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Full text of "A Dictionary of the English Language: Compiled for the Use of Common Schools in the United States"

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Bi IT nnRKBiBiD, That on the fourteeDth day of August, in the thirty second ycar 
f the bdependenee of the United States of Amenea, Noah Webster, £s<i. of the said 
Jitriety hath deposited in this Office the title of a book, the right vherectf he claims as 
Jitfa(0r» in the words followio|^ to wit :— •*< A Dictionary of the Enelish language, compiled 
or the use of Conraon Schoote hi Uie United States— By Noah Wehster, Esq." 

In oonfixmity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled ** An Act for the 
sncQiiri^jement of learning, by securing die copies of maps, charts, and books, to the 
tudun and proprietors of such o(^ie% daring the times therein mentioned. 

H.W. EDWARDS. ^C^*cl*^*f-' 

Attgust 14^ 1807. 


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Within the last thirty years, many improTements have been made in 
the education of youth ; particularly in common schools, in which are 
taught the branches of learning necessary for the yeomanry of the country. 
Among these improvements may be numbered the books which assist 
children in acquiring a correct knowledge of our native language. For 
want however of a suitable Dictionary for common schools, the list of 
books, necessary in a system of instruction, has hitherto been incomplete. 
The English Pocket Dictionaries are all imperfect. Some of them contain 
obscene and vulgar terms, improper to be repeated before children ; others 
abound with obsolete words, or terms of art, which are of no use to com- 
mon people ; some of them are extremely faulty in the manner of marking 
the accent, making no distinction between the long and short vowels ; all 
of them contain some words not used in this country, or not in the same 
sense as in Great-Britam ; and what is very important, all of them are 
defident in a multitude of words, which are sanctioned by the best usage* 

Our language is English ; but it is a fact, proved by history and admitted 
by the learned, that two nations, proceeding from die same ancestors, but 
established in distant countries, cannot long preserve a perfe^ sameness of 
language. From the diversity of objects in different clunates ; from differ- 
ences in government and in modes of life ; from continual improvements 
in arts which give existence to different artificial objects in different nations ; 
from accidental changes which no efforts can restrain, or from other phy>s- 
ical and moral causes which can be neither controlled nor defined ; new 


terms will be added to a living language, nvith new appiicatioiis ot' old 
terms ; while some dialectical variations in oral" utterance will inevitably 
vary the spoken language of remote nations. 

The Compendious Dictionary which I published the last year, being 
intended to comprehend a complete vocabulary of English words now in 
use, with brief definitions, forms a convenient book for the daily use of 
adults ; but is rather too expensive for common schools ; and contains 
many difiScult terms of science, with which common readers of English 
have no concern. It is believed that an abridgement of that work, contain- 
ing all the words which conmion people have occasion t6 use, and sold at 
a less price, will be well received by the great body of farmers and 
mechanics in the United States. Every family and every child in school 
has occasion for such a Dictionary. 

In consulting the convenience of purchasers, I have not, however, pro- 
ceeded so far in reducing the size and price, as to sacrifice the essential 
benefits of a Dictionary, by omitting a great number of legitimate words 
of |k>pular use. To retrench words of common use, with a view to render 
a book cheap, is not to consult the real interest of the purchaser ; but 
rather to defraud him. A Dictionary ought not to be an imperfect vocab- 
ulary ; nor can any work of this sort contain much less than thirty thousand 
words, without the omission of terms which are in daily use. I have 
endeavored, by steering between extremes, to reconcile the interest of 
the purchaser's purse, with the advantages of a tolerably complete 

It is very desirable that a uniform orthography may prevail among the 
citizens of the United States. This can never be the case, while they use 
a variety of English books, which tio not agree in spelling and pronuncia- 
tion. Johnson's orthography, which some compilers follow, has been, in 
several classes of words, corrected by modern writers ; as by the omission 
of w in error, candor, superior ; and k in public, music, kc. I have extended 
this correction to all the words of these classes, with a view to uniformity ; 


and hav« corrected a few other palpable errors in tlie common orthography. 
The mode pursued in Great-Britain of deciding questionable points by the 
practice of modem writers, is liable to a serious objection, that it furnishes 
no standard of right and wrong. Authorities equally respectable for dif- 
ferent modes of spelling may be cited without end; leaving the inquirer 
unsatisfied, and the real truth undiscovered. I have adopted a different 
mode of deciding doubtful questions of this sort, and by tracing out the 
radical words and primitive spelling, have endeavored to ascertain the real 
orthography. By pursuing this principle, we arrive at a point which cannot 
be disputed ; thus gradually settling controversies and purifying our language 
from many corruptions introduced by ignorance or negligence, during the . 
confusion of languages under the first Norman princes. Without recurring 
to the originals, in the manner here stated, it is impossible, I apprehend, to 
adjust the orthography of many words in the language, or to purify it from 
numerous barbarisms. 

Those who consult this Dictitoary will find it to contain a multitude of 
legitimate words, which are not inserted in any similar book, and the 
definitions of many others improved in perspicuity and precision. Another 
valuable improvement, is, the separation of the words beginning with 
/and /, and with' U and F, an advantage not Tiossessed by any British 



a. stands for adjective or attrilmte. 

ad, for adverb. 

n. fior noun or name. ' 

pi\ for preposition. 

pret. for preterit 

pron, for pronoon. 

pa. for participle. 

V. stands for verb, when the verb may 
be used transitively or intransitiTely. 
V. t. for veib transitive. 
V. I. for verb intransitive. 
conj. for conjunction. 
exclatn, for exdamation. 
ob. for obsolete. 

Local usages are noted by the first letters in the names of the States, -where they pre- 
vul ; as Jkma^. for Massachusetts, Con. for Connecticut, Perm, for Pennsylvania, %tc. 


When a vowel has the accent over it, its sound is long, as in v6cal, reUte, rediice, brfgjbtcn. 

When the accent is placed after a consonant, the preceding vowel is shcnt, as in 
haVit, cus^tom, amend', abhor^renoey abrupt', cylinder. 

When the accented syllable contains a digraph or a dipthongal sound, tlie sound being 
indicated with sufficient clearness by the letters, the accent is place<l at the end of the 
syllable, as in reneV, rejoice', destro/, devour', witlidraw'. The accent has the same 
position when a has its fourth Ibund as in oak, thus, countermand', disarm'. 

When the pronunciation of a Word is very different from that which liie letters natu- 
rally indicate it is expressed by a different orthography. 

Ch have tneir Enetish sound, as in church, unless a different pronunciation is noted. 

The sound tXg before e and t bein^ reducible to no general rule, it is to be remarked 
that ir retains its soft sound like j, as m geiteral^ unless ue contraiy ii noted. 

Whenever a direction is given concemine the pronunciation of a radical word, let 
the direction be considered as axtending to all the derivatives. Thus g being hard in get 
and groCf remains an in fergely forgive, fiw. The learner being directed to pronounce 
I'ougn, n^ will extend tlie rule to rottghly and roughnen. 

Italic letters are silent, as in bread, earth. 

A double accent thus, Io"gic, ma"gie, a"cid, denotes that the sound of the succeeding 
consonant belongs to the first syllable, c and g in «uch cases being soft, as Iqjjic, majjic, 
assld. Pou"tion is pronounced potMnm. 

When a verb ends in a single consonant accented, the consonant is doubled in the parti- 
ciple and some other derivatives, thus, admits admUtmg, admittable^'-'abeff abetted. So 
also in monosyllables, as pen, penning, penned. 

It is needless to give very minute uirections fcH* pronunciation ; for in regular words, 
which are nine-tenths of the whole number, the accent alone is sufficient to teach the 
pronunciation. The accent being laid on the right syllable and letter, and Hie accented 
vowel correctly pronounced, the pronunciation of the unaccented vowels is extremely 
easy ; so easy indeed, that it is more difficult to be wrong than right 

^ uk my spelling book, the words of irregular pronunciation are classed in tables, with 
directions how tney are to be pronounced. The tables and directions are few and simple ; 
and if children are fully instructed in them, as they ought to be, they will have overcome 
^be chief di^cultics which occur in learning the pronunciation. 






A an abreviation of an, one, denoting a 
/\ , angle person or thing 
Aback', tM. Imck, backward, behind 
Abaif, ad. tdwards the stem of a ship 
Aban'don, v. t. to forsake wholly, desert 
Aban'doiied, pa. forsaken, deserted, wicked 
Aban'doning^ pa. fonakinG:, renouncing 
Aban'donment, n. cnUre desertion 
AbAae, v. t. to bring low, humble, cast down 
Ahiav^pa, brought low^ humble, disgraced 
Abasement, n. the act oi humbling, low state 
AbaaV, v. t. to put to the blush, to confound 
Abaafa'ed, pa. pnt out of countenance 
Abash'menty tu astonishment, confusion 
AbAte, T. to decrcAse, lessen, pull down, fail as 
a writ ; remit as a tax (Con.) [remitted 
AMteable, a. that may be abated, defeated. 
Abated. ^ lessened, lowered, taken off 
Afa^ltemeiit, it. a sum abated, an allowance, 
decretBOy a remitting as of a tax, failure as 
of a wri:^ flie removing of a nusanee 
Al/attis, ft. branches of trees sharpened 
AVba, n. fiither, scriptural word tor father 
AVtMeTf «. the possessions of an abbot 
AUxBticaly a. pertaining to an abbey 
AVbcss, n. the govemoss of a minnery 

A B H 

AVhey, n. the residence of an abbot or n 
Ab'bot, 71. the head of a society of monk 
Abbreviate, v. t. to shorten, abridge, c« 
Abbren^tion, n. the act or art of shorte 
Abbre viator, n. one who shortens or abr 
Alibreviatui-e, n. abridgement 
Ab'dicate, r. t. to abandon an office or p< 

without a formal resignation 
Abdication, n. the deserting rf a public 
Ab'domen, n. tlie lower part of the bell; 
Al^m'inal, fl. belonging to the lower b 
Abdure, v. t. to separate, draw away 
Abducent, a. drawing or pulling away 
Abduc'tion, w. the act of drawing away 
Abecedarian, n. one who teaches or is lea 

the alphabet 
Abed', ad. in bed, on the bed 
Ab'erdavin, n. the siskin, a sone bird 
Aber'rance, n. a wandering, a deviation 
Aber'rant or Aber'ring, a. going astray 
Aberration, n. act of wandering, deviati 
Al>et', V. t. to encourage, help, suppcnt 
Abet'ment, n. encouragement, aid, supp< 
Abet'tor, n. one who aids or encourages 
Abhor', V. t. to detest, hate, d'sUkcxroas 
Abhor'red, fa. ^^eV:^^'i^»VA^^:\N^^ 'k* 

3 ABO 

Abhor'rcnce, u. detestation, great hatreil 
Abhoi/rent, a. inconsistent with, detesting 
Abhor^rer, n. one who abhors, a liater 
A'bib, n. the first month of the Jewish year 
Abide, v. abode, pret. abiding, pa. to stay in a 

pkuie, dwell, bear, support 
Abiding, pa. continuing ; n. cbntinuance 
Abil'ity, n. power, skill, means * 
AVject, a. mean, worthless, sunk very low 
Abjec'tion, Ab'jectness, n, a mean or low state 
AVjectly, ad. meanly, wretchedly, basely 
Abjuration, n. the act of !i])juring, forswearing 
Abjure, v. t. to reject upon oatli, to quit 
AbUtion, n. the act of taking away, removal 
A'^ble, a. having power, cap&le ot doing 
Ablebod'ied, a. strong of body, robust 
A'bleness, n. power, strength, sufficiency 
Ambler, a. having more power, or learning 
Al/luent, a. washing On, (h* away, cleansing 
Abliktion, n, tlic act of cleansing or washiug 
A'bly, otif. in an able manner 
Ab'negate, v. t. to deny, disown, refuac 
Abnc^tion, n. a positive denial, a renunciation 
Aboairay otLmB. sliip, vessel or boat 
Ab6de, n, a luibitation, stay, continuance 
Abol'i^ V. t. to destroy, repeal, make void 
Abol'ishable, a. that may be destroyed 
Abol'isher, ?/. a person tiiat abolishes 
Aboli'^tiooy n. tlie act of re^iealiiig 
Aliom'ioable, a. detestable, hateful, abhorred 
Abom'inubleness, 71. extreme odiousness 
Abom'inably, ad. vcr}- liatefully, odiously ' 
Abom'inatc, v. t. to hat«, loathe, abhor 
AbominHtion, fi. an object of hatred 
Abori"ginal, a. first, or primitive 
Abori"ginals, 11, ffl. primitive inlmbitants 
Abor'tion, n. a miscaiTiage in women 
Abor'tive, a. untimely, unsuccessful 
Abor'tivcncss, n. tlic state of being abcMlive 
Abound', r. i. to have or be in plenty 
Abound'ing, p. a. plentiful, hicreaslng 
Abqut^, pr. near to, concerning ; atL aroimd, 

every way [head 

Above, (abuv,) 6r. higher, more; ad. over- 
A}>ove'boai'd, Of/T without res»Tve or artifice 

A B s 

A1>ovecited, a. cited before 
Above-mentioned, a. mentioned befoK 
Abrade, v. t. to rub or scrape off, to grate 
Abraham'ic, a. pertaining to Abraham, the 

Abr^on, n. a rubbing, <n* scraping off 
Abreasf , ad. side by side, on a line, opposite 
Abridge', v. t. to contract, shorten, deprive 
Abridged, pa. shortened, deprived of 
Abridg'er, 7u one that shortens or contracts 
Abridge'ment, tu a work abridged 
Abroach, ad. being tapped 
Abroad, (abrawd,) acL out, out of doors, in 

another country', widely spread 
Ab'rogatc, v. t. to repeal, annul, abolisli 
Abrogation, n. the act of repcaluig 
Abrupt', a. audden, broken, unconnected 
Abrup'tion, n. a violent separation 
Abrupt'ly, ad. suddenly, unseasonably 
Abrupt'ueas, n. great haste, suddenness 
Al/scess, n. a swelling contifining matter 
Abscind', v. t. to cut ofl^ pare on 
Absci8"aion, n. the act ^cutting off 
Abscond', v. i. to hide one's sel^^ disappear 
Absconding, pa. withdrawing from view 
Ab'senoe, n. a being absent* inattention 
Ab'sent, a. n(^ present, lost in thought 
Absent, v. 1. to keep away, withdraw 
Absentee or Absentrer, n. a person who ab- 
sents himself, <m* does not attend [giveness 
Absdiv'atcHy, a. oontainiii|; or tending to for- 
Absolve', V, t. to pardon, i^-g^ve, acquit 
Absolv'ed, pa. pardoned, forgiven, acquitted 
Ab'solute, a. not Umite<l, arbitrary, complete 
Ab'solutely, ad. positively, arbitrarily 
Ab'soluteness, tt, arbitraiy jwwer 
Absoliition, n, forgiveness, a pardoning 
Ahs<M4>', V. t. absorbed, prct. absorbed, ab- 

sorptf pa, to suck up, swallow up, waste 
Absorbabil'ity, n. caiutcity of being absorbed 
Absorb'able, a, that may be imbibed 
Absorb'ent) d. sucking up, imbibing [sorbs 
Absorb'ent, n. a vessel or substance which ub- 
Absori/tion, n. the act of flwallowing up 
Abstain, v, i. to fwbear, to refiViu u'om 

A C C 

Abstemious, a. temperate in diet 
Abstemiouely, Ofl. tcmpi'rately, soberly 
Abstemiousness, n. temperance in ilii't 
Absterge', v. t. to cleanse, to -Mripe oft' [ing^ 
Abster^nt or Abster'sive, a. cleansing, scoiir- 
Abstci^sion, n. the act of cleansing or wiping 
Ab'stincncc, n. a refraining from, temperance 
AVstincnl^ a. refraining from, temperate 
Abstract^, v. t. to separate, remove, shorten 
Ab'stract, n. an abridgement, a summary 
Ab'stract, a. abstracted, separated, pure 
Abstract'ed, pa. separated, abstruse, absent 
Abstract'edly, Ab'stractly, ad. by itself 
Abrtrac'tion, n. a drawing from, a separating 

of ideas, withdrawing from Uic world 
Ab'stractness, n. a state of being abstract 
Abstruse, a. difficult to be understood 
Abstrusely, ad. obscurely, not plainly, darkly 
Abstrtiseneas, n. obscurity of meaning 
AbsunFy a. contrary to reason, inconsistent 
Absurd'ityy n. inconsistency 
Absurdly, ad. unreasonably, inconsistently 
Abaurd'ncss, n. iibsurdity, inconsistency 
Abun'dance, n. mat plenty, exuberance 
Abun'duit, a. plientiful, abounding 
Abun'dantly, ad. plentifolly, amply 
Abdae, (abii^,^ v. t. to treat ill, impose on 
Abuse, n. the ill use of any thing, injury 
Abuaed, pa. used ill, treated rou^ly, reviled 
Abuser, n. one that uses another ill 
Abiisive, a, eonv^ii^ abuse, ofTeniuvc, rude 
Abtisiyelyy ad. in an abusive manner, rudely 
Ab6uTeiie8^ fi. ill usi^, rudeness 
Abul^, V. i. Xo IxMrder upon, join, terminate 
Abatement* n. that which joins to another, 

the solid part v£ a bridge next the land 
Abut^tals, fi. M. boundaries, limits 
Abysm' or fMyuly n. a deep pit, a |;ulf 
Aead^miaoy Acadcm'ic, Academi"cian, Acad'- 
emiit, n. a student, or member of an academy 
Aeadem^ic, Academ'ical, a. pertaining to an 

Aeadem^c^ n. a Platonic philosopher 
Aead'emy, n, a school (^ arts and sciences 
Aeeede, v. i. to conyie near to, join, i^x?(^ 

A C C 


Accort-mte, v. t. to hasten or quicikcn 
Accelerated, /la. ii»ci*eased in motion 
Accch;ration, n. a hastening or quickeiung 
Ac'cont, 71. a mark, modulation of voiee 
Accent', v. t. to note the accent 
Accent'iial, a. relating to accent 
Accentuation, n. a placing of the accent 
Accept', V. t. to take, receive favorahly 
Acccpl/ablc, a. agi*eeablc, pleaaine [ble 

Accepfableness, n. the quality ofbeingaccepta- 
Accept'ably, ad. pleasingly, agreeably 
Accept' aiice, n. approbation, the receiving (^ a 
bill of exchange so as to bind the acceptor 
AccopUition, n. acceptance, tlie meaning of 

a woihI 
Acce|)t'er, n. one who accepts 
Access', n. admission, approach, additioi\, 

means of approach, invasion of disease 
Access'arv, a. contributing, aidinjg^ 
Access'arinessa n. die quali^ of being accessary 
Access'ible, a. that may be come at, or near 
Accessibility, n. a being approacliable 
Acce8"aion, n. the arriving at, an addition 
Ac'cesaory, ti. one who aids or gives counte- 
nance to a crime 
Accessbrial, a. x>ertaining to an accessory 
Ac'cidence, n. a book of rudiments 
Ac'cident, n. a property of a thing, that whicli 

comes to pass without being foreseen 
Accident'al, a. casual, happening by chance 
Accidcnt'ally, ad. by chance, unexpectrdly 
Acclilim, Acclamation, n. a Shout of ai>plau8c 
Accli'mated, a. inured to a climate 
Accliv'ity, n. the ascent of a hill, &c. 
Accli'vous, a, rising with a slope, as a hill 
Accom'modable, a. that may be fitte<l 
Accom'modatc, v. t. to suit, reconcile 
AoGorn'modated, pa. suited, supplied 
Accorn'mpdating, a. dis{K>s(^d to oblige 
AecommodHtion, p. an adjusting 
Accommodations, conveniences 
Ac«om'panied,/>fl. attended by 
Aeeom'iianimenl , w. fin addition by way of 

ornament, thi' act. of accompanying 
Accom'paiiy, r . ' . tn a^Aw VvSv^^ &so%^>2^ 


A D M 

AdjudicutioD} n. judiciRl trial or scDtcticc 
Adjunct, n. sometlimg joined to another 
Adiar^tion» n. the tendering an oatli 
Adj6re, v, t. to tender an oaUi, charge in God's 

name, oommand, enjoin 
Adjust', V. t. to fit^ adapt, settle, set riglit 
AmuBt'er, n. he or that which regulates 
AdjuBt^ini^ Adiiut'mcnt, n. a regulation, a 

setting in order, disposition, or<ler 
Ad'jutanty n. ao military officer who aids in 
the execution of orders, places guards, &c. 
Ad'^atancy, n. the office of an adjutant 
Adj6tor, TL a helper, assistant^ promoter 
Ad'jutonr, a. helping, assisting, advancing 
Admeoffure, v. t. to take the dimensions 
Admeos'urement, n. a taking of dimeusions 
Admensunition, n. the act ot measuring 
Admin'ister, v. to give, conduce, supply, exe- 
cute, dispense, settle an intestate estate 
Administ^riaJ, Administra'tive, a. pertaining 

to the executive branch of government 
Adminifitr^ition, ft. tiie act ot administering ; 

he or tiiey who administer a government 
Administrator, n. a man that manages an in- 
testate estate [trator 
Administr^torriiip, n. tlie office of an adminls- 
Administnitrix, n. a woman that administers 
Ad'mirable, a. to be admired, rare, wonderful 
Ad'mirableness, n. a quality raising admiration 
Ad'rairably, n. wonderfully, excellenUy, very 
Ad'miral, n. principal officer (^ a fleet 
Ad'miralship, n. tiie office of an admu'al 
Ad'miralty, n. the supreme naval power or 

office foi' settling maritime affiurs 
Admiration, n, astonishment, ^vonder, esteem 
Admire, v. t. to rc{(ard, \('onder at, esteem 
Admired, pa. regarded, esteemed, valued 
Admirer, n. one that admires, a lover 
Admiss'ible, a. that may be admitted, suitable 
Adraissibirily, n. a being admissible 
Admis^sion, n. leave to enter, access 
Admit', V. to allow, suffer, grant, let in 
-^^sia^A^ or. that may he admitted, proper 

^^^llfC^'T^ '''''//''' ''''^ or /jowcr of entcrwg i 

A li L 

Admix'tioQ, n. the act of mixing di Cerent bod- 
AdmLx'ture, n. a mixing, wliat is mixed [ics 
Admon'ish, v. t. to warn, reprove, advise 
Admon'ished, pa. wai-ncd, reproved, advised 
Admcm'isher, n. a reprover, an adviser 
Admoni^tion, n. counsel, advice, direction, hint 
Admoi/iUH*, n. one who admonishes 
Adnioi/itoty, a, that admonishes, ^vaming 
Ado, (Adoo,) n. titmble, difficulty, biibtie, stir 
Adolescence, n. tiie state of a penion groM'- 

ing^ youth 
Adonis, n. a charmer, a small gold colored fish 
Adopt', V. t. to take as one's own what is an- 

otncr's, to ccqiy, select, embrace 
Adopt'er, n. one who adopts or makes choice 
Ado^/tion, n. the act of aao])ting 
Adopt'ive, a. adopted, adopting another 
Addrable, a. woi'tiiy of adoration, di\ inc 
Ad6rablenc8s, n. a quality exciting adonition 
Ad(irably, ad. with adoration or worship 
Adoration, n. divine wcM^ship, homage 
Ad6re,«. Mo wcn^liip, reverence, love . 
Ad6red, pa. wcK^ipped, liighly esteemed 
Ad6rer, n. a wm'shxper, a lover 
Adom'^ V. t. to deck, dress, embellish 
Adom'mg, Adm*n'ment, 7i. embellishment 
Adown', ad. down, towards the gi*uund 
Adriat'ic, a. belonging to the gulf of Venice \ 

used also as a noun for that gulf 
Adrift', a. floating at random, at large [ous 
Adroit', a. active, skilful, dexterous, ingcsni- 
Adrdt'ly, ad. nimbly, dexterously-, skilfully 
Adroit'ness, n. quickness, dexterity 
Adry', a. thirsty, desirous of drinking 
Adsciti"tious, a. assumed, borrowed, added 
Adulation, n. excessive flattery, praise 
Ad'ulator, n. a fawning person, a flatterer 
Ad'ulatory, a. flattering, complimental 
Adult', n. a person grown to maturity 
Adult', a. grown up, past the age of infancy 
Adulterate, v. t. to debase, coirupt, mix 
Adulterate, Adult'erated,^. polluted, debas- 
ed, corrui>ted, mixed, counterfeited, false 
Adulteration, n. a corruption by base mixtures 
A dull Vrcr, ?). a inth\ VWV \& ^Vl'^ oC adultery 

, ... • womtn diat eonnuits 11101107 
^^oui'tdrme^ a. proeeedinif from adultery 
AdvUlferff n. a violation of the roarrif^ bed 
Adull^eraaB, a. guilty of adultery, idolatroua 
Ad'umlnatc, v, t. to shadow out, typity 
Adun'citf, n. erookednessy a bend inwards 
Adust', Aduitfe<i^ pa. burnt or scorched 
Adustloffiy n. the act of burning up 
Adiranee'yfL progression, promotion, profit, 

first ofiler or nint, payment beforeliand 
Advante', v. to proceed, improve, raise or 

rise, promote, cmer, supply on credit 
Advanv ed, pa. preferred, improved, asserted, 

moved forirard, in front, old 
AdTBnee'ment, n. promotion, improvement, 

Advaiie'er, fi. a promoter 
Advan'eive, a. tending to promote 
Advant'age, n. superioritv, benefit, gain 
Advantfage, v, t. to benefit, promote 
Advantfaged, pa. having advantages 
AdvantA^oos, a. profitable, convenient 
Advantageously, ad. profitably 
Advantigeousness, n. usefulness 
Ad'tent, n. four weeks before Christmas 
Adven1i"tious, a. accidental, not natural 
Adven'tnre, fi. accident, chance, enterprise 
Adven'tore, v. f. to try the chaitce, dare 
Adven'turer, fi. one tfiat hazards or tries 
Advco^tnroas, Advent'uresome, a. liazardoos, 

dating, enterprising 
^dven'taronsly, ad. boldly, daringly 
Vd'verb, n. a word which modifies the action 
of a verb, or the quality of otlier words 
dverlilal, a. relating to or like an adverb 
Iverl/irily, ad. in manner of an adverb 
Kversaiy, n. an oj>ponent, antagonist 
^fenuTy a, havmg an o^iposing party 
fers'aitive, a. denoting opposition 
TerK, a. contrary, calamitous, unfc»lunaie 
Tersely, ad. uniortunatcrly, oppositely 
eiVitys n. affliction, calamit)-, misery 
aif, V. to torn, attend, regard, observe 
Tifenee or AdreH'cncy, n. attention 
>, r. / to Inform, tell, jjubljslk 


A F F 

Advertised, pa. publislied in a newspaper 
Advertisement, u. a public notice 
Advertiser, h. one who gives informaticHi 
Advertising, /w. giving notice, informing 
Advice, n. instruction, information, notice 
Advisable, a. prudent, fit to be done, prope 
Advi'sableuess, n. fitness, meetness, propriei 
Advise, v. to give advice, give noUce 
Advised, pa. counselled, informed, prudent 
Advisedly, ad. prudently, wisely, purposeijy 
Advi«?r, 71. one who gives advice 
A<iviiK)ry, a. containing advice 
Advisement, n. council, caution, advic? 
Ad'vocacy, n. intercession, plea 
Ad'vocate, n. one who pleads for anotlicr 
Ad'vocate, v. t. to defend, plead in favor of 
Advocation, n. the office of pleading, a plea 
Advow'soii, n. the right of presenting a priest 

to a benefice 
A(!vowe<^, n. he that has the right of present- 
ing a priest to a benefice 
Adz, n. a cutting tool with an arching edge 
A'enfoi*ro, a. having tlie foi*ra of air, as gas 
A'erify, v. t. to combine with air 
Aerial, a. belonging to tlic air, lofty, flighty 
A'eron.iiit, n. an aerial sailor in a balloon 
Aeronaut'ic, a. peilaining to balloons or aerial 

Aerostafic, a. belonging to aerostation, light 
Aerostiition, 11. a [passing the air in balloons 
A'erj-, n. a nest ot eagles or any birds of prey 
Afar', ad. at a great distance, i-emote 
Afeard, a. afraid, aflected with fear 
Aff*abil'it5-, n. civility, readiness to converse 
Affable, a. civil, easy of conversation 
At''fablene8s,n. civility, a readiness toconverse 
Affably, ad civilly, courteously, kindly 
Affair, n. a business, matter, concern 
Afiiiira, n. pi. business in general 
Affect', 7'. to move the passions, aim, try 
Afic-ctRtioii, 71. conceit, tbrmalitv, oyetRjasfc 
Affect'ed, pa. tuqs^^, Wiw<ifc\\ft&,^vc\RA. 
Affect' cdK, i\d. \\^Tl^>tT\C\e^^\\s , v:WftR.cvNR«^'3 , 
Affect'edlWsH, n. 'Afce\J\V\w\, ^^^'^^^V^^^^ 


A F L 

A G G 

A.ffec'tian, n. love, fundncas, zohI, qualilv Afoof , cul. on foot, in action, in design 

Afft'c'tionatc, a. fond, tender, kind, go(Nl 
Affec'tiouately, ad. lovingly, teuderiy, kindly 
Affec'tionateness, n. fondness, tender affection 
AfTec'tioned, a. inclined, disi)Oscd, affected 
Aifi'ance, n. cimiideiice,. trust, a contract 
Afii^anee, v. t. to trust in, betroth, contract 
Affidavit, n, a declaration upon oath 
Ain'anoed,/»a. joined by contract, betrothed 
Affiriated, a. associated as in a family 
Affiliation, n. tlie adoption of a son 
Affin'ity, n. relation by marriage, likeness 
Affirm , V. t. to declare confidently, confirm 
Affirm'able, a. that may be affirmed, certain 
Affirm'ance, n. confirmation, an establishing 
Affirm'ative, a. that affirms or declares 
Afftrm'atively, ad. ixwitively, absolutely 
Affirmation, 7i. a solemn declui'ation 
Affirm'ed, pa. positively declared, comtinncd 
Affirm'er, n. oue who affirms, or deolai*es 
Affix', t». t. to subjoin, add, fasten to t^ie end 
Affix, n. a pai'ticle joined to a word 
Affix' ed,/>rt. joined to, added, set after 
Affiation, 7i. tiie act of breathing upon, a blast 
Afflict' V. t. to give pain, tmuble, ve«*, aflect 
Affiict'ed, pa. troubled, distressed, «;rieved 
Afflic'tion, «. distress, miseiy, gri(;t, sorrow 
Afflict' ive, a. distressing, painful, grievous 
Affluence, n. plenty, wealth, riches 
Aflluent, a. wealthy, plentiful, abimdant 
Afflux', Afflux'itMi, n. (lie act of flowing 
Afford, V. to set a price, to yield or grant, to 

be able to sell or exchange, or expend 
Affor'est, v. t. to turn into forest or wood 
Affran'cbise, v. t. to makefrce, give freedom 
Aftr^y, n. a quarrel witii \ iolence and blows 
Affright, V. t. to fright, terrify, scare, alarm 
Affright, Affrightmeiit, n. terror, great fear 
Affront', (aflrunt,) n. an insult, wrong 
Atfroat^, V. t. to provoke, insult, ofloiitl 
Afli'ont'ed, pa. offended, insulted, ii8(?(l ill 
. \ ffront'in.^, pa. causing affront, provoking 
^^J^r''^ O'^'u^eJ V. /. to pour on 
i/Ai^f''"' '''• ^ P'^'^^ng: upon 

Afore, prep. & ad. before, in fhint, in time past 
Afbresoing, a. going before 
Afdrehand, oif. beforehand, before 
Aforenamed, Afdrenid, a. named before 
Afdretime, ad. in time past, formerly, of old 
Afraid, a. fearful, in fear, apprehensiVe 
Afresh', ad anew, again, over again 
Afl, ad. or. a. the stem or towards the stern 
Aft'er, pr. later in time, behind, in pursuit of, 

aceoixling to, or in imitation of 
Aft'er, a. later, latter, belonging to the stern 
Aft'eriiirth, n. the iliembrane inclosing tiie 
young [waixls 

Aft'ercUp, n. an unexpected demand afu^r- 
Affermath, Afl'ercrop, n. the second crop 
Aft'ermost, a. nearest the stern 
Afternoon', n. the time from noon to evening 
AfV^erwardi, ad. in time to come 
Agtiin, adfoncc more, besides, in return 
AgAinst, prep, in opposition to, contrary in 
]>lace, in provision tor [priso 

Agape, ad. with staring es^emess, with sur- 
Agazed or Ag/tast', ii. amazed, astonishecl 
Ag'ate, n. a class of gems, rf many varieties 
Ag atiue, a. peitaining to agate 
Age, 77. the life of an animal car other being, a 
pail of life, tiie latter part of life, the period 
when a person may act for himself, a gener- 
ation, a centuiy fcicnt 
A'ged, a. advanced in age, or years, old, an- 
A'gcncy, n. business penormed by an i^nt, 

action, operation, instrumentality 
A'gent, n. a substitute cm* deputy, any active 

power or cause 
Agglom'erate, t'. t. to gather into a ball 
Agglomeration, n. a gt^ering into a ball 
Agghitinatc,'v. /. to glue ot unite together 
Agglutination, n. a ^uing together 
Agglutinative, a^ having the quality of glue 
Aggrand'ize or Ag'graudizc, v. t. to make 
great, exalt, dignify [alted 

Aggrand'ized, pa. made great, preferred, ex- 
Aggrand'iieitieut, w. a b^mg aggrandiz«l or 

A G R 

Ag'gravate, v. t. to make worse, or more ae- 
Ag'graTatedj^a.madenirm-se, increased [verc 
A^graT^dony n. a making worse, that whicli 

mereases an evil 
-^g'ff'^^te, V. t. to collect or heap together 
Ag^gregateiy a. in assemhiage, total 
Ag'gregate, n. the whole of several particulars 
Ag'gregiitelyj ad. in a mass 
Aggregation, n. the act of gathering into one 

mass, the whole mass, the union of like bodies 
Ag^gregative, a. tending to unite in a mass 
Aggress', v. t. to begin vidence, set upon, attack 
Aggres^sion, n. a setting upon with vicdence, 

an attack 
Aggressi'ive, a. making the first attack 
Aggresfl^w, n. an assaulter, first invader 
Aggri^vance, n. an injury, oppression 
Aggrieve, v. t. to injure, hurt, oppress [iire 
AsKrdup, (i^groop; v. t. to bring into one fig- 
A^gile, a. active, nimble, light, quick, brisk 
Agil'it^, n. aetivitjr, nimbleness, speed 
A'gto, n. the difference of exchange between 

bank notes and current monev 
A'^gitate, v. t. to move, shake, debate 
A"ptif/oAfpa. shaken, disturbed, debated 
Ant&tion, n. a motion, disturbance, debate 
A^gHator, n. a dirturber of the peace 
A"gitatiTe, a. having power to agitate 
Ag^iaail, n. a disease of the nail 
Agn^on, n. kindred by the father's side 
Agni^tion, n. an acknowledgment 
Ag6y Agdne, tid. past, in time past, mnce 
Agog', ad. in a state of desire, ("a loto vmrdj 
Agdmg, ad. in action, going, ready to go 
Agoiira tic, a. relating to prize-fighting 
Ag^onize, v. to be in or feel very great pain, 

to writike witlk extreme pain 
Ag^ony, n. pain that causes struggles, anguish 
Agriraai, a. relating to equal division of lands 
Agr^ 9. to be of one mind, to be consistent, 

to consent, strike a bai^in, i*econcilc 
Agree'able, a. suitable, pleasing, according to 
Agree'abloiess, n. pleasantness, confonnity ' 
Agree'ablj, ad cousistcntly, plcRsin^ly, /itiy 
A^iarfed^^ settlod by cotisvnty fixt^i ' 

A K I 


Agrcc'ment, ft. love, harmony, bargain 
Agres'tic, a. rural, unpolisheo, rustic 
Ag ricultui-e, n. husbandr)', tillage of the earUi 
Agricult'iii-al, a. of or relating to agriculture 
Agricurturist, n. a husl»andman, former 
Ag'ricultor, ;i. husbandman, afui*mer 
Agrimony, w. tlie plant liverwort 
Aground', a. run on the ^uund, strandcfl, stopi 
A'gue, n. a chilly fit, an intermitting fever 
A'guisli, a. like an a^e, shiverine, cold 
A'guisliness, 72. a sluvering as wiUi cold 
Ah, ex. denoting dislike, pi^- and contempt 
Ah4, ex. denoting pleasure, triumph, surprise 
Ahead', ad. rashly, before, furtlier on 
Aid, V. t. to help, assist, succor, supp(»t, relieve 
Aid, A'idance, n. help, support, subsidy 
A'iding, pa. helping, assisting, supporting 
A'idecamp, n. an officer attendant on a general 

to convey his orders 
A'ider, n. one who aids, a helper, assistant^ ally 
A'idles^, a. helpless, imsupported, friendless 
Ail, A'ilmcnt, n. disorder, indispoution, pain 
Ail, V. to be sick, disoi-dercd, or troubled 
A'iling,/>a. sickly, unhealthy, disordered 
A'ilment, n^ illness, disease 
Aim, n. an endeavor, direction, dengn, oJyect 

pointed at 
Aim, r>. t. lo take sight, level, direct, design 
A'imed,/>rt. levelled, tUrected, designed 
Air, n. the element in which we breathe, .a 

tune, a gcistnre, apiiearance, affected manner 
Ail's, 71. pi. lofty or disdainful carriage 
Air, V. t. to give or take air, warm a little, dn' 
A'irbuilt^ a. built in the air, fanciful, lig^t 
A'irily, ad. gayly, merrily, sprightly 
A'iriness, 7i..gayety, exi>osure to the idr 
A'iring, n. au excursion, a warming 
A'irless, a. voi<l of air, close, confined, warm 
A'ir])ump, n. a machine to draw air out ol 

A'irshaft, n. the passage for fresh air into niinps 
A'iiy, a. light as air, oi)en to the alr,e5a.^^V»vv8Jt^ 
Aisle, AUe, ji, u njviW m \v ^\«*t\\, ^vwjf^^ **- 
Ake, r. i. loW \w wvcvV\\\vu'^\w«v \OiV^^^^ 


A L 1 

Asking, pd. feeliug pain, distressed 
Al'tibaster, n. as(^ vhite marble ; a. very -white 
AlacVity, n. cheerfulness, Uveliness, i-eadiness 
Alamode, ad. in the fashion ; n. a thin black silk 
Alarm', n. a notice of danger, a clock 
Alarm', v. t. to give notice of daii^'r, surprise 
Alarm'ing, pa. giving alarm, exciting fear 
Alas', Alack', ex. betokening sorrow or pity 
AFbatros, n. a fowl of the size of a ^;oose 
Albeit, cuL altho, tho', notwithstanding 
Al'bemosk, n. a species of Syrrian mallow 
Alchem'ical, a. relating to alchemy 
Al'chemist, n. a dtudier oi alchemy 
Alcliemis'tie, a. pertaining to alchemy 
Al'chemy, n. sublime chemistry 
Al'coran, n. the Turkish bible, see Koran 
AVcove, n. an apartment for books, a recess of 

Al'der, (a as o) n^ a tree of several varieties 
Al'derman, (olderman) n. a city magistrate 
Ardermaiily» a. becoming an alderman 
Ale, n. a liquor made by infusing malt and hops 

in bcMling water, and then fermenting them 
A'lehoof^ 71. a kind of root, groundivy, giU 
Alehouse, n. a place where ale is sold 
Alert', a.-quick^ nimble, brisk, lively 
Alert'ly, orf. quickly, nimbly, briskly 
Alert'nets, n. briduiess, liveliness, activity 
A'lewife, n. a woman who keeps an ale-house, 

a iish [bles 

Alexan'drine, n. an English verse of 12 sylla- 
Alcxiphar'mie, Alexiter^ic, a. what expels 

Al'gebra, n. literal and universal arithmetic 
Algebraic, Algebr^cal, a. pertaining to algebra 
Algcbr^c^ly, ad. by means of algebra 
Al'gcbraist, n. one who is skilled in algebra 
Algeri'ne, (algerene) a. pertaining to Alters 
A'fias, ad. otherwise ; n. a second writ 
A'lien, a. foreign ; n. a foreigner, a stran;;;er 
Aliene, v. t. to estrange, sell, transfer title 
A'lienable, a. that may be tranferred or sold 
A'Jieiiate^ v. t. to transfer, estrange 
^//ea^/on, ^f. a making over, a aell'm^ 
^ea^^ ^' one to whom a thiogis sold 


Alight, V. i. to fall upon, descend, get off 
Alike, ad in the same manner or torm 
Al'iment, n. food, nouiishmeut, support 
Aliment'al, Aliment'ary, a. pertaining to ft 
Al'iniony, n. a separate maintenance 
Al'iquaut, a. that does not divide exactly 
Al'iquot, a. that measures exactly 
A'lish, a. resembling or like ale, tasting like 
AUve, a. not dead, active, susceptible, in fo 
Arkali, n. a salt of an acrid, or caustic tai 

of three kinds ; vegetable fixed alkali, 

potash ; mineral fixed alkali, as soda ; a 

volatile alkali, as ammoniac 
Al'kaline, a. having the qualities of alkali 
Alkalcs'cent, a. tending to an alkali 
Al'kanct, n. a plant, a species of gromwqll 
All, a. every one ; «. tlie whole ; ad. whol 
Allay, V. t. to abate, paeifyj quiet 
AlUy, see alloy [; 

Allayed, ^a. eased, lessened, abated, suppi 
Al'legany, n. the main or highest ridge 

mountains in the middle and soutliem stf 

of America 
Allegtinean, a. pertaining to the Allcgany^ 
AUedge', v. t. to affirm, declare, say, assig 
Alledge'able, a. that may be alledged 
AUedged, pa. affirmed, assigned, pleaded 
Allegation, n. affirmation, plea, reason 
Alle'giance, n. the duty of subjects to"prin( 

or to the state in which they live 
Allegiant, a. loyal, dutiful, obedient, ob. [g< 
Allegor^ic, Allegor^ical, a- pertaining to an a 
Allegor'iGally, ad in an aUegorical raanne 
Al'logorize, V. t. to form or use allegories 
Al'legory, n. a figurative manner of speech 

description [br 

AVlegro, v. a sprightly motion in music ; 
Allemand', n. a grave and slow piece of r 

sic, a figure in dancing [ei 

Alleviate, v. t. to ease, lessen, allay ; usea 
Alleviation, n. the act of making more lig 
Al'ley, n, a narrow passi^, a narrow wall 
Allhail, ex. all health be to you, be well, i 
Allhariowtlde, n. the term near all saints' t 
Alliance, n. axuMonVf M«s&5 w \w«x\a5§^ 

A L M 

Allied, pa. united, related, confederated 
AlligitioD, n. a rule of aritiimetic 
AUieator, n. a crocodile, a kind uf i)c>ar 
Alli^siou, n, a atriking against 
AlHterdtKm, n. the beginning of tMO or more 

words with the same letter 
Allit'erative, <k pertuning to alliteration 
AIUxmUioo, w. a putting to or iieai*, allowance 
Allodial, a. not held ot a superior 
AUddium, n. land held by free tenure 
Allonge', n. a pass or thrust made at an enemy 
AUof , v. t. to share out, distribute, assign 
Allotment, n. a part or share allotted 
Allow', T». t. to i>ermit, Ki*sint, abate, appi-ovc 
AUoVabie, a. that may be allowed, lawful 
Allow'abieneas, n. lawfulness, fitness 
Allowance, v. t. to put upon alloM'auce 
Allow'ance, n. approbation, abatement 
Alloy', n. a baser metal mixed with a finer ; 
or itie mixture of different metals; evil 
mixed with good 
Alloy', V. t. to reduce a fine metal by a baser ; 

to abate by mixture 
AlloY'age, n. the act of reducing a metal ; 

mixture oi metids 
Airspice, n. the beny of the pimento 
Allude, V. f . to refer mdircctly, liiiit at 
Allure, V. t. to tempt by some good, or ap- 
parent good, to entice 
AUure, AJlurement, n. enticement 
.\llurer, n. one who allures, entices or tempts 
Alluring, ^. engaging, pleasing, enticing [ly 
AUuring^y, ad, in an alluring manner, plcasing- 
Alhinon, n, a hint, indirect reference 
Allusive, a. hinting at, referring to indirectly 
AlldaiTely, adl in an allusive manner 
AUMal, a. washed to land, added by water 
AHdTJon, n. the washing of water against land, 
by which the bank is enlarged ; the increase 
oi^land ao made [other tie 

Ally's 'o* *- to unite by compact, marriage, or 
Ally', 91. afiriend, confederate, relation 
Al'manack, n. a callender of months, da}'8, 
lugii water, riaio^ and setting of the sun 
MMmooo, the moon's changes, 6sts, &c. 

A L T 


Aim ighlincss, n. a power over or to do all things 
Almighty, a. sill-iioweHiil, of unlimited poi»x*r 
Almighty, n. GOD, tlie Divine Being 
A/ni'ond', n. ihe nut of a tree^ a fruit 
A/m'onds of the throaty n. pi. two round glands 
Al'moner, iu a distributer of alms, an offict»r 
Al'momy, n. a i)laee for giving victuals away 
Almost, ad. nearly, near, well nigli ' 

A/ms, n. sing, or pi. a gift to tlie poor, charity 
A/ms'decd, n. charitable gift, chai'ity 
A/ms'giver, n. one that gives alms or charity 
A/ms'liOuse, n. a house set apart for tlie poor 
A/ms'nmn, n. one who lives ui>on alms 
Al'oe, 11. u kind of trees of several species, the 
inspissated juice of which is used as a med- 
icine and called aloes 
Aloft', ad. on high, in the air ; pr. above 
Alone, a. without company, single, lonely 
Along', ad. onward, forward, lengthwise 
Aloof, ad. at a distance, unconnected 
Aloud', ad. loudly, with a great or strong noljae 
Al'plia, n. the Gi-eek Ay tlie first 
Al'phabet, n. the letters in any language ran- 
ged in customary order 
Al'phabet, xy. t. to make an alphabet 
A Iphabet'ical, a. of or according to the alphabet 
Alphabet'ically, ad. accor<ling to the alphabet 
Al'pine, a. pcitaining to the Alps, or to high 

mountains, very lofty 
Ali*ead'y, ad. befoi*c this time, now 
Al'so, ad. likewise, in like manner 
Altaic, a. noting high mountains in Asia 
Al'tar, V. a place for divine offerings or com- 
munion [to varj- 
Al'ter, V. to make or suffer a pailial change, 
Al'terablc, a. that may be cliangcd 
Al'terabiiity, ?i. susceptibility of change 
Al'terably, ad. in an altenible manner 
Al'terant, a. producing or causing a change 
Alteration, n. a change, act of chtunging 
Al'terutivc, a, altering, varying 
Al'terative, n. a medicine that chAiOi^gi^ ^v 


A M B 

Altercdtion, ?i. a dispute with anger, wraugle 
Al'tct^d, pa. ch^gcd, varied, made diflfcrent 
Al'terer, n. one who alters, one who changes 
Altem'ate, a. by torns, in siicdession 
Alternate, v. t. to change or perform by turns 
Altefn'ately, ad. mutually, by turns 
Alternation, Altern'itv, n. a mutual change 
Altem'ativc, n. a choice of one of two things 
Althe'a, a. a species of Syrian mallow 
Altho' or Although, a verb in the imperative 

mode imdecKned^ grant, allow, admit 
Alt'itude, n tlie highth of a place 
Altogeth'er, ad completelv, wholly, entirely 
Al'um, n. an astringent saft 
AKiminous, a. containing or like alum 
Al'veolar, ii. containing sockets or cells 
AlVeolate, a. deeply pitted, like a honey comb 
Al'vine, a. belonging to the intestinal canal 
Al'wfty (MP Al'ways, ad. forever, ever, con- 
Am, the first person of the verb to be 
AmabiKi^, n. loveliness, a power of ple.asing 
Amdin, ad. with all power, violently [silver 
Amal'gamate, v. t. to mix metals with quick- 
Amanuen'ais, n. a writer of another's. works 
Am'aranth, n. a plant, a durable flower 
Amaranth'ine, a. relating to amaranths, lasting 
Amar'itude, n. bitterness, severity 
Amass'ment, n. aheap, collection [er 

Amass', v. t. to heap up, collect together, gath- 
Amateur, n. a lover of the fine arts 
Am'atory, a. relating to or caused by love 
Amato'nal, a. relating to or induceu by love 
Amdze, v. t. to confound with surprise 
Amdze, Amazement, n. astonishment 
Amdzcd,^a. surprised, confused, perplexed 
Amazing, jba. astonishing, wondernil 
Amazingly, ad. in a manner to astcmish 
Am'azon, n. a vin^, a masculine woman 
Amazonian, a, pertaining to Amazons, bold 
Ambas'sador, n. a minister of the highest 
rank, better -written Embassador, which sec 
Am^ber, n. a hard, scmi-pellucid substance, 
^A/tc or jeJ/ow^, /bum! in the £»rtb, or 
44«?»w oa share by the sea 

A M E 

'Am'bcrgris, n. a hard, opaque, resinou 

stance, formed in the spermaceti wha 
Ambidex'ter, n. one that uses both 

equally well, a double-dealer 
Ambidcx'trous, a. double-dealing, usin^ 

hands with equal ease 
Ambidexter'ity, Ambtdex'trousncss, ? 

power of using both hands with equal 

Am'bient, a. compassing, surrounding, 
Ambigi'iity, n. a double meaning 
Ambig'uous, a. doubtful, mysterious 
Ambig'uously, ad. in a doubtful mannei 
Ambi^uousness, n. doubtfulness, obscu: 
Am'bit, n. a coroxuiss, a circumference 
Ambi"tion, n. an earnest desire of p 

fame or excellence 
Ambi^tious, a. desirous, fond, aspiring, 
Ambi^'tiously, ad. in an ambitious mann 
Am'ble, v. t. to move with an arable 
Amebic, Ambling, n. a pace in which a 

moves the two legs on one $idc at the 

Am'bler, n. a hoi'se tliat ambles, a pacei 
Ambrosia, n. a plant, the food of the go< 
Ambrosial or Ambrosian, a. delicious, fr; 
Ambulation, n. the act of walking 
Am'bulatory, a. walking, moving 
Am'buscade, 7i. place of surprise, the t 

concealed | 

Am'buscade, v. t. to lie in wait, attack b; 
Am'bush, n. a private station for troops 

in wait in, tlie act of surprising, tlie st 

lying in wait, the persons lying in wait 
Am'bush, v. t. to lie in wait, tall on by sui 
Am'bushed,/>a. placed or lying in ambu 
Am'bushment, n. an ambush, a secret p< 
Amen', so be it, verily, so may it be ; n. 
Amenable, a. responsible, answerable 
Amend', v. to correct, grow better, refor 
Amend'able, a. that may be amended 
Amend'atory, a. containing an amendmc 
Amend'ment, n. a change for the better 
. Amendi', n.pL a recompense, a saUsfact 
/ Amonity , n. p\eaBaAtxie»ft c£ ^vtaAJdoo^ v»Ie; 


Amci*ee% v. t. to puuish with or lay a fine 
Amcrci/ment, n, an arbitrary fine 
Amer'iea, n. a coatinent between the Atlantic 

and Pacific oceans 
Anier'ioMly n. a native of America 
Amei^ican, a, pertaining; to America 
Amei/icanism, n. Iotc of America and pref- 

erenee of her interest 
Amcr^icanize, v. t. to render Amcricnn 
Am'cthysty n. a precious stone of a violet UIuc, 

white, erey or gx<icn 
Amethys^ne, a. like an amethyst 
A'miable, a. lovely, pleasing, charming 
A'miablencss, n. loveliness, agrecubleiMfSs 
Am'icablo, a. friendly, obliging, peaceable 
Am'icableness, n, friendliness, kindness 
Am'ieablyy od. in a friendly way, obligingly 
Amid', Amidsfjpr. in the middle, amongst, in 
Amies', a. or ad. wrong, improperly 
Am'ity, n. friendship, agreement, harmmiy 
Am'mony or Ammdniac, n. a gummy resinous 
substance, also a volatile alkali very pungent 
Amm6niac, a. pertaining to ammony 
Aramuni^tJon, n. powder, shot, and other 

stor^ for fire-arms 
Am'nesty, n. a general pardon, act of ablivion 
Among', Ajmongst', pr. in a mingled state, 

Am'orist, Am'orcxso, n, a gallant, lover, admirer 
Am'orous, a. fond, loving, inclined to love 
Arn'oroudy, ad. lovingly, fondly, very kindly 
Am'orousacas, n. lovingness, love, fondness 
Amoant', v. i. to rise in value, come 
Amonnf , n. the sum total, whole, result 
<Vm6iir, (amo6r,) n. a love-intrigue, gallantry 
'Vmpliib'iouB, a. living in two different ele- 
Amphil/iouniess, n. tlie faculty of living on 

land or in water 
Amphitb^ter, n. a round or oval house for 

public amusements 
Ampfaitheafrical, a. pertaining to an amphi- 
-Wple^ a. large, extended, eopiona, liberal 
Kxsffieotaa, n. largeness, extent, libenlitv \ 

A N C 


Ampli:uinn, Amplificition, n. a diffuse des- 
cription or discourse [itn 
Am'plifier, n. one who enlarges or ezagger- 
Am'plify, v. t. to enlarge, exaggerate, nipound 
Ani'plitude, n. extent, an arch of the noriz<m 
Am'ply, ad. largely, liberally, generously 
Am'putate, v. t. to cut off a limb, cut on 
Amputation, n. the ac^ of cutting off limbs 
Am ulct, n. something worn as a ohaim to 

prevent evil 
Amuse, r. t. to entertain, please, divert 
Amusement, n. a pastime, entertainment 
Amtjsing,/f(i. entertaining, pleasing 
Auki'isive, a. that has the power to amuse 
Amyz'liu, n. the sea lion, found in the Pacific, 
on the American coast [intoc 

An, a. one. Before a conspnantit is shortened 
AnabapYist, n. one M'ho holds to adult baptism 
Anach'ronism, (cA as k') n. an emir in the 

account of time 
AnaIo''gical, a. pertaining to analogy, similar 
Analo"gically, ad. by way of analogy 
Anal'c^us, a. having analc^, proptHtiooal 
Anal'(^, n. resemblance, relation, proportion 
AnarysiSjTi. a separation of theparts,a resolution 
An'alyst, n. one who analyzes into parts 
Analytical, a. of or belonging to analysis 
Analyt'ically, ad. by separating the parts 
An'alyze, v. t. to resolve into first principle? 
An'arch, (ch as k) n. an author of confuaon 
Anarch'ial, a. without rule, confused 
An'archist, n. a promoter Qf confusion 
An'ai"cliy, n. a want of government 
Anadi'ema, n. a curse, excommunication 
Anath'ematize, v. t. to curse,to excommunicate 
Anatom'ical, a. belonging to anatomy,di88ected 
Anatom'ically, ad. by way of dissection 
Anat'omist, n. one who anatomizes 
Anatomize, v. t. to dissect an animal, lav a|^ 
Anat'omy, n. the art of dissection, a skeleton 
Anat'omy, n. the dissecting of animals tb dis- 
cover the structure of tlieir interior parts 
An'cestor, n. one from wWvsv^^ ^<(»(rs^ 
Ancest^'eA, a. c\sC\me)\l\:wKv^B&R.«ss>jss"5» 


A N I 

Anol/or, (ch as k) n. an Iron inRtrumont for 
* holding aliiiis al i*ust, any finn supiwrt 
Anch'or, v. to cast an anchor, slop at, rest on 
Anoh'#iigc, n. ground for anclioriog 
Ancli'orcd, pa. come to anchor 
Anoh'oret, Anch'orite, n. a herniit, rechise 
Anch'oramith, n. a pei>son vho makes anchors 
An'chovy, n. a small sealish U8<.'d for sauce 
An'cicnt, a. ohi, belonging to fbinu'r times 
An'ciently, ad. in old timeH, formerly 
An'cit>nUu:ss, n. great a^, (rf<lness, antiquity 
An'cientr}', n. ancient hnea^ 
An'(!icntB, n. pi. those who lived in ol'l tinucs 
AnVillar}', a. relating to a female servant 
An'cony, n. an iron bai*, oi* bloomeiy 
And, ro;//.joinu)g sentences and -words 
And'iron, n. an iron utensil to hold wood 
An'ecdote, n. a short story [cidcnt 

An'ecdote, n. a short stor}' or biographical in- 
Aucm'ony, n. a pluut, tlie wind flower 
Anew', ad. afivsh, over again, newly 
An'gel, n. a divine mes.seng«u', bt^autifnl per- 
son, old gold coin worth about lOs. steriing 
Angi^l'ica, n. the name of a plant [gels 

Anffctl'lcul, Angel'ic, An'gol, a. resembling an- 
Au gcr, n. a passion excited by injuiy 
\n"ger, v. t. to pixnoke, vex, displease, fret 
An"gle, ». a point wher<' two lines meet 
An"a;le, t». i. to fish with a rod and hook 
Anff ler, n. one who fwlies with a lKX)k 
An' glioan, a. Knglish, ]H>rtnining to England 
An'eliui*^'! t. /. to ren<ier Knglish 
An<piicism,V2. an tln^lisii idiom or expression 
Anf^'ling, n. the art of fishing with a nxl 
An"grily, An"gerly, ad. in an angiT manner 
An"prv, a, moved with aiijjrer, inflamed, vext 
Anffuif'iiftirrti, a. restMikbling un eel 
An 'guish, n. excessive iwin, wry great grief 
An^guislied, a. excessively pained 
An^giilar, An"gulous, a. having comers 
An"gularly, nd.iw an angidar torm 
An' guiate, a. fonned w ith anc^Ies, beni, ^lointi d 
-\i)j^it'«. !/</. :it orintlie nigfit 
-^ift/ni/n/rtu-'iiJoo, /i. ecnsun', reprocff criticism 
-i4uuiai/u,r, T'. A wetnsuro, critiehe, attend 

A N N 

Animadvcrt'er, 71. a cetisurcr, critic, judg 
An'imal, n. a bein^ with an organized fa 

endowed with lile, sensation, and spent 

Otis motion 
An'imal, a. pertaining to an animal,- gross 
An'imalflower, n. the sea nettle,or sea anen 
An'imalize, v. t. to form into an animal 
Animal'cule, n. a very small animal, an u 
Animal'ity, n. the state of animal existenc< 
An'imate, v. t. to give life, incite, enliven 
An'imate, a. alive, possessing animal life 
An'imate>d,/ra. enlivened, spirited, lively 
Animation, n. the act of animating, life, s 
An'imator, n. one who gives life 
Animos'ity, n. extreme hatred, aversion, 
An'ise, n. an aromatic species of parsley 
Ank'er, iu a vessel containing nine or ten gal 
Aii'klc, n. the joint between the foot and thi 
An'nalist, n. a writer of annals 
An'nals, histories digested imder yc] 
An'nats, n. first-fruits, masses for a year 
Anneal, v. t. to temper glass, season, heat, I 
An'nex, n. a thing annexed 
Annex', v. t. to join, add, connect, subjoin 
Annexation, Annex'ion, n. addition, unimi 
Annex'ed,/>«. joined, added, connected 
Annihilablc, a. capable of being anniliilatf 
Annihilate, v. t. to reduce to notliing, to 

troy the s^iccific fcM-m of a thing 
Annihilation, n. an abolishing, destruction, 
Auni\-ers'ary, n. a yearly- commemoration 
Annivers'arv, a. retunung with tlie year 
An'no Dom'ini, n. in the year €£ our Lord 
Ann6na, 7). custard apple, a genus of plant 
AnnotHtion, ft. an exphcatiori, remark 
An'notator, 7i. a writer of notes 
Annot'to or Arnot'to, n. a plant, an elegant 

color, and the substauce which forms it 
Announce', f. /. to publibh, declare, proch 
Announ'ce<l, pa. declared, made known 
Announcc'ment, 71. public notice 
Anno} ', V. t. to inoonimo<le, to injure or mi 

by continued or repeated acts 
Annoy', Annoy'ance, 71. injur}', molestatio 


kU a. yearly, lasting only a year 
iX, 91. a plant \ihose root dies yearly 
ilty, ad. yearly, year by year 
tan^ n. a pei-bon wlio has an annuity 
:y, n. a yearly allowance or payment 
fV.t.Xxi make void, abolish, repeal 
HT, a. in form (^ oi* like a ring, round 
Bted, a. haying rings or belts 
ct, n. a little ring, a mark in heraldry 
ckitioii-day, ?<. the day on which an an- 
ppeared to the V'ii^in Mar}', to declare 
savior's birth, tlie twenty -lifth day of 

ne, n. medicine to assuage pain and 
we to fcleep 
'ne, a. mitigating pnin 
', V. t. to rub with oil, consecrate 
edfpa. nibbed with oil, consecrated 
ing, n. an unction, a consecration 
ilous, a. irregular, out of rule 
dously, ad. irregularly, unequally 
ilj, Anom'alism, w. irregularity 
ad. soon, quickly, in a short time 
mous, a. wanting a name, nameless 
mously, ad. witliout a name 
zr, (anuther) a. some other, a second 
r, V. to reply, solve, fulfil, succeed, 
witness for, be accountable 
r, n. a reply, return, confutation 
arable, a. suitable, accountable, like 
rrably, ad. suitably, t^eeably, fitly 
;rer, n. one who ai.iswer8 or replies 
trmg, pa. replying, agreeing 
a small industrious insect, a pismire 
>nist, n. an opponent, adversary 
'tic, a. relating to the south pole 
ir, 72. a quadruped feeding on ants 
:er, v. a quadruped subsisting on ants 
•de, V. t. to go befoi-e in time 
dent, n. what goes before as a nojin 
dent, a. going before, foregoing, prior 
dently, ad. before in time, previously 
namber, ti. a room leading to another 
*te, V. t. to fhto u th'wf^ bcibro the 




Antediluvian, a. existing before the flood 
Antej[ljluvian,7z. one who lived before tlie flodtl 
An'telope, n. a kind of goat with curled horns 
Antemun(l(uie, a. being befcHre tike world 
An'tepiist, n. a foretaste, luncheon 
Antept^nult', n. the la3t syllable but two 
Antepenult'imate, a. of tlie last syllable but two 
Anterior, a. gouig before, previous, prior 
Antenoi*'ity, n. pi*i(n*ity in time, &o. 
Vnt'liill, n. a hilloc raised by ants 

An'them, 72. a holy or divine song 
Anthorog)', n. a collection of peer 

ms or flowers 



Antichris'tian, a. against OKriatcn: Christianity 
Antichris'tianism, n. opposition to ChristJanitj 
Anti^'oipate, v. t. to take before, prevent 
Anticipation, n. a foretaste, preventiim 
AntiocHitdgious, a. opposing e(Mitagioa 
Anticourt^er, 7t. he tliat opposes the eoiirt 
An'tidotal, a. expelling, efficacious against 
An'tidote, n. a remedj^ for p<nson or evil 
Antifebrile, a. expclhng or good against fevers 
Antiministe'rLil, a. opposed to administration 
Antimonarch'ial, a. that is against mcmarchy 
Antimdnial, a. made of or relating to antimony 
An'timony, n. a brittle heavy metal used in 

medicine and tlie arts [practice 

Antindroians, n. a sect who prefer faith to 
Antinoniian, a. of those who condemn works 
Antip'athy, 7/. a natui-al aversion, dislike, liate 
Antipesti[en'tial, a. good against infection 
Antiph'ony, n. singing by way of response 
An'tipode, 7i. one who lives qq the opposite 

side of the globe 
Antip'odal, a. relating to antipodeH [doni 

An'tipope, 71. a person who usurps the iK>pe- 
Anti'quary, n. one versed in antiquities 
Antiqua'rJan, a. relating to antiquity 
An'tiquatc, v. t. to make obsolete, old or v<Hd 
An'tiquated,j&«. grown old or out of fashion 
Antique, (anteke) u. vucac^qX.^ ^<^ 
Antique, n. aremwwA. o? wck^iajmtaj'k^^'^^ 


A P O 

Ant^^'uitj, n. old times, great age 
Aa'tirevdu'tioAfiiy, a. opposing revolution 
An'tireTolu'tionist, n. an qiposer of a revolution 
Antiseorbi&tic, a. good for or agsdnst the scurvy 
Antith'esis, n. an q[)po8ition or contrast 
AntitriniUrian, n. one who denies tlie Trinity 
An'titype, n. that which is formed according 

to a type, as the Paschal lamb was tlie type, 

and Uliristthe antit\'pe 
Anther, n. a branch oi'an animal's horn 
An'vii, n. an inm block for smith's work 
Anxiety, Anx'iousness, n. solicitude 
Anx'ious, a. much concerned, very uneasy 
Anx'iously, ad. with desire, very carefully 
A"ny, a. every, whoever, whatever, either 
A'nywise, ad. in any manner 
AxHUse, ad. quickly, hastily, speedily, fast 
Apalach'ian, a. pertaining to the mountains in 

Apart', ad. sexwratcly, distinctly, aside 
Apart'ment, n. a part of a house. It room 
Ap'athy, n. a want of passion or feeling 
Ape, n. a kind (^ monkey, mimic, simpleton 
Ape, V. t. to imitate as an ape, imitate, mimic 
Apep'sy, n. a want of regular digestion 
Aperient, a. gently purgative, opening 
Aper^itive, a. that has the power of opening 
Ap'erture, n. an open place, opening, hole 
Aphelion, n. the greatest distance from the sun 
Aphidiv'cMXWis, a. eating or devouring the aphis 
A'phis, n. the vine fretter 
Aph'orism, n. a maxim, precept, general rule 
Auhm'ia^tio, a. in tlie form of aphorisms 
A^piary, «. a place where bees are kept 
Apiece, ad. ^ each one's share, foe each 
A pish, a. simple, silly, foppish, affectc^l 
A'pishly, ad. in an apisli manner, foolishly 
A'pishness, n. buffoonery, foolerj-, foppery 
Apoc'alypse, n. the book of revelation 
Apocalyp'tical, a. containing revelation 
Apoc'rypha, n. pi. books of doubtful authority 
Apoo'rypltal, a. not caiioiucal, uuc(>rt'.uii 
A/7^q§r,'e, fi. the point of tJie sun's, &c. orbit 
/hrthest a-am the omth 
^/^or/o, 7i. thej^i ofait<i, tlw sun 

A P P 

Apologet'ical, a. defending, excusing, lesaeiuDg 
Apol'og^ n. one wlio makes an apology 
Apol'ogize, V. i. to plead for, defend, excuse 
Ap'ologue, n. a fable teaching moral truth 
Ai»ol'ogy, n. a defense, excuse, justifieation 
Apopieetic, a. belongii^ to an apoplexy 
Ap'oplexy, n. a disorder that affects the brain 
Apos'tasy, it. a falling from former professioD 
Apoe'tate, n. one that forsakes his relirion 
Apos'tatize, v. i. to fiorsake one's religion 
Apoe'tle, n. a messenger to preach the gospf I 
AiKis'tleship, n. tlie omce (^ an apo^e 
Apos'tolatc, n. the office of an ap<;i#k 
Apostol'ic, a. delivered by Uie apobtles 
Apostol'ically, ad. in the manner of the apostles 
Apos'trophy, n. in rhetoric, a turning the course 
of speech, contraction of words by ('), mark 
Apos^trc^hic, a. pertaining to an apoetrophy 
Apos'trophize, v. t. to address by an apo8trcq;tb'y 
Apoth'ecary, n. a compounder of medicines 
Ap'othem, n. a remaikable saying, a maxim 
Apotheosis, n. tlie making a god 
Appair, V. t. to fright so as to dispirit 
Appall'ed, pa. struck with fear, terrified 
Apparatus, n. tools, furniture, equipi^ 
Appar^cl, n. clotliiiig, clothes, raiment, dress 
Appar'el, v. t. to di-ess, deck, adorn, set off 
Apparent, a. visible, evident^ plain, open 
Apparently, ad. visibly, in appearance only 
Appari^tion, n. an appearance, ghost, viaon 
Appar'itor, n. an officer in the ecclesiastical 

Appeal, n. removal of a cause from a lower to 

a higher court, reference to a witness 
Appeal, V. t. to remove from a lower to a 
higher court, call to witness, accuse [eused 
Api)ealable, a. that may be appealed, or ac* 
x\pp/?ar, V. i. to be in sight, seem, look 
Ai)peRraiice, n. a coming in sigiit, thing scKen, 

semblaDCi*, likelihood, show, entrance 
Appease, v. t. to quiet, pacify, calm 
Appeasable, a. tlmt may be appeased or quieted 
Ai)prasempnt, n. act of quieting, rcconoiliatiou 
A\)pcY\awV^ u. 9i\rtiT«Mv.v,Uo a\>pral8 

A P P 

AppelU^tioq, n. a name, title, term, address 
Appel'lative, a. common to many, geoeral 
Appel'lative, n. the name of a wliole species 
Appellor', n. tlic plainUff in appeal 
Appellee^, n. the defendant in appeal 
Append', v. t. to Lane or join to, han^ on 
Append'age, Appenaaut, n. an addition 
Ai^teud'ant, Append'ed, a. lianging to 
Append'ix, o. an addition, a supplement 
Appert&in, v. i. to l>elong, relate 
Appertaining, pa. belonging, relating 
Apjietenee or Ap'petencj, n. s(>iisuidi desire, 
« tendenev in or^nized matter to unite 
vfith or seleet particles of matter 
AppetibiFiQr, n. a desirable state or quality 
Ap'pctible, a. desirable, pleasing, cngi^ng 
Ap'petite, n. a stomach, desire of food, of 

oUier sensual gratification 
Applaud'y V. t. to praise, commend, extol 
Applaud'er, n. one who praises or commends 
Applause', n. jpraiso, commendation, credit 
Ap pie, 71. fruit, the pupil of the eye 
Apply', V. t. to put to ceitain use, study 
Ap'plicable, a. suitable, proper, fit 
Ap'plicableness, n. a fitness to be applied 
AppHeabil'ity, n. the state of being a]>plicable 
Applicant, 7t. one who makes request 
Application, n. act of applying, close study 
Ap'plicative, A]/plicatoiy, a. thnt applies 
Appouit', V. t. to fix upon, detcimin, settle, 

name and commission to an oflice 
ApptHnt'able, a. tliat may be appointed 
Af^Xkint'ed, />a. fixed on', chosen, cqui]»ped 
Appoint'ment, 7t. an onler, salar}% post, de- 
signation to ofiice. 
Af^iortion, v. t. to divide or part out, to assign 
Apiiurtioniuent, /i. a dividing into shai*es or 

Ap'poAit&, a, proper, suitable, well adapted to 
Ap'positffly, ad, properly, fitly, suitably 
Ap'poeiteness, n, fitness, suitableoese 
Appofli"tioB, n. a putting to, an addition 
ApprtUsc, V. t, to value goods by autliority, to 

set a price on^ see apprise 
KppHisemeut, //. th(»act of uppitiisin^ i 

A P p 


Appraiser^ n. an authorized peraOD who values 
Appre'ciate, v. to value, estimate, rise in vahie 
Appreciation, n. estimate, a rising in value 
Appre'ciable, a. capable of being estimated 
Apprehend', v. t. to seize, understand, fear 
Apprehend'ed, pa. caught, conceived, feai^d 
Apprehend'er, n. a ounceiver, a thinker 
Apprehcns'ible, a. tliat may be apprehended 
Appreheu'sron, 7t. conception, suspicion, fear 
Apprehens'ive, a. fearful, sensible [prehensive 
Ap])relien'siveness, n. the quality ol being ap- 
A])pren'tice, 7i. one bound to learn a trade 
Appren'licc, v. t. to bind out as an apprentice 
Appren'ticeship, n. the time an apprentice 

Apprfse, V. t. to value, to set a price on 
Appr/sement, n. a valuation under autliority 
Appriscr, n. one appointed to value 
Apprize, V. t. to inform, to acquaint 
Apprized, /)u. informed, told, instructed 
Appnkieh, v. to draw near, to come up to 
Apprortch, n, tlie act of drawing near 
Approachable, a. tliat may be approached 
Ap'probatc, v. t. to express approbation 
Ap'probatory, a. a]>pi'oving, oontaiuing ap- 

Approbation, n. the act of approving 
Ai)pr(>])riate, v. t. to set squul, for a ccrlaui 

]mrposc, or for one's self 
Appropriate, a. peculiar, 8t;t apart, assigned 
Appixipriuble, a. that may be appit)priated 
Api»r6priateness, n. suitableness 
Appropriation, n. an application to some par- 
ticular use or meaning [benefice 
Appi'6i»riiitor, n. one who has an appropriated 
Airprove, (approov) v. t. to like or allow of, 
render one's self worthy, justify, ]^ve, 
ApprovaLle, a. wortliy of approbation 
Approval, Ap])rov»;'ment, ii. approbation 
Apjirt'nod, />w. llkeil, piwed, tried examined 
Approx'imate, v. i. to come near, approach 
Approximation, II. ;\ w<.'«v VL\k>^\«as^x 
Appulse', 7l.X\\e ivtV <^w ^Vy^wv* \iJ^\i^ ^^jRR:^ 



Anpui/tenaiioc, n. that which belongs or re- \ 

latesto som^ing: else 
Appar^tnuint, a. belonging to 1)7 right 
A pricot, n. a fine kind of stone fruit 
A'pril, n. the fourth month of the yeai* 
A'[»t»y n. a part of dress ivorn before, cover 
A'proned, a. vearing or having an- apron 
Apt, a. fit, ready, qualified, inclined, tending 
Apf itude, n. fitness, tendency, disposition 
Apt^y, ad. properly, fitly, readily, wittily 
Apt^neas, n. fitness, readiness 
Apy'rous, a. resisting fire, incombostible 
Aquafor'tis, n. a cori'osivc liquor 
Aqwirius, n. the rainy sign of the zodiac 
Aquat'ic, a. living in water, watery 
Aq'ueduct, n. a conveyance for water, pipe 
A'queous, a. watery, consisting of water 
A'queousness, n. a water}' qnalit)' 
Aq iiUine, a. Uke an eagle or its beak, hooked 
Ar'abic, n. the language of Araliia 
Ar'able, a. fit for ullage or plowing, plowed 
^rineous, a. like a cobweb, or spider 
Arl»iter, umpire, one who controls 
.\rbit'rament, n. will, deteniiination, award 
.^rTiitrarily, ad. without control, absolutely 
Ar'bitrariness, n. wilfulness, despotism 
Ar'bitrary, a. absolute, despotic, go>'ci'ned or 

dictated by will only 
Ar'biti'ate, r. to hear and judge as an arbitrator 
Arbitration, n. reference of a controversy to 

persons chosen by the parties, a hearing 

before arbitrators, award 
Arbitrator, 71. a person chosen by a party to 

dcdde a controversy, one who hrfs the sdve- 

Tt^Sa right to judge and control 
Ar'bitress, n. a ^male arbiter 
Arbdrcous, Ar'boroas, a. belonpng to tfecs 
Ar^boret, 71. a small tree, a siirub 
Ar'boris^n. a natui'alist in or judge rtf trees 
Ar'bor, ?». a bower, a seat shaded with trees 
Ar'bute, n. the sti-awberrj-tree 
Arc, n. part of a cii'ch! or bridge 
^jvAi}^^ n. a c/mtinuation of arches, a long arch 
^^^aain,pg. h aocre't, wjrMerv, nostnun 
-*^A a: ehle^ BOtifrioiiH, y^u^sh, shrewd 


Arch, n. a <5urve line, or part of a circle, an v 

work ill that form, or covered by an arch ' 
Arch, V. to form an arch 
Archan'gel, ft. a chief angel, a plant 
Archangci'ic, a. belonging to arcliangels 
Archapw tate, n. the chief apostate 
Archbish'op, n. a chief bishop 
AQchbish'opric, n. diocess of an archbishc^ 
Archdeacon, n. % chief deacon, bishop's deputy 
Archdeaconry, Archd^aconship, n. the (tece 

of an archdeacon 
Archduch'ess, n. a grand duchess 
Archduke, n. a grand duke, a chief prince 
Archdiical, a. pertuning to an archduke 
Arch'ed, pa. bent in form of an arch, vaulted 
Arch'er, n. one who dioots with a bow 
Arch'ery, ?i. the art of sliooting witli a bow 
Arch'etypal, a. belonging to the original 
Arch'etype, n. the original, a pattern, a model 
Archiepis^copal, a. belonging to an archbishop 
Arch'itect, n. a chief builder, a contriver 
Architect'ive, a. belonging to architecture 
Arcliitecton'ic, a. of or relating; to an architect 
Arch'itecture, n. die science or act of building 
Architeo'tural, a. ]>eiixiining to building 
Arch'itrave, n. jirincipal beam, the part of a 

column next above the capital, 
Arch'ivcs, (rA as k) n. pi. records, a place 

used for i-ccoixis 
Arch'ivitt, n. the keeper erf ai'chivcs 
Aix'hpreKate, n. a chief pi-elate 
Archpres'byter, n. a chief pixjsbyter 
Archpriest, n. a chief i)riest 
Archtreas'urer, 11. a chief treasurer 
Arch'Nvise, ad. in the form of an arch 
Arc'tic, a. northern, lying far noilh 
Ar'dency, Ar'dentnesiSjM. eag<;mess, zeal, hrat 
Ar^dent, a. hot, fierce, zealous, affectionate 
Ar'dcntly, ad. zealously, aftectionatcly 
Ar'dor, n. warmth, fervency, affection 
Ar'duous, a. diflicalt, hard to attain, laborious 
Ar'duousiiess, n. difficulty and laboriousness 
A'roa, 7*. the gaperficial contents of a thing 
Arefae'tioujii. the act of drying, dryness 


Areop'tffu^n, supreme court (^ancient Athens 
Areo^Kff^ n. a member of the court (tf Athens 
Ar'gentjO. silver color**!, white, shining, bright 
Argentition, n. an overlaying with silver 
Ai^ieotif erous, a. producing silver 
Ai^^n^oe, a. Ukc silver, consisting of it 
Ar'eill, n. fat soft earth, pure clay [of clay 
Argilliceous, Arg^llous, a, clayish, consisting 
Argillireroas, a. producing clay [premises 
Ar^e V. to reason, to draw inferences from 
Ar'guer, n. a disputer, reasoner 
Ar'gament, n. reason alledged to induce be- 
lief debate, a summary oi contents 
Argument'al, a. belonging to argument 
Ai^mentitkm, n. the act or art of reasoning 
Argument^alive, a. ctmtfuning argument 
A'nan, n. a follower or disciple of Anns 
A'rianism, n. a denial oi the divinity of Clirist 
Ar^id, a. dry, oarched up willi heat 
Aridity, Ar'ioness, n. dimness, drouth 
A'ries, n. oae of die 1 2 signs, ihe ram [duly 
AHg^t, ad. in order, without mistake, rightly. 
Arise, v. i. arose ; pr. arisen ; pa. to riKc, get 

iq>, moaot up, appear, revive from death 
Aristoe'raey, n. a government by nobles 
Aris'toerat, n. one who favors aristoci-acy 
Aristo'eratie, a. partaking of aristocracy 
Arit&'metie, n. the science of oomputation 
Aritikmetlcal, a. according to arithmetio 
Arithmefieally, ad. by means of arithmetic 
Arithineti"dan, n. one skilled in arithmetic 
Ark, n. a lumber vessel or ship, chest, arch 
Ark'ite, who was in the ark at the deluge 
Ark'ite, a. pertuning to the aric 
Arm, n. a limb (^the body, branch, inlet 
Arm, V. to furnish with or take up arms 
Armida, n. a faff^ fleet of ships of war 
Armadina^ n. i^imall quadruped of America, 
covered irith a shell composed of moveable 
.^m'unent, n. a land or naval force 
Ate'ature, n. armor, defense, skill in arms 
Ani'ed jta.fiiniidied witli arms, defended 
Anni'^geraui^ a. heanag' arms 

y'i&rf, a. oforresemhKog a bracelet 


A R R 


Armin'ian, n. one who denies predcstinatioi^ 
and holds to free will, and univcnal re- 
Armin'ianism, n. the tenets of Arminiana 
Armip'otcnt, a. powerfid in arms, warlike 
Arm'istioe, n. a cessation of arms, a truce 
Arm'let, n. a small arm of the sea, a bracelet 
Arm'or, n. defensive arms for the body 
x\rm'(M%r, n. a person that makes or sells arms 
Armorial, a. belonging to family arms, armor 
Armor'ic, a. pertaining to Brittany in France ; 

n. tlie language of the country 
Arm'ory, n. a i*epo6itor}' of arms, armor [arms 
Arm'or-bearer, n. one who carries another's 
Arm'pit, n. tlie hollow under tlie shoulder 
Arms, n. pi. tlie ensigns of a family, weapons 
Ai'^my, n. a body of armed men, great number 
Aromat'ic, Ai-oniat'ical, a. spicy, fragrant 
\romat'ic8, n. pi. spices or perfumes 
Around', ad. and prep, in a circle, about 
Arouse', v. t. to awaken suddenly, excite 
Ar'pent, n. a French acre, or 100 square rods 
.Vr'quebuse, n. a large handgun 
Arrac', n. the spirit of the cocoa-nut, a pladt 
Arrai^, v. t. to call to answer in court 
\rnu^ned, pa. accused, called to answer 
Arr:(i_§^iment, n. the act of arraigning 
Arrange', v. t. to set in order, put in plaee 
Arrange'ment, n. the state of being putin ocder 
Ar'rant, a. very bad, vile, notorious, wicked 
Ar'ras, n. tapestrv*, hangings of tapestry 
Array, n. onler of men for battle, dresSy the 

impanneliing of a jury, or the jury 
An-iiy, r. t. to put in order, dress, impannH 
Arrived, pa. dressed, clothed, impannelled 
Arrear, Ari'ears^, n. the part (^ a debt unpaid 
Arrest', r. t. to seize by warrant, stop, hinacr 
Arrest', n. a seizure by warrant, stop, hin- 
drance, stay of judgment after verdict 
Arrestation, n. restraint, seizure, hlndranoe 
Arrest'ed, pa. seized for debt, stuped 
Arrt't', n. an edict of a soverei^ CARsfL 
Arrfvsi, n. the aclol twnivwv;^^^''^*'^ 
Arrivance, n. a eorcvYavvs ^iyw'vwsj^^'wtvn*. 
Arrive, v. i. to ccwvv: to w t^w\\ ^ aJis^*^ 



Ai/roganee, ft. haughtiness, presuiuptkui 
Ar^rogant, a. haughty, selt-coneeited 
Ai/pogantly, orf. haughtily, vciy proudly 
Ai/rogate, v. t. to claim unjustly^ assume, take 
Arroir disment, n. a circuit of jurisdiction 
Ax^TOw, n. a weapon to be shot from a bow 
Ai^rowroot, n. a genus of plants, one of which 

yields a starch rcry nutritive 
Ar'rowy, a. conusting c£ or having aifrows 
Ar'senal, m a repositMy for arms, a magazine 
Ar'senic, n. a metal, heavy, and poisonous 
Arsen'ical, a. c<mtaining arsenic 
Ar'son, n. the malicious burning of a building 

by which life is endangered 
Art, 71. cunning, device, skill, science, trade 
Arterial, a. belonging to or like an artery 
Ar'teiT, n. a vessel conveying blood from 

the heart 
Art'ful, rf. cqnning, crafty, dexterous 
Art'fuUy, ad. cunningly, dextei-ously, skilfully 
Art'fulness, n. art, euniiing, dexterity 
Ar'tichoke, n. a garden vegetable 
Ar'ticl^e, n. a term, condition, part of a dis- 
• course, a clause or item, a distinct but 

undefined thing 
Ar'ticle, v. to covenant, agree, make terms 
Artic'ular, a. of or belongmg tp joints 
Artic'ulate, v. t. to pronounce distinctly 
Artic'ulate, a. distinct in speech, clear 
Artie'ulate, Artic'ulated, a. having joints 
Artic'ulatcly, ad. distinctly, elearly, plainly 
Articulation^ n. connected by joints, distinct 

utterance # 
Art'ifice, n. a trick, device, stratagem 
Artificer, n. an artist, manufacturt^r 
Artifi"cial, a. made by art, factitious 
Atlifi^cialnesft, p. tite state of being artificial 
Ailifi^eially, ad. by art, not natiu-ally 
Artil'lery, n. weapons for M'ar, cliiefly cannon, 

mortars and tlieu* ap]>endages, the men who 

manage them 
Art^isun, n. an artist [honest 

^7t7€sa^ a. wklioiit art or design, simple, 
-^/eswr/ca^ fg, shnplmty oi heart, sincei% 

A S L 

Arundin'eous, a. abounding with reeds 
Arus'pice, n. a divination from entrsulsof bcasti* 
As, pron. that, who, lo/uch, in like manner oi* 

degree, like, while 
Asafet'ida, n. a strong scented gum resin 
AsbeS'tus, n. a species of magnesian stone ov 

eailh, which is incombustible 
Ascend', v. to go up, rise, recur back in time 
Ascend'ant^ n. heighUi, influence, superiority 
Ascend'aut^ a. higher, superior 
Ascend'ency, n. superiority, influence 
Asecn'flion, n. the act of ascending or risin,i^ 
Ascen'sion-day, n. the day on which our Sa\- 

iour*s Ascension is commemorated 
Ascent', n. an eminence, rise, rising of a hill 
Ascertain, v. t. to make certain, to gidii certain 
knowledge [tsunty 

Ascertained, pa. made certain, Icamt to a cer- 
Ascert^inment, n. a making or gaining eertainiy 
Ascertainable, a. to be ceitainly known 
Ascet'ic, n. a retired and devout pei*son 
Ascet'ic, a. employed in dtjvotion, austere 
Asciti'tious, a. supplementiil, a<UIitional 
Ascribe, v. t. to atti'ibute, impute, assign 
Ascribable, a. that may be ascribed 
Ascrip'tion, n. the act of ascribing 
Ash, n. the name pf a well knoM u tree 
Asbkmcd, a. coveied witli shame, abashed 
Adi'iM^ n. made or formed of ash-wood 
Adh'oMZ. pi. tlic remains of what is burnt, the 

rell^ns of a dead body 
Ashore, ad. at or on shore, on the land 
Ash-We/in'c^sday, n. Uie fii*st day of Lciit 
Ash'y, a. ashcolored, like ashes 
Asiat'iC) a. p<*rtaining to Asia 
Asiat'ic, v. a native of Asia 
Aside, a J. on one side, out of the right way 
As'inine, a. belongir^ to an an, stupid 
Ask, V. to make request, petition, seek, in- 
quire, set a price on 
Askaunce' or Askaunt', ad. sideways 
Adc'er, n. an inquirer, water-newt, eft 
Askew, ad. sideways, contera*ptuoiisly, proudly 
Aslantf , ad.ovY owe side, aslope, obliquely, awiy 
Asleep J a. «1 r^^ vw ^<tc^^\w^ ^^iK^\\^^^^\»*e 


Aslope, ad. avty, in a slanting manner 
Asp or Ai^pie» ». a small venomous serpent, 

whose 'pQiBOn kills Uke an opiate 
Aspai^agD% n. a plant for food 
Aarpeety n. a look, air, appearance, view 
A^'en, n. a tree, the poplar, or a species of it 
Asjien, a. of or belonging to the aspen 
A^erate, v. t. to make rough or uneven 
AsperltT, n. roughness, hanhness 
Asperse', v. t. to sprinkle, attack witli slander 
A^er'uon, n. a sprinkling, slander 
Asphal'tio, a. bituminous 
Asphalt^, n. a black bituminous substance, 

round on die lake Asphnltis, &c. 
As'phodel, n. a kind of plant, tlic dtnr-lUty 
Aypirate, v. t. to pronounce vith a full emis- 
sion of breath 
Ail'pirate, n. a letter or mark of an emission 

(H breath in pronunciation 
As'pirated, pa. pronounced very full or strong 
.Vspin&tion, n. an ardent wish, a full pronun- 

Aspire, v. t. to desire eagerly, pant after, dm 

at what is loffy or difficult 
Asport&don, n. a carrying away, removal 
Asquint', ad. askaunt, wiUi one eye shut 
Ass, n. an animal of burden, a stupid person 
AssAil, V. t. to assault, attack, set u[)on 
AsflUlable, a. that may be attacked 
Asa^ant, a. attacking, invading. 
Assailant, AssiUler, ti. one who at 
Assassin, Assass'inator, n. one who KnF^Vr at 

tempts to kill by treachery, or secret assault 
Assawinate, v. t. to murder by secret assault 
Assasunition, n. the act of assassinating 
AsBault^, ft. violent attack, storm of a fort, a 

blow or attempt to strike 
Assault', V. t. to attack, set or fall upon, storm 
Assoult'er, n. one who assaults or storms 
Ass^y, V. to ti^', prove, examine, attempt 
Assfy, fi. a trial, examination, first effoit 
Assay'er, n. one who assays or tries metals 
Assem'blagc, ;/. a collection or joining 
Assem'ble, v. to brings call or meet togtlbcr. 


«4 1 

Asscm'blod, pa. met together 

Assem'bly, n. a company assembled or met« 

a ball, a legislature or a branch of it 
Assent', v. t. to i^^ree, consent, yield, admi^ 
Assent', n. the act of i^rceiiig, consent 
Assent'cr, n. one wlio assents 
Assert', v. t. to affirm, maintain, vindicati* 
Asser^tion, u. tlie act of asserting, affirmati9n 
Assert'ive, a. positive, implying assertion 
Assert'or, n. an affirmer, a maintauier 
Assess, r. t. to tax, to value for the purpose 

of taxing 
Assess'ment, n. the act of assessing, a tax 
Assess'or, n. one tliat lavs taxes or \'alucs 
Ass'cts, 71. pi. effects left by one dead 
Asseveration, n. positive amrmation 
Assiduity, n. dili^nce, application 
Assid'u<ms, a. diligent, constant in application 
Assid'uously, ad. diligently, closely 
Assign, V. t. to appoint, fix, transtei^ 
Assignable, a. tliat may lie transfcri'ed 
Assignation, n. an appointment 
Assifin^e, n. one who is cntioisted 
Ass/^cr, Assi^^nqr', n. one who assigns 
Assignment, n. appointment, a making ovcj: 
Assim'ilate, v. to make or grow like 
AssimiUtJon, n. the act of growing like 
Assist', V. t. to help, succor, relieve, aid . 
Assist'ance,?}. help, aid, succot, reUef^ suppwt 
Assist'ant, n. one who assists ; a. helping 
Assize, n. an order fixing the weight and 

price of bread, &c. court (^ justice, jury 
Assize, V. t. to fix measures or rates, settle 
Assizer, n. one who fixes wci|^ita and measures 
Associate, v. to keep company 
Assficiate, n. a oonii>anioii, partner, partaker 
Ass6ciate or Associated, /la. joined ui league 
Associable, a. that may bo joined or united 
Ass6ciate, a. connected, confederate 
Associubil'ity, n. tlic faculty of being affected 

by sympathy, or connection 
AEsbcialion,7i.:i cduventiun of clerg]i'men|(ir. k.) 
AssociiiUon,77. union, confedei-acy, patlnevslu\^ 
Associative, a. u.\\Av\\^vc> ^"sawtx^Vvt 
A«»oil', V. t Ao v;v\^VJe \\v «\'asMi*.wwwj.v\ 



Assort'ment, n. a ranging, variety 
AasuAge, v. t. to soften, ease, abate, lessen 
Assuagement, n. abatement, mitigation, ease 
Assu^ger, "n. one that assua^s, or pacifies 
Assuiisive, a. mitigating, softening, easing 
Ass^ietade, n. custom, nabitual use 
Assumic, V. t. to take vhat is not just or natur- 
al, or without proof, to undertalke or promise 
Assumed, pa. taken, taken for grantea 
Assdmer, n, an assuming, or arrogant person 
Assuming, pa. taking, haughty, impertinent 
Assamp'sit, n. a promise, action founded on one 
Assump'tion, n. undertaking 
Assure, v. t. to make secure or confident 
Assurance, n, confidence, want of modesty, 
certain knowledge, certainty, security 
against loss, positive declaration 
Assured, jto. persuaded, certain, insured 
Assuredly, aJl. certainly, without doubt 
Assiirer, n. one that assures 
As'terisk, n, the mark (*) in printing 
As'terism, n. a constellation of fixed stars 
Astern', ad. in the hinder part c^a ship 
Asthma, n. a difficulty of breathing [asthma 
AstAma^ic, AstAmat'ical, a. troubled with an 
Aston'ish, Astound', r. t. to amaze, to confound 
Aston'ished, )&a. amazed, dumb with surprize 
Aston'ishingly, ad. in an astonishing manner 
Aston'ishment, n, amazement, confusion 
Astrad'dle, ad. wiUi legs across or open 
As'tragal, n. a molding on a pillar 
As'tra^ a. belonging to the stars, starry 
Astray, ad. out oTor from the ri^ht way, wrong 
Astric^, V. t. to etatract by application, bind 
Astrie'tion, n. the act of contracting parts 
Astride, ad. across, with logs open as on a horse 
Astrinee', v. /. to draw tc^cther, bind, brace 
Astrin^ney, n. the power of contracting 
Astrin'gent, a. binding, contracting, bracmg 
Astrin'gent, n. a medicine which, used inter- 
nally, contracts and strengthens 
Astrol'ogy, n. the art of foretelling by the stars 
^stna?'qgner, Astrddgrian^ n. one who foretels 

"^"""^ ^^«> u, cbe who studies the b&^r^f 


Astronom'ical, a. bclon^ng to astronomy 
Astronom'icaIly,a£ the manner of astronomy 
Astron'omy, n. the science or study of the stars 
Astute, a. shrewd, discerning, eagle-eyed 
Asun'der, ad. apart, separately, into two parts 
As'ylum or Asylum, n. a refuge, sanctuary 
At, pr. in, by, near b^, towards fnasius 

Athana'flian, a. relating to the creed of Atha- 
A'thcism, n. a disbelief of the being of a God 
A'theist, 71. one who denies a God, an infidel 
Atheist'ical, a. denying a God, impious 
Atheist'ically, ad. in an atheistical manner 
Athirst^, a. thirsty, dry, in want of drink 
Athlet'ic, a. belonging to wrestiing, strong 
Athwarf , ad. and pr. across, through, wrong 
Atilf, ad. raised forward as if to thrust 
At'las, 71. a collection of maps, joint, rich silk 
Atlan'tic, n. the ocean between Europe, Africa 
and America [the Atlantic 

Atlan'tic, Atlante'an, a. pertaining to Atias or 
At'mosphere, n. the surrounding air and vapors 
Atmospher'ic, a. belonging to die atmosphere 
At'om, n. an extreme small particle 
Atom'ical, a. relating to atoms 
At6ne, v. to expiate by sacrifices, make satis- 
faction, or be e<|uivalent [ciliation 
Atonement, n. satisfaction, expiation, recon- 
Atop^^^rf. at or on the top, above 
Audfl^^a. heinous, outrageously wicked 
A^^^H^, ad. outn^^eously, enormously 
Ati^^Hiess, Atro^city, ii. extreme heinous- 

At'rophy, n. a want of due nourishment 
Attach', V. t. to take by legal process, to bind 
by affection, unite [ment 

Attach'able, a. that may be taken by attac^i- 
Attach'ment, n. a seizure, regard, a writ 
Attack', V. t. to assault, fall upon, invade 
Attack', n. an assault, onset, charge, brunt 
Attack'ed, pa. assaulted, set upon, cliai^ed 
Attain, r. to come to, or reach by efforts 
Att^able, a. that may be attairicd 
AtUiinableuess, n. the being attainable 
Attainder, n. the act of attaintii;g in law 
Attainment, n. aliymi^^\Xai\i<&^, ««nf>^ti<u\ 


Attaint, v, t. to oorra|it the blood of a tnuiu , 

■o thiit he eaniiot inherit estate 
Attaint, n. a itun, spot, reproacL, )mrt 
Attem'per, Attem'pcnite, v. t. to reduce or 

qualify }aj mixture, soften, fit, regulate 
Attem'pered, pa. qualified by mixture, suited 
Attem|rt:^, n. a trial, endeavor, effort, attack 
Attempt', V. t. to try, endeavor, essay, attack 
Attempt'able, n. that may be attempted 
Attemptfer, n. one who attempts 
Attentr, v. to wait, listen, accompany 
Atlend'anee, n. the act erf' waiting, duty, a train 
Attend'ant, a. waiting on, coimectcd iiith 
Attend'ant, n. one that attends, or waits on 
Attend'ed,^a. waited on, accompanied 
Atten'tion, n. tlie act of attending 
Atten'tive, a. heedful, regardful, intent 
Attent'ively, a4. carefully, diligently, closely 
Attent'iveneM, n. attention, carefulness 
Atten'uant, a. makine less viscid, or slender 
Atten'uant, n. that which makes less viscid 
Atten'oate, v. t. to thin, make less viscid 
Atten'uatc, Attenuated, ]^/. thinned, diluted 
AttcnuiitioD, n. a making thin or slender 
Attest', V, t. to bear or call to witness, affirm 
Attestation, 91. teatimcmy, official testimony 
AVtssCedfpa. witnessed, pro^-ed, saiii^rted 
At'tie, a. ilelicate, like the Athenians 
At'tie, fi. an order of pillars on tlic 
At'tie story, tlie up^KT story 
At'Ueism, n. delicate wit, as' that of AlMwans 
Attfre, V. t. to dress, hal)it, amiy, deck, set off 
Attire, 71. clothes, apparel, honis of a buck 
At'titudc, n. a pcMturc, gesture, fixed state 
Auol'lcnt, a. raising, drawing up, lifting 
Attoi/ney, n. he who acts for anoUier, a proxy 
Attor'neyship, n. the office of an attorney 
Attraet', v. t. to allure, invite, draw, en^ge 
Attrac'tion, n. tlie power or act of drawing 
Atti'act'ible, a. that may be attracted 
Atlniet'ive, n. what draws, engages or incites 
Attnict'ive, a. alluring, enticing, inviting 
Attract'ivcly, ad. in an attractive manner 
Attract'ivenesi^ 7i. ihe qimlity which draws 
Attnet'or, a. one who attracts, otw. who dra-^s 


A U R 



At' tribute or Atti*ib'ute, v. t. to suppose to be- 
long, ascribe, impute 
Attrinutable, a. tliut may be ascribed 
At' tribute, ;i. a property, inherent quality 
Attribution, n. the act of ascribing 
Attrib'utive, a. relating to an atti*ibute 
Attrib'utive, n. a word which denotes quality 
Atti'i'^tioti, n. the act of rubbing, sorrow for sin 
Attune, V. t. to put in tuue, to make musical 
Auburn, a. brown, of a tan or dai*k color 
Auc'tiouj //. a public sale to the highest bidder 
Auctioneer, n- the manager of an auction 
Audacious, a. daring, contemning restraint 
Audaciously, ad. boldly, impudently 
Audaciousness, Audac'ity, n. boldness, 
Au'dible, a. that may be' lieard 
Au'dibly, ad. in a manner to be heard 
Au'dicnce, n. hearers, an intc-view [thority 
An'dit, 71. an examination of accounts under au- 
Au'dit, V. t. to eximiine and adjust accounU by 

persons authorized 
Au'ditor, n. a heai'er, an examiner of accounts 
Au'ditory, n. an assembly of hearers ; a. able 

to hear 
Au'ditress, rt. a woman that hears 
Au'ger, 71. a can)ontcr's tool to bore holes with 
Auj'/it, 71. any tiling [large 

Augment', v. t. to increase, make or become 
Aug'mcnt, 7*. an increase, a prefix 
Augmenttition, n. the act or state of increasing 
Au%ur, 71. a diviner by the flight of binls 
Au'gur, Au'gurate, v. i. to judge by augur}- 
Augur.ition, n. the act or practice of augury 
Augurial, a. o\ or relating to augury 
Au^irrHis, a. foreboding, portending by signs 
Au'gur)', n. an omen, a divmation by birtU 
Au'gust, 7i. tlie 8Ui month of the year 
August', a. grand, impressing veneraticHi 
August'ness, 72. dignity, majcs^', grandeur 
Auk, 71. a genus of water fowls 
At/nt, 71. a father's or mother's sister 
Aurdlia, n. the first change of a maggot oi 
form from which an insect is batcU«d 

Auric' uU, 71 . a \>t«»x\^v\YaA. ^ xofifc 


A V A 

Aaric'ular, a. of ot npoken in the ear, private 
Auric'ularly, ad. in the ear, in a secret manner 
Auriferous, o. bearing or producing gold 
Aurora, n. the dawning light, the moiTiing 
AunSra-boredlis, n. the northern lights 
Aus'pice, AuB^pices, n. omens, patronage 
Auspi"oiou8, a. prosperous, lucky, favorable 
Auspi'^ciousiy, ad. prosperously, happily 
Austere, a. severe, rigid, harsh, rough, stem 
Austerely, ad. severely, rigidly, sternly 
Aust6rencs8, n. severity, strictness, roughness 
Auster'ity, n. severity, a mortified life 
Aus'tral, a. oi or tendmg to the south, southern 
Autlien'tic, a. genuine, original 
Authen'tically, ad. with marks of credibility 
Authen'ticalness, Authenti^city, n. genuine- 
ness, reality, tinith 
Authen'ticate, v. i. to establish by proof 
Authentic^ion, n. tlie act of authenticating 
Au'thor, n. one who makes or causes, writer 
Au'thoress, n. a female author, or writer 
Author'ity,n. legal power, warrant, testimony, 
rule, precedent, influence derived from of- 
fice or character^, credit, credibility ; in Con. 
the Magistracy or body of justices 
Author'itative, a. having authority, X)ositive 
Author'itatively, ad. with authority, positively 
Authorization, n. establishment by authority 
Au'thorize, v. t, to givft authority, justify 
Autocrat, n. an absolute sovereign 
Autoc'racy, n. independence, sovereignty 
Autograph, n. an onginal writine, exact co^y 
Autograph'ical, a* renting to one s own writing 
Autom'iM^ous, a. having power of self-motion 
Autom'aton, n. an engine that moves of itself 
Autumn, n. the third season of the year, fall 
Autum'nal, a. of w belonging to autumn 
Auxil'iar, n. that which aids, a helper [tion 
AuxiViaries, n. pi. troops assisting another na- 
Auxil'iary, a. helping, araistant i n. a helper 
Avdil, 11. advantage, profit, use, efi^ct 
^ Kaj)&, procceos of property sold, Ccm. 
-^^^ « *: to profit, aaaist, promote . 

''''^ ^' ^^ power ofprmnoting | 

A V U 

Avfiilably, ad. with success or effect 
Avant-guard, n. the front of an army, the vaa 
.Warice, n. excesave love of monev 
Avari^cious, a. covetous, greedy after wealtli 
Avari"cioudy, ad. covetously, greedily 
Avari^ciousness, n. undue love of money 
Avast', ex. cease, hold, stop 
Avaunt- ex. getaway, begone 
A've-Miry, n. a prayer to the Vii^n Mary 
Avenge', *t). t. to take just satisfaction, vindi-^ 

cate, defend, punish 
Avenge'ance, Avenge'ment, il just punish- 
ment, vindication [isfaction 
AFen'ged,/>a. vindicated, having received sat- 
Aven'ger, n. a punisher, vindicator 
Av'enue, n. an entrance to any place, way 
.^ver', V. t. to declare positively, affirm, assert 
Av'erage, n. a mean proportion, a medium 
Av'erage, a. relating to a mean or medium 
Av'erage, v. t. to reduce to a mean 
Aver'ment, n. positive assertion 
Aver'red, jbo. asserted positively, avouched 
Aversation, n. hatred, abhorrence 
Averse', a. contrary, hating, disinclined 
Averse'ly, ad. unwillingly, backwardly 
Avcrse'ness, n. unwillingncis, backwardness 
Avcr'sion, n. hatred, dislike, disapprobation 
Aver|^%|. t. to turn aside or away, to keep ofi' 
A'^j^B^ a place for keeping birds in 
Av^^^En. greediness, eagerness, intenseness 
Avomn, n. calling away, business that calls 
Avoid', V. to shun, escape, quit, make void 
\.void'able, a. that may be avoided 
Avoid'ance, 7i. the act of avoiding 
Avoid'ed, pa. shunned, -escaped, lef): 
Avoid'er, n. one who avoids, one who shuns 
Avorduixiis', n. a weight of 16 ounces to the lb. 
Av'oset, n. a water fowl of the grallic order 
Avouch', V. t. to vouch, affirm, assert, justify 
Avouch'er, n. one who avouches, or affirms 
AtoV, v. t. to justify, own, acknowledge 
Avow'able, a. tliat is capable of being justified 
.Avow'al, n. a justifying, frank declaration 
\vow'edly, cul.'mwft avowed manner, openly 
ATuVsion, n. «i \>\iM\\\5i;ow, ^m wcAcv^v 


AwAit, V. i. to wait for, be in store for 
AM'^ke, a. not sleeping, lively, heedful 
Awikc, V. awaked, awoke ; ftret. awaked ; 

pa. to eease to sleep, rise fiHim the <1ead 
Awiiken, v. t. to awake, to put in action 
Awakening, n. a rousing from sleep, or from 

hciedlcasncss in sitiritual concerns 
Award', v. t. to adjudge, to assign by sentence 
Award', n. a sentence, a determination 
Award'er, n. one who assigns, or judges 
Aw^i-e, a. foreseeing, apprized before 
Awajy (id. at a distance, begone, let us go 
Awe, n, fear mingled with reverence, dread 
Awe, V. t. to strike witli awe, or fear 
AVful, a. striking awe, terrible, hateful 
Aw'fully, €td. in an awful manner, solemnly 
Aw'fttlness, n. the quality of striking with awe 
Awhfley ad. for some space of time 
Awk'waid, a. olumsiy, unhandy, ungraceful 
Awk'wardly, ad. clumsily, ungracefully 
Awk'wardncss, n. clumsiness, imgraeefulness 
Awl, n. a pointed instrument to bore holes 
AwHIess, a. without power to excite awe 
Awn, n. the beard of com or grass 
Awn'ing, n. a covering from the sun 
AnTi'less, a. witliout awn 
Awork'ing, ad. at or on w^ork, busy [nside 
Awry'j ad. or a. asquint, unever«iy, uneven, 
Ax, n. an iron tool to cut or hew wooiW^, ' 
Ax'iUary, a. belonging to the armpit, oipjAxil 
A\'i(Hn, w. a self-evidi-nt pi-oposition or'tnith 
Ax'iSy n. the line on which any thing revolves 
Ax'le, Ax'letree, n. a shaft on which cairiage 

wheels turn 
At, flrf. yes, used to affirm or assent 
Aye, fidCalways, ever, again, once moi*e 
Ay/ure, a. blue, or light blue, sky-eoloivd 
Az'ure, w. a fine light-blue color, the sky 


BA'A, (fl as in ask) v. i. to cry like a slieep 
Bdal, 7L the n.ime of a CaiiRanitish idol 
Tile, V. 7. io Ulk Idlv, to tvll seci-ef s 
ffayMe,ifab7tIemcnt liuf/btw^, n. \i\Vy f-dk 



Ral/blor, n. an idle or great talker, a telltale 
Babe, n. an infant chiUi of either sex, baby 
liabeiy, n. finery to please or amuse a chdd 
Babish, a. oirddihh, toolish, pettish 
Baboon', n. a large species of monkey 
Hiiby, n. a child, infant, girl's doll, little image 
Babyhood, n. tlie state of behig a baby 
nacchanalian, {ch an ^■) n. a drunkard 
Rac'ehanals, n. pi. drunken feasts, m^d revels 
Haccif'erous, a. hearing oi* producing berries 
Racciv'oi'ous, a. subsisting on berries 
Bach'elor, n. a man who lias not been marri- 
ed, one who takes his first degree in any 
profession, a low knight 
liach'elorship, n. the state of a bachelor 
Back, n. the hinder part, roar, thick part 
Back, ad. backwanl, behind, on things past 
Back, T. t. to mount, second, support, put back 
Back'blte, v. i. backbit ; pret. backbit, back- 
bitten ; pa. to slander an absent person 
Rack'biter, 7i. one who slandei-s sccivtly 
Back'biting, n. reproach cast on one absent 
Back'bone, n. the bone in the back 
Hack'door, ;/. a door placed behind ahonsi* 
Backgaiii'nion, w. game with dice and tabh? 
Back'lianded, a. with the hand turned bar); 
Back'house, n. a building behind a house 
Back'i-oom, n. a room l>ehind another 
Rack'side, v. tlie hinder pjart of any thing 
Back'slide, v. i. backslifl ; pret. backslidden : 

pa. to fall off, depart fi-om, apostatize 
Backslider, n. one who falls on or go*is back 
BacksHding, v. a falling back, oft', or away 
Back'stairs, n. stairs in the back of a house 
Back'swonl, n. a swor*! with one c<]ge 
Back'waitl, a. imwllling, dull, slow, sluggish 
Back'waixl, ad. back, in time past 
Back'wardly, ad. unwillingly, slowly 
Back'wardness, n. a -want of will, sluggishness 
J{iicon, 11. hog's flesh cured with salt and dried 
Bad, a. ill, sick, Mirked, hurtful, imperfect 
Badge, n. a mark of distinction 
Badg'er, v, a <\uadru\ke.d i\C vVv^. <vui ^^ ^Vrn'ss^ 
Bad \y , < i d . \w w \v\<\ wvsvwu^^ , w^ ^ 0\ 
\ Bad'ue««^, V . -aXwV^X^X^? .-jj-w^ ^'^^ '^^^'^ v^vs^^-^^ 


B A L 

Baf 'fle, V. t. to elude, confound, defeat 
Baffler, n. one who confounds, or defeats 
Bag, 71. a sack, pouch, purse, udder 
Bag, V. to put into a hag, swell, puff up 
Bagatell'e, n. a tfamg of no importance 
Bag'gage, n. a woi%less woman, utensils of 
an army, clothing, &c. carried on a journey 
or voyiige 
Bag'ging, n. cloth for hags 
Ba^n'io, n. a hot hath, a house of ill fame 
Bag'pipe, n. a Scotdi musical instrument 
Bail, n. a surely for anotlier, release from 

custody on giving security, handle 
Bail, V. t. to give hail or securitr, to adnut to 
hail, release upon hail, dehver goods in 
charge, lade water with a hucket, &c. 
Btiilable, a. that may he hailed, admitting hail 
Bailiff, n. an officer that arrests, overseer 
B^liwick, n. the' jurisdiction of a hailiff 
Bailer, n. one who delivers goods in trust 
Bailed, lu one who receives goods in trust 
Bailment, n. a deliveiy of goods in trust 
Bait, V. to put on a halt, give or take refresh- 
ment, set dogs upon, flutter 
Bait, n. a temptation, refreshment 
Baited, /)a. having a hait, fed, attacked, set on 
Baize, n. a soft nappy woollen cloth 
Bake, v. haked ; pret. haked, haken ; pa. to 

heat or liprden hy fire, he haked, dress 
Bakehouse, n. a place for haking 
B'iker, n, a person that hakes for a livelihood 
Bal'ance, 71. a pair of scales, part of a watch, 

constellation, difference of accounts 
Bal'ancc, v. to make equal, settle, hesitate 
jBarancer, a. a member of an insect for bal- 
Bal'cony, a. a gallery on the outsii'.e of a house 
Bald, n. without hair on the top and back part 

of the head, hai*e, plain, inelegant 
Bal'derdash, a. odd mixture, mean discourse 
Bald'rice, n. a girdle, the zodiac 
-RsJd'ly, ad. nakedly, meanly, inelegantly 
ySYcf<acss, ft. a want ofbair, plainness 

•^ ^ ^ ^ put into bales 


Balear'io, a. pertaining to Majorca sutd Mi- 
norca, in the Mediterranean 
BileftU, a. sorrowful, sad, full of mischief 
Balk, n. a rafter, beam, rid^, disappointment 
Balk, V, t. to disappoint, miss of, refuse 
Ball, n. any round thing, a dance 
Bal'lad, n. a song, a trifling song 
Balladsinger, n. a person who sings ballads 
Bal'last, n. weight used to steady a ship 
Ballast, V. to load with ballast, to keep steady 
Bal'let, n. a historical dance [sailing 

Balloon', 71. a kind of ball, a silk vessel for aerial 
Ballot, 71. a little ball, little ticket, chance, lot 
Bal'lcM:, V. to choose or vote by ballot 
Balloting 71. the act of giving ballots 
BaAon, 7t. the name of a plant ; v. t. to sooth 
Ba/my, a. of or like balm, sweet, fragrant, soft 
Bal'neary, n. a bathing-room, bath, bagnio 
Balndation, n. a bathing, the act of bathing 
Bal'sam, 71. an oily, aromatic substance flowing 

from trees, that which gives ease 
Balsamic, a. healine, miti^ting, unctuous, soft 
Balsamic, n. a heajfing softening medicine 
Bal'ustcr, n. a rail, a small pillar or column 
Balustrade, n. a row or set of little pillars 
Bamboo, n. a plant of the reed kind in India 
Bambo6zle, v. t. to trick, a low -word 
Ban, 71. a public notice, curse, censure, interdict 
Bauada^ {a as in ash) n. a species of plaintain 
Bandfift. bandage, linen, ornament, company 
Band,<i>. t. to tie or join together, conspire 
Band'^e, ti. something bound over, fillet 
Band'box, 71. a slight or thin kind of box 
Bandit'ti, men ontlaM-ed, robbers 
Bandoleers, 71. small cases for powder 
Band'y, v. to beat or toss about, debate 
Ban'dy, a. crooked ; 71. a crooked stick, club 
Ban'dylegged, a. having crooked legs 
Bane, 71. mischief, ruin, poison 
Baneful, a. hurtful, destructive, poisonous 
Banefulness, 7?. a destructive natui*e or quality 
Bang, V. t. to heat, thump, treat roughly 
Bang, n. a blow, thump, knock, stroke, rap 
Banish, •». t. to dnve or force away, to exile 
Ban'isher, ti. owe^\vo ^wc* ^:K^^^ i>w^^ 




Baa'ishment, n. an expuUicm fixim one's own 

coentty l^ aathority, exile, a Tolimtary 

abandonment of tme's oountiy 
Ban'ister, n. the same as baluster 
Bank, v. t, toraiae a mound, inclose with a bank 
Bank, 71.' a ridge of earth, side of a stream, 

bcndi of rowers, a JMnt fund for discounting 

notes and isviing bdls, a banking cnmpany, 

or their edifiee 
Bank-bill, n. a note for money in the bank 
Bank'able, a. Ihat may be ^scounted or re- 
ceived by a bank 
Bank'er, n. ohe who deals in money, or dis- 

Bank'mpt, n. a trader who fails to make pay- 
ment when doe, stops business, or docs any 

act to d^raud creditors 
Bank'mptf «. broke for debt, unable to pay 
Bank'rupt, v. /. to render unable to pay debts 
Bank^ruptoy, n. a Dulure in trade 
Ban'ner, n. a flag, military standard, streamer 
Ban'nere^ n. akn^t made in the field of battle 
Ban'nerol, Band'roll, n. a little fia^ or streamer 
Baa^qoet, n. a feast, grand entertainment 
"Bu/quetf v. to give a feast, to fare well 
Bantrera n. rallery, slight satire, joke 
Bant^er, v. t. to run upon, rally, ridicule 
Bttit'ercr, n. one who ridicules or rallies 
Bantlings n. a very young«child, an infant 
Bap'timiy n. a washing or sprinkling with 

water, a holy ordinance and sign of admis- 

skm into Cmut's Church. 
Bapdi^mal, a. pertaining to bajytism [sion 
Bap'tist, n. one who holds to baptism by immer- 
Bap'tist, Baptfzer, n. one who christens or dips 
Bap'tistery, n. a place for baptizing at, a font 
BaptJEe, V. t. to christen, plunge, apply water 4)ar]^ 'v. to make a noise, clamor, strip trees 

as a ugn of admission into the church Bark''ing, n. the noise of dogs, coughing 

Bar, n. a, bolt, stop, cross beam for security, Bark'y, a. consisting of bark, like bark 
. ineloBure in an mn or court room, division Bai*'ley, n. grain tliat malt is made of 

in mosic^ bank of sand in a river, body of 

lawyers, an exception in pleading 
Bar, V, t, to fasten, secure, hinder, shut out 
Bub, n, a b^riMiry hoi'se, arrow, pmnt, beard 
^cui/jmaa, n. an outward ^wtWcation 

Barb'acue, n. a hog dressed whole 
Barbarian, 71. a man uncivilized or bmtal 
Bai'b^rian, a. savage, cruel, wild, uncivilized 
Barbar'ic, a. foreign, outlandish, rude 
Barbarism, n. savagcness, ignorance, impro- 
priety of speech, an uncivilized state 
Barbar'ity, n. a savage state, cruelty 
Bar'barize, v. t. to make or render barbarous 
f)arl)arous, a. cruel, rude, uncivilized 
Bar'barously, ad. cruelly, inhumanly 
llar'barousness, n. cruelty, baj'barism 
Barb'ed,/>a. jagged with hooks, bearded 
Bai'b'el, n. the name of a lai*ge coarse fish 
Barb'cr, n. one that shaves beards 
Bar'berry, n. a prickly shrub and its berry 
Bard, n. k poet, an ancient Britisli poet 
Bare, a. naked, plain, simple, poor, lean, mere 
Bare^. v, t. to make bare or naked, strip 
Barefaced, a. shameless, unmasked 
Barefacedly, ad. shamefully, openly 
B4re&cedness, n. impudence, boldness 
Q&refbotf a. without shoes or stockings 
Beheaded, a. with the head uncovered 
Barely, ad. merely, only, nakedly, openly 
Bareness, n. nakedness, leanness, poverty 
Bar'gain, n. a contract, agreement 
Bargain, v. i. to make a contract, agree 
Bar'gainer, Bargainor', n. one who sells or 

i^ecs to sell 
Bargainee, n. one who buys or agrees to take 

a tlung to be transferred 
Bai^, n. a row-boat for landing or pleasure 
Barp^'man, n. one who manages a barge 
Banl'la, n. a plant which furnishes an ukili for 

making glass and soap ; also the alkali 
Bark, n. the rind of a tree, a small ship 

Barleycorn, n. a grain of bariey, the third 

part of an inch 
Barm, n. yeast, scimioCtvvdSMafi^^sc 
Barm'y, a. to\^ta^\u\\^ wX^'feXswswv^^x^^^ 
Barn,n. a slor<:^lO\x%ft^OT «iwu,\w:i%^*5^^vc^ 


B A S 

Barn'acle, n. a lore bird, a shelfish [tacles 
Bara'ades, n. pL irons on horses' noses, speo- 
BartHu'eter, n. an instrument to show the 

weight of the atmosphere 
BarometTrical, a. relating to a barometer 
Barton, n. a degree of nobUity next to a viseount 
Bar^onage, n. the dignity of a baroo^ whole 

body of barons 
Bfu/<me88, n. a baron's lady, or wife 
Bar^onet, n. knight of the first degree 
Baro'nial, a. belonging to a barony 
Bar^ony, n. Icnrdship of a baron 
Bar'rack, n. abuikUng to lodge soldiers in 
Bar^rator, n. an encoiirager of law-suits 
Bar'ratry, n. foul practiee in law, any fraud 

of a diipmaster 
Bu^rel, 71. a wooden vessel, tube of a gun 
Bar^rel, v. t. to put into a barrel 
Bar^ren, a. unfiniitful, scanty, dull, unmeaning 
Bar'ren, n. an unfertile tract of land 
Bar'renly, ad. unfniitfully, unprofitably, dully 
Bar'renness, n, unfruitfulness, a want ox Doatter 
Barricade, v. t. to fasten, ibrtify, secure 
Barricade or Barric^do, n. an obstrudtion, 

bar, impediment, hinderance, defense 
Bar'rier, n. a boundaiy, limit, defense 
Bar^rister, n. a pleader at the bar, a lawyer 
Bar^row, n. a hand carriage, a gelt swine, a 

hillock raised over the dead 
Bar^shot, n. two balls joined by a bar 
Bar'ter, v. t. to exchai^ic, truck, swap, trade 
Bar'ter or Bar^tery, n. traffick by exchange 
Basalf , n, a hard stone, black or green, con- 
sisting of crystals in upright blodu 
Basalt'ie, a. pertaining to Mtaslt 
Base, n. the bottom, foundation, pedestal, 

suppcnt, the grayest part in mu»c 
Base, a. mean, vile, worthless, cowardly, low 
Bisebom, a. bom out of wedlock, bastard 
B^less, a. without support, chimerical 
Biisely, ad. meanly, dishonorably, vilely 
B^ment, ?». the lower story 
SAseness, n. meanness^ vileness, bastardy 
^^rfol, ^ a £ddle for the base 
^4»fo,ir; >K. ^ Tadtuh yieeroy 

B A T^ 

Bash'iul, a. waiting confidence, modest 
Bash'fuUy, ad. timorously, modestly 
BashTumess, n. extreme modesty, difiidenee 
Bss'il, XL the sloping of a tool 
Bas'il, V. t. to gnnda tool to an angle 
Bas^ilf n- a genus of aromatic j^lants 
Bas'ilie, n. a hall or court of justice 
Banl'iooPs n- a kind of salve or ointment 
Bas'ilisk, n. a cockatrice, a kind of cannon 
Basin or Biscm, n. a vessel, pond, bay, dock 
B^isb, pi. bases, n. foundation, support 
B^sk, V. i. to lie exposed to the heat, to warm 
Bask'et, n. a vessel of ruslies, willows, &c. 
Bass, n. a mat to kneel on, rush, a fish 
Bassoon', n. a musical wind instrument 
B&s'tard, n. a spurious child or thing 
Bas'tardize, v. t. to determine one a bastard 
Bas^tardy, n. a spurious or unlawful birth 
Baste, V. t. to beat, sew slightly, drip butter. 
Bastin^e, v, t. to b^it the feet, cudgel 
Bastin^e, n. a beating, a cudgelling 
Bas'tion, n. a mass of earth standing out from 

Bat, n. a stick used at cricket, an animal 
Batch, n, a quantity of any thing, a small cctfir 
Bate, V. to take le^ abate, sink, out off 
Bath, n. a place to bathe in, a measure 
Bathe, v. t. to wash in water, soak, soften. 
Biiting^ pr. abating, deducting 
Batlet, n. an instrument to beat linen with 
Batoon', n. a club, truncheon, part of a bend 
Battalia, n. pL the order of battle, battle-array 
Battal'ion,7i.abodyof footfromSOOto 800 men 
Bat^tement, n. a striking, percussion 
Bat'ten, v. to fatten, form with battens 
Baften, n. a narrow piece of board 
Bat'ter, n. a mixture of flour, water, eegs 
Bat'ter, v. to' bruise by beating, wear down 
Bat^tery, n, act of battering, line of camion, 

parapet, a vat to beat indigo in 
Batftle, n. a combat, engagement, main body 
Bat'tlc, V. to contend in nght, dispute 
Bat'tle-ax, n. weapon used in battle, a bill 
.Bat'tledoor, n. an yutrument to strike shuttle 
\ cocks 

B E A 

Ual'Ucmcnt, n. t vail indented on the tops of 

Batti&e, n. a kmg flat boat, broad in tbe middle 
Bawl>Ie, fi. a gewgaw, trifle, trifling thing 
Bawd, n. a proeoress of lewd women 
Bawd, V. L to aet the bawd, to procure 
Bawd'iljT, ad. ofaecenelf , le-w<Uy, offensively 
Bawdlness, n. ribaldry, obsceni^ 
Bawd'ry, n, the employment of a bawd 
Bawd'y, a. unehaate, filthy, foul, 9b8cene 
Bawl, V. to speak very loud, call, cry aloud 
Bawling, n. a great noise, loud crpng 
Bay, V. to *baik as a dog, hem in, surround 
Bay, a. inclining to a ohesnut brown 
Bay, n. a recess or arm of the sea, an incfos- 

ure in a bam, a state of being hemmed in, 

land eorercd with the bay tree, (Carol.) 
Ray, n. tlie bay tree or laurel 
BiqKberry, n. a shrub with oily berries 
Bay'sait, n. salt formed by evaporation [gun 
Biyonet, n. abroad dagger fixt at tlie end of A 
Bfiyonet, v. t. to stab with a bayonet [prize 
Bays, n.jO/. an honorary crown or garland, a 
BtKar^, sezes'tin, n. in Turkey, a market 
JBdeFliam, n. a sweet smelling gum 
Be, V. /. and mixiUary, past, vivs^ ; pa. been, 

to exist, or have a certain state 
Bern, (bin) pa. having existed 
Beach, n. a sandy shoi-e, strand 
B^aeoo, n. any oDJectto give notice of danger, 

but chiefly a light to direct seamen 
BeaiTle, n. a crier, messenger, petty oflicer of 

a court, parish, college, i^c. 
B6adroll, n. u list of persons who are prayed for 
Bead, n. a small ball, a globule, a moulding 
BeiM^, n. a small hound, a Imnting dog 
Beak, n. the bill of a bird, a pcunt 
Beaked, a. having a beak, pointed 
Beaker, «. a cup with a spout like a bird's beak 
Beam, n. a main timber, balance of scales, ray 

oftfaeBon, &c. yoke of k chariot, horn of a 

Beam, v. i. to throw out rays, dart, glitter 
Biamless, a. without n/s dTb'ght 
Biaaji a. stuaiug', i-adismt, bsLviag horns 

B E C 


Bean, n. ^e name of many kinds of vetches 

or imlse, Sec. 
Bear, v. t. bore ; pret. borne ; pa. to carry, 

endure, press, convev, supply, produce 
Bear, v. t. bore ; pret. liom ; pa. to bring fbrtli 

a child 
Bear, n. an animal, mde man, oonstellati(m 
Bconl, n. hair on die cliin, ftcc, a jag, pmnt 
Beard, v. t. to pull by the beard, oppose 
Beard'ed,/>a. having a beard, jagged 
Beard'less, a. without a beard, youthful 
Bearer, n. a carrier of any tluiig, supporter 
Beargarden, n. any place of confusion 
Bearing, n. position with respect to another 
Beast, n. an irrational animal, brutish man 
Beastliness, n. brutality, nastiness, filthincss 
Beastly, a. bioitish, nas^', filthy, obscene 
Beat, V. beat ; />7"rt. boa^ beaten ; pa. to strike* 
throb, out-do, conquer, roust.', thi'ash, pound* 
measui'e time in i»nging, sail in a zigzag fornn 
Beat, n. the sound kA a drum, a stroke 
Beater, n. one who beats oi- strikes 
Beatific, a. making happy, blissful 
Beatif 'icallv, ad. in a very happy manner 
Beatification, n. admission to heavenly honors 
Beat'ify, r. t. to bless, to make happy 
Beating, n. a correction by blows 
Beat'it«ide, n. happiness, blessedness, gloiy [fop 
Beau, (bOjp^boes) n. a man of dress, coxcomb, 
Bcaiiish, (b^ish) a. gay, foppisli, gallant 
Beaver, n. an animal, hat of beaver-fur 
B^aveml, a. covered with or having a beaver 
Beauteous, Bea^itiful, a. fair, handsome 
Beouteously, ad. in a beauteous inauiier 
B^auteousncss, n. handsomeness, beauty 
Beautifully, ad. in a beauti^il manner, finely 
Beautify, Beauty, v. t. to adorn, grace, deck 
Bea6ty, n. whatever pleases the eye, as sym- 
metry, grace, handsomeness of person, ele- 
gance of buildings, assemblage of ornaments ; 
a verj' handsome ]>ersoii 
Becfl/m', V. t. to quiet, appease, make easy^ still 
Becalm' ed> pa . c\v\vii\., \va.NVs\'s|; w«a -^NsA 
Because' , co nj . W xAua 'waaow 
Beck, n. a si^a m\!i\ Wvi\«»i^o^V*^ 


B E P 

' Beck, BeeVoD, v. t. to make a sign, to hint 
Become' (becum) v. i. became, pret. become 

pa. to fit, befit, sit gracefully, be made 
BeocHnlng, pa. a. suitable to, graceful 
Becomingly, ad. in a becoming manner, fitly 
Becom'ingness, n. suitableness, propriety 
Bed, n. a place to sleep on, lodging, chanitel of 

a river, plat in a gtu^en, bank of earth 
Bed, V. to put to Of into bed, lie, sleep, sow 
Bedawb'y v. t. to daub or cover over, besmear 
Bed'dincf, n. the materiab belonging to a bed 
Bedeck , v. t. to deck, trim, adorn, dress up 
BedeV, v. t to mobten ^ntly, wet with dew 
Bed'fellow, n. one lying m the same bed 
Bedig^t, Bediz'en, v. t. to adorn or deck 
Bedim', v. t. to make dim, darken, obscure 
Bedlam, n. a mad house, a noisy place 
Bedlamite, n. a madman a noisy person 
Bedrag'gle, v. t. to dirty the clothes 
Bed'rid, Bed'ridden, a. confined to the bed 
Bed'room, n. an apartment for a bed 
Bedrop', v. t. to besprinkle with drops 
Bed'sted, tu the frame that supports a bed 
Bed'time, n. the hour of going to rest 
Bee, n. a genus of insects of wliich there are 

more than fifty species 
B^ebreod, n. wax collected by bees as food 
B^e>eater, n. a bird which eats bees 
Beech, n. the name of a tree 
B6eohen, a. made of, or belonging to beech 
Beef, 71. the flesh of an ox, cow, or bull 
Beef-eater, n. a yeoman of the guards, (Eng.) 

a gross person 
Beehive, n. the box in which bees are kept 
Beer, n. a liquor made ci malt and hops 
Beet, n. the name of a garden root 
Be6Ue, n. a lai^ heavy mallet, rammer, insect 
Beetle, V. i. to jut out, hang over, project 
Be^tlebrowed, a. prominent in the forehead 
Be^tlefaeaded, a. stupid, heaw, blockish 
Beeves, n. pi. oxen, cattle of the ox kind 
BefalF, v. t. betell, pret. befallen, pa. to hap- 
/fea, io come topMS, fall out 
^^/^« /:' to become, suit, be suitable, adorn 
^«0«/; z, ji to m^e M/bol,to deceive, ob. 


