mm|'|(u vrftij in Iciiitt Srufl 
un. Ht Obtrbaiib. 

T.I.- 24. SHcsiimrnt'tt jitili ■',Lll r ; 1 rbe.l (Itcitfa, 

liiijlairt nodtefid) nicbl in (in ■= licit tiiilaficn. 

3« ttetJiiirtdjt bel unomraiMid™ autiganjre, gabrrauf, 


T-\e fticitiii s«nad)tr Cimlltf .iff tear bcr Edjaiivl.u; S"i" 

l&s iftjmctfloSfur tfin, beir WtdjWiwa iu Mitten ; "it ktl 

citi amiec 3J?an fln) (.affliuiijdi madjtli, (« mil ciiitm 

TO in io 11 jr jiihuaibmrnV 
IB fdjicit, ot! ob flc datum [tritl.-n, ntt Me ibnen ttt 

Dluifdjiniftiibftc ndie. 
St't iJnfjiuiiicii(Mi[|i n'irt eu in Ocir Staub ft)rll, *(ll £im- 

bet ea{WS itunilSjuRiibtii. 
<i\ rtifl mil Km .OcnluiruK IMIlanbc). 
(5v U'A [Rvhtll-Jiif cm! Monti iifjilc. 
t'.v r,-.rn jcflL'ni win SfftLinbt Jlltftlt. 
Ifr bo* ftcftluib ftercilt. 
lit lit .un i!i; en 1,1.1 iiiia>boii aoiitinrnlr atarrot, 
Ifr ift n,id) beat It wtnifl. 
2U6 gtitlanb Dun (fmnta. Ttt cittcpnifdjt Seiiltnti 
■(Irllti [Sittm] be! grftlanbrf. 
iiifbcii H'iiii'i'iuii'tik'ii] ft .j .until urn Irt. 
I'l.niii.n i'iv Bn1ltfh.H1bH.UJiy un 4 tent JtetitiiKnft. 
Taj ritifijilK Jtuittidcltt. 
..'in 1:111:11 |l1J:i:i 7-. "1 1 - e iiiii'li tin, iLuib... 

>i (itiwIbStnttiige lu.ircli jeltinr 3511c vctJcIrbcR, » 

3d) tcibc tcFtiintia an Soi-ficcli 

G5 bilbel eincn IScjcitflanb [cctniibrtnbft SBcIftwctben.(inia). 

eein ticiicbnicniiiciiit bcft.inM.ic OaeOl bcS i<etbruflte iir 

Itnailflieclidjclirirmiuicbklttii uiusbitian)t Jladjt ll*ct lw*. 

■Citfte flinb(dirtit lottiMlncnb (urt.iniliijilidj). fnltc*ii" 

<er fcmnil tnintct mil bet alien Stltr. tt fingt in 

Qr brnmuit [laibt, idjill] (.'itredhroib. 

Uiidil G1111n.1l, fciibtnt fi/rtuidbrtiib. 

Tat) .uiboucmb (diltdiK JDtttet tiielt tiitfl (iirutf. 

Tie iVctlboitci bcr gcinb)cl%ttitci[ febabiflt ten (aubtt 

ffietHnb bet Iwun M. . . 

guilei! micbic IKciit |ortft(n ( ? 

ItJciin tt [tin id)lc«)te» Bettnacn fnrtfebt. 

ttul bim ^[abt bcr Tu.icuS oii3(ijvrcn. 

3dj mctbc nidil ju*i)ctwn, tcciiu ber Sltjiui anbai 

fieri (trjunn run grill 94. 

jJonfeBiinn idol. 

C« a in a ibm f braib gut. 


OlrtDiudjoi 6it tit Htjtntl ratitct. 


tilt fi'tllatilcubM ^djicnenaclttie. 

i54 evfdjttiit in fodlanicutcti ficfci-unjcii. 

S'lird) iinocflicH,i,ten unb fovlacicljtcu [jltifi to 

.11 ii<bi 

lliimitcil'iodienei- VCntfliifi ((I'ortBufe. E!j(|ttnii(i|. 

:ini Jial.-iiif itiiwv tiicK nivltcci .111 Fniti ff.mi iif... 
Tina) 3tuticijunfj ibcbjnbliiiiii illicit ct bM SJcfcen brt 

IT ll.i ll'l-L' L 5 1 J e 'He.-fil.-. ill" i- l-CT til: bill ill r:i,-||.c«CTCife. 

SBir (tijicn unftttJIciicfctiunbttrcidHtnlt. BmiTdttwtnclt. 

Kahtcii iic in bem Btkfl b,i Ird, M idj .uifljBtlt. 

T'Il- Umtiiit iliKt (jltilalt iniRii biefflia,:. . 

Mi'tittcti.iube. 6dtlcid|n)aotcn. 

E*ii8 id) ausmacStt, m, . . 

nd) fdjloij mil Hint u>c h itii Sleildjlicfeniita ttnnt Jrm 

tit lufibrciib ftiuce aiiFtnlbattcd in Kmaito 

in ftolt ff* leid|t tint h tan rt-cii in 

He — ed his brow in token of disapproval 

You ought to — the circle of your acquaintances 

He — ed a debt of ^500 

To — oneself out of an agreement 

The — ing parties 

CONlRAOT («). The streets are kept in re 
pair by — 

He had the — to supply the army 

I entered into a — with him, to 

According to the terms of the '■ — , you arc bound to 

The — is binding upon you 

In the words of the — 

111 stand by my — ... 

No mention was made of it in the — 

The whole — 

^vt ~ ~ • price ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• 

The provisions (stipulations, obligations) of a — 

That does not belong to the — 

To execute (break, renew, modify) a - - . . . 

To draft (avoid) a — 

I had that put into the — 

To cancel a — 

By private — 

An informal — 

A marriage — was drawn up 

To leave a — unexecuted ... 

You have failed to carry out the provisions of the — 

CONTRACTOR. An army — 
A government — 
Messrs. Brick & Mortar, Builders and — s 

CONTRADIOT. He — ed me flatly ... 

He — s himself at every word 

Etiquette requires that you should never — a lady 
You are too fond of — ing everybody ... . , . 
Since the report has not been — ed, we must pre 
sume it to be true 

Hell — till everything is blue 

One proposition — s the other 
You must not — me 

CONTRADICTION. He is a living — 
He acts in direct — to the principles he confesses 

He can't stand (bear) — 

He is — himself 

In — of the report circulated, he stated, that 

The Halfpenny WhistU gives a flat — to the report 
I may say, without fear of — , that 
OoNiRADIOTORY statements 

^■^ or qc i s ••• ••• »•« ••• ••• 

The two accounts are of a — nature 

His statement is — to the known facts of the case 

OONTRARY. I am of a — opinion ... 
Such conduct is — to good breeding 
Itjwould be — to all rule, to allow you to... 

To believe such a thing would be — to common 

Not at all ; quite the — 

I can say nothing to the — 

On the — , he did quite the opposite 

Don't be so — , ana do as you are bid 

— to my expectations, he did pay me back 

He acted — to my wish 

To act — to received instructions would render 
him liable to be tried by court martial 

To act thus is — to law 

Nothing being said to the — , I concluded that ... 
~ ■— opinions ... ■ . . ... ... ... 

— dispositions 

He does what he can to — me 

Is Mr C. really going to contest the borough? I 

suppose so; at least I have heard nothing to 

the — 

OONTRA8T. His parsimony strongly — s 

with his brother's liberality 

His severity affords a shrill — to Lord C's leniency 

What a — was the calm dawn to the preceding 

stormy night 
The painter sought to heighten the effect of the 

picture by a — of colours 

— ed with our insular notions of things in general 

OONTRAVENE. To — against the law 

CONTRAVENTION. He acted in — of the 

rules (law) [the Rhine 

OONTRIBUTARY. The Moselle is a — ofl 

His name was placed on the list of — ics ... 

CONTRIBUTE. Everything seems to — to 

make my life wretched 

Ilfronca le sourcil en signe de disapprobation 
Vous devriez resserrer le cercle de vos connaissances 

II contractu une dette de £joo 

Se de 1 Herd* tin engagement 

Les parties con tract antes 

Les rues sont entretenues par ent reprise ... 

II avait entrepris lafoumiture de Tarmc'e 

Jefis. marc fie avec lui pour 

Anx termes de votre con t rat vous ites tenu de 

Vous ites lie 1 par votre contrat ... 

D y apres les stipulations (aux termes) du control.. 
Je m y en tiendrai a mon control 

On n y en a Hen dit dans le control 

Toute la boutique 

A for/ait... ; [d y un contrat 

Les proznsions (les stipulations, les obligations) 

Cela n y est pas dans le control 

Ext'cutcr (rompre, renouveler, modifier) un marchi 

Minuter (iluder) un contrat 

fefis mettre cela dans le marclu* 

Annuler un marche 1 ... 

De gre* h grJ ... 

Un control, inj "or me (qui n y est pas dans les formes) 

On ridigea un contrat de mariage ... 

Laisser un contrat inacheve' (sans le parfaire) . . . 

Vous avez tuglige' d y executer les conditions du 

Un fournisseur de Varmie. . . [marcht 

Un entrepreneur du gouvernement . . . ... [neurs 

M.M. Brick et Mortar \ constructeurs el mtrepre 

II m y a donne" mi dhttetiti formel ... 

II se c out red it a chaque mot. .. 

L Etiquette veut qu'on ne de'mente jamais une dame 

Vous aimez trop a contrarier tout le monde 

Puisque ce bruit n y a pas iti dementi, nous devotis 

supposer qiiil est vrai [est blanc 

II vous donne des dementis & faire croire que twit 

Une proposition confrcdit rout re 

// ne faut pas me cotttredire ... 

(Test la contradiction faite horn me (en persouttc)... 

Ses actes sont en contra<iiction formelle avec lesprin- 

cipes qu y it prof esse 
II ne pent souffrir (supporter) la contradiction . . . 
// est lui-m?me une contradiction ... 
Contrairement an bruit rtpandu, il diclara que . 

Le Halfpenny Whistle de'ment formellement ce bruit 

fe puis dire sans crainte d y etre cotttredit que 

Affirmatiotis con tradicto ires 

Ordres contradictoires 

Les deux rfcits se con tredi sent 

Son rapport est en contradiction -avec les fails 

connus de V affaire 
Je suis d y utie opinion contraire ... [education 
Une telleconduite est incompatible avec une botine 
II serait cotttraire d toutes les regies de vous per 

nut t re de 
II repugtte au sens com mutt de croire une telle chose 
Pas du tout, tout au contraire 
Je n y ai rien a dire con t re cela 
Tout au contraire ■, il fit tout l y oppose" ...[mande 
Ne sot's pas si desagrSable et pais ce que Von te de 
Contrairetnettt a mon at tent e il m y a payi ... 
// a agi contre mes va-ux 
S y il agi ss ait contrairement aux instructions qu y il a 

recues il se rend rait passible de la cour martiale 

H est contraire & la hi d y agir ainsi 

Comme on ri a pas fait d? objection, j y ai concltt que 

Des opinions opposces 

Des dispositions contraires ... 

II fait tout ce qui I pent pour me cotttrarier 

M, C. va-t-it rccllement poser sa catutidature dans 

le district? Je le crois, du moins je n y ai rien 

entendu dire qui puisse faire supposer le 

Son avarice cotttraste fortement avec la ge'nc'rosite 

de son frere [ceur de Lord C. 

Sa sevhite forme un cotttraste frappant avec la aou m 
Quel cotttraste il y avait ent re le calme et Torage 

de la nuit precedent e 
V artiste a essaye* de grandir Veffet du tableau pir 

un cotttraste de couleurs [des chores en gcnJral\ 
Cotttraste avec les idces insula ires que nous aivns 
Violer la lot ... 
// a violi les reglemettts (la hi) 

La Moselle est un affluent du Rhin 

Son ttom a cte ittscrit stir la liste des sousciipteurs 

Tout sciiil-lc comourir 
he u reuse 

a rendte ma vie ma!' 


<£r ronjelte bic ©time jum 3ei*en fritter 9ti§bittigunj) 
€ie foaten ben flrei* ^brer $etanntcn cnger &iefcit. 
St ma Ate (ronrrabjrtc) cine €4)ulb mm 500 $funb. 
Ginen Stertrog fdjliefcen, umfidjane* fiontraftc*&uentlebigeii. 
Die fentrabtrenben (rinen Srkrtrag fdjliefjenben) $arteien. 
Die 3nflwbbaltung ber €tra§eu fl*f<$i«vt auf dtautb cine* 

Gr b>tte bie armeelieferungen TontrattmSfng iibernomtnen. 
3$ 9i"d eincn JBertrag mit ibm tin, ju. . . 
(Skmag ben $errragobefrimmungen fmb €ie tocrpflidjtet, ju ... 
Der Scontraft ift fur £ie binbenb. 
3m XBortlautc bed Kern-age*. 
3$ ftetbe mid) an mcincu ftoutraft bait en. 
3m Sertrage roar ftirfit* bafcon crwd^nt. 
$cu aai^cu £d?minbel. 

Su Sourratttyreifen. [tralte*. 

SDic gtorbebalte [%efximmungen ; $crpflid)tttnaen] cine* Mon* 
2>a* acfySrt m$t ju bent AontraTte. 
&inen $ertrag ausfubren [brerten; erneucrn; abSnbemj. 
(Eincn Sertrag auffe^en [umftofcen]. 
3$ lid? ba* in ben gtcrtraa. aufnebmen. 
Gincn Startrag aufbeben (fur ungtiltig crftaren). 
SMird) ^ritoattontralt. 
(£in feblerbaft abgefafiter tfontraTt. 
Gin $eiratb^*t>ertrag nmrbe abgefa&t (aufgcfefct). 
Ginen &ontraft unauSaefubrt (affen. [tertaffen. 

€ie t?aben bie ttefhtmnungen be* Skrfrage* ait*)Ufu v ren un- 
€iu Bnneclieferant. 
trin $ieferant ber diegierung. 
®ri(f unb SRortar, fttaumeifter unb ©auuntenteljmer. 
» Gr wiberfprad) mir gerabeiu. 
ftr wiberfpridjt fid) fcei icbem SBorte. 
3)ie GtiTette toerlangt f baft man nie cincr Dame toiberfvridjt. 
€ie muffen ^ebcrmann wiberfpredpn. 
2>a ba* @ertid)t feinen £Hberfprud) gefunben bat, muffen icir 

annefpnen, ba§ e* ftabr ift. 
Cr Itigr, ba* UUe* btau anlauft. 
S)er cine &afe tmberfprid)t ban anbem. 
€ie burfeu mir nidjt nribcrfprtd)en. 
Sr ift rin (ebenbiger ©iberfprudj. 
(fr b>nbett in birettem tDiberfprud} mit ben (Sruiibfa^en, ^u 

benen er fid) befennt. 
(rr lann feinen IDiberfpmd) oertragen [leiben]. 
. <£r ift ber ©ibcrfpruA. felbft. 
3m XBiberfprud; mit bem umlaufenben (Serfld^te fagte er au*, 

oa§... [rildjtc. 

Die „£alfpennp ©b^iflte" toiberfpridjt entfd)iebem bai (He- 
3d) fann, ob>e XBiberfprud) fiirdjten ju miiffen, fagen, ba§ ... 
XBiberfrreitenbe %u*fagen. 
6id) n>iberfpred)enbe SkfeMe. 
Die beiben 9erid)te fmb wiberfpred)enbcr «rt. 
€rine 9lu*fage aiberfrreitet ben betannten Zb>tfad)cn be* 

3d) bin entgegenfefeter HReiuung. 
Cine fold>c3 ^erragat n?iberftrcitet guter (h^ieb^ung. 
£* tourbe gegen atte 9{egel wrft often, 3b,uen ju ertauben, 

€0 Grma* ju glauben, tcare gegen bie gefunbe Sernunf** nid)t; gerabe ba* (Skgentb^it. 
3d) lann nid)t* (9egentb,eilige* fagen. 
3m @egentb>il f er tbat gerabe ba* SntgegengefCyte. [bcif;t. 
@eien €>ic nidjt fo etgenftnnig, unb tbuen eie, toad man Sic 
Qegen meine grmartung bejabltc er mir %Ue* juriirf. 
Gr b^anbelte meinem iBunfcbe ^utcibcr. 
Den gegebenen Sefebleit juroibcrjubanbeln, tofirbc iyii cor 

ba*;^rieg*gerid)t briugen. 
Sine fotdje ^anbtung ift gefcvwibrig. 
Da 9lid)t* bagegen eingcmaibet nurbc, $lc§ id), ba§... 
Gntgegengefe v te Weinttngen. 
GutgegengefCvtc 9leigungen. 