Bef6re, j>r. m front, sooner, in presence of 
Bef<Sre, ad. sooner, in time previous 
BefiSrehand, ad before in thing, time or plade 
Befdrehandy a. well provided with means 
Befdretime, ad. formerly, of old, of old time < 
Befoul', V. t. to make foul, daub, dirty, soil 
Befriend'* v- ^* to favor, use kindly, serve 
Befringe^, v. t. to adorn with fringe 
Beg, V. t. to ask earnestly, take for granted 
Begets, V. t. begat, begot, pret. begot, begot- 
ten, pa. to generate, produce, cause 
Beg«t'ter, n. one who begets, a father 
Beggar, n. one who lives by begging 
Beg'gar, v. t. to bring to want, to ruin 
Beg'garliness, n. poverty, meanness, stinglneiA 
Beg'garly, a. very poor, mean, stingy 
Beg'gary, n. great want, indigence, poverty 
Begin', v. began, begun ; pret. begun ; pa. to 

take rise, enter upon, try, do the first act 
Begin'ner, n. one who begins, a first attcmpter 
Begin'ning, n. the first part of time, original, 

first cause, act or state, commencement 
Begird', t>. t. begirt; pret. begirded, begirt; 

pa. to gird, bind round, surround, inclose 
Beguile, v. t. to deceive, amuse, cheat 
Behalf, n. favor, cause, support, account, act 
Behave, v. to carry, demean, conduct, act 
Behavior, n. conduct, a course of life 
Behead', v. t. to cut ofi^ Ae head, decapitate 
F)eh6mdth, n. the river-horse, hippopotamus 
Behest', n. a command, order, message 
Behind, pr. or ad. at the back, in the rear, out 

of fflght, remaining, inferior to 
Behindhand, £m/. behind in any thing, in airears 
Behdld, v. t. beheld ; pret. and pa. to lo(^ at| 

view, see, observe 
Behdlden, a. obliged, indebted 
Beh61der, n. one who beholds, a spectator 
Behoof, n. what behoves, profit, advantage 
Behoove'ful, a. fit, useful, profitable 
Behoove' or Beh6^, v. i. to befit, become 
B^ing,7i. existence,a person or tiling tliat exists 
B^ing, pa. existing 
Belabor, 7). t. to thum^, beat soundly 
Belated, chVaXfc wi^xJi<&,\jwv\^gD^sA»VQi^Naifc 

B £ M 

V. t. to waylay, to lie in wait, fasten 
v. i. to throw wind from the stomach 
n. the act of belching, malt-liquor 
Hj n. a hs^, old or scolding woman 
ner, v. t. to besiege, block up, perplex 
, n. a place where bells are rung 
, a. pertaining to Belg^ca, Or Flanders 
71. satan, the devil, wickedness, vice 
E7. t. to slander, speak falsely of, feign 
n. eredit given to evidence, strong or 
(ermanon of mind, opinion, creed 
1, V. to trast in, credit, have faith 
ible, a. dcsendng credit, credible 
ngly, ad. with full credit or faith 
:r, n. one that believes, or credits 
ad. probably, perhaps, ob. 
a hollow sounding vessel of metal 
i. to grow like a bell in shape, to swell 
%. a handsome, gay young lady 
mder, n. one who casts bells 
indery, n. a place for casting bells 
wer, n. a flower in shape of a bell, a 
B of plants of more than forty species 
aped, a. having the siiape of a bell 
erent, a. carrying on war 
erent, n. a party engaged in war 
in, n. a crier of goods, a crier 
3tal, n. a compositicm of copper, tin, 
and antimony 
r, V. i. to roar like a bull 
ing, a. a roaring, a great noise 
rg, n. sing, an instrument to blow a fire 
n. the part of the body containing the 
lUs, that which resembles it 
V. i. to bulge or hang out, project, swell 
', V. i. to be the pi-operty of 
<ky a. loved by, dear to, valued much 
j&r. and a«/. under, inferior, unbecom- 
m earth, or in hell, opposed to heaven 
. a leathern girdle, sash, zone, strait 
^re, n. a pavilion, eminence, fine view 
ther, n. the sheep which leads 
5, V. t. to sink in mire, to soil 
n, V. ^. to make a moan, lament, bewail 
oe9> n. one who bemoans, or laments 


B E R 


Bench, n. a scat, a judge's seat, justices 
Bend, v. bended, bent ; pret. bended, bent ; 

pa. to crook, bow, submit, apply, subdue 
Bend, n. a turn, cur\'e, knot, band 
Beneatli, f>r. and ad. under, unworthy of 
Benedic'tion, n. blessine, acknowledgment 
Benefac'Uou, n. cluirkable gift, benefit, &vYMr 
Benefac'tor, n. he th»: confers a benefit 
Benefac'ti*ess, n. she who confers a benefit 
Ben'efice, n. a church-living, benefit 
Ben'cficed, a. possessed of a benefice 
Beneficence, 7i. generosity, bounty, goodness 
Beneficent, a. kind, delighting in good works 
Bencfi^'cial, a. advantageous, profitable 
Benefi"cially, ac?. advantageously, usefully 
Bencfi^cialness, 71. profitableness, usefulness 
Benefi'^ciar}*^, n. (me who holds a benefice 
Ben'efit, ?i. kindness, advantage, profit 
Bcn'efit, V. to do good, profit, favor 
Bencv'olence, n. §ood will, kindness, a free gift 
Bencv'olent, a. kind, affef^onate, generous 
Benight, -z^. i. to involve in night, to darken 
Benighted, pa. overtaken by the night, invol- 
ved in dai'kness, or ignorance 
Benign, a. kind, generous, liberal, wholesome 
Benig'nity, n. kindness, graciousness 
Benf^ly, ad. kindly, graciously, favorably 
Bcn'ison, n. a blessing, benediction, reward 
Bent, n. a curve, tendency, inclination, grass 
Bent, pa. crooked, inclined, disposed 
Benum', v. t. to deprive of feeling 
Bequeath, v. t. to leave or pve by will 
Bequest', n. a legacy, a gift by will 
Berat'Ue, v. t. to rattle off, scold, chide 
Bereave, v. t. bereaved, bereft ; pret. bereav- 
ed, bereft ; pa. to deprive, strip, rob 
Bereavement, n. loss, deprivation 
Ber'gamot or Bui/gamot, n. a pear, fine snuff, 

Bcrhjr'me, v. t. to celebrate in rhyme 
Ber^lin, n. a kind of coach contrived at Berlin 
Be/ry, n. a small fruit ; v. i. to bear berries 
Bei/ned, a. furnished withbercvKa* 
Ber'yl, n. a peW\\fii\^ ^m q1^^^i>^v^^«^ 
Bei-^ylliTic, a.\VWc «i\jvts\, ^^^.^a^ 


Beseech, v. t. besouglit ; pret. besought ; pa. tol 

entreat, pray, beg, ask -with earnestness 
Beset', V. t. beset ; pret. beset ; pa. to lietn in, 
wavUy, perplex, narass [o^ 

Beside or Besmes,/^. near to, over and above, 
Hesi^, V. t. to lay siege to, beset closely 
Besi^eer, n. one who besieges, one who besets 
Besmear, v. t. to daub, soilf foul, sully 
Besom, n. a common tool to sweep with 
Besots, V. t. to stupify, to make stupid or foolish 
Bespan^i^e, v. to adorn with spangles 
Bespat'ter, v. t. to sprinkle with dui 
Bespeak, v. t. besp(^e ; pret. bespoken ; pa. 

to speiak to, entreat, oraer, forebode 
Bespeaker, n. one who bespeaks, or orders 
Bespread', v. t. bespread ; pret. bespread ; pa. 

to spread over, cover over, strew 
Besprm"kle, v. t. to sprinkle over, moisten 
Best, a. most good, most choice, preferable 
Bestial, a. like a beast, beastly, brutal, filthy 
Bestial'ity, n. the quality of a beast, degener- 
acy from human nature 
Bestir', V. t. to move quick, to hasten 
' Best6w, V. t. to give, lay out or up, confer 
licstower, n. one who bestows, a giver 
Bestowment, n. the act of conferring 
Bestrew', v. t. to scatter, to sprinkh; over ob. 
Bestride, r. t. bestride, bestrid ; pret. bestrid- 
den ; pa. to stride over, to cross 
Bet, n. a wager, stake, name, abbtev. for JBetty 
Bet, V. t. to lay a bet or wager, slake a wager 
BcUUlc, v. i. betook ; pret. betaken ; pa. to 
have recourse, apply, go [Chinese 

Be'tel, n. a species of peuper chewe<l by the 
Betlunk'jt; i. bethought ; pret. bethought ; pa. 

to recollect, reflect, consider 
Betide, v. i. betid, betided ; pret. betid, beli- 

ded ; pa. to befall, Iiappen to, become 
Betfme or Betimes, ad. early, seasonably 
Betdken, v. t. to signify, foreshow, denote 
Bet'ony, n. a genus of bitter plants 
Bctrdy, v. t. to violate a trust, deliver up 
treacherously, disclose in violation of duty or 
trust, expose whatis meant to be ccmcealed 
^etrff^er, ^, one who betraya, or tells, a ti-aitor 


BetroUi', v. t. to give or receive a maniage 

promise, contract, name to a benefice 
Betroth' mcnt, n. contract of marri^;e 
Betrust', v. t. to intrust, put into power [ted 
Betrust'ment, n. act of entrusting, thing entanu* 
Bet'ter, a. more good or choice 
Bet'ter, v. t. to improve, mend, advance 
Bet'tera, n.pL suiieriors in age or qualities 
Bet^tor, n. one Uiat lays bets or wi^rs 
Bet'ty, n. an instrument to break open doors 
Between, Betwixt', pr. in the middle, com- 
mon to two or more 
Bev'el, n. a kind of square rule 
BeVel, V, t. to form to an ang^e 
Bev'erage, n. liquor, a treat in drink 
Bev'y, 71. flock of birds, brood, company 
BcwaU, V. t. to lament, grieve for, bemoan 
Beware, v. i. to be cautious, take care of 
BcwiVder, v. t. to puzzle, perplex, mislead 
Bewitch', v. t. to charm, please very much 
Bewitch'mcnt, 7£. the act of charming 
Bewray, v. t. to betray, disclose perfidiously 
Bewriyer, n. h betrayer, a discoverer 
Bey, (bay, also beg) n. a Turkish governor 
Beyond', />r. over, o«it of reach, before [set 
Bezil, n. the part of a ring in which the stone is 
Bezdar, v. a stoiic-likc substance found in tlic 

stomach of goats, anti-poiaonous 
Bias, 71. inclination, weight on one side 
Bias, V. t. to incline partially, prepossess 
Bib, n. a cloth under the chins of infants 
Bib^ceous, a. addicted to drinking 
Bib'ber, tu a drinker, tipler, druiikard 
Bible, 71. the old and new testament 
Bib'lieal, a. of or relating to the bible 
Bibliog'i'aphy, 7i. an acuoimt of books 
Bibliograph'ical, a. jvcrtaining to a description 

of books 
Bib'ulous, a. spongy, that drinks up moisture 
Bice, 7i. a pale blue color used in painting 
Bick'cr, v. i. to dispute al)Out trifles, quiver 
Bick'erer, «. one who wrangles or skirmislies 
Bick'cring, Bick'crment, n. a dispute, strife 
Bid, V. ^. bade, bid ; pret. bid, bidden ; pa. to 
offer a "^rk<i> tovsvxwand^ order, invite 


T, It. one who bids, m* oflfers 
IP, n. a command, order, charge 
ft. a midl horse or nag 
a], a. continuing or living two years 
. a wooden hand-carriage for the dead 
1% n, the first milk oS a cow 
0. two firfd, double, doubtful 
Bi'fidate, a. divided into two parts 
large, swelled, pregnant 
■t» n. he who has two wives at one time 
f,n.the crime of havmg two wives at once 
, n. a kind of cap used for a diild 
•r Bite, n. one round of a rope 
ad. hugely, haughtily, proudly 
^ n. aize, bulk, greatness of quantity 
n. one imduly devoted to a party 
dy a. unduly devoted, prejudiced 
ff n, blind zeal, superstition 
ST, TUB. small vessel, a kind of hoy 
[7, Ik a shrub and its berry 
n. a rapier, sword, fine or choice sworJ 
B, n. jM. a sort of stocks on board a sliip 
bitter liquor 

t. the breadth of a ship's bottom 
7. to fracture a ship's bottom 
'^ater, n. water lying in the bilge 
igate. It. a fish-market, foul language 
^ BU'iary, a. consisting of bile, choleric 
i, to defraud, cheat, overeach 
the beak of a fowl, a hooked instrument 
atting, an account or statement of par- 
irsy as goods, &c. a note, draft of a law 
naoted, exhibition of charges, &c. 
. to kiss, caress, fondle, publish • 
V. t. to quarter soldiers, settle 
It. a small letter, log of wood 
loux. It. a short love-letter, a card 
dsy It. jM. a game w^ith balls and sticks 
18, It. j^/. millicm of millions 
'9 It. a larec roaring wave 
y, a. sw^Ung or roaring like a wave 
a repository fin* com, &c., chest, box 
le. It. a .box on board a vessel to cover 
iOimpaases and lights 
m, jBrjuuy, a. double, two and tyro 


Bind, r. t. to become dose or hard 

Bind, V. t. bound ; fret, bound ; pa. to gird, 

fasten, oblige, ratifv, make costive 
Bind, It. a species of h(^[>s, band 
Binder, n. one who covers bodu or binds 
Bfndery, n. a place for binding books 
Bfnding, it. a cover, bandaee, fastening 
Biog'rapher, n. a writer ol a person's Ufe 
Biograph'ical, a. relating to mograpby 
Bioe'raphy, it. a history of lives 
Bip'arous, a. producing two at a birth 
Bipart'ible, Bip'artile, a. diviable into two 
Bip'artite, a. di^e<l into two parts 
Biped, It. an anim^ having only two feet, a 

human bemg 
Bip'edal, a. having two feet 
Bipen'nate, a. having two wings 
Biquad'rate, n. or a. the square of a square, or 

fourth power in mathematics 
Biquadrat'ic, a. relating to the fourth power 
Biroh, n. the name of a tree, a rod 
Birch, Birch'en, a. made of birch 
Buid, n. a feathered animal, fowl 
Rird'cage, n. a cage to keep birds in 
Bird'lime, n. a glutinous substance 
Birth, It. die act of coming into life, regene- 
ration, lineage, origin, convenient rooni, 
place to lodge in 
Birth'day, n. the day on which any one is bom 
Birth'place n. tlie place of any one's birth 
Birth'right n. right or privilege by birtli 
Birth' wort. It. a genus of plants of many species 
Bis'cuit, II. a kind of haixl bread, cake 
Bisect^ V. t. to divide into two equal pai*ts 
Biseo'tion, n. a division ii^to two equal parts 
Bish'op, 71. a spiritual head of a diqpess 
Bish'opric, n. a jurisdiction of a bishop 
Bis'muth, ii. a sei^iraetal of a yellowish white, 

heavy, brittle and casih' melted 
Bis'on, It. a quadruped of the bovine kind 
Bissex'tilc, n. leap-year, every fourth year 
Bis'tcr, It. a paint of a deep brown cofor 
Bis'tort, f I. kuol>er%aft ^^ xcvvn^j «^<^\^:k 
Bit, n. \l\e \toiv ^ K\i\r«\\^^ ^ tw»c%^^ ^ ^^^ 
Bit,i>. t. to vvit. «iV\V\wX\i^ mvsvsJ^A^ ^'^^^ 


B L A 

Bitch, n. the female of canine animals 

Bite, V. t. bit ; pret. bitten, bit ; pa. to seize 

on -with the teeth, cause to smart, cheat 
Bite, n. act of biting, thing bitten off, a trick 
Bfter, n. one that bites, a shaqier 
Bit'ter, a. sharp, cruel, severe, afflictive 
Bit'ter, n. a thing that is bitter, a coil 
Bit'teridi, a. somewhat bitter 
Bit'terishness, n. a small degree of bitterness 
Bit'terly, ad. sharply, cruelly, severely 
Bit'tem, n. the name of a -water-fowl y 
Bit'temess, n. a bitter taste, sorrow, grief 
Bit'ters, n. bitter vegetables or an infusion 
Bit'umen, n. a fat glutinous substance 
Bitu'minous, a. containing or like bitumen 
Bivalv'ular or Bi'valve, a. having two valves 
Blab, V. to tell a secret, tattle 
Blab, BlaVber, n. a telltale, babbler 
Black, a. dark, cloudy, mournful, dismal 
Black, n. an African, darkest color 
Black, V. t. to make black, blacken 
Blaok'berry, n. the fruit of the bramble 
Blaok'bird, n. in England a singing bird, in 

America, the grackle 
Black'en, v. t. to make black, defame 
Black'^;uard, n. a person of foul language 
Black'ish, a. somewhat black, dirty 
Black'lead, n. plumbago, or iron and carbon 
Blaek'amoor, n. a ncgi*o, a black person 
Blaok'ness, n. darkness, dark color 
Black'smith, n. a person who works on iron 
Blaok'thom, n. the sloe, a shrub for hedges 
Blad'der, n. a vessel containing some liquid in 

the body as urine, bile, &c. 
Blad'dery, a. containing or like bladders 
Blade, n. a spire of grass, cutting part of a 

sword, &c., gay person, flat part of an oar 
Blades, n. pi. leaves of maize used for fodder, 

(Southern States) 
Bliun, n. a boil, blister, blotch, ulcer 
Bldmeable, a. deserving of blame, faulty 
BUlraeableness, n. faultincss, culpablencss 
J9?jinfeah}y,,a. }n a manner deserving blame 
^/jime, V. /. to censure, 6nd &alt widi 
^^^^^, ^ AuJt, expresmm qf liiwpprobation 

B L E 

Blameless, a. innocent, guiltless 
RUmelessly, ad. innocently, harmlessly 
BUraelessness, n, innocence, harmlescnets 
Bl^mer, n. one that censures 
Blameworthy, a. deserving (tf blame 
Blanch, v. to whiten, skin almonds, evade 
Blanch'er, n. one who blanches 
Bland, a. courteous, safe, mild, eentle 
Blan'dish, v. t. to smooth, wheedle, flatter 
Bland'tshment, n. kind words, flattery 
Blank, a. white, pale, unwritten, dejected 
Blank, n. a void space, unwritten paper, 

Blank'et, n. a woollen covering for a bed 
Blankly, odl in a blank manner, palely 
Blank'ness, n. paleness, wanness, ooofuskm 
Blaspheme, v. t. to speak wickedlv, curse 
Blasphemer, n. a person who reviles God 
Blas'phemous, a. full of blasphemy 
Blas'phemously, ad. in ablasphenx>us -way 
Blas'phemy, n. a horrid indignity to God 
Blast, n. a gust of wind, sound, bli^t, explo- 
sion of powder, one smelting (^ ore 
Blast, V. t. to cause to witlier, disappoint 
Blaze, V. to flame, bum, publish abroad 
Blaze, n. a flame, the light of a flame ^ 
Blazer, n. a spi^eader or publidier aS reporti 
Blazon, V. t. to explain, adorn, display 
Blazon, BUzomy, n. the act of heralary, art 
Bleach, v. to whiten, to make or grow white 
Bleaching, n. the act or art of whitening 
Bleak, a. cold, chill, pale, wan 
Bleakness, n. coldness, chilness, paleness 
Blear, a. watery, dim, weak, swe, bloody 
Blear, v. t. to make the eyes watery or sore 
Bl^aredness, n. dimness through water 
Blear-eyed, a. having watery or red eyes 
Bleat, V. i. to cry like a sheep 
Bleat, Bleating, n. the cry of a sheep or goat 
Bleed, v. bled ; prei. bled ; pa. to lose or let 

blood, perish by bleeding, lose sap 
Bleeding, ii. a Icttine of bSod 
Blem'ish, v. t. to derorm, marie, hurt 
Blem'ish, n. si deformity, dia^ce, fiiult 
Blend, d, t. \o iv^^ ^u&s^uAm^xnaiasi 


B L O 

B4end'ed,^ mixed, canfused 
Blen'ny, n. a tribe of fidi of many varieties 
BlesSy V. t. to give success, make happy, pro- 
nounce a vriak of happiness, consecrate by 
praver, praiae or glorify 
Bless^, Blest, te. very happy, prospered 
Bless^ednenfft.iiappineBS, content, joy 
Blen^ng, n. a good wish, divine favor 
Blight, II. mildew, a disappointment 
Blind, a. destitute of sight, dark, weak 
Blind, V. t. to darken, stop the sight 
BUnd, n. any tilling that intercepts the sight 
Blinded,^, made blind, deprived of sight 
Blhidfol(( V, t. to cover the eyes 
Blindfold, a. having the eyes covered 
Blindly, odL tamely, without judgement 
Blindness, n. a want c^ sight, ignorance 
BlindsMe, ft. a weakness, foible, defect 
BlfndwcMrm, n. a small venomous viper 
Blink, V. s. to wink, shut, close, see darkly 
Blinkfard, n. a person that has weak eyes 
BlUB, n. happiness, blessedness, gladness 
Blia^fiily a. very Imppy, blessed, full df joy 
Biis'ter, n. a watery rising in the skin 
Bfis'ter, V. to rise m or raise blisters 
Blkhe^ BUtlicsome, a. gay, meiry, sprightly 
Bloat, V. to swiell, puff up, grow puffy 
BhSatpdneaa, n. bloated or swelled state 
Blodk, II. a heavy piece of wood, pully 
Bloek, o. t. to shut or stop up 
Blodcide, n. a close siege 
Bloekide, v. I. to surround, inclose 
Bbekliead, n. a stupid or dull person 
BlockHieaded, Blockish, a. stupid, dull 
Blookfboose^ n. a fiyrtress to command a pass 
Blood, Qblud) n. a fluid which circulates in 
Hiiinala, a fiunily, race, life, death, rake, 
pult, punishment for shedding bloody carnal 
part oppoaed to spiritual 
Bnod, V. t, to stain with or let blood 
Bloo^uAt'ineas,!!. the guilt of murder 
BfooffnouDd. n. a large hunting dog 
Blood'ily, aa. eruelly, maliciously 
Bloodlnea^ n. m bloody state, cruelty \ 

^hoOTeta^ a. dettitate of blood, innocerd \ 


B L U 


Blood' shed, n. loss of blood, slaughter 
Blood'shot, a. filled with blood, red 
Blood'sucker, n. one who thirsts after blood 
niood'llui'Sty, a. desirous of shedding blood 
Blood'y, a. stained with blood, murderous 
Blood'ymindeil, a. cruel, barbarous, horrid 
Bloom, H. the blossom or flower of a tree, &cc. 

a Rne native color, square iron bar 
Bloom, V. i. to yield blossoms, flourish 
Bloom'ing, a. full of blossoms, youtliful [forge 
Bloom'ary, n. iron once hammered in bars, a 
Bloss'om, n. the flower of ti-ecs or plants 
Bloss'om, V. i. to put forth blossoms 
Blot, V. t. to blur, stain, efface, disgi'aec 
Blot, 71. a blur, spot, stain, disgrace 
Blotch, 71. a spot or pustule on the skin 
Blote, V. t. to smoke, dry with smoke, swell 
Blow, n. a stroke, gale of wind, egg of a fly 
BloTP, V. blew, pirt. blowcd, blown, pa. to 

make a current of air, impel by ii ind, move 

as air, pant, blossom, swell 
Blouth, 71. a bloom, blossom in general 
Blowzc, n. a ruddy fat wench, a slattern 
Blowz'y, a. sunburnt, ruddy 
Blub'ber, n. whale-oil not boiled 
Blub'ber, v. t. to swell the cheeks 
Bhicbir<l, 11. a small blue bird 
Blud"geon, n. a thick stick, a weapon 
Blue, a. skycoloi*cd, 7t. a skycolor 
Bluebottle, n. the name of a flower 
Blue-eyed, a. having blue eyes 
Bluely, ad. witli a blue colour, palely 
Bluencss, n. the quality of being blue 
Bluff, a. big, swelled, surly, blustering 
Blaff*, 71. a steep bank or high bold shore 
Bluing, n. tlie art of giving a blue coloi* 
Bluish, a. inclined to blue, radier blue 
Blun'dcr, v. i. to mistake grossly, stumble 
Blun'dei% n. a mistake, gi'oss oversight 
Blun'derbuss, n. a short wide gun 
Blun'dercr, Blun'derhead, n. a stupid man 
Blunt, a. dull, rough, un\>QUt.e^ \)\»\w 
Blunt, r. t. to AuW \\ve vv\?^cc«« >^wi\\. 
Rl ai»t'l V , a d . Tvu\e\v ^ tc\k3i^n ^ >^vLvi\'^ 
Blunt' iK'Ss n.a^ixwX 0*1 ^a\^l.-,Yv\J^^iv^^'^'^ 

niiir, n. > MM, tpot, HUUQ, imporfccliaD 
I(l>ir, i>. t<> iiluU nVfi, educe, huit 
Hliin, V. I. lo KpKiik iiiMiiitidGnUelj 
llluih, o. L to rtildcn ill the rHCu 
I11<uh, n- B reililiah color ufl (lie chcdL 
niuih'ing.po. reiliUmiuB. ouxiett. 
Klim't':!', V. i. lo iwr, liuUj, iwaggsr 
1llim'u:r, n. a roar, Uunrill, buiel 
niiin'tnuiH, a. iMMiy, tuiaulOUHi* rnagh 
Blur, n. tliu null! qf «winc vietimli 

llmni, na tluDpleee of votxl, coui't held, 
Honiil, *. l" lay or fBii(S3 willj l«inli, enter a 

tliiii lij fur«i, Kive oi' reeeiye ilitt 
n'wntvi', ». ™«i win) livui ii'ith another 
It&inUug-HihDal.ti- a iduwl wliere tlie pupil* 

nru litdgcd vid Ced bv Uie inilnielor 
(K«ri>.li, '1. i-uil.', U0KP»h, hriiuJ, rougli 
H<K.Ht. .^ u. bniB, glorj- b. "ull . 

bdMteri »• one wtw boasu, m bniggiirt 
BAwtl'al, BTiutiTa, o. vun, huiglit]' 
Sihutlmhn. ttu) »BtjrflwwtiuB,ii bdart 
JWMUngly, ad in » bowUiig auumer 
Hour, ji. H ■mull VBwd muvod by ohm 
Illicit, i>.f.U)«>nve;>nbbuat 
Hdui-huok, n, a polo wiQcd "wiUi r honk and 



BSaibiU, Ji i gonui 111 bivil» witlisbJllike t 

fl(lMm«n,n. amwwgei'ol alwrnl 

BdHtiwalll, II. oiiu wlw "M ll»« tMt of » ship ( 

n<>l.%.i, n-JumaUpiGceoTuDuU 
Bode, «. (. lu pre»ftgU|forPs)iow. portend 
Bwl'irp. n * umt «1' A»y» lor women 
fl^Kl'Ul'«^ n, ■void ol' Wy, siiintunl 
Bocl'ilv. a. of or n-laliiie to the body 
Itoilluii, 1. 1 lonp inHlnimcnt, needle 
Itwl'y, IL the wliole lv<ink nf an Aiumu M li'ee, 
> IH-r*on, matlrroiiiKiwd u ipint, nuiio 
yMnv j»M« t/un'r III liqua-», u «;aiEm, ■ 

^aaabcr ot'troma, ■ vorpanitioa 

Bog, n. ■ ftn or miB'saa ; a elontp of gnM cr 

Bqg'berrr, n. a plant, Ihe bogvort 

Bog'gle, V. t. to start, inner, fe«r 
Bog'gler, n. one that doubU 
" ';ling,^u. sljulingi ti. hesitatioa 
^, a, manhy, swiunpr, fennj 
louse, n. a house of office 
a, 71. a ooane tea of inferior quilil^ 
, JI. aa augT)-, sore tumor 
Boil, u. to bubblt through heat 
Bfnl'ed.JM, dressed in tKiUing valer 
Boil'cr, ». H Teasel for boilhig of liquor, {cs. 
Itoil'ery, n. a place for boiliDc 
Boil'ing, n. Ihe act or state ofboiliag 
Boii'teniui, a. violent, furious, stormy 
Boia'terouily, ad. violentlj', fiiriouslv 
Bold, a. brave, stout, daruig, impuitent. 
Boldface, n. au impuiieul saucy pevson 
Bdldfaced, a, impudent, impertiuenl 
Biildly, aj. in a bold manner, impudently 
""" lew, ft, sOilrilEe, libtrh', lUSUrthiCc 

Ik a measui'c of sii ini^rli, stem <f a 
if au earth, viscid, Mift and tnahte 
. n. !i1hi»1. a seed tfaoA 
Boll, V. i. to seed or foi'm into i seed veoel 
Biiliter, n. a large pillow, long coihinn 
Btiliter, V. 10 (isid, support, prop, hold up 
Bdbttered, pa. tnipported l^ a bolster 
Bolt, n. a liHT of a door, dan, lightning, a {UMe 

ofcanvasofSS ells or 38 yards 
Bolt, T. ■*. loshut, £iBten, Bin,riiBh out 
B<illci', n, a Bime to separate fonr IrombraB 
Bolus,'n.alare«pi>l, kind of earth 
~" OJnb, n. a shell to be ■fliied «'itli powder and 

BombniYi', T. f. loMtark with bombs 
Bombardier, «. Sn offlcrr, A bomb-engineCT 
Bombard' ment, 71. nn attack with bomb* 
Bombasiue', n. a slii^t stuff mixed with slk 
Bora'bast. Bombast lo, a. high-sounding 
Bom'baiit, n. fugtiau, bigempij wDrda 
Bomb'ketch, n. a ship for boiring bomb* 
BonAsua, a. at^xiixviij/A^-^tttaviiai wilh 


Bond, n. say thing thst binds, obligation 
Dond, V, t. to give bond for, to secure by bond 
Bond, a. a so^e state, enslaved, bound 
Bond^age, n. slavery, captivity 
Bond'maid, n. a woman slave 
Bond'man, n. a man slave 
Bond'serrant, n. an absolute slave 
Bond^service^ n. a state of slavery 
Bonda^man, n> one bound for another 
Bone, n. the moat solid part of the body 
Bdoelaoe, n. a coarse kind of lace 
Boneless, a. void of bones, soft, tender 
Bdoesetter, n. a man that sets bones 
Bon'fire, n. a rejoicing fire for triumph 
Bon'net,nACOveringfor the head of very variar 

ble form, a small sail 
Bon'nily, atL prettily, finely, gaiW 
Bon'ten, n. a naxrow woollen stuff 
Bdnoa, n. a premium on a loan 
B«my, a. huidscnne, beautiful, merry 
Bon'nyelabber, n. sour buttermilk 
Bo'ny, a. full of bones, strong, stout 
BoDi'zei^ n. priests in China, Japan, &c. 
Boob*y» n- a duU fellow, large bird 
Book, n. a volume in which we read or write 
Book, V. t. to enter in a book 
BookHnnder, n. one who binds books 
Book'ish, a. much g^en to rea<ling 
Book'ishness, n. fondncra for reading, study 
Booklceeper, n. one that keeps accounts 
Bodl^keeping, n. the kcej^in^ of accounts 
Book^eame^ a. learned m books, well read 
Boakleaming, n. acquaintance with books 
Book^seller, n. a seller or dealer in books 
Bodsfirann, Book'man, n. a close student 
Boom, n, a spar to extend a sail, a chain or 

eaUe aeross a river 
Bqqib, v. i. to rush with violence 
Boon, a. gay, merry, pleasant, cheerful 
Boon, n. a gill, present, favor, prayer 
Boor, n. a down, lout, countryman 
Boor^iflli, a, elownidb, rustic, rough 
BoQi/iahiieM^ n. elownishnesSf Tosticity 
Boos^ nf. to drink to excess, n. a stall 
A%^ A tipery, drunk, (vuigxir) 

B O T 


Boot, V. to profit, to put on boots 
Boot, 7i. profit, gain, advantage, booty, a cov- 
ering for the legs, part of a coach 
Boot'^, pa. in boots, equipped, ready 
Bootee, n. a short boot 
Booth, n. a tent, a stall in a fair 
Boot'less, a. unavailing, unprofitable 
Boot-tree, n. a wood to shape a boot 
Boot'y, n. pillage, plunder, spoil, prey 
B6rablc, a. that may or can be b(»«d 
Bdrage, n. the name of a plant, bugloss 
B6rax, n. an artificial salt /- 

Bord'er, n. an edce or edging, boundary " 
Bord'er, v. to make a bowler, touch 
Bord'erer, n. an inhabitant on the border 
Bore, u to make a hole 
Bore, n. a hole made by boring 
B6real, a. northern, towards the north 
B6reas, n. a cold wind, the north wind 
B6rer, n. one who bores, a gimblet 
Bom, pa. br<9ught into the world or life 
Borne, pa. carried, brought, supported, paid 
Borne, n. limit, boundary 
Bor'ough, n. a corporation-town, a company 
Bor'row, v. t. to take by consent, to use and 

return the same, or an equivalent 
BOT'rower, n, one who borrows 
B6som, (boosom) n. the breast, tender aflcc- 

B6som, V. t. to put in the bosom 
Bdsom, a. confidential, trusty, intimate 
Boss, n. a stud, knob, raised work 
Bost!6nian, n. an inhabitant of Boston 
Botan'ic, Botan'ical, a. relating to plants 
Bot'anist, n. a person skilled in plants 
Bot'anizc, v. i. to investigate plants 
Botch, V. t. to mend clumsily, }>atch 
Botch, n. a bile, swelling, patchwork 
Botch'er, n. a bungling sewer 
Botch'ing, p. the mending of old clothes 
Both, a. die two, of two, as well, likcMiifcc 
Both'er, v. t, to vex^teaL^u^^ ^vulgav"^ 
BotVmc, a. \jet\avK«i^\Xi Viafc ^^ ^>i«J!>KR:v^ 
Bota, n. pi. amaW ^otti« VtvVw^^ 
Bof tic, n. a vc%^\ foe VffljjMW»x>a^ 



Bot'de, V. t. to pat into bottles 

Bof tUserew, n. a screw to draw corks 

Bot'tom, n. the lowest i>art, a foundation^ a 

rallej) ball, ship, dregs 
Bot'tom, V. to put a bottom, to fix 
Bot'tomlesB, a, having no bottom 
Bot'tomiy, n. a boirowing of money, and 

pledging a ship to secure the repayment 
Boag6, [boqje] v. i. to swell, bulge oat 
'Boug'k, n. an arm of a tree, branch 
Boogid, n. wax candle, an instrument 
Bounce, v. i. to leap, spring, boast 
Bounce, n. a leap, kick, sudden noise 
Boun'cing, n. a great w sudden noise 
BoumI, V. to limit, end, spring, flv back 
Bound, pa. pa^a. of to bind; a. destined 
Bound, n. lunit, a leap, spring 
Bound'ary, n. a limit, mark, restndnt 
Bound'en, a. required, necessary 
Bound'lcss, a. unconfined, unlimited 
Boundlessness, n. being without limit 
Boimd'stone, n. a landmark 
Boun'ty, n. free ;^ft, a premium 
Boun'tcous, Boun'tiful, a. liber»l 
Boun'tcoTisly, Boun'tifuHv, ad. liberally 
Bonn'tcous»e8% Boun'tiiHiIncss, n. liberality, 

generosity, kindness, goodness 
Bout, n. a turn, trial, essay, attempt 
Bovine, a. pcit^ning to cattle 
Bow, T*. to bend down, stoop 
Bow, n. a bending in token of civility, the 

rounding j^art of a ship's side forward 
Bow, IK an instrument to shoot arrows and 

another to play on a violin, part of a yoke 
BoVeltcBs, a. cruel, mercilera, unfeeling 
BoVels, n. pi. parts within the body 
Bow'er, n. an arbor, an anchor 
Bow'ery, a. full of bowers, shady 
Bovl, n. the hollow (£ a cup or glass 
Bowl, n. a ball used in playing bowls 
Bowlc|;:gcd, a. ha>1ng crooked legs* 
Bowl'tjr, 71. one who plays at bowls 
^xp'J7ngg-fven, n. n green for bowlers 
S^STf'f ' ^ ^c wAo shoota v,\ih bows 
^^'^ « a la,^ spnv at a ship's Jieacl 


BoTPstring, n. astring used for a bow 
B6«yer, n. an archer, maker of bows 
Box, n. a tree, a ease or coffer, seat, a play- 
house or room, blow on the ear, a cylinder 
fcMT an axletree, quantity in a box 
Box, V. t. to put in a box, to strike 
Box'en, a. made of box, like box 
Box'er, n. one who fights with the fist 
Box'ing, n. the act of fighting with the fist 
Boy, n. a male child, lad, youth 
Boy'hood, n. state or condition of a boy 
B<^ish, a. like a boy, childish, trifling 
Bo/ishly, ad. childishly, foolishly, idly 
Boy'ishness, Bojr'ism, n. childishness, folly 
Brace, v. t. to bind, tie, tighten 
Brace, n. a bandage, tightness, pair 
Bnicelet, n. an ornament on tfie wrists 
Br9(cer, n. a bandage that tightens 
Brach'ial, (ch as k) a. belonging to the arm 
Brack, n. a breach, crack, slit, rent 
Braek'et, n. a small support of wood 
Brack'ish, a. saltish, salt, like sea-water 
Brack'ishness, n. a saltish taste, or quality 
Brad, n. a thin nsul with a flat heaa 
Brag, V. i. to boast, swagger, puff 
Brag, n. a boast, a game at cards 
Bra^ado'cio, n. a bragger, vain boaster 
Brag^rt, a. boasting, ooastful 
Bn^gart, Bn^ger, n. a boaster 
Braid, v. weave together, plat, fold 
Braid, n. a weaving, knot, lace, edging 
Brain, n. soft substance widiin the skull, the 

seat of sensation and intellect 
Brains, n. sense, understanding 
Brainless, a. destitute of thou^t, silly 
Br^in[ian, n. the skull contaimng the brains 
Briiinsick, a. diseased in the understanding 
Brake, n. a thicket of dirubs, instrument for 

dressing flax, handle of a pump 
Briky, a. prickly, roup;h, thorny 
Bramiile, n. a very pnckly dutib 
Bram'in, n. a Gentoo priest 
Bramin'ical, a. pertaining to the Bramlns 
Bram'imsm, n. illni&'n^Vk^^iwv qC the Bnunins 
Bi<an» n. the Yrad&& ci ^graa&dL wsm 


annaU bourii, any thing that aliooCs 
XMsky a smau stream entering a lar- 
iion of a subject, &cc. 
to spread into branches, extend 

1, a. ha'ving no branches, naki»l 
n. the division of a branch 

2. full c^m* having branches 
. to mark with a brand 

a burnt or burning piece of wood, 

k iron to bum the figure of letters, 

L burnt, a stigma 

kk burnt with an iron, disgraced 

V. t. to wave, shake, flourisli 

. a ^irit distUled from wine, cider 

], n. a wood used in dying 
. subrtance composed of copper, 
I ealamin ; impudence, strength 
ade of brass, impudent 
hard as brass, made of brass 
n, a brassy nature or appearance 
liild, by -way of contempt 
. a brag, boasting fellow 
ourageous, gallant, noble 
hector, bully, swa^ercr 
to enocnmter witli firmness 
L gallantly, generously 
. courage, heroism, gallantry; in 
of show, ob. 

ne-who murders for hire 
to make a great noise, scold 
quarrel, squabble, gr^ noise 
1. a wrangler, a noisy person 
pa. making a great noise 
I boar's flf^, a muscular part 
H n. great strength, fiimness 
.flediy, bulky, strongs firm 
Mise man ass, harsh 017 
beat in a mortar 
to cover or solder with brass 
made of brass, impudent, bold 
I. to bully, be impudent 
, n. a bold impudent wretmh 
X a. impudeat, shameless, bold 
M M bmzen quality, boldaegu 

B R E 



Breacli, n. an opening diilerencc, quarrel^ 

violation, invasion, amiction by a loss 
Bread, n. food made of flour or meal, provis- 
ions in general 
Breod'corn, n. com of which bread is made 
Breod'less, a. destitute of bread or food 
Breod'tree, n. a tree whose fruit is food, 
Breadth or Bredth, n. width of a tiling 
Break, v. brake, broke, pret. broken, broke, 
pa. to part by force, dash to pieces, tame, 
hecome a bankrupt, ruin, fall out, violate, 
dawn as the day, cashier 
Breik, n. an opening, breach, failure 
Br^^kage, n. a breaking or allowance for 

things broke 
Breaker, n. one that breaks, wave 
Break'fast, v. i. to eat the morning's meal 
Brcak'£Bi8t, n. the first meal in the day 
Bpream, n. a Idnd of coarse fish 
Bream, v. t. to cleanse a ship's bottom by ^jx 
Breast, n. part of the body, the heart 
Brcasthigh, a. high as the breast 
Breosf A*not, n. a Knot on tiie breast 
Breost'plate, n. armor for the breast 
Breost'work, n. a parapet liigh as tlic breast 
Breatli, n. life, air respired, a breeze, respit, 

rest, ease, single moment. Instant 
Breathe, v. to respire, live, take breath or 
rest, move as air, exhale, give vent, utter 
silently, make to sound 
Breathing, n. a drawing breath, prayer 
Breech, (brich) n. the hind part 
Breech'es, ft. pi. a garment for men 
Breed, v. bred, pret. bred, pa. to liatch, con- 
trive, raise, seed, multiply 
Breed, n. a cast, kind, race, offspriDg 
Breeder, n. one that breeds or brings up 
Breeding, n. education ; pa. with yoimg 
Breeze, n. a gentle wind, a stinging fly 
Bre^zeless, a. having no breeze, calm 
Bre^zr, a. fanned or fanning with gales 
Brethren, n. pi. of 6rother 
Ba^ve, n. a note m wwLafc^Vm.^ ^^ ntc^ ^ , 
Brevet', n. a commMsaWi ^T»%>cw^Hr!fciassQX 
X>ayt w wVtljLOQiLQomTDMiA 


B R I 

Breviary, n. a Romish priest's office book 
Brevier, n. a small sort of printing letter 
Brev'ity, n. shoilticss, conciseneN, dispatch 
Brew, V. to make liquors, contrive 
Brew'er, n. one who brews 
Brewery, 7t. a liouse for brewing 
Brcw'ing, n. the act of making malt liquors, 

the liquor brewed 
Bribe, 71. a gift to pervert the judgment 
Bribe, V. t. to gain or corrupt by g^fts 
Briber, n. one that ^ves bribes 
Bribery, n. the act or crime of bribing 
Brick, n. elay with sand and water, shaped in 

a mold, a loaf like a brick 
Brick, V. t. to lay witli bricks 
Brick, a. made or built of brick 
Bridt'bat, n. a broken part of a brick 
Brick'dust, 71. d:ist made by pounding brick 
Brick'ing, n. imitation of a nrick wall 
Brick'kiln, n. a kiln for burning bricks 
Brick'layer, n. a mason, a worker in bricks 
Brick'maker, n. one who makes bricks 
Brfdal, a. belonging \6 m&iTiage 
Bride, n. a new married woman 
Bridecake, n. cake ^ven at a wedding 
Bridegroom, 7i. a new married man 
Bridemaid, n. a woman who attends a bride 

at marriage 
Bridewell, n. a house of correction 
Bridge, 71. a building to pass over water on, 

passage, part of the nose o;* of a violin 
Bridge, V. t. to form a bridge over 
Bridle, n. an instrument to restrain a horse 
Bridle, v. to put on a bridle, restrain 
Brief, n. short extract, letters patent 
Brief, a. sliort^ concise, narrow 
Briefly, ad. «h(ntly, concisely, in few words 
Briefness, ra. riiortness, conciseness 
Brier or Briar, ti. a very prickly shrub 
Briery, a. full of briers, rough, prickly 
Brig or firig'antinc, ti. a vessel with two masts 

square rigged 
-B^^ile, M. dic troops under a Brigadiv, 

^^^^d^, z'. /: to foi^tn into bngudes 

B R 

Brigadier, n. officer commanding a brigade 
Brig:md', ti. a robber, freebooter 
Bright, a. shining, clear, evident 
Brighten, v, to make bright, polish 
Bri^itly, ad. in a bright manner 
Brightness, n. luster, splendor, acuteneas 
BriPliancy, 7t. sparkling luster, splendor 
Brilliant, a. ehining, ^arkling 
Brim, 71. the edge, lip, top, side, bank 
Brim'full, a. full to the bnm or top 
Brim'stone, ti. a vcllov mineral, wlphur 
BrinMed or Brin'dled, a. streaked, spotted 
Brine, ti. water impregnated with salt 
Bri'neless, a. destitute of salt or brine, fresh 
Bring, V. t. brought, pret. brought, pa. to bear 
to or nearer, fctcli^ reduce to any state, in- 
duce, conduct, or drive, produce 
Brinish, Briny, a. having taste of brine 
Drink, 71. the edge, side, verge, border 
Brisk, a. quick, uvelv, jovial, bright 
Brisk'et, 7t. \wrt of the breast next the ribs 
Brisk'ly, ad. in an active manner 
Brisk'ness, 7i. activeness, quickness 
Bris'tlc, 71. a part of swine*s hair 
Bris'tle, v. to raise up the bristles 
Bris^'tly, a. set thick with bristles, rougli 
Britain, 7i. England and Scotland unit^ 
Britan'nic, a. pertaining to Britain, but prefix- 
ed only or cniefly to the word Mknestt^ 
Brit'ish, a. belonging to or made in Britain 
Brit'on, 71. a native or subject of Britain 
Brit'tle, a. a\»t to break, short, weak, frail 
Brit'tlencss, ti. an aptness to break 
B^oach, ti. a spit, excrescence 
Broach, v. t. to tap, spit, give out, utter 
Bro'acher, ti. a teller of a thing, a spit 
Brood, (bfinrd} a. wide, extended, open 
Broad'east,.!!. a Mattering of seed widely 
Broad'doih, ti. a fine woollen cloUi 
Broad'en, v. to grow or make broad 
Broadly, dd. in a broad manner, plainly 
Broad'ncss, 71. width, coarseness of meaning 
Broad'side, ti. a side of a ship, volley 
BroaiV&war^f'n.^ vvrord. widi a broad blade 
Broc^c or "Btos;&t^o, u, "a. ^'cwewA i^ 

B R U 

^, n. the dealing in old things 
oil, n. a ^ecies m cabbage 
, n. the name of an animal, a badger 
or Brock'et, n. a deer two jears old 
3, rt. a dioe, a corrupt speech 
3r, V, t. to adoni with needleworic 
irj, n. embroidery, needlework 
V. to dress over coals, be hot 
^, n. the trade of a broker 
*, n. one who does business for others 
rage, n. an allowance to a broker 
i, n. a compound of copper and tin, and 
stimes zinl^ a figure ot bronze 
;, a. made of bronze 
I9 n. a jewel, a bosom buckle 
, n. an offspring, hatch, breed 
V. to sit upon eggs, muse 
, n. a little river, a rivulet, a run 
V. to endure, submit to, suffer 
9 fL a kind of shrub, a besom 
'stick, n. the handle of a broom 
fy, a. full df broom, like broom 
n. liquor in which flesh is boiled 
3I, n. a house of ill fame 
iVj 71. a male bom of the same parents, 
j{ the same race 
2rhood, n. union, a socie^ 
siiy, a. like brothers, loving 
iriy, ad. in a very loving manner 
n. the forehead, the e^e or side 
>eat, V. t. to bear down, depress 
, a, a dark or reddish color 
, n. the name of a reddish color 
, V. to make or become brown 
ish, a. inclined to a brown color 
'ness, n. a bi*own color, reddishncss 
'stout, n. a species of strong porter 
'study, 71. very deep meditation 
;, 71. the young spi-outs of trees 
5, V. to feed upon browse 
, v. ^. to hurt witli blows, to crush 
, ». a hurt in the flesh, a wound 
tg^ n. a boxing, a crushing 
n. a report, a noise, fame^ o5. 
], a. of or belonging to wwlcr 



firunetf , n, a woman of a brown color 
Brunt, ». a shook^ stroke, attack, onset 
Brusli, 71. a hairy instrument, brisk attack, tail» 

shrubs, lopped branches of trees 
Brush, V. to rub with a brush, strike slightly 
Brush'ed, pa. cleaned with a brush 
Bimsh'wood, 71. low wood, underwood 
Brusli'y, a. like a brush, shaggy 
Brus"tle, v, to crackle, hector,nbully . 
Brutal, a. savage, cruel, inhuman, vile 
Brutal'ity, n. savagcness, beastliness 
Brutalize, v. to git>w or make brutal 
Brutally, ad. cruelly, inhumanly, nidcly 
Brute, n. a creature without reason 
Brute, a. senseless, savage, rude, rough 
Brutify, v. t. to mid&e brutish 
Brutish, a. resembling a beast, ignorant 
Brutishly, ad. in a brutish manner, rudely 
Brutishness, n. brutality, beastliness 
Bry'ony, 71. a genus of plants 
Bub, ri. strong beer, strong malt-liquor 
Bub'ble, n. a bladder, or vessel of fluid filled 

with air, any diing wanting solidity, empty 

Bub'ble, V. to rise in bubbles, cheat, run with 

a gurgling noise 
Bub'bler, n. a cheat, knave 
B6bo, 71. a swelling tumour, sore, owl 
Bucanue6r, n. a pirate, a free-bootcr 
Buck, n. water to wash clothes, male of rab« 

bits, deer, &c. 
Buck, t'. to wash or steep clotlies in lye 
Buck' basket, n. a basket tu carry clothes to 

Buck'et, n. a vessel to draw or carry water 
Buc'klc, 71. a fastening, ornament 
Buc'kle, V. to fasten with a buckle, bend, bow, 

condescend, apply, engage 
Buck'ler, n. a shield 
Buck'ram, n. clotli stiffened with glue 
Buck'skin, n. the skin or leather of a buck 
Buck' thorn, n. a kind of thorir, a bush 
Buck' wheat, n. a plant ysvvk \\s» Wvv^ 
BucoVie, a. vc\a>a\\^\» ^<i\5vv&v^^\pv^55^^~^ 

HuroVks, 71, fl . V^iSV^^Y^ ^«i^^^ «« Y'^N^^ 


B U L 

Bad, n. the fint slioot of a tree, kc. a rise 
Bud, V. to put forth buds, inoeulate 
Bud'let, n. a small bud 
Budge, V. i. to stir, go, move, move off 
Bo^et, It. a bag, pouch, stock, store 
Bufi^ 71. a sort of leather dressed with oil 
Buff, Boff'et, V. t. to box, beat, strike 
Buff 'alo, n. an animal, a kind of wild ox 
Buff'oolored, a. of the color of buff, yellow 
Buff'et, n. a blow with the fist, box on the ear, 

stroke, kind of cupboard 
Buf 'fleheaded, a. having a large head 
Buffooii', n. an arch fellow, merry-andrew 
BufFoon'eiy, n. very low jests, drollery 
Bug, n. a genus of insects of more than a hun- 
dred species 
Bugbear, n. a frigbtfol object, false dread 
Bug'gy, a. full of or having bugs 
Biigle^ n. a small piece of ^ass, bead, plant 
Biiglehorn, n. a kind of huntinghom 
B^gloss, 71. the name of several plants 
Build, V. builded, built, pa, to raise a building, 

depend, rest, place, construct 
Bt^ila er, 7i. one who builds houses, &c. 
Bvild'ing, n. a house, &c. built or raised 
Built, 71. peculiar form of structure 
Bulb, 71. a round root, as of tulips, onions 
Bulb'ous, a. having round roots or heads 
Bul^, V. to swell in the middle, to bilge 
BtUimy, ti. a most ravenous appetite 
Bulk, 71. size, quantity, a chief part 
Bulkliead, ti. a partition in a ship 
Bulk'iness, 7i. largeness of size, heaviness 
Bulk'y, a. lusty, big, large, gross, heavy 
Bull, 71. the male of the bovine genus, pope's 

edict, a blunder 
Buirace, Bull'ice, 7t. a kind ol wild plum 
Bull'baiting, 7z. a fight of dogs with a bull 
Bull'dog, 71. a large dog 
Bulletin, n. a record, official notice 
Buiret, 71. a ball for a gun 
BuH'finch^ ti. the name of a singing bird 
JBu}yfr€^, n. A very lai*ge species of frog 
j^S?[^^'^<^ ^' * stupid person, a fish 
^HiJjoa, n. gold and aUrcr in the lump 


Bulli'tion, 71. tlie act or state of boiling 
Bull'ock, 71. an ox, a young bull 
Bull'y, 71. a quarrelsome lellow, a hector 
BuU'y, V. to overbear, be very noisy 
Bul'rush, 71. a rush growing near rivers 
Bulwark, 71. a fortmcation, fort, security 
Bump, 71. a swelling, blow, stroke 
Bump, V. to make a loud noise, thump 
Bump'er, 71. a glass filled to the brim 
Bumplun, 71. a very awkward person 
Bun, 71. a small cake or sweet bread 
Bunch, 71. a cluster, knot, hard lump 
Bunch, V. to grow in knobs, cluster 
Bunch'y, a. growing in or full of bunches 
Bun'dle, 71. a parcel bound up together 
Bun'dle, r. t. to tic, or put in a bundle 
Bung, 71. a stopper for ^e mouth of a barrel 
Bung, V. t. to stop close with a bung 
Bun^'gle, V. to do clumsily or badly 
Bun'^gler, 7t. a bad or clumsy workman 
Buu"glingly, ad. clumsily, awkwardly 
Bunt'ing 71. ^n linen cloth, a lark 
Buoy, 71. a floating cask or light piece 6[ woe 

fastened over an anchor or shoal water foi 

direction, or to bear a cable 
Buoy, r. to keep afloat, support, uphold 
Buoyancy, 71. the. quality of floating 
Buoy'ant, a. that will not sink, light 
Bur, 71. tlie prickly head of a plant 
Bur'bot, 71. a voracious fish like an eel 
Bur'den, v. t. to load, encumber, oppress 
Bm'^den, n. a load, capacity of a ship 
Bur'densome, a. grievous, troublesome 
Bu/dcnsomeness, 71. oppressiveness 
Bui/<loc, 71* a genus of plants 
Bureau, [biiro] ti. a small chest of drawers 
Bur'gamot, 71. a kind of pear 
Burgee, 11. a flag like a broad pennant 
Burgeois', [Imijois'] 71. a printing letter 
Bur'gess, n. a citizen, freeman of a city 
Bui'^h, 77. a borough-town, a corporation 
Bui-^her, Ti. an inhabitant of a borotigh 
Burglarian, 71. one guilty of burglary 
Burglarious, a. con»sting in hui^lary 
Burg'VAr\oMs\v, ad.*\aVk.Vre^'ax\»v]L^ manner 


Burglary, n. the crime of house-brcalung by 

niglit, with intent to commit felony 
Bui/gomastcr, n. a magistrate in Holland 
Bur'gunffyy n. vine made in Burgundy 
Bur'ial, [oei/riall n. the act of burying 
Burhiff, n. a kind of graving-tnol, a grayer 
Burlesqt/a', v. t. to ridicule, rally, lampoon 
BurlesqiMr', n. that species of language >ihicli 

excites lat^htcr \sy ludicrous imt^cs 
&iu'iesqi<e', a. merry, jocular, ridiculing 
I Bum, V. burned, burnt, pret. burned, burnt, 
p€L to consume by fire, to be hot or in a pas- 
sion, to scorch, be inflamed, or on fire 
Bam, n. a hurt or wound caiused by lire 
Bum'er, n. one who sets on fire 
Bum'et, n. the name of a plant or grans 
Bam'faig, n. a consuming by fire, heat [rays 
Bum'ingglass, n, a glass Umt collects the sun's 
Bam'ish, v. to polisn, brighten 
Bum'iaher, n. a person that burnishes 
lWreI,-n. a kind of pear, insect [earth 

Bnr^row, v. L to make holes or lodge m the 
Borrow, n. a rabbit-hole 
Bnrs'ar, n. the treasurer of a college 
Burst, V. burst, /rref .bur8t,bursten, pa. to break 

asander, fly open, issue suddenly 
Bunt, n. a swlden rent, aii eruption 
Burst, pa. broken, having a rupture 
Bui^then, see Burden 
Bur'y, (berry) v. t. to inter in a grave, to liide 

m sorroundmg matter 
Biuh, n. a thick shrub, bough 
Bi4i, furnish wiUi a bush 
Boih'el, n. a dry measure of four pecks 
Bndi'iness, n. a bushy state 
BoihV, a. full of bushes, thick, large 
Bu^ifyy (bizzily) ad. wiUt attention 
Boi^nesB, n. employment, afiair 
Bvk'in, n. a half boot worn on the stage 
BnAi'iaed, a. wearing buskins 
Bom, n, a kiss, vessel, fishing-boat 
Bittt, n. a half statue, funeral pile 
Butt'ard, n. a bird, a kind of wild turky 
Bus'tle, (bussle) v. i. to be busy, hurry, stir . 
B'B'tle^ V. it tumith. hnrry, coafusion, stir / 




Hus''tlcr, n. a stirring person, a busy body 

Rus'y, (bizzy) v. t. to make busy 

Kus'y, a. constantly occupied, nlcddling 

Bus'yijody, n. a meddling person 

But, an old verb or pi\ except,be out, without, 

take awny, only 
lUit, co7iJ. more, further, noting addition 
But, n. a boundaiy, bound, limit, end 
iiutch'er, n. one who kills animals to sell 
Butch'cr, V. t. to kill, to slay inhumaidy 
Butch'erbird, n. tlic shrike, a bird of prey 
Butch'erly, a. cruel, barbarous, bloody 
Butcli'ciy, n. murder, a place of killing 
Hut'end, n. the larger or ihickor end 
Mut'ler, n. one who has the cai*e of liquors 
But'lerage, n. money paid to a butler 
But'mcnt, n. tlie supiKirt of an ai-ch 
Butt, n. a inai-k, object of ridicule, cask, end 

of a sliip's plank, a hinge 
Butt, T. t. to strike with uie head 
But'ter, n. a substance made from cream 
But'ter, V. t. to moisten with butter 
But'terflower, n. a yellow flower of Mav 
But'terfly, iu a genus of insects of a variety of 

species with four wings, a spiral tongue and 

hairy bo<ly, a gav fellow 
But'teris, v. a faiTier's or smith's tool 
But'termilk, n. the whey of churned cream 
But'tcrnut,?!. an American tree with an oblong 

nut, also the nut [ter with 

But'teqjrint, n. a piece of wood to maik but- 
Buf tertooth, lu one of tlie lbi*e teetli 
But'terv, n. a place for provisions 
But'tock, n. the thick part of tlie thigh 
But'ton, n. a l)all or knob for fastening 
But'ton, V. t. to fasten with or by buttons 
But'tonliole, n. a hole to fasten a buttCHi 
But' ton-wood, n. the American plane tree 
Buttress, n. a prop, shoi'e, support 
Bux'om, a. lively, wanton, obedient 
Bux'omly, ad. briskly, airily, wantonly 
Bux'omness, n. airiness, amorousness 
Bt/y, V. bought, pret. hou^\t^|ia.\s\ Os\\«kv\s« 

a price, purcViaat,\jiT^w.,'cvi^^«uv 
B7(y eT,7). one v\\o ^xi^c^^wf**:* 


C A G 

Buzz, n. a humming low noise, wlusper 
Buzz, iL to make a uoise like bees, hum 
Buz'zard, n, a species of hawk, a blockhead 
Buzz'er, n. a whisiMJrer, telltale, blabber 
Buzz'hiff, n. a humming noise, low talk 
By, pr. (lenoUng the agent or means 
By-and-by, ad. in a short time, shortly 
By^-end, a. private advantage, interest 
Bye, n. not the direct object of regard 
By'-law, n. a law of a town or society 
By'-path, Bjr'-walk, n. a private path 
By'stander, n. a lodker on, a spectator 
By'-street, By-way, n. a private street 
By'-word, 7i. a cant word, jest, proverb 

CAB, 71. a measure of three pints 
Cabal', 71. a private junto of men 
Cabal', V. to intrigue privately, plot 
Cab'alist, n, one skilled m Jewish traditions 
Cabalist'ic, Cabalist'ical, a. mysterious 
Cabal'ler, n. an intriguer, plotter, contriver 
Cabliage, n. a genus of plants 
Cab'bage, v. to steal in cutting clothes 
Cab'bage-tree, n. a tropical tree affwding a 

head like a cabbage, used as food 
CaVin, n. apart of a ship, cottage, hut 
O&b'in, V. to live or confine in a cabin 
Cab'inet, n. a set of drawers, a place for coun- 
sel, the executive counsel of a state 
CaVinetmaker, n. one who makes tables, &c. 
Cdble, 72. a tliick rope for an anchor 
Caboose') Ji. a ship's fire place for cooking 
Cac^kle, n. noise of a fowl, laughter 
Cacoon', n. a climbing and spreading plant 
Cadav'erous, a. like a dead body, piue 
Cad'dis, n. a kind of tape, a worm 
CadMy, n. a small box for tea 
Cade, a. tame, sofl, delicate, tender 
Cildence, n. a fall of the voice, decline 
evident, a. falling, sinking, falling gently 
jCXadef, /i. a volunteer, a jounger brother 
^iii/, ^. a magistrate among the Turks 
B « « y/tt/e barrel or cask 

c A L 

Cage, n. a place of confinement for hods 
Caissoon', ii. a chest of bombs or powder 
Caitiflr, n. a base fellow, villain, wretch 
Cajole, t;. t. to flatter, deceive, beguile 
Cajoler, n. a wheedler, flatterer 
Caj61ing, pa. wheedling ; n. flattery 
Cake, 71. a small loaf, a composition of flkmr, 

butter, &c. sweetened 
Cake, V. i. to form into a concretion 
Cal'abash, n. a tree, a vessel made of the firvdC 

of a tree, or of a gourd shell 
Calamanc'o, n. a kind oi woollen stuff 
CaFamint, n. a species of balm, catmint 
Calam'itous, a. mifortunate, distressing 
Calam'ity, ii. misfortune, cause of distress 
Cal'amus, n. a kind of reed or flag 
Calash', n. a sort of open carriage 
Calc^'eous, a. of the nature of hme 
Cal'ceated, a. shod, furnished with shoes 
Cal'cedony, n. a silicious stone usually gray 
Calcination, 7i. a pulverizing by fire 
Cal'cinc, v. t. to burn to a powder 
Calculate, v. t. to compute, to reckon 
Calculation, n. a computation, a reckoning 
Cal'culator, n. a computer, reckoner 
Cal'culous, a. stony, gi*avelly, gritty 
Cal'dron, n. a. very large kettle, bodcr 
Caleddnian, n. a native of Scotland 
Calefac'tion, n. the act of warming 
Calefac'tory, a. tending to warm, hcatjng 
Cal'efy, v. to grow or make hot 
Cal'endar, n. an almanac, register (^thc year 
Cal'ender, v. t. to give a gloss to clotib 
Cal'ender, n. an engine to calender 
Cal'ends, n. pi. the first day of every mciath 
Cal'cnture, n. a sun-fever in hot climates 
Calf, pi. calves, n. the ^bung of a cow, tliick 

part of thq leg 
Cal'iber, n. the bore of fire arms 
Cal'ico, n. printed cotton cloth 
Cal'id, a. hot, burning, scorching 
Calid'ity, Cal'idiiess, tj. burning heat 
Cali"ginous, a. dark, dusky, dim, obscure 
CaU?fTa\)hy, n. fair or bcantifol writing 
Cal\pA\, n. t\i\tl^Yv^^\.c>'l^\^'Si«c'ast«?B* 


Cal'iphate,n. tile office of a Caliph 

Calk, or Gualk, v. t. to stop seams, to shoe a 

beast i»ith shar}) points oii the shoes 
Calk, n, a flhai^) point on a shoe, to prevent 

slipping on iee 
Calk er, n. one who calks or stops seams 
Call, V. t. to name, invite, summon 
Call, n. a deraaml, address, stimnions 
Callid'ity, Cal'lidness, n, ci-afUncss 
Call'ing, n. an employment, trade, class 
Gallosf ity, or Callus, n. a Iraitl swcliiiig 
Cal'lous, a. hard, hardened, inseusihle 
Callousness, n, liardncsi, insensibility 
CaFlow, a. wanting teatlicrs, uniiod^d 
Ca/in, V. /. to pacity, appease, quiet 
Ca/ni, n. repose, stillness, quic^ rest 
CaZra, a. still, quiet, undisturbed 
[ Ca^m'.er, «. one who appeases 

Ca/m'ly, ad. eoolv, without passion 
\ Ca/m'ness, n, stillness, quiet, rest, peace 
Cal'omel, n, dulcified sublimate of mercury 
CaI<Br'iu n. the simple element of heat 
Caloric, a. pertaining to matter of heat 
Caloi^ific, a. producing heat 
Cal(kte, 11, a ca^) worn by carflinals 
Cal'trop, n. an instrument of tliree spikes 
Cal'umet, n. the Indian pipe of peace 
Cal'amny, n. slander, a false charge 
Calam'niatc, v. t. to accuse falsely, slander 
Calumnidtion, n. a false representation 
CaliimiuUittn', n. a false accuser, a slanderer 
Ciliim'nious, a. slanderous, reproachful 
CBlam'iuously, ad. Rlandc*rously 
Cd'nuy, n. place of a skull 
Cihre, V. i. to bear or bring forth a calf 
Cd'^msm, n. the doctrines held by Calvin 
C^vinist, ». a follower, &c. of (Jalvin 
Gal^ist'io, a. relating to Calvinism 
Calyx, n. the outer leaves of a flower 
Camliering^ Cam'bing, a. rising like an arch 
Cam'bric, n. a fine lincm from Flandei-s 
Cam'el, n. a large quadruped, a machine for 
bearing ships over bars [and silk 

Camlet, or Camblet, n. a stuff made of wool 
Cain'moe^ n. uphiat, petty whin 



Cam'omile,7r. a genus of ])lants [of tents or huts 
Camp, 11. Uie place whei'e troops lodge, onler 
Campaign, n. a large open level countiy, the 

time Uiat an army keeps llie field in one 

Cam'phire, Cam'phor, n. the concrete juice of 

a bp(^cies of laurel in E. Indies 
Cam'phorated, a. impregnated with camphor 
Camphoi''ic, n. i)ei*taining to camphoi* 
Cam'pion, n. a plant of several kinds 
Can, t'. i. could, />ref. to be able, to have i)OWpr 
Can, n. a vessel for liquids, a kiiMl of cup 
Canail, n. tlie lowest of the people 
Canal', n. a water coui'se, a pipe 
Can'ncl-coal, n. a fine kind of coal 
Canary, n. a kind of wine, a singing bird 
Can'cel, v. t. to blot out, make void 
Can'ccllated, a. ci*ossbaiTed, crossed by lines 
Cancella'tion, n. tlie act of cancelling 
Can' celled, pa. blotted out, made void 
Can'cer, n. a crabfish, sign, virulent ulcer 
Cancera'tion, n. the formation of a cancer 
Can'cerous, a. inclining to or like a cancer 
Can'dent, a. burning, glowing, shining 
Can'did, a. white, fair, frank, honest, kind 
Can'didatc, n. one who sues or is proposed for 

an ofUcc 
Can'didly, ad. frankly 
Cau'didness, n. frankness, fairness 
Can'dle, n. light made of tallow, wax, &c. 
Can'dlelight, n. the light of a canOle 
Can'dlcmas,;*. the feastof thepurif of B.V. M. 
Can'dlestick, n. tliat which holds a candle 
Can'dor, //.. openness, honesty, sincerity 
Cane, 11. a reed, a v, «lking-sUck 
Cane, r. t. to bt.-at with a cane or stick 
Canebi'ake, n. a thicket of canes 
Canic'ular, a. belonging to the tlogstar 
Canine, a. belonging to a dog, surippisli 
Caning, n. a beating witli a cane 
Canister, n. a box for holding tea, abadtet 
Cank'er, n. a disease in ])lanLs, an eating sore 
Cankl?r, v. to grow corrupt, conxide 
Cank'erworm, n. a vioywv C[.vs,^c>i.^>bis^<^^JC'^ 
Can'mbal,?i. *AT£v9L\ve\jXviY ''. 



Can'nibalism, n. pi*acti8c of eating huiiian tlcsli 
Can'non, ?i. a great ffiin, tlie largest types 
Caniionade, v. t. to discliaree cannon at 
Cannonade, n. discharge of cannon 
Cannoabair, n. a ball for a cannon 
Cannonicr, 71. one who manages cannon 
Cannonshot', n. a cannonball 
Cannot, of can and not [ed tree 

CancSe, 71. a boat made of bark or a noUow- 
Can'on, n. a rule, dignitary of the Chui-ch 
Can'ont'ss, n. a woman living like a canon 
(/anon'ical, a. scriptural, ecclesiastical 
Canon'ically, (ul. agreeable to the canons 
Canon'icals, n. the dress of the clergy 
Canou'itate, Can'onry, Can'oi;ship, n. a bene- 
fice in a cathedral church, or allowance from 
its revenues 
Can'onist, n. a professor of cannon-law 
Can'onize, v. 4. to declare one a saint 
Canonization, n. the declaring one a saint 
Can'opied, a. covered with a canopy 
Can'opy, n. a clotli of state for tlie head 
Can'opy, v. t. to cover or adorn with a canopy 
Canorous, a. musical, harmonious 
Cant, ». connipt or whining talk, a turn 
Cant, XI. to flatter, whine, turn quick, toss 
Cantiita, n. a song, tune, air 
Canteen, n. a small tin chest or case to carry 

linuora and provisions ; or a kifid of bottle 
Can teleup, n. a species of muskmelon 
Cant'er, v. t. to go as a horse ; 71. a pace 
Cant'ieles, n. pi. the songs of Solomon 
Cant'o, n. a pai*t of a poem, division, song 
Can'ton, n. tne division of a country 
Can't6n, Can'tonize, v. t. to divide land 
Can'ton, v. t. to distribute an ai*my in huts 
Can'tonmcnt,7Z. a distribution of troops in camp 
Can'vas, n. a coarse cloth, a sail 
Can'vass, v. t. to examine, sue for honor 
Can'vass, 71. an examining [iner 

Can'vasaer, n. one wlio solicits votes, au exam- 
Cap, 71. a covering for the head, top 
Caj^ V, t. to cover the top or head 
Oap-a-p/t^, a//, fi-om bend to foot, a// over 
c^apMB/r/tj',//. a capacity, fitness 


Capable, a. saflictent, able to receive 
('apaciout), a, wide, large, exteiided, vast 
(Ja(>aci(»uflness, n. largeness, width, extent 
Capa"citate, v. t. to qualif}', make fit 
Capa''city, 11. ability, sense, contents 
Capai-'ison, n. a fine dress for a horse 
Capai-'ison, v, t. to dress pompously, adorn 
Cape, 72. a headland, neckpiece to a coat 
C^per, 71. a kind of beiT}-, pickle, leap 
Caper, v. i. to skip, dance, tiisk,' jump 
Cap'illary, a. like a hair, minute 
Cap'illary, 7i. a minute vessel in animals 
Capil' lament, n. tlie filament of a flower 
Cap'ital, 7z. principal sum, stock, laive lettec, 

upper part of a pillar or column, chief cify 
Cap'ital, iL princi^Md, deseiviug deadi 
Cap'ital ist, n. one who has a capital, or stock 
Cap'itally, ad in a capital manner, finely 
Capitation, n. numeration of heads, poll -tax 
Cap'itol, n. a splendid castle and temple at 

Rome, a government house in the U. S. 
Capit'ular, n. statute, or member of a cfaaptef 
Capit'ulate, T. f. to yield up on capitulaticHi 
Capit^ulation, iu a surrender on terms 
Csipon, n. a male fowl castrated 
Cap'rice, n. a whim, fancy, freak, humor 
Capri^'cious, a. whimsical, fanciful 
Capri'' ciously, ad. whimsically, fancifully 
Capri^ciousuess, n. whimsicalness, address 
Cap'ricom, n. sign of the zodiac, the goat 
Caprifi cation, 71. the practice of ripening figs 

by exposing them to be pricked by insects 
Cap'nform, a. liaving the form of a goat 
Capsize, V. t. to upset, overturn, (sea phrase) 
Cap'stan, n. an engine to draw weights 
Cap'sule, n. a seed vessel of plants, a hollow 

pericarp with cells for seeds 
Capsular, or Capsular}-, a. hollow like a chest 
Cap'tain, n. commander of a ship or troop 
Cap'toincy, n. the commission of a captain 
Cap'tainsliip, n. rank or post of a captain 
Cap'tion, n. a taking, signing of a commission^ 

Cap'tious, a. apt to find fault, peevish 


C^p'tioasness, n. peevishness, ill-nature 
Cap'tivate, v. t. to subdae by charms 
Cap'tive, n. one taken in war, a prisoner 
Cap'tive, a. made prisoner, enslaved, subject 
CaptiViiy, n. bondage, slavery, subjection 
Cap'tor, n, a person who takes prizes 
Cap'ture* n. the act ot' taking any tiling 
Cap'tore, v. t. to take as a prize in war 
Car, n. a cart, a chariot, a constellation 
Car^at, n. a weight of four grains, the 24th 

part of gold or silver coin 
Car a van, n. a body of merdiants or pilgrims 
Garavan'aary, n, an inn for travellers 
Car^avel, or Car'vel, n. a small vessel used in 

the herring fidiery 
Cutaway, n. a plant witli aromatic seed 
Carbine, n. a short ^u 
Ctrbioier, or Carabniier, n. a light horseman 
Cu/banelc, n. a precious stone, a red spot 
Cai^boncled, a. set with carbuncles, spotted 
Cariiun'ealar, a. like a carbuncle 
Gv'cajo, n. the glutton, carnivorous animal 
Oat^eass, n. a dead body, body, shell 
Card, n. a complimentaiy note, instmiracnt for 

breaking woo], painted paper, [>art of a 

compass, chart, map 
Card, V. to comb or work wool 
Cttd^naly a. prmcipal, chief, eminent 
Canfinal, ii. a digmtary of the Romish church, 

lard, a kind of woman's cloak 
Gttdlnal points, iu east, west, norih|and soutli 
(^odiml virtues, n. the four virtues, prudence, 

temperance, justice and foititude 
CaidooB', n. a plant like the artichoke 
Care, n. uneasiness, regard, caution 
Care, u t. to be solicitous, reganl, heed 
Ckr^en, v. to heave a ship on one side for 

calking, &e. to incline to one side 
Gunner, n. a coarse, race, motion 
(>b«liil,a. full of cares, cautious, saving 
GAvefully, ad. with care, with caution 
Ctfrefiilness, n. great care, watchfulness 
Cirdess, a. heedless, unconceimed, giddy 
GirelesBlK^ o^' ^thout care, heedlessly 
0(r^utae8a^n.beedlesmes9j inRttentioii 

C A R 47 

Caress^, v. t. to cnibi*ace with affection 
Caress', n. enibi-aoe, act of eiidcurment 
Caret, n. tliis mark (a) noting an omission 
Car'go, n. a ship's huUng, fivight, load 
Caribbean, a. peiliaining totlie Cai-ibs, natives 

of the West Indies 
Cai'ibu, iu a (|uadrup(ul of the stag kind 
Car'iottture, n. a figure (u* description in whicli 
beauties are coucealcd, and blejnishes ex- 
Car icature, v. t. to exhibit worse than the life 
Carious, a. i-otteii, spuiigj-, decayed 
Car'man, 72. one wlio drives a cart. « 

Car'melite, 7i. a kind of begging friar 
Cai-'min, w. powder of a crimson color 
Carnage, n. slaughter, devastation 
Cam'al, a. fleshlv, lustful, sensual, lewd 
Camal'ity, n. flesldy lust, sensuality 
Cani'ally, ad. according to the flesh, lewdly 
Ciu-iiation, ii. llesh-color, a fine flower 
Canieliau, ;/. a silicious stone, red or white 
Car^nival, n. shrovetide, a time of mirth 
Caniiv'orous, a. feednig upon flesh 
Camos'ity, n. a fleshy excrescence i 

Ca'rol, 77. a song of joj', devotion or praise 
Car'ol, V. to sing, warble, praise, extol 
Caroliii'iart, ii. a native of CaiY>Iina 
(yiirous'al, 7i. a festival, bard diinking 
Carouse', z\ to drink hai'd or freely 
Cai-p, r. to censure peevishly, 7i. a fish 
Carp'enter, 7t. a worker in wood, a builder 
Car per, 7i. a caviller 
Cai-'pet, n. a covering for a floor 
Car'pet, v. t. to cover with carpets 
Carp'ing, pa. censorious, captious 
Cart-hoi'se, n. a horse used in a cart 
Car'riage, n. what is carried, a vehicle, ex- 

Iiense of tiling cairied, conveyance, be- 
Car'rier, n. one who carries, a porter 
Car'rion, n. worthless flesh 
Carronade, 7i. a short piece of ordnance 
Car'rot, n. l\\e w^wti v>1 \v. ^vaA«».^s«r^. 



(Iiirt, ff. II rarrJRj^c of two wlict^ls 
<'mi'1., v. t. til rsiiTy ill :i cart 
i Jwriitr, w. iiii o^ji-ticjiieiit lM*twf^«ii crxnnics 
TurfiT, II. a piij'hoii who drivcH a cjiil 
^'iirt!iUMi;ni:i, n. an onliT <if HuMrro inoiik!* 
(/UI'L'iI.'u;.':, ;/. a toiipjli hubsttuiw:, liji'isth' 
CaiiiU'V'^'**''** ''' i*>«vjii}; or liki* f^risllcs 
CJarliKiri', n. u imiiiting oii lai-jji^ paper 
('aii(*i|(-,1i, (cailoocli) ii. u caHt: for balU 
()ui-ri'iil^<-, n. a papt^r-cafM! (or powder 
Ciirl.'riilK«'b<i\, n, a box lor cai-tridgt-R 
rni'l'nii, n. a cut inrnh* by a curtwlieol 
rnrlwiiVi n. a roiid that a cart may pans 
('iiU'wriKht, n. n maker of calls 
C/iirvc, V. t. 1o cut wikkI, Htoiic or meat 
Ciirv'i'i*, /;. 0111^ wlio enrvos or choost^s 
rarv'injj, ;f. Heiilpluro, fiKiiix? curved 
rnr'uiinli*, n. a fl<'»hly cxcrosccuce 
CnNradc, n. a watfi-fall, a jet 
Casriule, t'. /. to thitiw or cast up or out 
Ousts «. n covorini;, sheath, outer ^lait of a 

thiu|;, box, stale, comlition, variatiun of 

f las.*, V, t. 1o cover with or put in a casi* 
rnHi'har'di'ni v. f. to inakt* bard the outside 
Casekuife, n. a kitchen or tjdile knife 
r^Meniate, ;/. an nivh in the flank of a bastion 
CiiNenient, n. a part of a window 
C'lNeshot, /;. balU inidosed in a case 
Cji'seouH, a. p<Tt:iinin(; to cheese 
ras'ern, n. a lo4lp;i> for soldiers neAr ramimrts 
rsiSh'Worin, ;i. a Morin that makes itself a case 
f 'sisli, n. any money, it'ady money 
Cnsliier, m.*!i cashkeepcT \ v. t. Vi dismiss 
rank, ,*». a wiMiden veiwel \i^etl for licjuor 
raMk, ( :.(Mpie, n. a helmet, a heail ^neec 
CNNk'el, ;?. a small l»o\, a chest for jewels 
CHs'-iJulM, ;i. a ptsur. of plants, >»base rtiots 

yield a bn'ud, and one, the India rnUher 

f'nR«:i(i()it, It. li re)4eidini(, niakinuf voitl 

(^a.\ hia, .-} :t j^i'nus of plants tif thirty sjK^cies 

^^jv'Mi.\»/n: ..'. Fi>'ncli lavender 

fititMH'. .-). tht' utuh'r-^Hrim^nt tif h clrrsymtn 
^M,H^,', ,r J, /;,„./ „.y,y^ ^^^ ^' 

fi -y- .V f^njw, wr^uon, fqnittt, turn 

C A T 

Ca&t, V. cast, J^et. cast, pa. to throv, ffii^, 

shed, contrive, form, overcome 
Cubtalian, a. noting a fount at the fool of Par- 
CasUintrt, n. shells of ivory or hard wood 
i.'asl'away, ». an abandoned person 
Cast'ellany, 71. the lordship 0^ a castle 
C-as'tellatu, a. pertaining to a castle 
Cast'ellet, n. a small ea^e or fortress 
CJast'ei", n. a thrower or calculator 
(yast'igate^ v. t. to chastise, pumsh, correct 
Castip;ation, n. punishment, coiTcctiou 
CastJl'ian, n. a native of Castile in Spain 
Cast'ing, n. a vessel or other thing oast 
Cas'tingnet, n. a net thrown by the hand 
Cast'inp^vote, n. the vole tliat deeides vben 

the others arc C({uallv divided 
('a8"tle, n. a house of defense 
(yas"tletl, (T. furnished with castles 
Castor, n. the name of a star, a beaver 
Castrametatlon, n. the laying out a camp 
Cas'trato, v. t. to geld, mtike imperfect 
Castration, a. a gelding, a cuilaiUng 
Cas'nal, a. accidental, uncertain 
Cus'ually, ad. accidentally, by chance 
C'nsnalty, ?i. an aci'ident, chance, fortune 
Cas'uist, n. a rcsolver of cases of conscience 
C -asiiist'ical, a. i*e1atiiig to cases of conscience 
(vas'uistry, n. the science or s^ll of a casuist 

Catal'pa, 11. a tree in the S. States 
Cat'amount, n. a rapacious quadruped 
Cat'aplasm, n. a kind of poultice 
("at'apult, iu an engine to throw stones 
Cai'araet, n. a water fall, disorder 
CalarrA', n. a di$i>ase of the head 
('ataiT/i'al, CatarrA'ous, a. n*lating to a catarrii * 
tV.tas'n-ophy, 7t. a final event, a disaster 
Cat'cal, w. an inf.tnimcntat plays 
Catch, t'. catched, caught*- pret. eatichefl, 
C;\Uf:Ut, pa. U> sUvp, seize, ntsnare, chann. 

Catch, n. \itfi «cV tS scvLVM^^^^a*. «al^»2fetfss'<k^ 

C A U 

', n. one that catehes 

^9 pa. seizing, infectious 

ord, II. the last word in a page 

t'ieal, [eh as k] a. in questions and 

t'ieally, ad. with questions and answers 

se, V. /. to ask questions 

ser, n. one who catechises 

m, n. a form of instruction 

it, n. one that teaches catechism 

Kcal, a, absolute, positive, express, 

'irally, ad. absolutely, expressly 

y, n. a class, rank, onler of ideas 

AfV. connect by links 

on, n. a r^dar connection, chain 

'. i. to provnle food 

, n. a provider of food 

I, n. a woman that provides victuals 

liar, n. the general name of winged 

B in their reptile or worm state ; the 

ies are numerous ; a plant 

auly V. i. to make a noise like a cat 

n. a fi^ of tiie shark kind, &c. 

n. a kind of canvas, a gut 

ic, n. a purgative medicine 

Jfi, Cathar'tioal, a. purging 

<al, n. the hea<l church of a diocess 

B, a. imiversal, very general, liberal 

^ra, n. universality, liberality 

con, n. a universal medicine 

t> n. a plant, calamint, catnip, 

, ti. a pickle from mushrooms 

n. pi. beasts of pasture not wihl, but 

Y animals of the bovine kind 

, n. a cant name of secret meetings for 

oneering purposes 

, n. child-bed food 

a membrane covering the lower part 
* bowels, a small net 
rwer, n. a fine sort of cabbage 
re? calk 

a. relating to or implying causes 
ty. Causation, n. the power, ad or 
r cfeaus/ng-, agency (^ H eauae 
e, a. expressive ot some euuse 

C E D 


Caus'ablc, a. that may be produced 
Cause, 11. a reason, motive, party 
Cause, V. to effect, produce, occasion 
Cause'less, a. having no just reason 
Causer, n. one who produces, an agent 
Cau'sey, or Cause'way, n. a nused wa} 
Caus'tic, a. hot ; n. burning application 
Causti"city, n. the quality of burning 
Caut'elous, a. cautious, cunning, cran.y 
Cauteriziition, n. a bumuie with iron' 
Cau'terize, u ^ to bum with hot ii*on 
Cau'tery, n. an iron for, or the act of bumirg 

animal flesh 
Cau'tion, n. prudence, a warning 
Cau'tion V. i. to warn, advise 
Cau'tionary, o. pving security 
Cau'tious, a. wary, watdiful, prudenf 
Cau'tiously, ad in a cautious manner 
Cau'tiousness, n. prudence, care 
Cav'alcade, n. a procession on horseback 
Cavalier, n. a horseman, kni^lit 
Cavalier, a. brave, warlike, haup^hty 
Cavalierly, ad. haughtily, arrogantly 
CaValry, n. horse-troops, horse-soldiers 
Cave, n. a den, a hollow in the earth 
Caveat, 71. a law term to prevent farther pn»>- 

ceedings, bill, caution, nint 
Cav'em, n. a cave, den, hole, hollow place 
Cav'emed, Cav'enious, a. full of caverns 
Caviare, n. tiie spawn of sturgeon pickled 
Cav'il, n. a captious or frivolous objection 
Cav'il, V. i. to raise trivial objections 
Caviller, n. one who is captious 
Cav'ity, n. a hollow place, a cavern 
Cav'y, w. the name of a large tribe erf" (j[uadru- 

peds somewhat like a rablHt and a p9g 
Caw, V. i. to cry as a rook or crow 
Cayenn'e, n. a stimidiiting pepper 
Ciiyman, n. a crocodile or alligator 
Cazique', or Caric, w. an Indian Chief 
Cease, v. f. to leave off, stop, be extinct or at 

an end, fall, put aw cv\d\i(> 
Ceaseless, a. tvexer w.m\\^, v£v«?«»«kv^ 
i C<Sdar, n. a gewiH o^ 1to«s», ^NiiT^%fv>^ 
ICede, r.f.\oy\e\CiOY ^vNe.x\\»>wvrecx^^\'^^ 


C E N 

Cedrine, a. of or belonging to cft(I«r 
Ceil, V. t. to make a ceiling, roof, overlay 
Ceiling, n. uppcqiart of a room 
Cel' andine, n. prickly poppy, a plant 
Cerature, n. tlie arlof engi-aving 
Cerebi-ate, v. i. to praise, solemnize 
Celebration, n. a solemn performance 
Celebrious, a. famous, famed, renowned 
Celeb'rity, n. fame, renown, celebration 
Celer'ity, 71, swiftness, speed, velocity 
Ccreiy, n. the name of a salad-herb 
Celes'tial, n. an inhabitant of heaven 
Celcs'tial, a. relating to heaven, heavenly 
Celes'tially, ad. in a transporting manner 
Celib'acy, 7i. a single life or state 
Cell, 71. a small room, cave, hole, partition in 

plants, bags of fluids in animals 
Cell'ar 7*. a g^uud room [ral 

Cellarage, n. room for cellars, cellars in gene- 
Cell'ular, a. made up of cells or cavities 
Certic, a. pertaining to the ancient people of 

Celt'ic, 71. language of the Ci'lts 
Cem'ent, n. that which joins bodies 
Cement', v. t. to unite, join together 
Cem'etery, a. a burial-place, a tomb 
Cenobit'ic, a. living in community 
Cen'otaph, n. a monument for one buried 
Cen'ser, n. an incense-pan [elsewhere 

Cen'aor, a. a Roman magistrate who taxed 

estates and inspected tlie manners of citizens 
Censdrial, a. belonging to a censor 
Censorious, a. severe, full of invectives 
Censdriously, ad. in a censorious manner 
Censdriousness, n. disitosition to condemn 
Cen'sorship, n. the office of a censor 
Cen'sua!, a. relating to a census 
Cen'surable, a, deserving of censttrc 
Cen'sure, n. blame, rcpioach, judgment 
Cen'sure, v. t. to blame, condemn 
Cen'surcr, «. one who blames 
Cen'sus, 7K an enumeration of inhabitabts, a r&-^ 
g7stf^r nf people 

C^eae, /^. a copper coin of the United States, 
''^tiu B hundredth part of a dnJlav 

C E S ■'■ 

Cent, n. abbi^eviation of a hundred 
Cen'taur,n.a poetical being half raan,haIfhor 

monster, sign, the archer in tlie zodiao 
Cen'taury, n. a plant oi several kincb 
Cent^cnary, a. relating to a hundred 
Cen'ter, n. tlie middle of a place or object 
Cen'ter, v. to place on a center, meet 
Centes'imal, a. the hundredth 
Centesim^tion, n. a selecting every hundred 

person for punishment 
Ceut'iped, n. an insect of many feet 
Cent'ral, a. of or belcHiging to the center 
Cent'rally, ad. in the center 
Cent'ric, a. placed in tlie center 
Centi'ifugal, a. flying from the center 
Centripetal, a. tending to the center 
Cen'tuple, n. hundred fold 
Centurion, 71. a military officer over 100 me 
Cent'ur}*, 7i. the space of a hundred yean 
Cephal'ic, a. belonging to tlie head 
Cerate, n. a soft salve of wax and oil 
Cerc, V. t. to cover or smear over with wax 
Ce'reclotli, ti, a cloth dipped in wax, 
Ceremdnial, ti. form, book of rites 
Cei*era6nial, Cerem6nious, a. formal 
Ceremoniously, ad. in a formal manner 
Ceremoniousness,. n. formality, fondnetf f 

ceremony, affectation of politeness 
Cer'emony, 71. an outwai*d rite, civility 
Ceres, h. a pagan goddess, the inventor of oa 

a newly discovered planet 
CeriTerous, a. producing wax 
Ceroon', n. a leather bale or bag 
Cer'tain, a. sure, undoubted, regular 
Cer'tainly, ad. surely, without fail 
Cei/tainty, n, fulness of assurance 
Certificate, 7i. a testimony in writing 
Cer'tified, pa. assured, made certain 
Cer'tify, v. t. to give certain notice 
Cerulean, Cen'ileous, a. sky-colored, blue 
Cer'vical, a. belonging to the neck 
Cei/vine, a. pertaining to the deer kind 
Ceea'rian, a. noting tlie operation of cutting 

take a (AuV^ (v^va \K<!t Ncomh 

-C H A 

» n. a stop, rest pause, rcspit 

n. a giving way, a grant 

;. agnxile, the ginlle of Venus 

!, a. of or belonging to whales 

to fret, rage, warm, rub 

a heat, fume, rag(;, passion 

the husks of corn 

V. to haggle, bargain, n. a beetle 

•, n. a hard bargainer, dealer 

, n. the act of buying and selling 

1, 11, the name of a small biixl 

. like or full of chaff, foul, light 

sii, n. a dish to put hot coals in 

n. ill-humor, vexation 

V. t. to vex, put out of humour 

Ay pa, vexed, provoked 

a fine of links, continuation 

t. to fasten with a chain 

, n. two bullets &stened by a chain 

\ moveable seat, a sedan [chair 

, n. a president, one who carries a 

h as sh J n. a riding carriage 

[ch as kj a. pertaining to Chaldea on 

mrates in Asia, called Shinar 

, n. a native of Chaldea 

n. the language of Chaldea 

, n. a measure of 36 bushels 

1. a cup standing on a foot 

a white absorbent earth 

t. to mark with chalk 

, n. a pit where chalk is dug 

z. containing or like chalk, white 

3s, n. a state of being chalky. 

e, V. t. to claim, accuse, call to fight, 

o a juror or jury 

s, n. a summons to fight, a demand, 

ption to a juror or jury 

er, n. one who ^ves a challenge 

:e, a. impregnated with iron 

£, n. water containing iron , 

lan or Khan, n. a prince in Tartaiy 

, V. i. to riot, revel, keep close 

, n. a pail of a house, a cavity 

er, n. a man of luxury 

QBfgv /a ffc'baachery, riot • 

C H A 


Cham'berlain, who has the care of cliam" 

hers, the sixth officer of the British crown 
Cham'bermaid, n. a s<>rvant who hus the care 

of i^ooms, or dressi^s a lady 
Chameleon, [ch as k] n. an animal of tlic lizard 

kind, whose color changes with his positiou 

to the light 
ChamTer, v. t. to form g^rooves, slope oft' 
Champ, V. t. to bite, eliew, gnaw, eat 
Cluunpaign, n. an open coiuitiy , a wine 
Cham periy, n. maintenance in law 
Cham'pioii, n. a single combatant, a hero 
Chance, v. t. to happen, to fall out 
Chance, n. accident, hazard, an event 
Chance, ChHnce'able, a. accidental, causual 
Chan'cel, n, the part of a church between 

the altar and the railing inclosing it 
Chan'cellor, n. a great ofncer of state, a judge 

of a court of equity 
Chan'oellorship, n. the office of chancellor 
Chance'mcdley, n. the killing by chance 
Chan'cery, n. a court of equity 
Chandelier, [eh as sh] n. branch for candles 
Chand'ler, n. a person who deals in candles 
Change, v. t. to alter, mend, excliange 
Change, n. an alteration, small money 
Changeable, a. fickle, inconstant 
Cli^ngeableucss, n. fickleness, inconstancy 
Changeling, 7i. a fickle person, idiot, child 

changed fen* another 
Chan'nel, n. the course for a stream of water, 

a groove, gutter, strait, means 
Chan'nel, v. t. to cut into channels 
Chant, n. a song, cathedral service 
Chant, V. t. to smg, to sing service 
Chant'er, n. a singer in catlietlrals 
Chant'icleer, il the cook, a clear singer 
Chant'ress, n. a woman that chants 
Chant'ry, n. a chapel to sing mass in 
Chdos, [chask] n. an indigested heap 
Chaot'ic, n. indigested, confused, mixed 
Chap, n. a cleft, chink, jaw, beak 
Chap, V. t. to open, ga\ie, crao-W 
Chape, n, al\wu\!\aXfc tiiV^x^ \^\vx ^1 ^^. 'yj.-iSji 

hanl, catc\v<^l ;v.^^^\v:^^V 


C H A 

Chap'el, 71. a place of worship, a church 
Chap'elry, n. the district of a chapel 
Chap'fahi, a. dispirited, dejected 
Chap'iter, ii. the capital or top of a pillar 
Chap'lain, n. Uie minister of a regiment 
Chap'lainship, n. the oillco of a chaplain 
Chap'let, n. a gurhmd, string of beads 
Chap'man, n. one who deals in goods 
^hap'ped, Cliapt. pa. cracked, cleft, divided 
Chap'tcr, n. division of a hook, place, body, 

of clergymen in a cathedral church 
Char, H. work done by the day, a fish, sedge 
Char, f . to ])nrn wood to c}iai*coal 
Chai-'acter, [ch as k] 7i. a mark, letter, repu- 
tation, peculiar qualities, dignity, a person 
Characteris'tic, a. distinguishing 
Oharacteris'tic, n. a mark, sign, token 
Charaoteris'ticalness,n. a cliaracteristic quali^ 
Char'acterize, v. t. to give a character 
Char'coal, n. a coal made by burning wood un- 
der cover, and expelling volatile matter 
Charade, [ch as sh] n. a composition in which 
a word and each syllable contains an en- 
igma [load, accuse, attack 
Charge, v. t. to enjoin, exhort, entrust, impute. 
Charge, n. care, command, expense 
Chai'ge'able, a. expensive, accusable 
Char^e'ably, ad. expensiveU', with cost 
Char^ger, n. a large kind oi dish or plate 
Char'iot, n. a halt coach 
Charioteer, n. a driver of a chariot 
Char'itable, a. kind, bountiful, loving 
Char'itably, ad. kindly, bountifully 
Chai-'ity, n. love, alms, candor 
Char'latan, [ch as shj /*. a quack, mountebank 
Char'lock, 7U a plant growing among grain 
^/harm, v. t. to bewitch, delight, allay 
Charm, ii. a spell, or enchantment 
Charm'er, n. one who charms or delights 
Charm'ing, />a. very pleasing, delightful 
Cliarm'ingly, ad. delightfully 
Charm'ingness, ?i. the power of pleasing 
Char'nelhouse, n. a place, for bones 
Charr, /i. a £sh about a foot in length 
C.Aart, « a deJIncation ofcORSis, islands, &c. 

G H E 

I Charter, n. a (patent, deed, grant, pri\il 
Char'ter, v. t. to hire or let a ship 
Char'tered, a. privile^d, contracted 
Chart'eri)ar'ty, w. a wTiting containic 

agreement for the hire of a vessel 
Cliar woman, n. a wonan hired by the dj 
Chase, v. t. to hunt, pursue, drive 
Chase, n. a hunting, pursuit, whole len 

a gun, station for beasts larger than a 

a vessel pursued, a printer's frame 
Chased, /»fl. pursued, driven, adorned 
Chaser, n. a hunter, pursuer, driver 
Chasm, [ch ask] n. a cleft, gap, ppenin] 
Chaste, a. undefiled, pure, time, Itonest 
Chastely, ad. in a chaste manner 
Chast'en, Chastise, v. t. to correct, puni 
Chas'tisement, or Chastisement, n. com 

a beating, affliction 
Cliast'iser, n. one who punishes 
Chas'tity, Chsisteness, n. purity of body. 
Chat, V. i. to prate, prattle, talk, convers 
Chat, n. familiar talk 
Chattel, n. m'breable property 
Chat'ter v. i. to make a noise like bii 

witli the teeth, prate, jabber 
Chat'ter, n. tlie noise oi bii'ds, &c. prate 
Charterer, n, a gi*eat talker, a bird 
Cheap, a. of a low price compared w 

value, easy to be obtained, low, eomn 
Cheapen, v. t. to ask the price, degrade 
Cheaply, ad. at a low price or rate 
Cheapness, n. lowness of price or value 
Cheat, 71. a trickster, deceiver, fraud 
Cheat, V. t. to defraud in a bargain, tode 

for the purpose of gaining advantage 
Cheated, ^a. defrauded, imposed on 
Cheater, n. one who practises fraud 
Check, V. to reprove, chide, curb 
Check, 71. a restraint, stop, order on a 

checkered cloth 
CheclTed, Checkt. pa. reproved, stoppc 
(!Jhecker, v. t. to diversify, vaiy, mix 
Checkers, n. pi. a game 
Check'mate, n. a movement in ches 

C H I 

le aide of the face 
M. the high bone in the cheek 
itertidninent, jollity, huzza 
I encourage, grow gay 
a person that cheers 
.merry, full of life, gay 
Ch^erlv, ad. merrily, readily 
IS, n. mirth, readiness 
I, comfortlesss, gloomy 
Cheery, a. merry, sprightly 
ood made from milk-curds 
ger, n. one who sells cheese 
flee cheese, tasting of cheese 
m insect which entci's the skin 
[ch as kj n. the science which 
e properties of bodies by decom- 
nd combination 
I. pertaining to chemistry 
, ad. on chemical principles 
. one versed in chemistry 
e checker 

t. to nurse, nourish, comfort 
n. a comforter, encourager 
I fruit ; a. ruddy, blooming 
, [ch as k] n. a peninsula 
an angel, a celestial spirit 
L angelical, divine 
t. to chirp 
. a tree, and its nut 
71. a large bay in Virginia 
lifficult game, a plant 
, n. a board to play chess on 
71. a puppet used at chess 
arge box, the bi-east 
ch as sh] n. a knight 
^ind with the teeth 
icdnery, [ch as sh] a. sophistry 
. a caviller, quibbler 
k'cn, n. the young of hens 
irted, a. fearful, cowardly 
c, n. a mild erupti^ e disease 
3a, n. a genus of (ilants 
, n. a genus of plants 
hid, pret. chidflcn, pa. io scold, 
forCf rebuke, blumQ -. 



Chi'der, n. one who reproves or clamors 
Chiding, />fl. scolding, repiwiog 
Chief, a. principal, iu a leader 
Chiefly, ad. principally, above jjl 
Chiefuiin, n. a leader, commander 
Chiffy, n. liaste, speed, a short time 
Chirblain, n. a sore made by cold. 
Child, n. ofFsprin"- of t!»e human species 
Chfldbearing, n. the act of beai-ing children 
Childbed, n. the state of being in labor 
Childhood, n. the state of a child, infancy 
Childish, a. like a child, simple, triflinc^ 
Childishly, ad. simply, ignorantly, wenkly 
Childishness, n. simpleness, ignorance 
Childless, a. having nochilrlren, barren 
Childlike, a. like or becoming a child 
Chirdi*en, of childy descendants 
Chill, a. cold, cold with shivering 
Chill, n. moderate cold, or with dampness and 

shivering, the fit which precedes fevtT 
Chill, V. t. to make cold, (leject 
Chilliness, Chill'ness, n. coldness 
Chill'y, a. somewhat cold, shivering 
Cliirii, n. great pepper of the Mexicans 
Chime, n. a sound of bells, concord 
Chime, v. i. to gingle, sound together 
('himera, [ch as kj ;i. a wild fnncy 
(/himei-'icHl, a. imaginarj', fancied 
Chiiner'ically, ad. wildly fkncifully 
Chim'ney, n. a passage for smoke 
C'hin, n. lowest part of the human face 
Chin&, n. a fine eartlien ware, a countiy 
Cliincse, n. a native of China 
Chin'cough, n. a violent cough of children 
Chine, n. the back bone, the edge of a cask 
Chink, 71. a small opening 
Chink'y, a. full of chinks, gaping open 
Chink, x>. to sound as pieces of coin 
Chink'opin, n. an Americ^u tree 
Chintz, n. Indian cottons 
Chip, V. t. to cut into small pieces 
Chip, n. a piece cut off, fragment 
Chirk, a. iu a. comfevVaiNA^t ^\a\s> y'l^ a-- 
Cliii'p, 1'. i. to tu^e. vv wwftvi vciXiW^ 
Clurp'er, Ti. oae \\\\o Opayv^ 


c n u 

diir)/in^, /{. Uie hulHeinadc by bii'iL* 
Ciiinir'f'ffoii, tl a Rui-gt'oti, ol/. 
diiinji-'grry, £/. Mirjjcrv, oh. 
Chinir'gical, «. bclon^njjto sui^m-) , ob. 
C;bi«'cl, n. a ciuixniiUr's tool to pwo with 
Cliii'el, V. t. to cut witli a cbiiicl 
Chit, V. i. to sprout, n. a baby, S|)roiit 
(yhilV.bnt, 71. prattle, common talk 
fJhiv'alry, (ch as rin n. kniglithooil 
Chiv'ulitMis,(ch as sli) a. iicrtaiiiing to cliivalry 
Cbivi'K, n. pi. tt kiiid of oiiiotis 
f 'lioc/c>lati*, n. a Ibwl of xXiv. cocoa-nut 
^Jboic'.?, 7i. thui;; clioscn, power ol'cboosing 
Choice, a. Hi'Icct, ofjp'cat value 
Clioice'ly, tui. ciu-iouHly, CHn*fiilly 
('lioicf;'iieMS, ii. nicrty, partictilar value 
( 'iioir, (cli as k) n. a |>art of :i church, singers 
('hok(s V. t. to Htop the wiiwlpipe 
Ciiol'er, (ch as k) n. tiie bile, gall, anger 
Choleric, a. lull of choler, pasuonate 
CiirK>8(% (yhuse, r. chose, prct. chosen, chose, 

pa. to make choice, pick out 
<'h(K)'8er, 71. one wlio chooses 
('hop,i'. to cut with a blow, cut, luiuce, devour, 

cliangu, emck, gape 
(/lir>p, n. a small i)iece of meat 
(Jhoij'house, 7*. a nousir to eat provisions at 
f'llioii'ping, a. large, lusty, plump 
C!liop'piii};kuifc, ti. a knite to cut meat 
Choo'py, n. full of holes or cracks, gaping 
C/ho rai, (ch as k) a. belonging to a choir 
Chord, (cli as k) n. a string of a musical instru- 

nuuit, aline 
(JhoiHl, 7». t. to agree, fasten with strings 
(Miore, n. a S!na!l job, domestic woi'k 
Chorister, (cliask) 7/. a singer in catheilrals 
Ch(')ru.s, (ch as k) ;/. a number of singers 
i .'h<isen, pa. nuide choice of, selected 
* 'honjj;!!, (chufl*) 71. a kind of sea-bird 
< 'house, T. t. to cheat, 71. R trick 
<'h(nv'(!'.M\ '/, a dish of tish boiled villi biscuit 
(■liow'rt.i'. V. t. to ni.ike u chowder 
f -hrisni, (<h as k) n. holv unguent, unetiou 
/' '////y/, (r/i :iik) /A tht* AliOhitcd 

C H U 

Chria'l(.'iMluni, n. tlie body of ClirisUans 
Chris' teniug, 7i. the act of baptizing 
Chris' tinn, n. a disciple (»f Clirist 
Chris'tiaii, a. belonging to Cimstjaiiitv 
Christian'ity, n. the religion taught by JeM 

(JhrJs'tianize, v. Mo make Christian 
ChrisViaiily, iuL in a Christian manner 
(Jhris'iian-narae, n. the name of baptism 
Christ' mas, 7i. the feast of tlie nativity of Clini 
Chron'ic, Chrou'ical, (ch ask) a. contioiMi 

long time 
Chron'icle, ti. a register of events 
Chron'icle, v. i. to record in history 
Cliron'icler, n. a histonan 
ChronoVoger, ChronoVogist, (ch ask) 71. an ex 

plainer of past time 
Chi'onolo''gical, a. relating to chronology 
Chronolo^'gically, ad. in the order of time 
Chronorogy, n. tlie science of computing liM 
Chrys'olite, (ch as k) 7i. a silicious stone oC | 

yellowish green [a green cola 

Chr}Yopra8e, (ch ask) n. a species of topaxQ 
Chub, 71. the name of a fish, a dunce 
Chub'bed, a. bigheaded, bluff, stupid 
Chuck, 13. to make a noise like a hen 
Chuckj 71. the noise of a hen, stroke 
Chuo^'kle, V. to laugh mucli, call as a hea 
Chult*, 71. a clownish person, a. surly 
Chuff'ily, ad. in a surly manner, morosely 
Chum, 71. a chanibermate, messmate 
Chump or Chunk, ti. a sliarp piece of wood 
Church, 71. a place of divine worship, assenditl 

or body of christians, congregation 
Church'ing, 7i. tlie act of giving thanks ia 4* 

clmrh alter childbirth 
Church'man, ti. an episcopalian 
Churchwarden, 7i. a church-ofUcer 
Chui-ch'yard, ti. a grave-yai-d 
Churl, a. rustic, rude man, niggard 
Churrish a. nide, surly, niggardly 
Churrishly, «c/. rudely, brutally-, selfishly 
(Churlishness, 71. rudeness, surliness 
Chum, T. t. to make butter, to shake 
Cliuru, 11. %^'ft«5it\ Va ^Wwv Qv«snn in 

C I R 

(oh M k) n. a "wbite fluid formed iu 


ieal, see Chemical 

va, a. pertaining to food 

ee, 71. a scar left after a -nround 

B&tioQ, n. the healing of a wound 

te,v. akin over a aorc 

ted, pa. aiklnned over, healed 

liaiiy a. like Cicero, elegant, forcible 

'y n. a plant, the wild myrrh 

0, n. an attendant upon a lady 
It. a liquor from apples 

n. a roll of tobacco for smoking 
', a. helongit^ to the eyolids 
NUy a, ma^ of hair, hair}' 
nr, 71. a croaked sword 
rian, a, relating to the Crimea on the 
I of ^e Euxiue, formerly tliought to be 

re, n. a belt, ^rdle, inclosure 
'. n. small coals of an ignited body 
lOD, 71. a reducii^ to ashes 
Mil, a, of the color of wood ashes 
tioos, a. having the form of ashes 
t n. a girth used for a lioi-se 
lar, 71. Vermillion, quicksilver combined 

dOD, 71. the inner bark of two species of 
ree or laurel 

, a. five ; n. five, the number five 
'foil, 71. a five-leaved clover 
I a sprout, dioot of a plant 
, V. to cast sums 

»7i. the figure (0) in mimbew, the ini- 
ittcrs of a name interwoven 
ing, n. the act of costing accounts 
i, a. pertaining to Circcj bewitching 
71. a round body, company move roimd, inclose 

1, pit. suriYjunded, iucloM'^l 
^ 71. a small or little circh^ 
gfpa. circular, roundiiih 

;, 71. a space, act of moving roimd, joiir- 
iftlie judges toboJd courts 
, r. /. to wore In n ci/'dti 

C I R 


Cir'cuitous, a. goine round in a ciiHSuit 
Cir^cular, a. lil^ a circle, round 
Circular'ity, Cir'culamess, 7i. circular form 
Cir'oularly, ad. in a circular manner 
Cii/culate, v. to pass about, or round 
Cir'culating, pa. moving round 
Circulation, 7i. a circular motion, course 
Cir^culatoi'V, a. circulating, circular 
Circumam'1)ifency, ti. an encompassing 
Circumam'bient, a. encompassing 
Cii-cumam'bulatc, v. to walk round 
Cir'cumcise, v. t. to cut ofi^the fcnreskin 
Cireumci"sion, 7i. the act of circumcising 
Circum'fei'cnce, ti, compass, periphery 
Cir'cumflex, Tt. an accent over a 8}'llnble to 

make it sound long, thus (') 
Cir'cumflex, v. t. to fix a circumflex 
Circum'fluent, a. flowing round about. 
Circum'Auous, a. flowing round 
Circumfuse, v. t. to spread roimd 
Circumfusiltf, a. that may be spi*ead 
Circumfusion, ii. the act of pouring round 
Cicumg^r^tiou, n. a whirling about 
Circumjacent, a. lying round, bordering 
Ciraumlooiition, I'u use of indirect words 
Circumna^-'igate, v. t. to sail around 
Circumnavigtttion, 7i. a sailing round 
Circumnav'igable, a. to be sailed round 
Circumnav'igator, 71. one who aails^ round Ibc 

Cireuinpolar, a. about a pole 
f /ircumrutation, n. a whirling round 
Circumrotary, a. \< hiriing round 
Circumscribe, v. t. to inclose, limit 
Circuniscrip'tion, n. limitation 
(yircuniscrip'dvc, a. inclosing, limiting 
Cii-^cunispcct, a. cauUous, wary 
Cir'cumspection, Cir'cumspectness, ti. cauiiou, 

M'atclifulness, prudence 
Circumspect'ivc, a. cautious, watchful 
Cir'camspectly, ad. cautiously, pinidcntly 
Cir'curastance, ?/. a condition, event 
(.'iKcunisUvnccd, a. yVamv;^, «tosaXfc^, ^^"^ 
Cir'cumstuiWfS, ii. I»l. cw\iV\\\w\ <>^^^. t^^^^^- 

to pi*o\vn'^N • 


C L A 

Circaraatan't'ml, a. particular, raiiiule 
(Mrcumstan'tially, aii. minutely, ex wily 
CircumvalUtion, n. a surrouiuiiug >v itU i^alls 

or ti*CQche8, a trench 
Circumvent', v. t. to deceive, overreatU 
l^rcuraven'tion, n. fraud, imposture 
Circumvcst', r. t. to cover round 
Circumvolvc', v. t. to roll i-ound 
Circumvoli^tion, n. a tuniii^ round 
Cir'cus, Cirque, n. a place ot* sports 
Ciaal'pine, a. on the south of the Alps 
Cis'paidane, a. on the soutli of tlie river Po 
Ciss, V. i. to hiss, as water on hot mctid 
Cist, n. a case, coat, ba|;, tumor 
(yist'em, n. a vessel to hold waU^^r 
Cist'us, n. the rock rose, a genus <^evei*g;reeu 

and flowering shrubs 
Cit, n. a cant term for citizen 
Cit'adel, n. a castle, place of arms 
Citation, n. a summons, quotation 
Cite, V. t. to summons, quote, enjoin 
("iter, n. one who cites, one who quotes 
Cit'ess, n. a woman inhabitinp^ a city 
Cith'ern, n. a kind of andcut liai*p 
' Cit'izen, n. one inhabiting a city, a freeman 
CitYine, a. like a citixMi, of a lemon color 
Cit'ron, n. a fruit something like a lemon 
Cit'y, n. a walled or a large town, an incorpo- 
rated town, the inhabitants of such a tOAvn 
Civ'et, n. an animal of the weasel genus, the 

|)erfume wliich the animal yields 
CiVic, a. relating to civil life 
Civ'il, a. pertaining to society, and op^iosed to 
crindntilf-militarif and ecclesiasttccU, as a 
civil suit, civil magistrate, kc. ci vilized,kiud, 
obliging, i>oUtc 
Civilian, n. a professor of civil law 
Civirity, n. freedom, kindness, politeness 
Civilization, ii. the actofcivilizmg, a civilized 

slate, rt;finement 
(3iv'irize,T;. /. lo niakeci\il, reclaim 
CiN-'ilized, pa. polished, improved, polite 
^y'hWvf au. kitu}}}', poMV'\y, with respect 
Ji^j's'th //. piUHotism, carvoi' t/ic publie 
r7?tck,/A. H part ot'u /n///, t\w mji«-ii(. 

C L A 

Clack, V. to make re^K*ated noises 
(.'lad, prct. • ol to chtlie 
Claim, n. a demand, a title 
Claim, V. t. to demand or assci-t% titic 
Claimable, a. that may be claimed 
(/laimant, n. one who demands ' 
Cliiimed, pa. demanded, rcqiurcd 
Clam, a. a genus of bividvular shell fish 
Clum'miug, n. tlic taking of clams 
Clani'ber, v. t. to climb with difficulty 
Clamm, v. t. to clog, stop up, stick 
Clam'med, pa. clogji^'d up with matter 
Clam'miness, u. ropmcss, stickiness 
Clam'mj, a. n>py, like gliie, sticky 
Clam'or, n. a great noise, ciy, outer}" 
Clam'or, v. i. to complain, be noisy 
Clarn'oraus, n. noisy, importunate 
Clamp, n. a piece of wood fastened to ac 

an uxm to confine guns to carriages 
Clamp, V. t. to fasten with a clamp 
Clan, n. a family, race, sect, set 
Clan'ish, a. disx)Osed to unite in clans 
Clan'ishncss, n. a disposition to asaooiatt 
Clan'ship, n. a state of union in tribes 
Clandestine, a. sttcrct, hidden, sl^ 
Clan'destintfly, ad. secrt^tly, privately 
(/Ung, Clan'^gor, Clank, n. a sharp nan 
Clang, or Clunk, v. to clatter 
Clan"gou8^ a. miaking a shaip noise 
Clap, V. to sti'iki3 tugetiier. Lit gently, ap] 

ap))rove of, add 
Clap, n. a noise witii hands in praise, 

sudden act or motion 
Clap'board, n. a nai*row board 
Clap'pcr, ». the tongue of a bell 
Clap'i>erclaw,v. i. to scold, chide 
Clar'et, n. an admired red French wim 
Clarificiltion, n. the act of making dear 
Cla'rifiedj/w. made clear, or fine 
Clai*'ifier, n. that which fines liquor, a 

for the purpose 
Clar'ify, t*. t. to make clear, to purify 
Clar'ion, n. a martial instrument 
\C\a5\\,n. 3l Tvovac made by two bodies 


{^^ Btriking, n, opposition 

. t. to embrace, hug^ hold last 

, a book, close embrace 

, n. cme who or that which clasps 

/. to range in classes 

lav'ia, n. a rank, order 

R. an author of the first I'ank, standard 

i, a. like or relating to auth(H*8 of the 


lly, ad. in order of classes, elegantly 

, v. f. to form into classes 

}, a. constituting a class 

Ition, n. the act of ammging or state of 

arranged in a class 

r, n. one who forms classes 

n. a confused noise or sound 

V. to make a confused noise 

ng, n. a loud noise or talk 

n. a sentence, article, condition 

a hooked nail of beast, binl, or fish 

to tear with claws, scratch 

pa. armed with claws 

a simple earth, frailty 

pa. purified with clay, &c. 

1, a. cold as the i^irth, lifeless, dead 

CUyish, a. containing or like clay 

. free from dirt, innocent, pure 

». t. to free from dirt, purify 

d. qiute, fully, perfectly, entirely 

less, 7k neatness, purity 

, a. free from <lirt and mii*e, pure 

, ad. elegantly, nicely, well 

, make clean, purify 

%\,pa. purified, freed 

r, H. tliat which cleanses 

d. clean completely, entirely 

. to free, make pure, brighten, acquit, 

rate, make pront 

. free fi-om mixture, transparent, pure, 

;nt, obvious, acute, loud, kc. 

ce, n. act of clearing, a place cleared 

2S, permit for a vessel to sail, acquittal 

, n. one that makes clear 

, ad. bristly, plainly, evidently 

9a, fi. hrjffhtuess, plalnncsm, feimcss 

C L 1 57 

Clearsighted, a. judicious, discerning, quick 
Cleai-starch, v. t. to stiffen with starch 
Cleat, n. a piece of wood for fastening 
Cleave, v. clave, clove, pret. cleft, cloven, pa. 

to stick, join, hold, s[>lit, divide 
Cleaver, n. a butcher's instrument 
Clef ov Cliff, n. a mark of the key in music 
Cleft, 71. a crack, piece of wood 
Cleft' graft, v. /. to graft by cleaving a tree 
Clem'ency, n. kiniluess, humanity 
Clem'ent, a. kind, merciful, courteous 
Cler'gy, ft. the whole bmly ot' diviues 
Clcr'g^able, a.ailmitting Uie benefit of clergy, 

which is an exemption fi-om ceitain puoblV 

(/ler'^'man, n. a person in holy ordei'S 
Cler'ical, a. of or relating to the clergy 
Clerk, n. a clergyman, scholar, writer 
Clerk'ship, n. the office, £cc. of a clerk 
Clev'er, a. skilful, dexteixws, amiable 
Clev'erly, ad. skillfully, dexterously, well 
Clev'erness, n. skill, dexteriQr, kindness 
Cle\''y, n. a crooked iron at the end of a cart 

Clew, n. a guide, comer of a sail 
Clew, V. i. to raise the sails, to draw up 
Click, V. i. to make a sharp noise 
CUent, n. an employer of an attorney 
CUentship, n. the condition of a client 
Cliff, n. a rock, precipice, clef 
Climac'ter, n. every seventh or ninth year 
Climacter'ic, a. succeeding, critical 
Climac'teric, n. a critical year of life 
Climate, Clime, v. a tract of land 
Climax, n. a rhetorical figure, gradation 
Climb, V. to mount by the hands as well as feet, 

to ascend with labw 
Climber, n. one tliat climbs, a plant 
Clinch, V. t. to hold fast, confirm 
Clinch, n. fast hold, part of a cable 
Clincl/er, n. a holdfast, cramp 
Cling, V. elunf^fpret. clung, />g. to twine round, 

stick, hold (dry up, consume ob.) 
Clircfy, a. d\a\yo^^\ft ^>^vv'^> ^sS^viixNVi 

:,H i; L CI 

l.iifrlfiftl, « k«-''|#ifiK li«:«J, by ll.*: !#!:«!. *.rl' 
,liiik, T>. t/> truitiO iik<* rri'.'tjil 
Mi(i, 1". t#i riif «li«#n, «:«it, 'rmbnay? 
Ji(/p«'r, «. Wi'! whoftliji*, II lutmi'S-'fufifir 
/l(|/fiiiiKi w. a [liir* wit oft'; /w. wittirig off 
'l>|it, /Ki. »it f^ with tdih^ftn, H\ttttif:wt\ 
M'K-.k, yf. »ri iiHitrurfK'fii t/» fe}iOw tifn<;, hf:<^.U:, 

\ur\fi- iiiv et, riniarrif-nt rif a Htor.kiiif^ 
!lfK-.k'ififfkr;r, n. rfXi': who rfink'-.n f:lfx:kH 
'/iMk'viork, n. niovi:rAr*rit« h)' w<:ij^ht« or 
f:|H'iii|rH, n*{(iilfii' riiovfniciif. 
I'nl, /* (• hiifi|» 'if' «hri or <'lfty, tluttf.f. 
•Uj«l, f. i'» hnrili'ti itifo » lufiip 
lUfVilyf a. full nl' diHin, iymi{([}i, liaivl 
.NKr|ffilf, < 1rKl'|ifill, ft. H ».tMm<l f(;llow 
<lfi«i'|Mli*il, /I. Miipirl, Hull, thrrtif^hllcNH 
^/hiK, t'. to lowl, nmim\n'r, hinder 
'I'tC* '^ filMit.nintioii, tort of' NlirN- 
':ioj('Kfr|,/Mi. Imvitig n rlof^, liitifhrnl 
''h»tfV)', «. H|ff lo tiUt^'t lifiivy, miry 
I llfMiMf'r, /(■ u |iliif'(^ of it'.lii^iiiH rctiri:menl, 

riioiiiiiili'ry, iiniiiK't'y 
!lfiiii'liM', ti. t. to Nliiit in u cliMNtrr 
'loin'lf'iNl, (MoiN'tf red, a. irttn:il, KolitAry 
'loki-,/; nil oiifrr f^iirini'til, rowr, hlirNl 
'loki'fT' / l(i i'ii\i r, hidi', ilii|;ni'.i- 
Ifihi', (rhii/i)ii (iinhiil, liiiiith, jniii 
'liNir, (I'lo/f) n II hiii:ill iiu'lo'MMJ iii>|i| 
'limi', f/ nliiil l.-nl, |in\:i1r, roiiriM', riiiiiincd, 
iK'iir, n'*4f'rvi-il, rniiMiiiil, liot« lull 
'li(Ni*liliii<li*il, II. rnvi'toiiNi Iii|^tn11,\ 
'lim-IVf f 'lo'ii'i ''f/. iii'iirlv, (^n'l'itily 
'■liiw'iii-^N, N. iii'iiiiirNs pn^iU'V, M.'iiil oi'uir 
'hMi'cl./f. n Mtiall priviili' :ip!iilrnr'ti( 
hm'fl, V. t. til liiWi'iiito ri rluNft, yhwt \\\i 
'iu'iiii'f, H lilt ini-l(miin\ I'tiil, coiirlnsiofi 
'liH, II. iiii\ llllll^;(-I(lll«'ll, |iiiii|» 
'lii(,i'. /. Ill riiiillf, lump; top-tliri* 
'littli, iMi tiling; uoviMi lor I'ovi'i'iiit; 
.'liitlir, t<. t. i'lud, clotlicil, ftn't. i'l:ul, (lotlu'il, 

/•ii Ui IiihI »lo!lu*i, dif'i'*, i*«Mrr, ih^^^l 
Clotliii-r, 11 oiu' who lulls :uul M-tMU"* viol Its : 

ill Kii^buiil, :i iiuikiT ot'cludis 
^ Vtff/iJf/ji, I'hiffu"., ./ ^■.7/7iir»»I'«, jlrf'is 
i'/t*ffr, // /If// tui h.t-, A.i/i/, /u.ii/\ 

C L Y 

f.K^^-i, ;.. & body r/ rapon or dust in the i 

^oorij, amuititiide, diteotfrntkn 
CK^id, r. t. to darken whh clowlt 
(JfMuVtApt, a. xn^\tti\ vith cloods 
(^Ivulef/iaittVUuf, pa. raising up clouds 
(;|rMid'«:d, ^c. darkened with clouds 
CJIoud'ih-, ad. darkly, gloomily, hcaTily 
Cloiid'irl*;:^*, n. darkness, heaviness 
Cloud'lf vft, a. free from clouds, bright 
Cjloud'y, a. dark, obscurej gloomy, spotted 
dovr-, 71. a ftpicc, a root of garlic* 
C/Iove-g^riiilowcr, n. carnation, pinks 
f ;i<^iv<;n, pa. cicfl, split, slit, separated 
C^l/jvcnfooted, a. having the feet cleft 
(JI<iver, n. a sort of grass, trcfcNl-grass 
Cknit, a. a piece of cloth for cleanliness, plj 

of iron on an axletrce, nail, blow 
ClrMit, V. t. to cover with a clout or doth* 
iiisf^rt nails, sti'ikc [a cli 

Clout'ed, fm. studded with nails, covered w 
Clown, n. a counti-yman, ill-bred man 
Clov/n'ish, a. uncivil, ill-brtnl, rude, cloijis} 
Clown'ishly, ad. awkwanlly 
Clown'isliiicss, n. niden(;ss, ill-breeding 
(Jloy, V. t. lo Mii-f«;it, glut 
C'loy'mont, n. ii cloy(;d state, saGety, glut 
f Hull, n. a lif-a\'>' stick, shot, society 
Club, V. to jcnn in common expense 
i Miil/hcaded, a. having a thick head 
< liiU'lsiw, 7i. a ruling by violence 
('luli'iiKim, n. a nwm for a club 
( iiick, x\ i, to tmll or cry like a hen 
(Mue, »HH' Clew 

(■lump, n. a cluster, sliapcU-s3 piece 
rium'Hily, (.'r/. awkwardly, clowiiiKhly 
Cluinsi'iicss, ^7. awkwardness, heaviness 
Cluiu'sy, (/. awkward, unhandy, heavy 
Clus'lrr, /J. a bunch, heap, collection 
t 'lus'ti'P, T'. to grow in bunches, crowd 
('lus'|t'iv(l,/i/i. gatheitHl into a cluster 
i 'luii'h, /I. a gnisp, gri|K*, hand, claw 
( 'lutfh, t'. /. to hold fast, gripe, clinch 
I'hjt'tiT, //. bustle, confusion [confusy 

Clul'tor, V. t. lo bustle or ci-owd ; to fill w 
V\\ s lev, IK uu v\\ycc\\au,^ ^Vv«^«J!v 

C O A 

■Us, a. licftpcd up or tdg;cUier 
. ft e&rmge for state or pleitsui'c 

n. a kind of coi&ch open in front 
e, fi. money for use of ft coach 
mog n, a horse tliat drawii a coacli 
ue, n. a house to put a coach in 
aker, n. one who makes coaches 
n, n. ft person who drives a coach 
f n. compulsion, force, ri'straint 
, A. hftTinffthc power of forcing 
At} Ckiadjutor, 71. an assistant 
tf, V. t. to heap togetlicr, cement 
tfttion, 7t. a heaping together 
JC, V. to run into cltits, curdle 
lie, a. capable ot' concreting 
ion, n, the act of curdling 
Itc, a. having power to cougiilate 
«*, n. that which causes tocui-dle 
tn, ft. runnel 

Goka, n. fossil coal diarred 
rood, &c. burnt or bunung, any oom- 
i from which tlie volatile {uirts have 
spelled by fire, an in6amniable fossil 
'. to bum wood to chai-eoal 
E, a. very black 

n. the place where coals arc dug 
, V, i, to unite, grow togetlicr 
nee, fi. the aet of uniting, union 
fi, n. a union, junction 
^,C6alpit, n. place for digging coals 
e, 11. a very fine coal 

like coal, containing coal 
on, n. confinement, contraction 
(. rongli, rude, gixtos, lai^ 

€uL roughly, rudely, int^legantly 
ss, n. roughness, ruilen(>8s 
an edge of the land, side, shore 
i. to sail along the coast 
». ft ]K'r8on who siiils or trades coasts 

vessel in the coiisling traile 
»ti. a sailing uc:ir laud, or from povt 

in the same dominions 

ft man's upper garment, tlic u])per 

ig of aninials, any covering 

'. to (o\er v'jib a crtat orJurer j 


c o c 


Coax, V. t. to wheedle, flatter, entice 
CfWuer, n. a wheedler, flatterer, fawner 
Cob, n. a head, the spike of eai-s of maiz 
Cobalt',n.a metal of a reddish white,used to give 
a blue color to glass, enamel, porcelain, &c. 
Cobalt'ic, a. pertaining to cobalt 
(yoblile, H. a snuill roumlish stone 
Oob'ble, V. t. to mend coarsely or clumsily 
Cob'bler, ft. a meiwler of slioe's, bungler 
Cob'cal, n. a sandal worn in Oie east 
Cob'iron, n. an iron with a knob at one end 
Cob'nut, ». a kind of nut, a boy's game 
Co]>'swan, u. the head or leading swan 
Cob' web, n. a spider's web, a trap 
Coccif 'erous, a. producing Ix'rries 
Cochineal, n.a fly or iniiectuae<l to dye scariet 
Cock, V. t. to set upriglit, set up the hat 
Cock' n. the male of birds, form of a bat, part 

of a gun, spout, small heap of hay 
Cockade, u. a ribbon worn on a hat 
Cockatoo', ft. a t^iecies of beautiful parrots 
Cock'atrice, }t. a jioiHonous servient or \iper 
Cock'boat, n. a small boat belonging to a ship 
Cock'chafler, n, tlie dor-beetle 
Cock'crowing, n, tlie break of day 
Cock'er, v. t. to fondle, caress, pamper 
Cock'erell, n. a Toung eock 
Cock'et, ft. ft ticket from the custom-house 
Cock'fight, n. a fight of cocks 
Coc'kle, fi. a shelT-fish, tlie weed corprose 
Coc'kle, f. t. to run into wrinkles 
Coc'klestaii's, n. stairs Uiat wind and turn 
Cock'loft, It. the room over tlie garret 
Cock'ncy, ft. a Londoner, mean citizen 
Cock'pit, ft. a i)lacc where cocks fight, an apart- 
ment in a ship of war, under Uie lower gun 
Cock'roach, n. a tmublcsonie insect 
Cocks'comb, lu part of a cock's head, a plant 
(Joek'sure, a. quite sure or certain 
Cock'awain, ft. an officer who has the care of 

boats and a boat's crew 
C6coa, 71. a nut, and the tree producing it 
(Jocooii, n. ai\ ublovi^ V^^V \\\ >\iv^ «\\vr 'i^^>tk. 
w 01 m ui\o\\uw \\»!\1 


k)e'tion,. n. the act of boiling, digesUon 
Jod, n. a seafish, the btig or linsks of seeds 
3oci'dlc, 71. t. to parboiL or loftea in water 
Code,n. a bookof tiie civil lav, a system of laws 
Cod"ger, n. a laliorcr, a rustic 
Co<riciI, n. supplement to a will 
Codlin, n. a sort of early apple 
Cod'line, n. line or cord forcoilfiHli 
CodMin]^, n. a youn^ codfish 
Cocf 'ficacy, (>ocfli"ciency, ti. joint power 
(>)effi"cicn^ aropcratiiig tn^'thcr 
C(K'.mp'tion,n. a buying up the whole 
Cocquid, a. &[\ih\ wilh, in the same Htnlc 
Coeqnal'ity, Co(':(|iuilnc89, n. an tMpial stute 
('ouquallcd, ii. nMlnetuI to an iMjuulity 
CocTO, V. t. to rfHtmiii by force, connnl 
Cocyciblc, a: capiible of lM*.in};rt'5t rained 
Coer'cion, 9». furci.', ri'slraint, check 
C(K'r'cive, a, nri-xiu^ to ivslrain, foivlble 
Co«?r'civen('Bs, n. UMTibbMu-^s 
(J<K*sson'tial, (i. \Kiitiiking of the siuno essencr 
Co(;stitc or Co-strilc, n. :i Htute of t^piHl rank 

or in confcdcmfy 
Coct;iiicouK, a. of the same ap^^ 
Coetern'al, a. e(piuUy etcnial witli anothirr 
(/Oftorn'ity, ». (H|ual existence from eternity 
Co«;v:d, n. one ii the SHmc age 
Coc\'al, Cm'^vons, a. of the same age*. 
Coexist', r. I. to exist togt^ther 
Coexist' enco, ». existence! at one time 
Coexist'enl a. existing at the same time 
Coextend', i'. t.U> extend to the same space 
Coexten'sion, n. an enual extension 
Coextcns'ive, a. equally extensive 
Coextens'ivencas, n. equal extenflion 
Cof 'foo, 71. the name of a berry and liquor 
^'OfTee-hoiise, n. a public lionse 
Coffee-mill, n. a mill to g^nd c/tlTee 
C^f Tee-|K)t, n. a ]»ot for making coffee in 
Coffer, n. a chest, a treasure 
C'of fin, n. a chest for dead bodies, hoof 
('of 'fin, V. t. to shut into a coffin, shut up 
Cog, TJ. to play unfairly, fix cogs 
^jr> ^- t/ie tfHKh oFm whiH'), a boat 
tngrtoTj //. a eamivorous quadruped 

Cogency, n. force, power of conrktioa 
Cdgent, a. figrcihle, strong, conviiieiiig 
Ctigcntly, tul. forcibly, strongly 
Cogiuition, n. thought, meditation, caix; 
Co"gitativc, a. given to me«litatioii 
C'r^iiate, a. bom together, relateil 1 ion, n. kindred, ivlationahip 
Cogni"ti(Ni, n. knowledge, conviction 
(*o{^'ni%able, a. projier to be tried [risdictk 
Cog'ni/.anee, n. jinhcial notice, knowledge, ji 
Cogiiom'inal, n. being of the same name 
Cognos'cibhs a. that may lie known 
Coh.ih'it, V. i. to live as man and wife 
Cohabitation, h. tlie act ol' living together 
Coheir, (coan*) ti, a joint heir with another 
Coheir'ess, II. a w«tniHn that in joint heiren 
Coh<^iv, V. i. to stick together, agree, suit 
i.'oherence, or Coherency, n. connection 
(.'(iherent, a. sticking togctiier, consistent 
Cohesion, n. a state of union, connection 
</ohesive, a. luivinga sticking quality, sticki 
(/ohesivenewi, n. quality ol*c(i]iering* 
Cohib'it, V. t. to restrain, hindtn*, hold in 
Coho<'s, n. a fall of water, cataract 
Cohort, n. tiY>op of soldiers about 500 
Coif, n. a woman's hcaddi-css. a cap 
( !oil, V. t. to roll up a i-oi>e in a ring 
Coil, n. a oiiTular form of a rope 
Coin, 91. a corner, money stamjKrd, ciiib 
Coin, V. t. to make money, stamp, foi^Ci* 
Coin'agi*, n. coining, money coiui.d 
Onnckle, t». i. to agree, concur, meet 
Coin'cideiice, n. agrennicnt, coiicurnenc 
(^oin'cident, u. agrfK^ing with, consisten' 
Coii/ed,/w4. made into money, forged 
Coin'er, -n. a maker (^' money, inventor 
-Coin'ing, 7r. the act or art of making m 
Coi^'tion, n. a copnlacimi, meeting, unif 
CojcHii', i>. t. to uniie in the same^* 
Cohl, a. not hot, ehs^ate, ivRer\"i*d 
Cold, n. cold weather, u disorder 
C(jldish, a. rather cold, hhy, reserved. 
(.kSIdly, ad. indifferently, carelessly 
C6ldnes.s, n. a want of heat, indifferc 
(yoUUhorV, a. W\V\.Vv^ nrhon cold, as n 


tf n. ft sort of cahbofi^ 
. adiitempcr affeciing^ tlir 1»nweU 
. a bird ofUte partridgi* kiiiti 
', V. i. to fiill togetlicr 
', n.a eloring, falling together 
R. something pat round the neck 
V. t. to seize by the collar 
V. t. to compare, examine, prefer 
■al, a. set &de by 8i<le, coneuiTcnt 
■ally, ad. in a collateral manner 
1, «. a repast, gift, comparison 
e^ a. that may be cnnlet'riM] hy a bishop 
own riglit 

I n. ooe who compares 
ne, n. a partner in ofRce 
T. t. to gadier, get, recover, infer 
n. a short comprehensive pi-.iycr 
mI, pa. gathered, inforrotl, finu 
idness, n. self-possos&ioii 
neous, a. colk-utod, compiled 
ble, a. that may bo gstlUci-ed 
on, n. Ute act of crillecting, things col- 
!, an assembly 

'tious^ a. collected, gathered 
ive, a, taken togctlier, v.holi- 
vely, ad. in a body, togctJicr 
or, n. a receiver of taxes oi* diitlfs 
:, n. a hoiise of learning, a soc.icU 
i, a. (tf or belonging to a coUogi; 
111, n. a meml>or of college 
ite, a. having or like a college 
«. part of a ring where a stone is set 
, R. a digger of coals, a coalsliip 
f , n. a place where coals are dug 
ion, n. tlic act of binding t«jgether 
ate, V. t. to melt, diKM>lve, liqnify 
ahle, a. that may be* muile liquid 
Uion, n. the act of melting 
ativc, a. tenrling to melt, or dissolve 
^Lc'tiou, 11. a molting together 
on, n. a striking together, clash 
de, t>. t. to place, set in order 
ite, a. put into some ])laoe, set 
tion, n. a placing together 
, n. a smsth cut or s/icf ot'meut 

c o AI 


Colhiqnial, a. relating to conversatitNi 
Col'loquy, H. a conference, dialogue 
C/C»l'hiclBtion, n. a contest, struggle 
Colliision, n. a secret agreement to defraud 
Collusive, a. fraudulent, deceitful 
Collusiveiy, ad. in a collusive manner 
OSlon, n. the point (:) 

Coronol,(ciimel) n. commander of a re^mcni 
Coronelship, n. uie office of a colonel 
Coroiielcy, n. the ^rade of a c<dunel 
Colonial, a. belonging to a colony 
Colonizdtion, n. a settling a colony 
Col'onize, v. t. to settle with inhabitants 
Colonnade, n. a row of pillars [tr} 

( -orony, 71. a plantation fixrni the mother coun- 
Col'or, (culler) n. a green, red, blue, &e. 
Corof, 11. t. to dye, stain, di^ise 
< 'ororable, a. plausible, specious, probaMe 
Cororably, ad. in a specious manner 
( .'<»l'oifd,*j&rt. ]iainted, tinged, palliated 
Colorific, a. able to piwmce color 
Coloring, n. an art in painting, color, arr 
Col'orist, n. one who excels in coloring 
Col'orless, a. having no color, dear 
Co'/ors, n. banner, flag, streamer 
Colos'sus, n. a very large statue, a giant 
Colossdan, Colos'sal, a. gigantic, huge 
Colt, n. a young horse 
Coltish, a. wanton, frisky, gay 
Colter, n. the fore h-on in a plow 
Coruber, n. a genus of serpents with scaty tails 
^lum'bary, n. a dovelionse, a pigeonhousc 
Corumbine,n. a genus of plants 
Cohim'bo, 71. a plant whose root is medicinal 
Col'umn, 71. a roimd pillar, a it)w of lines in a 

page or a Iwdyof troo|)s 
Colum'nar, a. fcHmed in or like columns 
Co'lures, n. two great circles, intersecting af 

the solstices 
Coraat6se, a. given to sleep, drnwiv 
Comb, 71. an instnmient, civsl, ccittof Ixrfs 
Comb, V. t. to divi<le, dress, trim 
C'onib'less, a. dtistitnte of a conib or oaniuoU: 
CornHjat, n. tvbaVVVv.' , ^\^\V. v\>\v\> ^«^AR'«^. 



rom'batant, 7i. one uho fights, acbarapion 
i jombination, il an associatioD, conspiracy 
Combine, v. t. to unite, agree, link, join 
Combfnable, a. capable of bang combined 
C>>nibfncd, ha. joined or united together 
CJombus'tibie, a. that will bum 
C/*ombu8tibirity, Combustiblcness, n. the qual- 
ity of taking fire and burning 
Coinbus'tion, n. a burning attended wifli light 

and heat — also hurry, confnaon 
CJome, [cum] v, i. came, come ; pret. oomc, 
pa. to draw near, move, be quick, happen 
( lumedian, ?i. an actor of comeaics 
Com'edy, n. a humorous dramatic piece 
(yomc^Uness, n. grace, beauty, decency 
(/omcly, a. graceful, decent, handsome 
(^oine'ly, ad. gracefully, handsomely 
( 'ora'cr, n. one that draws ncar^ 
('Om'et, n. a kind of star, a blazing-star 
(JomTit, (cumfit) n. a sweetmeat, preserve 
CoraTit, V. t. to preserve fruit and dry it 
CJom'fort, (cumfort) r. t. to ease, cheer 
(Join' fort, n. support, assistance, case 
ComTortable, a. giving comfort, pleasing 
Com'fortably, rtc/Twith comfort, pleasingly 
( Jom'forter, n. one who comforts 
ComTurtless, a. without comfort, forlorn 
Com'frcy, (cumfrey) 7*. a genus of plants 
Com'ic, a. relating to comedy 
Com'ioal, a. diverting, merry, droll 
Com'ically, ad. in a comical manner 
Com'ing, n. an anival, a drawing near 
C'om'lng, pa. advancing, future 

< -omi^tial, a. relating to lioman a»8(^m1»1i<^8 
<!om'ity, n. c«)!iilt'sy, mildnew, civility 
f)om'm'Af n. the ])oint (,) noting a pause 

i 'oniHiund', v. t. to order, direct, govern 
<".omman(l', v. order din^cted 

< )oiuin:mcl:int', n. a t<'i»morary commamler 
C*oinui;iinl'cr, 7i. a chief, leader, mallet 
I'Onimaiurin;;, />a. governing, majestic 
f/Omuiiuid'nKMii, 71. acomnuind, order, law 
f'omnfianjl'ress, n. u woman of power 

^ 'wnmntor/.'il, //. cotisist'ing oftlie same matter 
^■ifmnjcm^orublc, c\ to b'j" toa2Jac.T20i'«tod 


Commcm'orate, v. to preserve the memory 
Cammem(M*4tion, n. a public celebratkm 
Ck>mmem'orative, a. celebrating 
Commence', v. t. to begin, assume, take 
Commcnce'mcnt, n. a beginning, date 
Commend', v. t. to recommend, praise 
Commend'able, a. deserving praiae 
Commcnd'ably, ad. in a woKuy manner 
C<HnmendiUon, n. recommendation, praise 
Commend'atory, n. tending to commend 
Commend'er, n. one who conunends 
Commen'surable, a. having some common 

CcmimensurabiVity, Commen'surableneas, n. ■ 

capacity of being compared with another In 

measure, equal proportion 
Commcn'surate, a. reducible te a common 

measure, ecjual, proportionable [ore 

Commensuration, n. a reduction to some mefts- 
Com'ment, v. i. to explain, write notes 
Com'ment, Com'mentary, n. explanation 
Comment^ttHT, n. one who explains 
Com'merce, n. trade, traffick 
Commer'cial, relating to trade, trading 
Comminution, n. a threat of punishment 
Commin^gle, v. t. to mix together 
Commin"g1ing, pa. mixing in a mass 
Comminute, v. t. to grind very fine 
Coinminutjon, n. a reducing to small parts 
Commis'erablc, a. deserving pity 
Commis'erate, v» t. to pity, to have pity 
Commis'eration, n. compassion 
Commis'sary, n. a delegate, deputy 
Commissiirial, a. pertaining to a commissary 
Commis^sion, 11. a trust, warrant of (^ee 
Commis"8ion,Commis"8ionate, V. t. to empow- 
er, autliorize, intrust, appoint 
Commis"sioner, n. one empowered to act 
Commit', v. t. to imprison, scud, do, intms^ 

pledge by some act 
Commit'mcnt, n. the act of committing 
Commit'tce, n, a select number of men chosen 

to consider, oxamine or manage any mazier 
Commit'tible, a. liable to he committed 
Commix' , r. t Ao mm^^ Va^lKcr, blend 


0, Commixture, n. a mixture 
It. a woman's head-dress 
us, a. ecmyenicnt, suitable 
aaijf ad. eonTenieDtly, fitly 
aanesSy n. convenience 
7,]umy article of traffick, goods ; in 
i of interest, profit, use, oo. 
re, n. commander of a squadron 
a, public, usual, mean 
Com'mons, n. land belonging to a 
ind not separated bj fences 
V. i. to have a right of common, to 

ble, a. held in common, public 
re, II. a riglit to a common 
iy, tt. the body of the people 
r, n. one not ennobled 
r, ad. frequently, usually 
ess, n. frequency, equal share 
lace, ad. otlen used, trite 
ace, V. t. to reduce to heads 
ace-book, n. a book for notes the commonalty, parliament, 
jqual pay, proiwrtiou 
eial, n. public good or welfai*e 
»lth',n. a government in Avhich tlic 
ear the chief rule, a republic 
kce, n. a dwelling, residence 
It, a. dwelling, residing, abiding 

1, n. a tumult, disturbance 
"o. i. to converse, confer 
n. a territorial district in France 
ftble, a. tliatmay I)e communicated 
ant, 71. one who receives tlic com- 
if llie Lord's supper 
ite, V. to irapRit, reveal 
fition, 71. the act cf imparting, a con- 
, passage 

itivc, a. free, ready to impart 
fttlvcness, n. frecness, openness 
1, n. a taking uf the Lord's supper, 
faith, union, fellow9irq\ 
fy n. a society 



ii'ity, 77. a commiit;ib)c quaVity 
'o ^' t/i:it mar bti cw-hsitiged 

Commutation, n. a mutual change 
Commutative, a. relating to exchange 
Commute, v. t. to exchange, atone 
Commutual, a. mutual, reciprocal 
Com'pact, /I. a contract, bargain 
Compact', V. t. to join tt^ethcr 
Compact', a. firm, close, solid, dense 
Conkpact'ly, ad. firmly, closely, neatly 
Compact'iiess, Com^mct'edne^, il firmness 
Compan-ion, n. a partner, comrade 
Compan'ionable, a. fit for a companion 
Com'pany, (cumpuny) n. assembly of persoiM^ 
fellowuup,firm or partnership,a ship s crew, 
a military band 
Com'parablc, a. of equal rcjgard or value 
Compar'ativc, a. capable ofcomparison 
Compar'atively, ad by way of compaiiaon 
Compare, v. to likei), examine to &id agree- 
ment or disagreement 
Compare, n. a comparison, likeness 
Compar'ison, n. a simile, estimate 
Compart', v. t. to divide, arrange 
Compart/ mcnt, n. a division of apictm^ 
Comparti'tion, n. act of dividing 
Com'pass, (\iumpass) v. t. to surround, graqp, 

obtain, enect, accomplish 
Com'pHss, n. a circle, space, limits, a needle 

and card for mariners 
Com'pas8cs,7i./>/. an instrument to makeclrclefe 
Compas"8ion, n. pity, mercy, feeling 
Compas"sionate, a. merciful ; r. i. to pity 
Coinpa8"sionately, ad. mercifully, tenderly 
Compatibil'ity, n. suitableness 
Compat'ible, a. consistent, agreeable, fit 
Compati'bly, ad. consistently, agreeably 
Compat'riot, n. a person of the same country. 
Compeer, n. an equal, peer, colleague 
Comikfior, v. to he equal witJi, match 
Compel', T'. /. to force, oblige, constrain 
Compel'lable, a. tlrnt may be forced 
Compellation, n. tlie style of address 
Compel'ler, n. one who compels 
Compcnd'ious, a. short, brief, wiykkvwc^ 
Compend'ioufily, ad. a\\crc^\^,twvmOvs 


C 3 

Compcnd'ium, Coni'iiund, n. abritlgement 
Com peiiaatCy v. t. to make amcmJa 
Com'pciisated, fki. requited, paui 
Com'i>cn8atum, n. a rrcompensu 
Compens'ative, a. making ametids 
C'ompeus'atory, a. making eompensaiioii 
Coin^petciiec, Com'pctency, n. sufficiency 
Com'i>ctcnt, ad. fit, suitable, sufficient 
C'Oni'petently, ad. proi>erily, sufficiently 
Competi^'tion, n. contest, rivalship, strite 
Compct'itor, n. a rival, opponent, claimant 
Coinpet^itory,a.tcnding to competition,riTaUQg 
Compilation, n. n selection from autliors 
C'Ompne, V. t. to collect from authors 
l/ompilcment> n. the act of compiling 
Compiler, n. a writer of books trom others 
Compldcency, n. gratification of mind, appro- 
bation; in the sense of civility, o6. 
Complacent, a. cheerful, civil, affidilc 
Complain, r. to murmur, lament, accuse 
(3ompl''iinant, n. a plaintiff in a suit 
Compltiincr, n. one -who complains 
Complaint, n. a lamentation, accusation 
( 'om plaisancc, n. civility, obliging behaviour 
l^m'plaisant, a. civil, courteous 
Com'iUaisaiitly, ad. in an obliging manner 
C^om'plitincut, n. the full number 
Coinplement'al, a. filling up, ccmipleting 
Complete, a. piM'fi'Ct, finished, entire 
Complete, v. t. to perfect, to finish 
Compl<Stely, ad. fully, perfectiy, entirely 
Completeness, n. perfection, a perfect state 
Completion, n. fulfilling, i>erfiEct state, end 
Com'plex, a. compouuueu oi many puts 
Com'plexedness »• intricacy 
Coni'plexness, Complex'it}-, n. a complex state 
Coniplex'ion, n. the color of Uio face 
Comjilex'ioiuil, a. belonging to the habit 
Com'plcxly, rirf. intricately, obseurtiy 
ComnliancV, n. a yielding', mdimission 
Com plicate, r. t. to entangle fold t<^>tber 
Com' plicate, a. comimmulcd of paits 
Cam'/^icMUt), /^i. entangled, intricate, dark 
i^'j^JcAteneMs, //.rfifficultv, intricacy 
'^afpAcMiMff, ,i. rf» iim-ru tviring", A fUd 


Complied, pa. submitted or agreed to 
Com pUment, n. an act of civilitv, praise 
Cyom'pliinent, v. t. to use o<Mnpliments 
(Jompliment'al, a. exiireasive of respect 
Compliment'ally, ad. civilly, obligingly 
Complimentary, a. civil, obliging 
Com'plot, n. combination, conspiracy 
Complot', V. t. to plot, conspire, unite 
Complot'ter, n. a joint plotter, conspim 
Comply', V. i. to yield, or submit to 
Compo'ncnt, a. constituent, compoiing 
Comp6rt, ' bear, agree, behave 
Compartment, 71. behavior, conduct 
Comp6rtable, a. coiisisteut, suitable 
Comp6sc, V. t. to quiet, put togetiier 
Comi>dse<l, pa. formed, calm, sedate 
Comp6sc<Ily, ad. calmly, sedately 
Composeduess, 7i. calmness, scdateness 
Conip6ser, n. an autiior, writer, former 
Composi^tion, n. a mixture, a|;reemeiri 

cept less than a debt, a writing 
ComiKM'itor, n. one iklio sets types 
Com^post, 71. a mixture for manure' 
Com]>6st, V. t. to lay on manure 
Composure, n. calmness, order, form 
Compotation, n. a drinking match 
Com pound, a. composed of parts 
Compound', v. to mingle, come to tenm 
Com'pound, n. a mixture oi ingredients 
Compound'cd,/Mi. mixed, composed 
('ompound'er, n. one who mixes 
Comprehend', v. t. to include, understa 

Comprelien'siveiy, ud. in an extensive i 
Comprehen'siveness, «. the quality of o 

ing much in a narrow compass 
Compress', r. t. to si^ueciie close, embi 
Com'press, ;f. a bolster or bandage 
Compn^sVilile, a. cai>able of being prest 
Compressibirity, CkHnpress'ibleness, 

quality of being oomprewible 
"^omY^WH^ww, n. a forcing together 
\Coraprcsi v«>n.^t VI ^l\j«waa!^ 


f, to GODtain, inckide 
If n, a joint attestation 
, ft. an agreemeut, a bargain 
, V. to compound, adjust 
\tpa. settled, adjusted 

0. t. to commit, to pledge 
tLpalpable bhmderj^ cootroUer 
)r, a. compelling, obliging 

n. the act of compelling 
Compnl'sorjr, a. forcing 
jT, CompuVsorily, €ul. by ftffcc 

1, n. remoi'se, sorrow 

a. that may be numbered 
fi. a calculation 
f. to calculate, reckon 
I. calculated, reckoned 
a calculator, a reckoner 
a companion, paitner 
tudy, nx in the mind 
V. t. to link or join together 
U n. a uniting a series of links 
lollow in tlie inside, arched 
inside, hollowness of body 
regularly hollowed, concave 
ad. in a concave manner 
to hide, keep secret 
a. that may be concealed 
one who conceals 
n. the act of hiding, scci'ecy 
to admit, ^raut, ^ive up 
fancy, opinion, pride 
to imi^n, fancy, believe 
1. imagino<l, proud, vain 
ad. proudly, whimsically 
I, n. pride, conceit 
a. that may be conceived [able 
&S8,n.the quality of being conceiv- 
ad. intelligibly 
become with diild 
one wlio conceives [P^as 

V. t. to brii^ into a narrow com- 
1, n.the actof drawingto a center 

. to bring to one point 
: hilling; one utfntPr 

CON 65 

Coneen'triog^ pa. tending to one point 
Concep'tacle, n. what contains any thing 
Concep'tion, n. idea, fonuation 
Concern', v. t. to affect, move, belong to 
Concern', n. an af&ir, care, trouble # 
Conoem'ed,^. eneafl^ed, aflected, trooblell 
Concem'ing, pa. relating to, regarding 
Conceni'ment, rw, a eonceiii, busiuess 
Concert^, v. t. to contrive, settle privately 
Con'oert, n. music in several parti^ harmony. 

union, agreement 
Conces^'sion, n. a thing yielded, a grant 
Conces'aonary, a. yielded by indulgenee 
Concess'ive, a. yielded by way of ooneeaian 
Conoess'ively, ad, by way of concession 
Conch, (oh aa k) n. a sheUfislk or the shell 
Coneil'iate, v. t. to gain, get, i-cconcilc 
Conciriating, pa. gaining, reconciling 
Conciliation, n. the act of reconciling 
ConciFiator, n a reconciler, i>eaccmakcr 
Concinatory, a. tending to reconcile # 

Concin'nous, a. neat, fit, becoming 
Con'cio, n. a meeting of olerg}'men 
Concise, a. short, bne^ contracted, trifihig 
Conttiscly, ad. briefly, in few worda 
Conciseness, n. sliorUicss, briefness 
Conci''sion, fu a cutting off, an exdsinit 
Concitition, n. a stimng up or disturbing 
CoiiclaraHtion, n an exclamation, shout 
Con'clave, n. an assembly of cardinals 
Conclude, v. t. to finish, determin, infer 
Concli'ision, n. a close, end, consequence 
Conclusiveness, a. decisive, convincing 
Conclusively, ad. decisively, satisfactorily 
Concll^sivencss, 7i. decisiveness 
Concoct', V. t. to digest in tlic storaaola 
Concoo'tiou, n. digestion in the stomach 
Concom'itance, n. a subsisting with 
Concom'itant, a. acoompauying, joined to . 
Concom'itant, n. a close attendant 
Con'cOTd, n. agreement, union, harmony 
Concord'ance, n. an index to tlie scriptures 
Concord'ant, a. agreeiia^) «^\^3^^ 
ConcoriV at, n. a cioini^^X) wwecas^ 



(3oDeret'eence, n. a joining of paiiicies 
CoDcres'oible, a. that may concrete 
Concrete, v. t. to unite into one mass 
Con'oKtCy a. composed of diffci-ent raattci*3 
Comnltety, ad. in a concrete manner 
CoDer6teneg8, n. a etate of being concrete 
C^'erete, n. a mass formed by concretion 
Concre"tion, ti. a union of vanous parts 
Ooncrdtire, a. of or causing concretion 
Conei^bini^, n. the keeping of a mistress 
Con'cabine, n. a kept mistress 
Omc^ittseence, n. irregular desire, hist 
Conc^piBcent, a. lustful, lewd, sensual 
Concupis'cible, a. impressing desiit; 
Concur', v. i. to agree, unite, meet 
Coneur'rence, n. union, joint olmm, Itelp 
Coneur^rent, a. acting in conjunction 
ConcU8"sion, n. a great shaking 
Ckmcus'sive, a. able or tending to shake 
Condemn', v. t. to \r&9s sentence, blame 
Condemn'able, a. blameablc, improi>cr 
Condemn'ableness, ». a blameablc quality 
Condemnation, tl sentence to punishment 
Condem'natory, a. passing condemnation 
Condem'ned, pa. found guilty, blamed 
Condem'ner, n. one who condemns 
Condens'able, a. that can be condensed 
Condens'ate, v. to make or grow ihick 
Condens'atc, a. ra^de thick, thickened 
Condensation, n. the act of thickening a body 
Condense', v. to make or grow thicker 
Coodens'cr, n. a vessel for condensing air 
Condetcend', v. }ield, submit, consent 
Condescend'ing, pa. submitting, obliging 
Condescend'ingly, ad. obligingly, ci\illy 
Condesoen'sion, n. submission, courtesy 
C^ondijn, a. desen'ed, suitable, due, just 
Condf^ly, ad. filly, properly, justly 
Condi^ness, n. suitableness, justness 
Con'diment, n. a seasoning, sauce, ])ickle 
Condi"tion, n. a t(;rm of agreeiueut, article, 

disposition, temper, quality, stiite 
4^od/twn, r/. /* to make terms 

/^oa^'yooai, a. imply ins: conditwuH 

^'OoOi^'tJimaliy, Oil jn'tb imitation 

Condi"lioned, a. lia^ ing stipulations 
Condole, V. to lament, grieve with others 
Condoleracnt, n. gi'ief, mutual disti-ess 
Condolence, n. grief for another's loss 
CouMor, 71. the largest known fowl 
Conduce, v. to help, pnimote, serve, lead 
Coudiicible, a. having power of cotulueing 
Conducive, a, promoting, contributing 
Condiiciveness, 7», a conducive quality 
Con'duct, n. behaviour, direction 
Conduct', V. to lewl, niauaj^e, behave 
Conduct'or, n. a leader, director, chief 
(^on'duit, n. a wateri)ipe, canal, duct 
Condu[)lieate, a. dimblwl to;;etlier 
Conduplication, 71. a doubling or folding over 
Cone, ?/. u bo«ly in form of a sugar loaf 
Confabulation, v. conversHticiii 
Con'fect, Coiifec'iion, ?;. a .sweetmeat 
(y'onfec'tionary, 7/. a ]>lHce for Hweetineats 
Confec"tioner, 7i. one vlio sells sweetmeats 
Confed'eraey, ?i. a league, lx>nd, union 
Confed'erate, 7', to lengue, unite, ally 
Confed'ei*ate, a. united in Icagne, eombine«l 
Confed'erate, n. an accomplice, companion 
Confederation, n. a close alliance, league 
Confed'erative.rt.eonsUtuting a federal compae 
Conler', v. to discourse, bestow, grant 
Con'fercnce, n. a discourse, meeting for rel 

gious converse 
Confess', t». t. to ackno*vle<l»i*, giitnt 
Confeas'ed, pa. owium), deeluivd, allowed 
Confess'etUy, ad. avowedly, on purpose 
Confes"sion, n. an acknowledgement [i 
Confes^'sional, Coules"sionaiy, n. a confess 
Confess'or, n. one who hcai's confession 
CcMifidant', 7i. one tru8te<l witli a secret 
Confide, v. to trust fully in, rely upon 
Con'fidence, ?i. trust, Qnnness, boldness 
Con'fideiit, a. bold, daring, »ssur<'d 
Confiden'tial, a. admitted to confidence 
Confiden'tialiy, ad. in confidence 
CojiTidently, ad. without doubt, positivf 
Conligiu-atiou, 7?. afoiTiiing, a form 
Confi^\xve,T. (.to dispose into form 
Con'ftnc, n. \\i\\\t,"\iW^^T,\»v>>\\v\A\v 


^xjnii'ney, v: to iMrder^ restrain 
Gonfi'nemeii^ n. restraint, imprisonment 
Confin'itfi n. nearness, neighborluxMl 
Confirm 9 v. t. to make certain, establish, 

minister the rite of confirmation 
Confirm'able, a. capable of being proved 
Confinnition, n. proof, rite by winch baptized 
persons are eonfirmed in the fiiith, an estab- 
Confimver, n. one who confirms 
Confirra:'atioi7, a. that confirms 
Confirm'ednesB, n. a settled state 
Confis^cable, a. subjeet to confiscation 
Con'fiacate, v, t. to seize for the public the 

property of one guilty of a high crime 
Con'fiseated, jte. forfeited to a state 
Confisefition, n. the seizing; of property [lie use 
(Wfiseator, who seizes property for pub- 
Confix', V. ^ to fix or fasten down 
ConfMg^nt, a. burning together 
Coofli^irAtioQ, n. a great fire 
ConiUet^y V. t. to fight, contest, struggle 
GoD^fliet, n. a oontest, struggle, combat 
Co/ftienoe, n. a flowing together 
(Wlhienty a. running toeemer 
Coo'ftiix, n, a junction of currents 
Coofixm', V. to comply, yield, adapt 
CoifixWiMe, a. agreeable, suitable, like 
ConfMm'ably, ad. ^reeably, suitably 
^Qaftnnitioo, n. ^sposition of X)arts 
Vtoftrm'ed, pa, made like, adapted 
OBftrm'iat, n.<me who complies with the rites 
of Ae establiiriied church 
■fanaltyy n. a compliance with, likeness 
afoand'y v. t, to mix, perplex, amaze 
ilMBd'ed, pa. astonished, blended 
nfimnd'edly, ad. hatefully, shamefully 
ibimd'er, n. one who perplexes 
farter^nity, n. a religious brotlierhood 
Vie^Uion, n. a rubbing together, fi-iction 
ronf , (con&unt) v. t. to face, oppose 
vntaUiony n. a bringing face to face 
ontfed, pa. brought face to face 
9e^ confound, perplex 
Bd/r, at/, hastily, in a lump 


Confu5iedness, n. a want of distinctness 
Confusinn, n. disorder, astonishment 
<?onft'itable, a. that may be disproved, fal«t 
('onfaUition, n. the act of confuting 
Confute, V. t. to disprove, convict, baffle 
Congee, n. a bow, revei-ence, leave 
Cong<'!e, V. i. to take leave of, bow, retire 
Congeable, a. done with leave or permissio 
Congt'ol, V. tofiiveze, hai-den, growstift 
Cong(^alable, a. that may be congealed 
Cong^almcnt, 72. a mass formed by frost 
Conge- d'Hre, n. Irave to clioose a' bishop 
Congelation, «. the actof conge^lin"; 
Congener, «. a thing of Uie same nature 
Congen'erous, a. of the same kind 
Congenial, a. partaking of the same natuit; 
CongeniaVitT, n. a sameness, a likeness 
Con°e;cr, 7i. a large ee', the sea-eel 
Congeries, n. a mass of small bodies, heap 
Congest', v. t. to heap up, amass, collect 
Congest'ible, a. that may be heaped 
Conges'tion, n. a collection of matter 
Congliiciate, v. t, to turn into ice, freeze [ball 
Congl6batc, Congl6be, v. t. to gather in a hard 
Conglohation, 7i. a conglobing, a ball 
Congloin'erate, a. gatlu'i*ed into a ball 
Conglom'erate, v. t. to make round 
Conglom'erated, /la. collected, twisted rounQ 
Conglomeration, n. a collection 
Conghitinatc, v. t. to glue together 
Conglutination, n. a glueing together 
Cwi go, 71. a tea of a middle quality 
Congrat'ulant, a. i*ejoicin^ widi 
Congratulate, v. to wish joy to 
Congratul^on, n. a wishing of joy 
Conerat'ulatory, a. expressing loy 
Con'°gregate, a. collected, haraened 
Con"gregate, v. to collect, assemble 
Congregation, n. a collection, assembly 
Congregational, a. relating to a congregation, 

ai^ to a church government by consent and 


the mera\j^Yao^ 'QWi OKS«'^\ ^^A ^-ww^ «^ 




Congrcgatlonalist, n. an adherent to the con-i 

^egational form of church government 
Con^mss, n. a meeting, the legislature of the 

U. States of America 
Congi-ess'ive, a. meeting, encountering 
Congres'sional, a. pertaining to Congress 
Con''gi'uencc, n. agi*eement, fitness 
Con"gruent, a. agreeing, corresponding 
Congruity, n. fitness, consistency, reason 
■Con°'gruous, a. fit, suitable, meet 
Con'^gruously, ad. suitably, consistently 
Coniac or Coa^uiac, n. a branch' from France 
Con'ic, Con'ical, a. in form of a cone 
Con'ically, ad. the state of being conical 
Conjec'tural, a. depending on conjecture 
Conjec'turally, ad. by conjecture or guess 
Conjec'ture, n,. a guess, supposition 
Conjec'ture, v. t. to guess, suppose 
Conjec'tui'er, n. one who conjectures 
Conjoin', v. to connect, league, unite 
Conjoin'ed, pa. cotmected, united, liaked 
Conjoint^ , a. connected, united, mutual 
Conjointly, ad. in union, jointly with 
Conjugal, a. belong^ig to marriage 
Conjugate, v. t, to join, inflect verbs 
Conjugation, n. the form of inflecting verbs 
Conjunct', a. conjoined, connected, united 
Conjunc'tion, n. a meeting together, union, 

league, association, bond 
Conjunct'ive, a. closely united 
Conjunct'ively, Conjunctly, aef. jointly 
Comuncfiveness, n. a conjunct state 
Conjunct'ure, n. a critical time, combination 
Conjuration, n. a plot, enchantment 
Con'jure, v. to raise or lay spirits 
Conjtirc, V. to enjoin solemnly, adjure 
Conjured, /)a. bound by an osrth 
Conjurer, n. an enchtuiter, fortuneteller 
Conjurement, n. a serious injunction 
Connate, a. bom at the same time 
Connat'ural, a. suitable to nature, like 
ConDeot> ti» t. to join, unite, link, tie 
jOifanect^ed,j^. Joined, aahid, tied 
^^^J/'^^t. ^' * river,, Bnd^St^ 


Connective, n. that "which joins together 
Connect'ively, ad. in conjunction 
Connec'tion, n. a linking together, relation 
Connex'ion, Connex'ity, n. see connection 
Connex'ive, a. having power to join 
Connivance, «. voluntary blindness 
Connive, v. i. to wink at a fault, forbear 
Connoissetir, n. a judge of letters or arts 
Connubial, a. relation to marriage 
Con"quer, v. to overcome, subdue, beat 
Con"querable, a. that may be overcome 
Con^queror, n. one who overcomes 
Con^quest, n. victory, a thing gained 
Consanguin'eous, a. related by birtli 
Consanguin'ity, n. a relationship by blood 
Con'science, 7i. natural knowledge, or the fac- 
ulty that decides on the right or wrong of 
actions in regard to one's self 
Conscien'tious, a. scrupulous, exact, just 
Conscicn'tiously, ad. honestly 
Conscien'tiousness, n. exact justice 
Con'scionable, a. reasonable, just, proper 
Con'scionableness, n. reasonableness 
Con'scionably, ad. reasonably, justly, fitly 
Con'scious, n. inwardly persuaded, privy 
Con'sciously, ad. with inward persuasion 
Con'sciousness, n. perception of what passes 

in the mind, attended with certainty 
Conscribed, a. formed round, cii-cumseribed 
Con'script, a. written, registered, enr(^ed 
Con'script, n. an enrolled militia man 
Conscrip'tion, n. an enrollment, registering 
Con'secrate, v. t. to dedicate, hiJlow 
Con'seorated, j^a. dedicated, made sacred 
Con'secrater, n. one who consecrates 
Consecration, n. the act of making sacred 
Consect^eous, Consect'ary, a. following 
Consect'ary, n. a corollair, inference 
Consecution, n. a tndn oi consequences 
Consec'utive, a. following in order . 