Gr tbut %Qe*, roatf er mir tann, urn uur'entgegenjuarbciten. 
Oirb ^crr <i. wirflid) at* iHegentantibat fur ben ^ab.Irrei* 

auftrctcn? 3d) txrrtnutbe e*; toenigftcn* babe id) uidjt 

ba* i^egentb^it baton gel)5rt. 

(Seine Sparfamteit ftcbt in ftorfetn (^egenfa v ju ber ^reigc- 
bigteit feine* ^ruber*. [?orb l£. 

eeine -atrenge bilbet eincn grcHen Okgmfa v ju bet SRilbc be* 

£3eld) ein (Hcgenfat} ^rrifdben ber HDinbftiUe unb bem ^tnrmc 
ber torbergebenbat 9lad)t. 

Der Slater fud)te bie Wirfung be* 9itbe* burd) ^arben^ 
Iontraft ^u ctbobat. [im BUgemeincu. 

3m Okgenfab^ ^u unfent infularen «nf4auungen ber Dtuge 

Da* <&t\ti} iibcrtretcn (uerleb^n). 

Qx Ijanbelte ben 9icgeln [bem 05cfc(jc] junribcr. 

Die 3)Jofel ift ein ^cbenffuft bed «l>cine*. 
€cin 92ame tr-iubc auf bie ^eitra.^lifte gcfc v t. 
AUcJ id)cint taju tcijittragcu, man i\Uu ungliidlid) ju 




I hired n — lo take me In L 

CONVICT. The fury — «J Uic prisoner .. 

That alone is enough to — him 

Public opinion — i him of cowaidicc and incapi 

He was — c<l on ar<:umsl;in<i;il evidence 

He was — ed of murder 

A returned — 

_ E arb(drc*>) 

— establishment, — MttJemcot 

CONVICTION. "Rt-lJ-i'.ius -«" '.'.'. 

I n.-i from - 

Tint he ii innocent is my — 

„■ ptCMCUtwa did not obtain a — in t li i-i ease.. 
V nnntenl does not carry — lo the heart 

CONVINCE. lam— d of it 

I am — d he was there 

No argument will — me, that 

Von cannot — a mm against his will 

"Convince a man against his will 
lie's of the same opinion still." 

I felt so —if of"hts innocence, that 

There's no — ing him 

That is a —ing proof (argument) 

CONVIVIAL meeting 

A — fellow 

— talents [dispositions, hnhit) 

CONVOCATION. The house of — 

France was — d with the throe? of tin' nWolul 

CONVULSION. She Ml into -8 ... 
France was a prey to internal — s 

The— s of Etna 

Political — s 

CONVULSIVE laughter (sobs) 

God sends meat and the devil sends — s 

They — ed his goose for him 

Canyon — ? 

Are you a good — ? 

Do you know how lo — a hart? 

I always — his dinner 

She has to — for ten 

First catch your hare, and then — it, as the Cook 

ery boolc has it 
The word "—ing" is a general term for: Roast 

ing, frying, stewing, baking, grilling, fa, 

She — s nicely 

She — s lo perfection 

The object of his — ing the accounts was lo lead 
the purchaser to believe, that the business 
was worth 3 limes its actual value 

To hide his defalcations, he — ed the books 

— 5 mate (on board ship). — shop 

OOOL- He appeared — and collected 

He walked right bto my room, if you please, M 
— as a cucumlier 

Did he really ; well, that was rather — of him 

I met with a — reception 

Let him storm away; hell — down presently 

Keep your brealh to — your porridge 

A — 

I enjoy the — - of theevening 

In the — of the evening 

While foat lea is —ing, look at this 
— yor lea by emptying it into the saucer... 
- yourself my friend 

There's nothing like taking things - y 

This medicii 

He 1 

ing like til 

tag effect a 


■ir temper get the better of you ; keep 
! i- for her gradually — ed down 

'■■id uting he got, he — ed down 
We had lo cea.-j; firing to let the guns — ... 

Je louai un* veilur* four alltr a L. 
Lt jury a declare I'aeeusf cmipable ... 
Ce/a seul sult'il pour le faire condamnrr - - 
L' opinion publi.jue I'a convaincu de lAchdf 

II a fit condamnl sur des prtuves uiutttts .. 

II a ftf toudumne pour meurlre 

Un formal KIM 
1 1 libit (cast nine) • 
fiagne. Cotenit de t , 
I'aitiMii pour le Iramfort da j'or,ali oil la delta 

CenvUliom -religieuses , 

J'.igis parconviefiori , 

J' 111 la certitude qu'il est innocent 

Jtsuis accessible a la raison [cette affiiri 

La parlii adverse n'a pu obtcnir gain de cause dans 
Voire argument n'cntiaine pas la conviction du 

J' i>i la certitude ./u'il s'y trouvuit ... 

Null* raison ne me /era entire one [It. 

Pniitilt d* ehtrckir .1 eonvaincre qitelqu'un malgrc 

I \iu:.Hr emnotMCTW uji hemmi a sen corps defendant, 

Celt le rendre Iftu bitn plus quaup-irai-ant . 

J'fhiis tdlcmenl cailvamcu de son innocence que .,, 

Chereher a le coitvaiucre est inutile 

Ceil ii (voild) mi.,' pixuvc coiivaineaute , un argu- 
ment eonvaineant 

Reunion joyeiise 

Homme de tonne compazine (convive joyenx) 

Talents de sode'ti, kumeur joytuse, boutt m tra i n . 

Lieu, niaisou oil Its membrts d'une assemblie sent 
a f pel's -i sc rfuni' 

AsttmiUt dti dergf ; synoite 

Couvo.iiter tine 1; union (la ditte, I'asstnibl.'e) 

fefus pris d'lin eclat de rire fou, ecnvuliij que dura le tremblemenl de Itrre, la cotlines 
te loulcvuicnt comme par un mouv'tment eon- 
tniisif [de/a revolution 

La France flail boulevtnfe par lei deehalncments 

Elle est tomtit en convulsion 

La France en proie aux dfchirtmenls, tout troubles 
eaush par la guerre civile 

Lei convulsions de i'Elua 

t'i'iivuliioiis politique; 

Mire onviilsif; sailglots cnfrecoiipft 

l/rl denier effort, un effort ronvulsif.—Angeisse, 
horrible souffranee, agonit 

Trop dt euisiniers ne font jamais bonne seupe; 
mitulx van! asset que trop [If cnisinitr 

Si Dieu donne la viamle, c'csl It dialde qui fiurnit 

lis lui ont donnf son fait ( rive" sen clou) ... 

Savei-voni faire la cuisine ? 

Etes-voui ben euisinier, bonne etiisinierc? 

Savet-vous ai-conimotki •' un lifvrf? 

. sur le gril, 

Elle attend bitn la cuisine 

Site fait la cuisine ,i la perfection 

Jl 'afatsifif ses iivrts pour faire troirt <i i'aequcrtur 
qui ion finds MfaA trail foil plus que de 
raison [livres (ienttfn) 

Pour dmi'iiultr sei malversations, it a faisifu sti 

Aide-coq. — Restaurant, gargole, •(■lisierit 

ft paraisiait avoir tout son sang-froid 

II .ntia dii-t: - ML avec le plus 

'• nliesse 

Laisses-le pester (putminer), it se refroidira tout 

I'ous fcriez bien tnieui de vein tuirt \gii 

I'tii:,! une pratique, un client, ten monsieur jui 

Je jouis dc 'afrafcicur du soir 

Aufrais du soir 

Laisset rtfroidir voire sonpt 

Fndamt que voire Ihf rcfroidtt, rcgarda ceci [coupe 
Faitel refroidir velre the en te vertantdam la sou- 
Ac MM cm fortes pas, men ami ... [xntnnent 
II n'y a de Id que de prendre Its chests tomme 
Ce mfdicament a four effel de rafratchir It tang 
It mi traila aver froideur (froidemcnl j[rtslei calme 
l\'e vous emperfez point ; gardes voire sang-froid 
Son altachcmf:' J feu a pen ,., 
Apris la sortie qui lui a flf faitt, it baissa It Aa 

■r te feu pour laisser icfrcidi 

,\di mk'tr.i-i.' tin ruii'i-ii-rit, inn Tuiti V. ji. f arum. 
Z-w rtJjfditeorentii ciii.ii-tiii cm ■.lu.ii-rt.i.ui-u filr Idjiilbia, 
'lui audit Tti4)l (hi, urn ibn Mi ttticrfabrni. 
i:ir' iidituit.j niii'|! liim ftii,|lxil 1111b llmjM..!,-il 
vov. [iajitlala ernan. 

Sr miner niif Mont bcr jitjicn it)it icuariiMi Umftinbe I" 
Ur inurt* ttH WlorbtJ idjuioifl. etfioit. 
Lks.ii (litl.ilitiirr eirSfluti). 

Wifnitiiiiii«i)< mdirtiunflirtniii) 

S tenia iiflalt.— Strdftulonie. KitrlmdjetiiitftilaiTi! 



34) banNIrauB UdKEjcuflinifl, 

34) tjabc bit IlllnyHMg, baft a iwtdfulvifl ifl. 

34) tafl( alia) gemr iivtCicunen. [til 

Ictfil^tiTviiiiii[t,M((.i,iAjii 1 r l iiif:2[t,„lti„| c ii l - 

StnSewUfatcinig tonn iniai iimcrlid) niiljt ilber^cHjea.. 

3a) *ia boooii ilberjruat. 

jdj bin llbeiitujl. tm B o tu mar. 

..... . . 

Mtr ni4)i mill, lifit iioi nidit iit-a'iii.n'ii 
(So Siflrnrmn bet Tiinrail*i] 
SUlrb fcurdj Stmiimjt widjts aii»atri4;! , t. 

34) mar wn Irian llm|d)iilb |o ill'.'ntiijl, t.if 

lir ISirt m iiitbt iifwrj'eiijidi. 

SJ46 ift rill (d)laaeuvtr ««wi8 [Sntiiv], 

tiiiic Mtocrlainmtiiiifi Gin EiiB.iilajt. 

If in numtcm (URian) «(i(ai*afi(r. 

W.fctliot laloitc.— OfrfeLljer Sinn.— Wrfrlli.K C lift. 

tMI(Ma| vtr fltiftlidini nbacctbnetcii. 9ttjrt4d)cl |M 

i<.T[araniiuiia ^BbBttaJ) tfc Wtifilia)ldl. 

linii ^cr I. until 1 1111 a. [(EiBtti fanblaj] ^[.immtitt'Ct 
;1lU idjfiti.ltc nun) ocr Sa4)ni. 

EaDrent ttfU^bStticnajillnltnble i^rat oleia)(om ia 
lidjen 3uttuuacii. 

Branlttia) lag in brit gtiSiinain bn iNtDoliiliiiit. 

£it wrfitl in 8060401 (fftthnpfe). 

pritnfrrio) mar Am tkult iiraem iftfajiillrrnnfliu. 

Dh ljr(aiiilitriiii|im bro Htliia. 
VolttifilK iWdilittmutjeit. 
atampfialWtl Saojtn [^dilmlndil. 
JctaraiinwftrfliifintMiiiiii- .«vjmriMft« €#nrti. 

Side StBQt *irterben bcu Vm. 

SoH fjibl bit 8rfl, aim bn 3(Uft! ifl *tx Sha). 
6ic priijrttrn l^n gttfltii fcura). 
Bbnncn Sittnftrn? 

dllt ei( tint tiiifiliflt SMiilr V 

8cr|htrn ©tt einin (fe(ni ju braren? 
34 tcrciK iftrn iinaitr baf mitlaarffei. ju. 
eicmitg file jei.™ frnfe lodVti. 
lHuf(Bi4ft ,^a|(I", cr litjt binn bnllJrjt. 

etc ifl MM ttrfcrte Jtodjln. 
edne«t'iio)lbri bn [alldjtn fflHfjiiurtdSfO&mna. a 

Saufcr glanlitii ju mndjen, la* 

fnctcl irtrib. ale el nirtlla) ifl. 
Urn ftiiit Unlrt)a)lrift ju enhbKa, |oI|4)t[ n feint © 
UnttctL'*. flcdnicttaife. — Batriio)(, 
ISr fttttrt tulna unb gcfaljt. 
«t Irai rait bn otlittrn UimtrfwrtaWt "i" S 

mrin Slmmn. 
S.tiat n bo8 nlrrlia)? 9Iun, M nut rrajt bnifi can if 
3d) f ant) rtiit Mt)(e Wuf naftme. 
faliiiieieibnauBloltn; tr mlrMdiiin taft btfopi 
Slfurn ©fentit t«n ffltfaBca ju fd)ioei|i(ii. 
Xos ift ela fwdwr ffllertfo). 
34) antitfif Ml SbcnMilfct. 

Safftn eic 3trc SuyM (in) .itlilltToi. 
4Vtra*len Sic fci<[ce, mdbrtab £it tea ?$tt riitjlrt imtea 
flufil(nSt(3l|r(iiat*(ab, inbcmSic iliii in bit Uatntaffc 
SScmbiataCftfi*, ninn ^tiniiib IdiriKa. 

Se aejl Bia)W ilbcv rint InlittiitiQc «uffa[funa bn Slaat 
^itfearjtnti II bl tine fi.Menbc JiUrlmi.j .ml ba*«I«iaii|. 
lit w fe MtfH miai fcl)t tail. - [Sit gelatin. 

IMfftn EK fid) ni a) 1 i-fii >rrni llrimntbc Liiii»tijen; Mnbea 
■2tint Si(b( in itit ntaltde atlnTalij. 

Die bcrbf ;iiir[d)timi(iinfl, metdjt i^m ju Ibtil murbe, tlMk 

ftin Wfltg&n b.tEiilcut. [aMaMm |U lafKli 

IDir nuiEttn bad Sdjirfaii ttajhtn, unt a ' 


A — headed calculating man of business.. 
Zinc ointment is very — ing 

A — piece of impudence 

A — ing drink 

— your temper 

A — day. A — shade 

OOOLER. A butler— 

COOLING. Thai boy wants a — ... 

COOLNESS. A — sprang up between tr 
His — lo his wife is scandalous 

COOP- I don't like to be — ed up all daj 
lie house, like fowls in a hen-coop [ma 

CO-OPERATE. He — d with Mr C. in 
Both methods — in bringing about the desi 

CO-OPERATION U the secret of the « 

ety's success 
CO-OPERATIVE, —stores 

OO _ 

COPE. You'll have to — will 

COPIOUS. A — draught ... 

A — shower of rain 

A — supply of provisions 

OOPIOUSNESS of a language 

COPPER. I haven't a — 
Please could you spare a copper? asked the beggar 
He writes like — plate , 

A - kettle '.'.'. '.'.'. 

A (washing) — . — sheathing 

A — plate engraving 

A — plate printer 

— bottom. — bottomed 

Bar — . (—ingot). Wrought— ... 

— ore. Made of — 


Sixpenny- worth of — s 

Two shillings in — 

OOPPERY taste 

COPY. For — conform 

Whereof this is a true — 

I— ied it out of an old book 

You can — it into thisbook 

The work has been — ied from i French Author 
Have you taken a — of the letter? 

I —ied it word for word 

The printer wrote to the author that he was in 
arrears of bis — 

To — a painting 

To — an idea (manners) 

He is a — of his father 

Send me 6— ies of Shakespeare's Richard III 

Only fools — fobs 

Have you secured the — right? 