Consen'sion, Consent', n. agreement, coneord 
Consent, v. i. to be of one mind, agree 
Consentaneous, a. agreeable, consistent 
Consc;ntiktieov«{ie%'&, ti. a^*ecment 


ConseDt'er, n. (me who gives his consent 
Consen'tient, a. agrecing,uniting in opinion 
Con'aequence, n. an effect, an inference 
Con'seqiient, a. following naturally 
(7<»'8e(itient, n. wliat naturally foUows 
Coosequen'tial, a. conclusive, important 
Consequen'tially, tid. by conse(j[uence 
Con'scquently, ad, of or by consequence 
Con'sequentneaS; ii, a regular connexion 
Conservation, n. the act of preserving 
Conservative, a. having power to preserve 
Conservator, n. a preserver, keeper 
Conserv'atwy, a, preserving 
Conscrv'atory, n. i)lace to keep things 
Coii'serve, n. a sweetmeat, preserved fruits 
Conserve', v. t. to preserve or candy fruits 
Cooaerv'cr, «. one who preserves 
Consenting, pa. candying, preserving 
Coosid'cr, v, to think, examine, i*egard 
Consid'erable, a. wortliy of regard 
CoQsid'erableness, n, importance, value 
Cooaid'erably, ad, importantly, much 
Consid'eranec, n. consideration, reflection 
CoDBid'erttte, a. thoughtful, prudent 
CoDflkferately, ad. c^mly, pnidently 
Comid'eratenefls, n. thoughtfulness 
ConaideiiificMi, n. serious thought, X)rudence, 

aeeount, motive, recompense 
Gonnd'ei^d, pa. examuied, i*egarded 
Coo8%n, V. t. to make over, to intrust 
Coaa^s«ktion, n, tlie net of consigning 
Conmgn^f n. one to whom a thing is con- 

CoDsffi^ment, n. a deed to make things over, 

gO(M8 or things consigned 
Consigncn^, Consfener, n. one who consigns 
CoDsist'y t>. f . to be made up of, subsist 
Comsist^enee, n. natural state of bodies, agree- 
ment* density 
Consistfent, a. conformable, agreeing 
Cooaist^cntly, ad, agreeably, suitably 
CoiMiitdriaI,a. relating to a consistoiy 
ConiiflftlHy, n. a spiritual court, assembly 
Coni6eiatc, n. an accomplice^ partner 
^Ude, r. to tmite, hold toother 



Consociation, n. an alliance, union, confedera- 
cy, a convention of pastcn^ and'messcngers 
of churches 
Consoclational, a. pertaining to a consociation 
Consolable, a. admitting comfort 
ConsoUtion, n. alleviation of misery 
Consol'atory, a. tending to give comfort 
Cons6Ie, V. t, to comfort, cheer, revive 
Consdler, lu one tliat gives comfort 
Con'sole, n. an ornament on the key of ati 

Consol'idate, v. t. to hartlen, become one 
Consolid.'ltion, n. making of two bodies one 
Con'sonance, n. an accord, agreement 
Con'sonaut, a. agi'ceable, consistent 
Con'sonant, n. letter not sounded by itself 
Con'sonantly, ad. agreeably, consistently 
Con'soit, n, a husband or wife, companion 
Consort', r.f. to associate, join, marry 
Consort'ed, pa. joined in company 
(Jon'sound, n. the name of sevenu plants 
Consijic'uous, a. easy to be seen, eminent 
Conspic'uously, ad. plainly, eminently 
Conspic'uousncss, n. clearness, renown 
Conspir'acy, n. a plot, combination, union 
Conspiration, n. a conspiracy, combination 
Conspir'ator, n. a plotter of evil 
Conspire, t;. i. to concert, conduce 
Conspiring, ^a^lotting, agiveing, tending 
Con'stable, m £u. a governor or commander, 
in Am. a town officer of the peace, m itli tlie 
power of an under-sheriff 
Con'stableship, n. tlie office of a constable 
Con'stancy, n. resoluteness 
Con'stant, a. firm, unchangeable, fixed 
Con'stantly, ad. invariably, steadily 
Constellation, n. a cluster of fixed stars 
Consternation, n. terror or sui-prise that con- 
founds or dispirits 
Con'stipate, v. to crowd, tluckcn, bind 
Constipation, ii. the act of crowding 
Constit'ucnt, a. essential, real, composing 
Constit'uent, lu a pcrsou vjV^sn ^J^c^^vxr'^ 
Con'stitttte, -v. lo a\\v^vi, ?<^>jc^\v\-^ ^vi^v^r 



Constitiitiony n. the frame of body or mind, a 

law, decree, form of government 
Constitutional, a. according to the original es- 

tablis^d government, established 
Constitutionanty, n. the state of being agreea- 
ble to the constitution, or of affecting the 
. constitution [tution 

Constilutionalist, n. an adherent to the consti- 
Cou'stitutivc, a. essential, able to establish 
Constrain, r. t. to compel, force, confine 
Constr.'iinable, a. liable to constraint 
Constraint, n. compulsion, confinement 
Constric'tion, 71. contraction, compression 
Constringe', v. t. to contract, compress 
Constringent, a. of a binding quality 
Construct', v, t. to build or form 
Construc'tion, n. a building, a meaninj^ 
Constructive, a. ai*ising from construction 
Consti'uct'ively, ad. by construction 
Con'strue, v. t. to translate, inteq)i*et 
Constupration, n. a deflouring, violation 
Consubstan'^tial, a. of the same substance 
Consubstan'tiate, v. t. to unite in substance 
Consubstanti^tion, n. ^e union of the body of 

Christ with the sacramental element 
Consuetude, n. custom, usage, habit 
Con'sul, n. a chief officer at Rome, a manager 

of trade in foreign parts 
Con'sular, a. belonging to a consul 
Con'sulate, Cot/sulship, n. the office of consul 
Consult', V. to ask advice of, debate 
ConsuMtion, n. the act of consulting 
Consult'er, n. one who asks advice 
Consumable, a. that may be consumed 
Consume, v. to spend, destroy, waste 
Consumed, pa. destroyed, wasted away 
Consumer, 11. one who spends or wastes 
Con'samraate, v, t. to complete, perfect 
Consnm'mate, a. complete, accomplished 
Consumm^lion, n. |a completion, an end 
0onr>iimp'tion,7{. a consuming, a disease 
Consamp'tire, a. destructive, inclined to the 
.. tkJiasumption .[ti<^ 

J^si/jn/ye/raness, n. s tendeanf toeoiisump- 
^aa tact, //, a touch, oJoe&.twioa 


Contagion, n. secreted matter from a diseased 

body, capable of communicating the disease 

to a body in health, tendency to spread by 

example, morbid exhalations 

ContHgionist, n. a believer in the propagatioa 

of ceilain diseases by contagion 
Contagious, a. infectious, catcliing 
Contagiously, ad. in a contagious manner 
Contagiousness, 71. an infectious, quality 
Contain, r. t. to hold, comprise, restrain 
Containable, «. that may be contained 
Contam'inate, v. t. to defile, pollute 
Contam'inate, a. defiled, polluted 
Contaminiition, n. defilement, pollutioa 
Contemn', v. t. to despise, neglect 
Contem'ner, ?». a despiser, scorncr, scofi^ep 
Contemp'er, r. t. to moderate 
Contcmp'erament, n. degree of quality 
Contemperation, 71. the act of tempering 
Con'template, v. to muse, meditate, study 
Contemplation, n. meditation, study 
Contcmp'lative, a. studious, thoughtful 
Contemp'latively, ad. thoughtfully 
Contemplativeness, 7i. contemplative state 
Con'templator, n. one employed in study 
Contemp'orary, n. one of the same age 
Contemp'orary, Contemporaneous, a. existing 
at the same time, better -wiitteTi. cotemporary 
Contempt', 7i. hatred of a mean object, withfWt 

anger, envy or fear 
Contempt'ible, a. deserving contempt 
Contempt'ibleness, n. meanness, vileuess 
Contempt'ibly, ad. meanly, pitifully 
Contempt'uous, a. scornful, naughty 
Contempt'uously, ad. with scorn, haughtily 
Contempt'uousness, n. sconifulness 
Contencr, v. to strive, contest, dispute 
Contend'ed, pa. stiiven, contested, disputed 
Conlend'er, n. a combatant, champion 
Content', a. satisfied, pleased, willii^g 
Content', V. t. to satisfy, please, gratify 
Contebt', n. satisfaction, ease, contentment 
CQnteot^ed,/>a^ satisfied, pleased, quiet 
Contentedly, nuL in a contented manner 


iftious, a. quarrelsome, perverse 
I'tioodj, ttd. in a quarrclsonie manner 
I'tioasness, n. a disposition to strife 
tless, a. uneasy, dissatisfied 
f rnent, n. satisfaction, gratification 
Its, n. pi. tlie heads of a book, an index, 
is contained, capacity 
(n'inous, a. bordering, touching 
t, fi. a <tispute, debate, difference 
', V. to dispute, strive, vie with 
fable, a. disputed, doubtful 
nation, n. act of contesting, dispute 
tf, a. knit together, united, firm 
:t, fi. the series or order of discourse 
t'ore, n. an interweaving, texture 
lity, 71. a close situation, contact 
U0U8, a. adjoining, touching, close 
aously, ad. without space between 
uousness, n. contact, a being next to 
ence, Con'tinency, n. chastity 
ent, n. land not separated by the sea 
ent, a. chaste, temperate, sober 
int'al, a. pertaining to a continent, or a 
e country 

ently, ad. chastely, moderately 
yenoe, Contin'geney, 7i. accident 
gent, a. accidental, casual, uncertain 
gjent, n. chance, proportion, quota 
gently, ad. aocidentsJly, by chance 
iial, a. incessant, uninteiruptcd 
daily, ad. without ceasing, always 
lanoe, n. duration, abode 
lotion, n. a constant succession 
liitor, n. one who continues a thing 
le, V. to remain in the same state, per- 
e, stay, protract, carry on 
ler, n, one who continues 
ling, pa. remaining, repeating 
ity, 71. uninterrupted connection 
noiu, a. jdned, closely united 
', V. t. to twist, turn, writhe, wrest 
BJOD, n. twist, strain, wry motion 
'ive, a. spiral, containing a twist 
Ty ft. the outijnc of a ffgure 
aa^aa the other side or part 




Con'traband, «. unlawful, forbidden 
Con 'tract, n. an agreement, bargain, deed 
Contract', v. t. to shrink up, shorten, bargain 
Contract'ed, pa. shortened, bargained, cove- 
nanted, betrothed, narrow 
Contracfible, a. capable of contraction 
Contract'ile, a. able to contract itself 
Contract'ility, n. the power of contracting 
Contrac'tion, n. a shortening or shrinking, state 

of being shortened, abbreviation 
Contract'or, n. one who makes a bargain 
Conti'act'ure, n. rigidity of joints 
Contradict', v. t. to oppose, deny 
Contradict'er, n. an opposer, gainsayer 
Contradic'tion, n. opposition, denial 
Contradic'tious, a. inclined to contradict 
Contradic'tiousness, n. opposition 
Contradict'orily, ad. inconastently 
Contradict'orv, a. contrary, inconsistent 
Contradistinction, n. distinction by oppoates 
Contradistin^guish, v. t. to distinguish by op- 

Contrariety, n- opposition, inconsistency 
Con'trarily, orf. m a diflFerent manner 
Contr^rious, a. eontrair, repugnant 
Con'trariwise, ad. on the contrary 
Con'trary, a. opposing, disagreeing 
Con'trast, 7i. opposition in things of a like kind 
Contrast', v. %. to place in opposition 
Contra8t'ed,^fl. set in opposition, comparetl 
CouU^valUtion, n. an opposite fortification 
Contravene, t>. t. to oppose, obstruct 
Contraven'tion, n. oppoation, violation 
Con'tribute, or Contrib'ute, i>. to g^vc, bestow, 

conduce, bear a part 
Contiib'uting, pa. giving, promoting 
ContribtJtion, n. the act of contributing 
Contrib'utive, a. tending to promote 
Contrib'utor, w. one who gives a part 
Contrib'utory, a. advancing, promoting 
Con'trite, a. tnily penitent, sorrowful 
Con'tritely, ad. in a penitent manner 
Coo'triteness, ix. coulnVXovi, Te^w\a»icfc ^ 
Contri"tion, n. sorrow fer s«v, ?k. ^vci^vw«, 
Contrmble, a. -poBaMi: \.o"\>^ qv>v\Xv\n^^ 


jntrivance, n. a sohcmc, plot, plan 
ontrfvc, V. t. to invent, projtTt, de\ise 
ontriver, n. an inventor, schemer 
/0ntr6I,7i. power, authtMnty, a check 
'ontixil, V. t. to govern, check, restrain 
Jontrollahlc, a. subject to control 
Contrdller, n. one who conti'ols, an officer who 
checks other officers by a counter register of 
Control lership, n. the office of controller 
Contrdiraent, n, I'estraint, opposition 
Controver'sial, a. relating to disputes 
Controver'dalist, n. one fond of controvert 
Con'trovcrsy, n. a dispute, quarrel, eiuuity 
Con'trovert, v. t. to dis|)Ute, oppose 
C.'ontrovert'ible, a. disputable, uncertain 
Con'trovertist, n. a disputer, wrangler 
CoQtuin^cious, a. obstinate, perverse 
Contunvtfciously, ad. obstinately, perversely 
Contumaciuusncss, Con'tumacy, n. obstinacy, 

stubbornness, pervei-seness 
Cyontiunelious, a. reproachful, abusive, rude 
Oontumeliously, €id, reproachfully, rudely 
Contum(^liousnes8, n. rcpronob, rudenoes 
Con'tumcly, n. i-eproach, i^ntte 
Contusion, n. the act of brtriaing, a bruise 
Conun'dinim, n. a low jest or conceit 
Con'usancc, n. knowledge, notice 
Con'usant, a. knowing, having notice of 
Convales'cence, n. a return of health 
Convales'cent, a. recovering health 
Convene, v. to call together, assemble 
Convened, pa. called or met tc^ether 
Convenience, n. fitness, Accommodation 
Convenient, a. fit, suitable, proper, handy 
Conveniently, €id. suitably, commodiously 
Con' vent, n. a religious house, nunneiy 
Convent', v. t. to call beforo a judge 
Convcnf <.d, pa. summoned before a court 
Convent'icle, n. a meeting-house, assembly 
Convent'icler, m. one of a conventicle 
Conven'tion, n. an assembly, meetings tem- 
porary treat v, an assembly oi remcSGTkXSi^^fQ^ 
to/bt-m a constitution 
-oi,ren^tiouat, a. ngrcedon bjr contract 

CoDTen'tual, a. belonging to a co»a«< 

Conventual, n. a monk, nun, recluse 
Convergt/, v. i. to incline to one point 
Couver gence, n. the tending to a point 
Conver'gent, a. tending to a point 
Conver'ging, pa. tending to one point 
Conversable, a. free to converse, sociable 
Con'versant, a. acquainted widi, familiar 
Conversation, n. familiar discourse, behavior 
Converse', v. i. to discourse, talk, cohabit 
(/on' verse, n. ccmversation, acquaintance 
Con' verse, a. contrary, directly opponte 
Con'vcrsely, a change of order 
Conver"8ion, n. a turning, or change 
Cun'vcrt, 72. one who changes his opinioa or 

religion, a proselyte 
Convert', v. to change, appropriate 
Convert'er, n. one who makes converts 
Convert'ible, a. that may be changed 
Convertibil'ity, n. the being convertible 
Convert'ibly, arl reciprocally, mutually 
Con' vex, a. rising like the outside of a globe 
Con' vex, u. a convex or sphei'ical body 
Con'vexly, ad. in a convex form 
Convex'itv, Con'vexness, w. spherical form 
Convey, ^convay) v. t. to carry, make over 
Conveyaule, a. that may be conveyed 
Convey'aiicc, n. act or means of conveying 
Convey'ancer, n. one who <lraws writings t» 

convey property [ing deeds, leases, k 

Convey'ancing, n. the act or business of drat 
Convey'ed, pa. carried elsewhere 
Convey'er, n. onawho conveys or carries 
Con'victjM. a person convicted 
Convict', V. t. to prove guil^, confute 
Convict'ed, pa. found guilty) confuted 
Convic'tion, n. a full proolf sense 
Convict'ive, a. able to cotivince 
Convince', v. t. to make one sensible of 
Convince'ment, n. conviction, satisfaction 
Convin'cible, a. capable of being convinc 
Convin'ciiigly, ad. withont room to doubt 
Conriv'ial, a. festive, social, jovial, gay 
ConviviaVity, n^rnvtiv excited by ieastin 
Con'vocate, t. t. Vq t^\ w ^wxs«svwi\s>^'* 


n. an ecclesiastical assembly 
i. to summon, call toother 
/. to roll together, wind 
, n. bindweed, a plant 
n. a rolling together 
. to accompaOT for defense 
1 attendence for defense, protec- 
ling protected 
t. to give violent motion 
I. violent motion 
a. causing convulsions 
I'ey, n. a rabbit 
jry like a dove or pigeon 
s noise made by a pigeon 
who dresses victuals 
dress victtols, prepare 
he act of dressing victuals 
essed, prepared for table 
ike or grow codi, moderate 
what cold, indifferent 
sdom from heat, temperature 
lat cools, a brewing vessel 
dthout passion or regard 
noderate cold, indifference 
, grease of wheels, dust 
<H*n-measure df ifour bu^els 
oden cage for poultry 
cage, shut up, confine, imprison 
step in dancing 
maker of barrels, &c. 
I. a price for cooper's work 
, to work, labour or act with 
n. a joint labor for one end 
, o. tending to the same end 
n. one who jointly endeavcxra 
a. luUding the same rank, equal 
, ad. with equal rank 
, n. a holding the same rank 
us of black water-fowls 
3 Mexican name of resins and 
in used in varnishing fan estate 
» Copar'ccny,n^n equal share in 
. a joint partner in any business 
p^/. iho having of an equal sfaare^ 
•m »i bi/sinam 


4 O 

Cope, n. a priest's cloke, hood, concave 
Cope, V. to contend, strive, oppose, cover 
CJop'ied, pa. taken from or on, tmnscribed 
Cop ier, n. a person who copies, or imitates 
C6piog, n. the upper part of a wall 
Copious, a. plentiful, abundant, full 
Cdpiously, ad. plentifiillv, difliisively 
Copiousness, n. plenty, abundance 
Cop'ped, Cop'pled, a. rising to a top or head 
Cop'per, n. a metal of a reddish color, boiler 
Cop'pera8,n. a solution of iron in sulphuric m^ 
Cop'pemose, n. a dark red nose 
Cop'perplate, n. a plate of copper engraved, 

or an impression from it 
Cop'persmith, n. one who worics in copper 
Cop'pery, a. tasting of, or like copper 
Cop'pice, Copse, n. a wood of small trees 
Cop'pledust, n. a powder to purify mctab 
Copse, V. t. to preserve for underweods 
Cop'tic, 71. language of ancient Egyptiiuis 
Cop'ulate, V. to couple, unite, mix 
CopuUtion, 71. a joining togeOier, nnion 
Cop'ulative, a. jcMning or mixing together 
^op'y, n. a manuscript, imitation, pattern to 

write after, a duplicate 
CopV, V. to ti'anscribc, imitate 
Cop'ybook, 71. a book to write copies in 
Cop'yhold,7t. a tenure under the lord of a ma- 
nor by copy of court roll or record 
Cop'yholder, n, one who has land in copyhold 
Cop'yist, Cop'ier, n. one who copies 
Cop'yright, n. sole right to print a book 
Cop'yrighted, a. the sole right bein|f secured 
Coquet', V. to act the lover, dally, jilt 
Coquetiy, n. deceit in love, affectation 
Coquet', n. a jilting girl, vain woman 
Coral, n. a genus of animals and their shells, ' 

g^wing in the sea, a. child's ornament 
Cor'alinc, a» made of or like coral 
Cor'altrec, n. a genus of flowering shrubs 
Corb, 71. a basket used in conlerics 
Corb'an, n. a g^ft, alms, alrasbasket i 
Cord, n. a^msW ws^^ %vwr« > xsssassssvi, ^-^^jkj^ 

of \2% cuVvc feel 
Cord, r. t. Io^ac W0ci«.Qc5ys, V^^^^**^ 



Cord'age, n. ropes, tlie I'opes of a ship 
(yOrd'e(l,/>«. tied, bound with cords 
Cordelier, n. a Franciscan friar 
Coi-'dial, n. an exhilirating draft 
Cor'dialja. reviving, hearty, sincere 
Cordial'ity, n. sincerity, afltection 
Coi-'dially, ad. heartily, sincerely, honestly 
Cord'on, n. a row, line, twist of ropes 
Corduroy', n. thick cotton stuff, ribbed 
CordVain, n. a kind of Spanish leather 
Oprd'wainer, n. a shoemaker 
Ck>rd'wood, n. wood by the cord 
Core, n. the heart, or inner part of a tiling 
Coriaceous, a. consisting of or like leather 
Cwnan'der, n. the name of a plant or seed 
C(n*inth'ian, a. relating to Corinth or an order 

of architecture 
Coi-k, n. a ti*ce, bark, bottle-stopple 
Cork, V. t, to stop with a cork 
Corkfed, pa. secured with a cork 
Cork'ingpin, n. a large kind of pin 
Cork'y, a. like eork, consisting of cork 
Cor'morant, ?i. a bird of prey, glutton 
Com, n. grmn, a hai*d lump hi the flesh 
Corn, sprinkle witli salt, to form into 

Cwn'blades, n. leaves of maize ( U. States) 
Com'chandler, n. a retailer of com 
Cor'nel, n. a tree, the cornelian-cherry 
C(HTiel', n, coarse meal (%Ar. York) 

Cornelian, n. a precious stone oi a nesh-color 
Com'eous, a. homy, like horn, hard, tough 
Com'er, n. an anele, a secret place 
Com'et, n. a musical instrument, an ojRicer 
Cor'nctcy, n. the office of a cornet 
Cor'nice, Cor'nish, n. the top of a wall or col- 
umn, a molding 
Comlaud, n. land for com 
Corn'mill, ?i. a mill for grinding eofn 
C<»Ti'staIk, n. a sUlk or stem of maize 
Comucopia, n. the horn of plenty 
Cornute, v. to give a man horns, to cuckold 
Oatvuted, j^a. having horns, cuckddedf^ 
J^^^s a- hard like horn, tough 
(^oj^ n. i/icJ!ower leaves, or ne 

cs, or petsJe.d a plant \ 


Coi''ollary, 7i. an inference, deduction 
Coi^'onal, n. a crown, chaplet, giirlaud 
Cor'onal, a. relating to tlie top of the head 
Cor'onary, a. of, or placed as, a crown 
Coronation, n. Uie solemnity of crowning 
Cor'oner, n. an officer who enquires into the 

cause of sudden and. accidental death 
Cor'onet, n. a nobleman's crown, a little crown 
Cor'porai, n. an inferior militar}' officer 
Cor'poral or Corp6real, a. bodily, material 
Corporal'ity, n. the quality of being imbodied 
Cor'porally, ad. bodily, in a body or lump 
Cor^porate, a. united into a community 
Corporation, n. a body corporate or pc^itic 
Corporeity, n. bodily substance, materiality 
Corps, n. a body of soWiers[a7i iU'Word] 
Corpse, n. the dead body <rf a human being 
Cor'pulcnce, 7i. fleshiness, excessive fatness 
Cor'pulent, a. big, gross, heav}', fleshy, fat 
Cor^'puscle, n. a very small body, an atom 
Corpus'cular, a. relating to bodies or atoms 
Correct', v. t. to punish, mend faults 
Correct', a. exact, revised with exactness 
Correct'ed, pa. punished, amended 
Correc'tion, n. punishment, amendment 
Correc'tional, a. pertaining to correction 
Correc'tive, n. that which corrects 
Corrective, a. able to correct or alter 
Correct'ly, ad. accurately, exactly, justly 
Correct'ness, n. accuracy, exactness 
Correct'or, n. one who or what coirects 
Correlative, a. having mutual relation ^ 
Correspond', v. i. to suit, agree, write to 
Correspond'ence, n. agreement, intercourse 
Correspond'cnt, a. suitable, answerable 
Correspond'ent,'7i. one who corresponds 
Corridor, a. gallery round a house 
Cor'rigible, a. thftt may be mended 
Corrob'orant, a. strengthening, confirming 
Corroborate, v. t. to strengthen, confirm 
Corrob'orate^ a. confirmed, made strong 
Corrobor^OD, n. the act of strengtli^^.iing 
Corrob'oFiilive, a. a tending to strengthen 
Corrode,'!). t.Xa c^t^way by degrees 



, n. the set (rf* eaUng away 

:, Corrodent, a. able to corrode 

[jf ad. in a corroding manner 

ness, n. the quality of corroding 

e, V. t. to wrinkle, ccmtract 

on, n. a contraction into wrinkles 

v. to spoil, grow rotten, bribe 

a. rotten, debauched, wicked 

d, pa. led astray, rotten 

il'ity, n. a c(HTiiptible quali^ 

>le, a. that can be corrupted 

)ly, ad. in a corruptible manner 

m, n. wickedness, rottenness 

re, a. able to corrupt, able to taint 

r, ad. wickedly, improperly 

ess, n. badness of morals 

I. a pirate, a plunderer 

a dead or putnd body, earcass 

t. a light armor for the breast 

a. barky, belonging to bark 

knref to, n. a curvet or leap 

. an advice boat 

t, a. flailing, glittering^ shining 

ID, n. a flashing of light, glitter 

, a. promoting beauty 

t n. a wash to improve the akin 

, a. rising or setting with tlie sun 

y, ad. with the sun 

iy, n. the science of the formation of 


y, n. an account of tlie world 

ipher, n. a describer of the world 

d>hy, n. a description of the world 

ite, n. a citizen of the w(M*ld 

plain India muslins from 7 to lO-Sths 

a lamb brought up by the hand 
ice paid, ehai'ge, expense, loss 
to be iKMight for 
of or belonging to the ribs 
I. a head, kind of large apple 
. bound in the body, ekn^ hard 
ae, n. a costive state, a hardness 
^n. expemmveness 
expensive, of great price, deuv 

C U 75 

Cost'maiy, n. a plant, the alecost 
Cot, Cot'tage, n. a hut, a small house 
Cote, n. a pen, fold, cot 
Cotcra'poraiy, a. living at the same time 
Cotem'porary, n. one living at the same time 
Coterie', n. an assembly, meetipg, club 
Cotil'lion, 71. a kind of dance [decks 

Cott, n. a bcdframe or box suspended between 
Cot'tagcr, 72. a person who lives in a cottage : 
Cot'ton, n. a plant, its wool and cloth made. 

of it v 

Cot'ton, a. made of cotton *" 

Couch, V. to squat or lie down, taka ofi* a film 

fix>m the eye 
Coiush, n. a seat for ease, bed, layer 
Couch'ant, a. squatting, lying down 
Couch'ed,/>o. cleared, expressed 
Cough, (cauf) n. an eifoit of the lun§p 
Cough, V. i. to try to throw offmatbdr by the 

Cough'ing, n. a throwing off by the lungs 
Could, (cood^ past tense of can 
Coul'ter OG Cor ter, n. the fore iron of a plow 
Coun'oil, n. an assembly for consultation 
Coun'cillor, n, a member of a council 
Coun'sel, n. advice, art, a design, pleader 
Coun'sel, •». /. to give advice, advise, direct 
Coun'8elled,/ra. advised, instructed 
Coun'sellcK*, n. one who gives advice 
Count, V. to reckon, tell, esteem, depend 
Count, 71. a foreign title, tale, declaration 
Count'ed, pa. reckoned, supposed, imputed 
Countenance, v. t. to support, defend, favor 
Count'enaneer, n. one w'ho favors ^ 

Count'er, n. something to keep reckcming, a 

shop-table, room, prison 
Count'er, ad. contrary to, in a wrong way 
Counteract', v. t. to act contraiy to, hinder 
Counterae'tion, n. oppo»te action, defeat 
Counterac'tive, a. tending to oppose 
Counterbalance, n. opposite weight 
Counterbal'ance, v. t. to balance by a wei^v^. 

/in the opposite 8ca\e 
Count'ercheck, iu a sto\i, vOovj^e, t^^sw^S. 


C u 

Counterfeit, a. foi*ged,deceitful 
Count'erfeit, ?i. a forgery, an impostui'c 
Count'erfttt, v. t. to forge, feign, imitate 
Coun'terfeiter, n. one who counterfeits 
Count'erfeitly, ad. witli forgery, falsely 
Coimt'ermand, n. a contraiy order, repeal 
Countermand', v. t. to conti-adict an order 
Count'ermarch, n. a march back 
Countermarch', v. t. to march back ag^n 
^ Count^ermark, n. a second or opposite mark 
jirCounfermine, n. a subterraneous passage op- 
posed to another fterwork 
Countermine, v. t. to defeat secretly oy coun- 
Count'ermotion, n. a contrary motion 
Count'erpafte, n. a contrary measure 
Counf erpane, n. a covering of a bed 
Count'erpart, n. a correspondent part 
Countferplca, n. a replication in law 
Countenlead, v. t. to contradict, oppose 
Counterplot, n. a plot against a plot 
Count'erpoise, n. equal weight, a balance 
Counterpoise', v. t. to equal, to balance 
Coun'terpoison, n. poison to defeat pcnson 
Counterpre8s'ure,n. an opposite pressure 
Count'erproject, n. a correspondent part of a 


Counter-revolution, n. a revolution . opposing 

another, and restoring a former state of 

things fter-revolution 

Counter-revolutionary, a. pertaining tD a coun- 

Counter-revohitionist, n. one engaged in a 

Count'erscarp, n. a slope next the camp 
Countersfgn, v. t. to sign i6 secretary 
Coim'tersign, Tz.amilitaiy watch-word 
Countcrten'or, n. one of the parts of music 
Count'ertum, w. the height or turn of a play 
Countcn'^il, v. t. to have equal power 
Counf erview, n. an opposition, contrast 
Counterwork' r. t. to counteract, hinder 
Count'ess, n, the lady of a count, or carl [kept 
Count'ing-housCjn. a room where accounts are 
Cdant7es^ a. numberless, infinite 
^f^u^yr, n. a tract QflRud, native place 

C O V 

Coun'tiy-man, n. one of the same eountrv, 

Coun'ty, n. a shire 
Coupee, n. a motion in dancing 
Cou"ple, (cupple) n. a brace, pair, chain 
Cou"ple, r. to join togetlier, marry 
Coup'let, n. two verses, a pair of rhymes 
Cour'age, n. bravery, valor, boldness, spirit 
Courageous, a. brave, bold, spirited, daring 
Courageously, ad. bravc^ly, boldly, daringly 
Cour^gcousness, n. braveiy, boUUiess 
CofO'ant', n. a quick dance, a newspaper 
Cour'ier, n, a messenger sent in haste 
Cotaw?, n. a race, place of ininning, passag 

order of succession, service of meat • 
Cowrse, v. to hunt, run, ptirsue, rove about 
Coj/rser, n. a race-horse, horse-racer, hunt 
C6t^rses, n. the principal sails of a vessel 
Coe/rsing, n. pursuit ot liarcs with hounds 
Cottrt, n. the residence of a prince, seat 

justice, judges who form a tribunal 
Cot/rt, t>. t. to woo, make Ime to, seek 
C67/rtday, n. a day for administering justice 
Court'eous. a. civil, complaisant, wefi-bred 
Court'eousiy, ad. civilly, complaisantly 
Court'eousness, n. civility, complaisance 
Cour'tesan, or Com-'tezan, n. a prostitute 
Court'esy, n. civility, ftanale act of respect 
Court'esy, r. i. to do an act of reverence 
C6wrtfavor, n. favor bestowed by prince? 
C6i/rthand, n. a hand used for records 
Coi^rticr, n. an attendant on a court 
CoMrtldet, n. court of the lord of a manor 
Cdurtlike, a. polite, well-bred, civil, obligii 
Cdurtlincss, n. civility, complaisance, form 
C^Mrtly, a. polite, flattering, elegant 
C<Smtly, ml. in tlie manner of courts, polite 
Cowrt-rtSar'tial, n. a court to try military crim 
Courtship, n. making love to a woman 
Cous'tn, n. a relation at a distance, especial 

the child of an uncle or aunt 
Cove, n. a^mAll creek, shelter, arcli 
Cov'enail!l^(D as u) n. a bargain, agreement 
Cov'ewanl, tj. t. to bargain, contract, agree 

^C^ a. Mongin^to ^leeountrfy r(ffltlcjCoveiMffileeva.Q8^^^s>>AiQte^ 

C R A 

inter, n. one who makes a covenant 
(o as a] V. t. to overspread, hide 
n. ooQcealment, shelter, pretence 
Dg^ n. any thing that covers 
et, n. an upper bed-covering 
, a. eovered, bid, secret 
, n. a fibelter, thicket, defense 
ty, ad. secreUy, privately, dosely 
ore, n. ^ cover, the state of a wife 
(o as u) V. t. to desire earnestly 
Me, a, Uiat may be desired 
08, a. very desirous of saving, greedy 
oaly, ad. greedily, niggardly 
osness, n. eager desire, greediness 
(o as u) n. a brood of birds, hatch 
II. a deoeitfal agreement, collusion 
08, a. collusive, fraudulent 
, ff. projection of* a house 
the female of the bovine kind 
t. to dispirit, depress with fear 
I, n. one who wants coun^ 
lice, CoVardliness, 7t. timidity 
Uy, ad. in manner of a coward 
lly, a. fearful, timwous, mean 
, t>. t. to sink by bending the knees 
ge, n. a kind of kidney beans 
rd, n.cme who tends or keeps cows 
ose, n. a house to keep cows in 
h, n. a plant which causes itching 
<. a monk's hood, vesselTor water 
aff, n. a staff for two to bear a vessel 
Q, n. an inclosure Use cows or cattle 
z, n. a disease from cows, like small 
the vaccine disease 
p, n. the name of a yellow flower 
nb, n. a cock's caruncle, a fop 
ilyca^ n. conceited, foppish, pert 
reserved, modest 
, a. rather reserved or shy, modest 
ad, with reserve, shily, modestly 
IB, n. res^ve, shyness, modestjr 
(o as u)^. t. to cheat, defraud 
ige, n. cheating, fraud, imponticMi 
T, n. a cheatei^ knare, deceiver . 
aSsb, wild appie, peevish persfm \ 

C R A 

f 4 

Crab'bed, a. peevish, sour, perplexed 
Crab'bedly, ad. peevishly, sourly, morosely 
Crab'bedness, n. crossness, a difficulty 
Crack, n. a sudden noise, chink, boaster 
Crack, v. t. to break into chinks, split 
Crack'brained, a. crazy, maddish, whimsical 
Crack'er, n. a firework, a boaster, hard biskct 
Crac'kle, v. i. to make sharp sounds 
Craok'ling, n. a noise made by slight cracks 
Cradle, 11. a moveable bed, frame, case, infan- 
cy, a machine used in cutting grain 
Cradle, v.' t. to lay or rock in a cradle, to ca$e, 

to cut and lay grain in a swath 
Craft, n. cunning, trade, a small vessel 
Craft'ily, ad. cunningly, artfully, slily 
Craf)/iness, n. craft, cunning, a stratagem 
Crafls^man, n. an ailificer, mechanic 
Crafts'maker, n. one skilled in his trade 
Craft'y, a. cunning, subtle, artful, sly 
Crag, n. a rough rock, nape of the neck 
Crag'ged, Crag^gy, a. rough with rocks 
Crag'gedness, Crag'giness, n. roughness 
Crake, n. a migratory bird of the rail kind 
Cram, v. to stuft*, force down, eat greedily 
Cramp, n. a contraction of the limbs, confine- 
ment, bent piece of iron to keep tilings fast 
Cramp, v. t. to confine, hinder, stop, bind 
Cramp'ed,]&a. fastened, confined, hindered 
Cramp-fish, n. the torpedo or electric ray 
Cran'berry, n. a plant and its berry 
Crane, n. a bird, engine, crooked pipe 
Crfine's-bill, n. a plant, a pair of pinchers 
Cr^nefly, n. an insect called father-long-legs 
Crank, n. the end of an axis bent down 
Crank, a. healthy, lusty, easy to overset 
Cran'nied, a. full of or having chinks 
Crau'ny, n. a chink, crevice, little crack 
Crape, n. a thin stuff used in mourning 
Crap'nel, n. a drag, a hook used to drag wiUi 
Crash, v. to make a confused noise 
Crash, n. a loud mixed noise made by a fall 
Crash'ing, pa. making a sudden noise 
Cras'simeiit, n, t\ift ted V3lv\0s. '^■m^ ^ V^wA 
Cras'sitndc, n.groa^ike%%,<iQax^\tfi!«^>'^^^y^'^ 
Crate,n. a haxaveY\o\wsiN5L c!a?i^^\»^^«««^^^ 


C R £ 

Craunoh, v. t. to crash with thMecth 
Cravaf , n. a neckcloth 
Crave, V. to ask eamestly^Tjeg, beseech 
Craw,n. tlie crop or first stomach otbinls 
Craw'fish or Crayfish, n. a lobster 
Crawl, V. i. to creep, move slowly, cringe 
Crawl'er, ?i. a creeper, very slaggish person 
Crayfish, n. a species of crab, like a lobster 
Crdyon, n. a paste, pencil, roll, drawing 
Craze, v. t. to break, crack the bi*ain 
Ci'izedncss, n. a broken state, weakness 
Craziness, n. a crazy state, feebleness 
Crdzv, a. broken, weak, sickly, raaddish 
Creak, v. i. to make a harsh, grating noise 
Creaking, pa. making a Iiarsh gi*ating noise 
Cream, n. the oily part of milk, best part 
Cream, v. i. to yield or take off cream 
Creamfaoed, a. palefaced, pale, cowardly 
Creamy, a. full of cream, Inscious, rich 
Crease, n. a mark made by folding 
Creiite, v. t. to form, make, cause, produce 
Created, /»a. formed out of nothing, made 
Crefition, n. the act of creating, the universe 
Creative, a. having tlie power to create 
Creator, n. one who gives existence, GOD 
Creature, iu a thing created, word of con- 
tempt, and tenderness, man, animal, one 
Credence, n. belief, credit, reputation 
Credcn'da, n. pi articles of faith or belief 
Credeu'tials, n. pi. a testimonial [probability 
Credibil'ity, Cred'ibleness, v. a claim to credit, 
Ci-ed'ible, a. worthy of credit, probable 
Cred'ibly, ad, in a credible manner, probably 
Cred'it, tu belyrf, reputation, esteem, influ- 
ence, trust or time given for payment 
Cred'it, v. to btjlieve, adn\it, trust 
Crcd'itable, a. tliat may bo believed 
Cred'itablcncss, n. credit, reputation 
Ored'itably, ad. with cretHt, reputably 
Cred'itor, n. one who gives credit, or to whom 
another is indebted ' 
//^u//ir, Crcd^iilovsnefis, ?/. /»/>wnf*S9 of belief 
cyi^'^''"''^ ''' m to believe 

C R I 

j Creek, ?i. a small bay, nook, river 
Creek'y, a. full of creeks, winding 
Creep, v. i. crept, />re^ creeped, crept, pa. to 

move slowly, loiter, fawn, bend 
Creeper, n one who creeps, a plant 
Creepiugly, ad. slowly, in a dull manner 
Cremation, n. the act of burning 
Creole, n. a native of the W. Indies or Span- 
ish America, descended firom European an- 
Crepitdtion, n a low crackling noise 
Crepus'cule, n. a doubltul light, twilight* 
Crcpus'culous, Crepus'culai*, a. pertaining (0 

twilight, glimmering, dim 
Cres'cent, n. an increasing moon 
Cres'cent, Cres'cive, a. increasing, growing 
Cress, n. the name of a water-herb 
Crest, n. a plume of feathers, comb, pride 
Crest'ed, Crests ate, a. wearing a crest 
Crest'fallen, a. dejected, low, spiritless, cowed 
Crest^less, a. without armor, &o. mean, low 
Cretaceous, o. chalky, having chalk 
Crev'ice, ». a crack, cleft, fish 
Crew, n. a ship's company, mean assembly 
Crew'el, ».a ball of worsted yarn, or silk 
Crib, n. a manger, i-ack, stall, small be<l 
Crib, V. t, to steal, cage, shut up, confine 
Crib'bage, n. a game at cai'ds 
Crick, n. the noise of a hinge, sharp pain 
Crick'et, n. a small insect, ^me, low seat 
Crier, 71. one who cries goods for sale 
Crime, n. a violation ot law to the injury of 

the puUio, a public offence, sin 
Crim'inal, n, a person accused or guilty 
Crim'inal, Crim'inous, a. guilty, faulty 
Crim'inally, Crim'inously, ad. wickedly 
Criminal'ity, n. the quality of being criminal 
Crim^iuate, v. t. to charge with a crime 
Crimiiiation, 7J. an accusation, charge 
Crim'inatory, a: tending to accuse, censorioiu 
Crimp, a. easily crumbled, brittle, crisp 
Crimp, n. an agent for coals or shipping, one 

hired to procure seamen, Enff. 
Crimp, •». t, to procure seamen for a premium 

C R 

t. to l«v in plaits, contrAct 

a. curling, contracting 

i very deep r(,il color 

to tinge witli red, biiisli 

)w bow, servility 

bow, fawn, flatter, contract 

ie, n. a wrinkle, a fold 

. to run in wrinkles or folds 

I lame person; v. t, to make 

itieal time or torn 
carl, twist, make brittle 
', a, curled, brittle, abort 
act of curling, a curled state 
ft. a kind of iron, a cuiliug-iron 
Irisp'ncss, n. a crispj state 
I mark whereby to judge 
skillefl in criticism 
sal, a. nice, judicious, keen, cx- 
ng the crisis of a disease 
. to judge and remark with nice 
t, to censure 

the act en* art of judging accur> 
minating remarks, censure 
/. exactly, judiciously 
R. exactness, accuracy, care 
St of criticifflng, a criticism 
to contract roughness as glass 
cry of a frog, raven or crow 
» cry like a trog, or crow 
making a hoarse noise 
ike or having saffixm, yellow 
earthen pot, black of a pot 
I blacken witli burnt matter 
all kinds of earthen ware 
an amphibious animal 
ron, yellow powder 
d near a house, a little cla% 
/roisado, see crusade 
)ld ewe, a grey old woman 
lid acquaintance, companion 
ooked stick ; v. to bend 
bent, winding, perverse 
d. not sti'aitlv^ UDtowanUy 
ft. n crooked sbite^ ffcformltv 


C R U 


Cixiop, ft. A disease in tlie windpipe [ach 

Crop, 71. a produce, thing cut oft*, bird's stom- 
Cn)p, V. to lop, cut abort, reap, yield 
Crop'rul,a. quite full, eramm^ glutted 
Crop'sick, a. sick ttirough excess m eating 
Croptj/w. cut outoffattlie end, reapetl 
Crosior, n. a bishop's staff with a cross upon it, 

liastoral staff, uistrunient 
Ci-osa, 7i. a gibbet, misfortune, opposition 
Cross, a. athwart, opposite, pct*.visli, difficult 
Cross, V. t. to lay athwart, pass over, oppose, 

vex, sigh, cancel, put out 
Cross'bill, n. a bird with crossing mandibles 
Cross'bow, 71. a weapon for shooting [parties 
Crossexam'ine, v, t. to examine by different 
Cross'grained, a. ill-natured, cross 
Ci-oss'let 71. a small cross, headclotli 
Cross'ly, ad. peevishly, perversely 
Cross'ncss, 71, peevishness, pervewencss 
Cross' way, n. a patli that runs across a widci* 

road, a iiused way over wet ground 
Cross' wise, ad. in tlie form oTa cross, across 
Cross' wort, n. a plant of several species 
Crotch, 71. tlic forking of a tree 
Ci'Otch'et n. in music, a note equal to half a 

minim, hook, tooth 
Crouch, V. to stoop low, bend, cringe, cross 
Crow, n. a bird, cock's voice, iron lever 
Crow, V. i. crowed or crew, pret. crowed, ^a. 

to make the noise of a cock, exult 
Crowi or Croud, ti. a multitude, fiddle 
Crowd, V. to press or set close, encumber 
Croxyfoot, 71. aplant witii a yellow flower 
Cr6w-silk, n. a Mater vegitable, conferva 
Crown, n. top of the head, (Htiamcnt, garland, 

regal power, a kind of pa\>cr 
Crown, V. t. to invest with a crown, reward 
Crown'glass, n. a sort of T^lndow-glass 
Cnicial, a. transverse, running across 
Crt^ciate, v. t. to toilure, t<x*ment, pain. ob. 
Crucible, n. a chemist's \x>t to melt raetals in 
Cruciferous, 7i. caiTpng or having a cross 
Crucified, pa. pullo Ae,^\ii wv is. «.T«a8i 
Ci<icifix,n. aS^vtol V:\w\%x. m\>q^ ^^- «^ 



Crucify, v. t, to ban^ to or fasten cm a cross 
Crdciforra, a. in shape of a cross 
Crude, a. raw, unripe, undigested 
Cr6dely, ad. rawly, not duly digested 
Crtlkleness, Crudity, n. want of ripeness 
Cruel, a. hardhearted, inhuman, bloody 
Cnielly, ad. barbai*ously, inhumanly 
Cruelness, Cruelty, n. barbarity, inhumanity 
Cruet, n. a vial for vinegar or oil 
Cruise, n.a voyage made for plunder 
Cruize, v. i. to sail in quest of an enemy 
Cruizcr, n. a ship, one that seeks a prey 
Cinim, n. a fragment of bread 
Crum^ble, v. t. to break or fall in pieces 
Crum'm}', a. full of crums, small 
Crump, a. crooked in the back, bowed 
Crum''ple, v. t. to make wrinkly, ruffle 
Crump'linff, n. a very rough apple 
Cmp'per, (u as oo) tu a leather to keep a sad- 
dle back 
Crup'per, v. t. to put on a crupper 
Crdral, a. belonging or relating to the leg 
Cruside, n. a Portugal coin, a holy war 
Crusider, n. a person engaged in a crusade 
Cruse, n. a small vessel 
Cruset, n, a goldsmith's melting pot 
Crush, V. to squeeze, bruise, dispirit, ruin 
Crush, n. a crash, a falling down, violence 
Crush'ed, pa. pressed close, overcome 
Crust, n. a hard covering, piece of bread 
Crust, T>. to cover with a nard case 
Crustaoeous, a. shelly, having soft shells in 

several pieces, as a lobster 
Crust'ily, ad. snappishly, peevishly, surlily 
Cmst'iness, n. moroseness, surliness 
Crusty, a. snappish, cross, morose, sturdy 
Cratch, n. a support used by cripples 
Ciy, V. to weep, call, squall, proclaim 
Cry, n. a weeping, a shrieking outcry, yell 
Crys'tal, n. a transpai*ent stone, a regular form 

m salt or other substance 
Crys'tal, Crys'taline, a. ^transparent, clear 
C'lyrsiajizjttJon, n. a conflation into crystals 
'€7r^talize, v. to form or be /ormed into a 
^S^^r /iffure like a cijstsl 

C U L 

Ci^s'tdized, pa. formed into crystals 
Cub, n. the young of a fox, &cc. a whelp 
Cube, n. a square solid boily, third power of ! 

Cube, V. t. to multiply twice into itself 
Cubebs, n. a plant, a species of pepper 
Cubic, Cubical, a. formed like a cube, 9sM 
Cubit, n. a measure of about 18 inches 
Cubital, a. as long as or beton^ng to a cubit 
Cuck'old, n. tlie husband of an adultress 
Cuck'old, V. t. to make a man a cudkold 
Cuck'oo, (u as oo) n. a genus of birds 
Cucumber, n. a plant and its fruit 
Cud, n. food to be chewed over 
Cud'dy, n. a clown, a cabin or cook room 
Cud'dle, V. to lie low or close, squat, hug 
Cud'gel, n. a thick stick, a fighting-stick 
Cud'gel, V, i. to beat with a cudgel 
Cud'gelproof, a. able to bear a cudgel 
CudVeed, n. a plant, cotton weed 
Cue, n. the end or tail of a thing, humor 
Cuff, n. a box, blow, part of a sleeve 
CufF, V. t. to strike with the fist, beat 
Cuirass', n. a breast plate of leather or ste^ 
Cuirassier, n. a soldier in armor 
Cuish, n. armor to cover the thighs 
Culinary, a. belonging to the kitten 
Cull, V. t. to select from others, choose 
Cull'endcr, n. a straining vessel, a colander 
CuIKiun, n. a scoundrel, mean person 
CuU'y, n. a man jilted by a woman 
Cull'y, V. t. to befool, cheat, impose on 
Culm, n. a kind of small coal, stalk 
Culmirerous, a. having a culm or stalk 
Culmination, n. a coming to the meridian Oi 

the highest point 
Cul'pable, a. guilty, faulty, blameable 
Cul'pableness, Cidpabil'ity, n. fault, blame 
Cul'pably, ad. with blame, with guilt 
Cul'prit, n. one arraigned for a crime 
Cul'tivablc, a. capable of culti\-ation 
Cultivate, v. t. to till, manui^e, improve 
Cultivation, fi. a tilling, improvement 
Cu-Vtlvator, n. one who culti\'ates » 


Cufyer, fi. a sort of pigeon, a '^'oodpigcou 
Cnl'verhi, n. a spn^ ies of onlnanco, a cannim 
Cam'ber, v. t. to clog, biinlen, cnibarrass 
Cum'beraomc, a. troublesome, burdensome 
Com'braiice, n. an encumbraiici*, buitlen 
Com'broas, a. heaTy, oppivssive 
Cninln, n. a gvnus of aromatic plants 
Cfimulate, v. t. tn heap or pile up, amass 
Cun'ning, ri.aitfnl, sly, knowinp:, skillful 
Con'ning, CuD'ningness, ?u artince, skill 
Can'ningly, aiL aranlly, ci^ily, shaii)ly 
Clip, ft. a drinkii^ vessel, part of a Howcr 
Cup, V. t, to bleed by scarification 
Cup'beiirer, n. an officer who has tlic care of 

lioaurs at a feast 
CuplMiard, 7f . a place for cups, glasses, &c. 
CopUKity, ti. lust, excessive sensual desire 
Cdpobi, n, a dome, arched roof, turret, bowl 
C6^«oufl, a. coppery, like copper 
Cor, fl. a dog) a snappish person 
CAnble, a. uiat may be cured, or remedied 
Cunmr* ^ Hie employment of a curate 
Convao^. an American bird lai-ge asa tuHcey 
Cfinte, n. an officiating, minister 
Cftntire, a. relating to the cure of diseases 
Curitor^ n. one who manages or dire ets 
Curi), V. t. to restrain, check, stop, biidle 
Corb,.n. a part of a bridle, opposition, res- 

traht, box round a well 
COixl, n. a coagulation of milk 
Cord, Cur^dle, v. to turn into curds 
CnpcjiL remedy, employment of a curate 
Core, V. t. to heal, restore to health, salt - 
^w\,pa. helped, presei>>'ed, stilted, dned 
Corelen, a. liaving noivmcdy, incurable 
Cfirer, It. one who cui-es, a physician 
Cut'few, fl. an cig^it o'clock bell 
CuiicM^ty, ft. inquisitivencss, rarity 
C^rioos, a. inquisitive, nice, exact 
CAriooriy, ad. inquisitively, exactly 
Cnri, n. a ringlet or ornament of hair 
Cnri, V. to turn into ringlets, twist 
Curlew, n. a kind of water and land fowl 
Carmud"ge<»), «. a miser, niggard, churl 
Giriratt^ n. the name of 9 simib Hml fvmt 

■ '-\: 

C L S 


Cur'rency, n. a cireulation, currentness, papc-i' 

pussiiig for cuiTeut money 
Cur' rent, a. circulatOT)', common 
Cur' rent, n. a stream, coui-se, gi*cat crowd 
Cur'reiitly, ad. gonersilly, w ithout opposition 
Cui-'renliK-ss, n. circulation, fluency 
Cur'ricle, «. a chaise of two wheels drawn by 

two hoi"ses 
Cui-'rieil, pa. dressed, cleaned, drubbed 
Cm-'ner, n. a dresser of leather ali*ea<ly tanned 
(.-ur'rish, a like a dog, snappish, quarreldRufi 
Cur'rj',r. t to dress leather, nib, flatter 
Ciir'rveonib, n. a comb to dress horses witli 
Curse, 71. a ba<l wish or name, vexation 
Curse, r\ t. to wish evil to, torment, affiict 
Curs'ed, pa. a. under a curs<*, vexatious 
Cui*s'edly, ad. miserably, shamefully 
Curs'tMhiess, 11. a cursed state or quality 
Cur'ship, 71, ci*ossness, illnature, meanness 
(/Ur'fwny, a. hasty, quick, cai'eless, slight 
Oir'sorily, ad. hastily, witliout care 
Cu/soriness, 71. slight attention^ careleasneA 
Cui-flil, V. t. to cut short, shorten, abridge 
Cur'tain, n. a cloth to be spread or contracted, 

by a bed, window. &c. 
Cur'tain, v. t. to inclose witli curtains 
(Jun-'ated, a. curved, bent, crooked 
Curvatioii, n. the act of bending, a bend 
Cun/ature, n. a crookedness, a bend 
Curve, n. any thing bent, crookedness 
Cur'vet, 71. a leap, bound, frolic, prank 
Cunillin'ear, a. composed of crooked lines 
Curv'ity, ?/. crookedness, a bent state 
Cui-'ulc, a. senatorian, magnificent 
(.'Ush'ioii, (u as 00) n. a soft seat for a chair 
(/usp, 71. the bonis of the moon, &c. a point 
CuRp'idated, a. ending in a point, like a spear 
Cus'tard, 71. a food of eggs, milk, &:c. 
Cus'tody, 11. imprisonment, cai*e, security 
Cus'tom, 71. habitual practice, usage, use, way, 

duti(*s on impoits and exports 
Cus'tomable,rt.8ubjcctto duties, (JL. ofJ\fa&^,\ 
('us'tomer, n. owe -wVc^Xixrs^ vck^ ^\\\vs^ 
Ciis'tO'r.i.\\ousc, n. ?L \\wx^ ^Vviv^^viCx^'^^^^^- 


D A C 

Cut, V. cut, pret. cut, pa. to canrc, liew, lop, 

shitpc, ci'08s, divHle, part 
Cut, pu. nroparecl,f(MP use, hewed, topped 
Cut, n. a clfft >vith an edged tool, slice of meat, 

&CC. canal, picture, impression 
Cut^tu'oiis, a. relating to the skin 
Cuticlf.-., n. otiter or thin skin, the scar&kin 
Cntic'ular, a. do deeper tlian the skin 
Cut'iass, n. a broad cutUng Hword 
Cut'ler, 71. one who niakef; or sells knives, &c. 
Cfil^urse, 71. a pickpocket, thief, footpad 
Cut^ter, 71. one who cuts, a sm ift-sailing ressel 
Cut'tiiroat, 71. ft murilerer, assasvi.'i, ruffian 
Cut'thi*oat. a. cruel, inhuiuan, bloody, vile 
Cut'ticg, pa. dividing wiiii a kiiife- severe 
Cut ting, n. a piece cut oif, chop, branch 
Cut'tle, n. a fish, a foulmoutlied fellow 
Cut' water, n. the fore part of a vessel's pi-ow 
Cy"cle, ?i. a circle, round of time, revolution 
Cyclopedia, n. a body or circle of sciences 
Cyg'net, n. a young or little swan 
Cyi'inder, n. a long round body, roller 
Cylin'drical, a. like a cylinder, round 
Cym'bal, 7U a musical insti*ument 
Cym'ing, n. a name of the squash, (Vir.) 
Cyn'ic, n. a snai'ling philosopher, snarler 
Cyn'ic, Cyn'ical, a. satirical, snarling 
Cyt/ically, ad. in a cynical manner 
Cj'i/icalness, n. moroscness, churlishness 
Cy' press, 7i. a tree, an emblem of mournujg 
Cy'prus. n. a very tliin stuff or silky gauze 
Cyst, n. a bag of morbid matter 
Cyst'ie, a. pertaining to a cyst 
Czar, 11. title of th(; Emperor oi Russia 
Czarina, n. title of the bmpi'ess of Russia 
Czar'ish, a. pertaining to the Czar of Russia 



AB, V. t. to hit gently, to moisten 
_ . Dab, 7/. a jrentleblow, flat fish 
ihib'ble, V. to play in water, meddle 
7?a/j7//orj /•/. out- who flHb)4vs ov jneddles 
■a^Zflc'/i/fA'^ /,..'i chk'ken, n wntcr-fov.} 
^^'^ ff. a kind of fish resemblivs a roach 


Dac't} 1, 11. a jioetical foot consisting of OQeloo; 

sy liable and two short ones, a fisli 
Dac'tvlic, a. consisting of dactyls * 
Dad or l)ad'dy, ?/. a term for lather 
Daffodil, n. narcissus, a plant 
Dag, V. i. to daggle, duty, daub, ti'im 
Dagger, n. a kind of short swoi'd 
Dag'gle, V. to trail or be in dirt, dirty 
Dnn)n, n. an idol worshiped in Canaiin 
Daily or Dayly, a. and ad. daj- by day 
Djiintily, ck/. elegantly, dcliciously, nicely 
l>aintiness, n. delicacy, squeamishnesR 
Dainty, a. delicate, curious, sr|ueamish 
IMinty, n. a delicacy, nice thing, titbit 
Daily, n. tiie makii>g of butter and cheese, tliC 

])Iace oi making them 
D^ir^'-maid, n. a maid that attends the dairy 
Daisied, a. full of or adoraed with daisies 
D^isy, n. a small common spring flower 
Dale, n. a mle, space between two hills 
I^aFliance, n. fondness, love, pastime 
Dal'lier, n. one who dallies, a fondler 
l>aMy, V. to delay, toy, trifle 
Dam, n. mother of brutes, bank to stop water 
Dam, V. t. to stop, confine, obstruct 
Dam'age, n. mischief, huii:, loss, injury 
Dam'age, v. t. to injure, hurt, iiiai*, impair 
Dam'ageable, a. that mny be hiu't 
Dam'aged, pa. injure d, hurt, impaired 
Dam'ask, n. silk, &c. woven into flowers 
Dam'ask, v. t. to weave into flowei-s 
Dame, n. a lady, a woman in genend 
1 'amn, v. t. to condemn, hiss doM n 
Dam'nable, a. destructive, most wicked 
Dam'nableuess, ii. a damnable st«te 
Dani'nably, ot/. destiiictively, wiik<*dly 
Damnation, 7i. punishment of the diimncd 
Dam'natory, a. tending to condenm 
Dani'ncd, pa. cui-snd, doomed, exploded 
Dam'nity, r. t. X') Injure, damage, impiiir 
Dan^p, a. moist, wot, foggy 
Damp, n. a moistui*e, fog^ dejection 
Pamp, V. t. to wet, cast dOMii, dispirit 
i^amp'er, n. a \'j\no, '\\\ ^ Cuvw^ce to slop or lc« 

sen t\vc c\Ma\\\lvVy oK v\v« v\.^w\\v\.t^ 

, .^y u. ntber damp, inoiit, wcltith 
mf/itluiea, Dftmp'ncss, n, inoistness 
mp^ n. the popular name foi* diudly vapors 
D pitiy V«Ufl, «o. 

mi/y, a. lorrowful, cast down, gloomy 
m'sel, n. a young maiden or mrl, a lass 
m'aoo* Dvn'aaccDe, n. a sinaH black plumb 
nee, v. to move by music, wait upou 
nee, n. a mnaoal modoii, puimiit 
n'eer, n. one who dances 
n'nng, n. a motion erf* the fi.>ct to music 
ndeuoD, n. the name of a plant or herb 
n'dle, V. t. to fondle, shake gently 
n'dlery n. one who dandles, a fondlcr 
tn'deror Dan'druft*,n. scurf on the head 
iaewort, n. a kind of plant, dMaif-clder 
lu'gery n, risk, hazard, peril 
a/gertese, a. fi-ee frrnn dtuiger^ safe 
Bi'geroua, a. foil of danger, hazardous 
u/gerously, ad. in danger, uusafely 
u'ecrousncss, n. danger, hazard, peril 
an'ne, v, i. to loose, to follow 
nrler, n. one who hangs about women 
ink, a. damp, moist, wet ; n. moisture 
vdc'idi, a. somewhat damp or moist 
nkfidioeas, n. a trifling moisture 
/per, a. little and active, neat 
)'ple, a, of various colors, spotted 
tf V. dared, durst, pret. dared, pa, to defy, 
ftllenge, have courage 
t^ a. bold, adventurous, fearless 
tgly, ad. boldly, courageously, pertly 
gnev, n. boldness, impudence 
n. daritness, obscurity, perplexity 
a. void of lidit, blind, obscure 
», v. to mi&c or grow dark, perplex 
h^ a. rather dark, dusky, obscure 
(^ a. being in tlie dark 
.ad in the dark, blindly, obscurely 
SB, n. want of light, obscurity 
ne, a. wanting light, gloomy 
n. a fiivorite, a uelight 
t. to mem] hcies or rents 
. a eammtm Beld-weed, eolium 
capon to be throw/1 hv the hand 


D E A 

Dart, V. to pass as a durt, tu thraw quick 
Dai't'ingj/'ci. throwing, shooting 
Dash, V. t. U> strike i^ittst, blot out, mix 
Dusli, 71. a stix>ke, mixtui-e, this mark ( — ) 
Das'tai'd, 71. a cowani, a i)Oltroou 
Das'tardly, a. cowaitll} , timorous, mean 
Date, 7*. i. to note the precise time 
Date, n. a time, fruit of tite palm tree 
Dated, ]>a. mariced witlithe true time 
Dateless, a. having no date mentioned 
D^tive,a. the tliircl of tlie six cases in mmmar, 

used in actions of giving and restoring 
Daub, V. t. to smear, trim gaudily 
Daub'er, 71. a coarse low painter 
Daub'ry, n. coarse painting, flattery 
DaubV, a. sticky, glutinous, ropy, tough 
Daug/r ter, n. a feinalc child, descendant 
Daunt, V. t. to dist'ourage, dispirit 
Daunt'ed, pa. dispirited, frightened 
Dauiit'less, a, feai'less, not dejected, bold 
Diiw, //. the name of a bird, the JHckdaw 
Daun, V. i. to gi'ow light, ajipear 
Dawn, 71. tlie first rise, break of day 
Day, n. time from sunrise to its setting, (hv 

space of tweuty>four hours 
Daybrtfak, 71. the first appearance of day 
Da^ laborer, 71. one who works by the da> 
Daylight, n. the light of the sun 
Dayspring, 11. the begiimuig of day 
Diiystar, n. the morning star, Venus 
Daytime, n. the time wiiilst Uie day lasts 
Day work, n. work done by the <lay only 
Daz'zle, v. t. to overpower with light 
Deacon, 71. a church-officer, an ovei-seer 
Deaconess, 71. a female deacon, attendant 
Deaconiy, n. the office of a deacon, 
Dead, a. deprived of life, dull, tasteless 
Dead, n. stillness, quietness, silence, gloom 
Dcud't^n, r. t. to weaken, to make tasteless 
I>ea<l'lift, n. a hopeless distivss, extremity 
Defld'light, n. a wooden poil to secure acahav 

window, fonw o? «i V\v\Aw*j 
Deadly, a. (\e?.trv\ci\\i.s tivv\\\.':^> ^"c^^ 

/Dead'ly, ad. moi:li\\\N,\YYt^^^'^^'5^ 




D(*af, a. wanting; the Bcnse of hearing 
Deafen, V. t. to make tleaf, confound 
Deafish, a. somewhat deaf, dull of heaiing 
Deafly, (ul. ohscurely to the ear, flatly 
Deafness, n. the want of heanng, dullness 
Deal, n. a quantity, part, boards or plank 
Deal, V. dealt, pret. dealt, pa, to distribute, 
give, divide, trade, treat 

. Dealer, n. one who deals, one who trades 
Dealing, n, practice, business, treatment 
Dean, n. the second dignitary in the church 
Deanr^, 71. the office or house of a dean 
Dear, a. beloved, costly, high, scarce, sad 
Dear, n. a jierson beloved 
Derj4>ought, a. purchased at a high price 
Ddarly, ad. with fondness, at a high price 
Dearness, n. fondness, a high price, cost 
Dearth, n. a gi'«at scarcity, barrenness 
Dertth, n. an extinction of life, moilality 
Det/th'bed, n. the bed of a dj-ing person 
Death'less, a. never dying, imraortal 
Def/th'like, a. reseinbiin? <leath, still 
Debar', r. t. to excbi'lc, binder, deprive 
Debark', v. to laud, to strip of bark 
Diibase, v. t. to li.ssen, degnide* adulterate 
DobsiijJMnent, n. the act of debasing 
Dob:is'vr, n. o-je wIm) debases, or pollutes 
Df bauble, a. dispuuible, uncertain 
Deb.ite, v. t. to connider, argu-j, dispute 
Dcli'ite, Dobatement, 71. a dispute, contest 
Deb ited, pa. ar^ed, (Usputed, delibei'ated 
Dt'b.'uicli', 7/.. a drunken bout, lewdness 
Debauch', r. to seduce, connipt, rake 
Dcbaucb'er, n. a man wlio debauches 
Dc]»auchec, n. adninSLPnl, a rake 
Debauch '< ry, n. Ie\v/lncs8,intem]>erance [debt 
^ebeM'tiii"?, n. a writing whidi is (evidence of a 
Debiritatc, r. i. to wciiken, enfeeble 
f)ebibtUion, w. a weakening, weakness 
Debirity, n. weakness, feebleness, faintness 
Deb'il, n. the debtor side of books 
.f^eb^/t, T'. /. tochai'ge with debt 

jr^<-'bon.ijj; a. elegant, wcIUhred, «iy 

'i^/^'^'' "^"^'^ mother's Just (hu/ 
^-^tcc^ ./. oacto .rhom a dcbtis due 


Debtor, 71. OIK! who is in dc^bt 
Dcx'ade, «. tlie sum or niunber erf ten 
Dec'fdeuce, 7i. state of decay, decline 
Dee'agon, n. a Bgure having ten equal udes 
Dec'alogf*^, u. tlie ten commandmeDts 
Decamp', r. to shift a camp, to run off 
Decamp'iuent, ii. the act (k* deoampiug 
Decan'gular, a. hai^ng ten angles 
Decant:, v. t. to pour off or out, to tilt 
Decanta'tion, n. the act of decanting 
Decant'er, n. a glass vessel for liquors 
Decai/itatc, v. to behead, lop clftlie top 
Decapitation, n. the act of beiieiuling 
Decay, 7z. a felling away oroflj decline 
DecJiy, v. to decline, witlier, i-ot, fail 
Decease, n. a departui*e from life, desth 
Decease, v. i. to departfrom life, to die 
Deceased, pa. departed from life, dead 
D<icedent, n. one dead, (N. J. k Penn.) 
Deceit, n. treachery, cheat, artiflce 
Deceitful, a. full of deceit, treacherous 
Deceitfully, ad. in a deceitful manner 
Deceitful ness, n. tei»dency to deceive, deceit 
Deceivalile, a. timt may be deceived 
Dcceivableneiw, 7i. a being dttceivable 
Deceive, v. i. to mislead, impose on 
I)ecoive<l,/ja. mistaken, impostnl on 
Deceiver, n. one who deceives, a cheat 
Deccm'ber, n. the last month in the year 
De"cemvir, 7i. one of the lioman coimcil of tei 
Decern' virate, n. a government by ten 
Decency, ?i. fltness, projiriety, motles^ 
De"oennarj-, n. a tei*m of ten years 
Di'cen'nial, a. of or lasting ten years 
Decent, a. becoming, fit, suitable, pi-oper 
Decentlv, ad. in a fit or proper manner 
D(*cept'ible, a. that may be decseived 
DeceptibiVity, 7i. Ifableness to be deceived 
Deccp'tlon, ». a deceiving, deceit, cheat 
Dece])'tiou8, a. deceitful', treacherous 
Decep'tive, a. able to deceive, deeeitfuly W* 
Dcct^l/tion, ?i. the act of rending off 
Decide, T. t. to ^vAv*T\xv\v\e, finish, eonelnde 
[Dec ided\v , ad. itowkVARXj, ysMfun^^ ,twSs^ 



lumbcTed by tons ; n. a tenth 
d. by means of decimals or tens 
/. to take the tenth, to tithe 
. the acl of taking the tenth 
. to unfold, anravel, explain 
. one who explains cliaracters 
determination of a question, 
or iirmnessin deciding 
ttliug a matter, determining 
'. conclusively, positively, fiilly 
1. a decisive state or quality 
ending to decide, final 
Iress, adorn, trim, set ofT 
oor of a ship, a pile of cards 
■erson who dresses or adorns 
to harangue, speak, inveigh 
a man who declaims 
1. a n(Msy harangue, speech 
a. belonging to declamation 
capable of declaration or proof 
. an nflirmaticHi, publication 
. explanatory, proclaimuig 
ad. by waj of declaration 
I. affirmative, expressive 
sa}-, affirm, tell, publish 
a vanatiou of noons, corruption 
ftcay, decline, diminution 
tliat mav be declined 
jendmg towards the earth 
a bonding, declension, decay 
ail instrument used in dialing 
decay, shun, vary wwrds 
ecay, tendency to worse 
. tending to shun, avoiding 
nclination downwards, slope 
esMJcnding or slo])ing gently 
r> boil, seoth, digest 
a pi-epfii-ation by boiling 
the act of beheading 
. t. to scpai-ate parts combined 
[chemically combine<l 
n, 7r. a separation of pai-ts 
7f. t. iocojnjjouiidR second time 
'7- cornjunuidtd B^n'm 
o adoin, cmhtAVMi, /icautifr 



Decoration, n, ornament, embellishment 
Dec'orous, a. decent, becoming, suitable 
Decor'ticate, v. t. to strip offbark 
Decortication, n. a stripping ofif bark 
Decdrum, ii. decency, order, good grace 
Decoy', v. t. to allure, mislead, insnare 
Decoy^, n. a place oi- lure to catch fowl 
Decrease, t;. to grow or make less, lessen 
Decrease, fl. a growing less, decay 
Decreased, pa, lesscnod, diminished, impaired 
Decred, v, t. to appoint, order, sentence 
Decree, n. an edict, law, deterroinatioh 
Dec'rement, -n. decrease, diminution 
Decrep'it, «. wasted and worn away by age 
Decrep'itate, t?. to crackle, as salt over fire 
Decrep'itness, Dccrcp'itude, ?{. weakness 
Decres'cent, a. growing less, decreasing 
Decretal, a. of, or containing a decree 
Decretal, n. a book of decress, a pqpe's letter 
Dec'rctory, a. judicial, definitive, final 
Decry', ■». t. to cry down, lessen, censure 
Dt»cum'bence, n. the act of lying down 
Decum'bcnt, a. lyi»ig down, lying low 
Decum'biturc,n. a taking to the bed in ackness 
Decuple, o. tenibld, ivpeated ten times 
Dcciirion, n. a commander of ten men 
Decur'sion, «. tiuj act of running down 
Decurtation, n. tlie act of shortening 
T)e<l'icate, x, t. to consecrate, utscribe 
l^ed'icated, jto. conseci'ated, inscribed 
Dedication, n. the act of dedicating 
Ded'icator, n. one who dedicates 
Ded'icatorj"", a. comyjosing a dedication 
Dcdi^'tion, n. act of yielding, surrender 
Deduce, v. t. to pr«>ther, infer, draw 
Dcdi'icement, w. a thing deduced, inference 
Dcducible, a. that nipy be inferred 
Deduct', V. f. to subtract, take away 
Deiiuc'tion, 7i. an abatement, inference 
Deduct'ive, a. that may be deduced 
Deduct'iYely, od. by infei*ence 
Deed, ?i. 'au •AvUl^\\ie\\^c^^-^^^v>R^^^^'asi^^'«"c*^^ 

in^ to covwt^- \wo\>^aAn 
Deed, r. t.\o v^NViW Vc^w^^wc'^n ^^^^ 


D E F 

Deep, a. far to tlie bottom, profound 
Deep, n. tlie sed, a solemn or still part, floptli 
Deeply, ad, in a high degree, sorrowfully 
Deepen, v. t. to midwe deep or sad, darken 
D^cpmouthcd, n. making a hoarse voice 
Deepmusing, a. lost in thought, pensive, sad 
Deepness, n. a dce]^ state or quality, depth 
Deer, n. a forest-animal hunted for venison 
Deface, v. t. to disfigui'e, desti-o^, erase 
Defacement, n. a dimguring, vuAation 
Defdcer, n. a disfigurer, destroyer, aholisher 
Defalcate, v. t, to lop off, prune, abridge 
Defalcation, n. a cutting on, a diminuti<Hi 
Defamation, n. slander, reproach, censure 
Defam'atory, a, slanderous, scandalizing 
Defdme, v. t. to publish falsehood respecting 

another to his injury 
Defamer, n. one who defames or slandera 
Default', a. an omission, non •appearance of a 

defendant in court, when called, defect 
Default', V. t. to call a defendant in court and 

declare him in default fen* non-appearance; 
Default'er, n. one who fails in payment 
Defeasance, n. the act of annulling, a defeat 
Def(*asible, a. that may be annulled 
Defeat, r. t. to overtlirow, rout, disappoint 
Defeat, n. an overthrow, destruction 
Defeated, />a. overthrown, disappointed 
DePccate, v. t. to cleanse, clear, purify 
Def^ecate or Defecated, pa. purged from lees 
Defecation, n. the act of cleansing 
Defecf , n. an error, blemish, want 
Defiec'tion, n, a falling off or away, revolt 
Defect'ive, a. deficient, imperfect, blameable 
Defect'iveness, n. imperfection, faultincss 
Defend', r. to guard, protect, vindicate 
Dcfend'ant, n. one who defends in law 
Defend'er, n. a champion, protector 
Defense', n. a guard, i*esistance, vindication 
Defcnse'less, a. unguarded, uuanncd 
Defens'iblc, a. that may be defended 
Dcffws'J^e, «.j>roj)er for defense, defending 
/f!r5'^'^'^''' ^' ^«»^^w^rr/, state of defense 

^cffcr,,,. f-es^rrf, respect, submission 

D E G 

Dcfercn'tial, a. expressing deference 
Defi'ance, n. a challenge, a resistance 
Defi"ciency, 7i. a defect, imperfection 
l)efi"cient, a. defective, wanting, failing 
Defi'er or Defy'er, n. one who challenges 
Defi'le, n. a narrow passage, a narrow lane 
Defi'le, v. t. to pollute, corrupt, file off 
Defi'led, pa. polluted, corrupted, ravished 
Defi'lement, n. pollution, corruption 
Dcfi'ler, n. one who defiles, a corrupter 
Defi'nable, a. tliat may be asccrtamed 
Defi'nc, V. to explain, limit, mark out 
Defi'ncr, n. one who defines or describes 
Definite, more con^ectiy Dcfinit, a. certiiD>. 

limited, bounded, precise 
Definitely, ad. in a definite manner, cleariy 
Def initeness,n. precision 
Defini"tion, n. a full description in wordB 
Defin'itive, a. determinate, express 
Defin'itively, ad. expressly, decisively 
Defif^*abil'it} , n. an aptness to bum 
Deflagrable, a. consuming by fire 
Deflagrate, v. t. to bum, to consume 
Defli^^tion, n. a consuming by fire 
Deflect', V. i. to turn aside, to deviate 
Deflec'tion, n. a turning aside, a deviation 
Deflorsition, n. a selection of the best, rape 
Deflour', v. t. to ravish, take away beauty 
Deflux'ion, n. a falling down of humors 
Defdrce. v. t. to withhold by force 
Deform , v. t. to disfigure, mar, di^race 
Deform', Deform'ed, a. disfigured, ugly 
Deform'i^, n. ugliness, croockedness 
Defi-aud', •». t. to injure by withlioldiog or de- 
priving of right, to cheat 
Defraud^, pa. cheated, deceived, deprived 
Defraud'er, n. one who defrauds or cheats 
Defray, v. t. to bear charges, to pay 
Defrayer, n. one who defrays or expends 
Defunct', a. deceased ; n. a person dead 
Defy', t). t. to challenge, dare, outbrave i 
Degar'nish, v. t. to strip of furniture 
Dega)/m«hm.eut, iu stripping of furniture 

IDegeu' cracv , u. Cne5»x\}QKSi.Vc«nv ^\\^5M4. 


V. decay in virtue or kind 
leas, 71. a degencmte state 
V. to un^hie, undo, loosen 
71. the act of sM'aIlowin<!; [office 
n. dcgfeuci-acy, removal from 
to lessen, place lower, dIsgi*aco 
quality, class, station, proportion, 
part of a circle 
n. advice to the contrary 
to cnst down, grieve, afflict 
ad. in a dejected manner, heavily 
8, n. lowness of spirits 
. melancholy, lowncss 
:. themakinj^ of a god 
make a god, i)raise much 
;) 7Ki. to \ouchsafe, condescend 
Icnial of revelation 
nfidcl, a disbeliever 
bclon^ng or tending to deism 
ivinity, (uid, the nature of God 
, falling or bearing doM'n, fallen 
:lefer, put ofT, detain 
lefeiTing, stop, stay, hinderance 
»ne who delays, or hinders 
out, efface, obliUTatc 
a. pleasing, delightful, charming; 
eul. pleasingly, delightfully 
/. lo bend away, depute 
a deputy, trustee 
m. a])pointfd, <lepute<l 
1. a seiu ling nwa}', commission 
a. deailly, desti'uctive 
a blotting out, difbtmction 
w.a mine, fine eaittien ware 
V. t. to debate, think, muse 
a. cii*cumspect, war}*, advised 
, ad. circumspectly, advisedly 
, n. tlie act of deliberating 
?8S, 72. circumspection, thought 
;, a. pertainir.g to deliberation 
daintiness, Koflness, pdlitencss 
dainty, nice, soft, polite 
ad. choicely, daintily, politely 
, n. tenderness, effeminacy . 

sv'crt, ith'Hhuni, very nice j 

I) K M 


Deli'Viously, ad sweetly, delightfully 
Dcli^ciousness, n. great sweetness, delight 
Delight, 71. joy, great pleasui-e, content 
Delight, T'.to give gi-eat pleasure 
DeUglitful, a. very pleasing, chamiingj 
Delfghtudly, ad. with delight, charmingly 
])elfghtfulties8, 72. pleasantness, delight 
DeHglitlrfiss, n. tiifoHling no delight 
Dcifghtsonie, a. pleasant, plea^ng, delightful^ 
Delin'eate, v. t. to drjiw, describe, sketch 
Delineation, n. tlie outlines of a pictui*e 
Delin'quency, 7i. a fault, failure in duty t 
Delin'qucnt, 7i. an offender, defaulter 
Del'iquate, v. t. to melt, dissolve, clarify 
Deliquesce', v. i. to dissolve or soften in air 
Deliciues'cent, a. growing fluid in air 
Delii-'ious, a. lightlLeaded, raving, mad 
Delii'^iiim, 7i. an alienation of the mind 
Deliv'er, v. t. to give, offer, free, relate 
Deliverable, a. uiat may be delivered 
Deli\''erance, 7i. freedom, rescue, uttei-ancc 
Deliverer, ti. a preserver, savior, relater 
DeVn^cry, 7i. a release, utterance, childbiiih, 

Dell, 72. a valley, pit, hollow 
Dt^lph'ic, Delph'ian, a. relating to Delphi iu 

Greece and the oracle of that place 
Delu<lable, a. that may be deceived 
Delude, i'. t. to deceive, gull, disapi>oint 
Deluder, 7i. a beguiler, deceiver, impostor 
Delve, V. i. to dig, ojk'u, sift, fatliom, examine. 
Dcliisive, DeKisoiy, a. tenduig to deceive 
Delusion, 77.. cheat, guile, deception 
Deruge,t'. t. to drown, ovei*Mhelmn, overpni 
Del'uge, 7Z. a gi'cat overflow of -w ater 
Dem'agogw^-% 72. ringleader of a faction 
DemAin, 72. estate in the hands of Uic lord, or 

adjoining to the mansion 
Demand', 72. a clrim, ir.quiiy 
Demand', v. t. to claim, ask for with authorit} 
Demand'able, a. that maybe demanded 
Demand'ant, n. the plaintiff iu w\ «&Vki^ 
Demand' er, n. oive v:\vci ^viMi'axv^'a. ^^^Ywccv^ 


D E N 

Demean, Demeanor, ii. carriage, btlia\ior 
Demei/it, n. an ill-dtserving, crime, guilt 
Demcrs'ed, a. drowiicd, plunged, sunk 
Dcmer'sion, n. the act of plunging 
Dem'i,a.half ; n. a half fellow at Oxford 
Demi'brigade, n. a half brigade 
Deni'igod, «. half a go<l, a great hero 
Dem'irep, ii. a woman of 8us|)icious diaractcr 
DtimfsabU;, a. that may be heqiieathed 
Demise, «. death, decease, will, lease 
Demfse, v. t. to bequeatli at one's death 
Democ'racy, n. a form of government in 

wliich the sovereign power is exercised by 

the people 
Dem'ocrat, n. an adherent (o democracy 
Dcmoci'at'ical, a. belonging to democracy 
Demolish, v. t. to destroy, overthrow 
Demolish'er, n. one who tlemolishes 
Dcmoli"tion, n. the act of demolishing, ruin 
Ddmon, n. an evil spirit or angel, a spirit 
Dem6niac, n. one possessed with a demon 
Demon'ical, Demonian, a. devilish, infernal 
Demonol'ogy, n. a treatise on demons 
Demon'strable, a. admitting of ceilain proof 
Demon'strably, ad. certainly, plainly 
Dem'onsti'ateJ r. t.. to prove' with ci*rtainty 
Dera'onstrated, pa. proved beyond dispute 
Demonstration, 7/. indubitable or real proof 
Demon'strative, a. conclusive, certain 
Demons'tratively, ad. certainly, chrarly 
Dem'onstrator, n. one who demonstrates 
Demor'alize, v. t. to corrupt, undermine or 

destroy moral principles 
Demoralization, n. destruction of morality 
Demul'cent, a. softening, easing, iissuaging 
Denau'', v. to doubt, hesitate, dtliiy 
Demur', n. a doubt, hesitation, delay 
Demure, every grave, aflTerte^lly modest 
Ilemurcly, ad. gravely, modestly, formally 
Demi'irencss, n. gi-avity, affected modesty 
Den»ni''r«gt', n. expense for delaying a ship 
Demui'^rer, n. a stop in a lawsmt 
^my, JO, pnpcr of a certain size 
^^^^5' 'l^^^f'^I' cava for hamU, valley 


^. rc/^itinn. to (on, confuinin^ ton 

D E 1* 

Driu'uble, a. that may be denied 
Denial, n. a denying, refusal, I'ebuflf 
Denfer, n. one m ho denies 
Denier, n. a small French coin 1'12 of ascti 
l)tMiiz;ition, n. tlie act ot* making free 
Den'izen, ii. a citizen, a fi*eeman 
Denom'inate, r. t. to name, give name to 
Denonilnation, n. a name, a title 
l)etiom'inative,a. confemng a name 
i)enoni'ir»ator, n. tlie giver of a name 
Denotation, n. the act of mai-king 
Den6te, ^t. t. to mark, show, point out 
Denounce', v. t. to threaten, to declare 
Denoimce'ment, n. declaration of a threat 
Denoun'ccr, n. one who tlireatens 
Denst:, a, close, compact, almost solid 
Dense'ness, Dens'ity, n. closeness, thickness'. 
Dent, V. t. to indent, mark with notches 
Dent'al, a. belong^ig to the tcetli 
Den'ticle, n. a point like a small tooth 
Dentic'ulate, Dent'ate, a. set with teeth 
Denti"tion, n. the breeding of teeth 
Dent^ifrice, n. a powder for cleaning teeth 
Den'udate, Denude, v. t. to make naked 
DenudJition, «. the act of stripping 
Denunciiition, 7i. a threat or declaraUon 
Denunciator, n. one who threatens 
Deny', v. t. to disown, refuse, contradict 
Depart', v. to go away, leave, desist, die 
Depart', Depart'ure, ?i. a going off,, dcatli 
Depait'ment, n. a separate office, province 
Depend', v. t. to hang irorn, rely on, trust 
Depend'encc^, n. connection, reliance 
Depend'ant, n. one M'ho relics on auotlicr fw 

support or favor 
Depcnd'ent, a. hanging, relying on 
Depict', Depicture, v. t. to i)aint, describe 
Depict'ed, pa. painted, described, told, rfiown 
Depil'atoiy, n. means used to take away hldr 
Depletion, n. the act of emptying out 
Deplorable, a. lamentable, miserable 
DeplOrableness, n. a deplorable state 
Deplorably, ad^ miserablv, lamentably 
Dep\6YC, "u. t. \j» Va\wv.'\\V,W'«.'*.11^ bemoan 

D £ R 

lisplajas a coltunn of troops 
aymg down, noting verbs 
ne who gives written testimony 

t. to lay waste, dis-people 
I, a dis-pcopling, destraction 
;. a destroyer of mankind 
tmcnt, 71. conduct, behavior 
. transportation, banishment 
witness, attest, degrade 
itested, laid down, degraded 
one who has in trust 
o trust with, to cast down 
ledge, pawn, wager 
an affidavit, or attested written 
e act of degradmg from office, 
the bottom 

place where things are lodged 
. depravity, degeneracy 
to coiTui)^ vitiate, taint, spoil 
Deprav'ity, n. corruption, a 

16 who depraves or corrupts 
". to pray earnestly or against 
a prayer against evil 
I. servm^to deprecate 
I, to lessen, under\-alue 
. a lessening in value 
to ixib, plunder, spoil, waste 
. a robbing, a spoiling, waste 
humble, deject, cast down 
. dejection, humiliation 
able to cast down 
the acj: of depriving, loss 
take from, debar 
less, a deep place, heighth 
putting away, removing 
tire, V. t. to cleanse, purify 
a cleansing or purifymg 
the act of deputing, persons 

send, appoint, empower 
appointed to act for another 
t. to root or tear up 
put out of order, emtonisi 

D E S 89 

Dei'anp;e^ment, «. state of disorder 
Der'elict, a. abandoned n. thing abandoned 
Dcrelic'tion, n. an utter forsaking or leaving 
Deride, v. t. to laugh at, lidicule, mock 
Derider, n. a laugher, mocker, scoffer 
Deri"sion, n. a laughing in contempt 
Derisive, Derisory, a. ridiculing, mocking 
Derivable, a. coming by deiivation, arising 
Derivation, n. a tracing from aomc original 
Deriv'ative, n. deduced from another 
Dcriv'ative, n. a word derived from another 
Derive, V. to trace, deduce, descend from 
Derivetl,/»a. drawn, deduced, spread abroad 
Der'nier, a. the last, tlie only one left 
Dei'^ogate, v. to detract, lessen, take from 
DcrogJition, «. a disparagement, injury 
Derogative, Derog'atory, a. degi-ading 
Der'viR, or Dervise, n. a Turkish priest 
i)e8^*^nt, 71. a song, tune, air, disputation 
Descant', v. i. to sing, discourse, enlai*gc 
Descend', v. i. to come down, sink 
Desccnd'ablc, a. that may or can descend 
Descend'ant, ?£. the offspring of an ancestor 
Descend'ant, a. proceed ingfrom anothor 
Descen'sion, n. a descent, a declension 
Descent', n. a slope, invasion, birth 
Describe, t). /.to represent by words or figm^es. 
l^jscribable, a. tliat may be described 
Describer, n. one who describes 
Dcscrier, n. a person who discovers 
Descrip'tion, n. tlic act of describing 
Descrip'tive, a. containing description 
Descry', v. t. to spy out, to discover 
Desert', n. merit, worth, a reward 
Desert', v. to {bi*sake, leave, quit, run off 
Des'ert, n. a wilderness, waste countiy 
Des'ert, a. wild, solitary, waste, imtilfed 
Desert'er, n. one wlio forsakes 
Desei^tion, n. the act of deserting 
Deserve', v. t. to be wortliy, to merit 
Desenr'edly, ad. worthily, properly 
DeserVer, n. one deserving of reward 
Deser/ing, pa. "wot^'^ Qil^"^«^ • . 
Desic'catc, V. t. to ^tv xx^, \a ^Ts&fifc i®»««J«s^ 
Desiccation, n. ai^ui^oic tas^^^ ^"^ 


D E S 


I>»8ic'ealivp, a. t'-iidin^^ to diy, i\v) inj? 
Desideratum, ii. somcthiir^ v/jihIlmI 
Dcsi^ni, r. /. to puqiosc, iiiuncl, plan 
Dos(^n, 71. a imri>os<*, iiit«-i:li<m, scli«/iiic 
J)ef='..^ahie, a. capiiblc of iKjingtlobi^iittl 
Desijjnntc, 7: t, to i)oint ont, mark, appoint 
Designation, 7i. an apptHntment, intention 
Desi§'necUy, lul. piirposel} , intetitionally 
Dc8(§Tier, 71. a rx)nti*iver, iVaniei', diiiwor 
Desi^iinjj, />a. intending, deceitful, aHful 
Depigment, n. a selienjo, intention, ob. 
Desip'ieiit, a. trifling, foolish, playful 
Desirable, a. worthy of (hrsii-c, pfea&in»< 
Desire, n. a ])A8sion excited Ijv love, or love 

excited into action, a wish to obtain 
Desire, v. t. to wish, lonj; for, ask, i;ntreut 
Desii'er, n. a pci-son who is eager ul'ler 
Desirous, a. full of desire, longing afUM* 
Desist', r. t. to cease, give over or u]>, stop 
Desist'ance, ti. the act of desisting or ceusing 
Desk, n. an inclined table, a pulpit 
Dt»s'olate, v. lay or inakt- waste 
Des'olate, a. laid waste, iiiiinhaliiled 
Des'olateness, n. a desolate state or condluou 
Desolsition, n. destruction, gloominess 
Despair, n. exti*eme gi'ief without hope, a des- 
titution of hope or expectation 
De&;wir, v. i. to be witliout hope of relief 
Despriirer, n. one who drspaii*s 
Despairful, a. hoptdess, lost, desppi-ale 
Desjwiringly, ad. in a despairing way 
Despatc-1/, v. t. to send away, execuu? 
Despatch', iu haste, speed, a ir.essagc 
Despec'tion, ;/. the act of looking down 


Deapoitition, n. hopelessiM.'ss, despair, fiiry 
Des picable, a. contemptible, worthless 

Des'picableness,7i. meanness, vilencss, baseness 
Des'picjibly, ad. meanly, soi'didly 
De8/)isa}>le^ a. desj>icable, contemptible 
J^sp/ge, r. /. to scorn, di'daia, slight, overlook 
J^sp/scr, //. one who despises ov slights 

D E T 

I l>«-sptu*, 7^ malice, defiance, eantempl 
{ iK'Spiteful, a. malicious, full of spleeu 
Despiti^iidly, ad. maliciously, malignantly 
Dcspitefulness, n. malice, malif^nity 
Despoil', V. t. to spoil, rob, plunder, strip 
De8ix>il'ed,/>rt. i-obbed, deprived, bereft 
Despond', v. i. to des|)air, lose liopp, &int 
Despond'enc}-, n. despair, hopeleaoness 
Despoiid'cnt, a. despairing, hopeless 
Despond'ingly, ad. m ahopeleas manner 
Des'[K)t, 71. an absolute prince, a tj^mnt 
l>espot'ic, n. absolute, ai-bitrar}-, unlimited 
Desixit'ically, ml. absolutely, arbitrarily 
Des'p()lism,n. absolute power, tyranny 
Despum:ition, n. a foaming, frc^iinefs 
Des'juamdtion, 72. the act of scaling off 
Dcsscil', ;:. the last course at a feast 
Deiitination, ii. a pnqK)sc, intended dcs'^ 
DcsTme, v. t. to doom, devote, appoint 
Des'liny, n. doom, an unalterable state . 
Des'titute, a. Ibwaken, in want 
Destitution, n. a foi's«ken state, poverty 
Destroy', v. t. to lay Witste, put an end to 
Destixjj-'er, n. a pei*sou who destroys 
DcstiMic'tible, a. that may be destroyed 
Destnic'lion, 72. ru hi, havoc, death eternal 
Destnic'tivc, a. tliatdestroj-s, ruinous 
l>'.stnic'tively, ad. ruinously, niisQhievoMly 
Destnic'tivcness, n. a desti'tictive quali^ 
Desudiition, n. an immoderate sweating 
Ditiuetude, 72. the discontinuance of a custoB 
DesL'.rtorily, ad. m a desultoiT manner 
Desid'toriness, 72. luiconnectedncss 
|.><*surtory, a. unsettled, unconnected 
Detach', v. t. to separate, send ofTa party 
Detach'ed, pa. separated, drawn or sent off 
Detach'meut, n. a party sent off 
Detail, n. a minute relation 
■Dctuil, V. t. to relate particularly 
Dibiin, v. t. to hold in custody, keep bacfc 
Detainer, a. one w ho detains or delays 
Detect', V. t. to discover, find out, lay open 
Detect'er, ti. one who detects or discovers 
Detfic'llou,n. discovery, act of findJBgf ont 

■At of detaining 
mnige, dishearten, stop 
sleaiue, olean, ^M>e off 
iQiin|f, rubbing oft 
ledieine whiob cleanses 
• make or grow worse 
a making or growing worse 
use (^disoouragement 
that may be decided 
leeisivey limited settled 
\d, decisively, resolutely 
a decisioii, resolution 
. deeisiye, conolosiye 
one who determines 
boresolTe, decide, settle 
resolved, fixed^ decided 
act of cleansing 
e to cleanse, able to wipe pff 
;e, dislike greatly, abhor 
bdTnl, odious, abominable 
GUdfidly, abor^inably 
niunation, abhorrence 
irho detests or abfacHrs 
divest of royalty, deposeT 
the act of dethronii^ 
it against one for detaimng 

ixplode, to bum with sudden 
Sundering, a great noise 
*est from the meanine 
ending or turning aside 
len, slander, defiune 
who detracts or slanders 
nder, defamation 
tor tending to detract 
iamatory, scandalous 
female slanderer 
8, damage, weakness 
ausing loss, injurious 
hrust down, to oast 
to shorten by lopping off 
ict of thrustiiig down 
iroc, waste, destractiou 
on cards ot dice 

. D I A ,91 

DevapohitioDy n. a ehangmg from a stiite ftf 

vapor « 

DeveVope, v. /. to unfoldy detect, unravel 
DcveKopementf n. an muoldiii^ disclosure 
Bevetff , V. U to strip, take ol^ tree from 
Deviate, v. t. to wander, go astray, err 
DeviiUiaa, n. a swerving, error, oiEfense, fiodt 
Device, ». a eontrivaoNse, scheme, emblem 
DeVil, ika fidlen angel, a wicked peraon 
Dev'ilish, a. like a devil, very wicked 
Dev^lidily, a^ in a wielEed matmcr 
Devious, a, going astray, erring, lonely 
Devise, n. the act of giving by will 
Devke, V. t. to cootiive, man, bequeath 
Devised, pa, contrived, pv«ii or left b^ vriU 
Devis^,n.oDeto whom a thine is devised 
Devi'ser, Devfeor, n. he who pves by will 
Devoid^, a, void, empty, vacant 
Devoir^, n, serviee, ooty, act of aiviUtr 
Devolve', V. to^l by suoeeasion, roll down 
Devolution, 11. the act of devolvii^, removal 
Dev6te, tf. A. todedicate, vow, give up, dine 
Devdte, a. devoted, given to, eorsed 
Devdtednesa, ft, a devoted state, devotion 
Devotee, n. a bigot, a superstitiaasperson 
Devdtion, n. piety, worwip, seal, disposal 
Devdtiooal, a. pcnrtaining to devotion 
Devoo]<, V. r. to eat ravenously, eonsome 
Devoor^er, n. that which devours ^ 

Devoot\ a. pious, religious, godly, siooere • 
Devoutly, ad, piously, religioosly, godlily 
Devout^ness, n. devotion, seriousness 
Deuteron'omy, n, a second book of the law , 
Dew, n. moisture deponted in the night 
Dew^berry, n. a kind of fruit, a blackberry 
Dew-drop, n. a drop of dew 
Dewlap, n. the flen under anoz'a Afoat 
Dew' worm, n. a genus of worms, arniuhfcd 
Dew'y, a. resemMkig or wet with dew ^ 
Dextcr^ity, n. activx^, expettnets, ai:t 
Dex'teroufl^ a, ready, expcnrt, cmmiog 
Dex'teroindy, ad. aotivtHy, ex|Mrtly, artfoll\- 
Dex'tral, Beiftev^ a.«ia«Mk^^^fwi*VeA 

Dey,n.the\i\te *"^" ^"^ 

T Diabetes, n. w 


n *" 






. . H 



Diabol'ic, Diaborical, <7. devilish, Aviekutl 
Diaborically, ari. in a (liabolieal maimer 
Diacritical, a. semngto discnminatc 
• Dfadcm, n. a crown, mark, of royalty 
Diademed, a. adorocd with a diadem 
DiagQOs'tic, a. disUnguisliing, cliaracterifttic 
Diag'onal, n. a line fi'om angle to angle 
Diag'onal, a. di'awn from angle to angle 
Diag^onally, ad. in a di£^;onal direction 
Diagram, n. a mathematical scheme, plan 
Dial, n, a plate to show the hour 
Dialect, n. spe.cch, particular speech 
Dialect'icat, a. lexical, outing a dialect 
Dialii^, n. the act or science of making dials 
Dialist, 7t. one skilled in dialing [more 

Dialogr/^, ii. a conversation between two or 
DisHogite, V. f • to discourse U^ether 
Diam eter, n. a line of a circle or other figure, 

dividing it into two equal parts 
Diam'etru, a. pertainin^^ to a diameter 
Diamet'rical, a. describing or like a diameter 
Diamet'rically, ad. directly, over against 
Diamond, n. a most valuable ^em, a letter 
Diapason, n. an octave in music, concord 
Diaper, n. flow\2red linen, a napkin 
Diaper, v. t. to variegate, draw flowers 
Diaphragm or Diaplu*am, n. the midriff 
Diarist, n. one who keeps a diary 
Diarrhea, n. a flux of the belly, looseness 
Dianiiet'ie, a. purgative, purging, opening 
Diary, n. a daily account, a journal 
Dib'ble, n. a tool, gardner's planting tool 
Dice, n. plural o/*die, which see 
Dicebox, n. a box to throw dice from 
Diok'er, n. the number of ten hides 
Dic'tate, v. t. to tell, to direct 
Dic'tate, n. a rule, maxim, hint, suggestion 
Dictator, n. an absolute magistrate 
Dictatdrial, n. authoritative, do^alical 
IXctitorship, n. the office of a dictator 
Dic'tion, n. style, language, expression 
Dic'tionary, n. a book of words explained iti 
a)phahet}ca] order 

mdMc^tic, a. preceptive, gifiog iii^tractimi 

D I ( 

Didau'lIcalK, ad. in adidact 
Dif, V. to lose life, expire (j 

or, se(? di/e) 

Di(!, 11. a small cube to play 

in coinage, color, hue, mh 

Dier, 71. one who colors, &c 

Diet, n. food, an assembly ol 

Diet, V. to supply with foo<i 

Dictdrink, n. a drink made 

Differ, t'. i. to be unlike, vj 

Dif'firrence, n. uiilikeness, < 

])if 't'crent, a. unlike, dintint 

Dif 'foreutly, ad. in a differc 

Difficult, a. hard, troubles 

Difficulty, ad. with diificult 

Difficulty, 71. hai*dness, ti-oi 

Diffidence, n. distrust, wan 

Oif fidcMt, a. distrustful, sus 

Oiftbrm', a. not uniform, im 

DJfForm'ity, n. dissimilitude, 

DifFraii'chiseni «int, n. a takii 

Diffuse, (Diffiize) v. t. to po 

Diffuse, a. copious, full, wid 

niffiised, (diffuzed) pa. disj 

Diffusely, Diffusiveness, ac 

Diffusible, a. tliat may be di 

Diffusibil'itv, n. the quality 

Diffusion, DiflVisiveness, 7i. 

Diffusive, a.dispcrsed, spre 

Dig, V. digged, dug, pret. i 

turn up witli a spade, ma 

Digest, a. a collection of la> 

Digest', tJ. to dissolve, set in 

Digest' er, n. a person who 

g(;8ts, a vessel lo confine < 

Digest' ible, a. that may be 

Digestibil'ity, n. the state o 

DigcVtion, 7i. a dissolvin 
Digest'ive, a. causing dige 
Digger, n. one who digs th 
Dighted, pa. dressed, adon 
Di"git, n. three-fourths of i 
\fsx\. o^ \\v& dvameter of 


I, a. relating to a digit or figure 
nation, 11. exultation, promotion 
ed,/^o. invested with honors 
y, V. t. to advance, raise, exalt 
iry, n. a dignified clei-gyman 
i, n. grandeur, rank, honour, merit 
h, n. a combination of two letters of 
1 one only is pronounc(>d 
', V, i. to tuni from the main subject 
sion, 7t. a deviation from the subject 
'ive, a. noting a deviation 
. a ditch, channel, bank, bound 
rate, v. t. to tear, force in two 
atlun, n. a teanng or rending 
late, V. t. to ruin, to pull down 
ation, n. a destroying of buildings or 
ing them to decay 
IMty, n. tlie admitting of extension 
le, a. capable of extension, elastic 
on, n. the act or state of extension 
i>, to extend, widen, enlarge, swell 
, fu what extends or widens 
ily €ui. in a dilatory manner, slowly 
ine^s, n, slowness, slothfulness 
y, a. slow, slothful, backward 
na, n. a vexatious alternative 
ice, n. imlustry, assiduity 
iV <x* industrious, assiduous 
itly, ad. witli industrj' 
a plant with aromatic seeds 
t, Diluter, n. what dilutes, what thins 
V. t. to thin, to weaken with water 
a. weakened w* ith water, thin 
4 pa. made thin, weakened, soflcoed 
fi, n.a diluting or making thin 
A, a. relathig to the deluge 
.not clear in sight 

. t. to cloud, darken, obscure [cents 
tt. a silver coin of the U. States of ten 
sion,72. the bulk, capacity, size 
fflonless, a. without dimensionB 
ishjr. to lessf)n, deeivase, degrade ^ 
islilngly, ad. in a vllityiiig manner 
itioMj, ». the net of lessening, loss 
tiro, a. fimalt, little, confcmptihlc 

D 1 R 


Dimin'utively, ad. in a diminutive manner 
Dimin'utiveness, n. a diminutive; state 
Dim'^ish, a. somewhat dim, somewliat dark 
Dim'issorj', a. sent fi-om bishop to bisliop 
Dim'ity, 7i. a kind of white fustian 
Uim'lv, ad. not witli clear sight, obscurely 
Dim'ncss, 72. a defect of sight, duluess 
Dim'^ple, n. a hollow in the cheek or chin 
Dim^'ple, v. i, to form dimples 
Uimp'led, pn. set with or having dimples 
Dimp'ly, a. full of or like dimples, hollow 
Din, n. a noise, clatter, continued sound 
Di», V. t. to stun with noise, bawl, rattle 
Ui'ie, V. i. to eat or ^ve a dinner 
Ding, V. to dash, bluster, huff, bounce 
Diug'dong, ad. like a bell, very fast or hard 
Din'gle, n. a hollow between two hills 
Din'gy, a. dark, dirty, foul, soiled, sullied 
Dining-ix)om, n. a room to dine in 
Din'ner, n. our chief meal made near the nodi}- 

dleoflhe day 
Dint, n. a blow, stroke, fcMtJe, power 
Dint, r. t. to make a hollow, to mark [cees 
Diocesan, n. a bishop ; a. belonging to a dio- 
Diocess, n. the jurisdiction of a bishop 
Dip, V. to put in water, plunge^ engage 
Diploma, n. a deed of privilege or degree 
Diplomacy, n. the customs or inilcs of public 
ministers, forms of ncgociation ; body of 
ambassadors or envo}'S 
Diplomatic, a. pertaining to diplomas, relat- 
ing to public ministers 
Dij/per, n. one who dips, a vessel to dip 
Dip'thong, a. t\vo vowels sounded together 
Dire, DCreful, a. dreadful, dismal, horrible 
Direct', a. strait, right, oi>en, express 
Dire.ct', order, rule, regulate, aii)i 
Direct'ed,/>fl. ordered, shown, pmnted 
Direc'tion, n. oi*der, aim, superscription 
Dii'ect'ive, a. able to inform, sliowing 
Direct'ly, ad. soon, in a stnut line 
Djreet'ness, «. straitncss, ^ wt^sc^ossA ^ "^"s^ 
Directfor, n. asvv\>eYv\\lvi\\i\'sv\\V<»^gsi^^ 
Directf or)', n. a TwA*i w >>q^ \» ^\>c^«5^ 



D 1 S 

Direct'rcHS, n. a femRlc who direcU 
Directorial, a. contaiuing cru-eclioii 
Dfreful, a. dri'^tdfpl, tiisnial, horrible 
Direfully, ad. dreadfully, hoi-ribly 
Dircncss, n. dreadfulness, disnialncas 
Dirp^c, 11. a momniful or funeral ditty 
Dirk, 71. a kind of dagger 
Dirt, (durt) ii. eartli, filth, meuinesH 
Dirt, V. t. to foul, to stain, make filthy 
Dirt'ily, ad. nastily, shamefully, meanly 
Dirt'Iiiesft, n. filtliiness, baseness 
Dirt'y, a. foul, filtliy, nasty, sullied 
Dirt'y, v. t. to foul,' soil, dirt, disgrace 
Disabil'ity, n. want of power or i*ight 
Disable, V. t. to render unable 
Disabuse, v. t. to set right, to undeceive 
Disacknowl'edge, v. t. to deny, or disavow 
Disadvau'tage, n. loss, prejudice 
Disadvantageous, a. prejudicial, hurtful 
Disadvantageously, ad. with loss of part 
Disadvantiigeousncss, n. inconvenientKi 
Disaffect', v. t. to excite discontent 
DiBaffect'ed,/»a. not wishing well to, hating 
Disaffect'edly, ad. in a disanected manner 
Disafiec'tion, n. want of aftection 
Disaffirm', v. t. to deny, contradict 
Disaffirm'ance, n. a confutation, denial 
Disagree, v. i. to differ, clash, quarrel 
Disagreeable, a. unsuitable, unpleasant 
Disagi'eeableness, n. offensiveness 
Disagreeably, ad. in a disagreeable manner 
Disagreement, n. difference 
Disallow', V. t. to deny, reject, censure 
Disallow'able, a. not allowable, irapi-oper 
Disallow'ance, n. a forbidtling, rejection 
Disannulling, 'O. t. to annul, make void 
Disappear, v. i. to vanish, be lost 
Disuppearance, n. a withdrawing from sight 
Disappoint', v. t. to defeat of expectation 
Disai)point'ment, n. a defeat of hopes 
Disapprobation, n. censure, blame, dislike 
DisappnSpriatc, x\ t. to divert from an apiH'O- 

j^^PP^yo', 7'. /. to cetimre, blame, dislike 
^i^^yjjy z'. /, totakc'dwny arms, confoaud 

D I S 

Disarm'ed,/vi. deprived of arms, stript 
Disarrange', v. t. to put out of order 
Disari'ange'ment, n. a putting out of ord^r 
Disarray, n. disorder, confusion 
Disas'ter, n. a misfoilune, calamitf, blast 
Disas'trous, a. unlucky, calamitous 
Disas'trously, ad. unluckily, with loss 
Disavow', V. t. to disown, deny 
Disavow^al, Disavow^ment, ii, a denial 
Disband', v. t. to dismiss troops 
Disbark', v. t. to land from a ship> landynn- 

load, strip bai'k from a ti'ee 
Disbelief, n. a refusal of belief, discredit 
Disbelieve, v. t. not to believe, to deny 
Disbeliever, n. one who does not believe 
Disbur'den, v. t. to unload, discharge, eaie 
Disburse', v. t. to expend or lay out 
Disburse'ment, n. a laying out money 
Disburs'cr, ii. a person who disbui'ses 
Discard', v. t. to dismiss, cast off 
1)iscard'ed, pa. dismissed, disgraced, cast off 
Discern', v. t. to see, perceive, distinguidi 
Disceru'er, n. one who discerns or descries 
Disceru'ible, a. discoverable, distuigniflhable 
Discern'ibly, ad. apparently, visibly, pUunI||r 
Discern'ing, pa. a. seeing, judicious, Knowing 
OiHceru'ingly, ad. judiciously, skilfully 
Discern'ment, n. the faculty of discerning 
Disccrp'iljlc, a. that may be rent in pieces 
Discerp'tion, n. tlie act of tearing in pieces 
Disclmri^e', v. t. to dismiss, unload, fire 
Discharge', n. a dismission, acquittance 
Discharg'er, n. a person who discharges 
Disciple, n. a scholar, learner, follower 
Disciplesliip, n. the state of a disciple 
Dis'cipline, «. rule, order, i*eg\dati(Mi 
Dis'cipline, t>. /. to educate, punish, beat 
Dis'ciplinable, a. capable of institictifm 
Disciplinarian, n. one who keeps strict difiia' 

Disciplinarian, Dis'ciplinar}', a. relating or be- 

1(»nging to discipline, sharp, stidct 
Disclaim, v, t. to disown, renounce 
DiacVamev, u. «k "^«?r«cv 'vVvo disowns 

D I S 

one irho discloses, or reveals 
% a revealing, a discovery 
t, to change the color, tinge 
I, fi. a change of color, stain 
. t. to defeat, overtlirow 
;, n. a defeat, an overtlirow 
71. uneasiness, sorrow, o/>. 
', V. I. to blame, dispmisc 
iition, a. blameable, censurable 
otion, n. blame, censure 
, V. ^. to molest 
)us, a. inconvenient 
ty, n. inconvenience, ti*oiible 
V, t. to disorder, disturb 
, pa. ruffled, unsettled 
e, n. disorder, disturbance 
V. t. to disappoint, thwart 
ty, a. a want of agreement 
vlt. to separate^ disunite 
1, pa. fi*eed from a connection 

0, n. a state of being separated 
, a. dejected, comfortless 

\y, ad. in a disconsolate manner 
ness, n. a disconsolate state, 
V. want of content, uneasiness 
D. t. to make uneasy, displease 

1, a. uneasy, dissatisfied 
lly, a J. with uneasiness 
Iness, n. dissatisfaction 

ent, n. discontent, uneasiness 

ice. Discontinuation, n. a breaking 

, want of union of parts 

, V. to drop, leave off, cease 

', 7t. a separation <^ parts 

IB, a. discontinued, broken off ' 

I disagreement, opposition 

, n. disagreement 

3. disagreeing inconsistent 

, ad. contradictorily 

deduction from a sum of mODey^ 

t to draw or pay back, to deduct, 

amount of^ deducting the inter- 
a. that may be discounted 


D I S 


Dis'count-day, n. the day ou which a bank 

discounts notes or bilb 
Discoun'tenance, v. t. to discourage, check 
Discoun'tenance, n. cold treatment, coolness 
Discoiu'^s^, V. t. to dishearten, dissuade 
Discour't^ment, n. what discourages 
Discour^ager, n. one who dissuades 
Di8c6i/i'se, n. couversation, talk', treatise 
Discourse, v. t. to talk, preach, treat upon 
Disc6i<rser, n. a talker, ^>eaker, writer 
Discourt'eous, a. uncivil, unpc^te, riKie 
Discourt'eously, ad. uncivilly, rudely 
Discourt'esy, n. incivility, i*udenes8, disrespect 
Dis'cous, a. broad, wide, flat like a dish 
Discov'er, v. t. to disclose, find out, espy 
Disco>''erable, a. that may be found out 
Diseov'ered, pa. found out, revealed 
Disco\''erer, n. one who discovers 
Discov'ery, n. a discovering, inventitm 
Discov'erture, n. a being released from tivc 

coverture 6S a husband 
Dlscrcd'it, n. want of credit, disgrace 
Discred'it, v. t. not to believe, to disgrace 
Discred'itable, a. injurious to reputation 
Discreet, a. prudent, cautious, modest 
DiscnSetiy, ad. prudently, cautiously 
Discreetness, n. discretion, prudence 
Discrete, a. distinct, separated, distinguished 
Discre^'tion, n. prudence, caution 
Discre^'tional, a. subject to discretion only 
Di8cre"tionally, ad. at discretion 
Discre^'tionary, a. left at large, unlimited 
Discr^tive, a. disjunctive, able to separate 
Discrim'inate, v. t. to distinguish, to separate 
Discrimination, n. a distinction, separation 
Discrim'inative, a. distinctive, characteristte 
Discul'pate, v. t. to excuse, free from blame 
Discum'bency, n, the act of leaning at meat* 
Discum'ber, v. t. to unburden, disengage 
Discur^sion, n. the act of running to and ft*o 
Discurs'rve, a. roving, irregular, ^ro^^sfiAs^v, 
DiscuTsf i^eVy ^ ad.*\w ^ yw vsv^xsv-wssaNac 
Bisc'ua, n. ai <^o\X, \5ltww\^ ^s««v"ta« >^«* 
Biscuaa' , -u. t. \o eiLSWsivsvft^ «^^\^^^ 


D 1 S 

Discuos'ive, a. able to discuss, aljlc to disperse 
Discti^tient, n. a repelling medicine 
Disdiiin, n. scorn, hauglitincss, pride 
Disddin, v. t. to scorn, despisr, .slig;ht 
DisdainfnJ, a. scornful, hauj^hty, proud 
Dlsdfiinfully, ad. with haughty scoi-n 
Disdainfulness, n. haughty scorn, contempt 
Disease, n. a distemper, sicknesH 
Disease, v. t.Xo afflict with sickness 
Dis6ased, pa. afflicted with a distemper 
Dis6asedness, n. sickness, craziness, pain 
Disembai'k', r. to put or go on shore 
Discmbar'rass, v. t. to free from perplexity 
Disembat^tion, n. a landing from sjiips 
Discmbit'ter, v. t. to make sweet 
Discmbod'ied, a. divested of body 
Disembogue, v. to discharge at the mouth 
Disemboguement, n. discharge, as at tlie 

mouth of a river 
rHsembow'elled, a. taken out of the bowels 
Disembroil', v. t. to clear up, disentangle 
Disenable, v. t. to deprive of power 
Disenchant', r. t. to free from enchantment 
Disencum'ber, v. t. to fi*ee from a load 
Disencura'brance, n. deliverance from trouble 
Disengage, v. t. to extricate, free 
Disengaged, />o. freed from engagement 
Disengagement, n. a release, a freedom 
Di8entan"gle, v. t. to unravel, loose 
Di8entan"gled,/>a. loosed, disengaged 
Disenthrall', v. t. to free from bondage 
Disenthr6ne, v. t. to depose a sm'ereign 
Disentrance', v. t. to awaken from a trance 
Disespouse', v. t. to divorce, separate 
Disespous'ed, pa. separated after promise 
Disesteem, n. slight dislike ; v. t. to slight 
Disfavo/, n. discountenance, dislike 
Disfiguration, n. the act of disfiguring 
Disfigure, v. t. to deform, mangle, maim 
Disfig urement, n. defacement, deformity 
Disfran'chise, v. t. to deprive of chartei-ed rights 
Z}/s/ran'eh'j8ement, n. a depriving q!L free 

^/sfuj-^nj'sh, « /. to deprive, strip 
^^ss:a,- xjjsh, «,. /. to strip, diven 

U I s 

Di-^f^or^c', 7'. /. to vomit, to pour out 
i )is^.>;r-'ac!i, v. t. tu dishonor, dismiss 
!)i::p;rHce, 7i. di»hoiior, shame, a loss dhc 
Uis^-iiceful, a. shameful, infamous, base 
l>isj]ij{icefully, ad. dishonorably 
Disgriiccfulncss, n. dishonor infamy 
Disgracious, a. unkind, uncivil 
Disgufse, n. a di*ess to deceive, pretense 
Disguise, V. t. to conceal, hide, disfigure 
Disguised, pa. concealed, disfigured 
Disguiscment, n. a dress of concealment, 
Diaguiscr, n. one who disguises 
Disgust', n. aversion, (^ensc conceived 
Disgust', V. t. to give a dislike, offend 
Disgust'ful, a. nauseous, distasteful 
Dish, n. a vessel to serve up meat in, mei 
Dish, V. t. to put or serve up in a dish 
Di»'habill«, 7i. an undress, a loose dress 
nish'>c1out, n. a cloth to rub dishes 
Dishcart'en, v. t. to discourage, east down 
l)ishci''it, r. t. to cut off from inheritance 
Dishcv'el, 7*. to put the hair in disorder 
Dishev'ellcd, pa. disoi-derfed, loose 
Dish'ing, a. serving up, resembling a dish 
DisAon'esi, a. knavish, base, faithless 
DisAon'estly, od. knavishly, wickedly 
J)isAon'esty, n. knavery, baseness, deceit 
DisAon'or, n. reproach, di^race, censure 
DisAon'or, v. t. to disgrace, hur^ violate 
DisAon'orable, a. shameful, ungenerous 
Dis^on'orably, ad. in an unbecoming man 
Dis/ion'orary, a. producing dishonor 
Dishumor, n. ill-humor, peevishness 
Disimprove'ment, n. a making worse 
Disincar' cerate, v. t. to set at libeiiy, to fi 
Disinclination, n. dislike, aversion 
Disinclfrie, v. t. to excite or produce disli 
Disincor'porate, v. t. to separate, dissolTe 
Disinfect', v. t. to cleanse from infection 
Disinfec'tion,n. a cleansing from infecting 
Disingeii'uous, a. illiberal, unfair, mean 
Disingen'uousness, n. mean subtelty, craA 
D'ismncT'isoTv, u. a debarring from inherit 

D I S 

on, n. a separation into part^ 
t. to take out of a g^ve 
at, 71. a taking out of the grave 
liisia'tercstedness, n. disregard to 

^, a. void of self interest 
dly, ad. in a disinterested manner 
bo separate, disunite, divide 
to. 8eparate<1, divided 
t. to part or separate joints 
pa. separated, not coherent 
. separated, divided, disjoined 
,n. a parting, separation 
, a. making opposition 
ly, ad. distinctly, separately 
loit, the face of the sun, moon, Stc. 

I, w. want of affection, an injuiy 
version, disapprobation 

to hate, disapprove, slight 

II. unlikencss, difference, variety 
a pei-son who dislikes 

). t. to disjoint, displace 
n. a displacing, a joint put out 
. to drive out, remove, go away 
not true to allegiance 
ad. in a disloyal manner 
n. want of allegiance or fidelity 
errible, dark, gloomy, sorrowful 
,n.a dismal or dark state 
d. honibly, gloomily, sorrowfully 
V. t. to strip of dress or furniture 
t. to strip of a mask or cover 
t. to deprive of masts 
. to discourage, dishearten 
I fall of courage, fright 
ss, n. a M'ant df courage 
', T. t. to cut off a limb 
ment, n. the cutting off of a mem- 
art, the partition of a state 
t. to send or put away, discai'd 
?. a dismissing, removal 
ba. sent away, discharged 
K to a%ht from n horse, &c. 

7.'dnfr natural nftcction^ ob. 
7/. hrrsch ni'i\utv 

D I S 


Disobedient, a. breaking lawful commands 
Disobediently, ad. in an undutiful manner 
Disobey', <«. t. to neglect or refuse complianct- 

with a oommand 
Disobligation, n. an ofiense 
Disoblige, 'v. t. to offend, disgust 
Disobliging, pa. displeasing, offensive 
Disobligingly, ad. in a disobliging manner 
Disorb'ed, a. thrown out of its oriiit 
Disor'der, n. confusion, sickness, tumult 
Disor'der, v. t. to disturb, make sick 
Disor'dered, a. confused, irregular 
Disor'derly, ad. confusedly, irregularly, ill 
Disoi-'ganize, v. t. to separate organized pails 
Disorganization, n. the act of destroying or- 
ganic structni*e or connected system 
Disor'ganizer, n. one who destroys or attempts 

to destroy a regular structure 
Disdwn, v. t. to deny, to renounce 
Disdwnment, n. the act of disowning 
Dispai*'age, v. t. to undcrralne, degrade 
Dispar'agcment, ?;. a disgrace, reproach 
Dispar'ity, n. inequality, difference 
Dispart', v. to part, to divide, separate 
Dispas^'sion, n. coolness of temper 
Dispas"sionate, «. cool, cjdm, composed 
Dispas"sionateJy, ad. coolly, composedly 
Dispatch, see Despatch 
Dispel', V. t. to drive away, disperse 
Dispens'ar}', n, a place for dispenang medi- 

cnies to the sick and needy 
Dispenstltion, n. a distnbulion, exemption ^ 
Dispensdtor, n. one who deals out [icines 

Dispens'atory, n. a directory for making med- 
Disi)en8'er, n. one who dispenses 
Dispeople, r. t. to depopulate, lay waste 
Disp<Sopler, n. one who depopulates 
Di8]>erse', t». to separate, to scatter 
Dispen/ediy, ad. in a disiiersed manner 
Dispci's'ethirss, n. a dispersed state, thinness 
Dispers'er, jj. one who d\«^ex^% 
DispeiVwc, <i. WVvw^ 9i vvvA^\\«^ \sn^'?*^s=^ 

Disim-'it, T.lo <V\?»v:w\y^?v^> ^^^^>'^X^^^^ 


D I S 

Dispkioc, V. to j>ut out of place, romovc 
Displiioemc.iit, >*. tlie act of clipplaeiiig 
Displant', v. t. to remove, to drive away, ob. 
Displantaiioii, v. a removal of plants, ob. 
Display, V. t. to spread, show, exhibit 
DispWy, 71. a setting to view, exhibitiqii 
Disple^s'ant, a. unpleasant, offensive, odioas 
Displ<^ase, v. t. to offend, provoke, disgast 
Displensingness, n, an offensive quality 
Displeos'ure, v. t. to displease, onend 
Dlspleos'are, n. offense, anger, uncasmess 
Displode, v. i. to burst with violence 
Displosion, n. a bursting with noise 
Displume, v. t. to strip off plumes 
DisiM^rt, 71. spoil:, play, pastime, merriment 
Disi>ort» v. to sport, play, wanton, divert 
Disiiosable, a. that may be disposed of 
Disi)6sa1, n. mani^ment, regulation 
Dispose, V. to place, prepare, incline, sell 
Disxiosc, 71. will, disposition, ob. 
Disixiscd,/>a. rangt'd, placed, inclined 
Disp^isor, ti. one who disposes 
Disposi'^tion, n. method, tendency, temper 
Dispossess', r. t. to deprive of, disseize 
Disposses^'sion, n. the act of putting out ■ 
Disposure, n, a disposal, posture, state 
Dispniise, n. blame, censure, reproach 
Dispniise, 7*. to blaiile, censure, condemn 
Dispntisingly, ad, witli blame or censure 
Disproof', il. a refutation of error 
Dispi-opoilion, v, t. to mismatch 
Disproportion, n. a want of proportion, un- 

Disprop<^rtion, Disprop^rtigpal, Dlspropdr* 

tionate, a. unequal, unsuitable, unfit 
DJsproportionably, l^R[>rop6rtionally, Dispro- 
portionately, ad. unequally, unsuitably 
Di»pr6priate,' Disappropriate, v. t. to destroy 

appropriation or make common 
Disprove, v. t. to confute, convict of error 
Dispan'ishablc, a. free from penal restraint 
JXs'putfihle, lyispiitaAAt, a. liable to be con- 

^f;*^Pffapj, /A a iUapater, contfi^vertist 

D I S 

Disputatious, a. incIino<I to dispute 
Dispute, V. t. to contend iu words or i 

meuts, debate, controvert. 
Dispute, n, a contest, controversy, debate 
Disputer, ti. one who controverts 
Distpii^lificdtion, n. that which disqualifies 
Dis(|ual'ify, v. t. to make unfit, disable 
Disquiet, v. t. to disturb, trouble, vex, fix 
Disquiet^ Disquietude, n. uneasiness 
Disquieter, n. one who disturbs 
Disquietly, ad. without rest, uneasily 
DisquiBi"tion, n, examination, inquiry 
Disregard', ti. a sliglit notiot*, neglect 
Disregard', v. t. to slight, neglect, despise 
Disregard'ful, a. negligent, heedl«uu car 
Disrel'ish, n. a bad taste, dislike c^tlste 
Disrel'isK, v. t. to dislike the taste of 
Disrep'utable, a. disgraceful, unbeconuii( 
Disi*epuUition, Disrepute, n. disgrace 
Disrespect', n. a want (rf respect, incivilif 
Disrespect'ful, a. uncivil, iireveront, nidi 
Disivspect'fully, ad. uncivilly, irreverent] 
^Disr6be, v. t. to undress, uncover, strip 
"Disroot', V. t. to extirpate, remove the roi 
Disrupt', a. rent, torn, broken in pieces 
Disrup'tion, n. a breaking asunder, rent 
Dissatisfac'tion, n. discontent, dislike 
Dissatisfac'tory, a. not giving content 
Dis£at'isfied,))a. discontented, displeased 
Dissat'isfy, v. t. to displease, disoblige 
Dissect', V. t. to cut in pieces, anatit«nize 
Dissec'tiou, ti. the act of disseetlng, ana 
Disseisee, ti. a x>erson put out of his lands 
Disseisin, Tt. an ejectment from right 
Disseisor, n. one who dispossesses or q 
Disseize, v. t. to dispossess, eject 
I Dissem'blc, v. to conceal real views 
Dissem'blcr, n. a hypocrite, imposter 
Dissem'bliugly, <ia. hypooritically, label] 
Dissem'inate, v. t. to sow, to propacate 
Dissemination, n. the act of scattering 
Dissem'inator, n. one who disperses 
DisseY\'^U) u. contention, disagreement 

I Drescul' , T. i. Vo «\^^w, \ft ^v^'i^ Vvtj 

D I S 

diiHigreemcut, difTcrcncc 
n. one who dissents 
t, a. dissenting^, fiot agreeing 
t,n. one declaring his dissent 
I, «. a discourse, essay, ti-ealise 
V. t. to injure, do harm to 
, Dissevv'iccablcncss, ii. injuiy 
nble, a. injurious, hiu*ttul 
'. ^.to part in two, divide 
g,/»rt. fiaiting in two 
n, a dissenter from religion 
a. bursting with elasticity, as pods 

a. unlike, different 
ty. Dissimilitude, n. lutlikeness 
[>n, n., a dissembling, hypocrisy 

a. easily scattered or dispersed 
V. t. to disperse, squander^ spend 

n. extravagance, waste 
V, t, to separate, part, disunite 
I, n. separation, disunion 
r, a. that may be melted 
. t. to melt, 8eparate,break up 
pa. melted, broken up, destroyed 
, a. having Uie power of melting 

Dissolv^er, n. that which dissmves 

a. tliat may be dissolved fble 

.y, n. the quality of being dissoiva- 
». loose, debauched, luxurious 
, ad. In a dissolute manner 
)88. n. looseness, lewdness 

n. a dissolving, ruin, end, death 

, n. discord, harshness 

a. discordant, liarsh, jaiTing 

. t. to advise to the contrary 

1. he who dissuades 

n. an endeavour to dissuade 

n. argument tending to dissuade 

a. tending, or proper to dissuade 

, n. a word that has two syllables 

, a. consisting of two syllables 

staff used in spinning 
. to stain, tinge, blot, defame 
. a space, respect, reaerve 
'./. tolenve behind 
w. IcI}, cast out or a ra<fi' 

D I s 


Dis'tant, a. remote in time or place, shy 
Dis'tantly, ad. in a distant manner, coolly 
Distaste, fL a dislike, aversion, di^^st 
DisUUte, V. t. to dislike, loatke, disgust 
Distjisteful, a. nauseous, offensive 
Distemp'er, v. t. to disorder, disease, affect 
Diatemp'er, n. a disoi-der, disease, sickness 
Distemp'crature, n. intempei-ance, confusion 
l>i8tcmp'ered, pa. diseased, afHicted . 
Distend', v. t. to stretch out, to swell 
Distend'ed, Distent', pa. widened, ^welled 
Distcns'ible, a. that may be distended 
Distcnsibil'ity, n. a being capable of distention 
Distent', n. tlie space or length of extension 
Distf^n'tion, ». a stcetching or enlarging 
Dis'tich, (oh as k) n. a couple of vei'ses 
Distil', V. t. to drop gentlj^, to separate spirit 

by boiling, and condensing the vapour [ping 
Disullation, n. the act of distilling or urop- 
Distil'latory, a. belonging to distillation 
Distil'ler, n. one whose trade is io distil spirits 
Distinct', a. dear, plain, full, different 
Distinc'tion, n. a difference^ eminence of 

Distinct'ive, a. able to distinguish, particular 
Distinct'ively,ar/. in ordcr,in a separate manner ' 
Distinct'ly, ad. plainly, clearly 
Distinct'ncss, 71. clearness, plainness 
Distin"guish, v. to make a distinction, make 

eminent, note, discern, perceive 
Distin"guishable, a. able to be distinguished 
Distin"guifthcd, ^a. a. noted, emi]>ent 
Distin^'guisher, n. one who distinguishes 
D)stin"guishiiigljr, ad with distinction 
Distoit^ V. t. ta twist, writhe, misrepresent 
Distoi''tion, n. a grimace, misrepresentation 
Distract', v. t. to make mad, perplex 
Disti-act'ed, pa. a. mad, wild, confused 
Distract'edly, ad. madly, wildly, confusedly 
Distract'ible, a. that may be di-awn off 
Distrac'tion, n. madness, confusion. 
Distract'ive, a. tfiw^uv^Vft ^wsv^'afc 
Distrain, •©. t. to %evL^ ^OfoA^ ^«« ^^\ j. . 
Distrdinab\e, a.«a\i^e^x.Vo\^ v*ivw;^Vic^'^^^^ 
Distraint, n. aacixw^i ot ^Qoie^^Xsst ^V.^^^'^ 



D I V 

Distress', V. t. to haiTUss, pei-plex, afflict 
Distress', «. the act of distraining, luisery 
DisLrcss'ed, pa. afflicted, iii distress 
Disti-essTiil, a. full or' distress, distressing 
Distribute or Distinb'iite, v. t. to divide among 

a number, to allot, sliai'e, scatter 
1 )is'tributed or Distrib'uted, pa. alotted [utes 
D slrib'utor, Distrib'utor, n. oiic wbo <Iiatrib- 
J)isti'ibution, n. act of distri1)uting, a division 
Distrib'utivc, a. that serves to distribute 
Distrib'utively, ad. with or by distribution 
Ois'tJ'ict, n. a circuit, region, countiy, part 
D'.s'ti'ict,'!). ?. to divide into circuits, or parts 
Distrust', T'. t. to suspect, disbelieve, fear 
Distrust', n. suspicion, a losis of confidence 
Distrust'ful, a. suspicious, timorous 
Distrust'fulness, n. a distrustful state 
IMsturb', V. t. to disquiet, confound, liinder 
DisturVance, n. perplexity, confusion 
DJsturb'ed, pa. perplexed, interrupted 
Disturb'er, n. one who disturbs 
Disunion, n. a separation, a division 
Distmfte, V. to divide, disjoin, separate 
Disunity, 7u a state of actual separation 
Disusage, Disuse, n. want of practice, neglect 
Disuse, (disyuzej v. t. to drop a custom 
Ditch, n. a moat ui fortification, trench 
Ditcli, V. i. to make a ditch or ditches 
Ditch'er, n. a man who makes ditches 
Diction, n. inile, government, dominion 
Dittan'der, w, a plant, pepperwort 
Dif tany, n. a plant of several kinds 
Dit'tied, a. siuig, fitted or adapted to music 
Dit'to, n. the same thing repeated * 
DIt'ty, n. a sonnet, short musical poem 
Diurii't'ic, a. good to pi-ovoke urine 
Diu/nal, a. daily, performed in a day 
Diur'nally, ad. daily, every day, day by day 
Diuturn'ity, it. length of time, continuance 
Divan', n. the Ottoman grand council, aliall, a 

Divari edition, v. a division, a standing apart 
^^'yff i"' y- to phmj^ under water, ^0 deep , 
^frc/'Ie'<t, a. drnwin^ amnder^ separaUug 
yer, ,ir o^ie who dives, « ywatw foM I 

D I V 

I Diverge', v. i. to depail fi-om one point 
Divei-'genie, ?/. a gohig farther ap:ul 
Dixer'g'Mit, a. gohig farther asunder 
Divei-g'ing, pa. s(.'paratir»g at a gi'eater disttt 
Divei-g ingly, ad. m a diverging manner 
Divei*s, a. sevei-al, sundry, many 
Diverse, a. different, unlike, contrary 
Diversification, n. a giving variety 
Divei-s'ity, v. t. to variegate, distinguish 
'^)iver'sion, n. a turning aside, sport 
Divers'ity, n. a dift'erence, unlikeiies& 
Dfvei-sly, ad. differently, contrarily 
Divert', V. t. to turn aside, entertain 
Diveil/er, n. one who or a thing that divert 
l>ivert'ing, pa. a. turning, pleashig, screes 
Divert'ingly, ad. in an enteilaining mannei 
Divertise, divert, amuse, please, o6 
Divert'isement, n. divei'sion, recreation, d 
Divest', V. t. to strip, make naked, dispoitt 
Divest'ure, n. the act of stripping 
Dividable, a. divisible, separable 
Divide, T. t. to part, separate, distribute 
Divided, ha. parted, separated, shared out 
Dividend , n. a share, number to be divide 
Divider, n. one v lio divides 
Divi'ders, n. pL mathematical comiMisses 
Divination, n. a prediction, a foretelling 
Div(ne, v. to foretel, fon*knoWj guess 
Divine, a. heavenly, godlike, jiivsclent 
Divine, n. a minister of the gospel 
Divinely, ad. heavenly, in a godlike mannc 
Divineness, n. divhiity, excellence 
Diviner, v. a soothsayer, fortuneteller 
Divin'ity, n. Deity, science of divine thingi 
DiWsihil'ity, n. quality of admitting diviac 
Divis'ihle,*a. tliat may be <livided, or yvK^ 
Divis"ion, w. a dividing, part of a discours< 
Divis'ional, a. dividing, s^.-parating 
Divi'sor, n. u number tliat divides [ 

Divorce, 7'. t. to separate niairitrd persont 
Divorce, Div6i"cemeiit, n. a legal separatk 

married persons 
Divdi-cer, n. a person wlio divorces 
|D\\u\ve,' , '0 . t Ao\.xJ\Xv^v <iis»ilQSAi 


n. the act of pluckin* off 

n. giddiness, thoaghuessncss( 

2^ay, thoughtless 

pret. done, pa. to peribrm, to act, 

1, succeed, answer. tlie purpose 
[>o"cilff, a. easy to be taught 

. aptness to be taught 
]rlace for ships, cut tail, herb 
to lay a ship in dock, cut short 
n. duty for using a dock 
a. laid in a dock, cut short 
a direction tied upon goods, a sum- 
list of cases in court 
t, to place in or mark with a docket 
n. a yard for naval stores, &c. 
a title in divinity^ law, &« a teach- 
t. to physic, take care of 

2. pertaining to a doctor's degree 
, n. tlie decide of doctor 

), n. the highest academical degree 
X. a woman skilled in physic 
n. a precept, principle 
a. relating to doctrine 
jT, ad. by way of doctrine 
, n. an instruction, proof 
, r. ^ to furnish with written proofs 

a1, a. relating to instmctiou 
'. a kind of winding plant 
to fly from, follow artfully 
fowl of tbe gallinaceous order 
lie-deer, the female of a buck 
person who performs 
jO put off dress, strip, shift off 
lomestic animal, lump of ii*ou 
o follow continually, to hunt 
ft. pi. days when the dog-star risfis 
sun in July and Aue. 
le ehief magistrate of Venice 
;. a variety of the shark ' 
a species of troublesome woodfly 
I. morose, sullen, followed 
ad. peey'ishlj', soiirly, sullenly 
t^ ». morosvncss, suUenuess 



Dog^ger, n. a small fishing vessel c^one mast 
Dog'gerell, n. vile mean vei-scs ; a. mean 
l)og'g^i'"^Ai^> n. a sailor belonging to a dogger 
Dog'gish, a. currish, snappi^i, churlish, binitai 
Dogliearted, a. ci*uel, merciless, malicious 
Dog'kennel, n. a kennel or hut for dogs 
Dog'ma, 72. an established principle, tenet 
Dc^matical, a. magisterial, positive 
Dogmat'icalness, n. positiveness, confidence 
Dog'iuatlsm, n. m^isterial assertion 
Dog'matist, Dog'matizer, n. a positive teacher 

or asserter 
Dog'matize, v. i. to assert magisterially 
Dog stai', n. a stir that gives name to dogdays 
Dog'tooth, 72. a tooth next the grinders 
Dog' trot, 7?. a gentle trot like that of a do.£^, 
Dog' weary, a. quite tired, much fuligueJ. 
Dog wootl, n. a treti of hard m'oocI 
D6ings, n. pi. actiotis, conduct, slir 
Dole, 71. a share, part, gift, sorrow, moan 
Dole, r. to distribute alms, give, lament 
Doleful, a. sori'ov'ful, piteous, woful, sad 
D('>lefuily, ad. in a doleful manner, wofully 
Doleful ness, n. a dismal state, melan^-holy 
Dcilesome, a. woful, gloomy, dismal 
Doll, n. abbrev. for I)oi*o{hy, a baby 
Dol'lar, n. a silver coin of the U. S. value 100 

cents, but in Euroi)e the name ia given t© 

coins of different values 
Dolor, 71. gricf^ soitow, lamentation, pain 
Dolorif 'ic, a. causing grief or pain 
Dol'orous, a. sorrowful, doleful 
Dol'orously, ad. n-ournfuUy, sadly, painfully 
Dol'phin, 7*2. a kind of beautiful seafish 
Dolt, 72. a heavy stupid person, blockhead 
D61tish, a. stupid, blockish, dull, heavy 
Doltishness, 7*. stupidity, dullness, weakness 
Dorodin, 72. a possession, estate, dominion 
Dome, ?/. an arched roof, cupola, house 
Domes'tic, a. belonging to a house, tam« 
Domes'tic, 72. a servant ir\ tlie house 
Domes'ticate, v. t. to make; tas&^ 
Domestication, n. \Vie v^rX. viL \»ssi\\?^ ^Ooifevs*^ 

tamed " . , ,^^jgx^ 


D U 

Domicil'huy, a. pertaining to private houAes' 
Dom'inant, a. ruling, prcvaiting, governing 
DomHnate, v, t. to prerail, rule over, govern 
Dominiition, n. power, dominion, tyranny 
Domineer, v. t. to rule with insolence 
Domin'ical, a. denoting the l^ord's day 
Domin Joans, n. an order of monks or triars 
Domin'ion, n. sovereign authority, territory 
Dom'ino, n, a Idnd of hood, a long dress 
IX>n, n. a Spanish title for a gentleman 
Donation, n. a gjfit, present, bounty, grant 
D6native, n. a gift^ dole, benefice 
jyovke^ pa. pcua. of the verb to do, (pron. dun) 
Donee, n. one to whom lands are nven 
Donor, n. a giver, bestower, benefactor 
Doom, T). t. to sentence, condemn, judge 
Doom, n. a sentence, judgment, fate 
Doom'age, n. fine or penalty. Im-w of JV. H. 
Doom'ed, pa. condemned, destined, fated 
DoQms'day, n. the day of judgment 
Door, (dore) n. the gate of a house, an open- 
ing for entrance 
Dooi^-case, n. the frame round a door 
Door'kceper, n. one who keeps a door 
Dor, n. an insect, the hedge chafer 
Dor'ic, a. noting ap order of architecture 
Dor'mant, a. sleeping, lying concealed 
Dor'mitory, n. a place to sleep in 
Dor'mouse, n. a ti*ibe of small animals which 

repose during winter 
Dor'sal, a. pertaining to the back [once 

Dose, n. so much of a medicine as is taken at 
Dose, V. t. to g^ve a dose 
Dos'sel, or Dcws'il, n. a pledget, lump of lint 
Dot, n. a small point used in writing or printing 
Dot, V. t. to make dots thus, . . . ; 
Dotaffe, n. a loss of understanding 
D^tal, a. relating to a portion. or dowry 
D6tard, Dotcr, n. one foolishly fond 
Dotation, n. endowment, act of endowing 
Dote, V. i. to grf»w silly, to love extremely 
Dotiijgly, ad. with silly fondness 
not^earf/, n, a tree kept low by cutting 
//ot^tf-re/, f,. a bird, called also morinci 


Doub'le, V. to make double, fold^ pass round* 

plav tricks, wind in running 
Doub 1e, n. twice the quantity <n* number 
Doubled^aler, n. a deceitful mean pcraon 
Doubledealing, iu disssimulaticMi, low cuDoii^ 
Doubledy'e, v. t. to dye twice 
Doublehand'ed, a. liaving two hands, deeeitfal 
DoubIem(nde<l, a. deoeimil, treacherous 
Doul/ler, n. one who doubles or folds up 
Doub'lct, n. a piur, waistcoat 
Dobleton^'gued, a. deceitful, false, hollov 
Doub'ling. iu the act of doubling, a fold 
Doubloon , n. a Spanish coin of two plstolef 
DouVIy, ad. with twice the quantity, twice 
"DovibifV. to question, scruple, suspect, distrait^ 

Dou^t, n. suspense, suspicion, hesitating 
Dourer, n. one who doubts or suspects 
Dou^ful, a. uncertain, not determined 
Doudt'fully, DouZrt'ingly, ad. unceilunly 
Doudt'fulness, n. uncertainty, suspense 
Doudt'ing, n. doubt, hesitation, suspense Tfeip 
Doudfless, a. and ad. without doubt, witnooi 
D^i^cetir, n. a bribe, gift, present 
Viwighi n. unbaked paste, kneaded flour 
Dou^A'tv, a. brave, illustrious, eminent 
Tkyuffhy, a. soft, not quite baked, pale 
Douse, V. to plunge into water, to lower 
Dove, (dav) n. a domestic pigeon 
Dove'cot, DoveHiouse, n. a house for pigeotf - 
Dovc'like, a. gentie, liarroless, innocent 
Dove'tall, n. a joint in form of a dove's tail : 
Dove'tail, v. t. to unite with a dovetail jont i 
Dow'able, a. that may or ought to be endovel 
Dow'ager, 7i. a Avidow with a jointure " ■ 
DowMy,72^n awk wanl ill-dressed wohmui ||^. 
Dow'er, Dow'ery, n. a jointure, wife's portion \ 
D5w'ered, a. portioned, having ajunturc 
Dow'ei'ess, n. a woman who lias dower 
Dow'crless, a. being without a fortune, poor 
Dow'bs, n. a kind of coarse strong lineu 
Down, 71. a large open plain, sqft feathers ^ 
Down, /w VJ&. along a descent " * . 

Dovfn, ttd. «a. \Vkfe ^^couLud, below- the horisnM 

D R A 

» subdue, bring low, destroy 
a. bent down, dejected 
*u a fall, ruin, calamity 

1, a. fallen, cast down, ruined 

2. descending, sloping ; n. a descent 
ng, a. downcast, gloomy, sullen 

, a. open, undisguised, plain 
, ad. plainly, honestly 
I hilly open country 
g, n. a sitting down, repose 
, a. bending down, dejected 
, ad. from higher to lower 
covered with or like down, soft 
n. a form of giving glory to God 
soldier's tndl, a wench 
slumber, drowse, stupify 
kperfect sleep, slumber 
izn) n. twelve 
I. a slumbering, drowsiness 
;epy, drowsy, heavy, stupid, dull 
Liity woman, a woollen cloth 
(drakma) or Dram, n. the eightli 
ice, a Grecian coin, value 14 cents 
fuse, any thing cast away, swill 
lill drawn on any person for money, 
drank, a drawing, that which is 
leUneation, sketch, detachment, 

to draw, select, detach 
ed fen* or in drawing 

game played on checkers 

pull or carry by force, draw 

lOok, net, harrow, hand-cart 

. t. to draw on the ground 

pa. made dirty by drawing 

.. a net drawn along the bottom [er 

,n in eastern countries an interpret- 

a serpent, devil, constellation 
n. a fish, a little dragon 
, w. a species of fish, the weever 
ft. a genus of large flying insects 

Rrag'onlikc, a. furious, fiery 
I. a horse soldier 
f. t. to enslave with soldiers 
banacl to ctttry o/F water | 


D R £ 


Drain, t>. t. to empty, exhaust, make dry 
Drain'age, 7i. a drawing off 
Drake, n. the male of a duck, a cannon 
Dram, n. a glass of any spirit, the eightli of an 

ounce, a coin 
Dram, v. i. to drink drams or liquors 
Drama, n. the action of a play, a play 
Dramat'ic, a, represented by action 
Dramat'ically, ad. by representation 
Dram'atist, n. an author or writer of plays 
Draper, n. a person who deals in clotii [status 
Drapery ,72. elothwork, the dress of a picture or 
Dras'tic, a. powerful, efficacious 
Draught, n. the act o£ drinkin?, see draft 
Draught'house, n. a place for nlth 
Draw, V. draw, pret. drawn, ]&a. to pull, take 

out, unsheath, allure, attract, describe 
Draw'back,».dut)r refuixled on goods exported 
Draw'bridge, n. a bridge to be drawn up 
DraVcr, n. one who draws a bill of exdiange 

or note, a sliding box in a cheat 
Drawee, n. one on whom a bill is drawn 
Draw'ei-s, a kind of under breeches 
DraVing, n. delineation, sketch 
Di'aw'ing-room, n. a room for company 
Drawl, V. i. to speak in a slow way 
Drawn, pa. pulled, uncAieathed, described 
Draw'-well, n. a well to draw water firom 
Dray, n. a kind of cart used by brewers 
Drtlyhorsc, n. a horse used to draw in a dray 
Di*^yman, n. a man that attends a dray 
Draz'el, or Drazzle, n. a low dirty woman 
Dread, n. great fear, terror, cause of awe 
Dread, v. to be in great fear, stand in awe 
Dread, a. great, miglity, hi^, awful, terrible 
Dread'er, n. one who lives m continual fe^ 
Dread'ful, a. terrible, frightful, alarming 
Dread'fully, ad. terribly, frightfully 
Dread'fulness, n. terribleness, frigfatfulness 
Dread'less, a. fearless, undaunted, very beUl 
Dreod'lessness, n. fearlessness, courage 
Dream, n. thought Vri %\^c^<» ^sv VSs& ^-bsssb^ 
Dream, v i.drcameA, AtcssjkvV, V^et. ^\^%s«Nfc^"» 

dreamt, pa, Xxi^w^'va 1Si&ev^'>'^^'^"'^*'" 

cy, have idVe uc^ora^Xi^ sXw^v-"^ 


D R I 

Dreftmer, n. one vho dreams, a sluggard 
Dreamless, a. having no dreams 
Drear or Dreary, a. dismal, gloomy, sad 
Dreariness, n. gloominess, heaviness, dulness 
Dre<lge, n. an oj'ster-net, oats and harley 
Dredge, v. t. to sprinkle floor on meat 
Dredg'ingbox, n. a hox for drednng meat 
Dreg^iness, n. fulness of dregs, Toidncss 
Dreg^gy, a. containing dregs, foul, mnddy 
Dregs, n. sediments on liquor, lees, refuse 
Drench, v. t. to soak, fill with drink, wash 
Drench, n. a dose for a hrute, swill 
ThcencWed, pa. soaked, washed, cleansed 
Dress, n. clothes, ornament, finery 
Dress, v. ^. to clothe, deck, adorn, prepare, 

eook, cover a wound, ti*im, beat 
Dres'ser, n. one who dresses, a kitchen table 
Dress'ing, n. the act of clothing, salve, a trim- 

rainr, a covering of manure 
DreWu^-room, n. a place to dress in 
Dress'y, a. dressing much, showy in dress 
Drib'ble, v. i. to drop slowly, slaver, drivel 
Drib'let, n. a small part of a large sum 
Drier, n. what socks up moisture 
Drift, 71. a design, scope, float, heap,shftn: 
Drift, V. to throw on heaps, float, drive along 
Drill, n a sharp instrument, small furrow 
Drill, 17. t. to bore, dn^ slowly 
Drill, V. t. to bore or pierce with a drill, to ex- 
ercise much in teaching, especially soldiers 
Drink, n liquor to be drank, any liquor 
Drink, v. drank, pret. drank, pa. to swallow 
liquors, to suck up or in, to practice drinking 
to excess, to salute in drinking 
Drink'able, a. such as may be drank 
Drinker, n. one who drinks, a drunkard 
Drink'ing, n. the act of swallowing liquors 
Drip, t;. t to drop, n. what &lls in drops 
Dripping, n. fat that drops from roastjneat 
Drip'piiig-pan, n. a pan n)r fat of roast meat 
Drive, V. di-ove, pret. driven, pa. to urge or 

force, compel, guide, rush (»i,jaim at 
jyrJr'rr?, v. i. to sUver, drop, be foolish 
{^yyr^ey //. s/aver, apHOe, a, iooL driveller 
y^^yrle/Zer, //. fyo^ mot, o^ ampleton 

D R U 

Dri'ver, n. one who drives, or orget on 
Driz'zlc, V. t. to full in small drops 
Driz'zly, a. raining in small drops, misty 
Dix)]l, n. a jester, arch fellow, buffoon 
Droll, a. comical, humorous, odd, merry 
Droll'fry, n. bufToonery, archness, miith 
Di'om'edary, il a camel with one bunch OP 

tlie back 
Drumo, n. a swift-sailing vessel, a swift fidi 
Drone, n. the male bee, sluggard, hum 
Drone, v. i. to live in idleness 
Dr6nefly, n. an insect with a thick bodr 
Dr6nish, a. idle, sluggish, heavy, stoma 
Droop, V. i. to pine away, languish, fidnt 
Droop'ing, pa. languishing, fainting, mldBg 
Drop, 71. a quantity oi liquid falling at onse 
Drop, V. to fall in dro]>s, fail, let &11, otter 

slightly, quit, come, sink into silence, <fie 
Di*op ping, n. tliat which falls in drops 
Drop'sical, a. troubled with a droiMy 
Drop'sioalness, n. a tendency to a dropsy 
Drop sy, ti. a watery disease 
Drop'stone, n. spar in the form of drops 
Dross, 71. the scum of metals, rust, refuse 
Drossliness, 7i. a dross}' state, foulness 
Dross'y, a. full of dross, fool, worthless 
Drought, DrouUi, a^ dry weather, dryness 
Drough'ty, Drouth'y, a. wanting rain, dry 
Drove, n. a herd of cattle 
DnWer, n. one who drives cattle to maikel 
Drown, v. t. to choke with water, oreriknr 
Drowse, v. to be heavy with sleep 
Drows'ily, ad. sleekly, heavily, 011%, half 
Drows'iness, n. unsound sleep, heaTmesi 
Drow'sy, a. sleepy, heavy, dull, ainggidli 
Drub, n. a tliump, knock, blow, bang 
Drub, V. t. to thruli, to beat with a stii 
Drubliing, n. a beating, ehastisemeiit 
Drudge, ik i. to labour in mean offlees, toD 
Drudge, n. a slave to work, laborious sefvi 
Drudg'er}', n. hard or mean labor, davery 
Drudg'ingly, ad. laboriously, toilsomely 
Drug, n. a medical simple, thing of slow adt 
ll^ru!g, T). t. \ft «&«»QKi^'^ drugs 

D U C 

n, a aligiit kind of \ronUcn stuff 
n. a person who selU diugii 
la ancient British priest, poet, &o. 
n. a female clniid 
, a. of or rclatlnj; to the diniids 
n. the religion of tlie dniids [ear 
I military iii8ti*umcnt, pait of the 
o heat ^ drum, heat, knock 
or, n. tlie chiof or first drummer 
■, 11. one skilled in di'umming 
Hf a. a. stick to heat a drum with 
unk'en, a. intoxicated witli liquor 
, 71. one given to too much drmk 
jT, ad. in a drunken manner 
ess, n. a di'unken state or hahit 
ring uo moisture, thirsty, di*oll 
ofree from moisture 
. coldly, severely, harrenly, slily 
1. a want of moisture 
n. a nurse who does not suckle 
a. having the feet dry 
c^^ssing the number 2, second 
to confer a title, h, a blow 
ko. made, invested with honour 
9S| n. doubtfulness, doubt 
Dubitable, a. doubtful, uncertain 
ad. uncertainly, doubtfully 
ertaining or relating to a duke 
A foreign coin ofdifierent values 
t. the wife of a Duke, ur female 
'a Duchy 

the teiTitory of a duke 
n. an Italian coin value 105 cents 
fowl, woM of fondness, stoop, a 
if fine canvas 

) put the head under water 
. a person who ducks, a loon 
n. a putting tlie head under water 
ool^ 71. a %U3c\ to duck sccdds in 
idf a. having short tliick legs 
n. a young or little (!uck 
passage, channel, guidance 
. pliable, easy to be drawn 
8, DuctiVitj-, n. the qua]hr of suf- 
'tension, pfinblcncHS ' | 

D U P 


Dud'geon, 7i. a small dagger, ill-will, malice 
Due, n. owing, proper, nt, exact 
Due, ti. a debt, right, title, claim, tribute 
Duel, 'i. a figlit between two persons 
Duel, -o. to neht, a single combat 
Di^eller, Dudlist, n. one who fights a duel 
Dueness, n* a due or fit quality, pn^rie^ 
Duen'na, n. an <rid goviiniante to a lady 
Duet, Dui't'to, n. a song or air in two parts 
Due^ 71. the pap or te^it of a beast 
Duke, n. the next dignity below a prince 
Dtikedom, 72. the poesessioos of a duke 
Dul'cet, a. sweet, iiarmonious, luscious, rich 
Dulcification, Dulcor^tion, n. a sweetning 
Dul'cify, Dul'corate, v. t. to sweeten, punff 
Dul'cimer, ti. an old musical instrument 
Duirhead, DulVard, n. a blockhead 
Dull, a. stupid, slow, blunt, dejected, sad 
Dull, V. t, to stupify, blunt, sadden 
DuU'y, ad. stupidly, slowly, slun^shly 
Duirness, or Durness, ft. stupi^y, sluggiah" 

ness, heaviness, dimness, bluntness 
Duly, ocf. property, fitly, regulariy, justly 
Ddmal, Dumoiu, a. full crf'bushes, briery 
Dumb, a. unable so speak, speechless, silent 
DumVly, ad. without using wcMds, Gently 
Dumb'nc88» n. inability to speak, muteness 
Dump'ish, a. somewhat sour, melancholy 
Damp'Ung,!!. a sort of boiled pudding 
Dumps, n. )>[. sullenness, melancholy 
Dun, 71. between brown and black, dark 
Dun, n. a clamorous creditor, a colour 
Dun, V. t, to press hard for a debt 
Dunce, n. a Jullard, blockliead, thickscuU 
Dung, n. soil, excrement 
Duug, V. t. to manure with dung 
Dung-fork, n. a foriL used to throw dung 
Dunghill, 71. a heap of dung, mean ahfxle 
Dung^iill, a. mean, low, vile, worthless 
Dungy a. full of dung, dirty ,mean, low 
Dun^i^, 7/. faggots or boughs laid in ships to 

keep goods m>m the bottom 
Dun'ning,/)a. pre«i4v\^if\\\!(SlEL^OT ^^^\. 
Duode"cimo, a. Wv\w^ Vi \e«N«»\n •a.^^'e^^ 



D W E 

Diip^t n- ft ercdiilouB nemm 
Duplicati-, TJ. /. to foln together, foIH up 
1 Kipliciitt', n. fui (-Xhet coiiy of iiu}* thin^ 
TKil'licMtc. a. containing flr|uare8, doable 
nii)iiic;itiMi, n. the iu:tof doubling, a fold 
I)u|)liratiire, n. a fold, aii^ thing doubled 
Dt'ipli'city, n. doubledeahng, deceit 
T)iirable, a. lanting, eoiitinuing lofig 
Dni-siblf ne'*«», Durabirity, w. power of lasting 
Dui'ttbly, afL inn lasting or itroiig maiintr 
TKiranre, n. iinpriHonincnt,cuato<ly 
Durunt', if. a glazed woollen stufT 
Duration, n. continuance, len|>;th of time 
Dnn'HH', n. cmmtraint by ronfinemcnt 
J)ijring,/^a. for the time uf coiitiuuaiice 
Dunt, pt'ffi. of to tlat^e 
Dunk, a. tending Id darkness, rather dark 
Duhk, ;/. a tcmdcney to darkness or blackness 
IIUNk'ilv, Ihihk'islily, tid. tlarkly, cloudily 
lliiMk'ifliii Ihisk'y, a. incUning Uidarknets 
riusk'incss, n. slifj^t obscurity, darkness 
DuHt, H. rnic particles of di|gr earth, the grave 
I hist, V. to throw «lutfl upon, free from dust 
Diist'inrss, r. a <histY state or condition 
Dust'man, tl one who carries away dust 
Ihtst'y, n. clouded or covered with <luflt 
Duteous, Dutiful, a. ob<>diciit, siibmiHsivc 
Dutinble, a. subject to duties or imirost 
Diifiriilly, ar/. obediently, n*s|M'ctlulIy 
Dt'iLifuhifSM, 71. olM>diencc, siibmiftsion, duty 
Ih'ity, n. obe<lienec, obligation, a tax, custom 
Du'ty, V. t. to impost* a duty or customs 
Duumvir, n. oiu* of two officers in Rome 
Ihium' viral, a. iK-rtaining to a duumvii*ate 
Diium'virate, n. |i:oveniment by two 
Dviarf^ 71. a man, kc. below the usual size 
Dvvni'U V. t. to hinder or keep from growing 
Dwaif, a. that is below natural size, bniall 
DwHrPcd,)ba. stopp<^d in the growth, 8tunte<i 
DwarTiRh, a. below the common size 
Dwell, y. i. dwelled, <,^re/. dwelt, />a. to 

liv«', inhabit, reside, eontinu(>, stay 
l>urn'rr, f/. one that dwells, an inhabitant 

^^^^/Jjifs'^-Iiotisa, /,, H p/noe o( residence 

E A 

l)v. iiiMh-, V. }. to shrink, fa 
1 )\ e, T. t. to color, give a d 
!)%«•, 71. coloring matter, tii 
i>\«:'ing, u. utbinng ; n. tli 
l)v'i:ig, pa. expiring, siiikii 
Dy'iuisty, n. a rart' of kings 

ily in suci-ession 
Dyrt'i-nteiT, n. a looseness, i 
l>; sciiti'r'ic, a. |M rtiuiiing Xx. 
Ih spcp'sy, 71. in(Ii;;;t'slion 
Dyspi-p'tic, a. troubled wit 


"W7^ AClf, a. or pron. ever 
JPj se|>ai'at(-ly coi>sidere< 
K^MgiT, a. zcalouR, ardent, 
K'agerly, ad. zealously, hot 
F/agcrncss, n. earnestness, 
IVagle, 71. a lai'ge and furio 
F/agle-eyed, a. ([uicksighte 
E'apespeed, n. llie swiftnc 
E'aglct, 71. a young eagle 
Far, n. tlie oignn (if hcaiin 
Ear, 7'. to shootout into eai 
R'ared, fm. having ears, pic 
F/aring, ?/. a shootii^g into 
H«rl, 71. H title next to that 
Ef/rl'dom, n. the seigiior\ ( 
K/arle&i, a. having no caw 
Kai''lv, ad. soon, betimes ; 
Ftrr'linesH, 7/. Uic state of b 
Fj«m, V. t. to gain or deser 
Fani'e;!, pa. gkiuod or mei 
Iw/rn'ings, ii. the regard d 
I'^fini'est, a. eager, diligent 
liwni'est, n. money advanci 
I''r/rn'estly, ad. eagerly, wi 
r.fim'ciitiiess, a. eagerness, 
»*Vamng, /;. a ring with je\ 
Kartli, 7*. the globe we live 
F.«ilh. 7'. to cover with ni( 
'.Viiih'born, a. born of the 
V.dviVi'u, a . vcvwle of earth. 

£ C L 

ing, R. a frail creature, mortal 
ft a. of this ii^orld, vile, sordid, low 
oake, n. a shaking of tlie earth 
tiaking^ a. that eauseth an earthquake 
rorni) n. a wmrn, a mean wretch 
, a. oonaiflting of or like earth 
E, n. wax that gathers in the ear 
'y n. a harmless inseet, a whisperer 
MM, fi. one who hears himseff 
freedom from labor, Sec. quiet 
. t. to reliere, assuage, lessen, free 
1. a painter's frame fOT^canvas 
snt, n. ease, relief, refreshment 
ad. gently, readily, without trouble 
n, n. ease, rest, quiet, readiness 
llie quarter where the sun rises 
n. the feast of Christ's resurrection 
y, a. and ad. towards the east 
1, a. of or belon^ne to the east 
rd, ad. to or towards the east 
I. placed at ease, quiet, not hard 
ste, eat, pret. eaten, pa. to take food, 
nr, devour, feed upon, corrode 
5, a. that may be eaten, fit to eat 
^. deyoured, consumed 
n. one who or what eats, a corrosive 
v. ^. the edges of a roof 
rop» V. t. to listen, hearken, luxk un- 
he window 

ropper, n. a listener under windows 
i. to flow back, decline, decay 
a flowing back, return, decay 
e, n. the reflux of tide water 
Qt. made of or like ebony 
, n. a hard black wood 
, n. habitual drunkenness 
km, n..the aetof boiling^ or babblmg 
rie, a. from the center, uregular 
i"ei^, n. a deTiation from the center 
■n what is usual 

Ntfic, n. a clergyman, minister, priest 
Mtficfd, a. of or relating to the ^ureh 
(eh as k) n. a sound returned 
B. to jg^ ve hsek or reject soand 
'te^v. /.to clear up, to explain 


E D U 


Eclaircisscment, n. a full explanation 
Ecla^, n. splendor, honor, renown 
Eclect'ic, a. selecting, choosing at will 
Eclipse', n. an obscuratitm of a luminary 
Eclipse', V. t. to daiken, cloud, di^^acc 
Ecljps'ed,]>a. darkened, disn-aced 
Eclip'tic, n. aline on tfie sphere of the world 

which the sun describes in its annual rero- 

Ytdlopiet n- a pastoral poem, a rural poem 
Econ'om^, n. frugidity m expenditures 
Econom'ica], a. saving, fri^l, prudent 
Econom'ically, Of/, frugally 
Econ'omist, n. one frugal in expenses 
Econ'omize, v, to be frugal in expenses 
Ec'staned, a. ravished, enraptured, delighted 
Ec'stasv, n. rapture, transport, distraction 
Ecstat'ie; a. ravishing, enrapturine^ 
Ecuroen'ical, a. general, uidversal [ness 

£da"ci^, n. voratei^, ravenousness, greedi- 
Ed'der, n. wood on the top of fences 
Ed'dy, n. a eiroular motion of wind or water 
Edem'atous, a. full of humours 
Edge, n. sharp ride of an instrument, brink 
Edge, V. to sharpen, provoke, border, move 
Edg'ed, ^. sharpened, bordered 
Edg'ing, 71. a kind of narrow lace, a border 
Edge'leta, a. void of edge, blunt 
Edge'tool, n. a sharp or cutting instrument 
Edge'wise, ad, in direction of the edge 
Edible, a. eatable, fit to be eaten 
E'dict, n. an (Ordinance, decree 
E(Ufieition, n a building up in faith 
Ed'ifiee, n. a building, structure, house 
Ed'ifier, n. one who edifies or instructs 
Ed'ify, V. t. to build up, instruct, profit 
Ed'ifying, pa. building up, instructing 
E'dile, n. a Roman magistrate, surveyor 
E'diMiip, ft. the office of an Edile^ 
Ed'it, V. t. to superintend a publieation 
Edi"tion, n. the impression or print of a book 
Ed'itor, 71. one who pr<!\iareA ^VwjcK Vst ^v^- 

Edit6rial, a. pertsuwixv^Vc^ «!ci e^\^ssc ^ 


E F P 

Eda&itioii, ju the instruction of clitldivn 
Ed'ucator, n. one who educates 
Educe, V. t. to draw out, extract 
Education, n. the act of drawing out 
Educt', V. t. to lead or draw fortli 
Eel, n. a creeping^ slimy fish 
Eel'iMMit, n. the burbot,a tliick kind of eel 
Et'fable, a. expressible, utterable 
Efface, V. t. to deati-oy, deface, blot out 
Effect', tt. a thin^ produced, end, issue 
Effect', V. t. to bnng to pass, perform 
Effect'ible, a. that may be eftectcd 
Effect'ive, a. able to produce, serviceable 
Effective, n. a soldier fit for duty 
Effect'ively, ad. with effect, powerfully 
Effoot'iveness, n. an effective qualitv, power 
^J^-ct^ess, a. having no effect, useless 
Elfect'or, n. one who effects or produces 
Effects, goods, moveables 
Effectual, a. emcacious, powerful, real 
Effect'ually, acL powerfully, to good irnqKisc 
Effect'uate, v, t. to bring to pass, to fulfil 
Effem'inacy, n. excessive delicacy, pleasure 
Effom'inate, a. womanish, tender 
Effem^inate, v. t to make womanish, soften 
Kffem'inately, ad. in an effeminate manner 
Effervesce', v. i. to be agitated as bodies which 

dissolve each other and throw out air with a 

hissine , 

Effervcs ccnce, n. a boiling heat of passion 
Efferves'cent, a. boiling up, fermenting 
Effete, a. baiTCu, worn out "with age 
Efficacious, a. productive of effect, powerful 
Effiwiciously, ad. effectually, powerfully 
Efficacy, n, ability in effect, strength 
Effijciency, n. a pivKlucing of effects 
•r v"*-'^*^"^ rt. causing or producing effects 
,;^'*'hy> ". an imajjv', representation 
EjHoresc*"', V. i. to form fine white powder on 
^ thredsorihc sujface 

Efllores'cenct', n. the white matter like poM-- 
der on sjiJts, kc. tlie red spots in fever, the 

^^^res'cont, a. in form of flowers or spots 
^-Jfae.ic^, ^. what issues rromsimWx^v 

E J U 

Ef'fluent, a. flowing from, running out 
Efiiuvium, fi. an emanation, i-apor, amell 
Ef flux, n. tlie act of flowing out, an effiasioB 
Efilux'ion, n. a flowing out, an effluviam 
Effort, n. a struggle, endeavor, attempt 
Effos'sion, n. the act of dip;i»g out 
Effront'ery, n. assurance, impudenee. 
Efful'genoe, ft. luster, briehtness, grntlig^ 
Efful'gent, a. shining out, oright, iuminoiu 
Efful'ging,a. sending forth liglit 
Effuse, (effuse) v. t. to po^r out, spill, shed 
Effusion, n. a pouring out, liberality 
Effusive, a. pouring out, dispersing largely 
Eft, 71. a newt, or small lizard 
Eg^, M. the production of fowls 
Egg, V. i. to incite, {ob. edge is used for it) 
Eg^antin^, n. a species of rose, sweet briec 
E'gotism, n. self commendation 
E'gotist, n. one who talks of himself 
E'gotize, V. i. to talk of or praise one's self 
Egi'egious, a. eminent, notoi'ious 
Egregiously, cuf. eminently, notably 
E^-ess, Egres^sion, w. the act of going out 
E'gi'ct, n. a flower for the head, a tuft or dots 

on seeds, the less or white heron 
E'griot, 71. a kind of sour cherry 
Eigh, esr. expressing sudden pleasure 
Eight, (ate) a. a number, twice four 
Eight'een, a. ten and eight united together 
Eight'eenth, a. noting eighteen 
Eight'fold, a. taken or repeated eight times 
Eightli, a. noting the number eight 
Eighth' ly, cuL in the eighth place or elan 
Eight'scorc, a. twenty token ei^t times 
Eight'y, a. ten eiglit times, foursewe 
FVight'ieth, a. noting number eighty 
E'iiher, pron. or a. one or the other, eidi ' 
Ejac'nlHte, v. t. to throw out, utter 
Ejaculiitiou, 7t. aahootihg out, short pxvyer 
Ejac'ulator^', a. sudden, hasty, darted out 
Eject, V. t. to cast or tltfow out, turn oat 
E^jeot'etl, pa. cast or turned out, rejected 
K|ec'tion, 77. the* act of casting out, expahiQA 
E^cet'mewt, n. ^ -^w^to cast out of possesiion 

E L O 


-« UK r^K, V, I. to inereMO^ tpiii oat 
Skc, ad, abo, beside, moreover, further 
'^'king,^ tdding;; n, the act of supplyiDg 
^lab'orste, v, t. to produce with labour 
^'lab'orate, a. finished with exactness 
illab'orately, ad. laboriously, with labor 
Slabonltioa, ft. an improvement by pains 
Stand, fi. A species « antelope in Africa 
Elapse', V. i. to pass awar, run out 
KUrtie, a. springing bacli, reooverine 
EihHti"city, ElaiS'ieness, n. a spring m bodies 
BUte, a. flashed with success, hau^ty 
Bate, V. I. to puff up, make proud 
EUtion, n. haughtiness, arrogance, pride 
Ktliov, n. the bend of the arm, a comer 
jHww, V. to push with the elbow 
^^bowehair, n. a chair that has arms 
^^Hxitmoom, n. room to move the elbows 
^er, a. halving more years 
^er, n. the name of a tree 
Elfferiy, a. growing somewhat in years 
Skfers, n, pi. ancient rulers, ancestors 
Klffership, «. seinority, presbyterv, dignity 
WiMt, a. the oldest or m-st-bom' 
Ckeampane, n. a kind of herb, starwort 
^lest', V. t. to choose, select for favmr 
'Jeet^,Eleot'ed, ^. chosen, selected 
lee'tnary, or £leo'tar}% n. a medicine made 
of conserves and powders 
ee'tion, n. the act of choosing, choice 
^•tiooedr. v. i. to make interest for a can- 

BtiooeMng^^ making efibrts or using arts 
esny an election 

tioneering, n. use of efforts in elections 
^iv^ a. exercising choice 
Ively, ail. by choice, with preference 
'or, 11. one who elects, a title of princes 
oral, a. belonging to an elector 
mte, fi. the territory of an elector 
ic, u. any substance in which electricity 
ie excited W nibbing, and wluch wiu 
ranamit the fluid 

eal, a. of orrthtiae to electricity 
wuij ft. ooc vcncdin clcctiicitv 

Elec'trically, ad in the manner of electric 
Electri^'citv, n. a nai'ticular kind of attract! 

and the cause ot it 
Elec'trify, v. to affect by the electrical flui 

to become electric 
Elec'trizu, V. t. to affect by electricity 
Elec'trifiable, a. tliat may receive eleetri^; 

or become an electric *> 

Elemos'ynar}', a. living on charity, charitable 

Elegiac, a. used in elegies, mournful 
Ele'gy, n. a funeral poem, a plaintive song 
El'emcnt, n. a simple body, or body which hu- 
man art caimot dividu, a pure metal, sul- 
phur, day, &o. In popular language, fire, 
ur, eardi'and water are called elements, a 
constituent or first principle 
Element'al, a. pro(luc<.'d by elements, simple 
Element'ar}', a. not ccmi)ounde<l, simple 
Ercphant, n. the largest of land animals 
Elephant^ine, a. pertaining to an elephant 
Erevate, v. t. to exalt, raise, lift up, elate 
Ercvate, El'evated, pa. exalted, raised up 
Erevation, n. a raising up, exaltation, heighth 
Elev'en, a. ten and one added togt^ther 
Eiev'enth, a. noting mimbi^r eleven 
Elf, 71. pL elves, a spirit, a fancied being 
Eli'cit, V. t. to strike out, draw out 
Eligible, a. fit to be chosen, desirable [sen 
EFigibleuess, Eligibility, n. fitness to be cho- 
Eligibly, ad. pleasingly, ad^-anta^ously 
Eli^sion, n. a cutting off, separation, dash 
Elix'ir, n. the quinteacence, a coi*dial ^ 
Elk, n, a lai*ge wild beast of the stag kind 
Ell. n. a measure of a yard and a quarter 
Elhp'siSyn. an oval figure, defect 
Eliptical, a. oval, roundish, defective 
Elm, n. a ti-ee for sliade or timber 
ElocCition, n. utterance, deliver}*, fluencj- 
Elon'gHte, r. to <lraw out, \u'Ot\r;ktV,^v\»i^ 

Elongation, a. ;\\tiv\jS>^«xv\\vsE,^^*iV*^ j. 
Elope, u t. lo rvu\ o^,Xo v-'afc^^^? ^^vi*.>^i 
Kloponic\\t,n. ai ^.fcrvx ^o^wt^rw'*"- 

e.l'-l"'U' •-'ibr-ft Snr <**>" P*^ 

■iinir or »riii»/K'"?"" ' \ 

KialH:ITia)imuiit,n.nniaiapiit. .__ . . 
fim'lKn,n.;>f.liMdnrlcrR, nelicg notiKi 
Bmliei'ilc, tr. (. to iteriwiil by i<i>pmpi 

*.ln>l^^ *»- i'l-i MCWr CTMOn 

*^i»»' f. lotoie H"*") t"™; •*»? 

E^^i»**i •fl-KTo'" thinor lean, »«aled 
|S&*f'/iS.e fr«.n. flying «.t 
S^'gol**' „ ,-, to itrooOLfl fiinn, flow ont 

pB» ■Tinatc, P. *■ til wl kt libprtj,rrcc 
F.r»»n^oii, 11. ileliviranw from dsvcir 
K^Si?-. '■'-"> '«!■«= . 

Kn«eaKun". "■ c»«ration, cHcminiKy 
&SSle, f. 1. 10 niak,- op i„M taks 
ErobdlinB. P^ fwmi"5 i»tn » bnwlle 
. HmbBli" . '"■ ' "> '»'"' "*" *'«= ">*P»""™ "f 
IkkIt mill fill it iilli aronmucs to preBcrie 
Emliafin'c, n-«iR wlio cmhslnis balUa 

[pro|>er(y ftr one's o»n I 
z'zlcmeiit, n, frauJ by \siing tnc 
izon, V. t. to blazon, ulorn, <lnerl' 
Enililum, H. a moiiil ili-iki^, n'prviipntiit 
KiuliluinHf ical, o. UMinR oinbloma, nlliu 
Kmbli-innt'wHlly, ml. alluiirely, with Hli 
Knilina, v. I, to imm with ridae work 
Krubmifittg, a. makiticSearvt in reiicn 
Rnilion'mciitin. rt-liia,nunBvork 

from leaving K pmt. Or commodities (ixim 
Willi; cJimKiii [or exportation 

F.rahai"Ki>, T. I- Ui prohiliitthp wiling qf ships 
Embnri?, r. to go on ri.ip bosiil, to m^go 
BniliHi-WlJon, n. a pMuR on board 
Rp 'jar'niMi, r. t. to iH-rplci, ciiUi«lr,cliig 
KmbiB.'. f • «. W imi«ir, degrade, oft [rank 
Km/afiiBAx; H. a publie minister otUic Bnt 
^wAsi-JmAv'.^ «. 11 li-mnk euror, ui embas- 

ililio Dies 

of balllc 

cnehMC ill a baT, bufac 

■ itilj 

EmbiilDi:!, Kmbrdormcnl, n. 
" bi'SaArc, u. an opi-nlng ir 


KinbriikfiT, i 




1 wall 


iUi figiin! V' 
', n. a porsnii wlio ciubroiili 
n. u variegated ni-e<lli>Hoi' 
, to disturb, confuse, iniolT 

.. ._ Ti'dnced tolirutslily 

Km'lH'yo, rWbnan, n. the riidimenls 
Hiiiiiiul or plant, hrfon: the jwrta an 
inctlf fbmted, the beginning 
Bm'bi'ynii, u. |nrrtaining to fii-st radimci 
RmeiiiMtion, n, a correction, alteration 
Rm'tralil, n. a gem, n green precious lU 
KraorKc-, - - - - " -■ ' 

■rKi'nl, 1. 

LTOlll, n. tl. ,, 

Vnion, H. theoctoTriBin 
Km'ertis, II. plain InfUaraosi 

1 Kight, Huddei 

E N C 


..,^..tiii; a. moving from one countr}* to an* 

Eni'igrant, n. a person who quits his own conn- 

irv to n.'sii!c m another [tr}' 

Eini''p-«to,ri. toixinove from coiinti^ to coun- 
Emigration, fi. a c)i»ii<^ of country 
lilm'ilicncc, n. a risiT'jjj groimd, elevation in 

rank or cliaraet'.*r, a i-isiiig, a summit 

Era'issarj-, «. a secret agtisjt, a spy 
Kmif/'sioti, tf. a throwing out, a vent 
FiUtit', T*. \o send out, discliarge 
£m'met,7i. a kind of insect, ant, pismire 
Kmol'liaU^ v. t. to soften, make ctfi-minatc 
F.mnriient, a. softeninj^, suppling, moistening 
KmoFIient, n. a medicine which softens 
&iK))U''tion, n. a softening or relaxing 
Euorumcnt, n. profit, gain, advantage 
Enoluiueiit'al, a. producing emolument 
Emddoii, n. a disturlmnce of muid 
Kmpiile, v. i. to inclose, put on a stake 
KiQpilcmcnt, n. a fixing on a stake 
Rm peror, fi. a title superior to king 
Wphasis, fi. a stress laid on a word 
Wphasizc, V. t. to lay a stress of voice 
FA^iat'ical, a. sti*()ng, foixible, striking 

mpiKicaly a. pi*actis(>d hy rote 
ni]Mr^ioa)ly, ad. e\i»erimentally, like a quack 
BJiii^ieinn, n. the practice of quacks 
ipbut'er, v.t. to cover with a plaster 
iploy', 1*. t. to keep at work, excireise, u«e 
ploy'fEmploy'ment, n. business,ofiioe 
)l^able, a. fit to be employed or used 
ilorcr n. <me who emjiloys 
01 son T^ /. to destroy by poison 
x'aoner, n. one -h ho ihmsoiis another 
^ro, fi. a seat of merchandise, a mart 
verisli, see Im|)Overish 
w'er, V. t. to auiJiori.9e 
vsn ». M f*owa/j Iiurliiff imperial digtuty 

Emp'tiness, n. a void space, vanity 
Emp'tion, 7/. tiio act of buyiui*, a purchue 
Enip'ty, a. void,, unfurnished^ ignorant 
Emp'ty, r». t. toexliaust, make void 
Empur pie, t. t. lo uiake or dye pur|>Ie 
Empyr'eal, u. bo} ond atrial, heavenly 
Fimpyr'euin, ;i. tin? lughe&t lieuven or rcgioi 
Em u, n. a very largo binl of S. America^ six 

ffet hi;ch, with sni:dl useless wings 
l''iu'«il;itL', V. t. to rival, strive to e<iual 
Eniulsition, n. rivalry, vontontion, strife 
Km'ulative, a. im-lintMl to emulate 
Em'ulator, «. a rival, com{>etitor, opponent 
Emurgent, a. milking or dniiningout 
EmuhNiH, a. riMtling, desirous to excel 
Em'ulouKly, ad. with a desire of excelling 
EmuKsion, n. a liquid softening medicine 
Emursi\c, a, s(^Miing, moUifyin^ 
Enable, v. t. to make able, authorize 
Enact', r>. t. to order, pass, establish 
Enact'ed, pa. decreed, established, performed 
Enact'or, n. one who passes a law 
Enam'el, v, t. to cover or paint with enamel 
Enam'cl n. a substance imperfectly vitrified, 

bavins: a glass}' suHace 
Enam'ellar, a. lUte enamel, smooth, glossy 
Enam'eller, n. one \iho enamels or inlays 
Enam'or, v. t. to inflame with love or desire 
Enam'ored, pa. inflamed, captivated 
Encage, v. t. to coop up, to confine 
Encamp^ i*. to pitch or fix tents 
Eucamp'mcnt, n. tents pitchwl in jmhIpf 
Endive, v. t. to hide or conceal in a ca\t; 
Ench^fe, v. t. to enrage, pi-ovoke, chafe 
Enchain, v. t.Xo fasten ^ith a chain, bind 
Enchant', v. t. to charm, delight liighly 
Enchant'er, n. a soixerer, magician, wizard 
Enuhant'ingly, ad. in an enchanting niMiiier 
EnchaT^t'ment, u. magical charms, deliglit 
Enchant'ress, n. sorceress, a beauty 
Enchase, v. t. to set in gold, silver, &c. 
Encir"cle, v. t. to enclose in a civeW. vve v\\v^ 
Enciit'letjU. at\Tc\t, ^kvsIiX ^vc^v\^y«v«^ 
EneluK, see IxivAoae ,_. j 


E M B 

EHops, ??. a kirtd offish, the wa serpent 
tl'oquence, n. elegant speaklnp^ or imtine, 
fluency of ppeecli, power of s^icaking wim 
patlios oratoiy [fluent 

Ero<iuent, a. Ijaving the power of oratory, 
El'oqnently, ml. in an eloquent manner 
Else, ^ron. other, one beside ; eui. otherwise 
Elsewhere, ad. in some other place 
Elteitlatc, V. t to explain, to elcar up 
Elucidation, n. an explanation 
Eh'icidator, n. an explainer, expositor 
Elude, V. t. to escape or avoid by artifice 
Eludiblc, a. that may be eluded or defeated 
Elusion, n. artifice, escape, evasion 
Elusive, Eldsory, a. tending to elude 
ElVish, a, relating to wandering spirits 
Elys'ian, a. very delightful, pleasant 
Elys'ium, n, tlie heaven of the heathens 
Emaciate, v. to lose flesh, pine away 
Emaciated, pa. grown thin or lean, wasted 
Em'anai'.t, a. issuing from, flowing out 
Em^anatc, v. i. to proceed from, flow out 
Emanation, n. the act of issuing out 
Em'anativo^ a. tending to flow nt)m 
Eman'cipate, v. t. to set at liberty, free 
Emandpation, n. deliverance from slaveiy 
Emas'oulate, v. t. to castrate 
Emasculation, n. castration, effeminacy 
Embdle, v. t. to make up into bales 
Embating, pa. forming into a bundle 
Embalm , v. tto take out the intestines of a 
body and fill it yr'Hh aromatics to preserve it 
Embalm'cr, n. one who embalms bodies 
Embar'eo, n. a prohibiti(Hi to prevent vessels 
from leaving a port, or commodities from 
being exported [or exportation 

Embargo, v. t. to pn^ibitthe sailing of ships 
Embark', t). to go (m ship board, to engage 
EmbaiiUition, n. a going on board 
En-bar'rass, v. t. to perplex, entangle, clog 
^' inbar'rassment, n. perplexity, distress 
lilmbase. v. t. to impair, degrade, ob. [rank 
^mdas'saflor, n. a pablie minister of the first 
^-^j^;^r/j-c3s, u. a fenude cnravy an embas- 

E M E 

Eni'bassagc, Em'bassy, n. a public i 
Embat'tle, v. t to sct'in order of ba 
Embky, v. t. to enclose in a bay, ba 
Embcriish, v. t. to adorn, trim, beai 
Embel'li^meut, n. ornament, decor 
Em'bers, ru pL hot cinders, aalies no 
Embez'zle, v. t. to defraud by app 
to one's own use what is entra8te< 
care [property for one's o 

Erabez'zlement, n. fraud by using 
EmbUzon, v. t. to blazon, aaom, de 
Emblem, n. a moral device, represe 
Emblematical, a. using emblems, f 
Erablemat'ically, ad. allusively, witJ 
Embod'ied a. incorporated,clQtlied -« 
Emboss, V. t. to adorn with rising wc 
Emboss'ing, a. making ficurcs in re! 
Emboss'mcnt, n. relieT, rising woric 
Embot^tle, v. t. to include in bottles 
Embow'el, v. t. to take out the entr 
Embr^c, v. t. to squeeze, take, con 
Embriicc, EmbHicement, n. a clasp. 
Embrastire, n. an opening in a vi^all 
Em'brocate, v. t. to foment a part d: 
Embrocation, n. fomentation, lotion 
Embroid'er, v. t. to adorn "with figui 
Embroid'erer, n. a person who erab 
Embroid'ery n. a variegated needle- 
EmbnuK, v. t. to disturb, confuse, i[ 
Embnitcd, n. reduced to brutality 
Em'bryo, Em'bryon, n. the rudun 
animal or plant, before the parts 
tinctly formed, the beginning 
Em'bryon, a. pertaining to first rud 
Emendation, n. a correction, altera) 
Em'erald, n. a gem, a green prcciou 
Emerge', v. i. to issue, to rise oat o 
Emergency, n. a rising, presuug n< 
Emer^gent, a. ccHning into sight, so 
Em'eitxls, n. the piles 
Emer'sion, n. the act of risine out oJ 
Em'ertis, n. plain India musliiis 
Em'erv', n. an ore of iron, used in p 
^^me^vC) a. ^^V'ucvnki^xQiiuting 


E M P 

moving from one countrj- to an- 

a person who quits his own coim- 
le m another [try 

;. to i*emove from counti^ to coun- 
n. a cliHiijw^ ofcountiy 
n. a risit^jjf groujid, elevatiwi in 
U'actcr, a rising, a summit 
liigli, lofty, celebrated 
id. conspicuously, greatly 
urkish prince, or Bashaw 
a secret agent, a spy 
a throwing out, a vent 
eutl out, discharge 
kind of insect, ant, pismire 
. t. to soften, make effeminate 
;. softening, suppling, moistening 
I. a medicine wliich softens 
n. a softening or relaxing 
n. profit, gain, advantage 
i\, a. producing emolument 
I disturbance of mind 
to inclose, put on a stake 
, n. a fixing on a stake 
a title superior to king 
. a Rti*ess laid on a word 
V. t. to lay a stress of voice 
a. strong, forcible, striking 
r, atl. strongly, forcibly 
niperial power or government 
a pi'etended physician, quack 
{. practised by rote 
, ad. experimentally, like a quack 
, 71. tlie practice of quacks 
v.t. to cover with a plaster 
'. to keep at work, exercise, u»c 
iploy'ment, n. bu8ine8S,office 
, a. fit to be employed or used 
, one who employs 
t. to desti'oy by i}oi8on 
, 71. one who poisons another 
I. a seat of merchandise, a mart 
;. t. to autJiorise 

a woman having impcrislAipAtj 

E N C 


Emp'tiness, n. a void space, vanity 
Krap'tion, n. the act of buying, a purchase 
Kmp'ty, a. void, unfurnished, ignorant 
Emp'ty, v. /. to exhaust, make void 
Empur pie, v. t. to make or dye purple 
Erapyr'eal, a. beyond aerial, heavenly 
EmmVeum, n. the liighest heaven or region 
En/u, n. a veiy large bird of S. America, six 

feet high, witli small useless wings 
Em'ulato, v. t. to rival, strive to equal 
EmuMtion, n. rivaliy, contention, strife 
Em'ulative, a. inclined to emulate 
Em'ulator, 72. a rival, competitor, opponent 
EmuKgent, a. milking or draining out 
Emulous, a. rivaling, desirous to excel 
Em'ulously, ad. with a desire of excelling 
EmuFsion, n. a liquid softening medicine 
Emul'sive, a. sdtening, moUifyin^ 
Enable, v. t. to make able, authorize 
Enact', V. t. to order, pass, establish 
Enact'cd, pa. decreed, established, performed 
Enact'or, n. one who passes a law 
Enam'el, r, t. to cover or paint with enamel 
Enam'el n. a substance imperfectly vitrified, 

havlnie: a glass}* suiface 
Enam'ellar, a. lUcie enamel, smooth, glossy 
Enam'eller, n. one who enamels or inlays 
Enam'or, v. t. to inflame with love or desire 
Enam'ort^d, pa. inflamed, captivated 
Encage, V. t. to coop up, to confine 
Encamp', v. to pitch or fix tents 
Encamp'ment, n. tents pitched in wdep 
Encslve, v. t. to hide or conceal in a cave 
Ench^fe, V. t. to eiu^gc, provoke, chafe 
Enchdin, v. t. to fasten with a chain, bind 
Enchant', v. t. to charm, deliglit hi^ily 
Enchant'er, n. a sorcerer, magician, wizard 
Enchant'ingly, ad. in an enchanting manner 
EnchaT)t'ment, n. magical charms, deUgfat 
Enchant'ress, n. sorceress, a beauty 
Ench^>, V. t. to set in gold, silver, &c. 
Encir"cle, v. t. to enclose in a clvcW. vw \ivw^ 
Encirc'letjti. a,t\t^Vi, %x&siKV ««^v\.»Ttcv% 
£nc\69c, «e€ IswAoafe «v*^^« 



EHops, 11. a kind of fisli, the 9e& st^rpeiit 
tl'oquence, ?». elegant spcakinp^ or imtine, 
fluency of Pi)eech, power of s^icaking vith 
patlioH, oratoiy [fluent 

Ero<iuent, a. having the power oi oratory, 
El'oqnently, ml. in an eloquent manner 
Else, pron. other, one beside ; ad. otherwise 
Elsewhere, ad. in some other plaee 
Elteidatc, V. t. to explain, to clear up 
Elucidation, n. an explanation 
Elucidator, fi. an explainer, expositor 
Elude, V. t. to escape or avoid by artifice 
Eludible, a. that may be eluded or defeated 
Elusion, n. artifice, escape, evasion 
Elusive, Eldsory, a. tending to elude 
ElVish, a. relating to wandering spirits 
Elys'ian, a. very delightful, pleasant 
Elys'ium, n. tlie heaven of the heathens 
Emaciate, v. to lose flesh, pine away 
Emaciated, pa. grown thin or lean, wasted 
Em'anni^t, a. issuing from, flowing out 
Em^anatc, v. i. to proceed from, flow out 
Emanation, n. the act of issuing out 
Rm'anative, a. tending to flow from 
Eman'clpate, v. t. to set at liberty, free 
Emandpiition, n. deliverance from slaveiy 
Emas'culate, v. t. to castrate 
EmascuUtion, n. castration, effeminacy 
Emb^le, v. t. to make up into bales 
Embaling, pa. forming into a bundle 
Bmbalm , v.tXo take out the intestines of a 
body and fill it with aromatics to preserve it 
Embalm'cr, n. one who embalms bodies 
Embar'go, n. a prohibition to pi'event vessels 
from leaving a port, or commodities from 
being exported [or exportation 

Embargo, v. t. to prohibitthc sailing of ships 
Embarit', r. to go (m ship board, to engage 
Embarkation, n. a gomg on board 
Ep-bar'rass, v. t. to perplex, entangle, clog 
■'' •nbar'rassment, 7i. p*?rplexity, distress 
limbase. v. t. to impair, degrade, ob. [rank 
^Jmlfas'satlor, n. a pabUe minirter of the first 
^-^^^"ffir/rcss, n, a female cnToy, an em\»a- 

E M E 

Eni'bassagc, Em'batsy, n. a public meaiag^ 
Embaf tie, v. t to set'in order of battle 
Embdy, v. t. to enclose in a bay, bathe 
Embcriish, v. t. to adorn, ti-im, beantHy 
Embel'lt8hmeut,n. ornament, deeoration 
Em'bers, n. pi hot cinders, ashes not dead 
Embez'zle, v. t. to defraud by apipropriatii 

to one's own use what is entnitted to o« 

care [property for ooe's own bene 

Embez'zlement, n. fraud by uang anotha 
EmbUzon, v. t. to blazon, aoom, describe 
Emblem, n. a moral device, repreaentatkw 
Emblematical, a. using emblems, allusive 
Emblemat'ically, ad. allusively, with allmioi 
Embod'ied a. incorporated,clothed with a bod 
Emboss, V. t. to adorn with riang wori^ 
Emboss'ing, a. making figures in relievo 
Emboss'ment, n. relict, rising woA. 
Embot'Ue, v. t. to include in bottles 
Embow'cl, V. t. to take out the entrails 
Embnice, v. t. to squeeze, take^ comprise 
Embi'ace, Embr^teement, n. a clan>, hug 
Rmbrasiire, n. an opening in a wall 
Em'brocate, v. t. to foment a part diseased 
Embrocation, n. fomentation, lotion 
Embroid'cr, v. t. to adorn with figure work 
Embroid'erer, n. a person who erobrddfln 
Embroid'ery n. a variegated ncedle-woik 
Embroil', v. t. to disturb, confuse, involfe 
Rmbn'itcd, n. reduced to brutality 
Em'brj-o, Em'bryon, n. the rudiments of* 

animal or plant, before the parts are ^ 

tinctly formed, the beginning 
Em'brvon, a. pertaining to fir^ radimOBltf 
Emendation, n. a correction, attention 
Em'erald, n. a gem, a green prceioos itotf 
Emerge', v. i. to issue, to rise out of 
Emergency, n. a rising, presung utucMilJ 
Emer^gent, a. ccHning into ugfat, sodden 
Em'erods, n. the piles 
Emer^sion, n. tiie act of risinv ont of viber 
Em'ertis, n. plain India mnsluis 
Em'eiT, n. an ore of iron, need in poUridag 
^^Yime\!\«) a,^^\.'^Mn^«4'Hqjauting 

E M P 

,t, a. moving from one countrj- to an- 

it, n. a person who quits his own coim- 

rt'sidc m another [try 

je,ri. to It-move from counti^ to coun- 

ion, 7t. a cliaiige of country 

cc, «. a risiri? groujid, elevaticm in 

r character, a rising, a summit 

t, a. higli, loftv, celebrated 

tly, ud. conspicuously, g^reatly 

. a Turkish prince, or Bashaw 

y, 71. asi'cret agent, a spy 

ni, n. a throwinjr out, a vent 

. to send out, dir^charge 

y 71. a kind of insect, ant, pismire 

te, V. t. to soften, make etfiminatc 

nt, a. soilening, suppling, moistening 

!n^ n. a medicine wliich softens 

lion, n. a softening or relaxing 

[lent, n. profit, gain, advantage 

lent'al, a. producing emolument 

I, n. a disturbance of mind 

, V. i. to inclose, put on a stake 

ment, n. a fixing on a stake 

»*, n. a title superior to king 

lis, n. a stress laid on a word 

jizc, V. t. to lay a stress of voice 

'ical, a. strong, forcible, striking 

icallvy mI' strongly, forcibly 

, n. inipeiial power or government 

^ 71. a pretended physician, quack 

ial, a. practistid by rote 

uilly, ad. experimentally, like a quack 

asm, n. the practice of quacks 

'er, v.t. to cover with a plaster 

', 1'. t. to keep at work, exercise, u»e 

', Employ'ment, n. busine8S,offiee 

'able, a. fit to be employed or used 

'er 71. one who employs 

on V. t. to destroy by poison 

oner, n. one who poisons another 

im, n. a seat of merchandise, a mart 

risli, see Im[)Overish 

er, V. t. to authorise 

v^ ». M wowau havJogimpcrkd dignity 

E N C 


Emp'tiness, n. a void si)ace, vanity 
Emp'tion, n. the act of buying, a purchase 
Enip'ty, a. void, unfurnished, ignorant 
Enip'ty, i». t. to exhaust, make void 
Empurple, v. t. to make or dye purple 
Rrapyr'eal, a. beyond aerial, heavenly 
Empyr'eum, n. the liighest heaven or region 
Em'u, n. a veiy large bird of S. America, six 

fret high, witli small useless wings 
Em^ilate, v. t. to rival, strive to equal 
Emulation, n. rivaliy, contention, strife 
Em'ulative, a. inclined to emulate 
Em'ulator, n. a rival, com[>etitor, opponent 
Emurgent, a. milking or draining out 
Enudous, a. rivalinff, desirous to excel 
Em'ulously, ad. with a desire of excelling 
Emul'sion, n. a liquid softening medicine 
Emul'sive, a. softening, mollifying 
Enable, v. t. to make able, authorize 
Enact', V. t. to order, pass, establish 
Enact'ed, pa. decreed, established, performed 
Enact'or, 7k one who passes a law 
Enam'el, v, t. to cover or paint with enamel 
Enam'el n. a substance imperfectly vitrified, 

bavins: a glass}- smface 
Enam'eilar, a. like enamel, smooth, glossy 
Enam'cller, n. one who enamels or inlays 
Enam'or, v. t. to inflame with love or desire 
Enam'orcd, pa. inflamed, captivated 
Encage, V. t. to coop up, to confine 
Encamp', v, to pitch or fix tents 
Encamp'ment, n. tents pitched in oi'dep 
Endive, v. t. to hide or conceal in a ca\e 
Ench^fe, v. t. to enrage, pi'ovoke, chafe 
Enehdin, v. t. to fasten with a chain, bind 
Enchant', v. t. to charm, deliglit hi^dv 
Enchant'er, n. a soixjerer, magician, wizard 
Enchant'ingly, ad. in an enchanting manner 
Enchant'ment, 7i. magical charms, delight 
Enchant'ress, n. sorceress, a beauty 
Encb^, V. t. to set in gold, silver, &c. 
Enoir"cle, v. t. to enclose in a circle or tiusE^ 
Encirc'let^n. atVrtAc, ^mia^X tvc^v\,vcw^ 
Enclose, sec lii\i\oae ^.v^*-- 

Encomiast, 7i. si vtx^v^i^'TVML, ^ ^««c«.s!w^^ 


E N E 

Kitcoinjuni, 71. pniisc, contnicndatiou 
Kncom'puss, v. t. to hem in, to fiuri*oiiiul 
Kiicoin'passiacut, n. tlic »ctorb1mtling in 
Eiicouu'tfT, n. a (Kiel, buttle, liot attack 
KiH-.ouii'ter, v. to figbt, cnji^ge, attack 
Eiieour'age, v. t. to cnibolOtii, give spirits 
Eiicour'ageineiit, n. inclleiueiit, suppoit 
Eficoui-'Mjjer, 11. one -who encourages 
Euci-<iach, v. i. to invade, intrmli.', adynncc 
Encrt'iacher, «. one who cncroui-lics 
Flnci'oaclimcrit, 7/. an unlawful intrusion 
Kncum'ber, see Incumber 
Encyclopedia, n. the whole circle of sciences 
End, n. a design, point, conclusion, death 
End, T'. to come to a- conclusion, finish 
Endam'ag[e, v. t. to hurt, harm, injure 
Endan'ger v. t. to bnng into danj'er 
Endear, v. t. to render dear, make bolovi'd 
Endearment, n. tlie cause and state of love 
Eudeav'or, n. an efToi't, exertion, attempt 
Eodeav'or, v, to strive, attempt, tr^-, labor 
Endertv'orer, n. one who endeavors or laboc^ 
Endemial, Endem'ic, a. peculiar to a place 
Eadicl, Endftc, see Tndict 
End'ing, pa. concluding, finishing ; n. end 
En'dive, n. a common «dlad-herb, succory 
End'less, a, that has no end, infinite 
End'lessly, ad. incessantly, continually 
End'lcssncss, n. endless duration 
End'long, ad. in a straight line, du'cctly on 
Endorse^, see Indorse 
Endow', V. t. to give a portion, endue 
Endo^''ed,pa. poitioned, gifted, furnished 
Eiidow'ment, n. wealth given, ^t of nature 
Endue, v. t. to supply >»ith, to invest 
Pindiiranoe, n. suiferance, continuance 
Endure,!;, to continue, undergo, suffer 
End'v/iae, ad. on end, with the end first 
En'emy, n. a foe, public or private, satan 
Energet^ic, a. forcible, strong, vigorous 
Energet'ically, ad. forcibly, powerfully 


■ I¥clllC6 

"'■"■">fe<iji,f. inv'kenctl, enfaebloA 

i£. a L 

Enervation, n. tlie act of wcake 
Entcc-ble, v. t. to weaken, make 
Eufeebli-ment, iu a weakening, 
Enfcoir, V. t. to invest, put into 
Enfiv;fi*'meut, n. the act of cnfeo 
EnfjUdc, n. a naiTOw passage^ a 
Enfilade, v. t. to piei*ce, or rake 
Enibrcc, v. t. to add force, stren 
Enforcement, n. compulsion, ex 
]inf6rcer,7z. one who compels 
Erifrau'chise, f. t. to make free 
Eiifi'aii'chiscnient, n. the act of; 
Engsigc, V. to oppose, fight, en 

over, employ, bind 
Engiigedness, n. a being occupi 
Engagement, n. a battle, obligati 
EnffCMi'der, r. t. to beget, excite 
Ki/;i;i!ie, n. a machine, instnime 
En^^iu'Vjr, n. he who directs aili 
Eii'g;n<rry, n. artillery, the mana 
Engird',!;. 1. engirdwl, engirt,/ 

en^rt, pa. to surround, encoc 
Eng'iish, n. people orlang^ge < 
Eng'Iish, «. belonging to Englan 
English, V. t. to ti'anslate into V 
Ewgoi'ge', V. t. to gorge, swalloA 
Engi'ain, v. t. to dye in grain, to 
Engrap'ple, v. i. to close or con 
EngTHver, n. one who engiiives 
Engi'^ving, n. a picture, or marl 
r^ngi-osSji; /. to monopolizi.',to wi 
Engr<^sser, n. one who monopoli 
Engrossment, n. the act ofengn 
Enhance', v.t. to advance, inert 
Enhance'ment, n. an increase, a 
Enig'ma, n. a riddle, an obscure 
Enigmat'ical, a. dark, obscure, 1 
Enigmat'ically, ad. darkly, doul 
Enig matist, n. one who deals in 
Enjoin', v. t. to prescribe, to con 
Enioin'ment, n. a direction, corr 
Enjoy', V. t. to feel witli nleasun 
Enioy'ment, n. the act of enjoy i» 
Eukiu'dle, v. t, to set on fire, inc 

E N T 

meoit, fi. an increase, release 
n^ giye light, to instruct 
oer, n. one who illuminates 
V. t. to give fife to, animate, cheer 
r, n. one who or that which entirens entangle, entrap, inclose 
n. ill'will, hatred, opposition 
V. t. to make noble, elevate, dignify 
I, pa, raised high, exalted, difi;niJied 
nent, n. an ennobling, exaltation 
jr, n. great wickedness 
IS, a. very great or wicked 
isly, €id. beyond measure, out of rule 
(enuff) a. sufficient ; n. sufficiency 
D. t. to proToke, to make furious 
re, V. t. to transport with pleasure 
ly V. /. to fill witn rapture 
iment, n. an ecstasy of delight 
D. /. to make rich or fruitful 
«nt, n. an increase oS wealth 
7. t. to drew, clothe, cover, invest 
*. to register, record, enter, inwrap 
n. one who enrolls, or registers 
\fkty n. a register, wridng of record 
e, n. an example, a pattern 
me^ V. t. to smear with gore 
hied,)^a. stained with blood 
, preserve as a holy relic 
It. a flag, an officer that carries it 
% n. the eommission of an ensign 
o. t. to deprive of liberty, subject 
lent, enslaving, bondage 
', V. t. to impress with a stamp 
to follow, pursue, succeed, arise 
le, see Insure 

ore, n. that part of a column which is 
le eapital, comprehending the ar^i- 
Hze and eomish 
an estate settled on conditions 
t, to settle an estate unalienably 
i, v. t to twist, puzzle, insnare 
mient, n. perplexity 
ir, n. a person who perplexes 
. toco or eomeia, writedown, lodge 
for goods, &c. ntn rnstom-himSe 

E N V 


En'tering, n. a passage, an entrance 
En'terprize, n. an uiidertHking, attempt 
En'terprize, v. t. to take in liand, attempt 
En'terpriser, «. an adventurer, schemer 
En'terprising, a, bold and active in new under- 
Entertiiin, v. t. to talk with, keep, amuse 
Entertaining, /xt. a. treating, pleasing 
Entertainment, n. a reception, welcome, treaty 

fare, diversion, amusement 
Enthrone, v. t. to place upon a tlirone 
Enthiisiasm, n. a neat of the imagination 
Entliusiast, n. one of a Marm imagination 
Enthusiastic, a. very zealous in any thing 
Entice, V. t. to invite or tem])t to evil 
Enticement, 7L an enticing, allurement 
Enticcr, n. one who entices, or allures 
Enticingly, (*l. in an artful manner 
Entire, a. whole, undivided, complete 
Entirely, ad. wholly, completely, fully 
Entirenoss, Entirety, n. completeness, fulness 
Entitle, v. t. to give* a title or right, name 
Entitled, pa. having a right or claim, named 
En'tity, n. being, real being, real existence 
Entomb', (entoom) v. t. to lay in a tomb 
Entomol'ogy, n. history and description 

Entomolo"gical, a. pertaining to entomolc^ 
EntomoVogist, n. one versed in entomology 
En'trails, 7i. pL tlie bowels, inward narts 
En'trance, n. a going in, passage, aumissioQ 
Entrance', v. t, to trap, insnare, entangle 
Entreat, v. to beg, beg earnestly, request 
Entreaty, n. a request, an earnest prayer 
En'try, n. an entrance, act of entering, passage, 
nvmg an account of a cargo to the officer of 
tbe customs 
Enfimerate, v. t. to number, couVit over^ 
Enumeration, n. a numbering, or counting 
Enun'ciate, v. i. to declare, utter, express 
Enunciation, n. declarati6n, int^ligence 
Enun'ciative, a. declwpa.\i^t, ^x\jKe?^^A^^ 
EnveVop, tj.t. t»^T:«:^, wss^x^^oxto^^ 
EnveVop, n.Ti^r«xvv^TJ,W^^,wv\.^«c\'^ 


E P I 

Enven'om, v. t. toi)oiiion, enrage 
En' viable, a. desoi'vinj; envy 
Kn'vier, n. one who envies another pevMin 
En'vious, o. infected with envj-, malicious 
En'viousiy, ad. with envy, with ill-will 
Environ, r. t. to snrrounrt, hem in, invest 
Environs, n. pi. |>lace8 adjacent, neighborhood 
En'voy, n. a minister to a foreign state 
En'vy, V. to grieve at another's good 
En'vy, n. pain at another's prosperity 
E'pact, n. 11 days of the solar above the lunar 

year, a Hebrew measure of about 3 pecks 
Ep'aulet, n. a shouldcr^knot, knot of lace 
Ephem'cral, a. lasting a day 
Ephem'cra, n. an insect whose life is one day 
only, or very shoit fiy motions 

Ephen/eris, n. a daily account of the plancta- 
Eph'od, 11. a linen girdle of Jewis!j priests 
Ep'ic, a. containing narrative, heroic, noble 
Ep'icure, n. one addicted to luxur}' 
Epicurean, a. luxurious, i*elating to luxury 
Epictirean, n. a follower of Epicui-us 
Epicureanism, n. love of pleasure, sensuality 
Ep'ioiu'ism, n. luxury, sensual pleasure 
Ep'icurize, v. i. to live like an epicurt*, 
Epidem'ic, a. general, affecting numbers 
Epidem'ic, n. a ])opular or general disease 
Ep'igram, n. a kind of shoit pointed poem 
Epigranimat'ic, a. ^Kjintefl 
Epigram'matist, n. a writer of epigrams 
Ep'ilepsy, n. a connilsion willi loss of sense 
EpI1q>'tic, a. affected with epih^psy 
Ep'il(»Me, n. a speech, the end of a play 
Epiph^ny, n. a manifestation, twelfth day 
Epis'copacy, n. church-government by bishops 
Epis'oopa!, a. belonging to bishops, or a church 
governed by bishops [churcli 

Episcopillian, n. an adherent to the Episcopal 
Epis'copate, n. the dignity of a bishop 
Ep'isode, n. a separate story or action connec- 
ted with the main plot of a poem 
Episod'ic, a. contained in an epiaqde 
jB^p/sltle, /I. a. letter, a /nessapfc 
^p/^tolai^y fi. tntnsReted bv letters 

E Q U 

Kii'ithct, 11. a word denoting a quality 
r.pit'ome, Oettei' •ufi'Utni Epit'omy, n» an 

abridgment, abstract, suroniHry 
Rpit'cnnise, v. t. to abi'idge, shoiten, abstract 
Kpit'omiser, Epiforoist, n. one who abridges 
E'iK)ch, or Ep'ocha, [cli as k] n. a point of 

time to date from 
Kp'ularj', a. relating or belonging to a feast 
Equability, n. equalit}', evenness, uniformity 
K'quablc, a. equal to itself, even, uniffxin 
E'quubly, ad. equally, evenly, uniformly 
L'qual, o. like in amount or degree, even, juit 

uniform, adequate 
E'qual, n. one of the same rank and age 
E'qual, E'qualize, v. t. to make or beeoroe 

equal, portion ont, compare, rccompeqfe 
Equal'ity, n. likeness, evenness, imlfnrmity 
E'qual ly, ad. in same degree, iinpartiaUy 
Equanim'ity, n. evenness of mind, (^oroponp 
Equan'^imous, a. even, calm, cool, compoaeo 
Equation, n. a bringing to an equality 
Equdlor, n. a line dividing the globe intonortll- 

em and southern hcmispliei*e8 
Equat6rial, a. pertaining to the equator 
E'querry, n. one who has care of horses 
Ef^uesfrian, a. api)earing on hoi-sebwck, per' 

taining to horsemanship 
Equian''gu1ar, a. having equal cm* like vxfjn^ 
Equidis'tant, a. being at the same distanoe 
Equidis'tantly, ad. at the same distanoe 
Equifoi*m'ity, n. uniformly, equality 
Ecjuilat'eral, a. having the sides eqim 
KquilibVium, n. equality (rf* weight 
E'quinc, a. pcrtmning to the horse kind 
Equinc^'cessary, a. equally necessary 
Equinoti'tial, n. a line of the equinox 
FK]uinoc'tial, a. peilaining to the equinox 

E'qiunox, ii. the time when the day and ni 

are equal 
Equip', V. t. to dress or fit out, fiimisb 
Eq'uipage, n. attendance, hoi'ses and ea^ 

riages, furniture, state 
Efjuip'ment, 7i. the act of equipping 

^ „.. .^^^*., .lVc\\x\^\sR,n.M!i^«,'y ofwei^tor force 

inscription on a tojnbstonc lEquivoWeivV, a.^Nva^wj^Ssar^ 


/derant, a. of cqaal wci^t 
I'derate, v. i. to weigli equally inth 
lie, a. just, right, impartial, equal 
ileneas, n. a being just, equity 
)ly, ad. justly, reasonably, impaiiially 
, n. justice, right, impartiality 
lence, «. equality of worth or power 
lent, a. equal in Tirtue, or meaning 
lent, n. a thing of the same value 
ud, a. unccitain, arabieuous 
sally, ad. nncertsunly, doubtfully 
ealness, n. a double meaning 
sate, V. i. to speak doubly, shuffle 
itftion, n, a shuffling, delusive word 
cator, n. one who equivocates 
ke, n. an equivocal saving 
an epoch, a date of tune 
km, n. a sending out of rays 
[te, V. t. to root up or out, destroy 
tion, n. the act of rooting up 
y. t. to rub or scrape out, destroy 
le, a. that may be erased 
j^o. expunged, scratched out 
ent, n. expunction, destruction 
, n. a blotUng out, an expunging 
before, sooner than, ever, slways 
, n. a place of darkness, lower re^ons 
p. to build or set up, rise upright 
2. raised upright, confident 
By n. the act of building or raising 
\9i^ ft. erect state, upright postui'e 
', ad. before along time passes 
, n. a hermit, retired person 
eal, a. solitary, retired, reli^ous 
, tid. before now, before this time 
,n. a kind of plant, the sea holly 
n. a small animal with delicate white 
le Ainorfiir 
1, a. clothed with ermin 
9. ^ to canker, eat away, corrode 
n. the act of eating away, corrosion 
. to stray, mistake, do amiss 
n, a message, business 
a. wanderings roving, notorious 
9t^ Er^nmtrr, n. a wandering state 




Errtfttira, pi. errata, n. error in printing 
Erratic, a. wandering, irr^^ular 
Errat'ically, ad. without rule, or method 
Erroneous, a. full of ernnv, incorrect 
En'(Sneously, ad. by, from, or with mistake 
Erroneousness, n. error, mistake, fault 
Er^ror, n. a mistake, blunder, sin, offense 
Erst, ad. when time was, at first, formerly 
Erubes^cence, n. redness, a blushing 
Erubes'cent, a, blushing, reddish 
Eructation, n. a belch, a burst of wind 
Er'udite, a. instructed, taught, learned 
Erudi"tion. n. learning, knowledge 
Eriig^nous, a. coppery, rusty, foul 
Erup'tion, n. a breaking out, pustule, spot 
Erup'tive, a. bursting: forth, tending to buAt 
Escalade, n. the act olT scaling walls 
Escal'op, n. a diellfish, oysters roasted 
Escape, v. to get out of danger, avoid 
Escape, n. a getting clear, niglit, oversight 
Escaped, pa. got out of danger or confine- 
. ment 

Eschalot, n. a small onion, a shalote 
Es'char, or Es'car, n. a scar, wound healed 
Esch^at^ n. the &lling of lands to tiie owner* 

(or to the state by forfeiture or fiulure <^~ 
heirs, the lands so falling 
Escheat, V. i. to fall to the owner or the state 
Eschew', V. i. to fly, avoid, shun, re^st, ob. 
Escort', n. a convoy, a guard by land 
Escort', V. t. to convoy, guard 
Els'crow, n. deed delivered to a thinl perscwi 

to be delivered to the grantee on his per« 

forming certain conditions 
Es'culent, a. eatable, good for food 
Escutch'eon, n. a coat of arms 
Espal'ier, rt. a dwarf-tree planted in rails 
Espe"cial, a. principal, chief, particular 
EUpc"ciaIly, oJ. pnncipally, particularly 
Es'pionage, n. the art or practice of spies 
Espous'al, a. relating to espousals 
Espous'als, n, pi. a l^trothing, marriai^ 

marry, lak.« u\k«\) vMMvXa^vsv 



Esquire, n. a title below a knight, the title ol' 

magistrates and public officers 
Esquire, or Squii-e, v. t. to attend or wait on 
Essay, V. t. to attempt, endeavor, try 
Es'say, n. an attempt, trial, experiment 
Essiiyist, n. a writer or publisher of essays 
Es'sence, n. the nature^ substance or being of 

any thing, existence, a perfume, smell 
Es'sence, v. t. to perfume, scent, sprhikle 
Essen'tiid, a. necessary, very important, pure 
Essen'tial, ft. existence, a chief point or tbing 
Esscn'tjally, ad. absolutely, necessarily, truly 
Estdb'lish, v. t. to settle, fix, confirm,* found 
Estab'lishcd,jba. settled, fixed, confirmed 
Estab'lishment, n. a settlement, stated salary 
Estiite, n. property, plantation, farm, rank 
Estate, V. t. to settle an estate on 
Esteem, v. t. to value, tliink well of, reckon 
Esteem, n. high value in opinion, regard 
Estcemable, a. worthy of esteem 
Esteemer, n. one who values or respects 
Es'timable, a. woi-thy of esteem, valuable 
Es'timate, v. t. to compute, set a value on 
Es'tlmate, n. a calculation, valuation 
Estimation, n. a valuing, esteem, honor 
Es'timator, n. one who estimates 
Estrange, f. t, to keep at a distance, alienate 
Estrangement, n. distance, a reserve 
Estrdy, n. a beast wandering from his owner 
Es'tuary, n. an arm of the sea, a frith 
Estuiition, n: a boiling, a swelling 
Etc, or &c. contrac. for et. catera, and so forth 
Etch, V. t. to mai'k prints witli aquafortis 
Eter'nal, a. perpetual, endless, n. (lODs 
Eter'nize, v. t. to immoilalize, make endless 
Etcr'nally, ad. perpetually, forever 
Eter'nity, n. duration without end 
Etesian, a. denoting durable winds like mon- 
soons, sometimes northern winds 
E'tber, n. highly rectified spirit, a pure thin 

Ethereal, Eth^reous, a. heavenly, refined 
Ethnic, Ethnical, a. relating to morals 
JStyJcalljr, ad by or accoraJng to morality 
Mh'Ics, n,/,/. the doctrines of morality 

• E V E 

Eth'itic, a. heathen, ])ap;an ; 7i. a heatlien 
Etiquet',n. forms of civility or cereniouv 
Et'nean, a. pei-taining to' Etna, a voleaBie 

mountain in Sicily 
Et'weecase, 71. a case used for instn;ments 
Fitymoh/'gical, a. relative to ctj-mology 
EtymoKog}', n. the true derivation of wwds 
Et'} mon, n. root or primitive word 
Eiicharist, (ch as k) n. tlie Lord's sapper 
Eucharist'ical, a. mating to the Lord^ Suppff 
Eulog}', n. praise, encomium 
Eulogist, 11. one who praises 
Eulogize, T'. t. to pi-aise, commend 
Eunuch, (ch as k; 71. a castrated person 
Euroc'lydon, n. a tempestuous N. E. wind 
Eiux)pean, a. of or belon^ng to Europe 
European, n. a native or inhabitant ch Edhipe 
Euxine, n. the sea in Asia, called Black Sea 
Evac'uate, v. t. to make void, empty, quit , 
Evacuation, n. an emptying, discharge 
Evac'uant, n. a medicine which evacuates 
Evade, v. to avoid, escape, sliift off, balHe 
Evagition, tz. the act of wandering, a nmUB 
Evanes'cence, n. the act or state of vaniduil 
Evanes'cent, a. %'aiushing, imperceptible 
Evangel'ical, a. agreeable to the cospel 
Evan'gelism,7z. promulgation of thegospd 
Evan'gelist, n. a preacher of the gosi>el 
Evan'gelize, v. to preach the gospel, to !■• 

sti'uct in tJie gospel of Christ [pon 

Evap'orable, a. that may be resolved into ^ 
E\'ap'oi*ate, v. to resolve into vapours 
Evaporation, n. a flying off in vapour 
Evasion, n. escape, excuse, equivocation 
Evasive, a. elusive, equivocation, shuffling 
Evasively, ad. in an evasive or sly manner ^ 
Evasiveness, 72. the quality of erading, evanOi 
Eve, n. tlie close of the day, fast of a holiii^ 
E'ven, a. level, uniform ; ad. verily 
E'ven, V. t. to level, balance an account 
E'venhanded, a. impartial. Just, equitable 
E'venii^or E'ven, n. the close of the day 
E'vcnly, ad. equally, uniformly, impartiulf 
.E'vcnuess, n. levelness, calmness, n^darity 

E X A 

, a. full of incidents or changes 
,a. tlie time of the cAcning, even 
, a. consoquentiid, resulting 
!y, ad. in tlie last result, in the end 
e, V, i. to issue, come to an end 

at any time, eternally, always, still 

ig, a. lasting alM'nys, eniHess 

!n, n. a shruh green all the year 

Qg, n. a plant of several species 

ng, a. perpetual, having no cud 

ngness, n. eteriiitj', perpetuity 

ngly, Of/, eternally, without end 

ig, a. living always, humorlal 

J, ad. eternally, without end 

, 71. the act of oveithrowing 

. each, each one of all 

t. to dispossess, take away 

pa. taken away, dispossessed 

n. ejection, dispossession 

, n. a proof, testimony, witness 

'., V. t. to prove, give testimony 

a. plain, clear, apparent, notorious 
r, ad. plainly, clearly, certainly 
ricked, mischievous, bad, ill 
ilaess, n. wickedness, calamity 
'ed a. ill disposed, malicious 
n. one who does evil 
:<1, a. ill countenanced, ugly 
sd, a. malicious, mischievous, vile 
ing, n. defamation, slander 
er, 71. one who Morks wickedness 
». /. to prove, show, make plain 
, a. tending to prove, making plain 
5, a. demonstrable, capable of proof 

a. that may be avoided or esca^>ed 
I, ft. the act of calling from 

t. to call out or upon, invoke 
, n. the act of flying out or away 
9. t. to unfold, disentangle, open 
f n. a display, motion, extraction 
, n. tlic act of plucking oat or away 

female sheep 

ft jug to hold water to wash with 
tion n. thehejffiith of a disease 
t^eence, //. incrt'imc offerer \ 

E X c 


Exact', 71. accurate, methodical, punctual 
Exact', V. t. to demand, require, extort 
Exact'ed,/)a. demanded, extorted, imposed 
Exact'cr, n. a pei«on who exacts 
Exac'tion, n. extortion, severe tax 
Exact'ly, ad. fitly, accurately, punctually 
Exact'uess, n. nieety, accuracy, regularity 
Exag"gci*ate, v. t, to heap up, ag^vate 
Esaggerdtion, i». the act of hea^img up, the 

act of enlax^^g, aggravation, increase 
Exag^'geratoiy, a. containing exaggeration 
Exalt', V. t. to lift up, raise, extol, magnify 
Exaltation, n. a raismg up, elevation 
Exam'in^, v. t. to ask questions, consider 
Examination, n. discjiiisition, inquiry, search 
Exam'iner,n. one who examines 
Exam'ple, n. a pattern, model, instance 
Exan'imate, a. dead, lifeless, dejected 
Exanimfltion, n. deprivation of life or sense 
Exas'perate, v. t. to vex, provoke, enn^ 
Exasperation, n. a provocation, irritation 
Excandes'cence, n. heat, warmth, anger 
Ex'cavate, t;. t. to hollow, to cut in h&ows 
Ex'cavation, n. a hollow made by art 
Exceed, V. to surpass, go beyond, excel 
Exceeding, pa. a. sui*passing, excessive 
Exceedingly, ad. to a gi*eat degree 
Excel', V. t. to surpass, exceed 
Ex'cellenoe, n. superior greatness orgoodnem 
Bx'cellency, n. ^'cat value, title of honor giv- 
en to public ministers and g^vernora 
Ex'cellent, a. eminent, having great value 
Ex'cellently, ad. in a high degree, very well 
Except', V. to take out, exempt, object 
Excc^pt'ing, pa. taking away, excluding 
Excep'tion, n. an exclusion, objecticm, bar 
Excep'tionable, a. liable to some objection 
Excep'tionless, a. not liable to objection 
Excep'live, a. including an exception 
Exccpt'or, n. one who objects 
Excess' fi« superfluity, intemperance 
Excess'ive, a. exceediBepathcwffi}^ 
Exccsa'ively , od. e'x.efc^vK^"S[ ^ ^\svvwwftc^ 
Exchange', t. t. Vo ^^^ wiR 'Csyvw;?, v« 


£ X C 

Exehanjg;e', n. the act of bartcrin|^, a place of 
meeting for merchants, &c. a balance of mo- 
Exchangc'able, a. proper to be exchanged 
Exchangeabil'ity, 7i. a being exchangeable 

£ X £ 

Excrete^ r. t. to discharge fitHn the body 

the pores or other passaees 
Excretion, ii. a discharge by the passages 

the body, the matter dibdiarged 
Ex'cretive, a. tending to eject excrement 

Exchang'er, n. a person who exclianees [Erij^. ! Kx'creton^ a. tliroMing off superJBuons pn 
Exchequer; n. the place for tlic lunges money, | Excruciafei( *i\ t. to toilure, torment, pain 

Excise, n. a dut^ on goods paid by the mer 
chant, manufacturer, (x retailer, or duty on 
the consumption 
Excise, V. t. to subject to the excise duty 
Exciscable, a. liable to be excised 
Exciseman, n. one who inspects excised goods 
Exci'^sion, n. extirpation, utter ruin* 
Excitation, n. die act of stirring up 
Excite, V. i. to rouse, awaken, stir up 
Excitable, a. capable of bein^ excited 
Excitabirity,7i. tlie quality ot being susceptible 
of excitement or stimulation [eite 

Excitatory, a. tending or having jiowcr to ex- 
Excitement, w. a motive to excite 
Exciter, n. one who or what excites 
Exclaim, V. i. to cry out or aloud, to rail 
Exclamation, n. an outcry, clamor, mark 
Exclaim'er, n. one who exclaims 
Exclam'atory, a relating to exclamation 
Exclude, V. t. to shut out, debar 
Exclusion, n. a rejection, exception, bar 
Exclusive, a, independent of, excepting 
ExcKisively, ad. separately, without taking ui 
ExclAsorv, a. able to exclude or shut out 
Exci/'i^itate, v. t. to invent, strike out 
Exc(^tfition, n. a thougiit, invention 
Ex^mmunicate, v. t. to exclude from com- 
munion with the church 
Excommt!inicate, a. put out of communion 
Excommunication, n. an cxcluuon from com- 
munion with the church 
Excdriatc, v. t. to strip off skin or bark 
Excoriation, n. a llaying, tlie loss of skin 
Ex'crement, n. useless matter discharged 

from Animal bodies 
JRxctvincnt'ki, a. rmded as excrement 
^xciKis'cimee, n. an irregular growth 
^j^cnv^cn^ A growing out nregularly 

KxcHictating, pa. torturing, very painful 
Excubation, Tt. the act of watching all night 
Excul'pate, v. t. to excuse, clear, joitifj 
Exculiwtion, n. excuse, justification 
Kxcul patoiy, a. excusing, justifying 
P^xcursion, ii. a digression, ramble, walk 
Excur'sive, a. deviating, rambling 
Excusable, a. fit to be excused, pa^onable 
Excusubleuess, n. a pard(Hiablc state 
i'ixcu-sably, ad. in a manner to be excused 
].^^xcustitor}', n. pleading an excuse 
Excuse, (s us 7^ V. t. to foi-give, remit, free 
[.^xcuse, n. h|)oIo^', justification 
Excuselcsp, a. liaving no excuse, inexcoabli 
Excuser, n. one who pleads tor 
Ex'ecrable, n. cursed, abominable 
Ex'ecrably, ad. cursedly, abominably 
Ex'ecrate, v. t. to curse, wish ill to, abhor 
Execi-^tion, 72. a curse, imprecation of c^ 
Ex'ecute, v. t. to perform, do, put to death 
Execution, n. a jjerformance, deatii, writ 
Exectitioner, n. he who puts law in force 
Exec'utive, a. having a power to act 
Exec'iitive, n. executive power, tlie perscBfl 

council administering a government 
Exeo'utor, a. one who executes, one vhoii 

appointed by will to settle an estate 
Exec'utorsliip, n. the office of an executor 
Exec'utory, a. to be done in future 
Exec'utrix, n. a female executor 
Exeget'ical, a. explanatory, expoutory 
Exem'plar, n. a copy, pattern, model, plw 
Exem'plarily, ad. by way of example 
Excmp'lar}', n. worthy of imitation 
Exemplifidittion, n. a copy, illustration 
Exem'pUfier/f^ who exemplifies 
VEiXcm'\i\\^'^;*u:t. to Illustrate by example 

E X 

. free, not liable or subject to 
. one who is not subject or liable 
, n. a privilege, a fi-eedora from 
I. pi. funeral rites or solemnities 
3. exercising, practising 
}. to employ, practise, train 
^iXereitation, n. employment 
to enforce, strive, employ 
t. an effort, act of exeiting 
3. that may be exhaled 
n, an evaporation, vapor, fume 
o draw or send out, emit 
:, n. matter exhaled, a vapor 
t. to drain, draw quite off, waste 
i, a. that may be exliausted 
, n. the act of exhausting 
I, n. inexhaustible, endless 
a paper produced in evidence 
t. to display, show, present 
fra. displayed, produced 
n. a setting forth, display 
V. t. to make chearful or glad 
I, n. tlic act of making glau 
. to advise, persuade, caution 
» n. a persuasive argument 
r, a. tending to exhort 
t. one who exhorts or advices 
,n. a digging out of the eartli 
I. necessity, want, occasion 
a pressing business, writ 
demandable, requirable 
smallncss, slendemess 
I. small, little, slender 
nishment, a person banished 
o banish, drive out or away 
lall, slender, thin, line 
lendemess, fineness, thinness 
o be, have a being, live, stay 
I. a state of being, life 
having or possessed of being 
^ng out, depai'ture 
*9 n. one lately a legislator 
a departure, title oS the seeoad 
9 Bible, or the leaving of Egypt 



I Exon'er&tc, v. t. to unload, disburden, dis- 
charge from responsibility 
Exonei'iition, n. a disburdening, unloading 
Ex'orable, a. that may be moved by entreaty 
Exor'bitanee, n. extravagance, excessiveness 
Exor'bitant, a. excessive, unreasonable 
Ex'oreise, v. t. to cast out evil spirits 
Ex'oroism, n. the act of exorcismg 
Ex'orcist, n. a caster out of evil spirits 
Exordium, n. an introduction, a preamble 
E^^ornation n. an ornament, embellishment 
Exor'tive, a. rising, relating to tlie east 
Exofic a, foreign ; n. a foreign plant 
Expand', v. to spread, open, extend 
Expanse', n. a wide extent, heaven 
Expansibility, n. capacity of being expanded 
Expan'sible, a. capable of expansion 
Expans'ile, a. capable of expanding 
Expan^sion, n. a spreading out, extent 
Expans'ive, a. able or ten^ng to expand 
Expatiate, V. i. to enlarge upon, rove 
Expa'tiiate, a. banished, wiUidrawn from one's 

Expatriate, v. t. to qmt one's native country 

with a view of settling in another 
Expatriation, n. the act of leaving one's coun- 
try for perpetuity 
Expect', V. to look for, wait for, attend 
Expect'able, a. that may be expected 
Expect'ancy, n. a state of waiting 
Expect'ant, a. waiting in expectation 
Expect'ant, Expect'er, n. one who exjiects 
Expectation, n. a lookine or waiUug for 
Expectorate, v. to cast from the breast 
Expectoration, n. discharge by coughing 
Expectorant, n. that which prcnnutes dischar- 
ges from the breast 
Expect'orative, a. promoting expectoration 
Expedience, n. fitness, propncty, despatch 
Expedient, a. fit, proper, suitable, quick 
Expedient, n. a way, means to an end 
Expediently, ad. ft\\^, ^\\sS(^^ 
Exped'itate, i). t . \n cuX wxX.^v:\i^^ ^^R.'Csnr.'vv^ x. 
Ex'pedite, -o. t. Vjt8i"BA\\\a&&>V*R^^^ 
Ex'^Ksdile, a. «ie\A\e, i^\v<iV^ x^iaAs , o\i 


Ri'^editel;. ad. with (taickDCi 

Eipedi'lion, n. ipt-cd, warlike cnltriii-uc 
F.ipodi"tiou», u. iiuitk, n-adj, nicaUn 
l-lxpedC'liooBly, ad. qiiiokly, with denpotdi 
Elliel',11. t. Indrive, ftircc as-aj, biiuiii 
Eipel'latile, o. th»t may Ik expelled 
Expend', v. I. lo «pend, Isy oot, connune 
Eilteod'itape, n. the act of espenclint M 

Expenic', n. money eipended, elurge, oot^ 

GipeiuCful, a. expeniive, couly, durgeaUe 

E.ipence'leBs, a. free from expense 
Espeoi'ive, «. giteii to cjpeme, ecmJj, dear 
Eipeoi'iruly, oil witli or at great eipeuse 
EEpeni^TCneH, n. con] ineo 
Eipcrienee, n. praetiep.kiiowledge hy p™ctie< 
Espirienoe, ti. (. to know by prastioe, tiy 
Esperienoedjjio. wi« by pneticc [trialt 

Eiqi6riTOcer, Eipcri'ioenUr, n. he nho nuJwe 
Bsper'iment.ii. I. lo acBrd. out by trial 
Eipei'iment, «. the (i-ial «' aiij tlung, esiaj 
Experlment'al. n. fminiled iiptm eiperiment 
Riperlmenl'iiIlT, ad. hy experiende, by trial 
Expert', a. i^lful, inteI%eDt, dexteroiu 
Eiperfly, (id. akilfuJly, with licxteritj 
Bxpert'neai, n. ak'ill, art, rauUnesa, dextiait; 
Ex piBUe,a.lliat may be alooed for or aatialiet 
Ei'piate, V. I. (o aWncior > oi'iaie, antisfy 
Explicion, n. «a atonement, a latiifectiui 
Bx'piatoty, a. capable of explalll^ 
F.xuMtion, n, the act of brCHlhing, eod 
F.xnlre, u. tobreaiheout, exhale, die 
Explain, t>. t. to illuitrate, ihow, cxiiound 
Explainable, a. capable of ciplanalion 
Explainer, n. one whoeipliiina 
F.xplnnUJDa, n. illastnition, inle[pretiU«n 
Explau'sloiy, o. eontaining eiplanation 
Ei'pletira,!!. an occaiional syllable or word 
Ei'pliBiible, a. possible to be eXpUined 
F.x'pUcate, Ti.i.tDUnfiJd, expUin,Bho* 
Explication, a. ediEplay, aii uipluwtion 
eip/zeMO'i-e, a. eendiDjr lo explain 
Cipli"cit, a. aafolded, plain, express 
ex 'jilieitly, ad. plainly, elenrly, openly 

E X S 

1. to decry, make a n 

Eiplfk-e, II, [. toieareh, eianiiiie, 
Eiploi^tkn, n, a search, examint 
F.ipliVremenC, D, au explmiitlau, a 
Explosion, H. a diacbu'gE of gusp 
EKplMive.B. drivine out with Ere 
" ;piirt, r. /. to carry oi 
■'lun-f. n, any tjiing ca 

ig gooJi a 
Exp6rter, n.-one vho lends gooda 
Espoie, 1. 1. lolay open or bare, ■. 
l:;'ipoai''tion, n. an explanatioD, u 
Expos'itor, lu an expoiiadcr, iiitc 
BxpoB'mlute, -B. i. to reaaon, remt 
Expostulation, n. a reasoning uilJ 
Bxiws'OilatDry, a. containing chh 

R\pouild', «. 1. to interpret, expC 
Eiponnd'er, n. an inteiiircter, ai 
Eipreo', Ti. (. to declare, iqueeie 
Eipi-esi', □. plain, downright, ful 
Elipreatf , ». ft mcsstiigCT sent o" 

casion, a special ueisuge 
Expnsg'ible, □. that may be ntten 
±lxpre»'iioo, n, pressing out, form 
Kxpreas'iTe, u. projier lo express. 
Flipresi'ively, ad. in n full manne 
Eipreas'ivenem, n. the foww (if*: 
Enpreu'ly, ad. in direct terras, p 
ExpugnMjon, n.a taking by asaiUI 
ExpuT'sion, n. au espdiiug or dri 
Ei.Vulfi'iye, a. lending to ci|iel 
Expunge', 11. (. to blot or erow out 
t^pur^ion, n. the act of cleanaii 
Espurg[atory, a. uted in purifytn 


a sepai-atioD by ci 
drying up, able to ( 
t. to dry, to dry up 


L, a. now in beinj^, standing in Tinr 
poral, ExtempoMueous, Extcm'pora- 
. sudden, unprenieditHted, vithout stu- 

pore, ad, without premeditation 

porize V. i. to speak witliout studjr 

, stretch out, enlarge ' 

'er, n, one who extends 

'jble, a. capable ol* extension 

ibirity, n. eapacity of being extended 

noDy n. the act of extending 

liye, a. extended far, wide, large 

lively, cuL widely, lai-^Iy, greatly 

uveness, n. extent, wideness 

'or, Ex'tent, n. a compass, degree 

late, Ti. t. to lessen, make thin 

lotion, n. a mitigation, palliation 

)r, a. outward, external, foreign 

M*, n. the outside, that which appears 

I'iniUie, V. t. to root out, drive away 

I'inatory, a. tending to exterminate 

liniition, n. a rooting out, destructioa 

'al a. outwai*d, only in appearance 

'ally, ad. outwanlly, in show 

Lion, n. tlie act of tailing from in drops 

f, a. extinguished, at an end, dead 

tion, n. abolition, destiniction 

ui^, V, to quench, put out, destroy 

luishable, a. tliat may be quenched 

uidier, ft. a thinp; to put out candles 

uishment, n. extinction 

ate, V. t. to root up, to destroy 

ition, 71. the act of rooting out 

ator, n. one who extirpates 

V. t. to praise, magnify, exalt 

nCf a. a getting by force, compalsiTC 

t V. to get by force, wrest 

er, n. he who oppi«sses 

ion, n. unlawful exaction 

ioner, n. one who practices extortion 

tfiLSL substance extracted, an abstract 

^f V, t. to draw out of, select, take 

fe&fpa, taken from or out 

tioii, XL. a drawing outf Jineage 

7vB a. thatmajrbe extraeim 



Extrajudi^cial, a. out of the course of luw 
Exti'ineous, a. fi»%ign, stranp^L', outward 
Rxtraor^dinarily, ad. uiiconxiuotily 
Extroor^dinarincss, /». remarkabUmef.s 
Extroor'dinary, a. n\ow. Uiau common 
Extraparochial, (ch as k) a. not in a i>arish 
Extrav'aganee, n. supei*fluous expense 
Extrav'agant, a. wasteful, lavish, expensive 
Extravagantly, ad. in a wasteful ror.nni;r 
Exti'av'agantncss, n. extravagance, cr.cess 
ExtraVasatcd, a. out of the proper vc'i«< U 
Extravasation, n. a being let outoivt^sels 
Extreme, a. greatest, utmost, higlu-st 
Extreme, n. utmost point, an exlrt'inLy 
Extremely, ad. in the utmost degree, greatly 
Extr^mest, a. the most extreme, utmost 
Extrem'ity, n. utmost pai-t, excess, end 
Ex'tricate, r. /. to disentangle, set free 
Extricition, n. the act of disentangling 
Extrin'siu, a. outward, external, foreign 
Extrii/sically, ad. outwardly, from wiuiout 
Exti'ilde,r. i. to push or thrust out 
Extn'ision, fi. the act of thrusting out 
Ext^berance, ix. a jnotuberaut pait, knob 
Extumes'ceiice, n. a swelling on the body 
Exuberance, n. an overgrowth, luxuriance 
Exuberant, a. abundant, plenteous 
Exuberantly, ad. abundantly, plentifully 
Exuberate, v. %. to abound gi'catly 
Exudate, Exiide, v. i. to sweat out 
Exudation, n. a sweating out, sweat 
Exul'cerate, v. t. to make sore, enrage, sweat 
Exult', T.I. to rejoice above measure 
Exultation, n. joy, transport, triumph 
Eye, n. the organ of sights view, a bud 
Eye, V. to watch, observe, view, appear 
Ey'cball, n, the ball or apple of the eye 
Eyc'bri^t, n. a species of ])lant, Euphrasia 
Ey'ebrow, n. hair that grows over the eye 
Ey'edrop, n. what dro)^>fi from the eye, a tear 
Ey'eglass, n. a glass used to help the si^t, in. 

telescopes, the ^VasA wt^X. Vo \!wei «!:^^. 
j Ey'elash, n. \ia\v oi^ V\\c tA^ia ^^ <^«^ '^^^vv ^ 
/Ey'ele8.s a. havVuc \vo *^>}e^, \v^V ^^>^^^^ r^^^ 
/Ey'elet.hole, a. a %w.t!^\\tf>\e toV^^ «^^=^ 


F A C 

Ky'elid, //. lliat \\liicli closes tlie eye 
Ky 'eshot, 72. a siglit, glance, transient \\evr 
P'y'c-servant, n. one who works only when 
' watclml [eye of a master 

Ey'f service, n. service done only under the 
Fy-'esjglit, 71. the siRlit of the eye 
Eye'sorc, 7i. somctliitig offensive to the sight 
Ky^etoo^h, n. the toot 1 1 next to the grinders 
1'y'ewitn«i8, fi. one \» l»o saw what he attests 
Eyre, n. the court on a circuit, a circuit 
Ey'ry, n. a place whei'e bii*ds build nests, nest 

FA' 131 AN, a. like Fabius, delay in j^ 
F^ble, n. an instructive fiction, story 
Fiible, V. to feign, invent, devise, frame 
Fiibled, pa. told in fables, feigned 
Fab'ric, n. a buildinp:, system, structure 
Fab'ricatc, v. t. to construct, forge, devise 
Fabrication, 7i. a framing or forging 
Fab'ulist, n. a person who invents fables 
rab'ulous, fl. feigned, invented, forged, false 
Fab'ulously, ad. in fiction, feignedly, falsely 
Kace, n. a visage, front,appeai*ance, boldness 
Face, V. t. to oppose, to meet in fi-ont 
Facetious, a. liumorous, cheerful, witty 
Facetiously, ad. merrily, wittily 
Fac('-tIousuess, n. humor, cheerfulness, wit 
Fa^cilff, a. easy to be done, flexible, pliant 
Facil'itate, v. t. to make easy, lessen, clear 
Facilitation, n. the act of making easy 
Facility, n. easiness, ease, readiness 
Faeil'ities, n. pi. means to render easy 
Facin'orous, a. wicked, veiy bad, vile 
Facing, />a. fronting, set over against 
Facing, n. an oi'naniental covering in front 

• Fact, n. an act, action, deed, reality, truth 
Fac'tion, n. a party, discord » 

Fac'tious, a. given to faction, seditious 
Fac'tionsly, tid. in a factious manner 
KictJ"tJomj (I. made by art, artificial 

/'I'/ee 'or, fl. an ng; -n t for aaothev, deputy 
^Wc( orj, //. a body, or place of mei-cliaiit- 

^g-eiit<:j a mmidkctory 

F Al- 

Fac'uIty,WAbility,powcr,talent,body ofofficen 
Facund'ity, n. eloipience, readuiess of speech 
Fad'dle, r. i. to trifle, idle, toy, play the fool 
Fade, v. to wither, decay, lose color 
Fadgc, V. i. to agree, fit, suit, become 
FJidy, a. tending to fade or decay, pale 
Fag, V. to labor, toil, work, tire, beat 
Fag, Fag'ond, ?i. the worst part or loose eai 
Fag'ot, 71. a bundle of wood, nominal soldier 
F^g'ot, V. t. to make fagots, tie up, bind 
Fail, r. to break up business, be deficient or 

short, miss, perish, <lesert, neglect 
Failing, Failure, n. a becoming msolvent, de* 

ficieucy, defect, omission, fault 
Fain, a. glad, merry ; ad. gladly 
Faint, v. to swoon, sink, ^x)w feeble, deject 
Faint, or Faiut'y, a. languid, low, weak 
Faint-hearted, a, cowardly, timorous 
Faint-heart'edly, ad. timorously, dejectedly 
Fainting, n. a loss of animal motion 
Faintish, a. rather faint, ready to faint 
Faiiitishness, n. a slight weakness^ a lovnett 
Faintly, ad. feebly, imperfectly 
Faintiiess, n. feebleness, a want of life 
Fair, a. beautiful, white, not cloudy 
Fair, ad. gently, civilly, happily 
Fair, n. the female sex, a free market 
Fairing, n. a gift or present made at a fair 
Fairly, ad. honestly, justly, openly, duly 
Fairness, n. beauty, whiteness, honesty 
Fairspokcn, a. courteous in speech, civil 
FJiiiy, n. a very small phantom, elf 
F^iiy^ a* belonging to tairies 
FaiOi, 72. belief, fidelity, honesty, truth 
Faithfulj a. firm to the truth, trusty, loyil 
Faithfully, ad. honestly, sincerely, truly 
Fiiithfulness, 71. sincerity, loyalty, trudi 
F^ithbreach, n. a breach of faith, treachery 
Faithless, a. unbelieving, vile, disloyal 
F^itldessness, n. unbelief, treachery, deceit 
Fal'chion, n. a short crooked sword 
FaFcon, n. a large kind of hawk 
FaVcQucr^ n. one who breeds hawks 


fell, /we^ fallen, />a. to tuml>le, di'op, 
own, uink, decrease, apostatize 
tlie act of falling, disgrace 
)us, a. deceitful, producing mistake 
>usly, ad. deceitfully, treacherously 
msuess, fi. a tendency to deceive 
', n. deceit, fi-aud, guile, sophistry 
ity, 71. a liableness to be deceived 
?, a. Iia1)lc to error or mistake, frail 
, n. a sinking, fall, error, sin 
-sickness, 7i. a disease, the epilepsy 
, V. I. to plow in order to plow again 
f a. uncultivated, unoccupied 
ness, 71. a fallow state, barrenness 
[a as o) a. untrue, dticeitful 
jarted, a. treacherous, deceitful 
, ad. ciToneously, treacherously 
jss, ». falsehood, deceit, mistsJke 
kkI, Fals'ity, ?*. a lie, want <rf truth 
Ition, n. the act of falsifying 
r, 11. a person who falsifies 
, V. to counterfeit, forge, lie 
(a as o) V. i. to stammer, hesitate 
agfpa. stammering, h^itating 
ngly, ad, with hesitation or difficulty 
I. reputation, renown, glorv, repoit 
a. renowned, noted, much talked of 
ss, a. having no fame, unknown 
u*, a. intimate, affable, free, comm(Hi 
ur, n. an iritiiuate acquaintance 
r'ity, 71. inUmacy, easy intercourse 
U'ize, V. to habituate, to accustom 
ftrly, ad. intimatelv, without formality 
,n.9L household, Imcage, tribe 
i or Fam'in, 7i. a dearth, a want of 
lent food for the inhabitants of a40<iDtry 
I, V. to stance, to die with hunger, 
imcnt, n. a want of food, hunger, thirst 
, a. renowned, noted, distinguii^ed 
ly, ad. with great renown, cleverly 
an instrument used by tlie ladies, an 
.ment to winnow eorn 
t. to blow or winnow with a fan 
i, n. an enthusiast, one very bigoted 
', Fiuwt^ieal, //. vntitimoBtki, fifui^Q 



Faoat'icism, n. entliusiasm, religious ^'cnzj 
Pan''ciful, a. whimsical, strange, odd 
Fan'cifully, ad. in a fanciful manner 
Fan'cifulness, n. a fanciful disposition * 

Fau'cy, n. imagination, whim, inclinatioa 
Fan'cy, x\ t. to imagine, suppose, long for 
Fane, ii. a temple, a chm-cli, 7i8ed in poetry 
Fang, 71. a long tusk, talon, nail ; v. t. to seize 
Fang'ed, pa. furnished witli or having fangs 
Fan'gled, a. vainly fond of novelty, dressed 
Fang'less, a. toothless, having no teeth 
Fan'tasied, a. filled with fancies, whimsical 
Fan'tasra,?!. an idle conceit, whiin,fantom 
Fantas'tio, Fantas'tical, a. whimsical, fanciful 
Fantas'tically, ad. whimsically, capriciously 
Fantas'ticalness, 7i. whinisicalncss, oddiicss 
Fan'tasy, ti. fancy, conceit, humor 
Fan'tom, n. something imaginary 
iPar, a. distant, remote, many degrees 
Farce, 7i. a mock-comedy ; v. /. to stuff 
Fai/cical, a. belonging to a farce, dioU 
Far'cy, n. a kind (» leprosy in horses 
Fard'el, n. a little padc, apacksaddle 
Fare, fi. provisions, the hire of carriage 
Fare, v. t. to be in a state good or bad 
Farewel, ad. adieu ; n. a parting complimetit 
Far-fetched, a. forced, brought from afar 
Farinaceus, a. mealy, resembling meal 
Farm, n. land occupied by a farmer ; iu ./fmer- 
ica, a tract of land cultivated by one man, 
or containing wjiat is suitable for cultivation, 
as arable, pasture, &c. whetlier fi*eeho1d or 
under lease 
Farm, v. t. to lease or rent, to let for a price 
Farm'er,n. one who takes land on lease, the 
owner who cultivates land, one i^lto. takes 
other tilings on rent 
Farm'ing, ji. the act of cultivating lands 
Far^most, a. most distant or remote 
Far^ncss, n. distance, remoteness, space^ way* 
Farrago, 7i. a confused heap, medley 
Far^rier, m. a man who shoes or cures lv<vw«t\ 
Far'riery , n. the «Vi<(^\w^ w cvrcw.^ ^Vv\v>\-s*i'\ 
Fai/row, n. «l\v\^; t). t. \»\w\tv^W^Y»v>f?» 


F A T 

Far'llicr, a. hcum; nt a j::i*eat»'r (listaiice 
i''ai-'tli:-j', fli/, aiid vonj. mo:v ivnwRcly 
r';.r'llicr, 7-. I. to pnnnotr, ^^'^Jurtfier 
T\ir liii'si, (/. Jit or t» tJM- pTMU-ht flislancc 
i'l.r Uiuiy^, ?^ th'j fourtli pail of a ])eiiiiy 
i^tr'thiii);;!!!', //. au uU\ kind ol' Ihm»{i, h ruii* 
J'.isi-ictilur, a. of in* iviatiii}^ lo a humllc 
F:i!-'rirv'.tv, v. t. to bi-Milcli, enchant 
Fsisv.lnritiun, ;;. a bi-wiicliing, t;iichantment 
IV&Ii'/oii, II. ibrni, cviatoni, mode, 


taste, soil. 

Fash'/on, v. t. to t'orni, mold, figure, cast 
Fa.sh7o:iabU>, a. be w^ in xW. fasliioii 
Fasix'zonab'b iKSb, n. h luudiHli elegance 
Fasii'/onj'My, mi aj^i-etable to tlic mode 
J'ash7oi:<.*:l, pa. formed, made^ada^ited 
r:ish7oii:-i', ;:. out^ tbat fasliions or forms 
Fas'set, n. a tiip for ditiwing liquors 
Fabt, (a as in ask) v. i. to abstain from fooil 
' FaHt, 11. alKitiuence fi'oni tVxKl, a day set apart 

fbr fasting, tliat Avhich fastens 
F:ist, a. firm, fixed, sui>e, 8i>ecrly 
J^ast^ ad. with s^teed or celerity, iu;ar 
Fast'en, r?. to make fast, secure, iix 
Fast'cninjr,/>a. makinprfast; n. what fastens 
Fast'cr, 11. one who abstains from all food 
Fast'handi.'d, a. covdoiis, nif3:{;;ai*dly 
l^asticriousnebs, n. haughtiness, squcamishne&s 
I'^astid^iiMis, a. si|ueamish, nice, disilairJul 
Fastid'iouHly, ad. sriucai.iisldv, disdainfully 
Fast'neEs, n. firmness, sfcurity, strong place 
Fat, n. tlie oily ^uirt of flesh, sometimes used 

for vet. In Britain, a ccrUun meiiHUi'e 
Fat, V. to make or grow fat, fatten, feed 
Fat, Fat'tv, a. ])lump, llcr,hy, gi*easy 
Fatal, a. deadly, mortal, nccessaiy 
Fatalism, n. tlie docti-im; (^'fatc or necessity 
Fiitalist, n. one who holds to necessity 
Tatidity, ii. a decree ot fate 
Fatally, ad. mortally, n(roessarily 
Fate, ;/. dostiny, destruction, death, event 
Fated, a. d.ecrred by fate, destined, doomed 
J'HthU^r,(a as in ask) ft. one who begets a child, 
a p/irt'/jt, nn old man, a piotcctor \ 

flrth^cr, V. /. to adopt a child, assign, s«cribe \ 

F E A 

FalJi'crU'SH^ n. having no father, destitute 
Fatb'ei-liness, v. the tenderness of a father 
Fklh'ei ly, a. like u father, tender, kiial "^ 
Katli'erly, nJ. in the. manner of a father 
rath'oni, ;/. six f(M>t, compass, pcnetratioi 
Fath'om, v. t. to compass, ju-'neU-ate 
Fath'ondess, u. bottondess, imitenetrable 
Fatid'ic, Fatid'ical, «. pmj^dietical, foretrflinC 
Fatigue, (fategue) w. wearim.'ss, labor, tdl 
FntM^ue, r. t. lotii-e, weary, iKTjjlex 
Fat'ling, n. a lamb or kid fed for sacrifice 
F;ii'ness, n. plumpness, fat, fniitfulness 
J'ul'ten, V. to make or grow fat; enrich 
Fatuity, ii. foolishnes.", weakness, stupidity 
Fat'uous, a. weak, stupid, foolish, silly 
Fat'wittrd, a. dull, heav\, stupid, git)S8 
Fau'cet or Fas'set, n. a tap to put into * 

ban cl 
Fault, (Iblt) n. an offense, mistake, bleninh 
FKi'.lt'ily, ad. in a faulty or improper manner 
P'ault'iness, n. badness, wickedness, defect 
Fault'less, a. havinj^ no fault, complete 
Fault'y, a. guilty of a fault, defective 
Favor, v. t.\.o countenance, support, assistibfr 

friend, spare, ease, resemble 
FdvOi*, n. countenance, support, rescmbline^ 

kindness . 
Favorable, a. prrjpitious, kind, gracious 
Favorableness, n. a favorable state or quality 
Fsivorably, ad. in a favorabh' n\anner 
Favored, pa. helped, spareil, regarfled 
Favorer^ n. one who favoi-s or regards 
Favorite, n. one ]>aiticularly loved, a friend 
Favoritism, 77. adis[y).sitimi to aid fricildstodii 

prqadicc of otliers having equal clxiBU 

patSUity, the act of favorirg 
r.iwii, n. a youne deer, servile cringe 
Fawn, v.*. to cnnge, c(Hirt sei*vilely 
Fjtwn'er, n. one wlw fawns 
Fawn'ing, pa. cringing, flattering, fondlinf 
Fawn'ingly, tul. in a cringing manner 
Vuy, T. i. to fit or join closely 
Fealty, 7*. homage, fidelity, loyalty 
¥ewc', -n-XiMt <i'kv^«.N3^V>««\cJCevil, appreheii8io> 


expect evil, stand in awe of 
timorous, afraid, awful, terrible 
id. timorously, dreadfully 
t, 71. timorousncss, fear, terror 
free from fear, undaunted 
ad. in a fearless manner 
, H. practicability, possibility 
. practicable, performabie 
sumptuous meal, entertainment 
eat or entertain sumptuously 
one who feeds deliciously 
luxurious, festive, gay, joyful 
action, exploit, trick 
ar Feth'er, n. a plume, covering (rf* 
nament or badg^ of honor 
K t. to cover with plumage 
,Feflth'er}',a.covered with feathers 
ged, a. sloped on one side 
iS, a. having no feathers, naked 
. the cast, &c. of the face 
, n. a medicine to cure a fever 
belonging to a fever 
n. the second month in the year 
Dntaiuing or belonging to dregs 
, n. muddiucss, sediment 
a. muddy, foul, full of dregs 
fruitful, plentiful, abundant 
, V. t. to make fruitful or prolific 
»n, 71. the act of making fruitful 
, 71. fruitfulness, abundance 
ed'erary, a. confederate 
;. relating to a league or cQmpact 
fed'eralist, n. a friend to the Con- 
of the U. States 
a. confederate, leagued, united 
., n. the act of uniting in a le^ae 
e, a. uniting in a confederacy 
eward, perquisite, ])erpetual riglit 
o retain, engage, bribe, pay 
. weakly, infirm ; v. t. to weaken 
>a. enfeebled, made infirm 
», n. weakness, infirmity 
d. weaklv, faintly, without strength 
A^pret. t(M\,pa. to supply with food, 
J&tien, eat, lire 

F E M 


Feed, n. food, food for cattle, meat, pasture 

Feeder, n. one who gives food or eats 

Feel, V. felt, pret. felt, pa. to perceive by the 

touch, handle, try, grope, know 
F(*c'l, n. the sense or act of feeling, the touch 
Feeler, n. one who feels, horn ot" an insect 
Feeling, pa. a. handling, groping, humane 
Feeling, n. sensibility, humanity, tenderness 
Feelingly, ad. with great sensibility, tenderhr 
Feet, n. pi. of foot 

Feetless, a. void or destitute of feet, helpless 
Feign, (fane) v. to prtitend, devise, invent 
Feij^n'ed, jia. pretended, dissembled, fidse 
P'eign'edly, ad. in fiction, by dissimulation 
Fcign'er, n. a dissembler, inventor, contriver 
Feint, (faint) n. a false show, pretense 
Feli"citate, v. t. to congratulate 
Felicitation, n. congratulation, a good wish 
Feli"citous, a. happy, yielding happiness 
Feli"city, n. happiness, blessedness, joy 
Feline, a. peilaining to cats and their kind 
Fell, a. fierce, cruel, savage ; n. a skin 
Fell, V. t. to knock down, to cut down 
FeVlow, 71. an associate, equal, mean man 
Feriow, V. t. to match, pair, suit, agree, fit 
Fellow feeling, n. sympathy, joint interest 
Fellowheir, n. a common heir 
Fellowlaborer,n. one laboring for the same end 
Fellcr.vserv'ant, n. one having the same master 
Fel'lowship,7i. society, intercourse, connection^ 

partnership, a station in a college 
Fel'ly, ad. fiefcely, cruelly, savagely, brutally 
Fel'ly, n. the rim of a wheel 
Fel'o-de-se, ti. a self-murderer [fal tumor 
Fel'on, 71. one who is guilty of felony, a pain- 
Fel'on, Feldnious, a. villainous, wicked, vile 
Fcl6niously, ad. in a felonious manner 
FeVony, 7t' a capital crime, heinous offense 
Felt, V. t. to imite wool by fulling 
Felt, 71. a kind of stuff made by foiling wool, 

or wool and fur, a hat so made 
Fel'wort, 7i. a species of ^VwKt,^\!Ji«sv 
Femaic,n.tVie«e'!L'w\i\t\i\ve8x^'*iW«v'^ ,- 
Female, Fern' vtfflve, a. V^eXww^w.- \» ^^^^'^'^^ 

mate, cftVn\\u?K\.eAeTv^^T^\v«rwV^^^>^''^^^ 


F E R 

Fern'oral, a. bclon^ng to the tliigli 
Fen, n. a marsh, moniiia, bo^» raoiHt lat^d 
Fence, n. a guard, security', iuclosure, hedge 
Fence, v. to practice fencing, guard, inclose 
Fence'less, a. touI of inclosure, expoBod 
Fen'cible, a. capable of defense 
Fen'ciblcs, 71. soldiers so called 
Fen'cing, n. the art of defense hj vcapons 
Fend, v. to keep olT, shut out, shifl off 
pend'er, n. a security against cinders, &e. 
pen'nel, 11, a plant of several kinds 
pcn'ny, a. marshy, boggy 
F^odal, a. held from anodicr, see fcuflal 
F^off, V. t. to invest with the fee of lands 
Feoffee, n. one vested with the fee of land 
Feoffer, n, one who gives a fee to another 
F^off'ment, 71. a granting or giving of a fee 
Ferine, a. wild, sa\-age, barbarous, cruel 
Ferfness, Fer'ity, n. wildness, barl*arity 
Fcr^ment, n. an in want motion, tumult, riot 
Ferment', v. to m ork as leaven on beer 
Fennenfable, a. susceptible of fermentation 
Ferment^ative, a. cansnig to ferment 
Fermentation, n. a swelling or working, heat 
Fern, n. a genus of plants very nunjcrons 
Fem'y, a, overgrown with or havuig fern 
Ferocious, a. savage, fierce, rapacious 
Ferociousness, 71. savages fierceucss, cruelty 
Fero"city, n. savagencss, cruelty 
Fer'reous, a. made of or like iron 
Fer'ret, n. a small animal, a silk tape 
Fer'ret, v. t. to drive from a lurking place 
Fer'rif^e, n. fare or toll for passing a ferry 
Ferruginous, a. partaking or or like iion 
Fer'rule, n. a ring at the end of a stick, &;c. 
Fer'ry, n. a place for passing a river or lake, 
(a boat, but in tfds sense not used ttiVA us) 
Fer ry, v. t. to conv»»y over water in a boat 
Fer'rjrman, n. one who keeps a forry 
Fer'tile, a. fruitful, producing m\ich 
Fer'tilize, t». t. to make fruitful, to enricli 
J^ertiVitjr, n. /ruitfulness, richness of soil 
Ferrate, n. a wooden siapinr used in 8cA\oo\a 
Fcr^rcDcy, n. heat, warmth, eagerness 
t-ci^Fvn^ a. hot, ^rdcntt vehement, zealous 

F I C 

Fer'vently, ad. warmly, vehemently 
Fei-ves'cent, a. gr*)win*g hot or warm, warn 
Fer'vid, a. hot, vehement, eager, zealous 
Fer'vidnesa, Fer'vnr, n. heat, passion, spiril 
Fes'cue, n. a thing used to point out letters 
Fes'tiil, a. relating to feasts, jo^'ous, gay 
Fes'ter, t;. i. to corrupt, suppurate, rankle 
Fes'tival, n. a feast, solemn day 
Fes'tival, Fes'tive, a. pertaining to feasts 
Festi>^ity, n. joyfulness, mirth, gaiety 
Festoon , n. a wreath, Iwrder offlowcrs 
Fetch, 77. f. to go and bring, draw, reack 
Fetch, n. stratagem, artifice, pretense 
Fct'id, a. rank, strong, offensive to the mel 
Fef idness, n. a fetid quali^, offensive smeB 
Fet'lock, n. hair behmd the postern joint 
Pet'ter, v. t. to chain, shackle, hind, tie 
Fet'ter, n. a chain for the feet of felons, lift 
Fetus, pL fetuses, n. an animal from the til 

its parts are distinctly formed to itsbirdi 
F«rud, n. a qnarrcl, contention, hatred, Iwofl 
Feud or Feoil, 71. land or riglit held of asov 

nor on condition of rendering to him nam 

vy service or other duty 
Feudal, a. held fi-oni a lord on condition 
Feudalism, n. the system of feudal tenures 
Fetidatoiy, n. one who holds from a lord 
Fever, n. a disease, heat 
Feverfew, n. a plant, wild wormwood 
Feverish, Feverous, Fevery, a. tending to « 

troubled witli a fever, buiiiing, hot 
Few, a. not many, a small number 
Few'el, see F6el 

Few'ness,7t. smallness or defect of nttmber 
Fib, n. a lie, falsehood, story, untruth 
Fib, V. i. to tell a lie, to utter a falsehood 
Fib'ber, n. a teller (^lies, liar, storyteller 
Fiber, Fibril, n. a small thread, a small root 
Fibrous, a. composed (^fibres 
Fic'kle, a. changeable, unsteady, waverinp 
FicHcleness, n. inconstancy, unsteadiness 
Fick'ly, ad. without certainty, unsteadily 
Pic'tion, 71. a story im'ented, tale, device 
Tac' V\ov»,T^fi^^t'\.\«wa^ a. ^umnteifeit, ialie 



nuness, n. a counterfeit state 
71. a kind of musical Instnuueut 
V. to play on a ildule, trifle 
, n. one \rlio plays upon a fiddle 
**, fi. fiaithfulness, honesty, loyalty 
r Fidg'et, v. i. to move by fits 
n. constant motion, restlessness 
Off, Fidg'cty, a. restless, uneasy 
!, Fiduciary, a. confident, certain 
7, n. one who holds in trust 
r/am. denoting dislike 
a fee, manor, tenui*e, dependence 
, a piece of inclosed ground, extent, 
space, place of battle, course for races 
K)k, n. a book us^d by surv^yoi^ 
ick, n. a species of bustard 
«, fi. a bird of the thrush-kind 
ece, n. a small cannon 
Beer, n. an officer above a captain 
I. a devil, infeiTial being, enemy 
a. violent, fm'ious, forcible 
y, ad. violently, furiously 
lese, n. violence, fury, rage, savageness 
ad. in a fieiy or passionate manner 
IS, a. hotness, warmth of temper 
(. hot, passionate, warm, vehement 
a small pipe, or wind instrument 
to play on a fife 
. one who plays upon a fife 
, a. five and ten united 
h, a. noting the number fifteen 
. next above the fourth 
, ad. in the fifth place 
1, a. noting the number fifty 
(. five tens, ten taken five times 
I tree and its fi-uit, mark of contempt 
(, n. leaf of a fig-tree, thin covering 
e,ti. the tree which bears figs 
'. foaght, prct. fought, pa. to contend in 
, war, engage, resist 
'.. a batdc, combat, duel, contest 
, n. a warrior, combatant, hero 
g^, pa. fit for or employed in wai* 
it,n. an hirrnUon, fiction, device 
lA^ a. capable of form or siiRpe 



Figurabirity, n. a being capable of form 
Fig'urative, a. ty]>ical, metaphorical 
Fig'uratively, ad. by a figure, by allusion 
Kig'ure, 7i. a number, shape, unage, tj-pe 
Fig'uiv, r. t. to form into ^ape, to represent 
Fig'ured,/>fl. formed, represented, adomdd 
Fii'amcnt, n. a slender thread, fiber 
Fil'bert, n. a fine kind of hazel-nut 
Filch, V. t. to steal, pilfer, rob, deprive of 
Filch'cr, n. one who filches, a thief, a rogue 
File, n. a smith's tool, wire for or bundle df 

papers, row of soldiers 
File, V. to cut with a file, to march in file, to 

place papers in order in a bundle, &c. with 

a minute of the contents 
Fil'ial, a. belonging to, or becoming a son 
Filiation, n. the relation of a son, auoption 
Fil'igree, iu curious work in gold or silver 

representing threads, grains or leaves 
Filings, n. pi. particles rubbed off by a file 
Fil'iform, a. in form of a filament 
Fill, V. to make full, satisfy, glut, surfeit 
Fill, n. fulness, plenty 
Fir let, n. a joint of veal, a headband 
Fil'lip, V. t. to strike or hit with the finger 
Fillip, n. a sudden sUx^e with the finger 
Firiy, n. a young marc, colt, wild young girl 
Film, n. a thin skin 

Film'y, a. composed of films, having thin skin 
Fil'ter, v, t. to strain ; n. a strainer 
Filth, n. dirt, soil, nastiness, corruption 
Filth'ily, ad. dirtily, obscenely, meanly 
Filth'iness, n. diiliness, nastiness, corruption 
Filth'y, a. dirty, foul, polluted, obscene 
Firtrate, v. t. to filter, strain, percolate 
Filtration, n. the act or art of filtering 
Fin, n. a fish's membrane, supported by rays 
Finable, a. that may be fined, subject to a fine 
Final, a. last, endhig, conclusive, mortal 

an officer wVio\i^V\\^ e«?c<>.c>^TvtN^xN>^^^^ 
Finch , ;i . a, §fevi\x% ot \>wV^ VvCcv ^wixQ»\>^>N^'^ 



Find, V. t. found, pret. foiiiul, pa. U> disco\er, 

meet with, get, allow, learn 
F/nder, n. one who discovers what is lost or not 

known to be in that place 
Fine, a. showy, nice, handsome, pure 
Fine, n. a penalty, forfeiture, encl 
Fine, 7). to inflict a yienalty, refine, purify 
Finely, ad. beautifully, gaily, neatly 
Fineness, n. elegance, show, purity 
Finer, n. one who purifies metals 
Finery, 7i. fine dress, a splendid appearance 
Finess'j n, ailifice, art, stratagem, wile 
Fincss', V. i. to use stratagem or artifice 
Fin'fish, n.a species of slender whale 
Fin'ger, n. a i)art of tlic hand, measure 
Fin'ger, v. t. to handle, touch, pilfer, steal 
Fin'ical, a. spi-uce, eay, foppish, afiected 
Fin'ically, ad. in a finical manner, gayly 
Fin'icalness, n. affected neatness, foppishness 
Finingpot, n. a vessel for refining metals 
Finis, n. an end, conclusion, termination 
Fin'ish, v. t. to perfect, complete, end 
Fin'isher, n. one who completes 
Fin'ishing, pa. ending ; n. the last stroke, &c. 
Fi'nite, a. bounded, Umited, fixed 
Fi'nitcly, qd. within certain bounds 
Fi'niteness, n. limitation, confinement 
Fin'less, a. having no fins, destitute of fins 
Fin'like, a. f(H*m^ in the manner of fins 
Fin'nikin, n. a speciesof pigeon with a crest 
Fin'ny, a. furnished with or having fins 
Fir, n. the name of a tree or its w^ood 
Fire, n. what burns, heat, passion, oourage 
Fire, v. to take or set on fire, kindle, discharge 

fire arms 
Firearms, n. pi. guns, &c. 
Fireball, n. a meteor, a grenade 
Firebrand, n. wood on fire, an incendiary 
Firebrush, n. a brush to sweep the hearth 
Firedrake, n. a firework, a fiery meteor 
Fire-engine, n. an engine to extinguish fire 
Firefly, n. an insect which exhibits light 
FireSarc, n. a fish with a spine in the tail 
J^/reloek, n.agun, soldler^a gun, musket 
J-ifeman, /t. a man to extingiirsli fires 

F I T 

Fircnr>v, a. new from tlic fm^, «] 
Ffreoffieo, n. an ofiice of insurance 
Firepan, n. a pan to hold fire 
Firejilace, n. a hearth or place foi 
Fircship,?/. a ship tliat cames con 

sft fire to enemy's ships 
Firesitle, n. a hearth, chimney, fai 
Firewanlen, n. an officer who dir< 
I'^irework, n. a show of Gre from ; 
Firin|^, n. soinetliing used for the 
Firk'in, n. a small vessel of nine g 
Firm, a. sti'ong, constant, unsliakc 
Firm, v. t. to confirm, establish, fi 
Firm, n. the names under wliicli 

of a company is can'ied on 
Firm'ament, n. the sky, atmosphe 
Firmament'al, a. belonging to the 
Firm'an, n. a permission, or pass) 
Firm'ly, ad. strongly, immoveabl} 
Firm'ness, n. a firm state, solidity 
First, a. one, chief, earliest 
First'begotten, First'born, a. tlie f 
First'fruits, n. pi the first produce 
First'ling, n. the young of cattle fii 
Fis'cal, n. an exchequer, revenue 
Fis'oal, a. pertaining to a treasury 
Fish, n. a class of animals living in 
Fish, V. to catch fishes, catch by ai 
Fish'eiTnan, n. one who catches fi 
Fish'er}', n. the place or business < 
FishTul, a. full of or abounding w 
Fish'hook, n. a barbed hook to cat 
Fish'ing, n. the practice of catchin 
Fish'kettle, n. a kettle used to ben 
Fish'monger, n. a dealer in or sell 
Fish'pond, n. a pond in which fish 
Fish'y, a. like fish, smelling of fisl 
Fis'sure, n. a clefl, a chasm ; v.t. 
Fist, n. the hand in a clenched sta 
Fist, V. t. to beat or hold fast with 
Fisficuffs, n. pi. a battle or contest 
Fist'ula, n. a pipe, sore disease, w 
Fist'ular, Fist'ulous, a. like a holh 
W'vX., u. «t i^^\:Q^%TSi^^^ta.'^Uint, mot 


to suit, adapt, qualify', equip 
t, n. the polecat or fomart, a wild pea 
a. full ot or having JBts, varied by fits 
w/. properly, justly, conveniently 
J, n. propriety, suitableness 
:, animal of tbe weasel kind 
. the sum of tbi-ec and two in number 
d, a. taken or repeated five times 
to fasten, stick, place, setllc 
c, a. that may be fixed 
n, Fix'edness, n. steadiness, abode 
pa. fastened, settled, determined 
y, ad. firmly, invariably 
y, FLv'ity, w. a firm coherence of parts 
■e, n. funiiture fixed to premises 
^, n. a kind of spear to strike fish with 
ness, n. a flabby state, softness 
r^ a. soft, loose, easily moved 
3, a. lax, weak, limber, withered 
I'ity, n. laxncss, weakness, limbemess 
to grow weak or feeble, droop, decline, 
lay with flags or flat stones 
. a plant, a large flat stone, colors 
ation, n. the act of scourging 
\etf 71. a kind of small flute 
r, a. full of flags, weak, limber softness 
ious, a. very wicked, villainous 
iotuaess, n. most atrocious wickedness 
Beer, n. the commander of a squadron 
I, n. a vessel with a narrow mouth 
icy, n. burning heat, notoriousness 
at, a. burning, eager, notorious 
ip,n. the head-ship of a squadron 
iff^ n. a staff to support a fla^ 
I. an instrument to thrash with 
n. a scale of iron, flock of snow or fire, 
fibid of hurdles for drying codfish 
V. to breal^' into flakes 
a. hanging loosely together 
I. ft pit^tense, idle story, oh. 
y. t. to deceive, impose on, gull, ob. 
eau, (flam'boe) n. a lighted torch 
M. li^t given by fire, a blaze^ heat 
v. i. to hum M nre, to blaze 
9kvedf a. having n bright color 




Flamen, n. a priest, an ancient hoatlicn priest 
Flaming, pa. a. burning, hot, inflaming 
Flamin'go, n. a red bird with black wing feath- 
ers, and webbed feet 
FlammHbirity, n. an aptness to take fire 
Flamy, a. like fire, fieiy, flaming 
Flank, n. the side of die bo«ly or of an army 
Flank, v. t. to attack on the side, to secure or 

command the side 
Flan'ncl, n. a kind of soft woollen cloth 
Flap, n. a blow, a flat piece of cloth, &c. to 

nse and fall 
Flap, t;. to strike with any thing flat or thin 
Flap'eared, a. having loose and broad ears 
Flare, v. i. to burn with unsteady light 
Flaring, />a. burning unsteadily, glittering 
Flash, n. a sudden and short blaze, dash 
Flash, V. to blaze out suddenly, dash 
Flash'y, a. showy, gaudy, fine, gay, insipid 
Flask, n. a kind of bottle, powderhom 
Flasket, lu a sort of large basket, a tray 
Flat, rp. a level, even ground, shallow, a broad 

boat, a mai'k of depression in music 
Flat, a. level, even, insipid, positive 
Flat, v. to make or grow flat or vapid 
Flatwise, ad. with the flat part down 
Flatly, ad. evenly, without spirit, downright 
Flat'ness, n. evenness, lowness, dcadness 
Flat'ten, v. to make flat, dispirit, fall 
Flat'ter, v. t. to praise, give false hopes 
Flafterer, «. a wheedler, fawner, praiser 
Flat'tering, Flaf tery, n. empty praise 
Flat'tish, a. rather flat, rather low or dull 
Flat'ulency, n. windiness, vanity 
Flat'ulent, a. windy, puflfy, empty, vain 
Flaunt, V. i. to strut about in showy dress 
Flaunt, n. any thing that hangs loosely 
Flavor, n. a taste, relish, scent, smell 
Flavor, V. t. to give a pleasant taste or smell 
Fisivorous, a. palatable, sweet-smelling 
Flaw, v. t. to crack, break, violate, injure 
Flaw, «. a crack, defect, (awVl, ^"&^- 
Flaw'y, a. having ^?o«*,«^^'^^'»^^^'^^'^' 
1 'lax, n. the pVatvl «rom viWeXx^vsvcw'v^ \»a.^«i 
Flax'cn, a. raa^e ol or \^vi ^^s.^^^^^"^ 


F L I 

FI&Xj u t. to take or stiip off the skin 
Flea, n. n troublesome insect 
Fl^abane, fi. a iilant of several species 
Fleabite, n. the bite of a flea, a trifle 
Fleak, n. a small lock of any tiling, twist 
Fleam, n. an instrument to bleed cattle 
Fl«!ge, V. t, to furnish with feathers or wings 
Fledge, Fled'ged, pa. full feathered 
Flee, V. fled,/>^p^ fled,/>a. to run, avoid 
Fleece, n, wool sheered at one time 
Fleece, v. t. to strip a person of his substance 
Fleeced, pa. stripped oi substance, plundered 
Fleecy, a. covered with or like wool 
Fleer, v. i. to mock, sneer, gi'in with sconi 
Fleer, n. mockery, a saucy kind of grin 
Fleet, a. swift, quick, fast, nimble, active 
Fleet, n. a number of ships in company 
Fleet, V. to fly or pass swiftly, flit, skim 
Fleeting, pa. passing swiftly, fading 
Fle^tness, n. swiftness, quickness, si)ecd 
Flem'ish, a. pertaining to Flanders 
Flesh, n. a part of the animal body, lust 
Flesh, V. t. to initiate, establish, glut, fill 
Flesh'brush, n. a brush to rub the flesh 
Flesh'color, n. the color or likeness uf flesh 
Flcsh'fly, n. a large fly that feeds upon flesh 
Fleshlibok, n. a hook to take up meat with 
Flesh^incss, n. plumpness, fatnesn, sleekness 
Hesh'lineas, n. fleshly desire, carnal appetite 
Flesh'ly, a. carnal, gross, human, bodily 
Flesh'mcat, n. the fleslk ik l^easts and bii-ds 
Flesh'pot, 11. a vessel used to cook flesh in 
Flesli'^, a. full of flesh, plump, fat, large 
Flexibirity, Flex'ibleneM, n, pliancy 
Flex'ible, Flex'ile, a. pliant, easily bent 
Flcx'ion, n. the act of bending, a east, turn 
Flex'uous, a. winding, crooked, unsteady 
Flex'ure, n. a part bent, act of bending 
Flick'er, v. to flutter, play the wings 
FUer, n. the flying part or a machine 
Flight, n. a running away, escape, flock 
Flfgrhty, a. wild, odd, full of imagination 
-^/z?^> a. thin, slight, Umber, weak 

//Z"f^' ^' '' ^"^ ^^""^ or draw back, to fail 
'"""^ ^/> f7. one who 8brink» dacfc Off fails 


Fling, V. flung, pret. flung, jto. t 

baffle, ovciTeach 
Fling, H. a throw, cast, insinuati 
Flint, n. a vtTV lianl kind of stoi 
Flirit'y, a. ma»ie of flint 
Flip, //. a drink of beer, spirits i 
Flip'pancy, 71. fluency of wonls 
Flip'pant, rz. of i*apid speech, tal 
Flip'piuitly, ml. in a flippant or ] 
Flip'paiitness, n. iH^ilness, tidka 
Flirt, (fluil) V. to jeer, kick, flu 
Fliil, ?i. a i»ert luisscy, sudden, i 
Flit, r. i. to flutter, fly, move, pi 
Flitch, 71. a si(V: of [>ork, salted 
Flit'ter, n. a i*ajf, tatter, pancake 
Flit'iing, n. a fluttering, a \vand< 
Float, 11. any thing swimming 01 
Float, V. to swim on the suiiace, 
Floatage, n. floating or things fl< 
Floaty, a. swimming on the top • 
Flock, 11. a company of sheep, & 
Flock, V. i. to gather in crowds, 
Floek'bed, n. be<l filled with loc 
Flog, V. t. to whi]>, lash, beat, cl 
Flog'ging, 71, a whipping, corre< 
Flood, (flud) 71.. flow of tide, inu 
Flood, V. t. to overflow, cover v 
Flood'gate, 7*. a gate to stc »p or 1 
Floor, (llorij r. t. to lay a bottc 
Floor, Moor' ing, 77. the bottom t 
Flop, V. t. to clap the wings witl 
F16i"al, a, relating or belonging 
Flor'entine, it. a species of silk c 
Flores'cence, 72. the flowering o 
FI6ret, 72. a small flower 
Flor'id, a. flushed with red, red 
Flor'idncss, Florid'ity, 7/. a very 
Florif'erous, a. pro(hicing flowe 
Floi-'in, 71. a foreign coin of dift« 
Florist, 7i, one who cultivates flc 
FloLil'la, 77. a fleet of small vessc 
Flounce, v. to plunge, deck witl 
Flounce, n. a loose trimming on 
I Flouw' ^\eT, T . i,\jci^«vvu<s.«., to «tr 
lFl0UTv'CLev,uA\\<J.^wssw3iv»^ ^"WW 


I fine part of grain [bolt 

> sprinkle with flour, to grind and 
to thrive, boast, brag, adorn 

a boast, ornament, shake 
1. one who is ostentatious 
ckery, insult ; v. t. to mock 
our in as water, run, overflow 
le of water, run, plenty 
he blossom of a plant, the prime 

be in flower, bloom, froth 
adorned with flowers, florid 

, n. an abounding with flowers 

d, with volubility 

f tojly ; gone off or away 

. i. to float, waver, be in suspense 

n. uncertainty, motion, change 

down, the pipe of a chimney 

eloquence, readiness, ease 

Muent, flowing, copious 

. flowingly, quickly, readily, fast 

- thing that runs, any animal juice 

k^ing, running as water, melted 

didness, n. a fluid state or quality 

1 broad part of an anchor 
channel or passage for water 

n. spoon meat of milk and flour 

hurry, flutter of spirits 

to put in a flurry, confuse 

sh, full of vigor, abounding, level 

iolent flow, cai'ds of a suit 

;ome in haste, redden, elate 

. reddened, heated, elated 

the lesser butcher bird 

. to disorder, confuse, swell 

usical pipe, furrow in columns 

3ut hollows in pillars, &;c. to play 

uted work on a pillar 

► fly heavily, hurry, confuse 
motion, hurry, confusion 

I. the act of moving, agitation 

belonging to rivers 

act of flowing, a purging 

n. cupach^ of bciDg fused 

fui easiness of separating parts 


F O L 


{Flux'ion, n. a flowing of humors, a melting 
Fly, V. flew, pret. flown, pa. to move with 

wings, runaway, shun, burst 
Fly, n. an insect, upper part of a jack 
PMy'blow, n. the eg^of a fly 
FlyTilow, V. t. to fill with maggots, to taint 
Fly'boat, n. a flat bottomed IXitch vessel 
Fly'catcher, n. one who catches flies, a genus 

of birds c^ ^-arious species 
Fly'cr, n. (me who flies or runs away 
Fly'fishing, n. the act of angling with a fly 
Fly'ing, n. the act of moving upon wings 
Fly'ingfish, n. a small fi^ which uses its pec- 
toral fins for flight 
Fly'trap, n. a trap to eatch flies, a species of 

sensitive plant 
Foal, V. i. to breed or bring fortli a foal 
Foal, n. the oflspring of a mare 
Foam, V. i. to froth, be in a ra^ 
Foam, n. froth, great passion, lury, rage 
Fdamy, a. covered witli foam, fi-othy 
Fob, n. a small breeches-pocket 
Fob, V. t. to cheat, trick, defraud, put off 
Focal, a. belon^ng to a focus or point 
FocKLSypL focuses, n. a place where rays meet 
Fod'der, n. food for cattle ; v. ^. to feed cattle 
Foe, n. an enemy 

F(^, n. a thick mist, vapor, aftergrass 
Fog'giness, n. a fogg}' state, mistiness 
Foi'gy, a. misty, Uiick, dull, heavj, dark 
For ble, n. a weak oi blind side, failing, fault 
Foil, V. to defeat, overcome, push, set off 
Foil, n. a defeat, thrust, sword, gilding 
Foist, V. t. to insert by forgery 
Foist'y, 9ce fusty 

Fold, n. a double or plait, pen for sheep 
Fold,u t. to double tip, put sheep hito a fold 
F61dage, n. the liberty of penning sheep 
F6lder, n. a flat instrument to fold paper 
Foli^ceous, a. consisting of leaves oc scales 
F6liage, n. leaves, tufts of trees 
Foliation,n. the actof ab<i«5i\v^vc&a'^x^^'^^'«»' 

the folded «^\,^ ^i^V^\!o^«&\\\>^\c\^^v^ 
Folio, n. 9i\)Oo^ oi \.vcc\\e«S'e& v^ ^ ^\^vi\. 
Folks, n, peo\»\e) m^cctoM^^^^^^'^'*' 



FoFlicle, n. a cavity or bag, a seed vrssel 
Fol'low, 7'. to go aftor, pursue, imitate 
Fol'lower, «. one who Ibllows 
I'ol'Iy, n. want of understamling, imprudence 
Foment^, v. t. to encourage, abet, bathe 
Fomcutaiion, n. a batliing witli any thing 
Foment'ed, jfu. pronioted, cherlshe<l, bathed 
Fonicnt'er, n. an encoarager, abettor 
Fond, a. much pleased with, tender 
Fon'dio, V. to be foud of, doat on, cai'eu 
Fond'ler, n. one who cai'esses 
Fond'Hog, n. one much doated on 
Fond'Iy, ad. with fondness, foolislily 
Fond'ness, n. excels of love, tenderness 
Font, n. the baptismal bason, a set of letters 
Food, n. victuals, meat, provision 
Food'ful, a. afforrling food, fruitful 
Food'y, fl. fit or proper for food, eatable 
Fool, n. a foolish person, an ideot 
Fool, 7t. to trifle, toj', disappoint, cheat 
Fool'ed, pa. treated as a fool, deceived 
Foorcry, n. folly, habitual folly, nonsense 
Forjl'hardiness, n. foolish rashness 
Foorhardy, a. madly adventurous, rash 
Fool'ish, a. weak in understanding 
Fool'ishly, ad. weakly, imprudently, idly 
Fool'ishncss, ii. folly, want of understanding 
Fools'cap, n. paper of a small ^ze 
Foot, n. tliat on which a tiling stands, a step, 

measure of 12 inches, a measure \n poetiy, 

Foot, V. to dance, walk, tread, spuni 
Football, n. a bladder in a leadiem case 
FootT>oy, n. a boy in livery, a servant 
Foot'ed, a. shaped in the foot, danced, trod 
Foot'ing, n. foundation, support, road 
Foot'man, n. a man-servant, a runner 
Foot' pace, n. a slow walk, part of a staircase 
Foot'pad, n.a person who robs, on foot 
Foot'path, n. a way for foot-passengers 
Foot'step, n. a mark of a foot, track, ti'ace 
Foot'stoo], n. a stool for the feet 
£^op, //. a coxcomb, effeminate beau \ 

^op'pe^y, n. aflectation, impertinence V 

^oppjcb^ ^ gacidj, vain, ailly, fooUsH > 


Fo\»'pishly, ad. in a foppish manner, gaiidil 
Fop'pishne!*8, n. foppi^i behaviour, van^ 
For, pr. or con}, because of, in hope d^ 

])lacc of, in lavor of, on this aceoiint 
For'agc, n. provision, search for provisioai 
For'age, v. to go in search of provisions 
Forasmuch', conj. since, seeing, because 
Forbeiir, v. to cease, stop, abstain 
Forbearance, n. act <tf forbearing, deh^ 
Forbid', v. to order not to do, hinder, qppi 

put a stop to 
Forbid'der, n. one who forbids 
Forbid'ding, ba. hindering, causing dislike 
Force, n. violence, stren^h, arm^ POiwer 
Force, v. to oblige, ovei-power, raTish 
F6rceful, a. violent, vehement, strong 
Forcible, a. violent, strong, powerfol 
F6rciblene8s, n. force, violence, strength 
F6rcibly, ad. by force, powerfully [wrf 
F(5rd, n. a ])lace where a river is crosKd 
Ford, r. /. tn pass a river by wading 
Fordable, a. passable by wading 
Fon?, a, coming first m* before ; ad. befiit 
Forearm', v. t. to arm beforehand 
Forebode, v. i. to foretel, foreknow, goess 
Forecast', v. t. to plan beforehand 
Forecast, n. contrivance beforehand 
Forecited, a. quoted before or above 
Foreclose, v. t. to shut up, preclude 
Foreclosure, n. a prevention, a stop 
Foredesign, v. t. to scheme beforehand 
Foredoom', i». t. to predestinate, to fix 
Fore-end, n. the forepart 
Forefatb'er, n. an ancestor, founder, besd 
Forefinger, n. the finger next the tinunb 
Fdrefoot, n. one of the feet before 
F6refront, n. the front, the forehead 
Foreg6, v. ^. to go before, give ap, resign 
F6regroun<l, ji. Sie part bdore t^ figures 
Fdrehand, a. done beforeliand or too toosk 
Foi*'eheHd, 71. the upper part of the fiuse 
For'eign, (forun) a. belonging to wot 

^t^wuvtrv^ difitant, not connecteu with 
Yw? V3\^\«^t^u."«.'*3r«»s^x^<jwt <sC anothrr eo 


;8S, n. remoteness, want of relation 
', V. t. to jad^ beforehand 
, V. ^. to know beforehand 
PedgejW. knowledge of future events 
th a promontory, a oape 
f. t. to lay wait for 
n. a lock of hair on the forehead 
n. a chief man in a shop, &c. 
71. a mast towards a ship's head 
lonedy Fbrenamed, a. mentioned 

a. first in place 

71. the first half of the day 
a. relating to courts 

in, V. t. to determine beforehand 
n. a part before in time or place 
11. the first or leading rank 
v. to go before, to precede [a sign 
er, 71. one sent before, a prognostic, 
'. t, to see beforehand, divine 
, V. t. to show beforehand 

72. the seeing a thing before 
fy, V. t. to foreshow, tyi)ify 

n. the part of the skirt before 
waste ground, a natural wood 
V. t. to anticipate, buy before 
T, n. one who anticipates a market 
n. an officer of a forest 
V. t. to taste before, to anticipate 
71. a taste taken beforeliand 
7. t. to tell beforehand, predict 
p, 71. a person who foretels 
', V, t. to think before 
^ht, 71. provident care, caution 
I, V. t. to foreshow ; n. a token, sign 
1. hair on the head before 
, fi. the van, the front 
\v. t. to admonish, caution 
'ing, 71. caution beforehand 
. t. to lose by some offense, to be- 
ible to lose or have seized 
;. forfeited, liable to seizure 
;. that which is lost bj an offiinsQ 
\c, a. ttmt may be forfeited 
, n. a thing forfeited, fine 



Forge, 71. a place where iron is beaten into 

Forge, V. t. to form b}' hammering, counterfeit 
Forged, pa. made, formed, counterfeited 
For'ger, 7i. one who counterfeits 
FcHr'gery, 7i. the ciimc of falsification 
Forget', V. t. forgat, forgot, pret. forgot, for- 
gotten, j>a. not to think of, to neglect 
Forget'ful, a. not remembering, heedless 
Forget'fulness, 7t. inattention, carelessness 
Forgivi?', "». t. forgave, pret. forgiven, pa. to 

pardon, excuse, pass over, remit 
Forgive'ness, 7«. the act of forgiving, pardon 
Forgot', Forgot'ten, pa. not remembered 
FoTK, V. i. to shoot out into branches 
Fork, 71. an instrument witli prongs 
Fork'ed, Foi'k'y, a. opening into parts 
Fork'edness, Fork'iness, ti. a forked state 
Forlorn', a. forsaken, lost, wi-etched 
Forlom'ness, 71. a wretched state 
Form, 71. a method, shape, bench 
Form, V. t. to model, make, plan, contrive 
Form'al, a. ceremonious, stifl, i-egular 
Form'alist, 71. a great observer of formality 
Formal'ity, 71. fonu, ceremony, order, robe 
Form'ally, (ul. according to rule 
Formation, n. the act or avanner of forming 
Form'ative, a. tending to form 
Form'cr, n. a maker, croator, contriver 
Form'er, a. the first of two 
Forra'erly, ad. in time past, ofoM 
Fomi'idable, 7». ten'ible, drea«!iul, frightful 
Form'idableness, n. a formiih.blc state 
Form'idably, ad. in a terrible mtmncr 
Form'icss, a. having no form, iirt^giUar 
Form'ula, /i. a prescribed or «:feneral form 
Form'ulary, n. a book of set forms 
Forn'icate, a. vaulted, arclitMl likf an oven 
Fornication, n. inconti»ionce of unmanned 

persons, lewdness, idolatry 
For'nicator, n. a «;ingle prr.'^on ij;uiUy of uvcxscw- 

lineuce, uu idi.Vi^X.O?, wwy \v-"^^> v^-r^ww 
Forsiike, -». t. Ctu'^^wV.^ ^^vc' . W'3.':^vixv> \i 
leave, i;;o awixy <Yr\Y\\^v\\vA.A--^^^'^''^ 



F U' 

i'orsu-Rar, v. i. t'orswHr^, forsvorr*, pret. fbr- 

sworti, />rz. to swi'hp talscly, inrijure 
Port, n. a t'ortitifd phice, ibrtifj cation, castle 
Foilh, ad. foi'Munl, out, out ot' doors 
Fortlicf)in'iri<!:, a. rca<ly, or willing to appear 
Forthis'iiing, a. coming out from a coTcr 
Forthwith', £i^/. immediately, directly 
For'tieth, a. the tenth taken ffiur times 
Fortification, n. a place built for defense 
For'tifier, n. one who fortifies or supports 
For'tify, r. t. to strcTigthen, seciu^e, confirm 
For'titudc, n. strength or firmness of mind 
Fort'night, n. the space of two weeks 
Tor'tress, n. a fortihed place, strong hold 
T'ortl^iitoiis, a. accidental, casual, uncertain 
Foiluiiously, ad. accid(>ntally, by chance 
J'Wtiinate, a. lucky, successful, thriving 
For'tuii»t<;ly, ad. luckily, successfully 
For'tuiinteii(!SS, n. goorl luck, prosperity 
l-'or'tiiiir, w. ch;mcu, luck,i>ortion, richos 
IVir'tuin", r. to full out, befall, happen 
I'or'ty, 71. ten rcpeatini four times 
Forum, ;/. a market-place iu Home, a court 

of justice, a tribunal 
FoKwaitl, a. ready, bold, in the forepart 
lMM*'ward, I', t. to hasten, advance, promote 
I 'or' ward, ad. m front, ])rogre8sivcly 
For'wardly, <ir/. eug(*rly, hastily, boldly 
Foi-'m ardiiesH, ;/. eagerness, boldness 
lN)sa, ;/. a dilcb, inoat, iiitreiichment, cavity 
Foss!iiie, 11. an animal of the weasel kind 
Tos'sii, n. atiy thing du'j'from the earth 
l-'os'silist, a. one skilled in fossils 
kl''os'ter, V. t. to nui*«(;, feed, cherish, pamper 
Tos'terage, ;;. the chargt* of nursing [parents 
Fos'tereiiild, 7/. a clilM not nursed by its 
Pos'terdani, ;i. a nurse • 
Fos'ieri'd, /hi. mu'sed, cherished 
I'ouglit, Ftiuvrhten, {fa-,ot)f}a. of to fight 
FonI, </. unclean, dirly, fiiUuigled 
Toul, V. t. to d-uib, dirty, pollute, sully 

F R A 

Found, pret, voApa. of to find 

Found, V. f. to lay a foundatiim, plaeci buifl 

settle, fix, es^blish, cast metals 
Foundition, n. a bottom, rise, establiskmort 
Found'er, it. a builder, farmer, caster 
Found'er, v. to grow or make lame, fail 
Found'er}', n. a place to cast yessels of meti 
Found'ling, ju an exposed nifismt 
Fount, Fount'ain, n. spring, spout of water 
Fount^ful, a. having many springs 
Four, a. two and two added 
Fourfold, a. four times as much or many 
Fourfold, n. a quadruple assessment for n^ 

lect to make return of taxable estate ^C^ 
Fourfold, r. /. to assess in a fourfold ratio 
Fdurfooted, a. going on four feet 
Fdiu-soore, a. twenty added four tiirf^ 
Foursquare, a. having four equal ndes 
Fourteen, a. four and ten united 
Fourtli, a. noting the number four 
F^urwheeled, a. having four wheels 
Fowl, 71. a winged animal, a bird 
Fowl'er, n. a s^iortsman for birds 
Fow'ling, 71. the act of killing bii'ds 
Fowl'ing-piece, n. a gun for shooting birds 
Fox, 71. an animal of the canine kind, a fly 
Fox'chase, n. Uie pursuit of a fox 
Fox'glove, 71. a plant of several species 
Fox'nunter, n. one fond oi bunting foxes 
Frac'tion, n. the act of breaking apart 
Frac'tional, a. relating to a fraction 
Frac'tious, a. cross, peevish, quarrekKRne 
Frac'tiousness, n. crossness, peevishness 
Frac'tiously, ad. in a peevi^ manner 
Frac'ture, v. t. to break a bone, to orack 
Frac'ture, n. a breach of solid parts 
Fra"gile, 7i. brittle, short, wea^ frail 
Fragil'ity, n. brittleness, weakness, frailty 
Frag me'nt, 7i. a broken or imperfect piece 
Fntgor, n. a harsh noise, violent crash 
Fragrance, 7/. a sweetness of smell 
Fnigrant, a. sweet-smelling, odorous 
y'c\^w\\\^, arf. with a pleasant smell 
VvvvA, a. ^^i'^Av^'tva^rcw % n. a basket 


t. to put iu a fi-aiiie, make, devise 
a case, ahape, support, disposition 
I. (me who frames, a contriver 
', 71. a privilege or inuiuuiity 
r, T. t. to make iVee 
ns, 72. an order of Monks 
:, a. that is easily broken, brittle 
liberal, {jfeuerous, open, sincere 
a free letter, French silver coin of 
ents value 

t. to make free, exompt, pay for 
^nse, 11. a strong odoriferous gum 
Oil. liberally, without reserve 
s, 7*. plainness, openness 
{. mad, transported Avitli passion 
. ad. furiously, outrageously 
, It. pertaining to brothers 
y, 71. a brotherhood 
Ai,v. i. to unite as brethren [brother 

e, n. the murder or murderer of a 
deception or bi*each of trust with a 
impair the rights of another, a dis- 

nee, n. deceitfulness, fraud 
nt, Fraud'ful, a. deceitful, trickish 
utlj^, ad. by fraud, deceitfully 
a. full, loaded, replete 

quarrel, a fright ; v. t. to frighten 
a whim ; v. t. to variegate 

a. whimsical, capricious, odd 
less, 71. whimsicalness, oddity 
71. a spot in tlie skin 
, a. full of freckles, spotted 
a. marked witli or full of freckles 
it liberty, open, friendly 

f. to set at liberty, deliver, rid [lager 
er,7i. a robber, plunderer, a pil- 
i, a. born free, inheriting freedom 
> n. a freedom from all expense 

n, n. a man freed from slavery 
1, 71. liberty, imrestraint, privilege 
ed, a. not conlined in walking 
ledy a. liberal, generous, kind 
1, 71. \w>ii held by fx-Tpetaal right 
'V5 /s, one ulw hns a freehold \ 

• F R I 


Frce'ly, ad. at liberty, lil)ei'ally 
Free'mun, n. one free of a corporation 
Freemason, n. one of tlie fraternitv df Mmods 
Free'ness, n. ot>eime8S, unreservedncss 
Free-sch<K)l, 7i. a school open to all 
Free'spoken, a. si}eaking witliout reserve 
Fi*ee'stone, n. a kind of gi'it or sand stone 
Free'thinker, n. a despiser of revelation 
I^ee'Mill, V. the power of acting at pleasure 
Freeze, v. froze, prct. frozen, fi*oze, pa. to 

kill or be congealed by cold 
Freight, (frate) n. the la<ling of a ship, car- 
riage, price of tfansportation by water 
Freight, v. t. to load a vessel, to load 
Fi*eiij:h, a. made in or belonging to France 
French'itiicd, a. like the French 
Frenet'ic, a. that hath a frenzy, distracted 
Fren'zy, n. distraction of mind, madness 
Frecjucncy, n. a common occurrcuce 
Frequent, a. often done or seen, common 
Frequent', v. t. to visit often, resort to, haunt 
Frequentation, n. the act <rf firequenting 
Frequent'ative, a. repeating frequently 
Frequent'ed, pa. visited often, accustomed 
Frequent'er, v. one who goes fi-cquently 
Frequently, ad. often, repeatedly 
Fresh, a. not salt, cool, new, brisk, ruddy 
Fresh, n. a fall of land water into a river 
Fresh'es, 71. the mingling of fresh water with 
the salt in rivers and bays, the place of their 
meeting, or the increased current of an ebb 
tide from land floods, a flood 
Fi-esh'en, v. to make or grow fiTsli, rc^vive 
Fresh'et, n. a flood inrivei*s fi-om i-jun or mel- 
ted snow 
Freshly, ad. cooly, newly, lately, briskly 
Fresh'ness, n. coolness, newness, ruddinesB 
Fret, n. an agitation of liquor or mind, fun|py 

work rising in protuberances 
Fret, V. to vex, be angry, or uneasy, wear 
Fretful, a. peevish, angiT, dissatisfied 
Fret'fully, ac/.in a peevl«fe.\v\\SKWKt 
Frot'fulness, n. ^ee\\'di\we'8s,.> t^w»\"c^"s& 
Fret' work, it . a T^\aeA. vjoyVvkv wv^&wv^ 
FrittViVity, n, a c«.v?v<^\V^ oi Wv^-^^^^*^^^^ 


F R I 

Friable, a. tluit niay be crumbled to pieces 
Friar, 7i. a rcli{>iouB brother of some order 
Frfarlikc, Frfarly, Friary, a. like or resem- 
bling a friar, imskillod in the world, recluse 
Frfary, n. a ])lace where friars live 
Frib'blc, n. a fop, r\ i. to trifle 
Frib'hlcr, n. one who trifles, a trifler 
Fricaw'-e, n. cut meat with rich sauce 
Frication, Fric'tion, v. tiie act of rubbing • 
Fri<lay, n. the sixth day of the week 
Fr/eiid, n. one who esteems aud wishes well to 

another, a quaker 
Frzend'less, a. destitute of friends, helpless 
Fr/end'Iiness, n. kindness, friendship 
Fr/end'ly, a. kind, favcHrable, salutary 
Fncnd'ship, n. kindness, favor, regard 
Frig'ate, n. a small swift ship of war 
Friglit, 7t. sudden terror or feai", panic 
Fright, Frfghten, v. t. to terrify, daunt 
Frfghtful, a. terrible, dreadful, horrid 
Frightfully, cui. dreadfully, horridly 
Frightfulncfis, n. the quah^, of terrifying 
Frig^'id, a. cold, impudent, dull, unfeeling 
Frigid'ity, n. coolness, want of heat or zeal 
Fri'^gidly, ad. coolly, dully, unfeelingly 
Friji^orif 'ic, a. causing or producing cold 
I'^rill, V. a kind of ruffle 
Fringe, n. a kind of trimming ; r*. /. to trim 
Frin'gy, a. having or adornetl with fringt»« 
Frip'pery, n. a place wIwtc botchei*s of old 

clothes dwell, mean Monls, old clotlies 
Frisk, V. t. to leap, dance, be frolicksome 
Frisk'et, n. a fi*ame used to coufiue sheets of 

paper in printing. 
Frisk'iness, ?/. liveliness, gaiety, wantonness 
Frisk'y, o. frolicksome, lively, airy, wanton 
Frith, 7t. a narrow part of the sea 
Frit'ter, n. a kind of pancake, small piece 
Frit'ter, v. t. to consume by piepemeal 
Frit'terefl, /»«. <livided into small pieces 
Frivol 'ity, Frivolousnesa, n. triflingness 
Fri\''olous, a. light, trifling, unimportant 
^r/r'o/omlr, rr//. in H frivoJoiis manner, idly 
A/^fr ^- ^^^^''^""»P'nfosmnll burs 
^^^^/r, T, A to ciwl in short curls, crisp 

F R U 

Fro, ad. from, back, in a retui 
Fix>ck, a. a dress, outward gar 
Frog, n. an amphibious animal 
Frog'lishjW. un animal which cl 

sli:ii)e of a fiog to tliat of a fa 
Frol'ick, 72. a ]}rank, gaietv, m* 
Frol'ick, v. i. to'play pranks, o 
Frol'ick, Fi*oIick'some, a. full ( 
From, pa. away, out of, since, ( 
Fi-oiit, (frunl) n. tlie face, fore] 

ness, impudence, the ])Hrt < 

Front, V. to put in front, stand 
Front'al a. belonging to tlie fw 
Front'al, n. a pediment over a 

a window 
Front'al or Frout'let, 7i. a band 

tions worn in Jewish ccremo 
Front'cil, />a. made with, or ha 
Frontier, 71. a limit, boundary, 

notlier country, furtliest setH 
Frontier, a. placed on the fron 
Frontispiece, n. a picture facir 
Front'less, n. shameless, impu( 
Frost, n. the act of congelation, 
Fixwt, V. t. to cover wiui somet 
Frost'bitten, a. nipped by Uie : 
Frost'ed, a. laid on like hoai* fr 
Frost'ily, ad. coldly, without a 
Frost'iness, n. freezing coldnes! 
Frost'y, a. like frost, hoary, co 
Fi-oth, n. foam, em])tiness ; t'. j 
I'^roth'iiiess, n. a frothy state, v 
Froth'y, a. full of froth, vain, < 
Frounce, v. t. to curl the hair 
Frou'zy or Frow'zy, a. smellin 
FiVwaixl, a. peevish, ungoveni 
Fro'wardly, ad. peevishly, per 
I'^rdwardness, n. peevishness, p 
Frown, n. a wrinkled or sour 1< 
Frown, v. t. to show dislike by 
Frown'ingly, ad. sternly, with 
Fructiferous, Frugif'eroiis, a. 
\ FrucX\?it^\AOTv, u. ?^^ ^«.v ^^ \ie\ 
1 Fr\ie>' \ACy , t Xa va^^ «« "c^a^^ 

F U L 

a. bearing fruit, fruitful, fei-tile 
laving of expense without mcan- 

♦"rdgalness, n. good husbandry 
f. thriftiljr, sparinffl;^^, carefully 
8, a. eating or subsisting on uruits 
? produce of trees, &c. profit 
fruit, collectively 
5, a. producing or having fruit 
, a person who deals in fi*uit 
a miit-loft, fruitage, fruit 
bearing fruit, plenteous 
id. plenteously, abundantly 
if n. plenty, abundance 
71. a plantation of fruit-trees 
. enjoyment, pleasure 
void of fruit, unprofitable, vain 
a(L idly, unprofitably, in vain 
a loft to put or preserve fruit in 
. a tree that proauces fruit 
ous, a. resembling wheat 
IS, a. vain, useless, unprofitable 
I. vain, ineffectual, useless, void 
. t. to disappoint, balk, defeat 
71. a disappointment, defeat 
a. full oi small shoots, shrubby 
Ing fried, fish just spawned 
ress in a frying pan, broil 
n. an iron pan to fry things in 
» make or get drunk [fire 

ter for the fire ; v. t. to feed the 
., the power of flying away 
m. expressing dislike or aversion 
SI runaway, deserter, vagrant 
flying, wandering, unstable 
, n. inconstancy, giddiness 
ehase in music, or succession 
to perform, complete, answer 
ulfil'ment, n. a completion 
I'gid, a. shining, dazzling 
g^rcat or dazzling brightness 
a. like soot, smoky, black 
I, crowded, plurap^ satisfied 
mpiete mcamrc or state 



Full, V. t. to cleanse and scour cloth, and ren- 
der it more compact. [most 
FuU'blown, FuU'spread, a. spread to the ut- 
Full'bottomed, n. having a large bottom 
Full'eared, a. having the head full <^ grain 
Full'er, 71. one who fulls cloth 
Fuller's-earth, n. a clay used by fullci*s 
FuU'eyed, a. having prominent eyes 
Full'fed, a. very fat, plump, fattened 
Fuiriaden, a. deeply or very heavily ladea 
Full'ness, n. a full state, plenty, extent 
FuII'orbcd, a. round, like the full moon 
Full'y, ad. to the full, completely 
Ful'minate, v. i. to make a noise like thunder 
Fulminiition, n. a tliundering, ban, censure 
FuKsome, a. nauseous, rank, ofiTensive 
Ful'someness, n. uauseousncss, obscenity 
Fulv'ous, a. yellow, like saffron 
Fumatory, n. a species of plant 
Fum'bic, V. to do or handle awkwanlly 
Fum'bler, n. an awkward or clumsy pei-son 
Fume, n. smoke, vapor, heat, rage 
Fume, "o. to smoke, be in a rage or passion 
Fumigate, v.t. to smoke, fume, perfume 
Fumigjition, «. a vapor raised by fire 
Fi^mingly, ad. in a fume, angrily 
Fumitory, n. a genus of plants 
Fumous, Fumy, a. producing fume 
Fun, 71. a joke, low vulgar sport 
Func'tion, n. an office, employment, charge 
Func'tionary, n. one who holds an office 
Fimd, n. a stock, bank of money, capital 
Fund, V. t. to appropriate a fund or revenue to 
the regular payment of interest [cates 
Funds, 71. pL funded debts evidenced by certifi' 
Fund'ament, 7i. the hinder part 
Fundamcn'tal, a. original, chief, principal 
Fundament' ally, ad. originally, essentially 
Funeral, n. a burial, procession at a burial 
F6neral, a. used for op relating to a burial 
Funereal, a. dismal, mournful^ C^w^\:«^> 
Fun'gus, a. s^ox^^, ^t^^«tt%'cvi\s\. 
Fun'gus, n. J>1. ¥vwv' ^%e.%, to^^^wsw^^'*^ ^xvvss. 
of pUuts cxcrcaccwtft 5. .Av\x«v\\«'^ 