The — right is out 

I saw that sentence in my boys — book ... 
A — ing clerk 

CORAL lips. — r«f 

CORD. Is the box— ed up? 

Umbilical — . Nervous — 

CORDIAL. A — reception (greeting) 
A — vote of thanks 

CORDIALLY. They — hate each other [city 
CORDON. To stretch a sanitary — round a 
CORE. Rotten to the — 

In the — ofmyheart 

In the — of Fiance 

The — of a tree (an apple) 

CORK. Draw the—. — the bottle 

As light as — 

He — ed his face, before appearing as a niaeer ... 
CORK-SCREW. He wormed himself into 

her secrets like a — 
The lawyer in his ctoss-eiaminalion — ed the truth 

oat of the witness 

Uh hammi d' affaires entemlu el interessl ... 
Onguait de tine est rlfrigtratif ... 

Unt Arise fratiht 

Une effronterie sans pareitle 


Unfroid in/lit 

Un bresevage rafratehistant 

Reprena voire sang-froid 

Une tiide journle. — Un ombragifrais 

Rafratehissoir pour le beurre 

Ce gareon a besoin d'ttre corrigl 

II est survenu dttfraid attre tux ... [scandaJe 

Sen dldain (sa frotdtur) envers sa femmt t 
Je n 'aime piss A tire claquanuri route la jo 

eomme la volatile Hans uh foul/tiller 
II a co-op/re" ovec M. C. a ceftt affaire . . . 
L 'une it I 'autre W/fa4 coniourcnt a produirt le 

rlsultat cherchJ 
C est la co-opiration qui fait (explique) It metis 

de la soci/tl 
£tablissement fond! sur le systlme de la co-operation 

Association co-operative 

La stxtfle' ' I to'iipagnie ) a pour base la co-operatto\ 

Co-ordonnl avti 

/i est thauve comme men genou 

Vous aurez a lutter tontie ( ' riva/iter ariet ) un i 

ivrsah-e puissant 


Une abondante averse (vnaVe) 

Une abondante provision de vivres. .. 

La riches se d'tme langiie 

Je n'ai pas un rouge liard [mendii 

Un petit sou, s'il vous plait, monsieur, demandt 

II ecrit tomtne un calhgrapht 

Net rouge, eouperosl, debetterave 

Bouilloire est euivrt 

Ckaudron, lessrve. — Douilagt de euivrt ... 

Gravure en taillt douie 

Imprimiur et\ faille- douet 

Fond en tuitsr*. — Double 1 at euivrt 

Fit de cuivre, euivrt tirl at verges... 

Ustensilts de tuivrt 

barrts (en lingots). — Cuivre ottvri 



Cel ouvrogt est ti 

iinl (en plaques J 
Basani (cuivri, touleur de cuivre) 
La valatr de soixante tttuHiies en sous 
Deux francs tinquante centimes en sous 

Qui a uh gout de euivrt 

Pour eopit cmformt 

Don! lapr/sentt est urn topic fidlle 
Je I'ai pris dan} un vieux bouquin 

' ipitr (Je transcrire) dai 
irl d'un autcur francai 
Av/z-vouspns un double de la Itttret 
Je I'ai copU mat pour mot ... 
L'imprimeur e'erivit i I'auteser que celui-ci itait 

en retard de sa lOpit 

Une eopie exactt 

Copier un tableau [ pour moelile 

Pasticktr une idee. — Prendre let manteris de qqn. 

Cest son fin tout crachf 

Envoyet-tnoi six exanplairts tie Richard III par 

Shakespeare [d'ustfat 

II n'yaqu'un sot pour singer la mist tt let man itrti 
Vous ttes-vons rlstrvJIe droit de reproduction? 

Ij droit de reproduction est phimt. 

J 1 at vu-cette phrase dans le cahicr de men /its ... 

Un txpe-ditiannairt 

Dts Owes de corail.— Basse de ctrail 

La botte est-elle ficelle (cordee)? 

Cordon ombilical. — Cordon ncrveux 

Une reception cordialc (un actual cordial } ■ 

Un vote de sincins remereliHtnti 

Cordial (detour sincere) 

lis se dlttttent (se haissent) Hen eordialemrnt ... 
£tablirim cordon snnitaire autcur d'uni vilie ... 

Pourri jusqu'aux os, jusqu'A la meille 

La k-yaut/faite thaire. La layout! as fiersonnt ... 

Dans It fond dt mon caur 

Au ceeurde la France 

Lt caur d'un arbre (d'une pomme, cVy.J.' 

Tint, Btet le bouchon.—Bouchtt la bouleitle 

Ugir eomme le liigt ... 

Samite de liege.— Jamie dt liege ... 

// se noireit le visage avee un bouchon pour joua 

It rSle de nigre [qu'un reptile 

II s'immisca dans la vie priv/e de cette femme ainsi 
L'aveeat, dans son interrogatoire, Jinit par fain 

dirt la veritl au tlmoin 

Kin fattWCtlj fctrc*iiciibtr lUiiifciftStiwmi. 

Sinn-iilr ift fdiv lUvlene, 

<ftn Mtjlcr Mtfraii*. 

*mt auptriitjamtt grtdjfell. 

Bint ttii*tc* (MinncS) dttib. 

SAM tut It !*fi»eilfliiri.i. 

Cin liiblcnbn Xrnaf. 

Beruljigeit 6i( A*. 

Sin IflMer Inj.— «in fuMer 64ja1ttn. 

•in SuttcrhiWn. 

Won mufc tan 4hio*cri to« TOUIIhScii tttSltn. 

Ot Hat tint S.iltc (Outilt) ymfitKi, imitn ciH. 

Stint fiiilte otgen feint SW if! afcMieulie). 

3<$ win uidjt ben 2og im $auk tiitat(txrrl (tin, \v\t 

tint t>tmit im f ii Vnrrft j9 
Cr nrirttc in btt XagtltDtnbrit mit $mn Q juftimmcii. 
Bribe SNtt&ofcor roirfcu jn|nmnicu, um titn jtioilnlitjttii 

Ctfclg fctbrignHtbRii. 
I>o» itu'ammrBtjiitttn ill b« i»t^timnin 1x4 6r|u[fltl bcr 

HJoannlaflti rtnrr aknoi(fii)i6a|t. floufumwttin 
SnD*cnHi>< W (its|Taifd>ift. 
Iiit ffl(f(nid)ii[t arttilrt ouf ber«nniblflae pHScHoffniWafl. 

Sc i|t fa (aljl nit tint tBadtrtattt [iuir mrint fla^t ftanb]. 
6ieB>rrben rt mil tincrn jtiirten Oeancr aufiuntbiatu (ju 

llilrr) !■;][■(! 1, 
tin traftijiti (tlldilian) &*lu(T (3ua). 
Kin lildjliiin StrgniQuft. 
tfiii itittKt Sonalv an V ttfnlmillttii . 
IWcubtbira tintr £i'rod)t. 
34 tjabi Wnoi rotytii ©ettrr. 

eijoitdi ©it mir rin ^aar i'loiniflt, [aalt Kr Stlltrr. 
Sr [^rtibt uite fltfteajtu. 
(fine fturiftrnofe. 
(tin tuy-fraier jttrfcl. 

ffin (Wnid) ■■) Hrffrt. — Kupfcrfctwn. Bui>!titriili[Jj. 
9in Kiipltrftiti. 
Cin Jtuvfrrcnuhr. 

aiiVferbebtn, Buvfnbci^tai]. — Slit Stuvfit btfdjl.ijtii. 

flupftrorlHirr. xii(i(njn5tS. 

etanamtuEfct. — ftuffnflumiMn. — BrtarbtiirtcS Stuvltt. 
BiiffttRj. JhivfctKct. — am anufcr atmnitt 
Shift tttltilj, 

tin talttv ■Seining In Bi^ttnnflint 
gwtl Seiminat in Jtupln (thivfrffltft). 

I ifl::«i JliilML. 

Wir ,ilti*ljutf nt* Ifrlfliritt. 

HJoiwii bie[rt crat gtlreitrKtlftrifi tft. 

34 (dirieb it ,iul tin™ alttn dtdx at. 

Sit Bnnoi bit Sttldjtifl iiitit(e# t'uaj cinlraQtii. [ttbritbtn. 

Sw* Wat i\t aat rintm fTanjoiiftVcu limfw iniinnrntajt. 

(labtn Bit einr Hb(d)ri(! t>on ban Hrttfr gtln-Kt|l? 

34 |4ritb e> H>urt fflr JOort at. 

Her Irvrfer Idjrkb Dcra «fifafltr, baS ti mil |tinccn «lonu. 

lEint flniau(«b[[t)ri|t. 

(.'in Bili le |! inn. 

(Eintn flkbantoi (JonaiilrS OJ(!tn) Ra^abmm. 

Ox ifl boo if bcnbiif (tinrt v.v.n-s. 

eajiaTni &i( nir |tJj< lijtmi;latf run 6ia!r[l«art'* 
^ili.-v.iE III 

Slur barren otjmrii 9rantKitcn tmuj. 

futtn Sit fid bal SnlogfnAl gtfiJinl? 
Tit SnlagBrta)! iR fcrfiillcn. 
34 babe tan €ob in c4rriblKf n en 
Cin Stcjiift 

Ihiralleiilipwn.— JraraHenrifl. 

3ft Mr «i|le juaetunbra (jug<(4 11 nn)? 

Kabctf 4nar. — Wcr w |rt a Mi. 

Vk frnjtl«rr tapfana. (*w«]. 

Bint bfijliay EanMbtjoijrtai. 

iStmfltSroir (Iun)crjig. 

etc liantn rinanber wn «nrr* Sel Qtrtmt. [drtni. 

eintn «efunl>W«flunrI leant tBlStorbun) un rtni 6tobl 

ganloit aw['« SHart (frnj). I>irt4 unt) bur* (aid. 

Xreu nit iHelb. 

3« 3n»ei1len aieinr* ^erienl. 

»i tenjm Sranteein)'- 

Dei JSarf ti»e» Saupel. Un «rieMeinel *vltt- 

■«r tjerau*.— Btrtcrtm €it bit QU|d>c 

Xcrffc IM. — JtnKctn. 

Or mjfit (14 mil rintm aitgcbtannten etfplel bal «rfi«l 

(4ioai), bewr ei ali ?legn aufnat. 
Sr (4(i4 H4 n.iaj unb n.nS in ibn iKtbtiinnint tin. 
I« Brnnlt )ufl t>t! fciiitn S(t»iWrMrtltiBatjibrii jUtnalia 


OORN. I must cut my — s 

I am troubled with a soft — 

Sonic one trod on my — 

— edbeef 

To — beef 

Indian — . —market 

— laws. — field ... ... 

Here you arc! I found one; — in Egypt ! 

CORNER. He had me in a — ; what could 

I do? 

You we properly — ed this time! ... 

He looked at me from the — of his eye ... 

Hard as he is. he has a soft — in his heart for his 

When he gets her for a mother-in-law, he' 11 find 

himself in a warm — 
Get him into a — and keep him there 

He fought like a rat in a— 

I le pop|>ed (disappeared) round the — ... 
A square man in a round hole is apt to ha* 

— a knocked oft in time 
I saw him standing at the — of the street 
As a tax payer I object to the town-council doing 

lie had scarcely turned the — , when 

We searched every — in the house for it ... 

The four — s of the world 

— house. — shop. — stone 


CORONAL suture, &c. (See: Medical; 
CORONER. A— 's jury 

1!|I -P •' 

is held on the body 

CORONATION oath (ceremony) 

CORPORAL punishment (restraint) 

CORPORATION. What a — he has goi ! ... 

CORRECT. The — name is Bap 

That medicine —a the acidity of the stomach 
Is that in order now, Mr Kedtape? yes Mr Dood- 
le, all — 
My teacher tells me that the — pronunciation ol 
un enfant is ong onfang, is [hat so? quite — , 
Master Reginald 
To do the — thing you ought to treat the- com- 
pany to champagne 
I confess I was wrong; !sit-=*d... r.. 
1 have to — the exercises yet 

What is the — time? 

To — proofs, &c 

The soulh wind — ed (he intensity of the Cold 
I am continually — ing you, ami yet you iciV/say 

There is two instead of there are two 
The master — ed him sevirkl times and yet he will 

not leave of talUinc 

A deserved - 
Author's — s 

Printer's— s... ... [actly 

CORRESPOND. The two signatures — c 
I never write to her now ; weare not on —ing ten 

The Scotch writm- — 5 to the English solicitor 

Wcstill — with each other 

Does the 0-15 train — with the one that lea\ 
York for London at 2-35? 

with what he himself 

your ideas, and your 

fh the 

Your version docs n 

told me 
Your words ought to 

actions to your woras 
The means to lie employed ought 

CORRESPONDENCE, Our foreign — v. 
limited to France 

Mr C. conducts the — 

That question forms the subject of our present — 
The lovers carried on — for 2 years 

— of ideas (opinioni, viewi) 

There is no — between the two , 

We have no — with Italy 

Private (official, secrctl— 

Ilfautquejt Hit eoupt lessors 
Je suit affligi d'un a-il-dc-perdri. 
Qutlqu'un m'a marcki sur Its to 
Du bcruf Ugjerement salt 
Priparer du beruf aire du it/ 

t ddns un ficge; que pouvais-je 

J V/ais fit 
On tchi aid!, jots, je peine, j-ropremciit 11;: 
// mt lergnadu coin de Vail 
Que!i/ut dur qu'il n't'!. Ha n'miiiuins du cSlf du 

ca-ur une faibltsst pour sen fils 
Quand il /'aura pour belle-mere, il it verra Jam 

dt beaux drops 
Mettci-le au pied du mur ll Hi ie /folic: plus 

II si dJfendit comme un beau diailt 

// s'esquiva tn fournant le coin dt la rut ... 
L'hommt st/nit a unt situation, quelle qu'tllt soil, 
(I st/afonnt au contact dt taut qui I'tn/oiirent 

Je It vis dcoout au coin dt la rue 

En taut que contribuablc, je m'oppest el ce que It 

tomtit municipal foist Its ckotes en cathetli 
II avail A peine tournj le coin de la rtte qm 
Nous avons fouilU la maiion dans tons les recoins 

Les qua/re coins du moildc [nure 

/.a maison (la boutique) du coin. — Pierre d'eneog- 

Tringle pour ridtast 

La suture eoronalt 

Jury qui a pour mission d'in/oimer au nam de la 

eonronne toncernant les personnel IrouvAs martes 

Une inquire a itf ouvtrte relativemenl a laperionnt 

Irouv/e merit 
Strment du rot lori de ion satre (eouronneiiitnt)... 

Peine f punition j cerporeltt 

Quel iedon a eel hoMime! 

Le v/rftable noai, c'eil Dap 

Ce medicament wrrige Its it^reurs del'eslomac ... 
Li, tsl-ce bien en rlgle mointtnanl, St. Rtdlopel 

Farfaitemenl, .?/. Doodle, lout tit pour le mieux I 
Man prkepleur m'assnre que la prononciation cor- 

rede du mot child, e'est ischndde; eit-cevrail 

Cesl tout a fait exact, M. Reginald 
Pour bienfoire les tkoses, vein devria rigaler la 

compagnie avec du champagne \reprcndn 

J'ai eu tort, je I'avoue; voui avex ration dt "I, 

J'ai encore les devoirs a cerriger 

Quelle est Phrure priciset 

Corriger dei Ipreuves ... \des chests 

De lagti principal 

I'll sentiment (une idee) juste 

Permetltz-moi de relez/er line inecrrection quivBia 

til cciappJe tout a Pheurt 

Le vent du sud a ndouiii le froid intense 

Malgrf mes avis rfiti'res, vous persisles a dire sam 

cesse: du nacre pour de la nacre 
Le maitre I'a corrigl plusieurs fois, Unt vent pas 

cesser de parler 

II a Iti tris juslemcul puni de tela 

Sevoyant infligcr une torrtition il devint furieu.c 

Correction d'une eprturt 

Urn correction merit/t 

Corrections de Vautcur ,. 