F U S 

Fun'ny, a. lauglihlilc, \ihimsicuU luoity 
Fur, n. the sol't fine hair of y\'i\i\ beasts, bkiiis 

containing tui*, matter ou the ton};iio 
Fur, V. t. to line or oovia* with fur 
Fur'below, n. fringe eewtxi on jn'tticfmts 
Fur'below, v. t. to adorn wLtii i>laits of fur 
Fur'bish, v. t. to pc^sli, clean, rub u]) 
Furbish'cr, n. one ulio i>oIisIies, a burnisher 
Furcation, n. a forked state, a forkinrss 
Furious, a. mad, frantic, racing, violent 
Furiously, ad. inadly, fi*unticly, violently 
Furiousness, n. fury, madness,' passion 
Furl, v. i. to draw up, wrap u]», fold 
Fur'long, n. tlic eightli pail of a mile 
Fwr'lotf^A, n. leave of absence froin duty 
Fur'lot/^/i, 'V. t. to furnish with a furlough 
Fur^menty, n. wheat boiled in milk 
Fur'nace, n. an inclosed fii-e place 
Furnish, v. t. to supply, pi-ovide, equip 
Fur'niture, 7i. moveables, goods, utensils 
Fur'rier, n. a dealer in or dresser of furs 
Fui-'i'ow, n. a long trench or hollow wrinkle 
Fur'pow, V. t. to cut into fuiTOWs, to wrinkle 
Furry, a. covei*ed with or made of fur 
Fur'ther, a. at a greater distance 
Fur'ther, ad. at a distance, moreover 
Fui-'ther, v. t. to assist, forwartl, promote 
Fur'tliM-ance, n. assistance, advancement 
Fur'therer, ?t. a helper, promoter, advnncc^r 
Fur'tliermore, ad. yet further, moroovei* 
Fur'thermost, a. the most distant, the farthest 
Fur'tivc, a. stolen, gotten by stealth, secret 
Fury, n. madness, rage, frenzy, vioK-nt passion 
Fui"ze, n. a veiT prickly shrub, gorsi* 
Fur'zy, a. ovcrgi*own or having furze 
Fuse, (luze) v. to melt, liquefy, sofi«Mi 
Fusee, n. a firelock, part of a watch, muteli 
Fusibil'ity, n. a meltwl or melting quality 
FAsibel, Fusile, a. capable of being melted 
Fuaileer, n. afoot .soldier armed with a fusee 
Fusion, 7*. the act of melting, melted state 
^f/AT, u. a fitipj hustle, tumult, noihe 



Fust'ineso, a. a fust 
Kiist'y, a. ill-smell, 
rutilf, a. trilling, v 
Fulirily, n. a want 
Kiiture, «. that ist" 
Future, Futurity, 
the time to cora< 
Vnz'!., V. 7. to flv on 
Fiiz7/b:dl, w. a kin< 
Fy ! e.rdaw. exprc 

(1 AT^ (rtiVble, 
1 (lab'ble, ii. 1 

(lab'bler, n. a prat 
(ijibel, ?;. a kind of 
(iiibiou, /;. a wickc 
Ciiible, n. the slopi 
(lad, V. i. to rove ( 
Ciad'der, 7^ oiu; wl 
(;ad'fly,//. afly tht 
(iafl', 71. a hook, ha 
(■iaf 'f(rr, 71. mastei*. 
Gaf 'fl<', n. an artili 
CJjig, V. 1. to stop t 
(iag, //.something 
Gag<-, V. to w a|^<H' 
(I age, /?. a j>le(lge 
(Jag'glc,'?'. j. to in:i 
fjiiily, ad. splendit 
Gain, 7i, pi-ofit, b 

shoiiMer or lap]: 
Gain, v. to gfl., ob1 
(lAiner, ;/. one \vh( 
(iainful, a. profital 
Gainfully, ad.\n'o\ 
Gaiuli;ss, a. unpn 
G.'iitilessncss, n. u 
G.'iinly, ad. handil 
GainSHv, v. t. gain 


', shoM y, very fine, bcRuisli 
andiness, extravagant joy 
: of walking, walk, step 
ings for the legs 
or high festivity 
lie in the sky, Uie milky way 
resinous gummy substance 
: wind, a tempest ; poetically 


* galley, brigantine 
3or, gn;at anger, a nut 
: tlie skin, hurt, fret, vex 
>er, suiter, lover, attendant 
polite, attentive 
s, bold, noble, line, gay 
ravely, nobly, generously 
jveiy, generosity * 
, fretted, injured, vexed 
ge ship 

ig apai'tment, a balcony 
el flat built and long 
me condemned to the galleys 
ning to Gaul, now France 
;ing to galls, or oak apples 
ting to France or the French 
diom of the French tongue 
eet of Jews who refused tri- 

Lall pot painted and glazed 
sure containing four quarts 
id of lace, binding 
lOve fast, drive oa 
nftestpace of a horse 
tree of execution, gibbet 
ir's case to receive types 
osing stick 

n insect of tlie cenUped kind 
e name given to effects re- 
tricity, produced by metaU 

aining to galvanism [fluid 

to aifect with the galvanic 

; versed or believing in the 


'>hy for nwncr, to gumc 




Gam'blcr, n. a cheating gamester, sliarper 
Gaui'bogc, n. a tree ana its gum 
Gam'bct, n. a bird resembling the red shank 
Gam'bol, n. a skip, leap, prauK, sport 
Gam'l)ol, V. i. to frisk, dance, skip, leap 
Gam'brel, n. the hind leg of a horse, a crook- 
ed piece of wood 
Game, n. a play, sport, jest, animals pukwied 
Game, v. i. to play extra^'agantly, sport 
Gdmecock, n. a ooek bred to fight battles 
Gamesome, a. frolioksome, gay, sportive 
Gamester, n. one addicted to gammg 
Gaming, n. play, the act of playing deep 
Gam'mer, n. mistress, mother, ob. 
Gam'mon, n. a buttock of a hog salted and dried 
Gam'moi\, v. t. to fasten a bowspiit to the stent 

of a ship 
Gam'ut, n. the scale of musical notes 
(ran'der, n. the male of the goose 
Gang, n. a company, crew, set ; v. i. to go 
Gan'grene, n, a mortification 
Gan'grcnous, a. mortified, corrupted 
Gang'way, n. a passage, a platform in diips 
Gannet, n. the Soland^oose 
Ganfle^ n. a military punishment, in which 

the offender runs between ranks o^men and 

receives a lash from each 
Gaol, n. a prison, place of confinement 
Ga61er, n. the keeper erf a prison, a jailor 
Gap, n. an opening, breach, passage, hole 
Gape, (a as in askj v. i. to open the mouth, 

^awn, stare 
Gaper, n. one who gapes 
Gaping, n. the act of gaping, a yawning 
Garb, n. clothes, dress, appearance 
Garb'age, n. offals, bowels, entrails 
Gar'ble, v. i. to sifl, separate, cull, pick 
Garb'Icr, n. one who separates or picks 
Gar'den, v. i. to cultivate or make a garden 
Gar^den, n. a place to raise kitchen plants, 

flowers and fruits, a well cultivatetl spot 
Gar'dener, w. a person who cuMvsle^ ^ ^gst« 

Gar'demn^, nAVe lA^tx^SlvwfiCvtv'^^^^^^^'*' 


G A U 

Gar^garism, fjar'gle, n. a wa'«li f«»r Uk* tlinini 
Gai*^ct, 71. a SMflling ia liic tlin^it ot'caillc 
Ciai-^le, V. t, to \ia8h the with liquor 
(larTand, n. a Mix-ath ot'Ilowers, collar 
Gai'^lic, ;i. a plant, a kind of 8ti-oii|^ oiiion 
(iar'Ucky, a. HlKMiiidin}; with or like gaHic 
Gai'^iuei'itj n. a covering for the body, divss 
(iar'ncr, n. a granaiy, place for grain 
iiai-'ner, 7'. t. to lay up iu a place oi'saToiy 
Ciai'^iiet, n. a red gem, precious stone 
Gar'nish, v. to adoni, decorate, set ofT 
Garnishee, iu one inuliose baiMis xiroperty of 

an absconding debtra* is attached 
G»r'iilsh, Gar^nishiuent, 71. ornament 
Gari-an, n. a sti-ong small hoi'sc, a galloway 
Gar'ret. 7i. the uppermost room 
( Jr.inv't^er, n. one that lives in a garret 
Gai-'rison, n. a fort, or soldiers to defend it 
(iar'rison, v. to secure by or put in 8oldiei*s 
GaiTullty, n. loqimcity, UUkativeness 
GarVulouB, a. prating, cliattering, talkative 
Gar'ter, v. t. to fasten with a gaiter 
lTui*'tcr, n. a band to tie up tlie stockings [ible 
Gas,/ aeriform fluid,or a fluid which is invis- 
GaH'cous, a. in the form of gas, invisible 
Gasconade, n. a boast, brs^ ; v. i. to brag 
GhsIi, 72. a deep and long cut ; v. t. to cut 
Gask'ins, n. pi. veiy wide hose or breeches 
(iiusp, r. to endeavor or gape for breath 
( iasi>, n. a short catch of the breath 
Gab'tric, a. belonging to the stomach 
Gate, 71. a door, frame of wood, enti'ance 
GatTish, n. a fish of a beautiful yellow color 
Gath'er, v. to bring or draw togetlurr, assem- 
ble, take up, crf>p, thicken, swell 
Gfltli'ercr, n. one w ho gathers, a collector 
Gath'ering, n. a collection, swelling, tumor 
Gath'ers, n./>/. folds, a \daiting of cloth 
Gaud'ily, ad. witli gaudiness, showily 
Ciiaud'ineflS, n. showiness, a tinsel appearance 
Gaud'y a. showy, ostentaliouslv fine 
CvaMge, %■>. t. to meaaui'e contentH ot a cask 
Crn7/gc, ?i. a measiwe, standard, ro<l 
OAugcFy fi. a man whogaugt^s vessels 
^iu/ging, n. the act of measuring vc^^^^s 

G E X 

Cianrjah./i. ]M rtainiiig In Ciuul or rnnce 
(iar/nt, a. meager, spar**, ihin, slender 
(ia/nillet, n. an ii-on glo\e, gantlf't 
(iauze, //. a very thin silk or linen 
(■au'-/} , a. like gauze, tliin ai gau'/.e 
(«a% 'ol, n. a brisk dance, h Vk\ i-Iy air or tanc 
(iay, a. airy, merry, line, showy 
(iriyety, oi* fiaiety, n. checHulness, finery 
(iajly, or Gaily, ad. airily, merrily, showilt 
Gaze, V. i. to lfK)k earnestly ; 7i. h tixed loot 
( ia?.< ir, fi. an animal like a goat and deer 
(i^zt.'i*, ;i. one who gsizes or looks vcr}' hard 
Gazette*', 7f. a news|mperor public print 
(iazetteer, /*. a newspaper or print 
(«azingstock, n. one gazed atwitli scorD^h 
(•ear, (a; hard) n. accoutrements, dress, trae 
(«ear, 1*. t. to ilresM, ]>ut on liamess 
(icese, (g hard)^t(oo»e 
Gelat'inale, t*. to form or become, jellv 
Gelat'inouR, a. fm'med into a jelly, stiff 
(ield, (g haitl) v. t. gelded, gelt, pret. gekk 

gelt, pa. to castrate, emasculate 
(ield'ing, 72. ahorse tliat has been gekletl 
Gel'id, a. extremely cold, cold as ice [ten 
(iel'ly, 72. a liquor oi* meat boiled to a ooni 
Gem, 71. a jewel, tlie bud of a ti'ee 
(lem, V. to adorn witli jewels, to bud 
(vem'inate, a. double, growing in pairs 
Gemin^tjon, n. a repetition, a doubliog 
(iciu'ini, twins, a pair, sign 
(iem'inouB, a. double, twofold, similar 
(4em'meous, a. jiertaining to jewels 
Ciem'my, a. briglit, sliiniiig, s^iarkling 
Gcn'der, n. a sex, breed, race 
GenMtH', t*. to lx'gi»t, ]»i*oduce, cugciidci* 
CJencalo"gical, a. pertaining to genealogf 
(jenearogist, 7i. one skillca in genealogy 
(ieneal'ogize v. i. to foi-m or relate geneak 
Gcnearog}', n. history of family dcsoendan^ 
Gcu'eral, a. common, public, cxtcnave 
<ien'eral, m. a whole, great military officer 
Genendis'simo, n. a c(mimander incl^icf 
Generarily, n. a general state, most part 
V\viVL, V, t. to make or ronder gcncn 


a E N 

jr, rt'/. in general, ooninioiily 
icss, 71. n Avidc extent, commonness 
hip, 71. tlie skill or office of a general 
!, r. ^ to beget, ]»*o<liiCf' , cause 
)n, n. an age, race, family 
ve, a. able lo [>rotluce, fruitful 
a. comprebciuliiig tlie genus 
11 y, lul. >". iib ivganl to tlie genus 
ly, fipu'eronsiiess, 7i. liberality* 
it o. libei-al, open hearted, noble 
d}", ud. m a generous manner 
71. the fi]"st lKW)k of Moses 
. a small J^puuisli horse, a quadinipcd 
.tesel kinci and its fur 
n- Cii'i, 71. i\ spirit distilled fi-om grahi 
. eontributi'.ig to ])ropagation 
ad. clu'crfully, gaily, naturally 
pL spirits, demons '^ 
, n. the name of an early apple 
a. the second case of nouns 
1. nature, disposition, bent of mind, 
s intellectual powers 
a. iHilite, civil, kind, elegant 
', ad. politely, kindly, gracefully 
2ss, CSentiritv, 7i. gracefulness 
It. a ])lant, fell wort 
n. a heathen j a. heathen, pagan 
1, ti. hcatlienism, paganism 
loiis, a. peculiar to a nation 
!. tame, soft, meek, peaceable 
iks, n. people of good bree<liug 
Ein, 71. a man of roal good breeding, 
of complaisance, in (.>. Jiritain, a 
good family not lioble [ticman 

anlike, G( n'tlemanly, a. like a gen- 
8S, w. meekness, tenderness [ior 
iman, n, a woman of genteel beliav- 
ul. soflly. slowly, with cai'e, tenderly 
I. a native of India or Inuostan 
n. persoiip a])ov<» tlu^ vulj^ar 
ion, 71. an tictof religions kneeling 
a. free from all adulteration, real 
y, ad. originally, really, truly 
less, 71. a ffcmi'iiie qutdily 
insrirnccj a clans oi'bv'ixi^^ 



Gepg'rftphcr, ?i. a pei*son skilled in geography 
(•'cogi*aph'ical, a. of or relating to geography 
(jleo^'raphy, 7i. a description of the earth 
Geol'og}', 71. the science of the eailh and its 
const i'tucMit parts [earth 

Cleorogist, 71. one versed in a knowledge of the 
Ceolo'^ical, 7*. pertaining to geology [ometiy 
( Jeom'eter,Cieometri''cia»,7i. one verseil iuge- 
Geomet'rical, a. pertaining to geometry 
(Jeomet'rically, ad. in a geometi'ieal manner 
Ceoni'eti'y, ti. the science of quantity, exten- 
sion or magnitude 
Cicoi'^gic, 72. a rural poem 
Geranium, 7i. cranes bill, a genus of plants 
Gei*'man, ?i. a rekitioh ; a. related, akm 
(ierman'ic, Ger'man,o. belonging to Germany 
(ierm, Germ'en, ti. a sprout, shoot, bud 
Gern/inate, v. i. to spiwit. slioot, put forth 
Ormination, ti. the act of spi'outing 
Gcr'und, Tt. akind of verbal noun in grammar 
(testation, ti. the act of carrying young 
Gestic'ulate, v. i. to nse gestures 
(lestioulation, Tt. various postures of the body 
Ges'ture, ti. an action, motion, posture, trick 
(ies'turc, T'. to accompany with or use action 
Get, (ghard^ r. got, gotten, pa. to procure, 

gain, win, learn, induce 
Get'ting, 7i. the act of getting, gain, profit 
tiew'gaw, (g hard) ti. a trifle, bawble 
(i/iast'liuess, 7i. horror of countenance 
GAast'lv, a. hoiTid, shocking, like a ghost 
G/ierk'ln, t?. a small cucumber for pickling 
GAost, 72. the soul of a person deceased, spirit 
CiA6stly, a. relating to the soul, spiritual 
Giant, T2. a man unnaturally tall orlaive 
Cii/antess, t2. a woman uncommonly tail 
Giantlike, Giantly, a. very tall or large, h«ge 
Giantslup, Ti. the state of a giant 
Gib'berish, (g hard) n. cant words, nonsense 
(iil/bet, T2. a gallows to expose criminals 
Gil/bet, V. t. to hang and expose on a gallows 
Gibbos'ity, Gib'bousness,7i. couve^>fc^ 

( i i VbOU,* (^ WV^^ U. ^fe ^««V^ VCTOV^^ "S^St 


C^ I li 

Ciil>e or Gyl)c, n. u sneer, Bcoff, reprouch 
liibcr, n. a sneerer, scofler, repitwicher 
Ciibingly, ad. Bconitully, conteniptuously 
(libiuts, 71. pi. pails of a {!:oosc or duck 
Gkl'ilil^, (k Uaril) lul. heedlessly, unsteadily 
fiid'diiK'KH, 7». H Hw'uuniiiig in tlie liead 
(iid'dy, a. heedless, tiioughtlcss, careless 
Gift, (g liard) it. a thing given, faculty 
Ciift'ed, a. endowed, invested, given [chaise 
Gig, (g hard) 7i. a thing that whirls round, 
liigant^c, a. like a giant, huge, vast 
nig'gle, (g hard) v.i. to laugh idly, titter 
Ciig'^jler, n. a foolish laugh<T, tittcTer 
Ciig'let, «. a wanton lascivious girl 
Gild, (g hiu'd) V. t. gilde<l, gilt, pvt. gil'.led, 

gilt, jb'i. lo wasli over with gold, &wc. auloni 
Gild'er, n. one 'who gilds 
^iild'irig, n. gold or silver laid on for ornament 
fiill, 11. mcasuiti, liquor, herb 
Gill, (g hard) n. the membranes and opening 

near the heads of fish 
Gill'iflower, n. aver} fine flower [persons 
^viriotin, (g hard) n. an engine fur bciieadlng 
Giriotin, V. /. to cut olF heads with a gillotin 
GUt/head, n. a fish with a golden crescent 
• Gim, Gim'ray, a. neat, siirucc, gay 

of doi 

Ciimp, (g hard) ii. a silk twist or lace, edging, 

Gin,n. a snare, trap, engine, pump, geneva, a 

machine to clean cotton 
Gin, V. t. to clean cotton of its seeds by a gin 
Gin'gcr, n. a hot spice root, a plant 
Gin'gerbiTad,*ead made of flour and ginger 
Ging'ham, (g harfl) n. a cloth of cotton and 

linen striped and gluzevl 
Gin'gle, v. to make a sharp noise, to tingle 
(jiii'gle, n. a shrill resounding noise 
Ginseng', n. ninzin, a genus of plants 
Gip'Hv, 7j. a pi^tended fortuneteller 
GJi-Hft", (^/m/y/) n. the eamcl leopai-d, an ani- 
wal (tf At'ricH witli a long neck like tbe cum- 
'v^ c7/7f/.7 body spotted like the leopard 

G L A 

^^'i^'*^3 (g hard) n. a pang, sluu'pmin 
Ciiiti, V. girthril, gird, prel. ginled, g^rt^^ 

bin<l or tie ixnind, dress, repztmeh, soeei 
(iii-d'er, n. the lai'gest timber iu a floor 
(■ir'dle, Q^ liaixl) n. a band round the wk 
(iir'ille, V. t. to bind M'ith a ginlle, in.^mer 

to cut a ring tlmiugh the bark and ■ 

ti\H.*s to kill ilicra 
G Jrl# (g hard) u. a female, a young womi 
(■irl'isli, a. acting like a girl, ehiklish, gid< 
fiirrishncss, ii. a girlish state or behavior 
(iirt, (g hard) n. a bandage for a MMldle, 

V. t. to ginl [string, a 

(iirlh, (g hard) n. the compass made b 
Gist, 71. iu law the main \to\\\X. 
( live, (g hanl) v. gave, /we/, given, pa. to I 

tow, deliver, pay, grant, yield, resign 
(iiv'on,/»rt. bestowed, granted, addicted 
Giv'er, n. one who gives, one who bestovi 
Giz/zard, (g hanl) fi. the stomaeh of a fei 
(iliibrous, a. smooth, having an even surfti 
Gliiciul, a. relating to or like ice, icy, frou 
Glaci(>r, n. a iierennial body of ice 
Glad, a. cheeiful, merry, pleued, plean^ 
Glad, Glad'deD, v. t. to' make glad, delig^ 
Cilad'der, 7i. one who makes glad 
Glade, n. an opening in a woiod or in ietf 
GladiHtor, n. a sword player 
Gladiatorial, a. of or relating to gladiators 
Glad'ly, ad. cheerfully, joyfully, readily 
Glad'ness, n. cheerfulness, joy, delight 
Glad'somc, a. cheering, causing joy, gay 
Glad'win, n. a strong smelling plant 
Glair, n. the white of an egg, a halbert 
Glair, v. Mo smear with Uie white of eggi 
Glance, n. quick view, shoot of light 


Gland'ers, n. pi. a disease, the ninnii^ fl 

horse's nose 
Glandiferous, a. bearing or Laving cons 
Glnnd'ule, n. a small ^land (h* grain 
r»Vc\\\vVv!\ci\\9., o.>j»irtMning to tlie giandi 

Grh O 

. to iliine 80 as to dazzle the eyes 
pa. a. shining, shocking, barefaced 
transparent substance mude of sand 
udine salts 
made of glass 

/. to eovei* vitli glass, to glaze 
, Glass, j^. coven^d witli glass, glazed 
.ise, 71. a house where glass is made 
a, n. one -who deals ui or sells glass 
stal, n. glass in a state of fusion 
rk, n. a inanufaetoiy of glass 
rty n. tlic kali, a plant 
a. resembling glass, dear, smooth 
s, a. having a light green color 
. a broad sword, a laige bill, ob. 
. t, to put in 01' cover with glass 
. a polish or cora^MMitiou for covering 
Q ware 

n. a man who sets glass in windows 
I. a sudden slioot of light 
;. i. to shine with flashes of light 
ly pa. shining, flashing, n. a gleam 
a. flashing, shooting light, bright 
. t. to gather Uie remains, i)ick up 
. a collection made slowly 
n. one who gleans or selects 
;, 71. the act of gleaning 
. a church-estate, tui*f, soil 
joy, merriment, pleasure, gaiety 
a. meiTy, cheertul, laugh uig, gay 
ft valley, space between two lulls 
imooth, slippeiy, quick, ready 
kL smooUkly, quickly, readily 
f iu smoothness, slipi>criness, ease 
»'. to flow gently and silently 
the act of passing smoothly 
r, V. i. to siilne faintly ; n. a fossil 
ring, n. a faint light, a sliort view 
n. a short view, a faint light 
n* Glis'ter, v. i. to shine, s()arkle 
r. i. to gliinc brightly, sjiarkle 
[alit'tering, n. luster, brightness 
Globed, a. formed like a globe, round 
A round body, epljere, ball 
0)0^009, a. spherjcjtlf round 




(ilobos'ity, Globousncss, n. roundness 
(ilob'ulai', Glob'ulous, a. like a globe, round 
(ilob'ule, n. a small globe, raund particle 
Glom'erate, v. t. to gatlier or form into, a ball 
Glooip, 71. darkness, cloudiness, heaviness 
Gloom'ily, ad. darkly, hea>ily, sullenly 
Gloom'incss, n. want of Ught, cloudiness 
Gloom'y, a. dark, cloudy, dismal, dejected 
Gloried, a. illustrious, noble, honoi'able 
Gloriflc^tion, n. the act of giving glory, praise 
Glorify, V. t. to make glorious, praise, extol 
GMrious, a. illustrious, noble, excellent 
Gloriously, ad. illustriously, uobly, bravely 
(xloryj iu honor, praise, fame, happiness 
(ildry, V. i. to boast, be proud of, rejoice 
(Tl6rying,/)a. boasting, n. the act of boasting 
Gloss, n. a sd&oUum, comment, brightness 
Glo», V. t. to explain, palliate, cover, adorn 
Gloss'ary, n. a dictionar}* of obscure Morda 
Gloss'iuess, n. a polish, superficial lustre 
Gloss'ing, n. an explanation by notes 
Gloss'y, a. shining, smootldy polislied, soft 
Glove, (gluv) n. a cover for the hand and arm 
Glove, V. t. to cover with gloves 
Glov'er, n. one who makes or sells gloves 
Glow, V. to bum, gi*ow hot, redden, shuie 
Glow, n. a heat, wai*mth, passicui, brightness 
Glowworm, n. a species ol fire fly 
Gloze, n. flattery, false insinuation, ob. 
Glozc, V. i. to flatter, wheedle, ob. 
(ilue, n. a strong cement to join substances 
Glue, V. t. to join together with glue 
Glum, a. sullen, sour, gloomy, grave 
Glume, 71. chaff on the seeds of plants 
Glut, V. to cloy, disgust, overload [split logs 
Glut, n. a great plent}*, a wooden m edge to 
Glutinous, Gluey, a. like glue, rojiy, sticky 
Ghitinousness, n. a state of being viscou.s 
lilirl'tou, n. one who eats t(» excess 
(ilut'tonous, a. pven to excessive feeding 
Glut'tonously, luL in a gluttonous manner 
Glut'tony, M. excess in eating, great luxun 
Guar, or Gnarl, v. i, U\ ^v^>>»,\,«^\'wc\^vi^» . 
GnarVed, a. kwAXcA, Vx\tt\.\N ^^wv?^ 
Gnash, v. to ^\iA \\v^ \ft»i\N\\\^*^ ^-<-.'^ 


G L 

Gnas1i'in^,7t. the act of grinding the lectli 
Gnat, //. A small wiiige<l stinging iiiitect 
Giiaw, V. t. to bite, tear with the teeth 
Gnomon, n. an index, th6 style of a dial 
Gnos'tics, n. heretics who coiTuptcd cliris- 

tianity by eastern philosophy 
Gnas'ticisui, n. tlic system of tlie Gnostics 
Go, V. i. went, pret. gone, pa. to walk, ti-avel, 

move, proceed, reach, decay 
Goad, n. a shari* infitrumcnt to drive oxen 
Cioafl, V. t. to ])rick with a goad, urge 
Goal, n. a starting jxMt, final purpose 
(ioar, n. an edging or piece of cloth 
(loat, n. an animiu between a deer and sheep 
Goat'hcrd, w. one who tends goats 
Goatish, a. rank or lustful as a goat, strong: 
Gob, Gob'bet, n. a mouOitnl, small quantity 
Gob'blCy V, t. to swallow hastily with noise 
Gob'let, n. a kind of bowl, a lai^ cup 
Gob'lin, V. an evil spirit, apparition, elf 
Goby, n. a <lelusion, ailifice, evasion 
("^<)-cart, ». a cart to tc^ach chihhvH to walk 
God, tt. the Sn]U'enie 13cing, a ruler, an i<lol 
Goil, V. exsdt as a god, deify, adon^ 
God'dess, n. a female deify 
(^fOcKdesslike, a. divine, chai>ming, beautiful 
Gorl'fathor, n. a male sponsor hi baptism 
( vod'head, n. the divine nature, godship 
God'lessjfl. irreligious, xirofane, wicked 
Godlike, a. divine, heavenly, holy, pious 
(lodliness, tu piety to God, real religion 
God'iy, a. pious, religious, righteous 
< WiiioUier, n. a female sponsor in baptism 
fiocKship, n. the character of God, Godhead 
God'son, 72. a male child for whom one has 

been sponsor 
fiod'warc, ad. towards God 
C jodVit, 71, a bird with a long bill and legs 
( "ioer, 71. one who goes, walker, traveller 
Gog'gle, V. i. to roll or move the eye balls 
iiog'gles, 71. glasses to defend the eyes 
^iog'gle-eyed, a. having large rolling eyes 
(foing, n. the net of walking, a departure 
(foJ^ter, 71, the hronehoeeXe or sweUed ivetVL 
~^o/r/, u. the most precious of all metaU 

G S 

I (iolden, a. made of or like ^d, Taliiabl 
f ioldfmch, 7t. a small bcautitui nnginsr bii 
(toldiish, n. a AhIi liaving a glosiy gola eol 
t Joldlcaf, n a thin plate of gold for gtldii 
(^<)ldsmith, n. one who works in gold 
GouMola, 71. a flat boat used at Venice 
Gonddier, n. a boatman at Venice 
iionc, pa. of totfo {prtrn, gawn) 
tiood, 71. Uiat wliich afibrds real happine 

pleasure, or the means of obtaining it 
Good, a. liaving desirable qualities, ut 
liood'liness, 7i. heauty, grace, elegance 
Good'ly, a. beautiful, graceful, comely 
Good'man, n. gaffer, master, friend 
Goodnature, n. an obliging temper 
Goodnsiturcd, a. obliging, kind, gentle 
Goodnaturedly,aJ. in a good natiired ms 
Good'ness, Tt. idl desirable qualities, pietf 
Goo<l'now, exclam, denoting wonder | 
Goods, n. pi. furniture, merchandize, mc 
Good'y, 7*. a low term of civility 

Gor'dian, a. iuexti*icable, verv intricate 
(tor'dianknot, n. an inextncalile difficulty 
Gore, n. clotted or corrupt blood 
(lOi-e, V. t. to wound with homi, pierce 
Gorge, 71. tlie throat, a molding, a tine 
Cioree, v. t. to swallow, to fill up or glut 
Gorgeous, a. fine, showj', glittering 
Gorgeously, ad. finely, splendidly, riabljr 
Goi-'get, n. armor for the throat 
Gor'gon, ft. a monster, any thii^ h<xnd 
Gor'mandize, v. i. to eat ravenously 
Gor'mandizer, n. a voracious glutton 
Gor'mandizing, pa. eating greedily, me 
Gorse, ti. a very prickly shrub, furze 
G<Sry, a. covered witli or like gore, blood 
Gos'hawk, 71. a hawk of a lai-ge breed 
Gos'Iing, 71. a voung goose, excrescence 
G«j8'pel, 71. GOiyS woi-cl through CHBB 
Gos'pel, V. t. to instruct in the gospel 
GoiJ"^\\vi,^, \H\..vQ£^si\ctcd in christiaiuty 

6 R A 

V. i. to chat, prate, spend time idly 

a. pertaining to Goths, ancient 

m, ft. rudeness, barbarity 

I. a cliisel having a round edge 

;, t, to cut or rorce out with a gouge 

1. a plant resembling a melon 
a inost painful dii^vaer 

2. afflicted with or liable to the goat 
(guVemJ V. t. to rule, regulate 

ime, a. subject to role, manageable 
knee,n. management, control 
nty n. a lady who tutors girls 
188, n. an instructress, tutoress 
nent, It. general system of polity for 
ing a society, a state or body politic, 
stration or cxecudye power, diree- 

lent^al, a. pertaining to government 
)r, n. a chief magistrate, a command- 
; who has higli authority, a tutor 
irship, n. the office of govenuM* 
. a long gaiment, loose habit 
, a. dressed in or having a gown 
m, n. a student or man of letters 
/. to8cize> to hold fast, fvtil^.J 
f V. to grope, sprawl on the ground 
. favor, privilege, virtue, onuiment, 
a blessing on our meat 
. t, to favor, adorn, digni^ 
ba. a. favored, adorned, dign^ed 
, a. comely, beautiful, plesAing 
[y, aU, in a graceful manner 
Iness, n. comelinem, dignity 
s, a. void of grace, abandoned [ners 
I. phi. esteem or favor, elegant mtai- 
, a, merciful, kind, good, civil 
ly, ad. kindly, with ccmdescenaioti 
ness, n. kind eonilcscensiou 
n, n. a regular progress, degree 
. a 8tcp,a degree m rank or dignity 
, a. step by step, regular 
on, n. tibe act ^graduating 
ly, ad. by steps or degress [gree 
p, V. f . to honour or mark with a de- 
*, /r. aae adiaiUedto a degree | 

G R A 


Graft, n. a ciojn inserted in another tree 
Gratlt, V. t. to insert a cion or branch 
Graft'er, n. one who iuseils 
Grain, n. c(»ii, one seed of com or fmit, a 

imall particle, weight, color, temper, make 
Grain, v. t. to form into grains, to gi*auulatc 
Grained, a. rough, uneven, irregular, varied 
Grains, ti. pi. remains of malt after brewing 
GraMic, a. stilted, belonging to tlie order of 

fowls, called toaden 
Gramin'eal, Gramin'eous, a. grauty 
Gi'aroiniv'oi'ous, a. living upon grass 
Gram'mar, n. the science of writing correctly 
Grammirian, n. one skilled in grammar 
Gramroat'ical, a. belonging to grammar 
Grammaf ically, ad. aecordine to grammar 
Gramp'ua, n. a fish of die Dolphin genus 
Gran'or}', n. a store-house to put grain in 
Grand, a. very great, splendid, noble, \aSij 
Grand'diild, n. tlic child of a son or daughter 
GrandMaughtcr, n. a son's or daughter's 

Grandee, n. a man of rank 
Grand'eur, ». state, magniiici'uce, sliow 
GrandTatlier, n. a lutlicr's ac a motltcr's faUier 
Grandjuror, n. one of a ei'and jury 
Grandjury, n. a jur}' to (lecidc on indictments 
Grand'moUicr, n. a father's or mother's 

Grand'sire, n. a grandfatlier, ancestor 
Grand'8on,n. the son of u son or daogliter 
Granp^e, n. a farm, a very retired place 
Gnui'it, ?t. a genus of stones 
Granit'ic, a. peitaining to oi* like granit 
Graniv'orous, a. eating or living upon graiu 
Gran'nam, Gi*»nd'ain, w. grandmollier 
Grant, v. t. to bestow, give, yield, admit 
Grant, n. aU«ing granted, concession 
Gi'ant'able, a. that may be granted 
Grantee, n. one to whom a grant is made 
Grantor', n. one by whom a ^'aiiI is made 
Grau'ular, a. resembling grams, like seeds 
Graii'ulate,!;. t. to (bY«v w\^ \:.^ava)\ 'sg^'iscv^ 

round \)«kYtltt.\<^« 


ti R A 

liraii'ulalo, (.jrauiilutcd, a, eoiisiating orgitiiiis 

ftv knobs 
Cirap«, n. tin* fruit of tin- vine 
(irape-sliot, ii. a lui'ge kind of shot iu clusters 
Cii'Hp'ucl^ n. a small anchor with four or live 

f irap'ling, n. an instrument to gi-apple 
Cirap'plc, t). tx> lay fast hold of, gi'asp 
Cvrasp, V. to liold in the hand, gripe 
(Ti'asp, n. a gripe of tlie hand, seizure, hold 
lii*ass, 7(. the name of a great variety of plants, 

many of -which are the foo<l of cattle 
Gitiss, r. to grow over with grass [grass 

Gi-ass'hopper, n. an insect that hops in tlie 
Cirass'plot, n. a plot of ground with grass 
(Jrass'y, a. covered with (H* having grass 
Gi'ate, 71. a partition made witlk bars 
Grut**, V. to rub small, ofiend, vex 
(iifitcfid, a. having a sense of favoi's, pleasant 
f;r;Jtt'fully, Of I. witli proper gratitude 
(i rater, «'. a rough instrument to giiite with 
CirMlificallon, 71. ])lcasure, delight, a reward 
lirat'ify, V. t, to indulge, delight, ]ilease 
( .xihiiigy pa. a rubbing, vexing, disagreeable 
(ii'Mlingly, UfL in a displeasing manner 
<ii«tiH, (ul. for nr>t}iing, without rcwai'd 
Grfit'itudc, (irritofulness, n. thankfulness 
(iruLuitous, rt. voluntary, done freely 
(irMuitously, ad. voluntarily 
(iiaLuity, n. a gift, a present 
4;rat'ulate, v. t. to congratulate, wish joy 
< liittulaliun, fi. a rejoicing with another 
Grat'ulatory, a. expressing joy or pleasure 
i iravc, n. a place for the dead 
i ;i*ave, a. serious, solemn, deep, slow, flat 
<»rav<', v. gi*aved, fn-et. gravetl, graven, pa. to 

engrave, carve, clean, bury 
(irave-cloaths. the dittss of Uie dead 
C^ra\'e1, n. a coarse sand, small pebbles 
Clrav'ol, r. t. to cover with gravel, puzzle 
iTi-aveless, a. liaving no grave, unburied 
i jrav'elly, iid. abounding with gravel 
('i:i\ch; aJ. scriouslY, solemnly, deeply 




Ji. seriousness, sobriety 

b R I 

CiravC'Stone, ti. a stone laid or set over the 

Gra>-'itatc, v. i. to tend to the center 
(xravitation, n. a tending to the center 
Grav'ity, n. weight, seriousness, solemnitj ' 
(inivy, n. the juice of boiled or roasted lidt 
Gray or Grey, a. hoaiy, white witli black 
Gray beard, n. an old iiuin in cootempt 
Gi*^yish, a. somewhat gray 
Gr^yness or Grey'ness, n. a gray state 
Graze, v. t. to eat grass, touch slightly 
Grazier, n, a feeder of cattle for slaughter 
Grizing, n. the act of feeding u^ion gnus 
Grease, n. tlie soft pait of ikt 
Grease, v. t. to smear widi fat, bribe 
Greasiness, n. a girasy state, oiliness, fatnca 
(xreasy, a. smeai*ed with grease, oily, fat 
Great, a. large, ira{)ortant, pregnant 
Great, n. Uie gross, the whole lump 
Greatly, iid. in a great de^e, nobly 
Greatness, n. lai*gencss, dignity, grandeur 
Cireaviis, n. pi. ancient armor for the logs 
Gi-ebe, **. a water fowl, a quick diver 
Greedily, ad. i-avenously, voraciously 
Greediness, n. eagerness, ravenousness 
(ri*cedy, a. ravenous, hungry, covetous 
Green, a. unripe, young, new, fresli, not dit 
Green, n. a color, a grassy plain, leaves 
Gix'enfinch, n. a kino of small singing bird 
(ireengage, 7i. a remarkably luscious plum 
Greenhouse, n. a house to keep plants in 
Gi*^enish, a. hiclining to greenness 
Gi*eenishness, n. a greenish state or quality 
Greenly, ad with a greenish color 
Greenness, n. a greeu color, unripeness 
Grc6nswanl, n. turf on which the grassgrovi 
Greet, v. t. to salute, address, congratoli^ 
(Greeting, />a. saluting ; n. a salutation 
Gregarious, a. going in flocks or herds 
Grenade, n. a small hand bomb 
Gi'enadier, 72. a tall foot soldier 
Grey 'hound, n. a tall dog used in coorang 
Grid'dle, n. a pan to bake cak^s in 
VVi\^c, T. i.Vsi ^s^^t, vauke way by cutting 

uror, 77. an cn^'HYvr, a tool to gi-ave witiv xVixvQi 0[\w» a, ^\»J«. ^\Av^\sJ»s^\5RgMii!r 


G R O 

n. a gi'ate to h\\n\ meat upon 
paiiilul sense of loss, sorrow, caiiBe 
r, pain, affliction 
, 7t. a state or cause of trouble 
to mourn, laineut, alHict 
, ad. with grief, sorrowfully 
I. afflictive, hard to be borne 
, ad. painfully, vcxatiously 
»8. n. gi'ief, sorrow, heaviness 
jrriffon, 71. a fabled animal 
-hM>kiitg, horrible, ugjly, sour 
!. aiTectation, a W17 mouth 
a. distorted, looking crabbed 
lirt J V. t. to dirty, daub, soil, ob. 
i. iiorribly, hideously, sourly 
71. a fierce, angr}' Untk. 
howin^ the teetli, (a snare, ob.) 
» set ihe teeth and show them 
ground, ^rcf. eraQMi\,pa. to sliar- 
reduce to powder, harass, oppress 
one who grinds, a back-tooth 
;, n. a stone for grinding tools on 
!. one who grins, one who titters 
', ad. in a grinning manner 
to hold fust, squeeze, oppress 
grasp, squeeze, oppiHiSsion 
& usurer, oppresscM*, extortioner 
a holding fast, twitch, colio 
lornble, drearjfid, hideous 
ain gi-ound or to be ground 
9. a mill for grinding grain 
caitilage, a nrm substance of the 
se, kc. 

, n. a gristly state or quality 
like or full of gristles, tough 
coarse part of meal, sand, dust 
ft. a giitty state, sandiness 
dl of or having hard particles 
gray, roan ; n. a gray color 
ariz'zly, a. ^y, mixed with gray 
to moiuii with a deep noise 
i hoarse and mournful soiuid 
1. the act of sending out groans 
wt^ n. a HtnaJlstim, 4d. Bterliag 
deulcrin H'a.%snj;ai's, liquonij &c. | 

G B u 


Gi-ocerr, n. wares or goods sold by a grocer 
Grog, II. siArit Kud water mixed [hair 

(iro(;;^rani, n. a thick stuff made of silk and 
( iroin, 77. the ]>art next the thigh 
fiiXjni'Mel, 7i. a plant of several species 
rii*aOni, who tends on horses 
(irooUis'niHn, n. an attendant on a bridegroom 
(iroove, 71. a h(»ilow cut ; 1?. t. to hollow 
( Jrojie, V. L to feel or search fw in the dark 
(iions^a. thick, bulky, fat, stupid, shameful 
Ortws, 71. the whole bulk, twelve dozen 
(jr(Sssl)cnk, n. a bird, the hawfinch * 

(iitissly, ad. coai-sely, shamefully, palpably 
Cir6s6t>e8s, 71. coarseness, fatness^ hideiicaey 
(ii*ot, (irot'ta, n. a cavern, a cave 
(iroti-squo, or Ciirotcsk', a. ludicrous, odd 
Grove, m. a wood, a walk shaded by trees 
Crov'el, V. i. to be mean, to creep 
Groveller, 71. one who grovels 
Gro\'elling, a. low, mean 
Ground, n. the upper part of the earth, foun- 
dation, soil, country, floor, cause 
Ground, v. t, to lay on the ground 
Grouttd'floor, n. tLe lowest story of a house 
Ground ivy, n. a medical herb, alehoof 
Gi<ound'Ies8, a. void of foundation or truth 
Ground'lessly, ad. without just cause 
Ground'lessness,?*. a want of just cause 
Grouud'nut, n. a itmt, a potatbe 
Ground'rent, n. rent paid for build in^-gitmnd 
Gi'ound'work, n. the ground, foundation 
Group or Groop, n. a cluster, crowd, huddle 
Group or GixK>p, v, t. to form in a cluster 
Grouse, n. a fine bird found on heaths 
Grout, n. eoui-se meal, ijollard, dregs 
Grow, V. ffreyr,pret. grown, pa. to shoot out 

inci*ease, improve, raise, become 
GnStoer, n. one who grows or proiluces 
Growl, V. i. to snarl, grumble, raurmm* 
Growl'er, «. one who grtimblcs or complains 
Growring,n. the act 01 snarling 
Grdtrth, n. vegitation, ufnprovemcnt 
Grub, n. a ftmS\ vrOTm» ^>»i%s^, ^vs!^:^ \KWK«^i. 
Gnib, V. t, to d\^\JL'^ACi^e?{CKSi^Vs ^veBS^^ 
Grudge, v. to ci\vv, ^\Nfc ^ajLvNT^wk-s^^ 



G h 1 

llnuljc'inr;:, /;. ^'a^^, n-lui'tuiicf, n "wihli 
(iiii(l<>;'iii!;ly, rrr/. un Willi n«riy-, rrluctaiitly 
lo-rici. n. UmkI inndo of inenl boiled iu whUt 
Cii-ur)', (ti*iini,</. suur. sU-ni, siii'Iy, rmigh 
GrulVIy, ml. stiriilv, rrmghly, liaralily 
Oriitf^iu'sa, ?*. a y^-uiY uppearnucc, sternness 
^iruiij'I.Io, r. »'. to luunijiir, mutter, growl 
(iniiii'YiU r, 71. one mIio raunuura 
<Tnini'i>ling, n. a complaint 
liu'inic, n. flotti'd I)loo;l, tliick fluid 
(^'i'liuuus, a. clotted like blood, Uiick 
frnint, GiiMit'ing, n. tlie noise of a li<^ 
C4ituit, r. /. to make a noise like a liog 

<'er, w. a person -nho grunts 
Ciry, 7). a meafturo, one tenth of a line 
Guai-antee, v. t. to wamint, to nndeilake for 

the performance of an agreement 
Gz/ai-'anty, n. one vho uan-ants or is bound 

for thefulfllnient of a stipulation 
G warranty, n. the act of warranting or under- 
taking to see stipulations perfcwmcd 
(iimitl, 71. a watch, defense, caution 
(ivmrd, V. t. to watch, take care of, defend 
tiKard'ianship, n, the office of guardian 
( ! //ard'iau, n. one who has the care of anotlier 

GfiftrfKian, «. defendinjj 
(I;/ard'h*ss, a. void of d» fense, expos6d 
fi/mrd'ship, 7i. a ship to g-uai'd a harlior 
( mhernatorial, a. iflating to a governor 
Gud'geon, n. a fish, man deceived 
G//ess, V. t. to conjecture, suppose 
(wM'ss, 7i. a conjecture, supjiosition, surmise 
Gr/esH'er, n. one who guesses or conjectures 
i I?/ess'iiigly, ud. by guess, uncertmnly 
(«?/est, u. a person entertnincd, a visiter 
(i!nji;'L.lo or (lur'gle, 7'.*. to run with noise 
G// (dunce, 7i. direction, government, care 

< i7/f<le, V. t. to direct, superintend 
(i/^ide, 11. a director, conductor, managt^r 
(-.'//Mh-U'SJ}, a. having no guiile, left, at large 

fir/iih-Vf //■ n f^iidvy director, supcrintendant 
f'"ild, n. n society, frateniitv 
f'ujtd'rt', '//. H Duivh coin valno 40 OQHtR 

i; u R 

ii/zih", If. drceit, craft, eunning, au-tifice 
(■t//i1cful, a. deceitful, treacherous 
GzalefulU, <///. deceitfully, tivacheroii&ly 
G/zilelew), a. devoid of ^'liie, harmless 
r;//il'lemot, 7/. a M»t<'rlowl like the auk 
Guiils, n. a plant, tiic com marigold 
(i7/ilt, 71. wickeflness, criniiiiality , 

(iii'iVtWy, ad. in a gi'ihy manner, wickedlj 
ri/nU'inefts, 71. state of guilt, criminality 
(i/dlt'less, a. fn-cfi-om guilt, innocent 
(iwilt'lessiiess, v. fni^ from gtiilt 
G7/ilt'y, a. char^'a])le wxHi guilt, wicked 
G7MnVa, n. an Lnglish gold coin value I 

dollars and two thir'ls ; the Fh-hcIi gui 

or I iOuis'd'or, fom* dollars and sixty ccii' 
fii/isc, n. a manrer, cur.toi^.:, in-acticc, drc: 
Gf/itar^, n. a stringed musical iustnunent 
GuK-K, a. red in heraldry or a coat of arn 
Gulf, n. a larg<^ deep bay, whirlpool, abys 
Gulfy,a. full of gulfs or whirlpools, deep. 
Gull, V. t. to cheat, trick, defraud 
Gull, 71. one easily cheated, fi-aud, scafow 
Gull'catcher, GuU'er, n. a cheat, imposta 
(rull'et, 71. the throat, passage for fooa 
(iul'ly, V. to wear a channel in the earUt 
(lul'ly, n. a channel worn by water 
Gulp, V. t. to swallow down eagerly 
Gulp, 71. what is swailowiMl at once 
Gum, 7i. the juice ot tives which bccc 

haixl, the su])Rtance inclosing the teeth 
Gum, 1'. t. to close or smear w ith gum 
<Tum'miness. lu a t^umnv state 
(•um'mouB, Guin'my, a. like giim 
Gun, 77. a cannon, musket, fccc. j 

(■iun'nel, Gun'Male,77. tlie upper part of a al 
Guu'ner, n. a caniionier 
Gun'ner}', ti. the science of managing gto 

Gun'ning, ti. the act ol' hunting with ago 
fiun'powder, 77. |)*)>» der made for guns 
(iui/shot, 71. tjU' r<'nch or range of a shot 
(lUn'shot, a. mafle by Uie shot of a gim 
Gui/smith, 77. a man who makes guns 
VkvvvI*V<cv:V^i\.v».>jvv^v; viC 'Kootl to iix a guti 


H A B 

fL a mRrine iisli of scrcral species 
n. India musUus, plain and coai'se 
to rush out, n. a inisliing out 
a small bit ot* cloth to streiigthcn 
ic Knse of tHHting, a taste, bust 
a. that may be tasted, agreeable 
n. the act of tasdni:, a relish 
. well tasted, pleasant, agreeable 
ftnrmy, tempestuous, rough, foul 
e hiwaird passage oi food 
take out the guts, plunder 
a iiassi^ for water, kennel, spout 
t. to form or run iii little hollows 
a. belonging to the throat, hoarse 
rope to keep a heavy body steady 
). t, to drink much 
n. a great dnnker, toper, drunkard 
c, G^m'nic, (g soft) a. relating to 

' soft) a. whirling 
(g soft) n, a whirling 
xire, (g soft) n. a circle, ring 
soft) V. to shift a boom sail 
(g soft) n. plaster stone (improp- 
led plaster of Paris) 
, a. of the natui*e of gypsum 
Boft) V. t. to bind fast, n. a fetter 


xlam. expressing wonder or sorrow 

Gas corpus, n. a writ to bring a pris- 

trial and deliver him from arbitrary' 

t imprisonment 

iher, n. a dealer in hats, &c. 

ihery, n. goods of a haberdasher 

Ni,7}. armor for the neck 

nt, n. dress, clothes, garments 

an aptitude or disposition acquired 

im, customary use, dress 

/. to dress or equip 

, a. that may be inhabited 

Jiess, n. capacity of being dwelt in 

ru an inhabitant, a dweller 

*, ft. apladf oC abode, rvsidenxso 



Mabit'ita], a. acquired by liabit, customary 
Habit'ually, ad. by habit, by custom 
Habit'uate, v. t. to accustom, to use often 
Habit'uated, pa. accustomed, used often 
Hab'itude, n. habit, familiarity 
Hab'nab, ad. at random, by accident 
Hack, V. t. to cut irregularly, cut, chop 
Hack, n. any thing used in common 
Hac'kle, n. an instrument, raw silk, skin 
Hac'kle, v. t. to dress flax or hemp 
llack'ney, v. t. to use one tiling much 
Ilaek'ney, n. a hired horse, hireling 
Hack'ney, a. common, let for lure 
Had'dock, Tz.^a seatish of the cod kind 
Hatlk, n.a handle ; v. t. to set in a haft 
Hag, V. t. to fatigue, tire, harrass, torment 
Hi^, n, a fury, very ugly woman, witch 
Hag gard, n. any tiling wild or uglv, a hawk 
Haggard, Hag'g^rdly, a. ugly, deformed 
Hag'gish^ a. like a hag, frightttil, deformed 
Higgle, V. to mangle, to tear in cutting 
FIi^gler,n. one who haggles or mangles 
Hag'gling, n. a mangling 
HsM^^og'raphcr, n. a holy or inspired writer 
Hail, 71. frozen rain ; excUun. all liealtli 
HmI, v. t. to pour down liail, salute, call 
Huilshot, n. small shot, scattered like hail 
Hailstone, n. a single paftide of hail 
H^ily, a. consisting of or like hail 
Urinous, a. hateful, odious, enormous 
Heinously, ad. hatefully, vilely 
H^niousness, n. odiousness, enormity 
Hair, n, one of the coverings of tlie body 
H^'braincd, a. wild, thoughtless, giddy 
Haircloth, n. a prickly cloth made of hair 
Hairiness, n. a haiiy state or quality 
Hiiirless, a. destitute of hair, bald 
Hairpowdcr, n. powder of flour for the hesri 
Hairy, a. covered with or made of hair ■ 
Hal'berd, n. a solder's long battleax 
Hal'eyon, a. happy, quiet, calm ; n. a bird 
Hale,' a. healthy, hearty, robust, sound 
Hale, V. t. \ss At*^, «wi K«ul 
Half, n. p\. hal-ves, wae ?i^ Vm^ to^v*^'^- 
Hain>loo«V u. r»A\vVvaw\vc owv- v^^^^^ 



Half moon, n. the moiiti at the qtiartcrs 
Halfpenny, (happcny) n. half a penny 
Eialf'pike, 7t. u Rmallpike carried hy odicci-s 
HalPway, n. tlie middle way 
Halfwit, 7t. a foolish iK>rsou, simpleton 
Malfwit'ted, a. silly, fciolisb, weak 
Hall, n. a mansion house, couil, large j-oom 
HalleKljal^ n. praise to Uie LOKl) 
Hal'loo, V. t. to set on with shouts, cry out 
Hal'low, V. t. to consecrate, reverence 
Halo, n. a circle round the son oi* moon 
Halt, V. to limp, hesitate, stop 
Halt, n. a limping, a 8tO]> ; a. lame 
Halt'er, n. a rope ; v.t.Xn put on a hfdter 
Halve, V. t. to divide into tvo equal ])art8 
Ham, n. the back of the. knee joint, the tliigh 

of an animal, curfnl or not 
Tliimuted, a. hooked, sot witli hooks 
Hames, n. pi. a kind of coUai* for horses 
Ham'let,n. a part of a parisli, a village 
Ham'mer, n. an inslrumtMit to drive nails 
I lam'^mer, v. to beat with a hammer, labor 
Ham'mering, n. a beating with a hammer 
Ham'moc, n. a swinging bed used in a ship 
Hamp'er, n. a covered basket f(H* carriage 
Hamu'er, v. t. toperi)lex, entangle 
Hamstring, n. the tendon of the liam 
I EnmWing, v. t. to cut tlic tendon of the ham 
Hand, n. the extremity of the arm, palm, poin- 
ter of a clock, coucei*n or part in an affair, a 
workman, manner of wiittng 
Fland, v. t. to give, deliver, lead, conduct 
Hand'barrow, n. a Ihuixiw home by hand 
Hand'cufT, v. t. to confine the lumds with irons 
Handled, a. conveyed, conducted 
Hand'ful, n. as mucli as the hand can hold 
Hand'gallop, />. a gentle easy gallop 
Hand'icraft, n, manual occupation, work 
Hand'icraftsman, 7i. a manufacturer 
Tland'ily, cul. in a handy manner, skilfully 
Hand'iwork, n. work done by the hand 
Hand'kerchief, n. apiect^ of linen oi* silk used 
to in'jfc the face, &c. or i-oimd the neck 
Hm/dle, V. /. to touch, manage, treat <>1^ 
Jint'dle, //. tljepaHofa thing UirI'isUcVV 


fland'inaid, n. a maid waiting or near 
Hand'mill, n. armall mill togi'ind tliiirg* 
Hand'saw, ft. a saw used by one hand 
Iland'some, a. beautiful, fine, graceful 

Hand'wHting, ». one^s particular writing 
Hand'y, a. reatlv, dextcitms, coavenicnt 
Hang, V. hanged, hung, pret. hanged, hu 

pa. to fix upon, put, chc^e, adorn 
Hang'er, n. a sliort broadswoi*d, an iron 
Hang'er-on, n. a dependant, flatterer 
Hang'ingH, fi. pi. ornaments for walls 
Hang'man, n. a public executioner 
Hank, n. a skain of thread, wooden ring 
Hank'er, v. t. to long for, to de«rc much 
llankVring, n. a sti^ng.or incessant craviif 
Hap, n. chance, accident, a misfortune 
[la]), V. i. to hapiien, fall out, come to pan 
lia])haz'ai*d, n. chance, accident 
Hap' less, a. unhappy, unfortunate 
Ha]/ly, ad. perhaps, perad venture 
(iap'pcn, V. i. to fall out, come to pass 
Hap'pily, ad. luckily, well, agreeably 
Hap'piilebs, 7h blessedness, felicity 
Map'py, a. blessed, pleased, fortunate, read; 
Harangue', 7i. an oration or ndi^ speech 
Ilaran'guor, n. a person who harangues 
Har'ass, v. t. to wtraiy, tire, perplex 
I lar'biuger, n. a forerunner, messcn^ 
Har'bor, v. to sbeltcr, lodgt^, enlertam 
IIai''bor, Har'boiNtgH, n. a jiort, shelter 
Har'bor-master, n. an olHccr who regulates ll 

mooring of shins, &c. 
Hard, a. firm, sfilid, difficult, niggardly 
Hard, ad. close, nearly, diligently, fast 
Hard'bound, a. bound tight or fus^ cosUve 
Hanren, v. to make or grow hard 
Hai*irfavorcd, a. Iiaving coarse features 
Kaixl'handed, a. having hard hands, roogii 
Haixl'hearted, a. ciniel, merciless, inhuuiw 
HardHieartcdness, n. want of teodcineas 
\\\wCi*^^saKA,^^3a^ ve««^ n. bravery, boldniifl 
\^w^Vs » ttA,'«^aaBi CSiSeas^^ ^%k^«x^^ 

H A R 

oflied, a, disobedient to the rein 

s, n. a hanl quality, severilr 

[>, n. injuiy, oppression, &tigac 

re, n. wares made of iron, steel, &o. 

I. harrl, strong, stout, brave, bold 

a veil known animal 

ncd, a, i^ddy, heedless, roving 

rfeed, a. timorous, oowardly 

n. a4ivided lip like a hare s 

n. a d(^ for hunting hares 
'clam. hear ! listen ! attend 
in, n. a buffoon, a raeny-andrew 
in, V. }*. to play odd tricks 
t. a strumpet, loose woman 
', n. the trade of a harlot 

injury, mischief ; tj. ^. to injure . 
I, a. hurtful, mischievous 
lly, ad. hurtfully, injuriously 
18, a. innocent, void of guilt, unhurt 
isly, ad. innocently, without hurt 
t8ness,n. iitnocence,freedom from hurt 
ie, a. musical, accordant 
0118, a. musical, well agreed 
ously, ad. musically, with concord 
ize, V. to make musical, adjust 
y, n. agreement, accord ch sound 
, n. traces for horses, trappings 
, V. t. to put on traces or armor 
a musical instrument 
». to play on a harp, dwell on 
n-one who harps, a player 
% n. a barbed spear for whaling 
', V. t. to strike with a harpoon 
'er,n. one who handles a harpoon 
lord, n. a fine musical instrument 
n. a filthy bird, a ravenous wretch 
mss,n. a large hand gun 
a, n. a decayed strumpet 
, n. an instrument in husbandry 
, break clods with a harrow, 
>, ravage, harrass 
3r, n. one who harrows, a hawk 
. rough, rigorous, sour, grating 
, ad. in a harsh wanner, severely 
m, ft. roughness, peevishness 


H A U 


Harslet, ft. the heart, liver, lights, &c. 
Hart, n. a lat^ stag, the male of a roe 
Harts'hom, n. a spirit of horn 
Hart'wort, n. the plant wild spignel 
Har'vest, n. the season for gathering ripe corn, 

tlie crop gathered 
Har'vest, v. to gather ripe com 
Har' vest-home, n. a song at harvest 
Hash, V. t. to mince, dress in small bits 
Hash, n. minced meat, mixture 
Hasp, n. a clasp for a staple 
Has soe, n. a mat to kneel on at church 
Haste, Hasten, v. to hurry, urge, push on 
Haste, Hastiness, n. fiurry, speed, pasaon 
H^tily, ad. in a huny, quickly, rashly 
H^sty, a. quick, speedy, passionate, rash 
Hasty -pud'ding, n, milk and flour boiled Jn 

,3m. mtuz flour and water boiled ; 
Hat, ?i. a cover for the head 
Hat'band, n. a string round a hat 
Hat'box, Haf case, n. a slight box for a hat 
Hatch, V. to produce young, plot, contrive 
Hatch, n. a brood, door on a ship's deck 
Hatch'cl, V. t. to draw flax through hatchcl 

teeth, vex or hector 
Hatch'el, n. an instrument with long teeth to 

clean flax from tow 
Hatch'et, n. a small kind of ax 
Hatch'etface, n. an ugly ill-formed face 
Hatch' way, n. opening in a deck to the hold 
Hate, V. t. to dislike greatly, abhor, detest 
Hate, Hatred, n. great disuke, ill will 
Hateful, a. causing hatred, detestable, vile 
Hatefully, ad. wim great dislike, odiously 
H^ter, n. one who hates, one who dislikes 
Hat'ter, n. a maker of hats 
Hau^A'ty, a. proud, lofty, high, bold 
Hau^At'ily, ad. proudly, loftily, arrogantly 
Hauj'Afiness, n. great pride, arrogance 
Hani, V. t. to drag by violence ; n. a pull 
Haum, n. tlie straw of peas or beans 
Har/nch, n. the thigh, hip, hinder \Ri5\- 
Haunt, n. a \A«Lee oi Tc%sst\ 
Hawnt, •D. t.t.o^rei\\iew\^NmV.^'^^^ -v, 


H E A 

Iffti/iit'er, n. one who firequcnU a placr; 
MMUt'ljfiy, (boboy), n. a viiul instrumfiii 
llnvi:, V. to |ios$(;sft, enjoy 
U^yt'.n, n. a harbor, nhelter, refui^c, rcti-eat 
llay'rveyn. waitt/;, niin, dettruetion, slaughter 
ih'iw, n. tbi; b*rn*y fjf a thorn 
llawTineh, n. th'; p;rou beak, a bird 
Hawk, n. a bird of prey, kind ofcough 
Hawk, V. to force up phlegm, carry, sell 
llawk'er, n.hc who cries goods in the streets 
liawk'wccd, n. a plant of several kinds 
IfaVtJiorn, n. tlie thorn tliat bears haws 
I Tayf n, grass dried for fodder, a net 
I f iiylof^ n. a soaflbld for hay 
riiiynnakcr, n. one who pn'pares Iiay 
lliiymow, n. a mow of hay m a barn 
Hilyriek, i l^ystack, n. a stack of hay 
ll^iyward, a. fenoe-gnard, a watcher of cattle 
llaz'ani, n. chance, danger, a game 
1lu7/ard, t;. to expose to chance, adventure 
llaz'ardous, a. exposed to chance, dangerous 
llax'ardoiiMly, ad. wUh chance or danger 
I laz<s n. a fog, a mist 
Ifdzelf n. a common plant or tree 
ILizcl, II4KeIly, a. like hazel, light browu 
Il4sy, (I. foggy, misty, rimy, thick, dark 
We^pyon. a man named before^, a mahi 
Herid, n. Hw. upper part or top, the pait which 

contains the brain,tO|)ic,8ourcc,crisi8,a leader 
Head, v. i. to leail, govern, lo]), top, behead, 

go in front., have a source (»r originate 
lleriifacho, n. a pain in the head 
Her/d'iness, n. ol»stinacy, rashneHS 
llead'ing, ii. timber for the heads of casks 
Hc^rMf hmd, 71. acap(; or |M)intof land ; a ridge 

(tf land unplowml at Uie end of a field 
Hrrfd'lan<l, n. a ca])*', point 
llciid'less, a. voi<l of a head, obstinate 
lloralMong, a. rash, th(Mi;^htles8 ; ad. rashly 
ll('(;d'ni()st, a. most advanet^l 
Htvid'picco, n. armor, a helmet 
Il»'i/d«jum''tei'a, 7». the hxigingor residence of 
.V t'omnmiulrr m chief 
r/v./rMt:i!I, /A pnvi ofn hriiUc tor the Ucuil 
t/*iul strfjiif^^ a. iiii|,wvniflZ»le, obstinate 


Hi'/7d'way, ii. di<: mc 
Herid'\ , a, rash, hast 
Heal, r. to core, gro 
Healing, pa. curing. 
Health, n. a freedom 
HealthTuI, HealUi's 

iicss, btrfing, well < 
Health'fulness, n. th( 
Heahh'iness, n. a he. 
Health'Iess, a. unhei 
Healtli'v, a. free froi 
Hea)!, n. a pile, conf 
Heap, T'. t. to pile, lii 
Heapy, a. lying in he 
Hear, r. heard, pret. 

the ear, hearken t 
Hdarer, n. one who li 
Hearing, n. the sense 
f ff^ark'cn, v. i. to list 
Heai"say, w. report, r 
Heart, n. the organ ■ 

chief or inner part 
Heai-fache, n. deep s 
Heart'breaking, n. gi 
H^art'burning, ?/. a ]: 
H«irtV.asing, //. givii 
Heail/felt, a. felt at 1 
H<?arth, n. a ])lace or 
Heart'ily, ad. from t1 
H<?art'iness, n. sincer 
H<?art'leBs, a. spiritlei 
TT/'art'sick, a. much | 
1 f ^art'string, n. nerv< 
Hrart'struck, a. i\v\\ 

afraid or dismayed 
Hrtul'whole, a. scum 
Ht'art'y, a. sincere, 1 
Heat, 11. M'armth, glo 
Heat, tJ. /. heat, he; 

pa. to make hot, \\ 
I Heater, v. a thing th: 
J Heath, ;/. a plant, co 
iHeathcock, 7i. a fowl 
', V\oAl\\e\\, n . w\^ ^?^v 
\ l\e3L\\\e\v, \\viA\V\C\'; 



paganism, ign(x«noe 
of or aboanding; with heath 
swell, strug:glc, endeavor 
jd, hove, pvet, heaved, hove, 
;ll, pant, beat, vomit, c^st 
habitation of the blessed 
ihabiting heaven, holy 
in a heuvenly manner 
d. towards heaven 
n. first fruits to a priest 
a heavy manner, slowly 
reight, afHiction, dullness 
linpf, eftbrt to vomit 
iOi'ses, a disease consisting in a 
1 natural respiration 
:hty, grievous, drowsy 
to nisdte dull, blunt, stupify 
ullness, bluntness, heaviness 
:aining to the Hebrews 
Hebrew idiom or speech 
•ne skille<l in Hebrew 
p^age of the Hebrews, a Jew 
sacrifice of a hundred oxen 
lal, continual ; n. a fever 
ly ; V. t. to bully, boast 
mllying, a threatenifig 
e a hedge, fence, iiiclose 
w, ji. a fonce with bushes 
eanly born, poor, low 
rickly uninial 
ho hedges or secures 
Milting liook 
, observe, ri'gard 
•ition, cant ion, notice 
vf, \^c'»tcliful, cautious 
'fullv, eauliouslv 
i*, negligcMit, giddy 
'.'lessly, inattentively 
•elessnesrj, inattentioa 
•'t of the foot, &c. 
it a piece on the heel 
t, handle, weight 
<late used by the Turks, 
'he iiifriit of Mahomet 

Heifer, n. a yoang cow 

Height or Hi^/ith, n. altitude, space upwar 

utmost degree, tallness 
Heighten, v. t. to raise, increase, exalt 
Hei^Mening, fi. a raising higher, increase 
Heinous, a. false stelHngy see hmnotta 
Heir, (air) n. he who inherits by law 
Heir, v. t. to inherit, take by descent 
Heii'^ess, n. a woman who hiherits by law 
lleir'Iess, a. having no heir, wanting heirs 
Heir'ship, n. the state or right of an heir 
Hell, n. tlie place of the damned, the grave 
HeVleborc, n. a plant, the Christmas-flower 
Hel'lcnism, h. a peculiarity of tlie Greek 
Hc^lenis'tio, a. pertaining to the Gi'eeks 
Hell'hound, n. a dog or aeent of hell 
Hcirish, a. belonging to hell, very wicked 
Heirislily, ad. in a hellish manner 
Heirishnest, n. abominable wickedness 
Helm, n. the apparatus by which a ship is 

steered, consisting of a nidder, tiller and 

Helm'cd, a. furnished with a headpiece 
Helm'et, n. armor fcH: the head, headpiece 
Helot, n. a slave in ancient Sparta 
Help, V. helped, pret. helped, pa, to assist. 

support, supply, heal, cure, avoid 
f lelp, n. assistance, support, relief, 
Help'er, n. one who helps or assists 
Help'ful, a. assisting, useful, wholesome 
Help'less, a. wanting power or assistance 
Help'lessness, ti. a helpless state, weakness 
Herter-skerter, ad. confusedly 
IMvc, n. a haft, handle, handle of an ax 
Hclv<>, V. to fit or furnish with a handle 
Helvet'ic, a. relating to the Swiss 
lleni, n. tlic edge ot a gannent 
I lem, r. to close with a hem 
Hem'isphere, n. tlie half of a sphere 
TIeniisphei*'ical, a. half round 
Hem'itonc, n. in music, a halftone 
Hein'lock, 7t. a poisonous hcrb^ a ts<^<^ 

llem' orr hovAa, n . ^. ^"t \J^R*^ ««xsft^ 
Hemp, 11. ?kv\iw^Xoi^\aswv^ca^^«5&vM4^ 


«. iiiaile f|f or like hemp, tough 

■>• h'# Hvuwtor'ward^.from Utia time 

r^* Vfl.d«»tonnj, cowaprlly, timid 
t^'^g. governed by a wife, mcau 
|fr<?^ * plaoc where poultry rest 
01^* 0fot rekting to the liver 
^ M* government of seven kings 
>y^.|oiinng to a female or womi 



^'^ gii omccr who regulates coats of 

5fuD^'**'» ''*'**"8Jcr, foremmier 
!f a. relating to heraldry 
^'». the art of a herald 

a plant with a succulent stalk, in dis- 
!o from a ah™^ a^^ tree 
1^ a. belonging to herbs, soft, per- 


B, »». herbs, grass, pasture 
ft. a treatise on herbs 
it, 71. one skilled in herbs 
rous, a. eating or subsisting on herbs 
te, V. i. to seai*ch for or study plants 
», Herb'y, a. having or like herbs 
in, a. very difficult or dangerous 

a flock, drove, keeper of cattle 
to associate, run in companies 
in, n. one who keeps herds 
I. in this place or state 
uts, ad. about or near this place 
er, ad. in future time 

ad. at this, on this account 
, ad. by tliis [ited 

ible, Her'itable, a. that may be imier- 
anient, ii. an inheritance, descent 
arily, ad. by way of hiheritaoce 
ary, a. descending by inheritance 

Hereinl6,aJ. in or mto this t!hing 
, ad. of or from this 
, Hereupon', ad. on or upon this 

71. a fundamental error in religion 
, //. one who hoWs errors in faitn 
/, a. containing heresy, fnUe 
ercauid, ad, to or lUrto thia 


Heretalfire, ad. formerly, andontly, long 
jficr^wid/, ad. with tX\\^ at (he s»ino time 
Uci^iage, n, ioheritauce, people of f'o<i 
f/t^rniaph'i'odite, 7t. two sexes in one persoi 
Hcrma|>hixx)it'ic, a. peitaining to both 8Ci4 
Her'mit, n. a solitar}' devout person ii 
Her'niitage, n. a hermit's habitation 
Hiirmit'ical, a. relating to a hermit 
Hereon, 7i. a laige bird thatfeeda on fish 
Hero, n. a brave man, a great warrior 
Her'oess, Her'oine, n. a brave woman 
Heroic, Herdical, a. brave, noble, spirited 
Her<Sically, ad. bravely, courageouslly, boM 
Her'oism, n. the qualities of a hero, braver; 
Hcr'ring, n. the name of a small sc^sh 
Hers, pron. the possesion of a female 
Ht^rse, 71. a carriage for corpses 
Herself, pron. the female in iterson 
>Ic8'itate, V. i. to pause, delay, stammer 
Hesitation, Hes'itancy, n. a doubt, a stop 
Het'erodox, a. differing from ttie true cbur 
Heterogeneous, a. unlike in nature 
Heterog6neousness, n. a difference in natu 
Hew, V. t. hewed, pret. hewed, hewn, jka. 

cut off chips and pieces, heck, chop 
Hew'er, n. a person wlio hews wood or ito 
Hex'agon, n. a figure of six equal angles 
Hexag'onal, a. having six equal ai^cs 
Hexam'eter, n. a verse of six feet 
Hexan'gular, a. having six angles 
Hcx'aped, n. an animal with six fert 
Hey ! exclam. a word of joy or exultation 
Hey'day ! exclam. denoting suri>rise 
Hiatus, 71. an aperture, breacli, cleft, gap 
Hiber'nal, a. belonging or relating to wintl 
Hibcr'nian, 7Z. a native of Ireland 
Hick'or^', 71. a species of walnut 
FIick'up>7). a s\>asm of the stomach 
Hide, V. hid,/»W. hid, hidden, pa. to be 4fl 
' cealcd, conceal, withdraw from sig^t 
Hide, 71. the skin, a measure of land 
Ilfdebound, a. having the skin too Ught 
Hid'eous, a horrible, dreadful, frightful 
^V!^"K essQ&Vj , ad. VvoiTibly , shockingly 


H 1 N 

£6} 71 a place of concealment 
to hasten, make haste 
(cha8k)n.thc chief of a sacred order 
al, a. pertaining to a divine or eccle- 
, government 
r, n. a sacred government 
ih'ical, a. emblematical, ob8Cui*e 
It, n. a chief minister or priest 
K i. to cry from door to door^be diffi- 
h bargain, haggle 
n. one who hawks provisions 
ill, loud, dear ; n. a high place 
n, a. swelled greatly with wind 
, a. come of noble extraction 
n. one extravagant in opinion 
•, n. having a deep or strong color 
red, a. having a strong color 
I, a. elevated, proud, affected, nice 
, n. a mountainous country 
sr, 71. a mountain-Scotchman 
d. with esteem, ambitiously 
led, a. high in spirit, proud 
led, a. proud, haughty 
, a. highest, topmost, farthest 
n. height, dignity of nature 
led, a. wearing high plumes 
it, n. the cliief priest 
)ned, a. rich with spices and herbs 
ted, a. bold, daring, very warm 
. highness, altitude, elevation 
r, n. the full flood tide 
n. a great road, a public road 
nan, 7i. a robber on a public road 
ight, a. very neatly finished 
n. gavety, mirth, cheerfulness 
iiigh land, an eminence, a cluster of 
nd the earth raised about them 
to draw earth round plants 
a. a small hill, rising ground 
full of or having hills, irregular 
handle, a handle of a sword 
Jewish measure of ten pints 
tpposite the face or head 
I she to a stag, boor, servant 
V. t. topi'evcnt, stop, stay 


H O A 


Hin'derance, n. an impediment 
Hindermost, Hfndmost, a. the last, latest 
Hinge, n, the joint on which a door turns 
Hinge, v. to bend as a hinge, han^, rest 
Hint, V. to allude, touch upon, intimate 
Hint, n. a remote suggestion, intimation 
Hip, n. a joint of the migh, low spirits 
Hip, 7f. to sprain the hip, dispirit, slope off 
Hip'pish, a. low in spirits, melancholy ' 
Hip'pishness, n. lowness of spirits, dejection 
Hippopot'amy, n. river hoi^se. Behemoth 
Hip roof, 71. a roof in which there is an angle 
Hip'shot, a. sprained in the hip 
Hire, V. t. to engage for pay ; ti. wages 
Hireling, n. a mercenaiy, low wretch 
Hireling, a. serving for hire, mercenar}"" 
His'pid, a. having strong bristles 
Hiss, V. to cry like a serpent 
Hiss, 71. noise made by a serpent ^ 

Hiss'ing, a. noise by hisses ^ t^fT 

Hist6rian, Historiographer, n, a writer of his- 
Histor'icsdly, ad. by way of history 
His'tory, n. a narration of facts 
Histrion'ic, a. befitting players 
Hit, V. hit, pret. hit, pa. to strike, clash, fidl 

upon, succeed, reach the mark 
Hit, n. a stroke, blow, event 
Hitch, V. to catch, move by jerks 
Hitch, n. a kind of knot or noose, tie 
Hitii'er, ad. to this place ; a. nearer 
Hith'ermost, a. nearest this way or place 
Hith'erto, ad. to this time, till now 
Hith'erward, ad. towards this way or place 
Hive, n. a case to keep bees in 
Hive, V. to put into a hive, take shelter 
Hiving, 71. the act of putting bees into hiveS 
Hives, 71. the disease called rattles or croop 
Hoar, H6ary, a. gray with age, whitish 
Hoard, v. t. to lay up privately, keep 
Hoard, n. a private stock, hidden st(Hre 
Hoarder, n. one who lays up in secret 
H6arfrost, ti. a thin white frost, frozen dew 
Hdariness, 7i. a hoary state, grayncsa 
Koarse, a. Yvsinvti^ ^"ccwl^n<sv^^O^«c^ 
Hoarsely, ad,vrY\3ci?iT:cvsL^>c*K^^^^'^'^ 



Herai/en, a. made of or like hemp, tough 
H«;n, n. die female of all fowls 
Hence, ud, or exclam. from tliis place 
Henceforth', lleiicefor'wanl,a</.from tliis time 
Heri'liarriiT, n. a binl of tlie hawk kind 
Hcn'heartcd, a. dastardly, cowardly, timid 
Uen'pccked, a. governed by a wife, mean 
Hen' roost, n. a place wiiere poultry' rest 
HeiNit'ie, a. of or relating to tlie liver 
Hep'tarchy, ». government of seven kings 
Her, pron. belon^ng to a female or woman 
Her'ald, n. an omci-r who regulates coats of 

arms and funerals, harbinger, forerunner 
Heraldic, a. relating to heraldry 
Her'aldry, n. the art of a herald 
Herb, n. a plant with a succulent stalky in dis- 
tinction mim a shrub and tree 
Herbaceous, a. belonging to herbs, soft, per- 
ishing annually 
Hcrb'afi;c, n. herus, grass, pasture 
Herb'aJ, n. a treatise on herbs 
Hcrb'alist, n. one skilled in herbs 
Hcrbiv'orous, a. eating or subsisting on herbs 
Herb'orize, v. i. to search for or study plants 
Herb'ous, Uerb'y, a. having or like herbs 
Herculean, a. very difficult or dangerous 
Herd, n. a flock, drove, keeper of cattle 
Herd, v. to associate, run in companies 
Herd'man, n. one who keejM herds 
Here, ad. in this place or state 
Hereabouts, ad. about or near this place 
Hereafter, ad. in future time 
Hereat', ad. at tltis, on tliis account 
Hereby', ad. by this [ited 

Herid'itable, Her'itable, a. that may be iimer- 
Heredit'anient, n. an inheritance, descent 
Here<ritarily, ad. by way of iuheritaoce 
Hered'itary, a. descending by inheritance 
Herein', Hereinto, ad. in or mto this &ing 
Hereof, ad. of or from this 
HcrcKMi', IIei*eupon', ad. on or upon this 
Her'esy, n. a fundamental eiTor in religion 
Hnr^etie, n. one who holds errors in faith 
^erc'flcal, a. contidmwg lieresy, false 
metd, IlercuDid, ad. to or a|do thia 


I HeretoTdrey ad. formerly, aneieiiflj, kngli 
Herew itb', ad. with tliis^ at the same time 
Her'itaj'e, n. inheritance, people of God 
Htrrmaph'ro'lite, n. two sexes in one persoe 
F[eriiia)>lii'odit'ic, a. peitaining to both scifii 
Her'niit, ;i. a solitar)' devout person 
Her'mitage, 71. a hermit's habitation 
Hermit'ical, a. relating to a hermit 
Her'on, 7;. a large bird that feeds on fish 
Hero, 71. a brave man, a great warrior 
Her'oess, Her'oine, n. a brave woman 
Heroic, Heroical; a. brave, noble, spirited 
Heroically, ad. bravely, courageoui^y, boM 
Her'oism, n. the qualities of ahero,bravci7 
Her'ring, n. the name of a small scaJQsh 
livrn, pron. the |>ossessioL of a female 
Ht'rse, 71. a oamage for corpses 
Herseif, pron. the female in ]>er80n 
>Ic8'itate, V. i. to pause, delay, stammer 
Hesitation, Hes'itancy, 91. a doubt, a stop 
Het'erodox, a. differing from the true canK 
Heterogeneous, a. unliKe in nature 
Hetew^neousness, n. a difference in natsK 
Hew, V. t. hewed, pret. hewed, hewn, jka. \ 

cut off chips and pieces, hack, chop 
Hew'er, 71. a person wlio hews wood (M* riU* 
Hex'agon, n. a figure of six equal angles 
Hexag'onal, a. having six ecjjual angl^ 
Hexam'eter, 71. a verse of six feet 
Hexan'gular, a. having six angles 
Hcx'aped, 7i. an animal with six ftet 
Hey ! exclam. a word of joy or exnhattoa 
Hey'day ! exclam. denoting surprise 
Hiiitus, 71. an aperture, breach, eleft, gap 
Hiber'nal, a. belonging or relating to vintp 
Hibcr'nian, 71. a native of Ireland 
Hick'or}', 71. a species of walnut 
Hick' up, 7). a spasm of the stomach 
Hide, V. \\\A,pret. hid, hidden, pa. to be «fl* 

cealcd, conceal, withdraw from sig^t 
Hide, 71. the skin, a measure of land 
lUdebound, a. having the skin too Ught 
Hid'eous, a horrible, dreadful, frightful 

VV^^K ess»as\'^ , aA."Wtr!c\Vs , chockingly 

! ^\)SGk!»&» U.VsTCnt v^iS^'^^^taik 

H 1 N 

ace, n a place of concealment 
to hasten, make haste 
,(cha8k)n.the chief of a sacred order 
'ai, a. pertainiDg to a divine or eccle- 
il government 
y, n. a sacred government 
ph'ical, a. emhlematical, ohscure 
knt, n. a chief minister or priest 
V. i. to cry from door to doorj^be diffi- 
a bargain, haggle 
n. one 'who hawks provisions 
tall, loud, dear ; n. a high place 
wu, a. swelled greatly wjtli wind 
a, a. come of noble extraction 
•, n. one extravagant in opinion 
>r, n. having a deep or strong color 
ored, a. Iiaving a strong color 
'n, a. elevated, proud, affected, nice 
I, n. a mountainous country 
ler, 71. a mountain-Scotchman 
2d. with esteem, ambitiously 
tied, a. high in spirit, proud 
idcd, a. proud, haughty 
St, a. highest, topmost, farthest 
1, 71. height, dignity of nature 
ned, a. wearing high plumes 
:st, 71. the cliief priest 
toned, a. rich with spices and herbs 
ited, a. bold, daring, very warm 
n. highness, altitude, elevation 
er, n. the full flood tide 
'i n. a great road, a public road 
'man, 7i. a robber on a public road 
lught, a. very neatly finished 
, n. gayety, mirth, cheerfulness 
high land, an eminence, a cluster of 
and the earth raised about them 
. to draw earth round plants 
n. a small hill, rising ground 
. full of or having hills, irre^lar 
I handle, a handle of a sword 
I Jewish measure often pints 
opposite the face or head 
a she to a stag, boor, servant 
V. /. to prevent, stop, stay 

H O A 


Hin^erance, n. an impediment 
Hfndermost, Hindmost, a. the last, latest 
Hinge, n. the joint on which a door turns 
liinge, V. to bend as a hinge, hang, rest 
Hint, V. to allude, touch upon, intimate 
Hint, 71. a remote suggestion, intimation 
Hip, n. a joint of the thigh, low spirits 
Hip, 7J. to sprain the hip, dispirit, slope off 
Hip'pish, a. low in spirits, melancholy ' 
Hip'pishness, n. lowness of spirits, dejection 
Hippopot'amy, n. river hoi^se, Behemoth 
Hip roof, 71. a roof in which there is an angle 
Hip'shot, a. sprained in the hip 
Hire, V. t. to engage for pay ; n. wages 
Hireling, n. a mercenaiy, low wretch 
Hireling, a. serving for hire, mercenary 
His'pid, a. having strong bristles 
Hiss, V. to cry liKe a serpent 
Hiss, 71. noise made by a serpent ^_ 

Hissing, a. noise by hisses ^ [torT 

Hist6rian, Historiog'rapher, n. a writer of his- 
Histor'icsdly, ad. by way of history 
His^tory, n. a narration of facts 
Histrion'ic, a. befitting players 
Hit, V. hit, pret. hit, pa. to strike, clash, fidl 

upon, succeed, reach the mai*k 
Hit, n. a stroke, blow, event 
Hitch, V. to catch, move by jerks 
Hitch, n. a kind of knot or noose, tie 
Hitii'er, ad. to this place ; a. nearer 
Hith'ermost, a. nearest this way or place 
Hith'erto, ad. to this time, till now 
Hith'erward, ad. towards this way or placy 
Hive, n. a case to keep bees in 
Hive, V. to put into a hive, take shelter 
Hiving, 71. the act of putting bees into hiveS 
Hives, 71. the disease called rattles or croop 
Hoar, H6ary, a. gray with age, whitish 
Hoard, v. t. to lay up privately, keep 
Hoard, n. a private stock, hidden store 
Hdarder, n. one who lays up in secret 
H6arfrost, n. a thin white frost, frozen dew 
H6ariness, 7/. a hoary %tal<i£.^ ^^\SL'csSk 
Hoarse, a.\va.NVT\^ ^TWx^N«v^^A>ax^ 
H6ar8e\y , ad, vjVCCl^c wvx^>a*x^^ ^^^"^^ 


H O L 

Hbarscness, n. a roughneBS of voice 
Hob'ble, V. i. to walk lamely, limp 
Hob'ble, n. an awkward halting; walk 
Hob'bler, n, a bad walker 
Hobljljnglv, ad. lamely, awkwardly 
Hob'by, n'a little horse, a stupid fellow 
Hob'byhorse, n. a small horse, favorite thing, 

stupid person^ 
HoVgobUn, 71. a bugbear, apparition 
Hob'naily 7i. a broad nail used for shoes 
Hob'nailed, a. set with hobnails, rough 
Hock, n. a part of bacon, fine wine 
Hod, n. a bricklayer's trough for mortar 
Hodge'podgc, Hotch'potch, n. a mixture 
Hodier'nal, a. belonging to tliis day 
Hoe, w. a tool to cut up weeds 
Hoe, V, t. to cut or dig up with a hoe 
Hog, n. a name of swine, a mean wretch 
Uog, V. i. to bend as a h(^'s back 
Hog'pen, Hog'sty, 71. a place for hogs 
Hog^gisli^ a. filthy, greedy, brutish 
Hog'gishly, ad. in a hoggish manner 
Hog gishness, n. greediness, brutality 
Hog'herd, n. a keeper or feeder of hogs 
Hogs'head, tu a measure of 63 gallons ; the 

puncheon of 110 gallons is so ctmcd 
Hoid'en, n. an awkward girl ; v. i. to romp 
Hoist, V. t. to raise on high, lift up 
Hold, V. held, />re^. held, holden, pa. to sup- 
port, grasp, keep, retain, continue 
Hold, n. a support, catch, power, custody, 

place, the interior of a ship 
Hold, V. stc^> ! stay ! cease ! forbear 
Holder, 71. one who holds any thing 
l^I6Idfast,n. an iron hook, catch, cramp 
H6l<ling, 71. a tenure, farm 
Hole, n. a hollow place, cell 
Hol'ibut, 11. a flat fish of the flounder kind 
Hole, V. t. to dig or mi^c Jioles 
H6i;iy, ad. piously, religiously, sacredly 
Holiness, 71. piety, the pope's title 
Hollo, V. to call to any one, shout, hoot 
JJo'Joj n. n caJJ to an v one at a distance 
IIoHand, //. a ffne strong linen, a counivy 
/lor/ow, a. low wkliio, empty, deceitful 


Hol'low, n. a hollow place, hole, Qpeniai 
Hol'low, V. to make hollow, aooop, empt; 
Hol'Iowness, 7t. a hollow state, deceit 
Hol'ly, 71. an evergreen tree or shrub 
Hollyhock, n. a plant, the rose mallow 
Ho/m, Ho/me, n. the evergreen oak 
Holocaust, 71. a whole burnt sacrifice 
H(Slster, n. a leathern case for pistols 
H61v, a. pious, devout, sacred 
Hoi yday, n. an anniversarj' feast 
Hom'age, 7i. obedience, service to a lord 
Hom'age, v. t. to pay homage, honor 
Hom'ager, n. one who pays homage 
Home, n. one's own house 
H6mcbom, H6mebi*ed, a. native 
Homefelt, a. felt inwardly, painful, uneai 
Hdmeliness, n. plainness, coarseness 
Homely, a. inelegant, plain, coarse 
H6melot, 71. die inclosure on whii^h the 

siou stands 
Homemade, a. made in one's own count 
H6mer, n. Jewish measure of three pints 
H6mespun, a. made at home, homely 
H6mested, n. the place of a house 
Homeward, ad. towards home 
Homicidal, a. murderous, bloody, barhai 
Hom'icide, 7i. murder, a murderer 
Hom'ily, n. a discourse in churches 
Hom'moc, n. a small detached hill ui 

covered with trees 
Hom'mony, 7t. food made of maiz broker 

coarse and boiled 
Homogeneous, a. similar in nature 
Homogeneousness, 7z. joint or like nature 
Hone, 74. a stone to whet razors on 
Hone, V. t. to shai^pen on a hone 
/fon'est, a. upright, just, true, sincere, g( 
/fon'cstly, ad. uprightly, justly, faithfully 
jflbn'esty, 7/. justice, trutli, virtue, purity 
Hon'ey, (bunny) n. sweet juice of flower 
Hon'ey, v. to cover with honey, talk kin 
Hon'ey bag, n. the bag or stomach of a be 
Hon'ey comb, n. cells of wax for honey 
Hoa'e^'devf ,n. a. sweet matter on plants 
Hon.' ey mootk, u, ^"v^ \awc«^ ^'wst -cofissm 

H O R 

le, n. a genus of plants 
eputation,the esteem due to worth, 
g^rd to reputation, bravery, chas- 
le, rank or dignity 

to esteem, revei*ence, exalt 

a. illustrious, noble, generous 

ad. reputably, nobly, generously 
a. done in conferring honor 
X) dress in a hood, veil, cover 
iovering for the head 

V. t. to blind, cover, deceive 
; homy cover of a beast's foot 
>ent piece of iron, &c. snare 
to fix on a liook, bend, catch 
circle of wood or iron 
:o bind with hoops, to shout 
jgh, n. a convulsive cough 

a bird with a beautiful crest 
bout of contempt 
shout in contempt 
:, n. a block for mounting a horse 
lut, n. a tree and its nut 
imp, a little dance, plant 
ea]^ on one leg, limp 
desire of good accompanied with 
tation of obtaining it, or a belief 
>btainable, the object of hope 
expect with desire 
full of expectation, promising 
id. in a hopeful manner 
), n. an expectation of good 
. destitute of hope, forlorn 
ad. without groimd to expect 
is, n. a hopeless state, despair 
one who hops, pai*t of a mill 
t. to tie the feet very near 
try, a. belonging to an houi' 
Ian, tribe, migratoiy crew 

72. the name of iilants 
falsely horizon) n. the line that 
8 the sight 

a. parallel to the horizon 
y, ad. in a horizontal direction 
e hard substance growing am the 

H S 


Homl>ciam, n. a genus of trees 
Hom'book, n. a book covered witli horn 
Horn'ed, a. furnished with horns 
Hom'er, n. one who works in horns 
Hom'et, n. a bee of the wasp kind 
Hom'pipe, n. a kind d^ auick single dance 
Hom'y, a. made of or like horn, callous 
Hor'i'ent, a. sharp, standing up, horrid 
Hor'rible, a. dreadful, hideous 
Hor'ribleness, n. a horrible state, horror 
Hor'ribly, ad, di*eadfully, frightfully 
Hor'rid, a. dreadful, hideous, offensive 
Hor'ridly, ad. dreadfully, shockingly 
Hor'ridness, th hideousness, enormi^ 
Horrific, a. causing hcMTor or dread 
Hor'ror, n. terror, dread, dreariness 
Horse, n. a quadruped for draft or carriage, 

a machine for supp(Ml:, cavalry 
Horse'back, n. tlie state oi riding a horse 
Horse'bean, n. a small bean used for htH'ses 
Horse-cloth, n. a cloth to throw over horses 
Horse-dealer, n. one who deals in horses 
Hwse'fly, n. a large fly that stings horses 
Horse'guards, n. cavalry for guards 
Horse-hair, n. the hair of horses 
Horse'lau^, n. a very loud or violent laugh 
Horse-leech, n. a leech that bites horses 
Horse'litter, n. a carriage with horses 
Horse-man, n. one skilled in riding 
Horse-manship, n. the act or art of riding 
Horse-pond, n. a pond for watering horses 
Horse-race, n. a match of horses in running 
Hwse-radish, n. a very hot biting root 
Horse'shoe, n. a shoe for horses, an hei'b 
Hof*se-ste^ler, n. a thief that takes horses 
Horse'tail, n. a plant of different species 
Horse'way, Horse-road, n. a narrow path 
Hort^tion, Hor-tative, n. an exhortation 
Hor-tatory, a. tending to exhort 
Hor-ticultor, n. one who cultivates a garden 
Hor-ticulture, n. the culture of a garden 
Hosan-na, n. glory to God, a song of i^raise. 
Hose, n. 8totV!\T\^,\iT^^^^'^^^\^'»!!^«^^'^'^^ 
H6sier, n. oxve ^V^> xiv^^^ «c ^^^Xssyefc 



HoB'pituble, a. kind to strancerSylrienill}' 
Hos'pitahly, ad. in a hospitable manner 
Hos'pital,*w. a reception for sick people 
Ilospital'ity, n. entertainment of sti-angers 
Host, «. a landlord, army, great number 
Uos'tage, n. a person given in pledge for per- 
formance of conditions 
Hostess, n. a female landlady 
Hos'tiltf, a. baring the temper of an enemy, 

unfriendly, adverse 
Hostirit)', II. a state of war, enmity, hate 
Hos'tler, n. one -^ho dresses hoi'ses at inns 
Hot, a. haying heat, furious, eager, keen 
Hot'bed, n. a bed covered witii glass 
Hot'brained, a. furious, passionate, violent 
Hot'cockles, n./i/. a kind of childidi play 
Hotel', n. a palace, inn for genteel lodgiers 
Uot'headed, a. hot, passionate, violent 
Hnt'bouse, n. a place to sweat and cup in, a 

hooae kept warm for plants 
Hot'ly, orf. violently, keenly, lustfully 
Hot'ness, n. a hot state or quality, heat 
lTot'spur,7». a heady man, an early pea 
Hov'cl, ;;. a shed, mean cottage, shelter 
Hov'er, Huiver) r. i. to flap the wings without 
advancmg, to fly or move about irregularly 
Hough, (h^) n.the lower part of the thigh 
Hough, V. to hock, hamstring, cut 
Hound, n. a dog used for hunting, a fish 
Hour, n. the twenty-fourth part ^ a day 
Hour-glass, n. a glass of sand for measuring 

Hour^ly, a. done every hour 
House, n. a place of abode, the table, a fiunily 
or race, one branch of a legislature, a quo- 
rum or legal uum])er of members to do bu- 
House, (hwize) v. to put under belter 
House'breaker, n. one who breaks into houses 
House'brenking, ft. the act (^robbing houses 
House'hold, n. a family living together 
llouse'holder, n. one who holds a house 
Hoi;5e'J)oJdsluli^ n. furniture, moveables 
^^ntiseTceeper, n. one who Itas the care o£?l 


House'kcepingy n. the keeping of a hoiue 
Honse'leek, n. a plant withm aoors 
Housc'less, a liaving no hoiue or abode 
I [ouse'maid, n. a maid to clean tlie hoQie 
House'room, n. a place in a house, shelter 
House' warming, 7i. a feast on entering a han 
House'wife, Hus'wife, n. mistress of a hone 
House' wifeiy, n. female economy 
House' wifely, a. pertaining to a hooseinfe 
Hous'ing, 71. a horsecloth, a sheltering 
How, au. in what manner, why 
Howbeit, ad. nevertheless, notwithstandfa^ 
Howev'er, ad nevertheless, yet, at \eut,i 

all events, in wliat manner or way 
Howitzer, n. a mortar mounted on a moteiU 

carriage with trunnions 
Howl, V. i. to cry as a d(^or wolf 
Howl, 71. the cry of a d(^ or wolf 
Howling, 71. the noise of a dog, &e. 
Howsoer er, cuL m what manner, at le«st 
Hoy, n. a coasting vessel, a small ship 
Hub or Hob, n. the na^'e of a wlicel 
Hub'bub, n. a tumult, uproar 
Huc"klebone, n. the hip-bone 
Huck'ster, n. a retailer of small articles 
Hud'dle, V. to do in a hurry, to crowd 
Hud'dle, 71. a crowd, collection, ccmfusicn 
Hudibras'tic, a. like Hudibras, doggerel 
Hue, 71. a color, die, clamor, great noise > 
Huff, n. a swell of sudden anger or pride 
Hufi^, V. to chide, treat witli insolence 
Huff'isli, a. hectoring, insolent, arrogant 
Hug, V. t. to embrace ; n. a <dose embraec 
Huge, a. vast, immense, yery great, Uxgt 
Hugely, ad. immensely, en(»*mously 
Hugeness, n. vast bulk or size, bignen 
Hulk, 71. the body of a ship 
Hull, Tu a husk, pod, outside, body of a diif 
Hull, V. to husk, pierce the hull 
Hum, V. to sing low, buzz, pause, mock 
Hum, 71. a low noise, a deception 
Human, a. belon^g to or like man 
Humane, a. tender, compassionate, kind 
Humanely, ad. tenderly, kindly 
.\W.uta9ai"^>j ^ 'n..\)»^saat^v:i^\s^asi^beQCYOleDBe 


i, V. i, to make tender, ciTilize 
itioo, 91. the act of humaniziog 
id, n. the whole race of men 
ad. after the manner of men 
a. modest, meek, lowly, low 
V. t. to hring down, mortify 
ee, n. a large buzzing bee 
ad. without pride, submissively 
a, 71. a stupid person 
a. of or belQngingto the shoulder 
, 71. plain coarse India cotton 
. moist, damp, wet, watery 
', HiLimidness, n. moistness 
)n, n. the act of mollification 
ing, a. humbling, mortifying 
, Ham'bleness, n. submission 
;bird, 71. the smallest of all birds 
. moisture, drollery, caprice 
. i. to gratify, sooth, comply with 
a, proceeding fi*om humors 
, n. one who gratifies his humor, or 
g;uished for humor 
9, a. jocular, pleasant, droll 
ily, ad. jocosely, pleasantly 
ne, a. peevish, odd, humorous 
a swelling or rising of flesh 
k, n. a crooked back 
a protuberance, a thick piece 
t. to push with the elbow 
, a. ten times ten 
. n. the number 100, 10 times 10 
th, a. noting one hundred 
n. a desire of food, et^er desire 
V. i. to feel hunger, to long 
', ad. with a keen appetite 
a. desirous of food, starved 
, a. pinched by hunger 
a sordid mean wret^, niggard 
1 chase, pursue, search, seek 
. chase, pursuit, pack of hounds 
I, one who chases animals 
I. a double milled forest cloth 
71. the act of chasing with dogs 
, 71. a woman who hunts 
7, n. a person who hunts 

H Y D 


Hur^dle, n, stidu woven together, aerate 
Hurl, V. t, to throw with idolence 
Hurry-burfy, n, a tumult, bustle, confusion 
Hur'rieane, n. a violent storm, a tempest 
Hur'y, V. to hasten, to move with haste 
Hur'ry, n. precipitation, haste, bustle 
Hurt, 71. a bruise, wound, injurV) harm 
Hurt, V, t. harttpi^ to bruise, wound, in- 
jure, pain, affect witii loss 
Hurfffvij a. injurious, pernieions 
Hurt'fulnesB, ti. the quality of doing harm 
Hurt'fully, ad. with harm, mischievously 
Hur^'tle, V. to skirmish, clash, hit 
Hurt'less, a. harmless, inoffensive, safe 
Hus'band, n. a married man, economist, farmv 

er, a sliip's owner having charge of her 
Husband, v. t. to marry, manage, save 
Hus'bandless, a. having no husband 
Hus^ndly, a. careftil, frugal, thrifty 
Husltandman, n. one who works in tilli^ ^ 
Husbandry, n. tillage, management ' 
Hudi, V. to appease, quiet ; exclam,hvi still 
Hosh'money, n. a bribe to secrecy 
Husk, 71. the covering of some fruits 
Husk. V. t. to strip off or cover witb'huska 
Hu^ing, 71. the act of stripping maiz 
Husk'y, a. having or like huslu, d? y 
Hus'sar, n. a kind of horse-soldieti, cloke 
Hus'sy, n. a bad woman, kind of bag 
Hus'tle, V. t. to shake, toss about 
Hus'wife, V. t. to manage with frugality 
Hut, 7t. a poor cottage, mean abode, hovdl 
Hut'tfid, a. lodged in huts 
Huzzii, (a as in ask) n. a shout of joy 
Huzzfi, V. to utter acclamations 
Hy'acinth, n, a genus of plants and gems 
Hyacinth'ine, a. made of or like hyacinths 
Hy'bemate, v. i. to pass the winter confined 

as birds, or beasts in a cold climate 
Hybernation, n. a remaining in winter in ctm- 

Hy'bird, n. an animal or plant, the produce 

of two speeies, mouCT^l 
Hy'dra, n. a %erpeol ^ v^ toawj V^sA-^ 
Hy'drant, n. «i ^\^ \.o ^<t\vNoc ^^^v 



H^draul'id, a. rclatinf^ to hjdraolics, waterj 
Hydraurics, n. tlic science of tb<^ motions of 

fluids and of vessels to convey tJiem 
H/drocele, 7i. a kind of watery rupture [sea 
Hydrc^rapher, n. one wlio draws maps of the 
Hydrograph'ical, a. relating to a description of 

Hydrog'raphy, n. a description of the seas 
Hy'di-omel, 7i. a liquor from honey and water 
Hy'drophoby, n. a dread of water, canine 
. Hydrophdbic, a. pertaining to canine madness 
or dread of water 
Hydrop'ic, Hydixip'ical, a dropsical, watery 
I Hydrostat'ics, n. pi. tlie science of weighing 
iCyemal, a. pertaining to winter 
f 1;, emotion, n. the passing of a winter 
Hyi. na, /t. a very fierce animal 
Hygvom'eteor, n. an instrument to measure the 

moL ture in the ajr 
H/raeii, ?i. the god of marriage 
Hymen '^al, fi. a marriage soug [marriage 
HymenevU, or Hymenean, a. pertaining to 
Hym», V. *. to praise in songs of adoration 
l^lymTi, 71. a divine song, a song of praise 
Hyni'niCj'O relating or belong ng to hymns 
nyp» V. i. W make melancholy or low 
Hypei-'boli , H)'pei''boly, ?». an exaggeration 
Hyperborical, a. exaggerating, bold 
Hyperhol'ically, ad. in a hyperbolical manner 
IlyperbiSrear,, a. northern, very cold 
Hypercrit'ic, n. a critic exact beyond reason 
llypei'crit'ical a. critical beyond use 
lly'phen, n. the mark (-) between words 
I lypochon'driac, (ch as k) ?*. one ill (rf nerv- 
ous aflx-'Ction 
Hypoclion'driac, Hypocbon'driaeal, a. melan- 
choly, dejected, low in spirits 
Hyx)Ocnon'driacism, n. indigestion, languor 

and anxiety from debility 
llypoc'risy, n. dissimulation, deceit, art 
Hj'p'ocrit, n. & diMonibler, deceitful jierson 
Uypocnt^ical, a. r//«8eni Ming, insincere 
^v/Hfei'/ei&Uly, ad. tv/t/ioiit siuctrritv 

I D L 

Hypos'tHsis, n. a distinetiubitanee 
Hypostatic, a. distinct, personal 
Hy])oUi'esi8, n. supposition 
Hypothct'icaU a. supposed, condition^ 
f lypothet'ically, ad. upon supposition ,'1 
Hy'son, n. a species of green tea , j 

Hys'sop, or Hysop, n. an ai'omatic plant . 
Ilyster'ic, llyatei-'icpl, a. troubled withfitf'l 
Hvstcr'ics, a complaint, fits of woitt^; 



Tproii. in the first pci-son, myself '■ • 
5 rl>ex, 71. a species of goat 
I'bis, 71. a bird of ancient Egypt 
Icarian, n. soaring too high for safety 
Ice, n. water frozen, sugar concreted 
Ice'house, n. a house made to preserve ice 
Iceland'ic, a. pertaining to Iceland 
Ichneumon, (ch as k) ti. a quadruped of tf 

weasel kind, a numei*ous genus of flies 
Fchor, (chask) n. a sharp humor 
Ich'orous, a. sliai-p, hot, thin, watery 
Ichth} ol'ogy, (ch as k) ?i. the science of fiA 

all kinds 
I'ciclc, 71. dripping water frozen and poade 
Icon'ocbst, n. a breaker of images 
Tcy, a. full of or having ice, cold 
Idea, n. a mental imagination, notion 
Iddal, a. mental, intellectual, imaginary 
Ideally, arl. in idea, in imagination 
Idcn'tical, a. the same, not different 
Iden'ticalness, Iden'tity, n. sameness 
Ideu'tify, v. t. to prove to be the same 
Ides, the 15tli dav of Mai-ch, May, Jnl 

and October, and the 13th of the oth 

Id'iom, 71. a particular manner of speech 
Idiomat'ic, a. peculiar to a tongue 
Id'iot, 71. a fool, oaf, changling, a natural 
Tdiot'ic, a. like an idiot, foolish 
Id'iocy, n. want of reason 
Id'iotism, ??. peculiarity of expi-ession 
\Yd\e,a.lBi'EY^^inem;>loyed, worthless 


n. lazinefls, slotli, indolence 
a lazy person, a sluggartl 
lazil}', carelessly, foolishly 
A image worshipped as a god 
rdolist, n. a worshipper of idols 
3, n/a female idolater 
e, V. t. to worshij) of serve idols 
A, a. given to idolatry 
3ly, ad. in an idolatrous manner 
n. the worship c^ an idol 
7. t. to worship as a deity, adore 
. short pastoral poem, an eclogue 
vbgivCf gif. in the imi>erative mood, 
ed into tj, and used as the sign of a 
XI : give, grant, allow, suppose 
fl. containing fiix!, fiery 
t, a yielding lire or sparks 
, a. having tlie Ibrm of fii*c 
au8,?z. will-with-a-wisp, delusion 
. t. to kindle, render luminous 
n. the act of setting on fire, a heat- 
»U6, a. vomiting otit fire 
I. mean of birlli, wortlileas 
id. meanly, disgituscfuUy, basely 
ous, a. mean, shameful, disgraceful 
ously, ad. meanly, scandalously 
', n. disgrace, reproach, infamy 
s, n. a foolish follow 
e, n. want of knowledge 
a, wanting knowledge, rude 
n. one who is untaught 
y, ad. without knowledge 
alk or alley in a church 
I heroic poem written by Homer 
, sick, disordered, not in health 
m, misfortune, wickedness, evil 
>t rightly, amiss, not easily 
.. gradual entrance, sudden attack 
1. an inference, conclusion 
{. that may be drawn or inferred 
e, a. unworthy of praise 
V, ad. unworthily, meanly, basely 
ioncd, a. hi a bad order or sfate 
9aDtmrjr to lavr, unjteit 



Blegarity, n. unlawfulness 
Illegally, ad.'in an illegal manner, unjustly 
lUe'^^ible, a. that cannot be read 
Illegitimacy, n. a state of bastardy 
Illegit'imate, o. bom out of wedlock 
Illfavored, a, ugly, ordinaiT* deformed 
Illib'ei*al, a. ungenerous, disingenuous 
IHibei*arity, n. ^xarsimony, niggar<11iness 
liliVcrally, ad. meanly, disingenuously 
Illi^'cit, a. unlawful, contraband 
llli"citness, 7i. unlawfulness, illegality 
Illim'itablc, a. tliat cannot be bounded 
Illit'ciittc!, a. unlearned, ignorant, lu.tau? / 
Illit'eratt^ness, n. a want of learning 
llliijlture, n. peevishness, unkindness 
iHniiturcd, a. peevish, cix)ss, unkind 
lllndturedly, ad. peevishly, ciwssly 
lirncss, ?i. sickness, disorder, folly, vici- 
Illo"gical, a. contrary to logic 
lllo^'gicaliy, ad. in an illogical manner 
Tirstarred, a. fated to be unfortunate 
Illiide, T. t. to play upon, mock, deceive 
Illume, Illiirain, Illuminate, r\ t. to enlighU n 
ninminiition, n. a giving light 
Illuminative, a. able or tending to give light 
Illiision, 77. a false show, mockery, error 
Illusive, a. deceivhig by false show 
IlKisory, a. deceiving, im^iosing on 
Illust'rale, v. t. to brighten, explain 
Illustration, n. an explanation, exposition 
Illust'rative, a. tending to explain 
Ulust'rious, a. conspicuous, emuient, famout- 
lUustViously, ad. conspicuously, famously 
Im'agc, n. a statue, picture, likeness, idol 
[m'age, ?;. t. to imagine, conceive, represent 
In/ager}', n. sensible representation, show 
Ima'^inable, a. possible to be conceived 
Ima^'ginary, a. fancied in ima^natioi) 
Ima&^n:^«tion, n. fancy, notion, idea 
Ima '^native, a. full of imagination 
Ima"gin, t>. to fancy, think, contrive 
Tmbank', v. t. to inclose with banks 
Imbank'ment, n. a!n.\\\^Vasi\v^N;\>i5\\\"^!i5^^ 
Ini'bccWe, a. ^c«k, \asv^^>>KsvV*-^'^ 


I M M 

Imbed', v. t. to sink or oorer u in bed 
Imbfbe, v. t. to drink or suck in, admit 
Imbiber, n. one who or vhat drinks in 
•Jmbifter, v. t. to make bitter, exasperate 
gnbod'y, v. t. to form into a body, unite 
"nbolden, v. t. to give boldness, encourage 

•bor'der, v. t. to fumisb with borders 
IJrjjdsom, v'. t. to hold in the bosom 
Jjy^ow'er, V. t. to shelter with trees 
. **y ^^wn', V. t. to make brown or dark 

*^Hje, V. t. to steep, soak, wet, moisten 
'"y^^ite, V. t. to sink to brutality, degrade 
i^o^'ie, V. t. to tincture deep, tinge 
ir/y bil'ity, n. an imitable state 
Ira5".\ble, a. possible to be imitated 
Ira'^^Ue, V. t to endeavor to resemble 
Imitation, n. attempt to resemble, copy 
Im'itative, a. inclined or tending to copy 
Tm'itator, n. one who inutates 
Immac'ulate, a. spotless, pure, undefiled 
Imman'aclc, v. t to fetter, shackle, bind 
Im'manent, a. inherent, intrinsic 
Immask', v. t. to cover, disguise, conceal 
Immaterial, a. void of matter, unimportant 
Immat6rialism, n. the doctrine of the existence 

of spiritual substances 
Immateriality, n. an immaterial nature 
Immature, a.'unripe, imperfect, too hasty 
Immaturely, ad. too early, too hastily 
Immaturity, n. unripeness, incompleteness 
Immeos'ureable, Immen'surable, a. not to be 

Immeos'urably, ad. unbonndedly 
Immediate, a. instant, acting bv itself 
Immediately, ad. instantly, without delay 
Immem6rial, a. past the time of memory 
Immense', a. unlimited, infinite, huge, vast 
Immensely, ad. without measure* vastly 
Immens'ity, n. unbounded greatness 
Immerse' or Immei^e', v. t. tp plunge 
Immer'sing, n. act of putting jander water 
Immesh', v. t. to entangle in tneshes 
Immetbod^ical, a. having no n»?tfaod 
j^meiAattJcaUx, ad confusedly 
^Jo^gnae, « /. to remove into a emutry r 


Immigration, n. moving into a couutiy 
Im'migrant, n. one who moves to a coa 
Tm'minencc, n. a close approach, ncam 
Im'minent, a. impending, tiireatening 
Immis'cible, a. incapable of being mixe< 
Iramis"8ion, n. the act offending in 
Immit', V. t. to send into, to inject 
Immix', Immin'gle, 77. t. to mix, mingle 
Immobirity, n. immoveableness 
Immod'erate, a. excessive, extravagant 
Immod'erately, ad. in an excessive d^ 
Immod'est, a. unchaste, indecent, impa* 
Immod'estly, ad. without modesty 
Immod'csty, n. a want of modesty, ind< 
Im'molate, v. t. to sacrifice, offer up 
Immolation, n. the act of sacrificing 
Immor'al, a. wicked, bad, irreligious 
Immoral'ity, n. a want of vhtue, vice 
Immor'ally, ad. in an immoral manner 
Immor'tal, a. never dying or ending 
Iramortarity, n. immortal life or fame 
Iramor'talize, v. to make immortal 
Imraor'tally, ad. witliout end, forever 
Immove'abie, a. unshaken, firm, stable 
Immove'ably, ad. unalterably, firmly 
Immunity, «. a privilege, exemption 
Immure, v. t. to inclose, to shut in 
Ira musical, a. unmusical, rough, harsh 
Immutabil'ity, n. invaiiableness 
Immutable, a. invariable, unalterable 
Immutably, ad. unchangeably, unaltera] 
Imp, 71. an offspring, puny deril, shoot 
Im pact, n. a driving together, touching 
Impacf , V. t. to drive close together 
Impiiir, v. t. to lessen, diminish, injure, 1 

I' Impalp'able, a. not perceptible to touch 
Impal'sy, v. t. to strike with a palsy 
Impan'nel, v. t. to form a jury 
Tmpar'adise, v. t. to make happy or blei 
Impar'ity, n. disproportion, inequality 
Impark', v. t. to enclose for or make a i 
Impart', r. ^ to communicate, ^ve, gran 
Impar'tial, a. equitable, equal, unbiassed 
Imywrtia\'\l\, n. e^vtahleness, justice 


a. that may be communioated 
a. that eannot be passed ring 
Impass'ive, a. wcapable of suner- 
I, a. seized with passion, warm 
n. uneasiness, fretfulness, heat 
(. not able to endure, eager 
,(ul uneasily, passionately 
t. to accuse by a public body q£ 
5t in office, to censure 
:, A. aceusable, chargeable 
n. one who impeaches 
at, n. an accusation of malconduct 
y authority, censure 
t. to adorn with pearls 
ty, n. exemption from sin 
, a. not subject to sin^perfeci 
:. to hinder, obstruct, stop 
t, n. a hinderance, obstruction 
to urge forward, drive on 
n. a po^^er that drives on 
i. to hang over, be near at hand 
e, n. the state of hanging over 
il'ity, n. an impenetrable qiiality 
lie, a. not to be pierced [ness 

»ly, ad. with impenetrable hard- 
€, 71. a want of repentance 
, a. void of repentance 
ly, ad. without repentance 
, a. commanding, ordering 
ble, a, not to be perceived [ner 
bly, a. in an imperceptible man- 
a. incomplete 
)n, 71. defect, failure, want 
r, ad. not completely 
i, a. not pierced or bored 
. belonging to an empenv 
n. one oelonging to an emperor 
I. haughty, arrogant, powerful 
■, ad. insolently, arrogantly 
;88, 71. high authority, arrogance 
le, a. not liable to perisli 
lie, a. that cannot be passed thro' 

•n^ a. not lasting 

a. buying no particular person 




Imper'sonally, ad. in an impersonal mannc 
Imperspic'uous, a, not clear or plain 
Impersu^ble, a. not to be persuaded 
Imper'tinence, n. intrusion, rudeness 
Imper'tinent, a. meddling, intrusive, saucy 
Imper'tinent, n. a meddler. Intruder, trifler 
Impei*f inentiy, ad. officiously, rudely 
Imper'vious, a. unpassable, thick 
Impetuos'ily, Impefuousness ; n. violencp 
Impet'uous, a. violent, furious, vehement 
Impet'uDusly, ad. violently, vehemently 
Im'petus, 71. a violent effort, force 
Impiety, 71. ungodliness, iiTcvercnce 
Impinge', v. t. to dash or fall against 
Im'pious, a. wicked, profane, irreligious 
Im'piously, ad. wickealy, profanely 
ImplacabiHty, n. an inexorable quality 
Impllicable, a. not to be appeased or pacified 
Implacably, ad. with constant enmity 
Implant', v. t. to ingraft, insert, infix 
Implead, V, t. to prosecute or sue at law 
Im'plemeut, ti. a tool, instrument, utensil 
Impletion, n. the act of filling np, fullness 
Im'plicatc, v. t. to infold, entangle 
Implication, n. involution, tacit inference 
Impli"cit, a. resting upon another, involved 
Impli"citly, ad. al^lutely, by inference 
Impldre, v. t. to beg, beseech, entreat 
Impldrer, n. erne who implores 
Imply', V. t. to comprise, involve, infold 
Impois'on, v. t. to kill with poison 
Impol'icy, n. inexpedienoe 
ImpoUte, a. unpohte, uncivil, rude 
Im^politeness, ft. want of politeness, incivility 
Impolitic, a. imprudent, indiscreet 
Impol'iticly, ad. in an impolitic manner 
Impon'derable, a. having no sensible weight 
Impon'derous, a. void of sensible weight 
Imporos'ity, ti. closeness, compi^ctness 
Impdrous, a. free from pores, compact 
In^pdrt, V. t. to bring from abroad, im^l^ 
Tm'port,n. a\3^m^\TIi^\^fc^^^s^K«sSo^^ 
ImpArtBiWe, a. Vm \sv«? \i^ vo\\««\&^ 
I Import' aawi, ti.tookww\\., ^vv^^«^;^*^ 



Import'anlly, Htl. with importai>BC 
Importation, fL the act of bringing in 
ImixSrtcr, n. one who brin|;s froni abroad 
Impor'tunate, a. incessant m aoHcitatious 
Impor'tunatelj, ad. with urgent solicitation 
Impor'tunateiiess, n. incessant solicitation 
Importiine, v. t. to tease widi soUcitatious 
Importiinity, n. ur^ucy in request 
Impose, V. t. to enjoin as a duty, lay, put 
Impdsable, a. that may be imposed 
Imp6ser, n. one who imposes or enjoins 
Imposi'^tion, n. an injunction, oppression 
bupossfbin^, n, an impossible state 
Impos'sible, a. impracticable, that cannot be 
Im'post, n. a duty on |;ood8 laid at tlie time 

ofimportation and paid by the importer, any 

duty or tax, upper part of a pillar 
Impos'tAume, n. an abscess, matter gathered 
Impos'tor, ». one who feigns a character 
Impoe'ture, n. deception, imposition 
Im potence, n. want of power, weakness 
Im'potent, a. weak, feeble, disabled 
Im'potently, cul without power, weakly • 
Impound', v. t, to shut up in a pound 
Tmpov'erish, v. t. to render poor, exhaust 
Impov'erishment, n. a becoming poor 
Imprae'ticable, a. not to be effected 
Itnpractieabiribr, Imprac'tioableness, n. a state 

or quality of being neyond human power or 

the means proposed 
Im'precate, v. t, to invoke or wish evil 
Imprec^on, n. an invocation of evil 
Imprcei'^sion, n. a want of precision 
Impregnabil'ity, n. an impregnable stale 
Impreg'nable, a. that is not to be taken 
Impreg'nably, ad. in an impregnable way 
Impreg^nstc, v. t. to fill, make fruitful 
Imprq|niition, n. the act of making fruitful 
Imprescrip'tiblc, a. not to be impaired or lost 

by preserii^ion 
Impreseriptioil'ity, n. the state of being inde- 

I M p 

Till press' ing, n. a foi-cing into public ser 
Impress'ment, ti. a forcing into service 
Iniprcs^'sion, ii. a stamp, motto, edition 
Impress'ive, a. pi*oducing a imwerful el 
IiTiprc8''siire, n. mark made by pressu 
Tni primis, ad. in the first place 
Imprint', V. t. to print, mark, fix deep 
Imprint'ing, n. a markings an impresao* 
Impris'on, v. t. to shnt up in prison 
Impns'onment, n. confinement in priaor 
Improbabirity, n. unlikelihood, absurd: 
Improb'able, a. incredible, n«t likely 
ImproVably, ad. unlikely, incredibly 
Improb'ity, n. dishonesty, baseness 
Improp'er, a. unfit, unqualified, wrong 
Improp'erly, ad. unfitly, unsuitably, am 
Impropriate, v. t. to convei't to private u 
Tmppopri4tion, n. church-landfl in lay-Ii 
ImpropriatCM*, n. a layman having chtird 
Impixipviety, n. unfitness, fault 
Improvable, (o as 00} a. capable of im 

Improv*', V. to make or become better, 

to cultivate or occupy 
Improve'mept, n. advancement, edifioal 
Impiove'ments, n. pi. the additions to 

liorations of a farm 
hnprov'er, n. one who improves 
Improv'idence, n. a want of forecast 
Improv'ident, a. wanting forecast 
Tmprov'idenUy, ad. without due ci^ 
Imprudence, n. a want of prudence 
ImpHidently, ad. indiscreetly, careless! 
Iin'pudcnce, n. shamelessness, immodet 
Im'pudent, a. shameless, saucy 
Ira'pudently, ad. shamelessly, very bolt 
Impugn, V. t. to attack, assault, oppose 
Im'pulse, n. a communicated force 
Impul'sion, n. an influence on mind or ^ 
Impul'sive, a. having the power to impc 
Impunity, n. exemption from punishmei 
Impure, a. unholy, unchaste, drossy 
Impurely, ad. in an impui'e manner 

pendent of eostora or use 

Imnrem^, v. t. to print, stuap, fix d<eep . — ^ — ^ , ^. 

fmpresa, n. a farcing into service, impwaaioalimigtots* n. vjL^^^t^^^ guilt 

fmpreas'ibLe, a, that em he impressed \imv^^\\feyT:. %.\a>i»^^\^^T(^ 

1 N A 

.ie» a. tiiat can he hupuied 

eness,n. m being imputable 

on, o. an attribution, censure 

ve, a. that may or can be impnted 

V. t. to ehai^ upon, attribute 

, fi. want oipower, impotence 

iince, n. intemperance 

ible, a. not to be approached 

bil'ity, 71. a being maecessible 

Ay, n. a want of exactness, defect 

xe, n. not accurate, faulty 

.tely, ad. in an inaccurate manner 

, n. a state of rest, idleness 

, a. unemployed, indolent, idle 

y, ad. indolently, sluggishly, idly 

Y, n. inaction, iulcness, ease 

ynYt n. a not being equal or sufficient 

ite, a. defective, unequal 

itely, ad. defectively, imperfectly 

iteness, n. insufficiency, a being une- 

re, a. not adhcsirc or sticky 

(ibic, a. not proper to be admitted 

iblKity, n. a bein^ inadmi^ible 

ence, n. inattention, negligence 

ent, a. inconaidei'ate, careless . 

ently, ad. inconsiderately 

Toici, emnt}', insignificant 

:e, a. vmd of life or animation 

n, n. an emptiness of body 

n. a void space, emptiness 

tioe, n. a want of appetUo or de^rc 

ibic, a. that cannot be applic<l 

bil'ity, n. the quality of not being ap- 


iable, a. not to be estimated 

tioa, n. inactivity, idleness 

t, a. unfit, unsuitable, improper 

riate, a. unsuitable, unfit . 

chable, a. not to be appi*oached 

le, n. want of fitness 

K t. to graft by approach, or by join- 

I rtock a cion without separatinr it 

ate, a. indistinct fromfiie bntnen 

itelf, ad indktiucUjr, couTuscdiy 



[naii:ifi"cial, a. done contrary to art 
Inartifi'^cially, ad. oonti-ary to art 
f natteu'tion, n. disregard, negligence 
Inattent'ivc, a. reganlless, negligent 
Inattent'ively, ad. carelessly, heedlessly 
Inaud'ible, a. not to be heard 
Inaug'ural, a. relating to inauguration 
^luaug'urate, v. t. to invest with solemnity 
Inaugui'Rtion, n. an investiture with rites 
luaug'urHtoiy, a. pertaining to inauguration 
Inauspi'^cious, a. unlucky, unf(M*tunate 
Inau9pi''ciously, ad. with bad omens 
Inau8pi''ciousnese, n. unluckiness 
In'bcmg, n. inherence, inseparableness 
Infbom, n. implanted by nature, inherited 
In'breathed, a. inspired, infused, poured in 
In'bred, a. bred or hatched within, natural 
Inc^ge, V. t. to confine in a cage 
Incantition, n. an enchantment, charm 
Incant'atory, a. dealing by enchantment 
Ineapabil'ity, n. inability, Aaqualificatioti 
Incapable, a. uHable, not fit, unqualifiod 
Incapdeious, a. having but small ccmfcnt 
lncApa''citate, v. t. to diiqualify, disable 
Tncapa"city, n. inability, want of powers 
Incar'cerate, v. t. to iipprison, oonfine 
Incarceration, n. imprisonment 
Incam'ate, a. cTothed in flesh 
Incarnation, n. assuming a human body 
Incase, 'tj. t. to cover, inclose, infold 
In'cavated, a. made hollow, bent round 
Incav^tion, n. a hollow place 
Incau'tious, a. unwar}', needless, careless 
Ineau'tiously, ad. unwarily, heedlessly 
Incau'tiousness, n. want of caution 
Incen'diary, n. one who bums houses or sows 

ln'ccnse,n. ax^rfume offered to some deity 
Incense', t;. t. to provoke, enrage, incite 
Incensc'mcnt, n. rage, iury, passion, heat 
Ineen'tive, 7i. incitement, encoura^ment 
Incen'tive, a* stirring up, encouraging 
Incep'tton, n. ahc^wvYCk^ijWv^iSsississ!^ 
Tncep'livc, a.V^gWiTAxv^^itfjfejw^^ 


I N C 

fnccs'saney, ?i. uninterrupted continuance 
Inccs'sant, a. continual, unintcrrui)tcd 
Inces'santly, ad. without inteniiission 
li/cest, a. coha1)itation of parties forbid 
Inccst'uous, a. guilty of or living in incest 
Incest'uously, ad. with unnatural union 
Inch, n. the twelfth ^>art of a foot 
Inchant', v. t. to bewitch, fascinate, delight 
Inchant'ment, n. magical charms, delight 
Inchanf ingly, ad. delightfully 
Tnchant'ress, n. she who enchants 
In'choatc, (ch as k) v. t. to begin, commence 
In'choate, a. begun, commenced 
In'cidence, la'cident, n. an accident^ event 
Incident'al, a. accidental, casual 
Tn'cident, a. falling on, Uablc to fall on 
Incident'ally, ad. occasionally 
Inciu'erate," v. t. to bum or reduce to ashes 
IneineritioB, n. the act of burning to ashes 
Incip'ient, a. beginning, commencing 
Incircuraspec'tion, n. a want of caution 
Incised, a. cut, made by cuttiag, jagged 
Inci^sion, Incisure, n. a cut, wound 
Incfsive, a. having the quality of cutting 
fncisor, n. a foretooth, a cutter 
jncftant, n. that which incites or stimulates 
Inciuition, Incitement, 71. an incentive 
. \neiie, v. t. to stir up, spur on, animate 
Incivil'ity, n. a want 01 civility, rudeness 
Inciv'ism, n. unfriendliness to a state 
Inclem'cncy, 71. scveiity, roughness 
Tnclem'ent, a. unmerciful, rough, ruM^ed 
Inclinable, a. inclined, disposed, willing 
Inclination, 71. a tendency, slope, affection 
fncHn6, V. to bend, bow, lean, s1oi>e, dispose 
IncMsc, V. t. to surround, shut in, fence 
Inclosure, n. a place inclosed, fence, wall 
Incloud', V. t. to darken, obscure 
Include, t). t. to comprehend, take In 
Inclusion, 71. the act of including 
Inclusive, a. coinpi-el lending, taldng in 
Inclusively, ad. together, including both 
foaoer'cibJe, a. not to he forced 
■facqg^njtq, Incqg^ ad. in conceRlmeiit 
iticohorene^ n. a want of connection 


Incoherent, a. unconnected, ineonsisteift 
Incoherently, ad. inconsistently, loosely 
Incombustibil'ity, n. power of resisting fire 
Incombustible, a. thiat cannot be burnt 
In'come, n. a yearly rent, salary, profit 
Incommen'surable, a. that cannot be memr- 

od, having no common measure [sure 

Incommen'surate, a. having no common me» 
Incommode, v. t, to embaiTass, disturb 
Incommodious, a. inconvenient, unfit 
Incommodiously, ad. inconveniently 
IncommOdiousness, n. inconvenience 
Incommunicable, a. not to be communicated 
Incommutable, a. not to be exchanged 
Incompact', a. not close, disjointed, loose 
Inoom pars^le, a. above comparison 
Incom'pai-ably, ad. 4)eyond comparisixi 
Incompas'sionate, a. void of piQr, cruel 
Incompatibility, n. inconsistency 
Inoompat'ible, a. inconsistent 
Incompat'ibly, ad. inconsistently 
Incom'petency, n. insufficiency, inabUity 
Inoom'i>etent, a. inadequate, unable 
Incom'petently, ad. inadequately 
Incomplete, a. unfinished, imperfect, diort 
Incompletely, ad. in an impeifect manner 
Incompleteness, n. an unfini^ed state 
Incomprehensibirity, Incomprehens^bleoei^ 

n. an incomprehensible state or quality 
Incomprehensible, a. not to be conceived 
Jncomprehen'sibly, ad. inconceivably [i^MP 
Incompres'aible a. not to be pressed into !£■ 
Inoompressibil'ity, n. a not being csq^k tf 

being i^uced to a smaller compass 
Incoucealable, a. not to be concealed, CffffHi 
Inconceivable, a. incomprehensible 
Inconceivably, ad. beyond comprehenwm 
Inconclusive, a. not determining a quf stioB V 

convincing the mind 
Inconclusively, ad. impenfectly 
Inconcli^sivcness, n. a want of full proof 
Inconcoc'tion, 71. an indigested state 
Incondens'ablfr, a. not to be condensed 
IncontovTof \\:j , n. \w cKyccv^Uancc 


y, n. ineoDsistenoy 

DOS} a. incoosistent, unfit 

enee, n. inconclusiveness 

m'jtiid, a« of no moment 

ent, a. not following^ 

rable, a. unworthy of notice 

rabloiess, n. a tnfling state 

■ate, a. inattentiye, foolish 

rately^, oJ. thoujghtlessly 

rateness, Inconsiderdtion, n. a want 

leration, inattention 

ncy,n. contradiction 

Qta fL unsuitable, contrary 

ady, ad. contrarily, absurdly 

le, a. not to be comforted 

lous, a. not discernible 

!y, n. unsteadiness, fickleness 

, a. unsteady, changeable 

ly ad. in an inconstant manner 

Ue, a. not to be consumed 

nate, a. not complete or finished 

ble, a. indisputable 

bXy, ad. beyond all dispute 

kce n. intemperance, uncbasttty 

it, a. unchaste, loose 

itly. ad. unchastcly 

rt ible, a. indisputable, ccitain 

rt'ibly, ad. indisputably 

nee, n. imfitness, disadvantage 

nt, a. unfit, disadvantageous 

ntly, ad. unfitly, unseasonably 

ible, a. unsocial, shy, formal 

ble, a. that cannot be changed 

[, Incorpdreal, a. immaterial 

le, V. t. to form into one body 

ion, 11. a union in one bod^ 

Uy, ad. immaterially, spintnally 

a. not correct, inaccurate 

f, ad. in an incorrect manner 

less, n. inaccuracy, error 

le, a. bad beyond amendment 

Icness, 71. hopeless depravity 

ly, ad. beyond hope of Amendment 

a. firee fi-om contiptkm 

Titr, 72. an i/JCPi/itcitv of tlecny 


I N D 


Incormptfible, a. not admitting of decay 
Incomip'tion, n. exemption from deci^ 
IncorruptUve, a. not liable to corruption 
Incorrupt'nesB, n. puri^, uprightness 
Incrass^te, v. /. to thicKen, rafd^e thick 
Incrass^tion, n. the act of thickening 
Increase, v. to grow, make greater 
Increase, n. an augmentation, addition 
InGredibirity,n. an incredible state 
Incred'ible, a. not to be beUeved 
Incred'ibly, ad. in a manner not to be believed 
Incredulity, n. a hardness of belief 
Incred'ulous, a, hard of or refusing belief 
In'cremeat, n. an increase, produce 
Incrust^, Incrusf ate, v. t. to crust over 
Incrustation, n. the act of incrusting, crust 
In'cubate, v. t. 1p sit upon eggs, brood 
Incubiition, n. the act of sitting upon eggs 
In'cubus, n. a disorder, the night mare 
Incul'cate, v. t. to enforce, ui-ge, repeat 
InculoAtion, n. the act of inculcating 
Inculp'able, a. unblameable, just, upright 
Inculp'atory, n. tending to blame 
Incum'bency, n. the keeping of a benefice 
Incumlient n. one who possesses a benefice 
Ihcuml}ent, a. imposed as a duty, resting on 
Incum'ber, v. t. to clogg, load, embarrass 
Incum^bruice, n. a clog, hnp<kliment, load 
Incui/, v.f. to become liable to^deserve [of care 
Incurability, Incurableness, n. an imposaibility 
Incurable, a. not to to be cured 
Incurably, ad. without remedy 
Inct^rious, a. inattentive, careless 
IncuriouSness, n. want of curiosity 
Incur'sion, n. invasion, inroad, attack 
Incurv'ate, v. t. to bend, make crooked 
Incurv'ate, a. bent or curved inwards 
Incurvation, n.the act of bowing, a bow 
Incurv'i^, n. a bent state, crookedness 
Indedt'ed, a. involved in debt, obliged 
Indecency, n. a thing unbecoming 
Indecent, a. unfit for t\Mi ^-^j^^^v vi.«t^ 
lnd6cci\l\y, ud.Vv^wsX^^^viXNv:^ 
ludecV'svou, n.NvtxcvVCN'C Cvvi^\'a.wcw, ^^^"^ 
Indeci'ftWe, a. tkiiV\w\\\ivw^A^> --^^^^'"^ ^^^ "^ ' 


I N F 

Tuc\''itable, a. not to be escaped, ccrtaiu 
Ine\-'itibl3r, ad. unavoidably 
Inexact', a. not exact or precise 
Inexact'ness, n. want of precision 

. Inexcitable, a. not capable of excitement 
Inexer'tion, n. a want of effort w exertion 
Inexecution, w. neglect of performance 
Inexcusable, a. not to be excused 
Inexcusably, ad. beyond or without excuse 
Tnexhalablc, a. that cannot be evaporated 
Inexhaust'ed} a. not drained (n* emptied 
Inexhaust'iblc, a. that cannot be drained 
Inexhausf ive, a. not to be exhausted 
Inexhaustless, a, inexhaustible 
Inexist'ence, n. a privation of existence 
Inexist'ent, a. not existing, not in being 
Inex'orable, a. not to be moved by entreaty 
Inex'orably, ad, in an inexorable manner 
Inexpedience, n. a want of fitness 
Inexpedient, a. improper, unfit 
Inexperience, n. a want of experience 
Inexperienced, a. unskilled, unacquainted 
Inexperf , a. unskilful, unhandy, dull 
Tnex'piable, a. that cannot' be atoned for 
Inex'piably, ad. in an inexpiable manner 
Inex'plicablc, a. not to be explained 
Inexpress'iblc, a. unutterable 
Inexpress'ibly, ad. in an unutterable manner 
Inexpress'ive, a. not expressing, not uttering 
Inexpug'nable, a. that cannot be subdued 
Inextend'ed, a. not having extension 
Inexterm'inable, a. not to be rooted out 
Inextin''guishable, a. unquenchable 
Inex'tricable, a. not to be disentangled 
Infallibility, n. exemption from aU error 
Infariible, a. incapable of mistake 
Infallibly, ad wiUiout error or fail 
In'famous, a. vile, base, scandalouft 
In'flbiiQusly, ad. vilely, shamefuUr 
lo'famy, n. disgrace, reproach, wickedness 
In'fancy, n. the fir* part of life or being 

Jo'fant, n. a very young child ; c. early 
Jnfant% n. a Spanish princess 
Infanfifiide, n.&m unlev or murderer oC inCwoto 
^a/afit lie, a. relHtins to an infant, chiWi^ 


In'fantry, ?i. the foot soldiers of an army 
Tnfat^uate, v. t. to strike with ioUy 
Infatuation, n. a deprivation of reason 
Inf^asible, a. impracticable, not to be done 
Infect', V. t. to communicate 
Infec'tion, n. volatile matter emitted ffom di 
eased bodies, or putrifyinr sabitanees,es|p 
ble d[ causing disease in a healthy body, tsa 
Infec'tious, Intecfive, a. oontanous, taintki 
Infec'tiously, ad. with or by intectioo 
lufecund'ity, n. barrenness, sterility 
Infeli"eity, n, unhappinen, misery 
Infer', v. t. to deduce, derive, conclude 
In'ference, n, a conclusion from premises 
Inferrable, a. that may be inferred 
Inferior, n. one of lower rank ; a, lawet 
Inferior'ity} n. a lower state of dignity 
Infer'nal, a. hellish, very bad, lower 
Infer'tiltf, a. unfruitful, barren, poor 
Infertil'i^, n. unfruitfulness, iMorenness 
Infest', V, t. to disturb, harrass, plague, aoBq] 
In'fidel, n. an unbeliever, heretic 
In'fidel, a. unbelieving 
Infidel'ily, n. breach of trust, disbelief in Oirii 
In'finite, a. unbounded, endless, vast;, veq 

great, immense 
In'nnitely, ad. without limi^, immensely 
In'finiteness, Infin'iuide, n. iOundlessnen 
Infin'itive, n. a mood in grammar 
Infin'itT, n. infinite number, immensity 
Infirm , a. weak, feeble, erazyyskkly 
Infirm'ary, n. a residence of die sick 
Infirm'ity, n. a weakness, failing, disease 
Infirm'ness, n. weakness, feebleness 
Infix', V, t. to fix, fatten, implant 
Infldme, v. ^. to set on fire, provoke 
Infl^mer, n. a person that inflames 
Inflammability, n.the quality of caldungBTB 
Inflam'roable, a. easily set on fire 
Inflammation, n. an inflamed state, heat 
Inflam'matory, a. tending to inflame 
Inflilte, V. t. to swell, swell with wind 
^li\^i.\\Qw, n. a swelling with wind 

I N G 

(. able to bend or Tary 
, Inflex'iblcnc86, n. sbfifness 
;. immoveable, firm 
id. invariably, unaltcrablj* 
to punish, lay upon, impose 
one who inflieta or punishes 
. the act of inflicting 
, tending or able to inflict 
I. an ascendant power, bias 
». t. to have pow^over 
a. exerting nifiuence or power 
!. an epidemic cold or oatarrii 
:e act of flowing in, increase 
to involve, inwrap, inclose 
. to tell, acquaint, accuse 
. irregular, wanting form 
, a. want c^ technical manner 
Inform'er, n. one who informs 
. n. intelligence, notice 
le, a. not to be dreaded 
t. shapclessness, irregularity 
a. sluuneless, irregular 
, a. unlucky, unhappy 
ri. the act of breaking 
, a. not to be broken, durable 
', n. imcommonncss 
a. rare, unusual, uncommon 
. t. to violate, break, transgress 
nt, 71. violation, transgression 
1. a violator, transgressor 
. /. to enrage, to make mad 
. like a f«u*y, mad, raging 
to pour in, steep, ins])irc 
. that may be iufuscd, that cannot 

, 71. die quality (A resisting the dis- 
ower of heat 

the act of ])ouring or steeping in, 
ance infuseil or the mixture 
g, n. a gathering, harvest-time 
:, a. innate, inborn, ob. 
a. possessed of genius, witty 
', ad. in an ingenious manner 
?ss, 71. wittiness, invention 
/. wj'fj Hcutcness, (cukdor, od.) 



tngen'uous, a. open, candid, fair, honest 
Ingen'uously, flo. openly, cimdidiy, fairly 
Ingen'uousness, n. oiicuness, candor 
Inglorious, a. void of glory or honor 
Ingldriously, ad. dishonorably, wiUi disgrace 
In^got, n. a bar or wedge of gold or silver 
Ingraft^, v. t. to insert a cion of one tree in an- 
other, to fix deep, implant 
IngrafV'ment, n. tiie act of ingrafting 
In'grain, v. t. to dye before manufacture 
In'grained, pa^ dyed in the raw material 
Ingriite, a. ungrateful, unthankful 
Ih^n^te, 71. an ungrateful person 
Initiate, v. i. to get into or cunj favor 
Ingratiating, 7i.thc act of getting favor 
Ingrat'itude, n, unUiankfulness 
Ingredient, n. a component part 
In'gress, n. an entrance, a power of entering 
Ingre8"sion, n. the act of enterin|j^, entrance 
In'guinal, o. belonging to tiie groin 
InhaVit, v. to dwell or live in, occupy 
Inhab'itable, a. habitable, (not habitable, ob.) 
InhaVitance, n. a dwelling, or i-csidence 
lu^Vitancfy, «. legal residence to acquire the 

rights of an inhaoitant (local) 
Iiihab'itant, Inhab'iter, n. one who dwdls in a 
place, one who has lived in a town sufficient 
time to acquire the rights of citizens, or of 
maintenance by the public, if poor, (local) 
Inhabitation, Ti. the act of residence 
Inhale, V. t. to draw in witii the breath 
Inhaler, n. a vessel for drawing in steam 
Inharm6niou8, a. uimiusical, harsh 
Inhdre, v. i. to stick or exist in something 
Inherence, Inhesion, n. an inherent state 
Inherent, a. existing in somrtiiing innate 
Inher'it, v. i. to have from ancestors 
Tnher'itable, a. obtainable by inheritance 
Inher'itance, n. a hereditary possession ■ 
Inher'itor, n. a man who inherits, an heir 
Inher'itress,Inher'itrix, n. an heiress 
Inherse', v. t. to put in a monument 
Inhib'it, v. t. tOT^T<MVv\.^\iBAR:c^^c«idw:&sv 

InhiVitioiiyn. «i V^\\^vCivv%^^^'*2^^'^ 


I N N 

Inhos'pitflMv, ad. unkinillv to a guett 
Itili06i»itjil'ity, n. a want of hospitality 
Inliuiuaii or lohumaoe, a. bar^rous^ cruel 
Inhumanity, n. barbaritv, cruelty 
Inhumanly^ ad. barbarou&ly, cruelly 
Inliunoatc, Inhume, v. t. to bury, inter 
Inhumation, n. the act of burying 
Inim'ical, a. hostile, contrary, repugnant 
Tniin'ically, ad. in an unfriendly manner 
Inim'itablc, a. hot to be imitate J or copied 
Inim'itably, ad. Tcry excellent, remarkablj 
Iniq'uitoUB, a. unjust^ vicked, vile, base 
Iniq'uity, n. injustice, wickedness, guilt 
Inii^ritable, a. not capable of irritation 
Ini^tial, a. pUiced at the beginning, first 
Inr'tial, ffc. the first letter of a name 
Ini"ttate, v. t. to instruct in rudiments 
Initiiition, n, an admission, an instruction 
Ini"tiat)ory, a. tending to initiate 
Inject', V. to throw in or uikmi 
Injec'tion, n. the act of injecting, a glyster 
In^udi^'ciouf, a. void (Jf jud^ent, unwise 
Injudi"ciousIy, ad. witliout judgment 
Injunc'tion, n. a command, order, precept 
In'jure, v. t. to hurt unjustly, wrong 
In'jurer, n. one who hurts another unjustly 
Injurious, a. wijust, mischievous 
Injuriously, ad. hurtfully, wrongfully 
InjuriousnesB, ft. an injiu'iops quality 
In'jucy, n. htut, mischief, oetnmcHt 
Injust'ice, n. injmy, wrongs iniquity 
Ink, n. a black liquid to write or print with 
Ink, V. t. to black, or mark with ink 
Ink'bom, n. a vessel to hold ink for writing 
Jnk'stan^ n. a vessel to hold ink 
InkV, a. daubed with or resembling ink 
In'land, a. situated far from the sea 
IiUay, V. t. to variegate wood, &c. checker 
In'lay, n. a passage, entrance, admission 
TuliM', V. to engage in milita^ service 
Inlist'meiit, n. the act of iulisting, the i»Titing 

containing tlie terms 
Inornate, n. one who Uvea io the same h<rayi 
Ih'most, In^nermost, a, deepest, remotest 
I/2/J, ^/. a house of eotert^uneBt 

1 N Q 

Iiin, r. to put up at an inn, lodge 
In'iiate, a. inborn, inbred, natural 
Iimav'igable, a. not to be sailed apon 
In'ner, a. more inward, plaieed within 
InnenV, r. /. to invigorate ( 

Inn'Iiolder, Inu'kec^per, n. one who keep 
In'nocenccy n.harmlessoeas, puritv 
lu'iiocent, a. harmless, fi^ee from guilt 
[ii'nocent, n. om harmless like a child 
Ii/nocently, cuBkarralessly, without guilt 
Inuoc'uous, a. innocent, hsitnlen 
Innoc'uously, ad. without bad effects 
Innoc'uoomessv n. harmlessness, innoeeie 
In'novate, v. t. to introduce novelties 
Innovation, fi. an introduction dT novellT 
In'no^-ator, n. one who hitroduces noveltif 
Innox'iocn, a. free from barm, harmless 
Innox'ionsly, ad without harm, innoeend] 
Innuend'n, n. an oblique or disUnt bint 
Innumerable^ a. not to be numbered 
Innumerably, ad. beyond number 
Innutri^tion^ n. fidlui'e of nourisfamekit 
Innutri^'tious, a. not nourishing 
Inobserv'able, a. that cannot be perceived 
Inobservant, a. not taking notice 
Inoc'ulate, v. t. to propaeate by insortioB 
Inocui^timi, n. the act of moculating 
Tnoc'ulator, n. a person who inoeuiatei 
Tn(klorous, a. wanting smell, unperfnmed 
Inoffen'sive, a. ^vingno scaiidfli,]iannlefll 
Inoffcn'sively, ad. without offence or ham 
Inoflen'siveness, n. harmlessness, innoeenei 
Inoffi"cious, a. contrar}* to natural duty 
Inop'eratrve, a. not operative, not active 
Inor'dinate, a. irrcp^lar, immoderate 
Inor'dlnately, ad. m an irregular manner 
Inorgan'ical, a. devoid of (H^ns 
Inorganized, a. not having ormnie struct 
In'qucst,n. a judicial, or ouier mquiiy 
Inquietude, n. uneasiness, restlessocM 
Inquire, v. t. to ask, seek out, search 
Inquirer, n. one who asks, or examines 
luquiry, n. interro|^on, examination 
vV\tf^u&^'^A»c^ u.%^\)J&RM\.vQc^rYt t eovl 



onal, a. relating to the inquititicm 
^e, a. prying, curious, busy 
^eness, n. curioBity, irapeitinence 
r, n. an officer of the inquisition 
nal, a. pertaining to inquiry 
L to rail in, inclose ivith rails 
u an ineursioD^ sudden invasioa 
»U8, a. unhealthy, unwholesome 
y, n, unhealthiness, noxiousness 
y, a. unfavorable to health 
. mad, distracted 
8, Insan'ity, n. nuidness 
:, Insiitiate, a. not to be satisfied fed 
nesB, n. a greediness not to be satisfi- 
, <id. with an insatiable greediness 
V. t. to write on, to dedicate 
XI, n. an epitaph, thing written 
[e, a. unsearchable, hidden, dark 
V. t. to engrare, carve, mark 
ire, n. sculpture, an engraving 
, a small creeping or flying animal 
a. having the nature of insects 
, n. the act of cutting, a cut 
rous, a. feeding on insects 
a. unsafe, dangerous, hazardous 
fy ad. unsafely, with hazard 
', o. a want of safety, danger 
, a. senseless, stupid, enraged 
ity, Insensi'ibleness, n. stupidity 
e, a. void of sense, imperceptible 
ff ad. imperceptibly, slowly 
>leneBB» n. an inseparable quality 
)Iy, ad. fti an inseparable manner 
t. to place or set in 
, n. the act of inserting 
V. t. to put into a shrine, inclose 
the inward part 
a. treacheiXMis, deceitful, sly 
y, ad. treacherously, deceiuully 
less, n. treachery, deceit, craft 
L an inspection, view, knowledge 
ance, n. worthlessness 
ant, a. void of meaning, mean 
antiy, ad wititoat meaning 
A deceitful, anfy/thful, fnlsfi 



In^cer'ity, n. dissimulation, deceit 
Insin'uatc, v. to wind in, hint artfully 
Inunu^ticMi, n. a hint, remote suggesti(M2 
Insin'uatur, n. one who insinuates or hints 
Insip'ici, a. void of taste or spirit, vapid 
Innp'idity, Lisip'idness, n. want of taste 
Insip'idly, ad. without taste or spirit 
Insist', V. to stand, persist in, urge 
Insist'ent, d. standio^ or resting on 
Insn^re, v. t, to entrap, entangle, catdi 
Insnarer, n. (me who insnares, or draws in 
Insobriety, n. drunkenness, intemperance 
Insdciable, a. averse to conversation 
Insoliition, n. exposure to the sun 
In'solence, n. haughtiness with contempt 
In'scrfent, a. haugh^, overbearing 
In'solentiy, ad. haughtily, proudly 
Insol viable, a. tliat cannot be solved 
InsoVuble, a. not to be dissolved [solvable 
Insolubility, n. the quality of not being dis- 
Insol'vency, n. inability to pay debts 
Insolv'ent, n. one who cannot pay debts 
Insomuch', ad. so, so that, to such a degree 
Inspecf , V. t, iQ overlook, view, examine 
Inspec'tion, ft. oversight, view, survej^', care 
Inspect'w, n. a superintcndant, examiner 
Inspect'orship, Inspect'oratc, n. the office ot 

Inspirable, a. tliat may be drawn in 
Inspirfition, n. a. drawing of breath, divine 

Inspire, v. t. to breathe into 
Inspfrer, n. one who inspires or encoura^s 
Inspir'it, v. t. to apimate, encotti*age, enliven 
Inspis'sate, v. t. to thicken fluids 
Inspiss^tion, n. the act of thickening liquids 
Instabil'ity, a. fickleness, inconstancy 
l()st^ble,a. inconstant, changeable 
Install', V. t. to put into possession, invest 
Installation, n. a putting into possession 
Installment, n. an installmg, a pajrment 
In'stance, n. solicitatjmi, motive, oecasioa 
In'stance, t. i. \o ^fwAswafc wv exasss^^^ 
In'stant, n. a m«£ftetvV,^x«^^rL\.\assB«es«^- 



lastantincoiu, a. done in an instant 
Instantaneously, In'stantly, ad. immediate^ 
Instantiincousnesa, n. the state of being imme- 
Instate, V. t. %3 plaee in a certain rank 
Instead', or Insted', ad. in the room or place 
In' step, n. the upper part of the foot 
In'stigate, v. t. to tempt to do evil, incite 
Insti^tion, n. an incitement to a crime 
In'stigator, n. one who incites to ill 
Instil , V. t. to infuse by drops, infuse 
Instillation, n. the act of dropping 
Tn'stinct, n. a natural desire or aversion 
lDStinct'ive,a. acting vitliout reason, by. instinct 
In'stitute, u t. to establish, appoint, instruct 
In'stitute, n. an established law, principle 
Institution, n. an establishment, law 
In'stitutor, n. one who establishes 
Instruct', V. t. to teach, train up, form 
Instnict'or n. one who instructs 
Instnic'tion, n. tlie act of teaching 
Instruct'ive, a. conveying knowledge 
Instruct'iveness, n. the quali^ of teaching 
Instruct'ress, n. a female teacher, a tutoress 
In'strument, n. a tool, deed, means 
Instmmeni.'al, a. conducive to some end 
Instrumental'ity, Instrument'alness, n. means 
Instrument'ally, ad. by way of instrument 
Insubordination, n. disobedience 
Insufferable, a. not to be home, detestable 
Insufferably, ad. in an insufferable manner 
Insuffi"ciency, n. inability, incapacity 
Insufii"cient a. incapable, inadequate 
Insuffi"ciently ad. inadequately, unfitly 
In'sular, a. belonging to or like an island 
In'sulate, v. t. to separate or set detacbed 

like an isluid 
InsuUtion, n. the act of insulating 
In'sult, n. insolence, abuse, affront 
Insult', V. t.'ixi treat with insolence, affront 
f nsult'cr, n. ene who insults anntlier . 
Tnsult'ingly, ad. with hatighty triumph 
fnsnpeiwAVitjf n. tm insaporable itate 
Jnsppenble, a. that cannot he surmaatvteA 
/nsupcrfthJr* Off. in an iirsiipcrable Tn^tin<nt 

1 N T 

Insupportable, a. not to be supportefl 
Insuppdrtably, ad. beyond bewnne 
Instju«ble, a, proper to be insured 
Insure, v. t. to make sure ag^aiiist Ion 
Inst!iranee, n. the act of making sure 
Inspired, jbo. made secure against loss 
Insn'rer, n. one who iusnrea, an under writer 
lusur'gent, a. exciting sedition, risine in leToU 
InsuT^gent, n. one who rises up in rebeUioB 
Insurmount'able, a. not to be overcome * 

Insurrec^tion, n. domestic rebeltion 
Insurrec'tional, a. pertaining to insurreetioo 
Insusccn'tible, a. not having pereeption 
Intan'giole, a. that is not to be touebed 
In'teger, Integral, ?i. the whole of any diiis 
Inte^vl, a, whole, complete, entire 
Integrant, a. making a part ^a whole 
Integ^rity, n. honesty, uprigfatneas 
Integ'ument, n. a coverings membrane 
In'telleot, Intelleot'ual, ft. understanding 
Intellee'tion, n. the act of underBtanding 
Intellective, a. able to understand 
Intellectual, a. relating to the understaiidiii{ 
Intellect'ually, ad. by the mind 
Intelligence, n. understanding, notice 
Intel'ligencer, n. one who brings news 
Intel'li^nt, a. knowing, skilful, iofonned 
Intelligibil'ity, Intel'Iigibleness, n* a poaiibiii^ 

or power of being understood 
Intel'li^ble, a, that can be understood ' ■ 
Intel'ligibly, ad clearly, plainly, distinetl) 
Intem'peraroent, n. abad epiiatitatioii 
Intftm'perance, n. exceae^ flregular^ 
Intem'perate, a. excessive, drunken 
Intem'perately, ad. immoderately 
Intem'perateness, n. intempcranee 
Intero'perature, n. an excess of a quality 
Intend ,v. t. to design, mean, aim, regard 
Intend'ant, n. an officer, an overseer 
Intend'meut, n. intention, design, aim 
Intense', a. excesiuvc, vehement, close 
Intense'ly, ad. to a great degree 
Intense'ness, Intent'ness, n. closeness 
^IsvVct! «tf«v, u.^vi ^t^. <\C fttrcteliing 



ivc, a. intent, eager, stretched 

iviAy, ad. by waj of increase 

, a. using close application, diligent 

, n. a desi^, purpose, meaning, aim 

ioD, n. design, purpose, closeness 

iona], a. deagned, done bj dengn 

ionady, ad, by or with design, in will 

ire, a. diligently applied, close 

lYely, Intent'ly, cm. closely, eagerly 

ness, n. close or constant application 

V. t. tabury, to put in the earth 

ct,n. intermediate employment 

alary, a. inserted, add^ 

alate, v. t, to insert a day or days, as in 


lution, n. the insertion of a day. 

Uie, V. i. to mediate, interpose 

^dent, a. mediating, going between 

;ptf, V. t. to stop, obstruct, seize 

ip'tion, n. a stoppage, hinderance 

^''sion, n. a prayer for another 

Mt'aor, Intereeder, n. a mediator 

i&in, V. t. to chain or link together 

lange', v. t. to change mutuuly 

hange, n. mutual exchange 

lan^able, a, mutual, alternate 

lange'ably, ad. mutusJly 

4de, V. t. to stop, intercept 

otnve, n. communication 

ir'rence, n. a passi^ between 

ir'rent^a. running between 

xtkaeoaB, a. within the skin 

tet^, V. t, to forbid, excommunicate 

iety InterdiB^tion, n. a prohibition 

t^oty, a. relating to an interdiction - 

sty V. concern, affect, move 

ity It. a concern, share, benefit,influence, 

for the use of money 

stingy pa, affecting, concerning 

■re, V. «*. to interpose, intermeddle 

renee, n. interposition, mediation 

iFgen^ a, shining between 

Lsed, a. poured or scattered between 

r, a. internal, more inward^ inner 

r, 11. the inland part, the inside 




Interjacency, n. state of lying between 
Inten^ent, a. lying or extended between 
Interjec'tiOT, n. a part of speech 
In'terim, n. the mean time or while 
Interjoin', v. t. to j(un together, to mawy 
Interlace, v. t. to intermix, insert 
Interlapse', n. time between two events 
Interlard', v. i. to insert between, mix 
Interi6ave, v. t. to insert leaves betw een 
InterUne, v. t. to write between lines 
Interlineation, n. a writhi^ between lines 
Interlink', v. t. to join chains tc^ether 
Interlociition, n. a dialogue, conference 
Interloc'utory, a. consisting of dialogue ; inter- 
mediate, not final 
Interldpe, v. to intercept, prevent right 
Interldper who interferes 
In'terlude, n. something played between 
Interltinar, a. between old moon and new 
Intermar'riagc, n, the marriage of one and 

the giving of another by different families 
Intermai/ry, v. marry one and give anoth 

er in marriage 
Intermed'dle, v. to meddle officiously 
Intermed'dler, n. an officious person ' 
Interm^dia<^, n. anintei'positioii 
Intermedial, Intermediate, a. intervcriinjj 
Intermediation, n. intervention 
Internment, n. a burial, a burying 
Interm'inate, a. having no limits, boundless 
Interm'inable, a. admitting of no end 
Intcrmin^'gle, v. t. to mingle together 
Intermis^'sion, n. a cessation for a time 
Intermit'tent, a. coming by fits 
Intermif , v. to cease for a time 
Intermit^tent, n. a disease that intermits 
Intermix', v. to be mingled toother 
IntCrmix'ture, n. a mixture of mgredients <■ 
Intermon'tane, ti. ntuated between mountains 
Intcnniitual, a. mutual, mterehanged 
Intern'al, a. inward, real, not foreign 
Intem'ally, oj. inwardly, intellectually 
Interpl^d, v. i, to d\«fcvsL^'i ^\stvi>^!^^^&\l«s«^. 
Inte/po\&\e, ■» . t . \o vasftx^ ^ Qi«^'^^Vi "^^^^ ^ 

I N V 

1, 71. a sending in, an intermed- 

t. to send or let in 
»n, n. a view of the inside 
. to encroach, come uninvited 
one who intrudes 
an intruding, encroachment 
apt to intrude, encroaching 
to trust, to trust with a secret 
. immediate perception 
seeing at once, immediate 
id. without reasoning 
cse, n. a swelling, a tumor 
. to twist or wreath together 
.overflowing, abundant 
n. ovei*flow of water, flood 
I. incivility, clownishness 
> habituate, take effect 
•I. custom, habit, practice 
to put into an urn, entomb 
uselessness,. unprofitableness 
to enter in a hostile manner 
in assailant, encroasher 
ne disabled by age or sickness 
aving no weight or force 
V. t. to lessen in force 
nval'idness, n. weakness 
a. very valuable, inestimable 
!. unchangeable, unerring 
SB, 11. unchangeableness 
'.d. unchangeably, constantly 
lostile entrance, attack 
intering in a hostile manner 
. a i-ailinff speech ; a. abusive 
ad. abusively, bitterly 
ray,] v. i. to exclaim against 
I. one who inveighs, a railer 
L to seduce, allure, entice 
a seducer, deceiver, allurer 
to contrive, find out, feign 
invcnt'or, n. a contriver 
. a contrivance, discovery 
r. quick at contrivance, reajly 
I. a. Yist or accQuut of 5eparati ar- 
Qds, as ofn dcccusfd pei'sou 

I N V 


rn'ventoi-y, v. t. to mal&e a list of articles 
In'verse, a. inverted, i*eciprocal, contrary 
In'vex'sely, ad. in an inverted.order 
luver'sion, n. a change of order or place 
Invert', v. t. to turn upside down, change 
Invert'edly, ad. in an inverted order 
Invest', V. t. to dress, confer, besiege, change 

the condition of money by laying it out in 

something less fleeting 
Inveat'ient, a. clothing, covering 
Invest'igablc, «. that may be searched out 
luvesfigate, v. t. to search out, explore 
Investigation, n. a searching, examination 
Invest'itui'c, n. the act of giving possession ^ 

Invest'ment, n. dress, clotiies, investiture, the 

act of converting money into property less 

fleeting, the sum so expended 
Invef eracy, ?». fixedness by a^e, or time 
Invet'ei-ate, a. old, fixed by time, firm 
Lnvet'erateness, n. long continuance 
InvicVious, a. envious, exciting envy 
Invid'iously, a^/. enviously, odiously 
Invid'iousness, ii. quality of provoking envy or 

Invig'orate, v. t. to sti^engthen, to animate 
Invigor^tion, n. the act of invigorating 
Invin'cible, a. not to be subdued 
Invin'cibleness, n. an invincible state 
Invin'cibly, ad. unconquerably, firmly . 
Inviolable, a. not to beiiurt or profaned 
Inviotabil'ity, n. the quality of being inviolable 
Inviolably, ad. without breach or failure 
Inviolate, a. unhurt, uninjured, unbroken 
Invisibil'ity, 7i. an invisible state or quality 
Invls'ible, a. that cannot be seen 
Invis'ibly, ad. iu an invisible manner 
Invitation, n. the act erf* inviting 
Inv(te, V. t. to ask, alltire, persuade 
Inviter, n. one who invites, one wlio allut^s . 
Invitingly, ad. in a pleasiqg manner 
Invocation, n. a calling upon by prayer 
In' voice, n. a bill or list ot goods with the^vloe. 

InWoice, t. t. \o TnaSLt «.\\^^ ^^xsSfc^-* ^^"^^ 

the T^rVcft c^ ft%s^k. 


i R R 

nvoke, In'vocatc, v. t. to call, to pi-ay to 
iivolve', V. to entangle, mix, imply 
nvol'untarily, ad. not of choice 
nvoruntai-y, a. done unwillingly 
n volution, n. a complication, a fold 
nvurnerablc, a. that cannot be -wounded 

In' ward, a. lying within, intimate 
n'wai*d, In'wardly, lu'wards, ad. within 
nVards, n. pi. intestines, the inner parts 
nw^ave, v. i. to mix in weaving, intwine 
nwrap', V. t. to cover, involve, puzzle 
nr(;i*(^athe, v. t. to surround with a wreath 
nttrought', a. adorned with work wltliin 
pccacuanlia, n. a plant, an emetic root 
ras'cihle, n. soon angry, easily provoked 
ras'ciblcucss, 7i. an irascible quality 
re, n. anger, wrath, rage, fury 
'reful, a. angry, raging, furious 
ViB, n. the rainbow, a circle 
rk'some, a. tedious, tiresome, troublesome 
rk'somencss, n. tediousness, wearisomeness 
'ron, n. a hard metal, an instrument 
'ron, V. t. to smooth with a hot iron 
'ron, or Trony, n. made of or like iron 
ron'ical, a. spoken by wa^ of ii-ony 

Iron'ically, ad. in an ironical manner 
'rcmmongcr, 7t. one who deals in iron 
'ronmold, n. a yellow mark on linen 
'rony, ?i. a meaning contrary to words 
rr^diancy, n. beams of light, luster 
rriidiate,* v. t. to illuminate, to enlighten 
t*i*adi(ition, ii. an illumination * 

rrad'icablc, a. not to be irradicated 
rra"tional, a. void of reason, absurd 
iratiomd'ity, n. foolisliness, absuixlness 
ri'tt^tionally, ad. without i*cason, absurdly 
iTccldimablc, a. not to be reclaimed 
rrcclaimably, ad, in an iiTeclaimable man- 
rrecouci'lcablc, ad. beyond reconciliation 
rrecov'erablc, a. not to be regained 

.rrecov'erabl^', ad. beyond recovery 
fn-edcemahle, a. that cannot be redeemed 

fneducible, a. not to be reduced, 
JtTcfrdgable, a, that cannot be con 

that cannot be confuted 

I B R / 

rrefHgttbly, ad. above confutation 
rrefdtable, a. thai cannot be refuted 
rrefutably, a. in a manner not to be reCated 
rreg'ular, a. immethodical, disorderly 
rregulai/ity, n. a deviation from rule 
rrcg ularly, ad. in an irregular manner 
rrel'ative, a. having no relation 
rrel'evant, a. inapplicable, not aiding 
rrcl'evanoy, n. inapplicability 
n*cli''gion, n. a contempt ol[ relig^ 
rreli''giou8, a. ungodkr, pri^uie, wicked 
iTeli'^giously, ad. without godliness 
rremediable, a, not to be remedied 
rremediably, ad. without remedy or core 
rrembs'ible, a. unpardonable 
rremisaibil'i^, n. the quality of being oiqitt^ 

rremiss'ibly, ad. in a manner not to be it* 


rremdvable, a. not to be removed 
rremoveabil'ity, 7t.a not being removeable 
rreparabil'ity, n. an irreparable state 
rrep'arable, a. not to be repaired 
rrep'arably, ad. beyond all recovery 
rrep^alable, a. that cannot be repealed 
ri*epealabirity, n. the quality of being not 

rreplev'iable, a. not to be repleided 
rreprchens'ible, a. blameless, upright, just 
rrepix)achable, a. free from reproach 
Irreprdvable, a. not to be reproved, just 
'rresistibil'i^, a. an irresistible power 
rresist^ible, a. superior to opposition 
n*csist'ibly, ad. in an irresistible manner 
rres'olutc, a. unsteady, wavering 
ii*cs'olutely, ad. wiUiout resolution 
n*esolution, n. a want of firmness of miad • 
rres'pirable, a. not fit for respiration 
rrespon'sible, a. not liable to answer 
rretricvable, a. irrecoverable, irrejianible 
rretrievably, ad. irrecoverably 
rrev'erence, n. a want of veneratloB 
ireVevctvt^ a. not paying due revercnee 
\\Te%'' cv^wXJt^^ ad.NBViE«s«&.«S®ft.xe«^c^ 




, €Ui. without or beyond change 
a. not to be recalled 
Y, 71. hicapacity of being revoked 
ad. beyond recall, absolutely 
a. that cannot be revoked 
. to wet, water, moisten, bedew 
the act of watering 
watery, wet, dewy, moist 
easily provoked, waspish 
I. a quality of being capable of 
r excitement to action 
to provoke, exasperate, vex 
provocation, stimulation 
an invasion, inroad by force 
% brownish vellow with red 
a transparent substance made of 
of fish, cleansed and dried 
' coiTecth/ leland, n. land sur- 
' water, a mass of floating ice , 
lie inhabitant of an island 
etached, standing alone 
belonging to Israel or Jews 
nd, event, trial, ofispring 
ome or send out, proceed 
hat may issue, concerning issues 
laving no offspring, childless < 
nus, n. a neck of land joining 
r»er portions of land 

iting to Italy, or to letters 
'era ivMch stand incUidng Wee 

. to write or print in italics 

ineous disease, teazing desire 

>rick, long much 

It, new article ; ad. also 

to repeat, to do or say again 

I repetition, a recital again 

3ue who travels about 

i. to travel about 

wandering, unsettled 

I book of travels ; 0. travelling 

of it and self 

'lephtuit'B tooth I a. •f iVory' 

ieofa winding plant 





J AB'BER, V. i. to talk idly, chatters 
mM JiJa'berer, n. one who talks fast 
Ja'cent, a. lying at length, extended 
Jacinth, n. a gem, jewel, precious stctoe 
Jack, n. John, an ennne, nsh 
Jaek'al, n. an animal of the canine gcnns 
Jack'anapeS) n. a monkey, ape, coxcomb 
Jack'boots, n. pL very large boots 
Jack'daw, n. a black chattering bird 
Jack'et, n. a waistcoat, a short close coat 
Jack'ketch, n. a common hangman 
Jac'obin,n. the member of a priv^ate club to 

overturn government in a secret manner 

or from an unreasonable spirit of discontent 
Jacobinic, Jacobin'ical, a. pei*taining to seiicret 

associations against government 
Jao'obinism, n. unreasonable oppositloD tb 

Jac'obite, n. a partizan or favorer of James S. 
Jac'obitism, n. the prlnoiples of ajacobiffc 
Jacontt', n. a kind of coarse muslin 
Jaculation, n. the act of darting 
Jade, n. a bad woman, a wortmess horse' 
Jade, V. to tire, ride down, harass 
J^didi, a. unruly, vicious, undiaste 
Jagg> '^' f' to notch ; n. a notoh» load 
Jag'gedness, n. a jagged state, unevenncss 
J&5 gihff* n. the act ^ cutting in notches 
Jaguar, n. the American tiger 
Jag'gy, a. notched, indented, ragged 
Jau, n. a prison, a place (^confinement 
J^lbird, n. one who has been in jail 
Jailer, n. the keeper or master of a priaou 
Jakes, n.pL a house 6[ office, laystall 
Jal'ap, n. a root used as a purgative 
Jam, n. a conserve of fruit, child's frock ■ 
Jam, V. t. to confine in, to wedge in 
Jamb, n. the post of a dooi*, a supporter 
Jan'gle, v. i, to wrauele, d\^^^ 

Jan'gYmg*n,a^TM«giui%^^V«c^^^^ „^ 


J E S 

Janf y or Jaunt'y* «• showy, py, pddy 
Jan'uary, n. the first mo»Ui in die year 
Japan', n. a fine vai'uish to work in colors 
Japan', v. to varnish, adorn, set off 
Japan'ner, u. one who japans, a shoeblaek 
. Jar, V. t. to clash, disagree, shake 
Jar, n. a clash, harsh sound, a vessel 
Jar'gon n. gibberish, nonsense 
Jas'min, n. a siirub with fragrant flowers 
Jas'per, n. a beautiful white or green stone 
Javelin, n. a kind of dart„spear, half pike 
Jaun'dice, n. a distemper from the liver 
Jaun'diced, a. aflfected with the jaundice 
Jaunt, V. i. to travel about, to ramble 
Jaunt, 71. a ramble or excurnon 
Jaunt'i."*28s, n. airiness, gayety, briskness 
Jaw, n. the bone inclosing the teeth, talk 
Jaw, v. to scold, to rail ^niilgarly 
Jay, n. a bird, a finical ^nd gaudy person 
Jeal'ous, a. suspicious, fearful, cautious 
JeaVousy, n. suspicion in love, fear 
Jeer, v. t. to scoff, to rally : n. a scoff 
Jeeringly, <id. in a jeering way 
Jehovd), «. the Hebrew name for GOD 
Jejune, a. hungry, dry, flat, unaffecting 
Jejuncness, n. poverty, want of matter 
Jel'ly, n. a sizy broth, a sweetmeat 
Jen'nct, n. a small Spanish or Barbary horse 
Jen'neting, n. a kind m early apple 
Jen'ny, n. a machine for spinning many 

threads at once, used in manufactories 
Jcop'ard, or Jeop'ardize, v. t. to put in danger, 

Jeop'ardous, a. dangerous, hazardous 
Jeop'ardy, n. danger, peril, hazard, risk 
Jerk, V. to give a quick smart blow 
Jerk, n. a quick and smart twUeh 
Jerk'in, n. a jacket, short coat 
Jes'samin, n. a very fragrant shrub 
Jest, V. t. to make merry by words, joke 
Jest, n. any thing ludicrous, a joke 
Jest'cr, n. one fond of jesting, a buffoon 
in-V^f"^' ^'' ^^* toi-aiae laughter, mirdi, ^vt 
Irro^^^y* ^' '" ^ jesting or jocose macmer 
'"^^f, a. ahumlng, deceitful, sly 

J O K 

Jes'oitism, n. deceit, artifice, hjrpoerisy 
Jet, n. a very black fossil, a water spout 
Jet, V. i. to shoot forward, jolt, strut 
Jet'ty, a. made of jet, like or black as jet 
Jew'el, n. a prtMUOus stone 
Jew'eller, n. a man who deals in jewels 
JeVelry, n. jewels and trinkets in general 
Jews-haip, n. a very small nmsical instnimeal 
Je>/ish, a. pertaining to the Jews 
Jig, n. a quick dance ; a dance by twopersotf 
Jilt, n. a deceiving woman ; v. t. to deoeivQ 
Jin'gle, V. i, to sound cmrespondentlj 
Jin'gle, n. a tinkling sound 
Job, V. to do jobs, play the stockjobber, hK 
Job, n. a piece of ^nance-wori^, an affidr 
Job'ber, n. a man who jobs 
Joc'key, n. one who noes or deals in horKi 
Joc'key, v. t. to cheat, trick, deceive 
Jocdse, Joc'ular, a. given to jesting, merry 
Joc6seIy,a€/. in jest, waggishly, pleasantly • 
Jocoseness, Jocuku/ity, n. pleasantry 
Joc'und, a. merry, gay, lively, spri^dy 
Joc'undly, ad. merrily, gayly, joyfully 
Jog, Jog^glC) v. to puslif move slowly 
J(^, n. a sudden push 

Jog'ger, n. one who moves dowly or heaffly 
J(man'nes, n. a gold coin value 8 dolls. 
Join, V. t. to add, unite, encounter 
Join'der,n. a joining, conjunction, unioii 
Join'er, n. a person who jdns wood together 
Join'ery, n. the art of joining wood tOjSBAee 
Joint, n. a point where bones meet [smoodi 
Joint, V. t. to form in joints, divide, nukfl 
Joint, a. shared among many, combined 
Joint'ed, pa. full of or cut into joints^ (Bit 

Joint-ten'ancy, n. a tenure of estate by nv^ 

of interest, title, time, and possession 
Joint-ten'ant, n. one who holds by joint-teiillMy 
Joint'er, n. an instrument, a long plane 
Joint'ly, ad. together, in conjunction 
Jointuress, n. a woman who has a jointare 
«{QVQf\.\)ix^)U. «3Ev^%tAte settled on a ^irife 

]«^e« T3. i, \» ys*^^ft^*fe \»sscr| \ tw, V>SBk 

J U D 

. a jester, a merry and facetious fellow 
rl, n. the cheeky face, lieail of a fish 
I, Jol'lity, n. merriment, gayety 
merry, gay, plump, full of fiesh 
shock ; r. t. to shake much 
, n. a blockhead, blunderhead 
». a species of the daffodil 
K t. to run against, push, toss about 
n, a point, tittle, smallest part 
one of the names of Jupiter 
.jolly, gay, merry, cheerful 
od. gaily, merrily, pleasantly 
w, «. gayety, merriment 
, n. a diary, book, newspaper 
St, n. a Vriter or keeper of a journal 
ze, V. i. to enter in a journal 
, n. a travel by land or sea 
, V. to travel some distance 
•cake, n. a cake made ofmaiz-meal 
iter, and baked on a journey 
man, n. a hired workman 
work, n. work of a journeyman 
) rejoice, be or make glad 
lively sense of good, cause of pleas- 
adness, happiness 
\. full of joy or mirth, exulting 
, ad. witti joy, gladly, merrily 
;s8, n. great joy, great gladness 
a. void of joy or pleasure, sad 
a. glad, merry, cheerfol, joyful 
a. uttering songs of triumph 
n. a public periodical festivity 
, a. relating to the Jews, Jewish 
n. the practice or tenets of Jews 
V. i. to conform to Judaism 
. one who is authorized to decide 
: law, one able to decide 
. to pass sentence, decide 
«. one who judges or settles 
ent, 71. a sentence, opinion 
ry, n. court *or distribution of justice 
re, n. a power to distribute justice 
r, a. bclon^n;;r to a oAUse or trial 
}jr, izd. aceoniing' to hw 
-, a. passing or forming Jwfgment 



JudF'ciary n. that branch of government which 

has the determination of suits 
Judi'^cious, a. prudent, skilful, rational 
Judi^ciously, ad. prudently, wisely, skilfully 
Judi"ciousness, n. a judicious quality 
Jug, n. a large drinkinp vessel 
Jug'gle, V. i. to play tncks 
Jifggle, n. a deception, imposture, trick 
Juggler, n. one who juggles, a deceiver 
Jug gling, n. tlie act of playing tricks 
Jugular, a. belonging to the throat 
Juice, n. sap in vegetables, fluid, gravy 
Jtiiceless, a. void of moisture, dry, insipid 
Juiciness, n. plenty of juice, moisture 
Juicy, a. full of juice or moisture, moist ' 
Julap, or Julep, n. a kind of liquid medicine 
July', n. the seventh month of tlie year 
Jumart, n. the offspring of a bull and mare 
Jum'ble, V. t. to mix confnsedly 
Jum'ble, n. a confused mixture 
Jump, V. to leap, skip, bound, i^ree 
Jump, n. a leap, skip, kind of stays 
Junc'tion, n. a imion, combination 
Junc'ture, n. a critical time, joint, union ^ 
June, n. the sixth month of the year 
Jtinior, a. younger, later-l^om, inferior 
Junior, n. one younger in years or office 
Juniper, n. the name of a shrub or tree 
Junk, n. a Chinese ship, old ropes ' • 
Junk'et,^ n. a private entertainment 
Jun'to, n. a cabal, faction, party 
Jdpiter, n. a heathen deity, a planet 
Jiu'id'ioel, a. used in courts of justice, legal 
Jurid'ically, ad. with legal authority or form 
Jurisdic'tion, n. legal authority, a district 
Jurisdic'tional, a. pertaining to jurisdiction 
Jurispriidence, n. the science of law 
Jurisprudcn'tial, a. relating to jurisprudence 
Jtirlst, n. a professor of civil law, la^^yer 
Jtiror, Jurjrman, n. a pei-son who serves on a 

Jiiry, n. ^. per^ou^ ?wcvrcv\ft ^^^vssst NxvSsv wv 

such eviAetv^ie «a %\\v\V\i^ ^N^^^^a^^x^ '^^^^"^^ 
Ji&rymast, n. ^ \,etxi:^OT«n "Kva^ 
Just, a. \lvn^^x\/\tlC«TV^^\^>«wi:^^^^'^_ 


K E K 

Just, n. a mock fight made on horseback 
Just, ad. exactly, really, merely, barely 
Just'if^e, n. right, punishment, an officer 
Just'iceship, 7t. the office of a justice 
Justi'^ciary, n. one who administers justice 
Justifiable, a. that can be justified , 
Just'ifiableness, n. a possibility of being de- 
Just'ifiably, ad. in a justifiable manner 
Justification, n. a defence, vindication 
Just'ifioatory, a. tending to justify 
Just'ifier, n. one who justifies or defends 
Just'ify, V. i. to defend, maintain, clear 
Jus'tle, V. t. to run agahist, jostle 
Jusf ly, ad. uprightly, honestly, exactly 
Justness, n. reasonableness, propriety 
Jut, V. i. to shoot out of the line 
Juvenile, a. young, youthful, gay, lively^ 
Juvenil'ity, n. youthfulncss, gayety, briskness 
Juxtaposi''tion, n. the act of placing near 


TTT AUENDER, ?i. an account or register of 
IV time 

Kali, n. a sea-weed, a marine plant [Turks 
^ K^lif, n. the high priest Of the "Saracens or 
K^lifate, 7t. the office of Kalif 
Kam, a. crooked, turned awry, bent 
Kangaroo', n. an animal of New-Holland 
Kaw, V. i. to crj' as a raven or crow 
Kaw, n. the cry of a raven or crow 
Kawn, n. a public inn in Turkey 
Keck^ V. i. to heave the stom&ch 
Ked'lock, n. a field- weed, cliarlock 
Kee, n. coM's, beasts of the cow kind 
Keel, n. the lower timber of a ship 
Keelhaul, v. t. to drag under the keel 
Keen, a. sharp, severe ; t). t. to 8hari>cn 
Keenly, ad. sharply, eagerly, bitterly 
Keenness, n. sliarpuess, eagerness 
Aec^p, t/. /. kept, pref, pa. to preserve, save, 
maintain, lioUl, detain, conceal, obey 
Aeep, n. custody, guard, restraint 
^^cjjerj n, one wlio keeps, one who guards 

K I L 

Keepuig, n. ctistody, protection, feed 
Keg or Kag, n. a small barrel or cask, aof 
Kelp, n. salt from calcined sea-weed 
Kclt'er, 71. a prepared state, readiness 
Ken, V. to see at a distance, to know 
Ken, 71. reach of the sight, knowledge 
Ken'nel, n. a house for dogs, watercourse 
Ken'nel, v. to lie, dwell, shut up, entor 
Ken'tle, 72. in trade a hundred weight 
Kentuc'kv, n. a state and a river on the tod 

. of the Ohio 
Ker'chief, n. a cloth for the head 
Ker'chiefed, Ker'chieft, a. hooded 
Kerf, 71. the notch cut away in timber 
Ker'nel, n. Uie substance withii^ a shell 
Ker^nel, v. to form into kernels, ripen 
Ker'sey, n. a coarse woollen .stuffm ribs 
Ker'seymere, n. a thin woollen cloth 
Kes'trel, n. a bird of the hawk kind 
Ketch, n. a vessel with two masts 
Ketch'up, 7u a sauce for food 
Ket'tle, 71. a vessel to boil things in 
Ket'tledrum, n. a large drum of brass ' 
Key, n. a thing to open a loak or explaiD,ptE 

of musical instruments, tone in musie,'irbl 
Keyage, n. money for. lying at a wharf 
Keyhole, n. a hole to put a key in 
Kdystone, n. the middle stone m an areh 
KAan, or Chan,n. (Kawn,) a prince in Tartii 
Kibe, n. a chap in the heel, chilblain 
Kfbed, a. with chfipped flesh on the heel 
Kick, 71. a blow given with the foot 
Kick, V. t. to strute with the foot 
Kick'ing,7i. the act of striking with the foot 
Kick'shaw, 7i. a fantastical dieh, a trifle 
Kid, n. a young goat 
Kid'niq), V. t. to steal persons, decoy 
Kid'napper, n. a person who steals person* 
Kid'ney, n. part of an animal, kind 
Kid'neybean, n. a garden herb 
Kiirdce, n. a small bird so called 
Kil'derkin, n. a measure of 16 or IS gallooi 
l^ii!i\, '0. t.\a ^<£^Yvsvi, taS \vfe, to destroy 

K N A 

dry in a kiln . 
ked, bcDt, set across 
n, kindred, the same kind 
ender, obliging, favorable 
class, nature, sort, way 
jt on or catch fire, provoke 
who lights or inflames 
ti good will, obligingly 
, promising, favorable, like 
nevolence, favor, love 
ation, affinity, relatives 
ated, allied, like, congenial 
tnv ; two or more cows 
irch, supreme governor 
pply with or make a king 
le dominions of a king 
. small beautiful bird 
)etty king, used in contempt 
I, noble, like a king 
scrophulous disorder, 
ralty, sovereign power 
st formed by the twisting of 

ist into a kink 

e of the same race 
a female of the same family 
Lrch of Scotland 
given with the lips 
te with the lips, foodie 
}om for cooking [for food 
I, 71. a garden to raise plants 
fat from pots, vegetables 
»f prey, a paper for flying 
ng cat ; v. i. to bring forth 
trticular sort of tobacco 
)kc a small sharp noise 
egular low sharp noise 
naw, bite with noise, nibble 
rity, art, a nice trick, toy 
ling, prominence, tuft 
», V. to bite, break short 
soldier's bp^ or poach 
plant of different kinds 
knot of wood 

K N O 


Anai^ly, a. full of hard knots 
A^iave, ». a petty rascal, servant 
JITn^very, n. low dishcmesty, petty villany 
Aii^visli, a. dishonest, fraudulent, waggTsU 
JTnavishly, ad. dishonestly, mischievously 
An^vishness, 7j. dishonesty, deceit 
Jl!head, v. t. to mix dough with the hand 
JTuee, n. the joint between the leg and tbigU 
-^nee, v. t. to put knees 
Ali^edeep, JS^echigh, a. np to the knees 
Anecl, V. to bend or rest on the knee 
JChee'tribute, n. obeisance by kneeling * 
JTnell, 7t. tlie sound by tolling a bell 
Ahife, n. />/. knives, a steel utenal to cot 
Anight, n. a title ; v. t. to create a knight 
A'hight-er'rant, n. a roving knight 
Anight-er'rantry, «. the featsof aknighteqrant 
Ahlghthood, n. tlie dignity of a knight 
ATn^ghtly, a, becoming or fit for a knight 
Anit, V. t, knit, knitt^,pre^ knit, knitted, 

pa, to make stocking-work, join, unite 
Anit'ter, n. one who luiits 
Ahif tingneedle, n. A virire used to knit with 
Attob, n. a protuberance, a knot 
Ahob^ed, Ahob'by, a. full of knobs, rough 
Ahock, V. to hit, strike, dash, beat, rap 
Anock, n. a sadden or loud stroke, rap 
Abock'er, n. a hammer of a door 
AhoU, V. to sound as a bell ; n. a little hill 
Anot, n. a part tied, hard place in wood, hon^ 

a division of the log line, as five knots an 

hour is five miles an hour 
Ahot, V. t. to make knots, tie, fasten 
Anot'grass, n. grass of various kinds 
Ahof ted, Ahot'ty, a. full of knots, hard 
Ahof tily, ad. in a knotty manner, rugp;edly 
Anot'tiness, n. a fullness of knots, dimoulty 
Ahofless, a. free from knots 
Ahout, n. a Russian punishment by a thong 
Ano-w, V. t, knew, Are*, known, pa. to undtav 

stand, distinguish, perceive, find out 
AhoTwible, a. th«&itKKj\^^\uE^''^(^ 
Anower, n. oxie ^"Vio wa&>BM2P«\s^%^ 
ATnowmg, {>a.%>»XV&]\, ewi^\<soA 
Ah6TOin0y, ad. ViflCkT:e^>s»M^'^^^'^'* 



A'hcmjredge, n. understanding, skill, learning 
Almc'kle, v, i. to submit, bend, comply, 
A'iiuc'kle, n. a joint of the fingers, knot 
JTour, A'nurl, n. a knot in wood 
JiTnuri'y, a. full of knots, hard 
K6ran, n. the Mahometan book of faith 
Kraal, n. a Tillage among the Hottentots 
Kr^iken, n. a supposed large sea animal 


SA ! excUmi. look ! n. >i note in music 
A Labefac'tion, n. a weakening, ruin 
ibel, n. a short direction on any tiling 
L^bel, V. t. to affix a label, to mark 
Labial, a. uttered by or relating to the lips 
Jjibor, n. work, pains, toil, childbirtli 
Labor, v. to toil, work, be in trarail, beat 
Lab'oratory, n. a place for chem^al operations 

or manufacturing warlike apparatus 
laborer, n. one who labors or takes pains 
Laborious, a. diligent in work, difficult 
LalxSiiously, ad. vnXh labor, with toil 
Laborious 'less, n. great labor, diligence 
Lab'yrinth, n. a maze, a place of windings 
J^byrynth'ian, a. winding, intricate 
Lace, n. a cord, triihming of gold, silver or 

thread curiously woven 
Lace, r. t. to tighten with a lace, trim, beat 
Ldceman, n. a man who deals in lace 
La'^cerable, a. that may be rent or torn 
La^cerate, v. t. to tear in pieces, rend 
Laceration, n. the act of tearing 
La"cerative, a. tearing, rending, able to tear 
Lach'rymal, (ch as k) a. causing tears, sad 
I-Ach'rymary, a. containing or holding tears 
Lack, V. to want, to be in want ; n. need 
Lack of rupees is oue hundred tliousaud, the 

rupee at 55 cents 
Lack'brain, n. one who wants wit or sense 
I^ck'er, «. a kind of varnish ; v. t. to varnish 
ljaek'ey,n. afootbq^, footman, servant 
lyack'ey, v. to actsLS a footboy, dangle after 
J^ek luster, a. wanting brightness, dull 
^t^c?/i jc, a. short, bFi($, pithjr, expressive 


Lacnn'icnlly, nil. shortly, brieflj, eondsdf 
Lacon'icism, Lac'onism, n. a concise stjrui 
Lac' taut, a. sucking, suckling, jgiving lulk 
T^c'tari', a. milky, soft ; n. a dairy doom 
luac'teal, n. a vessel that conveys chyle 
Lac'teal, I/ic'teous, a. milky 
Lactes'eent, Lactiric, n. pi^ucing milk 
lactiferous, a. conveying milk . 
I^, n a boy, stripling, youth 
Lad'dcr, «. a frame made with steps 
Lade, V. t. laded, pret, laded, laden, pa. 

freight, load, empty, throw; out with a d 

L^dlc, 72. a large spoon, a receptacle 
r^dy, n. a title of resqpect for females 
Lddyday,7t.the annunciation of the B.V. ICi 
Liidylike, a. soft, delicate, genteel 
Ladyship, n. the address to a lady 
Lag, a. last, coming behind, slow, sluggidl 
Lag, n. the lowest class, one who is 1^ 
I>ag, V. i. to loiter, move slowly 
Lagooi/ or Lagune, n. a pond or marsh 
Laic, Ldical, a. belonging to the laity 
Lair, 7i. the bed of a bear or wild beast 
Laird, n. a Scotch lord 
Ljiity, 11. the people as disll'nct from clei^ 
Lake, n. large inland water, red color 
L^a, (a as in ask) n. the supreme spirit 

chi?f of Tibet in Asia, a small camel ui 

Lamb, ?i. a young sheep, a title of our Sa^ 
Lam'bcnt, a. playing about, licking 
Lambskin, n. a little lamb, a young lam1» 
Lamb'like, a. like a lamb, meek, eentle 
liame, a. cripx)led, weak, imperfect 
Lame, v. t. to make lame, cripple, disable 
Lam'el, n. a vciy thin plate or scale 
Lam'ellate, LanVellar, a. disposed in plates 
Lam'ellated, a. in form of plates 
Lamely, ad. imperfectly 
lameness, n. imperfection 
Lament', v. to grieve, weep, mourn, regret 
Lam'evAsiXAe, a. \xvQumful, miserable 
LAtft! ewVaJftV^ ,od. ^ViJft. ^wtwi ^-^jsSofcaLVl^ 


^ ... n cDiti pifttc, coat or scale 
im'iiua*, a. pcrUuiiing to a plate 
In'iDated, a. coDsisting of thin layci-s 
mpf n, a vessel, a light mnde oi* oil 
napblack, n. the soot of pitch 
imp'ers, n. a swelling of the throat in horses 
impoon', n. abuse, slander in winting 
impoon', V. t. to abuse peraonally, libel 
kmpoon'er, n. a vriter of personrJ satire 
unprey, Lanip'ron, n. a kind <^ et^l 
laee, n. a long spear ; tr. /. to pierce 
la'eed, pa. opened or cut >ritli a lance 
in'cet, n. surgical instrument to let blood 
inch, V. t. to cast as a laiice, set off 
oeh, n. the sliding of a ship into the -water 
Hid, n. a country, region, earth, groun^ 
iod, v. to set, put or come on shore 
nd'ed, a. havmg land, set on sho^ 
od'fidl, n. land first seen as vessels approach 
nd'flood, 71. a great flood, inundation 
nd'Atrccs, n. pL soldiers that serve on land 
ad'gnive, n. a title, German title 
ikdmviate, n. the territory of a landgrave 
MHiolder, n. a person possessed of land 
d^og, 71. a place to land at 
4'joDber, who speculates in land 
rlady, n. the mistress of land, sra inn, &c. 
leas, a. destitute of property 
locked, a. shut in or inclosed by land 
lord, 71. an oi^ner of land or houses 
mark, n. a mark of boundaries 
<l!ice,7i. an office for disposal of lands 
oape, 71. a prospect of a country . 
ip, n. a detached portion of a lull which 

s, n. a tax upon land and houses 
a narrow street, close passap^c 
76 or Lan'grcl, n. pieces of old iron for 
)g from cannon 
);e, n. human speech, a style 
, a. fiEunt, weak, feeble, heartless 
\y, ad. faintly, weakly, feebly 
vc88,n. faintness, weakness 
, V. t. todivop, lose stvengik 

l4 A » 

Lan'^guishingly, ad. meltingly, ft'chly 
Lan"guishmeiit, ti. softiioss of meiii " 
Lau^guoi', ;t. faintness, lowness, hra>Ine«s- 
l^nk,/i. not filled, thin, sleiwIcT, lun^uid 
Ijink'ness, 7i. a want of flesli, tliinness 
Ijau'teri), n. a case for a candle 
Lap, 71. ji scat on the thighs, fold, plair 
Ijap, V. t. to wrap round, fold, lick u]i 
r^ai/clog, 71. a little dog for the lap 
Lap'ful, n. as much as the lap can hold 
J-iap'idarj-, a. engraved upon stone 
Lapidary, 7i. one who deals in gems 
Lapid'eoits, a. stony, like stone, lianl 
Lapiiles'cence, 7i. a stony conci'etion 
Lapides'ceut, a. turning to stone 
Lapidif 'ic, a. forming into stones 
Lapidification, n. a mrming into stones [pl<N 
Lapon'ic, a. pertaining to Lapland or the I>l*^^.■ 
l-Ap'pcr, 71. one who lap^ one who wraps 
Lap' pet, 71. a loose pait of dress 
Lap'ping, 7*. a licking up with the tongne 
I^pse, V. i. to slip, glide, fall, descend, go 
Lapse, 71. a slip, fall, course, blow 
Lap'sided, c. having one side heavier thai» 

the other 
Lap'wing, 7i. a noisy bii-d 
Lap'work, n. one wrapped over another 
Lar'board, ?i. tlie left-hand side of a ship 
1-rfir'ceny, 7i. tlteflt, robber}', burglary- 
Larch, 72. a tree, a species of pine 
Lard, 7i. grease of swine 
Lard, v. t. to mix or smear over 
Lard'er, 7t. a place where meat is kept 
Large, a. bulky, wide, copious, plentiful 
Large'ly, ad. abundantly, extenmvely 
Large'ness, 7i. greatness, widcness, extent 
liargess, n. a gift, present, dole, bounty 
l^rl^ 71. the name of a small singing bird 
Lark'spur, n. a genus of plants 
Las'car, n. a seaman in the East-Indies 
I-.asciv'ious, a. wanton, lewd, lustful 
Lascjv'iously, ad. wantonly, lewdly, looselv 
Lasclv'iousness, n. wantonness^ lu^<^Vc«ft.'^'»> 


L A U 

Lass, n. a girl, young maid, yoang woman 
ijas'situde, n. fatigue, weariness, languor 
Ixist, a. latest, hindmost, following the rest 
Last, V. t. to continue, endure 
Last, Last'ly, ad. in the last time or place 
Last, 72. form of a shoe, load, weight 
Last'age, n. a custom, freight, haflast 
f^st'ingy/ia. a. continuing, durable, strong 
Latch, n. a catch for a door 
Latch, V. t. to fasten with a latch 
Latch'et, n. a fastening, a shoestring 
Late, a. after due time, being not long ago 
Ijate, ad. far in the day or night, unseasonably 
Lated, a. overtaken by the night, late 
J iitely, ad. not^very long ago, just now 
Ij^tcness, n. a late state, lime far advanced 
1 ^1tent, a. secret, private, hidden, deep 
l^t'cral, a. placed upon the side 
1 lat'erally, ad. on one side, by the side 
Lat'eran, n. one of the Pope's palaces at Rome 
l^ath, n. a narrow strip of wood to support 

plaster or tiles 
Lath, V. t. to cover witli laths 
l^the, n. a turner's tool 
Lath'er, n. froth of soap and water, a sweat 
Latlt'er,*©. to cover with latlu^r 
Laf in n. the ancient Rcmian language 
Lat'in, a. pertaining to the Roman language 
Lat'inism, 71. an idiom of the Latin tongue 
Lat'inist, 71. a person who is dulled in Latin 
Ijatin'ity, n. the style of the Latin tongue 
liat'inize, v. i. to make or turn into Latin 
T^atish, a. somewhat late, growing late 
l^t'itude, n. breadth, widSi, the distance from 

the equatbr north and south 
latitudinal, a. pertaining to latitude 
I^titudinarian, n, one who departs from or- 
i^titudiniirian, a. uneonfined 
l/at'ten, n. iron plate covered with tin 
Lat'ter, a. the last of two, late, modem 
liRt'terly, ad. in later times or ages, lately 
l^at'tice, 71. a window formed of network 
f^t^ticcd, a. fitted up with Detwork 
/^a/&/^ //, praise; v. /. to ptstisK, extol 


Laud'ablc, a.praisewoi'thy, commcndaLIe 
Laud'ably, ad. so as to deserve pnuae 
Laud'anum, n. tincture of opium 
^"^h, (laff) V. to make that none vkfah 

mirth excntei, tobc gay or cheerful 
Laugh'able, exciting or nt for lauf^iter 
liaugh'er, 71. one who laughs or ia meity 
Laugh'ingly, ad. in a lan^iing waj, dieetfidlf 
Laugh'ingstook, n. an object of ndicule 
liaugh'ter, n. a convulsive merry noiM 
Launch see lanch 

La7/i/di*e8s or Lan'drcss, n. a washerwoiMB 
Ijat^n'i-ay, 72. a room to wash clothes In 
liSu'reled, n. adcHned with laurel 
I^u'reate, a. erowneii with laurel 
Lau'rel, 72. the name of an evergreen tree 
I^Va, (a as in ask) 71. matter which issaetfron 

a volcano^ liquid, but hard when cool 
Lav^tion, 72. a washing or cleansing 
Lav'atory, 72. a laundiy, a wash 
Lave, V. t. to wash, bathe, lade, draw oat 
La\''ender, n. a sweet-smelling plant 
leaver, n. a wa.shing vessel, a plant 
Lav'isli,a. prodigal, wasteful, indiscreet 
Lavish, V. t. to waste, scatter profusely 
Lav'ishly, ad. in an extravi^;ant manner 
Lav'ishness, 72. extravagance, waste 
Law, 72. a rule, order, judicial process 
Law'ful, a. conformable to law, legal 
Law'fully, ad. in a lawful manner, fitly 
Lawfulness, 72. legality, law, right 
Law'giver,Iiaw'maker, 72. one who makes hnrt 
Law'giving, a. making laws 
Law'less, a. not subject to law, disorderly 
Law'lessly, ad. in a lawless manner [itttW 
Law'lessncss, 72. a state of being without w 
Lawn, n. a plain between woods, fine linea 
Lawn'y, a. level as a plain or lawn 
Law'suit, 72. a process in law, a contest 
Law'yer, 72. one who practices law, a plcidfcr 
Lax, a. loose, vague, slack, 72. a looseness 
Tiax'ative, a. relieving costiveness, purging 
Lax'ity, Lax'netH, 72. looseness, slackness 
Lay, V. laid, layed, pret. laid, pa. to put, pHtfei 






L E E 


«•• d 

aoDgy g;ras8y ground, row, vrager 
', a. laieaHnot clerical 
er, n. ft ttratum, niw, bed, sprigs 
nuuiy-n. one of the laity, a kind of image 
[ttiilly n. a place kept for dung 
jir, n. a person afflicted with diseases 
lariioiise, n. a house for lazars 
iaret'f Laizaret'to, n. a house for the accom- 
lodation of persons diseased, chiefly with 
ifectlous fevers 

dly, ad. idly, slothfiillv, sluggishly 
linea, n. i^eness, slouifulness 
dng^ liizy, a. idle, not willing to work 
I, fi. ground inclosed, a lawn 
ich, n. ashes set for lye 
leh-tub, n. a tub for straining water through 

id, V. led, pret. led, pa, to go first, guide, 
onduct, entice, draw, pass, spend time 
id, n. a heav;}', soil mf:ta1, veiy ductile, a 
Hurof lead for sounding 
id. V. /. to cover or fit with lead 
td'cn, a. made of lead, heavy, dull 
ider, n. a conductor, commander, oaptain 
ding^ jto. a. going before, princi|>al, chief 
Kngstrings, ii. pi strings to lead cliildi-eu 
', V. to bear or produce leaves 
, n. a part of a tree, book or table, plate 
e9% a. void of leaves, 8tripi>cd of leaves 
', a, full oior thick with leaves 
le, n, a confederacy, three miles 
«, V. t. to join or conspire together 
&i,pa. confederated, joined, united 
;r, n. siege, a confederate 
1. a hole which lets water in or out 
7. ». to let water in or out 
e, n. an allowance for loss by leaks 
a. letting water in or out, telling 
thin, slender ; rt. meat vmd of fat 
t. to incline, bend, rest against 
8, n. a want of flesh, thinness 
t. tlie pail of a buildiug which appears 
upon another 
ojiunp, 8Ua% rush 
jump, skip, spncf* huped over 

Lcnpfiog, n. the name of a childish [day 

Leupycur, n. every foiu'th year, bissextile 

l^arn, v. to gain knowltMlge, teach 

l^orn'ed,pa. a. having learning, tanglit 

Ix*m*n'edly, ad. wiilj knowledge or skill 

Le^irn'er, w. one who is learning any thing 

Lcaru'ing, n. scholastic knowledge, skill 

l-^ase, 71. a teniporan' contract for land 

L«ease, v. i. to let by tease, glean 

Lieascr, n. one wl;o };li>ans or picks up corn 

Leash, VI. a lenlhe-n thong, a rope 

i-^a«h, 7). t. to bind, to hold in ft string or line* 

I-^*asing, n. lies, fals(*hood, deceit 

Ix^asL a. smallest ; ad.\n the lowest degree 

Leatli'er, more correctly I-.eth'er n. tlie liiUc 

of an animal, dressed skin 
IjCttth'erdresscr, n. one who dresses leathor 
X/MXWcvn, a. made of or resembling leather 
IiCAth'ery, a. like leather, tough, tenacious 
Leave, n. permission, liberty, grant, farew^ 
Leave, r. leit^pret. left,/)«. to quit, forsake^ 

let, remain, desist, stop, bequeath 
[j^aveii, a. full of Or having leaves^ folding 
l^eav'en, x\ t. to ferment, mise, taint 
Lcrtv'en or Lev'en, n. dough feniientcd 
Leaver, n. one who leaves, one who foi'sake^ 
Lt^'avings, ii.pL things h^tl, offals, remains 
Iicch'er, n. a man given to lewdness 
Lech'erous, a. lewd, lustful, given to luat 
I^ch'erously, arf. lewdly, lu^'ully, wantonly 
I^ch'erousness, Lech'ery, ». lewdness 
Lco'tJon, fi. a reading, a diflerence in copies 
l^c'ture, n. a discourse on a subject 
Lec'lure, v. to read lectures, reprimand 
Lec'turer, u. a teacher by lectures, reader 
Lec'tureship, n. the ofiice of a lecturer 
1.xh1, pret. and pa. of to lead 
l^ge, 71. a molding on the edge, a ridge 
I^dg'er, n. a chief book of accounts 
Lee, n. the side op^Kisite to tlie wind 
Leech, n. a water-bloodsucker, farrier 
licek, 71. a common pot-herb 
Leer, n. au o\i\\<\\\v.' cmI q'v ^^ ^^^• 


L £ I 

Lec'shore, n. the shore towaitls which the 

wind blows 
I^e'side, ii. die side of a sliip from the wind 
I^e'tide, 7*. a tide running with the wind 
Lee'ward, a. being on the side from the wind 
Lee'ward, n the side from the wind 
Lee' way, n. direction to leeward 
T^ft, a. opposite to the right, nnlucky 
Lefthand'ed, a. using the left hand 
Leg, n. i\ie limb between tlie knee and foot 
Leg'aey, n. a bequest, or thing left by will 
L^gal, a. done according to law, lawful 
Legal'i^, Legalness, h. lawfulness, right 
Legalize, v. t. to make lawful, autliorize 
Legally, oJ. according to law, lawfully 
Legatee, n. one who has a legacy 
Leg'ate, n. an amkissador from the pope 
Leg'atine, a. belonging to a legate 
Legtition, n. an embassy, deputatiwi 
LegJitor, «. one who bequeaths legacies 
Leeend, n. an inscription, fabulous story 
Le"gendarY, a. fabulous, incredible, strange 
Legerdemain, n. slight of hand, a trick 
Le- g^rline, n. an additionsd line in tlie musi- 
cal scale 
Leg'^n, n. a garment to cover fiie legs 
Le'^gible, a, that may be read 
Le"^bly, £k/. in a legible manner, plainly 
Legion, n. a body of soldiers, vast number 
Legionary, a. relating to a legion 
Le^gislate, v. i, to make laws, to enact 
Legislation, n.the act of passing laws 
Legislative, a. lawgiving, passing laws 
Legislator, n. one who makes laws, a lawgiver 
Legisl^tress, 71. a female lawgiver 
Le^sUture, n. the power that makes law 
Legit'imacy, n. a lawful birtb, genuineness 
Legit'imate, a. bom in marriage, lawful 
Legit'imate, v. i. to make lawful, qualify 
Leg^t'imately, ad. lawfully, duly, genuinely 
Legitimation, n. the act of legitimating 
Leg'ume, n. pulse of any kino, beans 
JLe^imjnoas, a. bolonpng to or having pulse 
L&e^tirc, n. freedom from business 
-l^lurc/y, a. deliberRte, slow, ad. afowly ' 

L E T 

Ix^m'ma, n. a previous or assumed pixmositim 
Lem'ming, a. a rat in the n(^i of Europe, 

sometimes mientting 
1^'m'on, n. an acid fruit 
Lemonade, n. water, snjrar and lemon juioii 
Lend, v, lent, pret. lent, pa. to grant on con- 
dition of receiving tlic same or an cqaitaknt 
in kind, to afford or grant 
Lend'er, 71. one who lends any tluitg 
Length, ?i. space from end to end 
Length'en, 17. to grow or make longer 
LengtliVisc, ad. accoixling to the leuglli 
Length'^, a. somiiwhat long, applied eWefly 

to writings or discourses 
Lenient, a. assuaave, softening, mild, geotfe 
Lei/itive, n. an assuasive application 
J^n'itive, a. assuasive, i'asirtg, softening 
I^n'ity, 71. mildness, mercy, tendr-rness 
Lens, n. a glass which diverts tlie rays of liglil 

from a direct course. 
Lent, n. the time of the long fast 
l^n'til, 77. a sort of pulse, a kind of coarse pel 
Len'tisk, 11. a plant, mastic 
Lent'or, n. tenacity, siziiiess, slowness 
Leonine, a. having the nature of a lion 
Leop'ard, Lep'aru, n. a spotted wild beast 
Lep er, n. one infected with tlie lepi-osy 
Lep'eiwisor Lep'rous, a. having leprosy 
I^esion, h. an injur}-, bruise, fracture 
Lep'oriiie?, a. belonging to a hare 
Lep'i-osy, 7i. a distemper of white scali's 
f^ess, Less'er, a. smaller, n. not so much 
Less, ad. in a smaller degree 
Ixjssee, n. a person who tidces a lease 
Le«s'en, v. to grow or make less, degrade 
Les'son, 7*. a task to learn or read 
Lessor', 72. one who gi'ants a lease to another 
J jestf pa. o£ lease f put away, dismissed, thst not 
Let, V. let, pret. let, pa. to suffer, leave, p<*r- 

mit, hire out 
Let, 71. a hinderance, impediment, stop 
Lethal, a. mortal, pertaining to death 
Lethar^gic, a. sleepv, drowsy, heavy 
LeliStiar'^wic^^LeVKijLi"^^^ 71. great drowunctf 

, ^ pertaimng to Lcthc, inducing 
lecp or <d)ln4on 

thirerous, a. deadly, tatal, destructive 
^ter, n. one who lets, a -wntten message, 
>lAin meaning, cliai'nctcr, type 
t'tcr, V. 1. 1 J stamn with letters 
C'tercase, 7i. a book to ])ut letters in 
I'tevedy pa. marked with letters, learned 
t'terfounder, n. one who makes t}pes 
t'ters, 71. /»'. learning, literature 
ttera of marque, n. a connnissiontoauthor- 
ze reprisals on the ships of an enemy 
t'terspat'ent, n. a writing open to inspection, 
»n vexing some right 
t'tice or Lct'tuci', u. a common plant 
vant', a. lying np the MeditCiTaneau 
v'ee, n. a crowd of attendants, visit 
v'el, a. even, smooth, piain, adapted 
v'el, r. to make fiat, take aim, direct 
v'el, n. a plain, flat, e(piality, instrument 
v'eller, w. he who destroys subordination 
Velacss, tt. evenness, equality of siu*face 
v'er, H. a mechanical power, beam, rod 
/cret, n. a young hare, a little hare 
''iable, a. that may be laid or im\)ose4l 
(athao, n. the lai*gest of sea-monsters 
Igate^T. t. to ixuluce to a fine powder 
^tton, n. a making smootJi or fine 
^e, 71. one come fi-oni the tribe of Levi 
'ical, ti. poi'taining to the Levites or re- 
)iiof tlie Jews 

y, n. iiglitnegs, inconstancy, vanity 
V. to niise, collect, impose 
jt. the actof i-aising money, a rate 
a. lustful, obscene, filthy 
r, ad. wickedly, lustfullv, wantonly 
*88, II. wickedness, Instfiilncss 
'raphcr, w. a writer of a dictionary 
•aph'ical, «. pertaining to lexicography 
t-apliy.rt. the art of writing dicti(»iaiies 
n. a Djctior.ruy 
subject, npt, responsible 
\, n. a liable state, a subjection 
, lAabinty, //. mpf)sc(lnvs9, a state 


Ikiar, 71. one who utters falsehoods 
Libation, n. an offering made ot*wine 
Lfbel, 91. a defamatory satire, declaration 
Lfbel, V. t. to defame, lampoon, satirize, in 

tute a process in court (^ admiralty 
Libeltant, n. one who brings a libel or suit 

an aflmii'alty court 
Liibeller, 7i. a defamatory wiiter, a lampoon« 
Libellous, ti. defamatory, abusive, scandaloi 
Lib'eral, n. generous, bountiful, free, gentei 
Liberal'ity, 7i. generosity, munificence 
Lib'erally, ad. generously, bountifully 
Lib'erate, v. t. to set at liberty," release 
Liberation, 7i. a setting free fi-om restraint 
Lib'eralize, v. t. to muk^ liberal or catholic 
Lib'ertin, tz. a dissolute liver, a freed man 
Lib'eitinism, n. licentiousness of life 
Lib'erty, 7i. freedom, permission, pri^'ilege 
Ubid'inous, a. lustful, licentious, lewd 
Ubid'inoody, ad. lustfully, lewdly 
UbitfritHi^ 71. one who has the care of a library 
L(bi-ary, n. collection of or place for books 
Librate, v. t. to poise, balance, level, weigh 
iJbHltion, 71. the state of being balanced 
: vibratory, a. moving like a balance or scales 
License, ti. legal permiBflion, liberty 
License, v. to grant leave, set at liberty 
Licenser, ti. one who grants permission 
I iiceii'tious, a. unrestrained, loose 
Licen'tiously, o J. with too great liberty 
I Jcen'Uousneas, 7i. contempt of just restraint 
Lich'en, a. liverwort, moss on rocks 
i Jck, V. t. to touch with the tongue, lap 
Lick, 71. a taste, blow, stroke, a pkce where 

cattle lick for salt 
Lick'erisb, a. ttioe, delicate, luxurious 
Lick'erishness, 7i. a nic/eness of taste 
L.ic'orice, ii. a plant and its juice 
i .ic'ior, 11. a beadle among the Romans 
1 .id, 71. a cover for a pot, box, &c. 
t iie'j ;/. an untmth or falsehood uttered wlUi 

a criminal intention, a iictl<»\ 
Lie, r. i. lo \.t\\a.\\^i, \ft wV^-vx ^ViSa*?os*^ 
Lie, V. i.U\, ^)Tet.\^J:\^^,\\^i.\^^ Vo..\ft ic^^^^s^-*^^' 

stay , rerciwa, wyosx'eX 


L 1 G 

Lief, ad' vUlinffly, soon ; a. beloved | 

Lic(;e, n. a lord, a sovereign ; a. trusty 
Lien, (Leen) n. that which binds or obligates 
Lfer, n. onib who lies down, one who rolls 
lieu, n. place, room, stead, behalf 
Lieuten'ancy, n. the office of lieutenant 
Lieuten'ant, 71. a deputy, viceroy, second in 

paiikf chiefly, an officer next to a captain 
lieuten'antship, n. the rank of a lieutenant 
Life, n. animation, the state of an organized 
being while its functions are performer], 
whether animals or plants, the present state 
of existence, manner irf" living, energy, exact 
likeness, narrative of ones life 
Ljfeblood, n. blood necessary to life 
Lifeguard, n. a prince's body guard 
Lifeless, a. dead, void of spirit, inactive, dull 
Lifelessly, ad. without spirits, dully, heavily 
Lffelessness, a. dcadness, dullness, sloth 
l^ffctime, n. the continuance or time of life 
lift, T<. lift, lifted, /irerf. lift, lifted, pa. to raise 

up, exalt, heave, strive, help, rob 
Lifl, n. act of lifting, a strogp^le, load, rope 
Lift'er, n. one who lifits or raises, a crutch 
Ldg^ament, n. a band to unite parts 
Ligation, n. the act or state of binding 
Lig'ature, n. a bandage, any thing bound oq 
Light, n. tliat by which we see, a view 
ii^t, a. bright, not heavy, nimble, airy 
Light, ad. lightly, without difficulty 
Light, V. lighted, lit, pret. lighted, lit, pa. to 
g^ve light, guide by a light, kindle, ease, 
rest, fall, come down, get off, meet with 
idghten, V. to flash with lightning, unload 
Lfghter, n. a boat for unloading uiips 
Lighterman, n. one who manages a lighter 
litght'fingcred, a, thievish, di&onest 
Lightfoot'ed, a. nrmble, swift 
Lighthead'ed, a. delirious, thoughtless 
Lightheart'ed, a. gay, airy, cheerful, easy 
Vghthorse, n. light armed cavalry 
Lfghthouse, n. a building with lights to dii*ect 
J^ftf^'itly, ad tiimhly, easj/r, with levity 
^grfitnuuded, a. tmsculvd in mind 

L I M 

Ligliiness, h. want of weight, levitj 
Lightning, n. the flash tliat preeedei Hhat i a 
Lights, n,pL the lungs, organs of oraduBf 
iJg'neotts, a. wooden, made of or lils;^ votrf 
Lig'ure, n. a kind of jewel or preeiousMBM 
LiKe, 71. something that is like 
Like, a. resembling, likely, probable 
Ijkcp ad. in the same manner, fitly, prdbihlf 
Like, V. to be pleased witli, approve 
Likelihood, n, ^ probability, an appeannce 
Likeliness, n. probability, good appearance 
Likely, a. probable, well-favore<( pooacwcd^f 

good qualities, ad. probably 
Liken, v. t. to make like, compare 
Likeness, n. a resemblance, form, sltow 
Likewise, ad. in like manner, also, too 
l^iking, n. a plumpness, inclinattcm 
Tiilac, n. a flowering shrub 
Lili^eous, a. like or pertaining to a lily 
Ijriied, a. embellished witli or having liticf. 
LilV, n. the name of a beautiful flower 
Limb, n. a member, joint, bough, edge 
Limb, V. t, to give limbs, to dismcm^^r 
Limb'ed, a. formed with regard to limbs 
Lim'ber, a. easily bent, pliable, supple 
Lim'bemess, n. a bending quality, pliao^^ 
Lim'bo, n. the borders ofnell, a prisoa 
Linfe, n. a kind of earth obtain^ firom-stme^. 

sliells, &c. a viscid substance, a tree, a fruit 
Lame, v. t. to cover or catch with lime 
Limegall, n. an insect f(mnd onth% lime treei r 
Limekiln, n. a kiln for bnming limestone 
Limestone, n, a stone from which lime k made 

by expelling the carbonic acid 
Lim'it, n. a bound, order, utmost reach 
Lim'it, V. t. to confine within bounds 
Lim'itary, a. placed at tlie boundaries 
Limitation, n. restriction, circnmspectioQ 
Lim'itless, a. without limits, boundle^ 
LimTt, V. i. to paint a face, take a likeness 
Lim^icr, n. a painter, a fanei>ainter 
(^imous,a. like mud, muddy, slijuy 
!/imp, V. i. to walk lamely, to halt 
\\ Am \>cX^ u.%. ^\!N& ^^ lAstatteous insects 

. |..uiicas, n. oleamefiB 
«p >ngl7» od, ID a lame or halting manner 
aj^ a. eootaining or like lime, glutinous 
m1&']^» n. an itSa piu tu keep a wheel on 
he axletrcc 
I'den, n. a lime-tree 

ic, n. a string, extension in length, vesBc, 
iquator, order, pr(»cD}-, 12tli c^ an in«h 
le, V, t. to guutl within, cover over 
i'eu;ey n. a raee, fiunily, descent, pcdi^ee 
I'eal, a. gmng on in a rigtit line 
neaKi^y ». the state of being in a line 
n'eolly, ad. in a direct line, regiilarij 
tt'aiment, if. a feature, a mark 
n'ear, a. composed of lines, straight 
oedtioo, n. a ciraft or appearance ttf linci 
H'eo, n. cloth of hemp or flax 
s'en, a. made of or like linea 
n'endraper, n. a person who deals in linen 
Dg,n. a large seansh, a kind of heath 
D^er, V. to droop, loiter, hesitate 
n^Bieringly, ad. tediously, slowly 
n'get, 71. a small mass of metal, a bird 
I'go, n. a langtiage, speech 
'goal, a. pertaining to the tongue 
'eoisty n. a pei'son ucilled in languages 
iment, n. a soft CHnbnent, a balsam 
ig^ n. Uie inner covering of any thing 
,n. a part <^a chain, torch of pitch 
V. f. to join, unite, coniiect 
toy, n. a boy who camcs a torch 
t,' Jf . a genus of small singing bii>d8 
^ K. the seed of flax 
-vool'sey, a. made of linen and wool 
kj n. a staff with a match at the end 

MHt linen scrapings 
1. the up\K»r part of a door frame 
ibdld, strong camiverous animal 
•ft. a female liort, fui*y, scold 
e front of the mouth, the edge 
salute with the* lips, fondle 
, n. soreness of the eyes 
00,. n. ihcKCt (^ melting 
V /7. tliAi niHjr fw mcHcd 

L I T 

Liq'ucfy, Lfquate, v. to melt, dissolve 
Liq'uener, n. tliat which melts 
l.jqucs'cency, n. an aptness to mch 
I/iques'cent, a. melting, dissolving 
Lii(]'uid, a. fluid, soft, melted, dissolved 
Uq'uid, n. any liquid or fluid substance 
Lia'uidate, v. t. to adjust, settle, asceilain, t 

duce to a certain standard 
Liquidation, n, aa adjustment, reduction to 

known rule 
Liquid'ity, Liiq'uidnc8S,n. a liquid state 
Liq'uids, n. pi. the four letters, /, m, /i, r 
Liq'uor, n. a liquid, strong drink 
Liq'fforicc, n. a plant of several kinds 
Lis'bon,n. a wine, capital of Portugal 
Lisp, V. i. to clip words in pronunciation 
Lisp, n. act of lisping, imperfect utterance 
Ljsp'er n. one who lisps 
List, V. to cover with list, inlist, likt* 
List, «. a roll, catalogue, place for fighting, 

stiij) of cloth, fiUet, coarse w ool, an inclining, 

a bdl of rateable estiite, (Con.J) 
List'ed, pa. covcretl with list, in listed 
t/is'ten, hearken, hear, attend to 
Lis'tener, w. one who hearkens 
List'er, n. one who i-ecclvcsand makes iff urn 

of rateable estate (Con.) 
List'less, a. indiflercut, <:areless, heedless 
liist'lessly, ad. without thought or care 
List'lessness, n. indifl(.i*<^i)cc, inattcr.tion 
Lif any, n. a form of public jirayer 
Lit'eral, fl. accoi-ding to ihe kttor, exacr 
Lit'eraliy, ad. with cl(,se ;ullii rcnce to M'orfl?. 
Lit'ei-arj", g. relating tf) lt;ti;:i's or learning 
literdti, the learned, mer. of learning 
Lit'erature, v. h^arning, skill in h tiers 
Litli'arge, ;/. lead and oxygcntr 
Lithe, Lith'er, a. pliant, limber 
L'lhot'omy, n. the cutting lor thi? sinnr 
Lithoph'agous, a. eating stones, as an Odtrlcii 
Lit'igant, n. one who is engaged in a lawsuit 
T/it'igant, a. contesting in a lawsuit 
Lit'igatc, V. Vo tcw\st%\."vcv\^'*»'' ,^v\«v\5?. 
\ Alijrt'itxcn, n. vi tovA-c^x, \>XNvc« ^ «AYKsyvW. 
;i;ilV'vi\ou?i, a.w.eVwA \Si\^>v'^>\<<'^ 





Lief, ad' villingty, soon ; a. beloved | 

Lic(;e, 71. a lord, a aovereisn ; a. trusty | 

Lien, (Leen) n. tliat which binds or obligates 
Lier, n. onl' who lies down, one who rolls 
lieu, n. place, room, stead, behalf 
Lieuten'ancy, n. the office of lieutenant 
Lieutcn'ant, n. a deputy, viceroy, second in 

Faiikf chiefly, an officer next to a captain 
lieuten'antship, 7i. the rank of a lieutenant 
Lile, n. animation, the state of an oi^nizcd 
being while its functions are pertbrmex], 
whether auiraals or plants, the present state 
of existence, manner irf" living, euergy, exact 
likeness, naiTative of ones life 
Lifeblood, n. blood necessary to life 
Lffeguard, n. a prince's body guard 
Lifeless, a. dead, void of spirit, inactive, dull 
Lifelessly, ad. without spirits, dully, heavily 
Lifelessness, a. dcadness, dullness, sloth 
l^ffctime, n. the continuance or time of life 
lift, V. lift, lifted, /irer/'. lift, lifted, pa. to raise 

up, exult, heave, strive, help, rob 
Ufl, n. act of lifting, a struggle, load, rope 
Lifl'er, n. one who lifits or raises, a crutch 
Ldg^ament, n. a band to unite parts 
Ligation, n. the act or state of binding 
liig ature, n. a bandage, any thiag bound on 
Light, n. tliat by which we see, a view 
Light, a. bright, not heavy, nimble, airy 
Light, ad. lightly, without difficulty 
Light, V. lighted, lit, pret. lighted, lit, pa. to 
g^ve light, guide by a light, kindle, ease, 
rest, faU, come down, get off, meet with 
Lighten, v. to flash with lightning, unload 
Lfghter, n. a boat for unloading Miips 
Lighterman, n. one who manias a lighter 
litght'fingcrcd, a. thievish, dishonest 
Lightfoot'ed, a. nhnble, swift 
lighthcad'ed, a. delirious, thoughtless 
Lightheart'ed, a. gay, airy, cheerful, easy 
Vghthorse, n. light armed cavalry 
Lfgbthouse, n. a building with lights to direct 

LiMy, a€f. nimhly, ea«j/r, with levity \' 

^^grhtuundod, a. msettlvd in mind » 

L I M 

Liglitness, tt. want of weight, levity- 
Lightning, n. the flash tliat precedes 
Lights, the lungs, organs of ores 
Lig neous, a. wooden, made of or lil^c 
Lig'ure, n. a kind of jewel or preeioa 
Like, n. something tliat is like 
Like, a. resembling, likely, probable 
Likc^ ad. in the same manner, fitly, ] 
Like, V. to be pleased with, approve 
Likelihood, n. ^ probability, an appet 
Likeliness, n. probability, good appea 
Lfkely, a. probable, well-favored, po« 

good qualities, aJ. probably 
Lfken, v. t. to make like, corai)are 
Likeness, n. a resemblance, form, slio 
Likewise, ad. in like manner, also, Ux 
Lfking, n. a plumpness, inclination 
Ldac, n. a flowering shrub 
Liliaceous, a. like or pertaining to a I 
Uriied, a. embellished witli or havinf 
Lil'y* n. the name of a beautiful flowei 
TJmb, n. a member, joint, bough, edg 
Limb, V. t. to give limbs, to dismembc 
Limb'ed, a. formetl with regard to lin 
Ljm'ber, a. easily bent, pliable, suppl 
Lim'bemess, n. a bending quality, plu 
Lim'bo, n. the borders of hell, a prisoi 
Linfe, n. a kind of earth obtain<K[ froo 

shells, &c. a viscid substance, a tree 
Lime, v. t. to cover or catch with lim< 
Lfmegall, n. an insect found onth%lir 
Limekiln, n. a kiln for bnming limestc 
Lfmestonc, n. a stone from which lime 

by expelling the carbonic acid 
Lim'it, n. a bound, order, utmost rea< 
Lim'it, V. t. to confine within bounds 
Lim'itary, a. placed at the boundarict 
Liraiuition, n. restriction, circumspect 
Lim'itless, a. without limits, I>oundlei 
I^imn, V. i. to paint a face, take a likcj 
Lim'ner, n. a painter, afani>painter 
l^f mous, a. like mud, muddy, slimy 
\ iimp, V. I. to walk larof^ly, to halt 
i Am \>c\.^ u. «i ^\)M& ^^ Ift'&tiMseous iiisee 

L I Q 

'pidncsB, n. clearness 
m a lame or halUng manner 
ing CM* like lime, glutinous 
ittMi pin to keep a wheel on 


extenaion in length, Teise, 
, progeny, 12th of an in«h 
ird -within, cover o^er 
De, family, descent, pedigree 
on in a right line 
state of being in a line 
a direct line, regularly 
feature, a mark 
osed of lines, straight 
aft or appearance ef litiei 
»fhemp or flax 
>f or like linen 
a person who deals in liDAn 
eansh, a kind of heath 
K>p, loiter, hesitate 
tediously, slowly 
1 mass of metal, a bird 
age, speech 
lining to the tongue 
*son sKilled in languages 
ift ointment, a balsam 
ler covering of any thing 
a chain, torch of pitch 
, unite, connect 
y who caiTies a torch 
OS of small singing birds 
ecd of flax 

a. made of linen and wool 
»ff with a match at the end 


l>cr part of a door frame 
rong camiverous animal 
ale lion, fuiy, scold 
3f the mouth, the edge 
with the lips, fondle 
•encss of the eyes 
Lhe act of melting 
at niRjr hv melted 



Liq'uefy, Liquate, v. to melt, dissolve 
Liq'uefier, n. that which melts 
Liques'eency, n. an aptness to roeh 
liiques'oent, a. melting, dissolving 
liq'uid, a. fluid, soft, melted, dissolved 
Uq'uid, n. any liquid or fluid substance 
Lio'uidate, v. t. to adjust, settle, aseei'tain, re- 

aiice to a certain standard 
Liquidation, n. a& adjustment, reduction to a 

known rule 
Ljquid'ity, liq'utdness, n. a liquid state 
Liq'uids, n. pi. the four letters, litnyU^r 
Liq'uor, n. a liquid, strong drink 
Liq'r<orice, n. a plant of several kinds 
Lis^bon, n. a wine, capital of Portugal 
Lisp, V. i. to clip words in pronunciation 
Lisp, n. act of lisping, imperfect utterance 
Lisp'cr 71. one who lisps 
List, V. to cover with list, inlist, like 
List, n. a roll, catalogue, place for fighting, 

strip of eloth, fiUct, coarse wool, an inclining, 

a bul of rateable estate, (Con.) 
List'ed, pa. covered with list, inlisted 
tiis'ten, hearken, hear, attend to 
Lis'tcner, 72. one who hearkens 
List'er, ft. one who receives and makes return 

of rateable estate (Con.) 
List'lcss, a. indifferent, careless, heedless 
List'lessly, tid. without tliought or care 
List'lessness, n. indiffei*eiicc, inattention 
Lifany, n. h form of public prayer 
Liferal, a. according to tlie letter, exact 
Lit'erally, ad. with close adhoi'cnce to words 
Lit'erary, a, relating to lettei*s or leai-ning 
litertili, the learned, men of learning 
Lit'erature, n. learning, skill in letters 
Lith'arge, 7i. lead and oxygene 
Lithe, Lith'er, a. pliant, limber 
Lithot'omy, n. the cutting for the stone 
Lithoph'agous, a. eating stones, as an ostricii 
Lit'igant, n. one who is engaged in a lawsuit 
Lit'igant, a. contesting in a lawsuit 
Lit'igate, v. to «K\t!e%V.\w\^!C*' ,^v\i,'«vs'. 

LiU"gvow», (I. WeXmt?^ ^!^>\^.^'5^\<<^ 


L O A 

giously, nd. in & wrangliiig niannev ^ 

'gioiisiicss, 71. a ciuarrulsome disiiosition { 
nius, n. blue pigment used in punting 
ter, V. t. to bring forth, scatter abiXMd 
'tpr,n. a svdan, jitraw, brood of pigs 
:'tle, a. inuall,diiainutivo, triPing 
.t'tlcy n. a small Mpace, sliare or part 
it' tie, tui. in a small dt^fce or quantity 
jil'tlcncssi ft. smallneMy meanness 
Jt'ui^iN', n. a fonn of public prayers 
Live, ti. 1. to be in a state of life, exist 
1 jvo, a. living, quick, active 
Livelihood, n. the means of living 
Liveliness, n. sprighiliness, briskness 
Ijvc'lntig, a. tedious 
Lively, a. brisk, gav, chuerful, vigorous 
Lively, a J. in a lively oi* brisk manner 
liv'er, n. one who lives, a part of entrails 
IjivVry, n. a givinj; posaesuon, a dresa 
L^rVryman, 7i. one who wearb a livery 
JU^'^.'rT-stuble, n. a place to keep horses at 
Liv'enftort* n. orpine, a plant 
Lives, n. pi. of h'fc 

Livestock, n. cattle, hoi'ses and small domes- 
tic animals 
LiTid, a. discoloivd as with a Uovr, blue 
Liv'idness, n. a livid col(nr w state 
Liv'ing, n. a livelihood, a benefice ; ^ii. alive 
Liv'ingly,aiA in a living state or condition 
Liver; «. a Fivnch coin, 18^ cents 
Li\iv iai, a. inipivgnattHl with salts, (ur made 

fivm lye 
Li\i\''iate, v. i. to form or extract a lye 
Li\ivi»tioh, n. the act of fi>rmiug a lye 
Lixiv'iutn, m. a lye fi-om aslies and water 
Liz'anl, n. a nuiucxvus genus of reptiles, Avith 

Ion:; tupi rifig boilies and shoit U>gs 
Lo, ea'c'it-K. look ! s« e I behold I 
i^iu!, /:. a l>u]>k-ii, freight, leailing vein in a 

Load, f . t. hw%iii!. pret, Ioad<.tl, loaden, pa. to 
burtlcn, fivi^ht. cliari^e, incuntber [imn 
'lAiHslone, n. a >tiw>e having jtowor to attr.ict 
-^/T AT. a tpiAtnliT or mass ot" brt.'ad 

" •■ a Kch friable eanh 

Lr'ramy, a. coniiiting of or libc lu.^., 
IxMin, n. any thing lent, use, iutcr^' 
Loan, V. t. to lend, m hich see 
Loan-office, n. an office to receive lav 

money for the public, and pay the inli 
IjOHii-ofncer, it. one avIio keeus a loan offi 
IxNith or Loth, a. unwilling, bade ward 
Ijonthe, t\ t. to hate, ablior 
Ixiatliful, a. haU'ful, odious, diagostfol 
Loathing, n. hatred, abliorrence, disgust 
Loathly, a, hateful ; ad. uuwilUngly . 
Loathness, }i. unwillingness 
l/Mthsome, a. abhorit^d, causing dislike 
L« jatlisomeness, n. the quality ui raisii^ A 
Loaves, n.pLo( loaf 
Lob, n. a lieavy fellow, large wcnm, fish 
Lob, V. t. to let fall in a lazy manner 
Lob'by, n. an openuig before a room 
Lobe,* n. a part of the lungs, a di viaoa 
Ixib'fcter, n. a shellfish of the crab kind 
Local, a. in a place, relating to a place 
Local'ity, ft. existence in one place 
Locally, ad. with respect to place 
Locate v. t. to place, to select, sorvey C 

the bounds of unsettled land, or to dev 

a tract by a writing 
Location n. the act of placii^, a sitnati' 

act of designating or sur^'eyiugand br 

land, tlie tract so designated 
Loch, [ch as k] n. a lake, collection o^ 
Lock, n. fastening of a door, chest k 

a gun, tuft of huir, 6cc. hug, place, 

in a canal 
Lock, r. to fasten w Ith a lock, forni 
LtK'k'er, n. a drawer, cupboard, civ 
lx>ck'et, /{. an ontamental lock, a c 
LiKk-ram, H. a sort of venr coarse 
I Locomotion, u. tlie act of changin' 
^ LrK*om6tr\e, <j. able to cliange pi 
i Lui'ust, n. u larpe ilevoiiring inse 
. Lixl^', n. a small house, place f 
' soi-ifty t»f frt'e masiMis 
Lotige, x\ to place, settle, resid 
^l«vAv:v^vieut, n. a plnchig, that 

L O N 

Tooina hired, an apartment 
latest floor, a floor or story 
prcmdly, highly, subUmely 
. pride, haughUness, sublimity 
■oud, stately, high, sublime 
3ee oi wood, dunce 
a book to keep a ship's way 
I, ?i. a blockhead, stupid person 
ted, a. dull, stupid, heavy 
1. a dwelling made of 1(^ 
le art of reasoning with propriety 
accordhig to rules of \ogic 
ad. by the rules of log^c 
1. a person versed in logic 
a line to measure a ship's way by 
r, n. a mode of printing by types 
lole words 

c a. pertaining to logography 
, [ch as k] 71. dispute about words 
I. a dye wood 

reins, waist, back of an animal 
to idle away time, linger 
one who loiters, an idle person 
san idly, hang out the tongue 
glc, being without company 
Ltoneness, n. solitariness, dulness 
lesome, a. solitary^ retired 
y a great length, by the fault 
ving length, protracted, tcd^)us 
n desire eai'nestly 
y, n. long forbearance, patience 
n. the largest boat to a snip 
mgc, n. a full thrust in fencing 
71. length orextentof life 
d, a. having extent of thought 
us a. having long hands 
r, n. a sort of printing types 
an earnest desire, ardent wish 
ad. with incessant wishes 
moderately long [West 

n. length, distance from. East to 
il, a. measured in length 
ing, a. patient; n. forbearance 
ad. in length or extent 
d, /7. tcdjons, proljji: 

L o u 


Loo, n. the name of a game at caixls 
Loob'y, n. an awkward person, lubber 
Lufi^, V. to bring close to the wi^d 
Look, V. to behold, see, seek for, appear 
Look, n. view, appearance [objects 

Look'ingglasSy n. a glass that sliows images oi' 
Loom, v.uU} appear elevated 
Loom, 71. a weaver's frame for work 
Loon, n. a simple tellow, a bu*d 
Loop, n, a noose for a rope or string 
Loop'hole, n. a hole iw a string 
LocMe, V. to unbind, set sail 
Loose, a. not fast, lax, wild, wanton 
Loosc'ly, ad. in a loose manner, idly 
Loos'en, v. to let loose, relax, free 
Loose'ness 71. a laxness, flux, depravity 
Lop, V, t. to cut short, n. a branch cut off 
Loquacious, a. full of talk, talkative 
Loquaciousness, L«oqua"ci^, 71. talkativeness 
Lord, 71. GOD, a title of honor, master 
Lord, V. i. to domineer, to rule haughtily 
Lord'ing or Lord' ling, n. a petty lord 
Lord'linesB, n. pride, haughtiness, dignify 
Lord'ly, a. proud, haughty, insolent, noble 
Lord'ly, ad. proudly, haughtily, despotically 
lx>t\l'ship, n. a title given to lords, a manor 
Lore, n. learning, doctrine, instruction 
Lcn/icate, v. t. to plate or cover over 
Lorn, a. forlorn, lonely, forsaken, left 
Lose, [looze] v. lost, pret. lost, pa. to suffer 

loss, fall, miss, let slip, forfeit, bewilder 
L6ser, n. one who loses or has suflered loss 
Loss, 71. damage, huit, prejudice, forfeiture 
Lost, pa. gone, hid, abandoned 
Lot, 71. a fortune, state, portion, share, chancy 

a share or division of land, a field 
Loth, a. unwilling, avei-se, backward 
Lotion, 7t. a washing, a medicinal wash 
Lot'teiy, n. a distribution of prizes by chance 
Loud« a. noisy, sounding, clamorous 
Loud'ly, ad. noisily, clamorously, violently 
Loud'ness, n. a great sound or noise 
Lough, [lok] n.a l«ke,vcA«cA\kQ^ ^ns^^^ 
Louis-d'or, ti. «L eo\\\N2\\>fc ii;i^\3X.Wfit ^^^s»- 


' 194 

L Y 

Lounge, e. t. to loiter, idle about 
Lounge, n. indul|^ence in indolence 
Lounger, n. an idler, an idle lazy person 
Louse, 7». pi. lice^ a small body animal 
Lous'ily, ad. in a mean or dirtv manner 
Lous'iuess, n. an abounding with lice 
Lous'y, a. swarming with hoe, mean, dirty 
I^ut, n. an awkwanl fellow ; v. i. to bow 
Lout'ish, a. clownish, awkward, clumsy 
Love, [luv] V. t. to regard with affection 
IjQve, n. a passion, friendship, kindness 
Love'letter, n. a letter of eoiulship 
Love' lily, ad. in a lovely manner, amiably 
Love'liness, n. a lovely quality, amiablencss 
Love'lorn a. forsaken of one's lover 
lx)veiy, a. exciting love, amiable 
Lov'er, n. one who loves or likes 
Lovc'sick, a. languishing through love 
Love'song, n.a song expressing love 
hoVinSypa. a. fond, affectionate, kind 
LovingKindness, n, tenderness, mercy, farour 
Lov'ingly, ad. fondly, with affection 
IxiVingncss, n. affection, tenderness 
how, a. deep, weak, poor, mean, cheap 
Juora, V. to bellow, make a noise as an ox 
LoTT, ad. with low voice, meanly, cheaply 
Low' bred a. vulear, gross, unmannerly 
Low'er, n. cloudmess, gloominess 
Lo\fr'er, V. i. to be cloudy, to frown 
Lower, ■». to bring low, lessen, reduce, sink 
Low'eringly, ad. cloudily, gloomily, heavily 
Lowermost, a. lowest, deepest, under all 
Low'cry, n. cloudy, threatening rain 
L6wing, n. the noise made by oxen 
lowlands, a low pait olTa country 
Lowliness, n. hnftiility, a want of dignity 
Lowly, a. humble, meek, mild, mean 
L^Swly, ad. not highly, humhly, meekly 
L6wness, n. a low state, dejec^n 
Lowspir'itcd, a. void of spirits, cast down 
T^rinvincs, n. the first run of a still 
Lo/al, a. true, or obedient to a sovereign 
Ijoyalist, n. one who ia faithful to his king 
/^a//^, a//, with Sdelity, or due submlswOn 
^-ojr'altjr, n Sdelky, strict adherence 

L U M 

Loz'engc, ji. a medicine in amall ^ieiOb V 

ornament in brilliants 
Lub'ber, n, a lazy sturdy iellow, a clovn 
LuVberly, a. lazy and bulky, clumsy 
Lub'bcrly, ad. lazilv, clumsily, awkward^ 
Lubricant, n. that which lubricates 
Lubricous, a. slippery, unsteady, vantOB 
Lubricate, v. t. to make slippery, mb 
Lubri"ci^, n. slipperiness, lewaness 
Lucent, a.-8hininff, bright, glittering 
Lncern', n. a kind of strong grass 
L<icid, a. shining, bright, glittering, clear 
Lucidness, n. bnglitness, clearness 
Lucifer, ?». the devil, the morning star 
LuciTerous, LuciTie, a. giving light 
Luck, R. chance, accident, fortune 
Luck'ily, cid. by good hap, fortunately 
Luck'iness, n. good fortune, success 
Luck'less, a. unfortunate, unhappy 
Luck'y, a. fortunate, successful, nivorahle 
Lucrative, a. profitable, bringing gain 
Lucre, n. profit, gain, advantage 
LucriTic, Luorif'erous, a. profitable 
Lticubrate, v. i. to study hard and late 
Lucubration, n. a nightly study or work 
L^ieubratory, a. composed by candlelight 
Luculent, a. clear, bnght, certain, plain 
Ludicrous, a. merry, sportive, humorous 
LOdiorousJy, ad. in a ludicrous manner 
Luff, V, to sail near to the wind 
Lug, V. to pull or carry with difficulty 
Lug, n. a heavy load, pole, small fish 
Lug gage, n. any thin^ cumbersome 
Lug'ger, n. a vessel with three masts^ a rm 

ning bowsprit and lug-sails 
Lugubrious, a, mournful, dolcfiil 
Lukewarm, a. moderately warm 
Lukewarmly, ad. with indifference 
Ltikcwarmness, n. a want of zeal 
Lull, V. t. to put to rest, compose to sleep 
Lull'a, Luiraby, n. a song to quiet infonts 
Lum'ber, n. any kind of useless fnmiturey til 

her in general, but chiefly small timber^ 
I \«Mff^^, s^aLN«.%^V«»^, teantliiig, &c. 

L U S 

i body that gives li^ht 
^niiig, bright, enlightened 
, n. a state of being light 
ole piece, the gi'Dss, a heap 
take or put in the gross 
leavy, largt», dull 
d. heavily, stupidly, sourly 
n. heaviness, dulncss 
1 of or having lumps 
dness affeole<l liy Uie moon 
f , a. relating to the moon 
madman : a. affected by 




revolution of the moon 
'eon, n. a large piece of food 
King like a half moon 
rust, a sudden pmsli 
alf moon in fortification 
ving lungs 

iie paits for breathing 
Bh-cord to fire great ^ns 
id of pulse, a Kjnd ot flower 
rk, pilfer, defeat 
lorn conditicHi, a helpless state, 
)tion to^vanls one side 
sort of, poacher 
tieement ; v. entice 
ny, dismal, wan, pale 
ie in wait, to lie close 
e who lies secreted 
, n. a seci'ct place, a den 
ery sweet, rich, pleasing 
n. a vei*y great sweetness 
g a deep color 

)em on the discovery of India 
jory, a. used in play, spoitive 
lal desire ; v. i. to aesire 
ving irregular desires 
in .a lecherous manner 
I. a lustful desire, lust 
loutly, boldly, with courage 
itoutness, stnrdiness, strength 
13 act of inordinate desire 
to cleanse, purifjr, sarvsy 
* put'Wciithn, B viewing * 

Lus'tcr, 72. brightness, renown, a branching 

sconce of glass 
Lus'tring or Lute^tnng, n. a silk cloth 
Lust'rous, a, bnght, glossy, shining 
Lust'y, a. stout, strong, i)owerful, large 
Lute, V. t. to close or cover with clay 
Late, 71. a soft clay, a stiiuged instrument 
Li^thei-an, n, a follower of Luther 
Lutherunism, «. the docti'ines of Luthev* 
Lux, Lux'ate, v. t. to put out of joint 
Lnx^tion, n. a <Hsjoiiiting 
Luxuriance, n. excess, plenty, full growtl^ 
LuxViriant, a. plenteous, exuberant 
Luxui'iate,r. i. to grow, to excess 
Lnxui*iation, n. a growing exuberantly 
Luxiiriousness, n. great extravi^nce 
Luxurious, a. voluptuous, enervating 
Luxuriously, ad. voluptuously, deliciously 
Lux'ury, n. excess in eating or dress 
Lye, 71. water impregnated with salt by passing 

tlirough ashes 
L/ingj^fl. of /o lie; n. the act of telling lies 
Lymph, n. transparent water, a clear fluid 
Lymphatic, a. pertaining to lymph 
Lynx, n. a sharpsighted feline beast 
Lyre, old musical instrument, a harp 
I^r'ic, a. pertaining or singing to a harp 
Lyi/ic, n. he who writes songs for the harp 
Ly'iist, 71. one who plays on the harp 


MAC, n. an Irish or Scotch name for Son 
Macarcini, 7i. a fop, finical fellow 
Macaroon', n. a sweet cake, a rude fellow 
Macaw', n. a bird in the West Indies 
Mac'coboy, n. a kind of fine snuff 
Mace, n. an ensign of authority, fine spice 
Ma"cerate, v. t. to steep, make lean • 
MaceMtion, n. an infusion, the act of wasting 
Machiavelian, a. like the principles of Machia- 

vel, consisting in cunning ancf artifice 
Mach'inate, (ch as W^ n), t.\a^«xv^N&^^^- 
Macl\\\\at\Q\\,n. si \\cA.^ ^w\\x\n^w\^^«^^*^^ 


M A G 

Machine', (mosh^ne) n. any engine to (lid hu- 
man power in the application oftbi'cc 
IVfachinery, n. engineiy, decoration in a poem 
Mack'arel, il a fine seafish 
Mad, a. disordered inmlnd, enraj^d, angry 
Mat!, Mad'den, v. to make or b<*comtr mad 
Mad'am, n. an adilress to a gentloMonian 
Mad'eap, 71. a madman, a wild person 
Mad'dcr, w. a plant mucli used in dycinj^ 
iNL'idetac'tion, Ji. tlie act of wetting, wetnese 
Mad'hotise, it. a house for mad persons 
Madeira, n. an island and the wine it pro- 
IMad'ly, ar/. furiously, foolishly, simply 
Mad'man, 11. a man raglnj;; with insanity 
i^lad'ness, n. distraction, fury, great folly 
Mad'rigal, n. a kind of air or song 
Matl'wort, n. wild bugloss or goose grass 
Magazine', (i as e) n. a storeliouse, armoiy, 

Mag" got, «. a 8m:;ll womi, grub, whim 
Maggoty, a. full of maggots, whimsical 
Magi, 71. pi. wise men, eastern philosophers 
Magian, 71. an eastern philosopher 
ISIagian, a. pertaining to the Magi 
INIagiauism, n. the doctrines of the !Ma^ who 

worshipped the sun 
lMa"gic, n. a dealing with spirits 
Ma"gic, Ma"gical, a. perfoi'med by magic 
]Ma"gically, ad. by the rules of magic 
Ma}j^"eian, 11. one skilled in magic 
Magisterial, a. proud, lofty, imperious 
Magisterially, ad. proudly, loftily, arrogantly 
]\Iagisterialness, «. tlie airs of a master ^ 
^la^gistracy, n. the office of a magistrate 
Ma"gistrate, n. one invested with public au- 
thority to execute laws 
Alagnanim'ity, ii. greatikess of mind, bravery 
Magnan'imous, a. great in mind, brave 
Magnan'iraously, ad. bravely, courageously 
IVIagnesia, n. a species of earth white and soft, 

very absorbent and purgative 
Jfji/r^oef, /J. n stone that attracts iron 
m/"*^"^^' ^a^ei^/ca/, a. attractive 
Maff'netism, n. the atti«ctioi:i of a loadstotve 

M A i 

Mag'nctize, r. to communieate 

become magnetic 
Magnif 'ic, a. illustrious^ grand, noble 
MagiiiPicenee, n. grandeur, state, qilendor 
Ma^^iificent, a. grand to appearance 
Magnificently, ad. pompously, splendidly 
Mag^niflt-'r, n. a ^lerson who extols, a g^an Ait 

increases the bulk of a viewed obje^ 
Magnify, r. to mak(j great, extd, pruse 
Mag'nitude,«. greatness, size, balk 
Magn61ia, 11. the tulip ti*ce 
Mag'pie, «. a bird, a vei-y talkative pcrsOD 
Mahog'any, n. a very valuable brown woad 
Mahom'etan, -n. a follower of Mahomet 
Mahom'etanism, Mahom'etism, n. the prinfr 

pies taught by Mahomet 
Maid, 71. a virgin, female servant 01; child 
Msiiden, «. a maid, a vii*gin 
Mdidcn, a. fi*esh, new, unpolluted 
Maidenhair, n. a plant of several kin<ls 
Miiidenly, a. modest, bashful, timorous 
M^idhood, Maidenhood, n. virgini^ 
Maidservant, m. a female servant 
Mail, n. armor, a bag of ^lOSt-letters 
Mail, v. t. to arm with mail, to direet and p^^ 

in a mail 
Maim, n. the disabling of a limb, erippUoj 
Maim, v. t. to disable a limb, to cripple 
Main, a. chief, principal, important 
Main,.n. the giX)S8, chief pail, ocean 
Mainland, n. a continent, largest part of tai 
Miiinly, ad. chi(;fly, prjiicipally, powerfully .. 
Mainmast, n. the chiefmast of a ship 
Mainsail, n. the sail of Uie mainmast 
Maintiiin, v. to preserve, keep, uphold 
Mainttiinable, a. defensible, justifiable, propff 
Maint^iiner, 71. a defender, supporter 
Miiintenance, n. sustenance, support, help 
Maiz, n. Indian corn, native com of Amoi^* 
Majesf ic, a. august, stately, lofh^, sublime 
Majest'ically, ad. with dignity or graundear 
Ma'jesty, n. dignit)', grandeur, a rqyal title 
Major, a. greater, elder, first, prime, diirf 
\ M3LjOT,n.vx ^:fi5vR.«t \wdve army 

M A xN 


p th made, preS, made, pti, to cause to be, 
gnn, eremte, prodace, toi-ce, conduce 
, n. a form, structure, nature 
bate, n. a promoter of miseiiief 
r, 91. one who makes, the Creator . 
freight, n. wliat makes up the weight 
ig, 71. the act of forming:, workmanship 
dy, n. a disease, distemi>cr, sickness 
Iministnition, n. bad muiuigeuicnt 
[Hitcnt,a. discontented, di!>»atisned 
iHiteut, n. one who is dissatisfied 
mteut'odiiess, n. discontent 
a. belonging to the sex titat begets 
n. the lie of any 8|>ecie8 of creatures 
lic'tion, n. a curse:, execration 
aeC'ur, n. an offender against law 
Iccnce, ». a dohig mischief or Iiurm, a 
osition to nijuni 

'iccnt, <i. doing harm, tending to harm 
'^dencc, n. ill-will, malignity, spite 
^(Aentf A' ill-disposed towanls others 
'<^CDtly, ttd. with ill-will, malignantly 
a, pertaining to apples 
S n. ill design or intention, 8])ttc 
ious, a, malevolent, spiteful 
oosly, ad. with an hitention of harm 
3U8Dess, H. malice, an ill design 
a. malicious, unfHVoi*ablc 
V. t. to hurt, injure, tnuluce 
ncy, Malig'nHy, n. male^'ulence, ten- 

it, a. envious, malicious, fatal 
tg MaUgner, A. a i*e viler 
lly. Malignly, ad with ill-will 
large hammer or beetle 
]n.* a public walk 
u the male of wild ducks 
a. that can be extended by ham- 

7, Mal'leableness, n. the quality of 

xtcnsion by beating 

I. ao extension by beating 

wooden hammer 

le name of many plants 

« kwdcfrieh sweet wrnf* 

Malprac'tice, ii. evil in-acticojcriminal oondt 
Malt. 11. barUn- htceped iu water and driod 
Malt, V. to make or be made into lujilt 
Malt'liouse, n. a house for making n.iilt in 
Maltreat, v. t. to tivat ill or an^iss, abusi* 
Nfa I'stcr, w. one whodcr.lsin malt 
-VlalvtTSMtioii, n. a mean artifice or evasiaii 
Mamnni, i\. a woixl usiMl for mother 
Mam'mtt, n. a puppet, a figure dresst.d up 
Mam'niillaiT, «^ bLioiiging to tlie paps 
Maiu'tMlis, //. coAiTie plain India nuislins 
Mam'nmn, //. i-ichcs, money, god of wealth 
Mam'nionist, n. one who doats on riches 
Mam'niolh, n. the name given to an animal 

oi' the ( U:pha:it kind, now extinct 
Man, V. tlu! human race, the male of mankind, 

a male ot'aciult yeai-s 
Man, 7'. to furnish with m»»n, 4itrengtl)en 
Man'aclL^, r. t. to chain tiic iiands, slackle, 

Mnn'acles, n. ph chains for the luunls 
Man'og*?, V. t. lo oondurt, Uiuisact, govern 
Man'age, Man'agcnient, n. e-onduct, goveru- 

ment, dealing, frugality, pi-udeiice, Ciue 
Man'ageablo, a. govei-nuhle, tractable 
-Nfan'ager, n. a conductor, frugal person 
Matichineol, 7t. a poisonous tropical tree 
Man'eipate, v. t. to enslave, bind, tie 
Mau'dariii, n. a Chinese magistrate 
Man'date, n. a command, oixicr, commission 
Mai/dator}'^, a. a commanding, enjoining 
Man'dible, n. the jaw ; a. eatable 
Man 'drake, n. a plant witli very odd roots 
Man'drel, n. a turner's wooden shank 
Mandu^lon, n. the act of chewing 
Mane, ii. long hair on the neck of a lioi*9e 
Milnefl, &lia<le<i, departed souls 
Maneuver, v. dextrous movement 
Mane6ver, v. to manage with address 
Man'ful, a. bold, brave, stout, courageous 
ManTiilly, €ul. boldly, stoutly, courageously 
Man'fulncss, n. boldness, great coma^c 
Mangcn^ac, u.a^vjViAjiWEi^wj^fiL^V^^^vjr^Vs^'^- 

and d\ffi6v\\\. U^ I^IiSA 


M A N 

Man'gincfls, n. a mangy state, Ecabbinoss 
Man'ger, 7i. a ti'ough to feed hoi*sc8 from 
Man'gle,r'. t. to cut in pioot-s, smooth linen 
Man'gle, instrument to smootliHncii 
JVIan'gler, ?«. one who mangles 
Man'gling, ?i. the act ofmanfj^ling, a hacking 
IVIan'go, n. a fruit fi*om Uie E. Indies, pickled, 

a gi'een musknielon piekled 
Maiv g}', a. infected vith tlie mange, scabby 
Man'hood n. a man's estate, courage 
]\Idniac, a. raving witli muditess 
Maniac, n. one raving with madness 
J\IanichjL>ans, (ch as k) n. hei-etics wlio held to 

two deities, liglit and darkrtess 
Man'ifest, a. plain, clear, evident, detected 
Mau'ifest, v. t. to niHke known, to show 
Man'ilest, n. an invoice of a cargo 
IVIan'ifestly, ad. plainly, clearly, evidently 
Manifest'©, n. a public pi*otestation, an edict 
Man'ifold, a. many, divers, rei)eate<l 
IVran'ifoIdly, ad. in a manifold manner 
IMau'ikin, n. a little man, a male child 
Manipulation, 7?. the act of performing opera- 
tions in the arts 
Man'killer, Mau'slayer, n. one who kills 

a man 
Mankind, n. tlie whole human race 
Man'less, a. having no men, unmanned 
Man'like, Man'ly, a. becoming a man, brave 
Man'liness^ n. braver}', stoutness, dignity 
Man'ly, ad. in a manlike manner 
Man'na, n. a drug, gum, food 
Man'ner, n. a form, custom, way, turn 
Man'nerlinesB, n. mannerly behavior 
Man'nerly, a. civil, complaisant, kind 
Man'ners, n. pi. studied civility, morals 
Man'nish, a. like a man, masculine, bold 
Man'or, n, a l(M*d'8 jurisdiction or estate 
Mandrial, a. belonging to a manor 
Manse, n. a parsonage or vicarage house 
ManVion, n. a dwelling house 
Man'slaughter, n. the killing of a person in a 
sadden passion without previous malice 
Muisuetudo, fi. tainenesa, gentleness 
^fan'teletj ff. a woman's short cloko 


Man'tic or Man'tletree, n. the part of gctm- 

ffiey in front lying on the jamb« • 
Man'tle, 71. a cloke ; v. to u'otii, cover 
Mai/tua, 71. a woman's gown [SO*Bs 

Man'tuainaker, n. one who makes womenri 
^lan'ual, a. performed by the hand 
Man'ual, n. a small book 
Manuduc'tion> n. a guidance by the hand 
Manufac'tui'al, a. relating to manufactone 
Manufac'ture, n. any thing made by art 
Manufac'lure, v. t. to make or form by art 
Manufac'turer, 7i. a maker, artificer 
Mauumis'^siou, n. the act of freeing slarcs 
Man'umit, v. to set free, release, (uschan;c 
Manurable, a. capable of being cultivated 
Manure, n. any thing that fertilizes land 
Manure, r. t. to dung, to enrich 
Manurement, 11. cultivation, improvement 
IMat/uscript, 71. a written book, written copy 
Ma"ny, (menny) a. numerous, several 
Map, n. a delineation of lands, eountrie% &>> 
M<iple, 11. the name of a well known tree 
Mar, V. t. to injure, hurt, damage 
Mar'abeut, 11, a Mohammedan prophet 
Marandtha, n. a Jewish form of eiu^ng 
]Mar'anon, n. a river in S. America, thcUilJt* 

in the world, improperly called AmaMB 
Maraud'er, n. a plundering soldier 
Maraud'ing, n. a quest (^plunder 
Mar'ble, n. a fine hard stone, a ball dTsfooe 
Mar'ble, v. t. to vein or stain like marble 
Mar'ble, a. made of or stained like rotunUe 
Mar'blehearted, a. hardhearted, unfeetiof 
Marces'cent, a. withering, &ding, deci^yinf 
Marcess'ible, a. liable to wither or fade 
March, n. the thiitl month, a movemei** 

soldiers, procession, solemn walk <Nrtqpc. 
March, v. to move in a militarj' manner [ff* 
Mai'^chioness, (ch as sh) ?i. tlie lady of a Jj 
Mar'cid, a. lean, i>oor, withered [^ 

Marcid'ity, Marcor, n, leanness, a trt** * 
Mare, 11. tlie female of the horee kind 
Mar'eschal, n. the commander of an vnoj. 
X'^m' ^v\, Ki. ^xv^A«i , border, brim, side 


: in or relatine to the margin 

title of sovereignty 

he territory of a margrave 

; name of a yellow flower 

e) a. relating to the sea 

•soldier, body of a fleet 

ilor, a seaman 

y : 71. a fen, a bog 

lining to a husband 

pine, joining to the sea 

sweet, smelling herb 

t a token, object to shoot at, 

in, note, proof, evidence 

2 a mark, note, observe 

je tent for officers 

leal at market, purchase 

ice and time of sale, price 

saleable, fit for market, cur- 


day for market 
me who sells aCHnarket 
a place for market 
the current price 
fii town that has a market. 
n. she that attends market 
ne who can hit a mark ' 
>f clay, a good manwe 
1 marl 

larly, partaking of marl 
cd hemp dipped in pitch 
; where marl is dug 
ding with or like marl 
|[uiaces boiled in sugar 
elating to marble ' 
ladruped that burrows 
;e black living on the hills in 

tie next below a duke 

he seignory of a marquis 

■i joining man and woman for 

:. of a fit age to be married 
ned in marriage^ united 
jstatwein bones [knee 

.1 bone with JDarrow^ (he 


M A S 


Mar'rowfat, «. a lai'ge pea 
Mar'rowless, a. void or destitute of marrow 
Mar'r)', v. to join or be joined in marriage 
Marsh, fi. a fen, swamp, watery ground 
Mar'shal, v. t. to range, to put in order 
Mar'shal, n. an officer of an army, a sheriff 
Mar'shaller, n. one who ranges in order 
Marshmal'low, n. a kind of plant or herb 
Marsli'y, a. fenny, bog^y, swampy 
Mart, n. a place of public sale, a market 
Mar'tiii, n. a bird, a quadruped 
Mar'tial, a. warlike, bold, like iron 
Mart'inct, Martlet, n. a small martin 
Mart'ingal, n. a strap used to curb a hoi^e 
Mail'inmas, ?i. the festival of St. Martin 
Mar'tyr, 7i. one who dies for the truth 
Mar'tyr, v. U to put to death for opinion 
Mar'tyrdom, n. the death of a martyr 
Martyrol'ogy, n. a register of mailyrs 
Mar'vel, v. t. to wonder; n. a wonder 
Mar^vellous, a. wonderful, astonishing 
Mar'vellously, ad. wonderfully, strangely 
Maryland, n. one of the United States 
Mas'culine, a. male, like a man, strong 
Mas'culinely, ad. in a masculine manner 
Mas'culineness, n. masculine bchanor 
Mash, n. bran and water, a mesh 
JVlash, V. t. to mingle, bruise, squeeze 
Mask, n. a disguise, entertainment i 
Mask, V. to disguise, hide, eonccaT 
Mask'er, n. one who revels in. a mask 
M^son, n. one who lays walls, a member of 

the fraternity <rf Freemasons 
Mason'ic, a. relating to Masons 
Masonry, ii. work of masoni^ science or se- 
crets of freemasonry 
Mas'qucrade, n. a masked assembly 
Mass, n. a lump, service of the RomLdi charch 
Mas'sacre, v. t. to kill indiscriminately 
Mas'saci*e, n. bntchery, cama^, murder 
Massachusetts, n. one of the United Statt^s 
Mass'iness, Mass'ivcuesa^ ti. Vi^v^gaX-^VsfsS^ 
Mas&'We, M^ass!^ , a, ^cv-^Vs ^VviSN-^ C^xJ^ 
j J^Iaat, 11. t\\e \>r\TvtAV8i^ «V<« >^^ ^ ^^^^ ^xvt^^>v^ 
I upon tVt<i Vefc\, lOMWtv^ w^ "k*^^"^ 


M A T 

Mast'etl, a. fitted or fumished with a nasi 
Mast'er, n. the chief in any place or things 
Mast'er, v. t. to conquer, tame, inile 
Mast'enlom, n. rule, dcwiiiiioD, power 
Mast'erhand, n. a person very skilful 
Mast'erly, a. skilful, excellent 
Mast'erpiece, n. a chief performance 
Mast'ership, n. headship, supcrionty, skill 
Mast'ery, n. rule, dominion, conquest, skill 
Mast'ful, a. abounding irith roasts 
Mast'icatc, v. t. to chew, grind, eat 
Mastication, n. the act of chewing 
Mast'ic, n. a tree, a resin flowing from the 

TORstic, used in vamislung, a cement 
Mast'iff, ft. a very large fierce dog 
Mat, n. something made of rushes, &c. 
Mat, V. t. to lay &it, entangle 
Mat'ad(»«, n, the aces and deuces of clubs and 

spades and seven of hearts and diamonds in 

Match n. a oonjtest, an equal, mfuriagc, what 

catches fire 
Match, V. to pair, marry, suit, equal 
Match'able, a. that may be matched 
Match'lesSf a. haxdng no equal 
Mate, n. a companion, second in command 
Mate, V. t. to match, equal, many, subdue 
Material, a. corporeal, essential, important 
Materialism, n. the doctrines of materialists 
Materialist, n. one who denic« the existence 

of the soul or spirit 
Materiality, n. material or bodily existence 
Materialize, v. t. to reduce to matter 
Materially, cui. in a state of matter, essentially 
Materials, what any thing is made of 
Mater'nal, a. motherly, fond, indulgent 
Mathemat^ical, a. relating to the m^ematics 
Mathemat^ically, ad. according to mathe- 
matics [lea 
Mathemati^cian, n. one versed in onathemat- 
Mathemat'ics, n. pL the science of number 

and measure 
Math^'elJa, n. the doetnne of matheiOfttics 

A&^/y, a. used in the mormng 


MsLtricie, ]\fdtrix, n. the womb, a mold 
Mat'ricidc, n. the murder ch* murderer cf t 

Matric'ulate, v. t. to enter youths in oolle^ 
^fatric'ulatc, n. one who is matriculated 
MatricuUtion, n. the act qf matriculating 
Matrim6nial, a. pertaining to maiTiage 
Matrimonially, ad. by tlie laws of marriiige 
Mat'riraony, n. marriage, wedlock 
Mat'ron, n. a grave and elderly woman 
Mat'ronal, a. suitable to a matitm, motho^y 
Matross' n. a common soldier in tlie artillenr 
Mat'ter, n. body, materials, a subject, afir, 

importance, object, purulent running 
Mafter, v. to produce matter, signify, reprA 
Mat'tock, n. a pick ax, tool to grub trees up 
Mat'trcss, n. a kind of quilted bed to lie on 
Maturation, n. a ripening, suppuration 
Maturative, a. ripening, digestive 
Mati'ire, a. rix>e, i>erfected, well digested 
Mature, v. tcr ripen, perfect, consider well 
Maturely, ad. with counsel, well digested 
Maturity, n. ripeness, perfection 
Mandolin, a. drunk, fuddled ; 71. a plant 
Mau'ger, ad. in open defiance of, ob. 
Maul, V. t. to beat grossly, to biniisc 
Maul, n. a heavy wooden hammer 
Mausoleum, n. a poni\K)Us monument 
Maw, n. the stomach, the ci*aw 
Maw'kish, a. unsa\Dr}', sickish, saueamiib 
Maw'kishness, n. a mawkish quality or state 
Maw '-worm, n. a worm in the stomach 
^fax'illary, a, belonging tathc jaw bone 
^Max'iin, n. a general principle, an axiom 
May, V. to have liberty or power 
May, V. f . to gatlier flowers in May 
May, n. the 5th month, the gay part of life 
Miiyday, n. the first day of May 
Mayflower, «► the name of a flower 
M^y^ame, n. a sport, amusement 
Maying, n. tlie gathering of flowers in M>J 
M:iyor, n. the <mief magistrate of a ei^ 
Mayoralty, n. the office of a ma3ror 

M E C 

n. the jav, a cherry 
', Mazan^ne, n. a deep blue * 

a labyrinth, astonishment 
intricate^ perplexed, confused 
. the objective case df / 
a liquor from honey, a meadour 
, n. a rich grass^ficld, low land by 
r bottom 

(g hard) a. lean, thin, poor, starved 
iss, n. leanness, thinness, poorness 
grain ground to a powder, the food 
t one eating 

. to sprinkle or mix with meal 
I, n. a mealy state, softness 
, n, a person wito deals iu meal 
dusted with meal, soft, pulpy 
athed, a. unable to speak freely 
low, sordid, medial, aventge 
medium, instrument, income 
t. meant, pi'et. meant, pa. to intend, 
have in mind or view 
, n. a windine in a stream 
, V. i, to wind in running 
n, an intention, purpose, sense 
\d. without dignity, basely 
, 71. lowness, pitifulness, soixlidness 
^, Meanwhile, ad. in the time passing 
\ two events 

Measly, a. spotted, with measles 
ri, a disease in men, swine, and trees 
lile, a. that may be measured 
3ly, ad. with due measure 
, n. what gives the quantity of any 
cadence in verse, time in music, de- 
•ortion, a transactiou or means to an 

, v. t. to coinpuU', allot, take dimen- 

mtain in length, ^i-c. 

ess, a. immense, Innrndless, infinite 

aent, n. a mensuration 

p, n. one who measures 

J, n. ways, means, proceeding 

lesh to be eaten, food, provisions 

ing, n. an offering to he CAten 

, (cii aa k) 71. an ardScer 

M E E 


MeehaI/ioal,^a. done by mechanics t>r art 
Mechan'ieally, ad. in a mechanical manner 
Mcchan'ics, n.pL the science or laws of fores, 

or of machinery to apply force 
Mech'anism, n. construction of a body* 
Med'al, n. a coin stamped with a device 
Medal'lic, a. pertaining to medals 
Medaliion, n. a medal or its representation 
Medial ist, n. a person skilled in medals 
Med'dle, v. i. to interpose, concern 
Med'dler, n. a busy>body in another's affairs 
Mcd'dlesome, Med'dling, tu officious, busy 
Medial, a. noting a mean or average, also oAe 

kind of alligation 
Mediate, v. to endeavor to reconcile 
Mediate, a. middle, acting as a mean 
Mediately, ad. by a secondary cause 
Mediation, ?i. an interposition, agency 
Mediator, n. an intercessor, kind adviser 
Mediatdrial, a. belonging to a mediator 
Mediatorship, n. the office of a mediator 
Mediatrix, n. a female intercessor 
Med'icable, a, that may be cured or healed 
Med'ical, Medi^cinal, a. relating to healing 
Med'ically, Medi"cinally, ad, physically 
Med'icament, n. any tlung used in healing 
Med'icate, v. t. to tincture witli mcdiciueii 
Medi"cinable, a. having the power of phybie 
Med'icine, n. physic, a i<emedy ; v. ^. to fuyvie 
Medioc'rity, «. a middle state, moderation 
Med'itate, iJ. t. to think, muse, contrive 
Meditation, n. contemplation, thought 
Med'itative, a. g^ven to meditation 
Mediterranean, a. surrounded with land 
Medium, 71. a mean, a middle state or placcj a « 

kind of printing paper, average state 
Med'lar, ii. the name of a tree or its fruit ' 
Med'ley, n. a mixture, miscellany 
Medul'lary, a. pertaining to marrow, pithy 
Meed, n. a reward, recompense, present 
Meek, a. mild, soft, gentle, lowly, humble 
Meeken, v. t. to make meek, humble 
Meekly, ad. mlUUy ^ w^^X^ ^^^^ Obns^^ 
MeeVnea8,n. wiAW«i^^v.^«i^^»'»^"*^'^ 


M E M 

Meet, V. met,pret. met, pa. to come togoihcr, 

ioin, unite, face, find, encounter 
]Vfcct, a. fit, proper, suitable, becomiii)* 
Meeting, n. an assembly, congi-c^tiou 
Meetingliouse, 71. a place of worship 
Aleetly, (ul. fitly, properly, duly 
^ M eetness, n. fitness, pronriety, suitableness 
IVfeci'lm, n. a painful giddiness in the head 
Memcotoon', 71. a large late peach 
Melancholic, (ch as k) a. low in S|Mnt8| de- 
Merancholyj n, madness, gloominess 
Mel'ancholyy a. dejected, calamitous 
Metises, 71. a syrup drained from muscovado 

sugar, when ooobng 
!M61iorate, v. t. to make better, imi)rove 
Melioration, n. an improvement 
Mel'leous, a. like honey, sweet 
Melliferous, a. productive of honey 
Mollification, «. the act of making honey 
Mellifluent, a. flowing with honey 
Mellifluous, a. sweetly flowing 
Mel'low, V. to soften, grow soft, ripen 
Mel'low, a. soft, full-ripe, nice, merry 
Mellowness, n. softness, ripeness, maturity 
Melodious, a. harmonious, mjusical 
Melodiously, ad. raueically, harmoniously 
Me16dJousness, Mel'ody, n. music, harmony 
Mel'odise, v. t. to render musical 
MeVon, n. the name of a delicioiis fruit 
Melt, V. meltQAfpret. melted, pa. to make-or 

become liquid, soften, waste 
Melt'er, n. one who melts metals 
Melt'ingly, ad. with great feeling 
Mcm'ber, n. a limb, clause, one of a body 
Mem'bership, n. the bcin^ a member 
Membranaceous, a. consisting of a mem- 
Mem'bi*ane, n. a coat or film of fibi-es 
MembMuous, a. eonusting of m«mbi-anes 
Memenf o, 7L a hint to awaken the memory 
^ Mem'oir, 7%. an account of any Oiing 

A/em^€»vh/e, a, >rort/iy of remembrance 
^em^orabfy^ aei. in h memorahie manner 
-afemormd^uin, n. a note to help the memory 

M E R 

xVlemorial, ft. something to preserre nuaamjt 

a token, a representation of facts, t6fl0iif» 

nied with a ]>etltion 
Mem6rial, a. preserving remembranee 
Memorialist, 71. one who presents a memoikl 
Memdmlize, v. t. to present a memorial to' 
Mem'cny, n. remembrance, recolleclioa 
Mcm'phian, a. pertaining to Memphis, die 

ancient capital of Egypt, very dark Gke 

Egypt in the days of Mosea 
Men, 7t. pi. di man 

Men'ace, v. t. to threaten ; n. a threat 
Men'acer, tl one who threatens 
Menage, 7i. a collection of binite animals 
Mend, v. to repair, improve, gi-ow better 
Mend'er, n. one who mends 
Men'dicancy, n. beggary, state of begging 
Mend'icant, a. begging ; n. a beggar 
Meml'icate, v. t. to ask alms or charity 
Mendi"city, »i. beggary, indigence 
Menh^en, n. a species of small fish 
Menial, c. domestic, low ; n. a domestic 
Menol'ogy,' n. a register ci* months 
Men'pleaser, n. one too fond of pleasing OMft 
Men'sal, a. belonging to a table 
Men'strual, a. monthly, once in amontli 
Men'struum, n. a substance which dissolves 
Men'surable, a. measurable, having limits 
Mensuniuon, n. act or result oi measunhg 
Ment'al, a. belonging to the mind 
Ment'ally, ad. in the mind, intellectually 
Men'tiou, w. an expression in words 
Men'tion, v. t. to express in wwds or wri^ 
Ment6rial, a. like Mentor, counsellit^ V 
Mephit'ic, a. poisonous, noxious 
Mer'cantile, a. trading, commercial 
Aicr'cenariness, n. a mercenary dispositionL 
Mcr'cenary, a. mean, selfish, hired 
Mer'cenary, n. a hired soldier, hireling 
Mei*'cer, 71. one who sells or deals in lulks 
Mer'cery, n. the trade or goods of a meroflc 
Mer'chandize, n. commerce, wares, goods 
Mer'chandize, v. i. to ti-ide, to trafBck 
\'t\\ttsv\^T\. wv^njUq deals in merchandiic 

M £ S 

ft. a ahlp employed in trade 
mpassionate, tender, kind 
. compassionately, tenderly 
t. mercy, compassion 
did of pity, haixlhearted 
f. in a merciless manner 
imposed of quicksilver 
prepai'tioii of quicksilver 
icksilver, a plaAet 
compassion, tenderness 
table of gold set over the ark 
unmixed, this ouly fdary 

» a monument to mark a boun- 
ply, singly, only, solely 
2. lewd, gaudy, false 
, ad. lewdly, like a liarlot 
line from nortli to south which 
:s at noon 

id'ional, a. southern, highest 
'.d. in a line witli the meridtan 
eserve, claim as a right 
iousuess, 71. desert, a claim 
deserving of reward or lionor 
id. in H deserving manner 
, n. tlie state of deserving 
/line, n. a hawk, a fish 
abulous sea-woman 
eerfuUy, jovially, gaily 
i. to feast, rev«l, be jovial 
river in New-Hampshire 
^r'riness, n. cheerfulneaa 
rful,. laughing, jovial 
, n. one who plays tricks 
n. a forked bone of a fowl 
p. so it appears to me 
a membrane which connects 
to the vcitebers of the loins 
ttch or lake in a net 
>etM-ecn thi*eds of a net 
ud of net work 

itui'e of grain, wheat and rye 
ng together, portion of food 
n in mess, eat together 
eirand, aiUice sent, aeoount 
7c v'/io ciurios a.'i errand 




Mcssi'ah, n.ihe anointed, the CHRIST 
Mes'^ieurSy n. pi. Sirs ! Gentlemen ! 
Mess'mate, n. one who eats at tlie same table 
Mes'suage, n. a small bouse, any house 
M estee, n. the offspring of a quadroon by a 

white man, a person of mixed blood 
Met'al, n. a hard body, courage 
Metal'Uc, a. consisting of metal 
Met'alline, a. impregnated with metal 
Met'allist, n. one skuled in mctala 
Metariurgist, n. one skilled in refining metals 
Afetallog^raphy, n. a description ci metaU 
Metariuivy, n. the art of working aietab 
Metamor^hic, a. changing forms 
Metamor'phose, v.t.Xo emmne the shape 
Metamor'phosis, n. a transformation 
Met'aphor, n. a change firom a natural to 9. 

figurative sense 
Metaphor'ical, a. not literal, figurative 
Metaphor'icaliy, ad. in a fig«irative manner 
Metaphys'ical, a. relating to metaphyaioa 
Metaphys'ically, ad. by metaphysics 
Metaphysi^'cian, n. one versed in mctaphysfes 
Metaphys'ics, n. tlie science of immaterial 

Mete, V. to measure, take measure 
Meteor, n. a transient luminous appeahmce or 

fire ImU, any phenomenon in the air 
Meteor'ic, a. pertaining to meteors 
Meteorolo^gical, a. relating to meteors, fiery 
Meteorol'<^, n. the doctrines of meteors 
Metcorouss a. like a meteor, vaporous 
Meter, n. a measure of verses 
Methc^in, n. a drink of honey and water 
Methinks', v. imp I tluuk^it seems 
Meth'od, n. order, regularity, rule, manner 
Method'ical, a. ranged in onler, regular 
Method'ically, cul. according to oitler 
>roth'odise, v. t. to dispose in order 
Mcth'odism, n. the doctrines and worshiii oi' 

a denomination f£ Christians 
Metli'odist, n. an adherent to methodism 
Methodist'ic, a. \u w«n\\«?c <JL Tft«ftBKiiSJfl*3K 
MetrkaX, a. ^t\sOT«»!^\o vftMVsst^^we^as^ 
M^;trop'o^is, ». t^ <3^^ wX^ ^ %«qi^>ss 


M I G 

Metropot'iiaii, n. an archbishop 
Meti'o^>oritMi, n. belonging to a metropolis 
IVfet'tIc, n. spirit, courage, fire, vivadtj- 
Mettled, a. spirited, courageoas, bold 
jMet'tlesome, a. spirited, lively, gay, bnsk 
IVIew, n. a cage, coop, inclosure, seafowl 
?Me\v, V. to shut up, molt, ciy as a cat 
!!SKjw1, v. i. to squitll or cry as a young child 
Alczzotint'o, n. an engraving u|>on copper 
Miasm, or Mias'nia, n. noxious effluvia 
Miasmat'ic, a. pcitaining to noxious effluvia 
Mich'oelmas, (ch ask) n. feast ot* St. Michael 
Mich'ing, a. lying, laid, meanly retirii>g from 

Mic'kle, a. much, great ; n. a great deal, ob. 
Microcosm, n. the little world, man 
Microscope, n. a magnifying instrument 
Microscop'ic, a. like a microscope, very small, 

visible by the microscope only 
Mill, MidMle, Midst, a. between two" 
Mid'day, n. the middle of the day 
Mid'dle, Midst, n. the middle part or time 
Mid'dleaged, a. about the middle of life 
Mid'dlemost, Mid'most, a. nearest the middle 
Middling, a. oisi middle rank, moderate 
Mid'heaven, n. the middle \K>int of the sky 
Mid'land,fi. in the middle of the land 
Mid'night, n. the middle pkrt of night 
Mid'rin, n. the diaphragm, separating the up- 
per part of the body from the abdomen 
Mid'shipman, «. an officer in a man of war 
Mid'sunimer, n. the summer-solstioe 
Mid' way, ad. in the middle of a passage 
Mid' wife, n. one who delivers women 
Mid'wifery, n. the art of delivering women 
Mid' winter, n. the wuiter-solstice 
Mien, n. an air, look, countenance, manner 
Mill', n. a sli^t resentment, peevishness 
Miff, V. t. to affront, to excite slight anger 
MiyM, H. power, strength, force 
Mi^Atily, ad. powerfully, strongly 
Mjj^Atiness, «. power, greatness, dignity 
M/f-Aty-, a, powerful, strong, excellent 
M/fixntc, V. /. to change place of rcsidetvcc 
-ffjgj'ift/an, n. the aat oiVtangini? resVlenwi 



IMigratoiy, a. rovior, wandering ' ' 

Milch, a. giving miUc, supplying with nnft 
Mild, a. kind, gentle, calm, soft, melkiw 
Mil'dew, H. a disease in plants or cloth 
Mil'dew, V. t. totunt with mildew 
Mildly, ad. kindly, gently, softly, easily 
Mildness, n. gentleness, softness 
Mile, n. a land measure of 1760 yards 
Mileage, n. fees paid for travel by the milto 
Milestone, n. a stone to mark miles oa 
Mil'foil, n. an hed) called yarrow 
Mil'iary, a. like millet, very small 
Mil'itan^ a. fighting, engaged in warfare 
Mil'itary, a. warlike, suiting a soldier 
Mil'itary, «. soldiers or troops in generti 
Mil'itate, v. i. to war, oppose, contradict 
Mili"tia,n. a national force, trainbands 
Milk, 71. a liquid drawn from animals 
Milk, V. i. to draw milk from a cow, &C; 
Milk'er, 7i. one that draws milk 
Milk'iness, n. softness, meekness 
Milk'livered, a. cowardly, fainthearted 
Milk'mfud, n. a woman employed inadakT 
Milk'man, n. a man that carries about miu 
Milk'pail, n. a ycssoI used to contain milk 
Milk'pan, n. a vessel to hold milk 
Milk'score, n. a scored account of milk 
Milk'sop, n. an efleminatq man, a fop 
Milk'tooth, n. a tootli of a foal 3 months oU 
Milk'white, a. white as milk, very white 
Milk'woman, n. a woman who sells milk 
Milk'y, a. made of, yielding or like milk 
Milk3rway, n. a wWte track in the heavenf 
Mill, n. an eiigiuc to gi*ind or cut with, a «■ 
inal coin of the U. States, value the tarf 
part of a cent and the (iiousandth of a doBi 
Mdl, v.i. io grind, beat up, stamp coin 
Mill'cog, n. the tooth of a wheel in a raill^ 
Mill'dam, 7i. a dam to keep water for a nritt 
MjU'enju'v, a. consisting of a thousand. 
Millcn'nial, a. relating to the millenium 
MjHen'nium, n. Christ's reign of 1000 ye«r» 
Mill'eped, n. an insect of many feet 
\M5L\Y\iT,u.^vtfs,N«\vvi^\RwlH a mill, an ifll^ 
\ Vv\\v ^Vl9\V V\w^5\ 

M I N 

a. a tliousaiullh 
fish, a plant for food 
one \vho inak(^ women's caps 
I. caps, ribbands, l)onncts, iie, 
I Btamping or i)oUshing in a loill 
en liiiiidre<l thousand 
. the ten ]iundred thousandth 
. an insect somewhat like a beetle 
. water r»i»cd for a mill 
a canal to convey water to or 
1 or tlie current of water 
. a stone to giMnd corn with 
. pi. large teeth, the gnnders 
ipleen, the sperm of a iish 
to ape, imitate, ritlicule 
le who imitates another 
I'ical, a. acting the mimic 
imitation, buffoonery 
a small spire or steeple 
cut very small, clip, lessen 
3at cut small and heated, a hash 
2d. in small parts, not fully 
lligent power, inolinadon 
aark, heed, regard, attend 
ii. rcgardea, disposed, inclined 
n. disposition, temper of mind 
egai'dtul, observant, attentive 
I'eeartUess, inattentive, careless 
jclbnging to me only 
ace where minerals are dug 
ig mines, sap, destroy slowly 
terson who digs mines 
!iny substance dug from mines 
consisting of or like fossil bodies 
t. one who is skilled in minerals 
ii. a treatise on minerals 
i a. pertaining to niinerali^ 
:, 71. one who- describes minerals 
to mix, blend, compound 
. mixtuixj, confused mass 
;. a likeness in a small ccunpass 
dwarf, note in music 
n obsequious favorite 
to make ]es3, imp^r, ob. 
9 high ofRe^V; c/<?rjj;»TDan, agent 



IMiii'ister, v. to give, supply, yield, serve 
Ministerial, a. i*elating to a minister of chuitiL 

or state 
Ministerially, ad, \iy minstry 
Min'istery, ». an omce, service o6. 
Min'istrant, a. attendant, acting ai commaDd 
Ministration, n. an office, function, agency 
Min'istry,«. office, service, agency 
Min'inm, ji. the red oxyd of lead 
Mink, n. a small (quadruped, valued for fur 
Min'now, n. a very small fish 
Minor, a. less, small, petty, inconsiderable 
Minor, n. one under age 
Minor'ity, i\. the being under age, a less num- 
ber than half 
Mhiotaur, n. a fabled monster 
Minister, n. a catliedral church, monastery 
Min'strel, n. an ancient musician 
Min'strclsey, ?t. company of misstrels 
Mint, V. t. to coin, stamp money, invent 
Mint, n. a sweet ]t1ant, a place for coining 
Mint^agc, n. duty for coimng, what is ccMued 
Mint'er, Mint'man, n. a coiner 
Min'uety n. a graceful and regular dance 
Min'utc, n. 60th part of an hour, abstract 
Min'ute, v. t. to note in few words 
Minilite, a. small, little, trifling, exact 
Min'utebook, i\. a book to note hints in 
Min'utegun, n. a gun fii-cd eveiy minute 
Min'utclj-, a. dcme o'eiy minute, short 
Minutely, ad. to a small point, exactly 
MinlitcneBS, n. smallness, exactness 
Minx, «. a pert wanton girl, a she puppy 
M/nv, a. abounding with mines 
Mi/acle, n. M>me a^t or event that is beyond 

the ordinary laws of nature, « wonder 
Mirac'ulous, a. supernatural, wonderful 
Mirac'ulously» ad. by miracle, -wonderfully 
Mirac'ulousness, n. a miraeulmijii state 
Mire, v. t. to soil with mire, td fix in mud 
Mire, n. mud, wet dirt, filth, soft earth 
Mir'ror, n. a looking-glass, a ]^ttem 
Mirth, n. wvetriHvCTvV ^gK^^ita ^V^^&iS:^ 
MirtV\'fu\,tt. mv.iYV,^^,«hRNt:Av^ ^ 

Miry, a.?u\\ Q^mvw,ii«^ v^^^^-^^^^ 



Misacc'cptition, n. a taking in a vrong sciise 
^.fisadven'ture, n. aniiscliaiice 
Misadven'turud, a. unfortunate, unlucky 
MisadvJs«, v. t. to u;ivc wrong advice 
Misadvised, part, advisj'd amiss, ill-directed 
Misaimed, a. not duly directed 
Mis'anthi-ope, 7i. a hater of mankind 
JMi8an'thropy, aversion to niankind[|)oses 
Misapplication^ n. an ai)p)ying to wrong pur> 
Misapply', v. t. to apply wrong 
^lisapprehend', v. t. to mistake 
Misapprchcn^'sion, n. misconceptioa 
Misarrange', v, t. to place in a wrong order 
Misarrangc'mcnt, ?i. a wrong order 
Misaseribe, v. t. to ascribe talsely or wrong 
Misassign, v. t. to assign erroneously 
Misbecome', v. i. not to suit or fit 
Misbehave, v. i. to behave improperly 
Misbehiivior, n. ill conduct, bad practice 
Misbelief, n. a false belief, wrong faith 
Misbeliever, n. otte who holds a false religion 
Miscair, V. i. to name improperly 
AliscaKculate, v. t. to reckon wi-ong 
Miscalculation, n. wrong calculation 
Miscar'riage, n. an aboilion, fiulure, fault 
;^IJscar'ry, xk i. to liavc an abortion, fail 
]Miscast', V. t. miscast, pret. miscast, pa. to 

take a wrong or false account 
Miscellan^rian, a. pertaining to miscellany 
Miscellaneous, a. mixed, of various kinds 
Miseell^eously, ad. in a mixed manner 
Mis'ccllany, n. a collection of varioavtliiogs 
Mischance', n. ill fortune^ mi8£:)rtune r 

Mischargc', n. a mistake in charging 
Misehargc', v. t. to make ^ mistake in entry 
Mis'ehieT, n. harm, hurt, disturbance 
Mis'chievous, a. hurtful, malicious 
?M?«'chievoualy, ad. hurtfulhr, -^iHickedly 
Alis'cliievonsiiess, n. wickedness, harm 
'Mis'cibley a. t)iftt can be mixed t<^ther 
l^Iiscitation, n. a false quotation 
^iiscl.'itm, n. a mistaken or improper claim 
^fhcoaeep'tion, tu a false opinion 

£^/3eon^duot, n. bad man&gcment 

'ifffeQndwt', V, /. toi5on<JuBtarais9, mismanage 


MisconstEUc'tioD) n. wrong interpretatiosi 
Miscons'true, v. t. to interpret wrcHig 
Miscount', 'V. t to count or reckon vrQO|| 
Mis'creant, n. an unbeliever, a vile wretth 
Misdeed, n. an evil action, fault, offense 
Misdeem, v. t. to judge ill or amiss 
Misdem^an, v. t. to behave ill, act amiss 
Misdemeanor, n. a {R'tty offense, ill behavior 
Mistlii'cct', V. t. to direct wrong 
Misdd, V. misdid, pret. misdone, pa. to do or 

act M'rong, to commit a fault 
Misdoer, n. one wlio acts amiss, an offender 
Misdou^', V. t. Xib suspect ; n. suspicion 
Misemploy', v. t. to use to bad purposes 
Misemploy'ment, n. an improper use 
Misen'tiy, 71. an erroneous entry or charge 
Miser, n. one who is covetous to excess 
Mis'erablc, a. uidiappy, wretched, mean 
Mis'erably, ad. unhappily, wretchedly 
Mis'ery, 71. wretchedness, misfortune 
Misfash'ion, v. t. to shape amii^ 
Misform', v. t. to form badly or amiss 
Misfor'tune, n. calamity, a bad event 
Misgive', v. i. miss^\fi,pret. misgiven, 

fill wiUi doubt, fail, give way 
Misgov'ernment, n. an ill administration 
Misguidance, n. a false guidance 
Misguide, v. t. to direct ill, lead wrong 
Mishai/, 71. an ill cliauce, cross event 
Misimprove', v. t. to use to a bad purpose 
Misimprove'ment, n. ill or wrong Use 
Misinfer', v. t. to infer wrong, to err 
Misinform', v. t. to ^vc a false account 
MisinformJition, n. talse intelligence 
Misinter'pret, v. i. to interpret wrong 
Misjoin', v. t. to join improperly 
Misjudge', v. t. to judge wrong or amisS 
Mislay, v. t. to Iky in a wrong place, to lose 
Mislead, lead into eri*or, deceive 
Misl^ader, n. one who misleads 
Mislike, V. t. to dislike, disapprove (^ ■ 
Mislike, n. dislike, distaste, disapprobaUon 
Misniau'age, v. t. to manage badly 
iM^vsmsitv'Qii^Tcv^^t^Ti. bad management 


match unsuitably 
5hTI by a wrongs name 
not to observe accurately 
conduct ill ; n. disonlcr 
lordcrlv, irregular 
pell wrong 

»pend ainise, lavish a-way 
>rodigal, lavish person 
*ct of spending impi*operly 
a wrong notion 
dace wrong, mislay 
point or divide wrong 
print erroueously 
Tor in printing 

quote falsely or wrong 
rroneous recital 
repeat or relate M-roug 
3 compute wrong 
relate inaccurately 
alsc or inaccurate account 
f. not to remember right 
give a false account 
m report, false account 
'. to represent falsely 
, n. wrong representation 
ion, tumult, disoi*der 
/Oman, mistake 
, to escape, fail, want 
r book, mass book 
serve unfaithftilly 
shape or form ill 
ay be thrown by the hand 
ling, legation, commission 
? sent to spread religion 
jirc of rivers, the great river 
le U. States westward 
.s may be sent or shot 
ienger sent, letter sent 
lit which grows on another 
support from it 
ipcak wrong or<miss 
fog, dimness 
11 fine (\rop6 
nionfiJ riTOr 



Mistake, r. to conceive wrong, to err 
Mistaken, a. wh<in used of a person denotes 
oroncova ; when used of a thing, miscon- 
Misfikenly, ad. by mistalce, eri-oneously 
M;sUitc, V. i. to slaie eri-oncously 
Mistatement, n. an erroneous stJitemcnt 
Misteach, v. t, to teach wrong or amiss 
Mistcm'per, v. t. to temper ill, distemper 
Mis'ter, n. the common title of addi'ess to a 

man, corruptiul from master • 

3Iisterm', v. t. to name eri-oneously 
Misthink', v. to err in thinking 
Mistfme, r. t. not to time right 
Mist'iness, n. a falling of fine rain, mist 
^listle, V. i. to £%ll as mist 
Mist'lv, ft. raining as mist 
Mist'ress, n. a woman who governs 
Mistrust', 7/. suspicion : v. t. to suspect 
Mistriist'ful, a. suspicious, diffident 
Mistrust^fulncss, n. suspicion, doubt 
Mistnist'less, «. confident, unsuspecting 
Mist'y, a. raining in fine drops, moist 
Misundefstand', v. t. to misconceive 
Misunderstand'ing, n. a disagreement 
Mistjsagc, Misuse, n. ill ti-eatment, abuse 
Misuse, V. U to treat improperly, to abuse 
Misuser, n. abuse, wrong application 
Mite, n. a very small insect, small thing 
Mif igate, v. t. to alleviate, lessen, ease 
Mitigation, n. alleviation, diminution 
Ifiter, 71. a bishop's cap, a term in joinery 
Mitered, a. adomod with a miter 
Miftens, gloves without fingers 
Mit'timos, n. a warrant of oommitnicnt 
Mfty, a. having or abounding with mites 
Mix, V. t. to mingle, m[ake, form, join 
Mix'tKNi, Mix'Hre, n. a mixing, things mixed 
Miz'«n, n. the mast in the stem of a ship 
^loan, V. i. to grieve ; n. a lain^itatioii 
Moat, n. a ditch made round a castle, 8cc. 
Moat, r. t. to iiurround with a moat 
Mob, n, a v.'0\c\W^t\Ji^, cwy«^^\ra^K^aR^ 
Mob, r . t . V.rv t\o1, \iV\as^ Vv^v*. \a.O^ 


M 1 


AAobil'ity, n. the populace 

Moc'casoii or Mog'gasonyMok'casBui fi. a riioc 

o\ nolt leather widioiit a sole 
Mock, V. t. to (Icride, mimic, rlecoivc 
Mock, a. fulse, counterfeit ; n. ridicule 
Mock'er 71. one who mocks or deridcB 
Mock'eiT, n. derision, ridicule, vaiit «liew 
Mock'in^ly, ad. in the way of mockery 
Moilai, a. relating to the moile or form 
ModaVity, n. accidental difference 
Mode, n. a form, fashion, way, appetirance 
Mod'el, n. a copv, pattern, nioltf 
Mod'el, V. t. to tashion, shape, mold 
Mod'eller, n. a former, desipn^'r, contriver 
'M<Mrerate, a, temperate, s<^ber, mild 
Mod'erate, v. t. to i*egnlatc, p;oveni, allay 
Mod'eratcly, ad. temperately, mildly 
Moderation, n. temperateness, mikiness 
Moderator, n. one who rules or presides 
Moderitorship, n. the office of moderator 
Mod'em, a. late, recent, new, common 
Mod'ernize, v. t. to make modern 
Mod'emisn^ n. a deviation from custom 
Mod'erns, s. people of late or present times 
Mod'est, a. chaste, diflfident, moderate 
Mod'estly, ad. with modesty, chastely 
Mod'esty, n. chas^ty, diffidence, humility 
Mod'icam,n. sm^l portion, a pittance 
Mod'ifiable, a. that may be xriodiiicd 
Modific^ition, n. the act of modifying 
Mod'ify, V. t. to shape, change the fonn 
Modil'lioD, n. a kind of bracket 
M6dish, a. fashionable, tasty, airy, gay 
M6dishly, ad. in a modish manner 
Mwlislmess, n. an affectation of the fashion 
Mod'ulate, v. t to inflect or vary sound 
Modulation, n. agreeable harmony 
Alod'ulator, n. that which vtfies sound 
Mcjd'ule, n. a model, rei)i'e8entation 
M('h1u8, n. a fixed sum paid in lieu of tithes 
Mogul', n. the emperor of India 
Mohair, n. a stufl* made of goat's hair 
^ohawk, n.Hn Indian, sAvage, ruffian 
j^didore, n. a gold coin in value 6 d6l\ar% 
^*'ot efr, M. the half, ooc of two equ^ v«itto 

Moil, V. to toll, dmdge, labor, danb 
Moist, a. wet in a small degree, dam^ ■! 
Moist'en, v. L to wet in a small d^;ree 
Moist'nesi, ft. trifling wetness, a dampoe^ 
Moist'urc, n. dampness, slight wetness 
Molass'es, eiTtmeous apeUitig^ see melaMei 
Mold, n. a wliitc downy substance ia aobt 

places, also fine earth, a form or hoUov H, 

give sluipe 
Mold, V. to model, 8hai>c, contract moU 
M<>lder, n. he who gives shape 
M<'>I<Ier, V. to decay, perisli, turn to daft 
Moldiness, n. a moldy condition 
M^ding,n. a mold, a projection 
Moldy, a. covered wiUi or containing mold 
Mole, n. a natural spot, mound, nier, aniaif 
M^Slccule, n. a very minute particle 
Molehill, n. a liilloc made bj a mode 
Molest', V, t. to disturl^, trouhle, disquiet 
MolcstlUioii, n. disturbance, intcrniption 
Molest'er, n. one who molests or distnriM 
M<')lctrack, n. the course (^a mole 
Molcwarp, Moldwarp, n. a mole 
Mol'lient, a. softening, assuaging, lessening 
Moriifiablc, a. that may be sofwned 
Mollification, n. the act of softening 
Mol'lifier, n.' what' softens or pacifies 
Mol'Ufy, V. t. to soften, assuage, aj^pease 
Molt, V. to cast or died feathers 
Molt'en, melted, obsolete participle of ad 
M61y, 71. wild garlic 
Molyb'den, or Molyb'denite, n. a metil tf 

whitish yellow color 
M6ment, n. a i>art of time, importance 
Momentiy, ad. oidy for or in a moment 
M6mentary, a. lasting a moment 
Moment'ous, a. important, weighty 
Mom'mery, see mummery 
M^n'^cbism, ^ch as k) n. a monastic life 
Mon'ad, n. an mdivisiole thing, unity 
Mon'arch, Teh as k]) n. a sovereign, a kir 
Monarch'ial, a. suiting a monarch 
Mon'arcliist, n. a fiiend to raonm^y 
\ "Nlw^L wOt« '»'^-^ ^gssvsTOJMieut by one Btf 

M O N 

beloDging to a convent 
Tf ad. reclusc'ly, retli'edly 
as u) n. the second day of the 

unny) n. metal coined for pub- 

n. a bag for money 

ger, n. a broker in money 

. rich in money, rich, wealthy 

0. wanting money, penny less 

er, n. a matter relating to money 

as u) Ji. a dealer, ti'afler 

> as u) 72. a mixed bitted 

. that is of a mixed breed 

t. warning instruction 

one who warns others 

;. giving admonition 

:. an admonition, caution [csj 

)k) n. he who lives in a monast- 

:. a monastic life, a recluse life 

an ape, baboon, fop, silly fellow 

n. the state of a monk ' 

. pertaining to monks 

Monoc'utous, a. having one eye 
a ditty sung only by one {lerson 
71. a soliloquy, a sepai-ate speech 
71. a single marriage 
^, n. a single combat, a duel 

Monop olizer, n. one who en- 
<mimodity or trade 
, V. L to engross, to pureht^ the 
commodity in market 
n. the sole power of selling 
ic, a. having one syllable 
le, n. a wo^ of oiily one syllabic 
), a. in a unifonn tone 

1. a want of variety in cadenee 
. a perimlical wind 

. something unnatural in ibrm, 


to make or become monstrous 

, n. the state of being moDStroos 

a. achooking, unnatural 

T, ad to an unnatural (Jegree 

s9, ff. enormity, uoconunonncsB 

M O R 


Month, (rauntli) n. the time fi-om one chance 
of the ii(oon to another, tlu- iii^tli part oi a 
year, 4 m eeks 
Monthly, a. happening once a month 
Months'mind, n. earnest desire 
Mon'umcut, n. a memorial, tumb, pillar 
Mouumcnt'al, a. preserving memoiy 
Mood, n. a tem^Hir of mind, manner 
Mooiry, rt. ]>eing out of humor, angiy 
Moon, n. the great luminary of the night 
Moon'beara, n. a ray of lunar light 
Moon'calf, n. a monster, simpleton 
I^oon'less, a. not enlightened by the moou 
Mooi/light, a. illuminated by tlic moon 
Moon'light, Moon'sliine, n. tlie raoon*s ligl.t* 
Moon'siiiny, a. enlightened by tlie moon 
Moon'struck, a. ailected by the moon 
Moon'y, a. having or resembling a moon. 
Moor, n. a black, a marsh, heath 
M^^or* '^' to &s(.en, be fixed witli anchors 
Moor'hen, n. a w*iterfowl, the gallinule 
Mooi'^ing, n. place whei'e a ship is anchorcii 
Moor ish, Moor^y, a. fenny, matshy 
Moor'laod, n. marshy or boggy ground 
; Moose, n. an American quadruped of th*: 

cervine genus, very lai-gc 
Moot, V. to exercise in law-pleadings 
Moot'case n. a disputable case 
Mop, n. an utensil to clean houses 
Mop, V, to rub with a mop 
Mope,T). to be spiritless, drowsy, dull 
Mope, n. a stupid lifeless pei^son, a drone 
Mo|/pet, Mop'sy, n. a puppet, a girl 
Mor'al, a. regarding vice or virtue, upright 
Mor'al, 11. the meaning of a &ble 
Mor'alist, n. one who teaches morality 
Moral'ity, n. the duties of life, virtue 
Moralize, %y. i. to make m(H^l reflection^ 
Moi*'alizer, «. one who moralizes 
Mor'ally, ad. honestly, probably 
Mor'als, n. pi. r.atural principles, duties 
Morass', n. a fen, moor, marshy h«^v«^5ss^ 
Morass'y , a. oom^vn:^ ^ \wsc^» 
Moraviaw, u, ow^ ^^ «i t^"^«Q» ^^^^'^ ^^ 