Corrections de t'imprimeur 

Les deux signatures se correspondent exattcment . . . 
Je nc lui fcris jamais mainlenant ;nous ne sommes 

plus sur un pied de correspondance [tais 

Le ' Writer' icossais correspond au 'Solicitor' ang- 
Nous correspondent tonjours ensemble ... 
Le train dt Q-/J corrcspond-il avec it lui qui purl 

d'Yorkpour Loudres a 3JS? 

f 'aire version ne I'accordc pas avec celle qu'il m 

raconlel lui-mhne 
Vas parolei dniraieul tire d'atcord avec vol idies 

ves actions avec jvs paroles 
Lis nuryens qu'on emploit devraienl fire d'acco 

avec le but qu'nn se propose 
iVetre eorrespondance etranghe se limilt a 

Mr C. cil .1 la Me de la lomspeisdauee ... [tuetle 
C.llt question fait I'objct de noire correspondance ai- 
Lei antoureux entretiurcnt corrcspmuiinct pendant 

deux ans 
Cnmmunantc ,fide/i (d'opim 
II n'y a pas de corresfondanc- 


Sdr) mufc mir tic Ciiitjiirr.iujtn frfcnribrit. 

34 Iii W an eintm iMiajen fciltwcraajf (Vriajfcomr). 

tH trat mlr ^rmant auf baS (iiitinrMU|i(. 

gtiajt fl tt>il !<lte6 MintfUif*. 

iHinbflfifirj Iridjt (iCtflii (eint'Brdii, tii.laljcti). 

Bla«. IflrfifaictSBeistn.— «Dtnmnrtt. 

florrifl([n}£.— Kuril [tit. [ac&olfni. 

eittKtal 3*fjat.t liinen grfitiicoi. 3e(t i[l una teiftli* 

«r rjaltt mid) on tir UBaab flrtriltft; Ms tiiunlt ioj ta 

$>it«mal flub Bit )o)Bii in bit Sna( nrtrirt'Cii. 
Ct bliJM mi* Bon tut: Sfitt an. 
Mii after ©tiutjltjtprlt W ti brdj in (ciutm Jwr(rn rii 

dKn (iir liilicn ;i'hi ii'.'ri.i 
BtM|k MM SrtjrrntLitrniuttn n>lr&, i|t ct Sbcl braa. 

dared i.; If* ;:■■■■; u - jt. R sj^th 

ffirWrttjribiaUliajnntriH uaiftcUtir librr. 

lit VL't(d)»aitt 11m bit fie.. 

Sknii bee etrin tn'S tRollm rumrnl, toirb tr (tr/oii bit Hdai 

34 fa$ ttjn on brr tirfr bet Strnfee (reben. 
ati iSleutqahler Droirftirc id) ta.itjcn, ba6 btc StaMratrj 

»Ilt» bti EFrfd)[Dft(i[(n SIjIikh abniaiji. 
(EriiMV r.TUBi inn risUifj, .i!v--. 
SBir turtifmtjttii Dili: tlJtn nab CJinJcl bij i.inltS, 11m el 

i« p 11 ten. 
Mi tier ffiittu bet SDelt. 

"aftiaue.— Sdlabtn. fabtn an [•ergtraGciKB*(.- 

68 njuttt (ilir IoMeii|djau (I'tidjeii'itfju! fiber tjca etidma 

JrtfniuiilScib. — flttjnuna(feiErIid)(rit. 
Sfltprrlidjt Sttoft— SerpcrliojcCaft. 

Ter riihtije ifjint i|i Sop. 

Side erjenei (jeM bit Slagenliiim auf. 

3R baBjcit in Crbnunj, ^etv iKcbiaur? 3a, Cert Bouble, 

rilit?. it-it (! i (tin idl. 
fflleln 8t$m la^t, bit ridiii.jr IrtfNrofi con un enfant 

fei ,,ona un^ana"; ift tafi tid|t.a? 30, fflej.inalt, flaitj 

tifttio (red)]). 
EOenn =k VBel rcfielvi'dn raarjen roeflen, niiillrn €ie bet 

t»e[dl(d>aft B.6aniiJ(t|inti corftrjen. {Mctt 1. 

3* tttennr, bsfi id) Itntcdjt tjjlit; ids bin tine* ©effcrn 
3ft tmbt bit fdiriftliijeii aufflaben u«t jii rotrijirtn. 
3irii<TFD t itn ct: . tocriairtn. 
tHidjlijc Srantfdrje. 

ffiiditifire tStfilDI -Btid)ti fl t BcrftiHuna. 
ttrl.iuben Sic mir rineii gctilcr ju terbeilctn, tea Sit (ben 

senudjt I'jttn. 
I*r efibicint hat bielAarft Siltcflemilbttt (acbttdjen). 
3d)Mtbe|ter(eie [orticoSrtnb, unb tennoA (ajtiieitimiiTet: 

„Q« gtben itni." ftatt „ts aibl )i«i." 
Xm Ve brct Met ion rnf diicbcne Vlaie jureftt, 1 

lifrt cr bos $!onbecn nid)t tleitcn. 
ffr ertiictt He trtbienle eirjft tnfilr 


^L'l-icfliir rintif Srurfticgend. 

Sine wrbienle ijured)tn>ei(uit s ( Bfti idling. !_l 

Jiert-efierTingtH (Scrretruroi) M Bitfaneri. 

I'crbefleningen (florrerrureii) be! Tmteil. 

Tiiilieiben UnterftfvifHTi fj 1:11 men jciiu 11 in if ciiianhn Htwtciii. 

3^ Idjrtibe jtflt gat nidjt nieqr an ftt; Mt WTfc&ttn nidjl 

l!a«fd|Dtii(i*(llDoi!writer(iTtfprid)tlcmenglifdien solicitor. 

ffiic (ajreiben una no* immet. 

fiat bet um 9 Ubr 15 Bttmitai otjjetaibi 8ufl B.i(*tu6 an 

benieniflen, tutlditt 2 U(t 35 •HJiiiuien pen j)«! ud) 

Scnbon obfiftrt? 
3bit SarfteHunB fnnra! nid;t mil bem fibercLrr, rcoS ct rtftfl 

mitfl(|agt fto«. 
3f)telBDttelontei!niii 36ten »c«anten. uub 3*re fjanE- 

[nngea mit 3hrcn »'Dttcii im Uliitlan ^t flctiBi. 
Die aiijunHnbenbcn fllittcl lollteit jRjei(ciitfpttB)tnb |ein, 

Unfere !k™iv°iibtni mit bem Bujtanbt i|I auf Siaxtrno) 

fttrt a. liiert bir Jromtiicinbtmi. (QrierieeAMf . 

Z'i<\t H"flt bitbtt ben «rnrnftanb 1 " 
jao uritiri'iill (tnei 3at)te 

Ucbtreiiiftiinmuug bet 3betn [ajftinunjen, Hnil^ttn]. 
St flnbet fcine Sejitoung jnii(d)en ben beiben Elotr [tMjat. 
aBit nnterlMtlen mit 31a[icn teine Bcmfvonbra, <Se|i*- 
f ritatlorTefrcnbnu.— Smtlidje [$eim[id>«] Jtorrtfwnbnt 

, (Bqir- 


CORRESPONDENT. Large firms ly 
employ a foreign — 

TktbaltU oj Worth (by our special — ) 

A newspaper — 

The foreign — of the 'Whittler' 

COR RESPON DING. We hive no — word 
in English for ennui, but we have the thing 

— style (in sltorthand) 

CORROBORATE. The witness — d pro- 
CORROBORATIVE evidence having been 

given, the magistrate sentenced the prisoner 

to to days imprisonment 
CORRODING. The — effect of oxygen ot 

CORRUGATED iron plates 

CORRUPT. A — mind. — morals ... 
A — language 

— writings 

A — witness, —air 

CORRUPTION A mass of — 

COST what it may 

That victory — us 700 men 

He lei me have it at — price 

What is the —of it? 

The perfecting of that machine — mc a great deal 
of labour and much money [ation 
Never mind the — ; that is a secondary consider- 
As I learned to mjr — 

If a ton of coals —s 14/. what is the — of lewts?,.. 

Law — s. At a moderate — 

The judge refused —s 

Bill of —s 

It — him his life 

COTTAGE piano 

COTTON. A — ford ... 

The letter was — ed in terms, which 

The horseman — ed his lance 

The oculist — ed me for cataract 

COUGH The patient — ed up phlegm 

Tobacco smoke irmkes me — 

I have a bad — 

A cure for a— 

I wish I was rid of my - 

A fit of — ing , 

A — mixture (loienge) [wintei 

This — has been hanging about me the whole 

I lis eyes were swollen with —ing 

Whooping — 

COUNCIL. The mayor called a - 

Privy — . Cabinet — . Town — 

Orderin — . — of state 

Common — , — meeting 

COUNCILLOR. Privy—. Town — 

COUNSEL Take — with your pillow 

I took — with Mr C. on the matter 

Follow my — ... ... ... ... 

We took — together... 

The best — I can give you, is lo leave it alone ... 

Keep your own — , 

The — for the plaintiff (for the treasury) 

Let me — you, not to 

II you will not be — led, you must abide the con- 

sequence* — (them on niy lingers 

OOUNT. I have very few relatives; I could 
I have — ed them all up ; there are 395 ... 

I — fan the day he left 

I —ed 23 out to him. I — ed this asone... 

There arc six; not —ing the red one 

— bg from March 6th, the bill has 19 days 

run yet 
The hanker — ed down to me 200 sovereigns 

Ajy I — :i to me, 6 U> C, 8 lo L. &c. 

tllOM — that one; it is soiled 

In estimating the cost of the work, you mus 

the number of days necessary lo complete 

I don't — upon that money; I may never gel it., 
bis coming to-day 

Lis grandei maisons out gineralemcnt qiulqii'im 
pour la corrtspondanct etrangire special) 

La batailte de Worth (far noire correspondent 

Corrcsfondant d'un journal 

Lt corrcsfondant itran^er du ' Whittltr ' ... 

A'aiis n'avons fas en angiitis de mat carta fondant 
au mot ennui, mail nam W WW la chose 

Le style de la corresfonJance 

Commis attach! & la corrisfond.wce 

Le tbnein confirms la deposition du flaignant 

Comme on donna des preuves confirmative!, le juge 
condamna I'accusi & dix joins lie frison 

L^effe! corroiifde I'osygtne sur ttfer .. [eufe 

I'/aquts de Idle ftiisAs four construire les malum 

C'n esprit dlpravi. — A/ours corrompues 

I'n langage vil 


Vn limoin inborn} —Vn air vieit ... 

L'ne mane de corruption 

Co/lie que co&te ... . . 

i.'etie ridtfn nous a co&tt ' joo homines 

li me le domic a frix coiltant 

Combien cela cofite-t-il? 

Les ameliorations afportles a cette machine m'on 
couti beaucoHf de peine et d argent [daiic 

Pen importe le frix, c est line consideration secon- 

Comme je I'ai nffus ,i MM* .i.f.ns.. 

■Si' une tonne de charl-on coilte 14], combien co/lter 
ont deux quintan* ! 

Dtfcns.—A feu defrais 

Le juge refusa les frail 


Cela lui coilte lairie ... 

Piano droit ... [commerce des colons 

Homme Iris riche et qui a fait M fortune dans le 

Etofes de colon 

Pond re-colon. — Toilede colon imfrimle en coulenr 
[ fichtr le thl de refraidir 

Cloche bourrce donl on rccouvre la t Mitre four em- 

A son aise, commode, confortable 

II s'Jlendit sur 1111 canape 

La lettre Itait rldigee en des ternies qui 

Lt cavalier lenait la lance tn arrtt 

L'oculiste m'abaitia la cataraete 

Le malade a expectorJ des phlegmts 

Lafumeedu tabac me fait tousser ... 
J'ai un mauvais rhumt 

(In rcntidc four le rhumt 

Je vondrais bien lire debarran/ de won rliume ... 


ration ( pastille j four guerir la tout 
J'ai en cette tmu frndant tout fhtver 

Ses yeux ftaient enfils li force de lousier . 


Lemairt a reuni le conseil [municipal 

Conseil privi. — Conseil dei ministres. — Conseil 

Arrlt, decision du conseil.— Conseil d'/ttat 

Conseil municipal de Ijmdres.— Reunion die canseii 

Metnbre du conseil privf—Censeillcr municipal ... 

Prents conseil de la unit 

J'ai tenu conseil avec M, C. a ce lujct 

Smvci men conseil 

Nous primes conseil ensemble 

Le meilleur conseil que je fuisse vous doancr est de 

Gardez vosfrojets finer RHH [laisscr cela tranquille 

V avocat du flaignant (four le tr/sor) 

Je vous censciltc de 

Permettet-moi de nous conseilltr de ne fat 

Si vans ne voiile: fas rcecvoir de conseil vous devtt 
-pier lei consequences ... ... [doigts 

3n arojen (Befdjiiften ift fltirPhitlift 3eiitJHt flit tic Kortr- 

( ponbM) mil bem HuetaiiEc niiiitfltNI. 
„Dic©tvtaojt boh xDCrtV (Stou niilmu torrrlf™ ■ 
Sin 3tiuniu5fi)rrc[|iiju((iil. [tailcnj. 

Mffe SoiKhKiitait tci „lBHiifci". 
BJir iabtn ira (Eualif^cn Itin filcrt, mldie* Mi fw n^'iid tii 

ennui (titfyridjt, obec (at «tfhtil idtft Data! M*. 

In 3eii(je frcjlaMiiK tic HiiJfagc tt» AMgfcf . 
lliif tic ertartcntcn jlnitaiaiisfitacn V<" wrurtvritte *« 

9iin)ttr ttn Kiijtnaglcii J" to iJfl'n Wcf angnift. 

Je ,-onifte <i fartir du jour oil it a quittl ... 
Jelnien ai comfte 23.— J'ai eamfte" led comm, 

II y en a six, sans comfter le rouge 

En comptant a fartir du six mars, le billet I 



Old' comment je comfte : deux 4 moi, 6 a C.S 

Je ne comfttrai fas celui-la, il est g&tf . . . 

En eitimani le numtant du frix du travail, il 

faiit comfter It nombre de jours nicesiairts 

four le comfleter [ne.le louche jamais 

fe ne comple pas sur eel argent, it est passible Juejc 

Je ne puis fat compter sur lui 

Nous compliant sur k-h arrive/ aujonrJ'kui 

La proposition, n'arant pit rhtnir la majoiiti des 

voix.fut rejelte \Uk 

// fl.iii ses mux sur moi iimiii'ii mc faire ftrdn 

mm Fefilcrbafit (cntartctc) £Er.ia)t. 

Utliilttiije e*ri[trn. 

tfin itftoajtnrr jnijjc— Btrtwtlwtic ?uR. 

(Einc Jiafit con tBnHcblpeil (eojledftiatcit). 

flcfte rl, last t* tcoilc. 

3 i.'lrv 2 i(.i rcftcU un* 7O03Bann. 

Bi lira (8 mir jum *cfttnviril« at. 

Sir BetBoUhJtranuiiii.] tn atio(ajint toRrtt uidftFitt Srbcit 
ititt«dl>. [(.njmiKt Strut. 

T.'iil.n 2n Jiidit .111 (it Jtrtttii; tidt tFi 1 1- j .; n 11 .j totnnit trft 

(Die idj 511 nuincni SJjatcii nfiitir. 

Slriui cine 'luniir NeMcii 14 edfiDinjc laftrt, Tuftci 
banit x 3(ntntr? 

tSrricSlitoftrii. Ilcust&tcfttn.— 3 n mafiiflrm Vn'i'- 

Xtt Siitfftrr tcirt tir »o[toifraflt at. 

toprnrrejnuna. eKfmrrdinuua,. 

Ct tcflr tr i v n taS Mtten. 


If in «id|tt SV-iumcEtiifabritttlujCT. 