M ,0 T 

MorTiidiicss, n. a disiascd stuto 
Morbific, a. caiisiufj; or teii<lliii^ to discast's 
More, a. f^rcaiov in tlcgree, inin;]H'r or qntuitity 
MoreV, II. a black clicrry, a plant 
Moi-cover, ati. ai»il conj. likewise, also 
Mon*sk', a. Mooi'isb, in the manner of tlie 

Morn, Moni'in}]j, n. the first part of a clay 
Moni'ing-star, ?i. Venus shining in the morn 
Mor6sc, a. sullen, sour, ])eevi}<h, oi-oss 
Morosely, or/, sourly, sullenly, peevishly 
Moroseiiess, n. sournt^ss, peevishness 
Mor'row, 71. the nexLiluy after the present 
Morse, ji. the river iioi*se, a s])ecic8 of walrus 
Mor^scl, ?i. a small quantity, a moutliful 
Mor'taK a. subject to death, deadly, human 
Mor'tal, n. a man, a human creature 
Mortaritj', n. mortal state, Iiuman nature 
Mor'tally, ad. fatally, extremely 
Mor'tar, 71. a cement used in buildings, ves- 
sel to pound in, bomli-cannon 
Mo/Zfjag^e, V. t. to pledge real estate to a 

creditor for security, to ])led{^ 
Mor'^gagc, 71. a pledge of real estate 
Mortgagee, »». one who takes a mortgage 
Mortgager, n. one who executes a mortgage 
Mortif 'erous, a. deadly, destructive, fatal 
Morti^cHtion, n. a gangrene, humiliatioa 
Mor'tify, v. t. to coiTUpt, vex, humble 
Mor'ti8e, n. a cut to receive a tenon 
Mor'tise, v. t. to cut or join with a mortise 
Mort/main, n. an unalienable estate 
^or'tuarj', n. a gift left at death to a chwch 
Mosaic, 11. a variegfated work with pebbles, 

Sec, pertaining to Moses 
Mosk, Mosque, 11. a Mahometan temple 
Moss, n. a substance growing on trees ' 
Moss'iness, n. a mossy state 
Mf>ss'grown, n. ovei'grown with moss 
Moss'y, a. ovcrgrowa wiili or full of moss 
Most, a. greatest in number or quantity 
Afost, n. f/ie greatest number, or quantity 
Mos'lic, n. a painter's sta/T to lean ou 
jj|wtty^-(F^ //// for die grearest part, usuaWy 
^^/^. /.f. ,1 sfnnlj p'.irMf of msiUer, atom 

M O U 

Motli, 11. a <%mall insect that cats clolh 
Moth'eaten, a. eaten or consuuied by moths 
Moth'er, (o as u) 11. a woman who hat bone 

a child, a viscous substance in vinegar 
Motl/er, V. 1. to mold ; a. native 
Motli'erhood, n. the state of a mother 
Moth'erless, a. destitute of a mother 
Moth'erly, a. like a mother^ kind 
Moth'erly, a. concreted, moUly, dregg}' 
Motherwort, 72. the plant leonurus eardiaefi 
Moth'y, a. full of moths 
]Vf(')tion, n. tlie act of moving, a proposal 
M(')tionless, a. destitute of motion, still 
Motive, n. the reason of action ; a. moving 
Mot'ley, or Mot'ly, a. speckled, mixed 
Mfitory, a. giving or causing motion 
Mot' to, n, a short sentence prefixed 
M'ntldi more correctly mold, tofdch see 
M(^'/It, V. t. to shed feathers, sen molt 
Moimd, n. a fence raised to fortifyror dcfoDd 
Mount, n, a hill, heap, mountain 
Mount, V. to get on horesback, ascendy rkri 

set, to place on a can'iage as a gun 
Mountain, n. a large or high hill 
Mountaineer, n. a dweller on a mountun 
Mount'ainouB, a. hilly, irregular, huge 
Mount'ebank, n. a stage-doctor, quack, diejft 
Mount'ebank, v. t. to cheat, im[K>8e upon 
Mount'er, n. one who asceiKls 
Mo7/rn, V. to grieve, lament, bewail 
Mo/rtTier, n. one who mourns 
M^Tirnful, a. lamentable, sorrowful, sad 
Mownifully, Mourn'ingiy, aSl. with sorniv 
M67^ming, n. a dress of sorrow, grief 
Mouse, 71. a small quadruped 
Mous'cr, 7t. one that catches mice 
Mous</trap, 77. a trap to catch mice with 
Mouth,77. the aperture in the head where W 

is received, an entrance, openiug 
Moutli, V. to mutter, grumble 
Moutl/ed, a. furuishca with a mouth 
Mouth'friend, a. a pi-etended friend 
Mx>\\U\'ful, a. what tfie mouth cau hold 


M U F 

loov) V. to change place, pass, wralk, 
p up, excite, afTeot^ vex, propose 
i, a. capable of being moyed 
iS, n. pi. goods, farnitare 
f a. mat cannot be moved, fixed 
it, n. a motion, manner of moving'' 
. one vrho moves, proposes, kc. 
>a. passing, exciting, sdfecting 
, ad. pathetically, feelingly, deeply 
I loft or the hay or grain it coiitain3 
J. to pile on a mow 
nowed, pret. mowed, mown, pa. to 
h a scythe, to level or destroy in 
umbers at once 
n, V. to heat in a mow 
I. one who mows,' or cuts grass 
I greatly ; a. large, long 
a great deal, quantity, burden 
At, ad. nearly, almost 
, n. a slimy substance, gum dissolved 
inous, a. slimy, viscous, ropy 
dung for manure, cUrt 
t. to m&niu*e with muck, dung 
1, n. a dunghill 

;ss, n. filthiness, dirtiness, du*t 
, a. much, having much 
rm, n. a worm m dung, a miser 
a. full of muck, nasty, nltliy 
a. slimy, viscous, ropy 
',. a slimy substance, slimy moisture 
wet dirt, soft earth, slime, mire 
f. to foul with mud, make dirty 
, ad. dirtily, with foul mixture 
sss, n. dirtiness, foulness, thickness 
V. t. to make half drunk 
1, pa. a. made drunk, stupified 
V. t. to make muddy, disturb 
a. dirty, thick, dull, cloudy 
I, n. a wall built of mud, a bird 
a cover of skin for the hands 
n. a nice light cake eaten with tea 
n. a small eartlien oven or vessel 
V. to wrap up, blindfold, hide 
, n. a kind of cover for the &ce 
/r. the wild sheep ormmmon 


M U M 


]Muf 'ti, n. a Mahometan chief priest 
Mug, n. a cup used to drink out of 
Mug'gish, Muggy, a. m(H8t,damp, close 
MuUpJto, n. Uie child of a black and a white 
Mulber'ry, n. the name of a tree or its fruit 
Mulct, V. t. to fine, n. a fine, penally 
Mule, n. an animal from an ass and a mare 
Muleteer, n. a mule-driver or keeper 
Mulish, a. like a miUe, sullen, stubborn 
MolL V. t. to' spice and sweeten liquor 
Midlar, n. a stone for grinding colors 
MuHen, n. a plant, a species cf stone 
Mul'lct, n. a very fine luscious seafish 
MuFligrubs, n. suUeuncss 
Multan'gular, a. having many angles 
Multi^rious, a. having great multiplicity 
Multifiiriously, ad, in various respects 
Multifiiriousness, n. a great diversity 
Mul'tified, a. divided into many parts 
MuVtiform, a. having many shapes 
MuFtiformly, a^. widi many shapes 
Multilat'eral, a. having many sides 
Multip'arous, a. bearing many at a birth 
Multipart'ite, a. divided into several par^s 
Mul'tiped, n. an insect with many feet 
Midt'iple, a. containing several tunes 
Mul'tipliable, a. capable of being multiplied 
Midtiplicand', n. a number to be multiplied 
Multiplication, n. the actor art of multiplying 
Multiplicjitor, n. that by which oue multiplies 
Multipli"city, n. a great variety 
Multiplier, n. one who multiplies 
Mul'tiply, *. to increase in number 
Multip'otent, a. possessed of great power 
MuVtitude, n. a great number, a crowd 
Multit^idinous, a. manifold, various 
Multoc'ular, a. having several eyes 
Mum, exclam. hush ; n. ale from wheat 
Mum'ble, v. to speak inwardly, mutte^ 
Mum'bler, n. a slow speaker, a mutteref 
Mum'mer, n. one who goes masked 
Mum'mery, n. a masking farce, bufibonery 
Mum'roy, n. an E^\it\«sv«ss^s^SxssR.^'tsscs?»fc 


M U S 

Munch, V. i. to eat faat muI mneli 
Mun'dane, a. bclongiu^ to this world 
Mun'dify, v. t. to make clean, cleanse 
Mun'grel, a. of a mixed breed 
MunVi*cl, n. one of a mixed breed 
Muni°cipal, a. belonging to a city 
Municipal'ity, n. acorpoi-atc body, a district in 

France and its inliabitants 
Munificence, n. liberality, generosity 
Munificent, a. liberal, generous, liountifill 
Munificently, ad. in a liberal manner 
Muniment, n. a defense, support, hold 
Muni'^tion, n. a fortification, ammunition 
Mural, a. pertaining or relating to a wall 
Mur'der, n. a killing unlawiully with malice 
Mui/der, v. t. to kill unlawfully with premed- 
itated malice 
Mui/derer, n. one who kills with malice and 

premeditated purpoee 
Mur^derous, a. guilty of miu*dcr, bloody 
Murine, a. pcilaining to mice 
Murk, n. darkness, gloominess, ob. 
Murk'y, a. dark, cloudy, gloomy 
Mur'mur, v. i. to mutter, complain, puii 
Mui/mur, n. a grumbling, XH'ivate complaint 
Mur'murer, n. a grumbler, ooinplainer 
Mur' muring, n. a gmmlding, a low noise 
Mur'rain, n. a plague amongst cattle 
Muscatel', n. a grape and its wine 
M^is'ttadin, n. a sweet grape, wine, a pear 
Muscat', n. a €i)ecies of gi*ape, and wine 
Mus'de, 71. a fleshy fiber, a shelfish 
MuseoTddo, «. unrefined sugar of the W. Indies 
Mus'cular, Mus'culous, a. full of muscles 
Muscular'ity, n. the quality of being muscular 
Muse, n. tlie power of poetry, deep thought 
Muse, V. i. to ponder, study Ih silence 
Muscful, a. wrapt in deep thought 
Museum, n. a repositorj' of curiosities 
Musli, n. food of nmiz-flour and water boiled 
Mush'room, n. a spungy plant, an upstait 
Music, n. harmony, the science of sounds 
Miiisioal, a. harmonious, melodious, sweet 
Mfwcallf, a//. hMrmonioush, sweetly 
Musi'^ciHu^ //. o„e vho is stilled m mUaic 

M U T 

Musicmaster^ n. one who teaches mane 
Musk, n. an animal like a goot and d!eer, i 

perfume found in a sack ou the animal 
Musk'ct, n. a soldier's hand-gun 
Mnskctdcr. n. a soldier with a musket 
Musketoe, n. a vexatious insect 
Musketoon', tu a sliort gun with a lai^ bore 
rMusk'melon, n. a very luscious melon 
Musk'rat, n. a quadruped, the musquaiA 
Musk'ox, n. a species of ox about Hudioo*! 

bay, having Uie smell of musk 
Musk'rose, n. a very fragrant ix)sc 
Musk'y, a. like musk, sweetscentcd 
Mus'lin, n. a fine lund of cloth of cotton 
Muslinef , n. a coarse cotton cloth 
Mus'mon, n. the mUfflon or wild sheep 
Mus'sulman, n. a Mohometan believer 
Must, T. imperf. to be obliged 
Must, V. to make or grow moldy 
Must, n. new wine unfermeutcd 
Mustaches^ or Must^choes, n. pi. whiskers 
Mus'tai d, n. a plant, seed and flower 
Mus'ter, v. t. to review, assemble, gather 
Mus'ter, n. a review and register of forces 
Mns'terrolli n. list or register of forces 
Must'ily, ad. in a musty or moldy manner 
Must'iness, n. moldiness, dampness, foulnen 
Must'y, a. spoiled with damp, moldy, stale 
Mutabil'ity, Mutablcncss, n. changeablenetf 
Mutable, a. changeable, unsettled, fickle 
Mutation, n. a change of state, alteration 
Mute, a. dumb, speechless, silent 
Mute, n. one silent, a letter witliout a soiiad 
Mute, V. I. to dung as birds, discharge 
Mutely, ad dumbly, without speaking 
Mutilate, v. t. to maim, cut ofi^, lessen 
Mutilated, a. maimed, defective 
Mutilation, n. the deprivation of a limb 
Mutineer, n. an opposcr of order in an tfisT 

or navy 
Mutinous, a. seditious, disorderly 
Mutinously, ad. seditiouslv, turbulcntly 
Mutiny, r. t. to rise up against autbcNrity amof 
I ^\d\e7s and. seamen 


griinihler, a murmm^r 
grumbling, murniuring 
flush of a sheep, a sheep 
large, coarse and red nan4 
rocal, acting iii return 
mutual kindness, a return 
Mjinrocally, in rouini 
ind up the mouthy seQurc 
3uth, spout, kind of halter 
J to me, mine 
iumberof ten thousand 
rude ruffian, constable 
I of strong aromatic gum 
jrant kind of shrub or tree 
niyseU^ I only, not anotlier 
jat is not easily understood 
I. obscurely, \cry darkly 
7i. obscurity of meaning 
cret, obscurity, trade 
«1, a. secri-t, obscure, dark 
by some; secrc:t meaning 
a mystical state 
scurity of doctrines 
;. relating to fables 
m intei-preter of fables 
system of fables 


catch by suii)rise, bite 

a prince in India, a msn of 

nt opposite to the zenith 
liorse, a little horse 
f bor»i on llie fingers and toes, 
boss, the ICth part of a yard 
ji, secure or stud with nails 
?!•('(!, bare, unarmed, opeu 
•c:ly, plainly, evidently 
want of covering, bareness 
ention by name, call, utter 
'llation, title, reputation 
ing no name, unnamed 
U'ularly, that is to say 
o names or appoints 

NAT 214 

Xumesake, n. a person of the saicle name 
Xankeen, n. a species of cotton cloth 
Xap, 71. a short sleep, a down on cloth 
Nap, V. tf) take a nan, be off one's guard 
Nape, 71. the joint (h the neck behind 
Napth'tha, n. a bituminous mineral 
Nap'kin, n. a clpth to wipe with 
Nap'less, t/.witliout nap, wommach 
Naray, a. having a nap, frothy, spumy 
Ni^bn'sus, ji. a flue flower, the danbdil 
Narcot'ic, a. opiate, causing sleep, casing 
Nard, 71. an odoriferous shrub, ointment • ^ 

Narration, Nar'rative, n. a relation 
Xai/rative, a. relating, descriptive 
Nar'ratively, ad. by way of narrative 
NaiTator, n. a relater, teller, reciter 
Xar'row, a. not bi*oad, covetous, near 
Xar'row, v. t. to contract, limit, diminish 
Nar'rowly, ad. closely, nearly, sparingly 
Nat'i*owminded, a. mcar.spiritcd 
Xa/rowness, Ji. a want of breadth, meanness 
Xar'rows, 71. a narrow passage 
Nar'wal, n. the sea unicorn, a fish with a hcicn 

projecting from its nose 
Nasal, a. belonging or relating to the nose 
Xas'cent, a. beginning to exist or grow 
Nas'tily, ad. dirtily, nltiiily, obscenely 
Xas'tiness, 71. dirtinciss, iilthiness, filth 
Xastur'tion, 71. a species of cress 
Xas'ty, a. dirty, filthy, nauseous, lewd 
Natal, a. relating to nativity or bhlh 
Natant, a, swimming, tioating on water 
Nation, 71. a bo<ly of people under one prince 

or government 
National, a. public, favoring one*s own people 
National'ity, re. love of one^s nation 
Nationally, ad. with regard to a nation 
Native, a. natural, born with one, pertaining 

to birth 
Native, 71. one bom in any place 
Nativity, 7%. birth, manner of birth 
Nat'ural, a. pi-oduccd by tialwc^i-^VwesJcsRsc^ 
Nat'nrvA, n.M\\<V\^A^lQK^,x«L<W'^iQC9^^Sie^^^ 
Nj^tf waVuU n. owe N*>fta «taiS^'t^^^«^;f^^ 


N E A 

Nat'urallzey v. t. in admit to native priTilcgcs 
Nat'urally, ad. without affeotatiou 
Nat'uralness, n. natiii'al state 
Nflture, 71. tlie native state of any thing, con- 

8titutio:i, disposition, regular course, state 

or system of the world, natui-al affection, 

sort, kind 
Nauj^At, a. worthlefss ; n. nothing 
Nau^/it'i!y, ad. badly, wickedly, vilely , 
Nau^Mt'iness, n. badness, wickedness 
Nau^At'y, a. bad, corrupt, wicked, lewd 
Nau'sea, n. a sickness at the stomach 
Nau'seate, v. to grow squeamish, loatlie 
Nauseating, n. a nausea, disgust 
Nau'seous, a. loathsome, disgustful, effcDsive 
Nau'aeously, ad. with disgust, offensively 
Nau'seousness, n. loathsomeness, di^ust 
Nau'tical, a. pertainhig to seamen or 8hi])S 
Nau'tilus, fi. a shellfish that spreads a sail 
N^val, a. consisting of or belonging to ships 
Nave, n. middle part of a wheel or church 
Niivel, n. a part of the body, middle, center 
N^velstring, n. the ligament which attaches a 

fetus to the parent 
Nav'ew, n. a plant, a species of cabbage 
Navigable, a. passable for ships or boats 
Nav'igate, v. to sail, manage or pilot ships 
Navigiition, n. the act of passing by water 
Nav'igator, ;i. one who pilots a ship 
Nivy, 71. a fleet of ships of war only 
Nay, ad. no, by no means, not so but more 
Nazarcne, n. one of a sect of Jews who 

mingled Judaism and chnstianity 
Naz'arite, n. one of the Jews who professed 

an unusual purity of life and devotion 
Neal, V. i. to temper by fire or heat 
Neap, n. the pole or tongue of a carriage 
Neap, a. low, t'ecreasing, scanty, deficient 
Neaptide, ii. a low tide, a shoit or slack tide 
Near, a. not distant, intimate, niggardly 
Nearly, ad. at hand, closely, sparingly 
Neameas, n. cJo&ene^ss, niggardliness 
JVest, /7. cfpRn, nice ; n. an ox, cow, &tc. 
N^-at-herd, n oiw who keeps herds . 
J^^a(/r, ai/. cleanly J fpmcel/, nicely 

N E G - 

Neatness, n. cleanliness, sprucencss 
Neb, M. a nose, mouth, bill of a bird 
NeVu1o«iR, a. cloudy, misty ha^, dim 
Ne^ccssaries, n.fl. things needful for life ' 
Ne"ce8sarily, aJi. from necessity, unavioidtUy 
Ne"cessai"y, a. needful, proper, conclusive , 
Necessitarian, n. a person who denies free 

Neces'sitate, 1. 1. to compel 
Neco8'sitated,/>a. forced uy necessity 
Necessitation, n. a making necessary 
Neccs'sitous, a. pressed with poverty 
Neces'sitousiiess, Neoes'situde, iu poverty 
Neces'sity, ». poverty, want, compulsion 
Neck, n. a part of the body, point of land 
Neck'cloth, n. a cloth for men's necks 
Neck' lace, 91. a string of beads, &0b 
Necrology, n. an account of the dead 
Nec'romancer, n. a mi^cian, a oonj(urer 
Nee'romancy, n. conjuratioD, enchantmeitt 
Necroman'tic, a. relating to necromancy 
Nee' tar, n, the feigned drink of the gods 
Nec'tared, a. tinged or mixed with nectar 
Nectiireous, Ncctarin, a, sweet as nectar 
Neotarif'eronS;, a. producing nectar 
Nec'tarin, n. a fruit of the peach kind 
Need, v. to want, lack, require 
Need, Neediness, n. necessity, want 
Needfully, ad, with need, necessarily 
Needily, ad. in need, in want, in poverty 
Needle, n, a tiling used for sewing, a amip 

steel wire in a mariner's compass 
Needle, v. to form into needles, or crystsli 
Needless, a. unnecessary, not requisite 
Needlessly, a. unnecessarily 
Needlessness, n. an unnecessary state 
Needlework, n. work done with a needle 
Needs, a</.4t-om need, necessarily 
Needy, a. necessitous, poor, distressed 
Xcf, n. the body of a church, a nave 
Nefftrious, a. abominabh^, wicked 
Negation, n. a denial 
'^e^'\4.V\\x?.,u. ^\wogosition that denies 
^"^ e^ vvNAXe^ a. ^viw{^s^« ^ VNCS^ef>w^ 


N E S 

, ad. by means of denial 
/. to omit, let slip, disregard 
omission, carelessness^ coldness . 
n. one -who neglects, or slights 
o. heedless, disregai^ding 
, a. inattep-Uve to, regardless of 
,71. a habit of acting carelessly 
a, cai'eless, inattentive, idle 
r, ad. heedlessly, remissly 
3. that may be negotiated or passed 
to another by assignment 
V. to traffick, trade, treat with, 
nake, manage 

, n. a trading, treaty of business 
n. one employed to treat 
a female black or Afncan 
eger, n. an African, or his descen- 
11 blood, a black man [feraon 

vine, water, sugar, nutmeg and 
V. i. to cry as a horse 
e voice of a horse 
[nabor) n. one who lives near 
y. i. to live near, boixler upon 
»od, n. a i)eople or place adjoining 
g, a. near, living near 
, a. civil, kind, obliging 
m. not either, no one, conj. nor 
itradicent'e, none opposing 
ant, catmint 

the son of a brother <?r sister 
I. aftection for nephews 
sea nymph 
organ of sensation 
to give nerves, strength or vigor 
{. void of strength, weak 
erVy, a. strong, vigorous, robust^ 
nerves affected or diseased 
^ n. gi-eat strength, weakness 
;adlp^, point, nose 
d, w% of di*awers, abode 
an egg left in the nest of a bird 
lie close, chei*ish^ more 
1 bird Just hatched 
one of a sect who denied Mary 
tbcr of Christ 


NIC' 215 

Xet, n. a device for fishing or fowling 
Net, V. to make nets, to catch in a net 
Nett or Neat, a. clear of charges, real 
NeUi'er, a. lower, placed lower, infernal 
Neth'ermost, a, lowest, most infernal 
Net'tiug, n. a complication of ropes 
Netl^tl^ n. a stin^ng plant 
NciflfCy V. t. to sting, or provoke 
Nefwork, n. work made as nets 
Neiiter, Neutral, a. of neither partf 
Neuter, Neuti-sd, n. one who stands ncuteir 
Neutrarity, n. a state oOndifference 
Neutralize, v. f. to reiK^* neuter 
Neutralization, n. the destroying of qualities' 

of bodies by combination 
NeVer, ad. at no time, in no degree 
Nevertheless', or/, notwithstanding that 
New, a. fresh, late, modern, repaired 
New'el, n. tlie upright post in a staircase 
Newfang'led, a. newly formed, novel 
New-Harap'shire, n. one of the U. States 
New-Jer'sey, n. one of the U. States 
New'ly, ad. freshly, lately, just now 
Newmod'el, v. t. to form or make anew 
New'ness, n. freshness, novelty 
News, n. fresh accounts of transactions 
News'monger, n. a dealer in news 
News'paper, n. a paper to circulate news 
Newt, n. a small water lizard 
New-York', n. one of the United States and ite 

Next, a. nearest in place 
Nib, n. a point, end, beak of a bird 
Nib, V. to make or cut a nib, point, bill % 

Nib'bed, pa. a. having a nib, pointed 
Nib'ble, V. to eat slow! v, bite at, carp at 
Nib'bler, n. one that bites a little at a time . 
Nice, a, exact, refined, squeamish, finical ' 
Nicely, ad. accurately, minutely, deliedfeiy 
N(ceness, n. accuracy, exactness, jgirc 
Nicety, n. accurafiy,'\sv\vv\xV^\i^^^'^\^;%s2^ 
yich, n. aYvoWov \ot ^^\38ta\&Vi^«aK>?v[>Kv 
Nick, n. a uoV^iVv, cQX^%tw^,feV^^;;^^'^ 
Nick, t), t. to c\A\wtiSs3fe^» ^^V^^.T:^«c 


N I N 

Nick'name, n. a name given in contempt 
Nick'name, v. t. to give a name in derision 
Nio'tate', v. i. to wink 
Nidificdtion, 72. the act of building nests 
Nidulation, n. the time of remaining in nest 
Niece, n. the daughter of a brother or sister 
Nig'gard, n. a miser, a stingj' ])erson 
Nig'gard, Nig'gardiy, a. sordid, mean 
Nig'gardliness^ n. oovetousness 
Niggardly, ad. sordidly, meanlr, sparingly 
Ni^A, a. near, not distant, allied by blood 
Nifi-A, "S'lghly, ad. neulv, closely 
N^Aness, n. a neamev of situation 
Ni^At, n. the time of darkness, gloominess 
N/^Atbrawler, n. a person who quairels by 
^ night 

NiVAtcap, n. a cap worn in bed 
N^/Atdi'css, ?». a dress worn only at night 
N/^-Ated, a. clouded, darkened, dark, black 
Nf^Atfaring, a. tmvellingby or in the night 
N^-Atgown, n. a loose ^wn, an undress 
Ni^-Athag, n. a witch ot the night 
N/§-Atingale, n. a bird th»t sings sweetly 
Ni^'Atly, ad. every night, by or in the night 
Njf^'Mly, a. done by night, acting by night 
Ni^Atmai*e, n. an oppression of the breast 
Nf ^'//tnjece, n a picture of a view at night 
N/§^/itrail, n. a covering for the shoulders 
Ni>/ttraven, n. a night bird, a sort of owl 
N^Atshade, n. the name of plants, some of 

them poisonous 
Nf§-Atwalker, 7i. a stroller at ni^t 
Nfjo-Atwai'bling, a. singing by orm the night 
Ni§-Atwatch, n. in time of the night 
Ni][iiFity, v. nothingness, nonexistence 
Khii'hle, a. active, brisk, ready, quick, swift 
Nim'bleness, n. activity, quickness 
Nim'bly, ad. actively, readily, quickly 
Nin'compoop, n. a blockhead, simpleton 
Nine, a, the number of eight and one 

J^Vne/bld, a. repeated nine thnen [bowl , , ^ ^ ^ ^ 

^/nepins, n. Jbl. n ptoy with nine pitva and amo^^7^u.^«asv^\fc\jwv^a s^ieeiesofpia 


Ninetieth, a. the ninth ten times tcdd 
Ninety, a. ten taken nine times • [fiicit 

Nin'ny, Nin'nyfaammer, n. a simpletoo, a 
Ninth, a. noting the number nine . 

Nip, V. t. to pinch, blast, destroy, ridieole 
Nip, n. a pinch, bite, smAll cut, blaat> 
Nip'per, n. one who nips (w pinches 
Nip'pers, n. pi. an instrument, small junchen 
Nip'])ingly, ad, bitterly, severely, tartly 
Nip'ple, n. an orifice or end of a teat, teat 
Nis'an, n. a Jewish month answering toMardb 

and April 
Nis'berry, n. a species of tree 
Nit, n, eg? of a louse or any little animal 
Nit'id, a. bright, shining, gay, fine 
Niter, n. a mineral salt, saltpeter 
Nitrons, Nitry, a. impr^nated with niter 
Nif ty^ a. abounding with nits 
Niv'eous, a. snowy, white as snow 
No, ad. a word of denial, not ; a, none 
Nobil'itate, v. t. to ennoble, make famoot 
Nobil'ity, n. persons of high rank, dignity 
N6ble, a. great, illustrious, grand, bntfe 
N6ble, 92. a person of high rank, a eoin 
N<3bleman, n. a man of rank or birth 
N6bleness, ti. greatness, dignity, worth 
Nobless', ?2. the body of nobles, nobility 
N6bly, ad. illustriously, grahdly, bravely 
Nobody, n. not any one whatever 
N6oent, a, ^liMy, hurtful, ob, 
Noctam'bulist, n. one who walks in his rieqp 
Noc'tuary, 7t. an account of night vSkvn 
Noc'tum, iu devotion performed by nig^ 
Nocturn'al, a. nightly, in the nig^t 
Nocturn'al, n. an instrument of oibervitiai^ 

Nod, V. i. to bend the head, be drofwiy 
Nod, 71. a quick motion, bending oC tne hm 

a sign i|L, 

Nod'der, n. one who nods or makes sigBi 
Nod'dle, n. the head, by tvaig ofcoataf 

J^/nescore, a. fwnty repeated nine times, \%Omw\^,n.v^W^««^^!K^^ 
uoe and ten^ nine added to t 
i^otiD^tbe number nineteeu 

^^neteei,, a. nine und tin, nine added to ten\^odj;^^.^<^^«^^j^^««^ 
^eteeutb, a, notXntt the number mucteeu \^o« v\*.t^- '^ ^«s»® 

N O N 

r, a. in form of a nodule 

, 71. a small wooden vessel 

. a sound) outcry, clamor 

. to sound loud, spread a report 

1, a. loud, high, clamorous 

ss, a. making no noise, silent 

, ad. in a noisy manner 

S8, n. loudness of sound, disturbance 

e, a. noxioiis, offensive, nasty 

ely, ad. offensively, with a stench 

mess, n. offensiveness, stench 

I. clamorous, turbulent, loud 

^olens, whether a person will or not 

c, a. pastoral, subsisting by feeding 

and herds, wandering as the Tartars 

lator, n. one who gives names 

lature, n a list of names, or vocabu> 

Utural, a. pertaining to names 
1, a. existing only in name, not real 
IIt, ad. in or by name only, titularly 
te, V. to name, propose, appoint 
don,n. a naming, the power of appoint- 
i Connecticut, a list of men selected 
}ioe as candidates for council or eon- 


tive, a. the first case in grammar 

&, n. one named or designated 

, It. minority in point of age 

larance, n. omission of appearance 

od'ance n. omission of attendance 

.plf ance, n. neglect of compliance 

luct^or, n. a substance which does not 

nit electricity 

lucfing, a. not transmitting 

t^gious, a. not intecting 

brm'is^ n. one who does not confo^n 

worship of an established church 

brm'ity, n. a refusal to conform 

iript', a. that has not been described 

. not any, not one 

Ity, n. nonexistence^ a want Ojf being 

/.^/. in the Soman calender f were the 

U^^^*' ^^y> '^^^y ^^ October, 



Nonesuch, n. a very extraordinary person 
Nonexistence, n. absence of existence 
Nonj-uring, a. refusing lo swear allegiance 
Nonjuror, n. one who refuses to swear allegi> 

Nonpareil, n. an apple, printing letter 
Nop plus, 71. a puzzle ; confdtmd 
NoiiF^res'idenQp, n. an absence from some 

Charge, or an estate " 

Non'res'ident, n. one who does not reside on 

his estate or with his charge 
Nonresist'ance, n. passive obedience 
Non'sense, n. worw without meaning 
Nonsens'ical, a. unmeaning, foolish, silly 
Non'suit, n. a non-appearance of Uie plantiff 

in a suit, when called in court 
Non'suit, V. t. to adjudge that the plaintiff does 

not prosecute his suit, upon de&At of ap- 
Nook, n. a comer, covert, retreat 
Noon, n. middle point or hour of the day 
Noon'day, Noon'tide, ti. midday 
Noose, n. a running knot, a trap 
N6pal, 7t. the cochineal fig 
Nor, conj. a negative particle, neither 
Nor'mal, a. i)erpendicular, forming aright 

ang^e, relating to rudiments 
North, n. the pail opposite the south 
North, North'erly, North'ern, North'ward, a, 

lyingtowards the north, tending north 
North'ing, n. distance north 
Nortfa'star, n. the star nearest the north pole 
North'wind, n. wind from the north 
Nose, 71. a part of the face, v. to smell 
Nosebleed, 7?. bleeding from the nose 
N6segay, 7i. a bunch of Aowers, a posy 
N6seless, a. having no nose 
Nosol'ogy, n. a classification of diseases 
Nos'tril, n. the inward cavity of the nose 
Nos'trum, n. a medicine, tjie ingredients of 

which are kent vec'K.l 
Not, ad. «L \WLtttfi\& ^* ^"ewfvw^^^ x'&o.^x^^ 

\Notfa\>K a-^^^^s'f^^'^^'*'^^\^'2SS^ 


ilrial, a. bclonp^inp^ to a notniy 
tarv, n. an nflicrr ulioi<; buniue&s is to estali- 
ish tlie authentlcy of writings anil acts, by 
.lis st'al and atUstation 
it^tion,72. tb(* »ct of noting: down 
otcb, V. t. to cut in liollows ; n. a nick 
ore, 71. a mark, token, written paper, souiid 
in music, abbreviation, explanatory nnuotl- 
tion, an oblip^Uon witbout bvaI 
iotc, V. t. to sot down, obseiTC, attend 
Voted, pa. a. set down, remarkable 
iVoth'inpf n. not any thing, nont;ntity 
Notb'ingncss, n. a thing of no value 
Xotice, w. I'cgard, advice, information 
Notice, V. t. to see, regani, observe, attend 
Noticeable, a. that may be observed 
Notification, n. the act'of making known 
Notify, V. t. to make known, inform 
N6tion, n. a sentiment, opinion, idea, sense 
Niitional, a. imaginary, ideal, conceived 
Ndtionally, ad. in notion, in conception 
Notoriety, n. public knowledge 
Not6rioii8, a. publicly known, infamous 
Notoriously, ad. in a notorious manner 
Nott, n. a quantity of tliread, consisting of 40 

rounds of a reel, the 20th of a nm 
Notwithstand'ing ad. a compound of not, and 
withataridin^, snd signifying, )M>t opposing, 
Nought, (nawt) n. not any thing, nothing 
Noun, 71. the name of things in grammar 
N'Mii-'isli V. t. to 8upiK»rt with food, to cherish 
Nourishablc, a. that may l>c nourished 6r fed 

, ., .,. ..^ .. , „^.„..p^, .^ — ,.« 
Novel, n. a feigned ston' or tale 
Nov'eliat, n. a writer oi novels, an innovator 
Nov'eliv, n. a new Uiing or state, newness 
■ Novcm^ber, n. the eleventh month 

SVov'Jccj /I. otic unlciimci], a beginner 
Jl^ovi''tiate, n. the condition of a novice 
JVoftrj ae/. ut this time ; n, in-csent time 
^oi^Bdaya, ad, in t/ie present age or ttme 
''^fr/.eiv, a:tnot ia hAj place 

N U R 

XoMisr^ ad. not in any manner, by noroenr 
Xox'ious, a. hurtful, desti-uctive, crimuud 
Nox'iousness, n. a ilestnictive quality 
N'oyeau, (noeyo) n. a rich coi'dial 
Xoz'zle, n. a nose, snout, fi'ont, point, eni 
Nubib*, a. maiTiagcablc, fit for marriage 
Xubilous, a. clondy, overcast, gloomy 
Niicit'eroiis, a. bearing or prouucing nuts 
N'uclo7/s n. body of a comet, a central part 

, Xi'idity, n. nakedness 

^Niigatorj", a. trifling, futile, insignificant 
Xuisanc^, n. that which annoys, see nusance 
Null, V. t. to annul, annihilate ; a. void 
N uU'ily, 71. a want of force or efficacj- 
XumA, more correctly num, a. t(H7)id, dead 
NumA, ti:t. tomakti numb, chill, deaden 
Xum'ber,t». t. to count, tell over, reckon - 
Xura'ber, n. units addal, poetry, harmony 
Xumlicrer, n. one who numbers or rcckom 
Xitm'berlcsfl, a. innumerable 
Num'bers, 7i. tlie fourth book of the bible 
X'um/Zness, n. deadness, torpor 
Numerable, a. that may be numbered 

Xumeral, a. relating to number 


Nu'mei-al, n. a letter for a number ; asL tor 
Xi'miei-ftUy, ad. according to number 
Numci-aiy, a. belonging to a certain number 
Numeration, n. the art or act of numbering 
Numerator, ii. a number tliat measures oth- 
ers [number 
Numer'ical, a. numeral, denoting samenen <l 
Nunier'ically, ad. by a sameness in number 
Numerous, a. corttuining many, music^ 
Numismatic, a. pertahiingto coins 
Num'maiy, a. belonging to money 
Nur/skull, 71. a dunce, blockhead, dolt 
Nun, 71. a religious reclu3e woman 
Nun'chion, n. victuals eaten between mcab 
Nun'cio, 71. a pope's embassador [' 
Nuncupative, Nuncupatory, a. verbally do 
Nim'nery, 71. a residence of nuns 
y^\>\)fVA"8\, a."^vc\sJv\v\\!k'^\ft tnarriage 
\^ w\V ^^^^» ^- TW«T\asgt. X\\RA ^^ 


B D 

O B L 


: >vho nurses- or feed'^ 

ic act of nursing, a room in 

I'cn are kept, a plantation of 

ic nursed tenderly 

to ti'ain or bring up, educate 

»d, diet, education 

)t which atmoys, the source of 


in a shell, projection 

ding, declining 

nodding, tremulous motion 

brown like a ripe nut 

.' excrescence of an oak 

bird of the pye kind 

7VVJ iine sj)ice 

food, nounshment 

2. affording noni'ishmcnt 

:he act of nourishing 

utritive, a. nourishing 

le state of nourishing 

e hird cover of a nut 

jree that bears nuts 

le popular name of hickory 

lurse, to push with tlie nose 

^ddess of the woods, a lady 


igeling, 71. silly fellow, idiot 
le name of a tree or its wood 
in excrescence usual on oaks 
e of or gathered from the oak 
ropes or cords untAvisted 
•umeiit used to row with 
V, impel by i*owing 
:ake made of oatmeal 
aining to oats 
nn appeal to heaven 
«. the breach of an oath 
ult t|i»t is made of oats 
)wer of oats, a kind of herb 
ecics of grain well known 
» f//aif over, cover, bidu 
'Jiv/ticsa of heart 

Ob'durate, a. hard hearted, stubbam 
Ob'durately, ad. stubbornly, inflexibly 
ObMuratencss, n. stabbornness 
Obdured,*rt. hardened, inflexible, rough 
Obedience, n. dutifulness, submissioa 
Obiidicnt, a. submissive, obsequious 
Obedien'tial, a. relating to obedience 
Obediently, ad. with obedience, submissiTely 
Ob^flince, n. an act of reverence, bow 
Ob'clisk, n. a pyramid, a maik in pfinting^ 
Ob^sencas, Obea'ity, n. fatness, grossness 
Obey', (obay) v. t. to submit to, observe 
Qbfus'cate, v. t. to make dark, obscure 
Obfuscation, n. the act of obscuring' 
Obif ual, a. relating to death 
Ohit'uar}', n. a register of deaths 
Oh'ject, n. that on which we are employed 
Object', V. t. to oppose by words or reasons 
Objec'tion, n. an opposition, charge, fault 
Object'ive, a. proposed as or having an object 
Objectively, ad. by way of objection 
Object'or, n. one who objects or opposes 
Objuration, n. a binding or securing by oatli 
Objuirg^tion, ». the act of chiding, reproof 
Obviate, a. flatted about the poles 
Oblation, n. an offering, sacrifice, subsidy 
Ob'ligate, v. t. to bind by contract or duty 
Obli^tion, n. an engagement, bond, favoi* 
Obligatory, a. binding ' 
Oblige, V. to bind, force, do a favor 
Obligee, n. one to whom a bond is execttteA 
Obliging, pa. a. forcing, civil, kind, good * 
ObHgingiy, ad. civilly, «K)roplai^ntly 
ObWgingneat, n. civility, complaisance 
Obligor% n. one who executes a bond 
Oblique, Ohlfke, a. not direct 
Obliquely, ad. not directly 
Obliqueness, Ohliq'uity, n. deviation from a 

direct litie or from rectit^ide 
Oblif erate, v. t. to blot out, eflace, rase 
Obliteriltioii, n. the act of blotting oat 
Obliv'ious, a. causitv^ fQv^giAi\!\\w<i5^«^ 
OhViv'ioti, n. ?(w^\.tvi\\!««^, «. «?RKt^ -^gas^^^ 
Ob'lonc, a Aoivgjw Vy«ij^\iiWftA 
OV\on^, tk »i\wi^ «ajiwc^,\«K^"^V=^'^^ 


B S 

Ol/longlr, ad. in an oblocj* form 
ClI/ioii^Hii, a. somcwliat oblong 
Ob'longnesH, n. a MtRtt* oi"b»»iii^ oblou<^ 
^)b'loqny, 71. slantltT, a censorious spet* ch 
Obnox'ious, a. liable^ exposed, offensive 
Obnov'iously, (ul. in an obnoxious maniici* 
Obnox'iousnere, //. liubleness to'puniKhiuont 
Obnubilate, v. t. to cloud over, obscure 
Obnubilation, 7z. an obscuring hy clouds 
ObsccMt;, a. iminoilcst, fillby, disj^u^tin^ 
Ohscet'eiy, atl. in an iinnnod(»l manner 
<>bscenene»8, Obsjcon'ity, n, impurity' 
Obscuration, n. the act ot* darkening 
Obscure, n. dark, gloomy, diiBcult 
ObscuiHJ, v. t. to darken 
Obscurely, ad. diu-kly, impcrftictly 
Obsci'u'iMiess, Obscurity, n. durknesB 
Obsecration, n. an enti'i-aty, supplication 
Ob'sequics, n. pi. funeral solemnities 
Obsequious u. obedient, compliant 
Obst'jquiously, ad. ol)e<licntly 
Obsetiuiousness,?*. ready obedience 
Observ'able, a. remarkable, plain, yisible 
Observ'ably, ad. in a manner to be noticed 
Observ'ance, n. attention, ij^i-ibrmance 
Observ'ant, a. attentive, submissive 
Observation, n. a noting, notice, remark 
Observator, Observ'cr, n. one tliat o])serrcs 
Observ'atory, n. a i)lace foi observations 
Observe', v. to viatcli, mind, sec, obey 
Observ'ingly, ad. attentiveh , carefully 
Obsoles'cent, a. gi-owing obsolete 
Obsid'ian, a. pertaining to a sie^ 
Ob'solete, a. grown out of use, disused 
OVsoletcness, n. a state of being disused 
Ob'stacle, n. an obstruction, a binderance 
Obstetnc, a. pertaining to inidwifery 
Ob'stinacy, n. stubbornness, perverseness 
Ob'stinat;^, a. stubborn, resolute, fixe«l, firm 
Ob'stinately, ad. stubboi*nly, inflexibly 
Obstipation, n. tbe act of stopping up 
Obatrcp'erous, a. noisy, loud, clamorous 
Ohstrep^ei'omly, ad. uoisUy, c\an\ovo>iA>f 
Ohslrep^emi\sa9a&^ n. loud noiBC, cVawiw 
Ohstric^tion, ?i. an obligation, enga^emcwA. 

o c c 

1 0!i«Truct', T'. /. to binder, stoj 
!()bstrai'.'tion, n. binderance, < 
lObstnict'ive, a. liindering, op 
lObt'iin, r. to gain, get, proeui 
ObUiinable, a. tbat may be p: 
OliUilnnieiit, n. tlieactof obt 
01)tcst', V. /. to besei'cb, entn 
Ubi;sv?ilion, n. a irupplication 
Obt.n'idc, V. t. to tbrust into, 
ObliMi(l«'r, /;. (M:e Mlioentei*s 
( ;l)trusI(iM, n. a brruking in w 
0!)trn>.ive, a. tinding to intn 
( >btund', V. t. to blunt, dull, (' 
Obtnsr, a. not pointed, blunt 
( )blusi-ly, // J. viHiout a point 
(>I)tusen(;s"^, 7/. bluntiiesp, dul 
()!)tusiou 77. tbe act of bUnitir 
OVuiu'brato, r. i. to sbadc oa 
^>bvort'. T'. t. to (urn towanls 
()i/vtrsv ,;t, tbe fucc- of a • 
Ob'viute, T. to meet, ])rcvenr. 
Ol/rioris, a. e'.i«Ie?it, clear, p 
Ob'viously, ad. tvidenlly, pU 
Ob'viousness, n. evidi;nce, elt 
Occsision, n. a cause, need, in 
Occasion, v. t. to, prodi 
Occiisional, a. casual, accidei 
Ocwtsionally, ad. u])0?i occasi 
Occjisioner, n. one uho cause 
Oc'cident, n. tbe -vvijst ; a. mc 
Oecidcnt'al, (K'cid'uons, a. w 
Occlude, V. t. to*sbut up or^ 
Occluse, pa. a. sbut up or ap:a 
Occlusion, /*. a closing or sbu 
Occult'ness, 7L the state of be 
Occult', a. secret, bid.k'n, unl 
OcculUition, n. tbe act of con 
Oc'cnpancy, ;;. ])OSs(.'s.^ion, ai 
Oc'cu|KUit, n. (»ne m ho bolds 
OccAipation, ?h a business, em 
Oc'cupier, 7Z. one who occupi 
Oc'cu])y, 7". t. to bobl, use, po 
\V\v:-«i\\\' ^ni.l. \v» cQTO.t\ arise, li 




(oshun) 71. tiie largest body of "Wter | Offer, v. to present, propose, bid, sacrifice 
globe [to tlie sea lOf 'fcr^ n. a proposal, tender, price btttdcu 

Ocean'ic,'«. an expanse, a. pertaining 
n. the Mexican panther 
or O'ker, «. a kind of earth, fine, 
til and soft, of various cohn'S 
►us, Cchery, a. like ochei* 
n, n. a figure havhig eight angles 
nal, a. having eight sides or angles 
:ulap, n. having eight angles 
, w. the eiglith day after, an eighth 
n. a sheet folded into eight leaves 
lial, a. happeiung every eighth year 
r, 71. the tenth month of the year 
', a. known by the eye 
ly, ad. by observation of the ey« 
;, n; one who cures eyes 
. uneven, unaccountable, strange 
, ad. unevenly, strangely 
■, n. a particularity, a sti'ange person 
ss, 71. an odd state, particularity 
k more than even number or wager 
a short poem, a poem for musi^ 
J, a. hateful, detestable, vile 
•ly, ad. hatefully, hainously 
mess, Cdium, n. hatred, bianie 
n. a scent, smell, fragrance 
ting, a. diffusing odor, fragrant 
'erous, a. fragi*ant, sweet, perfume^ 
'erousness, n. sweetness of smell 
as, Cdorate, a. fragrant, pf rfqmed 
omy, see economy 
ten'ical, see ecumenical 
id. a contraction of over 
concerning, among, by, in, from 
t signifying distance, fi-om 
n. waste meat, refuse, entrails 
', V. to displease, affront, transgress 
*er, n. one who offends or transgresses 
e', n. a crime, injury, disgust, a^'ont 
e'fol, a. injurious, hui*tful, mischievous 
e'less, a. inoffensive, harmless 
'ive. a. di8]^leasin^ invading, injurious 
Iveiy, ad. m an offensive manner 
'sTcn^ff n. a catis^ ofdi'?giist^ mischief 

Offerer, n. one who oflei*s or sacrifices 
Offering, n. a sacrifice, oblation, present 
Of fertoiy, 7i. the act of offering 
Office, n. a public employment, duty 
Officer, n. a man in office, a commander 
Officer, 7).. t. to furnish with officers 
Of ficerlike,.a. like or becoming an officer 
Of ficei'ed, pa. supplied with commander/» 
Offi"cial, a. an office 
Offi^cial, n. officer in an et^lesiastical court 
0^"cially, ud. by office, fi-om authority 
Offi'^ciate, v.t. to perform the duties of an office 
Offi^'cinai, a. relating to shops 
Offi"oious, a. importunately forward, busy 
Offi^'ciousiy, ad. witti unasked kindness 
Ofli^ciousnesB, n. gi*eat forwardness 
Ofi^'iug, 71. a sea-term for tlie open or fall s^a 
Off''scoaring, n. the refuse, filth, dirt 
Ofi'^set, n. a sprout from tlie'root of a plant, a 
disUu)ce from a line in surveying, a sum set 
against another 
Off*' set, V. t. to set one sum off another 
Off''spring, n. a ))ropagatioh, generation 
Oft, Oft'en, Oft'entimes, Olt'times, ad (re- 

quently, many or several times 
Oge^,7}. a moldmg of two membersjone rounrT, 

the other hollow 
O'gle, V. to look with side glancea 
O'gler, n. one who oeles, a sly gazer 
O'gling, 71. the act of viewing slily 
Oh ! ejcclffm. expressive of surprise or pain 
Oil, n. ^e juice of olive, &c. 
Oil, V. t. to smear, anoint or soften with oil 
OiVbag, n. a gland in birds containing oil 
Oil'color, 72. a substance groimd with oil 
OiViness, 77. greasiness, sroootlmess 
OiVman, n. a man who deals in oils 
Oil'shop, n. a shop whei-e oils ai-e sold 
OiFy, a. containing oil, greasy, smooth 
Oint, V. t. to anoiirt, to smear or d««i\ <s«iV2t 
Oint'meut, n. «i\dii^ <ii w^Ntt \b ^svwvX. 
Old, a.\^a\\vig:ciL\^]iieiVwv^^m^^^\v\0^^^'^^^'*^' 



(yid&shionod, a. j^nc out of rasliiuR i 

(yUlness, n. an old state, old »^ 
(yidwife, n. a species of wild duck 
Olian'der, n. the rose-bay, a plant 
dlea"ginou8, 0'lcosc, a. n\lj, unctuous 
Olcas'ter, n, a plant, the wild olive 
Olfec'torv, a. having the sense of smelling 
Oligarch'ical, (ch as k) a. of an oligarchy 
OVigarchy, v. a government by few 
Cyiio, «. a medley, a mixture 
pi'ive, n. a tree or its fruit, emblem of peace 
Ol'iveyani, n. a place to cultivate olives in 
Olym'piad, n. the space of four yeai-s 

' Olym'pian, a. pcrtaiuing to Olynipia, a town in 
Greece, and to Olympus a mountain 
Olyra'pic, a. pertaiinng to Olyiopia, and the 

games there celebratod 
Om'ber, n. a game at cnwls 
Om^ga, a. last, the last Oi-eek letter 
O'meu, 71. a good or bad sign, prognostic 
<ymcned, a. contauiing prognostics 
Cymer, n. Hebrew measui-e of three quarts 
Om'inouB, a. foreboding ill, foreshowing 
Om'inously, ad. with good or bad omens 
Omis'sible, a. that may be omitted or left 
Omis^'sion, n. neglect, forbearance 
Omit', V. t. to leave out, pass by, neglect 
Omnifiirious, a. containing all kinds 
Omniric, a. all-creating, doing all things 
Oilinip'otcnce, w. almighty power 
Oranip'otent, a. almighty, all-poweiful 
Omnipres'ence, n. unbounded presence 
Omnipres'ent, a. present in every place 
Omnis"cicncc, n. infinite knowledge 
Omnis^cient, a. knowing all things 
On, pr. upon ; ad. forward 
On'ager, n. a nanus of the wild ass 
Once, (wunce) ad. at one time, formerly 
Once or Oimce, 71. a cariuvorous beast 
One, (wun) a. single, noting unity 
One'ness, n. the quality of being one, uni^ 
On'erousj a. heayy, bmensomc 
On^ion, n. a plant Aavingf a buUxms roofc 
Onjtocntic, n. an irtterpretei* of ilve&vas, ob. 

On'itocritictil, q, iffte^^retiDg dre«nA> ob. 

O P o 

O'lily, ad, singly ; n. this and nO/more 

On'omaiicy, ?». a divination of names, o^. 

On'set, n. an attack, assault 

On'ward, ad. forward, progressively 

O'nyx, 71. a semi pellucid gcin 

Ooze, n. a soil mud, slime, soft fitfw^ finelx 

and water fur tanning 
Ooze, V. i. to drop slowly, to run gently 
Oozy, a. muddy, slimy, plashy, mcnst 
0))dke, (opaque) a. not transparent, obseo 
Optikeness, 0pa"cit)r, ru tlie quali^ d 

transmitting rays of light 
O'pal, 71. a siliceous stone of various colors 
OuGj used in ^loetry for open 
O i>en, V. to set (men^ divide, explain, b^i 
O'pen, a. unshut,2inclo8ed, uncovered 
O'pener, 7i. one who opens, an interpreter 
O'peneyed, a. watchful, attentive, waiy 
0'p<^iihanded, a. generous, liberal, free 
O'peuhearted, a. honest, candid, generoos 
(ypening, n. a place opened, breach, wsv 
O'lXinly, ad. publicly, evidently, plainly 
O'pennoss, 7i. plainxr^ss, clearness 
Op'era, 7i. a musical entertainment 
Op'erant, n. labouring, able to produce, th- 
Op'erate, v. to woi-k, act, perform, eflfect 
Operation, 7i. a work, action, agency, fffeet 
Op'crativc, «. having the juiwer of aetii^ 
Op'erator, ?i. one who operates or eftects 
Oper6se, a, laborious, tix)ublesome, tedioot 
Ophiol'ogy, n. the description of sei-peoti 
O phite, 77. mai'ble with spots like a scipat 
Op/ithal'mic, a. i*elating to the eyes 
Op/fthal'my, 7i. an inflammation of tbeej0 
O pintc, 72. a medicine causing sleep 
O'piate, a. causing sleep, soporific 
Opine, V. i. to tliink, believe, judge, o& 
Opin'ionative, a. stiff in opinion 
Opin'kniist, 7i. one sdfTiu opinion 
Opiq'ion, n. a notion, sentiment, judgemeD^ 
Opiu'ionatcd, a. obstinate, bigoted 
O^pium, 71. the distilled juice of poppic*^ 
O^iobal'sain, 7i. a resin from a tree m A<** 
CtpoiwKwv^'n..^ ^"aSsw^ed which eMi** *" 


R A 

adverse, cqiposing, crosMig ' 
an antagonist, an opposer . 
seasonable, convenient 
ad. seasonably, fitly . 
n. a fit place or time 
act against, withstand, object 
le who opposes, a rival 
facing, contrary, adverse, cross, 

m opposer, a thing contrary 
'. in an opposite manner 
u resistance, contradiction, a par- 
, contrariety 

, n. one who belongs to a parly 
the ruling power 
, to injure, crush by hardship 
n. cruelty, hardship, heaviness 
{. cruel, severe, heavy, unjust 
one who oppresses, a tj'rant 
a. reproachful, disgi*aceful 
>■, ad, reproachfully 
3SS, n. reproachfulness 
n. reproach, disgi'ace 
to oppose, attack, resist 
72. oppontion, resistance 
one who opposes 
Kpressive erf" desire, wishing 
d, a. relating to vision 
I person skilled in optics 
science or doctrine of vision 
nobility, body of nobles 
hoice, liberty of choosing 
ift to free choice or election 
Op'ulency, n. wealth, riches 
ealthy, rich, affluent 
L richly, with splendor 
heraldry, conj. other 
vine declaration, opinion of false 
d, an opinion deemed in^Uble 
^, one famed for wisdom 
lo'ulous, a. uttering oracles 
2d. in manner of an oracle 
Tayer, supplication, wish 
5red by the mouth only 
- mouth, ivitbout irriting 




O'ran-out'ang, n. the largest of the ape kind 
and the brute mc«. like the hnman species 
Or'ange, a. a fine well known fruit 
Or^angery, n. a plantation of orange trees 
Oration, n, a rhetorical speech, haraague 
Or'ator, n. an eloquent person, petitioner 
OratxSrial, Orator'ieal, a. becoming an oratori 

rhetorical, florid, elotjuent 
Oratbrio, n. a sacred drama, set to music 
Or'atoiy, n. the science of rhetoric, a ptaof^far ^' 

prayer :» ■'■■ 

Orb, n. a sphere, a round body "' . 

Orb'ed, a. rounded, formed into a circle - 
Orbic'ular, a. spherical, circular, round 
Oi*bic'ularly, ad. circulai'ly sphorically 
Orbic'ulate, a. round, like an orb 
Orb'ify n. the line in which a planet moves 
Orb'ital, Orbit'ual, a. like an orbit 
CVchard, n. a garden or place of fruit trees 
(Vchester, or (Vchestra, (ch as k) n. a gal- 
lery for musicians oi* the musicians 
Ch/charding, n. orchards in general, the ealti- 

vation of an orchard 
Ordain, v. t. to appoint, establish, settle 
Ordeal, n. a trial by fire or water 
Or'der, ii. a command, method, rank, class 
(h/der, v. t. to bid, tell, direct, regulate 
(Vderer, n. one who orders or regulates 
Or'deriess, a. irregular, disorderly 
Or'derly, a. regular, methodical 
(Vders, 7i. pi. priesthood, state of the eleigy 
Or^dinal, n. noting the order of number 
Or'dinal, n. a book of rites 
Or^dinftnee, n. a law, rule, appointment 
(Vdinarily, ad. usually, accocding to rule 
(Vdinary, a. common, usual, plain 
Or'dinary, n. a judge, an eating house 
Or'dinate, a. regular, methodical 
Ordination, n. the act of ordaining » 

Oiil'nance, n. cannon, artillery, m<xtars 
Or'dure, a. animal dung, filth, nasliness 
Ore, n. metal in its mineral state 
Or'gan, n, a natural or a \BMa\'w^\«sftKQssaM«^- 
Organ'vB, a. wsaXalM^s^^tsc^^^ 


O R T 

(Jr'ganisui, ;f . un orj^anicul struclure 
Oi^ganisU n- one who plavn on aii organ 
Oganizatiou, ii. strucUirci tbrmatioo 
Or'gHnize, v. t. to consttnict, form, fmrae 
Oi'^gRsm, 11. a suddcH exfillion, violence 
Or'gies, n. mad rites of Bacchus^ revels 
O'nentf a. eastern, rising, bright, sliining 
Orient'al, a. placed in the east 
Orient'al, v. an inhabitant of the ea5;t 
Orient'alism, n. a poculiai* idiom of the east 
Or^ifice, n. an openin}^, iM*rf(frfltion, mouth 
Ori'gan, n. the plant "wild mai^oram 
, Or'inn, n. a beginning, rise, source^ stock 
Oi'i'^nal, «. firat, primitive 
Ori^cinal, n. a soui*ce, a first copy 
Original'ity, n. the quality of being original 
Ori"ginally, ad. at first, primarily, chiefly 
Ori"ginary, a. primitive, productive 
Ori'ginate, v. to begin, give rise to 
Origination, n. a brniging into existence 
O'nole, a. a beautiful bii^ of America 
CKrion, or Orion, n. a southe^i constellation 
Or'ison, n. a prayer, petition 
Or'lop, n. the middle deck of a ship 
Or'nament, v. t. to adorn, embellish, dress 
Or'nament^ 7i. decoration, grace, honor 
Omament'al, a. tending to adorn, graceful 
Omament'ally, ad. in a manner to adorn 
Or'namented, Or'iiate, pa. adorned, decked 
Ornithology, n. the science of birds 
Oi'ol'ogy, n. the scienae of mountains 
OroVogist, n. a describer of mountains 
Or'phan, n. a fatherless child 
Or'piment, n. sulphur and arsenic mixed 
Or'pine, a. a plant of several kinds, lirelong 
Or'rery, 71. an instrument to show the revolu- 
tions of the planets 
Or'tliodox, a. sound in doctrine or belief 
Or'thodoxy, ad. with soundness of opinion 
Or'thodoxy, n. true belief^ sound opinions 
Or'thoepy, n. the art of just pronunciation 
Or'Uioepist, n. one skilled in pronunciaUon 
OiU}iqgr/ip}/'jcfi}, a. ri^Jjtly spelled 
Orthography, //. rl^hi spelling or writm?; 
Or'ttatui, //. a sinnll but reiT delicate Vird 

u s 

Oscilbilion, 7/. a moving forward and backi 1 

hitrtion as of a pendulum 
Os'cillatory, a. moving like a pendulum 
Os'citancy, n. aynwhinei carelessness 
Os'citant, a. yawning, sleepy, sYuggisIi 
Osculation, 11. the act of kisung 
O'sier, or O'zier, n. a tree of the willow luw 
Os'mund, n. H plant, the flowering fern 
Os'pray, ;;. a species of eagle 
Os'scou!;, a. bony, like or made of bone 
Os'sicU;, 11. a small (»* little bone 
Ossif 'ic, a. making or converting to bone 
Ossificdtion, n. the act of changing into bone 
Os'sify, V. to cliangc, harden into bone 
Ossiv orous, a. sMiulowing bones 
Ostun'sible, a. that may be shown, apf^irent 
Ostea'jHbly, ad. apparently, seemingly 
Osti.-:n'sive,a. tendmg to show, betokening 
(Vtent, 71. a show, token, prodig}-, ob. 
Ostentiirion, 11. outward show, psutide 
Ostenb^tious, a. fond of show, pompous 
Ostentatiously, ad. with jiomp cm* parade 
Osteol'ogy, w. a description ok the bones 
Os'tiaiT, n. tlie mouth of a river [on she! 
Os'tracism, n. a banishment by votes writtc 
Os'trich, 7/. a large bird with elegant fealhwi 

and wings too shot! for flight 
OUi'er, (o as u) a. not the same, different 
Oth'ergujsc, ad. of another kind 
Oth'ei*wherc, ad. in another place 
Oth'erwise, ad. in a different manner 
Ot'ter, 72. a sti-ong amphibious animal 
Ot'toraan, a. belonging to the Turks 
Ouch, 71. the bezil of a ring 
Ought, (aut) 71. any thing, mistake for sa^^ 
Ought, V. i. to be obliged, become^ be fit 
Ounce, 71. the sixteenth of a pound aTorda 

pois, and the fourteenth of a pound troj 
Our, a. pertaining or relating to us 
Ours, pro?L, noting our property 
Ourself',/>;ow. ust.'d in royal style for iB)*' 
Ourselves', proii. receip. we, not others 
Ousel, or Oo'sel, 71. a black bird 
>0\3L?>t>'o. t. t.Q«ast or put out, vacate 


d pr. abroad, not at home or in 
Irive away, deprive 
t. to do or go beyond, exceed 
;, V. t. to outweigh 
t. to bid more than any other 
a. gCHng on a distant voyage 
V. t. to Beat down, bully 
V. bear downwitli boldness 
n. a breaking ont, breach 
cast out, banished, eiiLpeUed 
. a [)ei*son who is banished 
aciy ot'distress, public clamor 
. t. to venture bejond, bully 
t. to make old, to antii|tuite 
tdoo) V. t. to excel, surpass 
IK i. to stay beyond due time 
hat is without, outwai-d 
d. towai*ds or nejir tlie outside 
, a. failhest from the middle 
I. to bear or stare down 
K t. to exceed in fawning 
pi. the expenses of equipping and 
g a ship, &c. 
'. to fly beyond, exceed 
V. frown down, overbear 
. an outlet, passi^ out 
!, V. t. to exceed in gcncralslijp 
. t. to surpass in giving 
. to surpass, oveiTeach 
♦. t. to sui^iass in growUi 
n. advanced guard of an army 
r. t. to exceed in cruelty 
t. to exceed or surpass in jesting 
V. t. to outdo in knavery 
I, a. foi'eign, iiistic, coarse 
t. to sur\»ass in duration 
one exi'huled tl>c benefit of lav 
t. to deprive of the benefit of the 

(the law 
n. % depriving of the protection of 
. t. to stu'pass in leaping 
:. a sally out, issue from, flight 
a passage or discharge outwards 
. the first Vine of a dcx'iee or figure 
/. to live hnf^f'stf to srim vc 



Outlook', V. t. to jbcc down, outstare 
OutluaTter, V. ^.to exceed in luster 
Ontlying, a. placed out, not yet paid 
Ootmarch', v. t. to march quicker 
OutmeosWe, v. t. to exceed in measure 
Out'most, a. farthest from the middle 
Oainum'ber, v. t. to exceed in number 
Outpace, V. t. to outgo, outwalk 
Out'pai*t, n. a part lying on the outside 
Outpass', T). t. to go beyond, exceed 
Om\.\wuv, v. t. to emit, send out in a stream 
()uti)6f/riug, n, a pounng out, effusion 
Outprfze, V. t. to exceed in price set 
Out' rage, v. t. to injure, to insult grossly 
Out'rage, n. violence, tumultuous mischief 
Out'rageous, a. violent, mad, -enormous 
Outrageously, ad. violently, fui'iously 
Outr^geousness, n. violence, fury, rage 
Outrdaeh, t>. t. to go beyond, to cheat 
Outreck'on, v. t. to exceed in reckoning 
Outride, v. t. to nde fastest, to leave behiiur - 
Out'riggcr, n. a boom thrust out fi*om a ship 
Outright, ad. immediately, directly 
Outr<5ar, v. t. to e!?tcced or outdo in i-oaring 
Outroot', V. t. to roo*, or pull up, to destroy 
Outnui', V. leave bchin<l in araee 
Outsail, V. 1. 10 leave behind in sailing 
Outscom', v. t. to bear down by contempt 
Outsell', V. t. to sell for a beUer price 
Out'set, 72. the first setting out or bi^^nning 
Outshine' v. t. to excel in luster ormghtness 
Outshoot', V. t. to exceed in shooting^ 
Out'aU|^ 11, the outward part, show 
Outsi^D. i. to sit longer or beyond the time 
Outsl^ep, V. t. to sleep beyond the time 
Outspeak, r. t. to S[)eak the longer, outtalk 
Outsp6rt, V. t. to exceed in spcHling 
Outspread', v. t. to spread open, extend 
Outstand', v. to stand beyond proper time 
Outstanding, /Ml. standing out, left unpaid 
Outst^e, v.t \o surpass by staring 
Out' street, n. a street at the ei^ of a towiv 
Outstretah' , T3 . t . \o ex\fc\!A^^!^jc«aiaS.vj^x 


O V E 

Outsweetcn, v. t. to exceed in sweetness 
Outtalk', V. t. to oveii)Owep by talk 
Outtongiie', V. t. to beai* down by noise 
Outval'uo, V. t. to exceed in value 
Outven'om, v. t. to exctJed in poiHon 
Outvje, V. t. to excel, exceed, surpass 
Outvil'lain, v. t. to exceed in villany 
Outvoice', V. t. to outroar, to cry louder 
Outvdte, V. t. to sui'pass or exceed in votes 
Outwalk', V. t, to leave in walking 
Out' wall, n. the outward pail of a building 
Quf ward, a. lying on the outside, apparent 
Out'ward, ad. to the outer {mrts 
Out'wardboond, a. goiug from a port 
Out'wardly, ad. in an outward manner 
Out' wards, ad. towards the outparts 
Outwatch', V. t. to exceed in watching 
Outwear, V. t. to wear longer 
Outweigh, Coutway) v. t. to weigh more 
Outwit^ t>. t. to o%'ercome by cunning 
Oat'work, n. a fortification on the outside 
OutwdriK a. destroyed by use 
Outwortn', v. t. to excel in value 
O'val, n. a figure like an egg ; a. like an egg 
Ov^rious, a. consisthig of eggs 
O'vary, n. the seat of eggs 
Ovation, n. a lesser tiiumph for victory 
OVen, (o as ti) n. an arched place for baking 
Cver, pr. and ad. more, above, upon, past 
Overafaiound', V. t. to abound more 
Overac^y v. t. to do more than enough 
O'veraus, n. a kind of long close trowsers 
overanxious, a. too anscious, too eager 
Overarch', v. t. to cover over with an iMi 
Overawe', v. t. to keep in awe, keep under 
Overbal'ance, v. t. to outweigh 
O'verhalance, n. more than equivalent 
Overl)ear, v. t. to bear down, keep in awe 
Overbid', v. i. to bi<l too much 
overboard, ad. out of the ship 
Overboir, v. t. to boil 5)0 much or too long 
Overhdl^, a. too bold, daring, impudent 
Overbur^dcD, v. t. to bui»den too mueVi x ». 

Orercar'ij, v. t. to cany too far V 

Ovcrc&sC^ V. t. to se w^ over, cloud, dav\teti \ 

O V E 

Oyci'chargc', v. i. to rate too high, fill too fiU 
Overcloud', v. t. to cover with eloads 
Overcome', v. t. to conquer, vanquish, beat 
Overcount', Tj. t. to rate or value too hi|^ 
()ve!\i6, (overtloo) v. t. to do too much 
OveiHlirss', V. t to dress or adorn lavishly 
Overdrive, v. t. to drive too liardor fast 
Overemp'ty, v. t. to render too empty 
Ovcn';v(? r. i. to superintend, observe 
O'verfall, ». a steep fall (rf'iyater, a catataet 
Overfeed, v. t. to teed too rau(^, cram 
Overfloat, v. i. to float, swim, overflow 
Overfl6w, v. t. to run over, deluge 
Overflow^ n. an inundation, deluge 
Ovci*fl6v&ing, n. copiousness, great plenty . 
OverfidTcingly, acL redundantly 
Overfly', v. t. to pass over by flight 
Overfor'wardness, n. too great forwardnefl 
Overglance', v. t. to look Lustily over 
Overgo, V. i. to surpass, exceed, excel 
Overgrow, v. t. to grow beyond natnraltitt 
O'vergnnen, pa. too large, ver}- prou4 
O'vergrcm^th, n. an improper size 
Overhdie, see ovei'haid 
Overhang', v. to jut over, project 
Overhara'en, v. t. to reikler too hard 
Overhaul', v. t. to turn over and eiamJiie^ (0 

loosen, to gain upon oc overtake 
Overhaul'ing, n. a turning over 
Overhead'', ad. aloft, above, in a ptoee above 
Overhear, v. t. to hear secretly, or by ehHflt 
Overheat, v. t. to heat too or very much 
Overjoy', v. t. to transport, to ravish 
OvenAbor, v, t. to take too much puns 
O verlade, v. t. to overburden, to overiood 
Overlarge', a. too larce or great, vast, fange 
OverWy, v. t. to smomcr, oppress by wei^ ■ 
Overleap, v. t. to leap or jump ovei- , 
O'verleatlier, n. the upper leather (^a dio^ 
Overlive', v. to live too long, surrive 
O'verliver, n. one who lives kogest or surnitf 
Overl6ad, v. U to load too muif£ 
Overlonf(', a, too long, too long contiovcd 
^0"^«i>c\wwl ^ ij . t.Nft ^\?QaA.^ suverintendf 0*5* 

O V E 

>k'cr, n. one "who overrooks 
m'ed, a. canying too mach mast 
ist'er, V. t. to subdue, conquer, beat 
Itch', V. /. to be too povrerful 
Ktdi, n. one of snpenor strength 
OBt, a. placed over the rest, highest 
ich', aa. in too great a degree 
nc, V. t. to name in a series 
4it, n. die night before 
ycioos, a. too officious, too forward 
Vf V. t, to overlook, omit, neglect 
r, V. t. to pay more than the price 
5r, V. t. to overlook, hover over, ob. 
xsh', V. t. to fly over or beyond 
lis, n. what is more than sufficient 
^, V. t. to ply or work too closely 
se', V. t. to outweigli, weigh more 
Ise, n. a preponderant weight 
i/er, V. t. to oppress by power 
as', V. t. to overwhelm, to crush 
zc, V. t, to prize or love too much 
ik', a. too rank, very strong 
s,v. t, to rate too much or too high 
ich, V. to go beyond, deceive, cheat 
cher, n. one who oveiTcaehes 

d, V. t. to read quite throug^i 
f , V. to make red all over 

en, V. to make or grow too ripe 
sty V. t. to roast too much 

e, V. i. to superintend, supersede 

i', V, t. to outrun, ravi^, lay waste 

urated, a. more than saturated 

, V. /. to overtook, manage 

Us pa. overlooked, mist wen 

r, n. a superintendant 

, -D. to overturn 

de, V. t. to cover with darkness 

d'ow, V. t. to cover, shelter, hide 

ot', V. to go beyond or too far 

)t, a. an overshot mill or wheel ii one 
receives the water a little beyond the 
the descent, so that the water is shot 

he wheel 

ht, n. a mistake^ iospeetion 

'^ z', /. to surpRssin balk 




iOvei-skip', V. t. to skip over, |>as8 by, slip 
Oversleep, v. i. to sleep too long 
Overslip', v, t. to pass over unnoticed 
Oversoon', cui. too soon, too hastily 
Overspent', a. greatly wearied, Itan'asscd 
Overspread', v. t. to cover over, scatter over 
Overstock', v. t. to fill too full, to crowd 
Overstrain, v. t. to stretch, or extend too far 
Overswiy, v. U to overrule, dissuade 
Ovcrswell', v. t. to rise above, to overflow 
O'vert, a. open, apparent, manifest, plain 
OverUlke, v, t. to come up with, catch 
Overtask', v. t. to give too great a task 
Overtax', v. t. to tax too much or too high 
Overthrdnr, v. t. to throw down, defeat 
O'verthrov, n. defeat, ruin, destruction 
O'verthwart, 6. opposite, adverse, perversa? 
O'vertly, ad. openly, publicly, honestly 
Overtm/, v. t. to exceed in licighth 
Oyertrip', V. t. to walk lightly over 
O'verture, n. an opening, proposal. 
Overturn', v. t. to throw d^wn, destroy 
Overtum'er, n. one who throws down 
Overval'ue, v. U to value or rate too high 
Overveil', (overvwl) v. t. to veil over 
Overwatch', v. t. to want sleep too lone 
Overw^ak, a. too week or feeble, uuablft 
Overweoth'cr, v. t. to batter by bad weather 
Overw^en, v. i, to think too highly 
Overweigh', (overway) v. t. to outweigh 
Overweight, n. more than we^t 
Overwhelm', v. t. to crush, suMae 
Ov cj T w wjffii a. worn quite out» spoiled 
Overvtiilight', a. labored too much 
O'vifonn, a. shaped like an egg, oval 
Ovip'arous, a. that lH*ingeth fmtli c^;8 
O'volo, n. a round moliling, the quarter of » 

circle, called also a quarter round 
Owe, V. t. to be in debt, be obliged 
O'wing, jba. due, to be ascribed to as a cause 
Owl, Owl'et, ft. a bird that flies by niglit 
Otpu, a. noting property or title, as my owu^ 

their own, our inm^VA.^. 
Own, -D. t. U> M^OA'wVt^^ , ww&Ksa^^^'safc's*' 


P A C 

Cywnenhip, 71. property, Itwful right 
Ox, n. Ox^n, n.pL a casti-atcd bull or built 
Ox'eye, /». aplant, a small vioad 
Ox'fly, n. a fly hatched on cattle 
Ox'li'p, n. a yellow flower, the cowslip 
Ox'yd, n. a Bubstance oombioed with oxygen^ 

calx, rott of metalt 
Ox'j8;ciie,n. the base of vital air and the acid- 
ifying principle of other substances 
Ox'ymel, n. vinegar and honey boiled 
O/er, V. i. to hear ; n. a court, a view 
Oyea,' ad. hear ye, attend, observe 
0)-8'ter, n. a bivalvulsr shell-fish 
Oys'terwench, n. a woman who sells oysters 


"l^ACA', (a as in ask) n. a small quadruped 
I7 Paooan, ?«. an American tree and its nut 
Pace', n. a step, gait, degree, measure 
Pace, V. i. to measure by steps 
Pibed, a. having a certain kind of gait 
Pacer, n. that which paces* a horse 
Paeirio, a. peaceable, peaceful 
Pacific, n. the ocean between America and 

Pacifielition, n. the act of making peace 
Pacifiditor, n. a peacemaker, metuator 
Pa'Vifier, n. one who appeases 
Pa"cify, V. t. to appease, make easy 
Pack, ?i. a bundle, load, burden, 52 cards, a 

number of hounds, set, ci-ew 
Pack^v. t. to bind up, to sort cardi^.to put 

down meat in salt, to pick a jury 
Pack'age, n. a large pack or bale 
Pack'cloUi, tu a clotli for packing goods 
Pack'er, n. one who packs meat, goods, &c. 
Pack'et, n. a small pack, a parcel of letters, a 
vessel for dispatches ; in America, a coast- 
ing vesRel for passengers 
Pack'et, V. t. to ply wiih a packet, put up in a 

PAck^rtboat, n. a boat for advice 
^'ack^hofsc, V. a hone of burden, (VruO^^. 
f^iek'safldlc, 71. a caddie for buvdw* 


PacVthred, fi. a strong thred fix* paokiag 
P^co, <Hr Paeos, u. the sheep of a. Ancric 

shaped like a camel 
Pact, Pae'tioD, n. a bargain^ agreement 
Pad, n. an easy paced horse, saddle, robber 
Pad, V. to travel gently, beat smooth, rob 
Pad'der, n. a foot^iSg^wayman, robber 
Pad'dle, v. i. to play in water, row 
Padfdle, n. a small oar 
Pad'dler, n. one who paddles or moves 
Pad'dook, n. a frog, indosure, a plant 
Pad'lock, n. a lock hung on a staple 
Pikgan, fi. a heathen ; a. heathenish 
Piiganisin, n. heatheniBn 
Page, n. a boy or servant, one side oft letf 
Pligc, 17. ^. to mark the page of a book 
P^igeant, n. a spectacle of entertainments 
Piigeant, a. showy, pompous 
Piigeantiy, n. show, pomp, finery, vanity 
Pa^ginal, a. consisting of pages 
Piiged, Pag6da, n. a monument, tower, Um 

pie or idol in the Eastlndiei^ a silver m 

value 175 or flOO eents 
Pail, n. a wooden vessel for water, milk, k$. 
Pailful, n. the quantiQr which apailhoUi 
Pain, n. a seusation ofuneasineas, penalty 
Pain, V. t. to make uneasv, affiict^ torment 
Pdinful, a, full of pain, idflictive, difficuH 
Painfully, ad. with i>ain, laboriously 
Painfulness, ». pain, afHiction, sorrow 
Painless, a. void of pain or labor, ea^ 
Painstakcr, n. a laborious person 
Painstaking, a. laborious, mdostrioosi aetiw 
Paint, V. t. to color, adorn, represent 
Paint, n. colors mixed for painting 
Pointer, n. one who pn^essea paintii^ 
Painting, 11. a laying on colors, a pictnte 
Puir, n. two thii^ alike, a eouple t 

Pair, V. t. to join in couples^ omte, suit 
Pal'ace, n. a rcr^al or very grand hoose 
Palanquin', or Pakmkin', n. a covered cttriip 

in India, borne on the shoulders of mn 
Pal'auble, a. pleasing to Uie taste^ Minssfct' 
V^* «!i».) u.>^ft.'vMAx«sB«nt of taate, ratah 



ate, n. the oountiy of a prince 
€, n. a letter formed by the palate 
es, Yi. pi. inhabitants of a palatinate 
, vantinc the color of blo(x], -whitish 
ft slip of wood, inclosare, jurisdictioii 
t. to inoloae with pales 
sed, a. sickly-looking, pale, whitish 
oJ. in a pde manner, wanly 
s, n. whiteness, wanness, sieklinesi 
■ian, a. belonging to wrestling 
t. the board for a painter's colors 
', or Parfiy, n. a small horse 
;, ft. pales for indosnre or defence 
3, V, t. to inclose with palisades 
PAly, a. somewhat pale, whitidi 
a ckike, a corering for the dead 
to cloke, cloy, grow vapid 
am, n. a statue of Pallas in ancient 
, which was essential to its safety, a 
irk, efTeetoal defence 
n. a nut, the nut cS a watch 
n. a small low bed, small measure 
i, V. f . to ooTcr, extenuate, excuse 
m, ft. extenuation, mitigation 
ye, ft. something mitigating 
a. faint in color, pale, wan, weak 
l'^ ft. a game with a bidl and ring 
;. a tree, victory, part of the hand 
'. t, to cheat, impose on, conceal 
ed, a. spreading like the open hand 
branches like fingers 
', ft. a dieat, pilgrim, deer's crown 
'wonn, ft. a worm covered with hair 
to, ft. a species of the |mlm tree 
•ed, a. webfooted, filmed as ducks 
ter, ft. one who pretends to palmistiy 
try, ft. telling fortunes by the hands 
mdav, n. the last Sunday in lent 
, a. a'bounding with palms 
I'ity, Palp'ableness, ft. the quality of 
perceivable, obvioumess 
le, a. that may be felt, plain, grow 
ly, ad. feelingly, clearly, grossly 
ibf v. i. to beatas liieiHat, pant 
hti, M.f^ b€Atiag€fftb€ fa€irt 



PaVsied, cl afflicted with the palsy 
Pal'sy, ft. a privation of the power of action 
Pal'sv, V. t. to destroy the power of action 
Pal'triness, ft. meanness, pitifulness 
Pal'try, a. mean, pitifol, despicable, low 
Pam, ft. a card, die knave of clubs 
Pamp'er, v. t, t&fccd deticately, indulge 
Pamp'erer, ft. one who pampers 
Pamphlet, ft. a small unbound book 
Pamphleteer, ft. a writer of pumphlets 
Pan, ft. a kitchen-vessel, hole, part of a- lock 
Panacea, fi. a universal medicine, an herb 
Pankdo, ft. bread boiled in water 
Pan'cake, ft. a thin cake fried in a pan 
Pandem'io, a. incident to a whole people 
Pan'der, ft. a ]^mp \ v.t.Xo pimp 
Pandicid^tioii, ft. a yawning or stretching 
Pane, ft. a square or glass, mixture of s^uarep 
Panegyi^ie, (g as j) ft. a eulogy, enoomium 
FBneg3n^iciil, a, bertowing praise 
Ptmegyr'ist, ft. one who be^ws paneeyries 
Pane'^gyrixe, v. t. to bestow eommendation 
Pan'el, ft. a square of uTainseot, &e., a juryHroU 
Pang, ft. extreme or sudden pain, torture 
Pang, V. t. to put to great pam, to torture 
Pangolin, ft. an animal of E. Indies, with a long 

body, short legs, and covered with seales 
Pan'ic, fi. a violent fright without cause 
Pan'ic, a. violent, without dne cause 
Pan'icle, ft. a loose spike of grass, or beard on 

which seeds hang 
Pan'nier, ft. a kind of basket for hones 
Pan^0|^y, n. complete armor or harness 
Pan'sy,' fi. a violet of three colors^ 
Pant, V. i. to beat at the heart, lon^, wish 
Pant, ft. the act of beating by the heut 
Pantalooi/, fi. a man's garment 
Pan'theism, ft. a system of principles in which 

the universe was considered as God, and its 

parts as its members 
.Pan'theist, ft. a believer in pantheism 
Pan'theon, ft. a temple of all the gods 
Pan'ther^n. si«ipcWueA.^'ewfe^'^^\««s^ 



Paiitoniim'icul, a. like or ptn'tuiiiiiig^ to panto- 
I'ati'try, ii. u sniui! irKim tor provisiutiB [mime 
Pap) n. n nipple, iiifant'H meat 
Papa', (a as in ask) w. the name for fatlicr 
Papacy, u. the iKipedom or dignity of a jiope 
I'apal, a. helonj^iti^ to the pope, iwpibli 
Papav^emuR, a. reseiublinj; poppies 
I'apaw', 71. a trc»e and its fruit in America 
ITiper, n. a substance made of rags 
PajHjr, V. t. to hanj; or cover with paper 
Papermakcr, n. a man -who makes paper 
Papermill, n. a njill used to make paper in 
Pa|)erstiilner, n. one who stains jwpcr 
Pap'il, n. a small pap, or nipple 
I'apilionaceous, a. i*esembling a bnlterfly 
Pap'illar}-, n. hsivinv vessels, like a nipple 
I'apil'lous, I'apil'loso, a. like nipples 
Papist, 11. one who adheres to poi)ery 
**apist'ical, a. po]nsh, adhering to the |>ope 
l\'ipistry, n. the rcli{i;ion of Roman Catholics 
Pappoos', 11. the Indian name of a child 
Pap pose, Pa\>'pous, a. having soil down 
Pap'py, a. soft, spong\', easily divided 
Papy'rus, n. a plant ot* different kimls 
Par, II. a state of equality, equal quantity 
Par'ahle, n. a similitude, a figurative speecli 
Paraborically, ml. by way oi iMi-able 
I'ar'aclet, n. a comforter, an advooat<3 
Parade, n. a sliow, {lomp, military order, 

gnaiil, a place lor assembling troops 
Parddc, v. t. to assemble and arrange 
Pai*'ad ise, n. the garden of Eden, a place of bliss 
Pai-ndis'ical, a. suiting paradise [anee 

' 1'aKadox, n. an assertion, contrary to appear- 
i'aradox'ical, a. inclined to uootrarieties 
Paradox'ically, (uh in a paradoxical manner 
Par agon, v. t. to compare ; n. a model 
Par'agrapli, n. a distinct pai*t of a discourse 
Par'agi-s^jh, t». t. to write par^raphs 
Par'aiaraphist, Ji. a writer of a paragraph 
Par'alize, v. t. to affect as with palsy 
Pai-'allax, n. the difference between the trae 

»nd apparent place of a heavenly body 

1» A II 

Par'allel, n. a line at the wi:nci distance from 
some other line, resemblance feqna! 

Par'allel, v. to preserve the same direotibo, to 
Par'allelism, ft.thc state of being pRrallel or like 
Parallerogram, n. a right-lined figure of fov 
sides, tlie opposite ones paralh'.l, a longiqairc 
Pai*al'ogism., it. false or bad reaaooing 
Paralyt'ic, a. paLucd, having the palsy 
Paraly t'ic, fi. one afflicted with a palsy 
Par'amount, a. chief, superior 
Paramour, (ou as oo) n. a lover, mistress 
Par'anymph, n. a bndcmau, so^porter, o^. 
Par'ai>et, n. a wall hi«aat-hi(^h tor defence 
Par'aphrase, iu explanatkm in many words 
Paraphrase, v. t. to interpret fully 
Par'aphrast, fi. a diffuse interpreter 
Paraphrastic, a. explanatory 
Par'asite, n. a flatterer of great men, a plsut 

gi'owing on another 
Parasit'ic, Pai-asit'ical, a. flattering, faw oing 
Pai/asol, umbrella to keep off the sau 
Par'boil, r. /. to heal oulv in part 
Par'ccI, n. a small bundle, lot, set companv 
Par'cel, v. t. to divide into portions 
Par'cenar}', n. a joint tenure or inlicritanee 
Pai-'cener, n. a joint tenant 
I'arch, V. to scorch, grow diy 
Parch'ment, n. skins of sheep dressed 
Pard, n. a fierce spotted beast, a leonurd 
Par'dou, n. forgiveness, remission 6£waaJtt7 
Par'don v. t. to forgive, excuse, remit 
Par^donable, a. that may be foraiven 
Par'doiiableness, n. a pardonable state 
Par'donably, ad. with or br pardon 
Par'doner, n. one who forgives another 
Pare, v. t. to cut off the sur&ee, dimir^ 
Paregor'io, a. having power to assuage psia 
Pai'egor'io, ft. a soporific medicme 
Parent, n. a father or mother, sonree 
Par'cntaee, n. birth, extraction, descent 
Parent'al, a. becoming parents, affectkioate 
Paren^'thesis, n. a sentence included thus j[ ) 
Parentliet'ical, a. included in a parenthew 

I^Jir'allel, a. equally distsnt in every "^%xt,\\vVP«>JNLT,u.^\s*\\j!kwk.%sra.y theaurfiwe 
-Ujc same line, erinal W^ ^'^^^ Vr^Vcw^-^. ^^^^Mtae^^^^cnte^^Mifc 

P A E 

m, Ik a mock or false sun 
7. pertaining to Paros in the Bgean sea 
, a. relating to a ivall 
fi. R tiling that b pared off, a rind 
11. a particular district or division of 
mder a minister having the cure of 
a reli^oiis society or corporation 
a. belonging to a parish 
mer, more coiTecily Pari8h'oner,n. one 
piig to a parish 

I, a. pertaining to Paris in France 
71. equality, resemblance, likeness 
an inclosed ground for deer 
t. to inclose in, or form a park 
n. the keeper or overseer of a park 
n. a conference, oral trOity 
V. i. to treat by word of mouth 
Lent, 71. tlie chief assembly of England 
ent'ary, a. pertaining to parliament 
H. a lower room for company 
m, a. belonging to parnassusa moun- 
Greece sacred to tiie poets 
d, (ch^ k) a. belonging to a parish 
n. a buriesque change of words 
V. t. to copy by way of parody 
t, n. a class of small parrots 
^i, words given as an assurance 
3. by woi^ of mouth, verbal, oral 
» a. saUtary, situated near the ears 
ira, 71. the periodical return of a fit 
al, a. of or relating to parricide 
le, n. the murder or muderer of a 

n. a genus of birds of numerous varie- 

smarkable for the faculty of imitating 

man voice 

3. f: to put by a thrust, "ward off 

. t. to resolve by rules of grammar 

tiious, a. frugal, sparing, near 

niously, ctd. fi-ugally, sparingW 

[liousness, Pai^'simony, ti. tnigality 

i to excess 

, 71. a numerous class of plants 

, 71. a well known gardea root 

7. a clergj-man, priest, m'misier 



Far^aonage, n. the benefice of a parson 
Part, 71. a i>ortlon, member, party, space 
Part, V. t. to share, divide, separate, quit 
Pait'age, n. the act of parting, a division 
Parlike, v. to have oi' take a part, share 
Partaker, 7i. a shai*er, accomplice, ally 
Parfer, 71. one who paii;s or separates 
Parterre', ?i. a plot, level ground 
'Par'tial, a. inclined to favour one side 
Pailial'ity, 7i. unequal Judgment, ii\iustice 
Pai'^tially, ad. in a partial mannei^ in part 
Pait'ible, a. divisible, separable 
Parti"cipant, a. sharing, havine some share 
Parti''cipate, v. to pailake, to nave a share 
Participation, ti. a partaking (^a divi^n 
Part'iciple, ti. a word used in the sense of a 

verb, nor.n, or adjective 
Part'icle, n. a small part or wovd, an atom 
Partio'ular, a. shigidar, intimate, individual 
Partic'ular, ti. a point or circumstance 
Particular'ity, ti. something peculiar 
Partic'ulamze, v. t. to mention particulars, to 

Partic'ularize, ad, singly, eminently 
part'isan, n. a partyraan, head of a party 
part'ite, a. divided, separated into parts 
parti'tion, n. a division, thing that divid^t 
parti'tion. «. ^ to divide into distinct parts 
Parf ly, ad. in part, in some measur e 
Part'ner, ti. a uiarer, a dancing mate 
Part'nership, 7i. union in trade, joint interest 
Par'tridge, 7i. a ^nus of birds 
Parts, 71. pi quahties, faculties, regions 
Parturi"tion, ti. the act of bringingforth 
Paif y, n, a select asseynbl^, set, snb 
Part'ycolcnred, a. having different colora 
Part'y-man, 7i. a factious or busy person 
Parf y-wall, 7i. a wall that separates buildings 
Pas'chal, (ch as k) a. relating to the iiassover 
Pashaw', 7t. a basliaw, a Turkish governor 
Pashawlio, 71. the jurisdiction of a Pashaw 
Pas'quil, Pasquinilde,' ti. a keen lampoon 
Pass, 17. to go, ^tW«^A>%V^ssA, ^SK«^^ "s:w»^s>.^ 

excel, goV>e^ovvA^Xx«Si"«aR.V^«i»«^- 
Pass, n. a v8^MS^^t^xo^^,V«ft»sft'»'^^'*^ 


P A T 

Pass' able, n. that inuy b" pasfi^d, tolerable 
Pass'pgc, n. ajon'riifv by water, road, act of 

passin}^, course, iiiculent, clause 
Pass'engcr, n. oil'; wbo passes iu a'can-hij;c 
Pass'er, 7i. oae Ttho passes, a truvelKir 
Passibil'ity, I'ass'ibleriesH, n. tbe power of suf- 

ferhijif or beinjij acted on bf external agents 
Pass'iblt*, a. tbai. u\:\y suffer or be impressed 
Pass'iiig/w/. exceeding^, surpassing, very 
pass'ing, v. tbe act of going or tnivelUng 
Pass'ingbi'll^n. a boll, tlie deatb of a person 
l»as"sion, 7/. anger, zeal, love, suftering 
1'as"sioiiate, a. mov«Mi by passion, foiwl 
l*as"siotiatc;ly, ad. angrily, vcbenicntly 
l'as''sioriateiii'ss, ii. aptness to be in a passion 
f'a8"8ion-M'eok, n. the week before Easter 
Pass'ive, a. submissive, meek, not opposing 
Pjws'ively, atl. submissively, humbly jjng 

Pass'iveneas, 71. subntission, a power ofsuner- 
Pass'over, n. a groat Jewish festival to com- 

menioiiite God's passing by the Isi*aolitcs 

when he smote the first-born of the Egjp- 

Pa8s'i)Ort, 71. a permission to pass or go 
Past, pa. not prese;it, gone through, spent 
Paste, /I. flour and water mixed into a soft 

Paste, V. t. to fasten with paste 
Pasteooard, n. a thick kind of paper 
Past'ern, w. the heel of a horse 
Past'il, n. a roll of paste, kind of pencil 
Pas'time, n. a sport, diversion, amusement 
Pas'tor^ n. a shepheril, a minister 
Pas'toral, a. rural, relating to the core of souls 
Pas'toral, n. a kind of poem, rural song 
Pastry, n. baked paste, pies 
Pastryc(M)k, n. one who makes pies 
Pas'turable, a. that is fit for pasture 
Pas'turage, ?». land kept to be grazed, feed 
l*as'tni*e, n. land used for grazing, feed 
I'as'ture, v. t. to ])ut in a pasture, graz<' 
Pas'tv, n. a raised pie, a pie raised without a 

dish - 

Put, a. fit, exact, wtuiy, ad. fitly, pa\\v 
/'^6 2^- /. to ttip, to clap^ n, aVjg>\tAAov 


Patch, n. a pieee to cover a hole, a bit 
Patch, V. to put ou patches, mend 
Patvh'or, n. one who patches, a botr.her 
Patch''woi'k, n. bits of cloth sewed U^'dio* 
Pate,?/, the head or its skin 
Pal'cnt, a. opcii, public, exclusive 
Pat^Mit, n. a grant of an exclusive right 
Pat'ent, v. t. to make public gi'ants of 
Patentee, n. one who iiasa ]>atent granted 
Patttr'nal, a. falherlv, hercditai'y 
Pater'nity, n. tlic relation of a father 
Paternos'ter, n. the I^wtl's prayer 
Path, Path'way, n. a road, tracW, May 
PatJiet'ic, I'athet'ical, a. affecting, tender 
i'athet'ically, ad. m a moving manner 
Pathet'icalness, n. earnestness, feeling 
Path'less, a. having no path, untrod 
Pathorog}', w. a description of diseases 
Pathos, n. wainmth, passion, tenderness 
patience, n. the power or act of enduring V 

waiting without discontent, constancy 
Piitient, a. not easily moved, resigned 
Pdtient, 7i. a diseased person ^ 
Patient, v. t. to compose or be patient, ob. . 
Pdtiently, ad. without murmaring, quietly 
Pat'ly, ad. fitly, readily 
Patriarch', (ch as k) n. a head of a fainilf» * 

superior bishop 
Patriarch'al, a. belonging to patriarchs 
Patriarch'ate, ti. jurisdiction of a patriareh 
Patri"cian, a. noble ; n. a nobleman 
Pat'iicide, w. one wlio destroys or attempts to 

destroy his country 
Pat'ricidal, a. tending to destroy one's eouDtiy 
PatrimrSnial, a. (hirived by inheritance 
Pat'rimony, n. an estate by inheritance 
Pat' riot, «. a lover of his countiy 
Pat'riot, Patriotic, a. having patriotism 
Patriotism, n. a zeal for oners country 
Patrol, n. a guard kept to walk the rounds 
Patrol, V. i. to g»iard, to go the rounds 
Pat'mnj/i. a supporter, defender, benefactof 
Pv!it'voua<^e, ». supp<^, protection, dooatioii 



0, r. f. to support, pwtect, favor 

1. the base ot a pillai*, a clog shod 
1, n. a pan to bake small pics ia 
V. i. to make a noise like hail 

n. a specimen, example ; v. i. to copy 
91. fewness, smalluess of number 
n. the belly 
n. a poor peinson 

. a stop, a break, v. to ^rait, to stop 
t. one who pauses or deliberates 
t. to lay with stones, prepare 
It, n. a paved way or floor 
one who paves or lays stoucs 
, w. a tent, moveable house 
, V. t. to furnish, or put in tents 
he foot of a beast, the hand 
o handle roughly, strike, fawn 
a pledge left for security 
t. to pledgie, leave as security 
jker, n. one who lends money upon 
eft for security 

p^d,payed,/>7'e^ Rndpa. to discharge 
atone, reward, suffer, beat 
ttoney for ser^'i^»es, payment 
a. that is to be paid 
n. a day for payina debts or wages 
, tlie person to whom a bill is made 

*ay master, n. one who pays or is 
to pay 

, 71. the act of paying, revv ard 
*eas or Pease, pi. a kind of pulse of 
ous kinds for the table 
. a respit from war, quiet, rest 
e, a. free from war, quiet 
eness, Peacefulness, n. quietness 
y, ad. without distm^bance, quietly 
, a. quiet, easy, undisturbed 
ly, ad. quietly, calmly, gently 
ter, n. one who restores peace 
iring, n. a sacrifice to aton^ 
cer, n. an officer to keep the peace 
. a delicious stone fruit 
ored, a. like a peach in color 
J n. a chicken of Ute peacock 

V E C 


P(iacock, n. a fowl of beautiful feathers 
Peahen, n. tlie female of tlie peacock 
Peak, n. the top of a hill, a point 
Peaking, pa, a. sneaking, mean> sickly 
Peal, n. a succession of loud sounds, ring 
Peal, V. i. to play loud, to assail with noise 
P<!:an, n. a song of praise or ti'iumph 
Pear, n. a well known fi-uit 
Pearl, n. a gem in shellfish, a letter 
Pcarl'ed, a. set or adorned with pearls 
Pcrtrl'cyed, «. having a s])eck on the eye 
Pearl'y, a. abounding witl» or like peai'ls 
Pearmain, n. the name of an admired apple 
Pearti'ce, ti. a tree thatpiXKluces pt'ars 
Peas'ant, n. one who lives by rund lal/or 
Peas'antiy, 71. country people, rustics 
Peasecod, Peashell,.n. a hull of {teaa 
Peat. ?i. a species of turf used for fuel 
PeVolo, Peb'blestone, ?». a roundish stone 
Peb'bled, a. abounding Avith pebbles 
PebTily, a. full of or like pebbles 
Peccability, n. a possibility of sinning 
Pec'cable, a liable to sin, subject to ei ror 
Peccadil'lo, w. a petty fault, a mistake 
Pec'cancy, n. a bad equality or habit 
Peo'cant, a. criminal, faulty, coiTupt 
Pec'cary, «. a quadruped of Mexico, Hkc a hog 
Peck, 71. a fourth part of a bushel, a deal 
Peck, V. t. to strike with the beak, cavil 
Peck'er, «. one that pepks, a woodpecker 
Pec'tinai, Pec'tinatea, a. like a comb 
Pec'toral, a. belonging to the* breast 
Pec'toral, n. a stomachic medicine 
Pec'ulate, v, t. to defraud the public of pi^^ 

pertv entrusted to one's care 
Peculation, n. embezzlement of public mon^ 
Pec'ulator, 71. one who embezzles public prO' 

pcrty entrusted to his care 
Peculiar, a. appi*opriate, singular 
Peculiar, n. property, someUung exempted 
Peculiar'ity, Peculiamess, n. pai*ticularity 
Pecialiarizc, v. t. to make peouUar 
Peculiarly, G</.\Ja!cU«.^3Sa^^^^w«!^^^^^^^ 
PecuUavs, n. wi ett\e;"»ssftjft!A wapftxx. 



PecVagogff^, 71. a school master, teacher 
FetVagogy, ti. the office of a pedagogue 
V^dal, of the large pipes of an organ 
Facial, a. a foot liigh, belonging to a foot 
Fcd'ant, n. one osteututious of learning 
Fedant'ic, n. like a pedant, conceited, Tain 
Fedaijt'ically, ad. in a pedantic manner 
Fed'antry, n. pedantic behaviour 
PedMle, v. i. to travel and retail goods 
Ped'esta), n. the base of a statue or pillar 
Pedes'trial, Pedes'trious, a. going on foot 
Pedes'trian, n. one who wallu much 
Pcd'igree, 7i. a genealogy, lineage, descent 
Petriment, n. an ornamental crowning of the 

front of a building 
Ped'Icr, n. one who travels to sell goods 
Ped'lery, n. wares sold by pedlers 
Fed'liag, n. travelling and selling goods 
Fedobap'tism, n. infant baptism [tism 

Pcdobap'tist, n. one who holds to infant uap- 
Fccr, V. t. to scale off, flay, plunder 
Peel, n. a rind, fireshovcl 
Feeler, n. one that strips off or flays 
Peep, n. a sly look, the fi|Bt appearance 
Peep V. I. to issue from confln«ment, to appear 

from behind an object 
Peepers, n. youne chickens, the eyes 
Peephole, a. a h^e to peep tlirou^ 
Peer, v. i. to come just in sight, appear 
Peer, n. an equal, nobleman, lord 
Peerage, n. the dignity of a peer, body of peers 
Peeress, n. a woman ennobled, a peer's lady 
Peerless, a. having no equal, excellent 
Peevish, a. waspim, cross, petulant 
Peevishly, ad. waspishly, crossly, fretfully 
Peevishness, n. waspishness, fretfulness 
Peg, n. a wooden pin, a nickname 
Peg, V. i. to fasten with a peg, pin down 
Pegasus, n. in poetry a horse W3tli wii^ 
Pekan', n. a quadniped of the weesel kind 
PeUgjAi, a. pertaining to the ocean 
Pelican, n.(Ae of a sect who held that Hie 
cooseoaeaoeM of Adam's ein wcrei >UBa&!ed Xq 


Pelf, It. moner, riches, stock 

PeVican, n. a bird witli a bag attehed to M 

der mandible, of several species 
Pell, n. a skia, hide, roll, (house, ob.) 
Pel'let, n. a little ball or bullet, a mark 
Pel'licle, n. a thin skin, film, frasmeot 
Pel'litory, n. a plant <^ many varieties 
PcUmoll, ad. confusedly, without order 
Pellticid, a. transparent, clear, bright 
Pellucidness, n. traospareney, clearaesi 
Pelt, ft. a skin, a hide 
Pelt, V. t. to strike with small subtti 

thrown m* Calling 
Pen, n. an instrument for writing, an ind( 
Pen, T'. t. permed, to write 
Fen, 7'. t. pa. petU, to confine, inclose 
Penal, a. infKcting or denouncing puntthl 

relating to the punishmeiit of crimes 
Pcn'aity, n. punishment, fwfeiture 
Pen'auce, n. a mortifiea^on, grief 
Pence, of penny 
Pen'cil, n. a tool for drawing and paint 

V. t. to paint 
Peii'dant, n. an earring, a pendulum 
Pen'dent, a. hanging, jutting out 
Fen'dency, 71. inclination, suspense 
Pen'ding, a. depending, undecided 
Pendulous, a. han^ng, suspended^ mofii 
Pcn'dulura,7t. the vibrating regulator of 

in a clock (nie 

Penetrability, n. a susceptibility qr b 
Pen'etrablc, a. that may be pierced 
Pen'etrancy, n. the power of piercing 
Pen'etrant,* a. having the power to pierce 
Pen'etrate, v. t. to pierce, enter, uiiden 
Penetration, n. a piercing, subtleness 
Pen'guin, n. a class of birds with short wioi 
Penin'sula, n. land almost surrounded ^ 

Penin'sular, a. in the state of a peninsak 
Penin'sulate, v. t. to form a penuuida ^ 
Pen'itence, 71. repentance, sorrow for 
Pen'itent, a. sorrowful for an oSenoc 
^^\^\V^v\^u.^!iQ&«sn!Qnr€iiIfQr ainconUBJ^ 

P E O 

I'tiarjr, n. one who doc^penancc 
ntly, ad. with repentance, lowly 
ife, n. a knife used to cut pens with 
m, n. one who teaches writing, a wrl- 

msliip, n. the act, art or use of writing 

tit, n. a flag, a rope to hoist things 

ted, a. furnished with wings • 

r, n. a writer, composer, author 

brm, a. like a quill or feather 

ess, a. having no money, poor 

n, n. a painted flag, an ensign 

, n. the 12th part of a shilling 

post, n. one who cairies letters from 

K>8t-oflicc for a trifling sum 

■oy'al, n. an aromatic plant 

wort, n. marsli or water navelwort 

weight, n. 24 grains in Troy weight 

wise, a. hazarding much to save little 

worth, 71. enough for a penny 

?, a. hanging, suspended 

mess, n. a hanging state 

n, V. t. to support by a yearly allowance 

n, n. a settled yearly allowance 

nary, 7i. a magistrate in Dutch cities 

nary, a. maintained by a pension 

ner, 7t. one who has a pension 

e, a. sorrowful, thoughtful, serious 
ely, ad. with melancholy, sadly, scri- 

eness, n. melancholy, seriousness 

;on, 71. a figure of five equal angles 

euch, (ch as k) n. thefive first books ot 


jost, 72. Whitsuntide, a Jewish festival 

e 50th day after the passover 

Mise, 71. a sloping shed or roof 

, n. the last syllable but one 

iraate, a. oftlie last syllable but one 

'bra, 71. an imperfect shadow 

3US, a. sparing, niggardly, mean 

aasly, ad. in a niggardly manner 

wsness, n. parsimony, niggardliness 

f, 71. pover^^ indigenee, great want 
//. petnoaa in genenl, r naiwn 




People, V. t. to stock or fill with inhabitants 
Pep'per, 72. a spice, a idant of many kinds 
Pep' per, v. t. to sprinkle with pepper, heat 
Pep'i>erbox, n. a box used for pepper, 
Pep'pei'coni, 7i. a grain erf" pepper 
Pep'permint, 72. a very hot kind of mint 
Peradven'ture, ad. periiaps, by chance 
Peram'bulate, v. t. to walk through, view 
Perambulation, 72. a passing through, sui*vey * 
Perceivable, a. that may be perceived 
Pei-c^ive, v. t. to obsei've, feel, discover 
Perceptibility, n. the power of perceivirig 
Percep'tible, a. that may be perceived 
Pcrcep'tibly, ad. in a manner to be peirceivcd 
Percep'tion, 7Z. knowledge, a notion, idea 
Pei*cep'tive, a. that is able to perceive 
Perceptiv'ity, 72. the iMwer of perceiving 
Perch, 72. a fish, bird s roost, a I'od 
Perch, V. to light down as a bird, to roost 
Perchance', ad, periiaps, pei-advcnture 
Percip'ient a. ])ercciving, able to perceive 
PeitJoUte, V. to pass as through a sieve 
Peixsol^tion, 72. a purification by sti-aining 
Percus'sion, 72. a striking, stroKe, knock 
Perci'itient, 72. able to sti*ike, striking 
Perdi"tion, 71. destruction, ruin, loss, deatli 
Pcrdiie ad, closely, secretly, in ambush 
Perdurable, a. very lasting, continuing long 
Per'egrinate, v. i. to travel to countries 
Perigrination, 72. a U^vel to foreign lands 
Per'egiiiwj, a. foivign, strange 
Pei^emptorily, ad. absolutely, positively 
Per'emptoriness, 72. poattveness 
Per'emptory, a.absolutc, positive, final 
Peren'nial, a. durable, perpetual 
Perren'nity, 72. a perpetual duration 
Per'fect, a. complete, blameless, pure 
Per^fect, v. t. to complete, finish 
Pei-'fecter, 72. one who makes perfect 
Pei€ect^ible, a. that may be made perfect 
Perieetlbirity, 72. the capacity of becoming 

Perfec'tioiv, n . «i \«iT^c«JL tlisdub 
Perfect' ive, a. ewv<k\\vAN<a Xft --^RsSssdCssso. 
Pevre6t:\^Ay,€vd.\xv^\itV\*^^<x"^^ ^^"^^^^ 




Perfectly, ad. completely, exactly, fully | I*i"r'mancntly, ad. durably, lastinely 

Per'fectness, n. contpleteiiess, skill, goodness i Per'nieable, a. tliat may be passed throi 

Perfid'ious, a. trcacherons, false to trust, base 
Pcrfid'iously, cm/, by breach of faitli 
Perfid'iousiicss, Per'fidy, n. a breach of faith 
Pcr'foratc, v. t. to pierce through, to bore 
Perfordtion, n. act of boring, a place bored 
Perform', v. to do, execute, dischai^ 
Perform'able, a. practicable, that may be 

Perform'ance, n. act of performing, a vork 
Perforra'er, n. one who performs or plays 
Perfume, n. a sweet smell ; v. t. to scent 
Perfumer, n, one who deals in perfumes 
Perfiunery, n. perfumes in general 
Perfuse, v..t. to sprinkle, overspread 
Perhaps', ad. peradventure, it may be 
Per'ianth, n. a calyx surrounding the fructifi- 
cation of plants 
Per'icarp, n. the seed-case of a plant 
Per'igce, 7i. the place of a planet nearest the 
earth [sun 

Perihelion, n the place of a planet nearest the 
Per'il, n. daneer,haaard, jeopardy, risk 
Per'ilous, a. full of danger, hazardous 
Per'ilously, ad. with danger or hazard 
Per'ilousness, n. a state of danger or hazard 
Period, n. a circuit, date, end, full point 
Period'ical, a. regular, stated, cii*cular 
Period'ically, ad. at stated periods 
Periph'ery, «. a circumference, a compass 
Peripneiimony, n. inflammation of lungs 
Per'ish, v. to decay, die, go to ruin 
Per'ishable, a. liable to perish 
Per'ishableness, n. a liableness to perish 
Pcr'jure, v, t. to take a false oath 
Perjurer, n. one who swears falsely 
Per'jury, n. a forsweaiing one's self 
Per'iwig, n. false hair worn on the head 
Per'iwig, v. t, to dress the head with a w% 
Per'iwinkle, lu a small ^ellfish, sea sAsal 
jPerkf V. to liold up the head affectedly 
Pe^, a, lively, brisk, holding u^ the VieflA- 
JPeyimuiaf^, iu djontion, continoftX)^ 
^^^iterteaneoig a. durable^ la^dog^noniftAit^ 

a fluid 

Pei*'mcate, v, i. to pass through as a fluid 
Permis^sion, 7z. a grant of liberty 
Permis'si vcly, ad. by permission, with Ic 
Penmix'tion, n. the act of mixing 
Permit', v. t. to allow, grant, sufter 
Permit', n. a warrant in writing, licence 
Permutation, n. an exchange 
Perni"cioU8, a. destructive, mischievoiu 
Penii^ciously, lul. destructively, ruinavu 
Perni"ciousne8s, n. a pernicious quali^ 
Pemi"city, n. swiftness of motion, ob. 
Perogue, n. a sort of canoe, also a long nj 

fen*y boat 
Peroration, n. the close or end of an orat 
Perpendic'ular, a. at right angles, uprigb 
Perpendic'ular, 77. any thing directly u[ 
Perpendicnlai-'ity, n. a perpendicular ^ 
Perpendic'ularly, ad. in a pci-pendicular 

Per'petratc, v. t. to do or commit a crimi 
Perpetriition, n. the commission of a crii 
Per'petrator, n. one wlio perpetrates 
Pei-pet'ual, a. continual, never ceasing 
Perpcf ualiy, ad. constantly, incesssuitly 
Perpet'uate, v. t. to make pei-petual 
Perpetuatioti, n. a rendering perpetual 
Perpetuity, n. duration tlux)u^ all ftituri 
Perplex', v. t. to distract, disturb, puzzle 
Perplex'ed, pa. disti-acted, inti*icate 
Perplex'edly, ad. in an intricate manner 
Perplex'edness, 1%. embarrassment, intrict 
Perplex'ity, w. distraction, anxiety, diffio 
Per'quisite, n. a fee beyond the saUuy 
Per'ry, n. a liquor made of pears 
Pei^'secute, v. t. to pursue with enmity 
Per'secntion, n. tlie act (^persecuting 
Per'secutor, n. one who persecutes 
Perseverance, n. steadiness, constancv 
Perscv^rant, a. persisting, constant, tfrm 
Persevere, v. i. to persist, go on^ continiu 



:', V. i. to persevere, continue firm 
/ence, 71. perseverance, obstinacy 
/ent, Persist'! ng, a. enduring 
/ive, a. persevering, steady, firm 
n, n. a man or ^oman, the shape ^ 

nable, a. handsome, graceful 
iiage, n. a pei*son, a character [culiar 
nal, a. belonging to him or her, pe- 
lality, 71. the hidividuality of a person 
nally, ad. in person, in presence 
oarte, V. t. to represent, counterfeit 
lotion, 11. a counterfeiting another 
ification, n. a change of things to per- 

.'ify, V. t. to change from things to per- 
!o'tive, a. of or relating to vision 
ic'tive, n. a spying-glass, view 
uacious, a. quicksigbted, sharpsighted 
Duity, 71. clearness, transparency 
b'uous, a. clear, plain, easily seen 
/uously, ad. cleai'ly, evidently 
/uousness, n. clearness, ]ilainness 
rable, a. that may issue by tlie pores 
pabil'jty, n. the quality ot* being pcrs- 

*^tion, 71. a sweating, gentle sweat 
'ative, a. tending to jierspire, or sweat 

ly . 

pe, V. I to sweat 

de, V. t. to bring to an opinion ^ 

der, 71. one who influences 

sible, a. that mav be intlucetl 

sion, 71. persuading, a*) opinion 

sive, n. an argument to pofsuade 

give, a. tenfling to persuade 

sively, ad. so as to persuade 

siveness, n. power of pei*suasion 

. smart, brisk, lively, saucy 

1, tK i. to belong, re'.t te, concem 

cious, a. obstinate, losolute, steady 

fiiously, ad. obstinately, stubbornly 

jciposness, Pertina'city, n. obstinacy, 

lomness, constancy, firmness 

ency, n. fitness to the purpose , 

fat, a. Just to the purpose^ fit 



Per'tinently, ad. to the purpose, fitly 
Pert'ly, aa. smartly, briskly, saucily 
Pert'ness, n. smai*tness, briskness, sauciaess 
Pertiurb', v. t. to disquiet, disturb, vex 
Perturbation, n. disquiet, disorder 
PerturVed, a. disquieted, disturbed, veiCd 
Pertusion, n. the uctof punching a hole 
Peruke, n. a hairy covering for the head 
Per^isal^ n. the act of reading over 
Peruse, v. t. to read over, examine 
Peruser, n. a reader over, close observer 
Peruvian, o. belonging to Pcra 
Pervade, v. t. to pass through or over 
Pervasion, n. tlie act of passing through 
Pervasive, a. able or tending to pervade 
perverse', a. ci-oss, obstinate, stubborn 
Perverse'ly, ad. vexatiously, obstinately 
Perverse'ness, Pervers'ity, n. obstirtacy 
Perver'sion, n. a change for the worse 
Pervert', v. t. to turiv from the right, abuse 
Perverf er, 71. one who perverts 
Pervert'ible, a. that may be perverted 
Pcrvicacious, a. spitefully obstinate 
Per'vious, a. admitting passage 
Per'viousness, 71. a pervious Ijuality or st^te 
P<^so, 71. a «oin, value about 132 cents 
Pest, n. a plague, mischief, baAe, ruia 
Pest'er, v. t. te plague, teaze, disturb 
Pest'erer, n. one who pesters 
Pest'erous, a. troublesome, cumbersome 
Pestliouse, 71. hospital for infectious persons 
Pestiferous, a. destructive, malignant 
Pest'ilcnce, n. a contagious distemper 
Pest'ileut, Pes'tilential, a. infectious 
Pes'tle, 71. a tool to heat in a morthr 
pet, n. a slight passion or anger, whim 
P<5tal, 71. a leaf of a flower, or flower leaf 
Petard', n. an engine to blow up places 
Petechial, (ch as k) a. spotted 
Pet^iole, 71. a little motstalk of a leaf 
Peti"tion, n. a prayer, i*eqae8t, entrea^ 
P^ti'tion, V. t. to supphcate, to flDlicit 
Peti'tionary , a . WY^^^xis^XkBiiu^Rfi^aw^^ 
Petit\oi\efe,j\.VJtvft^^t«sa«Afc^Vfe ^^VwA.^' 



T'fti"ticMiei*, 71. fMie who petitions 
PetVfl, 71. a ti'ibc of a(|iu(tic fowls 
Petrifae'tioii, n. u turning to stoue 
Petrifect'ive, Pctrific, a. tufning to stone 
J^ct'rify, V. to chringt! to stone 
I'ctres'ccnce, n. a Iianlening into stone 
Fctres'cent, a. turning into stone 
I'etrol, 71. rockoJi,a Ii<|uid inflammable oily 

substance issuing fi-om the eardi 
Pet'ronel, 7i. a pistol, a light gun 
Pet'ticoat^ n. a wcnnan's under garment 
Peftifoggcr, n. a petty lawyer 
Pet'tifogging, a. low, mean, little 
Pct'tiness, n. smallneas, meanness 
l*ct'tish, a. frowanl, fretful, peevish 
Pbt'tishnesB, n. fretfuluess, peevishness 
Pet'titocs, fi. pL tlie toes (^ swine 
Pet'ty, a. small, little, trifling, low 
Pet'ulanee, n. saueiness, peevisliness 
Pet'ulant, a. saucy, jwrverse, peevish 
Pet'ulantly, ck/ perversely, peevishly 
Pew, n. an inclosed seat in a church 
Pew'et, 72. a species of the lapwing 
Pew'tcr, 71. a composition of lead, brass and 

tin, or tin and dnmony 
Pew'terer, n. ooe who works in pewter 
Pliaeton, 7t. aa%pen carriage (tf pleasure 
I'halanx, n. a ti'oop of men closely embod- 
Phan'tasm, n. a vain imagination, whim 
Plian'tom, n. an apparition, fancied vision 
Pharistioal, a. externally religious 
PharisAically, ad. with great ostentation 
Phnr'isaism, 7£. mere show c^i*eligion 
Phar'macy, 7i. the prci)ai'iiig of medicines 
Pharos, ii. a lighthouse, watchtower 
Phases, n. ap|>earancesof the moon. See. 
Phasm, 11. a fancied apparition 
Pheos'ant, n. a genus of birds 
Phcnix, 71. a fabulous binl of antiquity 
Phenom'enon, n. any appearance 
Phial, n. a small gjaas bottle 
Philadeyphim, n. a citizen of FVtt\aAe\\»V\W5L 
Philanthrop'vi, a. humane, \a^% xqx^lssA 


{'thi'opy, H. the love of nr 
Phiristinea, ii» iuliabitants uf i 

v'iinis Judea' 
Phillip'ic, 71. au invective 
Philorogcr, Pliilorogist, 72. on 

Iiistoiy ami priitciph-sof laiy 
Philolr'"gical, a. grammatical, 
Philol'(^', 71. grammatical lea 
Pliiromel, 71. a name (^theiiij 
Pliiromot, a. brownish, like a 
Philos'oplier, ti. one skilled in 
Pliilosopher's-stone, 7J. a prete 

n ill turn all metals into gold 
Philosoph'ical, a. of plillosophi 
Philosoph'ically, ad. I'ationally' 
Philos'ophize, t. i. to reason pi 
Pliilos'opliv, 71. knowledge, m 
Philos'ophism, n. tlie practice > 
Philos'ophist, n. one who prac 
Phil'ter, n. a love charm or p< 
Pliiz, n. the face, visa^, coum 
Plebofomist, n. one who lets b 
Plebot'omy, n. blood-letting 
Phle,§Tn, 11. a watery humour 
l^legmat'ic a. abounding in p 
Phleg matism, ii. dullness, hea 
Phleme, n. a farrier's instrum 
Phos'phor, n. the moniing stai 
Phos'phonis or Phos'phor, n. a 

tible substance of a yeUowis 

ing a faint light in the dark 
Phosplioresce', v. i. to emit lig 

as phosphorus 
Phosphores'fcence, n. a lumlnc 

of phosphorus 
Phosphores^cent, a. shining w'i 
Plu'ase, 7/. a mode of speech, a 
Phrase, v. t. to nanie or style 
Phnisclcss, a. not to be descnl 
Phraseol'og)', n. a mode of s[>e 
Phrcnet'ic, a. mad, frantic, dij 
Pliren'sy, n. madness, fA»nzy, 

\A*/(tAis'ic,7z.a sliortncss of brea 
l^\vVlvv^\vA^ a. twsisivsw^tive, s 


n. A gcnas of ^vlialcs 
the art of healing, a purge 
t. to purge with physic, cleanse 
2. medicinal, inflating to nature 
, ad. by natui'al opeitition 
n. one who pi-ofesses the art of 

.pi. natural philosophy 
mist, w. a judge of faces 
my, n. the art of judging by the face 
ical, a. relating to physiology 
St, 71. a writer on philosophy 
r, 71. the science wliich treats of liv- 

is, a. that feeds on vegetables 
, n. a description of plants 
I. very wicked, atrocious 
a coin, value about 90 cents 
a walk under arches, a portico 
»riiitiiig letter, a bird 
n. a i-obber, freebooter, thief 
I choose," gatlier, separate, elean, 
iu, eat slowly ov a veiy little 
an ax that has a sliarp |)oint 
Piked, a. sharp at the end 
t. to rob, to skirmish 
one who picks, a pick ax 
1. a common name of the pike 
a sharpened stake, an oul^^rd 
t. to inclose with pickets 
a thing pickled, brine, state 
f. to preserve in piekle, season 
n. tool or person that picks locks 
t, n. one that picks a lock 
n. an instrument to clean teeth 
ci*son that has the body painted 
:, done or drawn by a painter 
. a resemblance in colors 
t. to paint or represent 
e', Picturesk', a. full of figures 
t. to feed squeamishly, trifle* 
. one that eats little, a trifler 
■ust baked with something ia it 
diversifuij in coior 
fjateh, pHrt, pfrfomtanee, gnn 


P I L 


Piece, V. t. to enlarge, add, join, close 
Piecemeal, a. single ; cul. in or by pieces 
Pied, a. particolored, speckled, spotted 
Pietlness, n. a diversity of colors 
Pier, n. the support of an arch, a wharf or 

mound in a river or the sea 
Pierce v. to enter, bore, broach, force 
Pier'cer, n. that which pierces 
Pier'cingly, ad. keenly, sharply, acutely 
Pier'cingness, n. the power o* piercing 
Pietism, tt. an affectation of piety 
Piety, n. reverence of God, love and respect 

for parents 
Piousness, n. the practice of piety 
Pig, 71. a y<Min^ swine, a mass of metal 
Pig, V. t. to brmg forth pigs, farrow 
Pi'^geon, n. a genus oi birds 
Pi"geon-house, n. a house for pigeons 
Pig'gin, 71. a wooden vessel, a dipper 
Pig'ment, n. paint, colors for painting 
Pig'ray, 71. a very little person ; a. veiy small 
Pig'nut, 71. a plant, an earth nut 
Pike^ ft. a lance, a fork, a fish 
Pikemaii, n. a soldier armed with a pike 
Pike&taff, 7i. the wooden liandle of a pike 
Pilas'tcr, n. a small square column 
Pilch'ard, 7i. a small fish like a herring 
Pile, 71. a heap, edifice, nap 
Pile, V. t. to heap or lay upon, raise up 
Pil'eated, a. covered with or like a cap 
Pil'fer, V. 1. to steal, to steal trifling, thmgs 
Pirferer, 7i. one who steals petty things 
Pil'fering, 71. petty theft 
PiKgrim, 71. one who visits the shrines of saints, 

a wandering traveller 
Pil'griraawe, 7t. a jom-ney to visit shrines, a 

wandering state 
Pill, 71. a small ball of physic 
Pill, V. t. to rob or plunder, to peel 
Pill'age, 71. plunder ; v. t. to plunder, rifle ^ 
Pill'ager, 71. one who pillages or plunders 
Pillar, n. a column, prop, support, defendev 
Piriared,a.sia\fi^OTlt^\s^ «»\«R"^gi^'«^ 
PiVVion, n. lim^vwi^ac hiwsvw xk^v^S^. w.>«^ 



Pirioiy, n. an instrument of punishment 
Pii'loiy, V. t. to punish with the piiloi-y 
Piriow, n. a cushion to lay the head on 
Pil'lowbeer, Piirowcasc, n. tlie cover of a pil- 
Pilc'we, a, covered with hairs 
Pilos'ily, 71. a hairy Rtate, hairiness 
Pilot, 11. one who stbcrs a ship 
Pilot, V. t. to steer a ship, to guide 
Pilotage, 71. tlie pav or office of a pilot 
Pimen to, 7i. all-spice, Jamaica-pepper 
Pimp, 71. a pander, a procurer 
Pimp, V. i. to provide gratifications for others 
Pimp'ing, a. little, mean, petty, sorry 
Pirn 'pie, 71. a small pustule upon tlic skin 
Pim'pled, a. full of pimples 
Pin, 71. a pointed short piece of wire, peg 
Pin, V. t. to fasten with pins, fix 
Pinch, V. to squeeze, press, gall, hurt 
Pinch, 71. a painful squeeze, gripe 
Pinch'beck, 71. a composition of copper and 

Pinch'ers, n. an instrument to draw nails 
Pin'cushion, 71. a thing used to stick pins in 
Pindar'ic, a. U|te Pindar, lofty, sublune 
Pine, n. a tree ; v. i. to languish, to waste 
Pin'fold, 71. a confinement for cattle 
Pin'holc, 71. a small hole made by a pin 
Pin'ion, 71. a wing, quill, tooth of a wheel 
Pin'ion, v. t. to bind the wing, shackle 
Pink', 71. a flower, color, a vessel 
Pink, V. to stamp with small holes 
Pin'money, 7i. an allowance for a wife 
Pin'nace, n. a nian of war's boat 
Pin'nacle, 71. a turret, spire 
Pin'nacled, a. adorned with pinnacles 
Pin'ner, 71. a lappet, cap 
Pint, 71. half a quart, twelve ouiioes 
Pioneer, n. a person to clear ways, &c. 
Pious, a. reverencing God, religious 
Piously, ad, in a pious manner, reKgiopily 
Tip, 71. a qtoton cards, disease of fowU- 
Pip, V. to spot, chirp or cry Vike a^swd 
f^'pcj n. a tube, munofd iost^tofiiit, cl «a^ 
^/pe, 7f. to play on a pipe, ©ry^ -wtofc 


Pipefish, n. a fish with a long tabular now 
Piper, 71. one ^o plays on a pipe, a Edi 
Pip'ing, a. weak, feeble 
Piping, a. veiT, in a great degree 
Piping, n, a playii^ on a pipe, a whine 
Piplun, n. a small earthen boiler or pot 
Pip'peridgc, ?i. a shrub, a tree 
Pip'pin, 71. the name of an admired apple 
Piq^/ancy, n. a piquant quality, wit 
Piq'iiaut, (pik'ant j a. p<Hgnant, severe 
Piq'i/antly, ad. sharply, tartly 
Pique, (peek) v. t. to c^end, provoke 
Pique, 71. a grudge, enmity, UUwill, point 
Piquet', 71. a game at cards 
Piracy, 71. a i*obbery on the sea 
Pirate, 7i. a sea^'obber ; v. ». to plunder 
Pirat'ical, a. predatoiy, plundering 
Pirat'ically, ad. in the manner of piracy 
Pish, V. i. to show contempt by a hiss 
Pish, 71. an expression of ccmtempt 
Pis'mire, 7t. an insect, ant, emmet 
Pistachio, n. a fragrant nut from Syria 
Pis'til, 7t. the style or pointal of a plant 
PistilUtion, 7t. a poun^ng in a mortar 
Pis'tol, n. die smallest of firearms 
Pis'tol, V. t. to shoot or engage with a piab 
Pistole, n. a Spanish coin of 3 dolls. 73 cen 
Pistol'et, 71. a small pistol 
Pis'ton, 71. a part of a pump or syringe wl 

exhausts the air of a tube 
Pit, 71. a hole, deep place, hollow part 
Pit^ V. to sink in hollows, dbt, cludlenge 
Pit'apat, n. a flutter, a quick step 
Pitch, 71. a kind of resin, size, rate 
Pitch, V. to smear with pitch, fix, agree, t 

throw, drop, Hg^t, fall 
Pitch'er, 7t. a large earthen pot , 
Pitch'fork, n. a ums fork to pitch hay, fak 
Pitch'y, a. smeared with or hke pitch 
Pit'coal, 71. any kind of coal dug out of * P 
Pif eous, a. sorrowful, tender, pitiful, von 
iPit'eously, ad. in a piteous manner, sidly 
.Pit'tall.) 71. a pit dug and covered, a trap 
^\\^^u.^^xQfirc^s« ^%L^lAntt atrengra 

P L A 

n. energy, strength, force 
. wanting pith or force 
snsistin^ of pith, energetic 

deserving pity, mournful 
tender, paltry, despicable 
.d. in a pitiful manner, meanly 
, n. tenderness, mercy 

devoid of pity, or compassion 
ad. without pity or mercy 

a man who works in pits 
a saw to be used by two men 
I. a small allowance 
a. consisting of phlegm 
TOW for another's d^tress, corapas- 

compassionate misery 
pin on which a thing turns 
)X that contains the host 

, 71. posability of being appeased 
. that may be appeased 
an edict, proclamation 
t. to appease, pacify, quiet 
cality, residence, ranK,oflice, space 
il, room^ part, ground 

1 rank, order, fix, establish 
calm, mild, quiet, easy, soft 
id. calmljT, mildly, quietly 

i, n. a placid quality or state 

the opening in a garment 

n. a theft, especially in books 
. one guilty of plagiarism 
a pestilence, vexation, trouble 
t. to teaze, trouble, vex 
d. vexatiously, horribly 
irexatious, troublesome 

seafish, a kind of flat fish 
rariegated stuff, a Scotch dress 
looth, flat, evident, homely 
level ground, field of battle 
to make level 
g, n. downright honesty 
. sincerely, clearly, bluntly 
I. flatness, clearness, simplicity 
complaint^ lamentation, ory 

complaining, sorrowful 

P L A 


Plaintiff, n. one who commences a suit 

PlJiuitive, a. sorrowful,' mournful 

Plait, «.' a fold ; v. t. to fold 

Plan, n. a scheme, project, draft, model 

Plan, V. t. to scheme, contrive 

Plane, n. a joiner's tool for smoothing boards, 

a tree 
Plane, v. to smooth with a plane 
Plan'et, n. a star which revolves 
Plan'etary, a. belonging to planets 
Plan'etstruck, a. blasted, astonished 
Plank, 71, a thick boai'd 
Plank, V. t. to lay or cover witli ])lanks 
Plan'ner, n. one who plans or schemes 
Plan'ning, n. a design, contrivance 
Plant, n. a vegetable, herb, tree 
Plant, V. t. to set, place, fix, settle, ])eople 
Plant'able, a. capable or fit for planting 
Plant'ain, n. an herb, a West-Indian tree 
Plantiition, «. a place that is planted, a colony, 

a cultivated estHte or farm 
Plant'er n. one who cultivates, a farmer 
Plant'ership, n. the business of a planter 
Planficle, n. a plant in embryo 
Plant'ing, »?. the act of setting in the ground 
Plash, ?i. a puddle of water, a cut branch 
Plash, V. t. to splash, to cut and lay branches 
Plash'y* «• wet, water}-, filled with puddles 
Plasm, «. a mold for metals [en, &c. 