I MSti — MntdN pJiim]i.atl(njcitj(. 


ifdi.i jtid) unb ^nti.i*lidi. 

ffic trjlr fin) nu| (in Mutwbnt (5cm6n). 

i a ^r-.| ii'.ir in siiiitviiJm ataefas'. twtnV-- . 

Her Mcjtor Icgtc feint Sonjc tin. 

S)tr Sajoimjt (lad) mir ttn 

t>a ftrautc tinflttr Sdjltim nui. 

iLitatraud) triiijt nidi juik ^ilfttn. 

3d) ^ate tintn aarftistn tiupcn. 

Uin TOitttl atjtn ttn (iuften. 

3* iuilfl[d)tt, id) icatt mtincn tuftm Id*. 

Sin ."iifiL'u.inhii . 

(tin Had [Cactal] mjh ttn ftiifttn. 

ttn jonieit IDintct Um M» idjtcii ftitilniniS) [c-3jtiwrt:n. 

lit Bujnt tsatcn iDm tint Qnftcu BCldgiDcIten. 

Stncbtaft". StidDnfltn. 

2 ci %ilr jnnKifltv tcritf tint iHaltistrri.iinmliin j. 

fttttimtt Matb.— Jtabinttrtratfc. — etattial^. 

StotinnlDtftt!. StabintlSurtre. -StoaHralD. 

etatlratD. (Stmriiiterntd.— -IH.iitattrfamiiilmia. 

iHtbti mra ttj — £ ta M wrert n tlct . 

VeWafui Sit (in) tic 6ad)t. 

SiftliDltcmitiu btr Siibt 91-ilt) ttijwmi U. 

%vt$ai 6it Bifintm SHotbt. 

Wit ctrittbtn unS jufammtn. [tiintn. 

3«r btflt Walt, ttn in) Jbntn (itttn tanit, ift, t* DltitKiii ja 

StDoIttn 6lt bit Gaitc fnr fid). 

'!■« SnuwII M «la s )(«.— Jltr fliilrall ttt! JiftuS. 

3d)ralte3 w neii,jn... 

Safftn =it mid) Jtnea tatftoi, ju... 

Ifflenn etc fi* niitt talttn laffcit pwlbn, \t> muiftn Bk 

Die gotflm ttaatn, [Rinncm btrjaljltn. 

OftDabt ffbr inniflt Urttwntte; id) Hull fit an mtlHtll 
3*) bate fit ane auf 8 tjnC1l ; « finb iprtr 295. 
36 tetjot M btm 3a B t an. toe cr otrtifle. 
3* jobltt ibm 23 nuS.— 3d) rtajntlt tit*o(d"»iiie. 
Si tint IciW bii, t.iS rolte nidjt nitgtttdiiitl. 
Vein Itajfttn Slin on entdjnii, D>>t bn !i*tni(tl n«6 t") 

I .'.je jn ItrnlcB. 
Itr VtinFier viMI! mir zoo =otcmjii{ bin. 
3d) ttdmclo: z fiic mid), 6 flit «., 8 (flr *. !t. 
3d) Ml titft! nidjt nutrtdjBcn; tt ift btldnnul)'. 
Sti btr KDItDlBiuig ttr Mofttn tt* TOtrttf nuititn 6it bit 

Mnjaftl tet 3a« in Unfiftlaj tnit^en, tit ju Itiim 

XoDtiituna pfitHg [int. [Icintnen. 

34 mint nidit aultd) Uttlb; tcb itntt cf ridtti.lit nit tt. 
■Id; nidjt jul tbx rtdintn (-,JMtn|. 
SBit rtdjutttn batjsil, t.ii; rv Ifiil; I.-inmai Mltbt 
Xtt 9iitrafl lint (tint grit tilling buret Hiilja thug be* 

gr ft.intt nu* f* an, ba s id) bit 3ofl»n8 rnlot. 


I cannoi — (give — to) such conduct 

He has a forbidding — 

Heput meoutof — 

Government endeavoured to keep Sir Battle Frei< 

I could hardly keep myself in — j the Ihing was 
too ridiculous 
COUNTER. Chemists are not allowed to pre- 
scribe across the — 

Very little ready money is taken across the — ... 

I put down a shiling on the — 

A — jumper (/am.). 

You ought not to run — to the expressed wishes 
of your uncle 

— petition, —evidence 

COUNTERACT. It fa difficult to suggest 

means to — the evil influences and tendencies 
of public houses 


— modesty (piety, &c.) 

To — death, —edition 

COUNTERMAND As the goods ordered in 
our communication of the 9th ult, have not 
heen forwarded, you. will please look upon the 
order as — ed 

To — an order 

COUNTRY. He bled for his — 

He stays in the — 

Mr C. is gone into the— 

We'll be back from the — to-night 

We have few town orders; we depend chiefly 01 

It is different in a foreign — , where 

My native — is England 

Our — cousins. The mother — 

He is staying in the — for the good of his health 
A — gentleman ... 

— fairs. To scour the — 

— house. - Kit 

— walk, —air 

— people. — town 

— life. — iass(girl) 

I am proud of my — 

— fashions ... — 

Of what — are you? 

A — greenhorn 

COUNTRYMAN. Is M..C. a - ofyours?.. 
What —are you? ■ 

COUNTY court, -rale 

Member for the — '■ 

COUPLE. A young married — 

The happy — 

To — ■ railway carriage* (together).. , 

A — of hours. A — of eggs 

I don't like my name to be — ed with his... 

For couple and pair see any grammar. 
COURAGE. Look the difficulty straight in th. 

face; try and screw up your courage to the 

sticking point 
He has the — of his opinions 
Keep up your — 

My — failed me 

Pluck up your — 

He has not the — of a chicken 

Success gave me — ... 

I I took away all my — 

He had the — to pick up ihe live shell, and throw 

it overboard 
COURSE. The dinner consisted ofS —5 
I pursued a different — from yours 

That of — rests with you 

Ruin followed, as a matter of — 

Did you hit him back? of — I did... 
Of — you can easily understand, that 

The law roust take its — 

He took the wrong (right) — to 

The brig kept on her — , without offering help 
the sinking vessel 

We steered a north-eastern — 

In Ihe — ofmyiife 

It follows u a matter of —, that 

In the — of years (centuries) 

In — of time, the father died 

In the — of the week 

He shaped his — towards the village 

Those are simply worfl of — 

He adopted a—, which 

/( nt puts sanetionntr ( stccn,lcr ) tint ttl/t conduile 
It aunt figure (mint) repoussanle 

II m'a aecontenanci 

Lt gouterntmenl s'effbrfa de /aire /aire Ai«m can- 

tenante a Sir Bart/t Frire 
Je pouvais A ptine fairt bonne tontenantt; la chose 

Hail trap ridicule 
Ltt pkarmatien; He son! pas autorxsh a prescrire 

de dirrilri te comptotr 
On recoil pen d'argent complanl jh» /( tomptoii 
/':si wis iiji shelling sHr le compltir 

Un calico! 

Veus ne devriti pas agir contrairement J la volenti' 

arrttle de voire untie 
Contre-accusation. — Contre-courctnt 
Conlre-pItitioH. — Deposition, contradictor >c 
II est difficile de suggerer le moyen de contrtbalanci 

emplts des cabarets 

Unt /einte modeilie ( piM ) 

Faire le mort. — Edition contre/aite 

Cornme Us marchandists commattdees dans not, 
lettrt du 9 mat dernier ne nous out pas M 
envoyets, vtuilttz ttmiUfriT natrt eommai 

Contrimandtr un ordrt 

II versa son sans: pour son pays 

// habile la campagne 

M, C. est parti pour la campagne 

A'ohj raiiendrons de la campagne a soir ... 
Nous avons peu de commandts de la villi, nous 

tampions mrlaut snr eelles de la campagne 
C est different dans Us pays itrangcrs oh ... 

I' Anglelerre est mon pays natal 

Not cousins dt province. — La mire paint 

// habite la campagne pour sa santf 

Un propriltaire dt campagne 

Lts /oirts de campagne. — Battre la campagne 

Maison de campagne.— Ch&teau 

Promcntult J la campagne.- — Air de la campsite... 
Campagnards.— Ville de province ... 

Vie chasnpitrc.—Paysanne 

Je suit Jtr de nut patrit 

Commerce dt la campagne (de la premnst) 

Modes de la campagne (de la pro-ince ) 

Dt qtttt pays ttes-vous f 

Un blane-bec de la campagne 

M. C tst-il votrt compatriot, ! 

De quel pays ftes-vousl ... [times additionntis 
Cour dtcomlL Tribunaldt pair ponrdettes. — Ctn- 

Dcputl departmental 

Iji Jeunes marilt 

Vheureux couple 

Accoupltr des wagons 

I'ne couple d'heurts.—Unt couple d'a-u/s 

Je n'aime pas que ton accouple mon not* avec It 

II a le tauragt dt its optnu 
Ne vout laisies pas abatire 
Le courage m'abandonna 

Reprena tauragt [dt courage 

Cist urn poult mouilUc, il n'a pis pour deux Hards 

Leluecis m'enhardil... 

Ctla m'aileva tout man courage 

II tut It courage de saisir la bombe allumh 

lis /tier par dessus bord 

Tly avail hull strvias au diner 

J" at suivi une marckt autre que la vlltre . . 
It vet sans dire que tela turns regarde . . 

La ruine 1'tnsvivit, comme de juste 
Lui avet-voUs rendu ses coups I Je lecrois bin 
DWillturs, vous tomprrndres /atilement que 

En sen temps 

La lot doit stiivrc son couri 

// sprit la tonne voie four. 21 a /ait /ausse 
La brisk continues sa route, sansvtmrau s, 

du vaisseau jnii coulait bus 
Nous nous dirigea "let vers le nord-est 

H va tans dire que . 
Dans le tours des ant 

annles ( des tildes.) 
et un moment donni le pire mount! 
Darts le courant de la stmaine 
II dirtgea s/s pas vers le village 
Afrit tout, ct ne son! lit que des parttlts 
It s'eit engage" dans line vote qui ... 

J|a} tinn (ill fc!$cS Btntbmtn nidjt &ina,eljni tofftn. 
«r lial tin iritrrwnvtiflrS ((irfd)rnf(ndc>) Qlrfid(t. 

ffr tnittt mi* ssifiLT A.iijiiii.i 

Uir ffiraittnaj fudjtt btn Sottfc Brew in ed)u|} ju ntt)- 

gd) nmnte taiim Me ftoffuna. tciMljren (rait* rrnfl (jnltcnh 

Mr 6a*f trar fljr ju totfurli*. 
Upotljrtn: Mtrfcn toi trulcn im Sa»m hint Brjracicn »«• 

Ctfa ictnift baartt iSrlfc tSnft ™ bet IM( tilt. 
3*} Itfltt linen e*iUin« auf twn Sacnitiji*. 
ttin I'atenfiijtmiiiil (I'litEllldHBmflfl). 
6itfonwnbmnu*triiifliit^n tfliini(f)rn $^t« Cbttml niAt 

SfgoiDafle. — <St flm Itrcai. 
•Scgcnaiittag. aegrngrfudf. — (Dtfltincuijiiift. 
SB ift [$»i«iji, lllMd anpfAftt, urn fin fdtfiminfN Gin- 

(lilflni utib tHUt)luii,]tn bit HiittbSbaiifct tnrarj 

OTiidMcmtMftti (fultdif ) Tltimt. 
(frtKiiiKllt SrldjciKuPat [ftrSiTimifltcit fll.l- 
Sid) tobt flrllrn.— Sladibnlrf. 
Sa bit rnunfner ^nldniftuom't). betMrTlDltatoif 

tcftcfltcu StOaiRii nidit tirlirfi 

Ictr Sit, bicftttwn all obljiflcllt unuif cljcn. 

ISint Jltfitniiii 


Hnunnt Cin. 

Itttl mcitaUl 
It, f° fitter. 

tfr wrgo6 (tin «Iut fur bo* (Mttvtaiib. 

St 1)311 fW auf Ban tcottt ouf. 

£crr Q. iR auf ba$ Saab gtgaitgot. 

miirt cr frtiitt H601B nam SjiiM jntllfhtmi ? 

MJir batcn latniHf Stfleliuiijoi ull Bcnboii ; mir flub tiaavl- 

ISifttltfi ouf foldjt ad brt ^rapinj aiigtnitfnt. 
tt4«rbiit fid) aatrr* in tin™ [rmiNu 
Onfltnnb ip latin Wrbur!«ianb(i)lalrrlaab). 
Uiilcrr ^olSbamn (VanbonW). — tmt <Dtutttd«nb. 
Brpalt rid>f[inr;r ffitfunbb^it tttfltB auf btmBanbeaUf. 
GiuCetr vein tantt. 

Jabrmorttt nuf btm Soiibt.— IsiSS.iub burdjftrtiftn. 
Vaub^aue. a<il:a. -ImiiKhj. 
eiiajitrflanfl (Hiltfliij) auf'S (ant.— Saublufl. 
VanlDolT.- tanbflobt. 
Sanbltfwii.— eanrbinit. Sanbmatajtu. 
3aj bin ftofi au|nidn eatnlonb. 

1..1 11C c :-:ii-.-t un Panbtgfllttii. 
flu j iu'rl*tn iljiibt Rub @tt? 
3ft $crt (I. etn gaubSmanii Ben 3»litii ? 
Si'.iMiit ciu taabSmannruibSit? 
W r a f f dja 1 1 ■! (if ri A t . & dui itjrti d[i . — £ Itutt ju Idjl 1 
a&atorbntlrr fiir bit IBtafidjafl. 
9iu innflM Sbcwar. 
Sifcubaliniiogtn ju 

' "jtmibnt.— iliKitSiii Voarlffter. 


Crftihi (lit fcLiitl'!Liillllt,itl!i. 
?aiftn Sit ben Wait, nidjt fintoi. 
■a '''lull [.irstiiiiv. 
R.'fltn €it iltulfj. 
(Jt ift tin frifniriLFJ. 
Iti Sifelfl modjtr mir SUntn. 
Bi bcuaam mic alien 'Mutb 
fttbalttbtn aMUta, bit brtmumbt Ctmbe anf|nWca nnt 

iiter Serb ja mifoi 
Tut iiiiitajtinaM trftjnt oud 8 iHJujtu. 
3*fllna onbn«alS EitiUlDfift. 
1-al ift natilrlld} (ftlbftwiftjnbli*) ^brt -S.ieje. 
I*i Slnrj falfltt oI« 6aa>r »tr 3ifH|iw!ibi,\tnl. 
•Sdiluiicn Sit mirbtr? 35a* I'trfltH fidf. 
©it Ifiintn naliirlidj tti*t btflrtiltn, bat... 
811 fiin« 3<ll 3"t arnbriatti :lnt. 
3>a! ©rfflj muft feiatn Saul utlimtu. 
Hi fnllu.1 ten ialldjnr [rid)ti,vni] W!ta tin.aiBSu.. 
£it *riga ft»« ibrrn flurl fart, u(inc bon finttiitai 6frHt 

ftillfe anjatittrn. 
SBir fttutrtm tiutn noib8[ttiayn ftart. 
^ra Vaufr (Perlaift) melntf ttbait. [ba|... 

SS feint (tlbftorrliflnOIid) (naturoanafr, ar 
3m ¥aufr brr Jahrt Obrbanbtttt]. 
Sin Vault Mr ilrit Raib btr Soia. 
Jm il.iufc bet SJadje. 
lit ftinruSBtfl out bal Iiarf jn. 
l-n-'j finb tinfodt {R(Mn«arten, 
Si [didij tintn jiltg (in, la... 



If kindness ha? no effect, try some other — * 

Toattenda — oflectures 

The book is in — of publication 

It is in — of enquiry 

COURT. He paid— lo Miss Emms for I years 
The question was argued before a full — ... 

I — the fullest enquiry 

To — danger 

I have a friend at — , who 

It was mention 
The judge said 

t pay him within 7 

in — , during the trial, that ... 
it if this unseemly demonstration 
I he would order the — to be 
[Princess Alice 
to mourning for the death of 

Lord S. will open the — to-morrow 
The — will not sit to-morrow... 
The request must be made to the juii 

The — rose at z o'clock 

The bankrupt went through the — 

By order of the — 

She shone at — j years ago 

- 1,'fy"'- 


— intrigue. — scandal 

He was tried by regimental (ilistrict, general) — 

The French amhass.idi >r was received at — 

He was banished from — 

The judges confirmed the sentence of the — beloi 

COURTEOUS. To give the retort-... [- 

OOURTSHIP. I am getting tired of this long 
They married after a — of 4 years 

COURTESY. He is styled Lord by — 

To show — to strangers 

I am in — bound to [removed 

COUSIN. He is a — of Lord C, seven ti 

— german 

First (scrond) — 

COVENTRY. His brother officers marked 
their disapproval of such an ungentle manly 
action, by sending hiro to — 

OOVER. — s were laid fo. 30 

We advanced under — of the lottery 

As it commenced raining, wc got under — 

Eight lines of his writing would — a page 

The letter was sent me under — to Messrs. Hay 

ft Co. 
Friends always remain — ed in a law court, until 
someone lakes off their hat fur them... 

Twenty yards of carpet are not sufficient to - 

The loan is — ed by a mortgage on his estate 

We rode to— 

The foi broke — 

A goad horse ought to — 15 miles or ground in 

Pray be -ed, Sir! _ 

They fled under — of the night 

Such an act would — our country with shame 
The painting is newly — ed with a coat of varnish 

The 17th Lancers — ed therelreat. 

Deep snow — s the ground 

They use teligion as a mantel, wherewith lo — 
their hideous immorality 

Bed— Dish— 


COVET. To — the riches of others 

He obtained the much —led chair of 1' 

COW. It is the — with the iron tail that yield; 
a considerable proportion of the thin, blueish 
liquid commonly called milk 

Thai — is a good milker 

A — in (with) calf. A milch — 

— dung. — shed 

He is not the man to be — ed by your bluster' 

Si la bent( n'a pat de prist sur ha, ehercktt qutl- 

qui autre moytn 

Suivre tut court d 'instruction 

Le linre at en tours di publication... 
Une enqutte est omirlt ace sujet ... [deux alls 
II jit sa tour A(il ceurtisa) Mile. Emma pendant 
La question a (it dibattue devant toute la conr 
Je demande mm tnqutti minutieust 

Rethtrchtr It danger 

J'ai A la tour un ami qui 

Lord C. va rarement a la conr ... 

Jl m'a menaci de four suites jitJitiiiires au eas qiitjt 

ne Ini paierais pas dans let sept jours [que 

II a (ti dit daunt ie, au cours du prates, 
Le juge dit qne si pattitlt manifestation 'ineon- 

venance) venait A st rtnouveltr, it ferait rtfi- 

cutr la salle [ princesse Alice 

La conr prit !/ dtuil A I'oecasion dt la mart de la 
En plein tribunal ... ... ... ... 

Lard S. prhidera dtmain la rentrct ills court ... 
st rhtnira pas da 
doit Hre adrtssie a 
La tour leva la siance A dtux 

I / failli tttmt son concordat 

I'ai erdre dt la tour. - 

Ellt brillait A la courtly a dtnx ans 

Cut scene iterant la tribunal 

Unt toilrttt dt cour. — UnbalA la cour 

Une dame la la cour. — Education recite A la cour 

Suitt ( dt ptrsannagts A la tour ) 

In/iieve de iTaff TiMlfllft A la cour 

Taffetas d' Angletcrre.— Presentation A la cour . 

II a (ti jug( far un Cornell de guerre tempest d'off. 

eiers de son r(giment (du district &c.J 
LambassaJenr de Frame a (t( reeu A la cour 
II a (ti ianni dt la cour . . . [ceur subalteriie 

Its ttigcs cenfirmerent le jugtment rendu par It 

Fairt la repliant tourtoitt 

Je commence a en at/oir asset dt cttte longut tour. , 
Ce mariagt st fit apris quatre annies d'unt cow 
II tst afptla lord par courtoisie ... [assidut 

Aire courtais envers les (trangers 

La pelitesse -n'obligt A 

Cist un cousin dt Lord C, au seftiime degr( 

Cousin gem: tit it feentiue cc- 'tiai/ie) 

A it premier degri. — Issu de germain 

Haiti mis an ban par Its antics ojficitri dt son 

regiment penr la conduitt peu delicate icnuc 

par lui en elite circonstance 
II y avail des converts mis pour trente personnes . . . 
A'ous avancAmes A couvtrt de la batterie [tin abri 
Com me la pluie com mencait A tombernous ckerckdmts 
L/uit ligncs dt son icriturt rempliraieut une pigt 
La Itttrt m'a (t( adresset aux soins obligeants de 

Miss. Hay et Cit. 
Lis Quakers gcirdent teujours leurs ekapeau.r en en- 
trant dans un prdoire, jusqu'A it que qutl- 

qu'un viennt les Itur iter 
Vingt mitres de tafis ne suffirant pas pour eonvrir 

cettt piece 

J 'itais tout convert dt poussiere 

Son revtnn nt snffit pas A sis d(ptnits 

Je I'ai bien couvtrt dans ton tit ... \frtpri(t(s 
l.'emprunt est garanti par une hypotheque sur sis 
/Yens gagnAmts It bois au galop 

Le renard gagna la plaint 

Vu eon chtvai dolt faire qumte milks en am 

Ceuvrei-vous, monsieur, je vous en prie 

Lis s'nifuirtnt A lafaveurde tanuit 

Un ttl artt couvrirait notrt pays d'opprebre 

Le tableau tiient de rtievoir une lonckt dt vernis . . 

Le Ije landers protegea la retraitt 

Une neigt (paisse reeouvrt la ttrrt 

lis st parent dt la rtligion eomme d'un manttau, 

ponr dissimuler lopprobrt de leurs merurs de- 
La louverture d'un lit. Cloche de plat ..[pravts 
Le tapis d'unt table ... ... ... ... .,. 

Converter tt bien d'autrui 

Ha obtenu la ckaire de philosopkie fan! cenveitd.. 
Ceil la pempt qui fournit une proportion notable 

de ee liquide clair et bleuitre communimtnl 

apptli du lait 

. Cctte vache donnt btctutottp dt lait 

Une vackt pieint.— Vackt laitihe(a lait) 

Bouse aevatki.—Etailt Avachts 

Ce n' est pas un homme A selai'sser mater par veil. 

mtt tons ivs airs de tranehe-iiiontagm 

II a itt centraint ,1 I'obHssana 

Ltparalssail kumilu, ecras( 


SBraneitmlt 9flte91i*t* im»ri(l|t[!i, (0 ttrfnArn Bta <l 

mil itim ouf ttfltnt tin* anfcett KOtift. 
Sinai flurni* ton ttertrf intern tcluAni. 
Znl SiMt i|t im CtHKhiat btatffftn. 
2ir tin tcrfnthii hq tariiiHT ift im fflaitgt. 
ttrmailjlt iJrJiilrirt linun.i 2 3itt>« lailfl ttnftof, 
Tit Srfrjr mtrtt MrMtfsamdlfB CoWlafl bMM. 
34 title 11m bii nriliiHidjftc Uiilrrludnini). 
3>i( Ckfafr [najcii 

3* Ijate tfaa Stoint. am $of(, iHlo)n... 
Sort d ((tat (U) fel«ri am fcofr. 
Hi km**, boft, irtiui i* llin nid)t innrrfcilfc 7 3a(|( tr^lte, 

et mlfl BrrHaflrn njurtt. 
gBSfirenobrt Strati raurbt nor ffleriiM moitnl. Baft. . . 
"Set mqttt ttOasnt, hit, iwnn <l"t f«l*e unLHiicmnifr 

Jhlnbgtbwta ne* (iitma! tuilamr, er tea «erid|t4faal 

r.'iwiKn lot'icn inirtt. 
3 a enaitiiairc 8triftltii|!Una. 

fL'rtU. Dirt msriini tic <u«i$t*Mil<iiiitliiii>i<ii n^fjiirn. 
ffllorflm finbrt feine tWeridjieii^Tina €tntt. 
'Dal iS(iiia> mug an »en coril(enbcn Btiartrr flctt^Wt Wett*K. 
tit gilHjllE(H| reurbc um a lthr oulaibobeit. 
StX BnAtsttba: Wrai tt\i fticdlHiBj. 
«nf «criCvllbtftfet. 
Eic flliiT(tc tor 2 !(.ibrtn am $of«- 
tin Jlnfttltt tm ®nifl>i*|aot(, 
t-cftleiburtj. — fcfton. 
(M^im. — t>B|l|*t Sill una. 

tefm tiiiiu c . — ^offlanlal . 
St ivurtc (m ton Wc,iii«tiil3- [itnifj, $MVl .Siicg* ] 

«eri4K oboenrtvhlt. 
Ift Ir.injPfilaje UlcianMt reiirbe am ©i'fc trepfanflrn 
St murbe bwh ftoft Krraitfcn. 

Tic Sidjltr btftatidlcn ta* Urilwil bn ftilljctii Itfni 
Sint Gfifliitt Snlnjort gtben. 

3id mxbetlcftr lanjen ikiwrbira.) miltt. [Jitrai. 

€« MibcirJtficlcn fiS) nna>(inrnt ficbMBtvljiitniilc tin ,\ 
Ulan tilutltt ibn au« 4>i>HiHjlcit „?mb". 

. ■■'■:■. 

3d] bin oii[tJnbi,)tt C'cifc Mn'|li*lcl(ii 

St i[t ein enlfrmttt Jkltet bon Sort S. im 7W1 Olrabt, 


Sin tc#tt fBrtltr. — Sin 8'etin im jmltrn OStatt. 

feM UirtaftHicre MlBAtM ift« W|6UI|M( eiict |o 

nncittufiafttn BalWllJ tabatH, tafe fii' jcPcn ttnirbt 

wit Ibm ottvadif u , 
SI IMt flit 30 $Fr!enai nrtofl. 
Wit riicftfii unlet trin e*urj<eo: Baltcrit But. 
T(t tf ;u trjntn imruiit. fo Itclitcii n>ii unt nntcr. 
luteet fditciM, wuttoi adjt ■itilru mif tint Ml «cD<n. 
3>cr Sricf icuttt mit unlet Mr 5u>«F(< bet t-civ.ii Oin une 

So. i«gda>iift. 
Swrttul'uler taltcn p'lili M l*ericl!t iininrr txbeitt. bit itjeiiH 

3emanl ibnm ten ^ut abnimml. 

3«Mit)ij SHetn Itpri* teic^nt niCv' *i". "i" **« Sufibobcn 

Bicie* ^immtt* jn IwtaCtn. 
3* mat sanj nit EmuI- t ctnfi 
€ein SiitomoKR te*l leinc ilu'jiobcu 111C6I. 
Jlaj Mtltt itm im Pelie afWHiej |U. [erft. 

Tir SetWnniaw ift turd: fine ^'nvctbef anf (tin Sanbgat ge» 
TOit fvMntltn in't ISehMj ftindn. 
S)et jimM *ta(6 an* eon fflrbflfax betm. 
«in euttt Wttb mu6 in Mr glunW IS eiiglifdic Wlcilen 

inriliflejcn ri'inim 
Bittc, bttofni-SLii firt\ 1 
eiecnlfiob™ miln tern 
Sine fclctic ^arllung 

tax (Wten Sic fin) bet*ft) I 
i s*U6elei«ad)t. 
ilrte nnfei ?anb »il e*mn*»cBrfcu. 
rcicii Ainitpllbntttj bet™ men. 
Tic UWanen tem 17. Sieuimenle tnften ben Mll.^nfl. 
Iiefet e*nee bctecfl bic Site. 
6ie urtraaftn bit Sicilian all laM Vlanltl, un bjiuil 

ilTC atlii.tuliaie Unfiiiiidifrii \u lebedo. 
Pfltlnfe.— IfJIntrfel. e4.lifetiei(.l. 

t>a Hiacjflen «nt begrtttn. 

St ettielt ben WclUeaittlnt eehflaH *«r SftileiopWe. 
»le UBrnpt aibt eint biNuKnM Slfngt Pen tn eunnen, 
tUSnlinien Sluniatcit, trie Bun atmob,nlid) S*il* 


Sine tTS4h"nt ftulj — Sine mtlh «aft. 

Jhltmilt jruftbiinaet.— JottflaU. 

St (ft m&l Wr HJann, em fidj biita) eon HVpulttt (in- 

f^iidjietn (B laden. 
St reuile fo in'l *3oct«oni n.rta h it. toft tt jr«orHI<. 
St fib t uniting MBi (Jiildjietn btcin. 


CRACK. A — in apaneofgl«ss{inarl!ioi). 

The— of a whip {of thunder) 

IH he back inn— 

We had a quiet — together 

No one can — a better joke than lie 

He is slightly — ed 

We — ed together for an hour 

The blatingsun has — ed the parching Earth 

Let its — a bottle 

To — nuts 

A — ing sound (noise) 

The coachman — ed his whip 

The hoi water has — ed the glass 

The brushwood — ed to the right ami left of me 
as I pushed my way onward 

A — regiment 

A — marksman 

inds (li|>s) D 
e — ed as I walkeO 
A — ed voice 

CRACKER. To let offa— 

CRACKLING. This picture is - ... 

CRADLE. From the — to the gra«... 

Rock the — , Mary 

— song (lullaby) 

— d in luxury 

I have known that from Ihc — 

CRAFT. Fellow - ffreemas.) 

Small — (urn..; ' 

llaveyouany — ? 

CRAM. You'll not — that down my throat 
They — med him with Grask and Latin until 

Plantus wrote Greek plays 
He is — ming for his forthcoming examination 
To — geese, Sc. 


- full 

CRAMMER. What a—! 

CRAMP. Hewasseiied with— s while bathing 

I have a — in my leg 

I sat — ed up in thai hoi for 2 hours 

— ed style of writing 

Whisky — s my stomach 

CRASH, the house came down with a — ... 

CRASS ignorance 

CRAVE. He — d pennissnn of the king, to ... 
It is useless to — for liberty (the hcarl) 

CRAVING. To satisfy the — * of hunger (of 
I have a — for grapes 

CRAWL. 1 was so tired, that I could hardly 
— up stairs into my lied [he moved 

He — ed along the street as though he was sorry 
A number of puppies were — ing about the room 

Baby was — ing about the carpet 



A limn I — cd up the \ 

A snake —ed along the ground 

The animal — ed back into its hole 

The courtiers, those — ing and cringing reptile* 

At a — ing pace 

CRAZY. A — old fellow 

It is enough to drive one — 

A — old house (coach) 


A botrten 

CREAM. The — ofajoke 
The — of society 

C'til tin spand poltton 

De la lac/icW 



Uut jiunt file (imiilt ct rhervit 

b'nt pruttt (prkieust, merit) 

II mn fripamtiutt shilling. .. 

On arrive facilemcnt it ic fain eheir ilei infants 

pour ftu iiu 'on Its cajole 
Aigrt loinnlt vcrjtts ... 

I'tmme samiige. — Des pincis lie cralie 

f 'bus le mcttres en to/in si vous riatetptez pas 
Un vitux garden biniini, aearidtrc, loujours tit 

Filurt (verre); fettle crevasse (parte) 

Le claqueminl Un f.-uei , mi coup tie tomtom 

Je nefais qu'aller el venir ... 

Nous avons tailll line bavettc ensemble 

Ptrsonm ne sail mini V que lui dire un ben mot ... 

Nous avtms bavar.le ensemble pendant line heme... 

II til Ugiremtnt liuibrf 

Le soldi flamboyant a /rtvassc' (fendilli) la tern 

Vidua f 'dlcoiffons, faisons saulet ) line iontei/le ... 

Cosier des noisettes 


Le cocher a fait claqner son fbuet 

L'ean ehuude aftltie verre 

Lis brmuiaiiiti A ekmpu cAk se MUM avec un 

bruit see is unsure que fenfon^ai dans le hallier 
Un regiment cet/ii£t,pi:i:/iiut. fii ithien sous les amies 

Un tircur de premiere pone 

Mrs mains ( limes) se gertetlt ... 