Plas'ter, n. lime to cover walls, a salve on lin- 
Plas'ter, v. t. to cover or daub with plaster 
Plas'terer, n. one who plasters 
PWter of Paris, n, a mixture of several aorti 

of gypsum, used also for gypsum 
Plas'tic, a. foraiin^, able to form, creative 
Plasti'city, n. a being susceptible of form 
P'at, V. t. to interweave and make flat > 
Plat, ?i. a level piece of ground 
Plaf band, n. a bonier of flowers or other 

plants, the lintel of a door or window 
Plat^i. wrought silver, a dish to eat in 
^lat^v. t. to cover with or best to plates 
Plat'en, n. «i ^wrt. o^ ^^\i5a»st'\g«s* 
PlatfCorav^u. ^tX^oromVaVT^'MsvA^^^^ ^ ^^"^^ 

tern ole\war^^iiSSA>J^^^^ Vj:Asci>i 

V h E 

Platin, (Vlatina) //. a mct:il liravur than gold, 

ami n'scmlilinp: silver in color 
I'latoii'ic, a. ivlaliiijj: to IMalo, rffiind 
I'iatooii', 71. asinairi)o.iy ftf mnskcte(;i*s 
riat'tcr, 71. a lar^tr hi-oail flat dish 
I'lainrit^ 71. applause, ]H'aiH<', ap])n)hation 
I'laud'itorv, a. |»raisiii{^, eoinniendinp^ 
Plausibil'ity, Flaus'ihleiiess, ti. appearance of 

right, spcoioiisiiess 
Plaus'ible, a. specious, superficially right 
Plaus'ihiy, arl. spaciously, with a fair show 
Plaiis'ive, a. ap;)lau<ling, plausible, fair 
Play, V. to spoil, toy, trifle, mock, act 
Play, 71. sport, recreation, game, drama 
Phiyday, «. a day cxemptiHl from labor 
Player, 7i. one who plays, or performs 
Playfellow, n. a companion m youth 
Playful, Play some, a. full of play, sportive 
Playgame, 71. a play of mci-c childron 
Plilyhousc, 71. a house for acting plays in 
Plaything, 71. a thing to play with, a toy 
Plea, 71. an excuse, allegation 
J'lead, V. to defen(l, argue, alh^lge 
Plea«1able, a. tliat may hv. pleade*! 
Pleader, 71. one who pleads or alle*lges 
Pleas'ant, a. delightful, gay, cheerful 
Pleas' antly, ad. in a pleasant manner 
Plcwantness, n. delightfulness, gayety 
Pleas'antry, ti. cheerfulness, humor 
l*!ease, v. to give pleasure, delight, content 
Pleaser, n. one who pleases or courts favor 
Pleasingly, ad. in a manner so as to please 
Pleas'urable, a. di-lightful, fine, cheerful 
Ple«s'ui*e, 71. deUght, grtitification, choice 
Plelxiian, Plebean, a. vulgar, common, low 
Plebeian, 71. one of the cqmmon people 
Pledge, 77. a pawn ; v. t. to pawn 

Plefatles, n. a constellation, ihc seven stars 
Pienarily, orf. fully, completely, entirely' 
Plenary^ a. fijlJ, complete 
Pht}Jt/otei%ep.y n. fullness of Yioxrev 
^Jrn/p^Qteutj a. i'l vested wiih twVX^^e* 

P L U 

Plenipotcn'liary, n. one having full pofwcr 
plen'itudc, ;i.fulne88, completeness 
ph^n'teous, a, abundant, copious, fertile 
plen'teously. Plentifully, ad. abundantly 
plen'tiful, a. abundant, cc^ious^ fruitful 
plen'ty, Plent'eouancss, ?t. abundance 
l^len'ty, a. abundant, in great quantity 
pieth'bric, a. having a full habit 
Pleurisy, /i. an inflammation in the side 
pleurit ic, a. diseased with pleurisy 
pliable, a. flexible, easy to be bent 
Plfableness, PI janoy, 71. easiness to be bent 
iMiant, a. flexible, jjending, limber 
Plight, V. t. to pledge, engi^, weave 
Plight, 71. a condition, case, pledge, fold 
PI(k1, v. i. to toil, dnidge, study closely 
Plod'der, n. a dull, but laborious person 
Plwl'ding, n. close drudgery, or stndy 
Plot, 71. a stratagem, conspiracy, plat 
J Plot, V. t. to scheme, plan, project, contrive 
Plot'ter, 71. a schemer, contriver 
Plov'er, 71. a bird of several species 
Plow, V. t. to tnm up with a plow 
Plow, 71. an instrument of hnslMndiy 
plow'land, n, laiid that is or has been plowed 
plow'man, ti. a person who holds the plow 
plow'share, 71. one of the irons of a plow 
pluck, v.'to snatch, pull, strip oft'fcatfaers 
pluck, 71. a pull, the heart, liver and l^hts 
plug, V. t. to stop with a plug ; n. a stopple 
Plum, 71. a fruit, raisin, 100,0001. ster. 
plumage, n. feathers, a bunch of featiicn 
T'lum6, 71. a leaden weight on a line 
Plum^,T. t. to sound, to adjust 
Plum6, a. perpendicular 
Plumft'er, n. a person who works upon Iwd 
Plum^'ery, n. work done by a plumber 
Plumbiferous, a. producing lead 
Plum'cake, Tt. a cake made with raisim 
Plume, 71. a feather, down, token of honor 
Plume, V. to adjust fcjithers, feel pride 
Plum'mct, 71. a leaden weislit, * pencil 
PVuia\\, a, fat, sleek, comely 


P I 

n. -what plumps out 
ad. •without reserve 
i, 71. fatness, fullness, sleekness 
imous, a. teatheiy, like feathci's 
;. t. to pillage, to it)b 
'.. spoil gotten in war, or by fotce 
,71. a ho.Htile i>illagcr, s^Ktifer 
to dive sucUlcnly, dip 
i sinkiiii^ under water, distress 
. a brass cviisider 
lavmg more than one 
n. a number more than one, more 
souls than one, a number greater 
other, but less than half 
d. in a plural manner 
haj;, a slrou}^ rough cloth 
'Ork closely, bend 
, a. moved ]>y or consisting of wind 
i, n. the doctrine of the air, or of 
.uds in general [softearth 

o boil slightly, steal game, sink in 
one who kills game unlawfully 
, n. softness of eartli, stickiness 
soft, yieUling to the feet 
pustule, scab, markj dint 
a bag ; v. t. to put in a pocket 
k, n. a book for the pocket 
n. a pocky state or quality 
infected with the pox 
eed case of plants 
► gi^ow or swell as pods 
com])ositinn in verse 
he art of Avriting poems, poetry 
writer of poems 
'I. a petty poet, a poor rhjuier 
a female po«^t [ry 

I. in verse, having'the spirit of poet- 
, ad. in a poetical manner 
nietrioal composition, rhyrae 
, n. a poignant quality, sharpness 
a. shai^p, severe, satiricnJ 
sharp end, indivisible part of time 
nicety, stop in writing 
shai'pen, direct, divide by stops 
7. c. divided by pointa, sliarp 



Point'edly, ad. in a ])ointcd manner 
Point'edncss, n. sharpness, keenness 
Point'el, n. a thing on a point, pencil, pen 
Foint'er, n. a thing that points, index, dug 
Point'less, a. having no point, blunt, dull 
Poi'son, n, venom, what desti-oys life 
Poi'son, 'o, t. to infect witli poison 
Poi'soncr, n. one who poisons 
Poi'sonous, a. venomous, destructive 
Poize or I'oise, v. t. to weigh, to balance 
Poize, n. a weight, regulating power 
Poke, n. a small bag, pocket, a plant 
I'oke, *». to feel in tlie dark, stir up 
P6ker n. a kind of iron bar to stir a fire 
Pdlaere, n. a sliip witli thi'ce masts 
P61ar, Polary, a. near to the pole 
Polar'ity, n. a tendency to i>oint to the pole 
Pole, n. a staff, perch, fire yards and a half, 

extremity of tlte earth's axis 
Pole, V. t. to furnish with poles 
P6leax, n. an ax fixed upon a pole 
Polecat, 71. a quadruped of the weasel kind 
Polem'ic, Polem'ical, a. controversial 
P<^lestar, n. a star near the pole, dirc6t(»* 
Police, (i as ee) n. the government of a city . 
Pol' iced, a. regulated, governed, ruled 
Pol'icy, n. art of government, prudence 
Pol'isn, V. t. to make smooth, refine 
i'ol'ish, n. an artificial ^loss, elegance 
Pol'isher, n. one who gives a gloss, or refines 
Pol'ishing, n. the act of giving a polish 
Polite, a. desirous to please, of genteel man- 

nei*8, well bred 
Politely, ad. genteelly, elegantly, civilly 
Politeness, n. gentility, good breeding 
Pol'itic, a. shrewd, cunning, wise, pofitieal 
Political, a. relating to a state as a coriK)ratc 

body, ancf to public afiairs 
Poiifically, ad. with reference to a state oi* 

Politicly, ad. with policy, eunninglj 
"oUtTeian, n. one who is versed in poUtics 
Pol'itics, 71. tlie art of ^^«cwK«?e&. 
PoVity, n. twW «>tv%>5toa^QR»^^g3!s«rK^^ 



Poll, V. to loj) tlie tops of trees, cut off hair, 

tuko H I'wt (»f voters, vote, striji 
Pol'lard, 11. a tree loppc-d, iinobran, fi.^li 
PoUaver, n. fawning lu'havior, flattery 
I'oUnte, V. t. to ilofilc, taint, corru|it 
Polluter, n. a dcfiler, cornijiter, pcn-verter 
Pollution, 71. the act of dcliliiip:, tlt^fjlonjent 
Polti*oon', n. a co\vai*<l, scoundrel, bird 
Polyan'tlius, n. a beautiful flower 
Poly^'aniist, n. he who has more tlian one mUV* 

at onetime 
Polyg'ainy, n. a plui*nlity of wives 
Pol'ygon, n. a figure having many angles 
Pr»rypns, ii. a sea animal, a disi^ase in tln^ nose 
Poly'syllable, n. a woi-rl of many syllables 
Porytlieisni, n. belief in a plurality of gods 
Porythcist, 11. one who holds a plurality of 

Pomiiceous, a. consisting of apples 
Pomatum, n. an ointment for tlie head 
Pome'gi*anat<i, n. a tree or its fruit 
Pomif 'erous, a. pi-oducing apples 
Pom'mel,n. a round knob on a saddle 
Pom'mel, v. t. to bruise, beat, thump 
Pomp, n. splendor, osteutatiou, pai*adc 
Pomp'ous, a. spendid, grand, pi-ond 
Pomp'ousness, n. aflTected greatness 
Pomp'ously, ad. splendidly, magnifiuently 
Pond, n. a standing water, pool, small lake 
Pond'er, v. to consider, think, muse 
Pond'ei-al, a. estimated by weight 
Pond'eranee, n. weight, jjonderousness 
Ponderation, n the act ot weighing 
J'onderos'ity, Pond'erousness, n. weight 
Pond'erous, a. weighty, heavy, forcible 
Poii'iard, n. a dagger ; v. t. to stab 
Pon'tiff, n. a chief prifst, the pope 
Pontifical, a. belonging to a pontiff 
Pontifical, n. a book of" episcopal forms 
Pontif icat«, n* the^ pupal dignity, popedom 
Pont'ifiee, ft. the starueture of a bridge 
Pontoon', 41. a:beat lined with tin [toons 

' Poatoonear, n, one who has the e»Vi oC igoa- 
PkSny, n. a anwjl or little Iwpse, mi ew^ tiij^ 
Poo/j n.a stand Jii^^waterjpon^ ' 

p o R 

Poop, n. the stern of a sliip 
Poor, a. lean, hidwcnt, mean, paltry 
Poor'ly, a. i-atlicr indisposed, indifferent, S 
Poorly, atl. without spirit, iiidi(fei*cntly 
Poor'ness, n. poverty, want, bai-rciipess 
Pop, n. a small smaii aouiid fi-om a eun, &i 
T'op, V. to come or g«i quickly or slily 
Pope, 71. the bisliop of Uome/a fish 
Pop(^flr»Tn, n. the jurisdiction or dignity ( 

Popeiy, n. the iiopish religion 
Pop'crun, n. a chihrs wooden gun 
PoJ/inja} , 11. a pan-ot, woodiKickcr, fop 
Popish, a. }tomi»h, tauglit by the pope 
l*r)[)'lar, n. a titse ; a. made of iioplai* 
Pop'py, 71. tliename of a plant o^itsflowei 
Pop'uUce, n. the common people 
Pop'ular, a. pleasing to the people, genera 
Populai''ity, n. the favor of Ae people 
Pop'ularly, ad. in a popular mimner 
Pop'i'late, r'. i. to increase in people 
Population, n. the nniiiber of inhabitants 
Pop'ulous, a. full of people, well inhabited 
Po[/ulousnes&, n. aiioundiiig with inhabitai 
Poi-'celai n, n, china ai arc 
Porch, n. an entrance with a roof^ a portw 
Por'cine, a. pei*taining to swine 
Por'cupine, n, a quadrui)ed covered with <ti 
Pore, n. a passage ; v. t. to look intensely 
Pfiriness,7i. a pory state, a fullness of pmt 
Pfirket, Porkhng, n. a young hog, a pig 
Poros'ity, Porousness, iu a pory slate 
Porous, P6ry, a. abounding with pwes 
Por'pcss, 71. the sea hog, a fish 
Poi'^phyry, 7i. a stone of vaiious kinds cout 

ing grains or dots 
Por'rct, 71. a scallion, small onion 
I'or'ridge, n. a kind of broth 
Poi'' ringer, lu a vessel for spoon meat 
Port, 11. a harbor, gate, wine, carriage 
Port, V. t. to carry in form 
Portable, a. tliat may be carried 
.PtSrtableness, tx. the state of being poilabl' 
W v«\^\'^sU. \sfssA6: 5^ v»r:vu|g^^ a porthole, • c 

P s 

a gate, lesser gate, arch of a gate 
s, V. t. to bar ; n. a drawbridge 
Jiecoiii'tof the Turkish emperor 
T». t. to betoken, foreshow 
'I. an omen of ill, sign, prodigy 
lis, a. foreboding, ominous 
one who has charge of a gate, a car- 
tind of strong beer 
;, n. money jiaid to a porter 
n. a portable case for papei*8 
, 72. a hole in die side of a ship 
I. a piazza, covered walk 
I. a part, fortune ; v. t. to divide 
1,7/. noble mein 
gi'ave of mien, stately, bulky 
eau, n. a bag to carry clothes in 
Pdrtrjuture, v. a. picture 
'J. t. to paint, di-aw 
n. the female guardian of a gate 
ontaining or full of pores 
. to puzzle, perplex 
a puzzler 

7». a situation, principle, rule 
a. absolute, certain, obstinate 
7f ad. absolutely, really, certainly 
ess, n. confidence, certainty 
an armed power, large boidy 
V. t. to get possession, to have 
n, 71. the having in one's power 
e, a. noting property 
■y, a. having possession 
*, n. an owner, proprietor 
. milk cuiHlled witli beer or wine 
y, 71. a possible state or thing 
a. having the power to be 
ad. by any power, pferiiaps 
messenger, ofiicc, place, piece of 
letter paper 

) hasten, station, put, expose, delay, 
icouuts to a ledger 
I. money paid for letters by post 
n. a boy who can ies letters 
:, (ch as sh) 72. a light carriage 
V. t. to date after uie true time 
Jiff, a. bclntj; after the &Q9ii 

V o T 


Postf^Hor, a. following, placed nftt,r, later 
Posterior'ity, n. the sUite of being pobtcrlor 
Posteriors, n. pL the hinder parts 
Postei-'ity, n. succeeding geni'nitions 
Pos'tern, Tt.a small back gate, u litlie door 
Postfix, 71. a suffix, something added 
Postfix', V. t. to add or annex at the end 
IV>sthaste, n. full speed ; ad. very fast 
P^sthoi-se, n. a horse kept to ride post 
Post'humous, a. published after the writei"'s 

Postil'lion, 72. one who rides a coach horse 
Postmaster, n. one wlio keeps a post-oflice 
P6st-oftice, 71. a place where letters are re- 
ceived and delivei'ed 
Postpone, V. t. to put off, deter, delay 
Postimnement, n. a putting off, delay 
Postscript, n. a writing added to a hotter 
Posttow n, 71. a town where is a post-ofliiar 
i'oa'tuhite, n. somethUig a.sKumed 
Posttdtition, ii, an ftssi'.mption, a demand 
Pos'tui'e, n. an attitude, sitctation, state 
Posy, n. a motto on a I'ing, a nosegay 
Pot, n. a vessel for boiling liquids 
Pot, T'. t. to jiresene in pots, season meats 
P<'>table, a. fit to drink, drinkable [plastt 

Pot'ash, 77. a fixed alkali from the aslies of 
PoUition, 7*. a driiiking-bout, draft, dose 
PotJitoe, 77. a well known esculent root 
^Wbellied, a. having a big belly 
Potch, r. t. to poach, thrust, push 
Potency, n. power, strcngtli, efficacy 
Potent, a. powerful, strong, efficacious 
Potentate, n. a sovereign, prince, kin|^ 
Poten'tial, a. denoting ppssibility 
Potential'ity, n. possibility, power 
Poten'tiall)', ad. in power, in efiect 
J^6tently, ad. powerfully, strongly 
Potentness, n. power, gi*eat strength 
Poth'er,ui. to make a stir; n. a buatle 
Pot'hcrb, n. an herb to be boiled fiv fixtd 
Pot'hook, n, a hook to hang a pot on 
Potion, n. a draft, e6\^c\«ivq \svt^'»»i> 
Pot'Ud, n . \>\e Vv^ w ^w^^'q^ ^'^ 


P R A 

Pot'taj^c, 7/. pon'i<lpe, -vvliich sec 

Pot'tcr, n. one wlio makes earthen vessels 

l*<)l'ti:ry, ;i. tlie works or business of a potter 

I'ot'tle, 72. II measure of four i»nts 

Pot'valiant, ^i^ macle courageous by liquor 

Poucli, n. a Hmall bag, purse, pocket 

Pouch, r. to pocket, swallow 

Porrit, n. a chicken, sccpuUet 

P()7flterer, «. oue who selTs fowls picked 

P67£ltic(^, 71. a soft application 

P()i/lticc, V. t. to apply a poultice 

l*67/ltry, 71. all sorts of fowls 

Pounce, n. the claw of a biixl, a powder 

Pounce, t:;. ^. to sprinkle witli pounce, pierce, 

Pounce'box, n. a box for pounce 
I'ound, n. a weight of 16 ounces avordupois, 

andl4ofti*oy, sum of money, pinfold 
PoJind, V. t. to beat, to shut up 
PountKagfc, 71. a duty on the pound, a fee 
Pound'ei', n. a ]>estle, cannon, large pear 
I*07/r, "v. to empty, fall heavily, rush out 
Pout, 77. a sour look, a'fish, young bird 
Pout, T. i. to look sullen, make a lip 
Pov'erty,7i. want, necessity, a defect 
Pow'der, n. fine dust, gun^wwder 
Pow'der, v. to sprinkle with powder, reduce to 

dust, sprinkle witli salt 
Pow'dering-tub, M. a tub for salted meat 
PowMer-mill, 77. a mill to make gunpowder 
Pow'dery, a. du.sty, easily cwimbled 
I'ow'er, 71. comniand, government, influence, 

reach, strength, ability, a host, a potentate 
Pow'ei'ful, a. mighty, strong, potent 
Powerfully, ad. mightily, strongly 
Pow'erfulness, n. gi*eat power, strength 
Pow'crlcss, a. weak, helpless, defenseless 
Pow'ow, n. an Indian danee or priest 
Pox, 71. the venereal disease, pustules 
Pi-ac'ticable, a. performable, possible 
Piiicticabil'ity, Prac'ticableness, n. the pos- 

sibJlitv of being pei-formed by hi;^an means 
Pinc^iwahlr, ad, in a maniu!T toXj^Aoittt 
PracYiciil, a, relating to perrwrnoaxoti 
J^moYicnUy, ad. h* or in praetkc, xoXi^ 


Prac'tice, h. habitual use, custom, exern 
Prac'tice, v. t. to rk), perform, use, exerd 
Prae'tiser, n. one who i>ractise8 
Pi-acti'tioner, n. one engaged in any art 
Pi^agniat'ical, a, meddling, impertinent 
1 Vair}', n. natural meadow, or a plam nat 

ly destitute of ti*ces 
Praise, n. commendation, renown, honor 
Pi*aise, V. t. to commen(l, applaud, exb^ 
Piniiser, n. one who commends 
Pniiseworthy, a. deserving praise 
I'rance, v. i. to spring, leap, step high 
Pran'cer, n. a horse that prances w capei 
Prank, ft. a frolic, a wicked deed 
Prank'ed, pa, dressed, decorated 
Prate, v. i. to talk idlv ; n. idle talk 
Prflter, 7i. an idle talker, a chatterer 
l*i*{itingly, ad.}.n a tidkative manner 
Pi*at'tle, V. i. to chatter ; 7i. childish talk 
Pi-at'tler, n. one who prattles 
Pi-av'ity, n. depravity, coniiption 
Prawn, n. a kind of fine shellfish 
Pniy, V. to offer up pi-nyers, entreat 
Pniyer, n. a i)etition, request, entreaty 
Pi-ayerbook, 77. a book with forms of pray< 
Pi-^yerless, «. not using prayers 
Preach, v. to deliver a public discourse on 

cred subjects 
Preacher, n. a person who preaches 
Preamble, n. an inti'oduction 
Preb'end, n. a stipend incathedrals 
Preb'endary, 7i. a stipendiary of a cathedn 
Precarious, a. unceitain, doubtful 
Precariously, ad. uncertainly 
Prt^cHriousness, n. a precarious state 
Prccau'tion, n. a preventive measure 
Pi-ecau'tion, v. t. to warn bcforeliand 
Precau'tionaiy, a. consisting in caution 
Precede, v. t. to go before in rank or time 
Precedence, n. the foremost idace, priorilj 
Precedent, a. going before, former 
Pi-c'^cedent, 71. an example, foregoii;^ act 
%?\-*?.ctd<eutly, ad. in time anterior 
WY^«'.vi\\>k»c^u. vswj. ^\^V»sJ^ii fl^ choir 



p'tive, a. giving precepts 

ytor, n. a teacher, instructor, tutor [cept 

)t!6rial,a. pertaining to a teacher, hy pre- 

^'•ion, n. a going l^fore 

lety 71. a houndaiy, limit, division 

oat, a. valuable, costly, dear, nice 

ously, ad. in a precious manner 

ousness, n. valuableness, great value 

pice, n. a steep place 

> lent, a. du^ectin?, commanding 

'itance, n. rash haste, huiTy 

'itant, a, rash, hasty, hurried 

'itate, V. t. to tiirow headlong, hurry, 

30, throng to the bottom 

'itate, a. hasty, violent, headstrong 

'itately, ad. in a blind huny, rashly 

it^tion, n. blind or rash haste, hurry 

'itous, a. hasty, steep 

3, a. exact, strict, nice, stiff, formal 

sly, ad. exactly, accurately, nicely 

sness, n. exactness, ri^id nicety 

sion, 72. exact limitation, exactness 

de, V. t. to prevent from entering, stop, 


ann, n. a prevention from entering, 

ention, hindrance ^ 

sive, a. pre'veuting neforeliand , 

ic^^ 71. opinion formed beforehand 

ic^ive, V. t. to form an opinion before- 


;cep.'tion, n. a previous thought 

icert', V. t. to concert beforehand 

/tract, 71. a prior bargain 

itract', v.t. to contract beforehand 

■'sot, 71. a forerunner, harbinger 

teous, a. living by prey or plunder 

toiY, a. plunaermg, preying 

ses^Bor, 71. one going before another 

itin^rian, Predestinitor, n. one virho 

B the doctrine of predestination [sistibly 

I'tinate, Predes'tine, v. t. to decree irre- 

itinsition, n. preordination, a decree 

:ermin^tion, n. a previous determination 

lerpi'ine, v. t. to doom by previous de- 




Predial, a. belonging to farms 
Pred'icable, a. tliat may be affirmed 
Predftc'ament, n. a class, kind, state 
Pred'icate, n. yfh&t is affirmed 
Pred'icate, v. t. to affirm, declare, teach 
Predication, n. an affirmaticm 
Predict', v. I. to foretel, to prophesy 
Predication, n. a foretelling, prophesy, token 
Prediet'ive, a. foretelling 
Predict'or, n, one who forefells 
Predilec'tion, n. prepossession in favor 
Predispose, v. t. to incline beforehand 
Pi'edisposi'^tion, n. previous disposition 
Predom'inance, n. prevalence, ascendancy 
Predom'inant, a. prevalent, oven-uling 
Predom'inate, v. i. to prevail, govern, rule 
Preelect', v. t. to choose beforehand 
Preem'inence, n. superiority, precedence 
Pi-eem'inent, a. excellent above others 
Preem'inently, ad. in a preeminent degree 
Preemp'tioo, ti. the right of buying berore an- 
other - 
Preen, v. t. to trim as binls their feathers 
Prccngagc, u t to engage beforehand 
Precngdgement, n. a prior obligation 
Preestab'lish, t>. t. to settle beforehand 
Preestab'lishment, n. previous settlement 
Preexist', v. t. to exist beforehand 
Preexist'ence, n. previous existence 
Preexist'ent, a. existing or being before 
Preface, ti. an introduction to a book 
Preface, v. t. to introduce a treatise 
Pref^atory, a. intixxluctory 
Prefect, n. a govemcM*, commander 
Prefecture, n. the office of a prefect 
Prefer', v. to regard more, exalt, ofter 
Preferable, a. eligible before another 
Preferably, ad. in or with preftrcnce 
Preference, n. estiiflation above another 
Prefer^ment, n. advancement, honor 
Prefigunltion, ti. foregoing'repreieDtittion 
Prefigure, v. t. to show l^forehand 
Prefix', V. t. to place before^ fix.^ «e>tsi& 
Prefix, n. % -^g«x\\^ci '^-aRftftLXw&'aK^^^^^s^ 



Prrg^'nnn*, a. breeding* younp:, fertile, full 
Prt'p'iiniilly, ad. fruitfully, fully, clearly 
pri'hcu'sile, a. g;rasi>inp:, adapted to cla;:p 
prfrjudge', r. t. to judg^: beforehand 
PrpjudRc'mcnt, n. a prior determination 
Pn'jCidicate, a. formed by prejudice 
Prcj6dicate, v. t. tojud^* without evidence 
Prejudication, n. a judging beforehand 
Prf'J'udice, n. preporaenioo, dama^ 
Pivyudicc, V. t. to fill with prejudice, injure 
Prejudi'^cial, a. injurious, hurtful 
prelacy, n. office of a ])rclate, episcopacy 
PnSlate, n. a bishop, high ecclesiastio 
Prelat'ical, a. relating to a prelate 
ProUtion, n. a preference 
Prelatiflt, n. an advocate for prelacy 
Preleo'tion, n. a reading, lecture, lesson 
PrelibatioD, n. a pouring out before 
Prelim'inary, a. previous, intrwluctory 
Pi*e1im'inai^, n. a first step, a condition 
Prelude, v. i. to serve by introduction 
Prelude, n. an introduction, forerunner 
Preliidious, Pi^eliisive, a. introductory 
Premature, a. ripe too soon, too early 
Prematurely, aa too early, too hastily 
Prematurcness, n. a premature state 
Premed'itatc, v. t. to think beforehand 
Premeditation, n. a meditating before 
Prem'ices, n. pi. first fruits of the earth 
IW'mier, a. first, chief, leading^, principal 
Premier, n. a chief person, prime minister 
Premise, v. t. to lay down premises 
Prcm'iscs, n. pi. antecedent matter 
Prcm'iss, n. an antecedent proposition 
IVcmiuro, n. an advance, a bounty 
Premon'ish, r. t. to warn beforeliand 
Prfmoni"tion, ii. previous notice 
Premon'itory, a. previously advising 
Pr(':i6tion, n, a previous idea <x knowledge 
Preoc'cupancy, n. a previous possession 
Preoc'cupate, v. t. to anticipate, prepossess 
IVcoceupition, n. a previous possesnon 
P/v?ao'oupyj V. t. to have first possession 
Preordain, v. t. to apipmnt^)efor«V»uii^ 


Preparition, n. a nakinjg ready 
Prrpar^ative, n. something to pave the ynj 
Preparative, a. able or tending to prepare 
Prepar'atively, ad. by way of (ircparation 
Pi*epire, v. t. to make fit, qualify, jNtnide 
Prep^r^y, ad. with due preparation 
Prepiiredness, n. a state or being prepared 
PrepiU^r, n. one who prepares 
Prepense', a. preconceived, contrived 
Prepond'erate, v. t. to outweigh^ oTerlialflMe^ 

overpower, exceed, pass, prcvidl 
Prepond'erance, Prepondcratioo, n. greater 

weight, influence or effect 
PrepondVrant, a, overbalancing 
Prcpo8i"tion, n. a part of speech 
Prcpos'itive, a. set before ; n. a prefix 
Prepossess', v. t. to prejudice, to niaa 
Preposses'sion, n. a firrt possession, bias 
Prepos'terous, a. absurd, perverted 
Prepos'terously, ad. absurdly, foolishly 
Prepos'tcrousness, n. a preposteroua qualibr 
Prepuce, n. what covers the glans 
Prerequfre, v. t. to demand previously 
Prereq'uisit, n. something first necesBBiy 
Prereq'uisit, a. tliat is previously neeesauy 
Prerog'ative, n. a peculiar pririlege 
Presage, Presiigement,'«. a prognostic 
Prcsdgc, r>. t. to forebode, foretoken 
Pres^gcful, a. foreltoding, cuntious 
Pres'byter, n. an elder, priest, bishop 
Preshytiinite, n. the office of a presbyter 
Pi*csbyterial, a. relating to a preshytcr 
Presbyterian, n. a follower of Calvin 
Presbyterian, a. suitable to Calvin's doctrio» 
Presbyt^rianism, n. the system of faiA ^ 

government erf" Prcsby terians [dw 

Prcs'bytery, n. a body of pastors and Iw rf* 
Presci'ence, n. knowledge of fntnre eventi 
Presci^ent, a. foreknowing, prophetical 
Prescious, a. foreknowing 
Pniscrfbe, v. to order, direct medicaUy, ^ 

fix, claim by immemorial use 
Prescript, a. ordered, set ; w. a du-ection 
WT««stvi5>'\i!0x^ n. a medical receipt, ciMto^» 


ivOj a. consisting in long usage 
, n. a being present, sight, look 
2. near at hand, now being, ready 
I. a free gift, a royal mandate 
7. togiTe, prefer,' exhibit, offer 
le, a. that may be presented 
eous, a. ready, immediate 
on, n. the gdu of a benefice [sented 
ii^e, a. to Which a priest may be pre- 
t n. one presented to a benefice 
', n. one who presents or offers 
lent, 91. a previous idea, apprchen- 
impression on the mind 
,• ad. shortly, soon after 
ent, n. the act of presenting 
ss, Ji. a being present, pi*e8eicncc 
on, 71. the actof presening 
ive, 11. what is able to preserve 
ive, a. tending to pi*eser\e 
3ry, a. tending to preserve 
XK t. to keep, save, defend 
n. a fruit preserved witli sugar 
, n. one who preserves 
K i. to superintend, direct 
y, n. supcrintendancc, direction, 
c or term of office of a president, 
ion of a president 
n. one at the head of a society, the 
jistrate of the United States 
lal, a. pertaining to a president 
}hip, n. the office ofa president 
', T'. ^ to signify beforehand 
to squeeze, crowd, urge 
n insti'umcnt for pressing, a case 
es, crowd, actof forcing men into 
instrument for printing 
n. a bed that shuts in a case 
. one who presses ' 

, n. a crew tliat press men 
m. a. squeezing, urgent 
, ad. with force, ui^ntly 
72. the act of pressing 
, n. a printer at the press 
Yt. weight, force^ impression 
Cj n. tlmt may bepreaamed 



Prestimably, ad. without examination 
Presume, v. t. to suppose, to venture, be bold 
Presumer, n. an arrogant, confident person 
Presuming, ^a. a. supposing, confident 
Presump'tion, Presump'tuousness, n. suppo- 
sition, arrogance, confidence, boldness 
Presump'tive, a. supposed, bold, probable 
Presump'tuouSy a. arrogant, insolent 
Presump'tuously, a</. arrogantly 
Presump'tuousness, n. excess w confidence 
Presupp6sal, n. previous supposal 
PresupiMSse, v. t. to suppose as previous 
Pretense', n. a showing what is not real 
Pretend', v. to play the hyprocrite, feign 
Preteod'edly, ad. in a pretended manner 
Pretend'er, n. one who lay^ claim 
Pretend'ingly, ad, by way of pretense 
Preten'sion, n. a claim, right, pretense 
pi'eterimper'fect, a. not yet perfectly past 
Preterit, Preterper'fect, a. per£E;ctly past 
Prcternat'ural, a. extraordinary, irregulai' 
pretemat'ttraliy, ad. out of nature 
Preterpluper'fect, a. more than past 
pretext, n. a pretense, excuse, show 
Pr6tor, n. a Roman judge or chief ruler 
pretdrian, a. belonging to a pretor, judicinl 
Pret'tily, ad^ neatly, elegantly, pleasingly 
Pret'tiness, n. beauty without dignity 
I'rct'ty, a. neat, beautiful, handsome 
Pret'ty, ad. in some small degree 
Pretyp'efy, v. t. to show beforehand 
Prevail, v. i. to take place, overcome 
Prevailing, />a. having influence, current 
Prev'alence, n. inftuence, superiority 
Prev'alent, a. predominant, powei*ml 
Prev'alently, ad. powerfully, forcibly 
Prevar'icate, v. i. to cavil, shuffle, quibble 
Prevariciition, n. the act of shuffling, cavil 
Prevar'icator,.?!. a quibUer, caviller 
Prcv^nient, a. going before, preventive 
Prevent', v. t. to hinder, stop, autieipate 
Prevent^ able, a. that may be prevented 
Prevent^er, n. one who ^ce:t«Q&3k 


I' R I 

Prevent'ivc, a. hindering!:, pi-csen-ative 
Prevent'ively, ad. in a preventive manner 
Prevent'ive/n. thai which pi-evcnls 
Previoui, a. f;rnu^ hefore, antecedent 
Previously, nd. before, antecedently 
Pw^y, (pray) ii. something to be devoured 
Prey, v. i. to waste, corrode, ]i I under 
Price, n. worth, value, estimation 
Prick, V. to pierce, spur, affect with remorse, 

pain, make acid, mark 
Prick, n. a puncture, point, print 
Prick'cr, 7k a sharp inurnment 
Prick'et, n. a buck in his 2d year 
Prick"le, n. a rfiarp point, thorn 
Prick'liness, w. a prickly state or quality 
Prick'ly, a. full of or having sliarp points 
Pride, n. self-esteem, loftiness of manner, el> 

evation, that in which one glories 
Pride, v. i. to be proud of, boast 
Priest, iu a person who officiates in sacred 

services, a clergyman 
Priestcraft, n. a priestly act, pious fraud 
Priestess, n. a female priest 
Priesthood, n. the office or order of priests 
Priestly, a. like a priest, sacerdotal 
Priestridden, a. managed by priests 
Prig, n. a conceited fellow 
Prig'gish, a. pert, conceited, saucy 
Prim, a. formal, precise, affectedly nice 
Primacy, n. a chjef ecclesiastical station 
Pri'mage, ii. the freightof a ship, a duty 
Primarily, ad. origiii^ly, at first 
Primary, a. oi'iginal, first, chief 
Primate, n. a chief bishop, an archbishop 
Prime, n. the dawn of day, first or best part, 

spring, perfection 
Prime, v. t. to put into a pan, to lay the first 

colors in painting 
Prime, Primal, a. first, principal, best 
Priraeness, n. precedence, excellence 
Prim'er n. a first book for children 
Primeval, a. such as was at first, original 
Prfming, n. first coat of ^Vat, U». i^wder 
/a/J to cojnmunioato fire to ftifc e\vMr^ 
n-Jm'Jtiye, a. ancient, or^l^cil, tvv^^e 

P R I 

Prim'itively, ad, originally, primarily 
Prim'ncss, n. preciseuess, demnreness 
Primog^nial, a. first-bom, original 
Primogen'iture, n. the first bvth, elderriup 
Primordial, Primot'diate, a. orighial 
Prim'roae, n. a flower and plant 
Prince, n. a king's son, sovereign, ruler 
Prince'dom, n. the digni^ of a prince 
Princelike, a. like or becoming a prinee 
Prince'ly, a, royal, grand, august, noble 
Prin'cess, n. a prince's wtfe, king's daiq^itier 
Prin'cipal, a. chief, capital, esientnl 
Prin'cipal, n. a chief man, a capital som 
Principality, n. a prince's domain 
Prin'ci pally, ad. chiefly, above all 
Prin'ciple, n. a fundamental truth, origiDd 

cause, motive, opinion, tenet, mie 
Prin'ciple, v. t. to mstruet or fix in a tenet 
Prink, V. t. to dress for show, affect airs 
Print, V. t. to mark bv impression, stan^ 
Print, 71. a mark by fmpression, a {»iotnre 
Print'er, »i. one who prints 
Print'ing, n. the impressing books or cloth 
Printless, a. leaving no muk or impresnoa 
Prior, a. former, going before, antecedent 
Prior, 71. a title amongst monks 
Prioress, n. a governess amongst nuns 
Prior'ity, n. a being first in rank, preeedeaee 
Priory, ti. a convent governed by a prior 
Prism, n. an oblong triangular glass, exhibits 

ing the colors 
Prismat'ic, a. like or formed by a prism 
Pris'my, a. like or pertsuning to a prism 
Pris'on, n. a jail, place of connnemcnt 
Pris'on, V. t. to shut up, confine, endisin 
Prisonbase, prisonbars, fua. boyish play 
Pris'oner, ii. one under aif^t, a captive 
Prist'ine, a. ancient, original, first 
Prith'ee, abbrev. for I pray thee 
Privacy, Privatcness,^. secrecy, retreat 
Private, a. secret, clandestine, retired 
Privat6er, n. a ship of war of private eitixW 

commissioned to, take prizes 
"?tVs«\.^'^ ^ (v6i> vti^^^vSA.^^lttndestinely 



Priv'atlve^ a. causing privation or 1qb9 
Priv'et, n. a plant, an evei-grccu 
Priv'ilege, n. a peculiar ad^antagit, a right 
Priv'ilege, v. to grant a privilege, to free 
Priv'iiy, ad. secretly, X)nvately 
Priv'ity, n. private communication 
Priv'y, a. acunitted to secrets, private 
Priv'y, n. a necessary house 
l^rize, 91. a reward, something taken from an 

Prize, V. t. to value, esteem, regard 
Prizer, n. one who values or esteems 
Probabil'ity, n. an appetu-ance of truUi 
Prdl)'able, a. likely, like to be or to be (nic 
Prob'ably, ad. in all likelihood 
Probate, n. the proof of a will, a court for the 
trial of wills and distiibution of estates of 
deceased persons 
Probation, n. a pi*oof, trial, evidence 
Probationai7, a. serving for trial 
Probationer, n. one who is upon trial 
Probative, a. proving, consisting in proof 
Pr6batory, a. relating to proof or trial 
Probe, n. a surgeon's instrument 
Probe, V. t. to try with a probe, search 
l*r6b'ity, ii. honesty, sincerity, vei'ucity 
Prob'lcm, n. a question ofTered for solution 
Problemat'ical, u. uncertain, disputable 
iVobos'cIsy.?!. a snout, as of an elephant 
Proccdni^, n, a manner of proceeding 
Proceed, v. i. to go on, prosecute 
IVoceedtng, n. a transaction, legal process 
Ph>ceeds, w. pi. money arising from a sale 
Proccr'ity, n. tallness, hciglit of statuix: 
^rd'ecUf n. a method, progress, coui*se 
j^roeea^uon, n. a solemn train, march 
ProdJiim, v. t. to publish solemnly, declai*c 
Proclkiraer, n. one who i)rocl:unis 
Proclamation, n. a publication by authority, 

public declaration, notice 
* tocliv'ity, ». a U.'iidency, steepness 
ProGou'sul, M. a liinnan officer who governed 

a {tt'oviuce 
^*x)cou', a. perLHiumg to 4 pvoemwiX 
^'ry-jon'sjisliipj //. //»<• o/iVtr Qf;^ 2)cuconsnl 



Proci'ast'inate, v. i. to put off, delay 
Procrastination, n. a delay, dilatorincss 
Procreaiit, a. productive, pregnant 
Pi-^create, v. t. to generate, beget 
Pi-ocreiition, n. a generation, production 
Pro'creativc, a. gcuenitivc, productive 
Proc'tor, n. an attorney in a spiritual court 
Proc'torship, 71. tlie office of a proctor 
Procum'bent, a. lying down or along 
Procurable, a. obtainable, acquirable 
Procurement, n. tlie act of procuring 
Pro'curator, n. a ra«uiager, ageut, factor 
ProGUratorial, a. done by a pi^ocuratnr 
Procure, v. to obtain, get, pei-suadu 
Procurer, n. one who procures, a pimp 
Procuress, n. a bawd, a seducing ^oman 
Prod'igal, a. profuse, « ustcful, lavish 
Prod'igal, 7^ a spendthrift, lavish i>ei*!>on 
Pit>digarity, n. prol'usenoss, waste 
Pi-ocrigally, ad, prijfusiely, lavishlv, idly 
Prodi'^ious, a. amazing, ustonishlug 
Prodi^giously, ad. amazingly, enormously 
Prod'igy, n. a tiurprising tiling, wonder 
Produce, v. /. to bi'ing forlli, bear 
Prod'ucc, n. a piHxluct, Hniount, gain 
Producer, n. one whoproJuecb 
Producible, a. capable of being producer^ 
Pi*od'uct, n. a tiling produced, eU'ui't, fruit 
Produc'tlon, li. a producing, a ])iutluct 
Product'ive, a, generative, ferlilo 
l^roem, n. a prelace, inti-oijucrion 
1 rofanation, n. a violation of sucred tltingb 
Profane, a. ungodly, wicked, polluunl 
I'rofane, v. /.to |>ollute, violate, abus<-. 
Profanely, ad. wickedly, irrovercntly' 
Profaneness, n. impiiity, ill language 
Prolaner, ;i. a polluter, violator, d;;lilet' 
l*roicsa', v. t. to declare, avow 
Profess'edly, ad. u ith full intention , 
Profes"sioa, n. a deciaralion, a calling 
Profcs'sional, a. relating to a ^irofossiou 
Pi-ofes-Vor, n. a public leoicUec <w VvivK>!ctvx. 

one vii\\o vav2iub% 0^viOc8^>:>43CNMi<w ^Viiii^ 
Proi*ess6r\vA, a. -^vivVrnvw^Va %>^*?^^'^^^ 



ProPfcr, V. /. to offer, tender, propose 
Proffer, n. an offer, eany» attempt 
Prof'ferer, m. one vrho ofteit 
Profi"ciencv, «• improTcment, progres 
Profi"cicnt, n. one who ^prmene* 
Profile, n. the wle&ce, a half face 
Profit, Pro^itablenen, n. gain, advantage 
Profit, V. to benefit, improve 
prof'iuble, a. gainful, lueratlve 
profitably, aa. bencficiallj, advantageoudy 
prcif'iigacy, ProTligatenen, n. debauchery 
profligate, a. abandoned, lost to virtue 
profligate, n. an abandoned wretch 
prof Hgately, ad. Bhamefnlly, loosely 
prqf luent, a. flowing on, or forward 
profound', a. deep, learned, humble, lowly 
profound', n. the sea, the abyss 
profound'ly, ad. with deep insight 
profound'ness, Profund'ity, n. deepness 
prof6sc, a. lavish, prodi|^t, abundant 
pi*ofuse, V. t. to bestow m abundance 
profiiisely,a</. prodigally, with exuberance 
proiuseness, n. lavishness, prodigality, waste 
profusion, n. profuseness, exuberant plenty 
progim'itor, n. an ancestor, a forefathei* 
procen'itare, n. a begetting or birth 
Pro genv, n. an offspring, race, issue 
Prognostic, a. foretelling, foreboding 
prog'nostic, n. a prediction, a sign 
Prognos'ticaic, v. t. to foretel, guess 
Prc^nosticiition, n. tlie act of foreshowing 
Progno^'tiealor, n. one whoforetcls 
Progress, ». a course, advancement, way 
Progress', v. i. to move forward, advance 
Progrc8i"8ion, Pn^ress'ivencss, n. a progress 
Progress'ive, a. gowg on, advancing 
Pi-ogrcps'ively, ad. in or by a regular course 
Progreas^ivencss, n. a state of advancing 
Prohib'it, v. t. to forbid, debar, hinder 
Prahibi^'tion, n. the act of forbidding 
ProhiVitory, a. implying prohibition 
Prr^ect', v, to jut oat, throw oat, contrive 
Fn^^ect, n. c aolmn^ plan, eoatnvwM^ 
Project^Ue, n. a body |rat in mo^oa 
fjtif coition, n, a dioatSni oatsmp^w 


Project'or^ fi. one who fiorms scbdnes 
Prolate, a. lengthened at q[>poate pduti 
Prolific, a. fruitfiil, generative 
Proliferous, a. producing young 
Prolix', a, long, tedloos, ailatpry 
Prolix'ity, Proliz'neSB, n. tediousness 
Prolix'ly, ad. at greai length, tediously 
Proloc'utor, n. the speaker of a convoca 
}^t)logu«, n. the introduction to a play 
Prolong', V. t. to lengthen out in time 
Prolon^gate, v. i. to lengthen in space 
Prolongation, n. a lengthening, a defary 
Prom'inence, n. a protuberanee, jutting 
Prom'incnt, a. standing out, conspicuous 
Promis'cuous, a. minted together 
lHt>mis'cuously, ad. indiscriminately 
Promis'cuousness, n. a promiscuous stati 
Prom'ise, n. a declaration which bine 

promiser in law or honor 
Prom'ise, v. t. to assure, engage, give i 

to expect 
Prom'iser, n. one who makes a promise 
Prom'issory, a. containing a promise 
Prom'ontory, n. a headland, a cape 
Promote, v. t. tx> forwani, advance, raist 
Prom6ter, n. an encourager, advancer 
Promotion, n. advancement, prcfenneni 
l^motive, a. tending to advance 
Prompt, a. ready, told down, present 
Prompt, V, t. to assist, remind, tell, ineit 
Prorapt'cr, n. one who reminds a maSsK 
Prompt'itude, n. promptness, reaffiuen 
Prompt'ly, ad. readily, immediately 
Prompt'ness, n. readiness, alacrity * 
T'romurgate, Promul<ce', #. t. to publish 
Promulgation, n. a publieatioti, notice 
Promul^tor, Promul'ger, ti. a publishe 
Prone, a. bending downwaixls, sloping 
PnSncness, n. an inclination, a descent 
Prong, V. a branch trf'a fork, fork 
Pronom'inal, a. belonging to a prono«n 
Pronoun, n. a M-ord in place ot a noun 
^^vycvtNswMi ^'u.t.xn^^cak^ utter, deeJsre 



on, n. aet or mode of utterance 
idoice, test, a rough sheet 
le torNfot, impenetrable 
Kton which a thing rests 
o support, sustain,! bear 
i, a. mat may be propagated 
V. t. to generate, extend 
I, n. generation, production 
', n. a spreader, producer 
t. to drive or push forward 
I. inclined, disposed, prone 
I, Propens'ity, n. inclination 
one's oii^n, peculiar, fit, just 
id. fitly, suitably, duly 
%. a right of possession, quali^, in 
Indies and United States, a plan- 

vee profane 

n. a prediction of a thing 
T'. t. to predict, forctel, preach 
ig, n. the act of foretelling 
. a man who foretets events, a di- 

, n. a female prophet 
Crophet'icAl, a. foretelling 
lly, ad» in manner of prophesy 
y, 71. nearne^, kindred 
V. t. to atone, induce to favour 
, n. an atonement for a crime 
*, n. one who atones or appeases 
7, a. able fo atone or appease 
, a. favorable, kind, merciful 
ly, ad. favorably, kindly, gently 
3ess, n favorableness, favor 
n. an 9t[Uh\ part, symmetry 
V. t. to adjust parts, fit, suit 
ble, a. adjusted, fitted, suitable 
bly, ad. in proportion 
U a. having due proportion 
I'tty, 11. a proportional quality 
lly, nd. in a due degree 
te, a. proportionfil 
. a scheme propounded, o/Ter 
to offbrfor coasidention 
ho h/io odcm rorroflsiVIeratiQn 



Propoai"tioD, n. a thing proposed, an offer 
Propound', v. t. to propose, exhibit, offer 
Proprietary, Proprietor, n. a possessor in his 

own right 
proprietary, a. belonp^ng to in owner 
propriety,, fi. fitness, justness, exclusive right 
Propt, Prop'ped, a. sustained by a prop 
Pn^ugn^tion, n. a defense, Bupp(H*t, od. 
PropuPsion, n. the act of driving forwanl 
Prore, n. the prow, forepart of a ship 
Pronation, n. a putting off, delay 
Prordgwe, V. t. to put on, protract, prolong 
Pros^c, a. belonging to or written in prose 
proscribe, v. t. to doom to death, banish 
Proscriber, n. one who dooms to destruction 
Proscrip'tion, n. a doom to death 
Prose, n. language not confined to numbers 
Prose, a. formed of prose, unrestrained, free 
Pros'eciite, v. i. to pursue, follow, sue 
Prosee(ition, fi. a pursuit, criminal suit 
Pros'ecutor, n. one who pursues or sue s 
Prcw'elyte, «, t. to convert, bring over 
Proa'elyte, n. one converted to an opinioti 
Pros'elytism, n. a making converts 
Prosddian, n. one skilled in ))rosod^ 
Pros'ody, n. tlie art of pronouncing letters 

and of metrical composition 
Profi'pect, n. a view, an object of view, groun<l 

of expectation, reason to hope 
ProBpcct'ive, a. viewing at a distance 
Prospect' ively, ad. by way of looking forward 
Prospect'us, n. a summary account 
Pros'per, v. to thrive, succeed, ftvor, blesa 
Proeper'ity, n. success. goo<l foitfinc 
Pros perous, a. successful, fortuniitc, lueky 
Pros'perously, oJ. suiHiessfully wiih gain 
Pros'titute, v. t. to sell to le^l dncss, debase, 

make common 
Pros'titute, a. vicious for hire, fsold to Tiee 
Pros'titute, ?i. a strumpet, a mri'c hhvKiig 
Prostitution, n. the act of prostiluting 
Pros'trate, v. to lay flat, fwl <l«y«vw 



Protec'tioD, «. a defense, shelter, passport 
Protect'ive, a. defensive, sheltering 
Protect'or, n. a defender, helper, supporter 
Protect'ress, n. a female protector or patron 
Pit)tend', V. hold out, sti*etch forth 
Protest', V. to declare, affirm, vow, sliow 
Pro'tcst, n a scrfemn declaration 
Prot'estant, a helonging to protestants 
Prot'estant, n. one who x^rotests against po- 
Prot'estantism, n. the religion of pfotestants 
Protestation, n. a solemn declaration 
Protest'er, n. one who protests 
Prothon'otary, 71. a cliief notary, a register 
Protocol, ft. original copy of a writing 
Prototype, 71. the origin^ of some copy 
Protract', v. to lengthen in time, prolong 
Protrac'tion, n. a lengthening out, delay 
Protract'ive, a. dclayuig, dilatory 
Protrude, v. to thi*ust or extend forwai-d 
Protrusion, n. the act of thrusting on 
Protrusive, a. impelling foi'ward or out 
Protuberance, n. a swelling above the rest 
Prottibcrant, a. swelling out, prominent 
Prot^berate, v. i. to swell or stand out 
Proud, a. elated, haughty, grand, lofty, high, 

Proud'ly, ad. in a proud manner, haughtily 
Prove, (proov) u to try, experience, to 

make certain by evidence, put to the test 
Prove'able, a. that may be proved or tried 
Prov'ender, n. food tor brute animals 
PnSver, n. one who or that wliich tries 
ProVerb, n. a muxira, an old saying 
Proverb'ial, a. mentioned in a proverb 
ProverVially, ad. in or by a proverb 
Provide, v. to procure, furnish, prepare 
Provfded,/>o. furnished, on condition 
Prov'idencc, 71. Cod's care, foresight 
Prov^ident, a. forecasting, cautious, frugal 
Providen'tiul, a. effectea by providence 
I'l-oviden'tiMliy, ad. by cai'e of providence 
Pror'ideDtly, ad. withcai-eCul^recwiJufiiQ. 
Provider, 71. oac who^irovidGS 

P R U 

PrOvin'cialf a. belon^g to a province 
Provin'cial, n. a spiritual or chief govenk 

an inhabitant of a province 
Proviu'eialism, iu a peculiarity of speech ii 

province or district of country 
Provi'^sion, n. a providing beforehand, me 

ure taken, stores, food, stipulation 
Provi^'sion, v. t. to f umidi with food 
provi'sionsd, a. serving for present use 
Provi^sionally, ad. temporarily 
Proviso, ft. a stipulation, provision, caution 
Provociition, m. a cause of or for anger 
provocative, a. tending to revive appetite 
Provdke, v. t. to rouse, vex, challenge 
Prov6ker, «. one who provokes 
Provdking, pa. tending to excite wrath 
Provokingly, ad. so as to raise auger 
Prov6st, ft. a cliief of any body 
Provdstship, n. the office of a provost 
Prow, ft. the forepart of a ship 
Prow'ess, 11. bravery, courage, valor 
Prowl, 7f. to rove for prey, plunder 
Prowl'er, n. one who seeks for prey 
Prox'imate, a. next, immediate 
Prox'imately, ad. without intervention 
Proxim'ity, n. iieai*ness, close approach 
Prox'y, n. a substitute or deputy 
Prude, n. a woman affected and nice 
Prudence, 71. wisdom, discretion, wearineitf 
Prudent, a. practically wise, discreet 
Pruden'tial, a. dictated by prudence 
Prudcn'tially, ad. according to prudence 
Prudeu'tials, 7«. pi. maxims of prudence, Jd 

fairs to be managed by discretion 
Prudently, ad. discreetly, jmtliciously 
Prudiuy, n. too much alTectation, coyness 
Pn'idish, a. lik^a prude, affectedly gi-avt 
Prune, n. a dried plum 
Prune, v. t. to cut off branches, ti'im 
Prunel'lo, n. aulkenstuff, a sort of plum 
Pruner, n. one who lops trees 
PruniPerous, a. producmg plums 
y v\vcv\ws^vQMk^f I. a hook to lop trees 

P U 6 

>k into, -with close inspection, to 


:^cred song 

a writer of psalms 

t. the art of singing psalms 

book of psalms 
a harp used for psalms 
Ise, counterfeit, pretended 
im. epxressing contempt 
cooling drink from raisins 
ipe age in the sexes 

7t.astateofpubert)r, the haiiy, 
my substance on plants 
;. arriving at puberty, downj 
>6n, notorious, common 
e body of a nation, open Tietr 
a victualler, toll-gatherer 
I. a publishing, printed vork 
. a public state, notoriety 
ed, a. regarding public good 
a -writer on the laws of nations, 
led in them 

. to piake known, set forth 
. one who publishes a book 
, n. notice of intended marriage 
I plant, bloodwort 
he vine-fretter, plant louse 

to plait, te fold, n. a fold 
tumult, a bustle ; v. i. to pother 

as in full) n, food of flour or 

71. a pudding with meat in it 
dirty plash or settle of water 
. to make muddj, dirty 
ildish, boyish, giddy, trifling 
childishness, boyishness 
. pertaining to childbirth 
St of wind, any thine porous, a 
der hair, undeservea jHraise 
>low, swell, praise much 
e who pufis, a boaster 
iraterfowl, fish, fuzzball 
idy, flatulent, tumid, swelled 
ikey, thing beloved 
denoting contempt or dUlike 



Piigtlism» n. boxing, fighting with the fist 
FAgUk^ It. a boxer, a ^jfater with the fist 
Pugilis'tie, a. p^tattn|og to boxing 
Pap;n^oiiB, a. figjhlii% prooe to resist 
Puis'ne, (ptmy) a. younger, small, petty 
Puisi'sance, n. power, ttren^, valor ' ' 
Puis'sant, a, powerful, forcible, braTe 
Puke, V. t. to "pcrw, vomit, cisat up 
Puke, n. a medicine causing to vomit 
Pul'chritude, f eh at k) n. beauty, grace 
Pule, V. f . to whine, cry like a chicken 
Pun, V. t, to pluck, draw, drag 
Pull, n. the act of nulling, a pluck, effort 
Pttl4et, n. a young hen, young fowl. 
PuU'ey, n, a tmall wheel fi>r a running cord 
PuI'licat, n. a sort' of silk handkerchief, 
Pull'ulate, v, bud, spring, shoot out 
PuUuUtion, n. the gemunation of buds 
Pul'monary, a. belonging to the lungs 
Pulmon'ic, a. affecting the lungs 
Pulp, n. the soft part of firuit, a soft mass 
Pulp, V. t. to separate pulp from the berry 
Polp'it, (u as in full) n. a raised place to 

speak from 
Pulp'ous, Pulp'y, a. full of pulp 
Pulp'ousness, n. a pulpy state, softness 
Puls'ate, V. i. to beat as'the artery 
Pulsation, Pur'sion, n. the act of driving for- 
ward, a motion or beat of the pulse 
Puls'ative, a. beating, throbbing 
Pulse, n. a beating of the artery, pease 
Pul'verable, a. that may be powdered 
Pulverization, n. a re<luction to powder 
Pul'verize, v. t. to reduce to dust 
PulVerous, a. consisting of dust, powdery , 
Pulver'ulent, a. consisting of powder 
Pul'vil, V. t. to perfume ; n. a sweet scent 
Pum'ice, n. a spungy stone full of holes, ap* 

pies or other fnut bruised or mashed 
Pum'mel, n. a knob, a protuberant part 
Pum'mel, v. t. to beat, thump, bruise , 
Pump,n. a water-engine, a very thin dioe 
Pump, V. to work a ^usoj^^Xsi^^K^w 



Pun, V. i. to diiibbic, play upon words 
Punch, n. an instruir.cut, liquor, buffoon 
Punch, V. t. to make a hole with a punch 
Punch'bowl, u. a bowl for punch 
Punch'eon, n. a tool, a large cask 
Punctirio, n. a cci'emony, exactness, nicety 
Punctil'ious, a. ceremonious, exact, nice 
Punctiriousneas, n. exactness, preeiseness 
Punctiliously, ad. in a formal manner 
Punc'tual, a. exact, scrupulous, strict, nice 
Punctual'itr, Punc'tualnesB, n. exactness 
Punc'tually, ad. exactly, scrupulously 
Punctudtion, n. the act of pointing 
Punc'ture, n. a small pr^k, little hole 
Panc'ture, V. /. to prick or perforate with a 

pointed insti*ument 
Pun'gency, n. the power of pricking 
Pun'gent, a. pricking, sharp, tart, keen 
P^nic, a. false, treacherous, faithless 
Piininess, n. smaltness, pettiness, weakness 
Pun'ish, V. t. to chastise, inflict penalties 
Pun'ishable, n. capable of punishment 
Pun'ishcr, a. one who inflicts punishment 
Pun'ishment, n. pain inflicted for a crime 
P6nitive, a. inflicting punishment 
Punk, 11. a strumpet, common prostitute 
Puns'ter, n. one vho puns 
Punt, V. i. to i)lay at basset or omber 
Puny, a. small, petty, sickly, weak 
Pup, 11. a young dog, a puppy 
Pup, V. i. to bring forth puppies 
P<!ipil, n. the apple of the eye, a scholar 
Pupilage, a. the state of a scholar, wardship 
Pup'pct, n. a small doll, wooden image 
Pup'petshow, 71. a mock play by images 
Pup'py, n. a whelp, ignorant fellow, fop 
Pui'^blind, P6reblind, a. nearsighted 
Pur'chase, v. to obtain for a consideration, 

to buy 
Pur'chase, n. a thing bought, an obtaining by 

giving an equivalent, tlie power of a lever 

in mechanics 
Par^ehascable, a. that may be boa^hl 
Pui^chasev, n. one ivho buys 
Parcj a. uosallied, clean, chs»le 


I'drrly, ad. In a pure manner, mereljj^ 
Purei^ess, n. a pure slate, clearness 
Pur"fle, V. t. to adorn with a needle 
Ptirg^tion, n. the act of cleansing 
Purgative, a. tending to pui^, cleansing 
Purgative, n. a medicine to pui-ge 
Purg'atory, n. apliteeof {»urgation 
Purge, n. a medicine causing stools 
Purge, V. to cleanse, purify, clear frofb go^ 

clarify, discharge by stool 
Pui^nng, n. the act of cleansing, looseness 
Purincdtion, n. the act of making pure 
Purifier, n. what purifies, a refiner 
Purify, r. to make or grow pure, refine 
Purim, n. the feast (h lots among the Jews 

to celebrate their escape from Haman's 

Piiritan, n. a rigid dissenter, one very strict 
Puritan'ical, a. relating to puritans 
Piiritanism, n. the practice of puritans 
Purity, n. clearness, innocenee, chastity 
Purl, yi. a sort of lace, border 
Purl, V. i. to flow with a gentle noise 
Pur^lieu, n. an iiiclosure, district, border 
Pur'ling, w. the noise of a rippling currcmt 
Purl'ins, n. pi. braces to support rafters 
Purloin', v. t. to steal, pilfer, thieve 
Purloin'er, n. one who takes privately 
Pur'ple, a. red tinged with blue, livid 
Pur'ple, n. a purple color, a royal garb 
Pui'^ple, V. t. to color with purple 
Purp'Iisb, a. somewhat purple, like pui-pte 
Purport, n. a design, meaning, tendency 
Pur'port, V. to intend, design, mean 
Pui-'pose, n. an intention, design, efiect 
Pur'ijose, V. to intend, design, mean 
Pur'posely, ad. on pui*pose, with design 
Purr, V. i. to murmur like a cat 
Purse, V. to put into a purse, contract 
Purse, n. a small bag for money, a prize t* 

be run for at a horse race 
Purse'net, n. a net that dittws like a pq^ 
Purse-proud, a. elated with riches 
JPwjc^ «« ^ u. ^iss. ^SS\Kae ^^ql hoard a ship 

P Y G 

bic, a. capable of being pursued 
ncc, n. a prc^ecution, process 
nt, a. done in coi^quencc 
, V. to follow, chase, prosecute 
r, n, one who follows 
:, n. a chase, prosecution 
a. shortbreathed and fat, gross , 
', (ey as a) v. to buy provisions 
'ance, n. procurement of proTisions 
'or, n. one who provides victuals 
:w, ft. extent of meaning or intended 
jsion, body of a law 
nee, n. a generation or pus 
nt, a. consisting of corrupt matter 
matter from a well digested sore 
y. to thrust, X)ress forward, urge 
t. a thrust, assault, pimple, spot 
ig, pa. a. thrusting, enterprising 
xif n. a childish play by pushing pins 
fiim'ity, n. meanness of spirit 
I'imQus, a. cowardly, mean spirited 
. a cat, hare, dirty woman 
e, n. a pimple orrfed spot 
ous, a. full of or having pimples 
as pull) V. put, to lay, place, 
ommit, add, propose, apply 
. as in pull) n. state or distress, 
as in nut) n. a clown, a game 
e, a. supposing, reputed, reckoned 
'inous, a. rotten, onensive 
le'tion j n. a rotten state, rottenness 
ict'ive, a. making rotten, spoiling 
r, or Putrify, v. t. to rot, to corrupt 
cence, n. the state of corruption 
cent, a. growing rotten, corrupting 
/*; rotten, corrupt, offensive 
ity, Putridness, »i. corruption 
, 71. a buzzard 

ft. a cement used by glaziers ; v.t. to 
a with putty 

;, ft. a peri)lexity, embarrassment 
J, tf. t. to perplex, embarrass 
jr, ft. one who perplexes 
an, a. of or like a pygmy* dwarfish 
r, n. a fkbutond penon^ u dmtrf 

QUA ^57 

Fyr'amid, ft. a moare pillar ending in a point 
Pyram'idal, a. (an informed ward J 
Pyramid'ical, a. like a pyramid 
Pyre, n. a pile to be burnt, a funeral pile 
Pyr'otechny, n. the art of making fireworks 
I^r^rAonisra, ft. scepticism, universal doubt 
Pyx, ft. a box wherein thd host is kept 


Qabbrev, for question 
Quack, V. i, to cry like a duck 
' Quack, ft. a pretender to physio 
Quack'ery, n. mere pretensions to an act 
Quadrages'ima, ft. Lent of 40 days 
Quadrages'imal, a. belonging to Lent 
Quad'rangle, ft. a figure of four right angles 
Quadrau'^gular, a. having four right aneies 
Quad'rant, ft. a fourth part, a marine mstru- 
ment, an arch of 90 degrees, a piece of me- 
tal to fill spaces in printing 
Quad'rate, a. square, suited, adapted 
Quad'hite, v. t. to square, suit, fit, agree 
Quadrat'ie, a. including a sqiiare 
Quad'rature, n, the act of squaring, squareness^ 

the quartering of the moon 
Quadren'nial, ad. happening in four years 
Quad'rifid, a. divided mto four segments 
Quadrllat'cral, a. having four sides 
Quadril', ft. a game at cards 
Quadripartite, a. divided into four parts 
Quadroon', n. the offspring c^ a mulatto wo- 
man by a white man , 
Quad'iniped, ft. a beast going on four feet 
Quadruple, a. fourfold, taken four times 
Quad'mple, v. t. to repeat four times 
Quadruplicate, a. fourfold 
Quaff, V. t. to drink, drink hanl, tipple 
QualTer, n. a person who quaffs 
Quag'gy, a, boggy, swampy, marshy, soft 
Qui^mire, n. a bo^, sliaking mar^ 
Quilhog, fi. the name of a large clam 
Qnail, fi. a bird ; (t. to cruslms^elV^^k^N, 
QttfAut, tt, Ti\ft^, ^Ye;\i?j ^ ^^'ws^-^ ^^ 
Q^\n^y » ad. >i^«^^ »^t^^^^; 



QuAintness, n. a petty elegance, nicely 
Quake, v. i. to diake with cold or fear 
Quaker, n. one of the sect of friends 
Quiikerisniy n. the system of quakera 
QuaUfic4tiou, n. an accomplishment 
Qual'ify, V. t. to make fit, lessen, abate 
QuaVlty, n. attribute, property, efficacy, rank, 

birth, temper, disposition 
QoaZm, n. a sudden fit of sickness 
Qua/mish, a. seized with a sickly Ungour 
Quan'dary, n. uncertainty, difiioulty 
Quan'tity, n. bcdk, weighs a part, portion 
Quan'tum, n. a quantity, amount 
Qnar'antin, u. prohibition of intercourse 
Qoar'antin, v. t. to restrain from interooorte 
Quar^rel, n. dispute, contest, strife 
Quar^rel, v. i. to brawl, find fault, fight 
Quar^relsome, a. inclined to quarrel [lion 
Qfuu^reUomeness, n. a quarrelsome dMposi- 
Quar^xy, n. a stone mine, square 
Quar'ry, v. t. to dig from a quarry 
Quart, n. a finirth part of a g^Ion 
Quart'an, n. a fourth day ague ; a. fourth 
Quar'ter, n. a fourth part, eight bushels 
Quar^ters, n. lodgings, a station 
Qoart'er, v. t. to divide into four parts, lodge, 

Quarterage, n. a quarterly allowance 
Quart'erday, n. the day that completes three 

months or quarter of a year 
^^uart'erdeek, n. die upperdeckof a ship 
Qnart'erly, a. happening in three months 
Quart^erly, ad. once in a quarter of a year 
Quart'ermaster, n. one who regulatea quarters 

for men 
Qiuu/tilf, n. an aspect of planets distant one 

fourth of a circle or 90 cU^rees 
Quar'to, n. size ofa sheet twice doubled 
Quartz, n. a siliceous stone, flint 
Quash, V. to crush, subdue, annul 
Quate, n. an instrument of play, a qaolt 
Quater'nary,Quater^nion, n. number four 
QoMver, v. i, toshkke the yoipOf tOTibratc 
Qi//frer, n. a Date in miui^ asbftke - 
QiuTf fi. a ke/fotlandiDg goods 


QaMky, a. soft, hoggy 
Qoean, n. a worthless woman, stmmpet 
Qu^asi'ness, n. a siokness of stomach 
Queasy, a. squeamuh, fiutidious 
Queen, n. the wife of a king, prineess 
Que^nbee, n. the chief bee in a swarm 
Queer, a. odd, strange, particular, droll 
Qu^rly, ad. oddly, strangely 
Qu^cmess, n. oddness, strangeness 
Quell, V. to crush, subdue, appease 
QuelKer, n. one who crushes or subduet 
Quench, v. t. to extinguidi, cool, allay 
Quench'able, a. that may be quenched 
Quench'less, a, that cannot be extingnishff 
Querimdnious, a. complaining 
Querimdnioosly, ad. with complaint 
Querist, n. an asker of questions 
Quer^ulous, a, habitually complaininjg 
Quer^ulously, cuL by way of com^amt 
Quer^ulousness, n. a complaining 
Qu^iy, n, a question, a doubt put 
Qu^ry, V. t. to put or ask questional 
Quest, n. a search 

Question, n. an interrogatory, inquiry 
Quest'ion, v. t. to ask, inquire 
Questionable, a. doubtful, disputable 
Quest'ionary, a. asking questions 
Quest'ionless, ad. without doubt 
Questfor, n. a Roman public treasurer 
Quibble, V. equivocate ; n. an evasioo 
Quil/bler, n. an equivocator, shaffler 
Quick, a. swift, active, ready, living 
Quick, n. any sennble part, hving flesh 
Quick'en, v, to make alive 
Qutck'ener, n. one who quickens or hastei 
Quick'Ume, n. lime unslaJoked 
Quick'ly, ad. nimbly, speedily, soon 
Quick'ness, ii. speed, briskness, readines 
Quiok'sand, n. a sinking or shalungsand 
Quick'set, n. a living plant for fence 
Quick'sighted, a. having a sharp si^t 
Quick'sightedness, n. sharpness ofsight 
Quick'silver, n. a fluid, mineral, meroaiy 

VX^v(^ %i^^«ceA) a. overlaid with qmcksilfei 


or Quies'cency, n. quiet, rtH .fi-. 

I. quiet, silent 

II, calm, easy, unmolested 
t, rei)09e, tranquillity, case 
to stiU, calm, pacify, lull 

calmly, peaceably, gently 
uietude, n. calm, rest, repose 
strong feather of the iving 
» weave in ridges like quills 
cover of a bed 

sew 'Or form a quilt 
le name of a tree or its fruit 
ima, n. Shrove>8unday 
liar, a. hanng five comers 

a. divided into five parts 
tite, a. divided into nve part9 
al, a. happening in 5 years 

1 disease in the throat 
a hundred pounds, akentle 
se, n. the virtue of any thing 

the aspect of planets distant 72 
r a fiflh part of a circle 
a. fivefold, told five times 
3 rally ; n. a sarcasm, gibe, ob. 
dy of singers, twenty four sheets 
. a chorister 
subtilty, nicety, quibble 
) leave, discharge, give up 
n. a release of claim by deed 
V. t. to release by deed 
ompletely, entirely 
. a rent reserved to manors 
I case for arrows 
'. to shake, tremble, shiver 
f Ture, n. a headdress, a cap 
comer, wedge 
lorseshoe or flat stone 
play at quoits, pitch 
a. having been formerly 

a special commission of justicet, 
er of members of a council or cor^ 
required to transact business 
share, rate, proportion 
t. a citation, passage quoted 
to c'nc the words of another 


-r RAF 259 

■ .'■■."' 

llMler, fi. one who quotes or cites 
Quoth, verb imperf. for say or said 
Quotid'ian, a. daily [ion 

Quotient, n. the number arising from a divia- 

RAb'bet, n. a joint in carpentry, groove 
Rab'bet, v. i. to make a rabbet-joint 
Rab'bi or Rab'bin, n. a Jewish doctor 
Rabbin'ical, a. relating to Rabbins * 
Rabbit, n. a small quadruped well known 
Rab'ble, n. an assembly or low people 
Raccoon', n. a quadruped valued fgr its fur 
Race, n. a running match, generation, prog- 
ress, root, taste, a strong current 
RAcehorse, n, a horse to run for prizes 
Racer, n. a runner, a racehorse 
R^ceginger, ti. ginge;r in the root 
Riciness, n. a racy state or quality 
Rack, n. an engine for torture, extreme pain^ 

a frame, a spiritous liquor 
Rack, V. t. to torture, screw, draw off, thin 

part of an animal 
Rack'et, n. a noise, a thins to strike a ball 
Rack'rent, n, a rent raised to the utmost 
R4cy, a. strong, retaining flavor, tough 
lUdiance, or Radiancy, n. a spaHcling luster 
R^diant^ a. emitting rays, sparkling 
Ridiate, v. i. to emit rays, sparkle, shoot 
liUdiated, a. adorned with or having rays 
Relation, n. emission of rays, beamy luster 
Rad'ical, a. original, implanted by nature 
Rad'ical, n. a mdical word, root, element 
Rad'ically, ad. originally, primitively 
Rad'icate, v. to root, plant deeply 
Radic^tion, n. the act of fixing deeply 
Rad'lcle, n. the germ of the root in plants 
Rad'dish, n. a well known root 
Radius, iu a line, semidiameter of a civcle 
Rafl; V. to sweep, snatch, take hastily 
Raf 'fle, V. i. to cast dice for a prize 
Raf 'fle, n. lottery h^ cas^Ssv^^v&Rfc^^^^^'^^^ 
Raft, n. si^oal ot^oicA 




Riag, n. avom-out piece of cloth 
Ragamuffin, n. a paltry mean fellow 
Rage, n. violent anger, furr, passion 
Rage, V. i. to be in a fury, fume, ravage 
Rigcful, a. furious, violent, very hot 
Rag^ged, a. dressiMl in rags, mean, rent 
Rag'gedness, n. a ragged stote, poverty 
Raginjgty, ad. in a ra^ng manner 
Ragoo, Ragout, 72. a high seasoned dish 
Rail, 7i. a narrow piece of wood or iron suppor- 
ted by posts, a genus of birds 
Rail, V. t. to indose with rails, insult, abuse 
Roller, n. one who uses bad language 
R4ilcry, Ral'lery, n. satirical mirth, satire 
Rdiment, n. vesture, clothes, garments 
Rain, n. water falling fi*om die clouds 
Rain, V. i. to fiill as water from clouds 
Rainbow, n. a colored arch in the clouds 
Reindeer, n. a serviceable deer, see rane 
Rjiininess, n. a rainy state, wetness 
Rdiny, a. tending or apt to rain, showery 
Raise, V. t. to lift, set, stir up, erect, levy 
Raisin, n. a dried grape 
R>Mah, n. a native Hindoo prince in India 
Rake, n. a tool to gather bay, a libertine 
Rake, v. to gather with a rase, search eagerly, 

scour, pass with violence 
Rikisli, a. loose, debauched, lewd 
Rikishness, n. a rakish behavior 
Ral'Iy, V. to chide in a facetious manner, ban- 
ter, rcimite disordered troops 
Ral'lery, n. banter, laughing in good humor 
Ram, n. male sheep, engine to batter walls 
Ram, V. t, to drive with violence 
Ram'ble, n. awanderii^g excursion 
Ram'ble, v. i. to rove, sti*oll, wander 
Ram'bler, n. one who rambles about 
RamHiling-, n. the act of rambling 
Ramification, n. a brancj^uff out 
Ram'ify, v. to separate '.mtDDfanches 
Ram'mer, n. a siu^'td chargeidg^' 
Ritnous, Ham6sav a. fall oforanehes' 
Ramp, V. i. to leap, frisk, iret rcfttt^ 
^sojpj n. a. leap, spring:, aodi» wmx> ' 
'WBimocfr, n, exabenuiccldfgtaiiUL 


Raifti/atit) a. wanton, fridsy, exnbertnt 
Ram^part, n. a wall round rortified places 
Ran'cid, a. strong scented, musty 
Ran'cidness, Rancid'ity, n. a rancid quality 
Ran'cor, n. malignity, spite, vimleuoe 
Ran'corous, a. malignant, very spitelal 
Rand, 71. the border or seam of a sho^ 
Uan'dom, a. by chance,''withoat aim 
Ran'dom, n. want of direction, hazard, fW^ 
Ran'domshot, a. shot with a gait elevated a* 

bove a horizontal direction 
Rine,7t. a deer in the nortii of Europe, Aril 

and America, improperly called retodbn* 
Range, n. a rank, excursion, path* kitehn- 

grate, extent, distance, compass 
Range, v. to place in order, wander 
Ran'gcr, n. one who ranges, soldier, a dog 
Ran'ging, n. the act of placing in order 
Rank, a, strong scented, strong, luxuriant 
Rank, 71. a line of men, row, range of sobordi- 

nadon, degree of dignity, class 
Rank, t. to place in a row, set, rang^ 
Ran'kle, v. i. to fester, be inflamed 
Rank'Iy, <xd. offensively, coarsely, grossly 
Rank'ness, 72. a rank smell, exuberance 
Kan'sack, v. t, to search narrowly 
Ran'som, 71. a price paid foi* liberty 
Ran'som, r. i. to redeem by paying a pricr 
Ran'somless, a. exempt from ransom 
Rant, 71. an extravagant fliglit of wOTds 
Rant, V, i. to rave or talk violently 
Rant'er, n. one who rants, a noisy person 
Ranun'culus, n. a fine flower, the crowfoot 
Rap, 71. a quick and smart blow 
Kap, V. i. to strike smartly, batter 
Rapacious, a seizing by violence, greedy 
Rapaciously, ad, ravenously, greedily 
Rap^ciou«ness, Rapa^ciiy, ti. ravenousuetf 
Rape, n. a violent defloration, a plant 
Rap'id, a. swift, quick, violent, strong 
Rapid'ity, Rap'idness, n. swiftness 
Rap'idly, ad. swiftly, with a quick motion 
Ji«L\»'id9, 71. pf. a part of a river where the ^' 

\>rc VM»j$\^ ^'svrx ^xv\KA<!.cutc descent 



R A T 

Rap'inf, n. plunder, pillage, violence 
Bappe^, 91. a coarse kind of snuff 
Rapt, a. carried away in eostacy 
Rap'ture, v. t. to put in ecstacy, to ravisbi 
Rap'ture, tu ecstasy, transport 
Rap'tured,^ transported, dcliehted 
Rap'turous, a, ecstatic, delightful 
Rare, a. uncommon, scarce, fine, raw 
RiUreesbow, n. a show carried in a hox 
Rareiae'tion, n. expansion of parts 
Rarefact'iTe, a. tending or able to rarefy 
RgE^efiable, a. that is capable of rarefaction 
Rai^efy, v. to make or be<H)me thin, expand 
Ri&relyj ad. seldom, finely, accurately . 
R^hreness, Rar'itF, n. uncommonness 
Riireripe, a, early ripe ; n. an earljr fruit 
Ras'eiil, n. a villain, scoundrel, bad fellow 
Raseal'ioD, n, a very low wretch 
Raseal'i^, n. villany, the lowest people 
Raa^cally, a. worthless, vile, dishonest 
Rase, V. t. to erase, blot out, ruin, skim 
Rash, a. precipitate, hasty, n. an eniption 
Rash'er, n. a thin slice m bacon 
Rash'ly, ad hastily, without thought 
Hash'ness, n. haste, inconsiderate warmth 
Rasp, n. a beiTy, a rough file 
Rasp, V. t. to rub or file M'ith a rasp 
Basp'berry, n. a bramble and its fruit 
figure, n. the act of scraping out, a da^ 
Rat, n. an animal of the mouse kind 
Ratan, ii. a small Indian cane 
Rateh, n. a wheel in clocks with 12 fangs to 
lift the detents 
- Ratch'et, 7i. a tooth at the bottom of the fusee 
of a watch to stop it in windinp^ up 
Rate, n. a price, value, proportion, tax, way, 

order or class in a navy 
Hate, V. t. to value, tax, chide 
lUteable, a. that may be set at a certain value 
or profiortion, liable to be rated, or taxed 

I according to a rule 

H4teably, ad. in proportion, by a fixed rate 

L ftath'er, ad. more willingly, especially 

I Ratification, n. confirmation 

} Hat'iSe^ a. one who amSriOS 

R E A 


RfWf ify, V. t. to confirm, settle, establish 
Rdtio, n. a proportion, rate, relation 
Ratiocination, n. the act of reasoning 
Ration, n. provisions for one day 
Ra'tional, a. agreeable to reason 
Rationarity, n. the power of reasoning 
Rationally, ad. reasonabh, with reason 
Rats'bane, n. a poison foi rats, arsenic 
Ratteen, n. a thick woollen stufTquilted 
Rattiuet', n. a stuff thinner than ratteen 
Rat'tle, V. to make a noise, clatter, scold 
Rat'tle, n. a quick noise, loud empty talk 
Rat'tlesnake, n. a venomous serpent 
Ratoon', n. a shoot from a root 
Rau'city, n. hoarseness, a harsh noise 
Rav'age, v. t. to spoil, pillage, lay waste 
RaVage, n. spoil, plunder, waste, ruin 
RaVager, n. a plunderer, destrD}'er 
Rave, V. i. to be mad, rage, dote 
Rave, 71. the upper side timber of a cart 
Rav'dl, V. t. to entongle, to unweave or un- 
R^ven, n. a large black fowl 
Rav'en, v. i. to devour greedily 
Rav'enous, a, voracious, raging, hungry 
Rav'enously, ad. with raging voracity 
Ra/enousness, n. a furious voracity 
Ra\''in, n. prey, plunder, pillage, rapacioils- 

ness, a hollow deep and long .^^ 

Ravine', (rave^n) n. a long deep hollow 
Kavingly, ad. with frenzy, in distraction 
Rav'ish, v. t. to violate chastity, fierce, trans- 
RaVisher, n. one who ravishes 
Rav'ishracnt, n. the act of ravishing 
Raw, a. unsubdued by fire, chill, sore, ruab 
Raw'^ness, n. a raw state, unskilfnlness 
Ray, n. a beam of light, line, herb, leaf. 
Raze, /i. ahead or whole root of ginger 
Raze, V. t. to overtfarDfr, destroy, efface 
Rjlzor, n. a tool to shave the beard with 
R^zure, n. the act of erasing, a scratch 
Reabsorb', v. t. to ahsorb a^n 

Reach, T?. \3oVo\^ «a.V ^sX'sa^^s^^ 



Rag, n. a vorn-out piece of cloth 
Ragamuffin, n. a paltry mean fellow 
K&ge, n. violent anger, fury, passion 
Rage, V. i. to be in a fury, fume, ravage 
Rigcful, a, furious, violent, very hot 
Rag'gccl, a. dressixi in rags, mean, rent 
Rag'gedness, n. a ragged stote, poverty 
Riiginjg;1y, ad. in a ra^ng manner 
Ragoo, Ragout, 72. a high seasoned dish 
Rail, 7i. a narrow piece of wood or iron suppor- 
ted by posts, a genus of birds 
Rail, V. t. to indose with rails, insult, abuse 
Rililer, n. one who uses bad language 
R^ilcry, Ral'lery, n. satirical mirth, satire 
Riiiment, n. vestui*e9 clothes, garments 
Rain, n. water falling from tfic clouds 
Rain, V. i. to fall as water from clouds 
R^nbow, n. a colored an^ in the clouds 
Reindeer, n. a serviceable deer, see rane 
Riiininess, n. a rainy state, wetness 
R^iny, a. tending or apt to rain, showery 
Raise, V. t. to lift, set, stir up, erect, levy 
Raisin, n. a dried grape 
R>yah, n, a naUve Hindoo prince in India 
Rake, n. a tool to gather hav, a libertine 
Rake, v. to gather with a raiee, seai'ch eagerly, 

scour, pass with violence 
R^sh, a. loose, debauched, lewd 
Rikishness, n. a rakish behavior 
Ral'ly, V. to chide in a facetious manner, ban- 
ter, reunite disordered troops ^ 
RaFlery, n. banter, laughing in good humor 
Ram, n, male sheep, en^ne to batter walls 
Ram, V. t, to drive with violence 
Ram'ble, n. a wanderii^g excursion 
Ram'ble, v. i. to rove, stroll, wander 
Ram'bler, n. one who rambles about 
RamHiling', n. the act of rambling 
Ramification, n. a bran^yiiiff'^t 
Ram'ify, v. to separati^'oittrbnuiches 
Ram'mer,n. a stldL'ttf oharee d^tui' 
Ritnons, Ramdse, a. full oMnnebea- 
Ramp, V. i. to leap, frisk, Hif rCfttt^-. 
^ojfj n. a. leap, spring, nixh* ^^^fi^V ' 



Raiftj/ant, a. wanton, fridEj, exnbemt 
Ranr pail, n. a wall round fortified plan 
Rau'cid, a. strong scented, mus^ 
Kan'cidness, Rancid'ity, n. a rancid qtml 
Kan'cor, n. malignity, spite, vinileDce 
Ran'corous, a. malignant, very spiteftil 
Rand, 71. the border or seam of a shoe 
Uan'dom, a. by chance,Myithout aim 
Ran'dom, n. want of direction, haztu^ 1 
Ran'domshot, a. shot with a guit elei^ 

hove a horizontal direction 
Rdne, n. a deer in the nortii of Europe, 

and America, improperly called rtxnd 
Range, n. a rank, excursion, path» kit 

grate, extent, distance, compass 
Range, v. to place in order, wander 
Ran^r, n. one who ranges, soldier, a di 
Ran'ging, n. the act of placing in order 
Rank, a. strong scented, strong, luxuriani 
Rank, n. a line of men, row, range of sub 

nation, degree of dignity, class 
Rank, t. to place in a row, set, rang^ 
Ran'kle, t. i. to fester, be inflamed 
Rank'ly, <xd. oflTensively, coarsely, grossly 
Rank'ness, n. a rank smell, exuberance 
Kan'sack, v. t. to search narrowly 
Ran'som, n. a price paid foi* liberty 
Ran'som, v. i. to redeem by paying a ] 
Uan'somless, a. exempt from ransom 
Rant, n. an extravagant flight of words 
Rant, V. i. to rave or talk violently 
Rant'er, n. one who rants, a noisy person 
Ranun'cultts, n. a line flower, the crowfeo 
Rap, n. a quick &nd smart blow 
Hap, V. i. to strike smartly, batter 
Rapacious, a seizing by violence, greedy 
Rapaciously, ad. ravenously, grcetlily 
Rap^ciousness, Rapa"city, n. raveno'usnes 
Rape, n. a violent defloration, a plant 
Rap'id, a. swift, quick, violent, strong 
Rapid'ity, Rap'idness, n, swiftness 
Rap'idly, ad. swiflly, with a quick motion 
Uu^'ids, n. f /. a part of a river where the 

\>ix\axvc^\^ ^-svix ^xvvKA'C'etttc descent 



Rap'ine, 7i. plunder, pillage, violence 
Bappee, n. a coarse kind of snuff 
Rapt, a. carried away in eostacy 
Rap'ture, v. t. to put in ecstacy, to raTitbi 
Rap'ture, n. ecstasy, tranmort 
Rap'tured,^ transported, dcliehted 
Rap'turous, a. ecstatic^ delightfiU 
Rare, a. uncommon, scarce, fine, raw 
R^reeshow, n. a show carried in a box 
Rarefac'tion, n. expansion of parts 
Rarefact^ive, a. tending or able to rarefy 
RgE^efiable, a. that is capable of rarefaction 
Rai^efy, v. to make or be<^me thin, expand 
Ri&rely, ad. seldom, finely, accurately . 
Riircness, Rar'itv, n. uncommonncss 
Riireripe, a. early ripe ; n. an early fruit 
Ray cat, n. a villain, scoundrel, bad fellow 
Rascal'i<Ki, n, a very low wretch 
Rascal'ity, n. villany, the lowest people 
Ras'cally, a. worthless, vile, di^onest 
Rase, V. t. to erase, blot out, ruin, skim 
Rash, a. precipitate, hasty, n. an eniption 
Rash'er, n. a thin slice m bacon 
Rash'ly, ad hastily, without thought 
Hash'ness, ». haste, inconsiderate warmth 
Rasp, n. a berry, a rou^h file 
Raap, V. t. to rub or file M'ith a rasp 
Basp'berry, n. a bramble and its fruit 
Ribure, n. the act of scraping out, a da^ 
Rat, n. an animal of the mouse kind 
Hatan, n. a small Indian cane 
Hatch, n. a wheel in clocks with 12 fangs to 

lift the detents 
Ratch'et, m. a tooth at the bottom of the fusee 

<^ a watch to stop it in winding up 
Hate, n. a price, value, proportion, tax, way, 

order or class in a navy 
Hate, V. t. to value, tax, chide 
lliteable, a. that may be set at a certain value 

or proportion, liable to be rated, or taxed 

according to a loile 
Hateably, ad. in proportion, by a fixed rate 
HatVer, ad. more willingly, especially 
UatificHtiou, n. confirmation 
^t'iSer^ n. one who am&rms 

R E A 


RfWf ify, V. t. to confirm, settle, establish 
Rdtio, n. a proportion, rate, relation 
RatiocindtiQn, n. the act of reasoning 
Ration, n. provisions for one day 
Ra'tional, a. agreeable to reason 
Rationarity, n. the power of reasoning 
Rationally, ad. reasonably , with reason 
Rats'bane, n. a poison foi rats, arsenic 
Ratteen, n. a thick woollen stuff quilted 
Rattiuet', n. a stuff thinner than ratteen 
Rat'tle, V. to make a noise, clatter, scold 
Rat'tle, n. a quick noise, loud empty talk 
Rat'tlesnake, ». a venomous serpent 
Ratoon', n. a shoot from a root 
Rau'city, n. hoarseness, a harsh noise 
Rav'i^, V. t. to spoil, pillage, lay waste 
Rav'age, n. spoil, plunder, waste, ruin 
RaVager, n. a plunderer, destroyer 
Rave, V. i. to be mad, rage, dote 
Rave, n. the upper side timber of a cart 
Rav'dl, V. t. to entangle, to unweave or un- 
Riven, n. a large black fowl 
Rav'en, v. i. to devour greedily 
Ka^-'enous, a. voracious, raging, hungry 
Rav'enously, ad. with rising voracity 
Kav'enousness, n. a furious voracity 
Rav'in, n. prey, plunder, pillage, rapacious 

ness, a hollow deep and long .^^ 

Ravine', (rave^n) n. a long deep hoUoir 
Kilivingly, ad. with frenzy, in distraction 
Rav'ish, v. t. to violate chastity, fbrec, truns- 

Rav'isher, n, one who ravishes 
Rav'ishraent, n. the act of ravishing 
Raw, a. unsubdued by fire, chill, sore, ructb 
Raw'ness, n. a raw state, unskilfiilness 
Ray, n. a beam of light, line, herb, leaf. 
Raze, n. ahead or whole root of ginger 
Raze, V. t. to overtfaonir, destroy, efface 
Rjlzor, n. a tool to s^ave the beard with 
Rizure, n. the act of erasing, a scratch 
Reabsorb', v. t. to absorb a^ti 
Rcah«iQfrQf\^niv,n. «a ^wsc\sxwt«.«jw»^^»*^ 
Reach, t). \3o\vci\4 wiV «i2«sA^«s^^ ^^ 


R E A 

Reach, n. power, ability, extent, fetch 
React', V. t. to return an impulse, repel 
Reac'tion, n. the reciprocation of an impulse 
Itead, V. to peruse, discover, \ierceive 
Read, a. perused, learned from reading 
Reader, n. a person who reads 
Read'ily, tul. with speed, easily 
Read'iness, n. preparation, willingness 
Reading, n. a lecture, variation of copies 
Readmis'^sion, n. the act of admitting agfun 
Readmit', v. t. to admit again 
Readorn', v. t. to adorn anew 
Read'y, a. prepared, willing, near 
ReaiHrm'ance, n. a second affirmation 
R^al, a. true, certsun, sure, genuine 
Real'ity, n. certainty, absolute existence 
Realize, v. t. to bring into being, to save 
Realization, n .the act of realizing 
R^Uy, aJ.truly, certainly, actually, rerily 
Realm, n. a state, kingdom 
R^al^, ft. the condition of freehold 
Ream, n. twenty quires of paper 
Rean'imate, 17. t. to restore back to life 
Reanim^tion, n. a restoring to life 
Reannex', v. t. to annex again 
Reap, V. t. to cut down grain, gather 
Reaper, n. one who reaps or gathers 
Reapply, V. t. to apply again 
Reapplic4tiou, n. a second application 
Rear, n. a hinder troop, last class 
Rear, v. t. to rsuse up, elevate, rouse, stir up, 

bring to maturity, educate, instruct 
Rearad'miral, n. an admiral of the third di- 
Rearward, ad. towards the end, rear 
Keascend', v. t. to mount or go up again 
Reason, n. the faculty of thinking, a cause, 

motive, propriety, justice, moderation 
Reason, v. to argue or examine rationally ' 
Reasonable, a. endued with reason, just 
Reasonableness, n. reason, propriety 
Reasonably, ad. agreeable to reason 
SSa3oner,n. one who reasons or argacs 
Reaaonins, n. an act of reaBon, amistfiiit 
Jteaisem'ble, v. t, to asteiiiUe aguu 


Rcassept', v. t. to affirm again 
Ueassim'ilate, v. t. to make to resemble api 
Ueassimil^tion, n. a second assimilation 
Reassiime, v. t. to resume, take agmn 
Rcassump'tion, n. the act of reassuming 
Reassure, t*. t. to assure or promise vgask 
Reassurance, n. a seoond insurance tf^roi^ 

ty before insured 
Rebaptive, v. t. to baptize i^ain 
Rebate, v. t, to blunt, deprive of keennen 
Rebate, n. a discount fcnr pay in hand 
Rcb'el, n. one who revolts from lawful m 

Rebel', v. to oppose authority, to revolt 
Rebellion, n. opposition to government^ 
Rebellious, a. opjiosing lawful authority 
Rebel'liously, ad. by way of rebellion 
RebeI'low, v. i. to bellow in return 
Reblos'som, v. i. to blossom again 
Rebound', v. i. to spring or fly back 
Rebound', n. the act of flying back 
RcbufP, n. quick and sadden resistance 
Rebuff, V. to beat back, repel, oppose . 
Rebuild', v. t to build over agam, renew 
Rebiikable, a. deserring of rebuke 
Rebuke, v. t. to reprove ; n. a repitwT ' 
Rebiiker, n. one who reproves 
Rebus, n. a kind df riddle 
Rebuts, V. t. to drive back 
Recall', n. the act of calling back again 
Recall', V. t. to call back, revoke 
Reoairable, a. that may be called back 
Recanf , y. t. to retract an opinion 
Recantation, n. the act of retracting 
Recap'tion, 71. a second seizure or distrcM 
Reeap'tor, n. one who retakes 
Reoap'ture, n. a second taking 
Recap'ture, v. t. to take a second time 
Recar'ry, v. t. to carry back, to carry agJU" 
Recede, v. i. to give back, depart, retreat 
Recei^^ n. a i*eceptioii, prescription 
Recei/>t, V. t. to give a receipt for 
Receivable, a. capable of being received 
^fc^i^vs fc, •© A .\ft VaSut^ ^mlt^ hold 




.^wci eorate, v, t. to eelebrate again 
l^eency, n. a new lUtey newness, lateness 
icoen'sioD, n. an enumeration, review 
l<l'cent, a. new, fresh, late, not long fuissed 
idcentlj, ad. newly, freshly, lately 
Icoentness, n. freshness, lateness 
iecep'tacle, n. a place to receive things in 
teccptibii'i^', n. a possibility of receiving 
lecep'tion, n. a receiving, treatment 
ieeep'tive^A. capable of receiving 
leoess'y or Recess, n. a retirement, retreat 
tcGCs'sion, 71. the act of retreating or depart- 
ing, the act of ceding back 
IcGwiiigc, V. t. to change again 
lechai^', V. t. to attack anew 
le^eipcy n. a medical bill, prcscriptkm 
tecip'ient, n. a receiver 
lecip'rocal, a. alternate, mutual, inverse 
tecip'rocally, ad. interdiangcably 
^ipro'^oity, n. a mutual return 
teeip'mcate, v. i. to act by turns 
Icciprocition, n. an alteration, a return 
ecltal, ReciUtion, n. rehearsal, repetition 
ecit'ativc, n. a musical speaking 
;citc, V. t. to rehearse, repeat, say 
«£ter, n. one who recites or repeats 
ck, V. to regard, mind, heed, oo. . 
ck'less, a. heedless, careless, ob, 
^k'on, V. t. to count, number, compute, oal- 
ulate, cast, esteem, depend 
k'oner, n. one who reckons or settles 
k'oning, n. computation, bill of expenses, 
count of a ship s course 
'aim, V. to reform, correct^ recall 
im^tion, n. a reclaiming, reformation 
(ue, V. t. to lean sideways or back 
nation, n. an inclining 
ae, V. t. to close again 
te, a. shut up, retired, religious 
(e, n. one shut up ay retired 
ii^'tion, ft. an acknowledgement 
luzance, n. a bond of record 
nze, V. t, to acknowledge 
\7xd,^. adnowMgedg hoand 


ReeoiF, V. i, to rash or fall back, shrink 
Reeoir, n. a rebound, motion backward 
Reooiu', V. t. to coin over again or a&esh 
ReGoin'age,n the act of coining again 
Recollect', v. /. to recover in the mem<Hy, '. 

bctiiink, call to mind, gather again 
Recollec'tion, n. a recovery of notion 
Recombine, v. t. to combine again 
Recombination, n. a second combination 
Recom'fort, v. to comfort again 
Recommence', v. t. to begin again 
Recommence'ment, n. a beginning agttn 
Recommend', v. t. to commend to awother 
Recommend'able, a. worthy of praise 
Recommendation, n. a commendation 
Recommend'atory, a. recommending 
Recommcnd'er, ii. one who rtwonimcnds 
Recommis'sion, v. t, to commission again 
Recommit', v. t. to commit anew 
Recommit'ment, n. a second commitment 
Recommiinicate, v. t. to inijiart again 
Rec'ompcnse, n. a compensation 
Rec'ompensc, v. t. to i*ci>ay, pay, requite 
RecompUement, u. a new coiupilatiou 
Recompdse, v. t. to quiet again 
Reconcflfl^ v. t. to make to agree 
Reconcileable, a. consistent, capable of agree- 
Rcconcfleablencss, n. a disposition to love or 

Reconcilement, n. a reconciliation 
Reconcfler, n. a person who reconciles 
Reconciliation, n. a renewal of love 
lieoondense', v. t. to condense anew 
Recon'dite, a. secret, abstruse, dark 
Reconduct?, v. t. to conduct agniu 
Recorjoin^ v. t. to join over again 
Rcconnoi'ter, v. t. to survey, view 
Rccon"quer, v. t. to conquer a];ain 
Recon'secrale, consecrate a^n 
Heconsid'er, v. i, to consider again 
RcGOnsideritXM), n. a second view 
Reconvert, t>. /. to convert a^tv 
Recon'Vf.V %vQin) n. ^ ^^wA «wi 
HecQin^^wi:^ t, t.\n vmrs^^ 



ReconTej « v. t. to convey back ag»in 
Record', V. t. toregiiter solemnly, enrol 
llcc'orcl, 9t. a register, authentic enrolment 
Record'er, n. one who i-ccords, a law officer 
Rccov'er, (oas x^ v. to grow well, regain 
Kcco/erable, a. that may be regained 
Ilceov'ery, n. a restoration, a regaining 
Recount', v. t. to relate, tell distinctly 
Recourse, n. access, application for help 
Rec'rcant, a. cowardly, meanspirited 
RceVeant, n. a false wretch, apostate 
Rcc'reatc, v. t. to amuse, delight, refretli ^ 
Ilecreation, n. amusement, diTersion, relief 
Rec'reative, a. amusing, diverting 
Rec'remcn^ n. dross, refuse, useless parts 
Recremeut'al, Recrcmenti^tious, a. drossy 
Recriminate, v. i. to return an accusation 
Recrimimition, n. an accusation retorted 
Recrim'inator, n. one who retorts a charge 
Recrim'inator}',a. containing a charge retorted 
RecHtit, V. t. to repair, replace, supply 
Reeriiit, n. a new inlisted soldier, a supply 
Ree'taiigle, n. a figure with angles of 90 de- 
Bectan^gular, a. having riglit angles 
Rect'iiiablc, a. able to ae set right 
Rectification, 9i. the act of setting riglit 
Rect'ifier, n. one who rectifies or sets riglit 
Rect'ify, v. t. to make right, correct 
Rectilin'ear, a. consisting of right lines 
Rect' itude, n. straitness, upri^itness 
Reef or, n. a minister of a parish, president 
Rectorial, a. belonging to a rector 
Rect'orship, n. the office or rank of a rector 
Rcct'ory, n. a kind of church living 
Rccubation, Recum'bency, n. a lying down 
Recumbent, a. lying down or along 
Recur', v. i. to have recourse, return 
Recur'rence, Recur'rency, n. a return 
Rccui''rent, a. returning, running back 
liecurv^tion, Recurv'ity, n. a bending back 
Recnrv'ous, a. bent or turned back 
jKeci/Mtit, n. one who refuses to communicate 
Iiicd, a, tike blood 
Hcd'breast, n, a mnJl bird, a robin 


Rcd'den, t. to make or grow red, bliuli . 
Re'dient, a. retnming, oomiog mgam 
Red'disfa^ a. somewhat red, ineliiung to re 
Red'dishness, n. a tendency to rednesi 
Reddi"tion, n. a restttntion 
Redeem, v. t. to ransom, recover, rescue 
Redeemable, a. that mffy be redeemed 
Redeemer, n. one who ransmns, our Savio 
Redeliv'er v. t. to deliver back, restore 
Redemand', v. t. to demand again 
Redemp'Uon, n. a ransom, release, pnrdi 

of God's favor by the death of Clirist 
Redemp'tioner, n. one who redeems him 

by sendees 
Redliot', a. heated to redness 
Redissolve', v. t. to dissolve a second time 
Redlead', n. minium or red oxyd of lead 
Rcd'ness n. tiie quality nf being red 
Red'olenee, or Ked'olency, n. sweet sccnl 
Re<l'olent, a. smelling fragrantly 
Ke<loub'le, v. t. to make double, to repeat 
Redoubt', n. the outwork of a fortification 
Rcdocd)t'able, a, terrible to enemies 
Redound', v. i. to conduce, contribute 
Redress', v. t. to set right, correct, relics t 
Itedress', n. reformation, relief, remedy 
Kedrcss'ivc, a. tending to redress 
Red'short, a. brittle when redhot 
Reduce, v. t. to lessen, lower, subdue 
Reducement, n. the act of lessening 
Reducer, n. one who reduces 
Reducible, a. that is possible to be reduced 
R^uc'tion, n. the act of reducing, a brii^ 

back, a rule of bringing various dcmnifl 

tions to one 
Reduc'tive, a. tending or r.blc to redoce 
Ileduu'dance, or Redun'dancy, n, superfhiit; 
Redim'dant, a, superabundant, superflufiiK 
Redun'dantly, ad. superfluously 
Reduplicate, v. t. to fold orer and over 
Rcdupliciltion, 9/. the act of dou1)llng otteo 
Ke-ech'o, (ch as k) v. t. to eeho back 
Reed, n. a plant, a small pipe, arrow 
A\e-eK\l^,'u.t.\n"t«h«.\ld,to build 9p<'ni 


H E F 

lounding ivith rccds 

draw in luid fold sails 
t of a nil, a ehaiu of rocks 
okc, steam, v. i. to smoke 
chy, a. smc^y, black, dark 
imc to wind yam on, a dauce 
rind on a red, stagger, slip 
t. to elect (M* choose again 
, 71. a repeated choice 

a. capable of being elected again 
.0 office 

y, n. csRt||)aci^ of being again dect- 
ame omcc 

V. i. to take shipping again 

/. to enact again or anew 
, n. a second passing of a law 
V. t. to send fi*esh foixes 
lent, 91. a fresh supply, reerults 

t, to enjoy a^n or afresh 
. to enter again or anew 
, V. t. to place again on a throne 
;, n. the act of entering again 
I, V. t. to establish or fix agun 
ment, n. a rc-establidiing, a res- 

, V. t. to examine over again 
. t. to renew excitement 
\ t. to cx|)Oit what has been im- 

on, n. the exportation of an im- 
\. a place of reireshmont 
leave, send, direct, ivspect 
a. tliat may be referred 
me to whom a thing is referred 
n. the act (rf* roteiring, hearing 

, v. /. to ferment iig^In 
to clear from droHs, purify 
id. with affected elegance 
, n. a purifying, improvement 
Mie who rennes or clears 
the place of rcfinmg 
> repair, restore after damage 
jO think, eonsidei', reproach 
'. heading back, Byiag hack 

R E F 


Tteflect'ible, a. capable of being turned back 
Reflect'ing, pa. casting back, considering 
Reflec'tion, n. consiiieration, censure 
Keflect'ive, a. considering things past 
Reflcct'or, n. one who reflects 
Reflex, a. directed backwards 
Reflexibil'ity, n, a refiexible state 
Reflex'ible, a. capable of being thrown back 
Reflex'ive, a. respecting somctliin^ past 
Rcflex'ively, ad. in a backward direction 
Rcflores'cenee, n. a blossoming i^in 
Reflour'ish, v. t. to flourish anew 
Refldw, V. i. to flow back, flow again 
RefluctcUition, n. a flowing back 
Refluent, a. flowing or running back 
Reflux, n. a backward course of water 
Reform', v. t. to amend, correct 
Reform', n. a reformation, change 
Ref(Mrroati(Mi, n. amendment of life 
Ref(Nrm'er, n. one who informs 
Refract, v. t. to break the course of ih) s 
Refrac'tion, n. a variation of the rays oi light 

from a direct course 
Refract'ive, a. tending or able to refract 
Refi-act'oriness, 7i. a sullen obstinacy 
Refract'oiy, a. obstinnte, contumacious 
Refraui, v. to hold hack, forbear, abstain 
Refrangibil'ity, n. the capacity of being re- 
Refran'gible, a. capable of bring refi-actcti 
Refresh , v. t. to revive, cltcer, cool 
RoJiresh'ing, pa. giving spirits, i*encwing 
Rcfresh', i*est, relief 
Refri"gerant, o- crioliiig, rel'it'shing 
Rcfri"gcrate, t*. /. lo cool, allav, refresli 
Refricenition, n. the net of cooiiiig 
Refri geratOT}-, n. any tliinp; llu»t vouls, a ^es 

set riKNX)oUng distil led spirits 
Refuge, n. a shelter fronj danger 
Refugee, n. ony who flies for safi ty 
Ueful'gence, n. great brightness, Kplcnclot- 
Rirful'gent, a. veiy bright, splendid 
Refund', v. t. to pour or ^y back^ vc^s 



fUffi'iSC, V. I. not to accept of, to roircl 
It<:fri8er, w. one who ixfiisi'.s or reji-cLs 
Kcfutabie, «. capable fA' nrfulatioii 
Itofuuitioii, n. the net of ret u tin;; 
liefutej V. t. lo prove false, rlispi*ovc 
iUr^'iUf V. t. to i^f'taj^tn, to n-covrr 
Be^l, a. royal, kii)<;ly 
Uegalo, V. /.torefrt'sh, fut«'rt,ijn, ti'cat 
Rcf^lomenf , n. a nrfri-slinicnt 
Regarity, ?*. iwalty, .v»vereipfnty, state 
Iteganl', v. t. to esteem, value, observe 
Ri:ganr, 7). '.steein,>cct, attention, look 
tt<;gar»rer, n. on** wlio reganis 
R<;gar(rfiil, a. attentive, biking notice 
IleKarrt'fulJy, ntl. resp'i;tfully, carefullr 
Kep^arfi'lesSj a. inatbn.Uve, heedless 
^'R<-ncy, w. gnverninenf, authority 
Re};er/e,ntfe, v. t. fo make anew, rrnew 
Rej^enVrat^'./w. a. reneM""<l, boni by grace 
lten<;neriUioii, n. the n(.w liiith 
Hej^nt, n. a j;ovi:rnor, niler, it>yal vicar 
K/-;;cni, r/. rulinp^ for or by anotliei* 
Hepi-rni'inate, v. to germinate again 
Ucj^crinindlion, n. a sprouting ag:un [^ing 
Ke"gici(lc, n. the munlerer or muivier of a 
.Re"ginicn, n. regulated diet 
R<;"giment, w. a body (^soldiers, rule 
Rc"piment, r. t, to form into a regiment 
Reginient'al, u. belonging to a regiment 
Xlegiraent'als, n. pi. Uie uniform of a regi- 
Region, n. a tract of land or space 
Rc"gister, n. a nxonl, keeper of a register 
Re"gistcr, v. t. to put in a register, record 
Re"gi8ter, n. a hole and valve in a stove, &c. 

to regulate tlie adrainstion of air 
Re"gistership, n. tht: office of a register 
ltc"gi8try, n. a rojristering, fiicts I'cc^H'ded 
i^ig'nant, a. reigning, prevalent 
Regorge', r. t. to vomit, swallow eagerly 
Regi-alV, V. i. to graft over again 
Kcgrant', v. t. to grant back, grant njssin 
JlvgrAtii, V. t. to forestall, engross, offend 
fiegr^tei; n. a /i)i*eHtaI]er, engros'icr 
l^figr^etf V. t. Vi «aJ«te mj;u!\ 

R E J 

Regress, Regre^'skm, n. a going back * 
Regrcss'ive, a. returning lutck 
Regret', %i. grief, sorrow, vexation, diflikf 
Regret', v. %, to feel sorry at, hurt in mind 
Regular, a. agreeable to rule, orderly 
Regiilar'Jty, n. order, method, exactness 
Reg'ularly', ad. methodically, coustautly 
Reg ulai 8*, n, standing troops 
Regulate, xr. t. to adjust by rule, direct 
Regulation, n. a method, uirm, rule 
Rcg'ulator, n. a person that regulates 
Rcgui*'^itate, t. to throw or be poured biek 
Regurgitation, n. a pouring back 
Rehear, v. t. to hear again 
Rphearing, n. a second hearing or trial 
Rehears'^, n. a previous recital, repetitkm 
Rehearse', r. t. to recite or rei)eat 
Reign, ^rane) ;a. a king's goveromeot 
Rcigii, V. t. to rule as a king, prevail 
Re-imbody, v. t. to imbody again 
Re-imburse', v, t. to repay 
R(>-imbunf'ab1e, a. that may be repaid 
Reimburse'ment, n. a repayment 
Rein, (rane) n. part of a biidle, a governiBg 
Rein, 7>. t. to govern, i*ulc, restrain 
Rein'deer, n.Jiilse aftelHng, see rane 
Re-inlist', v. t. to inlist a second time 
Re-inlist'ment, n. a second inlistment 
Reins, ?i. pi. the kidneys, loins, hips 
Re'insert , v. t. to insert again or afresh 
Rc-inspire, t). t. to inspire anew 
Re-instair, v. i. to put again in possessioQ 
Re-iiisuite, v. t. to place in a former state 
Re-inst^tement, n. placing in a former MilT 
Rc-invest', v. t. to invest again or anew 
Reii'eratc, v. t. to repeat, to do uepixi 
Reiteriition, n. a frequent repetition 
Reject', V. t. to cast off, discaisl, dismiss 
Rejec'tion, n. the act c€ casting off 
Re^joice', v. to be glad, exult, make glad 
Rcjoic'er, n. one who rejoices 
Rejoin', v. to join or meet again, reply 
Tiejoin'der, n, a reply to an answer 
\\<i^viv\^<^ ^'o.t.^A re-examine, review 


R E L 

V. t. to kindle or inflame again 
. t. to fall back 
. a return to vice or illness 
:o tell, recitCj refer, belong 
a teller, informer, reciter- 
. a narration, tale, kindred 
p, n. the state of being related 
I. a relation, kindred ' 

'.. having a relation, respecting 
, ad. with relation, with respect 
slacken, remit, abate, weaken 
m. slackened, weakened 
, n. a weakening, slackening 
3rses placed to relieve others 
t. to set free from restraint 
a dismission, discharge, quit claim 
i, to feel compassion, soften 
, a. unmerciful, unpi^in^, cruel 
3. relieving, helping, pertment 
, n. pertinence, aid, support 
:. trust, dependence, confidence 
pi. the remains of bodies 
i woman left in widowhood 
accor, help, mitigation, fine 
, a. capable or deserving of relief 
i. to succor, help, ease, free 
. one that relieves 
t. to light afresh or agaiA 
n. a system of faith and worship, 
e to divine commands, from love 
nd moral excellence 
t, n. one bigoted to a religion 
, a. believing in, and obeying a 
i Being, pious 

ly, ad. piously, devoutly, strictly 
h, V. t. to quit, ji^ve up, forsake 
hment, n. the act of forsaking 
a taste, liking, delight 
to give or have a flavor, season 
t. to lend a second time 
a second loan of a thing 
%. shining, transparent, clear 
e, n. unwillingness 
, a. unwj))ii>g> averse to 
r, at/ j'a a relaetioitmanner 



Reldme, Rcltimin, v. t. to light anew 
Rely', V, L to put trust in, to depend 
Remain, v. i. to ccmtinue, be left 
Remainder, n. what is left, a balance 
Remains, n,pl. what is left, I'elics 
Remake, V. t. to make anew, or again 
Remandr, v. t. to send or calf back 
Remark', y. t. to observe, mind, note 
Remark', h. an observation, note, notice 
Remark'able, a. observable^ unusual 
Remark'ableness, n. a remarkable quality 
Remark'ably, ad. observably, uncommouJfy 
Remark'er, ru one who remarks 
Remediable, a. that may be remedied 
Rem'ediless, a. witliout remedy 
Rem'edy, n. cure, help, repantUm 
Rcm'edy, y. t. to remove a compUunt 
Remem'ber, v. t. to keep in mind 
Kemem'branee, n. recollection 
Remem'brancer, n. one who puts in minfl 
Remind, v. t. to put in min^, tell, hint 
^eminis'cence, n. recollection 
Remiss', a. slothful, careless, backward 
Remis"8ion, n. forgiveness, abatcmeiyt ' 

Remiss'ly, ad. carelessly, negligently 
Remiss'ncss, n. carelessness, negligence 
Remit', v. to forgive, give up, restore, send 

money, relax, slacken, abate 
Remit'tal, n. a giving back, remission 
Remittance, n. money, &c. sent 
Rcm'nant, n. what is left, a residue 
Remon'strancc, n. a representation 
Remon'strant, n. one who remonstrates 
Remon'strate, v. t. to object 
Remorse', n. pain or stings of conscience aris- 
ing from guilt 
Remors'eful, a. tender, compassionate 
Remors'eless, a. unmerciful, hard, cruel 
Remote, a. distant, far off, foreign 
Rem6tely, ad. not nearly, at a distance 
Remoteness, n. a distance, a space 
Remov'able, a. that may be removed 
Removabirity,n.ihft«»2^<t'Se^ v&NsKfissst«««sasspi- 
\ eOL or ^vsjiftfi^^ , . . 

gflS II K 1* 

I(>'m(iTr',r. (nvliuijic pUpc, [lUec at* (lil< 

K<movi'', II. a cbanecurpliKi^ 
ni!nM»'«l',«.()QC who reminM 
jtcnuiunl', 1'. to jnouiU ^ain proiier'tobercwaiilud 
Semfiinantp, 11. lortwspil, requiu^, rvjiir 
Ri'iuiiticrotJiKi, II. u n'.Ksnl, s n:i|uitsl 
Hitiiiuitcretivi:, a. tciiillng to rewiinl 
Kriiiur'niuri v. I. lo uUrr Iwck in murtnon 
l*eti'Brd, /I. • fox, a sk or tunniiM! ptnou 
Ri-iituun'tcr, II. u Biulilcn corabil, ca»ii»l «n- 

gHEcnieiil ! 11. 1, to ratet with 
Kewl. V. t, rent, pret. rent, /lU. (o tair 
Ki'iiirvr, K t. to itturn. repay tmnalale 
t^n'ik-ziau, ». « plHce for meeting nt 
jtL'D'iJt!Z^u)^toasicmhle ulraopa 
Kcnegidc, V*i> Bpoiyt^i > revolter 
Ifeiieir', t. i. to ranke new, legin oRain 
Huiicw'nLlc, H. that may ue rune'weil 
Xfncw'sl, «. tlie ju:t (Jfunewinj, s nlutnKe 
nci'nvBtc. r. f. to rcstoi* to Brat Male 
uGnovdtiOn, fx. tho act <kf renewing 
Bcnoiinoe', v, I. to (liBOwti, iliwluim 
"Henourwe'iiieDt, n, Btt ofrfiioiinoing 
Rtnovii', 1-, to mtlii! Ihmnuji 
Mctnown', II. fimu, praisp.Bnie.-eharftctcp 
Hi'novD'ed, pa. a. wlclirnleil.famti 
"HP t, i\ to giTc flr take a leaai' on rent 
Ituiit, II. muueypuiilibl'lioliBCorlandiineDmCj 

plHcc toni,alit, l)olc 
Rciit'al, a. an nccount of rout 
1lent'chtr|!e,«.iic1iu^.oiian rEtite 
HBM'orjn. ooG si'lioholitoby psyinprent 
RuDunoiiilioii, ii. dw acl of I'euuuociiig 
UuonMln. 3'. t. tci ordain again or afi'SUi 
Iti'onliiiMlinn, ii. a seonnil ordination 
Rcor'gani/.c, r^ (. In nrffflniie a BROOnd time 
ItcortpuiiarilirnT, ii, tliu orgnlii 

l*cn ilisui-gauiatd 
Itepaok', T. I. M luwlia ipmn 
JJeiMcVcr, (1. pric who pntki 
flc/MiT, r.UitiU-ni], I'cfit ■ J. 

■ JfcM'''. "- ^ rr/iSi^ation, JtippW rffc 

lli'liai'i'.ion, 'I. o-alitutinii, )uiii-iiil<i 
l<i1>ar'aUTi',H. vlmt makes juuenili 
M'-parliip, n. a TiUy rf ply 
fli'inm', V. lo paEaqcHui, Ma^'biieiE 
Kepcul', II. a ibl-k1, tlie act of esliug 
Jlcpiy, 11. t. to pay lack, pfcomiwuK 
Hrprtymfnl, n. the am of repaying 
nriii^al, II. an abolition, abn^^on, rendi 
I1(']i<'bI, II. I. Id mnke yoid, annul, make 
Rfpfalabil'iiy, n MpaoityofbelngrcpeiW 
Ilopf «t, t. tOTchearn!. door irj'Bgai 
lleppateil1y,fl<(.ovc;r anil over, fnfqueWlj 
Kcpeater,'n. Ont wbo repeats, awatoh 
He]itl',T. to driTC back, reast, pi'trent 
ReiH.-1'lenGy, n, tite i|uiilitv of B iolniM 

vliich npelB, die principle nf rt>IHi]lioa 
Repellent, a. able or tradingtoriTiel 
Ttvpent', f.tolhiuk on with uutow 
Repent'ance, a. BOrrtiw forDBBt WM 
RL-pi'iif ant, o, Borrowful forsin. penitoql 
Rppesple, V. t. to Ell anev wilt peqJe 
Rrpercat"iuni, U. B ilriving liBck 
Ri'penuu'We, a. able to diive htA 
Rep'ertory, n, a hook of iveord*, trnnBj 
Rcpeii"iimi, n.the9Ct4)frepcBting,areMli 
Repine, r./. to fpMjpicn^.lnUrniUr 
Rrpiner, n, one who munouri 
Iteiilacc, 1'. t. to pot »S»m in due place 
Replant', T. I. to planlunew OT arain 
Repleail, t>. f. to plead a«e«md time 
Iti-plijadoi-, 71. » apcond plea OF pltauiili| 
Repli'ii'iali.i'. toGII, ■atury,*toiik 
Ri-pl^ti-. n. full, umkpletely tilled 
lU'plolenvu, Bepl^tion, n. atufi « 

upon acEuri^ 

ipticAtion, n.lreply anai 


n. one who replies or anewcus 
, V. t. to polish a^in or anew 
. to noise abroad, tell, relate 
, a rumour, talk, fame, Account * 

n. one who reports or relates, a 
reports of law-cases 
*. the act of reposing or resting 
. to lay to rest, lay up, place 
. sleep, quiet, rest 
V, t. to lodge in a place of safety 
T, n. a place for storing thinp 
, V. t to possess or get again 
d', V. t. to reprove, chide, blame 
'sible, a. culpable, wrong 
Vibleness, n. blanieableness 
'sibly, ad. blameably, wrong 
'sion, 11. reprool, open blame 
f , V. to show, appear for another 
tdtion, n. likeness, account, appear- 
• another, body of delegates 
t'ati've, a. put in a place of anoOier 
L'ative, n. a substitute in power 
t'atiTely, ad. by means ot a deputy 
:'er, 7i. one who exhibits, a deputy 
V. t. t<y crush, subdue, restrain 
on, n. the act of crushing 
'e, a. able or tending to repress 
V. t. to respite from punishment 

n, respit, delay, delay of punish- 

id, n. reproof, reprehension 

d', v. t. to cliide, rebuke, reprove 

V. t. to print a new edition 

71. seizure by way of recompense 

, V. i. to upbraid, censure 

, 71. censure, blame, disgrace 

able, a. deserving reproach 

er, n. one who upbraids 

ful, a. scurrilous, infamous 

Fully, ad. ignominiously 

e, n. a man abandoned to siu 

e, a. lost to virtue, abandoned 

e, r. t. to disallow, condcum 

on, n. a boin^ abandoned 

% z: / to pvodtice «irrv 



Reproduc'tion, n. a producing again 
Reproof, n* blame, i-cbuke, roprehcnsioa 
Keprov'able, (o as oo) n. deserving reproof 
ttepr6ve, v. t. to blame, censure, chide 
Reprdver, ti. one who reproves 
Rep' tile, n. a creeping thing, mean person 
Rep'til^, a. creeping, grovelling, vulgar 
Repub'lic, n. a state, govei*n merit by represen- 
tatives elected by the people 
Repub'licani n. a favorer of a commonweallU 
Republican, a. noting a commonwealth 
Repub'Iicanism, n. a system of republican 

government, attachment to that system 
Republication, n. a second publicati^ 
Repub'lish, v. t. to publish aseeoBMAtSme 
Repudiate, v. t. to Jivorce, put aw«y^ reject 
Repudiation, n. a divorce, reJeefitfBy rtfesal 
Repug'nance, n. a contrai*ict>', unwillingness 
Repurnaiit, a, contimn", disobedient 
Repulse', n. a being driven oft*, rejection 
Repidse', v. t. to beat back, i-ejcet 
Repul'sion, rt. the act of driving off 
Repul'sive, a. able to repel, forbidding 
Repul'siveness, n. the quality of repelling 
Repur'cliase, v. t. to buy back or again 
Repur^chase, n. a buying back 
Uej/utable, a. being of gowl report 
Rep'utably, ad. with reputation, with credit 
Reputation, n. honor, civdit, good character 
Repute, 7'. t, to account, esteem, reckon 
Repute, n. reputation, good chai-actei* 
Recjuest', n. an entreaty, petititm, credit 
J?equesf, v. t. to solicit, desiro, ask 
Reqiiirable, a. fit to be roquircd or nske^ 
Require, v. t. to demand, make nt.ccssaiy 
Requirement, 7t. demand, reqnisUiou 
Req'uisit^, a. necessary, required 
Req'uisite, n. that which is necessary 
Req'uisitely, ad. in a requisite or fit manner 
Req'uifiitCT'\es>.s, fi. necessity, propriety 
Requisi"tion, ?i. a requiring, request, claJA 
Reqaii:d, w. a.r<:taliation, reeomwcn« 
liequile, V, t. to T<5ftWSv\iCW6fc,'t^^«ScJl 
ReHiUl, 1), t. to wdV\rtidt,T«!Wev^ , 



Rescind', v. t. to abi'Ogftte, rt'iieal 
Rescript, 11. an edict of an eraperoTt &c. 
Rfs'cue, V. i. to dclivdr by force, lave 
Kes'cue, n. a deliverance from restraiut 
Research', n. diligent examination 
Research', inquire again 
Resdat, V. t. to seat or place again 
Res^izure, n. a repeated or second seizure 
Resem'blance, n. a likeness, similitude 
Resem'ble, v. to be like^ liken 
Resenf , v. t. to take an affront, take ill 
Rescnt'ful, a. easily provoked to anger 
Resenf inglv, ad. "with resentment 
Resenfment^ n. a sense of injury, anger 
Reservation, «. something kept back 
Reserve', v. 1^ to keep in store, lay up, save 
Reserve', n. iC store untouched, caution 
ReseiVe<1, pa. a. retained, modest, close 
Reserv'edly, ad. vith reserve, cautiously 
JieserVedness, n. reserve, coldness 
Res'ervoir, n. a large bason of water 
Reset'tle, t. t. to settle again or afresh 
Reset'tlemcnt, n. the act of settling again 
Reship', V. t. to ship a second time 

• Rcsliip'ment, n. re-exi>ortation 
Resi'de, v. i. to live in a place, dwell 
Rcs'idenoe, n. a place of abode, abode 
]{es'idcnt, a. residing, dwelling 
Res'ident, n. a dweller, public minister 
Rcsiden'tiary, a. holding residence 
Resid'ual, a. remaining, left 
Resid'uary, a. entitled to the residue 
Res'iduc, n. the remaining part, remainder 
Rcsi'gn, V. t. to give or yield up, submit 
Rcugiiition, n. a resigning, submission 
ReVil'ience, n. a leapmg back, recoil 
Rcs'in, n. the dried juice of trees 
Res'inous, a. containing or like resin 
Rcs'inousness, n. the quality of being resinous 
Resist', V. to oppose, withstand, act against 
Resistance, n. opposition 
Resistibil'i^, 71. the state of resisting 
Jicsisi/ible, a. that may be withstood 
Mesisi^lessy a. that icapnotbc o\)^aBe^ 

JHea^oluble, a.thstiAa^ Vie dVsacAN^^' 

* RES 

Res'olutc, a. steady, firm, eoarageoni^ hfH 
Ret'olutely, ad, steadily, courageously 
Res'oluteness, n. a fixed detcrmmalioa 
Resolution, n. determination, courage 
Resolv'able, a. that may be solved 
Resolve', v. to determine, solve, dissolve 
Resolve', n. a resolution, determination 
Rosolv'er, n, one who resolves 
Rcs'onance, 91. a sound sent back aspdo 
Res'onaut, a. resounding, eohoingwek 
Ri'Sort', V. I. to repair, have recourse 
Resort', n. a concourse, assembly, meetiof 
Resound', v. to sound again, echo, ring 
Resdr/rce, Resource, n. expedient mean 
Rcspecf, r. to regard, consider, relate 
Respecf, n. regara, reverence, relattoo 
Respcct^able, a. deserving of respect 
Respectabil'ity, n. the quality ofdeattW 

Respect'er, n. one who has partial regard 
Respectful, a. full of outward civility 
Respectfully, ad. with respect, with eiteeB 
Respective, a. x>articular, relative 
Respectively, ck/. pai'ticularly 
1 Respiration, n. breathing, rcUef from toil 
Respire, v. i. to breathe, to take rest 
Respi'rable, a. that may be breathed 
Res pit, n. a reprieve, delay, pause 
Res'pit, V. t. to suspend, delay, put off 
Resplen'dence, n, luster, brightness 
Resplen'dent, a. bright, shining, glaring 
Resplen'dently, ad. with luster, brightly 
Respond', v. i. to answer, reply, suit 
Respond'ent, n. an answerer in a suit 
Response', n. an alternate answer, reply 
Resi)onsibil'ity, Respons'ibleness, n. liiU» 

to answer or to pay, abilily to pay 
Respons'ible, a. accountable, able to pay 
Respons'ive, a. answering, suited to 
Rest, 71. sleep, quiet, support, remainder 
Rest, n. others, diose not included, remvnA 
Rest, V. to sleep, die, be at ease, be stiUj h 

at rest, ease, lean, depend, remain 
^•Ai.'^SSJ^^R&t'lve^a. unwilling to stur . 
V^'*e.%>^\^^'Vxv.<S3»^u« vBOk ^^ieiSKBM^ \:«SNateafie 


B, ft. the act of restoring 

a. void of rest, uneasy, unsettled 

^, ad. in a restless manner, uneasily 

ess, n. a want of rest, unsteadiness 

}, A. that may be restorctl 

n, n. a placing in a former state 

'e, a. able to recruit life 

>. t. to bring back, to retrieve 

n. one who restores or gives back 

9. t. to withhold, keep in, curb 

)le, a, that may be restrained 

*, n. one who restrains 

n. an abridgement of liberty 

D, t. to limit, confine, stint 

•D, n, a limitation, confinement 

e, a. expressing limitation 

ely, ad. with restriction 

. i. to fly back, arise, accrue 

a flying back, consequence 

e, a. tliat may be taken up again 

'}. t. to take back, to begin again 

ion, 71. the act of resummg 

Lion, 71. a return from the grave 

, V. t. to survey again, to review 

te, V. to stir up anew, i-evive 

ion, n. a stirring up anew 

t. to sell out in small parceta 

a sale by small quantities 

n. a person who retails 

i. to keep, hold, hire, free 

71. a dependent, previous fee 

. t. to take again 

,v. repay, requite 

n, n. a return of like for like 

ry, a. tending to retaliation 

'.'to delay, hmder, stop, stay 

}n, H. tlie act of delaymg 

, n. one who delays 

to vomit, force up, strain 

1, n. a retaining, custody 

*., a. able to retain, faithful 

:ness, 71. the power of retaining 

, R^tiform, a. in form of a net 

ed, a. made of or like network 

V. fi train ofnttendan^g 

*R E V 


Retire, v. to retreat, to withdraw 
Retired, jki. a. withdrawal, private, lonely 
Retfredness, n. solitude, retreat, privacy 
Retirement, n. a private abode or life 
Xletort', n. a censure returned, a glass vessel 
Ketort', V. throw back, to return 
Retort'er, n. one who retorts 
Retouch', V. t. to improve by new touches 
Rctrdce, v. t. to trace back, to ti-ace agaiit 
Retracf , v. t. to recant, recall, resume 
Retractation, n. a recantation 
Retrac'tion, n. a withdrawing of a questioti 
Retreat, n. a retiring, place oif retirement 
Retrdat, v. i. to retire, withdraw, go fiS 
Retrench', v. t. to reduce, lessQpjebjtoS* 
Retrench'mcnt, n. reduction, ciittwi|f off 
Ret'ribute, v. t. to pay back, reoompcnfle 
Retribution, n. a repayment requital 
Retrib'utlvc, Retrib'utory, a. repaying 
RetrietiCble, a. that may be retrieved 
Retri6ve,'». t. to recover, regain, repair 
Rctroiic'tive, a. affecting what is past [bade 
Retroces'sion, n. tlie act of going or oedJOg 
Retrogradation, n. the act of going back 
Ret'rc^rade, a. going backwards 
Ret'rograde, v. i. to go backward 
Rctrogres'sion, 71. a going backwarcb 
Ret'rospeot, fi. a view of things past 
Retrospection, 71. the act of looking back 
Retrospect'ive, a. looking backwards 
Retund', v. t. to blunt, turn the edee 
Retum',' come or go back,send back,traivs> 
mit,oonvey,repay [ment,restitution,requitEd 
Retum,7i.the act of coming back, profit,rcpay« 
Retum'able, a. that is to be returned 
Retum'er, n. one who returns 
Reunite, v.i.Xo unite a second time 
Reunion, 71. a second union 
Reveal, v. t. to make known, disclose 
Rev^aler, 71. one who reveals 
Rev'el, V. i. to carouse. ; 7t. a noisy feast j^w'ill 
ReveUtion, n. a commanieation of die divite 
Reseller, n, one \cWk fewfe V^&v''^3Sfctoi 
ReVe\ry,n.\wftfc w\!<AsB5V3S*^, . 


Rcvrnjct , v. loiotnrn an in jiiiy, aTen|;t: 
Kfveii};t/rul, a.i'uW of revciijjr, vindicti\e 
Tie vcn}^' fully, fl^/. -with iTV<Mige 
KevciiKuTulness, n. I'cvengcful (I1»]K<5itifjii 
• Ki'vcn'gcr, 7i. one -who avenges crimes 
liev'cnite, n. income of a prince or stHte 
Keverb'oratcs v. t. to ix^bound, to i-esound 
Reverb' eraiit, a, beating; back 
Jieverbenition, 7t. the act of beating back 
Reverb'eratory, a. beating back, returning • 
ilevere, v. t. to reverence, venerate, honor 
Reference, n. veneration, respect, lioaor, 

bow, courtesy 
Rev'erenee, «. t. to regard witli respect 
Rev'errawerj n one who reverences 
ReVcrend, a. entitled to reverence 
ReVerent, a. expressing veneration 
Reveren'tial, a. exprcftsing reverence 
Reveren'tially, ad. with revei-ence 
Rev'erently, ad. with awe, resiMiCtfully 
Reverer, n. one who venei-ates 
Reverie, or Rev'ery, n. irregular thonght 
Revers'al, n. a cliangc, change of sentence 
Reverse', v. to invert, change, ivpeal 
Reverse', n. the opposite side, vicissitude 
Revers'ed, pa. turned, repealed 
Revers'ible, a. that may be repealed 
Revcr'sion, 7i. a right of succession 
Rever'sionaiy, a. having right in succession 
Revert', v. t. to return, to tarn back 
Revert'ible, a. that may i*ctuna back 
Revest', r. t. to put again in {>osses3ioii 
Review', v. t. to re-examine, look again 
Review', n. a re-e\amination, survey 
Review'er, n. one who reviews, a critic 
Rtnile, V. t. to vilify, to reproach 
Ueviler, «. one. who i*eproaches 
Revilingly, nd. iu an opprobrious manner 
Revisal, Kevi"sion, 71. a rc-cxamiuatioii 
Kcvisi*, V. t. to review, rea<i again 
Revfsc, v.. a proof re-examined, a review 
Reviser, 11. one who examines 
RcvV^sUmkl, a. portaimugto aveN\s*.v\ 
. liv.vis'it, V. t. to visit again or oweu movvi 
li''viva1, ?i. a return to life, avLHiova^Jx^w 

R I C 

Revive, r. to return to life, restore, renew 
Revivor, n.^e who revives 
iicvi\ificatJon, n. the act of ^ling to life 
Itevi'viug, pa. recovering, restoring 
Rev'ocablc, a. that may be recalled 
Rovocsition, Rev6kcmentj n. a recalling 
Rev6ke, v. i. to recall, withdraw, nepeal 
Revokeablr, a. that may be recalled 
Revolt', 7(. a desertion from alliance 
Revolt', V. t. to desert, go or fall ofi^ re^jel 
Revolt'cr, n. a deserter, a rebel 
Revolve',!;, to perform a revolution 
Revoliition, n. a motion iu a circle, chai^ C 
government [govenunM 

Revolutionary, a. pcilaining to a change d 
Revolutionize, v. t. to change govenuneitt 
Revolutionist, iu one engaged in revolutioa 
Revul'sion, 77. a turning back of humours 
Rewaixl', v. t. to recompense, satisfy, p^* 
Reward', n. a recomjicnse, punishmebt 
Rewaifl'ahle, a. worthy of reward 
Hewaitl'er, n. one who i*ewai'ds 
U/iapsod'ical, a. extravagant 
RAap'sodist, n. one who writes rhapsodies 
ll/iap'so<ly, ;t. an unconnected wriung 
H/jct'orie, ii. the art of siicukii^, oratory 
K/«.«ior'ical, a. pertaining to rlictoric 
li/M^tor'icHlly, ad. duly as an orator 
K//etori'ciaii, n. one who teaches rhetoric 
I^//eum, V. watery lUHttcr from the moulk • 
H/ieuiuBt'ic, a. troubled wiUi rheumatism 

I K/iciimatism, ». a (Kiinful disoi'dcr 

j K/icuiny, a. full of rheum 

\ lUlno"ctti*os, n. a large animal, the anieora 
K/iubarb, w. a medicinal pui^tive root 
'Viyme, n. harmony of vei-ses, neter j 

li/iyme, v. i. to make verses, jingle, agree ' 
li/iy'mcr, n. one who makes rhvmes,aport 
liib, V*. a bone in the body, timber in mfi 
liib'aldry, »/. rude langiia<;c, obscenity 

) Uib'bed, a. made widi ribs 

\ Itib'and, 11. a HUet of silk, sash 
\V\Tf'tQ»s*.^ij. ^. to beat soundly 

1 li 


wealthy, fruitful, valuable, sweet 
n. plenty of money, possessious 
ad. plenteously, abundantly 
3, n. opulence, finer}', swcetnc6S 
a heap of grain or hay, stacl^ 
, n. a distemper in children 
, a. troubled witti tlie rickets 
rid, pret. rid,/>a. to set free, free, dia- 
?, clear, drive away, destroy 
«, 71. a clearing away, deliverance 
V. t. to solve, nm through a sieve 
n. a puzzling question, wide sieve 
i. rid, rode, pret. rid, pa. to be carri- 
horscback, or iu a vehicle, to float 
t. to cany, to make subservient 
. one who rides a horse, timber 
. tlie upper part of a slope, top 
. t. to form a ridge 
J. rising in or having a ridge 
;, n. laughter with contempt 
i,v. t. Ui expose to laughter 
rtis, a. exciting laughter, odd 
tusly, ad. in a low manner 
tusness, m a ridiculous quality, folly 
xkI, n. a woman's long over cloak 
prevalent, predominant, common 
,d. prevalently, commonly 
,n.prevalence,frequen<iy [ral cliannels 
gun,t]ic inside of whose bairel hasspi- 
t. to pillage, plunder, spoil, rob 
), 72. one who uses a rifle 
. a pillager, plunderer, spoiler 
I cleft, a brunch ; v. to cleave 
. having I'ifls or fissures 
back, to]) of a hill, ridicule 
to fit wiiii ri^ng, trim, dre^s 
i', n. a quick I rench dance 
, 71. the act of watering 
71. one who rigs, or adorns 
, 71. ropes and tackling of a ship 
7f. i. to move back and forwards 
fit, proper, tnie, just, sti'ait 
justice, a just claim, privilege, pre- 
'e, interest, property, power, the aide 
if n tract ofJftnd 

R I S 


Right, t>. /. to relieve from wron^, adjust 
, night, V. ^ to take a proper position 
RightcoiUy (richus) a. juit, honest, piou3 
Righteously, ad. justly, honestly, fitly 
Righteousness, n. justice, honesty, piety 
R/ghtful, a. having a right or just claim 
Rightfiilly, ad. according to right 
Rightfulness, n. rectitude, justice, honesty 
Rightly, ad. properly, justly, exactly 
Rightness, n. a conformity to truth 
Urpd, a. strict, exact, stiff, stern, severe 
Rigid'ity, Ri"gidness, n. strictness, stifiuess 
Ri'gidly, ad. strictly, exactly, severely 
Rigor, 71. strictness, a shivering with cold 
Rig orous, a. strict, harsh, severe, cruel 
Rig orously, ad. strictly, harshly, aererely 
Rill, 72. a small brook or stream 
Rim, 72. a border, edge, side» mai^n 
Rime, n. hoarfi'ost, chink, hole 
Rind, 71. bark, a husk ; v. t, to skin 
Ring, Tt, ft circle, ornament, sound 
Rin^, urang, ran^, pret. ringed,rung,/»a. to fit 

with rings, strike a bell, tinkle, ehiidc, sound, 

make a ncuse 
Ring'leader, n. the head in mischief 
Ring'let, h, a small ring, a small curl 
Ring'streaked, a. circularly streaked 
Ring'worm, n. a cireular tetter 
Rinse, v. t. to wash the sui*face, wa^|i a seoOnd 

time or slightly 
i ot, 72. sedition, tumult, uproar 
Ript, V. i. to raise an uproar, to revel 
Rioter, ii. one who makes a riot 
Riotous, A. seditious, noisy, licentious 
Riotously, ad. seditiously, noisily 
Riotousness, 72. a state of riot 
Rip, V. to tear up, cut up or asunder 
Ripe, a. mature, fit for use, complete 
Ripe, Ripen, v, to grow or make ripe 
Ripeness, 72. maturity, perfection, fulness 
Rip'ple, V. to nm with small waves 
Rip'ple, 72. the fretting of water's surface 
Rise, (rize) v, i. rose, pi'et. risen, pa. to get. 

up* grow> 4v<t,\l^ \i<ii VsjK^'WK^^^ ■%sR.vs^>^.» Xv«^ 



Riie, n. the act of rising, ascent, fint appcar- 
* ancc, beginning, birth, Hource, inerease 
Riser, n. one -who rises, the. upright of a stnir 
Risibil'ity, n. the quality of laiigliing 
Risible, a. exciting laughter, latighable 
Risk, n hazaixl, cTiaucc, danger 
Risk, V. t. to hazainl, expo&c to cliancc 
Rite, fi. a solemn act of ri'ligiou, cerentonj 
Rit'oal, n. a hook of rites or ceremonies 
Rit'ual, a. solemnly ceremonious, formal 
Rival, n. a competitor ; a. emulating 
Rival, V. to be a competitor, opjiose 
Rivalry, Ilivalship, n. competition, emulation 
Rive, V. to cleave, uplit, be split 
Riv'el, V. t. to contract into wrinkles 
Riv'er, n. a curi'cnt of water, water 
Riv'et, n. a pin clenched at both trnds 
Riv'ct, V. t. to fasten with rivets, clench 
Ri>''ulet, n. a small river or stream, a brook 
Rix'dollar, n. a coin in value 1 dollar 
Roach, n. the name of a small river fish 
Road, n. a way for travelling 
Roam, V. I. to ramble, rove, wander 
Roan, a. bay, sorrel or black spotted 
Roar, V. i. to make a loud noise, beHow 
Roar, n. a loud noise or souml, clamor 
Roaring, n. the cry of a beast, great noise 
Roast, V. t. to dress meat before the Are 
Roast, 71. a thing roasted, a business 
Rob. V. t. to take from the person of another 

forcibly, feloniously, and by putting him in 

fear, to take un1awfull> , to strip 
Ro\>'ber, n. a person who takes by force 
Rob'bery, n. forcible taking froTo. the person 

of another, an unlawful taking 
Robe, V. t. to dress pompously, dress 
Robe, n. a long gown, dress of dignity 
Rob'in, n. a common bird 
Robust', a. strong, stout, lusty, vigorous 
Robust'ness, n. strength, lustin<3S8, vigor 
Rock, n. a vast stone, protection, defense 
Rock, V. to shake, reel, move a cradle 
Booklet, n, a kind of artificial firewoii 
JRock^ish, n. a fish living about rotYs 
Rock^less^ a. void of voMy smooth 

R O O 

Rockfsalt, fi. a hard mineral salt 
Rocl^y, a. full of or having roeks, stODi^ 
Rod, n. a twig, correction, perch, pole 
Rodomont^e, ft. boasting, noise, oloster 
Uoe, fi. female of the hart, eggs of fish 
Rogation, n. asui^plieation, the litaoy 
Rogue, n. a knave, rascal, wag 
Ht^/ery, n. kna\-cry, knavish tiicks 
R(^£ish, a. knavish, vibrant, wanton 
Rdgzdslmess, n. the qnieSities of a rogue 
Roil, V. t. to render turbid'by stirrii^ up lee% 

to disturb Uie mind and excite anger. 
Roll, n. a thing rolling, turn, mass nuideroaiid, 

public register, catal(^e 
Roll, V. to fold, turn move in a circle 
Roller, 71. a tiling that turns round cm hi ovi 

axis, bandage, a fillet, a bird 
R611ing-pin, n. a round pieee of wood 
R6Iling.pres8, n. a press for printing pistaro 
Romal, n. a spt'cies of silk handkerchief 
R<}man, a. relative to Rom&or the RomsM 
Rdmance, n. a fiction, fable, fiibuloos stoiX ' 
Rbmance, v. i. to tell or write &ble8 
Romancer, n. a forger of tales 
Rdmanist, n. one who p^rofesses popery 
Romanize, v. t. to latinize, become Roman 
Roman'tic, a. wild, irregular, improbable 
Roman'ticness, n. a romantie state 
R6mish, a. (^*or belonging to Rome 
Romp, n. a rude girl, boisterous play 
Romp, t;. i. to play rudely or b^steroady 
Romp'ing, n. rough, noisy play, rudenCK 
Ron^'dle, n. a romid ball, round tower, soi^ 
Rood, n. the fourth of an acre 
Roof, n. the cover of a house, palate 
Roof, V. t'.to cover or inclose with a roof 
Roofing, n. timber of or for a roof 
Roof^y, a. having roofs, 8upplie<l withrodE^ 
Rook, n. a bird, cheat, low chessman 
Rook'ery, n, a nursery of rooks, cheating^ 
Room, n. space, place, stead, apartment 
Room'iness, n. a roomy state, space 
Room'y, a. spacious, capacious, wide 
^\<.Qic»V» u. ^ "s^-WMs. ^\s««jcMv birds rest 


R O U 

. the part from which vegetahles sprlii|f, 

lal cause, ancestor, bottom 

. to take root, impress, dig 

, pa. a, fixed deep, radical 

ly, ad, deeply, fixedly, finally 

. a cord, row of things dependent - 

ancer, n, one who walks on a rope 

iker, n, one who makes ropes to sell 

ilk, n. a place to make ropes 

ru, n. threads for strands of a rope 

18, n. a ropy state, glutinous quali^ 

t. viscous, glutinous, clammy 

ws, a. resembling a rose 

, n. a set of beads 

. a very sweet flower 

\^^. full of or like roses, rosy 

a. made or panted red 

iry, 11. a fragrant medicinal plant 

ter, n. water distilled from roses 

n. inspissated turpentine 

. tlie external rough part of bark 

ited, a. adorned with beaks of ships 

. like a rose, red as a rose 

to putrefy, perish, corrupt 

a distemper in sheep, putrefaction 

. a. turning round like a wheel 

n, n. a whirling raund, turn 

e, a. in manner of a wheel, rotary 

. repetition of wonls without i-ule 

, a. i)enshed, putrid, unsound 

nesa, n. a rotten state, putrefaction 

stone, n. soft stone used in polishing 

', a. round, circular 

'ity, n. roundness, sphericity 

(rooge) «, a red paint for tlie face 

(ruff) a. rugged, uneven, harsh 
cast, n. a rou^ model or plasb^r 
cast, V. t. to form by way of essay 
draw, V. t. to draw coarsely 
en, V. to make or become rough 
hewn, a. unfinished, unpolished 
ly, ad. ruggedly, liarshly, rudely 
ness, a. uncvenness, harshness 
eval, 11. a kind of large rich pea 

/A ]jk^ a circlvf ainooth, large, full 




Round, n. a circle, district, course, rundle 
Round, ad iri a circle, pr. about 
Round, V. to make or go round, surround 
Round'elay, n. a kind of ancient poetry 
Round'house, n. a room, poop of a sliip 
Round'ish, Round'ing, a. somewhat round 
Round'ly, ad. iu a plain manner 
Rouud'ness, n. circularity, smoothness 
Round'rldge, v. t, to form ridges by plowing 
Rouse, V. V. to stir up, excite, wake 
Rous'er, n. one who rouses or stirs up 
Rout, n. a defeat, clamorous multitude, squaV 

ble, riot, noise, assembly for gaming 
Rout, V. to defeat, assemble in crowds 
Route, n. a road, way, course, march, move 
Rove, V. i. to ramble, wander, range about 
Rove, V. t. to sew or pass through a hole ; tp 

form half twisted threads 
Ro'ver, n. a wanderer, unsettled person, a pi- 
rate, one who i-oves 
Rovingy p. wandering, n. loose untwisted 

Ro7<r, n. a number of things in a line 
RoTtr, V. to impel with or use oars 
Row'el, n. the point of a spur, a seton 
Row'el, V, t. to keep open by a seton 
RoVen, n. the second growth of grass 
H&wQv, n. one who manges an oar 
Roy'al, a. regal, kindly, becoming a kiug 
Roy'al, n. a large kind of paper, a sail 
Roy'alist, n. an. adherent to a king 
Roy'alize, v. t. to make or render royal 
Roy'ally, ad. in a royal manner, nobly 
Roy'alty, n. kingship, the office of a king 
Roy'alties, the rights of a kuig 
Rub, V. to clean, polish, fret, get through 
Rub, n. an impediment, difficulty 
Ruh'ber, n. one who rubs, a clotli 
Rub'bish, n. ruins, a worthless tiling 
Rnbes'cent, a. gixiwing or becoming red 
Rubied, a. red as a ruby, ruddy 
Rubif'ic, a. making or coloring red 
Ruble, n. a Russian coin, value 58 cents 
Rubric, a. r«d \ n. ^\xfe^<vwNak\xv^^<5f^!wv>i:>*>^^ 



Ruby, n. a precious stone, a blotch 
Ruader^ n. the thing Uiat steers a ship 
Rud'dincss, ii. a ruddy state or quality 
RudMy, a. apnroHcliiiig to rediiess, fresh 
Rude, a. roup;h, brutal, harsh, ignorant 
Rudely, ad in a rude manner, roughly 
Rudeness, n. incivility, violence, ignorance 
Ri'idimcnts, n. first principles of a science 
Rutlimciit'al, a. relating tu first principles 
Rue, V. to grieve for, regret ; n. an herb 
Rueful, a. mournful, sorrowful, woful 
Ruefully, ad. mournfully, soiTOwfuUy 
Ruefulness, n. mounifulncss, woe 
Ruft*, 72. a linen ornament, bird, fish 
Ruffian, a. brutal, savage 
Rufi*'ian, n. a brutal fellow, murderer 
Ruffle, V. t. to disorder, flatter, fret, vex 
Ruffle, n. ai) ornament for the hands 
Ruffing, 71. a particular beat of a drum 
Rufous, a. red, of a reddish color 
Rug, n, a rough woollen coverlet for beds 
Rug'ged, a. rough, uneven, sour, harsh 
Rug'getily, ad roughly, uuevenly, harshly 
Rug'gedness, 7i. i-ou^ness, asperity 
Rugose, a. full of wrinkles, rough, uneven 
Rtiin, n. destruction, overthrow, fall 
Ruin, V. to destroy, demolish, spoil 
Ruinous, a. fallen to ruin, destructive 
Ruinously, ad. with ruin, destructively 
Rule, 71. government, command, law 
Rule, V. to govern, direct, draw lines 
Ruler, «. a governor, an instrument 
Rum n. spirit distilled from cane juice 
Rum'ble, v. i. to make a hoarse low noise 
Rum'bling, n. a hoarse low noise, a noise 
Ruminan^ a, chewing the cud, meditating 
Ruminate, v. i. to chew the cud, to muse 
Rumination, ti. meditation, deep study 
Rum'mage, n. a close or active seardi 
Rum'mage, v. t. to search diligently 
Rumor, ti. a report, talk, noise ■ 

Jidmor, V. t. to report, to spread ^ report 
Hamp, 71. the buttocks, tail of afo^\ 


Ran, V. to mofe or flow swiftly, nuh, pMr« 
have a general reception, pieree, drivefiut, 
form in a mold, incur, aacertun an inu^^- 
ry line, smug^e 
Run, n. a coarse, reception, success, a skaio 
of 20 knots, tmosual demands upon a bank, 
a small sti'eam 
Run'agate, n. a mnaway, fugitive, apostate 
Run'away, n. a fugitive, deserter 
Run'dlc, 71. the step of a ladder, a round 
Rund'let, or Run'let, n. a small eask 
Run'ner, ft. one who runs, a shoot 
un' net, n. a liquor used to coagulate milk 
un' n ing, 7t. that which comes oflT at one dis- 
Runt, n a small pig, a short person, a bird 
Rupee, n. an Indian c(rin in viAae %^ eeot$. 
Rup'turc, n. a breach, a burst 
Rupture, v. t. to break or burst 
RAral, a. counttr, like the country 
Rush, n, a violent course^ a plant 
Rush, V. ». to pass or move with violence 
Rush'light, n. a candle of mdi-wi^ 
liush'y, a. abounding with m&hcs 
Rusk, fi. a kind of biscuit, hard bread 
Rus'set, a. reddish, rustic, coarse 
Rus'seting, 7i. a very rough apple 
Rust, 71. an oxyd ofa metal, can: 
Rust, V. to gather rust, make rusty, canker 
Rus'tic a. rural, clownish ; ti. a clown 
Rus^tical, a. rode, unraanneriy, bioisteroas 
Rus'tically, ad rudely, inelegantly [tJy 

Rus'ticate V. to reside in or banish to theoooB* 
Itus^ticity, 71. a rural appearance 
Rust'ily, ad. in a rusty manner 
Rust'iness, 7i. a rusty quality or state 
Rus'tle, V. i. to make a low rattling mat 
Kust'y, a. covered with rust, brown 
Rut, V. i. to desire, to cry like deer 
Rut, 71. a track of a wheel 
l^uth, 71. pity, mercy, sadness, nb, 
Ruthful, a. pitiful, ruefid, woful, sad 
^^^\5J\^ ^ (»i. xccafixf^V^^^finTQwfully 

Kum ''pic, V. t. Xjo crash oitt of shape, lo ^Tt?5t V^^<«^f'\a'- V^^^^^ 
num^ile, n. a rough pljut, fold, imtk^c \^ix\>sv\^^\^. .aa,>«xSWv.^N^ ^^xc^ 


ness, n. a want of pity, cruelty 
I coarse and black kind of grain 
s, n. a kind of very strong grass 

oth, armies, hosts 
bath, a. Sunday, a day of rest 
al, a. belonging to the sabbath 
ian, n. a seventh day baptist 
a scimetar, short broad sivord 
an animal or his fur 
black, dark, dusky 
ine, (ch as k) a. like sugar * 
al, a. priestly, belonging to a prieat 
n. a small sack or bag 
71. the chief of an Inman tribe 
a bag, woman's robe, storm of a town, 
!r, canaiy-wine 
t. to put into sacks, take 
, n. an old musical instrument 
:h, 72. cloth for sacks or mourning 
71. one who plimders or storms 
n. a sack jilled 

, 71. cloth for sacks, a storming 
set, 7z. a posset made of sack, milk 
int, ii. the Lord's supper, baptism 
nt'al, a. relating to a sacrament 
1. holy, consecrated, inviolable 
, ad. religiously, purely, inviolably 
:ss, 72. a sacred state, holiness 
», V. t. to offer or give up, kill 
}, 71. any thing offered up 
?r, n. one who sacrifices 
al, a. pertaining to sacrifice 
e, n. tJie robbery of a church 
l^ious, a. violating a thing sacred 
nously, ad. with sacrilege 
sacVistan, 7i. one intrusted with tlie 
,s and care of a church, a sexton 
,71. the vestry room of a church 
orrowful, dull, heavy, wretched 
V. t. to make sad, make gloomy 
V. a seat for a horse's bnck 
; /. to put on a saddle, burden 



Sad'dlebaeked, a. havine a low back 
Sad'dlcr, n. one who makes saddles, he. 
Sad'ly, ad. sonrowftilly, miserably 
Sad'ness, ti. sorrow, heaviness, dejection 
Safe, a. free from danger ; 7t. a buttery 
Safecon'duct, ti. a convoy, guard, pass)K)rt 
S4fes;uard, ti. a defense, convoy, passport 
Safely, ad. in a safe manner, securely 
Sifeness, ti. an exemption from danger 
Safety, TI. a freedom fi'om danger or huii; 
Saffron, Ti. a plants a. like sam-on, yellow 
Sag^ious, a, quick of scent or thought 
Sagaciously, ad. with ^uick scent, acutely 
Sag^eiousness, Saga^cit;, ti. acotcncss 
Sage, TI. a plant, a man of nvisdom ; a. wise 
Sagely, aa. wisely, prudently, discreetly 
S^geness, ti. wisdom, prudence, skill 
Sago, 71. a di^ powder from a species of palm- 
tree in the Moluccas, &c. 
Said, pret. and pa. pass, of to aay 
Sail, TI. a canvass-sheet, ship, vessel, wing 
Sail, V. i. to move with sails, swim, fly 
Sililer, or Sdilor, ti. a seaman, a mariner 
Sailing, 71. the act or art of sailing 
S^ilmaker, ti. one who makes sails 
Sailyard, ti. a spar to extend a sail with" 
Silinfain, 7i. a sortof gi*ass, a strong fodder 
Sunt, 71. one eminent for piety 
Saint, V. to canonize, to appear very pious 
Sainted, pa. a. canoni7.ed, adored, sacred 
St^ntlike, Saintly, a. resembling a saint 
SlUntship, TI. the character or state of a saint 
Sake, Ti. cause, purpose, account, regard 
Sal^ious, Ti. lustful, wanton, lewd 
Sala"city, n. lust, wantonness 
Sal'ail, TI. a food composed of raw lierhs 
SaVamander, Tt. a kind of lizard 
Sal'ary, ti. a stated allowance for services 
Sale, ?i. the act of selling, a vent, market 
Sale, Q. sold or bought 
Saleable, a. fit for sale, having quick sale 
SsileablencHS, ti. a saleable state or c^\^ 
SaVep, or ?>«\wi\{ , n. VJwtxwSv^^ «c^>^ 
Salesmau, n. owe. NJSao ^^^ <\^x^^ ,^^ 


S A M 

Salii. ', w. :i siiI'l sjjrir.j; 

SHri>H, or Sj«ri\L-, 71. spii'.l'- 

SMi'ivai, S'.ilivdus, a ivlutiii<; m Sjillllt 

Sal ivaiy, a. ijt.rijiliiiiig to ilit- .s|»iul«' 

Sal'ivau'-, ^^ /. to \m^li^ l«y tin; sali\J«l S^J'^'^s^ 

Saliviitioii, t:iciic«l setrctioii of spittle 

Hallow, 7/. a MiUow ; a. }( How 

•Sario'Aiiebs, It. yrllownj-s-*, uiiickiy pulencsR 

Sal'lvy 11. ail isBiM? Inmi a iiluec, t'scupe 

Sal'ly, r. /. to make an uriiptioii, rusli out 

Sal'lyport, n. a j^ate to make snllios Ironi 

Salomon, (aamnioii) ii. a larj^e (k*lieious fish 

Saliiionti'out', ii. ati-out oI'iIk; salmon kind 

Saloon', 71. a larj^* or Kpacious liall 

Salt, 11. a siibsljincc wliuh n.Toets tlie taste, 

dissolves ill Avatcr and chriittulizcs, also wit, 

a vessel to hold salt 
Salt, 7«. /. to season, or sprinkle "with salt 
Salt'cellar, n. a cup to hold R;dt at table 
Salt'ei'n, 72. a plac«; Avliere salt is made 
.S:ili'ish, Salsuj;iiior.s, a. somewhat salt 
Salt'ishly, Saii'ly, aii. m a salt stale 
>alt'ishness, n. a saltish s^tale or quality 
Salt'Iess, n. void of sidt, fre^^ii, insipid 
S.'dt'nc'ss, ?i. a gait s-tale, the iHsie of salt 
S^lt'pan, Salt'pjt, ;'. a phteeto make salt 
^altp'Jter, 7?. a mineral wilt, niter 
Salts, 7/. sail water ilowing up rivers, (S. C.) | Saud'stone, ti. a stone fif small g;n\m 

s A r 

'^-.iiiii*, 'I. of the like kind, idt^utical 
; Mtmrmrsn, K. the some state, iflentity 
; San I [1, 7.'. maiz broken coarse, boiled aiid laix* 

cd with nulkfkc. 
Sam'phii*e, n. apbint, sea fennel 
Nani'ple, ii. a specimen, a pattern 
Sam]/ler, 72. a piece of needlework-, pattern 
Sanation, 7;. the act of healing or curing 
Srm'ativp, a. healing, powerful to cure 
Sanetification, n. the act of making holy 
Sanc'tifier, il one who sanctlfiea or makes 

holy, a title ajyplied lothe Hol^' Gliost 
Saiic'tily, v. t. to make bdy, purify, devote 
Sanctimonious, a. appearing holy 
S<inc'tintbny, n. a scrupulous austerity 
Sanc'tion, n. a ratificatioo, confirmation 
Sanc"tion, v. t. to r^fy, confirm, support 
Sanc'titude, Sanc'tity, ft. holiness, puri^ 
Sanc'ttiary, n. a holy place, a refi^ 
Sand, 11. fine particles of stone 
San<l, r. t. to cover or sprinkle with sand 
Sau'dal, iu a loose open shoe, a slipper 
Sand'baUi, n. a bath made by sand . 
i Sand'box, n. a box for sand, a tree 
; Sand'erlin^, 11. a binlof the plover kiod 
i Sand'ish, n. like saial, ^'itty, loose 
: Sand'pipvr, 71. a bird witli a slender bill 

Salubrious, a. wholesoim-, lieallhful 
.Saliil)riousuess, n. lie:;Uhl"uliics:s 
Sali'ihrily, 7/. wjjolesomeii^.'-s. healthfului-ss 
Sal'utju-y, a. whuh's-.uru-, lioalthriil 
Salutation, 7^. a salutlnsr'.MiurLeoiislv 
j>alute, 7'. t. to gref'l, address, kiss 
Sal'Uo, 11. a salutaliou, ffreel/iug, kiss 
S'llvabil'ity, n. a po'.bibility 10 l,e saved 
Sal'vabie, u. tliat may ht: s:i\«-d 
S:d'vap;o, /i. a rt-wanl lor sa\ iujj good<^ 

^alviitidii, /*. a pr»'iJ»rvalio:i fi-om eteriuil ileath I San'hedinm, n. supremecniiiicir of the Jews 
Sa/ve, //. a pl:tst<-r, riMue< ly ,. S.'inies, u. a thin matter from a woiM>d 

Sa/vc, V. !. to hvlp or s;iv«.* S.'inious, a. ):unning with thin matter 

Sitl'ynVf Ti. n of plat- ^\i^.U a foot ISau'ity, ?/. soundness of mind or body,hc»Uli 

.*^al'vfK /I. Ik »i/i''i- I'viMiJi*. vi-i4'i«vu\mu V^vvxxxxvxkv^^u.Vxvt^Wvciuslins of various qwaliliti 

Sand'y, a. abounding with or like sand 
I Sane, a. sound in mnid, healthy, whole 
j Sai»guif'erous, a. conveying blood 
I Sanguiiicrition, n. the ]iiY)duction of blooti 
I Sau'guifier, n. a thing that ptxtduces blond 
: Sau'icuifv, r. a. to produce or cause blooil 
! Saii"guiuary, a. bloody, murderous, crod 
I Sau"i5uin<», a. full of or like blood, confident 
1 Sau^guineness, n. heat, confidence 
' Sangiiin'eous, a. like blood, sanguine 

^•*"i'ha, 71. the ofiJjprin'' of :\ V.\»:k »'Ai\ 
^'fi(o (\V. In'lh.j 


well tasted, saTory, palatable 
3ap'idnefl8, n. taBtefulneas, faTor 
n. wisdom, knowledge 
. wise, sage, knowing 
(. void of sap, dry, old, husky 
i. a 3roung tree, nmple person 
los, Sap'onary, a. soapy ■ 
I taste, savor, i*e1idi 
r, n. the quality of taste 
a. pertuning to Sappho a poetess 
n. a blue precious stone 
e, a. made of sapphire 
. a species of tree in America 
I, n. a sappy state, simpleness 
full of sap, juicy, young, simple 
n. a gibe, keen reproach 
Sareast'ieal, n. taunting, severe 
lly, a. tauntingly, severely 
n. a fine thin tough woven silk 
Sar'donyx, n. a precious stone 
la, n. the name oS a plant 
silk band, part of a window 
n. a species of the laurel 
name of the devil 
atan'ical, a. devilish, infernal 
itc, V. t. to glut, fill, satisfy 
n. a small plsuiet revolving about a 
I follower or dependant 
a glut, fulness^ disgust, hatred 
a kind of soft ^ning silk 
;. a thin satin 

that which censures vice or folly 
fitir'ical, a. severe, censorious 
T, ad. with intention to censure 
I. one who wi-ites or utters satires 
i;. t. to censure as in a satire 
)n, 71. content, recompense 
rily, ad. to satisfaction, pleasingly 
riness, n. the power of satisfying 
ry, a. giving content or amends 
. t. to content, feed to the full, atone, 
;ompense, convince 
. a peer, nobleman, governor 
t. jurisdiction of a satrap 
a. that can be filled 


Saf urate, v. t. to fill to the full 
Saturation, n. a state of being filled 
Sat^urday, n. the last day of the week 
Sat'um, n. a planet, lead in chemistry 
Sat'umine, a. grave, dull, melancholy 
Sat'yr, n. a sylvan god, beast, monk^ 
Sauce, n. something to improve, relish 
S^uee, V. i, to accompany with sauce 
Sauce'box, n. a saucy or impertinent person 
Sauce'pan, n. a pan to make sauoe^ &cc. in 
Sau'oer, n. a small plate used for a teacup 
Sau'eily, ad. pertly, impertinently 
Sau^ciness, n. impertinence, impudence 
Sau'^cy, a. pert, impudent, insolent, rude 
Saun'ter, v. i. to wander about idly 
Sans'age, n. minced meat stuffed in a gut 
SaVage, a, wild, uncultivated, cruel 
Sav'age, ti, a person uncivilized 
Say^Vyftiely, ad. cruelly, barbarously 
Sa^i^Hness, n. great cruelty, barbarity 
Savaia'na, n. an open meadow 
Save, V. to preserve from danger or rmn, res- 
cue, lay up, keep fingally, spare, except 
S^ver, n. one who saves, a preserver 
Sav'in,?!. a plant'or tree m several varieties 
Saving, a. frugal, careful, neat, excepting 
Savingly, ad. in a saving manner, frugally 
S^vingness, n. frugality, panumony 
Savior, n. He who saves mankind 
S^vor, n. a taste, scent, odor, smell 
S^vOr, V. to have a taste or smell, taste, re- 
semble, exhibit, show 
Savorily, ad. with a pleasing relish 9 
Savory, a. pleasing to the smell or taste 
Savory, 71. a gartlen plant 
Savoy^, n. a sort of cabbage 
Saw, n. a toothed instrument, saying ob. 
Saw, V. t. sawed, pret. sawed, 8a\k-n, pa, to 

cut with a saw, pret. q£ tosee 
SaVdust, n. dust from sawing wood 
Saw'fish, 71. a fi^ with a notched beak 
Saw'pit, 71. a place where wood is sawed 
Saw'yer , ti. wvfc "HiVa «w^ ^j. 


S (• A 

Say, V. a Ppccp-li, si ^n-ovt: ;► 
Saying, «. :i pi-ovcrl*, luaxiiu,* \]»rv;SMau 
Scab, w. an inonisLf.ticu over a sore 
Scab'banl, n. tlic sln,atli of a swonl 
Scnb'bed, a. covcn-.d with scales, i»a]lr}- 
^5cab'binL•K>, n. a scstbby sUiU- or quality 
Scab'by, a. (listaSLil \*ilh scabs, or mange . 
Scal)iouH, a. itciiy, IcfufMis, n. a iilaut 
Scfibiwis, a. niiigh, ntf^t-"*!, Iiawii 
Scaf't'old, n. a Uinipoi-aiy «« of wood 
Scaffolding, n. a support for workmen 
Scaladc, n. storm of a place witli huldcrs 
Scald, (a as aw) v. t. to burn with liquids 
Scald, n. a bui*n wiUi liquids, a scurf ou the 

hoad, an ancient bard or i>oet 
Scale, 11. a part of the crjvering of a fish, cnist, 

balancr, regular gradullon, gamut, ladder, 

Scale, V. t. to scrape off senlc«», mount 
Scaled, /k;. having scales like fish, mounted 
Scaliness, n. a scaly state, roughness 
Scal'lion, v. a kind' of smuH green onion 
Scalp, 72. tlie skin and tiesh on the skull 
Scalp, V. t. to ftut the skin oft' the skull 
Scaly, a. coveixid scales, rough 
Scaiu'nion\, ;/. a plant, a gum, resin 
Scani'per, v. i. to run away with fear 
Scan, T". 1. 10 examine nicely, canvass 
S(\i?j'dal, w. a disgrace, offense, aspersion 
Scan'daliz*', v. t. to disgraw, todefnni*^ 
Scan'dalous, a. disgraceful, slianiefnl, base 
Scan'daloush', afl. shamefullv, ceiiw^riouslv 
Scanty*, t. to liruitjBiraiteti, restrain 
Scant, a. urj'row, seanty 
Scant'ily, ad. narrowly, sparin;;ly 
Scant'ine-s, Sf ant'ness, v. nari'(Avi:<;.-vi 
Scant'ling, ;/. timber cut into a siiiall size 
Scajit'ly, iZfl. scarcely, barely, nearly 
Scant'y, a. nan*ow, small, i)«»or, sparing 
Scap'ular, ;/. a fcaihcr near the jimction of the 

wing M ith the body, lying on the bark 
Scap'ular, a. belonging to the shoulder 
.S.'.?/> //. Uio lunrk of a burner «;ut 
Sc/ir, V. /. to mark witli woimO.B or sows 
Scarce, n. unconimon, rare, nol\>lcn^A^\3A 


'. ♦Scarce, Scarcely, €id. haitlly, seanllr 
j Scai'ccness, Scarcity, n. rareness, want 
Scare, v. t. to frighten, terrify, a1ai*m 
Scai'eci'uw, n. an image to frighten bird? 
Scaii', V. t. to dress or tlirow off loosely 
Scarf, 71. a loose covering for the shouhler« 
Scarf 'skin, 7t. the outward skin, tlie cutielr 
Scarifi edition, n. slight incision with aUuicet 
Scai*'ify, v. t. to lance or cut tlie skin 
Scar'let, n. a color deeply red, not shiniog 
Scar' let, a. being of a oeep red colour 
Scarlet-fever, n. a fever with a red dun and 

sore throat, called canker rash 
Scarp, iu the slope before a ditch 
Scatit, n. an iron to slide witli ; v. i. to dide 

with skates 
Scat' tor, V. t. to spread, sprinkle, disperse 
Scat'tercr, n. one who disperses 
Scat'tering, pa. spreading, dispersed 
Scat'teringly, ad, dispcrsedly^ loosely 
Scav'engcr, n. a person to clean streets 
Scene, n. an appearance, part of a play