La glace craquait sous nies fas 

Uni toij cosset 

Fain partir un petard ... 

Ce tableau se ftmtitle (s 'etailte, u tics craqucli, 

Ihi l,>ntiii a la tombe 

Rcmut le bereeau (berce f enfant ), Afarie ... 

Berceuse. — Chant de noitrriee 

Bitot dans la sein dufaste, de I'opulence ... 
Je sais sela depuis que je si-is an monile. J'l 

Compagnian [beret de tela 

Petite cmbarcation 

Afci-vous ( ex/rc/i-vous ) un viStieri 

t si Hen bourr 

lis rent si hen bourrf de Crec el de Latin qii 
ne sail plus ou it en est 

II se pr/pare a force pour son proehain examen 

Engraisser des oies, etc 

La boite est tout afaitpleint 

Quelle blague! 

II lui prit line crampe en se l>aigiiaat 

J'ai nne crampt ti lajambe [eetle loge 

Ji suis resti deux hunts durantassis h f /"trait dans 

Style eutortilU (embrouill,); maniert ifeerire bis. 

tintraver Tessor du genie [comiti 

Le nihility me donnedts crampts dtstomac 

La maison s'i'croula avee fracas 

Ignorance erttsse 

// demaneia 

J ai grande tttvit de manger da 

J'ctais ooUfJ tie plus poin-oir grimper lei tscatieri 

II si tralnait dans la rue comwc s'iltttt regret de se 
De uoititiieux petits ehieiis se tralnaicnt par tonic 
la chambre 

Bibl se tralnait sur le tapis 

// vint St tralnant a quatte pattts 

Un lhard grimpa eontrt le mur ... [la ttrre 

Un strftnt ( unt coulcuvn ) vint en rampant ittr 

I.'animal rcgagna son Iron en tantpant 

Lts courtisans cts criatuns rampantes tt seniilcs... 

A pas de tot tue ... 

Un vieux radoteur 

C'cslA rettiire fou (h fous fain ptrdrt la t?te) ... 
Une vieillt HMnUM d, 'i.i'-i.'e ; mn ;ici!!evoiturt(un 
rieux earroise) in fori manvais ttat 

lien a perdu I' esprit . 

faime it entendre It bruit dt mis souliers qui trie" t 
QuiiHtlfe traversal la piece, le plain her craqua sous 

Le bon de la/ar.e ( I' esprit d'tnie rnilleiit) 
LVtilc I 'In fine Jteur) de la steu'ti 

ffir ift tin flfimltifltr Oafcnfiifi. 

IVtisri SeiKviittit. 

«iu fftinliiin. Sin feign »trt. 

Ur i]i mil cm cm ifllii&tanl'ilKn grtortit. 

ilia (diiidrtemrS (Mot**) tpidtificii. 

litiii iimivrlidK {TprBbe} altc Smiflfer. 

tit liliih[(,'lt; nur (inoi ■=<t;illiiia al). 

itiabcr l.ifldt (id! tri*t tnrfl) fliitt KJorlc |m ttkwt f tm 

eaiiirioirSBifl. &uirrltWi!*. 

6 A j.i n(tl . — flrrb) Itfjcncn. 

Eie tMrbcn i6n vrrflimmrn, miin gt{ ti itifljt at 

ttin stitSflriiinijer utter ftaatftiJli. 

ism epnaq {wii b mm scniirri*ri&' uw. 

■I'or l l!ciii*c«tiwll. — Dtr 3>omiertiiQli (Xl-ilih-u.W':1'- 

3«) IMTbt ini 91u jurfla" (tin. 

SUir vtiintcrtin mbia V'fammnt. 

arintr Mttftrtit P* tffiec aiif'f eva^niadjcn, ats ct. 

5r fat cin«n Tleinen ©pavrcn mg. 

Oir plaiittrtcii (int etunot tang jiilammrn. 

tie £ciilicli«ltj« ^at tie oufflitfircK Grt* jffpatlrn. 

Solit uti8 elntr !JIafaje bcn*ol3 brrdjenl 

■i;iiii,' hu.fL-it c'aitftitadcu). 

tin *nO(f {Jhrtu*). lilii himfcnbtr Son [*drm]. 

3)er »uHd>tt rnalltt mil bcr lirltfdjr. [ttfoi 

turrt MS beifer VSefla tnt twS Slo« tincn T" ~ 

3M Sii(tfc6tjli hmo-tc trroftte) rtd)t» onb linll 

id) DDrmdrtS brans. 
Sin ftrrnirgiment. 
Sin liid.lijrr ed)U»t. 
I ■iL--Tviiiti- [vii'i'cn] (vriitfldi mit aiif. 
7xa «f« fto*le, oI8 id] batiiKr Mrltt. 
tint artroSettr (rautj.. trJdijdiM) etimmt. 
tfillt fl)a*ett uiimi £*irdrm(r) anfFlciQcii la(| 
St#l CMEt Wtummt Wi||(- 
tlcm brt aDItgt bi6 junl IBraSf, 
etcfieit > it tit XJtrae an, a'iiitie. 
iBitaentieb. gdjlunimertieb. 
3u U(berflii6 stWtet, [ODrrn ■« 

I«i*reiiSteltb f*Dit. al( tdj nudj nidjt ttrfni fynta ^ 
SHcineS ftaftrjeiij. »arU. 
»elni6enb Sir irgmb tiu Wdrtrtr («rit6a(t) 1 
Ib* tSutiett eit mix nidjt i«i8 mao>nt. 
€ic XnrthSi iiin |o roll mil #rie*i(A unb Sjltiit, (mft r* Idjlirtli* luif cin -Oliiblrab mi ««■(( btrawajn,!. 
Er rdiR fltli8fi a fiit bad beuotflrtxtiW Sfannu. 
fflS nfe tmbeln. *i<\' ift iiberrpH (jeftriaitii DdD). 
K)aS fiirein Od)»nit(il Wat fnttint intc Hgel 
Br ii'iirbt wa"fitriit> hi *atms Bam Sronn>|( bcfjUtn. 
Jit* babr tw flromEl im Stiiir. 
;^.i!i.if: ? iiuiittii [jii,n:iiii|ivl«-*tititnin6ige. 
Sine Mtmorreite (vo)*ri>titir() £4rtibiHt(e. 
I*ii l«eift eiii(»[anlcn (iKmnieii). 
iBWIft) (icM mir btn 31,19(11 jnf.titimtti. 
©a! foil* fliirite mil einrni ftrsdj JH[atmnctl. 
firnfie (tfrpbe) Unnji(teiitieit. 
ftr rrfltble torn Ubnije tic ffrlaHbnifc, jn... 
US ift aiitflo*. urn ftrtiWU iu bitttii. 
Um bat Berlonaeu tee *""«"* [0(r;(Ri] 111 ttfri«tij«„ . 
Jdi babe SsrlaiiQtii nad] IiniiWn. 
3d)tpar)o milM. tac idi midj laum bit Znfft tytuml ji 

«flte Wltfptn fsnitte. HMtr. 

ttrttD[ltr(iegtrn|i(babin, otS ob ISm irbcr e*)ritt W> 
trin gdjaar iiiiidn ftunbe find) im ijimnur bcrum. 

ffoi rtriiir »int trod) oiil bem Jlevt"!* bnum. 
6ttamou( alien Sirrnathcdioi. 
UM l£itrdi(d trcdj tie Ulaiicr binouf. 
Bint gitjlaniir hi'A iil'tr brii »i>ben bin. 
2.1* Ibinlrtufiin (ti nt $iSbh jutfl*. 
aiirftlflbiflr, bif[e« Iriedwiibc imb fi* iajniieatitbt S 
J11 tnalniibcni (fiileiibtntnn) eijtitle. 

Sr imirbe boriiber BmiWt. 

3d) bSn id ottiK, rerun raciiir Rtcftl bWRtn. 

1-it Ticlcn tiMr.iL-ii had)ta),tll idjburdj M*3ini 

3\iS Staftm bcrlalltnbrti Siibf. 

3iaB Hnnrreit te Itiiirc (*rerftr nridi auf. 

ttin tnarwnbeS {frrifibfiibei) ««auid). 



— laid note paper. Colli — 

— of tartar 

— coloured horse 

CREASE. Full of -s 

CREATE- Ii — j'confusion ™ 

He was — d Earl of Bcaconsfield 

It — d in my heart a desire to 

The Urge orders for iron — d a demand for coal 

Such a though! my mil 

The company was — d in 1759 

The recent successes! >f the Prussian Army hove — d 
a complete change in military ' 

The newly — d Eatl 

CREATION. The 'Stirling Halfpenny Pop- 
gun' is a literary — of recent date 

The Yankees are said 10 be able to lick — 

The work of the — was accomplished in 7. day; 

It was an idea of my own — 

The — of the world (of n title) 

A wonder of — 

Sincethe — 

CREATIVE. The - power of God 

The — power of the imagination 

The A'iobe of Huguelin is splendid example of 
that artist's — power 

— wisdom. — genius 


— comforts 

He was one of Richelieus — s 

Every living — 

The dumb — s 

A vile (despicable) — 

— of God 

CREDENCE. It is not worthy of— ... 

To give (attach) — to a statement 

CREDENTIALS. The newly appointed ai 

bassador presented his — 

CREDIBLY. The ' Auchlermuchly Moon' 

shine' is — informed, that the British are ad' 

vandng upon London (ness 

CREDIBILITY. To impugn the - of a wi 

1 1 lessened my — in newspaper reports ... 

_CREDIT. He deserves — for it 

ise lo power from nothing, is n 
on the contrary, it is all the n> 

Whatever other defects he may have, I roust gi' 

him — for frankness 
Goods for the amount of £500 were — ed to him 

To uphold the — of a firm 

I entered the £ ;o on the — side of the ledger . 

OREDITABLE. He pursues a— occupation 
Sach all action is highly — to your brother 

OREDITABLY. He is not — known 

CREDITOR. He is a — of the firm for ,£1000 
CREDULITY. They have imposed upon 
OREEO. Without distinction of— [yoi 
- do you profess? ... 

rubor crbne.—Cold- 
fi au tail 


Papier d Ictlrt angle 

Crime dt tartre 

Coulcur (de) crime. Ceulcui 

Chevai isabelle 

Plein de faux flit [passe 

Faitcs diifarattre les faux plis avet It fer A ri 
C/la oicasionne (tngindit) .it In confusitnt 

II a Hi fait ( crii )eomtcde Bcaconsfield 

Cela me inscila an iccur le deiir de 

Les fortes lommondcs defer firenl que la houille fn 

tris-recherchle [charges 

fj manage da rai omnia la creation de plusieui 
I'arciUc ptasle lie m' est jamais venue d I'esprit . 
La tompagnitfitt crii en sfjp- 
Let succis rietnts dt I'armlc 

tout un nouvel ordit 
Le comic reccinmrnt crii ... [fifties militants 
Le " Stirling Halfpenny Popgun" est uh organe 

littli aire de creation rlccnte 
On dit des Yankees qu'ils sent d mime d'enfonc. 

It monde entier 
L'ceuvrt dt la creation s'ett accompli/ en stftjonr 

l.'Vt.iit imt idle dt men era 

La irlation da mondt (d'un litre) 
Cue mciTtillc de la creation 

Depu is la creation 

La puissance crlalrice de Dieu 

La force crltttncc .it F imagination. .. 

La "A'iool"dt Huguelin est un mervcilleux r: 

emple de la puissance crcatrice de cet artiste 
La sagesse qui crii. Le genie crlalcur ... 

I'auvrt femme ! _ 

Agrlweiits materiels 

Cltait un des crlatures de Richelieu 

Toutt creature animlt 

Lts animaux (" nor flirts inflrieurs" J ... 

Une creature fill ( mlprisable ) 

Unt criature dt Ditu .. 

Ctlan'tsl pas digne dt crlanct 

Ajouttrfti it une assertion (un rlcit ' 
L'ambassadeur rlcemnitntnomml prltenta set ittti 1 

de crianct 
L ' Auchttrtnuchty Mocmkinc" croit savoir dt bemi 

source que les Anglais avancent sur Lomires 

Rlcustr la bonne foi it'tm thnoin 

Ctla Urania la coafiance que j'avais dans les not 

vtllts rapportles par Its journaux 

Jt It tiens dt source ccrtainc 

Une telle chose est d peine croyable 

Un timoin digne defoi 

// tnerite qu'an hii en tienne comple 

Qu'it soil parti de ricn pour arrivcr au pouvoir, 

cc n'ett pas une hante ; c'tst bicn Jdutil une 

chose dont Ufaitt lui tcnir amp; 
Je pris la monfre d crldit ... 
Cela est tout d la huange du ger/rrnl 

La maison a un ion credit 

A'ous avons platl la somme d voire crldit ... [ling 
Abw avons eriditl votrt comple de jjo Uvrts ster- 
A'onsfaistns trois mois de crldit [argent comptanl 
A'ous nefaisonspas de crldit ; nos conditions sont 
C'tst moi qui fait I'ouvrage tt e'est lui qui en a 
Ufait i'honneur dt son pays [lagtoii 

II en sortie a son avantage 

iputalien d'ftre un habile architecte 

A'n/ homme sain d'tspiit n'ajoutera foi A de Ids 
Cela n'est pas beautvup .! so louange [raconle 

J'employai men en'dit .) la cour en sa favour 
A'ous croyons aur miracles sur It tcntoignagc 

iThommts inspirls 
Le banquicr tn'ouvrit un eridil dt di. 
II y a unt sommt de trois millt livres. sterling d 

votrt credit 
Quels que soitnt sti autrts difauti, je dais lui tei 

comple de sa franchise [eiandi 

On le credita pour cinq cents livres sterlingde mi 
Pour soutenir le crldit de la maison [grand-liz.. 
Jt portai Ics cinquantc livres sterling J I'avoir du 
II a une occupation honorable (estimable) 
Cut ttllc action fait I'llogt dt votrt frert ... 
It n'tst pas avantageuscmtiit connit d la Bourst 

[deux millt livres sterling 
II est ereaHcier de la maison pour une somme 
lis o-it trompl (abusl dt) votrt bonne fin ... 
San-, distinction f inception ) dt ctoyanct rtligii 
Quelle tst votrt religion I 

Wlir A-T.lti.-ii. Saltlfl. 

■;> ii. ;,.'!" Sic lit Solicit (■«■,; ii;'. 

i:j bciirat Ikirciicitua. I'aw. 

liv itiivft jura ef*lf,ia-]k'fidttriiamit. 

L: I v;;i 111 MtuHa $«r(ti[ d-ii ttfimift; trail, ul... 

Kit jaMmi-en *r|t.tliuij(it con leiim lirfcu cine 9laa>frajc 

11,1,11 Hotlfit l»ntior. ,«tnitrr n<fdjdficii. 

3u goi^e btr lint™ bin iid t*f BCiiifiS Mrrbei uuijua nt«t 
Do* ill mir iiic In f*n Hn IMommdi. 
Tit «M(Q [n)aft isu«( im3al;r( i 7 ><> iii'-j ViUii urvnrai 
Tiit iiltiiiftui 1.-v[l'!,!l trr [rtufiiliijfli Brm« tmlxiniiir B.ll- 

ftobtat a<ii*cruttfl in Wt utititmrilairn Infill btnx'i 
Dcr ntutnraiuiK Utol. (ntnifrti- 

3>it ..©lilting twllwnnn *mJ8«»" 'ft «'"» lilti.iri(ax 

SiKiclmij ntiimi Imluin*. 
Son tin ffantai ml, toft fit im Gt.uibt h'i.'M. K-r 

gan;ru Xsttt tit s-ci(t ju Wtten. 
S'JS €ciBt>fiing(lwrI reiivtr in , Ia,icli mitKifaltl. 
Sire Olibaatr tmi in -mcinon ci,ietitn MtMinr rutft-iiibi-ii. 
Hit e^irfu"! *" ML— All liinriltnuij ei'ie! liKU- 
ttin Iflluiibcv tt: S*Bpluuj. 
&iii toi lafltn »« &4Sli(iinfl. 
lit ee>»(ifcTttQ|t IS o«r«. 
ri(lrt.-l'im(dKtf>i,it>ildan fl Ir«ft. 
fit itisbe guautlittt ip tin (rrrlidjcs Btiiuid M bir 

edjBWtthalt itnti fliinftlrr* 
©d)Bii(cri|a>: Kkitbtil - £dioirfoTiia>n: iBtifl, 
ttrnuS S vjut n(intmcr («tf*6vf ) I 
&trubtn( ttt rrtatf SVbinirllc Hnuttmlidjfciitn. 
Cr laii tint 1011 fttillclicul Jrnaturat. 
Stint Ubenbc »rfn)6Bf. 
Tit unirmiiiittifltit aeii(|6p[t. 
tf in dtnbti [Kiod|llid.'ir] Ulciifd). 
OtW9l i-Sttlc*. 

m ifl uiUjt j)ljHtwiirti,i. it* cobinit Mm iHUubcn 
Sinn nulla jt (Sljubtii fifvulm [btittttfftti). 
T)ic iirUiTiuiintt t»cfjirbte Hbcirtidjlf Ian'i.iu'i,]!- 

leu „!tudjttnnud)t^ HlocufMiit" nfibrt iiit« glantniflr< 

tijrc OueDc, bog bit Ciiglauetr onf SoiiC.ti Ic3 uut- 

Tic HIjubifiirbiiiTcil ciiiti Jciijtn ttfrrdtm. 
Silt v leticffl[nubri'iiTli ! iMt bn pllllulillHiH In intuitu 

nugen tcrutilcr. 
34 atit c) asl jljubwiirtijcit Cucleit. 
bo eirojj ifl tannt iil.iublid). 

ut mticnt I'oli Kilur, it gctfi*! itim jnr Strc. 

3)a| ci fid) oen unlcn bctjuf jur ilMacjl cmpiirflrjibtiltl (ul. 

iflltintEOHiiibi |ilc iljii; ip tVcgtnivril, rt ando>l 

it-m jur «oir. 
34 lau|!t bit llhr auf Jtrcbil (Suta). 
Cf Biad>t bem (Scnmil jrotK tint. 
Ha JcrcHt bti lfkfn)a[tr« lit gat. 
(Bir t/atta 3^rcn ben ©rtrjj ft «ule ac!djric*en. 
ffiir ftotcn 3b,rai 801110 £350 fluljtldjritbtn. 
Mil gebw 3 Wtoaate JJiebit. [SJonrjaliluii*. 

JUit grben ttinen firctit; uitlm Scbin ,iiinjcn gtltrn bti 
3d) tbur bit arbeil, unt cr tin jt btn :llulnn boDDit. 
Si i(l tin 8(trbc fill (ein fwib. 
liv log fid) cbrenBou auf bci «jifit. 
8t genltilt brn Mni eiiic« jcfinirftcn Buumciflfrt. 
ffllgjut £. tnltoaTf ben iilmi (u bti eftlnejt, abet Central 

St. ttii.1 biE libn batKiii. [tdjtiitm. 

Stein Btritliiifrigcr OTcnfo) tonn fola)tn »3eria)ltn Ulaulwn 
Imt gmidjl i*m nid>l iu btloabmn Eube. 
a«> eenoinbie nttintn Giiiflnii bti folc ju (tintn «unfltn. 
>u( bol «n(rt"i fccflciftctlcc Ultnfanii 6,in glaubtn irir .111 

Twcrtantlei crilffiiekmiiciitcn Rrcbit wa lo.coo »finib. 
Clnt £w»ibk con 3000 Sfnnb ift Jbnoi gulgrlairirttii. 

IDcla)c sttbcrii JHbltr tt and) bcfiljeii tnag. Cflmltlt mni >4 
ilim (urn fobe nadifasca. IRitblt dt,tt>tn. 

(H mirbtn iftm Oaatrn vi* film eVtUflt Ben 500 *(unb auf 
T«ii ftrtbir tints (Scfdjaftri oufwoll etballtn. 
3* laffitb tie 5o*funbaufbitfribcniciit btiJiiiiivtbuJii!, 
fe rwifct tint adilbjti SrfgMfliguiij 
Sine Kibe &onblBna tfl H*fl eyttumill ffti 3tmt timber, 
ttt ami tfy I Itinrn juKn ttuf an bn «brfe, 

tr -ft (in »lflutigti be* Sffdwfte* fflr btn Helrag <wn JOOO 
STlon bai ibrtr ttia)iglaubiglcil tint «a(c arttt»t. 
Cbtic Untrriftitb ber BliligiBn. 
SL'diban tXIrnntiiiiTt gtbilirn Sic as? 


The Apostles' — 

The war of — s 

CREEP. He crepl inlo his favour 

I quietly crept into bed 

Several mistakes have crept into the book 

Time is — ing on 

I crept under the table 

I have neither a penny to bless myself w-iili, n 

I crept along the passage 

I crept into (out of| the hole 

A chilly sensation came — lug. over me 

— before you walk (prov.)> 

A -luiliki crept overrne , 

To crawl and — 

OREEPINQ sensation '.'.'. '.'.'. 

CREST. He looked — fallen 

CRIB. That horse bites the — 

That ulta is — I* J from a French author,. 
CRICKET. To play at — 


To be guilty of a — 

Steepedin — 

CRINGING servility of courtiers 
CRIPPLE. He has been a — from his birth 

My resources are — d 

CRITICAL. It is a — step to take ... 

The condition of the patient still remains • — 

He has a weakness for being'—...' ' (favourably) 
CRITICISE. To - books favourably (i ' 
CROAKING. The — of frogs and of raven 


CROOK. By hook or by— 

Some people think it adds lo the beauty ofa horse 

The barber has given you rather a close — , George 

CROSS. He is —ed in love 

You look very — ... , 

What made you — ? 

Come, don'! be — 

He i* a regular — patch ... 

I wonder what is the matter with himj he is as — 
as I wo sticks 

To play at — purposes 

That thought never — cd my mind . . 
iver to the other side of the street 
never — his threshold again 

I — questioned the boy (olht 

The centre of gravity is where the lines — each 

Our letters must have — ed each other 

To — a cheque 

To — one breed of dogs with another 

— out that word 

No-, no crown 

Never let him — my path again 

The gipsy told mc. that before she could proceed 

to read my fortunes, I would require I 

her hand with silver 

Have you — ed out my account? 

Passengers are requested to — over by the bridge 

What a — child you arcl 

Her letter was — ed and re-crossed 

We— cd over from Dm 

Lt symbolt dts apStrts ; It credo 

Lis disputes dl rtligion ... ... [-villuntt ) de 

II s'insinttti dans Ctsprit(tts bonnts.grdtts,la bien- 
Jt »u glissai dan* men lit sans bruit (sans ricn dirt) 

Il/aut st 

ttfril . 

trainer avttnt dt misrehtr ,- il/aut avoir 

ties ailts at/ant de voter 

Un frlmissemtnl m' envahit 

St trainer ( a pis lent-) ... 

A pas dt teriut 

Chair dt poult 

II paraissait dkouragl (aballu, dimonte, itc. ) 

Ce theval merd samangtoirt , 

Cttle idee a etJ prist a un auleur Jiancau 

Jouer au Jtu dt cricktl (a la treat) 

Crteur puldic 

Pauvrtti n'tst fas met (el hi dtsanoblil pas ) 

Commtttrt un trim* 

tttrt coupable tfun crimt 

Plongf dans te crime 

La basse servilitt des coutiisani 

II est perclus de naissance 

Met ressaurces fipuiscnt 

Cist un parti dJlicat ( dangcreux) a prendrt 

Vital du malade ne laisse pas d't'tre triliqut 

Dans un momtnt aussi critique 

II est porti a trouvtr a rtdire 

,'■ ::. ,■ : .:.■:,, '.';.- ■.■;■.' ' .' '.:.-, ... .'.(.■ 

Lt coassemtnt des grenouiiles el le croassement dt. 
I'.'turs dt csmmande ... ... \corbeauj 

Cosilt que ceUtt ( de brie tl de iirac , <\ tort it ,i trovers, 

A Us It d btanc, ab hoc it ab hat, sans ration, 

dune manUre au dune autre, tie. ) 
Lts/ercals ont Iturs cheveujt laillh depris 
Dei difficuttts I'eltv/reut (surgirtnt) au tours dt I, 

discussion, lesqutlta , 

Mottthlenaeu Us ortiltts couplts quand il /tail ptlil 

/.'.■ n\ ..' ■ ': !.', ..': ■ .' ..' >. , ■: ■•':. : ■. '.■ . '.■■■■■ :i.' :■ ■ 

it vtramt de la tolline lA-bas 
Attains pemenl que test cjonter J la btaul/ d'ttn 

thtval qut de lui itourttr la queue \flte} 

Je le jlanquai dehors cut sur fiointe ( cut par dtssus 
Noustrooni tul 'anu/e dtrniirt untl>enne( mataiaise ) 

ritoltt de pommel de lerre 
II sera bientSt temps de /aire la 
Un devrait /aire pratuire quclquts bonnes rkollts de 

, /romtnt A title lerre 
Ctorgts, it me semblet/ue le coiffeur voui a tailli les 

ehevtux un ptu prti 

It a des chagrins ifamour 

Vous ave% Coir de mauvaisc humeur 

Qu'esl-ce quivous afath/l 

I'oyons, tie voui /dcitc pas 

Cist un ftre grinchtUJ (karpieuic, tic.) 
Ji me demande quelle mouth* fa piqui : il est tPune 

Jouer atix propos inierrompus 

UaS opoftolif^t KiMMSttaitlil 

WelifliontsreiB- !H(ll(iicii6[trril 

St |d)[id) fi* in feiU Sitntt (in. 

3flj fto<6 rut-ig in We gtbrm. 

UitvCtR %<Mn fiatcii [id] in birfri Buaj tinic!*lt*r 

^ir jjtit ftbUidpr nomMcta. 

J* (viKi) unler ten I if d>. 

3d) (obE tiinm WnMtg in )MB Tolojt unb WiiJrtt, tiwail, id) 

^dj t^* tut* but 8iiti.j. 

3* tved] in ba* 1'ott, [fluS twin Sf*( ticratig]. 

83 abetf»!td> midj tin WiklaM *tifif)l. 

Ijrit SJjldJjL-v, t>.in* V.iiiKt 1 

Sin @d)auber uictfifili* atiaj 

if djlridxn unb tiititit. • 

3l (diltiejcirbtin E^rittc. 

liint vJanlifjant. 

*r Perjt iiitbirgrtfttagen (tniit6fo«) an»- 

. ill tilt Srip|jtntafB«. 
Uritftt ( UfaatilT) fpittni. 
din bffenlliairr Hugcufrc In linn € 
anniitv ift trint eiintt (gajaubr). 
Sin BttbrdStn trflrtnu 
imrft Berboaftni* (ajutbis (tin. 
Jin Strbrtdxn omstaVlt. 
Hrito>rrti ker (tfflinne. 
*r ift PL>n ^iidnit aiif da (truVCft- 

Hdai atittrl finti crfttpfl (nu'aininoiarfojriiBHift). [ttuii 
ttS Wljt tintn tritiid'tii (niiftliditn, mtiditibcnbrnl e*iitl 
tia 3u|ianb bt* irianltn tfciH noe) immtr brbrnfli*. 
3" riaem <s fritifdim (rnildjcilunaSiicCicti) % 
Sr bat bit £AiMB>t, ininicr |u tritiflrtn. 
©ildjer afln(tia [ungi!nflis]rn:i)irtn [bcu«6eilcit. * 
XjS Cnattn btt ijr8f<6e uitbt^S Briidijnt be ~ 
flroti>bit3tbr!in(ii. Itrkudjdtt 31'i.iittii. 
is m.i.i tiejra ete tttit^n. Snf bi* tint i 


WIV' imaii. 
nbrnl ewi'iti 

)^ VC ' ;; ' 
ti bit satest ' 


Je ne Jranthirai de ma vie le stuil de so parte (jt 

ne rtmtltrai plus jamais Its pi/ds the: lui) 
tVous travtrsimti la r tv & n en battau 
Le thnoin /ut intei-ro/I conlradicloiremtnt par It 
diftnseur dt faccusi ... 

Jc prtssai le garcgn de questions 

Lt centre degravitl ic Own ou lestigneite, 

.Vol Irtlrtt ont d& st trailer 

Crosstr un thiqut 

Un ehique crossl 

Croiierdeux races dt ehittu 

Siffeiee mot 


dirt labonnt av/nture.J'aiirais a lui donner 

de /'argent 

Attx-vous efface" man temple f \ponl 

On prie les passagtrs de Men vouloir passer par le 

Quel vitain en/ant vous /sites 1 

SB letlrt /tail hritc de gauche <i droile el puis de 

bos en haul, dt maniirt que I Viriture st eroisail 

dans Its dtux sens 
Keus travtrsimes de Doirfrts A Calais 

jjicd von ben XoMnifitjijoi t«t«i an tn Stilt jnitl frngeU 

Btoitoje i'enfi! flUmbni, ei tm n e v"' E'tllnteit tint* ^ftrtis 

bci. feitint Sdjimif (ill ftuljen. 
3« mart ibn »>alS ittrrftcvf (mil matt ■* fad) tjaaaf. 
SBir 6nttuitmlevt(n3Li!ii'(tiii(jntc|id|lrdjlc]8ottcfIclnnl(. 

Si reirt tolb 3cil (da, Me RribfrQdjH airjitctnta. 

«uf bk(tm«ranbttiiJt niiiiiK tine jii« erijenttiitt in jc< 

ninncn fcin. 
T« »Jtiitt b.ii ^bnm tit Smaw obcr ftbi rnrj ocf 4«ia, 

(ft ift in (tincttitbc unglilJIidj 
©it |thn ft6r miirriid) ioo:bri(|itic5, tnfliaimt) « 
TOal ifl 3Sntit Btre bit *rt*r artaiiftn? 
etini Sit bad; itidjt (» Mfr (witctat) t 
St ifl tin itdgltr .;am:tioi'|. 
3d) rocij niftt, wiit(4iiit ifl [o oerbrittlid), mit 3 

gldj atjoileitiii milwtfltlim. 
Ijicitr Ukbantc ift mil nil in ttn •Zlrnt attjmmfK 
Wtbai ©it tiniUtr au| bit onbtte Stilt tnCKole. 
3d) iMibt fbrn nit toitbtr ibtr bit S*»)tJIf rntca. 

Bit ftstcn iittr btn Jfiifi in Sabnoi. 
IitcMnBMlt bc» HnattlPjum untarearf b 

y&l fhuie tin SrnisMiMSr nit btm «na6ti 
Txz £d.iKHMin(t ifl ka, in! tit V in if 11 fiil I 

Uiikit J.ltifii .n ii !> ni-rrtnit bafitn. 

eincSSautaiitMi|uil,i turd) Cutiidirift oufj. 

ffiiiit bunt) OutrfAtift ou§n»nr« fltfcbtt ieM.tronracifUBfl. 

ttint ftuntccjfif mil tintr aiitmi fiej rreii|cn lj)|tn. 

etttidien ©it bitftS »tn bur* (au«). 

EibntJtctn) hint Brunt Cbnt *amBf bin tstaj. 

Ut fun mir nit roitbtr in bit Dntrt tmnmen. 

3)it flianinerin faatt ntiv. ba&. t*wc (it mir nMWaam 

Bnnt, ic5 i^r iUtrft mil £iU'trmiiiij< bit S>oiib (piini 

(Mint ©it mir mtiiic fflrtfc-iiiiiia aii^(ftrid>tn (.iittilgt)* 
^jffajitrt nmbm gtbtltn, HeiMc *itiiJt (a jtUn 
!Ua3 lift bu fiit tin nn.itliflt* ilinbl 
3t(i *rft| nar qiitr unb roitbtr qii« ill*t[d)ritWn. 

Siiir [taltn eon SMMr naft ttatail fiMt.